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05/05/2006 Illinois high court denies rehearing in tobacco suit
05/05/2006 N.J. High Court Companies Have Duty to Warn Workers’ Spouses of
05/05/2006 N.C. court ends dispute over 2004 vote
05/05/2006 Two courts in Greenlee County probed
05/05/2006 Court Skeptical of FCC on Broadband Wiretap Access
05/05/2006 Russian Court Cancels Deportation Ruling
05/05/2006 Vasquez Makes First Court Appearance
05/05/2006 Supreme Court overturns High Court’s verdict
05/05/2006 Supreme Court finds N.C. not responsible for fatal accident
05/05/2006 Another tobacco case may head to Supreme Court
05/05/2006 Appeals Court Sidesteps Gay Marriage Constitutional Question
05/05/2006 Dixon appears in Federal Court
05/05/2006 Appeals Court Ducks Gay Marriage Constitutional Question
05/05/2006 Attorney General Goes To Court On Behalf Of Purged Voters
05/05/2006 CALEA Expansion Gets Court Review
05/05/2006 High court rules against jockeys in harrassment case
05/05/2006 U.S. Appeals Court Sidesteps Gay Marriage
05/05/2006 Airports modernisation Court admits Reliance appeal
05/05/2006 Ten Sports moves Court
05/05/2006 Gangster killed in Gurgaon court
05/05/2006 Rap mogul testifies in bankruptcy court
05/05/2006 Federal court won't rule on gay marriage case
05/05/2006 Court Affirms Tossing 10B Philip Morris Verdict
05/05/2006 State Supreme Court Trudy Wade Out As Guilford Commissioner, John Parks In
05/05/2006 Supreme Court Ends Outstanding 2004 Election
05/05/2006 Chretien lawyers go to court to get Gomery emails
05/05/2006 Court to reconsider alligator marketing fee
05/05/2006 Appeals Court Passes On Gay Marriage Decision
05/05/2006 Two men accused of killing US journalist acquitted by Moscow court
05/05/2006 Appeals court refuses to overturn trafficking conviction for Wilmington drug kingpin
05/05/2006 High court rules hosts not liable if guests drive drunk
05/05/2006 Court papers AG held in contempt for comments in lead paint case
05/05/2006 Now talking SMS, courtesy IMImobile
05/05/2006 Supreme Court decision ends N.C.'s last outstanding 2004 election
05/05/2006 Mississippi high court to hear gender discrimination case
05/05/2006 Federal Appeals Court Ducks Gay Marriage Question
05/05/2006 Israel court delays eviction of some Hebron settlers
05/05/2006 Canadian prime minister courts Quebec
05/05/2006 Fatal train smash to have court sequel
05/05/2006 Two arrested for counterfeit DVDs
05/05/2006 City church group robbed with toy gun
05/05/2006 Court Challenges Internet Wiretaps
05/05/2006 Ill. Court Won't Rehear Philip Morris Case
05/05/2006 Russia court acquits two in US reporter murder
05/05/2006 Appeals court takes dim view of Net-tapping rules
05/05/2006 Court upholds Fulani expulsion
05/05/2006 Illinois Supreme Court denies rehearing in Philip Morris case
05/05/2006 Ill. High Court won't rehear Philip Morris case
05/05/2006 Miandad courts fresh trouble
05/05/2006 Teen Sent to Adult Court to Face Murder Charge
05/05/2006 Mijell Redding appears in court
05/05/2006 Party hosts not responsible for guests who drive drunk, high court rules
05/05/2006 Court Challenges Internet Wiretap Rules
05/05/2006 Top spin tennis courts success
05/05/2006 Trekker cleared to head home by Russian court
05/05/2006 Hosts not liable for drunken guests, top court rules
05/05/2006 Ten Sports moves Supreme Court
05/05/2006 US defends new Internet wiretap rules in appeals court
05/05/2006 Top court says party hosts not responsible for guests who drive drunk
05/05/2006 Appeals court affirms malpractice verdict, but orders amount cut
05/05/2006 Supreme Court admits Reliance plea on Delhi and Mumbai airport modernisation
05/05/2006 Supreme Court admits Reliance plea on airports modernisation
05/05/2006 Apex court reserves verdict on Foreigners Act amendment
05/05/2006 Supreme Court cancels quotas in post-grad medical courses
05/05/2006 Supreme Court Private party hosts not liable
05/05/2006 Gangwar in Gurgaon court, 3 killed
05/05/2006 Three dead in India courtroom shootout drama
05/05/2006 Appeals court affirms record malpractice verdict
05/05/2006 U-S defends new Internet wiretap rules in appeals court
05/05/2006 Teens Hold Mock Trials In Real Court
05/05/2006 Throb mastermind apologises for murders
05/05/2006 Cape murder accused turns state witness
05/05/2006 Mamelodi three police arrest two men
05/05/2006 Court rejects terror suspect's bid for looser bail conditions
05/05/2006 Inmate breaks leg in courthouse leap
05/05/2006 Gangwar in Gurgaon court, 2 killed
05/05/2006 Auditor accepts court position
05/05/2006 High court backs county in 911 case
05/05/2006 Supreme Court to rule on party host liability
05/05/2006 Supreme Court reserves verdict on Foreigners Order petitions
05/05/2006 Court OKs Hebron buildng eviction
05/05/2006 Former U.S. aide appears in court in sex-sting case
05/05/2006 Mother, son drug charges head to county court
05/05/2006 Delhi High Court orders fresh probe into Uphaar fire case
05/05/2006 Centre, Delhi to file affidavits on capital's power crises Supreme Court
05/05/2006 Supreme Court refuses to entertain PIL 'Office of Profit' issue
05/05/2006 Russian court upholds Bering Strait travelers expulsion appeal
05/05/2006 Six undertrials escape from court, one held
05/05/2006 Gangster shot dead in Indian court
05/05/2006 High-profile DUI case to return to court
05/05/2006 Miss. high court upholds Meadville minister's rape convictions
05/05/2006 Gangster shot dead in Gurgaon court
05/05/2006 Court asks doctor to pay Rs 3 lakh compensation for negligence
05/04/2006 Station deck a cesspool of crime
05/04/2006 Net is spread for Boeremag pair
05/04/2006 2 killed in Gurgaon court shootout
05/04/2006 Tense scenes as murder accused in court
05/04/2006 Court Denies Felons Voting Rights Argument
05/04/2006 State Taking Coroner To Court Over Death Certificate
05/04/2006 Court approves 35 million for Marcos victims
05/04/2006 Gay marriage supporters argue to court against proposed amendment
05/04/2006 Court challenge after 'BNP win'
05/04/2006 Court OKs 35M for Marcos victims
05/04/2006 LATE NEWS Iranian court jails over 52 Sufi Muslims
05/04/2006 SHO faints when court tells police to handcuff him
05/04/2006 Dangerous Boeremag two still on the run
05/04/2006 Unions to front IR High Court challenge
05/04/2006 Mass. Court Weighs Gay-Marriage Vote
05/04/2006 Not shielding Reliance Petroleum, Government tells Delhi High Court
05/04/2006 Israeli court issues ruling to evict some settlers
05/04/2006 Treasure seized by Marcos to be shared US court
05/04/2006 Italy Court Upholds Conviction Against Associate of Berlusconi
05/04/2006 State Supreme Court ruling favors TERI retirees
05/04/2006 Deadly Fire Case Moved to Juvenile Court
05/04/2006 Italy court upholds corruption conviction
05/04/2006 Court issues ruling to evict some settlers
05/04/2006 N. PDX man accused of murder appears in court
05/04/2006 Appeals court orders new trial in Fort Atkinson bank robbery
05/04/2006 Moussaoui will 'die with a whimper,' judge says
05/04/2006 Court rejects medical marijuana defense
05/04/2006 Lopez Obrador courts Mexico poor for vote
05/04/2006 DEC wins court decision stopping vehicle use on Adirondack roads
05/04/2006 Ore. court sides with employers in medical marijuana case
05/04/2006 Court orders Hebron eviction
05/04/2006 Top court steps in to stay Vadodara demolitions
05/04/2006 Pravin Mahajan to be produced in court on May 17
05/04/2006 Mother and son headed to court on drug charges
05/04/2006 Oregon Court Sides With Employer in Medical Marijuana Case
05/04/2006 Court sides with employers in medical marijuana case
05/04/2006 Israel court allows eviction of some Hebron settlers
05/04/2006 Courthouse bombing kills 9 Iraqis
05/04/2006 Sniper to address jurors, court today / ASSOCIATED PRESS
05/04/2006 Oregon Supreme Court takes its show on the road
05/04/2006 Court Sets August 07 Trial For Accused KFC Murder
05/04/2006 Guantanamo Britons lose court case
05/04/2006 Moussaoui offers one last diatribe in court
05/04/2006 9/11 Plotter Hails Bin Laden In Court
05/04/2006 Court questions government on unhygienic train food
05/04/2006 Supreme Court reserves verdict on promotion quota
05/04/2006 Man in court over shop arson attacks
05/04/2006 Sister Karen Killer Due in Court
05/04/2006 High court rules against woman in HIV case
05/04/2006 Massachusetts Court Considers Legality of Putting Gay Marria
05/04/2006 No leads yet on Boeremag escapees
05/04/2006 Homeland Security employee appears in Florida court on sex charges
05/04/2006 ACLU goes back to court over Ten Commandments monument at Capitol
05/04/2006 Mass. court considers legality of putting gay marriage before
05/04/2006 Suicide attack kills 10 Iraqis outside Baghdad court building
05/04/2006 U.S. will never capture bin Laden Moussaoui
05/04/2006 Murder Defendant Polk, Son Tossed From Court
05/04/2006 Moussaoui offers final diatribe in court
05/04/2006 Baghdad Courthouse Bomb Kills Nine
05/04/2006 SEBI to file caveat in Mumbai High Court
05/04/2006 Moussaoui Offers Final Diatribe in Court
05/04/2006 German Court Rejects 'Popetown' Cartoon Ban
05/04/2006 Baghdad bomb kills 10 outside court
05/04/2006 Doyle In Court
05/04/2006 Attack kills 10 Iraqis outside Baghdad court
05/04/2006 Kanchi seer moves Supreme Court for transfer of case outside Tamil Nadu
05/04/2006 Vadodara mayor keeps mum after apex court stays demolition
05/04/2006 Court overturns Khodorkovsky reprimand for alleged misconduct 1
05/04/2006 Nine killed in Baghdad courthouse bombing
05/04/2006 Call For Ban On 'Popetown' Cartoon Rejected By German Court
05/04/2006 Guantanamo Britons lose court battle
05/04/2006 Packages cause evacuations at 2 courts
05/04/2006 Supreme Court stops Vadodara demolitions
05/04/2006 Bomb Attack Kills 10 Outside Baghdad Court, 2 GIs Killed
05/04/2006 Court employee charged with lying to investigators
05/04/2006 Suicide attack kills eight Iraqis outside a court in Baghdad
05/04/2006 Dassey Back In Court For A Motions Hearing
05/04/2006 Bomb kills nine near Baghdad courthouse
05/04/2006 Court attack kills 10 in Iraq
05/04/2006 Top court steps in to stay Vadodara demolition drive
05/04/2006 Navy Chaplain May Face Court-Martial For Praying
05/04/2006 Praying In Uniform May Mean Court-Martial For Navy Chaplain
05/04/2006 Sorbara battle back in court
05/04/2006 Guantanamo detainees High Court blow
05/04/2006 Suicide bomber attacks crowd outside Iraq court
05/04/2006 Court may put gay marriage before voters
05/04/2006 Court to rule on Guantanamo prisoners' appeal for British intervention
05/04/2006 Bomb Attack Kills 10 Outside Baghdad Court
05/04/2006 High Court Evidence obtained illegally can be disqualified
05/04/2006 Court overturns Khodorkovsky reprimand for alleged misconduct
05/04/2006 Methodist court backs pastor
05/04/2006 Worker backs High Court IR challenge
05/04/2006 Eight killed in Iraq court attack
05/04/2006 Courteney Cox Still Loves Kinerase Skin Care Products
05/04/2006 Bigamist wins one in N.M. court
05/04/2006 Thai court expected to rule on legitimacy of poll next week
05/04/2006 Bomb explodes near Baghdad court, 25 wounded
05/03/2006 Town wins court case on county fire district
05/03/2006 UK Pair In Guantanamo Court Fight
05/03/2006 Banker in court over 10.5m gamble
05/03/2006 Court Okays Polygraph Tests for Sex Offenders
05/03/2006 R400m in traffic fines still outstanding
05/03/2006 White City residents held after hostage drama
05/03/2006 School accident unfortunate, says principal
05/03/2006 Alleged hostage-taker freed on warning
05/03/2006 High Court IR laws case under way
05/03/2006 'Arson And Murder' Man In Court
05/03/2006 Fishermen face fishery board in court
05/03/2006 Munich court rejects call to ban MTV cartoon
05/03/2006 Iowans stuffing money into TouchPlay after last-ditch court appeal is turned down
05/03/2006 Bizarre antics in the courtroom
05/03/2006 IR showdown heads to High Court
05/03/2006 Court backs Portland in prevailing-wage dispute
05/03/2006 Recent Court Decisions Affirm TASER Device is Reasonable Use of Force
05/03/2006 Traffic Court Web Directory Developed to Increase Information About Town Courts Nationwide.
05/03/2006 Robbery defendant stops his court hearing and will face trial
05/03/2006 Court Terminally ill have right to drugs
05/03/2006 Shooting Suspect in Court
05/03/2006 Federal court hears arguments in Indiana phone privacy case
05/03/2006 Court upholds conviction
05/03/2006 Do Not Call List argued in federal court
05/03/2006 Bomb Scare, KY Courthouse Evacuated
05/03/2006 Split court upholds sanctions against counselor
05/03/2006 March in court as murder-for-hire trial nears
05/03/2006 In New York, Pataki May Be Courting Suozzi
05/03/2006 Baby snatch suspect on trial
05/03/2006 Two men arrested after Nedbank robbery
05/03/2006 ICD to prosecute two Cape Town policemen
05/03/2006 Afghan police kill four Taliban, militants gun down court official
05/03/2006 Ark. appeals court upholds man's conviction in Ogden murder
05/03/2006 UN court confirms sentences of Bosnian Croats
05/03/2006 Governor Appoints New Superior Court Judge
05/03/2006 Feds take phone record firms to court
05/03/2006 Yemeni court gives local al-Qaeda leader 3-years jail
05/03/2006 Canadian Court Jerusalem is not part of Israel
05/03/2006 Triple-Murder Suspect In Court
05/03/2006 Appeals court upholds lie detector tests, online ban for sex offenders
05/03/2006 High court uphold Autotote phone betting ads
05/03/2006 Appeals Court OKs Sex Offender Lie Detector Tests
05/03/2006 Delhi Court sets 'another date' for Nitish Katara murder trial
05/03/2006 Apex court overrules high court on Punjab appointments
05/03/2006 Judge Permits Cameras in Courtroom in Sextuplets Hoax Case
05/03/2006 Appeals court upholds lie detector tests, Internet ban for sex offenders
05/03/2006 Iraqi looters 'forced into canal', British court martial told
05/03/2006 Israeli court extends detention of female activist
05/03/2006 Motley Crue's Sixx Headed To Divorce Court
05/03/2006 Superior Court judge on trial for alleged attack on girlfriend
05/03/2006 Rwanda ICTR May Transfer Three Other Suspects' Files to European Courts
05/03/2006 Manila court upholds emergency rule
05/03/2006 Court Upholds Polygraph for Sex Offenders
05/03/2006 Actress fails to keep court date
05/03/2006 Court criticises Arroyo emergency
05/03/2006 Time has come for total prohibition Supreme Court
05/03/2006 Apex court to hear Maharashtra plea on dance bars
05/03/2006 Groups donate books for kids in Johnson County courts
05/03/2006 Scorpion trial postponed
05/03/2006 Redeployment will improve delivery, SAPS says
05/03/2006 Supreme Court rules out cancellation of Punjab Public Service appointments
05/03/2006 Former Owners Of Crandon Mine Take State To Court
05/03/2006 Court revives suit over experimental drugs
05/03/2006 Three deny terrorism charges in Bosnia court
05/03/2006 Another Goldin murder suspect is freed
05/03/2006 Cape to pay Mfeketo legal bills in Mgoqi case
05/03/2006 Goldin, Bloom murder accused down to six
05/03/2006 Stones fly in Cape hostage drama
05/03/2006 Judge agrees to let Supreme Court decide rule on old murder
05/03/2006 Man due in court over Largs death
05/03/2006 Makinen youth in court on murder charge
05/03/2006 Yemen court sentences key al Qaeda suspect to jail
05/03/2006 Philippine court upholds Arroyo's emergency order
05/03/2006 Scotch whisky makers hail Delhi court ruling
05/03/2006 Suspected Taliban kill court official in Afghanistan
05/03/2006 Court allows suit for drug access
05/03/2006 Thief snatches paramedic bag
05/03/2006 Empangeni post office robbed
05/03/2006 Court upholds ex-Yukos CEO Khodorkovsky 8-yr sentence
05/03/2006 Court puts Carroll back on primary ballot in 117th
05/03/2006 Supreme Court sets aside High Court order on appointments during Sidhu's tenure
05/02/2006 N.J. High Court Companies Have Duty to Warn Workers’ Spouses of Asbestos Dust 
05/02/2006 Two taxis burnt as Soshanguve service stalls
05/02/2006 Media accused of fabricating judges fears
05/02/2006 Bodies found after men thrown from train
05/02/2006 Breyer Calls High Court 'Boundary Patrol'
05/02/2006 Trainee cop appeals to High Court on naming
05/02/2006 Couple who lost home win in court
05/02/2006 Four soldiers in court
05/02/2006 Iran court jails two Swedes
05/02/2006 Soldiers drowned Iraqi boy aged 15, court martial told
05/02/2006 Convicted murderer back in court to clear name 35 years on
05/02/2006 Iraqi boy drowned by soldiers, court hears
05/02/2006 Organizers call boycott success, ball now in Congress's court
05/02/2006 Sung Koo Kim in court today, changes plea deal
05/02/2006 Court Hears Soldiers Watched Iraqi Boy Drown
05/02/2006 Teens Accused of Murder in Court
05/02/2006 Supreme Court orders election to Sivagiri Board
05/02/2006 Court decides man is intelligent enough to die by lethal injection
05/02/2006 Court takes note of tribal kids' plight in Yavatmal
05/02/2006 Murder victim's mom tells court about loss
05/02/2006 Lessons in Drug Court
05/02/2006 'Soprano' actors sing courthouse blues
05/02/2006 Court reinstates suit involving experimental drugs
05/02/2006 News Blossomtime court visits WNDU
05/02/2006 Schumer Seeks Details on Court Nominee's Role as Bush Aide
05/02/2006 Iran court sentences 2 Swedes to prison
05/02/2006 Couple who lost home win victory in court
05/02/2006 Miss. court upholds conviction in Yazoo County murder
05/02/2006 Sick patients need access to drugs sooner US court
05/02/2006 Court Terminally ill patients can sue FDA
05/02/2006 Somali man shop robbed in Eastern Cape
05/02/2006 Oslo court jails 3 for theft of Munch's 'Scream'
05/02/2006 Appeals court sends case back to lower court for dismissal
05/02/2006 Mafia godfather Provenzano makes first appearance in court
05/02/2006 Oslo court sentences three over Munch paintings robbery
05/02/2006 Jordanian court jails militants
05/02/2006 Iraq 'looter' death court martial begins
05/02/2006 Triple-slaying suspect to appear in court
05/02/2006 Man in court over boxer shooting
05/02/2006 Sick patients need access to drugs sooner court
05/02/2006 Former court clerk admits leak in Newton case
05/02/2006 Federal Court Overturns Bush Clean Air Rule
05/02/2006 Court Orders Release of Logs Showing Abramoff's Visits to the White House
05/02/2006 Wake Courthouse Equipped with Defibrillators
05/02/2006 Court issues attachment warrants against Delhi police fASI
05/02/2006 'Jerusalem, Israel' shouldn't appear on passports, court rules
05/02/2006 DAY-LIGHT THEFT Court convicts three in "Scream" theft
05/02/2006 Man who ran out of courtroom in Harrisburg, Ark. is recaptured
05/02/2006 EU court pursues potent role, even as support wanes
05/02/2006 Underwear Thief Back in Court Today
05/02/2006 'Mafia boss' in court appearance
05/02/2006 Supreme Court sides with former playmate
05/02/2006 Cop charged with corruption pleads not guilty
05/02/2006 Microsoft appeal is high-stakes case for Europe court
05/02/2006 Centre tells Supreme Court it will conduct survey on Narmada Dam relief and rehabilitation
05/02/2006 Supreme Court stays demolition of slums near Pragati Maidan
05/02/2006 Pointe killing case in court
05/02/2006 Top court delays decision on Thai poll result
05/02/2006 Cops accused of trapping Zuma in rape trial
05/02/2006 High Court Win for Defendants
05/02/2006 Court clears way for Anna Nicole Smith to seek millions
05/02/2006 EU court ruling bolsters BofA in Parmalat unit row
05/02/2006 Anna's Court Ruling
05/02/2006 Constitutional Court head against move to St. Petersburg paper
05/02/2006 Man dies in Kempton Park accident
05/02/2006 Zuma trial interrupted by woman rape claim
05/02/2006 Anna Nicole Smith wins round in Supreme Court
05/02/2006 Pioneering Superior Court leader to retire
05/02/2006 Supreme Court says judges must hear both sides
05/02/2006 Ranbaxy wins US court ruling
05/02/2006 Supreme Court finds substance in former Playmate's claims to tycoon husband's fortune
05/02/2006 Sebelius revelation deepens court issue
05/02/2006 Deportation case aims for Supreme Court
05/02/2006 Thai court to rule on polls in mid-May
05/01/2006 Aust boosts Sierra Leone court funding
05/01/2006 Fingerprints link ex-police recruit to rape, court told
05/01/2006 Stand Off Man in Court
05/01/2006 Delphi says court can reject labor agreements
05/01/2006 Game maker gambling on court decision
05/01/2006 12-year-old murder suspect makes brief court appearance
05/01/2006 Delphi Says Court Can Reject Labor Deals
05/01/2006 NW fishermen argue for larger salmon harvest
05/01/2006 U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Goodspeed Airport case
05/01/2006 Court sends complaint against superintendent back to court clerk
05/01/2006 IR court challenge has reasonable chance, Beattie says
05/01/2006 Court tense as Moussaoui jury hits week two
05/01/2006 Court Drama Not Over For BlackBerry Maker
05/01/2006 Another plaintiff hauls RIM back to court
05/01/2006 Ex-Playboy model wins case in Supreme Court
05/01/2006 Dead women found dumped behind complex
05/01/2006 Medha regrets delay in Supreme Court decision
05/01/2006 NSSO to verify rehabilitation effort, Centre tells Court
05/01/2006 Supreme court stays Sankararaman case
05/01/2006 Lay's lavish parties detailed in court
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole faces continuing court battle for late husband's millions
05/01/2006 Strayhorn Campaign Lawsuit Goes To Federal Court
05/01/2006 Court denies review in Mexican's deportation case
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith wins ruling
05/01/2006 Court denies review in deportation case
05/01/2006 Appeals court rules on Newark family claims against police
05/01/2006 Court Approved Wiretaps Rise in 2005
05/01/2006 Court Denies Review in Raymore Woman's Deportation Case
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Backs Ex-Playmate's Effort