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05/01/2006 Indonesian court convicts 3 Islamic militants of terrorism
05/01/2006 Supreme Court notice to states on Monica Bedi's plea
05/01/2006 Supreme Court stays Sankaracharya trial
05/01/2006 Supreme Court rejects petition against quotas
05/01/2006 Some Believe Courthouse Could Have Ghost
05/01/2006 Supreme Court backs Anna Nicole Smith
05/01/2006 Court Limits States Seeking Medical Costs
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith gets Supreme Court boost
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Sides With Anna Nicole
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Backs Ex-Playmate's Effort Finally justice for illiterate strippers. Breit Bart
05/01/2006 Briefing NTT goes to court over pension plan
05/01/2006 U.S. Supreme Court backs Anna Nicole Smith
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith Wins Supreme Court Appeal
05/01/2006 States can't restrict defense, Court rules
05/01/2006 Court throws out protection order entered on daughter's behalf
05/01/2006 Kenya Taib Failed to Show Minister Broke Law, Says Court
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Backs Ex-Playmate's Effort
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith Can Pursue Part Of Oil Fortune, Court Rules
05/01/2006 Brother of Warren Jeffs Due in Court Today
05/01/2006 Connecticut Supreme Court Goes to Dogs
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Goes To The Dogs
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Backs Anna Nicole Smith
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Rules in Favor Of Anna Nicole Smith
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith wins at Supreme Court
05/01/2006 Baby Jordan murder case enters final round
05/01/2006 Manhunt for robbers launched in Kimberly
05/01/2006 Woman hits a man to free herself from rape
05/01/2006 High Court Victory For Anna Nicole
05/01/2006 Anna scores Supreme Court win
05/01/2006 Court Anna Nicole Smith Can Pursue Part Of Oil Fortune
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith Wins In Supreme Court
05/01/2006 Brother of polygamy sect leader scheduled to appear in court
05/01/2006 Court records Suspect in officer's death has history of offenses
05/01/2006 Court win for ex-Playmate Smith
05/01/2006 Thai court changes stance on poll
05/01/2006 Strayhorn suit heads to court
05/01/2006 Smith Wins In Supreme Court
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith Wins High Court Ruling
05/01/2006 Supreme Court Sides With Anna Nicole Smith
05/01/2006 Cambridge courthouse dispute could end up costing 1 million
05/01/2006 Anna Nicole Smith Scores Supreme Court Win
05/01/2006 Defender asking to not accept any more Juvenile Court cases
05/01/2006 High Court temporarily bars Rabin killer's access to IVF
05/01/2006 Jersey Ghost Blamed for Courthouse Antics
05/01/2006 Court Gets Tough on Men in the Buff
05/01/2006 Supreme Court's Surprising Interest In Patent Law
05/01/2006 Bodies of three women found in Mamelodi
05/01/2006 Indonesian court convicts three Islamic militants of terrorism; bomb found
05/01/2006 Drunken driver crashes into Mecca court yard
05/01/2006 Thai court agrees to hear cases to void April poll
05/01/2006 Court clears postman who delivered a kiss
05/01/2006 Soldier's court-martial to begin
05/01/2006 Court to rule if hosts are liable for drunk driving
05/01/2006 Police hocked by security expert killing
05/01/2006 Pietermaritzburg shops shut after shooting
05/01/2006 Anti-Thaksin alliance plans rally to support court decisions
05/01/2006 Relations With Iran on High Seas 'Courteous, Professional'
05/01/2006 In U.S. court, Israelis deny torturing
05/01/2006 Thai court begins deliberation on legality of elections
05/01/2006 Supreme Court to hear state affidavits on Narmada Dam rehabilitation work
05/01/2006 Supreme Court serves notices to CBI, MP Govt. in Monica Bedi case
05/01/2006 Thai court to consider scapping snap polls
04/30/2006 Israeli agents deny torturing Illinois man, court documents show
04/30/2006 Five In Court Over Street Fight Death
04/30/2006 Thai Court Mulling Election Nullification
04/30/2006 Court-martial to begin for soldier accused in fellow soldier's death
04/30/2006 Swim coach in court over child sex charges
04/30/2006 Court-Martial To Begin For Soldier Accused In Fellow Soldier's
04/30/2006 Criminal Record Background Check Criminal Court Public Records Inquiry
04/30/2006 Five in court after boy's death
04/30/2006 US court frustrates Hindutva efforts to gloss over Indian history
04/30/2006 The Zuma rape case 25 court days later
04/30/2006 Oklahoma courthouse display of Ten Commandments is going to trial
04/30/2006 Csonka sentenced in federal court
04/30/2006 Officials to prep for DWI court
04/30/2006 Former Roughrider back in court this week
04/30/2006 Courtroom camera bill stirs debate
04/30/2006 Inmate arrested during escape faces court date
04/30/2006 Durban grandfather foils hijackers
04/30/2006 Sixty-three held in traffic safety blitz
04/30/2006 Courting an 'Ideal' Web Business
04/30/2006 Former top cop shot dead by robbers
04/30/2006 Thousands of rands stolen in bank robbery
04/30/2006 Intoxicated driver knocks over pedestrians
04/30/2006 Fire woes beset Durban bus company
04/30/2006 Court Grants Gary Glitter Appeal
04/30/2006 Glitter to face Vietnam appeals court on May 19
04/29/2006 Undertrial escapes from court as brother shoots constable
04/29/2006 Three in court after boy's death
04/29/2006 Court summons Advani
04/29/2006 N.B. court allows divorce over same-sex adultery
04/29/2006 Lexington to name courthouse in honor of Judge Westbrook
04/29/2006 Utah Supreme Court Upholds Municipal Court System
04/29/2006 Man, 67, in court over shooting
04/29/2006 Ore. Sen. president seeks probe into gas prices
04/29/2006 Polish court orders arrest of teen charged in Belgian MP3 murder
04/29/2006 Gurgaon court summons Advani
04/29/2006 administrative court calls off by-elections as electoral crisis deepens
04/29/2006 FBI snooped on thousands without court OK in '05
04/29/2006 Debt-Laden Berlin Goes to Court For Federal Aid
04/29/2006 Deputies stop lawyer after court
04/29/2006 Newspaper publishes photos instead of appealing court ruling
04/29/2006 Court rules against Comair
04/29/2006 Four U.S. Marines in court over rape
04/29/2006 FBI scrutinized 3,501 without a court's approval
04/29/2006 FBI sought records without court OK
04/29/2006 Rape Suspect to Face Court-Martial
04/29/2006 Absentee ballots in limbo until court rules on candidate listing
04/29/2006 Microsoft, EU spar in court over large penalty
04/29/2006 Sarbanes-Oxley law could be headed for high court
04/29/2006 Preconditions stymie county plan for court campus in Avondale
04/28/2006 Court Tosses Canvasser Registration Ruling
04/28/2006 Mainstream News U.S. FBI Sought Info Without Court OK on 3,501 here
04/28/2006 Rehab, 30,000 to keep Limbaugh out of court
04/28/2006 Rehab, 30,000 to keep Limbaugh out of court
04/28/2006 Rehab, 30,000 keep Limbaugh out of court
04/28/2006 First WorkChoices case reaches court
04/28/2006 FBI Seeks Info Without Court OK
04/28/2006 Rethink over future use of High Court's historic home
04/28/2006 Love birds in court after 5 years in jail
04/28/2006 Diaz needs formal OK to restart work on Supreme Court
04/28/2006 Youth drug court helps young people turn their lives around
04/28/2006 Appeals Court overturns attempted murder conviction
04/28/2006 BACK TO SQUARE ONE Check out the courtyard & elevated pub grub
04/28/2006 Courtney seeks probe into gas prices
04/28/2006 Sarbanes-Oxley Law Likely to Go Before Supreme Court
04/28/2006 U.S. FBI Sought Info Without Court OK
04/28/2006 Governor asks high court to reject veto suit
04/28/2006 Newspaper publishes Missouri football photos after court ruling
04/28/2006 Workers lose £2m court fight over stud farm will
04/28/2006 Smoking ban in courts puts justice at risk, judges warn
04/28/2006 States cannot levy ST on lotteries court
04/28/2006 Scorpene deal court issues notices to Centre, CBI
04/28/2006 Boy in court over school stabbing
04/28/2006 Supreme Court refuses to stay sealing drive
04/28/2006 Springfield school chief to answer accident charge in court
04/28/2006 Mainstream News US court clears anti-war grannies
04/28/2006 First Legal Marijuana Church Launches Due To Landmark Supreme Court Decision
04/28/2006 Supreme Court refuses to stay sealing drive in Capital
04/28/2006 Outcome of Microsoft-EU trial uncertain as court showdown closes
04/28/2006 Accused Vancouver killer to undergo psych exam
04/28/2006 Sheriff's deputy held hostage at courthouse
04/28/2006 Victim confronts molester in court
04/28/2006 Inmate Surrenders After Taking Hostage
04/28/2006 Illegal drivers caught in courthouse lot
04/28/2006 Court says Leroy Hendricks can't live in Leavenworth County
04/28/2006 Thai court cancels weekend elections as top judges seek solution to political deadlock
04/28/2006 DA Investigates Clerk of Criminal District Court
04/28/2006 Bulgaria court reduces Briton's jail term
04/28/2006 States can't levy sales tax on lotteries apex court
04/28/2006 Court notice to centre on submarine deal
04/28/2006 Court rejects plea against scribes' Rajya Sabha nomination
04/28/2006 Court questions railway caterers on 'unhygienic' food
04/28/2006 Microsoft throws itself on the mercy of EU court
04/28/2006 Ark. Suspect Captured After Taking Hostage
04/28/2006 Pulaski courthouse evacuated with suspected hostage incident
04/28/2006 Pulaski deputy freed; suspect arrested at courthouse
04/28/2006 Miss. high court to hear appeal on Clark's authority over tidelands
04/28/2006 Wife tells court of husband obsession with love rival
04/28/2006 US marines in court for rape
04/28/2006 Why Zuma is not guilty
04/28/2006 Rodrigues brother faces intimidation charge
04/28/2006 Cops accused of failing dry-cleaning families
04/28/2006 CEO of Co. That Owns Kazaa in Sydney Court
04/28/2006 High Court Rules Against German World Cup Trademarks
04/28/2006 Hunters in court accused of baiting bears
04/28/2006 Thai court suspends by-election
04/28/2006 Thai court cancels weekend elections
04/28/2006 Thai court rules April 2 general election unlawful
04/28/2006 Moussaoui Jury Returns To Court
04/28/2006 Survivor Show's Over For Courtney
04/28/2006 Thai Court Casts Doubt on Validity of Recent Elections
04/28/2006 Allentown Parents in Court for Child's Death
04/28/2006 Court in Seoul orders Hyundai chief's arrest
04/28/2006 Court postpones trial of 19 Moroccans
04/28/2006 Court says streakers may be held liable
04/28/2006 AMU Old Boys Assocn to organise a function to thank Supreme Court
04/28/2006 Court issues warrant for arrest of Hyundai Motor chief
04/28/2006 Court overturns 'wrongful birth' case
04/28/2006 Center Grove Attack Suspect Appears in Court
04/28/2006 Six in court over FA Cup violence
04/28/2006 Indian court demands answers on submarine kickback charge
04/28/2006 Thai by-elections halted by court ruling
04/28/2006 Thai court suspends new by-elections
04/28/2006 Court upholds Pike County guilty verdict
04/28/2006 4 U.S. soldiers of rape case appear before Philippine court
04/28/2006 Five in court over 21/7
04/28/2006 Accused Baby Seller Back In Out. Co Court Today
04/28/2006 Miss. high court rules men can't join in Leflore board minutes dispute
04/28/2006 Thai court suspends by-elections
04/28/2006 US court clears anti-war grannies
04/28/2006 Court summons DCP on use of force against protesting doctors
04/28/2006 Supreme Court dismisses PIL against Shobhana, Chandan nomination to Rajya Sabha
04/28/2006 No tax to be imposed on sale of lottery tickets Supreme Court
04/28/2006 Sealing drive; Supreme Court criticises centre
04/28/2006 High Court notice to Centre, CBI on Scorpene submarine deal
04/28/2006 Supreme Court refuses to stop sealing of commercial premises in residential areas
04/28/2006 Jackson eases back onto court
04/28/2006 Court in Belarus imprisons opposition leader for rally
04/28/2006 Pak court bans cable operators from showing Taj Mahal
04/28/2006 US Marines In Court Over Rape Claim
04/28/2006 Zuma played for time state
04/28/2006 Police break up protest at court
04/28/2006 Court setback for Times, P-I
04/28/2006 Six in court over July 21 'bomb plot'
04/28/2006 Suspect in W-B fire that burned 3 houses headed to court
04/28/2006 Bangladesh court orders MPs to pay arrear telephone bills
04/28/2006 Court sets new rules for tenant screening
04/28/2006 Top court upholds gathering of DNA
04/28/2006 London bomb suspects due in court
04/28/2006 Indian court orders release of Pakistani prisoners
04/27/2006 No tax on sale of lottery tickets Supreme Court
04/27/2006 Delhi demolition drive; Supreme Court to hear issue
04/27/2006 Court issues bailable warrant against Dhaula Kuan rape victim
04/27/2006 Navy War Room leak Court extends judicial custody of all six accused
04/27/2006 Court dismisses Jubraeel Khan's bail plea
04/27/2006 Real estate agent faces court action
04/27/2006 Six In Court Over July 21 Bombs
04/27/2006 Let me die, elderly man pleads in court
04/27/2006 Court upholds Giuliani firings over racist New York parade float
04/27/2006 Miss. high court upholds Lee Co. rape, burglary convictions
04/27/2006 Turkish court "Oops;" Pope's gunman to go back to jail
04/27/2006 Suspects in teen beating no stranger to courts
04/27/2006 N.Y. court upholds Giuliani float firings
04/27/2006 Edwards Courts Blogosphere
04/27/2006 Microsoft, Commission has last antitrust chance in EU court
04/27/2006 Man Going to Court to Leave Nursing Home
04/27/2006 Man Arrested for Having Ecstasy Lab Appears in Federal Court
04/27/2006 Special court for man on terror charges
04/27/2006 New York court acquits "anti-war grannies" of disorderly conduct
04/27/2006 He was dressed in a tan tunic I dont want this court, he said
04/27/2006 Challenge to Missouri's execution method sent back to lower court
04/27/2006 Juvenile In Custody In Connection With School Threat Appears In Fed Court
04/27/2006 Mainstream News Rep Conyers Taking the President to Court
04/27/2006 Court order ends final independent counsel mission
04/27/2006 Badal, wife seek court's nod to visit US
04/27/2006 Dagga haul worth R500 000 seized
04/27/2006 Briefing Court deals FIFA a blow on World Cup ad rights
04/27/2006 Challenge to Missouri's Execution Method Sent Back to Lower Court
04/27/2006 Mainstream News Could Rumsfeld Court-Martial the Retired Generals?
04/27/2006 Killed husband, top court upholds acquittal
04/27/2006 Lakota Bus Rape Suspects Due In Court
04/27/2006 Supreme Court gives thumbs-up to DNA databank
04/27/2006 Senator asks high court to force release of gas pact
04/27/2006 Da Vinci court papers 'show secret code'
04/27/2006 Officers Say Suspect Brought Crack Rocks To Courthouse
04/27/2006 Baby in car when fatal shot fired during argument, court hears
04/27/2006 Court Do lethal injections cause pain?
04/27/2006 Brazilian Court Convicts Third Man in US Nun's Murder
04/27/2006 Saudi to form first state security court
04/27/2006 Acquittal stands for Quebec woman who shot husband
04/27/2006 Allentown Parents Accused in Son's Death in Court
04/27/2006 Brazilian Court Convicts Third Man in US Nuns Murder
04/27/2006 Fiberail courts Malay broadband providers
04/27/2006 Top court rejects Conservative merger challenge
04/27/2006 Tashkent court bans U.S. lawyers NGO in Uzbekistan
04/27/2006 Supreme Court won't hear challenge of Conservative merger
04/27/2006 SCC upholds acquittal in Que. 'trance' killing
04/27/2006 Man scheduled for court appearance found with crack cocaine
04/27/2006 Where is Bharati Yadav, court asks home ministry
04/27/2006 Pak court dismisses petition against screening of Indian films
04/27/2006 Judge puts hidden message in Da Vinci Code court ruling
04/27/2006 Send voice landline msgs, courtesy Reliance
04/27/2006 Mbeki must condemn violence FF+
04/27/2006 Men in court for triple murder
04/27/2006 Suspects held for rape and hijacking
04/27/2006 Supreme Court justices consider whether lethal injections
04/27/2006 Indonesian court cuts sentences for five Australian drug smugglers
04/27/2006 Court Upholds Methods in Serge Trial
04/27/2006 Moscow court sets date for hearings in ex-Yukos officials' case
04/27/2006 Thai Supreme Court meets to resolve political crisis
04/27/2006 Court rules to hold Belarus opposition leader for 15 days
04/27/2006 Police seal off Cairo court as judges face charges
04/27/2006 Spanish court convicts politician of praising terrorism
04/27/2006 BREAKING NEWS National Court sentences Batasuna's Otegi to 15 months in prison
04/27/2006 Man stabbed to death in tavern brawl
04/27/2006 Two lawsuits in Franklin Court seek ruling on pharmacy school funding
04/27/2006 Moscow court sets date for hearings in ex-Yukos officials case
04/27/2006 Court sends rape suspect for mental tests
04/27/2006 Court jumps into dispute over voter ID checks
04/27/2006 Indonesian court reduces jail term of Australian drug smugglers
04/27/2006 Red Lake student appears in court
04/27/2006 Court briefs
04/27/2006 Ethnic intimidation case heads to court
04/27/2006 Court for Burundi rape accused after kids die
04/27/2006 Rent Contract at Temple Courts Complex to End
04/27/2006 Intelligent design think tank profits from court ruling
04/27/2006 Courting controversy
04/27/2006 Kent Levy Court tables rezoning
04/27/2006 Court tells unions to keep strikers in check
04/26/2006 Religious courts fail to okay conversions for Ethiopians
04/26/2006 High Court Justices Clash Over Executions
04/26/2006 High court takes on lethal injection
04/26/2006 Fast court may hear Mahajan case
04/26/2006 Teen In Court Over Schoolboy Murder
04/26/2006 I think I will be vindicated, says Yengeni
04/26/2006 Discovering complainant mindset vital
04/26/2006 Courthouse outburst sends man back to cell
04/26/2006 County to study costly court delays
04/26/2006 Errors prompt court to order resentencing
04/26/2006 Supreme Court Justice Riggs announces he will leave his post
04/26/2006 Police hunt for stolen leopard statues
04/26/2006 Air Force man allegedly kills his children
04/26/2006 Police battle to identify burnt body
04/26/2006 Robbers steal fire station jaws of life
04/26/2006 Rape Suspect Appears in Court
04/26/2006 Dominica brings case against Switzerland to International Court of Justice
04/26/2006 State Supreme Court upholds Livingston carjack death sentence
04/26/2006 EU to refer Greece to court over state aid
04/26/2006 Supreme Court Debates Lethal Injection
04/26/2006 Court tightens tax sale rules
04/26/2006 Ethiopians in limbo as religious courts fail to okay conversions
04/26/2006 Court Tightens Tax Sale Rules
04/26/2006 Two Beating Suspects Make Courtroom Appearance
04/26/2006 J. Mac shares the court with Magic
04/26/2006 Microsoft and EU exchange jabs in court
04/26/2006 Court orders release of Pakistan prisoners
04/26/2006 Bankruptcy Court Rules Against Comair
04/26/2006 Court Overturns Pot Grower's Conviction
04/26/2006 Dell Attorney Asks Court To Dismiss Incentives Lawsuit
04/26/2006 Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of 50 Million Tobacco Award
04/26/2006 Microsoft, EU face off in court
04/26/2006 Supreme Court Weighs Pain of Deadly Injection
04/26/2006 Court overturns 'Guru of Ganja's' cultivation conviction
04/26/2006 State's highest court to referee voting dispute
04/26/2006 Belgian court reviews appeal of Madrid bombing suspects
04/26/2006 Young lovers court danger from puritan moral militia
04/26/2006 IOL Crime And Courts
04/26/2006 Supreme Court to hear Reliance appeal on May 5
04/26/2006 Court win for Rambus over Hynix
04/26/2006 Microsoft, EU Fire First Shots in Courtroom Showdown
04/26/2006 Bank of America courts team fans
04/26/2006 Marina case to go to court
04/26/2006 Indian court upholds Scottish plaintiff
04/26/2006 Courting an 'ideal' Web business
04/26/2006 Father allegedly told girl to lie in court
04/26/2006 Supreme Court Rules in Property Takeover Case
04/26/2006 High court tackle immigration and RICO
04/26/2006 Google sued in Israeli court
04/26/2006 Court Case Over Benefits
04/26/2006 Elkhart man accused of murder, appears in court
04/26/2006 Court Overturns Pot Grower's Conviction
04/26/2006 Serial killer's case returned to lower court
04/26/2006 Officer beat handcuffed man, court told
04/26/2006 Buddhi Pleads 'Not Guilty' in Federal Court
04/26/2006 State supreme court rules for Rizzo
04/26/2006 Montana Supreme Court upholds three murder cases
04/26/2006 Court overturns pot grower's conviction
04/26/2006 Six arrested after Delmas farm robbery
04/26/2006 Twelve held for robbing Durban shops
04/26/2006 Court Overturns Pot Grower's Conviction
04/26/2006 EU takes Athens to court over aid
04/26/2006 Dell attorney asks court to dismiss incentives lawsuit
04/26/2006 Latvia Supreme Court leaves Berezovsky on blacklist
04/26/2006 Supreme Court to hear Reliance plea May 5
04/26/2006 High Court Hears Lethal Injection Case
04/26/2006 Supreme Court Gets Into Lethal Injection Debate
04/26/2006 Supreme Court Takes Up Claim Of Domestic Abuse Coercion
04/26/2006 Assassination tale can't delay court date
04/26/2006 Karate coach arrested for child sex abuse
04/26/2006 It all true, Zuma trial told
04/26/2006 ‘Dina SMSed Jordan’s dad on day of murder
04/26/2006 Prosecution slams Zuma tory as laughable
04/26/2006 Satawu distances itself from train murders
04/26/2006 Court urged to convict Zuma of rape
04/26/2006 Bankrupt Berlin takes case for federal bailout to German constitutional court
04/26/2006 Convict Zuma of rape, S.Africa court is urged
04/26/2006 Sapikowski Lawyers in Court
04/26/2006 Former Fire Chief Expected in Court
04/26/2006 Supreme Court to hear Reliance plea on airport privatisation on May 5
04/26/2006 Qwest asks court to settle attorney-client privilege question
04/26/2006 Kevin Costner named in sex allegations
04/26/2006 EU takes Greece to EU's highest court over illegal state aid to Olympic Airlines