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06/22/2006 Federal Court In Lockdown In Chicago
06/22/2006 Prisoner Escapes From Chicago Federal Court Building
06/22/2006 Supreme Court rules on deportation, employment retaliation cases
06/22/2006 Prisoner escape prompts courthouse lockdown
06/22/2006 NW Marine could face death penalty
06/22/2006 Prisoner Escapes At Federal Courthouse In Chicago
06/22/2006 Chicago's Federal Court Locked Down After Prisoner Escape
06/22/2006 Federal court building Chicago locked down after prisoner escapes
06/22/2006 Supreme Court Avoids Patent Ruling on Vitamin B Deficiencies
06/22/2006 Supreme Court Allows Award for Workplace Discrimination
06/22/2006 High Court Sides With Government in Duress Case
06/22/2006 US Official Calls for Islamic Courts to Stop Expanding in Somalia
06/22/2006 Court Upholds Fair Report Privilege In Media Defamation Case
06/22/2006 Supreme Court makes it tougher on illegal residents
06/22/2006 Court makes it tougher on illegal residents
06/22/2006 UnitedHealth asks court to block Hatch investigation
06/22/2006 Longtime Illegal Residents Lose Battle to Supreme Court
06/22/2006 Supreme Court Limits Lawsuits by Inmates
06/22/2006 Longtime Illegal Residents Lose in High Court Ruling
06/22/2006 High Court Dismisses Patent Ruling Case
06/22/2006 Ill. court upholds 'fair report' privilege
06/22/2006 Andhra court allows local polls to continue
06/22/2006 Ill. Court Upholds 'Fair Report' Privilege
06/22/2006 City lawyer named to state workers' compensation court
06/22/2006 Court rules against petition on eminent domain protection
06/22/2006 Clerk testifies about courtroom noises
06/22/2006 Women testify ex-judge exposed himself in court
06/22/2006 High court victory for female forklift operator
06/22/2006 Supreme Court ruling a blow to longtime illegal aliens
06/22/2006 Court Upholds Limits on Employer Retaliation
06/22/2006 Top Court Sides With Gov't in Duress Case
06/22/2006 Top Court Affirms Sex Discrimination Award
06/22/2006 Top Court Rules Against Illegal Immigrant
06/22/2006 Supreme Court Rules Against Illegal Immigrant
06/22/2006 Police asked to produce Maoist leader in court
06/22/2006 Court rejects practice of shifting troubled kids
06/22/2006 Prosecutors rest case in Coast Guard Academy court-martial
06/22/2006 Suspect In Millbrae Double Murder In Court Today
06/22/2006 Seal loses court payment battle
06/22/2006 Andhra moviegoers welcome court order on ‚Da Vinci Code‚
06/22/2006 Prosecution rests at Smith court-martial
06/22/2006 Court rules against Qwest in dispute over documents
06/22/2006 Flushes make for courthouse blush
06/22/2006 Seal's Former Manager Wins Court Judgment
06/22/2006 Arkansas Court of Appeals
06/22/2006 Three Accused Duke University Lacrosse Players Are Not Expected To Appear In Court
06/22/2006 Sahara files caveat at Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court
06/22/2006 Seal loses court battle
06/22/2006 Milked for maintenance, dad turns to court
06/22/2006 AK-47 fire kills police reservist in Joburg
06/22/2006 Special court reserves order on Shahabuddin's health petition
06/22/2006 Courtney Love to Play Londonís West End
06/22/2006 Justice system unfair to rape accusers
06/22/2006 Mother shoots children, turns gun on herself
06/22/2006 Plett municipal manager suspended
06/22/2006 Nqakula told to pocket pride and apoligise
06/22/2006 Unpaid bills force two courts to close
06/22/2006 EU court partially annuls EU Commission decision on Belgian HQ co tax breaks
06/22/2006 Grand jury urges courthouse security
06/22/2006 Seal Loses Court Battle Over Cash
06/22/2006 Egypt Egyptian ferry court case resumes
06/22/2006 Cross Creek residents cry foul over new court
06/22/2006 Court 1st Amendment Doesn't Shield Author
06/22/2006 Kashmir High Court Chief Justice favours change in attitude to clear cases
06/22/2006 Sahil Zaroo to appear in Mumbai Court for role in shahtoosh smuggling case
06/22/2006 High court shows how it going to be
06/22/2006 Court tosses Orwellian tests of sex offender
06/21/2006 Courthouse addition draws mixed reaction
06/21/2006 Court Drivers with marijuana in body can be charged
06/21/2006 High Court orders status quo in dispute over Hotel Ashok Yatri Niwas
06/21/2006 Zaroo to be produced in Mumbai court
06/21/2006 Zaroo to be produced in court today
06/21/2006 Mexican candidates court female voters
06/21/2006 Sallisaw family and alleged co-conspirators arraigned in federal court
06/21/2006 Girl cleared of rape worries after three days
06/21/2006 Mother gunned down after refusing an abortion
06/21/2006 Nqakula ordered to fork out millions
06/21/2006 Police vehicles hould not be used as taxis
06/21/2006 SA peacekeepers fingered for sex crimes
06/21/2006 Former Canada high court judge assails handling of Air India case as inquiry opens
06/21/2006 Soliciting Sex Via The Internet Lands Man in Court
06/21/2006 AIIMS autonomy issue snowballs, court issues notice
06/21/2006 Reese Walks the Line to Court
06/21/2006 Cooper retiring from state Supreme Court
06/21/2006 Supreme Court Ruling on Police Raids Endangers Citizens
06/21/2006 Supreme Court Ruling on Police Raids Endangers Citizens
06/21/2006 Man Accused of Assaulting Child at Daycare in Court
06/21/2006 UK Court PS2 Not a PC
06/21/2006 Heating Oil Partners Income Fund Announces Canadian Court Filings by the Fund's Subsidiaries
06/21/2006 Teen Murder Suspects in Court
06/21/2006 Hooks Jr. makes initial appearance in Federal Court
06/21/2006 Court Rules Against Magistrate
06/21/2006 Court allows poll process to continue
06/21/2006 N.S. court issues largest fisheries fine in Canadian history
06/21/2006 BoE's King urges reform of Commercial Court following BCCI case
06/21/2006 ACLU goes to court over Cuba book
06/21/2006 State Supreme Court Justice William Cooper stepping down
06/21/2006 Danier Leather Inc. Provides Update on Supreme Court Leave to Appeal Decision
06/21/2006 US seeks Islamic courts' help in Somalia to catch extremists
06/21/2006 Boyfriend arrested after triple murder
06/21/2006 Regulator condemns torching of trains
06/21/2006 Wilmington Housing Authority to tear down Nesbit Court
06/21/2006 Alleged poachers in Belville court
06/21/2006 Appeals court judge blamed for football recruiting violations at Prestonsburg High
06/21/2006 Jet-Sahara deal comes unstuck, heads for court
06/21/2006 Two brothers executed after unfair trial before an exceptional court
06/21/2006 Qwest loses court dispute, bid for cable franchise
06/21/2006 AIIMS autonomy issue snowballs, court issues notice
06/21/2006 Suspects in teen's killing to make first court appearance
06/21/2006 Family Court Judge Arrested
06/21/2006 'Tough but compassionate' Bush strives to court Europe
06/21/2006 Court rules against purchaser of grave plots in family dispute
06/21/2006 U.K. Court PS2 Not a Computer
06/21/2006 Mexican Candidates Court Female Voters
06/21/2006 Chinese Activist Charted With Heckling to Appear in Court
06/21/2006 Miami County looks to develop 3rd trial court
06/21/2006 Murder suspect carried into court on hospital gurney
06/21/2006 President appoints 16 Judges in Calcutta High Court
06/21/2006 Nepal Court to review Charles Sobhraj case
06/21/2006 Stolt-Nielsen S.A. U.S. Third Circuit Court Denies Request for En Banc Rehearing
06/21/2006 Start of Taylor's trial difficult to predict Sierra Leone court
06/21/2006 Third and 4th suspects in fatal shooting appear in court
06/21/2006 Special court for J&K sex scandal
06/21/2006 Qwest Loses Court Dispute Over Documents
06/21/2006 Rights group asks federal court to preserve evidence in Guantanamo Bay suicide
06/21/2006 Sebelius hopes school finance plan at least buys time from court
06/21/2006 Court To Review Sex-Abuse Case Against 13-Year-Old
06/21/2006 Spears take SA Rugby to court
06/21/2006 Sending love letters to office colleague not a crime, says Supreme Court
06/21/2006 Supreme Court rules in landmark case
06/21/2006 U.S. Court Quashes Sexual Arousal Test
06/21/2006 Toxicologist Testifies at Court-Martial
06/21/2006 Suspect in triple murder carried into court
06/21/2006 Bitter divorce could cost more Court
06/21/2006 Jet-Sahara 'escrow' battle in court
06/21/2006 Supreme Court to rule on 'fault' in divorce case
06/21/2006 Man Accused Of Targeting College Students Back In Court
06/21/2006 World Cup lands ESPN in Nepal court
06/21/2006 Supreme Court set to rule on 'fault' in divorce
06/21/2006 Principal fired for sexual assault
06/21/2006 86-year-old woman throttled and raped in Cape
06/21/2006 Appeals Court Judge Erred With Sex Offender
06/21/2006 Glastonbury Teacher in Court
06/21/2006 Volgograd court remands mayor in custody
06/21/2006 Casino court records should not be sealed
06/21/2006 Man in court on boy death charge
06/21/2006 Jet moves court to stop Sahara from operating escrow account
06/21/2006 Soldier in court over PC
06/21/2006 Hearing on sealed court records scheduled July 31
06/21/2006 Court Father Can't Raise Child Despite Mother's Deception
06/21/2006 Kashmir sex racket accused surrenders in court
06/21/2006 Court Judge Erred in Sex Offender Case
06/21/2006 Top court to rule on `fault' in divorce
06/21/2006 Robert Fein, 82, clerk-magistrate in Springfield court
06/21/2006 Court ruling sidelines suit over toll road
06/21/2006 Court upholds Klebnikov-case notary re-arrest
06/21/2006 MATT HELMS There's little courtesy over left lane use
06/21/2006 New York City tops in courtesy, says Reader's Digest
06/21/2006 Truscott case all about guts as case unfolds in appeal court
06/21/2006 Supreme Court cancels counselling for CBSE MBBS course
06/21/2006 Escort service operator tells court St. Louis was most profitable city
06/21/2006 State considers buying back courthouse
06/21/2006 Somalia Dialogue with ĎIslamic Courtí militias
06/21/2006 Court hears girl, 12, tell of friend's killing
06/21/2006 Too early to speculate on M1 murder police
06/21/2006 2 court orders revealed at trial
06/21/2006 After court ruling, where will troubled kids go now?
06/21/2006 German court proposes DaimlerChrysler compensate shareholders
06/20/2006 Supreme Court directs fresh counselling for MBBS all-India quota
06/20/2006 'The Serpent' to get day in court
06/20/2006 Three gunned down in Guguletu
06/20/2006 U.S. court sentences couple for abusing adopted Russian child
06/20/2006 Rwandan slaughter was genocide, says UN court
06/20/2006 Second appeal filed in LNG court ruling
06/20/2006 Katara case Court to hear Vikas Yadav's bail plea
06/20/2006 Dutch music site loses voice after court ruling
06/20/2006 NBA No backcourt violation on winning possession
06/20/2006 Supreme Court adds case to `partial-birth' ban review
06/20/2006 Court to Consider Oceanside Lesbian's Rights vs. Fertility Doctors' Religious Freedom
06/20/2006 Colo. Court Sets 15 as a Marrying Age
06/20/2006 High Court Limits Domestic Abuse Crime Reports as Trial Testimony
06/20/2006 Divided Supreme Court Upholds Federal Protections for Wetlands
06/20/2006 New York City tops courtesy survey
06/20/2006 Supreme Court Tackles Wetland Protection
06/20/2006 Kovco playing a joke during weapons clearance, court hears
06/20/2006 Court Rejects Discrimination Claims
06/20/2006 No answers for family after suspected rape
06/20/2006 Bullets fly as policemen raid taxi house
06/20/2006 Jailed child porn couple released on appeal
06/20/2006 Journalist laid to rest after fatal hijacking
06/20/2006 Appeals Court denies convict's challenge of parole denial
06/20/2006 Ammo Found at Man's Home in Judge Shooting
06/20/2006 Pregnant victim's mom told court that man in custody is father
06/20/2006 Catlin Court homeowner shares rehabbing lessons
06/20/2006 Hearing on sealed court records scheduled July 31
06/20/2006 Noam Chomsky a jester at their court
06/20/2006 Flushing flaw at new Metro Courthouse
06/20/2006 Wild weed on courthouse lawn eliminated
06/20/2006 Defendant decides not to come to court in death penalty trial
06/20/2006 NWA Asks Court for More Time
06/20/2006 Court documents 2nd dancer said rape allegations were a 'crock'
06/20/2006 Judge shot inside courthouse in Reno
06/20/2006 NC Senate Committee, Appeals Court, Act On Eminent Domain
06/20/2006 Systems Management Dutch Court Rules Against Site Linking To Pirated Content
06/20/2006 Barbados wants Caribbean high court to reinstate death penalty
06/20/2006 Abalone fishing charges challenged in court
06/20/2006 Teen Appears in Court
06/20/2006 Cloning scientist court denial
06/20/2006 Rwandan slaughter was genocide, says UN court
06/20/2006 Alleged Cop Killer in Court for Preliminary Hearing
06/20/2006 Court quashes poll notification for local bodies
06/20/2006 Paris Court Sentences French Mercenary for Coup Attempt in Comoros
06/20/2006 Indiana Supreme Court rejects claims that toll road lease unconstitutional
06/20/2006 Court upholds 6 of guide's 9 convictions from undercover probe
06/20/2006 Supreme Court Ruling Opens Door To Release Of Torture Report
06/20/2006 Court quashes poll notification for local bodies
06/20/2006 Uganda Supreme Court Judge Blasts Ruling NRM
06/20/2006 Coast Guard Academy Cadet's Accuser Speaks at Court-Martial
06/20/2006 U.S. wants telecom surveillance lawsuits in D.C. court
06/20/2006 Western Films Banned by Somali Courts Union
06/20/2006 Corruption-accused cops released on bail
06/20/2006 High court withdraws child porn convictions
06/20/2006 NBA No Backcourt Violation By Wade
06/20/2006 Court ruling opens door to publication of police torture report
06/20/2006 Home of Suspect in Judge Slaying Searched
06/20/2006 Special Court Proposed for Mentally Ill
06/20/2006 Appeals Court Grants Second Trial for Wake Woman
06/20/2006 Court Ammo, Bomb Materials In Reno Suspect's Home
06/20/2006 Court Release full torture report
06/20/2006 Watch The Heat On Their Home Court
06/20/2006 Federal court upholds Arizona voter ID requirement
06/20/2006 N.C. appeals court grants second new trial for Wake County woman
06/20/2006 Bloom, Goldin-related case postponed
06/20/2006 Justice Dept. wants NSA suits consolidated for D.C. court
06/20/2006 Dutch Court Rules Against Site Linking To Pirated Content
06/20/2006 Court says council blundered over waterfront house
06/20/2006 Disgraced cloning expert says sorry, admits blame in court
06/20/2006 Ind. Court Rejects Road Lease Arguments
06/20/2006 Supreme Court to rule on no-fault divorce law
06/20/2006 Court quashes Andhra local body poll notification
06/20/2006 Chris Henry Back In Court
06/20/2006 State Supreme Court No Blocking Of Torture Report
06/20/2006 Special Forsyth County Court Proposed For Mentally Ill
06/20/2006 Appeals Court Grants Second New Trial For Wake County Woman
06/20/2006 Taylor flown to Dutch court
06/20/2006 Coast Guard Academy Cadet's Accuser Testifies In Court-Martial
06/20/2006 High court rules group must post 1.9 billion to challenge toll road lease
06/20/2006 Supreme Court to rule on whether cheating spouse is debilitating
06/20/2006 Court upholds 15 million verdict for Twist in 'Spawn' case
06/20/2006 Court dismisses class-action lawsuit against Journal Communications
06/20/2006 Woman allegedly brings drugs to court
06/20/2006 Russia chief rabbi hopes court rules synagogue attack race-hate
06/20/2006 News Indiana Supreme Court upholds bond in toll road suit
06/20/2006 Pub body seeks court action costs
06/20/2006 US wants telecom surveillance lawsuits in DC court
06/20/2006 Judge Throws Out Child Rape Case After Prosecutor Late To Court
06/20/2006 Judge Dismisses Child Rape Case After Attorney Late For Court
06/20/2006 High court Major Moves opponents must post 1.9 billion to challenge
06/20/2006 Court proposed DaimlerChrysler pay former shareholders
06/20/2006 Hinds Co. court officials seek 550,000 to hire additional personnel
06/20/2006 Israel orders full review of security barrier after high court ruling
06/20/2006 EU auditors court critical of use of development funds in Bulgaria, Romania
06/20/2006 Men in court after night of rape, murder
06/20/2006 Comair Dispute Headed To Court
06/20/2006 Andhra court quashes local body poll notific
06/20/2006 Coast Guard cadet pleads not guilty in rape court-martial
06/20/2006 Fighting erupts at murder court
06/20/2006 Courts question Hawaiian school admissions policy
06/20/2006 OU member on the Constitutional Court of Ukraine
06/20/2006 Hawaiian school admissions policy questioned in court
06/20/2006 SOMALIA Islamic Courts oppose proposed AU force
06/20/2006 Open arguments made in Coast Guard Academy court-martial
06/20/2006 German Court Tries Iraqis For Plot To Kill Allawi
06/20/2006 High court upholds wetlands protection
06/20/2006 Hank Williams Jr. appeared in court in Memphis, Tenn., for an alleged assault.
06/20/2006 Court Briefs
06/20/2006 Supreme Court rejects LR officers’ suit
06/20/2006 High Court Splits on Clean Water Act Case
06/20/2006 Pregnant victim's mom told court that man in custody is father
06/20/2006 Ban on sale of violent games challenged in court
06/20/2006 Noam Chomsky a jester at their court.
06/20/2006 Police Broke No Laws In Stolen Oscars Caper, Appeals Court Rules
06/20/2006 Supreme Court Muddies The Waters
06/20/2006 Hijacking procedures top notch, says SAA
06/20/2006 Probe continues into loan to minister wife
06/20/2006 Nqakula reiterates defence on crime remarks
06/20/2006 Bush Supreme Court Appointees Save The Day
06/20/2006 States lose Supreme Court appeal over drug plan
06/20/2006 French court throws out lawsuit against Clooney, Warner Bros.
06/20/2006 TN court issues arrest warrants against Shilpa Shetty, Reema Sen
06/20/2006 High Court Limits Use of Wetlands Act
06/20/2006 A muddy caseCourt rules on wetlands
06/20/2006 High Court stays the recruitment of class IV staff at district court
06/20/2006 Caribbean court reviews hanging
06/20/2006 States considering Medicare options after rejection from Supreme Court
06/20/2006 Jackson Faces New Court Hearing
06/20/2006 Court divided on Clean Water Act
06/20/2006 Court seeks U.S. guidance on IPOs
06/20/2006 Developers confused after sharply divided Supreme Court tackles wetland protection
06/20/2006 Russian Supreme Court overturns sentence of synagogue attacker
06/20/2006 Amid violence, don't beat up on courts
06/20/2006 Court rejects states' appeal on Medicare drug payments
06/20/2006 MCOCA court to hear Salem's plea on June 30
06/20/2006 Court asked to clarify whether governor's questions may go on ballot
06/20/2006 Cops Man caught while posing as brother in court
06/20/2006 Court blocks Cole from AWB documents
06/20/2006 Supreme Court Tackles Wetland Protection
06/20/2006 Young's lawyer fined for missing court
06/20/2006 Preservation at Catlin Court brings rewards
06/20/2006 High court muddies wetlands rules
06/20/2006 Memorial service tomorrow for longtime Springfield court's Robert Fein
06/20/2006 Coast Guard Academy Cadet Faces Rape Charges, Court-Martial
06/20/2006 Tarkanian Proposes Installing Business Court System in Nevada
06/20/2006 Top court narrowly upholds wetland protection
06/20/2006 Supreme Court rules 911 statements can be used in trials
06/20/2006 Clean Water Act ruling illustrates court's shift
06/20/2006 Intiman sweeps you into the court of insecure demon
06/20/2006 High Court Limits Domestic Abuse Crime Reports as Trial Testimony
06/20/2006 Britney Security Suit Leaving Court
06/20/2006 Divided Supreme Court Upholds Federal Protections for Wetlands
06/20/2006 Bush's war court on hold for month
06/20/2006 Divided Supreme Court upholds wetlands protections
06/20/2006 Mine owners win round in court
06/20/2006 Supreme Court Upholds Spot Searches of Parolees
06/20/2006 Court rejects states’ appeal on Medicare drug payments
06/19/2006 Charges dropped following DPP request
06/19/2006 Court rules against walkers over disputed right of way
06/19/2006 Retrial postponed for Baumruk in courthouse shootings
06/19/2006 Top court Victims' statements admissible
06/19/2006 Tongan opposition court case backfires
06/19/2006 Court to hear Mumbai policeís plea seeking custody of Sahil
06/19/2006 Court to Address Abortion Restrictions
06/19/2006 Brazil court backing Varig deal
06/19/2006 Bush bids to court Europe
06/19/2006 Michael Jackson's lifestyle due back in court
06/19/2006 Supreme Court Okays Searches of Parolees
06/19/2006 Court 9-1-1 Calls Can Be Used as Evidence
06/19/2006 City Center battle heading for courts
06/19/2006 Court revives Lawrence track, casino bid
06/19/2006 Court could bring back burn ban
06/19/2006 Sierra Leone court backs Taylor transfer
06/19/2006 Supreme Court Reverses Indiana Conviction
06/19/2006 GNOME courts women developers with 3000 stipends
06/19/2006 Fake goods take big chunk from our economy
06/19/2006 Hijack suspect will remain behind bars
06/19/2006 Murdered guard found hanging from tree
06/19/2006 Rashid may face death penalty in Pakistan
06/19/2006 Michael Jackson's lifestyle due back in court
06/19/2006 Court Divided Over Wetlands Protections
06/19/2006 Domain registrars in court
06/19/2006 Top UN envoy to Somalia calls for dialogue with Islamic Court militias
06/19/2006 ECOWAS Court to establish appellate division
06/19/2006 Sierra Leone court backs Taylor transfer
06/19/2006 Supreme Court Backs Gov't On Wetlands
06/19/2006 Starbucks Taken To Court Over Nutrition Labeling
06/19/2006 Supreme Court rejects GlaxoSmithKline appeal
06/19/2006 Landlord didn't check smoke detectors, court hears
06/19/2006 US court fails to decide wetlands regulation
06/19/2006 Supreme Court refuses to block part of Medicare drug initiative
06/19/2006 Supreme Court fractures on protection for wetlands
06/19/2006 States considering options after rejection from Supreme Court
06/19/2006 Three Charged in Illegal Kennel in Court
06/19/2006 Defense lawyers shut out as war on terror spawns courtroom secrecy
06/19/2006 Court ruling removes a roadblock to affordable housing in suburbs
06/19/2006 Supreme Court affirms gov't wetlands protections on narrow vote
06/19/2006 Court could get Bush out of jail over Guantanamo
06/19/2006 Peace talks go on trial as Eta pair face court over killing
06/19/2006 Court to decide on governor ballot questions
06/19/2006 High Court Approves of Using 911 Calls in Court
06/19/2006 French Court Dismisses 'Syriana' Suit
06/19/2006 High Court Rejects Glaxo Appeal
06/19/2006 Court Gives Philip Morris 2B of Bond
06/19/2006 Chicago court hears chilling tales of torture
06/19/2006 Daily Hip-Hop News DMX Gets Extension On Court Date
06/19/2006 Court poser to Delhi police