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09/22/2018 [-] First to red planet will become Martians Canada astronaut
09/21/2018 [-] Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Launches Exclusive Retro 51 Pen
09/12/2018 [-] Is there life on Mars? Adelaide students set to interview astronaut
09/11/2018 [-] WOW! Astronaut takes photo showing power of Hurricane Florence from space
09/11/2018 [-] Astronauts Took This Incredible Picture of Hurricane Florence From the Space Station
09/10/2018 [-] India Unveils Its Own Spacesuit Design for 2022 Astronaut Flights
09/03/2018 [-] Labor Day 2018 in Space! Astronauts Relax with Busy Days Ahead
09/01/2018 [-] West Texas airport salutes Columbia astronaut Rick Husband
08/31/2018 [-] Going Back to the Moon Won't Break the Bank, NASA Chief Says
08/31/2018 [-] Astronaut plugs leak with FINGER...
08/31/2018 [-] Astronauts Work to Seal Air Leak on Space Station. Here's How.
08/29/2018 [-] India Will Launch Its Own Astronauts to Space by 2022, Government Says
08/29/2018 [-] For first time in decades, astronaut quits NASA training
08/29/2018 [-] Astronaut quits halfway through training; 1st in 50 years...
08/28/2018 [-] Astronaut quits halfway through training, 1st in 50 years
08/28/2018 [-] Space Station Astronauts Squeeze into Tiny Crew Cabin for Fun Photo
08/28/2018 [-] NASA astronaut candidate resigns, the first one to quit in 50 years
08/27/2018 [-] NASA Astronaut Candidate Resigns Prior to Qualifying for Spaceflight
08/27/2018 [-] Let This Stunning Full Moon Photo from Space Inspire You to Look Up Tonight
08/27/2018 [-] This Is How NASA's Trying to Find Better Cancer Treatments in Space
08/27/2018 [-] SpaceX Adds New Astronaut Walkway to Historic NASA Launch Pad
08/24/2018 [-] SpaceX's New Astronaut Walkway Represents a Step Toward Crewed Flight
08/23/2018 [-] 'Good Luck!' Astronaut Tells Youngsters Tackling Lego Space Challenge
08/23/2018 [-] Astronauts Could Fly to US Moon-Orbiting Station by 2024, Pence Tells NASA
08/23/2018 [-] Hurricane Lane Looms Over Hawaii in These Astronaut and Satellite Photos
08/22/2018 [-] Tennis in Space, Anyone? Astronauts Have a Ball During Historic Match
08/22/2018 [-] Astronauts Will Play the First-Ever Tennis Match in Space Tonight! Watch It Live
08/21/2018 [-] Astronaut Captures Whirling Typhoon Soulik from Space
08/21/2018 [-] NASA is almost ready to let SpaceX fuel rockets while astronauts are strapped in
08/18/2018 [-] First look how astronauts may live on missions to deep space...
08/16/2018 [-] Astronaut Snaps 'Mind-Blowing' Aurora Picture from Space
08/15/2018 [-] NASA name
08/14/2018 [-] Astronaut capsule development 'will not be a losing proposition' for SpaceX
08/09/2018 [-] Hurricane Hector Looks Awesome from Space in These Astronaut and Satellite Photos
08/09/2018 [-] NASA astronaut reveals encounter with 'alien-like' object...
08/07/2018 [-] California Wildfires Rage in Astronaut Photos from the Space Station
08/06/2018 [-] Correction Commercial Space-Astronauts story
08/04/2018 [-] Commercial Crew Astronauts Prepare for Launch — What Will They Wear?
08/04/2018 [-] Congrats, New Crews! Fellow Astronauts Welcome Private-Spaceship Riders
08/04/2018 [-] NASA names astronauts for first manned US space launches since 2011
08/03/2018 [-] NASA names 9 astronauts for first Boeing, SpaceX flights
08/03/2018 [-] Commercial Spaceships Are Like 'Driving an iPhone,' New Astronaut Says
08/03/2018 [-] Meet Boeing's corporate astronaut
08/03/2018 [-] Astronauts picked for SpaceX, Boeing capsule test flights
08/03/2018 [-] These Are the Astronauts Who Will Ride the First Commercial Capsules Into Space
08/03/2018 [-] NASA announces astronauts for SpaceX, Boeing launches from U.S.
08/03/2018 [-] NASA assigns astronauts to SpaceX, Boeing test flights
08/03/2018 [-] Crew Dragon and Starliner A Look at the Coming Astronaut Taxis
08/03/2018 [-] NASA to announce new astronaut class on Friday
08/02/2018 [-] NASA Spruces Up Astronauts' Digs Ahead of Commercial Launches
08/02/2018 [-] Shuttle Test Pilot Bob Crippen's Advice for NASA's Commercial Crews
07/26/2018 [-] NASA Will Announce Commercial Crew Astronaut Picks
07/24/2018 [-] Canadian Astronaut Prepares to Launch After a Nine-Year Wait
07/23/2018 [-] Boeing says its astronaut capsule system suffered 'anomaly' during engine test
07/23/2018 [-] NASA, Peanuts Debut New Look for Astronaut Snoopy at Comic-Con
07/21/2018 [-] German Astronaut ‘Dropped in’ to Duet With Kraftwerk From Space
07/21/2018 [-] Astronaut drops in on Kraftwerk gig, plays duet from space
07/13/2018 [-] NASA's Big Astronaut Trash Problem
07/08/2018 [-] Astronauts, scientists and space enthusiasts gather for annual Spacefest
07/06/2018 [-] Watch SpaceX's Dragon Ship for Astronauts Ace a Parachute Abort Test
07/05/2018 [-] Lufthansa Adds Astronaut Food to its Airline Passenger Menu
07/04/2018 [-] WATCH IN FULL French astronaut Thomas Pesquet interview
07/04/2018 [-] This Fourth of July, Astronauts Have a Well-Deserved Day Off
07/04/2018 [-] Earth Throws Stunning Light Show for Space Station Astronauts
07/01/2018 [-] These Astronaut Doodles of Constellations on Space Station Photos are Adorable!
06/29/2018 [-] Alan Bean Astronaut with an Artist's Eye
06/29/2018 [-] HAL-like robot to help astronaut in space odyssey...
06/29/2018 [-] HAL-like robot to help astronaut in space odyssey
06/29/2018 [-] SpaceX Will Send an AI Robot To Join Astronauts On ISS
06/26/2018 [-] Astronaut Buzz Aldrin sues his children, business manager
06/25/2018 [-] Future Astronauts Must Perform Surgery in Space — and It Will Be Gross
06/25/2018 [-] Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Sues Over Control of His Estate, Space Artifacts
06/23/2018 [-] Space tourists could be struck down by astro-sickness, warns astronaut...
06/21/2018 [-] See the Eerie Lava Glow of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption from Space
06/20/2018 [-] Sally Ride's Space Stamp Collection Inside the Astronaut's Albums
06/20/2018 [-] Why Are Astronauts Moonwalking on the Bottom of This Giant Pool?
06/19/2018 [-] Former Astronaut Criticizes NASA's Lunar Gateway Plans
06/16/2018 [-] To Improve Space Clothing, German Astronaut Will Work Up a Sweat
06/16/2018 [-] This Flying Space Droid Wants to Make Friends with Astronauts
06/15/2018 [-] Tim Dodd Is the Everyday Astronaut An Origin Story
06/15/2018 [-] Record-Breaking Astronaut Peggy Whitson Retires from NASA
06/15/2018 [-] NASA's record-breaking spacewoman retires as astronaut
06/15/2018 [-] NASA astronauts install high-def cameras during spacewalk
06/14/2018 [-] Spacewalking astronauts set up TV cameras for arriving ships
06/14/2018 [-] Moon Mystery Solved! Apollo Astronauts Caused Odd Lunar Warming
06/14/2018 [-] Two NASA Astronauts Are Taking a Spacewalk Today Watch It Live
06/14/2018 [-] Spacewalking astronauts set up TVs for arriving ships
06/13/2018 [-] 'Lost' NASA Tapes Show Humans Sort of Caused Global Warming on the Moon Too
06/11/2018 [-] Astronauts' movement increased subsurface temperatures on the moon, study finds
06/08/2018 [-] Pope gets customized jumpsuit from Space Station astronauts
06/08/2018 [-] Soyuz capsule with 3 astronauts docks with space station
06/06/2018 [-] New NASA chief vows US will always have astronauts in orbit
06/06/2018 [-] 95 Emiratis shortlisted in search for UAE's first astronaut
06/06/2018 [-] Trio of astronauts blast off to international space station
06/03/2018 [-] 3 Russian Astronauts Who Spent 168 Days in Space Safely Land Back on Earth
06/03/2018 [-] Russian space capsule with 3 astronauts lands in Kazakhstan
05/30/2018 [-] Your favorite astronaut
05/30/2018 [-] Astronauts in Space, on Earth Mourn Loss of Apollo Moonwalker Alan Bean
05/30/2018 [-] Sound and Fury! New 'Everyday Astronaut' Episode Shows the Power of Rockets
05/29/2018 [-] Astronaut Don Peterson, Who Made First Shuttle Spacewalk, Dies at 84
05/29/2018 [-] NASA's Moonwalking Apollo Astronauts Where Are They Now?
05/28/2018 [-] Alan Bean, moon-walking US astronaut turned painter, dies in Houston
05/28/2018 [-] Astronaut Peggy Whitson Comes 'Home' in 'One Strange Rock' Finale
05/27/2018 [-] Moonwalker Alan Bean dead at 86...
05/27/2018 [-] Moonwalking astronaut-artist Alan Bean dies at 86
05/27/2018 [-] Astronaut Alan Bean, 4th to Walk on Moon, Dies at 86
05/27/2018 [-] Alan Bean, moon-walking astronaut and artist, dies aged 86
05/26/2018 [-] Alan Bean From Astronaut to Artist
05/26/2018 [-] Astronaut Alan Bean Remembered Photos of a Moonwalker-Turned-Artist
05/26/2018 [-] Famed Astronaut Alan Bean Dies at 86
05/26/2018 [-] Astronaut and moonwalker Alan Bean dies at 86
05/26/2018 [-] Astronaut Alan Bean, Apollo Moonwalker-Turned-Artist, Dies at 86
05/26/2018 [-] Astronauts in Space Will Be Working This Memorial Day. Here's Why
05/24/2018 [-] Astronaut Sally Ride gets her own stamp
05/23/2018 [-] NASA-trained astronaut joins team NSW in bid for Australia's first space agency
05/22/2018 [-] Sally Ride's Stamp The Story of an Astronaut's Philatelic Portrait
05/21/2018 [-] One 'Strange' Organ Astronauts Explain the Wonders of the Human Brain
05/18/2018 [-] Space Jams! Astronauts and Cosmonauts Rock Out at the International Space Station
05/17/2018 [-] NASA astronauts successfully complete 6-hour spacewalk
05/16/2018 [-] Spacewalking Astronauts Replace Leaky Pump on Space Station
05/16/2018 [-] Spacewalking astronauts tackle pump swap at space station
05/16/2018 [-] Spacewalking astronauts tackle pump work at space station
05/14/2018 [-] Astronauts Spot Kilauea Volcano's Dramatic Plumes from the Space Station
05/14/2018 [-] Ex-NASA astronaut, administrator Bolden gives papers to USC
05/10/2018 [-] SpaceX is about to test its new rocket for astronauts
05/10/2018 [-] Out-of-This-World Vostok Space Beer Bottle Could Bring Suds to Zero-G
05/09/2018 [-] This Week, NASA is Appreciating Teachers and Inspiring Students
05/08/2018 [-] Space Nation Navigator
05/08/2018 [-] Space Nation Navigator could send you to space
05/03/2018 [-] Afraid of heights in space NASA astronaut details flight
04/30/2018 [-] Astronauts Explain How Space Colonists Could Survive on Another 'Strange Rock'
04/27/2018 [-] 'Everyday Astronaut' Series Brings Space Adventure to Facebook Watch
04/27/2018 [-] How Astronauts' CPR Training Could Save Lives on Earth
04/24/2018 [-] 15 Space Travel Tips from an Astronaut
04/23/2018 [-] Shuttle-era astronauts join Hall of Fame at Kennedy Space Center
04/23/2018 [-] Astronaut Hall of Fame Adds Space Shuttle Commander and Spacewalker
04/17/2018 [-] Astronaut Says It 'Smells Great' Inside the International Space Station
04/17/2018 [-] Kids ask Nasa astronaut about going to space
04/17/2018 [-] Over 4,000 Emiratis join UAE astronaut program
04/13/2018 [-] WATCH US Astronaut Andrew Feustel Honors Victims of Holocaust From Space
04/12/2018 [-] Judge Finds Apollo Astronaut Can Sue Over Marketing of Replica Moon Watch
04/11/2018 [-] NASA sends human SPERM into space for first time...
04/11/2018 [-] Astronaut recounts moment how crew member almost died during a space walk
04/09/2018 [-] Astronauts Become Billiard Balls to Demonstrate Newton's Third Law
04/08/2018 [-] Buzz Aldrin PASSES alien lie detector test 'I saw UFO'...
04/06/2018 [-] Astronauts may print 3D tools from their own processed poo...
04/04/2018 [-] SpaceX and Boeing Test Parachutes for Future Astronaut Space Taxis
04/03/2018 [-] Catastronauts Official Announcement Trailer

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