School News : School History

South Carolina
08/13/2006 Court Montgomery's school policy on fliers unconstitutional
08/13/2006 HP unveils back-to-school products for students and teachers
08/13/2006 New charter school offers hope to teens
08/13/2006 Back-to-school shopping Save money, environment
08/13/2006 school
08/13/2006 Schools consider joining lawsuit Education group wants state to give more money
08/13/2006 High schools consider cutting players to win more, save space
08/13/2006 Religious Schools hold Khatam Al-Quran for Primary Students
08/13/2006 New calendar helps families helps schools
08/13/2006 Teen shot at school, allegedly by classmate
08/13/2006 Solon urges salary hike for public school teachers
08/13/2006 Fishers High School roars back in a new 90 million facility
08/13/2006 Aware folks take RTI, kids to school
08/13/2006 Before taking reins, they survey schools on the sly
08/13/2006 Bryan Station High School 43.9 million, 1,800-student capacity
08/13/2006 Fayette schools invest in north side
08/13/2006 Moon-jumping back into school mode
08/13/2006 Treasure Coast school news St. Lucie back-to-school party includes parade
08/13/2006 It's time for school
08/13/2006 SUSAN TOMPOR PERSONAL FINANCE Cash for school is all about the hunt
08/12/2006 Stressed out by the start of school?
08/12/2006 Back-to-school sales vital to retailers' profits
08/12/2006 Back to school spending lessons
08/12/2006 State sees school consolidations
08/12/2006 State forecasts school consolidations
08/12/2006 School shopping made much easier
08/12/2006 Firefighters respond to Evans school; no active fire found
08/12/2006 Former high-school wrestler gets probation after punching sister
08/12/2006 International students learn that U.S. colleges aren't easy
08/12/2006 Foreign students maintain focus
08/12/2006 Please hang up and pay your school again
08/12/2006 From schoolhouse to dream house
08/12/2006 Back-to-school events mix supplies, fun
08/12/2006 Vigo school board to review vocational-career recommendations
08/12/2006 Changes at top lift school district from bottom
08/12/2006 Back to School
08/12/2006 Firestone Raises School's Standard
08/12/2006 Saudi Bank To Reconstruct Muslim Congress School
08/12/2006 Saudi school won't release SA teacher claim
08/12/2006 New Fishers High School Ready For Students
08/12/2006 Educating Before School Starts
08/12/2006 "Giving" Back To School
08/12/2006 Navigational direction school celebrates 54th anniversary
08/12/2006 Texas to probe school test cheating
08/12/2006 Fired Ohio U Professor Sues School
08/12/2006 5-Attacks against Afghan schools increasing .....
08/12/2006 Getting Ready for School
08/12/2006 Getting Ready for Back to School
08/12/2006 Job market changes with start of school year
08/12/2006 Use of cellphones in schools may be banned
08/12/2006 Talk about air-conditioning in schools in our Current Affairs forum
08/12/2006 What's new in area schools
08/12/2006 Public school start dates
08/12/2006 As area schools open, cooler heads will prevail
08/12/2006 High school jamboree Milan edges past JCM in warm-up
08/12/2006 Yoghurt and muesli bars on schools health hitlist
08/12/2006 Back to S
08/12/2006 Cape teen shot at school by classmate
08/12/2006 Jamnagar school revives Gurukul tradition
08/12/2006 Booyah Breakdown Back to School
08/12/2006 OKC schools in new uniforms
08/12/2006 Back to school Education by the numbers
08/12/2006 Cabot fire postpones first day of school
08/12/2006 Clinton School posts list of lecturers
08/12/2006 Schools prepare for new spending rules
08/12/2006 Several Lucknow schools ban colas
08/12/2006 Merger of two schools backed
08/12/2006 Science takes backseat in schools
08/12/2006 5 Ky. schools are far behind
08/12/2006 KC SCHOOL SIGN-UPS Process features perks
08/12/2006 Many stepped up for back-to-schoolers
08/12/2006 Science takes back seat for talented school students survey
08/12/2006 Schools to ban pop, candy
08/12/2006 Hesperia Schools Chief Named Superintendent
08/12/2006 ICT Books By ITB Lecturer Used In Jakarta Schools
08/12/2006 Sayyidina Abu Bakar School Holds Prize Presentation Ceremony
08/12/2006 Los Angeles Council OKs Mayor's Idea for Schools
08/12/2006 Salaryman busted for sending letter to 2 schools threatening to kill children
08/12/2006 School vice principal fired for molesting woman
08/12/2006 28 Central Ky. schools fall short
08/12/2006 fewer ky. schools meet test goals
08/11/2006 Power outage at school doesn't dim first day back
08/11/2006 Highway Patrol begins program on school bus safety
08/11/2006 Poor School Performance Worries Nebbi Lc5 Boss
08/11/2006 California judge OKs high school exit exam
08/11/2006 Audit Troy School Overpaid Administrators
08/11/2006 Monitoring back-to-school tech needs
08/11/2006 From schoolhouse to dream house
08/11/2006 Hispanics now main minority in Florida's public schools
08/11/2006 Jefferson Twp. trims school bus service
08/11/2006 TEA adds 241 schools with suspect scores
08/11/2006 Schools face deadline for accreditation process
08/11/2006 School Board president loses bid for restraining orders
08/11/2006 LISD Ready For First Day of School
08/11/2006 Be Prepared For School Zone Traffic
08/11/2006 Appeals Court Upholds California High School Exit Exam
08/11/2006 Taylor County Schools To Auction Property
08/11/2006 State Court Upholds Calif. High School Exit Exam
08/11/2006 Girl wounded in school shooting drama
08/11/2006 Discrepancies Continue in School Accountability System
08/11/2006 Namibia Positive Reply to Motsomi Primary School's Plea for Stationery
08/11/2006 Medicine Policies Differ By Schools
08/11/2006 Company's Shortcut Forces Schools Relocation
08/11/2006 Asian Schools Football Championship to be held in Vietnam
08/11/2006 Mentors make the difference at Hebrew school NorthJersey
08/11/2006 School Rankings Hot Topic at Conference
08/11/2006 Overhaul of rules expected for Oregon's alternative schools
08/11/2006 Allentown Schools Release Assessment Tests Report
08/11/2006 Saudi Bank To Reconstruct Muslim Congress School
08/11/2006 Power out at South Knox schools
08/11/2006 High school volleyball scores
08/11/2006 Task force closes doors to public to discuss schools
08/11/2006 Hinds Co. school officials seek late tax increase
08/11/2006 Historically black colleges recruiting Hispanics
08/11/2006 Bobb needs 1,000 signatures by August for school-board run
08/11/2006 Back to school 1986 versus 2006
08/11/2006 West Fork School District to appeal placement on list
08/11/2006 ChildrenÂ’s House preschoolers celebrate graduation
08/11/2006 High school students pose solutions to Philly violence
08/11/2006 School ordered to end selection
08/11/2006 School Bus Driver Charged With Sex With Minor
08/11/2006 Album Review Gym Class Heroes 'As Cruel As School Children'
08/11/2006 Schools urged to open doors to physically disabled kids
08/11/2006 Southern Schools Form Computer Grid
08/11/2006 Back To School, Back To Personal Information
08/11/2006 Milton residents want to know more about school mold
08/11/2006 Finnie calls for local food in school dinners
08/11/2006 Several Lucknow schools ban colas
08/11/2006 8,200 kids compete for top schools
08/11/2006 School board cracks down on hazing
08/11/2006 Vilsack urges innovation in Iowa schools
08/11/2006 High school board faces budget cuts
08/11/2006 Renovations Begin for a Monongalia County High School
08/11/2006 After-school options varied for local parents
08/11/2006 University gets 1M for business school
08/11/2006 School support staff want pay rise, extra holidays
08/11/2006 CK Schools Avoid Budget Cuts, for Now
08/11/2006 Back-to-school fashions reveal '80s influence
08/11/2006 Suspicious substance found at Brisbane school ABC
08/11/2006 Students Make Chung Ching Middle School Proud
08/11/2006 School Holds Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony
08/11/2006 L.A. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Villaraigosa's School District Plan
08/11/2006 Black Colleges Recruiting More Hispanics
08/11/2006 Few States Meet School Equity Rules
08/11/2006 Archdiocese looks to add high schools
08/10/2006 11-year-old girl pleads guilty in school bus beating
08/10/2006 School Feeding Programme Appreciates the Chronicle
08/10/2006 Hamilton district studies its schools
08/10/2006 Wellness policy for Waukesha schools approved
08/10/2006 School district pay problems persist
08/10/2006 Employee of private school group resigns for sexually harassing female colleague
08/10/2006 'Eat local' call on school meals
08/10/2006 School support staff need support
08/10/2006 HISD gives 3 schools a chance to improve - or close
08/10/2006 English Week At Chung Ching Middle School
08/10/2006 School Bids Farewell To Longest-Serving Teacher
08/10/2006 District rallies to kick off school year
08/10/2006 Numbers show more students graduating from high school
08/10/2006 School district enacts zero tolerance policy for weapons
08/10/2006 Three injured as school bus and car collide
08/10/2006 GC bond panel endorses high school plan
08/10/2006 Russia bans colas in schools
08/10/2006 Govt urged to rebuild public schools
08/10/2006 Large donation for schools in Cambodia
08/10/2006 Schools to get more powers to expel disruptive pupils
08/10/2006 Back-To-School CHOICES video included
08/10/2006 School setting 'is discriminatory'
08/10/2006 'Eat local' call on school meals
08/10/2006 Zanesville School Board Wants Your Help
08/10/2006 State's N.O. schools one-fourth of students not fully registered
08/10/2006 Bend seeks Juniper Ridge school shift
08/10/2006 Back To School Immunizations
08/10/2006 Motorbike Taxis in Drive to Get Girls Into School
08/10/2006 Robot teaches medical school students
08/10/2006 Mai Tesfa, School of Ceramics; Highlights
08/10/2006 SINGAPORE NUS business school intake not hurt by controversial ads
08/10/2006 Indy schools want tax increase to raise 380 million
08/10/2006 2 Teens Admit to School Shooting Plot in New Jersey
08/10/2006 High school student arrested for alleged threats
08/10/2006 Private schools set themselves apart with exotic courses
08/10/2006 Accused 'ringleader' in school plot to plead guilty
08/10/2006 Father says Bomar looking at new schools
08/10/2006 High school softball scores
08/10/2006 Cleveland-area schools say cell phones are taboo
08/10/2006 Thousands of Children Missing From School
08/10/2006 School toasts star students
08/10/2006 Uganda Ghost School Discovered in Pallisa
08/10/2006 Herb's Tip Think Safety When Shopping For School Supplies
08/10/2006 Pentagon School In Bahrain Dwindles
08/10/2006 Important Info for Zanesville School Parents
08/10/2006 Petrol bombing schoolboy detained
08/10/2006 Game maker transfers 'Grand Theft' elements to a prep-school setting
08/10/2006 Hevesi audit of Troy school finds no serious problems
08/10/2006 Robot teaches medical school students
08/10/2006 School safety
08/10/2006 Realtor association donates school supplies, support
08/10/2006 Nation's Largest School Districts Developing Healthier School Environments
08/10/2006 Schools re-examine student tracking rules
08/10/2006 KCK school board calls special meeting
08/10/2006 Back to School Teacher shopping
08/10/2006 The Bloomington High School class of 1961
08/10/2006 Attorney says school illegally tried to attract white students
08/10/2006 Two dead, 22 missing as school bus plunges into Chinese river
08/10/2006 Former Farmington High School teacher accused of sexual assault
08/10/2006 NW ARKANSAS Focus Typo nullifies scores on tests of few schools
08/10/2006 Council to axe schools in cash crisis
08/10/2006 Russia bans colas in schools
08/10/2006 District 70 school board fills administrative vacancies
08/10/2006 Grant enables YMCA to continue after-school program
08/10/2006 Parents prepare for first day of school
08/10/2006 Web-based school enrolment system going live in Auckland
08/10/2006 Pair held over schoolboy murder
08/10/2006 MCCSC pleased by state school rankings
08/10/2006 Rural Schools Receive 2bn Books
08/10/2006 Meghalaya govt taking urgent steps to send dropouts to schools
08/10/2006 Phila. schools looking at term of 10 1/2 months
08/10/2006 California audit finds charter schools owe state m millions
08/10/2006 70% of Indiana's high schools in trouble
08/10/2006 Schools struggle for good rankings
08/10/2006 Asian Schools Football Championship to be held in Vietnam
08/10/2006 Phila. schools looking at term of 10 1/2 months
08/10/2006 Rockstar's Bully is about school fighting's
08/10/2006 California audit finds charter schools owe state m millions
08/10/2006 Audit Faults Chain of California Charter Schools
08/10/2006 South Carolina schools3rd bus fire probed
08/10/2006 WireTap Rethinking New Orleans Schools
08/10/2006 SUSAN TOMPOR Grab circulars, then compare school supplies
08/10/2006 Abt Electronics Sends Students Back to School With Laptop Computers, iPods & Appliances
08/10/2006 School dropouts inscribe holy Bhagwad Gita on copper plates!
08/10/2006 Arunachal likely to ban soft drinks in schools
08/10/2006 Phila. schools looking at term of 101/2 months
08/10/2006 Ranking confusion schools can both pass and fail
08/10/2006 London brothers found guilty of schoolboy killing
08/09/2006 Teen admits high school arson charges
08/09/2006 Police shouldn't help breath-test for school ball
08/09/2006 Director Of Schools Lauds 'Enrichment' Programme
08/09/2006 Minister Of Education Visits Schools In Kampong Masin
08/09/2006 Schools welcome newest additions
08/09/2006 High school groundbreaking may be next month
08/09/2006 Teachers, school district continue talks
08/09/2006 Martin's first day of school mostly smooth
08/09/2006 Few turn out for charter school meeting
08/09/2006 School-zone speeders beware
08/09/2006 Festival to help kick off new school year
08/09/2006 State audit finds charter schools owe state more than 57 million
08/09/2006 Middle school teacher honored
08/09/2006 Heights board says some progress made in contract talks
08/09/2006 Coeur d'Alene High School tacks on transportation fee for activities
08/09/2006 Auditors Reproach Calif. Charter Schools
08/09/2006 Four charged over school rugby brawl
08/09/2006 CUNY Seeing Fewer Blacks at Top Schools
08/09/2006 Reforming the Tsangaya School System in Borno State analysis
08/09/2006 Classes suspended in 3 schools in Malabon as dike overflows
08/09/2006 Indiana schools classified according to new law
08/09/2006 N.C. A&T wants to know why sex offender admitted to school
08/09/2006 Some IN School Districts Rank Poorly
08/09/2006 Central Texas Schools Adding Security
08/09/2006 Union and Opposition at odds over school attendance plans
08/09/2006 Ore. middle schools perform well on state tests
08/09/2006 Vic Liberals welcome return of tech schools
08/09/2006 Teen Wants to Withdraw Guilty Pleas in Schoolmate's Murder
08/09/2006 Study Shows Pre-School Teacher Shortage
08/09/2006 Schools busy when students aren't in class
08/09/2006 Private school may open all classes to girls for first time in 182-year history
08/09/2006 Fallen soldier's family asks high school donations
08/09/2006 Voters send message to schools
08/09/2006 Merchant ready to unite school board 541 PM
08/09/2006 Pleas Entered in Foiled Plot at Riverton High School
08/09/2006 School Vandalism Comes at Troublesome Time
08/09/2006 Local High School Students Learn To Fight Bias And Bigotry
08/09/2006 NASA analyst to take helm of NCSU's graduate school
08/09/2006 Christian schools to ask for more money
08/09/2006 Bomb blast at school kills boy, 3, as fighting continues in Sri Lanka
08/09/2006 Focus on Education Indiana schools rated on progress
08/09/2006 Lawyers group to support school bus safety campaign
08/09/2006 Merchant ready to unite school board 541 PM
08/09/2006 Strayhorn visits Sinton schools
08/09/2006 Local district to keep control of troubled school
08/09/2006 Crawford County High School math teacher accused of theft
08/09/2006 Budget cuts keep cops out of schools full-time
08/09/2006 3 Doors Down gives money to school, Katrina volunteers
08/09/2006 News Back-to-school means back to the doctor
08/09/2006 News Students & teachers to ring in the school year at new Lincoln Elementary
08/09/2006 First Day of School in New Albany, Floyd County
08/09/2006 Attorneys Accuse DISD School Of Segregation
08/09/2006 JCPS can't get fuel it needs for busses
08/09/2006 State Releases Public School Rankings
08/09/2006 No Child Left Behind Numbers, No School Choice
08/09/2006 Botswana Beat Zimbabwe 'Schoolgirls'
08/09/2006 Reforming the Tsangaya School System in Borno State
08/09/2006 High school football linemen blockers and buffet busters
08/09/2006 Mictec Schools Hold Valedictory/Prize-Giving Day
08/09/2006 Nepad Boosts ICT in Schools
08/09/2006 Business Pulse results Back-to-School shopping costly for one-third of respondents
08/09/2006 Smoke forces brief school evacuation
08/09/2006 'Bully' Video Game Lets Players Fight At School
08/09/2006 MySpace message leads to school plot pleas
08/09/2006 Silex requiring drug test of students who drive to school
08/09/2006 School doors open for thousands of students
08/09/2006 Cebu school for the deaf to get computer lab
08/09/2006 20mph limits outside all Scottish schools 'in 2 years'
08/09/2006 Secondary pupils may face only one set of exams before leaving school
08/09/2006 Council to axe schools in cash crisis
08/09/2006 Christian School Suit Against UC Going To Trial
08/09/2006 Primary school principals get familiar with Performance Evaluation
08/09/2006 Voters defeat Bozeman School District land deal
08/09/2006 Two Plead Guilty in Alleged Plot On School
08/09/2006 81 schools to be built in Azerbaijan in 2006
08/09/2006 Paterra aiming anti-drug campaign at schools
08/09/2006 Pleas entered in school shooting plot
08/09/2006 Indiana school board approves PL221
08/09/2006 High school softball scores and fast pitch rankings
08/09/2006 Centre Nso-ba'ti Women Raise CFA Four Million for Schools
08/09/2006 Former Panther Donnalley Steps Down As High School Football Coach
08/09/2006 School updates Opening smooth so far
08/09/2006 Education Foundation Aims To Beef Up DISD Schools
08/09/2006 Floyd, Clark schools open
08/09/2006 Springdale Staggered starts assure early arrivals at some schools
08/09/2006 Tajik school principal shoots dead 2, turns gun on self
08/09/2006 Oshkosh Police Make Arrests in School Vandalism Case
08/09/2006 Physics teacher admits role in accidental explosion at school
08/09/2006 Former School Board Member Begins Prison Sentence
08/09/2006 Council to axe schools in cash crisis
08/09/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC School zones enforced
08/09/2006 School War
08/09/2006 School children tie rakhi on Manmohan Singh
08/09/2006 Govt drops 25% quota clause for pvt schools
08/09/2006 Newcomer is newest face on CMS school board
08/09/2006 Collie schoolgirls in court
08/09/2006 Rock icon sings for school attendance ABC
08/09/2006 Hundreds get reserved parking at high school
08/09/2006 Waukee school hazing penalties OK’d in 1st vote
08/09/2006 Copper theft leads to school flooding
08/09/2006 School floor work discussed by L-L
08/09/2006 QC school suspends classes due to meningo scare
08/09/2006 Choir school can be sued for abuse
08/09/2006 Fun, Informative Training for After-School Professionals Planned for September in New York City
08/09/2006 UC Loses Bid to Stop Christian School Suit
08/09/2006 Shoreline district goes back to school in dire straits
08/09/2006 RECALL VOTE 5 Livonia school board members keep their seats
08/09/2006 PreK-12 Homeschooling Company Holding Car Give-Away That Will Help Family With Rising Fuel Costs
08/09/2006 Back-To-School Should Mean Auto Financing 101 for Students Looking to Purchase a Vehicle
08/08/2006 High school football season on horizon
08/08/2006 Teachers begin negotiations for school year
08/08/2006 Boynton plans culture hub at 1927 school
08/08/2006 School mapping project over in 10 districts
08/08/2006 Parents jailed for daughter's school absence
08/08/2006 Schoolgirls walk the talk of their heroines
08/08/2006 Not my fault says school bus driver
08/08/2006 SW La legislators No Rita amnesia on school repair money
08/08/2006 Mom's Web Site Helps With Pre-School
08/08/2006 Rock icon sings for school attendance
08/08/2006 School suspends classes over suspected meningococcemia death
08/08/2006 Complaints contend discrimination at Arrowhead High School
08/08/2006 Pinewood braces for more students as Martin schools open
08/08/2006 St. Lucie schools still need teachers
08/08/2006 Feeder system considered in school rezoning
08/08/2006 Four questioned over school poison threats
08/08/2006 More International Students Enroll in WV Schools
08/08/2006 Kerala school ends scarf tussle
08/08/2006 Gov't Exempts Disabled Children From School Fees
08/08/2006 Mother rules out school walk after kidnap bid
08/08/2006 GA student arrested for bringing guns, other weapons to school
08/08/2006 School board head seeks probe into alleged assault by Irons
08/08/2006 Classes axed for schoolgirl mums
08/08/2006 New Graduate School for Oriental Medicine
08/08/2006 New elementary school opens in Southeast Austin
08/08/2006 Primary school students get National Day history lesson
08/08/2006 Australian Schoolboys to play Tonga
08/08/2006 Hottest ticket on the middle-school circuit
08/08/2006 School fees put the bite on budgets
08/08/2006 Six-fold Rise In Attacks On Schools In Afghanistan-UNICEF
08/08/2006 Ruling Party to Be Schooled by Chinese Communist Party Experts
08/08/2006 This Just In Trent Merchant chosen as new CMS School Board member
08/08/2006 Rough weather delays Lexington One's school buses
08/08/2006 Cameroon Gov't Exempts Disabled Children From School Fees
08/08/2006 Education Ministry to determine wartime plan for school year
08/08/2006 Gas Prices Hitting Schools Districts
08/08/2006 Superintendent opposes The City at Northrop school
08/08/2006 Safety issues delay opening of Ned Bedford middle school
08/08/2006 School mapping project over in 10 districts
08/08/2006 Ghana Neglect of Schools Up North
08/08/2006 New Schools In AISD
08/08/2006 NJ Court Lets Sex Abuse Suit Go Forward
08/08/2006 N.Y. school spending 2nd highest
08/08/2006 Supermarket becomes super school
08/08/2006 Back to School Starting school
08/08/2006 Proposed ordinance would restrict access to parks, schools
08/08/2006 Schools open for business
08/08/2006 West Side High School Vandalized With Gang Slogans
08/08/2006 Bill Expanding Gay Rights in Public School Curriculum Watered Down
08/08/2006 School children tie seven-feet-long Rakhi on a tree in Lucknow
08/08/2006 Gunman Sought In Shooting Near School
08/08/2006 Kaine focuses on bringing reform to America's schools
08/08/2006 Liberia Firestone to Have High Schools
08/08/2006 Star swimmer died in school pool
08/08/2006 Uganda Wildlife School is Ashambles
08/08/2006 Schoolchildren Get âTrivia Questions' About 9/11 Attack
08/08/2006 The Top 10 Mistakes Business School Applicants Need to Avoid
08/08/2006 Online Driving School Courses are easy and affordable @ Drivingschoolus
08/08/2006 Magazine ranks MIT as No. 1 school in contributions to society
08/08/2006 Charges Reduced for School Shooting Plot
08/08/2006 UWS awards first award for school spirit
08/08/2006 School test target 'to be missed'
08/08/2006 First wave of New Orleans schools open
08/08/2006 Afghanistan UNICEF Responds to 'Alarming' Rise in School Attacks
08/08/2006 Wake Moves Closer to Year-Round Schools
08/08/2006 Auditors William Floyd School District Misspent 6.4 Million
08/08/2006 United School Board agrees to faculty pay hike
08/08/2006 Bond issue aids H-C school renovations
08/08/2006 Thieves steal primary school computers

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