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South Africa
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07/28/2006 School diploma will be the business
07/28/2006 Missouri School District Helps Homeless Students
07/28/2006 Meeks marches for better schools
07/28/2006 School Building Readied for Service
07/28/2006 Volta Region School of Hygiene
07/28/2006 Reward offered for information on mutilated cat found near Spring Valley High School
07/28/2006 School Officials Meet Over Alarming WASL Test Results
07/28/2006 Botswana Teachers Oppose Abolition of Boarding in Schools
07/28/2006 NM schools partner with Harvard on 2.5M grant
07/28/2006 School official sentenced for theft
07/28/2006 School district provides summer meals
07/28/2006 Black's 'Magical Powers' At School
07/28/2006 Chandler introduces bill to pump money into public schools
07/28/2006 Suburban school employee charged with sexual assault
07/28/2006 Zimbabwe School Handed Over To District
07/28/2006 High court approves school funding plan
07/28/2006 Eritrea Asmara Nursing School Celebrates Golden Jubilee
07/28/2006 Teens charged in videotaped school bus beating to stand trial
07/28/2006 1.2 billion school budget passes 1st test
07/28/2006 Key skills and experience at heart of new diplomas
07/28/2006 Students jam new online school
07/28/2006 'Greenades' Circulating in Some High Schools
07/28/2006 School district freezes hiring
07/28/2006 Second chance to earn a high school diploma
07/28/2006 '08 growth plan offers school relief
07/28/2006 Two middle schools unite to form one new campus
07/28/2006 School bus driver charged with kid porn
07/28/2006 Vancouver carpenter who built school in Afghanistan killed
07/28/2006 Teen girl faces charges in school uniform
07/28/2006 State panel formed to advise St. Louis Public Schools
07/28/2006 Shell goes old-school with pit drill
07/28/2006 KANSAS SCHOOL DECISION But first, a statement
07/28/2006 State school board's actions fire up its foes
07/27/2006 Schoolboy no threat, says Howard
07/27/2006 'Which school' guide for parents
07/27/2006 Schools may bar chocolate, lamington fundraisers
07/27/2006 Martin schools to lighten power use
07/27/2006 Free shots, physicals for school offered
07/27/2006 Costly software stymies school operations as first day nears
07/27/2006 REVIEW Old-School Games on Xbox Live
07/27/2006 Jacobs fights for second Esperance high school
07/27/2006 School district reaches tentative agreement with union
07/27/2006 Schoolboy lost in jungle
07/27/2006 Unrecognised schools barred from admitting students
07/27/2006 China sentences 5 persons for setting up fake military school
07/27/2006 Fire razes elementary school in ParaŮaque
07/27/2006 Jury selection starts for U.P. school chief
07/27/2006 Tools For Schools
07/27/2006 State education leader orders study of St. Louis school district
07/27/2006 Schools To Get Millions From Microsoft
07/27/2006 Lessons from a legend Favre works out with high school team
07/27/2006 Alamance-Burlington Schools Name New Superintendent
07/27/2006 State education leader orders study of St. Louis schools
07/27/2006 'Hostile School Environment Fuels PWDs Dropout'
07/27/2006 Zambia World Bank Agrees to Fund Free High School Education
07/27/2006 No OLPCs for Indian Schoolchildren
07/27/2006 Chandler introduces bill to pump money into public schools
07/27/2006 Schoolchildren Accused of Killing Boy
07/27/2006 Teachers, parents protest decision to keep Ninth Ward school closed
07/27/2006 Doctors Object to High School Anatomy Class
07/27/2006 High school baseball was hot topic in 1956
07/27/2006 Health Ministry, SMC to recognise more foreign medical schools
07/27/2006 Gas prices don't affect school shopping
07/27/2006 Ready for 1st day of school
07/27/2006 School test company made mistake in Ark. test results
07/27/2006 Ark. seeks dismissal of lawsuit over school merger
07/27/2006 Namibia Witkrans School Gets a Boost
07/27/2006 11 Orange County schools get 139.6 million in upgrades
07/27/2006 Uganda 'Hostile School Environment Fuels PWDs Dropout'
07/27/2006 Elementary School Gets New Playground
07/27/2006 City academies get mixed results
07/27/2006 High school football star wounded
07/27/2006 District puts 8-room school up for sale
07/27/2006 50 schoolchildren fall ill due to food poisoning
07/27/2006 Indianapolis Truck Driver Acquitted in School Bus Accident
07/27/2006 Marijuana Gumballs Found at Md. School
07/27/2006 US school district buys refuge for homeless students
07/27/2006 High schools brace for heat
07/27/2006 PaySchools program grows in popularity
07/27/2006 Barr defends handling of school inquiries
07/27/2006 Demographics belie need for school closures statistician
07/27/2006 Student drain worries school supporters
07/27/2006 Schools 'failing over drug abuse'
07/27/2006 Lloyd Webber stage school graduates sound the same
07/27/2006 Detroit schools, teachers not budging
07/27/2006 Classes normalise at Vunimono school
07/27/2006 Seattle board votes 5-2 to close seven schools
07/27/2006 Court will announce school decision Friday
07/27/2006 Mixed report on school violence
07/27/2006 State hears little call for full takeover of St. Louis schools
07/26/2006 9 more charter schools sought for South Jersey
07/26/2006 New effort to stop guns at schools
07/26/2006 School Drug Warnings 'Insufficient'
07/26/2006 School safety gets mixed grades
07/26/2006 Pine-Richland hopes new school will ease crowding
07/26/2006 City wants school site for seniors
07/26/2006 State says schools are becoming safer
07/26/2006 School's future yet to be decided
07/26/2006 China sentences 5 persons for setting up fake military school
07/26/2006 Zanesville City School Board Appoints Interim Superintendent
07/26/2006 Schools 'must teach about drugs'
07/26/2006 Schools shut after build-up on border
07/26/2006 Johnson bid for private school place for boy fails
07/26/2006 Teen charged with having unloaded gun at summer school
07/26/2006 County leaders to tackle school construction budget once more 440 PM
07/26/2006 Pupil assaulted at top boarding school
07/26/2006 School bus driver charged with DWI
07/26/2006 Newport News Boy Arrested For Taking Gun To Summer School
07/26/2006 Public vs. Private School Report Spurs Controversy
07/26/2006 450 children can't go to school No classrooms
07/26/2006 Some Pittsburgh Schools To Offer Chinese, Russian
07/26/2006 Sex Offenders Still On School Hiring List
07/26/2006 Group Protests Proposed School Board Policy
07/26/2006 Immunizations Important On Pre-School Checklist
07/26/2006 Gas prices don`t affect school shopping
07/26/2006 Police bust pot grow bordering Parkrose High School
07/26/2006 D.C. School Board appears ready to relinquish state-level oversight
07/26/2006 School Finance Still Up in the Air in Kansas
07/26/2006 Uganda You Can Start Use But Don't Kill Private Schools
07/26/2006 WICHITA SCHOOL DISTRICT Red tape hampers foreign teachers
07/26/2006 Sign-ups ending for UCC adult high school classes
07/26/2006 Several schools will welcome new principals in the fall
07/26/2006 Retired English teachers return to mentor primary school teachers to improve standards
07/26/2006 Kansas school funding decision Friday
07/26/2006 Schoolboy excluded for long hair
07/26/2006 Pupil assaulted at top boarding school
07/26/2006 Unlicensed cadaver dissection performed at Jikei medical school
07/26/2006 Johnson's private school praise 'opens debate'
07/26/2006 German School to Introduce French
07/26/2006 Pennsylvania manufacturing school expanding into Ohio
07/26/2006 Uganda London College Lifts Schools 7s Title
07/26/2006 Olympia schools to keep 5th-grade Cispus funding
07/26/2006 School Employees' Checks Lost In The Mail
07/26/2006 School board holds workshop today
07/26/2006 South Africa IFP Youth Read Riot Act to School Authorities in Kwazulu-Natal
07/26/2006 State stays base-line tests for private schools
07/26/2006 Nigeria St Joseph's School Aims Beyond the Sky
07/26/2006 No records found alleging sex abuse by private school teacher
07/26/2006 Schools formula may be revised
07/26/2006 Schools reopening so drive carefully
07/26/2006 Rogers elementary, middle schools changing hours
07/26/2006 Homeschooling group to meet Aug. 12
07/26/2006 Corruption plagues school transport
07/26/2006 Content standards lag in school testing
07/26/2006 Vandals damage schools in attacks
07/26/2006 New Eastern Greene school becomes site of archaeological dig
07/26/2006 Filing starts today for school board elections
07/26/2006 School budget gets the go-ahead
07/26/2006 South Africa IFP youth slam KZN school bosses
07/26/2006 School dumps polio-afflicted boy, admits later
07/26/2006 Teen Driver Course and CA Traffic School Course from Drivingschool-losangeles
07/26/2006 Zoo gets cash from schools
07/26/2006 Schoolhouse could get a 2nd century of use
07/26/2006 Daley picks Williams to lead School Board
07/26/2006 Court hears of link between schools cash and honours
07/26/2006 State schools should learn lesson from private sector
07/26/2006 Medical school assistant warned for using govt grant on overseas trip
07/26/2006 Schools Make Content Available To Public
07/26/2006 Schools in dark on study commission
07/25/2006 Task force to explore high schools nationwide
07/25/2006 TEA wants full list of suspect schools
07/25/2006 Austin ISD Getting A Hybrid School Bus
07/25/2006 School employees‚ checks lost in mail
07/25/2006 School employees' checks lost in mail
07/25/2006 Reading School District Discusses Extra State Funding
07/25/2006 School board seeks replay of Act 34 hearing
07/25/2006 Seattle high school stripped of two state girls basketball titles
07/25/2006 Former Harpo CFO Named To School Board
07/25/2006 School builder shot and killed in Afghanistan
07/25/2006 Governor Signs Legislation To Expand Preschool
07/25/2006 School shuts out polio-hit child
07/25/2006 Indian B-schools don't teach work-life balance
07/25/2006 WICHITA SCHOOL DISTRICT Red tape hampers foreign teachers
07/25/2006 Mayor appoints next Chicago school board president
07/25/2006 Preschools up-grade
07/25/2006 High Fuel Costs Lead to Job Cuts for One School District
07/25/2006 California To Court Keep High School Exit Exam
07/25/2006 How safe are our schools? Report coming
07/25/2006 Bars Near Churches And Schools to Be Relocated
07/25/2006 School supplies, clothes donations needed
07/25/2006 Some Struggling Schools Still Failing In Guilford County; Others Succeeding
07/25/2006 Johnson outlines social benefits of private schools
07/25/2006 City handed watered-down school violence law
07/25/2006 Taxi driver pulled from van and beaten at school
07/25/2006 Uganda Kitante School Parents Resist
07/25/2006 UNCC names former chief justice to law school board
07/25/2006 Maine law banning funding of religious schools is appealed
07/25/2006 Ex-Roeper Upper School teacher arrested in Maryland
07/25/2006 Edmond schools are seeking bus drivers, cafeteria workers
07/25/2006 School board member dies during meeting
07/25/2006 School board member dies at meeting
07/25/2006 Palm Bay charter school authority meets
07/25/2006 American Journal of Education special issue Data use for school improvement
07/25/2006 Jihad not to be deleted from new Pak school curriculum
07/25/2006 Pandor rejects report on school dropouts
07/25/2006 Under-17 Schools Tourney Reaches National Finals Stage
07/25/2006 Pacelli School Gets N.5m Education Items
07/25/2006 Judge orders books about Cuba to be returned to school libra
07/25/2006 Kenya Weed Out Illegal Schools
07/25/2006 Uganda City Schools Top Mak Private Admissions
07/25/2006 Minnesota Schools Embrace Tegrity Campus
07/25/2006 'Green' charter school set to open in Remington
07/25/2006 Ghana To Check Indiscpline in Schools
07/25/2006 School Officials Try To Recruit Retired Teachers
07/25/2006 Van set ablaze at school 1011 AM
07/25/2006 Local law school expands board
07/25/2006 Hearings to be held into initiation schools
07/25/2006 Surveys Show More Traditional Public & Public Charter Schools Are Implementing School Uniform Programs
07/25/2006 Bentonville School District concerned with filling special-education jobs
07/25/2006 School Board Delays Final Decision on Fifth High School
07/25/2006 Jihad now in Pak school curriculum
07/25/2006 Bomb hoax in Nagpur school
07/25/2006 School to keep pupils at home
07/25/2006 School girl commits suicide in West Delhi
07/25/2006 Jihad to be part of new Pak school curriculum
07/25/2006 Carroll High School Expansion Plan Still Undecided
07/25/2006 Orange school district gets D from key panel
07/25/2006 Handicapped boy asked to leave school
07/25/2006 City schools get reprieve on tutoring
07/25/2006 Schools propose new bus barn site
07/25/2006 Now comes real discipline for cadets schoolwork
07/25/2006 Schools Told to Reinstate Banned Cuba Book
07/25/2006 Henderson school board begins looking into player's death
07/25/2006 GradCity Teams Up With First Choice Holidays – The Leading International Leisure Travel Company
07/24/2006 School fire 'is suspected arson'
07/24/2006 Struggling School Faces Closure
07/24/2006 Lacking School, Proposal Rejected
07/24/2006 Teacher molests elementary school girl day before graduation
07/24/2006 Monroe schools below norm in state funding
07/24/2006 High school threatens closure
07/24/2006 High Court notice to Govt for denying school admission to 55 kids
07/24/2006 Summer ball trumps importance of high school
07/24/2006 Drug dogs cost schools thousands
07/24/2006 50 million plan for e-Learning in schools
07/24/2006 Waikato schools focus on student safety
07/24/2006 St. Lucie schools' operating budget set to grow 10%
07/24/2006 Judges Going to School for Training in Science
07/24/2006 Public Voices Opinion On Coal Silo Near School
07/24/2006 Indonesian children return to school after tsunami
07/24/2006 Extra 3 Million for Knox County Schools
07/24/2006 September school opening under study - Lapus
07/24/2006 Police search for more clues to school death
07/24/2006 Judge orders book on Cuba back in Miami-Dade school libraries for now
07/24/2006 Schoolboy is 'killed by teacher'
07/24/2006 Bush, Jennings Promote Back-To-School Tax Holiday
07/24/2006 School. Fioroni 258 Mln Euro For Scholarships And Textbooks
07/24/2006 Former UTC Football Player Sues School
07/24/2006 UK pledges £105m to help send children to school
07/24/2006 Education Department pressing districts expand preschool
07/24/2006 Kids Can Get Free Back-To-School Clothes
07/24/2006 Judge Book On Cuba Must Stay In School Libraries
07/24/2006 Ghana Parents Donate Bus to School
07/24/2006 Schools reopen in tsunami-shattered Indonesian town, but few students attend
07/24/2006 Alma High School teacher named state's history teacher of the year
07/24/2006 Officials debate schools' PR efforts
07/24/2006 School year will mean aid changes
07/24/2006 School shopping yields new gadgets along with old supplies
07/24/2006 Schools juggle holidays for different faiths
07/24/2006 NCCU law school joins Princeton Review list
07/24/2006 Desperate hunt for missing schoolgirl
07/24/2006 Winnisquam schools consider dress code for teachers
07/24/2006 Indonesia School Reopens in Town Hit Hardest by Tsunami
07/24/2006 Schools mark thieves with water
07/24/2006 Nigeria Pacelli School Gets N.5m Education Items
07/24/2006 School libraries
07/24/2006 School traffic safety Project Safe Routes
07/24/2006 Few attend schools in town hit by tsunami in Indonesia
07/24/2006 South Africa Bus Strike Children Walk, Hitch to School
07/24/2006 US students favour notebooks for schools
07/24/2006 Home-schooling group to meet Aug. 12
07/24/2006 Missouri Announces Dates For Tax-Free Back-To-School Shopping
07/24/2006 Schools reopen in tsunami-shattered resort town
07/24/2006 South Africa Thozamisa Senior Secondary School Benefiting From the Nepad E-Africa Commission E-Schools Project
07/24/2006 Schoolboys to answer firearm charges
07/24/2006 Schools reopen in tsunami-shattered Indonesian town, but few students attend
07/24/2006 New Albany ministry back-to-school event returns
07/24/2006 Former School Secretary-Treasurer Arrested For Theft
07/24/2006 Schools juggle holidays for Muslims, other faiths Khaleej Times
07/24/2006 Schools Reopen in Tsunami-Shattered Town
07/24/2006 2 races, 1 candidate for school board
07/24/2006 High school senior killed in car crash
07/24/2006 Opposition to longer school day
07/24/2006 The Home-School Teacher's Aide
07/24/2006 Gov. to Propose More School Health Clinics
07/24/2006 Schools prepare for cuts
07/24/2006 Schools to Offer STD Vaccine
07/23/2006 School tumult may affect Slay little politically
07/23/2006 Investors Say Flaws at School Are Deeper
07/23/2006 WICHITA SCHOOL DISTRICT Red tape hampers foreign teachers
07/23/2006 KU School of Medicine gets 2M grant for geriatrics
07/23/2006 Ready or not, school is almost here
07/23/2006 Parents angry at school beating
07/23/2006 40 Schools Have Early Vacations Due to Heavy Rain
07/23/2006 THA to spend 11m on 17 schools
07/23/2006 IIT law school opens doors
07/23/2006 Govt schools lack basic amenities
07/23/2006 School caught in scarf tussle
07/23/2006 Van carrying pre-schoolers rolls
07/23/2006 Catholic high school sues over Wikipedia posting
07/23/2006 More Texas schools flagged for TAKS cheating
07/23/2006 Additional schools suspected of cheating on standardized test
07/23/2006 White flight threatens school
07/23/2006 Group hopes to stuff student backpacks with school supplies NorthJersey
07/23/2006 School rejects son of HIV father
07/23/2006 Consumers delay back-to-school shopping survey
07/23/2006 Back-to-school styles hit mall
07/23/2006 Recall goes forward for Stanley-Boyd School Board
07/23/2006 Low-income families turn to private schools
07/23/2006 Fix what's broken in schooling, says Leon
07/23/2006 Pair of county school districts look to voters for more funds
07/23/2006 Cost of help for Hawai'i schools rises
07/23/2006 Now, computer education for students in mobile schools of Jammu
07/23/2006 Question of cronyism raised with school superintendent
07/23/2006 School board secretary to retire from D70
07/23/2006 No classes in schools near Batasan
07/23/2006 Classes suspended in public schools around Batasan
07/23/2006 State reviews school hours
07/23/2006 Schools to expand student drug-testing
07/23/2006 Crackdown on fights near schools eased
07/23/2006 Doubts emerge in charter school experiment
07/23/2006 For schools, does size matter?
07/23/2006 Old Schoolhouse Candy Factory Gains National Recognition
07/22/2006 Cleaner Attacked And Robbed At Primary School
07/22/2006 School troubles in Camden trigger a mini-exodus
07/22/2006 Martin, St. Lucie schools spread vaccine policies
07/22/2006 School for 'johns' tries to scare sex customers straight
07/22/2006 Who's to tell? Biglerville school resists reporting illegal aliens
07/22/2006 Not all suspect schools on list
07/22/2006 Omega School of Excellence tries new approach
07/22/2006 Body found at Islamic school in Charlotte1146 PM
07/22/2006 School board to discuss computer usage policy
07/22/2006 High school track coach indicted on methamphetamine charges
07/22/2006 Johnson threatens private schools
07/22/2006 Posin brings intensity to summer school wrap-up
07/22/2006 Primary school students get extra help
07/22/2006 Free Church plea for Presbyterian schools
07/22/2006 Harford fleet safe from rising gas prices; schools may feel pressure
07/22/2006 Rape Charges Dismissed for Former School Aide
07/22/2006 Study Could Change Funding, Organization of Charter Schools
07/22/2006 Ex-school official accused of 13K theft
07/22/2006 Thousands Flock to Hills, Parks and Schools, But No Place Safe from Bombs
07/22/2006 School Board shakeup looms Four of the five seats are up
07/22/2006 School cleaner describes attack
07/22/2006 School officials defend response to racist incident
07/22/2006 Head of 'failing' school resigns
07/22/2006 Shops, schools shut in Indian Kashmir in protest against Israel
07/22/2006 3-year olds to be given gay guidance in UK schools!
07/22/2006 School out for Oprah poor SA girls
07/22/2006 It's Never Too Late to go Back to School