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South Africa
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07/22/2006 One files for school board
07/22/2006 Olympia schools expand online
07/22/2006 Protests block CCSF from moving into old high school
07/22/2006 School Board elections in Manatee
07/22/2006 School fieldhouse under construction collapses in storm
07/22/2006 So you want to be on the school board?
07/22/2006 St. Mary school graduates plan reunion
07/22/2006 Schools mull holidays for Muslims, others
07/22/2006 School Meal Program Causes Imbalance In Delicate Family Ecology
07/22/2006 State schools raise tuition
07/22/2006 Fix what broken in schooling, says Leon
07/22/2006 Shops, schools shut in Indian Kashmir in protest against Israeli
07/22/2006 Arnold School ties draw alumni
07/22/2006 Shops, schools shut down in occupied Kashmir in protest against Israel
07/22/2006 Greenades, Marijuana Gumballs, Identified by Maryland Police, Used by High School Students
07/22/2006 School troubles in Camden trigger a mini-exodus
07/21/2006 High school baseball player arrested for molesting junior high school girl
07/21/2006 Kansas high school coach killed, teen injured moving goal post
07/21/2006 Mainstream News Flaming dog meat sets school on fire
07/21/2006 Sex offender sues school district for lost income
07/21/2006 Professor attacks quality of law schools
07/21/2006 Latino Coalition Lawsuit Against Bethlehem School District
07/21/2006 Henderson School System will wait to investigate player's death
07/21/2006 Public schools upping drug tests
07/21/2006 Schools juggle holidays for Muslims, other faiths ABC 2 Baltimore
07/21/2006 Low Performing Schools Don't Meet The Grade Second Time Around
07/21/2006 KU plans pharmacy school for Wichita
07/21/2006 Zanesville City School’s Superintendent Search Begins
07/21/2006 Des Moines Schools Seek Bus Drivers
07/21/2006 Schools juggle holidays for different faiths USA Today
07/21/2006 School Schedules Try to Respect All Faiths WJLA-TV Washington D.C.
07/21/2006 KZN schools face loss of no-fee status
07/21/2006 News Governor Granholm agrees to sign bill for single sex schools
07/21/2006 Hope for Afienya Gliding School
07/21/2006 Former Gamecock star claims school ruined athletic future
07/21/2006 Cleaner hurt in school attack
07/21/2006 Man arrested over missing schoolgirl
07/21/2006 PB Marine students get sick from drinking rubbing alcohol concoction
07/21/2006 School principal, guard shot dead
07/21/2006 Storm Brings Down Building At New Hobart School
07/21/2006 Noida school principal shot dead in broad daylight
07/21/2006 Excelsior adds new administrator to business school
07/21/2006 School make-up mirror ban lifted
07/21/2006 Orange County to open nine new schools
07/21/2006 School Fieldhouse Under Construction Collapses In Storm
07/21/2006 KZN schools face loss of no-fee status
07/21/2006 Schools Juggle Holidays for Other Faiths
07/21/2006 KU plans pharmacy school for Wichita
07/21/2006 School Schedules Try to Respect All Faiths
07/21/2006 Schools Weigh Days Off for Non-Christian Religious Holidays
07/21/2006 Schools find holidays tough to juggle
07/21/2006 Schools Juggle Holidays for Other Faiths The Daily Comet
07/21/2006 Schools juggle holidays for Muslims, other faiths
07/21/2006 Dog-cooking, tree-taking school-burner may lose job
07/21/2006 New charter school mixes poor, better-off kids
07/21/2006 Hit-run crash kills school police officer
07/21/2006 Add 341 million for schools in Â’08, consultants urge
07/21/2006 South Africa Public schools failing SA
07/21/2006 Uganda Japan Funds Busia School
07/21/2006 3 struggling schools add 7th period
07/21/2006 Construction of school addition ahead of schedule
07/21/2006 Parents weigh in on school closures
07/21/2006 List of convicted school workers is released
07/21/2006 School unveils plaque for slain pupil
07/21/2006 Sex offender sues over school ban
07/21/2006 Tempe Union plans to reopen high school
07/21/2006 Defense for elementary schoolboy's murderer plead not guilty due to schizophrenia
07/21/2006 Board Votes to Build High School on Land From Businessman
07/21/2006 Schools Administrator Is Interim Superintendent
07/21/2006 Schools Juggle Holidays for Other Faiths
07/21/2006 Man on bicycle cuts off junior high school girl's hair
07/20/2006 School's in for summer
07/20/2006 Church activist left school to help her family
07/20/2006 Raise amounts still unknown for schools employees
07/20/2006 Despite changes, scores remain poor at school
07/20/2006 State audit says Fairborn schools shorted funds
07/20/2006 Galveston schools appoint key administrators
07/20/2006 Flaming dog meat sets Chinese school afire
07/20/2006 Medical school woos doctors for rural areas
07/20/2006 N.C. legislature approves final school eye exam changes
07/20/2006 Impulsive preschoolers may be at risk for teen drinking
07/20/2006 Most school buses on the road
07/20/2006 School transport dispute solved
07/20/2006 South African Schools Players 1974-2006
07/20/2006 Appleton High School Faces Road Block
07/20/2006 Tolleson schools call teacher retention OK
07/20/2006 Poor performing high schools in North Carolina threatened with closure
07/20/2006 Style tips for school inspectors
07/20/2006 School to randomly test student drivers for drugs
07/20/2006 Princeton Review recognizes St. Mary's business school among nation's best
07/20/2006 Tuloso-Midway raising the price of school lunches
07/20/2006 Troubled Schools Don't Meet Judge's Standard
07/20/2006 Unusual Items Appearing On School Shopping Lists
07/20/2006 Low-Performing High Schools Don't Meet Judge's Standard On Tests
07/20/2006 Content standards lag in school testing
07/20/2006 Get ready for back-to-school tax holiday
07/20/2006 GOP unveil 100M school voucher plan
07/20/2006 Consultants recommend hike in Ark.'s school funding
07/20/2006 ATWEC Headed to School Transportation Expo In Reno, Nevada
07/20/2006 School News for July 19
07/20/2006 School Supply Tax Break Begins Saturday
07/20/2006 'Race schools'
07/20/2006 Red Lake victim families and school district reach 1 million deal
07/20/2006 Impulsive preschoolers may be at risk for teen drinking
07/20/2006 Parents of sick bus kids take legal action
07/20/2006 Why Johnny Can't Read Schools Favor Girls
07/20/2006 Republicans unveil school-choice voucher plan
07/20/2006 Tourism boom benefits school
07/20/2006 Segregated school becomes Belton community center
07/20/2006 Rossford school drug testing
07/20/2006 Boxers fight to save school!
07/20/2006 Prodi plays truant from G8 school photo
07/20/2006 Zambia to extend primary school education to grade 9
07/20/2006 Lincoln Center brings world of lessons to NY school
07/20/2006 Dallas school district hires investigators for credit card probe
07/20/2006 ‘Spirits’ invade Ilocos town school
07/20/2006 Jobs, school and programs cut short
07/20/2006 Heat wave closes schools
07/20/2006 Students body, BJP demand ban on school textbook
07/20/2006 Lapus mulls lectures on sex, not regular subject in schools
07/20/2006 2 ex-high school students get 13 years for killing homeless man, battering another man
07/20/2006 School finance formula at risk
07/20/2006 Mesa schools need more for all-day K
07/20/2006 More schools deleting 'patriotism' from report cards
07/20/2006 Imagine! School Bans Lennon Song
07/20/2006 5 Orange schools' progress acceptable
07/20/2006 Most Durham schools miss federal targets
07/20/2006 Today's school nurses treat more than bumps, bruises
07/20/2006 Board hears last plea for schools
07/20/2006 Schools Flood damage may affect buses
07/19/2006 KU plans pharmacy school for Wichita
07/19/2006 SE Valley high school sports need officials
07/19/2006 'Race schools'
07/19/2006 Sophie goes back to school
07/19/2006 Three schools' scores could lead to midterm transfers
07/19/2006 Schools recognized for narrowing achievement gap
07/19/2006 City school board approves 1-year deal to manage Duquesne district
07/19/2006 Charity seeking school supplies for low-income kids
07/19/2006 Students enroll in a little school with big plans
07/19/2006 District must hire principal whose school was closed
07/19/2006 Dayton to begin series of school openings
07/19/2006 Homeschoolers plan informational open house
07/19/2006 Back to school for Sophie
07/19/2006 Fewer state school undergraduates
07/19/2006 Body Identified as Madera School Official
07/19/2006 30 Laptops Taken from Fort Wayne School
07/19/2006 Fire at Future Site of Sissonville Middle School
07/19/2006 High school football player dies after practice
07/19/2006 Board Member Proposes Four-Day School Week
07/19/2006 Fourth brother in ballet school
07/19/2006 Indonesia 'Back to school' campaign
07/19/2006 Father on school run shot dead in ambush
07/19/2006 Smart Shoppers Can Save Big On School Supplies
07/19/2006 Broad Attacks Villaraigosa's Plan for Schools
07/19/2006 Santa Monica-Malibu Schools Chief Picked
07/19/2006 School Takes Partner in Deal
07/19/2006 Suit seeks to oust city School Board member
07/19/2006 Edmond school projects take shape School projects take shape
07/19/2006 Tech integration sought for Deek Creek schools
07/19/2006 OU art school celebrates impact of late professor
07/19/2006 United Way begins preparations for giveaway of school supplies
07/19/2006 State to start audit of Boley schools
07/19/2006 'SchoolQuest' Helps Military Parents, Students Find Their Way
07/19/2006 PSL city manager sought help for employee's teen
07/19/2006 Church school bans Lennon song
07/19/2006 Cops find mutilated body of schoolboy
07/19/2006 HS Football Player Dies At School
07/19/2006 Girls' school is featured on a stamp
07/19/2006 Culinary school to offer advanced degree in hospitality
07/19/2006 School finds courage to carry on
07/19/2006 Exxon Mobil donates 10M to New Orleans schools
07/19/2006 Web Update Superintendent “I'm confused” by vote 107 PM
07/19/2006 Web Update Superintendent “I'm confused” by vote 107 PM
07/19/2006 Don't ignore bullying at school
07/19/2006 UNILEVER donates computers to six schools in Tema
07/19/2006 Rising Gas Prices Prompts School Board To Cut 450 Bus Stops
07/19/2006 School exam papers stolen
07/19/2006 Cash per child schooling plan attacked
07/19/2006 Republicans introduce school voucher program
07/19/2006 Student Sues School Officials Who Blocked 'Ave Maria'
07/19/2006 School Officials Sued For Blocking 'Ave Maria'
07/19/2006 Mattawan schools to hire 14 new teachers
07/19/2006 Bomb hoax in two state schools
07/19/2006 School throws out son of Aids patient
07/19/2006 Ghai's film school out of the woods
07/19/2006 School building plan fails
07/19/2006 School camps keep kids sharp, parents at ease
07/19/2006 Why Johnny Can't Read Schools Favor Girls
07/19/2006 Urgent meeting after vandals target schools
07/19/2006 Back-to-school spending to soar this year study
07/19/2006 GOP voucher plan targets students in poor schools
07/19/2006 School board is bashed for ousting Williams, Irons
07/19/2006 D.M. schools win sales tax case
07/19/2006 A summer school less ordinary in D.M.
07/19/2006 School Meal Program Causes Imbalance In Delicate Family Ecology
07/19/2006 Autistic Highschooler Scores 20pts. in 4 Mins.
07/19/2006 Police hunt school-run dad's killers
07/19/2006 Church school bans Lennon classic
07/19/2006 Misericordia names nursing school head
07/18/2006 St. Louis School Board gets earful from public over firing
07/18/2006 GOP Unveils School Voucher Plan
07/18/2006 Editorial Public vs. Private Schools
07/18/2006 Personal Tech Laptops, Flash Drives, Digital Camera, Software Spur Back To School Spending
07/18/2006 Bible school adds ‘olé!' to studies
07/18/2006 Schools bracing for windstorm insurance cuts
07/18/2006 County Commission votes against school construction plan1205 AM
07/18/2006 Republicans Propose National School Voucher Program
07/18/2006 Part Business, Part "Jerry Springer" At St. Louis School Board Meeting
07/18/2006 Systems Management Laptops, Flash Drives, Digital Camera, Software Spur Back To School Spending
07/18/2006 Bullitt school board to approve budget July 25
07/18/2006 Willy pic lad sues school
07/18/2006 Former school employee sentenced for having sex with 14-year-old boy
07/18/2006 No-car zones could spell end of school run for thousands
07/18/2006 School-based prevention programs for aggressive children improve behavior
07/18/2006 Task Force Revisits GB High School Decision
07/18/2006 Graduation marks preschool anniversary
07/18/2006 Laptops, Flash Drives, Digital Camera, Software Spur Back To School Spending
07/18/2006 School van operators to go on 3-day strike
07/18/2006 Solomon Coles ready to reopen as alternative high school
07/18/2006 New School Voucher Program In Ohio
07/18/2006 New Lakota East Freshmen School In The Works
07/18/2006 Milford To Consider School Levy
07/18/2006 Afghan insurgents attack girls' school
07/18/2006 Home Guard, worked to help pay brothers school fees
07/18/2006 Republicans unveil 100 million school voucher plan
07/18/2006 Salvation Army's School Supply Drive
07/18/2006 School transfer deadline looms
07/18/2006 Republicans unveil school voucher plan
07/18/2006 Republicans Unveil 100 Million School Voucher Plan
07/18/2006 Body Found May Be Madera School Administrator
07/18/2006 Public Schools Do As Good As Private Ones
07/18/2006 Back-to-school spending to leap
07/18/2006 Blessing prepares school for lessons
07/18/2006 DM schools win lawsuit over sales tax spending
07/18/2006 State schools 'miss out on music'
07/18/2006 Orange County Could Face Penalties For Failing Schools
07/18/2006 School projects take shape
07/18/2006 Schools to develop technology for elderly
07/18/2006 School board race down to 3 candidates
07/18/2006 Board weighs school modification plans
07/18/2006 Standout high school footballer drowns after getting muscle cramps while swimming
07/18/2006 St. Louis School Board meeting expected to draw large crowds
07/18/2006 First day at school marred by teacher deaths
07/18/2006 Mille Lacs Band opening to charter schools
07/18/2006 Bonanza likely for top public school teachers
07/18/2006 Northeast Arkansas Schools not Ready for Earthquake, Experts Say
07/18/2006 Crowds expected at tonight's St. Louis School Board meeting
07/18/2006 Three file for positions on Fayetteville School Board
07/18/2006 Lincoln School Board sets date for auction of Fly Creek Schoolhouse
07/18/2006 Barnstable, meet new schools chief
07/18/2006 Palaver Investigates "Jesus & Mary" School
07/18/2006 Slow officials hamper schools and hospitals, say senior MPs
07/18/2006 Troy schools may ask for first income tax
07/18/2006 City schools' test scores improve over last year's
07/18/2006 Nearly 42,000 schools do not have building
07/18/2006 Teen Pleads Not Guilty in School Plot
07/18/2006 Oh, how time has changed the pioneers and their school
07/18/2006 All-day school moves down to younger set
07/18/2006 Election led to downfall in city schools
07/18/2006 School pupils lose uniform grants
07/18/2006 Lessons Grow at One Local Elementary School
07/18/2006 Violent pupil refused return to school
07/17/2006 Same Fire School, New Training http//www.wboy/story.cfm?func=viewstory&storyid=12380
07/17/2006 Three schools' scores could lead to midterm transfers
07/17/2006 School board OKs budget
07/17/2006 Protesters Target Home Of School Board President
07/17/2006 Board to vote on school bus fatality settlement
07/17/2006 Teachers claim charter school owes them 100,000
07/17/2006 Uniontown school board OKs study on renovations
07/17/2006 Top court denies appeal on school
07/17/2006 School Daze
07/17/2006 409 in Dayton to attend schools under voucher plan
07/17/2006 Councils urged to threaten parents of persistent school truants with jail
07/17/2006 Language School in Costa Rica Trains for Global Ministries
07/17/2006 Same Fire School, New Training
07/17/2006 Green Bay Schools Get Energy-Saving Grant
07/17/2006 Bourisaw City schools will be ready
07/17/2006 /REPEAT/EDUCATION More Schools, but Many Children Aren't Learning
07/17/2006 Lessons Grow at One Local Elementary School
07/17/2006 ESPN analyst Curry to teach leadership at private prep school
07/17/2006 School principal facing arson charges has been reassigned
07/17/2006 Focus on Education Year-round schools on decline in Michigan
07/17/2006 Detroit elementary student attacked on the school bus
07/17/2006 Walsh to retire as WFU law school dean
07/17/2006 Boys cause 10,000 in damage to school
07/17/2006 Duke Donors Give School Almost 342 Million
07/17/2006 IPS moves murals to new school
07/17/2006 Wake Forest law school dean plans to return to teaching
07/17/2006 Schools get peek at proposed six-class football districts
07/17/2006 Mainstream News StudyWorst Performance in Conservative Christian Schools
07/17/2006 State says Miami-Dade not addressing failing schools, may withhold funding next month
07/17/2006 West Side school fire forces evacuation
07/17/2006 Portsmouth schools mull dog searches
07/17/2006 Prodi plays truant from G8 school photo
07/17/2006 Fire breaks out at West Side school
07/17/2006 Duke Players' Lawyers to Fight School Records Subpoenas
07/17/2006 Durham Year-Round Schools Open
07/17/2006 Kansas school district buys Palm devices
07/17/2006 Liberia Unicef Donation of School Furniture to Benefit 30,000 Children
07/17/2006 Footie school's coaching degree
07/17/2006 'Rudy' urges beleaguered high school athletes to keep fighting
07/17/2006 Trinity-IMI Graduate School of Management to award Sean Lemass Gold Medal for Business Leadership
07/17/2006 Petition is set up to oppose school closure
07/17/2006 "Green" school gets planning board OK
07/17/2006 School funds campaign 'should target states'
07/17/2006 National award recognises school's farm-focused science program
07/17/2006 Witch School Needs Your Help
07/17/2006 Luxor acquires 60 pc in Playschool, ventures into education
07/17/2006 School funds campaign 'should target states'
07/17/2006 Calling all Moms; New Talk Radio Show to Launch Back To School
07/17/2006 Language Can Bring Us Together, Keep Us Apart
07/17/2006 Gauteng school bus disruptions expected
07/16/2006 Some Caddo Parish school employees' checks late
07/16/2006 Onslow schools begin hunt for new superintendent
07/16/2006 Barr stands by school cost calculations
07/16/2006 Wichita schools, teachers agree on contract
07/16/2006 AEU launches school funding campaign
07/16/2006 Group disputes Govt figures in ACT school closures
07/16/2006 School program helps teens avoid exploitation
07/16/2006 Cost of kitting out school pupils adds up to £1bn for parents
07/16/2006 National award recognises school's farm-focused science program
07/16/2006 Interim Superintendent of St. Louis School District Speaks for First Time Since Her Hiring
07/16/2006 Disbelief at school where teacher found dead
07/16/2006 Historic artifacts halt school construction
07/16/2006 School program helps South Africa's most vulnerable
07/16/2006 Number of year-round schools declines in Michigan
07/16/2006 Sunshine bathes country as school holidays end
07/16/2006 Time running out for schools still under construction
07/16/2006 Schoolhouse finds new home in Oklahoma
07/16/2006 School district one step closer
07/16/2006 POLL How will the change affect the schools?
07/16/2006 Schools money plan faulted
07/16/2006 At 93, woman still attending Vacation Bible School
07/16/2006 Behind the gates at Ramtha's school
07/16/2006 Trial by fire for Franklin schools chief
07/16/2006 Newton schools happy to spend bonus
07/16/2006 Criminal Record Schools âfailing to keep recordsâ on teacher checks
07/16/2006 Pro-Pyongyang schools and their students harassed after missile tests
07/16/2006 His school became a ‘big extended family'
07/16/2006 Elementary enrollment for Benton schools scheduled
07/16/2006 Online Traffic school and Defensive Driving courses at your mouse click from Ticketerasers
07/15/2006 ESPN analyst Curry to teach leadership at private prep school
07/15/2006 School principal facing arson charges has been reassigned
07/15/2006 St. Louis Public Schools Years of turmoil
07/15/2006 Turmoil in St. Louis Public Schools
07/15/2006 Rose-Hulman’s new president looking at school’s culture before leaping toward change
07/15/2006 Private schools offer 'survival training' to tackle university drop-out rate
07/15/2006 P-T shuffles principals at several schools
07/15/2006 Federal judge mulls testimony in McComb schools desegregation case