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05/19/2006 Driver killed in accident involving school bus
05/19/2006 Local School Lockdown Over
05/19/2006 1/2 of IN Schools Fail Federal Grade
05/19/2006 Police Student Makes Shooting Threat At Eastside School
05/19/2006 Governor signs school funding bill
05/19/2006 St. Mary's Co. school searched after gun reported
05/19/2006 Home Condemned After School Bus Barrels Into It
05/19/2006 Smelly water causes Grand Ledge High School evacuation
05/19/2006 Newspaper report prompts crackdown on school bus drivers
05/19/2006 Schools' effort on STDs, HIV doesn't work
05/19/2006 Tightened Security At High School video included
05/19/2006 Gun Scare Leads To Maryland School Lockdown
05/19/2006 Maryland School Locked Down After Gun Scare
05/19/2006 Harrodsburg, Mercer schools to merge July 1
05/19/2006 Deaf and blind schools consolidation vetoed by Kaine
05/19/2006 School Agrees To First Voluntary State Takeover
05/19/2006 Half of Indiana's Schools Fail to Make 'Adequate Yearly Progress'
05/19/2006 Ankeny girl, 8, hit by van on way to school
05/19/2006 Police Search Md. School After Gun Spotted
05/19/2006 Suspicious man spotted near Northside school
05/19/2006 Nearly half state schools miss mark
05/19/2006 Middle School Students Suspected of MySpace Impersonations
05/19/2006 Report Half of Indiana schools dont show significant gains
05/19/2006 Half of Indiana's schools fail to make `Adequate Yearly Progress'
05/19/2006 Japanese Boy Dies at Tennessee Boarding School
05/19/2006 Edwards announces 300,000 in scholarships at rural N.C. school
05/19/2006 Rape reported at Sachem High School North
05/19/2006 InternetWeek Taking Innovation To School
05/19/2006 Cops In Riot Gear Search School After Gun Reported
05/19/2006 Police Search Maryland School After Gun Reported
05/19/2006 NC High School To Use Breathalyzer At Functions
05/19/2006 Mother in tears over schoolgirl death verdict
05/19/2006 Bill aims to school judges in patent law
05/19/2006 Police in riot gear search Maryland school after gun reported
05/19/2006 School IDs Threat Suspect
05/19/2006 Black bear sighted near Meriden school
05/19/2006 School bus hijacking training exercise expected to draw crowd
05/19/2006 Police search Maryland school for gun
05/19/2006 Police check weapons report in St. Mary's schools Jon Ward
05/19/2006 Highlands student suspended for bringing pellet gun to school
05/19/2006 Taking Innovation To School
05/19/2006 Police in Maryland Search School For Student With Gun
05/19/2006 Judge's Order Bans Prayer At High School Graduation
05/19/2006 Fayette superintendent tours schools on bicycle to raise money
05/19/2006 Judge Blocks Prayer At High School Graduation
05/19/2006 Report of Gun Leads to School Lock–down
05/19/2006 High school posts prom after bomb threat
05/19/2006 Water Main Break Closes High School
05/19/2006 Police in riot gear search Maryland school
05/19/2006 Blythewood school needs a name
05/19/2006 Police in riot gear search Maryland school after gun reported
05/19/2006 Judge blocks prayer at graduation ceremony
05/19/2006 School Board Could Announce Final Three Superintendent Candidates Today
05/19/2006 Police test 'drugs' from school
05/19/2006 un Scare Prompts Lockdown of 4 MD Schools
05/19/2006 Look-alike gun causes school shutdown
05/19/2006 Police Search Md. School After Gun Report
05/19/2006 Four Maryland Schools on Lockdown
05/19/2006 Chips only twice a week for English school kids
05/19/2006 Berlin school gets new Torah
05/19/2006 Federal judge blocks prayer at Kentucky high school graduation ceremony
05/19/2006 Judge Blocks Prayer at Kentucky High School Graduation
05/19/2006 Fees-probe schools to pay out £3m
05/19/2006 Indiana schools await progress report
05/19/2006 How-To access your PC from school or work with a thumb drive
05/19/2006 Elementary School Threat Cleared
05/19/2006 Snippet of 'Brokeback Mountain' shown in high school film class
05/19/2006 Mississippi education chief proposes revamping schools
05/19/2006 Judge Blocks Ky. Schools Graduation Prayer
05/19/2006 Stabbing of London schoolboy shows 'knife culture'
05/19/2006 Jane Clarke school meals battle not over yet
05/19/2006 Federal judge blocks prayer at high school graduation ceremony
05/19/2006 Charlotte high school to use breathalyzer at functions
05/19/2006 Safe Sex Messages Don't Work in School
05/19/2006 Schwarzenegger Seeks To Boost Preschool Funding
05/19/2006 Outside state help coming to troubled school system
05/19/2006 Monroe County School Budget Breakdown
05/19/2006 No injuries in wreck involving school bus
05/19/2006 Government to limit school junk food
05/19/2006 Seattle Schools Say Only Whites Can Be Racist
05/19/2006 British schools ban junk food
05/19/2006 BESE says St. Helena to get help on schools
05/19/2006 Gunpowder explosion at school that injured teen under investigation
05/19/2006 High school sports shift
05/19/2006 Protests to greet Condoleezza Rice at Boston school
05/19/2006 Derby High school cancels track season following rock rescue
05/19/2006 Mugabe donates more computers to Zim schools
05/19/2006 Teenage boy stabbed to death outside London school was promising footballer
05/19/2006 Tributes for boy, 15, stabbed to death outside his school
05/19/2006 Victory for parents after caps lifted at primary schools
05/19/2006 School Head Tells Of Stabbing Grief
05/19/2006 Detroit schools capping expenses for staff retreats
05/19/2006 School 'snobbery' over languages
05/19/2006 How can we make schools safe?
05/19/2006 Students back home after school bus crash
05/19/2006 Crash of 2 school buses injures 15 at Atkins
05/19/2006 Cinderblock tossed through school door in overnight robbery 727 AM
05/19/2006 High school proms go coastal
05/19/2006 School meals 'part of good diet'
05/19/2006 Two Northwest H.S. Students Killed in Crash after School
05/19/2006 DeSoto school buses hit by tire vandals
05/19/2006 Schools to ban junk food
05/19/2006 Junk food banned from school dinners
05/19/2006 Sex education at school doesn’t make teens more careful
05/19/2006 Wayne Co. gives school failing grade
05/19/2006 Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School
05/19/2006 Police Teen brought gun to school
05/19/2006 Teachers warn that schools junk food ban could backfire
05/19/2006 Pupils back at stab death school
05/19/2006 'Rubbish school dinners to end'
05/19/2006 Students celebrate 81st birthday of Malcolm X at Shabazz charter school
05/19/2006 Bizarre News-College Before High School
05/19/2006 Pupils back to stab death school
05/19/2006 Students connect with parents by cell phone after school stabbing
05/19/2006 Parents lament plan to close schools
05/19/2006 Small Cities Would Get More Say on Schools
05/19/2006 Samoa distributes annual aid package for schools
05/19/2006 Group's Study of School Financing Stresses Need for More Aid From Albany
05/19/2006 Race may be a key topic in school closures
05/19/2006 Wyoming Valley West High School student, 16, charged with delivery of drugs
05/19/2006 Police hunt schoolboy's killer
05/18/2006 City schools move to fill board opening
05/18/2006 Wagstaff barbs mark school baord meeting
05/18/2006 Some school districts seek waivers for 180-day school year
05/18/2006 Boys-only school to replace Roosevelt
05/18/2006 No charges filed in sex complaint vs. school officer
05/18/2006 Treasure Coast high school graduation schedule
05/18/2006 McCain faces protests at New School graduation
05/18/2006 5 Professors Quit Religious School
05/18/2006 Later start sinking in for schools
05/18/2006 NATO to open its schools for Pakistan military personnel
05/18/2006 Junk Food Off The School Meal Menu
05/18/2006 Yoga to be made part of school curriculum
05/18/2006 Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School
05/18/2006 School board OKs work
05/18/2006 Roosevelt High School to be demolished
05/18/2006 School officials breathing sighs of relief after vote
05/18/2006 Charter school students all pass TAKS
05/18/2006 School will use breathalyzer to test for alcohol at prom 1105 PM
05/18/2006 Lutheran South High School students face drug charges
05/18/2006 Boy murdered at school
05/18/2006 School will use breathalyzer to test for alcohol at prom 1105 PM
05/18/2006 2006 spring sport all-league teams
05/18/2006 Channel 13 Investigation School Fire Inspections
05/18/2006 LR high school loses electricity, won't hold classes tomorrow
05/18/2006 Death Threat Found In Kewaunee School Bathroom
05/18/2006 Studious Senior Earns High School Diploma
05/18/2006 Pupil, 15, knifed to death near school
05/18/2006 Kewaunee school officials taking security measures after death threat
05/18/2006 School Overcrowding Affecting Education?
05/18/2006 Tests Say School Muffins Contained Marijuana
05/18/2006 Schwarzenegger seeks to boost preschool ahead of initiative vote
05/18/2006 New Bloomfield Middle School named
05/18/2006 Safe sex messages in schools don't change behaviour
05/18/2006 School bus crashes into house in Hialeah
05/18/2006 Internet Predator Legislation, Local Schools A Step Ahead
05/18/2006 California schools superintendent says appeal of exit exam injunction still a day away
05/18/2006 Anonymous Threat Prompting Tight Security at Kewaunee Schools
05/18/2006 Schools Can't Refuse Recruiters
05/18/2006 Food Allergies in School
05/18/2006 High School Bomb Threat
05/18/2006 School's Crisis Management
05/18/2006 Student Stabbed at School, Boyfriend in Custody
05/18/2006 Murder hunt after boy, 15, stabbed to death at school
05/18/2006 Headteacher condemns sick message to al-Qaeda on school roof
05/18/2006 Safe sex messages in schools failing study
05/18/2006 Boy stabbed outside school
05/18/2006 Governor Perry Signs Part of School Reform Bill
05/18/2006 School Resource Officers Could Be Cut
05/18/2006 McMichael High Student Caught With Gun At School
05/18/2006 5 Lutheran South High School Students Accused In Drug Ring
05/18/2006 Student at East Tennessee private school drowns in school pool
05/18/2006 Cleveland High School Teacher Resigns
05/18/2006 Duke player wants trial over by start of school year
05/18/2006 School bus accident injure one child
05/18/2006 Student questions constitutionality of prayer
05/18/2006 Three Hurt as Private School Bus Hits Duplex
05/18/2006 Gorham has life, baseball back
05/18/2006 Trainers ask Do schools really need heads?
05/18/2006 Boy is stabbed to death by school
05/18/2006 School bus crashed into building in Hialeah
05/18/2006 Regents schools propose tuition and fee increases
05/18/2006 High School Basketball Coach Fights For His Life
05/18/2006 School Bus Accident In Monroe Twp.
05/18/2006 Bill would require Michigan schools to hold lockdown drills
05/18/2006 Two Area Schools Approved for International Baccalaureate Diploma
05/18/2006 School bus crashes into building in Hialeah
05/18/2006 Arkins school bus crash injures about five people, including students
05/18/2006 Some schools squeezing classes into four-day weeks
05/18/2006 Boy stabbed to death at school gates
05/18/2006 Paying for extra ketchup has high school students seeing red
05/18/2006 Boy stabbed to death near school
05/18/2006 Schools Superintendent To Appeal Exit Exam To State Supreme Court
05/18/2006 For Palestinians, peril dots the path to school
05/18/2006 Students, parents react to news about school closures
05/18/2006 School evacuated after false alarm
05/18/2006 Support building for theatre in school
05/18/2006 Protests to greet Condoleezza Rice at Boston school
05/18/2006 McCallie Middle School Walking for Classmate
05/18/2006 Munford High School's Graduation Speech Controversy Settled, But Some things Don't Change
05/18/2006 Snippet of 'Brokeback Mountain' shown in high school film class
05/18/2006 Kentuky family settles abuse lawsuit against military school
05/18/2006 School In Japan Allows Boy To Enroll As Girl
05/18/2006 High School Baseball Player Arrested
05/18/2006 Japanese Boy in Elementary School As Girl
05/18/2006 Teachers and students see Conway school stabbing
05/18/2006 Snippet of 'Brokeback Moutain' shown in high school film class
05/18/2006 Deer jumps through school window
05/18/2006 Children, teachers fall sick at private school
05/18/2006 South Umpqua to consolidate middle schools
05/18/2006 School offers young boys a second chance
05/18/2006 Grade A high school
05/18/2006 Storms sweep through Lafayette area; school closes
05/18/2006 Car crash during school kills Glendale teen
05/18/2006 Budget 2006 School welcomes extra teachers
05/18/2006 Foundation pledges 500,000 for FSU med school in Daytona Beach
05/18/2006 Elementary School Suspends Students For 'Happy Crack'
05/18/2006 Karzai says Afghan schools, clinics targeted
05/18/2006 Students Suspended For Bringing 'Happy Crack' To School
05/18/2006 Afghan president accuses schools of pushing jihad
05/18/2006 Judge reads testimony describing attackers' cruelty in Russia school siege trial
05/18/2006 Tulsa School Board mulls choices
05/18/2006 Car crash during school kills teenager
05/18/2006 Fighting the High School Dropout Rate
05/18/2006 Fatal School Stabbing
05/18/2006 Heirs sue Tulane for closing women's school
05/18/2006 Woman killed in South Carolina school parking lot
05/18/2006 18-year-old woman stabbed in school parking lot
05/18/2006 Charter School Will Be Near Tattoo Shop
05/18/2006 Winsted School Official Wants to Keep Job
05/18/2006 Central High School Hosting Sickle Cell Fundraiser This Weekend
05/18/2006 LR's Parkview Magnet High School to close early today
05/18/2006 UT gets grant to put graduate students in middle schools
05/18/2006 School stabbing
05/18/2006 Girl Stabbed To Death Outside S.C. Middle School
05/18/2006 Bond set for school official over photos
05/18/2006 Girl stabbed to death outside middle school as students arrived
05/18/2006 Teen Stabbed to Death Outside S.C. School
05/18/2006 Victor school trustees decide - again - to give four-day week a try
05/18/2006 Gladstone school closed after 2nd graffiti threat
05/18/2006 Catholic schools 'provide values'
05/18/2006 S.C. Student Dies After Being Stabbed in School Lot
05/18/2006 Teenage girl killed in S.C. middle school stabbing
05/18/2006 Japanese School Lets Boy, 7, Enroll as a Girl
05/18/2006 Large Stash of Drugs Found At High School
05/18/2006 Teen killed in Conway school stabbing
05/18/2006 Buffalo Township property owners face 6-mill school tax hike
05/18/2006 School tax hike to average about 4 percent
05/18/2006 S.C. Teen Stabbed to Death Outside School
05/18/2006 Boy with gender disorder enrolls at Japanese school as girl
05/18/2006 Police Arrest Suspect In Middle School Stabbing
05/18/2006 Schools hang in balance in Lawrence
05/18/2006 Seattle School District Releases School Closure List
05/18/2006 Bomb threat closes down school
05/18/2006 Former high school teacher, student agree to share custody of son
05/18/2006 Microsoft Research to hold summer school
05/18/2006 Official Boy with gender disorder enrolls at Japanese school as girl
05/18/2006 Safe sex messages in schools failing study
05/18/2006 Police search for shooter who fired into school
05/18/2006 Controversy over homeschooling mother winning seat on Nashville School Board
05/18/2006 High School Teacher "Muzzled" And Suspended For Saying 911 Was An Inside Job
05/18/2006 Gladstone School Closed Due to Threat
05/18/2006 Schools dispute set to continue
05/18/2006 At least 5 injured in Rockwall school bus crash
05/18/2006 Study Universal preschool will raise achievement
05/18/2006 Schoolgirl mum-to-be insists cigarettes not harming baby
05/18/2006 Private school pupils cheered as they filmed fight boy beaten
05/18/2006 Home-schooler's seat on board thrills, rankles
05/18/2006 Harrodsburg, Mercer schools to merge July 1
05/18/2006 Two Mercer school districts getting ready to merge
05/18/2006 At least 4 injured in Rockwall school bus crash
05/18/2006 Las Animas returns to small-school state
05/18/2006 26 million school Canon City’s ‘jewel’
05/18/2006 Barbecue to mark 125th year of Bessemer school
05/18/2006 Two men, juvenile arrested for shooting outside of high school
05/18/2006 New St. Joseph School Begins Enrollment
05/18/2006 Some schools cancel Fridays due to fuel costs
05/18/2006 Liberia UN Agencies Finish Rebuilding Over a Dozen Schools
05/18/2006 Middle School Coach Fired after Gun Found
05/18/2006 Mixed Reaction to Proposed Wake School Bond
05/18/2006 Police investigate graffiti at Cresco elementary school
05/18/2006 Guilty plea in fraud case involving school employee plan
05/18/2006 School bus accident reported on I-40 in North Little Rock
05/18/2006 Fayetteville gets hundreds, not millions, in school funds
05/18/2006 BHS plans Back to School celebrations
05/18/2006 Local middle school celebrates recycling
05/18/2006 State is urged to revise plan for its schools
05/18/2006 State school agency needs overhaul before it gets new money, panel says
05/18/2006 School on Lockdown
05/18/2006 School OKs American Indian garb at commencement
05/18/2006 Tories up school reform pressure
05/18/2006 School's camp gets kids reading
05/18/2006 Hillsborough middle school baseball coach fired after gun found
05/18/2006 School investigating photos allegedly from "initiation party"
05/18/2006 Some US schools cancel Fridays due to fuel costs
05/18/2006 Schools hang in balance after Lawrence elections
05/18/2006 Maui school turns itself around
05/18/2006 Springfield schools playing it safe
05/18/2006 Rain puts a damper on school sports
05/18/2006 1.9m override for schools is approved in Hopkinton
05/18/2006 Study Backs Calif. Preschool Proposal
05/18/2006 Schools' resources to be put to the test
05/18/2006 Lie Leads To School Lockdowns
05/18/2006 School district, county to face off over new technical school campus
05/18/2006 Replacement needed for school board
05/18/2006 Middle School Student Allegedly Threatens Fellow Student With Knife
05/18/2006 Five high school seniors given 5,000-a-year Ogle scholarships
05/18/2006 Golf Event to Benefit School
05/18/2006 Dominican Immigrants Face Challenges in New York City Public Schools
05/18/2006 India Top-Ranking B-Schools Are at a Crossroads
05/18/2006 School enrolls gender-confused boy as girl
05/18/2006 Jackson pushes debate on school funding
05/18/2006 State schools chief wants 2nd firm to help with tests
05/18/2006 School enrolls gender-confused boy as girl
05/18/2006 PAKISTAN UN helps returnees integrate into Afghan schools
05/18/2006 3 school projects get rolling in Marysville
05/18/2006 Federal offficials reject school-rating plan
05/18/2006 Money from shuttering schools to go to academics
05/18/2006 12 schools on the block
05/18/2006 Tentative Schools Contract Reached
05/18/2006 Senator Questions School's Governance
05/18/2006 Worries Mount as School-Closing Plan Advances
05/18/2006 Schools' resources to be put to the test
05/18/2006 Ex-schools head must serve full probation term for molesting girl
05/18/2006 County school board's spending habits criticized
05/18/2006 Delaware school-rating plan rejected by federal officials
05/18/2006 9 schools in Seattle targeted for closure
05/18/2006 State school agency needs overhaul before it gets new money, panel says
05/18/2006 'Mini medical school' for lawyers
05/18/2006 Nine Schools On Seattle Closure List
05/18/2006 Tackling Tough Transitions in Homeschooling
05/17/2006 Victor schools will try 4-day weeks next year
05/17/2006 14 schools on the block
05/17/2006 Schoolgirl hit as gun goes off in boy hands
05/17/2006 Tour Bus Crash Injures 7 Lafayette Schoolkids
05/17/2006 S-burg school board puts cap on tax hike
05/17/2006 Mesa High seniors share thoughts on school days
05/17/2006 Seattle Schools sets closure list
05/17/2006 Schools superintendent gets big pay hike
05/17/2006 School board changes hiring policy
05/17/2006 High schoolers conduct park survey
05/17/2006 Student loses hand when project explodes
05/17/2006 School-Budget Approval Rate Improves on L.I.
05/17/2006 Budget 2006 Pre-schoolers through to tertiary students stand to gain
05/17/2006 Wyomissing School Board Votes on Fact Finders Report
05/17/2006 School District Will Have Balanced Budget By 2008
05/17/2006 Prayer Banned From High School Graduation
05/17/2006 Teachers Assaulted In Memphis City Schools
05/17/2006 Recess Campaign Launched to Let Kids Play at School
05/17/2006 Norfolk's First African-American High School Could Face Wrecking Ball
05/17/2006 Lawmakers OK new school district
05/17/2006 UN agencies finish rebuilding over a dozen schools in Liberia
05/17/2006 Committee recommends schools to close
05/17/2006 11 schools recommended for closure
05/17/2006 Trial Begins for Charter School Administrators
05/17/2006 Light posting this week as I am in School
05/17/2006 Rights group fights race-based school districts
05/17/2006 Reaction to School Consolidation Plan
05/17/2006 Appleton Schools Want Diversity Coordinator
05/17/2006 State Nearly 90 percent of school budgets pass
05/17/2006 School districts worried about TIFs
05/17/2006 Some schools turn to gender segregation
05/17/2006 School board considers pay increase
05/17/2006 Anger over growth of recruiting visits to schools
05/17/2006 President of Ireland visits UM, praises school
05/17/2006 Couple fired from school files second suit
05/17/2006 Gov. Perry plans to sign school funding bill
05/17/2006 Kinder-School to unveil rec center
05/17/2006 Latrobe school budget awaits faculty contract
05/17/2006 Top high school athletes to be honored
05/17/2006 Mother is robbed by armed gang in grounds of school
05/17/2006 Mainstream News Law divides Omaha schools into racial districts
05/17/2006 Sanders asked by school board to resign early
05/17/2006 Richland District Two school bus incident ends in assault charge against child
05/17/2006 Right group challenges race-based school districts