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03/16/2006 08:49:55p Trendy Final Four pick BC survives scare
03/16/2006 08:49:40p BC stretched out
03/16/2006 08:49:25p Korea exempts players from compulsory service
03/16/2006 08:49:10p Arizona's Adams enters not guilty plea on DUI charges
03/16/2006 08:48:55p Orr's future with Seton Hall uncertain after loss
03/16/2006 08:48:40p Selig denies reported Bonds investigation
03/16/2006 08:48:25p A happier Artest making first return to Indy
03/16/2006 08:48:10p Sixers doubtful injured Iverson will join road trip
03/16/2006 08:28:02p Federer steamrolls Ljubicic for berth in semis
03/16/2006 08:27:47p Two tied for Bay Hill lead; Tiger four back
03/16/2006 08:27:32p Sorenstam 5 back at Safeway
03/16/2006 08:27:17p Annika's back - look out
03/16/2006 08:27:02p Vols' last-second shot tops No. 15 Winthrop
03/16/2006 08:26:47p BC escapes Pacific in two OTs
03/16/2006 08:26:32p S. Diego gets all clear after evacuation scare
03/16/2006 08:26:17p UCLA rips Belmont
03/16/2006 08:26:02p Wichita State has no trouble with Seton Hall
03/16/2006 08:25:46p Humphrey, Florida roll past from S. Alabama
03/16/2006 08:25:31p Cyclones' Blalock, Stinson leaving for NBA
03/16/2006 08:25:16p Selig considering options with Bonds probe
03/16/2006 08:25:01p Jays extend Halladay's contract through '10
03/16/2006 08:24:47p Prior could miss start of season with strain
03/16/2006 08:24:31p S. Koreans receiving military service waivers
03/16/2006 08:24:16p Rangers' Cordero joins Dominicans for WBC
03/16/2006 08:24:03p Patriots Way
03/16/2006 08:23:46p Bills bolster D with ex-'Skins' safety Bowen
03/16/2006 08:23:31p Morrison nets 35 as Gonzaga survives Xavier
03/16/2006 08:23:16p Selig No decision made yet on Bonds probe
03/16/2006 08:23:01p Two tied for Bay Hill lead; Tiger trails by four
03/16/2006 08:22:46p Federer dispatches Ljubicic at Indian Wells
03/16/2006 08:22:31p Graffanino candidate for Marlins?
03/16/2006 08:22:16p Penn to stick with Orioles?
03/16/2006 08:22:01p O's Gibbons to return Thursday
03/16/2006 08:21:46p O's disappointed with Gracesqui
03/16/2006 08:21:31p Borkowski gives up three runs
03/16/2006 08:21:16p Sparks shelled in outing
03/16/2006 08:21:01p Bard winning backup C job
03/16/2006 08:20:46p Gallo has solid outing
03/16/2006 08:20:31p Kolb 'a little bit away'
03/16/2006 08:20:16p Cruz to miss more games
03/16/2006 08:20:02p Encarnacion hits another homer
03/16/2006 08:19:48p Sox's Schilling adding changeup
03/16/2006 08:19:31p Rangers send Jose Diaz to minors
03/16/2006 08:19:16p Three more hits for Cano
03/16/2006 08:19:06p Aaron Small misses start
03/16/2006 08:18:46p Mitch Jones hits two out
03/16/2006 08:18:31p Pettitte gets through first outing
03/16/2006 08:18:16p Vizcaino has quad strain
03/16/2006 08:18:01p Hennessey struggles vs. Brewers
03/16/2006 08:17:46p Seattle re-assigns Rayon Lampe
03/16/2006 08:17:31p Lee has MRI on shoulder
03/16/2006 08:17:16p Seattle re-assigns Andy Dominique
03/16/2006 08:17:01p Seattle re-assigns Lindsay Gulin
03/16/2006 08:16:46p Finley, 41, homers in spring
03/16/2006 08:16:31p Seattle options Wladimir Balentien
03/16/2006 08:16:16p Seattle options Oswaldo Navarro
03/16/2006 08:16:01p Seattle options Marcos Carvajal
03/16/2006 08:15:46p Eischen makes first appearance
03/16/2006 08:15:31p Seattle options Yorman Bazardo
03/16/2006 08:15:16p Rauch has strong outing
03/16/2006 08:15:07p Seattle options Cesar Jimenez
03/16/2006 08:14:46p Seattle options Travis Blackley
03/16/2006 08:14:31p Stauffer not cooking against A's
03/16/2006 08:14:16p Seattle options Renee Cortez
03/16/2006 08:14:01p Selig uncertain if he'll investigate Bonds
03/16/2006 08:13:47p Grapefruit Nats' pitcher yet to allow run
03/16/2006 08:13:31p Cactus Angels' Weaver struggles again
03/16/2006 08:13:16p UCLA too
03/16/2006 08:13:01p Felix leads Alabama past Marquette
03/16/2006 08:12:46p Australian pair win pistol gold
03/16/2006 08:12:31p Henry snares Games record in 100m heats
03/16/2006 08:12:16p Weightlifters' boss says athletes are innocent
03/16/2006 08:12:01p World Cup on display in Sydney
03/16/2006 08:11:46p Federer speeds into semis
03/16/2006 08:11:31p Bryant, Wilson Lead PGA's Bay Hill
03/16/2006 08:11:16p Revitalized Artest Ready to Face Pacers
03/16/2006 08:11:04p Alabama Holds Off Feisty Marquette Squad
03/16/2006 08:10:46p Wis.-Milwaukee Upsets Oklahoma 82-74
03/16/2006 08:10:31p Montana Becomes First No. 12 Seed to Win
03/16/2006 08:10:16p Boston College Tops Pacific in 2OT
03/16/2006 08:10:01p Garcia Now McNabb's Backup With Eagles
03/16/2006 08:09:46p Prior's Shoulder Not As Bad As Feared
03/16/2006 07:52:35p Serena Williams withdraws from Miami tournament
03/16/2006 07:52:24p WADA criticizes World Baseball Classic over doping
03/16/2006 07:45:02p ==Olympic News== Els moves into Bay Hill contention with 67
03/16/2006 07:44:59p ==Olympic News== WADA criticizes World Baseball Classic over doping
03/16/2006 07:44:55p ==Olympic News== Woods grinds out opening 70 at Bay Hill
03/16/2006 07:44:52p ==Olympic News== Boston College, Tennessee survive scares
03/16/2006 07:34:47p Montana trips Nevada, Boston College needs double overtime
03/16/2006 07:34:32p Bryant, Wilson take early Bay Hill lead
03/16/2006 07:34:17p Tennessee avoids upset thanks to last-second shot
03/16/2006 07:34:02p Felix purrs Alabama over Marquette; UCLA king of the Bruins
03/16/2006 07:33:47p Initial diagnosis Prior has shoulder strain
03/16/2006 07:08:03p No. 2 Tennessee hangs on
03/16/2006 07:07:48p Larry says he won't trade Stephon
03/16/2006 07:07:33p Bonds Says He's Ready to Go a Full Nine
03/16/2006 07:07:18p With enemies like these, who needs friends?
03/16/2006 07:07:03p Marseille pay the price
03/16/2006 07:06:48p Relegation threat for clubs with racist fans
03/16/2006 07:06:33p Horse-by-horse guide to the Gold Cup
03/16/2006 07:06:18p Black Jack Ketchum has right credentials
03/16/2006 07:06:03p Best Mate will be looking on proudly
03/16/2006 07:05:48p Millionaire's party-poopers causing stir
03/16/2006 07:05:33p War of Attrition Gold Cup best
03/16/2006 07:05:18p War of Attrition to strike Gold for Irish
03/16/2006 07:05:03p Don't Forget The Past
03/16/2006 07:04:48p Commonwealth Games Scots make biggest splash
03/16/2006 07:04:33p Ovett persuaded to share stage with Coe again
03/16/2006 07:04:18p Commonwealth Games Melbourne round-up
03/16/2006 07:04:03p Commonwealth Games England are on the right track at last
03/16/2006 07:03:48p Festival diary Cheap as chips
03/16/2006 07:03:33p Injury to Stevens offers White another chance
03/16/2006 07:03:18p Commonwealth Games Manning leads pace attack
03/16/2006 07:03:03p Westwood shadows leaders
03/16/2006 07:02:48p Commonwealth Games details
03/16/2006 07:02:33p FA ready to open talks with O'Neill over England job
03/16/2006 07:02:18p Clark assumes McGrath's mantle
03/16/2006 07:02:03p The wee genius blessed with a timeless appeal
03/16/2006 07:01:48p Downing gunning for Uefa and World Cup glory
03/16/2006 07:01:33p My whirlwind tour needs a happy ending
03/16/2006 07:01:18p England in crisis as Harmison joins injury list
03/16/2006 07:01:06p Strachan plays down Keane doubts
03/16/2006 07:00:48p The heat is on for Coulthard
03/16/2006 07:00:33p Fisher and Walker ease their way into semi-finals
03/16/2006 07:00:21p Test case has Fifa under siege
03/16/2006 07:00:04p Jol backing Defoe to fit in to Eriksson's World Cup game-plan
03/16/2006 06:59:48p Fastest lap was not bad for starters
03/16/2006 06:59:33p Blackburn and Bolton beware pitfalls of Europe
03/16/2006 06:59:18p We must deliver, says Moody
03/16/2006 06:59:03p World Hurdle goes to My Way
03/16/2006 06:58:48p Newcastle want me, says Torres
03/16/2006 06:58:33p Shin injury rules out Harmison
03/16/2006 06:58:18p Royals' rookie leads rally to beat D-Backs
03/16/2006 06:58:03p McCown joins Lions
03/16/2006 06:57:48p Adams to plead innocent on DUI charge
03/16/2006 06:57:35p Lightning's Burke out indefinitely
03/16/2006 06:57:18p Lions extend CEO Ackles' contract
03/16/2006 06:57:03p Twins to wear Puckett patch
03/16/2006 06:56:48p WADA threatens to flunk WBC drug testing
03/16/2006 06:56:33p Bonds ready to play full nine innings
03/16/2006 06:56:18p Pirates Marte has sore arm after WBC
03/16/2006 06:56:03p Lions to sign McCown, end of Harrington?
03/16/2006 06:55:48p 49ers re-sign, Moore, McAddley, Richard
03/16/2006 06:55:33p Bears add special teamer Wesley
03/16/2006 06:55:18p Ravens drop OT Orlando Brown
03/16/2006 06:55:03p UEFA Cup Marseille, Udinese out
03/16/2006 06:54:48p Klinsmann, Beckenbauer call truce for now
03/16/2006 06:52:49p Woods grinds out opening 70 at Bay Hill
03/16/2006 06:52:42p Boston College, Tennessee survive scares
03/16/2006 06:43:31p News for COLLEGE BASKETBALL Tennessee struggles, but avoids upset
03/16/2006 06:43:27p News for COLLEGE BASKETBALL Arena evacuated for bomb scare
03/16/2006 06:43:24p News for COLLEGE BASKETBALL Track all the NCAA tourney scores here!
03/16/2006 06:24:59p News for COLLEGE FOOTBALL Meyer sends strong message to Gator RBs
03/16/2006 06:24:56p News for COLLEGE FOOTBALL Jackets' Gailey signs 5 million contract
03/16/2006 06:24:52p News for COLLEGE FOOTBALL Hoops & Helmets 1-119 Ranking
03/16/2006 06:08:45p Patriots release CB Poole
03/16/2006 06:08:30p Red Sox ss 4, Twins ss 3
03/16/2006 06:08:15p Devil Rays 7, Red Sox 2
03/16/2006 06:08:00p Zenit St. Petersburg Ties Marseille in UEFA Cup Match
03/16/2006 06:07:45p Brown I want Marbury back next year
03/16/2006 06:07:30p Oh no for OU
03/16/2006 06:07:15p Bryant, Wilson atop clustered leaderboard
03/16/2006 06:07:00p Gailey officially signs five-year, 5 million contract
03/16/2006 06:06:45p Arena reopened at San Diego State
03/16/2006 06:06:30p Ohio State must erase regular season records
03/16/2006 06:06:15p UEFA Cup Unfancied Zenit humble Marseille
03/16/2006 06:06:00p No Finals squad deadline delay for Eriksson
03/16/2006 06:05:45p More bad news for Bolts G Burke out indefinitely
03/16/2006 06:05:30p Isles owner's group chosen to renovate Coliseum
03/16/2006 06:05:15p Bonds says he's ready to play nine full innings
03/16/2006 06:05:00p Prior diagnosed with shoulder strain
03/16/2006 06:04:45p Nats' Guzman to try rest, rehab on injured shoulder
03/16/2006 06:04:30p Sore shoulder to sideline Pirates reliever Marte
03/16/2006 06:04:16p Brown, Marbury meet to quiet war of words
03/16/2006 06:04:00p Pacers' O'Neal ahead of schedule in injury recovery
03/16/2006 06:03:45p Boykins out four to five weeks; Nuggets recall Hodge
03/16/2006 06:03:30p Signings Chiefs land veteran quarterback Huard
03/16/2006 06:03:15p Chiefs sign veteran QB Huard as backup
03/16/2006 05:23:12p Mock Fantasy Draft
03/16/2006 05:22:57p Miller, Rahlves finish 1-2 in last Cup super-G
03/16/2006 05:22:45p Missing whippet eludes authorities, psychics
03/16/2006 05:22:27p Fresno to host new PGA Tour event in 2007
03/16/2006 05:22:12p 'Bama holds off Marquette
03/16/2006 05:21:59p Boston College escapes
03/16/2006 05:21:42p Wichita St. blows out Seton Hall
03/16/2006 05:21:27p Marbury, Brown discuss differences
03/16/2006 05:21:14p WADA rips Classic drug-testing program
03/16/2006 05:20:57p Halladay signs 40M, three-year extension
03/16/2006 05:20:42p Tech's Gailey signs five-year, 5 million deal
03/16/2006 05:20:29p Former Georgia star Hartman dies at age 90
03/16/2006 05:20:12p Chiefs sign backup QB Huard to 1-year deal
03/16/2006 05:19:57p Lofton saves No. 2 Vols against Winthrop
03/16/2006 05:19:44p Report Selig ready to launch Bonds probe
03/16/2006 05:19:27p Marbury, Brown try to put feud behind them
03/16/2006 05:19:12p WADA official rips WBC drug-testing program
03/16/2006 05:18:59p Seattle releases Jeff Heaverlo
03/16/2006 05:18:42p Guillen takes live batting practice
03/16/2006 05:18:27p Washburn impressive for Mariners
03/16/2006 05:18:14p Repko off to another strong spring
03/16/2006 05:17:57p M's Lawton a doubles machine
03/16/2006 05:17:42p Brad Penny hammered by Braves
03/16/2006 05:17:29p Armas to rejoin team
03/16/2006 05:17:12p Gagne to pitch Thursday
03/16/2006 05:16:57p Smoltz throws four innings
03/16/2006 05:16:43p Furcal steals a base Wednesday
03/16/2006 05:16:27p Prospect Marte continues to shine
03/16/2006 05:16:12p Izturis throwing from short
03/16/2006 05:15:57p Lieberthal struggling at the plate
03/16/2006 05:15:42p Mesa continues great 2006
03/16/2006 05:15:27p Lowell continues struggles
03/16/2006 05:15:14p Inglett reassigned to minors
03/16/2006 05:14:57p Shoppach, Diaz continue to battle
03/16/2006 05:14:42p A. Cook gives up four runs vs. Sox
03/16/2006 05:14:27p Gautreau reassigned to minors
03/16/2006 05:14:12p Helton to skip a few games
03/16/2006 05:13:57p Donovan reassigned to minors
03/16/2006 05:13:42p Miller gets spring callup
03/16/2006 05:13:27p Camacaro reassigned to minors
03/16/2006 05:13:11p Rocco Baldelli hits home run
03/16/2006 05:12:56p Martinez throws to hitters
03/16/2006 05:12:41p Brad Snyder optioned to Double-A
03/16/2006 05:12:26p Indians option Tadano to Triple-A
03/16/2006 05:12:11p Brandon Webb to become big daddy
03/16/2006 05:11:56p Mori falls out of the race
03/16/2006 05:11:41p Pickler named advance scout
03/16/2006 05:11:26p Garcia coming back to Sox camp
03/16/2006 05:11:11p Colome has chance to close
03/16/2006 05:10:56p El Duque plans for next start
03/16/2006 05:10:41p Dan Miceli has chance to close
03/16/2006 05:10:26p Chad Orvella no lock to close
03/16/2006 05:10:11p Vazquez opens as sure No. 5 man
03/16/2006 05:09:58p 3B Hanson gets sent down
03/16/2006 05:09:41p John Webb bound for minors
03/16/2006 05:09:26p Blaine Neal getting sent down
03/16/2006 05:09:13p Garcia optioned to Class A
03/16/2006 05:08:56p Cliff Floyd cleared to practice
03/16/2006 05:08:41p Chris Ray gets first save
03/16/2006 05:08:26p Mora hits two-run homer
03/16/2006 05:08:11p Delgado optioned to Class A
03/16/2006 05:07:56p Contreras has sore elbow, but fine
03/16/2006 05:07:43p Falkenbourg perfect over six outings
03/16/2006 05:07:26p Ankiel knee has minor setback
03/16/2006 05:07:16p A. Miles wrist set to return
03/16/2006 05:06:58p Pinto optioned to Triple-A
03/16/2006 05:06:41p Cards' Mulder stays red hot
03/16/2006 05:06:26p Toronto trims roster Wednesday
03/16/2006 05:06:14p Santos solid in relief spot
03/16/2006 05:05:56p Duckworth quacks up vs. Twins
03/16/2006 05:05:41p Bostick optioned to Double-A
03/16/2006 05:05:28p Duke to pitch on short rest
03/16/2006 05:05:11p Lerud sent to the minors
03/16/2006 05:04:56p Tyler optioned to Double-A
03/16/2006 05:04:41p Chris Duffy to hit off tee
03/16/2006 05:04:26p Sanchez optioned to Double-A
03/16/2006 05:04:13p Gabe Gross getting lead off ABs
03/16/2006 05:03:56p Weeks improving after muscle pull
03/16/2006 05:03:41p SS Hardy responding to treatment
03/16/2006 05:03:26p Lilly to be Jays' third starter
03/16/2006 05:03:11p Uggla likely to start at second
03/16/2006 05:02:56p A's Bradley to lead in steals?
03/16/2006 05:02:41p Sheets tests shoulder again
03/16/2006 05:02:26p Not enough work for Street?
03/16/2006 05:02:11p Loaiza to rejoin Oakland soon
03/16/2006 05:01:56p Rich Harden pitches Wednesday
03/16/2006 05:01:41p Giants hit bombs off D. Davis
03/16/2006 05:01:26p Blue Jays lock up ace Halladay until 2010
03/16/2006 05:01:12p Bonds says he's ready to go nine innings
03/16/2006 05:00:56p No surgery, Nats' Guzman opts for rest
03/16/2006 05:00:41p Gailey finalizes five-year, 5M contract
03/16/2006 05:00:26p One for the books Davidson a team to yell for
03/16/2006 05:00:11p Schools scurry, react to recruit probe
03/16/2006 04:59:56p Wichita St. slams Hall, wins one for MVC
03/16/2006 04:59:41p Tampa goalie Burke out indefinitely
03/16/2006 04:59:26p Roloson ready for Flames
03/16/2006 04:59:11p Minneapolis Regional Wisconsin-Milwaukee Does It Again
03/16/2006 04:58:56p Aussies to chase more pool gold
03/16/2006 04:58:41p Clark thought debut would never come
03/16/2006 04:58:26p Bombers, Tigers line up big names for death crash benefit
03/16/2006 04:58:11p Wests shape up to life without Benji
03/16/2006 04:57:56p Results of AIS drug tests expected today
03/16/2006 04:52:31p Federer, Dementieva roll into semis
03/16/2006 04:44:29p News for NHL Officials tap Isles owner to build new arena
03/16/2006 04:44:26p News for NHL Lightning goaltender out indefinitely
03/16/2006 04:44:23p News for NHL Players to sport pink sticks for cancer, moms
03/16/2006 04:25:21p Ga. Tech's Gailey Signs New 5-Year Deal
03/16/2006 04:25:06p Former Georgia Star Bill Hartman Dies
03/16/2006 04:24:51p Olympians to compete in snowboarding championship this weekend
03/16/2006 04:24:38p Boston College needs double overtime to calm Pacific
03/16/2006 04:24:21p Harrington era seemingly over as Lions add another QB in McCown
03/16/2006 04:24:06p Garcia, Gaffney to roost with Eagles
03/16/2006 04:23:51p Jays lock up Halladay with extension through 2010
03/16/2006 03:52:27p Els moves into Bay Hill contention with 67
03/16/2006 03:45:15p ==Olympic News== Boston College survives double overtime scare
03/16/2006 03:34:55p News for NFL Agent Lions agree to terms with McCown
03/16/2006 03:34:52p News for NFL Culpepper apologizes to media in e-mail
03/16/2006 03:34:03p News for NFL Four Downs Breaking down the AFC North
03/16/2006 03:33:26p News for NASCAR bPHOTOS/b
03/16/2006 03:33:23p News for NASCAR Slow pace creates great race at Atlanta
03/16/2006 03:24:11p BC holds off Pacific in 2OT
03/16/2006 03:23:56p Cheechoo enjoying breakout year
03/16/2006 03:23:41p Ticats add backfield depth
03/16/2006 03:23:26p Report Selig to investigate Bonds
03/16/2006 03:23:11p Halladay signs 3-year, 40M extension
03/16/2006 03:22:56p Rangers closer Cordero headed to WBC
03/16/2006 03:22:41p Indians send down Tadano, five others
03/16/2006 03:22:26p Downs glad to be settled in Toronto
03/16/2006 03:22:13p Jaguars sign OT McDougle
03/16/2006 03:21:56p QB Garcia, Gaffney sign with Eagles
03/16/2006 03:21:41p Vincent re-elected NFLPA president
03/16/2006 03:21:26p Poston will contest two-year suspension
03/16/2006 03:21:11p Loar, Wenchong share TCL lead
03/16/2006 03:21:08p Flyers getting healthy, ready to roll at the right time
03/16/2006 03:20:56p Pizzonia tops Bernoldi in Rocketsports test
03/16/2006 03:20:41p Drivers Hydration is key in Malaysia
03/16/2006 03:20:26p Williamson breaks leg in training
03/16/2006 03:20:11p Stoughton to appeal 1000 fine
03/16/2006 03:19:56p World Jr. Curling Canadians in semis
03/16/2006 03:19:43p Martin earns playoff berth at the Brier
03/16/2006 03:19:26p Scott seeks success at Women's worlds
03/16/2006 03:19:11p FIFA Maintains Deadline for Final World Cup Team Rosters
03/16/2006 03:13:47p News for MLB Hopeful U.S. gives ball to Clemens
03/16/2006 02:52:38p Fresno to host new PGA Tour event from next October
03/16/2006 02:52:30p Cuba ecstatic over WBC win over Puerto Rico
03/16/2006 02:52:18p Boston College survives double overtime scare
03/16/2006 02:13:21p Arena evacuated for bomb scare
03/16/2006 02:13:06p Panthers spring upset for second straight year
03/16/2006 02:12:51p Culpepper apologizes to media in e-mail
03/16/2006 02:12:36p LIVE Els shares early lead at Bay Hill Invitational
03/16/2006 02:12:21p Agent Lions agree to terms with McCown
03/16/2006 02:12:05p O'Leary, UCF building on surprising '05 season
03/16/2006 02:11:51p Former Georgia star, Hall of Famer Hartman dies at 90
03/16/2006 02:11:36p Monmouth wins Tuesday's opener
03/16/2006 02:11:20p America East coach of year, Hartford's Harrison resigns
03/16/2006 02:11:06p UEFA Cup Levski Sofia battle into quarter-finals
03/16/2006 02:10:51p Del Bosque to return to Real?
03/16/2006 02:10:35p Frei Why there should be no Gretzky Exemption
03/16/2006 02:10:20p Report Selig ready to investigate Bonds
03/16/2006 02:10:05p Big-spending Blue Jays give Halladay 40M extension
03/16/2006 02:09:50p Cuba wants to host WBC, play more
03/16/2006 02:09:35p WADA asks WBC to explain drug-testing program
03/16/2006 02:09:21p Cordero to replace Marte on Dominican Republic roster
03/16/2006 02:09:17p Hollinger Stats back D-Wade's MVP case
03/16/2006 02:08:50p Video Brown, Marbury get personal
03/16/2006 02:08:35p Smith Falcons' Schaub has become hot commodity
03/16/2006 02:08:20p End for Joey? Lions ink free agent QB McCown
03/16/2006 02:08:05p Ravens thin out offensive line, release Orlando Brown
03/16/2006 02:07:50p Poole wades into free agency after release by Patriots
03/16/2006 02:07:35p Steelers re-work multiple deals to create cap room
03/16/2006 02:07:20p Sledge hockey a big hit at Turin Paralympics
03/16/2006 02:07:05p Tim Tuttle For Robby Gordon, a bad '05 is now a promising '06
03/16/2006 02:06:50p Alan Shipnuck Why the LPGA is the more preferable tour
03/16/2006 02:06:38p Will the Shark sue PGA?
03/16/2006 02:06:20p Liang, Loar share lead after TCL's first round
03/16/2006 02:06:07p Thick Bay Hill rough catches Tiger's attention
03/16/2006 02:05:53p Shockers quiet critics, blow out Seton Hall
03/16/2006 02:05:38p Arena evacuated before Ala.-Marquette tip
03/16/2006 02:05:20p Snyder report reveals athletic director's role
03/16/2006 02:05:05p Jack McCallum NBA degree not worth hassle for college coaches
03/16/2006 02:04:50p Amid feud, bench lifts Knicks to win
03/16/2006 02:04:35p John Donovan Padres undergo extreme makeover
03/16/2006 02:04:20p Cordero to join Dominican team for semis
03/16/2006 02:04:05p Cuban win sets off celebration back home
03/16/2006 02:03:50p The Patriot Way
03/16/2006 02:03:35p Agent Lions agree to terms with QB McCown
03/16/2006 02:03:20p Eagles ink Garcia, Gaffney to one-year deals
03/16/2006 02:03:05p Steelers rework contracts to get under cap
03/16/2006 02:02:50p Ravens cut OT 'Zeus' Brown, who may retire
03/16/2006 02:02:35p Panthers pull off first-round upset of Sooners
03/16/2006 02:02:20p Jays' Halladay gets 3-year, 40M extension
03/16/2006 02:02:05p Eagles sign Garcia, Gaffney to 1-year deals
03/16/2006 02:01:50p Culpepper sorry for Minnesota boat scandal
03/16/2006 02:01:35p McCown headed to Lions; Harrington gone?
03/16/2006 01:31:31p Hector Carrasco needs work
03/16/2006 01:31:16p Anderson visits foot specialist
03/16/2006 01:31:04p Bonds belts second homer of spring