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12/07/2005 07:05:58p Dodgers re-sign IF Saenz for two years
12/07/2005 07:05:48p Yes, Colts can be beaten; here's how to do it
12/07/2005 07:05:38p Dodgers to offer Weaver arbitration
12/07/2005 07:05:18p Irregular heartbeat hospitalizes Lemieux
12/07/2005 07:05:08p Bonk to miss Habs games due to torn groin
12/07/2005 07:04:48p Casey Fitzsimmons questionable
12/07/2005 07:04:38p Hinrich can't play Wednesday
12/07/2005 07:04:28p Rankings Losers finding QBs are missing links
12/07/2005 07:03:49p Astros' Clemens, others denied arbitration
12/07/2005 07:03:38p Dodgers, Saenz OK 2M, Two-Year Deal
12/07/2005 07:03:35p Bennett questionable
12/07/2005 07:02:41p Bennett probable vs. Rams
12/07/2005 07:02:28p Holt out for the season
12/07/2005 07:02:08p Chandler plays at Magic
12/07/2005 07:01:18p SP Brazelton dealt to Padres
12/07/2005 07:01:08p Davis probable with knee
12/07/2005 07:00:28p Clemens won't be back with Astros
12/07/2005 07:00:18p Briefs Jags lose C Meester to torn biceps
12/07/2005 06:59:48p No players attend Penn State media day
12/07/2005 06:59:30p Ben Gordon limps off, returns
12/07/2005 06:59:20p Shaq works out, needs more time
12/07/2005 06:58:08p McHugh added to roster
12/07/2005 06:57:38p Rogers doubtful for Week 14
12/07/2005 06:57:28p Browns promote J'Vonne Parker
12/07/2005 06:57:07p Browns add Kendrick Mosley
12/07/2005 06:56:58p Maryland-Western Carolina updates
12/07/2005 06:56:28p Raptors point guard Williams has surgery
12/07/2005 06:56:18p Atlanta sends RP Kolb back to Milwaukee
12/07/2005 06:56:08p St. John's sits leading scorer for a game
12/07/2005 06:46:53p Williams pulls out of F1 breakaway threat
12/07/2005 06:46:23p UEFA await reports on Essien horror tackle
12/07/2005 06:45:43p Jaques goes at Junction Oval
12/07/2005 06:45:13p Lyon up stakes in FIFA fight over compensation
12/07/2005 06:44:03p End of an era as United bow out of Europe
12/07/2005 06:43:53p Ponting defends Lee against beamer claims
12/07/2005 06:43:43p Bush, Leinart and Young Heisman Finalists
12/07/2005 06:42:33p O'Hern takes three-shot lead at Masters
12/07/2005 06:42:02p Hoffman re-signed by Padres
12/07/2005 06:41:52p Hoffman Stays With Padres After All
12/07/2005 06:27:44p Astros decline to offer Clemens arbitration; he may sign elsewhere
12/07/2005 06:26:33p NBA won't allow drug tests during games
12/07/2005 06:25:54p Furcal, Dodgers finalize 39 million, three-year deal
12/07/2005 06:24:54p Trade roundup Estrada dealt to D'backs; Redman a Royal
12/07/2005 06:14:36p Directions, please How to beat high-powered Indy
12/07/2005 06:12:30p Cubs reel in Pierre from Marlins
12/07/2005 06:10:25p Trabolgan ruled out of King George after setback
12/07/2005 06:10:15p Leroy lands in Jerusalem, looks set to sign with Betar
12/07/2005 06:10:04p Herm finally cracks
12/07/2005 06:09:35p Red Storm's Hill suspended
12/07/2005 06:09:14p Fight night in great tradition
12/07/2005 06:08:35p Loretta goes to Boston for Mirabelli
12/07/2005 06:08:24p RFU facing relegation row
12/07/2005 06:07:34p Els returns in confident mood
12/07/2005 06:07:24p Surprising Rytas takes aim at Maccabi
12/07/2005 06:06:54p Palestinian players to be punished for participating in `Peace Match'
12/07/2005 06:06:44p Jowell's personal ambitions sit uneasily with 2012 preparations
12/07/2005 06:06:34p Confident Khan moves towards his Bolton goal
12/07/2005 06:05:26p MacArthur's voyage strictly for the birds
12/07/2005 06:04:34p Astros let Rocket loose
12/07/2005 06:03:44p Higgins holds his focus to eliminate Greene
12/07/2005 06:03:04p Hap. TA denies Leviev buyout
12/07/2005 06:02:54p Formula One rebel group loses key player
12/07/2005 06:02:34p Soccer / Man.United crashes out; Benfica, Bremen advance
12/07/2005 06:01:24p Two charged in death of Richardson's brother
12/07/2005 06:00:44p Woods still hopes to peak
12/07/2005 06:00:14p BCS Head Playoffs could be done
12/07/2005 05:59:37p Anderson makes his mark in narrow defeat
12/07/2005 05:50:43p Agassi's ankle injury may keep him out of Aussie Open
12/07/2005 05:50:12p Lemieux hospitalized with irregular heartbeat
12/07/2005 05:47:52p Hoffman decides He's safe at home
12/07/2005 05:39:23p Agassi's injury may keep him out of Aussie Open
12/07/2005 05:39:13p Bush, Leinart and Young are Heisman finalists
12/07/2005 05:39:03p Trials Morris stays tied for first
12/07/2005 05:38:53p Flyers' infirmary is overflowing
12/07/2005 05:38:03p Giants put Peterson on IR; sign Buckley
12/07/2005 05:37:43p Sundin still looking for his timing
12/07/2005 05:37:33p Dodgers sign Olmedo Saenz
12/07/2005 05:37:23p Walling The Queen is still alive...barely
12/07/2005 05:37:03p Kurt Browning to enter Figure Skating HOF
12/07/2005 05:36:06p Robinson thriving in Minnesota
12/07/2005 05:35:55p Raptors' Williams has knee surgery
12/07/2005 05:35:13p Impact nabs Wilson from Rochester
12/07/2005 05:35:03p Ryan, Kostitsyn, Dennis win monthly awards
12/07/2005 05:34:53p Champions League Final 16 set
12/07/2005 05:34:25p Stampeders re-sign Buratto
12/07/2005 05:33:43p Moose top Phantoms in matinee action
12/07/2005 05:33:33p Dolphins' Frerotte says he's ready to play
12/07/2005 05:33:22p Hoffman stays with Padres
12/07/2005 05:33:13p White Sox cut ties with Frank Thomas
12/07/2005 05:33:03p Champions League Man-U knocked out
12/07/2005 05:32:55p Quinn McCabe a longshot for Turin
12/07/2005 05:32:43p Astros set Rocket loose
12/07/2005 05:32:33p Bud Carson, architect of Steel Curtain defense, dies at 75
12/07/2005 05:32:13p Braves send Estrada to Diamondbacks
12/07/2005 05:32:02p Lemieux in hospital with irregular heartbeat
12/07/2005 05:31:12p Browns will start Frye again
12/07/2005 05:30:53p FC Brugge ties Bayern Munich
12/07/2005 05:12:56p Despite rocky year, Pats in playoff hunt
12/07/2005 05:12:09p Silver outshines gold for Sale
12/07/2005 05:02:25p Lemieux enters hospital for observation
12/07/2005 05:02:05p Super Mario in hospital
12/07/2005 05:01:55p Oilers place Dvorak on IR, assign G Conklin
12/07/2005 05:00:45p Big Hurt gone White Sox cut ties withThomas
12/07/2005 04:59:46p It's a three-man race for Heisman
12/07/2005 04:58:53p Staying put Closer Hoffman to re-sign with Padres
12/07/2005 04:58:25p Congress Has No Business in Professional Sports
12/07/2005 04:58:15p More woes for Flyers Surgery for Desjardins, Pitkanen
12/07/2005 04:57:45p Titans' rookie Jones, nightclub manager settle lawsuit
12/07/2005 04:57:05p Astros won't offer Clemens arbitration
12/07/2005 04:56:24p Moulds 'excused' from practice, to meet with owner
12/07/2005 04:53:54p Hoffman staying with Padres
12/07/2005 04:53:24p Furcal, Dodgers finalize 3-year, 39M contract
12/07/2005 04:53:14p Pirates trade Redman to Royals for pitcher Bayliss
12/07/2005 04:52:55p Congress talks 'plus-one' model at BCS hearings
12/07/2005 04:51:56p Raps guard Williams has knee surgery
12/07/2005 04:51:04p NBA to disallow drug testing of players during games
12/07/2005 04:42:53p Arbitration White Sox cut ties with Thomas
12/07/2005 04:42:33p Lemieux hospitalized for irregular heartbeat
12/07/2005 04:42:13p Report Red Sox acquire Padres 2B Loretta
12/07/2005 04:41:43p Grant Wahl's Mailbag An early look at the schools with the best freshmen
12/07/2005 04:41:23p Burroughs sent to Devil Rays for Brazelton
12/07/2005 04:40:23p D'backs trade for All-Star catcher Estrada
12/07/2005 04:40:13p Rutgers students getting money for bowl trip
12/07/2005 04:39:33p Suspects arrested in Richardson shooting
12/07/2005 04:37:33p Roundup Royals trade for Bucs' Redman
12/07/2005 04:37:13p Dolphins QB Frerotte says he's ready to go
12/07/2005 04:36:03p Cubs trade for Pierre
12/07/2005 04:34:53p Cash in on fantasy sports
12/07/2005 04:34:03p Cards' Dumervil, Brohm get Big East honors
12/07/2005 04:33:35p Turkish weightlifting champ gets steroid ban
12/07/2005 04:33:23p Astros decline salary arbitration on Clemens
12/07/2005 04:31:03p Astros decline arbitration, set Clemens free
12/07/2005 04:27:53p Green, No. 10 UF coasts past Providence
12/07/2005 04:26:23p Congress questions BCS on playoff system
12/07/2005 04:19:22p McCann assumes starting job
12/07/2005 04:19:12p Bradley to play RF for Cubs?
12/07/2005 04:19:02p Clemens won't get arbitration
12/07/2005 04:18:42p D-Backs' Snyder heads to bench
12/07/2005 04:18:22p Thomas takes big hurt from White Sox
12/07/2005 04:18:12p Casanova won't return to ChiSox
12/07/2005 04:17:52p RP Villarreal dealt to Braves
12/07/2005 04:17:10p Furcal, Dodgers Finalize 39 Million Deal
12/07/2005 04:16:40p Bucs unload another starter - Redman
12/07/2005 04:15:32p Pirates Trade Another Left-Handed Starter
12/07/2005 04:14:52p Estrada gets shipped to Arizona
12/07/2005 04:13:42p Eagles' choices few, to start QB McMahon
12/07/2005 04:12:34p Thomas' ChiSox run officially over
12/07/2005 04:12:12p Week 14 Faceoff Prisco vs. Judge
12/07/2005 04:11:52p Flyers' Desjardins out 8-10 weeks
12/07/2005 04:11:32p BCS head 'Plus-one' model merits study
12/07/2005 04:07:51p Marlins purge continues as Pierre goes to Cubs
12/07/2005 04:07:41p Maas meets Tiger-Cats media
12/07/2005 04:07:31p Ferbey out; rising stars in spotlight at curling trials
12/07/2005 04:06:51p D-Backs deal RP Cormier to Braves
12/07/2005 04:06:12p Knick's brother shot; suspects in custody
12/07/2005 04:04:01p Mario Lemieux admitted to hospital
12/07/2005 04:03:01p Estrada dealt to Diamondbacks
12/07/2005 04:02:31p That Hurts ChiSox, mainstay Thomas part
12/07/2005 04:01:41p Everett won't return to ChiSox
12/07/2005 04:01:11p Cubs complete deal to acquire CF Pierre
12/07/2005 04:00:32p Hasek can't say yet, but we can Senators look special
12/07/2005 04:00:21p Ethan Kelley on I-R
12/07/2005 04:00:11p Dodgers finalize contract with SS Furcal
12/07/2005 03:53:38p White Sox cut ties with Thomas
12/07/2005 03:53:18p Football playoffs could be done, BCS head testifies
12/07/2005 03:51:08p NRL clubs air workload concerns
12/07/2005 03:50:18p Smith declares Proteas will bounce back
12/07/2005 03:47:48p 'Brilliant' Brazil World Cup favourites Beckenbauer
12/07/2005 03:47:38p BCS Head Football Playoffs Could Be Done
12/07/2005 03:47:28p Waugh, Dev open sports project in tsunami hit area
12/07/2005 03:47:18p Allenby takes the early lead at Huntingdale
12/07/2005 03:47:08p Lemieux Hospitalized With Heart Condition
12/07/2005 03:46:58p Blues to build on Jaques ton
12/07/2005 03:46:28p Man United crash out of Champions League
12/07/2005 03:46:18p Perennial all-star Agoos ends 10-year MLS career
12/07/2005 03:45:58p Marlins Ship Center Fielder Pierre to Cubs
12/07/2005 03:45:48p Agassi May Miss Aussie Open With Injury
12/07/2005 03:45:38p Astros Set 'Rocket' Roger Clemens Loose
12/07/2005 03:45:28p Can Manning Live Up to 'Perfect Peyton'?
12/07/2005 03:45:18p Sports Commissioners Rapt About Phenoms
12/07/2005 03:45:08p Keane delays decision on future
12/07/2005 03:44:58p Glory ditch McMahon
12/07/2005 03:14:24p Straight Talk Congress Has No Business in Professional Sports
12/07/2005 02:59:40p FCP Knicks still looking to deal
12/07/2005 02:59:29p Trials Lawton, Scott improve to 6-1
12/07/2005 02:59:07p Padres deal Burroughs to Devil Rays
12/07/2005 02:58:37p NASCAR signs multi-billion dollar TV deal
12/07/2005 02:57:57p Padres trade Burroughs to Tampa Bay
12/07/2005 02:57:27p Report Malkin to play for Russia in WJC
12/07/2005 02:57:07p Sweeney signs with Giants
12/07/2005 02:56:57p Tiger Woods hoping 30s are prime time
12/07/2005 02:56:47p Report Marlins deal Pierre to Cubs
12/07/2005 02:55:47p NASCAR agrees to eight-year television package with four networks
12/07/2005 02:54:57p Pirates ship Redman to Royals
12/07/2005 02:54:08p Bills' Mularkey plans to suspend Moulds
12/07/2005 02:53:47p Ravens' Ray Lewis done for the season
12/07/2005 02:53:07p McMahon to start for Eagles against Giants
12/07/2005 02:52:08p Jays re-sign Johnson to one-year deal
12/07/2005 02:51:37p Ticats introduce new quarterback Maas
12/07/2005 02:51:17p Basketball coach out at El Cap
12/07/2005 02:50:52p Royals release Carrasco
12/07/2005 02:50:06p Redknapp rejoins Pompey as manager
12/07/2005 02:28:39p Goodbye Belli, Hello Loretta?
12/07/2005 02:15:21p Golf Plus 2005 Yearbook 10 Questions for 2006
12/07/2005 02:15:11p Katz Ordinary Joe
12/07/2005 02:14:45p Power Rankings Scales get stale as they tilt to West
12/07/2005 02:14:11p UTEP suspends leading scorer for punching teammate
12/07/2005 02:14:05p Turn the page
12/07/2005 02:13:51p Braves trade Estrada for two Diamondback pitchers
12/07/2005 02:13:11p NCAA to sell packages with tickets to Final Four
12/07/2005 02:13:01p Giants ink CB Buckley, place Peterson on IR
12/07/2005 02:12:23p Pirates trade Redman to Royals for minor leaguer
12/07/2005 02:12:03p Padres send Burroughs to Rays for Brazelton
12/07/2005 02:11:51p Allenby eyes sweep of top Australian events
12/07/2005 02:11:43p Browns to start rookie QB Frye again vs. Bengals
12/07/2005 02:11:31p Shelman Hurricane watch
12/07/2005 02:09:10p Jay Mohr My Dad was right NASCAR is the ultimate sport
12/07/2005 02:08:00p Wasdin returns to Rangers with one-year deal
12/07/2005 02:07:21p Rookie QB Frye gets second start for Browns
12/07/2005 02:06:20p Leinart goes from Heisman to wingman
12/07/2005 02:06:11p Report BoSox to trade Mirabelli for Padres' Loretta
12/07/2005 02:05:50p Rare copies of Black Sox reports returned to library
12/07/2005 02:05:30p Torn biceps could end Jags C Meester's year
12/07/2005 02:04:00p Pasquarelli Into the Frye-ing pan
12/07/2005 02:03:10p Holmes wins Q-school; 32 earn Tour cards
12/07/2005 02:03:00p Marlins ship Pierre to Cubs as part of purge
12/07/2005 02:01:50p Moulds misses practice, could be suspended
12/07/2005 02:01:39p Cash in on fantasy sports
12/07/2005 02:01:10p Titans CB Pacman Jones settles club lawsuit
12/07/2005 02:00:30p Browns NT Kelley put on IR, will have knee surgery
12/07/2005 01:59:47p Roethlisberger might eventually need surgery on thumb
12/07/2005 01:58:40p Fire sale complete? Marlins deal Pierre to Cubs
12/07/2005 01:41:53p Ravens' R. Lewis has season-ending surgery
12/07/2005 01:21:40p Lawton, Scott inch toward playoffs at curling trials
12/07/2005 01:21:10p 3B Burroughs dealt to Devil Rays
12/07/2005 01:21:00p Pirates shipping Redman to K.C.
12/07/2005 01:20:50p More looks for Parrish?
12/07/2005 01:20:40p Suspects in shooting in police custody
12/07/2005 01:20:22p Eagles to promote Perry
12/07/2005 01:19:10p Mike McMahon to Start at QB for Eagles
12/07/2005 01:19:00p Josh Reed could start
12/07/2005 01:18:49p Lee leaves NZ to clear his head
12/07/2005 01:18:30p Cortez gets the boot
12/07/2005 01:18:10p Masters play under way at Huntingdale
12/07/2005 01:17:50p Royals Release Pitcher D.J. Carrasco
12/07/2005 01:17:10p Texas re-signs swing man Wasdin
12/07/2005 01:16:50p Thornton leads S.J. to third straight win
12/07/2005 01:15:49p Peterson placed on I-R
12/07/2005 01:15:09p Trading Heats Up at Winter Meetings
12/07/2005 01:14:59p No worries for Orton
12/07/2005 01:14:50p Maas meets Tiger-Cats' media
12/07/2005 01:14:39p Dyson done for the season
12/07/2005 01:14:30p Sorenstam vows to win more majors
12/07/2005 01:14:11p D-Backs acquire C Estrada from Braves
12/07/2005 01:13:59p 49ers add Marques Anderson
12/07/2005 01:13:40p Moulds suspended? WR misses practice
12/07/2005 01:13:20p Royals' Carrasco heading to Japan
12/07/2005 01:12:59p Johnson, Jays avoid arbitration
12/07/2005 01:12:19p Hobart to host Kookaburras
12/07/2005 01:11:49p Jags may face Colts without C Meester
12/07/2005 01:11:19p Adu Will Return to D.C. United Next Year
12/07/2005 01:11:09p Late-game collapses hurt Raptors
12/07/2005 01:10:39p Bills suspend Eric Moulds
12/07/2005 01:09:59p Burroughs Sent to Tampa Bay for Brazelton
12/07/2005 01:09:49p Jackson might return for 'Hawks
12/07/2005 01:09:39p Johnson gets one-year deal
12/07/2005 01:09:09p UTEP suspends leading scorer after fight
12/07/2005 01:08:59p Olympic Flame Arrives in Italy for Turin
12/07/2005 01:08:49p Reggie Bush Swivels His Way to Stardom
12/07/2005 01:08:10p Bullets too good for Taipans
12/07/2005 01:07:59p SP Brazelton dealt to Devil Rays
12/07/2005 01:07:39p Wasdin Agrees to Deal to Stay With Rangers
12/07/2005 01:07:29p Bills' Moulds facing possible suspension
12/07/2005 01:07:09p Evans to see more looks
12/07/2005 01:06:29p Ravens' Lewis out for the season
12/07/2005 01:05:10p Wasdin agrees to deal to stay with Texas
12/07/2005 01:04:41p Padres send Burroughs to Tampa Bay
12/07/2005 12:55:48p Ray Lewis out for season with hamstring injury
12/07/2005 12:55:01p NASCAR agrees to eight-year TV deal
12/07/2005 12:54:18p Bud Carson, architect of Steel Curtain, dies at 75
12/07/2005 12:53:48p Upcoming Clinic Teaches Nearly Forgotten Submission Strategies of Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling
12/07/2005 12:17:06p Three in custody in shooting death of Q's brother
12/07/2005 12:16:16p Giants sign Buckley, put Peterson on IR
12/07/2005 12:14:56p Report Cubs trade for Marlins' Pierre
12/07/2005 12:02:44p Lyon sues FIFA following Abidal injury
12/07/2005 12:02:00p Havlat to meet with shoulder specialist
12/07/2005 12:01:50p Williams decides to stay in Formula One
12/07/2005 12:01:20p Raptors return home to face Lakers
12/07/2005 11:57:40a Brother killed, Richardson leaves Knicks
12/07/2005 11:57:20a Bouchard steps down as Val-d'Or coach
12/07/2005 11:54:10a Bills could suspend Moulds
12/07/2005 11:49:11a Brodeur back in action against Flames
12/07/2005 11:36:30a Three-way blockbuster?
12/07/2005 11:35:50a Valentine likes Japan champs vs. ChiSox
12/07/2005 11:34:20a Niittymaki perfect as Flyers clip Flames in shootout
12/07/2005 11:34:10a Bills may suspend frustrated wideout Moulds
12/07/2005 11:33:31a Shaq likely won't be back this week
12/07/2005 11:33:20a Former Browns coach Bud Carson dies at 75
12/07/2005 11:33:10a Eagles lose running back Westbrook for season
12/07/2005 11:32:30a NASCAR agrees to 8-year deal with ESPN, ABC
12/07/2005 11:32:00a Report Barnett out at Colorado
12/07/2005 11:31:50a Richardson's brother killed; suspects in custody
12/07/2005 11:30:51a Ravens' Ray Lewis has season-ending surgery
12/07/2005 11:30:40a Report Purging Marlins ship Pierre to Cubs
12/07/2005 11:29:10a Belfour denied again as Brown scores two for Kings
12/07/2005 11:28:40a NASCAR agrees to new 4.48 billion TV deal
12/07/2005 11:26:10a Architect of Steel Curtain defense dies at 75
12/07/2005 11:26:00a Tom Verducci Blue Jays on the lookout for power hitters
12/07/2005 11:25:51a Carson, architect of Steel Curtain, dies at 75
12/07/2005 11:25:30a Report Cubs trade for speedster Pierre
12/07/2005 11:24:10a Braves deal Estrada for two relievers
12/07/2005 11:22:39a Stewart Mandel's Mailbag Coaches' poll full of bias
12/07/2005 11:21:50a Lakers cruise to ninth straight over Bucks
12/07/2005 11:21:10a NASCAR agrees to new four-network TV deal
12/07/2005 11:20:52a Giants sign CB Buckley, place Peterson on IR
12/07/2005 11:20:39a Adu set to stay with D.C. United after talks
12/07/2005 11:19:59a Seahawks' Dyson ankle could be done for season
12/07/2005 11:17:29a Eagles' Reid sticking with McMahon at QB
12/07/2005 11:17:19a Bills coach Mularkey to suspend receiver Moulds
12/07/2005 11:15:39a Barnett out as Colorado's coach? News to him
12/07/2005 11:15:19a Royals' Carrasco released to pursue play in Japan
12/07/2005 11:11:40a Gammons Opening Pandora's box
12/07/2005 11:10:19a NASCAR agrees to eight-year package with four networks
12/07/2005 11:08:19a Dr. Z's Power Rankings 'Hawks, Bears, Giants making run at the top
12/07/2005 11:07:00a Marty Burns Disenchanted stars in need of new scenery
12/07/2005 11:06:54a Report Barnett out as Colorado head coach
12/07/2005 11:06:19a Brother of Knicks' Richardson shot, killed
12/07/2005 11:06:09a Ray Lewis out for year with hamstring injury
12/07/2005 11:05:49a Ealges go with McMahon over Detmer at QB
12/07/2005 11:03:49a Adu makes peace with United
12/07/2005 10:56:41a Brother of Knicks' Richardson murdered
12/07/2005 10:56:01a Willie Parker to start
12/07/2005 10:55:51a Moulds to be suspended?
12/07/2005 10:55:32a McNair won't be benched
12/07/2005 10:54:21a Eagles' Westbrook done for the season
12/07/2005 10:54:01a Alexis promoted to fourth
12/07/2005 10:52:11a Column 'GMs Gone Wild' at Winter Meetings
12/07/2005 10:51:51a Ex-NFL Coach Bud Carson Dies at 75
12/07/2005 10:51:01a Injured Ravens star Lewis out for season
12/07/2005 10:50:11a Knicks' Richardson Has Family Emergency
12/07/2005 10:49:16a Ben Troupe to start
12/07/2005 10:48:11a Kinney out for Week 14
12/07/2005 10:47:31a Flames bedeviled by scoring woes
12/07/2005 10:45:51a Astros not offering Clemens salary arbitration?
12/07/2005 10:45:33a Report Barnett done as Colorado coach
12/07/2005 10:45:05a Elam still kickin'
12/07/2005 10:42:52a Ex-Steel Curtain boss Carson dies at 75
12/07/2005 10:41:52a And the ballot, please No hanging chads with Reggie
12/07/2005 10:41:22a Martin's future in question
12/07/2005 10:41:12a Duisburg Coach Suspended for Head-Butt