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02/22/2006 11:01:48p Superpower Canada stunned by failure
02/22/2006 11:01:35p Ohio State an unwelcome visitor at Michigan State
02/22/2006 11:01:32p No. 1 Duke overcomes slow start to top Ga. Tech 73-66
02/22/2006 11:01:24p Junior college coach gets 1,000th win
02/22/2006 11:01:21p Colts re-sign Wayne but probably won't keep James
02/22/2006 10:49:09p All okay for Ohno and South Korea
02/22/2006 10:49:00p Sixers hold off late charge to beat Cavaliers
02/22/2006 10:40:03p Hockey Rampage 16-33-1-4 at Milwaukee 35-14-5-2
02/22/2006 10:40:00p Basketball Aggies sweep Longhorns aside
02/22/2006 10:39:57p Motor sports S.A. race tracking for 2007
02/22/2006 10:39:53p Olympics notebook Hip injury sidelines United States' Witty
02/22/2006 10:39:47p Spurs' hobbling Horry 'out of whack'
02/22/2006 10:39:41p Buck Harvey The family racket Roddick crossroads
02/22/2006 10:39:38p Chuck Blount Straus proved there is always a chance in poker
02/22/2006 10:39:35p Mike Finger In Ricky's world, mistakes aren't always what they seem
02/22/2006 10:39:32p David King Team first? Not on these ovals
02/22/2006 10:39:29p Basketball UTSA must rebound from debacles
02/22/2006 10:39:23p Olympics Finland finishes off U.S. in hockey
02/22/2006 10:33:10p Golf Women's World Golf Ranking
02/22/2006 10:21:54p Emily looks to exceed herself
02/22/2006 10:21:51p Battle royale Sasha vs. Slutskaya
02/22/2006 10:21:30p Francis just a last prayer
02/22/2006 10:21:21p Delgado ready for the swing vote
02/22/2006 10:18:19p Cardinals' Rolen ready for new beginning in 2006
02/22/2006 10:17:39p Dynamic duel
02/22/2006 09:59:15p Marion carries Suns past Celtics
02/22/2006 09:58:06p Roddick, Murray, Arvidsson, Granville advance in Memphis tennis
02/22/2006 09:50:36p Gonzo not ready to leave
02/22/2006 09:43:24p ==Olympic News== Slutskaya, Cohen duel it out for skating gold
02/22/2006 09:43:18p Steinbrenner Yanks to end Series drought
02/22/2006 09:43:15p Wells keeps quiet at Sox Camp
02/22/2006 09:43:12p Broncos sign GM Sundquist to extension
02/22/2006 09:43:09p McKenzie A Colossal Failure
02/22/2006 09:42:57p U.S. government battles Danton's appeal
02/22/2006 09:42:54p Lamoriello to finish season behind bench
02/22/2006 09:42:47p Allen and Lewis carry Sonics to victory
02/22/2006 09:42:44p Woods in top form against Calgary's Ames
02/22/2006 09:42:41p Delgado reports, likes Mets chances
02/22/2006 09:42:38p A's concerned about Crosby's shoulder
02/22/2006 09:42:35p Gretzky not sure he'll be back
02/22/2006 09:42:29p Hornets' Claxton sits with ankle injury
02/22/2006 09:42:23p Men's Hockey Czechs drop Slovakia
02/22/2006 09:42:20p Second seed Dulko advances at Bogota
02/22/2006 09:42:17p Lasorda rips players for declining WBC
02/22/2006 09:42:14p Jazz rookie Owens to miss rest of season
02/22/2006 09:42:10p Bagwell to attend Astros camp on Friday
02/22/2006 09:10:07p Suns 103, Celtics 94
02/22/2006 08:49:10p Landis powers to victory in California time trial
02/22/2006 08:48:57p Price launches '06 PGA campaign in Tucson
02/22/2006 08:40:55p Xavier dismisses senior guard Finn for rules violation
02/22/2006 08:40:52p Tarred and feathered NC State routed at home by UNC
02/22/2006 08:40:43p Portland State adds California to fall schedule
02/22/2006 08:40:40p Bess becomes first college hoops coach to 1,000 wins
02/22/2006 08:40:37p Fantasy spin Colts flying first class
02/22/2006 08:40:34p State-ment game OSU ousts MSU in East Lansing
02/22/2006 08:40:28p Ohio State snaps Spartans' home streak
02/22/2006 08:40:25p Déjà vu all over again
02/22/2006 08:40:22p Five players hit double figures as No. 6 GW cruises
02/22/2006 08:40:19p Bradshaw's layup beats No. 12 Gators
02/22/2006 08:40:10p Vandy dismisses RB Logan for rules violation
02/22/2006 08:40:07p No. 7 Texas narrowly escapes Kansas St. with win
02/22/2006 08:40:04p Hibbert's career-high 25 helps No. 23 Hoyas halt skid
02/22/2006 08:40:01p Iverson's double-double lifts Sixers over Cavs
02/22/2006 08:39:58p Auburn suspends frosh forward Dollard indefinitely
02/22/2006 08:34:39p Canadiens goalie Theodore won't appeal failed test
02/22/2006 08:34:30p Primeau still hoping for return from concussion symptoms
02/22/2006 08:34:27p Kidd, Nets drop Magic to eighth straight loss
02/22/2006 08:34:25p Jazz rally to beat Hornets; Vroman breaks wrist
02/22/2006 08:34:22p Agent Williams has been on 'best behavior'
02/22/2006 08:34:18p Bagwell due in camp Friday after debate over his health
02/22/2006 08:34:12p Nothing major WBC likely to have minor league umps
02/22/2006 08:34:07p Iverson scores 29 as Sixers hold on to top Cavs
02/22/2006 08:34:04p Lasorda dismayed by players saying 'no' to WBC
02/22/2006 08:34:01p No deadline deals this year for West-leading Mavs
02/22/2006 08:33:58p Surgery sidelines Jazz rookie Owens for season
02/22/2006 08:33:55p The Boss predicts Yanks' World Series drought will end
02/22/2006 08:33:52p Turner NBA host Ernie Johnson has lymphoma
02/22/2006 08:33:49p Cubs pleased with rehab progress of Prior, Wood
02/22/2006 08:33:45p Burnside No 'Team' in Canada
02/22/2006 08:27:08p Top-seeded Gaudio ousted at Brazil Open
02/22/2006 08:26:45p Back surgery set for Oklahoma St.'s Sutton
02/22/2006 08:26:21p Georgia Tech turns to LSU aide as new AD
02/22/2006 08:26:07p No. 1 Duke sizzles, Georgia Tech fizzles late
02/22/2006 08:26:01p Dulko, Loit, Dominguez Lino win in Bogota
02/22/2006 08:25:24p No. 10 Vols make it a clean sweep of Gators
02/22/2006 08:24:29p Colts' Wayne agrees to 39M, six-year deal
02/22/2006 08:24:26p AP denied access to LPGA event in Hawaii
02/22/2006 07:52:26p Delgado Reports for 1st Season With Mets
02/22/2006 07:51:06p Lasorda Chides Players Not Playing WBC
02/22/2006 07:50:49p Crosby's Sore Shoulder a Concern for A's
02/22/2006 07:29:30p Russia ousts gold medal favorite Canada
02/22/2006 06:50:26p Doubting Thomas Francis will help the Knicks how?
02/22/2006 05:49:07p Lamoriello to stay as Devils coach for rest of season
02/22/2006 05:48:58p Jets cut Law and Fiedler, re-structure Martin's contract
02/22/2006 05:42:29p ==Olympic News== Smarting Woods completes record 9&8 win over Ames
02/22/2006 05:42:26p ==Olympic News== Canada, US dumped out of men's hockey tournament
02/22/2006 05:42:22p ==Olympic News== Slutskaya, Cohen duel it out for skating gold
02/22/2006 05:42:19p ==Olympic News== Naval Academy quarterback charged with rape
02/22/2006 05:42:15p ==Olympic News== Sweden shine, ice hockey gloom for Canada, US
02/22/2006 05:22:11p Wells silent while hoping to be traded
02/22/2006 04:49:17p Canada, US dumped out of men's hockey tournament
02/22/2006 04:49:10p Slutskaya, Cohen duel it out for skating gold
02/22/2006 04:49:03p Naval Academy quarterback charged with rape
02/22/2006 04:48:53p Sweden shine, ice hockey gloom for Canada, US
02/22/2006 03:57:52p Lewis forced to miss time?
02/22/2006 03:57:47p Kenny Thomas needs five stitches
02/22/2006 03:57:37p Granger scores career-high 22
02/22/2006 03:57:17p Jets release QB Jay Fiedler
02/22/2006 03:56:37p Rincon Relishes Role in Twins' Bullpen
02/22/2006 03:55:57p Colts to franchise Edgerrin James?
02/22/2006 03:55:47p Penny heading back to Magic
02/22/2006 03:55:22p Derrick Blaylock will compete in '06
02/22/2006 03:54:32p Jets release FB Jerald Sowell
02/22/2006 03:54:13p Marlins' Cabrera Enters Spring Training
02/22/2006 03:54:09p Arenas drops 34 on Tuesday
02/22/2006 03:53:28p Colts, Wayne agree on deal
02/22/2006 03:53:25p Villanueva has five double-doubles
02/22/2006 03:53:22p Cedric Houston will compete in '06
02/22/2006 03:52:50p Olympic Hockey U.S. Finnished
02/22/2006 03:52:44p Ravens won't use franchise tag on J. Lewis
02/22/2006 03:52:29p Jets release DT Lance Legree
02/22/2006 03:52:23p Pierzynski Ready to Give White Sox Edge
02/22/2006 03:52:05p Linas Kleiza has nice game
02/22/2006 03:52:02p Nelson now out until mid-March
02/22/2006 03:51:59p Jets release CB Ty Law
02/22/2006 03:51:56p Bills franchise Nate Clements
02/22/2006 03:51:28p Mihm back in action Tuesday
02/22/2006 03:50:09p U.S. eliminated by Finland, 4-3
02/22/2006 03:49:47p Brunson back in action Tuesday
02/22/2006 03:49:32p Martin agrees on restructured deal
02/22/2006 03:49:21p Kidd messes around on Tuesday
02/22/2006 03:49:17p Bonds arrives for spring training
02/22/2006 03:49:09p Voice of Dodgers Scully has contract extended
02/22/2006 03:49:06p Przybilla misses fifth game
02/22/2006 03:49:00p Najera starts shooting around
02/22/2006 03:48:34p Jets release LB Barry Gardner
02/22/2006 03:48:31p Odom goes for 20 and 17
02/22/2006 03:48:28p Hedo Turkoglu injures ankle
02/22/2006 03:48:25p Kobe keeping up with M.J.?
02/22/2006 03:48:22p Skier Bode Miller hurts ankle
02/22/2006 03:48:19p Ariza shipped to Orlando
02/22/2006 03:48:11p Diamonds mark gold pursuit
02/22/2006 03:47:42p Jets release Harry Williams
02/22/2006 03:47:33p Eyes on court, not bubble
02/22/2006 03:47:29p Gasol scores 21 with 10 rebounds
02/22/2006 03:38:06p Patterson set to improve in '06
02/22/2006 03:38:01p Sanchez candidate for No. 5 spot
02/22/2006 03:37:55p Castro could see some work
02/22/2006 03:37:46p Pinto candidate for No. 5 spot
02/22/2006 03:37:26p Andy Phillips to emerge in '06?
02/22/2006 03:37:20p Edmonds healthier in 2006
02/22/2006 03:37:10p Bigbie might surprise in St. Louis
02/22/2006 03:37:01p House ready to put past behind him
02/22/2006 03:36:55p A. Reyes in battle for fifth spot
02/22/2006 03:36:46p Wells strains quad; out of WBC?
02/22/2006 03:36:40p Ben Francisco impressive in Mexico
02/22/2006 03:36:05p Anderson cleared to do workouts
02/22/2006 03:35:55p Pavano could start season on DL
02/22/2006 03:35:45p A's Kennedy moves to the bullpen
02/22/2006 03:35:30p Dave Williams ready to start
02/22/2006 03:35:25p Armas Jr. ready to meet expectations
02/22/2006 03:35:20p Mulder to pitch second game
02/22/2006 03:35:16p Suppan to start second series
02/22/2006 03:35:05p O's expect more from Luis Matos
02/22/2006 03:35:01p Josh Hancock signs with Cards
02/22/2006 03:34:55p Ponson will battle for fifth spot
02/22/2006 03:34:45p Encarnacion to get an opportunity
02/22/2006 03:34:40p Cards receive visas
02/22/2006 03:34:35p A-Rod motivated by October failure
02/22/2006 03:34:31p Majewski effective vs. everyone
02/22/2006 03:34:25p Jose Castillo fields better
02/22/2006 03:34:15p Petit candidate for No. 5 spot
02/22/2006 03:34:10p Wainwright still in picture
02/22/2006 03:33:56p Catalanotto might join Team Italy
02/22/2006 03:33:50p Mussina's time in pinstripes soon over?
02/22/2006 03:33:45p 3B Wright likely to hit fifth
02/22/2006 03:33:40p Report Manny wants to be Angel
02/22/2006 03:33:35p Church could lead off for Nats
02/22/2006 03:33:26p Bernie might see time at first, too
02/22/2006 03:33:20p Kubel gains attention
02/22/2006 03:33:13p Cubs' LF Murton in the spotlight
02/22/2006 03:33:10p Punto could see some work
02/22/2006 03:33:01p Looper to set up for Cards
02/22/2006 03:32:50p Maholm pitches again
02/22/2006 03:32:40p Sean Burroughs confident in '06 season
02/22/2006 03:32:30p Kearns hoping to rebound
02/22/2006 03:32:22p Cardinals to go with Carpenter
02/22/2006 03:32:11p Rolen's shoulder should be fine
02/22/2006 03:32:06p Marquis tabbed as third starter
02/22/2006 03:31:57p Bergmann to make Nationals' roster?
02/22/2006 03:31:43p Brewers catchers aren't too bad
02/22/2006 03:31:32p R. Hernandez to mentor M. Gonzalez
02/22/2006 03:31:26p Mora hopes to strike extension
02/22/2006 03:31:23p Russ Adams to leadoff for Jays
02/22/2006 03:31:16p Nolasco candidate for No. 5 spot
02/22/2006 03:22:59p Hingis Beats Myskina to Make Dubai Quarters
02/22/2006 03:22:45p Late goals give Barca 2-1 win at Chelsea
02/22/2006 03:22:19p Cohen Rests, a Day Before Going for Gold
02/22/2006 03:21:59p Socceroos win Asian Cup opener
02/22/2006 03:21:54p Barry Bonds Says It May Be His Last Year
02/22/2006 03:21:45p Woods Finishes Off Ames at Match Play
02/22/2006 03:21:36p Virus victim Viduka returns for Boro
02/22/2006 03:21:19p Camplin bows out with bronze
02/22/2006 03:21:14p Modano Rips USA Hockey After Elimination
02/22/2006 03:21:09p Knicks Acquire Steve Francis From Magic
02/22/2006 03:21:04p Daytona Run Shows Mears Turning Corner
02/22/2006 03:20:54p Top-Seeded Gaudio Ousted From Brasil Open
02/22/2006 03:20:49p Bangladeshis celebrate win over Sri Lanka
02/22/2006 03:20:40p Steinbrenner Predicts World Series Win
02/22/2006 03:20:29p Ohno Makes It a Short Night on Short Track
02/22/2006 03:20:19p Hockeyroos beat Canada
02/22/2006 03:02:03p U.S. men's hockey team out of Olympics
02/22/2006 03:01:53p Ohno advances in 500-meter short track
02/22/2006 03:01:38p Canada ousts U.S. in men's curling semis
02/22/2006 03:01:29p A matter of perspective for Ebersol
02/22/2006 03:01:08p Sweden reaches semis, beats Swiss 6-2
02/22/2006 02:56:38p Paerson finally earns gold, wins slalom
02/22/2006 02:56:01p Austrian ski coach tried to kill himself
02/22/2006 02:50:05p Bonds arrives in Giants camp
02/22/2006 02:49:32p Russia dump defending hockey champions Canada
02/22/2006 02:49:17p Smarting Woods completes record 9&8 win over Ames
02/22/2006 02:49:11p Knicks acquire guard Steve Francis from Magic
02/22/2006 02:49:01p Finland's 4-3 win sends Americans home empty-handed
02/22/2006 02:47:17p Knicks acquire Francis from Magic for Hardaway, Ariza
02/22/2006 01:56:26p Miller will ski despite hoops mishap
02/22/2006 01:56:19p Finns eliminate USA
02/22/2006 01:56:05p Jets re-work Martin's deal, dump Law
02/22/2006 01:55:29p Knicks trade for Francis
02/22/2006 01:54:49p Leading pack, Sasha skips practice
02/22/2006 01:54:04p Sheff glad to feel wanted
02/22/2006 01:48:43p Canada to play Finland in men's curling final
02/22/2006 01:48:40p Woods rampant at La Costa, Scott seals first win
02/22/2006 01:47:31p Charlton's Lisbie joins Derby
02/22/2006 01:47:12p Portsmouth avoid charges over Redknapp
02/22/2006 01:42:25p ==Olympic News== Sweden shine on snow and ice
02/22/2006 01:42:24p ==Olympic News== Pistons all-stars too hot for Hawks
02/22/2006 01:42:21p ==Olympic News== Finns keep flying high, edge US 4-3
02/22/2006 01:42:18p ==Olympic News== Miller twists ankle, should race
02/22/2006 01:42:15p ==Olympic News== Cohen sets up nail-biting finale
02/22/2006 01:33:09p NASCAR juggernaut bounces back from adversity
02/22/2006 01:32:59p Arena picks roster for Poland exhibition
02/22/2006 01:32:54p Roush ready to rebound in California
02/22/2006 01:25:52p Curling GB men miss out on final
02/22/2006 01:24:59p Knicks get Francis from Magic for Hardaway and Ariza
02/22/2006 01:18:40p Austrian coach says he became suicidal
02/22/2006 01:18:02p Bombers acquire Crumb from Argonauts
02/22/2006 01:17:47p Report Renegades land guard Annunziata
02/22/2006 01:17:37p Bonds finally shows up at Giants camp
02/22/2006 01:17:31p Swiss defeat Canada in women's curling
02/22/2006 01:17:23p Davenport, Mauresmo advance at Dubai
02/22/2006 01:17:20p Canada takes gold-sliver in 1,500m race
02/22/2006 01:17:17p Anderson down but not out
02/22/2006 01:17:11p Lions sign kicker McCallum to contract
02/22/2006 01:17:08p Carpentier set for A1GP debut in Mexico
02/22/2006 01:17:05p Becker gets 1.6M for unauthorized ad
02/22/2006 01:16:56p Schoch brothers dominate snowboard podium
02/22/2006 01:16:50p Report Open wheel merger very close
02/22/2006 01:16:46p Capitals re-sign defencemen Heward, Muir
02/22/2006 01:16:43p Jets part with Law; cut Fiedler in cap move
02/22/2006 01:16:36p Ohlund injures shoulder in quarterfinal
02/22/2006 01:16:34p Report Colangelo set to join Raptors
02/22/2006 01:16:28p Lind wins men's cross-country sprint
02/22/2006 01:16:22p Patriots' Brady has undisclosed surgery
02/22/2006 12:49:05p Klassen gets gold, wins 4th medal
02/22/2006 12:49:01p Scott notches first win in opening round at La Costa
02/22/2006 12:48:51p Miller twists ankle, should race
02/22/2006 12:18:24p Finnished
02/22/2006 12:17:43p No Medals For U.S. Men's Hockey
02/22/2006 12:03:20p Bills slap corner Clements with franchise tag
02/22/2006 12:02:57p Jets part with Law, cut Fiedler
02/22/2006 12:02:49p Finland eliminates U.S. in quarterfinals
02/22/2006 12:01:59p Law among Jets cuts; Martin restructures deal
02/22/2006 12:01:56p Bonds arrives fashionably late for Giants camp
02/22/2006 12:01:38p Naval Academy charges Owens with rape
02/22/2006 12:01:35p Ravens won't play game of tag with Jamal Lewis
02/22/2006 12:00:32p Gold medalist Davis suing Chicago
02/22/2006 12:00:26p Patriots' Brady has surgery
02/22/2006 11:59:37a Naval Academy charges QB Owens with rape
02/22/2006 11:59:31a Bode Miller rolls ankle playing hoops
02/22/2006 11:59:20a Falcons exec withdraws name from Niners' post
02/22/2006 11:58:58a Clarett enters not guilty plea to robbery charges
02/22/2006 11:58:55a Report Disgraced ski coach tried suicide
02/22/2006 11:58:49a Georgia Tech's new AD Radakovich comes from LSU
02/22/2006 11:51:43a Clarett pleads not guilty to robbery charges
02/22/2006 11:51:40a Marty Burns Trade rumors weigh heavy on players' minds
02/22/2006 11:50:26a Jeffri Chadiha Cutler is only passer worth watching at combine
02/22/2006 11:50:21a 'Bama's Prothro undergoes second surgery
02/22/2006 11:49:38a Alex Belth Miñoso more than just a punch line
02/22/2006 11:49:17a Klassen finally gets gold
02/22/2006 11:49:11a Cohen sticks to winning formula
02/22/2006 11:49:03a Sweden shine on snow and ice
02/22/2006 11:48:55a Finns keep flying high, edge US 4-3
02/22/2006 11:48:46a Jets dump Law, Fiedler, others in cap move
02/22/2006 11:47:33a Ole Miss AD plans to meet with Barnes soon
02/22/2006 11:47:24a Bills designate CB Clements franchise player
02/22/2006 11:46:47a Winn Why are Iowans so willing to let Alford return home?
02/22/2006 11:46:43a Hazelton to PSU or USC?
02/22/2006 11:46:38a Lions high on Harrington
02/22/2006 11:46:13a Navy quarterback Owens charged with rape
02/22/2006 11:08:29a Dolphins, Lions want a cool Brees
02/22/2006 11:07:14a Navy football star charged with rape
02/22/2006 11:07:05a Ronnie Brown now the man
02/22/2006 11:06:53a Time out for the short program
02/22/2006 11:06:25a Chiefs sign WR Darrell Hill
02/22/2006 11:05:56a Falcons, Dunn start contract talks
02/22/2006 11:04:49a Broncos sign Lynch to extension
02/22/2006 11:04:29a Harrington expected to start for Lions
02/22/2006 11:04:08a Clemson Announces 2006 Football Schedule
02/22/2006 11:03:28a Ravens won't franchise Jamal Lewis
02/22/2006 11:03:18a Still no word on Brett Favre
02/22/2006 11:02:54a Charles Rogers to remain in Detroit
02/22/2006 11:02:26a Clemson 15-10 At Wake Forest 13-13
02/22/2006 11:01:38a Collins wants out of Oakland
02/22/2006 11:01:35a Bolts have no interest in Caldwell
02/22/2006 11:00:24a Tom Brady able to tee it up
02/22/2006 10:59:43a NCAA Women's Basketball South Carolina 99, Longwood 48
02/22/2006 10:52:04a Bengie Molina won't be in WBC
02/22/2006 10:52:01a Kent says wrist will be fine
02/22/2006 10:51:58a Remlinger could start '06 with ATL
02/22/2006 10:51:55a Kaz Matsui fights for 2B job
02/22/2006 10:51:53a M's Soriano culd make an impact
02/22/2006 10:51:46a Rheinecker one to watch in the future
02/22/2006 10:51:43a Brandon Phillips out of options
02/22/2006 10:51:40a Bobby Cox likes Matt Diaz
02/22/2006 10:51:37a Scott Kazmir expects 'big' season
02/22/2006 10:51:35a Wells tries to improve slow starts
02/22/2006 10:51:29a Jason Johnson should improve
02/22/2006 10:51:25a Betemit better as he plays on
02/22/2006 10:51:23a Perez possibly packing it in?
02/22/2006 10:51:20a Lugo expected to be traded
02/22/2006 10:51:14a Davies to start in Richmond?
02/22/2006 10:51:11a Carlos Beltran works out at home
02/22/2006 10:49:38a Sabathia to pitch for Team USA
02/22/2006 10:49:32a Braves SP Ramirez thinking clearly?
02/22/2006 10:49:26a Mariners to be cautious with Guardado
02/22/2006 10:49:22a Indians to ease Cabrera into mix
02/22/2006 10:49:17a Shea Hillenbrand won't be in WBC
02/22/2006 10:49:14a Halladay won't pitch for Team USA
02/22/2006 10:49:11a LaRoche to rock at first base
02/22/2006 10:49:09a Retired Walker turns to coaching
02/22/2006 10:49:06a Burnett could be a bit overrated
02/22/2006 10:49:03a My Games look over, says tired Kostelic
02/22/2006 10:48:57a Hollandsworth favored to win role
02/22/2006 10:48:54a Klassen finally gets gold with 1,500m win
02/22/2006 10:48:51a David Bell still owns 3B job
02/22/2006 10:48:46a Pat the Bat ready to run
02/22/2006 10:48:43a Rangers' Teixeira is The Natural
02/22/2006 10:48:40a Drew out for child birth
02/22/2006 10:48:34a Taveras reports; likely starting CF
02/22/2006 10:48:31a Braves' Sosa thinks he's in
02/22/2006 10:48:20a Bennett won't be back for Vikes
02/22/2006 10:48:06a Bob Wickman to disappoint owners?
02/22/2006 10:48:03a Thomson not worried about finger
02/22/2006 10:48:00a M's Everett arrives to camp loose
02/22/2006 10:47:57a Ausmus knows he plays because of D
02/22/2006 10:47:55a Andruw Jones ready to repeat '05
02/22/2006 10:47:52a Lane reports; primed for big year?
02/22/2006 10:47:49a Nevin wants redemption in 2006
02/22/2006 10:47:43a Jeff Francoeur a safe pick
02/22/2006 10:47:40a Abreu claims to be happy
02/22/2006 10:47:37a Laker expected to start in minors
02/22/2006 10:47:29a Niners might not tag LB Peterson
02/22/2006 10:47:23a Martin to compete for top spot
02/22/2006 10:47:21a Ron Dayne headed back to Denver
02/22/2006 10:47:18a Jets franchise John Abraham
02/22/2006 10:47:14a Scutaro on provisional WBC rosters
02/22/2006 10:47:02a Giles set to lead off for Braves
02/22/2006 10:46:59a Browns, Droughns talk extension
02/22/2006 10:46:46a No WBC work for Rich Harden
02/22/2006 10:46:41a Braves loving C McCann
02/22/2006 10:46:31a Cole Hamels ready to throw
02/22/2006 10:46:25a Bret Boone could retire
02/22/2006 10:46:20a C. Delgado might not bat cleanup
02/22/2006 10:46:16a Pedro to do mound this weekend
02/22/2006 10:36:55a Hingis Beats Myskina in Dubai Open