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09/11/2006 China PBoC researcher says concerns remain over yuan speculation
09/11/2006 Police Search for Stabbing Suspect
09/11/2006 Researchers Identify Dart-like Molecule In Age-related Macular Degeneration
09/11/2006 Researchers Discover That Sheep Need Retroviruses For Reproduction
09/11/2006 Microsoft Upgrades Live Search Offerings
09/11/2006 Fire Damages Research Lab On Duke Campus
09/11/2006 Search for shipwreck's missing
09/11/2006 Search resumes after ship sinks
09/11/2006 Mussi, Significant Share Of Tax Yield Will Help Research
09/11/2006 Microsoft's unleashes new Internet search software
09/11/2006 Windows Live Search ready to go live
09/11/2006 Pa. man charged during Phillips search may face federal charges
09/11/2006 Researchers find asthma-common cold link
09/11/2006 Microsoft's new search, maps come to life
09/11/2006 Microsoft new search engine exits beta
09/11/2006 Search resumes for missing Japanese student
09/11/2006 Police Search For Witnesses In Ballard Arson Case
09/11/2006 US researchers make progress in search for bird flu vaccine
09/11/2006 Kansas Supreme Court Replacement Search Underway
09/11/2006 Microsoft to Unveil New Search Engine
09/11/2006 Police to search for missing student
09/11/2006 ASU hits 200M plateau in research spending
09/11/2006 Yahoo CIO Talks Up New Ad Platform, Social Search
09/11/2006 Microsoft unveils updated search engine
09/11/2006 Old divide dogs Lebanese search for consensus
09/11/2006 Uganda Kyambogo's Bio-Ethanol Fuel Research Promising
09/11/2006 Retired firefighter keeps up search for remains
09/11/2006 Search on for Good Samaritan
09/11/2006 Unpublished Papers Reveal Lesser-known, but Significant Research of Sir Issac Newton
09/11/2006 Fire damages research lab on Duke campus
09/11/2006 In Search of My Father's Afghanistan
09/11/2006 Researchers Propose Energy Plan
09/11/2006 EU and Blinkx provide searchable news
09/11/2006 Search on for convicted murderer
09/11/2006 Purdue launches presidential search
09/11/2006 Philips, Agilent and Cascade to set up new research laboratory in Netherlands
09/11/2006 Researchers say cardiac therapy saves lives
09/11/2006 US plane diverted after search
09/11/2006 South Africa Red Tape Strangling Growth Outlook Bureau for Economic Research
09/11/2006 Federal researcher engaged in 'serious misconduct'
09/11/2006 Searching her birth parents, she learns dad was 9/11 hero
09/11/2006 Search resuming for man believed to have drowned
09/11/2006 Toyota Breaks Ground for New Research Facilities in U.S.
09/11/2006 Search for fishermen called off
09/11/2006 St. Paul woman's search for birth parents leads to 9/11 hero Burnett
09/11/2006 Umbria to Showcase Blogosphere Analytics at 2006 DEMOGala
09/11/2006 Research Finds Blogs are a Powerful Presence in the B2B Marketplace
09/11/2006 Atomicseek Launches National Top 3 Listing Program
09/11/2006 Global Search For World-Class Kiwis
09/10/2006 Walk, run benefits research, education for National Suicide Prevention Day
09/10/2006 Search help sought
09/10/2006 Deputies search for families of unclaimed bodies
09/10/2006 In Search Of An Ideal Bureaucracy II
09/10/2006 Web Service from Voices Ends the Search for Voice-Overs
09/10/2006 Paper Cancer Scientist Took Firms' Cash
09/10/2006 Paper Cancer scientist took firms' cash
09/10/2006 Young Minnesota woman in search of birth parents learns her dad was a hero
09/10/2006 Deaths in Desert Underscore Need for Better Search and Rescue System
09/10/2006 Mayo Researchers Discover HIV Dependence On A Human Protein
09/10/2006 Officials Search For Sexual Assault Suspect In GB
09/10/2006 Beattie win defies party's research
09/10/2006 NewsTrove search Hour Search Reference
09/10/2006 Search for missing men scaled back
09/10/2006 Breakthrough brain scans could aid mental health treatment researchers
09/10/2006 Parents of EEE victim raising money for disease research
09/10/2006 Bird flu lingers in the throat, researchers discover
09/10/2006 Dive Teams Search For Missing Swimmer
09/10/2006 Drug Treatment For Premature Ejaculation Is Effective, Researchers Show
09/10/2006 Peace in the Southern Tier after fugitive search ends.
09/10/2006 Woman Searching for Parents Finds Father Was Sept. 11th Hero
09/10/2006 Search continues for missing fishermen
09/10/2006 Police Search For Hit & Run Driver In Death Of Motorcyclist
09/10/2006 Faculty active in research work at CSU-Pueblo
09/10/2006 Professor pumped for heart research
09/10/2006 Senate Backs Online Search of Spending
09/10/2006 Australian research shows higher cancer rates among Vietnam veterans
09/10/2006 Ché Dorval wins David Foster Star Search
09/10/2006 Men to face court after car search
09/10/2006 Divers join search for men
09/10/2006 Malaysia offers millions for biotechnology research
09/10/2006 Minnesota's 'Four Horsemen' search for roadside bombs
09/10/2006 NIH researcher accused of misconduct
09/10/2006 It up to buyer to research the area
09/10/2006 Search for bin Laden finds only frustration
09/10/2006 Norway atomic research reactor shut by leak
09/10/2006 UK Property and Real Estate Portal Look4aProperty Launches New Google Maps Property Search
09/10/2006 Essayist's search for 'Lost' family finds its mark
09/10/2006 Massive search fails to find missing sailors
09/09/2006 Missing Search Dog Found
09/09/2006 Galbraith Rd. Shut Down As Police Search For Suspects
09/09/2006 Search Continues for Escaped 'Rooftop Burglar'
09/09/2006 Search Held for Missing Teen
09/09/2006 Terrorism research shifting to study of new information, investigations
09/09/2006 Sonar Used In River Search For Marcus' Remains
09/09/2006 Lentigen Corporation Signed Second Collaborative Research Agreement with the University of Pennsylvania
09/09/2006 Kennewick Police search for bank robber
09/09/2006 TH police searching for armed robber
09/09/2006 Helicopters, planes join sea search for missing men
09/09/2006 Search And Rescue Dog Missing
09/09/2006 Crimestoppers search for robbers of Aman's Jewelry
09/09/2006 Mountain biker missing, search underway
09/09/2006 Researchers Identify Key Step In Cocaine-induced Heart Enlargement, Sudden Death
09/09/2006 Officials Search for Missing Boater in Southern Kentucky
09/09/2006 Police search for driver in apparent hit-and-run
09/09/2006 Search resumes in West Cork for missing man
09/09/2006 China, India for joint research
09/09/2006 Researchers find 'warrior effect'
09/09/2006 Search for Juvenile Superintendent Continues
09/09/2006 Police Search for Two Suspects in Motel Robbery
09/09/2006 Timeline Of Search For Stokes County Boys
09/09/2006 Researchers identify 'male warrior effect'
09/09/2006 Researchers Men have 'warrior' psychology
09/09/2006 Norway atomic research reactor shut by leak
09/09/2006 Police Suicide Is Setback In Search For Boy
09/09/2006 Forest searched for missing man
09/09/2006 Ireland to become leader in Alzheimer's research
09/09/2006 Searching for Eligible Older Menů
09/09/2006 Men to face court after car search
09/09/2006 Taylor leads Aussie coach search
09/09/2006 Debbie Buffelen chooses IDX Search Tools for her Better Properties Real Estate Website
09/09/2006 Space experiments advance research
09/09/2006 FDA panel urges research into safety of dental fillings containing mercury
09/09/2006 Russia, China adopt joint space research programme
09/09/2006 Thai police search for PM bomb plot suspects
09/09/2006 Arthur Tisi of EXA Infosystems Announces New Technology For Data Search and Analytics
09/09/2006 Qatar University, HMC to carry out research on smoking
09/08/2006 Indonesian dump searched for buried victims
09/08/2006 Club fundraiser benefits Alzheimer research
09/08/2006 Industry players keen to tap into funding under Environment, Water Research Programme
09/08/2006 Dutch chipmaker plans US20 mln research center in S. Korea
09/08/2006 Taylor leads search
09/08/2006 Ralphs Bay's impact on fish species 'needs more research'
09/08/2006 Search For Missing Wyoming County Man In New Phase
09/08/2006 Boost for drug research
09/08/2006 Volunteers continue search for Jonathan Herlihy
09/08/2006 Police Searching for Road Rage Suspect
09/08/2006 Three Celtel Star Search Hopefuls Join Eviction List
09/08/2006 Search Continues for Bank Robbery Suspects
09/08/2006 Wild Day in Search for Phillips video included
09/08/2006 Search Ends After Fatal Landslide
09/08/2006 The Noose Tightens In Phillips Search
09/08/2006 City searching for new police chief
09/08/2006 NGO plans gay-research awards
09/08/2006 U.S. Senate Approves Searchable Online Budget
09/08/2006 Searchers Find Bodies Of 2 Young Brothers Who Disappeared Near Storm-Flooded N.C. River
09/08/2006 Authorities search for fugitive near Pa.-N.Y. line
09/08/2006 Researcher lights the way to better drug delivery
09/08/2006 Thai police continue search for suspects in PM bomb plot
09/08/2006 Police search wooded area near Pa.-N.Y. line for fugitive
09/08/2006 SearchGold Announces Market Matters CEO Radio Interview
09/08/2006 Shots fired near golf course during search for Phillips
09/08/2006 Advanced Cell Technology gets stem cell research money
09/08/2006 Search on for Mexico Landslide Victims
09/08/2006 Senate Backs Online Search of Spending
09/08/2006 Reach Car Buyers Where They Research
09/08/2006 Trimeris extends drug research deal with Roche
09/08/2006 Police Search For Shooter
09/08/2006 Police search area where man ran away from police
09/08/2006 SWAT teams, troopers converge on new search area NY-Pa. line
09/08/2006 Kenya Fortune Search Now Turns Into Modern Slavery
09/08/2006 Execution of search warrant ends with murder-suicide
09/08/2006 Nokia puts Yahoo Internet search software on new phones
09/08/2006 Warrior Ethos Drives Search For Missing Soldiers
09/08/2006 Researchers hatch theory that mayflies add to Lake Erie algae woes
09/08/2006 Malaysia offers millions for biotechnology research
09/08/2006 Cops widen search for serial killer
09/08/2006 In Europe, a search for what defines the EU's moral identity
09/08/2006 Caribbean Model Search TV Show 'gets wild' The Jamaica Observer
09/08/2006 STIs Cause Infertility, Social Stigma In Sub-Saharan Africa, Researcher Says
09/08/2006 Danforth center gets 15 million Monsanto grant for crop research in Africa
09/08/2006 Nokia puts Yahoo Internet search software on new phones
09/08/2006 Yahoo! Search and Nokia Mobile
09/08/2006 Tough fight for Beattie Labor research
09/08/2006 Intensive search on for kidnapped policemen
09/08/2006 PNG police continue search for escaped prisoners
09/08/2006 City chosen for research project
09/07/2006 Pape threat research 'flawed'
09/07/2006 CRISL launches commodity research and Agri risk monitor service
09/07/2006 Research Center Wins Grant
09/07/2006 In web search, business is better than sex
09/07/2006 Search Continues For Missing Boys
09/07/2006 Researchers say cardiac therapy saves lives
09/07/2006 CMS More searches after gun found 947 PM
09/07/2006 Police Searching For Missing Mother And Children
09/07/2006 Search for Phillips to Make National News
09/07/2006 Cyclists To Raise Money For Multiple Sclerosis Research
09/07/2006 Police searching for a missing Dillon man
09/07/2006 Nokia puts Yahoo Internet search software on new phones
09/07/2006 Vice-Chancellor readies research roadmap
09/07/2006 Rice awarded 10M DOE grant for computer research center
09/07/2006 Iranian researchers find new AIDS treatment
09/07/2006 Police Search for Video Game Thieves
09/07/2006 Researchers say new drug helps prevent premature ejaculation
09/07/2006 Gov't starts search for OTE investor
09/07/2006 UAB lands 8.6M grant to develop regional hub for neuroscience research
09/07/2006 Lunsford joins search for missing Leesburg toddler
09/07/2006 Search Continues Near Site Where Human Remains Found
09/07/2006 Sex is Good for Evolution, Researcher Says
09/07/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Researchers work worldwide to develop vaccines for bird flu virus
09/07/2006 Investment in rhino research pays off SOS Rhino chief
09/07/2006 Fox Chase researcher gets 11M cancer grant
09/07/2006 Senators fault stem cell research claim
09/07/2006 Researchers tackle problem of data storage for next-generation supercomputers
09/07/2006 Researchers use sound to search for gas, oil
09/07/2006 Researchers identify key step in cocaine-induced heart enlargement, sudden death
09/07/2006 RedChip Visibility Issues Quarterly Research Update on TelePlus Enterprises, Inc.
09/07/2006 Police search for missing officer
09/07/2006 Search for suspect in troopers' shootings to air on Fox show
09/07/2006 Senators Slam Stem Cell Research Breakthrough
09/07/2006 Seattle Police searching for suspect in stabbing
09/07/2006 Police Still Searching For Suspect In Outdoor Store Robbery in Wheeling
09/07/2006 Divers suspend search for missing boater on Lake Erie
09/07/2006 * Researcher links neck and sleep
09/07/2006 AfricaNewsSearch Latest News
09/07/2006 Iran claims AIDS research breakthrough
09/07/2006 Senators Fault Stem Cell Research Claim
09/07/2006 Search Continues For Missing Children
09/07/2006 Call for fishing boats to search for drowned rescuer
09/07/2006 FAO aids Myanmar in forestry research
09/07/2006 Daviess County Officials Search For Killers
09/07/2006 Researcher casts doubt over dark matter 'proof'
09/07/2006 United States company to launch thorium research division
09/07/2006 SearchOpenSource Shell Game Managing Bash Command History
09/07/2006 Senators fault claim of stem cell research breakthrough
09/07/2006 ChangeWave Research Baby Boomer Work, Leisure, Savings & Retirement Report
09/07/2006 Research In Motion announces release of BlackBerry Pearl mobile handset
09/07/2006 Business replaces sex as top web search study
09/07/2006 Search Committee Finally Names List of Finalists for ASU Chancellor Position
09/07/2006 Search the Web, vi Style In the Beginning...
09/07/2006 Uni research not to be sniffed at
09/06/2006 Notebook Valley still searching for girls basketball coach
09/06/2006 Search Underway in Alburgh
09/06/2006 Google to offer print-archives searches report
09/06/2006 CSU names research VP
09/06/2006 Research on Cancer Gene Poses a Dilemma
09/06/2006 Hours Long Search Yields Arrest, But It's Not Phillips
09/06/2006 New Research Points to "Climate Time Bomb"
09/06/2006 Fruitless search for daughter has mother frantic
09/06/2006 'Quark' research sheds light on matter
09/06/2006 Senators fault stem cell research claim
09/06/2006 Search-and-seizure raids remain contentious
09/06/2006 Police search for missing elderly man
09/06/2006 Sheriff asks for help in search for hiker
09/06/2006 Top EPA scientist to join CSU research team
09/06/2006 Hormone explains full feeling after protein-rich meal, researchers say
09/06/2006 Dive teams searching lake near Springfield, Mo., after 5-year-old pulled to safety
09/06/2006 The Search Engine Report Number 117
09/06/2006 Lives on hold as 5-month search for escaped convict continues across western New York
09/06/2006 Search on for missing chiropractor
09/06/2006 STIs Cause Infertility, Social Stigma In Sub-Saharan Africa, Researcher Says
09/06/2006 Danforth center gets 15 million Monsanto grant for crop research in Africa
09/06/2006 Police search for suspect in freeway shooting
09/06/2006 Girl Rescued After Being Thrown in Lake
09/06/2006 U.S., Europe export fat, diseases, says researcher
09/06/2006 In Europe, a search for what defines the EU's moral identity
09/06/2006 Iran claims AIDS research breakthrough
09/06/2006 Dover woman sues police over vehicle search
09/06/2006 Microsoft Research Builds 'BrowserShield'
09/06/2006 Search for Russian diplomats' killers in Iraq termed productive diplomat
09/06/2006 Rescued Girl Says Mom Missing in Lake
09/06/2006 Survey searches for Ontario's worst roads
09/06/2006 Google adds AdWords ads to US mobile search service
09/06/2006 Iran Claims AIDS Research Breakthrough
09/06/2006 Coast Guard suspends search for missing swimmer
09/06/2006 Dallas firm will search for new chancellor
09/06/2006 Google to offer deep archive searches
09/06/2006 Police Searching For Burglar With Good Taste
09/06/2006 Police Search for Hit-and-Run Suspect
09/06/2006 TS Search and Defend
09/06/2006 Pennsylvania Man Arrested in Phillips Search video included
09/06/2006 "Good Progress" in Search for Russian Diplomats' Killers Senior Official
09/06/2006 In Europe, a Search for What Defines EU's Moral Identity
09/06/2006 Conflict Studies Research Centre Multi-Ethnic Armies Lebanese Lessons and Iraqi Implications
09/06/2006 Teams to Continue Search for Missing Boys
09/06/2006 Teams to continue search for missing boys in Stokes County
09/06/2006 Search for N.Y. Trooper Shooting Suspect Disrupts Life
09/06/2006 Google unveils historical research service
09/06/2006 Research Med Center offers liver, pancreas institute
09/06/2006 Nigeria Police Beam Searchlight on Lagos Govt Over Williams Murder
09/06/2006 Howlett Research Corp. Publishes Research Report on Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.
09/06/2006 Google adds AdWords ads to US mobile search service
09/06/2006 Google News Archive Search
09/06/2006 Google to Offer Print-Archives Searches
09/06/2006 Search resumes off west Cork coast
09/06/2006 U.S. Heats Up Search For Missing Female G.I. Near Afghanistan
09/06/2006 U.S. Heats Up Search For Female G.I. Missing Near Afghanistan
09/06/2006 Jean-Luc Laydevant Joins Vision Research as Director of European Sales
09/06/2006 Researchers Develop Mouse Model For Poorly Understood Human Myopathy
09/06/2006 Green pledges to spend 25M on stem cell research
09/06/2006 Filipinos' search for missing may end in mass graves
09/06/2006 Search Marketing Standard Magazine Expands Distribution to Search Engine Strategies and adtech Conferences
09/06/2006 Andale™ Launches Honesty, Free eBay Buyer Research Site
09/06/2006 New Survey Consumers Doing Their Homework, Planning More Research on Auto Financing Options
09/05/2006 Bigger hardware needed to prevent website crashes, researcher says
09/05/2006 Google Debuts 200 Year News Archive Search
09/05/2006 Danforth center gets 15 million Monsanto grant for crop research in Africa
09/05/2006 Grain researchers inspect crops' weather-coping abilities
09/05/2006 Flashlight Body Search Violated Rights
09/05/2006 Search for mystery naked boy
09/05/2006 Lives on hold as 5-month search for escaped convict continues across western New York
09/05/2006 In Europe, a search for what defines the EU's moral identity
09/05/2006 Researchers seek genetic key to lymphoma
09/05/2006 Police search for suspects after Pine Bluff bank robbery
09/05/2006 Search extends into Pennsylvania video included
09/05/2006 As Search Continues, Lives on Hold
09/05/2006 NYT researcher appeals China fraud sentence
09/05/2006 'Search for Other Sources for Schools' Income'
09/05/2006 LMA Searches for Solution to Crisis
09/05/2006 Searchers won't give up on Marine
09/05/2006 Volunteers continue search for Marine
09/05/2006 Terror search school probe begins
09/05/2006 Cops search for paramedic and girlfriend
09/05/2006 Search on for owners of stolen items
09/05/2006 NC appeals court Search down pants of drug suspect crossed line
09/05/2006 Accident victim still searches for perpetrator after one year
09/05/2006 Search for N.Y. Convict Prompts Caution
09/05/2006 Australian research shows higher cancer rates among Vietnam veterans
09/05/2006 Police search for parents, baby
09/05/2006 Search Committee Finally Names List of Finalists for ASU Chancellor Position
09/05/2006 Search on for missing rafter on Deschutes
09/05/2006 In Search of the Cause of Autism
09/05/2006 Researchers develop mouse model for muscle disease
09/05/2006 Kenya Key Roles Are Curriculum Development And Research
09/05/2006 Langevin calls on states to promote stem cell research
09/05/2006 LinuxPlanet Search the Web, vi Style
09/05/2006 Research shows how ultrasound can deliver therapeutic molecules into living cells
09/05/2006 Research Study High-Risk HPV
09/05/2006 The New York Times In Search of Accurate Vote Totals
09/05/2006 Accident victim still searches for perpetrator after one year
09/05/2006 Cops search for paramedic and girlfriend
09/05/2006 Lake Travis search continues for 16-year-old
09/05/2006 LMA Searches for Solution to Crisis
09/05/2006 UT Southwestern research center gets 11.9M grant
09/05/2006 Defections May Be Root of Verizon Search
09/05/2006 'Search for Other Sources for Schools' Income'
09/05/2006 Search hampered by terrain, fugitive's knowledge of area
09/05/2006 Telephone telepathy? Researcher says it rings true
09/05/2006 Sandy Springs Police Search for Man Who Says he Killed his Ex-Wife
09/05/2006 Mosaid hires advisers in search for possible buyers or partners, restructuring
09/05/2006 People start lawsuit against Chinese search outfit
09/05/2006 Mosaid searches for buyers or partners
09/05/2006 State in search of replacement Muslim chaplain for prisons
09/05/2006 RFID Chip Veteran to Run SecureRF Research & Development
09/05/2006 West Cork sea search resumes
09/05/2006 Sri Lankan troops search captured rebel area
09/05/2006 Police continue search for 3 beating suspects
09/05/2006 Police 'Noose tightening' on fugitive
09/05/2006 Rethinking Google's system / Human-powered search premieres
09/05/2006 Search for Missing Knox County Man Continues Today
09/05/2006 Researchers Find Validity in 1918 Treatment for Avian Influenza
09/05/2006 Purdue researcher work in orbit today
09/05/2006 Oil search firms in 3.1bn merger
09/05/2006 Researchers Map Out Networks That Determine Cell Fate
09/05/2006 Mature Muscle Fibers Can Revert To Become Cancerous, Researchers Find
09/05/2006 Researcher Studies Gene Families To Explore Diversity And Evolution
09/05/2006 Number of animals used for research up report
09/05/2006 Police search for truck crash clues
09/05/2006 Australia PM mulls ban on clone research
09/05/2006 Microsoft Research Builds 'BrowserShield'
09/05/2006 Phillips Search Moves To Hamburg video included
09/05/2006 LRA Worldwide to Exhibit at The American Marketing Association Marketing Research Conference in Chicago
09/05/2006 Rick Dutra of Putnam Real Estate adds IDX/MLS Search Application to Website
09/05/2006 topseos Publishes the September 2006 List of the Leading Content Creation/Search Engine Copywriting Firms
09/05/2006 TIMOR-LESTE Searching for Stability
09/05/2006 Chubby toddler? It's not just a phase, new research finds
09/05/2006 Australian research shows higher cancer rates among Vietnam veterans
09/05/2006 Sri Lankan troops search captured rebel area
09/05/2006 British School, Searched in Inquiry, Was Used to Train Police
09/04/2006 Northland town focus of fugitive search
09/04/2006 Warp2Search.Net Your Daily Tech News Service
09/04/2006 Police Search for a Suspected Serial Killer
09/04/2006 Fingerprint compression to speed up search for criminals
09/04/2006 Oilsearch to help fund probe into Gulf of Papua spill
09/04/2006 Plane Distress Signal Sends Crews Searching
09/04/2006 Research finds older fathers more likely to have autistic children
09/04/2006 Research centre pulls in funding
09/04/2006 17,000 more animals used in research
09/04/2006 Japanese vessel begins search for sunken oil tanker in Philippines
09/04/2006 Toddler found safe after frantic search
09/04/2006 Seattle police search for Green Lake flasher
09/04/2006 Northland town focus of fugitive search
09/04/2006 Police searching for Riviera battery suspect
09/04/2006 Search Not Over For Raleigh County Robbery Suspect
09/04/2006 Search On For Missing Wyoming County Man
09/04/2006 Bird flu research must be shared faster
09/04/2006 President's plane searched
09/04/2006 Early cancer research in Singapore holds hope for new treatment
09/04/2006 Third day of police terror search
09/04/2006 Target of terror search is 'no ordinary school'
09/04/2006 Research at Argonne helps Abbott Labs develop anti-HIV drug
09/04/2006 Auteur's search for meaning splashes in Venice
09/04/2006 Netherlands Donates 166M To Help Establish AIDS Research Institute
09/04/2006 State snags 3rd research lab
09/04/2006 Otter research gives insight into lead pollution
09/04/2006 Researchers Find Validity in 1918 Treatment for Avian Influenza
09/04/2006 Target of terror search is 'no ordinary school'
09/04/2006 Fingerprint compression to speed up search for criminals
09/04/2006 Search for missing jogger goes on
09/04/2006 County officials searching for unmarked graves, hidden cemetery
09/04/2006 Navy divers join sea search in west Cork
09/04/2006 Crews continue search for man in Lake Travis
09/04/2006 New York Trooper Searching for Convict, Dies
09/04/2006 Jailed Chinese researcher appeals sentence
09/04/2006 Change of guard at IBM Research Lab
09/04/2006 Rethinking Google's system Human-powered search premieres
09/04/2006 Search resumes for two men missing off Cork coast
09/04/2006 Toddler found safe after frantic search
09/04/2006 Searching for the right music mix
09/04/2006 Search For Missing Boater Suspended
09/04/2006 Superconductivity Is Key To Conserving Energy, Says Researcher
09/04/2006 Mitsubishi ramps up one of largest site searches in region
09/04/2006 Chinese researcher for NY Times to appeal-lawyer
09/04/2006 N.Y. Trooper Searching for Convict Dies
09/04/2006 AOL Shuts Down AOL Research
09/04/2006 New kind of sleep apnea identified by Mayo Clinic researchers
09/04/2006 Trooper Fatally Shot Searching for Convict
09/04/2006 Police search Islamic school where Abu Hamza and group had stayed
09/03/2006 South Korea funding search for fountain of youth
09/03/2006 Bio-incubator hatched to aid researchers, startups
09/03/2006 Yahoo! launches 'social search'
09/03/2006 Major search underway for two swimmers off Cork coast
09/03/2006 British Police Search Islamic School After Raid
09/03/2006 Search Continues For Missing Jogger
09/03/2006 Pasco Police searching for man
09/03/2006 NZ-based researcher elected onto elite scientific body
09/03/2006 Number of Times Iraqi Dinar Has been searched on the internet
09/03/2006 NY trooper dies after being shot in leg during search for escaped convict
09/03/2006 Avian flu research 'could be cut'
09/03/2006 Search resumes for missing worker
09/03/2006 Cops search Islamic school in London
09/03/2006 Trooper Shot in Search for Convict Dies
09/03/2006 UK police search 17 homes in capital, part of probe
09/03/2006 State Trooper Dies After Shot in Search for Phillips
09/03/2006 British Detectives Search Islamic School
09/03/2006 Police search 17 homes in London
09/03/2006 N.Y. Trooper Shot in Convict Search Dies
09/03/2006 School lake is focus of new terror search
09/03/2006 New Technique Allows Researchers To Statistically Analyze Results Of Clinical Trials
09/03/2006 Busler's Robbed, Police Search for Suspect
09/03/2006 German researchers say they've found the oldest manuscripts of J.S. Bach
09/03/2006 MOH To Conduct Filarial Research
09/03/2006 China to increase support for drug research, production
09/03/2006 Japan YosanoGovernment To Start Search For Ashikaga Bank Buyer
09/03/2006 Police search Muslim school at the centre of UK terror probe
09/03/2006 SearchOpenSource Open Source Servers Serve Up Challenges
09/03/2006 British police search Islamic school
09/03/2006 Anti-terror squad continue search of school
09/03/2006 Teen Researcher Seeks A Better Way To Treat Tuberculosis
09/03/2006 Heroin, gun seized in Dublin search
09/03/2006 Google Archive Search?

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