Traffic News : Traffic History

08/24/2006 Passenger traffic down regional airports
08/24/2006 Repairs slow traffic by school
08/24/2006 Woman Gives Birth While Stuck in Traffic
08/24/2006 Cancel your Colorado Traffic Points instantly @ www.colorado-trafficschool
08/24/2006 Traffic accidents in China kill 17, injure 34
08/24/2006 Fla. Baby Born In Rush Hour Traffic
08/24/2006 Baby born in rush hour traffic
08/24/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Melbourne commute sails along
08/23/2006 San Francisco Traffic Deaths On The Rise
08/23/2006 Politicians and bureaucrats are the worst traffic offenders in Pak
08/23/2006 Fatal Crash Snarls Traffic on Highway 99
08/23/2006 Cocaine trafficker used NZ as staging point
08/23/2006 Traffic Patterns Change Near Some Wake Schools
08/23/2006 Former Glasgow traffic officer highest paid due to payroll problems
08/23/2006 Traffic Flagger Fatally Struck
08/23/2006 Highway traffic deaths reach 15-year high
08/23/2006 ANA Summer Holiday 2006 Passenger Traffic Figures; Flies Record Numbers on Overseas Routes
08/23/2006 Man found guilty of drug trafficking
08/23/2006 West Africa NAPTIP is Sensitising Nigerians to the Evils of Trafficking in Persons
08/23/2006 One man released after drug trafficking arrest
08/23/2006 Traffic flowing after train blocked Tempe roads
08/23/2006 Nigeria Child Trafficking Blamed On Poverty
08/23/2006 Train still has traffic off track
08/23/2006 Terror threatens, traffic snarls ... video wins
08/23/2006 EA Women MPs to Curb Child Trafficking
08/23/2006 Bushfires cause traffic chaos
08/23/2006 One dies in S. Brevard traffic crash
08/23/2006 Traffic Alert for Pike County
08/23/2006 Traffic Fatalities Reach New High, More Motorcycle Deaths
08/23/2006 Thruway offering traffic updates via e-mail
08/23/2006 Australian drug trafficker refuses transfer to Australia
08/23/2006 Accidents snarl rush-hour traffic
08/23/2006 Prince George's County leads region with 134 traffic deaths
08/23/2006 Traffic-related deaths in U.S. highest since 1990
08/23/2006 Clean-air targets missed as traffic hotspot pollution soars
08/23/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Brevard highways flow; fatality investigated
08/23/2006 CMJ traffic bulletin 26 Aug 31 Aug 2006
08/23/2006 Pileup causes traffic standstill on Glenn Highway
08/23/2006 Traffic re-opens between Anchorage and Fairbanks
08/23/2006 48 ministers fined for traffic violations in Islamabad
08/22/2006 Landmark store closes in traffic-snarled Marshalls Creek
08/22/2006 A- 9 Re Opened For Traffic
08/22/2006 Traffic deaths highest since 1990
08/22/2006 NAV CANADA reports May and June traffic figures
08/22/2006 Highway Deaths Highest Since 1990
08/22/2006 Highway deaths highest since 1990
08/22/2006 Stop Trafficking in Women and Children opinion
08/22/2006 Returning college students could add to Big Dig traffic woes
08/22/2006 Southbound Crosstown Ext. to open to traffic
08/22/2006 Schools Monitor Traffic Troubles
08/22/2006 MI Traffic Deaths UPDATE
08/22/2006 Traffic Deaths Skyrocket In U.S.
08/22/2006 U.S. Traffic Deaths Skyrocket
08/22/2006 Downtown Traffic Forum Tuesday
08/22/2006 Traffic Deaths Highest Since 1990
08/22/2006 I-40E lane closure tonight
08/22/2006 Traffic deaths up in U.S.; down in Texas
08/22/2006 Traffic deaths in America at highest level in more than a decade
08/22/2006 Rain creates havoc; more coming
08/22/2006 China to Open More Routes For Olympic Air Traffic
08/22/2006 Natural Gas Leak Snarls Rush Hour Traffic London
08/22/2006 Morning traffic report Accident in Peach County
08/22/2006 Kwik way to slow down traffic
08/22/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Palm Bay search continues
08/22/2006 Campus traffic changes
08/22/2006 China emerging as major conduit for drug trafficking to Europe
08/22/2006 Motorists nabbed for overdue traffic fines
08/22/2006 Steve Eldridge TrafficLand expands its reach
08/22/2006 Shanghai traffic condition satisfies foreigners
08/22/2006 Evils of Human Trafficking
08/21/2006 NY Times Advice on Securing Your Wi-Fi Traffic
08/21/2006 Many roads lead to The Greene some better than others, for now
08/21/2006 Report China to Open New Flight Routes
08/21/2006 Police Seek West End Drug Trafficking Suspect
08/21/2006 Guns, drugs seized in traffic stop
08/21/2006 Traffic Lights to Use Solar Energy
08/21/2006 U.S. Report Refutes Taiwan's Role in Sex Trafficking
08/21/2006 Meetings To Discuss Traffic Plans
08/21/2006 Bugtraq Smart Traffic Remote File Include Vulnerability
08/21/2006 Traffic Issue for Little League World Series
08/21/2006 Commuters urged to arrive early to avoid AgQuip traffic
08/21/2006 Accidents jam traffic on Del. 1, southbound I-95
08/21/2006 Nigeria Human Traffickers Kidnap Girls for Prostitution
08/21/2006 Smart Traffic Remote File Include Vulnerability
08/21/2006 Plymouth man arrested in Iowa, charged in traffic fatality
08/21/2006 Washington Post launches 'blogroll' for traffic-hungry bloggers
08/21/2006 Construction May Cause Traffic Delays This Week
08/21/2006 UK Fears Serbian, Albanian Traffickers if Bulgaria Joins EU
08/21/2006 Van-driving toddler disrupts traffic
08/21/2006 Personal Tech Google Mobile Maps Smooths Traffic Tie-Ups
08/21/2006 Rwanda Traffic Lights to Use Solar Energy
08/21/2006 Mexican prosecutors charge 2 policemen with protecting drug trafficking gang
08/21/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC No injuries in school bus mishap
08/21/2006 Traffic cops? Or traffic aides?
08/21/2006 Model sites replace porn sites in U.S. to traffic in child images
08/21/2006 No end in sight to traffic snarls
08/20/2006 Very few human trafficking cases in Qatar Meet
08/20/2006 Cargo, global traffic both off at OIA, Sanford airport
08/20/2006 Driver arrested when officer finds hidden gun in traffic stop
08/20/2006 Helter-swelter days of traffic
08/20/2006 Motorists nabbed for overdue traffic fines
08/20/2006 Lane Cove Tunnel traffic fears rejected
08/20/2006 Software of the Year Award, NASA Air Traffic Management Tool
08/20/2006 Two die in weekend traffic accidents
08/20/2006 Fallen billboard causes heavy traffic on EDSA
08/20/2006 Fallen billboard snarls Edsa traffic
08/20/2006 I-70 Accident Snarls Wheeling Traffic
08/20/2006 Big Dig officials chose not to retest
08/20/2006 Airport construction muddles traffic
08/20/2006 Belgian cops nabbed for 'human trafficking'
08/19/2006 Rollover Blocks South Loop Traffic
08/19/2006 Traffic cameras face blurry future in Ohio because of legal challenges
08/19/2006 Use of traffic cameras in Ohio
08/19/2006 Fair Gate 1 reopens after temporary closing for traffic relief
08/19/2006 Traffic cams face uncertain future
08/19/2006 Oakland Man Indicted For Sex Trafficking Of Kids
08/19/2006 GAA fans facing traffic restrictions
08/19/2006 Our traffic mess costs P140B
08/19/2006 Dubai airport passenger traffic up
08/19/2006 TRAFFIC Smooth sailing to theme parks
08/19/2006 Traffic Alert for Capital Blvd.
08/19/2006 China jails three men, two women for human trafficking
08/19/2006 Dubai Police traffic engineering system approved
08/19/2006 Traffic changes ruffle feathers DOT proposes closing a U.S. 41 intersection in Punta Gorda.
08/19/2006 Airport seeks bids to remove old air traffic control tower
08/19/2006 Helter-swelter days of traffic
08/19/2006 Baghdad imposes festival traffic ban
08/19/2006 China emerging as major conduit for drug trafficking to Europe Yahoo! India News
08/18/2006 Snowfall disrupts traffic in South Africa
08/18/2006 European air traffic rebounds though tight security still delays some flights
08/18/2006 Colombia imposes measures against gasoline trafficking
08/18/2006 Motorists Urged to Respect Traffic Laws
08/18/2006 Passenger traffic up at Seeb airport
08/18/2006 Fatal wreck slows traffic on I-35
08/18/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Westbound 528 slow
08/18/2006 New Portion of Russell Road Opened to Traffic
08/18/2006 Driver Hits Traffic Policeman in Sofia
08/18/2006 Vive President Says State Drafting Laws to Curb Human Trafficking
08/18/2006 Traffic moving again after major accident on I-35
08/18/2006 Iraqi air-traffic controllers
08/18/2006 Author clarifies criticism of US trafficking report
08/18/2006 Motorists Urged to Respect Traffic Laws
08/18/2006 Evils of Human Trafficking
08/18/2006 Convicted drug trafficker made large donations to Pr. George's candidate
08/18/2006 Two Guardsmen accused of taking money during traffic stop
08/18/2006 Travolta Escapes Traffic Fine For Driving Error
08/18/2006 Drive to calm traffic
08/18/2006 Sex Trafficking Ring Has Ties to Bucks County
08/18/2006 Kenya Vive President Says State Drafting Laws to Curb Human Trafficking
08/18/2006 Rain slows DM freeway traffic
08/18/2006 Busway traffic bulletin 19 Aug till 25 Aug 2006
08/18/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Interstate 95 accident
08/18/2006 China emerging as major conduit for drug trafficking to Europe
08/18/2006 Aichi police punish officers for drink driving, hitting on traffic violator
08/18/2006 Big payday for exiting Pike officials
08/18/2006 Belgian cops nabbed for 'human trafficking'
08/18/2006 Traffic centre blitz nets 'fake' licences
08/17/2006 Safety improvements planned at Washington Twp. site where crash killed area 6-year-old
08/17/2006 Traffic stop leads to drug and weapons charges
08/17/2006 Houston's civilian traffic cops
08/17/2006 Snowfall disrupts traffic in South Africa
08/17/2006 Sex Trafficking Arrests Connect to Quakertown
08/17/2006 Traffic Is Too Much for Roads Leading to USANA Ampitheatre
08/17/2006 A Second National Road Safety Strategy to Help Reduce Traffic Accidents
08/17/2006 Alcohol-related traffic fatalities down 72 percent in Montgomery
08/17/2006 Hit-and-run accident ties up morning traffic
08/17/2006 Coliseum Traffic Advisory
08/17/2006 Seth Godin's list of 937 Web 2.0 sites, sorted by traffic rank
08/17/2006 Fairgrounds parking lots closed, traffic light
08/17/2006 All lane restrictions gone from Poplar Street Bridge
08/17/2006 Uma Traffic Detours
08/17/2006 Public Survey Improving Downtown Traffic
08/17/2006 Colombia imposes measures against gasoline trafficking
08/17/2006 Three drug traffickers hanged in public in Iran ...
08/17/2006 Sex Trafficking Ring Smashed; 31 Arrested
08/17/2006 31 Arrested In Bust Of Sex Trafficking Ring
08/17/2006 Three traffickers caught with 108 illegal immigrants at border
08/17/2006 Traffic lights installed at entrance of school
08/17/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Beachline buildup continues
08/17/2006 Feds Nab Two NYPD Cops and 31 Koreans For Human Trafficking
08/17/2006 Police cracking down on drunken driving
08/16/2006 US charges South Koreans over sex-trafficking ring
08/16/2006 Traffic centre blitz nets fake licences
08/16/2006 Feds Nab 31 Koreans and Two NYPD Cops for Human Trafficking
08/16/2006 Two-way traffic for more of First Street
08/16/2006 Three men charged with drug possession during I-80 traffic stop
08/16/2006 Traffic Watch Downtown I-90 set to reopen Monday
08/16/2006 CMJ traffic bulletin 19 August 24 August 2006
08/16/2006 Snowfall disrupts traffic in South Africa
08/16/2006 Johnston man sentenced in cocaine trafficking conspiracy
08/16/2006 Traffic 'bigger risk than disease'
08/16/2006 Traffic troubles force New Jersey attorney general to resign
08/16/2006 MTV Brings Human Trafficking Fight to Sofia
08/16/2006 Cops arrest 31 for sex trafficking ring
08/16/2006 Agency Declares War Against Child-Trafficking
08/16/2006 Belgian cops nabbed for 'human trafficking'
08/16/2006 I-5 To Be Closed In Everett Next Week
08/16/2006 Florida Officer Arrested for Traffic Stop Robbing
08/16/2006 Agency Declares War Against Child-Trafficking
08/16/2006 Morning traffic report Accident near Bibb-Twiggs County line
08/16/2006 Union County Traffic Alert
08/16/2006 Somalia Belgian cops nabbed for 'human trafficking'
08/16/2006 Oman airport traffic up
08/16/2006 Belgian cops nabbed for 'human trafficking'
08/16/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC No visibility problems reported
08/16/2006 US breaks up vast heroin drug trafficking network
08/16/2006 Scandal prompts N.J.'s AG to step down
08/16/2006 Woman becomes city's 40th traffic fatality
08/15/2006 Tour bus crash injures 8, snarls Parkway East traffic
08/15/2006 Traffic cops disrupt central Pietermaritzburg
08/15/2006 Parents mount online effort for traffic light
08/15/2006 U.S. 35 update says road's traffic on way to improvement
08/15/2006 IPO REPORT IPO Traffic Slows In 2006 In Face Of Economy, Geopolitical Woes
08/15/2006 Back to School Traffic Concerns
08/15/2006 Drivingschoolus courses- Your online solution to Traffic School, Defensive Driving and Teen Driver Education
08/15/2006 Trucks, rickshaws causing traffic jam at night
08/15/2006 11 rescued from traffickers on Bhomra border
08/15/2006 Contra Costa Deputy Kills Suspect in Traffic Stop
08/15/2006 Asia's airline industry to see 6% rise in passenger traffic analysts
08/15/2006 CNB officers arrest 7 suspected Subutex traffickers
08/15/2006 Water traffic gets year reprieve from Canada passport requirement
08/15/2006 Heroin bust nabs 130 alleged traffickers
08/15/2006 Trafficking in women a worldwide epidemic
08/15/2006 Woman, 86, killed by car
08/15/2006 Whose Bad News?
08/15/2006 NJ attorney general broke no laws in showing up at boyfriend's traffic
08/15/2006 Ethics Trouble for N.J. Attorney General
08/15/2006 Traffic Accidents Biggest Danger For Law Enforcement
08/15/2006 3 teens die in south-central Missouri traffic accident
08/15/2006 Preston Highway sinkhole causing traffic problems
08/15/2006 Nigeria Child Trafficking Traceable to High Level of Poverty - Nnamani
08/15/2006 Traffic police checkpoint attacked in Ingushetia, no one hurt
08/15/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Orlando is a slow-go
08/15/2006 Traffic moving again on downtown Interstate
08/15/2006 Traffic Debate Just Spinning Its Wheels?
08/15/2006 Traffic jam dashes hopes for '2 Dots' safety plan
08/15/2006 Traffic stop turns up quarter kilo of cocaine, cash
08/15/2006 Movers Traffic rise helps lift Deutsche Bahn profit
08/15/2006 Credibility of US human trafficking report questioned
08/14/2006 Traffic Tickets Chances Are You Got One Or Know Someone Who Did
08/14/2006 Traffic Cameras Will Go On November Ballot
08/14/2006 Huda to help Nepal fight against trafficking
08/14/2006 Return To School Equals Return To Increased Traffic
08/14/2006 Suspected Subutex traffickers arrested, addicts sign up for SVRP
08/14/2006 8 Jailed for Human Trafficking
08/14/2006 Anti-Tailgating Plan Snarls Traffic
08/14/2006 Ruined Roads, Traffic Slow Lebanon Aid
08/14/2006 Welcome to new 'Traffic' chief
08/14/2006 Under watchful eyes, traffic flows along Mackinac Bridge
08/14/2006 Tennessee unveils 511 Traffic Information Line
08/14/2006 Anti-tailgating plan snarls traffic
08/14/2006 Nigeria 8 Jailed for Human Trafficking
08/14/2006 '2 Dots' program causes big traffic delays
08/14/2006 European air traffic rebounds though tight security still delays some flights
08/14/2006 Porbandar Naval jetty to help ease traffic
08/14/2006 Water traffic gets year reprieve from Canada passport requirement
08/14/2006 'Two Dots To Safety' Program Jams Traffic
08/14/2006 Road Resurfacing May Slow Traffic
08/14/2006 Ruined Roads, Traffic Slow Lebanon Aid
08/14/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Fourth Brevard accident reported
08/14/2006 Tokyo suffers rush-hour power outage; traffic disrupted
08/14/2006 Jammu-Srinagar highway reopened for traffic
08/13/2006 Early moments of cease fire feature lack of airstrikes, some Beirut traffic
08/13/2006 Mesa fights lower traffic with lower fares
08/13/2006 Drug traffickers kill eight in Iran
08/13/2006 Drug Traffickers Kill Eight In Clashes In Iran
08/13/2006 Traffickers kill security forces
08/13/2006 Seattle Police Officer Severly Injured In Hit And Run Traffic Accident
08/13/2006 Motorists to use traffic cameras to map routes
08/13/2006 Traffic 'a mess' for some
08/13/2006 Elaborate traffic plan for I-Day in Delhi
08/13/2006 Eight Iranian Soldiers Killed by Drug Traffickers
08/12/2006 Colombia rebels linked to drug traffic
08/12/2006 Highest Alert Is Maintained in UK; Air Traffic Begins to Rebound
08/12/2006 Israel isolates Tyre with threat to bomb all traffic
08/12/2006 Colombian Rebels Linked to Cocaine Trafficking in Chile
08/12/2006 Colombia Rebels Linked to Drug Traffic
08/12/2006 Russia-China railroad cargo traffic grows 7.8% in Jan-June
08/12/2006 Traffic chaos expected for fun run
08/12/2006 Zambia nabs 6 foreigners for money laundering, drug trafficking
08/12/2006 Overturned camper slows traffic on Del. 1
08/12/2006 Kitty detective fatally hit in traffic
08/12/2006 Woman charged with murder in traffic deaths
08/12/2006 UPDATE Chile's LAN says July passenger traffic rose 4.7 pct
08/12/2006 Man declared unfit to be tried in five traffic deaths
08/12/2006 Bid to control V-festival traffic
08/12/2006 Semi overturns on I-25; traffic tied up two hours
08/12/2006 Traffic flowing smoothly to theme parks
08/11/2006 Highway Patrol begins program on school bus safety
08/11/2006 Drug trafficker gets 10-yr RI, Rs 1.25 lakh fine
08/11/2006 Russia-China railroad cargo traffic grows 7.8% in Jan-June
08/11/2006 Be Prepared For School Zone Traffic
08/11/2006 Carpenter sentenced for drug trafficking
08/11/2006 Man Gets 3 Years for Drug Trafficking
08/11/2006 After disruptions, air traffic begins to normalize Roundup
08/11/2006 Fatal Fire Truck Crash Traffic Light Device Did Not Work
08/11/2006 Authorities ID victim from Chapman wreck
08/11/2006 Brooklyn's Undercover Kitten Dies in Traffic Accident
08/11/2006 Chicago news, weather, sports, traffic and video from cbs2chicago U.S. & World
08/11/2006 Two arrested for trafficking drugs
08/11/2006 Kaua'i House candidates target traffic, taxes
08/11/2006 Traffic lights out on westbound Grade Lane
08/11/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Smoky conditions from brush fires
08/11/2006 Traffic lights and van-pool incentives
08/11/2006 All about the roundabouts Children earn treats for learning traffic safety
08/11/2006 MATT HELMS Again, I-696 work will tie up traffic
08/11/2006 9 accused of involvement in global sex-trafficking ring
08/10/2006 Neetu takes break from âTraffic Signalâ to do theatre
08/10/2006 Martin residents blast parkway traffic plan
08/10/2006 9 Charged in Sex Trafficking Ring From Asia to U.S.
08/10/2006 Perth mother pleads guilty to drug trafficking for son ABC
08/10/2006 Air traffic in and out of Britain severely disrupted
08/10/2006 Hezbollah, Meth, Traffick, and a bus.........
08/10/2006 Venezuela, Colombia to cement ties to wipe out terrorism and drug trafficking
08/10/2006 Semi damages I-494 bridge, causing major traffic delays
08/10/2006 Mad Money Mailbag Retail Traffic
08/10/2006 National Stop On Red Week Reminds Drivers to Obey Traffic Laws
08/10/2006 Vegetable oil spill on major route affects traffic in Newport
08/10/2006 What the Air Traffic Alert Means for Passengers
08/10/2006 Traffic stop violated rights of drunken driver, court rules
08/10/2006 Who is more tech-savvy.drug traffickers or federal agents?
08/10/2006 Arrests Announced In Seattle In Sex-Trafficking Ring
08/10/2006 9 Arrested In Seattle Sex-Trafficking Ring
08/10/2006 Fair traffic update no jams but leave early for concert
08/10/2006 Arrests announced in Seattle sex-trafficking ring
08/10/2006 Tourists bypass Piraeus traffic
08/10/2006 Iberia July passenger traffic drops 8.3 pct to 2.41 mln on industrial action
08/10/2006 Traffic Stop Turns Up Airline Passenger Lists & Phones
08/10/2006 Broadway A new way from I-40 tonight
08/10/2006 Traffic Stop in Ohio Nets Two Alleged Terrorists
08/10/2006 Midwest Airlines July traffic up 19 percent
08/10/2006 Sofia Suspends Head of Traffic Police
08/10/2006 NATO soldier killed, 6 others injured in traffic accidents in Afghanistan
08/10/2006 Fort Worth, Texas Man Arrested after Allegedly Making Traffic Stop, Shooting Driver With Taser
08/10/2006 Security checks delay airline traffic
08/10/2006 Greenspace, traffic bond money going to work
08/10/2006 Women killed in traffic accident near Oak Park
08/10/2006 Indian gang leader charged with trafficking in Nepal
08/10/2006 US-UK Traffic Targeted British Police Thwart Airline Terror Plot
08/10/2006 TRAFFIC IMPROVEMENT Cameras put to vote
08/09/2006 Floods decrease in Surat, rail traffic partially restored
08/09/2006 Study Credits Vehicles, but Not Drivers, for Better Road Safety
08/09/2006 New 'indestructible' traffic pole lives up to its promises.
08/09/2006 Horses Killed in Traffic Crash
08/09/2006 Traffic Alert Wrecks slow I-485 commute
08/09/2006 TRAFFIC ALERT Truck overturned on Muskegon highway interchange
08/09/2006 Traffic deaths in Iowa are down
08/09/2006 Power cuts, traffic jams spoil festive mood in Capital
08/09/2006 State Leads in Child Trafficking, Prostitution
08/09/2006 Diane Scoville, wife of judge, dies in traffic accident
08/09/2006 CMJ traffic bulletin 12 August until 17 August
08/09/2006 Pakistani police arrest suspected human traffickers
08/09/2006 Traffic Slows As MNDOT Crews Work On Tunnels video included
08/09/2006 7 suspected drug traffickers killed in Rio
08/09/2006 Crossing The Cordillera 12 Day Traffic Jam at 12,000 Feet In WInter
08/09/2006 Desktop New Trojan Disguises Malicious Traffic
08/09/2006 Man tased during traffic stop 847 AM
08/09/2006 Man tased during traffic stop 847 AM
08/09/2006 InternetWeek New Trojan Disguises Malicious Traffic
08/09/2006 Summertime parking and traffic blues
08/09/2006 Traffic signal repair
08/09/2006 Dumb has a new definition...
08/09/2006 511 traffic-report hotline in the works
08/09/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC School zones enforced
08/09/2006 I-81 Traffic Detoured in Susquehanna County
08/09/2006 Surat still under water, rail traffic disrupted
08/09/2006 Skateboarder ticketed for disrupting traffic in Yokohama
08/09/2006 133m shortfall cited on Big Dig
08/09/2006 Local Traffic & Reach Surge Again
08/08/2006 British air traffic hits record 15m in July
08/08/2006 August traffic on par with July, last year
08/08/2006 Trojan data-stealer hijacks ICMP traffic
08/08/2006 Big Dig Highway Ramp Reopens to Traffic
08/08/2006 Israel threat to bomb Tyre traffic
08/08/2006 New Trojan Disguises Malicious Traffic
08/08/2006 Jam Mayhem Traffic takes its toll on Jane
08/08/2006 City Says Yes to New Traffic Signals
08/08/2006 8 Swiss air traffic employees charged in 2002 airliner collision
08/08/2006 Cell Phones Automatically Monitored for Better Traffic Updates
08/08/2006 Mesa Air traffic takes off
08/08/2006 Organizers still concerned about pollution, traffic
08/08/2006 Suitcase stops traffic in Chevy Chase
08/08/2006 Gomoa Ankamu Appeals for Traffic Lights to Prevent Pedestrian Deaths
08/08/2006 601 trafficked Pakistanis freed from Muscat jails reach home
08/08/2006 In the Andes, passing time up high in a cold traffic jam
08/08/2006 Air Wisconsin July passenger traffic declines
08/08/2006 Asiana profits on won and increased traffic
08/08/2006 Semi rollover backs up traffic at DM east mixmaster
08/08/2006 Structure fire reroutes morning rush traffic
08/08/2006 Accident slows I-435 traffic
08/08/2006 Wreck gnarls traffic on I-40 in Winston-Salem
08/08/2006 Who's to blame in seedy teen-trafficking ... Adrienne Washington
08/08/2006 Traffic relief Eastbound lanes open on Poplar
08/08/2006 Some Greeley residents wary of possible traffic from supermarket
08/08/2006 BitTorrent and CacheLogic Caching Traffic Together
08/08/2006 High Court notice to Centre on air traffic congestion
08/07/2006 Cameras to be traffic wardens
08/07/2006 Rail Trail Traffic Controversy
08/07/2006 Pakistan detains 14 Chinese headed to Europe on fake passports
08/07/2006 Truck hits bridge on A Street, blocks traffic
08/07/2006 Ontario's long-weekend traffic blitz nets thousands of charges
08/07/2006 Long Weekend Traffic...See Video
08/07/2006 Thailand Trafficking on Cambodia border
08/07/2006 Pakistani police arrest suspected human traffickers
08/07/2006 Cameras to be traffic wardens
08/07/2006 Construction Slowing Traffic on I-80
08/07/2006 Suspicious suitcase shuts down traffic in Lexington
08/07/2006 Traffic Back Open After Water Main Break
08/07/2006 I-5 traffic closes for vehicle accident
08/07/2006 Air traffic controllers charged in collision
08/07/2006 Eastbound lanes of Poplar Street Bridge set to reopen today
08/07/2006 Air traffic agency staff charged over plane crash
08/07/2006 Traffic Flowing Again At Bolingbrook Intersection
08/07/2006 Sarno traffic squeezed by accident
08/07/2006 HC notice to Centre on air traffic congestion
08/07/2006 8 Swiss air traffic employees charged in 2002 airliner collision
08/07/2006 Crash Causes Traffic Headaches Off I-89
08/07/2006 Gilgit-Skardu road remains blocked, air traffic also stays suspended
08/07/2006 Waco IRS agent changes focus from drug traffickers to Iraqi insurgents
08/07/2006 Traffic QandA 112th Street East construction end in sight
08/07/2006 Woman jailed for drug trafficking
08/07/2006 Fatal DUI suspect has previous traffic violations
08/07/2006 Four killed in traffic accident in Bangladesh
08/07/2006 Air passenger traffic record for Chile
08/07/2006 Blog Expect traffic jam for Deputy Callin's funeral
08/07/2006 Gomoa Ankamu Chief appeals for traffic lights
08/07/2006 Two Crashes Tie Up Traffic On Interstate 65
08/07/2006 Heavy rains lash Mumbai; road, rail traffic affected
08/07/2006 Trans-Sib railroad repaired, traffic restored after accident
08/07/2006 Columbia residents push for better transit system; changes may ease traffic
08/07/2006 Air France-KLM July traffic up 4.9%
08/07/2006 India asks Bahrain to probe human trafficking
08/07/2006 Asia's largest traffic tunnel opens in Mandi
08/06/2006 Road, rail, air traffic hit as heavy rain lashes Mumbai
08/06/2006 Traffic Lanes Near Macy's Temporarily Closed
08/06/2006 Longest traffic tunnel in Asia inaugurated
08/06/2006 Traffic Bulletin To August 11
08/06/2006 Congestion tax mooted to ease traffic jams
08/06/2006 Traffic No problems for now
08/06/2006 Mexico's prosecutor calls on U.S., Venezuela to better combat arms, drug trafficking
08/06/2006 Russian air traffic controllers to stop offering services to Armavia
08/06/2006 Reilly's tough talk on Big Dig questioned
08/05/2006 Belleville assault appears to be keeping trail traffic down
08/05/2006 Cottage Country Traffic...See Video
08/05/2006 French holiday changeover causes traffic chaos
08/05/2006 Congressional candidate arrested on traffic counts
08/05/2006 Pile-up on I-95 snarls traffic, lanes now open
08/05/2006 Airport traffic down 10 percent
08/05/2006 One NATO soldier dead, three wounded in Afghanistan traffic accident
08/05/2006 Akin rival arrested on traffic warrants
08/05/2006 Crosswalk injury tied to traffic light
08/05/2006 Police break drug trafficking channel from Kyrgyzstan to Russia
08/04/2006 Airport traffic down 10 percent
08/04/2006 Transporting storage tanks plays havoc with area traffic
08/04/2006 Man killed when mower goes into traffic, is hit by semi
08/04/2006 Traffic Alert on Highway 70
08/04/2006 Wexford town locals traffic congestion protest
08/04/2006 Technology Keeps Traffic Moving
08/04/2006 Food needs traffic light labels, say health lobbyists
08/04/2006 Rome Traffic Emergency
08/04/2006 Traffic down at Pittsburgh airport from last year
08/04/2006 Accident Blocks Traffic At HRBT
08/04/2006 Northwest traffic declines
08/04/2006 Northwest traffic drops again
08/04/2006 Anti-narcotics officers nab suspected trafficker who hid drugs in anus
08/04/2006 Gas Line Break Slows San Jose Airport Traffic
08/04/2006 Brazil investigates organ trafficking on northern border
08/04/2006 Bomb in Thailand's south kills 3, hits rail traffic
08/04/2006 US Airways' passenger traffic down
08/04/2006 Youth violates traffic restrictions outside Jammu and Kashmir Assembly
08/04/2006 Russian air traffic controllers to stop offering services to Armavia
08/04/2006 W-B Public Square closed to traffic
08/04/2006 MAG study will update traffic data
08/04/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC Congestion at the 528, I-95 interchange
08/04/2006 A note from the editor
08/04/2006 Ex-Big Dig safety official admits he sent memo
08/04/2006 Mexico's prosecutor calls on U.S., Venezuela to better combat arms, drug trafficking
08/03/2006 Route 22 project to restrict traffic
08/03/2006 Weekend Festivals To Create Traffic Headaches
08/03/2006 I-40 repairs in Roane County complete
08/03/2006 Series of mishaps jammed evening traffic
08/03/2006 Solutions sought for Cooma traffic issues
08/03/2006 Air passenger traffic record for Chile
08/03/2006 Fatal crash slows I-4 traffic
08/03/2006 Rush-Hour Accident Slows Traffic On I-70
08/03/2006 Social workers Warn Police of 161 Drug Traffickers
08/03/2006 South Africa Women Explore Measures to Combat Human Trafficking
08/03/2006 Alaska, Horizon July traffic hits record high
08/03/2006 Alaska Air, Horizon July traffic grows to record levels
08/03/2006 Traffic Alert on I-40
08/03/2006 'Nakabandis only hold up traffic'
08/03/2006 North Carolina Police Arrest 3 on Drug Trafficking Charges
08/03/2006 Suspicious package snarls Wickham traffic
08/03/2006 Traffic Backup on I-80 in Monroe County
08/03/2006 Nigeria French Embassy Trains 23 Victims of Child Trafficking
08/03/2006 Southern Boulevard traffic shift delayed
08/03/2006 TRAFFIC ALERT Overturned tractor trailer on I-80 West in N.J.
08/03/2006 British fashion model dies in traffic accident in Austin area
08/03/2006 Heavy traffic on I-71 southbound
08/03/2006 LIVE TRAFFIC C. Brevard flow eases
08/03/2006 Air passenger traffic record for Chile
08/03/2006 'Solve traffic woes first'
08/03/2006 Wreck kills one, stops I-65 traffic
08/03/2006 Big Dig firm calls warning a fake
08/03/2006 Traffic hazard or safety device? THE WATCHDOG
08/02/2006 American's July traffic drops
08/02/2006 Route 201 traffic patterns to shift today
08/02/2006 Construction Traffic a Lingering Summer Problem
08/02/2006 38th Street Reopens For Brickyard Traffic

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