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06/30/2006 Revenge murder men sentenced
06/30/2006 Jury Gets Penis Pump Case, Judge Facing Stiff Sentence
06/29/2006 Former South Korean bank executive given one-year sentence
06/29/2006 Jury convicts man in killing, suggests life sentence
06/29/2006 14-year-old gets maximum sentence for killing homeless man
06/29/2006 Woman sentenced for role in killing
06/29/2006 Dayton man gets 60-month sentence for child porn
06/29/2006 Man Sentenced in Death of AMR Paramedic
06/29/2006 Grand Rapids man gets 5 year probation sentence for rape
06/29/2006 Couple sentenced for smuggling newborn
06/29/2006 Bookkeeper Sentenced in Embezzlement
06/29/2006 Sisters should get youth sentences psychiatrist
06/29/2006 Inmates sentenced in jailhouse shooting plot
06/29/2006 Couple sentenced in newborn's smuggling
06/29/2006 Former cafeteria manager sentenced to prison for taking 200,000
06/29/2006 Off the wire Two men sentenced to prison on piracy charges
06/29/2006 Sisters should get youth sentences psychiatrist
06/29/2006 Hicks to serve terror sentence in Australia if convicted
06/29/2006 Former Wentzville school superintendent sentenced in stalking case
06/29/2006 Child rapist sentenced to life
06/29/2006 Ark. Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Texarkana man
06/29/2006 Ex-pat Briton sentenced to 24 years for double killing
06/29/2006 Woman Sentenced to 27 Months in 1.5 Embezzlement
06/29/2006 Two men sentenced to prison on piracy charges
06/29/2006 Compulsive Shopper Sentence Resending
06/29/2006 Teen Who Cut Off Corpse's Head To Make Bong Sentenced
06/29/2006 Teen Sentenced For Cutting Off Corpse's Head To Make Bong
06/29/2006 Woman Sentenced in School Embezzlement
06/29/2006 Woman sentenced to 27 months in 1.5 million Pa. embezzlement case
06/29/2006 Hammer hitman gets 30-year sentence
06/29/2006 Compulsive shopper sentenced
06/29/2006 'Cunning' Teenage Killer Sentenced
06/29/2006 Inept hit man to be sentenced for botched murder attempt
06/29/2006 Guantanamo detainee Hicks to serve sentence in Australia if convicted
06/29/2006 Two Sentenced to Prison in Owensboro Murder
06/29/2006 Woman Gets 27 Months in 1.5M Embezzlement
06/29/2006 Ex-guard sentenced to 32 months
06/29/2006 Woman gets 27 months in $1.5M embezzlement
06/29/2006 Woman Gets 27 Months in 1.5M Embezzlement
06/29/2006 Prisoner sentenced in IRS scam
06/29/2006 Youngsville store owner sentenced for pirated DVD's
06/29/2006 Man Sentenced In Stabbing Outside High School
06/29/2006 Fayetteville man receives federal prison sentence for child porn
06/29/2006 Three Katrina Looters Receive 15-Year Prison Sentence
06/29/2006 Man To Be Sentenced In Journalist's Death
06/29/2006 Teenager sentenced to prison for breaking into tomb
06/29/2006 Life Sentence Disappointing To Cockman's Family
06/29/2006 Iraq murder charges raise possibility of military death sentence
06/29/2006 Life sentence recommended in Corydon double murder
06/29/2006 Grubb sentenced for hitting 5-year-old
06/29/2006 Life sentence recommended in double murder
06/29/2006 Coast Guard Sex Case Leads to Expulsion, Six-Month Sentence
06/29/2006 Lodhi escapes call for life sentence
06/29/2006 Guantanamo inmate to serve any sentence in Australia
06/29/2006 Coast Guard cadet sentenced to prison
06/28/2006 Katrina looters get 15 years in prison
06/28/2006 Tulsa man sentenced in girl's killing
06/28/2006 Johnson sentenced in killing of 10-year-old girl
06/28/2006 Man sentenced to 8-year imprisonment for possessing durgs
06/28/2006 Software Pirates Sentenced to Prison
06/28/2006 Five awarded life sentence in kidnapping case
06/28/2006 Teen Sentenced in Beating Death of Homeless Man
06/28/2006 Post-Katrina Looters Get 15-Year Sentences
06/28/2006 Official in state emergency office sentenced in perjury case
06/28/2006 Charges raise specter of military death sentences
06/28/2006 Cadet sentenced to prison for sex offense
06/28/2006 Coast Guard cadet sentenced to 6 months
06/28/2006 Men from Tenn., Maine sentenced in Mississippi Katrina fraud case
06/28/2006 Cadet sentenced to six months in prison for sexual misconduct
06/28/2006 Cadet sentenced to six months in prison for sexual misconduct%
06/28/2006 Former Vermont researcher sentenced to jail for falsifying work
06/28/2006 Cadet sentenced to 6 months in prison for sexual misconduct
06/28/2006 Cadet sentenced to six months in prison for sexual misconduct
06/28/2006 Cadet sentenced to six months in prison for sexual misconduct%
06/28/2006 Cadet sentenced to prison for sex offense
06/28/2006 Men from Tenn., Maine sentenced in Mississippi Katrina fraud case
06/28/2006 Men from Tennessee and Maine sentenced in Miss. Katrina fraud case
06/28/2006 Driver who left scene of fatal accident sentenced
06/28/2006 Judge Imposes Life Sentences On Edens, Holloway
06/28/2006 Compulsive Pa. Shopper Gets 27 Months
06/28/2006 Former UVM researcher sentenced for falsifying work
06/28/2006 Man awaits sentence for Mauckport murders
06/28/2006 Charges raise specter of military death sentences
06/28/2006 Mixed reaction as 3 sentenced for burning down Manitoba church
06/28/2006 One life sentence in Danish 'honour killing' case
06/28/2006 Phony Katrina Victim Gets Unique Sentence
06/28/2006 Tanzania to send refugee prisoners to Burundi 700 Burundian refugee prisoners currently serving jail sentences in Kigoma and Kagera regions of Tanzania will be sent home to complete their sentences.
06/28/2006 Sentences for assassination upheld
06/28/2006 Educator sentenced for sexual battery
06/28/2006 9 await honor-killing sentence in Denmark
06/28/2006 Millionaire daughter given life sentence
06/28/2006 Former school district chief begins jail sentence
06/28/2006 Man sentenced to 40 years in prison for dealing drugs
06/28/2006 Judge reduces jail sentence
06/28/2006 2 girls sentenced for threats on MySpace
06/28/2006 Detroit man loses appeal of murder sentence in Bolivar Co. case
06/28/2006 Murder manual girl sentenced
06/28/2006 Man sentenced for role in water fraternity ritual
06/28/2006 Amherst bank teller who passed phony money to customer sentenced
06/28/2006 Wife who served up husband appeals life sentence
06/28/2006 'Murder book' girl to be sentenced
06/28/2006 Iran condemns nine Arab citizens to death for bombings, rights group calls for retrial
06/27/2006 Decision due on killer's sentence
06/27/2006 Iran Condemns 9 Arab Citizens to Death
06/27/2006 Ex-captain sentenced in bribery
06/27/2006 Former Wetumka resident faces death sentence
06/27/2006 Man Sentenced to Prison for Dealing Drugs
06/27/2006 Former District Attorney Sentenced
06/27/2006 Babysitter Sentenced for Kidnapping Baby
06/27/2006 Judges criticised over short rape sentences
06/27/2006 Anger over sentence for killer car driver
06/27/2006 WPB woman sentenced for theft of more than 100,000
06/27/2006 Families, Friends Wait For Jury's Decision On Sentence
06/27/2006 Court upholds 15-year sentence for sex offender
06/27/2006 Killer of 2 is sentenced to life in prison
06/27/2006 SJ Man Sentenced For Biting Agent
06/27/2006 West Chester Woman Sentenced In Sex Crime
06/27/2006 Former Teacher Sentenced for Sexual Assaults
06/27/2006 Wrightstown Teacher Sentenced To 15 Years
06/27/2006 Lawrence man sentenced to 12 years for selling crack
06/27/2006 S.J. Man Sentenced For Biting Secret Service Agent
06/27/2006 Fines offender appeals his excessive sentence
06/27/2006 Ex-Matteson Man Sentenced For Immigration Fraud
06/27/2006 Former Hernando official sentenced for fondling girl
06/27/2006 Camp photographer sentenced on porn convictions
06/27/2006 Teen Sentenced for Attacks on Elderly Women
06/27/2006 Former UVM professor convicted of research fraud to be sentenced
06/27/2006 Former UVM professor to be sentenced
06/27/2006 Former Assistant Principal Sentenced Today
06/27/2006 Durham Man Sentenced To Prison In Insurance Scam
06/27/2006 Egypt Editor, Reporter for Weekly Sentenced to Year in Jail for 'Insulting' President Mubarak
06/27/2006 Durham man sentenced to prison in insurance scam
06/27/2006 Latin Kings' Minister of Defense Gets Over 21 Year Sentence
06/27/2006 Tae kwon do instructor sentenced for raping student
06/26/2006 Insurance fraud draws sentence
06/26/2006 God caused crash to save him, says man sentenced in death
06/26/2006 Necrophiliac sentenced to life in prison
06/26/2006 Editor, Reporter Sentenced to Year in Jail for "Insulting" President Mubarak
06/26/2006 Woman Sentenced for Killing 10-Year-Old Niece
06/26/2006 Two men sentenced to death for drug making in northwest China
06/26/2006 Federal appeals court upholds death sentence for NC man
06/26/2006 Boy George sentenced
06/26/2006 IOF troops arrest 15 Palestinians, sentence another to 13 years
06/26/2006 Court Upholds Death Sentence for N.C. Man
06/26/2006 Federal appeals court upholds death sentence for N.C. man
06/26/2006 Man Sentenced for Trafficking Black Leopard Kitten
06/26/2006 Child molester gets life sentence
06/26/2006 Gary woman who kept cousin's body in bin is sentenced
06/26/2006 Man Sentenced In Abuse Case Of West Valley Toddler
06/26/2006 Two members of identity theft ring sentenced
06/26/2006 Man Sentenced for Injuring Toddler
06/26/2006 Former cemetery treasurer sentenced
06/26/2006 Rejected asylum-seeker deported from UK sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment after unfair trial
06/26/2006 China court hands down death sentence for executive convicted of embezzlement
06/26/2006 Convicted murderers sentence will stand
06/26/2006 F.B.I. Most Wanted Man to be Re-Sentenced
06/26/2006 Accused gang leader sentenced
06/25/2006 China oilfield firm chief sentenced to death
06/25/2006 Drug Ring Leader to be Sentenced Monday
06/24/2006 Why half the sentence? Why?
06/24/2006 Ottawa court hands down life sentences in firebomb case
06/24/2006 Gays sentenced for abusing foster sons
06/24/2006 Man to be sentenced for getting, sharing child pornography online
06/24/2006 Auto Dealer Sentenced for Loan Fraud
06/24/2006 Congo-Kinshasa Journalist Sentenced to Four Months in Prison And Payment of 5,000 in Damages
06/23/2006 N.C. auto dealer sentenced after massive loan fraud
06/23/2006 Stanford sentenced for viewing child pornography
06/23/2006 Santa Cruz County Superintendent Sentenced
06/23/2006 Man sentenced to at least 20 years for sexual assault
06/23/2006 Baltimore police officer who robbed drug dealers sentenced to 139 years in prison
06/23/2006 Tucson man sentenced on child porn charges
06/23/2006 Ex-boxer Etienne gets 150-year sentence
06/23/2006 Sierra Vista Basketball Player Sentenced in Hazing Case
06/23/2006 UW-Eau Claire student sentenced for stealing mail
06/23/2006 10-year sentence urged for Mariano
06/23/2006 Cerio Sentenced
06/23/2006 Local auto dealer sentenced
06/23/2006 Judge Torres relents, gives harsher crack sentence
06/23/2006 Massachusetts man receives 5-year sentence in sex case
06/23/2006 Fink Sentenced in Car Crash Incident
06/23/2006 Priest Sentenced For Mishandling Funds
06/23/2006 Teen Sentenced For Hazing
06/23/2006 Ex-Boxer Etienne Gets 150-Year Sentence
06/23/2006 Ex-boxer Etienne gets 150-year sentence for Baton Rouge spree
06/23/2006 Ex-naval intelligence officer sentenced
06/23/2006 Ex-Wal-Mart vice president sentenced to 6 months supervised release
06/23/2006 Former Navy intel officer from Indiana sentenced to life for wife's death
06/23/2006 Fourth person sentenced in Miss. federal identity theft case
06/23/2006 Man pleads to receive lesser sentence in infant's murder
06/23/2006 Man sentenced to 50 years for sex crimes involving minor
06/23/2006 Kaua'i man gets 10-year sentence for sex with child
06/23/2006 Slidell man sentenced for stealing Colorado man's identity
06/23/2006 Man sentenced in burglaries that included fire at Rally's
06/23/2006 Teen given suspended sentence
06/23/2006 Couple sentenced for animal cruelty
06/23/2006 Louisiana man sentenced for stealing another's identity
06/23/2006 Soda 'prank' nets 6-month sentence
06/23/2006 Sentences not meant to deter, top court rules
06/23/2006 Prosecutors seek life sentence for army chief
06/23/2006 China passes death sentence for tattoo abuse
06/23/2006 Baumgartner Denied Counsel, Contempt Sentence Unconstitutional
06/22/2006 White collar criminals urged to heed Cooper sentence
06/22/2006 Mom sentenced in R17m fraud case
06/22/2006 Area teacher sentenced for thefts
06/22/2006 Ex-Michigan Public Media employee sentenced to probation
06/22/2006 Ex-Michigan publisher sentenced in theft, false imprisonment case
06/22/2006 Raleigh County Eye Doctor Sentenced
06/22/2006 Mercer County Man Sentenced on Child Neglect and Wanton Endangerment Charges
06/22/2006 Great Falls man gets deferred sentence
06/22/2006 Pilot sentenced over Alps crash
06/22/2006 Pulaski Man Sentenced For Pirating DVD's
06/22/2006 Man Sentenced For Killing Girlfriend
06/22/2006 'General deterrence' can't be used in youth sentences
06/22/2006 Clerk who urinated in soda sentenced to six months
06/22/2006 Man sentenced to life in prison for dismemberment slaying
06/22/2006 Mich. woman sentenced for trying to arrange aunt's death in Pa.
06/22/2006 Former pastor to be sentenced in sex crime
06/22/2006 Meth addict sentenced to 15 years for identity theft
06/22/2006 Man sentenced for pirating D-V-Ds
06/22/2006 Man Sentenced for Strangling Girlfriend
06/22/2006 Number of Prison Sentences for Drug Offenses Skyrockets
06/22/2006 Prosecutor criticizes 1-year sentence for fatal plow crash
06/22/2006 Arlington woman sentenced to death for starving child
06/22/2006 Man sentenced to prison for killing Holyoke business man in Puerto Rico
06/22/2006 Ex-welfare employee sentenced for fraud
06/22/2006 Man sentenced to life in prison for four slayings
06/22/2006 Springfield woman gets federal prison sentence
06/22/2006 The Sentence Oz Justice
06/22/2006 Court 1st Amendment Doesn't Shield Author
06/22/2006 Briefs Man sentenced in fatal stabbing of father
06/22/2006 Man sentenced for killing his girlfriend's lover
06/21/2006 Man who tried to coordinate suicide party sentenced to mental hospital
06/21/2006 Former public defender sentenced
06/21/2006 Cuba gives ex-politburo member 12-year sentence for influence
06/21/2006 Woman sentenced to death for starving child
06/21/2006 Man Sentenced in Girlfriend Lover Killing
06/21/2006 Deputy Sentenced for Sex with Inmate
06/21/2006 Belgium sentences two for racist Web site
06/21/2006 Former Waffle House cook sentenced to 12 months probation, fined 500
06/21/2006 Man Sentenced for Teen Girlfriend's Murder
06/21/2006 Man sentenced to 10 years for guilty plea in child torture case
06/21/2006 Woman sentenced for faking own murder
06/21/2006 Convict Getting Parole On 16-Year Sentence After 1 Year
06/21/2006 Former PB alderman Jack Foster begins prison sentence
06/21/2006 Murderer Sentenced
06/21/2006 Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Quadruple Killing
06/21/2006 Woman convicted in Katrina fraud to be sentenced Monday
06/21/2006 Parking Garage Murder Suspect Sentenced
06/21/2006 Judge sentences man to 35 years in prison
06/21/2006 Man gets life sentence for quadruple killing
06/21/2006 Dynegy Re-Sentencing Could Give Insight
06/21/2006 State worker sentenced for fraud
06/21/2006 Another Roslyn player sentenced
06/21/2006 Man sentenced in meth case
06/21/2006 Serbia prosecutor sentenced for bribery
06/21/2006 Trucker incompetent to be sentenced in fatal crash
06/21/2006 Conditional sentence for Alberta Gay Pride Week attack
06/21/2006 Ohio trucker with MS found incompetent to be sentenced
06/21/2006 Man sentenced to seven years in 89-year-old's shooting
06/21/2006 Robert Bassett, Jr. Sentenced To Life Without Parole
06/21/2006 Man sentenced to 7 years in 89-year-old's shooting
06/21/2006 Man Sentenced to 7 Years in Cannady Murder
06/21/2006 Cat dodges death sentence
06/21/2006 Judge to sentence mother in abduction case
06/21/2006 Ex-priest sentenced to 10 years in prison
06/21/2006 Man Sentenced for Transmitting Porn Images
06/21/2006 Former East Spencer politicians sentenced
06/21/2006 Australian lunchbox smuggler sentenced
06/21/2006 Fatal crash driver flees sentence
06/21/2006 Two Pakistanis, Nigerian sentenced for drug smuggling in China
06/20/2006 Baumgartner Denial Of Counsel Renders Sentence Unconstitutional
06/20/2006 U.S. court sentences couple for abusing adopted Russian child
06/20/2006 Day-Care Operator Sentenced To One To 15 Years
06/20/2006 Snowtown convicted appeals sentence
06/20/2006 Woodard sentenced to life in '03 murder
06/20/2006 Three sentenced in Medicaid fraud ring
06/20/2006 Two town officials, businessman sentenced in corruption case
06/20/2006 Woman Sentenced In Grocery Store Bad Check Ring
06/20/2006 New Vermont Law Will Lengthen Many Murder Sentences
06/20/2006 Paris Court Sentences French Mercenary for Coup Attempt in Comoros
06/20/2006 Attempted Kidnapper Sentenced
06/20/2006 Murderer sentenced to life without parole
06/20/2006 Abramoff, Kidan Get 3 Month Delay in Sentences
06/20/2006 Kids Accused in Fla. Brush Fire Sentenced
06/20/2006 Man in Missoula sentenced on rape charges
06/20/2006 Former Canada civil servant sentenced to 3 1/2 years in sponsorship scandal case
06/20/2006 Judge Sentences Cat to Life Indoors for Avon-Lady Ambush
06/20/2006 Sentence handed down in Missoula County killing
06/20/2006 Man sentenced to maximum for attempted kidnapping
06/20/2006 B.C. broker sentenced to 6 years after swindling 10.3M
06/20/2006 College student sentenced for double fatal crash
06/20/2006 Boy sentenced for killing in Missoula County
06/20/2006 Woman sentenced in child sex case
06/20/2006 Man Sentenced For Identity Theft
06/20/2006 French "Dog of War" sentenced for Comoros coup
06/20/2006 French "Dog of War" sentenced for Comoros coup
06/20/2006 Man sentenced for killing lover's husband
06/20/2006 Russian Supreme Court overturns sentence of synagogue attacker
06/20/2006 Father, Son Who Admitted Arson Are Sentenced
06/20/2006 Wife sentenced in murder case
06/20/2006 It's an automatic jail sentence for him
06/20/2006 Teenage killer sentenced; wife of victim still in jail
06/19/2006 Oakland Girl Sentenced For Stabbing Woman
06/19/2006 Ex-stock picker gets prison sentence
06/19/2006 S-burg man sentenced for assault
06/19/2006 Red Lake teen sentenced for threats
06/19/2006 Jack sentenced to 100 years
06/19/2006 Ex-Stock Picker Gets Prison Sentence
06/19/2006 Man Sentenced for Killing Over Fish Tank
06/19/2006 NRI gets death sentence for murder in Kuwait
06/19/2006 Taft grants 4th delay in Spirko death sentence
06/19/2006 Murder Sentence
06/19/2006 Palmer woman gets life sentence for murdering husband with minivan
06/19/2006 Chief Prosecutor Demands Death Sentence For Saddam
06/19/2006 Guité sentenced to 42 months in prison
06/19/2006 Guite sentenced
06/19/2006 Ex-adscam boss Guite sentenced to 42 months jail
06/19/2006 Guite sentenced to 42 months
06/19/2006 Guité sentenced to 3½ years in prison
06/19/2006 Guité sentenced to 3½ years in prison
06/19/2006 Man sentenced for killing Iraq war vet
06/19/2006 Reid confirms increased sentences for knives
06/19/2006 Sentence of Riddle rapist upheld
06/19/2006 Israel sentences colonel to 15 years in prison for providing information to Hezbollah
06/19/2006 Knife sentences may be extended
06/19/2006 Stalker victim condemns sentence
06/19/2006 Woman to be sentenced for misusing Social Security number
06/19/2006 Prosecutors call for Saddam death sentence
06/19/2006 Former adscam boss Guite to be sentenced today
06/19/2006 HIV-positive child molester sentenced to eight years
06/19/2006 Iraq prosecutors request death sentence for Saddam
06/19/2006 Iraqi prosecutors ask death sentence for Saddam
06/19/2006 Iraqi court sentences 46 Iranians to prison for illegal entry
06/19/2006 Indian sentenced to death in Kuwait
06/19/2006 A Death Sentence Courts Can't Seem to Live With
06/19/2006 Mother attacks Sweeney sentence
06/18/2006 Minister under pressure after attacking judge's sex case sentence
06/18/2006 High-ranking Israeli Arab army officer sentenced to 15 years on spying charges
06/18/2006 Israeli Arab officer sentenced for spying
06/18/2006 HIV-positive man sentenced to 8 years for molesting two boys
06/18/2006 Sentence of Riddle rapist is upheld
06/18/2006 Mother's call over sentences
06/18/2006 Sentence of Riddle rapist upheld
06/18/2006 Victim's mother criticises sentence
06/17/2006 Judges break sentences silence
06/17/2006 Judges speak out on sentences
06/17/2006 Karate Teacher Sentenced In Attack On Girls
06/17/2006 Karate Teacher Sentenced For Attacking Girls
06/17/2006 Woman sentenced for stealing antique coin collection
06/17/2006 Man sentenced for cocaine dealing
06/17/2006 New Kensington man gets sentenced to more time
06/17/2006 Karate Teacher Sentenced In Attack On Girls
06/17/2006 Former Minister Sentenced to Eight Years for Child Porn
06/17/2006 Man who broke in, shot brothers sentenced
06/17/2006 Husband Of Mary Kay Letourneau Sentenced In DUI Case
06/17/2006 Mary Kay Letourneau's Husband Sentenced In DUI Case
06/17/2006 Portsmouth man sentenced for drug sales
06/17/2006 Sloppy bandit sentenced in holdup of Glendale store
06/17/2006 Letourneau husband sentenced for DUI
06/17/2006 Crack cocaine dealer gets 8-year sentence
06/17/2006 Man's Death Sentence Is Vermont Anomaly
06/17/2006 Doctor sentenced to 11 years in motorized wheelchair scheme
06/17/2006 Sentence imposed in infant deaths
06/16/2006 Three more guards sentenced in jail beatings
06/16/2006 Man receives 2-year sentence for stealing Katrina supplies
06/16/2006 Fualaau gets suspended sentence for DUI
06/16/2006 Fualaau gets suspended sentence for DUI
06/16/2006 Fualaau sentenced for DUI
06/16/2006 Grandmother's killer given death sentence
06/16/2006 Three jailers sentenced in fatal beating
06/16/2006 Man Sentenced in Case of Missing Women
06/16/2006 Fell Receives Death Sentence
06/16/2006 President of pizza restaurant sentenced for tax fraud
06/16/2006 Hale County Man Sentenced to Prison for Child Pornography