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05/07/2006 Palestinian Professor to be Sentenced
05/07/2006 Belarusian opposition leader sentenced to jail
05/07/2006 Serial stalker sentenced
05/07/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced to Life in Prison
05/07/2006 Lebanon man begins sentence in illegal dumping case
05/07/2006 Death sentence for human sacrifice
05/06/2006 Teen sentenced in killing of man
05/06/2006 Man sentenced for stealing hundreds of IDs
05/06/2006 Marshfield man sentenced on child porn charges
05/06/2006 Man's sentence in school arson conviction thrown out
05/06/2006 Woman known for good deeds sentenced for stealing
05/06/2006 Teen sentenced to life for bus driver's murder
05/06/2006 Graveyard ID thief sentenced
05/05/2006 Hill sentenced for shooting best friend
05/05/2006 Man Who Stole Identities Of Dead Children Sentenced
05/05/2006 Judge Sentences Man For Child Pornography
05/05/2006 Ganim loses bid for new sentence
05/05/2006 Home invasion sentence a joke, says victim
05/05/2006 Hudson Valley man faces life sentence for murder-arson
05/05/2006 Jennifer Diaz to be sentenced June 5
05/05/2006 Man who abducted child from park sentenced
05/05/2006 Jean Brault sentenced to 30 months in prison
05/05/2006 Sponsorship player Brault sentenced to 30 months
05/05/2006 Man sentenced for stealing hundreds of IDs
05/05/2006 ID thief sentenced for using dead children's names in fraud scheme
05/05/2006 Teen sentenced to life for killing school bus driver
05/05/2006 Shelby man sentenced for meth
05/05/2006 Jean Brault expected to be sentenced today
05/05/2006 Man freed from death row challenging no-parole sentence
05/05/2006 The Moussaoui Sentence
05/05/2006 Kuwaiti sentenced in lesser traffic charges
05/05/2006 Minner wont commute spouse killer sentence
05/04/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life imprisonment as 11/9 conspirator
05/04/2006 Teen Sentenced In Dog Hanging
05/04/2006 Mother sentenced in 5-year-old son's drowning
05/04/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life, Week in Review
05/04/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced to Life at Supermax
05/04/2006 Unrepentant Moussaoui Sentenced
05/04/2006 Stephens Sentenced To 12 Years
05/04/2006 Moussaoui May Serve Sentence at Supermax
05/04/2006 Iran sentences 52 Sufis and their lawyers to jail, flogging
05/04/2006 Andrus To Serve Five Life Sentences
05/04/2006 Former DEQ employee sentenced in embezzlement case
05/04/2006 Judge delivers Moussaoui sentence
05/04/2006 Boy Sentenced For Hanging Dog
05/04/2006 Man Sentenced for Sexual Assault
05/04/2006 Couple sentenced for forcing girl to work
05/04/2006 ASU Student Sentenced in Fatal Hit-and-Run
05/04/2006 Bishara sentenced to probation, community service
05/04/2006 Life sentence for 9/11 conspirator Moussaoui
05/04/2006 Judge sentences Moussaoui
05/04/2006 Moussaoui's Mother Blames France For Sentence
05/04/2006 Moussaoui formally sentenced
05/04/2006 Mom Moussaoui Sentence Worse Than Death
05/04/2006 Sentence In Crash That Killed Grandma
05/04/2006 Defiant, Belligerant Moussaoui Sentenced to Life
05/04/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life for 9/11 crimes
05/04/2006 Man sentenced to 60 years in prison for murdering couple
05/04/2006 Moussaoui Formally Sentenced to Life in Prison
05/04/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life for 9/11
05/04/2006 Bucks Child Molester Sentenced
05/04/2006 Zacarias Moussaoui Formally Sentenced
05/04/2006 Moussaoui Formally Given Life Sentence
05/04/2006 Crime bill sets mandatory minimum sentences
05/04/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced
05/04/2006 SEPT. 11 ATTACKS 9/11 conspirator Moussaoui sentenced to life in prison
05/04/2006 Moussauoui sentenced to life
05/04/2006 Moussaoui's life sentence handed down
05/04/2006 Hendrix's son sentenced to 6 months probation in alcohol case
05/04/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life for 9/11 conspiracy
05/04/2006 Defiant Moussaoui Sentenced
05/04/2006 Judge confirms Moussaoui sentence
05/04/2006 Moussaoui Formally Sentenced to Life
05/04/2006 Emotions Mixed As Moussaoui Sentenced
05/04/2006 Driver who killed friend sentenced to house arrest
05/04/2006 Man who defrauded nuns sentenced to 25 years
05/04/2006 Four Lawbreakers Sentenced for Sale of National Security Items to China
05/04/2006 Moussaoui spared execution, sentenced to life in prison
05/04/2006 Moussaoui spared execution, sentenced to life in prison, taunts America
05/04/2006 Teen sentenced in mother’s death
05/03/2006 9/11 plotter Moussaoui spared death, sentenced to life
05/03/2006 Thomas Sentenced video included
05/03/2006 7-year sentence in fatal bar beating
05/03/2006 9/11 conspirator sentenced to life in prison
05/03/2006 Sex Offender Sentenced
05/03/2006 9-11 victim’s family reacts to Moussaoui’s life sentence
05/03/2006 Former Shelby County EMA Director sentenced
05/03/2006 Woman who gave teens alcohol before fatal crash sentenced to probation
05/03/2006 Sept 11 relatives welcome Moussaoui sentence
05/03/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life
05/03/2006 Spanish Hacker Sentenced to Two Years in Prison
05/03/2006 Cocaine Sentence
05/03/2006 Life Sentence
05/03/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced to Life in Prison, Spared Death Penalty
05/03/2006 Burlington Killer Sentenced
05/03/2006 Moussaoui spared death, sentenced to life
05/03/2006   Moussaoui spared death, sentenced to life in Sept. 11 attacks
05/03/2006 Moussaoui spared death sentence
05/03/2006 9/11 Plotter Spared Death Sentence
05/03/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced to Life for Role in 9/11 Plot
05/03/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life in 9/11 attacks
05/03/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced to Life in Sept. 11 Attacks
05/03/2006 9/11 Conspirator Moussaoui Sentenced To Life In Prison
05/03/2006 Moussaoui escapes death sentence
05/03/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life in prison
05/03/2006 Moussaoui Escapes Death Sentence For 9/11 Role
05/03/2006 Moussaoui gets life sentence
05/03/2006 Moussaoui sentenced to life without parole
05/03/2006 Nine-Eleven relatives support Moussaoui life sentence verdict
05/03/2006 Zacarias Moussaoui sentenced to life in prison
05/03/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced to Life Shouts America You Lost!
05/03/2006 Jury sentences Moussaoui to life in prison for 9/11 attacks
05/03/2006 Jury gives Moussaoui life sentence
05/03/2006 Moussaoui Sentenced To Life In Prison
05/03/2006 German prosecutor demands life sentence in retrial of cannibalism defendant
05/03/2006 Moussaoui spared death, sentenced to life in Sept. 11 attacks
05/03/2006 The Latest Moussaoui spared death, sentenced to life in Sept. 11 attacks 111 PM
05/03/2006 Texas Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Sexual Relationship With Stepson
05/03/2006 Former Boxer Sentenced For 2002 Murder
05/03/2006 Prosecutor wants life sentence for German cannibal
05/03/2006 Manistee doc loses appeal on indecent exposure sentence
05/03/2006 Esmie Tseng Sentenced to More Than Eight Years in Prison
05/03/2006 UN court confirms sentences of Bosnian Croats
05/03/2006 Woman Sentenced For Sex With Stepson
05/03/2006 Teen Sentenced for Arson
05/03/2006 Cannibal of Rotenburg Faces Life Sentence as Retrial Nears End
05/03/2006 Brit govt tries to increase sentences for baby rape couple
05/03/2006 War Crimes Tribunal Upholds Sentences of Bosnian Croats
05/03/2006 Woman gets 20-year sentence for stepson relationship
05/03/2006 Woman Sentenced To 13 Years For Robbing Bank In Witch Costume On Halloween
05/03/2006 'Witch' Robber Is Sentenced
05/03/2006 Jail time Americans ask if killer daughter should serve adult sentence
05/03/2006 78-Year-Old Man Sentenced In Slaying Of Wife
05/03/2006 Al-Qaida No 2 in Yemen gets light sentence
05/03/2006 Luther man sentenced to 20 years
05/03/2006 Family blast driver's sentence a 'joke'
05/03/2006 Nanny sentenced for shaking baby
05/03/2006 Ark. parole board says it's urging sentence cuts for five
05/03/2006 Yemen court sentences key al Qaeda suspect to jail
05/03/2006 Call To Raise 'Monster's' Sentence
05/03/2006 Court upholds ex-Yukos CEO Khodorkovsky 8-yr sentence
05/03/2006 Former New York charity executive sentenced to 2 to 6 years
05/02/2006 Ex-educator sentenced to prison
05/02/2006 Ex-Educator in Va. Sentenced to Prison
05/02/2006 Ex-New York Charity Executive Sentenced
05/02/2006 Couple's rape sentences reviewed
05/02/2006 Former county commissioner sentenced in 'Tennessee Waltz' sting
05/02/2006 Man sentenced in Old Orchard slaying
05/02/2006 Seminarian sentenced in fatal crash
05/02/2006 Ex-commissioner sentenced in Tenn. sting
05/02/2006 'Cemetery murder' leads to 27-year-sentence
05/02/2006 Man gets life sentence for New Year's Day killing
05/02/2006 Former Norfolk educator sentenced in drug ring case
05/02/2006 Killer of 12-year-old boy gets maximum sentence
05/02/2006 Man sentenced for sexual contact with boys
05/02/2006 Iran court sentences 2 Swedes to prison
05/02/2006 PlayStation Murder Draws Life Sentence
05/02/2006 Oslo court sentences three over Munch paintings robbery
05/02/2006 Tennessee Waltz defendant sentenced to 3 years in prison
05/02/2006 Three sentenced for daring 'Scream' theft in Oslo
05/02/2006 Three sentenced for daring Scream theft
05/02/2006 William Cotton Sentenced to Three Years in Prison
05/02/2006 Former Commissioner Sentenced in Tennessee Waltz Case
05/02/2006 Man Sentenced for Stealing Grave Decorations
05/02/2006 Limo Driver Sentenced After Wild Ride To Prom
05/02/2006 Jordan sentences 10 militants to prison
05/02/2006 Bonner sentenced to 122 years
05/02/2006 Jordan Sentences 10 Militants for Plotting Attacks on US Troops
05/02/2006 Woman Sentenced In Immigrant Smuggling Attempt
05/02/2006 Woman Sentenced for Cleaning Up Crime Scene
05/02/2006 Al-Arian receives maximum sentence
05/02/2006 Woman sentenced to more than 17 years in deadly smuggling attempt
05/02/2006 Woman sentenced to more than 17 years in prison in deadly smuggling attempt
05/02/2006 Voided Death Sentence to Be Reconsidered
05/02/2006 Teen sentenced in mom's killing
05/02/2006 Two Swedes sentenced to jail terms in Iran
05/02/2006 Two Swedes jailed in Iran over military photographs
05/02/2006 Child porn draws 32-month sentence
05/01/2006 Members of illegal immigrant fraud ring sentenced
05/01/2006 Professor sentenced for aiding terror
05/01/2006 Palestinian professor sentenced for terrorism in US
05/01/2006 Prisoner sentenced for assaulting baliff
05/01/2006 Teen who stabbed mother sentenced to at least 25 years in prison
05/01/2006 Accused Palace cup-tosser sentenced to 30 days for assault
05/01/2006 Pete Rose Jr. sentenced to prison on drug charges
05/01/2006 Student loans a life sentence
05/01/2006 Judge Sentences Scholl to Life Without Parole
05/01/2006 Student loans A life sentence
05/01/2006 Man sentenced to 40 years
05/01/2006 Sentence won't loosen spiteful dad's lips
05/01/2006 Maryland man sentenced for crash that killed 18-year-old woman
05/01/2006 Third Person Arrested in Lyons' Murder Case Sentenced
05/01/2006 Prom limo driver sentenced to 10 days in jail
05/01/2006 Ex-professor sentenced in Jihad case
05/01/2006 Florida professor sentenced in terrorism case
05/01/2006 Pete Rose, Jr., To Be Sentenced Today
05/01/2006 Frm. Professor Sentenced to More Prison Time
05/01/2006 Judge Considers Reducing Sentence Of Gang Leader
05/01/2006 Order is a death sentence for our cows
05/01/2006 Smuggler's sentence reduced
05/01/2006 Smuggler's Thai sentence cut
05/01/2006 Indonesian Militants Sentenced In Terrorism Case
05/01/2006 Bothell woman sentenced for pension fraud
05/01/2006 Professor in Terror Case to Be Sentenced
04/30/2006 Why are death sentences and executions dropping?
04/30/2006 20-member illegal emigration gang sentenced in E. China city
04/30/2006 Owens sentenced for murder of Sonya Ivanoff
04/30/2006 Csonka sentenced in federal court
04/29/2006 Hudson Valley man sentenced for armed robbery
04/29/2006 GB Man Sentenced For Embezzling From Wal-Mart
04/29/2006 Owner of call girl service sentenced to prison
04/29/2006 Man Sentenced In Cocaine Trafficking Case
04/29/2006 Luther man sentenced to 20 years in 2 deaths
04/29/2006 Appeal over hit-and-run sentence
04/29/2006 2 gangsters get 5-year sentence
04/29/2006 Three death sentences upheld
04/29/2006 Man sentenced after 17 years on the lam
04/29/2006 Woman, 76, sentenced in check scam
04/28/2006 Prosecutors to appeal Bali Nine sentences
04/28/2006 Gang who killed Mary-Ann sentenced to 154 years' jail
04/28/2006 Chicago man sentenced to 30 months for fraud and identity theft
04/28/2006 Dictionary banned at death sentence deliberations
04/28/2006 Man Sentenced for Kidnapping His Children
04/28/2006 Arkansas man sentenced to 60 years for murder solicitation
04/28/2006 Lexington Father Sentenced For Son's Death
04/28/2006 Chicago man sentenced for identity theft in RI
04/28/2006 Indonesia appeals Bali nine sentence cuts
04/28/2006 PSL doctor sentenced to 50 years in prison
04/28/2006 Zanesville Drug Dealer Sentenced
04/28/2006 WI Man Accused Of Killing Family Is Sentenced
04/28/2006 Long sentence won't loosen dad's lips
04/28/2006 Long sentence won't loosen spiteful dad's lips
04/28/2006 2 men sentenced to prison in boy's death
04/28/2006 2 Men Sentenced to Prison in Boy's Death
04/28/2006 Waubonsie Graduates Sentenced In Hate Crime
04/28/2006 Peltier loses appeal on murder sentence
04/28/2006 Porter sentenced to 38 years in kidnapping of children
04/28/2006 Liberia Taylor may serve sentence in African country
04/28/2006 Father Who Admits to Killing Son to be Sentenced
04/28/2006 Man sentenced to life in prison in father's slaying
04/28/2006 Moussaoui Jurors Resume Sentence Deliberations
04/28/2006 Charged & Sentenced
04/28/2006 Teen sentenced to 62 years in murder plot
04/28/2006 Landlord sentenced to house arrest in run-down building
04/28/2006 Man sentenced in Wood Co. fatal hit-and-run
04/28/2006 Liverpool fan's Bulgarian jail sentence reduced
04/28/2006 Firework dog attacker sentenced
04/28/2006 2 Years Dropped From Cop's Fatal DUI Sentence
04/28/2006 Yahoo caused Chinese writer 10-year sentence
04/28/2006 Jailed footie fan has sentence cut
04/28/2006 Judge sentences Ill. podiatrist to death
04/28/2006 Jailed Liverpool Fan's Sentence Cut
04/28/2006 Marysville man sentenced as leader of drug ring
04/28/2006 Soldier Sentenced After Admitting Gay Porn Role
04/28/2006 Jailed fan has sentence reduced
04/28/2006 'Flying' Dentist Sentenced For Fraud
04/28/2006 Mary-Ann killers face sentence
04/28/2006 Bill signed which increases sentences for sex crimes
04/27/2006 Podiatrist sentenced to death for murder of federal witness
04/27/2006 Podiatrist Sentenced to Death Fro Murder
04/27/2006 Ben killers in court for sentence
04/27/2006 Woman Sentenced for Slipping Man Drug Overdose
04/27/2006 Philly drug kingpin sentenced to 30 years
04/27/2006 Animal crematory worker sentenced for dumping animals on the side of road
04/27/2006 Rapper Sentenced
04/27/2006 Indonesia sentences militant to 7 years
04/27/2006 As hit-and-run driver is sentenced, prosecutor decries heartless disregard
04/27/2006 Man sentenced to 27 years for child porn
04/27/2006 Judge cuts five Bali drug mules' sentences
04/27/2006 Ex-cop's sentence reduced in fatal crash
04/27/2006 Sentence cut leaves Lawrence smiling
04/27/2006 Belarussian opposition leader sentenced to 15 days jail
04/27/2006 Reputed mob boss get federal prison sentence
04/27/2006 HE CAN APPEAL Outlawed Batasuna's Otegi will not go to jail despite sentence
04/27/2006 Independence Peeping Tom Sentenced
04/27/2006 Belarus Opposition Activists Sentenced to Jail for Protests
04/27/2006 News Middlebury teen sentenced for role in murder
04/27/2006 Belarus opposition leader jailed over rally
04/27/2006 Belarus opposition leader arrested, sentenced
04/27/2006 Brazilian Farmer Sentenced to 18 Years for Nun Slaying
04/27/2006 Prosecutor 'Disappointed' With 'Lost' Star's Jail Sentence
04/27/2006 Belarusian opposition leader sentenced to jail
04/27/2006 Reduced Sentences For Bali Heroin Smugglers
04/27/2006 New Orleans rapper "Turk" sentenced to 12 years in deputy shooting
04/27/2006 Indonesian court cuts sentences for five Australian drug smugglers
04/27/2006 Basque separatist leader sentenced to 15 months despite peace hopes
04/27/2006 ETA-link politician jail sentence
04/27/2006 Yukos lawyer attorneys appeal 7-year sentence
04/27/2006 Mother sentenced in beating death of baby
04/27/2006 Ferriday woman sentenced for FEMA theft
04/27/2006 Man sentenced to three years in prison for involuntary manslaughter
04/27/2006 Two men sentenced for roles in bizarre murder plot
04/27/2006 BREAKING NEWS National Court sentences Batasuna's Otegi to 15 months in prison
04/27/2006 Worester man sentenced to prison in stabbing death
04/27/2006 Farmer Sentenced in Killing of American Nun
04/27/2006 Prosecutor 'disappointed' with Rodriguez's jail sentence
04/27/2006 Indian origin man sentenced to hang for killing wife
04/26/2006 Mainstream News Kerry's Tire-Slashers Sentenced
04/26/2006 Ex-agent sentenced in scandal
04/26/2006 Loan scam nets prison sentence for Guymon man
04/26/2006 Pimp gets 70-month sentence
04/26/2006 Man who sold stolen goods on eBay gets 14-year prison sentence
04/26/2006 Brazilian Farmer Sentenced to 18 Years
04/26/2006 Bali nine life sentences cut
04/26/2006 NYC firefighter begins sentence in brawl
04/26/2006 State Supreme Court upholds Livingston carjack death sentence
04/26/2006 9/11 widow speaks out about sentence for Moussaoui
04/26/2006 Kirkwood man sentenced for mortgage fraud
04/26/2006 Three sentenced in murder plot
04/26/2006 Pontiac men sentenced to 40-60 years in former athlete's death
04/26/2006 Brussels defies states to create EU-wide sentence
04/26/2006 Congresswoman's son sentenced for slashing GOP tires
04/26/2006 Teen sentenced in skating-trick beating
04/26/2006 Democrat's son sentenced for slashing GOP tires
04/26/2006 Lawmakers's son sentenced for tire slashing
04/26/2006 Woman sentenced in cousin's murder, decapitation
04/26/2006 Seaside Man Gets Life Sentence For Homicide
04/26/2006 Stick To Downloading Child Porn, Not Movies, If You Want Short Jail Sentences
04/26/2006 Defendents In Tire Slashing Sentenced
04/26/2006 4 sentenced for election day tire slashing
04/26/2006 4 Sentenced for Election Day Tire Slashing
04/26/2006 Man sentenced to 19 to 30 years in crash that killed 3
04/26/2006 Congresswoman's son sentenced for slashing GOP tires
04/26/2006 Ambulance hijack teen sentenced
04/26/2006 Oxycontin Dealers Sentenced
04/26/2006 3. Doctor sentenced after diluting patients’ cancer drugs
04/26/2006 'Lenient' crash sentence appealed
04/26/2006 Woman sentenced in cousin's murder, decapitation
04/26/2006 CPS may challenge rape sentence
04/26/2006 Driver to be sentenced today in 3 deaths
04/26/2006 Court upholds Bali nine ringleaders' death sentence
04/26/2006 Man sentenced to 11 years for sex abuse of girl
04/26/2006 Judge sentences Jacobs and Criego for second degree murder
04/26/2006 Two men, woman sentenced in Hazleton burglary
04/26/2006 Former Business Manager Sentenced For Embezzlement
04/25/2006 Court upholds Bali nine ringleader's death sentence
04/25/2006 Drug counselor sentenced to jail for having sex with patient
04/25/2006 Man's prison sentence lightened after helping police
04/25/2006 Man Gets Life Sentence For Hurricane Looting
04/25/2006 Man Sentenced To Life For Hurricane Looting
04/25/2006 Tue, 25 Apr 2006 155700 0000guidhttp//49abc/news/2006/apr/25/fdic_holds_public_hearing_walmarts_banking_bid/Jury resumes life or death deliberations http//49abc/news/2006/apr/25/jury_resumes_life_or_death_deliberations/Jury deliberations resume Tuesday at the death penalty trial of admitted Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui. The defense says a more fitting punishment for their client would be a life sentence.
04/25/2006 IL Man's Death Sentence Commutation Stands
04/25/2006 Child molester featured by Oprah sentenced
04/25/2006 Serial Killer Resentenced in Lehigh County
04/25/2006 Wellinger to be sentenced in fatal DUI accident
04/25/2006 Top Rowland aide and contractor sentenced in corruption case
04/25/2006 Man caught after Winfrey offered reward gets 52-year sentence
04/25/2006 Top Rowland aide sentenced in corruption case
04/25/2006 Man sentenced in 2004 jewelry robbery
04/25/2006 Call for judge to quit but sentence was right say experts
04/25/2006 Oprah suspect gets 52-year sentence
04/25/2006 Man Profiled On Oprah Sentenced For Child Molesting
04/25/2006 Two key players in Rowland scandal sentenced today
04/25/2006 4 sentenced for killing Volusia homeless man
04/25/2006 Four Teens Sentenced for Killing Homeless Man
04/25/2006 Aussie sentenced for child abuse in Cambodia
04/25/2006 Ex-Trinidad PM Panday sentenced to jail
04/25/2006 Former Trinidad PM Basdeo Panday sentenced to jail
04/25/2006 Man profiled on Winfrey show sentenced for child molesting
04/24/2006 Sex Offender Profiled by Winfrey Sentenced
04/24/2006 Man gets 8 year sentence in telemarketing scheme
04/24/2006 Jury urged to sentence Moussaoui to death
04/24/2006 Contractor Sentenced On Theft, Money Laundering Charges
04/24/2006 Brooklyn Man Sentenced to 25 Years in Beating of Gay Man
04/24/2006 Jail sentence failed to deter stalker
04/24/2006 Jury Deliberates on Moussaoui Sentence
04/24/2006 Four sentenced in death of homeless man
04/24/2006 Jurors Begin Deliberations on Moussaoui's Sentence
04/24/2006 Homeless Man's Teen Killers Get Prison Sentences
04/24/2006 Teens avoid life sentence in fatal beating
04/24/2006 Woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for girl's slaying
04/24/2006 Teens sentenced in fatal homeless beating
04/24/2006 Chaska teen sentenced in Everson killing