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05/19/2006 Nepal declares holiday after parliament curbs king's power
05/19/2006 Specter to Feingold 'Good Riddance'
05/19/2006 Scalia Keep Foreign Law Out of Decisions
05/19/2006 Senate Sends Mixed Signals on English
05/19/2006 Senate Takes Up New Media Shield Law
05/19/2006 House Ethics Steps Up Investigations
05/19/2006 Feingold, Specter Clash Over Gay Marriage
05/19/2006 Schwarzenegger Sounds Conciliatory Note
05/19/2006 Bush Requests 1.9B to Bolster Borders
05/19/2006 Bush Says Border Fencing Makes Sense
05/19/2006 Clinton To Pen New Book
05/18/2006 Hayden Defends Warrantless Wiretaps
05/18/2006 Bush, Senate press forward on immigration
05/18/2006 POLITICS Iran's Snub Calls for New EU Offer
05/18/2006 House Ethics Panel, Justice Dept. to Run Parallel Probes
05/18/2006 Nominee Has Ability To Bear Bad News
05/18/2006 New Orleans In a Tempest Over 'Deluge'
05/18/2006 In Congress, a Budget Divide
05/18/2006 House Panel Endorses D.C. Vote
05/18/2006 Hayden Urges CIA Critics to Refrain
05/18/2006 Senate Votes English as 'National Language'
05/18/2006 POLITICS Iran's Snub Calls for New EU Offer
05/18/2006 Talking politics on county time
05/18/2006 Changed racial makeup to shape New Orleans vote
05/18/2006 We're shipping Louisiana to the world.
05/18/2006 Talking politics on county's time
05/18/2006 Afghan president urges Pakistan to stop the violence
05/18/2006 Pelosi 'We Cannot Drill Our Way to Energy Independence'
05/18/2006 Race a Likely Factor in New Orleans Mayoral Race
05/18/2006 House Votes to Keep Offshore Oil Drilling Ban
05/18/2006 Boomed neighbourhood accused of racism
05/18/2006 Display of union power goes off peacefully
05/18/2006 Costello urges banks to lower fees
05/18/2006 Australia 'committed' to stable Afghanistan
05/18/2006 Climate talks criticism dismissed
05/18/2006 PM anticipates intense nuclear debate
05/18/2006 Poll 26 percent believe they've been wiretapped
05/18/2006 Lawmaker says Marines killed Iraqis 'in cold blood'
05/18/2006 US Reaffirms Readiness for Peace Treaty Talks with North Korea
05/18/2006 Rice Decries Violence Between Rival Palestinian Security Forces
05/18/2006 Bush Goes to Border in Push for Immigration Reform
05/18/2006 In Arizona, Kyl Losing Ground
05/18/2006 Bush travels to US-Mexico border to press immigration reform
05/18/2006 Schwarzenegger Sounds Conciliatory Note
05/18/2006 WA children's health needs neglected Scott
05/18/2006 New Orleans Voters Divided as City Prepares for Mayoral Runoff
05/18/2006 Hayden Defends NSA Surveillance Program at CIA Nomination
05/18/2006 Gov. Unhappy About President's Border Plans
05/18/2006 Blanco signs new sex offender law
05/18/2006 Blanco to Congress get the bill done
05/18/2006 Former Peruvian President Fujimori Freed on Bail in Chile
05/18/2006 Egypt Police Smash Protests as Court Rules on Reformers
05/18/2006 Bush More agents and temporary workers
05/18/2006 Bush pushes immigration plan on border visit
05/18/2006 Iran using Chinese-made feedstock for enriched uranium diplomats
05/18/2006 The Unseen, Uncounted Casualties of the Death Penalty
05/18/2006 Nearly 500 Katrina Deaths Outside LA
05/18/2006 Religion and politics All the president's truths
05/18/2006 A killer at 12, he's back to prison
05/18/2006 Teacher lets kids skip gym class for 1
05/18/2006 Bush Continues Push for 'Fair and Effective' Immigration Law
05/18/2006 US Deeply Troubled by Egypt's Handling of Nour Case
05/18/2006 Louisiana House Passes Video Game Violence Bill Unanimously
05/18/2006 Flooding prompts evacuation of nursing home residents
05/18/2006 State officials worry about passage of hurricane recovery aid Reg Req'd
05/18/2006 Poll 26% suspect they've been wiretapped
05/18/2006 Bush Backs Plan for 370-Mile Border Fence
05/18/2006 'Prancing' BBC hosts berated
05/18/2006 Illegals arrested at Home Office
05/18/2006 Bush Tours Border Fence Area in Arizona
05/18/2006 Hayden, King of Acronyms
05/18/2006 Bush Requests 1.95B for Border Security
05/18/2006 'Too many passports missing'
05/18/2006 Bush Backs 370-Mile Border Fence
05/18/2006 CIA Nominee Defends Surveillance Program
05/18/2006 French Official's Visit to Africa Sparks Protests
05/18/2006 US Proposes Ban on Nuclear Bomb-Making Material
05/18/2006 Hayden Vows to Promote 'Risk-Taking' at CIA
05/18/2006 Plans To Turn the "Mass Exodus" To a "Mass Influx"
05/18/2006 Poll 25% believe they've been wiretapped
05/18/2006 Poll 25 percent believe they've been wiretapped
05/18/2006 Metro Morons
05/18/2006 Town Uses Coin Toss To Settle Election Tie
05/18/2006 US blasts Nur detention as "miscarriage of justice"
05/18/2006 Bush calls for 1.9B for borders
05/18/2006 Bush requests border security funds
05/18/2006 Bush backs border fence
05/18/2006 Bush Will Spend 2 Hours On U.S.-Mexico Border
05/18/2006 The OToole/Menino Legacy High Crime and Cop Shortage
05/18/2006 Hayden comments on key issues
05/18/2006 Nepal's Parliament Slashes Monarch's Power
05/18/2006 House committee amends abortion bill
05/18/2006 Govt pension plans 'will be fair to women'
05/18/2006 CIA nominee vows to keep secrets
05/18/2006 Hayden Defends Legality of NSA Surveillance
05/18/2006 Bush Plans 2-Hour U.S.-Mexico Border Visit
05/18/2006 Egypt rejects opposition leader's appeal
05/18/2006 Ming I would like to do better
05/18/2006 Specter to Feingold 'I don't need to be lectured'
05/18/2006 Specter to Feingold 'I don't need to be lectured by you'
05/18/2006 Set aside funds for day FEMA bill does arrive
05/18/2006 Louisiana Jockey Bill Advances to Senate Floor
05/18/2006 Hayden Faces Tough Confirmation Hearing for Top CIA Post
05/18/2006 Palestinian Official Says Abbas to Meet Israel's Livni
05/18/2006 China Ignores 40th Anniversary of Mao's Cultural Revolution
05/18/2006 Annan Wants Iranian and Korean Nuclear 'Crises' Resolved
05/18/2006 The Note Compassionate Rebel/Conservative-in-Chief
05/18/2006 'Da Vinci Code' opens to big crowds, protests and lukewarm reviews
05/18/2006 Judge Jails GOP Official For Jamming Phones
05/18/2006 Home Office loses 1,500 passports
05/18/2006 Ofcom rethinks ban on iPod gadget
05/18/2006 GOP Operative Sentenced For Phone Jamming
05/18/2006 Hayden Laments Politics of Intelligence
05/18/2006 Will Jurors Send Enron Lay, Skilling to Prison?
05/18/2006 CIA Nominee Laments Politics
05/18/2006 The Real War On Guns
05/18/2006 Automaker CEOs visiting lawmakers
05/18/2006 Sir Menzies 'wants to do better'
05/18/2006 Iraq 'better than under Saddam'
05/18/2006 Lib Dems call for 2,000 car tax
05/18/2006 Leaders of Big 3 automakers visiting lawmakers
05/18/2006 McKinney Supports Bill Honoring Capitol Police
05/18/2006 In New York, Clinton on the Way to Landslide
05/18/2006 When Incumbency is Not an Advantage
05/18/2006 In New Jersey, Senate Race a Toss-Up
05/18/2006 Large Plurality Prefer Democrats for Congress
05/18/2006 Louisiana Senate approves nursing home evacuation plan
05/18/2006 Oil waste cleanup bill advances
05/18/2006 Don't fritter away funds
05/18/2006 Hayden Faces Grilling On Surveillance Programs
05/18/2006 Miliband faces nuclear challenge
05/18/2006 CIA nominee faces senators
05/18/2006 Hayden likely to be quizzed about NSA spy program
05/18/2006 Spy questions take center stage for Hayden hearing
05/18/2006 CIA Nominee On Senate Hot Seat
05/18/2006 Nepal's Government Presents Resolution Curtailing King's Powers
05/18/2006 Annan Urges Iran to Lift 'Cloud of Suspicion' over Nuke Program
05/18/2006 US Senate Votes to Deny Citizenship to Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Record
05/18/2006 Experts Say Iran Concerned About Economic Isolation
05/18/2006 Senate Opens Confirmation Hearings for CIA Director Nominee
05/18/2006 Bush Predicts Election Victory for Republicans
05/18/2006 US Faults Iran for Stance on Nuclear Incentives
05/18/2006 Lib Dems unveil green taxation plans
05/18/2006 Spy questions take center stage
05/18/2006 The Real-World Politics of 'American Idol'
05/18/2006 Live Debate Tonight
05/18/2006 Senate leans toward citizenship path for illegals
05/18/2006 Tories up school reform pressure
05/18/2006 Immigration Barriers
05/18/2006 Prodi says will hold to pledge to withdraw troops from Iraq
05/18/2006 Iraq's new gov't should show 'politics works' British minister
05/18/2006 Galluccio Surrenders The Keys To His Senate Campaign
05/18/2006 Deal is set for utility relief Reg Req'd
05/18/2006 Keep momentum going with filming
05/18/2006 State colleges seek 150 increase in fees Reg Req'd
05/18/2006 Claim practices to be investigated Reg Req'd
05/18/2006 Small businesses press for grants Reg Req'd
05/18/2006 The District of Columbia and the Politics of Pandering - The Latest Incarnation
05/18/2006 Cameron heads north for inspiration
05/18/2006 Family damns Army handling of Kovco case
05/18/2006 Arnold Critical Of Bush Border Plan
05/18/2006 Senate backs border fence, immigrant citizenship plan
05/18/2006 Lib Dems 'plan a 2,000 road tax'
05/18/2006 Iraq 'not as bad as under Saddam'
05/18/2006 Blair failed to give clear sense of direction in cabinet reshuffle Clarke
05/18/2006 Clarke admits cabinet reshuffle 'not the best'
05/18/2006 Tory MP Eric Forth dies
05/18/2006 <b>'Sachin or Ganguly, let there be no politics'</b>
05/18/2006 Senate Microscope Focuses On Hayden
05/18/2006 CIA nominee to face senators
05/18/2006 Deporting all illegal immigrants 'will take ten years'
05/18/2006 'Iraq not as bad as under Saddam'
05/18/2006 Six prescriptions to enhance Bay State's allure
05/18/2006 Gubernatorial debate tonight
05/18/2006 6 candidates, 6 plans to curb Mass. exodus
05/18/2006 Law Firm Salans Advises Pfizer on the Sale of Farmea and Valdepharm to Fareva
05/18/2006 Salans Represents Heitman in Acquisition of Hadovka Office Park, Prague
05/18/2006 To Prenupt, Or Not To Prenupt
05/18/2006 BD Cabinet approves Anti-Chemical Weapons Bill
05/18/2006 Bangladesh Expects Bumper Rice Production
05/18/2006 Bangladesh to Adopt Basel II by 2009
05/18/2006 BD Defense Ministry Wants 36.5 pc More Funds
05/18/2006 Republican Pride PAC Releases Candidate Questionnaire
05/18/2006 World Bank terms ACC in Bangladesh a ?joke?
05/18/2006 Ex-Tory minister Eric Forth dies
05/18/2006 DTI agrees to 1.75bn Royal Mail deal
05/18/2006 CIA nominee Hayden to face senators
05/18/2006 Al Gore On The Red Carpet For A Cause
05/18/2006 DTI bails out Royal Mail with 1.75bn
05/18/2006 Mbeki, Blair to hold London talks
05/18/2006 House Approves 2.8 Trillion GOP Budget Proposal
05/18/2006 Ancestors' status puzzles Gonzales
05/18/2006 Governor accepted bribe, lobbyist says
05/18/2006 Senate backs 1 billion plan for stronger fence on border
05/18/2006 Rumsfeld says border duty won't detract from military
05/18/2006 Questions for Hayden likely to turn tough
05/18/2006 Unknowns surround hearing on RU-486
05/18/2006 Phone-jamming dirty trick brings prison term
05/18/2006 A new meaning to dirty politics
05/18/2006 Senate backs citizenship plan, border fence
05/18/2006 SA has plans for Africa, especially Zimbabwe
05/18/2006 General Not all guardsmen to be armed
05/17/2006 Sheriffs on border alarmed by Bush plan
05/17/2006 Cervical cancer vaccine nearer
05/17/2006 AIMS to cost 1,000 a diploma
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld won't guarantee troop withdrawal, cuts
05/17/2006 Opus unveiled
05/17/2006 Archive
05/17/2006 LRA takes action to deter fraud, abuse before first federal dollars spent
05/17/2006 Nepal parliament prepares to slash king's power
05/17/2006 GOP Budget Plan Passes House
05/17/2006 Growth of China, India is a benefit not a threat Australian PM
05/17/2006 A Corrupt Congress
05/17/2006 Louisiana House Passes Franchise Reform
05/17/2006 Canada lawmakers vote to keep troops in Afghanistan, as female soldier dies
05/17/2006 Growth of China, India is a benefit not a threat
05/17/2006 Dunn Voters want council politics out
05/17/2006 Senate Backs Fence, Guest-Worker Curbs
05/17/2006 Anti-Incumbent Voters Sent Messages Tuesday
05/17/2006 Pay-hike reaction reshaping state politics
05/17/2006 'Odd couple' of Indian politics still strong two years on
05/17/2006 Bush Signs Tax Cut Extensions
05/17/2006 MACROTRIAL 18/98 Former ETA member affirms the armed band is totally independent
05/17/2006 AHAZTUAK, THE FORGOTTEN ONES Franco's regime victims request ETA's victims same treatment
05/17/2006 COURT Batasuna leader's jail sentence suspended for three years
05/17/2006 Mihos & Ross Accept Healey Debate Challenge
05/17/2006 ADF head praised despite Kovco bungle
05/17/2006 AMP praises superannuation changes
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld Can't Promise Troop Withdrawal in Iraq in 2006
05/17/2006 Cabinet rejects claims of Zuma conspiracy
05/17/2006 SACP fires rare broadside at Mbeki
05/17/2006 Bill Clinton to write second book
05/17/2006 Immigration Bill Moves Forward In Senate
05/17/2006 Election Forecaster Map
05/17/2006 Louisiana State House Passes Violent Video Games Bill
05/17/2006 One Life, Many Voices
05/17/2006 Blanco's recovery authority backs away from health care overhaul Reg Req'd
05/17/2006 Honda targeting Midwest for car plant
05/17/2006 Citizen earns 18 LPA awards
05/17/2006 President signs tax cut package
05/17/2006 Clinton Next Book Will 'Touch Hearts'
05/17/2006 Turnbull calls for uniform water restrictions
05/17/2006 NEW Senate votes to build border fence
05/17/2006 Two lawmakers in spotlight of ethics probes
05/17/2006 Ethics Panel Probes GOP, Dem Reps
05/17/2006 Former GOP Official Gets Prison
05/17/2006 Clinton Says His Next Book Will 'Lift Spirits'
05/17/2006 '10 years' to deport all illegals
05/17/2006 General Not all guardsman to be armed
05/17/2006 Ethics committee launches bribery probes
05/17/2006 House ethics committee launches bribery probes
05/17/2006 General Not every guardsman 'will be armed'
05/17/2006 No one knows how many illegal immigrants in Britain, Blair admits
05/17/2006 UPDATED Appeal denied; Texas executions back on track
05/17/2006 Victim of Bravo Norovirus Outbreak Files Suit
05/17/2006 Buzz on business Business women's group to hold charter ceremony Saturday
05/17/2006 Good people, tough times
05/17/2006 Politics Never Out of Sight at Brandeis
05/17/2006 Farm Aid Draws Protests From Bush, House
05/17/2006 Ex-Official Gets 10 Mos. in Phone-Jam Plot
05/17/2006 Immigration Barriers
05/17/2006 Commuter Rail Delays at North Station
05/17/2006 Gen. Blum Not every guardsman on border 'will be armed'
05/17/2006 Daschle Explores Presidential Bid
05/17/2006 AG's report gives INAC a failing grade
05/17/2006 Paul McCartney faces costly divorce
05/17/2006 Kingpin nabbed in Brazil, DEA says
05/17/2006 Judge Rules to Keep Documents Sealed in NSA Lawsuit
05/17/2006 Intel Panels Hear From NSA Director
05/17/2006 Senate Votes to Build 370 Miles of Fence Along Border With M
05/17/2006 Bush Signs 70B Tax-Cut Package
05/17/2006 Costello backs removal of at-risk kids
05/17/2006 Senate votes to build fence along U.S.-Mexican border
05/17/2006 Senate endorses citizenship plan, calls for border fence
05/17/2006 Bush Border Destination a Smuggling Hotspot
05/17/2006 Court Allows AT&T Docs In Lawsuit
05/17/2006 Immigrant citizenship plan endorsed by Senate
05/17/2006 At Brandeis, politics never out of sight
05/17/2006 Egypt police detain 50 pro-reform demonstrators
05/17/2006 At Brandeis, politics are never far below the surface
05/17/2006 DNA database's 50,000 children
05/17/2006 New and Improved
05/17/2006 Sheltering the cats of Katrina
05/17/2006 NDP introduces historic Early Learning and Child Care Act
05/17/2006 Conservatives' ardor for GOP cooling down
05/17/2006 Haute cuisine with a side of politics
05/17/2006 Senate Votes For 370-Mile Border Fence
05/17/2006 Cosatu agrees to call off Cape Town march
05/17/2006 Bush Signs Tax-Cut Extensions
05/17/2006 PM backs new wave of nuclear power stations
05/17/2006 Senate Debates Border Fence, Citizenship
05/17/2006 Death row appeal might signal 'temporary moratorium' on capital punishment
05/17/2006 GOP Leaders Slate Vote On Budget Plan
05/17/2006 Blair sticks by nuclear options
05/17/2006 Landrieus Have Firm Grip on La. Politics
05/17/2006 Conservatives, Liberals Take Aim at President's Immigration Plan
05/17/2006 Attorney General Rebuffs Critics of Immigration Plan
05/17/2006 Nigerians celebrate Senate's rejection of third term for Obasanjo
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld Border duty will not stretch Guard
05/17/2006 President Bush signs tax cut extensions into law
05/17/2006 Senate Passes Amendment to Deport Alien Felons
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld National Guard's Border Duty Will Sharpen Their Skills
05/17/2006 Iran's President Rejects EU Nuclear Incentive Plan
05/17/2006 Huckabee Says He's Running
05/17/2006 Phone Jammers Found Guilty
05/17/2006 In New Orleans, Landrieu Gets Key Endorsement
05/17/2006 NDP introduces historic Early Learning and Child Care Act in Parliament
05/17/2006 Prodi overcomes infighting to name new Italian government
05/17/2006 Opinion The Politics of Storage
05/17/2006 GOP Tries Again On Budget Plan
05/17/2006 Taliban should join politics; peace process slow Pakistani leader
05/17/2006 Politics News
05/17/2006 DFAT officials did not 'deal properly' with AWB allegations
05/17/2006 Opposition urges extra compensation for Kovco family
05/17/2006 Teen must warn dates' parents of sex rap
05/17/2006 Coretta Scott King's will filed
05/17/2006 Blair sparks new deportation row
05/17/2006 Tributes for KZN Welfare MEC stream in
05/17/2006 Warning over 'police cuts plan'
05/17/2006 White House to share NSA secrets with lawmakers
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld Border duty won't stretch Guard
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld Border Duty Will Sharpen Skills
05/17/2006 Agreement Reached to Open Nazi Archives
05/17/2006 The Note Pick Your Poisoned Apple
05/17/2006 Lame Duck
05/17/2006 In New York, Spitzer Seen as Only Hope
05/17/2006 Primary Recap
05/17/2006 Democrats Wooing Christian Voters
05/17/2006 Still helping need
05/17/2006 Good Morning Lowcountry
05/17/2006 Firms 'fuel illegal immigration'
05/17/2006 YOUTH SALUTE Student likes sports, politics
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld Border deployment will not stretch Guard
05/17/2006 Pa. Voters Oust at Least 14 Lawmakers
05/17/2006 Pennsylvania Senate Battle Takes Shape
05/17/2006 White House to brief lawmakers on NSA wiretaps
05/17/2006 Senate votes to exclude convicts from immigration plan
05/17/2006 Measure would waive Medicare drug penalty
05/17/2006 Counter-claims dog university row
05/17/2006 Hundreds of Pro-Immigrant Advocates Lobby Congress
05/17/2006 Gore's Movie Promotion Sparks Presidential Speculation
05/17/2006 Some House Lawmakers Not Naming Sponsors of Pet Projects
05/17/2006 Senate Passes Criminal Amendment to Immigration Bill
05/17/2006 Rumsfeld Pushes Bush's 65 Billion Request for War Costs
05/17/2006 Global Warming Movie Stirs Talk Of Gore's Presidential Ambitions
05/17/2006 Convicts excluded from immigration plan
05/17/2006 Gore Running For President? Controversy Campaign Sparks Talk
05/17/2006 White House to brief congressional panels on NSA program
05/17/2006 District of Columbia and the Politics of Pandering The Latest
05/17/2006 Pa. Voters Oust at Least 14 Lawmakers
05/17/2006 Senators Hammer Out Immigration Details
05/17/2006 Senate votes to exclude convicts from immigration plan
05/17/2006 POLITICS Muslim Nations Want Nuclear Energy, Wary of Iran
05/17/2006 Burma's Karen Rebels Plead for Military to Stop Offensive Ahead of UN Visit
05/17/2006 Bush Immigration Proposals Face Uphill Battle in House of Representatives
05/17/2006 Some Criticize Romney For Looting Comment
05/17/2006 Measure waives penalty for missing Medicare deadline
05/17/2006 White House to brief lawmakers on NSA wiretaps
05/17/2006 White House to brief House, Senate panels on NSA wiretaps
05/17/2006 Court Strikes Down Georgia Marriage Law
05/17/2006 Pennsylvania Senate Battle Takes Shape
05/17/2006 White House to share NSA secrets with key lawmakers
05/17/2006 Blair hits back over crime failures
05/17/2006 Museum to hold contract session
05/17/2006 La. enjoys great week of recovery
05/17/2006 Officials hash out evacuation tactics
05/17/2006 Pa. Voters Oust at Least 13 Lawmakers
05/17/2006 IFP condemns violence by striking guards
05/17/2006 POLITICS Muslim Nations Want Nuclear Energy, Wary of Iran
05/17/2006 Playing Politics at the Post
05/17/2006 Save more water, minister urges
05/17/2006 VERIFICATION PROCESS Spain's PM will report on ETA's ceasefire
05/17/2006 Iranian President Rejects EU Nuclear Incentive Plan
05/17/2006 Spencer wins GOP nod