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05/15/2006 Stakes large in oil futures
05/15/2006 Legislator calls for meeting on reform
05/15/2006 Bush, Fox trade concerns over border efforts
05/15/2006 A LONG WAIT
05/15/2006 Civil servants 'should be more accountable'
05/15/2006 Ore. Governor Faces Tough Re-Election Bid
05/15/2006 Minister stands firm on Palm Is alcohol limits
05/15/2006 Sir Menzies I'll meet challenge
05/15/2006 Nepal's parliament set to curb king's power
05/15/2006 Blair Justice system still not working
05/15/2006 Stormont members take their seats
05/15/2006 White House Goes on the Offensive
05/15/2006 Tusker Group Announces Executive Appointments
05/15/2006 openDemocracy is 5 years old!
05/15/2006 EU pledges 'bold' nuclear offer for Iran
05/15/2006 Kanck condemns reporting of ecstasy comment
05/15/2006 Katter considers return to National fold
05/15/2006 'Netroots' overtake grass roots in U.S. politics
05/15/2006 Ex-Minn. Senator Seeks Political Comeback
05/15/2006 Seattle school closure plans stir doubts
05/14/2006 House Action on Military Chaplains Disappointing Says American Jewish Committee
05/14/2006 Official Bush to Call On National Guard for Border Control
05/14/2006 Immigrant Groups Set Sights on Bush Speech
05/14/2006 Divide Is Sharpening Among Republicans
05/14/2006 Negroponte Had Denied Domestic Call Monitoring
05/14/2006 Trial Is a Test for Chicago's Mayor, Too
05/14/2006 Bush Set To Send Guard to Border
05/14/2006 Starbucks Republicans
05/14/2006 Politics Stalls Plan to Bolster Flood Insurance
05/14/2006 Four decades on, Cultural Revolution leaves indelible imprint on China
05/14/2006 Minister heads to NT to talk welfare, work changes
05/14/2006 Joyce backs 'mum and dad' service station operators
05/14/2006 Bush thanks PM for supporting 'liberty agenda'
05/14/2006 SA Govt accused of syphoning water revenue
05/14/2006 Liberal MP moderates Govt childcare criticism
05/14/2006 Arizona House Race Weighed Down by Illegal Border Entries
05/14/2006 National Guard border plan raises concerns
05/14/2006 Mary Cheney Banning Gay Marriage 'Discrimination'
05/14/2006 Lawmakers Look to Query Hayden on Spying
05/14/2006 Justice system out of touch PM
05/14/2006 V.P.'s Daughter Banning Gay-Marriage 'Wrong'
05/14/2006 Laura Bush 'I Don't Really Believe Those Polls'
05/14/2006 How Kansas City area legislators voted on 10 key issues in Jefferson City
05/14/2006 In Missouri, Voter ID Bill Could Hurt McCaskill
05/14/2006 End of The West Wing
05/14/2006 Bush treats Australia to new trees
05/14/2006 Chad's Election Officials Confirm Incumbent's Victory in Presidential Elections
05/14/2006 Costello to make mine announcement in Broken Hill
05/14/2006 Concerns raised over National Guard border plan
05/14/2006 Bush To Ask For Guard Troops Along Border
05/14/2006 Concerns raised over Guard border plan
05/14/2006 Sir Menzies defending leadership
05/14/2006 US Says UN is 'Right Forum' for Iran Nuclear Talks
05/14/2006 Business and politics at commencement ceremonies
05/14/2006 Voters have say in polling machine, too
05/14/2006 52 Dead During Attacks on Brazilian Police
05/14/2006 Preval Inaugurated as Haiti's President
05/14/2006 Budget Windfall Whose Money Is It?
05/14/2006 Gingrich Says Hillary Clinton Is Beatable
05/14/2006 Hayden Hearings Shadowed By NSA Debate
05/14/2006 V.P.'s Daughter Banning Gay-Marriage 'Wrong'
05/14/2006 Battle Lines Drawn Over NSA Program
05/14/2006 Mary Cheney Banning Gay Marriage 'Discrimination'
05/14/2006 Cheney's Daughter Blasts Gay-Marriage Ban
05/14/2006 Laura Bush 'I Don't Really Believe Those Polls'
05/14/2006 V.P.'s Daughter Gay-Marriage Ban 'Wrong'
05/14/2006 New Court Filing Focuses On Cheney
05/14/2006 Laura Bush Press Having 'Fun' With Poll Numbers
05/14/2006 New Orleans Mayoral Runoff Set For Final Weekend Of Voting
05/14/2006 First Round Of New Orleans Mayoral Runoff Wraps Up
05/14/2006 Report Cheney Derailed in Push for Domestic Wiretaps
05/14/2006 Attacks on Brazilian Police Leave at Least 32 Dead
05/14/2006 Xavier University Athletics Returns for 2006-2007 Season
05/14/2006 Head-on Fatality in West Jefferson
05/14/2006 Preval sworn in as president of Haiti
05/14/2006 First Lady Don't Campaign on Marriage Ban
05/14/2006 Campaign Complicates Allen's Ambitions
05/14/2006 Bush defends surveillance
05/14/2006 Report GOP using politics of fear
05/14/2006 Environmentalists Split On Immigration
05/14/2006 Missouri fee offices walk a fine line
05/14/2006 The Buzz Dean misspeaks — again
05/14/2006 McCain Courts the Religious Right
05/14/2006 If Al Gore Were President
05/14/2006 Generic Democrat Beats Generic Republican in 2008
05/14/2006 In Nebraska, Nelson Holds Large Lead
05/14/2006 Student Claims Colleges Teach Male-Discrimination.
05/14/2006 U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for May 15 Nylons Go On Sale
05/14/2006 Frist Guard troops the best short-term border fix
05/14/2006 Ervine to join UUP assembly group
05/14/2006 President To Deliver Prime-Time Immigration Speech
05/14/2006 Bush Prepares To Deliver Immigration Speech
05/14/2006 Lib Dem leader defends position
05/14/2006 Elections Hill Country
05/14/2006 Elections Helotes
05/14/2006 Elections Cibolo
05/14/2006 Elections Counting the ballots
05/14/2006 Elections Alamo Heights
05/14/2006 Elections Alamo Community College District
05/14/2006 Elections Texas
05/14/2006 Elections Laredo
05/14/2006 Elections Jourdanton
05/14/2006 Agencies should be covered by open records law
05/14/2006 Mrs. Paul Hebert
05/14/2006 Seven new mothers share thoughts about their newborns
05/14/2006 Times earns honors from press organizations
05/14/2006 Cajun softball wins title again
05/14/2006 Winds of change in vote bank politics
05/14/2006 Sir Menzies defends leadership
05/14/2006 British "engaging" Basra police despite terror link charges
05/14/2006 Unions welcome unfair dismissal ruling
05/14/2006 Nationals open to Katter return
05/14/2006 Bush to press immigration reform in televised speech
05/14/2006 Shiites, Sunnis Threaten Gov't Formation
05/14/2006 U.S. citizens under watch for nearly a century
05/14/2006 Roberts' papers are still missing
05/14/2006 McCain addresses Falwell's school
05/14/2006 Dole has praise for MTV generation
05/14/2006 New court filing ties Cheney to leak case
05/14/2006 Spy agency shed its stealth to help U.S. storm victims
05/14/2006 Grads get rousing send-off
05/14/2006 Iraq PM set to unveil cabinet without security ministers
05/14/2006 German ruling party meet to crown new chief amid squabbles
05/14/2006 DUI Law Changes Create Risks for Uninformed Defendants
05/14/2006 A Timely Stand by Bangladesh Home Minister
05/14/2006 Wild Speculations of Civilian Coup in Bangladesh
05/14/2006 Bangladesh Economy Growing Fast in Spite of Graft
05/14/2006 A Good Kuwaiti Gesture
05/14/2006 Babar Urges to Intensify War on Drugs
05/14/2006 Times-Picayune named newspaper of year
05/14/2006 New Orleans Opera dusts itself off, keeps on going
05/14/2006 Grandmother's love guides I-Bowl's Pierre
05/14/2006 4 districts say yes to bond issues
05/14/2006 The recipe for school finance deal
05/14/2006 Mothers help set the legislative rules
05/14/2006 If a president dies, just who would get the reins?
05/14/2006 Davis Standing on Politics and Principle
05/14/2006 Dueling Polls Americans on Latest NSA Data Mining
05/14/2006 PM pledges animal terrorism crackdown
05/14/2006 Govt 'open-minded' on uranium waste
05/14/2006 Miliband linked to nuclear lobbyist
05/14/2006 Iran to reject any offer to halt nuclear program Ahmadinejad
05/13/2006 Israeli officials in US to prepare Bush-Olmert summit
05/13/2006 Elections bring new faces for some area posts
05/13/2006 Voter Discontent Threatens Pa. Incumbents
05/13/2006 High Court Faces Deadlines on Big Cases
05/13/2006 Calif. Campaign Offers Preview to Fall
05/13/2006 Did Cheney Press For More U.S. Spying?
05/13/2006 Ex-WMD Inspector Politics Quashed Facts
05/13/2006 Senate Begins Hearings for CIA Nominee This Week
05/13/2006 Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress
05/13/2006 GOP Is Not Law-and-Order Party On Immigration, Democrats Say
05/13/2006 McCain Reconnects With Liberty University
05/13/2006 BACK FROM IRAQ
05/13/2006 Fredericksburg gets a new mayor
05/13/2006 Voters approve several school bonds
05/13/2006 Now it's dirty tricks French government blighted by crisis after crisis
05/13/2006 PM downplays uranium 'leasing' proposal
05/13/2006 Lightning Strikes Sen. Kennedy's Plane
05/13/2006 Sen. Kennedy's plane struck by lightning
05/13/2006 Conan O'Brien For Vice President?
05/13/2006 Experts Debate Bush's Use of His Powers
05/13/2006 Ted Kennedy's Plane Struck By Lightning
05/13/2006 Obama-Conan O'Brien In 2008?
05/13/2006 Lightning Strikes Ted Kennedy's Plane
05/13/2006 Once-Tall Figure in the Rugged World of Texas Politics Is Back in the Saddle
05/13/2006 New CIA Leak Filing Focuses on Cheney
05/13/2006 Attacks on Brazilian Police Leave at Least 30 Dead
05/13/2006 Darwin parks earmarked for upgrade
05/13/2006 DIMIA quiet on Solon email claim
05/13/2006 Tories need reassessment Hague
05/13/2006 My Senator and Me
05/13/2006 Cheney Pushed to Widen Eavesdropping
05/13/2006 Cheney's Notes Released
05/13/2006 Once-Tall Figure in the Rugged World of Texas Politics Is Back in the Saddle
05/13/2006 Policeman backs Mullett bullying claims
05/13/2006 Vatican Marks 25th Anniversary of John Paul's Shooting
05/13/2006 McCain Defends His Support for the War
05/13/2006 Snow's Storm
05/13/2006 Again, Bush Hits New Lows
05/13/2006 Dean's Strategy Comes Under Fire
05/13/2006 BayouBuzz On Monday's Wireless Vote
05/13/2006 Storms' floods killed fire ants
05/13/2006 Former WMD Inspector Felt Silenced By Politics
05/13/2006 Conan O'Brien For Vice President?
05/13/2006 Obama-Conan O'Brien In 2008?
05/13/2006 Politics News
05/13/2006 Democrat berates 'confusing' Medicare plan
05/13/2006 Transcript Democratic Radio Response
05/13/2006 Despite Politics, Logistics Pinning Down U.S. in Iraq
05/13/2006 Bush Defends Domestic Spying Again
05/13/2006 Ex-Inspector Politics Quashed Facts
05/13/2006 McCain 'Americans should argue about this war'
05/13/2006 Phone Records, Privacy and Congress
05/13/2006 Poll Clinton was better than Bush
05/13/2006 Former inspector says politics quashed findings on Iraq `biotrailers'
05/13/2006 Pennsylvanians sound off on politics
05/13/2006 MI5 cleared over London bombings
05/13/2006 Attorney general Guantanamo must close
05/13/2006 2bn pensions credit still unclaimed
05/13/2006 Government to appeal Afghan hijacker ruling
05/13/2006 BNP councillor defends 'erotic' film
05/13/2006 Nurses protest against NHS job cuts
05/13/2006 Reid Security services are properly funded
05/13/2006 MSP unrepentant over methadone contraception plan
05/13/2006 Clampdown urged on information black market
05/13/2006 Opposition show united front on climate change
05/13/2006 Brown and Blair strike deal on pensions
05/13/2006 Lords reject assisted dying bill
05/13/2006 MoD confirms Army CS gas investigation
05/13/2006 Young pregnancy sparks calls for sex education reforms
05/13/2006 www.politics.co.uk
05/13/2006 McCain Americans Can Disagree on War
05/13/2006 Democratic Hopeful Assails Drug Program
05/13/2006 Ex-WMD Inspector Politics Quashed Facts
05/13/2006 Bush Defends Domestic Spying
05/13/2006 President to address nation on immigration
05/13/2006 Israel defence minister urges Palestinian boycott rethink
05/13/2006 Extension of Medicare drug program urged
05/13/2006 Democrats urge extension of Medicare drug program
05/13/2006 Bush defends surveillance, backs Hayden
05/13/2006 Americans Prefer Clinton Over Bush
05/13/2006 Snow Appears to Survive Shakeup
05/13/2006 Cook's House Rankings
05/13/2006 Crooning the Timeless Hits
05/13/2006 Cajun softball heads to finals
05/13/2006 Federal grant to help seat belt enforcement
05/13/2006 From the Lafayette Parish Farm Bureau Incentives to blend biofuels earn acclaim
05/13/2006 Storm-induced influx of students has no effect on test scores
05/13/2006 http://www.ibnlive.com/xml/politics.xml
05/13/2006 - Spy Agency Watching Americans From Space
05/13/2006 Bush defends surveillance, backs Hayden in radio address
05/13/2006 U.S. Marshals Deliver Zacarias Moussaoui to 'ADMAX' Prison
05/13/2006 U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for May 14 Mother's Day
05/13/2006 Bush weighs Guard at border
05/13/2006 Human rights law 'may be changed'
05/13/2006 FBI Searches Home, Office of Ex-CIA Official
05/13/2006 Ugandan Sworn in for Third Term
05/13/2006 Bosnian Constitutional Reform Remains Elusive
05/13/2006 Iran Insists European Offer Must Recognize Enrichment Rights
05/13/2006 News & Politics
05/13/2006 French government faces parliament challenge as scandal spirals
05/13/2006 Hungary PM announces mass layoffs in stabilisation plan
05/13/2006 Iran issues warning on new Europe nuclear offer
05/13/2006 Top immigration officials knew of Solon's condition lawyer
05/13/2006 Bonds, board choices await voters today
05/13/2006 Legislature approves school funding reform
05/13/2006 I-Team Small communities can't afford required voting technology
05/13/2006 Boys ranch contract canceled after death, near-drowning
05/13/2006 Wildlife boss not fish out of water
05/13/2006 Gag law may hinder toll-study discussions
05/13/2006 Salans Expands New York Litigation Practice
05/13/2006 PaperStreet Launches New Web Site for Altep A Professional Document Management Company
05/13/2006 Booksigning event
05/13/2006 Despite Rita, most students' LEAP results hold steady
05/13/2006 LEAP scores marked by Katrina aftermath Reg Req'd
05/13/2006 St. John schools upgrading computer system Reg Req'd
05/13/2006 Politics affects phones issue
05/13/2006 Iran insists European offer must recognise enrichment right
05/13/2006 Lewinsky Case's Prosecutor Accused Of Stalking Woman
05/13/2006 Bid to Allow Nigerian a Third Term Hits Snag
05/13/2006 Congressman, Veterans Advocate Gillespie V. 'Sonny' Montgomery
05/13/2006 From the New Kid, Proceedings With Caution
05/13/2006 GOP Duo Back Hayden for CIA
05/13/2006 Secrecy Privilege Invoked in Fighting Ex-Detainee's Lawsuit
05/13/2006 Bush May Widen National Guard Patrols at Border
05/12/2006 Minister lobbied over wind farm options
05/12/2006 Minister backs police commissioner over Lawrence case
05/12/2006 Top immigration official knew of Solon's condition lawyer
05/12/2006 HUD Secretary Implies Contract Decisions Are Partisan
05/12/2006 Veep Asleep Again
05/12/2006 New Orleans home sales surge
05/12/2006 Kontek industries works to fortify the Gulf Coast
05/12/2006 Dean Cancels Berkeley Graduation Speech
05/12/2006 Jewels, Paychecks Given To Hamas Gov"t
05/12/2006 Legislation on renewable energy targets urged
05/12/2006 'Too soon' to judge Sir Menzies
05/12/2006 No eye-for-eye politics, MK's olive branch for Jaya
05/12/2006 No eye-for-eye politics, MK offers truce with Jaya
05/12/2006 Residents push to keep area in storm-protection system Reg Req'd
05/12/2006 Poll pits Bush vs. Clinton
05/12/2006 Bush goes primetime on immigration issue
05/12/2006 FBI raids home of ex-CIA official
05/12/2006 Offshore processing standards worry UNHCR
05/12/2006 HUD Chief's Comments Are Subject of Investigation
05/12/2006 Dueling Protests in D.C. Reflect Sharp Immigration Div
05/12/2006 'Do-Nothing Congress' Raises Critics' Ire
05/12/2006 Brown 'will face PM challengers'
05/12/2006 Bush to address nation on immigration
05/12/2006 Opinion poll pits Bush vs. Clinton
05/12/2006 Bush to address nation on immigration
05/12/2006 Leadership contest 'likely' when Blair steps down senior lawmaker
05/12/2006 Bush to address nation on immigration
05/12/2006 Jaws Drop Murdoch Fundraising for Clinton
05/12/2006 A Chaotic White House Debut for Tony Snow
05/12/2006 GOP Hopes for Boost From 70B Tax Cut
05/12/2006 Poll Clinton outperformed Bush
05/12/2006 Verizon Sued For Giving Records To NSA
05/12/2006 In Ohio, Brown Pulls Ahead of DeWine
05/12/2006 Libby's Lapdogs
05/12/2006 Rapides Parish Fatality
05/12/2006 LEAP scores up, but state educators wary Reg Req'd
05/12/2006 Violators will be Cited for Illegal Dumping in St. Tammany Parish
05/12/2006 Nursing home evacuations
05/12/2006 Zero Tolerance Enforcement Campaign
05/12/2006 Fake Illinois licenses turn up in Louisiana
05/12/2006 Louisiana Faces Most Important Issue In Legislative Session On Monday
05/12/2006 POLITICS Legislators Debate Whether Democracy Fits the Bill in Africa
05/12/2006 Main Belarus Opposition Leader Released
05/12/2006 British General Iraq Foreign Troop Reduction Soon
05/12/2006 New Orleans Mayor Faces Tight Race in Re-Election Bid
05/12/2006 Diplomats Inspectors Found Traces of Highly Enriched Uranium in Iran
05/12/2006 Civilians, Soldiers and the Central Intelligence Agency
05/12/2006 More than 200 Detained after Egyptian Police Crush Demonstrations
05/12/2006 White House Will Not Confirm or Deny Phone Record Collection
05/12/2006 Federal Agents Raid CIA Official's Home, Office
05/12/2006 Your Thoughts Liberty vs. Security
05/12/2006 Three Challenge Harris in Fla. Primary
05/12/2006 New Orleans Race Unusually Well-Mannered
05/12/2006 Hector Pieterson statue to be unveiled
05/12/2006 Three Challenge Harris in Fla. Primary
05/12/2006 Tax Windfall Allows Governor To Boost Spending
05/12/2006 Bush to address nation on immigration
05/12/2006 Bush to address nation on immigration
05/12/2006 Chaotic Briefing Marks Snow's Debut
05/12/2006 Bouchard says he won't return to politics
05/12/2006 Uganda's Museveni, at inauguration, blasts foreign meddling
05/12/2006 Nepal's New Government Detains Three Former Cabinet Members
05/12/2006 Bush support rating falls to 29 percent poll
05/12/2006 Snow's 1st briefing 'This is just a mess'
05/12/2006 FBI searches home of ex-CIA official
05/12/2006 55,000 illegal entries scrubbed from database
05/12/2006 FBI searches home of CIA ex-No. 3
05/12/2006 Secret Phone Records Have '100 Percent' Bush Support
05/12/2006 Sir Menzies 'must learn to relax'
05/12/2006 Law Enforcement Searchrd House of CIA Executive Director
05/12/2006 CIA No. 3 Has House, Office Raided
05/12/2006 Nominated CIA Chief Defends Secret Phone Records
05/12/2006 E Timor deployment would strain military Labor
05/12/2006 Downer praises Indonesia's anti-terrorism efforts
05/12/2006 Controversial judicial pick gets panel OK
05/12/2006 Reed 55,000 Illegal Entries Scrubbed From Database
05/12/2006 Home, office of CIA executive director searched by FBI
05/12/2006 FBI searches home, office of CIA No. 3
05/12/2006 Eugene drops appeal of case against Cheney protester
05/12/2006 FBI searches home, office of CIA executive director
05/12/2006 New Press Secretary Has Ragged Debut
05/12/2006 Hayden confirmation faces new challenges
05/12/2006 Bush's New Press Secretary Pleads Ignorance 7 Times
05/12/2006 US shrugs off pressure for direct talks with Iran
05/12/2006 U.S.-Mexico Border Targeted By Pentagon
05/12/2006 Why Qwest Hung Up On NSA
05/12/2006 Ex-premier Bouchard rules out return to politics
05/12/2006 Administration '100 percent' behind Hayden
05/12/2006 Indicted Ky. Governor Will Seek 2nd Term
05/12/2006 CIA Nominee Hayden Defends NSA Programs
05/12/2006 Iraqi Militias Biggest Obstacle, Bush Says
05/12/2006 Parties fight for green supremacy
05/12/2006 Militiary Asked To Target U.S.-Mexico Border
05/12/2006 Military Asked To Target U.S.-Mexico Border
05/12/2006 MP concerned with refugee support programs
05/12/2006 Police Crush Cairo Protests
05/12/2006 Indonesia Drops Graft Case Against Former President Suharto
05/12/2006 US Commander's Visit to China Aimed at Repairing Military Ties
05/12/2006 The Note MisPlacing the Outrage
05/12/2006 King's former ministers rounded up in Nepal
05/12/2006 THIRD REPORT Government says ETA ceasefire is holding
05/12/2006 Controversial judicial nomination gets panel OK
05/12/2006 Kentucky governor indicted over hiring
05/12/2006 Snow stumbles during White House debut
05/12/2006 Snow stumbles during first meeting with White House press
05/12/2006 The Situation Friday, May 12
05/12/2006 'Crunch Time' On Immigration
05/12/2006 Park deal highlights close-knit city politics
05/12/2006 Lib Dems' spotlight on Campbell