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06/19/2006 National Guard To Go To New Orleans
06/19/2006 Photo Gallery Spain Sneak Late Win
06/19/2006 World Cup Match Report Spain Steals Late Win Against Tunisia
06/19/2006 Gov. Sends National Guard To Patrol New Orleans
06/19/2006 Louisiana governor orders National Guard troops to patrol city after deadly weekend
06/19/2006 La. Governor to Summon National Guard
06/19/2006 8 global giants to watch
06/19/2006 Wisconsin couple's wedding music to be aired nationally
06/19/2006 Crime Statistics and the Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
06/19/2006 Presbyterians debate continued use of "Father, Son and Holy Spirit"
06/19/2006 Pennsylvania City Poised For Immigration Crackdown
06/19/2006 Pedestrian dies after being hit by taxi
06/19/2006 Targeted lymph node examination improves staging of colon cancer
06/19/2006 National Academies advisory Past surface temperatures and climate change
06/19/2006 Body of missing Md. publisher is found
06/19/2006 'Chartwell's National Appreciation of Seniors Day' Honours Over 150 Canadian Seniors
06/19/2006 No Change in Tradition for Presbyterians
06/19/2006 U.S. and Iraqi forces push into eastern Ramadi in latest operation to bolster presence
06/19/2006 Paintings rescued for the nation
06/19/2006 Sedona Fire 3,000-Acre Blaze Threatens Homes in Oak Creek Canyon
06/19/2006 Three US soldiers charged with murder in Iraq
06/19/2006 Fall from ferris wheel kills 6-year-old in California
06/19/2006 Documents from homes of Columbine killers to be released
06/19/2006 Al-Qaida-linked group claims kidnapping of 101st Airborne troops
06/19/2006 City wants National Guard to help after weekend killings
06/19/2006 Star Cult Swedish Team Wrought with Internal Rivalries
06/19/2006 England Football Team Gambler Eriksson Betting On Rooney
06/19/2006 States challenge EPA mercury emissions plan
06/19/2006 17 postal union members arrested in Ottawa
06/19/2006 Guité sentenced to 42 months in prison
06/19/2006 Army charges 3 soldiers with murder in Iraq
06/19/2006 Rice warns North Korea against missile test
06/19/2006 3 U.S. Soldiers Charged In Iraq Detainee Deaths
06/19/2006 New Orleans mayor asks for national guard after deadly weekend
06/19/2006 Lawmaker Wants Schools To Faze Out Fluff
06/19/2006 Namibia Govt Set to Launch National Polio Vaccination Campaign
06/19/2006 Major floods as Houston gets ten inches of rain
06/19/2006 Arizona Fire Spreads Over 3,000 Acres
06/19/2006 Los Angeles To Test Unmanned Crimefighting Drone
06/19/2006 Univision bids draw networks' scrutiny
06/19/2006 State schools rank nationally in degrees awarded to minorities
06/19/2006 Israel Mayor Wants Security Or Resignations
06/19/2006 Ukraine back on course at World Cup
06/19/2006 Iraqi Detainee Deaths Lead To Charges
06/19/2006 New Orleans mayor asks for National Guard
06/19/2006 22 Suspects Busted by International Drug Task Force
06/19/2006 Nagin Asks for National Guard in New Orleans
06/19/2006 Army charges 3 soldiers in deaths of Iraq detainees
06/19/2006 8 injured when car hits school bus in Pa.
06/19/2006 3 Soldiers Charged In Deaths Of Iraq Detainees
06/19/2006 Foreign resources Visas now let some 200,000 work in the U.S.
06/19/2006 NZ hits out at Pacific nations attending IWC
06/19/2006 Case 'overstated'
06/19/2006 Gay-rights activists protest Ryerson honorary degree
06/19/2006 Guité sentenced to 3½ years in prison
06/19/2006 Afghanistan UN calls on national, international forces to avert civilian casualties
06/19/2006 World Cup Photo Gallery Ukraine Thrashes Saudi Arabia
06/19/2006 Official N. Korean Missile Fueled, Ready To Test
06/19/2006 Environmental Waste International Inc. 'EWI' Receives Independent Confirmation of System Efficacy
06/19/2006 ACT Teleconferencing and Compunetix Announce Renewal of International Joint Purchase Agreement
06/19/2006 National briefs
06/19/2006 National parks feel the heat
06/19/2006 City wants National Guard to patrol streets after weekend killings
06/19/2006 Asian Nations Discuss Solidarity, Cooperation and Nukes
06/19/2006 Primates Stolen From Zoo In Latest UK Monkey Heist
06/19/2006 AP Enterprise Budget pressures hurt national parks
06/19/2006 Columbine Killers' Documents To Be Released
06/19/2006 Supreme Court Sides with Bush on Medicare
06/19/2006 Justices Rule on Searching Parolees
06/19/2006 Match Report Ukraine vs. Saudi Arabia Ukraine Crushes Saudi Arabia
06/19/2006 Side crash tests put Impala, Avalon at top
06/19/2006 Survey questions safety, staffing of National Parks
06/19/2006 New national parks proposal restores conservation emphasis
06/19/2006 ENVIRONMENT Vote Buying at International Whaling Meet?
06/19/2006 'Guts, determination' bring mayor over marathon's finish line
06/19/2006 Harper coming to Quebec for Fête Nationale
06/19/2006 Simon wants to lead national Inuit group
06/19/2006 Guard Troops Rescue Flood-Stranded Texans
06/19/2006 Wine grapes high in sleep hormone study
06/19/2006 Famed sailing family's son charged in attack on father
06/19/2006 US court fails to decide wetlands regulation issue
06/19/2006 New aviation director named for San Antonio International Airport
06/19/2006 Brazil booked for stadium opener
06/19/2006 The Next Conservatism and Homeland Security
06/19/2006 Crown appeals Ahenakew decision
06/19/2006 Man Shot Near Dallas Post Office
06/19/2006 Warrant Out For Boy George After Failure To Appear In Court
06/19/2006 Saddam Hears Prosecutor Call For Death Penalty
06/19/2006 The A380 Delayed Again Airbus in a Nosedive
06/19/2006 Klinsmann Forges a Team Germany's New Attitude
06/19/2006 International health researchers meet in Accra
06/19/2006 Nagin asks for national guard patrols after deadly weekend
06/19/2006 Prosecutor Wants Saddam Hussein Executed
06/19/2006 S.D. Abortion Ban To Go Before Voters
06/19/2006 Nagin Wants Help With City's Crime
06/19/2006 Fire at Wyoming National Guard camp 100 percent contained
06/19/2006 Presbyterians 'Receive' Policy on Worship
06/19/2006 Iraq May Cast Shadow on Bush's Europe Trip
06/19/2006 New Orleans wants national guard to curb violence
06/19/2006 N. Korea set to test missile that could reach U.S.
06/19/2006 New Orleans mayor seeks National Guard help after 6 slayings
06/19/2006 Sources say North Korea has fueled nuclear missile
06/19/2006 New Orleans asks for National Guard after murders
06/19/2006 Growing International Competition for US Wrecked Vehicles
06/19/2006 Agency Reverses Proposed Parks Policy
06/19/2006 Court rules 911 call can be admitted as evidence
06/19/2006 French court clears Syriana plagiarism suit
06/19/2006 Scavenging still prevalent in India
06/19/2006 Sheriff plans to release evidence from Columbine killers' homes
06/19/2006 Mother who jumped from bridge after throwing baby in river dies
06/19/2006 School bus videotape shows beating of 10-year-old boy
06/19/2006 New Orleans mayor asks for nat. guard to patrol city after deadly weekend
06/19/2006 Airport closed, National Guard called to help after storm flooding
06/19/2006 Rushdan named to under-18 women national team
06/19/2006 Why I Won’t Renew With Amnesty International
06/19/2006 Voters To Get Say On S.D. Abortion Ban
06/19/2006 Yates To Plead Insanity In Retrial
06/19/2006 Rash of monkey thefts continues in England
06/19/2006 Bush, Lula discuss WTO talks White House spokesman
06/19/2006 Sage Software Brings Seven New National Business Partners Into the Fold
06/19/2006 National Post Open Source Microsoft's Nemesis
06/19/2006 Five endangered primates stolen from English zoo in latest monkey heist
06/19/2006 AstraZeneca says Crestor combination therapy results in 70 percent reduction of bad cholesterol
06/19/2006 Send in army to fight poisonous toads, Australian state urges
06/19/2006 Militant Group Claims It Kidnapped Two U.S. Soldiers
06/19/2006 President Bush Delivers Historic Speech
06/19/2006 Torrential Rain Floods Houston
06/19/2006 Doomsday Vault Under Construction
06/19/2006 Web Site Claims Militants Abducted U.S. Soldiers
06/19/2006 Someone else will die, Kovcos mate says
06/19/2006 Younger voters support same-sex unions
06/19/2006 First terror conspirator faces life
06/19/2006 AutoNation CEO Add 1 gas tax
06/19/2006 City leaders ask for National Guard, State Police to patrol New Orleans
06/19/2006 New Orleans leaders ask for national guard
06/19/2006 Oregon and Texas soldiers believed kidnaped by al-Qaida
06/19/2006 Prosecutor asks death for Saddam in closing arguments
06/19/2006 More Americans buying drugs online without presciptions
06/19/2006 UPDATED Airport closed, National Guard called to help after storm flooding in Houston
06/19/2006 Justices say victims' statements admissible if made in emergencies
06/19/2006 Torrential Rain Floods Houston Area
06/19/2006 National Guard Asked to Patrol Big Easy
06/19/2006 Nazi-looted Klimt painting sold to New York gallery
06/19/2006 Iraq group claims it captured 2 U.S. soldiers
06/19/2006 S.D. to vote on abortion law in November
06/19/2006 Bush says Iran must stop enrichment
06/19/2006 Perry Sending National Guard To Respond To SE Texas Flooding
06/19/2006 State Department No. 2 resigns
06/19/2006 Al-Qaida group claims responsibility for kidnapping 2 U.S. soldiers
06/19/2006 Iraq's nationwide Consolidated Fiber Network project completed
06/19/2006 Illegal Prescription Sites Growing, Group Says
06/19/2006 Match Preview Germany to Battle Ecuador for Top Spot
06/19/2006 Match Preview Losers Costa Rica and Poland Fight for Honor
06/19/2006 Match Preview England Looks to End Swedish Jinx
06/19/2006 Match Preview Hope Remains for Trinidad & Tobago against Paraguay
06/19/2006 Match Report Switzerland Knock Togo Out of World Cup
06/19/2006 Photo Gallery Switzerland Beat Togo in Dortmund
06/19/2006 N.B. utilities board recommends power rate hikes
06/19/2006 Steven Truscott tries again to clear his name
06/19/2006 Tories expected to detail gun registry plans
06/19/2006 Istanbul Fascinates Turkish Olympiad Competitors
06/19/2006 Washington Nationals 32-39 At Boston Red Sox 39-28, 705 P.m.
06/19/2006 Nicole Kidman Getting Married This Weekend
06/19/2006 Top court Victims' statements admissible
06/19/2006 Infoblox's Lineup Gets Anticipated Rejuvenation
06/19/2006 Nations press North Korea over missile plans
06/19/2006 Ottawa's economy tops the nation
06/19/2006 Rowley Criticized In Government Report
06/19/2006 Torrential rain drenches Houston
06/19/2006 Tornado rips roof off Wisconsin elementary school
06/19/2006 Prosecution asks for death penalty against Saddam in closing arguments
06/19/2006 Roethlisberger to be cited in motorcycle wreck
06/19/2006 Pregnant professor alleges discrimination
06/19/2006 Court rejects states' suit on Medicare drug plan
06/19/2006 Walters Meth lab seizures drop in 2005
06/19/2006 Clear Channel's online music unit becoming a hit with national advertisers
06/19/2006 Heavy Rains Flood Houston
06/19/2006 3 Men Charged In Texas Carjacking, Baby's Death
06/19/2006 Vt. bishop hails first woman leader of national church
06/19/2006 Ryerson ceremony to honour McGill prof with 'anti-gay' views
06/19/2006 Bail hearings continue for 2 charged in alleged bomb plot
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Number 2 Resigns from State Department
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 National Parks facing a lot of pressure
06/19/2006 Houston Flooding Leaves Dozens Stranded
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Storms Cause Widespread Flooding In Houston
06/19/2006 Sanco leader suspended for lying to nation
06/19/2006 Klimt Painting Fetches Record 135M
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Five Palestinian factions convene to put final touches on national document
06/19/2006 U.S., Japan warn N. Korea against possible missile test
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 3 Arrests Made After Carjackers Kill Baby In Texas
06/19/2006 Steelers QB 'Big Ben' To Be Ticketed After Crash
06/19/2006 Tennessee now home to agency fighting international human slave trade
06/19/2006 Roethlisberger To Be Cited For No Helmet, No License
06/19/2006 High court reaffirms parolees' searches
06/19/2006 Court rejects appeal on Calif. appliance data
06/19/2006 Iran urged to suspend uranium enrichment
06/19/2006 Donations, Insurance To Rebuild Salisbury Petting Zoo
06/19/2006 Argentina tour strengthens Wales
06/19/2006 Passport puzzler delays Jenkins
06/19/2006 New United Nations Human Rights Council Debuts
06/19/2006 National cemetary flower rule upsets family members
06/19/2006 World From Berlin Are World Cup Parties Soiling Berlin's Landmarks?
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 National Bank's Economic and Financial Outlook-Summer 2006
06/19/2006 Nations press North Korea on missile
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 Klimt Painting Fetches Record 135M
06/19/2006 Photo Gallery A World Cup Awash in Flags
06/19/2006 Report Americans Dig Deeper For Charity
06/19/2006 No. Korea makes first reference to missile
06/19/2006 U.S. soldiers missing in Iraq identified
06/19/2006 al-Qaida Group Claims Kidnapping of U.S. Soldiers
06/19/2006 Former Dutch Ambassador Calls for Sanctions if Israel Refuses to Comply with International Law
06/19/2006 Russian Embassy Workers Kidnapped
06/19/2006 North Korea Missile Fueling Complete
06/19/2006 Heavy guilt trip for working parents
06/19/2006 Younger voters show strongest support for same-sex unions
06/19/2006 A full tank leaves no room for lifes luxuries
06/19/2006 Someone else will die, Kovcos mate tells inquiry
06/19/2006 First terror conspirator faces life term
06/19/2006 Association of Realtors Hold Indoctrination
06/19/2006 Nationals rally past Yankees in ninth
06/19/2006 Episcopalians elect woman as presiding bishop
06/19/2006 New 50 gold coin on the way
06/19/2006 Father of Guantanamo suicide victim demands international probe
06/19/2006 PanAfrica Young International Footballers Scrimmage With US Youth Teams
06/19/2006 Encroachment on pristine national park areas mounts
06/19/2006 Group Claims 2 Soldiers Kidnapped
06/19/2006 International Speedway Credit Pact
06/19/2006 Inconsistent staffing plagues nation's airports
06/19/2006 CyberKey Solutions, Inc. to Attend the 2006 Licensing International Show
06/19/2006 Transnational Automotive Group Acquires Bonanza Estates S.A. and Bonanza Estates in Cameroon
06/19/2006 More nations warn N. Korea against launching missile
06/19/2006 Pro-Whaling Nations Lack Votes to End Ban
06/19/2006 Death penalty sought as Saddam trial nears end
06/19/2006 Painting looted by Nazis sells for record amount
06/19/2006 Japan wins pro-whaling vote, first in two decades
06/19/2006 Mayor refuses to wear pants in Katrina protest
06/19/2006 U.S. missing two soldiers; Iraqi group says it abducted them
06/19/2006 Top EU official lauds Olmert's West Bank plan
06/19/2006 Louisiana gov. signs law that would ban abortions
06/19/2006 Zoellick resigns from State Department
06/19/2006 Sanctuary offers safe haven to Conn. cat
06/19/2006 Iraq Pullout Heats Up in Senate
06/19/2006 Prosecutors Saddam Should Hang
06/19/2006 Missile Test Seems Set for North Koreans
06/19/2006 Arizona wildfire threatens Sedona homes
06/19/2006 Pilot survives crash landing in Atlantic
06/19/2006 Al-Qaida group claims it kidnapped soldiers
06/19/2006 No. Koreal makes first reference to missile?
06/19/2006 Missing U.S. soldiers identified
06/19/2006 <i>Shivling</i> not artificial J&K Governor
06/19/2006 Nestle buying Jenny Craig
06/19/2006 Appeal court to begin Truscott review
06/19/2006 How to Franchise and Create a National Brand
06/19/2006 Prosecutor seeks death for Hussein
06/19/2006 Yellowstone tourist taking photo dies in 500 foot fall
06/19/2006 Oilers ready for final showdown
06/19/2006 Gun legislation could be unveiled today
06/19/2006 Donations, insurance to rebuild Salisbury petting zoo
06/19/2006 Nations mount drive to stop N. Korea test
06/19/2006 Detroit's Big Three Get High Rankings For Quality Cars
06/19/2006 Injury rules Burger out of Tri-Nations
06/19/2006 Quality Cars Study Gives U.S. Automakers High Marks
06/19/2006 Russia needs national 'champions' Putin advisor Dvorkovitch
06/19/2006 Lawmakers Push Sugar As Source Of Ethanol
06/19/2006 Fire burns 1,000 acres
06/19/2006 Democratic senator cites report of planned NYC attack
06/19/2006 5 New Orleans Teens Killed In Blaze Of Semiautomatic Gunfire
06/19/2006 Five Teens Gunned Down In New Orleans
06/19/2006 New Emirates D&LM headquarters to be focal point of local and international expansion
06/19/2006 U.S. keeps eyes on Mexico vote
06/19/2006 Pools breeding tanks for mosquitoes
06/19/2006 Nine months after Katrina, mayor honors an attention-grabbing pledge
06/19/2006 Sri Lanka villagers flee military patrol
06/19/2006 11 cousins have their stomachs removed
06/19/2006 'Sick blogs' help afflicted share news, seek comfort
06/19/2006 Mayor violates his own policy
06/19/2006 Apparent N. Korean moves toward missile test prompt U.S., Japan warnings
06/19/2006 U.S. troops possibly abducted
06/19/2006 Iraqi Air Force not cleared for combat
06/19/2006 Rock through windscreen hits baby
06/19/2006 Photo Gallery What the Architects Say
06/19/2006 Single soldier's parents denied compensation for his death
06/19/2006 Immigration deadlock unbroken
06/19/2006 Genetic discrimination fight moves to national airwaves
06/19/2006 SPIEGEL's World Cup Blog Unlucky or Stupid? World Cup Ticket Thief Arrested
06/19/2006 Bienvenido A Fence With More Beauty, Fewer Barbs
06/19/2006 Sen. Clinton taking her politics national
06/19/2006 Country Star Keith Urban, Actress Nicole Kidman To Tie Knot
06/19/2006 MEDIA ALERT International Council of Shopping Centers 2006 Quebec Conference
06/19/2006 Episcopal Church picks archbishop; 52-year-old is first woman to lead U.S. denomination
06/19/2006 Jafza and ENDP explore new career opportunities for nationals
06/19/2006 The National Bank of Abu Dhabi launches the NBAD Emerging Markets Fund
06/19/2006 Singapore compensates health workers who contracted SARS
06/19/2006 Sri Lanka calls for rebels to resume peace talks
06/19/2006 Book says U.S. warned Britain about leader of bombings
06/19/2006 New UN Human Rights Council makes debut
06/19/2006 Whaling commission backs resuming hunt
06/19/2006 Israel to Review Separation Barrier Route
06/19/2006 Designer of AK-47 rues its use by terrorists
06/19/2006 Israeli missile strike raises fears of cycle of violence
06/19/2006 At least 23 killed by blasts in Baghdad
06/19/2006 Navy says long-lost WWII submarine found
06/19/2006 Five teens killed in New Orleans shooting
06/19/2006 Cross-country convoy marks anniversary on I-80
06/19/2006 Sterol and Bioactive Combination Successfully Passed Pre-Clinical Trial
06/19/2006 One Ticket Matches All Numbers In Big Powerball Drawing
06/19/2006 We can win World Cup Robinson
06/19/2006 Jackpot One Ticket For Huge Powerball Drawing Sold
06/19/2006 When The Going Got Tough...
06/19/2006 Pyongyang Poised North Korea Readies Missile Test
06/19/2006 Schumer NYC Is 'Prime Target' for Attack
06/19/2006 Driver Killed While Fixing Special Olympics Bus
06/19/2006 Special Olympics Bus Driver Killed On Shoulder Of Road
06/19/2006 Afghan ambush leaves 30 dead
06/19/2006 Australian convicted on terrorism-related charges
06/19/2006 Cosmetics magnate pays record 135 million for painting
06/19/2006 Raid sends dread into San Diego neighborhood
06/19/2006 Chinese students riot over changes to diploma
06/19/2006 Book spins chilling tale of 2003 subway plot
06/19/2006 Woman is leader of Anglicans in U.S.
06/19/2006 Report Shortage fuels market for rented wives in India
06/19/2006 Ryan Harris' mom aches for boy held in shooting
06/19/2006 Wisconsin puts death to a vote
06/19/2006 Edging to extinction
06/19/2006 A crucible for secularism
06/19/2006 Youth sex-assault case was botched
06/19/2006 The New Nation
06/19/2006 Brown School musician chosen for National Symphony program
06/19/2006 Amarnath pilgrimage runs into trouble
06/19/2006 www.heraldsun nationworld
06/19/2006 Moscow court upholds verdict on National Bolshevik radicals
06/19/2006 Nations press North Korea on missile test
06/19/2006 International Film Festival Opens in Jerusalem
06/19/2006 Jessica Simpson Prefers Lovers 'With Imagination'
06/19/2006 News 8 National News
06/19/2006 Associated Press national headlines via GoUpstate
06/19/2006 China Premier Begins 7-Nation African Tour
06/19/2006 Missing soldiers identified
06/19/2006 Woman to head Episcopal Church, hopes opponents won't leave
06/19/2006 Bear visits police station Hunt For Bruno Starting to Get Embarrassing
06/19/2006 Dispute blocks cancer drug
06/19/2006 Candidates sharpen knives in Liberal leadership race
06/19/2006 Couple enjoy astronomical anniversary gift
06/19/2006 A handshake and a dance tame critic of ethics bill
06/19/2006 Final week in House locution, locution, locution
06/19/2006 Supreme Court to weigh limits of police powers
06/19/2006 Toronto anti-violence march ends with news of shooting
06/19/2006 Opponents Mount Drive to Stop N.Korea Test
06/19/2006 NATION
06/19/2006 Democrats set to call for phased pullout
06/19/2006 Govt apathy cripples Bihar children
06/19/2006 Court to hear Sahil Zaroo's bail plea
06/19/2006 Court allows Lalu to travel abroad
06/19/2006 Sachar Committee report by October end
06/19/2006 About 400 Homes Evacuated In Arizona Due To Wildfire
06/19/2006 Bolivia mulls nationalisation of power, mining, telecoms industries
06/19/2006 WSU will offer the nation first organic farming degree program
06/19/2006 Arizona Wildfire Forces Evacuation Of About 400 Homes
06/19/2006 Nokia, Siemens to Merge Mobile Networks
06/19/2006 Abbas urges Arab nations to block Israel's border plan