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05/28/2006 Quake Toll Tops 4,300
05/28/2006 Nations Send Rescue, Emergency Medical Teams to Aid Indonesian Quake Victims
05/28/2006 Indonesia quake toll surpasses 4,600
05/28/2006 National News WFMYnews2 Dependable Local News
05/28/2006 Amnesty International vs. Internet Censorship
05/28/2006 ASC women finish third at Div. II national meet
05/28/2006 Off-duty deputy fatally shoots man who opened fire in mall
05/28/2006 Climbers survive after being stranded at top of mountain in Alaska
05/28/2006 First-time skydiver dies after parachute mishap
05/28/2006 Queensland Liberal and National parties move towards becoming a single party
05/28/2006 Sunni sheik assassinated in Baghdad
05/28/2006 Five Canadians rescued from damaged sailboat off coast of Nantucket
05/28/2006 Gang clashes shake foundations of fledgling East Timor
05/28/2006 Police say 900,000 gather in Krakow meadow for Mass with Pope Benedict XVI
05/28/2006 Russia opposes any use of force against Iran over its nuclear program
05/28/2006 Doctor throws his 2 kids, then himself off hotel balcony in Miami Beach
05/28/2006 Indy 500 Field To Be Led By Hornish
05/28/2006 First-Time Skydiver Dies After Slipping From Harness
05/28/2006 Quake Death Toll Rises In Indonesia
05/28/2006 Tainted Heroin
05/28/2006 Impatient nation
05/28/2006 Israel set to join body of industrialized nations
05/28/2006 Doc interrupts surgery to donate his blood
05/28/2006 Amnesty International launches campaign against Internet censorship
05/28/2006 Pranab Mukherjee starts China visit
05/28/2006 UPPSC's solution to quota tussle
05/28/2006 Indonesia quake India offers assistance
05/28/2006 Analysis Saddam Hussein's trial
05/28/2006 Survey finds nation in a hurry
05/28/2006 X-ray reveals alien head in duck's stomach
05/28/2006 Fiery Highway Crash Kills 5
05/28/2006 Hawai'i rate lower in national comparison
05/28/2006 Nationwide dropout rate studies differ
05/28/2006 Japan sends medical team to Indonesia
05/28/2006 National work day helping maintain region's myriad trails
05/28/2006 Enron sentences may depend on losses
05/28/2006 Athletes killed for showing legs
05/28/2006 Violence shakes foundations of East Timor
05/28/2006 Most of the 2 million children with HIV lack treatment
05/28/2006 Flu drug maker on alert
05/28/2006 Attorneys for slain dentist seek posthumous divorce
05/28/2006 More victims in videotape torture case may turn up
05/28/2006 Remembering a gay hero
05/28/2006 Drug cocktail causing overdoses nationwide
05/28/2006 Fewer Puerto Ricans head to New York
05/28/2006 Stamp dealers, dabblers gather around tiny prizes at World Philatelic Exhibition
05/28/2006 In U.S., acceptance of gays growing
05/28/2006 Quake kills more than 3,500
05/28/2006 Historians on the hunt for Purple Heart stories
05/28/2006 Israeli warplanes attack Palestinian bases in Lebanon
05/28/2006 5 Rescued From Damaged Boat Off Nantucket
05/28/2006 Big Quake Rattles Tonga
05/28/2006 Duck X-ray reveals 'alien head'
05/28/2006 Indonesia quake death toll tops 3,800
05/28/2006 Doctor suggests stress may have caused man to kill two kids, self
05/28/2006 Al Baraka Banking Group IPO launched to all nationalities throughout GCC
05/28/2006 International Community Mobilizes to Help Indonesian Earthquake Survivors
05/28/2006 At Least 6 Killed in Mine Blasts in Sri Lankan National Park
05/28/2006 Americans generally impatient; supermarket checkout is worst offender
05/28/2006 Connecticut leads national fuel cell research effort
05/28/2006 Experts Severe weather ahead
05/28/2006 National Cemetery hosts holiday service
05/28/2006 Poll Supermarket, DMV Top U.S. Impatient Poll
05/28/2006 Vikas Yadav admits killing Nitish Katara
05/28/2006 Lead foot leads to armless driver
05/28/2006 Poll Supermarkets, DMVs Top U.S. Impatient Poll
05/28/2006 Ex-leaders see a justice shift
05/28/2006 London's Times to start U.S. edition
05/28/2006 Tougher disclosure rules are sought
05/28/2006 In the World
05/28/2006 China's new tax has Japan fearing a chopstick 'emergency'
05/28/2006 'Dracula' castle given back to those of royal blood
05/28/2006 Java quake victims flood local hospital
05/28/2006 Simian hands for disabled
05/28/2006 Indonesian quake kills at least 211
05/28/2006 Fatah irked by return of rival troops
05/28/2006 Bush talks of war to West Point grads
05/28/2006 Racing death in Baghdad
05/28/2006 Foreign troops fail to pacify E. Timor
05/28/2006 Senate confirms Hayden
05/28/2006 The Man Whose Job Is Saving Barbaro
05/28/2006 Donations tie drug firms and nonprofits
05/28/2006 US & World - Philadelphia Inquirer
05/28/2006 Quota stir PMO talks with students fail
05/28/2006 As Wife Watches, Husband Plunges To Death Off Hotel Balcony
05/28/2006 Poland's chief rabbi attacked
05/28/2006 U.S. acts to quash wiretap suits
05/28/2006 Maui beach basks in No. 1 rating
05/28/2006 Bribery case muddies D.C. political waters
05/28/2006 A buck tale of rack and maybe ruin
05/28/2006 OBAMA IN '08?
05/28/2006 Vets find they can't buy recognition
05/28/2006 Mortgage defaults on rise
05/28/2006 Parents hold keys to safety on road
05/28/2006 Cycle of votes, insiders keeps money flowing
05/28/2006 BJP national executive to ignore Fanaa
05/28/2006 All Blacks announce squad
05/28/2006 Quota stir PM calls meeting over protests
05/28/2006 Pa. Skydiver Slips From Harness and Dies
05/28/2006 Osprey Oars qualify two boats for Nationals
05/28/2006 Students earn National Merit scholarships
05/28/2006 Local boy seeks letter-perfect run at this week's National Spelling Bee
05/28/2006 Big Guns Fire Warning Shots in International Friendlies
05/28/2006 Fellow doctor suggests stress may have caused man to kill two kids, himself
05/28/2006 International body ridicules 'conspiracy' charge
05/28/2006 Donations drives cop to the roof
05/28/2006 Poll Americans like instant gratification
05/28/2006 Cheney aide is screening legislation
05/28/2006 Communist Youth & Students Meet in Brooklyn Young Communist League Holds 8th National Convention
05/28/2006 Sri Lanka landmine blast in national park
05/28/2006 Iran backs Iraqi nation, government Mottaki
05/28/2006 International body ridicules ‚conspiracy‚ charge
05/28/2006 Scholars disagree about how many U.S. students graduate
05/28/2006 Science teacher inspires students in Watts school
05/28/2006 Government sets sights on school founded by jailed Russian oil tycoon
05/28/2006 Brown bear crosses border, kills sheep, causes international tiff
05/28/2006 Canadian prime minister says he won't talk to national media
05/28/2006 Private schools offer combat training
05/28/2006 Soldier gives Purple Heart to student who wrote letters
05/28/2006 Stern gets rights to tapes in 2 million settlement with CBS
05/28/2006 Churches turn to e-vangelism
05/28/2006 Immigration bill has lots of fine print
05/28/2006 WHO puts maker of Tamiflu on stockpile alert
05/28/2006 Study Kids with HIV lack treatment
05/28/2006 Bush speaks to cadets
05/28/2006 Thousands flee street violence
05/28/2006 Katara case Accused gives murder details
05/28/2006 Anti-reservation protests gathers steam
05/28/2006 Bush Administration Wants Spy Lawsuits Dismissed
05/28/2006 In Priority Shift, FBI Halts Gunshot Residue Analysis
05/28/2006 Old Guard Faithfully Places Arlington Flags
05/28/2006 Bush Likens Era to the Cold War
05/28/2006 Tension Over FBI Raid Triggers Hints of Quitting
05/28/2006 Feeling the Need for Speed, Texas Raises Its Limit to 80
05/28/2006 Gas Bank Is Like Money in the Tank
05/28/2006 Rival's Criticism May Benefit Senator
05/28/2006 Unlikely Center of Latest Political Storm
05/28/2006 Discrimination shouldnt be law
05/28/2006 Bittersweet memories as nation prays for Barbaro
05/28/2006 Karzai's nominee for court rejected
05/28/2006 U.S. asks judges to toss NSA suits
05/28/2006 8 killed as secular fighters, militia trade fire in Somalia
05/28/2006 Colombia's Uribe likely winner today
05/28/2006 East Timor chaos continues
05/28/2006 Indonesian bird-flu toll now at 36
05/28/2006 A climber saved, and one left to die
05/28/2006 French-born engineer wins top job at Caltech
05/28/2006 D.C. show is stuck on stamps
05/28/2006 Cancer researcher Anita Roberts dies of gastric cancer
05/28/2006 Surgeon gives blood in midst of operation
05/28/2006 Jolie and Pitt welcome daughter Shiloh Nouvel
05/28/2006 Petite shopping options shrinking
05/28/2006 Father throws 2 boys to their deaths, jumps
05/28/2006 Chicago considers law boosting wages
05/28/2006 Bush to West Point grads You will lead war on terror
05/28/2006 Gore as a candidate? "Been there, done that"
05/28/2006 Women who turn to women
05/28/2006 House GOP ready to put Iraq war up for debate
05/28/2006 Critics say bill diminishes due process for immigrants
05/28/2006 Teacher sparks students' love of science
05/28/2006 Jefferson probe expands FBI investigating 8 alleged schemes
05/28/2006 Official sketches Iraq handover plan
05/28/2006 Immigrants fighting fires create dilemma for West
05/28/2006 Heritage Foundation math on immigration disputed
05/28/2006 Catastrophe stretches hospitals in area to the limit
05/28/2006 Buddhist monument undamaged by tremor
05/28/2006 Martin Brinkerhoff Associates Produces Two National Dealer Meetings for Toshiba America Business Solutions
05/28/2006 Hercules stands strong against Wal-Mart
05/28/2006 Frantic searches follow quake
05/28/2006 International help for Indonesia quake victims
05/28/2006 Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling Just the Beginning of 'American Inmate'
05/27/2006 Amnesty International founded 28 May 1961 This Day in History
05/27/2006 Skydiver Dies In Ohio After Slipping From Harness
05/27/2006 One Killed In Oklahoma City Mall Shooting
05/27/2006 Speed blamed for weekend carnage
05/27/2006 Bombs kill at least three in Baghdad
05/27/2006 India to seek crackdown on Pak camps
05/27/2006 Arjun Singh Gulf visit on education
05/27/2006 UPPSC's solution to reservation tussle
05/27/2006 W Bengal clarifies Kolkata airport policy
05/27/2006 More quakes shake Pacific nations
05/27/2006 Kyrgyzstan Opposition Rallies for Reform
05/27/2006 Magnitude-6.2 Quake Hits Papua New Guinea Coast
05/27/2006 Magnitude-6.7 Earthquake Strikes Near Tonga
05/27/2006 EU Nations Constitution Set Aside For Another Year
05/27/2006 Dont sell Snowy Hydro protesters
05/27/2006 Borobudur temple survives quake
05/27/2006 Aus to send more help to East Timor
05/27/2006 ADB offers aid to Indonesia
05/27/2006 Pope visits Poland
05/27/2006 Quake strikes near Tonga
05/27/2006 National Party on carpet over alleged GST blunder
05/27/2006 Major earthquake strikes near Tonga
05/27/2006 Deadly Mall Shooting
05/27/2006 Iran, Palestinian crises to dominate developing nations' talks
05/27/2006 Bush Urges Cadets to 'Extend Freedom'
05/27/2006 Machete-wielding gangs rampage in East Timor
05/27/2006 Papuan appeal UN recognition of self-determination
05/27/2006 Benedict Follows in John Paul Footsteps
05/27/2006 Bush Urges Cadets to Extend Freedom
05/27/2006 It a Baby Girl for Brangelina
05/27/2006 U.S. Allocates 2.5 Million to Indonesia
05/27/2006 One dead in Oklahoma City mall shooting
05/27/2006 Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt arrives
05/27/2006 Carnegie Mellon hosts 2nd International Botball Robotics Challenge in Qatar
05/27/2006 5 die in fiery wreck along Conn. highway
05/27/2006 Man throws kids, self off hotel balcony
05/27/2006 Bears out of hibernation in St. Joseph, Michigan
05/27/2006 Agency ruling backs sports reporters' sex discrimination claims
05/27/2006 The Nation What's Wrong With a Healthy Helping of Pork?
05/27/2006 Newest National Cemetery Hosts First Memorial Day Service
05/27/2006 DSHA rugby team rated No. 1 in the nation
05/27/2006 My Weekend People Not Honest About Health
05/27/2006 Accused details Nitish Katara murder
05/27/2006 Anti-reservation protests gathering steam
05/27/2006 Anti-smoking crusader buried in Ottawa
05/27/2006 Indonesia Rescue teams race against time
05/27/2006 Resignation talk, budget threats preceded Bush intervention in FBI raid showdown
05/27/2006 100,000 reward over cold cases
05/27/2006 Rising Mackenzie River forces Aklavik evacuation
05/27/2006 Rumpus over FBI raid leads to talk of resignations
05/27/2006 Bush Says Terror War 'Only the Beginning'
05/27/2006 Resignations threatened in bribery probe of congressman
05/27/2006 Doctors allegedly throws his young kids, then himself off 15th floor balcony
05/27/2006 Cyclist dies after being hit by car
05/27/2006 2 climbers stranded in Denali National Park
05/27/2006 Coastal Vacations' International Expansion Continues With Worldwide Access To 24 Hour Info Line
05/27/2006 Bay Area Indonesians Wait For News
05/27/2006 Hoffa Search Continuing Through Weekend
05/27/2006 Angelina Jolie Gives Birth To Girl With Brad Pitt
05/27/2006 Report Angelina Jolie Gives Birth
05/27/2006 Walrus population at risk, scientists say
05/27/2006 Aklavik evacuated as spring waters rise
05/27/2006 Resignation Talk, Budgetary Threats Preceded Bush Intervention In Raid On Congress
05/27/2006 Moscow Police, Protesters Beat Gay Activists
05/27/2006 Kyoto nations discuss post-2012 cuts in greenhouse gases
05/27/2006 Professional Education International Fires up New Avionics & Weapons System Flight Test Course
05/27/2006 Trinity Lutheran given 1 million donation
05/27/2006 Saratoga hosts national rowing championship
05/27/2006 WebStream V.P. George Dubec Selected Judge For The 10th Annual International WebAward Competition
05/27/2006 Tech2connect Enters Nationwide, Small Business Market with Managed Web Services Offering
05/27/2006 Missing couples reward doubled
05/27/2006 Hamas militia returns to streets of Gaza, drawing condemnations from rivals
05/27/2006 Nation to invest 625m in ground-breaking research in next 5 years
05/27/2006 German teen accused of violent rampage in Berlin
05/27/2006 Russia's first gay pride parade turns violent
05/27/2006 How to help
05/27/2006 Man Throws Kids, Himself Off Balcony
05/27/2006 CUPE in Ontario votes to boycott Israel
05/27/2006 White House Wants NSA Lawsuits Dropped
05/27/2006 WHO Calls for International Action to Combat Counterfeit Drugs
05/27/2006 Wellesley's Jackson shines in equestrian national finals
05/27/2006 Newest national cemetery observes Memorial Day
05/27/2006 Resignation talk, budget threats before Bush intervened in raid
05/27/2006 Resignation talk, budgetary threats preceded Bush intervention in raid on Congress
05/27/2006 Violence erupts in East Timor, again
05/27/2006 Ottawa pledges 2M in aid
05/27/2006 Police Father Threw Kids Out of Hotel Window
05/27/2006 The Nation The Other Legacy of Enron
05/27/2006 X-Ray Of 'Alien Head' Inside Duck To Be Auctioned
05/27/2006 Guillen Goes on DL With Hamstring Injury
05/27/2006 No guarantee for Muslims here in national rural job guarantee
05/27/2006 DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE accepts donations to help earthquake survivors in Yogyakarta Indonesia
05/27/2006 UN urges more support for postwar nations
05/27/2006 More Victims Possible In Taped Rape, Torture Case
05/27/2006 MSHA officials have yet to enter Ky. mine
05/27/2006 Provinces gird for smoking laws
05/27/2006 Alberta vows to introduce stiff emissions regulations
05/27/2006 Government asks for dismissal of NSA wiretapping suits
05/27/2006 Iraq Tennis Coach, Two Players Slain For Wearing Shorts
05/27/2006 Iraqi Authorities Say Three Killed For Wearing Shorts
05/27/2006 Utah To Host 'Real' Grunge Match
05/27/2006 First Memorial Day For Newest Cemetery
05/27/2006 Contamination scare closes Weston's plant
05/27/2006 Bush likens war on terrorism to Cold War
05/27/2006 Gay rights rally in Moscow ends violently
05/27/2006 Wisconsin Not Pursuing Back Taxes On Tobacco
05/27/2006 Bush likens war on terrorism to Cold War
05/27/2006 Veterans don't want to dwell on stolen PC
05/27/2006 Dodgers win as Lowe silences Nationals
05/27/2006 Except from Vermont National Guard history
05/27/2006 Chopper down in Iraq, 2 Marines missing
05/27/2006 Children thrown from hotel balcony in Miami
05/27/2006 Newest National Cemetery Hosts First Mem
05/27/2006 Pope gives hope for John Paul sainthood
05/27/2006 DANIEL BOONE NATIONAL FOREST More of a creek runs through it
05/27/2006 Deadly earthquakes in Indonesia
05/27/2006 BJP prepares for national executive
05/27/2006 Ky. Rescuers Find Body of Girl After Flood
05/27/2006 Basic results of the Palestinian national dialogue conference
05/27/2006 Canadian man hailed in Everest rescue
05/27/2006 U.S. Helicopter Missing In Iraq; Hostile Fire Not Suspected
05/27/2006 Strong Quake Rocks Indonesia's Java Island
05/27/2006 Soldier toiling to keep record of National Guard at war
05/27/2006 Michigan Hoffa search continues for eleventh day
05/27/2006 Iranian Politician Urges U.S.-Iran Ties
05/27/2006 Marines Report Helicopter Down in Anbar
05/27/2006 Man Throws Two Kids, Himself Off Hotel Balcony
05/27/2006 America’s China Hypocrisy
05/27/2006 2 Kids Thrown off FL Hotel Balcony
05/27/2006 Benedict Hopes John Paul Will Achieve Sainthood
05/27/2006 Gay Rights Protestors Attacked in Moscow
05/27/2006 Democrats Call for Help for Vets Hit by Stolen Records
05/27/2006 Bush Cites Military's Courage, Sacrifice
05/27/2006 Bush Speaks to West Point Grads
05/27/2006 At Least 21 Killed in Iraq Violence
05/27/2006 Transfer of Iraq Secuirty Could Start Soon
05/27/2006 Indonesia Quake Kills Thousands
05/27/2006 Quake in Indonesia kills at least 2,900
05/27/2006 Some Mexican Migrants Bicycle Into U.S.
05/27/2006 Wireless Providers Working To Simplify Cell Phones
05/27/2006 Democrats do expect battle for attorney general nomination
05/27/2006 Analysis Elections snarl immigration bill
05/27/2006 Excerpts from Bush's address at West Point
05/27/2006 Bush Immigration Misstep Illegal Alien Gangs a Threat to Police
05/27/2006 Police Arrest 120 After Gay Activists Attacked In Moscow
05/27/2006 'Finish War On Terror,' Bush Tells Military Graduates
05/27/2006 30,000 Corvettes Recalled By General Motors
05/27/2006 Tamiflu Maker Asked To Ready Stockpile Of Bird Flu Drugs
05/27/2006 John Paul II Will Be A Saint In 'Near Future'
05/27/2006 Retailer pulls magazine featuring Muhammad cartoons
05/27/2006 Health officials urge Tamiflu maker to stockpile drug
05/27/2006 U.S. Has Complex Views on Cars, Gas Prices
05/27/2006 Mothers of 2 Soldiers, 1 Killed, Reflect
05/27/2006 FBI raid leads to resignation talk
05/27/2006 Class X results Girls outshine boys
05/27/2006 Quota stir Student attempts self-immolation
05/27/2006 Nationalists attack gay rights protesters in Moscow
05/27/2006 Silent Nation
05/27/2006 Search for Hoffa's Remains Continues for 11th Day
05/27/2006 Bush Gives Commencement Speech to West Point Graduates
05/27/2006 Over 3000 killed in Indonesian quake
05/27/2006 Palestinian national dialogue delayed
05/27/2006 Abbas Chairs Committee on National StrategyHamas Rejects Referendum on Plan that Implicitly Recognizes Israel
05/27/2006 Palestinian National Dialogue Session Ends with President-Headed Committee to Formulate Unified Platform
05/27/2006 Mittal's steel-y determination
05/27/2006 30,000 Corvettes Recalled After Roofs Fly Off
05/27/2006 Pope raises hope for canonization of John Paul
05/27/2006 Bosnian family pleads just say sorry
05/27/2006 'Chain of Links must be Decoded to Reveal Truth'
05/27/2006 Passport Directive does not Cover Headscarf
05/27/2006 EU Nations to Set Aside Constitution Plans for Another Year
05/27/2006 Indonesian Earthquake Kills 2,700
05/27/2006 UK government offers help to earthquake victims
05/27/2006 Aliyev Zaman has Always Supported us
05/27/2006 Merkel Looks Set Support Ankara in EU Bid
05/27/2006 TRNC to Participate in German Football Tournament
05/27/2006 HAMAS Recalls Police Force in Gaza
05/27/2006 Bush Honors West Point Class Of 2006
05/27/2006 Suu Kyi's house arrest extended
05/27/2006 World Health Organization asks Tamiflu maker to ready global stockpile
05/27/2006 Soldier gives Purple Heart to letter-writing student
05/27/2006 Lawyer for slain dentist wants to proceed with divorce
05/27/2006 what's happening in Canada
05/27/2006 Nationals Surging Washington wins fourth straight
05/27/2006 More digging at horse farm as FBI's Hoffa search reaches day No. 11
05/27/2006 Pope says he hopes John Paul will be a saint in 'near future'
05/27/2006 Powerful earthquake rocks Indonesia's Java island, killing at least 2,900
05/27/2006 Midwest Storms Kill 5
05/27/2006 Nearly 2,700 Killed In Indonesian Earthquake
05/27/2006 FBI's Hoffa search reaches day No. 11
05/27/2006 Backhoes Used To Dig Up Farm In Hoffa Search
05/27/2006 Iraqi deaths being investigated
05/27/2006 Whitlam critical of abysmal Labor effort
05/27/2006 Lesbians flock north in last bid to make babies
05/27/2006 School idea a boost for Aborigines
05/27/2006 Marsdens flamboyant funeral splits citys elite
05/27/2006 Pope Hopes John Paul will be a Saint in 'near Future'
05/27/2006 Marines, Iraq investigations
05/27/2006 Sex scandal DSP called for questioning
05/27/2006 Weston denies contamination warning delayed
05/27/2006 Over 2,700 killed in Indonesian quake
05/27/2006 Hamas denounces assassination of Islamic Jihad leader
05/27/2006 Analysis Palestine ripe for al-Qaida
05/27/2006 More than 2,500 killed in magnitude 6.2 earthquake