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12:00:07a Buckeyes finally get back at Gators

12:00:11a Baby Jesus to get GPS for Christmas
12:00:58a RISD taps MIT official as 16th president
12:01:02a Four Palestinians killed by Israeli fire
12:01:05a Memphis Police find body in parked car
12:01:12a Residents forced to take smelly problem into their own hands
12:01:39a Plantronics Hates Bluetooth-Wearing Jerks, Develops 12V DC Charging Headset Gadgets
12:01:49a 'Boy Meets World' star arrested on warrant, police say
12:02:08a Parmalat, Intesa Sanpaolo reach out-of-court settlement
12:02:32a Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace Credit Crunch China to the Rescue?
12:02:55a Global Issues Rebuilding Beijing
12:03:01a Man nails Santa to a cross to protest commercialism
12:03:04a Democrats frustrated by GOP obstacles
12:03:08a Former FBI director Hoover planned to arrest 12,000 Americans suspected of disloyalty
12:03:12a Scam hits franchise company
12:03:15a Mexico faces own job drain
12:03:19a African giraffes highly endangered study
12:03:25a Suspected illegal immigrants crash near Idaho Springs
12:04:12a Missing sex offender located in Vancouver
12:05:50a ATP Suspends 2 Italians for Gambling
12:07:05a Hey, look on the bright side
12:07:16a Ivory Coast disarmament process begins
12:07:57a Last-minute shoppers brave crowds, traffic
12:08:00a Snoqualmie Pass Denny Creek
12:08:10a Barak, Mubarak to discuss truce with Hamas in Egypt Wednesday
12:08:21a Thornton's 20 points include 6 3-pointers; LSU beats Oregon St.
12:08:40a Israeli firms will not get preference in new Negev solar power plant
12:09:00a Clotting legs
12:09:03a The ABCs of DVT
12:09:07a Sweet extension
12:09:10a Treating lymph cancer
12:09:14a Ratatouille, not!
12:09:17a About chickenpox
12:09:21a Labelling nutrition
12:09:24a Self-healing qigong
12:09:30a Allergies 'may combat pancreatic cancer'
12:09:40a Graphical Animation of U.S. Real Estate Prices
12:10:04a Meagher not speculating on cause of boy's death
12:10:58a Strommen Stormfronters and Symbols
12:11:02a Mitt can't win the general? someone
12:11:05a The Arab World Meets The Western Canon
12:11:09a Review National Treasure The Book of Secrets- Family Edutainment
12:11:13a AN INTERVIEW with General Petraeus....
12:11:16a HUFFINGTON POST Giuliani's Exoneration...
12:11:20a Fourth suspect arrested in Slidell armed robbery, shooting
12:11:23a Donation drive held for victims of Kenner apartment fire
12:11:44a No diluting absinthe's lure
12:12:26a South-east NSW braces for wild weather
12:12:29a Young drivers warned to watch drinking
12:13:03a Alitalia names preferred bidder
12:13:07a Sri Lankan Airlines sacks Emirates management
12:13:10a St Petersburg to become major auto centre
12:13:14a GM recalls 300,000 cars
12:13:17a Chemical Explosion 911 Calls Released Sat, 22 Dec 2007 225528 GMT
12:13:32a The HP Media Vault Mv2010 Protect and Share Your Data
12:13:59a Karma Looms...
12:14:02a Rights of Victims' Families Limited or Non-Existent In British Columbia
12:14:06a PC040862
12:14:27a Ecuador president proposes pardons for low-level drug couriers
12:14:31a Watts scores 20 points as Creighton ends Arkansas-Little Rock winning streak with 80-61 victory
12:14:34a Thornton's 20 points include 6 3-pointers; LSU beats Oregon St.
12:14:38a Egypt's mummy researchers waiting on DNA
12:17:04a AirFrance Rolls out Limited Cell Phone/ Internet Use Test
12:17:07a United and Apple Working Together to Offer iPod Sync
12:17:36a Officers claim political retaliation from new mayor
12:17:45a Crackdown urged on rip-off web ticket touts
12:17:49a Blair prepared to convert at No 10
12:17:53a How the Queen got well connected
12:17:56a Christmas getaway in full swing
12:18:00a Alarmed allies warn Brown of defeat
12:18:03a Wilder parks can tame climate change
12:18:07a Crisis at Lebanon impasse
12:18:11a UK's first 'super-diverse' city by 2020
12:18:14a Briton looks to life after death row
12:18:18a 'Dinnertime Bandit' faces life for robbing rich
12:18:22a DNA scrutiny to prompt retrials
12:18:25a Kercher's friends called back by Italian judge
12:18:29a Turkeys and socks for the troops overseas
12:18:32a Beckham will lead Fabio's England
12:18:36a Misfiring Gunners show some mettle
12:18:39a The singalong-a-slasher
12:18:43a All together now 'Once in Royal ...'
12:18:47a A Wien romance
12:18:50a Camel 'plague' puzzles scientists
12:18:58a Nuclear waste could power Britain
12:19:02a Five bright ideas that illuminated 2007
12:19:05a A winter's tale of two parishes and one faith
12:19:09a New crisis to hit banks in 2008
12:19:13a Which way now the world has shifted?
12:19:16a Love in a cold climate
12:19:20a Orlando Doctor Arrested On Drug Trafficking Charges
12:19:24a Judge Declines To Rule On Mobile Home Eviction Notice
12:19:27a Man Arrested For Breaking Into Car With Windows Down
12:19:30a Racist fans to cop life bans
12:19:34a Public comment for lead shipments at Freo extended
12:19:37a Burglers catch themselves in the act
12:19:41a Findings due in Clea Rose inquest
12:19:44a Five arrested at Sydney dance party
12:19:48a Koomooloo gets back on even keel
12:21:05a Hillary Clinton greets diners at the River House Cafe with her daughter Chelsea
12:21:35a You Think Santa Is Busy? Talk to a Wood Toy Maker
12:22:02a Plan ahead to track down last-minute Wii
12:22:37a Harper struggles like most with work, life balance
12:22:53a Jamie Spears pregnancy 'poses dilemma'
12:22:56a China's film censors 'across all issues'
12:23:00a Queen to air Xmas message on YouTube
12:23:04a Sir Charles Court dies at 96
12:23:07a Bangladesh to encourage 'one couple one child' to tackle population explosion
12:23:11a Scottish airgun ban blocked by Whitehall
12:23:14a Blair seals his faith with conversion to Catholicism
12:23:18a Family thrilled by recovery of killer virus victim
12:23:22a It's the Hillary factor, stupid – Clinton battles image crisis
12:23:25a Salmond plots first move in Scottish battle to win back Lewis Chessmen
12:23:29a Country stars in killers' sights
12:23:33a Jail gives convict unjust desserts
12:23:36a Bid now for a great gift before your chance is going, going, gone
12:23:39a Picasso theft leaves Brazil feeling blue
12:23:43a Lockerbie story heads to Hollywood
12:23:46a Santa's rejects look forward to home fit for lounge lizards
12:23:50a Universities to crack down on exam cheats
12:23:53a Health checks... at the checkout
12:23:57a Romanov lord of the dance
12:24:00a Ailig Salmond is a' Ghàidhlig an d'chas gun tig e gu càil
12:24:04a Women raise glass to historic ruling on Indian bar jobs
12:24:07a Queen shows vain celebrities a thing or two about facing the cameras
12:24:11a Matt Lucas and Jimmy Carr sure to bring the BB house down
12:24:14a Counterfeit DVD gang funds Kashmiri terrorists
12:24:19a Turkey bombs Kurds in airstrikes over Iraq
12:24:22a Would you believe it? Leon's single may top the charts at Christmas
12:24:26a Divers recover body of second crew member from capsized Clyde tugboat
12:24:30a Thick fog leaves festive airline passengers on a wing and a prayer
12:24:33a France and Australia renew their support for Afghans
12:24:37a Musical send-off for 'genius' Ike Turner
12:24:40a Brown faces revolt as MPs demand 100,000 salary
12:24:44a Scotland hopes to avoid flood of appeals after Omagh ruling
12:24:47a Library brought to book over loss of Scots section
12:24:51a SNP failed to declare 5,000 donation for three years
12:24:54a Mandela urges ANC to back 'Comrade Zuma'
12:24:58a Spreading holiday cheer, in a Grinch-like fashion
12:25:02a Socking some away for the kids
12:25:05a Florida State sets bowl roster; Watson, Robinson not playing
12:25:09a Suspensions Leave Florida St. Short Handed
12:25:12a Dreary Midwest Weather Delays Flights Across Country
12:25:16a 11 Arrested In 'Operation No Crack For Christmas'
12:25:20a 'Boy Meets World' actress faces drunk driving charge
12:25:23a The new do's and don'ts of cold and flu season
12:25:27a David Carlin Bathrooms for the transgendered
12:25:30a Court charges pair with INLA membership
12:25:34a Search for missing Englishman called off
12:25:37a Man arrested after Monaghan drugs seizure
12:25:41a 2007 Britain in Focus
12:25:47a China produces first home-grown bullet train report
12:25:50a Anarchist Emma Goldman pt.2
12:25:54a Circle Chasers Pt.2
12:25:58a Court documents allege Canadian chocolate companies involved in price-fixing scheme
12:26:01a KLCI Futures End Higher On Steadier Cash Market
12:26:05a Share Prices End Week On Higher Note
12:26:08a Three-Month KLIBOR Futures Untraded At Mid-day
12:26:12a Family struggles to cope with loss of child hit on Gulf Freeway
12:26:15a Elves and More makes Christmas brighter for kids in need
12:26:19a Favre Hat Very Popular
12:26:23a Wreckage of small plane, body found in remote Jackson County area
12:27:28a Downsizing Jordan How Katie Price shrank her assets in time for Christmas
12:27:32a Liverpool money crisis deepens as American owners miss deadline over £220m debt
12:27:36a Jailed Natwest banker begs to be set free to hunt for his missing daughter
12:27:40a 40,000 holidays in ruins as travel company collapses
12:27:44a Blair intervened in decision to suspend Saudi arms probe
12:27:47a Meredith's friends are ordered to return to Italy for questioning
12:27:51a Blair DOES do God and becomes a Catholic
12:27:58a The Cherie factor on road to Rome
12:28:01a Government under fire over 'black only' school trips funded by tax payer
12:28:05a Victoria Wood The childhood misery that turned me into a funny girl
12:28:08a Manchester Utd 'rape' girl might face charges
12:28:12a Kate and Gerry McCann We can't face giving each other Christmas presents
12:28:15a Exposed How Diana inquiry cop was on £1,000 a day
12:28:19a Binmen lose their Christmas tips as householders fume over fortnightly collections
12:28:22a Lord Coe accused of 'cleaning up' over Olympics
12:28:26a Traffic Moving Slowly Over Snoqualmie Pass
12:28:30a French, Aussie leaders visit Afghanistan
12:28:33a US 'looks forward' to Thailand elections
12:28:37a One Killed and Two Injured after Three Car Collision in Kentucky
12:28:40a PM Emphasis will be on hot-spot areas
12:28:44a Maybank, NST to hand out aid supplies
12:28:47a Bid to 'pressure' govt
12:28:51a MAS banks on staff to soar higher
12:28:55a Idyllic day at tourist spot as vigil put off
12:28:58a Santa Visits Innisfil... Dec. 22nd/07...
12:30:12a New Zealand traffic cops charged after high-speed motorway race
12:30:28a Google Captures The 'Zeitgeist' Of 2007
12:30:32a Support Vowed To Afghanistan
12:30:36a Giuliani Tries To Keep Lead In New Hampshire
12:30:39a Happy Birthday To Cab Calloway
12:30:43a Weather Expected To Delay Flights This Holiday
12:30:46a Army Faces Tougher Recruitment In 2008
12:30:50a Will Mitchell Report Have Any Impact?
12:30:53a Congress Ends Year With Disappointing Marks
12:30:57a Bat Winters In D.C., To Delight Of Urban Dwellers
12:31:01a San Diego Cub Makes Her Public Debut
12:31:38a Military Families Are Fed Up
12:32:37a EQ 3.3 Adak, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT/titl
12:32:41a News Corp. to Sell 8 TV Stations
12:32:44a Snowstorm Socks the Plains
12:32:48a Israeli Official Would Back Cease-Fire
12:33:32a Russia to veto UNSC resolution
12:33:36a Putin the richest man in Russia
12:33:39a Kazakh security agency reports 2007 anti-terror activities
12:34:08a Five officers injured in prison fight
12:34:11a Gamecocks come back to beat Coll. of Charleston, 85-82
12:34:15a Lott leaves Senate but plans to keep hand in politics
12:34:22a School to review alcohol policies following student's death
12:34:26a Wofford defeats Texas Southern 63-56 in Vegas Classic
12:34:29a Chesnee police officers charged with misconduct
12:34:36a Queen St. Debit Scam Milks Holiday Shoppers
12:35:34a Homicide at 17th and Plymouth
12:37:15a Aston Villa 1-1 Manchester City
12:37:19a Resources sector poised for bumper 2008
12:37:46a Reagan officials Charlie Wilson's War is 'left-wing myth.'
12:37:57a IMF to cut US, Europe growth estimates
12:38:11a Midwest snow storm blamed for at least one death
12:38:21a 2 dead as blinding snowstorm hits Plains
12:38:40a Police Checkpoint Confiscates 55 Vehicles
12:38:43a Higher Tides Don't Mean Bigger Waves
12:38:47a Crash Leaves Motorcyclist Dead
12:39:06a Myanmar Lessons From 2007 Burma Uprising
12:39:09a Thailand Coverage of Thai Elections
12:39:51a Circuit City posts 3Q loss, shares tumble
12:39:55a Circuit City posts wider-than-expected 3Q loss
12:39:58a President stars in judo DVD
12:40:02a Flight delayed as holiday travel begins
12:40:06a Neil McKenzie scored a half century as South Africa A beat West Indies.
12:40:10a India won't be underdone for opening Test, says Gilchrist
12:40:13a Warne slams Aussies' 'arrogant mindset'
12:40:17a Howzzat? Cuban cricket team caught out by US ban
12:40:21a Ponting powers Aussies to trophy win
12:40:24a Aussies fear Twenty20 will swallow Test cricket
12:40:28a US embargo blocks Cuban cricket debut
12:40:32a Indian spin won't wash, says Ponting
12:40:35a Vaughan Admits England Have Work To Do After Loss
12:40:39a Zim win as Composite XI crash to 98 all out
12:40:42a Nick Lachey's choir wins NBC show
12:40:46a Stolen Picasso 'had no insurance'
12:40:49a Najib Financial aid for flood victims soon
12:40:53a Writing it right to boost Malaysia-Indonesia ties
12:40:57a 5,000 centres ready to help second wave of flood victims
12:41:01a Thieves strike flood-hit home
12:41:04a New Year's Eve Peace Vigil on Salisbury Plain
12:41:09a FBI's Hoover planned mass U.S. jailings report
12:41:29a Gilbert Traffic Stop Prompts Racial Profiling Allegations
12:41:33a Newspaper Carrier Nabs BB Suspects
12:42:34a ‘Painful effort
12:43:07a Emperor Akihito turns 74, refrains from talking much about family+
12:43:11a Hospital removed life support from woman though death was not imminent+
12:43:17a ADVISORY Start of KWS news cycle for Dec. 23+
12:43:21a Submissions support greater cosmetic surgery regulation
12:43:30a Sunday Business This Is the Sound of a Bubble Bursting
12:44:04a Woman's Body Removed From W.Va. Building
12:45:27a Flood news in Brief Ready for the worst
12:45:34a Gobierno argentino defiende compra de acciones de Repsol-YPF
12:45:37a Niegan presencia de Antonini Wilson en sede gubernamental
12:46:29a Woman's body removed from W.Va. building
12:47:12a Governor gives bear a reprieve
12:47:15a Spelling bee benefactor b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l
12:47:19a 2 doctors go after medical myths
12:47:23a Japan ready to tackle Godzilla
12:47:26a Doctor unicycles for humor study
12:47:35a Huckabee Calls for Stronger Military, Stronger Families 22 Dec 2007 161147 GMT
12:47:38a Factory Expansion Planned in Jonesboro 22 Dec 2007 174233 GMT
12:47:42a Sales Tax Change Coming 22 Dec 2007 173901 GMT
12:48:35a SPC MD 2257
12:48:38a SPC MD 2256
12:48:59a Obama-Edwards ad spat gets rough
12:49:02a Millions Hit the Road for Holiday Destinations
12:49:06a Mt. Olive Prison Guard is Arrested
12:49:49a Broward-Wide Internet Network Faces Several Challenges
12:49:53a IN BRIEF Musical Hunt
12:49:56a Shot! Back of the Net
12:50:00a I AM Not Sure What Was More Distressing
12:50:03a GIFTS FOR . . . The Thinker
12:50:07a WAN World
12:50:10a 2-FOR-1 Christmas Grotto Photos Offer
12:50:14a Bogus cancer therapist faces jail time
12:50:17a Hospital speaks over meningitis death
12:50:21a NZ woman diagnosed with text-msg's thumb
12:50:29a Another Gisborne aftershock
12:50:32a Wanaka officer injured
12:50:36a Fisheries Ministry staff showdown
12:50:39a New home for Zaoui
12:50:42a Activists free hens
12:50:46a Kaiapoi evacuations urged
12:50:50a Policeman run down by drunk teenager
12:50:53a Franchise scam victims seek SFO help
12:50:57a Toxic fumes from plastics fire force evacuations
12:52:06a Best friend becomes hero by saving her life
12:52:09a Report Former FBI director Hoover planned to arrest 12,000 Americans
12:52:13a Embassy official U.S. was warned before Turkish airstricke in Iraq
12:53:16a 'Whisperers' of Stalin's Russia Find Their Voice
12:54:01a This Is the Sound of a Bubble Bursting
12:54:04a Marbury files grievance against Knicks
12:54:08a Delhi serial stalker tracked
12:54:11a Filth of 'third world' hospital
12:54:15a Islamic Jihad Refuses Ceasefire
12:54:31a Loose bull heads for school playground
12:54:36a Ecuador President Proposes Drug Pardons
12:54:45a Dunbar Village residents treated to holiday lunch
12:55:11a GNU Octave 3.0 Released After 11 Years
12:55:20a Avery Johnson From Last to First to the Spurs Rafters
12:55:23a Fast, Fun and Dangerous
12:55:27a China Airlines door opens mid-flight
12:55:30a Looking Back Down the Trail of Wreckagenbsp; What To Do?
12:55:34a A Conversation with the Prime Minister Video Link
12:55:37a Get Ready for a Democratic Era Barf Alert!
12:55:41a Celebrating Christmas 2007 with the D.C. Chapter - Picture Heavy
12:55:44a Survey Methodology Zogby America Likely Voters 12/12/07 thru 12/14/07
12:55:48a 'Father Christmas' beaten in West Bank demo organisers Evil Jooz Beat Santa!
12:55:52a Pope welcomes Blair Church switch
12:55:55a Probation officers strike threat
12:55:59a Frustrated Immigrants Ditching Arizona
12:56:02a Macs Are Even More Expensive Than I Thought
12:56:06a iRemember
12:56:09a Bus d
12:56:16a Proposal for nuclear plant at Oregon border draws concern
12:56:24a African giraffes 'critically endangered'
12:56:28a Ecuador to pardon drug 'mules'
12:56:32a Thousands lose holidays as UK firm collapses
12:56:35a Madeleine's parents issue Christmas plea
12:56:39a Journalist's death poses questions, 10 years on
12:56:55a Stabbing incident sends two to hospital
12:56:58a Attempted abduction reported on Saturday
12:57:02a Queen Launches Royal Channel On YouTube
12:57:07a R Kelly Real Talk Behind the Scenes
12:57:10a Eaton Centre Time Lapse Christmas Shopping
12:58:04a Report FBI Planned Mass 'Disloyalty' Arrests in 1950
12:58:34a Breaking News One dead after fatal fire in North St. Louis
12:59:22a French, Australian leaders pledge commitment to Afghanistan during visits
12:59:54a HARTFORD 54, MICHIGAN STATE 51 No. 23 Spartans fall to soon-to-be-ranked Hartford
12:59:58a HELENE ST. JAMES' BLOG Zetterberg, Holmstrom out for tonight's Wings game
01:00:04a President Bush Praises US Troops, Their Families east
01:00:21a Winds favour Wild Oats XI
01:00:25a Maxwell back
01:00:29a This Is England DVD Review Skinhead Brutality And Race Hatred
01:00:33a NSF-chartered Plane Crashes While Taking Off from Remote Antarctic Camp
01:01:21a Strong Storms Batter Plains, Head Into Midwest
01:01:25a Shoppers ‘too little, too late to save season
01:01:29a Changes in the German retail market
01:01:36a Queen's Christmas message to go on YouTube official
01:02:01a Peru ex-president Fujimori apologizes for killings
01:02:15a Racist fans face MCG life ban
01:02:19a Windies whipped in 3 days
01:02:23a Cook provides food for thought
01:02:26a Hullabaloo in blogosphere!
01:02:30a California Inventor Develops Robot with Imaging Capability
01:02:33a Panasonic TZ3 Underwater review
01:02:37a Clarke's 25 points lead DePaul to 93-88 victory over La Salle
01:03:37a Lawyers demand Bush hearings
01:03:41a Techies dig Dino robo-companion
01:03:44a Amtrak's ridership rises in 2007/ti
01:04:01a Verdict today
01:04:05a Tigers at large around Ranthambhore National Park
01:04:08a Damaged roads to be repaired
01:04:12a State to secure 700 MW of power
01:04:16a Al-Qaida in Iraq leader urges militants to kill Sunnis helping U.S.
01:04:20a Floods in Mozambique displace 250 families, official says
01:04:24a Woman's Body Removed From W.Va. Building
01:04:28a FBI's Hoover planned mass U.S. jailings report
01:04:32a Spain Christmas Lottery Winners Rejoice
01:04:35a Purgolders hold off late rally
01:05:19a Mail carrier beaten and robbed
01:06:19a Opposition says Govt failing to manage economy
01:06:36a Brazil museum's Picasso stolen
01:06:59a Bitterroot ranchers settles with feds
01:07:03a Montana's fire burned lands may be thinned
01:07:07a Bras for a cause in Florence
01:07:10a Folks hit Missoula post office
01:07:14a Helena soldier killed in Iraq is laid to rest
01:07:18a Group agrees to buy land for new convention center in Boise
01:07:22a Southwest Idaho county buys land for jail
01:07:26a Puppy is southwest Idaho police agency's latest recruit
01:07:30a Federal agency investigating N. Idaho infant deaths following immunizations
01:07:34a Timor Leste president tells country to forget past, unite in peace
01:08:05a Costa Rica says makes record marijuana bust
01:08:09a 7 die in blaze at Guadeloupe fireworks store
01:08:30a 'Charming' Chalk Drawings of Penguins by Famed Explorers Turn Up at Cambridge
01:08:35a Iraq Al-Qaeda Confirms Top Figure Killed
01:09:00a Traffickers descend on Haiti
01:09:03a In Zimbabwe, tales of the grim and tragic
01:09:07a Kuwait's IFA signs deal to build Manhattan hotel
01:09:11a The 'simple' and 'easy' philosophies of product innovation
01:09:18a Costa Rica Reports Record Pot Bust
01:09:47a Queen's Christmas message to go on YouTube official
01:10:15a Treadmills And Cages Among Evidence As Atlanta Police Investigate Dog-fighting Ring
01:11:43a Friendly camel plants a kiss on local visitor
01:13:43a Home for abused children sued over broken bones
01:14:07a Slovenia's new president sworn in
01:14:29a Special Needs Pets Given Help At MOA
01:14:32a Last Minute Shoppers Vexed By Snowfall
01:14:36a High Hopes For Gophers Basketball Recruit
01:14:40a Consumer Corner Toy Recall
01:14:44a Time Running Out For Last-Minute Shoppers
01:14:47a CBS4.COM Weather @ Your Desk 12/22/07 715 p.m.
01:14:51a Bernadette Woods Has Saturday's 640 p.m. Forecast
01:14:55a Super Bowl Champ Gives Toys To Needy Families
01:14:58a Students Rewarded Bikes For Scholastic Improvement
01:15:02a No Major Delays At South Florida Airports
01:15:06a Family Devastated After Man Dies In Hit Run
01:15:09a Court Battle Brews Over $200,000 Scratch Ticket
01:15:13a Start Snitching Video Challenges Stop Snitching
01:15:17a Retailers Hope Discounts Will Lure Shoppers
01:15:20a Toys For Children Courtesy BSO
01:15:24a 16 killed when minibus sinks in Nile River
01:15:28a Hindraf 'hijacked' by opposition
01:15:32a 42 kids get chance to voice Xmas wishes
01:15:36a It's raining cats, dogs and even horses
01:15:39a Diehard fans honour MGR
01:15:43a Robbers try to run cops off the road
01:15:47a Boer goat meat hits market
01:15:51a Restaurant's 'most spicy dish' taken off the menu
01:15:55a Cameras Show Flash and Shockwave from Plant Blast Sat, 22 Dec 2007 231835 GMT
01:15:59a Jacksonville Symphony Money Talks Take Holiday Break Sat, 22 Dec 2007 233703 GMT
01:17:21a US military deaths in Iraq at 3,897
01:17:51a Childrens Product Recalls Dec 15 Dec 21 2007
01:18:23a Stunner American upsets Maryland
01:19:11a Najib Flood aid isn?t compensation
01:19:21a Terri Irwin 'will use psychic to contact Steve'
01:19:24a Mexican yacht to tackle Sydney to Hobart
01:19:52a Mumm at the Movies Sweeney Todd
01:20:03a Chris Wallace Bashes Rush and Defends Hillary
01:20:33a Fight shuts down Palm Beach Mall
01:20:57a Reid Washington stands divided
01:21:01a Sarkozy plans to visit Egypt
01:21:04a Carol Bly, writer of small-town life, dies
01:21:08a Alleged criminal mastermind arrested
01:21:12a Experts New Law Driving O
01:21:16a El Al to lose its exclusivity in return for subsidized security
01:23:29a Armed robber sought in Southern Hills
01:23:43a Shreveport officer injured in Highland wreck
01:23:47a Mom on the Move 'What's in your stocking?'
01:24:57a The Raw Story Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US
01:25:49a Hope renewed at Home for single moms
01:25:53a Land owner blasts church
01:25:57a PS defends Fijis health system
01:26:01a More frustration at international airport
01:26:05a How a colonial officer changed his name
01:26:09a Kava ban for the flock
01:26:12a Khan remains in hospital
01:26:16a Fiji will benefit, Tabua says
01:26:20a Mill suffers quality drop
01:26:23a Non-appearance a bad omen
01:26:27a Teachers say future not good
01:26:30a Tis the time for general merry making and mayhem
01:26:34a PSC clarifies election post appointment
01:26:38a The farmers son who toiled to make it in life
01:26:42a Sivivatus Chiefs look at changing history in S14
01:26:48a Police probe delta death
01:26:52a Sabeto wins sevens event
01:26:56a Drivers warned not to drink
01:26:59a Much needed gifts for Twomey Hospital
01:27:02a Shops extend their opening hours
01:27:06a Kiwis after hockey stars
01:27:10a Teachers urge student safety
01:27:14a Village tense over sex act
01:27:17a Officers sail to check rape case
01:27:21a A perfect match couple
01:27:24a Caucaunibuca makes it back in team
01:27:27a Rabo will skipper Wairarapa
01:27:31a Town clerk ordered to pay
01:27:34a IRB rates year as excellent
01:27:38a Bati set for six-nation series
01:27:42a Saravaki tops honours list
01:27:45a Rugby league moves on from humble beginnings
01:27:49a 31-year-old woman found slain in Greenwood
01:27:53a Polls open in Thailand's post-coup election
01:27:56a Marshall 66, Princeton 60
01:28:00a Neighbors React to Body Found in Hickman's Apartment
01:28:04a The Tradition Of Last-Minute Christmas Shopping
01:29:15a Mother, two young children killed in Toronto fire
01:29:19a Ballet student faces charges
01:29:22a Thailand's post-coup poll begins
01:29:26a Vatican hails Blair Church switch
01:29:30a Pakistan agents 'staged escape' of terror suspect
01:29:34a Israel fears clash with U.S. over impasse in talks
01:29:38a Loss costs England
01:29:42a Dally Cowboys goal
01:29:45a Black Caps preview Bangladesh
01:29:49a Arsenal clear at top
01:30:32a Pakistan sifts clues after bombing
01:31:04a Australian dies for her mobile
01:31:08a Thailand restores democracy and perhaps an ousted premier
01:31:22a 1. Ghana president says country's oil reserves total 3 billion barrels
01:31:25a 2. Company asks stores to stop selling toy linked to asbestos
01:32:04a Firefighter Injured In Branford Fire
01:32:08a Wheelchair Van Company Vandalized Again
01:32:12a Test Results Say Danbury House Free Of Anthrax
01:32:16a Balloting starts
01:32:28a Family at war as mother joins son on Afghanistan frontline
01:32:32a First-time buyers at lowest in 20 years
01:32:35a Stonehenge sun-worshippers celebrate winter solstice
01:32:39a Singer Watson prepares for treatment
01:32:43a Baby Jesus Gets GPS After Thefts
01:32:46a Hospitals tax row
01:32:50a Strictly the best of the celebs
01:32:53a Green pressure on decision-making
01:32:57a Online shopping spree for Christmas Day
01:33:01a Workers urged to shop Scrooge bosses
01:33:04a Swedes keep eyes on the box
01:33:11a Ads by Outside Groups Draw Criticism
01:33:15a Where Boys Were Kings, a Shift Toward Girls
01:33:34a The American Idol Sex Tape Wars Jessica Sierra vs. Olivia Mojica
01:34:43a Cops Garbage Grinch Makes Off With Tip
01:34:46a The D-Day
01:35:17a Polls open in Thailand's first post-coup election
01:35:21a SPECIAL REPORT How and why Rich Rodriguez left West Virginia
01:35:35a Ballet student, 13, faces 10 sex charges
01:35:39a Guinea Pigs a Dining Delicacy in Peru
01:35:43a Betancourt's children appeal for Colombian leader's help in securing mother's release
01:35:47a FARC's Real Aim Ending Democracy
01:35:50a DJ Mike Gravel
01:36:11a Exposed The Diana inquiry cop who was on £1,000 a day
01:37:01a Little Manchurian Candidates
01:37:05a Caught on tape Deputies profile innocent muslims as terrorists
01:37:09a Chemtrail Proof German Military Exposed
01:37:12a The Butcher's Apron
01:37:16a The Bright Side of the Housing Crash, by FOX Friends
01:37:20a Death Of The Dollar
01:37:23a A Declaration of Independence from the USA
01:37:27a Ministry of Homeland Security Developing X-Ray Snoop Device
01:37:30a 35-Year-Old Woman Tasered In Front Of Customers At Best Buy
01:37:34a Judge snuffs out smoking ban
01:37:37a Japan's defence minister braces for aliens
01:37:41a Gun Owners Get Stabbed In The Back
01:37:44a UNANIMOUS
01:37:48a HEH The war on...
01:37:51a Obama goes negative after complaining about campaign negativity
01:37:55a SAVING THE PLANET by shopping...
01:37:58a Appreciating their service
01:38:02a Santa's claws
01:38:05a VANESSA REDGRAVE bails out terror...
01:38:09a STEPHEN F. HAYES reports from...
01:38:12a Podcasts-A-Go-Go!
01:38:16a Fun With Internet Jihadis Vinnie
01:38:19a Nanowire Batteries
01:38:23a Tests dismiss 6 Indonesians infected by bird flu virus
01:38:27a The Primary Push
01:38:30a Primary Color
01:38:33a Tongues Untied
01:38:37a Thanks for Sharing Conjugal Secrets
01:38:41a Assume the Position
01:38:44a Merch to Victory
01:38:49a Another senior Israeli official would support truce with Hamas
01:38:57a Queen embraces YouTube
01:40:10a Auckland man to face trial over internet fraud
01:40:18a Another quake in Gisborne
01:40:22a Sarkozy Says France Could Add Troops in Afghanistan
01:41:40a Saudi Arabia Leading Blogger Arrested
01:41:44a Russia Dostoyevsky's Mock Execution Anniversary
01:41:47a Russia Christmas Tree Decorations
01:41:51a 'Whisperers' Of Stalin's Russia Find Their Voice
01:43:47a OP-Ed Senator Reid and Big Feet
01:43:50a Procrastinators Unite 24-hour Shopping Just For You
01:43:54a Mortar Shells Rock Mogadishu
01:43:57a Disarmament Process Begins In The Ivory Coast
01:44:01a Heidi Klum Sued By Van Cleef
01:44:16a Queen's Christmas message to go on YouTube official
01:45:08a Jolie, Pitt lend their voices to help kids still homeless after Gulf hurricanes
01:45:12a Police chase down man in stolen UMC ambulance
01:45:39a Two dead as blinding snowstorm hits Plains
01:45:43a Thai Elections Man City Chairman Thaksin Shinawatra May Return
01:45:46a Brazil Is Testing in São Paulo Its Homegrown Ethanol Bus
01:46:55a Desert Rats
01:46:58a Building Links
01:47:02a Food Drink Christmas Delights for Your Table
01:47:06a Week in Erddig ; Gardening
01:47:13a Midlands teen gets early Christmas wish - his mother
01:47:17a Inmates attack, injure Lee Correctional officers
01:47:20a Open thread Cowboys at Panthers
01:47:37a Ex-Greek Employment Minister May Be Fined AFP
01:47:41a The carousel in Syntagma Square
01:47:45a Questions and Doubts in a Texas Shooting Case
01:47:48a Labor Board Restricts Union Use of E-Mail
01:47:52a This Land A Place Just Like Every Other Place. Only Not.
01:47:56a Texas Tax on Strip Clubs Raises First Amendment Issue
01:48:00a 3 Men Plead Not Guilty to Causing a Malibu Wildfire
01:48:04a 2 Others Freed in Georgia Teenage Sex Case
01:48:41a Nutcracker
01:48:44a christmas tree display
01:48:48a DSCF0011
01:48:51a WonkaCostumes
01:48:55a Japanese Buddha
01:48:59a Supporting Phil Heimlich Over Jean Schmidt
01:49:17a Kimberly Elise 'The Great Debaters' Interview with Kam Williams
01:54:16a Fingers crossed, BJP and Cong count their luck
01:55:56a NBC Cites Blogosphere Speculation to Float Rudy Withdrawal Rumor
01:56:00a Mathews Internet radio host interviews drummer Alan White
01:56:03a Standoff ends in Newport News
01:56:35a Winners of Spain's 3.1 billion Christmas lottery celebrate with toasts, songs
01:57:06a Pokemon tournament offers fun for children, parents alike
01:57:10a Two Evans 'explosions' minor
01:57:13a Domestic violence cases tend to increase around holidays
01:57:17a CDOT closes portions of I-25
01:58:10a First post-coup vote in Thailand
01:58:13a Ivory Coast starts disarmament
01:58:17a Principal arrested on child porn charges posts bail
01:58:21a Man Nails Santa to 15-Foot Crucifix Outside House
01:58:24a CIA 'kept' tapes from 9/11 probe
01:58:28a Successful holiday albums can make a lot of money off Christmas
01:58:36a MCC helps Zimbabwe's Brethren in Christ to alleviate hunger
01:58:40a Zimbabweans urged to uphold the unity
01:58:44a Fred Thompsons Real Christmas Message
01:58:47a Those cute little Gitmo guests
01:58:51a Iran Europe will become a Muslim continent, says Khameneis spokesman
01:58:54a Nicolas Sarkozy visits Afghanistan
01:58:58a Rudd in surprise Afghanistan visit
01:59:01a NBC Uses Blogosphere Speculation to Float Rudy Withdrawal Rumor
01:59:05a Tough to tell if Thompson is gaining in Iowa
01:59:08a Huckabee's Critics
01:59:12a A Day in the Life of President Bush 12-22-07
01:59:15a This might explain some things...
01:59:19a S.Africa's Zuma unlikely to change foreign policy
01:59:23a Zuma Unlikely to Change Policy Towards Zimbabwe analysis
01:59:26a Chris Matthews Stands By His Man
01:59:30a Republican Video Ive Got A Crush On Fred Thompson's Politics
01:59:41a The Boy Who Saved Christmas
01:59:45a Commentary These days, there's hardly an unwanted baby in Hollywood
01:59:48a Weintraub Can you tell me how to get to a 'Sesame Street' celebration?
01:59:52a Take a whack Don't control Christmas
01:59:55a Jaques 2007 was the year of the director
01:59:59a Miller Drivers can be in Sync with digital technology
02:00:03a Sharma-Jensen Radio host directs her poetic gaze to self, family
02:00:07a Nigeria rebels declare Christmas ceasefire
02:00:10a Rudd promises Australia in Afghanistan for long haul
02:00:14a Tsunami? We call it golden wave
02:00:17a 'It's Madness'.
02:00:21a Involvement in torture is not limited to US and apartheid-era South African doctors
02:00:24a SIU Called In After Man Allegedly Plunges 16 Floors From Etobicoke Highrise
02:00:28a Toronto townhouse fire kills mother, two children days before Christmas
02:00:41a School Fundraising Chores
02:00:51a India to announce results from key state election
02:00:56a Thailand Holds First Election Since Coup
02:01:01a Post-coup, Thais to vote for first time
02:01:04a the Unlimited Thai Spirit 2007
02:01:26a Three sisters share pain of leukemia
02:01:29a Toys for Tots grants wishes for thousands
02:01:33a House fire kills 3 in Killeen
02:01:36a Large grass fire keeps Dripping Springs firefighters busy
02:01:40a Bee Cave homeowners say no more renters
02:01:43a I-35 The highway of holiness
02:01:47a Lake Austin water level will drop in January
02:01:50a Christmas Bureau still needs volunteers
02:01:54a Game on! Boise State ready for Hawaii Bowl
02:01:58a It's bargain time for Christmas tree shoppers
02:02:29a Crackdown on Christmas prison brew
02:02:33a Earthquake-hit NZ town feels aftershock
02:02:41a Thaksin loyalists set to win Thai vote
02:03:57a Snowstorm across Plains turns deadly
02:04:00a Peek at Your Own Peril...
02:04:04a Super Toyota Man Scores You Government Money! Classic Ad Watch
02:04:30a China trying to improve public accessibility of museums
02:04:34a China drafts law to protect state assets
02:04:37a Brazilian soccer authorities to apply stricter rules in 2008
02:04:41a Brazil ends training to face Argentina in indoor soccer
02:04:45a Poland detects new deadly bird flu case
02:04:49a Tibet projected to see record-high economic growth this year
02:04:52a First post-coup election kicks off in Thailand
02:04:56a Voting begins in Uzbekistan's presidential election
02:04:59a Vasco attempts to lift suspension of Romario
02:05:03a Notice Xinhua opens China African News Service
02:05:07a PSV Eindhoven back to top of Dutch league
02:05:10a Baby panda goes on public display
02:05:13a Dog will teach pandas to fight
02:05:17a CIA accused of withholding tapes from 9/11 commission
02:05:21a Tribute held for young Sebastopol man
02:05:24a Estrada to El Shaddai I'm not a thief
02:05:28a Officials Several arrested in Pakistan suicide attack
02:05:58a Saskatoon police shoot, kill knife-wielding man
02:06:04a Saudi World Excited About Saudi 'YouTubers'
02:06:08a Saudi Fatwa Against the US Dollar
02:06:11a Palestine Donkeys for Transportation
02:06:15a Jordan Views on Wearing the Hijab
02:06:18a Oman Who is Reading Your Blog?
02:06:22a Palestinian American Journalist Aziz Shihab RIP
02:06:26a A report from the scene
02:07:06a Lubbock Police Offer Tips To Keep Burglars Away
02:07:10a Lubbock Art Exhibit Policy Under Review
02:07:14a Former Lubbock Avalanche Journal Employee Sentenced for Child Porn
02:07:17a Two Men Sentenced in Cocaine Ring
02:07:54a Dems Locked In Dead Heat
02:07:57a Avoiding Charlatan Charities
02:08:01a Second Cup Cafe Paul Potts
02:08:05a Ariel 2008 Presidential Elections
02:08:09a Worthington The Guantánamo Britons and Spain's dubious extradition request
02:08:12a Escobar Embedded with power – Part 1
02:08:16a Cluster Bombs Are An Evil We Must Ban Outright
02:08:19a DiMaggio A Spineless “Opposition” Democrats Continue to Capitulate on Iraq
02:08:23a Engler Progressive Good Tidings of 2007
02:08:26a Georgia Tycoon and Presidential Candidate Tells of Plot to Kill Him in London
02:08:30a Iraqi Villagers Battle to Hold Off Al-Qaeda
02:08:33a Pakistan Blast Nixes Festive Fervour
02:08:38a Oops! American Missile to Replace Trident Is Too Big for Britain's Nuclear Submarines
02:08:41a Iraq Qaeda Group Confirms Top Figure Killed – Web
02:08:45a The NSA Controls Popular Firewalls and 'Secure' Email Services
02:08:49a TV Iran Increases Petrol Ration
02:08:52a Read the National Weather Service's wind advisory here
02:09:01a French and Australian leaders visit Kabul
02:09:05a Queen Elizabeth II to air Christmas message on YouTube
02:09:29a Ideas & Trends No Time for Yesterday. No Wonder.
02:09:33a Buzzwords 2007 All We Are Saying
02:09:37a FedEx Ordered to Pay 319 Million
02:09:40a Plains Storm Causes Deadly Pileups
02:10:00a American upsets Maryland, 67-59
02:10:11a Stray Bullet Hits RAF Officer In Iraq
02:10:15a Little Britain Star In New Big Brother
02:10:18a Criticism For Blair Over Conversion
02:10:22a Beauty Queen Sparks Row Over Photos
02:10:25a Blair's plan to convert started in No 10
02:10:29a Alarmed allies warn Brown of defeat and call for fightback
02:10:33a 'With religion I began to make sense of the world'
02:10:36a Blair's faith fuelled his drive to join in invasion of Iraq
02:10:40a Difficulties in changing your faith
02:10:43a Cameron's housing minister to sleep rough
02:10:47a My week Diane Abbott
02:10:51a Andrew Rawnsley How Gordon Brown undid a year's work in seven fatal days
02:10:54a Denis MacShane Well done, Nick now let's do business
02:10:58a Leader Blairite or 'blaireau' the choice is Sarkozy's
02:11:02a Leader This xenophobia has no place in Britain today
02:11:05a Man Shot Dead by Saskatoon Police
02:11:09a Ecuador to pardon drug 'mules'
02:11:13a Inside Iraq's Only Women's Prison
02:11:16a Tsunami We call it golden wave
02:11:20a Dixon wins Strictly Come Dancing
02:11:23a Inquiry call over Blair arms role
02:13:30a Brockman, Huskies power past Matadors, 80-66
02:13:33a Digital Camera Review Sony CyberShot DSCW80
02:13:45a Ex-singer Alesha Dixon wins TV dance contest
02:14:30a Delays at mountain passes, airports hold up travelers
02:14:34a How to recoup costs from lost luggage
02:16:26a Gun pulled in fight at Palm Beach Mall
02:16:53a High wind and snow in the Great Lakes
02:17:30a Cuban Revolution
02:17:34a Man of the Year?
02:18:02a Pot operation racks up PG&E bills
02:18:15a Woman charged with murder 25 years after husband's death
02:18:19a Knoxville police seek help finding carjacking suspect
02:18:22a Local group spreads holiday cheer to the homeless
02:18:58a Brockman leads UW men past Cal State Northridge, 80-66
02:19:02a I-90 backed up due to snow, traffic
02:19:41a Suspicious fire destroys family?s Miami County home
02:19:44a Skepticism about science fuels milk labeling furor
02:19:48a Ohio group trains service dogs to work with autistic kids
02:19:52a Last minute shopping easier with team effort
02:19:55a White Christmas not expected this year
02:19:59a Stewardess gets her final wish a pink funeral
02:20:02a LIVE BOX SCORE Bucks vs. Bobcats
02:20:06a Cousins on new course
02:20:10a Yi Jianlian's popularity creates opportunity for Chinese investment
02:20:13a State jobs in manufacturing at all-time low
02:20:17a Torinus U.S. remains unfocused on threat from abroad
02:20:20a Grant jury foreman Not 'comfortable' with premeditation
02:20:24a Fukuda decides to make some progress on hepatitis C issue source+
02:20:27a Uzbeks vote in election prolonging hardliner's rule
02:20:31a Post-coup voting under way to restore Thailand's democracy+
02:20:34a Aid workers 'misled' over orphans
02:22:27a Can Iraqi sites that have survived seventeen centuries survive the US military?
02:22:31a Mars rovers find new evidence of 'habitable niche'
02:22:35a Christimas, Hidden History WARNING SPOLIER
02:22:38a Meat's on the Menu Just for Christmas
02:22:42a 50 Killed in Suicide Bombing at Mosque
02:22:46a Blairite or 'blaireau' the Choice is Sarkozy's
02:22:49a Blair's Plan to Convert Started in No 10
02:22:53a 'With Religion I Began to Make Sense of the World'
02:22:56a Lebanon's New Low As Leader Talks Fail
02:23:00a New Puritans, Please Stop Being Priggish About Sex
02:23:03a Spy Who Came in From the Cold
02:23:07a 'Dinnertime Bandit' Faces Life in Jail for Robbing Rich
02:23:10a Divided Belgians Draw Line at Divorce
02:23:14a Barbie 'boasted of Hunting Down Che'
02:23:17a Run for Your Lives
02:23:29a Jarrell grass fire scorches acreage near I-35
02:23:43a Heavy rains 'not drought-breaking'
02:23:46a Mozilla Expands Its Universe With Weave
02:24:33a Circuit City Rewards Execs As Stock Tanks
02:24:44a Last minute shoppers privy to deep discounts
02:24:51a A fight in the police department
02:24:54a Photos Game action and celebration
02:24:58a UC wins bowl
02:25:01a Reds make way for Jay?
02:25:05a Freeze Warning Posted Overnight
02:25:22a Thails heading to first post-coup polls
02:25:26a Australian, French leaders make pledge to Kabul
02:25:52a A Community Approach to Commercial Training Materials
02:26:11a Aboriginal group says Rudd Govt has abused support
02:26:15a Sydney to Hobart favourites have eyes on the record
02:26:19a Uzbeks vote in election prolonging hardliner's rule
02:26:23a Queen's Christmas message to go on YouTube official
02:26:27a Delayed Chad mission a 'sign of incapacity' for EU Austrian minister
02:26:40a Mission Get holiday greetings to ailing troops
02:27:06a When Christmas Was Banned
02:27:09a The Evil Eye
02:27:12a Coin Grading
02:27:16a Political Party Robots
02:27:20a Hillary Represents Hope and Democracy!
02:27:23a Taking the Natural Route for Mother and Baby
02:27:27a The World's Most Expensive LEGAL Pets To Own
02:27:31a Rescue Not Nedded
02:27:34a Bo Pepper I Haven't Got You Anything
02:27:37a Lessons learnt trying to buy domains
02:27:41a Liverpool beats Portsmouth 4-1
02:27:45a Quebec snowmobile driver dies after being struck, dragged by train
02:27:53a Tapes 'Hidden' From 9/11 Commission By CIA
02:27:57a Op-Ed Tell us a Lie A Timeline of the Iraq War From 1990
02:28:00a AGL Resources No chance of explosion from Lake Peigneur bubbles
02:29:03a Car Car Car! India Comes to Michigan D
02:30:34a Cash Machines
02:30:38a Meet the Attack Lads
02:30:41a Meet the Attack Lads John Kerry Windsurfing
02:30:45a Meet the Attack Lads Swift Boat Veterans For Truth
02:30:49a Meet the Attack Lads RATS!
02:30:53a Meet the Attack Lads Phone Jamming
02:30:56a Meet the Attack Lads Willie Horton
02:31:00a Meet the Attack Lads Harold Call Me!
02:31:04a Meet the Attack Lads Voter Caging
02:32:57a Blowing snow turns highways dangerous
02:33:01a Missing W.Va. coed found dead
02:33:28a Cowboys Lead Panthers 14-7 in the 2nd
02:33:35a China to revise law to raise individual income tax threshold
02:33:39a FM Tajikistan highly values ties with Russia, China, U.S.
02:33:42a Sino-U.S. trade grows steadily in first 3 quarters
02:33:46a Hi-Def War Escalation? Official Blu-Ray Site Hacked to Point to HD-DVD Site
02:33:49a The press in Saudi Arabia
02:33:53a Rush Limbaugh Rips Mike Huckabee
02:33:57a Showdown Ron Paul vs. Tim Russert on NBC's Meet the Press
02:34:00a Uzbeks vote in presidential election
02:34:04a Hospital Patient, 17, Molested By Drunk in Cubicle
02:34:08a That Wasn't a Christmas Party. It Was a Meat Market
02:34:11a Has Labour Axed Pledge to Abolish Mixed-Sex Wards?
02:34:15a Drink Plan Criticised
02:34:18a China Trip for Health Experts
02:34:22a Heart Ops Halted After Death Rise
02:34:26a Battle As 56 Private Beds Lost
02:34:29a Cancer Victim Wins Right to Buy Drug but Stay With NHS
02:34:33a Food Drink A Turkey Treat; Simple Solution to a Festive Problem
02:34:36a Where History and Beauty Combine
02:34:40a Boxing day campaign to stop recidivist drunk drivers
02:34:44a Zauoi family move into new home
02:34:47a Fisheries pay showdown looms
02:34:54a Auckland man to face trial for internet extortion
02:34:57a Another tremor in gisborne
02:35:01a Solomons bones returned home from NZ museum
02:35:05a Officer injured after dragged 40m by car
02:35:08a Kaiapoi residents evacuated away from noxious fumes
02:35:12a Gisborne residents' tsunami fears raised by quake
02:35:16a Policeman dragged by car during breath test
02:35:19a Christmas shoppers set new eftpos record
02:35:23a How the Queen became very well connected
02:35:27a This week we want to know all about ... the perfect Christmas pudding
02:35:30a User-friendly Apple shows a blogger its ruthless core
02:35:34a KY man pays for new truck with loose change
02:35:38a Turkish jets bomb Kurd targets in Iraq
02:35:42a New 'Vette challenges Europe's car royalty
02:35:46a Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan released Saturday a message to mark the Christmas.
02:35:49a UK Coal gets shock bid from Austria
02:35:53a Belgium frees 14 arrested in alleged plot to free al-Qaeda prisoner
02:35:57a Europe remiss in dealing with Russia
02:36:00a Epureanu claims best player award
02:36:04a Totti rekindles Roma's cause
02:36:07a no fatalities in Turkish attacks on PKK Summary
02:36:11a Funeral set for Hendricks, CEO of Beloit roofing company
02:36:15a Man charged with homicide in crash that killed wife
02:36:18a Company clarifies that Hendricks' fatal fall wasn't through roof
02:36:37a Rain ensures England's narrow escape
02:36:40a English managers not good enough for England Barwick
02:36:44a SNP failed to declare 5,000 donation for three years
02:36:48a Police call South Asian man's killing in Britain a racist attack
02:36:52a Rail police chief hits back at claims that Asians are targeted in terror searches
02:36:56a Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair converts to Catholicism from Church of England
02:37:00a Family's tribute to drowned sailor
02:37:03a Lankan Airlines' British head incurs govt ire, asked to leave
02:37:07a NHS trusts lose patients' details
02:37:10a Brown faces revolt as MPs demand 100,000 salary
02:37:14a London Agency's Quirky, Colorful Ads Wow Viewers
02:37:17a Bendtner is north London star
02:37:21a Hunt for Tajik avalanche victims
02:37:24a Shoppers offer last-minute gift-buying tips
02:37:28a U.S. Suspect is kin to 9/11 hijacker
02:37:32a Fort Worth police look for man who robbed Wells Fargo bank
02:37:36a Huckabee, Thompson Tied For Least Core Opposition Among All Candidates
02:37:39a John Edwards Sees Economic Slowdown Coming, Demands Higher Taxes And More Government Spending
02:37:43a Robs Really Short Movie Reviews National Treasure Book Of Secrets
02:37:47a The Best Kind Of Campaign Ads Are The Ones With No Politicians In Them
02:37:50a Mitt Romney The Ill Say Anything To Get Elected Candidate
02:37:54a Hillary Exaggerates Her Help For The Troops
02:37:58a Fred Thompson Doesnt Pander
02:38:01a What Did The Democrats Accomplish This Year?
02:38:05a A Christmas message,
02:38:08a New Criminal Procedure Treatise Published Just In Time For Christmas
02:38:12a Chad kidnap accused 'were duped'
02:38:15a Draft Parties Registration Law Raises Controversy
02:38:19a Last day for Christmas express mail
02:38:22a House Fire in Branford
02:38:26a State troopers to crack down on aggressive, reckless drivers
02:38:30a Search continues for suspects in Milford dog attack
02:38:33a Police investigate racially offensive drawing at CCSU
02:38:37a Tree of Hope fundraiser for Bridgeport fire victims
02:38:40a Danbury home Anthrax-free
02:38:44a Thailand votes in first polls since coup
02:38:48a Donate to charity this Christmas Nelson
02:38:52a Mandurah line train makes maiden voyage
02:38:55a Qld backs teen cosmetic surgery rules
02:38:59a NY Man Guilty in Death of White Teen
02:39:03a Chocolate Price Fixing in Canada Alleged
02:39:06a Man Pays for New Truck With Loose Change
02:39:09a News Corp. sells 8 Fox stations
02:39:13a Procrastinating shoppers storm stores across Canada
02:39:17a Religious outpost takes over secular settlement in West Bank
02:39:21a Legal effort slows building for Arabs in East J'lem village
02:39:29a No 'miracle' for American missing in Iran
02:39:38a Jan/Sept '07 copper market deficit 265,000 T-ICSG
02:39:42a US copper jumps 3.8 pct at open after Asian rally
02:39:45a US copper hits 2-week high at open on China buying
02:40:00a Meade County man killed in Dixie Highway crash
02:40:05a Iraqi defense minister says Sunni tribal militias will not become a separate army
02:40:13a Hamas drafting terms for cease-fire with Israel, report says
02:40:17a Ivory Coast factions withdraw from former buffer zone, begin disarmament process
02:40:21a Somalia aid passes through dangers to reach families
02:40:24a Religious, but not too much
02:40:28a Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! His truth is marching on.
02:40:31a Santa joins the FReepers WK 102 Olney,MD 12-22-07 Op. Infinite FReep
02:40:35a Jewish Youth Beaten in Paris
02:40:39a Smoking ban 'unenforceable'
02:40:42a Obama Moves to Defend Foreign Policy Experience
02:40:46a Border Patrol Speaks Out Against Violence Against Agents
02:40:50a France prepares to stub out smoking in cafes
02:40:53a Homeless girls seek shelter in dating cafes
02:40:57a Australia leads diplomatic protest against Japanese whaling program
02:41:01a Life support termination raises ruckus
02:41:05a Wall on climate change comes down
02:41:09a Doctor supply varies widely by prefecture
02:41:12a Golfer Ochoa replicates feat
02:41:15a Kashima ends Honda FC's run; Gamba prevails
02:41:19a IOC's Rogge calls for zero tolerance for doping
02:41:22a JSA plans training tour in Mongolia
02:41:26a The many faces of a complex city
02:41:29a Japan faces up to a world of gun crime
02:41:33a Triumph Tiger comes out of the wild
02:41:36a From Bliss to blood
02:41:40a Emperor Akihito turns 74, stays quiet on family matters
02:41:43a Icho siblings leave their mark
02:41:47a Goodwill may get suspended over temp staff violation
02:41:50a When World Series ball becomes chew toy, there's lesson to be learned
02:41:54a Oh, to be American ' with God on Your side
02:41:57a 'Research' can't hide self-interest
02:42:01a Sinister nationalism holds sway
02:42:05a CL's second-division teams stock up on foreign players
02:42:08a Celtics bounce back from loss by routing Chicago
02:42:12a Bonds wants to keep top lawyers
02:42:15a Major banks start insurance sales as financial barriers drop
02:42:19a If yakuza had a penchant to serve
02:42:22a Certification trumps graduate skills
02:42:26a Patriots' Brady grabs honor
02:42:29a Yamashita, Putin record judo manual
02:42:33a Commercial sex still hanging on
02:42:37a Washoku explained, scams exposed and a new look at the Yamada quintuplets
02:42:40a One missionary's 'swamp' is another's 'religion allergy' challenge
02:42:44a Reids break silence about sons' drug addiction
02:42:47a An odious and deadly trade in antiquities
02:42:54a Can't compare whales to cows
02:42:57a Stars douse Flames in OT
02:43:01a Sake exports brewing up new record
02:43:04a Antelope Christmas Display Gets Bigger
02:43:08a Turkish jets bomb PKK targets in N Iraq
02:43:12a U.S. soldier killed, 11 wounded in Iraq bombings
02:43:16a SES predicts major flooding for NSW town
02:43:19a Cherry defends suspended Simon
02:43:23a Attacks on Soldiers in Judea
02:43:49a Woman, 20 charged in shopper's stabbing
02:44:09a Delay Over Jaguar And Land Rover Deal
02:44:28a Timbercreek apartment residents packing, moving out over holidays
02:44:57a 'Lifestyle managers' take charge for busy Americans
02:45:01a Polls open in Thailand's first post-coup election
02:45:04a Queen's Christmas message to go on YouTube--official
02:45:08a Health minister under pressure again
02:45:12a Sir Charles Court dies
02:46:31a Brazil's premier modern art museum had no insurance on paintings by Pablo Picasso
02:46:35a UPDATE 1-Venezuela looks for help to triple Orinoco output
02:47:55a DailyBriefings--Center for Threat Awareness
02:47:58a I Have No Idea What Most People Are Thinking
02:48:02a Zen Statistics How Many Buddhists Are There Worldwide?
02:48:06a Aisha Davis On The Verge To Stardom
02:48:09a Lee Scratch Perry Break Boundaries With New Album
02:48:13a R. Kelly Misses Hearing; Nothing Happens
02:48:17a Beenie Man Angered At Stone Love Award To Mavado
02:48:21a Little or No Rights for Victims' Families Under British Columbia Law
02:49:00a Fatal crash, new DUI record prompt WSP to step up patrol
02:49:03a Flood victims breathe sigh of relief
02:49:07a Developer Condo tower not on auction block
02:49:40a GIs Unite Virtually Unite With Families
02:49:57a London is global capital
02:50:00a Fergie wants clamp down on dangerous tackles
02:50:17a The Pacific PLate is Rockin' and Rollin'!
02:50:34a Latest charged Guantanamo detainee is brother-in-law of 9/11 hijacker DOD
02:50:40a Flood round up New burden for man who lost wife to cancer
02:50:44a Bercham police station comes out tops in Asia
02:50:47a ACA interviews Dr M over video clip
02:50:51a 'Locked up with no food'
02:50:54a Home News in Brief New road for Pulau Redang
02:51:00a African giraffes 'critically endangered'
02:51:13a Doug Giles 10 Reasons Why Pastors Avoid the Culture War
02:51:25a Hamas drafting terms for truce with Israel
02:51:29a Treading from Iraq to Palestine
02:51:32a O Little Town Of Bethlehem By Rebecca Harrison
02:51:41a Cowboys Lead Panthers 17-7 at Halftime
02:51:55a Fire Damages Home, Kills Pets
02:52:09a I would approve trade to Knicks
02:52:13a Queen Is Longest-Living Monarch 20/12/07
02:52:16a Fears of upcoming turmoil in Thailand
02:52:20a A young deity's dilemma
02:52:24a Parents of missing Madeleine McCann release video appeal for help finding their daughter
02:52:27a Richey's son is arrested in the US
02:52:31a Court documents show Blair wanted BAE inquiry halted to protect Saudi arms deal
02:52:35a One man dreams of an empire, built on wreckage of India's chaotic public universities
02:52:39a First Dec. 25 Christmas traced
02:52:42a Somali authorities say kidnapped French journalist expected to be freed
02:52:46a Naomi Campbell visits Cuban housing project
02:52:50a No iron needed for 'shower clean' suit
02:52:53a General Assembly approves U.S.4.17 billion U.N. budget over U.S. objections
02:52:57a Final Weekend for Holiday Shopping
02:53:00a Early Christmas in Grand Rapids Neighborhood
02:53:04a Toys For Tots Delivery
02:53:07a Prayer Service Scheduled for Youth Director Tim Mejeur
02:53:11a Man Hits Tree in Ottawa County
02:53:15a Panasonic knocks off Toyota
02:53:18a China frees North Koreas Pimpernel
02:53:22a Dubai Developer Buys Into Australia's Mirvac
02:53:26a China plans farmer subsidies to reduce trade surplus
02:53:30a China detains two dissident writers, tries to block awards ceremony
02:53:34a Eleven of family dead in Nile ferry accident
02:53:37a Many held for Pak mosque bombing
02:53:41a Heavy fighting rocks Somali capital, no casualties reported
02:53:44a 317-kg man succumbs during gastric surgery
02:53:48a Three disciplined over Mel Gibson's drink-driving arrest
02:53:51a Labour Ensures Miserable Xmas For Elderly Couple
02:53:55a Labour Just Keeps Hiring More Decoy Cops
02:53:59a Semen protein helps HIV infect cells study
02:54:03a Brightpoint, Neo Strike Distribution Deal In Middle East And North America Quick
02:54:06a PM casts vote at Pibul Wattana School
02:54:10a Abhisit casts vote in Klong Tan
02:54:13a EC chairman says EC receives 940 complaints so far
02:54:17a Chiang Mai governor becomes first to vote at his station
02:54:20a Narathiwat voters wade through water to vote
02:54:24a China grain output exceeds 500 mln tons
02:54:31a No sign of missing American in Iran
02:54:36a Hanoi moves on counterfeit, smuggled goods
02:54:40a Suicide attack kills 50 in Pakistan mosque
02:54:43a Koirala to end monarchy in Nepal
02:54:47a 4 Afghans Held in Pakistani City Bombing
02:54:51a U.N. adopts human rights resolution against Myanmar
02:54:54a Stories Of Singapore's Political Pioneers Come Alive In The New Paper's Pocket Guide
02:54:58a Rain and Cook keep Sri Lanka waiting
02:55:02a Mission Deliver holiday greetings to wounded troops
02:55:08a Giuliani, Clinton lead nationally, Huckabee has surges to second
02:55:11a Gov. Daniels appoints former Sycamore new ISU trustee
02:55:22a War Criminals Face Portuguese Prisons
02:55:26a Russian trucks set off for Lisbon-Dakar rally
02:55:30a Winter Storms Cause Traffic Deaths, Flight Delays
02:55:53a DNA Not Yet Conclusive
02:55:59a A look at growth in Lake County
02:56:03a Conditions ripe for avalanches in Cascades
02:56:10a 'Haniyeh Govt Preventing Gaza Census'
02:56:14a Palestinians to Press for Settlement Freeze
02:56:18a Intelligence Has Failed Gilad Shalit
02:56:21a Hamas Flip-Flopping on Possible Ceasefire
02:56:25a Hamas 'drafting terms for temporary ceasefire with Israel'
02:56:32a Obituary SAWS worker Luna embraced family, faith
02:56:36a It may be a bit sleazy, but Star magazine helps sell the paper
02:56:39a Police reportedly confront unruly group
02:56:43a Warrant issued in shooting death
02:56:47a Man killed in early morning wreck
02:56:50a Edmund Tijerina San Antonio's 'Luminaria' aims to shine spotlight on city's talents
02:57:30a A REPORT FROM onboard the...
02:57:33a THE JOYS OF LIVING off...
02:57:37a When 527s Attack
02:57:53a Donald Schalchlin's MySpace Threat
02:57:56a Ellen Schalchlin's Friends Speak Out
02:59:55a 'Fire Claus' Brings Toys To Kids Sat, 22 Dec 2007 231956 GMT
03:01:23a LEAD Fukuda to seek legislation to rescue all hepatitis C suffers+
03:01:36a Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Cuban acting president Raul Castro
03:01:40a Pope Benedict XVI poses with Tony Blair in June 2007
03:01:43a Tony and Cherie Blair
03:01:47a A member of a local electoral commision carries a ballot box
03:01:51a An Uzbek police officer walks in front of a giant election poster
03:01:54a Uzbek human rights activists hold posters during a rally in Tashkent
03:01:58a A Thai woman looks at pictures of candidates for the general election in Bangkok
03:02:02a Muslim women listen to leaders on the eve of the country's general elections
03:02:06a Thai soldiers provide security to the polling agents
03:02:13a Thai officials check on ballots and ballot boxs
03:02:17a Q&A Thai election
03:02:20a Queen launches YouTube channel
03:02:24a Gobierno argentino desmiente compra de aviones de combate
03:02:37a Winter Storm Across Plains Kills 2
03:03:26a RM5m plan to turn grads into entrepreneurs
03:03:29a Spot Light The first step to getting them back into society
03:03:33a Road closure may cost us RM10m , say traders
03:03:37a High Winds Spread Wildfire in Dripping Springs
03:03:40a One Dead In Massive Texas Panhandle Pile Up
03:03:44a Cowboys lead Panthers 17-7 in the 3rd
03:04:08a Frustrating Delays For Holiday Travelers At SFO
03:04:52a Water service returns to West Valley
03:04:56a Wapato teacher arrested for having sex with student
03:05:00a For Field, seeing is saving
03:05:03a Woman, 85, pepper-sprayed and robbed, Cicero cops say
03:05:15a General Assembly approves 4.17 billion U.N. budget over U.S. objections
03:05:32a Hillary Clinton courts female vote
03:05:36a Jurors resume deliberations in trial of black man accused of shooting white teen
03:05:39a Man bound over for trial in southwest Mo. girl's slaying, rape
03:05:43a Tough new employer law, slow economy driving immigrants out of Arizona
03:05:47a Report says inexperienced navigator was on watch at time of Alaska ship's grounding
03:05:51a 9/11 defendants must turn over materials long before 2001 attacks
03:05:54a Web site created to pair lost gloves with their owners takes off
03:05:58a No '63 Christmas card on White House tour
03:06:02a Jailhouse Confession In Boat Deaths
03:06:06a Ill. man had 1 million life insurance policy on wife he's accused of killing
03:06:09a It's the Hillary factor, stupid ' Clinton battles image crisis
03:06:13a Body found in missing W.Va. student's home
03:06:17a More GOP cooperation key for change
03:06:20a We Don't Vote for Advisers AP
03:06:24a Tamale makers forced to raise prices
03:06:28a Poor weather causes Chicago flight delays, cancellations at start of holiday travel weekend
03:06:31a Wyo. woman stabs husband with kitchen knife after he opens Christmas gift early
03:06:35a Man charged in boy's 1979 torture-slaying makes initial court appearance in Indiana
03:06:39a Zell solicits ideas for change at Tribune
03:06:43a 'New normal' for injured survivor of Minneapolis bridge collapse means slowly rebuilding life
03:06:46a Prison or another chance for teen in killing
03:06:50a UN budget approved despite US opposition
03:06:53a Consultation with Hussein was privileged Charamba
03:06:57a Disastrous start to cash roll-out
03:07:00a Kenyan election aspirants in land grab
03:07:04a Media Must Input in AIPPA Changes
03:07:07a Chavez signs new energy deal, accords with Cuba
03:07:11a Testing times for Thai democracy
03:07:14a U.S. shoppers, come out, come out, wherever you are.
03:07:18a Gates hopes for partial pullout from Iraq soon
03:07:22a Bahrain arrests 8 Shia activists
03:07:25a Hajis from Qatar disease-free
03:07:29a Iran Court Suspects Detained Women Were Terrorists
03:07:32a Lebanon in limbo after vote delay
03:07:36a Iran increases petrol ration
03:07:40a Many Hajis stay back in Saudi Arabia in search of a better life
03:07:43a Iran student protesters still in jail, says lawyer
03:07:47a Nicaraguans wary of Iran's growing presence in country
03:07:51a Ex-British PM Blair converts to Catholicism
03:07:55a Goldman CEO gets US68.5 million pay
03:07:59a Belgium frees 14 detained in plot
03:08:03a U.S. banks abandon fund in credit crunch
03:08:07a Spain's 'El Gordo' lottery awards over US3 billion
03:08:10a Property bust? Lunar land prices have rocketed 40 percent
03:08:14a Charity worker 'Kidnapped' kids not all orphans
03:08:18a U.S. EPA chief ignored advice report
03:08:25a In Cuba, Venezuela's Chavez presses effort to counter 'U.S. influence'
03:08:29a Conflict of interest causes NASA to delay Mars launch
03:08:33a Chavez says he'll receive Colombia hostages
03:08:37a Nicaragua frees U.S. man after conviction overturned
03:08:40a Police officer in U.S. uses stun gun on yelling woman
03:08:44a Firm's collapse scuttles UK travelers' vacations
03:08:48a Mandela praises Zuma as S. Africa's ANC leader
03:08:52a Attorney says explosives suspect racially profiled
03:08:55a More than 1,000 coffee patrons treat next in line
03:08:59a Beverly Allen, showgirl at 87, dies in Los Angeles
03:09:03a Police Husband stabbed after opening Christmas gift
03:09:06a At the San Diego Zoo, it's showtime for Zhen Zhen
03:09:10a The bears are back
03:09:13a Scuba Santa dives in again
03:09:17a Video 'Miracle Choir'
03:09:20a Ghana's president says country's oil reserves total 3 billion barrels
03:09:48a Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Cram Bay Area Malls
03:10:01a Family Ties On The Frontline
03:10:12a Fatal accident in Cocoa
03:11:41a Growth in Vail Village rules out world championship speed races
03:11:45a A look at challenges facing Egypt's DNA lab
03:11:48a Saudi plans world's biggest wealth fund
03:11:52a Former Iranian President Khatami rebukes hardline clerics in sign of possible comeback
03:13:12a How to Protect Yourself Against a Bad Landlord
03:14:09a UPDATE 1-St Gobain in Nordic building materials deals
03:14:13a SRK adds glamour to Nokia ad campaign
03:14:16a The Nokia N82 Style over Function
03:14:25a High school football fans show spirit on day of state title dreams
03:14:29a Cuba and Venezuela sign 14 oil agreements
03:14:42a Hey folks... how about some Bowling?
03:14:46a Anyone Remember What Turkey Said?
03:15:47a Offering Raises Money For Baptist Missions
03:15:51a Woman Charged 25 Years After Husband's Death
03:15:54a Koe, Martin to meet in final at the National
03:15:58a Parmalat and Intesa Sanpaolo announce out o...
03:16:01a Go Transit bus drivers and office workers set...
03:16:23a Iowa Voters' Choice Christmas Vs. Campaigns
03:16:27a Activists Claim Shelter Animals Are Abused
03:16:30a Holiday Spirit Of Giving Favors Shakopee
03:16:34a Christmas Trees Making Some Sneeze
03:16:37a 2 Of Santa's Reindeer-To-Be Cooling Hooves At MOA
03:16:41a Sex Offender Arrested Over Touchy Job Interviews
03:16:45a Phil Spector Blasts Media At Ike Turner's Funeral
03:16:48a North Hills Sexual Predator Suspect Caught
03:16:52a Mother, 2 children die in Toronto fire
03:16:55a Fort Wayne Stabbing
03:19:09a Christmas Shopping Picks Up After Slump
03:19:56a China Raises Ship that Sank 800 Years Ago Loaded with Treasures
03:20:15a Chen China is being provocative
03:20:18a CF to file class lawsuit against Alexander Health Club Group
03:20:22a Thais vote today in first post-coup election
03:20:26a Ghana's oil reserves total 3 bil. barrels, president says
03:20:29a China raises sunken 'Nanhai 1' merchant ship after 800 years
03:20:33a Teenager Pleads Innocent to Bringing Gun to School
03:21:10a Voting underway in Thai elections
03:21:14a Sri Lankan forces capture Tiger rebel front line
03:21:41a Bush Administration cuts 700 million in Medicaid funds for schools
03:21:45a Bible bashing dying out in America
03:21:49a Costa Rica reports 4.85 ton pot bust
03:21:52a NH paper Romney 'must be stopped'
03:22:01a Bahraini police sweep Shiite villages
03:22:21a Aging residents perform Chuan Opera in SW China city
03:22:51a Flock of birds mysteriously killed in N.Y.
03:22:54a Sting shows off New York digs
03:22:58a Driver cited for going 10 mph on highway
03:23:02a Rove's memoirs find a publisher
03:23:05a COL BKB UCLA 69, Michigan 54
03:23:09a CIA denies withholding terror suspects interrogation tapes
03:23:12a Argentina not to buy F-16 from U.S.
03:23:16a China imports soybean at higher cost in Jan.-Sept. period
03:23:20a UN approves 4.17 bln budget despite U.S. objections
03:23:23a Jolie, Ricci, Winslet named 'Femme Fatales of 2007'
03:23:27a Saudi facing charges at Guantanamo identified as relative of Sept.11 hijacker
03:23:30a Shop with a Cop in Van Buren
03:23:34a Heavy traffic for last-minute shoppers
03:23:38a Christmas Delights for Your Table
03:23:41a Bill Gives Funds for Watershed Restoration
03:23:45a Destin Doles Out Holiday Spirit Awards
03:23:48a The Town Also Will Build a Trail Alongside the Cheat
03:23:55a Scots lead UK in pulling the plug on landline telephones
03:23:58a J. Edgar Hoover planned to arrest 12,000 Americans suspected of disloyalty
03:24:02a 9-y-o killed in fire
03:24:06a Boy kills self over busted radio?
03:24:09a Portmore to get modern market
03:24:13a Farmer sentenced for murder
03:24:16a Teen in maximum lockdown
03:24:20a Braeton Parkway to be renamed George Lee Boulevard
03:24:23a Supervisor on drug charges
03:24:27a Man fined for stamps in passport
03:24:31a New commish to make force 'work'
03:24:34a Man drowns, another shot
03:24:38a Minister Grange announces 160m transport centre
03:24:41a No Time for Yesterday. No Wonder.
03:24:45a All We Are Saying
03:24:48a Enough of the Hills and Woods, Can I Send Grandma an E-Card?
03:24:52a A Place Just Like Every Other Place. Only Not.
03:24:55a Romney ties Hillary--Rasmussen
03:24:59a DEA agents in reverse-bias suit awarded 7M, but will get less
03:25:02a The Legacy of Judas National Right to Life
03:25:06a FReeper Canteen ~ Merry Christmas ~ 23 DEC 2007
03:25:09a Mike Huckabee heads for Republican upset
03:25:13a France fears arrival of cigarette-smoking ban
03:25:17a Sports schedule for Monday, Dec. 24+
03:25:20a Cowboys Lead Panthers 17-10 in the 3rd
03:25:24a 2ND LD Ruling camp to craft bill to aid all hepatitis C sufferers Fukuda+
03:25:27a Clipper, former Spartan Paul Davis tears knee ligiments
03:25:31a Airport Exit Ramps Open To Traffic
03:25:44a Off-duty Vancouver officer pulls gun during argument
03:26:07a US, Viet Nam to strengthen trade and investment relations
03:26:10a New opportunities open up for stock investors
03:26:14a Garment and textile exports hit 7.8 billion USD
03:26:23a Counting begings in Guj, BJP gains initial lead
03:26:26a Why was Sonia not cautioned, BJP asks EC
03:26:57a Kinky Products Sneak Their Way Into Brunei
03:27:01a Royal Brunei Police Force Holds Aidiladha Gathering
03:27:04a Theft Case Against 3, Deferred
03:27:07a NCB Officers Visit RBPF
03:27:11a Ya-Nur Trading Holds Korban Ceremony
03:27:14a Cross-Country Race For RBPF Personnel
03:27:18a Home Affairs Minister Hands Over Korban Meat
03:27:22a MoD Officials, Employees Celebrated Majlis Korean
03:27:25a Yayasan Distributes Korean Meat
03:27:29a Boys who tortured puppy to death are sentenced
03:27:32a Counting begins for Gujarat assembly elections
03:27:36a The Hustle Begins Holiday Travel
03:27:39a Media Converges On Small Mississippi Town
03:27:43a LSU Worried Murder Will Hurt Enrollment
03:27:46a Dakar and Rabat row over W Sahara
03:27:50a Haniyeh advisor Hamas willing to discuss a truce with Israel
03:27:54a Israel missile strike girl fights to stay
03:27:58a Hamas Officials Reveal Islamist Movement Has No Plans To Reach Temporary Truce With Israel
03:28:02a Israel fears clash with U.S. over peace talks impasse
03:28:05a Israel court halts recognition of Orthodox patriarch
03:28:09a Girl hit in missile strike fights to stay in Israel
03:28:13a Palestinian negotiators to press for settlements freeze
03:28:17a Israeli firms will not receive any preference for solar power plant
03:28:20a Hamas drafting terms for temporary cease-fire with Israel
03:28:24a Israeli Officials Back Hamas Truce AP
03:28:28a Cleared Omagh man threatens legal action
03:28:38a Report Hoover Had Plans For Mass Arrests
03:28:57a Reproductive Health to Get More Funding
03:29:01a Health Officials Enforce Cholera Fight Measures
03:29:05a Rebel Leader Reacts Angrily to Deadline
03:29:08a However Vote Goes, Tense Future Looms for Thailand
03:29:12a Blair, a Regular at Mass, Is Now Catholic
03:29:16a Turkey Bombs Kurds in Iraq; 2 Sides Differ on Casualties
03:29:20a Serbia Enlists Some Unlikely Faces in Its Quest to Keep Kosovo
03:29:24a Egyptian Guard Killed in Clash With Smugglers at Israeli Border
03:29:28a Officials Report Mold in a Leonardo Collection
03:29:32a 10 Years Later, Chiapas Massacre Still Haunts Mexico
03:29:36a Despite U.S. Opposition, United Nations Budget Is Approved
03:29:39a Millions head for warmer shores as Christmas begins
03:29:43a It's not strictly a man's world, Alesha finds
03:29:47a Historical Treasure After 23 years, dressmaker's shop remains an outstanding exhibit
03:29:50a Historical Perspective Looking back at the death of basketball icon Ralph Beard
03:29:54a Genealogy Queries abound as holiday season approaches
03:30:09a Headed for the pass? Bring chains
03:30:27a BJP and Cong locked in close fight in early trends
03:30:45a Photojournalist Reports Blizzard on I-70
03:30:49a Shelters Open due to I-70 Closures
03:31:11a Refunds for 40,000 Travelscope customers
03:31:15a Alesha takes 'Strictly' crown
03:31:28a Former aide admits Arafat founded Black September
03:32:13a Sickened, and Fighting Another Cold War
03:32:58a Fires hit Caloocan factory, QC school
03:33:15a paper owes millions to buy minority partner
03:33:19a After losing in title games, Buckeyes finally get back at Florida
03:33:23a Jaguars try to lock up postseason berth, Raiders look to future
03:33:26a Looks like the Oscars and Golden Globes will be Cancelled
03:33:37a Laurel Apartment Fire
03:33:41a Firefighter Killed In Crash
03:33:44a Lists of advisers don't make a great president
03:33:48a Talks on to reopen Baghdad bridge
03:33:51a Bachmann Departs for the Middle East
03:33:55a Iraqi govt rejects 'third force'
03:33:58a Congress, CIA, Election 2008
03:34:31a Are There Too Many Bowl Games?
03:34:34a Bernadette Woods Has Saturday's 10 p.m. Forecast
03:34:38a Caught On Tape 70-Year-Old Sailor Rescued
03:34:42a Winter Officially Arrives In Los Angeles
03:34:45a Christmas Not So Merry For Hollywood's Writers
03:35:08a CIC gives reference price for Morgan Stanley share purchase
03:35:16a Uzbek election expected to extend Karimov's rule
03:35:19a Mike Gravel keeps it real
03:35:43a B.C. travellers have holiday scare when bus crashes
03:36:00a Taxes Are Reassessed in Housing Slump as Prices Drop
03:36:04a Conviction in Racially Charged Shooting
03:36:13a Heart transplant girl Hui Yi leaves IJN
03:36:17a Neighbours see red over lewd, drunken acts
03:36:21a Palm oil best substitute for trans fat
03:36:25a MIC to replace worn-out elected reps
03:36:28a Deadly snowstorm causes accidents, road closures
03:36:47a Obama opens latest swing focused on Edwards' track record, trade issues
03:37:00a Romo settles down as Simpson a no-show at Cowboys game
03:37:04a N. Korea may soon declare nuke programs
03:37:07a Japan to accept 1,000 Indonesia workers
03:37:11a Australia leads protest against Japan's whaling
03:37:15a Several suicide suspects arrested in Pakistan suicide attack
03:37:18a After centuries, Nepal's living goddess struggles amid modernity
03:37:22a Moderate quake hits near Tokyo meteorologists
03:37:25a Bangladesh author 'lonely' after hiding out in India
03:37:29a Four killed in Japan chemical plant fire
03:38:03a US plans world's largest biometric database
03:38:07a 'I am looking forward to go to India'
03:38:11a Panel favours reconstituting of CBI as CBII
03:38:14a IAF buys new radars to boost up coastal surveillance
03:38:18a Gujarat Police on alert after threat to Modi
03:38:21a BJP and Cong in close fight in early trends in Guj polls
03:38:25a US recovers at least some faith in Musharraf
03:38:28a Two suspected LET terrorists shot dead
03:38:32a India discounts Prabhakaran injury in air raid
03:39:57a Rain boosts Melbourne water storages
03:40:01a Dropped phone leads to death
03:40:05a State sweeps up storm damage
03:40:08a Vancouver hostage situation ends safely
03:40:40a Thailand Votes in National Election
03:41:17a Mesa boy on life-support after hitting head
03:41:21a Naked man plows car into Mesa home's garage
03:41:24a ASU beats Idaho for fifth straight win
03:41:28a Last Pruitt's protest of year loud but peaceful
03:43:03a Superfund scrapped as interest fades
03:43:07a Royal Mail review may prompt call for split
03:43:14a Businessman Mahesh Murarka freed by abductors
03:43:17a 'Big Three' claim they have found a way out
03:43:21a House committee asks govt to seal suspected burial site in...
03:43:24a Last-minute shoppers swarm stores
03:43:28a Family, friends pull together for sick girl
03:43:41a Mother and two kids die in Toronto house fire
03:44:06a Alcohol 52 FE
03:44:09a Ultra Defragmenter 1.2.4
03:44:33a Design a Pepsi Can & Win 5,000
03:44:38a Vermont Military Academy Nominees Meet
03:44:42a Mining bosses told to improve safety
03:44:46a Soldier among those arrested after cabbie's death
03:44:49a Guj counting begins, parties keep fingers crossed
03:45:15a Shadow of ousted prime minister hangs over Thailand's first post-coup election
03:45:46a Indiana man pays for new pickup truck using loose change; did same in 1994
03:46:13a Belgian Judge Release Of 14 Terror Suspects Arrested In Major Anti-terror Operation
03:46:29a NHL N.Y. Islanders 3, Washington 2
03:47:33a Man facing driving charges drives from court drunk
03:47:37a Drunk driver fleeing police hit by train
03:47:40a Top chef free feast
03:47:44a Motorists face choice
03:47:47a Crocs linked to accidents
03:47:50a Kaiapoi emergency ends
03:47:54a Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1587 Notice to all GO Transit ATU members
03:47:57a Go bus strike set for Jan. 7
03:48:01a Toronto stocks spike up on resources and RIM
03:48:13a Free Peripheral Vascular Disease Screening
03:48:17a Smoking cessation class offered
03:48:59a Regional unemployment figures show signs of growth
03:49:03a Man charged after false report sparks police search
03:49:20a Pedestrian Killed
03:49:24a Carbon Monoxide Poisons Burlington Family
03:49:27a Shelburne Robbery
03:49:31a Leahy Hints At Anti-Trust Action Against NFL
03:49:34a Accident doesn't stop Day from bowling excellence
03:49:38a Parents, take note Batteries not included
03:49:43a Developing Story Pedestrian Killed in Kent County
03:49:59a Tech aide hopes WVU will call
03:50:21a Giuliani assures 'I'm in very good health'
03:50:57a Mother Relieved After Alleged Abductor Named
03:51:00a Traffic Stop Leads to Cocaine Bust
03:51:04a Motions Heard For Man Accused of Killing Uncle in Belmont County, Ohio
03:51:08a Iraq government vows to disband Sunnis
03:52:57a Iowa State Patrol urges drivers to stay home
03:53:01a Snow produces wrecks, one fatal
03:53:05a Review planned for school spending
03:53:08a Post office in Xmas overdrive
03:53:12a Weather quiets mall shopping
03:53:24a High Speed Chase Through Muskingum County
03:53:27a Fire Crews Respond To South Zanesville Fire
03:53:34a The World is passing through a Critical Phase in Human History
03:53:40a Polls open in Thailand election
03:53:44a Turkish warplanes bomb targets in Iraq
03:53:47a curse of the 30s
03:53:50a Meningitis boy's blood test 'showed nothing'
03:53:54a New Lodgers move in Rudd and family take up residence
03:53:58a Motorcyclist dies after Hillarys crash
03:54:01a Beleaguered beetles mean flies in our faces
03:54:05a Dellacqua given Gold Coast wildcard
03:55:03a Blair's Welcome into the Catholic Faith
03:55:07a Froggy Bottom Cafe Lounge
03:56:11a E.U.'s expanding borderless zone spells trouble for U.S. expats
03:57:15a Gujarat leads BJP 79; Congress 62; Others 3
03:57:19a Modi takes early lead; Anandiben Patel trails
03:57:22a Threat to Modi's life; security tightened
03:57:29a 'Pay Rs 26,700 for your blunder'
03:58:10a Indonesia's tsunami reconstruction chief lauds progress
03:58:40a Chavez to oversee FARC hostages' release
03:58:47a Alexa Ranks TREND HUNTER Top 10 Most Popular Site in Design
03:58:51a Ahmadinejad on defensive as Iran inflation soars
03:58:54a Dog Houses With Green Roofs Sustainable Pet Design
03:58:58a Diving Mask Takes Hands-Free Photos Liquid Image Camera-Mask
03:59:02a The Selling of Celebrity Paris Hilton Inc Documentary
03:59:05a 85,000 Diamond Barbie De Beers Designed Doll
03:59:09a Celebs Back Pitt's New Orleans Charity Ferrell Joins Brad in Pink Project
03:59:12a Designer Biography Films The Life and Death of Chanel Gucci;
03:59:16a Hip Modular Housing Container City
03:59:19a Reverse Tricycle Geometry Luxury Yacht Levi Ram Wing 100
03:59:23a Fighting the future
03:59:26a Clutch with Bedazzling Black Crystals- Jimmy Choo Cecile
03:59:30a Impact of Logos on Consumerism Unlabeled Candy Chips Still Recognizeable
03:59:33a Single Room Hotel Between Billboards Etienne Boulanger Pod Hotel in Berlin
03:59:37a Musical Lamps Make Beautiful Melodies Foscarini Allegro Soft Mood Lights
03:59:41a Ssssslick Vodka Campaign Absolut Pear Snake Ads on TouchTunes
03:59:44a Socially Conscious Art Exhibit Chase The Rising Sun
03:59:48a Structure Produces Energy Oxygen The Air Tree in Madrid
03:59:51a Cruz Sisters Design Another Collection Mango Spring/Summer 2008 Collection
03:59:55a Bill's magic touch bolsters Hillary's White House bid
03:59:58a Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, stands by him
04:00:02a The changing face of British Christianity
04:00:05a Savior or Saboteur?
04:00:09a Christmas is back on cards in Baghdad
04:00:13a Snowstorm rolls across US, two killed
04:00:16a Bangladesh author 'lonely' in hiding in India publisher
04:00:19a BJP, Cong neck and neck in early Gujarat trends
04:00:23a Expert Talk Yogendra Yadav on possible poll outcomes
04:00:27a Plot to target Mayawati foiled, 2 terrorists killed
04:00:31a 1947 soldiers separated as battlefield foes meet again
04:00:34a Pepsico turns health-concious, to launch new milk
04:00:38a What is the answer to the public smoking ban?
04:00:41a Man Shoots Burglars Who Were Breaking in to Neighbor's House
04:00:45a Bush On Bin Ladin.
04:00:48a Modern Furniture, Contemporary Italian Designer European Home ...
04:00:52a The Protocols of Zion
04:00:55a 18. How fraudulent land transfers take place
04:01:45a Two children shot after fight near Lantana
04:02:03a Inmate holds man hostage at Clark County jail
04:02:27a Times Topics No Child Left Behind Act
04:03:05a Pakistan's Tyranny Continues
04:03:27a Folha de Sao Paulo
04:04:08a Seven Arabs arrested for Haj attack plot
04:04:15a Madeleine's parents make an appeal
04:04:47a Canada Judge rules the return of political refugees to the US illegal/titl
04:05:01a Apple Lawyering Up On 'Fake Steve Jobs'
04:05:05a County To Ask For Federal Approval To Remove More Brush
04:06:25a Deadly snowstorm forces wrecks, road closures
04:06:30a A Post for the Addicts
04:06:42a Two Deaths Reported in Midwest Snowstorm
04:06:46a Thousands Celebrate 3.1 Billion Spanish Lottery Win
04:06:49a Officials investigate two fires in Palm Beach County
04:06:53a Palm Beach Mall closed briefly after gun pulled
04:07:21a Killer Sought in Fatal Modesto Stabbing
04:07:52a 'We'll Never Forget the Wonderful Experience'
04:07:56a Demand Huge for Cold and Flu Remedies
04:07:59a Home Food Is Not Always the Best Food
04:08:03a Tour Operators Cater to the Rich and Busy
04:08:06a Saudi Arabia a year of increasing clout and oppression
04:08:10a Smoking Rampant Among Students
04:08:14a Pilgrims Get Set for Trips Home; Flights Start Tomorrow
04:09:06a Cowboys Lead Panthers 20-10 in the 4th
04:09:10a Cowboys Lead Panthers 17-10 in the 4th
04:09:13a Reining-in inflation tough task for Latvia's new government
04:09:17a Norwegian women break down boardroom barriers
04:09:24a India counts votes from key state election
04:09:27a EU braces for end of Chinese clothing quotas
04:09:31a Clouds over Nigeria's oil industry
04:09:34a Success in saving India's Asiatic lion poses new problems
04:09:38a Service with a smile France struggles to keep tourists happy
04:09:42a Bolstered ECB's trial by fire will burn into 2008 Analysts
04:09:45a Travelers held up by delays at mountain passes, airports
04:09:49a Last-minute shoppers privy to deep discounts
04:10:10a Reining-in inflation tough task for Latvia's new government
04:10:14a Clouds over Nigeria's oil industry
04:10:26a Need for distinction between Sonia and Modi CEC
04:10:29a Modi establishes early lead over Patel
04:10:33a Whole Foods Computer Crash Results In 4,000 Grocery Giveaway Above And Beyond
04:10:36a Shadow of ousted prime minister hangs over Thailand's first post-coup election
04:10:40a FBI's Hoover planned mass U.S. jailings report
04:11:07a At least 2 dead, numerous injured in highway pileups
04:11:12a 'Be brave sweetheart,' parents of missing Madeleine say in video
04:11:16a Police didn't follow procedures in Mel Gibson arrest report
04:11:22a Suicide Bomber Kills 4 in Western Baghdad and conflict
04:12:59a Striking Appalacian Nurses OK Contract
04:13:02a Body found in creek 1053pm
04:13:44a Striking nurses vote to ratify contract
04:13:47a State highway agency's office moving
04:14:00a Kewell lends a hand
04:14:04a Rudd fears for diggers
04:14:28a Storms, wind knock power out to 6,000 throughout Arkansas
04:14:31a Man faces charges after hitting woman who dropped infant
04:16:29a 'Person of Interest' in Arson Freed
04:16:32a Candidates Use Tech to Create Niche Communities
04:16:39a A view of Riga from top of St. Peter's church
04:16:43a Marit Arnstad, acting chair of the board of Norwegian oil company StatoilHydro
04:16:46a A textile worker at the Langsha Socks company in Yiwu
04:16:50a A view of the gas flames at Mobil oil terminal at Ibeno, southern Nigeria
04:16:53a Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad waves to the crowds next to the Kaaba
04:16:57a Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
04:17:01a The illuminated Euro sculpture in front of the European Central Bank
04:17:11a Japan's Emperor Akihito voices worry over climate change in birthday comments
04:17:15a Thai police retrieve 22 bodies of Myanmar migrants in Andaman Sea
04:17:18a At least 2 killed as blinding snowstorm sweeps Plains
04:17:22a DETROIT 4, MINNESOTA 1 Without Zetterberg and Holmstrom, Wings still win
04:17:26a Lebanon Still in Limbo After Vote Deferred
04:18:25a New Delhi May Not Extend Taslima's Visa
04:18:29a Big Chiefs of Indian Politics
04:18:32a British Mission in Basra Was Doomed to Failure
04:18:36a US Defining Iraq Success in Terms of Concrete Walls
04:18:39a Political Crisis Deepens in Maharashtra
04:18:43a Between genuine and false threats
04:18:46a A vital Palestinian discussion
04:18:50a The myth of the crushing blow
04:18:53a What is Ninet worth
04:18:57a Time to stop mourning
04:19:04a Whitehouse Has global warming stopped?
04:19:08a Cold Comfort An Interview with John R. Lott
04:19:11a Britain has become a 'Catholic country'
04:19:15a Helmet Law Protesters to Circle the Governors Mansion
04:19:18a Tancredo's impact GOP race, country more mean-spirited
04:19:22a Senator Fred Thompson should be next president
04:19:25a Suicide bomber threat to Modi, security tightened
04:19:29a Plan to attack Maya busted, 2 terrorists killed
04:20:38a PBS Star Bill Moyers Uses She-God To Raise Funds for Leftists
04:23:54a Dignitaries Remember Rep. Julia Carson
04:23:58a Board Companies Can Bar Union E-Mail
04:24:42a Windalco take aim at Rollington Town
04:24:46a Who's playing the lying game
04:25:12a Tsunami-hit Sri Lankans thank the gods for cinnamon
04:25:23a Bodies of Myanmar illegals found in sea
04:26:48a After more than half a decade of questions, Scott Javins laid to rest
04:26:52a Man Pleads Guilty To Impersonating CIA Officer
04:26:55a Next year's city leaders take oath of office
04:26:59a Pfizer's future remains uncertain in Terre Haute
04:27:03a Youth bring song to homes of terminally ill, their families
04:27:15a Springs Mostly Spared, but Travelers Should Use Caution
04:27:19a Climate Change Poses Challenge to Preventive Medicine
04:27:23a Bodies of 2 of Clyde tug's crew recovered
04:27:27a Swedish towns consider language rule
04:27:31a Scottish stores worry about slow Christmas
04:27:34a S.F. family bids for bankrupt logging firm
04:27:54a Aqaba-Wadi Rum tourist train suffers from lack of demand, support from industry
04:27:58a New traffic law imposes harsher fines, faces uncertain future
04:28:02a Region not threatened by major quake experts
04:28:09a Prince Ali turns 32
04:28:13a Ministry of Agriculture warns farmers of frost formation
04:28:16a Hundreds injured in various incidents during eid holiday
04:28:20a Man gets 4 years for molesting female relative
04:28:52a Body found in stormwater drain
04:28:56a Public urged to heed surf safety warnings
04:28:59a Internet hoax started confrontation
04:29:03a CHRONOLOGY 15 months of ups and downs in post-coup Thailand
04:29:06a Kubina Wins It for Leafs in Overtime
04:29:10a Jones' doping program revealed report
04:29:37a General Assembly approves 4.17 billion UN budget over US objections
04:29:41a 16 Egyptians killed when bus falls off ferry and plunges into Nile River
04:29:45a Ecuador's president proposes pardons for low-level drug couriers
04:29:48a Cowboys Lead Panthers 20-13 in the 4th
04:30:22a Boy dies after being hit by truck
04:30:25a Shoppers surge stores for gifts
04:30:29a Officers target drunk drivers during holiday weekend
04:30:32a Neighbors raise money for family of murdered woman
04:30:36a UPS drivers surprise families with gifts
04:32:00a Chinese gov't underscores traffic safety amid thick fog
04:32:04a Five jailed over deadly 2005 mine blast in NE China
04:32:08a Chinese ambassador China-Belarus ties grow at faster pace
04:32:12a Indian air force plane crashes, pilot safe
04:32:15a Cuba, Venezuela sign 14 accords to strengthen cooperation
04:32:19a Thai Prime Minister Surayud cast vote
04:32:22a Thick fog continues to blanket Chinese cities
04:32:26a Ariane-5 rocket lauches telecom staellites into orbit
04:32:29a Backgrounder Chuan Opera
04:32:32a Damas ushers in the holidays with exciting offers
04:32:36a DMI funds Syrian TV centre
04:32:40a Iran ups petrol allowance
04:32:43a Mercedes sees sales boost
04:32:47a ENOC Lubricants enables UAE women to come together for first ever Unity drive
04:32:50a Pharmacovigilance workshop held
04:32:54a Hajjis at UAE airports
04:32:57a Egypt ferry accident, 16 dead
04:33:01a AUB sets up Atiyah Chair
04:33:04a Population boosts telco sector
04:33:08a Gulf Capital eyes investment
04:33:11a Caution advised on Sensex
04:33:15a Dubai First credit card
04:33:18a Sweet on new investment
04:33:22a Mobile phones, driving don't mix govt
04:33:25a Tattoo helps ID Sydney river corpse
04:33:29a DNA row sparks call for Falconio review
04:33:32a House fire tragedy appeal raises $20,000
04:33:36a Brawl breaks out over cage fight
04:33:40a India second export market for Dubai
04:33:43a Dubai to fund 8mn Syrian news centre
04:33:47a Dubai Marathon to be shown live on television
04:33:50a 'Translate tenancy contract' before signing
04:33:54a Visa's 10b share offering will add lustre to next year
04:33:57a Gulf 'needs to turn into an offshore services hub'
04:34:01a UAE's telecom sector to grow on the back of rapidly rising population
04:34:04a Probation Officers Considering Strike Action
04:34:08a Nine NHS Trusts Admit Losing Patients' Details
04:34:39a Emperor Akihito greets public on 74th birthday+
04:34:43a Main events scheduled for Monday, Dec. 24+
04:35:20a Blinding snowstorm hits plains
04:35:30a Huckabee's Pro-Life Principles Questionable
04:35:34a French, Australian Leaders Visit Kabul Sun, 23 Dec 2007 042125 GMT
04:35:38a Giuliani Back on the Stump Sun, 23 Dec 2007 041534 GMT
04:35:42a Driveway Shooting Death Conviction Sun, 23 Dec 2007 041118 GMT
04:35:45a Winter Storm Causes Traffic Deaths Sun, 23 Dec 2007 040903 GMT
04:35:57a 36 FSU players sidelined
04:36:01a Cocoa man killed after walking into oncoming traffic
04:36:06a Belgium remains on alert as terror suspects freed
04:36:10a Man confesses stuffing wife's body in suitcase
04:36:13a Winter Weather Woes
04:36:17a Police Locate Third Man in Connection with Attempted Assault
04:36:21a Humane Society scrambles for help after being left 18 dogs
04:37:16a Norway sticks with CCS gas power plant plan PM
04:38:28a Officials Baytown no ‘Sanctuary City’
04:38:31a ‘Blue Santas’ deliver toys, smiles
04:38:35a Optimists turn traffic stop into party
04:38:38a Landmark restaurant succumbs to fire
04:38:42a Inaugural toy run a ‘great success’
04:38:46a 'There's distinction between Sonia and Modi cases'
04:39:21a Saudi Blogger Fouad Al Farhan Arrested in Jeddah
04:39:25a Japan Economics of the “Illegal” Download
04:39:28a Syria Palestinian 'Cycle of Violence'
04:40:24a T.O. Hurt As Cowboys Hold Off Panthers
04:42:07a Funny Fellowship
04:42:10a Top 10 Most Influential Unmainstream Albums of 2007
04:42:14a 2008 Year of the Mini Social Networks
04:42:18a Learn Secrets to Sexy Hair
04:42:21a Catalan women seized after Cuban democracy demo
04:42:25a Chavez, Raul Castro visit barracks where Cuban revolution began
04:42:28a Time's Running Out For Santa's Helpers
04:42:32a Road between Mojokerto and Batu blocked by landslide
04:42:58a School apologizes to lesbian teen for T-shirt ban
04:44:18a Dogs found dead & neglected in Buffalo garage
04:44:21a It's the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year
04:44:30a Funerals today for drowned children
04:44:33a Late Night Music Club with Back Door Slam
04:44:55a Venezuelan President Visits Santiago de Cuba's Landmarks
04:45:15a Santa called a liar by Texas reporter
04:45:19a Giuliani glad to be back in NH
04:45:26a Huckabee is appealing to military families
04:45:30a Obama opens latest swing focused on Edwards' track record
04:45:34a Two deaths reported from snowstorm
04:45:37a Shoppers Hurry For Last Minute Shopping
04:45:41a Angels Distribute Food Toy To Needy Families
04:45:45a Symbol Of Freedom At FIU Campus
04:45:48a Pompano Beach Community Remembering Sgt. Reyka
04:45:51a Man Shoots Cousin By Accident Trying To Clear Gun
04:45:55a Coral Springs Wife Fails To Find Husband In Iran
04:45:59a Health trend Food that bites back
04:46:02a In season of love, Democrats keep shoving
04:46:06a Nobody Should Think Of Any Surgical Operation On Our Homeland, Erdogan
04:46:10a Queen Elizabeth II reaches oldest monarch mark
04:46:20a Japan's premier to seek law to solve hepatitis row
04:46:24a Japan's emperor criticises media ahead of birthday
04:46:28a Chinese police probe slaughter of rare Siberian tiger
04:46:36a Judge will not dismiss evidence in private investigator's Hollywood wiretapping case
04:46:40a Striking nurses approve new contract with Appalachian region's largest health care provider
04:46:44a Federal labor board rules employers can bar union e-mail while allowing office chitchat
04:46:47a Buying gifts, families await release of 3 hostages held by Colombian rebels
04:46:51a Reporter's Notebook Christmas with Mao and his Communists showed their opportunism
04:46:55a Obama says Edwards is putting up with the very campaign tactics he decries
04:46:59a Colombia's famed hostage from Parisian comforts to jungle prison
04:47:03a At least 2 dead, numerous injured, as blinding snowstorm rolls across US Plains
04:47:06a Crowds line up to see San Diego panda cub's public debut
04:47:10a Sunday, December 30
04:48:50a Highly infectious patients on the run Stories
04:48:53a Razon Jalosjos should stay detained in Zambo penal colony
04:48:57a Rollercoaster Asian stocks set to rise in 2008--analysts
04:49:00a Jalosjos in Zamboanga City--report
04:49:04a From Beatles to Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson, Christmas tunes pay
04:49:34a How to Turn Blue Collars Into Blue Voters The Psychology of the Working-Class Male
04:49:38a White Liberals Have White Privilege Too!
04:49:41a Ten Worst Telecom Moments of 2007
04:49:45a Shock and Tasers in New Orleans
04:49:49a 2008 ELECTION PREDICTIONS from Bill...
04:49:52a I DON'T KNOW THIS BLOG,...
04:49:56a Fair and balanced solar power article in the Las Vegas Sun?
04:49:59a Olbermann, O'Reilly Gain From 'Politically Opinionated Talk'
04:50:03a Philippines Muslim rebels use villagers as shields
04:50:07a HOME FOR CHRISTMAS....
04:50:10a I think this to be huge...
04:50:14a When beaten, call names
04:50:17a Crashes block roads
04:50:21a Strikes threaten travel
04:50:24a Too many decoy cops
04:50:28a Maxwell plans hands-on role
04:50:31a Winning streaks on the line
04:50:35a Christmas cheer for Sydney FC
04:50:38a Impressive streaks tested
04:50:42a More than a hit-around
04:50:46a India well prepared
04:51:01a Oil above 77 next year
04:51:04a Nokia E51 into Qatar
04:51:08a Offshore services for Gulf
04:51:11a UAE crude output down 18%
04:51:15a Iran has 8bn in OSF
04:51:19a Record attendance at the Dubai International Film Festival
04:51:23a Mideast mutual funds do well
04:51:26a Rakia puts 500m to ports
04:51:30a An Asiatic lioness playing with her new-born cubs
04:51:33a A two year old Asiatic lion
04:51:37a Duration 000204
04:51:40a Tourists walk on the square in Lille
04:51:44a Track star Marion Jones
04:51:47a Stiliyan Petrov collides with Rolando Bianchi
04:51:51a Rolando Bianchi scores past Scott Carson
04:51:54a Wilfred Bouma clashes with Darius Vassell
04:51:58a The new England football team manager Fabio Capello
04:52:01a Open letter to Chief Constable of Sussex Police
04:52:05a Full Text in Spanish of Mexican
04:52:09a URGENT CALLOUT – Funds needed to continue building Fasayil primary school
04:52:12a Second stage of PLA verification completed
04:52:38a Group tailors holiday television entertainment for the visually impaired; audio descriptions
04:52:46a UN budget approved over US objections
04:53:28a Brown County man dies in crash
04:53:32a State prisons out of room
04:53:49a One Person Dies In Massive Texas Panhandle Pileup
04:53:53a Blinding Snow Delays Travel, Causes Accidents
04:53:56a Charities Strapped By Increased Need This Holiday Season
04:54:00a Looking For A Way To Distract Tony Romo?
04:54:03a Santa Display Protests Christmas Commercialism
04:54:27a Three killed as car crashes into cows
04:54:31a Officer, wardens held for drug offences
04:54:35a Party vows to fight accusations
04:54:38a Residents return to homes after fire forces evacuation
04:54:42a Thirty vehicles impounded after police blitz
04:55:11a EC pulls up Sonia, Modi for code violation
04:55:15a TDP backs agitations against alumina refinery
04:55:18a CPI for nuclear self reliance
04:55:25a TDP to stall parliament proceedings on MSP
04:55:28a CM promise land for Bramhani’s aviation university
04:55:32a Kodela objects Purandhareswari’s remarks
04:55:35a BJP to resume `Poru Bata’ at Guntur
04:55:39a Tugade, Seigle power Magnolia
04:56:11a Europe's move to drop border passport restrictions
04:56:25a New technique could help doctors cut away cancer
04:56:29a Experts hash out plans for MRSA surveillance
04:57:05a Coast Guard searching for missing person off Florida Keys
04:57:09a Family of elderly hit-and-run victim wants driver to come forward
04:57:12a Gunman who robbed Kendall bank at large
04:57:16a Service held for sailor killed in car accident
04:57:20a Murdered BSO deputy honored in church service
04:57:23a BSO bringing holiday cheer to thousands of underprivileged children
04:57:27a Soldier celebrates homecoming, birthday on same day
04:57:31a WSVN to air Winterfest special
04:57:34a Police Gun pulled in South Florida mall parking lot
04:57:38a Pinellas authorities investigate device found in metal pile
04:57:41a Officer uses stun gun to calm down yoga instructor
04:57:45a Siblings' hard-luck story has a happy ending
04:57:48a Man dies after motorbike hits tree
04:59:01a Good Weekend Saturday, December 22
04:59:38a Fire destroys Kaiapoi plastic recycling depot
04:59:42a 6 months till damaged buildings in use Gisborne mayor
04:59:45a Last-minute talks to avoid strike by fisheries officers
04:59:49a Franchise buyers warned to avoid fraudsters
04:59:52a Man killed in Wanganui crash
04:59:56a Bahraini police arrest demonstrators
05:00:00a Holiday cheer for the visually impaired
05:00:03a School gets extension on shock treatment
05:00:07a La Mesa Bank Robber Buys Getaway
05:00:16a WSDOT crews weather the first storm on I-405 in Renton
05:00:22a Muslim Americans Feel Snubbed in Presidential Race
05:00:26a West Virginia Torture Case a Legal Circus
05:00:30a Male Day Laborers Turn to Prostitution
05:01:15a Red Hat Profit up 12%; New CEO Named
05:01:19a Girl rescued from California mountains released from hospital
05:01:23a Kitchen recipe to clean your computer
05:01:59a Charity Worker Says Chadian Leaders Lied About Children Being Orphans
05:02:03a African Union Somalia Conflict Threatens Peace and Security in Africa
05:02:06a Africa's First Communication Satellite Launched
05:03:29a Akihito voices worry over climate change in b'day comments
05:03:53a Indonesia`s tsunami reconstruction chief lauds progress
05:05:05a Youngsters queue at Asia Game Show in Hong Kong
05:05:24a Young drivers teach a lesson at DUI checkpoints
05:05:28a Store on Chapel Street open after fire
05:05:31a Deadly attempted robbery in Bridgeport
05:05:35a 'Success' magazine now produced in North Texas
05:05:39a New turntables convert vinyl to digital
05:06:41a French don't care about Sarkozy's romance
05:06:44a Malonga keeps Lyon in check
05:06:48a Cops seek owner of gun in boy's death
05:06:54a Coast Guard rescues sailor from disabled boat
05:08:28a Gujarat vote count begins
05:09:13a Sir Charles had a perfect life son
05:09:16a Fence rage reaches a high at Christmas
05:09:26a Glentunnel fatality
05:09:46a Wilder parks can tame climate change threat
05:09:50a The changing face of British cities by 2020
05:09:53a Scottish judges condemned over sectarian violence
05:10:15a Turkish Warplanes Hit Kurdish Rebel Targets in Iraq east
05:10:18a Vonn goes top after St Anton skiing double
05:10:21a Flight delays as holiday travel begins
05:12:33a Glynn County Baby Death Investigation Sun, 23 Dec 2007 040125 GMT
05:13:22a Watson
05:13:26a NHS t
05:13:45a Gilbert council members shroud cell bills
05:14:17a GNOME, Google and the UNIX User Interface
05:14:29a Iguodala's 20-footer gives Sixers a 99-97 victory over Memphis Grizzlies
05:14:32a 76ers-Grizzlies, Box
05:14:36a Man hospitalized after being stabbed at Philadelphia coffeehouse
05:14:39a 15 sickened by carbon monoxide in restaurant
05:14:43a Ales Kotalik scores in shootout and Sabres defeat Flyers for 6th straight win
05:14:46a Sabres-Flyers, Sums
05:14:50a Clark, Reynolds lead No. 20 Villanova over Columbia 72-56
05:14:53a Rodgers, Elegar lead Drexel to 65-53 victory over Bucknell
05:16:29a Body found in wooded area in Clairton
05:16:32a Cowboys lose Owens, beat Panthers, 20-13
05:16:36a Documents reveal FBI's Hoover planned mass arrests in 1950
05:16:40a Masloff, 90, recalls a life less ordinary
05:16:44a Allegheny Valley commuter rail gains ground
05:16:47a Small nonprofit squeezes through loophole in state law
05:16:51a Conservancy survey aims for clear picture of Allegheny River
05:16:55a Subsidy keeps students in W.Va. college, universities
05:16:58a Salvation arrives in Pittsburgh in 1783
05:17:02a Bloomfield boxing event returns after 30 years
05:17:05a Area doctors take medical supplies to remote sites
05:17:13a North Side families ride away with 400 bikes
05:17:17a Government offices, banks close for holiday
05:17:21a Speech taken from YouTube, Plum students say
05:17:24a Pittsburgh police add drunken driving patrols
05:17:28a West Mifflin police seek possible scam artist
05:17:32a Ruling could prompt Falconio review
05:17:36a City schools, teachers to resume negotiations
05:17:39a Foundation grants Pitt 605,000 for students
05:17:43a Mt. Washington organist's faith inspired his work as nurse
05:17:47a BVA students engineer second-place finish in science competition
05:17:50a Newsmaker Sarah Goldstein
05:17:54a Hit-and-run fatality marks second death in less than 2 days
05:17:58a Penn-Trafford teen eyes career in biology
05:18:01a Last-minute shopping kicks into gear
05:18:05a Salem offers home drug, alcohol test kits
05:18:08a No room in area schools for kids tech toys
05:18:12a Fairchance woman nabbed in hit-and-run with bicyclist
05:18:16a Fayette SCI still in lockdown after assault
05:18:19a Everson councilman ends 48-year term
05:18:23a Pictures tell Fayette County's stories
05:18:26a Third book in series celebrates the past
05:18:30a Connellsville senior wants to 'give back'
05:18:33a Geibel duo shooting for section win
05:18:37a Mill Run ATV driver dies after being hit by truck
05:18:40a California VFD marks century of service
05:18:44a New coaches abound in local wrestling circles
05:18:47a Two honored for Center in the Woods in California work
05:18:51a Washington High School grad wraps up career at Notre Dame
05:18:55a Grapplers set for holiday contest at Canon-McMillan
05:18:58a Musial talk shows he's still 'the man'
05:19:01a No peace for Iraqi Christians
05:19:05a Straub Brewing Co. has recipe for survival
05:19:08a Corporate crackdown not netting lots of jail
05:19:12a Precautions can ease fears about toy safety
05:19:16a Entrepreneur seeks collapse of product warranties
05:19:19a Fayette business educator looks to the future
05:19:23a It all boils down to efficiency in Somerset County
05:19:26a Smaller housing projects dot the city
05:19:30a Elves fear jobs will be going to China
05:19:33a Recognize, embrace change to dodge disappointment in '08
05:19:37a Santa's helpers
05:19:40a Postcards trace Greensburg's evolution
05:19:44a Doggie day care business might be successful
05:19:48a Witnessing a Christmas miracle
05:19:51a Watercolor exhibit is anything but wishy-washy
05:19:55a Guilt and redemption
05:19:58a Debut mystery expertly keeps suspense taut
05:20:02a Nature writer recounts encounters with animals
05:20:06a Alternative venues prove art is all around us
05:20:09a Twisted carols
05:20:12a Crafting a Christmas classic
05:20:16a Santa's helpers at Frazier school respond to children's letters
05:20:19a CD reviews Bley goes bananas with 'Lost Chords'
05:20:23a Sledders go with the dogs in northern New England
05:20:27a Epicurean event includes top chefs, wine experts
05:20:30a Simple roasted chicken recipe makes trio of meals
05:20:34a Croustade is French pastry lover's dream come true
05:20:38a Peppermint Chocolate Truffles make for merry treat
05:20:41a Sizzling siblings
05:20:45a The pensions crunch
05:20:48a Hugo-nomics
05:20:51a Christmas pops
05:20:55a My box of Christmas
05:20:58a Santa's special present
05:21:02a The Christmas tree
05:21:06a Happy Mistivus, girls!
05:21:09a A dog named Abner
05:21:13a These gift ideas are sure to be a hit
05:21:16a Religion & politics
05:21:20a The best gift, finally realized
05:21:24a Verses for Christmas
05:21:27a Hillary's handicap Bill
05:21:31a Potter or Greenspan?
05:21:34a 2007 A year of loony leftists
05:22:04a The Overwhelming closes today
05:22:14a Perry's remark highlights Bush's lame duck status
05:23:11a Man convicted after Internet hoax leads to deadly shooting
05:23:15a Giuliani 'I'm in very good health' after hospital stay
05:23:49a Rowan Atkinson dings other driver's car in Aspen, Colo.
05:24:00a Container rejected condoms intercepted in Jakarta
05:24:55a On the Second day of Christmas, Timeless gave to me...
05:25:01a Italian PM in Afghanistan embassy
05:26:20a Catholic Numbers Boosted By Eastern European Immigrants
05:27:14a Is this giant panda cub cuter than Knut?
05:27:31a Black man found guilty in death of white teen
05:27:34a Pets present a billion dollar industry
05:27:51a Kalam's lecture at Delhi University
05:27:55a 'Ensure adherence to model code in future'
05:27:59a US to continue building 'important' relationship with India
05:28:02a BJP questions 'differentiated' rulings of Election Commission
05:28:06a India head into Test with little practice
05:28:09a The Blue God's Tale
05:28:13a Dhoom or doom for Modi today
05:28:16a Man uses snake to kill wife, gets life term
05:28:20a Taslima not put under house arrest, says Pranab
05:28:24a CJI questions efficacy of anti-terror laws
05:28:27a Throngs Cheer Julio Bocca's Last Dance
05:28:38a Snow snarls holiday travel
05:28:44a Teen brothers on their own; a small community makes sure they are safe
05:28:48a Viroqua officer turns abandoned pup into K-9 dog
05:28:51a Hard-to-open packages have led to injuries
05:28:55a Making a Christmas wish, by the ‘book'
05:28:59a Aircraft debris, victim found
05:29:02a Amish balk at building permits
05:29:06a Ho-Chunk rediscover bison as healthy food
05:29:09a Singing holiday jingles helps ring up kettle cash
05:29:13a Gift wrapper, take a bow
05:29:16a GRADUATES
05:29:54a Stricken US ship pilot 'novice'
05:29:57a FBI planned mass arrests in 1950
05:30:01a Hundreds set to win share of 'Fat One'
05:30:04a Perth to Mandurah line takes first passengers
05:30:08a Nine NHS trusts lose patient data
05:30:11a Next year's city leaders take oath of office
05:30:15a Pfizer's future remains uncertain in Terre Haute
05:30:18a Smokers cut back, but state coffers growing
05:30:50a Queen opens 'channel' on YouTube
05:31:31a Streetwise Should I buy or sell those toy company stocks, Santa?
05:31:35a Capitol Notes 'Robo calls' next?
05:31:38a 2007's dishonorable mentions
05:31:42a Some motorists stranded by OnStar
05:31:45a Shop Smart New gift-returning rules a ho-ho-headache
05:31:49a Money Tip Free lunch seminars an issue
05:31:53a The credit crunch How did it happen and where do we go from here?
05:31:56a 2007's most noteworthy faces of business
05:32:00a News of Social Security's death exagerrated
05:32:04a Uzbek Leader Seeks Re-Election
05:32:07a Sony assures Australians choose Blu-ray this Holiday Season
05:32:11a What happens when the Ivory Tower meets Web 2.0?
05:32:15a Mountains Discovered On Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon
05:32:18a Asteroid 'may hit Mars in January'
05:32:22a Mars mission delayed by 2 yrs
05:32:25a Planet Mars in asteroid's path
05:32:29a Don't drop too much on Clarke's platter, says Gilchrist
05:32:32a Aussies expect 'torrid battle'
05:32:36a Ian Bell Yes, we are the men to take England forwards
05:32:40a Raise a glass to toast opener's ugly hundred
05:32:43a Cook saves day but fails to hide flaws
05:32:47a Outplayed England 'have work to do'
05:32:51a Symonds more relaxed about Aus test spot
05:32:54a TECHNOLOGY
05:32:58a Chain of Evidence
05:33:01a Krajcir linked to eight other unsolved murders, several rapes
05:33:05a Woman describes pit bull attack that killed her dog
05:33:08a Ameren gives away light bulbs
05:33:14a New thumb comes with new language for a deaf 4-year-old girl
05:33:17a When road to recovery goes through campus
05:33:24a Iran firm on Crescent deal
05:33:39a Missoula sailor arrives home for Christmas
05:34:16a Travel difficult
05:34:19a OSU vs. Texas Arlington highlights
05:34:39a Ron Paul will win by a landslide
05:35:11a Chavez to oversee hostage release
05:35:48a Lebanon Republic of fear
05:35:52a Lebanon a Battlefield for Iran & Saudi Arabia?
05:35:55a The Cult of the Suicide Bomber
05:35:59a EuroNews EN Interview Nabih Berry
05:36:02a IMG_5996
05:36:06a Lebanon limbo 10th postponement to elect Prez
05:36:09a Mom of missing daughter wants to speak with deported woman
05:36:13a Hope Flies
05:36:16a Old Coke Machine
05:36:19a 1224-162945
05:36:23a 1224-150610b
05:36:26a flashed woman subway
05:36:30a Criminal Comparison
05:36:33a Standing together
05:36:37a Sharing Blake at Christmas
05:36:40a The new world order that threatens Uncle Sam
05:36:44a Animals star in sisters' alphabet book for kids
05:36:48a Scam artists are targeting those with security systems
05:36:52a Rollercoaster Asian stocks set to rise in 2008 analysts
05:37:09a Tech takes over Entertainment is redefined by the devices that deliver it
05:37:54a Video Pennsylvania Train Stations
05:37:58a Nevada betting caucuses will count
05:38:01a Letter to the editor/North Band, language classes a boon to Mars Area
05:38:05a Nine living tableaux convey Nativity spirit
05:38:09a Teacher helps students use crafts to aid sick kids
05:38:12a DA staffers' jobs preserved with grant money
05:38:16a Cranberry to seek bids for Graham Park
05:38:20a Trio of ex-troopers have second careers as detectives
05:38:23a Butler County retirees to see COLA starting Jan. 1
05:38:27a New community clinic attracts its first patient
05:38:31a Retracking history New DVD offers a look at revitalized local train stations
05:38:34a Warm wishes for an occasional White Christmas
05:38:38a Soup 'n Stroll recalls heritage
05:38:42a Washington Sunday Business News
05:38:45a Commercial zoning motions fail to pass in Canonsburg
05:38:49a South Strabane supervisors back request for gaming funds
05:38:52a Peters council revises 1976 ordinance on weapons
05:38:56a Mars Area schools growing faster than projections
05:39:00a State forest land to grow next year
05:39:03a Rounces deal with challenge of two special needs sons
05:39:07a Police distribute 400 new, used bikes to city youngsters
05:39:11a Transportation funds may be diverted for Beltway construction
05:39:14a Give the gift that lasts - buy a bridge for loved ones
05:39:18a Prison locked down after attack
05:39:22a 'It was like something out of a movie'
05:39:25a Today's special 3rd generation is selling 1953 Blairsville eatery
05:41:25a Owens hurt, but Dallas Cowboys still win, 20-13
05:41:29a Heater sparks blaze that destroys Denton business
05:42:25a San Diego panda cub makes public debut
05:42:29a Employees fed up with airlines
05:42:51a The Pentagons war on the Internet
05:42:55a Ratification of oil law?
05:43:07a Owens injured as Cowboys beat Panthers
05:43:35a Proposed drought restrictions on aquifer are harsher
05:44:17a Japan's emperor celebrates 74th birthday
05:44:20a Cowboys lose T.O., win game
05:44:24a Shreveport police officer involved in shooting
05:44:28a Cowboys up 7 after third quarter
05:44:31a Cowboys lead Panthers at half
05:45:23a Iran reining in violent Shiite militias in Iraq
05:45:37a Well-timed happenstance on Clinton trail
05:45:40a Locals create own winter wonderlands
05:45:44a Law enforcement sending a stern message
05:45:47a CCSCT facing funding crisis
05:45:51a Trio sent to treatment facilities
05:45:55a Copper Thieves Target Orlando Businesses
05:45:59a Lotto Jackpot Worth 47 Million
05:46:02a Q&A Child benefit records lost
05:46:07a Sunni Awakening Update
05:46:34a Police find sex offender at Vancouver restaurant
05:46:38a 25-year-old man shot in North Portland
05:46:42a Candidates articulate a shift in U.S. goals abroad
05:46:45a Small firms are key on healthcare
05:46:49a Holiday reunion in Zacatecas
05:47:26a Floodwaters receding in 4 states, more evacuees return home
05:47:39a Bahraini police stage security sweeps following clashes with protesters
05:47:43a Give jobs to drug rehabs
05:48:00a BJP heading to victory in Gujarat poll
05:48:03a Cricket Australia to impose lifetime bans for racism
05:48:07a Congress concedes defeat in Gujarat vote
05:48:11a India counts votes from Gujarat election
05:48:14a Buying The War
05:49:16a Wildcats Win One Before Christmas
05:49:25a India's Congress concedes defeat in key state vote
05:49:43a Conn. Publisher Dies At Age 76
05:50:26a Iraq Gov't Vows to Disband Sunni Groups
05:50:29a San Diego Panda Makes Her Public Debut
05:50:33a Throngs Cheer Julio Bocca's Last Dance
05:50:36a Out of Control Doing the News
05:51:33a Rupee is BRIC's second fastest growing currency
05:51:36a Voters hope for peace in Thailand as they head to polls
05:51:40a D-Street to witness volatility this week Analysts
05:51:44a Japan's emperor celebrates 74th birthday
05:51:47a I am CM, will remain CM forever Modi
05:51:51a Cong concedes defeat in Gujarat polls
05:51:54a Year 2007 saw India's Twenty20 Leap Year
05:51:58a Rising rupee to moderate Indian economy in 2008
05:52:01a Celebrations begins in BJP headquarters
05:52:05a Democracy is about winning and losing elections Cong
05:52:08a RTI stuck at classified files hurdle
05:52:12a Wonder kid is blazing Karting tracks in Chennai
05:52:16a Indian visa in high demand in Canada
05:52:19a Global image of Bangalore suffers a dent
05:52:23a Too much India flavour of 2007 in UK
05:52:26a India look to big four to blunt Aussie bowling
05:52:30a Historian compares Queen to uneducated 'housewife'
05:52:34a Australian civil rights group calls for review of Falconio case
05:52:38a Timken Co. helping farmers with crops
05:52:41a Solar demand fuels new hope for Toledo
05:52:45a Contribute as much as you can to 401k
05:52:48a Business meetings
05:52:52a Turkey launches new strikes against Kurds
05:52:56a At Least 5 Dead in Plains, Midwest Storm
05:53:27a Iraq Gov't Vows to Disband Sunni Groups
05:53:48a Families of war victims somehow find hope at holidays
05:53:52a Government worker allegedly cheated Army
05:53:56a Red Cross is there in emergencies
05:53:59a Roddy Stinson How this job drove me to drink
05:54:03a Thousands attend Feast of Sharing Dinner
05:54:10a Area's outsourcing leaders feeling heat from India
05:54:22a Tributes flow for Charles Court
05:54:25a House fire tragedy appeal raises 20,000
05:54:29a Suspected killer in scuffle on Sydney plane
05:54:33a Qld police astounded by driver behaviour
05:54:36a National holiday road toll reaches 12
05:54:40a Iraq Gov't Vows to Disband Sunni Groups
05:55:01a Cops 'Mr. Bean' Dings a Car in Aspen
05:55:41a Troj/Hupigon-SX
05:56:43a Big four vs Aus bowling
05:57:15a Fire scorches 100 acres in Hays County
05:57:18a 7 student pilgrims die in bus crash
05:57:22a Iraqi party says its HQ was raided
05:57:25a NBA Houston 116, Chicago 98
05:57:29a Money trail from Glasgow to Pakistan
05:57:50a NY Man Guilty in Death of White Teen AP
05:57:53a Retail joy as shoppers splash out PA
05:57:57a Thailand Holds First Election Since Coup AP
05:58:29a Mining giant BHP Billiton seeks talks with rival Rio Tinto
05:58:33a Reining-in inflation tough task for Latvia's new government
05:58:36a Clouds over Nigeria's oil industry
05:58:40a Bolstered ECB's trial by fire will burn into 2008 Analysts
05:58:44a Credit Crunch China to the Rescue?
05:58:47a Warn of a possible operating loss
05:58:51a How You Can Get Good Credit?
05:58:55a Banks' cash conditions further strain due to rise in call rates
05:58:58a Weather snarls air, ground travel
05:59:01a 5 things you didn't know about OPEC
05:59:42a Man dies in shooting at NW Dallas apartment complex
06:01:32a Gas Odor Evacuates Stores In Ledyard
06:02:37a Casey's subdued first year in Senate no surprise
06:02:41a Boom and crash at same time
06:03:13a After Pakistan violence, candidates hit trail
06:03:17a Indian Hindu nationalists set to win key state poll
06:03:20a Japan PM says wants to help all hepatitis patients
06:03:24a India's Hindu nationalists take lead in Gujarat poll reports
06:03:28a India's Congress concedes defeat in key state vote
06:03:31a Family Of Shooting Victim Demands End To Violence
06:03:35a Japan to accept 1,000 nurses from Indonesia
06:03:39a Woman's body removed from crawl space in W.Va. building of missing Marshall U. student
06:03:43a North Knoxville house fire burns homeless man
06:03:47a Anderson crash kills one teen, injures another
06:03:50a Semi-truck slides down Interstate 640 embankment
06:03:54a Striking ARH nurses approve new contract
06:03:57a Storm brings cold air in for Christmas
06:04:01a Empty Stocking fund makes holidays brighter
06:04:51a Jury Award for 'Tirador'
06:04:57a Family Central's parenting help a lifesaver for single mom
06:05:01a At Dania Beach antiques shop, holiday spirit gives way to uncertainty
06:05:04a Train crossing in Hollywood checks out OK
06:05:08a News brief
06:05:35a Sources Bones Could Be Remains Of Missing Woman
06:05:39a Pgh. Police Hold Christmas Bike Giveaway
06:05:42a Last-Minute Shoppers Feeling The Pressure
06:05:46a Time's Running Out For Santa's Helpers
06:05:50a Goucher College Deer Hunt Is On
06:05:53a Bernadette Woods Has Saturday's Overnight Forecast
06:05:57a CBS4.COM Weather @ Your Desk 12/22/07 1100 p.m.
06:06:01a Mother, daughter killed in crash, brothers injured
06:06:08a Candidates Trade Criticism Ahead of the Holiday Break
06:06:12a BEHIND
06:06:15a ...hearing no attack on Islam, says ASJA head -
06:06:19a Man shot dead after quarrel at bar -
06:06:23a Opposition renews call for CJ enquiry -
06:06:26a UNC underestimating Speaker, says Imbert -
06:06:30a Christmas not for all children -
06:06:33a How hope grew into reality - Govt camp turns around troubled children
06:06:37a The untold story of Peter Carabaie - How it ended...
06:06:40a Children of the flag -
06:06:44a Column turns into Christmas card -
06:06:47a Panday's message to the nation -
06:06:51a Words from the throne -
06:06:54a Act One, Scene One -
06:06:58a A question of principle -
06:07:01a 'How fortunate for leaders
06:07:05a A shining star -
06:07:09a Costly games on ship of fools -
06:07:12a Church ducking
06:07:16a Desal plants costly,
06:07:19a JPs have very weak case -
06:07:23a Seeking lost friend -
06:07:27a Trump's Antrim visit raises golf plan fears
06:07:30a Would you believe it Leon's single may top the charts at Christmas
06:07:34a Craig cagey on Hibernian future
06:07:38a Defeat an all-time low for Frail
06:07:41a Man faces baby death crash charge
06:07:45a WA mourns former premier Court
06:07:48a Liberals push pricing trial in Tasmania
06:07:52a Duty-free U.S. corn imports force Mexico GMO debate
06:07:56a Bodies of slain Indian students flown back to Hyderabad
06:07:59a Two LeT militants gunned down in Lucknow
06:08:03a 'Television, Internet changed it all'
06:08:06a Congress concedes defeat in Gujarat polls
06:08:10a 'Merchants of death' remark has no bearing on Gujarat poll outcome, says Sibal
06:08:14a Pollution hotline inundated
06:08:17a Weekend road toll four after motorcyclist killed
06:08:21a Ministry on notice
06:08:24a Police impound cars
06:08:28a Whale is the word
06:08:31a 3RD LD Ruling camp to craft bill to aid all hepatitis C sufferers Fukuda+
06:08:35a Cops Atkinson Dings Other Driver's Car
06:08:48a 'Ageing Indians will struggle against Aussie pacers'
06:08:52a Voltas readying for massive recruitments by 2011
06:08:56a Union Bank select retail branches target Rs 6,000-cr lendings
06:09:03a Pandit becomes Citi's king; but Prince proves 'dumb'
06:09:06a India Inc goes passionate about red
06:09:09a Dr. Chong Wins Sugar Bowl Tickets
06:09:13a Today's most popular headlines
06:09:40a One dead in massive Texas pileup
06:09:43a Yet another round against the cold
06:09:47a Inhofe wants to serve more time in Senate
06:09:51a Fallin's first year in House is rewarding, frustrating
06:09:54a Lobbying for OSU to be a change, Hargis says
06:09:58a Future home for Drillers still up in air
06:10:01a The year of living on Centennial bug bite revives interest in family's history
06:10:05a Family fills vacancy left by deployment
06:10:08a Arena vote is about ‘the show'
06:10:12a Woman injured in tractor upset
06:10:16a Family's past has meaning for busy artist
06:10:19a Trees bear witness to a century of life
06:10:22a Spectacular rebroadcast
06:10:26a East Central signs accords
06:10:30a Finding health in man's best friend
06:10:33a Edmond pair trim 120 Christmas trees
06:10:37a Not all students ‘ace' college-prep courses
06:10:40a Christmas 101
06:10:44a Yule builders in St. Bernard
06:10:47a Minor fire puts man in Erlanger burn unit
06:10:51a Some feel the heat with two more shopping days
06:10:54a Santa trades in his sleigh for a red fire engine
06:10:58a W. Knoxville gas line breaks open, neighborhood put on edge
06:11:02a Family of fallen Knoxville soldier mentioned in Presidential radio address
06:11:16a Titans Battle Jets In Pursuit Of Playoffs
06:11:20a Holiday Albums Can Turn 'Blue Christmas' Green
06:11:26a Poison-proof your home for the holidays
06:11:30a Sides fight tooth and claw over feral cats
06:11:33a Auditors find problems at Galveston College
06:11:37a Island Transit rides to cost a little more
06:11:41a County school legal costs above state average
06:11:45a Parents of teen cleared in wreck face judge
06:11:49a India's Hindu nationalists take lead in Gujarat poll reports
06:11:52a Japan's emperor celebrates 74th birthday
06:11:56a Japan's premier to seek law to solve hepatitis row
06:12:00a 'Be brave sweetheart,' parents of missing Madeleine say in video
06:12:04a Uzbek election expected to extend Karimov's rule
06:12:08a Stock market to start week on a high
06:12:12a Icelandic woman chained on arrival at JFK for 1995 overstay
06:12:15a Conditions in Maoist cantonments far from satisfactory
06:12:19a Role of youths in nation building highlighted
06:12:23a Three feted
06:12:26a http//
06:12:29a Deuba flays call for round-table talks
06:12:33a MAHAT Gajurel stresses round-table meet
06:12:37a Speaker briefed on security of eastern region
06:12:40a Three parties agree to amend statue SPA expected to endorse Republican State today
06:12:44a 2nd verification of Maoist arms completed
06:12:47a Tobacco claims sixteen thousands people yearly
06:12:51a Japanese give away clothes, materials to schools children
06:12:54a 11% girls turn mother in teenage
06:12:58a Intellectuals offer insight to build new Nepal
06:13:01a Tibetan Culture Forum Takes Off from Nepal
06:13:05a In Need Of Support
06:13:08a Third Sex Illusion or Reality?
06:13:12a Korea
06:13:15a Out of Office Auto Replies
06:13:19a Obama Criticizes Edwards' Record
06:13:23a Israel building plans could cause fury
06:13:26a !CDAT
06:13:30a Staff member operated hoax
06:13:33a Bunnings staff protest again
06:13:36a Team Wellington beaten
06:13:40a Cowboys bounce back
06:13:44a Direct tax collection Rs 200,000 crores!
06:14:58a Brian Hess One Year Later
06:15:01a Latest Information on Motorcycle Police Collision
06:15:11a Websites that Show You the Cheapest Price by Comparing Sales and Discount Codes
06:15:14a Owens hurt in Cowboys win
06:15:17a 22 new faces in Perak local councils next year
06:15:21a Nine NHS Trusts Admit Losing Patients' Details
06:15:25a Spanish villagers share Â158 million lottery win
06:15:29a The torture tape fingering Bush as a war criminal
06:15:32a Police Arrest 731 Illegal Entrants
06:15:36a Robert Bluey Big Labor's Unfulfilled Wishlist
06:15:40a Mary Grabar Anonymous at the Midwest Teen Sex Show Threatens to Sue Me
06:15:43a Ken Connor The Gift that Keeps on Giving
06:15:47a Jackie Gingrich Cushman Counting Blessings
06:15:50a George Will Congress' Vanishing Act
06:15:54a Steve Chapman Can Anyone Win This Thing?
06:15:57a Austin Hill Mike Huckabee 'Vote For Me, I'm An Evangelical'
06:16:01a Paul Jacob The chicken or the egg ?
06:17:05a Todays Christmas Musicnbsp; Ava Maria
06:17:09a Revenge for Bukkit
06:17:12a Arafat Founded Black September
06:17:16a IT'S ALL ABOUT BILL ...
06:17:19a WELL, GOOD Pakistan's Islamic...
06:17:23a They're everywhere
06:17:27a I like Thompson's Ad the best
06:17:30a Ambiguity
06:17:34a A Littler Secret
06:18:11a Experts predict employer sanctions will hurt AZ.
06:18:14a School districts prepare for ballot tax fights
06:18:18a Collector car auction's status still unclear
06:18:21a Scottsdale says waterway care is homeowners' job
06:18:25a 3-year-old dies after hitting head
06:18:42a At least 2 dead in highway pileups as blinding snowstorm rolls across Plains
06:18:57a Pakistani lawyer leader re-arrested
06:19:00a Three month ARH strike ends
06:19:04a Family Attacked By Neighbors
06:19:25a Two dead in road fatalities
06:19:29a Low profitability takes pub Xmas dinners off the menu
06:20:57a Leave It With the Doorman
06:21:01a Hindu Nationalists Set to Win Poll
06:21:07a Man Convicted for Shooting Teenager
06:21:13a VIDEO Next year's city leaders take oath of office
06:22:19a Gujarat Results Chat with the reporters
06:22:36a Bush praises troops, thanks kin in address
06:22:40a Majority on Hill thwarted on bills
06:22:43a CIA denies hiding tapes
06:22:47a GOP lacks clear favorite as Iowa vote nears
06:22:51a Radio hosts take fight over aliens to Iowa
06:22:55a Businesses pay for troops to fly home for holidays
06:22:59a Hope is her middle name
06:23:28a War uneasiness could loosen GOP's hold on military votes
06:24:08a American Indians rediscovering the long-revered buffalo
06:24:17a The Fundamental Truth About 'Fundamentalism'
06:24:20a Swiftboating History
06:24:58a Jury Nails Father in Racial Killing
06:25:01a Supporters of deposed PM poised to win Thai election
06:25:12a U.S. Official Cites Iran in Declining Iraqi Violence
06:25:15a Teachers' Lessons in Reality
06:25:19a Christmas Without Jonathan
06:25:22a Splintered GOP Seeks Unity
06:25:26a The Difference a Year Makes
06:25:46a TV grab of a video of hostages Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas
06:25:50a People demonstrate in Paris for the release of the hostages held by the FARC
06:26:18a Three killed, 10 injured in Myanmar rebel ambush witness
06:27:09a Demand for testing creates lab backlogs
06:27:13a Student hurt in turnpike accident dies
06:27:16a E. Ciccarelli, pianist at local clubs
06:27:20a Teens hospitalized after drive-by shooting
06:27:23a Pahokee cracking down on rampant water theft
06:27:27a Student councils put kids up front
06:27:30a Boca moves slowly on proposal for ice arena
06:27:34a Lake Worth group stepping up the pace
06:27:37a Lawyer's gift to Dunbar Meal with a message
06:27:41a Habitat home finished on time despite burglary
06:27:45a Martin to study homeowner fee for stormwater
06:27:48a Counters see more species, fewer birds
06:27:52a Shoplifters pick up pace for holidays
06:27:56a Land scam degenerates into legal fee fight
06:27:59a Last-minute ideas to bring holiday cheer
06:28:03a Pahokee removes strings of lights over liability worries
06:28:07a DNA testing on trial
06:28:10a 2007 A year of splits, starts and scandals
06:28:50a Guard Tony Parker
06:28:53a Sami Hyypia challenges Benjani Mwaruwari
06:28:57a Papa Bouba Diop and Javier Mascherano rise for a header
06:29:01a Yossi Benayoun clashes with Niko Kranjcar
06:29:04a India's BJP 'wins' Gujarat poll
06:29:08a Japan to review GX rocket plan report
06:29:11a Biologists worried for African giraffes
06:29:15a Hoover planned mass US jailings report
06:29:18a Family demands answers on son's meningitis death
06:29:22a Search resumes for skipper body
06:29:45a Russia seeks to play key role in Israeli-Syrian talks
06:29:49a Ask Nigel Jerusalem artichokes Tea and rose bushes
06:29:52a Gaza Terrorist Talks of Life Underground
06:29:56a Hamas sends Israel mixed signals on temporary cease-fire
06:29:59a Israeli president apologises for massacre
06:30:03a Sayed Kashua, Israeli-Arab author and journalist, in Conversation with Professor Gil Hochberg, UCLA
06:33:01a Central Boys Knock Off Park 49-41
06:33:50a Clinton Campaigns with Mother and Daughter Sun, 23 Dec 2007 041934 GMT
06:33:54a Obama Takes a Swing at John Edwards Sun, 23 Dec 2007 041734 GMT
06:33:57a Huckabee Trying to Win Over Iowa Conservatives Sun, 23 Dec 2007 041338 GMT
06:34:53a Top 10 Worst Problems with the Omnibus Spending Bill
06:34:56a Democrat Blocks Passport Requirement at Canada, Mexico Borders
06:35:00a How do I post a Fred Thompson 'widget' on my Facebook page
06:35:03a Howie Carr thread, week of Dec 23, 2007
06:35:07a Congressional Research Service Confirms Bush Can Stop Earmarks With Executive Order
06:35:10a Concord Monitor Romney should not be the next president
06:35:14a Hillary's 'Experience' Getting Her into Trouble in Campaign
06:36:08a Suspect stabs cop to death
06:36:12a I'm CM today, will remain CM forever Modi
06:36:16a Akko Academy to Study Israeli Arabic
06:36:36a 002
06:36:39a Have you seen Jessie Foster?
06:36:43a 20071027_14
06:36:48a Iraq gov't vows to disband Sunni groups
06:36:52a Throngs cheer Julio Bocca's last dance
06:36:55a UFO debate invades politicians' space
06:38:19a Immigrants are changing the face of faith in South Florida
06:38:23a Alzheimer's drug trial begins in South Florida
06:38:29a Few of Florida's military families using state aid program
06:38:33a Memorial Mass in Pompano Beach honors slain Broward County deputy
06:39:26a Modi's leadership won us in Gujarat Rajnath
06:39:29a 'Modi has got a respectful mandate'
06:40:00a PepsiCo products safest in the entire food chain, says Indra Nooyi
06:40:11a New talks between lecturers, Finance Ministry break down
06:40:15a Radical Black Panthers bury leader of group Sa'adia Marciano
06:40:18a Treasury demands billion-shekel cut due to welfare spending
06:40:33a Santa Claus crucified in controversial protest
06:40:37a OFFICIAL CIA cooperated with 9/11 panel
06:40:40a Two dead, numerous injured in highway pileups
06:41:51a The computer helper mastering My Documents
06:42:44a China falls for Christmas, at least in its stores
06:43:27a FBI Planned Mass Jailing of 'Disloyal' Americans
06:45:01a Chinese firms lectured on patent protection against U.S. IPR investigations
06:45:17a Park's progress slowed by Katrina's effect
06:45:20a Historic park will be all things jazz
06:45:30a Queen Elizabeth Prepares II Video For YouTube Sun, 23 Dec 2007 042453 GMT
06:45:34a Quebecs Panel on Immigrant Relations Adds to Din of Discord
06:45:38a Pakistans Tyranny Continues
06:45:41a Trade and Prosperity
06:45:45a Protecting a 155 Billion Pot
06:45:49a That 70s Team
06:45:52a World of Wonders
06:46:34a 2007 Christmas Shopping Season May Be 5-Year Low
06:46:37a 53 Million To Hit The Road For The Holidays
06:46:41a Snowy Weather Elsewhere Creates LAX Delays
06:46:45a Hackett, Mayo Rout Mustang 78-55
06:46:48a Second 'National Treasure' Takes Country By Storm
06:46:52a High Amounts Of Lead Found In Girls' Jewelry
06:46:55a UCLA Love-ing It After Beating Michigan
06:46:59a Women Prisoners In Iraq Make Their Case
06:47:03a 'CSI' Fingerprint Kit Suspicious To Parents
06:47:06a Mitt Romney Steers Campaign To Christians
06:47:10a Haniyeh aide Hamas ready for truce if Israel stops military strikes, opens crossings
06:47:14a Israel plans additional new construction in east Jerusalem, West Bank
06:48:30a 6 Russian presidential contenders make cut
06:48:34a British royals create YouTube channel
06:48:54a Pepsico to launch focus on milk-based drinks Nooyi
06:48:57a Will the Congress pick up Rane's gauntlet?
06:51:36a Morocco Seeing stars in Marrakesh
06:53:17a Homeowners pull plug on humbug, set streets alight
06:54:40a Appeal planned for new trial in brother slaying
06:54:45a News Corp sells eight US TV stations
06:55:00a German scientists finetune tsunami warning system
06:55:04a Communist rebels attack town hall in Samar
06:55:07a France struggles to keep tourists happy
06:55:11a 1 killed, 31 hurt in Benguet field trip accident--police
06:55:23a Gates Offers Hope of Iraq W
06:56:35a Santa spills Christmas secrets
06:56:47a Sri Lanka to set up nanotechnology research institute
06:56:51a Digital photo frames move into the picture
06:56:54a Future famous blogger?
06:56:58a Magazine apologizes for 'hateful' blog comments
06:57:01a Why Nintendo can't ship enough Wiis
06:57:05a Sony block Xbox360 on the Bravia
06:57:09a The quest for 17
06:57:16a Cook and rain conjure England's escape in final Test
06:57:19a 'Absence of Warne, McGrath won't affect Oz'
06:57:23a Rain comes to England's rescue
06:57:26a CA to appoint Warne as spin bowling coach
06:57:30a ODI rankings Ponting remains top batsman
06:57:33a Probe is Closer to Governor
06:57:37a Free to Die in Iowa
06:59:58a Christmas Story By David Sedaris
07:00:11a Red Cross says no shelter for 1 million in Bangladesh
07:00:15a Italian PM Prodi arrives in Afghanistan
07:00:28a Republicans opt for new worldview
07:00:33a My daughter would've done better than Buchanan Chappell
07:00:36a Local train derails on central railway in Mumbai
07:02:04a China exports more oil production equipment as oil price abroad shoots upward
07:02:25a The gift of reading
07:02:29a 'Telling year' for shelter, pets
07:02:32a Best Bet Illuminate me
07:02:36a Crash injures 6 on I-65
07:02:39a Today's Tip Health trick
07:02:43a Candy, jewelry, candles, DVDs Time to stuff those stockings
07:02:46a Hot Topic Baby's first holiday
07:02:50a New year brings new cable operator
07:02:53a Quote of the Day
07:02:57a Uzbekistan leader seeks to extend his rule in tightly controlled vote
07:03:01a Shadow of ousted prime minister hangs over Thailand's post-coup election
07:03:08a Thousands cheer as Julio Bocca of Latin America dances last dance
07:03:12a Shams Abu Dhabi Central Park wins 'Best Development' at CNBC Property Awards
07:03:15a Infiniti scores top luxury brand award
07:03:19a Etihad to add A320 full-flight simulator to fleet
07:03:22a Luxury accommodation to open in Beijing for Middle East travellers
07:03:26a Galileo signs distribution agreement with RAK Airways
07:03:29a Qinvest buys into Shard
07:03:33a MBC Group Chairman Innovator of the Year
07:03:36a Qatargas to supply energy to new market
07:03:40a Mediaedgecia appointments
07:03:44a's HR Roundtable identifies new challenges in Saudi national recruitment
07:03:47a Cooking oil prices sizzle in Qatar
07:03:51a Panacea to QSTP
07:03:54a Seef Mall conducts fire drill in record of 4-5 minutes only
07:03:57a Win home appliances worth Dhs20,000 with Postcard Millionaires' year-end promotion
07:04:01a Worship With Others at Local Holiday Services
07:04:05a BRIEF Rescued Girl Released From Hospital
07:04:09a Can You Tell Me How to Get to a `Sesame Street' Celebration?
07:06:08a Losing health, finding home
07:06:12a Decision may lead to early releases
07:06:15a Shopping daze
07:06:18a Hiccups continue to frustrate Covington man
07:06:22a Holiday carols come to life in New River Valley
07:06:25a Benefit concert planned for Fries
07:06:29a Roanoke police announce radar spots
07:06:32a 3 crashes cause minor injuries
07:06:36a Blacksburg students bring help to needy families
07:06:40a Gift Exchange Leads To Fight Over Lottery Ticket
07:06:43a Couple Jailed For Trying To Sell Baby For $30
07:06:47a Caught On Tape Robber Wrestled To Ground
07:06:50a SoCal Home Prices Plummeting
07:06:54a Crews raze Portsmouth antiques store affected by church fire
07:07:01a Our Country, Our Vote, and Your Say
07:07:24a Sheela Bhatt Understanding Modi's victory
07:07:27a Gujarat polls The story so far
07:07:31a I am CM today and shall be CM forever Modi
07:07:34a Board Companies Can Bar Union E-Mail AP
07:07:38a San Diego Panda Makes Her Public Debut AP
07:08:09a Blair finally converts to Catholicism
07:08:12a Ahmadinejad returns home from Saudi Arabia
07:08:16a Haj pilgrims complete rituals at Mina
07:08:20a Eid ul Zuha being celebrated across India Friday
07:08:35a Thais heading to first post-coup polls
07:08:38a Italy's PM in Afghanistan
07:09:20a Israeli defense minister heads to Egypt on Wednesday for talks with Mubarak
07:09:34a EQ 2.9 Unalaska, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
07:10:07a Qardawi Nuclear Iran not a threat to regional nations
07:10:11a India's defence import to be dlrs 30 billion by 2012 Report
07:10:14a MP Russia fuel delivery to Iran, a new chapter in bilateral ties
07:10:18a India PGCC joint naval exercise to be conduced in near future
07:10:21a Nuke deal hogs limelight in Indo US relations
07:10:25a Russian FM urges common front against world threats
07:10:28a Thaksin looms over Thailand's post-coup vote
07:11:07a The rush is on
07:11:11a Cochran reels in special projects
07:11:14a Lead scares spark concern for toy safety
07:11:18a Turner memorial blends the soft, rough
07:11:21a Displaced cooks share Cajun, Creole cuisine
07:11:25a Flora names police chief Moving forward
07:11:28a Private school redefines recycling
07:11:32a Gulfport City Council latest to consider public smoking ban
07:11:35a Stabbings kill 1, injure another; 2 suspects in custody
07:11:39a The season for giving Student groups team for charity
07:11:43a Israel wants to build 750 houses in two settlements in 2008 Peace Now
07:11:47a Flash Vulnerabilities Affect Thousands of Sites
07:11:51a Council asks PennDOT for study on Plum intersection
07:11:55a Advocates warn against pets as gifts
07:11:58a 4 injured in 3 accidents across Valley
07:12:02a Knoch's McNerney relishes state First Team honor
07:12:06a Valley AD Campbell wins Army award
07:12:09a Young coaches getting chances
07:12:13a Mabery learning on the fly
07:12:16a Ford City boys get nonsection win
07:12:20a Archives 'Treasure' Hunt
07:12:24a Do women have advantages over men?
07:12:27a A gift from troops in Iraq
07:12:31a Nobles and Knaves, the contest
07:12:35a The season music died for Bowden
07:12:38a Banged-up Wizards run out of manpower
07:12:42a Enter the land of 1,000-yard backs
07:12:46a Maryland reaches new low
07:12:50a Hoyas sink after break
07:12:53a Shadow of ousted prime minister hangs over Thailand's post-coup election
07:13:11a J.K. Rowling Looking Beyond Harry
07:13:14a Choosing Jail Over Joint Custody
07:13:18a Iraq Government to Disband Sunnis
07:13:23a College bowl games recap
07:14:14a Australia Practitioner Defends Decision to Do Abortion at 32 Weeks
07:14:17a Planned Parenthood hands out Bad Condoms
07:14:21a Boeing Signs 1B Outsourcing Agreement With India
07:14:24a Caption Hillary and Santa
07:14:28a Goldwater in '08!
07:14:31a The funny things children say at Christmas
07:14:35a New Web Site Tests Americans' Knowledge on Roe v. Wade Abortion Case
07:14:54a Romanian dies in M1 crash, traffic tailback in Vienna direction
07:14:58a Austrian Stefan Gimpl wins Big Air snowboarding World Cup event
07:15:17a UN approves 4.17 bn budget despite US objection
07:15:39a Hundreds win Spain 'fat' lottery
07:16:05a Source Zionists hands at work to mar Tehran Baku ties
07:16:09a Turkey Vows To Continue Strikes Against Kurdish Rebels
07:16:27a Tributes flow for former WA premier Court
07:16:31a Rains not enough to break drought
07:16:34a Crosses, Reindeers... and Wolves
07:16:39a Chief pats Modi, but says 'nobody bigger than BJP'
07:16:42a 'My daughter would've done better than Buchanan'
07:16:46a Modi's immense credibility led to victory BJP
07:16:53a 'Ageing Indians will struggle against Oz pacers'
07:16:56a Pandit becomes Citi king, Prince proves 'dumb'
07:17:00a Rising rupee to moderate economy in '08
07:17:03a India flavour of 2007 in UK
07:17:06a CA to impose lifetime bans for racism
07:17:10a 'I am not a secret Muslim'
07:17:13a Need for distinction between Sonia, Modi CEC
07:17:17a 'Musharraf's authoritarian maneuvers weaken Pakistan'
07:17:36a After war, winning the peace
07:17:40a Shoppers fight traffic, but find shopping a cinch
07:17:44a Shippensburg neighbors build community, literally
07:17:47a You think you have a tough workload ...
07:18:41a Teenaged m-cyclist dies in accident
07:19:04a 2005 War Memorial Is Already Full
07:19:20a Chavez signs new energy deal with Cuba
07:19:23a No shelter for 1 million in Bangladesh Red Cross
07:19:27a Uncertain future faces Kerr-McGee buildings
07:19:31a Don't get fired up about clean coal company yet
07:19:34a Social Security Q&A Applying for benefits online is convenient
07:19:38a Freddie Mac offers unique, modern way to reach homeowners
07:19:41a Money Tip Avoid proprietary credit cards
07:19:45a Questions and Answers with Anya Kamenetz
07:19:48a Losing job over the holidays always comes as major shock
07:19:52a CEO says family gave him values to serve others
07:19:55a Letter carrier finds choice of career delivers every day
07:19:59a Reinventing Downtown
07:20:02a Stupid Investment of the Week A year of stupidity in review
07:20:06a Your Funds Whistling past the fund graveyard for '07
07:20:09a Young men biggest obstacle to curbing road accident in Australia
07:20:13a Takeover Target shines at Randwick
07:20:17a Rudd fears for New Year in Afghanistan
07:20:20a First train on Mandurah line
07:20:24a Man faces Queanbeyan court over fight death
07:20:27a Weighty Australians told to pick up weights
07:20:31a Queanbeyan High parents hit back Community outraged at 'roughest school in NSW' tag
07:20:34a Gambling addiction led to business fraud
07:20:38a State 'failed to prevent' dozens of child deaths
07:20:42a D'Orazio rejects CCC finding that he acted inappropriately
07:20:45a New rail service arrives in Mandurah
07:20:48a Stadium 'deal' far from the lauded breakthrough
07:20:52a Mine safety standards 'falling'
07:20:56a Political leaders tribute Charles Court
07:20:59a 1500 take first railway trip to Mandurah
07:21:02a Meningitis boy's test 'showed nothing'
07:21:06a Nakheel takes 400m stake in Australia firm
07:21:09a Former WA premier dies aged 96
07:21:13a Cricket Australia and players on collision course
07:21:16a Cowboys win, but lose Owens
07:21:20a Fountain, Hendley lead Seahawks to 71-67 victory
07:21:29a Emirates concerned at sacking of Sri Lankan Airlines executive
07:21:32a Thailand votes for democracy today
07:21:36a Thailand restores democracy and perhaps an ousted premier Update
07:21:40a Differing opinions on Pakistan poll turnout
07:21:44a Myanmar refugees wretched in Malaysia
07:21:47a Indian is Singapore's 10 millionth tourist
07:21:51a China key to EU's Myanmar strategy
07:21:54a Bentley taxis for ultra-rich in Singapore
07:21:58a Bodies of 22 Myanmar migrants found at sea
07:22:20a Trio of foreign leaders visits Kabul
07:22:24a India's Hindu nationalists 'win' Gujarat poll reports
07:22:27a Israel plans 740 new homes on occupied land
07:22:31a No shelter for 1 mln B'desh storm victims-Red Cross
07:22:34a India Hindu nationalists heading to victory in state poll
07:22:38a FEATURE-Tsunami-hit Sri Lankans thank the gods for cinnamon
07:22:42a China mulls law to prevent cheap sale of state assets
07:22:46a Pet-therapy agency helps children recover from abuse, neglect
07:22:49a Voters to decide next November on mergers of districts
07:22:53a Unregulated breeders abuse animals for profit
07:22:56a Scottsdale police logging immigration status
07:23:00a This Christmas is Mary for Valley woman
07:23:03a DUI holiday task force arrests 1,700
07:23:07a Judge's excerpts from the sanctions-case ruling
07:23:10a Troubled year for housing in Valley
07:23:14a Valley cities vie for parts in Super Bowl
07:23:18a Arizona's 9/11 memorial to shed disputed quotes
07:23:21a Couple win right to purchase Super Bowl tickets
07:23:25a School connects with church in council
07:23:28a Police Teen stole cash after spraying Raid on store clerks
07:23:32a Farm-labor contractor sued, accused of bypassing legal workers
07:23:36a Officer not to be punished
07:23:39a Brazil 'unhappy' with UK over Menezes case
07:23:43a Barbie 'boasted of hunting down Che'
07:23:46a China bans writers' meet, says dissident
07:23:50a China expects to repeat freestyle glory at Vancouver Winter Games
07:23:54a Asia-Pacific Business News Week December 21, 2007
07:23:57a China is being provocative
07:24:01a Stage set for PM's visit to China
07:24:05a 317-kg man succumbs during surgery
07:24:08a China-Belarus ties grow at faster pace
07:24:12a Police dog to teach pandas survival skills
07:24:16a Ex-FBI director planned to arrest 12,000 Americans for disloyalty
07:24:19a Slain son's military dog adopted
07:24:23a India offers to help Trinidad's agriculture
07:24:26a Costa Rican government makes record marijuana bust
07:24:30a Real-Life Grinch Steals Holiday Donations
07:24:38a Man Dons Skull-And-Crossbones T-Shirt During Robbery
07:24:41a Chocolate price-fixing scandal about to break
07:24:45a Meetings of 'group of five' rewrite Wall Street history
07:25:00a Celebrations in BJP headquarters
07:25:04a Sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas to begin in Delhi
07:25:07a I will remain CM, Modi on SMS
07:25:11a BJP ahead in Gujarat, Congress close behind
07:25:14a Bollywood tiring of frivolous litigations
07:25:18a BJP headed for victory in Gujarat
07:25:22a Indian industry against regulation of mergers
07:25:25a Agra's 'kabootarbazs' get ready to conquer skies
07:25:28a Sameera outruns Mallika in 'Race'
07:25:32a Anil Kapoor to promote 'Welcome' only with Nana
07:25:35a Arbaaz's big break opposite Priyanka, Kangana
07:25:39a Pravin Mahajan shifted to Nasik Jail
07:25:42a BJP to resume 'Poru Bata ' at Guntur
07:25:46a Modi set to defy all odds and become CM for the third time
07:25:49a Modi leads Dinsha by 351 votes after second round
07:25:53a Kodela objects Purandhareswari 's remarks
07:25:57a Suspected LET terrorists shot dead
07:26:00a IAF buys advanced radars to improve coastal surveillance
07:26:04a New ministery for Agri-Processing Industry
07:26:08a 'Prevent politicisation of anti-terror laws'
07:26:11a Reliance agreed for five year gas supply
07:26:15a Kingpin, help in UP court blasts arrested
07:26:18a CM promise land for Bramhani 's aviation university
07:26:21a Modi leads. BJP, Cong in neck-and-neck fight
07:26:25a Gurgaon CA admits killing wife
07:26:29a Cops bust plan to target Maya, gun down 2 terrorists
07:26:32a Modi takes early lead; Anandi Patel trails
07:26:36a Turkish warplanes bomb northern Iraq for third time
07:26:39a Tanks roam Vancouver streets
07:26:43a Afghan film 'Panaah' is directed by Indian and shot in India
07:26:46a No Czech Christmas without the traditional carp
07:26:50a Myanmar to privatise 17 more state-owned units
07:26:53a Four charged in counterfeit cash ring
07:26:57a Disc Of Children's Details Lost By NHS Trust
07:27:00a 'I'm in very good health'
07:27:04a Belgians draw line at divorce
07:27:07a 'Dinnertime Bandit' faces life in jail for robbing rich
07:27:11a Oz in chaos ... and no copper anywhere
07:27:14a Get holiday greetings to ailing troops
07:27:18a Paris discovers its playboy President
07:27:21a M'sia assisting Thailand draw up devt programmes at border
07:27:25a BoT plans to closely monitor inflation in 2008
07:27:29a Thailand signs MoU to buy more hydro, coal fired power from Laos
07:27:32a Thaksin to return to Thailand on February 14 Political rally
07:27:36a Norwegian Air says wins 179 mln defence deal
07:27:39a Khatami Massive public turnout in parliamentary elections will forge national unity
07:27:43a CPM won't let Indo US nuke deal be implemented
07:27:47a Minister Bushehr power plant to become operational next year
07:27:50a Indian Air Force plane crashes in Orissa
07:27:54a CIA withholds documents to panel, NY Times
07:28:03a 'Turkey attacks Kurdish positions in Iraq'
07:28:07a EODT wins Iraq contract
07:28:11a Houston soldier killed by suicide bomber
07:28:14a Iraqi Women Recount Jail Horror
07:28:18a Turkey bombs sites in northern Iraq
07:28:34a Pakistan President strongly condemns Charsada suicide bombing
07:28:53a Voting starts in Uzbekistan election
07:29:36a Yi Jianlian of the Milwaukee Bucks
07:30:03a US for more pressure on Yangon
07:30:42a Getting All Charged Up Over Gadget Chargers
07:30:45a Mac OS X Leopard Still Ready For Prime TIme
07:30:49a Apple To Turn Down The Volume On iPod
07:31:21a Site of Beatles' solace on long, winding road as school for poor
07:31:37a Kidnapped French journalist 'okay' in Somalia
07:31:41a Somalia Conflict Threatens Peace and Security in Africa
07:31:56a Companies Can Bar Union E-Mail
07:32:00a Dashinski wins men's aerials at freestyle World Cup
07:32:04a Turkey stages new air attack on PKK in Iraq
07:32:07a Emirates Palace wins international recognition
07:32:11a Nervous Adrian makes strong comeback to clinch title
07:32:14a Nicol still the world's best
07:32:18a Bill bolsters Hillary's campaign
07:32:22a Adriano looks forward to returning to Italy
07:32:25a Dissident's poll bid rejected in Russia
07:32:29a SA role crucial to Euro trade regime
07:32:33a Roshan wins award by Spain's Trade Leaders' Club
07:32:36a Valencia rally to earn valuable point
07:32:40a U.S. Democratic Effort in Iran Will Backfire
07:32:43a European retail sector faces bleak Christmas
07:32:47a Zimbabwe police arrest 'cash baroness'
07:32:51a Italian prime minister makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan
07:32:54a Short-pants detective traps thieves green-handed
07:32:58a Plea to lift ban on BD5m Isa Town mall
07:33:02a Bahrain alert on diabetes
07:33:05a Motorist jailed for mugging
07:33:09a Govt employees in Saudi Arabia get 30pc pay rise
07:33:17a New mobile phone masts banned
07:33:20a Firebomb-hit restaurant to stay open
07:33:24a Walmart Would Like You To Know That They Accept All F
07:33:28a BJP storms into House, Modi relaxes at home
07:33:31a At the Cong HQ Hope turns to despair
07:33:35a Yoga catches the fancy of Chinese soldiers
07:33:39a Modi's immense credibility helped BJP win Jailtley
07:33:42a World's richest lottery El Gordo in Spain
07:34:07a Hindu Nationalists Said to Win in India
07:34:43a 22 people die in boating accident near Thailand
07:34:47a Chinese police search for tiger killer
07:34:51a 800-year-old ship raised from South China Sea
07:34:58a Whitney scores 2 goals as Carolina beats Tampa Bay 4-1
07:35:01a Wade hits at the buzzer, lifting Miami past Utah 104-102
07:35:05a Graves scores 17 as No. 16 Butler beats Florida Gulf Coast 78-66
07:35:08a Gun pulled in South Florida mall parking lot
07:35:12a Wade Buzzer-Beater Carries Heat
07:35:16a Howard scores 17 points as South Florida beat St. Francis, N.Y., 86-66
07:35:19a OT goal snaps Maple Leafs' losing streak, 2-1 over Panthers
07:35:23a McLean helps Florida edge Carolina
07:35:26a 'Indians won't win a Test'
07:35:30a SPC MD 2258
07:35:49a Marriage to Tom Cruise hasn't changed Katie Holmes
07:35:52a Indian-American jeweller flees to India
07:36:23a Jalosjos to be detained in Zamboanga jail
07:36:26a 1 dead, 1 injured in EDSA mishap
07:36:34a Top 10 Records of 2007 Number 9
07:36:39a Brain abnormalities underlying key element of Borderline Personality Disorder identified
07:36:42a Rudy says he's healthy after headache episode
07:37:19a Italy's PM visits Afghanistan
07:37:40a Aces best Salmon Kings in shootoutlive
07:38:31a Zuma rallying tune not music to everyone's ears in South Africa
07:38:35a Sri Lanka's cinnamon farmers seek divine help to spice up trade
07:38:39a How the Eiffel Tower's new restaurant had to squeeze up the lift
07:40:00a Modi poised to become Gujarat CM for third time
07:40:32a Hyundai Saudi petrochem deal
07:40:35a Saudis plan huge state wealth fund
07:40:39a Blair wanted probe halted to protect Saudi arms deal
07:40:43a Saudi Arabia plans world's largest SWF
07:40:46a Men linked to Africa's al-Qaeda
07:40:50a Floods displace 250 families
07:41:14a Zuma 'will never fail the people'
07:41:18a CRIME CRUSADE NGOs back Lewin's call for social-intervention programme
07:41:22a Luongo sharp in Canucks win
07:41:25a Chief pats Modi, but says 'nobody bigger than BJP'
07:41:29a El Al Trades Exclusivity for Security Subsidy
07:41:51a Words from the throne
07:41:55a Are we all losers
07:41:59a A question of principle
07:42:02a 'How fortunate for leaders that men do not think'
07:42:06a Israel plans new homes on occupied land
07:42:32a First bowl victory for New Mexico in 46 years
07:42:36a 'Sex Work Is Work'
07:42:39a Confectionery Manufacturers Association of Canada
07:42:43a New Mexico ends 46-year winless skid in bowls, beating Nevada 23-0
07:43:11a Christmas crackdown on prison alcohol
07:43:23a Healed German Shepherd Needs New Home For Holidays
07:43:26a Christmas Not So Merry For Hollywood's Writers
07:43:30a 800-Year-Old Ship Raised From Chinese Waters
07:43:33a Woman Allegedly Stabs Hubby for Opening Gift Early
07:43:37a Paris' mom auctioning 'celeb friends' collection for Make-A-Wish Foundation
07:43:41a Rupert Everett to write and star in Oscar Wilde's biopic
07:43:45a Meet the man whose skin is turning blue!
07:43:48a Pigeon falls head over heels for a man!
07:43:51a Cook's On The Boil In An England Washout
07:43:55a Empty gift 'waste of packaging'
07:43:59a Why this priest keeps his doors locked
07:44:02a Difficulties in changing faith
07:44:05a Plan to convert started in No 10
07:44:09a England chiefs take a realistic line on Capello
07:44:13a London group to conduct financial crime conference in UAE next year
07:44:16a Former PM's road to Rome
07:44:20a Briton looks to life after death row in a US prison
07:44:23a Rudolph regrets, but he can't be with Santa
07:44:27a Shetland targeted by drugs gangs
07:44:30a Stonehenge pagans mark winter solstice
07:44:34a China's cotton imports down substantially in 1st 10 months
07:45:54a Scotland top of house price chart
07:45:57a Sea cucumber 'new malaria weapon'
07:46:17a Bush administr
07:46:21a No ground for issuance of 3rd UNSC resolution against Iran Chinese daily
07:46:24a Rafsanjani Iran favors peace, tranquility
07:46:28a Ayat Rafsanjani holds US accountable for daily crimes worldwide
07:46:31a Striking nurses approve new contract with Appalachian region's largest health care provider
07:46:35a FBI chief Hoover proposed mass arrests in 1950 report
07:48:59a Is Apple really trying to kill the Fake Steve blog?
07:49:03a Lebanon's new low as talks fail
07:49:06a Weather wasn't for the birds
07:49:10a Apple Lawyering Up On "Fake Steve Jobs"
07:49:14a Redstone Becomes Chairman of Midway Games
07:49:17a Can't Find Wii? GameStop Has a Solution
07:49:21a Sega Ships NiGHTS Journey of Dreams for Wii
07:49:24a Xbox Live Failed? Troubleshoot If Codes Down
07:49:28a Petro dealers vow to launch strike after talks with govt b...
07:49:31a MJF-Yadav to launch agitation from December 30
07:49:35a Coping with climate chaos
07:50:07a Indo-Canadian groups accuse media of misinformation
07:50:11a Kerala's beauty needs more promotion Bahrain minister
07:50:15a India offers to help Trinidad's agriculture
07:50:18a Time to exploit Kerala beauty Bahrain minister
07:50:25a India, China hold talks, stage set for Manmohan's visit
07:51:08a Philippine marine, rebels killed in clash
07:51:11a Jolosjos now in Zambonga, to undergo medical checkup
07:51:15a Predawn fire hits elementary school in QC
07:51:18a Jalosjos transferred to Zambo penal colony
07:51:22a Jalosjos might stay longer in jail, DoJ to probe 'conspiracy'
07:51:29a Gujarat Election Trend 9.15 a.m.
07:52:00a Portrait dated 10 January 1951 in Washington of J. Edgar Hoover
07:52:03a Italy's Prime Minister Romano Prodi
07:52:07a An Israeli right-wing activist holds the national flag near Maale Adumim
07:52:11a The West Bank Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim
07:52:14a Kubina lifts Leafs past Panthers in OT
07:52:18a Blackhawks young guns outshine Heatley, Sens
07:52:21a Surging Thrashers deny Canadiens in shootout
07:52:25a Hess Executive Vice President F. Borden Walke...
07:53:21a otten Indian rice likely to hurt India's ties with Bangladesh
07:54:08a Polling booths close in Thai elections
07:54:12a Rebels kill three people in Burma
07:54:15a Tsunami warning system for Indonesia ready for 2008
07:55:16a Ministers agreed to widen Petrocaribe's reach in energy sector
07:55:20a Venezuela supplies 53 thousand barrels of oil a day to the Caribbean
07:55:23a Opening session officially inaugurates the IV Petrocaribe Summit
07:55:27a Cienfuegos refinery to supply products to Central America countries
07:55:31a Minister of Finances Venezuelan economy held a sustained growth in 2007
07:55:35a Chavez Today, a new oil geopolitics has started to be consolidated
07:55:39a US Was Warned Before Latest Turkish Airstrike in Iraq
07:55:42a Despite US Opposition, United Nations Budget Is Approved
07:55:46a Inside Iraq's Only Women's Prison
07:55:50a Iraqi Volunteers Angry Over Bomb Blast
07:55:53a Gunfire Heralds Green Zone Festivities
07:55:57a Israel Building Plans Could Spur Fury
07:56:51a And Now for Some Andy McKee
07:56:55a Revising the History of Camelot The JFK Legacy Re-Examined
07:56:58a Doin' the Belgian Terror Plot Shuffle
07:57:02a Do Androids Dream Of Having The Final Cut?
07:57:06a Why I Could Never Back Sen. John McCain
07:57:09a Soros Transparency for Thee, Not For Me Karl
07:57:13a Mike Gravel Rocks
07:57:33a Bomb blasts in Thai South
07:57:51a Health officials prepare to step up enforcement of Ohio's smoking ban
07:57:54a Incentives draw in blood donors
07:57:58a Blood center giving gas cards to attract donors
07:58:02a Husted gives Strickland some political coal
07:58:11a Iran expects nuclear electricity in 2009
07:58:22a A King of the Wild Frontier
07:58:34a Snake-oil treatments for autism exploit desperate families; spotting the frauds
07:58:37a 2008 municipal budgets highlight gaping disparities among neighbors
07:58:41a Reward at 10,000 in slain hunter case
07:58:44a Two area bars cited for liquor law violations
07:58:48a Small businesses Subcontract technology help
07:58:51a Reaching autistic students with art
07:58:55a Scramble for these last-minute Christmas gift ideas
07:58:59a Rivera promoted to property manager
07:59:02a Ramos appointed to be Wayne Bank officer
07:59:06a PMAR to host author on ethics at luncheon
07:59:09a Patrick named to DIGIKIDS post
07:59:13a Deeds Done Sunday, Dec. 23
07:59:16a Daryanani promoted at MT Bank
07:59:20a Company's obligation to union workers
07:59:23a Pro-Thaksin candidate confident of fair polls in Thailand
07:59:27a Japan's emperor celebrates 74th birthday
07:59:31a India's Hindu nationalists take lead in Gujarat poll reports
07:59:34a Japan's premier to seek law to solve hepatitis row
07:59:53a Think the price is right? Better look again
07:59:56a Legislators look to limit gun seizures
08:00:00a In Iowa, Democrats diverge on merits, GOP on policies
08:00:04a Washington Notebook UWM Upward Bound director fights change
08:00:07a Woman struck, killed by truck in South Milwaukee
08:00:11a Santa's reindeer have been on a celebrity circuit
08:00:14a Three honored with Carnegie Medals
08:00:18a Muskego teen raises money for devices for middle schools
08:00:22a Port's downtown 'on the cusp' of a revival
08:00:25a Board may give ice rink to group
08:00:29a Krystkowiak trumps with shuffled roster
08:00:32a Packers' Robinson moving forward in recovery
08:00:36a McGinn Thompson, Bears' Angelo build with different ideas
08:00:39a Hunt Favre continues to do more with less
08:00:42a UW comes back in final minutes, beats Valpo
08:00:46a MLB Beat Brewers fans checking over wish lists
08:00:49a Tall order UW hopes to catch elusive Ainge
08:00:53a Boys basketball Milwaukee Lutheran Showcase
08:00:57a New miner Ansett set to fly with IPO
08:01:00a Thai police retrieve 22 dead Myanmar migrants from sea
08:01:11a Victory will help BJP to march towards Parliament BJP
08:01:14a BJP has won in Guj, now its time to capture Delhi
08:01:18a Celebration mood grips BJP, workers distribute sweets
08:01:21a Was Sonias merchants of death remarks a tactical mistake?
08:01:25a E-mail threat to carry out explosions in Shillong
08:01:29a Dutch players impressed by PHL's innovations
08:01:33a 'ISI-Qaeda threaten to attack Kamakhya temple'
08:02:05a Defense Minister Abdul-Qadir al-Obaidi
08:03:00a Air Pacific explains fees
08:03:03a Accept court ruling, says NFP
08:03:07a Savua on role of police
08:03:14a Draunidalo burial likely today
08:03:17a Deputy poll post suspicious
08:03:21a Boating accident kills former minister
08:03:24a Blame army for scouts' ban
08:03:28a ''Army, police have different roles''
08:03:31a Mumbai local train derails, one killed
08:03:35a Skiing Takahashi wins back-to-back national combined titles+
08:03:38a Plaintiffs' counsel calls gov't hepatitis plan 'major step forward'+
08:03:42a Cancer campaigner and lawmaker Yamamoto dies of cancer at 58+
08:03:46a Boss sorry for travel firm collapse
08:03:49a Xmas Day online shopping prediction
08:03:53a Catholics overtake Anglican congregations
08:03:56a Search resumes for tug skipper
08:04:00a Nigeria Anti-Crime Commission to Arrest More Ex-Governors
08:04:04a Somalia Judge Assassinated in Baidoa
08:04:07a Trashing tapes hurt CIA, experts say
08:04:11a Small firms may hold key to healthcare
08:04:15a In Iowa, the 'other Democrats' soldier on
08:04:19a In parents' book, librarian cuts go too far
08:04:23a Texas mayor dogged by puppy theft charges
08:04:26a Obama slams Edwards over nonprofits' use
08:04:30a Thompson's got trouble in River City
08:04:34a CIA's probe of its watchdog yields changes
08:04:37a Highways closed, flights delayed due to Midwest storm
08:04:41a Israel Building Plans Could Cause Fury AP
08:04:45a Queen's message goes on YouTube PA
08:04:48a At Least 5 Dead in Plains, Midwest Storm AP
08:05:11a Giuliani campaigning following hospital stay
08:05:22a Thaksin's party likely to win Thai election
08:05:34a Koreas Exp
08:05:46a Gazprom program of sustainable energy supplies to Far East
08:06:07a German rail ready for looming all-out strike by drivers union
08:06:11a Two Sudanese beaten up at disco in east German city of Dresden
08:06:14a French aid workers tell Chad court they were misled
08:06:18a Stephen Merchant's Christmas wish
08:06:22a Claudia Schiffer's unique Christmas wish
08:06:25a Heidi Klum's special present
08:06:28a Rupert Everett's Firth crush
08:06:32a Paul McCartney's hamster home
08:06:35a The people have taken back the party
08:06:39a 'This ANC will be back to its former glory'
08:06:43a Sexwale already eyeing 2012 ANC presidency
08:06:47a Mbeki's SABC board The war goes on
08:06:50a Sexy salesgirls do actually boost sales!
08:07:00a Success in saving India's Asiatic lion poses new problems
08:07:04a British hospital treats all sides in Afghanistan
08:07:08a Indian retail boom fights soaring rentals, space shortage
08:07:47a Energy Partners loses 10.7M on dry well
08:08:35a Man quizzed over Dublin assault
08:08:38a Woman dies in Co Louth accident
08:08:42a Aid worker claims they were duped
08:08:45a UK royals set up YouTube channel
08:08:49a Rodriguez
08:08:53a A NEW LOOK AT THE 80-YEAR PROMISE UAW health trust faces big doubts
08:08:56a RUTH TO THE RESCUE Be careful about labeling on fur garments
08:09:00a BRIGHTON Artist creates paintings, ornaments for White House
08:09:03a TRAVEL QUIZ Wish you were where?
08:09:07a Tourists return to Israel in record numbers
08:09:10a Hotel building boom unlikely to dent high New York City prices
08:09:14a Congress delays new passport rule
08:09:18a Send us your Michigan winter photos
08:09:21a BOOK REVIEWS 'Third Degree'; 'The Animal Dialogues'; 'The Sleeping Doll'
08:09:25a RANKIN RENEWAL 1988 spy novel from 'Rebus' creator finally published in the United States
08:09:28a TREASURED TRADITIONS Families celebrate in their own special ways
08:09:32a Move over Charlie Brown, here's the Jesse Tree
08:09:36a CAROLYN HAX Maybe you can imagine yourself on reality TV during in-law's visit
08:09:39a BARBARA WALLRAFF Just off the boat and right from the stork
08:09:42a Grandkids learn about Eid al-Adha
08:09:46a Generations maintain and grow Polish tradition
08:09:50a Family increases its joy by giving
08:09:53a Boost for Obama might be bad investment for Oprah
08:09:57a JUDITH MARTIN Be ridiculously polite when you get insulting mail from a pompous PhD
08:10:01a Revved up what's hot and what's not in autos
08:10:04a TOM WALSH Ford's issue expert
08:10:08a MARK PHELAN Measuring up
08:10:12a CAROL CAIN He climbs McDonald's arches to China
08:10:15a RON DZWONKOWSKI McCotter's world
08:10:19a STEPHEN HENDERSON PEOPLE & POLITICS The nightmare still stands next door
08:10:23a Ex-school official arrested in SW China for supplying fake certificates
08:10:26a Thai election Key figures
08:10:30a \'Govt committed to holding polls by mid-April\'
08:10:33a Nepali Congress leader
08:10:37a Members of Parliament
08:10:40a Pam's story 1 'Mom, let's kill ourselves'
08:10:44a Poll Republican Approval of Bush's Handling of the Economy Plummets
08:11:27a The house full sign is up
08:11:30a Star-studded seasonal savings
08:11:34a Christmas greetings from Venus with a new educational film
08:11:38a Bulls into bat
08:11:41a Pick and choose
08:11:45a We'll be aggressive, not silly Symonds
08:11:49a Gilchrist quashes retirement talks
08:11:52a Green top unlikely at MCG, says curator
08:11:56a 'Where are our hundreds?' asks Hadlee
08:12:00a Gilchrist dreaming of quiet Christmas
08:12:03a Bulls collapse in Adelaide
08:12:07a Gilchrist wants peace
08:12:11a Circuit City Short Circuiting on Big Q3 Loss
08:12:14a Royal Philips to Buy Respironics for ,3.6B in Cash
08:12:21a High-Def DVD Standards War Intensifies
08:12:25a Circuit City FQ307 Earnings Call Transcript
08:12:28a The Santa Clause 3 The Escape Clause DVD & Blu-Ray
08:12:32a 'Big four' geared up for Aussie assault
08:12:35a Victoria bans cage fights
08:12:39a Gifts pour in for devastated family
08:12:43a Depleted Bulls struggle at Adelaide Oval
08:12:46a A 'Power to Choose' Ruse Deception at Energy Web Site Hurts Consumers
08:12:50a He's been compromised by the House pay scandal
08:12:53a WVU and Mylan need to answer more questions
08:12:57a Stop and search your conscience, minister
08:13:00a Things going bump in the night Probably another ghost hunter
08:13:04a Christmas It's just another day
08:13:07a We don't do God
08:13:11a Yes, we had no bananas ' but I preferred Christmases past
08:13:14a Who'll be passed off as a Newt in Salmond's turf war
08:13:18a Rum, sodomy and on the lash
08:13:22a Sweet smell of success pushes the Swiss to the dark side
08:13:25a 'So how does Generation X celebrate Christmas Is there a Generation Xmas'
08:13:29a 'Small feathers got into strange places and a turkey left a scar for ever'
08:13:32a Queen's message goes on YouTube
08:13:36a Taiwan condemns China's unilateral port inclusion
08:13:39a Taiwan rejects US opposition to referendum
08:13:43a Air force airport handed over to Taichung
08:13:46a DPP expels two members over legislative seat bid
08:13:50a DPP legislative candidate blasts prosecutors for 'unjustifiable' raid
08:13:54a Scholars speak on U.S. stance on U.N. bid
08:13:57a Academic predicts Kuomintang landslide in legislative elections
08:14:01a Korea and Taiwan co-operation well-timed
08:14:05a Jia Zhangke shoots ad featuring Lin Chi-ling
08:14:09a More teaching jobs in U.S. than ROC
08:14:12a Lesbian student kills self over relationship
08:14:16a Taiwan ranks 28th in global per capita survey
08:14:20a Disadvantaged children treated to free trips
08:14:23a Farmers fail to break world record for longest sushi roll
08:14:27a New bank, IT firms strike deals
08:14:36a Bahrain says Gulf shouldn't rush to revalue
08:14:52a Rays Still Have Holes To Fill, But Core Is In Place
08:14:56a Gruden Has Earned New Contract With Team
08:14:59a Parcells Will Make Quick Impact With Dolphins
08:15:03a Bisaccia Has More Than Football To Celebrate
08:15:06a Mayweather May Switch To Mixed Martial Arts
08:15:10a Garcia Gets His Chance To Prove The Doubters Wrong
08:15:13a Tornadoes Beat Ravens At Shootout
08:15:17a Transformer Explodes, Mobile Homes Burn
08:15:21a Medical equipment vehicle driver dies after crash with gasoline tanker truck
08:15:24a A Gathering Of Friends
08:15:28a The Digital Dish
08:15:31a Mozilla Weaves Web Platform for User Data
08:15:35a Indonesia reports five suspected bird flu cases
08:15:39a Mekong Delta to receive 45 million USD for medicare
08:16:10a One-stop shopping
08:16:13a Foreign shoppers prop up U.S. stores
08:16:17a OnStar, home alarm users left in analog lurch
08:16:20a Will cable let viewers choose?
08:16:24a Oil reserves at 3B barrels, Ghana president boasts
08:16:27a High-tech TVs are a huge hit
08:16:31a Expert offers tips for consumers seeking rebates
08:16:35a Resist the urge to tap your 401 plan to pay off debt
08:16:38a Chinese investment in U.S. companies soars
08:16:42a VEBAS GAIN FAVOR Safety net for health benefits
08:16:46a AT ISSUE PHONE FIGHT Phone faithful flee
08:16:49a Warming trend
08:16:53a JAMES DULLEY Biomass heating system requires refueling, care
08:16:56a SOLUTIONS & SUCCESSES Troy caterer delivers fine cuisine and the corporate client's message
08:17:00a TAPPER'S DIAMONDS AND FINE JEWELRY Giving clarity to charity
08:17:07a FIRST CLASS SCHMOOZING To work a room, you need sincerity
08:17:10a DATAPOINT Economic census helps businesses track investments
08:17:14a auto stocks
08:17:21a KENNETH HARNEY Senate bills may help owners avoid foreclosure
08:17:25a Will Indiana miss rail's renaissance?
08:17:28a Cell sales new way to shop by phone
08:17:32a HR expertise launched speaking, book career
08:17:35a It's time for a Google fight
08:17:39a Sleek computers fit components into a single unit
08:17:42a Program allows dual video use
08:17:46a Walk while you work
08:17:49a This Week
08:18:13a Texas crash fatal
08:18:16a Super Saturday
08:18:20a Christmas saved for Tulsa family
08:18:23a Insure Oklahoma!
08:18:27a Sooners a share of the title?
08:18:46a 'Parking is munching my Christmas budget'
08:18:49a It should be easy for Proteas
08:18:53a Can foster care boost a child's IQ?
08:18:57a More Details Emerge On Madeleine McCann Investigation
08:19:00a Fears For Future Of Traditional Christmas Mistletoe
08:19:39a French, Australian leaders pledge Afghan support
08:19:43a Government plans to disband Sunni militias
08:19:47a Turkish warplanes hit rebel targets in Iraq
08:19:50a In a force for peace in Iraq, seeds of conflict
08:19:54a Islamic parties struggle in Pakistan
08:19:58a An avalanche kills at least 16 people
08:20:01a Tony Blair privately converts to Roman Catholicism
08:20:05a Smoking ban to be extended in France
08:20:09a The plight of India's women
08:20:12a Candidates go high-tech in Kenya
08:20:19a In Haiti's capital, traffic is a testament to hope
08:20:23a S. Korea's measure of females changing
08:20:26a Strictures in US lead many Arabs to study elsewhere
08:20:30a Ex-leader may return to Thailand
08:20:34a Ethnic rebels fight government in Burma
08:20:37a Ready for the worst
08:20:41a Darby finally gets to field strongest team
08:20:44a New road for Pulau Redang
08:20:48a Let's aim for consistency
08:20:51a The first step to getting them back into society
08:20:55a Penang threaten to pull out over a ruling
08:20:58a New burden for man who lost wife to cancer
08:21:02a Local Prep Scores
08:21:06a Exit polls Thaksin allies win in Thai
08:21:09a Poll Thaksin Allies Win in Thailand
08:21:13a Hospitals compete for heart patients
08:21:16a Fliers can expect changes for better next year
08:21:20a Delayed rebates can have adverse effect and erode customer base
08:21:23a Network to expire, stranding OnStar, home alarm users
08:21:27a Successful entrepreneurs are made, not just born
08:21:30a When it makes sense to pay customers to stay away
08:21:34a 1m Bangladesh storm victims 'still lack shelter'
08:21:37a Exit polls say pro-Thaksin PPP wins most seats
08:21:41a Sept. 11 Panel Chairmen CIA Hid Terror Tapes
08:21:44a Polls close in Thai election
08:21:48a Two Washington State Patrol cruisers in accident on I-90
08:21:52a Aggression, self-belief key to beat Aus Laxman
08:21:55a Thompson the tortoise
08:21:58a McCain outlines tax plan
08:22:02a Ron Paul Doesnt Accept Evolution
08:22:06a The Race for Name-Caller in Chief
08:22:09a The Middle East in 2007
08:22:13a Aggression, self-belief key to success VVS
08:22:44a At the mercy of land scams
08:22:47a How fraudulent land transfers take place
08:22:51a Kojadi sees education as the key to success
08:22:54a The voice of the disabled
08:22:58a Malaysian experience comes into play
08:23:01a Indefeasibility means impossible to be defeated
08:23:05a Hong Kong is No. 1 choice for X'mas trips
08:23:08a Between the old and new
08:23:12a McKew turns giant slayer
08:23:15a Changing jobs increases salary
08:23:19a Savings on back to school
08:23:22a All I want for Christmas is...
08:23:26a Arming school leavers with skills
08:23:29a Have a blessed Xmas, Malaysia
08:23:33a Let's resolve to change for the better
08:23:36a Why Jaclyn did not win Asian Idol title
08:23:40a 6 months till buildings back in use Gisborne mayor
08:23:44a Former FBI chief planned to jail 12,000 for disloyalty
08:23:47a Thais vote in first post-coup election
08:23:51a FDIC chairwoman is right on the money
08:23:54a Best Buy kiosks not connected to Internet
08:23:58a Uneasy about new tax strategy
08:24:01a Why gut decisions take years of practice
08:24:05a Colleges turn discounters
08:24:09a Pay bills on time to avoid long-lasting pain
08:24:12a Boss is wrong on start of workday
08:24:16a Social Security strategies for couples
08:24:20a Coach Russo leaves Boca after just one year
08:24:23a Question Time How Can I Avoid a Dampener?
08:24:27a EDITORIAL Cooperation is Great for Salmon Our Views
08:24:30a Question Time Smelly Tattie Clampdown
08:24:34a Son's Computer Addiction Can Be Dangerous
08:24:37a On Your Bike for Shows Fun ; CaRniVaL
08:24:41a Campaigns Exploit Every Electronic Channel There Is
08:24:44a OneTube for the Queen's Message
08:24:48a Moditva steals the thunder in Hindutva laboratory
08:24:52a Victory will help BJP to march towards Parliament Naidu
08:24:55a Modi's success can he emerge as national leader?
08:24:59a Vermont braces for rain, 50 mph winds today
08:25:02a NFL denies over-the-air access to Pats' game
08:25:06a Mass. outlet store worker claims Powerball jackpot
08:25:10a Maine law curbing access to prescription data overturned
08:25:13a Strachan slams Celtic defence
08:25:17a Manager plays Santa for Manchester City football stars
08:26:59a Modi juggernaut crushes BJP rebels, Congress
08:27:02a FM can't lecture Left Bardhan
08:27:06a Vox populi Read live blogs on Gujarat polls
08:27:09a BJP win in Gujarat is a turning point Advani
08:27:13a Modi marches on in spite of stings and stigma
08:27:16a Congress accepts defeat in Gujarat
08:27:20a Modi is something that Congress abhors Sibal
08:27:24a In Pics BJP celebrates thumping victory Election frenzy
08:27:27a Live Webcast Gujarat poll results and analysis
08:27:31a Put on your dancing shoes and tap away your flab
08:27:34a At least 5 killed in weather-related car pileups in C U.S.
08:27:38a Thai former PM Thaksin's children cast votes
08:27:42a Afghan troops kill 10 Taliban insurgents in S Afghanistan
08:27:45a Myanmar state-owned liner strives to extend regional services to boost foreign trade
08:27:49a Russian election authorities rejects former Soviet dissident's presidential bid
08:27:53a Russia's new Pacific Fleet commander takes office
08:27:56a Global powers' relations hit mixed weather in 2007
08:28:00a Thai PPP leader denies conversation with former PM
08:28:04a 4 Afghan soldiers injured during Eid celebration in S. Afghanistan
08:28:07a Thai election agency receives 940 complaints so far
08:28:11a Billions of tsunami rebuilding money not received by Sri Lanka
08:28:31a 'If you erase the songs, you erase history'
08:28:53a Blade Runner The Final Final Cut for Xmas
08:29:14a Sri Lanka Army, rebels claim heavy losses in fresh fighting
08:29:18a Four civilians killed in Mogadishu fighting
08:29:25a Success in saving India's Asiatic lion poses new problems
08:29:29a Sri Lanka's cinnamon farmers seek divine help to spice up trade
08:29:34a Thaksin looms over Thailand's post-coup vote
08:29:38a Zuma rallying tune not music to everyone's ears in South Africa
08:29:41a India's Congress concedes defeat in key state vote
08:30:00a Sony Online denies firm for sale report
08:30:27a Communal housing is coming of age
08:30:31a Fiery home invaders
08:30:35a Unusual theater project prepares autistic teens for bar and bat mitzvahs
08:30:39a Getting fired up over Johnie's Broiler
08:30:42a Mission Bringing Mahony mugger to justice
08:30:46a Santa Monica eateries going green
08:30:49a Learning to lead when lives are on the line
08:30:53a Historic trove recalls famous L.A. crimes
08:30:57a Memories from another perspective
08:31:00a Retracing flames' destructive path
08:31:04a Bnei Hasharon expects to get different results this time with Hapoel Jerusalem
08:31:07a Crafty croc thieves drop their bounty
08:31:30a Culling to begin in Poland after flu outbreak
08:32:17a Take your pick
08:32:20a Buena Vida scheduled for major expansion
08:32:24a Market volatility causes concern
08:32:28a Viera Realty's new chief a lawyer
08:33:18a McCain closing gap with Romney
08:33:21a From a Dorchester chop shop, a place to pray
08:33:25a Fear of foreigners roils Iowa
08:33:29a Firms find ways around state health law
08:33:32a Italian PM in Afghanistan
08:33:35a My Dream World !
08:33:43a Paul inspires entire operation
08:33:46a A single bullet transforms life of a warrior
08:33:50a FBI compiling big database of physical traits
08:33:53a As good as their words
08:33:57a Colombian hostage sees death as 'a sweet option'
08:34:01a Is Houston a sanctuary for illegal immigrants
08:34:04a 2nd Venezuelan found with suspicious cash
08:34:07a Bush loyalists turn a cold shoulder
08:35:02a Double delight for Totti keeps Roma in Serie A title hunt
08:35:06a Inter Milan will fear us, says Liverpool's Benitez
08:35:09a Anti-mafia concert held in Sicily
08:35:42a Age no obstacle for horse-rider pair
08:35:46a Two Elk coal plant's permit disputed
08:35:50a Rapists sentenced to 25-50 years in prison
08:35:53a Woman sentenced for killing boyfriend
08:35:57a UW plans wind research center
08:36:01a Investigator bought 401 LSD doses
08:36:04a School shooting response tested
08:36:08a India's BJP 'wins' Gujarat election
08:36:12a Online surplus auctions catch on
08:36:15a Official aims to clear confusion about museum
08:36:19a Thai exit polls say pro-Thaksin PPP wins most seats
08:36:26a FBI aims to amass huge database of people's physical characteristics
08:36:30a 9/11 staff says CIA withheld videotapes
08:36:33a Candidate-match quizzes Do they click?
08:36:37a Labor board restricts unions' use of e-mail
08:36:40a Somali aid runs gantlet of terror
08:36:44a Turks bomb Kurdish rebel sites in Iraq
08:36:48a Drug-courier pardons backed by Ecuador president
08:36:52a Election won't halt tension in Thailand
08:36:55a Kenyan president trailing as vote nears
08:36:59a Lifelong dancer Beverly Allen was a "gem"
08:37:02a Major flaws may ground older F-15s
08:37:06a Pets finding creature comforts under the tree
08:37:10a Pileups blamed on blinding snow across Plains
08:37:13a Russians recapturing skill of bell-ringing
08:37:17a Stewart, Colbert shows will return
08:37:21a Ten years later, massacre still haunts Mexico
08:37:24a Web site reunite lost gloves takes off
08:37:28a Change helps buy truck
08:37:31a Man convicted of killing son's foe
08:37:35a 16 die as minibus plunges off Egyptian ferry
08:37:39a Thailand signs MoU to buy more hydro and coal fired power from Laos
08:37:42a Mixed feelings as Thais prepare to vote Sunday
08:37:46a Fired Norwich Officer Arrested Again
08:37:50a Cerberus confident despite Chrysler's financial problems
08:37:53a NYSE Wall Street heading into Christmas on merry note
08:37:57a OIL Oil prices surge amid supply concerns
08:38:00a Dollar declines as traders wrangle over Fed rate cuts
08:38:04a EUROPE Technology and mining firms lift European shares
08:38:11a Pioneers generate capital for charity
08:38:14a Filmdom waking up to high cost of digital archiving
08:38:18a All you need is love
08:38:21a Destination Taiwan
08:38:25a How ugly is it?
08:38:28a The Three Kings take on Santa Claus in Spain
08:38:35a BOOK REVIEW Dirty little detours on the road to Shangri-la
08:38:39a BOOK REVIEW Even for top writers, the grass is sometimes greener...
08:38:42a Sunday Science Cartesian diver ¶g¤é¬ì¾Ç ¯B¨I¤l
08:38:46a Lopez has big second half, Stanford rallies past Texas Tech 62-61
08:38:50a McCain surging up on Romney, polls in New Hampshire show
08:38:53a Bakery leader defiant during final sermons Yusuf Bey preached empowerment...
08:38:57a Pelosi's first year as House speaker marked by little change on war
08:39:01a Crowds line up to see San Diego panda cub's public debut
08:39:04a Thais go to polls in post-coup vote
08:39:08a India's Congress party concedes defeat in Gujarat elections
08:39:11a Thai exit polls say PPP wins most seats
08:39:15a Siberian tiger beheaded at China zoo
08:39:19a Layoffs don't spoil holiday spirit among former Georgia-Pacific workers
08:39:22a Volunteers give up part of holiday to help others
08:39:26a Louisiana lawmakers secure millions for local projects
08:39:30a Course teaches children to be safe around guns
08:39:33a Fireworks sales pick up as people celebrate the holidays
08:39:37a Christmas party makes the season brighter for loca youngsters
08:39:41a Bossier Parish hires nonprofit to deal with statewide change in building regulations
08:39:44a Louisiana to choose Republican convention delegates
08:39:48a 'This Old House' focuses on New Orleans rebuilding
08:39:52a Shreveporter among ETBU nursing school's first fall graduates
08:39:55a Circ
08:39:58a Italian PM Prodi visits Kabul
08:40:02a 1950 mass arrests plan revealed
08:40:06a Christmas church site 'discovered'
08:40:24a New Zealand woman diagnosed with text thumb
08:40:28a Labour Must Ensure Cops Investigate Serious Crime
08:40:31a Bunnings Action At Naenae Pre-Christmas Walkout
08:40:35a Battery-Wise Parents Bring Joy To Christmas Kids
08:40:38a Spirit Of Christmas Urges Relief For Battery Hens
08:40:42a DOC To Wipe Out Historic Arapawa Goat Population
08:40:45a UK Airport Strike Will Effect Traveling Kiwis
08:40:49a Volunteering NZ Newsletter December 2007
08:41:03a UF president earns pay raise despite cutbacks
08:41:07a South Florida Sun-Sentinel answers your tax questions
08:41:11a City's giving spirit
08:41:14a How to approach a potential donor
08:41:18a Tester reflects on ups, downs of his 1st year
08:41:21a Homeless feel warmth of the season
08:41:25a Qwest customers overpay, PSC told
08:41:28a State looks at PPL's tax offer
08:41:32a Police given armored vehicle
08:41:35a City lights Gratitude emerges from fog of frailty
08:41:39a Strangers join family in grief for fallen GI
08:41:42a Minus T.O., Dallas Cowboys press forward to win over Panthers
08:41:45a Mastering POSIX File Capabilities
08:41:49a Thailand votes in first polls since coup
08:43:21a Mbeki's SABC board outrages New Guard
08:43:24a Stakeholders agree to keep current policies
08:43:28a Food, fuel and power prices turn up inflation wick
08:43:32a 'Deal with Devil' burns subprime homeowner
08:43:35a Nelson Mandela Gives Zuma a Thumbs-Up
08:43:39a Property bust Lunar land prices have rocketed 40 percent
08:43:42a Planet Mars in asteroid's path
08:43:46a Turning point, says Advani without picking M-word
08:45:00a Mixed bag for state's Democrats
08:45:46a Garland school brief
08:45:49a Garland library news
08:45:53a Couple recognized as 'angels' for foster kids
08:45:56a Royal Bahamas Police Force
08:46:00a Pro-Thaksin party leads in Thailand's first post-coup election
08:46:18a 6 questions to ask doctors while visiting them group
08:46:22a U.S. to continue arms sales to Taiwan Pentagon
08:46:26a Scholar Korea and Taiwan co-operation well-timed
08:46:29a Misery index of Taiwan teenagers rising survey
08:47:18a Homicide reported on South 36th Street
08:47:21a Another shot at a Bullitt
08:48:50a The Climate Message What Works?
08:49:10a Far Away, So Close
08:49:13a Christmas Music Pt. III
08:49:17a Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service building new senior center
08:49:21a New South Florida
08:49:24a Marketing makeover needed
08:49:34a The gift of a child Fostering at Christmas
08:49:37a Universities say crime beyond their control
08:49:41a Will downtown Kingston ever be restored?
08:49:44a Government stepping in to help the homeless
08:49:48a Farming in the inner city
08:49:51a Bicentenary conference ends in great excitation
08:49:55a PM gives at Christmas
08:49:58a Exit poll results show PPP wins
08:50:02a Four parties talk about forming coalition
08:50:05a A 110-year-old grandma cast ballots in Nakhon Phanom
08:50:09a 71-year-old man in Mahara sarakham arrested for destroying ballot cards
08:50:13a Old woman in Samu Prakan arrested for tearing ballot cards
08:50:16a New Goodwill store in Lewisville offers drive-through
08:50:23a Denton good kid
08:50:27a March 14 Going Ahead with Suleiman Election amidst Opposition Challenge
08:50:31a Sri Lankan troops seize key rebel post
08:50:35a China produces 300 km per hour bullet train
08:50:38a IATA praises MAS for implementing e ticketing
08:50:42a Waldrep leads Celina to 21-14 win over China Spring
08:50:45a Xinhua opens China African News Service
08:50:52a Five dead in US snow storm reports
08:51:23a Power outage shuts down Clackamas Town Center
08:51:41a Financial services firms missing new markets as Hispanic subgroups grow
08:51:45a Products' wrappings a challenge for consumers to open
08:51:48a Two hard drives double your fun
08:51:52a MoPods at home online, in cell phone
08:51:55a Protect yourself against 'phishing'
08:51:59a Playing the organic foods game
08:52:03a Elfin tour guides, from start to Finnish
08:53:01a Growth's battleground
08:53:04a Others' junked bikes Christmas treasures for kids in 'Littles on Wheels'
08:54:00a Census Bureau will survey businesses starting this month
08:54:03a Michelle Singletary Government to lower amount of savings bonds you can buy
08:54:07a Jack Dillard Winter is still here, so don't plant tomatoes yet
08:54:10a Honors
08:54:14a Buzz on Business Pet-sitting service opens in Bossier City
08:54:18a Oil & Gas News Locations
08:54:21a Oil & Gas News Completions
08:54:44a China police hunt Siberian tiger killer
08:54:48a Private jet, guards for wanted murderer
08:54:51a Moti fails to stop Solomons expulsion
08:54:55a Drowned children farewelled in Toowoomba
08:54:58a Uzbeks vote to re-elect hardline president
08:55:17a Smithfield CEO Joseph Luter III Elected 2008 'Grinch of the Year'
08:55:41a Pileups in Kansas and Missouri during winter storm
08:55:57a New store brings authentic mexican groceries and food closer to the world.
08:56:01a Art Market Blog The Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine Interview
08:56:04a top of Westminster Abbey
08:56:08a Tundra takes Motor Trend's top truck title
08:58:01a Sex Offenders Sent To Live At Homeless Camp
08:58:05a Man Running Cross-Country For Lunsford
08:58:10a Abu Dhabi Women's College presents 'Ajiyaluna Learning Showcase'
08:58:14a Arab Bank Group enters 5bn loan agreement for Dubai World
08:58:18a RTA unleashes sweeping marketing campaign to highlight its projects and services
08:58:21a Bin Sulayem chairs joint meeting to review tourism industry
08:58:25a Intersec Middle East in 2008 to examine changes in safety regulations
08:58:29a Jotun Paints to supply paint for Al Raha Gardens development in Abu Dhabi
08:58:32a naseba concludes CFO Strategies Middle East Forum
08:58:36a Clyde & Co advises Dodsal on strategic move into Tanzania
08:58:39a UNB introduces innovative e-services in partnership with Dubai E-Government
08:58:43a Key guidelines set for global Halal industry
08:58:46a Taste of Dubai announces irresistible offers for their upcoming event in February '08
08:58:50a 34.3% of Internet users in Saudi utilize WiFi hotspots
08:58:53a DubaiPTG opens for business, announces training programme
08:58:57a Rwanda Government Summons Senator Over Genocide
08:59:01a Van Schalkwyk hails climate-change resolution
08:59:04a 'If you erase the songs, you erase history'
08:59:08a India offers to help Trinidad's agriculture
08:59:12a Floodwaters recede in Kedah
08:59:15a Hazard warning for festive drivers
08:59:19a Would-be PA Arab Stabber Stopped in Gush Etzion
08:59:22a Saudi Arabia plans world's largest SWF
08:59:26a 'Serbian EU integration, Kosovo should not be linked'
08:59:29a Thunder, rainbows and chasing frogs in India
08:59:33a Indian shining- Sky Bus
08:59:36a Find Happiness with Your Soulmate
08:59:40a Capricorn 2008 Horoscope
08:59:44a Breaking the Ice – Talking to Your Kids about Sex
08:59:47a Heavenly Sword receives Patch 1.1
08:59:51a Basenji Dogs at
08:59:54a Medical Symbol
08:59:58a 'Might as Well Handcuff Me' Man Randomly Tells Cops He Stabbed Someone to Death
09:00:01a Wanted Home For Recovered German Shepherd
09:00:05a Wildlife Waystation Says They're Staying Put
09:00:30a Funding Democracy Or War?
09:00:35a Polls Thaksin Allies Win in Thailand
09:00:38a Levis Jewish Community Center helps family with autistic son
09:00:42a Wellington better prepared a year after equine herpes outbreak
09:00:45a Chickens lead to a fight with City Hall in Delray Beach
09:00:49a Redesign planned for turnpike interchange at Lake Worth Road
09:00:52a Local firm is giving back to Dunbar Village
09:00:56a ABOUT THE Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center
09:01:00a Man in incident that left deputies dead leaves jail
09:01:03a Palm Beach County Two boys hit in legs by gunfire after fight
09:02:04a Give teen killer a 2nd chance
09:02:08a U.S. objects to U.N. budget, GA approves
09:02:11a Hoover had arrest plan for disloyals
09:02:15a Notre Dame hangs on for 84-76 victory over San Francisco
09:02:19a Hillary Clinton Tries To Wrap Up Women Voters
09:02:22a Record Suggests Obama's Views Have Changed A Bit
09:02:26a Modi creates record in BJP
09:02:30a Curator rules out green top for Boxing Day Test
09:02:33a 'Modi is Dhoni of Team BJP'
09:02:37a Jayalalitha congratulates Modi
09:02:40a Foggy conditions delay departure of flights
09:02:44a Celebrations at BJP office while Cong HQs wears deserted look
09:02:48a Gujarat result is turning point in national politics Advani
09:02:55a Aggression, self-belief key to success against Aussies Laxman
09:02:58a Young IT CEO battles out hacking
09:03:02a Three Indians launch 'World Peace' cycling tour in Malaysia
09:03:06a Jail authorities say Hasina not cooperating over treatment
09:03:09a Modi's victory stuns Congress
09:03:13a Retail boom fights soaring rentals, space shortage
09:03:16a FSU student from Lake Clarke Shores dies from accident injuries
09:03:20a Thaksin-linked party leading in Thai vote exit polls
09:03:24a India's Hindu nationalists 'win' Gujarat poll reports
09:03:28a A Somali man carries his belongings to a camp for Internally Displaced People
09:03:31a The Eiffel Tower
09:03:35a The restaurant 'Jules Vernes' in the Eiffel Tower
09:03:38a The lift to the restaurant 'Jules Vernes' in the Eiffel Tower
09:03:42a French chef and business man Alain Ducasse
09:04:07a Houston Lures with Low Housing Costs
09:04:10a Lines of combat scar Hillarys face
09:04:16a Two die in Sunday road accidents
09:04:20a Low profits take pub Xmas dinners off the menu
09:04:23a Protest angers iwi trust board
09:04:27a Bangladesh beats NZ in charity cricket match
09:04:30a 1 million Bangladeshis need shelter Red Cross
09:04:34a Supermarkets Braced For Last-Minute Christmas Rush
09:04:43a 20. At the mercy of land scams
09:06:36a Nigerian Soldiers Owed N1bn Allowances
09:07:29a Wheels that'll make your world go 'round
09:07:33a Suns stifle Raptors despite career-high 42 from Bosh
09:07:36a New Ski Hill for the Holidays
09:07:56a Martinsville teacher, former students headed for duty in Iraq
09:07:59a Waiting until the last minute for Christmas shopping? You're not alone
09:08:03a Virtual gifts When you care enough to click on the very best
09:08:06a Today's NFL matchups
09:08:10a Thomas reportedly in on impermissible three-way calls
09:08:14a A German Christmas differed from celebrations in other colonies
09:08:17a Hard working at holidays
09:08:21a Hoosier hysteria rules at hoops heaven
09:08:24a Michael and Melinda Small
09:08:28a Williams England
09:08:31a Jessica and Kyle Becker
09:08:35a Lee and Earl Riggs
09:08:38a Kevin and Kristi Gibbs
09:08:42a Mary and Philip Amandola
09:08:45a Stephen and Kara Wright
09:08:49a John and Janet Manis
09:08:53a Sara and David Shear
09:08:56a Daniel and Donna Wooten
09:09:00a Sarah and Philip Peden
09:09:03a Mendez Neill
09:09:07a Glenn and Elnora Deckard
09:09:10a A ring bearer’s not a requirement
09:09:14a R Kelly judge threatens jail term
09:09:18a Who had the first US Christmas tree?
09:09:21a Christmas away from flooded home
09:09:24a Route 66 in a ’66 FORD
09:09:28a Not a lot of choices when the parts are no longer made
09:09:31a New-generation Chevrolet Malibu earns praise
09:09:35a Christmas is for critters, too
09:09:38a Arts wish list
09:09:42a Marketplace doesn’t lack for worthwhile books about classical music
09:09:45a Following the Academy Awards hunt online
09:09:49a Far off Broadway, the Christmas show must go on
09:09:52a Nature writer recounts tales of encounters with animals in the wild
09:09:56a Clarity is not the only goal of a writer
09:09:59a The really odd couple
09:10:03a Pompeii frescoes go on display
09:10:06a Obituaries December 23, 2007
09:10:10a Why go to Bali when Chinese have fireworks, fried fish?
09:10:13a Gov. Kaine says he's not concerned about legacy
09:10:17a Holly Hit Hard by Pollution
09:10:20a 3G technology to come to Viet Nam next year
09:10:24a Outgoing MPs Fined Sh100,000
09:10:28a Raila Warns Against Rigging of Polls
09:10:31a Thai polls point to pro-Thaksin party victory
09:11:20a Whitehall runs up big Christmas bill
09:11:23a Buying frenzy Thousands of last-minute shoppers hit London's Oxford Street
09:11:27a No soup please The charities supporting plans to ban soup kitchens
09:11:32a A NASA photo shows the International Space Station
09:11:36a Colonel Ian Goulbourne
09:11:39a British troops outside a field hospital in Garmser
09:12:39a Olmert No Cease-Fire With Hamas
09:13:09a Tired of tabloid politics
09:13:16a U.S. plans assessment of Mideast peace moves
09:13:23a Dragontail sushi on Brick Lane
09:13:27a Spy-cam watch from 1969
09:13:30a Zombie octopus crafts for sale
09:13:34a Her Majesty The Queen Joins YouTube
09:13:49a Thieves target Taupo marinas
09:13:53a Sisters show their Christmas spirit
09:13:57a Church leaders cousel PM
09:14:00a Traffic bank up after ute flips
09:14:04a NSW floodwaters on the rise
09:14:07a Meningitis 'should' have been recognised
09:15:03a Zone 1 Fishing Ban To Curb Overexploitation
09:15:07a Brunei Company To Export Drinking Water To UAE, Japan
09:15:10a More Than 3,000 Take Part In RBPF Cross-Country
09:15:14a Newly-Recruited Narcotics Officers Get Police Briefing
09:15:18a Royal Messages On Japanese National Day
09:15:21a Young Artists Meet To Share Ideas, Techniques And Expand Network
09:15:25a Gift Receipt Good As Gold
09:15:28a Colleges Taking Steps To Be More Affordable
09:15:32a Trying To Rope In Refinance Deals
09:15:36a Americans Should Prepare For Turbulence
09:15:39a 26% Is Right Foreign-Fund Limit
09:15:43a Let Parents Know If Financial Aid To Sibling Upsets You
09:15:47a A Social Security Strategy
09:15:50a Counterfeit Goods A Genuine Danger
09:15:54a Ethanol's Power Stalls In New Environment
09:15:58a Scoop Lawsuit Over The Litter Box
09:16:01a Holly leaves and Christmas trees
09:16:43a Two Killed After Rival Clans Resume Armed Hostilities
09:16:47a Governor Flees Region After Insurgent Death Threats
09:17:27a Rowling in tears as she steps back in time
09:17:31a Celtic's title hopes dashed by Hibs
09:17:50a Few left to celebrate Christmas in Iraq
09:17:57a Redeemed - but is there no escaping a checkered past?
09:18:01a Bishop's birthday revives talk of his retirement at 75
09:18:08a Three lurid trials leave jurors angry, frustrated over murder charges
09:18:12a Nuclear revival
09:18:15a City to add 10 red-light cameras
09:18:19a Smyrna braces for Main St. revitalization work
09:18:22a Salvation Army on the march
09:18:26a NCCo is looking for a few VIPs
09:18:29a Vigil set to remember '04 slaying victims
09:18:33a Seaford family is finally home
09:18:36a Del. lies amid cluster of nuclear generators
09:18:40a New designs may be safer, but oversight is crucial
09:18:43a Tonight's sky reveals Mars, moon in conjunction
09:18:47a 'Shadow' program gives students a boost
09:18:50a Charities are busy at Christmas, year-round
09:18:54a Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith
09:18:57a Batman Begins
09:19:01a Heights
09:19:04a Madagascar
09:19:08a Tatsuzo Shimaoka, 88, Master of Pottery, Is Dead
09:19:12a Woman caught with 10bn
09:19:15a Deadly pile-ups as storm hits
09:19:19a Winehouse 2007's best-seller?
09:19:23a Sydney meningitis victim wasn't tested
09:19:26a Thailand's first post-coup vote
09:19:30a Wild boar startles shoppers
09:19:34a Police Use Holiday For Street Racing Crackdown
09:19:37a Swiss artist proves a successful export
09:19:41a Ordeal leaves Iranian dissident with doubts
09:19:45a A drug route grows through Haiti
09:19:48a Kenya showing democratic muscle
09:19:52a Showcasing the pain of Nanjing
09:19:56a Missing U.S. man's wife finds no answers in Iran
09:20:00a Bahrain says Gulf shouldn't rush to revalue report
09:21:51a U.C. wins Bowl
09:21:55a Mason Soldier Home for Holidays
09:22:00a Japan's plan for midsize space rocket system faces problems, says report
09:22:05a Sri Lankan military Soldiers capture a rebel camp as fighting kills 20 combatants
09:22:09a Congress party concedes defeat to Hindu nationalists in Gujarat state elections.
09:22:13a Pakistan to continue war on terror despite suicide attack that killed 50, says minister
09:22:16a W Hotel for Amman
09:22:19a Police Arrest Man Allegedly Involved in Hit and Run
09:22:23a Taiwan handheld device shipments to surge consultancy
09:22:41a Japan questions BHP-Rio deal
09:23:02a Indonesia seeking opportunity to sell Natuna gas to Thailand
09:23:07a R&B singer R. Kelly allowed to stay free on bond
09:23:10a Thai baht to move in narrow range against US dollar next week
09:23:14a Richardson religion briefs
09:23:18a Richardson teen who died in sleep inspires namesake toy drive
09:23:22a Richardson news briefs
09:23:40a Snarled commute puts region's vitality at risk
09:23:44a Small, thriving Waverly hints at next frontier
09:23:59a Baitul Uloom Bastion of Islamic Learning in Haryana
09:24:02a A Flap Over Swans
09:24:06a Under The Skin
09:24:09a Questions About Allah? Billboard May Help
09:24:13a Woman Hit By Gunfire
09:24:17a Woman Struck By SUV
09:24:20a Professing Immunity
09:24:24a Property Tax Plan Sparks Debate
09:24:30a The ins and outs from Tallahassee
09:25:29a Turkey launches fresh strike at rebels in northern Iraq
09:25:33a Turkey launches fresh strike on rebels in northern Iraq
09:26:56a Russia seeks role in Israel-Syria talks
09:27:00a 'Israel planning over 1,000 east J'lem, W. Bank apartments'
09:27:03a Reform head U.S. Jews must not oppose compromise on Jerusalem
09:27:07a Israel's building plans could cause fury
09:27:10a Israel plans new houses in Occupied Jerusalem
09:27:14a Israel looking at Hamas truce offer
09:27:18a 06.DEC.07 Protesters troll Mandell Street Bridge with anti-Israel propaganda
09:27:21a 13.DEC.07 Israelis and Palestinians begin peacemaking efforts
09:27:25a Russian-Israeli family fights to stay united
09:27:29a 'I know I could die at any moment' secret life of a Gaza militant
09:27:32a Two top Israeli ministers open to Hamas truce
09:27:36a Modi beats Congress again, leads BJP to historic win in Gujarat
09:27:40a Floods in Narathiwat start to recede
09:27:43a AXA Gulf voted Best Insurance Provider at 2007 Autocar ME people's choice award
09:27:47a McDonald's UAE wraps up World Children's Day Campaign with a memorable celebration
09:27:51a Mark Coad appointed Dubai Lynx first Media jury president
09:27:55a Caesars opens in Sharjah
09:27:58a Fujairah F2 sees financial closure
09:28:02a Credit card companies intensify competition
09:28:06a UAE's water and electricity sector to attract 9.5b investments
09:28:09a Eurocon Building Industries signs 200m deal with Corus Aluminium
09:28:13a UAE's crude production falls 18% in November
09:28:16a Polls close in Thailand election
09:28:28a Italian rush for vaccines after meningitis deaths
09:28:32a Uzbekistan votes in likely one-horse race
09:28:39a Thailand election to expose political divide
09:28:42a New Cell Phone Batteries to Last for Months
09:29:26a 'I own responsibility for the defeat of Cong in Gujarat'
09:29:29a 'Narendra Modi is Dhoni of Team BJP'
09:29:33a Narendra Modi creates record in BJP
09:29:36a Today is a historic day, says Advani
09:29:40a Moditva steals the thunder in Hindutva laboratory
09:29:57a National election ends Sunday
09:30:06a Yayo to fight for her return to PBB House
09:30:09a Russian rocket delivers Christmas presents to space station
09:30:13a Pregnant woman shot dead in Manila
09:30:17a Second Fil-Am in US bank scam gets 12-month term
09:30:20a Wade beats buzzer with game winner for Heat
09:30:24a Industry body Asia's airline sector set for slowdown
09:30:27a Web Iraq Qaeda group confirms top figure killed
09:30:31a Driver killed, 24 injured in Baguio road crash
09:30:34a 71% of foreign tourists most interested in trying Japanese cuisine+
09:30:38a Horse racing Matsurida Gogh upsets Arima Kinen field+
09:30:41a LEAD Thaksin loyalists look to win 1st post-coup Thai election exit polls+
09:30:45a Speed skating Kato, Yoshii win national sprint titles+
09:30:48a SDP taps lower house member Shigeno for party's No. 2+
09:30:52a Thaksin supporters look to win 1st post-coup election exit polls+
09:30:56a LDP's crushing defeat in July election voted top Japan story in 2007+
09:31:46a Intensive off-season conditioning helps bikers gear up for spring
09:31:49a Folic acid and cancer
09:31:53a Lions Club members spread holiday tinsel, cheer
09:31:56a Cool solution for those doggone hot spots
09:32:00a Which mouthwashes make the grade?
09:32:03a 'Mr Bean' dings other driver's car
09:32:07a Uzbekistan leader seeks to extend his rule in tightly cont...
09:32:10a Thai police retrieve 22 bodies of Myanmar migrants in Anda...
09:32:14a Shadow of ousted prime minister hangs over Thailand's post...
09:33:32a Reindeer Microchipped So They Can't Join Santa
09:34:00a Box-office lady needs a change in attitude
09:35:06a Woman drives off road, hospitalized
09:35:36a Climate change policy 'should be applauded'
09:35:41a Thaksin allies in the lead
09:36:56a The Beatles dressed for a Christmas show in 1964
09:37:12a Faybles Love for Children charity plans Rock 'n Romp
09:38:04a Action Line Couple still can't get water after 7 years
09:38:08a Nashville's top albums of '07
09:38:11a Christmas Eve crowds at church are year's best
09:38:15a Hiring law takes effect Jan. 1
09:38:19a Angel, dog who was set on fire in August, waits for a home
09:38:22a The Tennessean's All-Midstate football teams
09:38:26a Bar's locomotive sculpture prompts profound question What is art?live
09:38:29a She's gotta dancelive
09:38:33a Cellular demise surprises users
09:38:36a Lenders lure some to sketchy refinancing
09:38:40a Taking a timeout from spending can benefit your wallet
09:38:44a Discounts may ease tuition load
09:38:47a PetSmart shares not exactly purring
09:38:51a You don't need every phone in the world
09:38:54a Creative ways to give rather than receive
09:38:58a Timing vital to draw on Social Security
09:41:48a What Would George Do?
09:41:51a Get Ready for a Democratic Era
09:41:55a Shopping Suggestions from the Safety Police
09:41:58a It's Always a Holiday Somewhere
09:42:06a Wade delivers in the end, lift Heat past Jazz 104-102
09:42:09a Kubina's OT goal puts Maple Leafs over Panthers
09:42:13a Ferry accident in Nile kills 13 in Egypt
09:42:17a Eight LTTE rebels killed in Sri Lanka
09:42:20a Nepal palace massacre could have foreign hand ex-royal advisor
09:43:50a Sino U.S. trade grows steadily in 1st 3 Qs
09:43:54a Zimbabwe Ruling Party Gives Opposition An Opening
09:43:57a South Africa Security Firms Using Paintball Guns
09:44:05a Cigna Corp. in liver-transplant-coverage controversy
09:44:08a Fears of credit squeeze quelled
09:44:12a Movie Gallery files revamp plan; current stock would be canceled
09:44:16a Giving the gift of charity
09:44:44a EQ 2.7 Willow, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
09:44:55a Secrette
09:44:58a Internet Marketing Explained by Armand Morin Relaunch
09:45:08a 'Modi may become the BJP's Lakshman'
09:45:12a The first BJP CM to buck anti-incumbency
09:45:15a Modi to take oath for third term as Gujarat CM on Dec 27
09:45:22a Puea Pandin waits for official results
09:45:25a Prachai questions the exit polls
09:45:29a Suspect arrested at polling station
09:45:32a PPP may join hands with 2-3 parties
09:45:36a Suthep doesn't believe the polls' result
09:45:39a Abhisit questions Suan Dusit's exit-oll results
09:46:09a China, Japan sign loan agreement worth over 400 million USD
09:46:13a Thailand, Indonesia sign energy accord
09:46:16a VNPT communications satellite insured for lift off
09:46:20a Dutch company donates kindergarten
09:46:24a Fighting kills four in Somali capital
09:46:28a South Africa's Zuma to look into inflation targeting
09:46:32a Cleric urges Christians to prevent desecration of sanctities
09:46:35a Ayat Rafsanjani urges solving discord on moon crescent observation
09:46:39a Congratulations to all believers on Eid al Adha
09:46:42a Everyone can learn from Eid commemoration Brown
09:46:46a Bomb scare at two Gurgaon malls
09:46:50a Dredging work at second bridge stops
09:46:54a Top Cops in the Crosshairs for Peki'in Riots
09:46:57a PM rejects Hamas offer of Gaza Strip cease-fire
09:47:01a Rane says that he has not resigned
09:47:04a Long way From selling tea to being CM for 3rd time
09:47:08a Threat of mid-term polls put off Advani
09:47:15a BJP does not rule out bigger role for Modi
09:47:18a 'I own responsibility for Gujarat defeat'
09:47:55a Japan Addresses Tainted Blood Victims
09:48:09a First students graduate from CCV-Bennington's massage therapy class
09:48:41a South Africa's Zuma to look into inflation targeting
09:49:12a Sofia Citizens to Skate on New Ice Rink
09:49:37a Soccer Fulham's manager Sanchez sacked
09:49:40a Soccer Four Man United fans receive jail sentence in Rome
09:49:58a Travel Guide The Top Manmade Wonders of Latin America
09:50:05a Experts CIA needs more taping
09:51:04a Ballet star dances into retirement
09:51:08a Mike Tindall happy to be house husband
09:51:11a Probation staff may strike over pay
09:51:15a Hamas 'ready for Gaza truce'
09:51:28a Exit polls show party backing deposed Thai premier ahead
09:51:31a 10 killed in fighting in northern Sri Lanka
09:51:35a Hong Kong democrats stage hunger strike as China officials meet
09:51:39a Britain's queen launches YouTube site
09:51:43a India's Zapak reported ready to buy Sony Online
09:51:46a At least 17 killed in fighting in northern Sri Lanka
09:51:50a Polls Thaksin Allies Win in Thailand AP
09:51:57a Apartment residents packing over holidays
09:52:04a Rushs Hit-Piece on Huckabee
09:52:07a Ayn Rand Would Not Be Green
09:52:11a FCC acted a bit late to help newspapers
09:52:15a Expect high oil prices in '08
09:52:18a Alcoa sells unit for 2.7bn
09:52:22a National Guard receives donation
09:52:26a Two boys charged in laptop computer theft
09:52:29a Grant tabbed for heritage center
09:52:33a Gardener leaves UAA 1 million
09:52:36a Woman booked on assault charge
09:52:40a Recycling set for Christmas trees
09:52:44a Bar's locomotive sculpture prompts profound question What is art?
09:52:47a She's gotta dance
09:52:51a Murder probe after man found dead
09:52:55a Israel confirms settlement plans
09:52:58a Queen Will Air Christmas Message on YouTube
09:53:02a Thais hope poll will end rifts, few expect it
09:53:05a Holiday travellers face fog delay
09:53:09a Uzbeks set to re-elect president
09:53:13a 'Modi's popularity swept away other factors'
09:53:16a Prime Minister congratulates Modi
09:53:20a Pix BJP supporters celebrate Gujarat victory
09:53:32a Carson remembered for courage, humanity
09:53:35a No picnic in the National Guard for 59-year-old soldier
09:53:39a If Gov. Daniels wins bid for 2nd term, expect more changes
09:54:05a Boy 'not tested' for meningitis
09:54:23a Osceola County leaders organize their priorities for 2008
09:54:27a Remember fun, health for happy holidays
09:54:30a Busniess news and notes from around Osceola County
09:54:34a Schools to fight back against bullies
09:54:37a 'World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions' to perform this week in Kissimmee
09:54:41a News and notes from around Osceola County
09:54:49a Italian PM meets Afghan leader
09:55:17a French TV crew may face death penalty lawyer
09:55:21a Radio France journalist held without charge
09:55:34a Gua Musang-Kota Baru road expected to open in 48 hours
09:55:37a Pilgrims not stranded, only late, says Dr Abdullah
09:56:23a HR defenders rap criminalization in politics
09:56:27a Employees demand ranger's release
09:56:30a Farmers oppose Maoist donation drive
09:56:34a Major parties finalise 20-pt agreement
09:56:38a Chure-Bhawar peace army publicised
09:56:41a Cops smell 'ransom' in Aryal killing, deny JTMM claim
09:56:45a Zoe Ark's lied about flight plans, court told
09:56:58a Olmert Rules Out Hamas Cease-Fire
09:57:35a Soccer Relegated Hiroshima book spot in Emperor's Cup semis+
09:57:39a U.S. subprime mortgage crisis voted top foreign news in 2007+
09:57:58a Pro-Thaksin party leads in Thailand's post-coup election
09:58:23a The Fear Factor How Does Fear Affect Voters
09:58:26a Flattered Jennifer Love Hewitt Turns Down Playboy
09:58:30a How Genetic Mutation Causes Coronary Atherosclerosis
09:59:15a Foreign Leaders Visit Kabul
09:59:24a Cooper wins second straight World Cup title at Changchun
09:59:46a Kazakh security agency reports results of anti-drug action
09:59:50a Olmert says 'war' in Gaza to continue
09:59:57a Qunta should not be appointed DA
10:00:15a Program allows blind people to enjoy holiday TV events
10:01:37a 'LOVE 101' FOR JAMIE
10:02:05a POOR HOSP HAME
10:02:23a Get involved...
10:02:27a Flying real deep into the mystic
10:02:31a News and notes from around the Four Corners area
10:02:34a Business news and notes from around the Four Corners area
10:02:38a Orlando attorney John Lowndes allows Minneola more time to decide on property
10:02:45a Principal makes bail in child-porn case
10:03:04a Woman, daughter and son arrested for drug trafficking
10:03:12a Ipoh Barat MP Kula's mom passes away
10:03:30a Mexico town puts on a holiday show for migrants
10:03:59a Boy kills self over busted radio
10:04:03a Caribbean or skiing for the business elite
10:04:18a China unveils new 300 kmph bullet train
10:04:21a Alitalia board picks Air France KLM's bid
10:04:26a Hallandale Beach police treat 115 students to shopping spree
10:04:29a Mars expected to dazzle us on Christmas Eve
10:04:33a Tamarac Four-car crash on turnpike injures 1, holds up traffic
10:04:36a South Florida Expanded FHP patrols continue through Tuesday
10:04:40a Wasilla girl suspended for school threats
10:04:44a Buffalo ranching may boost Umnak Island tourism
10:04:47a Community profile Big Delta
10:04:51a Program works to restore Kodiak Island crab stocks
10:04:55a Expansion of port in Prince Rupert hailed as boon
10:04:58a They hear freedom ring when he speaks
10:05:02a Alaskans can see Mars-moon eclipse
10:05:05a Researchers test energy potential of winter sun
10:05:09a Fort Rich closes wolf range
10:05:12a Alaska Ear
10:05:16a Cop kills himself on his birthday
10:05:19a Man stabs cop to death in KZN
10:05:45a Seven-year-old boy killed in Christmas shooting rampage
10:05:49a Central Visayas LTO orders audit of all car registrations
10:05:52a Jalosjos vows to sue arresting officers
10:05:56a Asia's airline sector set for slowdown--industry body
10:06:04a Olmert rules out cease-fire with Hamas, calls Gaza situation 'true war'
10:06:08a Israel announces additional construction in east Jerusalem, West Bank
10:06:23a Roma beat Sampdoria in Italian Serie A
10:06:26a Results and standings of French Ligue 1
10:06:30a Iran-Russia transactions doubled in 1st 3 Qs of 2007
10:06:33a Eastern Europe fights for Hollywood cash
10:06:37a European business mood darkens
10:06:40a European number one Rose targets Tiger's top spot
10:06:44a Romney, Edwards in the age of riches
10:06:47a Why We May Be Kissing Goodbye To Mistletoe
10:06:51a Fighting kills four in Somali capital Mogadishu
10:06:55a Get dogs, whistles to help police, Nigerians told
10:06:58a Lower purchase limits on savings bonds take effect Jan. 1
10:07:18a Region likely to dodge economic doldrums
10:07:21a Extra cheer for some Machinists at Boeing
10:07:25a Three reasons to wait until 2008 to make certain tax moves
10:07:29a Workaholics rarely help anyone
10:07:32a Bumbling fund behavior, Part II
10:07:36a Fidelity OTC posts big gains with Nintendo
10:07:39a Here's to you, my readers
10:07:43a Market Trends Mutual-fund growth losing steam
10:07:47a New limits on savings bonds
10:07:50a Recent upswing for Cost Plus has no apparent means of support
10:07:54a Slimmer disclosure statements could say more in fewer words
10:07:58a Tommy Bahama clothing line grows up
10:08:01a Where to get answers on long-term-care coverage
10:08:05a Yes, Virginia, you can make a hire without a résumé
10:08:09a Pro-Thaksin party leads in Thailand
10:08:12a First post-coup elections in Thailand
10:08:34a Vic man's body recovered from drain
10:08:49a Modi is Dhoni of Team BJP, says Prasad
10:08:52a From tea-seller to CM Modi has come a long way
10:08:56a Modi win spells trouble for BJP rebels
10:09:07a Last chance at a political solution Iran...
10:09:11a Video Baghdad Enjoys First Peaceful Eid Holiday In Years
10:09:17a Iraqi Parliament Learning From Us Congress
10:09:21a JK Rowling Returns To Harry Potter's Birthplace
10:09:55a Civilians killed in Mogadishu fighting
10:09:58a Negligence led to surgery mix-up officials
10:10:02a Don't get caught in the Holliday death trap!
10:10:05a Free software for accounting
10:10:09a Fund Biggest Loser
10:10:13a 15 most common terms in online casino.
10:10:16a Angelina Jolie Gallery
10:10:20a Jingle Haul The Way Truckin' Idiots Dump Sealed Loot
10:10:24a Democrats Make No Child Left Behind an Election Issue
10:10:27a Women's Rights A Step Backwards
10:10:31a Make Lots of Money Submitting Articles
10:10:34a The Simpsons House In Real World
10:10:38a News Corp. to Sell U.S. TV Stations for 1.1 Billion
10:10:42a Looking for wholesale computers and hardware?
10:10:45a 4 Steps to a Robot's Tea Party
10:10:49a Neo-Cons Behind Potential Hit On Ron Paul
10:11:08a Thai exit polls show victory for pro-Thaksin party
10:11:12a Italy's PM in Afghanistan II
10:11:58a Aoun Reiterates Willingness to Meet Hariri in Paris
10:12:01a Lebanon remains in limbo after vote postponed again
10:12:21a Turkish planes bomb Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq
10:12:25a Girl births are growing on South Korea
10:12:29a Turf battles jeopardizing Sunni groups' successes
10:12:32a Iraqi government to disband Sunni militias
10:12:54a Fort battallion leaves mark in Middle East with mural
10:12:58a Iraq set to take over Basra security
10:13:02a Turkey continues assault on northern Iraq
10:13:12a Sea cucumber a 'malaria weapon'
10:13:16a Zimbabwe police arrest 'cash baroness'
10:13:20a Thaksin Allies Win in Thailand
10:13:23a All nations have right to peaceful N-technology
10:13:40a Stakes High for U.S., Argentina
10:14:41a Some Critics Are More Coherent Than Others
10:14:44a Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?
10:14:48a Wow, Thanks!
10:15:07a PPP insists to form gov following a poll result
10:15:10a Tearing ballots found in many areas
10:15:37a Thai bourse to recover in final week of trade for 2007
10:15:41a EC says more than 200 complaints on election fraud lodged
10:15:44a Police, military and Bangkok municipality on full alert for New Year Festival
10:15:48a Thais vote Sunday in first post coup election
10:15:51a Finance minister optimistic about economic growth next year
10:15:55a Coup leader pledges to accept poll results
10:15:58a Democrat Party's executives monitor election updates from TV
10:16:02a Houston Rockets beat Chicago Bulls
10:16:05a Suzhou lit up to greet coming New Year
10:16:09a Andy Lau Performs in Hong Kong
10:16:12a Adnoc-Linde form JV
10:16:16a New SABC chair 'looks forward to challenge'
10:16:20a Mr Bean in minor ding
10:16:23a Christmas rocket heads to ISS
10:16:27a PPP to launch people-oriented mega projects Benazir
10:16:31a Memon reiterates pledge to ensure transparent elections
10:16:35a Arab council proposes setting up of authority to finance private sector
10:16:38a Saudi official affirms end of Hajj season with no major incidents
10:16:42a Gates says Al Qaeda targetting Pakistani govt and people
10:16:46a Security beefed up following Charsada suicide blast
10:17:29a Samardžiæ scathing of Rice comments
10:17:32a Turkey stages new air attack on Kurd rebels in Iraq
10:17:36a 'Inter-ethnic hatred could lead to partition'
10:17:40a Arkan's party to decide on joining SRS
10:17:43a Pro-Thaksin party leads Thai vote
10:17:47a Tadiæ launches election campaign in Novi Sad
10:18:14a Man found wedged in drain
10:18:19a Man arrested after servo robbery
10:18:23a Qantas engineers hold off strike
10:18:27a Rudd in surprise Afghanistan visit
10:18:30a Falconio case 'should be reopened'
10:18:34a Govt approves new horse trails
10:18:37a Oprah invited to the outback
10:18:41a Racist fans at MCG face life bans
10:18:45a Scorpions double stings Fury
10:18:48a County backs DEQ on mine plans
10:18:52a Minivan runs into South Side yard
10:18:55a Suit says police violated rights
10:18:59a Rancher agrees to pay U.S. forest
10:19:03a Condo opponents win in court
10:19:06a Fuel-reduction study released
10:19:10a Lindsay Lohan's rehab lover reveals her sex addiction
10:19:14a Jailbird gangsters threaten Blake to kidnap Amy
10:19:17a K-Fed invites Britney to spend Xmas with kids
10:19:21a From Scary to 'Greedy' Spice
10:19:24a Queen launches 'Royal Channel' on YouTube
10:19:28a New Israeli settlement plans unveiled on eve of peace talks
10:19:32a Israel to keep up Gaza strikes, rules out talks with Hamas
10:19:36a Two Afghans questioned in Pakistan blast officials
10:19:40a AG considers legal action against RBF
10:19:43a Jamboree participation via internet
10:19:50a Draunidalo laid to rest
10:19:54a Pro-Thaksin party leads in Thailand's post-coup election
10:20:49a Iraq issues Kirkuk tender
10:20:53a Dolphin awards Salzgitter
10:20:56a Turkey Gets Back 348 Artifacts Earlier Smuggled Abroad, Gunay
10:21:00a A Turkey Treat; Simple Solution to a Festive Problem
10:21:03a Turkish jets bomb PKK targets in northern Iraq
10:21:07a 06amTurkey bombs sites in northern Iraq
10:21:14a Energy prices to remain high next year
10:21:17a Dead boy 'not tested for meningitis'
10:21:21a Corpse identified by distinctive tattoo
10:21:24a Rudd's 110m Afghan pledge
10:21:27a Tattoo solves dead man's identity
10:21:31a Thieves captured on film
10:21:45a Orlando-area schools may lose millions as school-impact fees shrink during housing slump
10:21:49a Romance, dating now a limited 'activity' at Beary's office
10:21:53a One dead, three injured in Winter Park crash
10:22:27a Dubai One celebrates 3rd on-air anniversary
10:22:31a 190m Unicorn, Open-Silicon deal
10:22:34a The Middle East's 40 largest public companies
10:22:38a Isesco inaugurates 'University Chair in Education on Dialogue and Peace Culture' at Cairo University
10:22:41a MCCI has 21.5m customers
10:22:45a Exceptional success for Plus Properties at the St. Petersburg Real Estate Exhibition
10:22:48a Premiere Indian works to showcase at 'Art and Antiques Dubai'
10:22:52a Facebook as a marketing tool friend or foe?
10:22:56a Emirates Bank launches a DIC PayPass promotion in conjunction with its IBDAA Sponsorship
10:22:59a Coelho speaks at Communicate's 'Power of Personal Image' conference
10:23:03a John Halpin joins SCLG Executive Committee
10:23:06a SNASCO to participate in Acres Middle East
10:23:10a Last-minute gifts, profits
10:23:13a N.Ky.bolsters nursery's growth
10:23:17a Injury almost tanked Santa
10:23:20a Company aims to help disabled
10:23:24a Burbank to be roasted
10:23:28a Students win stocks contest
10:23:31a Safe, not sorry
10:23:34a Here's how to make your home more secure
10:23:38a Wish you were here
10:23:41a Students star as volunteers
10:23:45a Gift bag cheers hospital patients
10:23:48a Deck the courthouse with irises?
10:23:52a Keep the faith through hard times, and live to fight another day
10:23:55a Make sure that used car didn't swim with the fishes
10:23:59a Newcomer on block calls Santa display art, but Bremerton neighbors repulsed
10:24:02a One congregation's mission Go where they're needed
10:24:06a Unstructured learning is Saturday House goal
10:24:10a Dog saves Pullman family, dies in fire
10:24:14a Probe navigator of ship that ran aground in Alaska was a novice
10:24:17a Weather causes some travel delays
10:24:21a What's open, closed over the holiday
10:24:24a William Irmscher taught English at UW for years
10:24:28a Suspected intruder dies in Kent confrontation
10:24:31a You cannot put a price on the best gifts
10:24:35a For Many Bolivians, New Constitution Is Illegal
10:24:39a Huckabee another Bill Clinton?
10:24:42a Pro-Thaksin party leads in Thai election
10:24:46a Thailand votes in polls since coup
10:24:50a Indian naval officers told to be performers
10:24:53a Soccer PSV Eindhoven back to top of Dutch league
10:24:57a Basket Ball Yi shines in his big night as Bucks down Bobcats
10:25:00a Loss of timber money on Legislature's agenda
10:25:04a Two centres of power clash
10:25:08a Debt headache for big Christmas spenders
10:25:11a Pastor's 'dead' mother comes back to life
10:25:15a New SABC chair pays tribute to outgoing board
10:25:19a Iran supports national consensus in Lebanon, says Mottaki
10:25:22a Over 98 percent of Iranians have access to healthy water
10:25:26a Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center lacks fire safety
10:25:30a Bethlehem beyond the Christmas calm
10:25:33a Israel fears conflict with U.S. over peace talks' impasse
10:25:37a Israel plans additional new construction in disputed east Jerusalem, West Bank
10:25:41a Hamas rules out ceasefire in Gaza Strip
10:25:44a Morgenstern sets record with 6th win
10:25:54a Drivers Wait for 20 Hours to Load Cars on Calafat-Vidin Ferryboat Line
10:26:00a Hot-button issues help Kensington pack pews
10:26:04a Emergency panel hits snag
10:26:07a LIVONIA Civil rights charges filed
10:26:11a G.P. SHORES BOATING SEASON PREP Enthusiasm builds for renovations to marina
10:26:15a INKSTER He's the school leader of the year
10:26:19a A FEW MINUTES WITH A student who probes owl vomit
10:26:22a Mackinac Bridge to start raising its tolls
10:26:26a WYANDOTTE Docks an idea to reel in visitors
10:26:29a SOUTHFIELD Mural spells out students' qualities
10:26:33a WARREN Group home for kids cuts campus
10:26:36a Olmert says "war" in Gaza to continue
10:26:40a At least 19 killed in fighting in northern Sri Lanka
10:27:29a Marts braced for busy Christmas Eve
10:27:33a Blair's switch is little surprise
10:27:36a British hospital treats all sides in Afghan
10:27:55a Two held over Antrim death
10:27:59a One ticket scoops big Lotto pot
10:28:03a Man admits duping aid workers
10:28:08a Russia launches cargo spacecraft to space station
10:28:12a Cycling Former Tour de France runner up Beloki retires
10:28:16a Spurs' Parker denies sleeping with French model
10:28:20a Zyuganov tells PACE chief Russian election laws are abused
10:28:27a Viet Nam, France fasten financial cooperation
10:28:31a Bushehr nuclear power plant to enter power grid next year
10:28:35a Russia's technical, military cooperation with Iran to continue Russian daily
10:28:38a France expresses interest in forging civil N cooperation with India
10:28:42a Gorbachev on Putin's political plans after term of office.
10:28:45a Construction of Caspian gas pipeline
10:28:49a Construction of Kambarata Hydro Power Station
10:28:52a Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi
10:28:56a Communist guerrillas attack Philippine town hall
10:29:00a Can robot car help disabled kids?
10:29:04a Ruling lets firms restrict union e-mail
10:29:07a 4 held in prostitution ring advertised through Craigslist
10:29:45a Cooperation is Great for Salmon Our Views
10:29:48a A life and death, raw
10:29:52a There's no defense for toxic toys
10:29:56a Small loans help defeat poverty
10:29:59a It's a campaign, not a crusade
10:30:03a a notch in the 'axis of evil'
10:30:06a Global warming 'ideology' a false school of thought
10:30:09a Poverty in India staggering
10:30:13a Who is a Christian
10:30:17a Matheson wrong on tax vote
10:30:20a Winter depression is out of the closet
10:30:24a Clemens cartoon out of place
10:30:27a How to curb piracy
10:30:31a A sweet yule tradition is here to stay
10:30:35a Tax write-offs for charity help giver more than poor
10:30:38a Holiday e-cards easy to delete
10:30:42a Yankees scarce in New Hampshire, but Yankee values endure
10:30:45a Belgium on alert after al-Qaida gang held
10:30:49a Maoists to hold fast to fully PR system for CA
10:30:52a Victim's family continues East-West Highway blockade
10:30:56a House panel to summon PM, army chief over Shivapuri
10:31:00a National Memory and the Anniversary of the Battle of Verti res
10:31:03a Palace lauds DoJ chief's move against Jalosjos
10:31:07a Senate blue ribbon panel may set up own Web site
10:31:10a Security tightened for Jalosjos at Zambo penal colony
10:31:14a Palace counsel defends hiring of US lobby firm
10:31:17a Jalosjos now in Zambonga, to undergo medical checkup
10:31:38a Think before you park in that handicap space
10:31:41a Woman's body is found in crawl space in W.Va.
10:31:45a Cargo craft to deliver Christmas gifts to space station crew
10:31:49a Nuns to leave brains to science
10:31:52a Turtle Lighting Rule for Naught
10:31:56a Pyatt gives Canucks shootout win over Coyotes
10:31:59a Cherry defends suspended Islanders forward Simon
10:32:03a Chocolatiers Accused Of Price Fixing In Canada
10:32:11a Am I a Hillary Cheerleader?
10:32:14a US microchip firm stake for Unicorn
10:32:18a Samsung to sponsor African football
10:32:24a 'Everyone was scared of me when I came home'
10:32:28a White City center helps vets combat the enemy within
10:32:31a About this series
10:32:35a Preserving a bit of history
10:32:38a North takes back seat in bond projects debate
10:32:42a Santas bring gift to WWII pilot's kid sis
10:32:46a Since You Asked River gauge high on the Applegate
10:33:03a Tacoma tries to retain Russell
10:33:06a Where are they now? Busy, busy, busy, busy
10:33:10a Cyberspace connects crime fighters State investigates bottles case
10:33:47a 2 Freed in Georgia Teen Sex Case that Changed Law
10:33:50a Police investigate after body found in drain
10:33:54a Children in hospital after Sydney balcony fall
10:33:57a Olmert says 'war' in Gaza to continue
10:34:01a Plane ban bid for Sunday chapel
10:34:05a Falconio DNA evidence questioned
10:34:09a Fort Lauderdale Developer submits plans for building south of river
10:34:12a EQ 4.8 Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan PRELIMINARY REPORT
10:34:25a Chamni Third-alternative parties should have got more MPs
10:34:29a PPP has won the people's votes thanks to circumstance, says Snoh
10:34:39a FBI's Cold War Arrest Plan Revealed
10:34:43a Public honors U.S. Rep. Julia Carson at funeral
10:34:46a San Francisco Chronicle Best-Sellers Dec. 23 /
10:34:50a Critics can always fall back on Clinton's looks
10:34:53a Why is Eskom increasing the price of power?
10:35:22a Olmert rules out cease-fire with Hamas, calls Gaza situation "true war"
10:35:25a 5 Somalis killed in capital in overnight attacks
10:36:21a 1bn biometrics database on way
10:36:45a State illegal-racing law can be dead-end for cops
10:36:49a Against all odds, Tampa couple receive 3 miracles
10:36:52a Church clown carries a weighty message
10:36:56a UF's president to get 1.2 million in pact
10:37:00a Mom, child abducted, robbed, slain
10:37:03a Pedestrian is struck, killed in roadway
10:37:07a Blair conversion bolsters Catholicism's 'lead'
10:37:36a 'True War' Rages in Gaza
10:37:56a Japan PM works to end hepatitis scandal
10:38:00a Japan reconsiders plan to kill humpback whales
10:38:50a Ebenezer Scrooge Lobbies Washington
10:38:54a Op-Ed Wall Street backflips Consumers lead, but there's a fiduciary stench
10:38:57a Op-Ed The Myth of the American Empire
10:39:01a Passing of An Era
10:39:04a Privatization, Chinese style New laws covering state assets
10:39:15a END OF AN ERROR
10:39:37a 'TIS TAX SEASON
10:39:48a Rivals suggest Huckabee is just another Bill Clinton
10:39:51a Police Teens made phony cash in pickup truck on Long Island
10:39:55a Jury finds Long Island, N.Y., man guilty of manslaughter in racially charged shooting
10:39:59a Party would accept royalists into republican fold Mahara
10:40:47a Philippines a Xmas terrorism risk DFAT
10:41:31a Hospitality Institute team does Barbados proud
10:41:35a Rotary Club of Barbados West spreads Christmas cheer
10:41:38a Developing countries should have their say
10:41:42a Armed Robbery at Kennewick Pizza Hut
10:41:45a 17-Year-Old Boy Killed By Train in Finley
10:41:49a Antique idols worth millions seized from Siliguri.
10:41:53a Thaksin Allies Win in Thai
10:41:56a Abu Dhabi Women's College recognizes the International Day of Disabled Persons
10:42:00a Voter ID laws fuel debate ahead of primaries
10:42:03a The day Wales made history
10:42:07a Man, 56, missing for seven years
10:42:10a Probation Officers Angry Over 'Contract Breach'
10:42:14a E. Lansing, township considering 15M fix to ease road congestion
10:42:18a Police Keep home safe this holiday
10:42:21a 100 lbs. of pot seized from truck hauling carrots
10:42:25a Charlotte firehouse design is over budget
10:42:28a Christmas brings store, bank closings
10:42:32a Blair conversion bolsters Catholicism's 'lead'
10:42:35a Hopewell Move Shows Lessons Go Unlearned
10:42:39a State Won't Punish Richmond for Fish Kill
10:42:43a Kentucky Public Radio Evolves
10:43:13a Alaskans can see Mars-moon eclipselive
10:43:17a Program works to restore Kodiak Island crab stockslive
10:43:20a Expansion of port in Prince Rupert hailed as boonlive
10:43:24a Perfect conditions for a skate ski treatlive
10:43:27a Heavy rains great news for NSW farmers
10:43:31a Boy rescued after dinghy blown to sea
10:43:55a Web Site Offers Jessica Simpson Mask
10:43:59a Kate Middleton Gifted 'Fake' Diamonds By Prince William
10:44:03a Helena Bonham Carter Asks Johnny Depp To Be Son's Godfather
10:44:12a GNOME 2.21.4 released
10:44:16a FA take a realistic line on Capello
10:44:23a Striking nurses approve new contract
10:44:26a Queen gets in on YouTube
10:44:30a Hamas 'working toward a truce'
10:44:33a US man nails Santa to a cross
10:45:08a Philippine left-wing rebels kill gov't militiaman despite Christmas ceasefire offer
10:45:12a Olympic gallery lights up Shanghai bund
10:45:15a California's wildfire recovery assistance totals 155 mln
10:45:19a Nets beat Warriors, Suns defeat Raptors
10:45:22a Fukuda Japan, China face opportunities to expand communication
10:45:26a Draft amendment to road transport law further clarifies responsibilities of parties in accidents
10:45:30a Backgrounder Basic facts about Uzbekistan
10:45:34a Petrocaribe boosts Venezuela's clout on oil markets
10:45:37a China's first anti-drug law likely to be adopted this year
10:45:41a Yi shines in his big night as Bucks down Bobcats
10:45:44a Thailand's 1st post-coup election goes smoothly, high turnout expected
10:45:48a Italian PM pays surprised visit to Afghanistan
10:45:52a Bottling Their Own
10:45:55a NHL Luongo saves Canucks in desert
10:45:59a UW Men's Basketball Appleby shut down, others rise
10:46:03a Las Vegas Bowl BYU blocks out the Bruins
10:46:07a Sonics Swift at a standstill
10:46:10a Hawks' ground game still out of gear
10:46:14a Baseball's seedy side starts in clubhouse
10:46:17a NBA Wade beats buzzer, Utah
10:46:21a NFL Cowboys survive Owens' exit
10:46:25a NBA Notebook Lakers' Jackson says Isiah needs support
10:46:29a We're in stitches over your holiday sweaters
10:46:32a UW Men's Notebook Guard goes long to find his receiver
10:46:36a Iraq security partners threaten to bolt
10:46:40a The answer for Seahawks More Mo
10:46:43a Five areas to judge the Sonics' season on
10:46:47a Huckabee calls for stronger military
10:46:51a Giuliani promises update on his health
10:46:54a What individual congressional members were seeking
10:46:58a NFL Notebook Merriman expects to return Monday
10:47:02a NFL's most disappointing teams in '07
10:47:05a Despite the prevailing attitude, there's no excuse for cheating
10:47:09a Preview Seahawks vs. Ravens, 115 p.m., TV Ch. 7
10:47:13a Which era worse steroids or cocaine?
10:47:16a Searching for the family tree
10:47:20a Sikhs bring comfort to injured cabdriver
10:47:24a Southeast athletes of the week
10:47:27a Teen on board with helping education
10:47:31a FiveFaves Places to see a movie
10:47:35a Pasta is star attraction at cozy Italian eatery
10:47:42a Best Bets Some events you won't want to miss
10:47:46a Clawson's resignation surprises Renton council
10:47:49a Maple Valley summit opens public talk about teens, drugs
10:47:53a Group hopes list helps improve disaster relief
10:47:57a Going to be a doggone good Christmas
10:48:00a 2007 Best of Puget Sound The best of Times
10:48:04a The enduring wizardry of fabulous store windows
10:48:08a Obama's not stumped when it comes to words
10:48:11a Feds blow smoke up states' tailpipes
10:48:15a Coals in Port's stocking
10:48:18a Calling All Wise Men
10:48:22a A Feast Of Festivity
10:48:25a The Indoor Sun Shoppe Shines light on our most naked of needs
10:48:29a The Indestructibles
10:48:32a Inspiring Index
10:48:36a A connection between me and the sad-eyed girl
10:48:40a At home with a modern Malay Muslim family
10:48:43a Following in the footsteps of Paul
10:48:47a Director hopes "Savages" delivers comfort
10:48:51a "Debaters" a passion project for Denzel Washington
10:48:54a 9/11 puts filmmakers on global quest for faith
10:48:58a Lincoln's killer sought in "The Hunt"
10:49:01a Classical world had plenty of weirdness in 2007
10:49:05a "Trumpery" earns Off Broadway raves
10:49:09a The Times Footlight Awards for local theater
10:49:12a "Barista The Game" A triple shot of inspiration
10:49:16a Good grief! How I love that dirty beagle
10:49:19a The mystery of the meandering, merry martini
10:49:22a The time is right for tights
10:49:26a "Less than acceptable"
10:49:30a Heartland holidays Midwest farms offer old-fashioned Christmas
10:49:34a Holiday travel Here's an idea of what to expect
10:49:37a Close to home Jazz in Bellingham
10:49:41a Ski resorts plan for a future with less snow
10:49:45a Elf employment is up in Santa tourism boom
10:49:48a Report Thieves butcher, behead Siberian tiger at zoo in central China
10:49:53a What is the asian guy doing in this photo with Hillary???
10:49:56a Fallbrook man killed in Iraq
10:50:00a Updated Immigration Ratings on Presidential Candidates
10:50:03a MICHAEL ROSENBERG Rodriguez needs to embrace U-M traditions, rehire a few assistants
10:51:00a SA based Zimbabweans flocking to Beit Bridge
10:51:20a Israel, Hamas rule out Gaza truce talks
10:51:24a Olmert says 'war' in Gaza to continue
10:51:37a Exposed the seven great medical myths
10:51:40a Report Tiger Beheaded in Chinese Zoo
10:51:47a Democrats ratchet up message of electability
10:51:50a Analysis Can Thompson's late effort pay off?
10:51:54a Mother Nature's blanket makes for cold shoulders
10:51:58a A dying woman. A porcelain doll. A Christmas wish.
10:52:01a Mayor is losing faith in D.M. ethanol plant
10:52:05a Potomac Fever Congress, Christmas and Caucus = Chaos
10:52:09a Infrastructure upgrades vital to Iowa's economic future
10:52:12a Caucus tourists' guide to Des Moines hotspots
10:52:16a Huckabee Caucus clout stays if you support me
10:52:19a 'Polarizing' label is a ploy, Clinton's husband says
10:52:23a Edwards wants ban on '527' groups
10:52:26a Carlson Merry Christmas to some very special people
10:52:30a Home-state help coming soon for Richardson
10:52:33a Obama vows strong trade agreements
10:52:37a D.M. school district to review contract with firm
10:52:40a Snow keeps shoppers away from malls again
10:52:44a Postal workers wrap up busiest week of the year
10:52:48a ID plan targets cattle producers
10:52:51a Christmas delays Clive trash pickup
10:52:55a Windsor Heights city offices close
10:52:59a Holidays affect trash collection
10:53:02a Country Ramblers play New Year's Eve
10:53:06a Dress kids warmly for outdoor recess
10:53:09a WDM animal licenses available for '08
10:53:13a Flag football event part of winter games
10:53:16a City Halls, libraries closed Dec. 25, Jan. 1
10:53:20a Copper explosives on a chip pave way for next-gen 'smart' fuze detonators
10:53:23a Stanford tough in the clutch, edges Texas Tech
10:53:27a Dog rescuer loses her home in a fire 3 canines she was fostering are...
10:53:31a Israel rejects Hamas ceasefire feelers
10:53:34a Karl Rove will make mucho bucks for memoir
10:53:38a Germans nervous about their economic future
10:53:42a Al-Qaeda group confirms top figure killed
10:53:46a Polling stations open in Uzbekistan for voters to elect president
10:53:49a Peaceful start to voting in Uzbekistan
10:53:53a Toddler falls into canal
10:53:56a 16 hurt as taxi overturns
10:54:00a Australian dies for her cellphone
10:54:04a US diplomat says Iran reining in Shiite militias in Iraq
10:54:08a Record marijuana bust in Costa Rica
10:54:12a Iran Bushehr plant ready by March
10:54:19a Italian PM visits Afghanistan
10:54:58a Inspectors stage sit-in on ship at Dublin Port
10:55:02a Thai polls point to pro-Thaksin victory
10:55:05a Two men held over Antrim murder
10:55:09a Woman killed in Louth collision
10:55:31a FACTBOX Key facts about Modi
10:55:35a NEWSMAKER Narendra Modi shows he's unstoppable
10:56:32a Catholic churchgoers outnumber Anglicans
10:56:35a Thailand's PPP party leads polls
10:57:04a Some giraffe on the brink of extiction
10:57:07a Scientists finetune tsunami warning system
10:57:13a Israel expands housing plans in E. J'lem, W. Bank
10:57:16a No Cease-Fire With Hamas
10:57:20a Negev Solar Power Plant Tender to be Opened to Foreign Firms
10:57:35a Iran and Bahrain to hold bilateral talks
10:57:39a Bahrain Air not out to steal Gulf Air passengers
10:57:52a Koreas, China to meet on NKorea energy aid officials
10:57:56a Hong Kong democrats stage hunger strike to push for reform
10:58:02a Hizbullah We Will Not Relinquish Rights
10:58:36a Barak denies intelligence failure on abducted IDF soldier Shalit
10:58:58a Congress accepts defeat in Gujarat, congratulates Modi
10:59:02a Sanjeeda-Aamir win keenly fought 'Nach Baliye' final
10:59:05a can he emerge as national leader
10:59:08a 'Modi is not excited despite emphatic win'
10:59:12a BHEL can now supply bigger power generation equipment
10:59:15a Congress concedes defeat in Gujarat
10:59:19a Gagan in quarterfinals of Eastern India amateur golf
10:59:22a Rajnath attributes victory to development plank
10:59:26a Himachal will do a Gujarat for BJP, says Rajnath Singh
10:59:30a Congress concedes defeat in Gujarat elections
10:59:33a Champagne flows in US
10:59:36a Local central railways train derails in Mumbai
10:59:40a Understanding the alchemy of Modi's victory
10:59:43a NCW to discuss night shifts for women
10:59:47a Hope turns to despair
10:59:51a Parliamentary panel favours reconstituting of CBI as CBII
10:59:54a India's Twenty20 leap year
10:59:58a Modi poised to become CM for third time
11:00:01a Gujarat - BJP back, Cong out. Your take
11:00:05a Iraq gov't vows to disband Sunni groups
11:00:09a UCLA COACH Michigan is 'best 4-8 team' in nation
11:00:23a SPC MD 2259
11:00:37a Israeli PM Rules Out Cease-Fire With Hamas
11:00:41a 'Racist murder' suspects quizzed
11:00:44a Brazil unhappy at Menezes ruling
11:00:48a Blair conversion bolsters Catholicism's 'lead'
11:00:51a Uzbekistan vote expected to extend Karimov's rule
11:00:55a Israel ministry plans 740 new homes on occupied land
11:00:58a NEWSMAKER-India's Hindu-nationalist icon shows he's unstoppable
11:01:02a Olmert says 'war' on militants in Gaza to continue
11:01:06a FACTBOX-Security developments in Afghanistan
11:01:09a US plans confidential assessment of Mideast peace moves
11:01:13a Chinese police seek Siberian tiger killer
11:01:16a Husain exhibition resumes in Delhi
11:01:20a Party is king, Rajnath reminds Modi after win
11:01:23a 76 bombs recovered in Nandigram
11:01:27a Mom finds friend in Catholic Charities
11:01:31a Feds crack down on illegal immigration in Springfield
11:01:35a Crime Report Nashville bank robber sought
11:01:38a New streets will be priority for Murfreesboro officials
11:01:42a Australia to impose lifetime bans for racism
11:01:56a Bangladesh banker predicts 'supersonic' speed for economy
11:02:53a Wikia Will Search. But When?
11:02:57a OGCC Day 23 How To Wrap Those Gadget Gifts
11:03:00a Villagers walk 20 kms to charge mobile phones
11:03:09a December 17 December 23, 2007 Cartoons of the Week TIME
11:03:24a Algerians expect Bouteflika third term bid
11:03:30a Tony Blair makes leap of faith
11:04:10a Japanese ruling bloc to submit bill to aid victims of tainted blood products
11:04:14a 1 million cyclone survivors without shelter in Bangladesh Red Cross
11:04:41a Zuma may visit white squatters
11:04:45a Hilton mom's charity auction
11:04:51a Argentina not to buy F-16 from US
11:04:54a Julio Bocca se despide para siempre del p blico
11:05:06a Musicians cash in on Christmas tunes
11:05:09a Elliott guides Redbacks to Bulls rout
11:05:13a Wrestling Yoshida wins 6th straight national title+
11:05:17a India's Hindu nationalists 'win' Gujarat poll reports
11:05:20a Olmert rules out ceasefire talks
11:05:24a Uzbekistan goes to the polls
11:05:27a Principal Makes Bail On Child Porn Charges
11:05:31a UF President Gets Extension, Raise
11:05:34a Standard Bearers For Peace
11:05:38a Lafave Has Eyes On Writing, TV
11:05:42a Queen Elizabeth II opens her own YouTube channel
11:05:45a Sharif, Bhutto on campaign trail
11:05:49a Smokers take last public puff
11:05:52a Hostages Chavez has a plan
11:05:59a 13 killed in Afghanistan unrest police, army
11:06:03a Uzbeks head to polls in tightly controlled election
11:07:01a Arrest a child, rescue a life
11:07:05a Pakistani militants pose visible threat
11:07:08a Mission takes the risks of believing in people
11:07:12a McCain could win New Hampshire
11:07:16a In Haiti, driving is always wild ride
11:07:19a Family Christmas tree endures 70 years
11:07:23a More couples embracing kinder, gentler divorce
11:07:27a N.C. town finds in Parton brother a tale of woe
11:07:30a Thailand voting for parliament
11:07:34a Eco-scientists shift workplace, research focus
11:07:38a Russian President Putin produces judo DVD
11:07:41a Winter Storm Leaves at Least 5 Dead
11:07:45a India's Hindu nationalists 'win' Gujarat poll
11:07:49a Garbage Grinch
11:07:52a Smoke detector use low in Michigan homes hit by deadly fires
11:08:55a China raises tax threshold to ease burden on poor
11:09:27a NPA to observe 4-day truce on Christmas, New Year eve, days
11:09:30a 15-year-old Filipino singer wows people on YouTube
11:09:34a Gov wants Negros Oriental police chief's term extended
11:09:38a Missing activists' kids wish they're home for Christmas
11:09:43a Special Offer to Our Daily Briefing Readers
11:09:46a Grand Slam winners for SAA Open
11:09:50a Soccer Ronaldo arrives in Rio for treatment
11:09:53a Soccer Brazilian soccer authorities to apply stricter rules in 2008
11:09:57a Soccer Vasco attempts to lift suspension of Romario
11:10:00a 36 Florida State players to sit out bowl game
11:10:04a Nativity statues to receive GPS devices
11:10:08a Xbox Live is Down right now , 2am EST
11:10:11a Anatomy of a bird
11:10:15a Robotic Milling and Offline Programming Software
11:10:19a Robo rex to roam in real Jurassic park
11:10:22a Robots, Lies and Smoking for 800, Alex
11:10:26a Is Fake Steve in Trouble with the Real Steve Jobs?
11:10:30a Apples lawyers threaten fake Steve Jobs
11:10:33a Bulls bundled out
11:10:37a Modi beats Congress again, leads BJP to historic w
11:10:40a New Zealand look to counter ICL threat
11:10:44a Team tired of criticism Gilchrist
11:10:47a New test kit saves time, costs
11:10:51a Cricket Aus to impose lifetime bans for racism
11:10:54a Retirement not on Hayden's mind
11:10:58a 5 Killed in U.S. Snow Storm
11:11:02a COVER STORY Somali Women Make Minneapolis Their Business
11:11:06a India's Hindu nationalists 'win' Gujarat poll
11:11:09a It's Christmas, so part-time and straggling Christians find their way to churches
11:11:13a Scott Turner From wonder to woe in a winter's week
11:11:17a Three Canadian soldiers suffer non-life threatening injuries in IED attack
11:11:20a Jessie remains mystery
11:11:24a Ottawa ready to host hockey tourney
11:11:27a Man shot in leg
11:11:47a S.Africa's Zuma says to look into inflation targeting
11:12:02a Man won't be charged after standoff with police
11:12:12a 20 hurt in accident at Belgrade railway station
11:12:15a Slovenia symbolically assumes EU chair
11:12:19a German rail ready for rail strike
11:12:25a Laxman's formula to win
11:13:08a Slashing call tips balance late in game
11:13:11a Vokoun 'better fit' than Toskala
11:13:15a 10 things Parcells needs to do
11:13:18a Patriots 38, Dolphins 14
11:13:22a Holiday game loses luster
11:13:26a Injuries leaving Riley few options at point guard
11:13:29a Crowder done for rest of season
11:13:43a New Weapons To Fight Crime Unveiled In Nigeria
11:13:58a Layoffs don't spoil holiday spirit among former workers at Logansport plant
11:14:02a Jolie, Pitt lend their voices to help youths still homeless after Gulf Coast hurricanes
11:14:05a People Power Party
11:15:12a Town farewells children who died in dam
11:15:17a Indiana's ISTEP shift creates two-test school year
11:15:20a Teachers group files labor grievance
11:15:24a Family, friends aid sick girl
11:15:27a Hospital ready for its new digs
11:15:31a Carson funeral reflects her influence
11:15:35a Appeals court upholds man's adoption of twins
11:15:38a Astrophysicist has theories on star of Bethlehem
11:15:42a What was top Ind. political story of '07?
11:15:45a Christmas closings in Southern Indiana
11:15:49a UK Envoy Bids Farewell to Kagame
11:15:52a Kenya Economist Keeps Jubilee Holdings On the Road to Prosperity
11:16:03a Veolia Water wins major Fujairah deal
11:16:07a Women's groups petition court to rule again on Ramon ministerial post
11:16:12a Man Gives 31,000 to Salvation Army
11:16:15a FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Dec 23
11:16:23a Sri Lanka says kills 22 rebels, destroys bunkers
11:17:07a Governor says he's on guard over economy
11:17:11a Strickland unsure of timing for Seneca Courthouse aid
11:17:14a Cadets, midshipmen fondly recall support of late congressman
11:17:18a Toledo, Lucas County wrangle with firm over Marina District, arena work
11:17:22a Heavyweight title fight confirmed for Mexico
11:17:25a Qatar to supply Mexico with gas
11:17:30a Lessons from our mistakes can guide us in new year
11:17:33a Pipeline bidders submit more information
11:17:37a Celebrity Christmas gifts
11:18:07a Santas have friends in the Owens
11:18:14a 7 minutes of Horatio Caine/David Caruso one-liners
11:18:18a Is 'Fake Steve' in Trouble with the Real Steve Jobs?
11:18:21a Dog's Nazi salute lands owner in jail for five months
11:18:25a Depression Affects Families
11:18:28a Why end early in a cemetery?
11:18:32a Body of missing coed thought to have been found
11:18:38a Nigeria Militants Announce Ceasefire for Christmas
11:19:22a Sri Lanka troops kill 22 Tamil Tigers
11:19:26a Man questioned over Dublin assault
11:20:25a Christmas Winnings
11:20:32a Obama accuses Edwards of hypocrisy
11:20:35a How to Win Iowa
11:20:39a It's About Hillary, Stupid
11:20:42a Pelosi's first year as House speaker marked by little change on war
11:20:46a The Mercurial Political Force It Rises, It Scatters, It Just Goes Away
11:20:53a Scattershot Sunday
11:21:09a Concerned owner microchips reindeer
11:21:38a Qantas engineers delay strike talk
11:22:35a Missing E-mails Case Abandoned
11:22:38a Charter Schools Want to Be Sure of Full Funding
11:22:42a State Will Register Some Rejected Voters
11:22:45a Man Guilty in Sex Case
11:22:49a Man's Death a Suicide
11:22:52a Death Ruled a Suicide
11:22:56a Archaeologists Dig in the Panhandle
11:22:59a UF President Gets Extension and Raise
11:23:03a S and P Rates Open Part of Investment Pool at Top
11:23:06a Polk Soldier Is Home From War For the Holidays
11:23:10a On Jan. 1, he takes role of managing editor/ digital.
11:23:13a Friedman Named to New Post At Ledger
11:23:17a tallahassee
11:23:20a Deputy's Recorded Remarks May Harm Bomb Inquiry
11:23:24a No Detachment When Bad News Comes to Town
11:23:28a Umshini Wami echoes through SA
11:23:31a How the RCMP botched a sting
11:23:35a I'm the CM, will remain CM forever Modi
11:23:38a Victory will bring qualitative change Modi
11:23:42a ISI 'organised disappearance' plot of Rauf Report
11:23:45a 76 bombs recovered in Nandigram
11:23:48a Modi's stunning victory wins him accolades from one and all
11:23:55a Modi proves to be an astute strategist
11:23:58a Threat of mid-term polls put off, says Advani
11:24:02a Festive warning to drivers
11:24:06a Olmert We Are at War With Gaza Terrorists
11:24:09a Celebrity gifts
11:24:22a Cut down on spending, experts warn, or face financial ruin in the new year
11:24:25a 'I'm now frightened even to have a shower'
11:24:29a SA 'geek' who scares hi-tech giants
11:24:32a 'This ANC will be back to its former glory'
11:24:36a The war goes on
11:24:39a Sailor seeking to reach Bermuda rescued off Cape
11:24:43a Trailblazer Clyde Best unlocking more doors
11:24:46a The Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises for the Elderly
11:24:50a Aid workers 'were duped'
11:24:59a Blair conversion bolsters Catholicism's "lead"
11:25:40a Hindu Nationalists Headed for Victory
11:25:44a East Africa Foreign Investors Angle for EABL Stock
11:26:07a Venezuela works on confidence as currency loses some zeroes
11:26:10a Plan for end of Cuba embargo
11:26:45a Zim police arrest 'cash baroness'
11:26:50a Ranong police suspends search for Burmese victims of ship sinking
11:26:53a Flooding in Narathiwat has improved to be back to normal soon
11:26:57a No Christmas joy for thugs as malls get tough
11:29:18a J. Edgar Hoover sought mass arrests in 1950, document shows
11:29:59a Dubai Media to build 8-mn news centre in Syria
11:30:02a Dubai to host meet on coastal and port engineering
11:30:06a baume & mercier's riviera l watch ideal for the modern woman
11:30:10a increasing mid east-americas air links opening up new tourism markets, says reed travel exhibitions
11:30:13a Printing and Publishing Group gathers strong support from Qatar for Dubai Print Award 2007
11:30:17a Bee'ah provides Sharjah's first pedestrian recycling facilities on the Sharjah Corniche
11:30:20a Taste of Dubai announces irresistible offers for their upcoming event in February '08
11:30:24a SA Use globalisation to grow JHI
11:30:27a SA 'Business should not be uneasy'
11:30:54a Iraqi government says it won't absorb Sunni fighters
11:31:17a Exit polls indicate pro-Thaksin party lead in Thai election
11:31:20a Rare Siberian Tiger Skinned And Beheaded In China Zoo
11:31:28a BJP leads as Gujarat counting underway
11:32:10a Catholicism's 'lead' buoyed by Blair conversion
11:32:20a Ministry Police arrest 28 men planning to attack Saudi holy sites
11:33:24a New church steeple reaches for the heavens in Portsmouth
11:33:45a Report Israel to build over 1,000 new homes in E Jerusalem, W Bank
11:33:48a Retailers brace for last-minute shoppers
11:33:52a Croatia coach Bilic rules out move to Fulham
11:33:56a 5 Taliban insurgents killed in C Afghanistan
11:33:59a Deployment of Filipino overseas workers increases to more than 1 mln
11:34:03a Britain's Royal Mail loses millions of Christmas parcels and letters
11:34:07a Uzbekistan wishes to develop ties with others on basis of equality
11:34:10a Santa makes Vietnam-era Christmas special
11:34:14a Israeli PM rejects cease-fire with Hamas
11:34:17a Britons seek greener Christmas and New Year
11:34:21a Milliken police searching for two men in connection with burglary
11:34:24a Kenya Free Secondary Education to Cost State Sh39 Billion
11:34:31a Kenya The Moi-Uhuru Factor
11:34:35a Kenya Safaricom Government Unlikely to Meet 2007 Deadline
11:35:35a Africa Victim Participation in ICC Cases Jeopardised
11:37:00a I'm the CM, will remain CM forever Modi
11:37:39a Nokia Siemens tests 4G mobile broadband
11:38:35a Uganda's 'organic viagra' up a tree
11:38:38a Senegal's holy 'village' of Touba population 1.5 million
11:41:34a Milton school celebrates first Family Literacy Program
11:41:39a Ministry 28 Arrested in Saudi Arabia
11:42:53a Principal Released On Bond
11:43:46a Skilling asks again to be free during appeal
11:43:50a Winter storm brings snow, slick roads to Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle
11:43:53a BRIEFS
11:44:27a Under-fire militants take refuge inside mosque near Srinagar
11:44:30a Rane dismisses rumours of resignation
11:44:34a BJP win positive vote against anti-Gujarat forces Modi
11:44:38a NCP chief Sharad Pawar meets Bal Thackeray
11:44:41a Reading Gujarat's message right
11:44:45a Amid ruins, Cong captures Godhra
11:44:48a Holiday fundraising goes down to the wire
11:44:52a CIA rebuts suggestion it did not cooperate with 9/11 Commission
11:44:56a Elite colleges boost financial aid, start trend
11:44:59a Cook’s purchase spurs B-line dream
11:45:03a Foolish Trivia
11:45:06a Shipping & handling
11:45:10a Using technology to improve life has ethical, historical implications
11:45:14a Christmas gifts from Santa Mike
11:45:18a Louisiana Judge Delays Car Crash Trial Because Of LSU-Ohio State Championship Football Game
11:45:27a Help 'Build on the Dream' by joining MLK celebration
11:45:31a Business news and notes around Lake, Sumter and Marion counties
11:45:34a Orlando-area interior redesigner Sonya Watson gives new look to old stuff
11:45:37a Colorful orchids can perk up shopping trip
11:45:41a For Lake County shoppers, especially guys, it's down to the wire
11:45:45a 'Hippie' Richard McCleve, 59, became corporate leader
11:45:48a Military news
11:45:52a Ousted Thai PM set to return
11:45:55a Cancer survivors strike back with glamour and calendar
11:45:59a Orlando's roads can be deadly during holidays, FHP warns
11:46:03a Orange names 5 finalists for teacher of the year
11:46:06a Kudos to Orlando-area residents
11:46:25a Malls prepare to fight festive season crime
11:47:06a 'Bad Boy' bared
11:47:48a Cop shoots wife in front of kids, kills himself
11:47:52a Shas Minister Urges 'Negotiate with Hamas for Shalit'
11:48:11a Al-Qaida now focusing attacks on Pak US
11:48:21a Britain's Queen Takes Up YouTube
11:48:25a Democrat Party of Thailand
11:48:44a Cindy Forrester jewelry is pieces of life
11:48:48a Volusia county political pulse
11:48:51a Lipizzaner stallions to perform at Daytona Beach arena
11:48:55a Business news and notes from around Volusia County
11:48:59a The recent dog show was a hit at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando
11:49:33a Olmert refuses cease-fire talks with Hamas
11:49:44a Troops get taste of home
11:50:14a Zim banks in cash overdrive
11:50:17a Ghana unveils oil bonanza
11:50:49a Richland firm touts growth through waste treatment
11:51:09a Regional Election Observers Arrive
11:52:10a Office romance, dating now a limited 'activity' at Sheriff Beary's office
11:52:20a Korban ceremony at Taib Bunut
11:52:24a Accident at Jalan Tengah Panaga
11:52:27a NeoClassic's students show what they've got at 'unplugged gig'
11:52:31a Royal congratulatory messages on occasion of the emperor of Japan's birthday
11:52:35a MoD officials, employees celebrated Majlis Korban
11:52:38a Pasarneka Seria hosts Korban ceremony
11:52:56a Ousted PM's supporters to take control
11:52:59a Bangladesh bag first victory in NZ
11:53:03a Morgenstern has record sixth win
11:53:51a France, Australia stand firm in Afghanistan
11:53:59a Saudi arrests 28 for planning 'criminal acts'
11:54:02a Sparkling Yi lifts Bucks over Bobcats
11:54:06a CAFGU man dies, cop missing after NPA attack
11:54:10a Yayo's fate in hands of PBB voters
11:54:13a Army Turkey stages new air attack on Kurd rebels in Iraq
11:54:17a British Queen launches Royal Channel
11:54:21a Israeli PM rules out ceasefire with Hamas
11:54:32a Israel plans 740 homes on occupied land
11:54:35a BJP wins win key state poll in India
11:55:48a McCann Family Send Christmas Message for Missing Daughter Madeleine
11:55:52a 990 Lives Lost on Bulgaria Roads since Beginning of 2007
11:56:05a Rare Tiger Skinned in Chinese Zoo
11:56:08a Tony Wasnt Whacked, but What About HBO?
11:56:12a Talking Politics, Drawing Viewers
11:56:15a Big Bucks and Big Shots
11:57:22a Britain's queen takes up YouTube
11:57:26a Croatia boss Bilic rules out Fulham move
11:57:43a 'Miracle choir' ready for encore
11:57:47a Assault attempt suspect tased
11:57:50a Collision kills two, injures one
11:57:54a Free cab rides offered to partiers
11:57:57a Records worker charged with assault
11:58:01a Pack fruit, popcorn for road trips with kids
11:58:04a One dead, one injured in wreck
11:58:08a Young black role models sought for awards
11:58:12a Hamilton, Clermont County news
11:58:15a Communists rally in Petersburg to protest election results
11:58:19a One miner killed during repair work in east Ukraine mine
11:58:23a Georgian tycoon tells of plot to kill him paper
11:58:26a Russian foreign minister begins visit to Libya
11:58:30a Uzbekistan holds presidential elections
11:58:34a Georgian military police detain three Russian peacekeepers
11:58:38a Russian cargo spacecraft blasts off to ISS
11:58:41a Scholar Discovery Links Christmas to Pagan Festival
11:58:45a First Laura Ashley store to close
11:58:49a Man wanted for murder jetted out of Australia
11:58:52a Thai election favors ousted PM's supporters
11:58:56a Queen to air Christmas message on YouTube
11:58:59a Iran Nuclear plant ready by March
11:59:03a Civilians, Taliban killed in Afghanistan
11:59:07a Rare Siberian tiger slaughtered in China
11:59:10a Sri Lanka says kills 22 rebels
11:59:14a Two kids injured in balcony fall
11:59:18a Husband cut off wife's ears, nose on Eid day
11:59:21a Israeli Extricom on the CMP Channel's 2007 Product of the Year List
11:59:25a Thai's voted Sunday in a General election
11:59:29a Hindu nationalist party wins big in Indian state of Gujarat
11:59:32a Wolf Attack 2 Woman, Dogs Attacked By Alaskan Wolves
11:59:36a Anonymous Filipino blogger reinvents 'Inday'
11:59:39a How To Market Your New Idea
11:59:43a How Much Is That Key Guy Worth?
11:59:47a bComplete Coverage/b Entrepreneurs
11:59:50a Nod for selection of candidates
11:59:54a IATA wants end to different charges at KLIA
11:59:57a Location and not due to any Fatwa
12:00:01p Less crime cases in Putatan solved
12:00:04p Second Sabah rural products expo opens
12:00:08p Show unit provides new house concepts
12:00:11p General election likely in March
12:00:15p KYS now offering postgrad UTM courses
12:00:18p Unity via spirit of Christmas
12:00:22p Inter will fear us, says Benitez
12:00:25p Pairin, Dompok's open houses
12:00:29p 48 attend intensive childcare course
12:00:33p Flood mitigation projects priority
12:00:36p ACA quiz Dr M
12:00:39p Strong winds bless 4th day of racing
12:00:43p Boy feared drowned in Papar river
12:00:46p Ferguson wants clamp-down on dangerous tackles
12:00:50p Lehmann could start for Germany despite Arsenal snub
12:00:54p Malaysian democracy, a work in progress
12:00:57p Penny Pinching Pays Off
12:01:01p Taking lights to the extreme
12:01:04p Elementary principal makes bail in child-porn case
12:01:08p Cops ID victim of road-rage attack, search for suspect
12:01:12p YMCA helps mom's peace of mind
12:01:16p Housing slump may ax millions for schools
12:01:19p Office romances now a limited 'activity' at Sheriff Beary's office
12:01:23p Finding refuge from retail as holiday season approaches in Orlando
12:01:27p FCAT a successful reform tool, and no poll changes that
12:01:30p COL FB BYU 17, UCLA 16
12:01:33p NHL Anaheim 5, San Jose 2
12:01:37p 1 million cyclone survivors without shelter as winter approaches
12:01:41p Hindu nationalists win state elections in India's Gujarat
12:01:59p Mandate is positive vote to bring back Govt Modi
12:02:02p Karat may become a good boy now BJP
12:02:11p Don't Cross These Soccer Uniforms!
12:03:06p Israel plans to build on occupied land
12:05:28p P&G's next friontier
12:05:31p TQL employment swells
12:05:35p A Christmas promise the Dems cannot possibly deliver on
12:05:38p Troubled times? Not for Arhaus furniture
12:05:42p TJX data theft to cost 40.9M
12:05:45p Factory workers bounce back almost after losing jobs
12:05:49p Now's the best time to make some sales
12:05:52p ImageRules
12:05:56p Count blessings, share goodwill
12:06:33p Britain's Queen Takes Up YouTube
12:06:41p Modi humble but fact is he has vanquished all
12:06:45p Analysis BJP consolidates stronghold in Guj with Moditva
12:06:48p List of Gujarat Assembly poll winners
12:06:52p Exit polls get it wrong again at Gujarat elections
12:06:56p Color Red Alert in Sderot was False Alarm
12:07:00p Kenya rights groups Muslims denied voter cards
12:08:43p Hindu hawk Modi wins re-election in key Indian state
12:08:55p MARK PHELAN MEASURING UP Detroit 3 have tools to meet 2020 fuel rules
12:08:58p REVVED UP What's hot and what's not in autos
12:09:06p Britney & Kevin Air Farce Live
12:09:46p Saudi Arabia announces fresh militant arrests
12:11:31p Jefferson shock probation failure Rearrests common
12:11:34p Shortages, turnover equal military health-care crisis
12:11:38p 36 Seminoles will miss the Music City Bowl
12:11:45p Holocaust museum honors students' activism
12:11:49p This Santa brings bikes
12:11:52p Architects' new dreams reach for the sky
12:12:07p Chavez says he has 'formula' for receiving Colombian hostages
12:12:32p Thaksin Allies Appear to Win in Thai
12:15:52p Rottweiler bites bottom of robber
12:16:07p Job security hits six month low
12:17:37p Transfer market tougher as financial gap narrows Chelsea boss
12:18:07p Thai thief's democratic spirit leads to arrest
12:18:11p Ten-year-old Taiwanese girl kills herself
12:18:19p New Serbia to decide on Iliæ candidacy
12:18:22p Nikoliæ hits campaign trail in Bor
12:18:26p Dinkiæ promises big investments in skiing infrastructure
12:18:35p 4 held in Edenvale for speeding
12:18:43p Thailand PPP Leading
12:18:46p Thailand Exit Poll Results
12:18:50p Brazil The future is open source
12:18:54p Angola Welcome to Cuban doctors
12:18:57p Brazil 2007 in posts
12:19:05p DOJ chief Probe Jalosjos escape
12:20:11p Queen enters cyberspace
12:20:17p In Rajkot, BJP gets 7 seats, Congress gets 3
12:20:20p Karat may become a good boy now BJP
12:20:23p 'Allah is with Narendra Modi'
12:21:09p Olmert rules out truce talks with Hamas
12:22:15p What Happens If You Protest the Ongoing Intentional Destruction of Housing in New Orleans?
12:22:19p Russian space freighter brings Christmas gifts to space station
12:22:23p Mika's festive fight
12:22:26p Kim Kardashian's breast prayer
12:22:30p Bedroom flop Hugh Hefner
12:22:37p Saudi police arrest 28 men allegedly planning to attack on holy sites
12:23:00p Vet helps move Iraqi interpreter to Ore.
12:23:06p Zimbabwe banks work overtime to issue new banknotes
12:23:43p MASS-JAILING PLAN IN '50
12:24:37p Man in his 40s arrested for murder in Yishun
12:26:00p Is Your Web Site Accessible to the Handicapped?
12:26:10p Thaksin Allies Appear to Win in Thailand
12:26:14p Terror attack preparation charge
12:26:17p Hottest house prices revealed
12:26:21p Cyclone survivors without shelter
12:26:25p £42 pot of 'health' honey on sale
12:29:13p Shoppers, don't fret, there's help yet
12:29:20p ETFs offer new diversity for investing
12:29:23p Global warming fight turns to bottled water
12:29:27p IRS takes on its in-house snoops
12:29:30p Mortgage rules need enforcer
12:29:34p 'Guitar' champion
12:29:38p Credit turmoil helps shift power to China
12:29:42p Tech, skill microclimates define Silicon Valley
12:29:45p Live out a rock 'n' roll fantasy
12:29:49p Pet owners fret about tainted toys
12:29:52p Surf your way to mortgage savings
12:29:56p Katy wins state
12:29:59p Man Gives 3,100 to Salvation Army
12:30:03p Job bank points to teaching opportunities in U.S.
12:30:07p Taiwan's purchasing power parity ranked 28th
12:30:10p Taichung Shueinan Airport formally handed over to city
12:30:14p Chen takes flak in wake of Rice's criticism of plans
12:30:18p Scholar sees benefits in proposal for Taiwan-South Korea trade
12:30:22p Gates says U.S. arms sales to Taiwan to go on
12:30:25p Chang touts housing loan incentives
12:30:29p Legislature ends its sixth session with little done
12:30:32p Helping folks one stitch at a time
12:30:36p SR moves ahead on green building
12:30:39p A solemn goodbye
12:30:43p The real problem with local housing
12:30:46p Separated By War
12:30:50p No rest for presidential candidates this holiday
12:30:53p SANTA ROSA Police find 500 plants in marijuana bust
12:30:57p SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Suspect linked to 9/11 terrorist
12:31:01p Record ¬,²ªª kids attend annual toy giveaway
12:31:04p Pacific Lumber may get bailout
12:31:08p As customer service wanes, boomers chafe
12:31:11p On issues, parties are worlds apart
12:31:15p A daughter remembered
12:31:18p Fire guts SR condo, killing woman's pets
12:31:22p Isaak, Petaluman who aided homeless, dies
12:31:25p A different tradition, but no less worthy of respect
12:31:29p Toilet to tap Orange County's water is No. «
12:31:32p Holiday spirit
12:31:36p Blindly into the housing bubble
12:31:39p Free to Die in Iowa Civil libertarians and the mentally ill
12:31:43p Pakistan's Detainees
12:31:48p HL; Israeli PM rules out ceasefire with Hamas, calls Gaza situation 'true war'
12:32:07p Poetic Justice on Wall Street in This Issue of Money and Markets
12:33:42p Olmert rules out cease-fire with Hamas, calls Gaza situation 'true war'
12:33:46p Olmert rules out truce with Hamas
12:33:49p Israeli PM rules out ceasefire with Hamas, calls Gaza situation 'true war'
12:33:53p Scientist Sun, Planets Aligned for Star of Bethlehem
12:33:56p Barak, Mubarak to meet in Cairo
12:34:00p UK, U.S. to Sponsor Palestinian Investment Conference
12:34:04p Israel Downplays Plan to Build in Eastern Jerusalem
12:34:08p Egypt Mediating Hamas, Israel Truce
12:34:11p Refugees for the Second Time The Forced Eviction of Palestinian Villagers from Khirbet Qassa
12:34:15p Palestinian American Journalism Pioneer, Aziz Shihab, Dies
12:34:19p Adalah May Seek Supranational Regime in 'All Historic Palestine'
12:34:23p Olmert Calls Gaza Campaign 'True War'
12:34:26p Some credit-card practices might cost you
12:34:39p Slaven Bilic
12:34:43p Israeli right-wing activists outside Maale Adumim
12:34:46p Houses of the West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim
12:34:50p Anil Kumble
12:34:53p Bharatiya Janata Party activists celebrate in New Delhi
12:34:57p Barcelona striker Thierry Henry
12:35:01p Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard signs autographs at a training session
12:35:04p China grain producers urged to make new contributions
12:35:08p Turkey to rely on own satellite system to gather intelligence
12:35:11p Unofficial voting results show PPP wins Thai general election
12:35:15p Russian foreign minister starts Libya visit
12:35:19p Fatah strongman prefers political settlement with Hamas
12:35:23p China vows to facilitate stable development of agriculture, sustained income growth for farmers
12:35:26p Reykjavik rated cleanest city in Nordic and Baltic countries
12:35:30p Huckabee Another Bill Clinton
12:35:34p Tiger Beheaded in Chinese Zoo
12:35:37p FA chief realistic about Capello
12:35:41p Judge Assassinated in Baidoa
12:35:44p Africans beaten up by racists
12:35:48p Rare statues disappear
12:35:52p Victory for Hindu party
12:36:00p Analog cell phone networks shutting down
12:36:04p Old cell-phone networks' sunset
12:36:28p Philippine NPA rebels to halt attacks for holidays
12:36:31p NEWSMAKER-Kibaki, giant of Kenyan politics, in last fight
12:37:24p NHS Trusts lose patients' data
12:37:27p Catholicism leads religion in UK
12:37:31p Saudi Arabia announces militant arrests
12:37:35p Heavy fighting in Sri Lanka's north
12:37:38p Two Sudanese hurt in racist attack in Dresden
12:37:47p Italian premier makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan
12:37:50p 'South African real estate sector must open up'
12:37:54p Iran's nuclear plant to become operational next year
12:37:58p At least five killed in car pileups in US
12:38:02p German railways, drivers' union in confrontation mode
12:38:05p Bolivia's president accuses opposition of plotting to oust him
12:38:09p Afghan troops kill 10 Taliban insurgents
12:38:13p UAE builds mobile hospitals in Pakistan
12:38:17p Cash Machines Working Overtime 12/12/07
12:38:20p The Reindeer Who Won't Be Joining Rudolph
12:38:24p Rowling Returns To Harry Potter's Birthplace
12:38:27p Air Arabia chief backs Mideast
12:38:36p Wintry weather west of here
12:38:40p Something to celebrate
12:38:44p Web site created to rematch lost gloves reports successes
12:38:48p Tough new laws, slow economy driving illegal aliens out of Arizona
12:38:51p Mustangs help patrol border with Canada
12:38:55p Aid to Somalia passes many dangers to reach destination
12:38:59p New dreams are sparkling for the new year
12:39:02p The Christmas Bird Count THAT WASN’T
12:39:06p Alien insects are pests across US, in Indiana
12:39:10p Upper Midwest a haven for cross-country skiers
12:39:13p Britain's Queen Takes Up YouTube
12:39:17p 36 FSU players sidelined for Music City Bowl
12:39:21p Three Canadian soldiers injured
12:39:25p Driver arrested after long chase
12:39:28p Brazilian Bishop Cappio ends hunger strike
12:39:32p Brazil Is Testing in So Paulo Its Homegrown Ethanol Bus
12:39:36p Complaints commission puts officers in the clear over gunning down of innocent Brazilian
12:39:39p 401 worries
12:39:43p In a shaky market, what you can do?
12:39:46p Worried about losing those frequent flier miles?
12:39:50p Woman should fight for her part of market fund
12:39:54p Japan, China face opportunities to expand communication
12:39:57p Zapak set to buy Sony Online report
12:40:01p Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda
12:40:04p Japan to review GX rocket plan
12:40:08p Ahmadinejad felicitates Japan on National Day
12:40:31p Sleep diagnostic co WideMed in Pfizer deal
12:41:20p Next step for Modi - the national stage
12:41:48p Driver, mechanic helping him killed on highway
12:41:52p Slot machine components seized
12:42:12p MPs want salary hike
12:42:16p Nine NHS trusts lose records
12:42:20p 42-day detention safeguards dismissed as 'meaningless'
12:42:23p Gordon Brown will miss EU reform treaty ceremony
12:42:31p DePaul departs Puerto Rico smiling
12:42:34p Cuba, Venezuela Sign 14 Agreements On Oil, Power Projects
12:42:38p Notorious smuggler Juan Carlos Genao to remain in jail
12:42:42p Dominican legislators to rush through 2008 budget
12:42:46p Dominican police chief guarantees holiday safety
12:42:49p Dominican Free Zone companies provide HIV-AIDS education
12:42:53p Dominican Electoral Board suspends advertising
12:42:56p Tcl/Tk 8.5.0 Released
12:43:01p Al-Qaeda confirms death of top operative in Iraq
12:43:04p About two dozen killed in Afghan violence authorities
12:43:07p Five hurt as workers of PPP, SUP clash
12:43:11p Pakistan to continue war on terror minister
12:43:14p Sri Lanka says 22 rebels killed, bunkers destroyed
12:43:18p Saudi Arabia arrests 28 for planning 'criminal acts'
12:43:21p Rare statues go missing from Bangladesh airport
12:43:24p Fighting kills five in Mogadishu
12:43:27p Sri Lankan army, Tamil rebels claim heavy losses in fresh fighting
12:43:31p Bahrain hit by protests
12:43:34p Five dead in US snow storm
12:43:37p Pakistan's economy continues to perform well IMF
12:43:41p Iraqi Sunni tribal militias will not become a separate army minister
12:43:44p Two Afghans questioned in Pakistan blast
12:43:47p Benazir claims PPP will form government
12:43:50p Nawaz to address party workers at Quaid’s mausoleum on Sunday
12:43:53p Government paying Rs 13 bln per month subsidy to check POL prices
12:43:56p Benazir still hopeful of seat adjustment
12:43:59p Blinding snowstorm rolls across US Plains
12:44:03p Policeman killed in Chechen capital
12:44:06p At least 22 Myanmar people killed in boat accident Thai police
12:44:10p Thailand goes to poll
12:44:13p Horror attack victim in a critical condition
12:44:17p Bangladesh beats NZ in Twenty20 game
12:44:38p Winton Woods can't match Bombers
12:44:41p See where newsmakers of 2007 are now
12:44:45p One with all the toppings
12:44:48p Wild Browns loss set tone
12:44:52p Colonels get warmed up
12:44:55p Raiders on remarkable rally
12:44:59p Keehan powers Oak Hills
12:45:02p Mauk delivers MVP numbers
12:45:05p Turnabout's fair play
12:45:09p More than players in pro clubhouses
12:45:12p Glad tidings in a season of harmony
12:45:16p Winton Woods soundly turns back Loveland
12:45:19p UC notebook
12:45:23p Gameday First down
12:45:26p Close, but no win for X
12:45:30p Photo gallery UC wins bowl
12:45:33p FSU short 36 players vs. UK
12:45:37p 'Mr. Bill' still well-equipped
12:45:40p Holmes' Webb twice as tough
12:45:44p Photo gallery Hoops
12:45:48p Bearcats get exclamation point
12:45:51p No downside to 'scheduling up'
12:45:55p Chavez opens Cuba refinery
12:45:58p Numbers say it all, Modi cast spell everywhere
12:46:02p Analysis BJP consolidates stronghold with Moditva
12:46:05p Suspects Studied At Islamic School
12:46:09p Pakistan agents 'staged escape' of terror suspect
12:46:12p Pakistan Arrests 4 In Mosque Bombing
12:46:37p Dangers await aid en route to Africa
12:46:41p Zuma triumph scares South Africa elite
12:46:45p West Indies crushed by 10 wickets by South Africa A
12:46:48p Beyond Darfur, Africa's forgotten worst war
12:46:52p Zuma rallying tune not music to everyone s ears in South Africa
12:46:56p Two LeT terrorists shot dead; was Maya the target?
12:47:00p Two endangered black bucks rescued from cold storage
12:47:04p Guj poll campaign a controversial affair this time too
12:47:07p Congo-Kinshasa Rape a 'Weapon of War' in Eastern Congo
12:48:02p U.S. Congressional Policymakers Begin Returning Focus to an End of Turkeys Occupation
12:48:05p Britain's Queen Takes Up YouTube AP
12:48:09p MPs set for 10% rise in three years PA
12:48:12p Thaksin Allies Appear to Win in Thailand AP
12:48:16p Disney toys made in ‘sweatshops’
12:48:41p Karmapa Lama calls for world peace
12:48:44p Rakia to take on DP World with 500mn war chest
12:48:48p Christmas trees even in Iraq
12:48:52p The world's strongest microscope for the Technical University of Denmark
12:48:55p Turkey launches fresh strike at rebels in northern Iraq Update
12:48:59p Glass World 2008 offers opportunity for glass machinery companies in Middle Eastern markets
12:49:03p Blair conversion bolsters Catholicism's 'lead'
12:49:07p Iraq resistance still in operation
12:49:11p Turkey says Iraq border attack kills hundreds of Kurdish rebels
12:49:14p MMDA sets sights on politicos' 'Merry Christmas' tarpaulins
12:49:18p Reds finally declare holiday truce
12:49:22p How Central Bankers are Trying to Solve the World's Problems
12:49:25p 5 Tondo men carrying Christmas gifts containing drugs fall
12:49:29p Iran cited in Iraq's decline in violence
12:49:35p Priests know best in sanctifying marriage
12:49:39p Kin want Jalosjos transferred to Erap's rest house DoJ chief
12:49:43p Hamas willing to discuss a truce with Israel
12:49:46p Olmert rules out ceasefire with Hamas
12:49:50p Israel rules out cease-fire with Hamas
12:49:53p Israel plans to allocate funds for new West Bank apartments
12:49:57p Saudi arrests 28 Qaeda suspects over attack plot
12:50:01p Pakistan opposition charges Musharraf will rig vote
12:50:05p Saudi arrests 28 for planning 'criminal acts'
12:50:09p Blair conversion bolsters Catholicism's 'lead'
12:50:12p Bahrain hit by protests by majority Shiites reports
12:50:16p South Africa's Zuma to look into inflation targeting
12:50:20p Bolton death Victim named
12:50:23p Man killed in car smash
12:50:27p Alesha takes dancing crown
12:50:31p Kallis moves to No 2
12:50:34p Proteas finish the year at No 2
12:50:38p Queen goes global on YouTube
12:50:42p Corporate Labs Disappear. Academia Steps In.
12:50:45p MIDDLE EAST IRIN-ME Weekly round up 157 for 15- 21 December 2007
12:50:49p Storm Blasts Central US, at Least 5 Die
12:50:53p Herpesvirus may be responsible for central nervous system diseases
12:50:56p Da Vinci's 'Codex Atlanticus' being damaged by mould
12:51:00p Will Smith rules out politics
12:51:03p Nickelodeon to continue with Zoey101 'for now'
12:51:07p Fray on foreign policy
12:51:11p Wife of American Visits Island Where He Was
12:51:14p D j vu all over again with Bill Clinton, Obama
12:51:18p GOP stymied Democratic efforts
12:51:21p Feds blow smoke up states' tailpipes
12:51:25p Americans Empowered to Achieve New Year's Resolutions with Onlingo
12:51:28p Prison or second chance for teen killer
12:51:32p N.Y. jury convicts defendant in racially-charged case
12:51:36p N.H. hospital closing birthing center
12:51:40p Museum Stolen Masterpieces Not Insured
12:51:43p We Recommend Barack Obama
12:51:47p Election view from 'forgotten Kenya'
12:51:57p Ancient ship raised from S China Sea
12:52:01p Venezuela youths transformed by music
12:52:04p Supporters of Ousted Thai Leader Head for Victory in Post-Coup Election
12:52:19p DFM, ADSM make gains
12:52:22p Review Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa
12:52:26p Jumeirah picks Dnata Saudi
12:52:29p Iran inflation hits 19.1%
12:52:33p DM organizes Strategic Planning Workshop
12:52:37p Jumeirah extends international sales network with appointment of Dnata in Saudi Arabia
12:52:40p Nakheel views climate change
12:52:44p Hold cash and wait for better opportunities in 2008?
12:52:48p Injazat Data Systems partners with Textura Corporation to establish Textura Middle East
12:52:51p Will villas or apartments be the best investment in 2008?
12:52:55p Brand-ish opinion
12:52:59p Samsung Electronics partners with EMC Corporation & Microsoft to provide document management functionality
12:53:02p Krugman Blindly into the bubble
12:53:05p Wishing You Happy Returns
12:53:09p Graphic Novels Now Lure Widening Range of Readers
12:53:13p ETFs Could Tame Portfolio
12:53:20p Holiday Home Equity Tapped Out for Many
12:53:24p Here's a Great Versatile Camera
12:53:27p At Some Stores, Shopping Bags Have Started to Be Taken Seriously
12:53:31p Two die in Mullins crash
12:53:34p Cost of living main concern
12:53:38p Jordan leaves cultural legacy
12:53:41p 'Nation owes debt to artist'
12:53:44p More perverts among us . . .
12:53:48p Bajan musicians get insight from pros
12:53:52p Good to be back
12:53:55p NHS Trusts lose patients' data
12:53:59p Alesha Dixon wins 'Strictly Come Dancing'
12:54:02p ID, DA get ready to lure 'fickle' ANC voters
12:54:06p SABC board Mbeki's decision satisfies DA
12:54:09p 'Bargaining with the ANC is crucial'
12:54:12p Nicole Kidman smitten by 11-year-old co-star
12:54:16p Five years for identity theft
12:54:19p Cricket officials pleased with Bellerive crowd
12:54:23p Dog attack victim spends Christmas in hospital
12:54:27p Redbacks look to rein in Bulls
12:54:30p French, Australian presidents reassure Karzai on commitment
12:54:33p Cowboys round up Panthers
12:54:37p Report finds department failed at-risk children
12:54:41p Australian intensity will lift our game, says Laxman
12:54:44p Mandurah teen charged over stabbing
12:54:48p Elliott fires Redbacks to second
12:54:51p For Democrats, tale of 2 races
12:54:55p Man guilty in racially charged shooting case
12:54:59p CIA denies that it hid information
12:55:02p Brit women's average cost of dressing up is 815!
12:55:06p Apple to turn down volume on iPod over deafness fears
12:55:10p Spanish villagers share 158 big Xmas lottery win
12:55:13p Beyonce strips to a pair of tight jeans for new ad
12:55:17p Brit love cheats splash out 5k on secret affairs!
12:55:20p JK Rowling still haunted by her poverty-stricken past
12:55:24p Moss invites Doherty for Xmas
12:55:27p Former Prime Minister Blair converts to Roman Catholicism
12:55:31p Iran wins battle against London Barakat Gallery
12:55:35p In pictures Thailand votes
12:55:38p India's BJP wins Gujarat election
12:55:45p People Power, Democrat square on proportional vote seats in early count
12:55:49p The latest poll results show PPP wins a majority of seats
12:55:52p Everyday icons Rie Munozlive
12:55:56p Metcalf slaps down Victoria's boo birds in shootout winlive
12:55:59p Field noteslive
12:56:14p Dell and Tesco Announce European Retail Agreement
12:56:18p Swedish company brokerage to enter into Denmark
12:56:22p Banks boost Europe bourses; euro firms
12:56:25p Tajikistan highly values ties with Russia, China, U.S.
12:56:29p Final countdown to the euro in Cyprus and Malta
12:56:32p El Clasico brings Spain s top two together at Nou Camp
12:56:36p Tropical disease invades a warming Italy
12:56:39p Bans for Italian duo
12:56:43p Capello 'no quick fix'
12:56:46p Prodi third world leader in Kabul to visit troops
12:56:50p Thaksin allies predicted to win Thailand's election
12:56:53p Ballet star Bocca bows out in Buenos Aires
12:56:57p Thaksin Loyalists Poised for Victory
12:57:00p Saudi Police Thwart Terror Plot
12:57:31p Now, a 'nano-bible' written on a pinhead
12:57:34p PhD student develops camera technology to combat bicycle thefts
12:57:38p Campaigns Reflect Effects of Technology,
12:57:41p Britain's Queen gets technology savvy
12:58:09p Thai polls close
12:58:12p The bald and the beautiful
12:58:16p Ivory Coast peace hopes rise
12:58:19p 14 jailbreak suspects released
12:58:23p Mexico raises minimum wages by 4 percent, to around US4.85 a day
12:58:26p In Cash Scandal, Stakes High for U.S., Argentina
12:58:30p Leptospirosis cases reported in Santiago area
12:58:33p ENPI to execute 3 petroleum projects in Venezuela
12:58:37p Eloquent Sadness Of Ingrid Betancourt Prompts
12:58:40p College Football Roundup New Mexico gets its first bowl win since '61 season
12:58:47p Olmert says 'war' on militants in Gaza to continue
12:59:30p Watchdogs fear press clamp move
12:59:33p 'Parking is munching my Christmas budget'
12:59:37p Pastor's 'dead' mother comes back to life
12:59:41p Why is Eskom increasing the price of power
12:59:44p I'll crack down on troublemakers, vows new man Mantashe
12:59:47p Climate change policy 'should be applauded'
12:59:51p Salman Rushdie romancing Carrie Fisher
12:59:54p Cook on boil in England washout
12:59:58p Soccer-English managers not good enough for England Barwick
01:00:01p Former British PM becomes a Catholic
01:00:05p Dallaglio still in England picture
01:00:08p Catholics now outnumber church-going Anglicans in Britain
01:00:12p British Queen compared to uneducated housewife
01:00:16p Family donate crash boy's organs
01:00:19p Pro-Thaksin party poised for landslide in Thai poll
01:00:23p Kyrgyzstan beats the pole
01:00:27p Families weren't duped, Zoe's Ark duo tell court
01:00:30p Post-Rane rantings, Sharad meets Sena chief
01:00:34p Four rescued from Suffolk house blaze
01:01:00p IED attack injures three Canadian soldiers
01:01:04p Mosquito nets give the gift of life in Africa
01:01:23p Britain's Queen Elizabeth goes global on YouTube
01:01:27p Olmert says "war" on militants in Gaza to continue
01:01:30p Pro-Thaksin party set to win Thai poll
01:01:48p EDITORIAL The People Vs. Pollution
01:01:52p Capsized Boat With Passenger Not Found
01:01:55p EDITORIAL Easley and Urgency
01:01:59p IBM's Out to Prove Security Mettle
01:02:03p HP Works Overtime to Explain Its Software Updates