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12:00:03a Boeing awarded government contract

12:00:08a 'Addiction treatment' may not be safe
12:00:14a Raw Video Tiger Woods Crash Investigation Update
12:00:19a Icebergs diverted from NZ, Niwa says
12:00:25a Gate crashers prompt some change in security policies for White House parties
12:00:30a Charles Gibson to leave 'World News' December 18
12:00:35a Fire Damages Roof Of Miami-Dade Home
12:00:41a Envoy to Taipei resigns amid tiff
12:00:46a Workforce employees sign agreements to stay silent
12:00:52a Gold tops 1,200 dollars as greenback heads for new low
12:00:57a 18. Daily gets a bum rap from Azhar
12:01:02a Tullow considers buying Heritage's Ugandan oil blocks
12:01:08a El Nino in tropical Pacific to continue into early 2010, says WMO
12:01:13a Some 90 world leaders to attend Copenhagen climate change summit, UN chief says
12:01:19a Uganda to re-focus fight against Aids
12:01:24a Man turns the tables on shoe-thrower
12:01:29a Flames' Kiprusoff blanks Predators
12:01:35a Sleiman advocates equal power sharing among sects
12:01:41a BJP to chalk out Telangana strategy
12:01:46a Oil extends gains on sliding dollar, strong equities
12:01:51a Lakewood cop who shot Clemmons identified
12:01:57a Jury deadlocks in 'Junior' Gotti racketeering case
12:02:02a Profile General Stanley McChrystal
12:02:07a UN rights chief slams Swiss ban on minarets
12:02:13a General Motors' CEO resigns
12:02:18a 'Inclusive' school receives award
12:02:23a Asahi looks abroad to hit 2012 sales target
12:02:29a Weekly Oregon H1N1 Influenza Update
12:02:34a Wolverine World Wide awarded government contract
12:02:39a NBA star Shaq backs neighbour Woods
12:02:45a Competitive devaluations threaten a trade war
12:02:50a FUFA centre pace irks FIFA manager
12:02:55a Shoes thrown at Iraqi shoe-thrower
12:03:01a Audio Cheney knocks Obama on eve of war speech
12:03:06a Beirut’s call to Copenhagen
12:03:11a HK airport revenue down 4.7% during April-Sept
12:03:17a UN chief calls for extension of UN disengagement force on Israeli-Syrian front
12:03:22a Okon preparing United for crunch time
12:03:28a Switzerland Faces 'Security Risk' after Voters Endorse Minaret Ban
12:03:33a Woods issued with ticket
12:03:39a Sofia Well Braced for Coming Winter
12:03:44a New worry for jobless Health care
12:03:49a Firepower boss 'afraid of Anderson'
12:03:55a Ministry seals killer potholes in Mabira
12:04:00a India urges end to Israeli settlements
12:04:06a Effects of Dubai debt crisis on Kuwaiti local banks 'very limited'official
12:04:11a Ibero-American countries demand Zelaya's restitution to Honduran presidency
12:04:16a Dollar opens higher on risk appetite
12:04:22a Zelaya calls for rejection of Honduras' election outcome
12:04:27a GrayRobinson partners with Capitol Gains
12:04:33a 2011 hosts set for home finals
12:04:38a Loneliness can be contagious study
12:04:49a Lockheed Martin awarded government contract
12:04:54a Keira Knightley's romance woe
12:05:00a Life savers set for summer
12:05:05a Icebergs likely broken up
12:05:11a Bulgaria Euroroma Leader Tsvetelin Kanchev Arrested
12:05:16a Jail employe
12:05:21a Clearwater police identify pedestrian who nurse hit, then saved
12:05:27a Many unaware pensioners losing out on benefits
12:05:32a The California Museum Announces 2009 Dreamers Challenge Winners
12:05:37a RTA applicants left in the lurch
12:05:43a Blog 2012 legacy will gentrification drive out artists?
12:05:48a Cancer Inequalities Report
12:05:54a Fund for atomic bomb sufferers gets go-ahead
12:05:59a Spokesman Officer Greg Richards shot Clemmons
12:06:05a Bowden confirms he's retiring as FSU coach after bowl game
12:06:10a Oprah's 'Favorite Things' may be back next year
12:06:15a War Bonds for Afghanistan Costs
12:06:21a Bucs, Bud Light Renew Partnership
12:06:26a Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney on track for Kentucky fest
12:06:31a Suspected Serial Rapist, 'Ether Man' Accused In Pueblo Rape
12:06:37a Boy loses toe after shotgun goes off
12:06:42a How to Prevent Computer-Related Injuries
12:06:48a Kenya Country May Miss Growth Target Raila
12:06:53a Schneider deal worth just under million
12:06:59a 'I had to at least land one blow' Stories
12:07:04a NZ glacier deaths inquest starts
12:07:10a First Japanese eatery on Easter Island thrives
12:07:15a Dubai World's creditors may claim its trophy assets
12:07:21a Pigeon Forge hotel magnate charged with 5 counts sexual battery
12:07:26a Eat Chocolate, Get a Flat Belly
12:07:32a Israel says EU plans may risk peace
12:07:37a Half of ICU Patients Suffer From Infections
12:07:43a Commercial landlords' returns take a big hit
12:07:48a Highway patrol statement on Woods' car accident
12:07:53a Introduction of 'Verification Centres' Delays Poll Results
12:07:59a Cosatu tells Mbeki to say sorry Stories
12:08:04a Chris Louw 'wrote a suicide note' Stories
12:08:09a Where Abbott stands on 10 BURNING ISSUES
12:08:15a South Bend Marine Reserves say 10 reservists will deploy next year
12:08:20a Obama Security Of Allies At Stake In Afghan
12:08:26a Spokesman Officer Greg Richard
12:08:32a Argentine gay couple vows to reverse marriage ban
12:08:37a James Woods settles his lawsuit over bro's death
12:08:43a Black caucus Delay special session
12:08:49a Drivers believe car insurance is designed to confuse
12:08:54a Mont., Wyo. scientists study Greenland ice sheet
12:09:00a Harawira apologises again, allowed to stay with party
12:09:06a Berbatov's Personal Manager Denies Bulgaria Mafia Threat Reports
12:09:11a Bossier City approves budget that cuts 83 positions
12:09:17a Nokia Sues Display Makers for Price-Fixing
12:09:22a Survey shows cyberattacks are getting more disruptive
12:09:28a Ireland to manage 'bad bank' debt burden
12:09:34a Candlelight Vigil for Marriage Equality at Senator Onorato's office
12:09:39a Dow erases Friday selloff with big gain; American Oil Gas leads Colorado gainers
12:09:45a Detective guilty of interfering in son's case
12:09:51a Spaniards 'taken hostage' in Mauritania
12:09:57a Medicaid Meltdown Dropping Medicaid Could Save States Trillion
12:10:03a Timeline of key events in career of Henderson
12:10:08a Man suspected of threatening witnesses in stabbing case remains free on bail
12:10:14a CityCenter's Vdara officially open for business
12:10:19a No need to panic over Kaiga, says R. Chidambaram
12:10:24a November state tax collections sluggish
12:10:30a Dollar Financial unit to issue of debt
12:10:36a Construction firm files lien against hotel developer
12:10:41a Elle Macpherson's trainer
12:10:47a Stephen Roach, Chairman, Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific
12:10:53a NC safety regulators cite ConAgra in plant blast
12:10:58a Concern for welfare of missing man
12:11:04a Midsize Organisations Can Easily Adapt to Changing Client Needs
12:11:09a Hynes Innovation key to increasing Illinois jobs
12:11:15a Houllier calls on FIFA to allow limited video technology
12:11:20a SugarSync Rolls Out Android App, Cloud API
12:11:26a GERS continues
12:11:31a Stolen aluminum recovered on the side of the road
12:11:37a Video May Have Captured Wanted Car
12:11:42a Manchester United and Aston Villa cruise into Carling Cup semi-finals
12:11:48a Review Intriguing 'Queens' weaves a fantastic fictional fable
12:11:53a Eileen's Noon Forecast Dec. 1
12:11:58a 'Stand and Fight' Apathy Induces Need for '2nd American Revolution'
12:12:04a Polls' built-in bias may skew climate views
12:12:09a British house prices rise in November
12:12:15a Political Report for Wednesday, December 2, 2009
12:12:20a Fed's Plosser says policy must be preemptive
12:12:41a Sampdoria knocked out by Livorno
12:12:46a The Logic3 Universal Dock with Remote Control
12:12:51a Archives detail '49 miscarriage of justice
12:12:57a EPA Postpones More Ethanol In Gasoline
12:13:02a Addicted to Contractors
12:13:08a Election Day the First Hours
12:13:13a USA Technologies Sends Letter to Shareholders
12:13:18a Salahi's may have 'crashed' another event
12:13:24a What Google's Chromium OS Is Reaching For
12:13:29a Separate Afghan war funding bill likely-US lawmaker
12:13:35a Man and boy slashed with sickle
12:13:41a Canada expands responsibility in south Afghanistan
12:13:46a Slovak, Croatian presidents meet to discuss cooperation
12:13:51a Auto sales strive to gain ground
12:13:57a Binion's closing Vegas hotel; casino remains
12:14:02a W.House to work with Congress on Afghan war funds
12:14:08a Marshall County judges say they need one more
12:14:13a Video 7RIVERTON PARKE
12:14:19a James documentary lands nomination
12:14:25a Works engineer remanded to Luzira
12:14:31a Video Pasco hunters target feral hogs
12:14:36a The gods who failed
12:14:41a Guest editorial - WAPA and the PSC
12:14:47a Baby smothered on plane
12:14:53a Residents welcome St Clair swap backdown
12:14:58a Brown Fat Cells Make 'Spare Tires' Shrink
12:15:04a Mob trial with Tampa ties ends in mistrial
12:15:10a U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Launches Five-Year Strategy
12:15:15a Al'Qaeda 'terrorists' win right to hear secret evidence
12:15:20a Police Believe Burglaries Related
12:15:26a Ireland participation in World Cup 'impossible'-FIFA
12:15:31a Albuquerque Police ID 2 Shot During Confrontation
12:15:37a Dad raises cash through crunch marathon
12:15:42a Police looking for missing high-risk sex offender
12:15:48a Dog owners may have to pay for off-leash parks
12:15:53a Japanese Gamer Marries Virtual Sweetheart
12:15:59a 'Bar row' ex-MP in DNA demand
12:16:05a Ferre's out-of-state fundraising base - in Puerto Rico
12:16:10a Celebrating Outstanding Citizens in Diaspora
12:16:15a Penn State will look at climate change emails
12:16:21a Strengthen AIDS awareness programmes Sreemathy
12:16:26a Giant Jellyfish Threaten Japan Fishing
12:16:31a SaskTel brings back old cell plan
12:16:37a NZ Mitre 10 responds to sale of Australian counterpart
12:16:42a Constable shoots himself, dies
12:16:47a Infectious bacteria found in eastern Idaho cow
12:16:53a Gate crashers spur WH security change
12:16:58a White House Dismisses Climategate Because Most People Believe in Global Warming
12:17:03a 3 men nabbed for stealing P580,000 worth of beans
12:17:09a Mix-Up Denied Officials Info About Fort Hood Suspect
12:17:15a Teacher transferred for kissing Grade 6 girl
12:17:20a Indian accused of illegal diamond dealing, possession
12:17:26a Colorado resorts accomodate cash-strapped skiers
12:17:32a Some Palin fans waited 26 hours to see her in Tempe
12:17:38a N.Y. Protestant churches apologize to Native Americans
12:17:44a Sanctions against Iran over nuclear issue not to work president
12:17:49a PETA Wants to Help U.S. Troops Take a Bite Out of Bin Laden
12:17:55a South side dental clinic moving
12:18:00a Rays add depth in field
12:18:06a Matonga's culpable homicide trial to open next month
12:18:12a Jackson death charges expected
12:18:18a What I'll be listening for tonight
12:18:23a First amendment for health reform helps women
12:18:29a The Sony Ericsson Satio Mobile Phone Review
12:18:34a Some farmers seeking federal help for flood-drowned crops
12:18:40a VITAS names medical director over San Antonio hospice care operations
12:18:45a You're Square
12:18:51a The woman who tamed the Wild Thing
12:18:56a Obama to offer Afghan troop increase
12:19:02a White House Crashers - From The FDR Administration
12:19:07a A trilogy of films on HIV-positive persons
12:19:13a Panchayat chiefs on exposure visit
12:19:18a 14 days judicial custody for Koda
12:19:24a China says no, India freezes strategic road building
12:19:29a Mum smothers breastfeeding baby
12:19:34a Jays offer arbitration to Scutaro, Barajas
12:19:39a Bengal burns, smoke in Parliament
12:19:45a NM Sees Higher Swine Flu Deaths Among Indians
12:19:50a Somali priates hijack oil tanker
12:19:56a Opinion GOP rescuing Afghan policy
12:20:01a India-based energy giant Reliance Industries Ltd.abandons gas sales to Iran
12:20:06a Follow the Senate's health care debate
12:20:12a Amar denies reports rift in SP
12:20:17a London commuters psyche up for the underground
12:20:22a Competitions on Thursday
12:20:28a Vuln AWStats Multiple Unspecified Security Vulnerabilities
12:20:33a Court directive to State, Centre
12:20:39a Britain expresses frustration as Iran warns tough action possible on detained yacht crew
12:20:44a Obama 'Common security of the world' at stake
12:20:50a Entrepreneurship study ranks North Carolina near the bottom
12:20:55a Microsoft donates to orphanage
12:21:01a Defense Minister Denies He Is Bulgaria's Next Top Diplomat
12:21:06a Indianapolis investor to pay Chicago insurer judge rules
12:21:12a Kazmi, Kasav lawyer sacked
12:21:17a Loneliness May Be Catching
12:21:22a Obama 'to wind up Afghan war by 2012' after sending in 30,000 more troops
12:21:28a Guinean Official Says Military Ruler Backs UN Probe
12:21:33a 'Dubai crisis not a big issue'
12:21:39a Terrorists praised for Selfless sacrifice
12:21:44a Uganda pulls out of U-20 women W.Cup
12:21:49a Mind your babe, mom
12:21:55a Hizbullah impedes unified defense strategy December 01, 2009
12:22:00a Montvale firm selected to run West Point hotel
12:22:05a AIDS awareness rally taken out
12:22:11a Congress behind my arrest
12:22:16a People living with HIV bank on SHG concept for income generation
12:22:22a Ohio Lawmakers Say Chinese Trade Practices Hurting U.S. Steel Industry
12:22:27a Northrop Grumman Threatens to Abandon Air Force Tanker Bid
12:22:33a Chinese activist still camping out at Narita airport after one month
12:22:38a Lab claims test-tube pork breakthrough
12:22:44a Dollar falls on encouraging U.S. economic reports
12:22:49a Penguin day care comes to Kelly Tarlton's
12:22:55a Sudden death at Chippewa Creek
12:23:00a Senior official of Chinese NPC visits DPRK
12:23:06a “Internet still inaccessible to persons with disability”
12:23:11a 15 stray cattle impounded
12:23:17a Enquiry on blast at railway station
12:23:22a The 8th Annual INDULGENCE New Year's Eve Bash
12:23:27a Man, son arrested
12:23:33a Editorial Obama badly disappoints with land mines decision
12:23:38a Delhi Water to cost more from Jan 1
12:23:44a Home of Calif. family killed in crash burglarized
12:23:49a Scottish clubs chase Derry trio
12:23:55a Crocker Change in Afghan strategy essential
12:24:00a Inmate ends life
12:24:06a Baldwin says lost interest in acting, will quit soon
12:24:12a Hunt for rocket remains continues
12:24:17a Eassy Fibre Link Brews Fresh Internet Price War
12:24:22a Finishing the Job
12:24:28a DNR Hunters Killed 29 Percent Fewer Deer
12:24:33a US Senator Russell Feingold speaks during a news conference
12:24:38a Code Yellow
12:24:44a Global South Gets Together to Build Stronger Ties
12:24:49a Nobody's business but his own
12:24:54a TİB's interception records examined for second time
12:25:00a Amanda Knox is victim of a rush to judgment, says defence
12:25:05a Iran warns of tough action against British crew
12:25:10a Coach Arrested
12:25:16a Figueroa Resets Decision Date
12:25:21a DRI arrests Singapore national on duty evasion charges
12:25:27a Sunday shooting victim identified
12:25:32a Uncle Al's 'family' looks back
12:25:38a Judge Upholds Search Of Lawmaker's Vehicle
12:25:43a GE energy to bid in new nuclear tender
12:25:49a Sena retains Mumbai mayorship
12:25:54a GM CEO Henderson out, Whitacre in
12:26:00a Sacramento Protests Against Obama War Surge
12:26:05a OSCE meeting discusses Russian plan
12:26:11a Police Searching For UMB Bank Robber
12:26:16a Bowden forever will be the face of FSU football
12:26:21a Government ready to change law over coefficient case
12:26:27a Continental reports November operational performance
12:26:33a Bill halting postal share sale OK'd
12:26:38a Bartender kidnapped from Quispamsis bar
12:26:43a KCB in staff promo
12:26:48a A Celebration Fifty Years In The Making
12:26:54a Wreckage from Saturna plane crash that killed six being raised today
12:26:59a South Africa Announces Treatment Plans for HIV-Positive Babies, Moms
12:27:05a Reality TV Hits a New Low with Disabled Model Show?
12:27:10a GRPD cuts 6 c
12:27:15a Bala Sangham concerned over Sambhavi's future
12:27:21a Wall St's Dow rallies to 2009 high
12:27:26a Who is Tony Abbott
12:27:32a Civilian efforts as 'vital' as military efforts
12:27:37a Bridgestone tire prices going up 5 percent
12:27:43a Christmas Comes Back To Leesburg 01 Dec 2009 182242 GMT
12:27:48a Brown says Ilgauskas will play Wednesday night
12:28:08a South Africa Pledges To Provide Treatment For All HIV Infected Babies
12:28:14a Obama to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, start pullout in July 2011
12:28:19a WyCo OKs casino development plan
12:28:25a South Korea knocks down rumor North leader kim dead
12:28:30a Orombi commissions sh15b cathedral
12:28:35a “Ravikiran a prodigy who sustained his talent and emerged as a genius”
12:28:41a Serena fined for outburst
12:28:46a What Should I Drink To Speed Up Metabolism To Lose Weight?
12:28:51a French scientists create skin rapidly from stem cells
12:28:57a Review Training of Law Enforcers opinion
12:29:02a Video 6WEST VIGO
12:29:08a Michael Jackson tops Web's search charts in 2009
12:29:13a Gore to be honored
12:29:18a TeleCommunication Systems to buy navigation co.
12:29:24a Motorsport Birch's big win blows the Roof
12:29:29a Sri Lankan opposition parties seek permission to canvass in north
12:29:34a Foreign Ministers to Finalize Israeli Diplomatic Presence
12:29:40a David Miliband British forces will remain in Afghanistan for five more years
12:29:45a Obama sets new
12:29:50a 2009 Bakersfield Christmas Parade
12:29:56a Gold strikes record above
12:30:01a The Ellen DeGeneres Show Adam Lambert Performs
12:30:07a Displaced Afghan women queue to receive aid during a distribution for the needy
12:30:12a 'Unacceptable' delays over child safety
12:30:18a Pushing Back The Boundaries
12:30:23a TRACE begins to deliver results
12:30:29a GM chief Henderson, Obama's pick, resigning
12:30:34a Tis The Season...For Person Of The Year Polls
12:30:40a Women major agents for progress in climate change, development goals UN chief
12:30:45a Cyprus diplomacy gathers steam ahead of EU
12:30:52a Public supports smokers butting out
12:30:57a 'Bullying' watch to be kept on Public Trustee
12:31:03a White House dinner crasher is tourism agency board member
12:31:08a LG Neon Gt365
12:31:13a Swanston Street overhaul on hold
12:31:18a Video Trees Donated to Ronald McDonald House
12:31:24a Mosques in Switzerland, churches in Turkey by By ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ
12:31:30a 79 dead, 462 wounded across Turkey in holiday traffic accidents
12:31:35a Phone Home Pic Of The Day
12:31:41a Former Protector of Emigrants, 3 travel agents held
12:31:46a Classics popular across ditch
12:31:51a Microsoft Don't Believe the Black Screen of Death Hype
12:31:57a Iran lashes out at nuclear partner Russia over IAEA vote
12:32:02a -- Bureau of Motor Vehicles still slow,
12:32:08a International cruise ship launched
12:32:13a Woman, 25, accused of having sex with boy, 15
12:32:18a Chelsea Clinton to wed long-time partner
12:32:24a Stress marks school-to-college transition TEACHING & LEARNING
12:32:29a Poison planned to keep Asian carp from Great Lakes
12:32:34a Coverage Plans for Obama's Afghanistan Address
12:32:40a Fishery resources overexploited experts
12:32:45a Vivendi & GE Reach Tentative Deal
12:32:50a Swedish minister too early say if Saab will survive
12:32:56a Tiger Woods Cited for Crash, Tiger Woods Accident Case Closed Without Criminal Charges
12:33:02a Informa up as it calls off Springer deal
12:33:08a Media execs make case for online fees at FTC panel
12:33:13a Nod for new bridge at Pallathukadavu
12:33:19a FDA approves OTC version of heartburn drug Zegerid
12:33:24a New General Motors boss quits
12:33:30a Mother 'smothers baby' on flight
12:33:35a Afghanistan Troop Surge Up to 34,000 as NATO Balks - By Daniel Foster
12:33:40a Dramatic interruption to Selebi case Stories
12:33:46a Ettl becomes newest member of Yakima City Council
12:33:51a Toys R Us Double-Charges Customers
12:33:56a Obama's troop surge in Afghanistan
12:34:02a Mortgage stress may return as bank rates surge
12:34:07a Breastfeeding mother smothers baby on jet
12:34:13a Demjanjuk charged for Nazi camp deaths
12:34:18a Audi to run with 'driverless' car
12:34:23a White House Hits Back at Boehner Over Job Figures
12:34:29a Legal battles over wireless advertising claims intensify as Rogers targets Bell
12:34:34a Minister reviews MCH functioning
12:34:40a 4 more Ampatuans tagged in Maguindanao killing
12:34:45a Australians urged to stand up for state schools
12:34:51a Reports on manufacturing, construction, home-buying contracts signal modest economic expansion
12:34:56a City showdown likely as Treasury seizes control of RBS bonus pool
12:35:02a Survey Says ATT Customer Satisfaction Lowest in Industry
12:35:07a Gloucester Mom Talks About Night Spent In Woods
12:35:12a London Games unfazed by Beijing spectacle
12:35:18a Obama announces 30,000 troop increase
12:35:23a Serious Pregnancy Complication Detected With MRI
12:35:28a Did Hannah Montana Doll Use Curse Word?
12:35:34a Ad agencies' meet
12:35:39a Fotonauts Raises Million, Shifts Fotopedia From Desktop To Web
12:35:45a Obama plan not enough, Afghan military leader says
12:35:50a Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska
12:35:56a Worker Burned in Fire at Reading Home
12:36:01a Auto sales edge up in November
12:36:07a Skipper expects to revel in the rain
12:36:13a Hachette Filipacchi U.S. Partners with Equifax to Enhance Its Customer Database
12:36:20a Disney World mistakes mayor's wheelchair for Segway
12:36:25a Senate rolls scholarships bill
12:36:30a Hapal unsure of leaner, meaner Žilina
12:36:35a Russia building arms
12:36:41a 'Harmless' gate crasher?
12:36:46a Egyptian doctors join PA hate libel
12:36:51a Climate change campaign heats up at home before Copenhagen
12:36:57a Man holds up drug store, flees with pills
12:37:02a Get Real! Cut the Third Party Crap The Two Parties Are Not the Same
12:37:07a Future of Statler is uncertain
12:37:13a A 'lack of confidence' in Iran
12:37:18a Abolishing Sectarianism Has Been Tried Useless Times
12:37:24a President Obama speaking to LV students Friday
12:37:29a Number of reported H1N1 cases down for fourth straight week
12:37:35a Priest Arrested For Assaulting Another Priest 01 Dec 2009 183518 GMT
12:37:40a Higley IT boss in trouble for alien search, porn
12:37:46a 'Crouching Tiger; Hidden Hydrant' Stories
12:37:52a Video Baby shot, killed during domestic dispute
12:37:57a Deals and Steals 01 Dec 2009 165528 GMT
12:38:02a Greek Road Show to Australia to Attract Investment
12:38:08a Richmond teen dies of crash injuries
12:38:13a Enter our competition to win the software version of Digital Scrapbook Artist!
12:38:19a Sticker trouble continues for DMV
12:38:24a Minister tells Muslims to redirect assets from Switzerland
12:38:30a Poverty still rampant 11.9 million living below poverty line
12:38:36a Drug offenses by women on rise in New Zealand
12:38:41a Weber Sheriff's Office Hooper woman, 51, died of exposure
12:38:47a Late harvest has local farmers racing time and weather
12:38:52a Majestic Star's emergency bankruptcy court motions approved
12:38:58a Court ruling stumps Yukon rights board
12:39:04a Palin's power, popularity stronger
12:39:09a General Motors CEO Henderson out
12:39:14a Mellencamp to quit smoking if Facebook group hits 1 million
12:39:20a Zimbabwe MDC's Gwezere Still Detained at Chikurubi Prison
12:39:25a President's Speech Changes CBS Programming
12:39:31a Our Blog Network 12.01.09
12:39:36a Clemmons' suspected getaway driver booked
12:39:42a More Metro bets file CoCs
12:39:47a No change in patient turnout
12:39:52a Stranded Fort Good Hope teens found safe
12:39:58a Rectors speak out against Council of State ruling on coefficient
12:40:03a A view of vineyards and farms in Italy
12:40:08a Turkey ‘misses debt crisis due to Eid holiday
12:40:14a Home Secy NSCN not a banned organisation
12:40:19a Troj/Dloadr-CXI
12:40:25a Vuln ISPworker Download.PHP Multiple Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities
12:40:30a Wind-farm inquiry to reopen after fresh evidence plea
12:40:35a Hard-hit students only get half cash they need
12:40:41a New York Post Hit With Second Discrimination Suit
12:40:47a Indonesia must free Papuan protesters rights group
12:40:52a John Mellencamp Needs Your Help To Quit Smoking
12:40:57a 2 Dems challenge Paulsen in Minn.'s 3rd District
12:41:03a Hawaii holidays, Tiffany jewelry get yen boost
12:41:09a Whitacre named GM CEO as Henderson quits
12:41:14a LEAD Gold futures surge to record in N.Y.+
12:41:19a Iraq will be 'sweetness and light' after invasion, said US
12:41:25a Grain futures mixed Tuesday
12:41:30a Winton Woods Football Almost No More
12:41:35a Concern grows over fate of British yachtsmen held by Iran
12:41:41a Video Shelters to Prepare to Take In Families
12:41:46a SNP's Mike Russell championed Tory-style voucher system for Scots education
12:41:52a House prices up again – but it won't last, warn experts
12:41:57a Video Legislators Request Funds For Champlain Bridge Businesses
12:42:03a Online reality show fills in gaps in NZ image
12:42:08a Bonding benefits from dads at home
12:42:14a GM CEO Henderson resigns+
12:42:19a Wikipedia One of the Most Popular Sites on the Web
12:42:38a The Butler did it, as actor hails Glasgow's film-star qualities
12:42:44a 2ND LD Gold futures surge to record in N.Y.+
12:42:49a Still Time to Save on Unpaid Tolls
12:42:54a Woods faces 164 fine, no criminal charges
12:43:00a Frat brothers explain how they fought robbers with BB guns
12:43:05a Scots actor in tears as he is cleared of punching policewoman
12:43:10a Tiger Woods is fined 100 for careless driving as hostess denies affair
12:43:16a Crysis DeLorean Time Machine v1 Mod
12:43:21a GE, Vivendi Reach Deal On NBCU, Paving Way For Comcast To Buy Net
12:43:27a New road salt 'makes cars rust faster'
12:43:32a Maple Leaf Gardens gets a makeover
12:43:38a Judge declares mistrial, Junior Gotti released
12:43:44a Kodak Easyshare Z1485 Digital Camera Review
12:43:49a AP Source Crashers told 'no' to state dinner
12:43:55a Evening Update WBZ Forecast For Dec. 1
12:44:00a United Technologies gets bln US Air Force deal
12:44:06a Fifa says no to media Stories
12:44:11a Man who died trapped in Utah cave memoriali
12:44:17a Appeals court upholds conviction in securities scam
12:44:23a GRPD cuts 6 community policing officers
12:44:28a Andheri office space sold for Rs 211 cr
12:44:34a Sunbed to hospital bed – new cancer warning
12:44:40a Benefit Announced For Injured West Chester Officer
12:44:45a Next Year's Name Two-Thousand Ten Or Twenty-Ten?
12:44:51a Infant Shot, Killed In Albuquerque Home
12:44:56a 2nd H1N1 wave likely starting in Nunavut
12:45:02a Zuma announces new AIDS program for South Africa
12:45:07a Fast food really means quick, easy meals
12:45:13a Brooklyn Borough
12:45:18a Textile jobs coming to Buffalo
12:45:24a 3-year-old Ind. girl drowns in sump pump pit
12:45:29a Final season of FX's 'Nip/Tuck' begins Jan. 6
12:45:35a Today On the Spot 3D Dot Game Heroes, Import Friendly
12:45:40a Good Luck
12:45:46a Turkey invited to mediate in Philippine-MILF conflict
12:45:51a Hard To Find Hot Toys 01 Dec 2009 165513 GMT
12:45:57a Call of Duty Classic, Crackdown hit XBL Marketplace
12:46:02a Council of State ruling shows court favors certain bar associations
12:46:08a A 'lack of confidence' in Iran
12:46:13a MPs vote public inquiry into Afghan detainees, but Tories ignore
12:46:19a Kalam for a green India
12:46:24a Natomas Movie Theater Evacuated
12:46:30a Partial Settlement Reached in Psystar, Apple Legal Saga
12:46:37a Video Swine Flu Shot Rolls Out For All
12:46:48a December critical month for swine flu vaccines, say experts
12:46:59a Taro investor reverses stance, backs Sun
12:47:04a Cars to be impounded after 3 parking fines
12:47:14a UN halts funds to China wind farms
12:47:19a Awareness campaign on AIDS launched
12:47:25a Gibson double sees United into League Cup semis
12:47:31a Sword, nunchaku seized in Bondi weapons arrest
12:47:36a Rep. Dennis Kucinich Addresses Escalation in Afghanistan
12:47:42a Alam D-8 to gain more importance in years to come
12:47:47a Kazakhstan proposes to hold OSCE summit next year
12:47:53a Bike sales 'vroom' 32 per cent in Nov
12:47:59a White House Says Not Involved In Henderson Departure
12:48:04a Areva T & D acquisition may trigger open offer
12:48:10a Audrey Hepburn's Designer Gowns Hit Auction Blocks 01 Dec 2009 162843 GMT
12:48:15a Video shows how Chinese say it went down, fact or fiction
12:48:20a Soldier's mom sues over letter stamp
12:48:26a Treasurys tumble as investors clamor for stocks
12:48:31a Obama commits 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
12:48:37a Aussie volleyball trip called off
12:48:43a Germany To Decide On Afghanistan Troop Numbers After January Summit
12:48:48a Strengthen RTI movement at all levels, says Hamid Ansari
12:48:54a Tiger Woods Cited For Careless Driving 01 Dec 2009 160506 GMT
12:48:59a Local boxers to be ranked
12:49:04a Hunt ends in death of gunman who killed four police officers
12:49:09a 7s experience will pay off, says Fuli
12:49:15a No change to devaluation
12:49:20a Celebrate World AIDS Day Get Tested
12:49:26a Tourism earnings to fall
12:49:31a Gate Crasher Puts Spotlight Obama Social Secretary
12:49:37a Swine flu death toll tops 50 after three more fatalities
12:49:43a Kalihi Fire Destroys Halau's Hula Supplies
12:49:48a Zim to engage Botswana over pirate radio stations
12:49:53a UFO-chasing hacker fails to block extradition
12:49:59a Messi delighted with Ballon d'Or win
12:50:04a With Afghan Surge, Count the Cost In Injuries. Estimate 13,000 New Cases Of PTSD.
12:50:10a Water Main Break Spurs Conservation Request
12:50:15a China leads race to exploit trading system
12:50:20a CANADA FX DEBT-C closes higher on resources, risk-taking
12:50:26a Judge To Rule On Makaha Peacock Killing
12:50:31a DiRT 2 Demo
12:50:36a Warmer And Drier Than Normal
12:50:42a GE, Vivendi value NBCU at bn
12:50:47a Beetle plague copra farms
12:50:53a Region Report Blog Larimer County to consider medical marijuana moratorium
12:50:58a Series attracts top teams
12:51:04a Three Fort Riley Soldiers Awarded Purple Hearts
12:51:09a Man pleads guilty to manslaughter in Huron slaying
12:51:14a HIV sufferers need care
12:51:20a Henry did not behave immorally, says Houllier
12:51:26a Referees, coaches return to classroom
12:51:31a Henry did not behave imm...
12:51:37a Senators bemoan Yar'Adua's poor budget performance
12:51:43a Beauty queen's woes reflect HIV stigma
12:51:49a Data on Stop-Work Orders Issued in Judea and Samaria, 30.11-1.12.09
12:51:55a Portland Museum gets grant for Lincoln forum
12:52:01a Climatologist Leaves Post in Inquiry Over E-Mail Leaks
12:52:07a Renn trial Witness offers mixed statements about shooting
12:52:12a Lory State Park expansion deal expected by end of year
12:52:18a Obama Afghan surge at 'fastest pace possible'
12:52:24a Drug testing changes approved by Horse Racing Commission
12:52:35a Hughes admits City frustr...
12:52:41a Democrat announces candidacy for Larimer County sheriff
12:52:47a Aust opposition change jolts climate debate
12:52:53a Russia's top detective hurt in train bombing
12:52:58a Obama 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
12:53:04a Cost of gold boosts Christmas shopping
12:53:09a Sugar exports to surge
12:53:15a MPs vote public inquiry into Afghan detainees
12:53:20a Microsoft's grand plan pure genius
12:53:26a Key advocate leaves Equality Utah
12:53:31a Jailed mum told to change ways
12:53:36a Obama to announce new Afghan war plan
12:53:41a Photoshop Tip Vignettes Add Focus and Character to Photos
12:53:47a Great Lakes to see wind power projects
12:53:52a Taxpayers must not foot care bill
12:53:58a Rosendorff lures French expertise
12:54:04a 'Keep a close watch on your kids'
12:54:09a Suspect in Hillsboro Great Clips shooting dies
12:54:14a Parliament to investigate increase in child abductions
12:54:22a US feds looking at connection to cleric who talked to accused Fort Hood shooter
12:54:31a H1N1 concerns ease at Eastern Health facilities
12:54:42a The Colbert Report Something Is Melting in Denmark Dan Esty
12:54:48a Libya Court Sentences Swiss Men
12:54:54a Albany Habitat Set Aside For Owls Going Unused
12:55:00a Megrahi wore body armour under shell suit to thwart assassination
12:55:05a Defending popular rights – by limiting them
12:55:10a Tempers rise as Senate moves toward vote on health care overhaul
12:55:16a Manitoba pledges more transparency on MDs
12:55:22a No Eye Benefits with Aspirin
12:55:27a Top 10 Search Engine Lists What They Say About Us
12:55:32a Armed rapist & Most Wanted Sex Offender Captured in Grand Rapids
12:55:38a AP Source Crashers told 'no' to state dinner
12:55:43a Morgan Stanley Draws CICC Shortlist
12:55:48a Enzyme Treatment Improves Fabry Outcomes
12:55:54a Canadian artists celebrate season with slate of new Christmas CDs
12:55:59a IAEA follows law of jungle, says Iran
12:56:05a Authorities check Fort Hood cleric link
12:56:10a Obama's Afghanistan Speech
12:56:15a Schools in Southeast to move, become ‘civilianized
12:56:21a Vic cops to get ballistic vests
12:56:28a Woods fined over crash outside home
12:56:34a ESRI Includes MapIt in U.S. Federal ELA Software Package
12:56:39a SC-Sen Not Much of a Choice
12:56:45a U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as quoted by DC Agenda
12:56:51a Flextronics to Report Third Quarter Results
12:56:57a Rent bills look set to rise
12:57:03a Former wrestler, governor Jesse Ventura back on TV probing conspiracy theories
12:57:09a Sex offender accused of sexual assault with minor
12:57:15a NATO Air Strike Kills 30 'Militants' in Afghanistan
12:57:20a Mexico to pledge halving emissions by 2050
12:57:26a CBO Premiums Wouldn't Change Much Under Senate Healthcare Bill
12:57:31a House suspends ahead of Senate ETS vote
12:57:55a Outgoing IAEA Chief ElBaradei Leaves Complex Legacy
12:58:01a No carbon tax in Coalition's new climate policy Abbott
12:58:07a Pilot remembers WWII fighter plane crash
12:58:12a Driver flees accident that killed Pa. pedestrian
12:58:18a Titanic exhibition at Louisville Science Center
12:58:23a Hotel Project Near Camp Randall Stalls
12:58:29a Columbus, IN police officer stabbed in scuffle
12:58:34a Gift guide Get stylish for less than
12:58:40a Join group and Mellencamp will quit smoking
12:58:45a Kirk sacks design firm hired to revamp its historic logo
12:58:50a Obama takes Zardari into confidence over Afghan policy
12:58:56a Obama to address Afghan War
12:59:02a C7 appeal dismissed by Federal Court
12:59:07a Semi catches fire at cooking oil plant in Salt Lake City
12:59:13a Climate data row man steps down
12:59:19a Iraqi shoe'thrower finds out what it was like
12:59:24a Mob boss explodes at former friend in court
12:59:30a Most states haven't adopted sex offender rules
12:59:35a Pot found in OH Goodwill drop off
12:59:41a InterSystems Cache 'UtilConfigHome.csp' Remote Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12:59:46a Google to limit free news access
12:59:52a Singh after another title
12:59:58a Empty Nesters Welcome New Puppy Life
01:00:04a Dance-for-Peso Halls Being Replaced by Strip Clubs
01:00:09a Tiger gets a careless driving ticket
01:00:14a Mob kills man after girl, 14, dies for phone Stories
01:00:20a Argentine couple tries for first gay marriage
01:00:25a Examining Obama'S Plans For Afghanistan
01:00:31a M's offer arbitration to Beltre, not to Bedard
01:00:36a Papa Bill Clinton on Chelsea Clinton's fiance Marc Mezvinsky 'He's a great human being'
01:00:42a Washington's Black Community Grapples with Gay Marriage Issue
01:00:47a Rescue for 49 housing projects
01:00:53a One property left to purchase for new arena
01:00:59a Dyax gets FDA approval for genetic disorder drug
01:01:04a Officer involved in fatal confrontation with Dziekanski charged in car crash
01:01:10a UPDATE 1-Dyax gets FDA marketing nod on genetic disease drug
01:01:15a Obama White House to host 50,000 visitors at 28 parties in December
01:01:20a Man Gets 7 Years In Fatal DUI Case
01:01:26a Unemployment tax increases may be delayed
01:01:31a Tempers flare as Senate nears health vote
01:01:40a How to Choose a Good PDF to Word Converter
01:01:45a McGovern Brothers Issue West Point Candlelight Vigil Speech
01:01:50a MKs urged to think about disabled accessibility
01:01:56a Sowell charged with mass murder in Cleveland killings
01:02:01a More effort needed in Sudan vote registration – observers
01:02:07a Remarkable leaders, remarkable men
01:02:12a Five Ways Google Wave Can Be Successful
01:02:18a GM CEO Henderson was dismissed by board source
01:02:23a Child offenders to be named, shamed on internet in Western Australia
01:02:29a Chicago Board Options Exchange IPO Seen In Six Months
01:02:34a US puts Pakistan on notice
01:02:39a MN military mom responds to President's plan for Afghanistan
01:02:45a Police baffled by path of bushfire destruction
01:02:50a Luminaries inducted into Calif. Hall of Fame
01:02:55a H1N1 vaccine available to all in Weld County; Larimer may soon follow
01:03:01a Union Calls NBC 'Grinch,' Vows Tree-Lighting Strike
01:03:06a Obama lays out Afghanistan plan at West Point
01:03:12a Canada taking charge of Afghanistan's treacherous Arghandab district
01:03:17a The Dark Side of 'Webtribution'
01:03:23a Jury deliberates 4th day in Petters fraud trial
01:03:28a Hawthorne Elementary '1 of 100' schools honored
01:03:33a TA magistrate says 'solid evidence' links Ashkenazi's bodyguard to attempted rape
01:03:39a Palin defends private plane use
01:03:44a GM to consider Saab sale until year end
01:03:49a Cop behind human fat killers probe suspended
01:03:55a Obama's Surge Strategy in Afghanistan
01:04:00a Unfulfilled pledges and broken promises for Scottish children
01:04:05a The Dubai Defense You’re All Big Boys
01:04:11a Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken
01:04:16a Bob cat in Apple Valley
01:04:22a Suspect in Police Deaths Is Shot, Killed
01:04:27a Granholm Next 3 weeks critical for school changes
01:04:33a Phone warning system ready to go
01:04:38a GM has 'expressions of interest' for Saab unit
01:04:44a Water Authority to Strike
01:04:49a 'Junior' Gotti free after judge declares mistrial
01:04:55a Stephen King's Favorite Holiday Movie
01:05:01a Police question boy, 8, who took pistol to school
01:05:06a 1 Arrested In Loomis Slaying
01:05:11a A Cadbury Family Member Crusades Against Kraft
01:05:17a Excerpts Troops could start Afghan withdrawal in July 2011
01:05:22a Tech students charged with gun possession
01:05:28a Libya sentences two Swiss businessmen to 16 months in jail Summary
01:05:34a Chilcot Inquiry US Said Iraqis Would Welcome Invasion
01:05:39a Business welcomes Coalition's emissions trading about-face
01:05:45a Serialized DailyLit Site Now Free
01:05:50a President Obama 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan by summer
01:05:56a gWallet raises for more ethical virtual currency/offers system
01:06:01a Vuln Multiple Vendor TLS Protocol Session Renegotiation Security Vulnerability
01:06:07a EU hails step forward as Lisbon treaty comes into force
01:06:13a Iraq November death toll lowest since invasion
01:06:18a Not the right one, baby! Coca-Cola recalls bottled drinks after complaints of odor
01:06:23a FHP Tiger Woods will get a ticket
01:06:32a Pry Bar Links Several Cookeville Break-Ins
01:06:37a Obama’s adviser tackling unemployment tops agenda
01:06:43a LIVE VIDEO Obama To Announce Deployment 01 Dec 2009 195730 GMT
01:06:48a WTO members urge early deal on environmental goods and services
01:06:54a Snow, traffic and isolation cant stop CHP officer
01:06:59a Heard GM Presses Eject Button on Henderson
01:07:05a Japanese Amano takes office as
01:07:10a FBI offers online shopping advice
01:07:16a Dubai leaders try to reassure panicky investors
01:07:21a Gerber Scientific Acquires Yunique Solutions
01:07:27a UN chief warns on World AIDS Day that new infections are outstripping treatment gains
01:07:32a Friends, wife face trucker's murder suspect in court
01:07:38a Two fingers lost in snowblower tragedy
01:07:43a Death sentence overturned in US
01:07:48a Death delays Tuisolia case
01:07:54a More world leaders on board for green summit
01:07:59a Huge deployment of troops is President Obama's vision for quick end to war
01:08:05a Barack Obama to unveil 30,000-strong Afghan surge
01:08:10a US stocks rise more than 1 per cent on Dubai hopes
01:08:15a New Landscaping Restrictions Coming To Lake Co.
01:08:21a Ireland's Aer Lingus to cut jobs, routes
01:08:27a Tiruchi to become IT 'growth model'
01:08:32a Video The next 24 ...
01:08:38a Split judgment in maid abuse case
01:08:43a SACS Fairfield Co. schools on probation
01:08:49a Seattle police ambush cop-killing rampages up this year
01:08:55a Jesus Christ dumped from jury pool for disruption
01:09:00a Dates emerge for next Microsoft Office and SQL Server
01:09:06a Kent County investigators hope clay sculpture will identify murder victim
01:09:11a With an air of nostalgia, Virginia enacts smoking ban
01:09:17a Kernel Log Coming in 2.6.32 Architecture code, memory management, vi
01:09:22a Breast Center upgrading mobile mammogram unit
01:09:27a Louisville retailers reporting stronger start to holiday shopping season
01:09:33a Philanthropist's trip to ER leads to donation
01:09:38a IDF security detail unit comes under fire
01:09:44a Bizlink's retail sales provide jobs for the disabled
01:09:49a Cowboy Helps Cops Lasso 2 Cows on Mass. Highway
01:09:55a Police find cannabis crop in NSW
01:10:01a Eight arrests made in 5-month meth investigation
01:10:06a Administration Official Troop Surge Aimed at 'Preventing Taliban From Overthowing Afghan Government'
01:10:12a Man sentenced to jail for killing brother
01:10:17a Lone Seattle policeman kills slayings suspect
01:10:23a At KFC, charging per calorie makes cents
01:10:28a WWII Pilot Sees Plane for First Time, Crashed in Lake Michigan in 1945
01:10:35a Miami Dolphins games against New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers declared sellouts
01:10:41a “Obama is a slave to the military-industrial complex”
01:10:46a Bowden to retire after Florida State's bowl game
01:10:52a Man Sentenced To Two Life Terms For Hate Crime Murder
01:10:58a Germany accused of double standards over Nazi death-camp trial
01:11:03a Cuomo Says N.Y.'s Sex Offender Registry Works
01:11:09a US auto sales edge up, led by Hyundai boom
01:11:14a Heyzap makes Flash-based web games more social
01:11:31a Clinic owner, physician face federal charges
01:11:37a Federal COBRA subsidy expires
01:11:43a Video Getting the job done in Afghanistan
01:11:48a Three arrested in 'ginger-bashing' at California school
01:11:54a Entrepreneurs Are Using Kids' Games To Attract Grownup Dollars
01:11:59a Obama Facing Barrage of 'Friendly Fire'
01:12:05a Lawyer Vague theories and bias, but no evidence in Knox murder trial
01:12:10a Personal health Practice 'Safe Stress' during the holidays
01:12:16a King of Pop ruled the web in 2009
01:12:21a No reprieve for Ireland
01:12:27a Metal Storm still waiting for funds
01:12:32a New technology ‘must drive global carbon emissions cuts’
01:12:37a Voters Casting Final Ballots In Atlanta Mayoral Runoff
01:12:42a Obama's troop surge in Afghanistan
01:12:48a Tri-State Weighs In On New Troop Levels
01:12:53a TSX as good as gold
01:12:58a Richland, Lexington deputies can check your home for the holidays
01:13:04a Three held for bullying of 'gingers'
01:13:09a WRAPUP 9-Obama to offer troop increase, timetable for Afghan
01:13:14a Suspect In I-4 Sexual Battery Fitted With GPS Device
01:13:20a Huckabee 'I take full responsibility' for shooting suspect's clemency
01:13:25a Housing list wait 'tops 10 years'
01:13:31a iPhone app with Twilio hack lets you order pizza from anywhere in the country
01:13:36a US five-year plan to fight AIDS to focus on HIV prevention
01:13:42a TÜPRAŞ to invest billion to increase diesel production
01:13:47a 10 Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Ideas
01:13:53a Detainee seeks indictment dismissal after delays
01:13:58a Workers 'underpaid up to each'
01:14:03a Company Brings More Jobs To Georgia
01:14:08a Dr. Brian Wofford Faces Extreme Makeover Home Forclosure
01:14:16a Arpaio Detention Officer To Report To Jail
01:14:22a China wants Louisiana Nutria
01:14:27a NATO contracts for scanning systems
01:14:33a What Small Businesses Really Need
01:14:39a Could Afghanistan Send 432nd Overseas Again?
01:14:44a 2 killed in Newport crash
01:14:50a Euros Say No to More Afghan Troops
01:14:55a Video Huckabee speaks about clemency
01:15:01a Prosecutor details assistance Clemmons received in escape
01:15:06a Swapo expects landslide victory
01:15:12a Study looks at parenteral nutrition and its effect on bloodstream infections
01:15:17a Iran hits out at Russia over IAEA vote
01:15:22a IRB to keep breakdown laws
01:15:28a MSU suspends 8 more football players following dorm disturbance
01:15:33a Malaysia's Anwar loses sodomy trial bid
01:15:38a Daycare licences tied to donations PQ
01:15:44a Reservists will 'Freeze' Service Until Freeze Ends
01:15:49a Microsoft denies 'black screen of death' issues
01:15:55a Rebagliati's book says drug test an attempt to keep snowboarding out of Games
01:16:01a Muslims wont
01:16:06a Military action alone won't solve Afghanistan's problems, Louisville residents say
01:16:12a McChrystal says focus is building Afghan forces
01:16:17a Video Obama makes his case for Afghanistan
01:16:23a Fritz Henderson Resigns After Brief Stint As General Motors CEO
01:16:28a Too much physical activity may lead to arthritis, study suggests
01:16:33a Wis. DNR Hunters killed 29 percent fewer deer
01:16:39a H1N1 Identity Theft Scam Makes E-Mail Rounds
01:16:44a Video Cheney slams Obama
01:16:50a Turkey in the
01:16:55a Between Iran and the West
01:17:00a Diesel Stages Fake Bear Protest for Black Friday Attention
01:17:06a England, South Africa confident
01:17:11a Europe Gets Bypassed on Road to Copenhagen
01:17:17a Eat Egg Yolks To Decrease Your Cholesterol.
01:17:22a Marine Corps Increases Its Order with Oshkosh Corp.
01:17:27a Grand jury investigation into Victorville heats up
01:17:33a A Portrait of American Justice
01:17:38a Will Russia's Afghan Fate Be America's
01:17:44a 'Bye Bye Birdie' Extends Its Broadway Run
01:17:50a Microsoft denies 'black screen of death'
01:17:55a Climategate Hide The Decline the video
01:18:01a Obama nominates ASU director as new U.S. ambassador
01:18:06a Andrew Thompson abducted from Australia by his mother in April 20
01:18:12a Turkey Through a Traveler's Eyes A Wild Sheep Chase Across Anatolia in 1939
01:18:17a Cosmic Log Balloon hunt goes viral
01:18:23a H1N1 Clinics In Indiana Week Of Dec. 1
01:18:28a Going to College What Every High School Senior Should Know
01:18:34a In DC, gay marriage creates rift for African Americans
01:18:39a Rivals say Woods stature spurs scrutiny
01:18:44a J.C. Penney Is Betting Big By Adding A European Flair
01:18:50a Actor James Woods, RI hospital reach settlement in his lawsuit over brother?s death
01:18:56a Pakistan's top court takes up petitions challenging amnesty enjoyed by president, others
01:19:02a Obama 30,000 more troops to deploy to Afghanistan by summer
01:19:07a Garnier Nutritioniste signs new face
01:19:12a Europe tackles nuclear safety issues
01:19:18a Council Member Tries To Stop Eminent Domain Push
01:19:23a Albion man arrested with 10 pounds of marijuana, in cash
01:19:29a World rallies behind search for missing children
01:19:35a Twitter creator Jack Dorsey shows off his new mobile payments startup
01:19:41a GM gives Saab a month's reprieve Summary
01:19:46a Broadside Crash and burn
01:19:52a Russian Strangled in Cyprus
01:19:57a Personal Journey of a Non-Traditional Student
01:20:03a Racy new Tiger tales
01:20:08a Canadian shares rebound; TSX up 260 points
01:20:14a Microsoft readying SP3 for Exchange 2007
01:20:19a A Victory for Holders of Yukos
01:20:25a Man skips court, faces jail for throwing dog off roof
01:20:30a COLUMN Jaguars need to improve their customer relations
01:20:36a Drunkblogging Obama's Afghanistan Speech
01:20:41a 'American Idol' back for new season Jan. 12
01:20:47a Class warrior ready for one last battle
01:20:52a A Burma policy for India – Benedict Rogers
01:20:57a SC moved to search American embassy
01:21:03a Father donates liver lobe and later a kidney to ailing son
01:21:08a Gulf markets fall as Dubai ruler plays up strength
01:21:14a Nadroga revives local volleyball competition
01:21:19a Shanda Interactive reports Q3 adjusted EPS vs. consensus of 88c
01:21:24a Three stars for Regina Spektor in Birmingham
01:21:30a AFL football to move to Adelaide
01:21:35a Kucinich to Appear On O'Reilly Factor to Discuss Opposition to Troop Surge
01:21:41a Interest rates tipped to stay on hold
01:21:46a 3,500 New York sex offenders locked out of Facebook, MySpace
01:21:52a Minister seeks business lobby's support in combating climate change+
01:21:57a Five fabulous experience gifts
01:22:03a Japan's monetary base rises 3.8% in Nov., up for 15th straight month+
01:22:09a Obama Afghan Not Lost But Moving Backwards
01:22:14a Hollywood meets Beckham a...
01:22:20a rail coal deal on track
01:22:25a Man Expose Climategate on State owned channel
01:22:31a A Cop-Killer Crisis Ends, But Tacoma's Anxiety Lingers
01:22:36a Gold's Run Pushes Barrick to Cash In
01:22:42a Grand Rapids City Commissioners renew contract for D.C. lobbyist
01:22:47a Go Red for Women Wednesday, December 9th!
01:22:52a Pharmacies to be closed on Friday to protest decision on medicine prices
01:23:00a Customer Recounts Nabbing Kidnapping Suspect
01:23:06a Panda Express Offers Free Chinese New Year Learn with Me Program to All Schools
01:23:12a Video National ObamaCare debate reaches awesome conclusion
01:23:18a Main points of the EU's 'Lisbon Treaty'
01:23:23a Raw Video Briefing On Seattle Cop Killer Arrests
01:23:29a At Camp Lejeune, Marines are ready to go
01:23:34a U.S. Ford sales flat for November
01:23:40a UMB Bank buys American National Bank's corporate trust business
01:23:45a Teens To Study Climate Change In Antarctica
01:23:51a TSX Sees Sharp Gains As Dubai Fears Ease, Gold Tops Canadian Commentary
01:23:57a First Coast Banks get Low Ratings in Ratings Report
01:24:02a Settlement freeze only temporary
01:24:08a China Reshapes The World
01:24:14a Acidic Oceans May Be a Boon for Some Marine Dwellers
01:24:19a White House 'crashers' defend their actions
01:24:25a 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan by summer
01:24:31a Project to combat fuel poverty runs out of money
01:24:37a Obama Afghanistan not lost, remains challenge
01:24:42a Gold breaks fresh record above US1,200
01:24:48a Contract extension recommended for Spurrier
01:24:53a ExpressJet CEO jumps to American Air
01:24:59a Change in Afghan strategy essential
01:25:05a Ontario inches closer to cap and trade plan
01:25:20a Test From Pentagon Find 10 Red Balloons
01:25:26a Police officer struck by car while working detail in Chelsea, Mass.
01:25:31a Areas reclassified under Coastal Regulation Zone
01:25:37a Plummeting Polls Show the Cost of Obama's Afghanistan Dithering
01:25:42a OSCE Lukewarm on Medvedev Plan
01:25:48a British forces will remain in Afghanistan for five more years
01:25:54a Former warlord Nkunda seeks release
01:25:59a Thousands flee Congo violence
01:26:05a Will Russia's Afghan Fate Be America's
01:26:10a UN slams Swiss minaret ban as ‘discriminatory’
01:26:16a 2 's Obama to explain Afghanistan strategy in speech tonight
01:26:21a Buttars no ally
01:26:26a LHC moved to search US embassy
01:26:32a FCC Submits Rulemaking Notice for 'Open Internet'
01:26:37a Quantum Information Concepts for Condensed Matter Problems
01:26:43a Fire nearly destroys A.V. home
01:26:48a A federal agency tries to hold on to what it's built
01:26:54a Be Bully Free Play Presented at Cedar Grove Elem. School with Debbie Dunn
01:26:59a Richmond gang-rape defendants plead not guilty
01:27:05a Watch live Obama - '30,000 additional troops...will deploy in the first part of 2010'
01:27:11a Globaltrans to Buy Rival TransServis
01:27:16a Obama unveils ambitious Afghan war plan
01:27:21a Nappanee mother dies in accident after Thanksgiving trip
01:27:27a For surge to work, US needs to deal with Karzai
01:27:32a Local Residents Weigh In On Obama's Plan To Increase Troops In Afghanistan
01:27:37a French troops to stay in Afghanistan
01:27:43a Canadian journalist released from Nairobi hospital
01:27:48a 30,000 more troops will be sent to Afghanistan by summer
01:27:54a Officer in Dziekanski case charged in car crash
01:27:59a With Square, Twitter Co-Founder Creates 'PayPal With Smartphones'
01:28:04a Barack Obama's war the final push in Afghanistan
01:28:10a Kirby Keep the filler out of stocking stuffers
01:28:15a Even friendlier skies under dysfunctional FEC
01:28:21a Indian villager takes 14 years to dig tunnel through mountain
01:28:26a ‘Mr. Hyphen’ redefines Asian-American men
01:28:32a Policy environment, market analysis, forecasts and growth opportunities
01:28:37a Actel to Present at Barclays Global Technology Conference
01:28:43a India body files cases in Satyam fraud
01:28:48a Michael Moore's open letter to the president
01:28:54a Wis. cable rates rose 21 percent in 2 years
01:29:00a B.C. float plane crash victim remembered in North
01:29:05a Suspect in Smart case faked symptoms
01:29:10a Getting Troops to Afghanistan in a Hurry
01:29:16a Non-banks put mortgage rates up
01:29:21a Status of east al-Quds sparks EU-Israel row
01:29:27a Cuisine Quest Experience a fruitcake - and, yes, time is of the essence
01:29:32a Northrop may withdraw tanker bid
01:29:37a Obama 'confident' of more NATO troops for Afghanistan
01:29:43a Man jailed for sex with 15-year-old
01:29:48a Two gangs
01:29:53a Microsoft Says Patch Isn't Cause Of Black Screen
01:29:59a Bogus bidder may have another defense
01:30:04a Adelaide Oval to get 50,000-seat facelift
01:30:10a Biomagnetics to market LANL technology
01:30:15a Jazz's streak has been one-sided
01:30:20a Waitress claims affair with golf star
01:30:26a UPDATE 2-NSN says ready to offer mln for Nortel unit
01:30:32a Wii has 'a lot of substandard software'
01:30:37a Optus taunts Telstra on net costs
01:30:43a Tomorrow Never Knows - But We Do The Obama Surge Foreseen by Chris Floyd
01:30:48a Mars Odyssey Orbiter Puts Itself Into Safe Standby
01:30:53a Suspect held in Muni stabbing
01:30:59a ESPN to launch Los Angeles site on Dec. 21
01:31:04a More or less
01:31:10a Drop of federal inmates sparks half-million dollar Blount budget shortfall
01:31:16a Jumsoft overhauls Keynote themes collection
01:31:22a BlackBerry Bold 9700 The Best BlackBerry of All Time
01:31:28a families await news from Afghanistan
01:31:33a world security at stake in Afghan war
01:31:39a Lisbon Treaty launched with Joy and fado
01:31:45a Lisbon opponents protest in Dublin
01:31:50a Kaira lists govt’s achievements
01:31:56a the final push in Afghanistan
01:32:01a Olympic Newsdesk IOC Praises Lisbon Treaty; Rwandan Elections Postponed
01:32:07a ICJ begins advisory prcoeedings on Kosovo indepedence
01:32:13a Both of NASA's Mars orbiters are down for the count
01:32:19a European Commission Welcomes The Treaty Of Lisbon Which Comes Into Force From Today
01:32:24a Late colonel knew about corruption within TSK
01:32:30a Irish wave firm in E5m Portugal project
01:32:35a India blocks millions of cell phones
01:32:40a 'World News' anchor Charles Gibson to retire Dec. 18 after 35 years at ABC
01:32:46a Widow leads tributes to 'incomparable' husband killed by Afghan policeman
01:32:51a Liquor hypocrisy
01:33:03a Tips for Writing an Excellent College Research Paper
01:33:09a Millions of mobiles blocked by Indian authorities
01:33:18a South Africa to Treat All HIV-Infected Babies
01:33:23a Man hit by SUV in South Salt Lake dies of injuries
01:33:29a Mary Portas unveils charity chain
01:33:34a Chicago car dealer's expansion ill timed
01:33:39a Marilyn Monroe Smokes Pot in Never Before Seen Video
01:33:45a Michaele and Tariq Salahi's History of Celebrity Chasing Photos
01:33:51a Canadian terror suspect to offer from sureties at bail
01:33:56a Obama orders 30,000-troop increase for Afghanistan
01:34:02a 'Junior' Gotti Walks Free After 4th Mistrial
01:34:13a Bankers from Rothschild Involved with Dubai Collapse
01:34:21a Most States Fail To Adopt Sex Offender Rules
01:34:26a White House Asks ‘Who Do You Trust?
01:34:33a Vancouver police use billboard in bid to solve woman's murder
01:34:38a Blogger Approached About Appearing in Militia Documentary
01:34:44a Well its still Tuesday in America and Wednesday here
01:34:50a Defiant state fails to quell investors' fears
01:34:56a Vallejo Mayor's Comments About Gays Spark Protests
01:35:01a Yar'Adua Why We Are Vulnerable
01:35:07a BoP scam accused ready to surrender property
01:35:12a Barry Manilow details new Vegas show
01:35:18a Capital Ave. conflict headed to court
01:35:24a Army Officers and Managers Stress, a battle worth fighting for
01:35:29a Sheriff Investigates Report Of Rape, Kidnapping
01:35:35a Duncan's Ford Steals Show at Mombasa Finish
01:35:40a Saints rip Pats, move to 11-0
01:35:45a Island has no nurse
01:35:51a In Afghan Debate, Few Antiwar Op-Eds Elite Papers Marginalize Public Opposition by Steve Rendall
01:35:56a NHL approves Canadiens' sale to Molsons
01:36:01a UCF accepts invitation to St. Petersburg Bowl
01:36:07a New High Tech Multifunctional Calculator at
01:36:12a Blood flows in Thailand's deep south
01:36:18a Obama to ask NATO for more troops diplomat
01:36:23a Red Devils cruise into League semis
01:36:29a Six Christmas wheel deals
01:36:34a A US town on war footing
01:36:40a GM's Henderson resigns as CEO, Whitacre takes over
01:36:45a U.S.unveils AIDS care reform
01:36:51a Could the White House Party Crashers Go to Jail
01:36:56a Oprah's 'Favorite Things' may be back next year
01:37:01a NRO ministers urged to quit
01:37:12a Obama Overall goal in war is defeat of al-Qaida
01:37:18a Council Bill To Halt Eminent Domain Stalls
01:37:24a U.S. Food Stamp Program Expanding By 20,000 Per Day
01:37:29a Ground-Breaking Science Very Old Papers Are Both Awesome and Hilarious
01:37:35a Detroit on lookout for Lebanese shooter
01:37:41a Saudis taking lead in battling Yemen’s Houthi rebels, say analysts
01:37:46a Podcast Science Signaling Podcast 1 December 2009
01:37:52a Soyuz capsule brings astronauts back home
01:37:57a Driver in
01:38:02a Lebanon emissions greatly disproportionate to population
01:38:08a Torchlit demo over student's murder
01:38:13a Lawyer Sons sex admission drove dad insane
01:38:19a Canadian firms tout 'green' Christmas trees
01:38:25a Local Red Cross Has Gift Ideas for Christmas
01:38:30a Lottery ticket at South City store pays off big
01:38:36a Bloc cites 'hypocrisy' in boycott of Polytechnique shooting memorial
01:38:42a Pa. unemployment compensation problems persist
01:38:47a Trestman plans to coach Alouettes in 2010
01:38:52a Gannett Plans One-Week Furloughs
01:38:58a Black Friday LCD-TV prices down 22%, sales up
01:39:03a Freepers Respond to 'Hate Speech' Criticism By Spewing Hate Speech
01:39:09a Heating Equipment Maker Benefits As China Spends To Clean Its Air
01:39:14a Limits approved for civic campaign donations
01:39:20a American Indians Stand to Gain in Health Care Overhaul
01:39:26a AP Exclusive Lawyer's letters tell of ordeal before his death in Russian prison
01:39:31a Canadian astronaut Thirsk in 'great mood' after return from space
01:39:37a Natasha Bedingfield To Perform At Nobel Concert
01:39:42a Three held for bullying of 'gingers'
01:39:48a Chancellor Merkel has expressed regret on Germany's behalf for the deadly Afghan airstrike.
01:39:54a A Change in Leadership at the IAEA
01:39:59a SFPD Makes Arrest In Latest Muni Stabbing
01:40:16a Bank Targets 80 Percent Home Ownership Rate
01:40:22a Barack Obama's speech on Afghanistan live
01:40:28a 'Dragon' Brigade Soldiers receive oldest award
01:40:33a Israeli settlers block inspectors
01:40:39a I Magazine The villa solution
01:40:44a SC justice joins local fray
01:40:49a Coles' blonde ambition rattles brewers
01:40:55a GM CEOP 'Fritz' Henderson Resigns After 5 Months
01:41:00a Dubai World's creditors assess rights
01:41:06a Cameroon Income generation grant gives mother living with HIV a new lease on life
01:41:12a Tulsa, OU partner to create medical school
01:41:17a Mother Upset, Child Mistakenly Taken into State Custody
01:41:23a Line-up announced for Obama concert
01:41:28a Mother 'smothered baby on flight'
01:41:34a Arson, homicide investigators probe man's body found in Vancouver blaze
01:41:39a EFF sues feds for info on social network surveillance
01:41:44a Navajo, Jesuit and Jazz for Orchestra
01:41:50a Survival on Grant's agenda
01:41:55a Football players are all big, but only linemen are obese
01:42:01a Getting a DUI in the State of Arizona
01:42:06a Villa through to last four
01:42:12a EU's Lisbon Treaty comes into force
01:42:17a Northrop might drop out of tanker competition
01:42:23a Obama Exit timeline sends Afghan gov't a message
01:42:29a White House 'crashers' defend their actions
01:42:34a AmTrust bankruptcy won't affect branches
01:42:39a Milkpowder prices up to 15-month high in Fonterra auctions
01:42:45a Moody's upgrades Salem Communication rating
01:42:50a 'Bank of America must do more'
01:42:56a Man caught in connection with teacher's homicide caught in connection with teacher+'s homicide
01:43:02a This Witch-Hunt Must Now Stop
01:43:07a Tiger Woods fined by police
01:43:13a KAMRUL IDRIS Asean breaks bread with rebellious Myanmar
01:43:18a EP rapporteur blames conglomerates in free press debate
01:43:24a VIDEO Online with ErinGB website brings Christmas joy
01:43:29a Still want the H1N1 vaccine? It's suddenly getting easier to find it
01:43:35a 'Junior' Gotti freed after mistrial declared
01:43:40a Propertyfinance progress
01:43:46a Afghan surge to cost 30 billion US dollars Obama
01:43:52a Police searching for armed robbery suspect
01:43:57a Ending error instead
01:44:03a Sudanese youth seek once-in-a-lifetime change
01:44:08a After five million words, the end of the road for Cormac's typewriter
01:44:13a Three arrested for Kick-A-Ginger Day
01:44:19a Australian stocks gain early on resource strength
01:44:25a Immigrants Are Pillars of the U.S. Economy
01:44:30a Suspect in police shootings killed
01:44:36a I Magazine Global warming
01:44:41a 60 Face the 'Cut' to Mark Aids Day
01:44:47a H1N1 could boost antibiotic prescriptions, creating more drug resistance
01:44:52a I Magazine Easy on the earth
01:44:58a Obama expected to speed up Afghan troop deployment
01:45:03a Calder track quarantines 3 barns over equine herpes
01:45:09a Obama says US strategy must include Pakistan
01:45:15a Xtract Energy Updates on Operations Onshore Turkey
01:45:20a Breast-feeding mother accidentally smothered her baby on United Airlines jet
01:45:26a Indian man moves
01:45:31a Congress May Probe WikiLeaks Over 9/11 Pages
01:45:36a Cookbook Taming the wild beast, one meal at a time
01:45:42a Don't Discount Conspiracy Theories on Origin of Aids opinion
01:45:47a Chandler home engulfed in fire
01:45:53a 23-year-old man becomes 5th bird flu fatality this year
01:45:58a from serious to bizarre
01:46:03a Liu Wen Becomes The First Asian Model On Victoria's Secret Show
01:46:09a Natural gas company charged with Mercer County pollution
01:46:14a Kenya State rolls out pay package for the old
01:46:20a The boon of clean energy
01:46:25a Armenian President Warns Turkey, Azerbaijan
01:46:31a Tareq and Michaele Salahi, White House partiers, not going away
01:46:36a President Obama's speech in full
01:46:42a Europe And The New China India Asian Power Bloc
01:46:48a Philippine Massacre Suspect Seeks Supreme Court's Aid Against 'Warrantless Arrests'
01:46:53a Hearing delayed for Lawrence County boy who shot dad's fiancee
01:46:59a Israeli crime on the rise
01:47:05a Even hairless Sphynx cats give patients that warm, fuzzy feeling
01:47:11a Both of NASA's Mars orbiters are down for the count
01:47:16a Basketball / Hapoel Jerusalem loses in last minute of Greek drama
01:47:22a NY senators poised to vote on same-sex marriage
01:47:28a Nyong'o in a Spot Over College Job
01:47:33a Filipino Agriculture Officials Pin Hopes On New Technology Against Coconut Leaf Beetle
01:47:38a Sen. Grassley admits on C-SPAN ‘Ive lived off the public tit
01:47:44a Market tired of S'gor water sector revamp?
01:47:49a GM board fires CEO Henderson in shakeup
01:47:55a Gold hits Rs38,400 a tola
01:48:01a Sunday London Times Removed From UAE
01:48:07a A Certified OnTrac Module Is Now Included in Kewill's Clippership Software, Version 14.4
01:48:12a Rwanda 'You Have To Be Educated To Be A Leader'
01:48:18a 2 Researchers Barred at Tbilisi Airport, Prompting a Protest
01:48:23a Fine, points on license for Woods over SUV crash
01:48:29a Nigeria Nigerian states to be internet savvy
01:48:34a ‘Govt-approved RIL's gas price daylight robbery’
01:48:40a ‘Not over 10% selloff in PSUs’
01:48:45a Millions spent on flattering ads
01:48:51a ‘Analjit, Ghosh can sell stake in Vodafone’
01:48:57a Detective guilty of interfering in son's case
01:49:02a Obama orders 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
01:49:08a LAPD official Israeli crime on the rise
01:49:13a NASA Compelling Evidence Of Life On Mars
01:49:19a Scientists Grow Meat In Laboratory
01:49:24a Google gives publishers right to restrict
01:49:29a Edmonton Bids To Host Expo 2017
01:49:35a 30,000-troop boost ordered by Obama in Afghanistan
01:49:40a Spain offers expertise in windmill energy
01:49:46a Man Shoots At 2 Attempted Home Intruders
01:50:01a South Africa turns new leaf on Aids
01:50:06a Egypt urges major powers to set parameters for Palestine question settlement
01:50:12a Jetstar to re-launch services from Cairns to Osaka
01:50:17a Pakistan, Germany sign upgraded BIT
01:50:23a Johnston videolink to Perth court
01:50:28a Richmond RCMP bust grow-ops, one in which sick toddler was a resident
01:50:33a Israel Simplified Visa Obtaining For Ukrainian Tourists
01:50:39a Doubts raised about unit pricing of groceries
01:50:44a Snag hits baggage handling
01:50:49a Obama says Afghan review caused no delays
01:50:55a Oxford Analytica, Tembusu setting up JV office here
01:51:01a Party Crashers Spur W.H. Security Change
01:51:07a * Russian security proposal tops OSCE meeting agenda
01:51:12a Aer Lingus cuts jobs and routes
01:51:18a Amazon wins market share battle for Cyber Monday visits
01:51:23a Tiger escapes criminal charge as questions persist
01:51:29a Real target Zurich ahead of 'Clasico'
01:51:34a Chiapas Anti-Mining Organizer Murdered
01:51:40a Vengeance behind Dania Beach man's death
01:51:45a Gold drives TSX to yearly high
01:51:51a Abbott gives Kerry new flesh to fang
01:51:57a Expert warns teens and alcohol don't mix
01:52:02a NSW eyes first assaults drop in 20 years
01:52:07a Layoffs at Bellevue game startup
01:52:13a Jaguars Extra A look ahead at Texans-Jags matchup
01:52:18a Messi wins prestigious Ballon d'Or award
01:52:23a India-Myanmar trade set to touch billion
01:52:29a Kansas Citians Talk About World Cup Bid
01:52:35a B.C. community loses fight to ban cellphones
01:52:41a Jetstar continues to carry Qantas in October
01:52:47a Broome croc park in play
01:52:53a Office rentals slide to a competitive perch
01:52:59a Israel Slams EU Draft Proposal For Recognizing Palestine State With East Jerusalem As Capital
01:53:04a Action Needed Right Now opinion
01:53:10a S. Korea economy gathers steam
01:53:16a Anarchy High
01:53:22a Tamils on the road as Sri Lanka opens refugee camps
01:53:28a Gold hits record near
01:53:34a Bureau says storms likely
01:53:40a Sex offender lived with 10 bodies, skull
01:53:46a Md. mayor convicted on gift card charge
01:53:52a Hard times hit wool industry
01:53:57a Plaque marks anniversary of Glenbrook disaster
01:54:03a Activists refused admission to North-East piggery
01:54:09a Liberals ready to pull trigger
01:54:15a Top US commander build Afghan forces
01:54:20a Arrival of more troops will arouse suspicion in Pakistan
01:54:26a Indonesia bans Aussie film
01:54:31a Afghan surge to cost 30 billion dollars Obama
01:54:37a I Magazine Away with 2009
01:54:43a Melbourne brothers 'tried to run' from falling ice
01:55:00a Mirsky team wins Australia Cup
01:55:06a Pfizer inks deal with Israeli firm
01:55:11a Nelson planning Stupak-like amendment for Senate bill
01:55:16a Wenger targets striker in January
01:55:22a Morgan Stanely Fears UK Sovereign Debt Crisis In The Year 20
01:55:28a Rudd to send police to Afghanistan
01:55:34a BOJ to provide 1 tril. yen to financial entities via market operations+
01:55:39a Abbott vows to tackle Rudd head on
01:55:45a Size of new mortgages hit a new record
01:55:55a Army Medevac Teams Fight For Afghan Hearts, Minds
01:56:01a Asian Markets Follow Wall Street Higher
01:56:07a Ottawa looks for quick fix to CN strike
01:56:12a Monsanto's dominance draws antitrust inquiry
01:56:35a AT&T Sheds 249 Sacramento Jobs
01:56:41a No carbon tax in Abbott's wait-and-see ETS
01:56:47a Stuck On Stupid ... Again
01:56:52a Henderson Resigns as Chief of General Motors
01:56:58a Author Anti-gay Ugandan politicians are members of ‘The Family
01:57:03a Huckabee Says Slams Over Clemency 'Disgusting'
01:57:09a Wounded K-9 released from hospital
01:57:14a Dying to be green?
01:57:19a Four militants killed in SWA clashes
01:57:25a Israeli army's newest weapons Tweets, friends and videos
01:57:30a Bruins' Savard signs 7-year extension
01:57:36a Third quarter earnings of most companies within expectations
01:57:42a Pre-Colombian pieces found in retirement community head home
01:57:47a Stepping on photos of people not Asian culture
01:57:53a Infamous Indiana Millionaire in Hot Water with Law Enforcement!
01:57:58a Weak pylon link caused collapse
01:58:03a Pay for parking inside terminal? New system coming to D/FW Airport
01:58:09a Can we have lower credit card surcharges?
01:58:14a Sands gets ratings downgrade
01:58:20a Don't blame the White House for party crashers
01:58:25a OleumTech Announces a Continuous Liquid Level Sensor Based on Proven Magnetostrictive Technology
01:58:31a Halifax ranks No. 1 in economic activity
01:58:37a Serb leader guilty over World Cup drink
01:58:42a Latino voters feel excluded from health debate
01:58:48a Canada's Virtue, Moir set for pre-Olympic test
01:58:54a Sen. Lindsey Responds to Query Concerning Climategate
01:59:00a Ways to Anticipate Rising Costs in a Business or Department Budget
01:59:05a Oil discovery hikes N.L.'s profit
01:59:11a Partners show interest in Russia's security proposals envoy
01:59:16a 'He must learn from ElBaradei's errors'
01:59:22a The Smart Alarm tracks the weather to determine when you should wake up
01:59:27a Jeita Grotto committee discusses New 7 Wonders tactics
01:59:33a Beyond boil-in-a-bag Sous vide technique adds flavor, not fat
01:59:39a Bobby Bowden out as Florida State football coach
01:59:45a Bomb site an outdoor cinema for Iraq film
01:59:50a Gibson double sees United into semis
01:59:56a The Easy and Mega Profitable Way to Make Money Using Your Email's Inbox
02:00:02a Revised Oil Prices Drive Up GDP Forecast
02:00:08a Granite Co. replaces county attorney
02:00:13a Program to offer free tows from some E.V. bars
02:00:19a Saratoga fire, police chiefs to retire early
02:00:24a Stockton Shooting Leaves One Dead, Another Injured
02:00:29a Facebook's Farmville loses its country glow
02:00:35a Who Will Dominate the World?
02:00:40a Judge affirms ruling to name undercover officers in KKK case
02:00:46a Oil settles above US78 on sliding US
02:00:51a Ireland's participation in World Cup is 'impossible'
02:00:57a United Airlines closes record-breaking, on-time November
02:01:02a Best Books for Starting a Small Business
02:01:08a Teaching Tips for Children with Dyspraxia
02:01:13a Swarbrick Notre Dame can still compete for National Championships
02:01:18a SEC probes Dallas company in investigation related to Akron's Fair Finance
02:01:24a Video Released of Possible Car in Boy's Fatal Hit and Run
02:01:29a Weather Delays Delta IV Launch Until Thursday
02:01:35a Gibson double sinks Spurs
02:01:40a New Flights for Travelers Out of SFO
02:01:45a Air Force Relents on Tattoo Ban
02:01:51a TSX wraps up best month since April
02:01:56a Gotti trial abandoned after jurors give up
02:02:02a Sarawak Energy to be suspended on Dec 8
02:02:07a Animal Aliyah Jewish Immigration To The Holy Land Extends To Pets
02:02:13a Indian banks in dock for FEMA violations
02:02:19a Accused 'stabbed ex-teacher in throat'
02:02:24a UPDATE 2-Cemex to sell 7-yr bond to stretch out debt
02:02:30a The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Real Time
02:02:35a WH gatecrashers went without confirmed invitation
02:02:41a How to diversify investments during this time of crisis
02:02:47a First EU President To Take Office On 1/1/2010
02:02:52a BTN courses will be revamped
02:02:58a Attempts to free sailors run aground
02:03:03a How to Add Your Blog to Bing to Get More Visitors
02:03:09a AP Writer Is Obama Too Spock-like?
02:03:15a New EC President's Whirlwind Tour as Lisbon Treaty Takes Effect
02:03:20a Whistler-Blackcomb sets November snow record
02:03:32a Make Money While Traveling
02:03:37a New Year's Eve Cruises
02:03:43a Secretary-General Designates Stevie Wonder as United Nations Messenger of Peace
02:03:49a Family displaced after Christmas tree lights cause house fire
02:03:55a MAS to start mobile phone bookings, check-ins
02:04:00a GM board, CEO Henderson split over pace of change
02:04:06a M'sia monitoring Dubai crisis, too early to say if impact is localised or global
02:04:11a Why You Need 200 Articles on Associated Content
02:04:16a My Worst Travel Experience
02:04:22a Karadzic challenges war crimes cour
02:04:28a Snafu persists at Web site for Pa. jobless claims
02:04:34a 'Kick a Jew' Day- WHAT???
02:04:39a Obama's Surge Strategy in Afghanistan
02:04:45a Obama Exit timeline sends Afghan gov't a message
02:04:50a Serial robber targeting check stores
02:04:56a University to Launch Online Publication
02:05:01a Wind Farm Gets Inspiration From Fish Schools
02:05:07a Pres. Bennett says USI is growing
02:05:13a Balloon hunt goes viral
02:05:18a Iran Warns of Tough Action for Detained British Sailors
02:05:23a Miners reject workplace agreements
02:05:29a Atty NYC mom tried suicide after deadly crash
02:05:34a No Great Buys in Emerging-Market Bonds
02:05:39a Obama Status quo in Afghanistan cannot be maintained
02:05:45a Ousted Honduran president urges divided Latin American leaders to reject post-coup election
02:05:50a Christmas is coming
02:05:56a Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Explained
02:06:01a Princess Mary visits the Danish troops
02:06:07a Obama's Afghan speech Full text
02:06:12a Dining out Classic tastes at The New Yorker, Log Haven, revisited
02:06:17a Quitting Smoking
02:06:23a Senate battles over elderly health benefits
02:06:29a Downturn puts pressure on Fire Service
02:06:34a For fourth time, judge declares mistrial in John 'Junior' Gotti racketeering case
02:06:40a Northcarolina
02:06:45a How to Stay Warm During Outdoor Winter Exercise Workouts
02:06:51a Menorah stolen from Key Biscayne park; authorities investigate
02:06:56a Latin America's first gay marriage fails to materialize amid judicial tug-of-war
02:07:02a Tennessee politicians react to President Obama's plan
02:07:07a Will a glass of red wine keep tooth decay at bay?
02:07:13a Chip Stocks Lead, But Apple Left Behind
02:07:18a GPs managing more problems at patient visits
02:07:24a Money Markets And More Weds., Dec. 2 Preview
02:07:30a Govt confident of 5% 2010 GDP growth target
02:07:35a Families Meet Foreign Office Officials
02:07:41a Timing of Surgery for Knee Injuries May Not Affect Outcomes
02:07:47a Canada taking charge of Afghanistan's treacherous Arghandab district
02:07:52a Science company investigated for second breach
02:07:57a Baby P inspectors 'were ordered to get rid of emails'
02:08:03a Citing long wait for a trial, first Guantanamo detainee seeks dismissal of charges
02:08:09a Italian Town Dreams of a White Christmas
02:08:15a Obama 'End this war successfully'
02:08:20a Police will be ordered to cut overtime by £70m
02:08:26a Troops, families mixed over Obama's Afghan surge
02:08:31a DVD nasties on sale legally to children via loophole in the law
02:08:37a Legislators Request Funds For Champlain Bridge Businesses
02:08:43a Official says U.S. target for Afghan army too low
02:08:48a Drawbridge Inn's Future In Jeopardy
02:08:54a Taskforce plans second report on economy in 2010
02:09:00a Teen killed in Highway 89 crash in Kaysville
02:09:06a News Hub Extra Indiana's View on Afghanistan
02:09:11a Most of Rs100bn loans written off in Musharraf era
02:09:16a Obama 'confident' of more NATO troops for Afghanistan
02:09:22a Mideast ETFs Saw Dubai Mess Ahead
02:09:27a Ballard's guilt punishment enough
02:09:33a No public Aids test for Zuma Stories
02:09:38a Malakoff open to expand via M&As
02:09:44a Nicole Kidman pushes 'no worries' World Cup
02:09:49a LSE dips 79 points
02:09:54a News Hub What to Consider When Buying an E-Reader
02:10:00a Cadets in the audience wait for a speech by US President Barack Obama
02:10:05a A Climate Skeptic's Conversion
02:10:11a Man captures robber after dog is slain
02:10:27a Wedding of Meir Zwi Stambler and Ester Kohen in Israel
02:10:33a November is 8th warmest on record in Oklahoma
02:10:38a Obama commits another 30,000 US troops for Afghanistan
02:10:44a Author Sharmen Lane Speaks About Empowerment for Children and Adults
02:10:49a Woods fined for SUV crash
02:10:55a Malaysia can attract power sector investments from Taiwan
02:11:00a What's Next For KU's Mangino?
02:11:06a Valuables, cash lost to burglars
02:11:11a UN denies complicity in Congo human rights abuses after leaked report
02:11:30a Govt to save RM2bil via new fuel subsidy system
02:11:37a Rough Music #22 out now in Brighton
02:11:42a Afghanistan US to deploy 30,000 more troops.
02:11:48a Neighbour of alleged murder victim accused of lying
02:11:53a State to double agriculture sector growth
02:11:58a Moderate 5.7 quake strikes off Vanuatu
02:12:04a Scientists Found New Approach to Combat Obesity
02:12:10a Six new vocational schools to build skills
02:12:16a Top 10 'Scrubs' Episodes
02:12:21a New Breast Cancer Policy, Don't Buy It
02:12:27a The FBI returned 150 smuggled pre-Columbian artifacts to the governments of Peru and Ecuador
02:12:32a Transporters threaten strike if fares not raised Commuters say they cannot bear more burden
02:12:38a Gabol hints at cabinet reshuffling this month
02:12:43a Only 20-stick cigarette packs for sale from June 1
02:12:49a Moscow will consider sanctions
02:12:54a Junior Gotti
02:12:59a British theatre a new golden age?
02:13:05a ‘All Bin Qasim units to be operational early next year’
02:13:10a 5 Ways to Prevent Air Pollution Inside Your Home This Winter
02:13:16a Israel Don't call J'lem Palestinian capital
02:13:22a Henderson's GM departure is no surprise
02:13:28a SPH to restore half of pay cuts for staff
02:13:33a Museums battle the test of time
02:13:38a A cadet arrives for a speech by US President Barack Obama
02:13:44a Message comic
02:13:50a Three shot dead in separate incidents
02:13:55a Obama 'We must keep the pressure on al-Qaeda'
02:14:01a More action needed to check dengue
02:14:06a CCB sanitary workers to get overtime, prizes
02:14:11a Petitions against unlawful detention
02:14:17a Do You Know an HIV or AIDS Bugchaser?
02:14:23a Lim Land conversion issue closed
02:14:29a Vitamin D Overview and Its Role in Cancer Prevention
02:14:34a Christmas Tree Fire Damages Home
02:14:40a Connecticut Honors World AIDS Day
02:14:45a 10 Places Where Everyone Can Be A Millionaire
02:14:51a Car crashes into police station fence
02:14:56a Prosecutors want to add charges against composer
02:15:02a NEW Making A Difference
02:15:07a Umno Youth to the rescue of drug mule
02:15:13a MB Stepping on posters was undemocratic
02:15:18a Troops, families mixed over Obama's Afghan surge
02:15:24a More High Tech Companies Giving Back
02:15:29a Imposing idiot sanctions on Iran is a direct route to war
02:15:34a Prince to address climate summit
02:15:40a Going green? Rent a Christmas tree
02:15:46a Microsoft SP3 for Exchange 2007 will ship in second half of 2010
02:15:51a Wysong Stepping Down From Kansas Senate
02:15:57a Six flood relief centres reopen
02:16:02a Panthers hope to snap five-game losing streak
02:16:08a Father, Son Found Safe On Sailboat
02:16:13a Why Japan's Latest Attempt to Boost Its Economy Won't Work
02:16:19a State To Poison Canal To Kill Asian Carp
02:16:25a Obama to reveal Afghan war plan
02:16:30a Altaf lauds KKF workers
02:16:36a Police chief Unfair for Penang govt to blast us
02:16:47a Are You Taking Care of Your Hands?
02:16:53a Aids is killing our people but working together we can fight back
02:16:59a 8 Pak newsmen amongst 88 killed during current year
02:17:05a New convention centre could face surcharges
02:17:11a 'Climategate' boss steps down after scandal
02:17:17a KU's Self Praises Xavier Henry
02:17:22a Reshuffle hints at future leadership in China
02:17:28a New Marilyn Monroe 'Home Movie' Shows Starlet 'Inhaling'
02:17:34a CCP’s effectiveness reduces under new ordinance
02:17:40a Pride Mobility Lift Chairs
02:17:45a Johnson defends hacker move
02:17:51a Be bold, govt officers told
02:17:57a Cameron hit by Tory backlash on environment
02:18:02a Feds 'Pinged' Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year
02:18:08a UAE markets plunge again on Dubai debt
02:18:14a Knesset Christian Allies Caucus chairman Meets Christian Leaders in Hong Kong
02:18:20a Inquiries Begin on Climate Files; Head of British Climate Unit Steps Aside
02:18:26a Witness Usaili spoke of land owned by council
02:18:31a No back-to-work legislation for museum workers
02:18:37a Obama Afghan Surge To Cost Billion
02:18:42a Feeling Wrinkled? A Comparison of Botox and Dysport
02:18:47a Obama Exit timeline sends Afghan gov't a message
02:18:53a Humane society's raccoon handling probed
02:18:58a Tuesday's Prep Scoreboard
02:19:04a Obama Vows to Fight Al Qaeda Cancer
02:19:09a Ex-village heads lose suit against Perak government
02:19:15a Couple Denies 'Party Crasher' Accusations
02:19:20a Protecting a country gone to the dogs needs licences help
02:19:26a Complaints over TV gags by Jo Brand rejected by BBC Trust
02:19:31a Prince William examines economic development work
02:19:37a Cameron is following in the footsteps of Hague
02:19:43a Ready meals to get a sprinkle of clarity
02:19:48a Foods that Are Good for Your Hair
02:19:54a Groundskeeper Tom Lynam prepares the main scoreboard before the Chevron World Challenge
02:20:00a Bloomberg sues former rival Thompson over jail
02:20:06a On World AIDS Day, Strategy for Future of PEPFAR Released
02:20:12a Portuguese scientists identify a molecular mechanism that can lead to metastases in breast cancers
02:20:18a Workers cheated out of thousands
02:20:24a SPM subject limit stays at 10, says Education D-G
02:20:30a Govt still keen on 'eye in the sky'
02:20:35a Obama on Afghanistan 'This is not just America's war'
02:20:41a Bags of Pot Found Stuffed in Cooler Dropped Off at Goodwill
02:20:46a 'The Servant-Leader Within A Transformative Path' by Robert K. Greenleaf
02:20:52a 'Info was on Mindef website'
02:20:58a Is There Gold In Them There 'Grillz'
02:21:04a Lawyer Bias, no evidence in Knox trial
02:21:09a Anwar fails to strike out charge, trial begins Jan 25
02:21:15a Bulls Flock to Options as Stocks Stage Rally
02:21:21a Obama warns Kabul that support is not unconditional
02:21:26a India's gas price hike plan could face hurdles
02:21:32a Michael Jackson Grabs Top Spot in 2009 Searches
02:21:37a ROCCAT Sota Gaming Mouse Mat Review
02:21:43a Chinese NPC Delegation Puts Wreath on Friendship Tower
02:21:49a Officials Toy Box Killed Girl
02:21:55a Housing list wait 'tops 10 years'
02:22:00a Nokia challenges Nortel sale to Ciena
02:22:06a LU to test new emergency siren at noon Wednesday
02:22:11a A Bond Bubble?
02:22:17a Mother's breastfeeding horror on flight
02:22:22a Part-time model charged
02:22:28a 626 HIV-positive patients registered at PIMS
02:22:34a Book Donations Fortify Iraqi Libraries
02:22:40a Soldier's mom sues over letter stamped `decease
02:22:46a Business group says rate rise risky
02:22:51a Read the full text of the address
02:22:57a GM's Henderson to step down as CEO report
02:23:03a Former Comelec commissioner runs for senator
02:23:09a Boston teen panel rates healthiness of songs
02:23:14a Obama Calls War Vital to U.S. Security
02:23:19a Attempt to steal spare parts foiled
02:23:25a When, Why Do People Wear Contact Lenses?
02:23:30a Design, schools and pure humbug
02:23:35a A charity veteran at the age of 10
02:23:40a President Obama's Address on Afghanistan
02:23:46a Suspect Arrested in Muni Stabbing
02:23:51a Protesters press Nik Aziz to retract 'doa'
02:23:57a Sandboxie 3.42
02:24:02a Civil Rights Leaders, Actors, Athletes Among Honorees at California Hall of Fame
02:24:08a A welcome step, but crisis of displaced people is far from over
02:24:14a No extra French combat troops for Afghanistan French official
02:24:20a Oral arguments held in Benito Albarran appeal
02:24:26a Australia Senate rejects climate plan
02:24:32a Speedlink Gravity Blaster Review
02:24:38a More charges possible for Light composer
02:24:43a Holding on to the dream
02:24:49a 'Cornish' nationality snubbed for 2011 census
02:24:55a Reward Increases For Info About Man’s Death
02:25:00a WTO starts using name EU as Lisbon Treaty takes effect
02:25:06a Newark schools to pay for not rehiring reservist
02:25:11a Mayor questioned about wheelchair on Thanksgiving trip to Disney
02:25:16a Cholera outbreak nears end
02:25:22a Last night's TV
02:25:27a Former shot-putter sues Singapore Athletic Association
02:25:33a Wake Up! Are You An $11 Million Jackpot Winner?
02:25:38a Editorial Note On Profile Of Veteran's Mother
02:25:43a Troops, families mixed over Obamas Afghan surge
02:25:49a Australia rejects emissions laws, elections likely
02:25:54a Beautiful Satellite Views of Earth from Space
02:26:00a Stocks jumps as housing data, dollar help
02:26:05a Local aquaculture project promising in breeding yellowfin tuna
02:26:10a Obama outlining new Afghanistan strategy
02:26:15a Officials Approve Reopening Of MLK-Harbor Hospital
02:26:21a Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill
02:26:38a Ruling Stands For Man Released From Prison
02:26:43a Car Theft Investigation Yields 5 Arrests
02:26:49a News Hub Extra GM CEO Fritz Henderson Resigns
02:26:54a New Web Finder Helps Spot Sex Offenders
02:27:00a Six PhD scholarships for bushfire research
02:27:05a A Beantown Rivalry on Ice
02:27:10a Failing infrastructure causes big headaches for U.
02:27:15a Olympic badminton move opposed
02:27:21a Gate Crashers Spur WH Security Change 01 Dec 2009 170423 GMT
02:27:26a Futbol vs Football Beckham vs Reggie Bush Video
02:27:31a GM chief Henderson, Obama's pick, resigns
02:27:37a Jaimee Grubbs Another Tiger Woods Mistress? Jaimee Grubbs Claims Relationship with Tiger
02:27:43a Jaimee Grubbs Another Tiger Woods Mistress or Fame-Seeking Opportunist?
02:27:48a Flags Lowered in Portland for 4-Year-Old Domestic Violence Victim
02:27:54a Afghan surge in 'vital national interest' Obama
02:27:59a Tiger Woods 'at fault' for crash
02:28:04a RM400m to revive highway
02:28:10a White House Crashers Say They Were Invited
02:28:15a Tax if you must, but do so effectively
02:28:21a Full throttle to re-create the Big Bang
02:28:26a SEA Games Singapore swimmers target 11 golds
02:28:32a Case Closed Woods to Be Cited for Reckless Driving
02:28:37a Pink Diamond Sells For Record Amount
02:28:42a Calling all school leavers
02:28:48a Share market moves higher on US lead
02:28:54a Hundreds stranded as landslide cuts off major road
02:28:59a A dog fight Animal rights advocate in trouble with law?
02:29:05a Woman loses RM12,000
02:29:10a Missing cash register and safe?
02:29:15a Maurice Clemmons, Alleged Killer of Four Cops, Shot Dead
02:29:21a Where to See Santa in Middlesex County New Jersey
02:29:27a Text of President Obama's speech on Afghanistan
02:29:32a Love and lyrics Gaga and Foxx 'the worst' for teens
02:29:38a Girl raped 500 times ruling 'irrational'
02:29:44a Beef over BTN is just hogwash
02:29:49a Obama to order 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan in 6 months
02:29:55a Engaging Into A Long Term Relationship From Local Dating Websites » SEO Million Blog
02:30:00a Councils must be open and honest
02:30:06a Teen accused in celeb burglary to stand trial
02:30:11a Senators from Missouri Engage in Health Care Debate
02:30:16a Orlando Florida Mall Christmas Holiday Shopping
02:30:22a Allegheny County Announces Schedule for 42nd Annual Holiday Choral Program
02:30:28a Decomposed body found
02:30:33a Hubble Sees Dazzling Dust in the Iris Nebula
02:30:39a McAfee Tackles Portable Device Threats
02:30:45a Senior Pictures from Crave Photography in Beloit, Wisconsin
02:30:50a Rugby-tackle marine says he prefers football
02:30:55a RM3.4b deals for local firm
02:31:01a Alvarez cites health in departing McDonald's post
02:31:06a Top 10 Most Infamously Controversial Movies Ever
02:31:12a Anti-war lawmakers want a vote
02:31:18a Heat hoping to regain its fire on four-game west trip
02:31:23a Euro is overvalued, IMF and euro zone ministers say
02:31:29a University courts car makers
02:31:34a President's Remarks 'The Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan'
02:31:39a Japan's monetary base rises for 17th consecutive month
02:31:45a Alistair Darling warns on EU finance crackdown
02:31:50a Vision Problems that Require Contact Lenses
02:31:56a California water allocation hits record-low level
02:32:01a Nokia opens more care centres in Kenya
02:32:07a Commission's Foreign Travel Questioned
02:32:12a Border Officers Find 4,522 Pounds Of Pot
02:32:17a 2 Vandalism Cases Investigated
02:32:23a Onorato Announces EDMC Expansion in Allegheny County
02:32:29a Beaumont holiday event schedule
02:32:35a Telstra to sell SouFun Holdings stake
02:32:40a GM abruptly shifts gears to replace CEO
02:32:46a Rubikon Goes Live In ICDC Kenya In 3 Months
02:32:56a Safety fears for missing man
02:33:01a Fatine faces stern action on return to KL
02:33:07a Del-Fi Records founder Bob Keane dies in LA
02:33:18a Why Schools Teach the Theory of Evolution
02:33:23a Search for escaped rapist centers in Houston, Baytown
02:33:29a Christians start Christmas preparations
02:33:34a China takes fast lane in growth
02:33:40a IMF signs bln borrowing agreement with Portuguese central bank
02:33:45a Marilyn Monroe home movie surfaces
02:33:50a Alleged Cop Killer Clemmons Is Dead; Tacoma's Anxiety Lingers
02:33:56a DPM chides Pas leaders for not ticking off MB
02:34:01a From the White House Afghanistan, Pakistan fact sheet
02:34:07a Excerpts Obama sets Afghanistan drawdown date
02:34:12a Parking Ramp at Gerald R. Ford International Airport dedicated
02:34:18a GM dealers take Henderson's departure in stride
02:34:23a In the West Point Audience Tonight
02:34:28a smallMAHENDRA VED/small BRPomp and progress at US-India summit
02:34:34a Clear WiMax Four Times Faster Than Competitors
02:34:39a Record 60,000 school-violence cases reported
02:34:45a A Burma Policy for India
02:34:50a Former CPA Faces New Fraud Charges
02:34:56a California National Guard Prepares for Possible Mission
02:35:02a Public space 'shrinking' for women UN officia
02:35:08a TV advert for hay fever relief gadget banned by watchdog
02:35:13a Bhagwandas likely to take oath as FPSC head on Dec 14
02:35:18a Couple Brought Kids Along On Alleged Robbery Spree
02:35:24a Obama 30K more troops to Afghanistan
02:35:30a Will an E-Mai
02:35:35a Obama's drawdown plan called risky
02:35:41a Railway Blast in Russia's Dagestan Officials
02:35:46a Are Tories right to support marriage, and can tax breaks help encourage it
02:35:52a Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill
02:35:57a FAQ about the mission in Afghanistan
02:36:02a Verizon Wireless to open soon in Hamburg
02:36:08a Update Obama Exit timeline sends Afghan government a message
02:36:14a Microsoft Says Office 2010 to Ship in June
02:36:20a Preschool teacher diagnosed with viral meningitis
02:36:26a 20,000 Chickens Killed In Forsyth Co. Fire
02:36:32a Obama U.S. forces will join the fight in Afghanistan by Christmas
02:36:38a Djokovic to delay his pre-Australian Open start
02:36:44a Bradford University National Demo & March full details released
02:36:50a Antarctic fragility a reminder of importance of success in Copenhagen, UN chief says
02:36:56a font color=redsmallEDITORIAL/small/font BRMinarets are not missiles
02:37:01a Troj/FakeAle-RC
02:37:07a MSN China Launches Twitter-like Service
02:37:12a Fall for the charm of Agra
02:37:18a What you need to know to buy health insurance
02:37:23a 'Afghanistan Is Not Lost' Obama Makes His Case
02:37:29a Matthews on West Point Obama went to the 'enemy camp' tonight, didn't he?
02:37:34a Hong Kong police deals with HKTB scam
02:37:40a Troj/Dloadr-CXK
02:37:45a Punjab IGP to appear before SC
02:37:51a WITH VIDEO GM on right path, Whitacre says
02:37:56a Dow hits 14-mth high on data, dollar Dubai
02:38:02a Woman killed in chain reaction crash in Roseville
02:38:08a 30 Awesome Periodic Tables of Awesomeness
02:38:13a Spaniards 'taken hostage' in Mauritania
02:38:19a Lawmaker Filing Bill To Make Horse Cruelty A Felony
02:38:24a Debt Collection Expert Advises Communication With Collectors
02:38:30a smallW.SCOTT THOMPSON/small Massacre final nail in Arroyo's political coffin
02:38:36a Bank of Japan acts to boost economy
02:38:43a Sony Drops eReader Pricing
02:38:48a UFO Toronto, Canada Dec 1 09 Fast Moving Object Making Contrails
02:38:54a 200,000 to grow farmers' markets
02:39:00a How to Avoid Hypoglycemia
02:39:06a A gamble and the price will be high
02:39:12a Update NY Senate vote on same-sex marriage tonight is 'likely'
02:39:17a Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Getting Ready For Test Flight
02:39:23a Tougher side air bag requirements proposed
02:39:28a News in the Age of Blogs
02:39:34a G20 widow demands investigation
02:39:39a Markets beat Dubai blues on eco data
02:39:45a Feds look at Fort Hood connection to cleric
02:39:50a Senate rejects government's ETS
02:39:56a SemGroup Exits Bankruptcy Protection As New Public Company
02:40:01a Troj/Bredo-S
02:40:07a He fights AIDS where gays gather
02:40:12a W32/Autorun-AWD
02:40:18a Having a Dislocated Joint, and Not Knowing It
02:40:23a Former beauty queen dies following cosmetic surgery
02:40:28a James Woods settles lawsuit over brother's death
02:40:34a Couple reportedly told 'no' to state dinner
02:40:40a Uttar Pradesh invites sugarcane farme
02:40:46a Obama boosts troops, with exit plan
02:40:51a Video Laying out the plan of action in Afghanistan
02:41:07a After CVC, CBI, DoT faces probe of CAG
02:41:13a Obama on Afghanistan 'This is not just America's war'
02:41:18a Vandals Go On Mailbox Smashing Spree
02:41:24a Troj/Agent-LWI
02:41:29a Man Beaten To Death Outside His Home
02:41:35a Toys for Tots Sorts Toys for the Holidays in Randolph County
02:41:40a Better pay for social workers – but no more money to fund it
02:41:46a Poll 60% say school districts' funds too small
02:41:51a In case of consensus, we'll back new Iran sanctions
02:41:57a GM CEO departs in shakeup by board
02:42:02a Putnam County Hold First Annual Substance Abuse Forum
02:42:08a P.E.I. to restrict use, sale of pesticides
02:42:13a DCS Announces Commencement of Tender Offer
02:42:19a Kerala's first IT-specific news portal launched
02:42:24a SHC stays opening of Gizri flyover
02:42:30a Student loan debt rises
02:42:35a Wall Street Turns In Strong Performance Amid Easing Dubai Concerns
02:42:40a Hariri tribunal prosecutor visits Lebanon
02:42:46a 'Checking illegal migration an onerous responsibility'
02:42:51a On Monday, we begin the 27th Annual U Can Share Food Drive.
02:42:57a Philippine Company SM Prime To Focus On Building Large Malls
02:43:03a Obama Wants Successful Conclusion In Afghan
02:43:08a Troj/Agent-LWK
02:43:14a See auto sales scoreboard
02:43:19a Winter weather brings fire hazards indoors
02:43:25a Cannabis hidden in marmite-smeared glove
02:43:30a NHL approves Habs sale to Molsons
02:43:36a Unveils New Video Player Features
02:43:41a Things can happen when you travel on a Virgin train
02:43:46a People concerned about upside down flag
02:43:52a Honduras' World Cup success a boon for the country's leaders
02:43:57a Police keep open minds over skull
02:44:03a Man sought over Marton burglaries
02:44:08a Big Boss Dogg Voices Tom Tom
02:44:16a Paid parental leave for dads a no-go
02:44:21a Man confesses to killing daughter’s boyfriend
02:44:27a 400,000 tons of rubble, unexploded bombs still not removed from Gaza
02:44:32a China pins hope on Shanghai Expo to bring in numbers
02:44:38a Court sides with Ont. in farm pollution suit
02:44:43a Over 700 caught in drink driving crackdown
02:44:48a Van Driver Wanted For Fatally Hitting Motorcyclist
02:44:54a Gilani urges EU to help resume talks with India
02:44:59a Office Germs How to Avoid Getting the Flu in the Workplace
02:45:04a ONGC, Hindujas ink Iran projects deal
02:45:10a Obama Makes His Case for an Afghan Surge
02:45:15a Ellensburg police looking for burglary suspect
02:45:20a Barricade Situation Ends With Suicide
02:45:26a Caterpillar, Boeing Lead the Dow
02:45:32a The Power of the Short Film
02:45:38a Microsoft's Mehdi on financial impact of Yahoo deal
02:45:43a Allegro Fine Foods Adding 30 Jobs
02:45:48a No cash for Vivendi in deal for NBC stake
02:45:54a Sharkoon USB LANPort Networks USB Drives On the Cheap
02:46:00a County Detention Officer Ordered To Jail
02:46:05a Tuesday This & That Open Thread
02:46:11a Killings highlight mental health challenges
02:46:17a Barclays receives surprise 1bn in BGI sale
02:46:23a Mitchells & Butlers battles largest shareholder
02:46:29a RM1.7m owed by 20 consumers
02:46:34a CAT fiasco to be probed
02:46:39a WTO set to end inconclusive talks on Doha
02:46:45a Women Hula-Hoop At Grizzlies Halftime
02:46:50a Granholm urges measures for education reform
02:46:56a Obama 30,000 more troops for Afghanistan
02:47:02a Street demo leads to verbal clashes
02:47:07a RAW VIDEO Waltrip Pleas For Speedway Preservation
02:47:12a Clarice Feldman, Dan Reihl, Alberto de la Cruz on Moran's show
02:47:18a Grant boosts efforts for green-technology jobs
02:47:23a CORRECTED UPDATE 2-GM CEO Henderson was dismissed by board-source
02:47:28a 7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told
02:47:34a CD Yields Head Lower
02:47:39a Marilyn Monroe On Marijuana
02:47:44a Man on roof causes road closure
02:47:50a Hedge-Fund Veterans Start New Fund
02:47:55a China calls for early resumption of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks
02:48:01a Mariners off arbitration to Adrian Beltre, but not to Erik Bedard
02:48:06a Obama sends 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
02:48:12a Obama lays out Afghanistan plan
02:48:18a Local fans react to Bowden's retirement
02:48:23a State Joint Committee on Children's Issues Discusses Foster Care System
02:48:29a Bike giveaway needs more donors
02:48:34a When you can't afford health insurance
02:48:40a Whoops! Donated Item Full Of Marijuana
02:48:45a Democrats put hope in the 'Great White'
02:48:51a An American colony in Jaffa
02:48:56a November 22 to November 28, 2009
02:49:02a Improve schools if India is to rise
02:49:07a Corona Animal Shelter Waives Pet Adoption Fees
02:49:13a Large scale holiday decorators offer their best tips
02:49:18a 10th Mountain Division soldiers likely to play a role in Afghanistan mission
02:49:24a Security Firm Takes Back Black Screen Claim
02:49:30a Gaga and Foxx top 'junk food' song league
02:49:35a Rafter to boost Aussie men's tennis
02:49:41a Authorities say missing Chicago girl was strangled
02:49:47a Scuba Diving in Lake Siskiyou, California
02:49:52a Q+A-Afghanistan's security forces
02:49:58a Gift Of Green To A Goodwill 01 Dec 2009 170258 GMT
02:50:04a Interim principal appointed at North Kingstown High School
02:50:09a Day in the Life with Pakistan's Baloch Guerillas w/Photos
02:50:14a Loss of COBRA subsidies pinches jobless
02:50:20a Protected habitat proposed for rare Alaska whale
02:50:25a Chinese NPC Delegation Puts Wreath on Bust of Kim Jong Suk
02:50:31a Better Sex with Poppers?
02:50:36a Eskom asks for lower increase
02:50:42a R.I., Mass. congressmen campaign for capping credit-card interest rates
02:50:47a Another million needed to help Tajikistan's flood victims, UN says
02:50:53a Officials Man Used School Computers To Hunt For Aliens
02:50:58a Obama pledges strengthened partnership with Pakistan
02:51:05a WITH VIDEO Fanchon Stinger Portrayal was lie
02:51:10a Obama Speaks On Afghanistan Open Thread
02:51:16a Argentina urges nations to assume respective duties against climate change
02:51:21a Charitable kids
02:51:26a Zulu's lawyers seek discharge
02:51:32a Why this ferocious desire to impose hair-shirt policies
02:51:38a Ricciardo impresses in first F1 test
02:51:43a Australia carbon laws fail, election possible
02:51:49a No charges to be filed against woman who shot man at bus stop
02:51:54a Keokuk voters elect new mayor, council member in runoff election
02:51:59a Drugs and Sla
02:52:05a G.Skill Ripjaws PC3-16000 4GB Dual-Channel Memory Kit Review
02:52:10a Author discusses moral dilemmas at U of L forum
02:52:16a Aorangi School closure review this month
02:52:21a Sealegs prove mettle
02:52:26a Aid for childcare teachers
02:52:32a EAST TIMOR Cross-Country Ties an Obstacle to Justice
02:52:37a BREAKING Australia's Parliament Rejects Cap and Trade
02:52:42a EU president makes low-key entry as Lisbon Treaty enters force
02:52:48a FACTBOX-Australia's carbon footprint
02:52:53a Text of Obama's address
02:52:58a Leaving the village behind
02:53:04a Ex-lawyer charged in 1.2 billion Florida Ponzi scheme
02:53:10a Open thread Afghanistan
02:53:15a Man held for fake hijack claim
02:53:21a Former Afghanistan Soldier Looks Back, Ahead
02:53:26a Suspect in Hillsboro Great Clips shooting dies at Emanuel Hospital
02:53:31a Winter Weather Hits Southern N.M.
02:53:37a G20 protester jailed over attack on bank HQ
02:53:42a Obama Bets Big on Brief Surge
02:53:48a councillors to help take HIV fight to the ground level and promote gardens
02:53:53a Safeway Cuts Prices In Effort To Boost Traffic
02:53:59a Mexico peso gains, stocks climb to 18-month high
02:54:05a Lenny Ben-David explains why Barak's Jews steered him wrong
02:54:10a Movement Under Way in California to Ban Divorce Yahoo! New
02:54:16a Asia Follows Wall Street Higher
02:54:21a Obama vows Afghanistan will be no Vietnam
02:54:27a Japan on track to introduce environment tax in 2010
02:54:33a Eric Lau is captured in teacher slaying Lau is captured in teacher slaying
02:54:38a Holiday tradition to light up Texas Tech on Wednesday
02:54:44a Swedes target World Cup repeat
02:54:49a The audacity of swallowing
02:54:55a Drugs used in hijackings
02:55:01a Senate pressed to approve proposed budget
02:55:06a Pahang lawyers also protest
02:55:12a 'Operation Christmas Child' Sends Shoe Box Gifts
02:55:17a 'Next president should emulate Aquino, Magsaysay'
02:55:23a Obama Announces 30,000 More Troops For Afghanistan
02:55:29a Raise alcohol age, says commissioner
02:55:34a Pfizer Deal Signals a Move Into Treating Rare Diseases
02:55:40a Fidelity Cutting Fees On All Its '529' Plans
02:55:45a Serbia takes Kosovo status to court
02:55:51a Obama 'Our security is at stake' in Afghan buildup
02:55:56a Winnipeg police pledge drunk-driving crackdown
02:56:02a GM rocked by CEO Fritz Henderson's speedy exit
02:56:07a Army Corps OKs Dallas' Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
02:56:23a Apple Makes a Deal With Psystar
02:56:28a Sad end to glittering Lacroix fashion house
02:56:34a Lubbock County Sheriff's Office Patrol Homes This Holiday Season
02:56:40a Swiss ban on minarets shows bias—UN rights chief
02:56:45a Maid posed as burglar to rob Hong Kong boss
02:56:50a Stevie Wonder is UN messenger of peace
02:56:56a Global Montreal celebrates the Alouettes victory with the 2009 Grey Cup
02:57:02a Video Breaking down the reform bill
02:57:07a Marshall Football Playing the Waiting Game
02:57:12a “All US troops will leave Iraq in 2011” Obama
02:57:18a Obama to send 30,000 troops in Afghan surge
02:57:23a Heavy rain dampens afternoon events
02:57:29a Staff offered cash to stop software piracy
02:57:34a 2 Naia terminals to get ISO certification
02:57:39a Cops thwart robbers' heist
02:57:45a Educational aid for kids of media workers in massacre
02:57:50a 'Historic' ruling on secret evidence
02:57:56a Rykiel launches H&M line, offers free underwear
02:58:01a Kids in Jackson County Get H1N1 Vaccine
02:58:07a Tiger's lawyer Cops' decision means 'it's over'
02:58:12a Street dance for the record
02:58:18a Homeland Security Summit Is Under way
02:58:23a UK to join RP-MILF peace talks support panel
02:58:32a Christmas in Mexico City
02:58:38a USA Today Cuts 26 from Newsroom
02:58:43a 15. Direct selling the biggest grouse for consumers
02:58:49a Police Fitchburg Father drove drunk with kids in car
02:58:54a Vuln InterSystems Cache 'UtilConfigHome.csp' Remote Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
02:59:00a Barack Obama sets out final push in Afghanistan
02:59:06a Occupied East Jerusalem status sparks EU-Israel row
02:59:11a 'Cornish' nationality snubbed for 2011 census
02:59:17a Drug Hitmen in Suits Kill Key Witness in Mexico
02:59:22a Kelis finds label home with
02:59:28a Bettman sees expansion rather than relocation
02:59:34a Higher November auto sales raise hopes for 2010
02:59:39a Who will replace Colin Cooper?
02:59:45a World lacks understanding of debt crisis, Dubai says
02:59:50a Zelaya calls for Latin America leaders to reject polls
02:59:56a Pedestrian hospitalized after being struck by car
03:00:01a Jalan Tanjung opens for two weeks
03:00:07a Obama makes global appeal to end Afghan war
03:00:12a DEVELOPING STORY Missing Plane Found in Greenbrier County
03:00:18a CDOT Hosts Public Meetings For Upcoming US 285 Project
03:00:24a BlackBerry Enterprise Server PDF Distiller Flaws Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
03:00:29a November car sales rise in Europe; 2010 fears linger
03:00:34a Video End is near for Afghanistan war?
03:00:40a U.S. gives SA mln for drugs
03:00:45a Greenspun Media lays off staff, reorganizes units
03:00:51a N. Korea cuts 2 zeros off currency notes reports
03:00:56a Small Business Conference Held in Morgantown
03:01:02a Lightning knocks farm man down twice in less than a month
03:01:07a Cowboy motorist helps Mass. state troopers lasso 2 errant cows backing up interstate traffic
03:01:13a Obama's Afghan plan
03:01:18a Police raid nets record drug seizure
03:01:29a 17,5 hours sun in November
03:01:35a Manpower demand expected to jump by 48,000 in January
03:01:40a What Kind Of Bird Are You Booting?
03:01:46a Iraq shoe thrower Zaidi faces Paris shoe-ing
03:01:51a Reaction to Obama's Afghanistan war plans
03:01:56a Land conversion issue closed
03:02:02a Cattleman in no mood for compromise
03:02:07a Usaili spoke of land owned by council
03:02:12a WITH VIDEO OF ANNOUNCEMENT Henderson quits GM, Whitacre takes over
03:02:17a 'Ban on BTN courses remains'
03:02:23a Woman seriously hurt in tractor-trailer collision
03:02:28a Matthews on West Point Obama went to the “enemy camp” tonight, didnt he?
03:02:34a Obama U.S. Troops to Afghanistan at 'Fastest Pace Possible'
03:02:40a Circumcision calls 'flooding in'
03:02:46a Teacher shot outside daycare center in Neihu
03:02:51a Obama 'We must keep the pressure on al-Qaida'
03:02:57a Protesters press Nik Aziz to retract 'doa'
03:03:02a Obama The Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan
03:03:08a Australia's emissions trading scheme voted down second time
03:03:13a Tainan drug dealers busted, one police injured
03:03:19a UNM Hires PR Firm
03:03:24a French fashion designer Christian Lacroix
03:03:29a Alcohol gels found to contain toxin methanol
03:03:35a Merkley Statement on President Obama's Address on Afghanistan
03:03:40a Mayor guilty of embezzlement
03:03:46a Obama 'Afghanistan is not lost'
03:03:51a Favourable opening round group expected for Bafana
03:03:56a Securities firms to pay big fines
03:04:02a Representative office in Sapporo opens
03:04:07a Doubles brothers Heineken Open drawcard
03:04:12a Tutu, Beckham, Theron to attend WCup draw
03:04:18a Lockerbie bomber hid bullet proof vest under shellsuit
03:04:23a Stimulus money complicates SETX non-profit
03:04:28a Maid's pay rise not on agenda
03:04:33a Govt still keen on 'eye in the sky'
03:04:39a WNYer creates song Los Lonely Boys
03:04:44a Unfair for Penang govt to blast us
03:04:50a Eldorado Girl Escapes Abduction Attempt
03:04:55a Michael Jackson, Facebook Most 'Googled' words of 2009
03:05:00a Bankruptcy Filing for AmTrust Financial
03:05:07a Top US general hails new Obama strategy
03:05:12a Study to Determine the Mysteries of Human Voices
03:05:18a Catching the swine flu saves a woman's life
03:05:23a Taoyuan man tells kids to lie to cops about killing
03:05:29a Solar Winners Evergreen, China Sunergy
03:05:35a Is Obama Administration Using 'Community Organizer' Policy Approach
03:05:40a MTNL launch
03:05:46a Corsi to speak on stopping government corruption
03:05:52a Australian emissions bill fails
03:05:57a Prosecutors probe vote-buying allegations
03:06:03a Abortion drug 'available on the streets'
03:06:08a Water Agencies Pray for Snow and Rain
03:06:14a Caltex's Mobil bid blocked
03:06:19a The Warehouse staff to strike
03:06:25a GM
03:06:31a Iran Raises Tensions on Sailors, Sanctions
03:06:36a Convicted Tamil Tiger supporter says group murdered his father
03:06:42a Homebuilders Winner and Losers Ryland
03:06:48a Oil mixed in Asian trade amid Iran tensions
03:06:53a Oil Glut Roils an English Tourist Village
03:06:59a Iran court to rule on UK sailors
03:07:04a US announces major Afghanistan troop surge ahead of withdrawal
03:07:10a South faces drought; water supply limited
03:07:15a Schools to reduce 7 percent carbon emission by 2015
03:07:21a GE Aviation recognizes Kenya Airways for CF6 Time On Wing milestone
03:07:26a Sentence reduced for armed juvenile offender
03:07:31a Cramer's 'Mad Money' Follow-Up Dec. 1
03:07:37a Nantou magistrate candidate gets life threats
03:07:43a 'India favours resolving all issues with China peacefully'
03:07:49a Obama Afghanistan not another Vietnam
03:07:55a Obama Afghanistan Choice Not Made Lightly
03:08:00a Top 40 Funniest Construction Mistakes Chill Out Point Funny images and artwork
03:08:06a Belgian EU president takes office
03:08:11a Three men formally announce for Sheriff this week
03:08:16a The red phone box that has become Britain's smallest library
03:08:22a Health Ministry mulls letting gay couples use surrogate mothers
03:08:27a Management Support Online has launched its redesigned website
03:08:33a Market Smiles on Tata; Shares Soar
03:08:38a Young mother fatally stabbed, infant wounded
03:08:44a Sugary Cola Drinks Linked to Higher Risk of Gestational Diabetes
03:08:50a Aussie Googler's 20 per cent goes global
03:08:56a ETS third time lucky?
03:09:01a 'Junior' Gotti to be Released After Mistrial
03:09:08a Sleep changes predict onset of physical changes associated with puberty
03:09:24a Turkey helpline that will stop festive cooks getting in a flap
03:09:29a Hand sanitizers work best with scrubbed hands
03:09:35a MomsLikeMe on 'Today's THV at 5' Christmas Expectations 01 Dec 2009 203137 GMT
03:09:40a Seven Tips to Run a Successful Hair Salon
03:09:45a How to spend many hours lying down
03:09:50a Woman faces DUI charge after chase, crash
03:09:56a Very Old Papers Awesome, Hilarious
03:10:01a Investigator To Stand Trial On Felony Charges
03:10:07a ASU Professor Tapped To Be Ambassador
03:10:12a Project Manager Structural Engineering
03:10:17a Don't free hardened terrorists for Shalit
03:10:33a AP Uninvited White House 'Crashers' Prompt Screening Changes
03:10:38a Now Malta markets itself to Bollywood
03:10:44a Obama orders 30,000 soldiers to Afghanistan in speech
03:10:49a Prince Sifiso team applies for discharge
03:10:55a James Cameron's Avatar The Game Video Review
03:11:00a CN Rail makes new offer to striking workers
03:11:06a Coastal Flood Watch Begins Wednesday
03:11:11a The LHC In A Nutshell
03:11:16a James Cameron's Avatar The Game Review
03:11:22a Snap-happy Miliband would be no card shark in the negotiating chair
03:11:28a Obama boosts troops, vows Afghan pullback in 18 months
03:11:33a Accidents Reduced on Bay Bridge
03:11:39a Democracy Targeted
03:11:45a WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Royal Rumble Gameplay Movie
03:11:54a Semi-Final Tuesday HS Football Scores
03:11:59a Teachers must be tested
03:12:05a Obama More Troops to Aghanistan; Timetable to Leave
03:12:10a GM Sees China Sales Soar in November
03:12:15a Science & Technology Concentrates
03:12:21a Read Liberhan report, take party's viewpoint to appeal Advani to BJP MPs
03:12:26a Tax, Tax, Tax
03:12:31a GM CEO Fritz Henderson to Step Down
03:12:37a Matthews Calls West Point, Site of Obama Speech The Enemy Camp, Strange Venue
03:12:42a FREE PRESS CARTOONIST MIKE THOMPSON Afghanistan Here we go again
03:12:48a Trial under way over 3 Macomb teens' deaths
03:12:53a Northrop Grumman threatens to drop bid for Air Force tanker contract
03:12:58a Southee to replace Bond
03:13:04a WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Ladder Match Gameplay Movie
03:13:09a Irans Defiance
03:13:15a Iraq Key figu
03:13:20a Obama More Troops to Aghanistan Timetable to Leave
03:13:25a State lawmakers consider regulating, banning red light cams
03:13:31a Key US senators back Obama's troop surge
03:13:36a Trade round hangs in balance as ministers wind up WTO talks
03:13:41a TV actors unfazed as Bollywood descends on small screen
03:13:47a Marion County Murderer Dies in Charleston Hospital
03:13:52a Anti'war lawmakers want a vote
03:13:57a Gibson and Anderson get Sir Alex's seal of approval
03:14:03a Salahis Went Without Confirmed Invite
03:14:08a Congress Watches Obama's Afghan Speech
03:14:13a Toddler dies after toy-box lid strikes her head
03:14:19a WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Chair Shots Gameplay Movie
03:14:24a 11-To Sent 30k New Troops To Guard Poppy Fields And Gas&Oil Pipe Line
03:14:30a Obamas Address on the War in Afghanistan
03:14:35a Afghanistan No Shortcuts to
03:14:41a GE deal with Vivendi clears way for NBC Universal sale
03:14:46a Voluntarism or Self'Interest?
03:14:52a The Rise of the Virtual Newsroom
03:14:57a obama
03:15:03a Zelaya camp calls for cancellation of Honduras polls
03:15:09a Cambyses lost army in Egypt, true or false?
03:15:14a Man Details Stopping 3-Year-Old’s Alleged Assaulter
03:15:21a gay marriage debate
03:15:30a Home of California Family Killed in Crash Ransacked
03:15:35a 'Mad Monk' Tony Abbott dooms Kevin Rudd's Australian climate change bill
03:15:41a FEMA holding sessions on flood insurance
03:15:46a Not Nearly Enough On Afghanistan
03:15:52a Louw killed himself with AK-47
03:15:57a Courting Bird 'Sings' by Rubbing Feathers
03:16:03a Deflation, inflation now colliding in U.S. economy expert
03:16:08a Ministers force debate on voting reform
03:16:19a Hands-On LG eXpo
03:16:24a Suspected U.S. remains sent home from Vietnam
03:16:32a Can thinking about food make you fat
03:16:48a UNCUT Officer Greg Richards' Relative Officers 'Were Our Heroes'
03:16:54a Fight breaks out at Peru wedding
03:16:59a Failing footy team turns to smoke for quick fix
03:17:05a WSU will seek JC help on offensive line
03:17:11a KY Congressman Whitfield launches new website
03:17:17a Tiger Woods doesn't owe anyone an explanation
03:17:23a Settlement freeze is 'one-time, temporary' move
03:17:29a Arpaio, Thomas Sue County Leaders, Judges
03:17:35a White-collar staff on strike in Finland over pay
03:17:41a The Phoronix Kernel Test Farm Is Alive
03:17:47a Senate kills off emissions trade laws
03:17:55a Peru suspends officer on 'human fluids' case
03:18:07a France may increase Afghan force report
03:18:13a Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan
03:18:21a Best Microscopic-Life Images of 2009 Named
03:18:27a Shelton Woman Goes Missing While Mushroom Picking
03:18:33a Tempers rise in U.S. health care debate
03:18:43a Revive the alluring moment
03:18:56a Canadians can dream of green Christmas
03:19:01a Google News Makes A Concession To Whining Publishers Only First Five Clicks Are Free
03:19:06a Adobe Mobile for iPhone Now Available Globally
03:19:12a Woman charged with 2nd-degree murder in stabbing death
03:19:18a Kenya eager to bounce back
03:19:23a Somali pirates hijack US20 mil. of crude oil
03:19:29a WATCH IT Ex-Husband Officer Griswold Was A Great Mom
03:19:34a Argentina halts 1st LatAm gay marriage
03:19:40a U.S. readies a new phase of worldwide AIDS assistance
03:19:45a Gatineau reaches deal with blue-collar workers
03:19:51a Ripley Families Need Holiday Help
03:19:56a Fire rips through Melbourne factory
03:20:02a U.S. Marines to go first in new Afghan plan
03:20:07a Concern over numbers on Aids drugs
03:20:13a EU nations approve bank data transfer deal with U.S.
03:20:18a Men want to look good, too!
03:20:23a Fourth mistrial in 'Junior' Gotti case
03:20:29a EU envoys Israel trying to sever East Jerusalem from West Bank
03:20:34a Energy-Dense Foods May Activate Genes That Ultimately Make Us Obese
03:20:40a New AIDS infections outpacing gains
03:20:45a Service Dog Not Allowed On Bus, Woman Says
03:20:51a New canine joins Kennewick Police K-9
03:20:56a Wis. would-be robber arrives too late at bank
03:21:02a Long, bitter debate ahead for health care plan in the U.S.
03:21:07a ECB to Pull Back Some Stimulus Aid
03:21:13a Obama lunches with top political writers
03:21:18a How Aussie Googler's spare time went global
03:21:24a Another Democrat Running for Congress in N.H.
03:21:30a Collingwood mannequin factory fire
03:21:35a Will Congress Resist Obama's Warmaking Plans?
03:21:41a Swine flu less widespread, down to 32 states CDC
03:21:47a More Headaches for Tyson Foods
03:21:53a Republican to Run for Lieutenant Governor
03:21:59a Turkish cinema bids sad farewell to Ahmet Uluçay
03:22:05a Video GOP spreads fear over reform
03:22:10a Troj/FakeAV-AJS
03:22:16a ATV Debate Gets Feisty
03:22:22a Over 6,000 children languish in relief camps in Assam
03:22:27a Models display creations by designer Sonia Rykiel for H&M
03:22:33a New Discoveries About the Experience of Anger
03:22:39a Telvin Trio brings its
03:22:44a Wrangle over Central University location simmers
03:22:50a Couple Of Inches Expected For Metro area
03:22:55a Obama gives Karzai 18-24 months to achieve goals
03:23:01a Florida lawmakers want out
03:23:06a 2 held for allegedly exporting goods to N Korea illegally
03:23:12a Iran talks tough on detained Brit crew
03:23:17a Ford, Toyota Post Nov. Light Vehicle Sales Gains
03:23:23a General Motors CEO resigns after 8 months
03:23:28a Actor in comeback bid as Parañaque mayor
03:23:34a Rangers, behind in making playoff ticket refunds to fans, cut final checks, team says
03:23:39a US November auto sales struggle to gainground
03:23:45a UF's Dunlap suspended from SEC title game after DUI charge
03:23:50a Buying Beer - Long Trail to Acquire Otter Creek
03:23:56a New road salt 'makes cars rust faster'
03:24:02a Obama plan provides necessary Afghan resources-commander
03:24:08a Craigslist Blocks Yahoo Pipes
03:24:14a Vols not counting chickens yet on Chick-Fil-A
03:24:19a Amazon Takes The Top Spot For Cyber Monday
03:24:25a New Mechanism of Blocking HIV-1 from Entering Cells Identified
03:24:30a Pirates now hold 70 RP sailors
03:24:35a Afghanistan Speech Open Thread
03:24:41a NBC sale leaves GE to focus on industrial businesses
03:24:46a Brazilian wins ski bum contest to promote Sun Peaks Resort in Kamloops
03:24:52a Blogger Disclosure Tuesday a Small Storm of Sad Blogging For Dollars
03:24:57a US troop surge 'to aid' UK effort
03:25:11a Obama tries to shore up support
03:25:17a Vt. Delegation Comments on President's Speech
03:25:23a City to withhold names of witnesses to Rainbow Lounge bar check
03:25:28a Obama speech Reaction in quotes
03:25:34a Woman named Grubbs tells of new affair with Tiger
03:25:40a Loneliness can be contagious, study finds
03:25:45a Watertown man accused of trying to poison wife
03:25:51a Anti-war protesters arrested outside West Point
03:25:57a Economic Boost for Businesses Near Bridge?
03:26:02a Keeping Santa Swine Flu-Free
03:26:10a Snake Mistakes Its Tail For Food
03:26:16a Toyota Avalon Tops Consumer Reports' Tests of Large and Upscale Sedans
03:26:22a Former Army nurse gets prison in hepatitis C case
03:26:27a Mesa teen charged in fatal stabbing
03:26:32a Stars Face 'The Cranes' Challenge
03:26:38a GM CEO Resigns; Car Sales Point To Stabilization
03:26:43a Flip, Through Mossberg, Announces TV Streaming Solution
03:26:49a What Obama Accomplished in His Speech
03:26:54a Ralph Alvarez to step down as McDonald's president, operating chief due to health issues
03:27:00a E-Readers May Hold More Surprises
03:27:05a FCC Seeks Revamp of Phone Subsidy
03:27:10a Indians trade catcher Kelly Shoppach to Rays
03:27:16a The shadow of 1937
03:27:21a Utah's first openly gay state senator quits
03:27:26a Hunt For New Chief As GM Boss Fritz Quits
03:27:32a Reaction to Obama's Afghanistan war plans
03:27:38a Exit timeline sends Afghan gov't a message
03:27:44a Overall goal in war is defeat of al-Qaida
03:27:50a Japan Shares Rise, Steel Stocks Up, But Banks Fall
03:27:56a Fla. speaker refuses to delay special session
03:28:02a Prevx Confirms Microsoft Patches Not Connected to Black Screen of Death
03:28:07a South Bend soldier memorialized on billboard
03:28:13a Wireless giants in seasonal slugfest
03:28:19a Democratic US Rep. John Tanner says he's retiring
03:28:24a Man Raped Teen, Showed Porn to Kids, Police Say
03:28:29a Memo From Japan Japan’s Relationship With U.S. Gets a Closer Look
03:28:35a You Want the War, You Pay for It
03:28:41a Moving company under investigation; more complaints surface
03:28:47a Avatar Points Way to Future of Movie Games
03:28:52a King Arthur The Role-playing Wargame Review
03:28:58a Shanda Games Profits Climb
03:29:03a A view of San Francisco
03:29:09a DNR Investigates Massive Fish Kill In Green Lake County
03:29:15a Japan’s Central Bank Provides Short-Term Loans
03:29:21a Alvarez cites health in departing McDonald's post
03:29:27a Economic Scene A Quaking Brings No Collapse
03:29:32a New study reveals stress of heading home for Christmas
03:29:38a Dead ETS to rise again
03:29:44a Malaysian Stocks May Continue Rebound
03:29:50a China,Vietnam make joint navy patrol
03:29:56a Wisma Putra raises concern over footballers' predicament
03:30:01a French couture loses a face of fashion as house of Lacroix collapses in debt
03:30:07a Shanda Posts Sharp Third-quarter Profit Gain
03:30:13a Russia and China ready to get tough with Tehran over nuclear programme
03:30:19a View of snowed canals in the center of Amsterdam
03:30:25a For Soldiers, Strain Met With Resolve
03:30:31a FDA Warns Tyson About Health Violations at Soup Plant
03:30:36a Central banks’ independence at risk
03:30:42a Disbarred Cranston lawyer to serve 3½ years for fraud
03:30:48a Trustmark 5.405M share Secondary priced at
03:30:53a Continental November Traffic Up 2.9%
03:30:59a Two vice chairmen at Goldman Sachs sold more than 320,000 shares, Barron's says
03:31:04a In Denmark, Ambitious Plan for Electric Cars
03:31:10a Developer Faces Decision On Edgewater Hotel Project
03:31:15a Why not woo Singapore to Iskandar
03:31:20a Obama More Troops Now, Drawdown In 2011
03:31:26a News Analysis With Troops Go Demands
03:31:32a Iran’s Plan to Phase Out Subsidies Brings Frenzied Debate
03:31:37a Second phase polling in Jharkhand begins
03:31:43a Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill
03:31:48a Malakoff open to expand via MAs
03:31:53a South Korea takes a big sip of rice wine
03:31:59a No Australia poll in wake of emission laws failure
03:32:05a National Guard group will meet in Hawaii
03:32:10a From shopping to shipping; a few holiday tips to save time and money
03:32:16a Treasury spent £150million on bank bailout 'experts' during the financial crisis
03:32:22a M'sia monitoring Dubai crisis, too early to say if impact is localised or global
03:32:27a Latin America's first gay marriage on hold
03:32:33a Microsoft on Win 7 black screen of death 'not us'
03:32:38a Scottish solution to tragedy of common fisheries
03:32:43a 'I have gone backwards – but I'll get it back'
03:32:59a Images from the sharp end
03:33:05a Opening time for Wetherspoon
03:33:10a Time to confront the invisible enemy that threatens us all
03:33:15a The top 10 wacky festive events
03:33:21a Persimmon surges on hopes of recovery
03:33:27a World Cup bid is right on track, says Anson
03:33:33a If You Want To Fix Darfur, Fix Chad First
03:33:38a Plenty of fizz left in Greene King's shares
03:33:44a Benitez hails 'Shankly way' as inspiration
03:33:49a Shamed Jones to shoot hoops
03:33:54a Brady rages against Blatter
03:33:59a Nokia brings price-fixing suit against LCD makers
03:34:05a Dubai opens Vegas hotel with a difference
03:34:10a Strong City is not just good for Britain
03:34:16a Chelsea and Yorkshire building societies in merger talks
03:34:21a Man against gold-medal machine
03:34:27a Ofcom paves way for BT to lift wholesale charges by 4 per cent
03:34:33a HuffPost's Jose Vargas on the 'other' Washington and HIV
03:34:38a Philippine Mayor Is Charged in Massacre
03:34:44a Tax future house price bubbles, Bank of England tells Treasury
03:34:50a Graham Coxon, Barbican, London
03:34:56a Proposed 'Botax' Making Some Frown
03:35:02a Treasury seizes control of RBS bonus pool
03:35:07a Twelve days to save the world
03:35:13a Halifax hospital bars hungry students
03:35:19a De Beers rights issue to raise
03:35:24a Ibero-American countries demand Zelaya's restitution to Honduran presidency
03:35:30a Ancelotti is joker in Blues' pack
03:35:36a Documentary looks at
03:35:42a Aylin Tektaş opens new show at Artist Çukurcuma
03:35:47a An open mind is key to a brighter future for Scotland
03:35:53a The big surprise is that she hung on for as long as she did
03:35:58a Cannavaro urges World Cup-winning pair to return
03:36:09a Russia, Argentina sign customs information swap memorandum
03:36:15a Kenwright backs Moyes as vital to club
03:36:21a A Week at the Airport, By Alain de Botton
03:36:26a New fears of 'double dip' recession
03:36:32a Blatter under pressure to allow TV technology
03:36:38a Scientists create skin from stem cells
03:36:44a Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck Book Shows in North America
03:36:49a Dragon's Den man goes off-message
03:36:55a Building societies in the firing line
03:37:01a England practice escapes from nets
03:37:06a 21 Below, More4; Imagine... BBC1
03:37:12a Crime and thriller writer celebrated for his intricate plots and tongue-in-cheek humour
03:37:18a Stake claimed on Chicago housing project
03:37:23a Lack of investment forces Crusaders to move camp
03:37:29a Ferdinand 'must force way back in'
03:37:34a 'Junior' Gotti free after judge declares mistrial
03:37:39a Nokia LCD Suit Could Lower Handset Costs
03:37:45a Australia regulator opposes Caltex-Exxon deal
03:37:50a Study links insect repellent to birth defect
03:37:56a Fears of spoilage in cargo checks
03:38:01a Video Adding a new president to Mt. Rushmore
03:38:07a Obama's Churchill moment
03:38:13a Gleason's Gym remains a New York shrine
03:38:19a State Dept. expert to attend U.S.-Japan working group talks on Futemma+
03:38:24a We were on the guest list, say White House 'gatecrashers'
03:38:30a Tokyo stocks fall in choppy trade on selling after BOJ funding plan+
03:38:36a U.S. colleges try hooking American hockey prospects away from Canada
03:38:42a Reuters Summit-NHL says no plans to shrink league
03:38:48a Lightning does strike twice
03:38:54a Windows desktops and notebooks at par
03:39:00a LEAD Tokyo stocks fall in choppy trade on selling after BOJ funding plan+
03:39:05a Using tunes to tout Windows 7
03:39:11a Belgian court jails Rwandan 'genocide banker' for 30 years
03:39:17a Victorious president-elect vows to reunite Honduras
03:39:23a Sex Workers in Southern India Practice AIDS Prevention
03:39:29a White House gatecrashers claim they had invite
03:39:34a Concluding Doha Round in 2010 'not easy,' Japan farm minister admits+
03:39:40a Crutch in 11 pieces after wife bashed court
03:39:46a KKR among bidders for Morgan Stanley's CICC stake
03:39:52a Obama addresses American people on Afghan mission
03:39:57a LEAD Obama to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in 1st half of 2010+
03:40:03a Camel cull will be 'humane', says marksman
03:40:28a Erdoğan's ‘Cheerful Life Santa Claus is coming to town
03:40:34a Can we have lower credit card surcharges
03:40:39a Sumner Redstone beats nephew in court
03:40:56a GM CEO makes surprise exit
03:41:02a President Obama's speech in full
03:41:07a Most states haven't adopted sex offender rules
03:41:12a 'Details of Schalit deal to stay secret'
03:41:18a This Wide Night, Soho Theatre, London
03:41:24a Abhishek will make a great 'Paa' Aishwarya Rai
03:41:29a Obama Vows to Fight ‘Cancer’ of Al Qaeda
03:41:34a UK 'behind in qualification race'
03:41:40a Demjanjuk trial / Germany shouldn't have tried 'Ivan the Miserable'
03:41:46a Wotherspoon looks forward to World Cup debut
03:41:52a Obama urges Pakistan to fight 'cancer' of extremism
03:41:58a Obama's focus on withdrawal could jeopardize Afghan mission
03:42:04a Researchers Create Shape-Shifting Antennas
03:42:10a Law to aid aging A-bomb suit plaintiffs
03:42:16a Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill
03:42:21a Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers
03:42:27a Japan's Relationship With U.S. Gets a Closer Look
03:42:33a Film fans celebrate life on site of deaths
03:42:38a Double jeopardy rule report due
03:42:44a Nazarbayev met Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan
03:42:49a Banker Sentenced to 30 Years for War Crimes
03:42:55a B'Tselem tops EU funding list
03:43:01a Troop Levels in Afghanistan
03:43:07a Even Obama's Supporters Question His Afghan Plan
03:43:12a Our security is at stake
03:43:18a Peru suspends officer on 'human fluids' case
03:43:23a EU members vie for pivotal Brussels posts
03:43:29a McConnell says stimulus surplus should fund surge
03:43:34a Japan November Monetary Base Up 3.8% On Year
03:43:40a PD, SO compete in 'Battle of the Badge'
03:43:45a Dunguib looks gilt-edged for Bond
03:43:50a Discipline for Lawyers
03:43:56a Pakistan's Zardari clings to power but his grip weakens
03:44:01a Iraqi shoe tosser gets one slung at him
03:44:07a Senate votes down ETS for second time
03:44:12a Tetraplegic teen thanks rescuers
03:44:17a Harry Read Me Official Climategate report
03:44:23a Obama Vows to Fight Al Qaeda ‘Cancer’
03:44:28a Record number of food bank users
03:44:34a City to lease power plant
03:44:39a Malaysia may need third stimulus package
03:44:45a Four Paws for a Lame Table
03:44:50a Obama Promised Troops to Come Home after 18 Months in July 2011
03:44:55a I Don't Make This Decision Lightly
03:45:01a Live Blogging Obama's Afghan Speech
03:45:07a Lawmakers react warily to Obama's new Afghan war strategy
03:45:12a Police seek bail-breaching Marton man
03:45:18a Australian ETS bill rejected
03:45:23a Online Arranged Marriages Common in the United States
03:45:29a Obama orders more troops to Afghanistan
03:45:34a Five years' jail for sex with girl, 15
03:45:40a Big popularity gongs for Golf and Outback
03:45:45a IDF chief wants to enlist Arabs, Haredim in national service
03:45:58a Mum, 17, loses all in horror blaze
03:46:03a Status quo in Afghanistan cannot be maintained
03:46:09a Land secured for Auckland tunnel
03:46:14a International ticketing system to be launched in time for RWC
03:46:20a Britain's Darling warns on EU finance crackdown
03:46:26a Obesity Police; Too Fat, Sorry, You Can't Graduate
03:46:31a Obama's Afghanistan Address Excerpts
03:46:36a CNN Marilyn Monroe Home Movie Surfaces
03:46:42a Afghan doubt Endgame or escalation?
03:46:48a Share market opens stronger, up 1.5pc
03:46:53a Brazilians Insulted By Robin Williams's Joke About Rio's Bid
03:46:58a Australian firm gets Tasman Bay drilling rights
03:47:04a Black shirt protest cabbie back on the road
03:47:09a Sacrificial meat for 45,000 Gaza families
03:47:14a Very Old Papers Are Both Awesome and Hilarious
03:47:20a House prices up again – but it won't last, warn experts
03:47:25a Marmite fails to foil drugs dogs
03:47:31a Brooks reacts to Bowden's retirement
03:47:37a Russia to close military depot after consecutive explosions
03:47:42a Israel, December 1, 2009
03:47:48a President Obama to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
03:47:54a SandRidge Energy 24M share Secondary priced at
03:48:00a No Afghanistan power transfer date in Obama's address to nation
03:48:05a Inquest after brothers killed in ice fall
03:48:11a Muni Stabbing Suspect Arrested
03:48:17a Snake Tries to Eat its Own Tail, Almost Chokes to Death
03:48:23a CNN 6 Gang Rape Suspects Plead Not Guilty
03:48:28a Starlight Messages of Hope
03:48:34a Reboot This! 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows Ready for Upgrade
03:48:39a Murder suspect ordered to see a psychiatrist
03:48:45a Obama announces troop surge in Afghanistan
03:48:51a Afghanistan not lost, remains challenge
03:48:57a Cyber Attacks Survey Shows Increasingly Disruptive Trend
03:49:02a Housing list wait 'tops 10 years'
03:49:08a Call to resolve Palestine row
03:49:14a Man Fatally Stabbed in Oakland
03:49:19a NZ scores 5.5 out 10 for telco regulatory risk
03:49:25a AIG cuts bln in Fed debt from equity swap
03:49:31a Facebook Revamps Network, Privacy Settings
03:49:36a Satyam's major investors lose Rs 1,600 crore
03:49:42a On the red carpet Cricket All Star Party
03:49:49a Govt 'asking for a disaster' on broadband
03:50:16a Anti-narcotics agent in bribe expose backs out of 2010 race
03:50:21a Hawkish 'Israel Lobby' More Bark Than Bite?
03:50:26a Obama lays out plan for Afghanistan, with 2011 withdrawal
03:50:32a NAACP files complaint against NC school district
03:50:38a British theatre isn't a utopia yet – but we're on our way
03:50:44a Chavalit denies stealing the government's thunder on Cambodia
03:50:49a MN wedding dancers nominated as 'most inspiring'
03:50:55a Chart toppers Black Eyed Peas headed to Tacoma in 2010
03:51:05a Cameron pledges to reform Britain's 'bureaucratic' health and safety laws
03:51:20a Allegiant Air switches Orlando airports
03:51:25a OCBC Al-Amin unveils fourth branch
03:51:53a No relief in sight for Gulf markets
03:51:58a Deputies Man Kidnaps Ex-Girlfriend, Kills Self
03:52:05a Liberals get 'one last chance' on climate laws
03:52:10a Prohibition bill likely to be tabled in House again
03:52:16a Netlist Says Inphi Suit Moot
03:52:21a Britons boycott Australia over camel cull
03:52:27a Runaway groom leads cops to Sooraj Barjatya ending
03:52:32a Marquez signs contract extension with Barcelona
03:52:38a Governor Hoeven Upset That The Federal Government Isnt Mandating More Ethanol Usage
03:52:44a Mexico pledges to cut emissions by 50pc
03:52:49a Murder charges filed against Philippine massacre suspect
03:52:55a Lords support MLA pay review body
03:53:00a HPD Community Outreach Program
03:53:06a Alaska delegation split on Obama's announcement
03:53:11a Crisis-hit Coventry face closure
03:53:17a 405 villages don't have banks
03:53:22a Boy dies after being struck by car in dispute over girl
03:53:28a US stocks climb as falling dollar boosts commodities
03:53:34a Australia a magnet for unskilled study
03:53:39a 'I had that Polly Toynbee in the back of my cab …'
03:53:45a Trading Tax You Got a Better Idea?
03:53:51a Japan supports new U.S. policy on Afghanistan+
03:53:56a Key to go to Copenhagen after all?
03:54:02a Bomb hoax wracks cops' nerves
03:54:07a Obama Says 30,000 More Afghanistan Troops Will “End This War Successfully”
03:54:13a Craziest Obamavietghanistan Speech Moments
03:54:18a Ties with Canada 'to thaw'
03:54:24a Israel trying to sever East Jerusalem from West Bank
03:54:29a Economy slows, stalling projects in Utah Valley
03:54:35a Chinese sweet on Canada even as political ties sour
03:54:40a Rannotsav kicks off with 'Kutch Carnival'
03:54:46a 'Junior' Gotti set to be freed after mistr
03:54:51a Obama's Afghanistan Incoherence
03:54:57a Mont. convicted murderer denied parole
03:55:03a Killers must serve their time—judge
03:55:08a Europe Bypassed on Climate Summit
03:55:13a Marion Jones Wants to Play in WNBA
03:55:19a Marooned at Lanzarote airport, the 'Gandhi of the Western Sahara'
03:55:24a Conviction upheld in Tippah Co. slaying
03:55:30a Rs6 lakh looted from Narol bank
03:55:35a Election blues in Jordan
03:55:41a Shocker Jobs Going Away As Stimulus Money Dries Up
03:55:47a Proposed 2010 budget ready for Senate deliberations
03:55:52a US stocks rally as Dubai debt fears ebb, dollar sinks
03:55:58a Australian Parliament Rejects Cap And Trade
03:56:03a Barnes, Lively, Holroyd and Moggach
03:56:09a Chris Matthews Refers To Obama's West Point Audience As “Enemy Camp”
03:56:25a City at risk of wasting brightest young stars
03:56:30a wait to be contacted
03:56:36a Ishrat case What will SIT do?
03:56:42a Labour calls for retention of €8m funds for rural transport programme
03:56:47a Tampa art museum to literally shine
03:56:53a Namibia Namibian election results trickle in
03:56:58a Mandelson gives Post Office a boost
03:57:04a Georgia lawmakers urge end to Afghan government corruption
03:57:10a Human rights complaint heard over man's chihuahua
03:57:16a Bucs sign P Paulescu to replace injured Johnson
03:57:27a South African Mediators on Zimbabwe Complete First Round of Talks
03:57:42a Dubai World plans alternatives for bn debt
03:57:47a study assistance is a 'token gesture,' MP says
03:57:53a Road rage trigger for violent stabbing
03:57:59a Arson probe after Como car fire
03:58:04a Weedon inherits Wirrpanda's guernsey
03:58:10a Corkman jailed in elderly fraud scam
03:58:15a New tunnel boring machine arrives in Brisbane
03:58:21a SNP's Mike Russell championed Tory-style voucher system for Scots education
03:58:27a Prelate expresses sorrow at hurt over comments
03:58:32a Jeers in San Francisco as Obama announces troop surge
03:58:38a Good result for Naracoorte sellers
03:58:44a Why Barnaby said thank you to Penny
03:58:50a What the U.S. can achieve in Afghanistan
03:58:56a Christmas tree lighting dedicated to victims
03:59:02a Clean-up operation may boost economy, says ESRI
03:59:08a NZ imports 'unskilled and here to stay'
03:59:14a Luxury liner to set sail from Kerala port
03:59:19a Tampa Bay acquires C Shoppach from Cleveland
03:59:25a Swine flu top of the Google searches
03:59:30a FTC examining government role in helping news organizations
03:59:36a Neighbor of slain NY teacher taken into custody
03:59:41a Sino Gold shareholders vote in favour of takeover
03:59:47a Thunderstorm, heavy rain in East Coast until Friday
03:59:53a Alaska oil jobs peak
03:59:59a Al Qaeda has a safe haven in Pakistan Obama
04:00:05a Windows 7 'black screen of death' claim
04:00:10a It's wool, wool, wool for Australia
04:00:16a Bullsbrook crash causing delays
04:00:22a All-Ireland credentials a long-term goal
04:00:28a 'Make families insulate homes and hit drivers with congestion fees'
04:00:33a Child offenders named, shamed
04:00:39a Notorious bikie gang gains foothold in WA
04:00:44a Onus on Harawira to prove he means what he said PM
04:00:50a The people who are making British theatre happen
04:00:55a Mugabe's 'media hangman' offered land belonging to white farmer
04:01:01a Experts criticise modern playgrounds
04:01:06a Massive OCS feedback
04:01:12a The pitiless blue sky
04:01:17a TV station makes animated re-enactment of Woods crash
04:01:23a Boxing coach jailed for sex assaults
04:01:28a Water refunds won't be coming at Christmas
04:01:34a Police catch an escaped murderer by knocking him off bike
04:01:39a Stinger I was conned and abused
04:01:45a Conference on police governance
04:01:50a Bid to drown kitten, pups foiled
04:01:55a Food use-by dates seen as most critical
04:02:01a Hawaii National Guard troops going to Afghanistan
04:02:07a Man, boy slashed with sickle
04:02:13a Libya jails and fines Swiss businessmen
04:02:18a Crashers told ‘no’ to dinner
04:02:24a 2011 Infiniti M Where To Put A 5.6-Liter V8 La Auto Show
04:02:29a JAMA PATIENT PAGE Typhoid Fever
04:02:35a BOOKS-US Hawkish 'Israel Lobby' More Bark Than Bite?
04:02:40a Electricians challenge pay agreement in High Court
04:02:46a Reuters Summit-EA sees fewer titles; digital rising
04:02:57a American by Birth
04:03:02a President's defence of champagne toast
04:03:08a Haughey suggests moving oil storage tanks out of Dublin Port
04:03:13a Drop in police casts doubt on SNP pledge
04:03:19a Romania's president faces poll defeat over 'child-slapping' video
04:03:24a Europe's HIV infection rate doubles in 8 years
04:03:29a for Celek; WR Norwood Added
04:03:35a Alleged teen taggers arrested
04:03:42a Delhi-Noida Metro corridor to open on Nov 12
04:03:49a Healthy, organic and cheap school lunches Order up
04:03:54a Hijacked tanker 'was in dangerous waters'
04:04:04a Norman hospital cancels drive-through flu shots
04:04:10a Transcript Obama’s Address on the War in Afghanistan
04:04:15a NATO chief confident of increased Afghan contribution
04:04:21a Prevention has 'potential' to reduce risk of cancer
04:04:27a Red Carpet Rolled Out For Hall Of Fame
04:04:32a Scavenger receptor B2 is a cellular receptor for enterovirus 71
04:04:38a Military families have mixed feelings on Afghanistan surge strategy outlined in Obama speech
04:04:43a Drogba Chelsea have psychological edge
04:04:49a Truck fire blocks Desert Road
04:04:54a Police overtime battle looms in drive to cut millions
04:05:00a DWR Official Low Water 'Alarming'
04:05:05a Teams can now question umpires' rulings
04:05:11a Letter from employer delays trial for murder
04:05:17a Saving graces of Scotland's first eco-home
04:05:23a Use the ticket machine
04:05:28a The world four degrees hotter? An unwelcome idea
04:05:34a Senior Liberal urges absent MP to consider resigning
04:05:40a Indian batsmen make merry
04:05:45a Oregon co. gets OK for wind project on MT land
04:05:50a Union official sacking move meaningless PM
04:05:56a Record number of people turning to food banks due to recession, Ont. group says
04:06:02a Send a clear, unmistakable message
04:06:07a Moore soldier's body arrives today
04:06:20a African legends back continent to go all the way
04:06:25a Brief More attacks but fewer losses, survey finds
04:06:31a 70 and 148 top bidder
04:06:36a Prayer call is improper
04:06:42a Funeral of Limerick heritage chief today
04:06:47a Tricky for Chong Wei
04:06:52a Germany down Spain with last-minute goal
04:06:58a Blatter to call time on cheats
04:07:03a AFL complete Tarrant investigation
04:07:09a QR860,000 aid given to Asian disaster victims
04:07:15a Is this a new golden age for British theatre
04:07:20a Wyoming City Employees Fired For Drinking
04:07:25a Knives out for unionist over 'parasite dog' outburst
04:07:31a Good move by council
04:07:37a LGF Poll Obama's Afghanistan Plan
04:07:42a Phelps looking ahead to better times
04:07:48a Mighell defends unionist McDonald
04:07:54a Atletico supremo appeals for patience
04:08:00a Unionist McDonald refuses to leave the ALP
04:08:05a Susan Boyle's debut album soars to No. 1
04:08:11a Tiger's nightmare gets worse
04:08:18a Computer Stolen From Islamic Center
04:08:25a Hey, kids — time to potty!
04:08:31a Murder suspect remanded for psychiatric treatment
04:08:36a Wasp warning for the West
04:08:42a Air Travel
04:08:48a Keep the talent at home
04:08:54a Muslim Opening match win vital for Malaysia
04:08:59a Australia's global warming bill defeated
04:09:05a A climate deal is a must
04:09:21a Incidence of thyroid cancer higher in volcanic area of Sicily
04:09:26a Police reveal chase victim pepper sprayed
04:09:32a KCP&L see
04:09:38a Ahmadinejad Russia 'made a mistake' in IAEA vote
04:09:44a Tests for improving cancer diagnosis
04:09:50a President's Afghan drawdown plan called risky, 'unrealistic'
04:09:56a Dumped minister censured over leaked report
04:10:01a November one of the wettest months ever
04:10:12a Man denies role in unlawful killing near Dublin airport
04:10:17a No embassy overlap, committee told
04:10:23a Glaciers in Tibet and Sichuan's Tibetan area
04:10:28a Transcript of President Obama's address at the U.S. Military Academy
04:10:34a Report highlights plight of RANs
04:10:39a ARLINGTON POLICE BRIEFS Goateed man robs gas station
04:10:45a China's six tallest buildings comparable with Burj Dubai
04:10:50a Primary invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the stomach
04:10:56a Obama to announce 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
04:11:02a Manny Pacquiao to run for congress seat in Philippines
04:11:10a 2000 hippies converge on West Coast
04:11:19a Victims have challenged whole of society, says CofI archbishop
04:11:24a Former county commissioner still stirring the pot, making vodka
04:11:30a Gunmen kill ex-cop in Starbucks
04:11:36a Ronald Melzack pioneer in pain research wins Grawemeyer
04:11:41a Little Richard home from hospital after hip surgery, thanks fans for their prayers
04:11:47a CNN Student News Transcript December
04:11:52a HRT raises lung cancer risk
04:11:58a HDFC goes SBI way, offers dual-rate home loans
04:12:04a Michel Barnier tries charm offensive to ease row caused by Sarkozy
04:12:10a FII registrations fall 70%
04:12:16a Reuters Summit-Regal sees film ticket prices up 4-6 pct
04:12:21a School bus driver suspected of driving while on narcotics
04:12:27a Seagal debuts as 'Lawman'
04:12:32a Sex abuse file on priest sent to DPP
04:12:38a Waterfront project to be delayed by CHOGM
04:12:43a FACTBOX-Obama calibrates message to multiple audiences
04:12:49a MTNL says can't meet MNP deadline
04:12:54a Boyle opens Labrador child safety centre
04:13:00a Global challenges call for stronger cooperation between developing countries Migiro
04:13:06a NYC prosecutors 'Additional victims' of composer/director charged in aspiring-actress rapes
04:13:11a COL BKB Florida 80, Florida A&M 59
04:13:16a Obama's decision an act of leadership
04:13:22a Dubai crisis may push up cost of overseas credit
04:13:28a CDC says H1N1 cases have dropped, but children are still in danger
04:13:33a US power 'will be challenged'
04:13:52a PRECIOUS-Gold hits record for 2nd day, eyes dollar
04:13:58a Rules force landlords to maintain properties
04:14:03a UN’s Middle East envoy urges halt to demolitions, evictions in East Jerusalem
04:14:09a Obama's Afghan plan Will it work?
04:14:14a Falconio killer's lawyers plead for further appeal
04:14:19a 3 face trial over Maningrida gang rape
04:14:25a France welcomes Obama speech, delays own decision
04:14:30a BRIEF University Park to vote tonight on smoking ban
04:14:39a Increasing tax on higher earners back on agenda
04:14:47a UPI NewsTrack Business
04:14:52a Ministry 4 dead after China H1N1 inoculation
04:14:58a Leading Public Health Experts Urge Marion County To Remove E-Cigarette From Smoking Ban Proposal
04:15:03a Firm in court over rates non-payment
04:15:12a We need a new women's health movement
04:15:18a Singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder designated UN Messenger of Peace
04:15:23a Bracks to block MPs' pay hike
04:15:29a TopAbstracts in Diabetes 12/01/2009
04:15:34a TopAbstracts in Pregnancy 12/01/2009
04:15:39a Burn calories without exercise
04:15:45a Obama to send 30,000 troops
04:15:50a Scout Leaders Must Strive To Achieve Membership Target
04:15:56a Water storages low, despite November rains
04:16:01a Far-right fundraising tack Obama plans to ‘impose homosexuality
04:16:06a Tiger Woods' accident fuels malicious websites
04:16:12a Teen Cancer Patient Gets Coast Guard Tour Of Bay
04:16:17a Pre-military academy students urge PM to reconsider Schalit agreement
04:16:22a 2010 elections draw more COC filers than past national polls
04:16:38a Drive to cut pressure on AE 'will not mean people turned away'
04:16:44a Woods faces fine over car accident
04:16:50a U.S. expects 5,000 to 7,000 troops from allies
04:16:55a Disgraced Marion eyes basketball career
04:17:01a The future of the 'coaster it's terrifying
04:17:06a Smart meter idea to cut power bills
04:17:12a EFF sues to discover how US collects intel over Facebook, MySpace
04:17:17a Governor Smoking ban a 'stroke of genius'
04:17:23a Iraq will be 'sweetness and light' after invasion, said US
04:17:40a Why Victoria still doesn't treat sewage
04:17:45a Habitat loss sees snakes on move
04:17:51a Williams Tougher restaurant smoking ban needed
04:17:56a Researcher Refutes Israel's Claims on Fate of Iranian Diplomats
04:18:02a Don't call J'lem Palestinian capital
04:18:07a Rookie coach Loew looking to make history
04:18:12a Attorney-general tight lipped on Justice Wilson drama
04:18:18a HI National Guard Headed To Afghanistan
04:18:23a US presses allies on troops in Afghanistan
04:18:29a Brunei to launch e-government citizen survey
04:18:34a Smoking ban begins at bars and restaurants in Virginia
04:18:40a Bruneian man gets life for drug smuggling in China
04:18:46a Army widow buries husband Darren Chant 4 months after wedding
04:18:51a EDITORIAL Smoking ban appeals
04:18:56a Anti-IL-5 Therapy Mepolizumab Effective, Well Tolerated in Paediatric Eosinophilic Oesophagitis Presented at
04:19:05a Copart Q1 Earnings Fall Yet Top Estimate
04:19:11a Hawkish 'Israel Lobby' More Bark Than Bite
04:19:16a Doctors warned over online advances
04:19:22a LEAD BOJ pumping 1 tril. yen to financial entities in same-day market ops+
04:19:27a China's top 10 liveable cities
04:19:32a VIDEO Virginia Smoking Ban Goes In Effect
04:19:38a Obama's Afghan Strategy Examined
04:19:43a WA restaurants fail health and safety test
04:19:49a Boy involved in freak accident to come back home
04:19:56a Frank fires back at health care refrom critic
04:20:05a Tables turned on Iraqi shoe thrower in Paris pelting
04:20:15a Women's squad under no illusions
04:20:20a Moore hospital's program helps children find their 'ears'
04:20:26a Police catch murderer who walked out of jail
04:20:31a Chichvarkin Hearings Off Till August
04:20:36a Feds reject key Utah plan for cleaner air
04:20:41a Giving MPs more independence could reduce citizens' power
04:20:47a COBRA subsidies start to expire this week
04:20:52a Water rate hike is 'stealing,' Saskatoon told
04:20:58a White House offers condolences to Hensleys
04:21:03a Second home loan confusion
04:21:09a Hawaii Congressional Members Support Obama's Afghan Plan
04:21:14a WAFB RSS Feeds
04:21:20a 17-year-old Luling man charged with capital murder
04:21:26a Search continues for missing Carnarvon bushwalkers
04:21:32a Go Go Pets interactive hamsters become a very rare species
04:21:38a Extra budget with 'message' may be outlined soon Hatoyama+
04:21:43a Further remand for home invasion murder accused
04:21:49a Suspected gunman undergoes surgery
04:21:54a Journalists, ex-senator got financial help -
04:22:00a Show us the light -
04:22:05a No New Election Law In Iraq
04:22:14a Jackson scores big hit on internet
04:22:25a Mayo man's family continue search
04:22:31a Court approves survival plan for French fashion house
04:22:36a Gone baby with the bath water? -
04:22:42a Pickett set to take on Tigers
04:22:48a Police Official Fired for Story of Murderous Gang
04:22:57a US students visit outback Qld towns
04:23:02a Looking to lock in GHL's gains -
04:23:08a Rudd 'draws line' over union threats
04:23:13a Panday Taxpayers' money also used under Nedco -
04:23:19a Receptors identified for hand, foot and mouth virus
04:23:24a Calder Race Course postpones Saturday's races
04:23:30a T&T, Barbados joint seniors champs -
04:23:35a Western Diets Trigger Obesity Genes
04:23:41a Shot cop's condition improves -
04:23:46a to fight AIDS in Tobago -
04:23:52a Cops shoot man in head; relative held -
04:23:57a Higher Open Expected For Japan Stocks
04:24:03a Vote-buying taints Taiwan's democracy analysts
04:24:08a ...Indo-Trinbago council wants probe -
04:24:14a Jury visits murder scene in Morvant -
04:24:19a ...Wade Mark Something for the Fraud Squad -
04:24:25a Music contest
04:24:30a Power restored to Hanford Vit Plant, Workers asked to come in
04:24:36a The benefits of CHOGM business -
04:24:42a Parents must take the blame -
04:24:47a 'Good' jail encourages crime elders
04:24:53a US-AFGHANISTAN Obama to Surge 30,000 Troops, With Deadline
04:24:58a Four fishermen keep the faith - Two days stranded at sea...
04:25:04a Bengals Nation Extra Aired Tuesday, December 1st
04:25:09a 41 killers to stay behind bars -
04:25:15a Looking for Caribbean investors -
04:25:21a Australia destroy woeful Windies -
04:25:26a The writer in real time - Wayne Brown tribute
04:25:35a '259 cops on suspension, proper vehicles still lacking' - Joint Select Committee-Police Service meeting...
04:25:40a Sarah Palin Dumbest Person Ever?
04:25:46a Keep peace on China-India border Official
04:25:52a Decision on investigation after HSE audit, says Cowen
04:25:57a Cocoa boy reunited with mom
04:26:03a Obama Adds Troops, but Maps Exit Plan
04:26:08a Donate Breast Milk Program
04:26:14a ARMY MARCHES ON ITS TECHNOLOGY - funny business
04:26:20a Villager chisels out a safer parking space
04:26:25a ABC Announces Charles Gibson's Last Show
04:26:31a Positively Social Blogging & Tweeting with AIDS/HIV
04:26:36a Ties with Canada 'to thaw'
04:26:41a Victim dies; new charge for accused -
04:26:51a Court told pair were racing before fatal crash
04:26:57a The Gifts He Brought - Wayne Brown tribute
04:27:02a Heart of the matter -
04:27:08a Facebook, Google & Twitter Unite for World AIDS Day Around the Web
04:27:14a Watchdog says banks in denial over errors
04:27:19a Two Worlds Brought Together -
04:27:25a 10% off of selected PSU
04:27:30a PSNI may seek Garda 'assistance'
04:27:35a Slimmer Daly aims to revive career
04:27:43a Gadget Guy Review Of Powermat
04:27:48a Digicel responds to Tony Deyal Delivering the best service -
04:27:53a St Bart's Tiny Caribbean jewel for food, fashion -
04:27:59a Danny Lerner's sophomore slump
04:28:04a Belha Rabzhol Tibetan Women's Day
04:28:09a West Point Speech Open Thread
04:28:15a Official gay bar delays opening due to public
04:28:20a Obama sets out Afghan war plan
04:28:25a Top 50 Luxury Fashion and Luxury Trends in 2009
04:28:31a War In Afghanistan Protested In Sac
04:28:37a Hervey Bay budget to include 4.5pc rate rise
04:28:42a More rain falls over north-west Qld
04:28:48a China sees online sales booming in 2009
04:28:54a Condom use across country ballooning
04:29:00a The Day That Changed Watch Collecting
04:29:05a CAT 2009 Test cancelled, I want an apology
04:29:11a Journalist Internships in Toronto Trend Hunter Wants Some Web-Savvy Writers
04:29:17a Cisco Leads Million Round For Aravo
04:29:37a Obama Announces Troop Deployment Decision
04:29:43a Estate agent Savills pays man for selling house at less than its worth
04:29:48a Utah employment projected to pick up
04:29:54a 4 dead after China A/H1N1 inoculation
04:29:59a Help Grok Pivot, A Novel Approach to Search Interface
04:30:05a Will Christmas Trees Survive Sluggish Economy?
04:30:10a Sunbed to hospital bed – new cancer warning
04:30:17a Church engaged in 'damage limitation' exercise
04:30:22a Department searches for runaway delinquent
04:30:28a Microsoft Office Web Apps for your Mobile Let the Confusion Begin
04:30:34a How Startup Companies Can Change the World
04:30:39a Gonadoblastoma locus and the TSPY gene on the human Y chromosome
04:30:44a APOD 2009 December 1 NGC 6992 Filaments of the Veil Nebu
04:30:50a Central Pacific Tropical Weather Outlook
04:30:56a SCHOLS FOR THE POOR - Culture Ministry responds
04:31:01a Top 100 Bizarre, Quirky, Freaky, Unique Trends in 2009
04:31:06a 7News All eyes on senate
04:31:12a Bessemer Snags a 'Designer In Residence' From
04:31:17a Victory match marred by crowd violence
04:31:23a What East Anglia Emails Really Tell Us About Climate Change
04:31:28a 7News Troop increase
04:31:34a Conn. bishop doubted abuse claims
04:31:51a Behind the Scenes Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
04:32:00a Australia to re-introduce carbon laws to parliament
04:32:05a Saskatoon OKs art gallery plan
04:32:11a Self harm suspected in Hudson injury
04:32:16a European Commission welcomes enactment of Lisbon Treaty
04:32:22a Suddenly the situation turned ugly for Sydney pair
04:32:28a George W. Bush visits Fort Hood, wounded soldiers
04:32:33a Vetter Dedicates New Facility in Suburban Chicago
04:32:39a Sri Lanka opt to bat against India in third Test
04:32:44a Police put the brakes on superlorry's first road test
04:32:49a Company ‘lifer’ who did not fit post-bailout
04:33:02a Update Indiana Teen Faces Charges in Connection with Death of 10 Year Old Brother
04:33:11a Ipswich announces tank rebate changes
04:33:17a Israel rejects EU advocacy of Jerusalem as shared capital
04:33:22a Coffee table book to toast good old Shimla
04:33:28a Maoists kill security man as polling begins in Jharkhand
04:33:33a New HIV cases at St James's rise by record 20%
04:33:39a 7News World Cup draw
04:33:45a MSNBC's Chris Matthews Calls West Point the 'Enemy Camp'
04:33:50a Chicago Man Charged With Killing Federal Informant
04:33:56a Tory raps 'crippling' green targets
04:34:01a Cheap and NASty How to Build an Open Source FreeNAS Server
04:34:07a Top 10 Food Movies Eat, D
04:34:13a Caught on Tape Dying Man Robbed of Watch in ER
04:34:19a Calgary official defends handling of 911 calls from mother who found kids dead
04:34:24a Bones mined for cancer-se
04:34:30a Cheney Bush Administration Not Responsible for Afghanistan
04:34:35a Art gallery threatened by house fire
04:34:41a Tenants union criticises proposal to pass on water costs
04:34:46a Largest Buddhist stupa in Amdo Tibetan-inhabited area
04:34:56a 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
04:35:01a World's Most Expensive Timepieces
04:35:06a Solitary pulmonary plasmacytoma report of two cases
04:35:12a Late relapse of germ cell tumors
04:35:18a White Gators The Rarest Creatures In The World
04:35:23a Ex-Opposition leader Doyle to head health board
04:35:29a Northern Ireland 50% rise in new HIV cases in year
04:35:35a 12 Thoughtful Xmas Gifts That Are Better Than Expensive Ones
04:35:40a Mamma mia ... 200mph Police Car is Wrecked at Petrol Station
04:35:46a Florida Dems back Obama - Republicans too, though not so keen on a timetable
04:35:52a Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in 2009
04:35:57a Candida albicans peritonitis in a dog
04:36:03a A year later, the pain still remains
04:36:08a Messiah in the neighborhood
04:36:13a On Second Thought, Maybe This Wasn't Such A Great Cover
04:36:19a U.S. Obama Had Rejected His Own Speech's Surge Rationale
04:36:24a Where members of Utah's delegation stand
04:36:29a Government-backed Chinese gay bar stays empty
04:36:35a 'Pacific' crew to settle in Mossman
04:36:41a Bendigo council plans rate rise
04:36:50a Obama's troop buildup tears at Democrats
04:36:58a Rocker Pete Doherty Apologizes for Singing Nazi Anthem at Music Festival
04:37:04a Bill Nelson, Google monster?
04:37:09a SemGroup exits Chapter 11
04:37:15a Caught on Tape Obama Lulls Cadet to Sleep
04:37:21a Fort Hood Investigations Underlying Attitudes Deserve Examining
04:37:26a Bill and Newt, together again
04:37:32a Phil Jones Goes Under the Bus, Temporarily
04:37:37a Obama to send 30,000 to Afghan war
04:37:43a 61 plead guilty to violent disorder in Mullingar
04:37:49a France, Germany refuse to commit more troops for Afghanistan
04:37:54a Planar fails to secure financing for battery plant
04:38:03a Meth offences put more women behind bars
04:38:14a Kenya's former Commonwealth Games champion dies
04:38:20a Bizarre Story in Salem of Kidnapping, Abuse, Death and Survival
04:38:27a 18-year-old woman accused in burglary of Orlando Bloom's LA home to stand trial
04:38:34a Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoe at Iraqi Reporter Who Threw Shoe at Bush
04:38:40a Asia eyes kind draw in Cape Town
04:38:45a 'Uncertain Trumpet' Krauthammer & Hayes Slam 'Weak' Obama Speech
04:38:50a State officials say they didn't endorse Utah Lake bridges
04:38:56a Glenn Beck Channels Linus From Pre-Empted 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'
04:39:01a The Words Not Mentioned
04:39:06a Trona Tornados Do it in the Dirt-Football Legacy
04:39:12a Admiral Mullen Tweets Support
04:39:27a GOP's Baker outlines MA pension overhaul plan
04:39:32a Taiwan Stocks May Extend Gains
04:39:41a House forum generates plenty of ideas, few solutions
04:39:47a R.I. congressional delegation cites concerns over Obama buildup
04:39:57a Cowen determined to do deal, even at the cost of diluting the savings target
04:40:03a Secret Memos Reveal Bush Saw Iraq War as ‘Christian Crusade
04:40:09a ‘Continuity candidate’ for Welsh Labour
04:40:15a Child Support Guidelines in Illinois
04:40:20a Powerchip Semi posts Nov. monthly profit
04:40:25a Packers Movers of NCR Makes Shifting Easier
04:40:31a Stocks rise as Dubai fears ease
04:40:36a Taiwan dollar near one-week high
04:40:42a China takes in 32.2% of Taiwan's exports
04:40:48a CPC to keep LPG and gas prices unchanged
04:40:53a Blue Jackets lose Klesla for a month
04:40:58a Youth Groups Should Form Regional Linkages
04:41:04a Bayonetta Demo Impressions The Next Great Action Game?
04:41:09a Alstom, Schneider win Areva unit battle
04:41:15a Legislation in question as son of slain journalist takes Iranian government to court
04:41:20a Anxiety sensitivity may cause depression study
04:41:26a CPC to shut fuel oil unit at Talin for maintenance
04:41:31a Reshuffle hints at future leadership
04:41:37a Scully to call 61st season of Dodgers games
04:41:42a UAE National Day marks turning point in country's history
04:41:48a PSA Driving Through Water After a Disaster
04:41:53a The Costs Of Virtual Sprawl
04:41:59a PSA Preventing Sexual Violence After a Disaster
04:42:04a No Marlin receives arbitration offer
04:42:10a Reaction to Obama's Afghanistan war plans
04:42:15a Text of President Obama's speech on Afghanistan
04:42:21a White House Party Crashers Emails Released 01 Dec 2009 224249 GMT
04:42:27a Reaction from local congressional delegation to Afghanistan troop surge
04:42:32a PSA Staying Safe Around Buildings Damaged by a Disaster
04:42:38a Key elements of Obama's revamped Afghan strategy
04:42:43a South Carolina military families prepare for Afghan deployments
04:42:49a Government of Canada secures agreement to reopen chinese market to Canadian pork
04:42:55a Can GM Find A Better Man For The Job?
04:43:01a 85-Year-Old Woman Killed In Pit Bull Attack
04:43:06a Vivendi, GE agree price for NBC stake
04:43:12a MDC's Gwezere Still Detained at Chikurubi Prison
04:43:18a Sculpting at the micro level Science meets art
04:43:23a New Project To Give The Poor Cheaper Bus Fares
04:43:29a PSA Evacuating the Area of a Hurricane
04:43:34a Order says it has no money
04:43:40a Food drive ensures students are fed during the break
04:43:45a Emerging market IPOs turn hot investor picks
04:43:51a Excerpts from e-mails of WH gate crashers
04:43:56a Solar panel costs falling
04:44:02a Santa Cruz Peace Community Rallies Tomorrow To Protest Afghanistan Escalation
04:44:07a Bleach for Eczema
04:44:12a Sixers offer Iverson non-guaranteed contract
04:44:18a Breaking news Police at scene of shooting
04:44:24a Gloomy Picture of Unity Talks Emerges column
04:44:29a Make sure employees' online shopping is safe; US workers have fewer benefits
04:44:35a Ketamine, meth lab found in police raid
04:44:51a Ivorien Elections Again Postponed
04:44:57a IRS Must Surrender Informant Documents
04:45:03a Istodax approved for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
04:45:08a Judge to rule on bull killing ritual this week
04:45:14a News Web attacks hit U.S., South Korean sites
04:45:20a Ohio Only State To Adopt Required Sex Offender Law
04:45:25a Bigger, deeper, faster? The future of particle physics
04:45:37a 50-Year-Old Home Movie Surfaces Of Marilyn Monroe
04:45:43a Florida defensive lineman charged with DUI
04:45:48a Chavalit denies stealing govt's thunder
04:45:54a PSA Parenting Under the Stress of a Disaster
04:45:59a Campbell reaffirms Tweed police station pledge
04:46:16a Talbot influences Penguins positively
04:46:21a Chiefs to retire No. 58 worn by Derrick Thomas
04:46:27a Poole to be honoured by Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame
04:46:32a Obama Afghan Decision Has Far-Reaching Implications
04:46:38a Vics account for half nation's drink-drivers
04:46:43a PSA Coping with a Crying Baby After a Disaster
04:46:49a NY sex offenders purged from Facebook, MySpace/
04:46:54a World Newspaper Congress opens in India Wed
04:47:02a BAE to propose that Typhoon replace RMAF's MIG-29N
04:47:08a Court to hear woman's application on Allah CD on Jan 12
04:47:13a City, Arsenal seek League Cup solace
04:47:19a PSA Preparing for a Hurricane
04:47:24a We aren't the champions
04:47:30a White House, CBC Standoff Continues
04:47:36a Biology of emergent Salmonella exposed Deadly bug targets vulnerable children and adults in Africa
04:47:50a Soldiers want special leave cancelled
04:47:55a How You Can Prevent Domestic Violence In The Wake Of Tragedies
04:48:01a Postpone SPM for flood-hit candidates
04:48:07a Agency proposes waters off Alaska as whale habitat
04:48:19a J.C. Penney to bring Spain's Mango chain inside its stores with new partnership
04:48:29a Activists Arrested While Opposing NATO 'Hypocrisy'
04:48:34a N.Korea's currency change sparks chaos
04:48:40a General Motors CEO Resigns Under Fire
04:48:45a North Carolina Texting Law Goes Into Effect Today
04:48:51a Mayor Promises Charter Review
04:48:56a Aubusson set to join Roosters
04:49:02a Peace activists protest troop surge in Afghanistan
04:49:07a Read Obama's speech
04:49:13a Marcos joins Pacquiao, Arroyo in run for Congress
04:49:19a Folate A Functional Food Constituent
04:49:24a New communities offer home ownership plus senior care
04:49:30a Study To grandmother's house we should go
04:49:36a Raw Video Traded Ex-Sharks On Return To San Jose
04:49:41a Mammograms may boost breast cancer risk for high-risk women
04:49:47a Penske Racing gives Keselowski new crew chief
04:49:52a Breathalyser by Carnival -
04:49:58a Obama announces, defends Afghanistan surge
04:50:03a Party crahers admit they weren't invited
04:50:09a WW II bomber crew members from Mo., Tenn. reunite
04:50:14a Lenoir City homeless shelter for women struggling to stay afloat
04:50:20a Obama explains surge, drawdown in Afghanistan
04:50:26a Halloween helps boost Michaels to profit in third quarter
04:50:32a Jones sworn in as Eggelletion's replacement
04:50:37a Initial Reactions on Afghanistan Policy
04:50:43a Suspected Seattle Cop Killer Dies in Gun Battle
04:50:48a UF student turns negative to positive with AIDS sculpture
04:50:54a CDEP changes cutting Kimberley services Martin
04:50:59a Hot Zone Documentary, Chapter Three Congo
04:51:04a No Twittering for tipsy Katy Perry
04:51:12a PJ's for the children of the homeless
04:51:18a Anthony Sowell Indicted on 11 Murders
04:51:24a Recovery still fragile, says OECD chief
04:51:31a Put Ted Hughes in Poets' Corner, writers urge Westminster Abbey
04:51:36a CASA conducts north-west flight path checks
04:51:42a Obama e-mails could get PBC teacher suspended
04:51:47a Seattle Policeman Kills Suspect in Officer Slayings
04:51:53a Voting begins for second phase of Jharkhand assembly polls
04:52:04a Suppression of mutant androgen receptors by flutamide
04:52:13a Wet, cold front headed this way Wednesday
04:52:18a Tiger car crash Nobody's business but his own
04:52:24a Obama Lays Out New Afghanistan Strategy
04:52:29a Surprised Kitty So Cute it Hurts
04:52:35a Brake on E.U. Enlargement Dims Hope for the Balkans
04:52:41a FAA rule changes on pilot rest won't include cockpit naps
04:52:46a Kyle's Corner Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche Heavy Metal Indeed
04:52:52a H1N1 death toll rises to 42 in Canadia's British Columbia
04:52:57a Recommendation to close Guerrero dropped
04:53:03a Wash. man gets 13 years in death of daughter, 6
04:53:09a St George's school wins fight to stay open
04:53:15a Salida School Dist. Has Mistake
04:53:21a Sorrow over car chase road death
04:53:27a Life expectancy in Brazil over 72, survey indicates
04:53:38a Taiwan Cement advances as Prosperity unit bought
04:53:48a Officials Say Conman Stole From HI Banks
04:53:54a The Lymph Node Ratio Staging System in Gastric Cancer
04:53:59a The Only Serious Exit Strategy for Afghanistan
04:54:04a Opposition says Govt not committed to Ord expansion
04:54:10a Suspected pipe-wielding attackers arrested
04:54:15a Rabbis, heterosexuals join NJ gay m
04:54:20a Lyell McEwin nurses stop work over pay
04:54:28a Locals React To Obama Speech, Policy
04:54:33a School gang rape suspects enter pleas
04:54:39a ENVIRONMENT A climate deal is a must
04:54:44a New barring orders for licensed venues
04:54:50a First Workers Apply for Federal Port Security Credential
04:55:01a McClain, Spikes lead tough Ds into SEC title game
04:55:07a Wet and wild November
04:55:12a Caught On Tape Stolen Pitbull Puppy?
04:55:18a Lawmakers no closer to closing gap
04:55:26a Vancouver parking-meter rates could rise
04:55:36a Jobcentres to be career service for all
04:55:42a Another Chick-Fil-A burglary possibly linked to earlier crime
04:55:53a 2 officers placed on leave after fatal shooting
04:55:58a Democratic US Rep. John Tanner says he's retiring
04:56:04a Arrests over golf cart joyride
04:56:15a 'Bare Essence of Life' A Niche All Its Own
04:56:20a Wright's 'Carpentaria' wins Miles Franklin
04:56:26a Military families speak out about Obama
04:56:33a Ruins correspond to myth of Rome's founding
04:56:39a Memphis City Council Members debate how to tackle crime
04:56:45a Bilfinger Berger plans to pull out of Qatar
04:56:50a French to mark another Wright Brothers flight
04:56:56a Text of President Barack Obama's speech, 12/01/09
04:57:02a 'Cowboy' bank bandit jailed
04:57:14a Brazoria County briefs for Dec. 2, 2009
04:57:20a Shaved heads support woman with cancer
04:57:26a New signs of decline in big fish
04:57:32a National Guard plane catches fire at Memphis International Airport
04:57:38a Rashid Rana is part of a wave of contemporary Pakistani artists gaining global recognition
04:57:43a Updates for Dec. 2, 2009
04:57:49a Man in court over alleged ATM skim bid
04:58:00a The Lights of Love Tree is Lit at Princeton Community Hospital
04:58:05a Nurses angered by MPs' pay rise
04:58:10a Metro Traffic/tit
04:58:16a UPDATE Two People Arrested in Connection with Monroe County Dog Attack
04:58:22a Obama lays out plans for 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan
04:58:28a Dumb Things Foreign Companies Do In China
04:58:34a The gunman opened fire with a handgun and then fled in a waiting van
04:58:39a Future of Glenside site questioned
04:58:45a Doctors Find Early Aging In HIV Patients
04:58:50a Qatar population put at 1,580,050
04:58:56a Teenager jailed over unborn child death
04:59:02a Chevron, Phoenix raise oil prices by P1/liter
04:59:11a China announces lifting of pork import ban
04:59:17a Gold sets new record, risk appetite helps global stocks
04:59:22a Trapped bore water air causing cloudy water
04:59:27a NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen
04:59:33a Panda skeleton found in 4,000-year-old tomb
04:59:38a 4 Emerging Trends of the Real-Time Web
04:59:44a Suspect in quadruple police executi
04:59:53a Baroody is the Wrong Person to Head CPSC
04:59:59a Accused child pimp pleads not guilty
05:00:05a Cyber Monday sales rise 16% in the U.S., Coremetrics says
05:00:11a Life, water returning to ancient Iraqi marsh
05:00:17a U.S. ups pressure on lenders to modify more mortgages
05:00:23a LSU Louisiana Tech Basketball
05:00:28a London regains top spot in global rent CBRE
05:00:34a Dubai World to restructure some US26 billion in debt
05:00:48a Firepower boss delusional, court hears
05:00:54a File photo shows a US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker
05:00:59a Financiers turning into newspaper owners
05:01:05a The dead man was identified as former police chief inspector Edgar Bayardo del Villar
05:01:11a Explosion At Rozzi's Fireworks Forces Evacuations
05:01:16a Trees Take Shape For Festival Of Trees
05:01:22a AIG shares decline amid reports of reserve shortfall
05:01:36a Darling backs stronger European regulation-report
05:01:54a Vic Govt urged to return Maryborough passenger rail
05:01:59a Las Vegas rebound rides on US8.5 bil. CityCenter gamble
05:02:05a Fortescue to approve ore expansion, Citigroup says
05:02:10a Singapore DBS says potential losses in Dubai are manageable
05:02:16a French car sales leap 48.4 percent trade data
05:02:22a eBay fined in France for selling upscale name-brand perfumes
05:02:27a Quick thinking helps save church from fire
05:02:37a Man jailed over pensioner's death
05:02:43a EU may maintain China duties for 15 more months
05:02:54a Spurs snap Bucks' win streak
05:03:00a Man accused of murder-pact 'shattered' by death
05:03:05a 2012 Are You Prepared?
05:03:11a AEC stands by Kirribilli findings
05:03:19a Jaimee Grubbs, Tool Academy A Contestant Dumped Her...Did Tiger Pick Her Up?
05:03:25a Newsom's Silence Fuels Speculation
05:03:30a Washington State Patrol Issues Statement on the Deaths of Four Lak
05:03:36a Fiji banned from 2010 Commonwealth Games
05:03:41a H1N1 Clinic Sees Lighter Demand
05:03:49a Mexico top network gets million monopoly fine
05:03:54a Man questioned over missing cabbie
05:04:00a Americanface, Episode 26
05:04:05a Hockey to keep job as shadow treasurer
05:04:18a Alternative Linux web browsers
05:04:24a Boston teen panel Lady Gaga, Foxx songs unhealthy
05:04:30a Hicks signs with Warrington
05:04:36a Series of Robberies in Gallia County
05:04:42a Gold Run Pushes Barrick to Cash In
05:04:47a 13. Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers
05:04:53a Won't Need To Up Fiscal Spending To Boost 2010 GDP
05:04:59a More consultation on future of Bishop Murray
05:05:06a Green Tree plans to spin out mortgage-servicing business
05:05:12a NSW Opp. flags electricity sell-off
05:05:17a State Senator To Step Down
05:05:23a McDonald's COO Alvarez to retire, cites health
05:05:29a Sly sues company over stolen 'Cobra' car
05:05:34a Key elements of Obama's revamped Afghan strategy
05:05:40a Families Welcome Home Sailors In Groton
05:05:46a West Hartford Displays New Business District Signs
05:05:51a Schools May Need To Cut Students
05:05:57a School offers counselling after student death
05:06:02a Hatzistergos denies bullying DPP
05:06:08a Post Office 'people's bank' plan targets poorer households
05:06:14a Eurozone nations agree to cut debt
05:06:19a Search for missing cabbie intensifies
05:06:24a Tiger's latest errant drive
05:06:30a NSW Gov denies bridge expansion delay
05:06:35a Two arrested in Roy slayings
05:06:41a UK listed companies face tougher governance code
05:06:46a Single HCC between 2 and 5 cm the grey zone
05:06:52a Maple Leafs beat Montreal, lose Gustavsson
05:06:57a Is the Recession Increasing or Decreasing by the End of 2009?
05:07:03a Great Museums in New Orleans
05:07:08a Ex-Hopkins man latest to be accused in Ponzi scheme
05:07:14a Bayside homes under bearing attack
05:07:19a Waratahs seek attack coach after poor season
05:07:25a Twitter Creator Launches ‘Square’ — Like Smartphone Paypal for Credit Cards
05:07:31a North Korea Reissues Won
05:07:36a 5 charged with Talisman Sabre trespass
05:07:42a Examine reasons why parents opt for vernacular schools
05:07:48a HK shares to open up 1.31 pct; gold counters gain
05:07:54a Electricity prices pose major inflation threat
05:07:59a SAPS to fork out for arresting politician in restaurant raid
05:08:05a P and C says school revamp won't stop demountables use
05:08:10a 2ND LD BOJ pumps 1 tril. yen to financial entities in same-day market ops+
05:08:15a Fed Debates New Role Bubble Fighter
05:08:21a Dramatic Drop In H1N1 Cases Reported
05:08:26a Judge's doubts over bull killing
05:08:32a How Does the US Help Fund Pro-Settler Israeli Troops?
05:08:38a Bombshell Dropped At Lawlor Trial
05:08:44a Oil rises for a second day as China manufacturing grows
05:08:49a Hang Seng edges up 1.10pc at open
05:08:55a About 90 jobs cut at Uni-Solar on Tues.
05:09:01a Hong Kong Shares Rise, China Resource Stocks Up
05:09:07a Asian markets open positive; Hang Seng up 245pts
05:09:13a Euro climbs against dollar on good data
05:09:18a Senate Adjourns Without Passing Deficit Reduction
05:09:24a Woods is cited for careless driving
05:09:29a Dutch supercar maker Spyker moves production to UK
05:09:35a Travel giant confident on 2010 targets
05:09:40a Job fair for veterans comes to Tampa on Thursday
05:09:46a Motorola sells up to 800,000 Droids analyst
05:09:52a WITH VIDEO Stinger I was conned and abused
05:09:57a A.F. player follows in sister's footsteps
05:10:03a Somali Pirates Open Up a 'Stock Exchange'
05:10:08a Sandy reconsiders plans for Broadway theater, high-rises
05:10:14a New Orders Help China Lift Output
05:10:20a Press review
05:10:25a Troops, families mixed over Obama's Afghan surge
05:10:33a Prison inmate claims to send anthrax letter to government offices
05:10:39a Asian Stocks Up as Dubai Worries Fade
05:10:44a Obituary Humphrey Kay
05:10:49a ABC News President Obama To Send Troops To Afghanistan at 'Fastest Pace Possible'
05:10:55a Robbery in Mason County
05:11:00a Court doubles Singapore man's jail term for maid abuse
05:11:06a Christian Bale rages against the machines in Terminator Salvation
05:11:11a San Francisco vs Amsterdam in green city rivalry
05:11:17a Army wants mental exam for Fort Hood suspect
05:11:22a Creditors mobilize over Dubai debt plan
05:11:28a South African leaders call for more local support
05:11:34a Afdawn orders booted executives to return their bonuses
05:11:39a Dallas County DA ends bid to halt commission's constables inquiry
05:11:45a Downtown bar overhaul pushed a week
05:11:50a Police probe tractor-truck crash
05:11:55a Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy Into Existence
05:12:01a Regional partnership to reduce the cost of drugs and medical supplies in the Caribbean
05:12:07a Mars Odyssey Goes into Safe Mode
05:12:12a Verdict Close in Knox Case
05:12:18a Construction Contract Awarded For Spaceport America's Terminal Hangar Facility
05:12:24a Lateline documentary on Sri Lanka holding Tamil civilians in internment camps
05:12:30a Is There A Photograph Of The Universe
05:12:35a Mandurah on hunt for millions in infrastructure funds
05:12:41a Camel-lovers boycott 'Third World' Australia
05:12:52a 2,500 Grenadians living in poverty
05:12:58a Boeing Ships High-Def Broadcasting Satellite DIRECTV 12 To Launch Site
05:13:03a Turnbull attacks Libs over ETS rejection
05:13:09a Cup heralds SA's golden opportunity
05:13:14a Iraq's Basra Lifts Ban on Booze
05:13:19a Grand inquest of the nation
05:13:25a ESA Astronaut Frank De Winne Safely Back On Earth
05:13:31a Obama on troop surge 'We must keep the pressure on al-Qaida'
05:13:36a Hightower's 32 help No. 7 LSU hold off La Tech
05:13:42a Most World Leaders to Attend UN Climate Summit
05:13:47a Discovery suggests ice, liquid water might still exist on Mars
05:13:53a Abbott backs nuclear talks after ETS block
05:13:59a Manga! Grandma Roses serves up old world-flavor
05:14:05a Prison guard logs in overtime
05:14:10a NOAA proposes critical habitat for Cook Inlet belugas
05:14:16a Lapan to launch Orari satellite next year
05:14:21a PRECIOUS-Gold hits record for 2nd day, further gains eyed
05:14:27a New Eskom tariffs better, but...
05:14:32a Store Double-Charges Customers
05:14:38a Australia Lawmakers Reject Carbon Cap
05:14:43a Obama Bets Big on Troop Surge
05:14:49a Many minorities shun banks
05:14:54a Jakarta Stocks May See Firm Open
05:15:02a Fla. treasure museum preserves pieces of sunken history
05:15:08a Homeowner robbed while taking out trash
05:15:14a Woman raped 500 times in foster care
05:15:19a Corzine's to
05:15:25a Verdict imminent in Amanda Knox case as defense closes
05:15:31a Editorial Obama focuses on getting out
05:15:36a With narrower military goals, Obama ups the ante
05:15:41a Film 'Mulan' on show in Lhasa
05:15:47a Rocket Test Will Carry Purdue Experiment
05:15:52a CEOs sleep outdoors to raise money for homeless
05:15:58a Troops, families mixed over surge
05:16:03a New Tax To Cover the Cost of Afghan War?
05:16:09a For U.S., Short Straw Likely in Draw for World Cup
05:16:15a Sri Lanka allows Tamil war refugees to leave gov't camps
05:16:20a Lung cancer in women rising
05:16:33a Radiation-induced carcinoma of the rectum
05:16:39a Qld govt employee 'stole
05:16:44a ‘American Idol’ back for new season Jan. 12
05:16:50a Troops, families mixed over Afghan surge
05:16:56a In Taliban Stronghold, US Medics Win Friends for Marines
05:17:01a Kite, Watmough extend Manly stay
05:17:07a Business Update Economic progress
05:17:12a A Ticket for Tiger
05:17:18a Abstinence at the Orgy
05:17:23a General Motors CEO Steps Down
05:17:29a Withdrawal Begins in July 2011
05:17:34a Metastatic Liposarcoma to the Parotid
05:17:40a 'Defining Moment' for Obama
05:17:45a Charleston Residents React to President Obama's Speech
05:17:50a How do we dispose of rubbish without bags
05:17:56a Natural remedies for acne
05:18:01a Firefighters Battle Brightly Burning Blaze
05:18:07a Titan is world frozen forever in its youth
05:18:21a Volunteers Pay It Forward With Packages From Home
05:18:50a IBM to buy Guardium to add security software
05:19:07a High winds cause Sunshine Coast power woes
05:19:12a Firepower boss delusional, court told
05:19:18a Missing Teen Found At Bus Terminal
05:19:27a Hawke attacks Work Choices foreshadowing
05:19:32a Brennan 'humbled' by help from strangers
05:19:38a Explaining the Drop in Iraqi War Dead
05:19:44a Documents show ex-Conn.bishop downplayed abuse
05:19:51a Treasury take hold of RBS bonus pool
05:19:56a Turkey November Manufacturing Activity Growth Slows
05:20:01a Boy, 12, seen throwing rock at train
05:20:07a Arrests made in cocaine and meth trafficking conspiracies
05:20:13a Detroit's charter commission meets to set structure
05:20:18a Tokyo Motor Show 2009
05:20:23a Aluf Benn / What Netanyahu really thinks about settlements
05:20:32a Curb powers of political parties to check graft
05:20:38a Kendall to miss rest of NBL season
05:20:43a Rudd endorses US Afghan troop surge
05:20:48a Treat psychiatric patients with dignity
05:20:54a GRIT tv With Laura Flanders, David Swanson, Mark Winston Griffith, Jay Rosen
05:20:59a Health Bill Could Cut Costs
05:21:04a Packer awaits UK polo complex decision
05:21:10a Baby Sitter Indicted In Baby Scalding Case
05:21:15a Asian shares power ahead as Dubai fears fade
05:21:21a Don't Cover Up Torture, 29 Groups Petition Obama
05:21:27a Tiley swears Serena will behave
05:21:32a Teacher allegedly had sex with schoolboy
05:21:38a Jets sign Bridges to new A-League deal
05:21:43a 109-Year-Old Becomes Receives Posse Promotion
05:21:49a Man charged with murder of missing cabbie
05:21:54a Catholic church reviews Qld abuse court decision
05:22:00a Wagga Mayor drops call for public inquiry into council
05:22:05a Lucky lotto ticket unclaimed
05:22:11a Dubai World heavily invested in U.S. hotels, seeks pay delay
05:22:16a Sanchez gets a baseball lesson
05:22:22a Kyoto global warming pact takes effect
05:22:28a Marathon OK for toxic asset program U.S.
05:22:34a Father of murder suspect stunned by allegations
05:22:39a Spare owners of old cars the visit to Puspakom
05:22:45a Robbery suspect still on the run
05:22:50a Police Couple Catches Would-Be Thieves In Act
05:22:56a South Korea dispels rumor of Kim Jong-Il's death
05:23:01a Mitre 10 posts pre-tax profit
05:23:07a Female teacher accused of sex with boy
05:23:13a Debt crisis 'not beginning of collapse'
05:23:18a 2011 Ford Fiesta Makes 'Explosive' Entrance Into North America on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight
05:23:24a One of Abbott's key Liberals crosses floor on ETS
05:23:30a GPS battery for lost rocket dies
05:23:35a President's Afghan drawdown plan called risky
05:23:41a Oak Hall's biodiesel project continues to gain momentum
05:23:47a Four districts in Terengganu flooded for third time
05:23:52a Sharemarket rises 1.3pc on gold record
05:23:58a President Orders More Troops To Afghanistan 02 Dec 2009 000211 GMT
05:24:03a Henderson exits as GM board seeks faster change
05:24:09a States may go it alone on ETS Bligh
05:24:14a Pre-Market ADP Employment Report
05:24:20a Kiski Area boys' prospects excite new coach
05:24:26a New Haven Firefighters Get Promoted
05:24:31a Obama's Afghanistan Speech More Poetry, Less Terror Speeches
05:24:37a Secretaries Gates and Clinton to Make Sunday Show Rounds
05:24:43a U.N. halts funds to China wind farms
05:24:49a Comment / Obama can't be blamed for stalled Middle East peace talks
05:24:55a Lady Gaga finds a new fan in Barry Manilow
05:25:00a No reason for Bobby Bowden or FSU to delay exit
05:25:06a US feds look at Fort Hood connection to cleric
05:25:11a Port Pirie confidence to grow along with housing approvals
05:25:17a UK Keen To Partner India In Nuke Power Plants
05:25:22a Ford shifts into small cars with Fiesta subcompact
05:25:28a We Got Mail!
05:25:33a Documents show ex-Conn.bishop dow
05:25:38a India's Vanishing Tigers
05:25:44a LA is burning; Lorenzo Romar transcript
05:25:49a Philadelphia reportedly offers Allen Iverson one-year, non-guaranteed contract
05:25:55a XXXVII. Ein Beitrag zur Vererbung der Syphilis
05:26:00a AP Obama's aunt 'didn't want to become fodder for his foes'
05:26:05a Electronics soar; clothing, luxury stumble in Nov.
05:26:11a Ahmadinejad Russia erred in IAEA vote
05:26:16a Rex to fly two new northwest Qld routes
05:26:22a Brothers 'posing before ice accident'
05:26:27a Race-hustling meltdown of the day
05:26:33a S.Korea says N.Korea seeks to buy time to make nukes
05:26:38a China takes in 32.2% of Taiwan's exports
05:26:44a Neighbours heard argument before murder
05:26:50a Democratic US Rep. John Tanner says he's retiring
05:26:55a Obama's Troop Increase Means He 'Owns' Afghan War
05:27:01a Fort Hood carnage reminded soldiers of Iraq
05:27:07a Text of President Obama's sp
05:27:12a Gen. McChrystal Praises Obama's Afghanistan Decision
05:27:18a Demjanjuk Accused of Following Nazi Ideology/title
05:27:23a Calif. insurers say billion invested in Iran
05:27:29a The B-Cast C-Side Why Is Male Testosterone Declining?
05:27:34a US troops in Afghanistan to surge by 30,000 to speed up handover
05:27:39a Toy Box Lid Kills Toddler
05:27:45a Indonesia bans Australian film on E.Timor killings
05:27:50a Feds Pinged Sprint GPS 8 Million Times Over A Year
05:27:56a Bligh suggests states couod agree on own ETS
05:28:01a Afghanistan plan divides California's Senate Democrats
05:28:07a Australia vows after climate talks
05:28:12a Major events during the past decade in China
05:28:18a Australia votes down greenhouse-gas emission bill
05:28:23a Analysis of China Corn Seed Market 2009 Edition Report
05:28:33a Fire engulfs Collingwood design business
05:28:39a Combined airlines will be called Era Alaska
05:28:44a Ban 'Dismayed' at East Jerusalem Eviction of Palestinian Family
05:28:50a Facts and fairy tales of Paulson's bailout
05:28:55a SOE defends high electricity prices
05:29:01a Healthbeat Aspirin A Day
05:29:07a France and Germany to Send No Extra Troops to Afghanistan
05:29:13a Kenya Rebel Nkunda's case to be opened in Rwanda
05:29:18a 'All US troops will leave Iraq in 2011' Obama
05:29:23a FSU's Bowden to retire at end of season
05:29:29a More Strange Bedfellows on Afghanistan
05:29:35a AP, other news agencies partner for Web news hub
05:29:40a Race part of deci
05:29:46a School bond defeated in North Salem bond defeated in North Salem
05:29:52a Australia Parliament Rejects Carbon Trade Laws
05:29:57a Abbott's ascension stokes global attention
05:30:02a 15 places worth visiting in China
05:30:38a 'American Idol' back for new season Jan. 12
05:30:43a 'Toughest Sheriff' No Match for Hecklers
05:31:03a Gul welcomes BRJ to Turkey
05:31:25a Discovery to buy quarter of Chinese medical aid
05:31:31a UK urges 'speedy' end in Iran yacht case
05:31:36a PakistanâEUR™s nuclear arms under threat Obama
05:31:45a Senate votes down ETS
05:31:53a Mundine backs Hurley trial
05:31:59a Oil Price Up on Chinese Data, Natural Gas' Recent Rally Stalls
05:32:05a Illegals Using Fake Documents To Land Jobs
05:32:10a Assaults to drop for first time in 20 years
05:32:16a two Liberals cross floor
05:32:21a Teck may reap gains from CIC alliance
05:32:27a Dubai whack for Wenzhou merchants
05:32:33a Chinese TV station creates Tiger Woods accident video
05:32:38a S Korea's new envoy to China to begin work
05:32:44a Further Gains Called For Hong Kong Stocks
05:32:50a Daley speaks out on small businesses
05:32:56a NATO Chief Confident Allies Will Increase Afghan Contribution
05:33:01a Gate crashers spur White House security change
05:33:07a Kohlberg Kravis Bidding for Morgan Stanley's CICC Stake
05:33:12a Nuclear power not the future Greens
05:33:18a GM CEO Henderson was dismissed by board source
05:33:24a Super Fantasy Christmas Gifts of 2009
05:33:29a Bomb Squad Examines Taped-Up Bottles
05:33:35a Cash-strapped expats bring Xmas here
05:33:40a Blackhawks Quenneville Gets 500th Win
05:33:45a Military trial is sought for ex-soldier
05:33:51a Iran Mullahs' judiciary chief upheld death sentence for a minor
05:33:56a Sampson Tier Five Talks Underway
05:34:02a Macau October Consumer Prices Fall On Year
05:34:07a Little Richard released from hospital
05:34:13a NB Power controversy helps PCs poll
05:34:19a Ciobo looks forward after leadership shuffle
05:34:24a The Fight for the Throne
05:34:30a FBI agent carried lots of cash, expecting bribes in Levy
05:34:35a New Yorkers Answer Letters to Santa
05:34:41a Concluding Doha Round in 2010 'not easy,' Japan farm minister admits+
05:34:46a Toyota Takes Lead Position in Canada in November
05:34:52a Murder accused to get psychiatric care
05:34:58a Brad Keselowski gets new crew chief
05:35:06a U.S.'s Role Expands in the Boardroom
05:35:11a Rhino poaching on the rise worldwide
05:35:27a Bare hands of death
05:35:32a Moblin v2.1 goes beta, adds 3G support
05:35:37a All Headline News Breaking News
05:35:43a Chisel reunite for one night only
05:35:48a White House gatecrashers went without confirmed invitation
05:35:53a Dubai debt woes whack for Wenzhou merchants
05:35:59a ABI's Jeffrey Orr on rising Linux netbook sales
05:36:04a Electronics soar, clothing, luxury stumble in Nov.
05:36:09a UK sailors' families hold talks
05:36:15a AFL games to be played at Adelaide Oval
05:36:20a Principal, alumni work hard to revive confidence in Raines
05:36:26a Four Indian soldiers die in blast
05:36:31a Japan prosecutors won't question PM on funds media
05:36:37a Grads of Wyo. job program struggle to find jobs
05:36:43a One Shot Dead, Two Injured in Gallia County, Ohio
05:36:48a United Way celebrates donations, seeks more
05:36:54a India blocks 25 million Chinese-made phones
05:36:59a Zijin Mining sets sights on Indophil
05:37:04a Ivey Shift PACT financial risk to universities
05:37:10a Text of Obama's speech on Afghanistan
05:37:15a Smart meter scheme to be unveiled
05:37:21a Meeting the challenges of combating HIV/AIDS in China
05:37:26a Greg Gordon on Goldman Sachs, Phyllis Bennis on Israel/Palestine
05:37:31a Intradural clival chordoma a rare pathological entity
05:37:37a Haier brings white goods operations under Shanghai umbrella
05:37:42a Early morning blaze damages West Seattle triplex
05:37:48a Crew will die if China acts
05:37:53a Winds of Change?
05:37:59a LSU hangs on to defeat Louisiana-Lafayette 66-58
05:38:04a ASU director nominated as new U.S. ambassador
05:38:10a Some People Find Bumper Stickers Very Cool
05:38:15a Beyonce cries every time she watches TV talent shows
05:38:20a Big banks 'strangling' mortgage market
05:38:26a John Gotti Jr, heir to New York crime family, escapes conviction for fourth time
05:38:32a Woman raped 500 times wins appeal
05:38:37a Fake salt bust hints at bribery in sector
05:38:42a Ask John Burns About the Impact of the Plan
05:38:48a Obama reveals Afghanistan plan, 2011 withdrawal
05:38:53a Tennis Champ Sharapova in Santiago
05:38:59a Obama plans huge deployment within six months
05:39:04a NATO 'confident' on Afghan role, some allies reluctant
05:39:10a The School Hershey Built
05:39:16a Success Hinges on Strength of Karzai
05:39:22a Pharmacological Treatments of Addiction
05:39:27a 'Once Upon a Chinese Classic' launches official website
05:39:33a Officials recommend extension for USC's Spurrier
05:39:38a Rothstein jailed on federal charges, could face 100 years in prison
05:39:44a Protesters climb onto Morrison bridge, unfurl banner
05:39:50a Chinese Video Sharing Site Tudou Eyes Nasdaq Listing
05:39:56a Health service sorry for emergency dept delay
05:40:02a `Simpsons' 20th anniversary special airing Jan. 10
05:40:08a Cameroon is web threat hotspot
05:40:18a The world four degrees hotter An unwelcome idea
05:40:23a 'Afghanistan has Deteriorated'
05:40:29a NATO 'confident' on Afghan role, some allies reluctant
05:40:34a Shoplifting losses total 67 billion yen in Tokyo, MPD estimates+
05:40:40a What Are The Conversion Rates for Google's 'First Click Free'?
05:40:45a Opportunities in low cost semiconductors
05:40:51a Australian racer aiming to build world's fastest car
05:40:56a Bankruptcy Fight, Las Vegas Style
05:41:02a Bus firms battle for tram control
05:41:07a Gibson inspires Man Utd cup win
05:41:12a More Troops, More War
05:41:18a 'N1.18bn MTEL debt caused fuel scarcity in Abuja'
05:41:23a Obama plan welcomed by one group of U.S. veterans
05:41:29a Yarlung Material & Culture Exchange Festival inaugurates in Tibet
05:41:37a Google's Paid YouTube TV Would be Better Than iTunes
05:41:42a Construction Worker Hit By Van Dies
05:41:48a New BMW 5 series limousine weighs in
05:41:53a International flights' fuel surcharge rises
05:41:59a News Analysis Two Messages for Two Sides
05:42:13a Al-Qaeda plotting as I speak, says Obama
05:42:19a BoJ monetary policy talks knock yen
05:42:40a Tory raps 'crippling' green targets
05:42:46a S. Fla. athletes praise retiring Bobby Bowden
05:42:52a Dalby still running dry
05:42:58a Pakistani artists find inspiration in turmoil
05:43:03a Kenya New NHIF Scheme Targets Poor
05:43:09a 'It sounds like Bush'—anti-war protesters on Obama
05:43:15a Over 1,000 cops to be relieved in Maguindanao—spokesman
05:43:21a Ex-IAEA inspector Press Iran harder
05:43:27a H1N1 School Vaccine Clinics Update
05:43:32a Pyongyang may set date of return to nuclear disarmament talks
05:43:44a Car Theft is a Common Problem
05:43:49a Exporting All Of Your Playlist Names To A Text File
05:43:55a Luongo-Brodeur showdown a big deal only in Canada
05:44:01a Most state have not adopted sex offender rules
05:44:06a Ex-ICTY prosecutor gets new job at KR tribunal in Cambodia+
05:44:12a Having two mothers may be key to a longer life
05:44:23a Key matchups in Sunday's Dolphins-Patriots game
05:44:29a Obama orders 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, begin exit within 2 years
05:44:35a Couple charged after Dearborn Heights Wendy's robbed
05:44:40a Walmart targets video games with latest price cuts
05:44:46a From Mishnah to MI Haredi yeshiva graduates enlist in IDF
05:44:51a Dollar firms in Asia after BoJ easing measure
05:44:56a Charlie Wolf How The Mac Roared Back
05:45:02a inquest told how Melbourne brothers died in glacier collapse
05:45:07a Bafuna ahoxiswe amacala kaZulu
05:45:13a Obama outlines new Afghan strategy
05:45:18a The iPhone In China One Month On
05:45:24a Imelda Marcos joins House race
05:45:29a The most beautiful Pizza Hut in the world
05:45:34a NATO expects at least 5,000 troops for Afghanistan
05:45:40a Thai's Banpu sees higher coal output from Indonesia mines in '10
05:45:46a America Could Use a Little Nation-Building
05:45:52a Police target Beattie Govt over Hurley trial
05:45:57a Facebookers' profiles capture true personality
05:46:03a Look! First batch of China's female fighter pilots
05:46:09a Person of interest speaks on tote death
05:46:15a U.K. Zionists 'bemused' by British Jews' support for Goldstone report
05:46:21a Lavrov to participate in OSCE meeting, have talks with Greek PM
05:46:27a Three Tips to Avoid the Windows Black Screen of Death
05:46:32a Obama faces tough sell with Afghan troop plan
05:46:38a developed nations must cut emissions
05:46:43a Capitol Negotiations Continue
05:46:51a Atlanta mayor's race may head for recount
05:46:57a Car Crashes Into Vancouver Home, Man Dies
05:47:03a Officer dismissed in Peru 'human-fat' killings
05:47:08a Govt draws up 25 state firms for divestment report
05:47:14a Burundi Stop Deporting
05:47:19a Troops, families mixed over Obama's Afghan surge
05:47:25a Fort Hood Families React To Troop Increase
05:47:30a Google, Yahoo, AOL Users Search for Michael Jackson
05:47:35a Iraqi shoe-thrower booted out
05:47:41a Old man winter makes his seasonal debut
05:47:47a Space Shuttle Atlantis and Its Crew of Seven Astronauts Ends An 11-Day Journey
05:47:52a HSBC Amanah in MoU to help boost investments in Kazakhstan
05:47:58a Miller signs caps for cancer
05:48:03a Restaurants Sue Vendors After Point-of-sale Hack
05:48:08a Los Lonely Boys base song on WNYer poem
05:48:14a US, India Commit to Jointly Develop Clean Energy Technologies
05:48:20a Divided US senators mull cost of new Afghan strategy
05:48:25a A family's quiet story of determination and success in the city
05:48:31a Keep Your Outsourcing Provider Hungry for Your Business
05:48:36a The speech was better than I expected
05:48:42a RP math aces bring home 100 medals from int'l event
05:48:47a Wired Science News for Your Neurons Hubble Explains Nebula
05:48:53a 2ND LD Japan welcomes new U.S. Afghan policy, yet denies more aid+
05:48:58a Irish AD contacts potential coaching candidates
05:49:04a Malaysia-Hong Kong economic cooperation declaration signed
05:49:10a Marines to be First Wave
05:49:15a Square Gives iPhones, Notebooks On-the-spot Payment
05:49:21a Police confirm match of bullets, gun used in massacre
05:49:27a Leaving MobileMe Behind
05:49:33a Facebook Suggestions Are Getting Out of Hand
05:49:41a The B-Cast A-Side Bravo Denies Collusions on NBC Party Crasher Interview
05:49:47a Indonesia to supply LNG to Japan's Tohoku-Pertamina
05:49:52a Eurozone area sees little impact from Dubai crisis
05:49:58a Cuba calls for radical change in international trade system
05:50:04a Judge faces investigation over prejudice
05:50:09a Aspirin 'cuts risk of sight loss'
05:50:15a Foreword
05:50:21a Failed CPRS 'may lead to better plan'
05:50:26a Polling begins for second phase of Jharkhand elections
05:50:32a Obama says that we've apprehended extremists within our borders
05:50:37a Hatoyama, Shirakawa to meet Wed. evening Hirano+
05:50:43a Man to face court over drugs in car
05:50:48a Love 'Thy Neighbor? Not in Somerville
05:50:54a Between the Lines, an Expansion in Pakistan
05:51:00a Five die in plane crash on Oregon Coast
05:51:22a Plea seeks RTI payment through postal order
05:51:27a World AIDS Day awareness in Baton Rouge
05:51:33a Germany still paying World War I reparations
05:51:38a Marilyn Monroe Smoked Pot in Never Before Seen Video
05:51:44a MedlinePlus Herpes labial
05:51:49a Guj to get 100 MW tidal power plant
05:51:55a Global Impact of Afghan Plan
05:52:00a Afghan War Greens say Obama Surge Means They're The Real Peace Party
05:52:06a Suspected TRS activists attack Renuka Chowdhury's camp office
05:52:11a Branded by War
05:52:17a Joy and sorrow as baby survives
05:52:22a Peru human fat killings 'a lie'
05:52:28a Man charged over nightclub fight
05:52:34a Dubai exodus turns succour for staff-short Indian companies
05:52:39a Clear cell carcinoma originating from ectopic thymus
05:52:44a Citywatch
05:52:50a In Yemen, Animals Among The War's Displaced
05:52:55a Primary lung clear cell carcinoma one case report
05:53:01a Ball bearing attacks on bayside homes
05:53:06a Aussies paid kidnap pair's ransom
05:53:12a Policeman killed in landmine blast in Jharkhand
05:53:17a Student sees AIDS quilt she made 15 years ago for mom
05:53:23a Time in nature makes us more caring
05:53:30a CNN Allies Support U.S.-Led Buildup In Afghanistan
05:53:36a China denies manipulating its currency
05:53:41a 1 hurt in Lutz house fire
05:53:50a Hizbullah's Nasrallah calls for military buildup
05:53:55a Rosy Haze, Black Hole Jet, More
05:54:00a Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui of the New York Yankees
05:54:06a Merbanco says it's out as bidder for GM's Saab
05:54:11a Bahrain cracks down on illegal immigration
05:54:17a NASA finds “strong evidence” that life once existed on Mars
05:54:22a Aids Zuma pledges new era
05:54:28a Paying fine won't end attention to Woods crash
05:54:33a More CO2, More Shell Production
05:54:38a Ask John Burns Global Impact of Afghan Plan
05:54:44a Rays offer Shouse, Zaun arbitration
05:54:49a What's happening in Georgia
05:54:54a RBTS Distributes Sacrificial Meat To Deserving Individuals, Orphans
05:55:00a Philippines Boxer 'Pacman' returns to political ring
05:55:05a Governor Makes Juneteenth Legal Holiday
05:55:11a Watch Blue Springs Christmas Tree Lighting
05:55:16a Warriors Nuggets Basketball
05:55:22a Police Chief Steps Down
05:55:27a UPDATE 1-Indonesia to supply LNG to Japan's Tohoku-Pertamina
05:55:33a Somali Pirates Leave Hijacked Indian Cargo Dhow
05:55:38a The Day In Israel Wednesday Dec 2nd, 2009
05:55:44a Golf rivals say Woods stature spurs scrutiny
05:55:49a Actor Damon Gameau plays journalist Greg Shackleton in the film Balibo
05:55:54a Loss Rs 72 bn, but Air India brass to fly in style
05:56:00a President Barack Obama leaves the White House to address the nation
05:56:06a Sarwan a chance to play in Adelaide
05:56:11a New Twitter AR App Powered by Geotagging API
05:56:17a Abhishek will make a great 'Paa' Aishwarya Rai
05:56:22a Leafs goalie duo blanks Canadiens
05:56:28a Origami Toilet Paper
05:56:34a ANALYSIS Obama takes gamble with new Afghan strategy
05:56:39a Report Water Waste in the City of Lubbock
05:56:44a Officials knew onslaughtdeveloping before 9/11
05:56:50a Florida downs FAMU to remain unbeaten
05:56:55a Space shuttle Atlantis returns after 11-day mission
05:57:01a Merry Sithmas!
05:57:06a News flashes December 02, 2009
05:57:11a Miami's Shannon saddened to see rival Bowden retire
05:57:17a Is party over for 160 function plots?
05:57:22a 1 Killed In Crash With Semi On Highway 151
05:57:28a Pastor drops complaint against police
05:57:33a Swine flu vaccine providers listed
05:57:38a Foreign Ministry regrets SEA Games football team misadventure
05:57:44a Govt must get to the bottom of SMS scam
05:57:50a Convicted Tamil says Tigers murdered his father
05:57:55a Reports of Dubai's economic demise dismissed as 'exaggerated'
05:58:00a Rain doesn't deter tourists
05:58:06a U.S. completes 2 major air force facilities for Iraq
05:58:12a Hip op Little Richard vows to go on
05:58:17a Uganda More LRA Rebels Surrender in Sudan
05:58:23a Thais pray for hospitalized king as birthday nears
05:58:28a Blue Dog Tanner to retire from House
05:58:34a Manchester United's Anderson vies for the ball
05:58:39a Abbas in Beirut Monday
05:58:45a Dubai World's restructuring of 'only debt calms investor fears
05:58:50a Canada welcomes U.S. troop buildup
05:58:56a Pakistan's nuclear arms under threat Barack Obama
05:59:01a Do Alcoholics Deserve Liver Transplants?
05:59:07a NATO 'confident' on Afghan role but some allies reluctant
05:59:12a Bolts power play starting to pick up
05:59:18a Princess Mary's surprise Afghanistan visit
05:59:24a Telangana activists torch Renuka Chowdhry's office
05:59:29a Ivey unveils proposal to save Ala. tuition plan
05:59:35a The Ogle Center at IUS is coming into its own
05:59:40a Space alien proposal cleared for Denver ballot
05:59:46a AISD Addresses Failing Campuses
05:59:52a Afghan uncertainty on right and left
05:59:57a Aerial cull dents feral goat numbers
06:00:03a Police Chase Suspected Bank Robbers
06:00:09a President Orders More Troops To Afghanistan 02 Dec 2009 002051 GMT
06:00:14a Labor Group Slams Areva Deal
06:00:23a Obama’s Address on the War in Afghanistan
06:00:28a New grants strengthen research infrastructure and capacity
06:00:34a Witness Recalls Horror Smash
06:00:39a Daimler in talks with India's Bajaj, TVS report
06:00:45a Prisoners of Ignorance and Tradition
06:00:50a TT-Line reports smooth sailing
06:00:55a Hundreds in student murder march
06:01:01a Saudis recaptures strategic territory from rebels
06:01:06a Senator declares health reform will shorten seniors' lives
06:01:12a How Language Affects the Long Tail
06:01:17a Armed Robber Knocks On Door, Steals Purse
06:01:23a Shooting Victim Arrested by Police
06:01:28a Governer On State Dinner Crashers
06:01:34a Two Brothers Charged With Helping Suspected Cop Killer
06:01:39a Urban cowboy comes to the rescue
06:01:45a Coakley a target in Mass. Senate debate
06:01:50a Miner tables Hunter extension
06:01:55a Long wait at hospital
06:02:05a Residents fear black spot funds misuse
06:02:11a Is this the challenger who will eject Pelosi?
06:02:24a Annual ‘Christmas in the Park’ flips on the switch Monday
06:02:29a Healthbeat Fall Allergies
06:02:35a Salahi Denies Being White House Party Crasher 01 Dec 2009 075228 GMT
06:02:41a Pa. hearing today to air medical marijuana's helpful effects
06:02:47a The presidential aunt, &c. - By Jay Nordlinger
06:02:53a Press Briefing by Senior Administration Officials on the President's West Point Speech
06:02:58a School blaze appears suspicious
06:03:04a Obama's speech A sober call for a limited Afghan mission
06:03:09a Three hunters die on opening day of Pa. deer season
06:03:15a First Aegis Weapon System Completed for Royal Australian Navy
06:03:20a Home Depot stock upgraded
06:03:26a Corzine spent of his own money to run for office
06:03:31a DoD News Contracts for December 01, 2009
06:03:42a Video Mom, beaten by son, dies
06:03:48a Migrant Women in Precarious Employment project
06:03:54a Thais pray for hospitalised king as birthday nears
06:03:59a Japan could face greater risk of deflationary spiral BOJ's Suda+
06:04:05a Shooting & Carjacking in SE Washington D.C. 01 Dec 2009 235350 GMT
06:04:10a 'Sumo' Jellyfish Hit Japan
06:04:21a Public brings flowers, candles, prayers for fallen officers
06:04:27a RPT-Mahindra Satyam says yet to assess refund claims impact
06:04:59a AP Exclusive Letters tell
06:05:05a Jackie Johnson's Weather Forecast
06:05:10a Iran dashes hopes of sailors' release
06:05:16a NBC Hails Obama's Turkey Visit as 'Shrewd', CBS Highest Approval
06:05:21a Tunnel route protection sought as costs soar
06:05:27a INTERVIEW-Illumina CEO sees rev growth
06:05:32a UPDATE 1-KKR among bidders for Morgan Stanley's CICC stake
06:05:38a Anti terror measure
06:05:44a Australia 'magnet' for slack Kiwi workers
06:05:49a Rate rise worries business group
06:05:55a Doh Re Mi Pic
06:06:00a 'Ngiphose ithawula kwezothando'
06:06:06a Rockford minister says raise taxes to fund social services
06:06:11a Germany's National Metrology Institute Chooses Olympus LEXT to Help Check Specifications of Standards
06:06:27a Shuster Conservative 'Wing-Nuts' 'Inspire' Cop Killer Violence
06:06:32a Osaziwayo koweNdebe yoMhlaba
06:06:38a Aussie's climate change map now used by UN
06:06:44a Afghanistan, terrorism is everybody's problem
06:06:49a Paper round Wednesday
06:06:54a Ukraine ready to chair OSCE in 2013, says foreign minister
06:07:00a Downtown getting ready for ‘Miracle on 7th Street’
06:07:05a Flashback Actor Ron Silver, RIP, Stands Up for American Values
06:07:11a Egyptian Doctors Accuse Israeli Doctors of Organ Stealing
06:07:16a Trial starts in suit against Lost Creek Conservation Club
06:07:22a Rabbits Milked for Human Protein; Drug Soon for Sale
06:07:27a Man shot son over child sex admission
06:07:33a Opposition calls N.B. deficit overwhelming
06:07:39a Healthbeat Being the Boss
06:07:44a WVU Prepares for Rutgers; Bowden Steps Down
06:07:50a Remarks by the President to the Nation on Afghanistan and Pakistan
06:07:57a Canadian Astronaut Robert Thirsk Lands On Earth
06:08:02a Law and Politics Any lessons coming out of the Grenadines
06:08:08a JAPAN Political deadlock over central bank chief
06:08:13a LyondellBasell to Shutdown Propylene Line in Germany
06:08:19a Two charged over attack on golfer
06:08:24a Aluminum Can Tabs Be Careful!
06:08:30a USA Today's Al Neuharth Blames Iraq for Economic Downturn
06:08:35a Infections Are Common in ICUs Worldwide
06:08:41a Russia and China to get tough with Tehran
06:08:46a Campaign Video Look Back Liberal Media Bias Ballad
06:08:52a Granger young but experienced
06:08:58a Malice Toward None; Charity For All
06:09:03a 'Ayingangami eyokubulawa kwenkunzi'
06:09:08a St Lucia hosts 'total immersion' swimming clinic
06:09:14a Suriname to join Caricom Arrest Warrant Treaty
06:09:19a Washington, Home of Intellectual Hypocrisy - By Jonah Goldberg
06:09:24a New retail chain in big expansion
06:09:30a Widow testifies in Suriname mass murder trial
06:09:35a Exercise Keeps You Young
06:09:40a Aussie camel cull plan offends Brits
06:09:46a Lifeboat man responded to own hoax call
06:09:51a Pet carcass scandal
06:09:57a Good News, Bad Timing on N.C. Senate Race
06:10:02a With Troops Go Demands
06:10:08a 1921-2009 Franklin
06:10:13a ROA back SFA Yearling Sale
06:10:19a ECONOMY Neo-liberalism Preys on Nordic Welfare Systems
06:10:24a Timeframe offers scant reassurances to Afghans
06:10:30a Disease threatens to wipe out Amazon tribe
06:10:36a Speech puts more pressure on Pakistan
06:10:41a Two board members to hold public meeting on East End schools
06:10:47a Second suspect in Hampton home invasion arrested
06:10:53a New era as Zuma charts Aids plan
06:10:59a Race To Help Prevent Home Foreclosures
06:11:08a Venezuela expels hundreds of miners, says Colombia
06:11:14a It's Just Another Day for You and Me in Paradise
06:11:19a Tickets for Sky Leisure Expo 2009 Selling Well
06:11:24a Obama statement used in hopes of defeating tax hikes
06:11:30a Siparia Spurs chase SFA League Cup Final
06:11:37a Iran's Plan to Phase Out Subsidies Brings Frenzied Debate
06:11:42a Postal puzzle on Polish Hill 'Mysterious letters' project zeroes in on neighborhood
06:11:48a Winter storm may bring snow to county
06:11:55a Challenges of food and nutrition insecurity must be faced head on, says CARICOM ambassador
06:12:00a POLICE
06:12:05a 08 Scaffold Software – CADS Launches SMART Scaffolder Version 2.0
06:12:15a Former TV anchor pleads guilty to DUI
06:12:21a New speakers, docks and wireless radios for computers
06:12:26a Hearing To Be Held On Michael Farmer's Release
06:12:32a Aussies Donate 2,000 Books To RBAF Library
06:12:38a Japan's Takeda eyeing acquisition in India paper
06:12:44a It's Grammy Nominations Preview Time
06:12:49a Councilman Panel should debate only GHA plan
06:12:54a I'm Sorry
06:13:00a Man pleads guilty in Mellon Square homicide
06:13:05a Unbowed, Turnbull saved best for last
06:13:11a Hospitals must be protected during natural disasters
06:13:16a Netop Helps Schools Weather Tough Times With Grant Program for Classroom Management Software
06:13:21a Golden Gate Fields to go up for auction
06:13:30a Hacked climate emails claim scientific scalp
06:13:35a Former Lion drowns while surfing
06:13:41a Late surge boosts Cyber Monday past 2008 total
06:13:46a Obama plan provides necessary Afghan resources commander
06:13:53a Man dies after shot at while driving, then crashes into house
06:13:58a Obama orders 30,000 troops for Afghanistan
06:14:04a Florida-Alabama true national title game
06:14:09a Mullen Military Leaders Fully Support Afghan Strategy
06:14:15a Bronx dad gunned down
06:14:20a Brazilian ministry publishes catalog of less polluting cars
06:14:26a Uzbekistan withdraws from Central Asian power grid
06:14:31a Answers more than skin deep
06:14:37a MSNBC's 'Thrill Up My Leg' Chris Matthews Calls Westpoint the 'Enemy Camp'
06:14:42a large number of newborns infected with HIV in Dominican Republic
06:14:48a Obama renews strategy for Afghanistan
06:14:53a Obama gambles his presidency on Afghanistan
06:14:59a Nokia files suits against Samsung, others
06:15:05a Kenya Eassy Fibre Link Brews Fresh Internet Price War
06:15:11a Knesset panel considers gov't pensions for needy refuseniks
06:15:16a Best of the Web Today He Hasn't Accomplished Nothing
06:15:22a Police seek suspects in home invasion
06:15:27a Australian former opposition leader says climate change vote disappointing
06:15:33a Brazil's trade surplus falls in November
06:15:38a Hawaii plan would slash number of voting precincts
06:15:44a George Washington letter to be auctioned
06:15:49a Kahala Man Indicted In Identity Theft Scheme
06:15:54a Plaque to remember Horsham rail disaster
06:16:00a Malaysia may stop sugar subsidy to reduce intake
06:16:05a Nokia Delivers Qt 4.6
06:16:11a Nokia files suit over LCD pricing scandal
06:16:17a Thai mother travels to Cambodia to visit arrested son
06:16:22a UPDATE 4-GM CEO Henderson departs in shakeup by board
06:16:28a Australia Five years' jail for man who had sex with 15-year-old
06:16:37a Famous hotel in Myanmar to add gem show as attraction
06:16:43a South Africa Issues Broad AIDS Policy
06:16:48a Umiya Ma gets Rs32 cr in offerings
06:16:54a Military build-up not remedy to Afghan imbroglio
06:17:00a Swinford Toll Bridge for sale amid toll uproar
06:17:06a UPDATE 1-Geely soars to all-time high on parent's move
06:17:11a million capital budget new record for Saskatoon
06:17:17a My School Chittenango
06:17:22a Prince Mohamed Bolkiah's Speech
06:17:28a Education calling
06:17:33a Australia's former Labor prime minister attacks foreshadowing of Work Choices
06:17:39a Woman in compo battle over 500 rapes
06:17:44a Let's do it for Baby Jordyn
06:17:49a 13 new members inducted into California Hall of Fame
06:17:55a Emissions trading scheme to be reintroduced Australia's Acting Prime Minister
06:18:01a Ex-Muslim Freedom Fighter Wafa Sultan
06:18:06a Richard Berry Sworn In
06:18:11a China issues regulation to encourage overseas joint ventures
06:18:17a Krakatau Steel, S Korea's Posco to jointly build steel plate plant in Indonesia
06:18:23a China's police head calls for improved information for public
06:18:28a Bathurst says no to microwave tower
06:18:33a Women joggers chase man with pants down through Vancouver Island park
06:18:39a Economic, Energy, Agricultural and Trade Issues Fernandez, Jose W. Fernandez
06:18:45a Malcolm Turnbull launches online salvoes against ETS defeat
06:18:52a State law allows officers to use deadly force against violent fugitives.
06:18:58a Stop terrorist trials in New York
06:19:04a Iran frees 5 detained British sailors Fars report
06:19:09a Gaga and Foxx 'the worst' for teens
06:19:15a UK teen 'torched, murdered girlfriend'
06:19:21a So-called crashers admit in email they weren't invited
06:19:27a Family recounts dad's rage during teenager's final minutes
06:19:32a N.B. Liberals expect million deficit in 2010-11
06:19:38a Monsanto wants more Govt money for GM research
06:19:44a Senate votes down CPRS; opens way for double dissolution
06:19:54a Advertising FAIL Murder and the McRib
06:20:02a Analysts Arab stocks plunge unjustifiable
06:20:08a City of Terre Haute may take over operation of Riley sewage facility
06:20:14a Two in court over drug addict's death
06:20:24a Healing Through Laughter Lev Leytzan The Compassionate Clown Alley Heads to Bucharest and Israel
06:20:31a Fayette County driver, 18, charged after girl injured while trying to exit car
06:20:48a GM's outsider chairman steps to center of change
06:20:53a Israels Arab Women Workers Need Not Apply
06:20:59a Detention center worries fail to spur further inspections
06:21:05a Charges filed in Wash. gasoline attack
06:21:10a Aussies' iceberg party plans drift away
06:21:16a Westinghouse Electric wins South African nuclear contract
06:21:22a Obama asks Poland for more troops for Afghanistan
06:21:31a Obama's Afghanistan speech was confusing.
06:21:37a Video HS Football playoffs kick off
06:21:42a Energy Alliance to focus on job
06:21:47a ...edge Naps, Signal Hill for Boys, Girls titles
06:21:53a Upside-down flag leads to filing of criminal charge in Butler County
06:21:58a State radio Iran releases five Britons
06:22:04a Top Asian cameraman expresses distaste of digital
06:22:10a RAD funding level to stay same next year for most
06:22:15a Auto sales still sluggish
06:22:21a Ban calls for extension of UN force on Israeli-Syrian front
06:22:26a Polish Manufacturing Activity Expands In November
06:22:32a TrueCommerce names Manolis president
06:22:37a Carnival orders new cruise ship for million
06:22:43a Obama Sending 30,000 More US Troops To Afghanistan
06:22:48a Allegheny County man gets up to 15 years for role in fatal stabbing
06:22:54a Comelec ousts Bulacan gov
06:22:59a Police warn of new WA bikie threat
06:23:04a Family tell of devastation as van driver dies in road crash
06:23:10a 13,000 asked to restrict water use
06:23:16a Staffing of police, fire crews focus of Uniontown meeting
06:23:21a Newsmaker Annette Waldron
06:23:28a U.S. officials charge jobs stolen
06:23:34a Knoxville bookstore slated to close in January
06:23:40a Higher education company to expand
06:23:45a Dresser stops bullet from hitting Uniontown mom, kids
06:23:51a Staples reports increased sales
06:23:57a Indonesia's central bank postpones certificate auction to Thursday
06:24:03a Gone baby with the bath water
06:24:08a 2010 Detroit Council members learn about job
06:24:14a Five Afghanistan options Obama rejected
06:24:19a Students' share already fair
06:24:26a US President Obama delivers address on Afghanistan plan
06:24:32a Immigrants here mostly in top jobs
06:24:37a CPI criticises India's vote against Iran at IAEA
06:24:43a Israel Knifeman run over by enraged victim
06:24:49a Man sought in Hampton home invasion nabbed
06:24:54a Obama on Afghanistan 'Our security is at stake'
06:25:00a U.S. loses Moscow missile counters
06:25:05a Open Afghanistan/West Point speech thread
06:25:11a Black Friday deals abound
06:25:17a Obama briefs skeptical lawmakers about his new Afghanistan strategy
06:25:22a In live donor first in Israel, father gives son two organs
06:25:28a FSU Coach Bowden to Retire After Bowl Game
06:25:34a Kay He's ready to spread his wings and fly
06:25:40a Fort Drum soldiers glad to know what's next
06:25:46a Audit reveals prison employee's overtime
06:25:51a Groom Attacked As He Tries To Marry 2nd Wife
06:25:56a 'Quintessentially English' award for best landowner is scooped by a Scot
06:26:02a Mt. Washington kidnap suspect knew apartment
06:26:07a Pennsylvania police fee idea raises concerns
06:26:13a Midweek briefing ...
06:26:18a Mayor paying for attorney handling media inquiries about his separation
06:26:24a Father of boy who killed twin considered fugitive
06:26:29a UN Security Council renews arms embargo against Rwandan rebels in DRCongo
06:26:35a Hawaii plan would slash number of polling places
06:26:41a Russia says it would back tougher sanctions against Iran
06:26:46a More fees pushed for fliers to pay debt
06:26:52a Australian Market Trades Firm; Miners, Banks Rally
06:26:58a Dunn, Eastern Washington top Walla Walla 89-61
06:27:03a New rule almost grounds Air Force recruit
06:27:09a Central Zone screening sessions start Friday
06:27:14a Investors rush back to stocks
06:27:20a Obama to send 30,000 extra US troops for Afghan war
06:27:25a Largest collection of UAE photos to go online next year
06:27:31a Fellow Iraqi turns tables on George Bush shoe-thrower
06:27:36a Unlikely coincidence
06:27:42a Smithfield man gets month in jail for having child pornography
06:27:48a Sus
06:27:53a Edmond approves lease with Cox
06:27:58a Pelosi Statement on President Obama's Speech on Afghanistan
06:28:04a Russia Made a Mistake in Voting for the IAEA Resolution Against Iran, Says Ahmadinejad
06:28:09a City schools losing technical education chief
06:28:15a UBM Extends Maturities and Protects Funding for Future Years
06:28:20a Bank Robber Dresses As Woman; Got Idea From CSI
06:28:26a Plano ISD parents blast new attendance zone proposals
06:28:31a Deer Creek wrestler has a great start to season
06:28:37a Woman awakes to find stranger
06:28:42a Holiday musing It took a miracle to get tree to dad one Christmas
06:28:48a Al-Qaeda have established a safe haven in Pakistan Obama
06:28:53a The speech Not great, but a brave decision at long last
06:28:58a Tom McKenna announces run for Secretary of State
06:29:04a Summer benefits at the City of Sydney Library
06:29:10a Litzman's plan for segregated psych hospitals faces stiff opposition
06:29:15a Japanese Amano takes office as new IAEA head
06:29:21a R.I. judge's nomination rolls smoothly through Senate hearing
06:29:26a November was wettest ever
06:29:32a Al-Qaida wants Pakistan's nuclear weapons Obama
06:29:37a Guthrie man remains jailed after police chase, accident
06:29:44a NSW make two changes to one-day squad
06:29:50a Man drowns in morning swim
06:29:55a Industrialised World Intransigence on CO2 emissions dooms Climate Negotiations
06:30:06a Business welcomes retention of freight scheme
06:30:11a Treasury admits mistake in budget papers
06:30:17a CBA, ANZ, NAB reviewing interest rates
06:30:22a Military families mixed over new surge
06:30:28a Toyota Tsusho profits down 4pc
06:30:33a Google to Let Publishers Set Limits
06:30:39a Risky sexual behavior fuels HIV increase
06:30:45a North Korea Reissues Won, a Blow to Unofficial Economy
06:30:51a Property owners face 2-mill tax increase in Salem Township
06:30:57a College grads' average debt exceeds
06:31:03a Undeserving abuse for Windies
06:31:08a Alireza Saudi Arabia stands by WTO commitments
06:31:14a Suspe
06:31:20a U.S. Autos Make Gains in Resale Value
06:31:25a Not so jolly package causes TN Capit
06:31:31a Zhao Wei and Chen Kun cover 'Self'
06:31:36a Man Who Held Family Hostage On Thanksgiving Arrested
06:31:42a Senate considers reviving 'death tax'
06:31:47a David Frum Begs CJ to Return, But...
06:31:53a Teacher aide offer rebuffed
06:31:58a Obama orders 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, vows pullout in 2011
06:32:04a Boeing Laser Avenger Destroys Improvised Explosive Devices in Test
06:32:09a West Wimmera Shire to join aged care plan
06:32:15a Forex Obama Speech Troop Commitment To Afghanistan Cannot Be Open-Ended
06:32:20a Too many agencies for Fiji roads Prasad
06:32:26a Notes from the coaches show
06:32:33a Watchdog blocks Caltex bid for Mobil servos
06:32:39a JPMorgan Gets Bailout Money, Sends Jobs To India
06:32:44a Ravenstahl nominates Myers to planning commission
06:32:50a GM CEO Henderson forced out; Whitacre takes over - for now
06:32:55a Back pain? It could be stress
06:33:01a Brunei Brownies Make Camp For Independence
06:33:06a Schools Test Emergency System
06:33:11a Zimbabwe 40 Fired At Chiadzwa Mine Over Looting
06:33:17a Expats in GCC fly more frequently thanks to budget carriers
06:33:22a Brothers 'seen fleeing ice' before glacier crushed them
06:33:27a Montreal Canadiens Centennial edition
06:33:33a GCC summit in Kuwait could help consolidate Gulf unity
06:33:38a Olbermann Reagan Would Fail GOP's New Purity Test
06:33:43a Irregular dietary habits can contribute to weight gain
06:33:49a COL BKB North Carolina 89, Mich. State 82
06:33:54a 'A barbaric and evil act against a defenceless young woman' – QC
06:34:00a Champs scrape past Ma Pau
06:34:05a Daily Show Wyatt Cenac, even Mexico has better health care than America
06:34:11a Reaction to Obama's Afghanistan war plans
06:34:17a Typhoons to hit Philippine growth, increase poverty World Bank
06:34:22a Exit timeline sends Afghan government a message
06:34:28a Obama vows 30,000 troops for Afghan war
06:34:33a Google marks UAE National Day
06:34:39a JMU Ranks 7th in Safety Study
06:34:44a Arriaran's 3s lead No. 17 Texas past Oral Roberts
06:34:49a Five years jail for man who had sex with 15-year-old
06:34:55a CIA expansion in Pak, more drone attacks, part of Obama's revamped AFPAK plans
06:35:00a Local war hero reacts to President's plan for Afghanistan
06:35:16a Uruguay president-elect will farm too
06:35:21a Man, 85, convicted in hammer beating death
06:35:27a VFW chief praises Obama plan for Afghanistan
06:35:32a Knesset panel considers gov't pensions for needy refuseniks
06:35:37a U.S. target for Afghan army too low
06:35:43a 4 students hurt when bus slides off road in Lawrence County
06:35:49a McChrystal Voices Support for President's Afghanistan Strategy
06:35:54a 2 workers die at Euro 2012 stadium site in Poland
06:36:00a Wildlife facility offers for details on Hempfield hawk shooting
06:36:05a Obama orders 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan but says pullout to start in mid-2011
06:36:11a How long until we know
06:36:17a Iran confirms release of British yachtsmen
06:36:22a Trial testimony begins in teens' traffic deaths
06:36:28a Obama's speech A sober call for a limited Afghan mission
06:36:33a How to Form Your Own Cult in 5 Easy Steps
06:36:39a Ranks of homeless students grow
06:36:45a Shanda Online Holdings names former Yahoo executive Jing Zhu as chief technology officer
06:36:50a Horsham Mayor defends rating scheme
06:36:56a Iran releases five Britons detained from yacht radio
06:37:02a High school notebook Brunswick, Wooster, Manchester beat foes
06:37:08a Iran releases 5 British sailors detained at sea
06:37:16a E-burg man charged with rape of 91-year-old woman
06:37:22a Obama orders 30,000 soldiers to Afghanistan
06:37:27a Accident claims Eufaula man's life
06:37:33a Rabbis slam Jewish construction freeze
06:37:39a Honduran woman gives birth in a hearse
06:37:44a Steel Bridge closure adds 10 minutes to many MAX commutes
06:37:50a Man arrested after wife stabbed with screwdriver
06:37:56a Southside Petco store to close after Jan. 16
06:38:02a Eagle watches planned in Norman
06:38:07a Myanmar to take part in Muay Thai tournament in ASEAN Games
06:38:13a Sign of the times reads 'Pawn'; 2 shops proposed
06:38:19a Douglass moves forward after win
06:38:24a OU dance performance focuses on diversity
06:38:30a Reducing vendor discounts could save Oklahoma millions
06:38:36a Norman panel to speak on health reform
06:38:41a Phone warning system 'not for cyclones'
06:38:50a Boy singers to perform at OU hall
06:38:56a Climate scientist to step aside
06:39:04a Medics warned on Facebook flirts
06:39:10a 'Work in Arunachal will go even if China objects'
06:39:16a Irving council to vote on settlement in suit over police killing Calvin Moore Jr.
06:39:22a Group officials discuss MAPS 3 project proposal
06:39:27a EU not for farmers
06:39:33a Lean times loom for cockle fishers
06:39:38a Sydney's Olympic stadium gets ODI status
06:39:44a Australian Parliament Rejects Government Carbon Reduction Plan
06:39:50a Kingston families ready for Santa
06:39:55a Quiz Can you guess who these actors are?
06:40:01a Students raise awareness of HIV/AIDS
06:40:06a Liberals get 'one chance' on climate laws
06:40:12a Musharraf discusses Afghan strategy
06:40:20a Holiday grief workshop set in Midwest City
06:40:26a Venezuela delivers Carabobo oil auction terms
06:40:31a Sam Noble museum event features activities, Santa
06:40:37a Lights at Aras shine for flood and abuse victims
06:40:42a Reception at OU gallery to honor 2 visiting artists
06:40:48a Obama's aunt tells of living in US illegally
06:40:54a OU drama professor receives annual award
06:40:59a OSU-OKC's poinsettia sale begins soon
06:41:05a Will Abbott kill the curse of the budgie smuggler
06:41:13a Full speech Obama boosts troops in Afghanistan
06:41:19a Marcos joins Pacquiao and Arroyo in run for Congress
06:41:24a Iran holds 5 UK nationals after yacht intercepte
06:41:30a Fairmont Gears Up for Christmas
06:41:36a Marines Train With Israeli Forces
06:41:41a Michigan school cuts, parent protests continue
06:41:47a Indians
06:41:52a LCD-TV prices plunge
06:41:58a Why females live longer than males
06:42:04a Hospital nursing to be revamped
06:42:10a Industry expectations low as China lifts pork ban
06:42:15a Deal paves way for NBC sale to Comcast
06:42:21a Eritrea rejects proposed sanctions over Somalia
06:42:26a Baby's rash leads to abuse charge
06:42:32a Kolkata's rootless Chinese disconnected from past, present Feature
06:42:37a WTO starts to use name EU as Lisbon Treaty takes effect
06:42:43a How to Find Winter-themed Coloring Sheets for Tweens
06:42:48a US-Japan Aviation Pact Ready By Year-End American Airlines Executive
06:42:54a Man in court over €204,000 ATM raid
06:42:59a Mild November won't lead into mild winter
06:43:05a Climate Change Rocked
06:43:10a Coast Guard React To Rescue In Hawaiian Waters
06:43:18a President Announces New War Plan
06:43:24a Obama's Afghan speech The CliffsNotes version
06:43:30a Mental Depression is Curable
06:43:35a Fancied runners get inside gates
06:43:41a How to Decorate a College Dorm Room for New Year's Celebrations
06:43:47a OU plans medical program in Tulsa
06:43:53a Burglar ransacks home of family killed in crash
06:43:59a Man faces court over supermarket armed robbery
06:44:05a Soldier 'grew up' with Afghanistan war, now he will serve there
06:44:11a WVU Russian Club Collects Toys for Russian Orphans
06:44:16a Obama's Neoliberals Selling His Afghan War One Report at a Time
06:44:22a Woman charged over car death
06:44:28a Report seeks common sense policing
06:44:37a Eggs, rocks hurled at foes of Venezuela president
06:44:43a The Butler did it, as actor hails Glasgow's film-star qualities
06:44:49a Khalifa Urges UN, Nations to Stop Israeli Aggression against Palestine
06:44:54a Labor groups blast top party
06:45:00a Autho
06:45:05a Retail sales set to surge
06:45:11a News Agencies Partner For Interactive News
06:45:17a US policymaker lectures on access to US market
06:45:22a West Jordan keeps its swagger
06:45:27a Keeping New Year Resolutions Tips that Really Work
06:45:33a Obituary Tommy Henrich / 'Old Reliable' for the Yankees
06:45:38a How to Fall Asleep Without Drugs
06:45:47a Vietnam ends short-term business loan stimulus
06:45:52a BSU fans eager to book bowl flights
06:45:58a Exodus makes Mich. recession worse
06:46:03a Obama wrong to gamble on surge
06:46:08a Season of Sharing LifeWorks
06:46:14a Obama's war begins—but where does it end?
06:46:19a AT&T Comes in Last in Consumer Reports Study That Surprises
06:46:25a Major Ana also heads magistrate
06:46:31a Woman faces murder charge in Saskatoon stabbing
06:46:36a World Cup Trophy lands in Mother City
06:46:42a House Republicans Blast Democrats, Obama Over Alleged ACORN Ties
06:46:48a The reality of Afghanistan
06:46:53a Sawbuck Launches Online Real Estate Service in Chicago
06:46:59a Uncut Obama's Speech On Afghanistan
06:47:04a Japan supports new U.S. policy on Afghanistan
06:47:10a Government Launches 'Cash For Appliances' Program
06:47:15a No Deadlines for Afghan Withdrawal
06:47:21a The 10 Best Cars of the Year
06:47:26a Obama orders 30,000-troop buildup in Afghanistan
06:47:32a Last-ditch Attempt by Pharaon to Amend 6th Clause
06:47:37a Nicolas Sarkozy Sworn as President of France
06:47:43a Father Supports The President And His Thoughts
06:47:48a Obama Taking Big Risk
06:47:53a Robert Morris' women beat Duquesne, 69-61
06:47:59a Highland cancels contract with longtime administrator
06:48:04a No Shortcuts to Security
06:48:10a Are You Diabetic? Are You at Risk for Diabulemia?
06:48:15a Thank You for Not Sharing
06:48:20a PSO finds new life in Mozart's Requiem
06:48:26a US military deaths in Afghanista
06:48:31a South Korea's Foreign Reserves Increase In November
06:48:37a Chancellor told to cut business taxes
06:48:44a 'Cash For Appliances' To Help Hawaii Residents
06:48:49a Polish Hill in tizzy over bizarre mailings
06:48:54a Obama right to increase forces
06:49:00a Banks offered more funding
06:49:05a No injuries in one-car crash into C-hill Diner
06:49:11a Swiss ban on minarets is pure discrimination
06:49:17a Sino Gold shareholders support takeover
06:49:22a Lee in Meeting over Gwangju Universiade Bid
06:49:28a RCMP corporal Monty Robinson charged with obstructing justice after fatal crash
06:49:38a Detection of human bocavirus in hospitalised children
06:49:43a Surgeon gets jail for touching patients
06:49:49a The 9/11 of 1859
06:49:54a Israel is Not Corrupt
06:50:00a Nifty hits 5150 mark; Maruti, ICICI gain
06:50:05a Task force sought for Le Flore County's pending cases
06:50:11a DC votes to allow gay marriage, but issue not settled
06:50:17a Launceston doctor wins costs appeal
06:50:22a Gustavsson injured in Leafs win over Canadiens
06:50:28a Lions mourn Brent Green's death
06:50:44a Coast Guard rescues three from sinking boat
06:50:50a Home movie said to show Monroe smoking pot
06:50:55a American Funds Refuses to Divest from Sudan
06:51:01a Anne-Marie Duff No Lennon Fan
06:51:06a Ford to unveil comeback Fiesta
06:51:12a Atlanta mayor's race may head for recount
06:51:17a Key to go to Copenhagen after all
06:51:23a Catching the swine flu saves a woman's life
06:51:28a Charges dropped in Dunbar illegal lottery
06:51:34a ’No’ to High St vending
06:51:40a Canadian astronaut finally sleeps on Earth
06:51:45a Local Dance Group Feels Loss In Kalihi Fire
06:51:51a Pittsburgh mayor issues litany of appointments
06:51:56a Local residents have mixed reactions to president's plan for Afghanistan
06:52:01a 'Politics and the English Language,' by George Orwell, 1946
06:52:07a Rivlin insists Jerusalem will never be divided despite EU plan
06:52:12a Recovery in global manufacturing continued in November
06:52:18a City council passes resolution on KUB tree trimming
06:52:26a Hobart man jailed for fraud
06:52:32a MagForce Nanotechnologies AG Applies For European Regulatory Approval Of Its Nano-Cancer Therapy
06:52:38a Which stories did media bury in 2009?
06:52:44a B.C. float plane crash probed
06:52:50a Case concerns student loans, bankruptcy
06:52:55a Police attempted murder hearing resumes
06:53:00a 'It Happened in Italy' author signing
06:53:06a Midwest outpaces region in economic survey
06:53:11a The Palin brand
06:53:17a Is Your Seaf
06:53:22a Bennett, Jones, Richards honoured
06:53:28a Electronics sales soar; clothing, luxury sectors stumble in Nov, according to early estimates
06:53:33a Dureza describes his encounter with the Ampatuans
06:53:39a Wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment
06:53:45a Indonesia bans Australian-made film on East Timor killings
06:53:50a Nick Gattermeyer Released From Hospital
06:53:55a Management Matters Avoid the Arbitrary
06:54:01a Knicks give D’Antoni easy win vs. his old team
06:54:06a Get Treated Like A VIP At Dosha
06:54:11a Europe airline travel still lags
06:54:17a Investigator Wounded During Bomb Inquiry
06:54:23a 2010 elections draw more COC filers than 2004 national polls
06:54:29a Man shot in car, crashes into yard, dies, police say
06:54:34a Raytheon Awarded Million To Upgrade South Korea's Patriot Systems
06:54:40a Public dob in 69 bikies
06:54:45a ADNEC chosen as host venue for IPA Middle East
06:54:51a U.S. studying Russia's draft European security treaty Kelly
06:54:56a Abu Dhabi's EMAL starts aluminum production
06:55:01a Toyota's 2010 lineup tops resale value forecast
06:55:07a Bionic Arms Gain Power, Dexterity, Sensitivity
06:55:12a 1 Year Of Adventures Along Oregon Coast
06:55:18a Is It Time for Financial Institutions to Give Back?
06:55:23a Oklahoma City mother says she left baby in car
06:55:28a Parents warned about kids near windows
06:55:34a Via Meeting Held
06:55:39a GM's CEO search to focus on outsiders
06:55:45a Concert for worthy cause in Beijing
06:55:51a School Bus Driver Arrested For DUI
06:55:56a UAE's Amlak Finance posts Q3 net loss of Dh45m
06:56:01a Court To Decide Who Owns A Preserved Beach?
06:56:07a Knox to take stand in Kercher trial
06:56:13a Fremont Officer, Wife Catch Theft Suspects
06:56:19a The downside of collaborative strategies
06:56:24a Firearm seized from CVO tests positive in ballistics test police
06:56:32a Deputies Man Beat, Kidnapped Ex-Girlfriend Before Killing Self
06:56:37a James Cameron professes love for Leona Lewis' talent
06:56:43a Rescued NKorean soldier handed to NKorea
06:56:48a Asian Markets Mostly Trading Higher
06:56:54a Chamber of Deputies' Debates On 2010 Draft State Budget Start
06:56:59a Tourism industry 'needs to use Facebook'
06:57:04a Facebook eliminates regional networks, tops 350 million users
06:57:13a High-priced political libido
06:57:19a Russian soccer star Arshavin bitter at Arsenal losing big games
06:57:24a White-collar crime a worrying trend in Kolkata
06:57:30a Airport denies responsibility in Taser death
06:57:35a Moscow Patriarchate Publishes Book of Pope's Words 2009-12-01
06:57:41a Three Dumb Things Foreign Companies Do In China
06:57:46a CMT-380 supercar watches Porsche in the rear view
06:57:52a Beckham family designs T-shirts for charity
06:57:57a Harper's trips play up to ethnic voters
06:58:03a Mexican consul for Utah, western Wyoming dies
06:58:08a Deluge of detoured I-40 drivers creates snarls for Smokies
06:58:14a Nato chief welcomes new US strategy for Afghanistan
06:58:20a Exploring Augmented Reality with Layar CEO at the Mobile Visionary Roundtable in Chicago
06:58:26a Airport sale price hinges on DFO approval Aird
06:58:31a Obama orders 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan 2nd Update
06:58:37a Hong Kong man, 44, named World's Best Santa Claus
06:58:42a Berlusconi confuses leadership with absolute monarchy, says his deputy
06:58:48a To End Subsidized-Lending Program By Year-End
06:58:53a Iran yacht families meet for talks
06:58:59a Transcript of U.S. President Barack Obama's speech on Afghanistan
06:59:05a Last missing person found dead after Russian train blast
06:59:10a Florida Gators defensive end Carlos Dunlap suspended after DUI charge
06:59:16a Mixed reactions greet state smoking ban
06:59:21a Now, a cocktail waitress says she made love to Tiger Woods 20 times
06:59:26a Women spend 13 days to prepare for office Christmas parties!
06:59:34a Computer modeling research aims to safely test human body's system
06:59:39a Swine-flu shot dates for private schools
06:59:45a Top ULFA leader arrested near Dhaka
06:59:50a Growing Dem attacks on the first stimulus
06:59:56a Seasonal depression Light therapy lifts symptoms
07:00:07a Gold sets new high, Asia stocks up
07:00:12a Woods' crash gets too much attention
07:00:22a Why Do Patients with Low-Grade Soft Tissue Sarcoma Die?
07:00:27a Milo Ventimiglia's Death Doubts
07:00:37a Parenting Cell phones for children
07:00:43a High School Football Playoffs
07:00:49a China to remove outdated industry state media
07:00:55a Darfur rebels begin to arrive in Libya for unity meeting
07:01:00a Mustek files gripe against HP locally
07:01:08a Mexico better than us
07:01:14a Would-Be Groom Attacked As He Tries To Marry 2nd Wife
07:01:20a Afghan buildup to start by Christmas
07:01:30a Military Families React to Obama's Plan
07:01:35a Idea of public sex tents is way out of line
07:01:44a How Apartheid South Africa Became a Top Food Exporter
07:01:49a A year later in New York, it's Madoff as cabaret
07:01:55a 'Strap cells' in primary prostatic rhabdomyosarcoma in a child
07:02:01a On Building Trust with North Korea
07:02:07a Another plane fault PM's Hawaii lei over
07:02:12a Motorcycle Collision Claims Life of Rider
07:02:18a What Does Surge In Afghanistan Mean?
07:02:26a Video Is the real problem in Pakistan?
07:02:32a Mayor Calls for Two CPS Energy Trustees To Resign
07:02:37a Ford gambling that American buyers will change habits, fall in love with subcompact Fiesta
07:02:43a Increasing Parental Involvement in Low Performing Schools
07:02:48a The torture debate doesn't belong in 9/11 courtroom
07:02:54a Widow Supports President
07:02:59a Poll Mich. voters say schools need more money
07:03:05a Some Muslims fear backlash after Fort Hood shooting
07:03:10a Cup heralds SA's golden opportunity
07:03:16a India tightens mobile phone security
07:03:22a BSF played key role in formation of Bangladesh, says new book
07:03:27a FIFA rules out possibility of Ireland playing in next year's football world cup
07:03:33a Climate sceptics 'are confused'
07:03:38a Mexican migrants sent home 36 pct less in October
07:03:44a Rwanda Commonwealth Country's Economic Benefit
07:03:49a Fed-Ex delivery man robbed in Tampa
07:03:55a Tahawwur Rana's bail plea hearing today
07:04:00a Video World leaders react to Obama
07:04:06a Nigeria Former CBN Boss Suggest Ways to Tackling Unemployment, Low Productivity
07:04:12a Wired editor We're now in a whole new age of outsourcing
07:04:17a Lakas, NP senatorial bets among last-minute COC filers
07:04:23a Students again put on their walking shoes
07:04:28a Kim Jong-il's Heir
07:04:34a Officer dismissed in Peru 'human-fat' killings
07:04:39a Video Cheney accuses Obama of treason
07:04:45a Judges defend decision on bail for Clemmons
07:04:51a Mayor unhappy Turnbull not visiting Ballarat
07:04:56a Boy hurt in Hay Point ute mishap
07:05:01a Keller @ Large Most Popular Web Searches
07:05:07a Singapore, Cuba pledge to enhance bilateral cooperation
07:05:13a Sri Lanka bat in final Test against India
07:05:21a Doraville Amends Adult Entertainment Ordinance
07:05:38a Video Obama War president
07:05:44a Video Assessing Obama's Afghan plan
07:05:50a Absence Of Tiger Woods Noticeable
07:05:59a Rwanda Peat Mining Saves Cimerwa
07:06:05a Video Obama plain and pragmatic
07:06:11a Video Gen. Eaton West Point perfect venue for speech
07:06:16a Health calendar 12/2/09
07:06:22a Dallas City Council member demands notice of meetings in her district
07:06:28a Nigeria Credit System Will Help Grow Insurance And Economy Odah
07:06:37a Danny Green's secret weapon
07:06:43a President Nathan on private visit to Spain for 2 weeks
07:06:48a Nigeria NNPC Reacts to Fuel Queues in Lagos, Abuja
07:06:53a Ex-Lion drowns while surfing
07:06:59a Video Capitol Hill reacts to Afghanistan strategy
07:07:04a Video Will Obama's plan overcome Afghan obstacles?
07:07:10a Giving the capital a break
07:07:15a Video Richard Engel watches Obama from Afghanistan
07:07:21a Video GOP returns to scare tactics
07:07:26a Gold-miner stocks looking brighter
07:07:35a Couple's land condemned - but why?
07:07:40a British sailors told to leave Iran
07:07:49a Zagat Reports So. Florida Diners Eat Less for Less
07:07:54a Carney set for Raiders return
07:08:00a CMU in cyber threat project
07:08:06a Woman charged in alleged plot
07:08:11a Seoul says North Korea seeking to buy time to make nukes
07:08:17a Will TV News Ever Apologize for Condit Hoax?
07:08:22a Effects of toxic gas may be seen in future generations in Bhopal
07:08:29a Call for business to take its place in the classroom
07:08:35a County employee bonuses are likely
07:08:41a Roanoke parties prep for election
07:08:46a Ball bearings fired 'like bullets'
07:08:52a Mackay dump fees set to rise
07:08:57a Imelda Marcos joins Pacquiao, Arroyo in run for Congress
07:09:03a Cezanne's 'Mont Sainte-Victoire' and Monet's 'Vetheul in Summer' A Comparative Analysis
07:09:08a Mark's Evening Forecast Dec. 1
07:09:14a LDS intellectual Care for little things yields big results
07:09:19a Fort Collins calls for a time out on medical pot dispensaries
07:09:25a 67-Year-Old Villa Rica Man Beaten To Death
07:09:30a Obama Makes It Official 30,000 More U.S. Troops to Head to Afghanistan
07:09:35a A new Arctic paradigm
07:09:41a FTC approves Carilion plan to sell 2 outpatient centers
07:09:47a Defiant state fails to quell fears of lenders and investors
07:09:52a 2 localities may
07:09:58a Orange seeks green light for merger
07:10:06a Australia's parliament rejects carbon cuts, no snap polls
07:10:12a Senate moving to health bill vote
07:10:17a Man jailed for sex with girl, 15
07:10:23a The Village Church pastor to undergo surgery for brain tumor Friday
07:10:29a Cringing Over Climategate
07:10:35a Arlington school trustees' vote could usher in Chávez holiday for 2010-11
07:10:40a Prepaid state tuition prices now 4% more than last year
07:10:46a China's OK on GMO rice, corn seen boosting yields
07:10:55a 'Zion' can be anywhere where there are Mormons
07:11:00a Reviews The treatment of bronchiolitis
07:11:06a State, Arkansas spar over handling of Clemmons
07:11:12a Somali Pirates Open Up a 'Stock Exchange'
07:11:18a Study Radiation Risk Higher For Young Women
07:11:23a Afghanistan Veterans Watch President's Speech
07:11:29a Iran warns that British sailors may be prosecuted
07:11:34a Ball bearings fired at homes 'like bullets'
07:11:39a Cyber Monday Trumps Black Friday as Holiday Shoppers Turn to eBay for Deals
07:11:45a Athlete of the Week Brandon Pritzl
07:11:50a Ballard won't be punished for incident
07:11:56a Jordan- Ministerial panel to revisit Elections Law
07:12:01a Light Shed On Japanese Edo Art
07:12:07a EMAL aluminium plant in Abu Dhabi begins production
07:12:12a Rihanna fears missing mom's Christmas pepperpot
07:12:18a Charges leveled against ex-guard
07:12:23a Experts Harper's 1st visit to China to thaw ties
07:12:29a FACTBOX-A modern trader's clock Micro, nano and picoseconds
07:12:35a Obama to host jobs summit; Dems mull new stimulus
07:12:40a Lotto changes mum's life
07:12:46a ACCC Opposes Caltex Purchase Of Exxon Mobil Stations
07:12:51a Settlers to appeal stop-work orders at special hearing
07:12:56a AFL delighted by free stadium
07:13:02a Murdoch Tells Feds Let the Media Be
07:13:07a damaka? Offers Real-time 2-way Video Conferencing on Google™ Android Devices
07:13:13a Analysis Congress now must determine how to pay for Afghan troop escalation
07:13:19a County consolidation gains steam across USA
07:13:24a More stars line up for Grammy concert
07:13:30a Cry of long live the queen resounds on campuses
07:13:35a Teacher aides union unhappy with government offer
07:13:41a Mayor convicted of gift card charge
07:13:46a Zimbabwe Zesa Holdings Warns of More Load Shedding
07:13:51a Deal on Okinawa explained in court
07:13:57a Banks, autos lead morning gains in Indian shares
07:14:02a CIBD to lodge police report against contractor, says Shaziman
07:14:08a Thunderstorm and heavy rain in east coast till Friday
07:14:14a Keep records longer, Pennsylvania auditor general says
07:14:19a Critics not invited to White House's 'jobs summit'
07:14:25a Healthcare-Associated Atypical Pneumonia
07:14:30a Even hairless Sphynx cats give patients a warm, fuzzy feeling
07:14:36a Warning over 'serious' Christmas lights safety risk
07:14:41a UK Stocks - Factors to watch on Dec 2
07:14:46a U.S. 'War Comes Home' with Ft. Hood Shootings
07:14:52a Jordan- KHIA employees receive training as part of service overhaul
07:14:57a Review of public health defenses ordered
07:15:03a Daniel Howes Howes GM board hurries toward hazy future
07:15:08a Clubbing Navy Seals
07:15:14a Inaugural top 20 school list to be announced soon
07:15:19a School Board Hears Parents' Plan to Save Catholic Central School
07:15:24a Ryan Reynolds's Iron Plan
07:15:30a Higgins' 22 lead Colorado past San Francisco 78-54
07:15:35a President Outlines Afghanistan War Strategy
07:15:41a Troj/Small-ENR
07:15:46a OLYMPICS / Canada may have a teal tint
07:15:52a Troj/VB-EKX
07:15:57a Japanese Market Falters On Profit Taking
07:16:03a Iran frees detained British sailors
07:16:08a Shoplifting losses total Y67 billion in Tokyo for 2007
07:16:14a Child Hit And Run Arrest 01 Dec 2009 222946 GMT
07:16:19a Obama struggles with Afghan exit dilemma
07:16:24a The Pretense of Knowledge
07:16:30a Regulators ask if faster is better on Wall Street
07:16:35a British yachtsmen 'freed by Iran'
07:16:40a Shoplifting a big factor in Japan retail losses
07:16:46a Geeks trump alpha males as algos dominate Wall St
07:16:52a Troj/Mdrop-CIR
07:16:57a We have the building blocks for Mideast peace
07:17:02a Now, Jordan wants to rekindle romance with Alex Reid
07:17:14a Troj/ClsLdr-Q
07:17:24a Work, Home & Community Project 2006–2009 CWL reports
07:17:30a A sober call for a limited Afghan mission
07:17:35a A federation born amid rivalry of ruling families
07:17:41a Australia Return to a secret country, by John Pilger
07:17:46a U.N. goes mum on access to Copenhagen
07:17:51a Orb to be delivered to Copenhagen talks
07:17:57a Pinchas Buchris steps down as director-general amid growing tensions in Barak camp
07:18:02a Ask John Burns About the Plan's Impact
07:18:08a Resign, level playing field in 2010 elections
07:18:13a Loneliness may spread through social networks
07:18:19a Gatecrashers' e-mail shows no confirmed invitation
07:18:27a Corrections officers to sue Jacksonville over benefits
07:18:33a City Commission working out details of Butler Plaza expansion
07:18:38a Uganda Rethink HIV Strategy
07:18:44a Green buildings catching up fast in India
07:18:49a Arrest No. 2 in Tampa's Veterans Day killings
07:18:55a Group vilifies fat found in popcorn at movie theaters
07:19:01a Hearing disability ABC The Health Report Transcript & Audio
07:19:06a CBJ Jordanian banks not exposed to Dubai World crisis
07:19:12a British Telecom may have to charge more to pay worker pensions
07:19:18a Council to discuss permitting pier for rides
07:19:23a Rahul Gandhi top newsmaker of the year online
07:19:29a Australian Senate rejects emissions-trading plan
07:19:35a Turnbull disappointed in ETS defeat
07:19:40a Google announces restrictions on news items
07:19:45a Woods
07:19:51a Changing Australia's alcohol culture ABC Life Matters Audio
07:19:56a American female unfurls Baluch independence flag
07:20:02a Nurses in residential aged care Access Economics report
07:20:07a Senate moves closer to first health vote
07:20:22a Positive report on social cohesion DIAC
07:20:28a Shared Parenting ABC Life Matters Audio
07:20:33a Cuban Catholic Church starts blog
07:20:38a Some gift items can promote nutrition, healthy lifestyle
07:20:44a Data from Herschel to shed new light on star formation in nearby galaxies
07:20:49a Obama Calls for Another 30,000 U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
07:20:55a THAI targets Bt32 bn EBITDA in 2010
07:21:00a Australian Council for Adult Literacy 2009 Conference presentations
07:21:06a Military families brace for Obama's Afghan surge
07:21:12a Suspect in police slayings is killed
07:21:17a Prominent scholar quits post as medical studies evaluator
07:21:23a Wells Fargo to shut 122 branches in state
07:21:29a Google to launch branded, VoIP-only phone with new version of Android
07:21:34a EXIM's Somporn gets promotion
07:21:40a ING Life shows strong performance
07:21:45a Boat swamped by high tide
07:21:51a India vs. Sri Lanka, day one, third Test
07:21:57a India strengthening coastal security, says naval commander
07:22:02a It's a Small World
07:22:08a £1.5m to fight coastal erosion
07:22:13a Signs Oil MOU With Mozambique's ENH
07:22:19a No. 10 Tar Heels hold off No. 9 Spartans
07:22:31a Russia's top detective hurt in train bombing
07:22:36a MCD initiates poster-free day every month
07:22:46a What price the secrets of the universe
07:22:52a Defense minister says he might visit U.S. next week over Futemma issue+
07:22:57a Beckhams design T-shirts for charity
07:23:03a Special hospital for gas victims plagued by problems
07:23:08a Malicious PDFs can commandeer Blackberries, RIM warns
07:23:13a The Bhopal health saga battling for survival every day
07:23:19a World queries new 'low' in Aussie politics
07:23:24a Rajya Sabha mourns Bhopal gas tragedy victims
07:23:30a Clooney's mum walks the red carpet with son, girlfriend
07:23:35a Lunch scoreboard India vs. Sri Lanka, day one, third Test
07:23:41a Salida Union School District finds budget mistake
07:23:46a GM to phase out Saab if there's no deal by year end
07:23:52a Iranian journalist gets nine-year jail term over unrest
07:23:57a China Airline flights to Rome via Delhi instead of Bangkok
07:24:02a Zimbabwe Dembare Kick Out Moyo
07:24:08a Youth allowance deadlock 'leaves students in lurch'
07:24:13a Brazil's president not to meet Honduran president-elect
07:24:19a Henderson exits as GM board demands faster change
07:24:24a Scientology school defends government funding
07:24:30a Al Mansouri UAE has proven its strength
07:24:35a Census jobs may help l
07:24:41a Dying man robbed in Philadelphia ER waiting
07:24:46a NZ sharemarket finishes quiet day little changed
07:24:52a Rise in doula birth partners 'undermines NHS staff'
07:24:57a Hot-shot Darron Gibson wins his spurs for Manchester United
07:25:02a MTNL dials 1/2 paise per second plan
07:25:08a UK mulls extension of McKinnon judicial review period
07:25:14a Greymouth Petroleum confirms Kowhai gas discovery
07:25:19a Southee, Tuffey to be called up for Wellington Test
07:25:24a Raw Video Thieves Take Christmas Decorations
07:25:30a Carbon cloud hangs over business
07:25:35a Former banker James Brent buys Folio Hotels
07:25:40a Watch your home with IP camera
07:25:46a London Calling
07:25:52a Humaira Rahman_part III, tribute to Nisar Baloch_qt
07:25:57a Text of President Obama's speech on Afghanistan
07:26:02a Telangana acti
07:26:08a More SA SES volunteers head for NSW
07:26:13a World stocks rally on Dubai stability
07:26:19a Don't limit retired officers working as 'senior mentors'
07:26:24a The 48-Hour Experiment
07:26:30a NH car accident hurts 3 people without seat belts
07:26:36a Lawsuit over Oklahoma election called frivolous
07:26:41a Where to Find the World
07:26:47a Iran Frees 5 Detained British Sailors
07:26:52a Zimbabwe Ex- Monoz Trio's Dreams Shattered
07:26:58a Rwanda Country Prepares for Climate Change Fund
07:27:04a Video What is the real threat to America?
07:27:09a Kinder, Gentler App Store Approvals
07:27:15a Iran frees detained British sailors report
07:27:20a South Korean Market Trades Higher; Tech, Banking Stocks Gain
07:27:26a UN suspends approval of Chinese wind farms
07:27:32a Obama's Afghan Surge Protested at White House Rally
07:27:37a Online readers, sites must pay for news
07:27:43a U.S. Treasury Launches Auction Of 12.66 Mln Capital One Warrants Update
07:27:49a SF convention goes online
07:27:54a 2 vessels bump off Cebu; no one hurt
07:27:59a Japan welcomes Obama's Afghan troop boost
07:28:05a Rwanda KCC's 24-Hour Business Operations Struggling
07:28:11a Expats in Asia see living costs surge on weak dollar
07:28:17a GM drives out chief executive after board pulls support
07:28:23a Oakland police officer witnesses fatal stabbing
07:28:28a Murdoch Demands Pay for Content
07:28:34a Pool playing worker wins case against sacking
07:28:39a Tokyo stocks rise after choppy trading, Nikkei hits new 2-week high+
07:28:45a LEAD Extra budget with 'message' may be outlined soon Hatoyama+
07:28:50a Imelda Marcos in Philippine congress bid
07:28:56a IE8 can't stem bleeding of Microsoft's browser market share
07:29:01a War vet Woman grabbed 2 guns in Pa. home invasion
07:29:07a Asian hornet might be recognised as pest in France
07:29:29a Florida lawyer pleads not guilty in case of 'greed run amok'
07:29:36a Antiwar activists in Los Angeles oppose Afghanistan troop increase
07:29:42a Armed police carry out drug search
07:29:48a Islamists claim responsibility for Russian rail bomb
07:29:53a Thai PM must prosecute rights violators HRW
07:29:59a Miami Attorney Rothstein Arrested in Ponzi Scheme
07:30:04a PetSmart Voluntarily Recalls Dentley's Beef Hooves
07:30:10a Teacher Transferred for Kissing Grade Six Girl
07:30:16a Grenade attack wounds 24 in northern Somalia
07:30:22a Home movie of Marilyn Monroe surfaces
07:30:27a Obama answers troop question, but prompts others
07:30:33a Study confirms Oz 'myth' on unskilled Kiwis
07:30:39a After junking prexy bid, Ebdane runs for Zambales governor
07:30:45a India drafts list of firms for stake sales report
07:30:51a U.S. Ambassador speaks highly of Obama's decision on Afghanistan
07:30:59a New int'l prosecutor named for UN-backed court in Cambodia
07:31:05a Police yet to name road crash victims
07:31:10a Torture'Slaying Trial, Day 1 Prosecuters Present Timeline of events
07:31:16a China's approval of GMO rice, corn seen boosting yields
07:31:21a Sri Lanka must help released war refugees Amnesty
07:31:27a 7 militants killed, over 60 arrested in NW Pakistan
07:31:33a South Africa plans earlier and expanded treatment for babies, pregnant women with HIV
07:31:39a Oil mixed in amid Iran tensions
07:31:44a Australian ex-hostage struggles with Somali ordeal
07:31:50a Confidence Helps Create Personality
07:31:56a Green Crowned 2009 Rally Champion
07:32:01a Iran releases five Britons arrested in Persian Gulf report
07:32:07a Pak expert on U.S. new strategy on Afghanistan
07:32:13a Australia's global warming bill rejected
07:32:18a No peace for the peacekeepers in Somalia
07:32:24a 'Country Won't Close Foreign Missions'
07:32:29a KML Resolves to Amend Financials
07:32:34a Wet and wild November Niwa
07:32:40a Mash Holdings Property Value Declines 32 Percent
07:32:45a English bridge for sale amid toll uproar
07:32:51a TSR supporters attack Renuka's home in Khammam
07:32:56a Chat at 1 How mutual funds can make you rich
07:33:02a High Expectations for Budget
07:33:07a Use Land to Address HIV/AIDS President
07:33:12a TRS activists attack Renuka Chowdhary's house
07:33:28a Iran approved plans for 10 uranium sites on IAEA rebuke Vice President
07:33:33a Germ
07:33:39a Thai Press Reports Iran Iran Plans to Build 10 New Uranium Enrichment Plants
07:33:44a NH car accident hurts 3 people with
07:33:49a Phone App Helps You Shop
07:33:55a After 2 crashes, IAF grounds all Sukhoi jets
07:34:00a Baltimore Mayor Convicted Of Embezzlement
07:34:07a Mumbai Test Sri Lanka 117/1 at lunch
07:34:12a No stoppage of work in Arunachal Khandu
07:34:18a Mitchells Butlers ousts directors in crackdown on dissident investors
07:34:23a Naxals kill one CRPF man in Jharkhand
07:34:29a Union may boycott NYC tree lighting TV special
07:34:35a West Liberty Women Fall On The Road / Jesuit Ladies Win
07:34:40a SAP preparing to launch rival to Google Wave
07:34:46a 11-digit mobile numbers coming in Jan 2010
07:34:51a Maoists kill abducted teacher in West Bengal
07:34:57a Jordan, Turkey sign FTA
07:35:02a Wednesday Weather Forecast
07:35:08a WKKX AM 1600 Helps Ohio Valley Kids
07:35:13a Algerian energy sector attracts foreign investment
07:35:18a Relish Vigan specialties and culture
07:35:24a Jharkhand Second phase of polling begins
07:35:29a Perspectives of Kazakhstan's 2010 Chairmanship discussed at OSCE-supported conference in Almaty
07:35:35a Sri Lanka wins toss, elect to bat
07:35:40a Uganda Court Halts Rent Collection in Nakasero Market
07:35:46a SL 142/2 in 35 Overs Ind vs SL
07:35:51a Panlilio seeks reelection in Pampanga, Church dispensation
07:35:57a Vehicle battery blast kills four Army personnel in Jalandhar
07:36:02a Speaker calls meeting over MPs' housing woes
07:36:08a Obama speech gives 'clear mission' to Nato commander
07:36:13a Ahmadinejad blasts nuclear partner Russia over IAEA vote
07:36:19a Junk Bonanza for Private Equity
07:36:25a The Obama speech Still not quite sure what victory looks like
07:36:30a Scientology school defends funding
07:36:35a Caltex vows to push on with Mobil buy
07:36:41a NY loan maker closes after loosing FHA license
07:36:46a Kingfisher pilot presses hijack button by mistake
07:36:52a Japan PM, central bank chief to discuss economy
07:36:58a India key partner on way forward in Afghanistan, Pakistan Roemer
07:37:03a S. Korea decides on feasibility study for undersea tunnel to Japan+
07:37:09a Gold Tops as Risk Appetite Returns
07:37:14a Japan's Central Bank Provides Short-Term Loans
07:37:19a Najib wants MCA internal problems resolved quickly
07:37:25a Judge's failure to stand down from case probed
07:37:31a A New Afghanistan Strategy Implications for the United States and the NATO Coalition
07:37:36a Full text Obama on Afghanistan and Pakistan
07:37:41a Packers' Number-one Defense Wants to be Even Better
07:37:47a China's OK on GMO rice, corn seen boosting yields
07:37:52a Jesuit And West Lib Men Both Win
07:37:57a Sarwan pressing for second Test
07:38:03a African-American group challenges Cuba on race
07:38:08a Impact of Bush Years on Middle East
07:38:17a Commitment Vital to Fight HIV
07:38:22a Storms lash central Queensland
07:38:27a NBA pace-setting Suns ripped by Knicks, ex-coach
07:38:33a India consulted by Obama on Afghanistan
07:38:38a Richardson Talks About State Dinner Crashers
07:38:44a Q&A How BOJ's new monetary easing measure would work+
07:38:49a Demi Moore narrates hard-hitting video about young African mum
07:38:54a Teen in court over home invasion murder
07:39:00a Somali pirates now out of Aden—labor chief
07:39:05a War Pigs
07:39:11a Obama Addresses Nation On New Afghan Strategy
07:39:16a Sitter's boyfriend fractured baby's skull, cops say boyfriend fractured baby+'s skull+, cops say
07:39:22a Half-dozen burglaries spook quiet neighborhoods in Rye burglaries spook quiet neighborhoods in Rye
07:39:27a 'B'Tselem tops European funding list'
07:39:33a Comesa Piles Pressure for Speedy Sale of Sugar Firms
07:39:39a W. Bank mayors plan their own freeze to protest moratorium
07:39:45a Craigslist Blocks Yahoo Pipes After Dev Shows Craig His New Mashup
07:39:50a Liberal Issuing Barrage Of Obama Criticism
07:39:56a Business Software Alliance asks Britons to become paid informants
07:40:01a First meeting for hose house committee
07:40:08a Do I Need To Exercise To Speed Up Metabolism?
07:40:13a New Effort Pays Taliban To 'Turn Turbans'
07:40:19a Pollard enraged by deal to free Schalit
07:40:24a Somali pirate stock-market 'we've made piracy a community activity.'
07:40:33a Cereal used to smuggle cannabis into prison
07:40:38a What's the hold up on H1N1 vaccines?
07:40:44a Five killed in foiled robbery
07:40:50a Honduran lawmakers debate ousted leader's future
07:40:56a A man passes in front of a share prices board in Tokyo
07:41:01a Hong Kong man, 44, named World's Best Santa Claus
07:41:06a Shotgun wielding robber holds up north Spokane market
07:41:12a Photo of ghostly eye on ceiling
07:41:17a Obama's Afghanistan escalation speech now *here's* a response video
07:41:23a North Korea to Stand Trial for Supporting Terror in Israel
07:41:28a Google Gears retiring as HTML 5 takes over
07:41:34a Your World of Warcraft toon on a poster
07:41:40a What Does U.S. Need To Do To Win Afghan War?
07:41:45a Military Families Feeling The Toll Of War
07:41:51a Asia's Bonds Markets Must Tackle Trio of Challenges, ADB Says
07:41:57a Matsui, Damon not offered arbitration by Yankees
07:42:02a Satellite debris misses Int'l Space Station
07:42:08a Hoarder Found Dead Surrounded By 6 Ft. of Garbage
07:42:14a Man convicted for Internet hoax death
07:42:19a Senate Remembers Msika
07:42:25a LeapFrog Invests in AllLife, Innovative African HIV and Diabetes Insurer
07:42:30a Obama makes Afghan conflict truly his own
07:42:35a Pics From The Premiere of 'Up in the Air'
07:42:41a IAF grounds entire Sukhoi fleet for safety checks
07:42:46a Nikkei edges up 0.4% as yen falls
07:42:52a Iran 'releases' British sailors
07:42:57a French and Benelux stocks Factors to watch on Dec 2
07:43:03a Aspirin could compromise effectiveness of vaccines
07:43:08a 500 years of golden age magic between two covers Magic, 1400s-1950s
07:43:14a Gartner cuts Acer's past PC shipments
07:43:20a Indonesia's Bumi sees 15 pct rise in 2010 coal sales
07:43:26a Dane who ripped his DVDs demands to be arrested under DRM law
07:43:31a SC assures security for court handling massacre case
07:43:37a Pedestrians cross a road in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district
07:43:42a CBS wins November TV sweeps; Fox scores big gains
07:43:48a Alvarez to step down as McDonald's president, operating chief due to health
07:43:53a UC extends application deadline after computer glitch
07:43:59a Apple Scores Top & Bottom of Energy Efficient Computer Scale
07:44:04a Police make progress in massacre case
07:44:10a Rahul top online newsmaker of 2009 on Yahoo!
07:44:15a NBC Universal sale makes key breakthrough
07:44:21a Gold soars past to new record high
07:44:30a Bridge upgrade to proceed, despite blow-out
07:44:35a Bill Berkowitz Rick Warren, Have You No Shame?
07:44:41a Stepfather sticky tapes child to chair
07:44:46a Tears flow at Nazi accused's trial
07:44:52a Tahawwur Rana's bail plea hearing today
07:44:58a Australian Government Responds to the Older People & the Law Report
07:45:04a Domestic-related homicide keynote papers from the 2008 international conference on homicide AIC
07:45:09a No ticket, just credit card needed for Miley Cyrus concert
07:45:14a GM's Board Wants an Outsider CEO
07:45:20a Mechanical flapping steampunk leather zeppelin
07:45:25a Zenit Rocket Delivers New Communications Satellite to Orbit
07:45:31a World Aids Day Punitive Drug Laws, Policing Practices Impede HIV/Aids Response
07:45:36a West Point offers gravitas, rapt audience
07:45:42a Captured British Sailors 'Are Released'
07:45:47a One injured in Lutz house fire
07:45:53a Amanda Knox lawyer urges jury to acquit her
07:45:59a Workers rush to apply for hotel jobs
07:46:04a Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW Employer Course Calendar 2010
07:46:10a Alcohol-related injuries flood NSW emergency rooms AER report
07:46:16a Palestine not only Arab matter
07:46:21a Kercher trial evidence 'flawed'
07:46:27a Investment in innovation in Wales ‘continuing despite recession’
07:46:32a West Melbourne water rate increase washes over first hurdle
07:46:38a Cardiff digital incubator is first to get international award
07:46:44a Former Davis player endures at USU
07:46:49a Manmohan to visit Russia from Dec 6-8
07:46:55a Rise in suicides in Saudi Arabia
07:47:01a Rwanda Parliament Approves Donor Projects
07:47:17a Powerful bomb found inside hospital complex in Imphal
07:47:23a US soldiers remains repatriated
07:47:29a Big Bang atom smasher sends beams in t
07:47:34a Isetan Mitsukoshi Falls On Weak Nov Sales
07:47:40a Teen admits failure to report killing
07:47:45a Parents fight boundaries
07:47:51a Gene In Sperm 'Shortens Male Lifespan'
07:47:56a Russia made a mistake over IAEA vote
07:48:07a Sinochem, Nufarm set to extend deal talks
07:48:12a Tuesday's Trend - Roxy's Jewelry
07:48:18a Police officer shot dead in Uttar Pradesh
07:48:23a Highlights ND West Haven 42; Conard 14
07:48:29a Dubai's Mulk Holdings forms JV in India
07:48:35a Legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, 80, to retire
07:48:40a A better carbon tax
07:48:45a Jama 100 years ago sleeping sickness
07:48:51a Cyber Monday sales climb 13.7%
07:48:57a Video Obama Orders 30,000-troop Boost in Afghanistan
07:49:02a Zijin offers A545m for miner Indophil in latest resource bid
07:49:08a Compatriots Congress, Yukos Ruling, Luzhkov Suit
07:49:13a Gujarat equipped to be top tourist spot Modi
07:49:19a At Home Chef Denise Mioduszewski
07:49:24a Chip Sales Rose 5
07:49:29a 3 siblings found dead in Panabo City
07:49:35a Australia's global warming bill rejected
07:49:40a How will history remember this decade?
07:49:46a Selling property? Remember this
07:49:51a 10% cap on divestment in PSU to stay for now
07:49:57a Lakers overpower Hornets 110-99 with Bynum, Bryant
07:50:02a Acusan al heredero de clan por masacre en Filipinas
07:50:08a U.S. Auto Sales Climb
07:50:13a million Powerball win unclaimed
07:50:18a Bolas chinas y vibradores
07:50:23a Pound up, US Dollar, Euro, Yen and Yuan down
07:50:29a FNF Semifinal Tuesday
07:50:34a A new field of inquiry Salahis' polo cup
07:50:39a Highlights Montville 49; Bullard Havens 12
07:50:45a Country to Engage Botswana Over Pirate Radio Stations
07:50:51a Highlights Bethel 34; New London 12
07:50:56a Aer Lingus unable to reach deal, to cut more jobs
07:51:02a 'Twilight' finale might be split into two
07:51:07a Gaylord Opryland ICE! 2009
07:51:13a Auckland's third harbour crossing a priority
07:51:20a Smart meters planned to cut electricity bills for millions of homes
07:51:26a No plan to withdraw stimulus this year Govt
07:51:32a Simpsons celebrate 20th anniversary
07:51:38a Highlights East Lyme 39; Vinal Tech/Coginchaug 0
07:51:44a Linda Welcome Makes Holiday Ornaments
07:51:49a Obama's speech on troop surge in Afgha
07:51:55a Doris Roberts Speaks To Scot & Kara
07:52:01a Australia in one last try for carbon emissions scheme
07:52:06a Pension funds call for more long-dated gilts
07:52:12a Man jailed for violence offences against family
07:52:18a MMG attempts to oust DNZ board members
07:52:23a Indonesian anti-graft official warns of huge losses from corruption
07:52:29a Auckland Harbour Bridge costs double
07:52:34a Education challenge to new leader
07:52:39a Harriet Gets An Ambush Makeover
07:52:45a Jordan, EU sign scientific research agreement
07:52:51a 2 police officers shot in NY apartment building
07:52:56a Afghans Unimpressed by Obama's Troops Surge
07:53:02a North Caucasus Islamists Claim Deadly Russian Train Blast
07:53:08a How to make your dividends tax-free
07:53:13a received towards NZ Film Archive
07:53:19a Deep-snapper Morovick set to take his final hikes as a Husky
07:53:25a SC woman faces ID theft charges in Denver
07:53:31a The biggest risk for financial markets
07:53:37a Two Oz-Indian brothers were killed while taking photographs at Kiwi glacier
07:53:43a Obama unveils new Afghanistan strategy, announces troop surge
07:53:48a Vodafone loses appeal on historic Kiwishare levy costs
07:53:54a Lawmaker Cuts within days
07:53:59a Highlights Cheshire 20; Glastonbury 6
07:54:04a Australian senate rejects ETS
07:54:10a Asian editorial excerpts 2-+
07:54:15a Death-cheating teen thanks rescuers
07:54:20a Sinochem prolongs assessment of Nufarm takeover
07:54:26a Cost of smoking set to rise as City introduces 80 litter fine
07:54:31a Judge's failure to stand down from case probed
07:54:37a Now, savings account available with NPS
07:54:42a Updated Afternoon Webcast 340 P.M.
07:54:48a Lost rocket's GPS battery dies
07:54:53a Reject vote in Honduras, Zelaya urges
07:54:58a Zooming In On NGC 7023
07:55:04a Highlights Berlin 35; Avon 28
07:55:09a Oscillating ERK
07:55:15a Oral Rotavirus Vaccine Promising in Infants
07:55:20a Your Tuesday Morning Forecast
07:55:25a 14 of 22 Lanao Norte towns watched for poll violence
07:55:31a Warehouse industrial strategy released
07:55:38a How to Sell Your Stamp Collection for the Best Price
07:55:43a Rwanda Reconciliation Week Begins Today
07:55:49a Cambodia, Thai troops play volleyball at border
07:55:54a Mall Santas Are Concerned About Swine Flu
07:55:59a Attorney Woods
07:56:05a Imelda Marcos seeks congress seat spokeswoman
07:56:11a Dollar consolidates recent gains
07:56:16a Australia carbon laws fail to pass Senate
07:56:22a A Slight Miscalculation
07:56:27a Democrats push to extend benefits for unemployed
07:56:39a Hatoyama cautious about introducing environmental tax in April+
07:56:45a 'Can telcos transfer money?'
07:56:51a Marine faces final hurdle in Haditha case
07:56:57a Top Three Sites for Christmas Shopping
07:57:02a British yachtsmen freed by Iran, says state radio
07:57:08a Deadline for city rebuild scheme
07:57:14a Corzine's total tally
07:57:19a Gay marriage thwarted in Argentina
07:57:25a Afghanistan endgame or escalation
07:57:30a Chitika Advertising Program Review
07:57:36a A History of Software Piracy and Video Games
07:57:41a EU's Treaty of Lisbon goes on effect
07:57:47a Andrew Eiva-Part I, Baluchistan International Conference
07:57:56a Tenn. executes man who killed 3 at store in 1980
07:58:01a Social Networking Oddities
07:58:07a Acute abdomen secondary to rare yolk sac tumour
07:58:12a Men Bring HIV Home
07:58:17a Clever Ways to Promote Your Website
07:58:22a Pascal Road a gravel strip
07:58:28a Five in custody after car theft spree
07:58:33a Telecom regulation a risk here
07:58:39a Windows XP Registry Repair Tips
07:58:44a Police Force short by 1,400 officers
07:58:50a Zimbabwe Children's parliament speaks out on rights issues
07:58:55a Protests Over Vallejo Mayor's Comments On Gays
07:59:01a Most states don't adopt orders on sex offenders
07:59:06a ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa arrested in Bangladesh
07:59:11a Healthy eating the vegetarian
07:59:17a 'Light Up A Life' remembers those who've passed on
07:59:23a Youths jailed for robbery
07:59:31a The Symptoms of Malware Is Your PC Infected?
07:59:36a Harper stance on human rights scrutinized as China visit beg
07:59:42a Afghanistan 'not another Vietnam'
07:59:47a Asians allowed to use mobile phones during matches in Austria
07:59:53a Govt to get second tranche euros early 2010
07:59:58a County supervisor condemns big bonuses at local health group
08:00:04a English schools still failing
08:00:09a Jail Overcrowding A Serious Problem in Costa Rica As It Combats Rise In Crime
08:00:15a Blog and Website SEO, Putting Your Key Words in Your Footer
08:00:20a Islamist rebels claim Russian rail bombing
08:00:26a WHO has new moves to reduce AI ...
08:00:31a Vietnam's Agriseco To Debut 120 Million Shares On Bourse Dec 10
08:00:37a S. Africa to ramp up HIV treatment
08:00:42a Seattle officer kills suspect in coffee shop slayings
08:00:53a President tries his best to make escalation sound like endgame
08:00:59a Judge delays sentencing for detention deputies
08:01:05a Gateway NV7802u Laptop Product Review
08:01:10a Pair deny crashing state dinner
08:01:16a Palestine- Settlers block gov't inspectors
08:01:21a Phone Cases Are More Helpful Than a Pain
08:01:32a NKR expects 13% economic growth in 2010
08:01:37a FACTBOX-Key facts and figures about Afghanistan
08:01:42a Assistant surgeon in 'senior' role, coroner told
08:01:48a To Grant 7 Browse Retention Lease Renewals
08:01:55a Child prostitution not guilty plea
08:02:01a Highlights NW Catholic 24; Ansonia 0
08:02:06a Iran Releases British Sailors
08:02:12a Booze bans target violence
08:02:17a Facebook's privacy changes and Twitter co-founder's new project
08:02:23a Reward offered for mail robber
08:02:29a EXCLUSIVE-India's provisional CO2 cut target at 24 pct by 2020
08:02:34a Aussies' iceberg party plans drift away
08:02:40a Sydney's Olympic stadium gets ODI status
08:02:45a Rural research 'fat cat' salaries face the chop
08:02:51a Stimulus package worth 7 trillion yen planned
08:02:57a Why we need our own River Cottage
08:03:02a Australia backs Obama's Afghan strategy
08:03:08a ULFA's Rajkhowa arrested in Bangladesh, say sources
08:03:13a Little change to grim Murray-Darling Basin conditions
08:03:19a Govt to release one-year performance report on Dec 23
08:03:24a Aussie's climate change map now used by UN
08:03:30a LEAD Painter Hirayama dies at 79+
08:03:36a TCCI joins push for land tax reform
08:03:42a Bank of Japan to pump into markets
08:03:47a Voss mourns former Lion's passing
08:03:53a Report highlights Loxton Waikerie business opportunities
08:03:59a Thai court partially lifts suspension at industrial estate
08:04:16a Microsoft, HP, Citrix form cloud computing alliance
08:04:21a Taiwan Plans To Invest More Than NT2 Billion In E-Book Industry
08:04:27a Avalanche took 'posing' brothers
08:04:32a Rwanda Minister Calls for Mindset Change on Condom Use
08:04:38a Scientist Who Helps Explain Pain Wins Grawemeyer Award
08:04:43a Who's afraid of high-frequency trading?
08:04:49a Aussie up vs yen for 3rd session in row; bonds skid
08:04:54a More police on the Mandurah rail line
08:05:00a ANALYSIS Obama's escalation challenges U.S. military
08:05:05a Uganda/Burundi Cranes Eye Last Eight, Burundi Confident
08:05:10a Rwanda Kamanzi Addresses Senate Ahead of Copenhagen Meet
08:05:16a Major Adelaide Oval upgrade announced
08:05:21a Rwanda Karekezi Named in All-Star Team
08:05:27a Crash chaos on motorway
08:05:32a Taiwan's authorities trying to rid election of phantom voters
08:05:38a Obama sends more troops - 'our security is at stake'
08:05:44a Irrigation allocations to stay at 48pc
08:05:49a FBM KLCI lower at midday, BTM among gainers
08:05:55a British Captives in Iran Face Uncertain Fate
08:06:01a LEAD Tokyo stocks rise after choppy trading, Nikkei hits new 2-week high+
08:06:06a Cooranga ewe lambs to
08:06:13a Michael Jackson tops Yahoo search in 09
08:06:18a Australian Minister Says Final No To Traveston Dam Proposal
08:06:25a Australia risks global vandal tag after climate bill defeat
08:06:31a Half of all parents allow teens to drink
08:06:37a Milk contracts flow to National Foods
08:06:43a Army probes Jalandhar blast
08:06:49a Student 'not guilty' of murdering cabbie
08:06:55a Cost of Afghan war explodes with new strategy
08:07:01a Rihanna always sexy
08:07:06a Mischa Barton happy with hospital
08:07:12a School says funding changes may spark student services cut
08:07:18a McDonald's COO to retire for health reasons
08:07:24a Rwanda My RDB Tour of Duty Was an Eye Opener Joe Ritchie
08:07:39a Minimal impact on Cocoland if sugar subsidy is removed
08:07:53a Design business engulfed by fire
08:08:03a Local doctor weighs in on guidelines
08:08:09a NOAA Proposes Rule to Reduce Charter Halibut Catch
08:08:14a Private Security Firms to Be Merged NSCDC
08:08:20a NOAA's Simulation Tool Prepares Oregon Coastal Towns for Tsunamis and Floods
08:08:25a Bolt sorry for no-show
08:08:35a Magic dad Daniel Radcliffe
08:08:42a This Cyrus tour sheds Hannah
08:08:56a Medical-marijuana hearing to consider expanding its use
08:09:01a NOAA Unveils New Alert System for La Niña and El Niño
08:09:07a Uganda Trio Sent Packing in Kampala Leg
08:09:12a Abuja Drivers Cautioned Over End-of-Year Festivities
08:09:18a Low Participation of Banks, State Govts Threatens MCF
08:09:23a Rwanda Gasabo Vice Mayor Given Ultimatum Over Teachers' Salaries
08:09:28a NOAA's 'EstuaryLive' Webcast Takes Students on Virtual Field Trip
08:09:34a Rwanda No Agreement
08:09:39a Ousted Philippine president wants job back
08:09:45a Japanese stocks lacklustre on central bank loan plans
08:09:50a NOAA National Weather Service Fire Weather Experts Assisting in Australia
08:09:56a Practical Traveler When Crime Comes to Paradise
08:10:01a Fuel Crisis Cripples Abuja, Other Cities
08:10:07a Hospital staff helps the needy
08:10:13a Commerce and Interior Departments Announce Launch of National System of Marine Protected Areas
08:10:18a Rwanda Mucyo to Table Genocide Report Before Parliament
08:10:24a Windows 7 users hit by 'black screen of death'
08:10:31a Manatees return to TECO center
08:10:36a 40 Fired At Chiadzwa Mine Over Looting
08:10:42a BAE to propose that Typhoon replace RMAF's MIG-29N
08:10:48a Farm for Mugabe spin doc
08:10:53a Florida native's local roadside garden is a traffic stopper
08:10:59a NOAA Finds Decline in Pollock; Recommends Catch Cut to Council
08:11:05a NOAA Reports Northern Fur Seal Pup Estimate Decline
08:11:10a Jamaica to eliminate mom-to-child infection by 2015
08:11:16a Outpatient Disc Treatment Gives Long-Term Back Pain Relief
08:11:21a 30,000 New Troops, Exit Begins 2011
08:11:27a NOAA Encourages Bay Area Boaters to Watch Out for Whales
08:11:32a Guest editor profile Former journalist stands in the public's defence
08:11:41a Holiday events crowding calendar
08:11:47a DrKarimAbdian_part II_qt
08:11:54a New Economic Report Finds Commercial and Recreational Fishing Generated More Than Two Million Jobs
08:12:00a Andrew Eiva Part II, Baluchistan International Conference
08:12:09a High-throughput microRNAome analysis in human germ cell tumours
08:12:15a One person killed in a crash
08:12:23a Sri Lanka bats first in final Test
08:12:31a Thompson, state health officer, dies
08:12:38a Seeking a way to survive
08:12:44a Optimism returns to wine seller
08:12:50a Complete coverage of the Lakewood shooting
08:12:55a NOAA Names First Woman to Direct National Geodetic Survey
08:13:01a Terriers' Crawford gets win
08:13:06a Designing holiday cards is child's play
08:13:11a Dodgy plane forces PM to have lei over
08:13:17a Readers sound off about traffic cameras, red-light runners
08:13:26a South Africa Imperial's Operations Under Pressure Due to Subdued Trading Conditions
08:13:32a 10,000 people are suffering from HIV/AIDS in UER
08:13:37a NOAA Announces Million Grants to Museums for Earth Science Exhibits
08:13:43a Market finishes quiet day little changed
08:13:48a ASIC team to spearhead ASX transfer
08:13:54a AMAC Market Project Via PDP Initiative Jisalo
08:13:59a Take a Virtual Tour of the National Hurricane Center
08:14:05a Do some foiling around
08:14:10a Former Gray's Reef Sanctuary Research Vessel Has Second Life as Home to Sea Creatures
08:14:16a NOAA's Fisheries Service Releases Disaster Aid to West Coast Salmon Fishing Industry
08:14:21a Parliament Debates the word 'shame'
08:14:33a NOAA Proposes Critical Habitat for Threatened Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals
08:14:38a South Africa Crisis Forces Eskom to Look Again At Private Sector Role
08:14:44a Rip Current Awareness Week June 1-7
08:14:57a Proposed University Park smoking ban goes to panel for study
08:15:03a Text of President Obama's speech on Afghanistan
08:15:08a Iran 'releases' British sailors
08:15:14a Australia's former Labor prime minister attacks foreshadowing of Work Choices
08:15:20a Vietnam Shares End Down 3.1% On Concerns Over End Of Cheap Loans
08:15:25a Life May Exist on 'Super-Earths'
08:15:31a New NOAA Maps Show Big Island Has Most Live Coral of Main Hawaiian Islands
08:15:37a NOAA Outlines Annual Catch Limits to End Overfishing
08:15:48a Obama sends 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, eyes pullout
08:15:53a GE Nabs Vivendi Stake in NBCU
08:16:02a News Pub fined Â8,000 after Wi-Fi used for illegal downloads
08:16:08a Hurricane Forecasters Bring Preparedness Message to Mexico and Caribbean
08:16:14a NOAA Charges Charter Operators with Illegal Fishing for Striped Bass
08:16:19a Visitor arrivals inch up 4% in first 10 months of the year
08:16:29a China new loans may fall to 6 trillion
08:16:35a News Pub fined 8,000 after Wi-Fi used for illegal downloads
08:16:42a One stop, driver! Ministry puts brakes on new bus plan
08:16:52a 'Gas row NTPC case isolated from RIL'
08:16:58a 2 Chinese drown, 2 others injured, one missing in Pattaya boat accident
08:17:03a Boy loses toe as security guard's gun goes off
08:17:09a New High-Tech Research Ship to Serve NOAA's Flower Garden Banks Sanctuary
08:17:17a Parents support embattled educator support embattled educator
08:17:22a Before Audience of Cadets, a Sobering Message of War
08:17:28a Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands Safely in Florida
08:17:37a Human Trafficking NAPTIP Rescues 4,000 Victims, Convicts 65
08:17:42a Harvest Moon Hints XXVIII
08:17:48a Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the maxillary sinus
08:17:53a British sailors had 'no malic
08:17:59a WISE Tucked Inside Its Nose Cone
08:18:04a RSL soccer club scores at finals
08:18:10a Police Search for Thanksgiving Shooter
08:18:16a Obama sends 30,000 troops to Afghanistan
08:18:21a Police forces 'must curb spending'
08:18:26a Japan welcomes Obama's Afghan troop boost
08:18:32a Vice President Dickson Chu of PayPal, an eBay Company, Joins
08:18:37a Man charged, linked to KSU beating death
08:18:43a Friends plan heart benefit
08:18:48a U.S. Plan Shame Banks Into Modifying Mortgages
08:19:04a NOAA Jason-2 Satellite Data Now Available to Scientists
08:19:09a Quarterback's touchdowns aid diabetes association
08:19:15a NOAA Issues Final Guidance on Annual Catch Limits to End Overfishing
08:19:20a Aesthetics MD Can Help You Look Younger
08:19:26a Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the sinonasal tract
08:19:32a Story of Stuff takes on Copenhagen
08:19:37a Atypical fibroxanthoma/malignant fibrous histiocytoma
08:19:43a Bankers' pay does matter Honohan
08:19:49a Analysis A war strategy with echoes of Bush
08:19:55a Treasury demands RBS bonus control
08:20:01a FACT CHECK Obama skims over some Afghan realities
08:20:07a PHOTOS Suspect's Alleged Accomplices In Lakewood Office Shooting
08:20:12a DRIV3R Hints XXXVI
08:20:18a NOAA and Partners Restore Salt Marsh and Fish Passage on Cape Cod
08:20:23a Background General Stanley McChrystal
08:20:29a Seafood Consumption Declines Slightly in 2007
08:20:35a Bayelsa PDP Crisis Nass Members Condemn PDP's Role
08:20:40a NOAA's Fisheries Service Seeks Comments on Loggerhead Sea Turtles
08:20:46a Not HHS secretary, but in health care fight anyway
08:21:00a Funeral for blast victim soldier
08:21:15a Small Bay of Plenty community honours new judge
08:21:20a Batistuta, De Boer to be Qatar Bid ambassadors for World Club 2022
08:21:26a Report Offshore Aquaculture Would Benefit U.S. Economy
08:21:32a Crown says defence framing theory 'doesn't wash
08:21:40a Pure Water Dealer Crushes Two At Galadima Junction
08:21:48a Golf cart drivers to get safe route
08:21:54a LA charter school founder repays organization 50K
08:21:59a QCA suggests new electricity pricing
08:22:04a Hang Seng Index up 1.3pc at break
08:22:13a Rising cancer rate in girls baffles scientists
08:22:19a Japanese carriers boost restrictions on carry-on luggage on domestic flights
08:22:24a Product Review HP G71-340 Media Laptop
08:22:30a Key Climate Sensor Restored to NPOESS
08:22:35a 'It's been a great 34 seasons'
08:22:41a NOAA Employing New Tools to Accurately Measure Climate Change
08:22:47a Corrections 12/2/09 12/2/09
08:22:53a Free Christmas trees for unemployed in Mill Creek
08:23:01a An old building gets a fresh look
08:23:07a Key expected to attend Copenhagen conference
08:23:17a Commerce Secretary Determines Sockeye Salmon Disaster Affecting Puget Sound Fishermen
08:23:22a Gay rights advocate joins Senate race
08:23:28a US NZ relations warm with visits, trade talks
08:23:33a We Are Not Broke, Says Sokoto Govt
08:23:39a Longtime lumber yard's remnants to be swept away
08:23:45a US media on Afghan troop surge
08:23:53a Comelec receives record number of presidential aspirants
08:23:58a Whale watch upset at seismic tests
08:24:04a Kabul welcomes US surge, NATO says more to follow
08:24:10a WH gate-crashers went without confirmed invitation
08:24:17a UConn duo a big concern for USF
08:24:27a Car chase caught on camera
08:24:36a Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument Considered For World Heritage Site Designation
08:24:46a NOAA, National Association of Black Scuba Divers Explore Shared History
08:24:51a US not asking NZ for more troops, says Washington
08:24:57a Gas tragedy Toxins, birth defects plague Bhopal
08:25:02a MS launches Seven 7s to fight Windows 7 piracy
08:25:08a Jefferson line is leading the way
08:25:13a British yachtsmen 'freed by Iran'
08:25:28a 'Chocolate Factory' in gear
08:25:33a Tough job ahead to conclude Doha Round trade talks in 2010 Chinese commerce minister
08:25:39a Stop Deporting Rwandan Asylum Seekers
08:25:44a Dilshan, Pranavitana give Sri Lanka a good start
08:25:50a New NOAA Ocean Observing System in Gulfport Supports Safe, Efficient Navigation
08:25:55a Egan doubted abuse claims, files show doubted abuse claims+, files show
08:26:01a South Africa Parreira's Loyalty is to Brazil Not Bafana Bafana
08:26:07a NOAA Releases Plans for Managing and Protecting Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
08:26:12a River Ridge girls off to a hot start despite LOL loss
08:26:18a Iran frees five detained British sailors
08:26:23a Recalling 2007, West Virginia's Stewart passed on field goals
08:26:29a NOAA Declares Nation's First StormReady® Supporter High School
08:26:35a What Berlusconi's Tan Obama 'Jokes' Say About Italy
08:26:40a Dick Clothier Honored for Contributions to National Weather Service Volunteer Observer Program
08:26:46a NOAA To Hold Public Hearing on Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency Federal Consistency Appeal
08:26:56a Shoppach's bat intrigues Rays
08:27:01a Tenn. Inmate Executed
08:27:07a NOAA Names New Head of Global Monitoring Division
08:27:17a A place for a little foiling around
08:27:23a Child porn accused facing fresh charges
08:27:29a Pot shot proves that some still like it hot with Marilyn
08:27:34a NOAA Administrator Expresses Concern over Satellite Contractor Delay
08:27:41a Iran frees five detained British sailors Fars
08:27:46a NOAA to Conduct Environmental Study of Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet
08:27:52a NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program Offers New Guide to Diving in America's Underwater Treasures
08:27:57a Gold hits record for second day
08:28:03a Gift makes a disabled man's Christmas brighter
08:28:08a Brandon High to host electric car races
08:28:14a NOAA Completes White Abalone Recovery Plan
08:28:24a Zimbabwe Indian Accused of Illegal Diamond Dealing, Possession
08:28:29a Princess Become Ambassador
08:28:34a Numis swings to full-year loss
08:28:44a Chairs Needed At Polls
08:28:49a Rooted in the future
08:28:55a Who's afraid of high-frequency trading?
08:29:00a Nation Needs Foreign Investment to Realise Vision 20-2020 VP
08:29:05a Students Selected for 2008 NOAA Scholarships Honoring Dr. Nancy Foster
08:29:28a NOAA Considers Ways to Handle Sea Lions That Threaten Protected Salmon
08:29:34a New Science Paper Says Carbon Emissions Threaten Coral Reefs
08:29:44a NOAA Study Shows Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean Dolphin Populations Improving
08:29:49a CDC Less flu activity, more vaccine supply create better conditions
08:29:55a NOAA Announces Funding to Support Ocean Observing in Southern California
08:30:01a Rainfall Figures Dismal
08:30:16a NOAA Seeks Greater Protections for Threatened Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals
08:30:21a Rees insists he won't hand over his job
08:30:27a Study Expanding Tropical Belt Could Affect Climate
08:30:32a NOAA to Close NJ Tautog Fishery April 1
08:30:37a NOAA Cautions Public to Avoid Seal Pups on California Beaches
08:30:43a NOAA's Oldest Ship, John N. Cobb, to be Retired
08:30:50a Time for newspapers choose between the DEC or IBM model
08:31:00a Esperanza center moves services
08:31:06a NOAA Declares Buffalo Bills as First StormReady® Supporter Team in NFL
08:31:11a NOAA Joins with International Commission to Restore Muskegon Lake
08:31:21a Eatery a deli by day, bistro by night
08:31:26a NOAA Announces 15-Year Plan to Upgrade its Fleet of Research Ships
08:31:31a NOAA Names Balsiger Acting Director for National Marine Fisheries Service
08:31:37a Ind. sees more homeless students as economy slumps
08:31:43a U.S. Climate Change Science Program Issues Revised Research Plan
08:31:48a Students aim to get fiscally fit
08:31:53a Golf Coach Set to Pick Provisional Squad
08:31:59a NOAA Scientists Train African Team to be Fisheries Observers
08:32:04a Coates fires up in sport funding row
08:32:10a Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Declares Fishery Resource Disaster for Gulf of Mexico
08:32:15a Students Selected for 2008 NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarships
08:32:23a Condom use in China ballooning
08:32:28a NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration Poised to Respond as Hurricane Season Starts
08:32:34a HK, China shares up; Geely at record high
08:32:39a NRL retains McIntyre system for finals
08:32:45a Iran editor gets 9-year jail term over vote unrest
08:32:51a Rivers State, UN Agency to Begin Assessment of Oil-Contaminated Region
08:32:57a NOAA Seven Stocks Removed from Overfishing Lists, None Added
08:33:02a Men rob FedEx subcontractor, steal car, packages
08:33:08a Holiday concerts, theater on tap
08:33:17a Ogilvy wary of wind at Australian Open
08:33:22a Recreational Catch Down Slightly, Remains Second Highest Catch in Decade
08:33:28a NOAA Historical Hurricane Tracks Web Site Helps Users Prepare for Big Storms
08:33:33a NOAA Scientists Among Finalists for Top Public Service Awards
08:33:51a NOAA to Honor National Leaders in Sustainable Fisheries
08:33:56a NOAA Offers Reward for Information on Sea Turtle Poaching
08:34:06a NOAA Debuts 'Nautical Charts' As New Elementary Multimedia Educational Tool
08:34:12a Marco, this season's 13th tropical storm, to move into western Mexico on Tuesday.
08:34:18a Iran frees five detained British sailors reports
08:34:32a Westchester news briefs news briefs
08:34:37a Local doctor weighs in on screening guidelines
08:34:42a Enjoying a Jam session
08:34:48a NOAA Brings Conservation Internship Program to the Coasts
08:34:54a Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Announces Million in Education Grants to New England
08:34:59a Commentary Obama's decision an act of leadership
08:35:05a Blind woman's plea
08:35:11a Uniqlo Nov Sales Rise 7.9%
08:35:16a O'Connor confident in baby Sevens squad
08:35:27a Accused of helping shooting suspect, two appear in court
08:35:45a Japan welcomes new U.S. Afghan policy, yet denies more aid+
08:35:53a What happens next after Carwyn Jones is chosen as Labour leader in Wales
08:35:59a No More French Combat Troops For Afghanistan
08:36:04a NOAA and University of California Sign Ground Lease for New Fisheries Science Center
08:36:10a Dean, Felix, and Noel Retired From List of Storm Names
08:36:17a Zimbabwe Blitz Nets 114 More
08:36:23a V8 title just the start for Whincup
08:36:32a Gas tragedy Chem cocktails still plague Bhopal
08:36:43a New Report Shows Loss of Coastal Wetlands in Eastern U.S.
08:36:48a Mad Man Crams 12V Cummins
08:36:54a Post Office bank plans outlined
08:37:04a Teen charged in Russian roulette shooting death in St. Paul
08:37:10a NOAA Launches National Marine Debris Education Effort
08:37:15a Japan's New Leader to Face Campaign Inquiry
08:37:21a NOAA's Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Opens Public Comment Period on Research Area Concept
08:37:26a University chapel fills a void
08:37:32a Playground off limits for rehab
08:37:37a NOAA Releases List of Fisheries that Interact with Marine Mammals
08:37:43a Baltimore's Mayor Is Convicted
08:37:49a NOAA Deploys 'Smart Buoy” at Mouth of Susquehanna River
08:37:54a Japan's Relationship With U.S. Gets a Closer Look
08:38:01a Commerce Secretary Determines Blue Crab Disaster in Chesapeake Bay
08:38:11a Body found may be missing Japanese cartoonist
08:38:17a Gains, Constraints of the Billion West Africa Gas Pipeline Project
08:38:29a International Community Should Respond To Israel Appropriately Iran
08:38:34a 2010 Infiniti G37 Goes Beverly Hills, Gets Nose Job La Auto Show
08:38:40a NOAA and VT Halter Marine Launch Fourth Fisheries Survey Vessel
08:38:46a Israel's Koor gets 100 mln euro credit from HSBC
08:38:52a Award-Winning Technology Improves Air-Drop Targeting
08:39:02a Charter school building costs draw lawmakers' attention
08:39:08a NOAA Seeks Public Comment on Proposal to Protect Threatened Green Sturgeon
08:39:13a CCC casts wider net in toner affair
08:39:19a Zambia's HIV infection rates up
08:39:24a Kookaburras seek video clarification
08:39:30a Puma Lets
08:39:35a Police blitz catches 750 drink drivers
08:39:41a A Nation Apart
08:39:46a Iran frees British sailors
08:39:52a Rep Canvasses Foreign Investments in Local Airport
08:39:57a Gators suspend top pass rusher
08:40:07a Commerce Department Re-Appoints Benigno Sablan to Fishery Management Council
08:40:12a Australian tennis officials, fans disgusted over soft stance on erring Serena
08:40:17a Poizner pushes Iran divestiture
08:40:39a Rupiah Banda Stance Backed
08:40:45a AUTOMOTIVE Most sales level, except for hot Hyundai
08:40:50a INDICATORS Oil costs rise for buyers paying in dollars
08:40:56a Let us examine nuclear energy Minister
08:41:01a Iran releases British yachtsmen
08:41:07a Water fluoridation discussion on tap for city commission
08:41:12a RETAIL Holiday shopping delays worry experts
08:41:18a 'Banda is Our Final Candidate'
08:41:27a Greensburg must look after the St. Clair monument
08:41:32a Illicit savings campaign nets €1bn
08:41:38a South Africa Consumers Turning Upbeat As Recession Worries Recede
08:41:44a Assmblyman seeks apology from Penang CM, exco member
08:41:50a New Interactive Touch-Screen Kiosks Offer In-depth Look at NOAA's Channel Islands Sanctuary
08:41:55a Iran confirms release of British yachtsmen Update
08:42:01a The Comment That Killed Global Warming
08:42:07a Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Announces in Education Grants to Pacific Northwest
08:42:12a Microsoft says patch of Windows 7 isn't cause of black screen
08:42:18a Supreme Administrative Court allows 11 projects to proceed
08:42:23a Perhaps Sisulu's spokesman heard voices
08:42:28a Downtown getting ready for 'Miracle on 7th Street'
08:42:34a Iran releases UK sailors reports
08:42:39a Obama's Afghan speech Excerpts
08:42:50a WW II bomb found at Harbour
08:42:55a Akan Set to Leave Black Africa
08:43:01a Ending Doha Round talks in 2010 difficult; Japan, China+
08:43:06a Huijin helping Chinese banks replenish capital
08:43:12a AUTOMOTIVE Another new CEO needed at GM
08:43:17a Workshop owner to enter defence over false invoicing
08:43:22a New HIV Infections Worry State
08:43:28a Defence, trade on agenda during Indian PM's Russia visit
08:43:39a In Yemen, Animals Among The War's Displaced
08:43:45a Nigeria Protest Mars World Aids Day Celebration
08:43:51a Structural adjustment, sustainable policies critical to China 4 renowned economists
08:43:56a Irish ambassador to discuss DJ seized in Iran
08:44:02a U.S. Influence Fades in Latin America
08:44:07a Local Reactions To President Obama's War Plan
08:44:13a Pressure mounts on Dutch to stay in Uruzgan
08:44:18a Chin Peng return needs a public decision Dr M
08:44:23a Economists try to decipher mixed signals in new data
08:44:29a Officer dismissed in Peru 'human-fat' killings
08:44:35a Traditional healer held for rape
08:44:40a Veteran Marine Safety Expert to Head NOAA Office of Response and Restoration
08:44:46a Striking workers threaten hotel?