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12:00:02a Some Older Workers Updating Their Faces

12:00:07a Coupling DNA unwinding activity with primer synthesis in the bacteriophage T4 primosome
12:00:21a New Sonic opens Monday
12:00:26a Ivanhoe Mines 3Q loss narrows
12:00:37a ‘Daily Show Hannity's Apocalyptic Apology
12:00:43a OMC row Gali raps Naidu
12:01:00a Home Ministry clears backlog of applications
12:02:01a Cooking Healthy with Beets-tips and Recipes
12:02:10a Spa Safety for Pregnant Women
12:02:15a Health beat 11/13
12:02:20a Does Lack of Exercise Play a Big Role in the Childhood Obesity Epidemic?
12:02:25a Newburgh Wal-Mart gets health clinic
12:02:31a Over 300 could be out of work in Mattawan
12:02:36a Estradiol Patch Bioidentical Estrogen for Osteoporosis Treatment
12:02:41a The Salvation Army Angel Tree 13 Nov 2009 181927 GMT
12:02:47a Ex-Dallas sheriff's deputy to 15 years in federal prison
12:02:52a Join Weight Watchers and Save Money
12:02:58a Tattoo Aftercare How to Best Care for Your New Ink
12:03:03a Lacson, Acop charged with kidnapping
12:03:08a Dog that survived roof toss euthanised
12:03:13a Restructuring Physics Labs Brings Delight and Despair
12:03:19a Slow sales for Owensboro flights to Nashville
12:03:24a Make Self-Scrutiny a Life Saver
12:03:29a Correction and clarification Olivado
12:03:35a CNN Bank Failure Toll Reaches 122
12:03:40a 'Pacific' President Obama to speak to Asia
12:03:46a Authorities Girl, 4, raped by family member
12:03:51a Militants back Ang Ladlad bid
12:03:56a Vitamin C reference price
12:04:01a Governor Vetoes DNR Secretary Bill
12:04:07a North Lawndale Prep science experiment ends with HazMat call
12:04:12a Health Unit call centre open this weekend
12:04:17a Grocery Store Owner Shoots Would-Be Thief
12:04:22a Man who drove car into teens to face trial
12:04:28a Koester family finds new ways to get answers
12:04:33a NXT Nutritional Holdings to be Featured on Lifetime Channel Television Show, 'The Balancing Act'
12:04:39a We did it to ensure KTMB was on the right track, says ex-boss
12:04:44a Cancer Prevention for Chicoans
12:04:49a Former Water Management found guilty of bribe
12:04:55a Jilted man takes former lover hostage
12:05:00a Former Rep. William Jefferson Sentenced To 13 Years
12:05:06a More search gear needed in North rescuers
12:05:11a Fort Hood suspect may be paralysed
12:05:17a Assumes office
12:05:22a Kenya Another Sachang'wan Disaster
12:05:27a Nutritional study could send misleading messages to women
12:05:33a Chemical Modeling of Heme-Induced Lipid Oxidation in Gastric Conditions and Inhibition by Dietary Polyphenols
12:05:38a US Moves to Seize Mosques, Properties of Group Linked to Iran and conflict
12:05:43a 'Pacific' President Obama to speak to Asia
12:05:49a KSRTC's first sleeper coach bus flagged off
12:05:54a Weekend snowstorm heading to Yukon
12:05:59a Kenya ODM Poll Stand to Widen Rift
12:06:05a Small Town Mourns Fort Hood Victim
12:06:10a US sizing up Manny Villar
12:06:15a Under-Nutrition Causes Poverty However Solutions
12:06:20a Pahang's per capita income to rise to RM8,245
12:06:25a FoodTee
12:06:30a Water found on the moon
12:06:36a RHS Lifting develops lifting rigs for Airbus facility
12:06:41a Gluten Free Candy & Treats for Kids And Your Inner Child!
12:06:46a Shoplifting on the rise?
12:06:51a Constituents stand tall for Perzel
12:06:57a The Benefits of Xango Juice Heart Disease Prevention?
12:07:02a Contempt case against advocates adjourned
12:07:07a Man sentenced in unprovoked subway attack
12:07:13a Byron Steele re-hired by Cook County
12:07:18a The science of how families get, and stay, happy
12:07:23a TCTV Show Off!
12:07:29a Lady GaGa in Annie Leibovitz Vogue piece, December
12:07:40a Regulators shut 2 Fla. banks; 122 failures in '09
12:07:45a Child pornography warrant ends in marijuana bust
12:07:50a Venezuela's Chavez lashes out at US-Colombia military deal, calling it a threat
12:07:55a Aretha Franklin Coming to the First Coast
12:08:01a Obama says Afghan Decision to Come Soon and conflict
12:08:06a Sarah Palin's book goes rogue on some facts
12:08:12a LIVE Launch Coverage Atlas 5 Rocket to Launch Satellite Tonight
12:08:18a Lawmaker Fort Hood suspect had communications with Pakistan; attorney says Hasan is paralyzed
12:08:23a Brown Britain Will Send More Troops to Afghanistan and conflict
12:08:29a Innocent people will die, says Mbalula Stories
12:08:34a Enemy Jones gives Warriors the inside run
12:08:39a Power restored in Tirau following crash
12:08:45a Police arrest one of two suspects in Southaven church robbery
12:08:50a Exxon and Coca-Cola to invest in Malaysia
12:08:56a LHC seeks report from Chairman Wapda
12:09:01a Murray Energy lays off 91 at Ohio coal mine
12:09:07a France makes Eastwood's day, gives him top honour
12:09:12a TPAS conference
12:09:17a Gates Vehicles blaze new procurement trail ?rss=getoday&oref=rss
12:09:23a UK facing 'worst storm of year'
12:09:28a Europe's recession over, but recovery weak
12:09:33a Jon Gosselin sues TLC for million
12:09:39a Docker Gilmore calls it a day after WAFL premiership
12:09:44a US Army Charges Alleged Fort Hood Shooter with Premeditated Murder rights and law
12:09:50a NASA Launches In-House Patch Contest to M
12:09:55a Flooded In
12:10:00a Smart Power Monitoring with Network UPS Tools
12:10:06a Open door to learning gives LDS members big leg up
12:10:11a Hillary closeup and personal
12:10:16a Drown Accused of Running Down Construction Worker
12:10:22a Trista Joy Lathern Accused of Faking Cancer to Pay for Boob Job
12:10:28a Fire tiggers blast at Russian ammunition depot Atleast 2 killed
12:10:33a NSW ALP urged to unite after infighting
12:10:39a Bank failure toll reaches 122
12:10:44a Remote Area Medical ready for Maynardville
12:10:50a Foreign-Policy Blowback at Ft. Hood
12:10:55a Padang Pariaman suffers Rp8.67 trillion loss from earthquake
12:11:01a Working together to reduce child mortality rate
12:11:06a RI, China to continue formulating strategic partnership action plan
12:11:12a Diplomats Iran Began Nuke Plant in 2002
12:11:17a BYU soccer Their lips are sealed in New Mexico over player's rough play
12:11:22a Rocky Houston gives jailhouse interview
12:11:28a New Addition to LBJ Library Opens
12:11:38a Obama Afghanistan Troop Decision Soon
12:11:44a Great White A Rare Look at the Ocean's Deadliest Creatures
12:11:49a Veterans Hiring Initiative
12:11:55a Video World Watch 11.13.09
12:12:00a Many PKR reps ready to jump ship, says ex-member
12:12:06a N.L. expands flu shot eligibility
12:12:11a Video Obama Orders New Afghan Troop Plan
12:12:17a TCU Can Make Statement To BCS
12:12:32a Tunisian May Hold Key to Guantanamo Trials
12:13:03a 2012 Olympics Pose Daunting Security Risk
12:13:08a Keenum Getting Noticed
12:13:14a Obama arrives in Tokyo for talks with Hatoyama
12:13:19a Human Trafficking Reaches to High Alert Around World rights and law
12:13:25a Irish priest freed from month long captivity in the Philippines
12:13:30a 2 infants die in apartment fire in Ibaraki Prefecture+
12:13:36a SPCA now has a place to call home
12:13:41a Trimac Income fund reports Q3 profit of down from a year ago
12:13:46a Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry names Lisa Tipping Davis to district judgeship
12:13:51a Bok skipper pulls no punches Stories
12:13:57a Source U.S. Envoy Objects to Afghan Surge
12:14:02a Over 3 Kg. Of Opium Seized At CVG Airport
12:14:08a Official Obama Wants New Afghan Options
12:14:13a Investment Group Signs on to Amelia Island Plantation
12:14:19a Program for at-risk teens to be shut down
12:14:24a Officials told to expedite purchase of land for relocation of flood victims
12:14:29a State Trooper Suspended For Inappropriate E'mail
12:14:35a What Goes on in Airline Cockpits?
12:14:40a Post Hosts Community Toy and Food Drive
12:14:45a 'Pacific' President Obama to speak to Asia
12:14:51a Weather 101 Weather Myths 13 Nov 2009 175444 GMT
12:14:56a Accountability Journalism
12:15:02a Unusual Car Color Names
12:15:07a Deadline nears for N.L. byelection candidates
12:15:12a PM PNG not for opponents of unitary state of Indonesia
12:15:18a Video "Make-the-Putt Bra"
12:15:23a Nationalise mining CPI
12:15:28a Army combat stress is up Afghanistan, down in Iraq
12:15:33a Internet flu vaccine ad a hoax
12:15:39a FLOTUS Health Care A Women's Issue
12:15:44a Concert for 'Ondoy,' 'Pepeng' victims
12:15:49a New Year, New City
12:15:55a Justice Ministry, TİB strongly deny wiretapping claims
12:16:00a RTÜK abolishes time limits for non-Turkish broadcasts
12:16:05a ThyssenKrupp posts record loss of 2.36 billion euros
12:16:11a Minority leader hit list found on major's computer
12:16:16a Unions Seek Obama's Help to Fix Airlines
12:16:21a More people evacuated in Kedah as floods worsen
12:16:27a Heavy rain predicted for Lower Sth Island
12:16:32a Rich nations cash offers still not clear
12:16:37a TAFF Members at Conference
12:16:42a Portland Teaches Sentenced 12 Years In Sex Case
12:16:48a Russian Policemen Vent on YouTube
12:16:53a Out of control vehicle crashes into shops
12:17:03a Video Ethon Zohn's Real 'Survivor' Story
12:17:08a Video Ann Coulter on Palin's Book
12:17:13a Penn St. sends 2nd semester bills, awaits funding
12:17:19a Sept. 11 suspects face battles in NY prosecution
12:17:24a Trooper Suspended over White Pride E-mail
12:17:29a Sullenberger Flight Survivors on Moving On
12:17:35a Plan to keep Neb. school funding steady advances
12:17:40a Video 'Balloon Boy' Family Charged
12:17:45a Madoff Computer Programmers Arrested
12:17:50a New Video of Organized Taliban Attack
12:17:56a Woman walking dog dies from fall
12:18:01a Video Jason Schwartzman's 'Fox' Tales
12:18:06a Texting Can Be a Pain in the Neck
12:18:11a New Monday Morning for Nov.16,09
12:18:17a ‘Left, Right Center 9/11 Trial; Obama's Afghani-Standoff
12:18:22a Öymen's remarks spark comparisons to Hitler in Tunceli
12:18:27a China to boost efforts in fighting piracy
12:18:33a Turkey says it may store low-enrıched uranium from Iran
12:18:38a Video Amanda Peet Talks "2012"
12:18:43a Yale Killing Bloody Sock, Pen Key to Case
12:18:49a H1N1 has killed 3,900 Americans, US CDC says
12:18:54a Video Wounded Soldier's New Chapter
12:18:59a Companies Look To Cut Landscape Water Use
12:19:05a Davutoğlu begins visit to Spain,
12:19:10a Global warming's misunderstood victims
12:19:15a Cordial Zaid-Waythamoorthy meeting in Singapore
12:19:21a Conference Seeks to Make Early Childhood Development Priority in Africa
12:19:26a Video Black Friday Safety Precautions
12:19:31a Nadal sets up Djokovic showdown
12:19:37a Evangelist Gets 175 Years for Sex Crimes
12:19:42a All eyes on Parliament
12:19:48a I Would Hate to Be Them Right Now!!
12:19:53a Can our universities study Kurdish issue?
12:19:59a 9/11 families split over civilian trials for terror suspects
12:20:04a FDA Backs off Oyster Ban after Backlash
12:20:10a Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Sunport
12:20:15a Local Teams Play in the WV High School Volleyball Tournament
12:20:20a New Yorkers worry about 9/11 trial
12:20:25a 1 Injured When Truck Overturns In Bel Air Estates
12:20:31a Police Man Beat Son With Wooden Paddle
12:20:36a City to get FEMA grants totaling nearly million
12:20:41a Video Ten Deaths Blamed on Ida's Remnants
12:20:47a Web news publication focuses on Wyo. state govt.
12:20:53a New Yorkers Express Mixed Reaction to 9/11 Terror Trials states
12:21:04a Former congressman sentenced to 13 years
12:21:09a Struggling studio MGM says looking for buyer
12:21:14a Global swine flu deaths slow – WHO
12:21:19a When It Hit Laura George Was Out of Office
12:21:25a FDA Particles of Trash in Genzyme Drugs
12:21:31a Afghan war taking psychological toll on troops-Army
12:21:36a Caltrans Adjusts Time of Bay Bridge Lane Closures
12:21:42a Speak truth to power Facebook's Joe Hewitt on abandoning iPhone development
12:21:47a Pelosi Health bill would limit abortion access
12:21:52a Son Charged With Robbing Mother at Gunpoint
12:21:57a NASA finds 'frozen' water on the moon
12:22:03a Donkey Interviews Land Azerbaijan Satirists Jail Time
12:22:08a Lunar impact tosses up water and stranger stuff
12:22:13a Bing Metals workers to learn Saturday if new owner keeps them
12:22:19a Louisiana's Jefferson Gets 13-Year Prison Term
12:22:24a Authorities DNA links woman to babies' remains
12:22:30a Hoekstra Fort Hood suspect being checked for ties to Pakistan
12:22:35a Ex'Rep. Jefferson Sentenced to 13 Years for Bribery
12:22:41a Business Opportunities Weblog's 8th Birthday
12:22:46a Black Leather Jumpers Jenny Sinkaberg and Valerija Kelava in Dazed & Confused
12:22:51a Truck explodes in Pretoria Stories
12:22:56a 33 Superhero Fashions From Superhero Fashion Advice to Kryptonite-Colored Sneakers
12:23:02a Meat Flavored Potato Chips Deep-Fried Snacks Vegetarians Will Scowl At
12:23:07a Arrest in Aquatic Park Homicide
12:23:13a Video 'Survivor' Winner's Cancer Battle
12:23:18a Opium Connections Part 2
12:23:28a RM8.5mil shares poser
12:23:33a Rochester man pleads not guilty after Thursday police chase
12:23:52a Vuln ngIRCd SSL/TLS Support MOTD Request Multiple Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities
12:23:57a Three PEF loan recipients 'graduated' to better lives
12:24:03a Obama eyes domestic spending freeze ?rss=getoday&oref=rss
12:24:13a What Bush Inherited, and What He Left Behind
12:24:18a General Staff receives signature report from ATK
12:24:24a The Army opens a broad new probe into Arlington
12:24:38a The State of the Nation Recovering Khama
12:24:43a Nampa teen sentenced for brutal attack of 5-year-old girl
12:24:48a Eastbound Watterson Expressway at Newburg Road blocked
12:24:53a TV's Jon Gosselin sues TLC, cites child labor laws
12:24:59a Judge says seals can stay at La Jolla cove
12:25:04a Third man arrested in Portland shooting death
12:25:09a Can't the GOP just get along?
12:25:14a Recall Blue Bonnet Spread
12:25:20a Rudy Weighs In
12:25:25a Holiday Sales Views Are Mixed
12:25:30a Video Doc. Inseminates with Wrong Sperm
12:25:36a Kenya America is Not Serious About Fundamental Reforms in Country
12:25:41a 'Warhol of the web'
12:25:47a FDA Goes After Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages
12:25:52a Researchers Erase Cervical Cancer in Mice
12:25:57a Did Doc Implant Own Sperm in Patient?
12:26:03a Latest probe charges may help Corbett's campaign
12:26:08a Did she fake breast cancer to get implants?
12:26:14a Poultry Exec I Didn't Check if Enviro Rules were Followed
12:26:19a Miracle Bionic Bottom
12:26:25a Navy Wins Diversity Award Topping Leading Companies
12:26:30a More in U.S. Say Health Coverage Is Not Govt. Responsibility
12:26:35a Editor's Note Cloud is Just Another Word for 'Sucker'
12:26:41a Gibo goes show biz with Manzano
12:26:46a Agents of Cracked The Entire Internet In Five Minutes
12:26:51a Taking 9/11 Cases to NYC Draws Ire, Praise
12:26:57a Winter presents extra hardship for Gaziantep asylum seekers
12:27:02a DHS Chief Border Security Fixed, Law Next
12:27:08a Metro Parks Plan Approved
12:27:13a African academies show how science can save lives Premium content
12:27:18a LC/MS analysis of cellular RNA reveals NAD-linked RNA
12:27:33a Your Kitten Is Safe PIC
12:27:39a Surveillance Video Madison SUV Break-In
12:27:44a Video Nidal Hasan's Lawyer on Charges
12:27:49a Larry David Addresses Jesus 'Toilet Humor' Flap
12:27:55a Some of the Best Things Are Free in Chicago, IL, During Christmas Break!
12:28:00a Legion donation box theft caught on video
12:28:06a Advocacy groups Stabbing shows worth of shelters
12:28:11a Deva Gang leader shot dead
12:28:16a The Five Most Common Facebook Fails
12:28:22a YouTube to support 1080p HD Video
12:28:27a TRT 6 to offer more diverse programming
12:28:33a US Moves to Seize Mosques, Properties of Group Linked to Iran states
12:28:38a Beast might not play for Boks Stories
12:28:43a Vandals ad agency on board for new plane
12:28:48a What Is 'Progressive Rock'?
12:28:54a Joe Biden, First VP To Appear On Daily Show
12:28:59a Local car dealer in serious condition after crash
12:29:05a Peyton Manning's Ten Best TV Commercials
12:29:10a U.S. moves to seize properties linked to Iranian government
12:29:16a The Top Shopping Malls in the Danbury, Connecticut, and Brewster, New York, Area
12:29:21a Is Sesame Street's 'Pox News' a Slam Against Fox News?
12:29:27a Does Jesus save aliens?
12:29:32a Where to Get a Christmas Tree in Central New Jersey
12:29:37a Man Rapes Girlfriend Then Douses Her With Acid
12:29:42a San Diego A Friendly Place
12:29:48a Spooked by Friday the 13th? You're Not Alone
12:29:53a Japan, U.S. share goal of nuke-free world
12:29:59a Country singer Jimmy Wayne has reason to 'Smile'
12:30:04a Obama Fulfilling the Expectations of About Half of Americans
12:30:10a Editorial Hey, AT&T - drop lawsuits, not calls
12:30:15a Christmas Parades in Atlanta
12:30:20a Saw falls, amputates Gilbert man's hand
12:30:26a Syrian leader Assad urges firm US plan
12:30:31a Solar panel demand finally catching up with supply
12:30:36a US follows Ergenekon trial, backs democratization process
12:30:41a Giant Iceberg Spotted Off Australia
12:30:47a Unique Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Ornaments with Meaning
12:30:52a Microsoft to ship Linux tools
12:30:57a Winter Job Opportunities that Pay in Fargo and Throughout the Valley
12:31:03a Biden to host Phoenix fundraiser Monday
12:31:08a Programming Comic
12:31:14a Was Modern Warfare 2 Really The Biggest Launch In History?
12:31:19a Thieves steal popular NC road sign - again
12:31:24a Woman Fakes Breast Cancer to Get Fake Boobs
12:31:29a 2 off-duty Phoenix officers hurt in I-10 accident
12:31:35a Fashion Factory Outlets in Brisbane, Australia
12:31:40a Judicial operations in the media spotlight
12:31:46a Police Bank robber may be inside Peoria home
12:31:51a Lakeworth Playhouse's Presentaion of 'Oklahoma'
12:31:57a Video Medical Questions Answered
12:32:02a As Consumers Trade Down, Champagne Makers Offer Discounts
12:32:07a Sometimes, Giuliani should keep his anti-terror advice to himself
12:32:14a Nadal regains lethal form, moves to Paris semi-finals
12:32:19a Disaster Movie Moments That Pissed Us Off The Most
12:32:25a Building Sale Forces 35 Denver-Area Businesses to Vacate Within 18 Days
12:32:30a Man arrested when gun falls out of pocket
12:32:35a A Benchmark for Stony Brook University
12:32:41a Stocks gain to extend second straight weekly advance
12:32:46a 2 Glendale police officers quit amid sex, fraud investigation
12:32:51a Genzyme responds to drug contamination reports
12:32:57a How to Help This Holiday Seasonin Arkansas
12:33:02a Neighbors praise firefighters who battled blaze
12:33:07a 10 Affordable Outdoor Activities to Do in Texas
12:33:13a School deals with bullying by turning to little people
12:33:18a Skeptic At African Econ Meeting Questions Benefits of Development Aid
12:33:23a Ban calls for action on cluster bombs
12:33:29a Census Taker's Hanging an Insurance Scam?
12:33:34a Otterbox Commuter iPhone Case Review
12:33:39a Tony Alamo Gets Maximum Sentence for Underage Sex Conviction
12:33:45a V.I. receives million in stimulus funds -
12:33:50a Sexy Mannequins 13 Nov 2009 173910 GMT
12:33:56a Can death penalty bring us closure?
12:34:01a V.I. summer tourism statistics reveal expected slump
12:34:07a ASU releasing H1N1 vaccine to high-risk groups
12:34:12a A Web of Lone Wolves
12:34:17a New Medical Center at Edward Waters College
12:34:23a Body found in Oregon; likely died from hypothermia
12:34:28a U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Start Receiving H1N1 Shots
12:34:33a Phoenix police need help finding 'Fused Bandit'
12:34:39a Residents gobbling up turkeys offered along with HIV tests
12:34:50a Woman Stabbed In Kirkland Parking Garage
12:35:00a Man sentenced to 12 years for fatal shooting at nightclub -
12:35:05a Moinian misses payment on third property
12:35:10a ‘Troya to hit the road
12:35:15a Russia planning to produce nuclear reactors, fuels by 2014
12:35:21a The Worst Decision by a US President in History
12:35:26a advisers behind the president
12:35:31a Same-Sex Marriage Legal In Buenos Aires, Argentina Judge Rules
12:35:37a Diary of an Expat Bride Therapy for cross-cultural couples
12:35:42a Suspected Serial Killer Arrested Last Year
12:35:48a Beaumont council to consider Police Dept. Advisory Committee
12:35:53a Demonbreun Soon To Get Parking Meters
12:35:58a Richard Price A real writer wants to write novels
12:36:03a ‘2012 The end of the world as we know it
12:36:08a Obama's Show Trials
12:36:14a Sales of NY Life policies grow at record pace
12:36:19a Crooked ex-lawmaker gets 13 years
12:36:24a This Week at War The Upside of the Proxy War in Yemen
12:36:30a Black People
12:36:35a Video The Rewind Tropical Storm Ida
12:36:43a ‘Iron Man sequel to get May release in Turkey
12:37:03a Authorities DNA links woman to babies' remains
12:37:08a American Airlines' Tulsa employees get bonuses
12:37:14a An Agency Determined to Find People Jobs
12:37:19a United States, Japan Cooperating on Global Nuclear Disarmament
12:37:24a This week in theaters
12:37:29a Chano Dominguez to
12:37:37a Russia sees Lisbon Treaty as good for ties
12:37:43a Former La. lawmaker gets 13 years in prison for bribery
12:37:49a Two killed in munitions site blasts
12:38:01a BlackRock Uses Analytics To Unwind Financial Failures
12:38:22a Friday 13th Unlucky, or just another day?
12:38:27a Explosi
12:38:33a Skeptic At African Econ Meeting Questions Benefits of Development Aid and finance
12:38:38a Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 2 Pictorial Review
12:38:44a OSCE Centre in Bishkek organizes first conference for female police officers
12:38:49a Amazon has a big Blu-ray sale going on
12:38:55a Saab drops 81 dealers; Louisville dealer to stay on
12:39:00a Schwab's trading volume falls 33 percent in Oct.
12:39:06a Feds bust Bernie Madoff's computer geeks
12:39:11a More angry customers come forward on Spinella's
12:39:17a UN's Ban to fast in solidarity with world's hungry
12:39:23a Eye-Fi Card Offers FTP Support
12:39:28a California Businesses in Specific Zip Code Areas Notified of Upcoming Visits
12:39:34a Job numbers spike in Bronx
12:39:39a Zuma downsizes salary hikes Stories
12:39:45a Hair-Scrunch Photo Shoots Milla Jovovich for Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2009
12:39:50a Arizona Finding Ways To Win
12:39:56a Financial crisis investigators are taking Wall Street names
12:40:01a US Moves to Seize Mosques, Properties of Group Linked to Iran and finance
12:40:07a Oil price cap, controls to be lifted Monday
12:40:12a FDA Bows To Pressure From Fans Of Raw Oysters
12:40:17a What's behind Greg Craig's resignation?
12:40:22a What will happen at KSM's trial?
12:40:28a Cat/Griz fans face off for food drives
12:40:33a US ambassador Don't send in Afghan troops
12:40:39a JaxPort announces new program to protect right whales
12:40:44a Skeleton Key Tie Pin
12:40:49a South African Union, Activists Protest Old Mutual Holding in ZimPapers and finance
12:40:55a Groups Say Sexual Abuse In Zimbabwe Rampant
12:41:00a Nato and 'parochial' SNP at war
12:41:05a VX Live 11/13
12:41:11a Fed's Evans Policy to remain accommodative into 2010
12:41:16a Death Valley Remains Could be of Vanished German Tourists
12:41:21a VIDEO Israel Remote control occupation?
12:41:27a Lawrence County authorities arrest 8 in burglary ring
12:41:33a South African Union, Activists Protest Old Mutual Holding in ZimPapers
12:41:38a Woman, accused of stabbing husband, released after posting
12:41:53a Ecko's Black Rhino Jason Hoodie
12:41:59a Dont wait until the January sales if youre looking for a bargain
12:42:04a DSHS, corrections pay to settle abuse case
12:42:09a Video New Figures Show Extent of H1N1
12:42:14a Threatened Grocery Strike Averted
12:42:20a Ambassadors International gets NASDAQ warning
12:42:25a Behind Ford Fusion sales record are important lessons for domestic automakers
12:42:31a Monday At 10 P.M. Cartels Recruit Suburban Teens
12:42:36a Moscow Virtuosi Quintet
12:42:41a Water 'more widespread' on the Moon
12:42:46a Raw Video Fire Engulfs Foreclosed Mansion
12:42:52a Political turmoil in Pakistan may slow anti-terror efforts
12:42:57a Vivid Entertainment Obtains Carrie Prejean Sex Tape and is Ready to Make a Deal
12:43:02a Wiretapping is horrible, as is ‘coup plan incident!
12:43:08a CBS's Smith Is Ft. Hood Shooter ‘Competent To Stand Trial?
12:43:13a Jefferson County sues J.P. Morgan, Langford, others
12:43:18a HHA seeks to revamp Brookside Apartments with grant
12:43:24a Gun incident at rest stop triggered by dog dispute
12:43:29a Man arrested for Ronan stabbing can get out of jail if he makes bail
12:43:35a Lake County hosting H1N1 clinic
12:43:40a Clinton pushes for Manila-rebel deal
12:43:46a Core i7 Giveaway Winner, AT on Kindle, Site Redesign Preview and More
12:43:52a Button tours McLaren factory report
12:43:57a J.C. Penney, Disney, Genzyme are big movers
12:44:03a Rescue Mission holiday preparations
12:44:08a Dont wait until the January sales if youre looking for a bargain
12:44:14a Stunning Rai to be smile ambassador
12:44:19a Liberty Global breaks into German market with Unitymedia deal
12:44:24a Rumors of 2nd missing Erzurum child turn out
12:44:30a Two young brothers die in Guntersville wreck
12:44:35a Fort Hood accused 'permanently paralysed'
12:44:41a Group Preserve Foothill Trees
12:44:46a France's Vivendi takes control of Brazil's GVT
12:44:51a It would be barking mad to accept bid for Rugby Estates
12:44:57a A victory for the rule of law
12:45:02a Trial for Point Hope caribou killing delayed
12:45:08a Entrepreneurship Center opens in Ravalli County
12:45:14a More H1N1 clinics set for Hamilton
12:45:19a Missoula looks for ways to use wood chips and materials
12:45:25a Researchers Working To Regrow Breast Tissue
12:45:30a JEFF GERRITT Among the dumb and dumber, here's the dumbest cut of all
12:45:36a State swaps land in Lake County
12:45:41a Otter to state directors Tighten the belt
12:45:47a Clayton Installs New Tornado Siren
12:45:52a Georgia's senators dubious of Democratic health care plan
12:45:57a Autopsy shows Waterford Twp. man shot 3 times
12:46:03a Worcester Residents Upset With City's Tree Limits
12:46:16a Guilty verdict in Agriprocessors case
12:46:28a Microsoft 'Sudo' Patent No Danger To Unix
12:46:33a In New Letter, Garrido Apologizes
12:46:39a Mark's Afternoon Forecast Nov. 13
12:46:44a Finding The Right Thermometer For Your Family
12:46:50a Smoking Rates Rise Slightly Nationwide
12:46:55a Lawlor Trial Continues
12:47:01a Fire crews on alert as temperatures soar
12:47:06a Suspect arrested in Shoreline, Seattle arsons
12:47:11a Trout Unlimited offers November fly-tying workshop Saturday
12:47:17a Bulmenthal Wants Alcholic Energy Drinks Banned
12:47:22a Skiers will cut turns at Arctic Valley soon
12:47:28a Baseball stars golf for children's home
12:47:34a Army psychiatrist on 13 murder counts
12:47:39a Nor' Easter To Wash Out First Half of Weekend
12:47:45a Linehan Kevin Smith making progress
12:47:50a China's Hu prods West on trade
12:47:56a Oxidative stress link to hearing loss
12:48:01a Duval to lose PGA tour card
12:48:07a Alleged 9/11 Masterminds To Be Tried In NYC
12:48:13a 13 technical colleges planned
12:48:18a Chrysler buyout offers end today
12:48:23a Canceling the fundraiser does not cancel the fun
12:48:28a Man convicted of robbing mom at gunpoint
12:48:34a Penn-Trafford churches featured on throw blankets
12:48:39a Crude oil prices lose for 2nd month
12:48:44a FDA looks into caffeinated alcohol drinks
12:48:50a ENTER TO WIN! Frankenmuth Peppermint Perks package
12:48:55a King continues history of volunteering at marathon
12:49:00a Doctor angered by fake prescriptions
12:49:05a Sabang port being prepared to accommodate supertankers
12:49:11a Americans Outraged At 9-11 Conspirators Civilian Trials
12:49:16a Oasis of the Seas Arrival in Port Everglades Webcam, Video
12:49:21a Ford analyst predicts growth for small car sales
12:49:26a Lions turn back to Ramirez at left guard
12:49:32a Restoration Hardware has friends and family sale
12:49:37a Reviews Drive, fight and be a 'DJ Hero'
12:49:43a Jury acquits health aide of robbing quadriplegic
12:49:48a Osbourne apologizes for insulting Boyle
12:49:54a Tips for holiday electronics shopping
12:49:59a Class officers say they're on the job &#151 seriously
12:50:05a CAIR cashes in on Ft Hood massacre
12:50:10a Louisiana ex-congressman gets 13 years on corruption conviction
12:50:16a Weak consumer data a drag on dollar
12:50:22a PMSD announces dates for H1N1 Influenza student vaccination clinics
12:50:27a Oil sands company UTS Energy reports third-quarter loss
12:50:33a The Ghos
12:50:38a Documents Revealed In Yale Case
12:50:43a Police Suspect killer tried to hide blood
12:50:49a Ward now questionable for Sunday
12:50:54a Senior hayride was real barn party
12:51:00a Inside the apartment of accused Fort Hood gunman
12:51:05a Fort Hood shooting suspect paralysed lawyer
12:51:11a Indian barbecue plan hits a snag
12:51:16a Records Show Officers Investigated Previously
12:51:33a 2 more Ottawa-area H1N1 deaths
12:51:50a President Gül receives Chilean ambassador
12:51:55a Hey Hey Ghost of LBJ
12:52:00a Follow Friday Military tweets
12:52:08a Police look for missing NH girl
12:52:14a Tech Note RSS Reader Rewritten
12:52:19a Welcome Home, War! How America's Wars Are Systematically Destroying Our Liberties
12:52:25a Five Nato oil tankers gutted in Bolan
12:52:30a Accomplice Sought In Placer Co. Kidnapping
12:52:59a Lewis gets cheers from players
12:53:11a Police Release Photo Of Suspect In Club Shooting
12:53:21a Study Mass. residents rank among the happiest
12:53:32a 11/13/09 NECN weather forecast, 4pm
12:53:42a France makes Eastwood's day
12:53:47a On eve of food security summit, Ban to fast in solidarity with worlds hungry
12:53:55a AG Holder 9/11 suspects heading to NY for trial
12:54:08a UVM class focuses on family-run businesses
12:54:13a 48 Hours In Istanbul
12:54:18a The Canary Islands will take your breath away
12:54:24a Best of Boston Winter cocktails
12:54:29a Video Giuliani goes nuclear on Obama over KSM's trial
12:54:34a Pair rows across Pacific, with detours
12:54:40a N.B. unveils sweeping changes to social assistance
12:54:45a Boy punishes grandfather
12:54:50a In Focus Wildlife photos with Marc Brown
12:54:56a FACT CHECK Palin's book goes rogue on some facts
12:55:11a South Australia's Kangaroo Island Land of hops and glories
12:55:17a The beautiful land of Fuerteventura
12:55:22a U.N. chief to fast to spotlight one billion hungry
12:55:28a Early Evening Update WBZ Forecast for Nov 13
12:55:33a Today's Most Popular Stories 11.13.09
12:55:38a Week 22 Doc Groups Optimistic about SGR Vote
12:55:44a Best bar The Electric
12:55:49a Best fishmonger The Fish Plaice
12:55:54a Best greengrocer Michanicou brothers
12:56:00a Obama's AG To Treat 9/11 Terrorists as Common Criminals Updated
12:56:05a Braude Beat Pelosi endorses Capuano
12:56:11a Dragon Age Origins – Andraste and the Dragon
12:56:16a Montreal students injured in N.Y. bus crash
12:56:21a Best restaurant Terroirs
12:56:27a Saguenay mother appeals murder conviction
12:56:32a Rumor Says Google's Chrome OS Close To Release
12:56:37a Industry Urges Online-Specific Rules for Adverse Event Reports
12:56:43a WHO urges big event organizers to keep swine flu in mind
12:56:49a DNS Problem Linked to DDoS Attacks Gets Worse
12:56:54a H1N1 questions and answers with Dr. Michael Gottleib
12:56:59a Best artisan beer Brewdog's Hardcore IPA
12:57:05a GalleyCatnip Stephenie Meyer's Epiphany
12:57:10a Republican's Abortion Joke Positively Uproarious Twitterati
12:57:15a Turkey claims 'historic opportunity' for Kurds
12:57:21a Family Killed In Bridgeport Fire
12:57:26a Stupid, draw back your bow
12:57:32a 2nd beef lawsuit after kids sickened at Mass. camp
12:57:37a Tuckahoe mayor removes two Housing Authority members mayor removes two Housing Authority members
12:57:42a Big in Japan Nov. 2-8 Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
12:57:48a Best kitchen gadget pestle and mortar
12:57:53a Building Electronics with Molecules and Atoms
12:58:08a Obama's lawyer makes quiet exit after Gitmo frustrations
12:58:13a Hedge Fund Paulson Bought 300 Million Citi
12:58:18a NECN review 'Pirate Radio'
12:58:24a Army study Mental health staff lacking in Afghanistan
12:58:29a US President Obama vows to deepen ties with Asia
12:58:34a Art in the landscape Csar Manrique
12:58:40a Pulling the high
12:58:45a Broadside Weekly News IQ Quiz
12:58:51a Best cheese Montgomery cheddar
12:58:56a Brazil's president waits for blackout investigation
12:59:02a Bomb Scare Investigated At Bradley
12:59:07a Qualcomm Shows Off World's First 'Smartbook'
12:59:12a Seven wild island hideaways
12:59:18a World Cup Trophy in Kenya
12:59:23a Chavez blames U.S. pact with Colombia for tensions
12:59:28a Best butcher Jack O'Shea
12:59:34a Our Blog Network 11.13.09
12:59:39a The Week We Declared Victory Over the Moon Week In Review
12:59:44a The 50 best winter reads
12:59:49a Official Obama to reject all current war options
12:59:54a Journey to the top of Mount Teide
01:00:00a UPDATE 1-Hedge fund billionaire Paulson reports new Citi stake
01:00:05a Hedge Fund Paulson Bought 300 Million Citi Shares During 3Q
01:00:11a Women ski jumpers lose appeal
01:00:16a 48 soldiers get medals for courage, service
01:00:21a Man paints stolen pig
01:00:27a Best winter cookbook British Seasonal Food
01:00:32a Best wine list Chez Bruce
01:00:37a France's Vivendi takes control of Brazil's GVT
01:00:44a Auction for a private tour of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles with Leonard Nimoy
01:00:49a Man arrested on weapon, drug charges
01:00:54a Pleasant images alleviate pain, research shows
01:01:00a NASA's Moon Crash Leads To Water
01:01:05a Obama Plan Neglects Importance of Incentives
01:01:10a Building the perfect lingerie wardrobe
01:01:15a Travel By Numbers Christmas markets
01:01:21a Hedge Fund Billionaire Paulson Reports New Citi Stake
01:01:26a Student canes prostitutes
01:01:39a Where Germs Hide
01:02:03a Woman's Killer Boyfriend Leaves Behind Voicemail
01:02:10a Football Team Banned From Playing
01:02:15a World's largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, docks in Florida
01:02:21a 'Stuff Happens,' about U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, returns to Toronto
01:02:26a Cook-off crowd forks over funds for public TV
01:02:32a Garrido Sends Out Jailhouse Apology Letter
01:02:37a Zimbabwe Dairibord Regional Markets Under Threat
01:02:42a Bags Filled With Food For Needy
01:02:47a Two swine flu deaths in N.B.
01:02:53a Westaim announces 2009 third quarter results
01:02:58a Nyack Hospital workers protest for pension negotiations Hospital workers protest for pension negotiations
01:03:03a Its a boy? Disappointment plagues some moms
01:03:09a Controversial HST has B.C. finance committee split along party lines
01:03:14a Public safety minister praises deportation of Sudanese refugee convicted of rape
01:03:23a New Report Recommends Enhanced Food Tracing Guidelines
01:03:30a FDA Approves Lysteda to Treat Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
01:03:36a Federal action against Iranian foundation threatens future of 4 American mosques
01:03:41a Animal cruelty charge laid against B.C. men after horse starved, hung
01:03:47a Khadr likely to face military commission Holder
01:03:52a Canadian tour bus driver, seven students hurt in bus crash in New York State
01:03:58a Michael Porter Joins Medfusion as Senior Advisor
01:04:03a Four Suspects Indicted For The Assault And Robbery Of A Putnam County Man
01:04:08a Doctors gauge patients' religious views
01:04:14a Young boy may have died from H1N1
01:04:19a Mountaineers Face Bearcats, Kickoff at 8 p.m.
01:04:24a White House counsel resigning in wake of Guantanamo criticisms
01:04:30a Elisha Cuthbert, of '24' fame, to lead Grey Cup parade in Calgary
01:04:35a Former Louisiana Congressman Gets 13 Years
01:05:09a Mayors' Roundtable Held At Oglebay Park
01:05:17a In Western magazine article, Medvedev assures world Russia wants 'more friendly' ties
01:05:28a Police Investigating Break-in, Thefts in City
01:05:33a BC Appeal Court dismisses appeal by women ski jumpers to compete in 2010 Games
01:05:39a Brazil's president questions whether bad weather to blame for massive blackout
01:05:48a Police name brothel worker as victim in OKC fire
01:05:54a The Joker Clinton Cackle
01:05:59a Northern Illinois leaders push for federal transportation funding
01:06:09a Toronto police search garbage from area near home of missing girl
01:06:14a Bus fire tragedy triggers Insurance check
01:06:20a Venezuela's Chavez lashes out at US-Colombia military deal, calling it a threat
01:06:25a Buffalo High School Senior Getting a Crash Course in Videography
01:06:31a Suspect in Ohio killings was arrested last year
01:06:37a Jaycee Dugard kidnap suspect apologizes to 'every human being' in jailhouse letter
01:06:42a Deputy Ontario health minister Ron Sapsford suddenly quits his post
01:06:48a Reed family wants F.B.I. investigation
01:06:53a Venetians hold funeral march to mark population decline of beloved city
01:06:58a Learning To Make Safe Choices
01:07:04a Correction Mike Tyson story
01:07:09a UN chief to fast to spotlight 1 billion hungry/
01:07:15a Palin's Stupid Book
01:07:20a From the archive Death of Mrs Gaskell
01:07:25a Sudoku 1,408 hard
01:07:31a Obama's Burma moment
01:07:36a WSDOT makes first of two roadway shifts on Westbound Nalley Valley Project
01:07:41a Wal-Mart offers vendors a way to faster payment
01:07:46a NUCRYST announces 2009 third quarter financial results
01:07:52a Madoff Jewels To Be Auctioned Off
01:07:57a Riverside Church Celebrates 100th Anniversary
01:08:02a Stop The Spread Of Swine Flu With 1 Simple Step
01:08:18a Drivers still have incentive for final 2 races
01:08:49a Iowa prep start Barnes to sign with North Carolina
01:08:55a Tom Ridge Hasan was Islamic Jihad, not Mentally Stressed
01:09:05a Forgotten Heroes
01:09:11a Strippers-on-a-truck promotion halted in Las Vegas
01:09:26a What's Next For the Extreme Makeover Family?
01:09:31a Freeman Isaac Bonewitz
01:09:36a Report Terrain, brush to blame in huge w
01:09:49a Ft. Hood 'hero' story changes
01:09:56a Shin leads Ochoa Invitational after 66
01:10:25a Rally in front of Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington D_C_
01:10:31a Raskulls Screens
01:10:36a The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Flutes and Choo Choo Trains
01:10:41a Dante's Inferno Animated Feature
01:10:55a Troj/PdfEx-CJ
01:11:25a Kids' programme
01:11:30a Tone up with seated cable extensions
01:11:35a Coastal cuisine
01:11:41a Mothers' workshop
01:12:10a Close look at domestic violence perpetrators
01:12:18a Image exhibition
01:12:23a Tourism officials allocate for winter ads
01:12:28a Colombia Viagra Dessert
01:12:34a Popping a pill
01:12:44a In the royal setting
01:12:49a VIDEO Longtime Packers employee fired for comment
01:12:57a Understanding pre-diabetes
01:13:03a US soldiers patrol the site of a suicide attack in Kabul
01:13:09a New Releases November 15-21, 2009
01:13:14a Freezer cash ex-congressman sentenced in US to 13 years
01:13:20a Troj/Agent-LRJ
01:13:25a GameSpot Presents Now Playing Assassin's Creed II
01:13:31a Reaching out
01:13:36a Apologist Obama says Terrorist Nidal Hasan was a victim of 'stress'
01:13:42a Michelle Obama Health Care
01:13:47a VIDEO Homeless may have place during the winter days
01:13:53a Woods leads by four shots
01:13:58a Hurricane bends, doesn't break
01:14:04a SNAP Calls For Abuse Victims To Come Forward
01:14:09a Title game rematch on tap
01:14:14a Data Show Recession Over in Europe
01:14:20a Peeking at nukes
01:14:25a Lights Go On For OP Holiday Tree
01:14:30a Broadcast pioneer NBC prepares for cable takeover
01:14:36a Brazil to offer 39% carbon cuts at UN climate meet
01:14:41a Legislator not persuaded by 'scientific consensus'
01:14:47a Right for education
01:15:02a Wales winger Leigh Halfpenny
01:15:07a W32/Scribble-B
01:15:12a It's in the Bible
01:15:18a Kirby If Moose and I could hit it off, anyone can
01:15:23a Broder A health care bill that doesn't pay the bill
01:15:29a Regulators shut two Fla. banks; 122 failures in '09
01:15:34a Healy rocks like a Hurricane
01:15:39a Holiday helping
01:15:44a Back to the past
01:15:49a Aggies, Spartans in similar situation
01:15:54a Time to investigate UCAT's rehiring of Rob Brems
01:16:00a Realtors Home prices to rise 4% in 2010
01:16:05a VIDEO Kiel remembers fallen soldier
01:16:10a Police Release Clues In Missing Woman Search
01:16:15a Sound, light and action…
01:16:21a Tall Andhra legend
01:16:26a Smokeless, not safe
01:16:32a The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 73.00 points to close at 10,270.47
01:16:37a State campaign watchdog to probe S.B. County DA
01:16:43a Telik Announces Third Quarter 2009 Financial Results
01:16:48a Sale cum exhibition
01:16:53a Gas storage tanks at the Arara refinery in the Urucu oilfield
01:16:58a The Chavez Diet Venezuelans urged to lose weight
01:17:04a New resource center aims to help local workers
01:17:09a Sex talks
01:17:15a Spiritual workshop
01:17:20a 5,000 more Eur
01:17:25a Ecuador, Colombia to restore ties
01:17:30a LeBron James is willing to give up the number 23 to honor Michael Jordan
01:17:36a H1N1 vaccinations continue in Kershaw Co. schools
01:17:41a Watercooler » 401 options to consider when job changes
01:17:46a Ninetendo leads video-game sales downward
01:17:52a 'Nothing is impossible'
01:17:57a VIDEO Online with Erin Charities
01:18:03a Lawyer Crashes After Life in Fast Lane
01:18:08a Michelle Obama's new haircut
01:18:13a Many Share Special Bond Through Mentor Program
01:18:18a Faith in action Fall bazaar
01:18:24a 15 Awful Things Republicans Would Do If They Had the Chance
01:18:29a A dream from my father
01:18:35a Student Finds Ritalin in Cup of Pears
01:18:40a Obama speaks of Asian ties
01:18:46a Federal Reserve restricts overdraft fees
01:18:51a US Senator Russ Feingold
01:18:56a Jefferson Gets 13 Yrs in Bribery Case
01:19:01a Swimsuit Harnesses The Butch Swimwear Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign
01:19:07a Eşşekle müsahibe QHT qanunu haqqında şok açıqlamalar
01:19:12a Raising revenue
01:19:17a NASCAR Phoenix Auto Racing
01:19:22a CNN 9/11 Families Split Over Civilian Trials For Terror Suspects
01:19:28a U.S. Stomps on Honduran Democracy, Militarizes Colombia
01:19:33a Obama Prosperous China strengthens all nations
01:19:38a McCain campaign fires back at Palin
01:19:49a City fixes Blythewood water leak months after first report
01:19:56a No. 24 Tigers focused on 'Pack with title in sight
01:20:01a Execution likely to be asked for Sept. 11 suspects
01:20:07a Anderson Co. couple facing more than 70 child sex abuse charges
01:20:28a White House may seek short-term climate pact
01:20:34a Bush AG Mukasey rips Obama over KSM decision
01:20:40a Obama Were totally cutting the deficit, um, next year
01:20:45a Will South Carolina become the nation's new Yucca Mountain?
01:20:51a Video Giuliani goes nuclear on Obama over KSM's trial
01:21:02a Disney helps offset dip in confidence
01:21:08a Teen critical after Sydney cliff fall
01:21:13a Flannery named to climate change council
01:21:19a For Obama, defining China is challenge
01:21:24a Obama's 100th day marred by New York jet 9/11 gaffe
01:21:29a Roane Co. residents have mixed feelings about Leon Houston's acquittal
01:21:35a Local Congressman reacts to House healthcare vote
01:21:40a Harb pays visit to Labor Ministry in opposition stronghold
01:21:46a Germany 50 universities on strike / occupied
01:21:51a Ndou retains boxing title with draw
01:21:56a Park rangers launch poaching investigation in Smokies
01:22:02a Assad to Obama Draw Up Plan for Israel-Syria Peace Talks
01:22:07a Murdoch will relish a battle over online pay walls
01:22:14a UT player describes emotional meeting with arrested players
01:22:20a One track mind
01:22:25a The stupid, it burns
01:22:30a Army probes burial mix-ups at Arlington cemetery
01:22:36a Morrisons forced into climbdown over Israeli Goods
01:22:41a Obama's trip to Asia has far-reaching PR possibilities
01:22:47a Funeral set for woman allegedly slain by husband
01:22:52a Obama To Host Jobs Summit in December
01:22:57a Obama's Afghanistan Exit Strategy
01:23:03a Obama vows solution for Japan base dispute
01:23:08a Eurozone emerges from recession but UK economy still left trailing
01:23:13a Paulson held big stake in Citi on Sept. 30
01:23:19a Hizbullah ‘knows everything’ about Israel’s border force
01:23:25a Govt launches book on Muslim Australians
01:23:31a US army assassin may be paralysed
01:23:36a Glasgow North East by-election SNP's bubble has burst, insists jubilant Labour
01:23:42a Communists urge Cabinet to abolish sectarianism
01:23:47a Buzz in China over Obama's 4-day visit
01:23:52a Rep. Blunt opposes ban on health status ratings
01:23:58a Search on for new venue for Mela
01:24:03a Obama admin to keep urging India for composite dialogue Jones
01:24:09a Good for business
01:24:14a Widespread cabinet support likely to hasten ministerial-draft formulation
01:24:19a Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles Screens
01:24:25a Denmark adds voice to Cabinet congratulations
01:24:30a Tests planned after farmer hands in 'Ned Kelly' skull
01:24:36a Syria dismisses Israeli offer for peace talks as mere word games
01:24:41a Teachers dismiss trust schools plan
01:24:46a Militant 'monster' kills ten in Pakistan spy agency blast
01:24:52a Six months and 4,600 miles later, rowers claim record
01:24:57a Steel, rubber found in some Genzyme drugs
01:25:02a Struggling studio MGM says it's looking for buyer
01:25:08a Braley predicts public option will become law
01:25:13a Outside Edge Big Nanny's plan for us all
01:25:18a TV sport plan 'disaster' for Scottish football
01:25:24a If You're Happy and You Know It Screens
01:25:30a Gordon Brown lobbies allies to send extra troops
01:25:35a Tour bus driver, 7 students hurt in Northway crash
01:25:41a Xbox Live hits record 2 million concurrent users
01:25:47a Brief sexual relationships 'increase health risks for mother and baby'
01:25:52a iSpy The Exciting On-the-go Travel Game Screens
01:25:57a Maritime NZ issue iceberg warnings
01:26:03a Recalls this week Supplements, tree stands
01:26:08a Blues hoping to get on a roll
01:26:13a Former cop pleads guilty to child porn
01:26:18a Drunk Pilots Can Get Back in Cockpit
01:26:24a Enemies need not be insane
01:26:30a Mr Obama goes to Beijing
01:26:35a World fighting 'barbarianism' says president of assembly
01:26:40a Green school district predicts red ink without new funding
01:26:46a Death in Venice city stages its 'funeral' as the population sinks
01:26:51a Howzat! Scots cricket club is best in world
01:26:56a U.S. rejects Ahmadinejad call to choose between Israel and Iran
01:27:01a The Deer Camp Tradition
01:27:06a Ecstatic Nasa scientists find 'buckets' of water on the Moon
01:27:12a Mind how you park … it's Friday the 13th
01:27:17a iFootball Premium Screens
01:27:22a Pressure on Fiona Hyslop intensifies as inquiry vows to follow the money
01:27:28a Glasgow North East by-election BNP man finds his big talk contradicted by tiny vote
01:27:33a Another 3 Iowa deaths from H1N1 reported
01:27:38a Liquid Courage
01:27:43a New bar to re-open in Spiros old location
01:27:49a WVU Basketball Preview Show
01:27:54a From gasworks rail station to luxury hotel
01:27:59a iPush Classic wood chip Screens
01:28:05a 154 spaces in East Austin to showcase local art
01:28:10a James seeks number switch to honor Jordan
01:28:15a Height of fashion How WWII parachute became First Communion dress
01:28:20a Georgia Speaker 'I Tried To Take My Own Life'
01:28:26a Video Obama ducks question on whether U.S. should have nuked Hiroshima
01:28:31a Tailgating for Books
01:28:36a 9/11 trial in shadow of Ground Zero
01:28:41a William Jefferson Sentenced
01:28:47a Football players help adult learners match their literacy goals
01:28:52a FDA to Look at New Type of Flu Vaccine
01:28:58a Former Austin Mayor Roy Butler dies at 83
01:29:03a Mercury Discovered In High School Gym
01:29:09a Warning to 60,000 Scots on dangers of diabetes
01:29:14a Frenchman's death in US homicide not suicide lawyer
01:29:19a Doc concerned about H1N1 effects
01:29:25a Sony's adhocParty takes local PSP multiplayer online
01:29:30a Baby Sitter Finds Boy At Bottom Of Pool
01:29:35a Man accused of soliciting minors online
01:29:41a Bikers protest planned ACC levy hikes
01:29:46a Shoppers rush to snap up penny bargains at M&S
01:29:51a Nile's nine chances in Bradfield by-election
01:29:57a Family speaks after fatal hit-and-run
01:30:02a Burlington City Councilors Want Apology for Vets
01:30:07a Problems at Arlington National Cemetery investigated
01:30:12a Hutchison won't resign seat before primary
01:30:18a Farmers scramble to finish harvest from hell
01:30:23a infeCCt Gold Version Screens
01:30:29a First Night button brings extra savings this year
01:30:34a Teen critical after Sydney cliff plunge
01:30:39a Violent video game breaks sales records on first day of release
01:30:45a Going green with solar power
01:30:50a Be Careful, It's Friday The 13th
01:30:56a NYC fashion students get probation in cocaine case
01:31:02a Phelan Pinon Hills makes push for parks department
01:31:07a US preacher gets 175 years for child sex
01:31:12a Research Rocks Kids Work With Lego Robots
01:31:18a Oman coach backs Aussies for success
01:31:23a NY smoking rate hits new low as US smoking rises
01:31:28a Leak reveals plan to reconcile with Taleban
01:31:33a Sixth-grader hit by car in crosswalk
01:31:39a Wooing moderate Nelson could be a tough task for Senate Democrats
01:31:44a Waitrose gets sales boost … from M&S ad campaign
01:31:49a Hunters Face Ammunition Shortage
01:31:54a Neill optimistic for World Cup
01:32:09a reward in abused puppy case
01:32:14a Hartford Teen Missing
01:32:19a Program has new lawyers work at NYC housing court
01:32:25a Rudd denies claim of special asylum deal
01:32:30a Police Trio Stole From Foreclosed Homes
01:32:35a Police charge sixth member of family accused of child sex abuse
01:33:15a Another relative charged in child sex abuse case
01:33:20a Man convicted of robbing mom to pay parking ticket
01:33:36a Ex-boyfriend held for trial in Pa. husband's death
01:33:41a Old Soldier's Urn Stolen Before Ceremony 13 Nov 2009 185135 GMT
01:33:49a JPD chief makes staff changes
01:34:03a Jackson man charged in January homicide
01:34:15a NASA reports water on moon
01:34:20a Four sen
01:34:26a Punjab setting up music academy in singer Ishmeet's memory
01:34:36a Saskatchewan's 2009 crop almost all in the bin
01:34:41a Oregon Supreme Court steps in to modify upcoming ballot measures
01:34:47a Strippers-on-a-Truck Halted in Vegas
01:34:52a Obama weighs domestic spending freeze
01:34:57a The UC-West Virginia Blog 11-13-09
01:35:17a Obama Agrees to Talks on Location of Marine Base in Japan
01:35:27a Adams County Struggling To Care For Seized Animals
01:35:39a Bad light thwarts Pandey from leading Karnataka to victory
01:35:47a Report Calif. Ignoring Promise of Affordable College Education
01:35:52a Ore. shifts flu vaccine priority to higher risk
01:36:07a Police detain Tyson after LAX altercation with photographer
01:36:12a Roane Co. Sheriff's office impacted by shootout, Houston verdict
01:36:24a Sask. unveils eco-friendly booze bags
01:36:35a Boney Kapoor, Adoor get lifetime achievement award
01:36:40a Obama Car Czar at NUMMI
01:36:46a Company To Consumers Throw These Greens Away
01:36:51a Dazzling Photomanipulation and illustration By Zach
01:36:56a Multiple suitors for former Top Value site in Des Moines
01:37:02a Cannabis Cafe opens in Portland
01:37:07a Western Black Sea region to be center for seniors
01:37:12a Owensboro students meet with engineer professionals
01:37:21a Longtime TV weatherman Woodie Assaf dies at 92
01:37:32a Sewer funding approved in Madisonville
01:37:37a When Looking Gorgeous In A Gown Still Isn't Enough
01:37:42a For the Ultimate Golfer
01:37:47a When Boring Is No Longer Acceptable, You Must RevoltRevolt
01:37:53a Road work will close some metro I-20 lanes
01:37:58a FDA backs off raw oyster ban
01:38:03a Three arrested in Eupora drug sting
01:38:08a Medford, Ore., PBA stop canceled
01:38:14a Gov. Beshear Calls For More Budget Cuts
01:38:19a Victims Of Bus Crash Remembered
01:38:24a Let's Play Cowboy Poker
01:38:30a Man sentenced in Seattle-area landlord scam
01:38:35a Man arrested for calling 911, asking for sex news
01:38:40a FDA Says Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks May Be Illegal
01:38:46a World Diabetes Day Rise In Number Of Kidney Disease Worldwide
01:38:51a Goldstone takes swipe at critics
01:38:56a Anarchists assemble at Saskatoon book fair
01:39:02a Red Cross lends helping hand for vets
01:39:07a Now It's Official There Is Water on the Moon
01:39:12a White House Counsel Who Was Criticized For Handling of Detainee Issue Steps Down
01:39:18a FHA Housing's Safety Net Begins To Fray
01:39:23a Doğan Yayın posts 242 percent more loss in first nine months of 2009
01:39:28a Mix Your Own Liquid Tamiflu For Kids H1N1 Lifehacker
01:39:34a Zimbabwe Under-17 Hockey Team Seek Funding
01:39:39a 'How do I politely say no?'
01:39:45a Kennewick man charged with murdering dog trainer
01:39:50a Tom Tomorrow Scientists announce time began 1-20-09
01:39:56a Officials Announce H1N1 Vaccination Clinics
01:40:01a EVSC students attend fire investigation class
01:40:08a Cat's demise prompts rumors of Thatcher's death
01:40:13a Driver said 'stupidity' behind crash
01:40:19a Kala Azar 'Epidemic' in South
01:40:24a Final Fantasy XIII NA/EU Release Date Announced
01:40:29a Saran, Fersa partnership brings billion for renewable energy
01:40:34a Why the U.S. Needs New and Tighter Control on Plastics
01:40:40a NASA moon mission a success; water found, moon race on!
01:40:45a Bears' Cutler, Harris fined for abusive conduct
01:40:50a Man sentenced to 8 years in group home slaying
01:40:56a Toyota Financial, as Part of RouteOne Compliance, Welcomes Sonic Automotive
01:41:01a 1 dead, 3 critical in Chester Twp crash
01:41:07a Obama hails China's expanded role in world affairs
01:41:12a Happy Hindy ready to go
01:41:17a Prison for 2 in
01:41:23a Leonard takes lead with 64
01:41:28a Need for judicious use of power in daily policing Law and order
01:41:33a Alleged 9/11 Plotters Face Trial
01:41:38a Eyeball removal tool
01:41:44a Person Hit By Car In Middletown
01:41:49a Pacquiao-Cotto weigh in at packed house
01:41:54a Zimbabwe Zanu-PF, MDC Formations Jammed in the Inclusive Govt?
01:41:59a Fort Hood Obama's Wake-Up Call?
01:42:05a Asian markets finish the week mixed
01:42:10a Two in five think climate change is 'not man-made'
01:42:16a Miguel Cotto Must Survive Round One to Stay Safe in the Game
01:42:21a Obama must press China to uphold human rights
01:42:26a Nigeria Lower Div Club Exposes Harambee Stars for Eagles
01:42:32a Webloyalty Applauds Move Toward Enhanced Online Marketing Industry
01:42:37a UPDATE 1-Pershing reports Landry's stake; opposes CEO takeover
01:42:42a Çağlayan Exports to exceed bln by year's end
01:42:48a Second possible sighting of cougar in Pasco
01:42:53a GE, Comcast agree on NBC Universal JV board-source
01:42:59a Silverware taken from USS Arizona during World War II pulled from auction
01:43:04a Robbie records new songs with Take That
01:43:09a Arizona LBs Hayes, Okeafor doubtful for Seahawks
01:43:15a Nigeria Eagles Nairobi Flight Bungled, Depart 12 Hrs Late
01:43:20a Researchers find 2 Japanese supersubmarines sunk by U.S. at end of WWII
01:43:26a Map squatted universities in Europe
01:43:31a Carnival Fantasy to Set Sail from Port of Charleston
01:43:36a Google Chrome OS ready for launch, says industry buzz
01:43:41a Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Torrent Carrie Prejean's Controversial Video Free Online
01:43:47a UPDATE 1-GE, Comcast agree on NBC Universal JV board-source
01:43:52a Vegas strippers-on-a-truck promo halted
01:43:57a Speaker's right at home with Labour candidate
01:44:03a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Speaks at Public Policy Conference
01:44:08a Nigeria Concentrate on Nairobi Battle, Okocha Advises Eagles
01:44:13a No Sweat
01:44:22a Israel displays coins from Roman destruction of Jewish Temple 2,000 years ago
01:44:33a Buffalo ReUse knocks down vacant house
01:44:47a Police stop counting after discovery of 8,000-plus illegal mushrooms
01:44:53a Free seasonal flu clinic for kids Sat.
01:44:58a More Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes?
01:45:03a TMZ Been Caught Stealing
01:45:09a Five 9/11 suspects to be charged in NY
01:45:14a Made in Northeast Ohio
01:45:19a Images Snow Piles Up At Snowbowl
01:45:24a I-70 Closes For Weekend
01:45:30a City of Good Neighbors loads up food
01:45:35a Pittsburgh teen wins bigtime on 'Jeopardy'
01:45:40a Unconventional Warfare and International Relations Political assassinations and biological attacks as a mea
01:45:46a Gingrich The RNC's preparing a new Contract With America, sort of
01:45:51a Several Aussies miss out at Disney World
01:45:56a County clerks rally against new plates
01:46:01a Crackdown on parties for credit crunch Christmas
01:46:07a Bomb Hits Pakistan's Spy Agency
01:46:12a URL shorteners suck less, thanks to the Internet Archive and 301Works
01:46:17a OPEC president expects no change
01:46:23a Cat's demise prompts rumors of Thatcher's death
01:46:28a George in the Morning?
01:46:33a No parking near Massachusetts Avenue
01:46:39a Departments of Defense and Justice Announce Forum Decisions for Ten Guantanamo Bay Detainees
01:46:44a Forces Arrest Suspected Militants, Taliban Commander
01:46:50a Midlands Tech job realignment program gaining popularity
01:46:55a One roof for Snap-on arm
01:47:00a CyberTouch/AV Announces Touch Screen Monitors Compatible With Extron Electronics' Annotator
01:47:06a Blasts at Russian mil. depot kill 2 firefighters, injure seven
01:47:11a Afghan Leaders Discuss Reconciliation
01:47:17a Luke was a cancer in Boks, says Smit
01:47:22a North Korea vows to defend itself
01:47:27a Obama US won't 'be cowed' by North Korea
01:47:33a Bad weather blamed in blackout for 60
01:47:38a Lack of H1N1 vaccine for BPS students
01:47:44a Obama hails China's expanded role in world affairs
01:47:49a Smokies investigate elk poaching attempt
01:47:54a Leaders warn against pulling stimulus packages too quickly
01:47:59a President visits Elmendorf Airmen
01:48:05a DoD News Army Releases October Suicide Data
01:48:10a Appliance upkeep extends their lives
01:48:16a Union Co. RAM clinic to be held this weekend
01:48:21a News Notes 'Going Rogue' Edition
01:48:26a Knoxville woman convicted of killing 21-year-old man
01:48:31a US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 839
01:48:37a School Officials Cite Prevention in Curbing H1N1 Flu
01:48:42a ECONOMY-US 'Green' Jobs Should Be Black and Brown Too
01:48:48a Army Reports Possible Increase in Suicides for October
01:49:03a TRICARE offers no-cost H1N1 vaccine
01:49:09a All Services Meet or Exceed October Recruiting Goals
01:49:14a Obama New Myanmar policy depends on reform
01:49:19a Knoxville middle schoolers adopt deployed soldiers
01:49:25a H1N1 Vaccination Clinics On Tap Saturday
01:49:30a Arlington mom indicted on felony murder charge
01:49:35a Expert Assesses New Mexico In The Current Economy
01:49:41a U.S. Seeks Assets of Islamic Foundation Thought To Be Iranian-Controlled
01:49:57a Airmen fly C-5M into U.S. record books
01:50:04a The real deficit hawks
01:50:17a ECOWAS Resumes Talks on Niger's Political Crisis
01:50:23a 3/11 arty returns from Afghanistan deployment
01:50:31a Mentally-ill subway hammerer gets 4 to 10 years
01:50:40a Pakistani intelligence agency blast death toll rises to 10
01:50:48a Visitation For Local Killed In Ft. Hood Shooting
01:50:53a Regulators shut 2 banks in Fla., 1 in Calif.
01:51:03a With Playboy sale, an icon bows to changing times
01:51:09a Ex-superintendent of Indiana school district arrested
01:51:14a Guard Members in Three States Respond to Flooding
01:51:21a Obama to pursue pragmatic cooperation with China
01:51:33a National Adoption Month The Quebe's Story
01:51:38a PJTV Goes to Gitmo
01:51:49a PERU Vice President Accused of Corruption
01:51:54a Obama hails China's expanded role in world affairs
01:52:00a British Airways confirms board
01:52:05a How to Teach Kids Money Management
01:52:10a The fear of the unknown
01:52:16a Freedom House Tells Obama to Support Chinese Human Rights Activists
01:52:21a How To Be DVD Review Robert Pattinson Bitten By Love
01:52:27a Gunman Frightens Customers At Salem Bar
01:52:44a Woman Accused Of Faking Breast Cancer
01:52:50a Outrage as Obama Allows 9/11 Terrorists on Sacred US Soil for Trial
01:52:55a IMF chief does not see double-dip US recession, sees recovery in 2010
01:53:01a France outmuscle Springboks to stretch home hoodoo
01:53:06a Urn with veteran's ashes stolen from van in DC
01:53:12a Russian President Renews Anti-Corruption Drive
01:53:18a Obama Should Focus on Tibet's Future and Resist Chinese Appeals
01:53:23a Why We Study Perception
01:53:28a Odell Street, U.S 136 in Brownsburg closer to traffic light
01:53:33a Layaway Returns For Black Friday
01:53:39a Brother-In-Law Arrested In Coquille Murder
01:53:44a Free Printable Alphabet Stencils
01:53:49a Noblesville native, funeral director earns Business Person of the Year
01:53:54a U.S. regulators squeeze banks on future tax assets
01:54:00a VIDEO Cotaminated H1N1 Vaccines
01:54:05a Culture of the Aborigines
01:54:10a IBM WebSphere Application Server Input Validation Flaw in Administrative Console Permits Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
01:54:16a When the Fight Over Religion Turns Deadly
01:54:21a While President Obama is away, the first lady stumps for health care
01:54:27a Alderman Urging Congress On Immigration Law COMMENT
01:54:32a Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to Fast in Solidarity With World's Hungry
01:54:37a Ergün Turkey to be industry hub in Europe producing advanced technologies
01:54:42a Five 9/11 suspects to be tried in NYC
01:54:48a Violating Social Norms
01:54:54a Two Hurt In Head-On Collision
01:55:01a Dream Interpretation 101 Understanding Buildings in Dreams
01:55:06a Medical Marijuana Cafe Opens In NE Portland
01:55:19a Former AG Not a Fan of Decision to Try KSM in NYC
01:55:24a Classical Theories of Crime
01:55:29a Feds proclaim U.S. border is more secure
01:55:35a Investigators 3 Longview Children Lived In Filth
01:55:40a Roane law officers react to Leon Houston acquittal
01:55:45a Water main breaks in 2nd spot
01:55:50a Gallery Photos of the week
01:55:55a Researchers discover nicotine may help memory loss
01:56:01a Track Coach Sentenced To Jail In Sex Abuse Case
01:56:06a Scientology The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power
01:56:11a Milken Institute Ranks the Best Cities for Jobs
01:56:17a Dugard kidnap suspect says sorry in jail letter
01:56:22a TÜSİAD Micro reforms needed for sustained growth
01:56:28a Obama in Japan giving Asia policy speech
01:56:33a Benefits of PayPal
01:56:39a Man Faces Charges After Paddling
01:56:44a The Phenomenologist Perspective of Crime
01:56:50a MA Auditor DeNucci not seeking re-election
01:56:55a 9/11 Detainees To Be Tried In New York
01:57:00a PM denies further deal for refugees
01:57:05a European equities lack direction
01:57:11a Nasa crash reveals water on moon
01:57:16a Stolen car with baby inside recovered in MA
01:57:22a The Suffering of a Saints Fan
01:57:27a Strain Theory in the United States
01:57:33a Pa. orders recount of Superior Court ballots
01:57:45a AT&T's Verizon Ad Battle Who's Being Hurt Worse?
01:58:04a Criminological Profile of Charles Manson
01:58:15a Obama urges all nations to fight climate change
01:58:20a Bank of America Hits Pay Snag In Its Search for Next CEO
01:58:26a Amazon Web Services offers .Net development kit for its cloud platform
01:58:35a Houstonians accused of bootlegging Get Smart DVDs
01:58:44a The hidden face of caring
01:58:56a Bad science
01:59:14a Engineers will not stop flights Qantas
01:59:19a The Mint Leasing, Inc. Announces Third Quarter Operating Results
01:59:25a Navy crew watched pirates seize British couple
01:59:30a Best New York City Street Food
01:59:35a Struggling studio MGM seeks buyer
01:59:41a Portland, Oregon, Christmas Bazaars
01:59:46a Arrests over shots
01:59:51a Water-Main Breaks, Floods La Mesa Business
01:59:57a 10News Poll County Sheriff Race Wide Open
02:00:02a Photos Alleged Ponzi Profits
02:00:07a South America's Friendliest City Rio De Janeiro
02:00:12a Farmer mauled by bull embraced by MN community
02:00:18a Christmas comes too soon
02:00:23a What to Do in the Middle of a Political Demonstration in Bangkok, Thailand
02:00:28a The Top 5 Northeastern Wineries
02:00:33a The Best Car for Traveling
02:00:50a The problem with Nabokov
02:00:55a How to Plan a Road Trip
02:01:01a Fuelled by patriotic flim-flam
02:01:06a A Miami Movie Tour
02:01:12a Maya Angelou 'I'm fine as wine'
02:01:17a Exchanging Currency in the Outback
02:01:22a The R-71 Effect
02:01:33a Laax ski resort goes for a clean slate
02:01:38a Jan Morris my favourite cities
02:01:43a IBERIABANK Announces Opportunistic Florida Expansion
02:01:48a Recovering Lost Airline Luggage
02:01:54a Kennedy-Wilson, Inc. and Prospect Acquisition Corp. Announce Closing of Business Combination
02:01:59a Former House speaker Perzel surrenders to authorities
02:02:04a Nashville, Tennessee, One of the Friendliest Cities in America
02:02:10a Man Who Asked Police To Kill Him OK For Trial
02:02:15a U2 tour to make a stop at TCF Bank Stadium
02:02:20a Maclaren Statement to Customers In Light of Recent Events
02:02:26a US golfer Barron asks court to overturn ban
02:02:31a Arson suspected in boat blaze
02:02:36a Great Christmas Gifts to Send Overseas
02:02:41a Rodobens Negocios Imobiliarios Discloses its 3Q09 Earnings Release
02:02:47a Santiago, Chile The Friendliest South American City
02:02:52a UPDATE 4-Steel, rubber found in some Genzyme drugs
02:02:58a Pomersbach faces battle to win back players' trust
02:03:03a Seven Holiday Gift Ideas for Friends Abroad
02:03:08a R&B mogul Dupri answers the rock 'n' roll call
02:03:14a Woman Pleads Not Guilty In Boyfriend's Death
02:03:20a Earnings reports push stocks higher; Dow gains 73
02:03:25a MPAA Shuts Down Municipal WiFi Due to Single Illegal Download
02:03:30a Affinion Unveils Enhanced Online Marketing Standards -Affinion Expands Upon Existing Up-sell Sales Rules
02:03:36a Don't Pass on Montevideo, Uruguay
02:03:41a Urn With Vet's Ashes Stolen From Van In DC
02:03:46a Investigators seek suspects in Andover burglary spree
02:03:52a Top 10 Famous Movie Places to See in Miami, Florida
02:03:57a How to Change Your Money Over in Europe
02:04:02a Fourth H1N1 Death Reported In Northern Kentucky
02:04:08a Verizon to Start Sending Copyright Notices for the RIAA
02:04:13a Business Development Manager,Payments,Prepaid,e-commerce,Retail Londonneg salary + bonus +bens
02:04:18a Editorial Walpin'gate Opens Wider
02:04:23a NZ goes down 0-2
02:04:29a Cricket tourney at Carambolim
02:04:34a Father Charged For Paddling Child
02:04:50a NYC renters, landlord seek accord over rent fight
02:04:55a Colly More of the same, please
02:05:00a Murdered Marine Comes Home
02:05:05a Global warming is not our fault, say most voters in Times poll
02:05:11a Obama US intends renewed leadership role in Asia
02:05:16a Billeo and Kynetx Partner to Improve User Interaction When Shopping and Paying Bills Online
02:05:23a Guide to Christmas shopping online
02:05:42a Man Spotted In Woods Near Local School
02:05:47a Wilmington Doctor's Office Closing
02:05:53a Business Matters Fillmore, Verizon, RIAA, Blackberry
02:06:16a Credit vs. Cash-When To Use the Plastic
02:06:25a leaves Modern Warfare 2 buyers empty handed
02:06:30a Obama Says a Rising China Can Be Source of Shared Strength
02:06:36a "Younus shouldn't have backed out"
02:06:41a Army probes burial mix-ups at Arl
02:06:46a Samoa receives fire truck from Australia
02:06:53a Three teens charged with servo robbery
02:06:58a Tu Quoque
02:07:04a Anderson wins Canadian snowboard battle
02:07:13a Child Hit By Car in Adams County
02:07:45a Verizon to test passing on RIAA notices
02:07:50a Authorities DNA links woman to babies' remains
02:07:56a 911 Tapes Suggest Confusion In SJPD Shooting Death
02:08:02a Obama U.S., Japan 'equal partners'
02:08:07a Israeli troops kill Palestinian
02:08:12a Chico's to have friends and family sale
02:08:18a 9/11 families split over civilian trials
02:08:23a Magazines are full of Thanksgiving meal ideas
02:08:29a Palestinian killed at border
02:08:34a Mixing Tips Can Speaker Plugins Be a Good Tool for Audio Mixing?
02:08:40a Raw Video NASA On Moon Water Discovery
02:08:45a Savor the Flavor at the TRAC this weekend
02:08:51a Police say don't carry everything in your wallet
02:08:57a An Insight of Mini Notebook
02:09:02a Count Ralph Smorczewski
02:09:07a This Day in Infamy Gitmo's Birthday
02:09:12a Drunken Driver Prays For Victim's Family
02:09:18a Plan to talk to Hamas gets Israeli support
02:09:23a Woman ‘Incurably Crippled by Vaccine Cured by Alternative Healer
02:09:28a Why Obama is flummoxed over Israel and the Palestinians
02:09:34a Computer whiz duo charged in Mado
02:09:39a US commitment to Asian security 'unshakeable' Obama
02:09:45a Block access to English private schools PQ
02:09:50a Women lose court bid to ski jump in 2010
02:09:55a The Society of Mobile Computing
02:10:00a The Trend of a Company to Use Mobile Computing Devices
02:10:06a Palestinians at risk of being forced from their homes
02:10:11a Andre Agassi at book signing in Toronto
02:10:17a 9/11 families split over civilian terror trials
02:10:22a Google Tool Helps Map The Future For Mountain View
02:10:28a MGM exploring potential sale of company
02:10:33a Black Friday Deals 2009 Walmart
02:10:38a Colo. competing for up to 175M for schools
02:10:44a Fishville Guide The New Zynga Facebook Game Guide
02:10:49a Israel says Hamas curbing rocket fire
02:10:54a What it's like to Live with Schizophrenia
02:10:59a Omegle Review
02:11:05a Civil War within the Tea Party movement
02:11:10a Lawsuit over student's dismissal settles for 1M
02:11:16a Clarksville Man Sleeps Through Home Break-In
02:11:21a CAROLYN HAX Make time for each of your 3 daughters
02:11:26a A Flowchart to Determine If You Should Fap To It
02:11:32a The Wild World of Faeriecon 2009 Photos
02:11:37a Bears' Cutler, Harris fined for abusive conduct
02:11:42a Gas sparks explosion
02:11:48a Judge Calls Binkley's Conduct Pitiful
02:11:53a Teacher gets maximum 12 years in sex case
02:11:59a Brazil proposes carbon cut target
02:12:04a Domestic Violence Victim Beaten After Case Thrown Out
02:12:09a Job-Seekers Duped On Craigslist
02:12:15a Coolest Of The Cool Rossview High School
02:12:20a Zionist troops kill Palestinian on Gaza border
02:12:25a Controversial Speakers Explain Zionist Supremacy
02:12:31a Riverdale, Blackman Face Off For Quarterfinals Right
02:12:36a UK facing 'worst storm of year'
02:12:41a The Palestinians Will he jump?
02:12:46a CM to visit Israel
02:12:52a Brown County offers amnesty for wanted residents
02:12:57a First U.S. marijuana cafe opens in Portland
02:13:02a Germans go 1-2, USA goes 3-4 in women's bobsled
02:13:08a Oshkosh Corp. lands million Army contract
02:13:18a Ohio to Try New Execution Method
02:13:23a Packers Fire Employee After Comment to Coach
02:13:29a Arrested Vols could face discipline under UT's student code
02:13:34a US commitment to Asian security 'unshakeable' Obama
02:13:39a Palestinians need clarity, not charades
02:13:44a New Kids' Joey McIntyre strikes out solo again
02:13:50a Man Arrested in Death of Woman Found at Water Park
02:13:55a Avery's Defense, Prosecution File Responses with Court
02:14:00a Town Of Dunn Tornado Shelter Completed
02:14:05a Syria's president on Friday ruled out face-to-face negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
02:14:11a BadgerCare Plus' Waiting List Growing
02:14:16a Reserve Yield Plus Holds Off on Distributions
02:14:21a Brown County Bell-ringers Kick off Kettle Campaign
02:14:27a Couple Won't Be Charged For Having 63 Dogs
02:14:32a Commentary Improvement in Trade Is Short-Lived
02:14:37a Lawmakers hit the brakes on elderly driving bill
02:14:42a Green Bay Woman to Stand Trial for Murder
02:14:48a Police find array of weapons in road rage incident
02:14:53a Funeral set for Monday for Racine soldier
02:14:58a e-Democracy in Panama CEO of ElectionMall Technologies Speaks at IAPC Conference
02:15:03a Atmos Energy Makes Use Of Wikis And More
02:15:09a Moody's Downgrades Assured Guaranty
02:15:14a Canada's Supreme Court to Hear Gitmo Detainee Case
02:15:20a 'DJ AM' Goldstein estate sues for wrongful death
02:15:26a Buffett Put out economic fire then deal with deficit
02:15:31a Short-lived snow showers heading into weekend
02:15:41a Omaha Doctor Reports Fewer Flu Patients
02:15:46a University of Alberta physicist solves mystery of supernova 11,000 years ago
02:15:52a H1N1 Update On-Scene Report
02:15:57a Cyclist's Family Wants Cops to Care
02:16:03a Police officer hit in foot pursuit
02:16:08a Indonesia, PNG to collaborate in ensuring Copenhagen conference`s success
02:16:31a Hutchison to keep Senate seat in bid for governor, aide says
02:16:51a China says 2 dead after getting swine flu vaccine
02:16:57a US intends renewed leadership role in Asia Obama
02:17:02a King's ex-wife asks judge to reconsider order opening court files
02:17:07a Woman Says Daughter Bilked Her Out Of Thousands
02:17:13a A Physics Paradox Holes That Block Light
02:17:18a ZRP Powers Checked
02:17:23a Police Sacramento License Plate Thefts Up
02:17:29a Mars Exploration Rovers Breaking News Spirit Begins Extrication
02:17:34a Forensic DNA Resource
02:17:40a Calpers Seeks to Change Apollo Terms
02:17:45a Agassi plays Streisand
02:17:50a H1N1 Vaccine Offered at Sac Int'l Airport
02:17:55a Century Bank in Sarasota, Florida closed
02:18:01a City, Agencies Announce 'Snow Relief Team'
02:18:06a France and Wales win
02:18:12a Man Allegedly Used Shock Collar On Disabled Boy
02:18:17a APTOPIX Fort Hood Shooting Victim
02:18:22a Collins Defiant After 110-Year Sentence
02:18:27a APT members to improve telecom connectivity, bandwidth security
02:18:33a Women Fight Back During Home Invasion
02:18:38a Tsvangirai Resumes Full Govt Duties
02:18:43a Nigeria Why Flog Women for Wearing Bras
02:18:49a U.S. Charges Madoff Programmers
02:18:54a Justin Leonard
02:19:00a Foodstuffs denies a unions claim its tight-fisted
02:19:05a No On 1 Documentary
02:19:10a Ponderosa Football Coach Bist Recovering After On-Field Collapse
02:19:15a Morehead St Kentucky Basketball
02:19:21a Report Gay, Jewish Hate Crimes Up in California
02:19:31a Health officials caution about dengue in Key West
02:19:36a HK activist delivers food to Tokyo airport camper
02:19:42a ICE Targets Criminal Illegal Immigrants
02:19:47a Imagination Helps Tame Young Kids' Fears
02:20:23a Snowy roads may mean trouble for Vandals fans
02:20:34a George McNeill
02:20:42a Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto both weighed in Friday for their welterweight fight
02:20:48a Japan pose 'different' challenge to Bafana
02:20:53a WWII Japanese subs found in Pacific
02:21:00a Officials say Capitol renovation good for 100 years
02:21:05a Manny Pacquiao
02:21:10a Palin Book Tour Builds on Web Strategy
02:21:15a FDA to Pull Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks
02:21:21a Vivendi Trumps Telef ónica Bid for GVT
02:21:26a Kentucky coal-mine permit chief fired
02:21:31a Parliament Fails to Account for Vehicles
02:21:37a New York trial for 9/11 suspects raises complications
02:21:42a Jaxport, NOAA, Cargo Ships Protect Right Whales
02:21:48a Japan drops case against Tenn. father
02:21:53a YouTube in Full High Definition
02:21:59a Zimtrade CEO Fired
02:22:13a FDA OKs Menstrual Drug Lysteda
02:22:19a Political shakeup in Miami leaves commission chamber short
02:22:24a Gunman Wearing Surgical Mask Robs Local Bank
02:22:29a Hyundai worries Japan auto cos
02:22:35a Strippers-On-A-Truck Promotion Halted In Vegas
02:22:40a Canada-U.S. carbon strategy must match minister
02:22:45a Dave Lindorff Health Care Reform, DOA
02:22:52a Idaho has a chance to bust No. 6 Boise St.
02:23:05a Palin criticizes McCain camp, clothes, Couric in 'Rogue'
02:23:20a 'DJ AM' Goldstein estate sues for wrongful death
02:23:37a Weekend forecast Snow for Rockies, Eastern storm wanes
02:24:46a Pressure grows to change NT Intervention rules
02:24:51a Romo Expects to see 'Different' Packers
02:25:08a Local franchise owner suing Burger King over dollar cheeseburger
02:25:16a Carrie Prejean sex tapes bonanza unearthed
02:25:22a Lawyer seeks class action for credit card rates lawsuit
02:25:27a Baldwin ramp to I-196 opens Friday night
02:25:36a 2. Analysts revise upward projections for Maybank
02:25:41a Ex-distributor sentenced for defrauding NY Times
02:25:47a 5. A pure broadband play
02:25:52a Cat's demise prompts rumors of Thatcher death
02:25:57a Daily Checkup Alcohol Energy Drinks, Cholesterol
02:26:03a Tucson students won't get promised college scholarships
02:26:08a Parents get access to childcare log books
02:26:13a Obama US won't 'be cowed' by North Korea
02:26:19a 6. Promising trend ahead
02:26:24a 8. Your 10 questions
02:26:29a Sgt. Shaw funeral arrangements announced
02:26:35a Girl Hit By Car Outside Vancouver School
02:26:40a Turkey is to allow Kurdish television as peace process gathers pace
02:26:49a 16. Improving the customer experience
02:27:13a 13. NSTP soars following Media Prima's revised offer
02:27:19a 15. Bonus Prudent to use it to pay off debts or save
02:27:24a China appoints 6 new counselors
02:27:30a N.S. premier surprised at sole-credit infrastructure signs
02:27:35a All Whites fervour in Milan
02:27:40a Beijing marks 60th anniversary of municipal advisory body
02:27:45a Hundreds attend visitation for Plymouth soldier
02:27:51a Germany's neighbors try to redeem their 1989 negativity
02:27:56a U.S. regulators swoop on Orion Bank, Naples, Florida
02:28:01a DSHS, corrections pay 1.5M to settle abuse case
02:28:07a 17. More banks opting for video tech to cut costs
02:28:12a 10. Making the connection
02:28:17a Rogue Amoeba Quits IPhone Development
02:28:23a How the Nazis Stole Christmas
02:28:28a 12 Frosty Fashion Shoots From Chilly Fashionistas to Bear Suit Sidekicks
02:28:34a Tara Moss, Author of 'Siren'
02:28:39a Windows 7 Ads Microsoft Tarts Up the Desktop
02:28:45a Sonos S5 unboxing gallery
02:28:50a DSHS, corrections pay million to settle abuse case
02:28:55a Daugherty helps Dayton upset No. 10 Michigan State
02:29:01a Great writers 'fail' US computer program designerd to assess student essays
02:29:06a 4. TM's turning point
02:29:11a 19. When it's hard to know the right timing
02:29:17a Federal officials clamor for passes to auto show in wake of rescue
02:29:22a Chinese Vice President addresses UCLG meeting in Guangzhou
02:29:27a 9. Bank Negara to support private sector growth
02:29:33a H1N1 Alert Buyer Beware 13 Nov 2009 190819 GMT
02:29:38a 20. Axis appoints Nabhesh CEO
02:29:44a 1. Investors shunning small IPOs?
02:29:49a Blooming Flower Buildings Michael Jantzen's Majestic Wind Farm Celebration Center
02:29:54a Changing times in Russia
02:30:00a 7. SME Corp to clear grant application backlog soon
02:30:05a Pakistani Army ran Muslim extremist training camps, says anti-terrorist expert
02:30:11a Obama Human rights only path to security
02:30:16a Fake Verizon 'balance-checker' Is a Trojan
02:30:21a 3. Eye on stock
02:30:27a Black Friday 2009 Target ad
02:30:32a 38 Bonding Bridges From Rolling Bridge to Supermodel Bridges
02:30:37a Ryan records 700th win, Virginia wins opener 68-57
02:30:42a 18. More board changes at LCL
02:30:48a Regulators shut two banks in Florida
02:30:53a 12. An overkill But Maxis needs no hard sell
02:30:58a AMD and Intel Patch Things Up, HP Buys 3Com
02:31:03a 14. Still enchanted with Main Board
02:31:08a 11. Motorola vendors upgrade production lines
02:31:14a How many coffee cards do you have?
02:31:19a Shoppers Don't Have to Wait for Black Friday Bargains
02:31:24a US Moves to Seize Mosques, Properties of Group Linked to Iran
02:31:30a Firefighters Leave 93-Year-Old Woman Out In The Cold 13 Nov 2009 212105 GMT
02:31:35a Remains found in believed to be missing N.B. girl
02:31:41a Logitech buys video conferencing firm LifeSize Communications
02:31:47a GAO Los Alamos National Lab's Cybersecurity Lacking
02:31:52a Second Life Founder Launching Reputation Currency System
02:31:57a Dunn keeps up Fox offensive
02:32:02a !CDA 13 Nov 2009 171457 GMT
02:32:08a US to seize 4 mosques for Iran-link
02:32:13a Accident shuts Ford Road in Canton Township
02:32:18a Obama hails expanded US engagement in Asia
02:32:24a 20 Oddball Tuxedos From Tuxedo Dresses to Cropped Denim Tuxedos
02:32:29a 2 Michigan brothers who fled Yemen can stay in US
02:32:34a AT&T's Verizon Ad Battle Who's Being Hurt Worse?
02:32:40a 'America's first Pacific president'
02:33:08a Color-Changing Eco Lamps The Tio Ghost Light Teaches Kids to Conserve Energy
02:33:14a IRS is looking for local taxpayers and it's a good thing
02:33:21a I don't want to play Saif's sister in his films Soha
02:34:22a HSBC sells London HQ to S.Korean fund
02:34:32a Officer Accused Of Dealing Drugs
02:34:47a China Focuses on Territorial Issues as It Equates Tibet to U.S. Civil War South
02:34:53a Ground Washes Out Under Hauula Home
02:34:58a Obama says US will not be cowed by North Korea's nuclear threats.
02:35:04a State Begins School H1N1 Vaccine Clinics
02:35:09a US dollar slumps, euro lifted by data showing end of recession
02:35:15a Obama says solutions for climate change will be difficult, all nations must take action
02:35:20a Patients Stay Awake During Surgery
02:35:38a MSU 97, FGCU 58 Spartans roll in season opener
02:35:43a Holidays Away How to Cope
02:35:48a Teams Search For Fisherman Missing From Boat
02:35:54a Bing workers to learn fate Saturday
02:35:59a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 9/11 suspects to be tried in U.S.
02:36:15a Businessman gets 5 years in Synagro probe
02:36:20a APEC leaders may drop numerical goals for emissions cut sources+
02:36:25a Obama says US doesn't seek to contain China, welcomes Chinese emergence.
02:36:31a Putnam County Schools Helping Foreign Students Learn English
02:36:36a Southern Crafted Homes Home Building Firm
02:36:42a Credit Card Charges Prompt Rescue Squad Investigation
02:36:47a Raw Video Pres. Obama Speaks In Tokyo
02:36:53a Medvedev assures world on cooperation
02:36:58a Heavenly Lifting on Charleston’s East End
02:37:03a FDA Asks Energy Drink Makers For Proof
02:37:09a Humane Society Closing It's Doors
02:37:14a Palmyra man sentenced on child pornography charges
02:37:19a How to Earn Extra Frequent Flier Miles
02:37:24a FDA Alcoholic energy drinks safe? Prove it
02:37:30a Fundraiser To Help Pacific Disaster Victims
02:37:35a The rise of AB-InBev
02:37:40a The Gazette in Colorado Springs lays off 11 more
02:37:45a Hannibal Board of Public Works names new general manager
02:37:51a Monarch Grand Vacation Resort Timeshare Sale Review
02:37:56a Nu Skin Declares Quarterly Dividend of 0
02:38:01a Scouting report, pick for MSU/Purdue game
02:38:06a Obama vows to strengthen ties with Asia-Pacific region+
02:38:12a Scouting report, pick for U-M/Wisconsin game
02:38:17a LHC summons Musharraf, others in Benazir murder case
02:38:22a smallJOHAN JAAFAR/small BRThe city of smiles and eco-friendly krathongs
02:38:32a 500 Layoffs Coming at PG&E
02:38:37a Movie Coupons Available On Cell Phones
02:39:18a Riau immigration to deport Greenpeace activists
02:39:23a Fragile Care Worsened Swine Flu in Ukraine
02:39:29a font color=redsmallEDITORIAL/small/font BRA study in contrasts
02:39:34a SGEM engages mrbrown to write story showcasing good English
02:39:39a Shot Robben Island rabbits to feed poor
02:39:44a Suspension lifted for grocery workers
02:39:50a Getting to and from Washington DC on a Budget
02:39:55a Obama hails China's expanded role
02:40:01a 5 killed as Mandore Express to Delhi derails near Jaipur
02:40:07a Obama US not seeking to 'contain' China
02:40:12a County-wide sting nets dozens of drug arrests
02:40:18a Science Matters Inaction on climate change comes with a huge price tag
02:40:23a Cool Gadgets for Frequent Flyers
02:40:29a Carmichael Muslim Congregation to Move Prayer Service Following Fed Probe
02:40:39a smallBALAN MOSES/small BRPakistan sees India's hand in Taliban war
02:40:46a Intel Plans to
02:40:53a Britain probes Iraqi torture claims
02:40:58a Judge David G. Miron
02:41:26a Activist's Narita sit-in enters day 10
02:41:34a Accused killer to remain in solitary confinement
02:41:39a smallDZULKIFLI ABDUL RAZAK/small BRNew thinking to create level playing field
02:42:07a Women's Club Building Nominated for National Registry
02:42:12a Former Rust College president dies
02:42:40a Buenos Aires OKs first gay marriage in Latin America
02:42:46a Star Trek DVD Review
02:42:51a 5 killed as Mandor Express to Delhi derails near Jaipur
02:42:56a Hartford Police Chief Reassures Residents
02:44:07a CNN Buffett Put Out Economic Fire Then Deal With Deficit
02:44:30a Packers Injuries Give Rookies Their First NFL Start
02:44:37a In Korea, a round on the world's most dangerous golf course
02:44:46a Pacific Coast National Bank becomes 123rd victim of FDIC
02:45:06a US commitment to Asian security 'unshakeable'—Obama
02:45:30a Consumers Energy nearing deadline to appeal refund
02:45:39a Ferry Service In Jeopardy
02:45:46a BIllionaire's Citigroup Stake
02:46:10a US does not seek to 'contain' China—Obama
02:46:45a Student Plays Soccer With Pacemaker
02:46:57a Police Sex offender lured teen and raped her
02:47:02a 'Pacific' President Obama vows full US role in Asia
02:47:08a Street Eyes Retail And Dollar
02:47:13a Wall Street eyes US consumer to keep rally going
02:47:18a How Long Is That Food Good For?
02:47:24a Obama calls on Asia for 'balanced' economic growth
02:47:29a Sarah Palin gives the GOP an early start on its Thanksgiving family fight.
02:48:36a Extreme makeover proposed for U of L's Belknap campus
02:48:45a Colorado balloon boy parents plead guilty balloon boy parents plead guilty
02:48:51a White House lawyer who led Gitmo efforts quitting
02:49:33a CORRECTED-Alaska officials say gas line on track for 2018
02:49:41a Traffic reopens on Watterson Expressway after motorcycle crash
02:49:46a Police mistake man having a diabetic attack for a drunk driver
02:49:52a Family of 4 dies in Connecticut fire
02:50:02a Ore. Supreme Court modifies tax ballots slightly
02:50:15a Two vaccinated against A in China die
02:50:40a Beshear asks some agencies to plan for 6 percent cuts this year
02:50:45a The Republican and the Iranians
02:50:55a RIGHTS U.S., Somalia Still Opt Out of Children's Treaty
02:51:07a NASA discovers water on moon
02:51:12a Accused 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed faces New York trial
02:51:31a What the Aussie held in Dubai for swearing
02:52:54a Bikers out in force to protest ACC levy increases
02:52:59a How the US army protects its trucks by paying the Taliban
02:53:11a Former hostage files for bankruptcy
02:53:16a NASA discovers 'significant' amont of water on Moon
02:53:22a Video of Bugatti crash surfaces
02:53:39a All Whites gear up for World Cup qualifier
02:54:16a Key pushes for new commitment to free trade
02:54:32a Anti-coal protesters crash Rees ALP talk
02:54:49a Obama Developing nations must cut greenhouse gases
02:54:55a Obama world must pursue balanced economic growth
02:55:01a U.S.moves to seize Iran assets
02:55:06a FDA holds off on oyster ban
02:55:17a China 'B Shares' Surge; Other Asian Markets Mixed
02:55:27a Suicide Bombings in Pakistan Kill 12
02:55:42a NZ assisting dolphin hunt for mines
02:55:54a Players egged, stoned before match
02:56:19a Obama bids for Russian help on Iran
02:56:27a Ex-congressman Jefferson receives 13 years in prison
02:56:32a 2nd WSJ UPDATE Obama In Asia Strives To Raise US Profile
02:56:38a Siemens Says Asia Top 'Green' Investor/t
02:56:43a Obama affirms commitment to Asia
02:56:49a Obama Chooses an Inner-Circle Man
02:56:54a Marlborough winemaker switches to plastic bottles
02:56:59a Millions paid to consulting firm while THE MED struggled to stay afloat
02:57:05a Politico reports that RNC's health plan has covered abortion since 1991
02:57:10a Court dismisses appeal by women ski jumpers
02:57:16a God of War Collection God of War Gameplay Movie
02:57:21a Tories and Lib Dems find solace in council by-election wins
02:57:26a Auto-immune disease organisation formed
02:57:32a RPT-Obama to pursue pragmatic cooperation with China
02:57:37a Tiger looking to extend advantage
02:57:42a RPT-Obama Developing nations must cut greenhouse gases
02:57:48a Super Street Fighter IV Juri / T. Hawk Gameplay Movie
02:57:53a Obama Welcomes China's Expanded Role On World Scene
02:57:58a Assad to Obama Draft Israel-Syria Peace Plan
02:58:04a Hawaii planning to replenish sand at Waikiki Beach
02:58:09a 'Pacific' President Obama vows full US role in Asia
02:58:14a Tucson students won't get promised scholarships
02:58:19a Robbery suspect believed to be barricaded inside East Memphis home
02:58:26a Need for Speed Nitro Review
02:58:31a Obama vows renewed ties with Asia
02:58:36a Pelosi feels warm embrace at Harvard
02:58:42a We Just Played Borderlands DLC
02:58:50a NY Fed president Crisis can teach finance system
02:58:56a Obama, in Japan, recalls childhood in Asia
02:59:04a Drawn to Life The Next Chapter Review
02:59:12a Obama Shakes Up Counsel's Office
02:59:18a 78-year-old arrested in 'witch' killing
02:59:26a Super Street Fighter IV Update Deejay, Juri, and T.Hawk Hands-on
02:59:32a Super Street Fighter IV Juri / DeeJay Gameplay Movie
02:59:37a RPT-Obama world must pursue balanced economic growth
02:59:43a British military watched pirates hijack yacht
02:59:48a West Bank's new soccer players
02:59:54a Edmonton elephant Lucy gets new treatment program; critics say it's not enough
02:59:59a Another Nebraska student sentenced for hazing
03:00:04a Fla. man gets deal in dementia
03:00:10a Wilkinson tied for sixth at Aussie Masters
03:00:15a Doctor's mission to relieve amputees' anguish
03:00:21a Salsa label enters new era with vintage recordings
03:00:44a God of War Collection Gameplay Clips
03:00:49a LittleBigPlanet Game Jam Conclusion
03:01:29a San Diego
03:01:51a Urn with veteran's ashes stolen day before scheduled burial at Arlington National Cemetery
03:01:56a Court nixes women's ski jumping appeal
03:02:01a Obama New Myanmar policy depends on reform, release of all political prisoners
03:02:11a Triangulate Your Position From the Ocean
03:02:16a Council's LRT decisions stuck in neutral
03:02:32a Rudd denies deal struck on asylum seekers
03:02:37a Students testify about car barrelling toward them
03:02:46a Pacquiao-Cotto weigh in before sold-out fight
03:02:51a Twitter Touted for Time's 'Person' of the Year
03:02:57a Apple patent filing reignites tablet device rumors
03:03:19a Microsoft patching zero-day Windows 7 SMB hole
03:03:24a Microsoft sells Windows 7 desktop to advertisers
03:03:39a Robson gets first taste of Asian Cup action
03:03:45a Wins 1,017 Domains By UDRP
03:04:05a Soon It Will Be Cheaper to Compute Than to Cache
03:04:11a Officials Mass. fatal shooting justified
03:04:16a Strain of Afghan war hits morale of US troops Army
03:04:22a Time To Ditch Cable For Internet TV?
03:04:44a Chinese CEO opens market for Toronto Stock Exchange
03:04:50a Microsoft admits Win 7 tool violated GPL
03:04:56a Justice Department to Announce Civilian Trials for 9/11 Terror Suspects
03:05:01a AMD Should They Have Asked Intel For More?
03:05:23a A Classroom Workout 13 Nov 2009 214557 GMT
03:05:29a Intel and AMD Settle Legal Disputes
03:05:49a Nicaragua Creates Innovative Agricultural Information System With Open Source
03:05:55a Old Soldier's Urn Stolen Before Ceremony 13 Nov 2009 212853 GMT
03:06:00a Microsoft Windows 7 tool used GPL code
03:06:06a Dark skies to be preserved at Kejimkujik
03:06:11a WSO2 extending SOA into cloud computing
03:06:18a Consumer modems are worsening DNS problem linked to DDoS attacks
03:06:23a Microsoft Takes Responsibility For GPL Violation
03:06:29a China's B-shares indexes rise to 18-month high
03:06:34a After the Mombasa Parley, the Cabinet Must Fight in Peace
03:06:40a Deva Gang leader shot dead after chase
03:06:54a Perak to revamp state-owned companies
03:07:00a 'Innovation key to achieving success'
03:07:05a Hadi I have undivided support
03:07:11a Nuridah Loyalty oath raises women's status
03:07:16a Call to review police ops
03:07:22a Moon Has Considerable Amount Of Water
03:07:27a State targets RM480m revenue
03:07:33a Group Urges Less Waste During Holidays
03:07:38a Gerakan bid to woo engineers
03:07:44a Sabah wants to get more to use broadband
03:07:49a 146,000 to undergo next NS training
03:07:55a Airport goes international in January
03:08:00a Singapore firms may shift plants to Johor
03:08:06a Citizenship targets achieved
03:08:11a Obama calls on Myanmar to free Suu Kyi
03:08:16a Clearer picture on direct polls soon
03:08:22a Missing Raja Petra gets a discharge
03:08:28a No freeze on 'Herald' permit
03:08:33a Malaysia praised for lower child mortality rate
03:08:38a The Time Act on Police Reform is Now
03:08:44a AirAsia hits record sales with free seats offer
03:08:50a Publicans call for amendment to smoking ban
03:08:55a 591 foreign women held for vice
03:09:01a Groom-to-be missing after jumping into river
03:09:06a Couple claim trial to CBT
03:09:12a US Moves to Seize Mosques, Properties of Group Linked to Iran east
03:09:17a MPs Should Back Land Policy to End Rows
03:09:23a Gunman takes girlfriend hostage
03:09:28a Do diet patch claims stick?
03:09:34a Armed forces cheer for cancer-stricken Lam
03:09:39a Poor postal service
03:09:45a CNOOC to purchase more LNG from Qatar
03:09:50a Selama villagers move to safety
03:09:56a Charged with causing hurt
03:10:01a CDC 22 million have fallen ill with H1N1
03:10:07a Record high lending not to increase more bad debts ICBC chairman
03:10:12a Researchers Study PTSD, Smoking Link For Soldiers
03:10:18a New dock for cruise ships
03:10:23a Calorie Restriction as a Means to Longevity
03:10:29a Monongalia County Auto Dealer Opens New Nissan Showroom
03:10:34a Councillor to take stand at later date
03:10:39a Sheraton Langkawi wins award
03:10:45a Adult smoking rises in U.S. for first time since 1994
03:10:50a Two held for smuggling
03:10:55a 'NGOs can play bigger role'
03:11:01a 19. SC Swisscash victims to get back part of their money
03:11:07a Sidestep High-Calorie Holidays with Strategies
03:11:13a Muhyiddin Resolve messy problem fast
03:11:18a Five lessons learnt from this year's movies
03:11:23a Corridor projects carried out
03:11:29a 2 to hang for drug trafficking
03:11:35a RM70,000 award to lawyer affirmed
03:11:40a Concern over boozing youths
03:11:46a Bigger role for Spirit AeroSystems
03:11:51a American College of Allergy, Asthma Immunology, Nov. 5-10, 2009
03:11:57a Caning of model yet to be carried out
03:12:03a Security guard detained for having firearm
03:12:13a 6th relative charged in Missouri child sex abuse case
03:12:49a Delegates Tour Monongalia County Facilities Helped By State Funds
03:13:04a Five 9/11 terror suspects to be tried in New York
03:13:10a Stay away from shares, says financial 'Dr Doom'
03:13:27a Regulators shut 2 Florida banks; 122 failures in '09
03:13:35a Speaker 'relaxed' over wife move
03:13:43a Bizarre investments that turn a profit
03:13:57a New York trials for 9/11 suspects raise new safety concerns
03:14:03a My nine to five Nina Campbell
03:14:08a Obama Declines to Defend US Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
03:14:14a Virgin Trains booking went off the rails
03:14:19a Armed intruders sneak through doggy door — into wrong house
03:14:40a How to make a watch
03:15:00a The marine engineer Machine head
03:15:06a Blue Bonnet spread recalled
03:15:15a Feeling blue over a disabled parking ticket
03:15:21a Donations still rolling in for disaster victims
03:15:28a Two oil tankers impounded
03:15:50a Proverb triggers shouting match
03:15:57a Are money problems driving you apart?
03:16:02a Speaker defends move
03:16:09a Road Construction Puts Brakes On Driver's Commute
03:16:15a British Gas documents left me cold
03:16:23a Republican lawmakers decry Obama decision on terror trials
03:16:29a Not sold On Barnard Marcus estate agents
03:16:34a Aviva endowments Long-running saga with an unhappy ending
03:16:40a NY offi
03:16:46a Shooting at Tudor Cay Apartments
03:16:53a Forget money, pay with your skill set
03:17:04a Let's move to Ilfracombe, Devon
03:17:15a Driven to distraction by RAC's double take
03:17:26a Charity Christmas cards where 100% goes to a good cause
03:17:32a Shops play Scrooge over charity Christmas cards
03:18:19a Cambodia not expel more Thai diplomats spokesman
03:18:25a Accused in canal deaths want to contact children
03:18:31a Woman dies in fall from cliff
03:18:56a Woman hits abductor then breaks free
03:19:15a HIGHLIGHTS-Key quotes from Obama's Asia speech in Tokyo
03:19:21a Obama Calls For Cooperation With China, Greater Involvement in Asia
03:19:30a 20-Mile Segment Of Highway 99 To Be Closed
03:19:35a More evidence surfaces in Yale slaying
03:19:41a McEntee Animal exploitation or vital research?
03:19:58a Army to probe Arlington record keeping
03:20:13a Taman Sri Perkasa main road in danger of collapse
03:20:19a Pahang and Johor told to be on alert
03:20:30a Officer intentionally struck by car
03:20:38a First Coast home foreclosures down 21 percent
03:20:55a Box Cutter Found In Muffin Sold At QFC
03:21:24a Jackson Diehl on Obama's Afghan indecision
03:21:34a Car Crashes Into Arlington School Bus
03:21:44a Mexican revokes permit for Canadian gold mine
03:21:49a Study Army morale down in Afghanistan, up in Iraq
03:21:55a Help for those who drink too much
03:22:00a Abortion & Health Care Reform
03:22:06a Video U.S. Retail Drop Hits China
03:22:12a Radar More Carrie Prejean videos?
03:22:21a Vintage Boot Sale at the Sunday Market
03:22:41a A Web of Lone Wolves
03:22:47a All-girl birthday party complicates guest list
03:22:52a Higher ed No more budget cuts
03:23:07a RSL has second chance at final
03:23:20a NASA's LCROSS Mission Confirms Water on the Moon
03:23:27a Reader Advocate readers are everywhere, and so are we
03:23:33a Tech Trade Deficit With China Swells While Europe Gains
03:23:38a Poll Obama treading water with Utah voters
03:23:44a Obama reaches out to Asia
03:23:49a Confucius in the eyes of Westerners
03:23:59a A Brief History of Friday the 13th
03:24:05a Plan for Mohammed's trial upholds U.S. values
03:24:10a Bingham Defense's three-quarter effort is sufficient
03:24:16a Chinese culture plays more visible role in promoting understanding between China, U.S.
03:24:22a Wis. ATV accident kills 3-year-old boy
03:24:31a Taking stock of what's still wild on the Wasatch
03:24:38a 'Money not only solution for reps'
03:24:50a White House legal
03:25:02a RSL's Johnson motivated by rough patch with Fire
03:25:08a Utes ready to prove themselves
03:25:16a Fact check Palin’s book goes rogue on some facts
03:25:22a 'Fused Bandit' Target Of Police Search
03:25:39a Hall about to tie Ty for wins
03:25:45a Old Soldier's Urn Stolen Before Ceremony
03:25:50a Video Glenn Beck devotes entire show to black conservatives
03:25:56a Old 3Way dealership demolished
03:26:02a UPDATE Missing Two Year Old Found
03:26:07a Men more likely to walk out on sick wives
03:26:13a LEAD APEC leaders may drop numerical goals for emissions cut sources+
03:26:19a Top McCain aide Palin's lying about what happened with Couric
03:26:24a Lakes formed by glacier melt, threatening valleys
03:26:30a Arrests Made In Serial Burglaries Targetting Gold Jewelry 13 Nov 2009 190451 GMT
03:27:03a Five killed as train derails near Jaipur
03:27:09a Cutler, Ochocinco fined
03:27:14a Brooke Hopkins A year after paralyzing accident, setbacks set in
03:27:20a 6th relative arrested in Mo. child sex abuse case
03:27:26a Khir declared assets to MACC on time
03:27:31a Bauer pick panned, praised
03:27:37a Anti-Smoking Progress Stalls
03:27:42a Volunteers repay wounded vet with new house
03:27:47a Calorie count guide wrong for 18 years
03:28:04a Obama calls for release of Myanmar's Suu Kyi
03:28:10a Utah refinery shutting down following recent blast
03:28:45a Chasing the Runner's High
03:28:50a DPRK Takes Merciless Action to Defend MDL
03:28:58a Mandating water conservation
03:29:09a Top McCain aide Palin's lying about what happened with Couric
03:29:24a Nutrition makeovers take hold
03:29:30a Icahn raises purchase price for CIT notes to
03:30:26a WHO Victims of storms in Philippines need psychological help
03:30:32a Asia's best, brightest youth to meet on Monday
03:30:37a 50 Years Later Remembering the Clutters
03:30:42a Nano Silver Antimicrobial Solution Applied
03:30:48a Japan Urged to Stop Tampering with History
03:30:53a More cases of cholera feared
03:30:59a 'A Rebel History of Rural Life'
03:31:04a Beloved Sequim K-9 dog dies
03:31:09a Koreans in China Denounce U.S.-S. Korea War Exercises
03:31:15a All Koreans Called on to Come out for Reunification Movement
03:31:21a Mistrial declared in child's fatal beating case
03:31:26a 'Rice subsidy is not under Umno'
03:31:31a Disgruntled Democrats rally at Matheson office
03:31:37a Gubenatorial candidate comes to Bakersfield
03:31:42a 'Collapse'
03:31:53a Wilson & Mariners agree to million, 2-yr deal
03:32:11a Man convicted of robbing mom at gunpoint news
03:32:33a Woman accused of faking breast cancer for implants news
03:32:52a Japanese Crime of Obstructing Korean Economic Development
03:32:58a Hickson's confidence growing
03:33:09a Pakistan releases book on 'humour' in Sindhi
03:33:14a I don't want to play Saif's sister in his films Soha
03:33:19a LT Locklear back to start for Seahawks
03:33:52a Slowpokes to get penalized in Google search rankings?
03:33:59a Britain faces heaviest storms of the year
03:34:05a Renewable energy policy to result in 1.9M jobs, study says
03:34:25a Chikungunya cases on the rise
03:34:31a Robbery suspects run out of luck
03:34:42a Take these routes to comfort
03:34:53a Sleeping boy attacked in Sydney home police
03:35:07a Woman loses father's ashes in home burglary
03:35:13a Google's Dave Girouard Google Docs could be an Office killer next year
03:35:18a Scientists rethink calorie count
03:35:23a Idaho teen gets 20 years for attempted murder
03:35:51a Red kettle drive
03:36:00a Buffett says his businesses bottomed
03:36:29a Dozens of Architects, Building Professionals See and Hear the Explosive Evidence
03:36:34a Otter touts new Web site to help reform government
03:37:01a Puttin' on the Glitz
03:37:41a Wrong to pledge to divorce wife, says Pas sec-gen
03:37:47a 5 O'Clock Roundup Murdoch threatens Google again, Craig joins Wikipedia
03:38:16a MoD investigating torture claims
03:38:57a BlueHippo Scam Collected Only Shipped One PC
03:39:19a Charges filed in death of celebrity dog trainer
03:39:24a Stores Hungry For Pre-Holiday Sales
03:39:35a Obama calls on Asia for 'balanced' economic growth
03:39:41a Layaway Makes Comeback
03:39:56a 2nd Person Sought In Kidnapping
03:40:05a Chinese president visits Changi Water Reclamation Plant in Singapore
03:40:28a Army survey Morale is down among units in Afghanistan, but overall mental health unchanged
03:40:50a Boarders, Skiers Hit Snow In Stockton
03:40:56a Stocks end week slightly higher
03:41:01a Train derails near Jaipur, six killed
03:41:07a Mandor Express derails, 35 people injured
03:41:13a Urn with veteran's ashes stolen day before scheduled burial at Arlington National Cemetery
03:41:20a Wild Mushrooms Sicken 3 Family Members
03:41:50a Hank Aaron to receive Louisville Slugger award
03:41:58a China investigates 2 deaths after flu vaccinations
03:42:07a Carnival Operator Moves To Nevada
03:42:15a Chinese president visits Nanyang Girls' High School in Singapore
03:42:25a Mark's Evening Forecast Nov. 13
03:42:30a Beantown's commercial landlords squeezed by slump
03:42:52a Boreal's Set For Big Ski Weekend
03:43:20a China committed to fully tackling climate change Premier
03:43:32a Regulators shut two Florida banks
03:43:37a Professor Garrido's Not Taking Responsibility
03:43:43a 12 Hurt When Wall Collapses At Union Co. Stadium
03:44:31a Cat's demise prompts rumors of Thatcher death
03:44:37a Brown puts pressure on allies to boost suppport for Afghanistan
03:45:21a Turkey Seeks Kurdish Reconciliation
03:45:27a Game thread UC Davis at Seattle University
03:45:33a Hired Guns Help Junta in Guinea
03:45:38a Sleeping boy attacked in Sydney home
03:45:44a Uribe Re-Election Bid Falters
03:45:58a Wright State game thread
03:46:04a IRS papers say Zsa Zsa Gabor has tax bill
03:46:10a Crucial moment for Tee Keat, Soi Lek tomorrow
03:46:42a Heavy fog shrouds East China, disrupting traffic
03:47:07a Afghan Taliban Tests Germany Troops
03:47:29a Clark leads Belmont over Portland St. 74-67
03:47:37a Sean Locklear will start for Seahawks on Sunday
03:47:43a Decision for New York Trial Draws Anger, Praise
03:47:49a Sheriff's Department Chosen For Pilot Program
03:47:55a 10 suspected drug users arrested at Kesas toll plaza
03:48:01a A Morally Bankrupt Military When Soldiers and Their Families Become Ex
03:48:07a 'DJ AM' Goldstein estate sues for wrongful death
03:48:12a Struggling studio MGM says it's looking for buyer
03:48:18a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
03:48:25a Obama push
03:48:45a Text of Obama's Tokyo Address
03:48:52a News Press Asian Leaders On Human Rights At U.S.-ASEAN Summit' HRW To Obama
03:48:58a Domestic Violence Victim Blames Magistrate
03:49:23a Speculation grows over Playboy sale
03:49:31a Portion Of I-440 Closed This Weekend
03:49:42a Obama U.S. Won't Be 'Cowed By North Korea'
03:49:54a IRS papers say Zsa Zsa Gabor has 118,321 tax bill
03:50:00a Bombing destroys Pakistan's spy agency office
03:50:06a Fired by Obama, Walpin Wants His Job Back
03:50:12a Obama Hatoyama reaffirm importance of Japan-US alliance during Obama visit
03:50:17a Jimmy Choo to step smartly into H&M
03:50:23a Malacca doing well for 13th Sukma
03:50:28a Abortion insurance for staff ended by GOP chairman
03:50:34a High School Playoff Football Scores
03:50:39a Luckiest guy alive? Wis. man survives train running over him
03:50:45a Springsteen to Palace audience 'Hello, Ohio!'
03:50:50a Ex-UBS man fined and barred
03:50:56a Key quotes from Obama's speech
03:51:01a Obama's Asia Trip
03:51:07a Want to buy US military wares in Afghanistan? Go to Obama Market
03:51:23a Man Arrested But No Sign Of Kidnapped Girl
03:51:29a Indiana Starts State Layoffs
03:51:35a U.S. president writes to Philippine rebel group MILF
03:51:41a News Obama Begins Asia Tour Calling For Strengthening Alliance With Japan
03:51:47a News Obama, Medvedev To Discuss New START Treaty During APEC Summit
03:51:57a CNN Army To Probe Arlington Record Keeping
03:52:09a Jon Gosselin Sues TLC Citing Child Labor Laws
03:52:17a PREVIEW Astronauts to stock up space station's reserves
03:52:36a BA looks beyond Iberia for new deals
03:52:41a WRAPUP 2-Obama pushes for greater U.S. involvement in Asia
03:53:01a Palin's Book Goes Rogue On Some Facts
03:53:17a Lawyer Says Hasan is Paralyzed
03:53:23a Opel fights to keep seat of power
03:53:34a Five killed as Delhi-bound Mandor Express derails
03:53:51a Clinton Legally-binding treaty unlikely in Copenhagen talks
03:54:00a Cleveland Murder Suspect Was Arrested Last Year
03:54:06a Ecuador and Colombia move to normalising relations
03:54:35a Aide Hutchison to keep seat, run for governor
03:55:05a Concentrate on Nairobi Battle, Okocha Advises Eagles
03:55:42a Kentucky beats Morehead State in Calipari's debut
03:56:16a Teen injured in boating accident is coming home
03:56:46a Helpers put out fire at Russian ammunitions depot
03:56:51a Regulators Seize Three Banks
03:57:09a Secret State Demands News Organization's Web Logs, Gets Slapped Down by Tom Burghardt
03:57:17a BofA Hits Pay Snag in CEO Hunt
03:57:58a Icahn Raises Offer for CIT Notes
03:58:28a Explosion injures man
03:58:36a Health inquiry into woodchip piles
03:58:42a Warming Drives Fish Out Of Cape Cod
03:58:58a Manchester Police Missing Girl, 10, Found
03:59:13a Eagles Nairobi Flight Bungled, Depart 12 Hrs Late
03:59:22a Investors Flock to Dollar General
03:59:28a Retailer Touts $20 Thanksgiving Meal For 8
03:59:33a War-Zone Counselors in Short Supply
03:59:38a Twenty-one Greenpeace activists named suspects
03:59:44a Urn with veteran's ashes stolen from van in DC
03:59:50a Recent Grad Lands Job By Remaining Active
03:59:55a Sacramento utility sues Goldman, other firms over bond losses
04:00:14a CNN Muslim Group Keep Mosques Out Of U.S.-Iran Tensions
04:00:55a Bardot urges EU to back Vegetarian Day
04:01:26a Go Green When Decorating For Holidays
04:01:37a Sir David Frost, al-Jazeera on Austar
04:02:08a Gang of youths bash, rob Melbourne teen
04:02:13a Shoppers seek out Jimmy Choo at H&M
04:02:19a Wilson & Mariners agree to million, 2-yr deal
04:02:25a ?Police get new lead in health centre shooting
04:02:30a Thousands Join Forces to Battle Diabetes
04:02:36a Dogwood Trail Bridge is open
04:02:41a CNN Obama Vows Renewed Ties With Asia
04:02:49a Kentucky beats Morehead State in Calipari's debut
04:03:46a Govt pushes to pass health agency bill
04:04:16a School bus drops girl, 5, at wrong stop
04:04:50a New trial for mother accused in child's fatal beating
04:05:01a New York dog survives six story fall
04:05:07a Beefing up security
04:05:58a Chinese couple wins pairs short program
04:06:04a MoD probes new Iraq abuse claims
04:06:10a 9/11 plotters face death penalty in New York trial
04:06:58a Turtle Tours, and Turtles, Are Casualties of Climate Change in Costa Rica
04:07:08a Cambodia will not expel more Thai diplomats spokesman
04:07:20a A Year After a Lubavitcher Tragedy, Spiritual Refreshment in Brooklyn
04:08:02a Tonight's high school football playoff scores
04:08:43a Islamabad Police Praised After Killing Deaf Man
04:08:48a Muslims in US Military Face Heavy Scrutiny After Fort Hood
04:08:58a Turkey Plans to Ease Restrictions on Kurds and Help End Decades of Conflict
04:09:04a Campus Elections in Lebanon Mirror Society’s Politics
04:09:09a Ex-congressman who stashed cash in freezer gets 13 years
04:09:15a 9/11 mastermind for trial
04:09:20a Concern at Queens School Whose Landlord Is Linked to Iran
04:09:27a Caught On Cam Suspect Tasered While Handcuffed
04:09:33a Man airlifted to hospital after truck smash
04:09:50a Holder Vows That Gitmo Defendants Will Not Be Released in the US
04:09:55a Black Friday 2009 How To Find Hot 2009 Toys
04:10:11a Tight security in place for Delh
04:10:17a Belarc Advisor
04:10:22a Simple Port Forwarding 2.5.8
04:10:32a EU Soldiers to Help Somali Troops
04:11:04a Obama calls on Asia for 'balanced' economic growth
04:11:10a The Saturday Profile An Arms Dealer Returns, Now Selling an Image
04:11:16a MUFG to boost capital by US11b
04:11:22a Springdale fumbles in quarterfinals
04:11:27a Video of fight raises issues
04:11:34a Details About NSA Cyberattack During Bush Administration Revealed
04:11:40a Obama hails expanded U.S. engagement in Asia
04:11:46a Obama, in Japan, Says U.S. Will Study Status of a Marine Base on Okinawa
04:11:52a 20 names sent to Governor for appointment as LHC judges
04:11:58a News Analysis Russian Deal on Afghan Supply Route Not a Deal Yet
04:12:04a Google Chrome BETA
04:12:10a Friday 3 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
04:12:16a Disagreement in Middle East Over Iran's Nuclear Program
04:12:21a Complaint Cell cant intervene in police probes LHC
04:12:27a Caffeinated alcoholic drinks may be illegal, FDA says
04:12:33a LHC allows Wapda to collect NJF from consumers
04:13:15a Muslim group Keep mosques out of U.S.-Iran tensions
04:14:15a Cerner Corp. Vice Chairman Clifford W Illig sells 5,000 Shares
04:14:26a Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro A. Cortes Orders Recount in Close Superior Court Election
04:14:32a NASA Researchers to Speak at Lunar Exploration Conference
04:14:49a Hooters Makes Donation to the MDA
04:15:02a US probes Arlington cemetery after remains misplaced
04:15:08a Davis' future on Council uncertain
04:16:02a Freezing weather on the way for KZN
04:16:12a OC Fair & Event Center December 2009 Events
04:16:19a Video Palin the pugnacious
04:16:45a Energy Efficient Michigan Benefits Everyone
04:16:53a Video White House leaks info on Afghanistan
04:17:02a Smit book will blow your socks off
04:17:08a Video 'Nations need not fear the success of another'
04:17:39a Chef Charlie Trotter Awarded 2009 'Spirit of Youth' Award From National Runaway Switchboard
04:17:51a Sears Holdings Announces New Sustainable Paper Procurement Policy
04:18:07a Video William 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson sentenced
04:18:13a Video Palin leaves out Levi
04:18:52a Opinion Iran's plans for Yemen are destructive
04:18:58a NDC Gurus In Oil deals
04:19:04a Pennsylvania Driving Laws
04:19:09a Video GOP outraged over 9/11 trial in NY
04:19:14a Video Can Palin unseat Obama?
04:19:20a Solar power startup Ausra looks to sell itself
04:19:26a Why Dig Up Some Money for a Motorhome?
04:19:32a Human skull discovered
04:19:38a Maryland Driving Laws
04:19:43a UPDATE 1-Icahn raises purchase price for CIT notes to
04:19:50a Junalyn Uminga, 27, Taken to University Hospital in Columbia After Serious 2 Car Accident
04:19:57a Video Do terror trials put NYC in danger?
04:20:03a LOreal West Africa Director in racial abuse
04:20:17a AFAG Lauds Government
04:20:38a First Lady Health Care a Women's Issue
04:20:43a Spotlight On The Old Republic's Sith Agent Profession
04:20:59a Video Insurance companies lobby against reform
04:21:05a Video Clinton suggests Pakistan is protecting al-Qaida
04:21:30a Labor bans donations from developers
04:21:37a Commonwealth of Virginia Driving Laws
04:21:48a Bike bells ring in MONA festival
04:22:02a Gingrich, Sharpton Visit Baltimore Schools
04:22:16a Rudd's barbecue blue
04:22:37a Mills in Massive Abuse of Office
04:22:54a Connecting the Dots
04:23:00a Swiss Watch Makers See Rebound
04:23:05a Ohio Driving Laws
04:23:11a Gift Ideas for Automobile Enthusiasts
04:23:17a Paralyzed boy wins multi-million dollar lawsuit against Ford Motor Company
04:23:23a Ten Great Automotive Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas
04:24:32a Scouts shouted 'Let's kill the Jews' during Poppy Day parade
04:24:55a BBC 'must help' bring the Ashes back to terrestrial TV
04:25:21a 'Pacific' President Obama vows US leadership in Asia
04:25:27a Mother Accused of Mowing Down Son's Romantic Rival
04:26:01a China's Hu meets with top Taiwan politician official
04:26:07a LBJ library renovation project completed
04:26:12a Why pregnancy too early in a romance is a risk to baby
04:26:19a Google faces court action in Switzerland over Street View
04:26:24a Des Moines Shop 'n Save robbed
04:26:30a Train derails in western India, seven killed
04:26:36a UT hosts Great Debate semifinals for Latino students
04:26:42a High School Suspends Students After Banning the Word 'Meep'
04:26:49a Phone a doctor emergency service 104 to be launched in Assam
04:26:59a 3 Wanted In Rockwood Home Invasion
04:27:05a Teachers given powers to search pupils for drugs
04:27:11a Adelaide pageant crowd feels the heat
04:27:16a Northstar Commuter Rail reaches final destination; service officially begins Monday morning
04:27:22a Boy Sits During Pledge of Allegiance
04:27:27a Disabled swimmer breaks records and boundaries
04:27:33a SNAP ANALYSIS-Obama outlines vision for U.S.-Asia ties
04:27:53a Obama lauds China's growing role on world stage
04:27:59a Mortgage arre
04:28:05a Duke routs Houston Baptist in opener
04:28:10a Australia urges region to back Asia-Pacific Community
04:28:16a Britons deny climate change theory
04:28:22a Police seek identities of two bank robbers in Killeen
04:28:28a Annie's Way captures the reason for the season
04:28:33a War Hero's Remains Stolen Before Burial
04:28:39a Wall collapses at SC game, 12 taken to hospital
04:28:44a Police in San Marcos hosting 4 community input meetings
04:28:51a Ohio Changes Its Lethal Injection 'Cocktail'
04:28:56a Detroit auto accident kills boy, injures mom, sister
04:29:02a Asia-Pacific leaders warn of mounting protectionism
04:29:22a Death Valley bones linked to German tourists
04:29:28a Denzel Washington cheers on son's 1st college game
04:29:33a Twenty years later, little has changed
04:29:39a Firefighters May Be Driving Ambulances
04:29:45a No. 13 Sooners open post-Paris era with rout
04:29:51a Mexico charges clinic owner for botched surgery
04:29:56a Coalition urges stamp duty reform
04:30:02a Wong denies sea level scare campaign
04:30:07a Killeen student arrested for bringing gun to school
04:30:19a No. 12 Texas beats Texas-San Antonio 71-60
04:30:28a Suspicious circumstances surround fatal fire in Waco
04:30:34a Diabetics warned over blood sugar
04:30:40a NY man convicted of killing, dismembering 2 men
04:30:46a Yusuf Islam AKA Cat Stevens Four Date Tour Starts Sunday
04:30:57a More complaints of rogue traders
04:31:16a Simulators Help Prepare Medics For Combat
04:31:21a UC Holds Off WVU To Remain Undefeated
04:31:27a Stephen Claims Lou Dobbs' Audience
04:31:33a NI's 11-plus replacement tests begin
04:31:38a Borneo Eagles look to foreign power for first win
04:31:44a Lotus F1 pass vital safety aspects
04:31:49a State to poison canal to fight Asian carp
04:31:55a Sailing / Monsoon Cup Waka Racing Team skipper Robertson impresses Gilmour
04:32:00a November 12, 1979 The Hits Just Keep On Comin'!
04:32:05a Namchok closes in on Mercedes-Benz tour titles
04:32:11a One-room school may be named to historic registry
04:32:17a Yew Meng gunning for ATP ranking points
04:32:22a Warning over assisted suicide laws
04:32:28a Realtors' economist sees resale home values, sales rising in 2010
04:32:33a Still passionate 20 years on
04:32:38a Government aid for Scottish local high streets
04:32:44a Man charged with murder after nightclub fight
04:32:52a Report Fort Hood shooting suspect paralyzed
04:32:57a LE Tour de Langkawi On track to going private again
04:33:03a Kedah braces for another flood
04:33:08a Russia warned to take Slovenia seriously
04:33:14a Liang in four-way tie
04:33:19a Nearly 400 terrorist suspects under UN sanctions
04:33:24a EPL 2009-10 season EPL shuts door on Old Firm
04:33:30a Athletics / Asian Championships Noraseela to Malaysia's rescue
04:33:36a Comment Development is the right fund for success
04:34:14a An interview with Toronto-Tamil Magesh Ananth
04:34:27a Maradona wants Messi to take charge
04:34:32a Exponents given green light to compete
04:34:37a Late Night Music Club with Macy Gray
04:34:43a Rooney seeks Brazil benchmark
04:34:48a Greece desperate to rediscover 2004 touch
04:34:54a The Little Master's best Test knocks
04:35:01a Work wrapping up on makeover house
04:35:06a France, Portugal face test without stars
04:35:12a Lippi set to experiment in Dutch test
04:35:22a EPL 2009-10 season Referees' rep slams Fergie ban
04:35:27a LDS fund educates thousands, inspires millions
04:35:33a PDC 2009 The move to Office 2010 and Visual Studio 2010
04:35:38a Shooting / National Championships Bibiana sizzles
04:35:44a Third party wants Najib to solve MCA crisis
04:35:49a Deco shrugs off loss of Ronaldo ahead of Bosnia tie
04:35:55a Chaos fear as Egypt, Algeria clash
04:36:01a Hockey / World Cup Qualifier Great Wall stands in Malaysia's path
04:36:06a Hong Kong Open Resurgent Hafiz surprises Chong Wei
04:36:11a 259lbs lighter and ready for the Ironman 70.3
04:36:17a France wary of 'fox in the box' Keane
04:36:22a High average or it's bust for Zul and Siti
04:36:36a Burials quietly resume at Burr Oak
04:36:42a Ndou holds IBO title, seeks Aussie fight
04:36:47a Fatal pedestrian accident downtown
04:36:53a Three-year-old Dies in ATV Accident
04:36:59a Sabres hold food drive this November
04:37:04a Clem's Chronicles Gitmo Detainees heading to NY/Water on the Moon/Obama in Asia
04:37:12a East Coast Storms Blamed For 7 Deaths
04:37:19a Palin on 9/11 Defendants 'Hang 'Em High'
04:37:25a NASA Crash Test Indicates Water On Moon
04:37:38a Obama To China Don't Rely On U.S.
04:37:44a Netanyahu May Make Peace With Syria
04:37:50a Senate Dems Debate Health Bill, Abortion Funding
04:37:56a Commercial counselor to look after Thais in Cambodia
04:38:02a Father accused of beating suspected molester is out of jail
04:38:08a Hollywood Invents Celebrity Twittering for Dollars Twittering
04:38:14a 'America's First Pacific President' Reaffirms U.S.-Japan Alliance
04:38:23a Kids In Oakland Turn Trash Into Works Of Art
04:38:29a 12th annual dinner invites new cities
04:38:37a Oshkosh Police Investigate Baby's Death
04:38:42a U.S. Att. Gen. Confirms Obama's Expectations 9/11 Suspects To Be Tried In NYC
04:38:48a Soccer invitational comes to Evansville
04:38:54a Scam-Brokering CEO Dissed His 'Bullshit' Ethics Class Facebook
04:39:00a 69-year-old woman charged with stealing from youth football league
04:39:06a Firefighters Leave 93-Year-Old Woman Out In The Cold 13 Nov 2009 213540 GMT
04:39:11a People Being Turned Away for H1N1 Shots
04:39:17a Sikh becomes first mayor of Yuba City in US
04:39:23a Woman beaten, raped as sex slave is rescued, Lake Orion police say
04:39:29a Marin Boxing Club Helps Keeps Kids Off The Street
04:39:35a One critical element for the market will be Monday's report on US retail sales
04:39:41a Fatty deposits impair heart function
04:39:46a 10 ways to evaluate a mutual fund
04:39:52a Love Hormone Oxytocin Also Responsible For Anti-Social Behaviors
04:39:58a Palestinians Worry About 'Next Round' Of Leadership
04:40:03a Harper Leaves For Singapore, India
04:40:09a Apollo Food to beef up exports to China, India
04:40:14a Value of perks lost on workforce
04:40:20a Healthier Desserts Keep Christmas Tasty and Slimming
04:40:25a Family continues to hunt for killer
04:40:30a Safeguarding our hillslopes
04:40:36a Cat's demise prompts rumors of Thatcher's death
04:40:41a The Infertility and IVF Roller Coaster An Inside Look
04:40:46a Ugandan Cement Truck Careens Out Of Control Crushing Taxi-Bus; 16 Feared Dead
04:40:52a Brisk sales expected at SunwayMas project
04:40:57a Soup Warms the Soul but is it Good for You?
04:41:02a MPOC chiefGive palm oil due recognition
04:41:08a Cambodia, Thailand Raise Diplomatic Row, Expel Envoys
04:41:14a US President Barack Obama called on Asia to embrace 'balanced and sustained' economic growth
04:41:19a GUH to invest RM24mil in PCB output expansion
04:41:25a Supreme Court Of Canada To Issue Friday Ruling On Return Of Gitmo Detainee
04:41:30a Highlighting the naked truth
04:41:36a S&P raises earnings forecast for MFM on Q3 results
04:41:41a Alleged Ft. Hood Shooter Facing Medical Problems
04:41:47a How thin is the line separating scams and the genuine?
04:41:52a Strippers-on-a-truck promotion halted promotion halted
04:41:58a Storm begins to move out to sea begins to move out to sea
04:42:03a The rise of emerging markets
04:42:09a Natural rubber production rose in September
04:42:14a Simply Rob I Am as Sick as My Secrets
04:42:20a Trust and the media
04:42:25a Start Thanksgiving Day with a Turkey Trot
04:42:31a HSBC completes renminbi cross-border trade
04:42:36a Iron Gym Review
04:42:41a A superfluous sequel
04:42:47a 5 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
04:42:52a Pharmaniaga Q3 profit down
04:42:58a The Tobin tax revisited
04:43:03a 9/11 Conspirators Eligible For Death Penalty
04:43:09a Man Arrested In Berkeley Aquatic Park Homicide
04:43:14a Be a discerning house buyer
04:43:19a Bloody Justice
04:43:25a Pick-up in loans expected
04:43:30a Are the Communists fast losing appeal in India?
04:43:36a Silence on Beast's nationality after ministry's ad
04:43:41a Up close and personal with Jack Leslie
04:43:47a It takes a community to build a leader
04:43:52a Persoft sees MSC Cybercentre status for unit
04:43:58a Carmaker SAIC bullish on 2010 sales
04:44:03a Contributions of Willis, Golgi and Mueller to the Understanding of Brain Functioning
04:44:08a Dealing with the Daily Commute
04:44:14a Two-year review bodes well for construction, says MBAM
04:44:19a Loan facilities for UEM Land unit
04:44:25a Business club seeks better ties with Singapore
04:44:30a Tribune Co. asks bankruptcy court for extension
04:44:36a Coordination needed to unwind stimulus
04:44:41a StanChart sees India listing by April
04:44:46a The quest towards higher income
04:44:52a K Jetson unusual market activity due to speculation
04:44:57a HSBC M'sia net profit down on impact of financial crisis
04:45:03a Malaysia's corporate credit quality resilient
04:45:08a HK should get fair deal over entry of mainland auditors
04:45:14a Food for thought for Total customers
04:45:20a Haslam raises another million for GOP campaign
04:45:25a Benazir murder case LHC issues fresh notices to Musharraf, Elahi
04:45:30a LHC bans rickshaws with peter engines across Punjab
04:45:36a WAPDA can collect Neelum-Jhelum Fund on power bills LHC
04:45:41a TiO2-Protected Photoelectrochemical Tandem CuSe2 Thin Film Membrane for Light-Induced Water Splitting and Hydrogen Evolution
04:45:47a Mother of two murder victims frustrated with justice system
04:45:52a Food-borne pathogens carry devastating long-term effects
04:45:57a Lawyer moves LHC against Nawaz, Musharraf
04:46:02a IL Brooke Ashley VanBriesen 17yrs
04:46:08a Weekend freeway, road closures
04:46:37a D.A. calls Phillip Garrido a 'master manipulator'
04:46:43a FL?-Looking For My Dad Alfred Sanchez Hernandez, missing March 1978
04:46:48a LEAD Full text of Obama's speech in Tokyo 5-+
04:47:01a Water found near moon's south pole, NASA says+
04:47:06a U.S. trade body points to dumping of seamless pipes from China, Mexico+
04:47:14a Obama says U.S. won't be cowed' by North Korean threats
04:47:29a LEAD Highlights of U.S. President Obama's speech in Tokyo+
04:47:35a Gateway to pay Mesa for more officers
04:47:40a Former Thai PM Thaksin leaves Cambodia after controversial visit+
04:47:50a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Sensitizer-Dependent Injection into ZnO Nanotube Electrodes
04:47:55a Explosions rock arms depot in Russia
04:48:01a Holder steps into another controversy
04:48:06a Discount offered to adopt animal
04:48:21a LEAD Full text of Obama's speech in Tokyo 2-+
04:48:26a Gilbert working with faith-based groups
04:48:31a Obama meets with with Japan's emperor, empress
04:48:36a U.S. won't 'be cowed' by N. Korean threats
04:48:42a Obama speaks of cooperation with China
04:48:47a Gilbert dad arrested in infant's death
04:48:52a LEAD Full text of Obama's speech in Tokyo+
04:49:32a Baseball Yabuta opts for free agency+
04:49:37a Baseball 46-year-old lefty Kudo rejoins Lions+
04:49:48a Smith Calls For Behavior Profiling
04:49:53a Bank of America Hits New Hurdle In Its Search for Next CEO
04:50:08a New newspaper launched in CNY
04:50:14a Jogger death a concern for GO Wellington
04:50:23a Chinese merchants crank out Obama goods
04:50:29a Abortion Rights Fight Plagues Both Parties
04:50:36a Possible spinal injuries for man after boat accident
04:50:41a Hatoyama attends opening ceremony of Japan center in Singapore+
04:50:46a Magic keep Nets winless with 88-72 victory
04:50:52a Class Learns Lesson In Tolerance
04:50:57a Eatery dishes up sustainability
04:51:02a Antlerless Elk Hunting to close for Most General License Holders
04:51:08a Docu presents eye-opening look at roots of poverty
04:51:13a Sumo Main bouts for 1st day of Kyushu sumo+
04:51:19a China's Hu meets with top Taiwan politician official
04:51:24a Morale down among U.S. soldiers
04:51:29a 2ND LD Obama vows to strengthen ties with Asia-Pacific region+
04:51:35a Kyodo news summary+
04:51:40a Multiple injuries for motorcyclist in Sth Is
04:51:45a Risks in NYC trial of Sept. 11 suspects
04:51:51a Family sex abuse charges grow
04:51:56a New memorial to fallen soldiers
04:52:02a Obama, in Japan, vows Afghanistan decision 'soon'
04:52:19a Ex-superintendent of Covington school district arrested
04:52:28a Wabash Valley’s Got Talent
04:53:00a Week 11 High school football roundup
04:53:05a U.S.-China military cooperation key to peace, Air Force general says
04:53:20a Trial Decision Brings Guantanamo Closer to Closing
04:53:25a Woods has lead in Australia
04:53:31a Fire extinguished by staff at Akld mall
04:53:36a Picton goods train derails
04:53:42a Sarkozy Reinvigorating Stalled Mideast Peace Talks
04:53:47a Girl Breaks Street Lamps So She Can Sleep and City Police Face Dark Puzzle
04:53:53a Hurting Google
04:53:58a Magnificent Seven director dies
04:54:04a Unmanned Aircraft Crews Strive to Support Warfighters
04:54:10a Detroit vs. Rest of U.S. in Unemployed Per Job Posting
04:54:15a High-Tech Security Gates Installed At Airport
04:54:20a 24-hours of cold to raise
04:54:26a Pacific nations form major fisheries convention
04:54:31a Officials expand 2010 ACP to growing mission needs
04:54:36a Suspicious man walks into daycare, flees when questioned
04:54:42a Economy forces landmark Lexington restaurant out of business
04:54:47a Bank Robbery Suspect's Photo Released
04:54:52a ‘Orange Friday’ ribbon campaign slated for Nov. 20
04:54:58a Obama calls for action on climate change
04:55:03a Reports Find Improvements, Challenges to Morale
04:55:09a Group aims to lay wreaths at every nat'l military cemetery, you can help
04:55:14a Terre Haute South Spell Bowl prepares for state finals
04:55:19a Warren Buffett My businesses have bottomed
04:55:24a DoD News Contracts for November 13, 2009
04:55:30a USAFE command chief builds partnership in Bulgaria
04:55:35a Altercation lands two men in jail, leaves one with knife wound
04:55:41a Obama, Troops Strategy, Clear Mission, Public Support
04:55:46a Japan's MUFG to issue bln in new shares-sources
04:55:51a Terre Haute South looks to repeat — again — in Rose-Hulman math competition
04:55:56a Bank regulators close Orion Bank, Naples, Fla
04:56:02a UPDATE 1-Bank regulators close two Florida banks
04:56:07a Russia to deliver last Su fighter to Indonesia in 2010
04:56:13a DoD News Army Orders Probe at Arlington National Cemetery, Releases Investigation Findings
04:56:18a Authorities on the lookout for dog fighting
04:56:24a UPDATE 1-Buffett says his businesses bottomed
04:56:29a VA introduces mobile center for vets
04:56:35a Missing Vigo County teenager found safe in Brazil
04:56:40a UPDATE 2-MGM exploring potential sale of company
04:56:58a Time on Afghan Strategy is Well-spent, Petraeus Says
04:57:03a Downey scores 23, Gamecocks breeze to 88-50 win
04:57:08a Mandor Express derails 5 dead, 20 injured
04:57:14a Google makes concessions on digital book deal
04:57:19a A new way to check for meth
04:57:24a Barack and Yukio Japan
04:57:30a Thatcher dead?
04:57:36a Traders pull back in dollar fund after new shares issued
04:57:43a GET FIT AXA Beware Of The 100 Calorie 'Snack Attack!'
04:57:57a Abortion now dividing Senate Democrats on healthcare reform
04:58:07a Haddonfield beats Willingboro in Group 2 playoffs
04:58:12a Wood beats North Catholic to win Catholic AAA title
04:58:18a Hasan communicated with Pakistan
04:58:23a Director Paul Wendkos Passes Away at 84
04:58:29a 8 Sex Tapes and 30 Nude Photos of Carrie Prejean Uncovered
04:58:34a School board drafts Niekamp's letter of resignation, Niekamp has no intention of resigning
04:58:50a RPT-UPDATE 2-Japan's MUFG to issue bln in new shares-sources
04:59:11a Daniel Radcliffe Photographed Smoking The Philosopher's Stoner
04:59:21a PM We'll make Malaysia a better place
04:59:26a US bank regulators close Pacific Coast Natio
04:59:31a Obama advisor tells gay students disappointment is understood
04:59:37a Brandon family escapes fire; home destroyed
04:59:55a Silver Eagle shuts down
05:00:03a CNN Staffer Carrie Prejean Planned to Walk Out on Larry King
05:00:19a Four officers injured in Scituate fire
05:00:28a Dugard kidnap suspect apologises in jail letter
05:00:36a Did 'Birther' coverage spell the end for Dobbs at CNN?
05:00:51a An Officer's Outrage Over Fort Hood
05:00:56a Nutritionists Question Health Qualities Associated With Juice
05:01:15a US will not be 'cowed' by North Korea—Obama
05:01:20a Thai fugitive Thaksin departs Cambodia officials
05:01:26a National security adviser named defense chief
05:01:31a How to find Al Gore's email address
05:01:37a Anne Pressly's Parents Autograph Books, Day After Trial 13 Nov 2009 235307 GMT
05:01:42a 'Orange Friday' ribbon campaign slated for Nov. 20
05:01:47a Odyssey Middle Site Of New Bomb Search
05:01:56a Arroyo bucks early exit from stimulus packages
05:02:02a Driver Ticketed For Talking On Cell Will Fight Citation
05:02:16a 9 killed as speeding train derails in India
05:02:21a Isabela Comelec exec slain
05:02:26a Romford scouts investigated over anti-Jewish chants
05:02:32a Saif is not the only one on Kareena's mind
05:02:37a Wabash Valley's Got Talent
05:02:43a Caffeine, Alcohol Drinks Targeted
05:02:55a US lawmaker gets 13 years for cold cash conviction
05:03:00a KSM Hits ManhattanAgain
05:03:06a Welcome Luis Torres into the American Family
05:03:16a P.E.I. hoping for cheap Quebec power
05:03:22a MSNBC's 'Countdown' Plays Hurricane Katrina Card in Health Care Debate
05:03:27a City Worker Says Sludge Made Him Sick
05:03:33a Obama pledges greater U.S. engagement in Asia
05:03:38a 'Saifeena' promotes Kurbaan
05:03:43a Obama vows full US role in Asia
05:03:49a 'Mr Playboy' prepares to sell his empire
05:03:54a I don't want to play Saif's sister in his films Soha Ali Khan
05:04:00a Clint Eastwood made Legion of Honour commander in France
05:04:07a Lord ganesha's blessing on Tarun
05:04:12a Terre Haute South looks to repeat — again — in Rose-Hulman math competition
05:04:29a Interfaith Leaders Call For Peace
05:04:34a 9/11 families split over terror trials
05:04:40a MILF-US State exec meeting before Clinton visit bared
05:04:45a Hate Crimes Up Against Gays, Jews
05:05:12a Airfoil Speakers Touch Correcting Misconceptions
05:05:26a Obama under fire on trade as Asia-Pac leaders meet
05:05:32a Suspected Serial Killer Arrested In Atlanta
05:05:37a Chenab Gandhi's troubles
05:05:44a DJ AM' Goldstein estate sues for wrongful death
05:05:59a Banco Azteca Continues Solid Expansion, Inaugurates Operations In El Salvador
05:06:25a Taliban gain foothold in once'stable Afghan north
05:06:35a Illness delays case
05:06:40a KSM collects his first virgin
05:06:50a Army Morale down in Afghanistan
05:06:55a Apple Quietly Updates The 5th Generation iPod Nano To 1.0.2
05:07:01a Smit's autobiography gives a warts-and-all account of rugby
05:07:06a The Only 2 Fixes For The iPhone Platform
05:07:22a Mexico Has a President Who Runs Things and One Who Doesn't
05:07:27a To Play With Giants, App Devs Risk Getting Squashed
05:07:41a Search On For Missing El Dorado Hills Man
05:07:46a Worse than willful blindness
05:07:52a The Airfoil Speakers Touch Situation
05:07:57a 'Lies, lies, and more lies...'
05:08:03a Ponte Vedra wants state help with Guana Reserve crime
05:08:21a Wales coach Gatland bemoans lack of finishing touch
05:08:27a Navy Admits Sailor's Privacy Rights Were Violated
05:08:43a Driver killed, 5 NATO oil tankers set on fire in Mach
05:08:48a 'Difficult' Russia, Georgia talks continue
05:08:56a U.S. demands DPRK stop 'bellicose rhetoric' against South Korea
05:09:03a Taliban torch 8 NATO trucks, kill driver in Bolan, Khuzdar
05:09:14a SWC Professors Won't Face Charges Over Campus Rally
05:09:26a Icahn Announces Increase in Tender Offer Price for CIT Group Notes
05:09:31a Layoffs Begin For Government Employees
05:09:42a Naval ship watched pirates seize couple ministry
05:09:48a Obama sends letter to Philippine Muslim rebel leader
05:09:54a 9 NATO soldiers injured in Kabul US base blast
05:10:00a War pilot pensioner beaten to death
05:10:05a US concern over Pakistan's nuclear weapons
05:10:10a Neighbors Rally To Save Beachside Houses 14 Nov 2009 000208 GMT
05:10:16a US will not be ‘cowed by North Korea—Obama
05:10:21a Think Again Green China
05:10:26a Newlywed killed when scooter collides with SUV
05:10:32a Ford Road at I-275 in Canton remains closed; two injured
05:10:37a Pike, No. 5 Cincinnati beats West Virginia 24-21
05:10:42a President Gül receives Chilean ambassador
05:10:48a Veterans honored at Ponte Vedra Beach celebration
05:10:54a Trade Food for Fines at St. Johns libraries
05:10:59a Cuban dissidents ramp up protest with fast
05:11:05a City Heights Park Project May Lose Funding
05:11:10a Oxfam reacts to new UN Security Council resolution on protection of civilians
05:11:16a FEATURE Top Brazil coffees judged berry-flavored, buttery
05:11:21a Haggling threatens Obama's town hall meeting
05:11:26a Significant water on the moon
05:11:42a Lehman discusses unapproved Highland Village changes
05:11:47a Ex-coach sentenced in abuse of teenager
05:11:53a SNAP ANALYSIS Obama outlines vision for U.S.-Asia ties
05:11:58a No injuries, damage in Marshalls Creek brush fire
05:12:04a Local Reactions To Chocolate Milk In School Lunches
05:12:09a Japan atomic bomb-hit city applauds Obama speech
05:12:14a Alliance gets a new name, expands programs
05:12:20a Obama says U.S. won't ‘be cowed' by North Korean threats
05:12:25a State police internal probe looks into shooting of dog
05:12:32a Route 209 intersection closed for almost nine hours because of crash
05:12:41a Abbas''s announcement to step down was 'loud and clear wake-up call Ban
05:12:46a Geisinger centers report seeing recent decrease in flu cases
05:12:53a Heavy Rains Take Toll On Windward Oahu Residents
05:12:59a Pocono Mountain district will hold flu clinic next weekend
05:13:05a Big Red Advances With Comeback Win Over Salem
05:13:10a Accused Ohio Murderer Was Arrested Last Year
05:13:16a Bettencourt family to auction off classic bikes to help cover medical costs
05:13:21a Video John Bolton On Afghan Troop Levels
05:13:29a “Deep nuke cuts impossible unless other nuclear states join US and Russia”
05:13:35a Evangelist Tony Alamo Gets 175 Years In Jail
05:13:40a Ten Unusual Playgrounds From Around the World
05:13:46a !CDAT 12 Nov 2009 184636 GMT
05:13:51a Rees gets power to pick NSW front bench
05:13:56a Baby found sucking crack cocaine ball at daycare center
05:14:02a Bear illegally killed, dumped in Wayne County
05:14:07a Are Telomere Supplements The Fountain Of Youth?
05:14:12a Local Tattoo Artist Going For World Record
05:14:18a Free swine flu vaccines to be available next weekend
05:14:23a Jon Stewart responds to Sean Hannity's apology
05:14:28a Never-before-seen 'Star Trek' pilot found
05:14:34a Robben Island's bunny chow solution
05:14:39a Are Those Energy Drinks With Booze Safe?
05:14:45a Surf Legend Faces Wave Of Charges
05:14:50a Smit's gritty tale of his rugby life goes on sale
05:14:56a Saw Creek 'outraged' by power-line ruling
05:15:01a Kareem Talks About His Leukemia Diagnosis
05:15:07a Water find on moon boosts hope for lunar base
05:15:12a Pl. Valley defends actions in suit concerning teacher
05:15:17a Police arrest Long Pond man after resisting arrest, illegal firearm possession
05:15:32a Arrest Warrant Evidence On Hidden, Bloody Sock
05:15:37a Are Algae Mass Murderers?
05:15:53a Swine Flu Stay Home ... Without Pay?
05:15:58a Man arraigned, scheduled for hearing in hotel assault case
05:16:03a A Pivotal Day In Shadyside Ends In A Strong Decision
05:16:09a Console Versions of Modern Warfare 2 Banned in Russia
05:16:14a No More Mystery Meat at Today's Campuses
05:16:20a Darren's proved he has talent aplenty
05:16:25a World's Deepest Living Fish Caught On Film at 24,800 Feet
05:16:31a Man, 74, Busted For Tagging...Yes, 74!
05:16:36a 11/13/09 NECN weather forecast, 9pm
05:16:41a Jansen blames racism on NGK
05:16:53a Armistice Day Remembrances The Big Picture Pics
05:17:02a Rohbock ninth in opener
05:17:10a Rare Headshrinking Footage Confirmed? WarningGraphicVideo
05:17:16a Hutchison won't resign seat before primary
05:17:21a I-Team Was Disabled Man Abused At Group Home?
05:17:27a Evander Holyfield Rightfully Swings to Mike Tyson's Defense
05:17:32a Facebook app developer rejects App Store, irony ensues
05:17:37a James Lilley, 81; CIA operative was ambassador
05:17:43a US Rep. Jan Schakowsky's Three-Day Fact-Finding Mission in Honduras Confirms Widespread Human Rights Abuses
05:17:49a Study Shows Investing in Nature More Valuable than Gold
05:17:54a Gut Bacteria Causes Weight Gain
05:17:59a WSU football Weber State has a lot on the line
05:18:11a Southern Utah still hopes for a winning season
05:18:16a William Kunstler Disturbing the Universe
05:18:25a Cincinnati 10-0 after beating West Virginia
05:18:33a Palin goes rogue on a few facts in her book
05:18:40a Former Taiwanese vice-president Lien Chan
05:18:51a US Attorney General Eric Holder holds a press conference
05:19:13a ‘Blood and Fire in Honduras An Interview with Mel Zelaya
05:19:31a Bulls win basketball opener
05:19:51a Training officer says using taser on handcuffed prisoners not always wrong
05:19:58a Pakistanis worry about U.S. intentions
05:20:12a Update Mother and child missing out of Polk County
05:20:18a BYU relishes role of underdog vs. No. 1
05:20:42a NASA spacecraft find water on moon
05:20:52a William Jefferson Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison for Corruption
05:21:01a What Does the Koran Say About Muslim Soldiers?
05:21:10a Malaysia to attract global talents, citizens abroad
05:21:22a Keeping the spirit alive Salvation Army launches Christmas Kettle
05:21:27a Analysis Trial venue, interrogation offer defense prospects
05:21:33a Horse and carriage bolt from marriage
05:21:38a BYU defeats Bradley in season opener
05:21:43a Mother rescued from burning car in the nick of time
05:21:56a The envelope please Utah architects lauded for design
05:22:01a Storm Will Bring Plymouth Home Closer to Cliff
05:22:06a Woman Starts Fire In Home, Injures 4 Officers
05:22:12a The pirates have demanded a ransom of seven million dollars
05:22:22a How to Ignore the Yes-Man in Your Head
05:22:28a President will decide 'soon' on Afghanistan
05:22:38a Case of missing spring breaker makes cover of People
05:23:14a Squeezing Light in Unfathomably Small Spaces
05:23:21a Portland's love story
05:23:59a UAE's EPI to supply Airbus with aircraft components
05:24:30a Contractors say transit jobs at risk despite funds from stimulus
05:24:36a Portrait of a traditional Japanese family
05:24:41a Traffic backed up on I-475 in Toledo
05:24:47a U.K. FTSE Closes At 14-Month High
05:24:52a Bus fare increase looms
05:24:57a Airport in crisis Government to intervene in labour dispute Flight schedules interrupted by strike
05:25:10a 3RD LD Obama vows to strengthen ties with Asia-Pacific region+
05:25:17a Wille Nelson The Only 'Straight O.G.' to Outsmoke @snoopdogg
05:25:48a Children lead the way at Watermount
05:25:53a Hinds is new deputy commissioner in charge of operations
05:25:59a 'Not good enough'- MAJ says doctors work under deplorable conditions at KPH
05:26:04a Shaky 1st period costs Maple Leafs
05:26:23a Soccer Kumamoto to swoop for Nakayama, Maki+
05:26:39a Assistant to become first woman as district attorney in Cambria County
05:26:50a Beaver County man convicted of drug charges, but not in court
05:27:06a Moon harbors 'significant' quantities of water
05:27:12a Ichihashi undergoes medical checkup+
05:27:17a Less water usage blamed for possible rate increase in Pittsburgh
05:27:22a UPMC repeats offer to donate Braddock hospital
05:27:28a Why Does Yuba City Water Smell Bad?
05:27:33a Pittsburgh International Airport remains powerhouse for region
05:27:39a Science gives Derry Area students insight into farming
05:27:44a Dollar General rise may signal interest in public offerings
05:27:49a 3 injured in fire at U.S. military's Atsugi base+
05:27:54a Portland teacher gets maximum 12 years in sex case
05:28:00a Pension insurer's deficit worries experts
05:28:05a State schedules clinics to offer H1N1 vaccine
05:28:12a Biz Owner I Won't Return To Calif.
05:28:17a Alliance wants to keep Japan Airlines Corp. in group
05:28:23a State of budgeting Commonsense reforms
05:28:28a No cure yet for weak dollar; higher imports might show economic strength
05:28:34a In Japan, Obama talks tough on North Korea
05:28:39a Proposed budget in Connellsville holds real estate taxes
05:28:44a Fort Hood suspect allegedly in communication with Pakistan
05:28:49a Evidence that 911 was an Inside Job
05:28:54a Greensburg shelter finds new home
05:29:00a Non-U.S. troops totaling 5,000 may be going to front
05:29:05a H. J. Heinz Co. going greener
05:29:10a Ex-sharecropper of Mt. Oliver reached out to others
05:29:16a Ravenstahl nominates Regan to be Pittsburgh's solicitor
05:29:21a New York trial in 9/11 case called risky
05:29:26a Volunteers pitch in to fix up McCain House in Kittanning
05:29:32a Aboriginals overrepresented in jails
05:29:37a Jeannette woman convicted of endangerment
05:29:57a Expert Taking advantage of taxpayers becomes ingrained in politics
05:30:07a Cranberry's rue21 goes public; stock soars
05:30:13a Ethics honors given to Pittsburgh companies
05:30:18a Saturday Essay Change's challenge
05:30:23a Window shade verdict
05:30:29a Polk Honor in victory
05:30:34a Lawsuit against state trooper settled
05:30:39a Two men wounded in Homewood shooting
05:30:45a Convicted pedophile of Marianna faces 17-year prison term
05:30:50a Morale erodes in Afghan war
05:30:55a Clothiers, retailers unite
05:31:00a Lungren Offers Thoughts On Health Care
05:31:06a Argentine judge opens the door to marriage equality
05:31:11a Ex-congressman sentenced to 13 years in prison
05:31:16a US Airways pilots seek federal mediation
05:31:22a Butler nursing home workers approve contract
05:31:27a Penn State University holds line on tuition, takes risk
05:31:32a Review Nelsons brings vibrancy to PSO
05:31:37a Copenhagen's chill
05:31:43a Annual Greensburg turkey trot registration available
05:31:48a Latimer loses bid for extended leave
05:31:53a Life sentence sought for Quebec terrorist
05:31:59a Canadian tourists hurt in NY bus crash
05:32:04a New Poll Confirms Overwhelming Support for T Equality in MA
05:32:09a Safety Comes First at Martini-Fest Downtown
05:32:55a November 14th proclaimed 'Victory, Referendum 71 Approved Day'
05:33:02a Colorado balloon boy parents plead guilty, jail time possible
05:33:17a Pedestrian Hit Crossing Main Street, Died Next Day
05:34:56a Naked Nassau The Wonderful Wiffle
05:35:40a Man suffers minor injury in Vt. small-plane crash
05:35:49a Arrested Vols pray with campus group
05:35:55a Disney, retail gains help stocks
05:37:06a Area water rates rising
05:37:11a President to spend just one day at APEC
05:37:16a The goal is a sustainable Thanksgiving
05:37:22a NASA Makes It Official There's Water on the Moon
05:37:32a Saturday fundraiser for accident victim
05:37:44a Tight contest to continue on home soil
05:37:56a Anderson Co. parents indicted on dozens of child sexual abuse charges
05:38:01a Trailer Leaks Cooking Oil Onto Topeka Boulevard For Several Blocks
05:38:13a Memorial service planned for Orange Park native
05:38:27a Attacker struck after being denied change
05:38:32a 'Express' worker loses
05:38:38a AG pleads for help from Opposition - Lack of witnesses in shooting
05:38:43a An indication from US on free trade
05:38:49a No plans to join COP, says Ramesh -
05:38:54a US troops Where do the key players stand?
05:38:59a Totally smooth please -
05:39:04a Tips to keep texting safe for teens
05:39:10a Sooialo watching over debutants
05:39:15a Let Minister pay -
05:39:21a Braggin' rights Riverside, Avondale and Ortega
05:39:26a BREAKING Nu'Keese Richardson released from jail
05:39:31a Sen. McGovern 'We all contribute' to this nation
05:39:37a Are the Communists fast losing appeal in India
05:39:42a 'Drug users getting younger' -
05:39:48a Avondale woman enjoys the city's senior games
05:39:53a Fisherman shot dead in pirogue - Attacked at sea
05:39:58a My travel woes Connecting at JFK -
05:40:03a SUPPORT US, BAS - Jeremie pleads for help from UNC on Evidence Bill
05:40:09a Dunstan off to perfect start -
05:40:14a Editor's Note - When the dream
05:40:19a Difference Maker Tammy Imrie
05:40:24a Portrait of a woman - Writer Renee Cummings sits down with
05:40:30a Our Constitution ... we decide -
05:40:38a Operator for Academy hotel still to be hired - Culture Minister reveals
05:40:43a Saudi to tap Asia demand in oil, gas expansion
05:40:49a Minister Scarborough Hospital ready by Sept 2010 -
05:40:54a Blood test to confirm cause of woman's death -
05:40:59a Dressed for slimy, bubbly fun at Willowbranch library
05:41:05a Plot by PM, Bas to destroy 'RamJack' - Warner at meeting in Waterloo
05:41:10a When a llama attacks! A true North Texas story of survival
05:41:15a Mom School covering up sexual abuse - pupil, 10, molested daughter twice
05:41:21a 21 Questions with Timeka Marshall -
05:41:26a MATT Punishment harsh and unusual - Privileges Committee bans reporter from Parliament
05:41:31a Case put off so lawyer can get ready - Hazel to answer charge
05:41:36a UTC assets grow by -
05:41:42a ...1,290 to view first show -
05:41:47a The secret to youthful skin -
05:41:52a Case for proportional representation -
05:41:58a Moment in the Sun Carolynn Henderson
05:42:03a Panday dismisses Warner's claim of plan to end 'RamJack' -
05:42:08a A response to Peggy Alphonso -
05:42:14a Chairman who steered JPS through time of change is stepping down
05:42:19a Your boss? Affairs with co-workers? What's unethical? -
05:42:24a La Conner volleyball team advances at state
05:42:29a Salvation Army Kettle Campaign Accepts Coupons
05:42:35a TTMA head worried about Christmas sales - Recession 'official'...
05:42:40a Student from India vanished in B.C. on day he paid cash fee
05:42:45a We use thinner in paint, not thinners -
05:42:51a Sonata's Melody on song for opener -
05:42:56a No calls to hotline in health centre murder -
05:43:02a Cops appeal for family to claim 'Sam' -
05:43:07a Smoke Free Rights -
05:43:12a Cankles, thankles and mankles -
05:43:17a Lucky 13th Paoli edges Mater Dei 14-7
05:43:23a Ministers to meet on fete ban -
05:43:28a A humane passport system? -
05:43:34a Monsters & Big Macks are calling her name -
05:43:40a 'Lost' Glassport woman in hospital while search went on
05:43:45a ATV Crash Kills 3-Year-Old In Waupaca County
05:43:50a Police need help to ID man found in Gasparillo -
05:43:56a Police investigating explosion
05:44:01a PoS getting a facelift -
05:44:06a Dolphin death inquiry
05:44:11a Pleasant surprise in San Rafael -
05:44:17a LaToya Woods - I want to reach as many causes as I can
05:44:22a Kimberly Papermakers Earn Return Trip to State
05:44:27a Newsweek's 'Decade In Seven Minutes' Video Sums Up All The Recent Media Tilt
05:44:32a Kragthorpe, Rocks roll as QB leads Trinity to 42-10 victory over Shelby County
05:44:38a Man, 73, dies in single car accident
05:44:43a Sources Milwaukee Mayor to Run for Governor
05:44:49a Freshmen fuel IU's 83-60 rout
05:44:55a Grand jury to weigh case of Fort Worth homeowner who fatally shot suspected burglars
05:45:00a Both Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto Make Weight
05:45:05a TRG storms house
05:45:11a The Roanoke Times Local news
05:45:16a Assistant D.A. Donates Furlough Time to Feed the Hungry
05:45:21a Thinking of a loved one really does reduce pain
05:45:26a Sneak Peek Lady Gaga Dances in Red Sequins on Gossip Girl
05:45:32a Fort Hood shooter may have had financial links to Pakistan
05:45:37a Jordan's 'botox session' ahead of I'm A Celebrity stint
05:45:42a Council questions bridge panel picks
05:45:48a High School Football Statewide Scores November 13
05:45:53a Train derails in Jaipur, seven killed
05:45:58a Green Knights Beat Point in High-scoring Hockey
05:46:04a 2 killed in a major fire at Russia military depot
05:46:09a Greasy vs. Stavros Who'd You Rather?!
05:46:16a Latest Betting Odds on Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto
05:46:21a Campus Elections in Lebanon Mirror Society's Politics
05:46:27a Daniel Radcliffe responds to tabloid's pot claim
05:46:59a Google, Authors try to answer book deal concerns
05:47:05a Magnitude 5.3 quake hits Lake Tanganyika region, Dem. Republic of the Congo-Tanzania
05:47:10a Mismanagement May Cost Kenya Key Health Funds
05:47:17a Formula One champ Button hints at leaving Brawn
05:47:22a TLC to Jon's Nanny Get Your Butt in Court
05:47:28a 12 Students Hurt in Wall Collapse at S.C. Football Game
05:47:42a U.S.-HONDURAS Washington Stresses Urgency of Unity Govt
05:47:47a Pro Paddleboarder Spots Whale Tail
05:47:52a Blake Lively On Her Serena Gossip Girl Hairdo Becoming The New Rachel
05:47:58a SEE VIDEO Lady GaGa sings on Gossip Girl
05:48:03a Magnitude 5.5 quake hits Lake Tanganyika region, Dem. Republic of the Congo-Tanzania
05:48:14a Toronto Dollars assists small business across the city
05:48:46a Young fan's cancer fight inspires IceHogs
05:48:54a Argentine Judge Allows Gay Marriage, Sets Latin American Precedent
05:48:59a TMZ Live DJ AM Suit, Papa Lohan & The Heenes
05:49:04a Brazil unveils ambitious emissions target
05:49:09a Video game retailer sees surge in call trading
05:49:15a Marie Goes After Former Manager for Mil
05:49:20a Cops Shyster Shtole Sheckler's Shekels
05:49:26a Obama in Southeast Asia Mending Fences in a Key Region
05:49:31a Virginia beats Longwood 85-72 in Bennett debut
05:49:37a Porn Kings Trying to Release Prejean Sex Tape
05:49:42a Britney, Justin, Lakers Sued
05:49:47a Malaria Drugs Artemisinin-Resistant Strain Appears
05:49:53a Ghana Lawmakers Want Oil Profits Invested Responsibly
05:49:58a DJ AM - Wrongful Death Suit Over Drugs
05:50:03a What Happens If Your Bank 'fails'?
05:50:09a Jordans botox session ahead of Im A Celebrity stint
05:50:14a Colorado College beats Minn. St., Mankato 1-0, OT
05:50:19a Clearing House London Museum Asks Public What to Pitch
05:50:24a Thousands Pay Respects to Kiel Native Killed at Fort Hood
05:50:30a Jon Gosselin I'm too famous to get a real job
05:50:35a India train accident kills seven
05:50:40a Wall collapses at S.C. football game, 12 hurt
05:50:45a Judge rebuked by panel over Ferdinand Marcos money
05:50:51a TTUHSC School of Medicine offer 'Barbershop Health Checks' Saturday
05:50:56a Fake Verizon 'balance-checker' Is a Trojan
05:51:01a Pitt researcher spreads word about diabetes prevention
05:51:07a Bridgewater College Hopes Renovations WIll Increase Enrollment
05:51:12a Academic pledges to give away 1m
05:51:17a New Criminal Charges Against Owners of the Pub
05:51:22a Community Colleges Across Virginia See Midyear Tuition Increase
05:51:38a Dell's Global Mini 3 Strategy Shows a Hint of Genius
05:51:43a Sixth Missouri family member arrested in child sex case
05:52:24a Casey discusses climate change bill at CMU
05:52:29a 1 dead in Auburn Rd. car accident
05:52:35a CDC says millions more H1N1 vaccinations are to be available within weeks
05:52:41a Royals band together after soccer title slips away
05:52:48a VA Tax Revenues Down Again
05:53:01a Local Farmers React to Heavy Rainfall
05:53:06a H1N1 Nasal Vaccine Available in the Northern Valley
05:53:11a Animal Neglect in Staunton
05:53:25a Lubbock Regional MHMR offers seminar to teach signs of mental illness
05:53:30a Sarah Palin's Book Release Stirs Controversy
05:53:50a Valley Goodwill Gets Seniors Back in the Workforce
05:53:55a Anchorwoman Anne Pressly Killer Gets Life Sentence
05:54:13a Kaine Updates Emergency Response Situation
05:54:18a Attorneys Discuss Impact Of Suicide
05:54:37a Police say fatal Napier crash caused by running stop sign
05:54:42a H1N1 vaccine offered to target groups next weekend
05:54:48a Gettysburg park names interim superintendent
05:54:54a Nagbe's goal brings Zips win in double overtime
05:55:00a Airport pulled in more than during G-20
05:55:05a Electronic waste can be recycled in Robinson
05:55:11a Robert Naiman Our Corrupt Occupation of Afghanistan
05:55:16a NASA Water Found On The Moon; Crash Worked
05:55:22a Target 7 Debit Card Dangers
05:55:27a GOP leaders wanted
05:55:34a YouTube Ce tout petit
05:55:43a A day in court for the Harrisburg 10
05:55:48a Girl's testimony holds man for trial in killing of her sister
05:55:54a Mayor nominates former assistant DA to be new city solicitor
05:56:04a UNM History Specialist On 2012
05:56:09a Teens arrested in Manchester with guns, drugs, cash
05:56:14a Mother Talks About Son Wandering Off
05:56:20a Troopers gear up for winter storms
05:56:25a Two men face trial in Sheraden killing
05:56:30a Journals Coleman On Healthcare Reform
05:56:36a Virginia Inmate Confesses To NM Murder
05:56:41a Stampeders' Teyo Johnson stabbed
05:56:47a OMI Gives New Details On West Mesa Case
05:56:52a Police seek man wanted in fatal McKeesport shooting
05:56:58a Water authority considering 5% rate increase
05:57:03a Wood Street subway station closed this weekend
05:57:09a Glassport woman reported missing was never lost
05:57:14a First U.S. Marijuana Cafe Opens In Portland, Oregon
05:57:19a Mandore Exp mishap kills 6, track pierces AC coach
05:57:25a Pittsburgh Zoo welcomes its millionth visitor for the year
05:57:30a Pitt lecture to focus on efforts to curb use of tobacco
05:57:35a Squirrel Hill teen wins on 'Jeopardy!'
05:58:00a Legislator calls for consolidation in Fayette County
05:58:05a Woman dies after crash in Washington County
05:58:11a Warrant issued for city shooting suspect
05:58:45a Children's day Google features Indian boy's art
05:58:50a Death notices for Saturday, November 14, 2009
05:58:56a Statewide court race recount ordered
05:59:01a Stadium's transition from Pitt to Steelers a tall task
05:59:09a Seven killed, 25 injured in train wreck near India's Jaipur
05:59:14a First black princess is more than fairy tale
05:59:22a Pittsburgh Promise gives second chance to students via CCAC
05:59:27a Bethel Park man charged in death of girlfriend's husband
06:00:11a Volunteer Opportunities in Northeast Ohio
06:00:32a Holiday Light Displays in Columbus Ohio
06:00:40a Missouri Slated to Receive Million to Improve Water
06:01:27a Saudi Arabia- Govt employees to receive 15% inflation allowance
06:01:32a KAU to get Saudi Arabia's 2nd nuclear-research facility
06:01:55a Where to Volunteer for Christmas in Las Vegas
06:02:02a 2009 Holiday and Christmas Events in Durham, NC
06:02:09a Three People Sought in Home Invasion and Assault
06:02:16a Hamdan Dubai Air Show a perfect event
06:02:21a Obama Set To Move On Immigration Change
06:02:39a Alleged 9/11 Plotters Face Trial Blocks From WTC Site
06:02:55a Volunteering in Geauga County Ohio for Christmas Holidays
06:03:00a Mitchel Musso cancels Jacksonville concert
06:03:13a Saudi Arabia- Emaar to train students
06:03:18a 2 year old victims in child porn arrest
06:03:24a Police Bodies Found In Burned Home Suffered Gun Shots
06:03:29a Six killed as Delhi-bound Mandor Express derails
06:03:34a Murderer branded Devil incarnate
06:04:17a Images Capture Spirit of 35th Annual Veterans Day Parade
06:04:27a Three die from swine flu
06:04:35a Lamar Thames Better times ahead for Clay community
06:04:45a Dominican unions condemn attacks on reporters
06:05:08a PFLAG awards in scholarships to 12 students
06:05:13a Riyadh urges UN to end double standard
06:05:28a Orange Park Chorale ready for 2 upcoming concerts
06:06:03a Ethical medicine
06:06:08a Two safe after forced helicopter landing
06:06:14a Chilean president rejects arms buildup allegations
06:06:28a Two safe after emergency helicopter landing
06:06:33a Jacksonville Axemen climb ladder in Rugby League
06:06:44a Muslims must quit British armed forces, says Khamenei's envoy
06:06:49a PM We'll make Malaysia a better place
06:06:59a Official slams WICB over Khan
06:07:05a Fishing tournament benefits Somer Thompson Fund
06:07:10a For TCU's big day, everything goes purple, even the Fort Worth skyline
06:07:16a England take first blood as storm stops play
06:07:34a Clay commissioners opposed to Amendment 4
06:07:57a Failed Efforts By UPW To Block Layoffs
06:08:08a Slow, but staggering progress
06:08:13a DOT head says truck traffic will continue on MT 35
06:08:30a Term limits nixed for Planning Commission
06:08:35a Moanalua Middle School Receives H1N1 Vaccine
06:08:50a ANC's 'fat kittens'
06:08:55a City Council rebukes local activist for Somer mention
06:09:22a Making the Decision to Homeschool
06:09:33a 'Thatcher has died' – how a text message caused diplomatic panic
06:09:57a Ministry targets Beast in advert
06:10:42a Officials continue to investigate corn poisoning in Eastland County
06:11:19a University of North Texas System's move out of Denton is opposed
06:11:39a Kahuku Football's Jamora Tells About A True Leader
06:11:45a Troj/Poison-BO
06:12:19a How to Organize Your Dorm Room Closet
06:12:24a W32/Autorun-ASY
06:12:29a US gives Pacific free-trade aims a boost
06:12:37a HPD Commission Hears From The Public
06:12:57a Obama under fire at APEC conference
06:13:29a WVU Football, in the Coliseum?
06:13:34a How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet
06:13:39a Obama Full Ft. Hood story must be told
06:13:47a Kings Win 4th Straight, Down Rockets 109-100
06:14:19a Civilian terror trials provoke worries about safety, acquittal
06:14:39a Work nearly done on Edmond school projects
06:14:44a Deer Creek may raise rental fees
06:14:50a Medicare premiums changing
06:14:55a Graduation policy change considered by Norman school board
06:15:05a OU fashion show to benefit Children's Miracle Network
06:15:11a Oklahoma district leaders will consider longer school day
06:15:20a Programs in county can help people keep their homes
06:15:30a Tenn. trooper suspended over white pride e-mai
06:15:40a Watch holiday spending, look for deals
06:15:45a Norman tech center association elects new president
06:15:52a Pleas in balloon boy saga
06:16:06a Former La. congressman gets 13 years in bribery case
06:16:11a WVU Falls To Cincinnati
06:16:17a Ex-lawmaker sentenced for corruption
06:16:22a Mandarin real estate transactions
06:16:38a Six killed as Delhi-bound Mandor Express derails near Jaipur
06:16:52a Oklahoma school districts face funding cuts
06:17:01a Seized assets stifle Iranian group's work
06:17:06a Millions of Americans Aren't Getting Enough Sleep
06:17:28a Mandarin Braggin' rights
06:17:40a Shen-Zhao lead pairs at Skate America
06:17:59a World Cup chaos fears as Egypt, Algeria clash
06:18:05a Swine Flu Outbreak Update with Dr. Nancy Snyderman
06:18:14a Fort Hood suspect communicated with Pakistan
06:18:29a Oklahoma school districts prepare for worst
06:18:37a Recession 'cuts down' carbon dioxide emissions
06:18:48a Seven dead in India train accident police
06:19:03a Icahn Increases Tender Offer For CIT Notes
06:19:10a Pitt Basketball Panthers beat Wofford, 63-60
06:19:18a A Woman Fakes Breast Cancer for Breast Enhancements
06:19:33a Too Many Late Shifts Can Cause Breast Cancer in Nurses
06:19:43a HK challenges world largest harmonica ensemble
06:19:48a Heavy snowstorms paralyze parts of China and kill 40
06:19:54a Research Shows Fitness Levels Drop Off After Age 45
06:19:59a Kids and Headaches
06:20:16a Snow Accumulating Throughout The Weekend
06:20:21a Half and Half Weekend Weather
06:20:26a The Girl Who Cannot Stop Sneezing
06:20:31a Splashdown! NASA hits water on the moon
06:20:37a Goff, Anderton side with bikers against ACC hikes
06:20:42a Obama seeks rebalancing, Asia warns of protectionism
06:20:47a More About the Girl Who Cannot Stop Sneezing
06:20:53a Common cold virus may stave off swine flu
06:20:58a China hopes for cooperation with Qatar on oil, gas
06:21:03a The Power of Healing Music
06:21:09a Terms of Digital Book Deal With Google Revised
06:21:14a Fatal shooting in Nelson
06:21:20a Girl Who Could Not Stop Sneezing An Update
06:21:25a China urges EU to do more beneficial deeds for healthy bilateral relations
06:21:30a U.S. welcomes China's appearance on the world stage Obama
06:21:36a Obama brightens Govt's free trade hopes
06:21:41a Malaysians speak highly of Chinese President Hu's visit
06:21:46a Retailers' New Holiday Plans
06:21:52a Hazardous Materials Incidents
06:21:57a Bond sale OK'd for airport upgrade
06:22:02a U.S. congressmen suggest building U.S.-China financial hotline
06:22:08a Chinese Navy convoy fleets have escorted 1,110 ships in Somali waters officer
06:22:13a Cincinnati beats West Virginia, 24-21
06:22:18a Tribune Co. asks bankruptcy court to extend management's 'exclusivity' on reorganization plan
06:22:24a Pontiac silent on Silverdome bids
06:22:29a Musical brains easily pick out speech from background noise
06:22:34a Innovative New Companies
06:22:40a Integration of Asian economies benefits all nations Obama
06:22:45a MJ film This Is It crosses mark
06:22:50a Flu and the Brains of the Unborn, What Studies Are Being Done?
06:22:56a Chinese national dies at Nepali capital's int'l airport
06:23:02a US Fritzl says Jesus has cured him
06:23:09a Quick and Easy Desserts that Are Healthy!
06:23:14a Cuba, Chinese province sign co-op agreements
06:23:46a Prosperous China a source of prosperity for all nations Obama
06:23:54a Cops Woman held for sex
06:24:36a Babysitter Finds Boy At Bottom Of Pool
06:24:43a Man develops a remote operated machine to control violent elephants
06:24:48a Arthur Silber Hear, and Understand, the Veterans Themselves
06:25:06a What are Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters ?
06:25:11a Competitiveness of Gulf states, post-financial crisis
06:25:31a 4WD crashes into shops, causes 'total devastation'
06:25:50a Cyclone Phyan broke 43-year record when it made landfall in India
06:26:01a Russian Orthodox and Catholic church may end 950-year rift
06:26:14a Snow-bound Rohtang Pass may re-open soon
06:26:38a 250,000 Australian homes at climate risk report
06:26:54a Dubai Air Show top platform in civil, military industry
06:26:59a Friday's College Basketball
06:27:14a Bikes can be dangerous if not right size
06:27:19a Bikers protest planned ACC hikes
06:27:25a Aretha Franklin books St. Augustine show
06:27:30a Norman Christmas Store seeking items
06:27:35a Oklahoma City fire victim had criminal past, records show
06:27:41a Oklahoma ties to 9/11 trial
06:27:46a Empire State Building marks World Diabetes Day
06:27:51a Tobacco-free week set by Gov. Brad Henry
06:27:57a Burn victim's story leaves many in Edmond wiping away tears
06:28:02a Some may see snow in state
06:28:07a Oklahoma rockabilly queen to earn her Stripes in the studio
06:28:12a OU nursing college offers free cancer screenings
06:28:18a 3-time Oklahoma City killer gets 3 life sentences
06:28:23a Norman shade sales to help kids with cancer
06:28:28a LifeCare Holdings, Inc. Announces Third Quarter Results
06:28:34a Suicide prevention training class offered in Edmond
06:28:39a Oklahoma County DA takes reins of investigation
06:28:45a Hypnobirthing ensures pain-free childbirth for some
06:28:50a Norman Christmas parade marshal named
06:28:56a Hornaday wins record 4th Trucks title
06:29:01a Loft-style condos are catching the attention of OU football fans
06:29:07a Judge says seals can stay in California cove
06:29:12a Task force seeks better dental care for Oklahoma children
06:29:17a Governor, singers, Sooners suffer losses this week
06:29:23a Foodstuffs accused of bullying workers
06:29:28a IPL riches turning Test players into poor cousins
06:29:33a Norman officials still interested in public water trust
06:29:39a Pregnant Oklahoma City victims shot to death, officials say
06:29:44a Water bottles for kids had Tory logo
06:29:49a Britney's Oz gigs tickets on eBay reports 'fabricated'
06:29:55a Southfield school starts kids on adult principles of success
06:30:00a Coffee Creek, pet peeves and quiet conversation
06:30:05a Edmond students present 'Royal Evening'
06:30:11a Inasmuch Foundation announces in grants to Oklahoma groups
06:30:16a Perla Aviation eyes UAE's first aircraft assembly plant by 2010
06:30:22a 2 Oklahoma City unions oppose tax plan
06:30:27a Show dogs in Grady County have skill beyond 'sit'
06:30:33a North Dakota top official backs extradition of Oklahoma man
06:30:44a Oklahoma layoff plan may produce an open meetings challenge
06:30:49a Crews working hard today will build a place to play in Oklahoma City
06:30:55a Oklahoma Capitol to shine light on diabetes
06:31:00a Police find missing NH girl
06:31:14a 2 Oklahoma troopers cleared in use of force case
06:31:20a Deputy receives cuts in Norman courtroom attack
06:31:25a In brief Muskogee drug suspect is convicted
06:31:30a Edmond mulls cutting budget by
06:31:36a OU plans free lecture on fair trade system
06:31:41a In brief Gov. Brad Henry names judge
06:31:46a B.C. expands flu vaccine eligibility
06:31:52a Wedding cake search launches sweet careerin Norman
06:31:57a Oklahoma mental health sites face closures, employee layoffs
06:32:02a Sen. Tom Coburn offers vet bill option
06:32:08a Security upped for Apple fans
06:32:13a 'Nutcracker' version has Oklahoma twist
06:32:18a Muskogee celebrates recycling day
06:32:23a Norman council meeting is good example of democracy
06:32:28a Baby Steps begins Norman house renovation
06:32:34a Milk-scandal activist detained by Chinese authorities
06:32:39a Neighbors Rally To Save Beachside Houses /tit 14 Nov 2009 000208 GMT
06:32:45a Former Thai premier Thaksin departs Cambodia
06:32:50a Seoul keeps military on alert over North Korean threat
06:33:01a Figure Skating Shen-Zhao lead pairs at Skate America
06:33:30a Bill Cosby charms Vancouver high school crowd
06:33:57a China's Hu meets with top Taiwan politician Lien Chan
06:34:06a PART II Dad By Default
06:34:12a Sharif asks government to investigate French submarine deal kickback reports
06:34:17a Fired Crossland Coach Speaks Out 14 Nov 2009 001822 GMT
06:35:13a Two die in China after H1N1 flu vaccine
06:35:26a Movie Nights
06:35:36a More Stress For Soldiers In Afghanistan 13 Nov 2009 235924 GMT
06:35:42a Obama vows to deepen US engagement in Asia
06:35:59a US will not be 'cowed' by NKorea, says Obama
06:36:35a Belarus rock musician faces extradition on phony murder charge
06:37:12a Rajasthan Mador Express derails near Dausa, 5 killed
06:37:17a Carrie Prejean
06:37:46a Turnbull rebuts Fraser's red-neck claims
06:38:03a NGO official laments weak anti-graft deal
06:38:12a Paramedic Beat Patient, Sentenced to Prison
06:38:27a Disabled Swimmer Breaks Records, Boundaries
06:38:32a Oasis of the seas pictures
06:38:38a 9/11 suspects to face civil trial in New York
06:38:43a Under Pressure, Dobbs Announces Resignation From CNN
06:39:08a Police Uncover 8,000-Plus Illegal Mushrooms
06:39:35a Pilot Flees Officers in Plane; Shuts Down Airport
06:40:00a Engagement ring fell from hot air balloon during proposal
06:41:18a US commits to Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations
06:41:33a Dell's Global Mini 3 Strategy Shows a Hint of Genius
06:41:39a Heavy snow kills 40 in China
06:41:49a COL FB Cincinnati 24, West Virginia 21
06:41:58a Truckers protest clean air rules in L.A.
06:42:03a Commodore 64 Runs Again On the iPhone
06:42:09a Abu Dhabi Grand progress
06:42:14a Obama in warning to North Korea
06:42:53a Performance of GCC markets end in red
06:42:58a NHL Chicago 3, Toronto 2
06:43:08a Navy crew witnessed kidnapping
06:43:13a Police arrest sixth member of family accused of child sex abuse
06:43:32a American Fork band advances to semifinals
06:43:37a Ton-up O'Driscoll completes Wallaby circle
06:43:42a COL BKB Rider 88, Mississippi St. 74
06:44:52a COL BKB Tennessee 83, Austin Peay 54
06:45:10a Mismanagement May Cost Kenya Key Health Funds and finance
06:45:44a NBA Dallas 89, Minnesota 77
06:45:58a The Absolute Best Car Ever for a Road Trip
06:46:04a Camper Vans The Best Vehicles for Road Trips
06:46:09a Grove aims to be centre of attention against Fiji
06:46:15a Game of the Week Dacula at Woodstock
06:46:50a Is J Street pro-mullah?
06:46:58a Hays gets silver to open 2-man World Cup season
06:47:03a Fact-Check This
06:47:19a Jeff Jeffers previews Notre Dame-Pitt football matchup
06:47:30a Aircell Announces Expansion in Middle East Region
06:47:55a Wayside needs health permit to keep operating its downtown hotel
06:48:35a Home Explodes; Woman, 60, Hospitalized
06:48:40a Google Offers Revised Book Settlement
06:48:46a Today in History-Nov. 14
06:48:51a Japan's Obama town ecstatic over presidential mention
06:48:59a U.S. to 'Engage' in Free Trade Pact
06:49:10a Obama says US won't 'be cowed' by N Korea's threats
06:49:15a Review 'Art & Copy' Profiles Mad Men, Women of Advertising's Rise
06:49:28a NSW to revive southwest rail link
06:49:33a 'Pacific' President Obama vows US leadership in Asia
06:49:39a Angleton restaurant robbed at gunpoint
06:49:44a Strong reaction to announcement of 9/11 trial in New York court
06:49:50a Cisco shareholders win say-on-pay
06:49:55a Freeport EDC approves payment
06:50:00a Jury Welder due million for injury
06:50:06a UNESCO chief condemns assassination of Mexican journalist
06:50:11a Obama seeks to deepen strategic ties with China
06:50:17a Obama's Pledge on Trade Wins Grassley's Approval
06:50:22a Economic ties likely to take centrestage at Manmohan-Obama summit
06:50:27a Houston Muslims at mosque pray for return to normal
06:50:33a Victoria Beckham proud of son
06:50:38a The administration's KSM decision - Michael Mukasey's take
06:50:43a Beijing central city home price near 20,000 yuan per sq m
06:50:48a Circus coming to fairgrounds
06:50:54a Obama Committee to tackle Futenma issue
06:50:59a OC to change City Hall operating hours
06:51:04a Google and Partners Revise Terms of Digital Book Deal
06:51:09a World Bank agency to hardsell Kerala port
06:51:15a Former Freeport mayor dies
06:51:20a Obama says U.S. does not wish to 'contain' China
06:51:25a Obama leaves Tokyo, headed for summit in Singapore
06:51:31a Kin of abduction victim impressed with Obama's Tokyo speech
06:51:36a Obama to make surprise APEC appearance
06:51:41a Roy, Pomminville push Sabres to win over Flames
06:51:53a Clute hires architect
06:51:59a Obama looks to strengthen Asia ties, reaffirms Japan alliance
06:52:04a CHINA Simmering Issues Boiling Up in Run-up to Obama Visit
06:52:10a Building Sale Displaces 35 Businesses
06:52:15a Obama brightens hopes of FTA
06:52:20a Leaning beachhouse torn down
06:52:25a Is New Zealand Pork On The Christmas Menu
06:52:31a Decide already, Obama
06:52:36a The appeal that Obama refused
06:52:41a Dell enlists in Android army
06:52:46a U.S. to continue antidumping duty investigations on copper pipe from China, Mexico
06:52:52a Obama leaves Tokyo for APEC summit in Singapore
06:53:07a Few attend LJ bond forum
06:53:30a NSW to make record land handover
06:53:35a County canvasses Nov. 3 vote
06:53:41a Updates for Nov. 14, 2009
06:53:55a Detroit Health Department adds H1N1 clinics
06:54:01a Oceanic Viking ordeal 'humiliating'
06:54:06a Range Rover Sport retains a certain mystique
06:54:11a Shopping down at area trade centers
06:54:20a Chrysler to revamp fading midsize cars
06:54:35a Have you met Sachin Tendulkar?
06:54:40a Rudd pushes for Asia Pacific Community
06:54:48a Man Opens Fire Outside Hendersonville Restaurant
06:54:57a China starts pilot project to finance enterprises with IPR as collateral
06:55:14a Urvan bus runs into students on procession
06:55:21a Ford vehicle sales outlook 'Worst is over'
06:56:26a Ashanti NPP family war intensifies
06:56:45a Detroit union wants mayor jailed
06:56:52a GE begins tech center hiring
06:57:08a Bank Sohar makes net transactions more secure with new credit card
06:57:22a Qatar's Al Jazeera has 141m viewers in Arab world
06:57:28a County leaders help constitutional offices
06:57:38a McAlester pharmacy plans to dole out free antibiotics
06:57:43a South Street fire
06:57:48a School system continues to seek input for Auburn schools
06:57:54a 'Days of Our Lives' reaches out to Detroit
06:57:59a Police Officers Rescue Man From Okla. Fire
06:58:05a Yemen Lied, There's No New Military Agreement with US
06:58:18a Giles County
06:58:23a Qatargas signs pact with CNOOC and Petrochina
06:58:28a Oman- Nawras unveils mobile TV service
06:58:42a Kenya Airways increases aircraft fleet
06:58:48a Iraq government Looking 'very seriously' at security breaches that led to Oct. 25 bombing
06:58:54a Al Marri Press enjoys total freedom in Qatar
06:58:59a Boeing initiative to help disabled children in Saudi Arabia
06:59:11a Yardley to boost Wipro's Mideast income to
06:59:19a Buffalo Police Officer Struck By Vehicle During Foot Chase
06:59:40a School board to release middle school land
06:59:52a William Jefferson walks with his wife Andrea Jefferson to his sentencing hearing
06:59:57a Solar cooking comes of age in Kenya
07:00:21a GCC adopts world norms in infection control
07:00:35a Wis. Chief Suspended For Surveillance Camera Reinstated
07:00:58a 52,856 Omanis find job in private sector
07:01:07a Crackdown on Detroit strip clubs stalled
07:01:17a Qatargas opens Beijing office
07:01:23a Two Glynn teachers removed from classroom in cheating scandal
07:02:00a Board of Regents eyes higher student fee
07:02:08a Viru to work for women safety in Delhi
07:02:13a Google submits revised digital book settlement
07:02:37a Men's basketball Cougars triumph
07:02:53a Google Books settlement sets geographic, business limits
07:02:58a Rees given power to pick frontbench
07:03:04a UVU tops North Dakota State in opener
07:03:10a Obama opens window on Okinawa base talks
07:03:15a Video Justice delayed, but not denied
07:03:20a 6 killed as Mandore Express to Delhi derails near Jaipur
07:03:25a Washington State beats MVSU 94-66
07:03:31a Militants turn on spy agency in Pakistan; 10 die
07:03:36a Water exists on moon
07:03:41a Chopper crashes at primary school
07:03:47a Video Getting to know Rep. John Shadegg
07:03:52a Jazz rookies shine in first NBA starts
07:03:57a Italian jewellery a great hit among Saudis
07:04:03a Mens basketball Veteran Vandals overpower Utes
07:04:08a Mens basketball Aggies topple Wildcats
07:04:13a Sarkozy presents Clint Eastwood with French honour
07:04:19a 5A football Miners win rivalry
07:04:24a Tennis Nara wins women's singles title at national c'ships+
07:04:29a Lawmaker says charged shooter talked to Pakistan
07:04:35a President opens India's biggest trade fair
07:04:40a Cultural shows, trips, campaigns mark Children's Day celebrations
07:04:45a Crackdown on illegal mining in Orissa to continue
07:04:51a Brunei commits to continuous natural gas supply to Japan+
07:04:57a AMU to have 250-acre branch in Bihar
07:05:02a ONGC stumbles upon uranium in Assam
07:05:07a All Blacks wary of Munster repeat in Italy
07:05:13a School Supplies Pile Up For Marysville Students
07:05:18a Children's Day just another working day for Bangalore's urchins
07:05:24a Video RNC opts out of abortion coverage after 18 years
07:05:29a 5A football Alta can't capitalize on opportunities
07:05:34a Obama endorses Pacific free-trade bloc
07:05:40a 5A football semifinal Darts hit paydirt
07:05:45a Shamita out of 'Bigg Boss' to attend sister's wedding
07:05:50a Video 9/11 trial no simple endeavor
07:05:56a Another explosives consignment seized in Bihar, police worried
07:06:01a Kragthorpe Title game may not be as heated as rivalry
07:06:06a AGP likely to dump BJP ahead of 2011 Assam polls
07:06:11a Obama leaves Tokyo after summit with Hatoyama+
07:06:17a Montreal students in N.Y. bus crash
07:06:22a Grizzlies top Wranglers
07:06:28a Indian student's doodle on Google on Children's Day
07:06:33a Supremacist site advertised in SF school paper
07:06:38a Video Palin pens a payback
07:06:44a Report Stirs Controversy In De La Plaza Stabbing
07:06:49a 5A football Loss extra painful for Hunter
07:06:54a More rain expected, temperatures to dip further in Delhi
07:07:00a Kin of abduction victim impressed with Obama's Tokyo speech+
07:07:05a Saudi's King Abdullah among world's most powerful people
07:07:11a No. 14 WASHINGTON 74, WRIGHT ST. 69
07:07:16a 5A football Davis to attack Bingham with run
07:07:21a 9/11 defendants to be tried in N.Y.
07:07:26a Fans Cheer On Undefeated UC Team
07:07:31a Strange celeb diet secrets
07:07:37a Hackers in keyless Windows 7 entry
07:07:43a contract may aid KSC
07:07:48a Climate change affecting northeastern women's livelihoods
07:07:53a DeLaughter apologizes for actions
07:07:58a Newberry's Backyard Bar-B-Q's staff reacts to new smoking ban
07:08:04a Utah Jazz D-Will abruptly leaves team
07:08:09a Arrests Made In Stabbing Of San Jose Teen
07:08:14a New police interceptor on horizon
07:08:19a LEAD APEC summit focuses on growth after crisis, economic integration+
07:08:25a Conservation groups urge APEC leaders not to confront climate with money+
07:08:30a Funeral For Ross Twp. Marine This Weekend
07:08:35a Tony Blair to give evidence to Iraq war inquiry
07:08:41a State mourns dean of TV weathermen
07:08:46a An expeditious group to be created on Okinawa issue Obama
07:08:51a Bair calls U.S. bank bailout 'not a good thing'
07:08:57a Grenade explodes in Honduras under shadow of political crisis
07:09:02a Yemen captures eight Somali pirates
07:09:07a Japanese children embrace environmental consciousness
07:09:13a Council taking another look at sign ordinance
07:09:18a Two dead, 43 found alive in Russia military depot fire
07:09:24a U.S. 'balloon boy' parents plead guilty, at last
07:09:29a U.S. to try five 9/11 suspects in New York, Guantanamo debate reignited
07:09:34a New Madagascan transitional prime minister takes office
07:09:40a Bengals Take Quest To Steel City
07:09:45a Obama to skip Tibet while talking about human rights in Asia
07:09:51a Half of Sri Lanka's war displaced civilians resettled
07:09:56a Hum bhi agar bacche hote!
07:10:01a Romania, Moldova relaunch relations
07:10:07a French president set to make Clint Eastwood's day
07:10:12a UN denounces marginalization of blacks, Indians in Brazil
07:10:17a DPRK could have a future of int'l security, integration Obama
07:10:23a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Prosecutor Preet Bharara
07:10:28a U.S. demands DPRK stop 'bellicose rhetoric' against South Korea
07:10:34a AK Steel Faces Fines, Citations After Worker Hurt
07:10:39a Russia hopes to conclude WTO talks in 2010 Medvedev
07:10:45a UN chief joins fast ahead of world summit on food security
07:10:50a Shelbyville man charged in death of girlfriend's child
07:10:56a Turkey outlines reform plan to expand Kurdish rights
07:11:01a Toddler Found Wandering, Mom Says She Was Napping
07:11:06a Teacher accused of hitting student will avoid trial
07:11:12a Five killed in train derailment in India
07:11:17a S. Korea calmly responses to DPRK's latest warning
07:11:22a Assad criticizes Israel for lacking real interest in peace talks
07:11:28a UN mission in DR Congo says no more logistical support suspensions
07:11:33a Cambodia not intend to expel more Thai diplomats Cambodian official
07:11:38a DPRK should return to 6-party talks Obama
07:11:44a EU approves state guarantee for loan to Ford Romania
07:11:50a U.S. president delivers Asia policy speech in Tokyo
07:11:55a Will the Housing Agency Need a Bailout?
07:12:01a Indiana builders changing course
07:12:06a Germany to send more combat troops to Afghanistan
07:12:11a Obama starts Asia tour
07:12:17a Six-party talks best framework for peaceful resolution on nuclear issue Obama
07:12:22a Iraq's Unspeakable Crime Mothers Pimping Daughters
07:12:28a Lucas Oil Stadium food venues hit with 373 violations
07:12:33a Pakistan rejects newspaper report on Pakistan-China nuclear cooperation
07:12:39a U.S. commitment to Asia's security unshakable Obama
07:12:44a Ombudsman to shed light on child welfare
07:12:50a Algeria sentences head of Qaida to death
07:12:56a Climate change to be key topic for EU-Russian summit
07:13:01a Football or hoops, siblings root for different teams
07:13:06a Bomb hits US base in Afghan capital
07:13:12a Pakistan asks U.S. to consider its concerns
07:13:17a 5 Indy-area bands still in spotlight
07:13:22a Buildings OK'd at Purdue, IUPUI
07:13:28a By-election relief for British PM as general poll looms
07:13:33a Obama decision on Afghanistan troops is expected soon
07:13:39a Indy's rush hour broken up by water-main break
07:13:44a China slams EU for execution criticism
07:13:55a India asks world community to act in concert to end terrorism
07:14:01a Budget cutbacks force 33 of Indiana's state workers from their jobs
07:14:14a Eurozone emerges from recession in Q3 data
07:14:50a Obama Offers Myanmar Better Ties If It Reforms
07:14:55a Christina Aguilera prefers working late night
07:15:01a Weird, wacky world records tumble all around the globe
07:15:06a Turkey in talks over Iran uranium
07:15:12a Obama orders review of possible Ft. Hood signs
07:15:24a Gitmo 9/11 suspects heading to N.Y. trial
07:15:35a Great Dane from San Diego is named world's tallest dog
07:15:49a Greenpeace demands U.S. action on deforestation
07:15:55a 6 aid agencies suspend work in east Chad, the U.N. says
07:16:20a Remote Area Medical waiting lines temporarily evacuated after gunshots fired nearby
07:16:25a U.S. 8th-grader suspended for wild Bengals haircut
07:16:30a Rwandan plane crashes at airport, kills one person
07:16:36a Obama wants comprehensive review of Ft Hood massacre
07:16:41a Al-Qaida head sentenced to death in Algeria
07:16:47a TSSAA playoffs move to quarterfinal round
07:16:52a U.S., Japan to cooperate on non-proliferation
07:17:00a U.S. seeks to seize properties linked to Iran
07:17:08a Clinton considers plans for school
07:17:13a Kristen Stewart dating co-star Robert Pattinson
07:17:25a Pair of Anderson Co. residents arrested on numerous counts of sexual child abuse
07:17:34a Colombia, Ecuador re-establish ties official
07:17:41a Restoration of blues legend's birthplace eyed
07:17:47a Palestinian killed by troops on Gaza border
07:17:52a Fort Hood suspect may be paralyzed defense lawyer
07:18:00a Obama meets with Japanese emperor, empress over lunch+
07:18:21a Judge Fight blight with civil lawsuits
07:20:13a Homes to be sold to cover owed taxes
07:20:21a Gas prices in Anchorage
07:20:42a Wall Collapse Injures Students In South Carolina
07:20:47a Schools plagued by vandalism
07:20:53a Childers comes under fire
07:21:15a Local Diner Makes Playboy's Best List
07:21:30a Burger King In Royal Battle
07:21:48a Raymond park to get scoreboards or sidewalks but not both
07:22:02a Synagro figure gets five years in prison
07:22:08a Therapeutic feeding
07:22:14a I am unicorn, destroyer of ponies
07:22:19a Library Books Returned After 51 Years
07:22:34a WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK What time is it?
07:22:40a Suspect in slaying also accused in shooting
07:22:45a Pupils' cultural video wins top Panasonic prize
07:22:50a DVD sales drop
07:22:55a Your genome sequence that'll be
07:23:03a HD Deals Rebate On Best Buy Purchases
07:23:14a "Green Caviar" to Enter Fish Market
07:23:20a Laker Pau Gasol Shines On 'CSI Miami'
07:23:26a Women Clergy What the Bible Says About Female Ministers
07:23:31a Dominoes Record Set In Netherlands
07:23:36a Chicago Car Ticketed 42 Times
07:23:42a Chopper's emergency landing
07:23:47a Kansas Trucker Wins Big Powerball Jackpot
07:23:52a Bawumia, Hodari-Okae sworn in as ambassadors
07:23:58a Combined Passive and Active Microrheology Study of Protein-Layer Formation at an Air?Water Interface
07:24:03a Sony?s Thom Dohner on new eco-friendly DVD packaging
07:24:09a Blast near US base in Kabul wounds nine Nato soldiers
07:24:14a Heavy snow storms in north
07:24:19a Orgy the game from 1967
07:24:24a Barrow seeks recount of mayoral election
07:24:30a Japan Faces Fear of New Downturn
07:24:35a China-US trade war unlikely
07:24:40a 'US taking number of steps to stop spread of nuclear weapons'
07:24:46a SM300 on 'Real Bond' Nato
07:24:51a Next-conference of foreign-speaking Armenian writers due in Moscow in 2011
07:24:56a Story Saturday
07:25:02a Friday Photo Beauties and the Beasts
07:25:07a Note to Digital Pack Rats DiamonDisc Archive DVDs May Outlast Man
07:25:12a U.S. warns N. Korea not to raise tension State Dept.
07:25:18a Best Buy Opens 24-Hr. NYC Union Sq. Store
07:25:23a Tendulkar a true ambassador of the game Ex-Pak cricketers
07:25:40a Afghan Taliban Tests German Troops
07:25:59a Why paying top dollar for a personal genome sequence is a waste of money
07:26:10a How Does The Pancreas In An Embryo ?Know? Which Cells Are To Produce Insulin?
07:26:17a Deciding to Thong or Not to Thong
07:26:22a B&W Zeppelin Mini Speakers for iPod
07:26:28a Unveiling former spies#039;s identity may harm ČR
07:26:33a Festive Fletcher homecoming parade
07:26:50a ODS to present vision of Czech society until 2020
07:26:55a Poll Two-thirds regard Velvet Revolution important
07:27:00a Poll Most Czechs happy about Obama#039;s election
07:27:06a Resolutions on Defamation of Religions Do Not Belong at United Nations, Organizations Say
07:27:11a Police deal with troopers smoking hashish
07:27:16a Former U.S. ambassador to China James Lilley died
07:27:22a Sociologist Wages of women in managment positions lower than men#039;s
07:27:27a Czech police accused of killing Vietnamese on duty
07:27:33a Ústí region publishes guidelines on tackling extremism
07:27:43a National Memory project to collect people#039;s testimonies
07:27:49a Brown to ask Nato countries to commit 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan
07:27:54a Police plan crackdown on extremists on 17 November
07:28:01a Czech humanitarian group to build hospital in devastated Gaza
07:28:18a Iraq Donors must step up to the plate to ensure stability, says Ban Ki-moon
07:28:40a Leaders urged to join National Dialogue Forum
07:28:45a Staples Coach Petroccio Calls In On Win Over Trumbull
07:28:50a Joe & John's Discount FNF 100 % Free
07:28:56a Pete Lamoureux Of WCCC Calls In
07:29:01a Extremist party calls dissolution proposal expedient
07:29:06a Mesa spruces up Hohokam site, plans tours
07:29:12a Residents trash Q.C. garbage pickup plan
07:29:17a Secondary school in Cheb closed over flu
07:29:27a Three Defence Ministry employees detained over child porn
07:29:32a Study Roma#039;s situation not improved after revolution
07:29:37a Brooke Uses Strong Second Half to Outlast Princeton
07:29:43a Public shaping Chandler Museum plans
07:29:48a Berlin Junior Breaking Records With Season To Go
07:29:53a Press ČSSD leaders face criticism for EU commissioner deal
07:30:15a Chopper, K-9 Help Nab Robbery Suspect
07:30:38a Crisis worsens human rights implementation
07:30:44a Hillary praises India's electronic voting machine
07:30:49a Shell welcomes lifting of price controls
07:30:55a Alleged robber shot dead by police in Quezon City
07:31:00a Green MPs Czech soldiers to be in Afghanistan by year#039;s end only
07:31:06a Ilaiyaraaja Cancels Paa Music Release
07:31:11a EU events require restrictions in Prague Congress Centre
07:31:16a Wounded woman who set convicted husband free not in life danger
07:31:21a Surprise grants boost Mesa arts groups
07:31:33a Obama asks Myanmar to free Suu Kyi, political prisoners
07:31:39a New guidelines issued for Boracay, Guimaras ferries
07:31:54a Mindanao brownouts may end within the day
07:32:28a Jackson Sets Magnolia Rushing Record
07:32:57a Fort Hood accused had Pak links
07:33:02a Italy Devil forces rockstar monk to quit
07:34:15a Asia-Pacific leaders open annual talks
07:34:57a 250,000 Australian homes at climate risk—report
07:35:38a Rees gets power to pick front bench
07:36:05a Six aid groups suspend work in Chad after killing
07:36:10a Marijuana Moves Into the Open in a Ski Town
07:36:50a Viking saga 'humiliating'
07:36:56a President's Top Lawyer Is Leaving White House
07:37:35a Fire Reported At UConn Dorm
07:37:55a Nine killed as speeding train derails in India
07:38:30a Russian men sell body to kabab vendor
07:38:43a Everyday Heroes Girl gives up birthday for others
07:38:53a Chinese obsessive on issues of territory
07:39:19a White House Plan on Immigration Includes Legal Status
07:39:24a Lawmaker Hasan had overseas ties
07:39:30a Are TriMet bus drivers putting your safety at risk?
07:39:35a Fire in South Korea shooting range kills nine report
07:39:41a Health Minister 200,000 A vaccine doses for high-risk group
07:39:46a Washington men's basketball opens season with victory
07:40:05a US lawmaker gets 13 years for bribery
07:40:10a Khairy to Azmin 'Explain yourself'
07:40:15a Washington State begins Ken Bone era with easy victory
07:40:21a Nov. 13-Leger's Restaurant Report Card
07:40:26a Militants turn on spy agency in Pakistan
07:40:35a 4A football Auburn rallies to beat M-P, 25-22
07:40:46a 9/11 trial to be held in NYC
07:40:53a Obama wants to engage Asia more
07:40:58a Arizona faces Seattle, looks to reverse home woes
07:41:43a Recount set for Superior Court race
07:41:48a Thomas' 30 points leads No. 14 UW in opener
07:42:37a Indian trail derailed, six dead, 19 injured
07:43:30a Glasgow Smiles Better for Brown
07:43:52a Fire in South Korea shooting range kills nine report
07:43:57a The business of climate A look to technology
07:44:24a Sleeping boy attacked in Sydney home police
07:44:35a Library floats offer to keep Learn to Read going/title
07:44:40a NBA Sacramento 109, Houston 100
07:45:02a First-time homebuyers driving recovery
07:45:33a Sixth family member arrested in sex case
07:45:41a NBA Denver 105, LA Lakers 79
07:46:14a Ethiopia rebels claim massive counter-offensive
07:46:26a Zander finishes third at Class 3A state swim meet
07:46:50a No, Korea demands apology for sea fight
07:47:22a Israelis kill one Palestinian in Gaza
07:47:30a COL BKB Georgetown 74, Tulane 58
07:47:35a Billboard companies allow slam against God
07:47:55a 'The moon is alive,' NASA says after water discovery
07:48:01a 911 Tapes Released In SJPD Shooting Death
07:48:30a Speedflatmating
07:48:43a Longtime conservative talk show host gets booted
07:48:51a 9/11 memorial dedicated in Israel
07:49:02a Misery for Mishawaka; Joy for Jimtown in HS football Regionals
07:49:08a America's newest weapon Chuck Norris' writings?
07:49:19a CAIR boasts of influenceon media after Fort Hood
07:49:51a State tries to deny homeschoolers vaccinations
07:49:57a For swine flu, Serbians turn to garlic
07:50:16a Drumbeat for Aluko as Writers Celebrate His 50 Years of Writing
07:50:21a Obam
07:50:27a Obama cements ties with Asia Pacific
07:50:32a Napoleon's hair sent to UK museum
07:50:39a Legislator in Twitter trouble over 9/11 language
07:50:58a Mr Obama goes to visit his creditors
07:51:03a Militants attack Pakistan spy agency
07:51:10a Shoot-to-kill not goverment policy Zuma
07:51:15a NASA's LCROSS confirms presence of water in lunar crater
07:51:20a Two Teens Arrested in SJ Stabbing Death
07:51:29a Russian hedging bets on Iran's nukes
07:51:34a Run to the semis
07:51:39a Recession 'cuts down' carbon dioxide emissions
07:51:45a More Rich People Return To Spending Mood
07:51:51a Menlo Park Girl Dies After Car Crash
07:51:59a 'Political correctness caused Fort Hood terror attack'
07:52:04a 2 Arrested In Stabbing Of San Jose Teen
07:52:10a Oakland Club Promotes Plus-Sized Ladies Night
07:52:15a Obama Carries a Message to Asia
07:52:20a Mukasey Obama refusing 'to face facts' of war on terror
07:52:26a NTPC sale to fetch 1.8 billion dollars Disinvestment Secretary
07:52:32a No way of choosing UID numbers Nilekani
07:52:53a Suntory purchases Orangina from Lion Capital, Blackstone
07:52:58a Video game, console sales plummet 19% in October; 2009 decline seen
07:53:04a Koda tries everything to evade IT interrogations
07:53:09a Taipei home-price may rise 15% analyst
07:53:15a Green shoots, but recovery slow study
07:53:20a Gold may rise on U.S. dollar, central-bank speculation poll
07:53:25a More than 5,000 millionaires seek HK residency
07:53:31a Extrasolar planet confirmed to have highly tilted orbit
07:53:36a Intel, AMD settle; probe continues
07:53:42a Europe may send 5,000 troops to Afghanistan
07:53:47a Auto leasing returns as U.S. used-car prices rebound
07:53:52a U.S. banks asked to save gov't guarantor from insolvency
07:53:58a President Yudhoyono, John Key have bilateral talks
07:54:03a Thoughtfulness helps ease tiffs between couples
07:54:09a AMD to introduce test versions of chips in 2010
07:54:15a Fire at Russia munitions depot kills 2
07:54:27a Volkswagen says October sales gained 11.1 percent
07:54:39a Abducted RJD MLA released by Maoists
07:54:44a Iberia reports third quarter loss of US24.5 million
07:54:50a Paris Rafa storms past Tsonga, enters semis
07:54:55a Daimler sees 'possibility' of overtaking BMW in U.S.
07:55:01a Crude oil futures may decline on ample stockpiles survey
07:55:07a Playboy said in talks to sell itself to Iconix
07:55:12a GNOME 3 Delayed Until September 2010
07:55:17a China rejects US28 bil. in steel, chemical projects
07:55:23a Experts push for high tech capital center
07:55:28a ANC owes Chicco cash for song
07:55:33a Fees banned on debit-card, ATM transactions
07:55:39a U.S. deficit sets Oct. record of US176.4 bil.
07:55:44a Japan Airlines posts US1.5 bil. first-half loss
07:55:50a Dollar weaker against yen, euro on concern about recovery
07:55:55a Mortgage interest rate levels keep downward trend
07:56:01a Shanghai plans to pay millions to make way for Disney media
07:56:06a Richemont hit by luxury goods slump
07:56:12a Investors clamor for Dollar General
07:56:17a U.S. trade deficit widens more than expected
07:56:22a Porsche has pretax loss on Volkswagen option costs
07:56:28a Ford workers give thumbs down on concessions
07:56:34a Lavish remnants of Madoff estate hit the auction block
07:56:39a South Korea NPS to seal US1.3 bil. HSBC HQ deal
07:56:45a Asia mixed on investor uncertainty
07:56:50a Peugeot says it needs to eliminate 6,000 jobs
07:56:55a China bubble, U.S. dollar top 2010 risks, BofA says
07:57:01a Gold heads for second weekly gain as weaker dollar spurs more demand
07:57:06a Coca-Cola to invest US5.8 billion in Brazil
07:57:11a Crude oil rebounds while US weakens
07:57:17a Stocks climb on earnings reports
07:57:22a Dollar decline too powerful for Brazil, Korea as reserves mount
07:57:27a LCD TV sales to maintain double-digit growth in Q4
07:57:33a Buffett and Gates tell students worst of recession is behind us
07:57:39a Roubini forecasts 'minimal' gains for China's yuan
07:57:44a Disney CEO hints at successor amid an upbeat fourth quarter
07:57:49a Singapore signs 12th tax deal, joins OECD white list
07:58:11a Computer programmers accused
07:58:16a Twitter's users fell 7.9% in October ComScore
07:58:22a Not much U.S. can do on dollar value World Bank president
07:58:27a Mamaroneck snapshot snapshot
07:58:32a Wealthy buying again, others still scrimping
07:58:37a Oystermen protest possible ban
07:58:43a Right-wing maneuvers to prevent Zelaya's restoration
07:58:49a Computer programmers accused of aiding Madoff scam programmers accused of aiding Madoff scam
07:58:54a Job loss slows, but still no job creation
07:58:59a Orangetown snapshot snapshot
07:59:21a Madoff's spoils go on auction block
08:00:31a Report U.S. won't pressure Israel, PA to renew peace talks
08:00:39a Barack Obama on the 'one thing' that has annoyed him since becoming president
08:00:45a Obama says US will join Asian free-trade area
08:00:50a Organizing the unorganized & low-wage workers
08:00:56a Obama speech on Asia well-received in region
08:01:06a India's electronic voting machines impresses Clinton
08:01:18a Obama, Hu climate talk could spur Copenhagen
08:01:37a After Saying that Freud Explains Lula Now Wants Inquiry on Brazil's Blackout
08:01:43a When Was Obama Last in Afghanistan?
08:01:50a Obama Tops Forbes' 'world Power List' P
08:02:41a Climate report sparks call to action
08:02:46a US will not be 'cowed' by North Korea Obama
08:02:52a 'Phantom voter' suspects are rounded up in Kinmen
08:03:22a Dell Will Introduce a Smartphone
08:03:28a Government organizes team to screen imported U.S. beef
08:03:33a Former Cultural Affairs head probed for corruption
08:03:48a US gives boost to Pacific free-trade ambitions
08:03:54a Schools should nurture talent on demand MOE
08:03:59a Flights between Taipei and UK raised to ten per week
08:04:07a Lawmakers support Nan Shan workers
08:04:21a Clinton lauds RP for disarmament stand
08:04:26a New green energy material found
08:04:31a Arsonist's mother apologizes, raises concerns
08:04:37a AmCham-China Welcomes Obama's Support on Economic Issues in China
08:04:42a Police nab burglar ring targeting Washington desis for gold
08:04:47a Manmohan-Obama meet to centre on economic ties
08:04:53a Obama in Asia but will miss APEC costume
08:04:58a Thomas scores 30, Huskies hold on
08:05:03a Top Deaflympics organizer to lead the CCA
08:05:09a Presidential residence guard discharged after DUI incident
08:05:15a Obama pushes for greater involvement in Asia
08:05:20a Lien Chan to meet Hu Jintao Saturday on APEC sidelines
08:05:26a US not seeking to 'contain' China Obama
08:05:31a Farmers brace for lackluster Christmas season
08:05:36a Motorists warned of wet conditions
08:05:41a Swiss Say Google's Street View Is Too Revealing
08:05:47a Walsh seeks female ordination debate
08:05:52a Utilise vacations to develop loving family ties
08:05:57a Runaway Jury as Seen Through a Criminological Perspective
08:06:02a Taipei Artist Village to hold open studio events
08:06:08a KMT denies committee vote schemes
08:06:13a Update Wedding goes wild as guests throw punches
08:06:18a ROC to showcase 'soft power' in centennial celebrations Ma
08:06:24a Mentally ill Dali man kills father, injures brother, self
08:06:29a Police chief leaving to fly helicopters
08:06:34a MRT expansion to Keelung imperative VP
08:06:40a Teen charged in mayor assault case
08:06:45a Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?
08:06:50a Tacoma's KUPS-FM wins MTVu Woodie Award
08:06:56a Ex-Representative Jefferson's Freezer Burn
08:07:01a Kaohsiung County demands inspection of all waste dumps
08:07:13a FSC insists on equality in financial MOU with China
08:07:20a Pakistan PM ask officials to investigate causes of Huma Akram's death
08:07:25a Taipei has 335 listed mentally disabled patients on the loose
08:07:31a Search to resume for Cork student
08:07:42a Another Linux device company acquired
08:08:04a Product Review MSI WIND Top AE 1900
08:08:09a School district fires Head Start director
08:08:14a Struggling couples should talk in counseling sessions to make it work
08:08:27a Etiquette for Twits
08:08:32a 13 Sudden Link Sports Zone Week Twelve, Part Three
08:08:48a Fire in South Korea Shooting Range Kills 10 Report
08:08:53a Obama also said he would not waver from raising human rights issues with China
08:09:03a GOP women handicap Perry-Hutchison race
08:09:08a Qinghai Lake China's largest inland lake
08:09:18a Severe storms claim more lives
08:09:44a Balloon boy's parents face Christmas in jail
08:10:12a How to Manage Your Computer Files
08:10:17a LEAD 3 injured in fire at U.S. military's Atsugi base+
08:10:25a Ex-soldier gets tattoos of dead
08:10:32a Digg Trends Go Live
08:10:41a Jefferson Gets 13 Years in Freezer Cash Case
08:10:47a 13 Sudden Link Sports Zone Week Twelve, Part One
08:10:52a Salvation Army Rings in the Holiday Season
08:10:58a LEAD 9 including 7 Japanese die in fire at S. Korea shooting range+
08:11:03a China Says 2 Dead After Swine Flu Vaccine
08:11:09a Stalking Saabs That Soared
08:11:14a Youngest World Series of Poker champion
08:11:20a Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010 crowned
08:11:36a 3RD LD 10 including 7 Japanese die in fire at S. Korea shooting range+
08:11:59a 9 killed including Japanese in fire at S. Korea shooting range YTN+
08:12:08a Indian train crash kills nine
08:12:14a Abu Dhabi court orders freeze on Saad assets
08:12:20a Indian train derailment kills at least 9
08:12:25a 2ND LD 9 including 7 Japanese die in fire at S. Korea shooting range+
08:12:31a Volvo Safety, 2011 Style It Brakes for Walkers
08:12:36a Sarah Palin's book goes rogue on facts
08:12:42a The Cloak of Invisibility Comes Off
08:13:06a Energy-saving by households beneficial+
08:13:46a Galaxy headed to MLS Cup after 2-0 win over Dynamo
08:14:00a New Side-Impact Test to Be Added
08:14:10a N. Idaho woman to get rare stem cell transplant
08:14:42a Khairy asks Azmin to explain RM8m shares purchase
08:14:47a Better counting method used
08:15:30a Jamboree brings gospel music players together
08:16:01a Ousted former Thai PM Thaksin leaves Cambodia
08:16:06a Cortlandt man displays steampunk gear man displays steampunk gear
08:16:11a Despite slump, don#x2019;t count Giants out yet slump+, don’+;t count Giants out yet
08:16:22a Kuwait's money supply growth accelerates to 15.7%
08:16:28a Rooney set to captain England in place of injured Terry
08:16:57a Heidi, Spencer plan 'to adopt African tot'
08:17:10a State investigates Yonkers Raceway tellers investigates Yonkers Raceway tellers
08:17:19a It's a bite of forbidden fruit
08:17:31a College class offers new skills to old business
08:17:45a Health plan for RNC staff no longer to cover abortion
08:18:26a Obama US won't 'be cowed' by North Korea
08:18:31a No Scars, No Story, No Life
08:18:37a Immigration on White House agenda
08:18:42a NYC trial for 9/11 suspects poses risks
08:19:00a Ohio executions back on with 1-drug method
08:19:06a Hydrologic techs monitor river speeds and levels
08:19:11a High school students build boat for teacher
08:19:41a 'Oba Mao' is hot in China
08:19:46a Water found on the moon has scientists bubbling over
08:19:52a Death toll in Pakistan bombing up to 17 official
08:19:57a NBA-Hornets guard Paul injures ankle, to miss game
08:20:03a APEC leaders row back on 2050 emissions cut target
08:20:08a 13 years for freezer-cash congressman
08:20:22a Another bad Flash flaw is revealed
08:20:28a Drug lord on 'power' list irks Mexicans
08:20:44a Obama affirms renewed U.S. interest in Asia
08:21:03a Upload Your November Snow Pictures
08:21:09a Alcoholic drinks with caffeine are under fire
08:21:19a Fort Hood gunman contacted Pakistan, lawmaker says
08:21:24a Springsteen ageless at The Palace - despite Ohio gaffe
08:21:30a Madoff employees arrested
08:21:35a Ohio looks to new execution drug
08:21:40a Police`s image being tested by public chief
08:21:46a Al Jazeera has 141m viewers in Arab world
08:21:51a Tension growing ahead of Egypt-Algeria encounter
08:21:57a Conference of Arab Parties Honors Arab Prisoners in Israeli Jails
08:22:02a Qatar to increase LNG supplies to China
08:22:08a UK to investigate Iraq torture claims
08:22:13a Tensions run high before Egypt v Algeria qualifier
08:22:19a From Cameroon to France, Egypt to Portugal, do it for Enke and his kind
08:22:24a Bahrain coach plays it cool under pressure
08:22:30a Doha- Carlos Garcia wins speed class
08:22:35a Police identify owner of wrecked Bugatti
08:22:41a Call girls in CHANDIGARH
08:22:46a Isreal is not serious to resume peace talks
08:22:52a Police rescue three kidnap victims, arrest Indonesian suspects
08:22:58a Egypt football fans attack Algeria team bus
08:23:03a Minister asks PT Pindad to produce mily hardware for TNI
08:23:29a Saudis 'renew Yemen bombing'
08:23:35a SA wants Africa's permanent representation on UN Security Council
08:23:40a Sena drapes saree to cover up Kareena's bare back
08:23:45a Jordan to mark King Hussein's birthday
08:23:51a Two units of umbilical cord blood 'reduce leukemia recurrence risk'
08:23:57a Climate Change Boosts Need for Policies to Support African Farmers
08:24:02a Call girl in CHANDIGARH
08:24:08a South Africa v England
08:24:13a Zambia KCM Says Workers Unrest Eases, To Resume Labor Talks
08:24:19a J'khand polls canvassing Cong brings out big guns
08:24:24a It's official Cell phones affect your brain
08:24:30a Arab, Muslim intellectuals call for greater awareness on Jerusalem
08:24:35a Violence overshadows 2010 qualifier between Egypt and bitter rival Algeria
08:24:41a RI, NZ to step up bilateral relations
08:24:46a Italy bidding for EU seat on UN Security Council
08:24:52a Worst Science Article of the Week io9s Unspeakable Genetic Error
08:24:57a Chinese nationals targeted in Angola
08:25:03a Wayne Rooney ready to lead England from front in absence of John Terry
08:25:08a Jamaica's tourism scores big in London
08:25:14a Good news! NASA says world won’t end in 2012
08:25:19a England midfielder Frank Lampard out for 3 weeks
08:25:25a The Real Story Behind Britain's Rock 'N' Roll Pirates
08:25:30a Short walk, epic journey from Ground Zero to 9/11 trial
08:25:35a Allied Bank raises P3.5 B from certificates of deposit
08:25:41a From Africa To Austin With Toubab Krewe
08:25:46a Central bank economy developing in line with our forecast
08:25:52a Saudis 'evacuated' from villages
08:25:57a Scientists zero in on one key for living to 100
08:26:03a Banks seek shareholder approval for NAMA
08:26:08a Wellness International Network Celebrates 15th Year in Holland
08:26:14a Eoin Morgan stars before rain aids England
08:26:19a Palestinian Firefighters to Train in North West England
08:26:25a British Parliament advocates improving diplomatic relations with Cuba
08:26:30a Young 'Born Frees' Have Issues With Politicians
08:26:36a Relegation Fears Creeps Into Bottom Placed Teams On Zimbabwe's Premier League Log
08:26:41a Obama, Manmohan on World's Most Powerful list
08:26:47a Juventus, AC Milan eye struggling Man U ace Nani
08:26:53a Council Of Europe Head 'Very Concerned' About Human Rights In Azerbaijan
08:26:58a 2 killed in Russian military arsenal blast
08:27:03a Asia-Pacific summit seeks more US engagement
08:27:09a Obama Calls for New Era in Trans-Pacific Relations states
08:27:14a Government to open new sectors to foreign investment
08:27:19a Hu's four-point plan for global recovery
08:27:25a Botswana pushes for fresh elections in Zimbabwe
08:27:30a Great Wall stands in Malaysia's path
08:27:36a Parents in US 'balloon boy' hoax plead guilty
08:27:41a HSBC London Headquarters Change Hands For GBP 772.5 Mln
08:27:46a Pakistani buys 106.5 bln rupees of govt paper
08:27:52a Why banks are still leery to lend
08:27:57a Use 'thoughtful words' while fighting with partner to stay fit
08:28:02a Drogba currently the world's best player
08:28:07a 9/11 plotters face death penalty in trial near 'Ground Zero'
08:28:13a France upset South Africa
08:28:18a Oireachtas committees urge EU to play more active role in Middle East
08:28:23a Les Scadding, Jedward and Sally Bercow
08:28:29a Brazil England v Qatar in World Cup will be harder
08:28:34a Woodmen of the World suing U.S. Bank
08:28:40a British Airways and Iberia try to pool resources with merger
08:28:45a South Africa v England photos
08:28:51a SA edged out by England
08:28:57a Dangerous Days for Video Games
08:29:02a Colorado Balloon boy's parents plead guilty
08:29:08a World's largest cruise ship arrives in Florida
08:29:14a Clint Eastwood lands France's prestigious Legion of Honour
08:29:19a Judgement day looming for England
08:29:25a Pakistan clinches T20 series aganist Kiwis
08:29:30a UK probes new Iraq abuse claims
08:29:36a Elections How Serious Was Vote Tampering
08:29:41a EU seals political, trade deal with Iraq
08:29:47a Montesin at the double for Qatar
08:29:52a England beat South Africa in Johannesburg Twenty20
08:29:58a Royal Navy crew watched couple being kidnapped by pirates
08:30:04a Europe may send 5,000 more troops to Afghanistan, British leader says
08:30:09a Private 'police' provoke concern
08:30:15a On Friday the 13th You Can Watch the '2012' End of the World
08:30:20a Calorie counts used as basis of diet plans may be wrong
08:30:26a Banditry Jeopardizing Humanitarian Work in Eastern Region, Warns UN
08:30:32a Tired Tevez may hang up his boots after 2010 World Cup
08:30:37a MoD vessel 'watched yacht hijack'
08:30:42a Did Britain collude with US in abuse of Iraqis
08:30:48a Britain the economic 'sick man of Europe'
08:30:53a Abercrombie boosting international plans
08:30:59a Saudi's King Abdullah among 'world's most powerful people'
08:31:04a France 20-13 South Africa
08:31:09a Keep Uganda's economy out of Gaddafi's hands now!
08:31:15a Hillary 'fans and fanatics' greet Clinton in Manila
08:31:20a Nandan Nilekani to help Bihar improve e-governance
08:31:25a Resonating Feathers Produce Courtship Song In Rare Bird
08:31:31a UK Drugs Report Went Missing in Police Office
08:31:36a Earnings reports raise stocks
08:31:41a Toyota to make larger Prius
08:31:47a Orissa policemen booked for beating old man to death
08:31:52a 40-year-old kills parents, wife in Tripura
08:31:57a Mexico to drop photo of Madrid mayor's air-kiss from anti-flu ad
08:32:03a Saab closes 37 percent of its U.S. dealerships
08:32:08a Albania's Michael Jackson mosaic enters Guinness World Records
08:32:14a The madness of middle-class parents
08:32:19a Lightning Strike In Africa Helps Take Pulse Of Sun
08:32:25a Chance for England aspirants to travel beyond the fringe
08:32:31a Night owl Christina Aguilera
08:32:36a merupakan tempat belanja bed cover dan sprei secara online. ...
08:32:42a Vedanta Resources' Zambia unit workers call off strike
08:32:47a Predator Beetle To Battle Hemlock Pest
08:32:52a IPC Section 300's highlight Devaraj
08:32:58a Barclays Capital announces new executive appointment
08:33:03a Donors Backtracking on Funding Aids Treatment
08:33:08a British pair first to row across the Pacific
08:33:14a Earth formed from meteoritic material, say scientists
08:33:19a Troop Morale Is Down in Afghanistan, but Improved in Iraq
08:33:25a Scotland powered by patriotic flim-flam
08:33:30a Botswana's Khama Blames ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe Crisis, Raises Ballot Option
08:33:35a Behind Congo rebel lines
08:33:41a Britain Will Send More Troops to Afghanistan
08:33:47a President Barzani Meets Solana, Briefs EU Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee
08:33:52a Bollywood actors say 'Kurbaan' has global terrorism theme
08:34:58a Lahore High Court issues notice to Musharraf, others
08:35:51a NWFP urges Army to target fleeing terrorists
08:35:56a Bulls post competitive total
08:36:01a Liam Gallagher plans return
08:36:07a Militant 'monster' kills ten in Pakistan spy agency blast
08:36:14a Movie Edit Pro is easy way to import video
08:36:31a Aitzaz will be attorney general, hope Presidency, PM House
08:36:38a 'China gave Pakistan uranium for nukes'
08:36:53a Eight killed in road accident in northern Philippines
08:36:59a New look, energy for Community Dance Fest
08:37:09a Pakistan to hike power, gas tariffs on IMF demand
08:37:15a Sri Lanka politician blasts government for inviting ruthless Myanmar dictator Than Shwe
08:37:20a TRG storm Falcon house after gun shots
08:37:26a Thaksin leaves Cambodia after controversial visit
08:37:31a Mega angling competition held in Meghalaya
08:37:36a Scientists discover a new type of star
08:37:42a Buenos Aires okays first gay marriage in Catholic-rich Latin America
08:37:48a Obama may visit Kabul during Asian tour
08:37:53a British PM says 5,000 more NATO troops may be deployed in Afghanistan
08:37:58a Selangor appoints Anwar as adviser for RM1 a month
08:38:04a NASA's LCROSS confirms presence of water in lunar crater
08:38:09a McChrystal aides condemn envoys
08:38:14a Age When Dogs Understand Human Pointing Determined
08:38:20a Germany to send more troops to Afghanistan after US pressure
08:38:25a Burmese cats return to their homeland — thanks to Harrods and Wong How Man
08:38:31a A Nobel Prize for Political Science
08:38:36a NZ pipped by Pakistan
08:38:41a Healthcare Victory Tempered by Afghan Troop Surge Planning
08:38:47a Japan aid pledge for Afghanistan return to checkbook diplomacy
08:38:52a Australia rejects call for more troops
08:38:58a Troop morale down in Afghanistan
08:39:03a Terrorists set sights on Pakistan schools
08:39:09a Taiwan LCD markers Chi Mei, Innolux to merge
08:39:14a Offended! This was not for general audiences
08:39:20a Protect us from pirated products
08:39:25a People protest against abduction of Government official in Imphal
08:39:30a Bill to establish PBS to be tabled in parliament
08:39:36a * Taiwan, Singapore discuss cooperation ahead of summit
08:39:41a Name of soldier killed in Afghanistan added to BYU memorial
08:39:47a Case Dropped in Ex-Russian Agent Poisoning
08:39:52a Nadal sets up Djokovic semi
08:39:57a US trade deficit hits billion in September
08:40:02a Umer Akmal's fifty lifts Pakistan to 153-5
08:40:08a Shooting suspect deemed not competent to stand trial
08:40:13a Russia Wants Renault to Fix Lada
08:40:18a First snow
08:40:24a Jehovah's Witnesses write to Medvedev, tell him they are persecuted like in Soviet times
08:40:29a Int'l Children's Film Festival to begin in Vienna
08:40:35a Sailing the Caribbean, the Frugal Way
08:40:40a China's growing global role underlies tensions ahead of Obama's visit
08:40:46a Shields and Brooks Gauge 9/11 Trials, Afghan Troop Decision
08:40:51a Burger King to Open First Russian Outlet in 2009
08:40:56a Oceanic Viking ordeal 'humiliating'
08:41:02a Drunk Russian survives five-storey fall twice!
08:41:07a Holbrooke leaves for Russia
08:41:18a Minnick defends voting record during visit
08:41:24a Barrackpore honours TT players
08:41:29a Investors Cut Back US Stocks, Seeking Bigger Growth Abroad
08:41:35a Wall collapses at football game; 12 taken to hospital
08:41:40a Activist's Narita sit-in enters day 10
08:41:46a Health care costs bankrupted Oswego family care costs bankrupted Oswego family
08:41:51a Google to face Swiss court over 'Street View'
08:41:57a Victims of storms in Philippines need psychological help
08:42:02a Canada pressured Afghan leader to curtail corruption
08:42:07a Hopefully meeting will provide solution for MCA
08:42:12a 'Double-dip' market as house prices drop
08:42:18a Open Letter to Trinidad and Tobago PM on Gambia
08:42:23a We'll make Malaysia a better place
08:42:29a Pubs Launch Christmas Vouchers To Boost Sales
08:42:34a Nadal ends Tsonga's London hopes
08:42:39a Citi heats up, Palm extends gains in late session
08:42:45a Comelec goes hi-tech in poll info drive
08:42:50a A humane passport system
08:42:56a Asian carp to be poisoned in Illinois
08:43:01a EP growers' new storage options
08:43:07a In Japan, Obama says U.S. will be a major player in Asia
08:43:12a Dunstan off to perfect start
08:43:18a FAA is taking a look in mirror
08:43:23a Kawasaki wins gold in 20-km walk
08:43:28a County revisits limits on noise
08:43:33a Are you Poroud to be a Pirate?
08:43:39a Not guilty plead; lay judges convict
08:43:44a Obama treats U.S. healthcare
08:43:50a Microsoft Says Open-Source Code Lifted for Windows 7 Tool
08:43:55a Straub quits as city public-safety chief quits as city public-safety chief
08:44:00a US Congressmen assure Pakistan to expedite legislation for FTA
08:44:06a Too clever by half
08:44:11a Richfield company's chief is aiming for global growth
08:44:16a Terra Nova Financial Group, Inc. Announces Third Quarter Earnings
08:44:22a Beautician Turns High Court Barrister
08:44:27a Leonard bursts into lead over Rose at Walt Disney Classic
08:44:32a ICBC, UMPay and American Express Launch China's First Dual-currency, Mobile Payment Credit Card
08:44:37a Guide Adi in the right direction
08:44:43a Eye association estimates cost of diseases
08:44:48a MarketWatch's Top Stories Of The Week, Nov. 9-13
08:44:53a Twenty-three reported dead as RP communists, security forces clash
08:44:59a Longtime Spire credit union CEO Gisler quits
08:45:04a Kevin Streelman wins million Kodak Challenge bonus
08:45:09a Earnings growth elusive but outlooks brighten
08:45:15a Russia goes all out to develop nuclear-powered spacecraft
08:45:20a Harrington last seen hitchhiking
08:45:25a GM repays aid to Germany
08:45:31a Russians wary of Slovenia
08:45:36a EU and Russia near ‘early warning’ gas pact
08:45:41a New website is a one-stop job shop
08:45:46a Nasdaq posts 2.6% weekly gain; Juniper, Palm rise
08:45:52a Union greets merger with tough talk on Christmas strike
08:45:57a Unthinkable Fixing prices for fossil fuels
08:46:03a Unpaid interns earn their rights
08:46:08a NPA to swoop on church over sex claims
08:46:13a Fresh Harvest Products New Coverage Featured by Larry Oakley's Wall Street Corner
08:46:18a Intel Appoints Douglas Melamed as General Counsel
08:46:24a I'm no Harry Pothead
08:46:29a Drew Sharp Big Ten would love a USC-less Rose Bowl
08:46:34a Rove crowned king of the kids
08:46:39a Allah Valley watershed management pushed
08:46:44a Police seek information on robbery suspect
08:46:53a Sterling Heights Stevenson 38, Detroit Southeastern 32 Welcome to the Jungle
08:47:01a Home prices, sales to grow
08:47:06a Roadwork to be storm before calm at I-94/I-696
08:47:11a England edges Proteas in rain-hit T20
08:47:17a Nature is indeed a creepy thing
08:47:22a Catholic Campaign for Human Development in Chicago
08:47:28a Pakistan to hold fresh probe into French engineers killing
08:47:33a Post-Abbas scenario in Palestine â€' I
08:47:39a South American Silver Corp. Files Third Quarter 2009 Financial Statements
08:47:45a Allianz reinsurance strategy pays off
08:47:50a Two QinetiQ North America Employees Receive Prestigious Award From NASA
08:47:56a True accounts of pet euthanasia teach compassion
08:48:01a Obama Calls for New Era in Trans-Pacific Relations
08:48:07a Desert bones linked to German tourists
08:48:12a TACOMA Man convicted of killing girlfriend's child
08:48:17a Sweeping changes to target city's litterbugs
08:48:23a Samajwadi Party to honour Abu Azmi in Lucknow
08:48:28a Takara Acquires 437,000 Ounce Advanced Stage Gold Project in Guyana, South America
08:48:34a Justice at Ground Zero for September 11 accused
08:48:39a Ugg boots are very popular
08:48:45a Jim Jubak Has Apple blown its big chance?
08:48:50a Terror suspects arrested as part of Europe-wide swoop
08:48:56a Fire in S.Korea shooting range kills 10 report
08:49:01a Filmmakers and Drona
08:49:07a Refugee standoff in Indonesia eases
08:49:12a Box Office Report 2012, Paranormal Activity, and Precious
08:49:18a Hu proposes for reviving economy, developing relations with Indonesia, Chile, Peru
08:49:23a England win by a whisker
08:49:28a Napolitano pronounces U.S. border more secure now
08:49:34a United States Pursuing Renewed Engagement in Asia-Pacific
08:49:39a Spy charges, golf game fuel Thailand-Cambodia tensions
08:49:45a Restocker lamb prices 40pc higher than last year's
08:49:50a Eat, shop, explore Chicago's ethnic neighborhoods
08:49:55a Grande dame of jewelry passes
08:50:01a Obama Seeks to Reinforce Key Alliances on Asian Tour
08:50:06a African-American Teens' Mental Health May Be Boosted By Ethnic Pride
08:50:12a Alleged architect of 9/11 attacks to face trial in New York
08:50:17a Boris nets new role
08:50:22a Caseloads add to new budget woes
08:50:40a Dad jailed for raping daughter
08:50:45a Japanese Form Mixes Discipline and the Elemental
08:50:51a Zanu-PF, traditional leaders inseparable, says Mujuru
08:50:56a S Lanka army head told to go now
08:51:01a Japan unveils 'translation glasses'
08:51:06a Hifi Female Escorts services in CHANDIGARH MR.CAVIN-09779096
08:51:11a Madoff's Coders Charged With Aiding Massive Ponzi Scheme
08:51:17a Miyazaki, Nissan to cooperate on EV charging station network
08:51:22a Track success propels Japan to close gap with China on medals table
08:51:28a * Australia approves extradition of WWII war crime suspect
08:51:34a Airline sector gains; analyst sees better revenue
08:51:39a Embattled pool can't stay afloat
08:51:44a Steel Industry Remains Subdued
08:51:50a Renewed questions over future of Willow Grove base
08:51:55a Canada's vehicle sales climb 1.2% in September
08:52:00a Bells jingle for some retailers
08:52:06a Council puts out fireworks
08:52:11a All aboard rescued after ferry runs aground off Mie, leaves slick
08:52:16a Feature Environmental education starts early in German childhood
08:52:22a Daggers drawn over Presidium, Central Committee polls
08:52:27a Google submits revised book settlement
08:52:33a Taiwan reports new death case from A/H1N1 influenza
08:52:39a Bennett's Lawyers Can Raise Torture Charges Court
08:52:44a NHS whistleblower 'sacked for revealing dumped x-ray scans'
08:52:49a Jonathan Moyo Raising Sceptre of Racism opinion
08:52:55a Girls Aloud's uncertain future
08:53:00a Medvedev vows to end Russian protectionism
08:53:05a Crestview Hills will ask for smoking ban
08:53:11a FamilyMart to acquire rival am/pm
08:53:16a May Raise Captal Via Shares Issue This Year
08:53:21a Washington Stresses Urgency of Unity Govt
08:53:26a Thai princess on a 3-day RP visit starting Sunday
08:53:37a Sydney trio are not so cleaver
08:53:42a Elk Haus cycling team is history
08:53:47a Salem County man gets jail term in hate crime
08:53:52a No to Expropriation editorial
08:53:58a New Dawn's Flagship Mine Shines
08:54:03a Hospitals treat Alzheimers patients so badly 'one in three carers complain'
08:54:09a Cubans fret over food ration cuts
08:54:14a Critics want to block Comcast-NBC deal
08:54:20a Farmers Look to Donors As Disastrous Season Looms
08:54:25a Lifting of fuel price cap is win-win solution Palace
08:54:31a First A/H1N1 flu fatal case reported in Finnish capital
08:54:36a Singaporeans wrestle with likely impact of two new casinos
08:54:41a Nigeria Abuja to Introduce Road, Property Tax
08:54:47a Senior Managers Dump KFHL
08:54:52a Funding Shortfall In Philippines; WHO-Approved ARV
08:54:58a If Marijuana Were Legal, Projected Tax Revenue INFOGRAHIC
08:55:03a Ford looks to small cars
08:55:08a Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong welcomes President Dmitry Medvedev
08:55:14a Crockett DL/OL fights in trenches with autism
08:55:19a Missionaries to stay in Mindanao despite Sinnott incident
08:55:25a Baseball Abe goes deep, Giants win Japan-Korea Club C'ship+
08:55:30a Study Finds Fasting 'Not Required' Before Cholesterol Test
08:55:35a U.S. Navy Captain Returns to Vietnam
08:55:41a Green Machine claim East title
08:55:47a Baseball Japan-Korea Club Championship linescore+
08:55:52a Hasan won’t walk again
08:55:57a Museum reveals artist Si Lewen's somber and joyous worlds
08:56:05a Budget deficit reaches billion
08:56:14a Suleiman Mulling New National Dialogue Standards
08:56:20a Holding Trial of 9/11 Suspects In New York Poses Legal Risks
08:56:26a Obama's ex-teacher expects successful visit
08:56:31a UI recital hall to get needed face-lift
08:56:36a Chapman says no drama in defection from Cuba
08:56:42a 5,000 More European Troops May Be Sent to Afghanistan
08:56:47a Bair calls U.S. bank bailout 'not a good thing'
08:56:53a EU Launches 'Seyada II' to Empower Palestinia ...
08:56:58a Saudi Hollandi Bank inaugurates the SHB Academy
08:57:04a For Blind Gamer, Lawsuit Against Sony Is Clear
08:57:09a Court backs Henderson woman in Japan custody battle
08:57:14a We use thinner in paint, not thinners
08:57:20a President to Mediate in Afrexim Bank Loan Dispute
08:57:25a Saudi Telecom Company signs partnership...
08:57:30a Intel's Payment to AMD Leaves Out Taiwan Rival
08:57:36a Asin defends her move
08:57:41a Rub it in
08:57:46a Harper says all countries need to be in climate deal as APEC leaders meet
08:57:52a a widow's plea for love and thanks for Britain's soldiers
08:57:58a Ministry says two died after inoculation of A/H1N1 flu vaccine
08:58:03a The latest Windows Phones from HTC, Sony Ericsson
08:58:09a Softbank investment drives users from Chinese Web site
08:58:14a Six killed as train derails in India
08:58:20a Liberian police arrest 10 suspects in murder of president's aide
08:58:25a Mining in full swing at Chiadzwa
08:58:31a * Global warming aids outbreaks of dengue hemorrhagic fever
08:58:37a Peres' official stay in Brazil ends with visit to oil company
08:58:42a Daimler sees 'possibility' of overtaking BMW in U.S.
08:58:47a Judges Give Taylor Prosecutors Time to 'Rearrange Strategies'
08:58:53a * Obama may cancel sole meeting with public on PRC trip
08:58:58a * US major charged with murders
08:59:03a Pomersbach returns to Warriors fold
08:59:09a Pop art painting fetches
08:59:14a Google faces court action over Street View
08:59:19a SYNAGRO CASE Rayford Jackson gets max sentance in bribery scandal
08:59:24a * Expelled West Bank student petitions Israel
08:59:30a Trio charged over kidnap of priest
08:59:35a Licata looks at boosting traffic-ticket revenue
08:59:40a Airlines hope China route gives lift
08:59:46a 23 killed in Maoist battle in Philippines
08:59:51a Ahmedabad steps up hotel security, fearing terror strike
08:59:57a Chinese president promises start of ECFA talks within 2009
09:00:02a 7,546 rapes in the land of the pure
09:00:08a Canada Announces Support for Local Economic Development in the Philippines
09:00:13a * Frequently asked questions on the Copenhagen summit
09:00:19a Provincial election chief killed in northern Philippines
09:00:24a Obama, Hatoyama Agree to Revitalize U.S.-Japanese Alliance
09:00:29a Swan River dolphins 'dying out'
09:00:35a Wine lovers rejoice as grape glut strikes
09:00:40a Flavio Briatore seeks 1m euros in damages
09:00:45a Hasan may have had financial links to Pakistan
09:00:52a Once-decrepit Oklahoma City street blooms into retail, restaurant area
09:00:57a Leadership plans focus on deficit
09:01:02a Academic to donate £1m of earnings
09:01:07a Obama, Hatoyama stress deeper ties
09:01:13a 30,000 Kuwait govt staff get pay without work paper
09:01:18a Weaker dollar no quick fix
09:01:24a Spoils of Madoff's world go to auction block today
09:01:29a 80% cut in CO2 by '50 reaffirmed
09:01:34a Television synopsis-
09:01:39a Finding wisdom in fire and earth
09:01:45a * COA told to take better care of strays
09:01:50a Some find opportunity in meltdown
09:01:56a Ellen Wilcox makes a return to Prudential Alliance Realty
09:02:01a Oklahoma livestock Saturday, November 14, 2009
09:02:06a Oklahoma Metals and Coins Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009
09:02:12a FBI warned about suspect in Kan. doctor death
09:02:17a Faith-based investors lobby against Chamber's stand
09:02:22a Brazilian swimmer Gusmao banned for positive test
09:02:28a Travel Agents Fraud Ten people from Punjab return from Iran
09:02:33a Google to face Swiss court over 'Street View'
09:02:39a Brazil abandon trademark style after 2006 failure
09:02:44a * MOEA touts ECFA talks
09:02:50a Harney warns of €1bn in health cuts
09:02:56a Amhad Iz living a love affair
09:03:01a Police whistleblowers a YouTube hit
09:03:06a Medvedev sees 2010 end to Russia's WTO talks
09:03:12a Phalange Bloc 'Independent from Parliamentary Majority, Minority'
09:03:17a Cheaper LED bulbs are entering stores
09:03:23a No clear favourites yet in Philippine presidential race
09:03:28a Senator visits with port, aircraft carrier on his mind
09:03:33a Rains harass Sandya
09:03:39a European stocks rise to fresh 3-wk closing high
09:03:44a Trips to Venus shake up women's role in Japan
09:03:49a Seniors begin to reject retirement home buy-ins
09:03:55a Science teaches Japanese children to value the world
09:04:00a HK, Macao, Guangdong step up to tackle infectious diseases
09:04:05a Kerala Tour- Delightful and Memorable Tour of Lifetime
09:04:11a No more sidelined, Chinese animation labeled 'creative' money
09:04:16a Nine killed as Indian train derails
09:04:21a Dollar General shares rise during first day of trading
09:04:27a EBS raises €1bn in bond transaction
09:04:32a INKSTER
09:04:37a William Ganz, Catheter Inventor, Dies at 90
09:04:43a JD-U, opposition leaders demand Sushil Kumar Modi's resignation
09:04:48a Beautiful salt lake on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
09:04:53a A dog lover's Greek odyssey
09:04:59a Turkey unveils reforms for Kurds
09:05:04a Turkish court releases colonel involved in coup plot
09:05:09a 4 Japanese arrested for drug trafficking in New Zealand
09:05:15a Supercomputer project faces freeze
09:05:20a Greece's 50th Thessaloniki Film Festival opens
09:05:37a When the wall came down
09:05:42a Iran's plans for Yemen are destructive
09:05:48a Sweden seeks EU cap on hedge fund and private equity pay and bonuses
09:05:55a Stankevičius named Lithuania's finest
09:06:00a Dist towns should be hub of regional growth
09:06:06a Offices, restaurants move to growing Britton Road
09:06:11a UK museums can return looted art
09:06:17a Centre all set to launch National Solar Mission
09:06:22a Indians aid Japan's IT industry
09:06:27a President opens India's biggest trade fair
09:06:33a Chinese await an Obama so unlike their leaders
09:06:38a China's B-shares indexes rise to 18-month high
09:06:43a Diplomatic row brews in France
09:06:49a Top seed Lee struggles on while Chinese women cruise at Hong Kong Open
09:06:54a High costs to get Nato supplies past Taliban
09:06:59a Greek ship owners, U.S. officials discuss piracy
09:07:04a Turkish business mission to Hania
09:07:10a President caps 612 UZ graduates
09:07:15a India's eunuchs, transexuals hail recognition as 'others'
09:07:20a Hatoyama attends opening ceremony of Japan center in Singapore
09:07:26a World Cup-bound Paraguay crash to Qatar
09:07:31a Riyue Mountain gateway to Tibet
09:07:36a Deforestation Down 45 Percent
09:07:42a Dhaka seeks Tokyo's aid for river dredging
09:07:47a China's Zhou Haiyan wins women's 800m at Asian championships
09:07:52a Australia skipper Ricky Ponting facing Test ban for repeat slow over-rates
09:07:57a Locals lay siege to police camp after ASI beats one
09:08:03a Shanghai cited as trial zone for cross-strait financial cooperation
09:08:08a Wall collapses at S.C. football game; 12 hurt
09:08:13a PM vows to cut child, maternal mortality rates
09:08:18a Palestine Jan polls postponed
09:08:24a Chelsea's Drogba adds to Ancelotti's injury woes
09:08:29a Paulson Co. Held 300 Mln Citi Shares On Sept. 30
09:08:35a Phantom Alert software warns drivers of red light cameras
09:08:40a Mending Fences in a Key Region
09:08:45a It's not so easy Caster
09:08:51a Loan from UN agricultural fund aims to help Pakistans farmers increase crop yield
09:08:57a Some Fort Hood victims' funerals set for Saturday
09:09:02a Obama affirms U.S. role in Asia, warns N. Korea
09:09:08a Dunga demands winning mentality from Brazil against England in Doha
09:09:13a New Metro Detroit newspaper to debut
09:09:18a Land of hops and glories
09:09:24a Indian student's doodle on Google on Children's Day
09:09:30a Homeowners with Chinese drywall feel abandoned
09:09:35a Pakistan slams report on nuke co-op
09:09:41a Can baseball help bring US and Cuba together
09:09:49a America on bailout red alert again
09:09:54a Zimbabwe's 'Selectorate' Versus the Electorate opinion
09:10:00a JD-U, opposition leaders demand Sushil Kumar Modi's resignation
09:10:06a Haifa U Asks Why Don't Our Academics Fight Norwegian Boycott
09:10:11a Stock market
09:10:16a No freeze in Occupied East Jerusalem Building
09:10:22a The difficulties of pinning the blame
09:10:27a Israel soldiers kill Palestinian in Gaza
09:10:33a Farm fire in Upper Austria
09:10:38a Rebuilding Its Economy, Iraq Shuns US Businesses
09:10:43a Turnbull slams 'fast-tracked deal'
09:10:49a People Willing to Lead the European Union
09:10:54a Fort Hood shooter may have wired money to Pak Congressmen
09:11:00a Robinho out of England game
09:11:05a Tribals protest against Tata's Chhattisgarh steel project
09:11:11a the myth of a miracle bomb detector
09:11:16a Rockland students learn to avoid destructive behavior students learn to avoid destructive behavior
09:11:22a Illinois prison eyed for Guantanamo detainees
09:11:27a Century 21 adds three associates
09:11:33a Strengthened framework enables financial sector growth, says Guyana finance minister
09:11:38a Obesity in America linked to 'liquid Satan' from Iowa corn fields
09:11:44a Montserrat court tosses out election challenge against Chief Minister
09:11:49a The Fruits of Labor
09:11:55a Our Constitution ... we decide
09:12:00a Call to make info body effective
09:12:06a One fifth would end relationships by SMS or e-mail
09:12:11a Assad hails amelioration in French-Syrian relations
09:12:17a Indian EVM's impress Hillary Clinton
09:12:22a A Cracking of the Heart Interview with David Horowitz
09:12:28a Ger
09:12:33a Strictly Come Dancing to air tribute to Patrick Swayze
09:12:39a Annual wine festival in Meghalaya draws scores of wine lovers
09:12:44a Stephen Ireland claims no regrets over withdrawal from Ireland
09:12:50a Ireland A smash Tonga
09:12:55a Trapattoni wants to see spirit from Ireland players
09:13:00a In brief Dell enters phone market
09:13:05a Hifi Female Escort services in CHANDIGARH MR.CAVIN-09779096
09:13:11a Public service needs structural reform Cowen
09:13:16a Jedward, the X Factor's unholy Irish twins
09:13:22a Scientology chiefs make €270,000 from Irish wing
09:13:30a U.S. won't pressure Israel, PA to renew peace talks
09:13:35a Nomura withdraws from Kodokan Cup
09:13:41a Inquiry into hospital bug outbreaks
09:13:46a Man charged with murder of fiancee
09:13:51a Ohio to lead way in single-injection executions
09:13:57a 60mph gales forecast today
09:14:02a Rookie ruling party needs to sharpen up fast
09:14:08a Why Sony Ericsson is embracing Android
09:14:13a World's first flying car may soar the skies by 2011
09:14:19a Why some combination therapies backfire
09:14:25a Syrian carrying Hezbollah ring, 9-11 videos, stopped at Canadian border
09:14:30a Locals are sidelined as US and Japan battle over Okinawa
09:14:35a Poo made these counterfeit fags
09:14:41a Defense carries UCF past UMass, 84-67
09:14:46a Do not replace church as oppressor, bishop tells media
09:14:52a Israeli Army Kills Palestinian, Injures 2 oth ...
09:14:58a PRESS DIGEST Iran Nov 14
09:15:03a Two-hundred homes built by Niall Mellon trust volunteers
09:15:08a Palin, Beck, Huckabee to stop at The Villages
09:15:14a French outmuscle ill-disciplined Springboks
09:15:19a Florida Officials Say Medicaid Reimbursement Formula Will Drive Deficit
09:15:25a Young Israeli women follow their consciences into prison
09:15:30a Racial prejudice in 1930's America
09:15:40a School district audit report reveals 'serious violations'
09:15:46a Mafia rushed through gap in Berlin Wall
09:15:51a Repaired viaduct gets safety approval as rail service resumes on Monday
09:15:57a FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Nov 14
09:16:02a S.Korea adopts toughest emissions cut goal-source
09:16:08a Arrest in Lurgan murder inquiry
09:16:13a Tree planting at wildfire-ravaged site by US embassy staff, vols
09:16:19a Novel approach to tackle colon cancer
09:16:24a Bill Clinton in Kosovo
09:16:29a Over 1.7 million children work in beedi-rolling industry Study
09:16:35a Paranormal Activity grosses at US box office
09:16:40a Big Garda presence near court as Travellers jailed
09:16:45a Cystic fibrosis campaigner honoured
09:16:51a BALAN MOSES Pakistan sees India's hand in Taliban war
09:16:56a A/H1N1 influenza death toll rises to 6,260, says WHO
09:17:02a Kenny criticises deportation remark
09:17:07a Indemnity crisis signals big changes in legal profession
09:17:12a IDF uses 'tutu bullets' in Ni'ilin clash
09:17:17a Zagurskas seals Lithuania success
09:17:23a Morale down in Afghanistan
09:17:28a New youth agency seen as jobs for pals
09:17:33a Abbas's Resignation Is Bad News for Israel
09:17:39a Anamul and Mominul guide Bangladesh home
09:17:44a Indigenous teacher missing in Brazil after violence over ancestral lands
09:17:49a Fogarty added to Ireland squad
09:17:55a Jury instructed in trial of alleged getaway driver
09:18:00a Swine flu vaccines tested and safe, insists HSE
09:18:06a North East CDC announces 'Special Talent Fund' for disabled
09:18:11a Government of Canada Supports Initiative to Provide More French-Speaking Health Professionals
09:18:18a Rising exports narrow Canada's trade deficit
09:18:23a Canada's vehicle sales climb 1.2% in September
09:18:29a Megabank groups log first-half net profits
09:18:34a Jesus the Capitalist
09:18:40a Greek Orthodox Archdiocese E-bulletin November 13, 2009
09:18:45a RCMP believe body may be missing N.B. teen's
09:18:50a Stampeders' Teyo Johnson stabbed
09:18:55a Number of patients may exceed 1 crore by 2025
09:19:01a Thaksin departs, Cambodia-Thai relations in trouble
09:19:06a Council's LRT decisions stuck in neutral
09:19:12a Vancouver man found executed in Argentina on the run from U.S. probe
09:19:17a Superior Court of Ontario Appoints Judicial Inquiry Commissioner
09:19:23a OAS secretary general congratulates Ecuador and Colombia for progress in relations
09:19:28a White House's top lawyer resigns
09:19:46a China's sale of planes no cause for worry, says IAF chief
09:19:52a The Oil Sands CAN be Canada's Path to Clean Energy
09:19:57a Centers hope to give abandoned pets a second chance
09:20:02a Miami Herald to Launch Hyperlocal Web Network
09:20:08a 4th Tranche Share Issuance for Block 'C' Mineral Claim, Rainy River District, NW Ontario
09:20:13a Okposo leaves Hurricanes feeling ill
09:20:18a Man apologizes for B.C. vaccine auction hoax
09:20:23a Handling IDPs’ crisis successfully
09:20:29a Ireland Seeks Emerging Market Partners To Attract US Capital
09:20:34a China builds centre to ease pandas into wild media
09:20:39a Agencies attempt to control carp
09:20:45a Germany's Martini wins bobsled World Cup opener
09:20:50a Fort Hood suspect 'is paralysed'
09:20:55a 'America's first Pacific president'
09:21:00a 'Not good enough'- MAJ says doctors work under deplorable conditions at KPH
09:21:05a Three arraigned on murder charges
09:21:11a 2 killed, more than 40 escape Russia arms depot blasts
09:21:16a Leaders urged not to delay on climate
09:21:21a Obama Walks a Delicate Tightrope on His 1st Trip as President to China
09:21:27a Ohio reaches deal with firms
09:21:32a Obama embraces the challenge posed by China
09:21:38a Some N.Y.T. News Service jobs moving to Gainesville
09:21:43a ‘Emission rate alarming in China, India’
09:21:49a Pominville, Sabres deny Calgary rare win in Buffalo
09:21:54a Obamania is alive and well in Japan
09:22:00a Suggested Agenda for President Obama's Visit to China
09:22:05a Man dies after seniors complex fire
09:22:11a Jerusalem JNF Memorial to 9/11
09:22:16a Canadian Superior Posts 3Q Financial, Operating Results
09:22:21a Western Liberal Elites Have Made an Iranian Bomb a Reality
09:22:27a Woman charged with attempted bribery of garda
09:22:32a NZ coach tells of 'nightmare' in Fiji
09:22:38a Ontario Muslim association says it didn't pressure police to apologize for alleged incident
09:22:43a Sarkozy To Urge Assad To Open Direct Talks With Israel
09:22:49a Fire in S.Korea shooting range kills 10-report
09:22:54a Advani, Sethi to lead India's charge at World Snooker Championships
09:23:00a Obstacles Facing Syria-Israel Talks
09:23:05a Israel hints at Syria opening in Sarkozy talk
09:23:10a Gushue's Olympic curling hopes dashed
09:23:16a Fire in S.Korea shooting range kills nine-report
09:23:21a South-East Asia; Baltimore; risks in Turkey; American train rides
09:23:27a Assistant Secretary Schwartz's Travel to Iraq, Jordan and Syria
09:23:32a Dominican Republic Clini-Clowns launched this month
09:23:38a Jefferson sentenced to 13 years in freezer cash case
09:23:43a Early case against Sowell dropped by investigators
09:23:52a Want a Moist, Flavorful Turkey Wrap It in Bacon
09:23:57a Move Over Dr. Strangelove, It's Men Who Stare at Goats
09:24:03a Pembroke Pines man charged in murder of his father
09:24:08a 'Balloon boy' parents pleads guilty
09:24:13a Death sought over Ibaraki stabbing spree
09:24:18a Afghan enclave offers model to rebuild
09:24:24a School initiative recalls crash victims
09:24:29a Can do! Girl helps Ronald McDonald House via can tabs
09:24:35a Rudd rejects claims of special asylum deal
09:24:40a Chinese greet 'Oba Mao' with flaming statue, fakes
09:24:46a N.J. town puts behind its offer to host regatta
09:24:51a England, Brazil clash at 8pm
09:24:56a Yanba Dam arsenic levels concealed
09:25:02a Q&A OG&E's looks to Smart Grid to reduce operating costs
09:25:07a I'm not in great shape, says Phelps before Berlin event
09:25:13a Greece's 50th Thessaloniki Film Festival opens
09:25:19a Taliban insurgents end Afghan prison hunger strike
09:25:24a U.S. sells more exports but imports even more
09:25:29a Badger 'clans' recorded on moors
09:25:35a Catwalk Kidd is a big fan of Irish fashion
09:25:40a Aubuchon to move into former Annie's
09:25:45a Honduras Crisis Expected to Last Indefinitely
09:25:50a Hara honored with Shoriki Award
09:25:56a Carfax offers free list of 'clunker' trade-ins
09:26:01a Namesake city hopes visit revives campaign mania
09:26:07a Mudslide scare hits L.A. suburb near burn area
09:26:12a Recession 'a burden on mental health'
09:26:18a US, Japan work on better ties
09:26:23a N.C. principal leaves after cash-for-grades flap
09:26:28a Predicting the unpredictable Rutland's William Sharp wins national weather award
09:26:34a Oil dips, lowest price in a month
09:26:39a New York trials for 9/11 suspects raise safety fears
09:26:44a Ribadu is Not Corrupt Don
09:26:50a Pension insurer's deficit doubles in year
09:26:55a One Killed As Plane Smashes Into VIP Lounge
09:27:00a States hope to keep ferry open Bridge traffic looking for alternatives
09:27:06a Tiny tattoos could help diabetics ditch needles
09:27:11a Second Baptist Church will celebrate 117 years
09:27:17a Oil and gas Saturday, November 14, 2009
09:27:22a Salvation Army launches Christmas Kettle
09:27:28a Palin's book goes rogue on some facts
09:27:34a New owners in sight for cinema
09:27:39a Foreign cultural officials visiting Taichung City
09:27:45a * Premier League rejects Old Firm plan
09:27:50a 10 Years After Independence, East Timor Still Rebuilding
09:27:56a Japan reassured of stable gas supplies from Brunei
09:28:01a Services today for ex-fire chief, coach
09:28:06a 9/11 suspects face trial in NYC
09:28:13a NKorean cargo ship arrives in South after clash
09:28:18a Faith & Values In hard times, enduring gifts give reason to be grateful
09:28:23a Kurihara sidelined with knee injury
09:28:28a Orion Bank and Century Bank
09:28:34a Slovenia strengthen Group 8 case
09:28:39a Medfilm Director postponed shooting due to Israel bombing in 2006
09:28:45a State idles 33 in first layoffs of slowdown
09:28:50a Car safety event draws seasoned drivers
09:28:55a More PKK members surrender to Turkish authorities
09:29:01a ISC sells land in Staten Island
09:29:06a Keenum takes Houston's aerial show to UCF
09:29:11a Arab League discusses conditions of 11,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails
09:29:16a Bangladeshis rush to learn English by mobile
09:29:22a Deloitte consumer spending index up for 5th month
09:29:27a St. Petersburg man faces DUI manslaughter charge
09:29:32a Pak rejects report of getting weapons-grade uranium from China
09:29:38a Ohio plans executions with an untried method
09:29:43a Police report suspicious man
09:29:49a FDA questions alcoholic energy drinks’ safety
09:29:54a Federal Govt Approves 50 Percent Subsidy for Improved Seeds
09:30:00a Dryclean USA to change name, reports earnings
09:30:05a Turkey hopes EU to hurry up its EU accession process
09:30:10a Dell debuts Mini 3 'smart' phone
09:30:16a Small scary dog stopped the post
09:30:21a X-Factor stars have politicians in a spin
09:30:27a Human Rights Watch lambasts Israel
09:30:32a Mistrial declared in case of Toronto mother accused of killing young daughter
09:30:37a Lilly's research chief to retire in February
09:30:43a Police searching for men who pushed boy into traffic
09:30:48a Mostly Muffins owner 'mortified' over razor blade in product
09:30:54a Rehabilitation CCECC Gets 12.1 Billion for Lagos-Jebba Rail Track
09:30:59a Air Arabia Q3 profit down 9% on H1N1, Ramadan
09:31:04a Toddler hit by playmate gets payout
09:31:09a France not to ban Burqas
09:31:15a Climate change affecting northeastern women's livelihoods
09:31:20a Damages awarded against pub
09:31:26a Scientific rethink on calorie count
09:31:31a Calorie guidelines could be wrong
09:31:36a Woman bitten by shark while surfling
09:31:41a NASA Moon Strikes Find Water Near Pole
09:31:47a China's Hu meets with top Taiwan politician Lien Chan
09:31:52a Fla. Hosp. Surgery Center opens new site
09:31:57a Barbecue plan leaves Rudd, Rotary Australia red faced
09:32:03a Colorado securities regulators sanction Chicago real estate company
09:32:16a Di Stefano honoured by Argentina
09:32:21a Man arrested in relation to death of Galway man
09:32:26a Gov't ready to face critics over lifting of price caps
09:32:32a Huge East Coast storm begins to move out to sea
09:32:37a Successful surgery for Ahmad Al Saqa
09:32:42a Crawford 'blackmailed by model'
09:32:48a Temple Web Site Attacked
09:32:53a It's time to connect with Kunming
09:32:59a Agency criticises delay in abuse report
09:33:04a Medicare fraud warnings ignored
09:33:10a Heard in Iran Basij Units in Elementary Schools
09:33:15a Dunga invites Cris to play for Brazil in friendlies
09:33:20a Blackstone COO sells 8.5 percent of family's holdings
09:33:26a Is Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya ?
09:33:31a Obama vows strong role in Asia
09:33:36a Prosecutor Time for terror shift
09:33:42a Mountie death an accident, Alberta man maintains
09:33:47a Million Museum to Promote Contemporary Art in the Caucasus
09:33:53a Viking saga 'humiliating'
09:33:58a Don't take rules lightly, imams told
09:34:04a Two B.C. residents charged with starving, hanging horse
09:34:10a * US readies to seize mosques, building linked to Iran group
09:34:15a Magic Ignite Spark In Kids To Read
09:34:21a Report Gaza Arabs Wary of Tunnels
09:34:26a Urn with veteran's ashes stolen from van in DC
09:34:32a Tiger Woods of the US hits an iron shot to the green
09:34:37a THE WEEK AHEAD
09:34:43a Luas trams will not stop at new Brennanstown station
09:34:48a NASA's Moon Blast Turns Up 'Significant Amount' of Water
09:34:53a Z'Tejas Launches Third Annual Operation Turkey Day
09:34:59a Some positives from ETS forecast for US farmers
09:35:04a 'Star Trek' game lets you pick your bridge
09:35:22a Rolling up the Pacific rim to win
09:35:27a Snow Levels Drop To 1,500 Feet
09:35:33a Memory fails Mandela, South Africa doesn't
09:35:39a Can baseball bring U.S. and Cuba together
09:35:44a Clips about snips Cowen's answer to FDR's chats
09:35:49a Iran's artists join growing boycott of state
09:35:54a Former Trump Tower Tampa buyers sue Donald Trump
09:36:03a I Am a Lincoln Republican
09:36:08a France Award Makes Dirty Harry's Day
09:36:14a U.S., world community 'will not be cowed' by N.Korea — Obama
09:36:19a 2010 Census needs thousands for short-term jobs
09:36:25a Racism awareness affects how kids do socially, academically
09:36:30a The Kings' super Slovene
09:36:35a Tarlac now Lakas turf
09:36:40a LeBron wants to retire No. 23 as Jordan tribute
09:36:46a Climate change makes winter unpleasant
09:36:51a Book Charts Eco-Trekking for Annapurna
09:36:57a Afghanistan suicide attack wounds more than twenty
09:37:02a Oz Drought Threatens South's Wine Growers
09:37:07a U.S., world community 'will not be cowed' by N.Korea Obama
09:37:13a Indian investigators got good info on Headley Chidambaram
09:37:18a Peru's Antamina Unions To Move To Mediation Next Week
09:37:24a Leaps of faith prop up stock market
09:37:29a School boards take initiative on austerity
09:37:34a Obama seeks better ties with Asia
09:37:40a APEC Leaders Discuss Economic Recovery
09:37:45a Palin's Book Goes Rogue on Some
09:37:51a Syrian president says Israel doesn't want peace
09:37:56a Suspected slayer held in '08
09:38:01a Morale falls in Afghanistan
09:38:06a Asylum seeker boat intercepted near Ashmore Is
09:38:12a The Anatomy of a Disaster Scene in the Movie 2012
09:38:17a McDonald's and the Berlin Wall
09:38:22a Astana Hires DC Lobbyists to Work on Softening Aid Requirements
09:38:27a 9 Dead, Dozens Injured After Train Derails in India
09:38:33a 'Reinforce movement to try war criminals'
09:38:38a California's Once Visionary Education Plan is Now Ignored
09:38:44a France meets Syria over peace plan
09:38:49a GOP ends abortion insurance for staff
09:38:55a Dutch drivers to pay car tax by kilometer
09:39:00a A roaring trade for centuries
09:39:06a Educate the illiterate and get enrolled in computer course
09:39:11a Lebanon's new Cabinet leery of Hezbollah dispute
09:39:17a Spoils of Madoff's feast go on the auction block
09:39:22a Human rights only path to security
09:39:28a Researcher busts into Twiitter via SSL reneg hole
09:39:33a 'We're coming to play good football'
09:39:39a Chicago school gets 50,000 from NFL Network
09:39:44a British forces accused of Iraqi rape, torture
09:39:50a The Dogs of Wall
09:39:55a Cuban dissident ill from fast, but stable
09:40:00a Ottawa 'star' researcher mourned after H1N1 death
09:40:06a EU set to ignore advice to ban bluefin fishing, says Greenpeace
09:40:12a China's One-Child Policy Leads To Coerced Abortion, Sterilization, Columnist Parker Writes
09:40:17a Rugby team in health initiative
09:40:22a U.S. won't 'be cowed' by N. Korean threats
09:40:28a Obama misses opportunity to step into Apec breach
09:40:33a Iran sets up Internet crime unit
09:40:39a Homemade bomb explodes outside ruling party MP's apartment in Athens
09:40:44a Web appeal for famine help
09:40:50a China dissidents 'detained ahead of Obama visit'
09:41:00a Balloon Boy Parents Are Now Under FAA Investigation
09:41:05a Threat to BA merger
09:41:10a Chicago school gets from NFL Network
09:41:16a More routes but less class
09:41:21a Ford To Make New Police Interceptor Replacing Crown Victoria
09:41:27a Consumers better hurry if they want best deals on hottest gifts
09:41:32a Warning as bonus time looms in the City
09:41:37a Johjima eager to make big impact for Hanshin Tigers
09:41:42a Lebanon's new Cabinet leery of Hezbollah dispute
09:41:48a Police trainee shot in Virginia Key
09:41:53a Telecom Egypt profit falls 13%
09:41:58a Price war or marketing hype from the grocers
09:42:04a Students can help economy thrive again
09:42:09a Fort Hood doc tied to Pakistan
09:42:14a ‘Anti-Drug’ Candidate Busted For Trafficking
09:42:20a Obama Calls for U.S. Engagement with Asia
09:42:25a Human rights only path to security, US will not drop
09:42:30a Keane tells Ireland stars to make history
09:42:36a Evangelist sentenced to 175 years for underage sex crimes
09:42:41a James to give up 23 jersey to honor Jordan
09:42:46a Dollar carry trade could herald the next global crisis, analysts warn
09:42:51a Bombings kill 17 at Pakistani security installations
09:42:57a Australia ready for Oman, says Verbeek
09:43:02a Rudd's barbecue plan hits a snag
09:43:07a China and U.S. Energy Giants Team Up for 'Clean Coal'
09:43:13a Hungary leave Italy on the edge
09:43:18a Press enjoys total freedom in Qatar
09:43:23a Poll holiday in City on Nov 23
09:43:29a Obama says China is not a threat
09:43:34a High hopes for Spain's Isco
09:43:40a Brothers who fled Yemen can stay in U.S.
09:43:45a Premier Seeks His Mandate in Malaysia
09:43:51a 'Pacific' President Obama vows US leadership in Asia
09:43:56a LeBron wants players to give up No. 23 to honour Jordan
09:44:01a Nail-biting weekend of high tension in store
09:44:06a They will apologise Jansen
09:44:12a U.S. coffee chain buys Timothy's for
09:44:18a Dearth of planning applications signals housing shortages and soaring prices
09:44:24a Pakistan says tensions with India affecting war against terror
09:44:29a 'Missing' girl was on holiday with a male friend
09:44:34a National Geographic names RP top travel site
09:44:40a Family seek funds for cancer girl
09:44:45a Arroyo to meet with Russia's Medvedev
09:44:50a Java firm gets new Canadian flavor Green Mountain Coffee Roasters buys Toronto coffee company
09:44:56a FTSE back to where it was before Lehman's fall
09:45:01a Students Slapped with Five-Year Travel Ban
09:45:06a Travel made comfortable with KSRTC’s ‘Ambari’
09:45:11a Glance-FTSE hits 14-month closing high; HSBC advances
09:45:17a UK pressing Karzai to negotiate with Taliban, says leaked memo
09:45:22a An old Queen Elizabeth Theatre finds her new voice
09:45:27a Bourdy, Derksen, Liang and Schwartzel tied for lead at Hong Kong Open
09:45:34a Bogus cop steals kombi
09:45:39a Irish priest could face extradition on rape charge
09:45:45a Chinese netizens welcome Obama's visit with thousands of questions
09:45:50a Chaebol Keep Distance From Sejong Project
09:45:55a Justice, state OK sewer deal
09:46:00a Hu meets with Lien Chan in Singapore
09:46:06a Qatargas celebrates opening of China representative office
09:46:11a Free day for tram travellers
09:46:16a Heavy snow in northern China kills 40
09:46:22a Sarah Palin slams John McCain campaign and speaks of daughter's pregnancy anguish
09:46:27a Pakistan blast toll up to 17 official
09:46:33a CNOOC buys more LNG from Qatar
09:46:38a Trial awaits 9/11 figures
09:46:44a Irish begged Filipinos to call off armed priest rescue
09:46:49a United ban legends from watching matches
09:46:54a Samba leads Saudi shares up
09:47:00a Argentina okays gay marriage
09:47:05a Dutch drivers to pay tax on road time, not on car
09:47:11a 'Paju' to Open Rocarno Film Festival
09:47:16a Raptors finish strong in L.A.
09:47:21a Dell's Mini 3 Android to Begin Global March in China
09:47:27a Leonard scorches in Florida
09:47:32a 57 Lowry is sold for 361,000 at auction
09:47:37a Keep the Canadians in the Canadian Football League
09:47:43a Bryant, White Doubtful for Sunday's Game
09:47:48a Japan pins hopes on ministerial meet
09:47:54a Woman arrested in vaccine theft
09:48:00a Zanu-PF, MDC Formations Jammed in the Inclusive Govt analysis
09:48:05a Some Photos from Today, Friday November 13, 2009
09:48:11a Packed airliner in emergency drama
09:48:17a Obama calls himself 'America's first Pacific president'
09:48:22a President inaugurates 29th India International Trade Fair
09:48:28a Oba Mao' hot item in China
09:48:33a Ex-Lawmaker Gets 13 Years For Bribery, Racketeering
09:48:39a KDU also wants Czech parliament's prompt vote on Lisbon treaty
09:48:44a Vancouver man killed in Argentina was wanted in U.S.
09:48:49a 11,500 bill for bogus university
09:48:55a One year on, gunman Omari Gordon still at large
09:49:00a Resort takes plunge to save marine world
09:49:05a Riddle of Gary Glitter's Saddleworth house hunting
09:49:11a Steilacoom Council snuffs out fireworks
09:49:16a Street star wants to keep her Mona Lisa
09:49:21a Youth theatre festival begins Sunday in Delhi
09:49:26a I want a man just like Raj Shamita Shetty
09:49:32a GIC Re plans calamities pool to cover Afro-Asian disasters
09:49:37a You Can Have a Perfect Vacation in Thailand
09:49:42a Jihadis bomb Pakistan spies
09:49:48a Boots the cat provides claw and order for police
09:49:53a JFK's last autograph nets big bucks at auction
09:49:58a Peru president cancels Chile talks over spy row
09:50:04a Birthday joy for miracle twins
09:50:09a * Singapore, France sign tax agreement
09:50:28a W.Bengal Police arrest two suspected Kashmiri terrorists
09:50:34a Obama sends letter to Philippines Muslim rebel leader
09:50:39a International Collaboration Key to Mitigating Climate Change
09:50:45a Part-timers join city's firefighters' union
09:50:50a Consumer sentiment falls, trade deficit grows
09:50:55a FedEx Trade Networks Adds Freight Forwarding Offices in Asia
09:51:01a Portuguese Federation admits Ronaldo not fit to playSport
09:51:06a Referees' rep slams Fergie ban
09:51:12a Fed finalizes bank overdraft fee regulations
09:51:20a Abortion cut-off date in Saskatoon criticized as too early
09:51:26a Rexam moves former finance boss to replace Leslie Van de Walle
09:51:39a The Best Street Food in Philadelphia
09:51:45a Obama vows to strengthen ties with Asia
09:51:50a Muslims must quit British Forces, says Iranian envoy Abdolhossein Moezi
09:51:56a Education of girls more imp than that of boys Chidambaram
09:52:01a India's annual inflation rate rises to 1.34 percent
09:52:06a Cricket just got bigger in Scotland
09:52:12a Is Mahmoud Abbas becoming chairman Arafat
09:52:17a California exports decline 16.3% in September from a year earlier
09:52:23a Government to infuse Rs.800 crore into Air India soon
09:52:28a Stock market 'air force commander' Hou surrenders to bulls
09:52:33a Total Pleads Guilty Over Buncefield Blast
09:52:39a Soccer Nadeshiko Japan beat New Zealand in women's friendly+
09:52:44a Obama reaffirms U.S. ties to Asia
09:52:49a Britain probes new Iraq torture allegations
09:52:54a Ronaldo absence no excuse for Portugal Simao
09:53:00a Blast in Kabul wounds nine Nato soldiers
09:53:06a Their lips are sealed in New Mexico over player's rough play
09:53:11a Saif becomes extra-critical
09:53:17a Ontario couple sue province, police over native blockade
09:53:22a George Clooney's co-star in 'Up in the Air' American Airlines
09:53:28a Detroit Daily Press scheduled to debut Nov. 23, publishers say
09:53:33a Bishop Amat Beats Notre Dame To Win Serra League
09:53:38a Brit Indians pay tribute to martyred World War Indian soldiers
09:53:44a Sporadic fighting continues in Surigao del Sur
09:53:50a Pak Taliban blames ISI, PPP, Blackwater for recent terror attacks
09:53:55a Workshop for English teachers ends
09:54:00a Review Hilton Rome Airport Hotel
09:54:06a China's Song wins women's discus at Asian championships
09:54:11a The new, improved old curiosity shop
09:54:16a The Friendliest Asian City
09:54:22a Obama defends time for decision
09:54:27a Bidders line up for failed off-licences
09:54:32a Controllers were slow to alert military about off-track jet, FAA chief says
09:54:37a Fox Television Studios' prudence is a show in itself
09:54:43a 'NGOs can play bigger role'
09:54:48a Two killed in I-75 crash near Weston
09:54:54a UK Lags Behind As Eurozone Exits Recession
09:54:59a Loyalty oath raises women's status
09:55:04a Sixth relative arrested in child sex case
09:55:09a Delray cop arrested after fight with wife
09:55:15a Google submits revised digital book settlement to US judge
09:55:20a Malaysians speak highly of Chinese President Hu's visit
09:55:25a 'Innovation key to achieving success'
09:55:31a Caribbean and United States officials hold talks at UN
09:55:36a Diplomatic community bids farewell to Mexican envoy
09:55:41a JFK's autograph goes for at auction
09:55:47a Statements recorded in Kamra attack case
09:55:53a Web site offers tips for winter weather readiness
09:55:58a Back in the Thick of Things
09:56:04a ‘Enhancing education, technology need of hour’
09:56:09a The Lisbon treaty shows we need to be more selfish in Europe
09:56:14a Is it the end of the road for Route 66
09:56:19a Haynesville Shale activity creates options
09:56:25a Relatives wind up protest camps
09:56:30a I was arrested 10 days ago, alleges TTP activist
09:56:36a IIU hails compensation grant for blast victims
09:56:41a Loan from UN agricultural fund aims to help Pakistan's farmers increase crop yield
09:56:47a Internet Works as Alternative Financier
09:56:52a Law enforcers deserve encouragement, moral backing
09:56:57a 'Rice subsidy is not under Umno'
09:57:02a Asia's best, brightest youth to meet on Monday
09:57:08a 'General Operations Force still has role to play'
09:57:13a Pindi board announces matric exam schedule
09:57:18a WESTERN WASHINGTON Train soon will stop again in Stanwood
09:57:24a KU VC appoints new acting Dean for arts faculty
09:57:29a Headless body names suggested
09:57:34a 33% increase in allocations for backward areas
09:57:40a Comment on Goodbye Lisbon, hello Copenhagen by Tom
09:57:45a ‘No better solution to problems than LG system’
09:57:50a How thin is the line separating scams and the genuine
09:57:56a I have undivided support
09:58:01a Michael Jordan In Orlando For Son's UCF Debut
09:58:07a MQM to insist on police under Nazim’s controla
09:58:12a US won't 'be cowed' by North Korea
09:58:17a Canada awaits U.S. lead on emissions cuts
09:58:23a Bill to set up PBS to be tabled in parliament
09:58:28a Let your dress do the talking
09:58:33a USC to give Rs1b subsidy on sugar
09:58:39a Vancouver man found executed in Argentina on the run from U.S. drug probe
09:58:44a Mexico irked by recognition of 'El Chapo'
09:58:50a Diabetes becoming disease of young
09:58:55a UPDATE 2-Portugal's economy revs up in Q3, beats expectations
09:59:01a Iranian authorities must stop imminent execution of Kurdish man
09:59:12a China builds centre to ease pandas into wild
09:59:18a U.S. to Seek Death Penalty in 9/11 Cases
09:59:23a Death penalty trial for accused 9/11 plotters
09:59:28a Few people buying into luxury home expo
09:59:34a Babies 'learn geometrical shapes on their own'
09:59:39a State budget looks at another billion in cuts
09:59:44a INJAZ signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Jordan
09:59:50a Basix eyes Africa for global reach
09:59:55a Report Rates Mobile Phone Services
10:00:01a Mothers encouraged to breastfeed in aftermath of Philippines flooding
10:00:06a Troop morale falls in Afghanistan
10:00:12a Tourism deepens Saudi-India ties
10:00:17a Go, Harambee Stars, Go!
10:00:22a Calorie eating levels 'may be wrong'
10:00:28a Soldiers to march through resort
10:00:33a Cardinal defends slum residents blamed for floods
10:00:39a Heavy snow storms kill 38 in China
10:00:44a Thaksin Leaves Cambodia
10:00:49a Moon called alive' with water
10:00:55a Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube in the Vatican 2009-11-13
10:01:00a city stages its 'funeral' as the population sinks
10:01:06a Saint Mary's tops New Mexico State 100-68
10:01:12a Palestinians dedicate 'world's largest dress' to Arafat
10:01:17a Two jailed over bus crash deaths
10:01:23a Alberta scientists probe possible human causes of earthquakes
10:01:29a New Italian museum has eye toward art's future
10:01:34a Presidents’talks focus on deepening trust and cooperation
10:01:40a HDFC enters education loan with Credila buy
10:01:46a SP to honour Azmi for taking oath in Hindu
10:01:51a France and Germany lead way as eurozone returns to growth
10:01:56a Esplanade back on market
10:02:02a Lula heads to Europe to talk food security, climate
10:02:07a 95-year-old vet wants to know why we can’t say ‘draft’
10:02:12a Two Madoff employees charged with fraud
10:02:18a Koda tries to skip income tax interrogation
10:02:23a Woods falls into share of lead in Australia
10:02:28a WRAPUP 3-Obama pledges greater U.S. engagement in Asia
10:02:34a Son silent on terror suspect Headley in national interest Bhatt
10:02:39a Obama's lawyer makes quiet exit after Gitmo frustrations
10:02:45a Tatiana Volosozhar and Stanislav Morozov
10:02:50a 9/11 trial in N.Y. raises legal, ethical issues and draws GOP criticism
10:02:56a Better counting method used for elk in SW Wash.
10:03:01a There's water on the moon, probe reveals
10:03:07a Pension insurer's deficit nearly doubles to billion
10:03:12a Delhi has become an abuse capital Report
10:03:18a Bug row boss wins new battle
10:03:24a Obama Says U.S. Seeks to Build Stronger Ties to China
10:03:29a China willing to start trade negotiations with Taiwan
10:03:35a Peter Andre in 500k pounds underwear deal
10:03:40a French growth 'to strengthen' in next quarter
10:03:46a Restoring Ashes to protected list is an outcome few wanted
10:03:52a Pension expense eats away at J.C. Penney Co. earnings
10:03:57a New Zealand beats Bahrain 1-0 to enter finals
10:04:03a Window cleaner's new spotty house sends townsfolk a smiley
10:04:09a Spanish cabinet says it did what it had to regarding the captured Somali pirates
10:04:15a Freed murderer raped mother of five at knifepoint in her home
10:04:20a Gordon Brown must overcome public scepticism before Copenhagen
10:04:26a Tiger Woods finds the rough in Australia
10:04:31a Resolve messy problem fast
10:04:37a Mother and son who kept 65 pets in their home found guilty of cruelty
10:04:42a Tribals protest against Tata's Chhattisgarh steel project
10:04:48a Antlers come in from the cold as homeowners ditch beige for bold
10:04:53a China to restrain 'abnormal' home price hike
10:04:59a Chinese night gives cultural experience
10:05:29a Mallett plots Italian resurgence
10:05:34a Sue America It's Not a Good Idea for the Attorney-General opinion
10:05:40a Pension insurer sees its deficit double
10:05:45a B'lore Pregant ex-girlfriend storms man's wedding
10:05:50a Baby 'critical' after pram crash
10:05:55a Ex-head teacher jailed for abuse
10:06:01a ITV is finished and terrestrial TV doomed, says Chris Evans
10:06:06a Italy's heavy metal monk retires from the limelight
10:06:12a Computer maker Dell to get into ‘smart’ phones
10:06:20a 'Kyoto principles' crucial in climate talks China
10:06:25a Stat leaders for U-M/Wisconsin
10:06:30a Nasa discovers water on the Moon after crashing into lunar service
10:06:36a Teachers can start their own schools under a Tory government
10:06:41a Corporal shot dead in training
10:06:47a A third of expectant mothers would be willing to have swine flu jab
10:06:52a ‘Gidget’ director Paul Wendkos dies at age 84
10:06:57a ERA Now Supplying International English Teachers to Saudi Schools
10:07:03a Dubai Hospital organises health awareness campaign on World Diabetes Day
10:07:08a Workshops for Ill. parents for help with tuition
10:07:14a City GI joins in suit of Iraq contractor
10:07:19a World Cup trophy is finally here
10:07:24a Tempers flare as Land Bill debate starts
10:07:29a 'Terrible' Woods feeling fortunate in Australia
10:07:35a The Moon is a big sponge researchers
10:07:40a Exams peaceful at CT school
10:07:46a South Africa's abandoned babies
10:07:51a Medics speak out on Kazini's death
10:07:57a Phone problems at the office
10:08:02a Two jailed for child sex offences
10:08:08a Ex Bond girls record charity CD at Abbey Road
10:08:13a Marygrove College women's soccer wins national title in first year
10:08:19a Delivery protest in KZN
10:08:24a It's fans’ moment World Cup trophy is unveiled at Nyayo Stadium
10:08:29a Who will save the Warriors
10:08:35a Saadi Town residents appeal to
10:08:40a Lebanon's new Cabinet leery of Hezbollah dispute
10:08:45a The author's forum gives hope to Ugandan writers
10:08:50a FDC financier charged over Centenary Bank fraud
10:08:56a Japan a success without nuclear weapons
10:09:02a Reality TV show exposes racial divides and racism in China
10:09:07a Black Saturday fires 'could happen again'
10:09:13a Lawmaker Hasan linked to Pakistan
10:09:18a Man held for WWII pilot murder
10:09:24a Sea level report 'highlights ETS urgency'
10:09:29a Kirby Wilbur, longtime radio host, has his KVI-AM show canceled
10:09:34a 9/11 attack was a 'a noble victory'
10:09:40a Pike returns, leads No. 5 Cincinnati to 10-0
10:09:45a Bangladeshi-Indian foreign secretaries meet ahead of Hasina's visit
10:09:50a China A Superpower Stirs
10:09:56a Amnesty International Pushes 'Gay Marriage' Down Under
10:10:01a India defends its climate-change strategy
10:10:06a Inflation at 1.34 per cent for October
10:10:12a Bunnies from Mandela's former prison feed the poor
10:10:17a 'I have no political influence'
10:10:23a Key ingredient in new ‘love dessert’ Viagra
10:10:28a Tiger Woods of the US retrieves his club
10:10:33a Canadian homicide victim in Argentina was on run from US, had UN gang links
10:10:38a How does the Moon make water
10:10:44a First summer circumcision death
10:10:52a Pakistan hold nerve to sweep series
10:10:57a ITB To Hold Open Day On Jan 9
10:11:03a Pakistan earn Twenty20 series win
10:11:08a Christmas Tree Waiting to Be Dressed in NY's Rockefeller Center
10:11:13a French Lawmakers May Limit Hard-to-Apply Burqa Ban
10:11:19a Kidz-Excel Tuition School To Hold Education Talk
10:11:24a 3 Tenn. players charged in crime won't travel
10:11:30a Exchange Faulty Phone Chargers For Free
10:11:35a Early Saturday morning fire at Foxmoor Village building called 'suspicious'
10:11:41a Obama hails China's expanded role in world affairs
10:11:46a U.S., Japan 'aspire' to cut emissions 80 percent by 2050
10:11:52a Davis wins, Timmer falls heavily in World Cup
10:11:57a BSP's Bugan delivers first oil
10:12:03a 17 Thefts In Four Days
10:12:08a US sees progress on arms control talks with Russia
10:12:14a Top 10 cities to party the night away
10:12:20a How will the deal really affect the operations of our national airline
10:12:25a Seat fees axed as train route nationalised
10:12:31a Nadal helps Verdasco into World Masters Finals
10:12:36a Portugal Q3 GDP Increases
10:12:42a In Remembering Traffic Victims, Safe Driving Urged
10:12:48a China willing to start trade negotiations with Taiwan Summary
10:12:53a Rio says China not enough to sustain industry
10:12:59a Tourism slowdown trims MINT profits
10:13:04a U.S. dollar turns lower against euro in Asia
10:13:10a Real Arab culture in Abu Dhabi
10:13:15a World Diabetes Day At JPMC
10:13:21a Hampton mulls hotel, Buckroe development
10:13:27a Advani, Sethi to lead India's charge at World Snooker Championships
10:13:32a Country Among Food Crisis Nations UN
10:13:38a Obama to meet half-brother Mark Ndesandjo on China visit
10:13:43a China dissidents 'detained ahead of Obama visit'
10:13:48a Chengdu company primed on pumps
10:13:53a MTCP Alumni Dinner Celebrates Close Ties
10:13:59a The Ridgeway Trail
10:14:04a Eurozone officially out of recession in Q3
10:14:09a Morton v Raith Rovers
10:14:15a Teamwork will give us an edge over France
10:14:20a Caribou-killing trial is moved to February
10:14:26a Dundee v Queen of the South
10:14:31a ‘Excellent’ trade at John Lewis
10:14:37a FamilyMart to acquire am/pm Japan
10:14:42a Labour's Glasgow victory is not all it seems
10:14:48a BNP man finds his big talk contradicted by tiny vote
10:14:53a Row over site for St Kilda visitor centre
10:14:58a American shoppers are becoming more diverse again
10:15:03a Tullett Prebon-BGC Partners dispute enters next chapter in High Court
10:15:09a Troubled vet returns to Vietnam to help
10:15:14a how celebrity endorsement shows a party's standing
10:15:19a Japan, US ties still troubled after summit
10:15:25a Bog bards flushed about new book
10:15:30a TV sport plan 'disaster' for Scottish football
10:15:36a 8 rescued from capsized boat off Tijuana coast
10:15:41a The East African market where the brands come cheap
10:15:47a ITB To Host Career Dialogue Infoday Exhibition In January
10:15:52a Climate change affecting northeastern women's livelihoods
10:15:57a Medvedev to visit Sweden, attend EU-Russia summit next week
10:16:03a 'Sachin Tendulkar a true ambassador of the game'
10:16:08a Malaysian University College To Hold Roadshow Nov 19-20
10:16:13a Boss jailed for lying to tribunal
10:16:18a Businessman sets up city car club
10:16:24a blue sky scrubs adds Caribbean Blue Scrubs
10:16:29a Three share lead in Melbourne
10:16:35a Scout Leaders Lead The Way
10:16:41a World's largest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, docks in Florida
10:16:46a French Film Festival Set To Woo Locals
10:16:52a A boost for struggling food bank
10:17:11a Sydney dentist leaves to stray cats, dogs!
10:17:17a Kwadjo will be tough
10:17:22a Is the BA-Iberia merger good news
10:17:28a Aussie cricketer North suffers injury
10:17:33a 530 TPAF students make the final cut
10:17:38a Gavoka set for Ireland meeting
10:17:44a Murder accused acted 'on reflex'
10:17:49a Call for cheaper building material
10:17:54a Hope rebourn at Nasau
10:17:59a Arson suspect has long history of setting fires
10:18:05a 'Early Show' Anchors Have Answers
10:18:10a Security heightened for 'Avatar' game release
10:18:16a Scholar Tibetans object to foreigners' misunderstanding of modernization in Tibet
10:18:21a EU, Iraq conclude trade, cooperation accord
10:18:26a Nina Street facelift takes shape
10:18:32a Vivendi takes control of Brazil's GVT
10:18:37a U.S. govt to seize mosques
10:18:42a Hawaii residents still traveling
10:18:47a Goals draw interest from Qatar oil well
10:18:53a Will China Eat Our Lunch?
10:18:59a Four men killed as car hits wall
10:19:04a World's largest cruise ship docks in US
10:19:09a Nortel Closes CDMA Business, LTE Access Assets Sale With Ericsson For US1.13 Bln.
10:19:15a SC grants time over vehicles taken as case property
10:19:20a Minmetals keen on Anglo's zinc assets
10:19:26a The 10 Best Retirement Havens
10:19:31a Soldiers’ kids discuss deployment stress
10:19:37a Swedish comic to extract TV revenge on Vatican
10:19:42a Chinese president meets with head of Hong Kong SAR
10:19:47a New Zealand qualify for World Cup finals
10:19:53a HTA adds another to pitch Isle tourism; will also promote JAL here
10:19:58a America is Not Serious About Fundamental Reforms in Country opinion
10:20:03a Climate change is not our fault, voters say
10:20:09a Gregor expects tough battle
10:20:14a European economies in modest rebound
10:20:19a Amid all the excited talk, in the hangar looms a rusting Jumbo
10:20:24a ODM Poll Stand to Widen Rift
10:20:29a Sea Reef 7s attracts teams
10:20:35a Mallett wants humility and dignity
10:20:40a Police targets better finish
10:20:45a Swedish men best looking
10:20:50a England need to get on the Aussies' wavelength
10:20:56a Friday turns jubilation day for acid burn survivor
10:21:01a Sabres dish Calgary shootout defeat
10:21:07a No. 15 Florida State beats North Florida, 79-50
10:21:12a Sens wondering when ‘Loaf’-alev becomes Kovalev
10:21:17a Cultural shows, trips, campaigns mark Children's Day celebrations
10:21:23a DAs, cops eye DWI test change report
10:21:28a Blackhawks hang on to edge Leafs
10:21:33a Banker Seeks to Put a Price on Nature
10:21:38a Boy, 10, found gagged
10:21:44a US fighter jet in tactical flight causes damage to house on RMAF grounds
10:21:50a Brazilian president to travel to France, Italy
10:21:55a Cell phones affect your brain
10:22:00a France Makes Eastwood's Day, Gives Him Top Honor
10:22:33a Chilies Add Mexican Flavor to All-American Dinner
10:22:38a Fox is my topless tip
10:22:43a Police Do Not Have a Licence to Kill Zuma
10:22:49a American Heritage student wins scholarship for speech
10:23:02a Commuters on Route 101 suffer
10:23:07a Hotel Review The Encore in Las Vegas
10:23:13a The cost of fame
10:23:18a Some Fort Hood victims' funerals set for Saturday
10:23:24a Friday the 13th becomes curse for Wildcats in semifinal
10:23:29a Many in S. Florida could face `Cadillac' healthcare tax
10:23:34a Djokovic, Nadal advance to Paris semis; London field set
10:23:39a The best make-up tools
10:23:45a Tamils arrive at detention centre
10:23:50a Russell Brand says he doesn't regret Andrew Sachs prank call
10:23:55a Fletcher shrugs off injury
10:24:00a Google narrows copyright deal
10:24:05a Boinne ann am beul na gaoithe
10:24:11a AFP welcomes appointment of new defense chief
10:24:16a Student disabled dorm alarm to smoke marijuana
10:24:21a India gear for Sri Lanka Test challenge
10:24:27a Change of guard for Tawake
10:24:33a Brevard Sheriff Jack Parker and Ex-Con Larry Lawton Team up to Fight Crime
10:24:38a Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Basra
10:24:43a New Myanmar policy depends on reform
10:24:49a Ten Ireland players named for France clash
10:24:54a Five lessons learnt from this year's movies
10:24:59a Kin of abduction victim impressed with Obama's Tokyo speech+
10:25:04a North latest injury scare for Aussies
10:25:10a Koirala flown to Singapore for treatment
10:25:15a NCP to retain Pune mayor#39s post
10:25:20a Two states or one the moment of truth
10:25:25a Upstate man dies after crashing his pickup truck
10:25:31a Food prices jumped 13.32 percent in October
10:25:36a September 11 trial is a bold but risky move
10:25:42a Sept. 11 suspects face trial in NYC
10:25:47a Paula Dockery refuses to let party anoint the next Governor
10:25:52a Energy Drinks may do more harm than good
10:25:58a English Lampard out of Brazil friendly for injury
10:26:03a Colonial, FSC in mixed netball final
10:26:08a Deputies say they know who killed man at gas station
10:26:14a Legal guidance on assisted suicide ‘a danger to elderly’ say judges
10:26:19a Family's plea for cancer girl
10:26:24a Snooker challenge for memorial cup
10:26:29a Vivica A. Fox, 50 cent reuniting?
10:26:35a Anger, not apathy, is to blame for lowest voter turnout
10:26:40a Army morale down in Afghanistan, up in Iraq
10:26:45a Scepticism undermines UN summit
10:26:51a Regulators monitor First Community Bank
10:26:56a Denzel Washington cheers on son's 1st college game
10:27:01a Ribfest 2009 at Vinoy Park
10:27:07a Jaswant Singh's book to hit Pakistan in Dec
10:27:12a A Thanksgiving Staple by Way of Oaxaca, Mexico
10:27:18a Recession lingers in UK as eurozone forges ahead
10:27:24a Badge Bowl VIII is tonight
10:27:29a Samoa push Wales to the limit
10:27:34a Woods loses lead, and his cool, Down Under
10:27:40a Ex-congressman receives 13 years
10:27:45a Beyonce flies in
10:27:51a Culture The crisis of an Islamic Republic
10:27:56a VIDEO blogging Obama's Asia trip
10:28:01a A new identity for Ramses Square
10:28:07a Stamkos might just be spooky good
10:28:12a Time to plant grape vines
10:28:18a ‘Political interference’ in legal procedure
10:28:24a NY State Police receive national honors for traffic safety
10:28:29a bad memories outweigh good with Spain
10:28:34a NY canals closing for winter following improved season
10:28:39a Fish are on the move
10:28:45a The Young and the Reckless
10:28:50a Rexam moves former finance boss up to top job
10:28:55a The man who wasn't there
10:29:00a JFK's autograph goes for at auction
10:29:06a Obama says U.S. does not wish to 'contain' China
10:29:11a Robben Island's bunny chow solution
10:29:16a Nasa blast finds enough water for man...
10:29:21a Girls ‘must be taught risks of juggling career and motherhood’
10:29:27a Two murder accused, 2 car lifters held
10:29:32a Heaberlin headed to Argentina
10:29:37a Slovenian PM gets two camels from Kadhafi
10:29:43a Don't let debt collectors bring out the worst in you
10:29:48a Brazilian president warns against speculation on blackout causes
10:29:54a Once Again, Into the Apocalypse
10:29:59a Halfway house faces opposition
10:30:04a Robinho 'happy' with City
10:30:09a Robbed team to get replacement uniforms
10:30:15a How sport's crown jewels will be affected
10:30:21a Clock Winding Down On Patent Scams
10:30:26a Call for change in Lebanon
10:30:32a Nadeshiko Japan beat New Zealand in women's friendly+
10:30:37a How adventure travel ki
10:30:43a UVM professor to speak about novel
10:30:53a Jason Schwartzman's 'Fox' Tales
10:30:59a Battle of the Blades a TV superstar for Canada
10:31:04a CDA’s save water campaign from 15th
10:31:10a Flames shoot for rare win in Buffalo
10:31:15a 2 women killed in crash
10:31:21a Ten Exciting Cars For 2010
10:31:26a China rails at EU criticism of executions
10:31:31a Four Charged Afresh in Sh22 Million Heist
10:31:37a Giles Coren reviews Riverford Farm
10:31:42a James' tribute to Jordan is misguided
10:31:48a US Plot Behind Tensions With Colombia
10:31:53a Trap names 10 players to face France
10:31:59a 'I was never in cricket to be a great player'
10:32:04a Britney?s Oz gigs tickets on eBay reports ?fabricated?
10:32:10a 'The skinny jean-based silhouette has now reached perfection – provided you get it right
10:32:15a 'Eviction Has Reduced Us to Beggars'
10:32:20a 7 Japanese among 10 killed in fire at S Korea shooting range
10:32:26a 13 geeky 13th anniversaries for Friday the 13th
10:32:31a NFA prepares for disaster
10:32:36a USF women fall in opener
10:32:41a Paulson Co Takes Bil Citigroup Stake Update
10:32:47a Brothers jailed for abusing girls
10:32:52a The message is not that we can eat more
10:32:57a Miley Cyrus No Heartbreaker
10:33:03a Mother admits stabbing partner to death
10:33:08a Award of excellence for Fiji
10:33:14a Photographer Evelyn Hofer, Champion of Classic Style, Dies at 87
10:33:19a The Prisoner Reboot Takes Sci-Fi Out of Spy-Fi
10:33:25a Seized horses getting much-needed attention
10:33:30a England win 1st Twenty20 match against SAfrica
10:33:35a Region praised for response to crisis
10:33:40a Canadian PM to visit India next week, N-deal on agenda
10:33:46a Timothy's sale stirs talk of brewing coffee war
10:33:51a BMO hires team for Houston-based energy business
10:33:57a Those pesky metaphors need to be kept in their place
10:34:03a Harper, other world leaders, pressing U.S. at APEC summit
10:34:08a 'Passports needed to enter Kosovo'
10:34:14a 50,000 old cars turned in as part of Canadian environment program
10:34:19a Wales cling on for victory
10:34:25a Giants win Japan-Korea Club Championship
10:34:31a Adventure travel chiefs head for the Cairngorms
10:34:36a Injured Lampard limps back to Chelsea
10:34:41a Orkio expand Urban Bagz range
10:34:47a 2 found guilty in fatal shooting
10:34:53a Jimmy Jatt and Dakore to Compere Best of Nollywood Awards
10:34:58a Iran MPs to vote on rest of Ahmadinejad cabinet
10:35:04a Thieves nab 1,500-pound historic cannon from Vallejo cemetery
10:35:10a Man stabbed in murder bid at flat
10:35:15a Schwarzenegger to address policy forum in Jerusalem
10:35:21a I'd have killed myself if...
10:35:26a Qatar to boost LNG exports to China
10:35:32a Vidic happy at United
10:35:38a Japan, U.S. should cooperate in more diverse fields
10:35:43a Are anonymous CVs the answer to discrimination
10:35:49a Education, Local Youths' Greatest Asset
10:35:55a Why Lech is a must-visit destination for gourmet skiers
10:36:00a New Yorkers Worry About Trial for 9 / 11 Mastermind
10:36:06a 'Idol' Putin takes to the hip-hop stage
10:36:11a Bombardier considers rival to Gulfstream's new jet
10:36:16a Israel 'personally attacking' us over Gaza report
10:36:22a Cat's Demise Prompts Rumors of Thatcher Death
10:36:27a Symonds back, as Bulls beat SA
10:36:32a Rooney can lead from front
10:36:37a PHOTOS Olympus E-P2 digital camera
10:36:42a Stupak amendment hijacks health care reform
10:36:48a Medvedev assures world Russia wants cooperation
10:36:53a Neil Oliver, author, broadcaster and archaeological expert
10:36:58a Pakistan suicide bombings mount to 5 in 6 days
10:37:04a Some participants say their responses rejected
10:37:09a Benue Fashion Week Debuts
10:37:15a High-speed train derails in western Turkey
10:37:20a Dont Count Your Chickens
10:37:26a Turkey 'Would Not Say No' to Storing Iran's Uranium
10:37:31a Eucharia Anunobi, Shan George Turn Comedians
10:37:36a Four killed as vehicle hits wall
10:37:42a Hatchets and hostages – the old days of Mao's revolution
10:37:47a Britain's top bakers and chocolatiers serve up their finest festive biscuits and tree decorations
10:37:52a Offense scores another big win Bethel Park tops Shaler
10:38:04a Spurs goalkeeper crash driver is an Arsenal fan
10:38:09a Donald Trump sued over failed condo project
10:38:14a NASA says it sees water on moon
10:38:23a Recession Over in Euro Zone, Report Says
10:38:28a Why this is the best deal for investors
10:38:34a First step to Iraq's elections
10:38:39a Love And Envy Linked By Same Hormone, Oxytocin
10:38:44a Galaxy advances to MLS Cup final
10:38:50a NASA experiment reveals large volume of water on moon
10:38:55a Ecstatic Nasa scientists find 'buckets' of water on the Moon
10:39:00a Dounreay's air mishaps go online
10:39:06a Pacquiao can take final step towards clinching the most thrilling fight of all time
10:39:11a Seasoned reps 'deserve to start'
10:39:16a Bridgeport, Eltham in Manning Cup derby
10:39:22a South-South dialogue to start in Khartoum Saturday
10:39:27a Chasing smoke
10:39:33a Colombia must pay for innocent man's death
10:39:38a Police's image being tested by public chief
10:39:44a Vets in Pioneer Homes to get meds
10:39:49a Catching the Ocean's Largest Predator
10:39:55a The web needs to be more lifelike
10:40:00a Forest Park Hospital CEO steps down
10:40:05a St. Pete defense contractor issues microchip alert
10:40:11a Rosetta makes final home call
10:40:16a Freedom's Not Just Another Word
10:40:22a Back up claims with proof
10:40:28a Rooney set for captain's role in Brazil friendly
10:40:33a Piezoelectronics gets green makeover
10:40:38a Turkey offers to store uranium for Iran
10:40:43a Driver exposed to toxic spill
10:40:49a Guns and ammunition seized
10:40:54a Dell to Launch Smart Phone in China, Brazil
10:41:00a Northwest Crime Tracker for Nov. 5-11
10:41:05a Only victory can calm the storm for Johnson
10:41:11a Notts hand trial to Swedish forward
10:41:16a New Way To Biopsy Brain Tumors In Real Time
10:41:22a Food Science And Clinical Science Joined For The First Time In A Periodical
10:41:28a Fiji Blues trio in Asia-Pacific team
10:41:33a The Prime Minister's black week suddenly turns rosy
10:41:39a Top lawyer quits at White House
10:41:44a Holy Names, Berkeley step up
10:41:50a Studying Women's Roles In The Military
10:41:55a Dutch propose full-scale road pricing system
10:42:27a Youths See All Parental Control Negatively When There's A Lot Of It
10:42:33a Candidates chosen for O'Fallon, Mo., city administrator, police chief
10:42:38a Azmin hits back, claiming he never owned RM8.5mil in shares
10:42:43a The Passion of the Right
10:42:49a The pig mural and free speech
10:42:54a Magnitude 5.3 quake hits Santa Cruz Islands
10:42:59a Satellite Confirms Ida's Low Is Finally Moving Way From East Coast
10:43:05a Re-examining history brings important insights
10:43:15a Woods suffers slump in Melbourne
10:43:20a Nasinu out to better record
10:43:26a 'Kyoto principles' crucial in climate talks China
10:43:31a 50 practical tips to save you half a lifetime
10:43:36a Parrish eases to victory
10:43:42a Obama says US won't 'be cowed' by N Korea's threats
10:43:47a Gryphons' Davies commits to Spartans
10:43:52a Shamita out of Bigg Boss for Shilpa's wedding
10:43:58a APEC Economic Leaders Meeting kicks off
10:44:03a Ironman Set For Tomorrow
10:44:08a I'd have killed myself if I listened to critics Domenech
10:44:14a Analyse that
10:44:19a Alonso's Chickillo, Plant's Ely invited to U.S. Army National Combine
10:44:25a Drivers pushing for strong finish
10:44:30a Lou Dobbs, Sammy Sosa Make For A Week Of Surprises
10:44:36a Bucs try to keep things rolling
10:44:41a A Return to American Justice
10:44:46a China urges EU to do more beneficial deeds for...
10:44:52a Vivendi set to take control of GVT
10:44:57a Sonnanstine ready to rebound in 2010
10:45:03a No more sidelined, Chinese animation labeled 'creative'...
10:45:09a Rose takes lead at Disney World
10:45:14a Netherlands to levy 'green' road tax by the kilometre
10:45:19a Lot at stake for Ella's men
10:45:24a Letter from U.S. Members of Congress to the President on China's Involvement in Sudan
10:45:30a 6th Man Charged in Mo. Sex Abuse Case
10:45:35a Prosperous China strengthens all nations
10:45:40a Four men sought over home invasion in Lower Hutt
10:45:46a Palin book goes rogue with some facts
10:45:51a Regulators shut 2 Fla. banks; 122 failures in '09
10:45:56a Chicago Onrec Expo Highlights 'Head-Spinning' Evolution in Recruitment
10:46:01a Liu Xiang wins third Asian hurdles title
10:46:06a A Recovery for Some
10:46:12a Pearce expects McClaren return
10:46:17a Modified Xboxes flood eBay after ban
10:46:25a The Saudi conflict with Yemenis bears watching
10:46:30a Bareback poster of Kareena has Sena activists fuming
10:46:35a Public to be extra cautious towards dengue
10:46:41a Edmonton rapist Samuel Luin deported to Sudan
10:46:46a China allocates central investment for stimulus plan
10:46:52a Ireland reveals divisions in Trapattoni's squad
10:46:57a Track success propels Japan to close gap with China on...
10:47:03a Dobbs a creature of era
10:47:08a Unruly Kelantan fans identified Police
10:47:14a Rehab project to close Plant City reservoir
10:47:19a We should stop outsourcing the Pakistan problem to the US
10:47:24a Indian forces were on high alert on Lanka's fear of army coup
10:47:30a Taser gang targets 'high value' Heathrow computer consignment
10:47:35a Man jailed for illegally borrowing 400 mln yuan from public
10:47:40a Twin Suicide Bombings Hit Northwest Pakistan
10:47:46a Entrepreneurs expect better export prospect next year
10:47:51a Struggling studio MGM says it's looking for buyer
10:47:56a UC plan to raise fees breaks its own rules
10:48:02a Ex-Met chief slams 'private police'
10:48:07a US To Try 9/11 Suspects In Civilian Court
10:48:12a Wasilla man lottery winner
10:48:17a Further develop cross-Straits ties
10:48:22a SIM Card operated Phone Booths
10:48:28a People Want Technology Focused On Results, Not ''Solutions''
10:48:33a Sale dominate in the north
10:48:39a Microsoft 'Sudo' Patent No Danger To Unix
10:48:44a New email marketing solution for business as DMC Software partner with Swiftpage
10:48:50a Silicon Storage Technology to be acquired in more than deal
10:48:55a Whisper it, but Whitehall is already preparing for a change at No 10
10:49:00a Chinese veterans win pairs short program
10:49:06a Founder of Firearm Fingerprinting Technology to Receive Honorary Doctorate
10:49:11a Lufwanyama courts need rehab- Lawyer
10:49:17a Amazon called out over cloud security, secrecy
10:49:22a BNP to discuss membership changes
10:49:28a Trap names starting 10
10:49:33a The power of emails
10:49:38a 120 stations to get revamp
10:49:44a How Sri Lanka's World Cup venues were chosen
10:49:49a Sudanese delegation in Washington to discuss lifting sanctions
10:49:55a 2 French sailors rescued in trans-Atlantic race
10:50:00a India second worst terror-hit country, says NGO
10:50:06a Jazz being encouraged to spread its wings
10:50:20a John Humphrys on telling a story in 140 characters
10:50:25a Former eBay CEO Defends Skype Buy
10:50:30a Durham Police website hacked by SQL injection
10:50:36a European, US stocks advance on retailer earns
10:50:41a Miller Four critical Israeli-Palestinian issues
10:50:47a From Montreux Music Competition to Los Angeles Debut, a Star is Born... in Azerbaijan
10:50:52a People Zsa Zsal Gabor
10:50:58a ‘72 years old I am, and I used to be 14’
10:51:03a HRW calls on India to change its Burma policy – Zarni Mann
10:51:09a City gets zero bids for animal control
10:51:14a Hacking Privileged Database User Access
10:51:19a Jeff Bower huddles up with his players
10:51:24a What IT Teams Bring To Green Building Efforts
10:51:30a Cleantech Open Adds Two New Speakers to 'Academy Awards of Clean Technology' Gala Line-Up
10:51:35a DHL warns of hoax email
10:51:40a High Court accepts Suu Kyi's revision case application
10:51:46a Clearswift becomes latest IT security firm to embrace the cloud
10:51:51a The Big Apple Is Good for Apple Inc.
10:51:56a Carmelo Anthony goes to the basket
10:52:01a Lift the cloud over JPL
10:52:07a Heavy snow storms kill 40 in China
10:52:13a Rail barrier proposals scrapped
10:52:18a Drive, fight and be a 'DJ Hero'
10:52:24a Bill Cosby drops in and gets laughs from Van Tech students
10:52:29a Flickr and Snapfish announce online printing deal
10:52:34a Man U's Evans follows Fergie in referees blast
10:52:39a PLP MPs contest writ filed by Laing
10:52:45a Bostock makes Bees move
10:52:50a Argentina's winger Horacio Agulla
10:52:55a BREEF launches environmental eco-school program
10:53:01a Pacquiao to perform at post-match concert
10:53:06a Bomb explodes at deputy’s home
10:53:12a Why Obama Will Meet with a Leader of Burma's Junta
10:53:17a Ronaldo, Henry fear missing 2010
10:53:22a 2 computer programmers are arrested in Madoff fraud case
10:53:27a Jet Airways flyers may now search for the lowest fares via sms
10:53:33a Fire at indoor SKorean shooting range kills 10
10:53:38a The most glorious time warp in sport
10:53:44a Power Team crusade coming to GB
10:53:49a US' Punjabi village gets its first Sikh Mayor
10:53:54a New terminal rising from ground at LPIA
10:53:59a Tech Council of Maryland Announces Winners of 2009 CIOCTO Live! Awards
10:54:05a Asean offers US first meeting with Burma leader – Kevin Brown and Edward Luce
10:54:10a The fight over ending the city controller-city attorney fight
10:54:16a Burmese currency touches record high
10:54:21a Apple's House Rules Won't Be the Death of App Development
10:54:27a Google Greasing Chrome OS for Launch
10:54:32a Office 2010 public beta leaks to Internet
10:54:37a Qualcomm Revamping Brew Platform
10:54:42a Madoff's personal belongings up for auction
10:54:59a Stone crushers to be removed from Margalla Hills
10:55:05a 'I want near Manny's'
10:55:10a Algerian court sentences Al Qaeda leader to death
10:55:16a Recession covers the whole of 2009
10:55:21a Gaitor murder trial jury selected
10:55:31a Hyperdynamics Makes Headway with 2D Seismic Offshore Guinea
10:55:40a Hodgson eager to have his say against Argentina
10:55:45a In Korea, a round on the world's most dangerous golf course
10:55:50a Jalapeno Cantina Mexicana Gives Filipinos the Ultimate Mexican Dining Experience
10:55:56a Panthers beat Wofford, 63-60
10:56:01a Suspects go free in police rape case
10:56:07a Lawmaker says suspect had links to Pakistan
10:56:12a Royal Arts Academy Berths in Nollywood
10:56:18a Crown wants life for Quebecer
10:56:23a Caravan of thousands to Luisita set on Monday
10:56:28a Labour hails 'thumping' victory
10:56:34a SPLM vows no concessions in South Sudan referendum
10:56:39a Diplomatic relations established between Union of Myanmar and Kingdom of Bahrain
10:56:45a Lebanon's new Cabinet leery of Hezbollah dispute
10:56:50a Intelestream and GrinMark Partner to Provide Microsoft Office Addin for Open Source CRM Customers