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12:00:05a Q&A What is Your Holiday Message?

12:00:11a Chop Suey Is it American or Chinese Cuisine?
12:00:17a Riots Over Israel West Bank Heritage Sites
12:00:23a Mexico security forces committing rights abuses HRW
12:00:28a Movies to Watch Out For in 2010
12:00:34a Rail worker industrial action suspended
12:00:40a Gov't denies targeting PNP politicians in tax-dodgers hunt
12:00:46a New Afghanistan Plan Money and Work for Moderate Taliban
12:00:51a Uganda I Was Not Involved in the Bicycle Scandal- Minister Adolf Mwesige
12:00:57a Appeal court hands down 18-year jail term for Putten murder
12:01:03a Mortgage repossessions tick up in Q3 CML
12:01:08a Scabies Treatments can readily ease the itching
12:01:14a China's World Cup hopes on knife-edge
12:01:19a Where's the eurozone's white knight? Not in China.
12:01:25a Crosby won't play for Penguins this weekend
12:01:31a Three Christians Killed in Attacks in Nigeria's Kaduna State
12:01:37a Reports Claim Some Honey Is Not Real
12:01:42a OMG!!11! Police Brutality At #OccupyRiverside!
12:01:48a Skin cancer genes breakthrough
12:01:53a France and Spain next in firing line as markets up pressure
12:01:59a Easy Dressings
12:02:04a Russian Mars Probe To Fall To Earth Unless Fix Is Found
12:02:10a Pumpkin Pie in the Raw!
12:02:15a UK students protest fee hike
12:02:21a New Zealand man wanted on drugs charges
12:02:27a James Murdoch Denies He Knew of Phone-Hacking
12:02:33a Refugee Grants Doubled
12:02:38a Mayo father of two killed in single-car crash
12:02:44a Workers set up for Adult Swim Block Party tonight in Old Town Fort Collins
12:02:49a Look Out, Siri! Here Comes Amazon's Yap
12:02:55a New Greek PM faces long to-do list
12:03:00a Nvidia's quarterly revenue beats Street
12:03:07a A close call for space station crew members
12:03:12a Renren reports Q3 EPS 3c vs. consensus 1c
12:03:18a Professor of Piano ‘Pianist was outstanding’
12:03:24a Former Attijariwafa Bank CEO sentenced to 15-year prison term
12:03:29a Dance Studio Owner ‘Really impressed’
12:03:35a Six NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
12:03:41a I-5 paving north of Burlington takes winter break
12:03:58a Storm Hits West
12:04:04a China Becomes Largest Exporter; Trade Surplus Falls 34 Percent
12:04:10a Sorcery and Witchcraft Still Blight on Middle East
12:04:15a McDonnell says GOP gains repudiation of Obama
12:04:21a Five Minutes With... Richard Hawley
12:04:26a Fire ban lifted at Phoenix mountain preserves
12:04:32a Company President Feels 'Wonderful' While Watching Shen Yun
12:04:38a Church Fires Puzzle East Texans
12:04:43a BoT Grapples With Monetary Growth
12:04:49a AEGON builds on first quarter success with Poland merger approval
12:04:54a Syrian actress appears in Homs
12:05:00a 'Trepidation' of panda zoo keeper
12:05:06a Movie Review 'Precious A Novel By Sapphire'
12:05:11a More money for 2degrees
12:05:17a Fine Gael TDs turn on Kenny over Cardiff and Vatican Embassy
12:05:23a China stocks waver modestly Wednesday
12:05:29a Foiling the Palestinian bid
12:05:34a New movement in Madagascar stand-still
12:05:40a NYU gears up for first-ever Entrepreneurs Festival
12:05:45a Psychotherapist Finds Shen Yun ‘very moving,’ ‘very beautiful’
12:05:51a Gabon opposition chief faces treason case
12:05:57a Fresh sparring between BJP-Congress over Pakistan PM
12:06:02a MSG Celebrates 75th Anniversary of College Basketball
12:06:08a Drama Teacher ‘I was blown away by their precision’
12:06:14a NOAA Names New Director of National Severe Storms Laboratory
12:06:19a Brooklyn Children's Museum Holds Winter Break Fest
12:06:25a It's about human rights
12:06:30a Sinochem Mulls Billion Shanghai IPO
12:06:36a Danish Police Thwarted Attack on Mohammad Cartoon Author
12:06:41a KCRA 3 Live Triple Doppler
12:06:47a Sanctions not appropriate way to resolve Iran's nuclear issue China
12:06:52a Bronx Zoo Holds Ice Sculpture Contest
12:06:58a Internet hackers should ‘face jail’
12:07:04a Taylor Lautner It's 'impossible to avoid' reading Internet rumors
12:07:09a Mythical Legend Researcher 'I saw the beauty that transcends all times'
12:07:15a Obama Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony Draws 800 Supporters, 2,300 Police in Oslo
12:07:23a Kiev closely watching deployment of NATO missile shield in Romania
12:07:28a U.S. Says Haiti's Election Improves on November 2010 Vote
12:07:34a Commentary Reflecting On Penn State Abuse Scandal
12:07:39a New Airport Access Road Dedicated
12:07:45a Libya's new leaders to bet on economic diversity
12:07:51a Victims' relatives will attend Oslo gunman's court date
12:07:56a Silicon Valley Shoreditch really?
12:08:02a Health minister 'very hopeful' new children's hospital will escape cuts
12:08:08a Defense grills judge as suspect is arraigned in Cuba
12:08:14a Boy to meet his fate in Bali court
12:08:19a Exchange Student Loved Shen Yun
12:08:25a Coal firms lose rail corridor legal fight
12:08:31a Audit Naval Academy wasted 3.5M on contract
12:08:36a Gary Clement on Obama's position on the Keystone pipeline
12:08:42a St. Vincent's Gets Another Bailout, Still Shaky
12:08:48a Toll mounts after new Turkey quake
12:08:53a America's Real Iran Problem
12:08:59a Official Stands Trial for Role in Chinese Anti-Virus Industry Scandal
12:09:04a Miley Cyrus Gets a Tattoo, Is She Growing Up?
12:09:10a Interior Designer Praises Shen Yun’s ‘powerful message’
12:09:15a the barriers and the way forward
12:09:21a Will Senators Reassert Their Constitutional Authority, or Capitulate to Obamas Authoritarianism?
12:09:27a VIDEO Who will be Italy's next leader?
12:09:32a Australian IMF funding justifiable Abbott
12:09:38a General Motors Fights to Stay Relevant
12:09:44a Saphire to replace Bartlett
12:09:50a 'EastEnders' Cheryl Fergison marries Moroccan lover for second time
12:09:55a The Large-Billed Reed Warbler Rediscovered
12:10:01a Big-Box Retailer Begins Black Friday On Thanksgiving 10 Nov 2011 161042 GMT
12:10:06a Fat children likely to be obese adults with related health problems
12:10:12a Man Sentenced For Stealing Dead Mother's Money
12:10:18a Dominican Republic's highest honor for Jimmy Carter
12:10:23a Inspired Stars Off to Face Chad
12:10:29a Protest Demands Free MetroCards for Students
12:10:35a Cheap Trick plans eatery, museum in Chicago
12:10:40a David Cameron under fire for No 10 Crown Prince photocall
12:10:49a China challenges Western pathway to prosperity
12:10:54a Survey Consumers Choose Investing Over Shopping
12:11:00a Dance Teacher Says Shen Yun's Performance is 'From their soul'
12:11:05a Call to cut crime risk to public
12:11:11a South Africa Outsurance 702 Pointsmen Project Open for Public Tender
12:11:17a Northern Manhattan Cracks Down on 'Nutcracker' Sales
12:11:23a Ohio Union Fight Amendment
12:11:29a 40-year storm's hurricane-force winds batter Alaska coast
12:11:35a The Coming Age of Open Source Technology
12:11:41a China executes 'land granny' for corruption spree
12:11:46a Rep. Maloney-Sponsored Credit Card Reform Starts This Week
12:11:52a Mauritius foresees strengthened growth
12:11:57a Kremlin faces big hit in Libya
12:12:03a Bridging the racial divide
12:12:09a Stephen Todd to run for the PLP
12:12:15a Quake Jars Southwest China Near Myanmar; 6 Injured
12:12:20a Shen Yun 'A beautiful show'
12:12:26a Attorney 'Very professional, very lovely'
12:12:32a Fact Sheet on U.S.-Chile Trade and Investment
12:12:37a Stylist Rachel Zoe Won't Let Jennifer Garner Wear Maternity Clothes
12:12:43a Shen Yun to Open at Montreal’s Most Prestigious Theatre
12:12:49a Haiti's Worst Aftershock Causes Further Devastation
12:12:55a Suspect in Colo. school shootings avoids prison/tit
12:13:01a Think small, reap big
12:13:06a Michigan House OKs anti-bullying bill without ifs or buts
12:13:12a Wounded Libyan fighters recover at Mass. hospital
12:13:18a China Blocks Decision on Iran Sanctions
12:13:23a Victoria’s Design District ‘encompasses a lifestyle’
12:13:29a Stanishev supported Barroso for a second term
12:13:35a U.N. Panel’s Himalayan Glacier Meltdown Claims Erroneous
12:13:40a FIT pauses to recall training-crash victims
12:13:46a RAK airport expansion underway
12:13:51a Thieves steal model car from Canada Line art installation
12:13:57a Doctor of Music ‘You’d just imagine the music is coming from the heavens’
12:14:03a Sexlessness and Britain's monarchical succession
12:14:08a Mass. Gov. Patrick to write book on politics
12:14:14a Beyond the Banks Three More Ways to Move Your Money Away from Corporations
12:14:19a UNESCO won't take on new projects this year
12:14:25a Shops told to sell tomatoes at a loss
12:14:30a Late Concession in Illinois Governor Race
12:14:35a Executive Notes Delicacy, Passion
12:14:41a More People Frozen to Death in Europe as Cold Winter Continues
12:14:47a Panetta Protect 'honor' of remains
12:14:52a Tavern's Last Day Busy Like Any Other
12:14:57a 200,000 babies 'at risk of abuse'
12:15:03a Win rugby league tickets to see England v New Zealand
12:15:09a Ultrasonic Nozzle Will Change The Way Water Cleans
12:15:14a How to Focus at Work
12:15:20a French riot police give advice to UK
12:15:26a Billy Crystal tweets I'm hosting the Oscars
12:15:32a Berlin to withdraw hundreds of troops from Afghanistan by early 2013
12:15:37a Tough to find an AED in a hotel
12:15:42a Yale Skull and Bones Auctioned at Christie’s
12:15:48a Senate Dems move to repeal DOMA
12:15:54a Scranton man arrested in Hawley after walking out of hospital in shackles
12:16:00a 2 ratio of officials to athletes for Games
12:16:05a Oops! Rick Perry proves two out of three ain't good
12:16:11a Colo. Corpsman Killed In Iraq Gets Posthumous Degree
12:16:16a 'Macaco' sentenced to 33 years in US prison for drug, terror convictions
12:16:22a Dancer Amazed by Shen Yun Dancers
12:16:28a Hiwin Technologies’ October Sales Hit All-time High
12:16:34a Names of accused parties wanted
12:16:39a Green Products Introduced at Times Square
12:16:45a Burkitt's Lymphoma Generally Rare But Common In Children In Equatorial Africa
12:16:50a World in Brief, Dec. 17
12:16:56a Russia rejects call for more sanctions
12:17:01a SGAM sells London business
12:17:07a Dems' Houck concedes, GOP clenches Senate majority
12:17:13a Police 'Think about the families' before you post on Facebook
12:17:18a Shen Yun 'An aesthetic experience' Says Chinese Professor
12:17:24a Past Future Tense
12:17:29a Former Ballerina Finds Show 'Absolutely gorgeous'
12:17:35a Botulism warning over jars of paste
12:17:40a Mayors across Canada frustrated with Occupy protests
12:17:57a Macao's population increases by 0.35 pct in Q3
12:18:03a Indigenous peoples foundation brings cinema to Taiwan tribal villages
12:18:08a Liberia Riot Suspects Released
12:18:14a Aztec Ceremonial Platform Discovered in Mexico
12:18:19a ConocoPhillips names refining company Phillips 66
12:18:25a Greece search for new leader hits snag
12:18:30a Vice President Joe Biden
12:18:36a Gop Claims Va. Senate Majority After Dem Concedes
12:18:41a Rajoy promises support for entrepreneurs and says politicians should not have privileges
12:18:47a Tajik lawyer of Russian pilots drafts cassation appeal
12:18:53a Nick Jonas to play a deadbeat dad on 'Last Man Standing'
12:18:59a Four Killed in Helicopter Crash in Hawaii
12:19:04a USS Carr Visits GTMO
12:19:10a Detained Irish activists due to depart Israel
12:19:15a Former Professional Dancer 'Very, very spiritual'
12:19:21a Senate passes veterans jobs act backed by Murray
12:19:27a Newport News man accused of cruelty, injury to child
12:19:32a Shen Yun’s 2010 World Tour Arrives in Florida
12:19:38a B.C. union leaders divided on next Occupy Vancouver actions
12:19:49a Greek coalition will do 'all it can' to keep in the euro
12:19:54a Brazil Overtakes The UK
12:20:00a Human Rights Award for Malaysian Group Against Security Law
12:20:05a Hostess Gifts With Style
12:20:11a Obama visit to reinforce Asia-Pacific commitment
12:20:17a Wage Negotiations Progress for Kingsbridge Armory Project
12:20:22a Bad Credit Good Hire?
12:20:28a Man surrenders peacefull to SWAT officers after standoff
12:20:33a Crude oil heads higher
12:20:39a Ohio poll worker charged with biting voter's nose
12:20:45a Tropical Storm SEAN Advisory 11A Forecast Cone of Uncertainty
12:20:50a Judgment reserved in Jim Mansfield action
12:20:56a Health Care Reform A Step Forward But Long Road Ahead
12:21:02a First AmeriCares U.S. Disaster Relief Grants Awarded
12:21:08a Home and Garden Tips From The National Home Show
12:21:13a After Pipe Problems, Water Restored In West Sac
12:21:19a Researchers Simulate World's First Complete H1N1 Influenza Virus
12:21:24a 20 miners killed in China coal mine accident, 24 trapped
12:21:30a Disney 4Q beats estimates on pay TV growth
12:21:40a Standoff in North Huntsville ends peacefully
12:21:46a Mitch Sneaks In A Song Redo
12:21:51a First trailer for 'Snow White and the Huntsman' unveiled
12:21:57a LBJ Express Project Driving Away Business?
12:22:03a Japan Air Files for Bankruptcy
12:22:08a Brazil Association President 'It’s a Beautiful Gift!'
12:22:14a James Murdoch Others misled Parliament
12:22:19a Dubai's Burj Khalifa and the 'Curse of the Skyscraper'
12:22:25a Front-Page EDITORIAL A crisis is upon us
12:22:31a Homicides May be Counted as Suicides Among Chinese Officialdom
12:22:36a Panasonic Takes Control of Sanyo for Billion
12:22:42a 'Appalling vista' as quarter of nine-year-olds are fat - but parents are in denial
12:22:48a Exxon Makes Billion Purchase of XTO Energy
12:22:53a Grandmother’s Advice Natural Hair Care
12:22:59a Sony Developing New Kind of TV
12:23:05a St. John's crawling with earwigs
12:23:10a Squadron to put training to the test in Afghanistan
12:23:16a Panetta orders review of Dover body parts case
12:23:21a FDA Okays First Cord Blood Product
12:23:27a Casting news for Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host'
12:23:32a Shen Yun Shows Software Manager 'the world through different eyes'
12:23:38a Dire warning of 2012 double-dip recession
12:23:43a 'People were complex 12,000 years ago'
12:23:49a San Diego Mayor Sends Greeting to Shen Yun Performing Arts
12:23:55a U.S. Seeks Trade Deal at Asia Summit
12:24:00a Many Smokers Want to Quit, but Few Succeed
12:24:07a Google Loses Dispute
12:24:13a ECB's Stark rejects idea of lending to governments as last-ditch effort
12:24:18a World in Brief, Dec. 27, 2009
12:24:24a Oral Roberts Memorial Service Attended By Thousands
12:24:29a Bryant Gumbel Announces Battle With Cancer
12:24:35a Shen Yun Ancient Stories are Wonderful
12:24:40a Advisor to Iranian Supreme Leader Insults President Obama
12:24:46a 20 things to know before moving to Sweden
12:24:52a Firefighters still battle forest fires in Russia's Far East
12:24:57a On Harper and China What Exactly Is Wrong With Raising Human Rights?
12:25:03a S.Africa's Zuma pledges to help stabilise Libya
12:25:09a Copenhagen Becomes Battleground as Climate Change Activists Push For a New Treaty
12:25:14a Heineken Cup, Pool 3
12:25:20a EPA plagued with poor budgetary and workforce organization, GAO reports
12:25:25a Zambia President Sata Mourns Winstone Zulu
12:25:31a Milan Lucic on Hockey Night In Canada Radio
12:25:37a All change as Britain's high-speed rail plan hits the buffers
12:25:42a LSU's Miles, Oklahoma State's Gundy linked by time together, on path for national title
12:25:48a Wisdom of a Superior Court Judge
12:25:53a Suwon Mayor Wants All Suwon Residents to 'Come to see this show'
12:25:59a Police Nearly Naked Man Robs Liquor Store
12:26:07a Ferrer makes quarter-finals in Bercy
12:26:13a Bolivia expects huge benefits from Chinese-built satellite
12:26:19a First Nations' fishing rights ruling to come Thursday
12:26:24a President's Council Volunteer Shen Yun ‘just phenomenal’
12:26:30a Using Viagra to combat malignant melanoma
12:26:36a Bernanke keeps focus on jobs, warns on Europe
12:26:41a Rick Perry on CNBC More Than Just a Gaffe
12:26:48a Fatal clashes as Nicaragua rivals dispute Ortega victory
12:26:53a Shen Yun Warms Boston Audience
12:26:59a Senate OKs a bit of the jobs plan
12:27:05a Chinese divers don't dream of gold sweep in London
12:27:11a Thanksgiving Dinner Costs
12:27:16a Putin visits submarine building centre
12:27:22a Makeup of Makeup Decoding Blush
12:27:27a Senate swings to the left
12:27:33a Sofia's Mayor-reelect Replaces Half of District Mayor Team
12:27:38a U.S. stocks recover despite Europe woes
12:27:44a Senators seek to bar two Russian generals from U.S.
12:27:49a White Rock moves home from Gibraltar to Malta
12:27:55a Schools look to Finland for ideas
12:28:00a Former Enterprise CO named temporary skipper on Truman
12:28:06a Argentine Judge Issues Arrest Warrants for Chinese Officials
12:28:12a Iran Vows to Counter Foreign Strike with 'Iron Fist'
12:28:18a 'Moment of truth' looming for euro-currency nations Cameron
12:28:23a British investment fund to invest 500 million Euro in Paterna
12:28:29a Valentine's Day Diamond Dig 14 Feb 2011 141021 GMT
12:28:35a Australians Invite Wildlife For a Drink, Says Expert
12:28:40a Mul-Yam, Top Quality for 15 years
12:28:46a DOJ verifying Arroyo asylum plan in Dominican Republic
12:28:52a Local bourse dives amid Europe debt concerns
12:28:57a World of Warcraft Subscriber Count Still Sinking, Now at 10.3 Million
12:29:03a Hong Kong Lawmakers Praise Spanish Court’s Landmark Decision
12:29:09a Did Charles Babbage invent the programmable computer in 1830?
12:29:15a Moscow court to begin trial on merits of Yukos co-owner Dubov
12:29:20a Feeble EU economy may stifle Iran sanctions drive
12:29:26a Ohio State football cited for 'failure to monitor'; will lose five scholarships
12:29:32a U.S. Support for Japan Unwavering in Face of Disasters
12:29:38a Toyota Announces Worldwide Recall for Prius Brake Pedals
12:29:45a Dutch tax authorities rule on landmark tax rebate for UK pension funds
12:29:51a Afghan President Conveys Condolences Over Death of Canadians
12:29:57a World in Brief, Jan. 11, 2010
12:30:02a State House passes anti-bullying bill without controversial language
12:30:08a Study gauges global influenza impact on children
12:30:25a Nigeria Islamists joining with jihadists army
12:30:30a Dancer 'It's a new kind of experience for us'
12:30:35a Deer with taco craving crashes through restaurant window
12:30:41a Pit bull attack leaves 2-year-old Port Orange boy critical
12:30:47a 'Facing budget crunch, UNESCO suspends all spending'
12:30:52a Azerbaijani diaspora of Poland sends letter of protest to Russian envoy
12:30:58a ‘The dancers were very impressive’
12:31:03a NASA Challenges Students With Space Exploration Technology
12:31:09a Iranian Opposition Leader Mousavi Fired From Cultural Post
12:31:15a Major economic steps by new Libya leaders unli
12:31:20a Business Owner and Father of Ten Sees Shen Yun
12:31:26a Michigan attorney general Police can seize medical pot, but not return it to patients
12:31:32a 18-year-old dies in beach burial
12:31:37a Showdown looms in Prey Lang
12:31:43a AIG Pays Million in Bonus Money
12:31:48a Jon Stewart Oh, the Hermanity!
12:31:54a Tribal courts lack power over non-Indian abusers
12:32:00a A Dictionary of Terms for the Shafted political policing
12:32:06a Rick Perry Drawing A Blank, Is It Really That Big Of A Deal?
12:32:11a Burma's pensioners hard put to make ends meet – Sai Zom Hseng
12:32:17a TV Administrator Says 'The best story telling I've heard'
12:32:22a Former Dancer Praises Choreography in Shen Yun
12:32:28a Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster
12:32:33a boy killed in anti-government march
12:32:39a Powell granted bail, prosecution objects
12:32:44a 'It's absolutely wonderful!'
12:32:50a Tuk tuks thrive on Paris streets
12:32:55a Warning over fake fines website
12:33:01a Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger strike a pose for HM
12:33:06a Snowboarders Are Weird
12:33:12a Credit Card Holders Feel Pinch While Lenders Profit
12:33:17a Earl Jones Pleads Guilty, Judge Drops Eight Charges
12:33:23a ‘Line Dance Is for Everybody’
12:33:28a Poll shows partial retention of MMP wanted
12:33:34a Union message in Rep. Paul Scott defeat
12:33:39a Failed Afghan road project shows pitfalls of U.S. efforts
12:33:45a Chipmaker Nvidia's quarterly results beats Street
12:33:51a Lithuania's takes on Gazprom
12:33:58a Market spikes eurozone's guns
12:34:04a Australia Scraps Refugee Deal With Malaysia
12:34:09a Global Tower Partners Acquires Centennial Towers CR, SRL
12:34:15a HMS Belfast axed from Olympic ad
12:34:21a Actor Ashton Kutcher
12:34:26a Regulators Close Georgia Bank
12:34:32a Cop disciplined for pulling over FHP trooper
12:34:38a Mayor About Shen Yun ‘In two hours, you go through thousands of years’
12:34:43a Mantic Ritual Next Attack from Executioner
12:34:49a Male neighbor says he smoked with Baby Lisa's mom on night girl vanished
12:34:55a German Parent May Sell T-Mobile USA, Reports Say
12:35:00a Final 'Inheritance' novel has big opening day
12:35:06a Former RCMP spokeswoman details years of sexual harassment
12:35:12a Give your firm a head start with LBA initiative
12:35:17a Lawyer 'I congratulate those who put it together'
12:35:23a Full marks to Saudis, says Danish journalist
12:35:28a Cuba's Release of Last Political Prisoners from 2003 Crackdown
12:35:34a Roommate testifies on relationship with man accused in bartender slaying
12:35:40a Country-Russia Forum Importance Stressed
12:35:46a Deputy Attorney General David Ogden to Step Down in February 2010
12:35:53a Fergie Josh duhamel renew wedding vows
12:35:58a Zhu Zhu Pets Recall Denied By Manufacturer
12:36:04a Romanian Presidential Elections Deepen the Political Crisis
12:36:10a St. Vincent's Employees Get Salary Reductions
12:36:16a Catching up with Interlake running back Jordan Todd
12:36:22a Journalist Exchanges Promised from U.S.-Russia Conference
12:36:27a Iran president's nuclear defiance
12:36:33a Ahern, Cowen top of pile in pension payout
12:36:38a Zimbabwe Mugabe 'Too Sick' to Cap NUST Graduates
12:36:44a High-Speed Rail official hoping for Obama win, traffic
12:36:49a Touch-oriented apps A developer's guide
12:36:55a S.Africa's Zuma pledges to help stabilise Libya
12:37:01a Kenya wants to attract up to 100,000 Russians by 2015 – ambassador
12:37:06a Analysts bullish on Melco earnings
12:37:12a GOP voters haven't picked yet, but it's already Obama vs. Romney
12:37:18a Israel, Ireland and Italy
12:37:23a Austrians become sponsors of CSKA
12:37:29a S.Africa's gold output down 9 pct y/y in Sept
12:37:34a Deutsche Telekom profits up in third quarter
12:37:40a Shen Yun Has a Good Message for the World Says Business Owner
12:37:45a Real Estate Story of 2009 Foreclosures and Mortgage-Related Uglies
12:37:53a White House No Apology from Obama “Hot Mic” Comments About Netanyahu
12:37:58a Most American smokers say they want to quit health agency
12:38:04a Demonstrators Demand Compensation in Front of Goldman Sachs Building
12:38:10a CM promises Piped gas, Rs 20,000 development plan for Hyderabad
12:38:15a Curiosity Can Lead to Useful Discoveries, Says Nobel Prize Winner
12:38:21a Former Dancer ‘Impressed by the teamwork of the dancers’
12:38:26a New Technology Coming to a Web-Based Cyber Cloud Near You
12:38:32a Slain agent's family rips Holder
12:38:37a Planting Season Puts Focus on Food Security in Haiti
12:38:43a Ed Lee wins San Francisco mayor's race
12:38:48a The Hague supports tougher sanctions against Iran
12:38:54a Bank tipped to reject new QE dose
12:39:00a Wilkinson condemns 'naive' England team mates
12:39:05a Rotary Club pushing voluntarism with service challenge
12:39:11a US soldier found guilty in Afghanistan thrill killings
12:39:17a Record year so far for Paris tourism
12:39:22a Hindus should oppose Communal Violence Bill VHP
12:39:28a Soldier found guilty of murdering Afghans
12:39:34a AG pulls out of 34 drug, gang units
12:39:39a Industry-University Partnerships a Way Forward, Says NY Report
12:39:45a Swedish firefighter wins affirmative action suit
12:39:51a Alzheimer's expert shares his knowledge at Knoxville event
12:39:57a Consumer's guide to downloadable gifts
12:40:02a GOP Debate Thread 2
12:40:08a Phyllis Chesler Interviews Carol Gould
12:40:13a Almost 80% of Lands Granted in Usufruct Already Being Exploited
12:40:19a Santiago de Cuba Women Participate in Social and Economic Development
12:40:25a Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle Program Kickoffs
12:40:30a Liberia's Johnson-Sirleaf poised to win runoff vote
12:40:36a Tiger Woods Saga Tops Copenhagen Climate Conference in Online Searches
12:40:42a The Rap Board click the rapper, hear his catchphrase
12:40:48a Online Activist School to Teach Skills, Knowledge — SIGN UP NOW!
12:40:53a Govt plans to tackle childhood obesity
12:40:59a Indian Dancer 'Really amazing to watch'
12:41:05a South Africa Australia Collapse in Cricket Test
12:41:11a Petrol price drop promised this week
12:41:16a Nigeria Market Operators Predict Higher Returns for Conoil
12:41:22a Foiled Terrorist in Canada Gets Life
12:41:28a Cuban Sugar Cane Investments Target Seed Production
12:41:33a Filmmaker Picks Up an International Film Grant
12:41:39a Tim Hetherington From Liberian Rebels to the Afghan Front Lines
12:41:45a Cuban Vice President Calls for Anticipating Needs of Mariel Port
12:41:50a Africa defies AU chief's support for Ghaddafi
12:41:56a New Jersey man missing in Westchester
12:42:01a Slain CIA Agents' Bodies Returned to the U.S.
12:42:07a Palestinian doubts over UN membership bid
12:42:12a Australian outlaw Ned Kelly's final wish granted
12:42:18a Financial turnaround for NB Power
12:42:23a Namibia Will Donate Nearly 150 Animals to Cuban National Zoo
12:42:29a Burglar wanted in Ontario arrested after theft of ring from home
12:42:36a Canada Welcomes More Haitian Orphans
12:42:41a Wife makes bomb threat to get husband off night shift
12:42:47a If home for the UK Olympics team is a military base, whither the Americans
12:42:52a How long you need to work to buy a baby carriage
12:42:58a Convicted Felon Guilty In Father's Hatchet Slaying
12:43:14a Glenwood Springs Coal Seam Fire Eyed For Energy
12:43:20a Compass flight attendants picket over wages
12:43:25a Taiwan dollar under pressure after bourse tumble
12:43:31a New phase in relations
12:43:36a BofAs Mark Ellman Retires as Banker to Financial Companies
12:43:42a ‘The show was absolutely fantastic’
12:43:47a Outrage over Zuma's hell-threats to voters
12:43:53a Govt to confirm postponement of major capital projects
12:43:58a Homeowners Choice 3Q earnings up 12 percent
12:44:04a Unfit Northern Ireland doctor is struck off in Republic
12:44:10a FBI Warns Against Online Haiti Relief Scams
12:44:15a Former headteacher No shame at beating children
12:44:21a Triple-Sized Union Square Park Playground Opens
12:44:26a Australian piggeries to cash in on carbon
12:44:32a Israel court rejects Moshe Katsav appeal over rape conviction
12:44:38a Ford Sweeps U.S. Car, Truck of the Year Awards
12:44:43a Motorola's Defy advert is banned by the ASA
12:44:49a Fuel spills at Portland Jetport
12:44:55a Ex-Methuen school official plead
12:45:00a Snowstorm Blankets the East Coast
12:45:06a Brazil, Chevron to investigate spill near Frade
12:45:12a North Korea says new reactor to start soon
12:45:17a Finally, U.S. has opening in Burma – Lewis M. Simons
12:45:23a Nvidia sees Q4 revenue flat, plus or minus 2% vs. consensus
12:45:28a Democrat Congressman Switches to Republican Party
12:45:34a Where are the Women
12:45:40a Livni, Yachimovich hail Katsav verdict, say 'justice has prevailed'
12:45:45a Occupy movement makes sense to Ron Paul
12:45:51a Piers Morgan Quits 'America's Got Talent'
12:45:56a Disney reports record earnings
12:46:02a Hermitage Capital lawyer Magnitsky's case
12:46:08a Health Tip Does My Pain Mean Endometriosis?
12:46:13a New Legislation to Ban BPA in Children’s Products
12:46:19a Finance Controller Somalia
12:46:25a Unesco recognises late Queen Savang's achievements The Nation Thailand
12:46:30a Large-scale logging underway in DR Congo
12:46:36a Police 18 Virginia Beach businesses burglarized
12:46:42a US Presbyterian church ordains openly gay minister
12:46:47a Mayor of Chula Vista ‘A truly, truly wonderful evening’
12:46:53a Controversial WV Mountaintop Mining Permit Approved
12:46:59a Peru Rating Raised by Fitch on Humala Policies, Mining Deal
12:47:04a Australian stocks plunge on Euro fears
12:47:10a New Mass. congressional map clears another hurdle
12:47:19a Canada's Enbridge Q3 net income plunges 97.5%
12:47:25a Shen Yun ‘Enlightening, Spectacular, Electrifying’ Says HRI President
12:47:31a Govt Sells Oil Cargo At Four-Year High Amid Conflict Fears
12:47:36a Parades to be Shorter, Says NYPD
12:47:42a Julius Malema Faces Ruling From South Africa's Ruling Party
12:47:48a New hospital dedicated to a different type of war veteran
12:47:54a Breaking News President Obama Puts Tar Sands Pipeline ON HOLD
12:47:59a Just days before Remembrance Sunday, HMS Belfast is airbrushed from poster
12:48:05a New PM Greece at critical crossroads
12:48:11a Kristallnacht commemorated in Amsterdam
12:48:16a US breathes life into a new cold war
12:48:22a Ethiopia govt terrified by ONLF rebels
12:48:27a Murray speaks out in TV interview
12:48:33a Exclusion leading to increase in crime
12:48:38a Ohio man sentenced for illegal military exporting
12:48:44a UN's Ban Urges Diplomacy in Iran Nuclear Dispute
12:48:49a Wickenheiser leads Canada past U.S. at Four Nations Cup
12:48:55a Grandmother’s Advice Maintaining a Healthy Complexion
12:49:01a 5 NH students collapse at airport road ceremony
12:49:06a The Christmas Truce of 1914
12:49:12a Man held for raping daughter
12:49:18a Afghans Flee From Opium Province Ahead of NATO Offensive
12:49:23a Somalia to Close Three Embassies in Europe
12:49:29a Montana Man Convicted In Slaying Of Former Denver DJ
12:49:35a Husband of slain ex-trooper I didn't do it
12:49:40a The Muslim Council of Britain vs Hazel Blears
12:49:46a Greece politicians accused of 'tactical games' in search for new PM
12:49:52a Calgary budget cuts will strain police as city grows, chief warns
12:49:57a Ghana GIP Puts Nigeria's Projects in Ghana At
12:50:03a Darren Aronofsky Directs Chilling, Horrifying Anti-Meth PSAs
12:50:08a A Blade By Any Name
12:50:14a Fans from the blogging community give President Medvedev an offline hug
12:50:19a Fatherhood easily loses out to work pressures
12:50:25a Thailand floods pale beside five worst floods in history
12:50:31a Next step plans wanted in Italy
12:50:36a Conditional cash transfers and health
12:50:42a Sexual Activity as a Mega-Weapon for the Middle East
12:50:54a MTA Facing More Trouble from Gov.'s Budget
12:51:00a Elderly woman who killed Down Syndrome daughter spared jail
12:51:06a Egyptian mother on hunger strike to free blogger son from prison
12:51:11a Railways to Begin Haulage of Agric, Petroleum Products
12:51:17a SRK game to being Bengal brand ambassador
12:51:22a BDF buys Avro jet
12:51:28a Indonesian, U.S. Scientists Explore Seafloor, Discover Significant Diversity and Find Unusual Inhabitants
12:51:33a Spain recession more likely
12:51:39a Canadians cities hint at Occupy crackdowns
12:51:45a Oil price surge on jitters over Iran
12:51:51a Hopping for Haiti
12:51:56a TIMELINE / Katsav's rape trial comes to a close after more than 5 years
12:52:02a Still double standards in Egypt justice
12:52:07a Council Speaker Protested Over Barron Removal
12:52:13a Astronomers Shed New Light On Early Stars
12:52:18a Veolia weighed by pricing pressures
12:52:24a Podworks Part 7
12:52:29a Phone card company fined
12:52:35a First Openly Gay American Soccer Player Comes Out
12:52:41a Forget Berlusconi. Bring back the lira
12:52:46a City Council Member Impressed by Shen Yun
12:52:52a Large budget aid programme for Tunisia
12:52:58a Q&A What is Your Favorite Winter Activity?
12:53:03a Financial Analyst ‘Pretty amazing!’
12:53:09a Gas Leak Kills 20 at China Mine
12:53:15a Jakarta Stock Market May Hand Back 3,600-Point Level
12:53:20a Sydney Escort Agency Selling University Student's Virginity
12:53:26a MESCT Announces Funding of Research Projects
12:53:32a Iran Lobbies for Russian Support
12:53:38a Greek PM Vows to Stop Country’s Economic Downturn
12:53:43a Does IAEA Report on Iran Nukes Ring Bell for Israel-Iran War
12:53:49a Prosecutor seeks 18-year term for Cohen
12:53:55a Hotel General Manager Says 'This is the best '
12:54:00a Guatemala regrets the death of writer Jaime Barrios Peña
12:54:06a Billy Crystal I'm hosting the Oscars
12:54:12a Canadian Tire scores with renewed focus on roots
12:54:17a Subspecies of western black rhino now extinct
12:54:23a Senate Health Care Bill Will Cost NY Billion
12:54:29a Firefighters battle 2 apartment fires in SW Houston
12:54:35a Ashton Kutcher leaves Twitter after child molestation storm
12:54:40a Dancer ‘So beautiful, elegant, graceful’
12:54:46a Apparent slave cemetery uncovered on Fla. island
12:54:51a PM calls for urgent action on euro
12:54:57a Cape Town police seize two containers loaded with copper cable
12:55:02a Funeral Held for 107-Year-Old Ann Nixon Cooper
12:55:08a Philadelphia’s Academy of Music to Present Shen Yun
12:55:13a Pharmacists warn of drugs shortages
12:55:19a Watson braces for South African pace
12:55:24a Nvidia reports Q3 adjusted gross margin 52.5%
12:55:30a Meet the Indian-born Cambridge topper!
12:55:36a Pang Anchang Saves a Woman and Her Baby
12:55:41a UN in Guatemala condemns recent threats against Mrs. Norma Cruz
12:55:47a Business Professor Excited Shen Yun Finally Comes to Hamilton
12:55:52a Sen. McCaskill TSA Pat-Downs 'Get Ugly'
12:55:57a NAMA nets €580,000 from Warhol
12:56:03a Main rivers declared safe for recreation
12:56:09a And the Oscar for best sustainable high quality coffee farming goes to Guatemala
12:56:14a Shanghai Apple fans join in mourning
12:56:20a Hollywood mayor to cook for veterans
12:56:25a Panetta hints at stronger punishments in Dover scandal
12:56:31a Premier Wu Pushes Integration of Japanese and Taiwanese DRAM Firms
12:56:48a IRGC warns US about any terrorist action against commanders
12:56:53a NOAA issues emergency action to prevent opening of scallop area to protect resource
12:56:59a UN members split over Iran sanctions Yedioth Ahronoth News
12:57:04a We will continue to provide necessary support to Greece Davutoglu
12:57:12a Terror
12:57:18a Turkey Non-Muslims protest special tax from which Muslims are exempt
12:57:23a MHA probing alleged beating of former CM LS Speaker
12:57:29a Global hunt for Kiwi over fatal condom cocaine explosion
12:57:35a After Christmas Sales, a Big Push for Retailers
12:57:40a Wiki Camp 2007 Kickstart
12:57:45a Taking sickies for health
12:57:51a ROC first lady attends Cloud Gate show in London
12:57:56a Huntsville Police Academy graduates 38 new officers
12:58:02a U.S. Astronaut Hopes to Inspire Canadian Youth at Aboriginal Symposium
12:58:07a Topamax May Cause Birth Defects
12:58:13a VetCorps created to help returning guardsmen and reservists
12:58:18a NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, a mobile robot
12:58:24a Fall in number of potatoes planted in Republic
12:58:29a Chinese Authorities Tighten Their Grip on Legal System in 2009
12:58:35a Former commissioner guilty on corruption charges
12:58:41a Romanian Diaspora May Have Tipped the Scale in Presidential Vote
12:58:46a Kenya CIOC opposes Bill on elections date
12:58:52a Business Proto Part 14
12:58:57a Family of Baseline Killer's victims talk of impact
12:59:03a Canton Man Sentenced on Child Pornography Charges
12:59:08a Singapore court starts hearing case of Pinay stabbed to death
12:59:14a Russia wants US to pay for astronaut flights to Space Station
12:59:20a Ma reaffirms support for Taiwan's ICT sector
12:59:26a China 'black jails' prompt fears of wider security crackdown
12:59:31a Eurozone woes curb Crdit Agricole profit
12:59:36a Escalating Pedal Recall Extends to Peugeot Citroën
12:59:42a The Dilemma of Corporate Expats
12:59:47a Young girl raped by mother, brother
12:59:53a Taxi driver assaults cop after being fined
12:59:59a Analysis of the True Death Toll of Swine Flu Epidemic In China
01:00:04a UNESCO suspends new programs after U.S. funding cut Yahoo! News Mideast Conflict
01:00:10a Movie Review 'Carriers'
01:00:15a Artist Can't Wait to See the Show Again in New York
01:00:21a Dems in Ohio want ban on re-enacting repealed laws
01:00:27a Orbit wins NIS 4.5m European naval services contract
01:00:32a Shen Yun ‘very different from other shows’
01:00:38a U.S. Wind Market Set to Fall Off a Cliff, Vestas CEO Says
01:00:43a Ex N.S. spa worker who lied about cancer jailed for theft
01:00:49a New York City in Brief
01:00:54a Labor Senator wants Qantas strike ban challenged
01:01:00a Accused Deputy Killer Wants Trial Moved
01:01:06a Maine officer killed in armed confrontation
01:01:11a Maori universities need to be assessed differently students
01:01:17a Google Pulls the Plug On BlackBerry Gmail App
01:01:31a Injured Lepisto's season ends before it even started
01:01:36a Nepal UN Concerned Over Appointment Of Officials Scoop NZ World
01:01:41a A dangerous risk for Florida
01:01:47a ROC ministers fly out for APEC trade meeting
01:01:52a Motion fails to query Ahmadinejad in Ir
01:01:58a Australia Advances Cigarette Bill, Defying Threats From 'Big Tobacco'
01:02:04a PSU's trustees act But they fall short
01:02:09a Elections for new magistrates can make or break Guatemala's justice system
01:02:15a Storm of 'Epic Magnitude' Batters Alaska
01:02:20a International Commission of Jurists to install high level commission in Guatemala.
01:02:26a Samut Prakan drains sewers
01:02:31a Governor asks Penn State students to stop violence
01:02:37a Billy Crystal Is the New Oscar Host Academy Awards
01:02:42a EU Censors Own Film on Afghan Women Prisoners
01:02:48a Penguins recall Tangradi
01:02:53a Atlanta Runoff Ends in Cliffhanger
01:02:59a Chinese Export Porcelain From the Collection of Elinor Gordon
01:03:04a Proflie of the Masters Bouguereau
01:03:10a Egyptians split on Saturday's referendum
01:03:16a Second Meeting on Organized Crime held by Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama
01:03:22a 7.08% unemployment in Bulgaria in May 2009
01:03:27a Grapevine—Bianna Golodryga, Jonas Brothers
01:03:33a Sweeting's Cay All Age School starts Animal Husbandry
01:03:38a Chesapeake police investigating homicide in South Norfolk
01:03:43a Feds, Local Agencies Bust Alleged Gang Members
01:03:49a Russian men 'posed as women' in online scam
01:03:54a Winter Weddings
01:04:00a Egyptian Cyberactivist Focuses on Women and Minorities
01:04:05a Juvenile in custody for school fires
01:04:11a Christie's to Present English Furniture, Delft, and Chinese Export
01:04:16a Mayor Bloomberg Outlines Plan for Green Buildings
01:04:22a Young Lions' leaders to learn their fates
01:04:27a Florida Fish Farms Hit Hard by Freezing Weather
01:04:33a Tebow or not Tebow, that is the question
01:04:38a Togo Adebayor Back for Togo
01:04:43a Russia
01:04:49a Mini-strokes can cut life expectancy by 20%
01:04:54a Writer urges Taiwan to abandon nuclear power
01:05:00a US stocks rebound as eurozone crisis improves
01:05:06a Ex-Secret Agent Will Advise Bulgarian PM
01:05:11a Oklahoma Police Pension Fund Sues U.S. Bancorp Over Losses
01:05:17a HSBC's Investment Bank Profit Falls
01:05:23a Unusual Smith dismissal lifts England vs. S. Africa
01:05:28a Bodies of missing martial arts fighters found
01:05:34a Fidel Castro Offered Interview to Venezuelan Television Station
01:05:39a Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap A Chance to See Clearly
01:05:45a ANC to bill taxpayers R400 million for party
01:05:51a Lawsuit filed in Fla. WaveRunner shooting death
01:05:56a South Bay Pet of the Week
01:06:02a Three Leaders of Fukien American Association Arrested on Drug Charges
01:06:07a Cadaver dogs find possible human remains in Paige Renkoski search
01:06:13a OWS protesters have strange ideas about fairness
01:06:18a Trust—An Essential Ingredient in Relationships Says Dalai Lama
01:06:24a Australia passes tough anti-smoking laws
01:06:30a Speculation mounts over Moore's appointment
01:06:35a District hosts anti-bullying summit
01:06:41a China's exports weaken, import growth rises
01:06:46a U-T Walmart Releases Black Friday Specials
01:06:52a Mom indicted in deaths of infant twins
01:06:57a Local MP Calls Shen Yun's 2010 Canada Debut 'amazing'
01:07:03a Staunton School Drafts New Policy for Handling School Money
01:07:08a Bhanwari case CBI quizzes ex-Rajasthan minister
01:07:14a Ancient Walls Blamed for Xynthia Flood Deaths in France
01:07:19a While Rome burns the Eurozone fiddles
01:07:25a Deaths reignite euthanasia debate
01:07:30a Washington Celebrity Shen Yun is ‘Fabulous, breathtaking, really special’
01:07:36a Romney 'Breaks my heart' to see Detroit's decline
01:07:41a Areas closed when worker hit gas line in Hyde Park
01:07:47a From The Field Girl, 9, Fatally Struck By Car
01:07:53a American Politicians and Officials Converge on the Middle East
01:07:58a Western powers concerned about Iran's influence Larijani
01:08:04a HTC phones to support iTunes
01:08:09a Thanksgiving dinner to cost more in 2011, survey shows
01:08:14a Q&A A Gift to the City of New York
01:08:20a UN chief stresses diplomacy to solve Iran N-standoff
01:08:26a Massive student strikes across Quebec
01:08:31a Antique Snowmobile Races Flourish in Winter Months
01:08:37a Ethiopia crackdown on opposition to prevent protests
01:08:42a Vancouver Bus Driver Feeds, Clothes Homeless
01:08:58a CIB warned about risky practices
01:09:04a Justice Saeed to be new LHC CJ; Justice Dost to take charge of PHC
01:09:09a A Christmas Gift A Shen Yun Performance
01:09:15a S&P, After Erroneous Report, Says France Remains Triple A
01:09:20a The Legendary Journey of John Fraser
01:09:26a Security Policy Expert 'Chinese dance seems to defy gravity in many ways'
01:09:31a Truck driver held over cigarettes
01:09:37a New Yorkers Love Their Country
01:09:42a Senior US business leader urges bolder trade agenda
01:09:48a Fatal accident near Boardman, Oregon
01:09:53a Poll finding majority of teens in Taiwan feel unsafe ‘alarming’
01:09:59a Bright Winter Salad
01:10:04a Burma Project/Southeast Asia Initiative
01:10:09a Car giant to create 1,000 new jobs
01:10:15a China says sanctions no 'fundamental' answer on Iran
01:10:21a Esperanto
01:10:26a Three Queens Synagogues Proclaimed 'Historic'
01:10:32a Iraq PM calls for Baath party repentance
01:10:37a Shen Yun Gets 'Highest rating ever,' Says Former Philadelphia Eagles GM
01:10:43a The threat of Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamist sect
01:10:48a China urged to renounce use of force against Taiwan
01:10:54a China's State-Backed Athletes Face Tough Challenges in Retirement
01:10:59a Rare Opera Staged by Expert Maestro
01:11:05a Caterpillar to Make Offer to Acquire ERA Mining Machinery Ltd.
01:11:10a Tunisia PM Says Journalists Must Deliver 'Truth'
01:11:16a Mexico Anonymous shifts sights from Zetas to gov corruption
01:11:21a 'Extraordinary in all aspects,' Says Dancer/Designer/Producer
01:11:27a EU shift on Greek euro membership rocks G20 summi
01:11:32a Camels shot, left to rot in Australia
01:11:38a Debt crisis raises existential questions about eurozone's future
01:11:43a Twelve Guantanamo Bay Detainees Transferred
01:11:49a Bernanke to soldiers Fed is working to boost jobs
01:11:55a Shen Yun Opens the Heart
01:12:00a Huge Uganda election funding questioned
01:12:06a 17 ex- military wanted in the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala
01:12:11a Quality of life of patients with scabies
01:12:17a Officials Butt Heads on Food Stamp Fingerprinting
01:12:23a GM's restructuring pledge raises alarm in Europe
01:12:28a EU supports Guatemala's Food Security with 33, 8 M Euros
01:12:34a Panetta
01:12:39a Actress, Shen Yun’s Spirituality 'is making me think'
01:12:45a Shen Yun 'Fills you with so much energy and happiness'
01:12:50a Mom of missing Wash. boy had gas in car
01:12:55a With Mideast talks stuck, Obama adviser leaving
01:13:01a Hope Remains Ancient Archaeological Site Can Be Saved
01:13:07a Thousands of families face an uncertain future in post-flood El Salvador
01:13:12a Lesbian publisher Barbara Grier dies at 78
01:13:18a Seven Sold Out Shows Canceled in Hong Kong
01:13:23a ECB intervention on a dramatic scale is needed
01:13:29a Pressure on Iran Opposition Leaders Mounts Amidst Public Protests
01:13:35a Obama, DHS Address Airline Security After Failed Bombing
01:13:40a Kenya Shabaab parade in stronghold
01:13:46a State workers will leave Troy for downtown Albany
01:13:51a Newgrange Marks the Dawn of a Fresh New Year
01:13:57a Mexican government accused of torture
01:14:02a Securico Among Top 10 African Entrepreneurs
01:14:08a Taxpayers to pay R400m for ANC party
01:14:13a Six held for snatching Nato container
01:14:19a Iran to respond 'powerfully' to any attack by U.S., Israel supreme leader
01:14:24a Turkey quake kills five, traps scores
01:14:30a New York Real Estate Market Report Week of Nov. 19-24
01:14:35a This month decided the fate of Humanity
01:14:41a Which Twilight Actor Is Ready to Come Out? Blind Items
01:14:46a Sales slump after Beijing's drive to cut home prices
01:14:53a Taiwan-China travel restrictions loosened further
01:14:58a Poland Arrests 19 Possibly Linked to Norway Killings
01:15:04a Poppy can thefts way up in St. John's
01:15:10a Obama supports delay of Keystone pipeline decision
01:15:15a span style='color#CC0000'emFlix Files /em/span Serious and silly collide in new releases
01:15:21a RWE in the red on German nuclear phase-out
01:15:26a Internet scam targets state securities regulators
01:15:32a Toronto zoo defends decision to separate 'gay' penguins dubbed ‘Brokeback Iceberg’
01:15:37a Equatorial Guinea prohibits Egypt revolt reports
01:15:43a The presidential 'liar' gaffe merely proves that world leaders are human
01:15:49a Wiki Camp 2007 Unconference
01:15:54a World Coffee Conference in Guatemala, don´t miss it
01:16:00a How GOP candidates' claims stand up
01:16:06a Sinai blast again halts Egyptian gas flow
01:16:12a Portugese lawmakers debate more austerity measures
01:16:17a Why Did Team Obama Go From Campaigning on Hope to Campaigning on Fear?
01:16:23a Cameroon plans 'Egypt-like' protests
01:16:28a The Olympic torch IS coming through Charnwood
01:16:34a North Carolina town with no candidates counts write-in votes
01:16:40a New Initiative Saves Energy Bills for Small Businesses
01:16:45a Cricket makes pupils behave better – the England team should take note
01:16:51a Citing a lack of support, Onorato yanks proposed UPMC bond
01:16:56a Africa's Western Black Rhino Declared Extinct
01:17:02a Lampard could skipper England against Spain
01:17:08a Alabama county files for biggest municipal bankruptcy
01:17:13a Shen Yun Portrays ‘quality and refinement’, Says Acclaimed Actress
01:17:19a Gas industry health effects to undergo B.C. study
01:17:24a Professor 'It's wonderful, it's magnificent!'
01:17:30a Direct Air cancels flights
01:17:35a Honolulu Audiences Wowed by Shen Yun Performances
01:17:41a More Embassies Shut in Yemen Amidst Terrorism Concerns
01:17:46a Pianist 'Impossible to express with words'
01:17:51a Iachr Welcomes Decision Of Guatemala's Supreme Court Of Justice
01:17:59a White Kids More Likely to Get CT Scans After Head Trauma
01:18:05a Debt crisis raises existential questions about eurozone's future
01:18:10a Woman Taps Answers To 911 While Hiding From Burglars
01:18:16a France is first to help Greece
01:18:21a Veterans organizations need younger members
01:18:27a U.S.-Chile 'Trilateral Development Cooperation' Initiative
01:18:32a Veterans Day Tax credits and tips for job seekers
01:18:38a 'There is a lot of rejoicing and celebrating in everyday life'
01:18:43a IAEA Review Raises New Questions About Iran
01:18:49a Animal testing under the microscope
01:18:54a Pilots challenge Qantas strike ban
01:19:00a Board of Regents Member Says Backdrops are ‘Amazing’
01:19:05a Congress Pushes to End Prank Calls, False Alarms
01:19:11a Chinese Consulate in Houston Tries to Block Shen Yun in Arkansas
01:19:20a Receiver files motion for control of JeffCo sewer system
01:19:25a Vegas trick-or-treater death suspect in court
01:19:31a Airline Attack Suspect Tied to al-Qaeda
01:19:36a Plate shapes hold earthquake clues
01:19:42a Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov on official visit to Guatemala
01:19:47a UCLA to Research Education Uses of Social Networking Sites
01:19:53a IDOC Releases Protest Guidelines for Execution
01:19:58a There's No Escaping McDonald's in the US or the UK
01:20:04a New Age Nixon muses on meaning of life
01:20:09a Meet the Mayoral Candidates Miro Weinberger
01:20:15a Pamela Yates's ‘Granito’ Revisits Guatemala
01:20:20a Legg Mason Sells Kodak Stake
01:20:26a Panetta Air Force must review Dover penalties
01:20:31a Early Stars
01:20:37a Some Capital Region schools in need of improvement
01:20:42a Stabbed over 10 times in 'nasty, brutish' attack
01:20:48a Nats catcher Wison Ramos kidnapped, confirmed still alive
01:20:53a Umeme Gets Set for Bujagali Power
01:20:58a Avignon tackles alcohol problems
01:21:04a Cloud Gate show wows British audiences
01:21:10a France prolongs ban on short selling bank shares to prevent speculation
01:21:15a Ancient Sana may be casualty of Yemen's violent unrest
01:21:21a First Motors unveils new Hyundai Veloster at 3rd Bahrain International Motor Show
01:21:26a Dramas distract England in runup to Spain
01:21:32a Bomb threat forces evacuation of Margate City Hall
01:21:37a The waters surrounding the island of Bahrain harbour untold hidden wealth
01:21:43a New hope for 'locked in' patients
01:21:48a Finance Controller South Sudan
01:22:04a Foreign Researchers Visit Possible Area of First Settlement in Camaguey
01:22:11a Students to protest despite offer to withdraw education reform bill
01:22:17a 86 arrested in police crackdown against loansharks
01:22:22a Banks needs to adopt new strategy in market even after economy improves
01:22:28a Israeli banks not badly exposed to Italy
01:22:33a EU and Eurozone economies at risk of new recession
01:22:39a Driver flees E. Ore. crash, hits pole, dies
01:22:45a UNH students rally in support of Occupy Wall St
01:22:50a Fashion at the Races in New Zealand
01:22:56a VIDEO RSPCA seeks man who swung cat
01:23:01a UNESCO won't take on new projects this year Yahoo! News Mideast Conflict
01:23:11a Chinese Benevolent Association Member Says ‘The whole program was excellent’
01:23:16a Initial agreement reached
01:23:22a Time Running Short for Stranded Mars Probe
01:23:27a Battles drag on in Gaddafi stronghold Bani Walid, Libya
01:23:33a Cuba to Expand Coffee-Growing Areas
01:23:39a Belgian experts help save historic photos
01:23:44a Haitians Endure Earthquake Aftermath
01:23:50a MediaTek, Facebook Team Up on Smartphone Business
01:23:55a Shen Yun Orchestra 'points a way to the future'
01:24:01a Rush Limbaugh Released from Hospital
01:24:06a Was It 'Survivor,' Or Was It The Presidential Debate?
01:24:12a Ex-elementary school janitor and pedophile should get jail, prosecutor tells Ottawa court
01:24:17a 'Oops' may mean 'over' for Perry
01:24:23a Codelco to Defend Option Over Anglo's Sur
01:24:28a Finding a Quality Drink at an Affordable Price in New York
01:24:34a Iranian Influence Made Clear in Basra - VIDEO
01:24:39a Dublin murder jury considers its verdict
01:24:44a Fight Israel, Not Each Other
01:24:50a Package of documents on Russia joining of WTO adopted
01:24:56a Indonesia Minister proposes rewarding Myanmar – Eric Bellman
01:25:01a UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake meets with Brazilian youth and addresses their concerns
01:25:07a The most depressing part of family law
01:25:14a Gunshot residue found on accused's clothes, court told
01:25:20a Lee starts well in Singapore
01:25:25a LTE-Capable Nokia Lumia 800 Coming to AT&T
01:25:31a Man arrested after being found naked in Gervais filbert orchard
01:25:36a Coach who witnessed abuse under scrutiny
01:25:42a UK's gambling industry at odds with Labour's Harman
01:25:47a Mozambican Army Chief Praises Cooperation With the Country
01:25:53a U.S., Afghan Soldiers Partner in Eastern Afghanistan
01:25:59a VIDEO £400,000 to police royal wedding
01:26:05a Foreign domestic worker fined for 3 employment charges
01:26:10a Keeping Snow Clear on the Highway 41 Construction 'Gauntlet'
01:26:16a UNESCO suspends new programmes after U.S. funding cut
01:26:21a Video simulation puts a new twist on fusion plasma research
01:26:27a Chavez Brings in the Big Guns as Border Tensions Rise
01:26:32a Orlando Behavior Detection Officers ID Suspicious Passenger
01:26:38a E-Trade ends review with no plans for sale
01:26:43a Paleontology Museum offers Jurassic Park-style adventures
01:26:49a Moves of the Week Foot Routine
01:26:54a Radical reforms for Tallaght hospital
01:27:00a Obama To Explore New Route For Controversial Keystone Pipeline
01:27:05a Dispatch's Chad Urmston makes music for Occupy movement
01:27:11a Several car burglaries solved in Marshall County
01:27:16a New automotive themed television channel launched in Middle East
01:27:22a Mass. Senate OKs tightening parole eligibility
01:27:27a Tennessee woman indicted in deaths of infant twins
01:27:38a Vietnam Falungong jailed over China broadcasts
01:27:44a National supporters prefer Act as partner
01:27:49a Danish FM warns against military attacks on Iran
01:27:55a 'Those Who Cure You Will Kill You'
01:28:00a Professor Moved by Shen Yun’s ‘dance for freedom’
01:28:06a Andrew Mosier Missing boy found after 15 months
01:28:12a Why the Moon Had a Magnetic Field
01:28:17a Iranian Defector and Family Given Shelter
01:28:23a Iran vows to respond with 'fists of iron' to U.S., Israeli attack
01:28:28a Noted Chinese Dissident Says Don't Forget Chinese People
01:28:34a Tories make deal in campaign overspending case
01:28:39a Focus shifts to RCMP failings at Pickton inquiry
01:28:45a Cuba Lifts Tax on All Foreign Currencies
01:28:50a Israel and the New Face of War
01:28:56a HSBC likely to leave Britain, warns on global slowdown
01:29:01a Young girl 'killed by Syria troops'
01:29:07a Japan's Auto Server set for IPO in Taiwan
01:29:12a CIA asked to adjust drone strike policy
01:29:18a Kenya S.Africa's ANC suspends Malema for five years
01:29:24a Financial Markets Year In Review
01:29:29a Nordstrom's 3Q profits rose 6.7 percent
01:29:34a Paragraph dropped from review on hospital location
01:29:40a Facebook Near Pact on Privacy Settings
01:29:46a Real Estate Story of 2009 Toxic Chinese Drywall
01:29:51a SingTel's Q2 net profit down 1.2%, company remains positive
01:29:57a VIDEO Ottawa school play remembers alumni vets
01:30:02a Hannover Re Posts Million 9-Month Net Income
01:30:08a Former Dance Teacher ‘It’s pure joy’
01:30:13a Three held for robbery in west Delhi
01:30:19a Experts Say Political Reforms Needed for Afghanistan's Stability
01:30:24a New park-and-ride options near Circle Line
01:30:30a Global Markets Plummet On Italy Fears
01:30:35a New York Today Free and Cheap events, 11/10/2011
01:30:41a Did America Destroy the British Empire
01:30:46a The End of Public Education in America
01:30:52a IDA plan to improve next-gen broadband services
01:30:57a Nine candidates vie to lead Canada's NDP
01:31:03a Tomgram Juan Cole, Protesting a Pasha-the-Tiger World
01:31:08a Fawlty Towers Lives in Eastbourne
01:31:14a Simon Schama and the Dark Side of America
01:31:19a Italy scrambles to avoid crisis
01:31:25a Shen Yun Gives 'Valued lessons,' Says Company President
01:31:30a What earnings reports have revealed about ads
01:31:36a Hep A school scare
01:31:41a Amazon Updates, Sunsets Stanza App
01:31:47a Runaway Ohio dog recovering from arrow in chest
01:31:53a RCMP failed to share info about prime suspect with VPD, deputy chief says
01:31:58a No decision on cutting student numbers
01:32:04a US appeals court upholds Obama's health care law
01:32:10a CIA Had Knowledge of Terror Suspect Before Attack
01:32:18a Unruly Election Campaign Mirrors Congo's Instability
01:32:24a Movie Review 'J. Edgar' has its ups and downs
01:32:29a Grygera prepared for six-month Fulham absence
01:32:35a Couple Says Shen Yun Is Powerful
01:32:41a Authorities probe painter's death
01:32:47a Floating plants can kill off cholera in Dominican Republic rivers, expert says
01:32:53a Eric Holder's statements about Islam demonstrate ethnocentric stereotyping
01:32:58a NOAA Extends Fishing Closed Area to Portion of Loop Current as Precaution
01:33:04a Flowers Laid, and Removed, at Google Headquarters in China
01:33:10a The Fed Fed has latitude to set inflation goal Bernanke
01:33:15a Police Review magazine shut down
01:33:21a CEO Plans to Watch Shen Yun a Second Time
01:33:26a UPDATE 2-Gold Fields Q3 earnings up sharply on gold price
01:33:32a German-Afghan Charged With al-Qaeda Membership
01:33:37a Firms taking on the brandjackers
01:33:43a Russia could build further nuclear reactors in Iran
01:33:49a Consumer bureau nomination remains divisive
01:33:54a Malaysian Bar Association Reaches Out to Orphans
01:34:00a 15-year-old boy from Vienna hacked e-mail accounts of Austrian police
01:34:05a War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in Burma
01:34:11a 5 Stocks Under With Big Upside Potential
01:34:16a Gilmore asks banks to reconsider rates stance
01:34:22a He's in Washington, sorry, make that The Bahamas!
01:34:27a Sony?s Stringer Says He?ll Remain CEO, Is ?Up for the Fight?
01:34:33a Amadeus Net Profit Up 38% As Sales Rise, Debt Costs Drop
01:34:39a CI Capital cuts Mobinil TP to L.E 109/share
01:34:44a Your Thanksgiving calorie guide is here!
01:34:50a Husband fined For lack of sex
01:35:07a NH households receive over for Irene
01:35:12a Training session with Real Madrid C
01:35:18a Arab rescue chief tells all on financial allegations
01:35:24a Shen Yun an 'incredible experience’
01:35:30a Two women arrested after road accidents
01:35:35a Pitt forward Moore to miss season-opener
01:35:41a MetLife Earnings Plummet 70 Percent
01:35:47a Diack Aims To Keep Track Field On Top
01:35:52a On Assignment Ark. lottery audit 10 Nov 2011 135553 GMT
01:35:58a James Murdoch branded a 'mafia boss' by phone-hacking committee MP Tom Watson
01:36:03a E*Trade Cancels Its Own 'Sell Order'
01:36:09a Govt imposes 24-hour curfew, deploys troops to Kafanchan
01:36:15a Young Western Girl Wears Beautiful Chinese Dress to Shen Yun
01:36:21a Most Wanted Suspect Arrested On Carlsbad Campus
01:36:26a Rick Perry Pokes Fun at Himself After Huge Debate Gaffe
01:36:32a Police raid Heckler Koch in bribery probe
01:36:38a Video Haley Barbour 'We have to change course.'
01:36:43a First roll of the dice for African hopefuls
01:36:49a FONT color='darkred'REWARD/font offered in Wilmington man's death
01:36:54a Families Cope with Another Night Without Power
01:37:00a Obama's War On Wasteful Mobile Devices
01:37:06a Fears for chill winter heat up Halfords sales
01:37:17a Climate change 'may boost boat arrivals'
01:37:23a Candidate Cain denies any harassment of women
01:37:28a Stolen cables headed for Korea
01:37:34a Dell's Alienware Unveils the M11X
01:37:40a More wire median barriers urged by AA
01:37:45a DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's Remarks on 2007 Achievements and 2008 Priorities
01:37:51a Lost UNESCO funding halts new projects Sky News Australia Business
01:37:57a Thursday Sector Leaders Construction Materials & Machinery, General Contractors & Builders
01:38:02a Nuclear crises renew regulator's relevance
01:38:09a Iraq's Kurdistan plans to boost oil output to 1m bpd by 2015
01:38:14a Haugh Joe Paterno deserves no pity
01:38:20a Podworks Part 4
01:38:25a St. Francis students take time out for Zumba class
01:38:31a US demands Sudan halt bombing in South Sudan
01:38:37a VIDEO Cocoa farms still using child labour
01:38:43a Castro clashes on Twitter
01:38:50a At Least Five Killed as Public Protests Become Commonplace in Iran
01:38:56a Say no UniTE to End Violence against Women
01:39:02a Statement by Secretary Clinton on Greece's National Day
01:39:08a Recognised As Top Publishing House With Nine Entries As Bookmarks Finalists
01:39:14a Beaches in Southern Cuba Disappear Due to Climate Change
01:39:20a Paying Lip Service to Climate Change Negotiations
01:39:26a Investments on Modern Power Substations Continue in Cuba
01:39:31a Feds back equal pay push with
01:39:37a Winston Peters slams 'disgusting' NZ media
01:39:43a Service Officers Take Unconventional Route to Police Force
01:39:49a U.S Relaxes Terror Warning as FG Lodges Protest
01:39:54a Digicel Kick Start Academy Participants Unwind
01:40:00a S&P says France ratings remain 'AAA'
01:40:06a In Nicaragua, fears that Ortega will be the new Somoza
01:40:12a Stuart Pearce's Great Britain to start 2012 campaign at Old Trafford
01:40:18a Gay MP suffered homophobic attack
01:40:24a Canadians Get Glimpse of America's UFO Cover Ups
01:40:30a Video Obama courts Latino votes
01:40:36a Doubt cast over strategic cropping laws
01:40:42a Packers Trust in Newhouse to Get in Jared Allen's Way
01:40:48a How cyber-activism lent savvy to North African protests
01:40:53a The further we go, the more it makes sense to cooperate regionally
01:40:59a Bonds' Sales Pitch Patriotism, Jackpots
01:41:06a Mufti of Russia's republic of Mordovia killed in car crash
01:41:12a Tropical Storm SEAN Advisory 11A Forecast Track, Cone, Watches/Warnings
01:41:18a It's official Nickelback to play Lions' Thanksgiving Day halftime
01:41:24a Morocco, S. Korea agree to strengthen trade relations
01:41:30a Council appealing Priory Hall order
01:41:36a Startup built in Aussie garage bought by Walmart
01:41:42a Canadian Arrest Warrant for 'Chinese Warren Buffett'
01:41:48a Portia urges Comrades to refrain from 'gutter politics'
01:41:53a Local in Brief
01:41:59a Federal judge accepts plea deal in case
01:42:05a Greeneville residents thrilled to see The Band Perry win 3 CMA Awards
01:42:11a Lawsuit against Bogota mayor-elect fails
01:42:17a No More Jail Time For Deer Creek Middle School Shooter
01:42:23a Finance Controller Haiti
01:42:29a Dubai's Palm Island 'Not Sinking'
01:42:36a UPDATE 1-Smart traders humbled by cotton market's wild swings
01:42:41a Controversial Rezoning of Broadway Triangle Halted
01:42:47a The 10 Best Albums of 2009
01:42:54a Nigerian Activists Fear Infiltration After Secret Police Release 'Detained' Jonathan Supporter
01:43:00a Ashton Kutcher 'Quits' Twitter Over Paterno Tweets
01:43:05a In Iraq, Britain Need not Apologise
01:43:11a CGT change could cost owners dear
01:43:17a Flexing Carbon Nanotube Motor Mimics Muscles
01:43:23a Crisis Over as Dubai Receives Billion Abu Dhabi Bailout
01:43:28a N9 new police tactics Undercover cops active and aggressive
01:43:35a Apple releases iPhone battery drain software fix
01:43:40a Gem City takes you to Finland
01:43:47a Woman Self-Immolates to Protest Loss of Home
01:43:53a New Autism Center for Children Opens in Chelsea
01:43:59a UK expects Israeli attack on Iran next month with US logistical support
01:44:06a Egyptian animals and their guardians
01:44:12a U.S. puts tricky pipeline decision past 2012 election
01:44:18a Radio Talk Show Host ‘It was very inspiring’
01:44:24a ‘Poverty Olympics’ Highlight Priorities Clash
01:44:30a Here come the holiday movies . . .
01:44:36a Liberia Split Over Sweet Seats
01:44:42a Lower Manhattan Bar Gutted in Fire
01:44:48a Rosenwald school looking for community help
01:44:53a Rep. Ron Paul's Son Rand Bids for Senate
01:44:59a Casillas receives UEFA award acknowledging his more than 100 caps with Spain
01:45:06a Teenage girl's moving video about mother's suicide goes viral
01:45:12a Fear of Bears a Sensitive Subject in Sweden
01:45:18a As Senate Vote Looms, Bill's Constitutionality Questioned
01:45:24a Manhunt in Addison County after violent home invasion
01:45:30a Chinese Conductor Impressed with Shen Yun's Professionalism
01:45:35a German yields dropped by 4 to 13 bps, bull flattening the curve
01:45:41a 'Phenomenal,' 'amazing' Say Company owners
01:45:47a 'Go see it' Says Financial Manager
01:45:53a The Rising of Provincial Political Power in China
01:45:59a Warehouse sales boosted by Cup gear
01:46:05a Shen Yun Bids Farewell at Kitchener-Waterloo Sold-out Final Show
01:46:10a Theme park spending boosts Disney
01:46:16a Where O Where Did All The Tourists Go
01:46:22a Egypt Women Herded and Tied Like Camels?
01:46:28a What's that Pong? Game show's blast from the past
01:46:34a Low cost airline Ryanair threatens to reduce Flights in Alicante from October 2011
01:46:39a Veritas to open first overseas outlet
01:46:45a Mass., Iowa First in Child Health Care
01:46:54a Blue Jays' best/worst free-agent signings
01:47:00a European Union Constitution Comes Into Force
01:47:07a Freeport, striking Peru workers exchange proposals
01:47:13a New IAEA report can curtail cooperation with Tehran – experts
01:47:19a Pirelli braced for possible sharp sales fall
01:47:24a November's 'Frosty' Full Moon Rises Tonight
01:47:30a Arrest Made in Brooklyn Fire
01:47:37a ECB's Noyer says France to avoid recession- paper
01:47:42a Tortoise poaching boosted by Malagasy chaos
01:47:48a Quick Note Apple Releases iOS 5.0.1 to Address Battery Life Woes
01:47:54a Herman Cain goes grassroots-galore with Florida campaign team
01:48:00a Super Eagles Full House At Keshi's First Session
01:48:07a First Mainland Official Charged In Taiwan For Human Rights Abuse
01:48:12a Video Perry's stumble steals the spotlight
01:48:19a Warplanes Bomb South Sudan Refugee Camp; Sudan Suspected
01:48:25a Secret Meeting Revealed H1N1 Pandemic in Harbin City
01:48:31a Should Men Treat Women in the Workplace Like Enemies?
01:48:37a Mainland Chinese Feels ‘very grateful’ to See Shen Yun’
01:48:43a Indian, Pakistani Leaders Promise 'New Chapter' in Relations
01:48:49a Competition drives up energy cost
01:49:25a Ten Americans Charged with Child Abduction in Haiti
01:49:31a Sweden Shelves Asset Sale Plans Indefinitely as Turmoil Persists
01:49:37a NYC's oldest museum reopens after renovation
01:49:42a TV Producer ‘Great show, great show!’
01:49:48a Guatemala and other CA Caribbean countries see strong increase of remittances
01:49:54a Twitter must give user info in WikiLeaks probe
01:50:05a Despite 20 Percent U.S. Sales Drop, BMW Confident In 2010
01:50:11a Uruguay claims Brazilian support in 'fiscal haven' controversy with Sarkozy
01:50:16a CFTC launches formal probe of failed MF Global
01:50:22a ICT exhibition to be held in Yangon
01:50:28a UN Special Rapporteur on right to health to visit Guatemala
01:50:34a 2012 Bridgestone MotoGP tyres 'meet objectives'
01:50:39a Mining positives 'have peaked'
01:50:45a France and Spain could be next to suffer Euro crisis
01:50:52a Senate Dems move to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act
01:50:58a Write-in Votes Split, Three on Ballot Take Broadway Council Seats
01:51:03a 2 Chinese telecom firms to be investigated over unfair practice
01:51:09a ‘The show is good for everybody,’ Says Banker
01:51:15a With one day to go, Jordanians urged to intensify voting for Dead Sea
01:51:21a Prince Harry and a Troubling Time in Britain
01:51:27a URGENT No politics in pilots' case Tajik prosecutor
01:51:33a Thieves steal equipment from construction site
01:51:39a Chinese Health Ministry Orders H1N1 Testing Not Be Performed
01:51:45a Now is not the time to push Egypt's military on democratic elections
01:51:51a Win A Gift Card Just By Donating Jackets And Blankets
01:51:57a Review Vue 8 Infinite, Create 3-D Worlds
01:52:03a Cain gets back to campaigning amid scandal
01:52:09a PPP voices concerns over media moguls in politics
01:52:15a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sued by former secretary
01:52:21a Depressed fathers can cause problems in children's life, study says
01:52:27a Business Proto Part 10
01:52:32a Snow pirates in Salzburg
01:52:38a Writer Has Mini Stroke on Long-Haul Flight
01:52:44a Sloppy postmen in Klagenfurt
01:52:50a Risks growing for German banks Bundesbank
01:52:56a Hawkers need a rebranding
01:53:02a Virginia Granted Million for Broadband Expansion
01:53:08a Falun Gong’s Peaceful Protest Earns Public Support in Taiwan
01:53:14a With millions invested in risk control, how could this happen
01:53:22a Iranians fear sanctions, not war, after U.N. report
01:53:28a London's Mayor on American Racism
01:53:35a Police search for church vandalism suspects
01:53:41a Two Award-winning Actors Laud Shen Yun
01:53:47a If we can create nukes, we can protect them too Rehman Malik
01:53:52a CBC's 22 Minutes comedy team or hit squad?
01:53:58a Lawyer ‘Can't wait till next year!’
01:54:04a Tropical Storm SEAN Public Advisory Number 11A
01:54:10a Devoted to Teaching Music to the Blind
01:54:16a Impunity Highlights Lack of Independence of Justice System
01:54:22a LHC judge refers Zardaris dual office plea to CJ
01:54:28a Get a loveseat for your house
01:54:34a Inner Bangkok will not be submerged
01:54:39a Break-up of eurozone flagged as crisis deepens
01:54:46a Court Finds War Powers not Subject to International Law
01:54:51a New Greek PM Says Country Is at 'Crucial Crossroads'
01:54:58a UAE property stocks weigh; Qatar slips
01:55:04a Mexico seizes 'senior drug boss'
01:55:10a At least 533 killed from floods
01:55:16a Weapons Plutonium Fuel Test Fails
01:55:22a Angela and Riverside rounabout opens to traffic
01:55:27a General Nutrition Centers wins Moody's upgrade
01:55:33a Locals gather for second annual God and Country breakfast
01:55:40a In Lieu of Immigration Reform, Italy Proposes a New Set of Rules
01:55:45a Perspective Cell Biology Anatomy of Prostaglandin Signals
01:55:51a Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust IPO prices at low end
01:55:57a Demanding Theresa May's head on a plate solves nothing
01:56:05a Murray Michael Jackson deceived me
01:56:11a Perry presses on after gaffe
01:56:17a BW Promotes Ron Pohl to Senior VP >
01:56:22a Utah worries about protections for Mexican wolves
01:56:28a Learning to Animate With the Toon Boom Family Creative Pack
01:56:35a Backlash for Arrest of Russian Prize Winner
01:56:40a More snags in Brazil's war on corruption
01:56:46a ‘A message that we all must hear'
01:56:53a Face of Anonymous Flees North as Drug Cartels' War on Bloggers Heats Up Anonymous
01:57:00a Laurent Blanc speaks during a press conference at the Stade de France
01:57:07a Senate approves two modest job-creation bills
01:57:13a Trial delayed for man charged with murder in connection to wreck
01:57:19a Penn State's legal woes may not end with Paterno
01:57:25a National health program triples in size
01:57:31a Caught on Camera High speed chase ends with a crash
01:57:37a State Assembly Checks Up on Rockefeller Drug Law Reforms
01:57:42a Germany not looking at smaller euro zone
01:57:48a Military dedicates Walter Reed's new home in Md.
01:57:54a High-End Coolink Corator DS-LGA2011 CPU Cooler Released
01:57:59a 'Naive wife' sign linked to toll posters and old coins
01:58:06a Accused arsonist found guilty
01:58:11a Local Salvation Army making a difference
01:58:17a сделаем это вместе
01:58:24a Ford Stock Slips Following Favorable Quarterly Report
01:58:30a Israeli officials say IAEA's ElBaradei an Iranian agent
01:58:37a Beijing Pressures Asian Countries to Silence Independent Radio Network
01:58:43a U.S. Soldier Found Guilty in Afghan Thrill-Killings
01:58:49a 10 worst countries to do business
01:58:55a in repairs proposed for pedestrian bridge
01:59:01a Family of three beaten, robbed
01:59:07a Iranian Opposition Leader Mousavi Blocked from Leaving Building
01:59:13a Occupy Cork to vacate park for war ceremonies
01:59:19a State Attorney General Settles over Drug Disposal
01:59:25a Tips Pour In After Socorro Threat
01:59:31a Rapid Response Team Takes on Asian Carp
01:59:37a Alaska Airlines launching biofuel-powered commercial service in the United States
01:59:43a Thinking of Israel Whilst at Sea
01:59:49a UNESCO says it won't take on new projects Yedioth Ahronoth News
01:59:54a CSG 'essential' for food supply
02:00:00a Partner to fire 12.5% of workforce
02:00:06a DA's office to partner with feds
02:00:12a SA workers to 'invade Swaziland'
02:00:18a Morocco to achieve 9 million tourists, minister
02:00:24a Disney 4Q beats Street on pay TV growth
02:00:30a Is this the grisly end of Colombia's civil war
02:00:36a Libyan protesters come to Mass. for rehab
02:00:42a EU mulls sanctions against Iran
02:00:48a Thanksgiving turkey prices go up
02:00:54a Toyota Announces Plan to Fix Recalled Vehicles
02:01:00a Trade deal tipped next year
02:01:06a SunPower Laying Off 85 Workers
02:01:12a Benzene level near South Allegheny school warrants further testing, EPA says
02:01:18a Documents show heavy Entergy lobbying on Vt. nuke/
02:01:24a Nama sees dollar signs as Quinlan paintings sell in New York
02:01:30a Art Council Executive Wants to See Shen Yun Every Year
02:01:36a Libya's ambassador in Namibia defects
02:01:42a Demonstrations and postulation law of magistrates
02:01:47a MPACUK Accuses Britain's Chief Rabbi
02:01:53a Accident leaves car driver dead, girl, 8, in coma
02:02:00a Iran Test of Upgraded Missile Increases Nuclear Tensions
02:02:07a Man Fatally Shot at 'Occupy Burlington' Protest
02:02:13a Shen Yun Receives Official Welcome to Florida
02:02:19a Serbian War Criminal Investigator Steps Down
02:02:25a Taylor Swift brings hot-ticket tour to Jacksonville
02:02:31a Man in court thursday after beating up two Holy Cross students
02:02:37a Lower Open Expected Thursday For Japan Stocks
02:02:43a Three Dead, US Troops Hurt in Afghan Attack
02:02:49a Basque separatists ETA say disarmament on cards
02:02:55a Toronto least liked Canadian city
02:03:01a China's Hu arrives in Hawaii for APEC summit
02:03:36a Olympus lenders mobilize as risk of delisting looms report
02:03:42a Oregon Coast Microbrewery Cleans Up at Australian Awards
02:03:48a Putin welcomes first Foster Families Forum
02:03:53a My Beloved America Must Change its Ways
02:03:59a Bhopal 25 Years After Union Carbide Disaster
02:04:12a Man wearing Elmo mask attempts to rob Huntsville business
02:04:18a Pilots go on strike in Indonesia, some flights delayed, cancelled
02:04:24a London cab licences to be extended for 1 more year
02:04:30a West pondering how to put pressure on Iran over nukes
02:04:35a Agencies can improve suspension and debarment process, says GAO
02:04:41a Mass FGM ceremonies planned in Tanzania
02:04:47a What will you be doing at 11.11am on 11-11-11
02:04:53a Founder of One Free World International ‘This is a wake-up call to the world’
02:04:59a Outlawing Same Sex Marriage in the Country
02:05:05a Is the president too timid
02:05:11a Bloomberg's Approval Down Slightly, Says Poll
02:05:19a TSA National Explosives Detection Canine Team
02:05:25a Several Storefronts Burned Down in Queens
02:05:31a Police launch special probe into fatal crash
02:05:37a Olympus investment losses may have exceeded US1b
02:05:42a ‘Allah’ Conflict Sets Churches on Fire in Malaysia
02:05:48a Decline in remittances forces children to leave school
02:05:54a Ajimobi knows fate today
02:06:00a UMC Becomes Exclusive Supplier of Kindle Fire's Processors
02:06:06a Economic Summit Will Attract Foreign Partners, Reduce Unemployment and Poverty DG, NESG
02:06:12a Turkish Airlines resumes flights to Tripoli in vote of confidence
02:06:17a McDowell aiming to end on a high
02:06:23a Finance Ministry sets end date for tax fine exemption
02:06:29a Oracle Outside In contains exploitable vulnerabilities in Lotus 123 and Microsoft CAB file parsers
02:06:35a Protalix protein may protect against Parkinson's
02:06:41a Turkey earthquake 2011 7 dead as second quake hits south of Van
02:06:47a Proud to Spend New Year With Shen Yun
02:06:53a Closure of portion of River Road to impact LSU football traffic
02:06:59a General Motors ?Optimistic? About Europe as Chevy Sales Shifted
02:07:05a Man suspected of burgling West Vancouver home three times
02:07:11a Memorial Ceremony on the International Day for the Victims of Holocaust in Guatemala
02:07:17a Vancouver 2010 Ready for the Big Show
02:07:23a Two gas stations broken into early Thursday morning
02:07:30a Dominican Republic Grows Weary of Haitian Refugees
02:07:36a Daily Dividend Report MRK, POT, APC, ABC, TNK
02:07:42a Cubans line up to buy, sell homes under new reform
02:07:48a Rape shame former solicitor convicted of assaulting man who did work at his home
02:07:54a Second Swedish Pension Fund takes huge tumble
02:08:00a Noda must put farmers out to pasture
02:08:06a New Advice Says More Kids Need Cholesterol Tests Before Puberty
02:08:12a Low demand hits Tata Steel profit
02:08:18a More Firms Agree To Change Their Mortgage Practices
02:08:24a Nvidia 3Q earnings more than double
02:08:29a Cameron offers us the audacity of despair
02:08:36a Iranian film wins top honour at Berlin film festival
02:08:42a Teen blasts thugs after unprovoked attack ends his ambitions of becoming a soldier
02:08:48a 5 dead in copter crash on Hawaii's Molokai island
02:08:54a Japanese Swordsmanship Keeps Art of Samurai Alive
02:08:59a World number one Yani Tseng
02:09:06a Nigeria's violent Islamists Boko Haram joining with global jihadists army
02:09:11a Nabors reveals SEC probe over personal jet use
02:09:17a Stephen King raising money for heating bills
02:09:24a Small Earthquake Strikes Illinois
02:09:29a Scotland joins England, Wales in poppy tribute
02:09:36a U.S., Russia Unite to Fight Crimes Against Children
02:09:42a Journalist Still Writing, Driving at Age 100
02:09:48a U.S. Helps Bulgaria Destroy Surplus Missiles and Launchers
02:09:54a Share Reminders With iCloud, Add Them With Siri
02:10:00a Some Gbagbo allies freed, but FPI to miss Ivorian poll
02:10:05a Life insurance premium changes on the way for some feds
02:10:11a APNewsBreak Rehberg dropping suit over 2008 fire
02:10:17a Romney ties Obama in new “swing state” polls
02:10:23a Murdering civilians for sport army 'thrill killing' verdicts
02:10:29a British MPs Forced to Repay Million in Expenses
02:10:35a Look upon human resources as capital
02:10:41a 80 Companies Applied for Oil Contracts, Parliament Hears
02:10:47a Family tensions boil over as funeral turns into brawl at graveside
02:10:53a Princess Margaret Bridge open again
02:10:59a Man dies after being struck by car
02:11:05a New York Real Estate Market Report, Week of Jan. 20-26
02:11:11a Roboto, Ice Cream Sandwich's New Typeface
02:11:17a Miami's mayor helps out at food bank
02:11:23a Dead batteries spark house fire
02:11:29a Jury awards sex assault victim million in priest abuse case
02:11:42a Inova tries to balance marketing, science
02:11:48a 2 separate arrests at LAX net 150 pounds of pot, gun and ammo
02:11:54a Mitt Romney waxes nostalgic on Michigan roots during Troy appearance
02:11:59a The Doctors
02:12:05a Issoufou wins Niger 'model vote'
02:12:11a Nahhas meets importers to control foodstuff prices
02:12:17a GM's restructuring pledge raises alarm in Europe
02:12:23a Holland must do more to promote itself as pooling hub
02:12:29a Draft bylaw proposes safety course for snowmobilers
02:12:35a Renren sees Q4 revenues vs. consensus
02:12:41a Security comes under scrutiny at New York protest
02:12:47a Brooklyn Fire an Arson, Says FDNY
02:12:53a Elected senator is Canada's most expensive, records show
02:12:59a Looting suspect pictures released
02:13:06a Haiti A Rescue Worker's Firsthand Account
02:13:12a Madison firefighters test their fitness
02:13:18a Stronger ties between Guatemala and the Kremlin
02:13:24a We are all around you
02:13:30a U.S., hosting Asia-Pacific talks, presses Europe
02:13:36a Rap duo Calle 13 opens Latin Grammys in Las Vegas
02:13:42a Papademos is new Greek PM, vows to stick with euro
02:13:48a Gritter claims at A1 crash trial
02:13:54a Ohio poll worker charged with biting voter's nose
02:14:00a Nigerian pipeline fire causes Shell production cut
02:14:07a Europeans Happy Today, but Worried About Tomorrow
02:14:13a New York City Council Members Tout Greener, Greater Buildings Plan
02:14:19a Taiwan to complete long-range surveillance radar program next year
02:14:25a Kasim Reed to Be Next Atlanta Mayor
02:14:31a IEC deal to buy Tamar gas said anticompetitive
02:14:37a Cain accuser drops news conference plan for now
02:14:42a Debt Crisis Roils the Eurozone
02:14:48a Axe head hits spectator in leg
02:14:54a Motorcycle Riders Snap BWI Photos to Win Rewards >
02:15:01a Electric Company Commandos Strike at Power Thieves
02:15:06a Greece PM to name crisis cabinet, euro zone shudders
02:15:12a Former Performing Artist 'It was really mind-blowing'
02:15:18a Performance Was Amazing
02:15:24a Four killed in south Yemen attacks
02:15:31a Suspicion and Disunity Impede Central America's Effort to Fight Drug Violence
02:15:37a UN raises death toll in Syria unrest to over 3,000
02:15:43a Summary Box Zynga said to want stock returned
02:15:49a Holiday Tech Buyer's Guide
02:15:54a Burj al-Barajneh camp builds up, but how high can it go
02:16:00a Marina Bay Sands sues Indonesian for in credit owed
02:16:06a Kiev Quintet takes stage at Istanbul's Pera museum
02:16:12a Senate OKs bill to repeal 3 percent withholding tax for government contractors
02:16:18a Europe Gives Greece a Month to Show Deficit Reduction Plan Works
02:16:24a Darwin's tongues Languages, like genes, can tell evolutionary tales
02:16:30a Endangered otters give birth at Zoo Miami
02:16:36a Canadian soldiers won't let amputations slow them down
02:16:42a Can Massoud Barzani help mediate between Turkey and PKK? KurdNet News
02:16:48a Guilty verdict in child sex tour case
02:16:54a The crisis is far from over
02:17:00a Screaming 'Occupiers' Handcuffed, Marched Out of Bachmann Speech
02:17:06a Apple Releases iOS 5.0.1
02:17:12a Third dengue fever death recorded in Kaohsiung
02:17:18a Secret transcripts of ex-cop's testimony revealed
02:17:24a Gonorrhoea themed issue
02:17:30a Delta teacher investigated for alleged sexual assault on student
02:17:36a World in Brief, Jan. 7, 2009
02:18:11a More financial support to help employees stay fit
02:18:16a Obama Turns It Around Against Generic Republican
02:18:22a Toddler beheaded by father
02:18:28a Tape Sheds Light On Surreal Nixon-Protesters Meeting
02:18:34a Forty trapped in coalmine
02:18:40a Valve's Steam service hacked
02:18:46a 'Flasher' extradited to Sydney over child sex crimes
02:18:51a Ismail Sabri Denies KR1M Products Pricey
02:18:57a Families living inside Segarong Forest Reserve to get alternative site
02:19:04a Shen Yun a Gift to the World
02:19:10a Guatemala in the eye of the hurricane, Ministry of the Interior in turmoil
02:19:16a Video Perry suffers 'brain freeze' during debate
02:19:22a 9 charged after frat hazing ends with hospital trip
02:19:28a Malawi Should Implement ICC's Bashir Arrest Warrant
02:19:34a 'Transcends all classes, all ages, and all ethnic backgrounds'
02:19:40a Danny Glover talks about education in Memphis
02:19:46a Jones Soda reports losing more money in third quarter
02:19:52a Florida Police Seeking Culprit in Attempted Murder
02:19:57a Blue-light BMW 'often seen speeding'
02:20:03a Hollywood Only Wants to Make Sequels and Reboots Movies
02:20:09a COE prices mostly up, big cars highest in 2011
02:20:15a In Guatemala, an Election Focused on Security Issues
02:20:21a Attorney DNA Links Jail Inmate to 1989 Sexual Assault of Child
02:20:27a Histadrut, Treasury continue talks over contract workers
02:20:34a Alcohol row sparks human rights complaint
02:20:39a Gladstone hardest to find rental housing REIQ
02:20:45a Couples rush to tie the knot on
02:20:51a Classical Chinese Dancer 'It was grand!'
02:20:56a Behind the contact sheet
02:21:02a Regional development key to overall development
02:21:08a Medic team scoops military awards
02:21:14a Nassau elementary students talk to an astronaut
02:21:20a Obama Administration Delays Oil Pipeline
02:21:25a Swiss economy still suffering
02:21:31a An abuse of status and privilege to keep terrible secrets
02:21:38a Eastman given time to build case
02:21:43a Hibiscus and Emico issued UMA queries by Bursa
02:21:50a US Mid-East adviser Ross resigns
02:21:56a Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon Separate After 23 Years
02:22:02a 'Train-addicted' Swiss on track for rail revamp
02:22:08a Tamaki MP Peachey mourned
02:22:14a Student still in hospital after Knockhill crash
02:22:19a ' an American Perspective
02:22:25a Cisco target raised to from at Argus
02:22:31a Orthodox Gathering sets up committee for expats
02:22:36a May backed by Cameron and Tory whips
02:22:42a Album Review Jose James 'Blackmagic'
02:22:48a Daly slammed for Aussie Open walk off
02:22:54a Europe's debt crisis to shake corporate America
02:23:00a Three Belgians Released From Iranian Prison
02:23:06a US backing key for attack that could come before Christmas
02:23:12a Latinos Democrats 'Act Like They Own Us'
02:23:18a E-Commerce Sales Heating Up
02:23:24a Women in Cameroon Must Be Economically and Politically Empowered
02:23:30a Fake claims, fraud, theft, accidents and storms drain millions from feds
02:23:36a Diet Key To Becoming A Queen Bee
02:23:42a No tax cuts and spending rises in November budget Cable
02:23:48a Bill Clinton Hospitalized With Heart Trouble
02:23:54a Toy Hall of Fame
02:24:00a Man Shot Near Occupy Oakland Protest
02:24:06a Windows Repair Portable 1.5.2
02:24:12a Ainvo Tweak Manager
02:24:17a Today is 11-11-11 — What's it all mean?
02:24:23a Preventing Cervical Cancer
02:24:29a Tulsa better prepared for winter weather
02:24:35a Taiwan to help Indonesia with tourist destination development
02:24:41a Wounded West Michigan veteran on a mission to give back to other service members
02:24:47a CRUSH3D Screens
02:24:52a Mossad, CIA, MI6 Set up Spying Centers Near Iranian Borders
02:24:58a ‘Absolutely incredible!’
02:25:04a Surfer Garrett McNamara rides world's biggest wave in Portugal video
02:25:10a National PAC launches anti-Elizabeth Warren ad
02:25:16a African Jihadists' Grand Ambitions
02:25:22a Cuba and the European Union Boost Actions to Moderate Fishing Impact
02:25:28a Mexico detains a top operator of Sinaloa cartel
02:25:34a Can one still give Barack Obama the benefit of the Doubt
02:25:40a 'Mr. Cub' statue gets makeover
02:25:46a Egypt, Tunisia, thoughts from 2001
02:25:52a Poverty to Rise in Europe and Central Asia by 2010, Says World Bank
02:25:57a Glenn Beck, on one issue you are so wrong..
02:26:03a Anglo Sur's disputatious duo should thrash out a deal
02:26:09a AIR Updates Analysis of Thai ‘Historic’ Flooding; BI Will Impact Insurers
02:26:15a WA WA Sherry Christy, 51, Montesano, 6 Nov 2011
02:26:21a Ford, Mazda May End China Joint Venture
02:26:27a L.A. County jails may be out of room next month
02:26:32a At Home in Fort Lee 'The United Nations of Bergen County'
02:26:39a Suspected female serial thief arrested in Ang Mo Kio
02:26:45a Dutch pension funds receive €4.9bn in dividends over 11 months
02:26:50a Obama says GOP goals would hurt women
02:26:56a A Young Man So Full of Hate
02:27:02a Assembly Moves to Investigate Contractors
02:27:08a Romney I wouldnt let Iran get nuclear weapons
02:27:13a 'Trepidation' of panda zoo keeper
02:27:19a Security Deteriorates As Govt Lacks Clear Response
02:27:25a Activists Object to Nevada Wild Horse Roundup
02:27:31a Tim Hortons profits soar
02:27:37a Gloria Arroyo camp dares De Lima Prove asylum claims
02:27:43a UNICEF provides support to Libyan youth as they return to normal life
02:27:49a We Need a Franklin Roosevelt
02:27:55a Guatemala present at the Pan American Endurance Equestrian Championship in Uruguay 2009
02:28:01a Veteran journalist Mohammad Annan dies
02:28:07a House GOP sets vote on balanced-budget amendment
02:28:13a Alabama Bankruptcy Filing Is Not Last Chapter
02:28:19a APEC Talks Underway, Protesters Prepare for Leaders' Summit
02:28:25a Man Charged With Kidnapping, Assault
02:28:31a Leflore private prison to cease operations
02:28:37a Maersk's container line expects 2011 loss as freight rates plunge
02:28:43a Reporter fails to get 'Beat Obama with a Cain' reference
02:28:50a Iberia Parish deputy arrested for child porn
02:28:56a U.S. Science and Austerity NSF Goes Back to Basics to Preserve Basic Research
02:29:01a One of Russia's best dog training centers built in Vladivostok
02:29:07a Jan 14 Poll Atiku Drums Support for Nyako
02:29:13a Oil Painting Competition Winners Crowned
02:29:19a Ottawa rejects need for safety legislation in wake of cyclist's death
02:29:25a Voting for Putin The sexiest choice
02:29:31a State Department to examine rerouting Keystone XL pipeline
02:29:37a Man guilty of killing girl in fire
02:29:44a Law to Protect Indigenous Peoples
02:29:51a Sheikh Zayed Camel Racing Festival flagged off in Jordan's Wadi Rum
02:29:57a Warning signs of sexual abuse often overlooked
02:30:04a PNG court orders arrest of deputy PM Namah
02:30:10a Major Al-Qaeda Leader Killed, Says Yemen
02:30:16a Flash Point for Apple
02:30:22a 'Extraordinary' Says Former CEO of Paramount Pictures
02:30:28a India's undying love affair with Tintin
02:30:35a WATCH Police dash cam captures cop car crashing into house
02:30:40a On Location In Berlin, a Showpiece of Communal Living
02:30:46a Windows Repair 1.5.2
02:30:52a Video Perry gains Twitter momentum
02:30:58a Micro Insurance Brings Insurance to the Poor
02:31:04a GTECH grants new computers to youths
02:31:10a No evidence of affair between Saiful and DPP
02:31:16a A Night of Brooklyn Opera. Why Not?
02:31:22a Is the British Jewish Community in Danger
02:31:29a UNESCO suspends new programs after U.S. funding cut Reuters International
02:31:35a Lagos, Abuja, Others Bubble as Sallah Ends
02:31:40a Protesters disrupt Michele Bachmann's speech on Yorktown
02:31:47a Chinese Official Renounces Communist Party on New Year's Day
02:31:52a Soon You'll Walk Alone, Liverpool Fans..
02:31:59a UBS to pay penalty on recording of short sales
02:32:05a UPDATE 1-Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust IPO prices at low end
02:32:11a Mushroom poisoning hits holidaymakers
02:32:17a India Plans to Export Rice Paddy to Iran
02:32:23a Swiss stocks Factors to watch on Nov. 10
02:32:29a Has Britain committed crimes against the Muslim World
02:32:35a Obama issues preparedness goals
02:32:41a US urges Arab League to increase pressure on Syria
02:33:34a Greenstar Score On Environment
02:33:39a Doctor suspended, fined for professional misconduct
02:33:45a Activists ready protests for Hillary Clinton's Nov. 15 visit
02:33:52a Unanswered questions persist in Kan. abortion case
02:33:57a Towers Perrin pushes forward in Munich
02:34:03a Unveiling Tunisia Exotic Introduction to the Arab World
02:34:09a Deputies arrest man for armed robbery
02:34:15a Amber alert canceled after baby is found safe
02:35:15a Rally staged at Australian consulate in LA
02:35:22a Hong Kong's liquefied petroleum gas prices to fall in August
02:35:27a Shen Yun to Perform in Worcester, Mass.
02:35:33a Adobe Abandons Flash For Mobile Web Browsers
02:35:39a 'The Adventures of Tintin' a Spiel-bugging experiment
02:35:45a How to steer clear of flood-damaged cars
02:35:52a Drug giant earmarks for Canadian drug research
02:35:57a Obama could lose to Romney, but GOP prefers Cain
02:36:04a Taxi-robber arrested, suspected of robbing 5 drivers at knife-point
02:36:09a Commercial L'oreal Men Expert Hugh Laurie
02:36:15a Bedok bus interchange moves to temporary site
02:36:20a Met Introduces First Exhibition Dedicated to Bronzino
02:36:26a Singer Thinks Tenor is ‘Excellent, excellent’
02:36:31a Stop Advertising To Help Your Business
02:36:37a Washington state Amber alert
02:36:43a Rick Perry vows to press on after gaffe
02:36:49a IAEA recent report on Iran is politically motivated Russia
02:36:54a Canaccord revenue falls 20% in rough markets
02:37:00a Jerusalem ‘price tag’ suspect arrested
02:37:06a Fast-food ban near schools proposed to fight child obesity
02:37:11a Women embark on illicit drug business
02:37:17a Guatemala´s Internet and e-commerce industry
02:37:24a APNewsBreak New advice on kids' cholesterol tests
02:37:30a A job seeker waits in line to meet with a recruiter in San Francisco
02:37:35a APEC econ mins vow to offset EU woes with growth
02:37:41a RM6.5bil West Coast Highway to have 16 tolls
02:37:46a Euro climbs as Italian bond yields dip
02:37:52a State must quickly clean up incentive data
02:37:57a ICE Seeks Ruling in MF Case
02:38:03a Ecuador's leftist president enacts antitrust law
02:38:10a Audit Naval Academy wasted on contract
02:38:15a Hackivists Anonymous to take down Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
02:38:21a Everything Ready for Upcoming School Year, Says Cuban Education Minister
02:38:27a SP maintains Egypt BICRA at group '8'
02:38:33a Australian sailor dies in Cambodia
02:38:39a Bali boy could be sentenced today
02:38:45a Placenta pills to cure post-partum depression
02:38:50a IOI, Dutaland agree to rescind land deal
02:38:56a Court told killer admitted fraud during trial
02:39:02a Sheriff Man broke into 12 homes, took almost in cash and goods
02:39:08a Warning Labels on Cell Phones
02:39:15a On Kenya's war against Al-Shabaab
02:39:21a South Africa's ANC suspends its youth leader
02:39:27a The BBC Does it Again
02:39:33a First it was the Big Society, Now it's the Broken Society
02:39:39a Obama Challenger Romney Says 'Prepare for War' Against Iran
02:39:44a Insight Risk, lax oversight riddle MF Global's past
02:39:50a Week 11 Final scores from Friday night's football action
02:39:56a Richard Dawkins Issues a fatwa against Religion
02:40:02a Bulgarian advertises a casino of Schwartzenegger, Willis Stalone
02:40:08a Mac on... Raising funds in Italy
02:40:14a In the mourning light
02:40:19a Retired Broadcaster/Producer Says Shen Yun is ‘Beautiful, wonderful performance’
02:40:25a million worth of illegal cigarettes destroyed
02:40:32a Tea Party group to keep pushing 'right to work' in Ohio
02:40:37a Obama order will require agencies to better secure classified info
02:40:43a Valley snapshot Fourth annual coat give-away
02:40:49a Headless body found in Knysna
02:40:56a LEAD 12 dead in eastern Turkey's second lethal earthquake
02:41:02a Honoring Our Heroes Celebrating Veterans Day On u local
02:41:07a Marsh's fitness a concern for Australia
02:41:13a Rick Perry 'ain't' quitting presidential race
02:41:19a Mideast envoy to leave W.H.
02:41:25a Authorities raid Quiapo area for CD replicating machines
02:41:31a Why is it always like Fawlty Towers when England check in
02:41:37a Michael Jackson was a Great Talent. Period.
02:41:43a The IRS performed well in aftermath of Texas plane attack, auditors say
02:41:49a 83 seek from Army for Fort Hood tragedy
02:41:55a Passenger traffic at Pittsburgh International slips in September
02:42:01a Customs nabs copper-filled container headed to Miami
02:42:06a Chippewa students to host special Remembrance Day ceremony
02:42:12a China's Sinochem plans IPO
02:42:17a Microcredit association inaugurates new head office in Guatemala
02:42:23a US defense chief cautions against strike...
02:42:29a Cesc is suffering over Barcelona transfer
02:42:35a Trending News Happy Birthday Marine Corps
02:42:40a South Africa stint works out well for Emirati jockey Al Mazrooei
02:42:46a James Murdoch to Testify on NOTW Hearing
02:42:52a Russia Mourns 112 People Killed in Nightclub Fire
02:42:57a Lagarde tells Asian economies to be on their toes
02:43:03a Mistaken fathers can find out who's the daddy
02:43:09a No age limit for 'winnable candidate', says PM
02:43:14a Muslims burn poppies in protest at rememberance ceremony
02:43:20a Oi, townies don't treat Mr Fox as a pet
02:43:25a Shen Yun Offers the Gift of Heart
02:43:31a Victims IDed in Wis. crash that killed 3
02:43:36a UN concerned over appointment of officials implicated in rights abuses
02:43:42a 'Charlie' Bass Announces Candidacy
02:43:48a Shen Yun Dancers are 'Just awesome'
02:43:53a Iranians fear fresh sanctions, not war
02:43:59a Mexico says a leader of fading cartel caught
02:44:05a Moustaches for Health
02:44:10a An aborted referendum and the Greek drama
02:44:17a Facebook nears privacy settlement with FTC
02:44:23a Novartis Kick-Starts Merger Activity With Alcon Purchase
02:44:29a Moody's may cut Lloyds rating
02:44:34a Review 'Jack and Jill' an overlong 'SNL' sketch
02:44:39a Inwood Gun, Drug Ring Busted
02:44:46a Head of US Afghan 'kill team' found guilty
02:44:51a Recently discovered recording could be unreleased Elvis song
02:44:57a Public Campaign Mounts to Release Gao Zhisheng
02:45:03a Official Highlights Country's Reconstruction for Promising Future
02:45:09a Govt to provide houses for veterans' widows
02:45:15a Rio protesters rail against loss of oil royalty revenues
02:45:21a Germany rejects claim of discussing breakup of eurozone
02:45:26a Xmas trees, check-offs, and half-truths
02:45:32a Harrison Ford Returns as Eccentric Scientist in 'Extraordinary Measures'
02:45:39a Regency Group opens second Oman outlet
02:45:44a Shen Yun Restores Chinese Culture
02:45:51a DEVELOPMENT Showcasing Solidarity
02:45:56a Redemption the theme for NHK Trophy
02:46:02a 16. Malaysian industrial output up 2.5% in September
02:46:08a Italy Front-Runner Seen as Political Outsider
02:46:13a Bigger venue for climber Fred Beckey’s Tacoma appearance
02:46:19a China intends to launch its own research craft to Mars in 2013
02:46:24a Zimbabwe Political Leaders Agree on Early Polls
02:46:30a Michelle Obama's Remarks at School in Renca, Chile
02:46:36a Health Care REIT cuts FY11 FFO to from
02:46:42a Officials Sudan bombs South Sudan camp, kil
02:46:47a Delek reassures over misreported shorting of Avner, Delek Drilling
02:46:53a #OccupyWordle
02:46:58a Video 'Occupy' protesters interrupt Bachmann speech
02:47:04a Ex-mayor faces 80 new child-porn charges in Alaska
02:47:10a Regulators close a bank in Georgia
02:47:15a The truth exposed! About… Nixon?
02:47:21a Threatened cops not protected
02:47:27a One of a kind Jim Mobus
02:47:33a McDonald's looks to buy more property
02:47:41a Videos See RecordSetter's Best Celebrity Stunts
02:47:47a Family Enjoys an Evening With Shen Yun
02:47:52a First euthanasia in Netherlands of severe dementia victim
02:47:58a Train Crash Heightens Safety Concerns over China Exports
02:48:04a 'Take A Vet To School Day' Event Honors Miltary Heroes
02:48:10a Electronic Arts, Apple Tech Winners & Losers
02:48:16a Teaneck's own Dan Schwartz combats poverty
02:48:22a Stockholm Convention scientists seek ban on chemical
02:48:28a Illegal Immigration Center Shut Down by Police
02:48:33a BWI 2010 Web Performance Award Winner by Compuware >
02:48:39a Wal-Mart attacks fast-food eateries
02:48:45a Shatter silent on tax break as policy faces Budget curbs
02:48:50a WWII in color NY vet's rare footage made into DVD
02:48:56a Canadian instrument to search for evidence of water on Mars
02:49:02a US regulators charge Chinese company Longtop
02:49:20a Family Impressed by ‘beautiful’ Shen Yun
02:49:26a Is chasing quick gains the right strategy
02:49:31a Gov. Rick, ah, Perry, of, um, Texas
02:49:37a Clarke hits defiant century to rescue Aussies
02:49:43a Poland targets 2012 deficit below 3.0% of GDP
02:49:49a Heineken's Print Ad For Dublin Music Festival Rises To Life
02:49:55a TPP trade deal could be settled by mid-2012
02:50:01a Gorgeous Cyborg Short ROSA Lands DIY Filmmaker a Feature Deal
02:50:07a Wild black rhinos now considered extinct
02:50:13a Ex-boyfriend questioned in missing Fla. mom case
02:50:19a Bush and Blair Under Fire
02:50:25a MAS to axe unprofitable routes
02:50:30a Signal processing and inference for the physical sciences
02:50:36a Shen Yun 'A wonder to behold' Says Former Congressman
02:50:41a Democrats back Sukhumbhand
02:50:48a US 'kill team' soldier Calvin Gibbs convicted of murdering Afghan civilians
02:50:54a Berlusconi's going but the problem isn't
02:50:59a Key and Banks share a cuppa in Epsom
02:51:05a Salt Reduction Helps Blood Pressure A Tiny Bit, But May Raise Cholesterol Levels
02:51:11a Bank of America Financial Loser
02:51:17a Baby Lisa Irwin case Megan Wright answers questions on new Facebook page
02:51:22a Alcatel-Lucent secures biggest GPON deal in China
02:51:28a Savoring the sights and selections at Savoy in the Strip
02:51:33a London Olympics Orders Drive Up Pou Chen's Profit 60% in Q3
02:51:39a Visiting Chinese Scholar Stranded in Sweden
02:51:45a Public cool rooms suggested for future heatwaves
02:51:51a Midlands high school ranks among the top for graduation rates
02:51:57a Ferry cleared to carry passengers from Monday
02:52:04a National heroes’ daughter slams Dominican machismo
02:52:09a Europe crisis poses more risks to recovering Japan
02:52:15a ODD Big Bike Stolen
02:52:21a Reporting of profit measures to be tightened
02:52:28a 17. Analysis Europe's debt crisis to shake corporate America
02:52:33a IMF to buoy Italian fiscal reforms
02:52:39a TV Producer Says Shen Yun is ‘Something that lives on forever’
02:52:46a Trading of shares in Allied Farmers halted
02:52:51a 20 flood mitigation projects but none fully completed
02:52:56a Regulating fisheries for sustainable future
02:53:02a 'Unbelievable' Pike bodies not recovered a year on
02:53:08a English Professor 'The movement was almost like a language'
02:53:13a *555 call on drunk's driving ignored
02:53:19a Flagship Fastrac packs more punch
02:53:24a Arrest returns Majdal Anjar to spotlight
02:53:30a Nigeria LGs Shoulder Last Attempt Against Polio Resurgence
02:53:36a Taiwan Gov’t to Revise LED Industry Development Strategies
02:53:41a Mary McAleese 'loved every day' as President
02:53:46a Georgia Bank Fails; 2011 Tally at 88
02:53:53a Billy Crystal set to host Oscars
02:53:59a Quebec students stage strike over tuition fees
02:54:04a Tiger in the mix at Australian Open
02:54:10a Hollywood Minute Eddie Murphy, Mariah Carey, Regis Philbin 10 Nov 2011 164334 GMT
02:54:16a Top official flips on holiday booze ban
02:54:21a MPD Baker High Student Brought Loaded Gun to School
02:54:27a New Greek PM seek unity to face 'huge problems'
02:54:33a Could Israel really strike Iran?
02:54:39a James Murdoch blames others for hackings
02:54:44a Crate & Barrel chooses new CEO
02:54:50a MB to sue bloggers
02:54:55a guns haul, arrests in crime blitz
02:55:01a Exceleram Gives Sandy Bridge-E 32 GB of Grand RAM
02:55:06a Parents, board members jockey over rezoning
02:55:12a Obama's Virginia Defeat
02:55:18a Christmas tree tax derided by conservatives, denied by White House
02:55:24a Panel Drilling impacts could be 'excessive'
02:55:29a U.S. Frustrated with Big Banks, More Turn to Cooperatives
02:55:35a First Chinese-descent mayor of San Francisco elected
02:55:41a 30,000 Palestinian and Syrian youths volunteer for suicide missions in Israel
02:55:47a Top Obama Middle East adviser Dennis Ross steps down, returning to think tank
02:55:52a Poppy picked as WWI memento found
02:55:58a British Soldiers Deserve Better than to be Attacked at Home
02:56:03a Scots researchers gene breakthrough in skin cancer fight
02:56:09a She gets big bike send-off
02:56:15a Pharmacy Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison
02:56:20a UK Border Agency official admits taking 'bribes for visas'
02:56:26a Galaxy S2 HD vs. iPhone 4S
02:56:31a Your Best Shot 29 Jan 2009 145137 GMT
02:56:37a 6 Stocks Hitting New 52-Week Highs
02:56:42a Will Fukushima Bankrupt Japan?
02:56:48a Ex-cop to release third book on fallen heroes
02:56:53a TE Cameron Morrah returns to practice
02:56:59a Kidnapped Nationals Catcher Alive Cops
02:57:05a Anti-tobacco groups praise bill to ban smoking in federal buildings
02:57:11a Rival reacts as airport to shut
02:57:17a Three hospitals interested in setting up trauma centers in Miami-Dade
02:57:22a Panchakoshi primary devoid of teachers
02:57:28a Video captures asteroid's fly-by
02:57:33a TU releases ME‚ BE‚ BBA results
02:57:39a Chevron El Segundo refinery to hold anniversary open house
02:57:46a Newcastle man pleads guilty in Oklahoma City police officer beating
02:57:52a MPs urged to probe institutional misconduct of MMR researchers
02:57:58a If Iran gets nuclear bomb will consider leaving Israel Yes 11% No 84%
02:58:03a Europe's debt crisis becomes political crisis
02:58:09a UN chief to spotlight progress on women's and children's health on Asian trip
02:58:14a Murdoch blames Myler and Crone
02:58:20a Eastern Cuban Wind Farms Produce More Than 21,000 Megawatts in Three Years
02:58:25a Head of UN-backed convention urges greater effort to combat illegal rhino trade
02:58:31a Unesco recognises late Queen Savang's achievements
02:58:38a In Mexico, a Universal Struggle Against Power and Forgetting
02:58:43a It's Remembrance Day, not Mandatory Poppy Day
02:58:49a Is your filthy car interior making you sick?
02:58:55a Cisco Profit Tops Estimates
02:59:00a Two year old decapitated by father in Girona
02:59:06a Fake Pawn Shop Sting Returns Stolen Goods to Owners
02:59:12a 'Kill team' US platoon commander is convicted of murdering Afghan civilians
02:59:17a Wilmington VFW post welcomes first women vet to honor guard
02:59:23a Third Tourist Destination in the Caribbean
02:59:29a The Guardian's Israel Boycott and Iranian Holocaust Denial
02:59:35a Juhayna to pay L.E 300 m if monopoly allegations true, CI Capital
02:59:41a Granite ‘hot rocks’ set to ignite energy boom
02:59:47a Shen Yun ‘Absolutely beautiful’ Says CEO of International Company
02:59:52a RJM joins chorus against Dhungel pardon
02:59:58a Protest over delayed Gaza activists
03:00:04a Tibet protester sets himself alight in Nepal
03:00:09a Man allegedly shoved woman holding baby
03:00:15a 12. Corporate governance in whom do we trust?
03:00:21a Milgaard remains estranged from wife
03:00:27a Swiss study finds aging priesthood
03:00:33a Dad's defense in 9-year-old driver case may hinge on light traffic, girl's driving skill
03:00:38a Euro source of friction or unifying?
03:00:44a All about the World Wars
03:00:50a The Air-Sea Battle concept summary
03:00:55a Corrupt Calif city dodges shutdown with reforms
03:01:01a Huntington Ingalls stock surges despite third quarter loss
03:01:07a Teso farmers demand fruit processing factory
03:01:13a Malaysia eyes No. 1 rubber producer spot
03:01:21a Dutch Navy Detains 13 Pirates
03:01:27a Occupy Portland 'tipping point' forces midnight Sat. deadline
03:01:33a Vulnerable states forum to press for climate funding, technology
03:01:39a Bronx dad who shot mugger could faces charges
03:01:45a N.Y. Plant's Neighbors Expose Regulatory Gaps
03:01:51a SNCF strike in Lille
03:01:57a 2. Penang beauty crowned Miss Universe Malaysia
03:02:03a Malloy Be Cautious Of High-Impact Winds, Rain Following Snowstorm
03:02:09a 'Resplendent is the word,' Says TV Actor
03:02:14a Man Shot Dead At #OccupyVermont
03:02:20a Anti-Wall Street protesters vow to 'occupy' Rose Parade
03:02:26a Country's Independence a Landmark for Strengthening Diplomacy
03:02:32a Judge halts HR Block's plans to acquire TaxACT
03:02:38a Gov't warns of risk with high-powered magnets
03:02:43a 6. IBM and Toshiba to enhance presence in Malaysia
03:02:49a 19. Father finally reunited with son
03:02:56a The Islamic Republic of Iran's Vile Cartoons
03:03:02a Queen opens manuscript exhibition
03:03:08a Pressure Increases Over Yuan
03:03:13a Wal'Mart Launches Black Friday Discounts on Thanksgiving Night
03:03:19a ‘Elite Squad A brutal crime battle in Brazil  
03:03:25a Lower yields on Italian bonds help stabilize markets
03:03:44a McAfee AVERT Stinger
03:03:49a Trenching for water supply for new hospital underway
03:03:55a Food prices fall
03:04:01a George V hotel is now a Palace
03:04:07a Brazil police ram ca
03:04:13a Kenya US candidate fails key test at party debate
03:04:18a Dancer 'The precision is just wonderful'
03:04:24a Attackers target Egypt gas pipeline
03:04:30a Rusty Endorses Newt Gingrich
03:04:37a WRAPUP 1-Syrian troops kill eight in Damascus activists
03:04:43a Assad will fall, Arab leaders encourage Assad to leave
03:04:49a Crime Rates in NYC Continue to Fall
03:04:55a 3. ETP new projects bring total committed investments to RM177.1bil
03:05:00a Teams lining up to see Cuban slugger Cespedes
03:05:06a Girl Chopped At After-School Program, Father Says
03:05:12a 10 practical tips when you've moved to Sweden
03:05:18a Victim gravely ill after Occupy shooting
03:05:24a Health Sector for Postgraduate Staff
03:05:29a Jimmy Calderwood keen on Hibs job
03:05:35a MTPNK Provides 456 Evacuation Centres In Kedah
03:05:41a PHOTOS Viewer Pics From Tornado Watch 14 Oct 2011 122702 GMT
03:05:47a China reports of severe crackdown on Internet piracy production
03:05:53a Head of Pitt's regenerative medicine institute steps down
03:05:59a The death penalty for Penn State?
03:06:05a Saving Money With Software as a Service
03:06:12a Vt
03:06:18a Carmona, former surgeon general, to run for Kyl's seat
03:06:24a Caterpillar to buy China mining machinery group
03:06:30a No painkillers please, we're British
03:06:36a Republican Minorities Sworn In by Bloomberg
03:06:42a Study Connects Overweight Dads, Kids
03:06:48a Justice groups monitor election of Attorney General and Controller General of Guatemala
03:06:54a the Star and Bucks under Siege
03:07:00a Media Attempt to Cover Up Obama Comments on Israel's Netanyahu
03:07:05a Nasrallah to deliver speech on martyrs’ day Friday
03:07:11a Growing Pains Screens
03:07:16a Connolly lifts Lightning over Flyers in OT
03:07:22a Perry Campaign Tries To Right Debate 'Oops'
03:07:28a Cabinet approves beneficiation plans
03:07:33a A shrine to war poet hero Wilfred Owen
03:07:39a Jury awards million in priest abuse case
03:07:45a Wants Austrias minister of defence an army on the paper
03:07:51a St. Pete police bid for ‘spanking’ massage chairs
03:07:56a ICC Investigating All Sides in Libya Conflict
03:08:02a Natixis offers bright spot on grey CAC
03:08:07a APNewsBreak New advice on kids' cholesterol tests
03:08:13a In China, People Renounce Party Because of Swine Flu
03:08:20a Police Getting Tips On McDonald's Rape, No Arrests
03:08:26a Ex-Pa. state senator re-sentenced to 61 months
03:08:32a China to Make The Country Major Manufacturing Zone
03:08:38a Occupy Atlanta has confirmed Tuberculosis cases
03:08:44a Turkey quake kills 3
03:08:50a School comes first, says future golf star
03:08:56a 5 dead in copter crash on Hawaii's Molokai island
03:09:02a On-Again, Off-Again Lufthansa Airline Strikes
03:09:08a Police keeping eye on North Knoxville pain clinic
03:09:14a Canada's bicentennial to honour 'forgotten war'
03:09:20a Greater coordination key to response to chemical or biological terror threat – UN
03:09:25a Haylie Duff, Nick Zano split
03:09:31a Aussie team will develop further
03:09:37a Ugandan gays mourn activist's killing
03:09:42a Turkey quake kills 7, topples buildings
03:09:48a Insights from Oil Spill Air Pollution Study Have Applications Beyond Gulf
03:09:54a Thailand tries to help companies as floods spread
03:10:00a Proposed Laws Would Ban Rights Violators from Taiwan
03:10:05a Shares in Olympus falls 20 percent after scandal
03:10:11a Millions to mark Armistice Day
03:10:16a Fact Sheet on Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas
03:10:22a Guinea to seek more changes to new mining code
03:10:27a How Grasshoppers, White Ants, and Fish Explain Country's Bad Politics
03:10:33a Steam 'truly sorry' as 35 million online game accounts exposed
03:10:39a Ecclestone I was victim of 'shakedown'
03:10:45a Va.'s election results add guesswork to 2012 campaigns
03:10:50a Parliament Defers Ministers' Case to Select Committee
03:10:55a US Honoring Military Personnel on Veterans Day
03:11:01a Are the Democrats Starting to Self-destruct yet Again
03:11:06a IT/BPO wages not likely to come down
03:11:12a Texas Gov. Rick Perry
03:11:17a Asian American Seniors Grateful for Home Care
03:11:23a Mexico troops 'committing abuses'
03:11:29a Google Buzz Adds Social Features to GMail, Targets Facebook
03:11:35a Nokia and Apple Locked in a Heated Patent Dispute
03:11:41a Baptist Bishop Sees Inspiration and Redemption
03:11:47a Police official and criminal die in shootout
03:11:53a Time for disaster preparation lessons in W.Africa schools?
03:11:58a Great Video Soldier parents surprise homecoming 10 Nov 2011 163756 GMT
03:12:03a a tussle between technology and diplomacy
03:12:09a Sneak preview Perry does damage control with Letterman's “top ten” list
03:12:14a Perry laughs off debate gaffe on morning shows
03:12:20a Tom's Corner Herman Cain
03:12:26a Quake kills at least 7, Japanese aid workers rescued from toppled hotel
03:12:31a Beatrice Galilee on her plans for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale
03:12:37a Inside the Hunt for MF Global Cash
03:12:43a 4 Accused In Identity Theft Ring
03:12:54a Report Recent Synchronous Radiation of a Living Fossil
03:13:00a NYSE Euronext and Tokyo Stock Exchange To Explore Network Linkage
03:13:05a Hill's names veterinary technician as second Drive Nutrition Sweepstakes winner
03:13:11a There are No Immediate Reports of Casualties among Turks in Japan
03:13:17a Deputies searching for shooting suspect in Cape Canaveral
03:13:22a Donated overtime to care for child
03:13:28a dirty rituals-love song
03:13:34a Empty buildings in Valdeluz city, near Guadalajara
03:13:40a Liberian President, Carter Center Say Boycotted Vote Was Fair
03:13:45a 18. Kelantan prince files defamation suit against daily
03:13:51a Yahoo set to boost Android in Japan with app store launch in 2012
03:13:57a Microsoft, Sony, and Apple wage retail fight in L.A.
03:14:03a Obama Delay May Kill Keystone, Won't Slow Oil Sands
03:14:09a Parachuting in the prosecutors
03:14:15a Syria, Iran and Middle East latest live updates
03:14:20a COMMENTARY/ Olympus only had outer appearance of corporate governance
03:14:26a American Airlines jet clips fire truck at DFW Airport
03:14:32a Skin transformed for cancer fight
03:14:37a Iranian exiles worry about threat of attack on homeland
03:14:42a 25-year period for higher taxes is far too long
03:14:50a Amateur boxing bouts to be held bi-monthly
03:14:55a U.S. Soldier Convicted In Afghan Thrill-Killings
03:15:01a US, Europe Blamed for Disappointing Asian Economic Figures
03:15:07a Winners of 'For Women of Science' contest to be awarded in Moscow
03:15:12a 'Absolutely beautiful' Says Director of Administration
03:15:19a UN envoy condemns fatal shooting incident in north
03:15:24a Give up, family pleads
03:15:31a Foreign Teachers in Korea Vilified by Anti-English Group
03:15:36a Prince William heads to Falkland Islands
03:15:42a Protesters 'Occupy' Bachmann Speech
03:15:48a Mattel Profits on Barbie, Hot Wheels
03:15:53a Shen Yun 'Graceful, beautiful, educational'
03:15:59a Teachers' Fresh Terms On Health Plan
03:16:05a More Bureaucrats Serve Fewer Workers in Sweden, Says Report
03:16:11a Investigating Britain's 'sex gangs'
03:16:16a Complimentary Webinar Rethinking Raman for Materials Science and Chemical Analysis
03:16:22a Thai floods may force decline in PC market
03:16:28a High Hopes in Kwale As Mining Giants Get Down to Business
03:16:34a VIDEO What to do with Wyoming's wild horses?
03:16:40a Rising Infection Rates Among Women Reflect Imbalances in Gender Relations
03:16:47a 10. Petronas to add power plant in Rapid
03:16:52a Brown's Election Strategy From Class War to War on Class
03:16:58a Russian Mars probe stays silent
03:17:04a Danish High Court verdict on Davy's extradition today
03:17:10a TCT More Positive Data on 'Disruptive' Valve Technology
03:17:15a 4. CEO AirAsia X waiting on markets for IP0
03:17:21a UPDATE BBC responds to George Michael?s angry tweets
03:17:27a Transcript Tom Bradley press conference
03:17:32a Henry Vilas Zoo Mourns Loss Of BB The Orangutan
03:17:38a Woods hits the lead in Sydney
03:17:43a Dowd Gutless not to name names
03:17:49a New Zealand Woman Halts Daytime Burglars
03:18:06a Keystone XL Pipeline Delay Complicates Obama's Political Problems
03:18:12a HK shares seen steady after downdraft; HSI review eyed
03:18:17a 16. Software piracy on the decline
03:18:23a L'Huillier finally gets to play at home
03:18:28a 16.04.2009 Liberia successfully completes old debt buy back deal
03:18:34a Protect America's natural treasure in Alaska's Arctic
03:18:40a Hour to be ready
03:18:46a Search for consensus on Afghanistan
03:18:51a Rena salvors making good progress
03:18:57a Plan for Manawatu Gorge revealed
03:19:03a You can cry foul, but Thanksgiving dinner costs soar
03:19:08a Coroner releases findings into stripper's death
03:19:15a Filings for initial unemployment benefits drop again
03:19:21a Mario Biondi Sextet on Istanbul stage
03:19:26a World in Brief, Jan 14, 2010
03:19:32a Banks and Key have quick cuppa
03:19:37a Palestinian campaign to join UN faces setback
03:19:43a Government spent €16m on salt as part of winter plan
03:19:49a Roulston to spearhead track team
03:19:54a 26.01.2009 Thousands could face hunger in Liberia
03:20:01a US condemns bombing of refugee camp in South Sudan
03:20:07a Bid to Block Net Neutrality Dies in Senate
03:20:12a Body found on Altinkum beach
03:20:20a Proclamation by President Obama on Cesar Chavez Day
03:20:26a 19. Approval for Sri Lanka asset acquisition act
03:20:32a Gunmen Kidnap Nationals' Wilson Ramos in Venezuela
03:20:37a Kenya's Co-op bank 9-mths pretax jumps 26 pct
03:20:43a Target 8 Dangerous Roads
03:20:49a Criticism over parent advocate plans
03:20:54a No racial quota in Petronas appointments
03:21:00a Labour sour on Banks' cuppa with Key
03:21:06a US offers partnership if Myanmar expands reforms
03:21:11a Rapper appears in court
03:21:17a In 'Quagmire,' NY Delays Debt Payments
03:21:22a ‘Time and Political Environment Not on Your Side,’ Liberians on DED Warned
03:21:28a billion shaved off Australian stocks
03:21:34a Auckland local body politician Flaunty sentencing date
03:21:40a 'IAEA report, sign of double standards'
03:21:46a 1 hunter fatally shot, 1 injured
03:21:52a 09.01.2009 Security and rebuilding in fragile states need a different approach, Zoellick
03:21:57a Stockton Leads Nation In Foreclosures
03:22:03a Sir Jimmy Savile's funeral held in Leeds
03:22:09a 07.09.2009 New UN trained special police graduate in Liberia
03:22:14a 22.05.2009 Liberia gets direct air link to US
03:22:20a Merit-making rites 'will boost morale'
03:22:25a 3rd quarter GR housing prices up 23.7%
03:22:31a Google kills GMail Blackberry app
03:22:36a Hollywood super star Justin Bieber applies for ARC at NIA in Taiwan
03:22:42a Name change for St James' Park
03:22:48a Private firm to run NHS hospital
03:22:53a Benefit delays see food bank rise
03:22:58a UN reports Iran work `
03:23:04a 'Songs For Japan' hits milestone
03:23:09a Assemblyman Shen Yun Brings 'happiness and joy'
03:23:15a At least 21 reported dead in latest Syria violence
03:23:21a Russia eyes regional role, U.S. ties at APEC summit
03:23:27a Jon Anderson Profile of an Uncommon Journalist—Part 2
03:23:32a UConn Reviews Ideas To Cut Costs, Boost Income
03:23:38a Surfer Claims 90 Foot Record Wave
03:23:43a Jumeirah to operate Grosvenor apartments in London
03:23:49a Sotheby's to sell Ottoman Treasures
03:23:54a Steam forum hackers gain access to information
03:24:00a The US Military's Alleged 'Cult of Cruelty'
03:24:06a Thursday Sector Laggards Precious Metals, Food Stocks
03:24:12a It's not the U.S.'s job to protect its allies from China
03:24:17a Dems' Houck concedes, GOP clinches Va. Senate majority
03:24:23a Committee Begins Autopsy of the Global Financial Crisis
03:24:28a Wis. gov approves state lawsuits outside Madison
03:24:34a Car trapped under semi, 4 injured
03:24:39a Monarch abolishes debit card fees
03:24:45a Climate change could cost Canada billions of dollars yearly, study group says
03:24:51a Bradley takes reins at Penn State with a heavy heart
03:24:57a Google Adds Captions for Deaf to YouTube Videos
03:25:02a Home Cooking for U.S. OIympic Team
03:25:08a U.S. Ok's therapy using human cord blood cells
03:25:15a Iran Nuclear Weapons Report Shows Need for Sanctions With More Teeth
03:25:21a 1. Chef Wan blows his top
03:25:26a The Beeches Of Autumn At Chapman Pond Preserve
03:25:32a White House Solyndra used as 'political football'
03:25:39a Nobel Laureate in Medicine Encourages the Young to Embark on Science
03:25:44a E-payment for a cup of water in Kenya
03:25:51a China coal mine blast kills 20‚ traps 23
03:25:57a MLS chief says Beckham has 'delivered' and hopes for more
03:26:03a The thankful villages
03:26:08a RI eyeing European second-hand weaponry
03:26:14a Summary Box Stocks rise as Europe fears ease
03:26:21a Disney profit jumps on ad sales, park visits
03:26:27a Merck 2012 Revenue Will Be in Line With That of 2011
03:26:32a Jumeirah wins two major UK digital awards
03:26:38a U.S. Science and Austerity Fewer Dollars, Forced Choices
03:26:44a Air quality in hospitals, schools to be regulated by law
03:26:50a Judge halts H&R Block's plans to acquire TaxACT
03:26:56a Dow, Saudi Aramco select Jacobs for engineering, construction of chemicals venture
03:27:02a St. Francis High School Sets Food Drive Standard
03:27:08a Recognizing the signs of child sexual abuse
03:27:13a Private firm 'to get hospital deal'
03:27:19a 15. Muhyiddin explains how allowances will be disbursed
03:27:24a Hialeah mayoral candidates battle for runoff win
03:27:30a Many inactive sectors in economy says Dookeran
03:27:36a Girl Guides Celebrate 100 Years of Girl Power
03:27:42a Germany to Buy EADS Stake From Daimler to Keep Even With France
03:27:47a Two-thirds still on drought alert
03:27:53a Box Office Preview Can 'Immortals' pass 'Puss'?
03:27:59a U.K. October Home Values Rise as Sales Drop, Acadametrics Says
03:28:04a Families offered 'cashback' to take up green deal
03:28:10a A US soldier is pictured in Baghdad
03:28:16a Say, does that tattered American flag still wave In South Florida, yes
03:28:22a Google chief urges Taiwan gov't to support IT-friendly policies
03:28:28a Ofgem Restrain Electricity Price Rises
03:28:34a Swedish sperm donors are well-adjusted men study
03:28:40a Woman flips off sheriff on Wis. interstate
03:28:45a Letters to the editor
03:28:51a Boeing defense CEO warns of deep spending cuts
03:28:57a Officers want to end bad blood between Miami PD, FHP
03:29:03a Book Launching and Debt Slashing
03:29:08a To the Manchester United Fans....
03:29:14a Barahona family photos show contrast to alleged abuse
03:29:20a Italy crisis sparks threat of euro zone split
03:29:26a ‘An amazing show of talent’ Says Non-Profit Founder
03:29:32a This Week in Digital Downloads Loving Dead Space 2, Fusion Ge
03:29:38a Swan Says Australia Has Scope to Cut Rates, Increase Spending
03:29:45a Saudi Crown Prince hails peaceful Haj as a success
03:29:50a New System Better Protects Debit Cards
03:29:56a Beyond Country's Academic Freedom Debate
03:30:02a Lebanon under pressure to protect Syrian dissidents
03:30:08a Turkey, Croatia meet in Euro 2008 rematch
03:30:13a When are they going to fix my road?
03:30:19a Beach gains control of Adelaide Energy
03:30:25a Settlement reached in Cossack-style dancing case
03:30:30a Transsexual makes deb
03:30:36a 'I did not do that'
03:30:42a Fuel spill closes M50 lanes
03:30:47a Movie Projector 'Immortals' poised to conquer box office
03:30:53a Art is Activism for Jupiter Sculptor
03:31:01a Genting profits up 8.3% in 3Q, but still behind MBS
03:31:07a ScienceShot Shrimp Massacre at Coral Point
03:31:13a Australia pauses to remember war dead
03:31:19a Documentarians Learn Ways to Best Preserve History of Rwanda's Painful Past
03:31:24a Microalgae Foods Pioneer, Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals,...
03:31:31a Suspect In Hartford Wrong-Way Crash Charged With Drunken Driving
03:31:36a Shower of poppies marks Remembrance Day
03:31:42a Holiday shoppers warned vs '12 Online Scams of Christmas'
03:31:48a Indiana now offers plates for veterans
03:31:54a 'Dieting' in Preparation for Retirement
03:31:59a ANC centenary bash could cost over R400m
03:32:05a Good Samaritans Pulled Crash Victims from Burning Van
03:32:10a Major Wars and Suppression of American Freedoms Planned BEFORE 9/11
03:32:16a Bedford Town Manager Russ Marcoux Dies
03:32:22a Lubbock County Constable arrested for aggravated assault
03:32:28a Senators backtrack on Paterno's Medal of Freedom nomination
03:32:34a Bechtolsheim AWS, open source rewrite rules for startups
03:32:40a Senate Rejects Rand Paul Pollution Bill, 56 – 41
03:32:46a Georgia Dems Celebrate Civil Rights Even as they Crush Black Farmers
03:33:03a 'It’s eye pleasing, ear pleasing, and visually pleasing'
03:33:09a Mayoral race still not over in Benton Harbor
03:33:14a Desperate Guatemalans Embrace an ‘Iron Fist’
03:33:20a SNSC official IAEA approach towards Iran's nuclear program unconstructive
03:33:26a Sierra Leone judge takes over Taylor case
03:33:32a AirAsia's online services down this weekend
03:33:37a Appeals court rules no new trial in shooting death of officer
03:33:43a Wife of bridge owner donates to Forgotten Harvest to help needy
03:33:49a Obama donor pushed loan
03:33:55a Food prices fall again
03:34:00a Bail for Roy Tidwell in Death of Girlfriend Updated
03:34:06a Concern charges could hold up inquiry
03:34:11a Take Vitamin B to lower stress!
03:34:18a Cageprisoners Interview with Umm Hamza, Wife of Al-Qaeda Figure Djamel Beghal
03:34:23a 'Primary Perception'—The Secret Life of Life
03:34:29a A soldier casts his vote at a polling station in Managua
03:34:35a Climate story emerges from purple haze
03:34:41a Rescue teams search for Turkey earthquake survivors
03:34:46a Two yards 'will compete' for work
03:34:52a Post Office Unveils 2010 Stamp Designs
03:34:57a Swiss Banks Face Sanctions
03:35:03a Interest in IPO market remains strong, says Bursa Malaysia CEO
03:35:09a Rights group takes government to court over treason, terrorism charges
03:35:15a Free Speech TV, the Coca Cola documentary of Guatemala and more
03:35:20a Aislynn Spotlight Rise of Immortals Gameplay Video
03:35:26a Terengganu Contingent Is Largest Among Malaysian States At SEA Games
03:35:32a Woman falls 4 stories to death from Makati condo
03:35:37a WRAPUP 3-Mexico central bank sees slowdown but no recession
03:35:43a It’s time ‘to stop’ cop vs. cop tension with troopers
03:35:52a Brain experts weigh in on Perry-phasia
03:35:57a Italy what you should know
03:36:03a Why 'The New Statesman' is Misrepresenting British Youth
03:36:09a Q&A Steering the 'Gazprom of the U.S.' in Russian Waters
03:36:14a Comedian makes career change into politics 10 Nov 2011 162801 GMT
03:36:20a Kids Nutrition Get Kids to Eat Fruits and Veggies
03:36:26a Holiday Helpings, a look at one of Michigan's largest food banks
03:36:34a Mexico's army says soldiers detain one of top operators for powerful Sinaloa drug cartel
03:36:40a NYC's Rainforest Wood Protested with Poll Climb
03:36:46a Parents pay for chicken pox lollipops
03:36:52a Ex-cafeteria manager charged in school theft
03:36:58a Congressman Proposes Changes To Americans With Disabilities Act
03:37:04a Indonesia ex-graft-buster jailed for 18 years in murder
03:37:10a U.S. Geologists Explain Science Behind Japanese Earthquake
03:37:16a 5. Bursa eyes more quality firms
03:37:22a 18. Italy poised to pass reforms
03:37:27a More stroke patients get clot-busting drugs
03:37:33a Uefa's Scottish chief David Taylor needs heart surgery after 'dying' during football match
03:37:39a Karl Rove Attacks Elizabeth Warren for Inspiring #OWS
03:37:45a Toy Gun Sales Laws Toughened Up
03:37:51a Carrie Fisher Ted Kennedy once asked me if I'd have sex with Chris Dodd
03:37:56a Wiki Camp 2007 Blog Vs Wikia
03:38:02a The book is great technology, but it's not good for everything
03:38:08a Week in Review What's Happening in the World This Week
03:38:14a Doctors suspend threatened industrial action
03:38:19a W.H. to comply with solar subpoena
03:38:25a Italian prime minister candidate meets president
03:38:31a State Department Official and Lawmakers Discuss Libya Crisis
03:38:37a Apple's Charitable Matching Program Raises For Nonprofits
03:38:43a Toll Authority Changes Charges After CALL7 Story
03:38:49a Sandusky 'destroyed' by Paterno's firing, attorney says
03:38:54a Ebbin Elected Virginia Senate gets gay member, flips for GOP
03:39:00a Religiosos are trying to control every body by any means they can
03:39:06a Japan's core machinery orders drop 8.2% in Sept.
03:39:11a Movie Review 'The Descent Part 2'
03:39:17a Customs seizes record amount of drugs at KLIA in a week
03:39:23a First glimpse of Giffords speaking in TV interview
03:39:28a Congress Tables Health Care Reform to Pass Budget
03:39:35a Calgary inmate's suicide might have been prevented
03:39:41a The Netherlands calls for UN sanctions against Iran
03:39:46a PNoy admin spreading asylum rumors
03:39:52a Drug Cartel Murders Another Blogger Updated
03:39:58a Fate of 'flower of Syria' offers cautionary tale
03:40:04a US Municipal Government Files Country's Biggest Bankruptcy
03:40:10a Loads of Hope
03:40:15a How Do Siamese Twins Come About
03:40:21a The State Pension 'Crisis' - Another Republican Assault on the Working Class
03:40:27a Man fatally shot on plaza near Occupy Oakland camp
03:40:33a Thai PM says won't quit over flood crisis
03:40:39a Obama and Romney Neck and Neck in Three Critical Swing States
03:40:44a 2011 Holiday Gift Guide LeapFrog LeapPad
03:40:49a World in Brief, Dec. 31, 2009
03:40:55a DUI manslaughter suspect was 'designated driver'
03:41:01a Photograph Auction Record
03:41:06a Nixon's long-secret Watergate testimony coming out
03:41:12a Richland officials meet about medical marijuana gardens
03:41:18a CBK in New York for annual Club de Mardid conference
03:41:24a Ask Murdoch the right questions
03:41:29a Bosnia continues raids over attack
03:41:35a Four Drown in the Black Sea
03:41:41a YG Overcomes Drug Scandal to Price IPO Above Offer Range
03:41:47a Valve Hackers Accessed Steam Users' Encrypted Passwords, Credit Cards
03:41:53a Unprecedented victory in war crimes trial
03:41:59a Perry Uses Gaffe as Campaign Pitch
03:42:07a Soldier Found Guilty Of Killing Afghans
03:42:13a Australian racing car team wins race and design challenge
03:42:18a 'Kill team' leader Gibbs guilty
03:42:24a Senate Democrats turn back bid to block air-pollution rule
03:42:30a U.S. Science and Austerity Commitments, Ideology Clash Over DOE Research Spending
03:42:36a Nixon Warned Grand Jury on Pentagon Spy Ring
03:42:42a Minister calls on nurses to abandon industrial action
03:42:48a Ethiopia charges terrorism suspects
03:42:53a US Green-Card Lottery Numbers Drop Half
03:42:59a REG-Espirito Santo Fin Tender Offer Replacement
03:43:04a Feds Debating Speedier Border Crossings
03:43:10a GOP, proceed with caution
03:43:16a Rooney, American Rap and Britain's Violent Streets
03:43:22a State Sen. Tollison switches to Republican party
03:43:28a Album Review The Magnetic Fields 'Realism'
03:43:33a 6. EPF eyes London office to tap equity investment
03:43:39a Manga by ex-Japanese soldier contrast with wartime news reports
03:43:46a Wounded Libyan Fighters Recover In US
03:43:51a When will China become the number one world power
03:43:57a Hanjin Heavy reaches tentative se..
03:44:03a SEGi sees strong 2011 after profit hit RM55mil in nine months
03:44:09a Life sentence in pharmacy shooting
03:44:15a NOAA Commissions New Research Ship Bell M. Shimada
03:44:21a US to base Marines in Darwin reports
03:44:27a Is Britain about to betray the Palestinians again?
03:44:33a Art and controversy at Sotheby's sale
03:44:39a Michigan Chamber Supports Legislative Action to Reduce Regulatory Burden on Job Providers
03:44:45a African-American Treasures Program Visits Five Cities
03:44:50a Australian firms sponsor 1,400 Irish workers in three months
03:44:56a Morgan Stanley, others reach mortgage pact with NY
03:45:04a US weighs options for containing a nuclear Iran
03:45:09a Victims Identified In Shawano County Crash That Killed 3
03:45:15a Robocall heats up Hialeah mayor's race
03:45:21a Nutritional Supplements for Dogs
03:45:26a 8. Concern over CPO stocks
03:45:32a Inkling's iPad cookbook is selling like crazy
03:45:38a Is Post-Fukushima Japan Safe for Tourists?
03:45:43a Clinton presses China on Tibet, blind lawyer
03:46:00a 14. Sime No plan yet to raise E&O stake
03:46:05a Merck, Cisco, Foot Locker are big market movers
03:46:11a New Advice on Kids' Cholesterol Tests
03:46:17a Jackson doctor admits 'stupid' mistakes
03:46:22a Singapore's first casino to open on February 14
03:46:28a Police warn Penn State students ahead of home game
03:46:38a If this column offends you, I apologise...
03:46:43a Smoke test for Woodsville Tunnel on Friday
03:46:49a Insight Risk, lax oversight riddle MF Global's past
03:46:55a World War I spy-catching chemist honoured
03:47:01a Turkish Airlines' new strategy to Indian routes
03:47:06a San Diego protesters forced to urinate in police vehicles
03:47:12a VIDEO Occupy Maui Hawaiians Explain Why They Support OWS
03:47:17a Obama the Democrat and Hagel the Republican
03:47:23a Rebecca Hall turns ghost buster
03:47:28a Rod Marsh‚ Andy Bichel appointed as selectors
03:47:34a Dennis Ross, Obama Mideast Adviser, Leaves White House
03:47:40a Synergen Consulting Surpasses 750 Projects Awarded
03:47:46a AT&T Picks Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson to Develop 4G Network
03:47:51a Florence marine awarded purple heart
03:47:57a Disaster Strikes America's First National Test of Emergency Alert System
03:48:03a European MP China, Produce Tortured Gao Zhisheng
03:48:08a #Occupy Burlington Veteran Shoots Self at City Hall Camp
03:48:13a This Shameful Ranting Must Stop
03:48:19a Congo halts oil exploration in Virunga Park
03:48:25a Parker backed over Orica leak performance
03:48:30a Disney sees record profit amid gains at theme parks, TV channels
03:48:36a How GM Mismanaged the Saab Brand
03:48:42a Turkish quake kills 8, including aid worker
03:48:47a PNM was probing Rowley over bank account—AG
03:48:53a Sector Snap Analyst sees more demand for chips
03:48:58a Saudi Rug Firm Opens Sales Office in Dalton
03:49:04a Music Teacher Finds Music Uplifting
03:49:09a Be confident of BM as business language
03:49:15a US Defense Chief Warns Against Military Strike on Iran
03:49:21a Obama discusses Syria, Iran with Portuguese counterpart
03:49:26a Police call for sightings of vehicle following robbery
03:49:32a Kenya Kiir accuses Khartoum of looking for war
03:49:38a Euro zone growth to crash – EU executive
03:49:43a Is there any chance for change in Argentina?
03:49:49a Perry's gaffes could devastate presidential bid
03:49:54a Bervie Braes proposal considered
03:50:00a Washington Must Unite in Grief
03:50:05a Profit dented as EADS delays A350 launch
03:50:11a Clinton's Speech on Fighting AIDS Doesn’t Mention Gay Sex
03:50:16a Devastation in Turkey after second quake
03:50:22a SME Corp To Work With Bank Negara And ABM To Promote 1-innocert Programme
03:50:28a Greek prime minister George Papandreou to resign once coalition deal is struck
03:50:34a Ad growth‚ economic impact key for Disney quarter
03:50:39a Saudi king expresses support for Najib govt
03:50:45a Facebook To Make Privacy Settings Opt-In, Not Opt-Out
03:50:54a Mexico Politician Probed over Bulgarian Lady Grisly Death
03:51:00a Rapid Fire – November 10, 2011
03:51:06a WRAPUP 1-U.S. says Assad will fall, Arab states offer safe haven
03:51:11a Billy Crystal I'm thrilled to host the Oscars
03:51:17a British Soldiers Will Burn In Hell Remembrance Day 2010
03:51:23a Ross to leave White House, rejoin Washington Institute
03:51:28a Iowa Sen. Tim Kapucian endorses Rick Santorum for president
03:51:34a US officials consider options on mortgages
03:51:39a Latest Charge Penn State Asst Coach 'Pimped Out' Young Boys To Rich Donors
03:51:45a UPDATE 1-High catastrophe claims weigh on Zurich Financial
03:51:51a PIC event to cost invitees R50 000
03:51:56a Optimus first certified in Portugal for Microsoft Lync 2010
03:52:02a India, Indonesia negotiate rice trade deals
03:52:08a Adviser to repay investor for risky Sharemax advice
03:52:13a Mea culpa About studying science to get a job
03:52:19a Movie bosses force Scots company to remove 'hobbit' name from lodges
03:52:24a Despite stumbles, Perry vows to stay in presidential race
03:52:30a Moody's decision ‘cause for concern
03:52:35a GOP goals would hurt women
03:52:41a Grapevine—Wyclef Jean, Simon Cowell, Conan O'Brien, George Clooney
03:52:47a Air Force Troops Attend Lecture On Events Preceding Independence Proclamation
03:52:52a The Lingering Effects Of Losing Power
03:52:58a Jefferson County Files for Bankruptcy Right Move?
03:53:03a 'The show just opened up a new area of knowledge'
03:53:09a DA unveils its solution to SA's growth challenge
03:53:14a Ronda Reynolds' husband in Olympia I didn't do it
03:53:20a IMF commissions a mission to Liberia
03:53:26a Former casino exec asks judge to toss contract lawsuit
03:53:31a Quick Look GoldenEye 007 Reloaded
03:53:37a Reporting sexual abuse
03:53:42a Uganda Government, EU to Form Agricultural Equity Fund
03:53:48a New Jazz Releases Include Jessy J, Hiromi
03:53:54a State Department Delays Decision on KeystoneXL Pipeline With Full White House Support
03:53:59a Feds Delay Decision On Pipeline Project
03:54:05a Uganda Rights Group Takes Government to Court Over Treason, Terrorism Charges
03:54:10a Tata moots assembly unit in Kenya
03:54:16a Wise to ban the SM festival
03:54:21a UPDATE 1-Nordstrom full year profit outlook below St view
03:54:27a Survivors of Lauderdale county wreck count their blessings
03:54:32a Blogger butchered in Nuevo Laredo
03:54:38a Pipeline route delay
03:54:43a Malema judgment may haunt the ANC
03:54:48a Filmmaker Katedza Releases Another Gem
03:54:54a South Africa's ANC suspends its youth leader
03:55:00a Uganda Ogoola to Tackle Backlog of Cases
03:55:05a Uganda IGG Climb Down On Bukenya No Victor, No Vanquished
03:55:11a Wiki Camp 2007 Jimmy Talk Part 1
03:55:17a 54 African Migrants Saved At Sea southern city of Motril Spain
03:55:22a Changes to regulating Electricity
03:55:28a €22m series a boost for Irish industry
03:55:33a Get ready for a chilly night!
03:55:39a Need to optimize your sleep? There's an app for that.
03:55:44a VIDEO Jackson doctor 'error' in star's care
03:55:50a 26.06.2009 WB approves million climate change fund for Liberia
03:55:55a Hair Smoothing Treatment Causes Concern
03:56:01a New York City Marathon Winner Does Cool-Down Jog Back To Kenya
03:56:06a How elite try to evade sanctions
03:56:12a More than 3,000 couples were booked to marry on November 11 in Shanghai alone
03:56:18a B/E Aerospace plans big factory at Everett's Paine Field
03:56:25a Design Evolution of GPS Navagation
03:56:30a Bank for SMEs On Cards, Says Minister
03:56:36a Austria wants more Russian tourists
03:56:41a Uganda Gaddafi's End Testimony That Option of Safe Haven Is No More
03:56:47a Home Inns sees Q4 revenue vs. consensus
03:56:52a Premier demands naming of failed financial institutions
03:56:58a Hawaii Helicopter Crash Kills 5
03:57:03a Inside Money The answer is not 42
03:57:09a Google Chrome Will Add Search Inside of Every Web Page With Apture Acquisition
03:57:15a Dozens trapped after second quake hits Turkey
03:57:20a Debt panel tries to salvage deal
03:57:26a Europe Slashes Its Growth Forecast
03:57:31a Disney says international visits to U.S. parks up
03:57:37a A 5.6 magnitude tremor hits Van governorate in Turkey
03:57:42a Mayor who quit in 2010 wins election by 4 votes
03:57:48a Three nominated to chair graft watchdog
03:57:54a Fort Hood jihad victims seek million in compensation from the Army
03:57:59a ‘Osama to Obama’ Tape Carries Al-Qaeda Threats
03:58:05a Home prices drop in 75% of US cities in Q3
03:58:10a Residence permit and marriage
03:58:16a Tea party groups seek Ohio 'right-to-work' measure
03:58:22a Fourth suspect in Powell H.S. theft arrested
03:58:28a JCE proposal gets backing, but Frias still an issue
03:58:33a Attn Muslims Against Crusade
03:58:39a Vt. lawmakers briefed on energy plan
03:58:45a Green Plains to build new 96-car unit train terminal
03:58:50a Mariah Carey `Twins are on solids`
03:58:56a U.S. jobless benefit claims fall
03:59:02a Green or yellow phlegm likely to be bacterial
03:59:07a Tire stuck on rodeo bull's head
03:59:13a Aviva staff begin first stage of industrial action over job losses
03:59:18a Federer already thinking of Nadal
03:59:24a Bill Clinton Sells His Economic Prescriptions in New Book
03:59:30a Google buys start-up Katango, All Things Digital reports
03:59:35a Forced Marriages in Germany More Prevalent than Thought
03:59:41a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Fall as Population Ages
03:59:46a Caterpillar to make offer to acquire ERA Mining Machinery
03:59:52a Report Paterno sought defense lawyer
04:00:09a Further Observations on the Penn State Case
04:00:14a Standardisation Mou With Uganda Window To Penetrate African Region
04:00:20a Vegetative patients aware of surroundings
04:00:28a ARM Makes the Mali-T658 GPU Official
04:00:33a Nepal, India to hold series of high-level meetings
04:00:39a Pairin blames tanker driver
04:00:44a The share prices in Taiwan extend losses, led by ‘Apple concept stocks’
04:00:50a Superatoms Mimicry of Elements
04:00:55a Italian Prime Minister to Step Down
04:01:01a I should have stayed in rented flat
04:01:06a Remembrance Day Lest we forget
04:01:12a Italian President Giorgio Napolitano
04:01:17a No more 24-hour bars and night clubs in Panama
04:01:23a Henry Cavill `Russell Crowe helped me become an actor`
04:01:28a Rains aggravate plight of displaced
04:01:34a Newly Released Testimony Is Vintage Nixon
04:01:39a Gaffe rocks Perry rescue mission
04:01:45a Ohio poll worker charged with biting voter's nose
04:01:51a Olympus's Possible Delisting Means ‘Japan Way’ No Longer Excuse
04:01:56a US Marines to be based in Australia reports
04:02:01a Experts share their tips for your Thanksgiving centerpiece
04:02:07a Hawaii No. 1 state where Americans want to live
04:02:12a Israel top court to rule on ex-president's appeal
04:02:18a New statistics about smokers who can't kick the habit
04:02:24a 17. Turkish police fire tear gas in quake city
04:02:29a Portugal And Palestinian Bid To Join UNESCO And UN – Analysis
04:02:35a Disco Medusa's grand opening
04:02:40a Wal-Mart's Home Preps for Art-World Debut
04:02:46a NASA spills last details of Mars space truck trip
04:02:51a WholeVine finds new use for winery byproducts
04:02:57a Knox County probation officer indicted for bribery
04:03:02a 'Pretty Little Liars' ... now starring Miss Piggy of The Puppets?
04:03:08a Man shot at 'Occupy Oakland' protest
04:03:13a Snow‚ hurricane-force winds batter Alaska coast
04:03:19a Benbrook bank robbery suspect arrested in Fort Worth
04:03:25a Lenders to grill Japan's Olympus as delisting looms source
04:03:30a Stay in touch, NUIG asks graduates
04:03:36a Roma musicians to play at Istanbul club
04:03:42a Philippines Market factors to watch Nov 11
04:03:48a Chinese Govt Donates Anti-Malaria Drugs to Health Ministry
04:03:53a Ex-Grand Canyon head Coke talks ended bottle ban
04:03:59a Green charities way more evil and dangerous than Exxon or the Koch Brothers
04:04:10a Northport in expansion and improvement exercise
04:04:16a Fiji Rugby World Cup star rejoins army report
04:04:21a Iran vows to counter US or Israeli strike with 'iron fist'
04:04:27a UPDATE 1-WiLAN's 759 Patent validated in U.S.
04:04:32a MediaCorp makes first step to Mediapolis in Buona Vista
04:04:38a CAL gets first of
04:04:43a Turkey hit by second devastating earthquake
04:04:49a US Home Builders Commit to New EPA Guidelines for Energy Star Qualified Homes
04:04:54a If Iran Gets the Bomb
04:05:00a Jury finds sergeant guilty on all 'kill team' charges
04:05:06a Christmas fear prosecutors seek three-month term for Bali drug boy
04:05:11a Coffee Shop That Supports Vets Coming To Madison
04:05:16a 13. School 'sends away' 52 residents of the spooky kind
04:05:22a Burn off calories at T.O.'s annual Turkey Day Dash
04:05:27a Hard drive shortage could hurt PC delivery in Q1 2012 IDC
04:05:33a Zuma vows to help stabilise Libya
04:05:38a Ohio back on Obama's dance card
04:05:44a ET Confirmed Billy Crystal Will Host Oscars
04:05:49a Children, Mothers Die In DWI Crash
04:05:55a Saddam deputy surfaces in audio recording-TV report
04:06:01a Saskatoon campers offered shelter, city manager says
04:06:06a Perwaja likely to get iron ore mining concession in Terengganu
04:06:12a Student MetroCards Cut Draws More Protests
04:06:17a Feds win access to WikiLeakers Twitter account data
04:06:23a WATCH The role of women in street gangs
04:06:29a Baghdad's 'Green-Belt' Project Proves A Costly Failure Radio Free Europe
04:06:34a Day 512 of the Murdoch phone-hacking inquiry
04:06:40a Sweden backs Balkans' EU push
04:06:45a No pressure from NCP on Lavasa Chavan
04:06:51a Ahead of Iran nuclear report, plenty of apocalyptic talk
04:06:56a Injured Mariga out of Kenyan squad
04:07:02a A veteran looks back and hopes for a bright future
04:07:08a U.S. Republican Perry vows to press on after gaffe
04:07:13a Malaysia Fourth Among 57 Countries In Education Expenditure
04:07:19a WATCH Late veteran Howard Anderson honoured
04:07:25a River Road to be moved
04:07:31a Niger, Chad receive 75,000 refugees from Libya
04:07:36a Israel vs Iran the regional blowback, Paul Rogers
04:07:42a Night hunting proves costly for two Barrie-area men
04:07:47a West Does Nothing As Iran Goes Nuclear
04:07:53a Humans, pets and fungi the latest species killers
04:07:59a Female Aussie navy sailor dies in Cambodia
04:08:04a Japan Tobacco's Indian JV goes up in smoke
04:08:10a Q+A-What is the outside world doing about Syria
04:08:16a A Rebound in Europe, Followed by the U.S.
04:08:21a Man gives parents RM5,000 and chases them out of flat
04:08:27a MediaCorp takes first step in move to Buona Vista
04:08:33a Neal Returns to Packers Practice
04:08:38a Employment in F&B sector remains positive
04:08:44a Saudi Electricity awards India's KEC International USD62.6m deal
04:08:49a CICIG receives unequivocal support in UN General Assembly resolution yesterday
04:08:55a Minister wants to end airport subsidies
04:09:00a Abortion promoters lash out against pro-lifers in Argentina
04:09:06a Greenback residents awakened by small earthquake
04:09:11a The Rapid sees 10.7% ridership increase
04:09:16a Mattel elects Van de Put as a director
04:09:22a Perry pokes fun at his brain freeze, but his campaign is wounded
04:09:27a Kenny says work being done on education return scheme
04:09:33a Sheraton to build hotel in Colombo
04:09:38a Greek President to Meet Party Leaders as Unity Aim in Disarray
04:09:43a Female Dog Breastfeeds Five Piglets
04:09:49a Investigation finds negligence in patient's suicide at Miami hospital
04:09:55a Prince William deployed to Falklands
04:10:00a For Portsmouth family, military service is in the blood
04:10:06a Million Lottery Winner Credits Cashier's Mistake
04:10:12a Hundreds say goodbye to Sir Jimmy
04:10:17a Jefferson County makes biggest bankruptcy filing ever
04:10:23a DPS chase driver who refused to stop near Buckeye
04:10:28a VIDEO Nixon archives released
04:10:34a Penn State Would you do better than Joe Paterno?
04:10:39a For Peace in Sri Lanka, Reconciliation Must Accompany Prosperity
04:10:45a Mr. Cavaco goes to Washington
04:10:50a Soldier found guilty of murdering Afghan civilians
04:10:56a East Stirlingshire 1-3 Berwick
04:11:01a TCT Transapical TAVR May Not Be for Older Patients
04:11:06a Shen Yun 'marvellous,' Says Legislator
04:11:12a Bishan doctor fined, warned for prescribing drugs irresponsibly
04:11:17a Dull medals take shine off Mexico's PanAm games
04:11:23a Euro Debt Crisis positive for Turkey Property Investment
04:11:29a Ceremony held at Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach
04:11:34a Documents Nixon Defended Legacy To Grand Jury
04:11:40a 18.08.2009 Liberian security and peace gains still fragile, Ban
04:11:45a Weapons found in Puttalam raid
04:11:51a Local Referees to Handle Gabon/Brazil Game
04:11:57a Solomon Islands PM resigns
04:12:02a Team Selection Gives Bosnia's Susic a Headache Before Portugal
04:12:08a Iran says UN nuclea
04:12:13a Defense chief warns on Iran strike consequences
04:12:19a NH hunting death turned over to prosecutor
04:12:24a Chaplain Attempts to Smuggle Razor Blades into Jail
04:12:30a Developer wants to switch up King's Wharf
04:12:36a Valve Announces Massive Steam Server Intrusion
04:12:42a ACR Long-Term Biologic Use in RA Cuts MI, Cancer Risk
04:12:47a Fire rages at barn full of pigs
04:12:53a Swazi Bailout Emergence of Regional Politico-Economics
04:12:58a PM accused over minimum wage claims
04:13:04a Starbucks to buy California juice group
04:13:10a GOP hopeful Perry appears on Letterman
04:13:16a UN envoy voices concern over abuse of Angolans expelled from DR Congo
04:13:22a NZ Mine boss faces charges over deadly explosion
04:13:28a Thai floods expected to hit PC shipments into 2012
04:13:34a Fish and Wildlife worker allegedly spied on women
04:13:40a British University Teachers' Council Resolves to Boycott Israeli Counterparts
04:13:45a Minister lauds child rights protection
04:13:51a Attacks on NHS staff at record levels as 60,000 face assaults
04:13:56a Man Who Struck, Killed Preschooler Sentenced
04:14:02a Unfair extradition laws must be ditched, ministers are told
04:14:08a VIDEO Perfect Storm of Internet Censorship
04:14:13a Shakira Latin music stars cure all pains
04:14:19a George Boley Is Lying
04:14:32a Google Buys Katango To Solve The Labor Of G+ Circles
04:14:38a Doctor Reports Several H1N1 Deaths a Day in China Hospital
04:14:55a South Korean Youth Delegation in the Country
04:15:01a It's time to freeze Saleh?s assets
04:15:07a Students wowed by Navy vet's tales
04:15:12a Small beer Alex's pay battle
04:15:18a How Republicans Lost the 2011 Elections
04:15:23a Video Reporter injured in Iraq discusses recovery, book CBS NEWS World
04:15:29a Perry scrambles to limit gaffe damage
04:15:34a Can nutrition help prevent Alzheimer's?
04:15:40a Afghan Taliban chief has never been in Pakistan Musharraf
04:15:46a GOP presidential candidates court Arizona's 'Sheriff Joe'
04:15:51a Sony's Stringer Says He's ‘Up for the Fight, Will Remain CEO
04:15:57a Zimbabwe's MDC calls off boycott
04:16:03a Govt to screen media for separatist, radical content
04:16:08a Mitt Romney Fortune's Favorite?
04:16:14a Summary Box IDC expects Thai flood effect in 2012
04:16:19a Deputies seek man using fake checks with school's account information
04:16:25a On Iran, more sanctions won't work
04:16:31a Hunt for 'ghostly' fugitives continues
04:16:36a Human Rights Activists Speak to Obama
04:16:42a Nixon's Watergate Testimony
04:16:47a Israeli court upholds former President's jail sentence
04:16:53a Rape imprisonment for ex-president Katsav
04:16:58a Index Ventures to invest part of new 500m fund in Israel
04:17:04a Storify Makes Its Move A Social Web News Site Starring You
04:17:09a UPDATE Israel releases Australian activist
04:17:15a Blasts hit Egypt gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan
04:17:21a America Regrets Latest Events Here
04:17:26a Brussels to issue grim growth forecast for Italy
04:17:32a Iran warns of full force response to threats
04:17:38a Guilty Plea From Driver Responsible For Triple Fatality 10 Nov 2011 182431 GMT
04:17:43a VIDEO Free Michael Coleman! Free Gaza!
04:17:49a What China thinks of India's military posturing
04:17:54a Clinton offers flood help to Thailand
04:18:00a Chaos in first Test in Cape Town
04:18:06a 2.05m Japanese on welfare a post-war high
04:18:11a Confirmed Billy Crystal Will Host Oscars
04:18:17a Apple's AssistiveTouch Helps The Disabled Use A Smartphone
04:18:22a Western world has failed
04:18:27a Adidas Brainy Boots Offer Messi Secret
04:18:33a Politicians to try for record in game of musical chairs
04:18:39a Jailed Australian Activist Returns Home
04:18:44a Philippines' ICTSI Q3 net income rises 35 pct y/y
04:18:50a Toll treats us like dirt US truck drivers
04:18:55a Clarence B. Jones I Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Set
04:19:01a Christian Injured in Brussels House Show
04:19:07a Medical testing companies' Medicare deal scrutinized
04:19:12a Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood sparkle as CMA hosts
04:19:17a 92 inmates begin hunger strike in Roumieh
04:19:23a 'Serbia's EU bid depends on ties with Kosovo'
04:19:28a Histadrut, Treasury must submit report on worker talks
04:19:34a Kenya drought could create 5 million needy
04:19:39a Kenya Blasts hit Egypt gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan MENA
04:19:45a Israel court upholds ex-presidents rape conviction
04:19:50a Think Again It's All Connected
04:19:56a Search plus social equals richer shopping experiences
04:20:02a Kyle Busch sponsor withdraws from final two NASCAR races of 2011
04:20:07a Nest and the Apple-ification of everything
04:20:13a Taylor backs decision to stay in NZ
04:20:18a OT goal lifts Lightning over Flyers
04:20:24a Some of the Most Innovative Canadian 'Green Building' Technology to Be Showcased in Brussels
04:20:30a 2 prisoners harm themselves in jail cell
04:20:35a PC Makers, Microsoft May Be Hurt as Floods Crimp... 714 PM
04:20:41a UNESCO halts new spending after US funding cut
04:20:46a Sarkozy-Netanyahu 'liar' flap An attempt to smooth ties
04:20:59a Solid and profitable growth
04:21:05a Bernanke dares to visit Perry country
04:21:10a Here's what's happening on Veterans Day
04:21:16a LEAD Liberia's Johnson-Sirleaf set to win presidential vote
04:21:21a Vermaelen surprised to lose Belgium armband
04:21:27a Bowels benefit from high-fibre diets
04:21:32a U.S. to question Lebanon over deposits
04:21:38a Authorities discover 'FARC' explosives in central Colombia
04:21:43a Cisco Shares Surge To 9-Month High As Report Shows Progress
04:21:49a Gambling venture netted Norfolk man says
04:21:55a Super Committee Dems Reject GOP Tax Proposal
04:22:00a Qantas chairman backs boss who grounded fleet
04:22:06a The 47th Session Of Committee Against Torture
04:22:11a Sorry, GOP, But It Looks Like America's Bullsh*t Detector Just Went Off
04:22:17a Liberia pledges support to small farmers
04:22:23a Local People's Congress Elections Held in Beijing
04:22:29a What's Your Morning Tech Routine?
04:22:34a Guerneville shelter relocated from church to vets building
04:22:40a One-of-a-kind birthday
04:22:46a For some soldiers and veterans, there's comfort in war video games
04:22:51a Daya Gamage still hopeful despite passing of Exproriation Bill
04:22:57a Crippled Russian Spacecraft Carries Toxic Payload
04:23:03a Helping the nation's veterans find jobs
04:23:09a Okla. couple pleads not guilty to child neglect
04:23:15a Future development Mecca to be in line with...
04:23:20a Consumer Goods Production Goes Up in DPRK
04:23:26a Most Smokers Want to Quit but Can't
04:23:31a More Gnome Shell Tips And Tricks
04:23:37a Apache Harmony is Dead. OpenJDK Wins Open Source Java Battle.
04:23:43a Burma to launch new 'international' television station
04:23:48a U.S. Is Flagman of World Terrorism Vice President
04:23:54a Solomons PM resigns reports
04:24:00a Samsung Galaxy Note Now Available in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
04:24:05a SL taking measures to curb torture
04:24:11a Ashton Kutcher, Don't Be a Twitter Quitter!
04:24:17a Iran to Take Legal Actions against U.S. Congressmen FM
04:24:22a Greece and Italy Seek a Solution From Technocrats
04:24:28a Nonprofit steps toward entrepreneurism
04:24:34a Japanese Debris to Start Hitting Western U.S. and Canada
04:24:39a Medicaid will resume paying for repeated emergency-room use
04:24:45a SoBe Ripe For Mega-Casino
04:24:50a Fernandes looking at executive jet service
04:24:56a Management Tip of the Day Stem your work obsession
04:25:01a Jacksonville mayor announces key hires
04:25:07a Jihadi Forum Publishes Interview with Commander of Group behind Kazakhstan Bombings
04:25:13a 40th Anniversary of Korean Mass Gymnastics Production Company Celebrated
04:25:19a Sovereign Debt Turns Sour in Euro Zone
04:25:24a • Man sends severed finger to Japanese Embassy
04:25:30a Olympia man puts Vietnam vets' names high on Rainier and Adams
04:25:36a Liberia’s President Wins Boycotted Runoff Vote
04:25:42a Physician ‘Glad to see classical dances again’ Through Shen Yun
04:25:48a Govt asks justices to stay out of immigration case
04:25:53a IDS Adds Flood Insurance Disclosure to Mortgage Doc Packages
04:25:59a Wear Your Poppy with Pride
04:26:05a Chilling details of Puerto Rican kingpin's killing machine
04:26:11a Caterpillar to Buy ERA for Up to Million to Add China Sales
04:26:16a Saudi success spurs Renfe to globalize its business
04:26:22a Dwindling Membership Causes VFW Post To Close
04:26:28a Nuclear standoff Iran warns US, Israel against strike
04:26:33a Military dedicates Walter Reed's new home in Md.
04:26:39a Rare white kiwi to be kept in captivity
04:26:44a Mayor Announces End Of #OccupyPortland Encampment
04:26:50a Meeting for Friendship between Korean, Japanese Women Held in Japan
04:26:56a Theater Owner Shen Yun 'Gorgeous'
04:27:02a Post mortem to be carried out on house fire victim
04:27:07a DPRK Beats China 10 at Women's Soccer Championship
04:27:13a SCO Summit Held
04:27:19a Mariah Carey credits pregnancy for stronger voice
04:27:24a France Demands Inquiry of S.&P. Error
04:27:30a Economic Depression Worsens in Japan
04:27:36a Strutting their stuff for a good cause
04:27:41a What's On in Sweden
04:27:47a Thai floods expected to hit PC shipments
04:27:52a Al Qaeda Suspect Indicted in New York on Terrorism Charges
04:27:58a Keystone XL pipeline delay disappoints TransCanada
04:28:03a TV van tipped as rally for Joe Paterno gets violent
04:28:09a Hillsborough County squads take the last step toward the state championships
04:28:33a Africa set for 738 m phones by end 2012
04:28:38a Gen Shoke Hails ZDF's Role in Integration of SANDF
04:28:44a 3 trapped in New York City construction collapse/tit
04:28:50a Acting career turns into pottery pursuit
04:28:55a Iran Contemplates Exporting Nuclear Technology Official
04:29:01a On Apples, Oranges, and Dimensional Analysis
04:29:06a Alan Rickman Talks Daniel Radcliffe & Broadway
04:29:12a New names added to the Madison County Hall of Heroes
04:29:17a DPRK Delegate on Development of Renewable Energy
04:29:23a Action News I-Team finds 16 missing kids
04:29:28a Court orders arrest of PNG's deputy PM and top lawyer
04:29:34a DealBook Ahead of New Rules, Europe's Banks Go on a Selling Spree
04:29:41a Daniel Radcliffe & SMASH Stars Honor Craig Zadan & Neil Meron
04:29:50a CIMB Bank Debit MasterCard holders get freebies
04:29:56a Paterno firing, what's next
04:30:02a Mass Protest in Macau on 10th Anniversary of Chinese Rule
04:30:07a San Francisco's over-the-top underground
04:30:13a Chinese Official Calls for Int'l Talent Exchange, Cooperation
04:30:18a Talking Plush Birds Let You Insult Others From Afar
04:30:24a Helping teenagers cope when a friend dies
04:30:30a Barcelona police beating protesters Plaza de Cataluna soaring unemployment, corruption and welfare
04:30:35a Move of the Week Shoulder Press
04:30:41a Anniversary of Korean Mass Gymnastics Production Company Marked
04:30:46a Relations between Two Sudans Deteriorate as War Rhetoric Returns
04:30:52a US was against Zim unity govt
04:30:57a Deadly shooting linked to love triangle
04:31:03a Quest to Assemble Chinese Cars
04:31:09a Canadian Polar Bear Population at Risk
04:31:14a India sees us as competitor Chinese army
04:31:20a S. Africa`s Zuma pledges to help stabilise Libya
04:31:25a S. Korean Ruling Forces' Attempt to Conclude FTA Censured
04:31:31a Migiro underlines effectiveness of UN 'delivering as one' initiative
04:31:37a Tech unhealthiness 16 percent of cell phones have poop on them
04:31:42a Hire a Vet? IT Says Yes
04:31:48a Individual insurance can be difficult to obtain
04:31:53a BRIEF-Moody's Waipio repack notes on review for possible downgrade
04:31:59a President Obama expresses concern over the human rights situation in Honduras
04:32:05a I’m off to the World Cup. I’ve updated my will
04:32:10a Manufacturing Job Match Begins
04:32:16a Questions raised over appointment of tender committee members
04:32:21a St. Peter Claver looks toward a brighter future
04:32:27a Easy tips to include more whole grains in your child's diet
04:32:33a Tamil man from Batticaloa reported missing in Colombo
04:32:38a Chicago man proposed with ring from woman he killed prosecutors
04:32:44a Blackstone, Carlyle in talks to buy Reliance towers-report
04:32:50a UN envoy back in Yemen to tackle crisis
04:32:55a Seasonis full of promise
04:33:01a Four Lankan fishermen detained by Indian CG
04:33:07a Mr. Dad We have a lazy son
04:33:12a Wapato school buses merge comfort and efficiency
04:33:25a Book Keeper, Karabi Community & Development Services Inc
04:33:31a iOS 5.0.1 Brings Battery Fix to iPhone 4S, Multitasking Gestures to Original iPad
04:33:36a Malaria Parasite Discovery May Lead To Vaccine
04:33:42a Gift to Kim Jong Il from Indonesian Delegation
04:33:47a Video November 10, 2011; Thursday Evening AccuWeather Report
04:33:53a UPDATE 1-HK's Chow Tai Fook gets IPO nod, cuts deal size
04:33:59a Jessie J on X Factor ‘Domino performance didnt impress LA Reid
04:34:04a Blogger Romenesko resigns from Poynter Institute
04:34:10a POLL Do You Support Outdoor Smoking Bans?
04:34:15a Playa Vista project wins court OK
04:34:20a Bucs bring in Haynesworth
04:34:26a China, Russia to Develop Bilateral Ties
04:34:31a US punts tricky pipeline decision past 2012 election
04:34:37a Democrats revise deficit supercommittee offer/tit
04:34:44a Uganda/Malawi Old Foes for Country As Malawi Return As Cecafa Cup Guests
04:34:50a Delicate Balance Between Abusive Behavior and Achievement
04:34:56a Toho Bank 8346.T-6mth group results
04:35:01a Two cyclists injured in hit and run
04:35:07a Portrait of MF's former CEO Corzine on sale for
04:35:12a Turkmen boost for Nabucco
04:35:18a Iran Steps Up Crackdown on Demonstrators
04:35:23a Truck crash leaves hole in home
04:35:29a Kingfisher in trouble over aircraft leases; pilots quit reports
04:35:35a Mayo Clinic produces a list to help parents diagnose mental disorders in their children
04:35:40a White House says IAEA report on Iran 'very alarming'
04:35:46a Video Badlisyah Sees Indonesia Taking Lead in Sukuk Issuances
04:35:52a Tamil Tigers' Defeat Holds Lessons for Pakistan
04:35:57a Facebook Is the Final Frontier in Amateur Porn The Internet
04:36:03a Schmidt shows no signs of slowing down
04:36:09a Dem concedes in cliffhanger Va. race
04:36:14a Italy Bond Attack Breaches Euro Defenses as Contagion Worse
04:36:20a Need Linux Skills? 12 Places to Learn Online
04:36:25a Q&A An Apple Software Error on a Windows System
04:36:31a 4. 11 reasons for not having polls this year
04:36:36a Blast of past as Higgins tackles Gilmore
04:36:41a Man fatally shot near Occupy Oakland camp
04:36:47a Govt to Update National Housing Database
04:36:53a Landmark sub shop changing hands
04:36:59a Steve Jobs is most used name in media in 2011 TODAYonline
04:37:05a Andrea's Attic's owner gives old stuff new life
04:37:11a Cyclist killed after colliding with a jeep
04:37:27a Iron and Steel Industry Innovators Keep Technological Flow Active
04:37:33a Zim treason charges for viewing Egypt on TV
04:37:38a Freeman to receive lifetime achievement award
04:37:44a Clinton man charged with Child Rape, Incest
04:37:49a 'The dancers just took us off to the heavens,' Says Studio Director
04:37:55a TBI Steps Up Search For Missing Dyerserburg Mom
04:38:01a Governor wants focus on victims
04:38:06a Obama, Romney neck-and-neck in swing states
04:38:12a Fire of Anatolia on Antalya stage
04:38:17a Harry Potter Symposium at JMU Nov. 10-12.
04:38:23a U.S. Army sergeant convicted of Afghan murders
04:38:29a Russian president gains 1 mn online fans in 24 hours
04:38:34a U.S. 'Israel's Advocate' to Leave White House for Pro-Israel Think Tank
04:38:40a Wilder, wetter cyclones will hit Japan's economy
04:38:46a news focus BI rate cut by 50 basis points surprises observers
04:38:52a Artists Hit Hard by Recession
04:38:57a 80 percent of Jakarta adults had Hepatitis A
04:39:03a Helle Thorning-Schmidt defies 'curse of Kinnock' to become Danish PM
04:39:09a Facebook No Comment on Privacy Settlement With the FTC
04:39:14a US Senate Oks job bill for veterans
04:39:20a Indonesian Delegation Visits Mangyongdae
04:39:25a Haynesworth claimed off waivers by Buccaneers
04:39:31a Palma Ceia Juniors, Majors power to Section 7 wins
04:39:36a Belgian teenage prodigy to sign for Manchester United
04:39:42a Zimbabwe's uneasy balancing act
04:39:47a DPD to honor its top soldier, others
04:39:53a McQueary is out for PSU-Nebraska game
04:39:58a Environment Trust's art auction
04:40:04a Police braced for winter crime spree
04:40:09a Better security needed at club
04:40:15a Will ‘dot Bharat’ help make the Internet more accessible to Indians
04:40:21a Citrix Exposes APIs for Its Collaborative Software
04:40:27a Shootings rock Occupy Wall Street movement
04:40:32a 'Strike on Iran could have unintended consequences'
04:40:38a A summer seat to history
04:40:43a John Knox celebrates the bounty of its centenarians
04:40:49a Are you ready for Reindeer?
04:40:54a Huge Alaska storm leaves region
04:41:00a Holiday Hiring
04:41:05a Bali boy 'in shock' after sentence request
04:41:11a The extraordinary life of ‘Honey Baby'
04:41:25a Road closed in Erith after crash
04:41:31a Morgan quits America's Got Talent
04:41:36a Philip Gould and Labour myths
04:41:42a Wind delays final demolition of hotel
04:41:48a Fire damages Sulphur Springs post office
04:41:53a Llambias defends Newcastle rename
04:41:59a Theresa May looks likely to survive borders scandal
04:42:04a Gulfport biker thrown from motorcycle in St. Petersburg crash
04:42:10a Love bug bomb scare in Sutton
04:42:15a Rangers win fifth in a row
04:42:21a Taylor Swift sings from cozy couch, wins big at CMA Awards
04:42:26a Retention Allowances for Lecturers Scrapped
04:42:32a Losing Cents—Where Are the 2009 Lincoln Pennies?
04:42:37a Street left without post because postie 'was sick'
04:42:43a Penn State community wonders What's next?
04:42:48a London focused on 2017 bid Coe
04:42:54a Growing speculation about Eurozone split
04:43:00a Chinese Official Calls for Displaying CPC Tradition
04:43:06a Mr Cameron, have you never really heard of a sit-in
04:43:11a RIM Stands by Flash as Adobe Pursues HTML5
04:43:17a Clearwater car dealer Larry Dimmitt was fueled by generous nature
04:43:22a Cooperation among Different Countries
04:43:28a NSE and FTSE Group launch Kenya index series
04:43:34a South Koreans Urged to Reject FTA
04:43:39a Offices, home of concert promoter raided as part of Coliseum probe
04:43:45a Ed Miliband calls for emergency European council summit
04:43:51a St Columba's Catholic School raises money for Macmillan Cancer Support
04:43:57a Panetta Urges Tougher Sanctions on Iran
04:44:02a Bank of Korea holds policy rate steady
04:44:08a Brubecks Play Brubeck, Ronnie Scott's review
04:44:13a Key plus Brash equals bye bye assets Goff
04:44:19a Man stabbed in fight dies in hospital
04:44:25a Media Advisory KPMG International Hosts Asia Pacific Tax Summit
04:44:30a New Regulations for Nightclubs in France
04:44:36a A tale of two cities
04:44:42a Young blood for Kulim and DRealty boards
04:44:47a Battle Creek to get update on progress of downtown development
04:44:53a Three dead in shooting at czech aircraft factory
04:45:42a Sheridan casting watchful eye on Atlantic Lottery
04:45:48a Shakira performing at Latin Grammy Awards
04:45:54a George Michael slams BBC soap for ?insulting? gay storylines.
04:45:59a Hmong to ring in new year in Stockton
04:46:05a Cops Man peeped on women in Disney bathroom stall
04:46:11a California pays million to family of brain-damaged inmate
04:46:17a Ex-Robinson athlete Allison fatally shot in Ohio
04:46:23a Volunteer Ministry CEO calls Minvilla Manor a success
04:46:28a Lawyer Ad in AG's race taints jury pool
04:46:34a TNB outlook revised to negative
04:46:43a Video Lion Global's Flood Says Stock Markets on `Knife Edge'
04:47:05a Replicas of Ships Dock in River Valley
04:47:10a Kinect Hack Makes You a Hand-Waving DJ
04:47:16a It's No Easy Walk to Freedom for K'olale
04:47:22a On patrol with Bangkok's pet rescuers
04:47:28a 'Supercalifragi-what?' 'Mary Poppins' buzzword trips up French-Canadian star
04:47:33a A friendly wager - high-school football predictions Round 8
04:47:39a Video LAte Weather
04:47:44a Video Alissa's Thursday Forecast
04:47:50a PHL immigration execs warn foreigners vs fake marriages
04:47:55a Uganda Do Not Give in to Political Meddling
04:48:01a Versteeg's hat trick gives Panthers win over Jets
04:48:07a Crossroads takes on Elizabeth Warren's support of the Occupiers
04:48:12a McQueary won't coach due to threats
04:48:18a At least 30,000 people flee floods in S. Philippines
04:48:24a Lions say Canadian rockers Nickelback will play at halftime of Thanksgiving game with Packers
04:48:30a Video Soldier Found Guilty in Afghan Thrill-Killings
04:48:36a Matter of confidence court orders journalist to answer questions
04:48:42a Strike Cripples Varsity Exams and Graduation
04:48:48a Witness threatened, Penn State athletic department says
04:48:54a Authorities seize pirated CDs, replicating machines in Quiapo raid
04:49:00a Olean holds forum after student slashin
04:49:06a Harper hits Hawaii for APEC, North American leaders summits
04:49:11a British television channel broadcasts Conrad Murray documentary, interview
04:49:18a US charges suspected Moroccan militant
04:49:23a Australian sailor dies in port
04:49:29a Returning veterans often face financial challenges
04:49:35a Protesters clash with security forces in quake zone
04:49:40a Egypt's Natural-Gas Pipeline to Israel, Jordan Struck by Double Explosion
04:49:46a S. Korean Prosecution's Suppression Denounced
04:49:51a Karachi musical makes song and dance of gang wars
04:49:57a Cenotaph honouring Canadians killed in Afghanistan will come home to Ottawa
04:50:03a Sketch of suspect in dentists’ rob-rape out
04:50:08a Asian Stocks Mixed in Morning Trade
04:50:14a Don't pirate Pacquiao bout, OMB chief asks traders
04:50:20a Partial list of winners at the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas
04:50:26a Executive director at Alberta art gallery goes to Winnipeg's Human Rights Museum
04:50:32a Theory, Art and Action Jewish and Palestinian Voices Toward Binationalism
04:50:38a Government Policies Contribute to Cooling of China Real Estate Boom
04:50:44a FAA Burleson County Plane Crash an Accident
04:50:49a Sparkling Woods back on top in Sydney
04:50:55a Former New Zealand mine boss faces charges over 2010 explosion that killed 29 miners
04:51:00a Adobe Patches A Dozen Serious Flash Vulnerabilities
04:51:06a California court rules cities, counties can ban pot stores
04:51:12a Lancaster OKs aerial surveillance of city
04:51:17a Jury Acquits Ex-Deputy In Fatal Crash
04:51:23a Summary Box Disney 4Q beats Street on pay TV
04:51:28a U.S. Reportedly Planning Bomb Sales in Gulf to Counter Iran
04:51:34a 5 Hidden Features in iOS 5
04:51:39a Mike Tyson as Herman Cain
04:51:45a Football Expert Expects DPRK's Good Results in Match with Japan
04:51:50a Adoption awareness day in Orange County
04:51:56a U.S. Army Counseling Troops on Returning to Civilian Life
04:52:01a Turkey aftershock hunt for survivors continues
04:52:07a DoL in the gun over timing of Pike charges
04:52:13a New Experimental Drug Helps Monkeys Lose 11 Percent of Body Fat
04:52:18a 5. Four die in bus-trailer accident near Behrang
04:52:24a France shocked by S&P downgrade error
04:52:29a INTERVIEW-Tibetan leader says duty to make immolations count
04:52:35a Tropical Storm SEAN Advisory 12 Forecast Cone of Uncertainty
04:52:41a Wider cholesterol screening of kids advised
04:52:47a Sens Withdraw Support for Paterno Medal Nod
04:52:53a James Murdoch insists he was kept in dark about phone hacking
04:52:58a Rick Perry downplays debate debacle
04:53:04a Pizza and Bingo for Veterans
04:53:09a Apple Releases AirPort Base Station And Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.6
04:53:15a Patron of the Arts 'Everything is just perfect'
04:53:20a Apple says iPhone battery issues fixed
04:53:26a Tom Jicha Melanie Amaro advances to 'X Factor' Top 10
04:53:32a Edmonton students lay poppies on soldiers' graves
04:53:37a VIDEO Doggy pub it's Odd Box
04:53:43a Archbishop Named for Capiz, Philippines
04:53:49a Seattle U. women's basketball preview Five things to watch
04:53:55a Obama's Mideast adviser steps down
04:54:00a Most support CBC funding, survey suggests
04:54:06a PA warns violence could follow stymied UN bid
04:54:12a China disaster mine 'is illegal'
04:54:18a Sean Kingston says he's 'bounced back' from crash
04:54:23a Pakistan, Reza Aslan, Oscar Winner Megan Mylan
04:54:29a Market Snapshot U.S. stocks rise as European worries ebb
04:54:35a Crystal will be back to host Oscars
04:54:41a New Canada Probe of Sino-Forest
04:54:46a Mardell Howling into the wind
04:54:52a PM readies for APEC, North American summits
04:54:58a Afghan cenotaph to come home to Canada
04:55:04a Scammers trying to cheat system
04:55:10a Giffords says she feels 'pretty good'
04:55:16a Gerhard Richter painting fetches 12.9M in NY sale
04:55:22a Conservative Party fined for breaking election laws
04:55:32a Survivors of sexual abuse appalled by Penn State unrest
04:55:37a Harvard profs Social-protest movement needs clear demands
04:55:43a JIEDDO working to reverse trend for larger IEDs in Afghanistan
04:55:48a Japanese woman survives Turkey quake
04:55:54a Life sentence for 'savage' US soldier convicted in thrill-killings of Afghan civilians
04:55:59a Placo 6mth parent results
04:56:05a Uganda We Did Not Approve Kayihura Contract, Opposition MPs Say
04:56:10a Chicken Pox Lollipops Are Getting National Attention 10 Nov 2011 181635 GMT
04:56:16a Israel asks court to postpone razing of 2 settler outposts
04:56:22a Tangipahoa man accused of killing 1-year-old
04:56:27a Billy Crystal returning to host the Academy Awards for ninth time
04:56:33a Toyo Engineering 6mth group results
04:56:38a Car pinned beneath semi in Ada, four injured
04:56:44a Miss. Band of Choctaws to rebrand hotel
04:56:50a Navy veteran of WWII has record set straight
04:56:56a Rethinking School Photos
04:57:01a Wash. ending limits on Medicaid hospital visits
04:57:07a Oracle Affirms Unix Commitment with Solaris 11 Release
04:57:19a Palm steakhouse sues WestShore Plaza's operators
04:57:28a 3 Occupy protesters arrested in Tampa park
04:57:34a Headsweats Awesome hats and beanies for winter
04:57:39a Uganda The Ogoola Team Must Move Quickly
04:57:45a Chechen Separatists Claim Responsibility for Russian Train Blast
04:57:51a vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste AG Reaffirms FY 2011 Sales and EBITDA Guidance
04:57:56a Louisiana law on reporting child abuse
04:58:32a University admissions could create two-tier system, committee warns
04:58:38a Katango, after help from Facebook, gets acquired by Google
04:58:43a Siri hack lets you create shortcuts to apps & system preferences
04:58:49a Blum Capital on Losing Streak
04:58:55a Starbucks's Hansberry Looks to Punch Up Sales Outside Cafes
04:59:00a CPRK Flails S. Korean Authorities' Moves to Intercept Websites
04:59:06a High school football player knocked unconscious during game
04:59:12a Loss leader alert Amazon Kindle costs to build
04:59:18a Tiny Family Biz Sells Billions in Gold
04:59:23a Nvidia says PC gaming in midst of revival
04:59:29a 'Kenya, Niger, Mali troops support Ghaddafi'
04:59:34a Taiwan donates US380 million in foreign development aid
04:59:40a Movie buff Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee skips Kolkata film fest opening
04:59:46a Uganda SC Villa Fire Zivojnov
04:59:51a Winners of the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards
04:59:57a Mother-daughter team allegedly bilked 90-year-old El Segundo man
05:00:03a Chinese-made spare parts raise alarm bells at defence dept.
05:00:08a NASA to launch Mars rover in November
05:00:14a South Africa Recycle a Polycarbonate Baby Bottle, Save a Life
05:00:20a Uganda Central Bank Issues Shs95 Billion Bond As Shilling Appreciates
05:00:25a Tropical Storm SEAN Advisory 12 Forecast Track, Cone, Watches/Warnings
05:00:31a Brown will ask legislators to OK billions for bullet train
05:00:37a Facebook to settle 2009 privacy charge with the FTC
05:00:42a Standing Cloud raises to help new cloud providers stay competitive
05:00:48a Clinical round-up
05:00:53a Google buys Apture to improve Chrome browsing experience
05:00:59a Soldiers Used as ‘Guinea Pigs’ for French Nuclear Tests
05:01:04a #OccupyDenver Elects Like Minded Leader
05:01:10a You might need a jacket Today will be chilly
05:01:15a Valve Steam service experiences security breach
05:01:21a S. Korea freezes key rate amid global uncertainty
05:01:26a Police search for suspect in Elysian Park sexual assault
05:01:32a Youth dialogue on 2012 National Budget
05:01:38a Hong Kong investors hammer HSBC on slump
05:01:44a Norwegians take top prize in startup competition, with a killer presentation
05:01:49a Google teams up with Startup Weekend, provides trainings on Google technology
05:01:55a Schuette Police don't have to return medical pot
05:02:00a Cool Video Of Moon, Passing Plane
05:02:06a Murder Suspect Takes Stand, Tries To Flee Courtroom
05:02:11a Fires hit Marikina, Parañaque
05:02:17a Video Daiwa's Lai Says Hong Kong May Already Be in Recession
05:02:23a Secret to Success Fast and Free Shipping
05:02:28a Russian struggles to rescue Mars moon probe; some experts think it's beyond saving
05:02:34a Cyber Shopping Secrets The Best Time To Buy
05:02:40a Herman Cain returns to enthusiastic supporters on campaign trail
05:02:45a Make Siri work harder Hack let's you create shortcuts to apps & system preferences
05:02:51a Enterprise leader to take helm of Truman for now
05:02:56a E-470 Changes Charges After CALL7 Story
05:03:02a Spy watchdog resigns amid questionable business deal
05:03:07a The dirty little secrets of audience targeting
05:03:13a Police 3 killed, 3 hurt as multicab crashes into group in Cagayan de Oro
05:03:18a US Army sergeant convicted of Afghan murders
05:03:24a Uganda Dr. Muhairwe to Leave Water After 13 Years
05:03:29a What Will Next Storm Bring?
05:03:35a Space technology to map Australia's water
05:03:41a Only Steve Jobs Outpaces Maseena Ziegler's Bestseller
05:03:47a China official says air pollution rules too lax
05:03:53a Uganda Walk-to-Work Protest Has Been Justified By Occupy Wall Street
05:03:58a Public Discusses Implementing Cyber Bullying Law in Erie County
05:04:04a Uganda Prof. Nabudere Dies At 79
05:04:10a Black Friday 5 Deal Sites To Bookmark Now
05:04:16a Western New York Alumni and Current Students React to Penn State Scandal
05:04:22a Nvidia beats earnings estimates as mobile graphics takes off
05:04:28a Jackson doctor admits 'stupid' mistakes before Michael's death
05:04:34a Budget Bill passed, to be vetted in 30 days
05:04:39a Asia-Pacific talks seek unity on euro crisis
05:04:45a Woman Dies After Falling Down Elevator Shaft
05:04:51a Hawthorne Mayor Guidi's trial in alleged mixer theft set for Dec. 13
05:04:56a Billy Crystal takes on Oscar hosting duties
05:05:02a Honda's New Asimo Robot
05:05:08a Uganda Teso Farmers Demand Fruit Processing Factory
05:05:13a Chowan County hires manager from Bertie County
05:05:24a Shares of Powerchip rally on business adjustments
05:05:29a Lawyers May Write Next Chapter In Paterno Case 10 Nov 2011 232249 GMT
05:05:35a CE promotes HK's unique role
05:05:41a Economic and Political Power of Oil Industry Succeeds in Weakening Deep Water Drilling Reg
05:05:46a Democracy at the Crossroads
05:05:52a Haiti's Path to Earthquake Recovery Requires More Justice and Aid
05:05:58a Presidential inauguration ceremony today
05:06:04a Uganda Confederations Cup KCC in, Victors Out
05:06:09a DeMaio Unveils Mira Mesa Park Expansion Plans
05:06:14a Penn State tries to pick up pieces in abuse fallout
05:06:20a Contact 17 News renters scammed by fraudulent homeowners
05:06:26a Uganda Early Marriages Hamper Kasese Education
05:06:31a Tenders awarded for 2 sites
05:06:37a Pakistan Jihadists kill four members of peace committee, beheading one
05:06:43a A man walks through floodwaters in Bangkok
05:06:49a Haryana to set up night shelters in all districts
05:06:54a The Struggle in Haiti for Recovery, Human Rights, and Real Democracy
05:07:00a Team game dynamics, not personal tools, fix healthcare
05:07:05a What to do if you suspect a child is being abused
05:07:11a Vietnam to contribute 20% of the world's total rice trade this year
05:07:16a 2G Raja, Kanimozhi to meet after months, court trial today
05:07:22a Piracy Legislation Needed to Battle Huge Problem, Experts Say
05:07:27a 2010 State Department Human Rights Report on Haiti
05:07:33a Why the US continues to crush Haitian democracy
05:07:39a More on Haiti's Raging Cholera, Fraudulent Elections and Deportations
05:07:44a Local Woman Effects Change In State Drugging Rule
05:07:50a Expect APEC Road Closures Through Nov. 15
05:07:55a Duvalier in the Dock
05:08:01a Haitians knock on UN door
05:08:06a US calls for 'strong plan' by Europe to rescue economy
05:08:12a Sierra Leone thrives in the aftermath of war
05:08:17a Haitians Protest Sham Elections
05:08:23a I will not let Iran get nuclear weapons, U.S. presidential hopeful says
05:08:28a Bridge renamed for baseball great Musial
05:08:34a PG & E prepares pipe for hydrostatic testing
05:08:39a Local Firm Develops Tool To Prevent Friendly Fire
05:08:45a on the phone to Port-au-Prince Vive Titide!
05:08:51a MF Global collapse shows little has changed on Wall Street
05:08:56a The struggle for democracy in the Americas
05:09:02a 5 Dead In Molokai Chopper Crash
05:09:08a Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index tumbles 5.3% on Italian debt concerns, ending below 19,000
05:09:14a Kweku Baaku backs president Mills
05:09:19a Haitian's Sue UN For Cholera Epidemic, Blame Peacekeepers
05:09:24a Man dies in Yau Ma Tei accident
05:09:30a 2 accused of putting out fake fire call
05:09:36a Tropical Storm SEAN Advisory 12 Forecast Track
05:09:42a Arrest warrant issued for Yoakum County Sheriff's deputy
05:09:47a Japan to be Partner Country at Food Expo 2012
05:09:52a Late Show Rick Perry
05:09:58a Greece's new prime minister says nation is at a crossroads
05:10:04a US Treasury Timothy Geithner
05:10:09a Retired Colonel Thanks Today's Soldiers With Special Performance
05:10:15a Bulky Item Collection Postponed in Waikiki
05:10:20a Land supply consultation starts
05:10:26a Uganda MPs Give Mbabazi, Onek 7 More Days
05:10:31a W. Seneca Police foil burglary in actio
05:10:37a For Android, Paid Mobile Security Is Better Study
05:10:42a Hong Kong and China stocks lifted by policy hopes
05:10:48a Manmohan to Hasina Give us more time for consensus on Teesta
05:10:54a Perry Owns Up To Debate Blunder
05:10:59a Angola Reaffirms Dialog to Solve International Conflicts
05:11:05a Uganda Guma to Write to Fufa
05:11:10a New arrivals' allowance to start
05:11:16a Gawad Kalinga to hold fundraiser in New Jersey Nov. 19
05:11:21a Asamoah Gyan Promotes Ghana's Tourism
05:11:27a UN's Ban Urges Diplomacy in Iran Nuclear Dispute
05:11:33a Police Looking For Runaway & 2 Year Old
05:11:39a Video 250+ chimps now call Fort Pierce home
05:11:44a Human trafficker held in Chhattisgarh
05:11:51a High Court quashes Minto's conviction over tennis heckling
05:11:56a Local Penn State alumni reacts to Joe Paterno's termination
05:12:02a Tobyhanna address signs
05:12:07a Canada's prime minister still sees support for pipeline
05:12:42a State report cites failures at NY crime lab
05:12:48a Israel, India are focuses of McDonnell's trade trip
05:12:54a Let protesters run out of steam in winter of discontent
05:12:59a Stroudsburg vet savors his dad's role in WWII
05:13:05a Katsav verdict bolsters the war against Israeli sexism
05:13:11a Bear attacks woman outside Jackson Township home
05:13:17a Penn State assistant McQueary won't attend Nebraska game over safety concerns
05:13:22a Kenya Scrapping of 16 Percent VAT On Handsets Paid Off, Says Study
05:13:28a Veteran's Day Celebration Road Closures
05:13:33a Steam Gets Hacked Here's How to Keep Safe
05:13:39a ‘Swearing out’ for U.S. citizens held in Toronto
05:13:45a sounds like a great day to roll the dice
05:13:51a Gresham mayor bills Occupy Portland for damages to police cars
05:13:57a Toyo Engineering 2011/12 div forecast
05:14:02a Update Missing Bushkill woman found
05:14:08a Paterno approaches prominent defense lawyer in wake of scandal, report says
05:14:14a Israel Center Held Memorial Party for Yizhak Rabin
05:14:20a Uganda Renaissance Restructures to Investment Advisory
05:14:25a Govt in a fix as apex court's panel objects probe
05:14:31a Hawaiian Telcom Employees Go On Strike
05:14:37a Proposal to close Lakeshore Mental Health Institute in Knoxville
05:14:42a 4th grader says students threatened her with knives at Monroe County school
05:14:48a Video Caskets More Than 100 Years Old Found In French Quarter Backyard
05:14:53a Middle class ruse is found out
05:14:59a Eastern Mountain Safari flagged off
05:15:05a 'Occupy Atlanta' shelter tests positive for tuberculosis
05:15:10a Tides shifting as Canada's Occupy movement sees first forced removal
05:15:16a Rescue teams search for survivors after quake
05:15:22a Video Rumford Shooting Investigation Continues
05:15:28a Leaving Obama's Shadow, to Cast One of His Own
05:15:33a U.S. Plans Bomb Sales to Counter Iran
05:15:39a Twitter Must Provide Data on 3 Users, Judge Rules
05:15:44a Video Ashley Madison ad
05:15:50a Inkgard Software and Cartridges Provide Variable Benefit
05:15:55a Video Outdoor Report Hammer Race
05:16:01a Video Is Obama Playing Pipeline Politics?
05:16:07a Keystone decision a setback for U.S.-Canada relations
05:16:12a Environmentalists criticize new drilling regs
05:16:18a 5th Giant Planet Ousted from Early Solar System?
05:16:23a 'Israel can't get away with Iran attack'
05:16:29a Supreme Court rules unanimously Rape
05:16:34a World's greatest cities, Istanbul
05:16:40a Former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky facing up to 460 years jail
05:16:58a Hop on Delray Beach Bus Loop for a good cause
05:17:03a Many protesters remain defiant after deadline announcement
05:17:09a Poll reveals popularity of studio apartments
05:17:15a Haryana to celebrate 2012 as Dursanchar avm Takniki Kranti Varsh
05:17:20a Hong Kong Won’t Relax Housing Curbs, Chief Executive Says
05:17:26a Pair jailed over torture of Perth man
05:17:32a Russians Sure of United Russia's Victory in Election
05:17:38a New high level appointments in Indian Railways
05:17:43a State tries to plan for growing bear population
05:17:49a Panic grips Agra after a suspicious object found near Taj
05:17:54a Call for 3-month jail term in Bali drug teen case
05:18:00a Year in Review 2011 Queensland Floods
05:18:06a Israeli Settlement Expansion Raises West Bank Tensions
05:18:11a Lewis-McChord soldier found guilty of 3 murders in war-crimes case
05:18:17a Shoot his age? Nah, too easy
05:18:22a Groundbreaking On 'Hub Of International Trade'
05:18:28a Hilton's hubris exposes split at heart of government
05:18:33a UPDATED Washington gets three early signees
05:18:39a No winner of €2m Lotto prize
05:18:44a DOE Reviewing Marquette Response To Sex Assault Reports
05:18:50a Palm Beach County scraps treasure hunt at DuBois Park
05:18:56a Police ask missing boy's mom to talk with them
05:19:01a Tentative thaw in EU ties
05:19:07a T-Mobile's earnings beat estimates by 17%
05:19:13a Concert Given to Mark Independence Day of Poland
05:19:19a Hong Kong Stock Market Tipped To Reverse Gains
05:19:25a Seattle voters send message to mayor
05:19:30a Seattle U. coach Cameron Dollar sets goal of winning NIT for Redhawks
05:19:36a Retirement Planning 11.11.11 Edition
05:19:41a Former EU commissioner Mario Monti is tipped to replace Berlusconi
05:19:47a Huskies long snapper enjoyed his moment of glory
05:19:53a One little number adds up to a lot
05:19:58a Consignment Shops Give 2nd Life To Used Goods
05:20:04a Greetings to President of Angola
05:20:10a King County housing-affordability index best in 17 years
05:20:15a Euro zone split fears as EU dithers on Italy Reuters
05:20:21a Egyptian fatwa A Muslim nation that helps America or Israel against Iran sins
05:20:27a Highlights of bill for veterans, gov't contractors
05:20:33a Turmoil has hit Lebanese economy
05:20:39a Fort Riley Soldier Killed In Afghanistan
05:20:44a Chinese Pres. Hu Jintao Lands On Oahu
05:20:50a Africa Continent's Phone Usage to Hit One Billion By 2016 Report
05:20:56a Cougars will honor former linebacker Steve Gleason on Saturday
05:21:02a Naked female protesters stop traffic in Zurich
05:21:08a Mohun Bagan breeze past Churchill Brothers
05:21:13a Tire Stuck On Maui Bull
05:21:19a Tropical Storm SEAN Wind Speed Probabilities Number 12
05:21:25a Restaurants rally to support our schools
05:21:30a Former Scoutmaster accused in pedophile case
05:21:35a Charges laid over Pike River
05:21:41a Redmond-based Clarisonic maker sold to L'Oréal
05:21:46a Washington freeskiers featured in film
05:21:52a Gangetic river dolphins on road to recovery?
05:21:57a Food, Drink, Health the Focus at Three Trade Fairs
05:22:03a How to manage the skies above
05:22:08a Majority of Canadians not interested in reducing or eliminating CBC funding
05:22:14a Dad and Teen Son Die in Separate Freeway Crashes, Hours Apart Accidents
05:22:20a Jetstar NZ passengers among first to fly Dreamliner
05:22:25a Did the people who bought Comet also have to take out a warranty
05:22:31a Uganda Electricity Bosses Raised Umeme Losses From 33 Percent to 38 Percent
05:22:37a Love blooms at sea for mountain lover, prof
05:22:42a Maritime NZ Rena update #87
05:22:48a Kirti Azad gets bail in model code of election case
05:22:54a International Renukaji fair concludes
05:23:00a Seattle U. men's basketball preview Five things to watch
05:23:06a Hong Kong comedian Ricky Hui dies of heart attack
05:23:11a Anniversary sales remain robust despite slowdown
05:23:17a Rain, How ensures Central, Wellington draw
05:23:23a UPDATE 1-MF Global Australia administrator chasing counterparties for cash
05:23:29a MMDA makes smokers’ world smaller each day
05:23:35a Domestic exports plummet 36%
05:23:40a ‘Damaged coral area much bigger’
05:23:46a Uganda Police Trainees Seek Salaries
05:23:52a New books by kid-lit legends
05:23:58a All-league football teams
05:24:04a Five quality U.S. stocks for defensive investors
05:24:10a The other De Lima breaks MAP's sex barrier
05:24:19a Senator bares DBP's alleged illegal loan to Ongpin firm
05:24:24a SC to deliberate on Arroyo's plea to travel abroad next week
05:24:30a Fashion show draws record crowd of friends
05:24:35a 'Corporations Are Not People' Activists Push Amendment to Revoke 'Corporate Personhood'
05:24:41a Obama Middle East envoy Ross to step down-White House
05:24:46a In visit to HK prison, he saw oppression
05:24:52a Youngsters build homes for a day
05:24:57a Treasures A cake plate
05:25:03a SPADA Industry Awards Announced
05:25:08a State ending limits on Medicaid ER visits
05:25:19a TSMC Oct. sales reach 2nd highest 2011 monthly figure
05:25:24a NZ shares join global slide; FBU, STU fall
05:25:30a Gunman who shot Peek may have had accomplice
05:25:35a Simply Energy named in Deloitte Fast 50 for second year
05:25:41a AIDS in the Caribbean
05:25:46a Progeria Study May Help Find 'Fountain Of Youth' 10 Nov 2011 221228 GMT
05:25:52a Expired tabs do in ex-Seattle school employee
05:26:00a New British law could save Liberia's debt legal saga
05:26:37a Westpac Mayoress Charity Ball a sell out
05:26:53a Government should postpone car emissions regulations
05:26:58a Greens rubbish Nationalapos;s quake bond
05:27:10a Depression Sufferers Turn To High-Tech Treatment
05:27:25a New Penn State leader School will move forward
05:27:30a Wal-Mart's Purchases Push Beef Prices Higher
05:27:36a Recovering Mortgage Refunds From HUD 10 Nov 2011 232117 GMT
05:27:41a How we found out Chicago tickets cellphone users more often
05:28:24a Health Sciences Academy Launch, Hato Petera College
05:28:30a London, Doha go head-to-head for 2017 worlds
05:28:38a ADB provides assistance for Melamchi Water Supply project
05:28:44a Robert Davi's tribute to Frank Sinatra goes global
05:28:49a Top Detroit leaders
05:28:55a Israel Ex-President Faces Seven Years of Prison Sentence
05:29:00a Madonna nicknamed `hairy monster` at school
05:29:06a The New York Times Endorses Haiti's Coup d'Etat 'Elections'
05:29:11a Asia Markets Asia stocks mostly higher, but Japan falls
05:29:17a Eastern Europe Vulnerable in Debt Crisis
05:29:22a Government invests in more new classrooms
05:29:28a 21st Century learning for Kiwi kids
05:29:33a Uganda Police Wave Off Students' Strike
05:29:39a Vandals tear apart woman's car
05:29:44a Topless bingles half naked woman seen driving erratically
05:29:50a Pentagon Office to Coordinate New Air-Sea Strategy
05:29:55a Caterpillar to Make Buyout Offer for ERA Mining
05:30:01a Idling engine promotion held
05:30:07a Gunman's home becomes film set
05:30:12a Video Gas Tracker Nov. 10
05:30:18a CNN 'Belief Blog' Piles on Comparing Penn State to Catholic Hierarchy
05:30:24a Stay involved and keep your teenager safe
05:30:29a Watch Raines battles Atlantic Coast
05:30:35a Penney to coach Baby Blacks
05:30:40a The democratic deficit at the heart of the crisis
05:30:46a Uganda 'NFA Blindfolding Public'
05:30:51a Brash needs to look at the law– Maori Party
05:30:56a Tampa Bay Claim DT Albert Haynesworth
05:31:02a New farm rules a step closer
05:31:07a Jet Airways further enhances its Gulf network
05:31:13a Boeing and Hawai'i BioEnergy to Work on Renewable Biofuel for Aviation
05:31:19a Mother Charged for Abandoning Baby on Porch
05:31:24a NASA's New Upper Stage Engine Passes Major Test
05:31:30a Government aid key to Google growth analysts
05:31:35a Future face of water services to be discussed tomorrow
05:31:41a Charges laid over gambling society grant
05:31:46a EU must reform or face decline, says Clegg
05:31:51a Linton camp closure plans shelved
05:31:57a Sudan accused of air strike on camp
05:32:02a Second phone card company fined for misleading marketing
05:32:08a Astronaut Scott Parazynski to Keynote Challenger Center Dinner Nov. 10
05:32:24a Russia's Delivery of Food to DPRK Completed
05:32:29a Syniverse names Scott Hatfield as chief technology officer
05:32:41a Drunk mum appalls coroner
05:32:47a Calif. jury awards in rollover crash
05:32:52a US plays down strike against Iran
05:32:58a Greece key data
05:33:03a Mayor seeks budget-busting rail secrets in China
05:33:09a Eager fans queue up for iPhone 4S
05:33:14a 'Nauru solution' in tatters as leader quits
05:33:20a Cop shooter and dog killer jailed
05:33:25a Saving Baby Grace Doctors Work to Remove Mass on Baby's Neck
05:33:31a PAGASA Expect whiff of cold weather Sunday
05:33:36a Hamilton City Council is not removing the Rogers Rose Garden
05:33:42a Another day, another asset
05:33:52a Hot scoring early in Australian Open
05:33:57a Depp wants normal day with kids
05:34:03a FDA Talks Salt Reduction, Review Questions the Move
05:34:08a Newly declassified docs show RCMP began spying on Tommy Douglas as early as 1936
05:34:14a First female wins Liberia's youth leadership award
05:34:19a Bank manager manipulated system, court told
05:34:24a Carrollwood Crime Tracker for Oct. 6-12
05:34:30a Homeless Haitians Face Evictions as Aid Falls Short
05:34:41a GOL Announces its 3Q11 Earnings Results
05:34:46a Milestones line up for 11/11
05:34:52a Lawsuit Girl with Down syndrome sexually assaulted at Canton school
05:34:57a Dancing in the aisles as Xmas takes over Remuera New World
05:35:03a Shocker Senate passes a portion of Obama's jobs bill
05:35:08a Oct. tax collection increases 15.6% year-on-year MOF
05:35:14a BUSINESS CASUAL Opening your own business means being ready for anything
05:35:19a Somali Who Once Guarded King Norway KIA
05:35:25a Video Daingerfield vs. Winnsboro
05:35:30a Kiwi stars in Victoria's Secret fashion show
05:35:36a Cops hunt diamond ring snatcher
05:35:41a Pike County team attempts to prevent child death
05:35:47a Snow White and the Huntsman Charlize Theron Will Kick Julia Roberts' Ass Video
05:35:52a This is not a health policy Mr Ryall
05:35:58a Mark Poloncarz Forming Transition Team
05:36:03a Malmedy massacre survivor speaks in Buchanan
05:36:13a Lightweight Airbus A350 faces delay of up to 6 months
05:36:27a Mino Ceramic 6mth group results
05:36:37a APEC countries brace for prolonged European strain
05:36:45a Report Man shot 'near' Occupy Oakland camp
05:36:50a 9. Special birthday Joy for Ai Ping
05:36:56a Private equity emerges as a force for growth
05:37:01a Announces Global e-Commerce Offering
05:37:07a Apple Releases MacBook Pro Firmware Update To Fix Unexpected Shutdown Issue
05:37:12a Underage sex tour case verdict looms
05:37:18a Mountie pleads not guilty to assault
05:37:24a Michael Jackson death bed to go under hammer
05:37:29a Pilot overhaul complete at ANAD
05:37:34a Free Outdoor Fitness Circuit Opens in Queenstown
05:37:41a Pocono Alliance gifted
05:37:53a Hukafalls Jet celebrates 21st birthday with offer
05:37:58a IDF continues to train for war with Hezbollah
05:38:04a High flying birthday present for Queenstown aviation company
05:38:09a Ontario father accused of murdering kids, tells interrogator they were 'liars'.
05:38:15a Victorian nurses vote to close beds
05:38:20a Retreat for Puget Sound Partnership canceled; state still owes money
05:38:26a Video Official Suncoast Forecast 11pm 11/10
05:38:31a Ex-South Sound doctor guilty of drug, fraud, tax charges
05:38:44a Palace wants NAIA transformed into world's 'most loved' airport
05:38:50a More Fraud, Intimidation and Illegitimacy Assured in Haiti's Electoral Runoff
05:38:55a Sharjah's Q3 hotel occupancy rises 4%
05:39:01a Pox Parties, Lollipops Gain Popularity
05:39:07a Duke leads abbey tribute to fallen
05:39:12a Maine lawmakers to weigh anti-gang bill
05:39:18a PM Singh addresses SAARC summit
05:39:23a Arson suspected in fatal blaze
05:39:29a UFO Traffic Report Friday, November 11, 2011
05:39:34a 'Father of Mangroves' fights for Pakistan's forests
05:39:40a Uganda Women Embark On Illicit Drug Business
05:39:45a Hawaii tour helicopter crash kills 5
05:39:51a Caterpillar Offers Million to Buy ERA, Add China Sales
05:39:56a Bus driver not at fault in jogger death
05:40:02a Commercial Property Market Recovery Remains Sluggish
05:40:07a Media worker killed in Cagayan de Oro
05:40:13a UPS mobile access reaches 35 more int'l markets
05:40:18a Disney's net income rises 30% in quarter
05:40:24a Auckland politician to be sentenced
05:40:29a NZX Announcement to Shareholders
05:40:35a Stags in NZ under 20s
05:40:40a Soldier Who Murdered Afghans, Sentenced to Life
05:40:46a Ann Coulter David Axelrod's Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior
05:40:51a Fears for missing man
05:40:57a Chen Palmer wins New Zealand's Best Public Law Firm Award
05:41:02a Blue Jays release Grapefruit League schedule
05:41:08a 2degrees shareholders dip into their pockets again
05:41:13a Martin bags Sir Richard Hadlee Medal
05:41:19a The Ongoing Earthquake Crisis and the Legacy of Slavery Exploitation
05:41:24a Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 with security fixes, battery improvements
05:41:30a Christchurch must get dedicated revenue stream
05:41:35a Not guilty plea in Argentina cocaine case
05:41:41a Monteith's Disputes Moa's Claim to Be First in Duty Free
05:41:46a Bhupen Hazarika's ashes taken to all districts
05:41:52a Reggie Love Is Leaving Obama's Shadow to Cast His Own
05:41:57a How Obama Can Win Ohio Again
05:42:03a Hong Kong comes down with '4S' fever
05:42:08a Rare white kiwi moves into nocturnal house
05:42:14a IG Markets Afternoon thoughts Nov 10
05:42:19a Guilty Former Dem Candidate Rammed March for Life Participant
05:42:25a Billy Crystal Back Hosting Oscars
05:42:30a In Debate, Cain Rebuffs Charges
05:42:36a Hillary Clinton declares 'America's Pacific century'
05:42:42a Charming Doctor Turned Serial Killer in WWII Paris
05:42:58a Vancouver Island man charged in child porn probe launched by Toronto police
05:43:03a Family hold on to memories of Christie Marceau
05:43:27a Judge lifts ban on Quran-burner from visiting Dearborn mosque
05:44:02a Big but disorganized crowds for Cain
05:44:07a Home invasion duo in court
05:44:14a Kindle Fire proving disruptive to iPad 2 sales
05:44:19a Uganda Non Performing Loans Drop to 1.6 Percent
05:44:25a Media Use Klan Tactic on Cain
05:44:30a Shorter waiting times and more medical professionals
05:44:36a Voting opens for NZapos;s favourite plant
05:44:41a Manawatu Gorge bill million
05:44:47a Grand Island students honor veterans
05:44:52a Carrollwood Deli's owners ready to call it a day
05:44:58a Japan's Auto Server set for Taiwan IPO by end of next year
05:45:03a Ashton Kutcher pulls back on Twitter after tweets about Joe Paterno
05:45:09a Janesville Workers Start New Careers Following Layoffs
05:45:14a Slow progress made on submerged tank
05:45:20a Court dismisses Kaneria's petition
05:45:25a Uganda Energy Ministry On the Spot Over Oil Contracts
05:45:31a Labour backs call for spectrum deferral
05:45:36a Obstructing and Delaying Aristide's Return
05:45:42a New Surfing Record May Be Broken At Cortes Bank
05:45:47a 8,000 Sikhs arrive in Pak to celebrate the occasion
05:45:53a Dozens of parolees released in Kern County
05:45:58a 'Think twice,' Cain defamation lawyer warns
05:46:04a P.E.I's only men's shelter still closed
05:46:09a McGinty's Mailbag Firing Joe Paterno, Carmageddon 10 Nov 2011 200557 GMT
05:46:48a Presidential Candidates Attend Granite State Forum
05:46:54a Murdoch's career on the line as he faces MPs
05:47:19a NDC Needs Unity
05:47:24a Status conference held in Mladiæ's absence
05:47:31a Sharmila, SRK inaugurate 17th Kolkata Film Festival
05:47:54a Ghana Insurers Association observes 2011 Industry Seminar
05:48:00a U.S. Delays Pipeline Decision
05:48:10a Uganda Government to Evict 200 Families From Rice Irrigation Land
05:48:15a Details to Loom Large in Italian Plan
05:48:26a Tears, shouts as terror hearing becomes political
05:48:31a Development to 'transform' Bastar
05:48:36a PAGASA Wind system to bring rain over Mindanao in 24 hours
05:48:42a Aquino condoles with Osmeñas in Bacolod over matriarch's death
05:48:56a South African Official Barred
05:49:10a Video Football night in South Florida
05:49:15a Support for non-Chinese students assured
05:49:21a 'Muleskinners' take reigns of sustainment mission
05:49:59a Liberia's Sirleaf set for landslide, eyes reconciliation
05:50:05a HR Bankshares sells branch, closes another
05:50:11a Couple wanted for using stolen debit card
05:50:38a Ace Koeki 8749.OS-6mth group results
05:50:43a Bank of Kyoto 8369.T-6mth group results
05:50:49a Suspected serial bank robbers arrested in Louisville
05:50:54a Italy's Senate set to vote for cuts to save euro zone
05:51:03a Crea Holdings 1757.OS-6mth group results
05:51:08a BASIS POINT-Hunan govt seeks 10 bln yuan housing project financing
05:51:14a African Markets Factors to watch on Nov 11
05:51:41a The conundrums of statehood
05:52:04a Bank of Kyoto 8369.T-6mth parent results
05:52:21a Nikkei edges up, Europe fears persist
05:52:36a Job, trade data hint at stronger growth Reuters
05:52:41a Year in Review 2011 Somalia Famine
05:52:47a Video Kid Rock Donates Proceeds to Charities
05:52:53a Oita Bank 8392.T-6mth parent results
05:53:16a Storm of 'Epic Magnitude' Hits Alaska Fox News
05:53:21a CCLA Concerned about Possible Evictions of “Occupy” Protestors
05:53:26a Video Giffords speaks
05:53:32a Oita Bank 8392.T-6mth group results
05:53:37a Dems make secret offer to cut deficit by 2 trillion MSNBC
05:53:44a Romney discusses the debate Wednesday night
05:53:54a Video Feds Investigating Marquette University Sex Scandal
05:54:04a Goldman Asia-Pac co-head Yusuf Alireza to retire memo
05:54:51a Dropbox much more than storage and sync
05:55:14a Uganda Rice Becomes Country's Most Popular Food Crop Government
05:55:22a Dog Euthanized Without Owner's Permission 10 Nov 2011 191722 GMT
05:55:30a Video Liberty Eylau vs. Carthage
05:56:05a Build Toronto given deadline for deal with Eva’s Phoenix shelter
05:56:13a Agnivesh letter to Pope smacks of 'Hindutva-speak 'Catholic Secular Forum
05:56:18a CSU San Bernardino students wear hijabs to experience what Muslims go through
05:56:32a Year in Review 2011 Chile Volcano
05:56:55a UN asked to pay for Haitian cholera outbreak
05:57:00a Confirmed WordPress crosses 60 million blogs
05:57:11a Romney worries U.S. will go way of GM
05:57:35a NASA set to launch 'dream machine' to Mars
05:58:25a STV series deal for celebrity blogger
05:58:57a Uganda Tourism Officials to Challenge PAMSU Report
05:59:06a C&L's Late Night Music Club With Hurts To Laugh
05:59:11a US charges German-held Moroccan
05:59:28a HKTDC Food Expo Sets Visitor, Exhibitor Records
05:59:33a L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Vita Lift 5 advert teaser starring Hugh Laurie_
05:59:53a Best online videos about David Cameron and Nick Clegg
05:59:59a N9 arrest figures fom Met police
06:00:28a Twelve South PlugBug Hands-on Review
06:00:45a Global Democracy discuss.
06:00:50a Scottish Crown Office Unfit for purpose?
06:01:27a Hawaii Caterer Gains World Exposure
06:01:55a Soldier Convicted in Afghan Killings
06:02:00a Chesapeake police investigating S. Norfolk homicide
06:02:06a Chinese leading bank planning to expand business in Argentina
06:02:11a Argentine college classrooms marked by relaxed, casual culture
06:02:17a Indictment against NATO leaders
06:02:25a French Cooking 101 Back to the Basics
06:03:05a Sheriff's Office searching for cattle rustlers
06:03:10a The Lichtenstein Take on the Song Dynasty
06:03:25a Reading Between the Lines, This Is a Big Date for Corduroy Fans
06:03:30a Sales on Thanksgiving Anger Some Consumers Some Consumers Object to Sales on Thanksgiving
06:03:35a Becoming Truly South African
06:03:41a Romney's Policies Shifted in 2005
06:03:47a Traffic inspector dies in road accident
06:03:52a Longtop Could Get Boot From U.S. Markets Amid SEC Case
06:03:57a Sinopec to Buy 30% of Galp's Brazil Assets
06:04:03a DreamWorks Animation CTO Bad 3-D movies can make you sick
06:04:08a Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Cuts Hong Kong Listing Size
06:04:14a AngloGold Ashanti Sees Big Jump In Output Over Next 5 Years
06:04:19a Asian Stocks Mostly Higher
06:04:24a Edgy Sabella looks to restore calm to Argentina
06:04:30a Clinton Says U.S. Shifting Focus to Pacific
06:04:35a Close advisor of CFK denies she wants to remain in power beyond 2015
06:04:41a Obama/CFK meeting 'warm' but Argentina must pay its debts
06:04:49a Looking at Chu Teh-Chun
06:04:57a A Pop Heiress Comes Ashore
06:05:18a China Goes Large on U.S. Cotton
06:05:35a The Falkland Islands in search for a voice
06:06:00a New Middle Smithfield supervisors will 'work together'
06:06:12a Buenos Aires's gaucho market
06:07:15a Hospital delays led to cancer
06:07:56a Grünstadt Depot now U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern
06:08:18a Court leans toward allowing abolition of redevelopment agencies
06:08:23a Heavens! It's 11-11-11
06:08:54a Hubble telescope spots dwarf galaxies
06:09:27a Israel's War Threats Sheer Hollow Propaganda
06:09:32a LHC moved for early hearing of 22-year-old writ against Nawaz
06:09:37a Astronomers find clouds of primordial gas from the early universe
06:09:44a Firstscience Science Fact of the Day 11 Nov 2011
06:09:49a NASA readies Mars 'dream machine' launch
06:10:20a NASA plans to launch car-size Mars rover in Nov.
06:10:40a Russia struggles to save Mars moon probe Yesterday APNews
06:10:48a Atzmon Catching the Freedom Wave Musician
06:10:53a Carrier Classic Undergoes Final Preparations
06:11:08a Terrorisism Suspects Arrested for Death Threats Against McKinney, Obama and Holder
06:11:13a LHC movedagainstSharif pollban petition
06:11:19a Scientists identify skin cancer genes
06:11:24a NASA Ready for November Launch of Car-Size Mars Rover
06:11:30a NASA plans to launch car-size Mars rover in November
06:11:35a Astronomers shed light on early stars in cosmos Yesterday APNews
06:11:40a Infocus Enterprise Intrusion Analysis, Part One
06:11:46a Toronto tower builder eyes three Calgary projects
06:12:08a Producer provided lunches and rides for Conrad Murray and his team
06:12:21a Plea in LHC for early hearing against...
06:12:27a Kenya Another Star Down
06:12:40a Uganda SC Villa Coach Zivojnov Throws in Towel
06:12:59a Abe Lincoln and Karl Marx
06:13:05a Mars Probe Unlikely To Be Saved
06:13:17a Swift Satellite Captures Asteroid 2005 YU55â²s Tumbling Flyby
06:13:25a 'Jealous' Hermaphrodite Shrimp Murder Their Rivals
06:14:30a Robinson takes out 'Flying kiwi' at NZ Hi-tech Awards
06:15:16a Uganda Kanaaba Moves to Replace Zivojnov On Villa Bench
06:15:34a Kenya Star's Challenge
06:15:55a Uganda FUFA Plans for Sh1.3 Billion Goal Project Four
06:16:03a Africa African Teams Kick Off World Cup Qualifiers
06:16:28a Kenya Gor Mahia Head to Polls As Officials Kick-Off Campaigns
05:15:13p New Law Against Protesting in China Attracts Protests
05:15:18p Howard Zinn’s ‘The People Speak’
05:15:28p Grapevine—Susan Boyle, Chelsea Clinton to Wed, Kelsey Grammer
05:15:46p Senate Starts Health Care Debate
05:16:02p Captured UK Sailors in Iran Will Be Dealt With 'Seriously'
05:16:07p Tech Holiday Buyer’s Guide
05:16:13p A Jewel of the Italian Police Force in for Repairs
05:16:18p Obama Announces Troop Surge of 30,000 for Afghanistan
05:16:24p Parliamentary Group Urges PM to Talk Human Rights on China trip
05:16:29p Paterson Using Emergency Funds for New York State Deficit
05:17:11p Police Continue Search for the Gunman in Washington Shooting
05:17:33p White Lights on Black Canvas Tales of the Night Sky
05:17:38p Cyber Monday Bargains Galore for Online Consumers
05:18:11p Safe Haven Program Expands to Harlem
05:18:16p Hula the Heartbeat of the Hawaiian People
05:18:27p Saudi Flood Victims to Be Compensated
05:18:32p Volkswagen Invests in Brazilian Manufacturing
05:18:38p Crispy Potato Pancakes
05:18:43p Muppets Kick Off Holiday Mailing Season
05:18:48p Le Souk Harem
05:18:54p GM May Shut Down Saab This Week
05:18:59p Supreme Court Blocks ACLU's Request for Torture Pictures
05:19:05p Female Sunday School Preachers Sentenced in China
05:19:11p Barroso Wants More Action From Nations Attending Copenhagen Summit
05:19:16p AIDS Day Highlights Need for Awareness of the Disease
05:19:22p Responsible Shopping How Can We Do It?
05:19:27p Consumers Spent Less This Black Friday Weekend
05:19:32p Burnout Prevention
05:19:38p Egypt's Nile Group Festival A Belly Dance Extravaganza
05:19:43p Recognition, and Ignorance, Around Spanish Court’s Genocide Indictment
05:19:49p Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Gives a Glimpse of What’s to Come
05:19:54p National Kidney Foundation’s Annual Kidney Ball Raises Million
05:20:00p Canadian Human Rights Lawyer Lauds Spanish Court Decision
05:20:06p NTD TV Global Oil Painting Competition Exhibition Opens
05:20:11p Arrest Made in Philippine Mass Murder
05:20:17p Bomb Derails Russian Luxury Train, Killing 25
05:20:22p New Book Triggers Taiwan Lawmakers’ Attention and Concern
05:20:28p Chris White and His Electric Jazz Cello
05:20:33p Beijing's Strategies to Control Taiwan by 2012
05:20:39p One in Four U.S. Mortgages ‘Underwater’
05:20:44p Oil Painting Exhibition, Competition Comes to Salmagundi
05:20:50p Holiday Hostess Display
05:20:55p Germany Calls for More Iran Sanctions
05:21:00p Secret Behind Lotus’s Self-Cleaning
05:21:06p Near-Death Experiences
05:21:11p Brooklynites Oppose Re-Zoning of Broadway Triangle
05:21:17p World Peace March Crosses Brooklyn Bridge
05:21:22p Toyota's Massive Recall Could Dent Company Reputation
05:21:28p Elk Kills Swedish Woman, Husband Cleared
05:21:34p Nazi Criminal to Face Trial in Munich
05:21:39p Church Apologizes to Native Tribe, Four Centuries Later
05:21:45p Saigon Café Gourmet Cuisine From the Imperial City of Hue
05:21:50p Dubai Credit Crisis Roils Global Markets
05:21:56p Black Friday Shopping Tips in NY
05:22:01p Four Police Officers Killed in Washington Shooting
05:22:07p End of the Road for Dubai's Rapid Development
05:22:12p New Bill Cracks Down on Illegal Gun Traffickers
05:22:18p Getting Organized With Tracks
05:22:23p Hazards of Chinese Drywall Confirmed by U.S. Study
05:22:29p U.S. Media Response Critical of Announced Israeli Halt on Settlement Building
05:22:35p Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Marches Through Manhattan
05:22:40p Ottawa School Plans Innovative Green Roof
05:22:46p Photographer-Filmmaker Crosses Borders with Masterful Storytelling
05:22:51p Bloomberg Says Not Spending on Infrastructure 'Just Short Sighted'
05:22:57p New Prime Minister Out, Old Prime Minister In, in Belgium
05:23:02p China's Famous AIDS Activist Arrives in U.S.
05:23:08p Georgia Worried About French Warship Sale to Russia
05:23:13p Israel Orders Partial Settlement Freeze in West Bank
05:23:19p Salt Water Shows Promise in Meeting Energy Needs
05:23:24p Urban Artists Creating Record of Rural Decline
05:23:30p NYC Mayor Seeks Major Education Reforms
05:23:35p Stopping Hu Jintao’s Motorcade to Appeal for Justice
05:23:41p Chinese Residents Protest, and Tweet, Against Trash Burner
05:23:47p UK DNA Database Needs Own Law says Report
05:23:52p Civil Servants Paralyze Turkey
05:23:57p Microsoft Opens Company Stores
05:24:03p Holiday Buyer’s Guide
05:24:08p The Largest Peaceful Movement in Modern China
05:24:14p German Military Chief Resigns Over NATO Afghan Airstrike
05:24:20p European Labor Market Stays Tough Despite Crisis
05:24:25p Grapevine—Richie Sambora, Julie Andrews, Donny Osmond
05:24:31p How Obama Was Censored in China
05:24:36p Deleting Internet Postings a Growing Business in China
05:24:42p Holiday Gospel Singers at the American Museum of Natural History
05:24:47p U.K. Public Inquiry Into Iraq War Begins
05:24:53p Shanxi Province Christian Leaders Given Harsh Sentences
05:24:58p Congressmen Act After Lawyer Arrested in China
05:25:04p Obama to Attend Climate Summit Opening in Copenhagen
05:25:09p Economic Crime in Canada Highest in Six Years
05:25:15p Tellebration Celebrates Stories Across the Country
05:25:21p MTA Reopens Downtown Station
05:25:26p Investigation into Irish Church Uncovers Catalog of Abuse
05:25:32p Atlantis Leaves Station for Final Flight of 2009
05:25:37p Americans Falling Behind in Financial Literacy
05:25:43p Censorship of Obama in Beijing a Confidence Game
05:25:48p Hungry New Yorkers Get Funding Boost
05:25:54p Food Pantries Overcrowded, But Could Have Been Worse
05:25:59p UK DNA Database Needs Major Legal Overhaul, Report Says
05:26:05p Movie Review 'Paranormal Activity'
05:26:10p Black Friday to Be Up 16 Percent, Says Survey
05:26:16p Motion Could Criminalize Online Suicide Counseling
05:26:21p Scientists Restart Particle Smasher in Europe
05:26:27p Harper Urged to Raise Human Rights on China Visit
05:26:32p Speculation over Belgium’s New Prime Minister
05:26:38p Air Your Thanksgiving Wish on WCPE Radio
05:26:43p Kings County District Attorney Unveils Clinton Hill Drug Ring
05:26:49p After Philippines Massacre, Concerns About Impunity
05:26:54p One Year Later, Mumbai Remembers Terrorist Attacks
05:27:00p Dead in the Water? GM’s Saab Deal Falls Through
05:27:05p Why China’s ‘Internal affairs’ Matter to Canada
05:27:16p Move of the Week Squat
05:27:25p Consumers Well-Equipped for Black Friday
05:27:32p Film ‘2012’ Explores a Phenomenon Predicted by Many Cultures
05:27:37p Reality of Massive UC Fee Increase Settling In
05:27:43p In Five Years, One Book Changes China
05:27:54p Massive Raid on Outlawed Basque Youth Group
05:28:10p Buyer's Guide Black Friday Electronics Deals at Walmart and Best Buy
05:28:26p Medical Tourism to India Highlighted at Trade Show
05:28:31p U.N. Report Says Greenhouse Gases are on the Rise
05:28:37p Black Friday Shopping, Yea or Nay
05:28:42p Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Gets Court Hearing in Hospital
05:28:48p When a Woman's Body Becomes the Domain of the State, Part II
05:28:53p The Grapevine—Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson’s Glove, Sting, Tom Cruise
05:28:59p Detention of Chinese Human Rights Defender Protested in NY
05:29:04p Making Animated Cartoons With Toon Boom Animate Pro
05:29:10p South Korean Fashion Model Daul Kim Dead in Paris Apartment, Suicide Suspected
05:29:15p More New Yorkers in Need of Food
05:29:29p Red Espresso ‘Coffee style’ Without the Caffeine
05:29:35p Rally Against Terrorist Trial in NYC
05:29:41p Swarms of Lady Bugs a Nuisance in the Midwest
05:29:50p New York City Grapples With Gun Violence
05:29:55p Climate Change Skeptics Get to Say 'I told you so!'
05:30:01p Evolution Real or Man-Made?
05:30:06p Oakland Celebrates PG&E “Greening” Campaign
05:30:12p NYC Health Department Launches FluLine
05:30:17p 12 Journalists Killed in Philippine Massacre
05:30:26p Movie Review 'The Informant!'
05:30:31p For Russian Media, A Cry for Help and Freedom
05:30:37p Axes Polished Better in 4,500 B.C. Than Today
05:30:42p Movie Review 'A Serious Man'
05:30:47p NYC Council Creates Five-Minute Grace Period for Parking
05:30:53p Dell Lays An Egg, Shares Plummet 10 Percent
05:30:58p Outbreaks of H1N1 Not Acknowledged By Officials in China
05:31:04p Power of Nine Commentaries 'enormous' Human Rights Commissioner
05:31:09p Still the 200th Anniversary of Felix Mendelssohn’s Birth
05:31:15p Harper Urged to Raise Falun Gong Forced Organ Harvesting on China Trip
05:31:20p Massive Strike at University of California, Berkeley
05:31:26p Underground CO2 Storage Test Approved in the Netherlands
05:31:31p Oprah Ending Her Show in 2011
05:31:36p Giano
05:31:42p Fraudulent Web Sites Profiting From Flu Fears
05:31:47p Chinese Editor Reveals Twists and Turns of Obama Interview
05:31:53p Four Megawatts of Solar Power to Grace Southern Italy
05:31:59p Bono, Wyclef Jean Receive RFK Humanitarian Award
05:32:04p Drug Prices 200 Percent Higher in New York than Canada
05:32:09p Theater Review 'Just 45 Minutes from Broadway'
05:32:15p Movie Review ‘Hero of Time’
05:32:20p Netflix Rises Above the Fray
05:32:26p Depression in Small Children
05:32:31p Senate Democrats Push for Financial Reform
05:32:37p Taiwanese Officials Petition for Investigation of NTDTV’s Signal Blockage
05:32:42p Chinese Attorney Arrested Upon Return to China
05:32:48p H1N1 No Worse Than the Seasonal Flu, Health Official Says
05:32:53p Climate Change Scandal Erupts After Email Hack
05:32:59p Zero Nuclear Weapons an Achievable Goal, Say Analysts
05:33:04p Chinese Officials Indicted for Genocide
05:33:10p New York Governor Signs Nation’s Toughest DWI Law
05:33:15p AOL to Lay Off One-Third of Its Employees
05:33:21p Sweden Avoided the Worst, Financial Future Looking Bright
05:33:26p Goldman Apologizes, Gives Million to Small Businesses
05:33:32p The Battle For TV Dollars
05:33:37p Giuliani Not Running for Governor, Sources Say
05:33:43p Attorney General Defends Trying 9/11 Terror Suspects in NYC
05:33:48p Community Garden Helps Locals Grow Fresh Food
05:33:54p Cautious Steps Characterize Obama’s China Visit
05:33:59p Giants Tackle Hunger at NY Food Bank
05:34:05p Czechs and Slovakians Celebrate 20th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution
05:34:10p New York Real Estate Report Week of Nov. 12-18
05:34:16p Bid on the City Pioneering the Auction World
05:34:21p Senate Health Care Unveiled, Estimated at Billion
05:34:27p Grapevine—Ken Ober, Sarah Palin, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Adrianna Lima
05:34:32p Q & A 9/11 Civilian Trial in NYC?
05:34:38p Australian Uranium to China, a Worry for Many Reasons
05:34:43p Sending Shortwaves of Hope from Manhattan to China
05:34:49p EU Leaders Will Try to Decide on President Over Dinner
05:34:54p Living Wage Struggle at Kingsbridge Armory
05:35:00p Tougher Drunk Driving Laws Passed by State Lawmakers
05:35:05p Amazon Kindle Breaks Into Foreign Markets
05:35:11p Singers, Advisers, and Servants Role of Eunuchs From a Historical Context
05:35:16p Incanto
05:35:22p First EU President Named Belgium PM van Rompuy
05:35:27p EU-Russia Summit Human Rights In Russia Cause for Concern
05:35:33p For the Rakyat, by the Rakyat
05:35:49p Cities Survive Despite Technology
05:36:02p Martinique, Wooing the Americas
05:36:07p New Mammography Guidelines Raise Questions
05:36:12p Food Bank Use Spikes Across the Country
05:36:18p Spanish Fishermen Are Heading Home At Last
05:36:23p Twilight's 'New Moon' Premieres at Los Angeles
05:36:29p Bill Aims At Making Spending of TARP Funds Public
05:36:34p Internet Activists Tried For Posting a Mother's Testimony to Web
05:36:41p Korea From Palace to Marketplace
05:36:51p Keeping Organized With Bento 3
05:36:59p New Exhibit at Met Rediscovers Velázquez
05:37:07p Peace Prayers and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
05:37:12p Commercial Web Site Could be Sued After ‘Free money’ Stunt
05:37:18p Local Officials Use China’s Legal System for Own Ends
05:37:23p Healing and Renewal of Mother Earth Elan Shapiro's Story
05:37:29p Call to Reform ‘chilling’ English Libel Laws
05:37:40p New Dinosaur Extinction
05:37:45p Wal-Mart Predicts Flat Holiday Sales
05:37:51p Hong Kong Business Owners Appeal for Justice in Beijing
05:37:56p Movie Review 'Harry Brown'
05:38:02p Education Reform Needed, Say Think Tanks and Chamber of Commerce
05:38:17p NASA Launches Final Shuttle of Year
05:38:22p Double Benefit When You Buy
05:38:28p ‘Soft arrests’ Preceded Soft Censorship when Obama Spoke to Chinese Students
05:38:33p Climate Bill to Resume in Early 2010
05:38:39p Tibetan Web Site Founder Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison
05:38:48p Rally Against Troop Build Up In Afghanistan
05:38:54p Remembering Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice
05:38:59p Figure Skaters Kerrigan and Sacks Team With City Harvest to Feed Thousands
05:39:05p Interview With Traditional Chinese Doctor Hu Naiwen
05:39:10p Foreclosures Decline for Third Straight Month
05:39:15p Grapevine—Taylor Swift, Lou Dobbs, Harvey Fierstein, Kirk Douglas
05:39:31p Pesticide Resistant Weeds Could Be Problem
05:39:46p High-Density Galaxy Puzzles Astronomers
05:39:51p Sen. Schumer Calls For Tighter Controls on Gun Buys
05:39:57p Euro Zone Climbs Out of Recession
05:40:02p Drama May End for One Coney Island Shop
05:40:07p Gov. Paterson Attends Hunter/CUNY Groundbreaking
05:40:13p ‘Soy house’ Star of Toronto’s Agricultural Winter Fair
05:40:18p Movie Review '2012'
05:40:24p General Motors Reports Upbeat Results, to Repay TARP Early
05:40:29p Bloomberg, Giuliani Take Different Stances on 9/11 Trials
05:40:34p Why the People's Daily Set Up a Branch in Hong Kong
05:40:40p AT&T Announces Cloud Computing Efforts Amidst Webmail Woes
05:40:45p A Look at Brooklyn’s First Public Charity Foundation
05:40:51p A Discussion on Adobe Lightroom 3
05:40:56p Inside Hana’s Suitcase A Holocaust Story of Hope
05:41:02p Fort Hood Suspect Charged
05:41:07p Dell Mini 3 Android-Powered Phone Will Debut in China and Brazil
05:41:13p A Practical Guide to Cantonese Country Cooking
05:41:18p How to Eat Meat and Still Save the Planet
05:41:24p Rockefeller Tree Goes Up, Woman’s Dream Comes True
05:41:29p Winter-Proof Your Lips
05:41:35p Spanish Judge Calls Top Chinese Officials to Account for Genocide
05:41:40p Gao Zhisheng’s Wife Appeals to Obama
05:41:46p Movie Review 'Cold Souls'
05:41:51p Lost Artifacts of Old Europe Arrive in New York
05:42:04p Chinese Court Coins New Term ‘Temporary Rape’
05:42:13p Navajo Code Talkers Celebrate Marines at The Intrepid
05:42:19p Ancient European Artifacts Come to New York
05:42:24p When A Woman's Body Becomes the Domain of the State—Part I
05:42:30p Dropped Charges Raise Doubts About 'Mr. Big' Stings
05:42:35p China Eagerly Awaits Shen Yun’s Hong Kong Debut
05:42:40p Telly’s Taverna
05:42:46p Sen. Schumer 14,000 NY Vets Homeless
05:42:51p Nord Stream Gas Project Gets Underway in Germany
05:42:57p Dignity in the Face of Desolation
05:43:02p Remembering the Night of Historic Change
05:43:08p Snowstorms in Northern China Crush Buildings and Claim Lives
05:43:13p Inclusion the Key to ‘town camps’ Solution
05:43:19p Leveling the Financial Playing Field
05:43:24p Movie Review ‘The Messenger’
05:43:29p New York Honors Its Veterans
05:43:35p New York Needs to Lose 4 Billion Pounds
05:43:40p Missouri’s Official Manuals Go Online
05:43:46p Canada's Cellular Shakeup
05:43:51p Mexican Court Rules Canadian Mining Company’s Permit Invalid
05:43:57p The Refrain in Steve Gaarder’s Life Doing Better
05:44:02p Fort Hood Ceremony Honors Victims of Mass Shooting
05:44:08p Post-secondary Education Focus of Senate Committee Study
05:44:13p Bloody Harvest Stealing Organs For Profit
05:44:19p New York Real Estate Market Report Week of Nov. 5 to 11
05:44:24p Let’s Have Breakfast for Dinner
05:44:30p Another Suicide Reported at Apple Manufacturer Foxconn in China
05:44:35p No Stimulus Funds for Chinese Wind Turbines, Says Schumer
05:44:41p At 102 Years Old, Great Grandmother Gets All the Help She Needs
05:44:46p Making or Breaking U.S. Small Businesses
05:44:52p Journalists Recall Witnessing Fall of Berlin Wall
05:44:57p Elevate Your Mind by Listening to Classical Music
05:45:03p Global Q&A 'How much are elderly people valued in your society?'
05:45:11p Falun Gong Practitioner Returns to U.S. After 10-Year Ordeal
05:45:16p New Art Exhibit Exposes Human Trafficking
05:45:25p State Assembly Report Details Job Loss Trends
05:45:44p The Art of Quick Home Sales Gathering Early Interest
05:45:49p Villagers and Police Clash Over Forced Demolition of Homes
05:45:55p The Split Personality of British Cities
05:46:00p Kraft Foods Makes Hostile Takeover Bid
05:46:06p Rep. Weiner Releases Top 10 Benefits in New Health Bill
05:46:11p Marble Fireplace A New Frame of Mind
05:46:23p The Western Democrats' Mistake A Commentary
05:46:28p Album Review The Slew '100%'
05:46:33p Wyclef Raises Charity Money, Promotes Western Union
05:46:39p TD Bank Celebrates Grand Openings in Washington, D.C.
05:46:44p One Nation Under Surveillance
05:46:50p A Review of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Adobe Premier Elements 8
05:46:55p What Cut of Meat should you Buy?
05:47:01p Douglas Bourne Shire’s Quest for Something Larger than Himself
05:47:22p Grapevine—the Travoltas, Denzel, James Woods, and Chevy Chase
05:47:27p Collapse of Communism Started in Poland
05:47:33p Berlin Wall Memories Journalist Pushing for Open Police Files
05:47:38p Spanish and Somali Governments Work Against the Clock to Free the Alakrana
05:47:43p Thinking About Holiday Shopping
05:47:49p Gunman Kills One, Wounds Four in Orlando, Fla Office Building
05:47:55p U.S. Resolution Supports Rights of Sichuan Earthquake Activists
05:48:00p Satellite Operator Finds Itself in Paris Court
05:48:06p Adobe Brings Photoshop to Android
05:48:11p Ida Weakens to Tropical Storm
05:48:17p Health Care Reform Bill Passes House Vote, Goes to Senate
05:48:30p Newborns Cry Differently According to Their Mother Tongues
05:48:35p Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street
05:48:40p Book Blog Review The Lost Symbol
05:48:46p New York City Parks Not So Green
05:49:04p Album Review Howie Beck 'How to Fall Down in Public'
05:49:09p Berlin Wall Memories A Timeline from 1945 to the Fall of the Soviet Union
05:49:21p A By-Product of Heart Transplants
05:49:26p Berlin Wall Memories A Professor and the Collapse of the Soviet Union
05:49:32p Motorola’s DROID Unlikely to Dent iPhone Sales
05:49:37p Chrysler Unveils Five-Year Plan, to Repay TARP by 2014
05:49:42p Profile of a Master Canaletto
05:49:48p Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Surrenders His Immunity
05:49:54p Media Literacy Week Highlights Online Smarts
05:49:59p Berlin Wall Memories An East German’s Account of the Culture of Fear
05:50:06p Berlin Wall Memories Bulgaria's First President Talks of Communism's End
05:50:11p MTA to Utilize 311 for Subway Info
05:50:17p British Troops Should Stay in Afghanistan Agree Politicians
05:50:36p New Company, Same Philosophy for Developer Brothers
05:50:44p New York Real Estate Market Report, Week of Oct. 29 to Nov. 4
05:51:03p Self-Publishing Book Expo Opens Window Into Publishing World
05:51:08p Hurricane Ida Gathers Strength
05:51:14p Album Review APSE—'Climb Up'
05:51:19p Album Review Cold Cave 'Love Comes Close'
05:51:25p Staten Island Rep. Votes Against Health Care Bill
05:51:30p Christian Attorneys Give Stunning Testimony Before Lantos Commission
05:51:36p ‘Berlin Twitter Wall’ Blocked in China
05:51:41p National Prison Writing Program Helps Inmates
05:51:47p Human Rights Activist Denied Entry to Shanghai Eight Times
05:51:52p New Google Dashboard Provides Summary Of Collected Data
05:51:58p Flu Epidemic Spreads Across Ukraine, Killing 86
05:52:03p Death Summons—Man Dies at Police Station
05:52:09p Vonage Reports Million Q3 Loss
05:52:23p Europe Pressuring U.S. Senate to Push Climate Bill
05:52:28p Washington Celebrates the Fall of the Berlin Wall
05:52:37p Fifty Years On, Vancouver Opera Is Still Going Strong
05:52:42p Australian Court Asked to Set a Precedent in Chinese Torture Case
05:52:48p Album Review X-Ray Spex—'Live @ The Roundhouse, London 2008'
05:52:53p Online business puts focus on pet health
05:52:58p Drought in Southern China Destroys Crops, Water Levels Lowest Ever
05:53:04p Equal Only in War
05:53:09p Grandfather Pleads for Family Abducted in China
05:53:15p Vancouver Hip Hop Summit Showcases Asian Talent
05:53:20p IL Punto Ristorante
05:53:25p Straphangers Hand Out ‘Pokey’ and ‘Schleppie’ Awards
05:53:31p Album Review Various—'Bite Harder'
05:53:36p Artificial Snow in Beijing Delays Hundreds of Flights
05:53:42p Bloomberg Wins Third Term
05:53:47p Movie Review 'A Christmas Carol'
05:53:53p Philadelphia Recognizes Leaders for Multicultural Contributions
05:53:58p Tragic Shooting at Fort Hood in Texas
05:54:04p Festival Shines Camera-light On Mental Illness
05:54:09p Global Q&A 'How important is your country to the world?'
05:54:15p New Yorker Killed in Afghanistan Honored Statewide
05:54:20p Book Review Pinch Me A Long Walk From the Prairies
05:54:26p Cargo Ship With Weapons Intercepted En Route to Syria
05:54:31p Investors Still Bullish Despite Recession
05:54:37p Disappearing in the East German Stasi Secret Police Slammer
05:54:43p Rights Group Wants Harper to Postpone China Visit
05:54:48p New York’s Fall Foliage
05:54:53p Leonardo’s ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ Breaks New Ground
05:54:59p Movie Review 'Jennifer's Body'
05:55:04p First Eco-Friendly Hospital Energy Plant Installed
05:55:10p Karadzic Decides to Attend His Genocide Trial After All
05:55:15p Ancient Chinese Wisdom Belief in Heaven’s Will Leads to Promotion
05:55:21p B.C. Technology Behind World’s First Commercial Fish Tank Farm
05:55:26p A Tale of Power Struggle at the Frankfurt Book Fair
05:55:32p Buffett Makes Biggest Deal of His Career
05:55:37p Swedish Auto Industry Buckling Under Recessionary Pressure
05:55:43p Chinese Vice-Premier's Supporters Attack Freedom of Speech
05:55:48p Czech President Signs Lisbon Treaty
05:55:54p Expo a Hit for Real Estate Professionals
05:55:59p For Some Settlers in Israel, They're Living Their Dream
05:56:05p Afghan Policeman Shoots Five British Soldiers Dead
05:56:11p TV Review 'V' The New Series
05:56:16p Intel Hit With Antitrust Suit
05:56:21p Renaissance Masters Exhibit to Visit Sweden
05:56:27p Microsoft Completes Layoffs, Cutting 800 Jobs
05:56:32p Student Dies as H1N1 Breaks Out in Beijing
05:56:38p Leona Lewis Performs in her Hackney Hometown
05:56:44p Politics and Science Collide as Chief U.K. Drugs Adviser Dismissed
05:56:49p Ford Motor Surprises with Almost Billion in Q3 Profit
05:56:55p Poland Balances Halloween vs. All Saints Day
05:57:00p American Wins NYC Marathon, First in 26 Years
05:57:06p Grapevine—Dennis Hopper, Vanessa Redgrave, and Elton John
05:57:11p Democracy Advocate's Whereabouts in China Still Unknown
05:57:22p ICANN Approves Non-Latin Languages for Internet Domains
05:57:40p China’s Third Quarter Figures Show Promise, Raise Questions
05:57:55p SEC Cracks Down on ‘Pay to Play’
05:58:00p A Hands-On Review of Autodesk Softimage 2010
05:58:06p Taxi Drivers Outraged Over New Tax
05:58:11p Apple Patents Wireless Headset MP3 Player
05:58:17p Canada Leads with New Parliamentary Falun Gong Friendship Group
05:58:22p Communist Crimes Will Not Be Studied in Bulgarian Schools
05:58:28p Microsoft Issues Windows Security Report, Warns Gamers Of Computer Worms
05:58:33p College Tuition Rises Again
05:58:39p Schwarzenegger Honored by Georgetown University
05:58:45p Actor Nicolas Cage Reported Deep in Financial Trouble
05:58:50p 'USS New York' Warship With 9/11 Metal Arrives
05:58:55p Richard Dreyfuss We, the People
05:59:01p Bloomberg’s Big Lead Narrows, NJ Gov. Race Too Close to Call
05:59:06p Naked Mole Rats Could Hold Key to Being Cancer-Free
05:59:12p MLK House Part of Atlanta Historic District
05:59:17p Toxic Chinese Drywall, America’s ‘Silent Hurricane’
05:59:23p The Camera Eye of James Bosjolie
05:59:28p Czech President Promises Not To Block Lisbon Treaty
05:59:49p Biotech Giant Amgen Sued Over Kickback Schemes
05:59:55p Bay Bridge Repair Continue into the Weekend
06:00:00p Inglot The Theater District's Well-Kept Beauty Secret
06:00:05p Nine Banks Fail In One Day
06:00:11p Ancient Atomic Bombs
06:00:16p Newsom Pulls Out of California’s Gubernatorial Race
06:00:28p Four Chinese Writers Awarded Hellman/Hammett Prize
06:00:33p New Evidence Emerges in Satellite Disruption Case
06:00:46p Indulging a Child Brings Dire Results
06:00:51p Unemployment Picture Remains Bleak as Firms Cut Spending
06:00:56p Don't Spring for That Colorful Liquid Liner
06:01:02p New York Real Estate Report Week of Oct. 22 to 28
06:01:07p River Poisoned in China's South Greenpeace
06:01:13p Chinese College Grads Find Entry to Bureaucracy Competitive
06:01:18p Move of the Week Spinal Warm-Up
06:01:24p Chinese Officials Try New Press Restrictions, Then Back Off
06:01:29p Decorating for Halloween
06:01:35p A Review of ‘Pad N’ Click’
06:01:41p Green Retrofit Report Predicts New Industry Direction
06:01:46p Small Business Owners Get Bond Boost
06:01:52p Fashion Swirls
06:01:57p Sir Howard Morrison 'A Totara Has Fallen’
06:02:03p Movie Review 'Dead Man Running'
06:02:08p Oil Companies’ Earnings Stung by Recession
06:02:14p Green Retrofit Lights, Insulation, Action
06:02:19p Chinese Rights Lawyers Testify at U.S. Congressional Hearing
06:02:25p Documentary Review ‘Michael Jackson's This Is It’
06:02:30p Pouring Rain Doesn’t Break Spirit of Yankees Fans
06:02:36p Coal Mine Ownership in China Changes With Political Winds
06:02:42p Former Bank Employees Protest Forced Buyouts in Beijing
06:02:47p Verizon to Launch Motorola's Droid Phone Early November
06:02:53p Licenses Revoked for Pilots Who Overflew Airport
06:02:59p Series of Afghanistan Attacks Kills at Least 14 Americans
06:03:04p Google Introduces Onebox Music Search
06:03:10p Singapore Ratchets Down Freedom Before Hosting APEC
06:03:15p New York City Faces Dangerous Choice in General Election
06:03:21p In Case of Disrupted Satellite, Foul Play in Air
06:03:26p Kurds Complain Harassment by Paris Police
06:03:32p Mini-Marathoners Run With the Champions
06:03:43p Fake Donors Found on John Liu's Campaign Finances
06:03:48p Grapevine—Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Bruce Springsteen, and Metallica
06:04:02p Bulgarian PM Cuts Council of Ministers Expenditures
06:04:23p Chinese Regime Blocks Internet in Uyghur Region
06:04:33p Canada's Future King Set to Visit
06:04:41p Global Warming Hecklers Not First to Disrupt House
06:04:46p Blackberry Storm2 Coming to Verizon This Week
06:05:01p Eight Countries Highlighted in U.S. Report on Religious Freedom
06:05:06p New Bill Targets Sweatshop Labour
06:05:12p US Airways to Cut 1,000 Jobs, Reduce Service
06:05:17p Mayors Bet on World Series With Volunteer Service
06:05:33p New York’s Populace Fleeing Fast
06:05:38p Bay Bridge Closed After Cable Breaks Loose
06:05:44p Deceptive Marketing Prevalent in Pharmaceutical Firms
06:05:49p Bloomberg Polling Ahead, Thompson Gets Quinn’s Support
06:05:55p Chinese Defector Disappears Upon Return to China
06:06:00p Major California Utility Company to Grab More Solar Power
06:06:06p Kerry-Boxer Bill Addresses Climate Change
06:06:11p Silent Films ... are Back
06:06:17p Mayor Touts 100 Re-Zonings in NYC
06:06:22p Royal Mail and Postal Unions Talk Again
06:06:28p NYC Mammography Report Shows Improvements, Challenges
06:06:33p Pumpkinmania! Event Offers Slice of Humanity and Giant Pumpkins
06:06:39p Federal Government Launches ‘Get Fit’ Program
06:06:44p Global Q&A 'What’s the worst job you can think of?'
06:06:52p Famed Conductor Opens his Arms to the Asian Public
06:07:10p A Pakistani Meal
06:07:18p Canada Leads with New Parliamentary-Falun Gong Friendship Group
06:07:35p Artist Makes 18-Foot Manhattan Rendering from Memory
06:07:48p Cuomo Setting Up Revolutionary Health Care Database
06:08:01p A Green Thought in a Green Shade
06:08:06p Grapevine—Paul McCartney, Susan Sarandon, Stephen King, Robin Thicke
06:08:12p Floating Hospital Renovated in Queens
06:08:23p Shake Up in School Standards
06:08:29p San Francisco Hotel Chains and Workers in Deadlock, Strike Possible
06:08:34p Australia Vulnerable to Tsunami
06:08:40p Mayor Pushes Environmentally-Friendly Economy
06:08:45p Sarkozy Smear Trial Ends, Verdict Awaits
06:08:51p Finding Power for Apple’s Portable Devices
06:08:56p Halloween A Harbinger for Holiday Shopping
06:09:02p World’s Oldest Submerged Town
06:09:07p 'Mummified' Pine Trees Found in Norway
06:09:13p Bill to Increase Medicare Doctor Fees Defeated
06:09:18p Fashion School 101 The Bra—Part 2
06:09:23p A Review of Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2010
06:09:29p Recession Benefits Infrastructure in Sweden
06:09:34p Serial Predator Busted by D.A.
06:09:40p Thousands Protest Trash Incinerators in Southern China
06:09:45p Protesters at Centers for Disease Control
06:09:51p Movie Review 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'
06:09:56p Missed Flight Destination Raises Fatigue Concerns
06:10:02p As APEC Approaches, Singapore Turns Some Away
06:10:07p Has Blowout Quarter, Prospects Impressive
06:10:13p Gambling Addiction in the Spotlight in Philadelphia
06:10:19p Has Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama Tarnished Its Image?
06:10:24p Chinese Labor Camp Director Sued for Torture During New York Visit
06:10:30p Movie Review 'The Goods Live Hard, Sell Hard'
06:10:35p Children’s Library Celebrating Fall
06:10:41p Documentary Review ‘What on Earth’
06:10:46p Live Review Diana Jones
06:10:52p New York Real Estate Report Week of Oct. 15 to 21
06:10:57p Defence of Human Rights Act Causes Insult
06:11:02p The Art of Quick Home Sales Use Good Photography
06:11:08p President Declares Swine Flu National Emergency
06:11:13p Global Q&A 'Is There Anything You Refuse to Buy?'
06:11:19p Giant Dinosaur Prints Found in France
06:11:25p Chinese Writers Complain of ‘Language Pollution’ at Frankfurt Book Fair
06:11:30p U.S. Bailed-Out Corporate Execs to Take Steep Pay Cuts
06:11:35p Verizon to Announce Motorola Droid on Oct. 28
06:11:41p Dutch Police Appeal Gets Rebuff From Privacy Activists
06:11:47p Australian Uyghur Scholar Alleges Massacre
06:11:52p Jets and DOE Launch Sweepstakes for School Lunch Promotion
06:11:58p Rewriting History Ancient Chinese Discovered America, Says Author
06:12:03p Protesters Struggle to Keep the Garment Center Alive
06:12:09p Over 2,000 Protest Arrests, Pollution in Village
06:12:14p NFB Launches iPhone App for Canadian Films
06:12:20p Industry Brighter, But It’s Not Over Yet, Says Panel
06:12:25p Daughter Surprised at 10-Year Sentence of Mother in China
06:12:31p Former President Karadzic Attempts to Boycott Own Genocide Trial
06:12:36p City Offers School Children Free H1N1 Immunization
06:12:42p 'New York, I Love You' Collaboration of Emerging Writers and Directors
06:12:47p Proposed Bill Could Offer Hope to Innocent
06:12:53p Sex Offender Support Circles Help Keep Communities Safe
06:12:58p Eight Years on and 9/11 Clean-up Workers Still Coughing
06:13:04p Book Review ‘Life in the Ring’
06:13:09p Show and Tell Day Highlights Classroom Mics
06:13:14p Third-Quarter Earnings Roundup
06:13:20p French University Head Suspended after Alleged Diploma Trafficking
06:13:26p Slovakia Promises Support for Afghanistan Mission at NATO Meeting
06:13:31p Illicit Hedge Fund Trading Defies Reason
06:13:37p NJ PATH Train Hits Bumper Block at Penn Station, Injuring 13
06:13:42p The Grapevine Chris Pine Role, Leona Lewis Assault, Heidi Klum Baby and More
06:13:48p Annual California Rose Parade Picks Queen
06:13:53p Aquarium Report Offers Update on World's Seafood
06:13:58p Green Spaces Good for Health
06:14:04p Movie Review 'Colin'
06:14:09p EU Aims at Unified Asylum Policies
06:14:15p Looking for China’s Conscience, Gao Zhisheng
06:14:20p Free the Children’s Kielburger at Ottawa’s Writer’s Festival
06:14:26p Be Strict With Yourself, Tolerant Toward Others
06:14:31p Shocking Pictures Likely on Cigarette Packages in Sweden
06:14:37p Smear Campaigns Mark Mayoral Race in Final Weeks
06:14:42p Vancouver Aquarium Designated Canada’s First Coastal America Learning Center
06:14:48p Two Prison Govenors Charged With Gross Misconduct
06:14:53p Controversial Kingsbridge Armory Gets Positive Vote in Bronx
06:14:59p The Viola, an 'ECHO Klassik' Winner
06:15:04p As Press Freedom Declines, Journalists Suffer
06:15:10p 3D Rendering and Animation With Cinema 4D Release 11.5 and MoGraph 2
06:15:15p Berlin Thousands Celebrate Neues Museum Reopening
06:15:21p Air Travel Market Weakens in September
06:15:26p China’s Exports Decline Sharply
06:15:31p Transformations of Mon Japanese Family Crests
06:15:37p American Reps in Taiwan Not Happy About Satellite Disruption
06:15:43p Sen. Gillibrand Calls for Overhaul of Food Safety Regulations
06:15:48p Dutch DSB Bank Declared Bankrupt
06:15:54p Apple Unveils New iMac, Magic Mouse, New Mac Mini, and New Macbook
06:16:15p Taiwan Evaluates its Military in Face of China Threat
06:16:21p Restaurateur Hiro Nishida Serves up the Makings of a New MEGU Empire
06:16:26p Lawsuits Hold Key to Skype’s Future
06:16:31p Stories from a ‘Quit the CCP’ Booth in Calgary
06:16:37p Swine Flu Breaks Out in Wudi County, Shandong
06:16:42p Iran Touts Evidence of UK / US Bombing Links
06:16:48p Stockholm Syndrome on Parade in Beijing
06:16:53p Huge Samurai Exhibit at the Met
06:16:59p Required Composting Begins in San Francisco
06:17:04p Yearning for Unanimity
06:17:09p Squash Autumn's Ambassadors
06:17:24p Gov. Paterson Defends Deficit Reduction Plan
06:17:29p Excessive Internet Use Among Chinese Youth Raises Concern
06:17:35p Controversial Benefits Add to Ukraine’s Dire Economic Situation
06:17:48p Appearance of a Legal System in China Misleading, Says Commission
06:18:01p Iceland's Entry to EU Expected to be Smooth
06:18:07p Acer Overtakes Dell as World’s No. 2 PC Maker in Q3
06:18:12p Herta Müller Visits Frankfurt Book Fair
06:18:17p MI5 Admits Working With Unscrupulous Countries
06:18:23p Flu Vaccine Mandate Halted for New York Health Care Workers
06:18:28p Leadership Faction Fighting Evident at CCP Celebrations
06:18:34p Paris Fashion Week Is Bleak
06:18:39p World Food Day 1/6 of World’s Population Undernourished
06:18:45p Uyghur Leader Seeks Support in New Zealand
06:18:50p Bésame Bringing Back Vintage One Lipstick at a Time
06:18:55p Chinese Writers Receive Hellman/Hammett Grants
06:19:01p Arrests Before APEC Police Power Expanded With Singapore's New Law
06:19:06p Health Care Reform Bill Passes Senate Committee
06:19:12p Adding Fragrance to Your Wedding Plan
06:19:17p Used Foreign Clothing A Hot Commodity and a Health Hazard in China
06:19:23p The Arrival of Autumn in Ireland
06:19:28p Somali Pirates Demand Million and Their Comrades' Release
06:19:34p Social Media Marketing Meets Huge Growth
06:19:39p Assaulted While Filming, Woman Takes Case to Court
06:19:45p EU and South Korea Reach Pioneering Free Trade Agreement
06:19:51p State Dept. to Probe China Labor Camp Case
06:19:56p Contest Challenges Families to 'Channel their inner designer'
06:20:01p Helps to ‘Create Your Own Adventure’
06:20:07p Police Officer Wins International Award For Work With Aboriginal Youth
06:20:13p MADD Urges State to Reform Drunk Driving Laws
06:20:18p Old Mine Site Endangers Newfoundland Town
06:20:24p Accident in Experiment Puts Insects on a Slippery Slope
06:20:29p Blind Lawyer Denied Medical Treatment in Chinese Prison
06:20:35p New Australian Group Seeks Compensation From CCP
06:20:40p Sounds in the Subway
06:20:46p Calgary Mom Fights to Keep Chickens
06:20:51p In Recession, Walt Disney Expands Influence
06:20:57p Rachel Resnick, Love Junky
06:21:02p Russia's Ancient Nanostructures
06:21:08p ISPCC urges government to close gaps in vetting systems in Ireland
06:21:13p Movie Review 'Ong-Bak The Beginning'
06:21:19p 'Subversive' Messages Lead to Shut Down of Chinese Internet Phone Company
06:21:24p JPMorgan Chase Earnings Up Sixfold
06:21:30p Flu Fighters Initiative Aims to Boost Flu Prevention in NYC
06:21:35p More Needs to be Done to Help Those in Mortgage Arrears says Respond!
06:21:40p NY Governor Proposes Billion Deficit Reduction Plan
06:21:46p Man Arrested for Posing as Immigration Attorney
06:21:51p 'Fair Deal' scheme to revamp nursing home costs
06:21:57p Movie Review 'Triangle'
06:22:02p NYC Real Estate Expo Undeterred by Tough Times
06:22:08p Loan Losses Squeeze Citigroup, Earnings Disappoint
06:22:13p Singapore Arrests Over Sticky-Tack Raise Concerns of Political Pressure
06:22:19p Irish Town Joins the Transition Movement
06:22:28p Global Q&A ‘How clean is the environment where you live?’
06:22:33p New York Real Estate Report Week Oct. 8-14
06:22:39p Database Opens to Track Psychiatric Abuse in China
06:22:44p California to Phase Out Energy-Hungry Big Screen Televisions
06:22:50p Chinese Businessman From Riches to Rags for Appealing Against Corruption
06:22:55p Japanese Home Cooking Pork and Asparagus with Spicy and Sour Sauce
06:23:00p Free Speech and Chinese Regime Collide in Frankfurt
06:23:06p String Harmony with Music of the Spheres Society
06:23:11p Bruce Wasserstein, CEO of Lazard, Dies at 61
06:23:17p China’s Information on Gao Zhisheng ‘Unacceptable,’ Says U.S. Senator
06:23:22p Cisco to Buy Starent Networks for Billion
06:23:28p USS New York Heads for the Big Apple from Louisiana
06:23:33p Rating System Could Improve Quality of Early Childhood Education
06:23:39p TREND WATCH Federico Gives Fall Hair Trends
06:23:44p Former Military Officer Repays ‘Debt’ to Vietnam
06:23:50p 60 Million Chinese Choose a China Without Communism
06:23:55p Dino’s Restaurant and Bar Perhaps the Next Astoria Icon?
06:24:01p California’s First Lady Photographed Breaking Cell Phone Law
06:24:06p Local Literati A Sonnet for Columbus Day
06:24:26p Ireland to Join North Sea Scheme to Combat Pollution
06:24:31p Weak Demand Slows Airline Industry Recovery
06:24:37p Parade Celebrates 60 Million Withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party
06:24:42p New theatre to bring headline acts to Louth
06:24:48p Gold Winner of NTDTV Piano Competition Finds Joy in Music
06:25:12p Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, the World Reacts
06:25:17p Study on youth attitude in commuter counties is launched
06:25:23p Chinese Firm Completes Hummer Purchase With GM
06:25:28p Irish Aid Overseas Volunteering Fair in Dublin
06:25:33p Higher Orange Juice Prices On the Horizon
06:25:39p Album Review Kurt Vile—'Childish Prodigy'
06:25:44p Family Drives Three Hours to See Shen Yun
06:25:50p City Honors Police Officers Who Died After Working at WTC
06:25:59p Mini Skirts, Thomas Edison, and Lies Told in China
06:26:04p Ukrainian President Calls for Rid of Idols Of Communism
06:26:09p Friends Enjoy Final Toronto Shen Yun Show
06:26:15p Six Uyghurs Receive Death Sentences After Xinjiang Violence
06:26:20p Fish Pedicures New Trend Linked to Health Hazards
06:26:26p Album Review Alice Russell—'Pot of Gold'
06:26:34p Loss of Top Predators Collapses Ecosystem
06:26:39p Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes
06:26:44p The Grand Barbers—A Close Shave
06:26:57p Mural Restoration Brightens Harlem
06:27:03p Movie Review 'Zombieland'
06:27:08p Movie Review 'Up'
06:27:13p Old Fashioned Cider Mill A Treat to Visitors
06:27:19p Art Exhibition Opens Minds and Hearts
06:27:35p MTA Receives Million to Reduce Energy Costs
06:27:40p Scenic Director Swept Away by 'magical' Shen Yun
06:27:45p Album Review Tickley Feather 'Hors D'Oeuvres'
06:27:51p Shen Yun ‘absolutely spectacular,’ Says Law Firm Director
06:27:56p Album Review Snow Patrol—'LateNightTales'
06:28:02p Album Review Omo—'The White Album'
06:28:07p Music Teacher Impressed by ‘amazing’ Shen Yun Backdrop
06:28:13p Book Review ‘Egg on Mao’
06:28:18p Shen Yun Stages Last Show in Toronto
06:28:24p Shen Yun 'stunning and emotional' Says Fashion Studies Chair
06:28:29p Shanghai Democracy Activists Disappear Prior to National Day
06:28:35p Shen Yun Is 'heavenly and angelic' Says Poet
06:28:55p Former Head of Toronto Schools finds Shen Yun 'Outstanding'
06:29:00p Diseased Pig Meat Sold in China
06:29:13p Singapore Police Arrest Falun Gong Practitioners While Meditating, Displaying Posters
06:29:19p ‘Everything is excellent,’ Says Manufacturing Business Owner
06:29:24p Shen Yun A Great Way to Promote Chinese Culture
06:29:30p Showgoer ‘very proud’ of Shen Yun
06:29:35p ‘In one word, it’s very artistic’
06:29:40p Shen Yun 'Wonderful, truly wonderful'
06:29:46p Shen Yun 'magical' Says Tourism Officer
06:29:52p China Detects Nerve Gas at its North Korean Border
06:29:57p The EcoVillage Resident Next Door
06:30:03p Child Prodigies NTDTV Piano Competition's Finalists
06:30:08p British Kite Maker Impressed by Shen Yun
06:30:14p Shen Yun 'did bring me to tears,' Says Mayor
06:30:19p Greece Government Sworn in
06:30:24p MPPs Enjoy Shen Yun Toronto Premiere
06:30:30p Uyghur Activist to Visit New Zealand
06:30:35p 'The orchestra was great,' Says Concert Promoter
06:30:41p Grapevine—Gwen Stefani, Chris Noth, Nicole Richie, and Kylie Minogue
06:30:46p Satellite Interruption Leads Taiwan to Investigate
06:30:52p Appeal Ends With Death in Custody, Family Suspect Foul Play
06:30:57p TV Producer Enjoys Shen Yun’s ‘cultural message’
06:31:03p Victim of Tiananmen Massacre Stands and Walks at Capitol Press Conference
06:31:08p Canadian Actress Finds Shen Yun ‘very beautiful’
06:31:14p Fashion Designer Praises ‘astounding’ Attention to Detail in Shen Yun Costumes
06:31:20p Jerusalem Protests Largely Peaceful
06:31:25p CEO Praises ‘educational’ Shen Yun
06:31:30p Shen Yun 'A high art form,' Says Longtime Investment Executive
06:31:36p Music Teacher and Family ‘absolutely amazed’ With Shen Yun
06:31:49p Chinese Dissidents Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
06:32:06p Tenor Lauds Shen Yun Singer's 'wonderful' Technique
06:32:11p Album Review The Swingle Singers—'Ferris Wheel'
06:32:17p Building Green Doesn't Always Cost More, Says Report
06:32:22p Election Drama Does Not Equal Effective Government
06:32:28p Shen Yun 'touched my heart,' Says Human-Rights Lawyer
06:32:33p Chinese Embassy Report on Gao Zhisheng ‘beyond laughable,’ Says Professor
06:32:39p Seeking to Safeguard Aboriginal Culture
06:32:44p Q&A What Is the Greatest Invention of All Time?
06:32:51p Fire Commissioner Scoppetta Stepping Down
06:32:56p PepsiCo Reports Weak U.S. Sales, Profit Beats Expectations
06:33:02p Shen Yun 'a magnificent evening of entertainment,' Says Dance School Principal
06:33:07p 'A Totara Has Fallen'
06:33:25p Beautiful Technique and Message, Says Graphic Designer
06:33:30p Cranberry Harvest at Rockefeller Center
06:33:35p Shen Yun 'A discovery'
06:33:41p Obama, Staff Weigh Afghanistan Escalation
06:33:46p Grapevine—Jennifer ‘JLo’ Lopez, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Vick’s Proje
06:33:52p Feds Consider Random Breath Testing to Combat Drunk Driving
06:33:57p ‘It was wonderful story telling,’ Says Venture Capitalist
06:34:03p Shen Yun Inspires Professor of Greek Philosophy
06:34:08p Retired Teachers Sponsor Kids to See Shen Yun
06:34:23p The Eichten Family Has a ‘Gouda’ Heart
06:34:28p 2008's Most Popular Baby Names in U.S.
06:34:33p Shen Yun a '15' Out of 10, Says Juno-Winning Musician
06:34:49p Grand Central Afghan War Protest
06:34:54p The Reality Instructors of Yvonne Bruner's Life
06:35:20p Conductor Says Shen Yun Orchestra Has ‘distinct sound’
06:35:25p Awarded in NYC Restaurant Discrimination Case
06:35:30p Bold New York Clown Sky Walks
06:35:36p Alex Zablocki Prepares to Run for New York Public Advocate
06:35:41p Stratford University Opens Campus in India
06:35:47p Nobel Prize in Chemistry Goes to Ribosome Researchers
06:35:53p Norwegian Research Group Target Safety of Nanoparticle Technology
06:35:58p Propaganda Made in Flushing, Exported to China
06:36:04p New York Needs More Immigrants, Says Bloomberg
06:36:09p NYC Council Speaker Rids Large Fines for Small Businesses
06:36:15p American Red Cross Aids Relief Efforts in Asia and Pacific Disasters
06:36:20p Iconic Winemaking Families Take a Stand for Quality Australian Wines
06:36:26p Master Homeopathic Clinician Sujata Owens
06:36:31p South Korea Celebrates the 2560th Anniversary of Confucius’ Birthday
06:36:37p Police in Tianjin Harass Three Girls Around China's National Day
06:36:42p Vietnamese American National Chamber of Commerce Debuts
06:36:48p Royal Mail Postal Workers Vote for Pre-Christmas Strikes
06:36:53p Falun Gong Practitioner Dies From Persecution in Beijing
06:36:59p Elders Preserve Songs, Stories in Appalachia
06:37:04p Camp Ashraf Prisoners Released
06:37:10p Bill Clinton Endorses Newsom in Campaign for Governor
06:37:15p Cossack Warriors Are Back
06:37:21p U.S. Economy Faces Slow, Gradual Recovery
06:37:26p B.C.’s New Trans Fat Rules Don’t Go Far Enough Foodservices Association
06:37:32p Queens Botanical Garden, One of the Best Spots in U.S.
06:37:37p 60-Million Milestone Boston Rally Celebrates Withdrawals From CCP
06:37:43p Chinese Universities Provide 'Catharsis Chambers' for Stress Release
06:37:48p Million to Clean Up DDT Off Southern California Coast
06:37:54p Court Rules Against Italian Prime Minister's Immunity
06:37:59p Get Tech Deals While Raising Money for Cancer
06:38:05p New York Junior Firefighters Sworn In
06:38:10p A Scottish Tartan Links More Than a Clan
06:38:16p Spain's Government Loses Confidence of Citizens, Survey Shows
06:38:21p SEC to Rein In Credit Rating Agencies
06:38:27p Americans Win Nobel Prize in Medicine
06:38:32p Shen Yun Performing Arts Set to Premiere in Hong Kong
06:38:38p Money for Class Presence in French Schools
06:38:43p Ministerial Meeting in Brussels to Tackle Milk Crisis in Europe
06:38:50p Chancellor Klein Proposes Naming School After Frank McCourt
06:39:11p DC Film Festival Celebrates 10 Years of Giving Voice to Asian Americans
06:39:16p Book Review 'The Oil Card Global Economic Warfare'
06:39:22p Brazilian Pacifists Dress Gandhi Statue With T-Shirt
06:39:27p New York Real Estate Market Report Week of Oct. 1 to 7
06:39:33p Three Lions Guard Bulgarian Coat of Arms
06:39:38p Midtown Manhattan Anti-Terror Plan to Cost Million
06:39:44p Electric Fish's Sixth Sense
06:39:50p Photo Report Rescue Teams Help Indonesia’s Quake Victims
06:39:55p Zerza Mediterrano Mediterranean Moroccan Cuisine
06:40:01p Opus Serving Gluten and Dairy Free Italian Cuisine
06:40:06p Martial Arts Competition Revives Ancient Tradition
06:40:12p Winners Found in the Search for True Martial Arts
06:40:17p Independent Chinese TV Station Blocked From Broadcasting
06:40:22p Comptroller Candidate Mendola Calls for Investigation into Opponent Liu
06:40:28p Publicity Stunts Put Spotlight on Marriage Fraud
06:40:33p Children’s Library ABC’s & 123’s
06:40:39p Massive Run on Dutch Bank Caused by TV Show Appeal
06:40:53p Counterfeit Yuan Seized in China—684 Million
06:40:58p PM Makes Surprise Appearance at NAC Fundraiser
06:41:04p Ho Ho Hum? Retailers Brace For Chilly Holiday Sales
06:41:09p Bette Midler and Mayor Plant 250,000th Tree
06:41:15p Can The Mind Affect Reality?
06:41:20p Croatia Resumes EU Entry Efforts
06:41:26p Ireland says 'Yes' to Lisbon Treaty
06:41:31p TD Bank Bogged Down by Computer Glitch
06:41:37p Romanian Coalition Government Collapses
06:41:42p California Submits Application for High-Speed Rail Funding
06:41:48p And the Winner is … Nancy Zhou!
06:41:53p Q & A What Can The U.N. Do For You?
06:41:59p Mafia, NYC Employees Caught in Major Crime Bust
06:42:04p Artists Express 60 Years of Chinese People's Suffering
06:42:10p The Mystery of European Eels' 3,100-Mile Migration
06:42:15p Climate Change Bill Draws Mixed Reactions
06:42:21p Mass Arrests of Falun Gong Prior to Communist Anniversary
06:42:26p Iranians ‘Recruited as U.S. Spies’ in Dubai, Book Claims
06:42:32p China Confirms Widespread Lead Poisoning in Fujian Children
06:42:37p Shen Yun Brings Valuable Messages
06:43:08p Traffic Jams Costing Billions a Year
06:43:13p College Football Bowl Game Planned for Yankee Stadium
06:43:19p The Four Worst Political Movements of The Chinese Communist Party
06:43:24p Tenants Protest Rising Rents
06:43:29p Saturn to Shut Down After GM-Penske-Renault Talks Fail
06:43:56p Potential Renters Warned of Scam
06:44:01p Hong Kong Parade Delivers a Different Message on Oct. 1
06:44:07p 'One really gets all caught up, even without words'
06:44:12p First Miss Tibet crowned in Lhasa
06:44:17p Grapevine—Drew Barrymore, Jone and Kate, Walt Disney Museum, Will Ferrell, Tori Spelling
06:44:23p Change of Season—Pumpkin Time!
06:44:35p Shen Yun Like Nothing Seen Before
06:44:40p Albany Rally Protests Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine
06:44:46p China's Labor Camps on the Agenda at Columbia University
06:45:12p How Netflix Transformed the Home Entertainment Industry
06:45:21p Airline Manager Shen Yun Allows One to Take Stock
06:45:26p The Chinese Communist Party Past and Present
06:45:32p Martial Law Enforced Around Tiananmen on National Day
06:45:37p Stories of Helping People Quit the CCP
06:45:43p Chinese Dissidents Gather at Consulate
06:45:48p Not a Celebration, But a Protest
06:45:53p Shen Yun 'Really wonderful, amazing'
06:45:59p New York Real Estate Market Report Week of Sept. 24-30
06:46:04p Shen Yun Astounds Geneva Audience for a Second Night
06:46:10p Toyota Recalls 3.8 Million Cars Including Lexus Models
06:46:15p Newspaper Suspended for Showing Anti-Communist Party Slogan on Front Page
06:46:21p Graphic Design With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4
06:46:26p David Letterman Admits to Affairs Amidst Attempted Extortion
06:46:32p Mortgage Fraud Fight Gets Million Boost
06:46:37p Communist China's 60 Years Memories of Bloody Revolutions
06:46:43p NY Forum to Discuss Business in China
06:46:48p People NOT Celebrating the Founding of the People’s Republic of China
06:46:54p Comcast Denies NBC Universal Acquisition
06:47:00p Empire State Building Lighting Stunt Sparks Outrage
06:47:05p Aid Relief for Devastated Samoa
06:47:11p 2009 National Book Festival Draws Thousands of Readers
06:47:16p Movie Review 'The Invention of Lying'
06:47:22p European Parliament Hosts Human Rights Forum on Eve of Anniversary
06:47:27p EU Takes Aim Against Cancer
06:47:33p Munich Tops European Cities for Real Estate, Report Shows
06:47:38p Rigorous Training in China’s Military Parade Village
06:47:43p TV For All This Fall
06:47:49p America's Best Affordable Places to Retire
06:47:54p Mayor's New Initiatives Strengthen Cultural New York City
06:48:00p Bank of America CEO Steps Down Under Pressure
06:48:06p Taiwan's Opposition Party Criticizes Rebiya’s Visa Denial
06:48:11p Politicians Should Think Twice Before Embarking on an Election Report
06:48:17p California Governor's Race Whitman’s Spotty Voting Record
06:48:22p Dawit Isaak Eight Years in Prison Without a Trial
06:48:28p Magazine Manager Says Shen Yun 'Left me speechless'
06:48:33p Iran Pariah to Some and Opportunity to Others
06:48:39p Counting New York's Poor
06:48:44p Fall Home Show has Something for Everyone
06:48:49p Theater Manager Hopes to Host Shen Yun Every Year
06:48:55p 'There are scenes that give you goose bumps'
06:49:00p Art Gallery Owner 'It's really magical'
06:49:06p Internet Control Grips China Before Anniversary
06:49:11p European Mobile Market Shrinks
06:49:17p Agri-sport Event Kicks Off Cross-Canada Tour
06:49:22p EU Lisbon Treaty Suffers Another Setback
06:49:27p Empire State Building Turns a Disgusting Hue
06:49:33p G20 Police Sergeant Smellie Summoned Over Fisher Assault
06:49:39p Movie Review 'District 13 Ultimatum'
06:49:44p Experts Review 60 Years of Red China
06:49:49p Shen Yun 'Really touched me, moved me'
06:49:55p Friendly Parking Coming to New York City
06:50:00p H1N1 Closes 16 Schools in Heilongjiang Province
06:50:06p Claim Against John Liu Asserts Loss
06:50:11p De Blasio Takes Public Advocate, Liu Takes Comptroller in Runoff
06:50:17p NYC Penalty Relief Program Gives Break to Businesses and Homeowners
06:50:22p American Icons 'Serving the Party'
06:50:28p Photo Commemorating the Victims of the Babi Yar Massacre
06:50:33p Autodesk SketchBook Mobile App for iPhone and iPod Touch
06:50:39p 'This is It' Michael Jackson Film Tickets Sell Out Worldwide
06:50:44p Violin Virtuoso Showers Shen Yun With Praise
06:51:08p Merkel Vows Economic Reforms in Second Mandate
06:51:14p Illegal Migrants Face Uncertain Future in France
06:51:19p Shen Yun Artists Are ‘first class’, Says President of Grand Council of Geneva
06:51:25p U.S. Politicians Coerced to Follow Chinese Red Flag
06:51:31p The Illuminated Body
06:51:36p Burmese General Complains About Sanctions at the U.N.
06:51:41p ‘Vine that ate the south’ Discovered in Canada
06:51:54p Credit Card Debt Rises in China Under Lax Rules
06:51:59p Parade Celebrates Falun Dafa
06:52:05p Yom Kippur Holiday Empties Roads in Israel
06:52:10p G-20 Financial Reforms Face Adoption Challenges
06:52:16p Mr. Li Hongzhi Recognized as an ‘Outstanding Spiritual Leader’
06:52:21p John Liu Helped Organize Protests for Chinese Regime Against 'Unfair Statements' About China
06:52:27p EPA Older Buildings, Schools Contaminated With PCBs
06:52:32p John Liu's Public Meetings With Triad-Related Organization
06:52:38p Toxic Waste Dumping in Mediterranean Worries Southern Italy
06:52:52p Amidst International Pressure, Iran Fires Test Missiles
06:52:57p Conan O'Brien Recovering After Bumping Head During Tonight Show
06:53:03p Behind Military Show, Chinese Regime Grapples with Dissent
06:53:10p Propaganda Attacked a Spiritual Group, Then Praised John Liu
06:53:15p New ‘Flex-Seats’ Aim to Change Air Travel Forever
06:53:21p 70,000 Beijing Taxis Equipped with Hidden Micro-Monitors
06:53:26p Lucy Vodden of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' Fame Dead at 46
06:53:38p Grapevine—Eva Longoria Parker, Jessica Biel, Michael Jackson Single
06:53:43p The Creation of a Mandala in a French Museum
06:53:48p Soprano Sumi Jo to Close NYC's Caramoor Fall Festival
06:53:57p Business Gurus Share Secrets of Success at Ontario Economic Showcase
06:54:04p Global Q & A ‘What is your favorite book from childhood?’
06:54:09p Senate Revisits Patriot Act
06:54:23p German Chancellor Merkel Urges Regulation of Financial Markets
06:54:40p John Liu Supports Pro-Communist Criminals in His District
06:54:45p Perot-Affiliated Employee Charged With Insider Trading
06:54:51p Explosion in Beijing Restaurant Injures Three Workers
06:55:05p Flowers for Fall Weddings
06:55:10p Language-Learning Immersion With Rosetta Stone TOTALe, French
06:55:16p Government Agency Wants Name Change For ‘Victims of communism’ Monument
06:55:21p AT&T Enables Apple iPhone's MMS Features
06:55:26p Hu Jintao’s Untimely Visit to the U.S.
06:55:32p Hundreds Protest at U.N. Meeting
06:55:37p I Finally Understand Why Chinese Farmers Are So Poor
06:55:43p Korean Community Questions Integrity of Comptroller Candidate John Liu
06:55:49p Forum Gathers to Remember Six Decades of Violence
06:55:54p Israel Still Fears Iran Nuclear Threat
06:56:00p Hunger Strike by Burmese Refugees Near U.N.
06:56:05p Last Year's Winner, This Year's Judge
06:56:11p Sydney Hunkers Down Under Red Dust Storms
06:56:16p Swedish Helicopter Raid
06:56:22p Freegate Update Released as National Day Approaches
06:56:27p Painting the City White, Literally
06:56:33p Editorial Note About John Liu Questions of Character and Connections
06:56:38p World Rivers Day A B.C. Initiative Grows Into a Global Even
06:56:44p Man Tries to Take Vote From Lady in Chinatown
06:56:49p Updated Triad-Affiliated Organization Raised for John Liu’s Comptroller Campaign
06:56:55p Olympic Torch Relay Team Holds Training
06:57:00p Polish Resolution Names Soviet Invasion as Tyrannical
06:57:05p Why Our Obsession with Jane Austen?
06:57:11p Tightening the Net on Paua Poachers
06:57:16p Netanyahu Shows Limits of Israeli Concession
06:57:22p Publisher 'It is not too often that a night can bring so much entertainment'
06:57:27p Weekly Tech Review
06:57:32p Great Move One-Legged Prone Jackknife
06:57:38p 'Sesame Street' Celebrates 40th Anniversary
06:57:44p Climate Quilt Kicks Off at PS3
06:57:49p Crown Heights Gets New Playground
06:57:55p Paterson, Giuliani, Others Stand for Freedom in Iran
06:58:00p California Sees Small Increase of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
06:58:05p Yearly Tradition Shen Yun Returns to Toronto
06:58:11p JPMorgan, Bank of America to Cut Overdraft Fees
06:58:16p Be Your Own Decorator, Says Design Diva
06:58:29p Chinese Good Fortune—the Luxurious La Chance Jewelry Collection
06:58:38p A History of 60 Years of China, Banned on Communists’ 60th Anniversary
06:58:43p The Grapevine—Disney, the Emmy's, John Travolta
06:58:49p NYC Comptroller MTA Information 'Off Track'
06:58:54p Autumnal Equinox 2009 Falls on September 22
06:58:59p Leonardo’s Last Supper Raises the Bar
06:59:05p Mosquito-borne Virus Poses New Health Threat
06:59:10p Messages for Hu Jintao
06:59:16p Europe Milk Farmers Dump Milk to Protest Low Prices
06:59:21p Bruce Springsteen Turns 60, But He's 'Born to Run'
06:59:27p A Last Look at Estée Lauder's Prescriptives
06:59:32p China's ‘Great Famine’ Fifty Years of Silence
06:59:38p Brasserie Orsay
06:59:43p SEC to Get Tough with Bank of America
06:59:51p Julien Farel Makes Life Beautiful in the Tennis World
07:00:00p AIG’s Fortunes Stabilizing, Says GAO
07:00:06p Translating America Tea Parties = Republicans? It's Not So Simple
07:00:28p Muammar Gaddaffi Delivers Rambling Speech at U.N. General Assembly
07:00:33p Chinese Regime Officials Seek Prestige by Raping Underage Girls
07:00:39p Microsoft to Hold Vote on Pay, Fed Clamps Down on Bankers' Comp
07:00:45p No Ground Gained in Talk With U.S. and Middle East Leaders
07:00:50p Harlem Heights Battle Remembered at Historic House
07:00:56p Woks at the Ready for Chinese Culinary Arts Competition
07:01:01p Jordanian Queen Visits New York School
07:01:07p Final Round of Chinese Culinary Competition Ends
07:01:12p Finalists of 2009 Chinese Culinary Competition Announced
07:01:18p Ahmadinejad’s Presence at United Nations Condemned
07:01:23p Bugs Trapped Victims of Global Warming
07:01:29p Oligarchic Capitalism May Take Hold in India
07:01:34p Lu Gong’s Virtuous Character Changes People’s Hearts
07:01:40p 'An unexpected pleasure'
07:01:45p Protesters Gather for Chinese Leader's Arrival
07:01:50p 1,800 Year-Old Marble Figurine Found in Israel
07:01:56p Former French PM Tried for Defaming President Sarkozy
07:02:19p Defiant Paterson Will Run Again
07:02:25p Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder Return With New Album 'Backspacer'
07:02:30p Training Animals for Medical Procedures
07:02:36p Shen Yun 'So lovely'
07:02:41p Radio Free Afghanistan to Counter Taliban Hate Radio
07:02:47p Speaking Out Against Firearms on Amtrak
07:02:52p Sweden's FOREX Breaks the Mold
07:02:58p Rally and Parade to Celebrate 60 Million Quitting CCP
07:03:04p Herbal Drug Suspended as Three Die After Injections
07:03:26p Green Algae Has Potential to Take Over Biofuel Industry
07:03:31p Harvest Apple Cake
07:03:37p Shen Yun A Perfect Way to Celebrate
07:03:42p 'This is just such a treat to see'
07:03:47p Shen Yun Hits Right Note
07:03:53p Inflaming Ethnic Tensions Backfires on Chinese Regime
07:03:59p As European Atom-Splitter Restarts, Austria Stays
07:04:04p Over 60 Million Chinese People Quit the Chinese Communist Party
07:04:10p When Mass Shootings Are the Earliest Memories
07:04:16p Dow Reaches 11-Month High as Stocks Continue Rally
07:04:23p Police and Mobs Attack House Church Members in Shanxi
07:04:28p Investor Finds Raw Power in Show
07:04:47p Beijing Killings Two Dead and Twelve Injured
07:04:54p Fears 'Super Rates' Will Accompany 'Super City'
07:04:59p Locals from Maine Enjoyed the Shen Yun Show
07:05:05p Beauty of the Chinese Culture on Display
07:05:10p American Seeks Changes Amidst Industry Woes
07:05:16p Overseas Chinese Shen Yun Portrayal of Chinese Culture A Rarity
07:05:21p Life’s Abode
07:05:27p Czech Republic and Poland Surprised by U.S. Missile Plan Change
07:05:32p International Children’s Festival at Wolf Trap
07:05:46p Culinary Contestants Entering Final Round
07:05:52p Alberta Solar Home Bound For Washington DC, Olympics
07:05:57p Barroso Reelected as President of the European Commission
07:06:03p College Group Flu Outbreaks Spread Across China
07:06:08p Multi-faith Forum Focuses On Human Rights
07:06:13p Cydwoq Shoes and Visionary Founder Rafi Balouzian
07:06:19p 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' Parody Holiday on September 19
07:06:24p DJ Roc Raida, Personal DJ to Busta Rhymes Dies at 37
07:06:30p Foreign Journalists Still Stymied in China
07:06:35p Q&A What I Did On My Summer Vacation
07:06:40p A ‘Blue Dam’ for Chinese Internet Providers
07:06:46p Shen Yun ‘A very nice message’
07:06:51p Family Enjoy a Wonderful Evening with Shen Yun
07:06:57p As Long as Achaeans Shall Exist
07:07:02p Maine Officials Welcome Shen Yun to Portland
07:07:08p Pompeii How They Lived and How They Died
07:07:13p Archaeologist Rice Existed 4,000 Years Ago in Yangtze Basin
07:07:19p U.S. Governor Paterson Secures Federal Money for Job Training
07:07:24p Ancient Chinese Dining A Culture to Revive
07:07:29p The Most Expensive Home on the Block
07:07:35p Theater Review ‘OOHRAH!’
07:07:40p Staten Island Waterfront Gets Million Revamp
07:07:46p Youth and Adults Gain at Bay Area College Fair
07:07:51p Peace Summit Draws ‘Historic Gathering’ of Change-makers
07:07:57p Eight Orchids Condominiums in Oakland Great Value
07:08:02p Coalition Seeks to Protect NY Immigrants
07:08:08p San Diego Community Farm Helps Immigrants Feel at Home
07:08:13p Q & A What’s With All the Rudeness?
07:08:18p 'Being traveled' the New Punishment for Chinese Dissidents
07:08:24p Feds Get Tough on White-collar Crime
07:08:29p Victims of Rwandan Genocide Honored in ‘The Day God Walked Away’
07:08:35p Thousands of Students Stage Angry Protest at School in Sichuan Province
07:08:40p Cry Me A River
07:08:46p Winston Churchill’s Favorite Film Rereleased on DVD
07:08:57p Movie Review 'Love Happens'
07:09:03p Oldest T. Rex Fossil Unearthed in China
07:09:08p Public Service Remains Short on Visible Minorities’ Proportional Representation
07:09:14p Juno’s Jason Reitman Returns with ‘Up In The Air”
07:09:19p Twitter Reportedly Valued at Billion
07:09:25p The Grapevine—Johnny Depp, Ray Romano, The Emmys, Tom Brady & Gisele, John Stossel
07:09:30p Death of Journalist Unresolved
07:09:35p Facebook Becomes Cash Flow Positive
07:09:41p Dubai 'Runaway Spy' Hit With U.S. Legal Case
07:09:46p House Votes to Defund ACORN Group
07:09:52p Intuit Buys Online Personal Finance Site
07:09:58p EU Emerging From Recession, Uncertainty Remains
07:10:03p India’s Maturing Media and Entertainment Industry
07:10:08p Tim Hetherington's Unconventional Look at the War in Liberia
07:10:14p Low Salmon Returns May Be Impacting Coastal Grizzlies
07:10:19p Susan Boyle Debuts on 'America's Got Talent,' While Kevin Skinner Wins Prize
07:10:25p Documentary Review ‘A Vision of Wholeness’
07:10:30p Beijing Students Threatened Failed Grades, Expulsion for Complaining
07:10:36p Michigan City of Hamtramck Celebrates Its Heritage
07:10:41p The Grapevine—Prince Harry, Kiefer Sutherland, Betty White, Jessica Simpson
07:10:47p Pfizer to Pay Billions to Settle Bextra and Geodon Illegal Marketing
07:10:52p Housing Prices Soar in China
07:10:58p 10,000 Retired Military Elite Petition in China
07:11:03p George Clooney Co-Star Jeff Bridges No Stranger to the Paranormal
07:11:09p A Slow Day at the Polls for the Preliminary Elections
07:11:14p Worldwide Taxi Drivers Honored in NYC
07:11:20p 1918 Flu True History Ignored
07:11:25p New York City Candidates Linked to Chinese, North Korean Regimes
07:11:31p Security Tight for Fourth Plenary Session in Beijing
07:11:36p ‘Tong’ Gives to John Liu’s Comptroller Campaign
07:11:42p Seasonal Hair Care With Celebrity Stylist Federico
07:11:47p University Town Quarantined after H1N1 Outbreak
07:11:53p Pro-Communist Group Attacks Participants in Korea 'Quit the CCP Parade'
07:11:58p Ukraine Failing to Meet Debt Obligations, Bankruptcy Possible
07:12:04p Cirque du Soleil Founder Plans Voyage into Space
07:12:09p U.S. Slaps Tariffs on Chinese-Made Tires
07:12:15p The Financial Crisis, One Year Later
07:12:21p African Burial Ground Bodies Under Buildings
07:12:43p August U.S. Retail Sales Surge, Led by ‘Clunkers’
07:12:48p Photographer Richard Gordon Documents U.S. Surveillance Cameras
07:13:01p Bizarre Logic for High House Prices in China
07:13:06p Former Agent Exposes Communist Regime’s Methods of Infiltration in the West
07:13:14p Too Faced's 'Queen for a Day' Collection
07:13:21p Interview with Cheng Minghua, Han Couture Gold Winner
07:13:26p H1N1 Spreads to Rural China Endangering Tens of Millions
07:13:32p Han Couture Show Leaves Fashion Educators Inspired
07:13:37p Parents of Tainted Milk Victims Arrested After Commemorative Activities
07:13:43p From Obscurity to Authenticity at the Mozarteum
07:13:48p 9/11 Anniversary Marks Eight Years Since Attacks
07:13:53p Temptu Airbrush Makeup
07:13:59p New York Tops FBI’s Safest Big Cities List
07:14:04p Michael Douglas Was the Only Choice for Koppleman in 'Solitary Man'
07:14:10p Patrick Swayze, Star of 'Dirty Dancing,' Dead at 57
07:14:16p How the NYPD Fights Terror
07:14:21p Sharing Files With the HP MediaSmart Server LX195
07:14:28p MTV VMA Chaos Kanye West Outburst at Taylor Swift Win
07:14:34p A Professional Approach to Stopping Conflicts BeforeThey Start
07:14:40p Barroso Can’t Convince European Socialists
07:14:45p Dubai’s New Metro May Herald Change in Segregated City
07:14:51p Major Dutch Trading Firm Collapses
07:14:56p Former Taiwan President, Wife Sentenced to Life
07:15:19p GM to Let Customers Return New Vehicles
07:15:24p A Nostalgic Trip Down the Makeup Aisle
07:15:29p Sue Devitt Microaquatic Eye Makeup
07:15:36p Former Taiwan President’s Case Highlights Advantages of Democracy
07:15:41p VW Introduces Thousands of Mini Power Plants in Germany
07:15:47p False China Reports of Flying Chinese Flag Outside White House
07:15:53p The Extinction of Baiji China’s White Dolphin
07:15:59p Matt Damon Thought Call for 'Informant' was a Demotion
07:16:15p Everything You Think You Know About Chinese Food is Wrong
07:16:20p NY Councilmember May Harbor Ties With Communist Regime
07:16:26p China Mine Blast Death Toll Rises to 56
07:16:31p Editor's Note on Coverage of John Liu
07:16:37p Woman Dies After Alleged Beating By Wal-Mart Security Staff in China
07:16:42p Boulder County Offers Loans to Lessen Carbon Footprint
07:16:47p Green Jobs on the Horizon for Southern California
07:16:53p As California Legislative Session Ends, Lawmakers Push for Water Package
07:16:59p Results of The Epoch Times 2009 International Photography Competition Announced
07:17:04p Blake’s Anti-Atheism on Display at Morgan Library
07:17:13p Han Couture Award Winners List
07:17:43p Authenticity and Modesty Take Top Honor at Han Couture Competition
07:17:55p Sovereign Wealth Funds See Wealth Shrinking
07:18:00p Liz Walker’s Contribution to Sustainable Culture EcoVillage
07:18:07p Councilman Looks to Eliminate City Spending on Bottled Water
07:18:12p Exploring Long Island Chinese Lanterns and Friendly Neighbors
07:18:18p Chinese Communist Party Subverts Democracies and Rights Abroad
07:18:26p Birthing Pains for Auckland Super City
07:18:43p Congressman Joe Wilson Apologizes for Yelling 'You Lie' During Obama’s Address
07:18:48p Crowd Rallies Against John Liu at NY City Hall
07:18:54p Man Begins Barefoot Odyssey in Lower Manhattan
07:18:59p Canadians Cool on Fall Election
07:19:05p Animal Welfare Groups Want More Protection For Polar Bears
07:19:10p Movie Review 'Adventureland'
07:19:16p Human Rights Group Barred From Canada-China Business Forum
07:19:21p Han Couture Design Competition Gets Underway
07:19:26p Live Review Jazzanova
07:19:32p John Liu Fails to Confront District Discrimination
07:19:37p City Watches for H1N1 as School Starts
07:19:43p China Faces Fast Spreading H1N1 Flu
07:19:48p Steel Bands Compete
07:19:54p Obama Health Care Reform to Move Forward Next Week
07:19:59p First Solar Plans World’s Largest Solar Field in Inner Mongolia
07:20:05p ‘Housing first’ Project Holds Promise For Homeless
07:20:10p Movies of Fall 2009—Previews
07:20:16p Norwegian Weather Site Causes Storm in Scandinavia
07:20:21p Doctor Shortage Solutions Quicker Degrees, More Powerful Nurses
07:20:27p Who Does John Liu, Candidate for New York City Comptroller, Represent?
07:20:32p Temptu Airbrush Makeup for the Average Woman
07:20:37p Romania First in History to Win Three Pomme d’Or Awards
07:20:43p Rising Pork Prices Trigger Inflation Fears in China
07:20:48p Perth Fashion Festival Fills the Week
07:20:54p Bay Bridge Reopens to Traffic
07:20:59p 'Hostile Foreign Forces' Not to Blame for Xinjiang Riots, Say Critics
07:21:11p Espada Urges Action to Help State's Farm Workers
07:21:16p Thai Iced Tea
07:21:22p AIG Fire Sale Consumes Two More Businesses
07:21:27p Freedom, Asylum, and the Walls of the 21st Century
07:21:41p Google Backs Off Scanning European Books for Books Registry
07:21:46p Media That Support CCP Also Support John Liu
07:21:52p China's United Front and John Liu's Connections
07:21:57p Falun Gong A Practitioner's Profile Gao Chengnu of Korea
07:22:04p A Homeless Man’s Organs Harvested and His Body Abandoned
07:22:09p Tasty After-School Snacks
07:22:15p FEMA Grants Disaster Aid for Flooded N.Y. Counties
07:22:20p Creedence Clearwater Front Man John Fogerty Plays Free Show
07:22:26p The Grapevine— Renee Fleming , Ludacris, The Bee Gees, and Jerry Lewis
07:22:31p Global Q & A ‘What’s currently the biggest social issue in your country?’
07:22:36p Grilled Mackerel with Lemon, Chilli and Thyme
07:22:42p Movie Review '9'
07:22:47p Home of the Man on the Bill
07:22:53p Businesses Set to Hire as Economy Recovers
07:22:59p Large H1N1 Outbreak at Chinese People's Armed Police Force Academy
07:23:05p Chinese Botch Calgary International Fireworks Competition
07:23:10p TEAM to Bring 'Devotion' to Schools in South Africa
07:23:16p Six-Year-Old Chinese Girl Dreams of Being a Corrupt Official
07:23:21p Beijing Censors News on Fall of Berlin Wall Anniversary
07:23:27p The Path of Piano Virtuoso Li Yan
07:23:32p Reinhold Glière The Harmony Master
07:23:37p Movie Review 'Sandstorm'
07:23:43p Derinkuyu and Kaymakh Underground Marvels
07:23:48p Album Review Rodrigo y Gabriella '1111'
07:23:54p Boeing Scores Early Victory Over Airbus in Subsidies Spat
07:23:59p Rural Councils Struggle to Maintain Basic Infrastructure
07:24:05p Police Break Strike at Philips in Shenzhen
07:24:10p Mayor Proposes to Takeover Milwaukee’s School System
07:24:15p Apollo Moon Rock a Fake
07:24:21p Restaurant Review Sripraphai Thai Restaurant
07:24:30p New Web Site Aids in Search for Affordable Pet Care
07:24:51p Fighting Against Human Trafficking
07:24:56p ‘It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen’
07:25:01p Senior's Water Bill Tops
07:25:07p Greensboro Mayor Wants City to Know How Good Shen Yun Is
07:25:12p Insecticide-Tainted Rice Found in Chongqing Supermarkets
07:25:19p Journalist Defector Tells of Abuse and Corruption in China
07:25:24p Retailers Ring up Back-to-School Clunker
07:25:29p The Grapevine—Paula Abdul, LaToya Jackson, Smokey Robinson
07:25:35p Celebrating a Century of Serving Girls
07:25:40p Greensboro Dance Instructor ‘Just beautiful and it really touched me’
07:25:46p CCP Dismisses Two Top Xinjiang Officials After Protests
07:25:51p Shen Yun Portrayal of Chinese History 'Wonderful'
07:25:59p Hong Kong Reporters Beaten by Police in Xinjiang
07:26:04p The Fire and Water of Vincent Tolve's Life
07:26:09p University School of Arts Director ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Unbelievable’
07:26:15p Telefonica, China Unicom Swap Stakes
07:26:20p Spain Shows Its Style at Barcelona Fashion Week
07:26:26p 'Giant' Oil Discovery in Gulf of Mexico
07:26:31p Another Notch in the War Against 'P'
07:26:37p Chinese Supreme Court Leader Says Party Interests Override the Law
07:26:42p Graphic Designer ‘It was very elegant and beautiful’
07:26:48p As South Korea Pushes for Cycling, Safety Questions Remain
07:26:53p Director of Music was Inspired by Precision and Choreography
07:26:59p N.C. State Rep. ‘Overwhelmed’ With Shen Yun
07:27:04p All Chinese Should Watch Shen Yun to Learn about Their History, Says Company President
07:27:10p Musician ‘I could feel the soul in the music’
07:27:15p Decatur Book Festival in Pictures
07:27:21p Album Review The Big Pink—'A Brief History of Love'
07:27:26p California Seeks Change of Government Water Restrictions
07:27:31p Album Review Wye Oak 'The Knot'
07:27:37p Album Review Nneka 'No Longer At Ease'
07:27:42p Album Review Windmill 'Epcot Starfields'
07:27:48p 23 New School Buildings Opening
07:27:53p EOS—Thinking Outside the Tube
07:28:13p Poland Commemorates Second World War
07:28:19p Indiana City Braces for Whirlpool Plant Closing
07:28:24p America, Not China, Will Lead ‘Asian Century’, Says Report
07:28:29p Bloomberg Announces Flu Strategy
07:28:35p Recession Lures American Franchisors North
07:28:40p Back-to-school Blues? Help Is Just a Phone Call Away
07:28:46p Olympic-style Competition Boosts Skilled Trades
07:28:51p Lisbon Treaty Debate Heats up in Ireland
07:28:57p Han Chinese Protest to Demand Ouster of Xinjiang Leader
07:29:02p Album Review Múm—'Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know'
07:29:08p Movie Review ' Days of Summer'
07:29:13p DA Morgenthau Honored With Creation of New Award in His Name
07:29:19p Students Return to Online Classrooms
07:29:24p ‘It’s a very exciting and breathtaking experience’
07:29:29p Dutch Promise to Deepen Western Scheldt Without Delay
07:29:35p Comptroller Candidate John Liu ‘Anti-American,’ Say Chinese Residents
07:29:41p Thai Taxi Drivers Fight Swine Flu
07:29:47p Chef Melody McGinley Whitelaw Always Farm-to-Table
07:29:52p Shen Yun is Absolutely Outstanding
07:29:58p Twelve Nobel Laureates, One Charity, & One Billion Acts of Service
07:30:03p Sweden Orders Foreign Aid Investigation
07:30:09p Study Anti-Immigrant Hate Crimes Persist
07:30:14p Technology Briefs
07:30:20p District Attorney Candidates Talk Women’s Issues
07:30:25p Filmmaker Who Exposed Salvador Gang Life Killed
07:30:39p Mortgage Industry Proposes Breakup of Fannie, Freddie
07:30:44p Movie Review 'District 9'
07:30:50p Comptroller Candidate Liu's Shady Aides and Associates
07:30:55p Ireland Long Ago; When I Was Young
07:31:00p Donald Trump Key Speaker at Ottawa Economic Forum
07:31:06p Newly Established Chinese Unions Plan to Form Political Party
07:31:11p China’s Muslim Uyghurs Forbidden to Fast During Ramadan
07:31:17p Czech to Send Additional Forces to Afghanistan
07:31:22p Coal Workers Strike in Central China
07:31:28p Raw Milk Cheese Production Gets the Go Ahead
07:31:33p Shoes Made in America
07:31:38p Swimsuits to Formal Wear at Cape Town Fashion
07:31:44p NOW Endorses Green for Public Advocate
07:31:49p Q&A Are You a Dog or a Cat Person?
07:31:55p Public School Progress Reports Reveal High Scores
07:32:00p U.S. Companies Cut 298,000 Jobs in August
07:32:19p Quarter Millennium of Guinness and Still Going Strong
07:32:24p eBay Sells Skype to Private Investors
07:32:34p What’s to Fear About the H1N1 Virus?
07:32:39p Chinese Hope To Wed on Lucky 9/9/09
07:32:45p Global Q&A 'What are some of the biggest cultural faux-pas in your country? '
07:32:55p Former Taiwanese President’s Family Sentenced For Perjury
07:33:00p Irish Suburban Regeneration Scheme is Lifting Mood, Says Director
07:33:06p Mudgirls—Cob Builders Extraordinaire
07:33:12p Villagers Protest Sewage Pollution in Southeast China
07:33:30p China Rare Earth Monopoly Will Be Difficult
07:33:45p China’s Minerals Monopoly Deemed Improbable
07:33:50p French Finance Minister Warns Tax Evaders
07:33:55p Lost in Translation Two Israeli Brothers in New York City
07:34:01p At the RNC Press Conference ...
07:34:07p Scientists Worried After Pacific Garbage Patch Probe
07:34:12p Great California Garage Sale Gets Results Back
07:34:18p Germany, France Call for Stop to Unjustified Bank Bonuses
07:34:23p Stop Pouring on Fat, Says New Health Campaign
07:34:29p Birthplace of Teddy Roosevelt Insight into 19th Century Lifestyle
07:34:34p Chinese Cuisine Food with Spirit
07:34:40p China’s Stock Markets Plunge Over Six Percent
07:34:45p Lights Go Out for Energy-Consuming Bulbs
07:34:51p U.S. Senator Schumer Proposes New Air Safety Regulations Over Hudson
07:34:56p Casino’s Bid to Enter Center City Philadelphia Thwarted
07:35:02p Shen Yun Performing Arts Revives Heritage For Chinese
07:35:07p Final Show Draws Gasps From Audience
07:35:14p Communist Party Anniversary Nothing to Celebrate
07:35:34p Station Fire Could Reach Mount Wilson Observatory
07:35:39p Ground Zero Trauma Cured Psychoanalyst’s Prior Terror
07:35:45p One Thousand Chinese Citizens Apply for UN Refugee Status
07:35:50p Former Singer 'Tenor sent chills down my spine'
07:35:56p Mainland Visitor Appeals in Front of Taiwan Presidential Palace
07:36:01p Custom Tailor Says 'Costumes were incredible'
07:36:17p Government Physicist Says Shen Yun Dances Are ‘very deep’
07:36:22p Racecar Commemorating 9/11 Unveiled
07:36:28p China Corners the Rare Earth Metals Market
07:36:33p Fashion Designer ‘Like flowers blossoming’
07:36:38p ‘Sandstorm’—A Story of Reckoning, Repentance, and Redemption
07:36:44p Zero Mile Diet Fosters Greater Food Self-Sufficiency
07:36:49p Successful Shen Yun
07:36:55p Of the 13 Million Abortions in China, Most Are Forced
07:37:00p Young Violin Talents Impress
07:37:06p Final Round of Violin Competition Concluded
07:37:11p 'It was mesmerizing’
07:37:17p Jewelry Store Manager ‘I loved it!’
07:37:22p Disney Acquires Marvel Entertainment for Billion
07:37:28p Must Tell Classmates from Asia This is Something They Can Be Proud Of
07:37:33p Creating 3-D Characters and Images in Pixologic’s ZBrush
07:37:38p States Vie for a Slice of High-Speed Rail Stimulus
07:37:44p Singers' Voices 'so angelic, they actually gave me chills'
07:37:49p 'I like how the stories are passed down from generation to generation'
07:37:55p 84-Year Old Veteran Protests Denied Pension Claim
07:38:00p Entrepreneur 'It’s beautiful, dynamic, peaceful, and energizing'
07:38:06p Public Advocate Candidate Announces Slumlord Watch List
07:38:11p Ford Keeps the Pedal to the Metal
07:38:17p The Viktor Schauberger Phenomenon
07:38:22p Dell Sees Signs of Tech Recovery
07:38:28p U.S. Federal Employee Enjoys 'great art' of Shen Yun
07:38:33p Lawyer Tortured for Defending Falun Gong Clients
07:38:39p Violin Concerto Born Out of a Great Friendship
07:38:44p From Florida to D.C. 'It was worth it!'
07:38:50p Attorney, 'Aesthetically beautiful, very beautiful, very entertaining'
07:38:55p Music Professor Enjoys Balance of Eastern and Western Instruments
07:39:01p New Zealand's Role in the Afghanistan War
07:39:12p Shen Yun Dancers Move as One
07:39:27p Professional Dancer 'I just love them all'
07:39:32p Shen Yun ‘very peaceful’
07:39:37p War in Burma Approaching Chinese Border
07:39:45p Shen Yun 'A celestial experience on earth'
07:39:52p Performer Says Dancers 'barely touched the earth'
07:39:57p Attorney Couple Appreciate Values of Shen Yun
07:40:06p Disgruntled Victims of Police Violence Sign Petition in China
07:40:11p Audio Engineer Enjoyed the Combination of Western and Chinese Instruments
07:40:17p Staff Director for Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee Says Shen Yun Is ‘wonderful’
07:40:42p 'The old philosophies work well' Says Writer
07:40:52p 13 Year Old Blocked From Sailing Around the Globe
07:41:06p 'Colorful costumes were just amazing'
07:41:13p Simple Salsa
07:41:18p Competition Seeks True Violin Artists
07:41:23p Fires in Southern California Result in Evacuations
07:41:29p Chemistry Professor’s Family Says Shen Yun 'Absolutely mind-blowing!'
07:41:35p Where's The Money From Can You Guess The Origin?
07:41:40p Shen Yun Performing Arts ‘A renaissance not only to the Chinese’
07:41:46p Realtor 'Truth transcends any culture'
07:41:51p Shen Yun Continues to Grace Presidents’ Theater
07:41:57p Uyghur Leader ‘Shen Yun’s depiction was so similar to reality’
07:42:02p Vietnam Veteran and Community Activist Impressed with Shen Yun's Portrayal of Chinese Dance
07:42:08p Prime Minister Gives Kiwi Kids a 'Break'
07:42:13p Imports Slump While Exports Struggle in Recession
07:42:19p Movie Review 'Mesrine Public Enemy Number One'
07:42:24p Chinese Organization President Lauds Shen Yun as Insightful, Rich
07:42:30p In Pictures Fiddling and Picking Competition
07:42:35p TV Producer 'I think the show is beautiful'
07:42:41p Shen Yun Connects American-born Chinese With Ancestral Heritage
07:42:46p ‘Gorgeous dancing and showmanship’
07:42:52p Marine Captain Finds Beauty Beyond Words in Shen Yun
07:42:57p Restaurant Owner Thanks Shen Yun
07:43:03p Music for Freedom in China
07:43:08p Business Professor Says Shen Yun Is Beautiful
07:43:14p University of Virginia Faculty Member Impressed
07:43:19p ‘Impressed by the Discipline of the Performers’
07:43:24p Was Michael Jackson’s Death Deliberate?
07:43:30p Senior Law Professor ‘One of the most beautiful shows I’ve seen’
07:43:35p 'Anokha' Skincare Gives a New Version of 'Natural'
07:43:41p Senior Vice President 'God Bless You'
07:43:46p Live Review Andrew Bird
07:43:52p Professor Speaks from the Heart
07:43:57p Shen Yun Show Invigorates Admiration From Various Professions
07:44:03p This Year, 9/11 Shifts Toward Service
07:44:08p Green Depot Greening Up Real Estate Plank By Plank
07:44:13p Precision of Movements Incredible
07:44:19p Former Department of Defense Employee Calls Shen Yun ‘Mesmerizing’
07:44:33p Shen Yun Entertains all Cultures
07:44:38p Asking a Professional, “How’s the Real Estate Market?”
07:44:44p Science Behind Each Bite
07:44:49p Shen Yun Performing Arts Thrills Youngsters
07:44:54p Preliminary Round of Chinese Violin Competition Wraps Up
07:45:01p Surgeon Says the 'orchestra was phenomenal'
07:45:06p Professor of Performing Arts ‘Impressed by the discipline of the performers’
07:45:12p Chopping Up A Chicken, Chinese-Style
07:45:17p Schumer Remembers Kennedy, 'Giant of the Senate'
07:45:23p Music Professor 'A wonderful performance ... it was moving'
07:45:28p 'Spectacular,’ ‘Marvelous,’ ‘Incredibly Awesome!’
07:45:33p Pianist Enjoys Everything About Shen Yun
07:45:39p André at Opia
07:45:44p Elected Officials Award World-Class Shen Yun Dancers
07:45:50p Dark Clouds Over French Left Wing Political Landscape
07:45:55p 'It was a beautiful spectacle'
07:46:01p Movie Review 'Funny People'
07:46:06p Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease Outbreak in Northeast China
07:46:19p Made in the U.S.A.
07:46:34p Shen Yun Performance Described as 'Transformational'
07:46:43p Makeup Artist Says Shen Yun Costumes Are Beautiful
07:46:48p 416 U.S. Banks in Trouble, Says FDIC
07:46:57p Dissident Rio Case Marks Turn in Sino-Australia Relations
07:47:02p Global Q&A 'What’s your concept of a fruitful day?'
07:47:08p World-class Show Heats Up at Kennedy Center
07:47:16p Newspaper Director Says Shen Yun is 'unique'
07:47:27p Tough Times Ahead for Jobseekers in China
07:47:34p Preferential Treatment for Communist Terror Alleged
07:48:00p Government Scientist 'This was a great show'
07:48:25p Shen Yun Impresses Former Pentagon Employee
07:48:30p Attorney Says 'It was just like escaping to another land'
07:48:37p Property Manager Says Shen Yun is 'Just perfection'
07:48:42p Bank Consultant ‘A universal culture or a universal lesson’
07:48:48p Enjoying Traditional Chinese Culture for a Second Time
07:48:53p Amazed Couple Deeply Impressed
07:48:59p Medical Doctor 'An extravaganza'
07:49:04p 9/11 Memorial Preview Site Opens
07:49:10p A Chinese Communist Newspaper with ‘Rich Tibetan Characteristics’
07:49:15p School Immersion Project Connects the Generations
07:49:21p Nokia Banks on Mobile Payment Service
07:49:26p Elderly Challenge Councils to Live Within Their Means
07:49:32p Former U.S. Senator ‘Highly’ Recommends Shen Yun
07:49:37p A Chat With Tim Burton on '9'
07:49:43p 2009 Ottawa Folk Festival in pictures
07:49:48p To Dietrich Buxtehude With Love
07:49:54p Bank holiday no holiday for London Police
07:49:59p Henan Peasants In and Out of Court for Distributing Leaflets
07:50:05p Amazed By Shen Yun and Colors were 'awesome'
07:50:10p University President ‘I found the dance to be really compelling’
07:50:16p Avella and Thompson Face Off in First NYC Mayoral Debate
07:50:21p Mayor Helps Older New Yorkers Live Happier
07:50:27p B.C. Town Rallies to Stop Toxic Waste Plant
07:50:32p Virginian Delegate Regards Herself as 'very, very fortunate' to Have Seen Shen Yun
07:50:38p Father Takes Great Joy in Daughters Enjoying Shen Yun
07:50:43p Future of Kingsbridge Armory Debated in the Bronx
07:50:49p Another Look at Health Care
07:50:54p ‘Have never seen anything like that in my life!’
07:51:00p World-Class Show Returns to Enchant Washington VIPs
07:51:05p Firefighter ‘Food Face-Off’
07:51:11p Former U.S. Ambassador Sheds Cares of the World
07:51:17p Human Rights Foundation Chairwoman 'It was better than ever'
07:51:22p A Singer of 50 Years Admires the 'beautiful voice'
07:51:28p Chinese, Korean Communities in NY Call for Boycott of Comptroller Candidate
07:51:33p Shen Yun’s Triumphant Return to Washington
07:51:38p ‘Impressed with everything’ in Shen Yun
07:51:44p Greek Government Struggles With Wildfires
07:51:50p A Distinguished American Wants to Learn More About Chinese Culture
07:51:55p 'This has been a marvelous adventure tonight'
07:52:01p Maryland Congressman Issues Citation for Shen Yun Performing Arts
07:52:06p Business-Friendly Israel Battling Image Problem
07:52:12p Government Researcher ‘A Real Eye-Opener’
07:52:17p Singer 'The technical aspects of it were incredible'
07:52:23p Shen Yun 'Enlightening, very spiritual'
07:52:28p Last Column of WTC Wreckage Moved to Resting Place
07:52:34p Bernanke The Only Viable Choice for Fed
07:52:39p Divers Identify Sunken U.S. WWII Plane
07:52:45p Juvenile Detention Centers Under Fire For Abuse
07:52:50p Patent Examiner Was Emotionally Moved
07:52:56p NY Politicians Call for Airline Passenger Bill of Rights
07:53:01p Not Wearing Your Mask Properly Could Make You Sick
07:53:07p Why the Journalist Did Not Appeal
07:53:14p Radio Host 'It made me cry many times'
07:53:19p Mac OS X Snow Leopard Releases August 28
07:53:24p Artist and Writer Never Disappointed
07:53:30p Manufacturers on the Upbeat
07:53:35p Jackson’s Death Said to be a Homicide
07:53:41p ‘Lion of Senate’ Edward Kennedy, 77, Passes Away
07:53:46p Filmmaker Ken Burns Announces National Park Week
07:53:52p Retired Foreign Service Officer Moved by Compassion and Hope
07:53:57p Czech Expels Two Russian Diplomats, Russia Expels Two in Return
07:54:03p People’s Daily Journalist Publicly Quits Communist Party
07:54:08p Gangsters in Central China do Business on the Side, Police Say
07:54:14p Keeping Your Database Organized with Bento 2
07:54:19p The Grapevine Milla Jovovich, Lindsay Lohan, Miss Universe
07:54:25p 'It was overwhelming' Says Agency President
07:54:30p NYC Comptroller Candidates Participate in First Official Debate
07:54:36p Romania Has Highest Inflation in EU
07:54:41p Swedish Minister to Re-consider Foreign Aid
07:54:47p Korean War Veteran Says Shen Yun 'artists were fabulous'
07:54:52p Microsoft to Give Out Windows 7 at Launch Events
07:54:58p Living Fossil Discovered in China
07:55:03p Governor Schwarzenegger Asks White House for Aid Amid Drought Concerns
07:55:09p Anti-Smacking Referendum Jubilation
07:55:14p Ballet Dancer Admires Precision of Shen Yun Dancers
07:55:20p A Treatment Method That Is Music to the Ears
07:55:25p Thailand Expects 13 Million Tourists Amidst Recession
07:55:33p They Touched My Heart
07:55:44p Styrofoam Ban Proposed for New York Schools
07:55:49p New York Unemployment Benefits 25th in U.S.
07:55:55p Book Blog Review 'Them' by Nathan McCall
07:56:00p UN Official Taken into Custody in China, say Reports
07:56:06p Steady Job Loss Places California at 11.9 Percent Unemployment
07:56:11p Reader’s Digest Publisher Files for Bankruptcy
07:56:17p IRS Settlement Puts UBS Back on Its Feet
07:56:22p Former Dancer Admires Skills and Dedication of Shen Yun Performers
07:56:28p Artistic Director ‘It is a beautiful representation of the culture, the depth of artistry’
07:56:33p Villager Wins Europe’s Lottery Jackpot
07:56:39p Hunan Man Seeks Marriage, Scatters One Thousand Roses
07:56:44p The Rhetoric of China's Booming Capitalism
07:56:49p Creating Art in the Great Outdoors
07:56:55p Czech Police Arrest Twelve Ultra-Right Extremists
07:57:00p Alabama Celebrates Shen Yun Performing Arts Days
07:57:06p Former South Korean President Dies
07:57:25p Shen Yun Dancers 'put their soul into it'
07:57:30p Xinhua Attacks Falun Gong, Critics Call it Propaganda
07:57:36p Bian Que
07:57:41p Sweden's Highest Mountain Is Shrinking
07:57:46p Album Review Wild Beasts—'Two Dancers'
07:57:52p The Legacy of Les Paul
07:57:57p Pack a Summer Picnic Dinner
07:58:03p Former Mayor Sees Freedom in Shen Yun
07:58:08p Three Decades Keeping a Historic Site, But Access is Still Choked
07:58:13p Queen’s Zoo Switches to Staff Tricycles
07:58:19p An ‘honor’ to Be Part of Shen Yun, Says State Rep.
07:58:24p Mayor ‘What a great performance!’
07:58:30p Saudi Arabian Artist Highlights Women's Rights
07:58:35p Movie Review ‘Julie & Julia’
07:58:41p Bangkok Buys Street Elephant
07:58:46p Alabama State Reps Praise Shen Yun
07:58:51p Chinese Writer Publicly Announces Withdrawal from CCP Affiliated Organizations
07:58:57p Attorney 'Simply magnificent'
07:59:02p The Grapevine—Tom DeLay, Celine Dion, Robert Redford, Britney Spears
07:59:08p Weprin Goes After Waterfront Commission Despite Reform
07:59:13p Birmingham Newspaper Owner Says Shen Yun Is ‘unique’
07:59:18p A King’s Murder
07:59:24p Global Q&A Does today's younger generation have it easier or harder than previous generations
07:59:29p Album Review Twisted Tongue—'Twisted Tongue'
07:59:35p Mayor ‘It was exhilarating’