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12:01:06a National champion Cooper solos to victory in China

12:01:58a Harassment scandal in UK politics spreads to Wales, Scotland
12:03:54a New café offers ‘love padlocks’ to lure diners
12:04:00a Kellyanne Conway and CNN's Brian Stelter spar on air
12:05:01a Solomons government to face no-confidence motion
12:05:08a Firearms, Ammo Stolen from Police Car in S.F. Tenderloin District
12:05:27a Missed opportunities
12:06:23a Severe weather on its way
12:06:28a The iPhone X-factor Don't buy a phone you don't need
12:07:02a Church where shooting took place was center of community
12:07:07a Bazaar for breast cancer awareness
12:08:19a East Limestone Fire Dept. opens second station
12:09:16a Shock waves from arrests in Saudi
12:09:29a Politicians chide PM for military Cabinet
12:09:38a Labour inspector numbers set to double in 3 years
12:10:23a Dozens of guns still missing after Cedar Springs theft
12:11:45a Cop killer nabbed
12:11:52a Venezuela opposition politician Freddy Guevara seeks refuge
12:11:58a Showers tonight, milder tomorrow
12:12:04a PM says she'll keep tabs on Manus Island
12:12:08a Qatar shares edge lower despite foreign buy support
12:12:45a Texas church shooter identified by police as Devin Patrick Kelley
12:13:01a Paul Ryan Says Repealing The Estate Tax Is 'About Fairness' To Millionaires
12:13:24a Top of the morning to you!
12:13:28a Two crashes in Whangarei this morning
12:14:45a Tuku Morgan's resignation as Maori Party president turned down
12:15:14a Urgent need for sexual health services on Amabe
12:15:21a As it happened Texas church shooting
12:15:39a No outpost? No problem —Imok
12:16:33a Harvick passes Truex for Texas win, both clinch title shots
12:18:20a Menzies water tank
12:18:35a France commits more security forces to New Caledonia
12:18:45a The Latest Texas church attacker identified as Devin Kelley
12:19:17a Storms, hail lash Sydney and NSW South Coast
12:20:15a K Road newspaper to focus on stories from the street
12:20:31a Menzies caravan solar panels
12:20:43a Who's next? High anxiety in Hollywood
12:23:16a Qatar- IS claims major attack in Aden
12:23:31a Rand Paul Has 5 Broken Ribs After He Was Assaulted at His Home
12:23:53a Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker launches bid for third term
12:25:13a DAILY CALLER fires opinion editor over Milo column...
12:25:56a Pastor confirms his ‘beautiful, special’ 14-year-old daughter was killed in Texas church shooting
12:26:14a 26 DEAD; 30 INJURED
12:27:36a The Latest Chiefs' Hill scores unique TD to end half
12:27:42a The Latest Catalan 5 conditionally released in Belgium
12:27:46a Waikato woman banned from owning animals for five years
12:28:28a Shooter opens fire during service...
12:28:35a The Weinstein Effect
12:29:15a Dems renew calls for gun control...
12:30:04a NRA-enabling Republicans get deluged with criticism for ‘thoughts and prayers’ after church massacre
12:31:02a Dozens Reported Killed in Shooting at Church in South Texas
12:31:09a WATCH Live coverage of mass shooting at Texas church resulting in multiple deaths
12:33:46a 2 accused of forcing woman into prostitution
12:34:03a Meb runs final NYC Marathon to cheers, collapsing at finish
12:35:05a Asian film crew captures the region's beauty
12:36:01a Man fined 50 a day for living on his own property
12:37:59a NFL protests continue for ninth week...
12:38:33a Small-town church where shooting was center of community
12:38:48a The Latest Trump getting down to business in Tokyo
12:38:52a Pauline Hanson steers her 'battler bus' onto Queensland campaign trail
12:39:10a WSU agriculture research raises question from faculty
12:39:40a Governor 26 dead in Texas church attack
12:39:50a High stress levels, not enough funding and staff struggles, NZCER report finds
12:40:10a Maaki Emery appears in court for alleged police car theft
12:41:27a Goodell Deliberately Pushing League Leftward?
12:41:47a 'Not from the area'...
12:42:25a The Latest Ages of Texas victims ranged from 5 to 72
12:43:25a Rally in Berkeley Called to Protest Closure of Acute Care Medical Center
12:43:38a Saudi Arabia is purging its princes. Here's why
12:43:46a Dolphins rescued from captivity in Solomons
12:43:54a How the shooting in small-town Texas unfolded
12:44:35a Conte hands Mourinho 3rd straight losing return to Chelsea
12:44:58a 'We don't want the city to sprawl out forever'
12:45:02a Areas to transfer village residents identified
12:45:34a The Latest Governor says 26 dead in Texas church attack
12:46:54a Breaking Many Dead in Texas Church Shooting
12:47:02a 65 Facets of Extraordinary
12:47:09a Pastor's 14-year-old daughter killed...
12:48:24a Texas church shooting leaves more than 25 dead
12:49:15a Nicondra Warm into work week
12:49:55a SPC MD 1762
12:50:05a Woman's eyes swollen shut, involved in rollover crash in Graves Co., KY
12:50:10a Saudi helicopter crash reportedly kills high-ranking prince
12:50:38a 'A new era'...
12:52:28a NVC Welcomes Filip to our Weekly Nintendo Show NVC 380 Teaser
12:53:00a Kevin Hart gets serious, beats Tiki Barber in NYC Marathon
12:53:07a Kuwait- Teachers, academicians confirm the spread of violence in schools
12:53:53a At Least 20 Dead and 30 Injured in Texas Church Shooting
12:54:28a The Latest Shooter dressed in black was pursued by resident
12:54:55a Trump voters speak out a year after the US election
12:55:04a REPORT Armed Citizen 'Engaged' Killer, Ending Rampage...
12:55:19a Where are the most unsafe workplaces for tradies in Australia?
12:56:53a Stopped only to reload...
12:56:58a APNewsBreak Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs
12:57:03a Why biggest metals rally of the year may have further to run
12:57:08a Distracted driving course educates youth about driver safety through simulation
12:57:13a 26 parishioners dead after gunman opens fire in Texan church massacre
12:57:26a IMF hails Kuwait economic policies
12:57:57a Protest at open-pit coal mine near Bonn ahead of UN climate talks
12:58:20a DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 737
12:58:59a Qatar plays vital role in reducing conflicts UN
01:00:33a Mexico City plans quake memorial at collapsed building site
01:00:37a Pitcher Johnny Cueto Decides To Stay With Giants
01:00:42a Vin Scully I will never watch another game...
01:01:22a Estrada okays fourth reclamation project
01:02:21a FBI, ATF on scene...
01:03:14a Kuwait- Blacklisted for not passing medical examination
01:04:25a Uncertainty over who new Solomons PM might be Boyers
01:04:31a 1 dead, 2 injured in South Carolina nightclub shooting
01:04:37a Solomon Islands PM scraping for numbers ahead of no-confidence vote
01:05:08a 26 dead in Texas church shooting
01:07:32a New UK property rental website to shut out letting agency fees
01:07:59a Saudi-led coalition closes Yemen ports; Aden attack kills 17
01:08:09a UAE- 2-day Knowledge Summit to focus on future jobs
01:08:29a Russian stem cell transplants give Kiwi MS sufferers hope
01:10:38a Do TV stations turn up the volume when broadcasting ads?
01:11:22a The Latest Catalan 5 cannot leave Belgium before ruling
01:11:26a Man fined a day for living on his own property
01:11:54a Saudi Arabia is purging its princes. Here's why
01:12:09a Tauranga schoolgirls' do undie run through boys' college
01:12:16a Lexington County school superintendent gets raise, praise
01:12:32a Katara, Petroleum Development Oman join hands to build planetarium
01:14:10a Marmelo firms into Melbourne Cup favouritism
01:16:27a Pastor reveals 14-year-old daughter was among the dead in church shooting
01:18:13a IRD works with international agencies on tax haven leak
01:18:52a Mexico says endangered vaquita porpoise died in captivity
01:19:13a UK Queen's private estate invested in offshore funds leaks
01:19:17a Kuwait- Speaker to brief MPs on important Amiri message
01:19:32a The 'real living wage' is set to go up by 30p today
01:19:35a UPDATE Gabbard Rising...
01:20:00a NZ Hansard editors brainstorm challenges with PNG counterparts
01:21:09a Andy Serkis Could computers could replace actors?
01:21:50a Governor 26 people slain in church shooting, gunman killed after chase
01:21:58a New Zealand looks to woo thousands of British bricklayers in lead up to Brexit
01:22:17a Voluntary living wage rate rise to boost 150,000 UK staff
01:22:37a Sport Young halves given credit for Tongan win
01:23:39a A600m Newmarket mall upgrade closer after Farmers shuts
01:24:31a IRD probes Paradise Papers, calls for Kiwis to front up
01:26:04a Texas church shooting 26 confirmed dead
01:26:13a The New Frontier A World Beneath Us
01:27:08a Worrying health trends persist in Asean region
01:29:29a Kuwait- Egyptian expat mugged in Al-Hassawi
01:30:37a Sport PNG get past Ireland for quarters spot
01:32:05a Three teens injured in crash
01:32:23a Millions of Leaked Files Shine Light on Where Elite Hide Money...
01:33:30a Trusting Texas Town Devastated by Horrific Church Shooting
01:34:50a Protest at open-pit coal mine ahead of UN climate talks
01:35:15a 26 killed in church attack in Texas' deadliest mass shooting
01:35:25a The Latest Trump calls Texas church shooting 'act of evil'
01:35:52a Wellington council still owed from failed fashion week
01:36:42a Andrew Little meets Pike River families
01:37:24a Smiths Station VFW hosts pre-holiday meal for veterans
01:38:20a Hobart restaurant's sole employee underpaid
01:39:26a TWO-YEAR-OLD among victims...
01:39:40a Delayed rainfall leads to smog in Pakistan
01:40:01a Kamal Haasan will soon float political party
01:40:37a Divers find no trace of missing bushwalker Bruce Fairfax at Duckhole Lake
01:41:13a Elk Petroleum Limited AGM Web Broadcast
01:43:08a Police lorry catches 4,000 dangerous drivers
01:43:40a Pastor’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Among the Dead in Texas Church Shooting
01:45:17a Ignition Interlock Devices Market to Register Steady Growth by 2021
01:45:26a Police officers allegedly kidnapped teen to end underage love affair
01:45:31a Liveblog At Least 20 Dead in Texas Church Shooting
01:46:47a Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border state TV
01:48:07a 5 broken ribs...
01:48:21a Perth's 'phoenix' shopping centres poised to become great again
01:48:25a Chiefs-Raiders rivalry featured in hilarious Christmas commercial
01:49:09a Qatar- Peace campaign launched against drug-related killings
01:49:19a More resilient approaches to Pacific farming outlined
01:50:26a Files from four Pacific registries in Paradise Papers
01:50:56a Govt freezes 58,000 bank accounts of 35K shell cos
01:51:20a Indian wins Dh7 million in Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle
01:51:41a UAE- Drowned Emirati boy's body recovered after 14 hours
01:51:51a Supermarket chain Countdown launches new online shopping app
01:52:18a Two Perth suburbs could become vibrant communities again
01:52:41a Tory rape claims 'ignored by Commons'
01:52:46a Hobart restaurant's sole employee underpaid 19k
01:53:59a UAE non-oil sector grows as morale hits five-month high
01:54:15a How one drive set the tone in the Saints' win over Tampa Bay
01:54:26a Govt funding inadequate, principals say
01:54:30a Queen Elizabeth has investments in offshore havens Reports
01:55:12a AICTE shuts 1,400 'bad standard' tech courses
01:55:44a Kuwaiti woman 'escapes' rape attempt by husband, his friend
01:56:24a Saudi-led coalition calls Yemen missile 'dangerous escalation' backed by Iran
01:56:51a McDonald's mocked for PR disaster by changing its Chinese name
01:57:32a Kuwait- Court acquits 3 in theft case
01:59:03a Samoa quake triggers memories of 2009 tsunami
01:59:24a Thousands march in London to condemn Balfour celebrations
01:59:34a Qatar- Venezuela politician seeks refuge in Chilean embassy
01:59:55a Kuwait- Abide by pledge to reinstate revoked citizenship group
02:00:08a More than 20 killed after man opens fire in Texas church
02:00:46a Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of world elite's hidden wealth
02:01:25a Funeral for NSU player shot and killed
02:01:31a SC gov hopeful Templeton to introduce Bannon at The Citadel
02:01:38a JPSO Suspect shot, injured after pointing gun at deputies
02:02:03a Remains of Kanak WWI soldier to be returned to New Caledonia
02:02:53a Howard Dean 'Jared Kushner Will Be Indicted For Money Laundering'
02:04:02a Ardern 'likely to come under more pressure'
02:04:23a Two-vehicle accident near Lakebottom Park; coroner's office on scene
02:06:22a Qatar- PM Congress usurped subsidy of Rs570bn
02:07:10a Saudi-led coalition calls Yemen missile 'dangerous escalation' backed by Iran
02:07:41a Major New Caldonia fire extinguished
02:07:53a QuickViewer 1.0.5
02:08:20a Local churches react to Texas church shooting
02:09:59a Tell it to SunStar Protesting Trump’s visit
02:12:33a Former Mt Eden guard guilty of corruption
02:12:50a Michael John Kight jailed for child sexual fantasies after police undercover sting
02:13:30a 'Thor,' swinging his mighty hammer, smashes Hollywood's slump
02:14:41a Armed police called to Taupo school after student brandishes a gun
02:15:12a Maplesville man dies in Sunday morning crash
02:15:21a Seares ‘Good-news-only’ Mondays
02:15:28a Man identified in Texas church shooting
02:16:05a Saudi Prince and 7 others DEAD after helicopter crash
02:16:10a 'Dangerous' inmate escapes from Marshall County
02:16:57a Fiji to highlight Pacific climate plight at German summit
02:17:45a 12 nabbed for catching banned small fish in UAE
02:17:49a Clinton's campaign 'stupid and anaemic'
02:18:11a Russia free trade agreement not the priority PM
02:18:47a Kuwait- Deportation for two Egyptian teachers in sexual harassment
02:19:07a UAE- Emirati crashes into police car, tries to hit officer with hammer
02:19:30a Manus Island refugees doubt US resettlement
02:20:20a Auckland hit by largest mumps outbreak in 23 years
02:21:07a Forces foil BAT attack, kill 2 at LoC
02:21:11a Dead after chase with police...
02:21:49a Saudi Purges Aren’t About Corruption, They’re About Economic Compliance
02:22:55a Dubai Zoo goes silent after 50 years of roaring success
02:23:18a Football-sized rock smashes through windscreen injuring driver
02:23:44a The Latest Trump pledges full support for shooting probe
02:24:58a Multi-vehicle crash in Cape Girardeau
02:25:19a Air Arabia profit beats views
02:25:26a 'Speed up mental health support for children in care'
02:26:07a Governor says 26 dead in Texas church attack
02:27:07a Altice USA, Sprint agree to wireless partnership
02:27:34a Captain Scott's South Pole 'selfie' on sale at auction
02:27:56a The tax trick big miners use to avoid paying millions
02:28:35a SPC MD 1763
02:29:51a In Japan, Trump pushes new trade deal, mourns Texas shooting
02:29:56a Trump says he's monitoring Texas church shooting from Japan
02:29:59a Herald daily quiz November 6
02:30:16a Some 25 dead after gunman opens fire on Texas church service
02:31:54a Democrats hopeful in upcoming Alabama U.S. Senate election
02:31:59a Editorial Letting priests marry
02:33:42a The Latest Pentagon Shooting suspect served in Air Force
02:34:04a Kevin Harvick passes Martin Truex for Texas win and both clinch title shots
02:35:20a Nalzaro Why not honor Rama’s SRP deals?
02:36:12a Rahul Gandhi tells PM to work or quit, faces backlash
02:36:59a Fire at Parnell apartment complex
02:37:21a Paradise Papers...
02:39:31a China Plans to Also Launch Reusable Spaceplanes by 2020
02:40:29a President of Spearfish Hospital dies
02:41:11a The Latest Trump complains about trade imbalance with Japan
02:41:23a Roadworks on A82 to cause 55-mile diversion
02:42:29a Westpac's profits up 10% despite flat earnings
02:43:07a Trial of senior police accused of kidnapping begins
02:43:47a Elliott, Cowboys top improbable Hill TD to beat Chiefs 28-17
02:44:00a Newspaper headlines Paradise papers and 'massacre at church'
02:44:17a Name liquor brands after women to push sales Maha minister
02:45:15a Hearthstone Designers Answer Our Biggest Questions
02:45:24a TV reporter becomes the story when she's robbed at Costco while shopping
02:46:06a Stories of Courage and Fearlessness Banda Magda, 'Le Tigre Malin'
02:47:02a Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner declares harvest emergency
02:47:16a Police investigate 17 child sexting cases a day
02:47:29a The Latest Shocked community holds prayer vigil near church
02:48:15a 26 killed in church attack in Texas' worst mass shooting
02:49:07a Back-to-back afternoon games proved to be too much for Clippers
02:50:02a David Bain names new daughter after murdered sister
02:51:15a Trustpower half year profit surges
02:51:37a Rams finally get all their weapons involved in 51-17 win over Giants
02:54:31a Coroner identifies 87-year-old bicyclist fatally hit by truck in Santa Ana
02:55:04a 100 years after the Russian Revolution, what do millennials see in socialism?
02:56:16a Police investigate 3 south Columbus weekend shootings
02:56:44a McGrath's stock plunges 25pc on profit warning
02:58:35a Rs 4K-cr fraud found since note ban PM
03:00:37a Rock On! Dharavi teens to perform at London fest
03:01:01a McGrath's stock plunges 25pc on profit warning
03:01:28a Bashford Antiques owner charges Uber Eats driver for five minutes of parking
03:02:21a 5 Nintendo Switch Games You Might've Missed
03:02:59a WA South West farmers say no to gas exploration
03:03:40a Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead
03:04:10a At least 2 more shootings reported in Shreveport
03:04:15a The Latest Neighbors of suspect report recent gunfire
03:04:26a Cousins comes through late as Washington stuns Seattle 17-14
03:06:26a Everton snatch victory after incredible comeback
03:08:41a The Latest Trump meets with Japanese Emperor Akihito
03:09:00a Injured Cahill not confident he will line up against Honduras
03:09:06a Dodgers decline option on Andre Ethier, making him a free agent
03:09:10a 'Panama Papers' Group Strikes Again with 'Paradise Papers'
03:11:04a UAE stands firmly and resolutely with Saudi Arabia Mohamed bin Zayed
03:11:48a About 18 players protest during national anthem
03:11:53a Scholarship for children of police staff is best gift Vasundhara Raje
03:12:03a Man is accused of pointing a shotgun at Albuquerque police
03:12:07a CRA vows action on Canadian tax evaders exposed in Paradise Papers
03:12:27a Harris County officer shot; suspect gunman in custody
03:13:02a The Latest Official Suspect once stationed in New Mexico
03:13:06a Sacked Catalan leader Puigdemont, four others surrender to Belgian police
03:13:17a 'Tonight Show' tapings canceled after Fallon's mother dies
03:14:53a 2 sought after armed robbery in Grand Rapids
03:17:07a Thousands of Romanians gather in capital for anti-corruption protest
03:18:41a Saudi coalition warns Iran over missile launch
03:18:45a GJM chief welcomes NIA probe into Darjeeling violence
03:19:39a Westpac Bank annual net profit jumps seven percent
03:19:46a Senator Rand Paul's injuries more severe than initially thought
03:23:19a DTI urges NegOcc enterprises to ‘invest in technology’
03:23:28a What we know about the TX church shooter
03:23:45a MahaRERA dismisses complaint for being made at 2 forums
03:24:23a After Kejriwal's car, campaign material stolen; four arrested
03:26:27a Canadian's Passchendaele Victoria Cross to go on sale a century after it was won
03:27:26a Texas shooter had assault rifle, wore ballistic vest official
03:27:55a Patrick Cantlay wins playoff in Las Vegas
03:28:16a Sanchez Nothing personal
03:28:28a The Latest Teen Church layout would make escape difficult
03:28:49a The new kind of retail store in Australian suburbs that's turning over millions
03:29:29a Fire burns down two Ayutthaya houses owned by retired police lieutenant colonel
03:30:30a 4,500 new homes could be coming to Palm Beach County's newest city
03:31:35a RS bypoll Alphons Kannanthanam to file nomination today
03:32:07a 26 killed in church shooting Texas governor
03:35:17a Snow falls at Perisher as storms lash Sydney and NSW South Coast
03:36:02a The Latest 3 Dolphins players kneel during national anthem
03:36:38a Atlantic Coast Conference satisfied with Clemson's laptop explanation
03:36:51a High school baseball teammates save couple from burning car
03:38:36a Car hits, kills man on Highway 99 near King City
03:38:42a NBN Co puts spotlight on businesses after flood of complaints
03:38:48a Make In India' a bane for Mumbai Metro?
03:39:47a The new kind of retail store in Australian suburbs that's turning over millions
03:40:36a Tanzanian cafe where all the staff are deaf
03:40:40a Need Bharat bond for better India Mohan Bhagwat ‘Swar’ at RSS event
03:41:32a Harden's career-high 56 lead Rockets past Jazz, 137-110
03:42:28a State refuses CIC application details
03:43:04a ISIS suspect arrested from Mumbai airport by UP ATS
03:43:36a USC finds its bearings against Arizona and closes in on Pac-12 South title
03:43:41a Pakistani as a country not well understood, says author
03:46:20a Clippers erase 25-point deficit before losing in final seconds to the Heat
03:47:18a Turkey condemns Texas church shooting
03:47:31a Bacchus Marsh Hospital administrator extended until 2020
03:47:43a Pests pose bigger risk to wildlife than climate change
03:48:28a Jim Henderson, Sean Fazende talk Saints victory over Buccaneers
03:48:56a The Paradise Papers What you need to know
03:49:54a New industrial area in pipeline after 15 years Ashok Jain
03:50:29a BMC plans to lure commercial encroachers with compensation
03:50:39a Backyard spider photos lead to scientific discovery
03:50:44a Trump calls church shooting 'act of evil'
03:51:00a Bucs' Winston leaves with shoulder soreness
03:51:04a Humans Are Still Better Than AI at StarCraft
03:52:37a These are the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history
03:53:10a Amazon Pursue a 'Lord of The Rings' TV Series
03:53:34a Putting Rajasthan in ‘doc’
03:58:19a Ban on horses takes the shine off Pushkar mela
03:58:35a Female cop killer nabbed
03:58:50a Allan Lance head and shoulders
03:59:39a Trump condemns 'horrific shooting', says 'our hearts are broken'
04:00:08a Prez clears nine bills, including Guj CRPC
04:02:13a Child abduction alert after Manchester firework display
04:02:23a 26 dead after gunman opens fire on TX church
04:02:35a At least 17 dead after militants set off car bomb, storm compound in Yemen
04:02:46a Penang reports rising number of flood victims
04:04:01a Mountain showers Monday morning the first of many rain chances this week
04:04:06a San Francisco School District, Teachers Agree On New Contract
04:04:21a Trump lashes out at 'winning' Japan on trade
04:05:03a The Latest Dolphins kicker recovers his own onside kick
04:05:29a Trump secures 70 foreign workers for Mar-a-Lago
04:06:21a Purewealth fetes best performing entreps
04:07:09a 37-year-old dies in rollover crash after hitting deer on I-470
04:07:15a UN 'will walk with Haiti' on path towards sustainable development, senior official pledges
04:07:44a Test for two The Gujarat power play
04:08:03a UAE- Fitness expert brings his A-game to 30-day challenge
04:08:45a Echaves A leadership model
04:10:39a Victorian hunters kill scores of protected ducks
04:10:53a ‘Dangerous’ inmate, murder suspect still on the run
04:11:30a Trustpower profit up 80%, hopes price inquiry will be broad
04:12:17a Edu Dept bombards schools with work
04:12:52a First Alert Severe weather moves through the Heartland
04:14:25a Fight against black money is a continuous process PP Chaudhary
04:15:48a Smashing pumpkins at the Louisville Zoo
04:16:05a Niners Drop To 0-9 In Fight-Marred Loss
04:16:12a Allan Lance spider 1
04:17:02a EGR residents ‘appalled’ by alt-right flyers
04:17:37a Asia shares near decade highs, currencies tread water
04:17:42a Louisville to get visit from Vatican in December
04:18:48a Six family members narrowly escape house fire in Hat Yai
04:19:27a Peterson carries Cardinals to 20-10 victory over 49ers
04:20:36a Child's body found in Miami-Dade dumpster
04:20:44a Kathy Thomson is opposed to the gas plans
04:20:52a Cleaner held for molesting woman in express train
04:21:25a The Latest Official Kelley was court-martialed, discharged
04:22:35a Rand Paul suffered five broken ribs in alleged assault
04:24:04a More than 200 teams take part in robotics competition
04:24:19a NT Chief Minister urges Commonwealth to allow voluntary euthanasia laws
04:25:50a 3 dead, 1 injured in separate road accidents
04:26:11a Saudi-Led Coalition Has Closed All Yemen's Land, Sea and Air Ports
04:26:20a Santa Rosa Wildfire Evacuees Still Can't Return Home
04:27:53a What you need to know about the Paradise Papers
04:28:04a Mueller orders Manafort to hand over more financial info before he’ll grant bail
04:28:36a Trustpower boosts first-half profit 80 per cent
04:30:04a Cleaning up India’s Corporate Affairs
04:31:04a Driving licence tests to be held at bus depots
04:31:28a Trump calls church shooting 'act of evil'
04:31:38a Spark faces a number of 'big decisions' in rapidly changing environment
04:35:01a I-265 reopened after roadway was shutdown by police investigation
04:35:37a Govt does not keep a tab on cab bills'
04:38:22a In a first, Apple comes to Hyderabad's IIIT for campus placement
04:38:28a Woman Carjacked At Rockridge BART Station
04:38:51a The Walking Dead 'Monsters' Review
04:39:09a Tigkalalag Festival A celebration of life, thanksgiving
04:41:08a First Alert Severe weather threat ends for the Heartland
04:41:19a Neon Tribute Marks 40th Anniversary Of Milk's Historic Election
04:41:40a Via Rail’s efforts to limit wheelchair access rejected by regulator
04:41:51a Osama Bin Laden’s Brother Arrested In Saudi Crackdown
04:41:56a Man crushed to death by company bus while crossing road
04:42:05a Members of the Clermont gold escort 1867
04:42:36a Lampang motorists warned to slow down in thick fog
04:42:43a 1 dead, 2 injured after being hit by vehicle near Lakebottom Park
04:42:58a Texas Democrat blasts the NRA and Republicans The Second Amendment is not ‘absolute’
04:44:38a Spider 1
04:44:47a Typhoon death toll in Vietnam climbs amid widespread floods
04:46:04a Starc warms up for Ashes with devastating hat-trick
04:46:21a Teens beat rivals inside Samut Sakhon hospital emergency room
04:46:54a The Latest Trump orders US flags flown at half-staff
04:47:29a Agent says its Air New Zealand fares to London are the best ever
04:47:38a MPs to be forced to declare citizenship status
04:49:04a Allan Lance Maratus nimbus
04:50:16a Ceres bus robbed in Manapla town
04:50:45a Global nutrition crisis millions either obese or malnourished
04:51:15a The Latest DNC chief feuds with predecessor as party chief
04:51:20a Trump delivers Tokyo speech commemorating victims of Texas mass shooting
04:51:32a Oman to be promoted as 'ideal tourism destination'
04:51:41a The Walking Dead's Biggest Problem Is Assuming We Care
04:53:20a Viv Beck Waterfront plan stop-gap thinking to placate public
04:53:35a Negrense soldiers proud to be called ‘Marawi liberators’
04:54:17a Mobile home destroyed by fire in Greenville Co.
04:57:29a WA Premier Mark McGowan greets protestors
04:57:36a 'Insufficient evidence' to prosecute Falls Festival organisers over stampede
04:57:43a Commodity prices fall in October
04:58:16a Man linked to Texas shooting faced military court martial
04:59:14a Turnbull announces new measure in bid to end citizenship saga
05:01:02a Call to establish waste research hub in Tasmania
05:01:19a Qatar's 'first' Bridgestone Fleet Point centre launched
05:01:39a Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar installs dean Michael Trick
05:06:33a Councilor seeks to convene board for closure of Bacolod cemetery
05:06:52a One killed in Shawnee shooting
05:06:57a Police respond to shooting in Park Hill
05:08:04a Passenger train stranded for hours after swing bridge breaks
05:09:12a Apple has a warning for iPhone X customers
05:10:10a PM meets Turkey's transport minister
05:10:34a Senate investigator Trump says he’s not guilty of collusion but he’s obviously hiding something
05:10:42a Heat blow 25-point lead but then hold off Clippers 104-101
05:11:49a Police summon stepfather over 15-year old girl’s rape allegations
05:16:46a Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar On Church Shooting
05:16:55a Police recover weapon possibly used in Cherokee Triangle shooting
05:16:59a 29 dead, 29 missing as typhoon Damrey hits central Vietnam
05:17:28a First Alert Severe weather threat lowers across Heartland
05:18:15a New Zealand inflation expectations ease over two-year horizon
05:18:34a Aiken resident continues search for living donor for kidney
05:20:07a Brees impressed with versatility of rookie Kamara
05:20:22a UPDATE Stolen East Limestone Band equipment found
05:21:33a WEDNESDAY AT 11 1 house, 2 homicides - More questions after undercover look
05:21:37a Emir condoles with president of Bangladesh
05:23:44a Adelaide police get new powers to deal with 'drunken idiots and criminals'
05:25:14a Thousands fill Melbourne streets for Cup parade
05:25:23a Weekend carnival at BMW used car store
05:25:27a Anthony Weiner set for prison stint for sexting conviction
05:26:53a In Japan, Donald Trump talks trade and North Korea
05:27:36a Hours before death in Niger, US soldiers were targeting militants in Mali
05:28:29a 2 vehicle crash near Scott County injures one on I-55
05:28:42a Fire hits 15 houses in Mansilingan
05:29:29a Myrtle Beach woman comes home to find her goats on the roof
05:30:14a Rogue rock smashes Hamilton driver in the face
05:30:28a ZTE organising summit to promote 5G as part of Thailand 4.0
05:31:37a Teacher taped special needs student's mouth shut, physically abused her
05:32:35a Mortgage fraudster loses Supreme Court bid
05:33:59a Adelaide police get new powers to deal with 'drunken idiots and criminals'
05:34:26a Fonterra to buy into US-based whey protein maker
05:35:00a Are consumers always kings?
05:36:00a Woman claims landlord rented her filthy property
05:36:57a Heartland road projects for 11/6
05:38:15a Qatar-Turkey transport ties reviewed
05:39:40a Killer's chilling Facebook post
05:39:44a LMPD searching for driver in deadly hit-and-run
05:40:47a Lawyer loses P2M worth of jewelries
05:42:32a Large police presence northeast of Muskegon
05:42:39a Officials Possible tornado injures 8 in small Ohio city
05:42:59a National education panel's activities highlighted
05:43:31a Texas church shooter who killed 26 people identified as Devin Patrick Kelley
05:44:12a Hero citizen shot at Texas church gunman and saved lives, authorities say
05:45:00a Qatar 'remains popular destination'
05:46:35a 1 dead, 1 injured after being hit by SUV near Lakebottom Park
05:47:16a Virat hits 'Dhoni rift' rumours for a six
05:47:49a ANZ boss paid million in 2017
05:48:14a Deer stand safety on the top of every hunters mind
05:48:32a CanStruction Competition to benefit local charities in obion county
05:49:16a Speakers Bureau
05:51:06a Death toll from Vietnam storm nears 50
05:53:29a HDFC Bank will soon be among world's top 10 lenders
05:53:41a No dogs allowed in public parks, BMA insists
05:54:10a Gunman storms small-town Texas church, killing at least 26
05:54:14a The Latest Abe offers condolences after Texas shooting
05:54:20a Rs 1.35 trillion bank bailout 6 Qs for Jaitley
05:54:36a Victorian Roller Derby League All Stars win WFTDA world championships
05:55:12a Vietnamese woman delivers baby girl at Phitsanulok roadside
05:58:34a Defence minister meets Turkish counterpart
06:01:21a WATCH Israeli PM Netanyahu Personally Thanking UK Security & Police
06:02:08a Toxic tap water ‘They chose to play with my life’
06:02:23a Texas church massacre The victims
06:03:40a Brittney Dwyer 'obsessed' with knives before murdering grandfather
06:03:56a The Latest Sheriff 'No way' for people to escape shooting
06:05:15a Vigil held for 26 who died in Texas church shooting
06:06:40a China adds 2 satellites to homemade global navigation system
06:07:42a 'He just shot up the church' Driver chases down Texas shooter
06:08:36a Ship's visit 'expected to boost' Qatar-India maritime relations
06:09:27a Report Commerce Secretary Wilbur R
06:10:06a High anxiety in Hollywood; Socials scrubbed, publicists consulted...
06:12:08a Trump opens door to N. Korea talks as Asia trip begins in earnest
06:12:29a Young couple loving isolated island life
06:13:32a NBK Automobiles sponsors Women of the Year Awards
06:14:04a YORK Spinning In Circles On Dossier...
06:14:40a Man crawls through baggage carousel, sneaks onto tarmac at Miami airport...
06:15:40a 'Qatar Welcomes the World' campaign to take off at Travel Market in London
06:15:47a John Oliver ponders Is Trump even smart enough to be evil?
06:17:01a 26 killed in church attack in Texas
06:17:55a Logistics ventures are the hot new thing
06:20:50a Hero describes how he tracked down murderer...
06:21:54a Surveillance planes 'regularly' circling above San Antonio...
06:22:01a Neighbors react to fatal shooting at late night birthday party in Kenner
06:22:11a Mom uses kids to break into buildings for YOUTUBE vids...
06:22:52a US senator suffered broken ribs and bruising in assault
06:24:42a Catalan saga takes new twist as Puigdemont turns himself in
06:25:56a Maine wants citizens to join the stink bug patrol
06:26:10a Menendez jurors near deliberations in bribery trial
06:27:13a Southbound lanes close on Turnpike near Winter Garden after crash leaves two dead
06:27:54a At least 9 people in Trump's orbit had contact with Russians during campaign, transition
06:28:50a Bats in NSW and Sydney infected with rabies-like virus, health department warns
06:31:08a Couple loving life as caretakers for Australia's southernmost lighthouse
06:31:14a Wes Possible shower or storm in the morning, temperature changes by mid-week
06:33:07a Qatar Airways to Take Stake in Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific
06:33:29a Homeless explosion on West Coast pushing cities to the brink
06:34:39a Inside the nuclear bunker of Tito of Yugoslavia
06:36:27a Trump calls church shooting 'act of evil'
06:37:25a Ogilvy BKK bags 10 statues at London International Awards 2017
06:37:56a Drug Advertisers Suspend Deals With Outcome Health
06:39:55a Gun laws in Texas are among the most lax in America
06:40:04a Jolene Bounday was injured in a fatal car crash
06:42:20a Sugar and cancer Is there a link?
06:43:05a The Latest US First Lady visits Tokyo school
06:43:57a Don't buy PE-backed stocks blindly
06:48:24a Birmingham pastors call for prayer in wake of citywide violence
06:48:31a The Latest Pregnant woman, in-laws among those killed
06:49:59a Town of Pike Road celebrates Veterans Day early Sunday
06:50:43a Harvard honoring Elton John for efforts to fight HIV, AIDS
06:51:22a Surveillance photos Tobacco shop theft suspects
06:51:28a Miners Aim 'Very Sci-Fi'Drones at Dark, Dangerous Places
06:51:36a In Japan, Trump pushes on North Korea, trade
06:55:08a American woman wins New York Marathon, first in 40 years
06:55:14a Murder trial in Ohio firefighter's arson death to begin
06:56:02a roundhill creek photo
06:56:28a JERRY BROWN World needs 'brain washing'...
06:56:44a The Latest Saudi coalition warns Iran over missile launch
06:56:48a Chasing storms to find peace
06:56:51a Are you up for the Cup? Test your sport knowledge in our quiz
06:56:55a Brother’s Keeper
06:57:22a Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border
06:57:35a New Argentina probe says prosecutor Nisman was murdered
06:58:18a Typhoon Damrey death toll rises days before APEC summit
06:59:02a 26 dead in Texas shooting, details emerge about gunman's past
07:00:47a The Latest Abe announces plans to sanction North Korea
07:01:06a UK Daily Deals Call of Duty WWII o
07:02:07a Trump lashes out at 'unfair' Japan trade ties
07:03:32a Gunman kills 26 in Texas church; found dead in his car
07:04:27a Israel holds bodies of five dead militants after tunnel blast
07:05:24a US soccer Will Americans ever care about football?
07:07:29a 'You want it to sound sexy, na?'
07:09:43a People Telling Me to 'Shut Up' Can 'Go to Hell'...
07:10:13a Westminster sex scandal Theresa May to call for 'culture of respect'
07:11:19a 100 Women Seven trailblazing women in science
07:12:54a Women scared as drone stalks outside homes at night...
07:13:17a Home-grown charity expands to feed more homeless people
07:14:01a What NYC's new salary-history law means for employers, applicants
07:14:09a Neighbor got rifle, shot at gunman...
07:14:39a May We won't shield UK economy from market forces
07:16:47a Student's 'sexual predator' list names professors
07:18:29a Corruption probe ensnares more than 60 Admirals...
07:19:12a Here's what we've learned from the Pembroke by-election
07:19:48a Could giving property rights to the world's poor unlock trillions?
07:21:44a Duterte, Trump to meet in person for first time in Vietnam
07:22:25a NHC sees 80 percent chance of cyclone off Bermuda
07:23:41a Police games opportunity for athletes to converge amicably USIP chief
07:25:04a Netflix, Producer MRC Cut Ties With Kevin Spacey
07:25:33a 'Thor Ragnarok' Hammers Box Office Competition
07:26:05a Storm chaser travels Australia's outback to frame the perfect photograph
07:26:23a Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow to run as independent in state election
07:26:27a Stars skipping red carpets to avoid talking scandals...
07:26:52a Tombstone suspect believed to be in Tucson
07:27:19a Round Hill crews worry as water clearance diminishes search and rescue
07:27:52a High-ranking Prince killed in helicopter crash...
07:28:46a Mom raises money to protect students from food 'worse than prisons'
07:29:11a Qatar Airways buys near 10% Cathay Pacific stake
07:29:19a Decoding Trump's China Trade Strategy
07:29:53a The Latest Trump calls Texas church shooter 'deranged.'
07:30:43a Catalonia ex-officials freed by Belgian judge
07:31:27a Can Dineshwar Sharma end the violence in Kashmir?
07:32:43a Engineers ‘negligence’ blamed for boy’s electrocution
07:33:05a These Hot Restaurants Aren't on Maps, Only in Apps
07:33:14a 3rd ranked Arizona Basketball cruises in exhibition finale
07:34:22a 2 nabbed for mauling, stabbing man to death
07:34:45a From berated blogger to beauty millionaire
07:34:56a ‘Poetry touched the still alive part of me’
07:35:34a Armenian Genocide memorial desecrated in France's Vienne
07:35:51a Paradise Papers Over 700 Indians named in leaked tax haven list
07:36:10a Trump Japan could shoot down North Korean missiles
07:37:19a Saudi-led Coalition Closes Yemen’s Ports After Missile Targets Riyadh
07:37:29a 8-year Peak in Residential and Consumer Loans in Bulgaria
07:39:16a Put down the bug spray and embrace the creepy crawlies
07:41:47a Queensland election set to scupper billions in GST relief for WA
07:42:18a Australia dual citizenship row New rules to make MPs disclose status
07:43:39a Inside Bono's secret stake in a small-town Lithuanian shopping centre
07:43:43a Manchester attack 'Treatment delayed' for bomb victims
07:44:06a Ball earns respect, win vs. another top point guard
07:44:16a The outback towns aiming to make power blackouts a thing of the past
07:44:32a What is China's 'magic island-making' ship?
07:44:37a One Nation leader Pauline Hanson heads out on Queensland election campaign tour
07:44:59a United Considers Buying New Boeing 767 Passenger Jets
07:45:06a Trump Administration May Ramp Up Security Training for Houses of Worship After Texas Shooting
07:45:12a Monday's TV highlights Ride With Norman Reedus on AMC
07:46:04a News Daily Church shooting and tax haven files
07:47:37a Crazy craze
07:48:30a MORE banking reforms coming soon!
07:48:34a Fresh headache as Premier's pick for Rockhampton runs against Labor
07:48:49a Qatar Airways pays 662M for 10 percent of Cathay Pacific
07:50:25a CEO Secrets 'Be ready for your business to grow'
07:50:33a Inside Bono's secret stake in a small-town Lithuanian shopping centre
07:51:11a Slime fad a 'recipe for disaster' after child drinks poisonous ingredient borax
07:51:15a Crash victim's family seeks justice in alleged DWI case
07:51:22a Lakers fend off furious Grizzlies rally
07:52:48a Turkmenistan approves draft laws to protect inventions, industrial designs
07:53:33a Reality Check Does the UK trade with 'the rest of world' on WTO rules?
07:54:44a BBC Queen Elizabeth II has Invested Millions in Offshore Accounts
07:55:46a Dela Rosa Amin Baco is new ISIS emir in SouthEast Asia
07:56:08a Fresh headache as Premier's pick for Rockhampton runs against Labor
07:56:11a ICYMI in NFL Week 9 Goff, Wentz pack quite a 1-2 QB punch
07:57:39a Raiders back on track with 27-24 win at Miami
07:58:05a Armenian refuge home to ultra-rare Caucasian leopard The Smithsonian
07:58:09a Kate Bushell murder Best friend went 'numb'
08:00:46a Washington shows its resolve by toppling Seahawks on road
08:00:51a Writers urge Trump to seek release of Nobel laureate's wife
08:01:59a Crazy about slime
08:03:20a Arriving on donkeys, Syrian war wounded seek Israeli help
08:03:36a These Are the Victims of the Texas Church Shooting
08:03:57a The Latest Trump expects large-scale military sale to Japan
08:06:04a Officials Laptop battery caused house fire
08:06:24a Turkmenistan joins several int'l conventions
08:06:30a Adults can now learn about sex from 'pleasure professionals'!
08:08:49a Kuwait- Salman promise fulfilled
08:10:06a Brazile's Hillary Replacement Scenario Was Impermissible, Unworkable, And Insulting
08:10:30a Tycoon denies masterminding insurance scam over ex-Bunnings warehouse fire
08:11:24a Slain police remembered 150 years after their murder by corrupt government official
08:12:59a Read President Trump’s Statement on the Texas Church Shooting
08:14:40a World Leaders React to the Texas Church Mass Shooting
08:15:07a Jo Seijka, Member for Pembroke
08:15:50a Shooting in a Church in Texas, at Least 27 Victims
08:16:19a Trump Wonders Why 'Samurai' Japan Didn't Shoot Down North Korean Missiles
08:16:48a The Big Read How the Texas church killing unfolded
08:17:37a Azerbaijani currency rates for November 6
08:18:49a Slime fad a 'recipe for disaster' after child drinks borax
08:19:28a Qatar University launches journal titled Emergent Materials
08:20:26a James Harden's career night agains
08:21:14a What does Modi really believe in?
08:21:20a 'For how long can old actors play romantic heroes?'
08:21:37a C&L's Late Nite Music Club With St. Vincent
08:21:42a Buffalo breeders shipped to Malaysia in decade's first live export
08:21:59a Dubai Garden Glow Edutainment is the Mantra
08:22:33a Ben Affleck Wants To Be ‘Part of the Solution’ to Hollywood’s Sexual Harassment Crisis
08:22:57a Firefighters contain Otago blaze
08:23:01a Novartis seeks European approval of cell therapy Kymriah
08:23:24a Lord Ashcroft hides from questions
08:24:04a At Least 26 Dead in South Texas Church Shooting
08:24:12a 'He just shot up the church' Driver chases down Texas shooter
08:25:20a Texas shooter named by US media
08:25:33a Photos Moose visit Post Falls neighborhood
08:27:01a Live Manchester breaking news Monday, November 6
08:27:28a Trump could face thorny issues on South Korea visit
08:29:10a Malaysia Torrent, floodwaters force 2,000 to flee
08:29:35a GOP may still package tax bill with repeal of Obamacare mandate, Ryan says
08:30:07a Woman stranded ahead of storm thankful for helpful strangers
08:30:17a Ousted Catalan Leader Carles Puigdemont Has Been Released From Custody
08:30:20a Roberts celebrates veterans in a special way
08:30:53a Israel holds bodies of 5 dead militants after tunnel blast
08:31:13a Trans-Tasman tension gives way to smiles
08:31:39a Texas shooting Suspect named as at least 26 confirmed dead
08:31:47a Man shot to death in carjacking in Paramount, authorities say
08:31:56a Mississippi oyster season to begin Monday
08:32:53a Trump declares North Korea 'threat to the civilized world.'
08:33:16a Ferry firm installs cameras to stop stowaways hiding under lorries
08:33:49a Elliott helps Cowboys top Chiefs, goes back to legal limbo
08:34:14a An Ominous Episode of The Walking Dead Questions Who the Real Monsters Are
08:34:18a Open Thread Stephen Colbert's Week In Review
08:34:30a More than 75 Killed in a Refugee Camp in Syria
08:37:22a Men, would you dare to wear red like Ranveer?
08:38:23a Watch out for bats infected with rabies-like virus, NSW Health warns
08:38:34a ASRock Z370 Taichi Coffee Lake Motherboard Review @ Toms Hardware
08:39:04a Darkies Design creator Dion Devow named ACT Australian of the Year
08:40:40a Police hone tactics to quell violence at hate-fueled rallies
08:40:44a Man wounded in a leg, another in a hand in separate shootings
08:41:21a Brazile strains Dem unity ahead of key gov race in Virginia
08:41:25a SPC Nov 6, 2017 0700 UTC Day 2 Convective Outlook
08:41:32a Trump Texas mass shooting is about mental health, not guns
08:42:00a Nvidias GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card reviewed @ The Tech Report
08:42:11a Anthony Weiner to Begin His 21-Month Prison Sentence For Sexting a Minor
08:42:56a Assaulted prisoner remains in hospital
08:43:32a Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Talks to TIME About Life Behind Bars
08:43:44a Del Mar executive is pleased with feedback on the Breeders' Cup
08:44:20a Debate underway on Solomons no-confidence motion
08:45:59a The Latest Raiders top Dolphins, move into 2nd in AFC West
08:46:34a Emergency exposes Manus Island healthcare deficit
08:48:59a Key summits critical week to be set with President Moon Jae-in & Trump
08:49:24a Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran can compete and co-op in energy sector
08:49:41a Wobbly times ahead for wool industry
08:50:32a Violations of Uzbek migrants' rights to be reported officially
08:50:51a When it was Kabira's Varanasi...
08:52:06a These are the animals that are still being sent into space!
08:52:39a Nelson landlord faces hefty bill for rental clean-up
08:53:53a Trump says Texas mass shooting not a 'guns situation'
08:53:57a Turnbull plan attempts to end citizenship confusion
08:54:02a Electricity generation down in Azerbaijan
08:54:44a Sport Fiji Bati not distracted by Hayne talk
08:55:16a Seagate BarraCuda Pro 12TB HDD Review @ KitGuru
08:55:42a Philippines arrests Indonesian wife of slain Marawi militant
08:56:59a Church gunman was court-martialed, discharged from Air Force
08:57:18a Liberal MP John Alexander checking possible dual citizenship
08:57:41a 5 killed as twin attacks hit Iraq's Kirkuk
08:58:40a Cost of TANAP gas pipeline specified
08:58:44a Goodfellas song to be played on organ for five weeks
08:59:21a Trump ratings lower than any president in decades, says poll
08:59:25a Armenian cyclist wins silver at UCI Track Cycling World Cup
08:59:48a Tycoon denies masterminding 20m insurance scam over ex-Bunnings warehouse fire
08:59:54a Belgium, France Speed Cameras Painted, Burned
09:00:24a Prawit refuses to confirm speculation about junta-linked party
09:00:30a Will an international raider or a local win the Melbourne Cup?
09:02:10a Catalan leader turns himself in
09:03:40a Trump says Texas mass shooting not a 'guns situation'
09:04:04a Reds go down to Glory in a tight tussle as Jets stay unbeaten
09:04:35a A warning for Vanuatu as it grows its cattle numbers
09:05:22a Officer accused of mock arrest and threat
09:05:33a 1.3.2
09:05:44a Runs at last in Sheffield Shield as battle for Ashes spot heats up
09:05:49a Why was this billionaire arrested?
09:06:18a Trade deal 'top of mind' at APEC
09:07:58a Religious and ethnic minorities feel secure in Azerbaijan OSCE
09:08:14a There are 4 Outbreaks of Bird Flu in Bulgaria
09:09:01a Fiji's Rabuka wants to train more local leaders
09:09:20a More Pinay beauties to compete for int'l titles this November
09:09:45a House GOP weighs repeal of health mandate in tax bill
09:10:34a Kerala 26-year-old journalist found hanging in home
09:11:34a Pregnant woman and her in-laws among those killed
09:11:56a CCTV footage shows car being stolen in Melbourne with baby inside
09:12:22a The 2017 Himachal Pradesh election sentiment meter is here!
09:14:19a Azerbaijan beats Russia at the European Chess Team Championship
09:14:49a Turkey took the Broadcasting Rights of 17 Media Agencies
09:15:04a President Trump and Japan’s Shinzo Abe Vow ‘Maximum Pressure’ on North Korea
09:15:17a Man killed in hit-and-run crash
09:15:36a Armenia pledges to continue fight for Genocide recognition in 2018
09:16:41a Cyber armies, info wars and fake news add to Syria's suffering
09:16:55a Three Samoan teachers admit assaulting student
09:17:16a Labour and National spat over MP representation
09:17:22a Parental leave increase 'right thing to do' PM
09:17:27a Three held over sorcery charges in PNG
09:17:38a A Quick Look At NVIDIAs GeForce GTX 1070 Ti @ Techgage
09:17:49a How to stay positive when the world sees violence
09:17:54a Prisoner claims unjust treatment by Corrections
09:19:35a Dr Libby recalls book over derogatory word
09:20:24a TiGenix announces partial conversion of bonds
09:21:00a The SSRI Stare Gunman Shoots Up Texas Church
09:21:29a Emerge Energy Services LP to Participate in Upcoming Investor Meetings
09:21:52a Qatar- Turkish Minister visits Hamad Port
09:22:28a Moscow Police Detained 263 Demonstrators Against Putin
09:24:16a Guam priest makes further admissions
09:25:12a Elmar Gasimov meets SPE President Darcy Spady
09:25:46a Juan Kincaid
09:26:35a Top UK North Ireland official in Brussels for Brexit talks
09:26:44a A-League live Victory and Wanderers meet for Monday night fun
09:27:16a CBI posts 4 percent net profit increase in Q3
09:27:20a Range Rover Velar Drive in 2018 in style
09:28:35a Council cost-cutting may not mean lower rates
09:28:56a LIVE! Press freedom does not include freedom to be factually incorrect PM
09:29:00a Car crashes through Porirua Fire Station damaging fire truck
09:29:05a AFP 9 Maute stragglers killed in Marawi
09:29:30a MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GAMING Graphics Card Review @ TweakTown
09:30:25a AP PHOTOS Homelessness surges up and down US West Coast
09:30:31a ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming Motherboard Review @ Tech ARP
09:31:02a Surprise earring find after 14 years becomes crucial evidence in Hayley Dodd murder trial
09:32:30a Terrible eating habits you must avoid
09:32:53a Scatec Solar ASA announces successful solicitation of consents
09:34:19a Qatar- Public sector commercial bank deposits surge 68.4% in Sept
09:34:41a Police Man robbed Augusta gas station
09:35:00a Parliament opens Guide to the week's ceremony
09:35:25a German factory orders post 2nd consecutive increase
09:36:30a Mongrel Mob boss handed kidnapped woman with words 'parcel delivered', court hears
09:36:34a Auckland woman outs Married at First Sight star for 'misogynistic and disgusting' Tinder messages
09:36:50a Thermaltake View 71 Tempered Glass Edition Review @ HardOCP
09:37:18a Qatar banking system stabilisation seen favourable Markaz
09:37:42a Qatar- Prime Minister meets Turkey's Minister of Transport
09:38:02a Council boss would 'rather than drink his own urine' than accept change
09:38:07a Tiny bug posing threat to New Mexico's pecan industry
09:38:38a Ben Affleck says he wants to be 'part of the solution'
09:39:05a Police 3 hospitalized after deck collapses
09:40:18a Qatar- Mild temperatures daytime and chance of light rain
09:40:26a Aussie shares inch down as banks drag; NZ flat
09:41:17a Both candidates claim momentum in Virginia governor's race
09:46:49a Paradise Papers ‘You’ve got to be cleaner than clean’
09:47:36a Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirms paid parental leave increased to 26 weeks by 2020
09:47:51a Khon Kaen resort owner files suit against govt over flooding
09:48:26a SPCA appalled after duck horrifically maimed by firework in act of 'deliberate cruelty'
09:48:45a Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AMP Extreme Review @ FunkyKit
09:49:55a South West Railways train derails near Wimbledon
09:50:30a Man dies after shooting at Brabant nightclub
09:53:43a Dutch business leaders ask government to fund hyperloop testing centre
09:54:15a Driver describes scene of Texas church shooting
09:54:30a Thinksound TS03+mic HD In-Ear Headphones Review @ NikKTech
09:55:33a Man dies in suspected workplace accident in Akaroa
09:55:55a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition Review @ OCC
09:56:12a Japanese billionaire's Sprint headache is set to get worse
09:57:33a US first lady learns calligraphy at Japanese primary school
09:57:56a Passenger traffic in Armenian airports grows 22,7% y/y
09:58:27a A new twist Trump a victim of hackers years before election
09:58:47a Qatar- National Day of Hungary celebrated
09:59:43a Medical tourism to increase by 25pc by 2020 in Dubai
10:00:20a DFA No Filipino hurt in San Antonio attack
10:00:26a Six People were Killed in a Double Attack in Downtown Kirkuk, Iraq
10:00:37a Egypt’s Sisi affirms his support for Lebanon
10:01:34a Roque denies early campaigning for 2019 polls
10:01:56a Carr Throws For 300 Yards In Raiders Win
10:03:30a Donald Trump on Texas church shooting 'It's not guns, it's mental health'
10:04:04a Paragliding in Armenia's south to open up beauty of Tatev monastery
10:04:09a Shares of 'arrested' Saudi billionaire's company dive
10:05:04a British Airways reveals global sale
10:05:36a Amid booming economy, homelessness soars along US West Coast
10:05:59a Firefighters hurt in South Auckland house fire explosion
10:06:06a German who alleged assault in UP held for having forged visa
10:06:18a ACI president to attend Big5 expo in Dubai
10:07:19a Proxima Centauri may host planetary system, says new study
10:08:06a Medicine and precious metals imports exempt from Saudi VAT
10:09:21a Rain threat looms over as India face NZ in decider
10:09:52a At least 26 people killed in church attack in Texas' deadliest mass shooting
10:10:03a Fetchr to help deliver UAE's first autonomous drone delivery service
10:11:47a John Oliver Blames Economic Development Zones for the Entourage Movie
10:12:22a Qatar- Al Hammadi meets German foreign ministry official
10:12:26a Former council boss 'would rather drink his own urine' than adopt change
10:12:49a Sitharaman's Arunachal visit not conducive to peace of the region China
10:13:20a Video From Syria torture to UK art success
10:13:26a MPs want answers on media access given to child abuser Robert M
10:13:31a Air Arabia posts 27% increase in Q3 net profit
10:13:41a Police identify gunman who fatally shot Grab driver last month
10:14:01a Trucks tangle traffic in Paris to protest holiday fair spat
10:14:05a Oil-rich yet wary in Turkana
10:15:00a This Brazilian bombshell will wear a million fantasy bra
10:15:37a Saudi Arabia seals Yemen borders, accuses Iran over missile strike
10:16:12a Basement Jaxx to headline NYE event in Dubai
10:16:22a Motorcyclist seriously injured in Christchurch crash
10:17:39a Valerie Plante poised to become Montreal's first female mayor
10:18:08a UN chief calls for stability in Lebanon
10:18:31a Qatar Flag-coloured garments trend at Heya exhibition
10:19:01a Saudi-led forces close air, sea and land access to Yemen
10:19:33a Lebanese TV host kicks out Hezbollah supporter during live episode
10:19:41a Texas church shooting 'Half the congregation is gone'
10:20:54a CCTV footage shows moment car stolen with baby inside
10:21:27a Dozens of victims of typhoon Damrey in Vietnam
10:21:32a Qatar- Australian politicians told to prove their citizenship
10:21:56a Jesse Siebler and Taylor Stevens' food supply for their stay at Maatsuyker Island
10:22:29a UAE travel Three cultural winter escapes to visit
10:22:52a Bugtraq Call for papers WorldCIST'18 Naples, Italy Extended deadline November 22
10:23:14a Jordan- Gov't Announces Phase One of 'New City' Project
10:23:18a Saudi Arabia offer awards for information on 40 Houthi leaders
10:23:22a Trump's trade flashpoints in Asia
10:24:18a Video Louvre Abu Dhabi reveals the human story
10:25:03a MUGSHOT MONDAY November 2017 Roundup
10:25:50a TRA trains UAE SMEs on e-commerce principles
10:27:03a Fans target Mkhitaryan for criticism after Man United loss to Chelsea
10:27:11a Texas church attack leaves 26 dead, small community reeling
10:28:35a SoftBank raising stake in Sprint, reports falling profit
10:28:43a sacked Catalan leader Puigdemont freed with conditions in Belgium
10:28:52a Gullit 'will step down if Advocaat quits as Netherlands coach'
10:28:56a Cowboys Twitter attempts, fails at Wizard of Oz joke following win
10:29:00a Why Companies Are Betting Big on Growth
10:29:30a Philippines to keep wary eye on new Chinese dredger
10:29:58a Bugtraq Webmin v1.850 Remote Code Execution
10:30:28a Half hour police pursuit ends in arrest
10:32:42a Bahrain warns citizens against travel to Lebanon
10:33:37a Syrian army liberates Armenian Genocide memorial in Deir ez-Zor
10:34:03a FCB launches campaign with 1440 commercials
10:34:25a Qatar flays attacks on Kirkuk mosque
10:34:33a Factbox Saudi Prince Alwaleed's international and domestic investments
10:35:05a Trump Praised the North Koreans as 'Great People'
10:36:37a Political Roundup Has Jacinda Ardern failed her first international test of leadership?
10:39:02a Louvre Abu Dhabi gears up for launch this week
10:39:37a Colorado Walmart shooting suspect could face more charges
10:39:55a Torrent Pharma to buy Unichem Labs' Ind
10:41:25a Oman GDP growth to pick over medium term, says World Bank
10:42:05a New threat mitigation service rolled out by Zain
10:42:18a 10 things to know about the new Bose headphones
10:42:34a Rep. Buddy Carter On Why He Supports GOP Tax Cut Plan
10:43:30a A Busy Night for Saudi!By Fahed Khitan
10:43:57a More assaults on women over the weekend
10:44:12a SLIDESHOW 20 things you don't know about Brian Goode
10:44:41a Mobile ship repair unit set by Oman drydock
10:46:33a Signs it's time to replace your microwave oven
10:47:45a Parents of child who died of meningococcal call for life-saving vaccine funding
10:48:28a Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 4019-1 imagemagick security update
10:48:33a Oman- Municipality signs pact to privatise slaughterhouses
10:48:45a 1.25 million face starvation in South Sudan
10:49:25a Jordan- Commitment to Failure!By Mohammad Aburumman
10:49:52a Pauleen Luna, Vic Sotto welcome baby daughter
10:50:52a 1.25 million face starvation in war-torn South Sudan
10:51:20a Chester police investigating social media threat
10:52:01a Residents told stay inside as large scrub fire burns in Alexandra
10:52:05a UK PM May urges 'culture of respect' after abuse scandal
10:53:11a Alert up as Mayon shows 'abnormal behavior'
10:53:18a Inside pix Ranveer parties with Deepika
10:53:33a Scientists found effective method of preserving cells and tissues
10:53:41a Neighbors of Texas shooting suspect report recent gunfire
10:53:55a PIX Aamir-Sanjeeda, Keith-Rochelle on the red carpet
10:54:30a Arab coalition command says Iran supplies Houthis with ballistic missiles
10:54:34a KL-001-2017-022 Splunk Local Privilege Escalation
10:54:42a 'Action needed' to curb tax havens
10:56:07a Oil advances as Saudi purge bolsters pro-OPEC cut Crown Prince
10:57:16a Tiens Group selected into China's National Brand Publicity Project
10:57:28a Criminal complaint filed against ex-minster Mrkonjic
10:57:48a Qatar Airways pays for 10 percent of Cathay Pacific
10:59:08a Mattis faces questions from allies on Islamic State strategy
10:59:35a Japan families of N. Korea abductees meet Trump, seek help
11:00:04a Shunned by American, Qatar Airways is turning to China
11:01:27a Historians celebrate Illinois 200th birthday this weekend
11:03:22a Best of the world in pictures, November 7
11:03:57a Kuwait team 'win' Bangkok Int'l Ice Hockey competition
11:04:05a Kristi Coleman
11:04:10a Shuaa Capital reports highest profit since 2007
11:04:24a Oman- OAMC to host international airport conference from Dec 5
11:04:33a New York group buys Celebration shops
11:07:19a Australian man facing jail time in Bali for theft of designer sunglasses
11:08:52a Sir Paul McCartney President Trump's resistance to climate change is madness
11:09:25a FIRST ALERT Dangerous fog will slow your commute this morning
11:09:36a Jail demand for Perth man over alleged sunglasses theft in Bali
11:10:22a Saudi assets seen set for rocky times as purge jolts traders
11:10:36a Texas officials give details on church mass shooting
11:10:41a The Latest Global climate talks begin in Germany
11:10:57a The Louvre Abu Dhabi first universal museum in the Arab world
11:11:06a Scotland offers free abortions to women from Northern Ireland
11:13:34a Downloads Add Upside for Videogame Publishers
11:14:00a Financials dampen FTSE as broker action dominates
11:14:04a Homeless placed in 'tiny' flats to be investigated
11:14:09a Emirates to resume flights to Nigerian capital
11:14:14a Oman- Sayyid Harib to inaugurate ARABAL 2017 Conference tomorrow
11:15:46a Teenager killed in ATV wreck in Georgia
11:15:53a When is the best time to buy plane tickets?
11:16:59a Sicily vote neck-and-neck between center-right and populists
11:17:21a Woman killed in hit-and-run crash
11:17:26a In pictures iPhone X now available in the UAE
11:17:34a Southern regions battered by Typhoon Damrey
11:18:08a Ex-Trump aides ask judge to be removed from home detention
11:19:37a Trump stands with Japan, denounces North Korean aggression
11:19:41a Police on scene of incident in Chester, IL
11:20:54a In show of warmth, Modi sits next to Karunanidhi, holds his hands
11:21:07a Jordan- Critical minds for critical times
11:21:19a Kuwait Amir's representative highlights distinguished ties with Egypt
11:22:01a Currency rates for November 6
11:22:09a Robert Hohua guilty of murder for beating girlfriend Marie Harlick to death
11:22:37a Employer arrested for alleged murder of maid missing for 5 years
11:23:32a Kuwaiti wins Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation's scientific research award
11:24:02a Oman- MoAF launches campaign to plant 50,000 coconut seedlings in Dhofar
11:24:37a Win a Thanksgiving Dinner From Whole Foods Market and KCBS!
11:25:41a Spat between Myer board and billionaire retailer gets uglier
11:26:40a 'Science can bring world's leading superpowers together'
11:27:25a Health team sent to help villagers frightened by ‘deadly ghost’
11:27:58a 'We don't need your help,' Russian ambassador told
11:28:03a China launches 2 navigation satellites
11:28:23a Two dead, thousands flee as floods hit Malaysia's Penang
11:28:40a Arab world is 'alive and setting excellence examples' ? TAKREEM
11:29:49a Elections Have Consequences The GOP 1 Year Later
11:31:12a News Brief Texas Church Shooting, Trump's Asia Trip
11:31:25a Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 4016-1 irssi security update
11:31:45a New Coca-Cola ad focuses on new Saudi driving law
11:31:50a Habitat Group plans Wyndham hotel for Pattaya
11:32:38a Esso to brand service presence with Pure Thai Energy partners
11:33:00a Family of dead maid, 17, points finger at ‘hot-tempered’ employer
11:33:30a Kuwait- Countering terrorism should be human right Egypt's Pres.
11:33:42a Trump's Japan visit includes formalities and fish
11:35:01a Gulf Energy commences operations at GTS3 power plant in Rayong
11:36:55a Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover resigns amid sexual harassment allegations
11:37:05a Trump says Japan can shoot North Korea’s missiles
11:37:09a Golf China's Feng shoots 68 to claim eighth LPGA title
11:37:16a Fire destroys bedroom in Nakhon Ratchasima townhouse
11:38:06a World Travel Market to witness participation of Oman Air
11:39:03a Papa Johns to Nazis ‘Don’t eat our pizza’
11:39:09a Grab celebrates 1 billion rides across SE Asia
11:39:37a Dusit Thani College partners with Japanese culinary institute to offer ‘kaiseki’ course
11:40:13a UN confirms support to Lebanon's security, sovereignty
11:40:34a U.S. Army Relocates Military Base South Of Seoul
11:41:26a Poll 15% of the Catalans Believe in Independence
11:41:47a Tanasak urges ‘calm’ as NCPO considers lifting political ban
11:42:35a Closing statements expected in police disciplinary case
11:42:39a SECURITY DSA 4019-1 imagemagick security update
11:43:43a London's Oxford Street could be traffic-free by December 2018, says mayor
11:43:49a Trump silent on Saudi purge after speaking to King Salman
11:43:57a How Trump Has Put His Mark On Policy, Slowly
11:44:01a Oman- H E Gen Nu'amani receives UK's defence advisor
11:44:46a Floods recede in many areas, but danger remains
11:44:57a New Mexico State Police probing Ruidoso police shooting
11:45:18a Oman- Property fair held in Muscat, Sohar
11:45:50a SES centre reduced to half capacity during SA blackout, leaked report reveals
11:46:12a Saudi king receives ex-Lebanon PM Hariri in Riyadh
11:47:03a More complications in the region
11:47:21a One dead, two injured in crash near St. Johns Bridge
11:47:37a S. Arabia offers condolences to US President over shooting deaths
11:48:22a Failure of U.S. deal hits Deutsche Telekom shares, growth prospects
11:50:18a King receives phone call from Lebanese president
11:50:25a Protests in Romania Against the Politicization of Justice
11:50:33a The Latest UN says 2017 hottest ever year without El Nino
11:51:12a Fake WhatsApp app downloaded more than one million times
11:51:58a SECURITY DSA 4016-1 irssi security update
11:52:20a His Highness the Amir expresses sorrow over shooting deaths in US
11:53:41a Axle Shaft Market Latest Study with Competitive Landscape
11:53:46a Three-quarters of companies worldwide yet to acknowledge climate change as a financial risk
11:53:51a Global climate talks begin in Germany with Fiji at the helm
11:54:06a Abandoned woman, 55, found dead in wheelchair in Roi Et house
11:54:21a Far-right launches fraudulent campaign to associate Sutherland Springs shooter Devin Kelley with Antifa
11:55:21a House tax bill has major changes for businesses, individ
11:55:40a Jordan combats terror through military-ideological approach ? Momani
11:55:49a Death row inmate demands firing squad instead of lethal injection
11:56:03a Pentahotels appoints Eugene Staal as president
11:57:23a Multiple fatalities in Texas church shooting
11:57:54a avast! Virus Definitions November 6, 2017
11:58:03a Chinese Electric Car Maker Aims To Be A Global Brand
11:58:21a Fire destroys popular Mass. restaurant
12:00:12p Lead poisoning cases on the rise in Kent County
12:01:13p New Mexico school district eyes four-day weeks
12:01:32p 'My rape claims were ignored by Commons'
12:01:51p Newington Baptist church grieves for loss of life in Texas
12:02:22p UN weather agency 2017 set to be among top 3 hottest years
12:03:07p Showers and possibly some thunder this afternoon
12:03:45p Webmin v1.850 Remote Code Execution 'hyp3rlinx / apparitionsec'
12:05:15p BMW Group Thailand unveils all-new BMW 630d Gran Turismo M Sport
12:05:36p Oman- New E-Class Cabriolet Masterpiece of modern open-top driving
12:05:44p Bridgestone Accepting Applications Today Only
12:07:07p Call for papers WorldCIST'18 Naples, Italy Extended deadline November 22
12:07:41p Monsignor Brown, Chancellor of Norwich Diocese passes
12:07:46p Fog advisory covers most of Central Florida during morning commute
12:08:43p Abe announces plans to sanction North Korea
12:08:47p Kevin Spacey’s victim Richard Dreyfuss’ son Harry comes forward
12:09:14p Mattis backs Geneva process on Syrian conflict
12:09:29p After Further Review Saints are no fluke
12:10:24p Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 10 Pro launched in Oman
12:11:19p Aldermore agrees takeover by South Africa's FirstRand
12:13:00p Impeachment trial to begin for Clemson's student VP
12:13:17p Serbia has no open issues with Morocco, says PM
12:13:49p Suspect charged with gunning down one-year-old reaches plea deal
12:13:53p Lara Trump spreads fake news about Clinton
12:14:07p Trump says Texas shooting due to ‘mental health problem’ — not ‘a guns situation’
12:15:10p Israel plans to build 292 new settlements in Jerusalem
12:15:44p Italy probes deaths of 26 Nigerian women from migrant boats
12:16:25p Westpac leads sharemarket lower after result
12:18:04p It Turns out Bulgarian Meat is Filled with Antibiotics
12:18:27p Typhoon death toll in Vietnam climbs to 44
12:20:10p UK diesel car sales fall by nearly a third in October
12:20:21p I’m not setting up party to support junta at election Maj-Gen Songklod
12:20:26p Thai Union Group hits record Q3 sales despite tough market conditions
12:23:00p Zamboanga City farmers receive food aid
12:24:56p UK Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins Suspended After Sexual Assault Accusations
12:25:31p Vote scheduled to keep moving forward with a Daphne school system
12:25:34p Some DENSE fog this morning...rain at times this week
12:27:02p Westpac earnings soar to
12:27:29p Global stocks dip after weak US jobs, as Trump trip in focus
12:27:33p The Latest German minister says climate deal irreversible
12:27:42p Police surround apartment complex in Chester, IL
12:28:20p Dubai Airshow flying display announced
12:28:39p According to the German Army, the EU can Possibly Crack by 2040
12:29:20p More than 60 US Navy admirals investigated in ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal
12:29:46p 'Hero' describes shoot-out and car chase of Texas church shooter
12:30:08p 2017 'very likely' in top three warmest years on record
12:30:33p North Korean snacks 'Speed cakes' and 'man-made meat'
12:31:54p Australia gonorrhoea cases surge 63%
12:33:07p Students learn about computer science
12:33:25p Sutherland Springs Men chased Texas church shooting suspect
12:33:30p Soaring stockmarkets stoke fears of devastating crash
12:33:45p 2,000 people 'intimidated out of homes'
12:34:23p Oil-rich yet on edge in Turkana
12:34:28p Traditional carpet market in central Iraq
12:34:32p India participating in 'largest-ever' Israeli aerial drills
12:34:51p Shelby Drive carefully, patchy fog could affect your commute
12:35:03p Road accident in Muscat three dead, nine injured
12:36:02p Shalane Flanagan becomes 1st American woman to win NYC Marathon since 1977
12:36:07p Police officer stabbed in back at college in Edinburgh
12:36:11p Qatar Airway to buy stake of 10pc of Cathy Pacific
12:37:07p Fish food and golf 5 takeaways from Trump in Japan
12:37:54p An agreement signed by Injaz and Nama Center
12:39:00p Mum swaps career to open nursery after having IVF baby
12:40:58p Reform of the Renewable Fuels Standard
12:41:18p Men shot at, chased after suspected church shooter
12:41:22p Desert mouse
12:41:41p Young Russians look up to Jesus, Putin and Elon Musk
12:42:19p Columbia Co Crews begin tree trimming along SR 223
12:42:41p KOICA fellows share their experience in South Korea
12:43:37p Russian Lawyer Trump Jr. Hinted At Quid Pro Quo For Clinton Dirt
12:44:27p Beshear to announce effort to combat opioid overdoses
12:44:51p U.S. truck firms accelerate into the merging lane
12:45:24p Ask Slashdot Can Smart TVs Insert Ads Into Your Movies?
12:46:55p The Democrats' sudden concern for the middle class
12:46:59p Mercedes GLC can give sleepless nights to its rivals
12:47:28p Economic stimulation plan to be completed by end of month ? Fakhoury
12:48:29p Man hailed a hero after chasing down Texas church shooter
12:49:23p Security increased at Isabella High School after social media threat
12:49:28p Palace Legit journalists helped Duterte win presidency
12:49:32p Troops kill 9 more Maute group stragglers
12:49:36p ‘Why here?’ Sutherland Springs mourners shocked after violent rampage hits small Texas town
12:49:41p Kingdom condemns suicide bombings in Kirkuk, northern Iraq
12:49:45p OkMap Desktop 13.8.1
12:50:55p Portland man working to make a difference in lives of homeless
12:51:49p T2 Trainspotting big winner at Scottish Baftas
12:52:03p Patchy fog could affect your commute
12:52:10p Security tightened at Isabella High School after Snapchat threat
12:52:16p Oman- Bigger, better Muscat Marathon aims for international success
12:52:20p May says wants people to pay tax that is due
12:52:24p Firm of detained Saudi prince seeks to reassure investors
12:53:02p Alleged Aegis Juris leader supports abolition of hazing
12:53:09p Stretchly 0.12.0
12:54:01p This week in country music 2010 Darius Rucker
12:54:27p Entrepreneur expands waterproof televisions firm Aquavision
12:54:53p Under Her Spell A 'Witch' Shows Her Face, 300 Years After Her Death
12:55:16p Eastbound lanes of Hwy 72 near Shields Road shut down due to wreck
12:55:42p Anthem names industry veteran Gail Boudreaux as new CEO
12:55:46p Bowe Bergdahl guilty verdict could be overturned
12:56:20p Tropical Depression Nineteen Forecast Discussion Number 1
12:57:30p PRTG Free Network Monitor
12:58:29p Haya Water supports Omani Dates Festival in Nizwa
12:58:43p Woman fighting for life after being hit by car in Salford
12:59:04p Light Earthquake Shakes Al Hoceima in Northeastern Morocco
12:59:44p Fiji calls for urgency in talks to implement climate accord
12:59:49p How the Islamic State uses 'virtual lessons' to build loyalty
01:00:08p Dishoom applies to open long awaited Manchester restaurant
01:00:36p Court decision on Manus detention centre services due Tuesday
01:01:07p Dems and media rush to politicize Sutherland massacre
01:02:09p New 200-bed hospital in Qatar to be constructed soon
01:02:13p Electricity Production in Bulgaria is Growing more Slowly than Consumption
01:02:37p Backlash over council's 'Get a Grip' attendance campaign
01:02:46p NHS offers smartphone GP appointments
01:03:32p TapinRadio 2.08
01:04:02p Paradise Papers Wilbur Ross under pressure over Russia links
01:04:44p Government announces details of new town plan
01:04:51p Sensex ends at new peak on earnings optimism
01:04:56p PlayStation Trophies Can Now Be Used to Pay for Games
01:05:00p Tropical Depression Nineteen Graphics
01:05:06p Memorial to Armenian viticulturist opens in Odessa
01:05:32p Scenery in the Simpson Desert
01:06:09p Chiller arrives for outdoor ice skating rink in downtown Greenville
01:06:14p Attack on Restaurant in Northern Morocco, Police Arrest the Suspect
01:06:22p Soft4Boost Any Uninstaller
01:07:11p Romania Ex-King Michael, 96, in frail health, family says
01:07:19p Geothermal explainer
01:07:30p Cabinet set to consider end-year tax break for shoppers
01:07:57p CVS Health beats 3Q profit forecasts
01:08:15p Night vision feral cat
01:08:21p Apple Watches Were Crashing When Asked About the Weather
01:08:34p Dhinchak Pooja I could have won Bigg Boss
01:08:57p Tropical Depression 19 forms over central Atlantic
01:09:07p Florence police investigating possible homicide on South Magnolia Street
01:09:40p Keppy's Synthesizer
01:09:44p Rainmeter 4.1.0 Build 2983 RC3 /
01:10:09p The Left's Failed Civil War
01:10:22p Saudi princes accused of bribery, embezzlement, money laundering Official
01:10:32p University of West Georgia student shot near Tuscaloosa strip
01:10:35p 4 Tips to Dominate Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty WWII
01:10:48p Tropical Storm Rina expected to develop today; no threat to land
01:11:29p TorrentRover 1.2.4
01:11:35p Franz 5.0.0 Build 12 Beta
01:11:40p Orlando stylist launches hair-care line
01:14:46p Montgomery's Downtown YMCA to host dodgeball tournament
01:15:00p First-home buyers jump as investor numbers fall
01:15:56p Anthem picks former UnitedHealth executive to become CEO
01:17:01p Troopers investigating deadly crash on US 25 in Laurens County
01:17:46p Mike Pero chased for million overpayment
01:17:58p Armm marks Sheikh Karimul Makhdum Day
01:18:36p Xbox Exec Defends Line-Up of Exclusives
01:20:28p First Alert Keep your umbrella handy
01:20:33p FTSE 100 steady in early trade
01:20:37p Wet road leads to crash on I-55 in Scott Co., MO
01:20:42p Kurds in Kirkuk detains thousands of Iraqis during their rule
01:21:13p Frontier offers Amazon Alexa integration with FiOS Quantum TV
01:21:55p Man gets prison time for illegally harvesting Virginia eels
01:22:02p The Fatal Folly of Diversity
01:22:09p Anthony Weiner begins 21-month prison sentence
01:23:04p Norwood campaign under fire for alleged 'robo calls'
01:23:41p Keisha Lance Bottoms leads crowded field for Atlanta mayor
01:24:22p The Best Cheap Gaming Monitors/titl
01:24:35p Uber tackles sex assault problem by pledging to training
01:25:28p Key Features? Maybe Not!
01:25:32p The Right’s War on Milo Yiannopoulos
01:25:43p ISRO plans to scale up outsourcing, double satellite launches
01:25:50p The Latest Saudi king swears in new officials after arrests
01:26:21p Ladbrokes Coral's Gala Interactive hit with £2.3m penalty
01:26:26p Twitter reacts to death of Jimmy Fallon’s mother
01:26:33p Orlando stylist launches hair care line
01:27:33p Relocated squirrels moving to new areas, says charity
01:28:24p Ministry blocks porn gif content on WhatsApp
01:28:40p Video shows officer punch fan after being slapped
01:29:13p Billionaire Saudi prince with Armenian roots among the arrested report
01:30:27p The Balfour Declaration and Left-wing Anti-Semitism
01:30:37p Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm in 130 billion deal
01:31:01p Soft4Boost Any Audio Grabber
01:33:00p WindowTop 2.0.0
01:34:06p Simpson Desert dingo
01:34:18p Woman's eyes swollen shut after rollover crash in Graves Co., KY
01:36:49p Soft4Boost Document Converter
01:36:52p Strings attached
01:37:01p BCSO 2 men arrested on robbery, kidnapping charges
01:37:35p HMRC wants to look urgently at Paradise Papers
01:37:42p Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm in deal 
01:38:26p SEDD, UOS organise Sharjah, Heart of Industry Seminar
01:39:14p Trump Texas church shooting was result of 'mental health problem,' not gun laws
01:39:27p Kevin Spacey fired from ‘House Of Cards’
01:40:12p Do Animals Have Humor?
01:41:00p Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner
01:41:10p Strictly Aston's exit shocks fans but who's to blame?
01:41:29p Catalonia A small town divided over independence
01:41:41p Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer DLC Gets New Release Date
01:42:03p There are health-tracking wearables for babies, too
01:43:12p Legal system grappling with teen sexting
01:43:23p Save Over £900 off LG 55-Inch 4K TV
01:43:39p 9 New Things in Star Wars Battlefront II
01:44:03p WordPress Ultimate Form Builder Lite Plugin 'wp-admin/admin-ajax.php' SQL Injection Vulnerability
01:44:09p Trump says US will arm Japan to knock down Korea missiles
01:44:16p Trump dump delights peckish Japanese fish, outrages Twitter
01:44:32p Drugs that treat heartburn could increase risk of kidney disease
01:44:38p 26 killed in Texas church shooting, including 8 members of one family
01:45:05p LabCorp acquires Vista Clinical
01:45:18p Ayukov NFTPD CVE-2017-15222 Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
01:46:03p Conference examining educational assessment opens in Abu Dhabi
01:46:14p Andrew Lloyd Webber is ready to write his own story
01:46:56p Night's Watch coming back for 'Game Of Thrones' season 8
01:47:13p Rats Haven't Deserted Democrats' Sinking Ship
01:47:39p Qatari Amiri Air Force opens AW139 helicopter simulation ctr
01:49:29p 309,000 'shell' company directors disqualified
01:51:23p Wii U USB Helper
01:51:35p 2017 will be among three hottest years on record U.N.
01:51:41p Tropical Depression Nineteen Wind Speed Probabilities Number 1
01:51:55p Oman- Park Inn by Radisson Hotels wins at Haute Grandeur Global Awards
01:52:09p Mexico police detain US 'sect leader' after triple murder
01:53:13p Flying over the Cuckoo's Nest
01:53:17p Geothermal generator
01:53:22p Sensors that make sense from farming to water control
01:53:42p 4 Tips to Dominate Nazi Zombies in COD WW2
01:54:17p Liberal frontbencher wants referendum on MPs' dual citizenship considered
01:54:22p Perigord black truffle grown in Monmouthshire
01:54:33p Art off the box
01:55:23p Taiwan finds a lot to like about its former colonizer, Japan
01:55:35p Why Tough, Tiny Tardigrades May Be the 1st Interstellar Travelers
01:55:39p ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe – Maximum connectivity speeds with Thunderbolt 3
01:57:38p Nigeria kidnapping Ian Squire killed and three freed
01:57:55p Donald Trump face found in Jarrow dog's ears
01:58:45p Police 3 people injured in two-vehicle crash on Route 2
01:58:49p Summary for Tropical Depression Nineteen
01:59:00p Paradise Papers Mrs Brown's Boys stars 'diverted £2m in offshore tax dodge'
01:59:28p Bipartisan group pushes for better debates, better elections in Florida
01:59:55p Tropical Depression Nineteen Forecast Advisory Number 1
02:00:10p Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm in billion deal
02:00:26p Dubai turns away Thai workers over ‘lack of skills’
02:01:08p Soft4Boost Secure Eraser
02:01:31p Larry David criticized for 'SNL' Holocaust jokes
02:01:55p 'Uzbek man planned deadly New York truck attack for weeks'
02:03:18p SPC MD 1766
02:04:17p Inmate found dead in North Carolina jail cell
02:04:25p Liberian court halts presidential run-off vote amid fraud probe
02:04:47p Sprint, Altice announce MVNO agreement
02:05:27p Bullzip PDF Studio
02:05:45p Saudi billionaire Alwaleed's arrest rattles investors
02:06:48p Archeologists discover ancient gymnasium near Egypt's Cairo
02:07:17p STC’s ‘Amay’
02:07:23p In GOP Tax Bill, How You Get Rich Matters
02:07:37p NB I-75 back open following crash
02:07:50p I lost my job over a Facebook post was that fair?
02:08:20p Smart greenhouses generate electricity and grow healthy crops
02:09:05p 16th-Century Shipwreck Off Florida Is Causing an International Dispute
02:09:09p Crews free trapped passenger in vehicle during crash
02:09:14p Stephen Hawking says AI will replace humans as dominant being on Earth!
02:10:35p DTG releases D-Book 10 DTT specification for the UK
02:10:43p Liberia Supreme Court halts presidential runoff elections
02:10:47p Black Bird Image Optimizer
02:11:31p Homelessness soars on West Coast as cities struggle to cope
02:12:13p 'Defenseless people' Gunman kills 26 at South Texas church
02:12:26p WeTek develops streaming service for children with TV4You
02:13:17p World's happiest country is becoming a startup mecca
02:13:30p PIX Mouni Roy, Kishwer Merchant dazzle at an award function
02:14:07p Norway rejected Azerbaijan's application for arms purchase
02:14:25p Soft4Boost Device Uploader
02:15:31p Solomons' PM ousted in no-confidence vote
02:15:35p AP PHOTOS Intrepid Czech zookeepers round up their pelicans
02:15:56p Man who chased down Texas church shooter hailed as hero
02:16:01p London Stock Exchange denies CEO being forced out
02:16:07p Helicopter crash kills Saudi deputy governor and 7 officials
02:16:37p Oman- Lulu Hypermarket launches Discover America 2017 campaign
02:17:40p Hotel 'saddened' by fireworks injuries upset and injury
02:17:49p Anthem Confirms Swedish to Step Down as CEO
02:17:57p Deadly shooting under investigation in Birmingham
02:18:41p Police Woman struck, killed by train in Mississippi
02:19:09p Arab coalition shuts exits to Yemen except for relief aid
02:20:20p Read Our Lips No More Bushes
02:20:35p Disney Runner dies after collapsing during race in resort
02:20:59p New WHO leadership agrees comprehensive transformation of the Organization
02:21:14p Two arrested and firearm seized by armed police after dramatic chase on M62
02:21:18p AP PHOTOS Tents, RVs serve as homes in West Coast cities
02:22:33p Ex Catalan leader lambasts Spain while fighting extradition
02:22:45p Puppers! Our History with Canines Unfolds in 'Science Comics Dogs'
02:22:51p Elsie Scully-Hicks Dad of adopted baby guilty of murder
02:23:01p 14-year-old reported missing from St. Claude
02:23:27p Victory, Wanderers share A-League points
02:23:31p Bono among figures named in leak of tax-haven documents
02:24:26p Woman killed after shots were fired through the front door
02:24:32p Funeral set for New Jersey victim of bike path attack
02:24:37p Sorrow, heartache, hope Eyes of homeless offer hint of life
02:24:41p More than 50 Films will be Presented at Kinomania 2017 Film Festival
02:25:48p Uber tackles sex assault problem by pledging 5m to training
02:27:00p Blue Planet II The moment giant sharks attack crew submarine
02:27:07p Tulix adds BuyDRM MultiKey service to its OTT/IPTV management stack
02:27:11p What it's like being a firefighter on Bonfire Night
02:28:27p Maj-Gen Songklod raises profile following Thai Nation's Power moves
02:28:59p Crews investigating massive structure fire in Tyler
02:29:36p 3 Britons kidnapped in Nigeria are freed; 1 is killed
02:30:21p Texas gunman had church connection, assaulted spouse
02:30:52p Everything you wanted to know about Mein Kampf but were afraid to ask
02:31:05p Iran supplies Houthis with weapons to attack Saudi Arabia and UAE
02:31:09p 9 New Things in Star Wars Battlefront 2
02:32:16p Saudi Prince killed in chopper crash
02:33:08p Arab parliament backs Saudi Arabia's security measures
02:33:16p Trump Urges Japan to Buy More U.S. Military Equipment
02:33:47p How these strange stone statues became part of Salford history
02:33:58p Shreveport fast food restaurant robbed at gunpoint
02:34:08p Young Stars Hoard X-Rays in Plasma Cocoon
02:34:28p Greenville rest area to close for repairs starting Monday
02:34:33p Gov. Abbott suggests connection between gunman, Texas church
02:35:42p US Senator Rand Paul's ribs broken in assault at home
02:36:33p Governor of Riyadh Region receives UAE Ambassador
02:36:45p Peeks of sun this afternoon, rain likely Tuesday
02:38:22p Cape Girardeau squad car involved in multi-vehicle crash
02:38:35p Splunk Multiple Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities
02:39:39p Fans dress up in costume showing Obama in noose
02:42:17p New York City once repelled fast-food chains. Now it is their hottest market
02:44:22p Dubai's DP World extends Somaliland presence with economic zone project
02:44:36p Saudi king swears in new ministers, replacing those detained
02:46:03p Avaya IP Office Contact Center CVE-2017-12969 Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
02:46:08p About half of Americans get health care in ER
02:46:13p Small banks plan to lower deposit rates
02:46:22p No diet for these carp as Trump goes all-in on fish food
02:48:07p OpenSSL CVE-2017-3736 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
02:48:40p CNN Published Analysis Wondering if Bernie Sanders could’ve Won an Unrigged Primary
02:49:06p Today Massacre at a Texas Church
02:49:17p Comoros lawmaker leading citizenship inquiry attacked
02:49:22p The Latest Belgian politician criticizes Spanish govt
02:49:37p Media Attack Trump For 'Overfeeding' Fish, Hide Video Showing Japanese PM Did It First
02:49:51p Guardian journalist has book coming on Trump and Russia
02:49:55p Can The Griz food drive starts in Bozeman
02:50:16p The Texas Shooting Suspect’s In-Laws Attended the Church He Targeted
02:50:33p Actor pledges Weinstein money to help rape victims
02:51:04p Helicopter crash kills high-ranking Saudi prince
02:51:51p Goodbye science, hello industry
02:51:56p Crash on turnpike near Winter Garden leaves 2 dead
02:52:14p Texas church victims ranged from five to 72, came from close-knit community
02:52:26p Trump's 24 hours in South Korea North Korea, trade high on agenda
02:53:11p Kenya rights groups govt trying to shut down election court cases
02:53:51p Man charged with killing mother in North Carolina
02:53:56p Dubai Metro resumes operation following repairs
02:54:30p OPD charge man for attempted murder in connection to gas station robbery
02:55:46p Residents fear 'leaning' high-rise won't be able to survive an earthquake
02:55:51p After Deadly Mass Shooting, Trump Says It Was 'A Mental Health Issue'
02:55:55p Racing! Del Mar put on a good show for the Breeders' Cup
02:56:03p France committed to reaching lasting settlement for Karabakh Macron
02:56:08p Trump Says the Texas Church Shooting Is a ‘Mental Health Problem’
02:56:31p First Dutch map of Australia goes on display after long restoration
02:57:37p Mura CMS 'tasks/feed/readRSS.cfm' XML External Entity Injection Vulnerability
02:58:08p SPD Man shot after gunman kicks in door
02:58:58p Sprint Signs Altice USA As Its Latest MVNO
03:00:52p City leaders to take on problems at Richmond schools
03:01:25p Cebu is Brother’s second largest market in Asean
03:01:58p Broadcom Takes Aim at Qualcomm with Unsolicited Bid
03:02:21p Funeral under way for New Jersey victim of bike path attack
03:02:25p Liberal frontbencher wants referendum on MPs' dual citizenship considered
03:02:29p Texas officials confirm suspect's ID as Devin Patrick Kelley
03:03:55p Why social media may not be so good for democracy
03:04:25p Credit Suisse slashes Teva target price to
03:04:29p Briones Adopted Cebuano
03:07:07p CLI to raise up to P10B for expansion
03:07:17p Center-right candidate edging populist in tight Sicily vote
03:07:43p How underwater gardening can rewild the Atlantic Ocean
03:08:01p Daesh claims major attack on Yemen government bastion
03:08:07p Asymmetric Information in the Age of Trump
03:08:15p Basic economy means you can fly for less, but is it right for you?
03:08:27p Christian Weller
03:09:48p S. Carolina man upset by similar name with Texas suspect
03:09:57p Suspect in custody in Chester, IL after online threat
03:10:13p Guitar Owned by Prince was Sold for USD 700,000 at an Auction
03:10:37p Charitable foundation funds health care enrollment marketing
03:11:56p Sheriff says gunman's ex-in-laws sometimes attended services
03:12:07p Japan's NanoCarrier to market VBL cancer treatment
03:12:42p Deputy Governor killed in helicopter crash along with more officials
03:12:48p Message in a bottle found 4 years after being released in ocean
03:13:04p Trump asks Japan to build cars in the U.S. It already does
03:13:15p Woman stabbed to death near Freelons nightclub early Sunday morning
03:13:52p Essential California High anxiety in Hollywood
03:14:02p The Netherlands most common couple – two people with degrees
03:14:22p Exports to China BOOM to £200m since launch of direct flight from Manchester
03:14:27p Texas shooting Armenia president extends sympathy to Trump
03:14:45p Anthony Weiner to begin prison sentence for sexting conviction
03:14:48p Your bedroom on Mars will look a lot different
03:15:05p Vuln Splunk Multiple Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities
03:15:14p Man accused of stealing car, taking in movie in Georgia
03:15:44p 2017 set to be among top 3 hottest years, UN weather agency says
03:16:05p Will Congress take away your cookies?
03:16:17p Paradise Papers Top coaching institute FIITJEE named in leak
03:16:22p What to Know About the ‘Paradise Papers’ Leak
03:16:34p G-7 health ministers climatic factors impact health
03:20:25p Girl, 15, was assaulted at gunpoint during violent crime spree in Oldham
03:20:40p Donna Brazile thought about Replacing Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden or Cory Booker
03:20:44p Julianna Margulies accuses Harvey Weinsten and Steven Seagal of harassment
03:20:48p iPhone users fume over letter 'i' bug
03:21:24p Trump says U.S. will arm Japan to knock down Korea missiles
03:22:41p Care providers criticised for charging elderly up to €50 for a fall
03:24:41p Drug peddler nabbed in Pampanga drug bust
03:24:50p Five reasons not to spray the bugs in your garden this summer
03:25:27p Bus crash in Senegal kills 25 people, some on pilgrimage
03:26:00p Kuwait- Deputy Gov. of Saudi Aseer province killed in helicopter crash TV
03:26:20p Gas Masks Market Insights by Size, Status and Forecast 2022
03:27:01p Georgia college student shot after LSU-Alabama game
03:27:05p De Leon iPhone X Overhyped, overpriced or worth it?
03:27:19p Jehovah's Witnesses assembly at LausGroup Event Centre set
03:28:51p Fort Benning hosts used auto auction
03:28:55p Football fan charged with slapping officer at VT-Miami game
03:29:44p First Alert Rain developing over the next few days
03:30:20p Netflix says it won't make House of Cards if Kevin Spacey is involved
03:31:21p Coroner identifies woman killed in Lakebottom collision
03:32:47p Golf Cart Market Insights by Size, Status and Forecast 2022
03:33:05p What to Know About the Asylum Seeker Standoff on Manus Island
03:33:41p Sen. Rand Paul’s injuries far more severe than initially thought
03:33:53p Armenian Catholicos Syria church should be restored with joint efforts
03:34:36p Second Pemiscot County escapee arrested in New Orleans
03:35:06p Supreme Court rejects Samsung appeal in Apple patents case
03:35:24p The curious relationship between altitude and suicide
03:35:29p Police departments offer safety training for area churches
03:35:49p Editorial A different All Saints’ Day
03:38:27p Japanese companies to expand Cebu ops
03:38:47p Patient scans being sent from ambulances in new trial
03:40:52p EBay removes listings of Hawaii beach sand from its website
03:42:41p Skyline shake-up Changes coming in Chicago's tallest buildings
03:42:58p Join WTVM's 'Share Your Thanks-by-giving' with Feeding the Valley Food Bank
03:43:25p Jennifer Rubin Shreds Republicans For Turning U.S. Into A 'Banana Republic'
03:44:23p The 5 Weirdest Foods You’ll Start Eating in 2018
03:44:31p Tell it to SunStar 5 things about drug dependency
03:44:39p Man accused of chasing teens who were toilet-papering homes
03:45:16p Pakistan- Rs680 million gas project inaugurated in PK-28
03:45:40p US ramps up military strikes in Somalia
03:45:44p Vuln Ayukov NFTPD CVE-2017-15222 Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
03:46:29p Fuel Filters Market In-Depth Analysis on Size, Status & Forecast 2022
03:47:10p Northam leads Gillespie in final polls
03:47:24p Man accused chasing teens who were toilet-papering homes
03:47:53p Explore The Politicians in the Paradise Papers
03:48:08p Kuwait- Bus crash kills 13 people N. Iran
03:48:12p 'No way out' Sick gunman kills 26 inside Texas church
03:48:19p Zara Customers Find Help Requests in their New Clothes
03:48:52p Supreme Court passes on taking John Madden Football case
03:48:56p Broadcom offers billion for Qualcomm in chip megadeal
03:49:14p 3 Britons kidnapped in Nigeria are freed, 1 is killed
03:50:00p Densus 88 to meet Madrais in the Philippines
03:50:04p ATP draw ceremony featuring female models criticized
03:50:09p Vuln WordPress Ultimate Form Builder Lite Plugin 'wp-admin/admin-ajax.php' SQL Injection Vulnerability
03:50:12p Kuwait- E-gov't forum geared to better public service Min. Al-Roudhan
03:51:12p World Meteorological Organization predicts 2017 will be third hottest year
03:51:28p Patton Oswalt marries Meredith Salenger
03:51:32p 50 Years Ago This Week In Soviet Russia
03:52:43p Man with similar name as gunman receives hateful messages
03:54:32p Cebu companies join Japan exhibit
03:55:13p Suspect in Andrea Drive standoff appears in court Monday
03:56:10p Enesi Pharma Appoints New International Scientific Advisory Board
03:56:31p Why everybody has Guy Fawkes all wrong
03:56:48p IBM OpenPages GRC Platform CVE-2017-1148 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
03:57:39p Soap star Paul Leyden cleans up on Hollywood Hills Midcentury 
03:58:50p Tor Browser CVE-2017-16541 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
03:59:58p Malilong Indifference or belief?
04:00:07p Checking health care costs before appointment could save money
04:00:49p SSS pushes for unemployment insurance under reform act
04:00:54p Catalan ex-leader lambasts Spain while fighting extradition
04:01:06p Tech, housing boom creates homeless crisis on West Coast
04:01:25p Red Cross Million Meant to Fight Ebola Was Stolen Through Fraud
04:01:29p 8 ways to make this year's Thanksgiving debt-free and delicious
04:02:01p Investment queen a look at Elizabeth II's fortune
04:03:05p COSMOTE TV launches multiroom in Greece
04:04:22p Habal-habal driver killed; cops suspect drugs in case
04:04:46p British-Filipina beauty is new Mutya ning Angeles
04:05:56p Sneaky fake WhatsApp app attracts more than 1 million downloads
04:06:07p Vuln Mura CMS 'tasks/feed/readRSS.cfm' XML External Entity Injection Vulnerability
04:06:13p Man accused of stabbing woman, trying to stab 3-year-old
04:06:38p Palace official says gov’t. backs healing rally
04:06:50p Kuwait- Texas Police identify church assailant
04:07:20p Police Child sought help before murder, suicide
04:09:06p How citizen investigators can collaborate on crowdsourced fact-checking
04:09:26p Tutors are key to reducing Indigenous student drop out rates
04:10:08p Fancy a long weekend in the mountains?
04:11:10p Payment of wages for special days
04:11:41p No joint fact-finding team required in Novel Baswedan`s case Police
04:12:09p No 'Tonight Show' this week after Fallon mom's death
04:12:26p What We Know About the Gun Used in the Texas Church Shooting
04:13:13p Butuanon River short film tilt calls for entries
04:14:05p Soriano Founder inaction can cause a business to fail
04:14:24p Zimbabwe Vice President is fired, says information minister
04:15:04p COLUMN-Hedge funds go all-in on oil Kemp
04:16:53p Target to offer shoppers a breather after Thanksgiving
04:17:01p Bzzzzz ‘God lang ang forever’; search for ‘big brother’
04:17:06p The Manchester family who won a 'one in a million' trip to Hong Kong
04:19:01p Angeleñas name Pamintuan ‘Father of Mutya ning Angeles’
04:19:14p Martinez expresses sympathy for victims of church shooting
04:20:19p Texas officials update public on church shooting that killed 26
04:20:45p Kuwait PM digitalization transformation requires comprehensive efforts
04:21:20p Trump commerce secretary mentioned in 'Paradise Papers' Media go nuts
04:21:45p Dong rape case junked
04:21:49p Seares ‘Father, single pa ka?’
04:24:55p Diane von Furstenberg All women are strong
04:25:26p SoftBank's Blurry Vision
04:25:34p Lamar Odom collapses at nightclub but is 'doing well,' report says
04:27:14p Vishwas vs Kejriwal-Sisodia AAP now a completely divided house
04:28:40p Locals pursued fleeing gunman at 95mph...
04:29:42p Tiny home community opens in NOLA
04:31:12p The Latest Puigdemont condemns 'brutal offensive' by Spain
04:31:17p Susan Linnee, ex-AP bureau chief in Madrid and Nairobi, dies
04:31:21p Alien Planets Can Reveal Clues to Their Stars' Insides Here's How
04:31:26p Red Sonja Film in Development from Expendables Producer
04:31:31p Anthem 2nd-largest company with woman CEO
04:31:50p How to get labeled a Putin stooge
04:32:35p Snowboxx is skiing with a twist
04:32:56p Building AI - That Can Build AI...
04:33:40p Peter J. Henning
04:34:07p No Indonesian victim reported in Texas mass shooting
04:34:28p ‘King of Romance’ concert in Pampanga first in Central Luzon
04:35:44p Video HBO’s John Oliver Mocks Fargo’s Decision to Give Economic Incentives to FedEx
04:35:50p Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm
04:35:54p Aceh becomes gateway for drug smuggling by international syndicates BNN
04:36:56p Kidnapped boy rescued in Quezon City
04:37:38p Comedian Patton Oswalt marries actress Meredith Salenger
04:37:42p Police No imminent threat for Asean Summit 2017
04:37:59p Province, Rafi create project for 8 Cebu towns
04:38:16p Supreme Court removes obstacle to executing Alabama inmate
04:38:37p Online anger over Syrian filmmaker 'stabbed' in Turkey
04:38:41p 30,000 workers needed for Marawi rehab
04:39:12p Pemiscot Co. escapees both arrested in New Orleans
04:39:20p 15 techvoc schools closed from January-October
04:39:26p Hidalgo Sustainable developments of the environment
04:39:30p Fil-Am, 22, faces charges for shabu possession
04:39:34p AAA Michigan Statewide average gas prices jump 20 cents
04:39:39p Postal tribute
04:40:10p Mayor Children are faces of ‘New San Fernando’
04:40:37p Go big this winter
04:40:41p Home Depot fire under investigation
04:40:46p Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown
04:42:20p Armed suspect killed after standoff with police at Big Bear
04:42:51p Baby's Got Mail Free Books Boost Early Literacy
04:42:59p WWE superstar Sasha Banks visits the Manchester Evening News ahead of WWE Raw event
04:43:09p City to hold Pasko activities at the Plaza
04:43:36p Alvarez Breaking your wife’s heart
04:43:57p FEMA To Provide Wildfire Victims Temporary Housing At Sonoma Fairgrounds
04:44:27p Why Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren't sold year-round
04:44:39p Israeli PM pledges West Bank bypass roads for settlers
04:45:31p TV traffic anchor takes stand after body shaming
04:45:39p Drug surrenderer dies in ‘shootout’
04:45:43p Sangil Kick off for the holidays
04:46:18p Preparations for wedding of President Jokowi`s daughter completed
04:46:47p Waitress says model Chrissy Teigen left tip
04:47:21p Saudi King Salman receives resigned Lebanese PM Hariri
04:48:11p Yuletide delicacy traditions on the decline
04:48:40p 25 join in Davao Region skills competition
04:48:46p Bono named...
04:49:49p After Tough 2016, Many Pollsters Haven't Changed Anything...
04:50:05p It's love all on the Adriatic coast
04:50:25p The Latest Sheriff Gunman had self-inflicted gunshot wound
04:50:32p Kuwait- Digital transformation A must for public, private institutions
04:50:42p Trump asks Japan to build cars in U.S. It already does
04:51:02p Police nationwide work on tactics for far-right rallies
04:51:07p Investigators face difficulty in obtaining information from Baswedan
04:51:10p Pampanga to host Cacao Link Luzon Congress
04:51:48p The Latest Judge may lift Manafort, Gates home confinement
04:52:16p Catalan crisis Belgium's 'nightmare,' Spain ties at risk
04:53:51p HP One killed after car crashes into tree, flips over
04:53:55p Homeless explosion on West Coast pushing cities to brink...
04:53:59p Western intelligence warned Hariri of death plot, report
04:54:04p Sex robot goes into 'mass production'...
04:54:25p Saudi says reserves right to respond to Iran 'hostile actions'
04:54:29p Weiner heads to prison...
04:54:34p American woman jailed in Zimbabwe for allegedly calling leader ‘a selfish and sick man’
04:55:42p Priti Patel apologises over undisclosed Israeli meetings
04:56:29p Val d’Isere How to get there, where to stay and what to do
04:56:49p Mount Agung still active, but less threatening
04:57:34p ‘Ermita tanods are not in control of market’
04:57:38p Hero describes how tracked him down...
04:58:46p Dems desperate to avoid culture war with Trump...
04:59:14p The Alternative 'Russia Scandal'
04:59:18p This new quiz suggests a third of us can't recognise Spain on a map....
04:59:31p Army overruns NPA camp in Makilala
04:59:35p Liz Weston 4 Steps to Disaster-Proof Your Finances
05:00:00p Stabbed Russian journalist Felgengauer back on radio
05:00:07p Cops play santa, give early gifts to kids
05:00:15p After the love is gone
05:01:02p Broadcom unveils tech sector's largest ever bid for rival
05:01:10p FIRST ALERT Traffic a slog as fog makes morning commute difficult
05:01:14p Remember When North Dakota Lawmakers Were Mocked for Allowing Concealed Carry in Churches?
05:01:18p CVS bulks up delivery service; tops 3Q earnings expectations
05:04:17p Gwen asks court to allow her to travel to Japan
05:04:50p Official Children are most prone to inherited drug use
05:04:56p Public school given easier access to water
05:05:01p China, Goldman Sachs to invest billion in U.S. manufacturing
05:05:12p Trump doesn't bow before Japanese emperor like Obama...
05:05:43p Dealmaking in chip sector lifts Nasdaq to record level
05:06:32p Stelter Fighting the 'we've been here before' feeling when covering mass murder
05:06:48p McConnell Paul's absence another possible challenge for GOP
05:07:05p Arch-rivals Intel and AMD Team Up on PC Chips To Battle Nvidia
05:08:37p Zimbabwe VP is fired, opening way for Grace Mugabe
05:09:03p Police arrest woman over death of her housemaid five years ago
05:09:29p Storms rip through East, Midwest; 2 dead in flooded home
05:09:35p Can Apple Live Up to the Hype for the iPhone X?
05:10:03p Family fun in the heart of Wales
05:10:27p Saudi Arabia tries to 'clean house' with stunning purge
05:10:54p Sharpshooting plumber hit him through gap in body armor...
05:11:00p Santa Rosa Man Charged With Murder In Fatal DUI Crash
05:11:16p The Latest Saudi bars Yemen's president from returning home
05:11:53p City cops brace for Christmas
05:12:02p Rivals AMD, Intel partner to take on Nvidia
05:12:31p Olsim Barangay Order
05:13:21p 8 members of ONE family dead...
05:13:45p Texas mass shooting hits home for parishioners in Connecticut
05:14:05p Queen's estate invested million in offshore tax havens
05:14:09p CVS to offer next-day drug delivery
05:14:17p Midlands man upset by similar name with Texas suspect
05:14:21p Since You Asked, Secretary Jaeger
05:14:25p Boatman faces rap over ex-French judge’s death
05:14:29p Reservation system frustrates Kitsap Transit users
05:14:34p Newtown's schools website among 800 hacked across the country
05:14:46p Walnut Creek Intermediate School Teacher Arrested On Sex Charges
05:15:16p Rose McGowan memoir 'Brave' coming in late January
05:15:50p I-84 westbound in Plainville closed due to crash
05:17:01p State pays for computer woes at Spokane/Tacoma schools
05:17:33p Intrigue in the House of Saud
05:17:37p Tibaldo Of Skepticisms and Cynicisms on Unesco’s Creative City
05:18:03p Manager Church gunman worked as security guard at resort
05:18:20p White, male students called on last in classrooms...
05:18:44p Medical marijuana growing operation negotiating in Athol
05:18:50p Victim identified in Walterboro night club shooting
05:18:54p Jane Merrick 'I wanted Fallon to know it wasn't acceptable'
05:19:11p Trump to Kim Releasing Japanese hostages 'would be something special'
05:19:22p US stocks rise as chipmaker deal lifts tech stocks
05:19:26p NY Fed chief Dudley, a key Yellen ally, to retire next year
05:20:39p Afghanistan Clarifies It Will Not Block WhatsApp, Telegram
05:20:43p Teen nabbed, sued for trying to rape girl
05:22:22p Media Invent Scandals in First Day of Asia Trip?
05:22:41p Employment Index Rises Following Declines From Hurricanes
05:23:06p New poll body office better for elderly, PWDs
05:23:25p WWE Live RAW Superstars set to return to Cape Girardeau
05:23:46p Get Rid of Capitalism? Millennials Ready to Talk About It...
05:24:44p Fears for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe after Boris Johnson remark
05:24:49p 'I inject myself with snake venom'
05:24:54p Fiji village relocation is prime example to Bonn summit
05:25:31p GameStop to Launch Unlimited Used Game Rental Service
05:25:58p Editorial Depression claims another
05:26:02p APNewsBreak Mariah Carey, N.W.A. up for Songwriters Hall
05:26:43p A Global Shortage of Magnetic Tape Leaves Cassette Fans Reeling
05:26:51p Cebu City ‘cannot touch’ P9.8B
05:27:07p The Latest US will continue participation in climate talks
05:27:26p Author Libby Weaver apologises over 'mongolism' in book
05:27:30p GOP is in serious danger of losing the title 'Stupid Party'
05:28:00p Expert New Mexico counties losing out on oil and gas taxes
05:28:04p Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition Review @ Hexus
05:28:25p Party time for UN climateers
05:29:03p Parachute husband 'wanted out' of difficult marriage
05:29:35p Traffic aides to be checked for work-related lung disease
05:29:42p In principle, favour reservation in private sector Nitish Kumar
05:29:50p Teen dies from suspected drugs overdose at Bristol club
05:30:02p Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand Review @ Legit Reviews
05:30:08p Police Florida mother killed girl, hid her body in dumpster
05:30:19p MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Titanium 8G Review @ Guru3D
05:30:27p Shreveport pastor responds following deadly TX church shooting
05:30:37p Saudi Arabia Blames Iran for Missile Attack...
05:30:49p Sheriff Congregants were helpless to escape church gunfire
05:31:14p Domoguen Celebrating November as National Rice Awareness Month
05:31:28p Tropical Depression Nineteen Forecast Discussion Number 2
05:32:05p The Latest Tax-writing committee takes on GOP overhaul plan
05:32:35p The Latest Texas church gunman threatened in-law with texts
05:32:51p Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P Review @ Modders-Inc
05:33:00p AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming Motherboard Review @
05:33:12p 2 men in Mississippi shot to death by police during weekend
05:33:27p AP PHOTOS Homeless crisis thrusts hardship into the open
05:34:08p Born in 1896 - and still going!
05:34:12p Wrexham woman's 999 call classed in 'wrong category'
05:34:16p Morehouse student goes viral with hip hop video based on school work
05:34:22p Children’s month celebration to focus on war on drugs
05:34:27p How To Profit From The Trillion A Year Cyber Crime Threat
05:34:42p Alamon Moral dialectics
05:35:34p Nebraska Air Force base expands protection against drones
05:36:21p Swing someone else's worries away at Shepeard's golf tournament
05:36:34p An East L.A. teen talks about the pressure of being a first generation student
05:37:19p Bulgaria will Host the European Snooker Championship
05:37:37p Indonesian team loses 1-4 to Malaysia
05:38:05p Indiana man accused of stealing, selling railroad bridge
05:38:38p McAfee Stinger
05:39:08p Hadley leaving KDPS; city manager names first female chief
05:39:14p Rafael Nadal not recognised by guard at Paris Masters
05:39:42p Arraignment for Chinese nationals set on Nov. 10
05:39:55p Productivity Growth Is Up, Are the Robots Finally Coming?
05:40:37p Francis Libiran brings bridal trunk show in Davao City
05:41:08p Brother Love Sean 'Diddy' Combs changes his name, again
05:41:17p NFL Continues to Suffer MASSIVE Numbers of Empty Seats...
05:41:21p Serbia respects Ukraine's territorial integrity minister
05:41:45p The Latest Saudi probe says crimes uncovered, trials ahead
05:41:50p Press Meltdown Over Trump Feeding Fish in Japan...
05:41:58p Mrs Brown's Boys star avoids questions on tax scheme
05:42:59p WSJ Tax Rate Cleanup in Aisle Two...
05:43:03p Former Grovetown mayor Mary Ann Trudeau dies
05:43:11p Timber industry building burns to the ground in Libby
05:43:23p Foodshare is back for its Turkey and campaign
05:44:01p Big Bear police involved shooting press conference
05:44:22p Canada launch for HR experts Peninsula
05:44:56p New Orleans police 1 man dead after shooting at house
05:45:05p The Latest Texas church gunman had 3 guns; no carry license
05:45:13p Advocate More profit with organic farming
05:45:39p Races to watch in tomorrow's elections
05:46:21p Dacic I'm sick of everything, time to end this
05:46:26p Need a Job? Check With a Retailer
05:46:34p Tropical Depression Nineteen Forecast Advisory Number 2
05:46:46p Dead Deer
05:47:04p Michigan State's Bridges topspreseason All-America team
05:47:12p Building a 5G behemoth Broadcom offers billion to buy Qualcomm
05:47:24p Department for coops pushed
05:47:34p 10-year-old girl raped, murdered in MP
05:48:35p Abe's gifts for Trump include golden table runner
05:48:44p CVE-2017-9096 iText XML External Entity Vulnerability
05:49:35p Usep now accepts application
05:50:00p Mom accused of leaving kids home alone pleads not guilty
05:50:13p CNN Misleading Video...
05:50:26p AOC AG352UCG Curved G-Sync Gaming Monitor Review @ Toms Hardware
05:50:34p Cartoonist held for caricature on TN CM released on bail
05:51:01p Tropical Depression Nineteen Wind Speed Probabilities Number 2
05:51:55p SEC Football Report Georgia, Alabama Stay Unbeaten
05:51:59p L.A. considers stricter banking rules in wake of Wells Fargo scandal
05:52:08p Espedilla Natural remedies for puffy eyes and dark circles
05:52:23p Report Inmate dies in Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office custody
05:52:36p GOOGLE Futurist Predicts Human Brain Directly Into Cloud...
05:52:40p 3 couples talk about their journey with infertility
05:52:46p Davao mayor on people's garbage habits Damak
05:52:50p Berlusconi rises again with Sicily win in sight...
05:53:47p The Latest 18-month-old among Texas church shooting victims
05:53:59p Coroner releases names of recent homicide victims
05:54:04p Stocks dip, oil hits 2-year high after Saudi arrests
05:54:44p Robots Fill Grocery Orders in FIVE Minutes...
05:54:58p Gunman Kills 26 'Defenseless People' Inside Texas Church
05:55:03p A wet/mild start to the week, then trending cooler!
05:55:46p Harassment Witch Hunt!
05:55:52p 3 guilty in 'Future Pharma' scheme to sell fake drugs online
05:56:17p Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Optical Mouse Review @ APH Networks
05:57:26p Texas resort manager says church gunman was security guard
05:58:12p CVS, With an Eye on Amazon, to Launch Next-Day Delivery
05:58:20p Richmond police search for laptop thieves
05:58:53p Could Blood Plasma Be The Fountain Of Youth?
05:59:05p Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Official Playthrough Survivor
06:00:24p Endangered Mexican vaquita dies after rescue effort
06:00:28p PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle Announced
06:00:49p Police Texas church attack stemmed from domestic situation
06:00:54p Microsoft Investing in Making More First-Party Games
06:01:03p Q&A Birmingham and Plibersek clash over education funding
06:01:33p Man arrested after meth lab discovered in Martin, TN
06:01:38p Church Officials Are Intervening In A Colo. County School Board Race
06:02:03p Coffee Lake Z370 Mini-ITX Motherboards @ ocaholic
06:02:28p SALVATION ARMY Kettle Bell and Angel Tree kicks off
06:02:33p Rapist who saw women as 'lesser beings' is jailed
06:02:47p Q&A 'You weren't elected to play the blame game'
06:03:04p Why McRibs and Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren't sold year-round
06:03:35p PRO-Davao fetes 8 cops assigned in Marawi
06:03:59p He Was a Professional Climate Denier. Then He Switched Sides.
06:04:16p The giant mass of plastic waste taking over the Caribbean
06:05:07p Prince's teal blue Cloud guitar auctioned for
06:05:22p The US Has Destroyed A Critical Sea Ice-Measuring Satellite
06:06:13p Paulding Co. cadet to receive Medal of Heroism
06:06:19p Anthem becomes second-largest company with woman as CEO
06:06:44p The Disappearing American Grad Student
06:06:52p Lamar Odom 'great' after collapse in WeHo club, his rep says
06:07:11p Where to get your Thanksgiving pie to-go
06:07:23p Bridge checks means truck restriction on S Carolina bridge
06:07:28p Tesda Davao City lacks trainers for heavy equipment
06:07:49p Police ID body found in Texarkana creek as missing father
06:08:08p Hayley Dodd murder trial hears how surprise earring find becomes crucial evidence
06:08:29p Misamis Oriental board member passes away
06:09:02p US-trained deminers to help Russians in Syria after all?
06:09:06p Tennis organizers apologize for draw ceremony with models
06:09:24p Coroner Parent hit and killed by car at Anderson Co. school bus stop
06:10:09p PlayStation Trop
06:10:26p Boris Johnson accused of imperiling jailed UK-Iranian woman
06:10:33p Mumps Makes Comeback - Even Among Vaccinated...
06:11:08p SRWare Iron 62.0.3250.0
06:11:51p Niantic Buys Company to Add Social Functionality to Pokemon GO
06:12:08p Manmohan Singh in Gujarat on Tuesday; to target GST, note ban
06:12:15p Qualcomm Set To Reject Bid From Broadcom
06:12:59p Police searching for suspect in armed robbery of Lubbock game room
06:13:51p This Ex-Prosecutor Is One of 2018’s Most Intriguing Candidates
06:14:36p Patriot Hellfire 240GB SSD Review @ KitGuru
06:15:02p SMALL TOWN A Post Office, No Traffic Light and Now Mass Murder...
06:15:26p The dangerous cult of Donald Trump
06:15:29p Popcorn Time Beta / 4.0.0
06:15:50p Alienware Aurora R7 & Other Gaming Products Revealed @ Tech ARP
06:15:55p Arson investigation underway after storage building complex burned
06:16:06p Precinct changes for Grovetown and Harlem city elections
06:16:26p Lives of anxiety Immigrants seek sanctuary in US churches
06:16:33p Armed Courage Heroism Rises Out of Tragedy in a Small Texas Town
06:16:38p Anthony Weiner reports to prison for sexting conviction
06:16:50p CVS bulks up delivery service,
06:17:18p Menendez lawyer assails bribery case in closing to jury
06:17:22p The Latest Abe's gifts for Trump include table runner
06:18:00p WANTED Columbia County authorities look to identify suspect
06:18:15p GNU Emacs CVE-2017-1000383 Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability
06:18:27p Saluda couple charged in death of elderly relative
06:18:54p CVS plans free same-day deli
06:19:21p New York Fed Says Dudley Plans to Retire in Mid-2018
06:20:05p Police Officer shot driver who was ramming vehicle
06:20:53p Disney Celebrat
06:21:24p Woman dies in single-vehicle crash in Chesterfield
06:21:28p US missions in Turkey partially resume visa issuing
06:22:54p Parties to 'brutal conflict' in Yemen must respect international humanitarian law – UN official
06:23:44p Padilla Post-halloween
06:23:53p Amazon recruiters to hold recruitment/information sessions at Ft. Gordon
06:24:02p Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' canceled this week after his mother's death
06:24:24p Former Casey Anthony lawyer is convicted in NY drug case
06:24:37p Small plane crashes near New Mexico airport, 4 aboard killed
06:25:21p 'What kind of signal is Serbia sending to EU?'
06:25:39p During Childbirth, Enduring the Patriarchy Was the Hardest Part
06:26:18p Prince's teal blue Cloud guitar auctioned for 700K
06:26:22p Kevin Spacey timeline How the story unfolded
06:26:45p Saudi arrests; Gun stocks; Sprint moves on
06:28:01p Texas gunman 'had row with mother-in-law'
06:29:08p Slaughter in the Sanctuary 26 Dead After Gunman Opens Fire in Texas Church
06:29:30p Rock icon Sammy Hagar lists oceanside Hawaiian retreat for million
06:29:35p Sen. McCain treated at Walter Reed for torn Achilles tendon
06:30:24p Congress's Romance with Cowardice War Without War Powers
06:31:25p Man fatally shot on I-10 in Mobile
06:31:33p 'Monumental challenge' as action begins on GOP tax bill
06:31:39p PNP on full alert following arrest of Omar Maute's widow
06:31:45p New book looks at Austrian WW1 war propaganda
06:32:00p QuickImageComment 32-Bit 4.30
06:32:46p Superquiz and Target Tuesday, November 7
06:32:51p Church group opposes localized peace talks
06:33:14p Broadcom May Pay Billion To Buy Rival Qualcomm
06:33:27p Sony Brings AI-Infused Robotic Dog Aibo Back to Life
06:33:39p QuickImageComment 64-Bit 4.30
06:33:47p Top Liberal fundraiser Bronfman claims no wrongdoing after Paradise Papers tax haven accusation
06:34:01p In Photos Cave Art from Mona Island
06:34:27p Trump hits new unprecedented lows in voter polls
06:34:41p North Korea condemns Trump’s ‘foolish remarks’ against Kim Jong Un
06:36:35p Advanced Onion Router
06:37:34p BP, Shell lead plan for blockchain-based platform for energy trading
06:38:28p Chef John Folse Swamp floor pizza
06:38:35p How Modi's DMK spin queers the pitch in TN
06:39:25p Valeant to Divest Itself of Sprout Pharmaceuticals Unit
06:39:36p Newfoundland and Labrador town celebrates lone high school graduate
06:40:23p Lyin' Paul Ryan Goes After Randy Bryce For Not Being Rich Enough
06:40:28p Wrong-way driver charged with DUI, child neglect
06:41:10p Q&A Panel divided on merits of SSM postal survey
06:42:22p Texas Attorney General's Response To Shooting Is To Call For More Guns In Church
06:42:37p 'Fat Leonard' scandal expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals
06:42:41p Russia zookeeper recovering from tiger attack
06:42:49p Florida senator accused of groping removed as budget chair
06:44:02p Trump says Texas church shooting 'isn't a guns situation'
06:44:29p ‘He ought to resign’ Dem senator worries Wilbur Ross may be a Putin stooge
06:44:50p LPGA rookie Sung Hyun Park of South Korea takes top ranking
06:45:05p Broadcom Proposes to Buy Qualcomm for Over Billion
06:45:10p 'Mad Men' creator delivers big with first novel
06:45:16p Tech stocks rise, but telecom shares tumble
06:45:27p 'Ambassador's unbelievable meddling, Russian manipulation'
06:45:39p Record snowfall causing icy roads in Spokane
06:46:09p NirLauncher 1.20.19
06:46:21p Suspect charged with gunning down one-year-old seeking continuance
06:47:29p 15 people treated after carbon monoxide buildup at church
06:48:29p Operation 'Boo Dat' nets area sex offenders on Halloween
06:49:23p Cord blood therapy for cerebral palsy shows promise
06:50:55p WANTED Investigators search for Iron Co. murder suspect
06:51:56p Atmospheric CO2 Reaches Highest Level in Nearly a Million Years
06:52:33p Kerala's Hadiya safe, willing to appear before SC on Nov 27
06:53:09p Silent march in Poland honors man who set himself on fire
06:53:31p Taxpayers are subsidizing hush money for sexual harassment and assault
06:53:37p 'Moscow sent clear message that EU road is impossible'
06:53:44p Pakistani consulate staffer killed in Afghanistan
06:53:48p Boljoon receives aid from Capitol, gov’t agencies
06:54:41p FDA Cracks Down On Claims Cannabis Cures Cancer...
06:55:03p Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi to attend regional summits
06:55:33p Diane von Furstenberg 'I've never met a woman who is not strong'
06:55:52p Broadcom offers billion for Qualcomm in landmark deal
06:56:03p WATCH Trump-loving pastor boasts his heavily armed congregants would gun down attempted church shooters
06:56:14p Gov. Rick Scott proposes final tax-cut plan
06:57:09p Coastal Road clearing ops to begin on Nov. 6
06:58:00p Government contractor fires woman for flipping off Trump motorcade
06:59:50p Both Bush Presidents Worry Trump Is Blowing Up the G.O.P.
07:00:11p Former Serbian president receives decoration from Putin
07:00:35p Five PC Games to Play this Holiday Season
07:01:09p When a Small Town’s Private Prison Goes Bust
07:01:25p Kelsea Ballerini might be country's next star
07:02:11p Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Review
07:02:15p Center-right gains momentum in Sicily toward 2018 vote
07:02:25p Is It Possible That the Eisenhower Memorial Will Finally Get Built?
07:02:42p Texas deputy shot multiple times, suspect arrested
07:04:22p Texas church shooting followed 'domestic situation' involving gunman's family
07:04:52p Our Guide to the Best Xbox One Gifts This Holiday
07:05:13p 2 men in truck chase down Texas church shooter 'Let's go'
07:06:44p Resident Evil 7 Sales Reach 4.1 Million Units
07:07:37p Maryland AG Sinclair, Tribune TV merger is a 'bad deal'
07:08:31p Conservative writer God was ‘answering prayers’ of Texas victims by letting them get shot
07:08:35p Berlin police investigate theft of small Holocaust memorials
07:08:48p Greek police break fake ID network active throughout Europe
07:09:02p Judge puts off removing ex-Trump aides Manafort, Gates from house arrest
07:09:47p Silent march in Poland honors man who burned self in protest
07:10:04p Devoid of new ideas, de Blasio slams Trump before business audience
07:10:49p Macomb man arrested after deputy finds heroin, other items
07:10:59p Torch-carrying white supremacists chased off University of Texas campus before rally starts
07:11:26p Box Office Ittefaq, Ribbon get poor opening
07:11:42p Off-duty Watertown officer accused of stealing charity raffle prize
07:12:24p The Latest Deputies visited church gunman's house in 2014
07:12:32p Texas Church Shooter Was Atheist, Thought Christians 'Stupid'
07:12:52p GOP Senators criticize Trump over FBI comments
07:13:02p I-72 reopened following crash
07:13:32p New lease on life Indigenous communities at a turning point
07:13:53p Trump Repeatedly Sticks Foot In Mouth In Japan Speech
07:15:28p Ric Flair on Being the First Wrestler to Get an ESPN Doc
07:17:18p Holiday gift shopping Great holiday gift ideas for everyone in the family!
07:17:27p Viral video shows struggle between cop, unruly fan at football game
07:17:39p Missing Baton Rouge woman found in Biloxi
07:18:15p The First 15 Minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds
07:18:22p Stocks inch up on chipmaker deal talks; oil hits 2-year high
07:18:45p Retailers Step Up Their Game To Woo Customers for the Holidays
07:18:55p Multiple MitraStar Routers CVE-2017-16523 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
07:20:21p University of Richmond hires new athletic director
07:23:11p Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt 'There's No Other Place' To Be Murdered Than In Church
07:24:01p Possible threat investigated at Pike Co. school, police presence added
07:24:05p Did Hitler escape and move to Colombia?
07:24:24p Texas gunman Devin Patrick Kelley attacked church where in-laws worshipped, sheriff says
07:24:42p Russia launched social media support for Trump almost immediately after he announced his campaign
07:25:32p Latvala out as Senate budget chief for now as harassment probe begins
07:25:45p Malloy orders flags lowered for church shooting victims
07:26:41p Review Billy Bragg delivers the news on 'Bridges Not Walls'
07:26:46p Pastor Of Texas Church And His Wife Speak To Reporters
07:26:59p Wore White Skull Face Mask...
07:27:04p Comic Con attacked by Islamic paramilitary in Libya
07:27:31p Homeowner arrested after pulling gun on teens who toilet-papered his house
07:28:13p THE NEXT ONE? Emoni Bates fiery, but mainly on hoops court
07:28:18p Pokken Tournament DX Official Accolades Trailer
07:28:33p Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Official Launch Trailer
07:28:49p Family desperate for answers as search presses on for missing woman
07:30:05p Mattis faces questio
07:31:54p Man arrested in connection with Fort Madison stabbing
07:32:31p Texas church gunman had history of disturbing behavior
07:33:11p Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman A hard-to-read reformer
07:34:39p Fed's top 3 leaders are leaving their posts
07:35:38p Puerto Rican pets in New Orleans searching for loving home
07:36:00p Does the NFL need Kaepernick for ratings?
07:36:29p Victim identified in deadly Kissimmee bar shooting
07:36:50p Name of deadly hit-and-run victim in Princeton, KY released
07:37:03p Fox held talks to sell most of company to Disney CNBC
07:37:09p A gene test could detect oesophagus cancer eight years early
07:37:21p Can an immersive experience bring fans back to the NFL?
07:37:59p What doxxing really is and advice on how to protect yourself from unwanted exposure
07:38:45p The Latest Alabama to seek new execution date
07:39:28p Police Woman found shot to death in Alabama
07:40:08p Jury selection begins in baby's daycare Benadryl death trial
07:41:35p FDA approves Roche drug for rare type of blood cancer
07:42:59p Why the tax avoidance exposed by the Paradise Papers matters
07:43:13p House GOP leader promotes sexual-harassment hotline
07:43:27p Woman Who Flipped Off Trump's Motorcade Is Fired
07:44:09p Missouri funds from 2004 road measure don't pay debt service
07:46:37p Development Release MX Linux 17 Beta 1
07:46:44p Waymo vs. Uber Alphabet Loses Trade Secret Claim
07:46:59p CVS bulks up delivery service;
07:47:58p Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm for billion. It's tech's largest attempted takeover
07:48:02p Justice League 'I'll Take It From Here' Clip
07:48:17p Transgender, denied job as cabin crew in Air India, moves Supreme Court
07:48:47p The Best Xbox Gifts for 2017
07:49:26p Barclays fails to end U.S. 'dark pool' class action
07:50:30p Town weighing effects of taller buildings near Grand Canyon
07:50:47p Multiple EMC Products CVE-2017-14375 Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
07:50:52p Team India need MS Dhoni at the moment Sehwag
07:51:11p Xbox One X Where To Buy
07:52:00p Saudis lock Prince Alwaleed up in 5-star hotel
07:53:33p Man shot, killed while walking with wife identified
07:54:32p Daylight Saving Time causes bizarre age twist for twin boys
07:55:17p 1 person dies after carbon monoxide buildup at church
07:55:40p Victim in Lafourche Parish shooting dies
07:55:59p Weiner reports to prison...
07:56:13p No indication Texas shooter connected to antifa
07:56:36p AP ANALYSIS Saudi crown prince's arrests are a risky gamble
07:56:42p Murder-suicide reported in St. Tammany Parish
07:56:47p Tech lovers line up at Lakeside Mall for Apple iPhone X
07:56:54p The Seven Deadly Sins Welcome to Britannia Official Trailer
07:56:58p Are you smarter than a school leaver?
07:57:05p Oklahoma attorney general rejects donations from drugmakers
07:57:52p New London woman arrested for stealing from student
07:57:57p Zara working on 'hardship fund' for unpaid Turkish workers
07:58:44p Inmate asks Arkansas high court to halt upcoming execution
07:58:53p Bug Stops Some iPhone Uses from Typing 'I'
07:59:05p Donald Trump's Japan trip fails to shed new light on his Asia vision
07:59:20p Deputies 2 dead in Muskegon County crash
07:59:58p Triple H gives Welsh wrestling fans 'a massive surprise' at independent show
08:00:10p 3 injured in 4 vehicle crash on I-265 in Louisville
08:00:39p Michigan natives among Texas church shooting victims
08:01:33p Broadcom's megadeal for Qualcomm would top tech deal list
08:01:41p Judge to rule on trial delay in Chinese scholar's case
08:01:51p US Commerce Secretary denies wrongdoing in wake of Paradise Papers
08:02:21p Trio sought in late evening purse snatching at Walmart
08:02:32p With a day of campaigning to go, BJP pulls out all the stops
08:03:22p Police warn residents about gang stalking after some receive letters
08:03:58p Connecticut cities, towns gear up for local elections
08:05:06p Sonic Forces Official Launch Trailer
08:05:10p First Contact Brings Klingon War into Focus in 'Star Trek Discovery' Episode 8
08:05:15p Paradise Papers Apple's secret tax bolthole revealed
08:05:21p Religious leaders in Central VA vow to bring people together
08:05:31p Microsoft Investing in Studios to Make More First-Party Games IGN News
08:05:52p Review Actress Krysten Ritter writes tightly plotted novel
08:06:20p Ad calling for Donald Trump's impeachment yanked off air by Fox News
08:06:29p Coroner Infant found dead on Kentucky road
08:06:34p AP FACT CHECK Trump claims 'phenomenal' economic record
08:06:53p Vijay joins the Rajini club
08:08:04p Disney Held Talks to Acquire Assets of 21st Century Fox
08:08:12p 81-year-old man who drowned at Falling Creek Reservoir identified
08:08:39p Tigard motorcycle officer hit by vehicle on Hwy 99W
08:09:28p Suspect sought in fatal shooting outside Atlanta-area motel
08:09:40p Southern California commuting nation's most stressful...
08:10:15p Blood Plasma = Fountain Of Youth?
08:10:34p Audubon Zoo expecting new addition to gorilla exhibit
08:10:39p Need for Speed Payback Official Launch Trailer
08:11:07p F1 champ Lewis Hamilton may have avoided tax on private jet
08:11:19p Officials mark opening of new Connecticut train station
08:13:31p 15-year-old in custody in connection to Cherokee Triangle shooting
08:14:11p Faces Prolonged Absence From Senate...
08:15:03p Ratings STILL Way Down...
08:15:59p Wyoming officers ID 2 killed when car crashed, split
08:16:37p Neurologist dispels myths about Alzheimer's disease
08:16:50p Former Casey Anthony lawyer convicted in drug case 
08:16:54p Where does your money go after buying a pair of Nikes?
08:17:02p Secret APPLE tax bolthole revealed...
08:17:16p UPDATE Top 3 leaders at Fed leaving...
08:18:30p Party leaders agree new complaints procedure, says Theresa May
08:18:35p Trump criticized over fake fish food flap at Japanese koi pond
08:18:43p Maggots found in Michigan prison food last summer
08:18:57p 2 charged with attempted murder after firing on car
08:20:01p Queen invested in offshore havens...
08:20:08p Hope Stuns at Japan State Dinner...
08:20:13p Sheriff 2 more suspects arrested in St. John Parish homicide investigation
08:20:33p China’s central bank boss renews warnings about financial risk
08:20:44p Black Friday ads for several major retailers leaked online
08:20:49p Former student accused of bringing gun to Fern Creek High School
08:20:57p John Oliver Explains Why Trump Can't Be Allowed To Claim 'Incompetence'
08:21:07p First Sexually Transmitted Zika Case Confirmed In Miami...
08:21:21p NTB`s economy grows below average level
08:21:28p Youngest Victim 18 Months...
08:21:33p 'The Simpsons' vow to help Puerto Rico in new online video
08:22:04p Farming Simulator Switch Edition Official Launch Trailer
08:23:24p Head of U.S. government financial agency to resign
08:24:34p Fox held talks to sell most of company to Disney CNBC
08:24:56p Rainy Tuesday leads to a big midweek cooldown
08:25:07p AG Beshear sues pharmaceutical company amid opioid crisis
08:25:21p Spacey checks into Weinstein's rehab...
08:25:39p Injustice 2 PC Open Beta Starts Today IGN News
08:25:46p Harvest season provides meagre respite to South Sudan's ongoing hunger crisis
08:26:06p Escaped Missouri inmate found in New Orleans
08:26:17p Niantic to Integrate Social Media in Pokemon Go IGN News
08:26:23p Moto Smart Speaker Goes On Sale November 13 for
08:26:40p Creative agency Trunk marks first birthday with move to new premises
08:27:19p Coach TEXANS discussed signing Kaepernick...
08:28:41p Popular kids app deemed dangerous by safety experts
08:28:54p Fans React to Biggest Reveals
08:28:59p Manhunt underway for home invasion killing suspect
08:29:26p 40th anniversary of Kelly Barnes Dam disaster in Toccoa
08:29:30p Development Release GhostBSD 11.1-RC1
08:29:35p Saudi Arabia says corruption probe detainees will face trial
08:29:47p Liberia's Supreme Court suspends Weah-Boaki vote
08:29:52p James Comey officially joins Twitter, ditches 'secret' handle
08:30:26p Driver charged in Portage crash that killed bicyclist
08:31:02p Chris Christie's top deputy keeps him off the campaign trail
08:31:26p The Latest Analysis sees tax hikes for 38M under GOP bill
08:31:44p Zimbabwe politics Mugabe sacks 'disloyal' Mnangagwa
08:31:50p The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Official Claws Trailer
08:32:30p Forza Motorsport 7 Official Samsung QLED Car Pack Trailer
08:33:22p UK leader calls for end to 'abuses of power' amid sex claims
08:33:33p Saudi Arabia arrests Corruption drive 'just the start'
08:34:20p iPhone bug frustrates users typing 'i'
08:35:48p Ozzy Osbourne to headline Download Festival at Donington Park in 2018
08:35:53p Trump administration is up to its neck in Russians
08:36:52p reward in case of child found on Texas beach
08:37:54p Paradise Papers F1 champion Lewis Hamilton 'dodged' VAT on £16.5m private jet
08:38:12p Paradise Papers Lord Ashcroft 'does not control' offshore trust
08:38:21p Woman fired for showing Trump motorcade the middle finger
08:40:07p Germany's Social Democrats plan overhaul after election loss
08:40:26p Second man dies months after NC holiday wagon train crash
08:41:27p Registered sex offender arrested for new child sex offense
08:41:46p PeopleTV Strikes Deal With Twitter for Streaming Video
08:41:51p Deputies Crime victim held suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived
08:42:09p 5 Things for Parents to Know about Emergency Care
08:42:35p Pelosi Backs Sexual Harassment Legislation For Congress
08:42:40p Paradise Papers Bono linked to tax probe in Lithuania
08:43:02p Argentina president places memorial flowers at NYC bike path
08:43:14p Grandmother-In-Law Murdered...
08:43:44p Merkel wants progress in coalition talks in 10 days
08:43:51p Israel Begins 'Largest-Ever Aerial Military Drill', As Saudis Consider Missile Strike 'Act Of War'
08:44:13p Supreme Court Refusal Means Samsung Owes Apple
08:45:46p Indonesia superpower country of culture UNESCO
08:46:48p The best ice rinks in and around Manchester for Christmas 2017
08:46:57p Police investigate threats against Virginia Tech student
08:47:22p Police arrest man who identified himself as dead man
08:47:38p Abbeville's police chief resigns
08:48:15p 'Nightmare' directive from SC's Chief Justice has courts, cops scrambling
08:48:26p The Latest UN expresses concern over aid to Yemen
08:48:44p HORROR Woman Brutally Killed After Rejecting Marriage Proposal...
08:49:48p Fox News broke the UK's broadcasting rules
08:50:02p Connecticut governor will get his 6th Supreme Court pick
08:50:16p Suspect in Big Bear standoff identified
08:50:22p India seeks UK cooperation in Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi extradition
08:50:28p Government agrees to halt use of cyanide traps in Colorado
08:50:55p High school band trumpets recovery of stolen trailer, truck
08:51:11p Paradise Papers documents raise questions over African mining deal
08:51:17p Arrested Saudi Prince Built Empire From Riyadh To Silicon Valley
08:51:29p Graves Co. High School names new softball coach
08:52:00p CMA Awards predictions Who will win, and who won't
08:52:06p Twitter Has Had It With NRA 'Thoughts And Prayers'
08:52:19p High Court to deliver watershed judgement on Frits Van Beelen conviction appeal
08:52:23p Russia almost certainly made Donald Trump president — and here’s how we know
08:53:03p Woman seeks 'first private rape prosecution'
08:53:30p Florida State suspends Greek life following alcohol death
08:53:55p Discovery's Latest Callbacks to Classic Trek, DS9 and More
08:55:34p Herrin PD offers churches active shooter training
08:55:47p X-Men, Avatar Franchises Might End Up at Disney IGN News
08:55:51p Confirmed The start date for I'm A Celeb 2017
08:56:44p Lawmakers bicker over whether tax bill helps middle class
08:57:29p FIRED FOR THE FINGER Cyclist canned for flipping off Trump's motorcade
08:57:34p Man kills estranged girlfriend, self; one person arrested
08:57:45p Ex-worker at firm for elderly accused of embezzling
08:58:12p JCPS Mobile Registration Bus makes first stops of the season
08:58:40p What did your 10-year-old self think you would be 20 years later?
08:59:27p Police Deadly stabbing near downtown may have been in self-defense
09:00:13p Man Arrested For Lewd Behavior At West Oakland BART Station
09:00:17p Paradise Papers sends shockwaves around the world
09:00:37p Deputies investigating after teen found shot near Milwaukie
09:00:42p Apple already working on next release?
09:00:46p Chef John Folse Makes Swamp Floor Pizza
09:00:53p Suburb extends free cab rides to St. Louis
09:01:03p Amelia woman dies in NC crash
09:01:08p 'Teenage' leopard seals lingering longer in Tasmania, experts say
09:01:27p ‘They’re all shot’ One Texas family loses 3 members in church shooting
09:02:01p Cascade Twp. names new fire chief after controversy
09:02:48p DC's Shazam! Movie Casts Its Billy Batson IGN News
09:03:06p Judge not ready to remove ex-Trump aides from house arrest
09:03:38p 'Teenage' leopard seals lingering longer in Tasmania, experts say
09:04:08p Police Son struck, killed father in Chesterfield with vehicle and ax
09:04:22p Weiner Goes In...
09:04:41p Texas shooting The small town where everyone knows a victim
09:05:08p British Rock Singer Terry Reid Returns To Chapel
09:05:13p Fractured Infant Stepson's Skull...
09:05:19p Donald Trump's Japan trip fails to shed new light on his Asia vision
09:06:30p Veterans Day Parade in Lakeview this weekend
09:06:40p SoCal, so good head south for a taste of California's sunny side
09:06:57p Economic growth prospect to be better in Q4 BI
09:07:05p Bugtraq CVE-2017-9096 iText XML External Entity Vulnerability
09:07:19p Texas gunman killed his grandmother-in-law and 25 others at church
09:07:27p Inmates Stage Brazen Escape From Palo Alto Courthouse
09:07:43p How late is last call in South Florida hotspots?
09:08:00p Symantec Endpoint Protection CVE-2017-13680 Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerability
09:08:39p Tucson woman awarded million in medication error lawsuit
09:09:19p 1,300 Humana employees to be laid off in 2018
09:09:52p How Australia could get its favourite avocados earlier
09:09:56p Inside Soap Awards winners revealed and Corrie stars are celebrating
09:10:17p Get your hands on a huge boozy gin hamper from Thomas Dakin
09:10:22p Special election on tap Tuesday for West Clark Community Schools
09:10:35p Two wanted in Midlands armed robbery that ended in gunfire
09:11:06p Westpac New Zealand's digital transformation can't exclude people, says CEO David McLean
09:11:11p Flashed gun leads to gang members arrested northwest of Tucson
09:12:10p Vuln Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager CVE-2017-13681 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
09:12:15p Texas gunman Devin Patrick Kelley a militant atheist who beat his wife and child
09:12:47p SURVEY 40% Of Medical Professionals Work When Sick...
09:13:05p Must-do bills in a divided Congress could lead to shutdown
09:13:10p No indication Texas shooter is connected to antifa
09:13:51p Police officer acquitted in fatal traffic dispute shooting
09:14:06p O'Brien Says Texans Have Discussed Signing Kaepernick
09:14:37p World Bank sees low contribution of indonesia`s FDI
09:14:41p iPhone Auto-Correct Bug Frustrating Users Typing 'i'
09:14:50p Paradise Papers Isle of Man law 'sanctioned' tax dodge
09:15:01p Need for Speed Payback Official Launch Trailer
09:16:10p Menendez corruption trial goes to jury... Developing...
09:17:00p Game of Thrones‘ Isaac Hempstead Wright Has a Poignant Theory About Bran Stark’s Fate
09:17:50p NZ dollar gains as crude oil hits two-year high
09:18:39p Theresa May outlines plan to counter Westminster sleaze scandal
09:18:48p A Taste of Jefferson
09:20:07p Saudi Banks Begin Freezing Accounts Of Arrested Royals, Private Jets Grounded
09:20:14p OnePlus to Allow Fans to Attend 5T Launch In NYC for
09:21:13p An immersive Love Actually cinema with a live gospel choir is coming to Manchester
09:21:17p Teen suspect found shot shortly after Cherokee Triangle murder
09:22:11p Kellyanne Conway Criticizing Trump After Texas Church Shooting Is 'Disrespectful To The Dead'
09:22:18p Man charged in robbery of person, 2nd suspect at large
09:22:22p Bump stock hype dies down for now
09:22:59p 6 Amazing Overwatch Skins Based On Other Blizzard Games
09:23:06p Sean Combs Changes His Name To 'Brother Love'
09:24:25p Feds seek to revoke US citizenship of 4 Minnesota Somalis
09:25:05p Lockdown lifted at Whitehall Elementary after nearby incident
09:26:10p Turris gives Predators center depth to match anyone in NHL
09:26:44p Trump seeks billions of dollars to counter NKorean missiles
09:26:53p Feinstein Sessions Needs To Clarify Remarks About Russian Interactions
09:26:57p Cheryl Landrieu Book Festival Tricentennial
09:27:32p Spotlight is on governor's races in Virginia, New Jersey
09:29:23p Gun violence More complicated than a 'mental health problem'
09:30:44p The Latest Analysis indicates GOP tax measure a mixed bag
09:31:06p Alcohol may have led to FSU fraternity pledge's death, police say
09:31:24p Gun-Related Deaths in America Keep Going Up
09:31:29p National says longer paid parental leave good for mothers and babies
09:31:40p Tip Top Australia drivers at breaking point over pay cuts, severe fatigue
09:31:59p Paradise Papers leak From the Queen to Bono, the highest-profile names revealed
09:32:10p LNP pledges new offence of domestic violence, crackdown on school truancy
09:32:33p Texas mass shooting leaves 26 dead at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church
09:32:44p Trump/Russia, the latest
09:33:45p Men Shoot and Chase Down Kill Sutherland Springs Massacre Killer
09:35:18p Police identify 36 bodies of fireworks explosion victims
09:35:28p Ever wondered what the Prime Minister's office looks like?
09:35:56p Viewers can vote on student education videos on programs
09:36:24p In 10th week, Menendez bribery trial goes to jury
09:36:39p How President Trump’s Response to the Texas Church Shooting Compares to Past Attacks
09:36:43p Tax Q&A Mortgage Interest Deduction And Other Matters
09:37:23p Ex-FBI Director Comey Tweets As Himself After Revealing Secret Account
09:38:25p MetService warns to avoid travel as severe weather approaches
09:38:54p Sirius XM launches 'Billy Graham Channel' for Graham's 99th birthday
09:39:11p Canadian national named as Waitotara car crash victim
09:39:17p Discovery Middle School shooter ordered to pay victim’s family
09:39:23p Elton John makes surprise performance
09:40:10p Raiders Team Grades Oakland Picks Up Big Rebound Win Over Dolphins
09:40:18p Huntsville Animal Services Free adoptions for senior pets through Nov.
09:40:39p Vuln Avaya IP Office Contact Center CVE-2017-11309 Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
09:40:54p Capturing tender moments as a funeral photographer
09:41:27p Rockridge BART Carjacking Suspect Arrested
09:42:06p AP says 1 complaint filed against Oreskes by employee
09:42:14p Select committee changes 'anti-democratic' Bill English
09:42:45p 70 Pounds Of Meth, 2 Pounds Of Heroin Seized In SFPD Bust
09:42:51p Some 90s kids predicted their lives in 2017. They were mostly right
09:44:22p Symantec Endpoint Protection CVE-2017-6331 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
09:45:41p Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager CVE-2017-13681 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
09:45:59p AP FACT CHECK Trump on 'phenomenal' economy, auto trade
09:46:10p Police officer charged with stealing from charity raffle
09:46:52p Avaya IP Office Contact Center CVE-2017-11309 Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
09:47:19p 49ers Team Grades SF Drops To 0-9 With Uninspiring Performance Against Arizona
09:47:30p Injustice 2 PC Release Date Announced, Open Beta Begins Today
09:48:11p UN meeting in Dubai to examine crucial role of space for development
09:48:15p McCain treated for torn Achilles tendon
09:48:28p AP PHOTOS Surge in homelessness overwhelms West Coast towns
09:48:40p Amish working with town to improve safety for buggies
09:48:45p 'Hi Sweeties' Paula Bennett lampoons satirist in carpool clip
09:48:54p Kentucky accuses Endo of contributing to opioid epidemic
09:50:17p What We Know About the Murderer in Texas Who Killed 26 Innocent People
09:50:36p Legislators push Airbnb to crack down on listings and release data
09:50:40p Daycare operator pleads no contest to baby's Benadryl OD
09:50:59p Fox cancels airing of ad saying Trump should be impeached
09:51:41p Family to get in crash involving 'Melrose' actress
09:53:01p Live Melbourne Cup day has arrived at Flemington
09:53:08p VIDEO CHP Crew
09:53:35p 2 Men Recall Chasing Down Texas Church Shooter
09:53:44p Musicians React To Mass Shooting At Texas Church
09:54:10p Gay Rights and Pro-Life Groups Oppose the Republican Tax Plan for the Same Reason
09:55:07p Fulton Manor in Grand Rapids preparing to close
09:55:15p Arrowverse Wentworth Miller Exiting Captain Cold Role
09:55:27p Arkansas finds improper spending; takes over school district
09:55:35p The LatestPastor's wife daughter died with 'church family'
09:55:43p DC's Shazam! Movie Casts Its Billy Batson
09:56:07p Billings Slick Street Policy in effect
09:57:02p Russia deal on a backburner as Peters heads to Apec
09:57:29p Controversial data-for-funding plan scrapped
09:57:50p London life laid bare in rubbish along the Thames
09:58:04p Police say hunter shot at while walking into woods
09:58:13p Kent, 7 other counties using new voting machines Tuesday
09:58:40p Viewsnight 'Bad language is actually good for us'
09:59:53p 2017 likely to be one of the hottest years on record
09:59:59p Paid parental leave Dad leaves job after snarky comments
10:00:03p Are You Ready for Election Day? Test Your Knowledge With This Fun Word Game
10:00:08p Tina O'Brien, Lucy Fallon and Jennifer Metcalfe lead style stakes at Inside Soap Awards
10:00:32p Sutherland Springs Pastor's wife speaks after Texas massacre
10:00:51p Zara working on 'hardship fund' for unpaid Turkish workers
10:01:03p Residents Monitor Cracks In Sinking Millennium Tower Basement
10:01:06p Comcast internet customers impacted by widespread outage
10:01:11p Voters say they’re voting for Democratic candidates in midterms
10:01:16p Official report into helicopter pilot William Andrews' death 'purely speculation'
10:01:28p Tower terminates Vero deal
10:01:52p Here's One Reason Flu Vaccines Are So Lousy They're Grown in Eggs
10:02:12p 360-degree tour Tiny home community opens in NOLA
10:02:16p COP23 kicks off with distinctive Pacific flavour
10:02:45p Wage by age How much should you expect to earn at your current age?
10:02:49p Police, information ministry to investigate Whatsapp pornographic content
10:03:39p Fears over extended paid parental leave for small businesses
10:04:04p Teachers-union ally bashes council speaker candidates over charter ties
10:04:20p What in the World Is This? Weird, Amazing Image Goes Viral
10:04:44p France opens investigation into new Charlie Hebdo threats
10:04:50p California inmates escape from court, considered dangerous
10:05:12p Catalonia faces 10 percent tourism hit in fourth quarter
10:06:07p Debunked America's biggest gun control myth
10:06:13p SchedMD Slurm CVE-2017-15566 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
10:06:46p Mumps outbreak Vaccination catch-up campaign floated for 10-29 year-olds
10:07:24p 2 men in a truck chase down Texas church shooter 'Let's go'
10:07:43p Vuln SchedMD Slurm CVE-2017-15566 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
10:07:47p KY man sentenced to 20 years for sex abuse
10:07:57p Disney has held talks to buy Fox entertainment assets
10:08:03p If Trump's Blaming Mental Health, Why Did He End This Gun-Check Rule?
10:08:13p New York Fed chief to retire next year
10:09:12p Egypt opposition lawyer announces 2018 presidential bid
10:09:16p Midfield Terminal Airport set to open in 2019
10:09:25p Nancy Friday, author of 'My Secret Garden,' dead at 84
10:10:07p Fox boosted by reports of Disney talks
10:10:20p Arthritis and colder weather
10:10:25p There’s Now an App That Tells You If McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Is Broken
10:10:58p Building a 5G behemoth Broadcom bids for Qualcomm
10:11:58p Growing homeless camps contrast with West Coast tech wealth
10:12:02p Editorial New PM does well in first outing
10:12:22p Why debt from GOP tax cuts might impose a painful price
10:13:37p Catherine Beard New Government needs to land TPP
10:13:41p Dengue fever – Burkina Faso
10:13:49p The Latest Tourism chief sees 10-12 pct drop in Catalonia
10:13:58p Fitch hired to probe possible New Hampshire voter fraud
10:14:03p 'New Caledonia is France!' Le Pen joins independence debate
10:14:08p The Latest Gunman had been arrested for animal cruelty
10:14:39p Greens meeting to set election date to replace Metiria Turei as woman co-leader
10:14:58p Paradise Papers Apple’s secret tax bolthole revealed
10:15:08p Google Pixel and Nexus Devices Gain November Security Patch
10:15:13p Saudi-led coalition shuts off Yemen ports in response to missile attack
10:15:20p Donald Trump hires 70 foreign workers for Mar-a-Lago
10:15:26p Saudi-Iran Tension Rattles Lebanese Bonds After PM Resignation
10:15:36p UPDATE 1-French mutual banks fail
10:15:40p Poignant images highlight pollution
10:15:44p Petitions filed in Kenya against Kenyatta win in repeat poll
10:15:49p Officials weigh keeping schools open on Jewish holidays
10:16:05p How The Texas Church Shooter Was Able To Purchase A Gun
10:16:09p While some Perth suburbs are struggling post-boom, others are thriving
10:16:48p Jane Kelsey Signing TPPA-11 would break Labour's word
10:16:58p Texas church gunman sent hostile text messages before attack
10:17:17p Mugabe sacks 'disloyal' vice-president
10:17:34p A Rare Bright Spot for Mylan
10:17:52p Miniature bulldog inspires Kevin, the Fragrance, for man's best friend
10:18:20p Coach O 'Danny is our starting quarterback'
10:19:16p A Quarter of Americans Would See Higher Taxes Under the Republican Plan
10:20:18p Dr. Brobson Lutz Time Change and Your Health
10:20:46p The Latest California inmates escape from court with help
10:21:09p Black, queer and female VC founder starts 'own league'
10:21:27p Rumored threat leads to mass absences at Alabama school
10:21:35p Samoa and China deepen economic ties
10:22:20p Herald daily quiz November 7
10:22:29p The Dalai Lama Says Donald Trump’s MAGA Catchphrase ‘Isn’t Relevant’
10:23:04p Bettys, of Harrogate, tells Whitby cafe to drop Fat Rascal name
10:23:13p Cora says opportunity to manage Red Sox is a return home
10:23:24p Miniature bulldog inspires Kevin, the Fragrance, for man's best friend
10:23:52p Attorney Sen. Paul attack was over 'trivial' dispute
10:24:15p Why Texas church shooting isn't labelled terrorism
10:24:20p Asia-Pacific regional consultations on UN strategy for safe migration open in Bangkok
10:24:25p Family heartbroken over 8-year-old's fatal fall through school roof
10:24:34p 2017 set to be among top three hottest years, UN says
10:25:03p Landlord faces hefty bill after rental trashed
10:25:09p Daughter forced to forgo mum's funeral, says she had 'no support'
10:26:31p Picture of rubbish
10:27:00p Marie Harlick murder 'Nothing will bring her back but justice is served'
10:27:51p ELECTION Races and propositions for southern Arizona
10:28:14p A Sunshine Coast dog is the face of a new fragrance for pets
10:28:24p Vet creates dog cologne
10:28:35p Mexico arrests 2 police in killing of US citizen, resident
10:29:10p Orlando tenants feel pinch of rent spike
10:29:43p Wall St hits fresh record, RBA expected to keep rates on hold
10:30:59p ‘The Pain Won’t Go Away.’ Sister of Charleston Shooting Victim Reacts to Texas Attack
10:31:05p LSE has made strong case for Aramco listing UK PM’s spokesman
10:31:46p Horror photos show big cat mauling woman zookeeper
10:32:29p Fort Madison woman arrested on drug charges
10:32:51p End-of-year school pranks escalate
10:33:03p Movies Podcast Thor Ragnarok Spoiler Chat
10:33:35p Truck driver, 73, fortunate to survive 30m bank plunge
10:33:50p Heavy rain, snow and gales to hit the country
10:36:02p Man arrested in videotaped threat to California university
10:36:50p Pink Prosecco-Flavored Cheese Is Here to Satisfy All Your Rose-Colored Food Cravings
10:37:01p India's Businesses Have Lost Confidence
10:37:38p Ex-Lehman CEO hopes investors are willing to forgive and forget
10:38:13p Trump's weakness apparent as Xi's clout becomes clearer
10:38:33p Slain man was shot in back by police, death certificate says
10:38:40p Florida State University Suspends Fraternities and Sororities After Freshman’s Death
10:39:50p The Latest Cruz lauds citizen who confronted gunman
10:39:54p Cool front to arrive late Wednesday
10:40:23p Father and son accused of interfering in homicide investigation
10:41:29p Garvey, Morris, John, Miller on 10-person Hall ballot
10:43:00p 'Exocet' firework wrecks Derby couple's home
10:43:14p Ditto Landing manhunt suspect dies after arrest
10:43:25p Calls for end to Mexico's capture of endangered porpoise
10:43:31p Fights, report of gun fuel panic at Grissom High School
10:44:08p Vuln Symantec Endpoint Protection CVE-2017-13680 Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerability
10:44:52p Mosques across Manchester refused to deal with Salman Abedi's body
10:45:17p Kevin is the inspiration behind the fragrance
10:45:53p Lebanon tries to reassure markets as bond prices fall after PM resigns
10:45:57p Mother's ashes wash up on beach after 15 years, 1,000 miles away
10:46:01p The Latest Pence to visit Texas on Wednesday
10:46:06p The Latest Tax bill in Senate looks largely like House's
10:46:20p Trump urges Native American leaders to start drilling
10:46:25p Police identify 'person of interest' in indecent assaults investigation
10:46:59p Longtime Shreveport firefighter dies; visitation being held today
10:47:19p Yankees' Cashman was concerned with Girardi's 'connectivity'
10:47:27p Stocks rise as oil jumps 2-year high; chipmakers climb
10:47:46p Siemens Gamesa to cut as many as 6,000 jobs
10:47:55p Ivanka Trump touts GOP tax plan
10:48:01p BONOKOSKI PM will likely sleep through Remembrance Day
10:48:05p Cardinal Health Names New CEO
10:48:14p Jury Begins Deliberation In Sen. Menendez Corruption Trial
10:48:48p Security Council considers boost in UN peacekeepers numbers in Central African Republic
10:48:58p Rare 17th century map found in an attic
10:49:48p Woman who gave Trump the finger sacked
10:50:31p Fire destroys Libby lumber mill where 30 worked
10:50:37p 2017 Is Slated to Be in Top 3 Hottest Years of All Time
10:50:46p Violence followed Texas church gunman after high school
10:51:20p Food pantry established in honor of late teacher
10:51:38p VIDEO Man steals car from good Samaritans at ice cream shop
10:51:44p Manasseh Sogavare toppled as Solomons prime minister
10:51:49p Up to offered for info on 'Faceless Bandit' bank robber
10:52:22p Sexual misconduct spotlight shifts from Hollywood to state capitols
10:52:29p Louisiana man in stable condition after detective shoots him
10:52:45p Daycare Operator Kills Baby with Overdose of Benadryl
10:53:02p US resumes 'limited' visa services to Turkish citizens
10:53:38p All Souls Procession brings strangers together to mourn
10:54:51p Program helps Army personnel transition to private workforce
10:55:21p Report Disney, 21st Century Fox discussed possible mega-deal
10:55:42p Online visa move sparks overstayer warning
10:56:02p Broadcom's Very Risky Bet on Qualcomm
10:56:06p The Latest Trump taking hard line on North Korea
10:56:42p Tragedy Comes To A Small Church In A Small Town
10:56:52p Urgent need for sexual health services on Ambae
10:57:15p The Science Behind Why We Can't Look Away From Tragedy
10:57:38p 'Something Is Wrong On the Internet'
10:57:45p The Commission Opening What to expect
10:57:57p Largest Fentanyl seizure in MO was during traffic stop in New Madrid Co.
10:58:46p China is Finally Going After Click Farms and Fake Online Sales
10:58:55p Speaker blames Dems for no-fault reform failure
10:59:00p Far North intermediate school uses 'forbidden' name linked to child tragedy
10:59:04p Watch live MPs sworn in to 52nd Parliament
10:59:49p Samoa population edges towards 200,000
10:59:53p Dog in critical condition after bear encounter
11:00:06p Mother's ashes wash up on beach after 4 years, 1,000 miles away
11:00:23p Shuaa reports net profit for third straight quarter
11:00:53p Police Louisiana man found dead of apparent gunshot wounds
11:00:57p Salesforce, Google form cloud partnership
11:01:40p Official appointed to lead state for federal Farm Service
11:01:51p Accounts 'largely in line' with forecasts
11:04:02p Tropical Depression Nineteen Forecast Discussion Number 3
11:04:42p Gov. Rick Scott proposes tax holidays, fee cuts
11:05:05p Trump aides called Matt Drudge to see if they would win
11:05:25p Former minister Grace Portolesi expected to run against Xenophon
11:05:40p First woman to beat one of world's toughest climbs
11:07:22p What we know about the rifle used in the Texas church massacre
11:07:56p List Veteran's Day deals across the Chattahoochee Valley
11:08:24p NFL juggles TV lineup so Rams and Chargers won’t clash in L.A.
11:08:32p Child dies after falling through school roof
11:08:46p Public meeting on the Wappapello Lake water control plan
11:08:50p GR church welcomes grieving visitors after Texas attack
11:08:54p Grenfell Tower Taskforce says 320 families are in hotels
11:09:03p Sony pulls festival premiere of 'All the Money,' with Spacey
11:10:48p Report Apple moved offshore billions to new tax havens
11:11:26p The Latest Murder charges filed in fatal Walmart shooting
11:11:35p Report Fusion GPS Paid Reporters to Spread Collusion Claims
11:11:44p Greenville Zoo's youngest giraffe to be transferred to Pennsylvania
11:11:52p Comcast's Xfinity Internet Service Is Down Across the US Update
11:12:01p Israeli viral vaccines co SynVaccine raises
11:12:10p Hunter Valley cleans up after storm destroys roofs, downs powerlines
11:13:06p SIUC studies brainwaves, smoking habits
11:13:27p What Is the Message of Saudi Arabia's Crackdown? watch video
11:14:09p Bernie Sanders slams billionaires over Paradise Papers
11:14:35p Hurricane Irma food stamp sign-up resumes this week in South Florida
11:15:39p Woman and one-year-old child found dead identified
11:15:52p Bossier Parish man accused of sex crimes involving 2 girls
11:16:08p Jury gets Menendez case after lawyers make last arguments
11:16:54p Dump truck, vehicle crash blocking WB exit ramp on I-24 in Trigg Co.
11:17:03p The Latest Trump says he'll 'figure it all out' in SKorea
11:17:25p New faces start to pay dividends with new teams
11:17:47p While some Perth suburbs are battling after the boom, others are thriving
11:18:25p Citizenship debacle could spark more by-elections, Turnbull admits
11:18:30p Fitness instructor guilty of murdering toddler he adopted two weeks earlier
11:18:41p Gas prices could rise 5 to 10 cents a gallon this week, AAA says
11:18:46p Dudley retirement reflects broad turnover of Fed leadership
11:19:34p Trinity man charged with child sex abuse
11:20:03p 2 accused of abusing disabled man, cruelty to animals
11:20:14p Bombardier US trade allies 'have to play by the rules'
11:20:32p 'Robutt' Simulates 10 Years of Butts on Car Seats
11:21:23p Disney Reportedly Held Talks to Buy Fox Film, TV Studios
11:21:29p Fortnite Battle Royale Player Shows Off Rocket Surfing Trick
11:21:42p Here’s the Problem With the White House’s Story on the Papadopoulos Scandal
11:22:17p 2 inmate deaths in a week in New Orleans
11:23:11p Suspects in Cape Girardeau shooting charged with 7 felony accounts
11:23:23p California inmates get help escaping from courthouse
11:23:27p Woman fired for flipping off Trump's motorcade
11:24:09p Judge hints he won't stop polling site software use Tuesday
11:24:16p Google Chrome Portable 62.0.3202.89
11:24:20p Slimjet
11:24:38p May, party leaders agree to tackle sexual harassment with new measures
11:25:08p Mitchell's Fish Market restaurant closes in Winter Park
11:25:23p Lawmaker checks PMA for housing needs
11:25:34p Police find dead body in Farmington park; Woman unidentified
11:25:41p Three dead, two vanished The town where women are disappearing
11:26:35p Nancy Friday, author of once-shocking 'My Secret Garden,' dies at 83
11:27:00p OpenSaveFilesView 1.15
11:27:27p New avocado plants at Leon Collins' Lakeland farm
11:27:34p Govt downplays Bt30-billion claim as Australian firm seeks negotiations to avoid conflict
11:27:48p Proposal targets class size, higher teacher pay
11:28:16p The Latest Prosecutors allege 'infection of fraud' at Pilot
11:28:23p The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases
11:28:40p The Latest Judge won't intervene in North Carolina e-voting
11:29:50p PasswordFox 1.58
11:29:57p Review Kid Rock delivers on strong 'Sweet Southern Sugar'
11:30:04p Tom Brokaw Shamelessly Attacks Woman Of Color Donna Brazile For Exposing Clinton
11:30:09p Health officials intervene as villagers accuse widow of being organ-eating ghost
11:30:22p Two children sue over Trump effort to roll back Clean Power Plan
11:30:49p 4,500 homes may come to brand-new Florida city
11:30:57p Flags lowered to half-staff at Sikeston schools for TX shooting victims
11:31:58p Indicted Phoney porn producer tricked minors into sex 'auditions'
11:32:09p Florida professor gets death threats for KKK flag artwork
11:32:16p Trump calls attackers 'deranged' but mental health link weak
11:32:40p People on the move 11/07
11:33:31p GOP Tax Plan 'You Lose These Popular Deductions, But Can File On A Postcard!'
11:33:39p Tropical Depression Nineteen Wind Speed Probabilities Number 3
11:34:10p ‘He needed to be stopped,’ says man who pursued Texas gunman
11:35:50p Bucs' QB Winston out at least 2 weeks with shoulder injury
11:35:57p Korean Consulate funds dosirak lunch box meals to feed hungry Kiwi kids
11:36:10p Russian lawyer from Trump Jr. meeting would testify
11:36:16p Rag & Bone joins ‘Star Wars The Last Jedi’ adventure
11:36:25p Congress opens door to nixing ObamaCare mandate in tax bill
11:36:54p FileZilla 3.29.0
11:37:51p Social media can help boost weight loss success
11:39:16p Judge to rule on suit against former Alabama governor
11:39:34p Kitchen oven causes Friday fire at home on East Loyola
11:39:45p Jury hears closing arguments in case of killer 'commanded by God'
11:40:17p Wall Street hits record high as investors eye mergers
11:40:38p Bernie Sanders' stepdaughter considers run for mayor
11:40:49p Driver who chased down Texas church shooter ‘Let’s go’
11:41:52p Vacant homes get face lift for families in need
11:42:17p EventSentry Light
11:42:39p Zoom Player Max 14.0.0 RC 1
11:42:44p 'Unboxing' this year's hot toy the LOL Big Surprise
11:45:01p Lubbock County Sheriff's Office searching for Dollar General robbery suspects
11:45:06p Judge denies North Carolina's challenge of election software
11:45:11p Melbourne Cup 2017 Meet the jockeys
11:45:19p Texas shooting
11:45:24p Govt hit by lawsuit over flood toll
11:45:28p A trial Maluma avocado at Leon Collins' Lakeland farm
11:45:32p Benguet asserts claim on NCC
11:45:39p Verizon and Comcast are working to prevent state-level net neutrality rules
11:45:53p NetSpot for Windows 2.7.1
11:46:21p Juvenile in custody after officer shot in Portsmouth
11:46:46p Governor Bullock calls special session
11:47:09p Cool weather allows Mammoth to make snow after weekend storms come up short
11:49:49p Fed leadership overhaul widens under Trump
11:50:15p Wentworth Miller is Exiting the Arrowverse IGN News
11:50:19p GPU-Z 2.5.0
11:50:23p How was the Texas gunman able to buy a firearm?
11:51:30p Advance, MO church reacts to church shooting in Texas
11:52:00p Disney, 21st Century Fox have been in takeover talks report
11:52:12p Andrea and David Evans
11:52:19p Brown-Forman, Supplies Over Seas partner to send supplies to Puerto Rico
11:52:23p Mike Evans suspended for hit on Marshon Lattimore
11:52:32p NZ govt's operating deficit in line with expectations
11:52:56p Attorney for man accused of assaulting Rand Paul issues statement
11:53:01p 'Callous act' Woman in serious crash robbed
11:53:20p The Latest US flag upside down at home of victims' family
11:54:03p Live Gates open for Melbourne Cup day at a gloomy Flemington
11:54:28p Wave streetcar's high construction bids rejected
11:54:33p QuickTextPaste 3.73
11:54:38p Paradise Papers Leak Reveals Apple's Secret Tax Bolthole
11:54:44p Lamborghini and MIT team up on battery-free electric supercar
11:54:49p FBI reviewing sexual harassment claims at Kentucky Capitol
11:55:10p Fact check Trump and the not-so-middle-class tax cut
11:55:25p Kidnapped British aid worker Ian Squire killed, three others released
11:55:51p Queensland farmer Leon Collins at his Lakeland farm
11:56:20p Netflix subscribers targeted in scam
11:56:32p More Wells Fargo workers allege retaliation for whistleblowing
11:57:49p Family of slain Texas Tech officer expresses gratitude to Lubbock, El Paso
11:57:58p Black, queer and female VC founder starts her 'own league'
11:58:03p Why you should care about the beef industry's new biosecurity strategy
11:58:13p Vehicle connected to search for missing teen located in Portland
11:58:22p Area schools take top 3 spots in 1A State Marching Band contest
11:59:17p 21st Century Fox shares soar after report of sale talks with Disney
11:59:26p Alec Baldwin says Melania Trump is a fan of ‘SNL’