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12:09:11a 30 in 2030 A Generation Creating Change

12:09:21a As Earth Warms, Human History Is Melting Away
12:13:53a Nike Files For 'Virtual Goods' Trademarks In Shoes, Apparel
12:17:54a Sliwa tries voting with cat...
12:20:51a 30 in 2030 Coming of Age During a Pandemic
12:23:33a GR Community Master Plan update underway
12:51:02a Local veterans grapple with US's longest war and chaotic ending
12:51:50a World leaders pledge to end deforestation by 2030
01:06:46a 'Destructive' Cyberattack Hits National Bank of Pakistan
01:12:13a Mounting criticism, lawsuits over practices...
01:18:08a DEM DOWN IN VA
02:01:35a No injuries after crash involving school bus near Holland
02:28:08a CDC Recommends COVID-19 Vaccine for Younger Children
02:28:56a Survey Majority of Americans Now Oppose Black Lives Matter Movement
02:33:25a Poll Watchers Flood Virginia as GOP Raises Doubts About ‘Election Integrity’
02:36:24a Independents, Who Backed Biden By 19 points, Turn Away...
02:45:46a The Bob Cesca Podcast Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence
02:47:55a BOTH parties win special election for OH House seats...
02:57:10a Minneapolis voters REJECT ballot question to replace Police Dept...
03:16:29a RESULTS NJ Gov. Race MUCH CLOSER than expecteed... Developing...
03:32:01a 'I have had white liberals talk down to me'...
03:32:42a Sliwa tried voting with cat...
03:46:57a Bragg Elected Manhattan's First Black DA, Will Take Over Probe Into Trump...
03:52:28a Virginia meet your new Lieutenant Governor!
03:59:38a Inside the election process with Kent County officials
04:19:31a SNAP Middle Scho
04:26:15a Dow Jones Newswires China’s services activity maintains robust growth in October
04:33:29a IPO Report Allbirds prices IPO at a share, valuing company at billion
04:41:52a 'It is political communalism'
04:45:01a China again demands clarification of US Navy nuclear-sub incident
04:48:01a Russia's security chief, CIA director meet in Moscow
04:56:47a Global COVID-19 death toll tops 5M WHO
05:00:52a Law clarifies family role in education
05:02:42a 1st crown since 1995...
05:04:28a President Xi to address CIIE opening ceremony via video
05:06:20a Atlanta's Braves Win World Series...
05:08:20a Promise of metaverse boosts VR, AR prospects
05:09:18a Dow Jones Newswires Kakaopay has volatile trading debut in South Korea after IPO
05:18:49a ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming steps down as chairman reports
05:20:57a Oil prices settle mixed ahead of OPEC+ meeting
05:37:50a UN chief speaks highly of Xi's proposals
05:39:20a China to strengthen IPR support in new fields
05:45:47a Chinese premier urges efforts to foster, strengthen market entities
05:52:31a Festival celebrates China-Africa ties
05:53:47a Republican Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor Race
06:24:18a Restaurant Week GR starts Friday
06:35:38a Minneapolis Votes to Keep Its Police Department
06:50:52a Nintendo To Make 20% Fewer Switch Consoles Due To Chip Crunch
07:09:55a Zuckerberg's Meta Endgame Is Monetizing All Human Behavior
07:11:55a What Democrats Need to Learn from Youngkin’s Win in Virginia
07:33:08a Eric Adams Wins Mayoral Race in New York City and Calls for Unity
07:40:02a US-31 bridge construction causes headaches for drivers
07:43:22a US Charging Infrastructure Is Outpacing Forecasts, Study Finds
08:04:14a Kristen Stewart Is Engaged to Dylan Meyer After Two Years Together
08:49:59a 'India and China don't want to go to war'
09:13:20a Ford's New Custom Electric Pickup Truck Is a Blast From the Past
09:26:12a Airtel Digital TV subscribers down 11,000 in 3Q 2021
10:00:39a Broadpeak and Enghouse power MCTV video streaming service
10:05:40a 'Bigg Boss was difficult, uncomfortable'
10:17:49a Xiaomi's linear TV service goes global with Amagi
10:22:43a StarHub TV+ integrates Amazon Prime Video streaming app
10:26:46a Media Calls Virginia Governor's Race For Glenn Youngkin
10:46:55a GR hairstylist opens new curly hair salon
12:36:09p Greenpeace response to the Global Methane Pledge
12:45:39p 'Balding' black holes prove Einstein right again on general relativity
01:08:35p Economic Report Coming up ADP jobs report for October
01:11:18p Treasury starts to reduce borrowing as crisis response to pandemic ends
01:18:44p Pfizer Tells Kids Vax Will Make Them 'Superheroes,' Give Them 'Superpowers'
01:25:55p This mysterious comet's super-bright outbursts have astronomers puzzled
01:36:17p Australia plans to cull over 10,000 wild horses, but scientists say it's not enough
02:06:24p Icy roads cause multiple crashes in West Michigan
02:31:06p 'This election is a 2024 election trailer'
02:35:14p Starbucks to launch a new Almondmilk Latte for the holidays
02:41:14p AmBev upgraded to neutral from underperform at BofA Securities
03:03:27p Bond Report 30-year Treasury yield slips ahead of Fed decision
03:16:32p Podcast Extreme heat, the silent killerWed, 3 Nov 2021 120010 GMT
03:41:56p Giant shark, possibly a megalodon, feasted on this whale 15 million years ago
03:50:36p Biden Administration Blacklists NSO Group over Pegasus Spyware
03:55:50p Deep Dive These are the four solar stocks to own for the long run
04:01:05p Economic Report U.S. economy rebounds as delta fades. ISM survey hits record high
04:02:10p Biden Condemned for Approving Fossil Fuel Lease Sales Amid COP26
04:12:06p Linux Foundation Adds Software Supply Chain Security To LFX
04:14:23p Kleiman v. Wright Billion Bitcoin Case Has Started
04:14:27p Of 35,000 NYPD Officers, Only 34 Were Put on Leave Over Vaccine Mandate
04:15:35p Laying off quarter of staff...
04:16:52p Earthquakes haunt tiny SCarolina community. What's causing tremors?
04:22:49p Chromebooks on 'Massive Downturn' from Pandemic-fueled Heights
04:27:34p Diana Ross teases first music video in decade...
04:29:51p 'Is this really green?' Fight over solar farms in Mojave Desert...
04:31:52p Paul Newman Will Tell Own Story, 14 Years After His Death...
04:33:08p Bed Bath & Beyond’s Stock Surge Revives Meme Stock Mania
04:35:13p Perhaps the beginning of the end of the Trump movement
04:38:29p Shocker shows Trump isn't needed...
04:39:54p The U.S. Risks Catastrophe if It Doesn’t Clarify Its Taiwan Strategy
04:48:26p Manchin positioning for presidential run?
04:48:54p China Latest Outbreak Most Widespread Since Wuhan...
04:54:48p The Real Black Cowboys That Inspired Netflix’s The Harder They Fall
04:55:15p STUDY Breakups More Emotionally Painful For Men...
04:55:36p My Son Knows Exactly How He’ll Mark the Occasion of Getting His COVID-19 Vaccine
04:58:13p Iran says it thwarts U.S. attempt to 'steal' oil in Sea of Oman...
05:00:55p MUSKY MESS SpaceX toilet leak will force NASA astronauts to wear diapers...
05:01:55p Cargo thefts spike as backlog of container ships continues to grow...
05:09:22p Arizona Supreme Court Rules That Mask Mandate Ban Is Unconstitutional
05:10:58p Investors Bet Big on Climate Fight—But Activists Call for Scrutiny of Their Motives
05:11:40p Pak refuses use of its airspace for Srinagar-Sharjah flights
05:21:08p SCOTUS Likely to Allow Challenge to Texas Law, But May Still Overturn “Roe”
05:21:34p Biden returns from Europe to turmoil...
05:28:51p Maine passes nation's 1st 'right to food' amendment...
05:30:06p Small towns have an opportunity in the work from home trend
05:32:26p Iowa dog breeder hoarded 500 sick, malnourished dogs in unsanitary conditions...
05:33:46p Paul Newman’s Recently Discovered Memoir Will Be Published in Fall 2022
05:34:03p Supreme Court to hear biggest gun rights case in decade...
05:41:16p ZILLOW Shares Plunge as Investors Digest Home-Flipping Halt...
05:42:06p Health departments start taking COVID-19 vaccine appointments for kids
05:42:10p In Blow to “Defund” Movement, Minneapolis Residents Vote Against Replacing the City’s Police Department
06:08:17p These 10 Publishers Produce Most of the Climate Lies on Facebook, Study Says
06:08:27p Former 'RUST' crew member speaks out about safety concerns...
06:14:05p NEWSMAX, OAN sued by voting tech firm...
06:16:21p A US Military Jury Is Seeking Clemency for a Guantánamo Detainee
06:18:55p Virginia Gubernatorial Winner Encapsulates the Worst Elements of the Modern GOP
06:21:01p Sanders Slams Democrats’ Tax Break for the Wealthy as “Beyond Unacceptable”
06:23:20p Truck driver on verge of toppling NJ Senate President...
06:33:12p Austin voters reject ballot measure to hire more police officers...
06:35:31p Brain sensor discovery behind humans getting taller...
06:45:18p Violent crime continues to surge city...
07:29:27p Passengers outraged as man caught giving a TATTOO on plane...
07:45:26p Teen Vogue argues for ‘free’ college because college really isn’t worth it 
08:00:42p Brett Arends's ROI Avoid this costly 401 blunder
08:05:14p Cyber Official Warns 'American Way of Life' at Risk From Hackers
08:37:43p Woman's bizarre Covid symptom caused her to strip naked...
08:40:05p China 'wants 1,000 NEW nuke warheads'...
08:41:01p Porn star 'detained' for flashing in front of Kremlin...
08:43:26p There’s Nothing Left to Debate on COVID-19 Vaccines for Kids
08:54:27p Aaron Rodgers under fire for being secretly unjabbed...
08:54:57p WMD Threat Sensors Deployed on Police Vehicles
09:05:00p Pentagon Says China Plans to Expand Nuclear Arsenal Faster Than Expected
09:08:12p Mistakenly Given Adult Doses At Pop-Up Clinic...
09:21:28p CVS to Add Doctors to Payroll...
09:29:53p Traffic light changes aim to ease Grand Haven construction congestion
09:32:12p Alito Asks Why Law-Abiding Citizens Can't Be Armed on NYC Subways...
09:32:20p Supreme Court Appears To Lean Toward Expanding Gun Rights in Pivotal Hearing
09:40:06p Virus can infect inner ear, trigger hearing loss, balance issues...
09:42:37p Family of man dissected at autopsy event says they didn't give consent...
09:47:17p Sabotage led to death?
09:52:46p Liberals suggest party needs to go further left...
09:55:55p COVID-19 Boosters Are Now Recommended for All Eligible Pregnant People
09:56:17p Gun left unattended for 2 hours before fatal shooting...
09:57:39p A Comet May Have Exploded Over Chile 12,000 Years Ago—and it Could Happen Again
10:02:57p Kids' turn arrives for shots...
10:04:53p 7 Resources to Help You Cope With Climate Anxiety
10:09:40p Democrats Say Paid Family and Medical Leave Back in Domestic Policy Bill
10:23:37p Claim that Forum wouldn’t publish vaccine mandate column is completely false
10:33:39p 'Misgoverned' Oregon county votes to explore joining Idaho...
11:03:10p Air Force says nearly 8,500 miss deadline...
11:08:33p The Conversation What the Fed’s taper means for your pocketbook
11:11:10p Math CAN Be Interesting How Imaginary Numbers Were Invented
11:12:50p Microsoft Loop is a Notion Clone for Office Lovers
11:19:15p McDonald's McRib is Now an NFT
11:22:01p The Fed Some puzzles left behind after Fed Chair Powell’s press conference
11:25:32p Earnings Results Booking shares climb higher on more evidence of travel recovery
11:29:06p Restrictions on Faculty Testimony at UF Included Non-Paid Testimony, COVID Protocol
11:30:53p Dow Jones Newswires Hyatt Hotels Q3 revenue more than doubles
11:37:25p Clarifying the Census Bureau's Accounting of 'White' Identity Puts Demographic Change in Perspective
11:46:19p Earnings Results Take-Two stock ticks higher after bookings forecast gets a boost