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12:00:13a US Manufacturers More Cautious on 2012

12:00:19a Pakistan looks to Iran to mitigate energy woes
12:00:25a Russian Writer Facing Trial In Moldova 'Absconds'
12:00:31a The Occupy Wall Street Dream
12:00:36a Pour a bit of Greece in your glass tonight
12:00:42a Bryan and CS Fire Crews Battling Blaze at Highway Six and University Drive
12:00:48a Releasing Depo Would 'Inflame' Public Opinion
12:00:54a Bandit wearing Spider-Man mask foiled by clerks
12:01:00a New Year revellers to leave cash at home as wristband tech arrives
12:01:05a Occupy Wall Street not doing enough to stamp out anti-Semitism
12:01:11a 'Bad luck' generation will be blighted by youth unemployment for several years
12:01:17a AmEx Earnings Beat, Revenue Is on Target
12:01:23a Russian Demonstrators Protest Construction Of New Factory
12:01:29a European Parliament's New Visitors Center Impresses, Sort Of
12:01:35a Hells Angels funeral shooter may be dead
12:01:40a Government Officials Banned From Playing Golf
12:01:46a Parents' Disney World Surprise For Kids Goes Wrong
12:01:52a Smoke prompts Montana mine evacuation, no injuries
12:01:57a Urban Outfitters pulls 'Navajo' name from website
12:02:03a ‘All the Choices We’ve Made Have Been the Right Ones’
12:02:08a Nine-year-old caught 'driving father'
12:02:14a Serbs refuse to remove Kosovo barricades
12:02:20a Downtown Plaza May Get New Name, Owner
12:02:25a Hint of hike in rail fare
12:02:31a AMR Posts Million Loss on Fuel as Cost Squeeze Persists
12:02:37a Diageo uncorks India advisory board for bigger cheer
12:02:43a Courtney Love receives university award
12:02:48a Members Of Sufi Group Jailed In Kazakhstan
12:02:53a Kelie & David
12:02:59a Google Launches Ice Cream Sandwich Update
12:03:04a Thai floods dent confidence in government
12:03:10a Romney Dodges Question About Homosexual Adoption in CNN Interview
12:03:16a Most outrageous sick call excuses
12:03:21a Demi Moore started nude baby bump trend
12:03:26a Civil Hearing In Casey Case Set Today
12:03:32a EU Bank Recap Could Be Under 100 Billion Euros
12:03:38a Social Security pay rises; Medicare costs do too
12:03:44a 'Occupy Cleveland' protester says she was raped
12:03:49a Law aims to give more accurate tally of college costs
12:03:55a Govt faces oil subsidy dilemma
12:04:01a Palin Fiery Debate Did Not Yield GOP Frontrunner
12:04:07a Google co-founder I was wrong about Google+
12:04:12a Sharing Wi-fi Is Easy With Connectify
12:04:18a Apple's earnings miss drags tech stocks lower
12:04:24a Big banks win again in Merle Hazard's The Ballad of Diamond Jim
12:04:30a Family grieves after Brazilian boy's remains found
12:04:35a Police Son calls 911 on drunken mom
12:04:41a Prosecutors in Jackson doc trial could rest case Wednesday
12:04:46a Video Republicans Get Nasty As Showdown Heats Up
12:04:51a Tiny US phone company C Spire is
12:04:57a Commercial lending prospects improving
12:05:02a Trevor & Jessica
12:05:08a Microsoft freezes some Xbox accounts after hack reports
12:05:14a Europe to clamp down on commodity speculators
12:05:19a Marfrig CEO, Wife's Holding Company Boosts Stake to 45%
12:05:25a Britain's FTSE gets debt crisis, earnings fillip
12:05:30a Facebook Changes Inspire More Grumbling
12:05:36a Will deportations erode Obama's Latino support
12:05:41a Kidnapped French woman dies in Somalia
12:05:47a Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek scratch the carpet at Grapevine, TX premiere
12:05:53a Nudism 101 What is a nudist park?
12:05:58a Dr. Dino Pedrone New Book
12:06:04a Irish DPC to investigate Facebook
12:06:10a Is Perry Ready to Lead
12:06:15a Only monkey still missing
12:06:21a PHL Navy apologizes for ramming Chinese ship
12:06:27a Gadhafi trying to recruit fighters
12:06:32a Breast Cancer Awareness A Husband\'s Story
12:06:38a Quartet wants border proposals from Israel, PA
12:06:44a FDA cites dirty equipment in deadly cantaloupe outbreak
12:06:49a Was Declaration of Independence legal
12:06:55a Growth to miss forecast
12:07:01a Science Posse program trains new Wyo. teachers
12:07:29a Former Tacoma officer sentenced to prison in molestation case
12:07:35a Truckie impaled on two-metre high fence
12:07:41a Investors predict carbon tax benefits
12:07:47a Russia presses UN resolution to keep Libyan shoulder-fired missiles from fighters, terrorists
12:07:53a Cuba expects large support in UN against US embargo
12:08:00a Leverkusen fight back to defeat Valencia
12:08:06a Moody's downgrades Spanish banks, regions
12:08:11a Church to host Scandinavian feast
12:08:17a Siemens wins approval for automated vitamin D test
12:08:23a Fitness tips for women Low-calorie desserts
12:08:28a European Banks Vow Trillion in Cuts
12:08:34a France's socialists pin their hopes on a revival of the 'soft left'
12:08:40a Pessimism over Europe drags NZ dollar down
12:08:45a Cuba Needs More Shoulder Prosthesis Implant
12:08:51a PKK kills 24 troops, Ankara sends army in
12:08:56a 'Jewels of France' on display in Calif.
12:09:02a Prosecutor won't appeal Mladic trial decision
12:09:08a James Magnussen Picks Up Cover Honor in November's Swimming World Magazine
12:09:13a Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
12:09:19a Back to basics for Shakhtar after Zenit draw
12:09:25a World Osteoporosis Day Take calcium and Vitamin D
12:09:30a Why the Situation in Spain Is Better Than It Seems
12:09:35a Bradley wins in Bermuda
12:09:41a Palfrey needs one more swim for open-water world record
12:09:46a St. Paul's Cathedral raises doubts over protesters
12:09:52a Facebook opens an HTML5 developer centre
12:09:57a Merkel, Sarkozy meet as ECB's Trichet bids adieu
12:10:03a G.M.A. hires v.p. of health and nutrition policy
12:10:09a Top US delegation to enlist Pakistan's help
12:10:14a Carter, Mitchell back call for ETA to end violence
12:10:20a Fight night fallout begins
12:10:26a Putin pushes for 'Eurasian Union' idea
12:10:31a Struggle against Israel must go on
12:10:37a Europe's leaders take another swing at debt crisis
12:10:42a Standard Poor's downgrades Spain
12:10:48a Low-Carb Diets and the Risk of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
12:10:53a MRI scans useful for monitoring cholesterol therapy
12:10:59a Victory! God Welcome Again at VA National Cemeteries
12:11:05a Greek protest against budget cuts turns violent
12:11:11a Hoffa Mexican Truck Pilot Program Will Be a Repeat Fiasco
12:11:17a Europe signals more sanctions on Tehran
12:11:35a Spain downgrade piles pressure on EU leaders
12:11:40a Essential tremor guidelines should help sufferers
12:11:45a How much Vitamin B-12 knowledge can you store?
12:11:51a Listeria FDA IDs potential factors in cantaloupe outbreak
12:11:56a World Series gets underway in St. Louis
12:12:02a Valverde relief at vital victory
12:12:08a Culture as Tourist Incentive in Cuba
12:12:13a USC Researchers Measure World Series Player Buzz
12:12:19a Woman sexually assaulted in Castro Valley hills
12:12:24a German, French, IMF, ECB leaders meet
12:12:30a Carla Sarkozy Delivers Baby Girl in Paris, Europe 1 Radio Says
12:12:35a Stocks sink on Europe, U.S. data unease, Apple
12:12:41a Fibromyalgia and Exercise Yes, You Can
12:12:47a Amnesty fears for Bahraini teacher after re-arrest
12:12:52a European Stocks Gain on Rescue-Fund Report; Commerzbank Climbs
12:12:58a General Cites Cyber Domain Challenges
12:13:04a Eviction begins at UK's biggest travelers' site
12:13:10a Bronze Plaque Honoring Harvey Milk Stolen From SF Castro
12:13:16a Units in Iraq pick up the pace to turn in property
12:13:22a US President Barack Obama speaks at Fire Station 9 in North Chesterfield, Virginia
12:13:28a Shadowy group says it targets cartel; some in Veracruz are glad
12:13:34a Exercise A little dab will do, if you want to stay healthy
12:13:39a Russia wants missile shield 'thought out' first, then deployment
12:13:45a Oct. 19 allergy forecast
12:13:51a OAS and Trinidad and Tobago Sign Agreement for Upcoming Ministerial Meeting on Public Security
12:13:56a Queen arrives in Australia for 16th visit
12:14:03a 20 Killed in Syria as Thousands Rally for Assad
12:14:08a Gutted Winter Garden restaurant reopens after fire
12:14:34a UCF simulation exhibit opens in Fort Lauderdale museum
12:14:39a U.S. Congresswoman Describes Cuban Children as Dangerous
12:14:45a After 41 your chances of becoming a father 'declines rapidly'
12:15:33a Yatooma wants from city over missing emails in Greene lawsuit
12:15:38a PAGASA Rain threatens North, Central Luzon
12:15:52a Help Build Our Bridges
12:16:03a Hunt on for escaped monkey, wolf in Ohio
12:16:09a Family believes Colo. foster dad had heart attack
12:16:15a Former JetBlue Attendant Sentenced to Probation
12:16:27a 4 quakes rock Mindoro Occidental Phivolcs
12:16:39a Wetzel County Woman Pleads Guilty to Malicious Assault
12:16:44a NDRRMC 3 die, 200 hospitalized due to diarrhea in Sarangani
12:17:17a SIFF expands to four screens, opens new film center
12:17:30a Rains Threaten Coffee Crops
12:17:36a Rick Santorum Herman Cain's Tax Plan Would Be Terrible For Birth Rates
12:17:41a Wenger satisified with 'little step forward'
12:17:47a Disney to mount 'Peter Pan' prequel on Broadway
12:17:53a Barstow teen guilty of second-degree murder
12:17:59a Aristocrat VW project seeking subcontractors
12:18:06a New Water Treatment Plant Coming to Wheeling
12:18:12a Nationwide strike and demonstrations shut down Greece before austerity vote
12:18:18a A Minute With Zachary Quinto and his 'Margin Call'
12:18:24a Winter Festival of Lights to Open Nov. 5th.
12:18:30a 2 feet washed ashore in B.C. identified
12:18:36a Iran slams UN human rights report; attacks US, Britain
12:18:42a Libya forces renew Sirte assault after setback
12:18:47a Icahn pushes for board seats at Commercial Metals
12:18:53a Peace Arch Hospital lottery at risk of losing money
12:18:59a China Attracts More FDI
12:19:11a Zenit earn away draw at Shakhtar
12:19:16a Local City Offered Million For Bigger Landfill
12:19:22a North Dakota's booming oil patch swelling south
12:19:28a Thai Premier Calls for Unity to Fight Flood
12:19:33a The good news is...
12:19:45a Dream Ahead will stand as stud in Ireland and Australia
12:19:50a Carrefour under fire over governance
12:19:56a Letter to the Republican Candidates from a Former Democrat
12:20:02a Hope Solo tangos into fourth on '80s week
12:20:08a Inmate mistakenly released from Miami-Dade Jail is back in custody
12:20:13a China Trims Treasury Position; Investors Doubt Major Sell Trend
12:20:19a Remains Found During Hurricane Cleanup
12:20:25a Sharjah Chamber of Commerce hosts 4th Arab China Businessmen Conference 2011'
12:20:30a Teen girl forced into Renaissance sword battle
12:20:36a Gulfport Music Festival returns through 2016
12:20:41a Garage damaged in fire in Riverview neighborhood of Suffolk
12:20:47a Windows 8 Will Be on Ultrabooks Next Year, Intel Executive Says
12:21:07a Free admission days to national parks announced for 2012
12:21:15a Zach Miller, Max Unger sit out Seahawks practice
12:21:21a Authorities kill 49 exotic animals released in Ohio
12:21:27a I hope you will become martyrs
12:21:32a M.D. Anderson gets check for cancer research
12:21:38a Burj al-Barajneh's Palestinians protest U.S. veto of U.N. settlement resolution
12:21:44a ICRC welcomes exchange of Palestinian, Israeli detainees
12:21:50a Finland to Host Conference for WMD-Free Middle East
12:21:56a World Bank chief Protests reflect anxiety
12:22:02a Oklahoma gas prices Oct. 19, 2011
12:22:08a Bishop says Lebanon values religious diversity
12:22:14a Highlights from the Fed's latest economic survey
12:22:19a In Syria, Can The President Outlast The Protesters
12:22:25a Jubilation as Halifax Shipyard awarded contract
12:22:31a EU bank recap could be under 100 billion euro report
12:22:36a Bahrainis march for reform, voice loyalty to martyrs
12:22:42a Turkey Launches Revenge Attacks on Kurdish Militants
12:22:48a The Clean Air Is Included in the Rent
12:22:54a Report Bruni gives birth to baby girl
12:23:00a New panel formed to regulate Oman job market
12:23:06a Middle East Quartet to press Israelis, Palestinians for border proposals
12:23:12a Cairo seeking EU debt relief for estimated billion
12:23:17a 'Bahrain is recovering', Interior Minister says
12:23:23a North Korea says its system will outlast US capitalism
12:23:29a Local heating, cooling business closes doors
12:23:35a Girlfriend Pleads No Contest in Beating of Man, 77
12:23:40a Moving Up May Bring Down Risk of Obesity, Diabetes
12:23:46a Firefighters Attend Wildfire Academy
12:23:52a EU criticizes Iran for sentences against artists
12:23:58a For Palestinians released in Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, freedom is relative
12:24:08a Are U.S., Israel Behind New Military Malware 'Duqu'
12:24:14a Hezbollah expects 'Imminent Attack' from Israel, report
12:24:20a Vampire stars mystery may have been solved
12:24:26a Medvedev says ruling party will win fairly
12:24:31a Creedmoor-Maha Issues Boil Water Notice
12:24:37a Thousands rally for change in Iraq's Kurdish region
12:24:42a Perry keen to propose flat tax
12:24:48a China looks to Weibo to help good Samaritans
12:24:53a Victorville Sheriff's report
12:24:59a Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again After Violating Probation
12:25:05a Mexican clown convention holds 'laugh for peace'
12:25:11a Fed-up flight attendant gets probation
12:25:17a Saleh wants guarantees before deal
12:25:23a Egypt 'Bloody Sunday' as security forces fire on protesters; journalist and blogger slain
12:25:29a Russia Grapples with a Security Dilemma
12:25:34a Readers agree with us ... for a change
12:25:40a Review of 'I, Psychopath'
12:25:45a Storms shut down Key West schools, flood streets
12:25:51a 'Mad Money Lightning Round' Abbott Labs Shines
12:25:56a Top US delegation to enlist Pakistan's help
12:26:02a Authorities kill 49 animals in Ohio after owner frees them
12:26:08a President Obama visits the Peninsula
12:26:14a IAA Planning and Strategy team take part in Bahrain Excellence workshop
12:26:19a Newly freed Israeli soldier finds himself in spotlight
12:26:25a Harrison County BOE Forming School Bond Community Groups
12:26:31a It's a girl for the Sarkozy family
12:26:37a UPDATE 2-Groupon cutting back size of IPO sources
12:26:43a Three Gorges Dam water level reaches 174.18m during experimental pooling
12:26:49a Teen Safe Driving Competition Assesses Driver Safety
12:26:54a Cystic Fibrosis Drugs on Horizon
12:27:00a Anti-Gadhafi rebels patrol border with Egypt
12:27:05a Iran, Turkey and beyond
12:27:11a Yemen's Saleh wants global guarantees to sign Gulf peace deal
12:27:29a Shia LaBeouf Gets in Street Fight, Anger Problem?
12:27:34a N.C. plans to open new million prison hospital
12:27:40a House guest says he didn't see missing NH girl
12:27:46a Report into undercover police delayed after new allegations
12:27:52a Governor Bentley Visits Foley
12:27:58a Sprucing up in the 'burbs for the World Series
12:28:03a The prayer of Hannah
12:28:09a IQ Scores of Teens May Change Over Time
12:28:15a China Blames Dalai Lama for Wave of Suicides in Tibetan Regions
12:28:21a EMS care in Illinois looking to better equip and train
12:28:27a Schilling asked to lay low after on-line threat offering \'\'assassination reward\'
12:28:32a Monkey with herpes still on loose in Ohio
12:28:38a Research in Motion Unveils Next Generation Mobile Platform BBX
12:28:44a Network For Your Net Worth, Business to Business Trade show, Deborah Tuff Reports
12:28:50a Steering Committee Meeting
12:28:55a Don't mess with N-power Pak, Gen Kayani warns US
12:29:01a The Lemonade Diet Master Cleanser Instructions 101
12:29:07a Thailand flooding may affect computer supplies
12:29:13a Officials push plan to help 'underwater' mortgage holders
12:29:19a Host of NPR Show Also 'Occupy D.C.' Spokeswoman
12:29:24a Judi Dench receives honour in Japan
12:29:30a Social Security Gets a Raise in 2012
12:29:36a Chronic wasting disease found in captive Mo. deer
12:29:42a O'Sullivan will not travel to Australia
12:29:48a Southwest Airlines Offers Fare Sale
12:29:54a EU bank recap could be under 100 billion euro report
12:30:00a NAAMA Decries Violence in Arab Countries Against Volunteer Human Rights Workers and Medical Professionals
12:30:05a Counting down the Huskies No. 7 Scott Suggs
12:30:11a Browns' offense a short story
12:30:17a Seized Frenchwoman died in Somali captivity, France officials say
12:30:23a Starbucks Announces Blonde Roast, To Be Released Next Year
12:30:29a Indigenous protest march reaches Bolivia's capital
12:30:35a Jim and Donna Sinclair talk dirty oil and direct action
12:30:41a Fireproof tents in Arafat
12:31:01a Madinah governor pledges new services to pilgrims
12:31:06a Giving Jeddah a much-needed lift
12:31:14a Ron Paul and Mitt Romney's Nuclear Waste Disposal Plan Free Markets!!!
12:31:20a Greek plan passes first vote
12:31:26a Japan Leading Index On Tap For Thursday
12:31:32a Witness Jackson doctor caused singer's death
12:31:37a Medtronic tests stent for erectile dysfunction
12:31:43a Freed tigers, lions, bears and wolves cause panic in Ohio
12:31:49a Tension mounts in Tunisia ahead of first Arab Spring vote
12:31:55a Cancer and Nutrition Help from Cancer Treatment Centers of America
12:32:00a Lee tells Noda not to forget history
12:32:06a Early morning fire damages Fort Collins home
12:32:12a House guest says he didn't see 11-year-old the night she disappeared in New Hampshire
12:32:18a Some Apple Retail Stores to Close For an Hour on Wednesday
12:32:24a Arab scientists call for joined up development research
12:32:30a Talal calls for greater efforts to fight poverty
12:32:35a Rio Tinto to Buy Canadian Uranium Assets
12:32:41a Australia claim advantage in ODI series
12:32:47a Exploring Oman's forgotten wadi
12:32:53a Jordan's new PM vows to rebuild trust
12:32:58a Korean food festival opens at Jeddah InterContinental
12:33:04a In 1 day, volunteers create family park in Kent
12:33:10a Protesters Invigorated by Show of Public Support
12:33:16a Six American Governors Attend US-China Governors Forum in Beijing
12:33:22a US pulls out stops to press Pakistan into service against Haqqani network
12:33:28a Children, teens in custody in Philadelphia dungeon case
12:33:33a Allegations of Torture in Bahrain
12:33:39a UAW Looks to Chrysler
12:33:45a Furner hopes for injury-free future
12:33:51a UPDATE 2-Costs, Irene hit Cheesecake Factory results
12:33:57a Patio Furniture Gets Invited Inside
12:34:03a Fatah official denies report of agreement with Hamas on holding elections
12:34:08a Derailed train closes state Highway 6
12:34:14a Defense Trade End-Use Monitoring Requirements
12:34:20a Schools Push To Get Kids Reading Well
12:34:26a Currency swap contracts with Japan raised to bln
12:34:31a Shelters sometimes only option for youth in care minister
12:34:37a UPDATE 1-BMW to stay No. 1 in US luxury cars thru '11-exec
12:34:43a Apple loses round in Wall St.'s expectations game
12:34:49a Annuity problems Readers given some advice
12:34:55a Australia Stocks Poised For Weak Thursday Open
12:35:00a XL Pipeline gets support from key Nebraska senator
12:35:06a Middletown's New Acting Police Chief States General Goals
12:35:12a Brazil cuts interest rates again
12:35:17a SA back away from apple quarantine zones
12:35:23a Perdue to check out Duke campus in China
12:35:28a Panasonic to cut plasma TV panel production reports
12:35:34a Medicare costs to offset Social Security hike
12:35:39a Trend Micro Expands Mobile Protection for Android
12:35:45a Surf’s up in 'the Hawaii’ of China
12:35:51a UPDATE 3-Innkeepers ends dispute, to sell hotels for bln
12:35:57a 915-920 Final Stretch Cam Bolder Boulder 2011
12:36:02a Judge revokes Lindsay Lohan's probation
12:36:08a Moody's Threatens Downgrade of France's Triple A Rating
12:36:14a How 'flipping' websites can make you thousands, if not millions
12:36:20a New USAJobs site to get more servers, OPM chief tells labor-management meeting
12:36:26a After criticism, super committee to meet publicly again
12:36:32a eBay reports 14% rise in profits
12:36:37a Nevada GOP nears moving caucuses
12:36:43a Irish finmin says will pass bailout review report
12:36:49a Pizza Inn expands in China; Pie Five leases in Carrollton
12:36:55a Innovation 'must be disruptive'
12:37:00a Why So Few Americans Are Buying Homes
12:37:06a Man Arrested After Screaming On Plane
12:37:11a Obama touts plan's aid for veterans
12:37:27a Biden touts jobs bill at Hill rally
12:37:35a Neanderthals Legs Look Ideal for Steep-Hillside Strolls
12:38:01a More pressure on ombudsman in scripted questions row
12:38:09a The President and the Kardashians
12:38:17a City, County Leaders Outline Plans For Heroin Task Force
12:38:22a Truck rolls onto its side, spills heating oil in Fairbanks
12:38:28a Napolitano Deportation reviews to begin shortly
12:38:46a 'European GPS' set for lift-off
12:38:52a The Two C's of Apple What Would Help Apple Even More
12:38:57a EMS should be an essential service, Etobicoke councillor says
12:39:03a Is America built on a lie
12:39:08a 5 foreigners in courthouse break-in
12:39:13a Carroll says QB decision could take until Sunday
12:39:20a Video Barners & Noble drops DC Comics graphic novels over e-reader flap
12:39:26a US complains to China about Tibetan suicides
12:39:32a Occupy vs the Supercommittee How the Movement Could Soon Impact the Debate
12:39:38a Chrome Gets Text-to-Speech APIs
12:39:43a Wall Street worries about Europe push down US shares
12:39:49a Worldwide ReadWriteWeb Meetup November 15, 2011
12:39:55a Mexican clown convention holds 'laugh for peace'
12:40:00a The Role of Communications in Election Campaigns
12:40:06a Danielle Chiesi Begins Federal Prison Sentence
12:40:13a Frick showcases even more of the luxurious life
12:40:18a Event set to designate golf cart parking space
12:40:24a Groupon scales back IPO valuation Report
12:41:15a Pakistan hopes to join India on U.N. council Reuters India Top News
12:41:20a Quebec premier calls limited corruption inquiry
12:41:25a VMware Moves Deeper into Business Intelligence Virtualization
12:41:31a US Fed survey suggests hazy outlook for economy
12:41:36a Young Indonesians make journey to south Australia
12:41:42a French and German leaders meet as eurozone talks stall
12:41:48a Community involvement strengthens after death of UALR student 19 Oct 2011 200213 GMT
12:41:53a Kurdish PKK kills 24 Turkish soldiers on Turkey's border
12:41:59a Aspira apartment tower put up for sale
12:42:04a Rancho Palos Verdes recognizes new city employee union
12:42:10a Spain extends lead in FIFA world rankings; Canada up to 83
12:42:16a THV in Your Town Batesville Lyon College 19 Oct 2011 194610 GMT
12:42:21a Firefighter called to fire at own home news
12:42:27a Rape suspect in custody after 13-hour search spanning 3 counties
12:42:33a Many miles to the Gallen
12:42:39a Carter struggles on weekends
12:42:44a Woman sacked for refusing to bus to work
12:42:50a Carla Bruni gives birth to Sarkozy's baby girl
12:42:56a What a fight for broadband tells us about democracy
12:43:01a Summing up begins in Kiko murder trial
12:43:07a Amgen laying off about 380 R&D workers
12:43:13a ScreenScape Networks Inc. Chosen One of Canada's Select 'Companies-to-Watch'
12:43:19a Radio host handcuffed after hoax news
12:43:25a 'Man-flu' is real to a fifth of British women
12:43:30a TAVI Outcomes 'Encouraging' Once a Year Is Past
12:43:36a reward offered in case of missing Glendale girl, 5
12:43:42a Can watching Twitter trends help predict the future?
12:43:59a Prices of Coking Coal to Fall Below in 2012
12:44:04a Brutal new Romney ad Rick Perry's a moron
12:44:10a Citigroup to pay nearly million to settle SEC suit
12:44:15a Ontario taxpayers demand that abortion be defunded
12:44:21a Lincoln's Lessons for Obama
12:44:26a Petaluma mayor starts treatment for cancer
12:44:31a French first lady has baby girl source
12:44:37a Occupy Petaluma protest planned for Oct. 29
12:44:43a UNSC discusses piracy in Gulf of Guinea Thaindian News
12:44:48a Perry Floats 'Flat Tax' Idea
12:44:54a American Airlines parent reports loss in third quarter
12:45:00a Pilot blown off stairs
12:45:05a Sacramento Suspends Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits
12:45:11a World Population Close to Reaching 7 Billion Yahoo! News Science
12:45:17a Bon Jovi Bares 'Soul' in New Restaurant
12:45:23a Euro Erases Gain as France, Germany Dispute ECB Role in Bailout
12:45:28a Mediators want border proposals Blair
12:45:34a Iran UN human rights expert concerned over judicial abuses UN UN News
12:45:40a Video Most Americans support 99 percent movement
12:45:45a Monsanto sprouting a produce-seed line
12:45:51a Shoot-to-kill hunt as beasts run wild
12:45:57a Apps help parents keep track of children on Halloween
12:46:03a Nurse's death 'a contract killing'
12:46:08a Mixed response to new new Game Council
12:46:14a Video GOP freshmen face angry town halls
12:46:20a Rick Perry Details Economic Growth Package
12:46:26a New home construction jumps 15% in September
12:46:32a Freed prisoners trickle away from Israel
12:46:37a Video Power couple Michelle Obama joins president on tour
12:46:43a Ship debris hits Boy beach
12:46:49a Gallen is happy to be Todd's minder
12:46:55a Video Winners and losers of Thursday's debate
12:47:01a Video Obama, GOP at war over jobs bill
12:47:07a U.S. solar manufacturers seek duties against China
12:47:12a Injured All Black says weekends are toughest
12:47:18a Study predicts less severe Great Lakes water loss
12:47:24a Zanesville, Ohio Hunt for Escaped Exotic Animals
12:47:30a Video When Republicans attack
12:47:36a Video Taste-testing Cain's pizza
12:47:41a Chomsky offers charged picture of Middle East
12:47:47a New AHEPAHOUSING.ORG Website Makes Search for Affordable Senior Housing Simple
12:47:53a Video Has the fringe taken over the GOP?
12:47:59a Video Fixing the vote?
12:48:05a Roaming charges ring up a bill
12:48:10a Further austerity measures approved in Greece
12:48:16a 4 Sought In Manteca Liquor Store Robbery
12:48:21a Fusing Yoga With Martial Arts
12:48:27a Video The future of Occupy Wall Street
12:48:33a Video Feisty exchanges at GOP debate
12:48:39a Truck driver apologies to family of five victims killed in Calgary crash
12:48:44a World Bank chief urges 'definite steps' by Europe
12:48:50a Rapper T.I. turns novelist with 'Power & Beauty'
12:48:55a Bank's Bean sees hope for consumers
12:49:01a Victim's Family Seeks Charges In Stabbing Case
12:49:07a Bush visit prompts Surrey RCMP to beef up security
12:49:13a Web hyperlinks aren't publication of defamatory text, court rules
12:49:18a Toronto transit agency votes to bring in drug testing for staff
12:49:24a Couple In Northwest Killing Spree Arraigned
12:49:30a Parents' website to rate schools
12:49:36a Time to panic in Montreal after Habs slow start
12:49:42a Nail salon catfight puts boss in hospital
12:49:48a New Haven gun raids target 24 suspects
12:49:53a Police Armed Man Robs Davis 7-Eleven
12:49:59a EUROPE STEPS UP Policymakers Move Towards a Solution
12:50:05a Colombia inundated with floods after deluge
12:50:11a Jets play first Canadian road game against Leafs on TSN
12:50:17a Toronto man charged in four murders
12:50:23a UPDATE 2-EU raids banks in lending rates probe
12:50:28a Vancouver mayor will halt expansion of gambling if re-elected
12:50:34a Charest limits scope of Quebec corruption probe
12:50:40a Federated Media Lands Deal
12:50:46a Halifax, Vancouver win Ottawa’s shipbuilding sweepstakes
12:50:52a Ponder takes over at QB in Minnesota, replaces McNabb
12:50:58a How to safari Canada-style
12:51:03a Singo and his technicolour Bellevue
12:51:09a Beck in, Grossman out
12:51:15a Is Weight Loss Contagious?
12:51:20a Rugby statue presented to Canterbury
12:51:26a Hearing into soldier's suicide to start in February
12:51:31a France must face All Blacks without fear
12:51:37a Technologies for the City of Tomorrow
12:51:42a Witness Jackson doctor caused singer's death
12:51:48a Chelsea a class apart, says Genk's Been
12:51:54a Video Social Security goes up
12:51:59a Balinese dance show set for Oct
12:52:05a Protesters happy to share square with revellers
12:52:11a City of Ottawa transit commission puts a limit on bus bays
12:52:17a Riverside Arts Market no more diesel fumes
12:52:23a Ottawa clinic infection scare a 'wakeup call'
12:52:29a Climate change migration warning
12:52:35a Labour vows to eradicate homelessness
12:52:40a Video Adios, GOP
12:52:46a Chandler man who burned son over bible sentenced
12:52:52a Waitrose 'to create 1,500 jobs'
12:52:58a Senate committee to probe Canada-U.S. price gap
12:53:03a Urban Outfitters pulls 'Navajo' name from website
12:53:09a Crown sums up in murder trial
12:53:14a Work begins on 'Extreme Makeover' homes in Joplin
12:53:20a Saskatoon ranks 3rd among Canada's top ‘entrepreneurial’ cities
12:53:36a GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares lower, euro capped ahead of Europe summit
12:53:42a Africa, E. Europe gain on World Bank pro-business list
12:53:47a Telegraph Brewing Wins Two Medals at the Great American Beer Festival
12:53:53a WSJ Microsoft part of group 'mulling' purchase of Yahoo!
12:53:59a Titanic memorabilia up for auction
12:54:06a Business groups blast Cain's 9-9-9 plan as job killer
12:54:12a ALP carbon tax spin unit revealed
12:54:18a Colourful bunch of natives
12:54:24a Wallabies go gaga for Lomu
12:54:29a Free Sample of Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner
12:54:35a ASX query on surge in Gunns shares
12:54:41a Jake Tapper Asks Obama AboutFast And Furious In UnairedPortion Of Interview
12:54:46a Clinton pledges more supportfor Libyan revolutionaries
12:54:52a Zoo animals spark panic, police hunt
12:54:57a Sharks happy for Carney to drink
12:55:03a Stunning turnaround in cattle welfare
12:55:08a Conman fools buyer with cheap iPads
12:55:14a RAAF fighters to boost firepower over Perth
12:55:20a Obama says his gray hair is from genes, not pressure
12:55:25a Norfolk school guard uses pepper spray to end fight
12:55:31a Aussie selectors stick with Cooper
12:55:36a As Gov. Christie's national profile rises, out-of-state donations help fill N.J. GOP coffers
12:55:42a Cautious profit outlook hitsEbay shares
12:55:48a BioMimetic gets Australian approval for graft technology
12:55:53a UN human rights expert concerned over judicial abuses
12:55:59a Residents provde Cairns Regional Council with vision for the future
12:56:04a Kent Guinn Elected New Mayor Of Ocala
12:56:09a Leigh notches one visit to Jervis Bay
12:56:15a Kibaki honours Mboya to mark Heroes' Day
12:56:20a PM messes up royal reception
12:56:26a Turkey pushes into Iraq after Kurd militant raids kill 24 troops
12:56:32a Ban and Nobel Peace Prize laureate discuss human rights situation in Yemen
12:56:38a Council power play stalls work on Cairns Entertainment Precinct
12:56:43a Forgotten veterans speak of promises of comfort
12:56:49a Insanity plea possible in fetal-abduction case
12:57:03a Liberia Elections Mano River Union Commends NEC
12:57:15a Kevorkian's estate, Mass. museum feud over artwork
12:57:25a Breakthrough in malaria vaccine
12:57:31a Kenya's ministers recount escape from Al-Shabaab attack
12:57:36a Ruto taken through cleansing ceremony at Koitalel shrine
12:57:42a Google unveils new mobile search, ad formats
12:57:48a Retail Trade Sales Increase in August
12:57:54a Soccer Bosses Apologize to Nation
12:57:59a Our Blog Network 10.19.11
12:58:05a KIA bracelets on, sleeves down for Marines
12:58:11a German satellite hurtling toward earth, could crash Friday
12:58:16a Food Mission Broadened in Venezuela
12:58:22a any info on big change that Dale Farm eviction led by cops?
12:58:30a Bank earnings don't bode well for the economy
12:58:36a Silver Lake, Microsoft and Canada Pension Plan Mull Bid for Yahoo
12:58:53a Turkey And Iran The End Of The Affair
12:58:59a Miami pastor accused of fondling boy in car
12:59:04a Bar challenges Ohio smoking ban
12:59:10a Miami lawyer charged in mortgage fraud scheme
12:59:16a Zuma Strikes Back Over Controversial Oil Deals
12:59:21a VFW hall in Indiantown hit hard by tornado
12:59:28a I did not blame Kibaki for poll chaos, says Raila
12:59:33a Immigrants' language gains tied to better health
12:59:39a Colombia Journalist given 20-month suspended prison sentence on defamation charge
12:59:45a Comment of the Day How to Fix Mitt Romney We Read You
12:59:50a US secret agent tells Bout trial of weapons list
12:59:56a Democrats MIA on Obama's Virginia swing
01:00:02a Quebec cyclist Papillon banned 2 years for doping
01:00:08a Assemblywoman Butler to hold small businesses town hall meeting
01:00:14a Presidency Refuffs Odinga Claim on Polls Violence
01:00:19a Green County Humane Society Raising Money For New Facility
01:00:25a Coldplay, Norah Jones Say Goodbye to Steve Jobs Apple
01:00:30a Happy birthday, Cord Cutters!
01:00:36a Palestinians, Israelis mull gains after landmark swap deal
01:00:41a Yemen's President Demands Foreign Guarantees for Power Transfer
01:00:47a The Downsizing of Mandy Moore Trade Roundup
01:00:52a Dalene Carlson's Death Ruled A Homicide
01:00:58a Govt 'cheeky' on funding announcement
01:01:04a Summary Box Thailand Flooding Could Affect PCs
01:01:09a Lies, damned lies and statistics in Mexico's drugs war?
01:01:15a Haiti new government takes office
01:01:21a IBM fails to keep Oz harassment case under wraps
01:01:26a Teen found guilty of aggravated murder in stabbing, beating
01:01:32a Nile Breweries to Sponsor Bombing Orphans
01:01:37a The no of things
01:01:43a Oregon pair plead not guilty in Everett slayings
01:01:49a AFRL develops 'snubber' to prevent engine damage
01:01:54a Man convicted of Oak Harbor rapes released in Marysville
01:02:00a What Lindiwe Mazibuko Represents
01:02:06a Google co-founder 'pretty happy' in stealth role
01:02:11a Hospice of the Comforter exec files whistle-blower suit
01:02:17a Why were Brazil's booming banks not able to avert a workers strike
01:02:23a Venezuela to Attend UNASUR Judicial Power Summit
01:02:29a Experts Unclear whether use of Ohio grandma OK/
01:02:35a French hostage dies in Somalia
01:02:41a Emerton fit, Cole out for Sydney FC
01:02:46a Chile?s Parque Arauco Gains First Day in Four on CEO Succession
01:02:52a Charting a different course
01:02:58a Gold production down at Newcrest
01:03:04a Toronto police face budget cut
01:03:10a Christiana Love pregnant for another man husband
01:03:16a UN approves emergency grant for El Salvador as floods ravage Central America
01:03:22a Gillard seizes on climate investors report
01:03:28a Gas supplies from Egypt resume
01:03:34a Radiotherapy after lumpectomy has breast cancer benefits
01:03:40a Sequoyah High is told to allow a gay-straight alliance
01:03:46a Gored Spanish bullfighter vows to return
01:03:52a Killer allegedly overpowers prison guard on trip
01:03:58a Amazon protesters reach Bolivian capital
01:04:03a Continent's income to triple, extreme poverty gone by 2060
01:04:09a City Council open to Mayor Alvin Brown's reorganization plans
01:04:15a Series of earthquakes strike Big Island of Hawaii
01:04:21a 2 teen girls die after being hit by train in Uta
01:04:27a 'Valley Girl' Shakes Up Tech Interviews
01:04:32a 'Serious' rights violations persist in Myanmar UN
01:04:38a IPhone's New Host ...Isn't T-Mobile
01:04:43a Jordan medics provide treatment to 600,000 Gazans
01:04:49a Archaic Paint Kits in African Cave Suggest Early Humans Planned Ahead
01:04:55a Southwest flight makes emergency landing in Texa
01:05:13a Europe's Occupy Wall Street Pokes At Anti-Capitalism Nerves
01:05:21a Defense Ministry claims 'misquoted' over order to withhold pay
01:05:34a 'It's not over until it's over'
01:05:41a 'Natural' diet pills tainted with banned drug
01:05:47a Woman stabbed in arm walking down street
01:05:53a Poll indicates SP candidate to win French 2012 presidential election
01:05:59a Kevorkian Auction Dispute
01:06:05a Asian shares lower, euro capped ahead of Europe
01:06:10a French feminists say 'au revoir' to mademoiselle
01:06:16a International Bazaar Tenants Association to host 2nd Annual Bazaar Treat Explosion
01:06:22a Lake Worth mom charged with living with 10 kids in filth
01:06:28a NASA postpones climate satellite launch to Oct 28
01:06:33a Tom Walsh UAW deals a test of whether Detroit Three revival has legs
01:06:39a Libya horror marks failure for the West
01:06:44a UN stresses need for improved methods to measure desertification and poverty
01:06:50a Leverkusen secure victory, Dortmund suffer devastating defeat
01:06:55a French writer won't pursue DSK in civil case
01:07:01a Copper Cellar restaurants donate money to American Cancer Society
01:07:06a UN expert calls for two-pronged approach to end food crisis in DPR Korea
01:07:12a On Location In Bordeaux, a Garage Converted to a Bachelor Pad
01:07:17a Soldier f
01:07:23a 7,000 confirmed cases in Bahamas
01:07:28a Dstv Partners Uganda Telecom
01:07:34a Grand Bahamians respond TO...BJ Nottage claim that FNM is responsible for crime
01:07:40a Individuality Questioned in 'A Number'
01:07:45a Making parents more accountable
01:07:51a Democratic Republic of Congo Headquarters of private media outlet attacked
01:07:57a Where all eyes are on the might of Mont Blanc
01:08:02a Turn in guns, no questions asked
01:08:08a Minister Blames Road Crashes On Poor Driving
01:08:13a Mother still has hopes of her daughter's return
01:08:19a Breast Cancer Awareness for Pets
01:08:25a Yemen's President Demands Foreign Guarantees for Power Transfer
01:08:31a Attorney charged in Versailles mortgage fraud
01:08:37a Sarkozy flies in for emergency euro talks to cement rescue deal
01:08:42a Concussion Protection Claims Cause Concern for Rockefeller
01:08:48a US building secret drone bases in Horn of Africa and Arabian peninsula
01:08:54a Four teens charged over Halloween death
01:09:00a Rep. Hahn gives first State of the Region address
01:09:05a Thursday's police log Harbor Area
01:09:11a Fall of Gaddafi's Sirte stronghold now 'very close'
01:09:17a Does Africa care about the arts
01:09:22a Positive aspects Of Liquid Vitamin E For Girls
01:09:28a Top artworks boost Paris fightback as fairs compete for sales
01:09:33a Exposed – plans to kidnap APC minister trickle!
01:09:39a Investigate Diana Konomanyi over Kono unrest
01:09:45a Zagalo bags player of the month award
01:09:50a God said he is sleeping on the streets tonight with the homeless
01:09:56a Murder in Russia Takes Wind Out of Uzbek Opposition Group's Sails
01:10:02a Who's Standing Out in GOP After The Debates?
01:10:08a S.Africa marks Press Freedom Day by lecturing press
01:10:13a Mother of missing Oklahoma City man speaks out
01:10:19a Olof Mattsson's fate swivels after Leone Stars fail to qualify
01:10:25a Halloween Candy Deconstructed Forget the Calories. Do You Know What You're Actually Eating?
01:10:32a Hajjar says top Shiite body's statement political
01:10:42a Mukwano Tops Trade Fair Exhibitors List
01:10:48a Irritable bowel syndrome is diet the key?
01:10:54a Lukoil to Invest More Than in Sierra Leone Exploration
01:11:00a Archbishop of Canterbury condemns Egypt military over Maspero massacre
01:11:05a American Airlines parent has 3Q loss
01:11:11a 'Occupy'-ers Know Who Truly Threatens America
01:11:17a Murder…Bo report indicts four police
01:11:23a Toronto police charge 'evil' man with 4 killings
01:11:29a Cuban Children Perform Despite Tensions 19 Oct 2011 200205 GMT
01:11:34a ENCISS offers grant to Civil Society
01:11:40a Ashqar calls for reforms to prevent protests
01:11:46a Child discovers cluster bomb, notifies UNIFIL
01:11:51a Aintoura car crash kills woman, injures two men
01:11:57a Syndicates protest volume of graduating professionals
01:12:03a Julianne Hough `Acne battle was horrible`
01:12:09a Lebanese Leaders Highlight Palestinian Prisoners Exchange
01:12:15a Soldier killed in Taguig City
01:12:21a Recipe Pecan Pumpkin Gingerbread Whoopie Pies
01:12:26a Gas stations shut down across Beirut following price dispute
01:12:46a Dirty Equipment Likely Led to Listeria Outbreak
01:12:51a 'In 2013, it will be Correa versus Correa' said Fabricio
01:12:57a AfDB Supports Carnegie Mellon University's Campus in Rwanda
01:13:03a Seoul shares open flat; banks, tech issues slide
01:13:08a Gaddafi loyalists hit back
01:13:14a Man found smuggling 8 kg of heroin to Ukraine
01:13:20a UN Defends Women of African Descent
01:13:26a HMRC to issue six million tax rebates
01:13:31a U.S. celebrity hunter banned from hunting in Canada
01:13:37a Usu Boie figures for running mate
01:13:42a Mirza, Qortbawi should address abduction of Syrians
01:13:47a Bank of Beirut buys majority in Australian bank
01:13:53a Obama buys 70-pound pumpkins for White House
01:13:58a Do heavy rose pruning in the spring, not the fall
01:14:04a Politicizing the Yenga issue
01:14:09a Bank staff syndicate says employees laid off unfairly
01:14:15a Metal thieves hit street lights
01:14:20a McCartney says crime bills do not specify illegal immigrants
01:14:26a Lebanon ranked 134th on Growth Environment Scores index
01:14:31a Baldwin made a two-hour visit with the demonstrators in downtown Manhattan
01:14:37a Hamdan bin Mubarak stresses plans of NMC to develop tourism media
01:14:43a No Obligation To Report Phone Hacking
01:14:48a Ballywalter bus driver attacked
01:14:54a Tibetan monks march during a Tibetan solidarity rally in New Delhi
01:15:00a Dale Farm evictions are a wake-up call for councils across the country
01:15:06a Gary van Egmond returns to Newcastle Jets
01:15:11a Nobel Peace Prize winners Sirleaf and Gbowee reflect Liberian women's strength
01:15:17a Russia presses UN resolution to keep Libyan missiles from fighters, terrorists
01:15:23a Why do some pupils play truant
01:15:28a Global call against poverty line up demands
01:15:34a Essex police's use of Tasers at close range criticised
01:15:40a How 100,000 pupils are branded 'special needs' by the age of 5
01:15:45a Christian Orthodox group vows to restore role
01:15:51a State legal body backs Bassil fuel tax cuts
01:15:57a Tourism Ministry unveils TV ad campaign
01:16:03a More than 6.4 million voters, 600 polling places abroad
01:16:08a SynapSense expands with office in Singapore
01:16:14a Cabinet to reconsider the wage hike
01:16:20a Boys born in Kensington today 'will live 13.5 years longer than those in Glasgow'
01:16:26a Security in country's ports earns U.S. Coast Guard's kudos
01:16:32a Crime policy and a bonfire of central control
01:16:38a Libel 'threat' to web anonymity
01:16:43a Baby girl for French president
01:16:49a Corporate influence and Westminster
01:16:54a Apple stores closed as company co-founder honoured in top secret memorial service
01:17:00a Pig farmers say imports cause bankruptcies, violate trade pact
01:17:05a Vietnam Hotel Discovers Jane Fonda Bunker
01:17:11a Man viewed abuse sites in library
01:17:17a Wrong to deny Haitian-Dominicans citizenship
01:17:23a Santiago fights violence with hugs
01:17:28a Miliband to PM Show a bit of humility
01:17:34a Video Expert Answers to Your Diabetes Questions
01:17:39a Peace adviser Grilling me at Senate over poll fraud waste of time
01:17:45a Three Plead Guilty In Manchester Home Invasion
01:17:50a Woman's Body Found in Luweero, Husband Detained
01:17:56a Protests in Greece Over New Austerity Bill
01:18:01a Egypt's new Cabinet retains many old faces
01:18:07a 23 held after Dale Farm clashes
01:18:12a O'Dowd urges ombudsman to resign
01:18:18a Egypt Islamists split before vote, some call for unity
01:18:24a Cairo Egypt Restaurants Spice Up the Menu With Live Entertainment
01:18:29a many in scientific community thought it was impossible
01:18:37a Remove pro-N. Korea forces
01:18:42a Is Myanmar really opening up
01:18:48a Reaching out to 'emerging donors'
01:18:54a Sony Postpones PlayStation Vita Launch Date
01:18:59a Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules Results for the SR-ZORA Hamiltonian
01:19:05a Kenyan jets pound Al Shabaab positions in Somalia
01:19:11a Market tumbles to near 400 points
01:19:16a Bindra shoots silver in Kuwait
01:19:22a 92 Tembisa protesters arrested
01:19:28a S.Africa's bonds rally but rand retreats vs dollar
01:19:33a Commodities, eurozone weigh on local markets
01:19:39a Moving to less poor area may help fight obesity
01:19:45a 'US using Bahrain as launchpad'
01:19:50a Only one exotic animal still at large
01:19:56a Suspended spy boss linked to murder, kidnap cases
01:20:01a Politicians need to grow up, says PM
01:20:07a Study deconstructs urban sprawl
01:20:12a Paxton's alleged victim appeared brain damaged, officer says
01:20:18a Odemwingie Don't Blame Me for Nations Cup Failure, It Was Collective
01:20:23a US bishops visit Baghdad ahead of 'critical' transition
01:20:29a Turkish Forces in ‘Hot Pursuit’ After Attack Kills 24 Soldiers Near Iraq Border
01:20:35a Lawmakers Task Finance, Bou to Explain Oil Money Transfer
01:20:41a South Africa Hosts IBSA Summit
01:20:47a 3 still being treated for 'superbug'
01:20:52a Cape Town pupil brings gun to school
01:20:58a Redondo Beach moves ahead with waterfront revitalization measures
01:21:04a Family grieves after Brazilian boy's remains found
01:21:10a Krugman's Not'So'Excellent Adventure
01:21:16a ICC asks Malawi to explain failure to arrest Sudan's President on visit
01:21:21a US senator urges 'no incentives' for N. Korea
01:21:27a Obama Running Against Himself
01:21:33a Accountability is 'more than probes'
01:21:38a Botanist identifies mystery 'Gypsy' plant
01:21:44a Madera County supervisor plans public apology over pay cut tirade
01:21:49a Watchdog forced to resign
01:21:54a Smith flags US military presence in Territory
01:22:00a The GOP and RomneyCare
01:22:06a Who Occupies? A Pollster Surveys the Protesters
01:22:11a Another 'Black Wednesday' unlikely Sanef
01:22:17a Dynamite, death and gifts in Bolivian mine
01:22:23a Are Pitt fans the worst in college football
01:22:28a Summary Box Apple employees celebrate Jobs
01:22:34a Soccer-S.Africa apologise for rule book error, coach stays
01:22:40a RugbyU WCup final more than a game for New Zealanders
01:22:45a Stuxnet Clone 'Duqu' The Hydrogen Bomb of Cyberwarfare?
01:22:51a Swiss League hands 5-match bans to 6 Sion players
01:22:56a Excerpts from recent Minnesota editorials
01:23:02a VPAP Party funds target races they deem critical
01:23:08a Look at ability, judge tells JSC
01:23:14a Limpopo teen shot dead by farmer
01:23:19a Biden All Crime Will Continue to Rise if Republicans Dont Pass WH Jobs Bill
01:23:25a Zurich North America names regional chief underwriting officer
01:23:31a Antonio Gaspari Named Zenit's New Editorial Coordinator
01:23:36a 'Occupy' is anger and noise, but no solutions
01:23:42a Samples 'violated minor's rights'
01:23:48a A New Emily Post For Your Blog Posts
01:23:53a Celebrating National Childhood Nutrition Day
01:23:59a iOS App 'Translates' PowerPoint For iPad Viewing
01:24:04a Report Fed directors benefited from bailouts
01:24:10a Shiites in Pakistan demand protection after gunmen kill 26 pilgrims
01:24:18a Carla Brunille ja Nicolas Sarkozylle syntyi vauva
01:24:24a 50% surge in demand for services of older persons' charity ALONE
01:24:30a The streets versus Wall Street
01:24:36a McIlroy‚ Bradley share lead
01:24:41a Obamas Second Term A Cabinet of Curiosities
01:24:47a Photo Apple's Steve Jobs tribute celebration
01:24:53a Delahunt's campaign paid rent to family trust
01:24:59a Real Estate in Ireland
01:25:04a Australia prosper in the rain
01:25:10a House Republicans ask Obama for information on Fast and Furious
01:25:16a Summary Box Investors tough for Apple to please
01:25:22a IRD completes investigation of 365 VAT fraud cases
01:25:27a State Urged to Review Mining Agreements
01:25:33a Rolle eliminated in Tennis; McKayla standout in Swimming
01:25:39a Rapper accused of assault at Chicago show
01:25:44a Should You Take Pectin to Lower Cholesterol - Or Just Eat Apples?
01:25:50a Dangerous animals on the loose in Ohio
01:25:56a Power pact not near
01:26:01a Massive strike brings Greece to a halt
01:26:07a Dead soldier's family asks military for legal aid
01:26:13a Dublin's south quays reopen after accident
01:26:19a Aviva's Dublin staff vote to ballot for industrial action
01:26:24a Chile More media freedom violations feared as protests continue
01:26:30a Yadav lays stress on politial stability‚ peace
01:26:36a ‘NATO has bombed Libya back to Stone Age’
01:26:41a How Navajo Marines spoke
01:26:47a Why The U.S. Needs To Learn More Science
01:26:53a Special Committee meet today
01:26:59a how to get in the game
01:27:04a Governor Announces Appointments to Commissions and Boards
01:27:10a Zambia Police quiz former Mines Minister over Bicycles used in campaigns
01:27:16a ADBL‚ Mashav set to promote agriculture
01:27:21a WSJ Silver Lake, Microsoft And Canada Pension Plan Mulling Bid For Yahoo Sources
01:27:27a Western Digital net jumps but flood worries loom
01:27:33a The Future of the Web Mobile, Data Rich Apps Built by Everyday People?
01:27:39a SA's incoming Premier urged to sharpen rural agenda
01:27:44a Iran slams U.N. human rights report
01:27:50a Missing Zanesville monkey may carry herpes virus
01:27:55a Platini quizzed by Swiss court
01:28:01a Five Moroccans nabbed in Texas courthouse break-in
01:28:07a China blames 'Dalai group' for Tibet unrest
01:28:16a Russian Press Behind the Headlines, October 17
01:28:22a EFCC arraigns Fayose over alleged diversion of N1.3b
01:28:41a U.S. communications satellite launched from Baikonur Roscosmos
01:28:46a Video Occupy Wall Street Media Strategy
01:28:52a Tim Gunn, Pharrell Williams and a Flock of Fashionistas
01:28:58a Kenya air strikes mow down Somalian rebels
01:29:04a Greek riot police clash with protestors outside parliament
01:29:10a Despite ban Capello to take Rooney to Euro 2012
01:29:15a Webjet soars into online dogfight
01:29:21a Union Bank retirees still waiting for benefits
01:29:27a Libya concerns drive oil prices to new 30-month highs
01:29:33a Energizer, Mendoza, VH1 give in musical instruments to St. Louis students
01:29:38a Foreign hostage in Kenya dies
01:29:44a Transaero opens regular flights from Moscow to Minvody
01:29:50a Ukraine closes door to EU free trade deal says former president
01:29:56a The Imperial Lyceum at Tsarskoye Selo celebrates its 200th anniversary
01:30:02a Two arrested, one wanted for Brusly shooting
01:30:07a Merkel cell polyomavirus DNA in immunocompetent and immunocompromised patients with respiratory disease
01:30:13a Kenya strikes deal with Rwanda on travel documents
01:30:19a Russian scientists see room for moonbase in lava caves
01:30:25a Castaway rescued in Russia's Arkhangelsk Region
01:30:31a Singapore tops business-friendly ranks World Bank
01:30:36a Telkom Kenya Sh1.5bn land case takes new twist
01:30:42a 1.5 Million Trees to Be Planted in Kenya by AKDN and Lions Clubs International
01:30:47a Safarova wins in three-set upset in Moscow
01:30:53a Pilot Shares Insider's View of Airline Industry
01:30:58a Comets spotted in distant solar system
01:31:03a Video The Protecteens Program Comes to Rigby
01:31:09a Moscow Metro upgrades customer service
01:31:15a UBS planning to shrink investment-banking unit report
01:31:20a Deal Makers Examine Yahoo
01:31:26a Leafs send Kadri to AHL
01:31:32a US, Mexico to upgrade northern Baja California earthquake monitors in wake of deadly temblor
01:31:37a World Bank Developing countries speed up regulatory reform
01:31:43a Russian election chief 'privileged' to be on U.S. blacklist
01:31:49a Utah Democrats formally recognize Mormon caucus
01:31:55a Shakhtar, Zenit draw 2-2 in pulsating Champions League tie
01:32:01a Kim worship in atheist North Korea
01:32:06a Medvedev outlines new ‘big government’ agenda
01:32:12a Turkish commandos pursue terrorists in northern Iraq Zaman Online News
01:32:18a Hawaii astronomer captures image of forming planet 709 pm APNews
01:32:24a Troy police Pizza delivery man was drunk
01:32:30a Kiev told to dump ‘phobias,’ join customs union
01:32:36a Dave Bing to bus mechanics 'Put an end to this crisis'
01:32:42a ‘Russians believe Americans are just like those shown by MTV’
01:32:47a iPhone 4S supports both GPS, GLONASS
01:32:53a Sheriff's Office deputies seek auto parts burglar
01:32:59a Robert Ficano on FBI subpoenas 'There is nothing that is going to come up'
01:33:05a Editorial Dear Mr. President
01:33:10a Airlines raise fares, but will they stick
01:33:16a Main news of October 19
01:33:21a Azerbaijani Culture Center opens in Moscow
01:33:27a Train Ride Along Shows How Risky Drivers Can Be
01:33:33a Care for mental health patients drove VA costs Washington Post World
01:33:38a Orlando police, Home Depot help a neighbor in need
01:33:44a Greek Strike against Austerity Measures Shuts Down Travel Industry
01:33:49a Motorcyclist badly injured in Pinjarra crash
01:33:55a Turkey Pursues Kurdish Militants After Attack Kills 24 Soldiers IHT Frontpage
01:34:00a How To Make Magic Kingdom Halloween Cookies
01:34:06a Gulf states embark on oil refinery drive
01:34:12a Putin urges Belarus to observe financial conditions
01:34:18a Russia fears UN's Iran report to hurt nuclear diplomacy
01:34:24a African Union ‘understands’ Kenya incursion in Somalia
01:34:29a Zombies rise on the day the world 'ends'
01:34:35a Smuggler's tip leads to ICE officer's arrest
01:34:41a Plymouth airport closure a sign of things to come
01:34:47a Former Soviet nations sign free-trade pact led by Putin
01:34:52a Steven Slater finishes treatment program
01:34:58a Do Son Beach is heaven in Hai Phong
01:35:04a Loved Ones Want Charges In Fatal Semoran Crash
01:35:10a Fees, commissions buoy airlines
01:35:15a User feedback to help Moscow expand its mobile horizons
01:35:21a Russian soldier, mom convicted of spying for Georgia
01:35:27a Animal rights strip protesters caged in Moscow
01:35:32a Viaduct closure guide What you need to know about riding the bus
01:35:38a Armenia supports Putin's idea to create Eurasian economic union
01:35:44a Gov. Scott Makes University Salaries Public
01:35:51a Turkish forces kill 15 terrorists Zaman Online News
01:35:56a Russian parliament pushes for stricter laser attack penalties
01:36:02a Video Bing Responds to Council's DDOT Demands
01:36:08a Lyceum Day – Independence Day for the Soul
01:36:13a Border controls in Customs Union to be simplified Putin
01:36:19a UBS planning to shrink investment-banking unit report
01:36:24a Troicki takes second-round win in Moscow
01:36:30a Biederman beats Phelps in Moscow
01:36:36a Denver named one of nation's 10 best vacation cities
01:36:42a Why Croatia's Cavtat is a pearl in its own right
01:36:47a St. Cloud residents drying out, gators come calling
01:36:53a Many with severe depression untreated
01:36:59a Hawaii astronomer captures first image of planet forming around a star
01:37:05a Chime task outgoing LG bosses on projects
01:37:11a Turkey vengeful after PKK attack Scotsman International
01:37:16a First Baptist Oviedo Home Coming Event, Nov 12-13, 2011
01:37:22a 4 juveniles arrested after crashing stolen car
01:37:28a Small Zoo Says Ohio Incident Unlikely at its Facility
01:37:34a Super Mosquitoes Invade Brevard County
01:37:40a Isleworth murderer explains new theory in wife's death
01:37:46a Report Turkey launches incursion into Iraq Daily News Egypt
01:37:51a UPDATE 1-Nigeria can easily reach double-digit growth- cbank
01:37:57a Iranian exiles say Iraq poised to attack Camp Ashraf Iran Focus
01:38:20a Lenny Dykstra Pleads No Contest To Auto Theft
01:38:58a Boil Water Advisory Issued For Mineral Point After E. Coli Found
01:39:10a When jurists turned political activists
01:39:15a DC United's Davies sues club, Red Bull over crash
01:39:21a 'There's Need to Address Mine's Work Stoppages'
01:39:26a Lagos warns residents of Ogun River plain to be on alert
01:39:33a R.I. Lawmaker Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges
01:39:38a Video Sex Offenders on Halloween
01:40:03a UPDATE 2-IMF upbeat on Africa growth, warns of global risks
01:40:09a Video Welcoming Back the Ashland Boys Association
01:40:15a Sonoma Golf Club is not up for sale
01:40:21a Opposition politicians conducting pro-Russian policy Saakashvili
01:40:28a Cut On Costs in These Hard Times
01:40:34a Groupon seeking lower IPO valuation
01:41:27a Senatorial Election Tribunal Strikes Out CPC's Case
01:41:40a Schools hide weaker students
01:41:46a Video Woman Accused Of Cutting Baby From Mother's Womb To Stand Trial
01:41:53a Video UA Professor Suicide
01:41:59a Denmark exit polls predict election of country's first female prime minister
01:42:05a Thailand flooding could affect PCs
01:42:10a Despite Rocking It In Macau, Wynn Falls Hard On Vegas Slack
01:42:17a Maple Leaf Foods to expand Winnipeg meat plant
01:42:23a UPDATE 1-Australian banks prepare for covered bond road shows
01:42:29a Barzani says PKK attacks target Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood Zaman Online News
01:42:35a Video SUV Driver Charged with DUI Following Wreck
01:42:41a Home-office units in Beijing Tower
01:42:47a Cops Mom's 10 kids lived amid filth, feces and rotted meat
01:42:53a Violence Breaks Out as Police Clear UK Travelers' Site
01:42:59a MPs poised to cut presidential powers
01:43:05a Indonesian troops storm independence rally
01:43:11a Video Ficano speaks
01:43:17a UBS planning to shrink investment-banking unit-WSJ
01:43:23a Rural doctors angry over visa row
01:43:28a Macbeth comes to Vietnam
01:43:34a Clinton in Afghanistan Seeking to Bolster Karzai's Effort to End Conflict
01:43:41a Elias new interim Yukon Liberal leader
01:43:47a Turkey mounts counterattack in Iraq Washington Post World
01:43:53a Michelle Obama Joins President On Jobs Tour
01:43:59a Davie keeping town policy that gives churches a break on permit fees
01:44:05a Home Retail Group investors to challenge CEO paper
01:44:11a Vandals in Summers County Target Mailboxes
01:44:17a Citi pays 285 million dollar settlement
01:44:49a Romney Faces Political Challenge Over Religion
01:44:55a US basement kidnap horror grows
01:45:01a Coach Accused In Crowbar Attack Appears In Court
01:45:07a Awlaki Family Protests U.S. Killing of Teen Son
01:45:13a WRAPUP 11-Sarkozy says euro zone talks stuck, flies to Germany
01:45:19a US yuan bill violates trade rules
01:45:25a Lytro¿s Light Field Camera Creates 'Living' Pictures
01:45:30a Ten MPs to visit Gaza today
01:45:36a Chinese Airline Cancels Boeing Dreamliner Order; Airbus Not Spared
01:45:42a San Diego Asian Film Festival opens Thursday
01:45:48a Last of missing soldiers in Basilan clash rescued
01:45:54a Buddy Roemer Files NH Paperwork
01:46:00a VIDEO Fox 'Legalise drugs to stop violence'
01:46:06a Alert over Fed conflict of interest
01:46:11a Of Herman Cain, Hostages and Ronald Reagan
01:46:17a Organ donor cards rare among young people
01:46:23a Number of Facebook Friends Associated With Brain Regions
01:46:28a Table Salt Expands Hard Disk Space
01:46:35a Sheriff, Expert Defend Killings Of Freed Animals In Ohio
01:46:40a Obamas Team Up on Visit to Virginia
01:46:47a HK shares to open down 0.6 pct, Chinese companies drag
01:46:53a A man's home is his asteroid-proof castle
01:46:59a troops open fire on Papua rebels – The Australian
01:47:05a Australian low-ball bidder to give investors 'fair warning'
01:47:11a Egypt further delays long-awaited reopening of stock market
01:47:17a Will Occupy Wall Street Reach India, One of the World's Most Unequal Countries?
01:47:23a Bahrain to U.S. Stand up to Iran
01:47:29a The Drive Perry shows signs of life
01:47:39a Troy police looking for man who stole laptop
01:47:45a Australians cheer Queen Elizabeth during boat trip
01:47:51a Post mortem today on woman found in ditch
01:47:57a US student delegation visits University of Jordan
01:48:03a All Blacks bromance at the Rugby World Cup No, just a sign of respect
01:48:08a Cleanup begins in South Island as rain eases
01:48:15a Dubai Cruise Ship Terminal receives LEED Silver certification
01:48:20a Serial killer's art sells for
01:48:26a Dissolution of the 49th Parliament
01:48:32a Deles Nov. talks with MILF to continue despite deadly clash
01:48:38a CR Gas offers to take unit Zhengzhou CR Gas private
01:48:44a Suspected NPA rebel killed in NCotabato clash
01:48:50a Man shot by police in Central Hawke's Bay
01:48:56a Harvard reports good return from NZ forest investments
01:49:02a Parliament wraps up ahead of election
01:49:08a Blimp or UFO? Munster, Indiana witness wants some answers
01:49:14a Ballance dinners demonstrate path to profitability
01:49:20a Three wise men and the video guy
01:49:26a Yet another downgrade looming for NZ
01:49:31a City making more room for All Blacks finals party
01:49:37a Rena wreckage spreads to 'Boy' beach
01:49:43a Jailed ex-MP was a perfect prisoner
01:49:49a Quay St crash victim on life-support
01:49:55a Update on Afton Theatre in Portsmouth set for Friday
01:50:01a Brazil oil royalty plan passes one hurdle
01:50:07a Indonesian forces storm Papua rally
01:50:13a Jones lets fly at CSG
01:50:18a New Kiwi mobile app gives cheapest available hotel rooms
01:50:24a Racing stakes get the extra headway
01:50:30a King Abdullah's reforms attract SR639bn in foreign investment
01:50:36a Manchester clubs triumph‚ finally
01:50:41a Council attempts to move protesters
01:50:47a Credibility and experience top UnitedFuture list
01:50:53a No bag checks for London Olympics tube boss
01:50:58a Labour promises prevention/eradication action
01:51:04a Meat workers protest outside company
01:51:11a Biden Uses Violent Imagery to Pitch Jobs Plan, as GOP Cries Foul
01:51:17a Combined Force Kills, Detains Numerous Insurgents
01:51:23a Canadian researchers decode Cannabis genome, find reason hemp differs from pot
01:51:29a EU strikes deal to ban 'naked' CDS
01:51:35a Kenya Zambia leader apologises to Angola over past support to Jonas Savimbi
01:51:42a Man Arrested for Allegedly Using Crane to Steal Jeep
01:51:48a Critics Blast Move to Make D.C. 'Sanctuary City'
01:51:54a Little stands by 'gun them down' humour
01:52:00a Bookie gambles with early payout on ABs victory
01:52:06a Exotic Animal Escape Prompts Concern In Fla.
01:52:12a 2,000 sharks slaughtered for fins off Colombia
01:52:17a Japan Vows Tax Cuts as Leaders Urge Stronger Steps After Quake
01:52:23a Exchange Bank posts 10th straight quarterly profit
01:52:29a Kenya Varsity lecturers signal strike
01:52:35a Kenya Jets hit al Shabaab, as rain delays march
01:52:41a Nationwide Series returns to Montreal for fifth year
01:52:47a As Schumer mocks millionaires, Sessions proposes 'Solyndra Rule'
01:52:52a Conquering Marrakesh with the Baboush's Condiment Kings
01:52:58a Kenya Malaria vaccine trial raises hope
01:53:04a Alec Baldwin visits 'Occupy Wall Street'
01:53:09a Asylum seeker history marked by tragedy
01:53:15a Cairns is taking a bath
01:53:21a Freeport profits fall on strike in Indonesia
01:53:27a Iceland Foods auction attracts supermarkets
01:53:33a Witness says Jackson's doctor caused singer's death by violating standard of care
01:53:39a Sony's product deluge at IFA
01:53:45a Longtime Ottawa news anchor Keeping stepping forward for friend facing sex-crime sentencing
01:53:51a A Japanese 'Boyfriend Tracker' App Is As Disturbing As It Sounds
01:53:57a Viaduct closure guide Tips for bicycling around the detours
01:54:03a Moroccans' court break-in Prank, not terrorism
01:54:09a Japanese exhibit opens in ancient Roman market
01:54:22a Police seek help ID'ing woman found near Morton
01:54:29a East Africa drought 'still huge'
01:54:35a ICE officer arrested for pot smuggling
01:54:41a Viaduct closure guide Prepare for traffic if you plan to drive
01:54:47a CBC lashes out over scrutiny of spending
01:54:53a Govt's 'life for a life' laws
01:54:58a CNN's Vegas GOP debate hits ratings jackpot
01:55:05a Ministry signs 10 agreements with private sector to employ IT graduates
01:55:11a Conservation group given chance to buy Port Gamble forestlands
01:55:17a Former Dolphin McKnight Busted For Battery
01:55:26a Soldiers' Angels Proud to Announce 'Day of The Deployed'
01:55:32a New Haiti government begins work
01:55:37a Heynckes revels in Napoli return
01:55:43a Greece approves austerity bill on first reading Financial Times
01:55:49a Lynton and Hoffmann Preparing for China's New Leaders
01:55:56a Jackson physician acted like employee not doctor expert
01:56:02a Napoli homers, Rangers tie it 2-all in 5th
01:56:08a Gunvor buys 33 pct in U.S. coal mine for mln
01:56:14a Kenya kidnap victim is dead
01:56:19a Man stabbed during violent argument
01:56:25a MPs Pin Umeme On Investments
01:56:31a Queen meets G-G ahead of barge to Floriade
01:56:36a Anderson Cooper glares at a post-Obama future
01:56:42a Gov't aims to ease restrictions for individual Chinese tourists
01:56:48a 'Sons of Anarchy' app to sell goods during show
01:56:54a Nigeria-Benin anti-piracy patrols ‘successful’
01:56:59a Guadalajara Dreams Big about Olympic Games
01:57:05a BHP saftey warning to staff 'ridiculous'
01:57:11a Chipotle Mexican Grill Earnings Preview
01:57:17a Rights advocates protest at SEF
01:57:22a Mexican clown convention holds 'laugh for peace'
01:57:28a New Port Manatee berth certified
01:57:34a Airlines try to hike fares. But will they stick
01:57:40a UPDATE 2-Mexico's Cemex prepays more debt, Q3 results eyed
01:57:46a Islamist sect kills 3 in northeast Nigeria-military
01:57:53a MMD will soon start search for a new Leader to lead the party-Kachingwe
01:57:59a Crowley names Ken Black to new position
01:58:04a baby delivered in Mexican subway
01:58:10a UPDATE 1-Endeavour buys second silver-gold mine in Chile
01:58:16a Fugitive turns himself in after three ’wishes’ granted
01:58:22a Gov. Rick Scott wants Florida universities to list what graduates earn
01:58:28a Home building rises in Tampa Bay to best level since 2008
01:58:34a Oil pumping restarts on Rena, off NZ
01:58:41a EC report claims Argentina and Brazil are increasing trade barriers
01:58:47a Jake Tapper Asks Obama About Fast And Furious In Unaired Portion Of Interview
01:58:53a 'Stress on energy‚ investment'
01:58:59a City awarded million to advance bus transit plans
01:59:05a Mexico's PRI files complaint against president
01:59:11a Mexico's Pemex awards oilfield contract to Schlumberger
01:59:17a Experts skeptical of 'anti-concussion' sports equipment
01:59:22a FDR and Truman No--More Like Hoover and Carter
01:59:28a America's Best Young Entrepreneurs 2011
01:59:34a Deputy Bit By Pit Bull At Gas Station
01:59:39a Gaddafi`s son believed active in Bani Walid
01:59:46a Exotic animal laws called into question after Ohio killings
01:59:52a Florida ranks No. 2 in Ex-Im Bank small biz financing
01:59:58a Mexican Bishop Slams Herman Cain For Proposing Electric Fence Along Border
02:00:03a Private Sector Doing 'Just Fine' After Slump
02:00:09a Republicans seek Obama's Solyndra e-mails
02:00:42a 'Black widow' socialite refuses to leave jail to do menial work
02:00:48a Obama Sends White Pumpkins to the 'Back of the Bus'
02:00:54a Mitt Romney's hands-on approach to Rick Perry raises questions
02:01:00a Mexico peso slumps, stocks fall on Fed outlook
02:01:05a Private sector output shrinks
02:01:11a ANOCA plans African Olympic House at 2012 London Games
02:01:17a Accused Bali bomber re-enacts deadly day
02:01:23a Obama's Approval Hits New Low Among Blacks, Says Gallup
02:01:28a Fed's Beige Book less rosy about Florida real estate
02:01:34a VIDEO The impact of the shipbuilding contract
02:01:40a McGuinty announces new, leaner cabinet
02:01:46a Michelle Obama joins the president on bus tour
02:01:52a Two arrested in Clairton shooting death
02:01:58a Michelle Obama thanks veterans in visit to St. Louis County VA hospital
02:02:04a Sideway New York Alley Two Gameplay Video
02:02:10a Thai government overwhelmed by floods
02:02:16a Maximize Profits at All Cost
02:02:22a Meteorite Impact Sites Treated To CSI Techniques
02:02:28a 'Super committee' on deficit reduction is getting an earful
02:02:33a Romney's Image Rating Rivals Obama's
02:02:39a Lagos disburses N2.2Bn Bonds to 471 retirees
02:02:45a Gov. Bentley Talks Jobs on the Gulf Coast
02:02:51a Toronto police board strike budget deal with chief
02:02:57a Kenya Raila blames Kibaki for police killings
02:03:03a Poor neighborhoods may contribute to poor health
02:03:10a Mitt Romney may win the GOP presidential nomination by default
02:03:16a Fiji could benefit from regional trade UN
02:03:22a BeeCells HD Screens
02:03:27a Govt Seeks Million for Fresh Polls
02:03:34a NASA Gives Blessing for Soyuz Rocket, Which is Ready for Takeoff PHOTOS
02:03:46a Central Fulton OKs Costa Rica Trip
02:03:59a Persistent Rains in Cuban Western Side
02:04:05a A woman reads a newpaper while waiting for customers at a market in Lisbon
02:04:11a Democrats open new Georgia headquarters
02:04:17a Madeirtrio land National Triple Competition success against North Devon threesome
02:04:22a Portugal president speaks out against cuts
02:04:28a Moody's downgrades bond ratings for fragile Spain
02:04:34a 'Israel is the Greatest Place in the World'
02:04:40a Women walk past a supermarket in Lisbon
02:04:47a Wash. jury rules trooper's 1998 death was homicide
02:04:53a Florida favorite Tebow helps Dolphins' sagging ticket sales
02:04:58a Exhibit Features Simchat Torah Flags
02:05:04a eBay profit rises as shoppers turn to smartphones
02:05:10a Fierce battle under way to crush last Qadhafi holdout in Sirte
02:05:16a Tribunal upholds ACN candidate's election
02:05:21a Portugal's GDP to shrink 2.8%
02:05:27a Alachua plant using FDA grant to install solar array
02:05:33a Qld Government stalls digital satellite roll-out
02:05:38a Florida couple gets million arbitration against Carrick
02:05:45a Hovione and Bend Research Enter Into Collaboration to Advance Clients' Best Medicines
02:05:50a Israel Cares About its Citizens
02:05:56a Some legal Florida residents being denied in-state tuition rates
02:06:03a 'It makes no sense' 10 children rescued in basement horror kidnap case
02:06:08a Taiwan's diplomats urged to act with integrity
02:06:14a ‘Occupy Philadelphia’ keeps growing as move looms
02:06:20a Google's Brin Initially Thought Circles Was Too Complicated
02:06:25a Poll Shows Cain Leading In S.C., Tied With Romney In Florida
02:06:31a Webjet's earnings travelling nicely
02:06:37a Olympics will be one of the most 'captured' events ever
02:06:43a Fed to Fix Flaws at Regional Boards
02:06:49a Missing Dixie man had just the clothes on his back
02:06:55a Dahal's advice to PM
02:07:00a Gov. Scott appoints Maggard to SWFMD board
02:07:06a The Tea Party, OWS, and Revolution in the Air
02:07:12a PlayStation games hit Sony Tablet S
02:07:18a An appreciation for Wangari Maathai, the leopard of Kenya
02:07:24a McChord team escorts Clinton on unannounced trip to Libya
02:07:30a Families of Canadian Terror Victims Upset Over Shalit Deal
02:07:36a How the Arab Spring sprang Gilad Shalit
02:07:42a Promoters want Freaknik weekend party in Miami Beach
02:07:48a Armbrister resigns from School Reform Commission
02:07:54a Report Phila. school closings unlikely to raise much cash
02:08:00a Obama I married Michelle to improve my gene pool – CBS News
02:08:06a Video River Valley Braces For More Potential Job Loss
02:08:12a Intel Gains After Forecast Tops Estimates on Laptop... 504 PM
02:08:18a Hamas Prepares For Regional Presence
02:08:24a US Aid to Israel Must Stop
02:08:30a Michelle Obama on vanity, chocolateand how the President doesn't likedaughters to watch the Kardashians
02:08:36a Sen. Joanne Verger of Coos Bay won't seek re-election to Oregon Senate
02:08:42a EBay profit meets Street; shares dip on cautious view
02:08:47a NHS reform bill 'completely unintelligible', MPs told
02:08:53a NTA to monitor billing system
02:08:59a Liam Fox tiptoes round the notion that he did anything wrong
02:09:05a Florida County Encounters Problems with Breath Test Machines
02:09:11a 2 Adults, 2 Children Injured In Crash
02:09:17a Clinton pushes reconciliation in Afghanistan
02:09:23a government hopes there's an app for that
02:09:28a Glad, then mad over Shalit swap
02:09:34a Some homeowners regain properties after foreclosure
02:09:40a American spy drones swarm in droves over Afghanistan
02:09:46a Freed Detainees Pledge to Continue Resistance
02:09:51a Three skinheads get long prison terms for killing Tajik
02:09:58a Upon Releasing the 477 Detainees, Army Kidnaps Four West Bank Residents
02:10:04a Romney speech touts ability, as video rips Perry's
02:10:09a PBC man gets 15 years for killing cross-dressing lover
02:10:16a City of Alachuas tourist development project not recommended for funding
02:10:21a Lib Dem MP quits Commons committee over aide's spying trial
02:10:27a Labelling new properties 'Noddy boxes' is simply unfair
02:10:33a London Subway Head Says No Bag Checks for 2012 Olympics
02:10:39a Christie’s trip yielded generous donations
02:10:45a Motive for posting Florida prof's pay questioned
02:10:51a Marijuana genetics revealed
02:10:57a Letter to the Editor Sharon Zoellner
02:11:03a Man Released From Jail In Error Faces Escape Charge
02:11:09a 1st phase of prisoner swap deal finished
02:11:14a Worst of the Weather is Over
02:11:20a Dog's stay at Tamarac pet resort ends in lawsuit over chipped teeth
02:11:26a Know Your Opponent – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
02:11:32a National Post Editorial Criticizes AI's Call for Canada to Arrest George W. Bush
02:11:38a Defending the President
02:11:47a Ex-detainee, Muhammad Ziyada, Expels Israeli TV Reporter From Reception Tent
02:12:09a Apple store to close for Jobs memorial broadcast
02:12:15a Judge may rule soon on Roan Plateau drilling — or not
02:12:21a Real honor for returning false military medals
02:12:27a Dolphins Re-Sign Safety Alexander
02:12:33a Stabbing Attack Foiled in Gush Etzion Junction
02:12:39a US, Nigeria sign billion electricity financing deal
02:12:45a Video Where music and monsters meet!
02:12:51a UN Says Ready to Play Role in Zimbabwe Electoral Processes if Invited
02:12:57a 24-year sentence handed man in child's death
02:13:02a 1000 to 1
02:13:08a Biometric solutions excel even in difficult environmental conditions
02:13:14a Israel's policy towards Hamas-ruled Gaza remain Envoy
02:13:20a Japan's Empress Michiko, turning 77, says staying healthy is an uphill battle
02:13:26a Friends roast absent Darrell Waltrip for charity
02:13:32a Body found off Keys believed missing man
02:13:38a Army Kidnaps Dimitri Diliani, Member of the Fateh Revolutionary Council
02:13:44a Ebonyi First Lady tasks LG bosses on reduction of maternal morbidity
02:13:50a This is no time to consider cutting aid to Israel
02:13:56a 'The pain is always there'
02:14:02a Come forward, AIDS victims urged
02:14:07a Top Fla. lifeguard fired over affairs
02:14:13a K.J. Choi invites Asia's best to Korea
02:14:19a South Florida resident to lead Abbott Laboratories spinoff
02:14:25a Govts urged to leverage ICT to promote private sector
02:14:31a Gilad Was Weak, Thin and Pale
02:14:37a Shalit's Release Came After Family's 5-Year Campaign
02:14:43a Yellow Cab drivers on strike at PBIA over fees
02:14:49a In Chesterfield, Obama renews push for jobs act
02:14:55a Top EU court bans stem cell patents EU Observer
02:15:00a Golden Triangle shrouds Sino-ASEAN ties
02:15:06a Deadly day in Bali re-enacted
02:15:12a Govt Stands to Benefits From UNWTO Hosting With Zim
02:15:18a Ukraine mulls joining Russian union, not EU trade zone EU Observer
02:15:24a Six Florida markets rank in top eight for long-term income growth
02:15:30a Prosecutor Vegas man tortured to prove brutality
02:15:36a Pilot Error Caused Lokomotiv Crash
02:15:42a While gourmet food truck craze hits Tampa, regulations stifle it in St. Petersburg
02:15:48a Plane crashes at China air show
02:15:54a China to control shadow banking
02:16:00a APNewsBreak US officer arrested in pot smuggling
02:16:06a British Columbia in race for business in Asia
02:16:12a U.S. and Afghan Troops Battle to Control Key Route
02:16:18a Man dies in car crash
02:16:24a CSL buyback is on the money
02:16:30a Deputies lock down two Tampa schools in search for burglary suspects
02:17:05a Video Disability Mentoring Day Helps Kids Live A Dream For A Day
02:17:10a Fla. man pleads guilty to BP spill claims fraud
02:17:16a Fit2Run holds grand opening party for store in Oaks Mall
02:17:22a JBJ's Global Trade and Transportation Symposium
02:17:27a Alhambra hires new executive chef
02:17:33a Challenge of Nisga'a treaty rejected by court
02:17:39a Watch Pumpkin Carving Time Lapse
02:17:45a Hanoi in autumn comes to the south
02:17:51a Ultrapetrol Announces Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
02:17:57a Impunity and attacks silence Russian journalists
02:18:03a EXCLUSIVE City gets offer on Top Value property
02:18:12a Queen receives warm welcome in Australia
02:18:54a Supreme Court nominees grilled by MPs
02:19:01a A Billion Points of Light
02:19:07a Romney likely to be the GOP's choice
02:19:26a U.S. to name new North Korea envoy ahead of talks
02:19:36a Peace‚ trade on PM Bhattarai's agenda
02:19:53a Pujols makes key stop, Rangers and Cards tied at 2
02:20:08a Moscow welcomes Hizballah delegation, cites Israeli talks with Hamas
02:20:47a Satellite Expected To Fall To Earth Soon
02:20:53a Small investors shun California's tax-free bonds
02:21:01a Korean Air pilot under probe for assisting N. Korea
02:21:07a Boozy BB's Portugal Edition
02:21:13a Japanese nuclear plant survived tsunami, offers clues
02:21:22a Mililani Woman Sues Facebook Over Wiretap Law
02:21:28a ScienceShot First Look at Marijuana's Genetic Code
02:21:34a More Than A Dozen Earthquakes Shake The Big Island
02:21:39a Treasur
02:21:45a Big business, investors urge tough climate action
02:21:51a LHC dismisses plea against NAB chairman appointment
02:22:18a In Defense of Tinkering How Fixing Stuff Makes Us Smarter
02:22:24a Danish T-Pylon wins design contest
02:22:30a Baby girl for French President Sarkozy, wife Bruni
02:22:36a California Doctors Endorse Marijuana Legalization
02:22:42a LHC suspends notification on recovery of fuel surcharge
02:22:48a NZ dollar falls amid pessimism over Euro-zone plan for debt
02:22:54a Coos Bay Democrat won't seek re-election to Oregon Senate
02:23:00a 'Russian programmes need updating'
02:23:11a Are Too Many Americans Earning Four-Year Degrees
02:23:17a Video Make a buck and make a soldier smile
02:23:22a Photos Undersea Volcano Erupts
02:23:28a Get Cash For Your 'Energy Hogs'
02:23:34a Tokyo steps up pressure on Okinawa
02:23:40a Is Ron Paul the favorite candidate of US military personnel
02:23:46a Hawaii astronomer captures image of forming planet 1006 pm APNews
02:23:52a Mother, wife, daughter share birthday
02:23:57a 'We're lucky to be alive'
02:24:03a Tweets about escaped animals in Ohio run rampant
02:24:09a SNPpy ? Database Management for SNP Data from Genome Wide Association Studies
02:24:15a Quickly's Neighbors, Oct. 20
02:24:21a Florida ranks behind Pennsylvania in solar jobs
02:24:27a Police Woman lied about baby locked in car to get faster 911 response
02:24:33a Biological computers said a step closer
02:24:39a Partido Popular official photo reveals Madrid smog
02:24:45a Clinton to arrive in Pakistan today for talks
02:24:51a Torres finds form as Chelsea romp to victory
02:24:56a Good wheelchair access on wharf for final
02:25:02a Suspects Involved In Holdup Had Violent History
02:25:08a GA GA Thomas Funk, 47, Gainesville, 1 Oct 2011
02:25:13a Delta Air Lines raises airfares
02:25:19a Taiwanese animators give McDonald's Channel something to chew on
02:25:25a Energetic Perry previews economic plan
02:25:31a Tebow mania stirs fresh excitement in S. Fla., Denver
02:25:37a Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur Preview UEFA Champions League Tonight 05/04/2011
02:25:43a Champions league win for Barca; defeat for Valencia
02:25:49a American Society for Healthcare Risk Management swears in new officers
02:25:55a Volunteers converge to create Kent park in 1 day
02:26:01a Villarreal vs FC Barcelona Preview La Liga Football In Spain 02/04/2011
02:26:07a Break-in may be prank, not terrorism
02:26:13a Portugal opening up public sector IT contracts
02:26:19a MA MA Nancy Reagey, 64, Shelburne, 19 Oct 2011
02:26:24a Vandals push car off Albany cliff
02:26:30a Tech Note LGF Pages Improvements
02:26:36a Carpenter fired up, no score in Game 1 of Series
02:26:42a After 9/11, a new normal
02:26:48a MI MI Wesley Wolosecky, 33, Grand Rapids, 17 Oct 2011
02:26:54a Danamon and Manulife Collaborate to Grow Bancassurance in Indonesia
02:27:00a NYSE Euronext Lisbon Creates the 'Issuers Senior Advisory Committee'
02:27:06a Events mark 100th birth of former prime minister
02:27:12a Accomplices charged in Marta del Castillo case deny involvement in dumping the body
02:27:18a Iran Encounters Nuclear Problems
02:27:24a APS Says It Isn't Ready To Start Grading Schools
02:27:30a Watch Mike Nelson's Weather Update
02:27:36a Video Buy books for just
02:27:42a Remote Desktop Manager
02:27:48a Nobel laureate's call to prosecute Saleh The Independent World
02:27:53a Sarkozy, wife Bruni welcome baby
02:28:00a Ono Pharm 6-month group forecast
02:28:05a FULL-DISKfighter
02:28:11a Argentina Sees Peril Next Door
02:28:17a China Defends Trade Policy
02:28:23a Longtime BSO chaplain quits while under investigation
02:28:29a Jackknifed Dump Truck Spills Fuel At Golden Glades
02:28:34a Gored bullfighter leaves hospital
02:28:40a Ban says Syrian incursions deplorable, pose security threat The Daily Star Lebanon
02:28:47a Saudi woman executed for burning husband to death
02:28:53a Saudi Video Blogger Reportedly Detained for Showing Poverty in Riyadh
02:28:59a Quickly, Oct. 20
02:29:04a GA GA Pat Ross, 77, Riverdale, 4 Sept 2011
02:29:11a Female officer choked, tied up, left on rural road
02:29:16a Doubts Grow on Euro Fund
02:29:22a Dogs and cats vanish from shop windows in Spain
02:29:28a NC trial focuses on plot to kill service personnel http//
02:29:33a CO CO Cheryl Kay Glenn, 53, Longmont, 9 Oct 2011
02:29:39a U.S., North Korea Plan Talks on Disarmament
02:29:45a UN Report World's population to hit 7 billion by October 31
02:29:51a NBA stars could play in London, Macau, Australia report
02:29:57a Spanish island residents allowed brief return as volcano remains stable
02:30:03a Rising Use of Coal Prompts Warning
02:30:09a FDA Cantaloupe Farm Not Inspected In 40 Years
02:30:15a Family Van Driver Had Major Heart Blockage
02:30:21a Fayyaz hits maiden double-century
02:30:27a Asia Stocks to Watch Australia pricing in higher bank-default risk
02:30:33a Newsletters & Research Market volatility and a China stock retreat
02:30:39a Peace operations what are the responsibilities of international organizations? ICRC
02:30:45a Pricier Cars Seen Selling Well in U.S.
02:30:51a Neiman Marcus Unveils High-End Holiday Gifts
02:30:56a Dar Al-Ifta to participate in UN forum Daily News Egypt
02:31:03a Zimbabwe Government, Teachers Agree to Reform Incentives Program
02:31:09a Obama says gray hair from genes, not stress
02:31:15a US private equity giant eyes Saudi food investment
02:31:20a Morgan Stanley Details Risks
02:31:26a VIDEO Cartoonist puts bullies in the frame
02:31:32a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.0 not quite a super duo
02:31:38a Brunei's energy minister visits Singapore
02:31:44a Refugees return to Equateur province as UNHCR promotes reconciliation UN UNHCR
02:31:50a NYE revellers can leave cash at home as wristbands arrive
02:31:56a Jailed Kurd Leader at Conflict's Core
02:32:02a Plenty of doctors on tap for free health fair
02:32:07a Sharjeel double-ton revives ZTBL
02:32:22a Massive S.Korea river project still making waves
02:32:28a A Fake Warhol? Even His Foundation Isn't Sure
02:32:34a Stocks to Watch Stocks to watch Thursday Wynn, eBay, AT&T
02:32:47a Deal of the Day Groupon Now Only Worth Billion Bubbles
02:32:53a Raman Spectroscopy for Clinical Oncology
02:32:59a S'pore remains the easiest place to do business
02:33:05a U.S. should abandon support of SCAF
02:33:10a Obligatory The Godfather's Pizza taste test
02:33:23a Poor cleaning blamed for listeria outbreak
02:33:29a Obama Ends Jobs Bill Bus Tour in Virginia
02:33:35a Canby school board to vote on birth control proposal
02:33:55a South Africa experience, a truth and reconciliation commission
02:34:02a Turkish president urges cooperation among Islamic countries before financial crisis
02:34:08a Committee action halted on 'No Child'
02:34:14a IMF delegation in Naypyidaw – Wai Moe
02:34:20a Moody's downgrades Spanish debt ratings
02:34:25a Faisali still lead as Week 8 kicks off
02:34:31a Time for all Burma's political prisoners to be released – Editorial
02:34:37a Turkey attacks Kurds after deaths
02:34:43a Panel backs MTA subway extension under Beverly Hills High
02:34:49a Is the Kurdish movement leftist or nationalist
02:34:55a EU condemns PKK attacks in Turkey
02:35:01a German man travels world by bicycle
02:35:07a India flexes diplomatic, military muscle – Joseph Allchin
02:35:13a Google vs. Oracle trial delayed, but it's no threat to Android, spokesperson says
02:35:19a Freed prisoner to file risky lawsuit
02:35:54a Kosovo Serbs to vote on KFOR access
02:36:00a Republicans Attack Cain's 9-9-9 Plan
02:36:06a Latin dance night in Istanbul
02:36:12a Police seek help ID'ing woman found near Morton
02:36:17a Delay Asean decision AIPMC – Saw Yan Naing
02:36:23a iTunes Match launching soon? Apple reveals its on/off switch in iOS 5
02:36:29a ‘We Start With Kids ... We Can Affect Who They Will Be Forever’
02:37:25a Wash. jury rules trooper's 1998 death was homicide
02:37:31a Malaysia-Myanmar detainee swap plan raises worries – Sean Yoong
02:37:37a Sword of the Stars II Lords of Winter Screens
02:37:43a L.A. County jail probe includes claim that deputies beat visitor
02:37:49a Brothers took turns molesting girls
02:37:55a Smoking Ban Goes Before Ohio Supreme Court
02:38:01a 'Icelandic Model' might serve Turkey's constitutional reform
02:38:06a Amsterdam Klezmer Band at Ghetto
02:38:12a Myanmar's new Government must tackle continuing rights abuses UN expert
02:38:18a Government must go further with prisoner release
02:38:24a Campbell's Names VP, Global Nutrition and Health
02:38:29a Ohio Animal Owner Supplied Cub For Heidi Klum
02:38:35a New rules for abortion clinics will put many out of business
02:38:41a Obama's Bus Tour Hits Virginia - PICTURES
02:38:47a The week of summits
02:38:53a Conference to promote religious harmony in Pakistan
02:38:59a Access Bank Urges Active Involvement in Health Issues
02:39:04a Holy Smoke Bullet Urns
02:39:10a Why can't we be friends? Facebook and Google+ relationship remains complicated
02:39:16a China behind Myanmar's course shift – Bertil Lintner
02:39:22a Mud-Slinging Mars Entebbe Campaigns
02:39:28a Need for horse nutritional supplements may go up in winter
02:39:33a Films on immigration at Istanbul Modern
02:39:39a Myanmar exiles in India uneasy as countries warm ties – Nita Bhalla
02:39:45a Below Are A Few Basic Steps To Bringing Down Your Cholesterol
02:39:51a Propofol expert takes stand in Jackson doctor's trial
02:39:58a New Video Shows Robbery Suspect With Mask Off
02:40:04a ‘The doctrine a person embraces is important’ – Min Ko Naing – Zwe Khant
02:40:10a Baylake Corp. Reports Third Quarter Earnings of 0 Per Share
02:40:16a Adelphi Forum to Teach Nutrition and Breast Cancer Risk
02:40:22a Asean must withhold the carrot – Khin Ohmar
02:40:28a Aucklanders get extra time to look at city plan
02:40:33a Can bees meet their nutritional needs in the UK?
02:40:39a Corletto fires up at former team
02:40:45a The HotSpot 10/19/11 The HotSpot Rides Again
02:40:51a Hague court questions Bashir's visit to Malawi
02:40:57a Christian pastor arrested by Burmese government Light Infantry unit
02:41:03a Blast in Pakistan graveyard
02:41:08a Hathaway signs 'Les Miserables'
02:41:15a Space mission 'challenge' for Turkey, official says
02:41:20a Most Celebrated Champion 'Super Lady'
02:41:26a Dark Lord Conquers Earth in Star Wars The Complete Vader
02:41:32a Saving our strategic relationship with Ukraine
02:41:38a Costamare got yield of 32% buying secondhand ships like Rena
02:41:44a Burmese minister says historic gov’t buildings might make nice hotels
02:41:50a Mulago Buys 'Fake' Machines At Shs Four Billion
02:42:04a Johns confirms role with Warriors
02:42:48a How are planets born LkCa 15 could give scientists first-ever peek.
02:42:56a Speeding drivers in 32-car pile-up
02:43:02a Change your job, now
02:43:36a Closer look at women's undying love for shoes
02:44:06a Factory denies poison gas threat
02:44:58a African Musical Instruments Find New Ears
02:45:03a Surgeons restore comfort of prayer
02:45:09a UAE's 2011 real GDP up by 4.2%
02:45:15a Man conned into being 'money mule' detained, loses Dh12,000
02:45:21a Child run over by sister's school bus
02:45:27a Dubai to host GCC Websites Global Competitiveness Conference
02:45:33a New Push For Ohio Exotic Animal Law
02:45:39a Local Fire Station First in State with Required Bailout Gear
02:45:45a Cruiser Cam Played Today in Deputy Death Trial
02:45:51a Florida attorney general softens stance in lender talks
02:45:57a Ibra keeps Milan on pace
02:46:03a 'Most students don't wear seat belts'
02:46:09a Support Grows As Condemned Iranian Pastor Awaits Sentence
02:46:15a Food Pantry Says Demand Up, Donations Down
02:46:22a Dubai Chamber analysis recommends ways UAE sugar companies can protect against future price rises
02:46:27a A Celebration Tour For Lindner
02:46:33a Troll check-in
02:46:39a Iranian electronic band to take stage in Ankara
02:46:46a Ideology trumped science at Texas agency, two lawmakers say
02:46:52a Dubai Customs and RTA's Licensing Agency ink MoU
02:46:58a Building up to Sunday's big match
02:47:06a Man home after blood money is paid for drink-drive death
02:47:12a New chief reorganizing Beaumont Police Department
02:47:18a Emirati jobs target 'will fail without subsidies'
02:47:24a Sharjah Crown Prince receives Mayor of Granada
02:47:30a Obama Administration Caught Expunging Name Of Another Troubled Solar Company From Old Press Releases
02:47:36a Housewife's fear turns into excitement
02:47:42a British couples keep mum about their salary
02:47:48a Abu Dhabi woman wins Volkswagen Jetta for a year
02:47:53a NBA owners, players plan 3rd straight day of talks
02:47:59a Humane Society Doesn't Fault Authorities In Animal Deaths
02:48:05a Advocates push education reforms for foster kids
02:48:11a Pakistan Gas Talks Underway
02:48:17a Drama Won't Help GOP- Obama Aide Attacks Romney on Health Care Plan
02:48:23a Vatican Stem Cell Endeavor With Us Company In Full Swing
02:48:29a Italy's black widow refuses day release as she does not want to work
02:48:35a 5 Features That Are Ice Cream Cool
02:48:41a Case
02:48:46a Fla. will reject grant if strings attached
02:48:52a Occupy Cincinnati Protesters March To City Hall
02:48:59a Man Accused Of Trying To Kill Wife With Car Bomb To Stand Trial
02:49:04a Club death 'over-capacity' probe
02:49:10a Olympic stadium will not be white elephant after London 2012
02:49:16a Carlsbad Company Launches High-Stakes Satellite
02:49:22a Romney speech touts ability, as video rips Perry's
02:49:27a Plans to close toilets rejected
02:49:33a Girl's hit-and-run driver appeal
02:49:39a Occupy Boston, Not Palestine
02:49:45a Woman Opposes Carlsbad Tree-Cutting Decision
02:49:51a France’s First Lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Gives Birth
02:49:57a IRGC commander says U.S. allegation of assassination plot pretext for talks with Iran
02:50:03a Seminole County boy found safe
02:50:09a Has America gone crazy for antidepressants What new report says
02:50:15a Low Staffing Levels At SDPD Despite Lifting Of Hiring Freeze
02:50:20a North Korea
02:50:26a Iranian ships pass through Suez, Israel labels move provocation
02:50:32a Hunt for armed robber
02:50:38a Simon Jones returns to Glamorgan
02:50:43a Local Billionaire Looks To Fund Medical Startups
02:50:49a More tests planned near Koppers site
02:50:55a Shalit’s Release Came After Family’s 5-Year Campaign
02:51:01a Kids wearing Confederate Flags a distraction in school
02:51:07a Dramatic Shootout At South Bay Apple Store Caught On Tape
02:51:13a Man Sentenced For DUI Crash That Killed Teen
02:51:19a NBC getting set for news magazine program
02:51:25a Two NY Residents Plead Guilty to Credit Card Fraud
02:51:31a Arm eyes smartphone with microchip design
02:51:37a One Man's Zoo Turns Into a Killing Field in Ohio Wall Street Journal
02:51:43a MTS Projects To Affect Weekend Service
02:51:49a Entrepreneur to Lecture on Leadership Lessons Learned from Pope John Paul II
02:51:54a Webber to get help from Vettel
02:52:00a Arrest Made In 'Well-Dressed Bandit' Robbery Series
02:52:06a Multi-Site Megachurches Multiply in America VOA News
02:52:12a Man Linked To Carlsbad Shooting Arrested
02:52:18a News Analysis U.S. and Pakistan Differ on Withdrawal From Afghanistan
02:52:24a Despite Solyndra's collapse, other government bets pay off
02:52:30a Water pooling up on roads
02:52:36a Crupe Sentenced in Ohio County Court Wednesday
02:52:42a US Stocks Fall On Gloomy Fed Assessment; DJIA Down 0.63% Wall Street Journal
02:52:48a Parkersburg woman auditioning for 'America's Got Talent'
02:52:54a Rachid al-Ghannouchi Imagines Democratic Future for Tunisia
02:53:00a Vatican laments violence at Occupy Wall Street protests in Rome
02:53:06a No bag checks for '12 Olympics
02:53:11a It's all in the detail as Sir Chris Hoy focuses on gold
02:53:17a Supremacist couple plead not guilty to two murders
02:53:23a Filner, Hunter Oppose Cross-Border Trucking
02:53:29a Solar Panels Turned On At 2 Chula Vista Schools
02:53:35a Manchin Questions Afghan, Iraq Commission About U.S. War Commitments
02:53:41a A Long, Steep Drop for Americans' Standard of Living CNBC
02:53:48a ICE officer busted on drug charges after Arizona chase
02:53:54a 'Corrupt detectives ruined lives'
02:53:59a Tax exile loses appeal over residency
02:54:05a London Rents And Capital Values 'Continue To Grow'
02:54:11a Queen cruises down Burley Griffin
02:54:18a Memo From Europe Euro, Meant to Unite Europe, Seems to Be Dividing It
02:54:23a Royals admire Floriade exhibition
02:54:29a Norv Turner Reacts To Jets Coach's Comments
02:54:35a Nani's thoughts switch to Sunday's derby with Manchester City
02:54:42a Lens Blog W. Eugene Smith Grant Awarded to Krisanne Johnson
02:54:47a Caltrans Awards In Grants For SD Projects
02:54:53a Moundsville Resident Sentenced For Narcotics Distribution
02:54:59a Add Another Name To The US House Candidate List
02:55:33a Police Make Arrest in Stewart Avenue Rape
02:55:39a Portugal strike on Nov 24
02:55:45a For Israel and Palestinians, Moving Ahead and Looking Back
02:55:51a Marshall County Road Closure Announced
02:55:57a How To Make Your Child's Bedroom Allergy-Free
02:56:02a Irish fans got a sneak peak at the new Compton Family Ice Arena
02:56:08a Former Met Lenny Dykstra pleads to auto theft
02:56:14a Fiji Rugby wants new coach, after Cup failure
02:56:20a Wednesday Night Weather Forecast
02:56:26a GOP Debate Reflects Capitol Hill Antics
02:56:32a Ukraine lost reputation of reliable gas transit country – Yanukovych
02:56:37a Santa Rosa man suspected of taking church's sound equipment
02:56:43a Okla. judge block
02:56:49a Occupy Wall Street? Why Not Occupy a Job?
02:56:58a Is 'The Walking Dead' a bad show?
02:57:04a Newport News school bus crashes into tree
02:57:15a U.S. median wage lowest since 1999
02:57:21a Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken Review
02:57:27a Couple dice with death
02:57:45a Chess match begins, Cardinals take 3-2 lead in 6th
02:57:51a Renovated school science labs spur high-tech, hands-on learning
02:57:56a Romney speech touts ability, as video rips Perry's
02:58:02a Colombian govt divided over plans for separate military courts
02:58:08a Obama makes surprise stops at Hampton pumpkin patch, pizza place
02:58:14a Raleigh County School to Host 'Lights On' Rally
02:58:21a Colombian Liberals conflicted over eliminating presidential re-elections
02:58:26a Myanmar human rights violations 'persist'
02:58:32a Rice growers demand better transport infrastructure to compete post-FTA
02:58:39a Hollywood lends support to jailed Iranian filmmakers
02:58:45a Natives oppose major B.C. mine project
02:59:05a Students reject govt offer of talks over education reform
02:59:11a Ceres Man To Plead No Contest In 13-Year-Old's Death
02:59:25a Italian president's debt frustration
02:59:40a Video Consumer News Oct. 19
02:59:46a Lincoln College student dies, cause unknown
02:59:52a Former Pa. House speaker Perzel testifies in corruption case
02:59:57a Flaherty eyes Canada-U.S. retail price gap
03:00:03a Production start for the new Canter
03:00:09a Clinton in Afghanistan seeks political end to war
03:00:25a Vuln Mozilla Firefox/SeaMonkey CVE-2011-2993 Security Bypass Vulnerability
03:00:32a World Series Live Blog Rangers-Cardinals
03:00:38a Colombia plays role in Israel-Palestine peace negotiations
03:00:45a Ecuador to Promote Environmental Initiative at Summit
03:00:50a Oman US Clinton
03:00:56a Cuomo names his pick to run Port Authority
03:01:02a right wing government's austerity cuts prepare social explosion
03:01:08a Murder trial starts for deputy's son
03:01:14a Alert sounded on 'environmental migration'
03:01:26a U.S. Urged to Keep Funding U.N Peacekeeping
03:01:43a Jordanian king dismisses government, appoints new PM
03:02:01a Video Puss in Boots 'The Cat Haz Swagger'
03:02:07a Ten-year work permits available from Nov 1
03:02:12a Rainy season ravages 27 Colombian departments
03:02:31a Ecuador Former columnist faces second lawsuit for slander
03:02:37a Philadelphia mayor Captives case 'sheer madness'
03:02:42a Hankering a hamburger and a hunger to help
03:02:51a Bruce Golding to Step down Sunday
03:03:00a U.S., Mexico to install quake sensors in two border city areas
03:03:09a Telecom providers say 'Govt must speak' over Digicel deal
03:03:14a What women really want
03:03:20a National Finance boss gets six years jail
03:03:26a Who are the jailbreakers?
03:03:54a Mother's fight to exonerate executed son galvanizes China
03:04:00a Reporting from the grassroots in vogue
03:04:06a Quakes rattle Hawaii's Big Island
03:04:12a IMF upbeat on Africa growth
03:04:19a U.S. armed trainers deployed to Africa
03:04:25a Auckland's Galatos nightclub up for sale
03:04:30a Egypt's Moussa Fears Anarchy if Transition Drags
03:04:36a Egypt's Grey Economy Swells in Post-Mubarak Turmoil
03:04:42a Vuln Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird CVE-2011-2991 JavaScript Memory-Corruption Vulnerabiility
03:04:58a Citigroup pays up to settle SEC accusations
03:05:04a Iran Prosecutor to Gather Evidence of US 'Crimes'
03:05:10a Communication firms feel disconnected by long distance ruling
03:05:17a Activists Demand Transparency in Oil Sector
03:05:27a Jamaica's prime minister to step down Sunday; Holness to be sworn in
03:05:33a White House Won't Add Any More Detainees to Guantanamo, Lawyer Says
03:05:40a Muslim students appeal UC Irvine speech case
03:05:55a Up 1,010 steps for American Lung Association
03:06:02a US official rules out chance of 'cyber war' with China
03:06:09a US secret agent testifies in Bout arms-dealing trial
03:06:15a Two Weeks in Bahrain's Military Courts
03:06:21a DoJ still wants reporter's sources
03:06:27a Asian stocks down as Europe debt crisis festers
03:06:33a Gang of 6 meets supercommittee
03:06:39a Reggae Legend Peter Tosh 67th Earthstrong Celebration Today
03:06:45a Ombudsman resigns after questions row
03:06:52a Ballots being reprinted because of missing info
03:06:58a Army's Housing Budget Busters Include German Mansion Renovation
03:07:04a Small Stores Cross Their Fingers This Holiday
03:07:10a Breast Intracystic Papillary Carcinoma
03:07:15a Occupy Seattle has cost city so far
03:07:21a Are Credible Polls Possible in DRC
03:07:27a Montana's first action left him smiling all day
03:07:33a N. Korea ready to resume nuclear talks
03:07:47a Senior Army Officer, 8 Soldiers Held Hostage by Al-Qaeda in Yemen
03:07:53a Taiwan Opposition China Peace Accord Will Hurt Island
03:07:58a Pumping resumes on Rena
03:08:04a Occupy Birmingham at the Fifth day
03:08:10a Southeast Asia floods kill more than 700
03:08:16a Mediator 'Constructive' NBA talks resume Thursday
03:08:23a US police shoot escaped lions, tigers and bears dead
03:08:34a Man pleads guilty to road crash
03:08:39a US Schedules Nuclear Talks with North Korea
03:08:45a Raising awareness about Sjogren's syndrome
03:08:51a ICC asks Malawi to explain why it didn't arrest Bashir
03:08:58a Trial starts for deputy's son charged with murder
03:09:04a Truck with Obama's teleprompter stolen
03:09:10a U.S., South Korea sign accord on clean-energy R
03:09:15a Crews Fight Fire In S.W. Shawnee County
03:09:21a 'The pain is always there'
03:09:27a US release Headley terrorist interrogation tapes
03:09:33a World Dairy Summit experts meet in Italy for sustainable food security
03:09:38a Lindsay Lohan's probation revoked
03:09:45a US police kill escaped lions, tigers and bears
03:09:51a Justice Department honors FBI chief, others
03:09:57a 'My headache's about to explode' U.S. girls just dropping dead ...
03:10:04a Toddler Killed In Farming Accident
03:10:09a Things you might not know about men
03:10:15a Teabagger Queen Calls for Small Businesses to Stop Hiring
03:10:21a Sideway New York Alley One Gameplay Video
03:10:27a Integrative Way There's still more to learn about multivitamins
03:10:33a Feds asked to pay family's legal bills in military suicide probe
03:10:39a Biden To Reporter “Dont Screw Around With Me”
03:10:45a Policy removes two-hour parking limit
03:10:52a Russia tables Security Council resolution on Libyan missile systems
03:10:57a Questions Raised About Animal Preserves
03:11:03a More love of money, more problems for materialistic couples
03:11:09a Gaddafi's son believed active in Bani Walid
03:11:14a Avoid These 4 Critical Mistakes During Open Enrollment
03:11:20a Cities report shows national housing shortfall
03:11:26a Former baseball star makes plea deal in auto thefts
03:11:32a Brave thinking needed in agriculture
03:11:38a PNG crash probe looks at pilot training
03:11:44a Mexican police Head of shelter charged with prostituting women residents
03:12:03a US Schedules Talks with North Korea
03:12:08a US judge elected head of UN Balkans war crimes court
03:12:14a U.S., North Korea to meet next week
03:12:20a New York Voters Carry On, Occupy Wall Street
03:12:26a Health suffers for those living in poor neighborhoods, study shows
03:12:31a Floods 'cut GDP growth rate by 0.5 per cent'
03:12:37a Team Anna trains guns on Gurgaon's potholed roads
03:12:42a Woman, son hit, pinned by falling tree branch
03:12:48a Drink driver makes same mistake as mate
03:12:53a Lee Seung-yeop to Return to Korea
03:12:59a Maple Leaf Foods closes plants, cuts 1,550 jobs
03:13:04a Hamas Egypt to oversee 2nd phase of Schalit prisoner swap
03:13:10a Somalia Puntland Disarms Armed Militiamen
03:13:16a For sale Nice home with nuclear bunker
03:13:22a Xilinx net falls 26 pct, but tops Street views
03:13:28a 2 men held without bond in acquaintance's death
03:13:33a Astronomer snaps image of forming planet
03:13:39a Humane Society doesn't fault Ohio authorities in animal deaths
03:13:45a Labour promises tighter farm sale rules
03:13:51a Sydneysiders crowned recycling kings
03:13:57a Did they or didn't they a situation comedy in the making
03:14:03a On the Call EBay CEO John Donahoe
03:14:08a BOP Council outlines land use policy
03:14:14a Can the Sydney Opera House Fix Its Terrible Acoustics?
03:14:20a Two seriously injured in Timaru crash
03:14:25a Police shoot escaped zoo animals in Ohio
03:14:31a Somalia Mogadishu Roadside Bomb Hurts Two People
03:14:37a UK police take control of travellers' camp
03:14:43a Napier death no longer suspicious
03:14:49a U.S. retools approach to N. Korea
03:14:54a How to Deal With Daily Deal Sites
03:15:00a ‘Jihadi culture traces its roots back to Pakistan's inception
03:15:06a 'Shoulder' month comes up big for Orlando-area hotels
03:15:12a The Earth Might Have Nearly Been Destroyed in 1883
03:15:18a UPDATE 3-Groupon cutting back size of IPO sources
03:15:23a Snowmachiner found after three days missing on tundra
03:15:45a Greens seek action on uranium miner safety
03:15:50a Looks Like C-3PO Got What Was Coming to Him C-3PO Tattoo
03:15:56a School Mistress Denies Circulating Pornography
03:16:03a Police anger over force watchdog report
03:16:09a Rain Destroys K20 Million Worth of Maize in Ndola
03:16:14a 'Constructive' NBA lockout talks continue
03:16:20a Rare Honor Bestowed on Late Pipestem Park Superintendent
03:16:26a Ivanishvili Suggests Georgian Equidistance Between West and Russia
03:16:32a Hello, credit card company – it's me
03:16:37a Millions 'face environment hazards'
03:16:43a Report Turkey launches incursion into Iraq CCTV International
03:16:49a The ultimate #@%! you to neighbours? Terry Thompson's final act
03:16:54a Kabwe Council Managers Face Ban
03:17:00a TEXT-S&P Assigns Prelim 'BB-' CCR To Atlantic Power Corp
03:17:07a New MotoGP champ Stoner eyes records
03:17:12a Corletto set for fiery NBL return to Melb
03:17:18a IndyCar probe underway after deadly crash
03:17:24a Iraq upbeat on uphill road to record oil boom Iraq Oil Report
03:17:30a Trade Deals to Help SC, but Korea Pact May Hurt Textile Industry
03:17:35a Kalamazoo man arrested after armed robbery
03:17:42a Chile education protest erupts again in violence
03:17:50a Elementary School Teacher On Trial For Child Abuse 19 Oct 2011 222018 GMT
03:18:17a Proposal to kill ethanol pump aid dies in Senate
03:18:32a Champs ZESCO Flunk Barclays Cut
03:18:38a Hakainde Hichilema Criticism Irks State
03:18:46a 6 Carbs to Add to Your Diet to Help You Stay Slim
03:18:51a Roadside bombs kills two NATO soldiers in Afghanistan
03:18:57a Govt Urged to Reopen Salary Talks
03:19:03a Turkey launches ground, air incursion in Iraq The Daily Star Middle East
03:19:09a Zambia Hosts 039;Month of the Woman Entrepreneur039; to Expand Local Businesses
03:19:19a Last missing soldier in Basilan clash rescued
03:19:24a State Sets Agro Transformation Tone
03:19:31a Carl Hiaasen Endorses Occupy Wall Street
03:19:39a GOP Debate Crowd Cheers Blaming Protesters for Lack of Jobs
03:19:56a DealBook Big British Hedge Fund Takes Aim at the States
03:20:02a Spurious liquor kills seven in Pakistan
03:20:08a Nakonde Court Fines Man K15 Million
03:20:14a Microsoft, Others Work on Yahoo Bid
03:20:33a C&L's Late Night Music Club With DMZ
03:20:45a Perry Campaign to Pony Up for Flight Costs
03:21:05a Private Eye's biting satire still fresh after 50 years
03:21:11a US concerned over some released Palestinians
03:21:17a Police bolster ranks for Gold Coast 600
03:21:22a D.C. Region Is Tops in Income
03:21:28a A Movie for All Your Screens
03:21:34a FIELDS Turkey's abrupt about-face
03:21:40a The Obama Rule
03:21:46a Santos third-quarter revenue up 27%
03:21:52a Obama still flush with cash from financial sector despite frosty relations
03:21:58a After Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, Hamas hopes for eased Gaza blockade
03:22:04a Asia-Pacific 'crucial for US Navy'
03:22:09a Supercommittees lack of progress on debt reduction raises alarms on Hill
03:22:16a Christians stand with threatened Jewish settlement
03:22:22a World leaders hope for peace talks
03:22:28a APTOPIX South Korea Japan
03:22:33a Did it take too long to free Israeli soldier?
03:22:39a Japan shares fall on profit-taking, US losses
03:22:45a Jailed Blogger's Retrial Adjourned Again as Military Plays for Time
03:22:50a Newts surge
03:22:56a Quebec launches construction corruption inquiry
03:23:02a US shakes up team for rare N.Korea talks
03:23:07a Lincoln County Schools Taking Part In Universal Free Meals
03:23:13a First lady attends World Series opener
03:23:19a Rivals Put Focus on Shifts in Romney's Views
03:23:24a Santos Revenue Jumps 27%
03:23:30a Malaysian Muslims Plan Rally Against Alleged Christian Plot
03:23:36a Family of Missing Man Pleads for Public’s Help
03:23:42a Android Source Code Gone For Good?
03:23:48a WATCH Omnibus crime bill reality check
03:23:53a Revived Perry presses Romney, pushes for flat tax
03:23:59a Palestinian envoy leaving
03:24:05a Romney Delivers Patriotic Speech in South Dakota, Recounts Derek Parra Friendship
03:24:11a Dale Farm travellers evictions to begin today
03:24:17a Under fire, Herman Cain modifies `9'9'9' plan
03:24:23a Understanding the Tibet Suicides
03:24:29a Card Tricks Win Big Rewards for Some Travelers
03:24:35a Premier urges protestors to move on
03:24:41a Nevada GOP reconsiders Feb. caucus date
03:24:47a ADBL, Israel Renew Capacity Building Agreement
03:24:53a PFLP leader suspends hunger strike
03:24:59a Dangerous exotic animals turned loose, hunted down in Ohio
03:25:06a Frankfurt Airport opens fourth runway this week
03:25:11a No Terrorist Ties Seen in Courthouse Arrests
03:25:17a Adenocarcinoma
03:25:23a Fed Official Discusses Securities Purchases
03:25:29a Lincoln Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Three Trying To Rob And Murder Elderly Woman
03:25:35a Judge signs off on Houston National Cemetery settlement
03:25:41a Perry and Romney warned personal attacks could cost GOP the election
03:25:47a Israel, Palestinians mull gains after swap
03:25:52a Man back in cuffs after escaping police
03:25:58a Citi agrees to pay after 'defrauding investors in a derivatives deal'
03:26:04a Steve Forbes on Rick Perrys flat tax plan Im elated!
03:26:09a Chippewa students show it only takes two seconds to save a life
03:26:15a Boston court rules against David Drumm
03:26:20a Timbers playoff hopes still alive with draw at DC
03:26:26a SLIDESHOW The Microsoft Store in U-Village, before it opens
03:26:32a Kzoo armed robbery suspect in custody
03:26:38a Troika to report on Irish bailout review
03:26:44a Spectrum
03:26:50a U.S. senators seek new study of deadly salmon virus
03:27:05a US official‚ PM in 'secret' Tibetan talks
03:27:12a Occupy Wall Street Lobbying for Mind Space
03:27:54a Zimbabwe Tycoon Chiyangwa Reclaims Control of Affirmative Action Group
03:27:59a Paranormal Activity 3
03:28:14a Girls Generation's 'The Boys' enters US iTunes, dominates Korean charts
03:28:19a Mt Annan cyclists riding for foundation
03:28:25a Video Sneak peek inside the new Microsoft Store
03:28:50a Black Cherokees exercise hard-won right to vote
03:28:57a Missing man has mental health concerns
03:29:13a Should it Be Illegal to Own Exotic Animals?
03:29:19a Referendum approval prerequisite for peace pact with China president
03:29:24a All the Ohio Animals Are Dead Ohio
03:29:30a Student project aims to educate community on disaster preparedness
03:29:36a FTSE advances on hopes for eurozone bailout fund
03:29:42a Commodities, eurozone woes weigh on Wednesday markets
03:29:48a I,Psychopath Documentary part 1 Extended Version
03:29:54a US envoy to North Korea being replaced
03:29:59a US rules out cyber war with China
03:30:05a United States Act Swiftly on Corruption Probe
03:30:11a NH calls to boycott NV caucuses spur reset look
03:30:17a Rival filings seek new sentence for Fumo
03:30:22a US, N.Korea to meet, analysts sceptical on progress
03:30:28a Men have a ticking biological clock too, says study
03:30:34a Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 1
03:30:46a Woman stabbed in vicious attack
03:30:51a UniCredit, Deutsche Bank May Top Capital Need
03:30:57a Ricky Gervais Would Never Mock People with Down's Syndrome, Except Always Language
03:31:03a Brent-West Texas Gap Hangs On
03:31:09a Video State Trooper's death was homicide, not suicide, jury says
03:31:14a US, North Korea to meet, but analysts skeptical
03:31:20a Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries living separate lives?
03:31:26a Euro extends gains vs dollar after US housing data
03:31:31a Study abroad Ten BEST nations to go to!
03:31:37a Conference celebrates city's heritage
03:31:43a U.S. announces replacement of envoy on N. Korea a...
03:31:50a Charges dropped against ex-boyfriend of Maple Batalia
03:31:55a ECB lends million to eurozone bank
03:32:01a Eyewitness Testimony NATO Lies & Murders Libya
03:32:07a Sarkozy says euro zone talks stuck; he flies to Germany
03:32:13a China backs Pakistan to seek seat on UN Security Council
03:32:19a Nespresso Customers Lured by Knockoff Capsules
03:32:25a Video Convicted serial rapist released in Marysville
03:32:31a Kellan Lutz `Girls think I`m gay`
03:32:37a U.S. boosts strategy on N. Korea
03:32:43a The 10 Most Bizarre Villains in Bollywood
03:32:52a Video 3 lanes of I-5 in Southcenter shut down while WSDOT replaces panels
03:32:57a Style pageant giving beauty a long leg up
03:33:03a Bidders balk at Yahoo's 'no cross talk' provision
03:33:09a PIX Top alternatives to Amazon Kindle Fire
03:33:14a Healing Cancer with Proper Diet
03:33:20a Euro Zone Account Deficit Shrinks
03:33:26a Police criticised for CCTV failures
03:33:31a FDR's lesson for the eurozone
03:33:38a Scottsdale bicyclist accused of armed robbery
03:33:44a Angola Trade Between Country, Spain Estimated at 750 Million Euros
03:33:50a Newt Romney, Perry 'like 7th graders at a school yard.' Cain was cool
03:33:56a New school nutrition guidelines are sensible
03:34:01a Jogging Is Not Difficult
03:34:07a Papandreou Wins First Vote on Austerity Bill, Speaker Says
03:34:13a Autotaxin and LPA receptor signaling in cancer
03:34:48a Average wealth of an Indian triples to Rs 270,000
03:35:07a Torres has confidence back, says Villas-Boas
03:35:17a Finnan's gift handed to RCH
03:35:23a Australia PM urges Qantas to 'fix' strike row
03:35:29a US researchers study bed bugs' resistance
03:35:38a Plastic-brained teens have big IQ swings
03:35:44a TVA to lay off 800 workers at Watts Bar in Spring City, TN
03:36:15a Police take control of Britain's biggest traveller site
03:36:21a Qld govt may take health row to umpire
03:36:26a Palm Island to shape health services
03:36:35a China not seeking to top US Lee Kuan Yew
03:36:41a EMERGING MARKETS-Latam FX erases gains, eases on euro debt woes
03:36:47a Political Spectrum
03:36:53a Two homes owned by the same person go up in flames
03:36:58a Molyneux to open 2012 Aussie game exhibition
03:37:04a It's a girl for Sarkozy, Bruni
03:37:10a Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Reviews, Spoilers, Synopsis, Ending
03:37:28a Lynas slumps on Malaysian import query
03:37:34a Nunavut MLA found guilty of influence peddling
03:37:40a What's New in Decoding Breast Cancer
03:37:46a SA needs to do more for autism parents
03:37:51a Married for 72 years, a coupled dies an hour apart while holding hands
03:37:57a Malaysia Losses From Racial Law Exposed by Foreigners in Penang
03:38:03a Rolls-Royce Powers Ahead in High-Wage Countries
03:38:09a TYPO London conference livestream
03:38:24a Citigroup paying to settl
03:38:30a UPDATE 3-Maple Leaf Foods to cut 1,550 jobs, build new plant
03:38:36a Xinergy Ltd. Announces Third Quarter 2011 Operating Results
03:38:41a Britain's priceless newspapers, by our most senior judge
03:38:47a West Virginian Participates in World Series Opening Ceremony
03:38:54a Splunk weighing billion IPO report
03:39:01a Homeowner and passerby subdue robber
03:39:08a Pension pots being 'silently stolen' as inflation leaps to 5.2%
03:39:15a A bridal shop takes off, with a bride-to-be's deposit
03:40:13a Proteolytically Stable
03:40:19a Prosecutors Emails Shed Light On Motive In Ogden Double Murder
03:40:25a Indian shares to open lower, Bajaj Auto in focus
03:40:31a Mozambique Apartheid Murdered Samora Machel President
03:40:37a Fizz, roast deer and caviar how Winston Churchill ate for victory
03:40:43a Voters in Catt. County to vote on Leg.
03:40:49a PRESS DIGEST Financial Times Oct 20
03:40:55a UH Promotes Alternative Commute To Campus
03:41:08a Mac on... Calls for an EU referendum
03:41:13a Groupon cutting back size of IPO sources
03:41:19a Malawi Authorities Urged to Shed Light on Student Activist's Death
03:41:27a Vietnam 2011 GDP likely 6 pct, trade deficit bln PM
03:42:15a Indonesia-Market Factors to watch Oct 20
03:42:21a Tracking Your Car's Performance by Phone
03:42:27a John Swinney makes webcast date
03:42:33a Lytro's Camera Shoots First, Focuses Later
03:42:39a Taiwan stocks lower on weak sentiment, poor results
03:42:45a Celtic trio out of Rennes match
03:42:50a Scot Burns happier at lightweight
03:43:01a Human remains found near to shore
03:43:07a Windows 8 will be on ultrabooks next year
03:43:19a VMware hopes to boost VDI popularity with Rapid Desktop Program
03:43:24a Galaxy Nexus phone debuts
03:43:30a EBay Meets Earnings Expectations but Shares Fall
03:43:36a Access call over woodlands plan
03:43:42a A sign announces the closing hours of a Manhattan Apple store
03:43:47a for Dropbox expansion
03:43:54a Palo Alto Apple Store employees clean the store window after Steve Jobs' memorial service
03:43:59a Cardinals 3, Rangers 2
03:44:05a PM Resigns to Fulfil Demand of Regional Roadmap
03:44:11a Commonwealth Bank ups stake in Vietnam's VIB to 20 pct
03:44:17a Oracle Mimics HP With 'Big Data' Buy
03:44:22a Amazon's tablet may be hottest holiday gadget
03:44:28a Facebook Changes Inspire More Grumbling — State of the Art
03:44:36a Seoul shares see limited gains supported by tech issues
03:44:42a PBSO searching for auto parts store burglar
03:44:47a Radar can 'see' through walls
03:44:53a About Six Million Android Tablets Are Out and About
03:44:58a 10 Rescued From Dungeon, Police Say There's Still More
03:45:04a 16 long-held IT business practices you need to kill
03:45:10a Thailand Market factors to watch Oct 20
03:45:16a Calif. company recalls bagged salad blends
03:45:22a #OccupyEugene Tent City Displaces Farmers' Market Threatening Hundreds of Jobs
03:45:28a PRESS DIGEST British business Oct 20
03:45:34a NJ Transit Starts Tap-And-Pay Smartphone Option With Google
03:45:39a Steve Jobs' biographer on 60 Minutes
03:45:45a BOE United on Stimulus
03:45:52a Rape Attack Reported in #OccupyCleveland Tent City
03:45:58a 'Don't Screw Around With Me!'; Unhinged Biden Unloads On Journalist
03:46:04a Audyssey Lower East Side Audio Dock Air Appears
03:46:10a Man jailed for drug couriers role
03:46:16a Rhodes makes World Series debut, Cardinals win 3-2
03:46:22a Groupon Seeks Valuation at Close to Billion
03:46:27a EU president Herman Van Rompuy
03:46:33a Aston Villa's Herd chooses Australia over Scotland
03:46:39a Samsen, Makkasan residents told to get prepared for flooding
03:46:45a Wall St ends down
03:46:51a No rain in the cloud
03:46:56a Man Sings to Siri
03:47:02a NHS sorry for patient's bed sore
03:47:08a Tip of the Week Mobile Updates to Your Social Network
03:47:15a State bans federal satellite rollout
03:47:20a Rangers have power outage in World Series opener
03:47:26a Buying E-books Without Wi-Fi
03:47:31a If EBay Sells-Off to Hit the Buy Button
03:47:37a HP beguiles students with cloud computing uni course
03:47:43a Senator Schumer Mocks Millionaires
03:47:49a Coldplay and Norah Jones Play at Memorial for Jobs
03:47:54a Motorola Razr hands-on review
03:48:00a Twitter looks at ex-Googler, others for board
03:48:06a Samsung Galaxy Nexus takes aim at the Iphone 4S
03:48:12a World Bank says Africa making business easier
03:48:18a Under-age 'tattoo party' warning
03:48:24a SET index opens down 25.89 pts, 2.76 pct
03:48:30a Obama 'We Used to Have the Best Stuff'
03:48:35a Britain's Conflicting Entry Rules Stymie Visiting Artists
03:48:41a Russian elections the abandoned script, Nikolai Petrov
03:48:48a #OccupyOakland Confrontations with Media Continue; Reporter Bitten by Protester's Dog
03:48:53a Cruz comes up short and so do Rangers in WS opener
03:49:00a Puyallup to get electric vehicle charging stations
03:49:06a Jobs are back in 2011, reveals survey
03:49:11a Weather outlook
03:49:17a Ind. tollway bans long trucks until noon Thursday
03:49:23a Craig's pinch-hit single gives Cardinals win over Rangers in World Series opener
03:49:28a Santa Rosa Schools to examine fairness of districtwide elections
03:49:42a NYPD infil
03:49:51a Team Bisping finally on the board on Season 14 of 'The Ultimate Fighter'
03:50:02a Kayakers get up-close and personal with two whales
03:50:19a South San ISD To Receive Audit
03:50:38a Id
03:50:44a Could it be any more symbolic?..D.C. declares itself a sanctuary city
03:50:50a 'Team Anna has started playing anti-Congress games'
03:50:56a CBP Officers Make Cocaine Bust
03:51:02a Prakash Jha registers complaint of getting Rs3 crore extortion call
03:51:08a Excise minister seeks more FSI for redevelopment of traditional villages
03:51:14a Murder Confession Letter Surfaces Seven Years Later
03:51:19a Mervyn King is right, but euro zone isn’t listening
03:51:25a Robber pulls woman off local train, flees with handbag
03:51:32a Occupy This US History exposes the 1%'s crimes then and now. 3 of 6
03:51:38a Maharashtra's Noise Act not in conformity with central law
03:51:44a RDX found in Ambala Car stolen from Ludhiana
03:51:50a Dish TV revenues rise 48% on healthy subscriptions, Arpus
03:51:57a Theft Suspects Identified From Surveillance Photos
03:52:02a Time running out to solve crisis, says Mervyn King
03:52:08a Lamar falls 3-2 to McNeese State in SLC Volleyball
03:52:13a Lawyers can levy service charges
03:52:19a Don’t expect miracles; Metro cannot help Bangalore’s traffic yet
03:52:25a Bet’s loan, deposit rates may fall only next fiscal
03:52:31a Canadian Milos Raonic reaches quarter-finals in Stockholm tournament
03:52:37a Why Herman Cain's campaign could fizzle in FL There's no campaign
03:52:42a Bidders balk at Yahoo's 'no cross talk' provision
03:52:48a Kenbi land claim law delay as Wood seeks answers
03:52:53a Namma Metro It’s time to celebrate!
03:52:59a US police detail wild animal disaster
03:53:04a Power trip = Rs56,000 crore loans at risk for banks
03:53:10a Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gives birth to baby girl Reports
03:53:16a Exclusive While govt fiddles, black money flees Swiss banks
03:53:22a 72-year-old Mumbai builder falls from 16th floor to death
03:53:27a Namma Metro Too shy to ask? Read the FAQs
03:53:33a Mumbai Businessman moved from BSE to a pitch at Fashion Street
03:53:39a Drink driver surprises police with sober passenger
03:53:45a Malegaon blast undertrial files obscenity suit against newspaper
03:53:51a National Preservation Conference Begins
03:53:57a Have You Seen this Boy? Thomas Landon Church, 2-years-old, Mountain City, TN/Boone, NC
03:54:04a Private airlines cash in on excess baggage with festive presents
03:54:09a Maharashtra may scrap excise duty on wine made of jamun, cashew
03:54:15a DNA edit Namma Metro - Bangalore 3.0 now available
03:54:21a BEST slammed after Backbay substation power cable catches fire
03:54:27a Ex Anglo-Irish chief fighting over stake in Cape home
03:54:33a Tough penalties for kid in car dangerous drivers
03:54:38a Revive discontinued policy and gain a better deal
03:54:44a Fertiliser maker Coromandel sees a new model in farm equipment rentals
03:54:50a Governors Make Friendly World Series Wager
03:54:56a As Namma Metro rolls out, Where’s Aamchi Metro?
03:55:02a Investor wants Sun to double offer for Taro
03:55:08a Groupon Suggests Kids Build a Fort, but 'No Peanut Allergies Allowed'
03:55:14a Asian Shares Mostly Lower
03:55:20a Diesel price hike likely to hit railway fare too
03:55:26a Young footballer's killer appeals sentence
03:55:32a Tata Teleservices goes DoCoMo, hangs up all other brands
03:55:38a Sharad Pawar's loss, a sweet turn
03:55:44a Ending prepayment levy to benefit borrowers
03:55:50a Centre declines sanction for prosecution in 26 cases under under AFSPA
03:55:56a SW Broward residents brace for double whammy
03:56:02a Game 1 Cardinals beat Rangers 3-2
03:56:08a On inauguration day, Metro may affect Bangalore's traffic movement
03:56:14a RPI chief Ramdas Athavale demands 40 seats in civic body polls
03:56:20a Image-conscious BJP sends Yeddyurappa back to jail
03:56:26a Croc farm hatches artificial insemination plan
03:56:31a A guilty driver could be free within weeks
03:56:37a Ten Commandments display is private speech, lawyers say
03:56:43a Bhagavad Gita study can win you Rs1 lakh
03:56:48a ‘Noice pollution violators getting away with paltry fines’
03:56:55a Inter-ministry turf war grounds para-military pilots
03:57:01a Motorcyclist loses bike for police wheelie
03:57:08a Selloff by auction? St may give it a miss
03:57:14a Rejuvenated Blake stuns Del Potro in Stockholm tennis
03:57:19a O'Farrell to put police watchdog on short leash
03:57:26a Asian Heart medical staff preotest after nurse's suicide
03:57:31a Maharashtra power generation co creates crisis to import costly coal
03:57:37a Superintendent Rita Bishop confirms fights at James Madison Middle School
03:57:43a WA Government announces life terms for manslaughter
03:57:49a Aviva confirms 950 Irish job losses
03:58:02a Irish Hereditary Emphysema Rates Found to Be Among Highest in the World
03:58:08a Fuel costs send American to third-quarter loss
03:58:19a Democrats hard to find on Obama's Virginia swing
03:58:37a Asia Fall on Worries About Euro Rescue Deal
03:58:46a River Rock Entertainment Authority to Offer Million of Senior Notes Due 2018
03:58:53a GOP dark horse threatens to boycott Florida Orange Juice
03:58:58a John Wood's Board of Directors meets for first time since Klincar departure
03:59:04a Clinton arrives in Afghanistan for talks
03:59:10a DUNCAN GOP as 'party of rich' is biggest lie in politics
03:59:15a Hey, Occupy Wall Street What, No Anti-Obama Signs?
03:59:21a American Airlines parent posts loss on fuel costs
03:59:27a Herman Cain's Allies Form a ‘Super PAC
03:59:32a Clinton to arrive in Pakistan for crucial tour
03:59:38a PwC warns on public sector jobs
03:59:43a Asia Mixed on Worries About Euro Rescue Deal
03:59:49a Occupy activists prep for Bush, Clinton visits
03:59:55a Macquarie adds resource specialist for sales
04:00:01a Acting the part Who would play the GOP candidates in a movie? SLIDESHOW
04:00:07a 5.5M watch Republican debates Tuesday
04:00:13a Clinton visits Libya as NATO mulls mission end
04:00:19a Wynn Resorts swings to profit on Macau sales
04:00:33a Police in Ohio kill nearly 50 wild animals
04:00:39a Hillary Clinton to visit Pakistan amid rising tension
04:00:45a Iran Bores a Hole Through Obama's Sloppy Efforts to Pull a Coup
04:00:50a La Russa's moves pay off, Cards win Series opener
04:00:56a Quincy superintendent drafting anti-bullying policy for extra curriculars
04:01:02a Immigration Talk Turns Off Some Hispanics
04:01:08a GOP says Dems exaggerate Utah redraw impact
04:01:14a Gambia FAJ Urges Govt to End Silence On Missing Journalist
04:01:20a 'Geezer' won't let thugs ruin his walks
04:01:26a Obama campaign asks artists to ‘work for free on jobs posters, sparks outrage
04:01:32a U.S. judge takes billion Bank of America deal from state court
04:01:37a Villaraigosa signs law giving L.A. firms a bidding advantage
04:01:43a New manufacturing plant bringing dozens of new jobs to Barry area
04:01:49a Puerto Rico's Banco Popular to cut up to 250 jobs
04:01:54a Xilinx profit falls; chip maker warns on sales
04:02:00a Abbott Labs to Split Into 2 Companies
04:02:06a UPDATE 2-Diageo beats forecasts with Q1 sales up 9 percent
04:02:12a Authors to Get Sales Data From Three Big Publishers
04:02:18a Western Digital Forecasts Loss, Lower Sales Amid Thai Flooding
04:02:24a Cain combats criticism of '9-9-9' plan
04:02:29a Obama on Occupy Wall Street
04:02:35a Wood Stove starts mobile home fire
04:02:41a Rio Tinto tops hostile Cameco bid for Hathor
04:02:46a Pa. takeover of Harrisburg clears legislature
04:02:52a Obama praises pledge to hire veterans
04:02:58a Chile Pulp Producer CMPC Subscribes Million Loan
04:03:04a SB5 fight could boost Democrats' 2012 chances
04:03:10a In Egypt, corruption had a U.S. root
04:03:16a Record turnout seen at Illinois College Expo event
04:03:21a Maple Leaf to cut jobs, close plants in sweeping overhaul
04:03:27a Chilean Social Protest Remains Strong
04:03:32a Wynn Profit Misses Estimates as Vegas Baccarat Revenue Fell
04:03:38a Polycom profit rises but sales to businesses fall
04:03:44a Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit vs. freed U.S. hikers
04:03:50a No Rest Until Cass' Killer Is Found, Mom Says
04:03:55a Ford Employees Ratify Contract, Despite Show of Displeasure
04:04:01a Nikkei seen soft on worries about euro rescue deal
04:04:07a Global population could reach 7 billion by Oct. 31
04:04:13a HP MFP Digital Sending Software Lets Local Users Obtain Potentially Sensitive Information
04:04:19a Bankruptcy judge 'within days' of decision in Tribune Co. case
04:04:25a Guardswoman OK'd To Bring Same-Sex Spouse To Event
04:04:40a Asia Lower on Worries About Euro Rescue Deal
04:04:45a Rio Tinto Makes Million Offer for Hathor to Trump Cameco
04:04:51a Robert Redford wades in on oilsands pipeline debate
04:04:57a Bidders balk at Yahoo's 'no cross talk' provision
04:05:02a Goodman Fielder to merge baking, dairy units
04:05:08a At New York Schools, Finding Time for Exercise
04:05:14a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie`s twins start school in Hungary
04:05:20a Long-gun registry to be shot down Thursday
04:05:25a Beyoncé `Kelly Rowland likes to check up on me`
04:05:31a Former National Finance director jailed 6 years
04:05:36a Washed up feet those of B.C. suicide victim
04:05:42a Former School Board Member Arrested In Child Sex Case
04:05:48a Obama allies Don't play the race card
04:05:54a South Africa Bafana Bafana Rise in Fifa Rankings
04:06:00a No more lingerie football for T.O. mayor's niece
04:06:06a Unrest over austerity takes an ominous turn in Greece
04:06:11a Cardinals win 3-2 in World Series game 1
04:06:18a Chicago water rates, vehicle sticker fees could rise with inflation
04:06:23a Sheriff Missing monkey believed eaten
04:06:29a Thrall To Get Traffic Light After Crash
04:06:36a Turkey launches counterattack into Iraq
04:06:42a Panama Canal Fills First Part of New Lock Channel
04:06:47a Pay and Benefits Watch Reviewing the 3Rs
04:06:52a A Throwback Exercise Hula Hooping Becomes the Hot New Workout
04:06:58a All Blacks up for Player of the Year
04:07:04a Amazon to start Japan ebook business reports
04:07:10a Patients' taxis cost NHS millions
04:07:16a Kenya Danger Lurks in Cheap Mobile-Based Car Track Gadgets
04:07:22a Southwest Broward residents brace for double whammy
04:07:46a CA Company Recalls Bagged Salad Blends
04:07:56a Occupy's busting out on new path
04:08:02a Marine says no to prison release to witness birth
04:08:15a Study can school nurses help teens quit smoking?
04:08:22a Airbus workers and union agree deal to end dispute
04:08:28a U.S. solar firms to act against Chinese rivals
04:08:34a Bob Dylan in Antwerp, Belgium Songs change, patterns emerge
04:08:40a Huge German satellite heading for Earth
04:08:46a German satellite to crash to Earth 'at the weekend'
04:09:00a Suspect in shooting of Oklahoma County deputy will face trial
04:09:09a Exclusive new details on Moremi Air Cessna crash
04:09:22a UFO Traffic Report Thursday, October 20, 2011
04:09:32a Woman's death near Napier not suspicious
04:09:57a Google confirms music store coming soon, with a 'twist'
04:10:04a El ‘complot Irán — ¿guerra psicológica para una nueva agresión estadounidense?
04:10:25a Germany 'cuts growth forecast'
04:10:31a Fort Worth pension may look great, but hold on to your wallets
04:10:37a Yahoo 'cross talk' ban jolts bidders
04:10:43a Scotty McCreery sings the national anthem at World Series Game
04:10:49a Batman PC games on sale prior to Arkham City release
04:10:55a Jonah Hill's phone number has fans calling about 'The Sitter'
04:11:01a Equatorial Guinea Calls for U.S. to Act on Corruption Probe
04:11:07a SA should push ‘Beast of Bentonville for more
04:11:13a New behind-the-scenes video from 'Breaking Dawn' wedding unveiled
04:11:19a Boosting self esteem may contribute to depression
04:11:24a Should you be your child's best friend Part 2
04:11:30a Sun never sets on anti-empire day of action
04:11:37a U.S. deploys Special Forces, military ‘advisers to Central Africa
04:11:43a The Cheesecake Factory misses 3Q earnings estimates
04:11:49a Martin Brodeur out 7-10 days
04:11:55a Tax becomes lottery for Britons
04:12:37a PBR World Finals qualifiers announced
04:12:44a March honors Dr. King's fight for jobs
04:12:50a Spanish cut squeezes EU
04:12:56a The Coffee Stop excels at giving young BEE franchisees a head start
04:13:05a Sudan West Darfur Refugees Reject WFP Decision
04:13:11a Retail sales growth of 7.7% hides truth
04:13:30a Occupations sweep U.S.
04:13:35a Green loans for small firms
04:13:41a Call for Dismissal of Terror Charges Against Journalists
04:13:53a zz diary
04:14:04a Special pension hampers audit for Treasury
04:14:18a Britain’s Conflicting Entry Rules Stymie Visiting Artists
04:14:23a Students forced to switch schools
04:14:29a Michigan St Corridor gets locals' input
04:14:35a Most back Occupy Wall Street protests
04:14:40a Bucs happy with decision to go to England early
04:14:46a Police Tase suspect who escaped custody
04:14:52a Sex offender teaching gymnastics in GR
04:14:58a Letter to the Occupy Wall Street Movement
04:15:04a Mich. St. Corridor gets citizens' input
04:15:09a Yahoo! says all options open amid Alibaba reports
04:15:15a Minnows fail to trouble European football giants
04:15:21a Olympus in Apparent Reversal on Payments to Advisers
04:15:26a La Russa's moves pay off, Cards win Series opener
04:15:32a Group Pushes For No Kill Bee Policy
04:15:38a Heavy rains kill at least 91 in Central America
04:15:43a Pasco Tribune/ Week 8 football picks
04:15:49a Magazine Preview Bad Guys vs. Worse Guys in Afghanistan
04:15:55a News Corp to start Australian paywall
04:16:01a Graca Machel Calls for Closure
04:16:06a Terriers lineman 'Thumb Drive' holds loads of determination
04:16:12a Strong agrees to new deal
04:16:17a Panasonic Mulls Cutting TV Panel Production
04:16:23a Miss the Hiss? Fanatics Flip for Tunes on Cassette Tapes
04:16:29a Bears confident travel won't be an issue in London game
04:16:35a Tampa throws million pitch to Rays
04:16:45a Cardinals win game one of World Series
04:17:08a Freeman expects better result in London
04:17:18a Steel mill up and running after iron spill
04:17:23a How to avoid late credit card payments
04:17:29a At 105, Chinese Linguist Now A Government Critic
04:17:35a Killing warning missed in slayings of Afghan civilians
04:17:40a Southlake maintains setback rules for drilling near homes
04:17:46a Friends remember shooting victim Sawyer Webb
04:17:52a Man recovering from Legionnaires'
04:17:58a U.S. Solar Panel Makers Accuse Chinese of Trade Violations
04:18:03a Upcoming Tampa Craft Beer Events
04:18:12a Union County School Director suspended
04:18:18a Thief botches Tacoma woman's life-saving auction
04:18:23a Minnows fail to trouble Euro soccer giants
04:18:29a EU quest to save euro raises fear of 'two-speed' Europe
04:18:34a In Hampton, Obama pushes plan for hiring veterans
04:18:40a China Tightens Debt Rules for Insurers
04:18:46a Mobile use 'not linked to cancer'
04:18:51a Vietnam Aims for 2012 Growth of 6% to 6.5%
04:18:57a Wallabies stars in running for major award
04:19:04a The Ultimate Home-Field Advantage for New Zealand
04:19:18a PNC optimistic despite 3Q drops
04:19:35a Bangkok Awakes To An Uncertain Few Days
04:19:44a Man shot by police didn't have gun or grenade
04:19:49a Police Shelter boss prostituted women
04:19:55a A Comeback of Panty Hose
04:20:00a Rolls-Royce Gravitates to High-Wage Countries
04:20:06a BNY Mellon defends against pension suits
04:20:11a Parliament dissolved for general election
04:20:33a Cross-border PKK attacks 'unacceptable,' UN head says Hürriyet
04:20:51a Vertical landings hit the mark in F-35B's tests
04:21:09a Truck collision closes SH1 near Temuka
04:21:17a Something 'un-French' about this Frenchman
04:21:23a Napolitano Deportation reviews coming
04:21:28a Facing fl
04:21:51a Ponting ready for big series after win
04:22:50a Renovated Waldron Stage in Roanoke set to open Friday night
04:23:03a Macy's almost done with moving its departments
04:23:08a Manufacturers Woo Teens To Consider Career
04:23:17a VIDEO Union urges Qantas to compromise
04:23:22a Salvors resume pumping oil off Rena
04:23:42a Rugby World Cup sales target exceeded
04:24:22a Japan pushing Okinawa ahead of Panetta visit
04:24:32a OmniTouch Turns Everything Into a Touchscreen
04:24:55a Morgan Stanley Adjusted Its 2011, 2012 EPS Estimates For IBM
04:25:00a Oracle, Google Trial Postponed
04:25:06a Northland girl in hospital with suspected meningitis
04:25:12a Toshiba Thrive 10.1-Inch 8GB Android Tablet,
04:25:27a Ultra-green Seattle office project draws corporate HQ, complaints
04:25:36a EMC's Tucci on Seattle jobs, IT spending and Steve Ballmer
04:25:41a Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB Internal Hard Drive,
04:25:47a Ambassador plot casts light on
04:25:53a Virginia won't seek federal pre-K funding
04:25:58a 'If he would talk his dad would beat him with a board'
04:26:31a Colorado Another City Looks to Dump Red Light Cameras
04:26:37a WS Benefitting Local Business
04:26:43a Windows 8 Will Be on Ultrabooks Next Year, Intel Exec Says
04:26:49a Body Worlds returns to Portland
04:26:55a Daughter for Bruni and French president
04:27:01a Malware Uses Smartphone Accelerometers to Steal Keystrokes
04:27:07a Cote d'Ivoire Calls for Mobilization of Financial Support for Refugees
04:27:12a Google's Brin Initially Thought Google+ Circles Feature Was Too Complicated
04:27:18a EU speeds up capital rules f
04:27:24a Gap Closing Fifth Of U.S. Stores, Expanding In China Headlines
04:27:30a LPD 12 Lincoln Businesses Burglarized Overnight Cassie Anderson Reports
04:27:46a Successful trial of juvenile prisoner transport
04:27:51a Man convicted over Pilbara murder
04:27:57a Queen takes barge to Floriade
04:28:03a Police Blast at Italy fireworks site kills 6
04:28:09a Ex-Facebook Exec Pushes Software-defined Networks
04:28:15a Lenovo-backed Gaming System to Launch Early 2012
04:28:21a P-plate curfew proposal parked by Premier
04:28:27a 'Sons of Anarchy' app to sell goods during show
04:28:33a Police find 10 children and teens in US Philadelphia captivity case
04:28:39a EU and US Declaration on UN Security Council Resolutions
04:28:44a US official says no cyber war with China
04:28:50a Turning back boats is reckless Bowen
04:28:55a Microsoft among group looking to buy Yahoo, WSJ reports
04:29:01a Farmers flee as world's deadliest volcano rumbles
04:29:07a Hillary Clinton lands in Kabul
04:29:12a Land sales still at low levels survey
04:29:18a Sensex falls in early trade
04:29:24a President dedicates new Lombok airport
04:29:29a DFAT names Bali drug boy on Rudd website
04:29:34a More than a million people remember Steve
04:29:40a U-Theatre performs art piece for 1,000 in Mexico
04:29:45a DFAT names Bali boy on Rudd website
04:29:51a Japanese car wins World Solar Challenge
04:29:57a Melanoma skin cancer has costly, deadly impact on America CDC
04:30:02a The ultimate #@%! you?
04:30:07a Forex & Gold 20, October 2011
04:30:13a British authorities have no official report cases of Litvinenko's death expert
04:30:18a Rudd praises outgoing SA premier
04:30:24a Jeffers, van Egmond boost Newcastle Jets
04:30:30a N.Korea 'Has New Uranium Enrichment Facility'
04:30:35a MOFA chief Yang supports deploying missiles to Taiping
04:30:41a Greensboro Approves Small Business Loan Pool
04:30:47a Local pastry chef ready for chocolate competition
04:30:53a Ex-Cabinet official hit with illegal building claim
04:30:59a Thai activists rescue flood animals
04:31:05a Christmas Is boat crash crewman on trial
04:31:11a Taxi drivers rally against NT71-per-hour wages
04:31:17a BC-US--Iraq-War Crime,128
04:31:23a NATO purported to be using white phosphorous bombs in Libya
04:31:29a N.Korea says its system will outlast US capitalism
04:31:34a Bolton, Colosimo fit for A-League
04:31:40a Burkina Faso Govt Aims to Unite Science for Development
04:31:45a Prince William world's most influential man Poll
04:31:57a As Yemeni Laureate Calls SC Resolution 'Bad, Worse,' Ban Meeting at UN
04:32:02a REVIEW Paranormal Activity 3 Gives Grandmothers a Bad Name!!!
04:32:08a RTI, Saint Kitts and Nevis broadcasters sign memo
04:32:14a Clinton in Oman to thank HM for help on hikers' release
04:32:20a FTC fines three firms over collusive milk price hikes
04:32:26a India pledges support to global efforts to tackle piracy
04:32:32a Ultimate team-up Federated Media and Automattic partnership brings ads to
04:32:38a Cranes, Sporting Failure and Politics
04:32:44a Revenue chief 40 percent chance of recession in 2012
04:32:50a Special night for a special Plum varsity girls volleyball game
04:32:56a U.S. to name Davies new special envoy to North Korea
04:33:02a S Korean civic activists protest against U.S.-S Korea FTA
04:33:08a Halloween murder-accused teen gets bail
04:33:14a Embattled ombudsman Allan Asher resigns
04:33:20a Qld horse deaths still a mystery
04:33:26a KMT official denies pressuring authorities over son's business
04:33:32a Neighbors say they're not afraid of exotic animal parks
04:33:38a Ohio deputies shoot 48 animals that owner freed before suicide
04:33:44a Two arrested on charges of killing man in Clairton home
04:33:50a Cheswick narrows water supply alternatives
04:33:55a World wealth to grow 50 per cent
04:34:01a Briefing Senior State Department Official on North Korea
04:34:06a MOEA signs letters of intent with 32 international companies
04:34:12a Lil Wayne itching for drugs
04:34:17a Ligonier scarecrow contest adds 'a touch of whimsy'
04:34:23a Senator outlines fix for bridges Increased fees for motorists
04:34:29a U.S. to Replace N.Korea Envoy
04:34:34a Accused Sydney granny killer to face trial
04:34:40a Goodlatte Says Obama's Jobs Plan Has Little Chance in Congress
04:34:46a India becomes better place to do business
04:34:51a Residents fought for the Sewickley Bridge, the Valley's most iconic symbol
04:34:57a West Crawford Avenue building to come down
04:35:02a Government triples money recovered from Medicaid fraud
04:35:08a Campers happy to share their eats, thoughts
04:35:14a Kimbra the Sims 3 Pets ambassador
04:35:19a E. Sun Commercial plans Singapore branch in 2012
04:35:25a lower, focus firmly on EU summit
04:35:30a Best Buddies debuts signature fundraiser and stirs up some fun
04:35:36a Senior State Department Officials on Afghanistan
04:35:42a Lawmakers upset by China's move to control rare earth prices
04:35:48a Mediator 'Constructive' NBA talks to continue
04:35:53a Oakland's Preservation Fair features expert book and paper conservator
04:35:59a Seasonal flu shots to run out in December DOH
04:36:05a VIDEO Roncesvalles mourns homeless blogger and 'icon'
04:36:10a 'Community spirit' opened Whitehall Public Library
04:36:16a It's unanimous Hempfield hockey club to get more money
04:36:22a Philly basement case unfolds; two more children in protective care
04:36:27a Man charged with stashing gun in Grant Street magazine bin
04:36:33a Miniature kamikaze drones to be used again against Taliban
04:36:38a Paranormal researchers use Freedom mansion as backdrop
04:36:44a 'Stuff up' Bali boy named by DFAT
04:36:49a Dunbar woman held for trial in robbery, theft
04:36:55a Canadian steelworkers approve three-year contract
04:37:00a Charities make out big in Westmoreland's Day of Giving
04:37:06a Classy Khawaja defies SA's victory push
04:37:12a Thailand thanks Taiwan for donations amid floods
04:37:17a Pine-Richland officials seek to shift enrollment between schools
04:37:23a 13 Protestors Charged With Arson, Assault in Nebbi
04:37:29a Greens say ombudsman 'assassinated'
04:37:34a Ombudsman quits after collusion with Greens
04:37:40a U.S. Will Hold Talks With North Korea in Geneva Oct. 24-25
04:38:03a Fruit salsa a delicious topping for salmon and halibut
04:38:08a Occupy the Classroom
04:38:33a Ponder gets nod at QB for Vikings
04:38:47a Nicaragua Awaits New Report on Disaster
04:39:13a One battle won in Cargill trade-secrets theft
04:39:19a Apples earnings miss drags tech stocks lower
04:39:24a Big banks' earnings doublespeak The Buzz
04:39:30a As Wall St Readies Cuts, Fears Grow in Luxury Market
04:39:43a Wednesday afternoon links Picks, stats and more
04:39:49a Deles Nov. talks with MILF to continue despite clash
04:39:54a American Express Q3 Earnings up on Higher Cardmember Spending
04:40:00a Qantas has grounded seven jets and axed almost 500 flights over the next month
04:40:06a Initiative 1125, Tim Eyman's bundle of bad ideas
04:40:11a Ken Keiser was president of PepsiAmericas
04:40:17a Silver Lake, Microsoft, Canada Pension Board Mull Bid, WSJ Says
04:40:22a Newcrest Mining Says Gold Output Falls 16%, Margin Rises On Price
04:40:28a Rex Nutting We need more inflation
04:40:34a Medical parts maker recasts itself as device developer
04:40:39a It's all in gutte taste
04:40:44a Shares plunge after Piper swings to a loss
04:40:50a Jon Markman's Speculations Who'--s right about recession Wall Street or ECRI?
04:40:56a 'Misery Index' Hits 28-Year High
04:41:02a Man catches fire during clashes with Greek police
04:41:08a Slacker teams with AOL to power Internet radio service
04:41:14a Olympus Shares Seesaw, Ex-CEO Alerts Japan Watchdog
04:41:19a Innovation 'must be disruptive'
04:41:26a Wesfarmers 1Q Food And Liquor Sales Up 5.5% On Year
04:41:31a Buyers Say Yahoo's Conditions Frustrating Joint Bids
04:41:37a eBay rides mobile commerce to strong earnings
04:41:43a Visions of Elmwood Park get public airing
04:41:48a Wynn Macau Shares Skid 7% on Parent's Earnings Miss
04:41:54a Goldman loss signals a bad omen for Wall Street
04:41:59a Charlie Whitehurst takes snaps, but Tarvaris Jackson not ruled out for Hawks
04:42:05a Athlete of the Week R.J. Symns
04:42:10a Fifteen cars were involved in the fiery melee on the 12th lap
04:42:18a Gillard Should Keep Out of Qantas-BHP Strikes, Unions Say
04:42:24a Riot police begin evicting travellers and their supporters
04:43:03a Asia Markets Asia stocks slide, with resource shares down
04:43:09a Scott wants universities to list graduates’ earnings
04:43:14a Top Stories Of The Day
04:43:20a Apple Earnings Miss Wipes Out Billion; Leaves it No. 2
04:43:26a Torres' first goals in the competition helped Chelsea to their biggest Champions League win
04:43:32a Therese Poletti's Tech Tales Apple and the age-old 'cash question'
04:43:38a Updated feasibility considerations presented to CASB
04:43:43a Jon Markman's Speculations Who's right about recession Wall Street or ECRI?
04:43:49a Kirkland City Council The Times recommends Sternoff, Nixon and Asher
04:43:54a Australian Market Drifts Lower On Wall Street Cues, Economic Worries
04:44:00a Japanese Stocks Drop to Lowest in Two Weeks on European Split
04:44:06a 'Revolutions on Wall Street'
04:44:12a EU To Propose Sweeping Financial Regulation Reforms
04:44:17a Japan Finance Ministry Said to Plan 1 Trillion Yen Bond Sale
04:44:23a Factories still producing in the Pittsburgh region
04:44:28a Nicaraguans Watch Xolotlan Lake Closely
04:44:34a 'Sons of Anarchy' app to sell goods during show
04:44:40a Rancho Santa Fe Inn looking for suitors
04:44:45a Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Slings Mud at Apple, Google During Web 2.0 Summit VIDEO
04:44:51a Courthouse Break-In Blamed on Drunk Pranksters
04:44:56a AC Milan's defender Daniele Bonera
04:45:02a Therese Poletti's Tech Tales Apple and the age-old '--cash question'--
04:45:07a Thomson Reuters 52 Cents
04:45:12a On Bay Street and Wall Street, envy meets greed
04:45:18a Fit is an important thing Jennifer Lopez
04:45:24a Citigroup agrees to fraud penalty
04:45:29a Asia Stocks Fall on Europe Divisions, U.S. Economy; Copper Drops
04:45:35a Indian surrogacy our 'best option'
04:45:41a CareFusion hit with second device recall in a year
04:45:46a Cuban Rower Seeks Pan-American Podium
04:45:52a Fil-Am UP grad installed as Seton Hall University president
04:45:58a Slovenia Cut to AA-/A-1+ by SP on Weak Fiscal Position
04:46:04a Barcelona's defender Dani Alves and Viktoria Plzen's Vaclav Pilar
04:46:09a Robert Powell Defined benefit pension plans at risk
04:46:15a Europe Sets Tone as Market Counts Down to Summit
04:46:21a Hong Kong's pampered pooches take yoga classes
04:46:26a Concerns over prison batons use
04:46:32a Chevron CEO Praises US Oil Drilling Agency, A Frequent Target Of Criticism
04:46:38a Bell to provide free WiFi access in Montreal
04:46:44a Riot police prepare to evict travellers and their supporters from Dale Farm
04:46:49a Ledyard town clerk candidates debate gay marriage. Who would you vote for?
04:46:55a Interview With The Metropolitan Of Kalabryta And Aigeialia Amvrosios
04:47:01a Bill Mann's Canada No confusion about B.C. energy project's ambitions
04:47:06a Journal of Cellular Biochemistry Volume 112, Number 11, November, 2011
04:47:12a New trial sought for man convicted of USC murder
04:47:17a Stocks to watch Thursday Wynn, eBay, ATT
04:47:22a US Solar Panel Makers Say China 'Gutting' Industry
04:47:28a Bill Mann's Canada No confusion about B.C. energy project'--s ambitions
04:47:34a Microsoft to launch Mango smartphones with Nokia, Samsung soon
04:47:39a Wheldon died on Sunday when he was caught up in a stunning chain-reaction crash
04:47:45a Alloy-Kelly Strayhorn merger called 'a good fit'
04:47:51a Wall Street jitters on bleak economic outlook, Europe
04:47:57a RIM could face lawsuits for Blackberry problems
04:48:02a Portfolio Insights by Brett Arends Why big investors won't occupy Wall Street
04:48:08a Hayfield man faces charges in theft of Iowa feeder pigs
04:48:14a Time not ripe for Israeli-Palestinian talks Fayyad
04:48:20a Feeding the US frontline in Afghanistan
04:48:26a This army about to confront Occupy Wall Street
04:48:32a China Quizzes Audit Giants on Documents
04:48:37a Amy Hoak's Home Economics Why it can pay to try a short sale
04:48:43a Greeks dying from financial despair
04:48:48a Walk to Walk Day 3 Besigye Home Surrounded By Police
04:48:54a Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 2
04:49:00a La Russa's moves pay off, Cards win Series opener
04:49:05a Peabody, Arcelor Extend Their Offer For Macarthur Coal To Nov 11
04:49:11a Readers given some advice
04:49:17a The man behind the V for Vendetta mask
04:49:22a Western Digital Earnings Rise, Top Estimate
04:49:28a Microsoft offers students free access to its technologies to improve employability
04:49:33a Six figures jobs? No, they're not on Wall Street
04:49:39a Row over spending review results
04:49:44a Icahn puts slate up for Commercial Metals board
04:50:02a First Mexican truck set to roll into the United States on Friday
04:50:29a DOH orders NCR hospitals to set up tests for leptospiros
04:50:35a Extension of Fayette County airport hangar lease denied
04:50:46a City school chief again aims at under-enrollment
04:50:53a New Greek austerity Bill approved
04:50:58a Anxious skiers find snow at Hatcher Pass, Powerline
04:52:37a A memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.'s transforming faith
04:52:54a S&P downgrades Slovenia's credit rating
04:53:15a Apple Employees Remember Jobs With Coldplay Music, Cook Remarks
04:53:28a Alligators & abortion
04:53:36a US looks at stronger military presence in Australia
04:53:57a Police focus on fugitives abroad
04:54:08a Eugene Robinson Democrats, this is your issue
04:54:17a Fil-Am veterans in US to mark Leyte Gulf Landing Oct. 23
04:54:24a Swedish-Providence merger limits women's access to safe abortions
04:54:46a Panasonic to trim TV business, cut 1,000 jobs
04:54:52a UPDATE 2-Rio outdraws Cameco in bid for Canada uranium firm
04:55:03a A brief history of the Greek debt crisis
04:55:11a Australian PM urges Qantas to resolve dispute
04:55:21a Fund Manager Survey finds Sovereign Debt Fears easing as Investors anticipate Greek Default
04:55:27a PADRES Contra El Cancer and Ava MD
04:55:50a SAC Capital Faces Second Deal Probe
04:55:55a In Greece, protests, desperation, and 'the mother of all strikes.' Which way forward
04:56:01a Asian markets fall on eurozone, US fears
04:56:06a Numbers drop at college campuses in Alle-Kiski Valley
04:56:12a Kelly-Strayhorn, Dance Alloy to merge theatrical forces
04:56:18a Is Greece Headed for Tragedy, or Just More Drama
04:56:23a Goodman Fielder integrating retail businesses
04:56:29a Rugby World Cup Ticket Sales Surpass NZ268.5 Million Target
04:56:34a Fifteen years of economic growth means little in everyday lives index
04:56:40a Asia Falls on Worries About Euro Rescue Deal
04:56:46a Parties' Respond to Questions on Human Rights
04:56:52a Transport Canada Boating Safety for Hunters and Anglers Yukon
04:56:57a Norfolk board discusses ideas to reduce dropout rate
04:57:03a Greek begin 48-hours general Strike PHOTOS
04:57:09a Toronto advances to quarterfinals
04:57:14a A tale of a captured soldier
04:57:20a Bat carcass stops wind farm's nighttime operation
04:57:26a City seeks to end grocery store 'deserts'
04:57:31a More Controversies Rock Wildlife Authority
04:57:37a A slow start for Cecil Commerce Center developer
04:57:42a HMRC finally wins UK tax residency case
04:57:48a Anna upset over Rahul not meeting his village sarpanch
04:57:53a General Dynamics gets Navy contract
04:57:59a Lindsay Lohan faces more jail time after Los Angeles judge revokes probation
04:58:04a Man shot by police in critical condition
04:58:10a Standard & Poor's downgrades Slovenia credit rating
04:58:15a Former National Finance director Ludlow jailed
04:58:21a Apple disappointment is less than it seems
04:58:27a Batman Arkham City Saving the Doctors
04:58:32a International support pledged for Pike recovery
04:58:38a Citigroup agrees to pay to investors for misleading them
04:58:44a The Business On... James Gorman, Chief executive, Morgan Stanley
04:58:50a Engineer implores Ross officials to face facts on fixing roads
04:58:56a The slippery slope
04:59:01a Can Islam undergo its own Reformation?
04:59:07a Euro leaders warned over bank capital
04:59:13a Kenya Finance Ministry Yet to Answer Hospital's Request for Bailout
04:59:18a Chinese officials to make an unprecedented tour of Toronto's Davies Elevator
04:59:24a MPC voted 9-0 to pump more money into economy
04:59:29a Batman Arkham City Ninjas!
04:59:34a Cable says can't rule out second recession
04:59:40a 13th Northland meningococcal case
04:59:45a GameSpot Plays Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
04:59:51a Olympus admits Woodford was right on Gyrus fees
04:59:56a Vietnam Aims to Cut Budget Deficit to 4.5% of GDP by 2015
05:00:02a Batman Arkham City Penguin's Jammers
05:00:08a Soft PC sales likely to hold back Microsoft profit
05:00:14a Egypian-Americans Protest in DC for Fellow Coptic Christians
05:00:19a Sony heads into battle to win back gamers on the go
05:00:25a Global issues likely to keep OCR low
05:00:30a Protest calls for gay marriage and adoption
05:00:36a Animal rights group rescues 800 dogs from China meat trade
05:00:42a New Diamond Head Trail Now Safer
05:00:48a Industry body funds Aussie game development
05:00:54a Olympus shareholders are owed full disclosure on the strange payouts revealed by its ex-boss
05:01:00a DTZ puts itself up for sale after takeover talks collapse
05:01:05a Congress website provides peek at political dynasties
05:01:39a Sunac China Says Sales to Exceed Billion on Rich Buyers
05:01:45a EDS draft submission on EEZ Oil bill finds flaws
05:01:51a In harness with the city
05:01:57a Possible link explored in counterfeit money cases
05:02:03a Napier death not suspicious
05:02:08a Breitbart Violence Is Coming
05:02:14a Boost for Sky as consumers splash out on HD and broadband
05:02:20a Hoffstot's Cafe Monaco Reliably delicious
05:02:25a Hum Your Way Through the Online Music Jungle
05:02:52a Cops secure CCTV footage of PUP exec's killing
05:02:59a Kit can bring paint back to life
05:03:05a Platform to Help SMEs Keep Track of Cashflow
05:03:11a Couples' wrong message on Tiger Ogilvy
05:03:17a Keaton was Woody's 'endearing oaf'
05:03:22a Civil Beat Lingle Promotes Akaka Bill
05:03:32a Varicose vein therapy
05:03:49a Sth Korean team wants punishment for brawl
05:03:54a Police seek wanted felon
05:04:00a Plum man files suit over home foreclosure
05:04:05a Travel agents say it's time for Qantas intervention
05:04:11a Qantas union calls off industrial action
05:04:16a Kenya EAC borders 'still restrictive'
05:04:22a French women are kidnapped in Kenya, killed in Somalia
05:04:28a Scott Burgess Land Rover's cool luxury can't be beat
05:04:33a Musicians bring a Brazilian beat in 'Viva Bahia'
05:04:39a Whincup hopes death doesn't stop V8 fun
05:04:45a Thai prime minister acknowledges floods have overwhelmed government, appeals for solidarity
05:04:51a Kenya power workers strike notice
05:04:56a Greece braces for further unrest
05:05:02a Jackson doctor caused his death expert
05:05:08a Light show on I-90
05:05:13a Indian shares drop 1 pct, financials drag
05:05:19a Probing a despot
05:05:25a Costco's for liquor initiative sets record
05:05:31a Jobless rate hovering in limbo
05:05:36a 11 envoys present credentials in Nairobi
05:05:42a Trinity Health to move to Livonia
05:05:48a Washington is thriving at season's halfway point
05:05:54a Philippine communist rebels raid banana plantation
05:05:59a Outdoors gear Headlamps for fall and winter outings
05:06:05a Federal bench to run at capacity with Upper St. Clair man's approval
05:06:10a Better off without Holmgren? Seahawks are getting better, period
05:06:15a SPV Beacon Electric Asset set to become Meralco's largest shareholder
05:06:21a Jim Mora will be in broadcast booth for Seahawks game
05:06:26a West Seattle couple die in murder-suicide
05:06:32a 6 traders, brokers face raps for smuggling onions from China
05:06:38a Social Security Q&A
05:06:43a Occupy spokesman quits over questions about tax liens, debts
05:06:49a Greek professor fears for education system
05:06:54a Italian stocks Factors to watch on Oct 20
05:07:00a Steelhead fishing worth a try below Wells Dam in Columbia River
05:07:06a Farmington Hills bookstore carves out niche
05:07:11a Video UW tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins
05:07:17a Frenchwoman taken hostage in Kenya is confirmed dead
05:07:23a Kenya A Food Revolution in the World?s Largest Refugee Camp
05:07:28a Labor talks extended to 3rd day for 1st time
05:07:34a Kenya kidnap victim is dead'
05:07:39a GM 'Cannonball Run' talk false
05:07:45a Nemacolin Woodlands Resort workers arrested in lottery scam
05:07:50a Give something to get cooperation from others
05:07:56a 50 exotic animals let loose, killed in Ohio
05:08:02a Comics 'Batman Year One' adaptation true to original
05:08:07a Mariners' Danny Hultzen soaking in life as a pro in Arizona
05:08:13a Doctor Dies As A Result Of Evil Strike Action!
05:08:18a Africa UN Experts Target Toxic Flame Retardant for Control
05:08:24a Indonesian police storm Papua rally
05:08:30a Briefs Food, gas prices rose in September
05:08:35a Beat the drum for homecoming salmon
05:08:41a Kibaki unveils Tom Mboya statue in Nairobi
05:08:46a Europe finance news sends stocks down
05:08:52a MSF seeks release of abducted staff in Kenya
05:08:58a Detroit casino unions to vote on a new deal
05:09:03a Kenya athletics brand has ambitions to take on Nike
05:09:08a How to get around while viaduct's closed
05:09:14a Butch Walker's 'The Spade' is a nostaglic look at his youth
05:09:20a Cornilles business briefly had federal tax lien
05:09:25a Kenya launches major air assault on al-Shabaab militants
05:09:33a Daniel Howes Howes Sweet deals leave taxpayers sour
05:09:38a Talks continue as Maruti Manesar plant strike enters 14th day
05:09:44a Prosecutors expected to complete direct presentation in Murray trial
05:09:49a St. Louis bullpen holds off Rangers in 3-2 victory in Game 1
05:09:55a Better Ghana Agye Bebiaaaa-Ade Coker
05:10:00a Brandon smashes Everett Silvertips
05:10:06a Movie Review The Three Musketeers
05:10:11a Infosys to add 600 jobs in Singapore
05:10:17a War on Al Shabaab Kenya joins forces with Somalia
05:10:25a UPDATE 1-Yahoo 'cross talk' ban jolts bidders; Microsoft seen circling
05:10:49a Inspirational film festival returns to Waterworks cinema
05:10:57a Men with breast cancer 'isolated'
05:11:06a Gross Maladministration @ EDIF!
05:11:23a Bridgewater council OK's purchase of Child's Bridge Farm for open space
05:11:32a Winning numbers drawn in 'Hit 5' game
05:11:38a Elmo to greet trick-or-treaters at governor's
05:11:43a Science fair projects with buzz
05:11:49a IMAGES Stunning buildings in 10 future cities
05:11:55a Putting Light-Harvesters on the Spot
05:12:01a Oklahoma metals and coins Oct. 20, 2011
05:12:07a Increased Safety Using Simultaneous Techniques for Cardiac Testing
05:12:13a Wash. jury rules trooper's 1998 death was homicide
05:12:19a 2nd death in OBX puts focus on dives for shark teeth
05:12:25a Weather Sunny with temperatures in the upper 60s
05:12:30a Baby girl for Bruni and Sarkozy reports
05:12:36a Consumers paid more for food, gas in September, report finds
05:12:42a Debt panic in China may auger wider woes
05:12:48a Medicare hike could nearly negate Social Security rise
05:12:53a Trio of bank robberies linked to same suspect
05:12:59a How Bubble-Rafting Snails Evolved
05:13:04a Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world
05:13:10a What American Airlines must do to end nose-dive
05:13:15a Despite earnings, Apple stock dips
05:13:21a Department store anchors are sought for Norman retail district
05:13:26a 2 arrested in Clairton homicide
05:13:32a From Telomeres to the Origins of Life
05:13:37a Ron Paul supporters sound off on Christian Science Monitor coverage
05:13:43a U.S. 58 East ramp to close tonight in Chesapeake
05:13:49a Desperate retailers to offer holiday perks
05:13:55a S. Korean author vows to reform sex crime laws
05:14:01a Researchers Break W3C Standard
05:14:06a I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll Blow Your Palace Down
05:14:12a Lightning Strikes, in the Form of Bits and Bytes
05:14:18a Philadelphia mayor Captives case 'sheer madness'
05:14:24a Newest member of Oklahoma state Senate takes office
05:14:29a Good weather helps Oklahoma City Zoo set record
05:14:35a Thai PM appeals for national unity amid devastating floods
05:14:41a Manila apologizes to China for collision in disputed sea
05:14:47a New Aggression Tool Predicted Violent Patients in Medical and Surgical Wards
05:14:52a Mangum police chief charged with assault
05:14:58a Energy economist supports Keystone pipeline project
05:15:03a Delayed Vs. Immediate Coronary Stenting
05:15:09a Truck records were trashed, SPSA says
05:15:15a South Africa Fish Canoe Marathon Brings Smiles
05:15:20a Cell Mechanism That Reduces Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Treatment Identified
05:15:26a Bonney Lake's Chris Brown is ESPN Player of the Week
05:15:32a Exotic animal owner 'a different breed'
05:15:37a More anti-austerity protests in Greece
05:15:43a Oklahoma Heart Hospital South under construction
05:15:49a Bodies of 6 Filipino soldiers recovered after clashes with rebels
05:15:54a Worms can inherit a 'memory of longevity' from long-lived parents
05:16:00a A Stack of 35 Million Megapixel-Photos
05:16:06a Abortion drug law is blocked by Oklahoma judge
05:16:12a Dalai Lama leads prayers as protests mount
05:16:17a Access road draws complaints in Edmond development
05:16:23a Blues musician Rory Block will perform in Norman
05:16:28a Improving Training Efficiency in Horses
05:16:34a A 56-million-year-old lesson in climate change
05:17:12a The tapas bar brought home
05:17:17a Light your space heater; Don't let it ignite your home
05:17:23a Minimizing Chemical Pollution from Airport De-Icing
05:17:29a Former trooper Ronda Reynold's death ruled homicide
05:17:34a Integris will build million cardiac cath lab in Miami
05:17:40a Carla Bruni Gives Birth to Girl, Sarkozy's First Daughter
05:17:45a Violent anti-austerity protests grip Athens
05:17:51a US shows solidarity with Mexico at 9/11 tri
05:17:56a Cops Pair held woman against her will
05:18:02a Another Dead Satellite to Fall to Earth This Weekend
05:18:07a Sabayon 7 GNOME 3 review
05:18:13a Time on Your Hands Good or Bad
05:18:19a Experimental Confirmation of a Fundamental Physical Theorem
05:18:25a 'Broadband giant' heads skyward
05:18:30a The Ultimate qPCR Based lncRNA Profiling Platform
05:18:36a PM blames international factors for credit downgrades
05:18:42a Oklahoma oil and gas prices Oct. 20, 2011
05:18:47a Suffolk OKs changes in flood map to align with FEMA
05:18:53a Man sentenced to 45 years in fatal drive-by shooting
05:18:59a Did you know? Tips for getting a driver's license in Oklahoma
05:19:04a Pumpkin Palooza will be Saturday in Edmond
05:19:10a Gifts at global market give thrice
05:19:16a VIDEO Bacon brothers parents named at cocaine trial
05:19:22a Floodwaters move closer to Bangkok
05:19:28a 'Baby' exoplanet photographed forming around its star
05:19:36a Jassy Settles for Sixth Finish
05:19:49a Key confident of ABs win
05:19:55a Govt Situation of Prapa Canal under control
05:20:01a Gaddafi's son believed active in Bani Walid, fighting continue in Sirte
05:20:12a Zimbabwe seeks million for fresh polls
05:20:24a Lunar Tractive Forces and Renal Stone Incidence
05:20:44a Not 'natural born'
05:21:11a Conditions not ripe for dialogue with Israel Palestinian PM
05:21:19a Look who's behind uprising in Orlando
05:21:32a Peak season for pumpkin patches, corn mazes
05:21:38a Kenya could soon get gas supplies from Tanzania
05:21:43a Amazon to start Japan ebook business
05:21:48a AC Milan beats BATE 2-0 in Champions League
05:21:54a Draghi Succession Fight Shows Italy Gridlock
05:22:00a MoD say no to UDR soldier pay out
05:22:06a Zambia leader apologises to Angola over past support to Jonas Savimbi
05:22:12a Berlusconi Survives Italian Confidence Vote
05:22:17a Dragon Adds Recorder App For Time-shifted Desktop Dictation
05:22:23a Exclusive Video Shows Suspected Hotel Robber
05:22:28a Patrick Henningsen On U.S. Troops In Uganda, Mike Adams More
05:22:34a Macatoo Camp in Botswana
05:22:46a Camera lets people shoot first, focus later
05:22:51a Italy seizes €245mn from UniCredit
05:22:57a Briefs Medicare premiums to cut Social Security gain
05:23:03a What free trade really does
05:23:08a About Data Security With Safari-only Mode In OS X Lion
05:23:14a Election count improvements call
05:23:20a Family Van Driver Had Heart Blockage
05:23:26a Coast Guard rescues 2 stranded Australian crew at high seas
05:23:31a What's brewing
05:23:37a Government's rejection of U.S. aid hits Pakistani poor
05:23:43a Study Where you live affects health
05:23:48a India, China should strive for peace despite border disputes Prime Minister
05:23:54a Bank profits can grow despite weak lending
05:23:59a Border town gamblers could dodge reforms
05:24:05a 5 criminals of a gang arrested
05:24:10a Ohio Incident Could Draw Attention To Wild Animal Problem
05:24:16a Anna's anti-corruption movement has served its purpose Prime Minister
05:24:21a CBI quizzes 2 accused in Bhanwari Devi missing case
05:24:27a At 81, Paul Taylor still creating new modern-dance pieces
05:24:32a UK paid £3m to fraud probe agency
05:24:38a Swap of prisoners gives Hamas boost
05:24:43a No 'Hope' or 'Change' but Obama campaign HQ buzzes
05:24:49a 5 confirmed with measles in capital
05:24:55a More JFK airport jets to fly over Nassau
05:25:01a Alibaba tells Yahoo! to decide on takeover
05:25:07a Ohio has few laws governing the ownership of exotic animals
05:25:13a Haryana forms panel for security of oil, gas installations
05:25:19a Two killed in road accidents in Delhi
05:25:24a 'Nightmare' colonoscopy by Ottawa lab doc
05:25:30a Europe impasse, Apple earnings miss undercut market
05:25:35a Rome gets a 'little corner of Australia'
05:25:41a Omar stresses on mass awareness about benefits available to workers
05:25:46a South Africa's 'Dr Death' would like the past to stay in the past
05:25:52a New computing models bring cybersecurity challenges Report
05:25:57a No exclusive rights on Krishna's name High Court
05:26:03a Prime Minister assures safety to all stakeholders of Kudankulam nuke plant
05:26:09a German satellite falls toward Earth
05:26:15a Bishop's blog raises tensions between Jews and the Vatican
05:26:21a All efforts being made to address power shortage Venugopal
05:26:27a Australia pricing in higher bank-default risk
05:26:33a Wall St. protest site is now an NYC tourist destination
05:26:39a Protesters call for immigrant's release
05:26:44a Manmohan Singh says resolving Telangana issue will 'take time'
05:26:50a FC Barcelona now on lookout to find next big thing from India
05:26:56a Why Facebook Won't Lose Its Core Power Users
05:27:02a Probe of cellar captives widens
05:27:08a Police destroy Maoist camp in Gajapati,find explosives in Kandhamal
05:27:14a Khawaja defies SA victory push
05:27:20a Dearborn police warn residents about increasing crime
05:27:26a Promote food processing industry, JK Governor
05:27:31a Railways start GPS-based train information systems in some trains
05:27:37a Donna Terek Non profit to be foreclosure auction stand-ins in Wayne
05:27:43a 3 of a family run over by train
05:27:48a Haryana hikes salaries of staff of tech institutions
05:27:54a One dead in food poisoning case in Assam
05:27:59a Amar Singh bail High Court reserves order
05:28:05a Group homes for disabled told to expect slashed budget
05:28:10a U.S., Mexico partner on upgrade to border quake systems
05:28:16a Naveen launches 'Mamata' scheme for pregnant woman in Orissa
05:28:21a Church was like 'cult', trial told
05:28:27a BioEssays 11/2011
05:28:33a Cardinal Zen fears government takeover of Hong Kong's Catholic schools
05:28:38a Punj-Aab hosts culinary journey with delicacies from Indus Valley
05:28:44a C'wealth needs urgent reform, leaders told
05:28:49a Embattled ombudsman resigns
05:28:55a Pope dedicates Australian pilgrimage center in Rome
05:29:01a Cardinals win game one of baseball World Series
05:29:07a Bhandarkar making false statement, claims Preeti Jain advocate
05:29:13a Virgin pilot blown from stairs by passing plane
05:29:19a Leechburg superintendent filling principal's job to provide savings
05:29:25a Cantwell campaign donations off by 30%
05:29:30a Human Rights Campaign Complements US Effort to Fight LRA
05:29:36a Employability enhancement receiving fillip Omar
05:29:42a Queen takes in flower show amid curtsey flap
05:29:47a A republic, guaranteed
05:29:53a Ficano appointees cash in lucrative severance deals
05:29:59a Bhupinder Singh Hooda approves Rs 155 cr water supply scheme for Panipat
05:30:05a Congress criticises five-star treatment to Yeddyurappa in jail
05:30:11a Bali bombing suspect re-enacts alleged crime
05:30:16a Beaumont, Blue Care Network ready patients for breakup
05:30:22a Liberia's Sirleaf leads halfway vote tally
05:30:39a Dare County 2nd in nation in damage from Irene
05:30:50a Egypt to oversee 2nd phase of Schalit prisoner swap
05:30:57a Agencies seek long-term fix for road on N.C. coast
05:31:05a Shalit's Release Came After Family's 5-Year Campaign
05:31:10a Winning numbers drawn in 'Lotto' game
05:31:16a Carlson Named Milwaukee FBI Head
05:31:21a American Idol finalist Aaron Kelly headlines benefit show
05:31:27a Research and Recovery Treatment center honors two for work against meth
05:31:32a Five Seconds Seperate Drives from Death by Train
05:31:38a Indictments unsealed in US39.4M tax fraud
05:31:44a Special education funding up for vote in Macomb County
05:31:50a New classes strike right chord at Baldwin High School
05:31:56a Chinese court rejects activist appeal for protest
05:32:01a Yahoo Isn’t Necessarily Up for Sale, Co-Founder Yang Says
05:32:07a Three arrested on drug charges after traffic stop
05:32:42a Shalit's Release Came After Family's 5-Year Campaign
05:32:48a Mom held after five kids slain
05:32:53a What China Startups Need To Get to Apple Level
05:32:59a More Downside Expected For China Stock Market
05:33:05a Tibetan PM Says China Responsible for Self-Immolations
05:33:10a Audi May Double China Output to Fend Off BMW, Mercedes
05:33:16a China, Denmark agree to deepen strategic partnership, cooperation
05:33:21a Homeless See Dwindling Options For Shelter
05:33:27a Greens say ombudsman 'assassinated'
05:33:33a China urges improved law enforcement to promote cultural industry development
05:33:38a Pollutants Linked to 450 Percent Increase in Risk of Birth Defects in Rural China
05:33:44a The People Sing ''Les Misérables'' cast members sing at ''gay-oriented'' benefit
05:33:49a Police 2 More Dogs Have Been Reported Missing
05:33:55a Gov. Selects New Port Authority Head
05:34:00a Staten Islanders Voice Concerns About Natural Gas Line
05:34:06a Analysis Arab and Muslim aid and the West 'two china elephants'
05:34:12a Details Emerge Of Former State Senator's Arrest
05:34:17a Submachine Guns Stolen From LA SWAT Site
05:34:23a Greek Protesters, Police Clash Near Parliament
05:34:28a Stollar's death row appeal focuses on action of judge
05:34:34a Vikings Name Rookie Ponder Starting Quarterback
05:34:39a China's net int'l investment position at trln in mid-2011
05:34:44a Listeria Outbreak Linked to Poor Cantaloupe Farm Sanitation
05:34:50a Inside Look at a Subway Conductor's Job
05:34:56a Holiday travelers might want to lock in airfares now
05:35:01a The Politics of the Gilad Shalit Deal
05:35:07a R170m Zuma home revamp
05:35:13a It's the Regime, Stupid
05:35:19a Downing Street Resists Pressure on Lobbying Reform
05:35:24a Tayshana Murphy's Accused Killers Indicted
05:35:30a EXCLUSIVE Nodine Sends Statement about Prosecution Change
05:35:36a When was the last major battle of sailing warships
05:35:42a Turkey Pursues Kurdish Rebels After Major Attack
05:35:47a U.S. fears more plots from Iran's Quds Force
05:35:53a Ethics panel extends investigation of Re
05:35:59a Tornado Damages 50 Homes in South Florida
05:36:04a Drilling Down Rush to Drill for Gas Creates Mortgage Conflicts
05:36:10a PM all but apologises for Thatcher government blunders
05:36:15a Qualcomm the big winner, Infineon the big loser with iPhone 4S iSuppli
05:36:21a Four Chinese swimmers win medals at FINA World Cup
05:36:26a You Paid For It Rockwood Taxpayers Cranking Up Heat On School Board
05:36:32a Mainland, Taiwan negotiators hold fresh round of talks in Tianjin
05:36:37a Tracing the Impact Deng Xiaoping Beyond Tiananmen Square
05:36:43a Environental protests halt production at polluting Chinese solar panel plant
05:36:49a U.S. Seeks Details of China's Internet Restrictions
05:36:55a Presidential candidates put more heat on Romney
05:37:01a NFL Ready for HGH Testing; NFLPA Not
05:37:26a Video Exotic animal tragedy highlights need for regulation
05:37:32a Video Gang up on Romney's healthcare plan
05:37:37a Need a solar plant pot that moves around in search of sun
05:37:43a Aussie, NZ dlrs fade as euro debt hopes dimmed
05:37:48a Detecting nanoparticulate silver using single-particle inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry
05:37:54a Aussie, Wales eye bronze
05:38:00a Skirmishes break out during largely peaceful Greece protest
05:38:05a Australia is World's Richest Nation
05:38:11a After 41 your chances of becoming a father 'declines rapidly'
05:38:17a Evolving Islam Gay imam touts progressive group, Rep. Ellison reception
05:38:22a European giants roll on in Champs League
05:38:28a Braddon murder accused faces new allegations
05:38:34a Kadyrov denies ordering killing of Chechen rebel
05:38:40a Break-in prank lands French tourists in Texas jail
05:38:46a South Africa apologise for rule book
05:38:52a France's 'First Baby' arrives – after Sarko departs for summit
05:38:57a Markets to open lower on Wall St lead
05:39:03a Video Tax increases under 999 plan
05:39:09a Elisabeth Eaves in Havana
05:39:15a Cervical Cancer News Fewer Pap Smears
05:39:20a LHC employee sacked over bribe
05:39:26a Some West Side Neighborhoods Upset About Redistricting
05:39:32a Yanukovich to visit Havana to discuss bilateral relations with Cuba
05:39:38a 'Eleven years later, the wound is still bleeding'
05:39:44a Cuban Children Perform Despite Tensions
05:39:49a IED attacks increase outside of Afghanistan, Iraq
05:39:55a Avrupa Minerals Updates Pyrite Belt Progress in Portugal
05:40:01a Pedestrian struck; roads in chaos
05:40:07a Ex-Sen. Pimentel may challenge SC ruling on ARMM poll postponement
05:40:13a Tomic tames qualifier in Sweden
05:40:19a Ponting, Cummins shine in Aust ODI win
05:40:24a Nigeria Tension in Bayelsa PDP As Alaibe, Dickson Seek Guber Ticket
05:40:30a Vettel committed to helping Webber
05:40:36a Poll GOP field is unsettled
05:40:42a Egypt to Finalize Swap
05:40:47a Pupils given OK to skip school for Queen
05:40:54a AmeriLithium Confirms Commencement of Exploration for Jackson Wash Lithium Brine Project
05:40:59a Virtual Rep. Camp greets Web page viewers
05:41:05a Roaming charges ring up a bill
05:41:11a Video GOP debates become reality TV series
05:41:17a Biological computers may become reality, helping monitor human health
05:41:22a Pacific Potash Obtains Drill Permits For 100% Owned Provost Potash Property
05:41:28a All-in brawl mars Asian semi-final
05:41:33a Police find WA's 158th clan drug lab
05:41:39a Egypt must guarantee next stage of Shalit swap includes security prisoners
05:41:44a Miami-Dade school district close to major advertising program
05:41:50a Are latest fliers from Miami Commission District 2 candidates skirting ethics
05:41:56a Lake Worth man gets 15 years for killing cross-dressing lover
05:42:01a Stocks fall on Euro debt worries
05:42:07a Video Where Wall Street bears the blame of for American financial woes
05:42:13a L-plater admits Luke Beyer death charge
05:42:18a Journalist denies Shalit interview was forced
05:42:24a Feeding hundreds of South Florida's hungry
05:42:33a 'The council said I'd get a home, but it's just a hostel'
05:42:38a Bill Pending for Gambling Resorts in SoFla
05:42:44a Barnes wins Booker he once called ‘posh bingo’
05:42:49a North-south life expectancy gap widens
05:42:55a Florida Hurricane Fund Has Shortfall
05:43:00a Unions tell troika of need for growth plan
05:43:06a EBay Reports 14% Rise in Profit
05:43:11a Flu shots go needle-free
05:43:17a The Miami Food Wine Culinary Experience Grand Tasting
05:43:22a Indonesia says Q3 FDI rises 15.7 pct y/y
05:43:28a Concrete mixer kills father of 2 in Delta
05:43:34a Rethink urged on cathedral protest
05:43:40a Senators raise issue of Smyth sacking from Today FM
05:43:46a Nsukka residents condemn alleged raping of old women
05:43:51a dying man's desperate answerphone message to his parents
05:43:57a Man dies after vehicle crashes into wall in Belmullet
05:44:02a Judge rejects house bid by Anglo-Irish's Drumm
05:44:08a Secure your place early for the London 2012 action with British Airways
05:44:14a Fox faces a second inquiry as he turns his fire on media
05:44:22a Southern Poverty Law Center challenges Fla. tuition policy
05:44:28a Striking Anambra doctors urged to consider patients
05:44:34a Centuries of open justice threatened by secret courts
05:44:40a Moves on pensions are radical, says Howlin
05:44:45a St. Petersburg Times cuts staff by 6 percent
05:44:51a Experts Say Legoland Florida Lives Up to Promise
05:44:57a Promoters planning Miami Beach version of 'Freaknik' in March
05:45:03a High school test scores hit new low
05:45:08a Pro-Assad Syrians rally in Aleppo as clampdown continues
05:45:14a Government questions long-term Auckland plan
05:45:20a Entitlements of Aviva workers put aside to support elites, claims Adams
05:45:26a Feet that washed ashore belonged to New Westminster woman
05:45:31a Slobbish contestants told they're ruining show by furious bosses
05:45:37a Mum jailed for six years after stabbing pregnant woman with shard of glass
05:45:43a Why relatives can’t access deceased pensions – NECA
05:45:49a Gov’t to inject MOP 700 million in Air Macau
05:45:55a Ofsted asks parents to rate schools
05:46:00a Recession is killing 20 dogs a day... Could you give a dog a home
05:46:05a No 'Hope' or 'Change' but Obama campaign HQ buzzes
05:46:11a President opens regeneration project creche in Limerick
05:46:16a Loved ones pay homage to Sophie
05:46:22a ‘Baba Suwe’ Has Excreted Nothing Incriminating, His Lawyers Tell Lagos High Court
05:46:28a Undercover policing report delayed
05:46:34a Man's body found in flat two years after he died
05:46:39a Man loses sexual abuse appeal
05:46:45a Dunbar loses appeal over life sentence for manslaughter
05:46:51a Student crushed to death in fire alarm stampede at nightclub
05:46:56a Mob attacks home of alleged animal abuser
05:47:02a Yahoo Q3 2011 Earnings Search Revenues Fall 13%
05:47:08a Development Programs in Halhale Sub-Zone Make Due Contribution in Upgrading Living Standard of Inhabitants
05:47:14a Chinese toddler run over twice and ignored by passers-by 'is brain dead'
05:47:20a 'Man-flu' a reality for many British women
05:47:25a Baby girl for Sarkozy and Bruni
05:47:31a Rescind planned fuel subsidy withdrawal, NULGE urges FG
05:47:37a Britain's pets are too podgy, charity warns
05:47:42a Aid cash lost to fraud 'could rise'
05:47:54a Fox began to sound as if he was accepting an Oscar
05:47:59a Lalbaug flyover journey will only be smooth after Diwali
05:48:05a Hip-shaking dances are passe, bar girls now onto ramp shows
05:48:11a Late changes hold up bridge bill vote
05:48:17a CLBC has spent thousands to try and polish its media image.
05:48:22a SSD scaling outside the sweet spot
05:48:28a Religious conviction for verbal brawls
05:48:34a It’s a UK Diwali for many Bollywood stars this year!
05:48:40a Expert group on Kudankulam nuclear project set up
05:48:46a 9,000 minor MP girls go missing in 20 months
05:48:51a Workers to be protected from company 'bribes' to give up gold-plated pensions
05:48:57a State House rebuffs Raila claim on poll chaos
05:49:03a Bombay Parsi Punchayet halts cover
05:49:08a How 100,000 pupils are branded 'special needs' by the age of 5
05:49:14a Rockstar beats Ra.One Forecasts IIM-Indore student
05:49:49a Greece crippled as its people say no to poverty
05:49:55a In new book, Diane Keaton says she was Woody Allen's 'endearing oaf.'
05:50:00a South Africa Will Cabinet Blindly Follow Minister Obsession With Nuclear?
05:50:06a Turkish forces enter Iraq after deadly attack by Kurdish rebels
05:50:12a Statewide earthquake drill planned
05:50:17a Jets hit al Shabaab, as rain delays march
05:50:23a McGuinty's new cabinet unveiled
05:50:28a Ditching the Aussie dream
05:50:34a Lead in Green Bay, Denmark Water Samples Raises Alarms
05:50:39a Downside of high Swiss franc
05:50:45a Clinton praises Oman for help in securing release of 3 hikers
05:50:51a When Social Media for Hotels Works.
05:50:56a Bstan a minefield for Nato supplies
05:51:02a Kenyan army advance on Somali town halted by heavy rain
05:51:07a The man who taxes our belief in fair play
05:51:13a New Ferrari Arrives in Austin
05:51:18a Thackeray warns Modi against pampering Muslims
05:51:24a Corsair Carbide 400R Mid Tower Case Review
05:51:29a Bangalore to launch metro service
05:51:35a Pentagon truck with presidential seal, other equipment stolen in Virginia
05:51:41a ISRAEL-OPT Concerns over Palestinian children in Israeli custody
05:51:47a Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24” IPS Monitor Review
05:51:52a Swift bill to control Harrisburg's financial issues goes to Corbett
05:51:58a VIDEO Ancient Thai capital 'swamped'
05:52:04a Airlines increase fares ahead of the holidays
05:52:10a Whistling Woods should surrender excess land to govt HC
05:52:15a NATO-led peacekeepers confront Kosovo Serb at their roadblocks
05:52:21a Rosewill Wireless-N WiFi USB Adapter Review
05:52:26a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Review
05:52:36a Cycling Tour of Italy starts in Denmark
05:52:42a South Koreans nabbed over embassy scam
05:52:48a Women who donate eggs for IVF 'to receive triple compensation'
05:52:53a Singapore defends security law as terror shield
05:52:59a KCSE exams supervisor killed as team's vehicle rolls
05:53:05a Wash. jury rules trooper's 1998 death was homicide/ti
05:53:10a Small businesses seek survival in international marketplace
05:53:16a France Begins Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan
05:53:22a Ideal time to review calving
05:53:28a As Britain gives more, fraud will grow, warns MPs
05:53:34a United Nations Condemns Deportation of Eritreans
05:53:39a State Expert Says Shenkman Not Insane During Standoff
05:53:45a Hygiene for Kitchens Taxing times for errant college canteens
05:53:50a Obama goes into campaign mode on jobs bill journey in swing states
05:53:56a Report clears former police chief of wrongdoing
05:54:02a Workshop focuses on renewable energy analysis
05:54:07a A conversation with Portugal. The Man
05:54:13a Turkish forces strike Kurdish rebels inside Iraq
05:54:18a Hottest Food and Dining Trends For Restaurants and Hotels in 2012.
05:54:23a More homes available soon
05:54:29a Proteas humbled by Australia
05:54:34a Next we'll be told to hurry up and die
05:54:40a Roddy Doyle receives Social Entrepreneurs Ireland award
05:54:45a Eurosceptics are stirring again and there's panic in Downing Street
05:54:51a IVF 'increases pre-eclampsia risk'
05:54:56a Still haunted by MRT issues
05:55:01a Prosecutors in Jackson doc trial could rest case Thursday
05:55:07a Intel's Strong 3Q Highlights Execution Shortfall By AMD
05:55:12a Alternate energy sources the way to go
05:55:18a Funds for climate change studies
05:55:24a Don’t send Myanmars back
05:55:29a MPs enjoyed an edifying apology – it even included the uncommon term 'sorry'
05:55:35a 30-year mortgages plea for families
05:55:41a Vegas man due in court in high school girl's death
05:55:46a French team to return to Cork for Toscan du Plantier inquiry
05:55:52a Wyse Introduces Industry's Fastest Desktop and Mobile Thin Clients
05:55:57a On English we progress
05:56:03a Surviving wild animals of Zanesville arrive at Columbus Zoo
05:56:08a Strange death of Australian republicanism
05:56:14a Metro service launched in Bangalore
05:56:19a Donated
05:56:25a Death Toll From Tainted Melons Sets Grim Record
05:56:31a St. Petersburg possibly planning memorial service for IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon on Saturday
05:56:36a US consumer prices rose in September
05:56:42a Leading accountancy group urges George Osborne to ease austerity measures
05:56:47a Apple stores bring down shutters to honour Jobs
05:56:52a NPR Show Host 'Occupies' Protest Post at Same Time
05:56:58a Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy become parents to a new First Baby
05:57:03a Breaking news Rahul Gandhi heckled in Amethi
05:57:09a Jo Yeates killed 'after failed kiss'
05:57:14a If needed, let a flip-flop be
05:57:20a White House Scraps Long-Term Health Care Program
05:57:26a 'I don't regret what I did. It was an honour'
05:57:32a Disputed goal sparks mass brawl in Asian Champions League
05:57:37a Man gets 45 years for toddler's fatal beating
05:57:43a Dentists 'failing on basic checks'
05:57:48a Is Marco Rubio eligible to be president
05:57:54a Fake Adobe Flash malware seeks to disable Mac OS X anti-malware protection
05:58:00a The Werritty affair is not finished
05:58:06a Tea review Republic of Tea's Pink Grapefruit Green Tea
05:58:11a The Queen to embark on first full day of engagements in Australia
05:58:17a Mayor boosts pension contribution; city budget on its way to overseer
05:58:23a Undercover officer may have put trial at risk
05:58:29a Kenny praises Irish elections record
05:58:35a Gay Mexican couple to remain in Montreal
05:58:41a Collapse of Scientific Integrity in U.S.?
05:58:46a Old murder charge against Mexican national dropped
05:58:52a UPDATE 1-Mexico lawmakers say to raise 2012 budget deficit
05:58:58a Ireland rise to 25th in the world
05:59:03a The battle is over, but the struggle remains
05:59:08a Star Irish LB T'eo nearly landed at USC
05:59:17a Midlands Army National Guard returns home early
05:59:23a Aviva to halve its workforce in Ireland
05:59:28a SICC consulting employers to develop responsible recruitment guidelines
05:59:34a CBE schools report 30% fewer students studying French
05:59:40a Queen Elizabeth II begins visit to Australia
05:59:46a European court bars patents on human embryos
05:59:52a Chandra Gowda seeks Yeddy's 'bigger comeback'
05:59:58a PKK kills 24 Turkish security members in southeast Turkey
06:00:03a ACCC wary it may not be able to combat supermarkets
06:00:09a Bam's memo to the mullahs
06:00:14a EU quest to save euro raises fear of 'two-speed' Europe
06:00:20a Indigenous protest march reaches Bolivia's capital
06:00:25a Three Maoists arrested in West Bengal
06:00:31a Anonymous exposes pedophile ring hacks Lolita City
06:00:37a Senior N. Korean naval commander visits Russia
06:00:43a Study Shows More People Support Beating Women
06:00:49a The Bates family reunites with the Duggars on ‘19 Kids & Counting
06:00:55a Rio Tinto to buy Canada's Hathor for million
06:01:00a Tunisian in Dublin taken off sanctions list by UN
06:01:06a Richard Branson bullish on Virgin America hiring, growth
06:01:12a Wash. jury rules trooper's 1998 death was homicide
06:01:18a UN House bomb victim dies in S-Africa
06:01:24a Republicans vying to take on Obama in 2012
06:01:30a European Stocks Gain on Rescue-Fund Reports; Asian Shares Climb
06:01:35a Taxi drivers protest low wages and long hours
06:01:41a Spain downgrade adds pressure on EU
06:01:46a US forum debates issue of 'abandoning' Taiwan
06:01:52a Modi can lose Shiv Sena support Thackeray
06:01:58a Injury shouldn't affect Carter's undies career
06:02:03a Greece Braces for Second Day of Strikes, Mass Protests
06:02:09a Rendezvous to re-brand hotels
06:02:15a Australia PM urges Qantas to 'fix' strike row
06:02:21a Six-year-old bikes halfway around Taiwan
06:02:27a Malaysia Airlines Takes over Firefly's Jet Services
06:02:32a Malafeev praise for Shakhtar saviour Rybka
06:02:38a France's First Lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Gives Birth
06:02:44a Canada fighting EU plans to label oilsands world's dirtiest crude source
06:02:50a U.S. dollar up in early Taipei trading
06:02:56a Canberra urged to invest in PNG
06:03:01a European Union unveils €50bn infrastructure growth plan
06:03:07a Nov. talks with MILF to continue despite deadly clash
06:03:13a Millions 'face environment hazards'
06:03:18a SPC Oct 20, 2011 0600 UTC Day 2 Convective Outlook
06:03:24a LHC CJ rejects plea against NAB chairman appointment
06:03:30a French rugby hits puberty
06:03:35a Former Canadian road race champion banned from cycling
06:03:41a Girl, 3, run over by school bus
06:03:47a Probe of Arroyo, Abalos sought for electoral sabotage
06:03:53a The Taiwanese Animation Of The World Series Barely Mentions The Rangers
06:04:26a World Bank chief urges 'definite steps' by Europe
06:04:32a Markets Surge On Rumours Of Proposed European Bailout
06:04:37a Europe warms up to Mercosur, but has terms
06:04:43a Lawmakers, academics urge stronger military presence on Taiping Islands
06:04:49a Centre gets a royal visit
06:04:55a Metals Regional Copper market stronger than it looks FCX
06:05:05a Huntsman skips Vegas, goes all in on New Hampshire bet
06:05:11a Pope hails 'courageous' priest killed in Philippines
06:05:17a Arrest made after Hill family found living in squalor
06:05:22a IAF renews search for MiG-29 pilot, wreckage
06:05:28a Mystery remains over woman's body in Napier ditch
06:05:34a Libya's disappearing dinars and funding a revolution
06:05:40a TV actress Monica Castelino’s marriage takes a vulgar turn
06:05:45a Girl in Dungeon Case Held 10 Years
06:05:51a Spend more on fighting deforestation Greenpeace tells Mexico
06:05:57a Silver-screen strategy nets New York
06:06:03a Dublin man requests immediate extradition to Spain
06:06:09a Nigeria Ambassador School to Represent Nation in World Contest
06:06:15a Freida Pinto offered a Rs15 crore a year deal?
06:06:20a Mexican wolves released south of border
06:06:25a Fifth measles case in capital
06:06:31a Authorities' Unjust Policy toward Media Rejected in S. Korea
06:06:37a A memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.'s transforming faith
06:06:43a US Senate votes to end 'Fast and Furious' gun program
06:06:49a Tight security for Jayalalithaa in Bangalore
06:06:55a Lindsay Lohan A high fashion jail bird
06:07:00a Largest Chrysler local ratifies pact
06:07:06a Vodacom's journey ‘is far from finished
06:07:12a Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit 4304
06:07:18a Brazil's central bank cuts key rate to 11.5%
06:07:24a Shemaroo Entertainment launches 'Corporate Chanakya AudioBook'
06:07:29a Filipino call to arms
06:07:35a U.S. to blame for tensions
06:07:41a Exit poll Tusk's party leading in Polish election/tit
06:07:46a Assault victim's rehab 'one to two years'
06:07:52a Iranian Leader Says Alleged Assassination Plot 'Absurd'
06:07:58a Abbas Western Pressures to Stop Palestinian UN Bid Illogical
06:08:03a Building being demolished to make way for tower
06:08:16a Vigilant Resistance of Nations Speeding up Fall of Hegemonic System
06:08:21a Renewing calls to examine recycling operation near Arvin
06:08:27a Nigeria Police Nab Three Over Alleged Killing of Toddler, Wife
06:08:32a Woman floored by an off-the-hook US200,000 phone bill
06:08:38a Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit
06:08:43a Thailand Flooding Hits Dard Drive Industry
06:08:49a British Organization Praises Korean People's Struggle
06:08:55a US Senator wins Bahrain arms pledge
06:09:00a Govt's jobs ultimatum to Qantas
06:09:06a History Proves Absolute Truth of Socialism
06:09:11a Brazilian exports on track to set new record
06:09:17a Natural Disasters in Thailand and Guatemala
06:09:23a 7th Pyongyang Autumn Int'l Trade Fair Witnesses Increased Participants
06:09:28a World Bank chief Protests reflect anxiety/title
06:09:34a Capitalist Market Economy Stands at Total Bankruptcy
06:09:40a PHILIPPINES Residents resist rescuers' calls to relocate
06:09:45a Spa Medical Service Available throughout DPRK
06:09:51a Prescription drugs drop-off event in Lake County Thursday
06:09:56a Indialantic man removed from flight
06:10:02a Bogota businesses want city to be open 24-hours
06:10:07a Tribunal directs HSE to re-engage doctor
06:10:13a Somalia Kenyan Forces Arrest Official in Elwak Town
06:10:19a Experienced New Zealand favourites
06:10:24a RWC ticketing target reached
06:10:29a Anniversaries of WPK and DIU Marked in Foreign Countries
06:10:35a Central Arkansas gets gift from company 19 Oct 2011 222248 GMT
06:10:40a China Calls for Intensifying Ideological Work in Army
06:10:46a Officials, Innovators, Scientists and Technicians of South Hamgyong Province Arrive in Pyongyang
06:10:51a What comes next with Palestinian U.N. application
06:10:57a Paediatric Medicine Childhood food allergy
06:11:03a Spending cuts 'hitting poorer Northern families hardest'
06:11:09a WPK Praised Abroad
06:11:14a China Rejects U.S. Act
06:11:20a Ombudsman 'quitting' over question
06:11:26a Rodong Sinmun Calls for Ending North-South Confrontation
06:11:32a Russian Paper Supports Proposal for Founding DFRK
06:11:38a Moody's Threatens Downgrade of France's Triple A Rating
06:11:43a Nasrollah U.S. Defeat in Region Main Reason for Accusing Iran
06:11:49a 10 militants, 9 Pakistani soldiers dead
06:11:55a Yang Hyong Sop Meets Bangladeshi Delegation
06:12:01a Brazil Vows to Avert Crisis via Poverty Relief
06:12:07a Family friend says former Tulsa defensive back Germany dies of pulmonary embolism
06:12:13a Meat Shop in Pothongmun Street
06:12:19a International business award for kiwi company
06:12:24a Rikkain yksi prosentti omistaa yli kolmanneksen Yhdysvaltain varallisuudesta
06:12:30a DPRK, Bangladeshi Foreign Ministries Sign MOU
06:12:36a Morris hopes to go from Wenty to Wembley
06:12:42a China Seeks Negotiated Solution to South Sea Issue Spokesman
06:12:47a Zee Avi set for homecoming tour next month
06:13:20a South Korea Stock Market May Resume Upward Climb
06:13:26a Australia business confidence hit in Q3, outlook brighter
06:13:32a Gillard seizes on climate investors' report
06:13:38a NZ Institute of International Affairs
06:13:43a Aust bonds firm ahead of eurozone meeting
06:13:49a Mormons turn to Killers singer to improve image
06:13:55a India strategy launched by PM
06:14:01a Couple who kept servant are sentenced to prison
06:14:14a Bulgaria PM Borisov set to tighten grip after polls
06:14:19a Salmon reigns supreme at NZ Food Awards
06:14:27a New Labour Act ‘bulldozed’ ILO pact, says MTUC
06:14:32a Tender on Gemas-JB stretch of electric double-tracking to be out soon
06:14:38a Tintin leaves his comic book universe for the world of 3-D animation next week
06:14:44a Egypt shrugs off downgrade; TASI down
06:14:49a Publicise findings of Belum forest-clearing probe
06:14:55a Siemens to build new automation engineering factory in China
06:15:01a Latino Hispanic Its Time to Rethink these Terms!
06:15:06a Seeking an end to the maid ban
06:15:12a 'They're going this way and that but we're not getting answers'
06:15:18a 24 Turkish soldiers killed in clash with PKK
06:15:24a PM appeals for unity amid Thai flood crisis
06:15:30a BSkyB posts strong Q1 profit growth
06:15:35a Etihad Airways and American Airlines Expand Frequent Flyer Agreement
06:15:41a 'Yeddyurappa’s children are very influential'
06:15:47a Yeddyurappa sulks in jail
06:15:53a Rabbitte Says Any Greek Settlement Concerns Ireland, Portugal
06:15:59a Probe into visa sale
06:16:05a The guide TV highlights for Thursday
06:16:10a London's streets are not as walkable as you'd think
06:16:16a House guest says he didn't see missing NH girl
06:16:21a National Finance's Ludlow gets six years in jail
06:16:27a Concrete Cuisine owners enjoy food truck business
06:16:32a Chrysler, Fiat focus on markets in U.S., Brazil
06:16:37a Tom Walsh Common sense sealed Ford-UAW deal
06:16:43a Guest commentary Candidate Cain disrespects African-American community
06:16:49a Hot Pepper Lentils
06:16:54a Irving Shipbuilding Stands Ready to Build Canada's Next Generation Federal
06:17:00a US stocks slump after Federal Reserve offers bleak outlook
06:17:06a Wanted man arrested over assault
06:17:11a Editorial The big stall continues on a bridge that clearly should be built
06:17:17a Health laws to save Mich. families average of
06:17:23a Buttermilk Blondies
06:17:29a Free from drama, Izzo going back to his old ways
06:17:34a Greenlight Exploration in Bathurst Camp Results in New Gold Targets
06:17:40a Allez les Blancs; French regret jersey decision
06:17:46a A purr-fect show from Arumugam
06:17:52a Dogs' treatment cited in request for federal probe of Wayne State University lab
06:17:57a Medvedev to meet Dutch PM
06:18:03a Ford, GM economists foresee better 2012 for auto sales
06:18:08a Mushrooms What's Edible, Medicinal, and Psychedelic
06:18:15a Carolyn Hax Adult kids with babies fight over grandparents
06:18:21a Video Mitts come off at GOP debate
06:18:27a Senate panel may give bridge vote another try today
06:18:43a On the go bottle shakes up a diet shake
06:18:49a Ford, UAW agreement is officially ratified
06:18:54a Brian Dickerson Headlines don't tell full story on big jury awards
06:19:00a Aussies canter past Proteas
06:19:06a New program to tackle Detroit's high infant mortality rate
06:19:12a Italian Meat Loaf
06:19:18a Don given show cause letter over comments
06:19:23a Asian carp barrier dialed down
06:19:29a Reward offered for arrest in party store slaying case
06:19:35a Toronto police board breaks budget stalemate
06:19:41a Japan Government to Boost Dollar Loans to Curb Yen
06:20:15a Police searching for purse snatcher http//
06:20:21a Washington to enter Ring of Fame
06:20:27a Best bets Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village
06:20:33a Yeddyurappa is on a five-star jail yatra, says Congress
06:20:38a Nigeria Textile Workers Hail Neca Over Fuel Subsidy Removal
06:20:44a Gene Washington to enter Michigan State's Ring of Fame
06:20:50a US, DPRK scheduled to meet again over nuke program
06:20:56a Japan currency swap to hit bil.
06:21:01a Mocha-Cream Cheese Brownies
06:21:07a Brian McCollum's big gigs Deadmau5, Collective Soul
06:21:13a General strike paralyzes Greece vote on austerity measures nears
06:21:18a Pumping of oil resumes from stricken ship off New Zealand
06:21:24a Watch those calories
06:21:30a Best suggestions for naming the Lions' 12th man
06:21:35a Big price premium for foreign cars
06:21:41a Susan Tompor explains how to navigate the more complex rules for U.S. savings bonds
06:21:46a New on DVD 'Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides'
06:21:52a Off-duty Detroit police officer, companion shot outside restaurant
06:21:57a Warco first-person shooting without a gun
06:22:03a 20-year-old youth killed for ‘killing’ sister’s husband
06:22:09a Free play benefits casinos more than video poker players
06:22:14a French leader Sarkozy, wife Carla have a baby girl
06:22:20a Comerica stock drops
06:22:25a U.S. and Pakistan Differ on Withdrawal From Afghanistan
06:22:31a Detroit Public Schools hits enrollment goal, but is still bleeding students
06:22:36a Marv Tarplin Guitarist a perfect pair with Smokey
06:22:42a Herman Cain's campaign puzzles political establishment
06:22:48a What not to do
06:22:53a Guest commentary Aim for quality, not quantity, on Michigan charter schools
06:22:59a High school grad sees her ideas come alive for Thanksgiving Day parade
06:23:05a 'Munsters' star to appear at the Redford Theatre
06:23:10a New this week 'The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975'
06:23:16a Norman Yatooma to Detroit Pay firm over destroyed e-mail
06:23:21a Woman at wit's end caring for orphan
06:23:27a Guest commentary New welfare limits in Michigan hit hardworking, struggling families
06:23:32a Benefits to increase 3.6% in January
06:23:38a Do you believe in fairy gardens?
06:23:43a Onion soup is perfect for fall
06:23:49a French first lady gives birth to baby girl, a first for sitting president
06:23:54a Death no longer suspicious
06:24:00a New Insight
06:24:05a Events Ann Arbor's Monster Record and CD Collector's Show
06:24:11a Kejriwal's attacker, former Hazare supporter Police
06:24:16a Drew Sharp Free from drama, Tom Izzo going back to his old ways
06:24:22a Terry Foster Living like rock star limits lifespan
06:24:28a Carla Bruni Sarkozy gives birth to baby girl, according to reports
06:24:33a Upcoming releases 'Anonymous,' 'In Time'
06:24:39a Kessel fuels Leafs' rally in shoot-out
06:24:51a Seattle cop charged after Oktoberfest arrest
06:24:56a Burkina Faso The Man Who Stopped the Desert
06:25:02a Young people 'feel bombarded with alcohol advertising and want tougher restrictions'
06:25:08a Economic growth inched forward in Sept US Fed
06:25:13a Keaton was Woody's 'endearing oaf'
06:25:19a Bio-technology the only way to combat world hunger Experts
06:25:25a Is this the right direction
06:25:31a Anti-Kadhafi fighters are wary of the dangers posed by snipers in Number Two district
06:25:37a Jayalalithaa arrives in Bangalore to appear in court
06:25:43a IQ changes in teens as brain changes, study finds
06:25:48a Raymond James annual profit swells
06:25:54a New Zealand oil spill salvage delayed
06:26:00a Parents warned of lead in some face paints
06:26:06a Police release arrested pit manager
06:26:11a Naomi Wolf held in greed protest
06:26:17a Major gift will help fight colorectal cancer
06:26:22a This is not grandma's lace
06:26:28a Clinton pushes Afghan reconciliation
06:26:34a Notre Dame to honor late student manager for rest of the season
06:26:39a 98-Year-Old woman Has Been To Every Cardinal World Series Game
06:26:45a Microsoft mulling another bid for Yahoo?
06:26:50a Driver Hits Man, Three Cars, Tree, and Church
06:26:56a Cameras catch jaguars in Bolivia
06:27:02a Teens to face court for murder
06:27:08a Samsung, Google unveil phone to challenge Apple's iPhone
06:27:14a Not all Bangkok can be protected, PM says
06:27:19a Cooler weather forecast all across Tampa Bay area
06:27:25a C Spire Wireless beats out larger firms to offer iPhone 4S
06:27:31a Scott Keatley, Founder of Nourishing NYC
06:27:37a tudents seeking a free public university education clashed with police in downtown Santiago
06:27:42a Wallabies and Wales to serve up RWC treat
06:27:48a Clinton in talks with Afghan president
06:27:53a E-ticketing system to benefit all Radrodro
06:27:59a Raised voices cause tension during inquest
06:28:04a Poor diet equals poor sperm
06:28:15a The New York Film Critics Circle Seizes First-Vote Spotlight
06:28:21a Teenage asylum seekers to be housed in Perth
06:28:27a Motorola resurrects 'Razr' name for super-slim high-end handset
06:28:33a Children of immigrants sue Florida education officials over tuition rates
06:28:39a Clinton briefly visits Oman to discuss Iran kill plot
06:28:45a Emraan Hashmi plays character inspired by Mahesh Bhatt
06:28:51a Woman finds out she has testicles
06:28:57a With Diwali around the corner, it’s time for some taash parties!
06:29:02a Ford tries to bring investors on board
06:29:08a BlackBerry maker RIM offers up new smart phone, tablet software
06:29:14a Bidders balk at Yahoo's 'no cross talk' provision
06:29:20a PAS staying out of rally
06:29:25a Weaker India growth seen
06:29:31a Nanya Tech, Inotera post losses in Q3 on DRAM price decline
06:29:37a Intel surpasses forecasts, defies worries of PC sector decline
06:29:42a CountEat. Calories
06:29:47a Conservationists slam dolphin by-catch
06:29:53a Suspected freedom camper's life saved by law change
06:29:58a Future Forests Fiji prepares to enter SPSE
06:30:04a Apple misses expectations, blames iPhone rumors
06:30:10a When a rural health centre works, it works wonders
06:30:15a Register with committee for aid, Indians told
06:30:21a Spartan Brand Products Hitting Shelves With Facts Up Front Nutrition Labeling
06:30:26a Pilot hurled off stairs by plane thrust
06:30:31a Beige Book offers mixed outlook
06:30:37a More deaths on day of pro-Assad rally in Syria
06:30:43a Next-generation PlayStation Vita to reach US shelves in February
06:30:48a SABMiller joins with Efes in deal to become Russia's No. 2 brewer
06:30:54a Solta, first NZ company to join ng Connect Program
06:30:59a Gold falls as stronger greenback moderates inflation
06:31:05a Actor-director Rashidi now a BA holder
06:31:10a Japan wins solar car race
06:31:16a Jonathan orders screening of contractors
06:31:22a Qantas pilot forced to shut down engine after oil pressure problem
06:31:27a Euro edges higher against US dollar
06:31:33a WTO prepares to ink international government contracting deal diplomat
06:31:39a Hydro project to be commissioned in March
06:31:45a Thailand's eye-watering vegetarian festival
06:31:51a Dreamliner to touchdown in Auckland
06:31:57a Coca-Cola third-quarter profit rises on volume gains, higher product prices
06:32:02a Digital cable TV coming
06:32:08a Britain's Home Retail Group to launch joint venture in China
06:32:14a Bulgaria's Simeon Shterev Crowned World's Number 1
06:32:20a Tanzania Large-Scale Miners Likened to Plunderers of African Wealth
06:32:25a US dollar falls NT0.101 to close at NT30.100 on Taipei forex
06:32:31a Singapore says not time to remove property cooling measures
06:32:36a Chilean students press the government to reform the country's education system
06:32:42a Bell plays Tintin in 'The Adventures of Tintin Secret of the Unicorn'
06:32:48a Treasury report ranks Taiwan as 7th largest creditor to US in Aug.
06:32:54a Farm to fork Memphis City Schools nutritionist's initiative takes fresh approach to healthful meals
06:32:59a Starbucks unveils 'blonde roast' coffee to hit market in January
06:33:05a Turkish Forces Chase Militants Into Iraq Wall Street Journal World
06:33:10a Timing is key when risotto is on stove
06:33:16a Solomon Islands Vastly Improves Ease of Doing Business
06:33:21a Nigeria Striking Anambra Doctors Urged to Consider Patients
06:33:27a Nigeria/Cameroon Super Falcons Off to Cameroon As NFF Promises Double Bonus
06:33:33a Westlife to split after 14 harmonious years
06:33:43a Argentina, Brazil and Mexico attempt to harmonize positions ahead of G20
06:33:48a Germany seeks to slash EADS aircraft orders FT
06:33:54a Remi Tinubu loses bid to quash LP's appeal
06:34:00a Occupy Wall Street Has History on Its Side
06:34:06a President Isaias Leaves for Sudan On Visit
06:34:11a More young people stay on at home
06:34:16a Delay as Rena oil pump 'blew out'
06:34:22a Asia doesn't need 'dramatic' monetary policy shift, ADB says
06:34:27a Euro, Meant to Unite Europe, Seems to Be Dividing It
06:34:34a Coalition forces in Afghanistan launch offensive against militants near border with Pakistan
06:34:39a Bulk-buy deals failing to tempt hard-up shoppers
06:34:45a Deluge heading to frontline denfence of Bangkok
06:34:51a Mexican Cartels are Recruiting American Children
06:34:57a There's Nothing Like a 'Super PAC' for the Serious Contender
06:35:02a Spanish firm launches JV
06:35:08a Authorities execute search warrant on home of missing Baby Lisa Irwin
06:35:14a Chinese vice premier warns against politicizing Sino-US economic issues
06:35:19a Top Ranked LSU Suspends Two Starters
06:35:25a Floods will probably hit Bangkok Friday, governor says
06:35:47a Pa. Supreme Court announces Twitter account
06:35:52a In Phila. 'An incredibly tangled web of horror'
06:35:58a NHS 'will fail without changes'
06:36:03a Senior Chinese official calls for media cooperation among developing countries
06:36:08a Only airport traffic matters in Bangalore? So it seems
06:36:14a Drones Matter!
06:36:19a First Russian Soyuz launch to take place at Kourou
06:36:25a Fayyad Conditions not ripe for renewing talks with Israel
06:36:30a Torres shines as Chelsea destroy feeble Genk
06:36:36a French First Lady gives birth to daughter
06:36:42a Police comb yard of parents of missing baby
06:36:48a Lower Open Expected Thursday For Tokyo Stocks
06:36:54a Google captures slice of life in Amazon
06:37:00a Japan wins solar car race in Australia
06:37:06a Yemen's Saleh demands Gulf, US and EU guarantees to quit
06:37:11a Two Republicans Share History of Bad Blood
06:37:17a Value of BA points plummets
06:37:23a John McCormick 40 mpg claims grab headlines, miss mark
06:37:29a Girls give Mitchell and Davis a grilling
06:37:35a Cards draw first blood in baseball World Series
06:37:40a France Writer Says She Won't Sue Strauss-Khan
06:37:46a Queen Elizabeth rides the waves to flower show
06:37:52a West and Russia 'armed tyrants'
06:37:58a Brownie Pecan Cake
06:38:04a Nokia's Windows Phones at Nokia World, Microsoft's Andy Lees Says
06:38:09a S.Korea football team urges punishment for brawl
06:38:15a FBI Investigating Florida Hospital Breach
06:38:21a Death of woman found in ditch not suspicious
06:38:27a Nigeria Jabu Hosts Biotechnology Conference
06:38:33a Ban says Syrian incursions deplorable, pose security threat
06:38:39a Indian President's prized Rolex winds up at Sotheby's
06:38:44a Thai central bank opts to hold policy rate at 3.5%
06:38:50a Unilateral incursion into Pakistan will be disastrous daily
06:38:56a Arctic Slope dividend payout amount released
06:39:02a Erynne Lee, UW's Chris Williams named state's golfers of year
06:39:07a Greenpeace criticises Japan radiation screening
06:39:13a Tea reviewRepublic of Tea's Pink Lady Apple Green Tea
06:39:19a Suspect ties up, robs clerk after no luck getting to motel safe
06:39:25a The all-American brownie can be adapted in many ways
06:39:31a Greek MPs vote to avert debt default
06:39:37a Beauty award for the coal-stained coastline that inspired filmmakers
06:39:42a Australia Dislodges Switzerland, Now Wealthiest Nation in the World
06:39:48a Off-duty Detroit officer, passenger shot outside restaurant
06:39:54a Sullivan silver in Moscow
06:39:59a Last Stand By Activists On Dale Farm Site
06:40:05a Miyun making itself ecologically frie...
06:40:10a Cutbacks 'hit councils hardest'
06:40:16a Continuous News Coverage Missing Baby Lisa Irwin
06:40:21a Lifting the weight of justice
06:40:27a Sex Addiction Real Disease or Excuse for Men to Cheat?
06:40:33a Mark Zucker Retiring as President of Sony Pictures Releasing International
06:40:38a VIDEO The Queen takes a boat ride in Australia
06:40:44a IUP investigating professor's remarks to gay student
06:40:49a Arson charge over house explosion
06:40:55a Typhoon hits Tokyo and heads towards nuclear site of Fukushima
06:41:01a Gains Expected At Wednesday Tokyo Stock Market Open
06:41:06a Western Digital Sees Huge Rev Hit From Thai Floods
06:41:12a Swapped prisoners arrive in Turkey
06:41:18a Police set up 'gangs' task force
06:41:23a Farmers in Geza-Hamle Administrative Area Gathering Bumper Harvest
06:41:29a Some NTC officials believe Moamer Kadhafi could be in Sirte
06:41:41a Fiat looks at US, Brazil to make cash
06:41:46a SET index midday down 28.97 pts, 3.09 pct
06:41:52a Male Patients Fight Against Breast Cancer
06:41:57a Bangalore Metro set to roll into city's heart today
06:42:03a World Series has Tulsa connection
06:42:08a Outrage over Malema 'c**lie' slur
06:42:14a World briefs
06:42:20a Mongrel Mob member attacked man over shirt colour
06:42:26a Lack of funding prevented crucial Chch faultlines study
06:42:32a Greece in turmoil as citizens embark on 48-hour general strike
06:42:37a Miami suspends DT Micanor Regis for 1 game
06:42:43a End Qantas dispute, travel agents tell PM
06:42:49a Nigeria Delta Savours Swimming Victory
06:42:55a Nigeria Rotary Club Donates Books, Bags to Pupils
06:43:00a Violent clashes break out in Athens
06:43:06a Local Animal Group Reacts To Ohio Animal Regulations
06:43:11a Versatile NSU newcomer makes most of opportunity
06:43:17a Driving licence expiry on birthdays next month
06:43:23a Nigeria UN House Bomb Victim Dies in South Africa
06:43:29a The Bizarre World of Radical Climate Science
06:43:35a Go below the battleship Wisconsin's deck, if you dare...
06:43:41a Nigeria Consumers Groan As Kerosene Scarcity Persists in Awka
06:43:46a PM hopes for win-win situation for all on Telangana issue
06:43:52a Hanson lets us decide what they'll play
06:43:58a Maple Leaf expands in Saskatoon, closes in North Battleford
06:44:04a Germans demand austerity; Greeks go on the rampage
06:44:10a Alberta pays for U.S. congressmen to tour Alberta oilsands
06:44:15a Anna campaign has served purpose PM
06:44:21a B.C. election gag law ruling upheld by court
06:44:27a Doctor at centre of dirty clinic probe sued Ottawa Hospital in 2009
06:44:32a National briefs
06:44:38a Nigeria Local Government Elections
06:44:44a Loss may have cost Monarchs a playoff bid
06:44:50a Turkey meat loaf, lentils make a great meal
06:44:55a Nigeria ACSI Renews Commitment to Revamp Education Sector
06:45:01a Ottawa deals University of the Arctic a financial blow
06:45:07a Leaving estate to wife not abnormal, lawyer tells Gatti hearing
06:45:12a A sea of message at Maldives
06:45:17a Landscape painters land in Norfolk this weekend
06:45:23a Letters Letters Hold Robert Ficano accountable
06:45:28a Nigeria Gowon Decries Spate of Insecurity
06:45:34a Nigeria Why Relatives Can't Access Deceased Pensions Neca
06:45:39a Winemaking pioneer looking forward to new challenges
06:45:45a Australia beat South Africa by 93 runs in Centurion ODI
06:45:50a NBA sides to resume bargaining talks Thursday
06:45:56a 10/19 NATO moves to remove Kosovo Serb roadblocks
06:46:01a GOP unsettled on Obama challenger
06:46:07a Labour unveils agriculture policy
06:46:12a Million-dollar lotto ticket sat in pocket for five weeks
06:46:18a Occupy Vancouver plans rowdy protest for Dubya's Surrey visit
06:46:23a Truck driver apologizes to family of five victims killed in crash
06:46:29a Family of missing U.S. hunter still holding out hope
06:46:34a Travel experts choose 10 hotels where travelers can get spooked.
06:46:40a Armed police wrap up hunt for 51 animals
06:46:45a Tintin goes to Hollywood
06:46:51a B.C., Nova Scotia land huge shipbuilding contracts, while Quebec shut out
06:46:57a Arrest warrant issued for man who torched Ottawa folk cafe Rasputin's
06:47:03a East, West coasts win shipbuilding contracts, Quebec frozen out
06:47:08a Charest announces corruption inquiry
06:47:14a Hockey Night over for Punjabi-language broadcast
06:47:20a Manslaughter charge dropped against shopkeeper
06:47:25a Two hurt in truck crash
06:47:31a Eleven-screen theatre first to sign up for Vancouver's Marine Gateway development
06:47:37a Swedish journalists accused of terrorism face trial in Ethiopia
06:47:42a A community takes shape at Occupy Vancouver site
06:47:48a Tanzania Malaria Vaccine Coming Soon
06:47:54a Shalit's first day of freedom
06:47:59a 'Can't Miss TV' Thursday, Oct. 20
06:48:05a Gold prices dip for third straight day
06:48:11a Russia to build own missile defense system
06:48:17a T-Mobile customer shocked by a bill
06:48:22a Video Many Still Trying To Get World Series Tickets
06:48:28a Opposition attempts to counter lobbying campaign for B.C. mine
06:48:34a FTSE live market report as it happened October 19, 2011
06:48:40a 15 Palestinians arrive in Doha after prisoner exchange deal
06:48:46a Fayyad time not ripe for Israeli-Palestinian talks
06:48:52a Nestle raises FY goals as 9-month growth beats poll
06:48:57a BP begins fuel trading in Middle East
06:49:03a Four plead guilty as part of Mon Valley drug ring
06:49:09a Vancouver mayor vows to end casino expansion
06:49:21a US, Pakistan to push for 'Afghan endgame deal' during Clinton's visit to Islamabad
06:49:27a Malaria Vaccine Trial Offers Hope for Africa's Children
06:49:32a Ashgabat brushes off Russian gas concerns
06:49:38a Jacqueline Fernandez visits family in Bahrain
06:49:44a Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 'Demonization' of Democrat Leaders Is 'Irresponsible'
06:50:05a 2G scam No sleep till Chidambaram’s arrest, says Subramanian Sw
06:50:11a Agent says Owens is ready to return
06:50:17a Teen charged over alleged power scam
06:50:22a Liquor Store Robbery Caught On Tape
06:50:28a Bank of America slips off perch as largest US bank
06:51:03a Red Sox pitchers deny drinking in dugout
06:51:09a NZ third easiest country to do business in survey
06:51:15a Missing cars turn up in Melbourne pond
06:51:20a Mets star Lenny Dykstra pleads no contest to car theft
06:51:26a Six injured in high-speed head-on collision
06:51:32a Occupy Wall Street-style Protest in Indonesia Leads to Closure of World's Largest Gold Mine
06:51:38a MPs must be fair lest they throw oil baby out with the bathwater
06:51:44a Muse donate £15,000 to university
06:51:50a Kids can help build this healthier pizza from chef Rocco DiSpirito
06:51:55a Carter says weekends the toughest
06:52:01a Bid to save rivers from ravages of man
06:52:07a Three convicts on death row survive hangman
06:52:12a Nigeria Bomb Scare At Akwa Ibom TV Station
06:52:18a Muhumuza disqualified in S. Africa
06:52:24a Gov. Scott Heads To Brazil For Trade Trip
06:52:29a How is walking a treasonable offence
06:52:35a Interest among Dubai women in UAE heats up the rinkside
06:52:41a Lawsuit Fla. students charged as non-resid
06:52:47a Bobby deems Morocco perfect prep for Cecafa
06:52:52a Mystery remains as animals slaughtered in Ohio
06:52:58a Six injured after car crash in Clevedon
06:53:04a Japanese team wins Australian solar car race
06:53:10a Horse deaths still a mystery
06:53:15a Legalise rotation of foreign maids to overcome shortage
06:53:21a U.S. fears more plots from Iran's Quds Force
06:53:27a Former credit union teller pleads guilty to embezzlement
06:53:33a 3 of 5 northbound I-5 lanes closed at S. Seattle
06:53:38a Questions raised over region's quake preparedness
06:53:44a Deputies Multiple burglaries may be related
06:53:50a Holmes delivers historic 281 babies in September
06:53:55a Fort Knox cartoon for October 20, 2011
06:54:01a Ex-senator Deles should be held accountable for Basilan clash
06:54:07a Central Cali Market argument turns into a shooting
06:54:13a Calls for gay marriage to be on election agenda
06:54:18a South Africa Committee Concerned About Qualified Audit Opinion of the Department
06:54:24a Exploring Occupy Wall Street's 'Adbuster' Origins
06:54:30a Act Against Truancy, Minister Orders
06:54:35a PNoy refuses to declare war vs MILF despite Basilan clash
06:54:41a Clerics declare war on Abia govt over indigenisation policy
06:54:47a Australian stocks fall as miners weaken
06:54:53a Functional beverage store Liquid Nutrition expands in Canada
06:54:59a South Africa North West Bus Driver Arrested for Excessive Overloading
06:55:04a MIC willing to swap but won’t give up allocation
06:55:10a Iraq Projects 100 Billion Oil-Field Investment Wall Street Journal World
06:55:16a Editorial Giving credit where it's due
06:55:21a Angola Angola Polls to Take Place Next Year
06:55:27a Goldman Sachs reports loss of US428 million in quarter
06:55:33a Abu-Sandeep’s secret party for Abhishek-Aishwarya
06:55:39a New arms race alert for Bahrain
06:55:45a Malaysia up five notches in World Bank ranking
06:55:51a WA inquest jury '98 death of trooper was homicide
06:55:56a Afghan Civilians Allegedly Forced Onto Mined Roads
06:56:02a A 'Spirited' Primary Could Be What The GOP Needs
06:56:08a Letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani
06:56:14a Tur
06:56:19a The Daily Commuter Crossword for Thursday, October 20 2011
06:56:25a Uppercut Games Q&A
06:57:13a Sunday hunting could generate million in Pennsylvania
06:57:19a Wet spell ends, Mumbai sweats with rising temperature
06:57:25a Ohio animal slaughter sparks outrage
06:57:31a Marriage, farming affecting school attendance in Amuru
06:57:36a NATO moves against Serb roadblocks in Kosovo north
06:57:42a Mozambique Brazilian President Visit the Country
06:57:48a BOT's Three Key Policies to Rescue the Shilling
06:57:54a Miss Mtwara 2011 Passes On After Short Illness
06:58:00a Tuatara naming rights up for auction
06:58:05a Man shot by police not armed
06:58:11a Quade can bounce back from RWC Carter
06:58:17a Rugby-France must face All Blacks without fear Pape
06:58:23a New meningococcal case in Northland
06:58:28a Cell Therapeutics, Inc. to Report Third Quarter 2011 Financial Results on October 25
06:58:34a 150 Cashew Nuts Farmers Join NSSF Pension Scheme
06:58:40a Portraits emerge of victims in scheme emerge
06:58:46a Chesapeake to train volunteers to pluck illegal signs
06:58:52a Schneider Q3 sales rise, confirms FY sales target
06:58:58a Dh7,000 for each freed Palestinian
06:59:03a South Africa MEC Cronjé Launches Sukuma Sakhe At Impendle
06:59:09a Is “The Walking Dead” a bad show?
06:59:15a Sun shines on family's horrendous power bills
06:59:21a Canada awards shipbuilding contracts
06:59:26a Walmart presents irresistible target for China
06:59:32a Greece faces second day of general strike
06:59:38a Video Strong Bullpen Leads To Game 1 Win
06:59:43a McKay new Carlton football manager
06:59:48a Expert Weighs In On Killed Animals
06:59:54a Ohio Sheriff No More Animals On The Loose
07:00:00a Man denies Christmas Island shipwreck charge
07:00:06a Ruth Eckerd Hall hires Broadway veteran as new CEO
07:00:11a Asian shares rise on Wall St lead
07:00:17a Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gives birth to a baby girl
07:00:23a Promising Prospects in Asia Spell Big Changes Ahead
07:00:28a Making a Difference in Ottawa
07:00:34a Hotel fit for terror kings
07:00:40a Florida's wildlife rules among strictest in nation
07:00:45a Taipei City unveils its first animal ambulance
07:00:51a Laundry hampers as nice as your clothes
07:00:57a UN could vote on Palestinian bid November 11
07:01:03a Premier Rann says greatness ahead for SA
07:01:09a Nigeria I'll Prefer the Field to Office, Keshi Replies NFF
07:01:15a Nikkei falls on euro rescue worries, Olympus drops
07:01:20a Video World Series Game 1 Recap
07:01:26a Energy price rise won't be huge Origin
07:01:32a Puri zilla parishad demands CBI inquiry into corruption in NREGS fund
07:01:38a Suspected freedom camper's life saved by law change
07:01:44a SolarWorld Files Dumping Complaint Against China Over Imports of Solar Cells, Panels
07:01:50a Uncle hacks nephew to death, leaves niece severely injured
07:01:55a Narendra Modi to hold a day-long Sadbhavana fast at Navsari tomorrow
07:02:01a Disillusioned Maoist turns to teaching
07:02:06a 2 killed, 7 injured in Ramban road accident
07:02:12a Encouraging low road toll going into Labour weekend
07:02:17a Ugandan student dies in London stampede
07:02:23a CPA Global Launches Insight to Help Companies Better Manage and Leverage Their Patent Portfolios
07:02:28a Centre turns down Geelani's talks offer
07:02:34a Rajasthan to buy extra power from unallotted quota
07:02:39a Discounted The prisoner dilemma
07:02:45a Dentists who fail on even basic care despite demanding big fees
07:02:50a Arrest marks growing pains for superhero
07:02:56a NY judge Al-Qaida owes
07:03:02a Money from business class tickets goes for cause Kiran Bedi
07:03:08a PM rushes forward referendum debate as backbench revolt grows
07:03:14a 3, including an engineer, shot dead
07:03:19a Prime Minister hopeful of good Indo-China ties despite border problem
07:03:26a Japan shares fall 1 per cent on strong yen, US losses
07:03:31a Harold Camping, rapture prophet, hedges new bet
07:03:37a Who are the jailbreakers
07:03:42a High Court reserves verdict on voting rights of Sehajdharis in SGPC polls
07:03:48a Advani's Jan Chetna Yatra to arrive in Goa on Nov 1
07:03:53a Orissa High court quashes lower court notice against Subhasree Dash
07:03:59a Two held in city-based jewellery trader murder case
07:04:05a Leaf owners won't leave cars well enough alone
07:04:10a DAWN ANFUSO Ways to let go of your fear of authority figures
07:04:16a Security remains a top concern for cloud app builders
07:04:22a Fiery Volcano Gives Glimpse Of Land Time Forgot
07:04:28a Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock quits job on defence select committee over 'spy' affair
07:04:34a NATO riot troops clear barricades in north Kosovo
07:04:40a Nigeria Gov's Cup Locals Bow Out
07:04:46a 'Why Daddy had to kill a tiger'
07:04:51a Springer Partners to Help Non-English Speakers Publish Scientific Findings in Journals
07:04:57a Lions on
07:05:03a World Forum Theatre to stage short plays on sustainable development
07:05:09a Govt plans to limit subsidy share of upstream firm to one-third
07:05:15a Mido in Line for First Match for Zamalek
07:05:20a Spiral Arms Point to Possible Planets in a Star's Dusty Disk
07:05:26a Can you inherit a long life
07:05:32a Key Property of Potential 'Spintronic' Material Measured
07:05:38a Strong franc, euro problems influence Swiss election
07:05:43a Punjab to allot 352 industrial plots in Kapurthala
07:06:02a Google Announces New Data Visualization Tools for Analytics
07:06:07a 10 Things to Do in Miami
07:06:13a RBI guidelines for new bank licences likely by Nov-end FinMin
07:06:19a ICC ASCU praises PCB for 'fight against corruption' measures
07:06:25a SMART sets conditions for repeal
07:06:30a Foolish trivia
07:06:36a Kick Back and Relax with Legend Tours and Travels Day Tours
07:06:42a Supporters of Independent MP Mandlik to join Congress
07:06:48a Family Says Special Needs Student Bullied In Pecos School
07:06:53a Space tourism gaining momentum
07:06:59a Model Shows Fallout of Giant Meteorite Strike
07:07:05a Groupon Seeks Offering Near Billion Valuation
07:07:11a Buyers of foreign cars paid more, U.S. says
07:07:17a USGS 5.3 magnitude quake off OR coast,
07:07:22a Converts disputed areas into trusteeship zone Haldar
07:07:28a Collector orders to cancel Gram Panchayat membership of Vishnu Wagh
07:07:34a 'Albedo Effect' in Forests Can Cause Added Warming, Bonus Cooling
07:07:40a Fair Haven officials discuss recycling options
07:07:46a Medicare sign-up arrives
07:07:52a 2 Killed in police-public clashes in Bihar
07:07:57a Authorities checked Healdsburg land days before pot shooting
07:08:03a Chosen Bites Italy does it
07:08:39a More online Secretary of State services hoped to ease long lines
07:08:45a Vote For Obama Because He's Black
07:08:50a Risk aversion sends assets down broadly pre-EU Summit
07:09:00a Afridi changes mind and wants to play for Pakistan
07:09:06a Radicals Rule #OccupyLA
07:09:14a Hands-Free Risotto with Parmesan and Herbs
07:09:20a MI5 thought MP's lover was 'another Anna Chapman'
07:09:26a American Taxpayers Aiding the Slaughter of Egypt's Christians
07:09:31a Port Jackson shark latches on to scuba diver
07:09:36a Councillors told to choose Your job or position
07:09:47a Six Ugandan soldiers killed in Somali blast
07:09:53a Sanofi says Aubagio MS drug trial positive
07:09:58a French relish World Cup underdog role
07:10:04a Sony camera launches delayed due to Thai flooding
07:10:09a Napolitano Gets GrilledOn Deportation Policy
07:10:19a 18 advisers paid above Govt guidelines
07:10:25a Oil hovers above US88 after US supplies drop
07:10:31a TEXT Modi Mundi Pharma Rated 'Fitch BBB+'/Stable
07:10:37a Bedford County school resource officer faces indecent liberties charges
07:10:43a NS brigade in February
07:10:48a Africa Cote d' Ivoire Stays Top of the Continent Ranking
07:10:54a Zimbabwe Cheetahs Scale Dizzy Heights
07:11:00a Healthy Eating Top picks of the fall harvest
07:11:06a Judge refuses to stop search group's suit against Casey Anthony
07:11:11a Kidnapped Frenchwomans death said to be a terror act
07:11:20a Solae unwraps the world of nutrition snack bars
07:11:25a Job Kienhuis, Wendy van den Zanden Shine in Night One
07:11:31a Auckland's Galatos nightclub up for sale
07:11:37a Referendum a must for China treaty Taiwan leader
07:11:43a Orthodox sect livid over ice cream cone lickers
07:11:49a We Are United to the End Interclube Goalkeeper Tsherry
07:11:54a India's BPCL buys 20,000T gasoline from Vitol
07:12:00a WVTF expands broadcasts to Northern Virginia
07:12:06a Takaful to pay RM9.36mil dividend
07:12:12a Police place Besigye under house arrest
07:12:18a Ministry celebrates World Food Day with expo
07:12:23a Kenya Let's Honour Our Real Heroes and Heroines
07:12:29a Lombard director 'never considered' warning investors
07:12:35a Spending on PV equipment to drop in '12 report
07:12:41a Antibody Treatment Protects Monkeys from Hendra Virus Disease
07:12:47a Report Nasrallah Says Spies Havent Done Major Harm to Resistance
07:12:53a German Satellite ROSAT Expected to Land Anywhere between Canada to South America on Sunday
07:12:59a Palestinian UN bid seen decided in November diplomats
07:13:05a STC's Q3 profit fall more than 50%
07:13:10a OU swamps UDM
07:13:16a Publicis Q3 revenue strong, cautious on 2011 margin
07:13:22a Greenpeace's latest campaign ship, Rainbow Warrior III, made its maiden voyage Wednesday
07:13:33a Malaysian art can attract tourists
07:13:38a Animals were given voices through Twitter
07:13:44a UPDATE 1-Peabody extends offer for Australia's Macarthur to Nov 11
07:13:50a IGG says no more suspects on Chogm
07:13:56a Council looks to fill open seat on park board
07:14:02a L.A. considers shifting sidewalk repair responsibility to property owners
07:14:07a Moody's joins peers with Spanish downgrade
07:14:13a National strike hits Greece before austerity vote
07:14:19a Graphic Ford-UAW contract
07:14:25a Lomita lays off lone railroad museum employee the director
07:14:30a Kenya KCB Raises Its Interest Rate On Loans to 19 Percent
07:14:36a Idaho Cash Helps Fuel Romney Campaign
07:14:42a Umar guides Pakistan over Sri Lanka
07:14:48a D.L. Stewart Daughters-in-law keep families running
07:14:53a Audit Ordered For Coconut Grove Charter School
07:14:59a Social Security raise could be drained by Medicare
07:15:05a Truck Catches Fire, Explodes Outside Fort Lauderdale Home
07:15:11a Market roller-coaster hits business confidence
07:15:17a Familiar sight
07:15:22a Research on 500 Calorie Diet Plan
07:15:28a Researcher says there's a growing understanding of taniwha
07:15:34a Torrance council member Rhilinger will not run in 2012
07:15:39a Militants explode bomb at minister's private residence
07:15:45a Victories in the Pacific Luxury Expedition Cruise
07:15:50a Police praise marae based crime and justice centre
07:15:56a U.S. to renew N. Korea nuclear talks
07:16:02a Umar puts Pakistan in control
07:16:08a Aramco, Sinopec to sign Yanbu deal next month
07:16:13a NATO starts removing Kosovo Serb roadblocks
07:16:19a Saudi Marafiq to boost power output
07:16:24a Police Arrest 1 In Delivery Driver's Death
07:16:30a Google Touts Android
07:16:36a Armed Robber Held Up Woman, Grandson At Dadeland Mall
07:16:42a South Africa SAPS Spends Millions On Parties, While 150 Stations Lack Basic Services
07:16:48a European Union tightens rules for aid eligibility
07:16:54a PRESS DIGEST New York Times business news Oct 20
07:16:59a Kate Winslet doesn't do crash diets
07:17:05a BMW Expects to Maintain U.S. Luxury Sales Lead Going Into 2012
07:17:11a Kurdish Rebels Launch Major Attack Near Iraqi Border Voice of America Europe
07:17:16a James Murdoch knew phone hacking was widespread, UK MPs told
07:17:22a Taking development to the North and East President
07:17:28a Sharon L. Gilmore
07:17:33a Leighton Asia JV Awarded A1.2 Bln Rail Station Contract in HK
07:17:39a British courts 'not bound by Europe,' says senior judge
07:17:45a IPS report explores developmental challenges
07:17:51a Bradley holds on for Grand Slam win
07:17:56a Thai Central Bank to Cut 2011 GDP Forecast By More Than 1%
07:18:01a Bird of the Year polls open today
07:18:07a Will Fisker Motors Be Another Solyndra?
07:18:13a Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Probably Decreased in September
07:18:19a Tunisian bloggers from pixels to polls
07:18:24a 'Shoot Now, Focus Later' Camera Released
07:18:30a Wake Up Call Immigration And Insurgency
07:18:36a Happy 7th Billion Birthday
07:18:42a Whyte in talks with Rangers fans’ trust
07:18:48a Jury rejects lawsuit in deadly attack on African tour
07:18:54a You don't need to be 'social' to profit from networks
07:18:59a Marathon man gets bus cheat's medal
07:19:05a Meditate on What's Next for Occupy Vancouver, Then Tell Us
07:19:11a Most Chinese don't trust each other Survey
07:19:17a Microsoft-led group readies Yahoo! offer report
07:19:23a More Than a Quarter of US Adults Use Their Mobile Phones for Health Information
07:19:29a Federal Judge Grabs Bank Of America's Billion Settlement
07:19:34a 'The Revolution is my Boyfriend' film
07:19:40a Tunisia's Islamists look set to score high in elections
07:19:46a Officials widen release offer to US banks
07:19:52a Shalit's Release Came After Family's 5-Year Campaign
07:19:58a Reservation system has cut use of Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach
07:20:04a Hospital failure contributed to baby death, Ombudsman rules
07:20:09a SPT 'improves' after expenses row
07:20:15a Race to eternity titular yey!
07:20:21a Vertu Launches Constellation T, 99% Think It Gaudy
07:20:27a Kings Try Movie Night To Keep Fans Happy
07:20:32a Team Anna walks the extra mile, takes Jan Lokpal to the UP janata
07:20:38a What is carbon capture
07:20:44a Poverty charities’ concern over debt increases
07:20:49a Behold The Machete For Grown-Ups
07:20:55a India Ink Two Upper Class Indians Try Living On 100 Rupees A Day
07:21:01a Mortgagee sale of prime Lake Wakatipu land
07:21:07a Schalit deal feeds hopes for peace
07:21:12a Non-Scot is Gaelic Bard for first time
07:21:18a OLYMPIA Series of burglaries hits same area over a month
07:21:24a US House panel to address concerns on China trade policies
07:21:30a Field of Dreams a nightmare as city, team bicker
07:21:36a PM sacks Sah‚ Bhandari
07:21:41a Thai Airways planning for ultra low cost carrier
07:21:47a Aviva to cut 950 jobs in Ireland after moving HQ back to London
07:21:53a Scottish fury mounts over Longannet ‘kick in teeth’
07:21:59a Halifax, Vancouver win in shipbuilding sweepstakes
07:22:05a Bet on Literacy
07:22:11a Public sector sheds twice as many jobs as OBR predicted
07:22:25a Storytelling Through Art
07:22:31a Govt servant held over fireworks sale
07:22:36a Mac trojan disables OSX's anti-malware features
07:22:42a Nigeria Crisis in Ndlea Over Baba Suwe
07:22:48a Vote! The best AR Rahman film score
07:22:54a Ohio Police Hunt Down Wild Animals
07:23:00a To Be or Not To Be
07:23:06a 'Tiny' iPhone 4s update sends case makers scrambling
07:23:11a Sales and Profit Up, Margin Down at Ericsson
07:23:29a Review 'The Thing' will make you wish you were watching the other 'Thing'
07:23:35a Flower show opens just for Queen
07:23:41a Punjab to accept tax on commercial vehicles online
07:23:46a ICBC Places Orders for Chinese Jet
07:23:52a Cards Outmaneuver Rangers, Take Game 1
07:23:58a Rihanna `wanted Dudley O`Shaughnessy at first sight`
07:24:04a Bishal was the pride of the Rathor family
07:24:10a Daniel Baldwin million dollar divorce
07:24:16a British inflation hits three-year peak on energy consumption
07:24:22a Jason Orange `fell for Catherine Tate`s humour`
07:24:27a Lady Gaga `tries to introduce new man to fetish parties`
07:24:33a Scientists refute claims quake information was held back
07:24:39a Go UK Business Competition Open for Kiwi Business
07:24:45a Apple posts over 1M tributes to Jobs
07:24:51a Asustek to Offer Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet
07:24:56a A Jew of No Religion
07:25:02a Siri now works with 'Remember the Milk' task manager
07:25:07a Clinton to Push Pakistan, Again
07:25:13a Sozo is planning a secondary listing in Singapore
07:25:18a AINRC clinches Puducherry by-poll, AIADMK leads in Tamil Nadu
07:25:24a Delray Neighborhood House to show off what it has to offer
07:25:29a Never again
07:25:35a Vitamin E Supplements Increase Prostate Cancer Risk
07:25:41a Noel Gallagher `Kids were never big Oasis fans`
07:25:47a No PlayStation Vita outside Japan this Xmas
07:25:53a Clawbacks target Rothstein's jewelry, car, cigar sprees
07:25:58a Jailed ex-MP was a 'perfect' prisoner
07:26:04a UPDATE 1-NORDIC STOCKS Factors to watch on Oct 20
07:26:10a Herman Cain's Campaign Autobiography
07:26:16a Evita animated film makes Argentina debut by Astrid Riehm,
07:26:22a Job losses at Wicklow plant a 'massive blow'
07:26:27a Rand softer against US dollar
07:26:33a Greece Shut by General Strike Before Austerity Vote
07:26:38a Kurdish militants back jailed leader's threat with
07:26:44a LHC CJ rejects plea against NAB chiefs appointment
07:26:49a Fair moves yet again - to Viera
07:26:55a Westlife call it quits after 14 years
07:27:01a Weatherford Wins Multi-Million Project At Iraq's Garraf Oil Field
07:27:06a Bishop in Sex Abuse Scandal Plans to Keep Post
07:27:12a Health care starts at home and is every body's business
07:27:18a Fed. Reserve Bank Boards Lack Transparency
07:27:24a RM20mil stuck as Cambodia stops maid supply and problems loom in Manila
07:27:30a Lennon's tooth up for auction
07:27:35a Men with breast cancer 'isolated'
07:27:41a Ghana Petrojet Counting On Eric Bekoe Against Ahly
07:27:46a NATO troops use teargas to disperse Serb protesters at Kosovo border
07:27:52a Kurnia unveils 2nd mobile application
07:27:57a Risk aversion sends assets down
07:28:03a Sarah Michelle Gellar`s rep blasts pregnancy rumours
07:28:09a Israel's High Court backs prisoner-swap deal
07:28:14a Acknowledging Armenian Genocide more beneficial to Turkey than continued denial
07:28:20a Cross-border violence under the spotlight
07:28:25a Falcons plan to attack Lions rush defense like 49ers
07:28:31a PRESS DIGEST Wall Street Journal Oct 20
07:28:37a UPDATE 1-Getinge sees order growth extending into 2012
07:28:43a Make Israel comply
07:28:49a David Hasselhoff says `why not` to Baywatch movie
07:28:54a Truck collision on bridge could have been worse
07:29:00a Virgin Atlantic's Gatwick fleet gets upgrade
07:29:06a AU 'understands' Kenya incursion in Somalia
07:29:11a NHS sorry for patient's bed sore
07:29:17a Flushing out al Shabaab militants can’t be achieved by knee-jerk reaction
07:29:23a Asia Electric Material September FCCL shipments hit record
07:29:29a Memory walk costs brother his leg
07:29:35a William Hill's Israeli employees offered more pay to return to work
07:29:40a Man, 88, held over suspected suicide pact
07:29:46a Donovan a question mark for finale in Honduras
07:29:52a Clinton seeks 'reality check' on Afghan visit
07:29:58a Japan shares fall 1%
07:30:04a Bats wins regulatory support to buy Chi-X Europe
07:30:09a Peter Andre `I regret writing about sex`
07:30:15a Graca Machel Appeals for President Mugabe's Help
07:30:46a 3 charged in deadly home invasion
07:30:52a Who is France Charbonneau
07:30:58a The New Heartlessness Toward Israel
07:31:03a Hitler 'personally planned 1934 putsch in Vienna'
07:31:09a Libyan resistance leader quits
07:31:15a Sharad Pawar not leaving ‘weak’ UPA
07:31:20a Turkey pursues Kurdish militants in Iraq
07:31:26a Food inflation soars, crosses double-digits
07:31:32a Government pays Shs380m as oil case starts in UK
07:31:38a Nigg redevelopment creates jobs
07:31:50a In Virginia, Obama bashes GOP for blocking his jobs plan
07:31:56a UAE to back Pakistan's UNSC non-permanent seat bid
07:32:02a BSE Sensex drops 1.7 pct; banks fall
07:32:08a Greece remains at standstill as strike enters second day
07:32:14a Agonising defeat for Wales in R
07:32:20a Searchers and Law Enforcement Still Working Hard to Find Mark Bosworth
07:32:25a BSO's longtime chaplain, Rick Braswell, resigns
07:32:31a Sno-Birds commemorate 40 years with charitable giving
07:32:37a Royal tour day two The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in Australia
07:32:43a Amir Khan to 'pop question' to his student girlfriend in 2012
07:32:48a Justin Bieber Drops Full Video for ‘Mistletoe
07:32:54a India's growth outlook darkens, no respite in inflation
07:33:00a Police Ombudsman retracts remarks
07:33:06a Opera Mobile for Android Gets Opera Reader and getUserMedia
07:33:12a IED attacks increase outside of Afghanistan, Iraq USA TODAY USA
07:33:18a AG's Office tried to postpone hearing
07:33:23a NOAA Improves Its Climate Forecasting Skills
07:33:29a Study Implicates Hyperinsulinemia in Increased Incidence of Autism
07:33:35a Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs Now in Mass Production
07:33:41a Great Lakes May Lose Less Water than Anticipated
07:33:47a Food inflation at 10.60 pct y/y on Oct 8 govt
07:33:53a Friendly Dragons Are a Rarity in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
07:33:58a Leader of opposition urges Chief Minister to address burning problems
07:34:05a California spends billions on community college students who drop out
07:34:10a Energy Obtained from Cow Manure Is Green and Cheap
07:34:16a Heightened security at Lakeland High
07:34:22a Live! Bedi Travelled economy so that NGOs save, no gain
07:34:28a Jackson's death blamed on doctor
07:34:34a St. Pete wants to watch vessels closely
07:34:39a Tabak's lawyer my client's conduct was 'disgustin
07:34:45a 9-9-9 plan would make everyone pay fair share
07:34:51a Publicis to Hit Targets
07:34:57a If we can’t run even a national bank, let Bill Gates manage our nation
07:35:03a Enrile to Palace Stop peace talks with MILF
07:35:08a It's What They Asked For
07:35:14a US issues travel advisory for India during festive season
07:35:20a Bangladesh PM visits Tin Bigha area
07:35:26a StaggoLee catches the ear of music producer Tino Gross
07:35:32a Press Burma's Foreign Minister on Rights
07:35:38a Oman's ruler expands political voice of elected council after unrest in Arab nation
07:35:44a Brit beauty queen flees international pageant over 'votes for sex' ordeal
07:35:50a PHL shares down on euro debt crisis
07:35:55a Playing Politics With Women's Lives
07:36:01a Supreme Court of Canada Linking Is Not a Crime
07:36:07a LGA2011 MSI X79A-GD65 8D Motherboard Previewed
07:36:13a In Bleak '70s, Salvo of Protest
07:36:18a GALAXY Nexus US Registration Page Shows 7 Carriers
07:36:24a Asus Officially Unveils the Transformer Prime Nvidia Kal-El Tablet
07:36:43a Gay marriage, adoption supporters march on Parliament
07:36:49a Michigan unemployment down slightly to 11.1%; direction is unclear
07:36:55a Getting down to the bare bones of vitamin D
07:37:01a Judge Death threats against pro-family campaigners not a problem
07:37:07a Demise of long-term care mourned
07:37:12a Men face drug charges after stop
07:37:18a Long-term care plan dies, but problem survives
07:37:24a Why Did Industry Spend Half a Billion Dollars to Campaign for GMOs?
07:37:29a Australia to boost diplomatic presence in China
07:37:35a VIDEO Amazon protesters reach La Paz
07:37:41a Supreme Court rules Dutch man cannot question paternity
07:37:46a The Getaway Hints IX
07:37:51a NHS bill threatens trust in GPs, says doctors' leader
07:37:57a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Now on Pre-Oder at Amazon
07:38:02a Delicious Low-Cal DessertsSweet treats under 200 calories. read
07:38:08a These DFW students are Cardinals in name only
07:38:13a Besigye aides charged with treason, remanded
07:38:19a Big Gas Find for Italy's Eni
07:38:24a Delay in Iranian execution credited to international pressure
07:38:30a Abutment borings delay bridge replacement progress
07:38:35a Deadbeat campaigns linger for years
07:38:41a Video Proposed legislation hopes to reduce spice use among children
07:38:58a Comet storm rages in alien star system
07:39:04a SC high court to hear primary case
07:39:09a Body discovered on hospital roof
07:39:15a Hong Kong stocks fall, with resources, casino shares weak; Hang Seng Index down 1.3%
07:39:21a Grapevine OKs grant for Legoland expansion
07:39:27a Clinton meets with Karzai amid stalled reconciliation
07:39:32a The Acai Berry Diet – Now I know What Youre Thinking..
07:39:38a Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
07:39:43a EC Approves Seagate Acquisition of Samsung Drive Business
07:39:49a Dukan Diet Forums – How They Can Help You
07:39:55a Slow Cooker RecipesComfort foods less than 500 calories. read
07:40:01a Minister, Deputy Minister and Director General a No Show At Annual Report Briefing
07:40:06a Walk and Wag for dogs in Dorset on Sunday
07:40:12a New Market Report Now Available Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in Romania
07:40:18a Russians Looking to Start Moon Base by 2030
07:40:24a Recently released market study Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in Serbia
07:40:30a Costa Rican minister calls Nicaragua enemy
07:40:36a Here comes the judge!
07:40:42a Forecast in Israel More kidnappings of Jews
07:40:48a Giant 'Hailstorm' Bombarding Nearby Solar System, NASA Reports
07:40:54a MSF Kenya Incursion Threatens Kidnapped Workers
07:40:59a Hong Kong Market May Test Support At 18,000 Points
07:41:05a -Saudi-Ukrainian Joint Committee Holds Meetings of Fourth Session in Kiev
07:41:10a Small investors struggle while Afghanistan hopes for big deals
07:41:16a Forty Palestinians freed by Israel considered by the government as too dangerous
07:41:22a Friends remember Joseph Heller and 'Catch-22'
07:41:28a Digital data privacy rules turn 25
07:41:34a Republic of Tea doubles donations during October 2011
07:41:39a Call to reform mental disability sex law
07:41:45a W.H. online counterterrorism woes
07:41:50a Woman sues IBM for over bullying
07:41:56a Kenya to flush out Somali aliens
07:42:02a Pool owners feel the heat this summer
07:42:07a Jury convicts man accused in Texas rapes http//
07:42:13a Youngest planet ever found is revealed by cosmic trick photography
07:42:18a Approps bedlam continues
07:42:24a Editorial The Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap offers little new hope for peace
07:42:29a Will China stake a claim on the moon
07:42:35a Will the Meek Inherit the Earth
07:42:41a Woman shot during purse snatching at Lehigh Valley Walmart
07:42:46a Report Sunday hunting in Pa. may generate
07:42:52a Clinton urges Afghans to keep talking to Taliban
07:42:58a Europe failure 'would drag world with it'
07:43:04a -Saudi Press Agency Ends Transmission for Wednesday, Dhu-AlQa'dah 21, 1432,
07:43:09a Regulators Driller that tainted Dimock wells can stop delivering water
07:43:15a Barletta I voted for many jobs bills
07:43:21a Clinton seeks 'reality check'on Afghan visit
07:43:27a Conservationist Jack Hanna supports gas drilling in Pa.
07:43:32a Sno Mountain quiet as ski season approaches
07:43:38a Russian air force jet crashes killing 2
07:43:44a Theirry Legault Captures the ROSAT Satellite Just Before Re-Entry
07:43:49a P-T Extinction Hit Oceans Harder than Land
07:43:55a Europe's deleveraging spiral; A tech capitalist's
07:44:00a Class action OWS first salvo in US class war?
07:44:06a Gujarat Muslim artisans preparing ledgers and calendars for Hindu traders
07:44:11a Calls for stricter conditions for Cockburn Cement
07:44:17a Monroe County commissioner debate gets personal
07:44:22a NBA owners, players move closer to 50-50 revenue split, source says
07:44:28a One monkey remains on the loose in Ohio; body of wolf recovered
07:44:33a Floods impacted Pakistan's GDP
07:44:39a Crime Cashing big on small change
07:44:45a Group Of Grannies Join Occupy Protest
07:44:50a Movies returning to Stroud Mall
07:44:56a Prisoner swap energizes Hamas
07:45:01a West Indies Board insists Gayle must withdraw comments
07:45:07a Viking boat burial site discovered in Scottish Highlands/title
07:45:20a German stocks Factors to watch on October 20
07:45:27a Dont misconstrue statement – GMA cautions
07:45:33a Matthew G. Martinez, Ex-Democratic Lawmaker, Dies at 82
07:45:38a UPDATE 1-Nutreco keeps 2011 outlook, Q3 sales rise
07:45:44a BOJ chief sticks to recovery view amid euro debt
07:45:50a Rahul Gandhi heckled in Amethi
07:46:04a Demint 2012 'Might Be the Last Chance' to Fix The Country
07:46:12a Carla Bruni Sarkozy gives birth to girl
07:46:36a IPU issues resolution against Israel
07:46:42a TPD Offers Free Program To Prevent Home Invasions
07:46:48a Libyan fighters launch new attack on Sirte
07:46:53a Lunar Probe to search for water on Moon
07:46:59a Congress has no time for tax reform Geithner
07:47:04a Expedition 30 to ISS could be launched on Dec 21
07:47:10a Greece faces critical austerity vote, more protests
07:47:15a Windy, Wet Weather Continues
07:47:21a Maids have been paid for but Cambodian Govt's rule leaves many in the lurch
07:47:27a Oil prices rise on e
07:47:32a Immaculata Academy holds annual dinner
07:47:38a Rants & Raves Thanks for the help
07:47:43a PolitiJax Florida lawmaker focus of DOJ probe
07:47:49a Dietary Saturated and Monounsaturated Fats Protect Against Acute Acetaminophen Hepatotoxicity by ...
07:47:54a Schneider cuts 2011 margin target, keeps sales goal
07:48:00a Turkish jets bomb Kurdish camps in northern Iraq
07:48:05a in public funds to pay for trio of meetings
07:48:11a Sanitation campaign picking up in HaryanaBhupinder Singh Hooda
07:48:17a Water Vapor Reveals How Stars Form Around Black Hole
07:48:22a Ericsson Q3 profit rises 4 pct, margins weaken
07:48:27a French Court Orders ISP To Block Police Misconduct Website
07:48:33a PM on Team Anna, Telangana, Advani, corruption
07:48:38a Bali bomb suspect retraces deadly steps
07:48:44a Arts market marred by diesel exhaust
07:48:50a Presidential candidate's faith matters
07:48:55a Coldest 'brown dwarf' caught on lens outside our solar system
07:49:01a LinkedIn launches in Japanese
07:49:07a Finally sworn in, Audrey Gibson promotes job creation
07:49:12a Metro comes to Bangalore
07:49:18a India's first President's Rolex winds up at Sotheby's
07:49:24a Ramdev's outfit, church question Goa's move
07:49:30a Jenna Bush to speak at Jacksonville Southern Women's Show
07:49:36a Nobel laureate implores U.N. to not offer immunity to Saleh
07:49:42a Gillard grilled for curtsy refrain
07:49:48a Leak at Pakistani nuclear plant, but no damage
07:49:54a Leak triggers nuclear emergency at Karachi reactor
07:50:00a 'Senorita' girl visits Delhi
07:50:06a SUDAN Bombing the Homeless
07:50:12a Doubts Shadow Egyptian Election
07:50:17a Gallagher admits 'honest mistake' over loan
07:50:23a Release of wildlife ends in Ohio carnage
07:50:29a Profs probing brains, friending
07:50:35a Google+ to Support Pseudonyms
07:50:40a Images Jewelers annual coat drive
07:50:45a Poultney chooses citizen of the year
07:50:51a 'Louisa Cares' Raises for Quake Victims
07:50:57a EMERGING MARKETS-Latam stocks fall on euro zone aid doubts
07:51:02a Meat Loaf's been to hell and back
07:51:08a Feelings can simmer at the Stewbilee
07:51:14a No personal gain from inflated air travel bills Kiran Bedi
07:51:19a BALKANS Serbs Turn From the State Towards Themselves
07:51:25a Conference Management Specialist Launches New MIPIM Flights
07:51:31a Garnier-Conditioner-Triple Nutrition Conditioner
07:51:36a Guardiola hails 'one-off' Iniesta
07:51:41a PRESS DIGEST Russia Oct 20
07:51:47a Bomb scare at A/Ibom TV station
07:51:53a Comments on Immigration Alienate Some Hispanics
07:51:58a Kejriwal attacker sacked from job
07:52:04a Getinge Q3 lags consensus
07:52:09a Glitches, drama mark journey of assets case against Jaya
07:52:15a Grove Street closed for two weeks
07:52:20a Closing submissions in Kiko murder trial
07:52:26a Experts warn RFID risks outweigh benefits
07:52:32a Vernon Police Investigate Armed Robbery At Subway
07:52:40a Fast but not so furious 'Bikernis' hit road
07:52:49a Study connects health to location
07:52:55a United Future list for election
07:53:00a Fluctuating oil prices a bane for Indian economy Jaipal Reddy
07:53:06a Maoist calls shutdown in Jangalmahal area on October 22
07:53:11a Scheme to chart career paths in social service
07:53:19a Uganda opposition leader injured during protest in Kampala
07:53:25a Bank's Broadbent sees sharp inflation fall next year
07:53:43a Noctua Free Upgrade Kit for LGA 2011 CPUs Now Available
07:53:48a Afghanistan toll
07:53:54a Peter Brimelow Dividends work for top performing letter
07:53:59a Water, equipment blamed in outbreak
07:54:05a Swype Beta for Android 3.26 Adds Automatic Updates and More Languages
07:54:10a Smiths News profit surges on acquisition, cost cuts
07:54:16a N.J. Senate candidate defends controversial tweet
07:54:21a Study billion goes to community college dropouts
07:54:27a Nigeria Fayemi's First Year
07:54:32a Wieland Designs to hold job fair Saturday
07:54:38a Turkey Bombs Kurdish Rebels in Iraq After Deadly Attack
07:54:43a Lindsay Lohan could face 5th stint behind bars
07:54:49a The Moon Was a Special Guest at Steve Jobs Celebration Event
07:54:54a Both sides find fault with draft stormwater permits
07:55:00a Border Fence Raises Cost Questions
07:55:05a The pocket-sized, telescope-shaped Lytro cameras made their public debut in San Francisco
07:55:11a Traffic stoppages on I-80 East in Stroudsburg tonight
07:55:16a Parents hail new special needs scheme
07:55:22a Nokia to unveil Windows phone next week
07:55:28a Outlook darkening for Ericsson after strong Q3
07:55:33a Singapore still easiest place to do business, says World Bank
07:55:39a Russia convoys humanitarian cargo to Kenya amid pirate fears
07:55:44a He's got the chops
07:55:50a Marine Declines Prison Release To Witness Birth
07:56:02a Senator wants Web sales tax
07:56:19a Completion of Sale of Golar Freeze to Golar LNG Partners L.P.
07:56:32a Concessions likely to be discussed in effort to make Fort Worth pension solvent
07:56:38a UPDATE 1-Tajik cbank raises refinancing rate to 10 pct
07:56:58a China private equity firm CSM plans new bln fund
07:57:03a Rihanna Explores Abuse in ‘We Found Love Video
07:57:09a China shares tumble to 31-month closing low
07:57:15a Rann reflects on 'good times' on last day
07:57:20a Amplats posts output increase
07:57:26a Fake AVG Download Sites Steal Bank Accounts
07:57:31a Zuma complains about media reporting
07:57:37a Mr. President, Do You Recall What Your Job Is?
07:57:42a LA firm recal
07:57:53a Coldest Brown Dwarf Companion Identified
07:57:58a Animal owner supplied cub for Heidi Klum
07:58:04a Quantum Dynamics of Matter Waves reveal exotic Multi-Body Collisions
07:58:09a Fully operational pre-WWII artillery shell found in farm field
07:58:15a S'pore delegation heads for CAEXPO
07:58:34a Greece faces austerity vote, more strikes
07:58:42a Deportation reviews set to start
07:58:47a UPDATE 1-Greece faces austerity vote, more strikes
07:58:53a DNA solves mystery of unknown Scots soldier
07:58:58a Nigeria Power Carcasses of South East Crucial to the Nation's Growth
07:59:04a SQL injection attack has compromised nearly 200,000 ASP.Net sites
07:59:10a A Constitutional Amendment to Enforce the Protections of Mens Rea
07:59:15a We misled MPs News International lawyer
07:59:21a Occupy Wall Street Signs Prosecute Bernanke, Impeach Obama and more...
07:59:27a WRAPUP 1-BOJ chief sticks to recovery view amid euro debt worries
07:59:33a Turkish planes, troops attack Kurdish rebels inside Iraq Miami Herald International
07:59:38a Jets A-L title contenders after twin boost
07:59:44a Kumba's output up
07:59:49a Plane hits a building, without taking off!
07:59:55a Cain super'PAC might violate election law
08:00:01a Ex-Democratic leader St. Angelo dies at 84
08:00:07a Battle of Basildon cops strike at dawn
08:00:13a Date set for UN vote on Palestinian bid
08:00:18a SA business ranking improves
08:00:24a Gayle told to retract to end cricket exile
08:00:30a Wreck closes part of I-40
08:00:36a Observing quantum particles in perfect order
08:00:42a UPDATE 1-Russia's PIK 9-month apartment sales up 55 pct
08:00:48a NSW draw with SA in Shield cricket
08:00:53a BSkyB profits dip despite revenue rise
08:00:59a Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal and AC Milan win
08:01:05a Cedric Foo, Seah Kian Peng appointed as chairpersons for House committees
08:01:11a RPT-UAE sets up bln development bank
08:01:16a BRIEF-Moody'sEU sovereign pressures have limited impact on European insurers
08:01:22a Exotic animals owner ‘killed himself
08:01:28a Why Isn't Chris Christie Getting His Marijuana in the Mail? Marijuana
08:01:34a Top End gas projects a security issuegovt
08:01:40a Police Shelter Head Prostituted Women
08:01:45a Wikileaks Gets the South Park Treatment Video
08:01:51a The best Cantonese food in Hong Kong
08:01:57a 'I learnt to listen and not judge'
08:02:02a ‘Im too lazy to leave jail
08:02:08a Seoul shares see late selloff led by refiners, shipyards
08:02:13a Ekurhuleni warns of floods
08:02:19a Gay-straight club hits nerve with Bangor school directors
08:02:24a Gallery Memorial service of Louise de Waal
08:02:30a Small investors struggle while Afghanistan hopes for
08:02:35a Occupy Edmonton protests here to stay
08:02:41a Middle Smithfield supervisor Schaller just wants to quit. But can he?
08:02:46a Mom beaten to death in front of toddler
08:02:52a Jon Stewart Are We Expecting Too Much From Occupy Wall Street? Video
08:02:58a New Zealand's Penguins in Dire Need of Fabulous Knits Fashion
08:03:04a Thai flood government begs for mercy
08:03:09a Flooding 'to hit Bangkok areas'
08:03:15a Varsity lets monkey attackers off hook
08:03:20a SA businesswomen off to US
08:03:25a Jerry Brown and Racial Neutrality
08:03:31a Adjumani wants ministry to scrap allowances for health workers
08:03:36a Shs5b bicycle fraud report leaks
08:03:42a ‘DA will govern SA by 2019
08:03:48a Abducted Durban couple calls family
08:03:54a Indicted bishop in K.C. plans to stay put
08:03:59a Nigeria Presidential Team Calls for Deep Changes in Education
08:04:05a WIN tickets to Adelaide United v. Sydney FC
08:04:11a Board probes NJ teacher's gay posts on Facebook
08:04:17a Fil-Am UP grad is new Seton Hall University president
08:04:22a Teen arrested over Christchurch phone scam
08:04:28a Mitt Romney, Up Close and Personal
08:04:33a Tabak to describe Yeates death in own words
08:04:39a ‘It was my dream to be a martyr
08:04:44a Taking healthcare costs into our own hands
08:04:50a L.A. County Sheriff Makes Hash of Prison System
08:04:56a EU crisis emergency talks live
08:05:02a Stephen Colbert Comes to Rush Limbaugh's Defense Video
08:05:07a Anchor Trips Over Orgasm-Inducing Shoes on Live TV Video
08:05:13a Egadu cries foul over Olympic scholarship
08:05:18a Queen in Australia for 10-day tour
08:05:25a ‘We Want Justice’ Say Capitol Demonstrators Protesting Army Killing of Egyptian Christians
08:05:30a Warne backs Lehmann for Cricket Australia's top job
08:05:36a eBay profit rises as shoppers buy smartphones
08:05:41a US, North Korea to discuss nuclear issue in Geneva
08:05:47a Animals charm on People's Day
08:05:53a Hawks 'should have more flags'
08:05:58a Ferries hit in Auckland harbour
08:06:04a Small group companies running global economy
08:06:10a Cricket-Classy Ponting fronts up for Australia
08:06:15a Formation of Scheila's Triple Dust Tails Explained
08:06:20a Nestle nine-month sales down, hit by franc
08:06:26a Rejection of U.S. aid harms Pakistani poor
08:06:32a Biocon Profit Slips 3.9%
08:06:38a Morning business news October 20
08:06:43a Kenya Prepaid Electricity Meters Test the Patience of Consumers
08:06:54a Roma 15 Ottobre Rassegna Stampa
08:07:00a India Ink Newswallah In the English-Language Press Thursday
08:07:05a Former bank robber seeks to be MP
08:07:11a I Lavoratori Greci Sono Piu' Nobili Dei Lavoratori Italiani
08:07:16a Murray prosecution may end today
08:07:21a Girl Meets Boy
08:07:27a Clinton in Afghanistan to talk with Karzai
08:07:33a Reflections on a chancellor's installation
08:07:39a US travellers warned of terror attacks in india
08:07:45a Oil prices mixed on US economy concerns
08:07:50a Somalia Heavy Battle Breaks Out in Mogadishu's Daynile District
08:07:56a Roma Indignati, Alemanno firma ordinanza. Cortei in centro
08:08:01a BOT to revise growth forecast Governor
08:08:07a Nitish reviews security, progress of schemes
08:08:12a Troika to give findings of latest Irish review
08:08:18a Exchange's fund to resuscitate flood-hit industrial zones
08:08:24a UN expert calls for two-pronged approach to end food crisis
08:08:29a DEP Rules Cabot Can Stop Delivering Water
08:08:35a Irish performance still hurting Britvic
08:08:41a Dalai Lama joins call for hunger fast protest
08:08:46a Undo the Stolen Valor Act to protect free speech
08:08:52a Canada plans Bush, Clinton protests
08:08:57a non ci fregarete nostra revoluzione
08:09:03a Selita Ebanks Helps the Mothers of Sierra Leone
08:09:08a Firmato decreto di espulsione per il giovane di Varese ferma
08:09:14a La Guerra Civile Spagnola E L'immaginario Rivoluzionario Eur
08:09:19a Labour targets foreign ownership of farms
08:09:25a Monitoring of drinking water likely to
08:09:31a Fire destroys garage, racing ATVs in East Stroudsburg
08:09:36a More tickets available for Christmas tree lighting
08:09:42a Sri Lanka 197 v Pakistan 115-0 1st test, lunch
08:09:47a Reagan adviser backs up Cain's tax strategy
08:09:53a VIDEO New search for UK fugitives in Spain
08:09:59a 'Prendete e tenete la pi
08:10:04a Peter Pan prequel to hit Broadway
08:10:10a Transport Experts Discuss Cross Border Road Transport Issues During Cross Border Road Transport Indaba
08:10:16a La 'ndrangheta, le cooperative 'usa e getta' e le mani sull'
08:10:21a Beijing accuses Dalai group of 'terrorism in disguise'
08:10:27a Thai PM Flood waters must drain through capital
08:10:44a Public Relations Boot Camp Held Statewide
08:10:49a Dylan prize shortlist announced
08:10:55a Cancer Spurred Cain To Go 'Bigger, Bolder'
08:11:01a EU debate moved for PM to attend
08:11:07a Calif poised to finalize 'cap-and-trade' plan
08:11:13a OSCE South Caucasus media conference starts in Tbilisi
08:11:18a Roma Primo arresto a Roma. E' il giovane fotografato con u
08:11:24a Disordini di Roma, perquisite le case di sei anarchici milan
08:11:29a One injured in Auckland ferry crash
08:11:35a Sullo sgombero dell'auletta occupata cosp-irare
08:11:40a 12Sports Scores for Oct. 19
08:11:46a New Zealand launches strategy for closer India ties
08:11:52a Market nerves over euro strategy
08:11:58a 3 Bulgarians Sentenced for ATM Fraud Scheme in New York
08:12:04a Malware whistleblower 'threatened' by Australian firm
08:12:09a Study tempers concerns of water loss on Great Lakes
08:12:15a Out to Lunch Miller's Pub, 134 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago
08:12:21a French author drops sex assault charges against ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn
08:12:27a Briefs Ex-council president gets up to 10 years for bribe
08:12:32a Dawn broken by armed robbery
08:12:38a Author Elmore Leonard, wife to divorce
08:12:44a Yatooma seeks from city over Greene lawsuit
08:12:50a Kenya receives 11 new envoys
08:12:56a Akurdi student wins innovation award for use of colour stapler pins
08:13:07a Zuccotti Park and the Private Plaza Problem
08:13:12a NWC to award in Saudi water projects
08:13:18a Friends remember Joseph Heller and 'Catch-22'
08:13:24a Aust dollar drops ahead of EU summit
08:13:29a State unveils driver's license online service
08:13:34a Will GOP deliver on foreign policy
08:13:40a Profits and sales up at Debenhams
08:13:46a Twice as many public sector jobs cut as forecast
08:13:51a Nestle Raises 2011 Sales Forecast on Pricing, China
08:13:57a Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater gets probation, fine
08:14:02a Nestle Expects to Outperform Sales Target in 2011
08:14:08a Tokyo film fest hopes to cheer disaster-hit Japan
08:14:13a Liam Fox breached ministe
08:14:21a High security for Jayalalithaa's Bangalore court appearance
08:14:27a Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund, 13 Percent Derivation and 1999 Constitution
08:14:33a Kam Swap Meet Plagued By Purse Snatching Incidents
08:14:38a Restaurant owners offer to catch culprit
08:14:43a Rahul Gandhi an Italian citizen, cannot be PM thinks Subramaniam Swamy
08:14:49a Australia recognises Amitabh Bachchan for his contribution to global cinema
08:14:55a Tobyhanna man fled crash scene, suspected of DUI
08:15:00a Former Olympus CEO urges Japan probe
08:15:06a Laura Berman Berman Glass ceiling regains strength
08:15:12a 3 dead, 5 missing in ship collision off Albania
08:15:17a Radio Host, Activist Talks To 'Occupy SD' Protesters
08:15:23a Microsoft 'consortium' considers bid for Yahoo
08:15:28a Olympus ex-CEO urges Japan watchdog probe
08:15:34a Lawn mushrooms shooting up in Tulsa
08:15:39a NYC official Protest cleanup is being
08:15:45a Nugent blames Ohio governor for lax animal law
08:15:51a Royal Oak Twp. supervisor faces new fed charges
08:15:56a Microsoft said to be preparing bid for Yahoo as AOL and Alibaba circle
08:16:01a Philadelphia region ranks third in U.S. in deficient bridges
08:16:07a 'Hangover' Star Steps Up With 'Transformers'
08:16:13a Flood waters to affect Bangkok's north tomorrow
08:16:19a Art Van trots out a new parade float
08:16:24a China to launch CSI Consumer 360 Index
08:16:30a Ann Arbor couple offers gourmet breakfasts for charitable cause
08:16:36a Oman ruler expands role of elected council
08:16:42a Satellite will double North American broadband capacity
08:16:47a Bulgaria's Electoral Campaigns Failed to Touch Voters' Hearts Pollster
08:16:53a Nestle lifts outlook as sales rise
08:16:58a Change in perception required
08:17:04a Leighton wins West Kowloon contract
08:17:09a Nestle raises 2011 sales outlook
08:17:15a WHO urges sufficient health budgets despite economic plight
08:17:20a Vikings stadium belongs in Ramsey County
08:17:25a Expert Jackson doctor violated age-old standards
08:17:31a Vale Says No Reason to Abandon Quarterly Price Contracts
08:17:36a Nestle raises growth expectations as sales drop
08:17:42a Somali jihadists behead 17-year-old Christian
08:17:47a Nestle Raises Sales Forecast on Nescafe Pricing and China
08:17:53a Patheon signs three year million development agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim
08:17:58a Pune hoteliers, traders lose business
08:18:04a Bieber rocks Venezuela at close of LatAm tour
08:18:10a Watchdogs to keep closer eye on ultra-fast trading
08:18:15a Sarkozy back at clinic after daughter's birth
08:18:21a Undercover police report delayed by new allegations
08:18:27a Pink Light breast cancer walk in Gilbert tonight
08:18:33a AFP starts probe on Basilan clash
08:18:39a Story Comprehension Questions Coyote Travels Inside
08:18:44a Video Wednesday evening forecast
08:18:50a What next for the Dale Farm travellers?/tit
08:18:56a Actelion Sees Sales Dropping on Price Pressure Next Year
08:19:02a Paystream Partners with SOS Children's Villages to Facilitate Cashless Payments in Drought Affected Kenya
08:19:08a Spirit Pub Says Dyson Will Step Down as CEO, Tye to Replace
08:19:14a Middle Smithfield supervisors cancel special meeting this afternoon
08:19:19a Man Tased By Police After Fire
08:19:25a Outokumpu to Cut 1,300 Jobs Amid Excess Capacity, Weaker Demand
08:19:31a VASCO to Release Q3 2011 Results
08:19:37a Body Found Update
08:19:42a Pakistan set to become a beer exporter
08:19:48a Can There Ever Really Be Privacy in the Cloud?
08:19:54a World Series Collectibles
08:20:00a Video Power Balance Opens To Kings Fans For Movie Night
08:20:05a Video Man Enters Plea In Ceres Fatal Accident
08:20:11a Deficit panel showing signs of life
08:20:17a North Korean navy official visits Russia
08:20:23a Read-Aloud Story for Grades 2-6 Coyote Travels Inside
08:20:28a World Series Game 1 Recap
08:20:34a Video Sacramento Freezing Medical Marijuana Permits
08:20:40a Ford Workers
08:20:45a More missing people found in Philly House of Horror dungeon
08:20:51a Ohio public shocked by police wildlife massacre
08:20:57a 'The X Factor' U.K. grand prize money drastically reduced
08:21:03a 'Hezbollah delegation visits Moscow, meets lawmakers'
08:21:08a AMR Racks Up Fourth Straight Losing Quarter
08:21:14a Convicted molester sentenced to 14 years
08:21:20a Gloomy Pocono Wednesday Race against weather, sight of sore eyes
08:21:26a Chilean capital overrun by protests
08:21:31a New Vikings stadium not a necessity
08:21:37a Former River Rouge official sentenced for bribery
08:21:43a Many Still Trying To Get World Series Tickets
08:21:49a Video Cops Bicyclist Shot In Salinas
08:21:54a Nathan Fillion to hold 'Heat Rises' book signing event at The Grove
08:22:00a No violence in Alex police
08:22:06a MVC field hockey championship postponed
08:22:11a Dark Lullaby now on Kindle for only .99 cents!
08:22:17a Safe School Zones
08:22:23a Voices & Vibes Augusta group lands single on Top Billboard Charts
08:22:29a Anti-Slavery Walk Aims To Build on Prior Year's Success
08:22:34a Straight-shooting sheriff Forrest Sebring reshaped Monroe County law enforcement
08:22:40a Strong Bullpen Leads To Game 1 Win
08:22:46a Threats frighten foreigners in Alex
08:22:51a Last Seen In Sumatra 28 Racing Rickshaw Teams
08:22:57a China's tax revenue up in first three quarters
08:23:03a Taiwan president promises referendum on a China peace pact
08:23:09a China vows to make society more accountable
08:23:15a Dale Farm evictions Thursday 20 October
08:23:21a Wolf found dead, monkey only animal still loose in Ohio
08:23:27a Gaddafi 'is recruiting fighters from other African countries'
08:23:33a Achieving Sustainable Agriculture is Vital to Meeting Future Challenges, Demands a Multidisciplinary Approach
08:23:39a Man Quits Job in Interesting Fashion
08:23:44a Video World Series Collectibles
08:23:50a Nigeria What You Should Know About Breast Cancer
08:23:56a Big city public transport strike delayed
08:24:02a Thai PM to ask Bangkok to open all floodgates
08:24:08a Minister intervenes over '1,000th pickpocket', calls for action
08:24:14a Investigating Dalene Carlsons Death
08:24:19a China mulls law after hit-and-run
08:24:25a Crippled ship's oil spill rules out fishing at sleepy bay
08:24:31a Chile's large student protest turns violent
08:24:43a Zimbabwe Accommodation Woes Hit University Students
08:24:53a Re-examining our bio-defense
08:24:59a A Cosmic Hailstorm Brings the Seeds of Life
08:25:08a Sudan hopes gold rush will soften loss of southern oil
08:25:13a ET's underpants, semen not tested
08:25:19a Torn apart in just a second
08:25:24a UPDATE 1-Dexia clears Belgium sale, sets terms for French arm
08:25:30a NetQin Mobile Inc. to Announce Third Quarter Results on November 3, 2011
08:25:36a Clinton in Afghanistan seeks political exit to war
08:25:42a Sony Lifts the Level Cap for PlayStation 3 Trophies
08:25:58a Chanticleer Holdings to open fourth Hooters in South Africa
08:26:04a Three more charged over body in street
08:26:10a Haiti turns to vaccinations a year after cholera struck
08:26:16a Nuclear emergency briefly at Karachi reactor after leakage
08:26:22a Dutch nuclear power supervision breaks international guidelines
08:26:28a SNAPSHOTS Key moments from the Dale Farm eviction
08:26:34a Education Ministry opens 471 evacuation centres
08:26:40a ACT joins Labour in downgrade assault
08:26:46a Dutch solar cars second and fourth in Australian race
08:26:52a Aerial footage of Dale Farm scene
08:27:03a Ghana Making HIV/Aids Investments Count
08:27:09a Akzo Nobel earnings drop 30%, announces recovery programme
08:27:15a Saudi YouTube filmmakers put in jail
08:27:21a Eviction at Dale Farm travellers site sparks violence
08:27:27a Russia to rent pilot training facilities in Ukraine
08:27:33a Gruesome details revealed in Philadelphia dungeon case
08:27:38a One million pensioners may face corporate pension cuts FD
08:27:44a Rand slides against US dollar
08:27:50a Euro zone wrangling hammers stocks
08:27:56a Dollar, euro rangebound
08:28:02a Calif poised to finalize 'cap-and-trade' plan
08:28:08a Zimbabwe Govt, Mauritius Set to Establish Joint Business Council
08:28:14a Paystream Partners with SOS Children''s Villages to Facilitate Cashless Payments in Drought Affected Kenya
08:28:19a Zimbabwe Give Cancer the Serious Attention It Deserves
08:28:25a Marine energy, offshore wind to gain in state aid review
08:28:31a Cops kill lions, tigers, bears
08:28:37a Foreigners in Moscow may be fingerprinted
08:28:43a Cop shortage Detectives forced to ignore some cases, says Green
08:28:48a Britvic posts strong sales on overseas demand
08:28:54a It's a Girl for Carla Bruni
08:29:00a PNoy admin to heed whatever SC decides on PEACe bonds tax
08:29:06a Dale Farm 'UK-Gestapo wage another civil war!' ITVNews
08:29:12a NZXT Tempest 410 Elite Mid Tower Case Review
08:29:17a Pennsylvania takeover of Harrisburg clears legislature
08:29:23a Enfrentamientos en el Reino Unido durante la evacuación de un asentamiento
08:29:28a 'Hezbollah delegation visits Moscow, meets lawmakers'
08:29:34a Pakistan vies for non-permanent seat at Oct 21 UNSC elections
08:29:40a MPs can sue Africa Watch Magazine Lawyer
08:29:46a Kenya remembers dead French hostage with affection
08:29:52a Zambia Michael Sata Striking the Dragon
08:29:58a Zimbabwe Govt to Decongest Complex
08:30:03a Dale Farm Eviction Resistance is fertile 19_10_11
08:30:09a Day in pictures October 20, 2011
08:30:15a SNAPSHOTS 'Key moments from the Dale Farm eviction' ITN
08:30:21a Zimbabwe Malaysian Business Delegation Meets Acting President Nkomo
08:30:27a Zimbabwe Pastor Cons Missing Toddler's Parents
08:30:32a Japan's Panasonic to scale down TV business
08:30:38a PHL banks exceed global capital standards, says BSP
08:30:44a Russian president joins Facebook
08:30:50a French woman abducted by Somali gunmen in Kenya dies
08:30:56a Small quake shakes Gisborne
08:31:02a Simpson expecting baby girl
08:31:07a Two die in Russian fighter crash
08:31:13a Zimbabwe Buy Local Campaign Noble
08:31:19a Six Injured In Dale Farm Eviction Violence
08:31:25a Korea-Japan Summit Missed the Most Important Issues
08:31:31a Zimbabwe 48 Locals Injured in South Africa Bus Crash
08:31:37a Zimbabwe Billboards an Environmental Danger in Waiting
08:31:42a Bon Jovi opens charity restaurant
08:31:48a Thai PM says floods a 'national crisis'
08:31:54a Zimbabwe Macheso Shaken By Dhewa's Death
08:31:59a Zimbabwe VP Mujuru Fifth Most Powerful Woman in Africa Magazine
08:32:05a Hospital patient dead on rooftop
08:32:10a Zimbabwe Machel Africa's Iconic Figure
08:32:16a Zimbabwe Construction Sector Urges Govt to Complete Transport Projects
08:32:21a Heritage status for Bt Timah Nature Reserve
08:32:27a Operation to clear travellers' site resumes
08:32:32a Dexia's Belgian Bank Nationalized
08:32:38a Georgia Megachurch Faces Lawsuit After Congregation Members Say They Lost 1M
08:32:44a Newspaper fined after murder trial aborted
08:32:50a 25 Surprising Celebrity Facts
08:32:55a Dutch firm wins UK's Greater Anglia rail franchise
08:33:01a Zimbabwe Musicians Giving Back to Community
08:33:07a Zimbabwe Pain of Collective Bargaining
08:33:12a Zimbabwe Local Firms At Trade Expo
08:33:18a Zimbabwe Country Has Capacity to Meet MDGs
08:33:24a Teachers on strike in Bennington area schools
08:33:30a Protests planned near Clinton-Bush event
08:33:36a Trade Pact Draws Kiev Closer to Russia
08:33:42a Pernod Raises Profit Forecast
08:33:47a Google+ may soon support pseudonyms
08:33:53a South Africa Presidency Calls for Fairness On Press Freedom Day
08:34:14a Male Patients Fighting Against Breast Cancer
08:34:47a Eleven traders expelled from Kisekka Market over riots
08:35:04a UPDATE 2-LG Display sees price falls easing after disappointing Q3
08:35:10a AP Newsbreak Feds to hear Va Tech appeal in Dec.
08:35:16a GOP Lawmakers Challenge White House on 'Scientific Misconduct'
08:35:39a Waves From Lake Michigan Flood Parts of Chicago
08:35:54a Fesa to tweet information to residents
08:35:59a Clinton in Kabul for Karzai talks
08:36:05a Animals let loose Terry Thompson's final act
08:36:27a Sony launches hit by Thai floods
08:36:34a Polk loses to Oberhousen in special election called after primary voting gaffe
08:36:46a Pa. Senate OKs bill to criminalize cyberbullying
08:36:59a NATO uses tear gas on Kosovo barricade defenders
08:37:04a Candidate list trimmed to 8 for MUW post
08:37:10a Video Garner Says Underlying Demand at Ericsson `Very Strong'
08:37:15a Video Body found in connection with Alexis Rasmussen disappearance
08:37:21a Video Apple Employees Celebrate Jobs, Stores Close
08:37:29a Gorbachev, speaking in Easton, says U.S. became arrogant
08:37:34a Food inflation rises to 10.60%
08:37:40a Video Residents of resort-style apartment complex plagued by rodents, mold
08:37:45a Wrong phone call leads to woman's drug arrest
08:37:51a Video Family believes Colo. foster dad had heart attack
08:37:57a Highlands looking to stop Knoch
08:38:02a Video Time to buy holiday tickets as prices expected to rise
08:38:08a Dirty facility may have caused deadly listeria outbreak in cantaloupes
08:38:35a RBI warns of another global financial crisis
08:38:49a Armitage Gone! Dance, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
08:38:55a Canberra sparkles for royal visit
08:39:06a Warren Buffett, Chief executive, Berkshire Hathaway
08:39:12a Brief cold snap hits; beware of fire risks
08:39:23a Republican rivals' stabs at 'Romneycare' gaining traction
08:39:29a Video Cat Hoarding
08:39:52a Record-breaking protest gathers as Greek PM's vote
08:40:02a State jobless rate falls to 9.1%
08:40:07a Courthouse sale yields bid
08:40:13a Police, Occupy protesters gear up for Bush/Clinton in Surrey
08:40:25a Axed preschool classes leave parents upset
08:40:30a Music festival set for 5 years
08:40:36a Video Publicis's Levy Says European Sales Are `Encouraging'
08:40:42a Clinton to visit Pakistan amid increasing tensions
08:40:49a Heather Mills sued over hair stylist bill
08:40:55a Video Dan Daru tours Denver\'s modern homes
08:41:01a Daylight robber strikes bank
08:41:07a Video Debate continues over proposed tax hike to fund schools
08:41:12a UPDATE 1-BMW to stay No. 1 in US luxury cars thru '11-exec
08:41:18a Body language speaks volumes
08:41:24a India's Bangalore launches metro rail service
08:41:30a Pa. senator challenges Corbett on transportation
08:41:36a Murder trial set to begin today for Montreal family accused of killing relatives
08:41:52a 'Pakistan spends on three soldiers what India spends on one'
08:41:58a Unclean plant conditions may be cause for listeria, investigators say
08:42:04a Thant Myint-U, Amish Tripathi on top again
08:42:10a Ethiopian dance, food fiesta in Delhi
08:42:16a Chhattisgarh denies three dead after operation
08:42:21a Sai Baba devotees celebrate Avataar declaration day
08:42:27a Japan's Panasonic to scale down TV business
08:42:33a US energy policy moving in wrong direction Chevron CEO
08:42:39a China's tax revenue up in first three quarters
08:42:44a Floods impacted Pakistan's GDP
08:42:50a Nokia to launch new Windows phone next week in London
08:42:56a China Red Cross denies misuse of fund for war victims
08:43:01a Kate Winslet doesn't do crash diets
08:43:07a Rahm Emanuel Fights Union Over Longer School Day
08:43:15a LGBT tourism Ramdev's outfit, church question Goa's move
08:43:21a Terrorists threaten Pak oil firm to stop fuel supplies to army, Afghan-bound NATO forces
08:43:35a Arab Advisors reveal Smartphones make 43.7% of total cellular handsets in UAE, 54.6%
08:43:40a Warning over tattoo parties after child of nine branded
08:43:46a Japanese Encephalitis deaths Azad to visit Gorakhpur
08:43:51a Nation Face Tough Black Caps ODI Test
08:43:57a Regence makes headway on claims
08:44:03a He may be India's oldest man
08:44:08a 'Senorita' girl visits Delhi
08:44:14a Foreign diplomats get lesson on unique identification drive
08:44:20a New book claims ‘overwhelming evidence’ shows Hitler ended his days in Argentina
08:44:25a Balanced use of time way to happiness
08:44:31a NATO kills 115 militants in east Afghanistan fight
08:44:37a Jayalalithaa in Bangalore court for assets case
08:44:42a S. Korea stays cautious about N. Korea-U.S. talks FM
08:44:48a Sensex slips further, down 335 points in noon trade
08:44:53a India set for better weather forecast with Chinese radars
08:44:59a Delhi blast NIA looks for Kishtwar suspect's brother
08:45:05a I don't have a boyfriend Taylor Swift
08:45:10a 3 dead after ferry, merchant ship collide
08:45:16a Fast but not so furious 'Bikernis' hit road
08:45:21a Simpson expecting baby girl?
08:45:27a Peace pact with China will require referendum president
08:45:32a Oxygen breathing bugs older than thought
08:45:38a Mercury to Zoom up to 21°C in Bulgaria on Thursday
08:45:43a Drape that Kanjeevaram, Benarasi this Diwali
08:45:49a NATO starts tearing down Kosovo border barricades
08:45:54a Champions League Barcelona, Chelsea, Arsenal and AC Milan win
08:46:00a Hezbollah chief says spies did not damage movement
08:46:05a Pollutants linked to 450 percent increase in risk of birth defects
08:46:11a US, N Korea to discuss nuclear issue in Geneva
08:46:16a French pres. visits first lady, new baby in clinic
08:46:22a NATO Forces Dismantle Serbs Barricades in Northern Kosovo
08:46:28a Satellite pieces may hit Earth on weekend
08:46:34a Alleged rapes by soldiers bring anger over U.S. military conduct in South Korea
08:46:39a UNIVERSITY PLACE School district clear to buy 5-acre lot for
08:46:45a Northern Region D1 Takes Break
08:46:51a Three S. Korean climbers missing on Annapurna
08:46:56a The tech world won't miss this 60 Minutes broadcast
08:47:02a Sulu to Honour Tongai Moyo . . . Offers to Help Groom Dhewa's Son
08:47:10a Panel will reconvene to battle oil spills
08:47:15a Osteoporosis to affect 36 million Indians by 2013 Doctors
08:47:21a Indian PM pullout 'nothing to do with uranium'
08:47:26a NATO kills 115 militants in east...
08:47:32a Knee osteoarthritis is a big challenge to young India medics
08:47:38a Wash. jury rules trooper's 1998 death was homicide
08:47:44a Moncton mayor to study AG report
08:47:49a New Graduates Ready For Workforce
08:47:54a With in funding, Qwilt aims to save carriers from video traffic overload
08:48:00a Bethel to fill 3 School Board spots
08:48:05a Tristane Banon won't file civil suit against Dominique Strauss-Kahn
08:48:11a FTSE retreats on euro zone plan delay fears
08:48:17a Japanese crew wins 3,000km Australian solar race
08:48:23a Law and Disorder Quinn Gray accused in report
08:48:29a Fed-Funded Electric Truck Stop Is a 'Mini-Solyndra'
08:48:34a Computer games can help treat Parkinson's disease
08:48:42a Men's biological clock for fathering kids slows dramatically after 41
08:49:11a BOJ chief sticks to recovery view amid euro debt worries
08:49:33a New technique helps treat colorectal cancer
08:49:49a Clinton seeks political exit to Afghan war
08:49:54a Dad forces daughter into medieval sword fight
08:50:09a Batman Arkham City gets post-launch discount
08:50:17a India's IT hub boards Metro, finally
08:50:25a Ohio animal rampage exposes lack of US laws
08:50:32a Low math scores Try getting more sleep
08:51:44a Freida to sign mn endorsement deal?
08:52:26a Man convicted of harassment under new social networking law
08:53:02a Creating Structures Out of Viruses
08:53:24a Early Siri Adopters Upset Over Application Removal
08:53:29a Flash Vulnerability Allows Website Admins to Spy on Visitors
08:53:35a Scientists Improve Water Filtration System to Fight E. Coli Bacterium
08:53:49a Taliban hub to host peace meet
08:53:56a Download Facebook Messenger 1.5 for iOS 5
08:54:33a Zimbabwe Let's Embrace Low-Cost Houses
08:54:39a Algal Bloom Monitoring Tools for the Gulf of Maine
08:54:45a GNOME 3.2.1 Has Been Released
08:54:50a Dolphin Browser 7.0 for Android Now Available
08:54:56a Switching Neighborhoods Improves Health Status
08:55:01a Third Person Call of Duty Will Be Canceled
08:55:11a ACT bans smoking in car with kids
08:55:59a New Chrome Beta Fixes Buffering Issues
08:56:38a Twitter for BlackBerry 2.1 Updated with Multi-Account Support
08:56:43a Amid protests, Greece to OK debt plan
08:56:58a Download WordPress 3.3 Beta 2, Now with IE 7 Support
08:57:04a Uncharted 3 Gets Season Pass in the Form of the Fortune Hunters' Club
08:57:09a Core Satellite Undergoes Centrifuge Testing
08:57:15a Ultra-High Definition TVs Is the Next Big Leap
08:57:21a Ask an expert Some software is vital to small business
08:57:30a Asia's growth to slow in 2012, no China crash seen Reuters poll
08:57:38a Debate gets personal between Monroe County commissioner candidates
08:57:44a OCZ Outs ZT-Series Modular PSUs with Single 12V Rail
08:57:49a Clinton, Karzai chuckle over Herman Cain
08:57:55a Gifts for nothing?
08:58:01a Orchestra age claim 'misleading'
08:58:07a Azeri ambassador to Russia says Karabakh conflict will find its solution
08:58:13a Nestle cautions on margins as it raises sales goal
08:58:23a HP appoints Salah Al Isawi as Managing Director for Levant and Iraq
08:58:32a Mundine declares Alvarez fight as his most important
08:58:38a Women as equal partners
08:58:51a Law for itaukei brands
08:59:03a Chinese fishery system impresses PM
08:59:09a Malema plans M1 blockade for the poor
08:59:14a 'US seeks tension between Iran, KSA'
08:59:20a Bug alert for copra industry
08:59:25a VIDEO Cancelled Blink tour cost money
08:59:31a Books for the blind
08:59:37a Visit to boost economic relations
08:59:42a Press asked to go softer on Zuma
08:59:48a NZ stars a project attraction
08:59:54a World beauty for Fiji show
09:00:00a Billions to be spent improving Europe's energy structure
09:00:06a Shakhtar Donetsk 2-2 Zenit St Petersburg
09:00:11a Republican debate gives Perry chance to recover
09:00:17a Brothers gang-raped young girls in garage
09:00:23a Slater wins surf title
09:00:29a Lack of self-defence training for disciplinary forces
09:00:35a Hire-purchase, home loans top workshop agenda
09:00:40a Northland rugby to end 2011 season in style
09:00:46a Future of CCS in the balance as plug pulled on test project
09:00:52a ANC-WR grassroots workshop to feature Ardashes Kassakhian
09:00:58a Arsenal continues to climb up Premiership table
09:01:03a Heritage party members meet with Gyumri residents
09:01:09a Bangladesh in series win
09:01:15a Police Man jumps to his death inside Cavite mall
09:01:21a Fun and work for hotel chefs
09:01:27a All Blacks ready for a France fightback
09:01:32a Dehydration hits elderly in Tuvalu
09:01:38a Ministry sets up stalls
09:01:44a Durban's looking for a new city boss
09:01:49a Beard shaved for charity
09:01:55a State blows R26.4bn in spree
09:02:01a Armenia, Ukraine to develop military cooperation
09:02:06a Mr Fix-It wants to continue
09:02:12a Beale named to start
09:02:18a Sevens team out to restore Fiji's pride
09:02:23a Women look back at 1970
09:02:29a Got Brains? These Top 5 Zombie Movies Do!
09:02:35a Operators anticipate fare change effect
09:02:40a Khan to defend title
09:02:46a Rabele happy with Fiji Bati preparations
09:02:51a Hip-Hop twist to a classic movie
09:02:57a Nestl raises hopes for better profits
09:03:02a Jelena makes early exit
09:03:07a Quicker earthquake warning system
09:03:13a Scottish marine sediment chemical levels low
09:03:19a LTA nears completion of program
09:03:25a Vietnam's Transport Minister, Dinh La Thang
09:03:31a Rankings series for Lami darts
09:03:36a NBA owners approve sale of Philadelphia 76ers
09:03:42a Record television audience in All Blacks win over Wallabies
09:03:48a Asia's growth to slow in 2012, no China crash seen Reuters poll
09:03:54a Hosts given cash help
09:03:59a Tuilau out to settle score
09:04:05a Belarus plans to relax more of its strict currency trade regulations
09:04:21a Fiji set to replace Domoni
09:04:27a Gatland thought about cheating
09:04:33a Half-term days out for kids
09:04:38a Women learn life skills
09:04:44a Go to court, officers told
09:04:50a Michael Jackson's doctor should have said no, says expert
09:04:55a Africa Nation to Host All Africa Military Games in 2012
09:05:01a Army banks on former Fij sevens greats
09:05:06a Zimbabwe Dembare Eye Double
09:05:12a What was Jobs' unfinished 'next product'?
09:05:18a Olympus shares continue to fall
09:05:23a The main Jewish Synagogue in Baghdad
09:05:29a Baseball Feud
09:05:34a Ghana Kevin-Boateng Expects to Be Fit in Two Weeks
09:05:40a Ghana Captain John Mensah Thriving On Stephen Appiah's Advice
09:05:46a Onir Anirban's production Chauranga about caste atrocities
09:05:51a Police spies unit 'crossed the line', says Lord MacDonald
09:05:57a Unseen images of ‘injured’ Marilyn Monroe revealed
09:06:03a R&I puts Olympus on watch for possible downgrade
09:06:09a Turkey mourns 24 slain soldiers
09:06:14a Zimbabwe Warriors Tumble
09:06:20a Congress trains guns at Kiran Bedi
09:06:25a BoG maintains policy rate at 12.5 per cent
09:06:31a UK retail sales beat forecasts
09:06:37a BNP urges EFSF to issue credit default swaps
09:06:43a Asia's growth to slow, no China crash seen Reuters poll
09:06:49a Beena Patre on the new trends in home decor
09:06:54a Dale Farm evictions to resume
09:07:00a Thailand floods prompt fresh Pace warning
09:07:06a EU mulls rating agency ban for troubled states
09:07:15a Asia's growth to slow, no China crash seen Reuters poll
09:07:21a Anupam Kher to share screen space with Robert De Niro
09:07:27a The streets around parliament resembled a battle zone
09:07:32a France President's Baby
09:07:38a Headaches take toll on soldiers
09:07:43a Bulgaria Hits New Low in FIFA Ranking
09:07:49a Delhi blast NIA looking for 2 more suspects in Kishtwar
09:07:55a Eurozone must build up own bailout funds says O
09:08:01a Emerging markets boost Pernod Ricard sales
09:08:06a Mahama has baby with concubine Torbiga fires back
09:08:12a Ghana in talks to play Mexico in friendly
09:08:18a Nokia to go with Windows for smartphones
09:08:23a Patients struck off GP lists 'w
09:08:29a Industry, Pune consumers oppose power tariff hike
09:08:35a Uganda will not borrow to boost shilling BoU
09:08:40a Bette Midler Auctioning Off Wardrobe
09:08:46a Conversions threaten Pakistan's 'Macedonian' tribe
09:08:52a Paraplegic boy gets help to recover cash
09:08:57a Nishi Rehman's 10 tips on affordable home decor
09:09:04a Dubai attempts world record for breast cancer
09:09:09a 14 persons apply for GOC elections
09:09:15a Switch-hitting vs. the DC-Wall Street Twins
09:09:21a Is It Time for a Public Bank
09:09:26a Citi fined for selling dog#!t paper
09:09:32a IOC directs GOC to review electoral process
09:09:37a Ninety-two per cent of fund mangers expect Greece's government to default
09:09:43a Encephalitis outbreak Ghulam Nabi Azad to visit Gorakhpur
09:09:49a India set for better weather forecast with Chinese radar
09:09:54a Students get part-time principals in FWCS
09:10:00a New charges in Cook case
09:10:05a Imagine school OKs million budget
09:10:11a Omnibus appearance canceled
09:10:16a Gun-toting youth near Rahul Gandhi's stage arrested
09:10:22a Bicyclist serious after DeKalb crash with SUV
09:10:27a Intruders shoot heroic dad
09:10:33a Sensex down 200 points in opening trade
09:10:38a Union urges Qantas to compromise
09:10:44a City's alley maintenance to be studied
09:10:50a Seventh African Business Leaders Forum launched
09:10:56a Windows Phone 'gets things done,' says Microsoft's Ballmer
09:11:01a Japan to Boost Fund to Help With Strong Yen to Billion
09:11:07a Ghana WFP Builds Bridge Between Hunger and Hope
09:11:13a Ghana Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate- Free Surgery At Ridge Hospital
09:11:19a Wall Street Is Still Trying to Buy Obama's Love
09:11:25a Iraq, Oil Majors Agree To Build Oil Field Water Injection Plant
09:11:30a HealthEast looks to Wisconsin for its new CEO
09:11:36a Dodging Bombers with the Rebels of Blue Nile
09:11:41a Debenhams profit rises on market share wins
09:11:47a Local man faces molesting charges
09:11:53a Dog killed in fire at mobile home
09:11:59a Groupon said to be scaling back IPO
09:12:04a Trump rolls the dice on e-bets
09:12:10a Greater Sacramento Bancorp earnings rise
09:12:16a 2 escape blaze at south-end home
09:12:22a Ghana Irish And Local Companies Meet to Grow Trade Links
09:12:27a Pioneer sues Monsanto over patent
09:12:33a Murder suspect tried to kill mom before
09:12:38a Publicis Sales Beat Estimates on Brazil, China Purchases
09:12:43a Malvern unveils particle size analyser
09:12:49a A Microwave and Ohmic Combination Heater for Uniform Heating of Liquid–Particle Food Mixtures
09:12:54a Ghana Hajj Pilgrims Benefit From MTN Discount
09:13:00a Saudi king shown on state TV looking well after surgery
09:13:06a Who's right about recession Wall Street or ECRI
09:13:12a Downtown street closes due to fire
09:13:18a Bullet enters Des Moines apartment, misses baby sleeping in crib
09:13:24a Court OKs secrecy in Atlantic strip-search case
09:13:29a Planned Parenthood split urged
09:13:35a Ghana The Madman Is Coming to Your Neighbourhood
09:13:41a Parties' Respond to Questions on Human Rights
09:13:47a Alternative Transcript Initiation and Splicing as a Response to DNA Damage
09:13:52a Ghana Obama's Gift Helps Villages
09:13:58a Nigeria First Lady Urges Female Parliamentarians to Sponsor Bills On Women Issues
09:14:04a Brazil Cuts Rates Again Despite Inflation Concerns
09:14:10a French hostage in Somalia dies
09:14:16a Spiders Can’t Sneak Past Customs
09:14:21a Ghana Doctors and a Nation Divided
09:14:27a LHC to hear plea against PTVs venture with Indian TV
09:14:33a Tunisia waits for the dawn
09:14:39a Energetic C-G tops Barrington
09:14:44a Swiss party wants to ban immigration
09:14:50a Laos to cut import taxes on cars
09:14:56a Nigeria Iwuanyanwu Calls for Creation of Additional States in South East
09:15:02a Signature leads to suicide bid
09:15:08a Residents seek market price
09:15:14a Seasonal Vacation Package to Austria Combines Salzburg and Vienna Christmas Markets
09:15:20a Turmeric Powder and Starch Selected Physical, Physicochemical, and Microstructural Properties
09:15:25a Dredging ends, effects linger
09:15:31a Minnesotan arrested in thefts of northern Iowa feeder pigs
09:15:37a Spitzer detects comet storm in nearby solar system
09:15:43a Nigeria Skye Bank Earnings Rise By 11 Percent
09:15:49a Polk supervisor districts map rejected again
09:15:54a RBI warns of another financial crisis
09:16:00a Formosa Plastics Raises NT4 Billion Via Sale Of Five-Year Bonds
09:16:06a Nigeria Don Suggests Death Penalty for Corrupt Public Officers
09:16:12a Nigeria Enhanced Sorghum Nears Production
09:16:18a Korea, Japan expand currency swaps
09:16:24a All escaped animals accounted for, Ohio sheriff says
09:16:29a War vets return to barriers, no job
09:16:35a Protesters make court appearance
09:16:41a 7 things in science I wish I had learned as early as possible
09:16:47a Entertainer is back from Somalian circus initiative
09:16:53a Ghana New Building for NHIA, Great Hopes for Delivery
09:16:58a Ghana football association look for coaches
09:17:04a Irish unit made €1.4bn in profits
09:17:10a Ghana Handel At National Theatre in a Performance By Takoradi Bethel Methodist Church Choir
09:17:16a Honor Flight scheduled for next week
09:17:22a 3 tons of radioactive water leaks at Fukushima facility
09:18:38a GNGC, Technip Clinch Deal
09:18:45a Use Matrade To Penetrate China Market, Malaysian Exporters Told
09:18:51a Have a ball and teh tarik with the PM at Seri Perdana
09:18:57a 3 Arrested, Guns Seized In Pot Growing Bust
09:19:03a Lorry driver who shot at contract worker surrenders
09:19:09a Several passengers hurt in crashes
09:19:36a BATS's Chi-X Europe Deal Given Provisional Approval
09:19:47a Te Tai Tonga Enrolments
09:19:53a Downgrade driving Nationalapos;s retirement policy Goff
09:19:59a Northwest Park Named One of 10 Great American Places
09:20:05a Concern over murder accused's safety
09:20:10a China investment from EU drops in Sept
09:20:16a IG Markets Afternoon Thoughts 20/10/11
09:20:22a Hansen pleased with Kainoapos;s nomination
09:20:28a Any peace treaty with China may need vote
09:20:33a China to ‘Strictly Control’ Shadow Banking Risks, Liu Says
09:20:39a Banks Lauds Five African Nations for Business Reforms
09:20:44a Pilot's heroics honoured at palace
09:20:50a Chinese airlines look homeward for passengers
09:20:56a One in Four Canadian Workers Reports High Stress
09:21:01a US official rules out chance of 'cyber war' with China
09:21:07a Organic Winegrowing Reducing Marlborough Chemical Use
09:21:13a Chairman Concerned about Direction of Canadian Human Rights Organization
09:21:24a NZ shares fall; OceanaGold drops with gold
09:21:29a Taiwanese companies urged to go green amid pollution woes in China
09:21:35a Taiwan shares impacted by concern over Apple concept stocks
09:21:41a Injury shouldnapos;t affect Carterapos;s undies career
09:21:47a Judge feared retribution in murder case
09:21:52a Events and attractions investment fund a step closer
09:21:58a Charity Supporter Wins Big
09:22:04a Mining Bill to introduce royalty at a concession
09:22:10a Direct Taxes Code will come next year FinMin
09:22:15a Chinese Auto Billionaire Gives Daughter Foreign Make For Wedding Gift
09:22:21a Saatchi Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts has health scare
09:22:27a Youngest Exoplanet Spotted Being Born
09:22:32a Man arrested following Dannevirke robbery
09:22:38a Oil prices mixed in Asian trade
09:22:43a Prison officers suspended over Fordenapos;s escape
09:22:51a NYC Jews sour on Bam's Israel record
09:22:56a NYE revellers can leave cash at home
09:23:02a Part of Queen St closed for RWC 2011 Final
09:23:08a IBM looks to smarten up Indian cities
09:23:13a A WashPost paywall? No time soon
09:23:19a Ricoh Consulting Services helps to conquer ‘last frontier’
09:23:24a Irish bookmaker pays out on AB win
09:23:30a Dalai Lama's prayers for Tibetans are terrorism, says China
09:23:36a Food inflation in double digits at 10.60% for week ended Oct 8
09:23:42a 5 Ways Apps Make Salesforce Even More Valuable
09:23:48a Identity theft victims dragged into serious trouble with the authorities
09:23:54a One injured in Auckland ferry accident
09:23:59a Putting America Back to Work
09:24:05a We Need A Plan And We Need It Now
09:24:11a Regional Council outlines land use policy
09:24:17a Britain's Home Retail Group to launch joint venture in China
09:24:22a Obama's unexpected critic
09:24:28a Police urge responsible celebration this weekend
09:24:34a Vaccine Halves Malaria Cases in Small Children, Study Says
09:24:40a South Africa National House to Pick Heads of Standing Teams
09:24:46a LK Invests in Christchurch
09:24:52a Actress Sues IMDB for Revealing Her Real Age
09:24:57a DNA test proves it's the right body after all
09:25:03a Measles outbreak hits Waiheke Island
09:25:09a Israel's High Court backs prisoner-swap deal
09:25:15a Westfield Style Pasifika Winners Announced
09:25:21a NZ dollar drops below 79 US cents as euro hopes fade
09:25:26a Drug court apos;ambulance at bottom of cliffapos;
09:25:32a New policy removes 2 hour parking limit
09:25:38a Setback in Rena salvage
09:25:44a Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to highlight Tamiami Trail project
09:25:49a Israel Promised to Release more Prisoners for Gilad Shalit, Abbas Tells TIME
09:25:55a Chad Le Clos Gains Lion's Share of Money
09:26:01a Platypus helps shed new light on mammalian evolution
09:26:06a Passers-by who didn't help Chinese toddler say they didn't see her
09:26:12a Vegan Black Metal Chef
09:26:17a Eurozone awaits crucial reports on Greek debt
09:26:23a Don't blame us for rape, say miniskirted Indonesian women
09:26:29a Bad news! Food inflation zooms to 10.60%
09:26:35a Khawaja's ton ensures NSW draw with SA
09:26:40a More can be done to keep 'bilingual advantage'
09:26:46a Mogadishu Roadside Bomb Hurts Two People
09:26:52a Slug-gunned koala to make full recovery
09:26:58a 'Wrong time' for Mid-East talks
09:27:04a 'Is Marriage for White People?'
09:27:10a Bali bomb accused re-enacts attack
09:27:16a Pakistan spends on three soldiers what India spends on one
09:27:21a Tadiæ calls for restraint in northern Kosovo
09:27:27a Local wildlife play shy with Queen
09:27:33a RPT-Freeport's cosy Indonesia govt ties not helping end strike
09:27:39a Reenactment to involve Umar Pathek – Jakarta Post
09:27:45a Tanzania Say 'No' to Women Beating
09:27:50a Taufeeq ton puts Pakistan in control
09:27:56a Indonesia says UAE to pump into smelters
09:28:01a LaRussa's Gamble With Pinch Hitter Pays Off
09:28:07a Asia Stocks Headed for Lowest in a Week on Europe Debt Wrangling
09:28:13a Puntland Disarms Armed Militiamen
09:28:18a Tension surrounds Clinton, Petraeus visit to Pakistan
09:28:24a Siri 'shares' iPhone owner's pet name
09:28:30a Guatemala judge cancels hearing when former general accused
09:28:36a Queen begins Australia tour amid curtsey criticism
09:28:42a Paving to close U.S. 58 ramp at Bowers Hill tonight
09:28:48a Pop-up cards making waves
09:28:53a Ton-up Umar guides Pakistan into lead
09:28:59a One hurt in Auckland ferry collision
09:29:05a Zimbabwe Will the Rains Wet Parched Ground ?
09:29:11a John Calley Remembered at Sony Memorial
09:30:03a Clinton to arrive in Islamabad today amid strained US-Pak ties
09:30:09a ARM Unveils the Cortex-A7 Core for Cheap and More Energy-Efficient Devices
09:30:15a Quest for best costume brings out superheroes
09:30:21a Nigeria How to Engage the West and Win
09:30:27a Azerbaijani leader officially welcomed to Kazakhstan
09:30:32a Sort Out Hospital Mess
09:30:38a PHL govt appealing claims of Filipino war veterans
09:30:44a Drug Saga Baba Suwe to Sue Ndlea for N1 Billion
09:30:50a Faseun Calls for Due Process in Trial of Ex-Govs
09:30:56a Central Depository supply 382 million of securities
09:31:02a Poverty Eradication UN Advocates Investment in People
09:31:07a Azerbaijan turns into one of world sport centers minister
09:31:13a Parisians react to president's baby
09:31:19a Cuban comfort seekers find home at Pinecrest's Malanga
09:31:25a Nigeria Senate Vows to Probe El-Rufai,Modibo, Others
09:31:30a The Rising Class of Female Entrepreneurs
09:31:36a Community steps up to help Unity girl fighting bone cancer
09:31:42a 'Sabah DAP acting like BN hit men'
09:31:48a Mine water a threat to Gauteng
09:31:54a Nigeria Strange Desertion of Eagle Square
09:31:59a Toys and Lessons On Environment Bring in Dividends
09:32:05a Outrage over Julius Malema's 'coolie' slur
09:32:11a No 'hope' or 'change' but Obama campaign HQ buzzes