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12:00:02a Migrant centre draws islanders' ire

12:00:05a Britain facing exodus of 4,000 people a week
12:00:09a Report U.S. to reverse some denials of work visas
12:00:12a Quito Forum Defends Equality of Women
12:00:21a UN Security Council Says Iraq's Humanitarian Situation Still A Major Challenge east
12:00:42a Nicotine Patch Decreases Post-Surgical Pain
12:00:45a Dealing With Wind Variability On The Wind Farm
12:00:49a Hiking A Backpack That Charges Your IPod?
12:00:52a Fifty Years Of Wolf-Moose Research
12:00:56a Condiments Can Take Food From 'Blah' To 'Ahh' And Add Nutritional Value
12:00:59a Discovery Of New Antiviral Mechanism Promising For Hepatitis C Treatment
12:01:03a New Wireless Bridge Sensors Powered By Passing Traffic
12:01:06a Students Prefer Online Games, Even If They Can Lead To Problems
12:01:10a Asthma On The Job
12:01:13a Early Day Care Attendance May Protect Infants From Asthma Later
12:01:17a Senior Chinese official calls for efforts to ensure stability
12:01:20a Yahoo Chief Marketing Officer Joins Exec Exodus
12:01:32a No more EU changes for a decade, says Brown
12:01:35a N.C. Guard unit will go to Iraq
12:01:39a Duke, North Carolina watering fake fields in middle of droug
12:01:42a Skeletal remains found near Durham school
12:01:46a North Carolina man wanted for child sex offenses arrested
12:01:50a Police Question Person of Interest in Rocky Mount Church Stabbings
12:01:54a North Carolina unemployment ticks up to 4.9%
12:01:58a Duke, North Carolina watering fake fields in middle of drought
12:02:01a Teachers group backs Escamilla
12:02:05a Commonwealth Underwriters Names V.P. for North Carolina
12:02:12a Raleigh police seek suspect in bank robbery
12:02:16a Employer moves to combat domestic violence
12:02:19a One in 12 council homes is allocated to a foreign family
12:02:23a Nobel prize-winning scientist flies home after race row
12:02:26a Zale's to sell cheaper jewelry
12:02:30a Diana Inquest Shown Video of Dodi Buying Jewelry
12:02:34a 8 kg Gold stolen from Dahisar jewellery shop
12:02:40a Clegg 'Liberal by choice, conviction and temperament'
12:02:45a Walking to promote breast cancer awareness
12:02:49a Book for good journey, good people
12:02:55a Chatham schools to get 85% if tax passes
12:03:13a CNN Suspected Pedophile Paraded Before Cameras
12:03:25a A rocking get together in Nagpur
12:03:29a Bush's Lies and Cons
12:03:32a Encampment to Stop the War Day 1
12:03:39a UCSB Students Protesting Iraq War First Hand Reports
12:03:54a Boone Pickens says oil on its way to 100 a barrel
12:03:57a Bankrupt resort still for sale, negotiations to continue
12:04:01a Gravesite of Texas Marine vandalized days after funeral
12:04:05a Champions-AT&T Championship Par Scores
12:04:08a Champions-AT&T Championship Scores
12:04:11a Calmer Herrera to start again at RG
12:04:15a Corruption getting worse in Central Asia Report
12:04:18a The tunnel of fear
12:04:22a Uzbek FM stresses UN role in promoting tolerance
12:04:28a Austria and Mongolia call for cooperation to fight climate change
12:04:37a Defiant Bhutto says blasts were 'attack on democracy'
12:04:41a Men and Church
12:04:50a Police name driver killed by swinging crane
12:04:53a Man gets name suppression on multiple sex charges
12:05:27a Tories to 'reclaim the streets' with zero tolerance on crime
12:05:30a Brown makes 'home by Christmas' pledge to British troops
12:05:35a Doctor Confession Shows Mo. Woman Sane
12:05:38a 9/11 Worker's Kin Rejects Death Ruling
12:05:42a Air Force officers relieved of duty over loose nukes
12:05:45a Sex suspect mum behind shades
12:05:49a Judge puts off ruling on bail for rapper T.I.
12:05:53a Air Force Punishes 70 In B-52 Nuke Flyover Blunder
12:05:56a Bush praises Pakistan as trusted ally
12:06:15a Top LTTE leader killed in air raid, says Colombo
12:06:19a • Nurse saves cop after heart attack
12:06:23a N.J. hospital competition heats up over cardiac care
12:06:26a Women's Health Make Sure Heart Disease Is on Your Radar Screen
12:06:30a Woolmer died from heart disease, says pathologist
12:06:33a Doctors Encourage Medication to Protect Against Heart Disease and Stroke
12:06:37a County attorney to drop case against newspaper executives
12:06:40a Is your Dispatcher Crazy?
12:06:43a In your blood forever
12:06:48a Canada court rejects new verdict request
12:06:51a Antibiotics avoid complications in elderly
12:06:55a Gold, Silver zoom ahead on firm global advice
12:06:58a Canadians see gold in shrinking U.S. dollar
12:07:02a Pan American Silver to Release Q3 2007 Financial Results November 9, 2007
12:07:05a Gold at Rs 10,000 as stocks fall
12:07:09a Wynne Gray Rainbow Nation looks good for gold
12:07:12a Gold Rs 10,000 per 10 grams
12:07:16a Gold falls from 28-year high
12:07:19a Gold prices to firm up by 7.15%, says Assocham
12:07:23a World's top finance officials pledge to limit economic fallout from credit crisis
12:07:27a Commenter Of The Day Commenter of the Day Transplanted Chest Hair Edition
12:07:31a New Cars Two Dodge Challengers Dragging It Up At Lapeer, MI Dragway?
12:07:34a Project Car Hell Poster Child Vote For Our Next Project Car Hell Poster Child!
12:07:38a Healthy addictions
12:07:41a Boost your memory
12:07:45a All in the family ...
12:07:49a Not just a man's heart
12:07:52a Skin this!
12:07:56a Golden relationships
12:07:59a Living heartily
12:08:03a Barking up the right tree
12:08:06a Family fat
12:08:09a Cancer of the pancreas
12:08:14a Reducing risk
12:08:18a Herbal conference
12:08:21a The power of prayer and fasting
12:08:25a About leprosy
12:08:30a Jaws, the return
12:08:35a Controlling birth
12:08:38a The trans in fats
12:08:42a Cancer of the lymphatic system
12:08:45a I have lymphoma
12:08:49a Health for all
12:08:56a Shooting blanks
12:08:59a Young hearts
12:09:03a Run-ning with a virus
12:09:06a Akashic energy
12:09:10a Total recall
12:09:15a The heart of my family
12:09:21a No sweat
12:09:25a Treatment options for hyperhidrosis
12:09:28a Is it healthy?
12:09:32a Death Row duo claim ’injustice’
12:09:36a Businesswoman claims trial to causing mischief
12:09:39a S. African judge to give talk
12:09:43a Flying high with local charter air services
12:09:46a Cross Country Grand send-off for Emperor Gods
12:09:50a Search for survivors of Yemen volcano eruption called off
12:09:54a Jones Lang LaSalle hires veteran brokers
12:09:57a Analysis Efforts for Iran sanctions gain momentum
12:10:04a Pelosi Condemns Stark Remarks
12:10:08a California Wolf Center Takes Wolves Into Classrooms During National Awareness Week
12:10:21a UN chief concerned about possible Turkish raids in Iraq
12:10:25a Two Marines to face trial over Haditha killings
12:10:40a Federal Way, WA, man sentenced to 14 years in prison
12:10:50a Working poor scrambling to stretch paychecks
12:10:53a 'We devised
12:10:57a David Copperfield cannot make warehouse raid disappear
12:11:00a FBI 'raids Copperfield warehouse'
12:11:12a Sen. Sam Brownback Press Conference
12:11:15a Family Research Council's 'Values Voter Summit' Afternoon Session
12:11:19a Pres. Bush Remarks on Myanmar Sanctions
12:11:22a NPC Address by U.N. Representative Zalmay Khalilzad
12:11:26a Motorsport Hamilton quickest at Interlagos
12:11:30a Values Voter Summit, Morning Session
12:11:33a Washington Journal Entire Program
12:11:36a Paulson says subprime woes 'biggest risk' to U.S. economy+
12:11:40a Top Japanese, U.S. nuke negotiators to hold talks Tuesday+
12:11:44a Turkish PM suggests joint Iraqi effort against PKK camps
12:11:47a Hilton receives European OK to be acquired by Blackstone
12:11:51a Chelsea lose Terry and Cole
12:11:54a Free-kicks the key to Duisburg delight
12:11:58a Bremen keep Wiese but lose Boenisch
12:12:01a Italy Fin MinEurope Must Cope With Strong Euro-Report
12:12:05a Argentina thrash hosts France to take third place in World Cup
12:12:08a C cilia Sarkozy tells her story
12:12:12a France's Cecilia Sarkozy explains split
12:12:15a NWA, other carriers, offer to open slots at European airports
12:12:19a Focus On Celebrities
12:12:23a Medical Mystery Baffles Southern Scientists
12:12:28a Livno Youth in Action
12:12:32a School Officials To Repair Locks
12:12:36a Hybla Valley Murder Victim Identified
12:12:39a Conservative Values Voter Dilemma
12:12:43a DC Paramedic On Leave In Patient Death
12:12:54a Van slams into back of TriMet bus
12:13:21a Chinese firm to build power plant in Laos next year
12:13:30a South African gunman kills four
12:13:33a Dorm matron in Oprah's Africa school suspended
12:13:37a Northwest Fons to Set Up Condom Sales Points
12:13:40a Alleged Child Trafficker Acquitted
12:13:44a Shopkeepers Prohibited From Displaying Goods On Verandas
12:13:48a Finals fever unites South Africa and England
12:13:51a Rural Women Ask for Gynecologists
12:13:55a UN's Standing Police Capacity Completes Training in UK
12:13:58a As We Reach Completion Point in Rigging opinion
12:14:02a Pastors Caution Micro-Finance Institution Against Swindling
12:14:05a German Kamerun Never Existed As a State, SCNC Activist
12:14:09a 'No Postponement of EPA Deadline' EU
12:14:12a 2500 Pupils Cry Out Against Poverty
12:14:16a Jessie Atogho Picks New Job
12:14:19a Monuc Press Review 19 October 2007 press release
12:14:22a aid delivery impeded by 'suspicion' from Government, other parties UN
12:14:26a Aid Workers Operating in Climate of 'Suspicion'
12:14:29a Gonzales Man Accused of Trying to Meet Teen for Sex
12:14:33a Girl Hit by Car after Getting Off Bus Undergoes Surgery
12:14:36a Some People Question Bonus Given to EBR Superintendent
12:14:40a Young Voters Expected to Show Up at the Polls
12:14:43a Funeral Arrangements Set for Clinton High Football Player
12:14:47a Mother Claims She was Crazy when Her Two Children were Stabbed to Death
12:14:53a Hari Raya brings all races together, says Abdullah
12:15:00a Marine Dept Report on ferry tragedy next week
12:15:03a Eight deaths on 12th day of Ops Sikap
12:16:39a DLF to create new Bangalore
12:16:44a Double joy for Isnani
12:16:47a 4 held over official 's murder freed
12:16:50a Stoner impresses in Malaysia qualifying
12:16:54a Smart Tags snapped up
12:16:57a Driver jailed for rape
12:17:01a A-Rod will be 300M bargain
12:17:04a Labour laws being reviewed
12:17:07a BN formula has created peaceful nation
12:17:11a With Mobile Businesses, Home is Where the Shopping Is
12:17:15a Hunter gets a year in jail for shooting friend
12:17:18a Colorado jobless rate rises
12:17:22a Cement plants worry Albania opposition, greens
12:17:25a Gonzo Judaism' Comes To Baltimore
12:17:29a No debate about it - California high school tournament takes place on Passover
12:17:33a New Hard Disk Technology Rising
12:17:36a Cafe Babel The European Cit-J Media
12:17:40a 'Text and Blog for Democracy!'
12:17:43a Canadian Debt Rating Agency Lists Peru
12:17:46a House passes bill on post-partum depression
12:17:50a Peru assigned investment-grade ratings
12:17:54a Advani calls up Bhutto
12:18:03a Kochi ODI Australia trash India by 84 runs
12:18:06a Women's auto stand proves popular in Kochi
12:18:09a Kochi ODI India elect to field against Australia
12:18:13a Rain continues to lash Kochi, 2nd ODI also under threat
12:18:16a Student who got into fist fight with teacher suspended
12:18:20a Weekend local bands, a Hendrix and more Hendrix
12:18:23a AG office Woman admits to leading large drug ring
12:18:27a Cranston kids are getting a Sox surprise right now
12:18:30a Developing countries say IMF reforms pace 'unacceptable'
12:18:34a Petilla is new chairperson of IBC-13
12:18:44a Health panel struggles to cut costs on 1.4 billion plan
12:18:49a TSA Announces New Office of Global Strategies
12:18:57a South Korea ready to assist Bangladesh set up nuclear power plant
12:19:00a Puja fervour grips Bangla bands
12:19:04a Bangladeshi group, Sri Lankan get alternate Nobel Prize
12:19:08a Regent U. institute will study decisions behind abortions
12:19:11a Thousands of faithful attend Jerry Falwell's funeral
12:19:14a Lynchburg braces for 15,000 to 20,000 at Falwell service today
12:19:18a Annapolis County Events
12:19:21a First section of trail near completion
12:19:25a Venezuelan bishops, rights groups criticize Chavez reforms
12:19:29a Amasra
12:19:33a Boy is Life Flighted to a Kansas City Hospital
12:20:18a Mufti breaks his silence
12:20:22a BJP questions PM 'balance'
12:20:26a Supreme Court seeks definition of consumer
12:20:29a 'Decision on deal will be known on Monday'
12:20:32a Cong slams BJP for tirade against PM
12:20:36a PM speaks to Benazir
12:20:39a Deadly virus lab in 3 years
12:20:43a Left shrugs off deal hope
12:20:46a Saviour, with a bit of luck
12:20:50a Bhujbal gravitates towards Sena
12:20:53a Four naxals 'killed' in encounter with police
12:20:57a Angioplasty saves lives in women
12:21:00a Colbert could run afoul of FEC
12:21:04a NATO Says Bombs Intercepted In Afghanistan Are Made In Iran
12:21:08a Beijing Hikes Olympic Budget To 2 Billion To Provide Better Security
12:21:12a Coal Plants Foul Up Vietnam's Miracle Economy
12:21:15a Quarantined Dog Disappears Fri, 19 Oct 2007 234503 GMT
12:21:28a Reynolds teachers to end strike Monday; talks to continue
12:21:32a Johnstown officials saying startup league eyeing Point Stadium
12:21:35a Recording industry wants Allegheny College to ID downloaders
12:21:39a Judge freezes assets of Pa. mortgage broker under investigation
12:21:43a Police union endorses GOP underdog in Pittsburgh mayor's race
12:21:47a Ground broken on Pittsburgh Zoo International Conservation Center
12:21:50a Power problems reported at 30th Street Station
12:21:55a Report Several buyers keen on Phila. Stock Exchange
12:21:58a Opposition grows to state tests for Pa. high school graduation
12:22:02a Judge asked to re-examine Barnes ruling allowing move to Philly
12:22:05a YMCA returns city funds after prayer breakfast questioned
12:22:09a The Prophet of Climate Change James Lovelock
12:22:12a Mitt Romney The Huckster
12:22:16a Coal distribution policy announced
12:22:19a Govt approves new coal distribution policy; e-auction back
12:22:23a Delegative Democracy The Case of Colombia
12:22:26a Media Warned Not to Cover Protests
12:22:30a Ancient, Legless Crab Discovered
12:22:34a Polar Dinosaurs Left Their Tracks
12:22:37a Councils join forces with IBM to create £400m company
12:22:41a Hartlepool uses technology to protect its children
12:22:47a Wachovia warns of further falls
12:22:50a JJB buys Umbro stake ahead of possible Nike bid
12:22:53a Nike targets Umbro to help take on Adidas
12:22:57a S. African judge to present lecture
12:23:04a Khir slams marine officers
12:23:08a Boy killed in tiff over turkeys
12:23:11a Boy in hostage drama paralysed
12:23:15a Iraqi Kurds Warn Turkey Not to Attack Fri, 19 Oct 2007 210331 GMT
12:23:19a Armenian Eyes, Ears on US Genocide Vote Fri, 19 Oct 2007 210126 GMT
12:23:22a Italy bans anorexia ad
12:23:26a Nurses, Vic Govt meet for more talks
12:23:29a Kathmandu founder Cameron buys into Postie Plus
12:23:32a Stolen 525-year-old map found in Sydney
12:23:36a Thai police chief Pedophile suspect 'threat to society'
12:23:40a Councilman arrested in prosecution bust
12:23:43a Secret Service investigates check cashing suspects
12:23:46a Bond set for murder suspect on added charges
12:23:50a Store uses broom to fight off robber
12:23:54a Drought concerns
12:23:57a Presidential hopeful opens campaign offices
12:24:00a Goal met for World War II Veterans
12:24:04a Tribunal Affirms Daniel As Ogun Governor
12:24:07a Bomber's head found, Pakistan police say
12:24:11a Democracy dream takes a hit in Pakistan
12:24:14a Attempt on Bhutto Adds to List of Shadowy Attacks
12:24:18a Pakistan's bishops condemn deadly bomb blasts
12:24:22a Pakistan enters a bloody transition
12:24:25a Al Rahman adds to UAE's injury woes for Vietnam tie
12:24:29a Pakistan lost more lives to terror in '07 than India
12:24:32a Accused Gunman in Elk Grove Rampage to Stand Trial
12:24:36a Stockton Homeless Camps Apparently Not Against Rules
12:24:39a Soldier Husband of Fairfield Woman Killed in Iraq
12:24:43a Arch Coal, Inc. Reports Third Quarter 2007 Results
12:24:46a Arch Coal reports lower Q3 profits, sales
12:24:49a Regulator rejects permit for coal plants
12:24:53a Madhya Pradesh Policing Bhopal style
12:24:57a Nation Kansas regulator rejects permit for coal plants
12:25:00a Kansas regulators reject coal plant permit
12:25:03a China Taiyuan Coal Exchange to open in November
12:25:06a Power industry dumping plans for coal
12:25:10a Govt unveils new coal distribution policy; e-auction back
12:25:14a Tea panel nod to statutory benefits
12:25:17a Dibang panel moves CM
12:25:21a Power body lauded for effective reforms
12:25:25a Driving licence of Blueline driver seized
12:25:28a Monte Cassino's troubling legacy of war
12:25:32a Building quieter hotels is a booming business
12:25:37a Web Extra Lisa Hughes' Entire Varitek Interview
12:25:41a The Israeli Economy Thriving in a Complicated Environment
12:25:44a Raid protests in Christchurch, Auckland
12:25:48a Salary gap with Australia must be narrowed, warns doctors union
12:25:52a Morrinsville farmer escapes charges over shooting
12:25:55a Petrol price rises ahead as oil hits US90 a barrel
12:25:59a Top South African singer dies in car-jacking
12:26:02a September a big month for tourist arrivals
12:26:06a Rugby Auckland ready for retribution
12:26:10a Rally In Opposition To Threat Of Terror Charges Auckland Saturday
12:26:13a Seven Auckland 'Terror' Accused Remain In Custody
12:26:16a Auckland aim for unique double
12:26:20a Auckland aim for unique double with NPC win
12:26:23a Che monument in Venezuela destroyed
12:26:26a Venezuela says it has the good oil on Pacific aid
12:26:30a Monument to Che destroyed in Venezuela
12:26:33a Iran, Venezuela form global venture
12:26:37a Right-wing socialism There's something rotten in the state of Venezuela...
12:26:40a Venezuela claims it has met some of UN Millennium Goals
12:26:43a Uttar Pradesh man is winner of Kabir Puraskar
12:26:47a Hunt for bodies as 10 kanwarias die in Uttar Pradesh
12:26:51a Pruning trees helps to keep them upright and saves money in the long run
12:26:55a Riven by class Britain in 2007
12:26:58a EU deal will last a decade
12:27:01a Party told to quit comfort zone
12:27:05a Decline or rebirth? Party teeters on the brink
12:27:08a Sarkozy backs Blair but would he be interested?
12:27:12a Chancellor backs G7 move to get tough on sovereign wealth funds
12:27:16a Police and CCTV pictures too poor, cameras in wrong place
12:27:19a Tories criticise 'staggering' bonuses for Treasury staff
12:27:22a 3M shares slide as it cuts LCD film price; Q3...
12:27:26a Thrashers' Lehtonen placed on IR
12:27:29a Crude prices fall from overnight highs on pro...
12:27:33a Curbing fallout from credit crunch tops agend...
12:27:36a Toronto stocks tumble as financials get hit
12:27:39a Where to find a great recreational property for a good price
12:27:43a Corporate executives to join governor on Canada trip
12:27:46a Corporate earns, rising oil send stocks tumbl...
12:27:53a Canadian dollar closed up 0.85 of a cent at 1...
12:27:56a Paralyzed Vegas club manager suing NFL, Titans and Adam Jones
12:28:00a TSX Venture Exchange closed 37.29 points lowe...
12:28:03a US dollar hits 33-year low against Canadian dollar
12:28:07a Weak U.S. dollar, strong sales push McDonald'...
12:28:10a OMERS urges abolition of strict investment ru...
12:28:14a Reversing Course, New York, 3 Other States Jo...
12:28:17a 20 years on, could it happen again
12:28:21a World Bank president says bank to return to e...
12:28:24a Tektronix Inc. SVP and General Counsel James ...
12:28:28a Leave me alone! How to beat telemarketers at their own game
12:28:31a MetLife President William Toppeta Exercises O...
12:28:35a Hotter inflation report sends Canadian dollar...
12:28:39a Mercator Minerals proposes to acquire Tyler R...
12:28:42a Study online games more captivating than electronic ones
12:28:46a Israel 'mole' took photos of Syrian target
12:29:08a Commentary Law and Politics When will it ever end?
12:29:11a Commentary No globalisation without SME strengthening
12:29:15a Cuban athelete missing at Pan Am Games
12:29:18a Referendum day
12:29:21a Kennedy-Bush
12:29:25a The passion of
12:29:28a Article 301 leaves
12:29:32a The motion and the advocacy of the PKK
12:29:35a Report Louisiana teacher has staph 'superbug'
12:29:39a Pyongyang a security 'island' for North-South summit No traffic in or out of city
12:29:43a Saudis' border wall to have facial recognition, radar, motion sensors
12:29:46a Iraqis begin replacing U.S. troops in Anbar
12:29:50a Last letter from doomed Al Qaida chief 'We are so desperate for your help'
12:29:54a Hamas says it has trained 50,000 fighters to repel Israeli invasion
12:29:57a Comrade Mugabe comes unhinged at UN but all's well He hates Bush
12:30:01a 18 candidates but not a word about China's threat
12:30:04a Major arms deal with Iraq likely to seal longterm U.S. presence
12:30:07a Tools to make wallpapers Why you need them
12:30:11a Coast Guard suspends search for kayakers missing off SoCal coast
12:30:14a UT executive gets merit raise
12:30:18a Parton visits ex-duet partner in hospital
12:30:22a News Coal-Friendly Climate Changes in Kansas
12:30:26a News Cave Speak Did Neandertals Talk?
12:30:29a News Greenpeace Apple iPhone More Brown than Green
12:30:33a SciAm Mind Smooth Thinking about Sexuality
12:30:36a SciAm Mind Shocked into Consciousness
12:31:00a Folk artist Yusuf Islam to sing about deportation
12:31:04a Yahoo's chief marketing officer joins management exodus
12:31:08a 'Man Night' on ABC TV
12:31:11a Art and Porn Meet in New York
12:31:17a Uribe Keeps His Enemies Closer
12:31:20a Chrysler Workers Vote on Tentative Deal
12:31:24a Oil Prices Pull Back From 90 High
12:31:27a GM readies tour of hydrogen highway
12:32:03a Mangalore Grim Reality India third in Cervical Cancer
12:32:06a Software exports Mysore pips Mangalore
12:32:22a We are against these DNA tests Senegal
12:32:26a Negative Ads Can Candidates Fight Back?
12:32:30a Could Lafayette Voters Kill a Governor's Run-off?
12:32:33a UL generator donation
12:32:37a St. Landry man arrested in online sting
12:32:40a Saturday's absentee ballots
12:32:43a Iberia murder trial begins
12:32:47a La. Libertarian candidate decries debate invitation system
12:32:51a 'New Times' case dropped, special prosecutor fired
12:32:54a Man solicited sex from 15-year-old, is convicted under new law
12:32:58a SanTan Village to open
12:33:01a Countdown party marks 100 days to Super Bowl
12:33:05a Buckeye to revamp downtown, follow ex-manager's vision
12:33:08a Developer asks Avondale to take over old cemetery
12:33:11a Suspect found in woman's bathroom
12:33:15a Jobless rate in Ariz. hit new low last month
12:33:18a Mesa police dismantle homeless hideout in orange grove
12:33:22a Mesa looks for ways to encourage building green
12:33:25a Fewer city streets identified for widening
12:33:29a Matt Leinart makes 500K pledge to Mesa hospital
12:33:32a Chandler auto auction hit again, 3rd time in 4 months
12:33:35a Man injured after rolling his truck on I-10
12:33:39a Information blackout sends rumor mill into overdrive at China's Communist Party congress
12:33:43a Headlines from the Arab press
12:33:46a Duncanville sets marching band invitational
12:33:50a Duncanville Good Kid
12:33:53a Tips for a Successful Doctor Visit
12:33:56a Ricky Tomlinson in heart bypass operation
12:34:00a Two killed in M62 five-vehicle crash
12:34:03a Wilko waxwork in Trafalgar Square
12:34:07a Police appeal for Rhys murder witnesses
12:34:11a CA Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System Input Validation Hole Permits Script Injection Attacks
12:34:14a Iraqi Kurdish leader vows to 'defend' homeland against any incursion by Turkish military
12:34:18a High Schools To Hold College Nights
12:34:21a Infant Died From Shaken Baby Syndrome, Authorities Say
12:34:25a Decisions on Smith, Adams to Wait Until Sunday
12:34:28a Waterfront Condo Plans Put On Hold
12:34:32a Polk County Sheriff's Investigating Shaken Baby Death
12:34:36a Fire Leads To Discovery Of Marijuana Plants
12:34:39a Car Fire Snarls Traffic At I-4 Interchange
12:34:43a Road Rage May Have Triggered Fatal Crash
12:34:46a Digging To Resume In Missing Woman Case
12:34:54a VA awards funds to help homeless vets
12:34:57a Lakeland to hold public transit workshop
12:35:01a Pasco apartment complex moves forward
12:35:04a Small businesses feted at FishHawk Ranch event
12:35:07a Deficiency detectors
12:35:11a What's in your pet food
12:35:14a Breast-feeding doesnt contribute to cavities
12:35:18a Effects of osteoporosis drug on heart reviewed
12:35:21a Planning panel to start road traffic survey
12:35:25a Yahoo marketing head leaving
12:35:28a House plan would boost homestead exemptions
12:35:32a Yahoo's marketing chief
12:35:35a J. C. Penney names marketing director
12:35:39a NB Conservatives meet to discuss leadership and election planning
12:35:42a In debate, Keane, Collins air plans, trade barbs
12:35:45a JCPenney Names Ruby Anik Senior Vice President and Director of Brand Marketing
12:35:49a Director of addiction recovery center plans housing, programs for women and their children
12:35:53a Harmony nabs 4 builder marketing awards
12:35:56a Miami Dade College Plans to Ensure Instruction of 10 Key Skills
12:36:00a Strathcona Beating Your City Calgary
12:36:03a Plane crashes into B.C. building
12:36:09a Teacher/Coach Sentenced In Sex Assault Case
12:36:12a Newspaper's Subpoenas Sparked Privacy Concern
12:36:15a Case Dropped Against 'New Times'
12:36:20a VIDEO Some Question 'Justice Served' In Janssen Case
12:36:23a VIDEO Jealousy Fuels Omro Gas Station Shooting
12:36:29a Judge Weld wells will be allowed to pump
12:36:33a Senior citizens looking forward to World Series
12:36:36a Ward 1 candidates look to bring stability back to Greeley City Council
12:36:39a Northridge hosts scrapbooking event
12:36:48a Christopher K. Winter‏ Pleads Guilty to Murder
12:37:15a Grand jury indicts three over signature gathering
12:37:33a Balenciaga's magic carpet
12:37:37a Viktor & Rolf Mime but no irony
12:37:42a Miracle fabrics but cost and complexity keep most off the market
12:37:47a Selling off the runway Shows no longer limited to trade events
12:37:51a Rugby World Cup logic still points to a S African win
12:37:54a Murdoch???s fixer launches Fox Business Channel
12:37:58a Three Accused Of Starting Stevenson Mill Fire
12:38:01a Rugby World Coup!
12:38:04a Book review after walker dies
12:38:08a Dhaka model draws Puja revellers
12:38:11a Dhaka to raise issue of B'deshi criminals in India
12:38:15a Dhaka to stress SAARC mutual deals to combat terrorism Iqbal
12:38:19a Iraqi Kurds warn Turkey about incursion
12:38:24a Stifling Korean Speech Will Hurt Its Economy
12:38:28a What Hill's Surprise Visit to N. Korea Has Left
12:38:50a Wachovia's 3Q Profit Drops 10 Percent
12:38:57a HP Casts Mscape to the Wind
12:39:00a Video Meets the Web Meets TV
12:39:04a AT&T CEO Has Tough Message For Regulators
12:39:18a We're in the 'electronic stone age' ALP
12:39:25a Rice optimistic about Mideast peace talks
12:39:29a Rice row not linked to weaknesses in CARICOM
12:39:39a Housing Stocks Boom on Hope of Bottom
12:39:42a National private investment bank opens Orlando office
12:39:46a Agents Arrest Orlando Weekly Employees Over Escort Ads
12:39:49a 'Orlando Weekly' Workers Accused Of Aiding Prostitution
12:39:53a Army Corps Looks For Citizens To Sit On Advisory Board
12:39:59a Al-Qaeda 'behind Bhutto attack'
12:40:02a WCSN provides free coverage of 2007 FINA World Cup
12:40:05a Furore over school giving kids condoms
12:40:12a German solar house wows judges in heart of world power Feature
12:40:16a Nuke flight 'unacceptable,' unprecedented mistake
12:40:19a World Cup failure raises doubts on business judgment
12:40:23a The Cross-Country Course of the Swimming World
12:40:26a World champs vs favourites
12:40:30a Most of newly alerted National Guard units have served in Iraq
12:40:33a World's Most Expensive Private Islands
12:40:37a Charges Dropped Against New Times Execs
12:40:40a Alliance To hold 07 national conference in Dunedin
12:40:52a Clean-up in Dunedin after student rampage
12:40:55a Drunken and destructive student rampage shocks Dunedin
12:40:59a Student mayhem in Dunedin
12:41:11a Mosaic on Bush's World War III ‘Threat
12:41:14a Britain to Investigate ‘CIA Black Site
12:41:18a Indian-American Could Beat the Odds in the South
12:41:33a Budapest shares closed up as on going bid speculation lifts MOL UPDATE
12:41:51a Health warning over 'ready-to-eat' food
12:41:54a Brown is facing Commons battle over treaty
12:41:58a Petrol set for 1.10 a litre as oil prices hit record
12:42:02a Cuts could take haddock off the menu
12:42:05a Wills enjoys the limelight as Diana inquest casts shadow over royals
12:42:09a Police estimate suicide bomber had up to 20kg of explosives strapped to his body
12:42:16a Men are from Mars, women are Martians...
12:42:19a Organisers sing the praises of 'best ever' National Mod
12:42:23a Chefs back tax on restaurants to pay for campaign against Scottish child obesity
12:42:26a Council tax freeze under threat after revolt over key SNP election pledge
12:42:30a Clegg stakes a claim to lead as the 'Lib Dem Cameron'
12:42:33a Periodic table
12:42:37a Legal battle begins over Iraqi death
12:42:40a Transvestite helps capture suspected paedophile
12:42:44a Voice of The News Quiz is silenced as journalist and broadcaster Alan Coren dies
12:42:47a Global methods must change with climate
12:42:51a Woman tells court how she fought off alleged serial killer
12:42:54a Edinburgh lecture by DNA pioneer cancelled after racist comments
12:42:58a Water pollution fears over chicken farm scheme
12:43:01a How can the bottlerbe seen as a battler?
12:43:05a Boeing jet is holed in accident as it prepares for take-off at Scots airport
12:43:08a 'Democracy threat' as Poles head to polls
12:43:12a 'Lady in the lake' killer jailed for 12 years
12:43:15a Witness claims neighbour was seen praying with extremist
12:43:19a Cécilia Sarkozy tells of efforts to avoid divorce
12:43:22a Pro-abortion group fears Salmond will tighten laws
12:43:26a Funding crisis threat to Hogmanay party
12:43:29a New stables part of fresh 2m plan to redevelop racecourse
12:43:32a Chinese leader aims for broader support
12:43:36a Specialist team to aid training of sex-offence prosecutors
12:43:39a Serial bride is on the hunt for husband number eight
12:43:43a Gambler wins 2m bet on point of law
12:43:46a Charles named on Time's list of green 'heroes'
12:43:50a Old soldier's daughter shocked by care home
12:43:53a GMTV faces fraud probe over scandal
12:43:56a Society still divided by class after ten years of Labour
12:44:00a Safe drink limits were 'based on intelligent guesswork'
12:44:03a Legal wrangle forces judge to adjourn case
12:44:07a Struck-off Scottish GP bailed in murder case
12:44:10a Instruments of the past are brought to life for first time
12:44:14a Teenage conman to find fame on screen
12:44:17a Army officer admits offences with children
12:44:21a Detention for boys who attacked pensioner
12:44:24a Hundreds in tribute to hit-and-run victim
12:44:27a How to keep your food free from harmful bacteria
12:44:31a Monument to Che Guevara destroyed by Venezuelans
12:44:35a Metropolitan Police chief denies giving the order to shoot de Menezes
12:44:38a March date set for final removal of Napoli wreck
12:44:41a Solicitor drove while double the drink limit
12:44:45a Singer flees stage in 'freakish' incident
12:44:48a Britain offers 'go home' cash to asylum-seekers
12:44:51a McCanns 'didn't sedate Maddy'
12:44:55a Pants protest over Burma
12:44:58a Holiday twin flies home to grieve
12:45:02a IT expert spied on girls with camera
12:45:05a Equipment to cut drug side-effects
12:45:09a 5,000 bike stolen after puncture
12:45:12a Nine years for teenage killer
12:45:16a Train kills girl, 14, as she gets shoe
12:45:19a Witnesses sought in Rhys death hunt
12:45:23a Teenagers held after car hits PC
12:45:26a 350 drugs fine for Winehouse
12:45:30a Brothel gang chief jailed for 8 years
12:45:33a Parking tickets are written off
12:45:37a Masonry fall from Selfridges store
12:45:40a Driver escapes after lorry crash
12:45:44a Fresh appeal in blaze murder case
12:45:47a Minibus crash man awarded 61,600
12:45:51a Firemen called in acid spill scare
12:45:54a 'Wife assault' MP faces no charges
12:45:58a Two arrested over teenager's death
12:46:01a Call for alcohol unit labelling
12:46:05a UC Berkeley Home To Unique East Asian Library
12:46:08a Diana inquest starts ten years on
12:46:11a It's siesta time
12:46:15a Fundamental duty
12:46:18a Reasonable
12:46:22a Distant dream
12:46:25a Unjustified
12:46:28a Blame game
12:46:32a Welfare measure
12:46:35a Under the tax net
12:46:38a Bright and colourful
12:46:42a Teacher, 40, Accused Of Having Sex With Boy, 14
12:46:46a Police Say Baby Of Lake Elsinore Murder Victim OK
12:46:49a Sumitomo To Sell Trucks, Buses In Vietnam
12:46:57a Vietnam expected to sign Boeing contract in November
12:47:00a Vietnam's president to visit Japan on Nov. 25
12:47:03a Vietnam flood toll hits 13, four missing
12:47:06a Design for Vietnam memorial visitors center wins approval
12:47:10a Panel OKs center for Vietnam Memorial
12:47:14a Review Denis Johnson's ‘Tree of Smoke' Justifies One More Vietnam Novel
12:47:17a Design approved for visitors center at Vietnam wall
12:47:21a Plane hits building near Vancouver airport
12:47:24a Bhutto blames al-Qaeda, Taliban for 136 deaths
12:47:28a Taliban leader denies hand
12:47:31a Germans revisit Nazi taboos
12:47:37a India fail to go for the kill in Chittagong
12:47:43a Washington Amber Alert Issued For Serenity Withrow
12:48:00a S.F. Loan Program Aims To Keep Teachers, Police
12:48:04a Amber Alert Canceled For Missing Four-Month-Old
12:48:19a Air Force explains nuclear weapons handling mistake
12:48:23a What's Brewin No More Excuses
12:48:26a Panel backs bill to boost contract opportunities for veterans
12:48:30a Homeland Security chief outlines new steps to discourage attacks
12:48:33a Senate to vote on moving earmark money to kids' health
12:48:40a Soldier sues Army for conscientious objector status
12:48:44a Child abuse up in NSW
12:48:47a Administration arguments rejected by magistrate, who recommends White House accountability
12:48:51a FBI in Vegas raid on Copperfield
12:48:54a US panel advises against kids' cough medicines
12:48:58a Government advisers recommend no use of cold medicines by children under 6
12:49:02a Five arrested over Adelaide drug lab
12:49:05a Nuke-armed bomber flown across US
12:49:08a Senator drops out of 2008 US campaign
12:49:12a Call for probe into prisoner releases
12:49:15a G7 ministers warn of slowing global growth
12:49:19a Qld AG agrees with Patel boss decision
12:49:22a UC Riverside entices students with cockroach petting zoo
12:49:26a Saturday, October 27
12:49:29a Speaker Pelosi rebukes fellow liberal because of war comment about Bush
12:49:33a Most of newly alerted National Guard units have previously served in Iraq
12:49:37a The BBC empire has grown too big
12:49:40a Dangerous time for Benazir
12:49:43a Now, a leisure revolution
12:49:47a New workplace safety campaign to start
12:49:50a Brady defends grammar schools
12:49:54a Kite surfer who died in storm is identified
12:49:57a Judge extends stay to decide on Watada court-martial
12:50:05a Jittery donors want Obama to step it up
12:50:08a Bush fundraises for Ohio Republican Chabot
12:50:16a DETROIT VS. TAMPA BAY, 1 P.M. SUNDAY Lions scouting report, prediction against the Bucs
12:50:30a Small plane crashes into apartment building in Richmond, B...
12:50:35a Ellen DeGeneres' Pooch Gets New Home
12:50:48a Hundreds race from Darby to Pisa
12:51:03a Self-built house voted greenest in Britain sold for profit of £625,000
12:51:06a French Adultery Just Got Easier
12:51:10a Germans win international competition to design solar house
12:51:13a Gilead hires former Avaya CFO
12:51:17a Libertas Capital buys corporate finance firm
12:51:20a Wipro CFO expects narrow margin movement
12:51:23a Appeals court upholds former CFO's 25-year sentence
12:51:27a Who Should You Be Listening to in the UK Corporate Finance ...
12:51:30a InSite Vision hires CFO
12:51:34a Barnwell CFO sells stock, exercises options
12:51:37a Sen. Brownback backs out of GOP presidential race
12:51:41a Caring for the planet
12:51:44a To understand Romney, you must understand his mission
12:51:48a Superb Argentina stun France again
12:51:51a Portugal struggles with disputed EU bills on workers' rights
12:51:55a Johnston school calendars on Web site
12:51:58a Arrests Made In Connection With Man's Shooting
12:52:02a Multiple Homes Struck By Lightning
12:52:06a Hailstorms Strike Around Puget Sound
12:52:09a Housing Slowdown Expected To Send Rents Higher
12:52:13a Brownback quits White House race
12:52:17a Joe Torre steps down as New York Yankees Manager
12:52:24a Saft Launches World's Highest Power Li-ion Batteries
12:52:28a Himachal board reschedules school exams
12:52:31a Himachal CM accepts EC decision despite objections
12:52:35a Four-Star RM68 Mln Holiday Inn Opens In Melaka
12:52:38a Slideshow Burma Protest
12:52:42a Lethal Injection Challenge Seeks To Stop Execution of Honduran Man
12:52:46a Gates arrives in El Salvador on Latin American tour
12:52:49a Conventional Weapons Being Destroyed Globally with U.S. Aid
12:52:53a RBC buys Caribbean bank RBTT for 2.2 billion
12:52:57a Sources Police look into sexual assault claim against Copperfield
12:53:11a Why will tomorrow's referendum be held? by MÜMTAZER TÜRKÖNE
12:53:14a Why will tomorrow's referendum be held?
12:53:17a An inconvenient peace prize by BJORN LOMBORG*
12:53:36a Unique East Asian library at UC Berkeley to be dedicated Saturday
12:53:39a Harare teachers down chalk as inflation bites
12:53:43a Wade Heads for Harare for Possible Mediation Role
12:53:53a Ew Scabies Outbreak Shuts Down The Children's Place
12:53:56a Security TSA Fails To Find Bombs 60% Of The Time
12:54:00a Promises Promises CEO Vows To Fix Bank Of America
12:54:04a Drogheda United 2-1 Cork City
12:54:07a USC will start Sanchez at QB versus Irish
12:54:11a 285,000 for man in patient-neglect case
12:54:14a Pilots vote in favour of Aer Lingus-Belfast move
12:54:18a Lenihan to deal with 'anomaly' in bail law
12:54:21a Man throws bucket of red paint in Rome's Trevi Fountain
12:54:25a Still no verdict in Linehan murder case
12:54:32a Top court backs auto insurers, overturns lower court cases
12:54:56a Feting the best ideas
12:54:59a Crave iPhone app tracks your day on the green
12:55:03a Fire under investigation at Orange County ice making company
12:55:06a Shelter Needs Help To Keep Animals Warm
12:55:10a Giuliani Confident Honesty Helps With Social Conservatives
12:55:18a Hialeah Police Officer Arrested On Bribery Charges
12:55:21a Girl Was Offered Cash For Lap Dance
12:55:24a Inside T-Mobile's Sidekick Party
12:55:28a Florida employee confidence slips
12:55:31a Selva Marina unveils redevelopment plans
12:55:35a Community Foundation hands out 550k in grants
12:55:38a What others say
12:55:42a Burglars knock off mini-storage units
12:55:45a Papers beside fireplace torch living room
12:55:49a 18/10/2007 17.53.20 E.U. Summit Begins In Portugal
12:55:52a Lisbon shares close lower as PT, EDP weigh; Soares da Costa soars UPDATE
12:55:55a President goes to Lisbon with optimism and determination
12:55:59a 19/10/2007 18.45.22 Lisbon Treaty to Recognize Religious Groups in the E.U.
12:56:03a Argentina's Vancsik takes lead in Portugal
12:56:06a Portugal tops with immigrants
12:56:10a Daniel Vancsik shoots 66 to take two-stroke lead at Portugal Masters
12:56:13a More Leaders Join Protest Over Mugabe Invite to Portugal Summit
12:56:17a New Zealanders on form in Portugal at the La Santa Pro
12:56:20a On Lisbon Sidelines, Tbilisi's Western Bid Gets Warm Words
12:56:24a Lisbon informal summit opportunity party friendship to be used for international cooperation
12:56:27a EU summit in Lisbon a huge success for Poland
12:56:31a No Cold Meds for the Young
12:56:35a Scolari fined 35,000 euros by Portuguese Federation
12:56:39a Jury Convicts Woman Of Killing Pregnant Woman
12:56:42a Houston economy hanging on, Federal Reserve Bank says
12:56:46a Tornado in Hubbard? Weather service not so sure
12:56:50a Scrap metal leads to jail 
12:56:53a EPA's approval of crop fumigant triggers protest
12:56:57a Ex-manager at legal office arraigned on embezzlement
12:57:00a Canby horse rescue a success
12:57:04a Metro Council seat draws 11 candidates
12:57:07a Fishermen wade to safety after Sandy River stranding
12:57:11a Washington seeks public input on higher education
12:57:14a Woodland police seek suspect in robbery of man, 9
12:57:18a Updated Judge doubles bail for pastor accused of rape, abuse
12:57:21a Fort Vancouver's Lantern Tour offers history experience
12:57:25a Bhutto points finger over blasts
12:57:29a A US Map
12:57:33a Riyadh Jewelers Reject Rumors of Gold Fraud
12:57:36a Reformers petition Riyadh to free nine detainees
12:57:39a Riyadh Key issues must be addressed first
12:57:42a DEATH PENALTY Guatemala Complies with Inter-American Court Ruling
12:57:46a Authorities in Puno, Peru to Begin Meteorite Extraction Project
12:57:49a Off and running in Australia
12:57:53a ACA to act against those implicated in A-G's report
12:57:56a Mozambican ruling party recommends postponement of provincial elections
12:58:00a Inside the Eagles drug nightmare
12:58:03a Yusuf Islam to sing about deportation
12:58:07a No more EU changes, says Gordon Brown
12:58:11a Decoding the Enigmatic Republic of Iran
12:58:14a Former envoy slams Iraq government
12:58:17a Are fancy cake mixes worth the extra dough?
12:58:21a Most actively traded companies on Canadian st...
12:58:24a LI hotels seeking foreign guests
12:58:28a State approves TIF district for Museum Plaza
12:58:31a Valley groups collect huge amounts of golf equipment for troops
12:58:35a RTD adds light-rail trains
12:58:38a Hotel Indigo completes makeover, stages grand opening
12:58:42a Arizona base at center of U.S. torture claims
12:58:45a Va. Man Sues Ford Over Cruise Control Switches
12:58:49a VAT to be imposed in U.P.
12:58:52a Another move to ban private practice by government doctors in J&K
12:58:55a Five lions electrocuted in Gir forest
12:58:59a Mukesh Ambani envisages new India
12:59:02a Mammen Mathew re-nominated Reuters trustee
12:59:06a Manmohan greets Pachauri
12:59:09a Formal decision on deal will be known on Monday Yechury
12:59:13a BJP must apologise Congress
12:59:16a Trouble again at Singur
12:59:20a AICC yet to decide on BJP rebels
12:59:23a Transfer of police officials right, though late Basu
12:59:26a A victim of jealousy, says Anand's mother
12:59:30a Dancing to his tune…
12:59:33a Veena performances for harmony
12:59:37a No room for misplaced compassion in labour cases, says apex court
12:59:40a Troop pullout only if infiltration abates Raju
12:59:44a Mufti J&K government dithering on agenda
12:59:47a POSCO to begin work in April 2008
12:59:50a Arms haul in Karbi Anlgong
12:59:54a More wheat for festival season
12:59:57a Ban on export of agri-commodities not good Commerce Min
01:00:01a DJ Argentine Corn, Soy, Wheat Follow CBOT Higher On Week
01:00:04a BGEM selects Triple Point Commodity XL for power and gas
01:00:08a The Commodity Market and the University Education
01:00:11a Water whets the appetite of commodity traders with an eye to
01:00:15a Downtown Hotels Packed For Saturday's Race
01:00:18a Arabs quitting Iraq's Kirkuk
01:00:21a Arabs set conditions for ME conference participation
01:00:25a Everest Casino names Arabian Nights winner
01:00:29a The historical roots of Vladimir Putin's power play.
01:00:34a Southeast drought fuels battle over water rights
01:00:38a Command area farmers to protest water to Industries
01:00:41a Baldwin Co. Jury Awards 50 million in Faulty Water Heater Suit
01:00:45a Water Safety New Zealand Issues Warning!
01:00:48a High Point inposes mandatory water restrictions for first time
01:00:52a Perdue files suitto keep water
01:00:55a Mayor calls for more water conservation
01:00:59a Richmond restricts water use
01:01:02a Traders get into hot water as global warming continues
01:01:06a Public weighs in on ideas for Water Avenue redesign
01:01:09a Public water agencies formally support Carlsbad Desalination project
01:01:12a U2 Water The Joshua Tree
01:01:16a Viewer Video Cell phone shows water main break on Spokane's South Hill
01:01:23a WA prosecutor Russell caused crash that killed 3 students
01:01:34a International Criminal Court Concerns at the sixth session of the Assembly of States Parties
01:01:38a New Task For U.S. Coast Guard In Arctic's Warming Seas
01:01:41a Dollar Dives As US Slump Spreads
01:01:45a Eastern Europe To Reap Its Own Subprime Crisis
01:01:49a Worker At Oprah's South Africa School Suspended
01:01:52a Britney Spears' Latest Hit? Someone's Foot!
01:01:56a New Information On Raid Of Copperfield's Property
01:02:00a Killer Whale's Sudden Death Raises Questions
01:02:03a Dieters Making Common Eating Mistakes
01:02:07a SF Mulls Opening Injection Center For Addicts
01:02:11a Police Hope To Snuff Out Glendale Cigarette Thefts
01:02:15a CoorsTek Breaks Ground on Additional Facility in South Korea
01:02:18a South Korea defies regional slowdown
01:02:21a S. Korea North Wants Better U.S. Ties
01:02:25a South Korean president says North Korea wants improved relat
01:02:28a Strong start for Pettersen in South Korea
01:02:31a S. Korea's central bank to cut special loans for smaller
01:02:34a S. Korea proposes preparatory meeting with N. Korea for prim
01:02:38a Golf Pettersen, Lee lead LPGA South Korean event
01:02:41a S. Korea, EU fail to make breakthrough in tradeneg
01:02:45a Pettersen remains hot, shares lead in South Korea
01:02:52a Mildura Marina to be opened up to Murray
01:02:56a South Bay Expressway Opens For Traffic Nov. 19
01:03:00a Man Arrested In Connection To 1994 Slaying
01:03:04a Two Marines Face Courts-Martial In Haditha Slayings
01:03:07a Apartment Firm To Pay Penalties For Improper Water Charges
01:03:11a County Will Not Pay Portion Of Poisoning Death Settlement
01:03:15a Macedonia commits to its jail
01:03:18a Drama in the sounds of music
01:03:22a Driving Home a Point
01:03:25a Tales from the first family
01:03:29a A war without frontiers
01:03:33a Unhappy lovers, this time on stage
01:03:36a Defuse The Bomb Within
01:03:40a The Ape In Us
01:03:44a It means bigger carbon footprints
01:03:48a The celebration of space has begun
01:03:51a The New Era of Semantic Apps
01:03:55a StubHub Loses in Court, Moral Ambiguity Abounds
01:03:59a Amazons 100,000 Startup Challenge
01:04:02a Iris Ophelia gets real!
01:04:06a HOWTO Bake vampire cupcakes that bleed
01:04:10a State of the transgenic union Frankenorganisms ahoy!
01:04:36a KDDI and Sony Introduce the Freedom of Music with 'au x Sony MUSIC PROJECT'
01:04:40a KDDI Completes Integrated KCP+ Platform; Launches with 2007 Fall/Winter Model Line-up
01:04:52a Study School French Fries Harder To Find
01:05:23a Putin's Russian Roulette
01:05:27a Big Ben Bongs Again
01:05:55a UN chief urges Israel to improve Palestinians' humanitarian situation
01:05:59a FM China, Pacific islands countries ties important
01:06:02a Sarkozy suggests Blair as first president of the EU
01:06:06a Traffic at standstill on southbound I-95
01:06:09a Divers pull 2 people from pond
01:06:53a Broadband Wireless International Corporation Announces the Commencement of Good Faith Talks with Hea
01:06:57a Big Brother Service Provider
01:07:00a Senior Account Admin Manager
01:07:04a Closing fees divided among agents, other service providers
01:07:08a LINK> ISP conducted similar sting in April, 70 people ticketed
01:07:12a 'Black Monday' redux? Global rally makes some sweat
01:07:16a World economy sound but China must move on yuan-G7
01:07:19a Andrew O'Day's Money Markets & More For Oct 22
01:07:23a UMd. Student Confirmed With MRSA
01:07:30a Member States join UNECE transport conventions
01:07:38a EQ 3.3 King Cove, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:07:46a Insurance Health Insurance Fightback Roundup
01:08:31a It's kolache time!
01:08:34a Yukon schools plan to use MAPS funds to purchase land
01:08:42a India's MSMEs account for 50% of industrial production
01:08:46a Fortis to acquire stakes in Malar Hospitals
01:08:50a Ford Fiesta cruises to South Africa
01:08:53a TataSky to beam into eight million homes by 2012
01:08:57a Tata Indicomm launches Samsung handset with mobile Internet
01:09:01a SEZs vital for inclusive growth Kamal Nath
01:09:05a Blue Dart to invest Rs.10 billion in India
01:09:10a Be 'watchful' when get rated RBI tells banks
01:09:26a States Seek Extension of Microsoft Settlement
01:09:30a Dollar Suffers Along With Wall Street
01:09:39a Pelosi Raps Fellow Dem Over War Comments
01:09:53a Richards Butler Hong Kong to merge into Reed Smith
01:09:59a Dubai exchange introduces sharia-compliant structures
01:10:03a Dubai Metro faces delays
01:10:06a Dubai boards Orient-Express with 9% stake
01:10:10a Dubai builds Orient-Express stake+ Full story
01:10:13a Amlak to mortgage 700m Dubai offices
01:10:17a Receptionist off to Dubai for tilt at world title
01:10:21a Dubai's dolphin imports fuel environmentalists' ire
01:10:25a Ridley quits as Northern Rock chairman
01:10:29a US Air Force describes errors in nuclear missile flight
01:10:41a Paulson says US, global economies can cope with turmoil
01:10:45a Oct. 2, 2007 What's the one area where the Leafs need the most improvement?
01:10:49a Oct. 2, 2007 Are the laws combating domestic abuse tough enough?
01:10:52a Sep. 13, 2007 How would you make our schools safer?
01:10:56a July 17, 2007 Should there be tougher penalties for dangerous driving?
01:11:00a How Blast May Affect Pakistan
01:11:04a Franklin County EMA Director Resigns
01:11:08a Police 11 Robberies Work Of Same Man
01:11:11a Employment Extra
01:11:15a Gannon Out on Bail
01:11:18a Pakistani Pressure-Cooker
01:11:22a More Questionable Contributions to Hillary Clinton
01:11:26a Nuclear B-52 bomber 'unacceptable'
01:11:29a Storm spawned tornadoes
01:11:33a Mortgage Funds Available to Rebuild Tornado-damaged N.D. Homes
01:11:37a Tornado Confirmed in Northern Indiana
01:11:41a Tens of thousands ordered off slopes of Indonesian volcano amid fears of eruption
01:11:44a North Korea likely to face famine after floods wipe out crop
01:11:48a UPDATE 3 Dead in Violent Storm, Tornadoes
01:11:52a Tornado hits Nappanee, destroying homes, factories
01:11:55a Goshen Twp. Police Have New Tool To Teach Seat Belt Use
01:11:59a Crews Working to Prevent Further Flooding Problems
01:12:39a Bhutto remains defiant
01:12:43a England fans await Cup clash
01:12:46a Monday's Headliners Apple
01:12:59a 19-Oct-07 Ecumenical Progress, Russian Isolation, after Catholic-Orthodox Talks
01:13:03a Personal incomes up 12.5% in Russia
01:13:06a LOCAL 12 World News
01:13:09a Kerala dedicated Kollam port to nation
01:13:13a Kerala Vizhinjam has to move in full sail
01:13:21a Hospitals battle to keep up as Medicare cuts infection coverage
01:13:25a Fort Smith search for debit card thief
01:13:29a Pelosi Rebukes Fellow Dem On War Comments
01:13:55a Blasts were attack on democracy Benazir
01:13:58a Name names, Sherpao asks BB
01:14:02a Musharraf, BB vow to fight terror
01:14:05a PPP leaders start pointing fingers
01:14:09a Govt says Qaeda, Taliban may be behind Karachi blasts
01:14:12a Don?t blame me, says Mehsud
01:14:18a 2 US Marines to face court martial over Haditha killings
01:14:22a 6 German universities awarded eite status
01:14:35a 911 Baby Delivery
01:14:40a 8pm Update WBZ Weather For Friday
01:14:44a Deathray-Entertainment for you, as you get well!
01:14:47a Bush's nuclear hypocrisy
01:14:51a 56 POV Roller Coaster Videos
01:15:04a Clothing charity opens in Newton
01:15:29a Hastings, Fearing report campaign activity
01:15:38a Depardieu imposter fools hotel staff in Rome
01:15:41a NH 31 A restores connectivity links with Sikkim
01:16:23a Zimbabwe dangerous sex in 'small houses'
01:16:27a 1 U.S. dollar gets a million in Zimbabwe
01:16:31a Zimbabwe crisis threatens EU-Africa summit
01:16:35a Fears of Falloff in Profits Send Dow Down
01:16:39a Banks May Pony Up 60 Billion for SIVs
01:16:42a Gulf Firms May Swap Exchange Stakes
01:16:46a FAA to Slash Flights at JFK
01:16:49a G-7 Cites New Yuan Concern
01:16:53a Spice Girls, Dancing with the Stars in London
01:16:56a Guest bloggers The clean, the mean, and the in between
01:17:00a The highest priced eBay item to ever go to charity
01:17:07a Shopping for a TV for the first time in 15 years.
01:17:10a How Nokia can knock the iPod from its perch.
01:17:14a CNN Loose Nukes Officers Relieved Of Duty
01:17:18a At Least 24 Bodies Wash Ashore in Southern Mexico
01:17:21a Bhutto determined to contest poll
01:18:08a Torre Says He'll 'Just Leave Memories'
01:18:19a From errand to fatal shot to hail of fire to 17 deaths in Iraq
01:18:25a Iraq parliament finds a quorum hard to come by
01:18:29a Despite his grief, a Palestinian calls for peace
01:18:33a Doctors' Groups Offer ADHD Guide for Parents
01:18:37a U.S. guide helps parents make decisions on ADHD drugs
01:18:41a Decretan estado de desastre en Nicaragua
01:18:44a The Love Of A Lifetime
01:18:48a Blood Feud
01:18:55a Tooth Of Honour
01:18:58a The 'Horns' Of A Dilemma
01:19:02a Call The Police! I Have To Clean My Room!
01:19:05a The Historic Ham
01:19:09a Pak gov't forms spec
01:19:12a Blanchett brings 'Elizabeth' to Rome Film Fest
01:19:16a Springsteen rocks Madison Square Garden
01:19:20a Cracking Down On Internet Crimes Against Children
01:19:23a Historic Businesses In Mariposa Are Closing Their Doors
01:19:27a Valley School Uses Technology To Help Teachers & Students
01:19:31a Gas Prices On The Rise Again
01:19:35a 5 Year Old Valley Boy Comes Out Of Coma
01:19:39a North Valley Woman To Stand Trial For Child Abuse
01:19:43a Former Valley Baseball Coach Going To Prison
01:19:47a At least 24 die in shipwreck off Mexican coast
01:19:50a Pentagon announces plan on troop replacement in Iraq
01:19:54a U.S. military explains incident of mishandling nuclear warheads
01:20:07a Mozambique, Zimbabwe sign MoU on management of Pungue River
01:20:11a Blast in Philippine capital region might be terrorist attack official
01:20:15a Underage Prostitution Ring Busted At Teaser Pleaser
01:20:18a Disney Exec. Returns To His Bakersfield Roots
01:20:22a JP leader held in Khulna
01:20:26a Tk 10b shoddy goods seized in Ctg, Khulna
01:20:30a Joint forces seize spurious fertiliser, food grains worth Tk 1.0m in Khulna
01:20:33a Former Postmaster is Sentenced for Drug Transactions
01:20:37a Free Screenings, Lecture Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
01:20:41a Guard to Recognize VA System for Helping Guardsmen After Deployment
01:20:44a International Military Students to Visit Fort Riley
01:20:48a Coalition discovers Iranian hand grenades in weapons cache
01:20:52a Council candidate charged for DUI, apologizes for incident
01:20:55a Special train between Bangalore and Patna
01:20:59a Entertainers feel at home
01:21:02a Interim PM must walk the talk
01:21:06a Securities Assn To Study Sale Of Jasdaq Stake To Osaka Bourse
01:21:17a Not Another Teen Movie
01:21:20a Harry Potter and the Blinding Flash of the Obvious
01:21:24a The Free Ride
01:21:27a 9/11 worker's kin rejects death ruling
01:21:31a Woz Still Misses Homebrew Computer Club and Apple
01:21:35a Globalist Meetings Secret No More
01:21:48a Blackwater tried to take Iraqi aircraft
01:21:52a Soccer starlets go into battle against Saddam Hussain
01:21:55a Ex-top envoy calls Iraqi government a failure
01:21:59a Inside the Kurdistan Workers Party
01:22:05a Casa Loma School donated symbolic bench
01:22:28a A neighborhood without a town
01:22:41a emPolitico, Wash. Times /emuncritically reported GOP claims that Democrats unwilling to compromise on SCHIP
01:22:58a Schools Found Improving on Nutrition and Fitness
01:23:11a Linehan jury adjourns for weekend
01:23:15a One dead, one hurt in Valley head-on crash
01:23:19a World's top finance officials pledge to limit economic fallout from credit crisis
01:23:23a US stocks fall sharply amid lackluster profit reports, credit concerns
01:23:27a Brazilian oil production dips due to problems with offshore rigs
01:23:31a Venezuelan oil refinery partially shuts down due to outage
01:23:34a Gold down
01:23:38a CNN Shackled Rapper T.I. Remains Jailed
01:23:42a Patent Troll Attorney Licensed Patents To Be Used Against His Own Firm's Clients
01:23:46a EEOC Discovers Phony Complaint E-Mails
01:23:49a Detective Reacts to Freeman Extradition
01:23:53a New Ballot Boxes Give Voters a new Place to Turn in Ballots
01:23:56a Diesel Prices Going Up
01:24:00a 2 Pacifica Men Arraigned For School Hate Graffiti
01:24:31a 80GB PS3 Amazon Sales Skyrocket
01:24:35a New PS3 Systems and Prices
01:24:39a New Xbox 360 System
01:24:43a Kids spending more time playing video games
01:24:47a Dealzmodo Free Heroes HD DVD With Xbox 360 HD DVD Player
01:24:51a Pelican PS3 Charging Station Stores, Electrifies Two Controllers
01:24:55a Meebo Introduces Firefox Entension
01:24:58a Media alliance seeks online copyright pact
01:25:02a Why YouTube snubbed MSFT's copyright pact
01:25:06a Media Companies Draw Line In The Sand On Copyright Infringement
01:25:09a Media cos vow to block copyrighted video from sites
01:25:23a Car rams through nail shop in Bermuda Dunes
01:25:26a Orient-Express Rejects Dubai Holding Bid
01:25:30a House Speaker Pelosi Suffers Through Week
01:25:33a Montenegro gets first constitution as a sovereign state
01:25:37a Stocks Plunge; Dow Down More Than 360 Fri, 19 Oct 2007 211040 GMT
01:25:41a Living Paycheck to Paycheck Gets Harder Fri, 19 Oct 2007 210912 GMT
01:25:45a Afghanistan remains safe for most al-Qaeda and Taliban
01:25:49a Feds Kids Shouldn't Take Cough Medicine
01:25:53a Three arrested in connection with Hillcrest murder
01:25:57a UPDATE Woman killed by Hummer identified
01:26:01a UPDATE Police arrest suspect in coffee shop exposure
01:26:04a Family of 17 found living in woods
01:26:08a Man recognizes rabid bat on NewsChannel 7
01:26:11a Understanding the FISA Debate
01:26:16a Collect, Track Right Data To Spot Strategic Trends
01:26:21a Do school activities help, hurt?
01:26:25a Ole Miss gets 5.3M endowment for journalism school
01:26:28a Ridgeland residents appeal approval of Renaissance tower
01:26:44a NDI Awards Madeleine K. Albright Grant to 50/50 Group press release
01:26:50a Boat sinks, killing at least 24 people off coast of Mexico
01:26:53a Colourful garbage bins to encourage environmental protection
01:26:57a World economy remains strong, G7 says
01:27:00a 3 new TV spots for Hitman
01:27:04a Archery Park No Longer Allows... Archery
01:27:11a Wildlife park loses 32 rare lions
01:27:15a Kansas Wildlife and Parks commissioners vote to reduce permi
01:27:26a S. Korean scientists successfully clone endangered,i
01:27:29a Wildlife Group Wants End To Aerial Hunting In South Dakota
01:27:33a Vajpayee discharged from hospital
01:27:37a UN Security Council Says Iraq's Humanitarian Situation Still A Major Challenge
01:27:40a 9/11 Worker's Kin Rejects Death Ruling
01:27:44a Finance Ministers Discuss Demands for Increase in Value of China's Currency and finance
01:27:48a Krishnamoorthy the hero who saved dozens
01:27:52a Osama had a valid tourist visa
01:27:55a Nurin case suspect jailed for illegal entry
01:27:59a Malaysia to install passport scanners in Europe
01:28:03a Wee asks Suhakam to probe video clip
01:28:06a Ismail Meningitis vaccine halal
01:28:10a JOHOR BUZZ // My Johor Glorious past, promising future
01:28:14a JOHOR BUZZ Crocs make good business
01:28:17a JOHOR BUZZ Giant iced milk tea to go with freshly cooked food
01:28:21a JOHOR BUZZ Have a cuppa and reminisce about old times
01:28:24a JOHOR BUZZ A time to celebrate the arts
01:28:28a JOHOR BUZZ Abandoned pool home to monitor lizards
01:28:31a JOHOR BUZZ Family park rises from swamp dump
01:28:35a Fresno Murder Suspect Could Be Sent To Mental Institution
01:28:38a 4 Arrested For Fresno County Armed Robberies
01:28:42a Feinstein, Boxer Overall Approval as Senators
01:28:46a Bolivian troops, residents clash at airport
01:28:49a Turbulence at Bolivian airport
01:28:53a Foundation stone laid
01:28:56a Four Friends Face Murder Charges For Drowning
01:29:00a Biscayne Boulevard Closure Begins Tonight
01:29:03a Somali Prime Minister Conciliatory After Talks About His Future and conflict
01:29:07a UN Security Council Says Iraq's Humanitarian Situation Still A Major Challenge and conflict
01:29:11a Pentagon Nuclear Warheads Domestic Flight was 'Serious Error' and conflict
01:29:14a Swedish company to build 181M utility plant for state offices
01:29:18a Rumours swirl of Swedish royal marriage despite palace denial
01:29:22a Motorcity Gambles on Casinos
01:29:26a Buzz Back in China's Scandal-hit Toy Industry
01:29:30a Burma Holding 2,500 in Prison and Arrests Continue, Uk Says
01:29:33a Reggae Star Shot Dead in Attempted Car Hijacking in Johannesburg
01:29:37a Opposition Edges Ahead Before Polish Poll
01:29:41a Finale in Sight for Busking Violinist's Bach Tour of the World
01:29:44a Iraqis Who Fled Homes in Fear Face New Terror As Turkey Targets Pkk Rebels
01:29:48a Bhutto Alleges Military Link to Suicide Bombing
01:29:51a Channel 3 News - Now at 10 PM
01:29:55a Recent Missing Persons
01:29:58a N.H. TV, radio stations honored
01:30:02a Officials Vow to Limit Economic Fallout
01:30:05a Officials Pledge to Limit Fallout
01:30:09a U.S. real estate fund sues HSBC over bond deal
01:30:12a Frowning Friday on Wall Street
01:30:16a Halloween DUI enforcement
01:30:19a Over population of deer proves hazardous to motorists
01:30:23a Organizers to support Sherman George, campaign for a “recall vote” against mayor
01:30:27a Local law firm's billboard message offends downtown residents
01:30:31a Myanmar Amnesty International statement for UN Human Rights Council Special Session
01:30:35a India Continued harassment of defenders of women workers' rights and campaigners abroad
01:30:39a Myanmar Human Rights Council must pressure authorities to release detainees
01:30:43a US Forest Service rejects appeals of White Pass proposal
01:31:01a Clipper last boats arrive in Salvador
01:31:04a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Hard out there for a PMP
01:31:07a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Does my kilogram look fat?
01:31:25a Hollywood's “Rendition” is a “multiplex waterboarding”
01:31:28a University unveils hybrid scooter
01:31:32a Where in the world
01:31:37a DEVELOPMENT Donors Lack 'Political Courage'
01:31:40a DEVELOPMENT Farming Boost Could Lift a Billion People
01:31:44a U.S. Air Force punishes 70 in nuclear weapons error; says crews ignored rules
01:32:06a Racer John Force Out Of Hospital After Crash
01:32:10a City Of Dallas Taking Aim At Drug House Landlords
01:32:14a Irving Robbers May Have 'Sabotaged' Victim's Car
01:32:20a Magog, Que., GDX Automotive plant to close, 400 employees to be cut
01:32:24a Stocks sink on '87 crash anniversary
01:32:28a Plane crashes into building near Vancouver, B.C.
01:32:55a Ships pollute more than planes
01:32:58a Customer donations help shop ship coffee to troops
01:33:02a Cruise ships could lift condos
01:33:06a Ship Capsizes Off Southeast Sulawesi, 30 Dead, 30 Others Missing
01:33:15a Egat Threatens to Move Coal Plants to Laos
01:33:27a Japan's leadership race hots up
01:33:35a Scouts to host open house at Southern Hills Methodist Church
01:33:42a Georgia Supreme Court stays execution of death row inmate
01:33:46a UK lawmakers investigating allegations of CIA prison on UK Indian Ocean island
01:33:50a Serbia arrests four ex-paramilitary members suspected of Kosovo war crimes
01:33:54a Canada government stalling Afghan detainee torture case Amnesty
01:33:58a UAW Leaders Push Chrysler Deal
01:34:04a African Countries Fight EU for Survival
01:34:08a Globalization Is the New Imperialism Don't Try To 'Improve' It, Bury It!
01:34:24a L-R Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush and Laura Bush
01:34:28a Fidel Castro shakes hands with Hugo Chavez
01:34:31a Iraqis approach a US marine
01:34:35a A student works on an electrical outlet on a solar home
01:34:38a A student builds a kitchen in a solar home
01:34:42a A Lucas Cranach painting at an auction
01:34:46a A trading board at the New York Stock Exchange
01:34:49a Wall Street sign near the New York Stock Exchange
01:34:53a Senior Chinese official calls for improving services for college
01:34:56a Senior CPC official returns home after five-nation tour
01:35:00a Friends of Hope Day to be celebrated
01:35:04a Challenges aplenty for police this festival season Law and order
01:35:07a Search with hope
01:35:10a Making police more accessible Law & order
01:35:14a Arrested for assault
01:35:17a New task for Home Guards Law & order
01:35:21a Bioconclave
01:35:24a Man robbed of Rs. 4 lakh at Madipakkam
01:35:28a Student attacked by seniors
01:35:31a A brush with paint won her accolades
01:35:34a Gold coins found
01:35:38a “Enhance the perimeter security at Jayalalithaa's residence”
01:35:41a Bandh a legitimate political activity, avers Sitaram Yechury
01:35:45a 12 die in building collapse at Ukkadam
01:35:48a Seven architectural firms shortlisted
01:35:52a Murli Deora's assurance on LPG retail outlets
01:35:55a Special lecture series
01:35:58a Cycling for a cause
01:36:02a 'Periyar' to be screened at international fest
01:36:05a Bharat Sanchar Sevak Padak presented
01:36:09a Corporation's call to voters
01:36:13a State urged to devolve power to local bodies
01:36:16a “Jayalalithaa's charge against Stalin baseless”
01:36:20a A weekend to be spent discussing global issues
01:36:24a Chennai, Sriperumbudur in for 3 billion investment
01:36:27a DMK advocate issues legal notice to Jayalalithaa, four media organisations
01:36:31a Incidence of dengue, malaria and leptospirosis down Stalin
01:36:35a Adobe launches new licensing programme for schools, colleges
01:36:38a Four recovery agents granted conditional bail
01:36:42a Multiplex theatre show in city
01:36:45a Frequent power cuts hit spinning units
01:36:49a 12 die in building collapse
01:36:53a “Reconsider the decision to appoint health inspectors”
01:36:56a “Doctors must interact with the public”
01:37:00a Need to produce alternative energy
01:37:04a Girls' admission ceiling to go
01:37:07a Housing Board cannot hike tentative cost without specific provision Bench
01:37:11a Woman held with illicit arrack
01:37:14a New roads dug for sewer repair
01:37:18a Google breaks new advertising ground
01:37:21a Bhutto says police may be involved in attack
01:37:25a Report Brazil police kill 694 slum dwellers
01:37:29a Tornadoes sweep through central U.S
01:37:34a Indian rains collapse old building
01:37:37a Texan guilty of abortion clinic attack
01:37:41a Alleged Shoplifter Breaks Out of Lubbock Police Car
01:37:45a Upset special
01:37:48a Kansas regulator rejects permit for coal
01:37:51a • Kansas City Royals set to hire Trey Hillman as manager
01:37:55a Federal regulator OKs Aquila sale
01:37:59a Judge won't reduce bail for student in Kansas attack
01:38:03a The Oak Grove football team wanted to execute against Kansas City Southeast Thursday night.
01:38:06a Kansas unemployment rate holds steady
01:38:10a Idea-generation program creates winning products
01:38:13a ZIMBABWE People living with HIV/AIDS use new ways to handle hard times
01:38:17a Montenegro adopts first constitution after independence
01:38:20a Biggest ''small'' black hole discovered
01:38:27a Workshop on African unionism ends in Tripoli
01:38:34a Take a video tour of Mount Airy
01:38:37a Sovereignty and the Arctic
01:38:43a Colours from across the border
01:38:46a Anchoring deep and dense
01:38:50a The obesity epidemic
01:38:53a Big Bollywood branding
01:38:57a Connecting to the primeval
01:39:00a Keep it short
01:39:04a A taste of the sea
01:39:07a Auto nakko, taxiii
01:39:10a Set for the stratosphere
01:39:14a Survey Half of Chinese travelers want to scrap 'golden weeks' except Spring Festival
01:39:17a Free public transport rides for senior citizens extended in China
01:39:21a HSBC offers Renminbi services in C China
01:39:25a Violence has Kiwi troops in Dili back on high alert
01:39:33a Microsoft adds to Zune lineup
01:39:36a Q&A Plenty of challenges for Bach's division
01:39:39a Prague TV's Daily News Headlines
01:39:43a House Speaker rebukes fellow Democrat
01:39:47a Police Investigate Homewood's First Homicide of 2007
01:39:51a Early Morning Shooting Kills Birmingham Man
01:39:54a Sevenoaks to sign climate change declaration
01:40:38a Corporations Wont Lead the Way on Solving Global Warming
01:41:16a Israel "mole" took photos of Syrian target
01:41:28a Middle East papers on the Lebanon conflict.
01:41:32a Italy's contested election results.
01:41:36a Fire Prevention Week's focus is on escape routes
01:41:45a Olmert, Israeli security & Russian policy
01:41:49a Israeli Lawmakers No Transfer of Jerusalem to...
01:41:52a Palestinian Affairs Between anvils & hammers
01:41:56a EXCLUSIVE Israel's Case for Syria Strike Inside Man Cased Facility
01:42:00a Israeli Armenians to protest Israel's policy towards Armenian Genocide recognition
01:42:03a Palestine Denounces Israeli Violence
01:42:07a ITV Parkinson Special Guest Star 'Sharon Osbourne
01:42:10a England's dream that wouldn't die
01:42:14a 'Old age is not for sissies'
01:42:17a French President's wife speaks out on marriage breakdown
01:42:21a Turkish FM calls for settlement of Lebanon's political crisis
01:42:25a Plane crashes into Vancouver building
01:42:28a P-platers need more restrictions survey
01:42:32a Right Channeling Tech Support Trends Reflect Migration to Email and Chat Solutions
01:42:35a Time to crack down on spam e-mail
01:42:38a • The Hot New Spam Type MP3s
01:42:42a EU deal will last a decade, says Brown
01:42:46a ITV faces criminal inquiry over calls
01:42:49a It starts with a village
01:42:53a Iraqis who fled in fear face new terror as Turkey targets PKK rebels
01:42:56a Extra £500 on offer to failed asylum seekers
01:43:00a 'I did not order Menezes to be shot'
01:43:04a Teenager's mother mourns her 'precious light'
01:43:07a Chairman quits as Northern Rock
01:43:11a Heaven on earth
01:43:14a 'I can be very bolshie'
01:43:17a It is liberal narcissism to say that they are all the same
01:43:21a Bunny business
01:43:25a Is modern life making Britain obese?
01:43:28a The time is white
01:43:32a 18. New on the market
01:43:35a 20. News in brief
01:43:39a Self-Defense Classes for Women Offered
01:43:45a BigT's Roundup Friday Ed.
01:43:49a FBI raids Copperfield warehouse
01:43:53a Syria Never saw it coming
01:43:56a Kiwi loving life as a Sharjah umpire
01:44:00a Camp Urewera blame the climate of the times
01:44:03a After 18 years, it's time for change
01:44:07a Windsor district officials see overcrowding at schools
01:44:10a District 6 official to talk about learning environments
01:44:14a Candidates seek to ease tensions on Valley Re-1 board
01:44:17a Aims candidates boast deep education backgrounds
01:44:21a Workers still enjoying their jobs even past normal retirement age
01:44:24a GM Place Skytrain DSC01580
01:44:27a GM Place DSC01579
01:44:31a The story I was writing
01:44:34a King Tut Exhibit
01:44:37a Servicemen Missing From Vietnam War Are Identified
01:44:43a The Saturday Profile A Font of Commentary Amid Japans Taciturn Royals
01:44:47a Bolivian Airport Is Wrested From Government Troops
01:44:50a World Osteoporosis Day Encourages a OneMinute Risk Test Online
01:44:54a How Much Will Those Colorado Rockies World Series Tickets Set You Back
01:44:58a 2 Marines, including officer, ordered to face courts-martial in Haditha killings, aftermath
01:45:02a Admitted kidnapper on tape with victim
01:45:32a Senator Brownback drops out of White House race
01:45:35a Bush to unveil 'new initiatives' on Cuba
01:45:53a Muskies' muscle in low post
01:46:03a Officials Say Warped Zakim Bridge Plates Are Safe
01:46:22a Experts Seek Ban on Cold Medicines for Those Under 6
01:46:29a Schools Improve on Nutrition and Fitness
01:47:10a Fort Carson soldier dies in Baghdad, Iraq
01:47:19a Somalia detains UN food agency staffer
01:47:28a FOX 12 Weather Webcast
01:47:31a Admiral, ambassador to Britain Crowe dies
01:47:35a Coleman wants some penalties loosened
01:47:38a 70 airmen rapped for nuclear error
01:47:50a Hey, don't touch to my Gmail filters with XSRF
01:47:58a Student Cancer Relay underway
01:48:23a Man who said beaten by strangers arrested for making false report
01:48:27a Doyle, lawmakers reach budget deal, spokesman says
01:48:35a Violence erupts at Bolivian airport
01:49:07a 'New Times' Case What Happened
01:49:10a 'New Times' Leaders React To Dropped Charges
01:49:17a Reggae star dies in hijacking bid
01:49:21a Rugby-World-France 10 Argentina 34 result
01:49:25a Springboks draw inspiration from 1995 winners
01:49:28a Sailing-America's Cup heads for compromise or court
01:49:32a Golf-Portugal Masters second round scores
01:49:35a Controversial Cape councillor 'must go'
01:49:38a Video Achmed the dead terrorist
01:49:42a Video Ron Paul supporters getting creepier by the minute
01:49:54a Mom, caregiver face charges for starved 3-year-old
01:50:12a Explosion rocks Manila's financial district; 8 killed, scores injured
01:50:43a 3-Year-Old Commands The Lake With His Wakeboard
01:50:46a 'Lights Out' Initiative Eclipses San Francisco
01:51:05a Haryana explores business possibilities with Ontario
01:51:08a Haryana police learns etiquette to get people savvy
01:51:12a Bush encourages less commercial fishing of NC official state fish
01:51:15a Bush made 'rhetorical point' in warning of WW III White House
01:51:19a Bush slaps new sanctions on Myanmar
01:51:23a President Bush Discusses Sanctions On Burma
01:51:26a Bush Promotes Recreational Angling
01:51:29a Bush nudges Delhi on junta
01:51:32a Clinton calls Bush economy a 'trapdoor'
01:51:36a Bush to ramp up Burma sanctions
01:51:40a Obama calls on Bush to ax voting rights chief
01:51:43a Bush New Sanctions on Myanmar
01:51:46a German parties blast rash Bush remarks
01:51:50a Nassau jail officer wins second award from county
01:51:53a FBI raids magician Copperfield after Seattle woman says she was raped
01:51:57a Syncing Changes Afoot At .Mac
01:52:00a Why Root Matters
01:52:04a The Apple We Know And Love
01:52:08a Leopard Guided Tou Video Posted At
01:52:12a U.S. asks court to dismiss lawsuit on secret flights
01:52:15a Bush Espouses More Recreational Fishing
01:52:19a U.S. won't probe Canadian film subsidies
01:52:23a U.S. won't probe Canadian film subsidies USTR
01:52:27a Don't think of a sick child
01:52:32a TSA Screening of Remote Control Toys
01:52:36a Some Volatile Opinions About Volatile Liquids
01:52:40a AMICAS Schedules Third Quarter Earnings Call
01:52:44a House Special Fishy Friday
01:52:47a DoD Names New NRO Director
01:52:50a DoD News Contracts for October 19, 2007
01:52:54a USAF Relieves Commanders Involved in Nuclear Weapons Incident
01:52:58a CENTAF Oct. 18 airpower summary
01:53:01a National Guard OIF, OEF Deployments
01:53:05a 8 National Guard BDEs for OIF OEF
01:53:09a DoD Announces Unit for Upcoming Afghanistan Rotation
01:53:12a Afghan FM Claim Iran Arming Taliban Militants
01:53:16a Bush Sanctions Against Burma Junta
01:53:20a Major Iraq Reconstruction to Transition to Iraqi Lead
01:53:23a Pakistan's Bhutto Undeterred by Deadly Attacks
01:53:27a US Attorney General Pick Legality of Torture
01:53:30a 10/18/07 DoD News Briefing
01:53:34a Worst week for stocks since July
01:53:37a Christmas without China?
01:53:40a Can Marsh Rise From Its Swamp?
01:53:44a Will the Credit Crunch Help Wal-Mart?
01:53:47a Housing Crunch Won't Hobble U.S. Economy
01:53:51a Housing Slump Won't Hobble U.S. Economy
01:53:55a Small and Mid-Cap Stocks Report 10/19
01:53:58a IBD Markets Desk 10/19/07
01:54:02a IPO Update Maxcom Telecom Now Trading
01:54:06a Fujmori's Trial An Opportunity for Peru
01:54:12a African Poverty An Impediment to Achieving Development Goals
01:54:16a Midway Barker is more than meets the eye
01:54:20a Bush renews Saudi Arabia as anti-terror ally
01:54:24a Indon police force residents off slopes of deadly volcano
01:54:28a Small plane crashes into building in Canada
01:54:31a Hearts v Dundee United
01:54:35a Inverness CT v Aberdeen
01:54:38a Dunfermline Ath v Hamilton Accies
01:54:42a Work begins on new homes for Skye
01:54:45a Critical Letter to Limbaugh Fetches 2 Million
01:54:49a Hamas to get authorizations from jailed lawmakers
01:54:52a Aviva seeks Botswana Stock Exchange listing
01:54:56a Man Arrested In Doughnut Shop Slashing
01:54:59a Thousands Without Power In Vernon
01:55:03a G-7 ministers urge banks to weigh 'risks' of dealing with Iran
01:55:06a Brashear shuts down Allderdice
01:55:58a Jefferson County juvie center has staph infection case
01:56:02a Students and teachers injured in school bus crash
01:56:06a Post office drug dealer sentenced
01:56:09a 'Body Worlds 3'
01:56:13a Haunted houses and hayrides
01:56:16a 'Into the Wild' showtimes
01:56:24a More information on Dave Dombrowski's new assistant Dick Egan
01:56:35a Improved U.S. ties lures North Korea to nuclear deal
01:56:38a Fukuda Welcomes N Korea's Response To Message On Improving Ties
01:56:41a Food aid to North Korea being held up in China over rail dis
01:56:45a Yachi promises to look into case of N. Korean A
01:56:48a US DPRK may disable nuclear facilities in 3 weeks
01:56:52a Fukuda, Schieffer To Continue Close Cooperation On N Korea Issues
01:56:55a US to begin disabling North Korean nuke programme in three w
01:56:59a Teacher apologizes for sexually abusing 13-year-old
01:57:03a Texan gets 40 years for bombing attempt
01:57:06a Christian conference concerns gay rights groups
01:57:10a Iona College in N.Y. reports 10 mild cases of resistant staph infections
01:57:14a Windstorm tests improvements to PSE
01:57:17a Hunt continues for Dube killers as SA mourns Stories
01:57:21a Halifax Pop Explosion Days One And Two Tegan And Sara Mania
01:57:24a Economic Fears Plunge the Dow
01:57:28a KU Med Payments
01:57:31a Kansas Agencies Train on Mock Disaster
01:57:35a County Attorney Resigns
01:57:39a FDA No cold, cough medicines for 2- to 5-year-old kids
01:57:45a A Venezuelan cardinal speaks with journalists
01:57:49a Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets with Ban Ki-Moon
01:58:44a Rosie O'Donnell's book is here
01:58:48a E-mail forward about Lincoln penny is a farse
01:58:51a Jenny McCarthy says she couldn't have asked God for better than Carrey
01:58:55a Chris Crocker...sad, so sad
01:58:58a Google offers 30 million for a robot to land on the moon
01:59:02a A monkey falls in love with a pigeon
01:59:05a Rosie O'Donnell talks about the dangers of celebrity
01:59:09a Scary...are you on the 'No Fly' list?
01:59:12a Bush to give address tonight about troop cut
01:59:16a Colin Farrell takes a homeless man on a shopping spree
01:59:19a Be wary of 'one-way' currency bets, euro official warns
01:59:23a Text of G7 communique
01:59:26a World Series-Bound Coloardo Rockies Seek to Patent 'Rocktober'
01:59:29a FTSE ends at 6527.9
01:59:33a German Team Takes First Place Overall in Solar Decathlon 2007
01:59:36a SIVs Pose Risks for Money-Market Funds
01:59:40a After a Key Departure, Is Janus in Play?
01:59:43a DOE Announces 44 Million to Provide Net-Zero-Energy Homes
01:59:47a Securities Lawyer Faces Charges
01:59:50a Stabbing Victims Listed in Critical Condition
01:59:54a Levelland Girls Volleyball Players Remember Another Accident
01:59:57a Alleged Shooting Turns Into A Different Story
02:00:01a Clinton denounces Bush's choice for head of family-planning office
02:00:04a Hillary Clinton to Visit Las Vegas Oct. 21
02:00:08a Hillary Clinton, allies denounce Bush's choice for top family-planning post
02:00:15a Google To the moon, people, to the moon
02:00:19a 2nd Bosnian suspect arrested
02:00:23a 2nd Bosnian suspect arrested in attempted bombing of U.S. Embassy in Vienna
02:00:27a Austria Bosnian carrying bomb arrested at U.S. embassy
02:00:30a Cough-Medicine Dilemma Widens
02:00:34a EU to propose 'blue card' for skilled immigrants
02:00:37a Montgomery Man Wins National Contest
02:00:48a ALP tax plan a wasted opportunity Greens
02:00:51a Revealed 'Peanuts' creator's secret life of misery
02:00:55a SEEMS FITTING, somehow A...
02:00:58a Creepy Ron Paul Promo of the Week
02:01:02a Zombie Presidential Campaign Sunday
02:01:05a Justice Thomas landed the right job for himself — and America
02:01:12a Dennis Miller Reams Harry Reid
02:01:15a RADLEY BALKO For seven...
02:01:19a Dainty Underthings Vs. Junta
02:01:23a Greenhouse owners gauge effectiveness of screens
02:01:26a Senate bill calls for 70% cuts in greenhouse gases
02:01:30a Google, Genentech, Intuitive Surgical end dark day on high note
02:01:34a Midday stock check Intuitive Surgical passes 273
02:01:37a Ed Jew New attorney, new trial date
02:01:41a Del Toro, Berry smolder in 'Fire'
02:01:44a Herrera will sue to oust Ed Jew
02:01:48a Review Chill with 'High School Musical'
02:01:52a 3 Officers Wounded In Las Vegas Shooting
02:01:55a Del Toro Rescues 'Things We Lost'
02:01:59a Local students working on project for space shuttle mission
02:02:29a Ultreo, A New Electric Toothbrush.
02:02:46a Fashion show on Great Wall
02:02:49a Shields, Brooks Assess Primary Shuffle, Mukasey Hearings
02:02:53a McCain Details Views on the Iraq War, Drive for the White House
02:02:57a Bhutto Pledges No 'Surrender' to Militants After Deadly Suicide Attack
02:03:01a Air Force Fires Officers Over Mistaken Flying of Nuclear Warheads
02:04:32a Australia in 'digital Dark Age'
02:04:35a China's Hu in control of rapidly modernizing military
02:04:39a Lenders hike up interest rates
02:04:42a Medics back labelling of alcohol
02:04:50a Chevron encouraged to quit Burma
02:04:53a Northern Rock chairman packs his desk
02:04:57a China's inflation rate on the rise
02:05:00a EU and South Korea trade talks impasse
02:05:04a Crude oil tops 90 dollars per barrel
02:05:07a Disagreements over energy-rich China Sea territory
02:05:11a Safety issues involved with SAA layoffs
02:05:14a Lufthansa denies Iberia takeover
02:05:18a ECB Bancorp, Inc. Reports 2007 Third Quarter Financial Results
02:05:22a Political Trivia for October 20-22
02:05:38a 2 Marines face court-martial in Haditha killings; no murder charges
02:05:41a Air Force explains errant flight of nukes; officers punished
02:05:45a Seven of Clubs Gives Florida Police a Winning Hand
02:05:48a Party Roundup
02:05:52a Wall St Week Ahead Signs of slowdown eyed in earnings deluge
02:05:55a Pimco, Fidelity to join SIV rescue fund Draghi
02:05:59a Neil paraded before international media
02:06:03a Video shows swarming at Montreal high school
02:06:20a The ASEAN Bloc's Myanmar Dilemma
02:06:23a U.S. Nervously Eyes Pakistani Impasse
02:06:26a Arrest made in Dunkin' Donuts stabbing
02:06:30a Police look for man that tried to abduct teenage girl
02:06:42a Google News Now Available in Facebook
02:06:45a Win a Heroes edition Xbox 360 from Amazon
02:06:50a Don't stereotype Singapore MM Lee
02:06:53a Singapore Straits Times Index falls 2pct, led by SGX
02:06:57a Singapore banks Q3 earnings expected to show strong loan growth ...
02:07:00a Prom Ready To Pounce At Barclays Singapore Open
02:07:04a Singapore's CapitaLand buys commercial site in China for 202.8 million sgd
02:07:08a Forex US Dollar Firmer Against Singapore Dollar Oct 19, 2007
02:07:11a Ace Kibet to line up in Singapore
02:07:15a Singapore-Kunming Rail Link Project Progressing Well, Says Chan
02:07:18a Singapore's UTAC cut to 'B1' on LBO by Global AT Moody's
02:07:22a *Making the connection Singapore Country Briefing
02:07:25a Singapore dollar strengthens to fresh 10-year high after US data, earnings
02:07:29a Petrol flows into Lusaka
02:07:34a CEC remains open on ballot format
02:07:47a Rich College Kids Take A Tax Hike
02:08:26a Hearing delay allows Delphi to negotiate reorganization plan
02:08:29a Detroit City Council asked to stay mum on tax breaks
02:08:33a Blackwater tried to take Iraqi military aircraft out of Iraq
02:08:37a Chrysler workers continue voting on controversial agreement
02:08:40a San Francisco To Shut Off Lights For 1 Hour
02:09:29a Knox County to consider new employee wellness center
02:09:32a French endure second day of transport chaos
02:09:40a Live scores Wabash Valley high school football
02:09:59a Third case of West Nile confirmed in Memphis area
02:10:02a Murfreesboro woman says healer bilked her
02:10:12a Baumann Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter
02:10:16a Forest Service rejects appeals of White Pass expansion proposal
02:10:29a Viacom chief criticises Google's copyright system
02:10:32a Google Announces Third Quarter 2007 Results
02:10:36a Google clicks with stunning result
02:10:39a Google's third-quarter profit soars 46 per cent
02:10:43a Google profits jump 46%
02:10:46a Microsoft Claims Google Gets Too Much Credit
02:10:50a SEW Experts Searching for a Better Local Ad Model
02:10:53a US search engines 'hijacked' in China
02:10:57a Earnings Roundup Caterpillar, Google
02:11:00a Google Earns Its Racing Stripes Fool by Numbers
02:11:04a Google on track to organize the world's people and hire them
02:11:07a Olive 108 and still blogging
02:11:11a Milford Couple Wins Lunch With Clintons
02:11:14a Missing boater found along Lake Conroe
02:11:17a Outlet mall weds prime location, Grand Prairie's need for retail
02:11:21a Chinese film maker sees moral angle
02:11:25a Tara the Great Feast and Samhain celebration Oct31/Nov3rd
02:11:28a New Ring Fort discovered at hill of Tara-activist arrested
02:12:35a Change of Venue For Levelland Volleyball Game
02:12:38a Secretary-General concerned at Turkish move on attacking Kurdish targets in Iraq
02:13:30a NEW Wabash factory plans November closing, cutting hundreds of jobs
02:13:53a Tropical Storm KIKO Public Advisory Number 20A
02:14:42a Iran South Pars Phase 6 operational at sight
02:15:07a Stats Can delays releasing tuition data for second time
02:15:13a High-priced student loans could haunt U.S. economy for years
02:15:19a Maritime campuses vaccinate students for mumps
02:15:25a The City of Phugly Love? Philadelphia, Pa.
02:15:28a Obama Fire Voting Rights Chief
02:15:33a DuPont ordered to pay nearly 200m in class-action lawsuit
02:15:36a Comcast's Latest Helps The Net Neutrality Cause
02:16:28a London Spy games
02:16:31a Hazardous Recycling Event
02:16:34a Electronics recycling drive will be in Creve Coeur
02:16:38a Curbside recycling must move forward
02:16:41a Reader Views On Recycling, Congressional Apologies, Symphon
02:16:45a Robber killed in gunfight with recycling employees
02:16:48a Robber slain at recycling center
02:16:52a Recycling runs into Catch-22
02:16:55a Recycling plant fire under control by 4 p.m.
02:16:59a Pa. gov. awards 5.5M in recycling grants
02:17:02a J.K. Rowling outs Hogwarts character
02:17:06a Torre says he'll 'just leave memories'
02:17:24a West Virginia Corrections Workers Say Thanks for Raise
02:17:48a 15 Years of The Moscow Times
02:17:51a By Oleg Shchedrov MOSCOW President Vladimir Putin described the foreign spy service...
02:17:54a Bank of Moscow to float bonds on MICEX
02:17:57a Cong Pranab not frisked at Moscow airport
02:18:41a Budget deal will increase taxes on cigarettes but not hospitals
02:18:50a Sunderland Family Treatment Services in scramble to recover from loss of contract
02:18:54a Gates on Latin America Security Mission
02:18:58a Private Security Oversight Needed
02:19:24a The War in Abkhazia 'Cyxymu' Remembers
02:19:28a Morocco Seven Women Ministers
02:19:32a Morocco Fez Top Tourist Destination
02:19:35a Oman Ramadhan TV a Let Down
02:19:39a Palestine Buying a House in Palestine
02:19:42a Saudi Arabia English Press Freer
02:19:46a Syria Internet Censorship
02:19:49a Syria Watching Iraq News Unfold
02:19:53a Tunisia Thoughts on the Environment
02:19:57a Latvia Protest Rallies
02:20:00a Estonia Nicknames
02:20:04a Moldova A Table Game
02:20:07a Slovenia Lojze Podobnik
02:20:11a Central & Eastern Europe “Human Capital”
02:20:14a Nukaga positive on global economic outlook, says fundamentals strong+
02:20:18a Humour hits hard at Poland's power twins
02:20:21a Torre Says He'll 'Just Leave Memories'
02:20:25a LEAD Gist of statement issued by G-7 financial chiefs+
02:20:28a 2ND LD Paulson says housing woes 'biggest risk' to U.S. economy+
02:20:32a Paulson backs 'strong dollar'; urges Chinese action on yuan
02:20:35a LEAD Paulson says housing woes 'biggest risk' to U.S. economy+
02:20:39a 2ND LD G-7 pledges efforts to stabilize world markets amid subprime woes+
02:20:42a Mount Horeb Man Sentenced In Drunken Driving Crash
02:20:46a Jury Gets Madison Murder Case
02:20:49a Man In Custody In Connection With Vehicle Part Thefts
02:20:53a Aguirre Faces Off With City Workers On Pension Crisis
02:20:56a 'Victory For The Little People' Claim as Gas Scheme Rejected
02:21:00a 'Flight of the Red Balloon' Soars
02:21:11a Anna University in plagiarism scandal
02:21:53a Sheriff's Fight With Paper Flares Up Again
02:21:57a Media Alert Frontline Radio
02:22:19a St. Thomas native and columnist releases third motivational book -
02:22:23a New animated comedy show teaches kids to learn new words -
02:22:26a Finding A College That Fits
02:22:29a October Sky Watch
02:22:33a Deaths for Oct. 2 -
02:22:36a ''From Here to Eternity'' star Deborah Kerr dies at 86
02:22:40a Ballots are headed for your mailbox
02:22:43a Rice says 'travesty' if Iranian leader allowed to visit Ground Zero
02:22:50a Donald Trump Dumps on Angelina Jolie
02:22:53a Semantic Web takes the stage
02:23:45a Developing nations urge IMF to monitor rich states
02:23:49a Defense No evidence links soldier to officers' deaths
02:23:52a Kidnapped canine found after Colombian kidnappers demand US350,000 ransom
02:23:56a Republican candidates seek to be choice of social conservatives
02:24:00a Blackwater attempted to take Iraqi military aircraft out of Iraq; US Congress wants answers
02:24:04a White House defends Justice nominee for refusing to discuss interrogation techniques
02:24:08a Two Marines to face courts-martial related to Haditha killings
02:24:12a Federal appeals court Egyptian student can sue FBI agent over 9/11 detention
02:24:16a No evidence that 2 Americans' money transfers were disclosed to government, judge rules
02:24:20a Prosecutor Fred Russell caused crash that killed three students
02:24:23a Bodies of 24 apparent migrants wash ashore in Mexico, official says
02:24:27a QA Paul Krugman on the Benefits of Bush Bashing
02:24:31a DNA frees man, but murder evidence in 1986 case missing
02:24:47a Islamic militants blamed for Pakistan bombings
02:24:51a Bomb kills eight and injures 99 in Philippines
02:24:55a Up to 31 dead in Indonesia ferry accident
02:24:58a US introduces wider sanctions on Burma's miltary regime
02:25:02a Australia PM to campaign in his electorate
02:25:05a Argentina beats France in Rugby World Cup
02:25:09a Matier New Lawyer, New Legal Headache For Ed Jew
02:25:13a Values Voters Unhappy With GOP Candidates
02:25:16a Rep. Stark's Constituents Weigh In On Iraq Remark
02:25:20a China Preparing for Launch of First Moon Orbiter in Late October
02:25:24a China Hopes to Join International Space Station Project
02:25:27a NASA Assigns Crew for Final Solar Array Delivery to Station
02:25:31a Ellen's erstwhile dog gets a new home
02:25:43a New Chairman, New Northern Rock?
02:26:07a Bush expands sanctions on Burma
02:26:14a Hemingway's Cats, Pampered By Uncle Sam
02:26:20a The War in Abkhazia 'Cyxymu' Remembers
02:26:27a Analysis Pakistan's mullahs and military parting ways
02:26:33a Canada's blue chips fade to powder blue
02:27:03a Tax Dollars Spent Pampering Hemingway's Cats
02:27:20a Plane hits building near Vancouver airport, 1 dead
02:27:23a Gas leak closes King George SkyTrain station
02:27:29a Frisco Couple Alleges Sexual Harassment On Cruise
02:27:42a Oil-Stock Drawdown Fuels Price Rise
02:27:46a Countrywide CEO Ripped
02:27:49a Vonage Faces Another Patent Lawsui
02:27:54a Arctic 'shrubifying' because of global warming
02:27:58a Eyeless Hydra precursor of animal vision
02:28:01a Biggest 'small' black hole discovered
02:28:16a Some shun Craig's help amid uncertainty
02:28:19a Teen arrested in shooting after Jefferson High dance
02:28:23a Former prison food chief and wife indicted
02:28:46a Maradona admits 'nightmares with drugs'
02:28:49a Portuguese daily hails Treaty of Lisbon
02:28:53a Shanghai ports post nearly 21% growth in external trade volume
02:28:56a Milwaukee newspaper Yi making a good impression
02:29:00a Argentine president condemns assassination of three policemen
02:29:03a NZ warship visits south China harbor
02:29:07a Models walk runway on Great Wall
02:29:11a China's women world champion qualifies for men's World Cup in Russia
02:29:14a Portuguese coach fined 50,000 for attack on Serbian player
02:29:18a GOP contenders vie for social conservatives
02:30:43a Hilo Intermediate teacher is Hawaii's best for 2008
02:30:47a Hawaii stores expect busy holiday season
02:30:50a Hawaii National Guard slated for fall Iraq deployment
02:30:58a Hawaii Film Festival kicks off
02:31:01a KFC partnering with Hawaii Foodbank
02:31:05a Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival
02:31:08a Hawaii-based soldier seeks dismissal of murder charge
02:31:12a Visitors give Hawaii high marks
02:31:15a Premier dismisses nuclear allegations
02:31:19a Deadly blasts mar Bhutto return
02:31:22a Dozens killed after ferry sinks off Sulawesi
02:31:26a Chen slams peace overture as akin to `treaty of surrender'
02:31:29a Manhunt ends as police arrest Canadian teacher
02:31:33a Hsieh stands firm on Chinese capital
02:31:36a Ma promises to promote Taroko at UNESCO
02:31:40a KMT threatens to boycott CEC plebiscite plan
02:31:43a UN relay lacks permit city officials
02:31:47a TSU caucus calls for amendments to Referendum Law
02:31:51a Legislator says hospitals are defrauding patients
02:31:54a Taiwan signs museum exchange
02:31:58a Man confesses to firing shots at Alex Tsai's office
02:32:01a Freeway Bureau touts eco-friendly construction project
02:32:05a Gang seizes control over Taiwanese hotel in China
02:32:09a Mutant mouse lab facilities welcome visitors today only
02:32:12a China offers soft loan to Taiwan's Pacific ally Tonga
02:32:16a Officials open `Petits Europeens' exhibit
02:32:20a Survey says state should pay for HPV vaccinations
02:32:23a Editorial China and the KMT tipping point
02:32:26a Johnny Neihu's NewsWatch Our guns aren't bigger than yours
02:32:30a There's no space for middle way politicking
02:32:34a Recycling and building the thrill of the hunt
02:32:37a US farmers look to ethanol and legislation to beat competition
02:32:41a Johnny Neihu's Mailbag
02:32:44a Rocky road ahead for Senate's gift of telecom immunity
02:32:48a The Eye of Judgment Review
02:32:51a Every Extend Extra Extreme Review
02:32:56a Hamid Karzai
02:33:01a Sask Party platform puts cap on civil service, more cops on the street
02:33:14a Fans need work as Beijing Games approach
02:33:17a Venues almost set for Beijing Games, but fans a work in prog
02:33:20a Beijing scouts out team for new five
02:33:23a Beijing vice mayor says boycott over Myanmar would be `inapp
02:33:27a Beijing vice mayor calls boycott linked to Myanmar `inapprop
02:33:30a Beijing vice mayor calls boycott linked to Myanmar 'inapprop
02:33:33a AUDIO Gov. Doyle and legislative leaders on budget agreement
02:33:37a Bodies of 24 apparent migrants wash ashore in Mexico
02:33:44a 'Godfathers' help foreign workers integrate
02:34:02a UT Group Praises Nelson For Peace Efforts
02:34:05a Lajitas Resort Seeks Appropriate Auction Bid
02:34:08a Government 'guessed' alcohol limits
02:34:12a Middle-income earners face NI hit
02:34:26a Giving the Osprey More Firepower
02:34:42a Nasrallah putting Israel in tough status Isreali media
02:34:48a No joy for Mbofana
02:34:51a Zambia to participate in DR Congo's mining show
02:34:55a Fla. climate board delays important vote
02:34:59a Woman convicted in couple's slaying
02:35:33a 'Enterprising Britain' accolade for thriving education centre
02:35:49a Genetic Ancestral Testing Cannot Deliver On Its Promise, Study Warns
02:35:52a Best Solar Homes German Team Wins Solar Decathlon
02:35:56a Pumpkin farm saves Halloween for one residential home
02:36:00a Pilot dead after plane crashes into B.C. building
02:36:12a President Bush Announces Added Sanctions Against Leaders Of Burma's Regime
02:36:20a Ex-Coach Sentenced For Sex Assault
02:36:25a Protestors March Through Georgetown
02:36:45a Thief steals pennies of patriotism
02:36:49a Breaking 2 shot to death in Norfolk
02:36:52a Ga. fugitive arrested in Newport News
02:36:56a Former NSU professor free from Ethiopian prison, back in Va. Beach
02:36:59a Man struck by vehicle in Va. Beach
02:37:03a One dead in B.C. plane crash
02:37:13a Nukes Over America Just a Stupis Mistake. Sure It Is
02:37:18a Madonna, Radiohead rock the music biz
02:37:44a County Of San Diego Found Not Liable In Kristin Rossum Case
02:37:47a One Person Hospitalized After Rollover Accident
02:37:51a Man found dead with gunshot wound in Mesa alley
02:38:30a Mahoney visits hospital, reads with kids
02:38:33a Kickback case adds allegations about Masilotti
02:38:42a Jury adjourns for weekend in EMU coed murder case
02:39:05a Efforts, Grants in California, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Virgin Islands Address Minority Health Issues
02:40:02a Hijacked Baltimore Tanker Discovered in Nation's Capitol
02:40:09a Capitol Acquisition to raise 250M
02:40:13a Durham student has a Capitol time
02:40:16a US won't probe Canadian film subsidies
02:40:19a Spears runs down waiting paparazzo
02:40:44a More States Pile on Microsoft
02:40:57a BOGOTA Colombian kidnappers have demanded 350,000 to return a...
02:41:00a Kelly Bogota mayor must feel jinxed
02:41:33a Surveillance Law Could Hold Risks for Telecom
02:41:36a KDDI Profit Gains Due to Cellular Line
02:41:40a Report Challenges Assumptions of ID Thieves
02:41:53a Roberta Gonzales And The Friday Get Away Forecast
02:41:56a Dow Sinks 366 Points On Black Monday Anniversary
02:42:00a SF Leaders Try To Calm Castro Halloween Fears
02:42:03a Trial Begins For Suspect In Fremont Woman's Murder
02:42:15a Kevin Newland sentenced to 45 years for murder
02:42:34a Venice Biennale Artists plant flag for their state
02:42:38a J.K. Rowling's Potter Shocker Dumbledore Is Gay
02:42:41a Take a tour of Vinny Testaverde's Oyster Bay Cove house
02:42:44a Legendary oilman Boone Pickens says oil on its way to 100 a barrel
02:42:48a CORRECTING and REPLACING Puget Sound Bank Announces Record Setting...
02:42:52a SCVBank Reports Year-To-Date Income Up Over 141% From Year Earlier
02:42:55a Meritage Homes Corporation Schedules Third Quarter 2007 Earnings...
02:42:59a Liberty Bell Bank Reports a 192,000 Improvement in Results of...
02:43:02a Sights and sounds of the Napa Valley harvest
02:43:06a Parkvale Financial 1Q Profit Rises
02:43:09a Signs of slowdown eyed in earnings deluge
02:43:12a Dow Jones tumbles on credit fears
02:43:16a UBS urged to drop Chinese listing
02:45:30a Sochart snatches Abu Dhabi title on last hole
02:45:37a A 'Lost Generation' Ready to Make Its Mark interview
02:45:40a Pres. Bush Meets Pres. Johnson-Sirleaf document
02:45:44a Exploit code found served from popular advertising site
02:46:01a A Kennewick Family Reflects on a Father and Husband
02:46:04a Pasco Teacher is State's Teacher of the Year
02:46:08a font color='red'Hiker Found/font Rescue Crews Talk About Finding Missing Hiker
02:46:18a Air NZ plane lands after alert
02:46:32a Analysis China unhappy with Russian military relations
02:46:36a Analysis Giving less priority to the Iraq oil law
02:46:49a Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Defend Constitution
02:47:08a Chinese Bank Searches Abroad for Talent
02:48:18a No cough, cold medications for children under 6 U.S. panel
02:48:25a Nats say more senior Labour MPs will go
02:48:28a Queen Sofia's Athens medal
02:48:32a Queen Sofía given the Golden Medal of Athens
02:48:35a Athens Bench trial sought in PSC residency suit
02:48:39a EQ 4.8 Nikol'skoye, Komandorskiye Ostrova, Rus. PRELIMINARY REPORT
02:48:43a EQ 5.0 Nikol'skoye, Komandorskiye Ostrova, Rus. PRELIMINARY REPORT
02:49:00a ExpressJet Reports Third Quarter 2007 Results
02:49:04a Tropical Storm KIKO Forecast Discussion Number 21
02:49:16a 6 German universities awarded elite status
02:49:28a Online Resource Gives Police Edge Against Crooks
02:49:34a Small Plane Crashes Into B.C. Apt. Building, Killing Pilot
02:49:58a Discrimination Against LGB Folk And Atheists Could Cost Boy Scouts 199,999.00
02:50:13a REPL may become 2nd largest power generator UBS
02:50:23a Suspect Charged in 4 Slayings in Detroit
02:50:27a Renovation Plan Proposed for UN Building
02:50:30a Insanity Plea Planned in Microwaved Baby
02:50:34a French President's wife speaks out on marriage breakdown
02:50:37a Farming Boost Could Lift a Billion People
02:50:41a Suspected paedophile was 'person of interest' in Canada
02:50:44a Small plane hits building in Canada
02:50:47a Scandal-tainted Akafuku regularly prints next day as production date+
02:50:58a Arrested Canadian swarmed by Thai media
02:51:01a Rome's Trevi Fountain flows red
02:51:05a Cincinnati Symphony Plans Benefit Concert For Lakota High School Bands
02:51:11a Cheviot Woman Accused Of Stealing 600K From Aunt
02:51:15a White House dismay as crude hits record high
02:51:18a Dognappers foiled after Bogota bath trip
02:51:22a Internet paedophile's family wants return to Canada
02:51:25a Middle class cash woes overstated report
02:51:29a Special 'Jaipur Foot' for victims of mine explosions in Lebanon
02:52:03a Penguins sneak past Hurricanes in shootout
02:52:15a GLASS JAWED
02:52:30a Kiwis to be disciplined by NZRL
02:52:33a Armageddon Expo
02:52:36a Gold Coast V8 Supercars
02:52:40a Lapasset chairman of IRB
02:52:44a Fenty Fires City Health Director
02:53:28a OSCE Presence Holds Seminar on Albanian Domestic Violence Law
02:53:32a TV Set and an Octopus in Front of the Attorney General’s Office!
02:53:38a China's Hu in control of rapidly modernising military
02:54:13a Puyallup's Moore shoots 63 to take lead at PGA event
02:54:16a Rail line closed by derailment expected to reopen tonight
02:54:26a Jets' Sutton working to find answers with struggling defense
02:54:30a Explosion levels 2 homes in New Jersey
02:54:34a Explosion levels 2 homes in New Jersey; 1 person killed, others believed trapped
02:54:37a Goodman vows to stay sober after rehab
02:54:41a 1 Dead in New Jersey House Explosion
02:54:44a New Jersey touts low injury rate, new water park regulations
02:54:48a UN climate chief looks for Bali breakthrough
02:54:51a Colombia watchdog says violence up, govt disagrees
02:54:55a Two U.S. Marines face Haditha court-martial
02:55:00a Out with the old Best Buy says no more analog
02:55:15a China's Hu in control of rapidly modernising military
02:55:22a Sleepless in Sczeczin, Ivan Krastev
02:55:43a Kentucky Outdoor Burning Ban Lifted
02:55:46a Covington & Campbell County 911 Dispatch Centers Likely To Merge
02:55:50a Dallas criticized in federal funds audit
02:56:02a Republicans Court a Skeptical Bloc
02:56:11a Kurds Demonstrate Against Turkey
02:56:18a Hyson Green / Radford Community Wall Mural
02:56:21a Yet Another Parliament Square Eviction
02:56:24a UK Security Assessment
02:56:28a Chandler, Phoenix police probe latest sexual assault against young girl
02:56:32a Mesa police investigating a homicide
02:56:35a Cop charged in dog's death suspended 2 days, reassigned
02:56:41a Teaser Pleaser busted for underage girls
02:56:45a Stockdale Hwy crash suspects plead not guilty
02:56:48a Who's watching state sex offenders?
02:56:51a Shock treating students against drunk driving
02:56:55a SPCA still has excess of pets needing homes
02:56:58a Congressman McCarthy discusses Bush meet & greet, Russia's nuke alliance, other topics
02:57:02a FDA doesn't recommend cough meds for kids under 6
02:57:05a Officials Don't panic about E. coli in water
02:57:09a Friday Football Extra Scores Week Eight
02:57:42a Teen recalls surviving falling tree
02:57:58a Lansing man convicted of producing child porn
02:59:35a Banned Pesticides Still Found In Local Parks
02:59:38a Studies Criticize Comcast For Upload Tampering
02:59:42a Stanford Scientist Among 'Brilliant 10'
02:59:45a Plan To Ban Porn Sites At S.J. Libraries
02:59:49a China's Hu in control of rapidly modernising military
02:59:54a Big storm cleanup underway
03:00:59a Resistance Is Futile. Buy This Stock
03:01:05a Young cyclist dies after crash with car
03:01:09a Pollies not talking climate Greenpeace
03:01:12a Greens slam tax cuts
03:01:16a All Lanes Open on I-405 Northbound through Bellevue for Afternoon Commute
03:01:19a Problem with New Pavement Causes Delays on I-405
03:01:23a Humour hits hard at Poland's power twins
03:01:27a TECHNOLOGY
03:02:03a Martinez Resigns as GOP General Chairman Finally
03:02:06a Is that a threat or an over-promise?
03:02:10a Academic Follies In Iowa
03:02:13a China Aims To Provide All With Healthcare By 2020
03:02:17a Stark Disgrace
03:02:20a CA Schwarzenegger's gay rights record the rest of the story
03:02:24a Gray Wall Dims Hopes of 'Green' Games
03:02:27a ABC Tries To Credit Democrats for Rush's 2 Million Ebay Letter!
03:02:31a Rioting continues in western Amsterdam
03:02:34a Benazir Bhutto Blames Rogue Officials For Bomb
03:02:38a Park ranger gets seven years for fatal shooting
03:02:41a AQ + NJ = FISA
03:02:45a Coalition forces disrupt al-Qaeda seeking refuge 11 killed, two detained
03:02:49a ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE The Case for Israel's Strike on Syria
03:02:52a The first steps of a new al Hillah Community Watch Organization
03:02:56a Most Electable Republican Candidate
03:03:00a Top Israel Defense Forces officer censured over use Palestinians as 'human shields'
03:03:03a Brownback's Out
03:03:06a Small Plane Flies Into Vancouver Apartment Building Killing Pilot
03:03:10a 3 Killed In Early Morning Crash
03:03:13a Plum, Mt. Lebo Game Overshadowed By MRSA Concerns
03:03:16a Soma Celeb News CBritney Spears loses visitation rights
03:03:20a Fight Back Friday iPod Extended Warranty
03:03:24a Pakistanis In Chicago React To Suicide Bombing
03:03:27a City Police Drop Out Of Blight Program
03:03:31a Indiana Town Devastated By Tornado
03:03:34a FOP Endorses Republican Mark DeSantis
03:03:38a Chicago Boy Survives Lightning Strike
03:03:42a Big Move Planned For Small Patients
03:03:45a Computer Hackers Link City's Website to Porn
03:03:49a Franklin Bows to Court; Sits Banned Players
03:03:52a Williams Sex with Accuser was Consensual
03:03:56a Manteca Goes 'Mural'
03:03:59a One person Dead after a Plane Crash near Vancouver
03:04:06a US stock markets tumble on 'Black Monday' anniversary
03:04:10a 2007 Rugby World Cup France 10 34 Argentina
03:04:14a Ben Cousins sacked by West Coast in AFL drug scandal
03:04:17a Number Of Untracked Sex Offenders Keeps Growing In California
03:04:21a Canada banks can handle worse market stress Dodge
03:04:24a Battle Brews Over Land Near Travis Air Force Base
03:04:28a Drugs Not Factor In South Bay Acid Vat Drowning
03:04:31a The Kreeger's vision
03:04:35a Tech firms offer new ways to connect to music, TV and more
03:04:38a Mid-America Bancshares, Inc. Announces Third Quarter 2007 Earnings...
03:05:00a 'Harry Potter' author Rowling reveals that Dumbledore is gay
03:05:03a Racially charged cartoon, threat open old wounds at Kentucky
03:05:07a Ex-Flora police chief resigns
03:05:53a Russia poised to build nuclear power plant in Belarus
03:05:57a Belarus to hold tender in 2008 to build nuclear power plant
03:06:00a Repairs on Farrington near Kahe Power Plant continue
03:06:04a Power plant a fish threat, PSC is told
03:06:08a Carbon, costs curb growth of coal power plants
03:06:12a State officials reject proposed coal power plant in western KansasPost a Comment
03:06:15a Vote near on new S.F. power plant
03:06:19a Mitsubishi Heavy Forms Power Generation Biz Unit in London
03:06:22a Asthma A threat to your child's education?
03:06:26a Drug traffic a real 'pain' along Texas, Louisiana border
03:06:30a Finance Ministers Discuss Demands for Increase in Value of China's Currency states
03:06:34a Pentagon Nuclear Warheads Domestic Flight was 'Serious Error' states
03:06:37a Reaping Benefits of Technology Revolution
03:06:41a Ready or Not, Here Comes the Fox Business Network
03:06:44a Close Vote Seen on U.A.W. Contract at Chrysler
03:06:48a Valerie Plame Wilson Speaks Muzzled
03:06:51a Iraq Tells U.S. It Cannot Have Permanent Bases in Iraq
03:07:01a China's Hu in control of rapidly modernising military
03:07:05a Ban wants to speed up U.N. building renovation
03:07:09a Humour hits hard at Poland's power twins
03:07:19a Republican hopefuls court 'religious right'
03:07:22a Paulson affirmed strong dollar view
03:07:46a Cumberland County Schools Hold Emergency Meeting
03:08:06a Defense Department Contracts for 2400 More MRAP Vehicles
03:08:09a • Two dead in five-vehicle accident
03:08:13a Armored Vehicle Robbery In Northwest Dade
03:08:16a Vehicle collisions mount during first mahellip;
03:08:20a Two hurt in vehicle crash
03:08:23a The top 10 selling vehicles in the U.S.
03:08:27a Manufacturer looks at NM to build fuel-friendly vehicle
03:08:30a Ministry Rejects Proposal To Ban Heavy Vehicles From Penang Bridge
03:08:34a Chinese Neighborhoods Pad Clinton's War Chest
03:08:38a Stranded ID duck hunter rescued by alert building inspector
03:08:41a Three Dem rivals court Iowa activists
03:09:15a EXCLUSIVE Navy Recruits' Personal Documents Found In Dumpster
03:09:19a N.Y. College Hit By 'Superbug' Cases
03:09:23a French illustrator explains EU to kids
03:09:28a Taipei American School charity rummage sale held today
03:09:32a The American Institute in Taiwan brings Pacific Northwest flavors to Taiwan
03:09:36a United States standards firm to hold forum in Hsinchu
03:09:40a Relief as European Union leaders strike deal on treaty
03:09:44a French unions split after workers' deal
03:09:50a Group shatters Che monument backed by Chavez
03:09:54a Japan probes reported gang-rape by Marines
03:09:58a Cecilia Sarkozy says public spotlight led to divorce
03:10:02a United States lawmakers say China steel unfit for border fence
03:10:06a United Nations launches Int'l Year of Potato for World Food Day
03:10:09a Troops, residents fight for Bolivia airport
03:10:13a DNA Nobelist's comments on race spark outrage
03:10:17a High winds kill at least 3 in United States south
03:10:20a United States lawmakers apologize to torture victim
03:10:24a 11-year-old boy charged in shooting spree
03:10:28a San Francisco mulls first 'supervised injection' site
03:10:32a Canada probes taser death
03:10:35a Bush to announce further sanctions against Myanmar
03:10:39a South African reggae star Dube killed in South Africa
03:10:43a United States officer in Iraq gets two-year jail sentence
03:10:47a Sacked worker shoots four dead in South Africa
03:10:51a EU follows Germany, bans clobutinol cough drugs
03:10:55a Mexico issues warning for tropical storm Kiko
03:10:59a Chile urges Britain to respect Antarctic treaty
03:11:03a Harvard football player eyes opera career
03:11:07a West county politicos on deficit, schools
03:11:10a Discovering a father's proud past
03:11:14a Man, 78, injured in golf course accident
03:11:17a Fitness more than just physical for Southern gym teacher
03:11:21a Good night, First Night
03:11:25a Septuagenarians arrested for solicitation
03:11:28a Prosecutors in Maryland handling piece of Abramoff case
03:11:32a Growing Health Alert Across Maryland Due To Staph
03:11:36a Frederick man indicted on child pornography charges
03:11:39a Boston beckons; Beckett flourishes in besting Cleveland
03:11:43a Bush to protect rockfish
03:11:47a Stolen diesel fuel truck found in D.C.
03:11:50a Henin continues incredible run into Zurich semis
03:11:54a Nadal crushes out of Madrid Masters at quarters
03:11:57a Moon orbiter, Chang'e I, sets to take off
03:12:01a Filipino official hints Abu Sayyaf terror group behind Makati mall blast
03:12:05a New runway of Beijing airport to become operational this month
03:12:08a China's textile machinery import speeds up in 1st 7 months
03:12:12a G7 finance ministers vow to limit damage of credit crisis
03:12:16a Chinese Communist Party determined to break shackles on minds
03:12:19a IOC inspectors back to Beijing next week
03:12:22a Yao Ming impresses Dallas Mavericks
03:12:26a S. Korean airline seeks to be major carrier for Beijing Olympics
03:12:29a Stars at MTV Latin America awards
03:12:33a Explosion levels two NJ buildings; one construction worker killed
03:12:37a Limbaugh letter nets more than 2 million on eBay
03:12:40a ABC News Israel may have had a spy inside the Syria nuke plant
03:12:44a Officials mark 25th anniversary of satellite rescue system
03:12:50a Yahoo could take Bellevue space for 600 workers
03:12:54a Space symposium features top industry representatives
03:12:57a Blast at mall kills 8 in Philippines
03:13:01a Bears prowl Wall Street as jitters grow on outlook
03:13:04a Reuters Notices the Rush Limbaugh Story
03:13:15a TOM SMITH If I...
03:13:18a 2 the Outdoors High-tech hiking
03:13:22a Tips To Help Your Kids Eat Healthier
03:13:25a Plane Crashes Into Apartment Building
03:13:29a Highway Funding
03:13:32a School Prankster Arrested
03:13:46a Remaining White Farmers Under Threat
03:13:53a Shirt from Jharkhand as tall as two-storeyed building
03:13:57a Jharkhand given 45 days to divide electricity board
03:14:32a Judgement House
03:14:35a Royals Have Their Man-ager
03:14:38a 'Superbug' Cases Hit N.Y. College
03:14:42a Kurds Warn Turkey Against Invasion
03:14:46a Rescuers search for missing Indonesian ship passengers
03:15:15a National Assembly backs health minister
03:15:21a In Memoir, Ex-Spy Tells Her Side of CIA Leak Case
03:15:25a Joey Bishop
03:15:28a Tomei set to return to N.Y. stage
03:15:32a Plasma may help kill staph
03:15:35a Messing to return to series TV
03:15:39a German minister wants bigger Afghan force
03:15:42a Pelosi rebukes Democratic congressman
03:15:46a Laboratory suspends Watson
03:15:49a T cells fighting infection get exhausted
03:15:53a Tayals to dilute BoR stake to 15% by March '09
03:15:56a Sensex crashes another 438 points
03:16:00a Rel Power, Shreyas Intermediates, Hindustan Zinc
03:16:03a Cryobanks to invest 500 cr in stem cell banks
03:16:07a Comcast Screws with File-Sharing Traffic
03:16:10a Week Nine High School Football
03:16:14a Fire Breaks Out At Marshall
03:16:17a Cars 50 Years from Now
03:17:01a Two US soldiers to face court martial over killings in Iraq
03:17:04a PECD expansion in Middle East region suffers setback
03:17:08a Israel's Barak discusses Iran, Lebanon with UN chief
03:17:12a Onodera leaves Iran empty-handed
03:17:15a Palestinians, Israelis hold 'serious' talks
03:17:18a G-7 ministers urge banks to weigh
03:17:22a Iraq partition will 'blow up' Mideast, says Syrian president
03:17:26a Israel 'mole' took photos of Syrian target
03:17:29a Ban proposes accelerated renovation of UN headquarters
03:17:32a Cecilia Sarkozy tells of battle to save marriage
03:17:36a CNN U.S. Networks Too Easy To Hack, Official Says
03:17:40a CNN Copperfield Sex Assault Allegation Investigated
03:17:43a Penguins roar back to beat Carolina, 4-3
03:17:47a Kurd Leader Cautions Turkey On Invasion
03:17:51a Two marines to face Haditha trial
03:17:54a Pfizer Breaks With Norm by Scrapping Drug
03:17:58a Hollywood Writers Authorize Strike
03:18:08a Mistaken Pipe Bombs in Keizer Were Marijuana Containers
03:18:11a Firefighters Rescue Horse That Fell Through Bridge
03:18:15a Sheriff's office identifies inmate who hanged self
03:18:30a DOJ opposes extending oversight of Microsoft
03:18:34a Infant Found Following Amber Alert
03:18:38a Fundraising 101 at 'Obama U'
03:18:46a State Teachers Learning
03:18:56a Second school bus brawl lands students in police custody
03:19:25a Sun May Lower Advanced Breast Cancer Risk
03:19:29a Headwaters Incorporated Announces Balance Sheet Changes
03:19:32a Cover Story More Spooky Stuff
03:19:36a Bertie Has That Staunton Thing
03:19:39a Addicts Given Extra Drugs for Being Good
03:19:43a Home is Where the Helping Is
03:19:46a WSU Plans American Indian Events
03:19:50a Jeff Debuts 60M Classroom Building
03:19:53a A Pat on the Back for Heart Centre
03:19:57a Health Experts and Stores Head-to-Head on Obesity
03:20:00a The Journal Where is the Extra NHS Cash Going?
03:20:04a In Reversal, Doctor Needs Public's Help ORCHARD PARK
03:20:08a Wright State University Plans American Indian Events
03:20:11a 'Fat' Ambulances on Way to Carry Obese Patients
03:20:15a 'Tis the Season to Make Your Flesh Crawl
03:20:18a What Are We so Afraid Of?
03:20:22a Fat Ambulances on Way to Carry 20-Stone Patients
03:20:25a State employees' union agrees to tentative contract
03:20:29a The Ongoing Hunt for Osama bin Laden
03:20:32a Magistrate recommends order for White House e-mail
03:20:36a Two Marines to face courts martial in Haditha incident
03:20:40a Official International hackers going after U.S. networks
03:20:43a Nazi vase surrendered to authorities after public plea
03:20:50a 'Democracy threat' as Poles head to polls
03:20:54a Extremists Blamed For Attack On Pakistan's Bhutto
03:20:57a Anitchrists doco Mind Control
03:21:01a 3 police officers shot in Las Vegas
03:21:04a War Made Easy Pt 1-3
03:21:08a Steve Forbes on Traders Nation
03:21:11a Amazing symchronicities of reverse speech David Oates
03:21:15a The Real News presents 'The Promise'
03:21:18a CNN Weather
03:21:25a Charlie Brown's creator Schulz was an unhappy man
03:21:29a Guatemala Complies with Inter-American Court Ruling
03:21:32a 5 rare Asiatic lions killed by electrified fence in western India, wildlife warden says
03:21:36a Tracking Online Cheaters in Poker
03:21:57a Burma holding 2,500 in prison, UK says
03:22:01a C cilia Sarkozy tells of battle to save marriage
03:22:04a Diversity issue dogs creators of new TV shows
03:22:46a US seeks to squash rendition lawsuit
03:23:15a Prison program gives offenders chance to explore alternatives to criminal thinking
03:23:18a Two injured in accident at Sunrise Coal Mine in Carlisle
03:23:22a China completes new 'bullet' train body
03:23:26a Shanghai owner aims to buy 'China' on The World
03:23:29a U.S. Investors Drawn to China's Version of Detroit
03:23:33a China at full force for World Junior
03:23:37a Buzz back in China's scandal-hit toy industry
03:23:41a Founder of China's first Sino-foreign airline company aims high
03:23:44a It 's time Beijing turned on the ridicule
03:23:48a G7 calls for more flexibility in Chinese currency
03:23:51a G7 presses China on yuan, says world economy sound
03:23:55a Eurofighter launches offer for multi-role planes in Romania
03:23:59a 300 homes on auction block
03:24:02a Hunter safety drive gives meaning to family's grief
03:24:05a NWA Paris without pause
03:24:09a Northstar's last stop is the next stop for big boom
03:24:12a Composts rake 'em in
03:24:16a Property market crisis won't affect Portugal
03:24:19a Vancsik shoots 66 to take two-stroke lead over four golfers at Portugal Masters
03:24:23a All-time low for Ryder stars in Portugal
03:24:26a RAPID boost to travellers in Algarve
03:24:29a Clarke and Howell miss the cut in Portugal, where Vancsik leads by two
03:24:33a Rookie Kaymer cards 11-under 61 for Portugal lead
03:24:36a EU edges toward treaty in Lisbon
03:24:40a Day Cares react to bacteria outbreak
03:24:44a Murfreesboro woman says healer scammed her
03:24:49a 60,000 excited England fans are travelling to Paris ahead of
03:24:53a Paris shares close lower, tracking Wall St, on oil, earnings ...
03:24:56a Miracles can happen England can win in Paris
03:24:59a Paris wakes up to cross
03:25:03a Paris shares flat lunchtime; financials weigh amid renewed credit ...
03:25:06a Concert review Curtis Stigers opens jazz festival in Paris
03:25:10a Paris shares close down amid profit taking, Wall St worries on ...
03:25:39a Gift Of Love Fiance Gives Bride-To-Be Kidney
03:25:46a Let Us Honour Our Heroes With Peace editorial
03:25:49a Moi Meeting Rocks ODM-Kenya Boat
03:25:52a Kenol's Bid to Acquire Kobil Gets Govt's Approval
03:25:56a Majimbo Will Divide Kenyans, Says Kituyi
03:25:59a Sex Predators On the Loose column
03:26:03a How Kenyans Rate Presidential Candidates
03:26:07a On Decision Day, the Fish Market Would Count for Each Ballot Cast opinion
03:26:10a Emotional Farewell for Njue
03:26:13a AG Clears Safaricom IPO
03:26:17a Mau Forest Evictees Troop Back
03:26:20a Staph outbreak raises concern
03:26:24a American football power nabs phone numbers for 13,000 StubHubbers
03:26:27a An Opportunity for Peru
03:26:31a Bugs drop season opener to Mississippi
03:26:35a High school football games go final
03:26:38a Mansfield man held in ex-wife's shooting death
03:27:05a Iraqi Kurds Raise Stakes Against Turkey
03:27:09a Cops Investigating Break-In Attacked by Fleas
03:27:12a Tax cuts a waste of money Greens
03:27:16a Scientist returns to US over race row
03:27:19a Inmate numbers outstrip capacity
03:27:23a Two Marines to face court in Haditha incident
03:27:26a No Backup Plan in Place for Drought-Stricken Atlanta
03:27:30a Ad Man's Take on Chavez Rhymes With Gas
03:27:33a U.S. networks too easy to hack, official says
03:27:37a Such a Bargain Valve's 'Orange Box' Five-Game Package
03:27:40a Magnitude 5.0 quake hits Komandorskiye Ostrova, Russia region
03:27:44a Ancestry website offers DNA tests
03:27:47a Latvian government hits crisis as ministers resign
03:27:51a Latvian foreign minister quits but PM rejects resignation
03:27:54a Vexed with Godhra questions, Modi walks out of interview
03:27:58a Va.'s Kaine To Propose Mandatory Reporting Of MRSA
03:28:01a Nobel-winner warns Asia at climate risk
03:28:05a 3 Catholic bishops call on Philippines' Arroyo to quit
03:28:09a Villagers forced to leave amid volcano fears
03:28:12a Philippine ex-priest confirms he received cash after Arroyo meet
03:28:16a Opposition releases tax cut proposal as Howard edges upward in the polls
03:28:19a New Zealand brewer offers free lifetime beer in exchange for stolen laptop's return
03:28:26a Gas tank blast kills 3, injures 10 in Manila
03:28:30a Vietnam flood toll hits 13; four still missing
03:28:33a Thai police hunting 30 runaway crocodiles
03:28:37a Man injured diving into crocodile off Aussie beach
03:28:40a Palestinian stowaway on plane returns to Malaysia
03:28:44a Where K-9 Units Fear to Tread...
03:28:47a 2 dozen bodies wash ashore in Mexico
03:28:51a Mariners land Aloisi coup
03:28:54a Foreign Raya Visitors Hit By Fuel Restrictions
03:28:58a US Security Know-How For Muara Port
03:29:01a Lucky Easi Subscribers Receive Starter Packs
03:29:05a When Miracle Aid Brings More Harm Than Help
03:29:08a Building Prices Up As Materials Get Costlier
03:29:12a MASWings To Challenge RBA
03:29:15a Speech Contest Winner Invited To Japan
03:29:19a Brunei, Region To Gain From M'sia's Election To Unesco
03:29:22a Wet Weather Until End Of The Year
03:29:26a Sheraton Gears Up For Middle Eastern Food Festival
03:29:29a Australians Can Vote At High Commission
03:29:33a Hundreds Of Thousands In SMS Donation Received For National Orphans Fund
03:29:37a TRAXXfm Live From Empire Hotel
03:29:40a Belait District Officer Holds Open House
03:29:43a Turning Heads With Pajero 1 SUV
03:29:47a Biocare Aquarium Opens Third Branch
03:29:50a Toyota, Proton Up For Grabs At Miri Golf Championship
03:29:54a Study In Australia 2007
03:29:57a Ex-UK Students Share Aidilfitri Experience
03:30:01a Brunei For 'Best Of Borneo' In London
03:30:04a Protecting Brunei's River Heritage
03:30:08a Postcards Across Asean Winners
03:30:11a Pehin Rahman Backs Malaysia For Unesco
03:30:15a 200 Children Joint Colouring Contest
03:30:18a Raya Joy In Waxhington
03:30:21a Dress Sweaters
03:30:25a Pumpkin farm saves Halloween for one group home
03:30:29a The Right-Wing Facebook GOP social networking at its best
03:30:32a I have Enhanced the Photo for Now Public Readers
03:30:36a Writers Guild Of America Votes To Authorize Strike
03:30:39a Late Night Music Club with Blackfire
03:30:42a ‘There is no Iraqi government
03:30:46a Bertinelli joins 'Rachael Ray'
03:31:25a Shooting in Forest Park
03:31:28a 40,000 theft alleged from Xavier
03:31:48a Scarlett Johansson donates money for Sri Lankan kids
03:31:51a U.S. shuttle Discovery crew arrives in Florida for liftoff
03:31:55a Chinese, foreign ceramists swap pointers
03:31:58a Hollywood writers authorize union to call strike
03:32:03a German Team Takes Top Prize In Solar Competition
03:32:07a German Technische Universitat Darmstadt Wins DOE's 2007 Solar Decathlon
03:32:10a Remarks by the President on Sanctions on Burma
03:32:26a Harley rides a hard road
03:32:29a Wanted Pied piper for commerce secretary
03:32:33a Wisconsin ranks 38th in job growth, U.S. data show
03:32:36a Savage Lancer's price tag a tad too big for its britches
03:32:40a Have no limits this Halloween
03:32:43a New arrivals shine in 'Internationalist'
03:32:50a Menez
03:32:57a F.D.A. Panel Urges Ban on Medicine for Child Colds
03:33:00a News Analysis Plainly, a Justice Department Pick of Like Mind
03:33:04a Backstage, U.S. Nurtured Pakistan Rivals' Deal
03:33:07a Markets Slide as Wall Street Sees Signs of Trouble
03:33:11a Fearing Crime, Japanese Wear the Hiding Place
03:33:15a Earthquake Magnitude 5.0 KOMANDORSKIYE OSTROVA, RUSSIA REGION
03:33:18a Pelosi and her misstep
03:33:21a David Copperfield
03:33:25a Prints of moment Kennedy was shot up for auction
03:33:29a Accused pedophile's family wants him returned to Canada
03:33:32a Buried Alive Trial Guilty Verdict Sat, 20 Oct 2007 024839 GMT
03:34:06a Magistrate advises order for White House e-mail
03:34:09a Copperfield faces sex assault allegation
03:34:13a Official Hackers going after U.S. networks
03:34:29a Thousands Lose Power In Vernon
03:34:34a G-7 Finance Ministers meet at Treasury Department in Washington
03:34:37a Stephen Colbert speaks about his new book in Washington
03:34:41a Small Plane Crashes Into Building In Richmond B.C.
03:34:44a Trinity road in plans for 40 years
03:34:48a Group angry with Grand Prairie police plans march to headquarters
03:34:51a First Petra Arab Volleyball Championship to kick off
03:35:06a Oregon feedlot dust raises health concerns
03:35:09a PGE breaches Marmot Dam on the Sandy River
03:35:13a Newly alerted Guard units most previously served
03:35:16a Man pleads guilty in targeting Oregon residents
03:35:20a Horse Rescued After Fall Through Canby Bridge
03:35:23a Teen Arrested In Homecoming Shooting
03:35:27a Bush slaps new sanctions on Burma
03:35:33a 'We never lied' about our marriage Cecilia Sarkozy
03:35:56a Darden Restaurants ends credit facility
03:36:00a FHM Insurance Teams Up with Georgia Restaurant Mutual
03:36:03a P.F. Chang's namesake opening two restaurants in Sacramento
03:36:07a Inspectors Question Owners About Brownies At Local Restaurant
03:36:11a Buggs Temple restaurant opens on canal
03:36:14a Serious nature of crimes keeps Grant behind bars
03:36:18a Restaurants are a main ingredient
03:36:21a Customs Dismisses Claim Of Favouritism For Restaurants Over Service Tax
03:36:25a New restaurant trends?
03:36:29a Greenwich restaurant attracts customers with classic American fare
03:36:32a Priszm to shed restaurants
03:36:36a So. Africa favored in Rugby World Cup final
03:36:43a Donors Lack 'Political Courage'
03:36:46a Somalia 'investigates' WFP head
03:36:50a North Sudan 'not involving South' in oil strategies
03:36:53a South Africa and England clash today
03:36:57a Activists Test Silicon Valley
03:37:00a LDK Solar Highlights China Stocks' Risk
03:37:04a Most believe class divisions remain PA
03:37:07a Guatemala, lista para su 48va vuelta ciclista
03:37:11a Bodies of possible migrants wash up in Mexico
03:37:14a Music managers Goldberg and Gentles join forces
03:37:18a Dubai Set to Lead World in Osteoporosis Awareness
03:37:22a Marines face courts-martial in Haditha case
03:37:25a Brownback drops presidential bid
03:37:29a I was born to be world champion
03:37:32a Confession Shows Mo. Woman Sane
03:37:36a Kovalam Hotel Makes World's Tallest Sandwich
03:37:39a Ugandan Boxers to have bodyguards at World Boxing Championships
03:37:43a World's eyes on China congress
03:37:47a Fatal crash closes part of I-10
03:37:50a The Spy Who Came in From a Video Game
03:37:54a Cinema Still Showing
03:37:58a Stocks in the Spotligh
03:38:01a Schools Learn a High-Tech Lesson
03:38:05a 90 Threats in Feud
03:38:08a Netting a Better Deal
03:38:12a IPO Profile Chiikishinbunsha Co.
03:38:16a T-YOU The Faith Leader From the Courtroom to Room for God
03:38:19a Snooping Employers
03:38:23a Facebook Could Bring Big Trouble, Says Hammonds
03:38:27a Maths Study 'All Adds Up to Success!'
03:38:30a Dayton Daily, Yahoo! Launch Employment Site
03:38:34a Patriots Win Bid to Get Names of Ticket-Sellers on StubHub
03:38:38a LSI Industries Inc. Schedules First Quarter Conference Call
03:38:41a EIT Inc. Announces 1.4 Million Order
03:38:45a Michigan business briefs
03:38:49a Bush renews Saudi Arabia as anti-terror ally despite concerns
03:38:53a Venezuelan bishops, rights groups criticise Chavez reforms
03:38:56a Immigrant boat sinks off Mexico coast, 24 drowned
03:39:00a Sartell woman delivers quintuplets
03:39:04a Crittenden County Recovers From Storms
03:39:07a Pupy Mutilates Baby's Genitals
03:39:11a Inside Karen's Crowded Mind
03:39:14a Panel Keep Infant Cold Medicine Off the Shelves
03:39:18a Survivor Stories
03:39:21a Rat Patrols
03:39:25a Germs On The Field
03:39:28a Chicken Soup
03:39:32a NewsChannel 9 Webcasts 1000 PM News on the Go 10/19/07
03:39:35a Night Club Lawsuit
03:39:39a School Birth Control
03:39:43a 2 Marines, including officer, to face courts-martial in Haditha killings
03:39:46a NZ orders EI vaccine just in case
03:39:50a Ambo union calls for Vic govt to step in
03:39:54a Festival swamped by Howard, McKew fans
03:39:57a Can Marsh Find Higher Ground?
03:40:01a Peru Photo of the day Lidercon to Open a New Inspection Site
03:40:04a 1 killed as plane hits building
03:40:08a Admiral says US has resources to attack
03:40:11a England inspired for Rugby World Cup final
03:40:15a Putin Announces Plans for New 'Nuke' After Launch of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.
03:40:19a I see London I see France, who brought in these underpants?
03:40:22a Three new teams ease MISL's growing pains
03:41:02a PRESS DIGEST Washington Post Oct 20
03:41:05a Thousands of
03:41:10a Rockford downs Big Reds
03:41:26a It's all think big and talk big
03:41:29a Taking on the world
03:41:32a Outpouring of love for the people's king
03:41:36a Landmark ruling shows integrity intact
03:41:39a Pay more and offer jobs to Malaysians
03:41:43a Revise taxi fares to benefit all
03:41:46a Couric to Portray Plame as Heroic Victim of White House 'Smear'
03:41:50a ABC Tries To Credit Democrats for Rush's 2 Million Ebay Letter!
03:41:53a IEDs Seen as Increasing Threat Domestically
03:41:56a Nooses Reemerge After Jena
03:42:00a Loophole Root of Loan Troubles
03:42:03a Visa Regs Hinder Visiting Artists
03:42:07a Sexual Assault At Naval Academy Alleged
03:42:14a Driver Arrested In Connection With Deadly Hit-And-Run Won't Face Homicide Charges
03:42:29a Dutch author, famous for sexual prose, dies at 81
03:42:32a Sairul and Tsuen Seng to meet in last eight of Dutch Open
03:42:36a Four-star De Graafschap Go Fourth
03:42:39a Dutch literary great Jan Wolkers dies at 81
03:42:58a Teen Accused Of Hacking Into 9-1-1 System
03:43:13a Golf Balls Cause Fear For Some Dallas Residents
03:43:16a Nowitzki & Howard Lead Mavs Past Pistons
03:43:20a IMF Indonesia`s economy projected to grow by 6.1 pct in 2008
03:43:26a Ahmadinejad denies Putin made nuclear proposal
03:43:30a Top 23 Innovative Energy Fixes
03:43:33a Marketing to Muslims Halal Ski Vacations
03:43:37a Shock Absorbing Underwear Customizable Sports Bra
03:43:40a Spy Via Cell Phone SingTel Mobile LIVEcam
03:43:44a Architecture Inspired Storage City In Your Living Room
03:43:47a Light Up Pool Balls Billiard In The Dark
03:43:51a Rent Anything Online Zilok Marketplace
03:43:54a Soda Chinese Herbology Fusion Coca-Cola Herbal Drinks
03:43:58a Designer Organic Fashion Stella McCartney For Barney's
03:44:01a Mobile Golf Simulator Dutch Golf On Tour
03:44:09a Baby Got Back, Japanese Style Best Bottom Competition
03:44:12a Radiohead downloads were just a tactic to boost CD sales
03:44:16a Socio-Political Tees TBG 2007
03:44:20a Skype Gets Radio Ministry of Sound Integrated Player
03:44:23a Designers Reinvent Kickers Limited Edition Hi-Tops
03:44:27a Korea Eating Alone and Loneliness
03:44:30a Ship Wreck Off Mexican Coast Left 24 Dead
03:44:34a One Person Dies After Two-Person Aircraft Crashed Into A Building In Canada
03:44:37a Congolese Militia Leader's War Crimes Trial On Free Satellite TV
03:44:41a China's Five Year Aerospace Blueprint Plan Includes Trips To The Moon, Navigation Satellites
03:44:44a La Russa Return To Cardinals 'Looks Very Good'
03:44:48a Ishida to debut at Sea Food Expo 2007
03:44:51a Qatar expats still rule
03:44:54a Emirates Holidays snowballs to 2,000km skislope exhilaration with new brochure
03:44:58a Oil slips from 90
03:45:01a Dubai World completes raising 5bn through 364-day syndicated term loan facility
03:45:05a Dubai World secures 5bn loans
03:45:08a DailyFX Fundamentals 10-19-07
03:45:12a BusinessCast October 19, 2007
03:45:15a Canadian Dollar Battling 89 Oil and Weakening Economic
03:45:19a Higher loonie offers relief at gas pumps, but...
03:45:22a Zellers Price Cut campaign is part of retaile...
03:45:26a World's top finance officials pledge to limit...
03:45:30a GDX Automotive plant in Magog, Que., to close...
03:45:33a Accused pedophile's family wants him returned to Canada
03:45:37a Washington, DC Schedule of Events, No War, No Warming Oct. 18-22
03:45:41a Anarchist Propaganda from beyond the grave
03:45:44a Springboks favored over England in final
03:45:47a Man sentenced for Fergie attack
03:45:51a FBI investigates magician David Copperfield's Las Vegas warehouse, where he performs
03:45:55a Billboard's use of 3-letter word in anti-Chavez message draws mixed reaction in US
03:45:58a US officials return ancient remains to indigenous Tlingit tribes after scientific testing
03:46:23a Sanctions Issued Against Burmese Dictatorship
03:46:26a How to implement role-based access control
03:46:30a Inside Mobile-spy 'Spouseware,'
03:46:33a Should E-Mail Addresses Be Considered Private Data?
03:46:47a Video Shows Thief Trapped Inside Bait Car
03:47:04a Is It Possible For A Democrat to Go Too Far?
03:47:07a One Question Answered
03:47:11a Examining Bhutto's Significance in Pakistan
03:47:14a Bennelong apple festival becomes campaign hotspot
03:47:18a Former NJ Assemblyman Pleads Guilty
03:47:22a Small Plane Crashes Into Canada Building
03:47:25a Swastikas, Epithet on Historic NY Depot
03:47:29a Dubai ruler's shirt fetches 4.3m for charity
03:47:32a Where does the US stand now that dollar is taking a hammering
03:47:36a Rich world's pledges to help out Africa remain on paper
03:47:39a Burj Dubai nearly at its peak
03:47:43a Private sector is key part of Zoellick's plan
03:47:46a Europe 'would gain from increased mobile spectrum'
03:47:50a Hurricanes-Penguins, Sums
03:47:54a Most of newly alerted Guard units have previously served in Iraq
03:47:57a SWAT team called to North Braddock home
03:48:01a Colleague Soldier argued with commander he's accused of killing
03:48:05a Crosby has decisive shootout goal in Pens' 4-3 win over Carolina
03:48:08a Rush-hour outage delays 300 at Philadelphia's 30th Street Station
03:48:12a Javon Walker could miss 6 weeks; Bailey a game-time decision
03:48:15a I-91 South Shut Down In Hartford
03:48:19a Victim Uncooperative After Stabbing
03:48:22a The magic and madness of mobile technology
03:48:26a Big Media Defiant Against Internet Threat
03:48:29a Taking the green approach to storage
03:48:33a Republican Convention Arrives In Orlando
03:48:36a 1 Dead After Car Plunges Into Brevard Co. Retention Pond
03:48:40a 4 Friends Charged With Murder In May 2006 Drowning
03:48:43a Deerfield Student Claims To Have Superbug
03:48:47a Students Turn Recycled Materials Into Art
03:48:50a As many as six dead in Surrey, B.C., homicide
03:48:54a Katherine residents grapple with grog ban
03:48:58a Health Dept defends handling of baby's death
03:49:45a Glorietta blast traced to storeroom; no exact cause yet
03:49:59a Most Asian currencies stable against Qatari riyal
03:50:06a Kaczynskis' support flags as electi
03:50:09a People Trapped in Debris
03:50:14a Raid protesters take to the streets
03:50:17a Media coverage sensationalised gun shop owner
03:50:21a Two marines to face trial over deaths of 24 Iraqis
03:50:25a Caterpillar warning hits US stocks
03:50:28a Iraqi Kurds vow to repel any Turkish attacks
03:50:45a Media Advisory URBAN MIXER GALLERY SERIES II at TRUNK gallery
03:50:50a Jarte 3.0
03:50:58a PNP chemist finds traces of 'C4 main component' in Makati blast
03:51:01a National Security Adviser Makati blast possible terror attack
03:51:05a Three oil firms hike pump prices by P0.50/liter
03:51:08a Off-Duty Officer Shoots, Wounds Suspect
03:51:15a Defiant Bhutto says blasts were 'attack on democracy'
03:51:33a Toshiba helping prep HD DVD-equipped 360?
03:51:37a PC Gears of War golden
03:51:40a Bad science Threats the homeopathic panacea
03:52:27a Van Buren cafeteria was full of students 20 minutes before shooting
03:52:34a Gaming police bust Terre Haute business
03:52:38a Northview Marching Knights taking show to state competition
03:52:42a Union representing Hollywood film, TV writers wins authorization to strike
03:52:45a Fans sue Aerosmith for scrapped Maui concert
03:52:49a "Harry Potter" author reveals that Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, is gay
03:53:33a U.N. climate chief looks for Bali breakthrough
03:53:50a County Commissioners Fight Against Tax Hikes
03:53:53a What if Atlanta's faucets run dry
03:53:57a Authorities search Va., W.Va. for suspects in deputy shooting
03:54:00a Feds return ancient remains to Tlingit tribes
03:54:04a Cookbooks for sneaking kids healthy food have a side dish of intrigue
03:54:07a Egyptian student can sue FBI agent over 9/11 detention
03:54:11a Developing nations want IMF to monitor advanced economies
03:54:14a Storms kill six across country
03:54:18a Probe halts Brooke Astor's estate case
03:54:21a Son of Indian immigrants holds strong lead in La. governor's race, could avoid runoff
03:54:25a Dog lovers understand intense passions at play in DeGeneres dog-adoption drama
03:54:29a Chicago EMT Fatally Struck While Changing Tire
03:54:32a US diplomat meets with Dalai Lama for talks
03:54:35a NorCal Goats Herd Away Homeless In San Francisco
03:54:39a Psychiatrist says confession from woman accused of killing expectant mom proves she was sane
03:54:43a Chile probes leak of prison mugshots of Pinochet's children
03:54:46a Scathing letter from Democrats about Limbaugh's 'phony soldiers' remark nets 2.1M on eBay
03:54:50a Hawaii debates ethnic benefits
03:54:54a Explosion levels two New Jersey buildings1 construction worker killed, 4 critically injured
03:54:57a Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes
03:55:01a Ban on Calif. Pesticide Spraying Lifted
03:55:04a Lawyer Says He Saw Police Use Excessive Force On Woman
03:55:16a SF Non-Profit Group Helps Homeless Dads
03:55:19a SJ Homeowner Catches Mail Thief With Camera
03:55:23a Headscarf ban in Turkey 'a form of violence against women'
03:55:27a Islam in Africa Exhibition underway in London
03:55:30a Investigation into Karachi blasts underway Sherpao
03:55:37a Denver Public School Children Plant Trees
03:55:40a CO Delegation Calls for Full Funding for Rocky Mountain Forests to Address Potential Hazards
03:55:44a Dr Punjabi invited to Tehran conference
03:55:47a Last tango in Tehran
03:55:51a Putin's Tehran junket
03:55:54a ARNAUD DE BORCHGRAVE Putin's Tehran junket
03:56:03a Profits, not poaching, is message Cornell food scientists are aiming at Zambian farmers
03:56:34a Report Mt. Sinai Finances Deteriorating
03:56:37a St. Augustine to Celebrate 150 Years
03:56:41a Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches
03:56:44a In Reversal, Doctor Needs Public's Help
03:56:48a Hospital's Organ Donor Work Noted
03:56:51a Members Up to Chamber of Commerce's Health Challenge
03:56:55a Corker Let's find a way to get SCHIP boost passed
03:56:58a Fuel spill closes I-91 in Hartford
03:57:02a A grave mistake in Hamden
03:57:05a Heavy rains cause power outages in Vernon
03:57:09a Woman found guilty of murdering pregnant woman
03:57:12a Stalin threatens 'criminal action' against Jayalalitha
03:57:16a Leppert takes aim at owners of run-down properties
03:57:19a Travelling through Asia on foot
03:57:23a Qatari envoy meets Morocco minister
03:57:27a Retired teachers may get bonus pension check
03:57:30a Dodd, On N.H. Ballot, Moves Family To Iowa
03:58:35a Omax Autos to infuse Rs 100 cr in Lucknow plant
03:58:38a Auto parts makers to see modest quarterly profit rise
03:58:41a IIFCL in talks with multilateral institutions
03:58:45a Unit Testing Automation A growing priority
03:58:48a Govt planning to introduce multi
03:58:52a Lt. Gen. Frank Kearney should be executed. He is a traitor.
03:58:55a Anyone have Warka shares from Proxy transferred to your good name yet?
03:58:59a Sharp hopes for FIA GT title
03:59:02a Henin Marches On In Zurich
03:59:06a Second child dies after crash near Brantford, Ont., that killed mother and baby
03:59:09a Oil prices retreat from record over 90 a barrel as dollar b
03:59:13a Canadian stocks, crude on the rise
03:59:16a Gas prices could level off this fall, oil analyst says
03:59:20a Venezuelan Oil Refinery Suffers Outage
03:59:23a Cruising the Gulf for Oil Answers
03:59:27a Consequences of high oil price
03:59:30a State gets an ear full of Gibson crude-oil tank talk
03:59:34a One on One Snake oil salesman?
03:59:37a Essar to produce methane from Mehsana oil fields
03:59:41a Shares plunge as oil breaches 90 and worries of recession i
03:59:56a Magic defeat China All-Stars
04:00:07a Strong euro brightens prospects for Thai garment exports
04:01:25a Crayon Corner
04:02:13a Gravy train rolls in for proposed Poconos-NYC rail line
04:02:19a 'An afternoon at the Opera' returns to the Western Pocono Community Library
04:02:28a Angelo Falcón to speak at ESU Saturday
04:02:37a Learn to canoe for free at Skytop Lodge
04:02:41a Library tour to visit NYC specialty markets
04:02:45a Off-Broadway show to repair church steeple
04:02:48a Performing arts school celebrating its seventh year Saturday
04:02:52a Stroudfest was a fine community effort
04:02:55a Court Blotter Friday, Sept. 14
04:02:59a Monroe County Bar Foundation hosts art show today
04:03:03a Super Saturday Look for Record's Community Yard Sale in Courthouse Square
04:03:18a Mount Pocono bank confounds son's efforts to find mother's will
04:03:30a Look up in the sky over Tobyhanna tomorrow
04:03:33a Super Saturday coming up with mega yard sale, food, fun
04:03:37a Teen accidentally shoots self in leg at McDonald's
04:03:40a Volunteer effort
04:03:44a Fears for missing woman
04:03:47a Drivers urged to take breaks
04:03:50a Wild weather for weekend
04:03:54a Unipol seeks exclusive deal talks with Pop Milano
04:03:57a Teacher accused of giving drugs to K. Falls students
04:04:36a Mitt woos Values Voters, mum on Mormonism
04:04:40a Sunday talk show tip sheet
04:04:59a Explosion rips Makati shopping center
04:05:03a Police force Indonesians to evacuate volcanic area
04:05:07a US soldiers accused of gang-rape
04:05:11a EU leaders authorize reforms
04:05:14a DNA discoverer seeks to downplay race comments
04:05:18a French president, wife divorced by `mutual consent'
04:05:22a Poles star in Britain's immigrant success story
04:05:25a French public still struggling with transport strikes
04:05:29a US can attack Iran Joint Chiefs chair
04:05:33a Standoff at Bolivia's busiest airport intensifies
04:05:36a Politics makes Chavez and Uribe unlikely bedfellows
04:05:40a PRC woman sought to buy US military equipment agents
04:05:44a US party for fair-skinned blacks highlights racism
04:05:47a Chinatrust bullish on wealth business
04:05:51a CIER revises up forecast GDP growth to 4.55%
04:05:55a Ortega says foreign textile firms `enslaving' workers
04:05:58a Far Eastern shares close limit-up on China plans
04:06:01a China no cheap labor haven Chiang
04:06:05a PRC builds demand for top toys
04:06:08a Oil concerns hold back TAIEX despite tech gains
04:06:12a Notebook demand pumps PC sales by seasonal 24%
04:06:16a Google Q3 profits jump 46 percent
04:06:19a Supply jitters drive oil to new high beyond US90
04:06:23a Microsoft to pursue smaller acquisitions
04:06:26a Berkshire sells off PetroChina stake, denies Sudan link
04:06:30a Focus turns to greenback as G7 meet commences
04:06:34a Kiting blows into Taiwan
04:06:37a The puck drops here
04:06:41a IELTS Listening
04:06:44a Not a 'Black Monday' but a bleak one
04:06:48a U.S. presses Japan to stick to reform drive under Fukuda
04:06:52a Alaska Guard vet recalls Japan war threat
04:06:55a Japan not ready for FTA, U.S. trade official says
04:06:59a IPCC chief lauds Japan's example on global warming
04:07:03a Error in Pentagon's record contract
04:07:06a Rudd courts voters in Liberal territory
04:07:10a Nurses, Government to hold wage talks
04:07:14a Heartless system doomed baby boy
04:07:17a Asbestos claiming a new generation
04:07:21a News Corporation nets a win
04:07:24a Woolmer doctor 'arrived too late'
04:07:28a Poker in W.Va. Slowly but surely, PG's ace turns 100 into 27
04:07:32a Sheriffs Fight With Paper Flares Up Again
04:08:16a wins general excellence prize
04:08:27a French rail strike continues, despite union leaders' efforts to end it
04:08:31a French workers speak out against social welfare cuts
04:08:34a Bhutto implicates Pakistan's military-security establishment in assassination attempt
04:08:38a Swiss election campaign reveals profound social divisions
04:08:42a Large UAW local votes 80 percent to reject Chrysler sellout faces strong rank-and-file opposition
04:08:45a Canadian Auto Workers union 'partners' with Magna International
04:08:49a Australia McArthur Express workers face up to 10 years jail for protesting
04:08:52a Another letter from a German train driver
04:08:56a Landmark study records visionary architecture from the early years of the Soviet Union
04:09:02a Thai court orders Canadian pedophile suspect held for 12 days
04:09:06a Five car crash ties up traffic on Hwy. 95
04:09:13a Military explosives used in deadly Manila bomb blast police
04:09:16a Iraq hesitates on hangings of Saddam regime leaders
04:09:20a Boy's death shows 'sick hospital system'
04:09:24a Residents angry with Grand Prairie police plan march
04:09:27a Is Musharraf unable to control jehadi terror?
04:09:37a Red light cameras cause controversy as they spread throughout St. Louis
04:09:41a Local historian uncovers where Bay City's Civil War hero was buried
04:10:06a Hasegawa, Maludrottu set to fight
04:10:09a Beckett helps Red Sox stay alive in Game 5
04:10:13a Power sales rise to hit record high
04:10:16a Belarus requests help on first reactor
04:10:20a Baby found encased in cement; pair held
04:10:23a Defense-linked exec grilled over dubious accounts
04:10:27a Repeat offender sentenced to 14 years for confining and abusing four females
04:10:30a Pathologist to testify in inquest
04:10:33a With McClaren likely gone, F.A. must get it right next time
04:10:37a Federer puts Canas in place
04:10:40a DPJ stays on offensive in refueling mission debate
04:10:44a Tokyo taxi fares to surpass 700 line to cope with surging oil prices
04:10:47a Lawsuit filed over false '03 Kagoshima election violation charges
04:10:51a Baseball executive goes to the plate in Asia
04:10:54a Labor rights for bureaucrats urged
04:10:58a Torre rejects offer, bids Yanks farewell
04:11:01a Bengals QB Palmer apologizes for uncharacteristic outbursts
04:11:05a Wings rally past Sharks
04:11:08a Kirin negotiating to buy Kyowa Hakko
04:11:12a Sony, 21 firms join hands on battery recalls
04:11:15a Fukabori grabs share of lead
04:11:18a Halt output indefinitely, Mie instructs Akafuku
04:11:22a Sharp to up thin solar cell output
04:11:25a Four marines investigated for rape
04:11:29a Keita gets two-year drug ban
04:11:32a Kim welcomes Fukuda's overture
04:11:36a Dragons top Giants; take 2-0 series lead
04:11:39a Small companies urged to pass on high cost of oil
04:11:43a Getting to the bottom of the mystery of the moving pier
04:11:46a Ueda, Creamer tied for top spot
04:11:49a Tokyo trader probed over procurement of U.S. night vision goggles
04:11:53a New stables part of fresh 2m plan to redevelop racecourse
04:11:56a 5,000 bike stolen after puncture
04:12:00a McDonald wants a bite at Glasgow derby
04:12:03a Minibus crash man awarded 61,600
04:12:07a A lard line on drunks
04:12:10a Haining praise for SPL's quality
04:12:13a Hannah joins Traub at Cowden
04:12:17a Crackdown on under-age drinkers
04:12:20a O'Dea poised to start for Celtic
04:12:24a Filipino Muslim Leader Killed in Ambush
04:12:27a Military puts Metro forces under red alert after blast
04:12:31a Deer blamed for Aussie musician's death
04:12:35a One dead as plane hits Canadian building
04:12:46a 4 killed as car plunges into canal in Bangkok suburb
04:12:50a Missing captain of sunken Greek cargo ship found dead
04:12:54a Death toll of Malaysian ferry accident rises to 7
04:12:57a Money matters more to talented computer student
04:13:01a C'mon Newfoundland Is 'Bizarre, Amazing'
04:13:04a Outside powers have turned Pakistan into a powder keg
04:13:20a Friday Night Lights Webcast Week 8
04:13:23a ONLY ON 46 Meet The Negotiator That Talks People Down
04:13:27a New Details Emerging In Fatal I-20 Wreck
04:13:30a Chemical Scare Forces Cobb Apartment Evacuation
04:13:34a 6 die in Surrey homicide, police say
04:14:18a Local schools dealing with staph infections
04:14:27a A fresh beginning for Vrginia Beach alternative education
04:14:31a Beach unveils plan to reduce gap for black male pupils
04:14:55a Lyon out to hold on to top spot
04:14:58a France offer no excuses after bowing out on low note
04:15:02a Govt workers bring France to a halt
04:15:05a School French Fries Harder To Find
04:15:08a French unions split over train deal
04:15:12a Ban on Calif. Pesticide Spraying Lifted AP
04:15:15a Police arrest two over boy's murder PA
04:15:19a Fugitive's Trial Begins in Auto Crash AP
04:15:22a Murdoch confronts rebels and rules out bid for Facebook
04:15:26a Social networking 'a boost to PR'
04:16:00a Friday Night Blitz Remix, Week 9
04:16:03a Greenville Grabs Spirit Award
04:16:07a C.J. Holley Grabs Player Of The Week
04:16:10a Gaffney vs. Byrnes
04:16:13a Daniel vs. Greenville
04:16:17a Crunch Of The Week For Oct. 19
04:16:40a Kauai hotel occupancy again tops state
04:16:43a Cooper Energy turns to Tunisia
04:16:47a Cooper Energy raises 60m for Tunisia oil project
04:17:08a Marmot Dam washes away in Sandy River
04:17:11a Teen arrested for Jefferson High gang shooting
04:17:33a Man indicted for alleged threats against Vietnamese Consulate in S.F.
04:17:39a Body Found In Road Sat, 20 Oct 2007 033623 GMT
04:17:53a Moon orbiter, Chang'e I,sets to take off
04:18:11a Powers vow to limit credit crisis; violent protest
04:18:15a Staph fears force districts to take extra precautions
04:18:19a Texas Medical Board to be questioned at hearing
04:19:21a Report Massachusetts probes Bear Stearns trades
04:19:25a Fiscal literacy required study for homebuyer
04:19:28a The Cheesecake Factory Opens in Natick, Massachusetts
04:19:32a Bear Stearns in Massachusetts probe over funds WSJ
04:19:35a Hollywood Film, TV Writers' Union Authorizes Strike
04:20:29a BALLOT PRINTERS SHOT - Printery workers call for police protection
04:20:32a Charged - ...with breaching ex-wife's protection order
04:20:39a 'Political mischief' -
04:20:43a Panday Claims not yet proven -
04:20:46a Boy distributing COP posters shot dead -
04:20:50a Coudray campaign supporters attacked in Sando -
04:20:53a Govt denies 'secret' document is
04:20:57a Carolyn sounds energy warning -
04:21:00a UNC Unemployment benefit if we win -
04:21:04a DPP warns against swaying court cases -
04:21:07a The puzzle of the 'missing' UNC voter -
04:21:11a Warner Poll shouldn't question PM's mental health -
04:21:14a Santa Cruz reels after the floods -
04:21:18a Ballistics expert Accidental discharge of Uzi not possible - Borough Day Murder Trial
04:21:21a Bas loses 'Couva' case - Appeal Court rules against Panday
04:21:25a McNicolls gets go-ahead to hear Piarco enquiry -
04:21:28a 'A jail-bound PM? How embarrassing' -
04:21:32a Meeting today for bandleaders, masqueraders -
04:21:35a Wilkinson Poet Laureate ceremony postponed -
04:21:39a Dookeran Free bus rides, students' discounts -
04:21:42a Questions of political intent -
04:21:46a Where the books are -
04:21:49a Corridor of uncertainty -
04:21:52a Constitution referendum and Local Govt reform -
04:21:56a G7 nations want China to lift currency restrictions
04:22:00a COSTAATT workers hit slow wage talks -
04:22:03a Govt hails T&T in 'Economist' spread -
04:22:07a N&M and McAL lawyers in row -
04:22:10a Cross-Country 5k at Brechin Castle -
04:22:34a Kim Jong Il Sends Wreath to Bier of Rim Sang Jong
04:22:37a Rim Sang Jong Dies
04:22:40a Kim Yong Nam Meets Zambian Government Delegation
04:22:44a Gift to Kim Jong Il from Zambian President
04:22:47a DPRK Premier to Visit Southeast Asian Countries
04:22:51a Kim Ki Nam Meets Sudanese Delegation
04:22:54a German Embassy Officials Help Korean Farmers
04:22:58a Symposium on Yun I Sang's Music Held
04:23:01a Concert to Observe Birth Anniversary of Yun I Sang Closes
04:23:05a Nano Scientific and Technological Presentation
04:23:08a Pyongyang in Autumn
04:23:11a Weaponry and Metalwork in Period of Three Kingdoms
04:23:15a Japan's Compensation for Past Crimes Urged
04:23:18a People's All-out Struggle Called for in S. Korea
04:23:22a DPRK's Important Days Observed in Foreign Countries
04:23:25a Bulletins on Korea Released in Foreign Countries
04:23:29a Burlington's Ghosts Come Out to Play
04:23:33a Subprime Mortgages and Credit Card Debt
04:23:36a Three shot in north St. Louis
04:23:40a Six killed in multiple homicide in Surrey, B.C., RCMP say
04:23:43a One killed, two hurt as small plane hits Richmond, B.C., apartment building
04:23:47a Brother of accused pedophile nabbed after manhunt says he's glad he's in custody
04:23:50a Monroe apartment fire being called suspicious
04:23:54a President vows to kick off torch relay
04:23:57a Chen rejects 'one China' as precondition for talks
04:24:00a Bhutto No surrender to militants
04:24:04a Oil hits record US90.07 amid global supply concern
04:24:07a Bomb kills 8, wounds over 100 in Philippine mall
04:24:11a Kurd rebels may hit Turk pipelines if attacked
04:24:14a Thai police nab suspected pedophile
04:24:18a Breast cancer awareness rallies support
04:24:21a Homeless ousted from Mesa orange grove
04:24:26a America Makes The Best Of Everything, Even Its Own Critics
04:24:29a Some Rapper Titles His Latest Album Nigger
04:24:32a LIBERTAS Review Rendition
04:24:36a On Victory in Iraq
04:25:06a AP Millitary Explains Nuclear Weapon Mistake Yea, Right.
04:25:23a Incredible shrinking hard drives
04:26:38a 3 deck-truss spans marked for repairs after inspections
04:26:53a Prepare For Severe Weather
04:27:34a DoT makes tougher norms for spectrum
04:27:37a Images Week in News
04:27:41a Specials of the Week
04:27:44a Week's Best
04:27:48a Sound Advice More colors result in better photo printing
04:27:52a Connected New phone makes VoIP even easier
04:27:55a Wise up and keep the bad guys out of your computer, already
04:27:58a With smaller, cheaper smart phone, Palm shows not all shrinkage is bad
04:28:02a Users' Guide Gentlemen, search your engines!
04:28:05a TOPOFF Fictional Anti-Terror Exercise becomes the 'Real Thing'
04:28:09a Fight Against Coal Plants Is Creating Diverse Partnerships
04:28:13a Citing Global Warming, Kansas Denies Plant Permit
04:28:16a The Prize That Even Some Laureates Question
04:28:20a Man Sentenced To 10 Years for Sex with 13-Year-Old Girl
04:28:36a Bodies wash up in Mexico; may be migrants
04:28:45a Sideline 2007 October 19th Sat, 20 Oct 2007 034951 GMT
04:29:17a US Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit on Secret Flights
04:29:20a G-7 Urges Banks to Weigh 'Risks' of Dealing With Iran
04:29:24a Talks on Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline Enter Final Phase
04:29:28a Blackwater Attempted to Take Iraqi Military Aircraft Out of Iraq
04:29:31a Two Mauritanians Held for Links to al-Qaeda Freed
04:29:35a North Sudan 'Not Involving South' in Oil Strategies
04:29:38a Sudan Negotiations to Save National Unity Government Fails to Reach Solution
04:29:42a Protesters Take Control of Bolivia Airport
04:29:46a UN Eyes Pics of Possible Syria Nuke Site
04:29:49a Lithuania Sends Its Troops Back to Iraq
04:29:53a Two US Marines Face Haditha Court-Martial
04:29:57a Japan Opposition Slams Afghan Mission Bill
04:30:00a Team Receptive To Building At Orange Bowl
04:30:07a Armored Van Driver Beaten, Robbed
04:30:11a Priest Donates Kidney To Parishioner
04:30:14a SUV Crash Demolishes Home
04:30:18a Fighting cycle of homelessness, addiction and mental health
04:30:21a An Angel Needs Help
04:30:54a Church briefs Oct. 20, 2007
04:31:08a Nowitzki and Howard lead Mavericks to 122-94 victory over Pistons
04:31:12a NHRA star Force set for release after nearly a month in hospital
04:31:15a Assault suspect lived with boy's grandmother
04:31:19a Fujimori to be tried on Nov. 26 Peru's justice head
04:31:22a Brazilian police investigate TV network acquisition by sect leader
04:31:26a Sri Lanka Army fires at suspicious boats off national park
04:31:30a Egypt supports reconstruction of southern Sudan
04:31:34a UNFPA satisfied at cooperation with Angola
04:31:37a Zambian president asks chiefs to embrace development
04:31:41a Paris prepares to extradite Rwandese genocide suspect
04:31:44a French, Cameroonian presidents to discuss bilateral ties in Paris meeting
04:31:48a Writethru Somali PM denies step-down reports amid speculation
04:31:51a Ethiopia says UN humanitarian activities within Somali region ' unrestricted'
04:31:55a Somali PM denies step-down reports
04:31:58a Angola, EU sign agreement on Humbe-Cahama road rehabilitation
04:32:02a Jordan's king denounces Karachi suicide bombings
04:32:06a Britain condemns Pakistan bomb attack
04:32:09a Roundup EU informal summit ends with new treaty, strong commitment on globalization challenges
04:32:13a Winner of Achievement in African Leadership to be announced
04:32:16a Three questioned over schoolboy's murder
04:32:20a Supreme Court turns down rape victim's application
04:32:23a 'Robotic rampage' unlikely reason for deaths
04:32:27a Great Jupiter's Ghost!
04:32:30a Tapioca and the Nigerian Space Agency
04:32:34a Biggest 'small' black hole discovered
04:32:37a 'Nanospikes' Add To Solar, Biomedical, Microelectronics Applications
04:32:41a 10.19.07 NASA Assigns Crew for Final Solar Array Delivery to Station
04:32:44a Huckabee Gets NY Times Nod As Brownback Bows Out
04:32:48a With festivities Tamm Ave. overpass will reopen Saturday
04:32:51a The Patent Infringement Suit A Playbook
04:32:55a AIM Fines Broker for Poor Conduct
04:32:58a Court May Curb Politicians at VW
04:33:02a Ber
04:33:29a Willie wins award for peace
04:33:32a Woman claims APD used excessive force
04:33:36a RACHEL MAY I'm so proud! Muggs advance to next round on 'Great American Band'
04:33:49a China's space sector sets eyes on nine major tasks
04:34:18a CIA Paranoia and the Lady from Vermont
04:34:21a Independent phone companies in Vermont reach deal with FairPoint
04:34:24a Vermont's 'Eight Independents' Reach Agreement With FairPoint ...
04:34:28a Ma counts Hsieh's contributions to economy
04:34:32a Official saves woman from being conned
04:34:35a Chinese author Dai Sijie visits Taipei for Int'l Book Festival
04:34:39a Motorcycle accident brings estranged mother, son together
04:34:43a Migrant workers to share perspective in song and dance
04:34:46a In-network mobile phone calls are cheaper, CF says
04:34:50a Changhua police crack drug ring for night students
04:34:54a The Central Election Commission remains open on ballot format
04:34:57a China announces loan to Pacific ally
04:35:01a The International Osteoporosis Foundation provides self-test online for osteoporosis
04:35:04a The Industrial Development Bureau to expand global reach of Taiwan's LED industry
04:35:08a 20 octogenarians team up for motorbike tour
04:35:12a Top fishery head addresses Penghu fishermen problems
04:35:15a Hsinchu Int'l Glass Art Festival to open in Feb.
04:35:19a Judge Katrina Death Reports Are Public
04:35:22a Bute Stops Berrio to Win IBF Title
04:35:26a 15 Years in Fla. Airport Weapons Plot
04:35:29a Charges Dropped Against 2 N.D. Officials
04:35:33a Soldier Probed in Checkpoint Shooting
04:35:39a Blair emerges as candidate for 'President of Europe'
04:35:42a Dinamo keep up goalscoring form
04:35:46a Try these cheap, tasty wines from southern Europe
04:35:49a Deutschland will EU-Vertrag schnell ratifizieren
04:35:53a Ukraine gas explosion toll rises
04:35:56a Blair emerges as candidate for 'President of Europe'
04:36:00a CPUC Allows Utilities to Amend Power-Buying Plans
04:36:03a Utility work to shut 2 Kam Highway lanes in Waimalu
04:36:07a Western Washington utility crews work to restore power after
04:36:14a Utility, lawmakers to challenge permit rejection
04:36:18a Turkey asks Iraq to shut Kurdish rebel camps
04:36:21a » Skanska Wins 181 Million Utility Plant Order in California
04:36:25a Utility and Community Resource Fair to Help Boyle Heights Residents Save on Utility Costs
04:36:29a Royal Utilities Income Fund Announces October 2007 Cash Distribution
04:36:32a Firm hired to lower utility bills
04:36:36a Canadian Utilities' senior unsecured debt rating raised to 'A ...
04:36:40a 2ND LD Baseball Kansas City Royals announce Hillman as manager+
04:36:44a 3RD LD G-7 pledges efforts to stabilize world markets amid subprime woes+
04:36:47a 3RD LD Nukaga, Paulson agree to cooperate over clean technology fund+
04:36:51a LEAD Scandal-tainted Akafuku regularly prints next day as production date+
04:36:55a Rabbi condemns multiculturalism
04:36:58a Most believe class divisions remain
04:37:02a In-Cinema Advertising Grows by 15%
04:37:05a Digital TV plan encounters static
04:37:09a Answers to digital TV questions
04:37:12a Clegg stakes a claim to lead as the 'Lib Dem Cameron'
04:37:16a Britain offers 'go home' cash to asylum-seekers
04:37:19a Sarkozy backs Blair as president
04:37:22a In praise of ... free phone-ins
04:37:26a Winehouse in Norwegian cell on drug charges
04:37:29a How Wilko's and Montgomery's hairstyles line up
04:37:33a I did not order Menezes to be shot
04:37:36a Extra 500 on offer to failed asylum seekers
04:37:40a Decline or rebirth Party teeters on the brink
04:37:44a Epic gambler gets lucky in court over 2m casino battle
04:37:47a Husband jailed for dumping wife in French lake in 1999
04:37:51a Little Jo'burg stokes up the barbecue fires
04:37:54a Complaint over taxi crime claims
04:37:58a MT Efunya Sinks at Lagos Port
04:38:01a N-deal Did the Congress lose its nerve like Rahul Dravid?
04:38:05a Movie and TV Writers Authorize a Call to Strike
04:38:19a Hell House Buffalo
04:38:57a Nuclear weapons' handling procedure breach in US
04:39:00a Australia's PM on the hustings in his electorate
04:39:04a Bodies of 24 suspected illegal migrants found in Mexico
04:39:07a No charges to be laid against NZ rugby team
04:39:11a Al Cardenas An 'Electability' Theory?
04:39:14a Robert D. Novak Message From Massachusetts
04:39:18a Tom Borelli An Inconvenient Exposure
04:39:21a Rich Tucker A Depressing Lack of Bad News
04:39:25a Kathryn Jean Lopez Cheney 2008
04:39:50a Republican Pres. Debate Heads To Orlando
04:39:53a Officer Arrested For Inappropriate Behavior With Teen
04:39:57a Orlando International welcomes the Airbus A380
04:40:02a Saddler scores 5 touchdowns in Gateway rout
04:40:05a Clairton cruises past Leechburg
04:40:09a Junior RB scores 4 TDs in Valley victory
04:40:12a Ford City clinches conference, beats Deer Lakes
04:40:16a Conemaugh Twp. upends Riverview
04:40:19a Freeport holds off Union
04:40:23a Resurgent RB leads Kittanning past Burrell
04:40:26a Highlands holds off Franklin Regional
04:40:30a Plum loses 'heartbreaker'
04:40:34a Apollo-Ridge keeps playoff hopes alive
04:40:37a Senior housing complex opens in Tarentum
04:40:41a Four compete in Harmar supervisors race
04:40:44a Murrysville woman charged in theft from bar safe
04:40:48a 4 seek 3 spots on Butler County Commission
04:40:52a DA charges man in campaign postcard case
04:40:55a Leechburg classrooms to be disinfected
04:40:59a Park friends
04:41:02a Classical concert 'brings the music to the people'
04:41:06a Pedophile suspect stays silent
04:41:09a New statues all at sea
04:41:34a Community festival turns nasty
04:41:51a Chicago Boy Survives Being Struck By Lightning
04:41:54a Alligator Caught Crossing The Road Outside L.A.
04:42:28a U.S. expands sanctions against Burma
04:42:31a Stage set for World Cup final in Paris
04:42:44a China rejects Japanese blame over East China Sea talks
04:42:53a Petrol set for 1.10 a litre as oil prices hit record
04:43:03a UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News October 20, 2007
04:43:06a Group opposes Proposition 15
04:43:47a Spain hails new EU treaty
04:43:51a Chile, U.S. conclude joint air maneuvers
04:43:55a Spanish government condemns suicide bombings in Pakistan
04:44:20a Plainly, a Justice Department Pick of Like Mind
04:44:24a Catherine Roraback, 87, Influential Lawyer, Dies
04:44:27a After Bombing, Bhutto Assails Officials Ties
04:44:31a For 3 Candidates, a Test on Religion
04:44:35a Lawsuit Is Reinstated for Man Wrongly Suspected in 9/11
04:44:38a World Briefing Asia India 5 Rare Lions Electrocuted
04:44:42a World Bank Report Puts Agriculture at Core of Antipoverty Effort
04:44:46a Rules Urged to Govern Investing by Nations
04:44:49a Health Plan Used by U.S. Is Debated as a Model
04:44:53a Former U.S. Terror Official Backs Spitzers License Plan
04:44:56a Claim of Pressure for Closed Guantnamo Trials
04:45:00a Wiretapping Compromise Was Months in the Making
04:45:08a Recuperating Senator Says Hell Seek Re-election
04:45:12a Haditha Charges Pressed in 2 Cases
04:45:15a 180 Local, Federal Officers Net 80 Wanted Persons
04:45:19a Somalia aid delivery impeded by ‘suspicion’ from Government, other parties – UN
04:45:22a Journalist gunned down in Somalia
04:45:26a 'Extremely difficult to feed hundreds of thousands of hungry people in Somalia'
04:45:31a Christmas event information needed
04:45:34a Immigrant boat sinks off Mexico, 24 drown
04:45:42a Police Close In On Stolen Goods At Pawn Shops
04:45:46a Dan's Saturday Red Sox Blog Update
04:46:19a Gene science pioneer
04:46:39a Kawasaki 's de Puniet sets early pace
04:46:43a HLG Capital to buy SBB Securities for RM77m
04:46:46a Notion on track for earnings recovery
04:46:50a Kencana Petroleum confirms report on new drilling contract
04:46:54a Lorenzo on pole for second title
04:46:57a 'No ' to heavy vehicle ban on Penang Bridge
04:47:01a Wipro earnings up 17%
04:47:04a US housing slump has not affected Malaysia yet
04:47:08a Tanjong in talks to revive leisure ops
04:47:11a Venture with MISC to boost Dialog
04:47:15a Islamic finance the 'New Silk Road'
04:47:18a OSK Research upbeat on LPI's venture in Cambodia
04:47:22a Pesaka Antah enters new business areas
04:47:25a DiGi surprises with RM1 dividend
04:47:29a Great Eastern sets new targets as centennial approaches
04:47:32a Gold hits 28-year high, platinum near record
04:47:35a Top Glove net profit up 31% to RM103mil
04:47:39a Cheng to mediate in Unico-Desa dispute
04:47:42a Pintaras bullish on FY2008
04:47:46a Nod to jointly combat diseases
04:47:49a When Barr was hippo bait
04:47:53a Freedom of speech tested at Obama rally
04:47:57a Citizen journalists post Makati blast video clips
04:48:00a Gadget Guy Getting that cell phone call through
04:48:09a Police say they've unearthed remains of missing Garland man
04:48:57a Californian Could Get 36-To-Life For Killing Dog
04:49:40a Eight die in Manila blast
04:50:03a How to set your savings free
04:50:07a Men Doctor's surgery or chatroom?
04:50:10a Health warning over 'ready-to-eat' food
04:50:14a Back on course
04:50:28a Arctic ''shrubifying'' because of global warming
04:50:31a Hearing to question state agency's oversight of doctors
04:50:35a Border Patrol expands area in which all illegal crossers prosecuted
04:50:39a Conditions ripe for blazes in West Texas
04:50:42a Photoblogging Santa Barbara/Reagan Ranch
04:51:08a Roberts runs roughshod over Stampeders
04:51:18a Scuba diver dies in Lake Ontario
04:52:14a 'Blasts, Huge Fireballs and Then Deaths'
04:52:17a Martin Amis Dumbs Down
04:52:21a Opposition government offers a new perspective for Scotland
04:52:24a Settler Violence in Hebron Rises
04:52:27a Cell Formed to Assist Haj Pilgrims
04:52:31a Raising hopes of disabled staff nothing more than electoral ploy
04:52:34a Referendum on this EU treaty is vital
04:52:38a Oil price rise may hit interest rates
04:52:41a Evidence from 1986 slaying is missing
04:52:45a 1 dead after plane crashes into Vancouver, B.C. building
04:52:54a Arabic search engine delay
04:53:21a Plastic surgeon ripped off by patients
04:53:31a State Will Stop Monitoring Many Sex Offenders
04:53:34a Jury On Juceam Case Back In Court On Monday
04:53:56a Godspeed Adam
04:53:59a President Bush to Welcome President of France Nicholas Sarkozy November 6-7
04:54:03a CNN Now, Literally, the Clinton News Network
04:54:06a Zechariah's warning to Bush and Condi
04:54:10a Georgetown Stores Prepare For Protest
04:54:13a Greenspan questions superfund
04:54:17a Anarchists Throw Bricks in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., Assault Bystanders
04:54:20a Fox to air Islamic documentary
04:54:24a Brownback quits '08 race
04:54:28a California law against 'bias' brings challenges
04:54:31a Giuliani primary strategy is risky
04:54:35a Martinez quits post at RNC
04:54:38a Buddhism transforms punk rocker
04:54:42a Bush toughens Burma sanctions
04:54:46a Crime victims get special visas
04:54:49a Child rape suspect returned to U.S.
04:54:53a Marriage, abortion rule GOP forum
04:54:57a Illegals OK'd to drive in N.Y.
04:55:00a Staph Infections Hitting High Schools
04:55:07a Norfolk police arrest man wanted on murder charge
04:55:11a Beach police say robber took money but left store with an apology
04:55:14a Thief in Suffolk nets 3,000 in gifts meant for military families
04:55:18a Mother is ordered to serve 25 years for killing her baby
04:55:21a Police find two bodies in Norfolk home
04:55:25a Qatar Media Services, Al Jazeera Network and JCDecaux at MMS 2007
04:55:28a QAQ's Eye of the Emirates attracts over 5,000 visitors during Eid
04:55:32a WHO stamps UAE malaria-free
04:55:35a Dubai Ladies Masters request for volunteers
04:55:39a DLC highlight at FIATA world congress 2007
04:55:42a Ajman in 'Vegas' style resort
04:55:46a HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed visits Djibouti
04:55:49a bmi announces its upcoming arrival to the Egyptian market
04:55:53a Tawadul reopens new trading system
04:55:56a Cold Stone Creamery launches flagship store in the Middle East
04:56:00a Teen Suspended From School Over Aspirin
04:56:03a International Criminal Tribunal Wants Custody Of Massacre Suspect
04:56:07a Man killed in street attack
04:56:10a San Diego 2nd In 'Most Attractive People' Poll
04:56:14a EQ 4.8 Hachinohe, Honshu, Japan PRELIMINARY REPORT
04:56:17a EQ 2.7 Delta Junction, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
04:57:15a Soldier killed during war of 1812 will be honored in Portsmouth
04:57:23a Palm Bay accident sends 3 to hospital
04:57:26a Rally to fight terror charges
04:57:30a Kiwis called up to boost All Golds for celebration game
04:57:33a No Criminal Action In Lower Hutt Incident
04:57:37a Friends of Dorothy, Enemies of Liberty
04:58:02a Govt’s solar energy policy
04:58:45a Bush to Outline Two Environment Policies
04:58:49a Landfill Wastequestion OK'Dfor Feb. 5 Ballot
04:58:52a Lake City's Water Being Disinfected After Bacteria Found
04:58:56a Energy Consumption in China Hard to Reduce Cpc
04:58:59a Who's to Blame for Drab Fall?
04:59:03a Dade to Pay to Protect Farmland
04:59:06a Avra Fire Safety Gap No Smoke Detectors
04:59:10a Fact Sheet Improving Habitat for Our Nation's Migratory Birds
04:59:14a Rock Hill Wil Consider Limiting All Lawn Watering
04:59:18a Woman Admits Illegal Leopard Purchase in Plea Deal
04:59:21a Russia's Population Shrinks By 196,600 in 8 Mths
04:59:25a Giant flock of lapwings discovered
04:59:28a Chertoff promises U.S. plan for IEDs
04:59:32a City turns lights out Saturday to conserve
04:59:35a Four short-listed for Turner Prize
04:59:39a Mental problems in teens hard to diagnosis
04:59:42a Bhutto says she will contest elections
04:59:45a War vets report more stress
04:59:49a Report Sweden's royals plan wedding
04:59:52a Calif. preparing to sue EPA
04:59:56a Ex-EMT gets 20 years for smoothie killing
04:59:59a Tracing genetic ancestry may not deliver
05:00:03a Drug combo may help treat brain tumors
05:00:06a Rare Italian wine could become extinct
05:00:10a Swiss nationalist party expected to gain
05:00:13a Growing Beach church wants to build mega- complex
05:00:17a Drug-resistant staph infection found in Suffolk schools
05:00:20a Black churches have rich history of giving
05:00:24a Reunion revisits small, vibrant immigrant enclave of Berkley
05:00:27a Hampton Roads region is tops for generosity
05:00:31a Democrats fund local races in push for takeover
05:00:34a Freed NSU professor returns to Virginia Beach
05:00:38a Up to 6 dead in 'graphic' Surrey homicide, police say
05:00:42a Riviera Beach family mourns death of teen killed by train
05:00:45a An artistic do in Mumbai
05:00:48a 'Spending a week in Mumbai has been great'
05:00:52a Mumbai civic chief visits SRK's home
05:00:55a Mumbai take-off to be cheaper
05:00:58a Moral dilemma dogs Mumbai in managing strays
05:01:02a Woman fined for accidential bike death
05:02:01a Bonus Highlights- Cabell Midland at Huntington
05:02:05a Bonus Highlights- Nitro at Hurricane
05:02:09a Dr. Phil for 10/22/2007
05:02:12a Friday Night Football Highlights Part One
05:02:16a The End Of An Era For Hurricane High School Football
05:02:19a All show, but no business
05:02:23a In praise of a recondite art
05:02:27a Some hoard jokes. Alan never did
05:02:30a Key to mental 'resilience' found
05:02:34a All you need to know about rugby
05:02:37a Malta seeks to etch sixth MEP seat in stone
05:02:41a Two major international conferences in Malta on children
05:02:48a Domestic insurance a must for foreign students
05:02:52a NW China autonomous region to contribute 20% of China's total coal production
05:02:56a G24 urge IMF to improve surveillance of developed economies
05:02:59a J&K government dithering on agenda
05:03:03a Urban waste 'imported' from U.S. to be shipped back
05:03:38a Bomb caused mall blast in Manila's financial district that killed 9, police confirm
05:03:46a Court orders suspected Canadian pedophile held for 12 days
05:03:51a Frank calls for support of Baldwin's amendment to restore trans inclusion to ENDA
05:04:29a Some 'cut' by DISD still working there
05:04:48a Police hunting for TDP MLA Chengala
05:04:51a Undavalli dares Naidu for open debate
05:04:54a Chandrababu promise to bring down power tariff
05:04:58a Four Jana Shakthi naxals killed in encounter
05:06:18a Scouting for Food Returns to Your Door
05:06:21a East High School Emergency Teams are READY
05:06:25a Marion House for Teen Mothers Gets 100,000 Grant
05:06:28a Everyone Invited to Celebrate Hmong New Year
05:06:32a Appleton Suspending Overnight Parking
05:06:35a Truck Snags Electrical Wires
05:06:39a NEW Lutheran Shuts Out St. Mary Central in Regional Volleyball
05:06:42a Packers Find a Problem in Tight End Coverage
05:06:46a Key dates in state budget agreement
05:06:49a Highlights of major portions of budget agreement
05:06:53a All's weld that ends weld
05:06:56a Police officer's widow confronts grief; struggles to raise young son
05:07:00a Sooner quarterback draws comparisons to famed Jim Thorpe
05:07:03a Gore uranium facility facing four options
05:07:07a Pilot's best friend
05:07:10a Uninsured women can face unique hurdles with cancer
05:07:14a Children getting healthier foods at school, report finds
05:07:18a Edmond Marine to fight remaining lesser charges
05:07:21a New justice starts work on Monday
05:07:24a Keeping tabs on youthful offenders
05:07:28a MITT ROMNEY By the...
05:07:32a Feds Probe Magician David Copperfield's Warehouse
05:07:35a Body position hindered Woolmer resuscitation efforts doctor
05:07:39a Indonesian volcano critical phase not over scientists
05:07:42a Door to secretive China Congress opens by a crack
05:07:46a Twelve killed in India building collapse
05:07:50a Recipes Shared And Improved On For Years... Now Targeted By Copyright Cops?
05:07:53a 14 SEZs get nod, ADAG plan hits hurdle
05:07:57a Parsvnath's mobile plan hits roadblock
05:08:00a Presidential Candidates Seek to Impress Values Voters
05:08:04a Cost muddies future of water system
05:08:07a See Halley's Comet debris, weather permitting
05:08:11a Boca student recovering from drug-resistant staph
05:08:14a Questions and Answers about MRSA
05:08:18a Lake Worth's Haitians seek safety of St. Lucie
05:08:21a Fees force nonprofit to cancel fund-raiser
05:08:25a Roofer's suit says West Palm audit is faulty
05:08:28a Suburban Delray park opens
05:08:32a Doctor acquitted in death of woman
05:08:36a Boca robberies part of pattern
05:08:39a Palm Beach County metro report
05:08:43a Restaurateur ordered to pay black patron 10,000
05:08:46a Witnesses say girl alone when train hit
05:08:50a 6 years later, war foes still push peace on Fridays
05:08:53a Couple freed in Palm Beach-Poland kidnap case
05:08:57a Easy exit from I-95 to 45th Street yields to safety concerns in rebuild
05:09:01a Notes United Way starts 1.9 million drive
05:09:04a Man loses third appeal in 2000 murder of Stuart hairdresser
05:09:08a Woman takes work home, pens book about recycling
05:09:11a Fire destroys mobile home; woman in ICU
05:09:15a Suspect jailed in bus stop soliciting
05:09:18a Road proposals worry Indiantown
05:09:22a 3 die in Oklahoma accidents
05:09:25a Keeping the promise
05:09:30a State senator wants free tuition at two-year schools
05:09:34a Diabetes' cost in Oklahoma 2 billion a year
05:10:01a Police Investigating Robbery
05:10:05a Brothers Confess Copper Thefts To Local 12
05:10:40a 'Travel Islam' becomes holiday trend of next year
05:10:44a Have jump-rope, will travel
05:10:48a No tax favour for tourism Academic
05:10:51a Eid travel brings dengue virus to Punjab
05:10:55a Phila. unveils new tourism ad campaign
05:10:58a World's top tourist traps... and where to go instead
05:11:02a The World's Top Tourist Traps... and Where to Go Instead!
05:11:05a Selangor Adds On Another Tourist Attraction
05:11:09a Weather sparks travel worries
05:11:12a Holiday Travel
05:11:16a Soaring oil price hits road, air travel
05:11:19a The World's Richest People
05:11:23a Where Were The Realtors?
05:11:28a Soldier says he faked fatal shots
05:11:32a US tightens sanctions, asks India, China to do more in Myanmar
05:11:35a IAF officer missing from Coimbatore found in Mizoram
05:11:39a India trying to make 'a poor rich country' rich Chidambaram
05:11:42a Landslide speeds up Goa highway project
05:11:49a Boss looms over playoffs
05:11:52a Caps' top star belittles rivalry
05:11:55a Grimm relishes return to D.C.
05:11:59a Replacements to remember
05:12:02a A coach's legacy
05:12:06a Zadzooks
05:12:09a Soldiers, residents clash for airport
05:12:16a Roh optimistic about Koreas' reunification
05:12:20a Bhutto blames al Qaeda, Taliban for bombings
05:13:31a BURSA forecast KL shares to trade higher?-?Oct 20, 11.38am
05:13:35a Pak gov't forms special team to probe into Karachi blasts
05:13:49a Plane Crash in Richmond, Canada
05:14:02a Miami University Student Hit Killed By Train
05:14:06a 1.4 billion U.S.-Mexico anti-drug program to entail use of private contractors
05:14:10a Laredo area joins program prosecuting illegal border-crossers
05:14:13a Pak should not take steps that would undermine democracy US
05:15:33a ExpressJet posts third-quarter loss
05:16:21a High Speed chase ends in Northeast Spokane
05:16:24a Street fight over proposed intersection closure
05:16:28a Mid-South schools take action against Super Bug
05:16:31a SWAT team evacuates N. Braddock homes near standoff
05:16:35a Government advisers Don't give cold meds to kids under age 6
05:16:39a Mayor backs residency rule; GOP hopeful doesn't
05:16:42a Mt. Lebanon's turf, facilities test clean for bacteria
05:16:46a Tax records too public for Onorato's taste
05:16:49a Wecht case takes House stage
05:16:53a Execution-style slaying detailed in Mollett trial
05:16:57a Steel ladles pitched as historical jewels
05:17:00a Avalon borough manager considers same duty in Kilbuck
05:17:04a Teen's contempt charge dropped in assault case
05:17:07a Teen abducted by predator tells story to students
05:17:11a Some charges dropped in Fayette molestation case
05:17:14a CMU house design has perfect 'energy balance'
05:17:18a Port Authority closes pedestrian bridge
05:17:22a Computer glitch delays closing of Downtown intersection
05:17:25a Birmingham Bridge access to be restricted
05:17:29a Illegal immigrant's question leads to arrest
05:17:32a Teachers federation rejects arbitration
05:17:36a Harwick man opened heart, home to troubled youths
05:17:39a Newsmaker Adrian Perrig
05:17:42a GOP hopefuls mount 2nd fight
05:17:46a Panel to share, solicit views
05:17:49a Municipal authority ends advances for travel
05:17:53a Derry Township police investigate man's death
05:17:57a Greensburg motorcyclist hurt in collision with truck
05:18:00a Latrobe woman hurt in Greensburg crash
05:18:03a Teen hunter shoots self in foot in Derry Township
05:18:07a Tossed corn cob breaks car window in Youngwood
05:18:11a Derry Township crash injures driver
05:18:14a East Huntingdon garbage hauler fined
05:18:18a Zoo officials break ground for elephant habitat
05:18:21a Washington County man dies in I-79 truck crash
05:18:25a W.Va. poker comes up aces
05:18:28a Region's luxury home sales are hot
05:18:32a Movie Gallery closing stores in region
05:18:35a Reed Smith acquires Hong Kong law offices
05:18:39a 'Silent Bob' speaks up about Pittsburgh film
05:18:42a Union representing film, TV writers wins OK to strike
05:18:46a Sextet finds success at jazz translation
05:18:49a Speakers will discuss organic lawn care, gardening
05:18:53a 'Harry Potter' author reveals that Dumbledore is gay
05:18:56a Solos resound in French-inspired concert
05:19:00a Building a better basement
05:19:03a Hibiscus plants can be overwintered indoors
05:19:07a Color guide helps you choose the right white
05:19:10a Uncontrolled immigration
05:19:14a Deaf but deliberate
05:19:17a Saturday essay Calculated deceit
05:19:21a Unstoppable skeptic
05:19:24a Who restarted Cold War?
05:19:27a G7 calls for 'serious' IMF reforms
05:19:31a Death toll in Manila mall bombing rises to nine
05:19:34a Aging Mailer recognizes god; Hitler was the devil
05:19:38a UN nudges potato food chart to feed world's poor
05:19:41a Half of UK schools 'unsatisfactory,' says watchdog
05:19:45a Water shortage warnings issued against three eastern Ky. counties
05:19:49a Philippine mall bomb toll at 9
05:19:56a Dragon Fitness Trail has been a marathon effort
05:20:16a Nezavisimaya Gazeta EU involved in the Romania Moldova quarrel
05:20:19a Nezavisimaia gazeta EU involved in the Romania Moldova quarrel
05:20:52a Chandler cop wants to put K-9 death behind him
05:21:16a Exploit code found serving from popular advertising site
05:21:26a Bobby Jindal holds strong lead in Louisiana governor race
05:21:29a Body position hindered Woolmer revival efforts Doctor
05:21:33a UP govt 'not to let Big B off in land case'
05:21:36a We're relieved that you're safe India to Benazir
05:21:40a Take steps to stablilise democracy, US tells Pak
05:21:43a Vonage Holdings Sued By AT&T For Patent Infringement Quick Facts VG
05:21:47a Embattled Web phone company Vonage hit with AT&T patent-infringement suit
05:21:50a Mozilla Firefox Released
05:21:54a Ubuntu 7.10 Released, Delivering The Best Of Open Source Software
05:21:57a Rumor Xbox 360 Upgrade Coming With Bundled HD DVD and Larger Hard Drive
05:22:01a Microsoft Offers 5 Free Movies With HD DVD Drive for Xbox 360
05:22:04a Sanyo NV-HD880FT GPS and Digital TV
05:22:08a Taiwan makers see utilization rates for CD-R discs drop due to DVD price cuts
05:22:11a Sony transfers fabs to Toshiba
05:22:15a 11. Supplier Profile Best Buy For Business Summer 2007
05:22:19a Xbox 360 to get built-in HD DVD drive in late 2008?
05:22:22a Venture Capitalists' Investments Climb
05:22:26a Chrysler Workers Voting on Labor Deal
05:22:30a Canucks_vs_Sharks_Exh_3
05:22:33a Canucks_vs_Sharks_Exh_2
05:22:37a Canucks_vs_Sharks_Exh_1
05:23:40a Immigrant boat sinks off Mexico coast, drowning 24
05:23:43a Conversion rates
05:23:47a 9/11 Truther Morons Invade Bill Mahers Show
05:23:51a Texas Town Lures Industry, at a Cost
05:23:56a Hundreds attend mass for M60 boy
05:24:00a KT goes back to school
05:24:03a Rugby fans face rip-off
05:24:06a New memorial for Stephen Oake
05:24:10a Motorists hit at the pumps
05:24:13a Schools keep single-sex status
05:24:17a Playing vicar is up Jim's Street
05:24:20a Communities get spending say
05:24:24a Tatton tidy up
05:24:27a Old programme reveals caring side
05:24:31a NW drivers pay more
05:24:34a Free buses call
05:24:37a Zoom with a view
05:24:41a Two US Marines to face trial in Haditha slayings
05:24:45a Venture Capitalists' Investments Climb
05:24:48a E-mail scam swindles 10M from Supervalu
05:24:51a 6 dead in Surrey
05:24:55a Why U.S. won't remove Arar from no-fly list
05:24:58a Thai court orders Neil held for 12 days
05:25:18a Liberty united to find those who attacked hero's grave
05:26:03a Man who snatched Montreal woman and left her in car trunk pleads guilty
05:26:06a Montreal drug dealer gets 19 years in prison after 2005 cocaine bust
05:26:11a SUSAN AGER Sexual health in kids ignored
05:26:14a GARDEN PLOT Store dahlias and cannas for winter
05:26:17a Garden calendar
05:26:29a Investors Look to Taiwan in Hopes of Cashing in on China Boom
05:26:33a Government Accuses 6 Men of 55 Million Offshore Fraud
05:26:36a Exotic I.R.A.s Leaving Stocks and Bonds Behind
05:26:40a Giving a Gift to Merchants and Banks
05:26:44a Launching Satellites and Closing the Digital Divide
05:26:47a U.N. Agency Gives Boost to WiMax
05:26:51a I Want My Web TV
05:26:54a Millionaires by the Millions
05:26:58a Theres Peril in the Parallels as China Takes a Top Spot
05:27:01a Ah, the Genteel, Civilized World of Croquet. Well, Not Quite.
05:27:05a Abner Returns to Anchor Desk On Thursday
05:27:08a TTUHSC Honors Outstanding Faculty Members
05:27:12a Clinton Returned 7,000, Campaign Says
05:27:16a Advocate fights vicious image of pit bull terriers
05:27:19a Helping Democrats Find a Religious-Friendly Voice
05:27:22a Award-winning author to visit area libraries
05:27:26a Senator Steps Down as a Top G.O.P. Official
05:27:29a OCU faculty to perform chamber music
05:27:33a Waste facility now accepts old computer equipment
05:27:36a adopt a pet
05:27:39a How to handle mental illness
05:27:43a Art display examines social issues
05:27:47a College basketball Nevada's Phillips out 4-6 weeks
05:27:50a Nevada forward Phillips out at least month
05:27:54a Nevada Unemployment Hits 5.1-Percent in September
05:27:58a Threatening winds in Sierra, western Nevada
05:28:01a Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. Well 23
05:28:04a Bang Olufsen Announces New Showroom Opening in Las Vegas, Nevada
05:28:10a Police looking for missing family
05:28:13a Family looks back on soldier's selflessness, humility
05:28:17a Officials urge calm on staph
05:28:20a Crews cutting into levee to construct new I-75 ramp
05:28:24a Car pulled out of Great Miami River
05:28:27a Buildings cleared from former Groby's venue
05:28:31a Is a return to state Senate in the cards?
05:28:34a Police track ATM usage in search for 3
05:28:38a Piqua pays homage to fallen soldier
05:28:41a Robber says he's stealing for his kids
05:28:45a UD to offer nation's first human rights degree
05:28:48a Fergusons denied public defenders
05:28:52a Miami U. student found along tracks
05:28:56a Artist cannot rush 'The Four Seasons'
05:28:59a Car reported in the Great Miami River
05:29:03a Defender of contraceptives, privacy dies at 87
05:29:06a Army regrets teacher's killing in Kashmir, orders probe
05:29:10a Ronnie Screwvala nominated for Teacher's Awards
05:29:13a Sugar industry in South optimistic
05:29:16a Woodbury to D.C. on banana peel power
05:29:20a Sugar mills may face storage crisis, USDA warns
05:29:27a Trillanes faces probe for linking gov't to Glorietta blast
05:29:30a Military explosives may have been used in bomb blast--police
05:29:34a Authorities mull reward for info on Glorietta blast
05:29:38a CoCo Prosecutors Authorize Possible Strike
05:29:41a Refinery margins have been an ally at the gas pump
05:29:45a • Anacortes Refinery Fire
05:29:49a Canadian sex abuse suspect held in Thai jail
05:29:53a Juvenile Shot in Leg
05:29:56a Bomb caused mall blast in Manila's financial district, police confirm
05:30:00a Tragedy at Sea
05:30:03a US extends sympathies to Makati blast victims
05:30:07a T.I. pleads not guilty to weapons charges
05:30:46a Caterpillar, Inc joins other large corps warning of US recession
05:30:49a Alicia Keys, Melissa Etheridge to headline Nobel Peace Prize Concert
05:31:08a If It's Not Your Favorite Tax, It Should Be
05:31:12a Tragedy and Travesty in D.C.
05:31:15a Illinois Guard unit going to Afghanistan to train army
05:32:08a Yukon students enjoy fall break
05:32:19a Friday Night Blitz For Oct. 19
05:32:26a Bhutto bombing kicks off war on US plan
05:32:39a Winning Friday Night Lottery Tickets
05:33:26a Backstage, U.S. Nurtured Pakistan Rivals’ Deal
05:33:29a Romney Talks Christian Faith
05:33:56a Conservative Senator Sam Brownback
05:34:04a Nepal Secures 825,000 ADB Grant For National Land Policy And Good Governance Projects
05:34:07a EU Eyes Globalization After Lisbon
05:34:10a Urban Nightmare Seen If Indonesia's Mt. Kelud Erupts
05:34:21a Small plane crashes into apartment in Canada
05:34:44a Coroner Redwood City Acid Vat Drowning Accidental
05:34:54a Turning over an old leaf why leaves fall
05:35:09a Microsoft exec predicts shift in Net ad market
05:35:12a Microsoft Gears Up Windows for Devices
05:35:16a More evidence Microsoft's going the way of Berkshire Hathaway
05:35:19a Wait Begins As Microsoft Dives Into Unified Communications
05:35:23a G7 calls for strong China yuan
05:35:26a World Bank stresses farming role
05:35:49a China won't adjust currency
05:35:52a Chrysler workers vote on pact
05:35:56a Oil drop seen as fleeting
05:36:00a Techs' big night
05:36:04a Cold remedies panned by panel
05:36:07a Germans win solar challenge
05:36:11a Comcast obstructs file sharing on Web
05:36:15a Spooked investors send Dow down
05:36:18a Opportunists don't dig for gold when metal used in pennies is easy to tak
05:36:22a Rocketplane to focus on space tourism
05:36:25a Demand picks up — but not quite, a boom — for new office buildings
05:36:28a Justice Department's jawboning rubs states raw
05:36:32a Tiny product is seed for growth
05:36:35a September jobless rate falls
05:36:39a On-the-job injuries down from previous years
05:36:42a Government misprint puts Boeing contract into billions
05:36:46a Braniff condo suit settled
05:36:49a Fed chief offers no hint about future interest rates
05:36:53a As oil rallies, gasoline stays behind
05:36:56a Minivan plant workers face tough choice with Chrysler deal
05:37:00a State development office takes over regional auto partnership's role
05:37:04a Metro driver strives to be on time, and safe
05:37:07a Electronic payments can save you 150 a year, lots of aggrevation
05:37:11a There is nothing shady about saving on your taxes
05:37:14a Without Chrysler, Daimler may see its fortunes improve
05:37:18a Yacob Hailemariam returns home
05:37:21a Being a war correspondent takes a lot of equipment
05:37:25a Hollywood Writers Overwhelmingly Authorize Strike
05:38:03a Nigeria Reggae Legend, Lucky Dube Shot Dead
05:38:06a Nigeria Dangote Wins CEO Award
05:38:10a Nigeria Fresh Fire Outbreak Hits Utorogun Gas Plant
05:38:14a Nigeria Fayose Asks Court to Ignore Ekiti Govt
05:38:17a Nigeria Daniel Wins at Election Tribunal
05:38:22a Hung Up On Ericsson
05:38:43a Mothers Split Over a Ban on Childrens Cold Medicine
05:38:46a Names of the Dead
05:38:50a The Smoking Scourge Among Urban Blacks
05:38:53a Vancouver Olympics raking in sponsorships, beating 2007 targ
05:39:58a CFB Player Of The Week Graham Harrell
05:40:04a Auburn-LSU A Big Game For SEC West
05:40:08a Rutgers Use Trickery To Beat So. Florida
05:40:11a BC Success Goes Largely Unnoticed
05:40:15a B.C. police at least six dead in apartment building
05:40:18a Wheel Blacks
05:40:21a Heartland Rugby Results
05:41:13a Enrollment capped, huge high school in Weston still needs relief
05:41:16a Baltimore Journal The Smoking Scourge Among Urban Blacks
05:41:20a Religion Journal Helping Democrats Find a Religious-Friendly Voice
05:41:23a Claim of Pressure for Closed Guantánamo Trials
05:41:27a Former U.S. Terror Official Backs Spitzer's License Plan
05:41:30a Recuperating Senator Says He'll Seek Re-election
05:41:34a Mothers Split Over a Ban on Children's Cold Medicine
05:41:37a Parton visits former duet partner in hospital
05:41:41a Thai court grants detention of Canadian paedophile suspect
05:41:49a Eric Crawford An unfair catch
05:41:52a Man found dead in home on Dixie Highway
05:41:55a Bit by bit, this Suffolk resident conquered her DIY dream
05:42:24a Booze Safety Limits 'Plucked Out Of The Air'
05:42:27a Lenders Increase Interest Rates By 1%
05:42:31a At Least Two Killed In Five-Vehicle Motorway Crash
05:42:34a Copy Top Schools' Regimental Ethos, Tories Say
05:42:37a Sir Clive 'England Will Bring The World Cup Home'
05:42:41a Murdoch 'a bit shocked' over ad removal
05:42:52a Bipartisan NCEP Seeks Government Energy Takeover
05:42:55a How's Your Political I.Q.? Oct. 22-26
05:42:59a Unionization Threatens Government Watchdogs Credibility
05:43:03a Top 10 Romney Donors
05:43:06a Will Ralph Be Succeeded by a Regula Guy?
05:43:09a Open-Borders Politician Impersonates Law-and-Order Stalwart
05:43:13a Capital Briefs October 22-26
05:43:17a UPDATE Earmarxists Lose on Summer of Love Museum
05:43:20a The Liberal Compassion Mirage
05:43:24a Qld A-G won't extend window for medical prosecutions
05:43:28a Liberals reject union claims on LGH funding
05:43:31a Rape victim shares horrific story
05:43:35a RCMP say at least six people murdered in Surrey, B.C., apartment
05:43:39a Roberts runs wild against Stamps
05:43:42a Viral Harrassment E-mail Threatens U.S. Employers
05:43:46a Man dies after Caloundra nightclub fight
05:43:49a Oceans 'soaking up less CO2'
05:43:52a US embarrassed at blunder
05:43:56a Fact file B-52 Stratofortress
05:43:59a US B-52 in nuclear cargo blunder
05:44:03a Airmen punished for nuclear error
05:44:06a Chinese oil firm under fire over alleged Darfur links
05:44:10a Task force targets metal thefts
05:44:13a Beazley Snr farewelled at state funeral
05:44:17a Rudd promotes tax policy as plan for future
05:44:20a Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes With Tripwire Enterprise 7
05:44:24a CIO Values Paul Heller, CIO At Vanguard Group
05:44:27a Startup Of The Week VizionCore Brings Backup To Virtualization
05:44:31a Tech Road Map Solid-State Storage
05:44:34a Down To Business The Tech 'Talent Shortage' And A Culture Divide
05:44:38a In Growing Job Market, IT Pros Get More For The Soft Skills
05:44:41a Indian Outsourcers Do More Business Process Work
05:44:45a Seven Areas Where Linux Could Get Better
05:44:48a Climate change progress rests on Bali talks UN
05:44:52a Late Late Nite FDL All My Teardrops Are Dry
05:44:55a New Hyderabad airport to be inaugurated on March 16/tit
05:44:59a IRG Faces License Suspension in Oregon
05:45:02a Man pleads guilty in scam targeting California, Oregon residents
05:45:06a Oregon marijuana use among highest in U.S.
05:45:10a Oregon Calls Meeting to Discuss IRG Licensing
05:45:13a Measure 49 could block big Oregon subdivisions
05:45:17a Forbes Names Vermont, Washington and Oregon Greenest States
05:45:21a Ricky Ponting hopes for no more racial abuse
05:45:24a Survivor China S15E05
05:45:28a Brotherhood S02E01
05:45:32a Million Burmese starving WFP
05:45:46a Cecilia Sarkozy and her former husband French President Nicolas Sarkozy
05:45:49a US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
05:45:53a A fleet of B-52 bombers
05:45:56a Students gather for Fields of Faith outreach
05:46:00a If you have a community issue, voice your concern
05:46:03a Edmond council eyes conference center
05:46:07a Park proposed for Arcadia Lake
05:46:10a Edmond artist's work on display in Tulsa
05:46:14a Edmond residents nominated for board
05:46:17a Condo developer seeks extension
05:46:21a Health proposal dead, senator says
05:46:24a Editorial Finally, a budget deal
05:46:28a City Hall has sinking feeling; repairs foreseen
05:46:32a Stocks fall 20 years after Black Monday
05:46:35a Winter livin' may be easy, warmer than normal
05:46:39a DNR stocks cupboard for pheasant hunters
05:46:42a Plan would put police in taverns for security
05:46:46a McGee backers at bomb scare hearing
05:46:50a Nichols Aunt rebuts mass killer's apologists
05:46:53a Schools trim junk food
05:46:57a Police patrols increase after rash of shootings
05:47:00a Tchaikovsky's emotion, fanfare ring loud and clear
05:47:04a King's Noyse presents robust Spanish program
05:47:08a FDA panel recommends ban on kids' cold drugs
05:47:11a Springs officer faces domestic battery charge
05:47:15a House members offer new property tax plan
05:47:22a Letter sends a scare into immigrants at Deerfield complex
05:47:26a Cloud of scandal should prompt oil tax changes, house speaker says
05:47:29a The bigger picture
05:47:33a Salem council meets in W.Va.
05:47:36a Yards dress up, too
05:47:40a Wasena
05:47:43a Woman dies in early morning Covington house fire
05:47:47a Hollins collects triple the amount of expected e-waste
05:47:50a Coyote population keeps growing in Montgomery
05:47:54a Teen ran
05:47:57a Bedford drug bust nets dozens
05:48:01a Salem to consider erosion controls at construction sites
05:48:05a Authorities Fleeing suspect assaults 2 Roanoke police officers
05:48:08a Roanoke fire leaves person hospitalized
05:48:12a 4 children from day care center van in hospital after collision
05:48:15a Virginia Tech announces 50 million in gifts
05:48:19a College inauguration nearing
05:48:22a Man, 43, arrested in stabbing, police say
05:48:26a Ammunition found at Pulaski County High School
05:48:29a Fly ash debate continues in Giles County
05:48:32a Line thins between development, coyote territory
05:48:36a Pulaski plans 5 studies on nanotechnology
05:48:40a Firefighters battle blaze at old mill in Shawsville
05:48:43a Floyd man to undergo mental evaluation
05:48:58a DK smells victory East Hanover seat to be declared
05:49:01a Extortionists targeted
05:49:04a Court says Gillette surplus to be shared
05:49:08a Christie clears the air
05:49:11a Stolen goods await owners
05:49:15a Dengue cases on the rise
05:49:18a Murder case put off to Oct 25
05:49:22a Soutar new chairman of Betting and Lotteries
05:49:25a Decolonising Bible translations
05:49:28a Health Authorities under review
05:49:32a Air Jamaica clears air with union
05:49:35a No sign of life doctor
05:49:39a Our boys are doing well too Munro College reports excellent passes
05:49:42a Kings end road losing streak in Vancouver
05:50:48a New England Patriots Obtain Online Ticket Reseller Names
05:50:51a Vonage Goes To Court III The ATT Suit
05:50:55a Woman Convicted in Fla. Couple's Slaying
05:51:18a David Hiller to Kevin Roderick Show Me the Money
05:51:34a Priority for repairing roads Kerala Minister
05:51:37a Bonds To Ease Congestion Roads Spotsylvania And Partners Plan Improvements
05:51:41a Missouri's biggest bridges need major investment
05:51:44a Building Bridges Of Understanding H. Fore
05:51:48a At least 76 killed on W. Java roads during Idul Fitri
05:51:51a Boy Scouts say thanks for letting them clean roads
05:51:55a Roads project for Buffalo's waterfront
05:51:58a VDOT 3 of 11 deck-truss bridges required more work
05:52:02a Priority for repairing roads in Kerala Mons Joseph
05:52:05a FCTA to Repair Roads in Kubwa
05:52:09a The roads less taken this Puja
05:52:12a Coalition roads cash flows 250m f...
05:52:16a Report Israel had mole inside Syrian facility prior to strike
05:52:19a Rights group Steep rise in violence against Hebron Palestinians
05:52:23a Lawmakers Oppose Olmert on Jerusalem AP
05:52:26a Israeli, Palestinian negotiators meet
05:52:29a Grand Master of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem ...
05:52:33a Israeli Medical Teams Volunteers at Circumcision Operation for ...
05:52:37a Israeli Lawmakers No Transfer of Jerusalem to Palestinians
05:52:40a T.I.'s lawyers ask for bond, home confinement, while rapper awaits trial on weapons charges
05:52:51a Ind. tornado damages hundreds of buildings
05:52:54a War Made Easy Pt 3-3
05:52:58a War Made Easy Pt 2-3
05:53:18a Emirates NBD announces largest ATM network in the UAE
05:53:21a BenQ bolsters digital camera range with E1000 and E820 launch
05:53:25a Empost gets ISO 90012000 for Quality Management Systems
05:53:28a Sheffield Real Estate looks at Eastern Europe
05:53:32a dbFX offers in Arabic
05:53:35a Samaya Hotel Deira prepares for opening
05:53:39a OMIA chooses Fakhro and Sons
05:53:42a FIATA gathers in Dubai
05:53:45a Suddenlink Sports Zone Oct 19
05:53:49a The Dubai Mall highlights its fashion offering
05:53:52a Catevo Group enters Middle East
05:53:56a Week Nine High School Football Scoreboard
05:53:59a Mohammed Ibrahim Obeid-Allah donates Dhs5m to Dubai Cares
05:54:46a Angels founder Sliwa Acceptance came slowly
05:54:50a Former Valley woman takes Oprah challenge
05:54:53a Valley turns out to hear Sliwa speak
05:54:57a Scoring blitz saves Hounds
05:55:00a Cougars beat up Brentwood
05:55:04a Winless Derry can't stay close to BVA
05:55:07a Ringgold's winning streak over
05:55:11a U is 'out-everythinged' in defeat
05:55:14a Modi won't talk Godhra, walks out of interview
05:55:18a It's Dutt's date with law, may have to head to jail
05:55:21a Journalist's camera captures the Karachi carnage
05:56:44a Woman convicted in Fla. couple's slaying
05:56:53a Maryland Officers Accused of Double-Dipping to Resign
05:57:56a Orlando-area groups help find homes for Puerto Rico strays
05:57:59a PUERTO RICO Spill clean-up ...
05:58:40a Anarchy in Georgetown
05:59:04a UAW members voting on Chrysler deal
05:59:20a Body Worlds 3 draws record opening day crowd
05:59:23a BLOG What did you think?
05:59:27a VIDEO Body Worlds 3 opens
05:59:30a Military gives airmen killed in WWII final salute
05:59:34a Marianists order settles repressed-memory suit
05:59:37a Illinois lawmakers take indefinite break
05:59:41a Westminster College head resigns
05:59:48a Delegation is trying to save Delta Queen
05:59:51a Dial-a-drug services thwart police drugs fight
05:59:55a Thai court jails paedophile suspect for 12 days
06:00:09a Tropical Storm KIKO Public Advisory Number 21A
06:00:17a Strike Watch Writers Authorize It
06:00:22a Ex-POWs find a way to set free memories
06:00:53a Magnitude 5.1 quake hits Palau region
06:01:30a ENVIRONMENT Biofuels Great Green Hope or Swindle
06:01:34a Mount Airy begins final countdown to Monday's anticipated casino opening
06:01:37a Pocono Mountain considers full-day kindergarten
06:01:41a Kanjorski introduces mortgage lending reform
06:01:45a Infectious MRSA skin-infection outbreaks in Pa. spur precautions
06:01:48a Board transition looms over Stroudsburg school expansion
06:01:52a Middle Smithfield, developers negotiate Big Ridge's fate
06:01:56a Traffic Alert Use Swiftwater Road entrance to Pocono Mountain stadium this weekend to
06:01:59a Wallenpaupack wins junior varsity tournament
06:02:03a Christian counseling group announces 2007 conference
06:02:06a Flaherty takes centre stage in pricing backlash
06:02:10a Cable, satellite push to import channels
06:02:14a Alberta royalty details expected by month end
06:02:17a Making the dividend-ETF combo work
06:02:21a When Chambers talks, it pays to listen
06:02:24a Review Aufheben magazine
06:02:28a Expansion of middle-income class become China's new anti-poverty strategy
06:02:32a China's foreign trade exceeds 1.5 trillion in first three quarters
06:02:36a China's economy to continues to move fast U.S. expert
06:02:39a Shanghai ports post 21% growth in external trade volume
06:02:43a China donates water engineering equipment to Morocco
06:02:47a China's PLA lowers age range for military pilot trainees
06:02:50a Hu Deping Socialism does not contradict democracy in the least
06:02:53a Communist party congress sees delegates from diversified ownership
06:02:57a Progress on poverty World Bank
06:03:01a Stocks slide as jitters continue
06:03:04a Coal exchange on track for November
06:03:08a Blueline bus strikes again, kills cyclist
06:03:11a Most Wanted Child Sex Suspect Behind Bars
06:03:15a 'Reservation Road' premieres in California
06:03:18a Police search for park rapist
06:03:21a Dogs maul horse; kids manage to escape
06:03:25a Do-it-yourself car repair at Rosenberg
06:03:28a School district to consult industry experts
06:03:32a Church offers Judgment Day play
06:03:35a Agencies team up for big coke bust
06:03:39a State will shell out for isle’s beaches
06:03:42a Elderly man’s fate with jury in sex case
06:03:46a Corvette ZR1 Contest 2009 Corvette ZR1 Caught On Video At Laguna Seca Vettegasm!
06:04:18a England will be the underdogs
06:04:21a Health better off due to govt Abbott
06:04:25a GPs able to refer patients for MRI scans
06:04:28a Sydney event turns into rowdy poll rally
06:04:51a Marines face trials in Haditha deaths
06:04:54a What did that Neanderthal say?
06:05:17a Friday Night Link Depot
06:05:20a Prog Host vs. Prog Host
06:05:24a That Was Bad
06:05:27a Preening
06:05:37a Fossil fuels kill off hydrogen plans
06:05:56a B.TV Beta Webcast Rush Vs. Reid, Stark Truth & 'Indecent' T-Shirts
06:06:00a Raw Video Backboard-Breaking Slam Dunk Highlights 10/19/07
06:06:03a Police Face Ammunition Shortage
06:06:07a Casual Conversation Could Be Airport Security
06:06:10a Teen, 16, Witnessed Accident, Tried To Save Lives
06:06:14a Man Catches Purse Snatcher On The Run
06:06:18a Cameron Douglas Busted For Cocaine.
06:06:21a Police Chase In Metro Denver Ends In Crash
06:06:25a Goleta Accident.
06:06:28a Prosecution Rests In Mollett Trial
06:06:32a Police Man Barricades Self In North Braddock
06:06:36a Graterford Prison Guard Battling MRSA
06:06:39a CBS 3 To Host Mayoral Debate
06:06:43a Area Schools Dealing With MRSA Scares
06:06:46a 30th Street Station Temporarily Left In The Dark
06:06:49a Friday Night Fever Full Show 10/19/07
06:06:53a Goleta Structure Fire.
06:06:57a Rudy Giuliani Makes Little Havana Campaign Stop
06:07:00a Rail, road connectivity to ICTT in Kerala will be completed before Nov 1
06:07:04a Rail service to resume Saturday after derailment
06:07:07a House Joins Senate in Passing Rail Safety Bill with Hour Limits
06:07:11a Railways to deploy NCC cadets at stations to deploy NCC cadets at stations
06:07:14a Rail travel conference Monday in Raleigh
06:07:18a Student Sues Hospitals For Refusing Her A Rape Kit
06:07:22a Angus Association Registers Nearly 350,000 Cattle
06:07:25a Farm Bill Moves to Senate Ag Committee Next Week
06:07:29a Agrarians Jan-Sept cattle sales averaged UAH5,473 per MT
06:07:32a JUNIOR COLLEGE Mistakes plague Buffaloes in season finale
06:07:36a Rampaging dogs wipe out Stutterheim sheep
06:08:14a Philippine mall bomb toll at 9, police review footage
06:08:29a Can We Please Define 'Racism'?
06:08:32a Do Oral Traditions 'Lie' Behind the Written Gospels?
06:08:36a Part of the Job of Congressional Staffers
06:09:03a Contra Costa Prosecutors Threaten Short Strike
06:09:06a Yahoo Hosts Conference For Teachers
06:09:12a RCMP say at least six people murdered in Surrey, B.C., apa...
06:09:22a Argyle High dance prompts meeting on attire, behavior
06:09:37a More locals veto Chrysler deal
06:09:40a GM still stymied by credit rating
06:09:43a Early Japanese cars go from econo-box to collectible
06:09:47a Press gets caught with pedal to metal
06:10:51a Canada will not withdraw from Kyoto Baird
06:10:55a Pracharaj, Matchima Thippatai, Ruamjai Thai Chat Pattana to merge
06:10:59a Govt to start preparations for HM birthday celebrations next week PM
06:11:02a PM to inspect flood-hit areas next week
06:11:06a Southern provinces warned of flash floods
06:11:14a Four drown when car plunges into canal in Pathum Thani
06:11:59a Police Chase Ends In Deadly Crash Over Cliff
06:12:02a Cops Find Drug-Filled Stuffed Bunny
06:12:06a Frustration Over Lack Of Progress In Congress
06:12:09a Prep Football Notre Dame vs Chaminade
06:12:13a Sanchez To Start For USC
06:12:16a Hollywood Writers Vote To Authorize Strike
06:12:55a Puerto Rico's governor says corruption probe is political harassment
06:13:00a Giusto confident he'll be cleared after inquiry
06:13:04a Pedestrian struck, killed by vehicle in Northeast Portland
06:13:10a Berlin rescuers scramble from crash to work site
06:13:19a Murder victim's body severely traumatized
06:13:35a Kim Beazley senior farewelled
06:13:38a G7 calls for 'serious' IMF reforms
06:13:42a UN nudges potato food chart to feed world's poor
06:13:45a Attack on Bhutto rocks Pakistan, but highlights logic of her talks with Musharraf
06:13:48a Explosion rocks mall in Manila's financial district
06:13:52a Bhutto blames extremists for suicide bombing that killed 136, says she won't be intimidated
06:13:56a Venezuela NGOs warn against Chavez plan to ban foreign funding
06:14:00a Militants in Pakistan share fundamentalist Islamic principles, hatred of U.S.-allied government
06:14:03a Thousands storm Bolivia's busiest airport, wrest control from troops sent in by president
06:14:07a Israeli lawmakers try to prevent Olmert from giving any of Jerusalem to Palestinians
06:14:11a 'England Will Bring The World Cup Home'
06:14:14a Yet Another Minnesota Landlord Settles Sexual Harassment Case
06:14:18a Iraqi refugees forced to go home
06:14:21a Did Blackwater Try To Steal Iraqi Jets
06:14:25a Former US commander of Saddam prison jailed for two years
06:14:45a BC Police 6 Dead in Home Near Vancouver
06:14:48a Woman Convicted in Fla. Couple's Slaying
06:14:53a Official International hackers going after U.S. netwo
06:14:58a Anderton Presents Merino Mana Awards
06:15:01a Post Colonial Yeah Right!
06:15:04a Thousands Join Stand Up Campaign
06:15:08a Installation of more electronic traffic informatio
06:15:11a Ready-Set-Go . . . to Cup Day in Christchurch
06:15:15a Labour Day – Labour Demise.
06:15:18a Two dozen migrants die in waters off Mexico
06:15:22a Iraq Kurdish leader vows to fight Turk attack
06:15:25a Six die in storms in Midwest, Wash. state
06:15:29a Tips for a safe Trick or Treat
06:15:32a Best Bet Spanish storytime
06:15:35a Find a field, apply plenty of water, wait for the grins
06:15:39a Police search for bank robbery suspect
06:15:42a Hot Topic Avoid the flu
06:16:26a While Pakistan Burns
06:16:39a Green for go, Boks!
06:16:42a Proteas to go on with tour despite Pakistan bombing
06:16:46a Rugby-World-Stage set for World Cup final in Paris
06:17:56a Editor takes flak at media conference
06:17:59a One dead as plane slams into luxury B.C. condo
06:18:03a Sanjay Dutt likely to get judgment copy today
06:18:06a Sir Clive 'England Will Bring The World Cup Home'
06:19:25a RAW VIDEO Man Trapped Inside Bellevue Police Bait Car
06:19:28a VIDEO Community Hit By Lightning Storm
06:19:32a In-Flight Mobile Calls Get British O.K.
06:19:35a Tesco Takes On U.S. Shoppers
06:19:39a Planning for a Crush of Startups
06:19:42a When, Why, and How to Fire That Customer
06:19:46a Five Common Mistakes in Innovation
06:19:52a The Marion Jones Scandal
06:20:25a Ethiopia says UN humanitarian activities within Somali region ' unrestricted'
06:21:09a Iraqis need a year to control Baghdad, U.S. general says
06:21:13a US to reward Iran for ending Iraq arms supply
06:21:16a Iran says it ready to help U.S. stabilise Iraq paper
06:21:20a IRAQ Closure of Iranian border affects Kurdistan region's economy
06:21:24a US says Iranian-made missiles found in Iraq
06:21:27a Iraq official critical of Iranian move
06:21:31a Iran undecided about more talks with U.S. on Iraq
06:21:35a Iran shelling targets deeper inside northern Iraq mayor
06:21:38a US general defends arrest of Iranian in Iraq
06:21:45a JK Rowling says wizard Dumbledore is gay
06:21:48a Air Force fires commanders over nucl
06:21:52a EU informal summit ends with new treaty, strong commitment on globalization challenges
06:21:55a EU treaty agreement marks new start for Europe, says Brown
06:21:59a Support ebbs for France strike
06:22:02a 18-Year-Old Claims Attempted Abduction
06:22:05a Bone health the key for Fonterra brand
06:22:09a Marchers protest in cities
06:22:12a Petraeus Pivtoal Report a look forward
06:22:16a Writers Guild votes overwhelmingly to authorize a strike
06:22:19a 9/11 Truthers Infiltrate Bill Mahers Real Time
06:22:23a Is Hillary Beatable?
06:22:26a Duncan Hunter at Values Voter Summit 10-19-2007 2
06:22:30a Wall St caught in a perfect storm
06:22:33a Romney I Will Be A Pro-Life President
06:22:37a McCain Claims The Pro-Life Candidate Mantle
06:22:41a The plane crash that muted Southern rock
06:22:44a Can You Hear Us Now? Verizon
06:22:47a Replacing Michigans New Taxes With Budget Reductions
06:22:51a Czech Orthodox Church commemorates St. Gorazd's death under Nazis
06:22:55a Is there a future in defeatism?
06:22:58a Weather tales to be shared at festival
06:23:02a Hispanic Cultural Institute to open Catholic archdiocese ministry
06:23:05a Fancy Dancers to perform Sunday
06:23:09a Center adds ‘sole' to its work day
06:23:12a Toy swap featured as part of library's Family Expo
06:23:15a Museum offers climate class
06:23:19a Healthy roadshow set for Tuesday
06:23:22a Agency celebrates 25 years
06:23:26a 10-story hotel project changing city skyline
06:23:29a Annual Dance a l'Art swings its way into Norman
06:23:32a Tories Want Return Of Traditional Teaching
06:23:36a Gambler wins 2m bet on point of law
06:23:39a Safe drink limits were 'based on intelligent guesswork'
06:23:43a Old soldier's daughter shocked by care home
06:23:46a 'Lady in the lake' killer jailed for 12 years
06:23:50a 350 drugs fine for Winehouse
06:23:53a Charles named on Time's list of green 'heroes'
06:23:57a 'Wife assault' MP faces no charges
06:24:00a Two arrested over teenager's death
06:24:04a Spreading the word
06:24:07a Family, friends remember 'great guy'
06:24:10a Radiation therapist adds his personal touch to treatments
06:24:14a SIUE Faculty Senate asks Poshard to step down as president
06:24:17a MAKING THEIR MARKS The grand history of the rock band logo
06:24:21a Handson Phonics Lessons for an Autistic Classroom The Letter A
06:24:33a New York Times Bush Imposes More Sanctions Against Myanmar David S. Cloud
06:24:36a A Font of Commentary Amid Japans Taciturn Royals
06:24:40a Transit Strike in Second Day
06:24:44a Backstage, U.S. Nurtured Pakistan Rivals Deal
06:24:47a 9-year-old boy dies in drive-by shooting
06:25:03a Suffolk teens charged with GBH
06:25:06a HOMES for sugar beet site refused
06:25:09a Town regeneration boost by Gala plans
06:25:13a Flood defences step closer
06:25:17a Backstage, U.S. Nurtured Pakistan Rivals? Deal
06:25:23a US imposes new sanctions on Myanmar's military government
06:25:26a G7 warns global growth will slow, urges action against turmoil
06:25:30a US Air Force punishes 70 in nuclear weapons error
06:25:33a Take steps to stablilise democracy
06:25:37a Small plane hits Canadian apartment building, pilot killed
06:25:41a GM Engineer Receives Prestigious 2007 National Asian Pacific American Corporate Achievement Award
06:25:45a Australia in 'digital stone age'
06:25:48a Singapore, China team up in traditional Chinese medicine centre
06:25:52a Four Marines in Japan accused of raping teen
06:25:55a 'Apocalypse' comes to the Vatican
06:26:19a Denbury Agrees to Sell Louisiana Natural Gas Assets
06:26:22a Denbury selling Louisiana gas assets
06:26:25a Nicholls game to air live
06:26:29a Want to be president
06:26:32a Denbury to sell Louisiana assets
06:26:35a Polls favor Jindal in Louisiana's first post
06:26:39a Road Home sessions come to Houma Saturday
06:26:42a Kathleen Parker Louisiana May Give Brains A Chance
06:26:46a 18-year-old New Orleanian arrested in shooting death
06:26:49a Glorietta mall complex reopens, except for damaged portion
06:26:53a Japan's Empress Michiko celebrates 73rd birthday
06:26:56a Thai court grants detention of Canadian pedophile suspect
06:27:00a Authorities inspect Metro Rail Transit
06:27:03a Foreign investors' plans unaffected by Makati blast--Arroyo
06:27:06a Korean pop wave star Kim Hee-Sun gets married
06:27:10a Power clinches pole Champ Car position
06:27:13a Emerging nations spark world economy G7
06:27:30a Police interview woman over boy's body in suitcase
06:27:33a GPs to refer patients for MRIs under new plan
06:27:36a US marines to face trial over Haditha killings
06:28:40a Boeing may fail to win 20b order by Emirates
06:28:43a Water deals worth SR3b signed in Saudi Arabia
06:28:47a 'Business Excellence and SME' seminar in Oman
06:28:50a UN to act against interpreter who said Syria has nuclear facility
06:28:54a Bahrain 'first to tame cats'
06:29:40a City police endorse DeSantis for mayor
06:30:10a Pedestrian Struck, Killed In NE Portland
06:30:13a Police 90-Year-Old Man Robbed By Teen
06:30:17a Fallen Tree Closes Highway In West Linn
06:30:20a Pittsburgh owes a debt to its citizen leaders
06:30:27a The president uses reckless doomsday talk on Iran
06:32:33a Antarctic crew seek vitamin cure for long winter
06:32:53a Rudd gets his groove back with buskers
06:32:56a Adelaide, Sydney welcome back Olyroos contingent
06:33:00a Young cyclist dies after collision with car
06:33:03a Beazley senior farewelled at state funeral
06:33:06a PM, McKew battle over 'core issue'
06:33:10a Low return of post votes a worry for council polls
06:33:13a Supercars closer to city V8 spectacle
06:33:17a Bob Brown wants in on leaders' debate
06:33:20a Australia in the 'electronic stone age'
06:33:23a Mourners farewell Beazley Sr
06:33:27a Police 'to test cocaine found on 20 note in bid to find supplier'
06:33:30a Mad rush to LPG car conversion slows
06:33:34a 'I never complained' Symonds
06:33:37a LEAD Ex-pop group member Goto arrested for stealing copper wire+
06:33:41a Two dead in five vehicle M62 crash
06:33:44a Oasis star Liam and Nicole to marry
06:33:48a Fans invade Paris for rugby final
06:33:51a G-24 developing states concerned about fallout from U.S. subprime woes+
06:33:55a Ex-pop group member Goto arrested for stealing copper wire+
06:33:59a Air NZ plane makes emergency landing
06:34:02a Turkish PM raises possibility of joint military operation with Iraq against PKK
06:34:06a Brazil's Rio-state police kill 870 criminals in January-August of 2007
06:34:09a Ban Ki-moon announces new UN special representatives in Africa
06:34:13a Undeterred Nepal king continues religious role
06:34:16a Skipping jury duty? You could get jail
06:34:20a Wabash factory to close, losing 600 jobs
06:34:23a Students at 2 schools treated for staph
06:34:31a Kalam formula for progress in space science
06:35:33a False security alarm at judo venue
06:35:37a Korean sit-in at the boxing ring
06:35:40a Swimming record draws jeers
06:35:44a Games of, for and by the military
06:35:47a Rajat Kapoor upbeat about playing superstar
06:35:51a India empowering sex workers through female condoms
06:35:54a Vipul Shah invites other directors to his banner
06:35:58a Did the Congress lose its nerve like Rahul Dravid
06:36:01a Anil, Akshaye's friendship still going strong
06:36:05a India, SA and UK pledge support for developing AIDS vaccines
06:36:08a All still not well at clinic
06:36:12a Workshops across the island for day
06:36:16a Teachers taught bits of Education Act
06:36:19a Between a rock and a hard place
06:36:23a Changing attitude to HIV in workplace
06:36:26a Unfinished polyclinic is his home
06:36:30a Driving force behind pension reform plan
06:36:33a Rihanna to face Austrian winter with concert
06:36:37a Void left in sport, business
06:36:40a 'Leave clients funds alone'
06:36:44a Discovery crew ready to fly
06:36:47a One giant leap for womankind
06:36:51a NASA drops shuttle replacement contract
06:36:54a Best Business Schools
06:36:58a Lifestyle Havaianas makes stylish entry with new season arrivals
06:37:02a News Tight security up for last 2 days of MassKara
06:37:05a News 1 kg. of dried marijuana leaves intercepted
06:37:08a News Soldiers to get combat pay hike
06:37:12a Opinion Editorial Glorietta blast
06:37:15a Opinion Delilan Iggy and Cyber City
06:37:19a Business NegOcc bids to host world organic gab in 2011
06:37:23a Business Globe-GK Farming Institute to rise in city
06:37:26a Feature Discover the mysteries of urban secrets
06:37:29a Lifestyle Charter Day parade today
06:37:33a Lifestyle Smart sponsors MassKara fest
06:37:36a Lifestyle Masskara street dancing tilt
06:37:39a News Bionat's office at hospital padlocked
06:37:43a News Local coops against STL
06:37:46a Opinion Editorial Bacolod at 69
06:37:50a Opinion Delilan Sugar and pandesal
06:37:53a 13 die on Day 13 of Ops Sikap 13?-?Oct 20, 1.07pm
06:37:57a REL Homecoming 2007
06:38:00a Think Pink
06:38:03a Volunteers spruce up homes
06:38:10a Diddy's assault victim may now have to face jail
06:38:14a IEDs seen as a rising threat within U.S.
06:38:17a Limbaugh letter sells for 2.1 million
06:38:21a Swastikas, racial epithet deface historic N.Y. train depot where President Lincoln spoke
06:38:24a Katrina death reports are public
06:38:28a Hackers going after U.S. networks
06:38:31a More hot water for Blackwater
06:38:42a Arroyo irked by Trillanes's claim that Palace was behind blast
06:38:45a 'Arroyo resign' issue may be discussed by the CBCP
06:38:49a PNP back to zero in evidence gathering at Glorietta blast site
06:38:52a C-4 bomb component used in Glorietta blast PNP chemist
06:38:56a 14 metro areas placed under tight watch after blast report
06:38:59a Nueva Ecija solon urges JDV to vacate post
06:39:03a Glorietta blast could be 'fund-raising' attempt of terror group security adviser
06:39:06a Arroyo cancels Visayas trips after Glorietta blast
06:39:10a Party ready for republic, but against proportional system Nepali PM
06:39:13a Father sues ConAgra over salmonella poisoning
06:39:17a Hundreds Protest Meeting of Economic Officials
06:39:27a 9 arrested for pirated disc sale
06:39:30a John Tsang starts Washington visit
06:39:34a Associate degree credit system broached
06:39:37a Sex-ed guidelines add homosexuality
06:39:41a Opec's Riyadh talks may not tame market
06:40:13a Lawsuit Alleges Best Buy Violated State Wage Law
06:40:16a Big IP Cases Need a Traffic Cop
06:40:20a Election Case To Proceed
06:40:23a Vietnam Airlines earns pre-tax profit of US18.8m
06:40:27a Bomb rips through bus in Pakistan’s Dera Bugti, killing seven
06:40:30a Cricket- Pakistan elect to bat against South Africa
06:41:08a Stocks Sink on Black Anniversary
06:41:11a No Backup Plan in Atlanta Drought
06:41:30a Biopic of Kurt Cobain planned by Hollywood report
06:41:34a Swedish mystery Which royal is getting married?
06:41:37a Scathing Limbaugh letter nets 2.1M
06:41:40a San Diego 2nd In 'Most Attractive People' Poll
06:41:44a Local Oregon Landowners Will Suffer Under Measure 49
06:41:51a Backcountry Belize
06:41:57a This Week In Palestine Week 42 2007
06:42:00a the grat cancer coverup
06:42:04a Fate Unclear For Telecom Wiretap Immunity Bill
06:42:08a Mercator offers 120-million for Tyler Resources
06:42:11a Mercator Moves in Right Direction With Bid for Tyler Resources
06:42:15a Every wired computer must be set for new domain name servers
06:42:18a Domain Name Event, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East 2007, Awards Vodka, Forbes
06:42:22a Arts & Antiques Parisian antiquary finds a partner in traditional rival
06:42:25a Scraps of art
06:42:28a Orchestra Baobab Made in Dakar
06:42:32a Pentagram Essenziale
06:42:35a Palm Offers Free Sudoku to Verizon 700p Users
06:42:39a CHEMISTRY Pulling Copper Along
06:42:42a CHEMISTRY A Light Switch in SWNTs
06:42:46a Science That the Government Doesn't Want to Exist
06:42:49a Scientists track genetic journey of HIV from birth to...
06:42:52a Axion Gone New tests find no sign of anomalous particle
06:42:56a Science Safari LEDs for the Rest of Us
06:42:59a Premier coreano realizara gira por 4 paises asiaticos
06:43:03a 'The Comebacks' Lampoon Is Toxic
06:43:06a Helping Democrats Find a Way to Reach the Religious
06:43:10a Three-Card Morality Monte
06:43:13a Party Here, Sacrifice Over There
06:43:16a New England Winter Postponed
06:43:20a A Global Tax Credit
06:43:23a Govt moves to set strict fuel efficiency norms
06:43:27a Toll reaches 21 in gas explosion in Ukraine
06:43:30a Pak, Iran talks on gas pipeline enter 'final phase'
06:43:34a Durgas from all over world
06:43:37a Lorry carrying gas cylinders overturns
06:43:40a Megasoft net up 73 per cent in Q3
06:43:43a Bank of America profits fall sharply
06:44:33a Sarawak To Increase Pepper Production
06:44:40a Official 24 drown off Mexico coast
06:44:43a Reed Smith adds Hong Kong firm to ranks
06:44:47a Restaurant scores big with 'give cabbies a lunch day'
06:44:58a Corvette ZR1 Contest Keep sending your shots of the 'p***y magnet' ...
06:45:02a Engines Wor
06:45:37a Bomb rips through bus in southwestern Pakistan; at least seven dead
06:46:08a Top detectives hunt Dube's killers
06:46:11a Show Cancelled
06:46:14a JK Rowling says Dumbledore is gay
06:46:41a Thailand meet Burma in opener
06:46:44a Bush slaps new sanctions on Burma's rulers
06:46:48a People of all faiths to gather to Pray for Burma
06:46:51a US imposes new sanctions on Myanmar
06:48:46a Man dead after Caloundra nightclub brawl
06:48:50a Man charged with Wyong stabbing murder
06:48:54a Boone County 30, Ryle 24
06:49:00a 21-year-old man dies after Eastside shooting
06:49:04a Peterson has 30 times more campaign cash Ballard
06:49:07a Clinton-Bayh ticket is the way to go, House Speaker Bauer says
06:49:11a Barbershop murder suspect, 18, was friends with victim
06:49:15a 160 mph winds rake Nappanee, damage hundreds of structures
06:49:18a Pakistan Bomb Kills 7
06:49:34a Health panels advise against meds for youngsters
06:49:37a Rudy readies pitch for social conservatives
06:49:41a Minn. woman gives birth to quintuplets
06:49:45a McCain names mannequin 'Hillary'
06:49:48a The ten most competitive Senate races of 2008
06:49:52a Chertoff working to stop IED attacks at home
06:49:55a Father Pleads Insanity After Burning Baby in Microwave
06:50:00a Kurd Leader Cautions Turkey Over Invasion
06:50:45a Lib Dem hopefuls go head-to-head
06:50:49a Look where the target is pointing
06:51:13a Helping Out a Walla Walla Lineman
06:51:16a Russell Trial Has Begun
06:51:20a Freeman Pleads Not Guilty
06:51:39a Vote will go down to the wire Rudd
06:51:43a Govt blasts 'electronic dark age' report
06:51:49a Do 'Gun-Free' Zones Encourage School Shootings?
06:52:09a Island caretakers escape the rat race
06:52:24a Bomb rips through bus in S.W. Pakistan, killing 7 AP+
06:52:27a IMF panel to debate subprime woes, voting-share reform+
06:52:31a China's Hu set to emerge stronger from Congress
06:53:00a Frosts refuse to back down.
06:53:18a PM greets nation on Dussehra, Durga Puja
06:53:21a India to discuss recent terror attacks with Pakistan
06:54:22a Six dead at suspected murder near Vancouver
06:54:25a Kings upend well-rested Canucks
06:54:29a Migrants drown off Mexico coast
06:54:32a Mexico finds 24 'migrant' bodies
06:54:36a NBA sees no conflict of interest with Chinese casinos
06:54:39a Price of imported iron ore may rise
06:54:43a Hu makes welcome pledge
06:54:46a Party committed to rural grassroots
06:54:50a Olympic budget boosted to 2b
06:54:53a Turkish Foreign Minister Stresses Dialogue Only Way Out
06:55:02a Man Shot, Killed In Compton
06:55:19a Shell Pakistan records Rs533m profit on oil gain
06:55:29a J&K teacher 'killed' by soldiers, inquiry ordered
06:55:32a Jindal favourite to win Louisiana governor race
06:55:39a Pakistan elect to bat against South Africa
06:55:46a Washington parents fear school-spawned staph deaths
06:55:50a Candidates selected for China's Party central committee
06:55:54a 7 killed in southwestern Pakistan blast
06:55:57a 'Halo 3' boosts sales of Xbox 360 console
06:56:01a Indonesia's largest party yet to name presidential hopeful
06:56:07a Gas poisoning leaves 43 students hospitalized in Xinjiang
06:56:11a Rome's Trevi fountain turns red
06:56:14a Eva Longoria shoots new BEBE SPORT ads
06:56:18a Minerals sector opening up further
06:56:21a Time for fall foliage viewing if 'index' fits
06:56:25a Andrew Mitchell in Burma Part 3 by Nksagar
06:56:28a 07 by Nksagar
06:56:32a Unfortunate? or Fate? Poor Burmese Myanmar Seniors Burma by Nksagar
06:56:36a Askar plans suit to block factory
06:56:39a New hope for child abuse victims
06:56:43a Worker's amnesty bid fails
06:56:47a Council targets shoddy builders
06:56:50a Maids pose health risk in parlours
06:56:54a IAEA to submit Gulf nuclear report
06:56:57a India plans Gulf jobs council
06:57:01a iPod joy for winner of Riffa Views open house
06:57:05a BD5,000 target for charity dinner...
06:57:08a New checks on applicants' status
06:57:12a Bahraini boysliving a dream
06:57:15a Expats cap plan rapped
06:57:19a Top official for Bahrain ATF under-14 event
06:57:22a Bahrain clinch superb double
06:57:49a Rescuers recover 31 bodies after Indonesian ferry sinks
06:57:53a Bomb rips through bus in southwestern Pakistan, killing 7 people, police say
06:57:57a Taiwan denies its cruise missile under development could carry nuclear warhead
06:58:00a Japan's Empress Michiko celebrates 73rd birthday
06:58:04a Thousands of Indonesians defy gun-toting police, remain on slopes of deadly volcano
06:58:08a Thai court orders Canadian pedophile suspect to be held for 12 days
06:58:11a Pakistan government insists it did all it could to protect Bhutto on her return
06:58:20a Sacto. Man Pleads Guilty To Investment Scam
06:58:27a Bridgestone seen planning 11-billion-dollar investment
06:58:38a Judge asked to revisit tangled roadless ruling
06:58:41a Modest economic growth predicted
06:58:44a Governor Roll back leases
06:58:48a Feature photo Leaf drop
06:58:51a Airport changes departure corridor
06:58:55a State down 1 in weekly rig count
06:58:58a Will children ever roam free like we once did?
06:59:09a Terriers Rowers Win Regatta
06:59:12a Eye For Exotic Beauty
06:59:15a Officer Makes Career Move
06:59:19a Event Raises Awareness Of Fire Prevention
06:59:22a Veterans Day Parade Budget Tight
06:59:26a Church Finally Finds A Home
06:59:29a School Boundaries To Get Scientific
06:59:33a Small Church Reeling From Misfortune
06:59:36a Volunteer Serving Needs Of Seniors
06:59:39a Atlanta Trying To Rebound Quickly
06:59:43a Torre Says He Had No Choice
06:59:46a Annual Celebrity Fashion Show Thursday
06:59:50a Hop Over To HipHop
06:59:53a Mayor Hears Lots Of Topics
06:59:56a 1987 Game Intensified Rivalry For Miami, FSU
07:00:00a Newsome Cruises To Sweep At 2A-7 Swimming
07:00:03a Fundraiser Revels In Success
07:00:07a School Outlines Recruiting Plans
07:00:10a Cobras Overcome Adversity For Big Victory
07:00:13a Heisman Hopefuls Center Stage Today
07:00:17a Stevens Says He's Set To Make Impact
07:00:20a Commissioners Prepare For Public
07:00:24a Scaring Up Some Fun
07:00:27a Man shot late Friday evening in the Gibsonton area
07:00:31a Firefighter Finds 'Perfect' Position
07:00:34a Webb Middle Meets Its New Principal
07:00:38a Events Combined For A Big Howl-Oween
07:00:41a Tourney Pays Way For Kids At YMCA
07:00:45a Health experts suggest age limit for cold & cough medicines
07:00:48a Property tax deal not as solid as first thought
07:00:52a Woman convicted in couple's murder
07:00:55a Tampa Kitchen Fire Displaces Couple
07:00:59a First Advantage affiliate offers shares in DealerTrack
07:01:02a Thais to hold pedophile suspect
07:01:05a Black Ferns beat Australia
07:01:09a Master OReilly wins Cup
07:01:18a Stocks Sink on '87 Crash Anniversary
07:01:21a Sen. Brownback Drops out of 2008 U.S. Campaign
07:01:25a What Caused the Mount Soledad Landslide?
07:01:28a The History Before History II Vestiges of a Lost Technology
07:01:32a Torre Says Insulted by Yankees Contract Incentives
07:01:36a Marine Dress Code Changes Communities AP
07:01:39a Police crackdown on metal thieves PA
07:01:43a Woman Convicted in Fla. Couple's Slaying AP
07:01:46a Hardaway finally gets back on the court
07:01:50a Pats' WR additions have Brady putting up points in bunches
07:01:53a 100,000 Worth Of Guayabera Clothing Glommed
07:02:20a Budget airlines boom continues
07:02:42a Flags focus on effort to end Iraq war
07:02:46a Woman wants horse for service animal
07:02:49a Dodd puts name on N.H. primary ballot, moves family to Iowa
07:02:53a Bishop shocked by school's birth control policy
07:03:15a Tuttle vs. Kingfisher highlights
07:03:18a Game of the Week
07:03:22a Animals seized
07:03:25a No medicine for kids with cold
07:03:28a Mustang has a special team member
07:03:36a #15 Free the Fish. Homes for Humans.
07:04:16a G7 see global markets improving
07:04:24a China's Hu set to emerge stronger from Congress
07:04:29a COCOBOD bans use of some chemicals on cocoa farms
07:04:33a UN nudges potato food chart to feed world's poor
07:04:37a CBI team to question Rizwanur's father-in-law
07:04:40a Woman Dies After Canoe Accident on River Eden
07:04:44a Allison debt soars under new owners
07:04:48a Mature trees a hallmark of Fishers subdivision
07:04:51a Dow honors crash date with a drop
07:04:55a Tests show upload interference
07:04:58a Home unsold and vacant Insurance is problematic
07:05:02a Hendricks County luring more industrial parks
07:05:06a Moody's downgrades 744M in Emmis debt
07:05:09a Jeffersonville snack plant for sale, might be closed
07:05:13a Irwin Financial says bad loans will lead to loss
07:05:16a US hints at helping Turkey
07:05:20a China's Hu set to emerge stronger
07:05:27a Paedophile suspect denies Thai charges
07:05:30a Retailers expect off year
07:05:34a Harris stock drops with the market
07:05:37a Airport security 'fast-pass' acceptance growing
07:05:40a Dow down 366 points
07:05:44a Plenty of options
07:05:48a Heavy rains, thunderstorms expected up to Tuesday
07:05:51a 13 die on day 13 of Ops Sikap 13
07:05:55a BURSA forecast KL shares to trade higher
07:05:58a Malaysia's Ken Yeang nominated for inaugural green design award
07:06:02a Roundup Mediterranean Arts Festival underway in HK
07:06:05a Bomb blast kills seven in Pakistan
07:06:09a Myanmar under fresh pressure after new US sanctions
07:06:13a China's Hu set to emerge stronger from Congress
07:06:16a Washington anti-globalization demo erupts
07:06:31a Abu Sayyaf denies hand in Makati bomb attack
07:06:36a Fixing sickly furniture, and protective TLC
07:06:39a Goodwill hunting like an eBay for charity
07:06:43a A clear process for repairing crystal
07:06:47a Place cards hold memories and orchestrate conversation
07:06:50a Disconnected heat ducts may cause that gas smell
07:06:54a What causes lovely fall colors?
07:06:57a 6 dead in possible homicide-suicide in B.C.
07:07:01a Math, the future take center stage in race for Lake Washington School District Director
07:07:05a Will inform for beer
07:07:08a Bellevue's hospitality wasn't forgotten
07:07:12a Pedestrian dies after being hit by trailer in Redmond
07:07:15a Car thief takes "bait" — on video
07:07:19a M's staff begins to take shape
07:07:23a Autumn fun Pumpkin patches and more
07:07:26a WesCo Panthers sprint to playoff berth
07:07:30a NHL Roundup Canucks suffer home loss
07:07:34a As tailgaters' "Hawk Heaven" grows, so does police presence
07:07:37a Magician Copperfield denies he sexually assaulted Seattle woman
07:07:41a NBA Roundup League suspends Dallas' Howard
07:07:44a UW volleyball sweeps USC
07:07:48a Forecast a little bit of everything
07:07:52a Pasco teacher in a class by herself
07:07:55a "Mythbusters" put roaches' radiation resistance to test at Hanford
07:07:59a Running Start program is running colleges into red
07:08:03a Local Muslims upset by UW campus event
07:08:06a White Center man slain; 3 teens arrested
07:08:10a City Council candidate Velázquez charged with DUI
07:08:14a Cécilia Sarkozy says glare of the spotlight drove her to divorce
07:08:18a Angry letter protesting Limbaugh's remarks sold for charity
07:08:21a Warning widens on cold meds for kids
07:08:25a Contractors may train Mexican drug forces
07:08:29a Sonic guard appreciating every game minute
07:08:33a SPSL 4A Roundup Bethel silences Emerald Ridge
07:08:36a Plane hits building in B.C., killing 1
07:08:40a National Guard unit on alert
07:08:44a Embezzling suspect held after trying to buy SUV
07:08:48a ALCS Game 6 Schilling feeling no great pressure
07:08:51a Golf Pride of Puyallup shoots a 63, leads PGA Tour event
07:08:55a Pelosi condemns Stark's remark
07:08:59a Syria dismantles ruins left after Israeli airstrike
07:09:03a South Africa carjackers kill a music legend
07:09:07a Election may affect Poland's Iraq policy
07:09:10a Republican hopefuls court Christian right
07:09:14a New York's Chinese flood Clinton's coffers with cash
07:09:18a Air Force punishes 70 for nuclear mistake
07:09:22a Atlanta may go dry in 90 days
07:09:25a Preview UW vs. Oregon
07:09:29a Moose for M's President?
07:09:32a Torre "I just leave the memories"
07:09:36a Baseball Notebook M's offer Bowa coaching position
07:09:40a Explosion kills 8 in Manila mall
07:09:43a Money gone, refugees reluctantly return to Iraq
07:09:47a He was ready to give 100 lives for Bhutto
07:09:51a Arm yourself with options
07:09:54a Q&A Old drivers Filling a nano How secure?
07:09:58a Mobile TV Small-screen quality impressive, but the menu isn't
07:10:02a E-mail-free Fridays a silly idea
07:10:08a Lawyers debate merits of oversight of Microsoft
07:10:12a Airline service falls short, but profits don't
07:10:16a Finance officials vow to stem credit crisis
07:10:19a Comcast blocks some file sharing
07:10:23a Yahoo confirms big plans for Bellevue
07:10:26a Dow drops on earnings reports, oil prices
07:10:30a Prominent evangelical to give lecture in Seattle
07:10:34a Clean technologies propel venture capital funding
07:10:37a Looking for good time? Try "The Good Book" to inform, transform
07:10:41a Local Hindu festival a supreme gathering
07:10:45a Mexican prep football team takes their game up to Texas
07:10:48a Hawks Notebook Feeling the fans' frustration
07:10:52a Auto Racing Leader Gordon wins pole
07:10:55a UW Football Huskies look to halt slide against Oregon
07:10:59a Silvertips drop Rockets, 4-3
07:11:02a Chance bounce hurts T-birds
07:11:06a NFL Wire Notes Johnson returns, thanks to his pal
07:11:09a Smart strategies for the bigger-than-average brood
07:11:13a War requires force
07:11:16a Program targets math-teacher shortage
07:11:20a Free flow for open government
07:11:23a Schools win awards for WASL scores
07:11:27a Go nuts over peanuts at Jimmy Mac's
07:11:31a Couple's persistence shuts down drug house
07:11:34a Taking deputies off the streets
07:11:38a Sphere honors group's global projects
07:11:42a Renton road to link Landing, downtown
07:11:45a Places to play soccer
07:11:49a Hannah tickets are a show of love
07:11:53a Senior-housing developer sues city
07:11:56a Ozzy Osbourne Physically slower, vocally unstoppable
07:12:00a Cirque du Soleil plans 2008 return to Redmond's Marymoor Park
07:12:03a "What They Found Love on 145th Street" Love stories in Harlem
07:12:07a "Repair and deduct" Be sure you know rules before any fixits
07:12:11a Runaway remodeling
07:12:14a "Flipper" protection for property owners
07:12:18a Trouble with the mortgage? Don't panic
07:12:21a Where home prices plunge, "vultures" swoop in
07:12:25a In West, apartment rents still on the rise
07:12:29a How mortgage payments and interest are calculated
07:12:32a Appraiser insists it's nothing personal
07:12:35a In an antiques town, Inside Out stands out with mod décor
07:12:39a Things we dig Hooray for Halloween!
07:12:43a Thom Filicia talks designing from the ground up
07:12:46a Pages in the wind a magazine mobile
07:12:50a Rooted to survival A chore you'll dig
07:12:53a Turning a craving for color into light-bright living
07:12:57a Throw a fast bash for Halloween
07:13:00a Bajaj auto, TCS, Concor, HDFC Bank
07:13:04a Benazir Bhutto blames extremists for suicide bombing that killed 136
07:13:08a French president protects his privacy after divorce; ex-wife talks
07:13:12a South Korean president says North Korea wants improved relations with US
07:13:15a 'Ghetto' remark offends
07:13:19a Canadian paedophile suspect denies Thai charges
07:13:22a Malefactors of Megawealth
07:13:26a CBS 5 Viewers Adopt Abused Oakland Dog
07:13:30a Elderly Union City Man Reported Missing
07:13:33a Rape victim hopes to find attacker
07:13:37a Bay Area Pakistani Woman Hopeful For Bhutto
07:14:04a Pakistan probes Bhutto suspects
07:15:07a Joint Christian Committee Finally Sees Light
07:15:11a Barak Discusses Lebanon, Iran with Ban
07:15:15a Blanco Weighs in on Governor's Race
07:15:18a Louisiana Soldier Killed in Iraq
07:15:22a A Quiet Crusader
07:15:25a A Quiet `Giant'
07:15:29a Store Bears Examining
07:15:32a Raids In Waterbury Target Gang
07:15:36a Blumenthal Fighting Proposed Water Rate Increase
07:15:39a Shampoo Camera Leads To Sex Offender Testing
07:15:43a Man Pleads Guilty To Federal Drug Charges
07:15:47a Woman Fatally Stabbed In City
07:15:53a `Raymond' Bro's Off-Air Humor Delights Benefit
07:15:57a Southbury Declines Proceedings
07:16:00a Japan's unenviable job
07:16:04a The voice of the voiceless press
07:16:07a Pakistan probes Bhutto blast suspects
07:16:29a Rapper T.I.'s lawyers ask for bond, home confinement
07:16:32a Controversial no-fly list hasn't turned up any hits
07:16:40a Fugitive Sex Offender Returned to U.S.
07:17:47a Teen dies in one-car accident
07:17:57a EU Seals Lisbon Deal
07:18:00a EU Treaty Tory Anger Despite Lisbon Deal
07:18:12a G-7 finance chiefs say growth is strong
07:18:15a Bhutto pledges to remain in Pakistan
07:18:19a Bush unveils tougher Burma sanctions
07:18:22a Two US Marines to face courts martial
07:18:26a Germany seeks quick ratification of EU treaty
07:18:30a Duisburg beat Cottbus 2-1
07:18:33a 25% Discount and Free Shipping - All the Way From Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
07:18:38a Angry protests in Kashmir over killing of teacher
07:19:24a B.C. police probe 'grisly' multiple murder scene
07:19:28a Flaherty to meet retailers about cutting prices
07:19:31a Lakewood 35, Osceola 18
07:19:35a Homemade Explosive Found In Teen's House
07:20:38a Three dead in England motorway crash
07:20:56a Reaching further back in time
07:20:59a Police say wife tried to hire hit man
07:21:03a Cell antennas to remain on water towers
07:21:06a Report Population growth could affect water supply
07:21:10a Jail now offering college course
07:21:30a Armed man holed up in downtown Phoenix construction site
07:21:40a PPP leaders blame Sindh, Punjab CM's, two Federal Ministers for bomb attack
07:21:43a Utilities Working to Bring Ubiquitous Computing Closer to Home
07:21:47a Eaton buys Canada's Babco Electric
07:21:53a Other area news Electric cars down the road?
07:21:56a Challenger Energy Provides Update on Victory Well
07:22:00a Amelia Island electric rates face 75% increase
07:22:03a No HMOs `excellent' in state, but HealthNet, Kaiser ranked '
07:22:06a Is it time to pull the plug on your energy supplier?
07:22:10a Senate Leader Moves to Go to Conference on Energy Bill
07:22:13a Spectra Energy Income Fund Declares October Distribution
07:22:17a Gas industry, Senate Republicans express energy bill concern
07:22:20a Stocks fall most in 2 months; banks, energy shares tumble
07:22:24a San Francisco will darken briefly to conserve energy
07:22:27a Duke files energy-saving request in Indiana
07:22:31a Cuban Talks Kobe Trade
07:22:35a Venture capital investing steady, clean-tech up
07:23:01a Seaside City Goes Green And Bins Bags
07:23:16a Foreign investors purchase Dhs4.159bn worth of shares on DFM during last week
07:23:19a Facility for African elephants under way in Somerset County
07:23:23a ICDL announces 7 millionth registration in its digital literacy program worldwide
07:23:27a Police make eighth courthouse arrest since the start of Mollett trial
07:23:30a Cold Stone at Dubai Festival City
07:23:34a Obituary David Mark Reed / Energetic and compassionate doctor
07:23:37a Route 28 work to continue but the tie-ups will ease
07:23:41a Dubai Property Group joins 'Dubai Cares' campaign
07:23:44a Evangelical Lutheran bishop will be installed today
07:23:48a Sultan Al Bohra contributes Dhs2.1m to Dubai Cares
07:23:51a Woodland Hills to talk to Swissvale police about criminal incidents that go unreported
07:23:55a Sunburn only injury for autistic man, 18, lost four days in wild
07:23:59a Consultant to teach city school board members how to work together
07:24:02a Onorato seeks partial Web site blackout
07:24:06a Thornburgh to testify for Wecht, say prosecution is politically motivated
07:24:10a Spousal caregivers gather to discuss everyday demands
07:24:13a Steelers abandon amphitheater idea, look at alternatives
07:24:17a Fatal shots described; prosecution rests in Mollett trial
07:24:21a Both WA rail lines blocked by derailment reopen
07:25:13a Today In History October 20, 2007
07:25:20a 2 Exclusive Marmot Dam breached
07:25:24a Photos show rapid changes on Hood
07:26:34a Low-Tech Pad Eases High-Tech Career
07:26:38a BBC Outsources Holby City Comms
07:26:42a Bargain Hunter Look Here for Cheap Airfare at 11th Hour
07:26:45a Social Networking How We Use Facebook
07:26:49a Bottom Line a Glimpse of Tri-State Commerce
07:26:53a 'Nas' Device Puts Files in a Safe Place
07:26:56a PLACES OF WORSHIP LifeSpring Community Church
07:27:00a Diary Don't Give Up the Day Job, Boots
07:27:04a Zones to Release Third Quarter 2007 Results October 25, 2007
07:27:07a Olympia Classes Givena Heads Up on Careers
07:27:11a Starks awsome speech
07:27:14a YieldBuild Will Try To Pay You More Than AdSense
07:27:29a Labor, Coalition joust over broadband speed
07:27:32a BJP leader J.P. Mathur dead
07:27:36a Taiwan president dares mayor to arrest him over UN row
07:27:40a Explosion kills at least seven in south-west Pakistan
07:27:43a Govt hails T&T in 'Economist' spread
07:27:47a COSTAATT workers hit slow wage talks
07:27:51a Where the books are
07:27:54a Constitution referendum and Local Govt reform
07:27:58a N&M and McAL lawyers in row
07:28:05a DrugReporter 'Pot 2.0' Where Can I Get Some?
07:28:08a Health and Wellness What Women Aren't Told About Childbirth
07:28:12a Inquiry into girl's death
07:28:15a England look to make history
07:28:19a Bhutto vows to continue leadership bid
07:28:22a Lib Dem hopefuls face off
07:28:25a Three dead in motorway pile up
07:28:29a Second arrest in Sheffield teen murder
07:28:33a Questions Remain About Housing Secretary
07:28:36a Four held in Devlin murder inquiry
07:28:39a Avoca store badly damaged in fire
07:28:43a Irishman for top European fishing post
07:28:47a Five wins for RTÉ at PPI radio awards
07:28:50a Efforts at road accident-free night
07:28:54a Mid-west mayors out to save route
07:28:57a Pakistan examining Karachi suspect list
07:29:01a Celebrating CKUA and you Your City Edmonton
07:29:04a Inspiring a child one tile at a time Your City Edmonton
07:29:50a Alan Jackson performs in concert in West Palm Beach
07:29:53a Brooks and Dunn perform in concert in West Palm Beach
07:29:57a Denzel Washington film premiere 'American Gangster' in New York
07:30:01a Russell Crowe film premiere 'American Gangster' in New York
07:30:04a Winds Rip Roof Off Building In Hubbard
07:30:08a Beaverton Burglaries Connected, Police Believe
07:30:11a Lions need to get past road jinx
07:30:15a A night of recognition
07:30:18a CV board rejects union's proposal
07:30:21a Carlisle police nab 6, seeking 6 more in warrant sweep
07:30:25a Colonel waives hearing
07:30:28a National Briefing WEATHER Storms Around Country Kill 6
07:30:32a National Briefing NORTHWEST Washington Accused Rapist Arraigned
07:30:36a National Briefing SOUTH Virginia Basic Training Gets Longer
07:30:40a National Briefing MID-ATLANTIC Maryland Fuel Truck Hijacked
07:30:51a Lookin for a house mate in Atlanta.
07:30:54a The 41 Disgraced Senators
07:31:02a Woman convicted of murder in slaying of US couple who was robbed, buried alive
07:31:06a Analysis Finance leaders grapple with oil prices, falling dollar, credit crisis
07:31:10a Defense plans insanity plea in US case of baby burned in microwave
07:31:13a Man sentenced to 15 years in weapons smuggling scheme at US airport
07:31:17a Coroner must release reports on hospital deaths in days after Hurricane Katrina
07:31:21a US Army whistleblower investigated for role in fatal shooting at Iraq checkpoint
07:31:25a Thousands wrest control of Bolivia's busiest airport from government troops
07:31:28a Virginia at Maryland 8 p.m. Chevy Chase Bank Field ESPN2
07:31:32a State Senate >> Yakabouski Challenges Houck Immigration Key Issue To Houck'S Challenger
07:31:35a Virginia officer cleared of aiding enemy
07:31:39a Ragan making quiet challenge to Montoya in rookie race
07:31:42a Charlottesville man charged with reckless driving
07:31:46a Gov. Kaine declares almost all of Virginia a drought disaste
07:31:50a Pulaski, Va., school closes after bullets found in bathroom
07:31:53a Vigil aims to shine light on dark problem of abuse
07:31:57a spooky fun for halloween!
07:32:00a News Hubby kills wife’s ‘rapist’
07:32:04a News 5 fruit vendors injured in road mishap
07:32:08a Opinion Ong The revival of the debt question
07:32:11a News Legislator sponsors reproductive health bill
07:32:15a News Iloilo CSOs host Visayas-leg of Japan-RP pact road show
07:32:18a Thompson's drafts feature higher Wonderlic scores
07:32:22a MLB boon continues as revenues top 6 billion mark
07:32:25a Bucks beginning to focus on start of regular season
07:32:28a Stewart Unbeaten ranks are shrinking
07:32:32a State tournament is a family affair
07:32:35a 9/11 Ruling Puts NYC Doctor in Spotlight
07:32:39a Fugitive Has Support of Longtime Friends
07:32:54a Myanmar protester says freed due to old age
07:33:05a HK financial chief in Washington D.C.
07:33:08a Guangzhou to build major garbage power plant
07:33:12a China expects stable growth in dairy production this year
07:33:15a China's sugar imports up slightly with price down in 1st 7 months
07:33:19a Class Divisions Still Dominant In Britain
07:33:37a Did Neanderthals natter?
07:33:40a Hole in ozone is shrinking
07:34:12a 9/11 Worker's Family Dust Ruling Not Acceptable
07:34:15a New Program Helps Heal War Wounds
07:34:26a Koirala rules out Maoist return to government before polls
07:34:29a Officers removed after nuclear weapons blunder
07:35:43a Colombian canine kidnapping ends with reunion
07:35:51a More Jinn Demon appearances in Archived Jim Jones Footage
07:35:57a Make my day
07:36:01a Reptilian Aliens and Dinosauroids
07:36:05a Dragons in Scripture
07:36:08a Reptilians VS Satanists
07:36:12a Sean Manz The LIZARDS An Illuminati Conspiracy
07:36:15a AntiChrists doco Knights Templar
07:36:19a Red Sox give Schilling ball for Game 6
07:36:26a Financials look ripe, but when to pick?
07:36:29a GM to lend SUVs to prove hydrogen fuel holds water
07:36:33a Energy, financials lead stock plunge
07:36:36a Westside hospital expected to seek bankruptcy protection
07:36:40a Nissan car unwrapped too early
07:37:01a Firefox updates for Leopard
07:37:04a Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Review
07:37:07a Web tool lets Airmen build online career path
07:37:11a Indy on the Gold Coast from the Commentary Box
07:37:14a This week on Dirty Jobs
07:37:18a Wednesdays are TV gold
07:37:21a Astronauts confident shuttle is OK to launch
07:37:25a Zvezda and CRM Motori to Establish Joint Venture
07:37:28a Web extra Former astronaut Garneau announces he'll run for federal Liberals in Montreal
07:37:32a JK Rowling reveals Dumbledore is gay
07:37:35a Ue Receives 142,500 Alcoa Foundation Grant
07:37:39a Gypsy Moth-Damaged Trees to Be Logged
07:37:42a Lake Will Post Sign Warning of Amoeba
07:37:46a Brisbane hotel named best Aussie pub
07:37:49a Tait's Test odds shorten after comeback
07:37:53a Police arrest three over Vic dog-napping
07:37:56a Danes' Broadway debut gets mixed reviews
07:38:01a For Working Poor, Pay Isn't Lasting Till Next Payday
07:38:04a Spike In Gas Prices Expected As Oil Hits 90
07:38:08a The Next Generation
07:38:12a Stocks Take A Fall
07:38:15a MX-5 Miata Offers Pleasure Aplenty
07:38:19a Host America Settlement Is 2.4 Million
07:38:22a Venture Funding Drops For Quarter
07:38:26a Venture Capital Body's New Boss
07:38:37a 2 pedestrians hit by car in North Seattle
07:38:41a Both rail lines blocked by derailment reopen
07:38:44a 6 found dead in Vancouver, B.C. suburb apartment
07:38:48a Rape victim says she can't forget attacker's face
07:39:52a Cancer Treatment
07:39:58a AntiChrists doco Mind Control
07:40:57a FACES OF THE MARATHON Personal goals, family, charity and health inspire these entrants
07:41:00a CONTRACT VOTE Chrysler voting 3 wins, 3 losses for contract so far
07:41:04a Staph scares shut 2 schools
07:41:08a RACHEL MAY Muggs advance to next round on 'Great American Band'
07:41:11a Beware the cat inside your soul
07:41:15a ALL KNOWING On the bookshelf
07:41:18a One-stop shopping
07:41:22a I love you!
07:41:25a Free Press marathon strides into its third decade
07:41:29a Court No more money for Nugent
07:41:32a Remember the Titans? You've seen this spoof
07:41:36a DSO gives its whole heart to autumn
07:41:39a MIKE DUFFY Carey's not right on 'Price'
07:41:43a THE SATURDAY LIST! Free Press critics' picks this weekend
07:41:46a Feet feats
07:42:06a Canadian gold mining company to acquire new project in Suriname
07:42:09a Chattanooga's revitalized Miller Park reopens
07:42:33a Oakland Tribune leads winners of 2007 Online Journalism Awards
07:42:45a Master O'Reilly wins sensational Cup
07:42:48a Baby found under debris after tornado
07:42:53a Venture Capitalists Invest 7.1B In 3rd Quarter
07:43:10a Centreman Ryan Kesler
07:43:14a The Million dollar bench
07:43:17a D-men chat at the Bench
07:43:21a Kevin Bieksa Pregame skate vs San Jose
07:43:24a IMG_2061 Luongo Pregame skate
07:43:28a Ticket to the good ol' hockey game
07:43:31a Ohlund and Cooke
07:43:34a IMG_2070 Matt Cooke Pregame skate
07:43:38a Roberto Luongo Pregame skate
07:43:41a Catch, release ends in Laredo
07:43:45a Bomb caused mall blast in Philippines that killed nine
07:44:24a Women's Health Advocates Oppose Bush's Choice to Head Family Planning
07:44:27a AMA backs referral changes for MRI scans
07:44:35a Slovenia chooses new president two months before taking over EU's presidency
07:45:11a Golf Bridgestone Open 3rd-round results+
07:45:31a US for thorough probe into Pakistan blast
07:45:34a Bhutto accuses ???certain people???...
07:45:38a Lucky Dubes murder throws spotlight on to crime in South Africa
07:45:41a Oxford Union Is Dead
07:45:45a Rockfish limit splits anglers and watermen
07:45:48a FDA panel urges ban
07:45:52a Warheads were left by mistake on B-52 for flight in August
07:45:56a Bhutto defies militants
07:45:59a Marines get order no off-base 'cammies'
07:46:03a Courts-martial ordered in Haditha killings
07:46:07a Kurds tell Turkey they'll resist attack
07:46:11a Spot Light More than 30 museums but few know that they exist
07:46:14a Dutch MPs want info on Afghan fight
07:46:18a Turks warned against crossing Iraqi border
07:46:21a Unhappy ex-con commits new robbery
07:46:25a Failure to clean dryer lint causes fires
07:46:28a Black hole discovery puts holes in theory
07:46:32a Shortfall threatens Edinburgh Hogmanay
07:46:35a Black caregivers, worse physical health
07:46:42a FDA expands meningitis vaccine approval
07:46:46a Nurses say BPD gets inadequate care
07:46:49a Iraqi teen's family says he was tortured
07:46:53a Salty fast food under fire
07:46:56a Jail official looking to regain contracted inmates
07:47:00a 175,000 awarded to family of deceased woman
07:47:29a ICICI Bank gets US nod for NYC branch
07:47:33a Long shot named to vacant Flower Mound council seat
07:47:36a This was a fire lesson that definitely hit home
07:49:08a John Marshall Comes Home With Huge Win at Morgantown
07:49:11a Matheny Sets School Interception Record
07:49:15a Shadyside Shuts Out Bridgeport
07:49:18a St.C Still Perfect
07:49:22a Beallsville Shutouts St.John 40-0
07:49:25a Patriots Keep Playoff Hopes Alive
07:49:28a Magnolia Wins a Sixth Straight
07:49:32a Ferry's Playoff Hopes Take a Big Hit
07:49:35a Man seeks divine help for identity card
07:49:39a Hughes is ready to point the way
07:49:42a Freshmen lead UW hockey squad
07:49:45a Penalties don't bother Admirals
07:50:06a Anthrax outbreak reported in Zimbabwe's game park
07:50:38a Army sergeant dies defending bus passengers from robbers
07:50:41a Makati blast a 'terror act,' military says
07:50:45a Muslim body denounces Glorietta bombing
07:50:48a Battling 89 Oil and Weakening Economic
07:50:52a Baseball Canada miffed at international governing body
07:50:55a Magog, Que., GDX Automotive plant to close, 4...
07:50:59a At least 6 dead in Surrey homicide, police say
07:51:02a Braley warns Rogers Communications Inc.
07:51:06a Wachovia's 3Q profit falls 10 per cent on dif...
07:51:09a Fire breaks out in Ballarat hospital
07:51:13a Adelaide Mayor celebrates narrow re-election win
07:51:16a Atlantic Ocean's CO2 absorption halves
07:51:20a Two Dozen Bodies Wash Ashore In Mexico
07:51:23a Colombian Couple Recovers Dog After Kidnapping Plot
07:51:27a Bomb blast in south-west Pakistan
07:51:30a Master O'Reilly wins chaotic Caulfield Cup
07:51:34a Blast kills four in Pakistan's Baluchistan
07:51:38a State Fair Midway Barker is more than meets the eye
07:51:41a Jan Wolkers, 81, Writer and Sculptor, Is Dead
07:51:45a Australian Health Better Off Due to Government, Says Abbott
07:51:48a Australia in the 'Electronic Stone Age', ALP Says
07:51:57a Argyle High homecoming dance prompts meeting over attire, behavior
07:52:10a Sanjay Dutt to appear before TADA court today
07:52:13a 3 Special Observers to supervise poll preparedness in Gujarat
07:52:17a Sreesanth cautious about not inviting trouble before Oz series
07:52:20a ICICI Bank gets US nod to set up branch in New York
07:52:24a Symonds uneasy under spotlight
07:52:28a Kalam's vision for bold space
07:52:31a 2 Indian girls killed in accident in Sharjah
07:52:43a Kerala Minister to inform centre Waste shipped into Kochi
07:54:14a For some, Indians' mascot, logo stir ire
07:54:17a Voters game for boosting taxes?
07:54:21a City's rich baseball past
07:54:24a Here's hope for fans sans computers
07:54:28a Help for homeless at Invesco Field
07:54:31a Albers plays a perky, tuneful score
07:54:35a Motor vehicle line driving you nuts? Guv eyes refunds
07:54:38a ROXTRA!, October 20
07:54:42a Trooper 'loving, determined'
07:54:45a Clear goal for Grand Lake
07:54:49a Mental illness reduces life expectancy, study finds
07:54:52a Malnourished girl's mother arrested
07:54:56a Soaring salute to WWII heroes
07:54:59a Sex offender sought for failing to register
07:55:03a Fort Carson soldier killed in Baghdad blast
07:55:06a S. Platte water ruling
07:55:10a District attorney apologizes after his sleeping-pill arrest
07:55:14a Trademark eyed for 'Rocktober'
07:55:17a Sealing the border ? with Iran
07:55:21a Westside hospital may seek bankruptcy
07:55:25a KLIBOR Futures To Remain Stable Next Week
07:55:28a KL Shares To Trade Higher Next Week
07:55:32a Ringgit Likely To Extend Its Gain Against Dollar Next Week
07:55:35a KLCI Futures Likely To Be Range-bound
07:55:39a Ortega says foreign textile firms 'enslaving' workers
07:55:42a At least six people found dead in Vancouver suburb apartment
07:55:46a Three dead, six injured in England motorway crash
07:55:49a Pakistan probes Karachi blast suspects
07:55:59a Honour Dube, fight crime, say parties
07:56:02a I'm guilty of murder schoolboy
07:56:06a Body found hanging from tree
07:57:16a Legal Freakazoid Fake Sonic Freakazoid Fake Sonic
07:57:20a Genetic key found to moonlight romance key found to moonlight romance
07:57:23a Technology lessons from the Iraq war lessons from the Iraq war
07:57:27a Fake Shark Fin 'Delicacy' Made From Pork Shark Fin 'Delicacy' Made From Pork
07:57:30a Ancient elephant bones found in California elephant bones found in California
07:57:34a Winehouse performs gig after pot bust
07:57:37a Britney drives over paparazzo's foot
07:57:41a Marines rolling with punches
07:57:44a Accident claims Homer trombonist
07:58:02a Heads roll over nuclear gaff
07:58:59a Orlando man arrested for 108th time
07:59:03a Stuart nightclub ban irks building owner
07:59:06a Palm City man convicted of fraud hopes to make good
07:59:10a Fort Pierce man charged with for soliciting 'lap dance' from 11-year-old girl
07:59:13a Bush Adds To Sanctions On Myanmar
07:59:17a UAA beats Fairbanks rival to stay undefeated
07:59:47a 1 company grows, while another folds
07:59:50a Dow drop marks anniversary
07:59:57a Comcast hinders file-sharing,testing shows
08:00:00a NASDAQ executive advises students at Southern Miss
08:00:04a Key to retaining information depends on repetitive learning
08:00:07a Spooked investors bump down stocks
08:00:11a Caterpillar's reports mixed
08:00:14a Oil drilling stock advised
08:00:34a Echoes of Black Monday
08:00:37a IRS to require reports from poker tourneys
08:00:40a Some see 120 barrel of oil
08:00:44a Defying logic on Wall Street
08:00:47a Commercial real estate is hit among misses
08:00:53a Broadcast brings together rarely seen visions
08:00:56a Windows too dark? You can't be stopped
08:01:00a Carroll County schools hit with 13 staph cases
08:01:04a Health plan draws praise, raises questions
08:01:07a Family, town seek permanent memorial to murder victim
08:01:11a Former inmates take to the streets
08:01:14a O'Brien in Rome stresses rights of POWs
08:01:18a State drops 10 spots on women's health report
08:01:22a Let's Dish turns pink, personally
08:01:25a T. Rowe Price growth brings 1,400 jobs to county
08:01:29a Youth grab reins at Janus
08:01:32a Colorado startups receive cash boost
08:01:36a Spooked Wall Street hit with world of worry
08:01:39a S. Korean star Kim Hee-sun's wedding
08:02:00a Small Plane Crashes Into Vancouver Apartment, Killing Pilot
08:02:16a PREPS ROUNDUP Lake Orion's D posts shutout FOOTBALL ROUNDUP
08:02:19a Ellis' first goal leads Wings DETROIT 4, SAN JOSE 2
08:02:23a Inkster may have to forfeit eight games FOOTBALL
08:02:26a Sack helps Cougars bag win TAYLOR TRUMAN 21, TAYLOR KENNEDY 14
08:02:30a B.C. police at least six dead in Vancouver suburb apartment
08:02:40a Plano's tollway exit makeover is delayed
08:02:53a Sympathetic Fictional Villains?
08:02:57a How Far Can You Run?
08:03:14a La.casinos win 210.7 million in September
08:03:17a Kim Komando Take control of your inbox
08:03:21a Buzz on business
08:03:27a Dog-napping Caper Foiled
08:03:38a The story that lies beneath Phoenix
08:03:41a PM believes more people will shun vote buying
08:03:44a Amid uproar, county attorney drops charges against 'New Times'
08:03:48a Veterans expos put on hold
08:03:51a Chandler K-9 sergeant barred from unit after dog's death
08:03:55a Funds, faculty are hurdles for bold ASU plan
08:03:58a New posters help police head off DUIs
08:04:01a Governor says students need math, science skills to compete
08:04:05a Coalition may save little oasis
08:04:08a Man convicted of soliciting sex from 15-year-old
08:04:12a Driver sought in hit-and-run that hurt boy
08:04:15a McCain woos GOP right wing
08:04:19a El Mirage school wins grant to promote fitness program
08:04:22a Costs dog health care proposal
08:04:26a Wall Street Remains Bullish Despite Data
08:04:29a Analysis Finance Chiefs Have Full Plate
08:04:35a Myanmar protester says free
08:04:38a Two U.S. Marines face Haditha courts-martial
08:04:42a Beaten All Blacks get grief counselling
08:05:17a Winning Trends Fashion File
08:06:03a Johnny Marr — 'Down on the Corner'
08:06:07a Drought Could Force Georgia Businesses to Shut Down
08:06:11a Hijacked Truck Found in Washington
08:06:52a Bomb Kills 7 in Southwestern Pakistan, Police Say
08:07:26a Woman dies, man rescued in pond crash
08:07:30a Rodney King case may be blueprint
08:07:33a City grabs 275 signs in sweep
08:07:37a Bus driver expected to recover expenses
08:07:40a Businesses hope arch is golden
08:07:44a Titusville police tired of crime at complex
08:07:47a Festival on despite ruling
08:07:51a Interest in green roofs is sprouting
08:07:54a DCCI mulls Dubai-Hamburg financial sector cooperation
08:08:01a The exotic dancer, the police chief and the dividing line
08:08:04a Early voters grow in importance
08:08:08a County executive resigning
08:08:12a World Bank welcomes new leader's stability
08:08:16a Doctors appeal ruling on executions
08:08:19a Latino head of RNC resigns
08:08:23a Chain of errors blamed for nuclear arms going undetected
08:08:27a FDA panel warns against kids' cold medicine
08:08:30a Malawi accident kills 26 opposition supporters
08:08:34a Pakistani police release photo of Karachi bomber
08:08:37a FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Oct 20
08:08:41a Israel Government Blocks Medical Evacuations from Gaza
08:08:48a Twin blasts Pak government faces the heat
08:08:54a Dominion Announces Plan to Delist Assumed CNG Debt Securities
08:08:58a State takes action against securities dealer Goto
08:09:01a Dallas man pleads guilty in securities fraud case
08:09:05a SP downgrades ratings on 1,413 classes of subprime-backed securities worth 22.02 billion
08:09:08a SP cuts ratings on more securities
08:09:12a SESC Recommends FSA Punish Mizuho Securities
08:09:15a Investor fined for securities fraud
08:09:19a UN Reprimands Interpreter for Mistake
08:09:23a Windsor athlete remembers mom through permanent memorial
08:09:26a La Salle church sponsors Harvest Bazaar today
08:10:13a Study Students eating better
08:10:16a How much Hawaiian blood is enough?
08:10:20a High ranking Marine on trial
08:10:24a FDA advisers nix cold medicines
08:10:27a Support dwindles for French transit strike
08:10:31a Officer is acquitted of aiding enemy
08:10:34a Priest boasts zen, monster roots
08:10:38a Size of ozone hole shrinks, NASA reports
08:10:42a Hammer attacker has no regrets
08:10:45a 9 are killed in Manila mall explosion
08:11:55a 9/11 Ruling Puts NYC Doctor in Spotlight AP
08:11:59a Fugitive Has Support of Longtime Friends AP
08:12:02a Drug-resistant staph cases steadily increasing in La.
08:12:06a La. voters face big decisions today
08:12:09a Barksdale group commander among officers disciplined
08:12:13a Jindal trying to win outright today
08:12:16a South Louisiana teacher has 'superbug'
08:12:20a Campaign Notebook Grambling mayor pro tem endorses Georges
08:12:23a State, parties offer voter assistance hot lines
08:12:27a Judge Release coroner's reports about post-Katrina hospital deaths
08:12:57a Almost ten thousand missing in Peru
08:13:00a West briefs
08:13:24a Search team still hunting for Indonesian ferry survivors
08:13:27a Bomb blast kills 7 in Pakistan's Baluchistan province
08:13:31a Pakistan probes Bhutto's blast suspects
08:14:37a A solid building to match their faith
08:14:49a Spammers now using MP3s
08:14:52a Mozilla plugs 10 more Firefox holes
08:14:55a Wimax receives 3G green light
08:14:59a Police release video shot inside of stolen bait car
08:15:13a Erdoðan to visit Romania
08:15:16a Turkey fears claims
08:15:20a 'Military operation not the best solution'
08:15:23a African diplomats to be trained in Turkey
08:15:27a Babacan meets Lebanese prime minister
08:15:30a N. Iraq vows to resist
08:15:34a Kurdish leaders should urge PKK for ceasefire
08:15:37a 'Time is running out for solution'
08:15:41a Turkish secularism discussed in Turko-American panel
08:15:44a Smallest tractor rolls out to fields
08:15:48a Advocate Telekom sector not secure
08:15:51a Marathon of Hope for Cancer Research
08:15:55a Opposition parties balk at Sunday's referendum
08:15:58a Istanbul's water problems almost solved
08:16:02a Not just a tent, it's a bar mate!
08:16:05a LOCALLINE
08:16:12a Three angelic mothers of Urla
08:16:16a New goal in Ýzmir subway system Bergama-Ephesus
08:16:19a A life changing experience with Medusa mosaic
08:16:23a TV commercial stirs up thirst for public action
08:16:26a Franchises eye Turk pie
08:16:29a Economic growth whets appetite of franchises
08:16:33a Charter for Turk cuisine
08:16:36a Chefs' Council to write constitution on Turk food
08:16:40a Modern bridges falling apart, ancient bridges still standing
08:16:43a Experience the aroma of memories
08:16:46a Could she be his woman?
08:16:50a From rags to riches One Turk's American dream
08:16:53a Unaired part of 'Yol'on screen
08:16:57a Paul means Tarsus means Turkey means... What?
08:17:00a Design competition for new Turkish coins
08:17:03a Outlets, cheap shopping addresses
08:17:07a A life between two cultures on canvas
08:17:10a Murdoch forms Turkish company
08:17:14a Ankara's natural gas distributor is to be privatized
08:17:17a UK economy grows at fast pace
08:17:21a Turkey detains energy ministry officials
08:17:25a Oil prices hit record high as tension persists
08:17:28a New Polish gov't would struggle to cut deficit
08:17:32a West Sac Health Center's Playground Stolen
08:17:47a 2 in pot-muffin case sentenced
08:17:50a Freeing Kazem Darabi is an award to terrorists
08:18:04a England stand on World Cup threshold
08:18:07a Brown wins ban on Euro control
08:18:11a The Czech baby swap families
08:18:14a GMTV face cops phone-in probe
08:18:18a The Curse of King Tut
08:18:21a Chelsea star's racism warning
08:18:25a US magic superstar 'sex riddle'
08:18:28a 1 a litre for diesel
08:18:32a Life for cab killers
08:18:35a Jail for lady in lake killer
08:18:39a Menezes No order to shoot
08:18:43a C Diff gran's death
08:18:46a Man arrested for stopping lout
08:18:53a Anguish of widow
08:18:57a Northern Rock boss quits
08:19:00a Blair 's US reception
08:19:04a Prof's 9k bill for gas
08:19:07a 60 safe in air scare
08:19:11a 999 vans for fatties
08:19:14a Rugby World Cup-Argentina Crush France for Third Place
08:19:18a Queen Must Die/Abdicate for Aust Republic ReferendumSays Turnbul
08:19:21a Chip-and-pin Security Warning
08:19:25a Bennington Museum hosts Halloween Party
08:19:28a Basin plan meeting set for Manchester
08:19:32a Meeting on proposed water rate hike set
08:19:35a Mount Sunapee ski resort sues over lease
08:19:39a No contract for VTel union workers
08:19:43a Common Ground closes up
08:19:46a Southern Vermont Religious Services
08:19:50a Roadside Bomb Kills 3 in Iraq
08:19:54a Iran's Top Nuclear Negotiator Resigns
08:19:57a Manila blast used military explosives police
08:20:01a Iran's nuclear negotiator resigns
08:20:04a England fans march on Paris
08:20:08a Parents to fight school closures
08:20:11a Bazaar blast kills at least 7
08:20:15a Saturn Vue XR bests its rivals in performance and amenities
08:20:18a Nissan Sentra Spec V A pocket rocket, but a hard ride
08:20:22a Party delegates at congress
08:20:35a Iran's Top Nuclear Negotiator Resigns
08:20:49a Hardin jail waits for OK to house Wyomingites
08:20:52a Rail permit holder seeks state coal
08:20:56a State battles drug-resistant staph infection
08:20:59a Ruling Some on tribe panel overstepped
08:21:03a Judge backs water quality standards
08:21:06a Factions argue over wilderness bill
08:21:09a Library's go-online proposal criticized
08:21:13a Grizzly killed on road may be break-in culprit
08:21:17a Insure Montana faces big rate boost
08:21:20a Nebraskan charged with sex abuse
08:21:24a Boy drowns in reservoir
08:21:28a County seizes 45 German shepherds
08:21:31a Woman sentenced for leaving child
08:21:35a Thousands evacuate after volcano threat
08:21:38a Pesticide spray can continue
08:21:42a 405-to-101 interchange opens
08:21:45a Stunt plane's beach landing wasn't in plan
08:21:49a Los Angeles, San Francisco to go dark to illuminate cause
08:21:53a Marines adapt to dress code update
08:21:57a San Monica farmers market victims can sue
08:22:00a High winds, seas headed this way
08:22:03a Far fewer children in L.A. County foster care
08:22:07a Scholars try to reconcile 'problematic' religious texts
08:22:10a Official's heroic tale was fiction
08:22:14a Program gives students a shot at college
08:22:17a Roto-routing the Valley's clogged artery
08:22:21a Death ends mystifying 'feud' with Joey Bishop
08:22:25a State investigating death at Olive View
08:22:28a Slaying is a blow to a rebounding force
08:22:32a Denton, Northwest Dallas County Home Sales
08:22:36a Iran's top nuclear negotiator resigns
08:22:40a Philippine mall bomb kills nine
08:23:13a Bishop Lynch students bringing light on Uganda's 'invisible'
08:23:16a G7 calls for stronger China yuan
08:23:23a Ban Ki-Moon, Barak discuss Iran, captive soldiers
08:23:27a Israel protests Belarus president's 'anti-Semitism'
08:23:30a Olmert I returned from Moscow reassured
08:23:34a Israel \'mole\' took photos of Syrian target report
08:23:37a 'Ghosts' in Gaza
08:23:41a As hostage exchange progresses, Nasrallah gains the upper hand
08:23:45a The Israel Lobby Destroys Academic Freedom? on University of Chicago conference, incl. Norman Finkelstein
08:23:48a Gulf States, Israel
08:23:52a El-Erian says Al-Hayat misquoted him, confirms Brotherhood position on Israel
08:23:55a Turk shot on border with Israel dies of wounds
08:23:58a Barak meets with UN Chief in New York
08:24:02a Lukashenko calls Jews 'dirty', Israeli ambassador returns home
08:24:06a Sale of Dutch air defence system parts to Israel 'will go through'
08:24:09a Wanted Israeli arrested for child sex offences
08:24:13a Chabad course designed to combat Israel apathy
08:24:16a 'Body position hindered Woolmer revival efforts'
08:24:20a I don't want to get into any trouble Sreesanth
08:24:23a 3 Special Observers to supervise Guj poll preparedness
08:24:26a India doing well, but challenges ahead'
08:24:30a Unidentified cyclist becomes 98th victim of blueline bus
08:24:33a ICICI gets nod to set up branch in New York
08:24:37a Democracy does not mean catering to West China
08:24:41a Dutt likely to get judgment copy, may have to surrender
08:24:44a Symonds feels 'uncomfortable' under spotlight
08:24:48a 'We never lied about our marriage'
08:24:51a Kashmir protests over Indian army killing
08:24:55a CORRECTED Cardinal signals firm Vatican stance with Muslims
08:24:59a County consultant touts Benn's Grant
08:25:02a Dads making schools safer
08:25:06a Ga. home of Vick for sale
08:25:13a Suffolk-born star prepares for final
08:25:16a Father's pride at Gomarsall's progress
08:25:20a School's backing for England ace
08:25:23a A14 gridlock problems under review
08:25:27a Airport inquiry comes to an end
08:25:30a Jail for knife attacker
08:25:34a PM orders security officials to ensure law and order
08:25:37a Midwest City art studio sells bricks to cover construction costs
08:25:41a New scholarships set for Rose State students
08:25:44a Ghouls and goblins of Midwest City have their event relocated
08:26:45a Trash and drivers sit and stew
08:26:49a Religion Calendar
08:26:52a LAX leader proposes charging OC to fly
08:26:56a Ex-`Lost Student' Shares Nobel
08:26:59a Dog attacks letter carrier in Torrance
08:27:03a Car plummets off cliff, killing 1 in PVE chase
08:27:06a Car leaves trail of damage in Lomita
08:27:10a View plane loophole benefits developers
08:27:13a Business letters, October 20
08:27:17a Commercial market cautious but upbeat
08:27:20a Denver takes green path
08:27:24a Huge dairy doesn't fit organic image
08:27:54a Devastation Residents survey damage after twister
08:27:58a Tornado deals family another tragedy
08:28:01a Mid-Michigan storm stories
08:28:05a Meteorologists At least one tornado touched down in Ingham Co.
08:28:41a Comcast found using methods that hinder file sharing
08:29:50a Microburst 031206
08:29:53a 102007 end of the growing season
08:30:30a Mobile Internet access on the rise
08:30:34a PS2 Singstar 90s
08:30:37a Troj/Zlobmi-C
08:30:41a Witnesses to Derry crash sought
08:31:25a Crime steals another SA artist
08:31:28a 'You little s***, you better not cause k*k'
08:31:32a A sea of green and gold support in Pretoria
08:31:35a Iran's chief nuclear negotiator resigns
08:31:46a Queen Elizabeth Honours Ex-Soviet Double Agent
08:31:49a Putin Promises New Nuclear Missiles
08:31:53a Iran, World Bank to hold talks on 8 projects
08:31:56a U.S. Fed allows ICICI Bank to open New York branch
08:32:24a Iran's atomic negotiator resigns IRNA
08:32:50a Khalilzad reports progress in 'internationalizing' effort in Iraq
08:32:53a Somalia UN official still held by Somali security
08:33:10a A helicopter over a California forest
08:33:13a Debris and damaged vehicles following a powerful bomb explosion at Glorietta mall in Manila
08:33:17a Frenchman Randy De Puniet
08:33:20a Russell Crowe 'American Gangster' film premiere in New York
08:33:24a Mourners pray during a funeral ceremony in Karachi
08:33:27a Benazir Bhutto returns home FLASH GRAPHIC
08:33:31a Former Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto
08:33:34a Texas toxic town lures industry while residents wheeze
08:33:37a Experts warn against egg freezing
08:33:41a UN says ozone hole shrinking due to weather, not recovery
08:33:44a QAQ's Eye of the Emirates attracts over 5,000 visitors during Eid
08:33:48a UAE slams terror attack
08:33:51a Shock and grief engulf Pak expatriates in UAE
08:33:55a Ajman in 'Vegas' style resort
08:33:59a UAE businessman donates Dh5 million to Dubai Cares
08:34:02a End to human-trafficking UAE's top priority
08:35:09a Week 8 Friday night's games
08:35:15a School Refuses to Surrender Transcripts Prior to Hearing
08:35:19a National Guard Association Discusses Issues With President Bush
08:35:22a East Hanover seat to be declared
08:35:26a Munro College reports excellent passes
08:35:30a Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani resigns
08:35:59a The hedge fund, the stripper and the missing millions
08:36:03a Fraud on the rise
08:36:06a Interview with futurologist Ray Hammond
08:36:13a EmPower Research Launches Indian CRO Industry Report
08:37:12a 1,000 reward offered for family pet's killer
08:38:21a Oak Cliff religion briefs
08:38:24a Oak Cliff metal sculptor's iron is hot
08:38:58a Is It Easier to Hire Open Source Developers?
08:39:12a Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Balch Springs Home Sales
08:39:16a Mesquite community calendar
08:39:19a Mesquite brief
08:39:23a Alleged robber hit by taxi
08:39:27a Hunter, 72, survives night in the snow
08:40:31a China's Hu set to emerge stronger
08:40:51a Dhs4.159bn foreign shares on DFM
08:41:25a Be advocates of unity, defense chief tells PMA cadets
08:43:05a Six found dead in Vancouver, Canada, apartment
08:43:16a How far can you stretch a dollar?
08:43:19a Oil hits 90 a barrel
08:43:23a Bergman, Centrone leaving Repository
08:43:26a Stocks plunge on Black Monday anniversary
08:43:33a Police probe Beerwah weatherboard fire
08:43:41a Syndicates, Ministry Continue Bulgarian Teachers' Wages Talks on Expert Level
08:44:52a Guard unit set for Afghanistan
08:44:55a Pakistan win toss against Proteas
08:45:01a Developer sues over stalled skyscraper
08:45:58a Young Leaders Want National Youth Council
08:46:20a U.S. tackles border troubles in Iraq
08:46:24a Bhutto calls blasts an 'attack on democracy'
08:46:28a Hussein officer finds unlikely defenders
08:46:31a Reggae star's death rocks S. Africa
08:46:35a Pakistani man mourns devoted cousin
08:46:39a Iranian security chief signals crackdown
08:46:42a Seven dead in Pakistan bus blast
08:46:46a World Bank calls for renewed emphasis on Agriculture for Development
08:46:50a HMN Financial, Inc. Announces Third Quarter Results
08:46:53a Organisers sing the praises of 'best ever' National Mod
08:47:33a Helicopter lifts two youngsters to safety
08:47:36a Suspicious death in Rotorua body in scrub
08:47:43a Police interview woman
08:47:46a New clashes erupt between Hamas and Gaza
08:47:50a Government rejects broadband claim
08:47:53a Occupied Kashmir protests over Indian army killing
08:47:56a Police discover 'graphic homicide'
08:48:00a iWitness Slideshow Bridges Of Seattle
08:48:05a Angry with GP police, group plans march
08:48:12a Boat Overturns off Mexico's Shore, 24 'Migrants' Dead
08:48:15a Road Carnage in Bulgaria Claims 5 Lives Overnight
08:48:19a Plane Crashes into Residential Building in Canada, Pilot Killed
08:49:28a Plane hits B.C. highrise
08:49:31a U.S. biker gang eyes Canada
08:49:35a Arrest in bogus 911 calls
08:49:51a Iran's atomic negotiator resigns
08:49:54a CORRECTED Sudan crisis talks due to restart next week
08:50:32a BITTER JOEY Harrington disappointed with benching - 'It's awful, terrible'
08:50:35a PREPS FOOTBALL AND STATE FINALS COVERAGE Click here for scores and recaps
08:50:39a Charges laid over 20,000 animal theft
08:50:42a Masters Games, Paralympians get funding boost
08:50:46a Gorbachev movement to fight for 'democratic choice'
08:50:50a G7 Officials Vow To Protect Global Economy
08:50:54a Police seek witnesses to Southbank fire
08:51:43a Biofuels Great Green Hope or Swindle
08:52:13a Turnout could curb right-wing Swiss vote
08:52:17a Motorcycle tyre decision postponed to next week
08:52:20a 40 years on, 'Bigfoot' film still the benchmark for believers
08:52:24a Military explosives used in Manila bomb blast police
08:52:27a Magic down Cavs in China pre-season
08:52:38a Mass grave prompts criminal probe in Guatemala
08:52:41a Satirist shot dead near Honduran radio station
08:52:56a New Law Bans Pit Bulls In Local City
08:53:14a Jurors won't hear of Jobe's 2 earlier run-ins with police
08:53:18a Latest Buehrer-Latta dispute centers on '02 survey
08:53:21a Decision to end SWAT day shift raises alarms
08:53:25a New pastor instrument of change
08:53:28a Blade brief presses to see e-mails
08:53:32a Montenegro gets new Constitution
08:53:35a KFOR tanks in Serb's garden
08:53:38a Rehn Troika talks last chance
08:55:20a Roth upset over downloading of his movie
08:55:23a Winfrey blames thyroid problem for weight gain
08:55:27a Kurt Cobain movie planned
08:55:30a Tied 19th, Jeev, Kapur drawn to play together in third round
08:55:34a Atwal's fate hangs in balance in Nationwide golf event
08:55:37a Tata family honoured with the 'Philanthropy Nobel'
08:55:41a Call For Return Of Traditional Teaching
08:55:44a Accused paedophile's family wants return to Canada
08:55:48a 'Harry Potter' author reveals Dumbledore's secret
08:55:51a Interim PM says Charter to go ahead
08:55:55a Tabua hailed a hero
08:55:58a Alleged rape on sisters by Sigatoka man
08:56:01a Koroi's comments not worth the oxygen required to respond
08:56:24a Seven hospitalized with anthrax in Zimbabwe
08:56:28a Iran's atomic negotiator resigns
08:56:56a HORN OF AFRICA IRIN-HOA Weekly Round-up 403 for 13 19 October 2007
08:57:03a One man killed in clashes between Hamas police, Fatah-allied clan in Gaza
08:57:07a Iran's top nuclear negotiator resigns, government spokesman says
08:57:11a Roadside bomb strikes minibus south of Baghdad, killing 3, wounding 9
08:57:41a Big Mistake Bomber Loaded With Live Nukes
08:58:13a Republican Sam Brownback drops out of presidential race
08:58:36a Gifts & Home Products in Hong Kong Oct. 20 23
08:58:39a Princelings to come of age at China conclave
08:58:43a Bush puts new pressure on Myanmar and urges China, India to do likewise
08:58:48a First-Ranked Chargers Pound Watertown
08:59:21a Parody Dear EA, We're Suing Your Ass Dear EA, We're Suing Your Ass
08:59:24a Dick Fosbury wins Olympic gold
08:59:34a Sat-nav Helps African Tribe
08:59:38a US Marines Face Haditha Trial
08:59:42a Fears Over CO2 Levels In Seas
08:59:45a Fans Flock To World Cup Final
08:59:55a World Bank report calls for investment in farming
08:59:58a Fed's Poole cut only if confident won't rue move
09:00:02a Oil cheap when adjusted for inflation, low dlr Iran
09:00:05a Find a Laptop, Lap Top Beer
09:00:09a iPhone Becomes AT&T's Top Seller, U.S. #4 Overall in 3rd Quarter
09:00:12a Bush's Spying Hits Americans Abroad
09:00:16a Suspected Terrorists Robert DeNiro Chief of Homeland Security
09:00:20a Bill Gates An Audacious Goal
09:00:23a Remembering Black Monday's Panic and Alarm, 20 years later
09:00:27a Microsoft Kicks Linux Arse. Like we Believe them...
09:00:30a The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib' Religious groups offer free screenings
09:00:34a Barney Frank will Endorse Trans Amendment to ENDA
09:00:37a 81st gets official alert to deploy
09:00:41a Laws' bark worse than bite?
09:00:44a Records show many years of problems
09:00:48a Appeals mean justice delayed
09:00:51a Q&A
09:00:55a We achieve a measure of success with door mixup
09:00:58a Helping Hands Sweep Campus
09:01:02a Annual Pecan Sale Begins
09:01:05a Find A Great Pumpkin
09:01:08a Roast Of Former Mayor Greco Will Benefit The Italian Club
09:01:12a Digging To Continue Today In Case Of Missing Woman
09:01:15a World War II Group Has High-Flying Plans
09:01:19a Balm Residents Hear Planners
09:01:22a The Doctor Is In The Medical Spa
09:01:26a To Market, To Market
09:01:29a Events Combined For A Big Howl
09:01:32a Parties' Promises On Primaries Ring Hollow
09:01:36a Pills, Caffeine, Fiber And Feelings
09:01:39a Felines Purring About New Quarters
09:01:43a County Conducts Road Analysis
09:01:46a Panel Divided On Revisions
09:01:50a Concert Band Starts Rehearsals, Tooting Holiday Horns
09:01:53a Alafia Siphoning Boost On The Table
09:01:56a Area Drummer Beats Competition
09:02:00a Young Sharks Eager To Get Their Kicks
09:02:03a What Undid 'Done Deal'
09:02:06a PHU 37, Clearwater 24
09:02:10a Berkeley Downed By Late Outburst
09:02:13a Road Proposals Raise Concerns
09:02:17a Cigar Factory Rezoning Reset
09:02:20a An Alternative On Halloween
09:02:23a Shoulder Injury Takes Star Running Back Out
09:02:27a Durant Girls Golf Team Advances To Regionals
09:02:30a Volleyball Teams Up For Tournament
09:02:34a Tomlin Student Wins State Competition
09:02:37a Sweet Memories Will Remain
09:02:41a Students Take Bite Out Of Alphabet
09:02:45a Road Expert Backs 2-Way Conversion
09:02:48a 2,500 Raised For State Park
09:02:51a Options Limited For Baby Savannah
09:02:55a Chamber VP Engages Challenges With Grace
09:02:58a Caribana Revels In Success
09:03:02a The South Shore Concert Band Is Ready To Tune Up
09:03:05a Republican Chairman Martinez Steps Down
09:03:09a 2nd Man Charged With Murder In 2005 Slaying
09:03:12a Iran's Top Nuclear Negotiator Steps Down
09:03:16a Seven held over schoolboy killing
09:03:19a Iran's atomic negotiator Larijani resigns
09:03:23a Fire leads to discovery of marijuana plants inside Plant City home
09:03:26a Sikkim steps into holiday season
09:03:30a PM Surrender to EU brilliant
09:03:34a Iran Chief nuclear negotiator Larijani resigns
09:03:44a Iraqi families seek probe into abuse by troops
09:03:47a Hong Kong flat sold for 14.1 million
09:03:51a Tulip Bahçeþehir to be built by Ken Young
09:03:55a Dubai's Emaar profit falls as expansion costs surge
09:03:58a Russian tourists create hope
09:04:01a Hot money inflow abates deficit fear
09:04:05a Local, foreign firms interested in TEKEL
09:04:08a Lifting bans to relieve advert sector
09:04:12a BBC trade unions put off strike vote
09:04:15a Myanmar monks stage protests in Malaysia
09:04:19a Turk dies of wounds in Egypt
09:04:22a Ukraine explosion death toll reaches 21
09:04:26a 'Crippen case' unfolds
09:04:29a Two ministers quit Latvian government
09:04:33a Nobel winning scientist suspended
09:04:36a Explosion rocks Manila district
09:04:39a Islamists blamed for bloody attack
09:04:43a Children of Iraq 'armed' to the teeth
09:04:47a Listen to the cry of the Turkish Diaspora...
09:04:50a Two key awards for cultural heritage
09:04:53a Getting it right
09:04:57a The wedge strategy we need against terrorism
09:05:00a Confessions
09:05:04a Is common sense gaining ground?
09:05:07a Time to talk about scenarios and possibilities
09:05:10a A Bird's Eye View
09:05:14a Why Turkish 'strategists' are unmistakably wrong
09:05:17a Medals don't matter, says triumphant manager
09:05:20a Di Luca set for CAS appeal
09:05:24a Beckett shines to keep Red Sox alive
09:05:27a League returns with Trabzon-Beþiktaþ clash
09:05:31a Alonso ready to take risks in season-ending Brazilian GP
09:05:34a Pre-race carnage mars Caulfield Cup
09:05:38a YouTube-Viacom lawsuit looms over antipiracy plans
09:05:42a The RIAA reveals its next target Usenet
09:05:45a Canada Sets Tax On Legal Downloads
09:05:49a Name your own price Radiohead album plagued by piracy
09:05:52a Selecting Next Mars Rover Landing Site Wi