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12:00:18a Medvedev tells United Russia to work, not make declarations

12:00:24a Kienan Hebert's parents forgive alleged abductor Hopley
12:00:29a Jail time Parents take pornographic pics of young daughter
12:00:45a Iran Women Football Team Thrash UAE
12:00:51a Chicago-area boy, 5, shot to death riding in car
12:01:06a WRAPUP 1-Soccer-Nigeria, S.Africa fail to reach Nations Cup
12:01:11a Hamdan Bin Mubarak underlines significance of 19th Meeting of GCC Information Ministers
12:01:25a Michael Jackson death trial Week 2 in photos
12:01:47a Occupy Fort Wayne meeting changes location
12:01:53a ANALYSIS-Yemenis ask 'Where's the catch' in familiar Saleh vow
12:02:03a Hundreds rock out at Long Island Country Music Festival
12:02:08a UPDATE 3-Nobel prize 'victory for Arab Spring', Yemen winner
12:02:14a Drum of cement held mom's remains; husb
12:02:20a Handgun discharged at Parkview
12:02:26a Ford to pay workers bonus
12:02:31a INTERVIEW-Rival says many Liberians would reject Sirleaf 2nd term
12:02:37a Ill. residents return home after train derailment
12:03:28a Sabres stop Kings in Germany
12:03:34a France pushes Germany on bank rescue deal
12:03:40a Police probe suspicious death in north end
12:03:52a Driver turns self in following hit and run in Italy
12:04:22a Sabres top Kings in Berlin
12:04:28a PAGASA Potential cyclone moves west of Luzon
12:04:50a Poles to vote in general election
12:04:56a Soccer-Nigeria, S.Africa fail to reach Nations Cup finals
12:06:10a UPDATE 1-Zambia strikes spread at China-owned copper mines
12:06:17a IMF mission chief says Greece is at crossroads
12:06:43a Polish ties with Germany, Russia at stake in vote
12:06:51a UPDATE-1-Soccer-Libya celebrate probable Nations Cup berth
12:07:08a Questions raised about GOP mayoral candidate's military charity
12:07:24a Hating your job?
12:07:29a California Governor Signs Dream Act
12:07:35a Arab, Christian graves vandalized
12:07:40a Is Ted Cruz the GOP 2012 Secret Weapon?
12:07:46a Uhuru Faces Growing Rebellion in Rift Valley
12:07:51a Making waves
12:07:57a Mahmoud Abbas is wasting his time in Colombia
12:08:03a Cricket-Malinga puts Mumbai in Champions League final
12:08:08a Govt looking for change agents
12:08:14a Greece Expects Billion Solar Plan to Advance by Year-End
12:08:19a Protesters close Air and Space Museum
12:08:31a Scotland tops Liechtenstein in Euro 2012 qualifying
12:08:36a Kenya farewells Nobel peace laureate
12:08:42a Generic-Drug Demand Leads Perrigo to Top Gain Israel Overnight
12:08:48a UPDATE 1-Saudi central bank 'not worried' about inflation
12:08:54a Armenian The Merchant of Death' dies in Florida hospital
12:08:59a Bethlehem senior earns National Merit Scholarship recognition
12:09:05a Finding hope in the Durban disgrace
12:09:11a Report on 500 UP kids’ deaths sought
12:09:17a Soccer-Libya battle the odds in fight for Nations qualification
12:09:22a EXPOSE The Vatican is Cozyng Up to Iran's Ahmadinejad
12:09:28a Water supply disrupted at North Dublin homes
12:09:34a Man drowns in Gordon's Bay
12:09:39a Five Injured In Nabi Saleh Anti-wall Protest
12:09:45a Late TD
12:09:51a Raiding police team attacked by suspects
12:09:56a Israeli right-wingers vandalize Islamic and Christian Cemeteries in Jaffa
12:10:02a Rural job plan bill may go up
12:10:07a Liquor vends in Amritsar defy police order to install CCTVs
12:10:13a Assault on Sirte.
12:10:18a Body of co-op society president found, four booked
12:10:24a Abbas Urges Europe Support Palestinian Spring
12:10:30a RTI activist in Mumbai attacked
12:10:35a Greek cops' new probe into missing Ben Needham 20 years on
12:10:41a Second witness relief for Farooq
12:10:46a BSP sacks 12th MLA in two months
12:10:51a SUV recovered from Guj town
12:10:57a Police question three in connection with armed raid
12:11:03a Abbas Says Palestine Ready For Talks With Israel
12:11:09a Pipeline bombs in Iraq hit BP oilfield Scotsman International
12:11:14a MLAs give themselves huge benefits as parting gift
12:11:20a Tributes paid to former Bihar CM Azad
12:11:25a Water resources minister seeks law akin to RTI
12:11:31a IPS officers in Guj unite to back Sanjiv Bhatt
12:11:36a 4 Kashmiris held in Bangla
12:11:42a Scribe attacked in Jalandhar
12:11:47a BYUtv to Air First U.S. Documentary Series on Making of King James Bible
12:11:53a Panetta Immunity for U.S. troops in Iraq UPI Top News
12:11:58a Saina, Bhaichung likely to promote road safety
12:12:03a Govt bid to gag TV outrages broadcasters, libertarians
12:12:09a Tycoon Hunter goes back to clas
12:12:14a 'Window for strike on Iran nuke facilities growing slimmer'
12:12:20a Citizens Pay Their Respects to Wangari Maathai
12:12:25a Women's jail is Scotland's roughest
12:12:31a State Dept. prepares to take over in Iraq UPI Top News
12:12:36a Electoral roll requests spark fraud gang hunt
12:12:42a Demand grows for national intelligence czar to end turf wars
12:12:48a Tel Aviv to release remains of Palestinian after 35 years
12:12:53a UCF leads Marshall 14-0 at end of first quarter
12:12:59a Treasures of Forbes family up for auction
12:13:05a Young, unpaid and angry interns go online to campaign for a wage
12:13:11a Herman Cain Pizza boss, radio host, ballistics expert, minister. President?
12:13:16a Amanda Knox urged not to 'cash in' on Meridith's murder
12:13:22a Lebanon Strong Political Will Needed To Avoid Future Violence
12:13:27a New footage shows Israeli brutality
12:13:33a Floods threaten Bangkok, warns Thai premier
12:13:38a Ticker Lions' Matthew Stafford ta
12:13:44a When the going gets rough, the cart stops going
12:13:50a Gaddafi's loyalists scrap for Sirte
12:13:55a David Cameron ups pressure
12:14:01a Iraq's Rumaila south oilfield output stopped after bombs, exports OKoilmin Reuters Energy
12:14:06a Salmond to agree review of bigotry law
12:14:12a Fears cuts will put brakes on cycling boom
12:14:17a On Palestine How will Nigeria vote?
12:14:23a Cong plans pact with RLD to consolidate non-BSP votes
12:14:28a Graves in Israel desecrated; anti-Arab slogans painted
12:14:34a Syria's protesters turn to Facebook to expose 'citizen spies'
12:14:40a Encephalitis kills 376 children in eastern UP, spreads to Delhi
12:14:46a Rebel braveheart injured by shrapnel reveals how RPG killed two comrades
12:14:51a House files of former Maharashtra CM go missing
12:14:57a UPDATE 2-Bombs shut Iraq's Rumaila south output, exports OKOilmin Reuters Energy
12:15:03a Union threatens action over teachers 'paid by the minute in class'
12:15:08a Euro crisis spreads and puts the world economy at risk
12:15:14a Ron Paul War undermines family UPI Top News
12:15:19a MDA paramedics treat 2,168 people over Yom Kippur
12:15:27a Breastfed babies are smarter and get a better chance in life
12:15:55a Newfoundland voters prepare to head to polls following 'moribund' campaign
12:16:00a No. 21 Hokies win thriller over Miami, 38-35
12:16:06a 3 dead, 3 wounded
12:16:11a Canadian baseball star Martin laments early playoff exit
12:16:17a Global ID theft ring busted in New York
12:16:22a Montreal-area hospital settles with C. difficile victims
12:16:41a One dies in Chesapeake motorcycle-pickup crash
12:16:46a Sitting on a powder keg
12:16:52a Norfolk State beats Delaware State 38-21
12:16:59a NY police dept. asks su
12:17:05a Dalai Lama slams China's 'immoral censorship'
12:17:17a North Korean defectors set plans with phone, radio
12:17:27a Venus Express Discovers Venusian Ozone Layer
12:17:32a US Defence Secretarty praises Dutch
12:17:38a Error imperils Alabama death row
12:17:44a US drones infected by key logging virus
12:17:49a US politicians seek to halt Bahrain arms deal
12:17:54a Eta Carina by Trevor Warner
12:18:00a Ghost town bought by Philippines church
12:18:06a Parents of missing Mo. baby meeting with police
12:18:11a Job action slows down Toronto airport
12:18:17a Blending minds and emotions
12:18:22a 1 killed in Antipolo City road accident
12:18:28a Jets fans await Sunday's season opener vs. Montreal
12:18:43a Carving pumpkings for a cause
12:18:50a CBC distances itself from Don Cherry's pro-fighting comments
12:18:58a Astronomy Without A Telescope – Light Speed
12:19:03a Funeral to be held for Que. man who tried to stop pumpkin theft
12:19:39a Ala. Tornado Survivor Killed Moving to New Home
12:19:44a Deaths mount as anti-Gaddafi fighters inch forward
12:19:50a Yemen's Leader Says He’ll ‘Reject Power’; Foes Are Skeptical
12:19:55a Woods makes cut in Cali, Canadian McQuillan in contention
12:20:01a Yemen's president announces he will step down in 'the coming days'
12:20:06a UK defence minister probed over friend's role
12:20:12a Loughner to appeal ruling on
12:20:17a Going into Yom Kippur blameless
12:20:23a Ryan's shootout goal gives Ducks win over Rangers
12:20:29a Recruitment and retention rates rising at Scouts Canada
12:20:34a Libyan fighters make limited gains in Sirte
12:20:40a Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in Spain Market Report new market research report
12:20:45a Police Shooter and Victim Knew Each Other
12:20:51a Attachments fall off Japanese jet
12:21:28a Yemen leader to 'quit' soon
12:21:34a Rep. Smith Demands Investigation of 'Politicization' of NASA
12:22:20a Man, 87, sentenced for murdering wife with hatchet
12:22:25a Nigeria, Cameroon and Sierra Leone in fishing projects
12:23:07a Robertsdale High School Names New Principal
12:23:27a Bafana miss out on 2012 African Cup of Nations
12:23:57a Sony Buying Film Rights to Steve Jobs Biography
12:24:02a Steve Jobs' turtlenecks in demand
12:24:20a Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Dutch Chocolate 750g
12:25:01a Nestlé Purina Aims Commercial At Dogs
12:25:29a Safaricom tariff raise sparks fears of further climb in inflation rate
12:25:37a Kenya to continue with Wangari's noble work
12:25:49a Citizen's Report Card Survey
12:26:06a Hold general elections in March 2013, Ghai advises
12:26:11a State funeral for Kenyan Nobel laureate
12:26:25a North Korean famine looms
12:26:47a calorie Simple Till Six Weight Loss Diet An Eating Plan for Busy People
12:26:53a Earthquake shakes Bay of Plenty
12:27:22a Bethany Homecoming Spoiled by Westminster
12:27:27a Knox Sex, blood drugs and alcohol
12:27:39a Anxious wait for suspects as Hague hearings close
12:27:56a Susan Sarandon enjoys intimate dinner with beau to mark 65th b'day
12:28:07a New Mexico man gets prison for violating parole
12:28:13a West Liberty Breaks Into the Win Column
12:28:29a Wangari Muta Maathai in pictures
12:28:40a Bellaire Wins Wild Shootout Over Harrison Central 50-44
12:28:46a Met warns of heavy rains along Kenya's coastline
12:28:52a International briefs Kenya
12:28:57a A Mighty Wind
12:29:03a Elderly man found dead on road in Hiawatha
12:29:08a Why lapses in Kenya's security system beg answers
12:29:14a Kenyans pay final respects to Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai
12:29:20a Public health warning issued at Bay of Plenty
12:29:25a âWater is our lifeâ â Pastoralists adapt to village life in drought-stricken north-eastern Kenya
12:29:31a Collection of spilt oil underway
12:29:36a Thousands Take Wall Street Protest to NYC Park
12:29:42a Black Sticks call for more consistency
12:29:47a Perry books more Iowa campaign events throughout the fall
12:29:53a Raiders place LB Brown on IR, sign FB Tonga
12:29:58a Vessels begin oil clean up
12:30:04a Rising floodwaters threaten capital
12:30:26a Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen
12:30:33a Woods continues to climb leaderboard
12:30:50a The Glycemic Index And Diabetic Diets
12:30:55a Michael Jackson Honored In Wales Concert
12:31:08a Warriner's the best of the Kiwis in Hawaii
12:31:28a Raising 'Good' Cholesterol Levels Reduces Heart Attack & Stroke Risk in Diabetes Patients
12:31:33a WWII veterans traveling home after day in D.C. on Honor Flight
12:31:39a SWAT Team Called To Incident on Forest Road in West Haven
12:31:45a Two Festivals for Thinkers Vie for the Minds of Chicago
12:31:51a Danny Echo, Katie Rox and Hilary Grist
12:31:57a Firefighters teach fire safety to kids, parents with hands on activities
12:32:02a Carbon tax changes like GST Labor
12:32:14a ‘Good Cholesterol Levels Reduce Heart Attack, Stroke Risk Among Diabetes Patients
12:32:28a Wayward Alaska orcas likely back in safer waters
12:32:37a 14-year-old spends fifth night in Indonesian jail
12:32:47a Macomb fire crews battle large house fire
12:32:53a Wind, rain and dark skies make for lousy weekend
12:33:19a Aboriginal policies 'ethnic cleansing'
12:33:33a Roar pass first test without McKay
12:34:05a Yemen's president again promises to step down
12:34:17a The Feast of Our Lady of La Naval de Manila
12:34:55a Manila Hotel on 99th year
12:35:13a Blasts partially halt output at south Iraq oil field
12:35:28a Second 68 leaves Woods well off the pace
12:35:40a French redemption as Wales lie in wait
12:35:45a Ruth Davidson Splitting Tory party is not the way forward
12:35:58a Spirits of Mexico New York happens this Thursday!
12:36:09a Clubs offer pokies technology trial
12:36:15a All Black Jane slammed over 'booze binge'
12:36:21a Libyan fighters taking Kadafi's hometown street by street
12:36:31a Authorities say body found in missing man's SUV
12:36:36a Woman charged with child abuse, drug possession
12:36:42a RugbyU New Zealand's Jane in 'booze binge'
12:36:47a Secretery of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, Back in Iowa Touting Obama's Jobs Plan
12:37:01a Congress debates Pres. Obama's job bill as unemployment holds
12:37:33a Brett Anderson wrote album in a week!
12:37:39a Missing Missouri Girl's Parents Resume Talks With Police
12:37:44a UAE's support to Libya hailed
12:38:05a RTÉ.ie Extra Video President Bill Clinton speech to the Global Irish Economic Forum
12:38:17a EU, Ki-Moon, Obama congratulate Yemeni Nobel laureate
12:38:24a Clinton offers to help Irish investment drive
12:38:35a Bill Clinton offer to help Irish investment
12:38:53a Bush Aggression in Middle East Part of U.S. Tradition
12:38:59a Arrest made in fatal hit and run
12:39:05a Unemployment Rate for September 2011 released to public
12:39:10a Alabama immigration law no papers no water
12:39:16a Gwyneth Paltrow drums support for Barack Obama
12:39:21a Paulson loses more; fund now off 47pc
12:39:27a McCartney wedding watch Latest rumors even more intense
12:39:32a Obama GOP needs to 'prove' his jobs plan won't work
12:39:38a Calif. marks 100 yea
12:39:44a Balloon Fiesta Crowd Reaction
12:39:49a Big labor/ government freeloading on “Occupy Wall Street”
12:39:55a Crow Tribe mourns 3
12:40:00a Samara Hamm crowned Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2012
12:40:06a Protesters close Washington museum
12:40:11a Pelosi Supports Frustrated Protestors
12:40:17a Video Second Annual Harlem Harvest Festival
12:40:22a Video Improvements to Downtown Pueblo
12:40:28a Cain tops straw poll at GOP gathering in Bloomington
12:40:34a GOPs deny Occupy Wall Street relationship to Democratic Party
12:40:39a Occupy Wall Street just another empty meme
12:40:45a Video First Alert 8 Weather Forecast Sat PM
12:40:50a Forecast Rain Chances Getter Better Through Weekend
12:40:56a Sex Offender Light Sentence
12:41:01a Police 3 soldiers admitted
12:41:07a Romney battles to reach GOP base
12:41:13a Video KXAN-Occupy Austin Continues
12:41:18a Perry in uphill battle before key presidential debate
12:41:24a Video KIMT StormTeam 3 Weather Forecast
12:41:41a The Caucus Sunday Breakfast Menu, October 9
12:41:46a Obama presses Senate to pass jobs proposal
12:41:52a University of Texas falls to OU, 55-17
12:41:57a US protesters clash with guards at Washington museum
12:42:09a Joran Andreas Petrus Van der Sloot , is escorted by Peruvian police
12:42:14a Best tattoos of Iron Age contest during Style in the Loop
12:42:20a What If The Tea Party
12:42:26a Daughter of Argentina's ‘Dirty War, Raised by the Man Who Killed Her Parents
12:42:31a Video The Sunshine Continues!
12:42:37a Packing - or packing it in?
12:42:42a UFC 136 Live Results and Play by Play
12:42:48a Princess Letizia and Prince Felipe at Volvo Ocean Race
12:42:54a Video Hundreds of Fans Welcome Lynx at Airport
12:42:59a Lamb briefly escapes butcher's chopper
12:43:05a Clickable Weather Gorgeous Night
12:43:10a Dalene Carson New information on her disappearance
12:43:16a Obama urges lawmakers to pass jobs bill
12:43:22a Call for outside scrutiny in Tory lead
12:43:27a Video Two Stabbed At D.C. Nightclub
12:43:33a Rumor Air Jordan 2012 Coming In February
12:43:38a Video Bucks Co. Zoo Closing Its Doors
12:43:43a Video Two runaways from Colorado and are found here in the valley
12:43:49a Columbus Day schedules holiday schedules
12:43:54a A Soviet spy in the White House invented 'stimulus spending'
12:44:00a Video Baby Injured In Harlem Apartment Fire
12:44:06a Pot Busts Galore
12:44:11a Romney Obama's 'feckless policies'' have weakened the nation
12:44:17a Statistics Mo. baby unlikely taken by stranger
12:44:23a Video Fire heavily damages factory
12:44:28a Fallen officer's wife honored at race
12:44:34a Video Sat. Oct. 8th Evening First Alert Forecast
12:44:40a Video Police standoff in West Haven
12:44:46a G.O.P. Anti-Federalism Aims at Education
12:44:51a General view of the scene where 35 bodies were found
12:44:57a Alamo Drafthouse, Mondo teaming up for super-secret Mondo Mystery Movie IX
12:45:02a L.A. Noire creator, Team Bondi, owes more than million to employees
12:45:08a Argentina's Daughter of ‘Dirty War, Raised by Man Who Killed Her Parents
12:45:13a Police shoot man in Daily Gazette lobby
12:45:19a Emails raise fresh questions on Obama energy deal
12:45:24a Dutch rail plan to introduce 'pee-bags'
12:45:29a Sollecito's father offers sympathy to parents of murdered Meredith
12:45:35a The Texas Tribune Research on Bleeding and Heat Could Help Soldiers and Outdoor Workers
12:45:41a Archbishop Rowan Williams warned over meeting with Mugabe
12:45:47a Police, protesters clash at U.S. capital museum
12:46:05a Man shot multiple times in officer involved shooting
12:46:33a Raptors PG Calderon to train with Barcelona during lockout
12:48:37a Toledo dominates Eastern Michigan in 54-16 victory
12:48:47a Weather system brings rain, wind and Wx Channel to Daytona Beach
12:48:57a Kenya South Sudan's Kiir makes first visit to Khartoum for key talks
12:49:06a Georgia Says It’s Ready to Block Russia W.T.O Bid
12:49:31a Bennett Responds To Pastor's Mormon Comment
12:49:36a Kenya Sata snubs Mutharika invitation
12:50:15a Big Orange fans hope for big win against the Dawgs
12:50:21a Kenya No fanfare as Nobel laureate cremated
12:50:35a Woman killed crossing Chapman Highway
12:50:46a Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend invited to visit
12:50:52a Real lives The penny has dropped
12:51:00a VIDEO Will President Saleh stand down now?
12:51:06a High-Frequency Stock Trading Catches Regulators’ Eyes
12:51:33a Riverine Squadron Deploys with Amphibious Southern Partnership
12:51:47a Romney stays quiet about Mormon remarks
12:51:59a Swinney tram firm spoke rubbish
12:52:05a The cost of Afghanistan for British troops
12:52:11a Parents warned over 'cell banks'
12:52:16a Silverstone sponsors new college
12:52:22a Florida Pastor's Mother Sues NYC to Keep Cause of Death Secret
12:52:47a Brazil disposes of Costa Rica in rainy, listless match
12:53:26a Gibson Guitar CEO defends company amid US probe
12:54:02a High lamb prices help struggling hill farmers
12:54:16a Woman accused of shoplifting from JCPenney
12:54:22a Disabled woman dies after falling from Lyme Regis Cobb harbour wall
12:55:08a A Point of View Prisons don't work
12:55:13a Gerald Warner West may be swept away by eastern winds of change
12:55:18a Wake Forest upsets No. 23 Florida State
12:55:24a Model UN at SFC gives students taste of diplomacy
12:55:57a Austrian politicians host banquet honouring Pratibha Patil
12:56:38a Model African village shows story of children with HIV
12:56:44a 70's pop star sues Sony
12:57:36a Worlds cheapest tablet computer released in India
12:57:45a 4 arrested in Ohio Amish attack
12:58:33a Sarkozy enters into debt crisis talks
12:58:41a Walt Disney man to step down in 2015
12:58:56a US Airways breaks seat record
01:00:59a 'Brain drain' warning for UK prisons
01:01:34a Southington Police Search For Lost Hiker Near Crescent Lake
01:02:46a Fire creeps toward Manitoba villages
01:02:55a Super weather adds to Super Dirt Week
01:03:00a No. 3 OU cruises in 55-17 rout over No. 11 Texas
01:03:06a Strong Political Will Vital to Avoid Future Violence in Southern Lebanon
01:03:31a Michael Jackson Honored With Wales Concert
01:03:37a Moscow enjoys record warm weather over weekend
01:04:31a See fall in New England, for less
01:05:05a New Travel Policy Tells City Employees To Take CTA For Work
01:05:10a US Renowned Homebuilder Pays Penalty for Clean Water Act Violations
01:05:33a UCF leads Marshall 16-0 at halftime
01:06:00a Sisters diagnosed with cancer within 48 hours
01:06:05a Leprino Foods' Greeley Cheese Plant Opens Nov. 1
01:06:33a Cops Conn. man injured self during alleged kidnap
01:06:42a Jindal Steel faces Bolivian ire
01:07:30a Microarray-based Cancer Prediction Using Single Genes
01:08:24a Parnell declares disaster after Dot Lake fire
01:08:30a Peter Ross All hail to real ale
01:08:44a Raees ton, Siddiq hat-trick give SBP win
01:08:52a Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalised
01:09:17a Japan interest in Bengal IT
01:09:22a Former MP seeks to retuurn
01:09:44a Steve Jobs, In And Out of Exile At Apple
01:09:50a Oil recovery teams on the water
01:10:00a Voting ends in controversial Cherokee election of chief
01:10:06a UPDATE Body found in Jeep Patriot connected to murder cases
01:10:12a Steve Jobs Social Media Tributes
01:10:17a Computer virus hits military drone program
01:10:23a Maruti stir turns ugly
01:10:29a Gov. Brown Rejects AB165
01:11:22a Navy on its way to help clean-up effort
01:11:28a Clamping Down on Rapid Trades in Stock Market
01:11:38a 'Pirates' Board Berlin Parliament
01:11:49a Occupy South Bend protest draws supporters
01:12:51a History uncovered beneath the waves
01:12:57a Thousands without power in South Florida after storms
01:13:27a 12 Billion Loss Due To Drought
01:13:41a PNG demands action over shocking abuse case
01:13:47a Undersea quake evidence found off West Coast
01:14:20a Grozny City towers over Chechen grief
01:15:20a Kenyans b
01:15:28a Bharatha, two others killed in shoot out
01:15:47a Sri Lanka should join supply chain of mega countries – Dr. Amunugama
01:15:53a UN Opens Refugee Camp in Country As Violence Continues in Troubled Sudanese State
01:15:58a 'Poll panel should regulate parties' internal elections'
01:16:04a Police locate vehicle and driver in ravine 08 Oct 2011 181849 GMT
01:16:09a US men's soccer win first under Klinsmann
01:16:15a Merkel's Bavarian ally sharpens stance on bailouts
01:16:21a US Presbyterian church ordains openly gay minister
01:16:26a Craig Alexander wins 3rd Ironman title
01:16:32a Pepper Spray Used On Demonstrators At DC Museum
01:16:44a Korean warships on three-day visit
01:16:49a Walmart bleach fight raises serious concerns
01:16:55a Bharatha Killed, Duminda Wounded
01:17:01a Opposition Leader Killed in Syria, Russia Issues Warning
01:17:30a Fair helps unemployment go up in smoke
01:17:44a Discovery of offshore oil and gas augurs well for Sri Lanka Minister Premajayantha
01:17:50a Omar's meeting with governor routine Government
01:17:55a Yom Kippur Ends, Jews Prepare for Sukkot
01:18:01a GA Threatens To Sue US Ambassador
01:18:18a Occupy Wall Street Movement Hits New Haven
01:18:24a Sri Sri releases book of Gadkari's speeches
01:18:33a Delhi gets first family clinic on Britain's NHS model
01:18:50a Panel to review Ark. child, infant deaths 08 Oct 2011 182140 GMT
01:18:56a RedJET benefiting from hidden fuel subsidy?
01:19:02a Lilach, Widow of Grad Victim Yossi Shushan, Gives Birth
01:19:10a SUV rolls over in south Des Moines driveway
01:19:15a Video Proves Police, IDF Covered Up Palmers' Murder
01:19:53a My son is innocent Delhi blast accused's father
01:19:59a California Governor Jerry Brown signs tuition bill for illegal immigrants
01:20:54a Firebomb Attack on Yafo Synagogue
01:21:00a Youth cautioned against violence in 2012 elections
01:21:38a Minister Vilnai Is Certain Nationalists Vandalized Cemeteries
01:21:44a Local National Guard unit returns from Afghanistan Saturday
01:21:50a Hearts start Premier League on a sound note
01:21:57a Tema Hospital needs expansion
01:22:02a Farmer slashes girlfriend, baby
01:22:12a KATH closes door to new patients
01:23:03a Bridge to Hatteras almost ready; merchants hopeful
01:23:13a State high court justice treated for lung tumor
01:23:21a Hundreds join ongoing Occupy Seattle protest
01:23:41a DEF abrogates its 2008 electoral pact with NPP
01:23:47a President Jonathan lays wreaths at the Nkrumah Mausoleum
01:23:52a Ad Personal Yacht 'a Necessity' in Today's Anti-Rich People World The Rich
01:23:57a 'We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion'
01:24:15a DFP to finalise merger modalities with NDC
01:24:20a Motorcyclist dies in collision in Chesapeake
01:24:26a Report Merkel, Sarkozy finding common ground on Greek debt
01:24:34a OFW groups in UAE start drive to end travel restriction
01:24:39a KNUST to automate Distance Learning programme
01:24:45a PAL International flights back to normal
01:24:51a Palace wants clarifications on PNoy adviser's 'abuse of authority'
01:24:57a Agona East MP urges Ghanaians to vote for Akufo-Addo
01:25:03a Columbus Day holiday schedules
01:25:15a Run turns Lacey complex into obstacle course
01:25:36a Fox renews 'The Simpsons' for two more seasons
01:25:47a Occupy Wall Street Expands to Washington Square Park Occupy Wall Street
01:26:30a There's a Run on the Steve Jobs Turtleneck Apple
01:26:53a Syrian Forces Kill 5 During Funeral of Kurdish Leader
01:27:12a Demi Lovato goes back on tour, a year after breakdown
01:27:24a Sabres beat Kings in first NHL game in Germany
01:27:36a Parents of missing baby resume talking to police
01:28:10a Oil workers describe floating for days in Gulf/ti
01:28:30a 10 Pinoy seafarers from hijacked vessel arrive home
01:28:36a Baltimore Walmart Evacuated After Bizarro Bleach Fight Walmart
01:28:42a Wall Street to turn sights on company earnings
01:28:53a Phillies say Ryan Howard has torn left Achilles tendon.
01:29:32a Soaked With Sunshine
01:30:21a Eliseu celebrates in style for Portugal
01:30:29a Bolivian Indians
01:30:36a Swedish poet Transtromer wins
01:30:44a the man who might have been James Bond
01:30:52a New product tests spare the animals
01:30:58a Watson Provides Update on District Court Order Concerning Generic Version of LOVENOX
01:32:35a Probe into teen patient abuse at secure unit
01:33:07a Man Shot in East Price Hill
01:33:13a Honda to resume production in Ayutthaya as soon as possible
01:33:27a Janice Long mugged for VIP pass to rock concert
01:33:49a Elderly man hospitalised after 200 foot fire hose knocks him to the ground
01:33:59a Traffic plunges for Google+ as 60% of users log off
01:34:04a Whincup makes early charge at Bathurst
01:34:10a Grounded Mexicana to offer charter flights-report
01:34:15a Detox Liquid Diet Has Never Been So Effective! Start Today With 2 Easy Steps!
01:34:21a California governor Jerry Brown
01:34:36a gluton allergy
01:34:42a Cherie Blair goes into business with the Iron Duke's family
01:34:52a Boyd knocked out of game as Clemson beats Boston College
01:35:09a John Wayne auction nets £3.5m... and a cowboy hat went for £77,000
01:35:27a Amish people mugged in own district
01:35:32a Fred Goodwin is financial adviser to the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust
01:35:59a Santos hopes US-Colombia FTA is ratified Wednesday
01:36:09a Plan to trim DNA database 'could stop murderers and rapists being caught'
01:36:15a 'We will help the Kerchers get justice'
01:36:21a Road Closures, Earlier Metro Opening For Army Race 08 Oct 2011 205020 GMT
01:36:26a Authorities say body found in missing man's SUV
01:36:32a Possible stoppage of weapons deal by US Congress
01:36:38a Kyrgyzstan bus hijacked by religious radical
01:36:44a Pioneering stem cell treatment saves the life of sickle cell victim
01:36:50a Herald ban outcry 'over the top' Speaker
01:36:55a Police say sorry to cafe owner threatened with arrest over Bible DVDs
01:37:01a Residents of Sirte make battle difficult
01:37:07a New study shows how gamma-ray bursts could end life on Earth
01:37:13a Bligh flood speech in doubt for schools
01:37:19a People listen to a program outside the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum
01:37:25a The age of aquariums The £3,900 fish tank
01:37:41a Unicef goes to flooded areas Philippine Daily Inquirer
01:38:07a David Beckham's son swears in Spanish
01:38:19a Smith denies switch to state politics
01:38:40a Virus allows hackers to monitor drones
01:38:56a Democrats aim to tax the rich — but who are they?
01:40:06a Sophie Elliott's mum named 'Woman of the Year'
01:40:11a Neymar scores in Brazil win
01:40:59a World population to hit 7 billion by the end of Oct. Hürriyet
01:41:19a Liam Fox and Adam Werritty Old university friends
01:41:25a Baby girl caught up in car-jacking incident
01:41:42a New Zealand oil slick clean-up swings into action
01:42:14a Bank bailout coul
01:42:24a Pastora Denies Environmental Damage And Says Costa Rica's Foreign...
01:42:31a Chambal drinking water diverted to Ghana national park
01:42:56a Concert Benefits Toys for Tots Campaign
01:43:08a US Republican presidential hopeful former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney
01:43:22a Liam Fox Party animal who talks tough
01:43:37a Father, son fi
01:43:43a Hundreds mourn death of miner
01:43:49a Honduras US Soccer
01:44:07a Tanks in guard of honour
01:44:14a Police release second review of Rebecca Zahau cell phone records
01:44:41a ODD Porn Addiction Thefts
01:44:47a 5bn rail link plan to expand air travel
01:44:53a 12
01:44:59a MP Huhne plays down Tweet error
01:45:05a APTOPIX Oklahoma Texas Football
01:45:11a Winner claims 101m lottery prize
01:45:17a Knox Sex, blood, drugs and alcohol
01:45:23a Turkey rebuffs Sarkozy over Armenia 'genocide'
01:45:29a Concert tribute to Michael Jackson
01:45:35a High School Bands Compete for a Win
01:45:41a Gunmen
01:45:47a Southington Police Search For Lost Hikers Near Crescent Lake
01:45:53a Beautiful W.Va. Attracts Many Visitors
01:45:58a Children appear at concert
01:46:08a Gallantry medal for RAF bomb disposal expert http//
01:46:17a Southern Miss Navy Football
01:46:26a Police Say Clarence Nail Salon Front for Prostitution
01:47:36a First Ankara model to be built by architects
01:48:59a Max Puts the Boot into Pakistan
01:49:30a Greek 'troika' inspectors warn bailout could fail
01:50:36a Syrian Forces Fire on Kurdish Mourners
01:50:56a Yemen Leader Talks of Leaving, Offers No Plan
01:51:04a Supremacists on 'The Wandering Who?'
01:52:38a Spain dent Czech hopes with 2-0 win
01:53:22a Famine in Somalia It's Not a Natural Disaster It's Murder
01:53:46a Public Sector Job Shrinkage Keeps Unemployment Numbers High
01:53:53a Executive Decisions and Mental Cowardice
01:53:59a Interview Writer/Director Jairaj Walia on Pendejo
01:54:05a BMA ready with plan to evacuate parts of capital
01:54:11a Family, Friends, Fellow Soldiers Honor Fallen Army Lieutenant
01:54:17a Romney Gives Bush Neocons Another Chance
01:54:59a Boy Scouts infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood?
01:55:22a China donates to aid effort to combat floods
01:55:36a In Iowa, Perry's immigration problem grows
01:56:12a Music Review Sean Chambers Live at the Long Island Blues Warehouse
01:56:18a Wait 'til al-Qaida gets hold of some bugs!
01:56:25a Blu-ray Review It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Complete Season 6
01:56:31a Wreck Shuts Down Part Of Highway 281
01:56:37a Music Review Paul McCartney Ocean's Kingdom
01:56:43a Flood havoc
01:57:12a Why Was al-Awlaki Denied His Constitutional Rights as an American Citizen?
01:57:19a DVD Review Master of the World
01:57:29a US gymnasts 1st in qualifying at worlds in Tokyo
01:57:38a doctors call for teenage girls to be given more effective vaccine against sexual disease
01:58:13a Texas OU Rivalry
01:58:25a Height restrictions attacked
01:59:22a Jackson children watch tribute show
02:00:27a CTIA 2011 Preview Hot Phones to Watch
02:00:33a Classen Boulevard ramps closed on Interstate 44 in Oklahoma City
02:00:39a Shakira opens new Ukraine stadium
02:00:50a Milan bans cars to stop pollution
02:01:09a VIDEO Shakira opens Euro 2012 stadium
02:01:49a Adam Werritty attends meeting with Sri Lankan president video
02:02:24a EDS questions Maritime NZ 'tardiness'
02:03:08a Weather to get rough
02:03:25a Two charged after 'burglar' shot
02:03:31a 10 bodies found in Mexican port of Veracruz
02:03:37a Williams to preach to Zimbabweans
02:03:48a Marshall Falls to UCF, 16-6
02:03:53a Dana Holgorsen Show UCONN Week
02:03:59a PHL bet is Miss Congeniality at Princess of the World tilt
02:04:07a Miami Hurricanes at Virginia Tech
02:04:26a 'Cursed' woman accused of duping kid into stealing jewelry
02:04:32a Barack Obama Where’s the Peace?
02:04:57a Protesters pepper-sprayed at Air and Space Museum
02:05:03a Palace downplays doubts on new Sandiganbayan head's integrity
02:05:50a This Little Robot Makes Tea
02:06:03a Libyan Forces Control Some Buildings Around Qaddafi Sirte Base
02:06:09a Euro banks may need bn to weather debt storm
02:06:15a Flood Watches Issued for South Florida
02:06:21a WORLD The World This Week — Part 2
02:06:29a High court justice Fairhurst gets radiation for terminal lung tumor
02:06:35a Draft Shackleford 2012
02:07:26a 7News Terminally ill boy given party gift
02:07:31a Kenna goal proves Sligo's undoing
02:07:38a Burning Mormon Scripture? Rick Perry's “Mormon Problem” Gets Bigger
02:07:43a Czechs not ready to join eurozone before '15
02:07:49a What would you give up to balance the public books
02:07:55a When society hits an innovation plateau
02:08:01a California's undocumented students now can seek aid
02:08:07a Outbreak of canine distemper virus hits raccoons at Point Defiance Park
02:08:16a News Analysis Coming Soon The Drone Arms Race
02:08:22a Arts-focused Fall Free for All plays out at 6 Tacoma spots; it continues today
02:08:27a No Time to Get Stingy About Foreign Aid
02:08:33a Al Davis, an original
02:08:39a NW Ind. man sentenced on child porn charges
02:08:46a SmartChess! Screens
02:08:52a Wisconsin Muslim Attacks Man For 'Criticizing' Islam
02:08:57a 7News Right royal BBQ
02:09:03a War P0rn
02:09:09a Ready to do your part for the deficit
02:09:14a Fuji Leaves Screens
02:09:20a Madoff spreads blame to banks in jail interview
02:09:26a Checking claims from Occupy Wall Street
02:09:32a Dunst doesn't like to be a puppet
02:09:38a PlayPhone Blackjack Screens
02:09:44a What's hot at, Oct. 9
02:09:50a LIVE BLOG Leafs vs. Senators
02:09:56a Merlo the Magician Isle of the Little Monsters Screens
02:10:01a Qaid Screens
02:10:07a Seeking absolute peace is my goal, says Gbowee
02:10:19a Two ANP activists shot dead
02:10:25a VIDEO Greece was 'poorly managed,' its foreign minister says
02:10:36a 7News Police hunt for murder weapon
02:10:42a brave,dandelion Screens
02:10:48a Filipino Maid in Hong Kong Made History in Hong Kong
02:10:55a 777 school workers laid off in New York
02:11:01a News Rugby World Cup Warren Gatland wants four more years with young Welsh 'ambassadors'
02:11:07a 7News Eagles honour Darren Glass
02:11:13a Bus plunges down ravine, seven dead
02:11:19a Thumpies Screens
02:11:24a Protesters Against Wall Street
02:11:30a Creepy Crawlies Screens
02:11:36a Dolphin Hangs 10 With Surfers
02:11:42a top general pans criticism levelled at MacKay over private jets
02:11:48a Georgia Says It's Ready to Block Russia W.T.O Bid
02:11:54a Yemen President Again Sends Mixed Signals
02:12:00a Split by War, Libya?s Team Is United by New Goal
02:12:06a Iran says radar can detect small drones
02:12:12a Iran radars can detect drones Commander
02:12:18a UCF holds on for 16-6 soggy win over Marshall
02:12:24a Western Michigan runs over Bowling Green
02:12:30a Hexapper Screens
02:12:37a Syrian Forces Open Fire on Civilians at Funeral
02:12:43a Life Aid Screens
02:12:49a Korean, US leaders to visit Detroit together next week
02:12:55a Mother and son killed in Long Island car crash
02:13:01a NATO forces wont leave Libya until total liberation
02:13:07a Police Possible sexual assault in Occupy Portland camp
02:13:13a Business jet industry looks to 2012 for growth
02:13:19a Russia Talks With Georgia Collapse
02:13:26a Slideshow Most Wanted Of Western Washington
02:13:42a Protest of War Shuts Museum in Washington
02:14:15a Alexander breaks Hawaii tri record
02:14:29a Russian opposition conspiracy 'because' the United Nations to overthrow the regime
02:14:36a Europe to dominate busy week in finance
02:14:42a Legendary pianist Roger Williams dies after battle with cancer
02:14:48a Arizona sheriffs blast gun-smuggling operation/tit
02:14:55a Rumsfeld meets his fans, signs books at Navy base in Japan
02:15:25a Phony IDs flood from overseas
02:15:31a Yass dam upgrade solves short-term problem
02:15:37a Shopping centre sales strong, says GPT
02:15:43a I've been evicted from my own home
02:15:54a Drink driver tried to hide from Vic police
02:16:13a Wallabies to weather Boks' storm
02:16:19a Push for Smith to lead WA Labor
02:16:26a Pepper spray used on demonstrators at Air and Space Museum
02:16:32a Caviar wins 14th race
02:16:38a Australian boy was 'persuaded' to buy drugs in Bali
02:16:44a Aboriginal policies 'ethnic cleansing'
02:16:50a Drugs thrown over wall
02:16:56a Men taking the wife's name
02:17:02a Newcastle Jets ignore Culina controversy
02:17:35a Children missing legal aid
02:17:45a Will UK property prices weather a new recession
02:17:50a City fat cats sharpen their claws
02:18:07a Burnout hoons on notice
02:18:13a Ten Years On, How Will It End in Afghanistan?
02:18:19a China Sowing Fear and Lies Dalai Lama
02:18:25a MLA backbenchers show restraint in spending funds
02:18:31a Firefighters Battle Woodland House Fire
02:18:37a Apple's icon gets an A-list sendoff
02:18:43a Is economy missing innovation
02:18:49a The Best Pictures of the Week Sept. 30 Oct. 7
02:18:54a Bulleen hands Caps another lesson
02:19:00a It's the end of the road for BBC cuts – until next time
02:19:06a NY prosecutor Better SAT e
02:19:11a Small jackpot is no win for croupier
02:19:17a 'Just Win, Baby!' The Legacy of Al Davis, 1929-2011
02:19:23a Dunst doesn't like to be a puppet
02:19:29a England players offer only limited support to Johnson
02:19:35a Jobless total to soar to a new high
02:19:41a Women's jail is Scotland's roughest
02:19:47a Club's secret battle plan
02:19:54a US Senate apologizes for laws against Chinese immigrants
02:20:00a The French Laundry at Harrods, Fourth Floor, 87-135 Brompton Road, London SW1
02:20:06a Police shoot man with knife at
02:20:12a South Africa celebrate Cup qualification then discover they have been knocked out
02:20:18a Big business on both sides of state's continuing liquor-privatization battle
02:20:24a Liam Fox on the run in storm over ex-flatmate 'adviser'
02:20:30a Banks fail Britain's creative industries
02:20:36a Fire insurers sue to recoup costs
02:20:42a Microsoft To Release Two 'Critical' Patches On Tuesday
02:20:48a Protest marks 10 years of Afghan war
02:20:54a A year is a very long time in politics
02:21:00a ACT smack ban plan given big slap down
02:21:06a Daily Mail only provides cleavage online
02:21:12a Cameron's 'can-do' Britain has 20,000 fewer companies
02:21:18a LaRouche Warns of British Backed Obama Coup Inside U.S.
02:21:24a Algae out of season
02:21:29a Speaker Sets Tough Conditions for MPs to Access Oil Deals
02:21:35a Clint Eastwood makes his acting comeback
02:21:41a Man injured in Qld bonfire explosion
02:21:47a My Russian masseuse got it right
02:21:53a It's pay day for insurance executives if they cut asbestos claims
02:21:59a How the odd couple's relationship blossomed over more than a decade
02:22:05a Area Republicans offer views on GOP hopefuls
02:22:10a What I Learned at Occupy Wall Street
02:22:16a Meet the iPhone 4S's Siri, Apple's secretary you can fit in your pocket
02:22:22a Smithsonian Space Museum Closed After Scuffle With Protesters
02:22:29a Demonstrators storm Syrian embassy in Berlin
02:22:35a Mistakes have been made in Afghanistan but it can end successfully
02:22:40a Prince Charles Gets Newcastle Troop Salute
02:22:47a Romney's church shares Judeo-Christian American values. Obama-Wright's does not.
02:22:53a Obama's Shrinking Presidency
02:22:59a Three charged over eco stand
02:23:05a Sata Snubs Mutharika Invitation
02:23:11a Kenya can't afford to bank on tourism for its future
02:23:17a five stories about how the Edinburgh Moonwalk has changed lives
02:23:22a 'Bluebird' just could not take the speed
02:23:28a Democrats fault state for inability to detail impact of voter ID law on minorities
02:23:34a Lebara sale hit by lack of interest from Vodafone
02:24:26a Democrats aim to tax the rich — but who are they?
02:24:32a Can she save the Labour Party
02:25:24a Woman severely burnt in petrol blast
02:27:43a India May Reroute Oil Payments to Iran through S. Korea or Russia
02:28:35a Splitting Tory party is not the way forward
02:28:41a Turkey Sides with Iran against Aggressions
02:28:47a Labour urged to 'see off SNP bully'
02:28:53a Genealogy tourism
02:28:59a Raps' Calderon to practice with Barcelona during lockout
02:29:05a Weather helps battle against Manitoba blaze
02:29:15a New deaths in cantaloupe listeria outbreak in New York, Indiana
02:29:25a Iraq army delays pullout
02:29:36a Firm gets a great deal, but does Los Angeles?
02:29:42a Boyfriend arrested after woman thrown from car, run over
02:29:48a 'Zombie' in the budget Obama health plan
02:30:00a No fuel leaking from stranded ship, officials say
02:30:13a Cancer patient's anger as drug denied
02:30:21a Families feel the pressure as the slump takes its toll
02:30:28a Thousands without power after storms
02:30:34a Top candidates in L.A. council race could split San Pedro voters
02:30:40a AP not fair to note many people living under occupation since Palestinians are special
02:31:02a Woman had of pot in rental car
02:31:08a Hurricane heading for Mexico
02:31:14a China's Jiang appears in public after speculation
02:31:20a Fox adviser is involved in arms deals, says MoD source
02:31:26a Michael Moore warns against joining SNP
02:31:32a Ending the stigma that hurts more than the symptoms
02:31:38a Hollywood stars give voice to their favourite novels in audiobook boom
02:31:44a Montreal-area hospital settles with victims and relatives of C. difficile outbreak
02:31:50a How Tourism can drive the economy, by Edem Duke
02:31:55a Altaf sees conspiracy against PPP govt
02:32:01a Honeywell Predicts Weak Business-Jet Orders
02:32:07a US offers condolences to Khan family
02:32:13a 888 days since the U.S. Senate has passed a budget
02:32:19a Protesters renew call for inquiry into Quebec corruption
02:32:25a lotto jackpot won in Ontario
02:32:31a CicLAvia tries to lure other cities
02:32:37a The college dropout that rose to dizzying high-tech heights
02:32:43a Northern B.C.'s first mosque opens in Prince George
02:32:49a Fleeing drunk drives into police car park
02:32:55a Occupy Chicago protest with anti-war group downtown
02:33:01a Sheraton maintains top form
02:33:06a Woods moves to middle of table at
02:33:12a PCN Wailoku wins club rugby final by default
02:33:18a Davd Lammy MP calls on 'millionaire cabinet' to do their Xmas shopping in Tottenham
02:33:23a Free rural breast screening
02:33:29a Miami hosts unofficial NBA All-Star exhibition
02:33:35a 'Occupy' protesters garner increased support
02:33:41a Canada 11th at Gymnastics Worlds; hopeful for 2012 Games
02:33:47a Ex-deputy says he, others used improper force on inmates, Baca says
02:33:53a Former Bell chief wants strapped city to pay his legal fees
02:33:59a The Employment Quandary It's Not Just Political
02:34:05a 'Video vigilante' fights Okla. prostitution
02:34:10a V'ball tourney set to start
02:34:16a Kittens euthanized at Miami-Dade Animal Services
02:34:21a Federation aims to develop chess
02:34:27a Embassy hosts tennis tournament
02:34:39a Delegates had faith in Patel
02:34:45a Transport for London warns against PFI deal for Crossrail
02:34:50a Ministry offers rates amnesty
02:34:56a Governor Brown Signs California Dream Act
02:35:03a Wounded soldiers ready to handcycle the Chicago Marathon
02:35:09a Police shoot man with knife at New York newspaper office
02:35:15a Sharif grabs golf title
02:35:21a Industrialised countries do not depend on white-collar jobs – Folashade Olatunde
02:35:27a interns go online to campaign for a wage
02:35:33a Aborigines starved out of homelands Amnesty
02:35:38a Bryan Adams cancel Chicago Theatre show due to illness
02:35:44a October storms likely to form in Caribbean — and aim for Florida
02:35:51a Rennie attacks bishops over gay marriage
02:35:57a Aussie boy in Bali drug bust was 'coerced'
02:36:02a Newstalgia Reference Room Mohandas Gandhi.
02:36:08a Diagonising crises,the Cow Boy way
02:36:13a Messi wins as skipper
02:36:19a Eye patients await treatment
02:36:25a Datt congratulates new president
02:36:31a 2011 Ironman World Championship results Alexander sets course record
02:36:37a The Top Five Reasons To Move Your Money From Bank Of America
02:36:43a Bilibili race attracts crowd
02:36:48a Eight boats for race
02:36:54a Top women tennis players are sputtering to the finish line
02:37:00a Six of the best for Pav
02:37:06a Marxist FARC, Latin America's oldest and longest insurgency, have about 8,000 men at arms
02:37:11a Lipnitskaia in a stratosphere of her own at JGP Milano
02:37:18a Attempted murder, suicide in Midwest City
02:37:23a Over the sea with Skype for Gaelic choir
02:37:29a Las Vegas rankings 2011 US cities Travelers Choice Awards
02:37:35a Desmond Tutu's dreams for Cape Town fade as informal apartheid grips the city
02:37:41a You can be part of the YMAA Retreat Center
02:37:47a Kenyans gather to honor Maathai
02:38:29a Bill Logan goes back to school!
02:38:42a Sophie's brings the charm of France to Tampa
02:38:58a South African Serial Killer Targeting Gay Men
02:39:03a Who clinches NLNG Literature prize
02:39:09a The Vietnam War, Still Haunting Obama
02:39:15a Sunlake earns school's biggest win
02:39:21a Murray Mint In Shanghai
02:39:27a No. 17 Virginia Tech wins thriller vs. Miami
02:39:32a It was ugly but Pasco stays undefeated
02:39:38a As Marilu Henner
02:39:44a Time Warner, Port of Tampa, Nautical Structures, C Products Defense
02:39:53a Cranes 'Inquest' What Went Wrong
02:39:59a US Presbyterian church ordains first gay minister
02:40:04a Michael Jackson relied on his 'milk' to aid sleep
02:40:10a Bangkok facing flood disaster, Thai PM warns
02:40:16a Jamboree against rival Maoist group
02:40:22a Ayii Anargyri Spa Resort, Cyprus
02:40:28a Dahal discusses peace‚ constitution
02:40:34a Zimbabwe's Leading Sunday Newspaper
02:40:56a China's Jiang appears in public after speculation
02:41:02a Wake Forest hands FSU third straight defeat
02:41:08a Good cholesterol cuts heart risk
02:41:16a Call for outside scrutiny in Tory leadership fight
02:41:22a Wangari Maathai's Final Journey
02:41:41a Rude Britannia is a myth, says report into English manners
02:42:09a No. 1 LSU routs No. 17 Florida
02:42:16a Back to the Paris of the Twenties
02:42:22a Rude Britannia is a myth we are among the world's most polite people
02:42:42a Hikers push their luck on Yosemite's Half Dome
02:42:48a Libyan forces claim gains in Qaddafi hometown
02:42:54a Rent increments top complaints Commission
02:43:00a Rainier resident, 'Dynasty' star Linda Evans talks autobiography
02:43:05a Anclote finally gets a victory
02:43:11a Santa Cruz women lead a trek to Nepal
02:43:16a Fisher upstages Dal Santo
02:43:22a It's a dog's life in Vietnam
02:43:28a Wake Forest 35, Florida State 30
02:43:34a Sir Paul McCartney will serenade bride Nancy Shevell on their wedding day
02:43:40a Phillies fans Mourning, disgust and, yes, even optimism
02:43:46a City Slicker visits Zadar in Croatia
02:43:51a US wins 1st under Klinsmann, 1-0 over Honduras
02:43:58a 1 dies, 1 injured in small plane crash in Ga.
02:44:04a Early on, Bondi shows ambition
02:44:09a Santa Rosa chamber asking for boost from city
02:44:15a Adam Werritty – Liam Fox's shadow becomes the man in the spotlight
02:44:21a Wondolowski leads Earthquakes past Revolution
02:44:28a GKS challenges churches …marks Freedom Day in Ghana
02:44:34a the king of comedy
02:44:39a What does Moody's downgr
02:44:46a Russia confident on Fiji ties
02:44:52a Davis always in charge, forever the coach
02:44:57a Casey Anthony takes the Fifth in civil-suit deposition
02:45:04a Amtrak train with 179 passengers plows into semi in Haines City
02:45:09a Pull on your wellies, we're off to clean the penguin pool
02:45:15a The truth about green tourism
02:45:21a Do or Die For Taifa Stars
02:45:27a Florida Routed by LSU
02:45:33a Brevard County feeling effects of stormy weather
02:45:39a DC museum closed after protest; pepper spray used
02:45:45a High winds add to wild times at Flugtag in Tampa
02:45:51a Occupy Wall Street fervor growing in S. Florida
02:45:57a Plan to boost UN peace missions
02:46:03a FG charges on against all odds
02:46:10a Daughter of Argentina's 'Dirty War,' Raised by the Man Who Killed Her Parents
02:46:15a Fans Call for Siasia's Sack
02:46:21a 'Bridenapping' – a growing hidden crime
02:46:26a Gaddafi forces stage final stand in Libya
02:46:32a Skateboarder hurt in collision with Santa Rosa police car
02:46:38a Polo, Churchill and charity come to Santa Rosa
02:46:54a Georgia willing to help Fiji with hydropower
02:47:13a Whistles profits are in the pink
02:47:18a US men's soccer win first under Klinsmann
02:47:24a Proud Ukraine President inaugurates NSK Olimpiyskiy
02:47:30a Astronomers find nearest pair of supermassive black holes
02:47:36a Aust 'whistleblower' star turn in US
02:47:42a Gaddafi's loyalists scrap for Sirte
02:47:48a Michael Jackson's children appear at tribute show
02:47:54a Shell chairman remains calm under fire
02:48:00a Is Eastwood intent on outing Hoover
02:48:05a Man dies after falling off yacht, into propellers
02:48:11a Trajtenberg Committee report to go to cabinet, again
02:48:18a Citizen-spying software Hackers claim Germany has it
02:48:26a Michael Jackson relied on his 'milk' to aid sleep
02:48:32a Demand for male host bars rising
02:48:38a See Germany's nuclear plant turned family playground
02:48:45a Protesters, security clash in Bahrain
02:48:51a Indiana's mistakes prove costly in 41-20 loss
02:48:57a Max Bank Will Fail Under Denmark's Bail-In Law, Government Says
02:49:03a Roof of main Euro 2012 stadium in Kiev catches fire during opening ceremony
02:49:08a Leeds beat St Helens to win Grand Final
02:49:14a Beware, an apparent victory can come back to bite you
02:49:20a Libya, Niger qualify as Nigeria, South Africa fail
02:49:26a Israel Urges U.S. To Fund PA Forces
02:49:32a British pensioner, 73, circumnavigates the Arctic Circle
02:49:38a Two charged over Ikea extortion bomb plot
02:49:43a Try being Robin Hood, Mr Cameron
02:49:49a Dr Gerry Mander, the therapist the stars trust
02:49:55a Five myths about voter fraud
02:50:01a Holocaust survivor joins Jews and Christians at church's Israel event
02:50:06a Marauding pack show the magnificent side of France
02:50:12a Right wing columnist Hagai Segal on Senseless Jewish thugs
02:50:18a Politics Going into Yom Kippur blameless?
02:50:24a ‘Serial armed robbers’ to be charged in Hod Hasharon murder
02:50:30a Physician, do not heal thyself
02:50:35a Rydyn ni gyd yn Gymry nawr!
02:50:41a West Germany players deny doping claims
02:50:47a U.S. Senate apologizes for laws against Chinese immigrants
02:50:54a Assange, Jemima Khan lead Afghanistan protest in London
02:51:37a Virgin Galactic's space pilot David Mackay reveals he has a fear of heights
02:51:42a Ghost town bought — by Philippines church
02:51:48a Thousands mourn Syrian Kurd opposition figure
02:51:54a Interview Sharon Webb of the Greater Baltimore Tech Council
02:52:00a Family Life in Germany, 1939-48, By Hester Vaizey
02:52:05a France's effective moustache distraction
02:52:11a Texas A&M buses vandalized in Lubbock
02:52:17a Downtown Bethlehem goes to the DOGS!
02:52:22a West may be swept away by eastern winds of change
02:52:28a Amanda Knox urged not to 'cash in' on Meridith's murder
02:52:34a Chavez slams 'horrible repression' of U.S. protests
02:52:40a Police say man robbed bank, then went for pizza
02:52:47a Israeli and NY researchers find evidence autism genetic
02:52:53a Gaze at the stars and bask in their awesomeness
02:52:58a Muslim, Christian tombs defaced in Israel – police
02:53:04a stories of Hackney's young drug dealers
02:53:09a Ridiculed work wins Nobel for Israeli
02:53:15a There's more to life than money
02:53:21a Cleric seeks training for political leaders
02:53:26a 'Born Free' pianist Williams dead at '87
02:53:32a 'Window for strike on Iran nuke facilities growing slimmer'
02:53:38a Cheer up! It may never happen.
02:53:44a Capitalism's heart occupied – where will it all lead
02:53:49a Nigeria's Independence, what is it for
02:53:55a ND Marching Band presented with Sudler Trophy
02:54:01a Air and Space Museum closes after guards clash with protesters
02:54:07a Pipeline bombs in Iraq hit BP oilfield
02:54:13a West Virginia Turnpike to Upgrade Toll Collection System
02:54:18a It pays to live this day as if it were your last
02:54:24a Taking on the taboo
02:54:30a Artists from far and wide descend on Greenwich for Bruce festival
02:54:36a 'I felt my face was going to explode'
02:54:41a Immunity for U.S. troops in Iraq
02:54:47a Arianna Vows Balanced Journalism ' and Provides Little But Gush on Wall Street Protest
02:54:52a Ken Clarke talks uncommon sense
02:54:58a How Steve Jobs reinvented desire
02:55:03a Betrayed and still not paid
02:55:08a We pack all our troubles into cake, corn and nostalgia
02:55:14a Party-crashers of the right a weighty issue
02:55:38a Fifty-six die in Chinese road carnage
02:55:44a How to Make a 'Lowball' Offer
02:55:50a Wildlife including penguins rescued
02:55:56a Tea Party Amplifies Gibson Defense
02:56:02a Kenya can't afford to bank on tourism for its future
02:56:07a Fans gather in Wellington
02:56:13a John Key demanding answers
02:56:19a Al-Faiz new editor in chief of Arab News
02:56:25a Lee Slattery leads by two in Madrid
02:57:03a Afghan tribal justice remains
02:57:18a Sheep truck in fatal crash
02:57:25a To learn more and help
02:57:51a Gavin Newsom draws boos by blasting Democrats
02:58:15a Kenya deny Uganda qualification to 2012 Africa Cup of Nations
02:58:29a Occupy Seattle storify
02:58:39a Text of interview with judge in Amanda Knox appeals court trial
02:58:48a Urban snowboarding in Occidental Park
02:59:45a Kenya holds state funeral for Nobel peace laureate Maathai
02:59:51a Authorities say body found in missing man's SUV
02:59:57a ICC Between a Rock and a Hard Place Over Kenya
03:00:10a DHS internally testing 'Minority Report' style profiling system
03:00:20a Rebels hope all-out attack for Gaddafi's hometown will end battle for Sirte
03:00:25a State justice Fairhurst being treated for cancer
03:00:31a AMR's CFO traveled half the world to find her American Dream
03:00:37a 'Pirates' Board Berlin Parliament
03:00:45a Dale Carnegie's self-help bible gets a new life for the digital age
03:00:50a Roadblocks facing real job creators
03:00:56a How your U.S. lawmaker voted
03:01:02a Body may be linked to missing Everett man
03:01:08a Eastern Washington tops Northern Arizona 36-28
03:01:36a SAfrica soccer team celebrates, misses African Cup
03:01:42a Did Ron Paul stuff the ballot box
03:01:48a 3 men charged in Amish beard cutting
03:01:54a Carfrae takes second at Hawaii triathlon
03:02:00a World's first 'virtual hub' airport between Heathrow and Gatwick being considered
03:02:16a Julia Roberts plays evil ice queen 'brilliantly' in new Snow White movie
03:02:26a Malware targets kids computer games
03:02:32a Roxie with Rox-Entertainment
03:02:37a Arpey's tenure at American reaches crossroads
03:02:43a Many docs unaware of low testosterone's risk to middle-aged men
03:02:49a India wants to weaken Pakistan Musharraf
03:02:55a Teens learn how to balance personal budget
03:03:01a Ecclestone launches 'Bernie puppets' to raise money for tsunami victims
03:03:07a IAEA team in Japan to observe massive cleanup
03:03:13a What's French for 'Pull your finger out, Nicolas Sarkozy'
03:03:19a Gemma Arterton used to believe her family was 'odd'
03:03:25a Red River Statement Oklahoma blasts Texas, 55-17
03:03:31a Stars pay tribute to Jackson in concert
03:03:37a Australian takes Ironman
03:03:43a Jackson children hailed at concert
03:03:49a Auntie braced for Boris rocket
03:03:55a Insurgents kill two NATO troops in Afghanistan's south
03:04:01a Ghana church official says poverty, unemployment 'cause' homosexuality
03:04:06a Keddie Murder live Chat Sunday at 7pm
03:04:12a AP interview Bush still supports troops
03:04:18a 'Financially strapped' LiLo splurges on USD 80k porsche
03:04:24a Lauren Raymer's Saturday Evening Forecast
03:04:29a Karen Millen heads for China
03:04:35a Man Facing Meth Lab Charges in Nanticoke
03:04:40a Xenophon hits back at pokies industry
03:04:46a UN building cost rockets to SIX times original estimates
03:04:52a Texas driving its cattle north amid drought
03:04:58a Kaitlyn Vincie hopes to go from Langley Speedway to NASCAR Miss Sprint Cup
03:05:04a Dyan Cannon forced to take drugs due to Cary Grant's 'gay rumours'
03:05:10a Indian banks in better shape than Chinese counterparts
03:05:16a Is field, two miles away, the REAL spot where King Harold met his end
03:05:21a Surgeons save gored matador
03:05:27a Bachmann Fades, Cain Rises at Values Voter Summit
03:05:33a Jennifer Aniston 'not desperate' to have kids
03:05:39a Protests in the West Bank in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners
03:05:45a Hugh Jackman got punched from Sugar Ray while preparing for 'Real Steel'
03:05:50a Hog Fans Predict Win Against Auburn
03:05:56a Questions over Dubai meeting heap new pressure on Defence Secretary
03:06:02a The iMan is gone, the Dianafication begins
03:06:08a Yemeni President Saleh says to leave power 'in coming days'
03:06:13a Egyptian poll law amended in favour of parties
03:06:19a Service squeaks past Palmer 34-32
03:06:25a Chinese woman climbs 70ft wall to dodge GBP 2.50 castle entry fee
03:06:31a Leaping fish give clues to evolutionary land invasion
03:06:37a Jova becomes hurricane off Mexico's Pacific coast
03:06:42a Video Overnight weather forecast
03:06:48a Man Utd.'s David de Gea can't keep his hands off doughnuts!
03:06:54a Gunmen kill community newspaper editor in the northern Philippines
03:06:59a Kirsten Dunst 'angry' with directors who treat like her 'puppet'
03:07:05a Man charged in plot to kill Afghan President Karzai had no access to palace
03:07:10a Video No. 1 LSU Routs No. 17 Florida 41-11
03:07:17a Fast and Furious weapons found in Mexico cartel enforcer's home
03:07:23a First photo of shoe bomber Richard Reid in US Supermax prison
03:07:29a New technology may solve schoolgirl murder
03:07:35a Sabres, Ducks win games in Europe
03:07:40a Sarah Harding returns 'gifted' undies to fiance Tom Crane
03:07:46a Turnovers bring down Utes as they lose to ASU
03:07:56a Woman found dead in her Tooele home, car stolen
03:08:01a Ready to stick a fork in Hatteras Island road
03:08:07a Burke backs legal power to stop whaling
03:08:13a ?Occupy Denver? protestors march in front of the Capitol
03:08:19a Syrian opposition to request official Egyptian recognition
03:08:24a Video Fundraiser Helps Haitian Quake Victims
03:08:30a Korean, US leaders to visit Detroit to..
03:08:35a Fowler ties course record to take lead..
03:08:41a Video Raw Video Wall Street Protest Spreads to DC
03:08:47a Video Gov. Martinez vetoes redistricting bill
03:08:52a Video saturday forecast
03:08:58a Police find body inside Jeep connected to two murder cases
03:09:03a Dalai Lama attacks China over 'blockade'
03:09:09a Music China in Shanghai 11-14 Oct 2011
03:09:15a 100 dogs seized from two King County homes
03:09:21a Spokesman for GNP's Seoul mayoral cand..
03:09:27a Parts of China engulfed in fog
03:09:32a McCartney to marry for third time
03:09:39a Alabama's immigration law prompts alarm
03:09:45a Virus hits military drone programme
03:09:51a they're taking up knitting to relax
03:09:57a Keppel confirms deadly incident at Subic Shipyard
03:10:14a River Of Smoke By Amitav Ghosh Book Review
03:10:20a Should we give international students green cards with their diplomas
03:10:59a Read His Lips New Taxes
03:11:04a How Do You Move a 340'Ton Artwork? Very Carefully
03:11:41a US church ordains first gay minister
03:11:46a Palace wants clarifications on PNoy adviser's 'abuse of authority'
03:11:52a Gov. Signs California Dream Act
03:12:00a Taken by Pirates
03:12:06a Edmonton cops probe possible 40th slaying
03:12:14a Senate Likely to Vote on Jobs Bill
03:12:19a Our Community Place Re-Opens
03:12:25a Council websites off-line because of leak
03:12:30a Red-zoner wants to know
03:12:36a Seized vessel off Alaska shines light on illegal fishing
03:12:41a Arrests over Amish hair attack
03:12:47a DC museum closed after protest, pepper spray used
03:12:52a Archbishop to preach to Zimbabweans
03:12:58a School in Norfolk helps French kids keep up studies
03:13:05a Lineups for U.S.-Honduras in Miami
03:13:11a 4 arrested in U.S. Amish attack
03:13:17a Another look at emergency medical response
03:13:31a Potential cyclone moves west of Luzon
03:14:15a Mitt Romney subtly acknowledges attack on his Mormon faith
03:14:20a Townsend home torn apart by explosion
03:14:26a Iraq, siding with Iran, sends essential aid to Syria's Assad
03:14:32a Syrian Kurd's killing condemned by U.S., EU
03:14:41a Exclusive Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet
03:14:59a French banks in particular are seen as overexposed to Greek, Italian and Spanish debts
03:15:04a Murray known for handling tough tasks
03:15:32a Miss West Virginia Attends Wellsburg Celebration
03:15:39a Last wrongful death lawsuit from 9/11 settled/tit
03:15:44a China's Jiang appears in public after speculation
03:15:50a British PM probes Minister's business in Libya
03:15:56a 'Cautious expansion' for American Apparel in Britain
03:16:02a Authorities discover 10 more bodies in Veracruz
03:16:11a Lavish hotel opens in China's richest village
03:16:17a YouTube to Launch Movie Rentals in U.K.
03:16:23a Rs 1,000 cr education scam unearthed in Maharashtra
03:16:29a Political determination more crucial in saving euro than economic actions
03:16:35a About 1000 people at Hubbard memorial service
03:16:41a Georgia Says It's Ready to Block Russia W.T.O Bid
03:16:46a His life to light up big screen
03:16:52a China's former President Jiang appears in public months after speculation of death
03:16:58a David Beckham's son swears in Spanish
03:17:03a Chances At Both Ends
03:17:17a Bergholz Amish Men Remain Jailed
03:17:22a Boy 'boasted about drugs'
03:17:28a Iraq Army To Delay Pullout From Cities
03:17:34a More police in Auckland for rest of World Cup
03:17:40a Slim's America Movil wins in telecom ruling-report
03:17:46a Key wants to know why ship grounded on known reef
03:17:52a Islamist and leftist Jordanians Rally against Corruption
03:17:58a Funeral set for man killed in pumpkin theft
03:18:03a Greek crisis creates thousands of middle-class homeless
03:18:09a So, just what's so great about David Cameron
03:18:16a Court sets riders on NRI divorces
03:18:23a If Cameron takes his lead from Macmillan, Osborne is in trouble
03:18:29a Google's Chrome browser now allows remote computer control
03:18:35a Chinatown building loses facade, injures one person
03:18:41a Philippines row over sex tourism comment by US envoy
03:18:46a Liam Fox, Adam Werritty, and the unexplained hotel meetings
03:18:53a Sri Lanka Joins Israel in Naval Attacks on Unarmed Fishermen
03:18:58a Red king quota declining, snow crab rising
03:19:04a A great read on a great saint
03:19:10a Another rally for Christchurch red zone residents
03:19:16a Even Mervyn King is losing faith in Osborne
03:19:21a Yemen's president says he's ready to quit
03:19:27a Yemen leader alludes to leaving power — again
03:19:33a Launches French Kindle Store and First French-Language Kindle
03:19:40a Canada Adds 60,900 Jobs In September; Jobless Rate Falls To 7.1%
03:19:46a Health warning against eating contaminated seafood
03:19:52a K 9 Classic Walk And Run A Success
03:19:58a NJ student sentenced for historic documents theft
03:20:04a One Country's Big Gay Leap
03:20:09a Hearing in cash-in-bag scam adjourned
03:20:16a Motorcyclist Dead in Brown County Crash, Name Released
03:20:22a Syria's protesters turn to Facebook to expose 'citizen spies'
03:20:27a How the Red Rose players rated
03:20:33a Syria Capable of Emerging from the Crisis
03:20:39a Huhne will use Fukushima report to revive nuclear programme
03:20:45a US seeks more investments from India, China
03:20:51a England to Euro 2012 and Montenegro in Annex
03:20:57a Portuguese revolution of silence sweeps 5th İdans Festival
03:21:03a Wellywood sign submissions close
03:21:09a Oil production by UK company in Syria slashed by 75% as sanctions block export
03:21:14a Tulisa and Gary in X Factor clash
03:21:20a W.Mass. business group helps Irene victims
03:21:26a Big Bang's shockwaves left us with today's big bust
03:21:32a Activists plan Occupy Wall Street protests north of border
03:21:38a Bill Clinton Offers Help For Irish Investment Drive
03:21:45a Flooding in Thailand set to worsen
03:21:51a Middle East Q3 investment banking revenues drop on economic and political woes
03:21:57a Protests force Punjab govt to withdraw 2 bills
03:22:02a What's open and closed on Columbus Day
03:22:08a 31.4% Planning to Fast on Yom Kippur
03:22:14a ‘Junior Gong’ Marley to jam in Costa Rica
03:22:19a No seat in Shatabdi this festival season
03:22:25a Gov. Rick Scott wants the pension windfall back
03:22:31a Woman hospitalised after murder-suicide in Tasmania
03:22:37a Serious collectors reveal what to look out for this week
03:22:42a 'Ignoring popular sentiment can cost Cong dearly'
03:22:49a Let the PCC show its teeth as MPs' claws come out over human rights
03:22:55a 5 arrested in houseboat burglary 08 Oct 2011 223229 GMT
03:23:01a Bryant builds new water tower 08 Oct 2011 222215 GMT
03:23:07a Organisers fail to get shirty with the French. Was there a cover-up
03:23:12a Taste of Chicago to be shorter and more upscale, with fewer restaurants
03:23:18a People selling old jewellery are ripped off by traders' inaccurate scales
03:23:23a Blowing Winds of an Arab Spring
03:23:29a Gov. Brown Vetoes Bill Allowing Schools To Consider Race
03:23:35a Irish fans enjoy great weather against Air Force
03:23:40a Don't like debit card fees? You have options
03:23:47a Same-Sex Marriage in Portugal
03:23:53a Columbus Day Steeped in History
03:24:07a Dead body found in Oregon may be linked to murder spree
03:24:51a Hurricane JOVA Wind Speed Probabilities Number 13
03:24:57a Tropical Storm IRWIN Forecast Discussion Number 12
03:25:02a Hurricane JOVA Forecast Discussion Number 13
03:25:13a Tropical Storm IRWIN Advisory 12 Forecast Track, Cone, Watches/Warnings
03:25:19a Tropical Storm IRWIN Public Advisory Number 12
03:25:36a Merkel-Sarkozy summit to focus on shoring up banks
03:25:42a Hurricane JOVA Advisory 13 Forecast Track, Cone, Watches/Warnings
03:25:50a Tropical Storm IRWIN Forecast/Advisory Number 12
03:25:57a UPDATE 3-IMF mission chief says Greece is at crossroads
03:26:51a Video Tiskilwa Train Derailment Follow-Up
03:26:57a Video Occupy Indy
03:27:03a Hurricane JOVA Advisory 13 Forecast Track
03:27:09a Mexico na
03:27:19a Jihad,va.
03:27:29a Video Kewanee Stabbing
03:27:34a Video Fatal Crash 30th and Franklin Road
03:27:44a Tropical Storm IRWIN Advisory 12 Forecast Cone of Uncertainty
03:28:00a Zambian president's personnel purge raises concern/
03:28:06a Video David Ison charged with murder
03:28:11a Video GOP Straw Poll
03:28:17a A zesty trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe
03:28:23a England stuck a finger up and had it rammed down their throats
03:28:28a Hurricane JOVA Forecast/Advisory Number 13
03:28:34a Fierce fighting continues in Sirte
03:28:40a New Video Shows Israeli Police Beating up a Palestinian Family
03:28:46a Video Moline Suspicious Death
03:29:02a Video Officers Talk About Daring Rescue
03:29:14a Tropical Storm IRWIN Advisory 12 Forecast Track
03:29:19a Hurricane JOVA Advisory 13 Forecast Cone of Uncertainty
03:29:25a Yemeni leader in pledge to step aside
03:29:34a Video Beavs get 1st win of the year, 37-27 over Arizona
03:29:40a Sources Netanyahu confident cabinet will approve socioeconomic report on Sunday
03:29:46a Video Hex the German Shepherd Found Dead
03:29:52a Lucille 'Lucy' B. Kelso
03:29:57a Hurricane JOVA Public Advisory Number 13
03:30:03a Video Harrison-Frankfort Boys Sectional Soccer
03:30:08a Egypt wants 81 prisoners in exchange for 'Israeli spy'
03:30:14a Video Solon Deer
03:30:20a Panetta Immunity for U.S. troops in Iraq
03:30:26a Ubisoft plays to guitar fantasies with 'Rocksmith'
03:30:32a Iran criticizes Turkey over NATO radar base
03:30:38a Video Single Car Crash in Warren County
03:30:44a Tropical Storm IRWIN Wind Speed Probabilities Number 12
03:30:50a Cameroon's strongman seeks another term
03:30:55a Cameroon boosts security ahead of election
03:31:01a Meditations on Scriptures - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time , 10/8-9/11
03:31:07a Following court ruling, hundreds of Israelis to declare themselves 'without religion'
03:31:13a Video Fire Prevention Day
03:31:19a 'Babi Yar massacre was to test reaction to Jewish genocide'
03:31:25a Video Police Chief Tours Neighborhood
03:31:31a Hashomer Hatzair youth movement comes full circle with relaunch in Germany
03:31:37a Aust 'whistleblower' star turn
03:31:44a Palestinian president in El Salvador to pitch UN recognition
03:31:49a Palestinian girl given chance to hear
03:31:55a Poland's centrists target new term in crunch ballot
03:32:01a Out There Pops or the prime minister
03:32:08a Business Jet Sales May Grow in 2012 as Asia Blunts Slow Economy
03:32:14a Jolie-Pitt donate to Somali aid group
03:32:31a Ferdaus boasted t
03:32:46a Comment on Israeli Rightists Threaten Arab Population by flat5
03:32:52a Thai PM warns floods threaten Bangkok
03:33:01a My Word An Israeli autumn
03:33:06a Debating civil marriage
03:33:12a Abbas seeks support for bid
03:33:29a Slade to shape All Blacks' quarter-final vs Argentina
03:33:36a Woman's body found in Worcester riv http//
03:33:56a Governor signs California 'Dream Act'
03:34:06a Two Pakistani politicial activists shot dead
03:34:12a NH family finds moose in pool
03:34:18a On My Mind Ignoring Hamas impedes peace
03:34:24a VIDEO Concert tribute to Michael Jackson
03:34:29a Is Wall Street sabotaging Obama?
03:34:36a Annie's expands as market for natural foods grows
03:34:42a Prostate cancer test advice creates confusion
03:34:48a Was the iPod Accessory Port Inspired By a 40-Year-Old Camera?
03:34:54a Thomas leads Virginia Tech to wild 38-35 victory over Miami
03:35:22a Bush to host golf tournament for wounded service members
03:35:36a Interesting wife carrying championship
03:35:42a Unemployment so high, US needs jobs bill, Obama says
03:35:49a Chavez says U.S. Republican presidential candidate Romney is crazy
03:35:54a Presidential Candidate Makes Pit Stop at LU
03:36:00a Occupy Wall Street's focus on disparity hits nerve
03:36:07a Cain says Obama would win black vote
03:36:13a Yemen Opposition Skeptical of President's Pledge to Step Down
03:36:18a Ron Paul Wins GOP Straw Poll; Cain Tops Perry
03:36:24a Can Obama Kill Anyone?
03:36:29a Regional Govt Officers Attend LDP In Brunei
03:36:35a Extension To Chrome Brings Remote Desktop Abilities
03:36:41a College canteens compromise on health, hygiene to maintain low cost
03:36:50a Missing Sohrabuddin Shaikh witness found near Udaipur in Rajasthan
03:37:11a Vijaydan Detha The Nobel contender from Rajasthan
03:37:17a Danish Aslam on saying a lot with a single word in films
03:37:23a After Being Hit By A Truck In Madison, Clinton Cyclist In Critical Condition
03:37:50a Shame thy neighbour Obama'splan to boost donations byrevealing what other Democratshave given to party
03:37:55a The Terminator Is Back Schwarzenegger Inaugurates Museum Dedicated to His Life PHOTOS
03:38:01a A celebration of consumerism. So what?
03:38:07a Belgium, France set for Sunday talks on Dexia Belgian PM
03:38:13a The Tea Party Targets Romney
03:38:19a President Barack Obama shaming supporters' donations by comparing them with what their neighbours give
03:38:25a Sunday Comic Obama Meets Da Bears
03:38:31a Clean college canteen just a poll promise Students
03:38:53a Shriner fatally hurt in Maine pumpkin fest parade
03:38:58a Herman Cain Wins Minnesota GOP Straw Poll
03:39:04a Obama hails Tunisias progress as Sebsi visits US
03:39:10a Navy base invites public on ships for 1st time since 9/11
03:39:15a John Abraham up close and personal!
03:39:21a Don’t fix what isn’t broke Soundtrack director Neerav Ghosh
03:39:27a Book review The Stranger’s Child
03:39:33a Corporate executives switching to non-profit NGO jobs
03:39:39a Hat trick lifts Old Dominion in men's soccer
03:39:45a Oshkosh Corp. union rejects 2nd contract in 8 days
03:39:51a People's Pharmacy Uncontrollable cough from blood-pressure drugs
03:39:56a Ajay Devgn to return to TV?
03:40:03a Marine recruiters reach out at gay pride event in Pasadena
03:40:09a Families Enjoy Mountain State Forest Festival
03:40:15a Book review Cure
03:40:21a Crown Prince extols virtues of al-Quran
03:40:27a Traité du Savoir-Vivre for the Occupy Wall Street Generations
03:40:33a Lack of injury mark cannot absolve rapist from charge High court
03:40:39a Woman steals Rs18 lakh from husband, elopes with lover
03:40:45a K Balachander broke the shackles of studio sets Gautham Menon
03:40:50a Two men attack girl outside college in Malad, Mumbai
03:41:45a Four held over Amish feud attacks
03:42:16a Phillies' Ryan Howard suffers torn Achilles tendon
03:42:22a WSU's Tuel still not cleared to play
03:42:27a Baird takes lead, while Woods stays midpack
03:42:37a Hampton U. thwarts Princeton's second-half surge for 28-23 victory
03:42:51a Big day for ASU, setting up a big game
03:43:05a Municipal elections and voter apathy
03:43:27a Babies as Young as 15 Months Grasp Fairness
03:43:35a No Arrests At Columbus Day Parade In Denver
03:43:51a Open Thread with The Professional Left Podcast #OWS The Glitch in the Matrix
03:43:57a Sounders FC vs. Philadelphia Union, pregame and lineups
03:44:07a Too much hype for Jets-Patriots
03:44:12a Eurozone crisis threatens longevity of cheaper mortgages
03:44:18a Draghi needs a bazooka to fix the eurozone
03:44:33a Why Yahoo was at LaFayette Apple Festival
03:44:49a Authorities say body found in missing man's SUV
03:44:58a Iconic owner of Raiders dies at 82
03:45:15a C&L's Late Night Music Club With Swamp Dogg
03:45:26a New hurricane emerges off Mexico
03:46:03a Calif. train kills woman with stroller; baby fine
03:46:11a ACE Tempest Re Group Appoints Tim Mardon Division President of Bermuda Operations
03:46:17a United States men secure first victory for Klinsmann
03:46:25a Five rebels killed in rural area of Colombia
03:46:31a Tengu Winter Blackmouth Derby in Elliott Bay starts Oct. 16
03:46:37a Argentina trial could prove 'dirty-war' baby theft
03:46:43a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Advisory 60 Forecast Track
03:46:49a Police Looking For Man Who Rammed Officer's Car
03:46:55a Syracuse kicks late field goal to beat Tulane
03:47:01a Condition of Tas shooting victim improves
03:47:07a Amnesty chief slams 'shocking' Indigenous conditions
03:47:13a Deputies Chasing Armed Bandits Who Hurt Pregnant Woman
03:47:19a HRT employee hit by bus driver at operations building
03:47:24a U.S. seeks to redraw Iraq training plan
03:47:30a California begins moving prisoners
03:47:36a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Forecast/Advisory Number 60
03:47:52a Bali arrest a warning to young Aussies
03:47:57a Distrusted Iran likely won't fill vacuum in Iraq
03:48:03a Saturday Forecast 08 Oct 2011 233948 GMT
03:48:09a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Public Advisory Number 60
03:48:14a Four arrested in US Amish attack
03:48:23a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Advisory 60 Forecast Track, Cone, Watches/Warnings
03:48:34a Weather Expect nice conditions, rain later this week
03:48:53a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Forecast Discussion Number 60
03:49:23a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Advisory 60 Forecast Cone of Uncertainty
03:49:28a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Wind Speed Probabilities Number 60
03:49:34a Woman hurt in mower blast
03:49:59a Wall Street protest spurs online dialogue
03:50:05a UN Refugee Agency opens new camp in Ethiopia
03:50:11a Post-Tropical Cyclone PHILIPPE Graphics
03:50:17a Calif. train kills woman with stroller, baby fine
03:50:23a Police Man robs bank, then goes for pizza
03:50:29a Tepid reception for Brazil's 1-0 win in Costa Rica
03:50:50a Organ Donor's Family Meets Recipients 08 Oct 2011 234159 GMT
03:51:07a Hiring's Up, So Will Obama Keep His Job
03:52:02a Man 'mistakenly' shot by hunter
03:53:01a Occupy Wall Street rally held in Fort Lauderdale
03:53:19a Florida awards
03:53:36a China's ex-president quashes death rumours
03:54:07a Story behind cop's liquor-fogged, wrong-way ride
03:54:39a Cuban Anti-terrorist Rene Gonzalez Released from U.S. Prison
03:55:10a First of 'Cuban Five' prisoners released
03:55:22a Tanzania Challenges AU to Focus On Solving Continent's Problems
03:56:02a Rainier resident Linda Evans talks autobiography
03:56:39a 'Aristocrat' rules Grade 1 Jamaica Handicap
03:56:55a Eric Cantor calls Wall Street protesters 'mobs' Seung Min Kim
03:57:00a New hurricane emerges off Mexico's western coast
03:57:06a FACT CHECK In foreign policy address, Romney stretches on Obama's record
03:58:04a Archbishop wants to meet with Mugabe over Anglican persecution allegations
03:58:46a Munhall woman not seen by family members since Wednesday
04:00:15a Suffolk defends controversial redistricting plan
04:02:07a Ships of concrete long sunk off the Eastern Shore
04:02:36a Dow Chem, Saudi Oil sign accord for bn plant
04:02:48a Spark from Sanchez
04:03:13a Fanzone nearly full
04:03:28a Warriner home 17th
04:03:33a Call for booms placement
04:03:40a Telangana issue heats up, Congress to quicken process
04:03:47a Key wants answers
04:04:19a NW China pilgrims leave for Mecca
04:04:24a Fatal crash at Wanganui
04:05:14a Recruit has point
04:05:20a Michal Jackson like daddy like Daughter
04:05:34a Black Sticks eye carrot
04:05:46a Edgar defends belt with TKO of Maynard
04:06:31a Gabor, 94, better after fever sends to LA hospital
04:07:05a Omar Abdullah gets a lifeline as second witness makes his statement
04:07:16a Anna Hazare takes on Land Acquisition Bill next
04:07:36a Oil on beaches likely
04:07:42a Hearing delayed for accused Cole bomber
04:07:55a IObit Malware Fighter 1.20.16
04:08:08a Routine security checks leave Navy contractors jobless
04:08:55a MI beat Somerset by 10 runs, set up final clash with RCB in CL
04:09:01a '48 Hours' reveals Amanda Knox's untold story
04:09:07a China's ex-president Jiang makes public appearance
04:09:13a U.S. Presbyterian Church Ordains First Gay Minister
04:09:22a Schenectady cops shoot, wound knife-wielding suspect
04:09:28a National Air And Space Museum Closed After Protest
04:09:36a Protests close National Air and Space Museum
04:10:01a Long-time Exeter Educator Defends Suspected Drunk Babysitter
04:10:09a Defense cuts What's at stake for Va. and Hampton Roads?
04:10:14a EVENT Colonial Place and Riverview Front Porch Art Walk
04:10:37a Myanmar risks Chinese anger to woo the West
04:11:01a A Playmate, a Ponzi scheme, jewels and murder
04:11:55a Three injured in brawl in Moscow metro, hooligan detained
04:12:01a ODU to make bid for playoff game
04:12:06a Leo Angelo Crosariol
04:12:18a GOP presidential candidate Cain pitches plan in Richmond
04:12:39a Chavez slams 'horrible repression' of U.S. protests
04:12:45a Mayor pledges to put cemetery back in its town
04:12:51a Three Germans held in Pakistan
04:12:57a FAA 1 dies, 1 injured in small plane crash in Ga.
04:13:03a Venezuela trains mimes to fight traffic chaos
04:13:42a Secret memo argued for al-Awlaki murder
04:13:48a Court acquits man of rape charge
04:13:54a Dietrich, big do
04:14:00a Virus hits U.S. drone control system media
04:14:06a Antique treasures as far as the eye could see
04:14:12a Teenage babysitter held stealing for pornography
04:14:24a BJP expels six Jammu and Kashmir legislators
04:15:02a Good Question 'Tis the season to do layaways
04:15:58a Power or poison? EPA rules could limit coal-fueled plants' emissions
04:16:04a Kaczynski's PiS party clashed regularly with EU allies when it was in power
04:16:09a Potties prove portable in Independence
04:16:23a Time to start paying back student loans nears for some recent grads
04:16:28a Tusk says the nation of 38 million needs 'cooperation, understanding and unity'
04:16:34a Train mystery at bottom of New River goes back years
04:17:37a Martinsville man dies in Henry Co. single-car crash
04:17:48a Officials say the city will be the Istanbul of the Far East
04:18:14a Merrill Stabile seeking to expand empire beyond parking lots
04:18:24a Teenage boy dies in truck wreck in Bath County
04:18:31a Spinner Panesar hopeful about playing for England again
04:18:37a Roanoke neighbors fly the coop with co-op to see chickens
04:18:43a The construction has caused inevitable controversy in the city
04:19:22a Boston College beats North Dakota 6-2
04:19:28a Second Fire in One Week at an Augusta County Church
04:19:36a Montgomery County bridge closed, detour set up after damage
04:19:46a US Activists Protest in Washington, One Arrested
04:19:59a The Federal Far Eastern University wants to attract some 35,000 students
04:20:12a Argentina get Springbok opener in Four Nations
04:20:29a Thousands protest against Berlusconi
04:20:41a Local Pilot Talks Flight Safety
04:20:55a Messi, hat trick star Higuain spark Argentina rout in WC qualifier
04:21:50a Russian Island will host the APEC summit
04:22:43a Girl Dying of Rabies
04:23:37a Memo details case for lethal strike on U.S. citizen
04:24:15a Smokers' Corner Lost souls
04:24:58a Wales justifies Williams' pre-tournament claims
04:25:04a Analysis Egypt's floundering revolution
04:25:40a Health-Care Questions for the GOP Presidential Debate
04:25:46a Where Rick Perry comes from How the Texas Plains shaped a future presidential candidate
04:26:38a Minnesota GOP presidential straw poll results are in
04:26:43a State GOP suit settled
04:26:55a Roger Williams, nicknamed pianist to the presidents, dead at 87
04:27:26a Liquor distributors feeling bottled up by I-1183
04:27:36a Former Tarrant County Democratic Party chairman wants Obama to play up achievements
04:27:55a Brown signs 'California Dream Act'
04:28:12a PerryScope Perry tops GOP in fundraising for quarter
04:28:17a Obama to honor Milford High grad
04:28:23a Barack Obama Wheres the Peace?
04:28:29a Holder Blasts GOP Critics, Defends Gun Operation Testimony
04:28:43a Cost of anti-gang report criticized in Newport News
04:28:50a Fact Check Obama's bus shared Canadian origins
04:29:02a Romney's Mormonism in focus at U.S. political meeting
04:29:09a Five places to pick pumpkins in Hampton Roads
04:29:15a Pak cooperation vital to US security, says White House
04:29:21a Obama urges Senate to back jobs bill
04:29:34a Arnold Schwarzenegger's stubborn success
04:29:47a Fort Monroe faces loss of federal transition dollars
04:30:02a A Synopsis Of The Protestors
04:30:27a Mr. Obama said prior to a meeting with Mr
04:30:35a Leeds boss McDermott silences critics
04:31:19a Netflix adds AMC's The Walking Dead to its streaming library
04:32:13a Hidden Planets Uncovered in Decade-Old Hubble Data
04:32:27a Malinga's four helps Mumbai Indians enter Champions League final
04:32:37a Korean vet remains ID'd, has Hampton connection
04:32:55a Rising retention pond costs concern Hampton homeowners
04:33:08a Mumbai to meet Bangalore in T20 final
04:33:13a Supreme Court refers NRO cases to LHC
04:33:19a Victoria Premier blames Oz Govt. for 'strangling' international student market
04:33:46a Assistant Professor in Systems Biology
04:33:52a Players urge Johnson to stay
04:33:58a Rain, Wind Causing Problems In Central Florida
04:34:03a Warner's time for higher honours has come, says NSW coach
04:34:10a As Movement Spreads, NY Mayor Slams Protesters For 'Trying To Destroy' Jobs
04:34:15a NASA Mars Rovers Win Magazine's 'Breakthrough' Award
04:34:21a 'Cursed' woman accused of duping kid into stealing jewelry
04:34:27a Europe plans solar orbiter and dark energy probe
04:34:32a think before you wee
04:35:04a The science behind our amazing million to one twins one black, one white
04:35:15a Astronomy Without A Telescope â Light Speed
04:36:35a Gabor, 94, better after fever sends her to LA hospital
04:36:41a Goalkeepers upstage superstars in Melbourne
04:36:50a Government sponsored backdoor Trojan used to spy on German citizens CCC
04:36:58a Oct. 8 roundup Novi CC beats Brother Rice, 21-19
04:37:11a Jessica Hibler crowned Miss Tennessee USA 2012
04:37:42a Local Event Aims To Stop Domestic Violence
04:37:48a The best ways to create more time for Moms
04:37:54a South African Ernie Els at the Open
04:38:00a Two whales found dead in Nushagak River
04:38:28a Geno Smith, Stedman Bailey put up big offensive display against UCONN
04:38:57a UFC136 MMA
04:39:40a Stars Blackhawks Hockey
04:40:02a The Howard Stern Show is hiring
04:40:18a UFO Traffic Report Sunday, October 9, 2011
04:40:23a MLS Earthquakes Revolution Soccer
04:40:29a Santa Fe Style Jewelry
04:40:52a Howard was hurt on the final play of Philadelphia's season-ending defeat to St. Louis
04:40:57a Festival Calle Orange entails diverse entertainment
04:41:03a Mosop lost by four seconds to compatriot Mutai last April in Boston
04:41:28a Panthers Islanders Hockey
04:41:33a Chrome browser now allows remote computer control
04:43:32a 'The Marriage Plot' a love triangle turned on its head
04:43:46a Best-sellers 'Heat Rises' and 'Jacqueline Kennedy'
04:44:02a Italy still smarting over Amanda Knox acquittal
04:44:08a Mass. church shot during Revolution overhaul
04:44:14a Families ask freedom for UAE activists accused of insulting leaders
04:44:20a Arizona from desert sunsets to canyon hikes
04:44:41a Dubai flights open Seattle-India gateway
04:44:48a Berlin art scene shifts to Potsdamer Strasse
04:44:58a Giants will face the revamped Seahawks
04:45:03a Educating Gabriel, 13, an off-the-charts prodigy
04:45:09a Missing Gloucester dog reunited with family http//
04:45:15a German trade props up 'Iran's dictator,' expert says
04:45:21a Bligh's speech won't be taught in schools
04:45:27a Italian juror says Knox's honest face convinced him that she was not guilty
04:45:33a 'Carmen' Quite a woman at Seattle Opera
04:45:39a Tips on flying to Europe for less
04:45:45a 'Serial armed robbers' to be charged in Hod Hasharon murder
04:45:50a Cashmere Old meets new in modern 'Mayberry'
04:45:56a UNP win two more divisions of the CMC
04:46:01a Winning numbers drawn in 'Lotto' game
04:46:07a Nut oils expand Americans' culinary vision
04:46:13a New crime fiction by Penny, Woodrell and Mayor
04:46:18a Footage adds to pressure on Fox
04:46:24a 'Pan Am' is a TV pick for Sunday, Oct. 9
04:46:29a Rant & Rave Nice cop saves nice date
04:46:35a Book Review Darkness, My Old Friend by Lisa Unger
04:46:41a Adu, Carroll lead Union past Sounders
04:46:46a COL FB Nebraska 34, Ohio State 27
04:46:52a Return of The Reignman
04:46:58a 'Babi Yar massacre was to test reaction to Jewish genocide'
04:47:04a Repetitive behavior and depression
04:47:09a Is this the weight-loss option of the future
04:47:15a Quartet envoys to meet as deadline to resume talks nears
04:47:20a NDC Will Shock NPP In 2012Elections
04:47:26a Will President Saleh stand down now
04:47:32a Future unknown for S.D. ghost town bought by church
04:47:37a Do people make impulse ART purchases on the Internet?
04:47:43a Westneat Trying hard to protest The Man
04:47:48a Fox connections with Sri Lanka raises questions on UK national security
04:47:54a New Risks Using Tanning Beds
04:48:00a Facebook SOS saved my life, says paralysed father
04:48:05a Winning numbers drawn in 'Hit 5' game
04:48:11a Jiang Zemin makes public appearance in Beijing
04:48:17a Developer Kemper Freeman's backing a boon to toll initiative
04:48:23a Conflict in north Yemen al-Houthies VS JMP and tribesmen resumed
04:48:29a Winless Baird takes lead in Open
04:48:34a All aboard at Seattle's N. 45th St. and Meridian, ca. 1940
04:48:40a Health Scan Repetitive behavior and depression
04:48:46a Hardy vanishes from Harry Potter... because it's too expensive to insure him at 85
04:48:52a IAEA team in Japan; Fukushima starts thyroid tests
04:48:57a School leavers rejected by Army because they can't spell or do simple sums
04:49:03a Plan to trim DNA database 'could stop murderers and rapists being caught'
04:49:08a Vic won toss, bowl v Qld
04:49:14a Rescued race horse fails making mounted patrol, finds a family
04:49:20a Colombo seeks Asian backing for hosting Games
04:49:26a Sex, blood, drugs and alcohol
04:49:32a The Simpsons fans breathe 'D'oh!' of relief as axe threat is lifted
04:49:37a Apologise and get on with the job, Dr Fox
04:49:43a UPFA claim 19 local bodies so far
04:49:49a Being called bubbly is fine Genelia D’Souza
04:49:55a Voltamps Sohar unit to meet Mena demand
04:50:01a Police Lowell suspect drowns while on the run
04:50:06a Fiery crash mars Bathurst 1000
04:50:12a Bush still supports troops
04:50:17a German trade props up ‘Iran's dictator,’ expert says
04:50:23a Analysis Egypt's floundering revolution
04:50:29a Load-shedding to return from Tuesday in Karnataka
04:50:35a Music launch of Tell Me O Khuda
04:50:40a This depression is the big one. We need the team with a triple-A rating
04:50:46a DNA special Government make false claims in affidavit on Kalu dam
04:50:52a Govt to introduce bill to rein in fake educational institutes
04:50:58a Snake dancers face music in Bangalore
04:51:04a Medvedev Says Russia Needs Better Business Climate
04:51:10a Fred Goodwin is financial adviser to the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust
04:51:16a We'll cut your aid if you persecute gays, Britain warns African nations
04:51:22a Cherie Blair goes into business with the Iron Duke's family
04:51:27a When Amish Attack
04:51:33a Boyfriend David Johnsrud pictured at her home
04:51:38a Christians in Egypt fear Islamist pressure
04:51:44a Ignoring Hamas impedes peace
04:51:50a Sharif Hussein BIn Ali Mosque
04:51:55a Ministry working to raise minimum wage, address unemployment Kafawin
04:52:01a Pops or the prime minister
04:52:06a Palike chief’s night out, for Bangalore
04:52:12a Can we tickle our funny bone without resorting to crudity?
04:52:17a Bono's ONE charity Africa famine advert banned from UK TV
04:52:23a How climate change zealots are wrecking every last industry this country possesses
04:52:28a Alexander makes triathlon history
04:52:34a PM discusses regional developments with European delegation
04:52:40a Aussie boy in Bali drug bust was 'coerced'
04:52:45a World porridge contest to be held
04:52:51a Watch out, conmen are using Facebook to dupe Metallica fans
04:52:57a Mayor tries silent protest for traffic in Venezuela
04:53:03a Chor , police and Janardhana Reddy’s hidden treasure trail
04:53:08a Yemen president says ready to quit; foes unimpressed
04:53:14a Princess Sumaya joins UNESCO panel
04:53:20a Big Ben becoming 'the leaning tower of London'
04:53:25a Police saves own life by jamming finger in gun
04:53:31a Mumbai's Opera House on list of endangered architectural sites
04:53:37a 'We'll search every grain of sand for Muammar Gaddafi'
04:53:42a 'Haunted Sidewalk' held at Kroger
04:53:48a Almost one million voters register for municipal polls
04:53:53a Computer Virus Hits Drone Program
04:53:59a Labourers demand wage increases, new trade union bylaw
04:54:04a French victory due to 'French way'
04:54:10a Michigan Tech beats American International 3-1
04:54:16a Legendary Arabian oryx returns to its ancient lands
04:54:21a The Duke's Private World
04:54:27a Parents Again Talking to Police
04:54:33a Learning from a surprise cycling city
04:54:39a China Cuts Fuel Prices for First Time in 2011 as Oil Costs Fall
04:54:44a NBA All-Stars Put On A Show In Miami
04:54:50a Which teams will advance to the World Series
04:54:56a It's time to 'reload for America'
04:55:01a Thousands protest against corruption, demand faster reforms
04:55:07a Malaysia push despite uncertainty
04:55:12a Qatar going green with new polysilicon plant
04:55:18a Unstable conditions forecast this week
04:55:23a Top militant killed in gun battle in Indian Kashmir
04:55:29a Catoosa-area youth pastor charged with multiple sex-crimes
04:55:35a Local 4H kids show off some of their projects
04:55:40a Probe into aspiring model's Miami death links local photographer and NYC pimp
04:55:46a Wireless is gaining in local Net survey
04:55:52a Canada gets extra innings win at Baseball World Cup
04:55:57a Jobs' virtual DNA to be fostered in Apple University
04:56:03a Medical students from Yemen, Libya to be admitted in local universities
04:56:37a Clubs offer pokies trial
04:56:42a Grizz warns ABs of 'formidable' Argentinian scrum
04:56:48a Americans reflect on how Steve Jobs touched their lives
04:56:54a Oil workers floated for days in the Gulf of Mexico
04:57:00a 'Michael Forever' Jacksons Join Other Stars at Tribute Concert
04:57:05a Tombstone rededicated for one of first Quincy residents
04:57:11a Sammy Fund raising money for kids with limited opportunities
04:57:17a South Florida Convention Meeting Sites
04:57:23a Syria democracy activists say they are committed to nonviolence
04:57:29a Colombian city demands protection from gangsters
04:57:35a Canadian soldiers go from warriors to mentors
04:57:41a Now what After Miami game, players wait and see
04:57:46a Movement welcomes all ages, Wall Street protesters say
04:57:52a Protests in China over local grievances surge, and get a hearing
04:57:57a Fastenal succeeds despite slowdown in manufacturing
04:58:03a Charter School In Coconut Grove Draws Controversy Over ‘Improper Fees’
04:58:08a More Canadians buying homes in the United States
04:58:14a No. 1 Tigers trump No. 17 Gators
04:58:19a Boater Killed During Columbus Day Celebrations
04:58:25a Miami edges Bemidji State 3-2
04:58:31a Recession Recovery Uncertain times defy easy label
04:58:40a Virginia Tech 38, Miami 35
04:59:23a 3 CCISD schools awarded
04:59:34a Panetta visiting Egypt
04:59:45a PTSD'S war toll Buddy system helps veterans battle demons
04:59:51a Solon Bikers should get 30-minute grace period at work
05:00:36a Terry Dickson Fair brings back good, bad memories
05:00:43a Mother My son didn't get the help he needed
05:01:47a Answers and action, not questions, needed now
05:02:01a Sky TV broadcaster died after night out with colleagues
05:02:07a Oz fears of NZ law 'misplaced'
05:02:12a Industry experts back salvage plan for reef-bound ship
05:02:18a Sophie Elliott's mum named 'Woman of the Year'
05:02:24a Magnitude 5.2 earthquake felt in Bay of Plenty this morning
05:02:31a 'Pirates' in the Ross Sea
05:02:36a Polish PM's party expected to win election
05:02:44a LPA moving over West PHL Sea, but floods still threaten Luzon
05:02:50a Abandoned Invercargill school on fire
05:02:55a Community seek discussion with The Warehouse about Pah Rd
05:03:01a Kids increasingly arming themselves
05:03:06a Sandy speaks out
05:03:12a Report Iglesia ni Cristo buys town in South Dakota
05:03:18a Hundreds of cops flunk fitness tests
05:03:24a Poland's centrists target new term in crunch ballot
05:03:29a Out of the black and into the blue
05:03:35a Warriner's the best of the Kiwis in Hawaii
05:03:40a Deportation protest hits Auckland
05:03:46a Fullbrook's music trip in ruins
05:03:51a Diwali festival rocks Aotea Square
05:03:57a Protests Emerge Around the U.S.
05:04:02a Greens want Govt. to protect shore before oil arrives
05:04:08a Irish and Welsh RWC fans well behaved
05:04:14a Polish ties with Germany at stake
05:04:19a Drinking report sours All Blacks
05:04:25a Minister warns students against enrolling in unlicensed universities
05:04:31a New Market Report Now Available Cough, Cold and Allergy Remedies in Tunisia
05:04:36a Herald ban outcry 'over the top' Speaker
05:04:42a Rajaratnam sentencing could be Wall Street warning
05:04:48a Fatal crash in Wanganui
05:04:53a Tepid reception for Brazils 1-0 win in Costa Rica
05:04:58a No track kept of 'lost' kids
05:05:04a Fatal Timaru crash
05:05:09a Aid to help drought-stricken Tokelau and Tuvalu directly
05:05:15a John Key on his way to Tauranga to visit stranded ship Rena
05:05:20a NDRRMC Deaths from recent typhoons now over 100
05:05:26a Madeleine to delight Auckland
05:05:31a Occupy Wall Street's future still unclear
05:05:37a Jova becomes hurricane in Pacific
05:05:42a Magnetic nail polish Of course they make that!
05:05:48a Timaru house fires injure six
05:05:53a China's Jiang appears in public after months of speculation over health
05:05:59a Allan Hubbard farewelled
05:06:05a Cabbage tree could hold key to unique Kiwi tipple
05:06:10a No. 24 Texas AM beat Texas Tech 45-40
05:06:16a 'Squalid' houses inquiry overdue
05:06:22a Predators spoil Blues' opener 4-2
05:06:27a VIDEO Iran's rivers run dry in drought
05:06:33a Two dead after Sunday crashes
05:06:39a Greens call for moratorium on all off-shore oil exploration
05:06:44a 10 more found dead in cartels probe
05:06:50a Nicki Minaj was suicidal
05:06:55a Southeast Asia to start emergency rice reserve – The Japan Times
05:07:00a US wins 1st game under Jurgen Klinsmann, 1-0 over Honduras as Dempsey scores
05:07:06a New Market Report Now Available Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in South Korea
05:07:12a Voltamp’s Sohar unit to meet Mena demand
05:07:17a Indonesia, S Korea Engage in Hihger Level Defense Cooperation
05:07:23a Oil the focus
05:07:29a Salem Apple Butter Festival Underway
05:07:35a Functions of Dietary Fats
05:07:40a ABs to make Muliaina's milestone memorable
05:07:47a Two Pakistanis, a Chechen al-Qaeda fighters killed in Yemen
05:07:53a Manchester United boss David Gill plays ball with Unicef Telegraph Finance
05:07:58a Senior Drafter – Palazzo Design – Jakarta Raya
05:08:04a Hurricane Jova expected to intensify as it inches toward Mexico
05:08:09a Proper nutrition and your autistic child
05:08:15a 2.3 tonnes of marijuana seized in Mexico
05:08:21a Del Monte Fresh Produce Greenhouses Take Root in Costa Rica
05:08:26a Mom, son killed in crash; 2 kids critical
05:08:32a 3 in Indonesia Charged With Plotting Suicide Attacks – New York Times
05:08:38a China's Hu urges unification with rival Taiwan
05:08:43a Product review Software for recording now, playing later
05:08:49a Bringing down interest rates
05:08:55a Extreme ugly, mysterious deep sea fish..
05:09:01a Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor rushed to hospital again
05:09:07a Girl dies in TransJakarta bus accident
05:09:12a Deputies searching for missing 18-year-old Marion woman
05:09:18a 3rd body linked to supremacists' alleged spree
05:09:24a Downtown library's Literacy Festival honors young readers
05:09:30a Weight-loss Physical exercise
05:09:36a TechMan IPhone 4S voice command system promising
05:09:42a Union threatens action over teachers 'paid by the minute in class'
05:09:48a 3-month-old baby with rare auto-immune disorder needs help
05:09:54a French Socialists to choose presidential candidate
05:10:00a Poor economy leaves fewer bad drivers on Tampa Bay area roads
05:10:05a Secret memo 'justified' killing of US-born Awlaqi
05:10:11a Scots-Irish tunnel 'a surprise'
05:10:19a Minister plans BBC cuts meeting
05:10:24a TIME Cover No Hell? Pastor Rob Bell Angers Evangelicals
05:10:31a Japanese disease kills 376 children in UP; Delhi in danger
05:10:36a The World Cannibalism on the Cordillera
05:10:42a Detroit's Future Will Once Great American City Recover?
05:10:47a Tycoon Hunter goes back to classroom
05:10:53a Early on, Florida attorney general Pam Bondi shows ambition
05:10:58a tram firm spoke rubbish
05:11:04a NYC ID Theft Bust Leads to 111 Arrests
05:11:10a Education Schools of Tomorrow
05:11:15a Scottish Ambulance Service rest breaks statement
05:11:22a Rafa and Murray face to face in Tokyo Open 500 finals
05:11:28a Church opens pumpkin patch to help fund scholarships
05:11:34a Mackail-Smith winner boosts Scotland Euro hopes
05:11:40a No. 2 LSU proves too tough for Florida
05:11:45a Australia beat England 62-47 in netball
05:11:51a Protesters Hit the Streets for 'Occupy Wall Street'
05:11:57a 7-yr-old boy sacrificed for devi Durga, BSF jawans arrested
05:12:03a Marijuana-Infused Wine Gains Popularity in California
05:12:08a Poker Inc. to Uncle Sam Shut Up and Deal
05:12:14a Philippe becomes a post-tropical cyclone
05:12:20a Call for Royal Mail to put a unique stamp on 2014 celebrations
05:12:25a Campers rescued from island off Jones Fish Camp
05:12:31a Immigrant kids shun Alabama schools over tough law
05:12:37a WWF add voice to tugboat campaign
05:12:43a Elderly Woman Struck, Pinned by Stolen SUV
05:12:49a Thieves Steal A 40-Ton Metal Bridge in Pa.
05:12:54a Levein out to reign in Spain
05:13:00a Nation Portrait of an Obsolete Mobster
05:13:06a Ian Rankin on his latest novel, The Impossible Dead
05:13:12a Boston 4, Tampa Bay 1
05:13:17a Radiation leak probe urged at Dounreay
05:13:23a Inflating the Software Report Card
05:13:28a Cameroon's strongman seeks another term
05:13:34a Tampa doctor found dead in hot tub
05:13:39a European banks may need €100b
05:13:45a Wet weather across Central Florida
05:13:51a 'Divorce trade fair' in Las Palmas is a first for Spain
05:13:56a U.S. Gets First Victory Under Klinsmann
05:14:01a Trust turns to eels in war against US crayfish
05:14:07a Hugo Chavez hopes Cuba checkup will be clear of cancer
05:14:13a Yemen leader says he'll give up power
05:14:18a BP Hosts Interactive Tent at Bayfest
05:14:24a Oil spill expected to reach NZ beaches
05:14:30a Western fast food, waistlines surge in India
05:14:35a Steve Jobs Had LSD, We Have the iPhone
05:14:41a Sri Lanka president's party wins local polls
05:14:46a Nigeria coach apologises after Cup of Nations failure
05:14:52a Why Catholic Bishops Are Targeting Obama on Religious Freedom
05:15:41a Yemen Opposition Skeptical of President's Pledge to Step Down
05:15:47a Rachel Magoola reconnects with her fans
05:15:52a Pay more attention to your health
05:15:58a 'Are You Ready' to retire?
05:16:03a Minnesota shuts out Sacred Heart 6-0
05:16:22a France won by getting back to being French
05:16:47a Moody's warns of Belgium downgrade
05:16:55a My expectations that the Cranes will emerge victorious are high
05:17:01a 26/11 attacks case SC to hear Ajmal Kasab's plea tomorrow
05:17:25a Honor Flight to send veterans to D.C.
05:17:30a Check your platter to check breast cancer
05:17:40a 'Occupy Wall Street' movement in WNY
05:18:03a Wedding bells ring again at the Statler
05:18:19a 2-0 loss to Union drops Sounders to 16-7-9
05:18:25a Victim identified in Zoar Valley death
05:18:30a The tacticians who have taken charge of Crane
05:18:36a Slade to shape All Blacks' quarter-final vs Argentina
05:18:44a China's Hu urges unification with rival Taiwan
05:18:58a Verification of tenants in Bangalore still on papers
05:19:03a Kenya says goodbye to Tree Mother of Africa
05:19:09a DNA exclusive Politicians eyeing Osho’s Rs1,000 crore property in Pune
05:19:15a America asset freeze exposes ADF's Mukulu to UN sanctions
05:19:20a WNY judge detained in misunderstanding
05:19:37a Safety probe urged for Austin hospital
05:19:42a Two killed in Broadway Market crash
05:19:52a Two close call car crashes in WNY
05:20:10a Eight keys to ending Uganda's three-decade long Afcon anguish
05:20:15a Soldier finally gets military burial
05:20:21a African aviation markets are not opening as quickly as they should, Mzimela said
05:20:27a Sir Paul Mccartney expected to bring home wife no 3
05:20:32a Dubai-based Emirates will increase its network to 21 African cities next year
05:20:39a Yarbrough Economic development about big picture
05:20:44a Sabres fans get a taste of Germany
05:20:53a Japan Nuclear Crisis
05:21:01a Adugodi hit by second chemical blast in a week
05:21:07a Ship grounding threatens New Zealand's Bay of Plenty
05:21:21a Panel looks to change city charter
05:21:27a Isle man charged with felony assault
05:21:50a Ba pips Nadi, remains in the hunt
05:21:55a UTMB 6th nationwide in paper recycling
05:22:01a US hails India's key role in Afghanistan
05:22:11a Bout about speeding ends with gunfire
05:22:24a 2 shot during attempted robbery
05:22:30a Adding Sport to Scooters With a 3-Wheel Design
05:22:35a 3 safe after rollover; 1 faces drug charge
05:22:41a 8 shot after gang argument at Dallas rap contes
05:22:47a Kenya bids final adieu to Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai
05:22:54a Texas woman dies in Louisiana crash
05:23:00a COM takes no action on Elam's job
05:23:11a Polling stations open in Polish parliamentary elections
05:23:17a Vladimir Putin visits China in first trip since Kremlin comeback
05:23:22a Suva out for a win agains...
05:23:28a bigger bailout or deeper haircut
05:23:33a Hayes breaks 30-year-old LU receiving mark in Cards 37-17 loss to Demons
05:23:39a Deaths from recent typhoons now over 100
05:23:45a Georgia Says It's Ready to Block Russia W.T.O Bid
05:23:50a I was not indicted Former NDDC executive director
05:23:56a profile of Leymah Gbowee
05:24:01a Placing a Value on Horsepower
05:24:07a Sirleaf does not deserve Nobel prize, say Weah, Tubman
05:24:14a Can Eagles qualify for the Nations cup
05:24:32a Palace downplays doubts on new Sandiganbayan head's integrity
05:24:41a Dusting Off the Recipe for a White-Bread Van
05:24:47a Aluminum and steel slug it out to become the lighter, stronger metal for cars
05:24:53a Czech leader says more European integration 'fatally wrong'
05:24:59a Soldiers kill two ex- MASSOB members in Onitsha
05:25:05a Cornered Fox hit by new row
05:25:10a Heroin handler faces the music
05:25:16a EU plans green farming revolution
05:25:22a Driver, 84, hits pedestrian in a panic
05:25:28a Liberia's Johnson-Sirleaf, Two Women Win Nobel Peace Prize
05:25:58a We are sorry – Siasia
05:26:03a Encore for a Muscle Car Legend
05:26:09a Pacific islands down to final buckets of water
05:26:15a Swept away by rain
05:26:20a Canadian soldiers go from Afghan warriors to mentors
05:26:26a Public bins rolled out to combat strike
05:26:31a Sheep leap ends in mutton chop
05:26:37a ’How PDP can regain South-West’
05:26:44a AS EFCC Gets Arrest Warrant…Nationwide Manhunt for Ex-Gov
05:26:50a Western Oklahoma receives needed rainfall
05:26:56a Fail to qualify for Nations Cup
05:27:01a Slovakia's euro honeymoon sours as days tick to key vote
05:27:07a Ole Miss student struck by car, killed
05:27:12a One feared dead in Niger council polls
05:27:18a Rugby / World Cup / France and Wales make it to Semis
05:27:24a Jataka tales add to Buddhist books in Poland
05:27:30a Gunmen kill PDP chief in Enugu
05:27:35a Oklahoma Guard troops return from Sinai Peninsula assignment
05:27:40a The home that had to sell
05:27:46a David Beckham's son swears in Spanish
05:27:51a Strike teams relieve bushed firefighters
05:27:57a British PM demands answers in Fox row
05:28:03a Famed pianist Roger Williams dies
05:28:09a Dubai to have one car for every two people by year-end
05:28:14a Checotah woman dies in two-car crash in McIntosh County
05:28:20a Italian fest focuses on family and food in Reno
05:28:26a No Jackpot Winner
05:28:39a Eastday-Laos Jeep sparks outcry
05:28:44a Saturday Night Funny Video Making Fun of ‘Occupy Wall Street
05:29:13a Yemen, Egypt commemorate October 6th
05:29:18a S Sudan 's Defense Minister makes first official visit to Warrap
05:29:49a Steve Jobs will continue to inspire young people
05:30:14a UCLA QB Richard Brehaut breaks left leg
05:30:19a Switzerland Ambassador gold went to the network to Sait
05:30:37a China ends compulsory measures on military zone intruder from Japan
05:30:44a Ozawa's reluctance to answer questions only deepens suspicions
05:30:50a Panasonic building plant in China for smartphone demand
05:31:02a Woman dies in Peters house fire
05:31:16a Sounders FC shut out by Philadelphia Union 2-0
05:31:21a Man Shot outside Store in Roselawn
05:31:27a Franklin Park man leaves corporate world for Light of Life nonprofit that serves homeless
05:31:33a A Grand Depiction of War Could Set Off a Local Battle
05:31:41a Protest spurs online dialogue on inequity
05:32:01a Thousands of dollars raised for injured LSU cheerleading coach
05:32:10a TEPCO orchestrated 'personal' donations to LDP
05:32:22a Missouri family setting up reward over missing baby
05:32:28a Obama calls on Americans to urge Senate to pass jobs bill
05:32:34a For Romney, Social Issues Pose New Test
05:32:40a Poverty in central Australia shocks Amnesty head
05:32:46a Iraq offering conflicting support to Assad
05:32:51a The Next Page / The Library a garden for growing minds
05:32:57a Huskies not at their best but sweep past Utah
05:33:03a Hubbard's daughter says he was hit by 'perfect storm'
05:33:08a Sarkozy's re-election threatened by probes
05:33:14a California enacts pro-migrant law
05:33:20a Romney responds to anti-Mormon speech
05:33:25a Yemeni president vows to step down 'in the coming days'
05:33:31a Daughter of 'Dirty War,' Raised by Man Who Killed Her Parents
05:33:36a Television shows reopen debate over black confederates
05:33:42a Oil spill can't be stopped from reaching shore
05:33:47a Cougars' Horton picks great time for pick
05:33:53a Man found dead on street in Fineview
05:33:58a Flooding a nuisance for Shadyside businesses
05:34:04a Two fatal car crashes
05:34:10a National briefs 10/9/11
05:34:15a Obituary Roger Williams / 'Autumn Leaves' pianist performed for 9 presidents
05:34:21a California Begins Moving Prison Inmates
05:34:26a Vettel closes on F1 title, takes pole for Japanese GP
05:34:32a Council grouping will boost productivity Auckland Mayor
05:34:38a Obituary Al Davis / Polarizing figure, Raiders owner changed football
05:34:44a Mine law reviewed by DEP advisory council
05:34:49a Obituary James L. DeMuzzio / Turtle Creek mayor for 22 years
05:34:55a Hundreds of Occupy Philly demonstrators march
05:35:00a Greens welcome SSC's backing of its gift complaint
05:35:06a 75 gather for rally in support of workers
05:35:11a Video UNI Football
05:35:17a Ohio union law vote creates private might versus public workers
05:35:23a Ready, Set, Grovel; It's Slate-Making Time
05:35:28a Rebel Libyan forces claim gains in Gadhafi hometown offensive
05:35:34a Video Rep. Carl Wimmer begins his campaign for Congress
05:35:39a 'Serious questions' over NZ spill
05:35:45a Video Celebrating fathers in Milwaukee
05:35:50a US church gets its first gay minister
05:35:56a Georgia Says It's Ready to Block Russia W.T.O Bid
05:36:30a Video Widefield vs Mesa Ridge
05:36:36a Pakistan to repatriate Osama family
05:36:41a US soldiers in midst of equipment revolution
05:36:47a 9 dead, 4 injured in NE China construction site cave-in
05:36:52a Video First Razorback Football African American Honored at Half-Time
05:36:58a Vladivostok gets facelift to be 'San Francisco'
05:37:04a Philippines' death toll from typhoons more than 100
05:37:10a Oil removal tonight
05:37:15a Israel, Taiwan promote Yushan, Dead Sea as new wonders
05:37:21a Police study Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Haifa, Ramle and Eilat Israel's most violent cities
05:37:27a Video You Paid For It Des Peres
05:37:33a Video Ankeny Attempted Murder
05:37:39a Video Mike Irwin Recaps the Arkansas vs. Auburn
05:37:44a Video UNA Remains Unblemished On The Year 44-10
05:37:50a Exploitation of the Palestinian cause
05:37:56a Video Suspect Says He Is The Victim Of Police Brutality
05:38:02a Sam Finegold on Turkey through Palestine
05:38:08a US veterans, protesters march against war in Afghanistan
05:38:13a Palestinian graves desecrated in Jaffa
05:38:19a Hunger Strike Ongoing, Violations Against Detainees Escalating
05:38:24a Video Police investigating homicide in Tooele after elderly woman found dead in home
05:38:30a Video Mule Jumping
05:38:36a U.S. Tops Honduras for Klinsmann's First Win
05:38:42a Video Bizarre crime being investigated on south side of Milwaukee
05:38:47a Video Fatal Car Crash
05:38:53a Spain's Queen Sofia tours aid projects in Haiti
05:38:58a Video No. 2 'Bama Blanks Vandy
05:39:04a Video Students, Volunteers Work in Grave Yard at Historic Bella Vista Cemetery
05:39:10a Comment on Israeli Rightists Threaten Arab Population by Robert
05:39:26a Video Alabama Shuts Out Vanderbilt 34-0
05:39:36a Video Tooele woman found dead in her home, car stolen
05:40:00a NYC Labor Against the War 10.8 OWS Report Rising Strong, Everywhere
05:40:05a Smithsonian museum closed after D. C. protest; pepper spray used
05:40:22a October 9 Missed opportunity
05:40:33a Pat Condell On 'The Great Palestinian Lie'
05:40:42a District 43 candidates at a glance
05:41:12a Piedmont residents rebuild after May tornadoes
05:41:17a Researchers zero in on brain's link to math troubles
05:41:23a Fundraiser Helps Haitian Quake Victims
05:41:29a Oklahoma Senate contenders hope to fill one-year legislative term
05:41:34a Eco-friendly festival can't sustain itself
05:41:53a Court considers Georgia ban on guns in church
05:41:58a Powerwall sees potential for prefabs as Libya and Iraq rebuild
05:42:47a Catholic schools share many of the struggles of public schools
05:42:53a PETA calls on Egyptian-American woman who ate husband to go vegan
05:43:06a Credit companies turn their back on small business
05:43:18a Remembering Hall of Fame NFL owner Al Davis
05:43:27a Blood-pressure clinics set up for October
05:43:49a Evening News Online, 10.08.11
05:43:54a Hundreds of Oklahoma prisoners could be released Nov. 1
05:44:00a Kiski Area's Jam the Gym fundraiser to benefit three causes
05:44:06a Springdale enjoys day of milestones against Geibel
05:44:12a Romney's religion back in the spotlight
05:44:17a Police, protesters clash at US capital museum
05:44:27a Stephen Smith denies jump to state politics
05:44:32a All Blacks pair spotted on booze binge
05:44:39a Brown signs California Dream Act
05:44:44a Family reflects on work in Vietnam, Oklahoma
05:44:50a New 'Sesame Street' character sheds light on hunger
05:44:55a Oklahoma City's lakes, river form complicated connections
05:45:01a Authorities Say Body Found in Missing Man's SUV
05:45:06a Jane Jayroe remembers 1967 Vietnam tour as time of tears, smiles
05:45:12a School trades paper for iPads
05:45:17a Sir Paul McCartney to marry New York heiress
05:45:23a Concussion shelves Burrell quarterack Middleby
05:45:28a Baseball powers humbled in playoffs
05:45:34a Police scour Bluff Knoll for missing tourist
05:45:40a Pilot Michael Garrone died doing what he loved, family says
05:45:45a Coming attraction A big Chicago film studio with taxpayer help
05:45:51a 'In Cold Blood' approved forstudents in Glendale
05:45:57a Apollo Council wants fire departments to consider merger
05:46:03a Victory, Sydney take positives from draw
05:46:09a Welcome back, Amanda Here's what you missed
05:46:14a Ariz. sheriffs seek independent 'Gunwalker' investigation
05:46:20a Commuter train
05:46:26a Comparing Mormons and mainstream Christians
05:46:32a Clubs Qld rejects Xenophon dishonesty tag
05:46:37a Nichols set to fill McKay's big boots
05:46:48a Push for Stephen Smith to lead WA Labor
05:46:53a Oklahoma woman, company find success south of the border
05:47:05a Busy, bloody night for Perth police
05:47:10a Restoration planned for L.A. landmark
05:47:16a Tander, Whincup battle for Bathurst win
05:47:48a Australia unleash at baseball World Cup
05:48:09a Oregon authorities find body in missing man's SUV, linked to boyfriend-girlfriend suspects
05:48:44a U.S. Gymnastics Makes the Olympics
05:48:49a Ronan Faherty links up with La Senza lingerie
05:48:55a 5 voices What is needed for success in Afghanistan?
05:49:00a Distressed Diver Rescued Off Mission Beach
05:49:06a Cabinet to approve new central bank structure
05:49:12a Woman in Labor Survives PA Lynch Attempt
05:49:18a Iceland Downs Faroe Islands, 99-81, in Short Course Meter Dual Meet
05:49:24a Preliminary M 5.1 quake hits Mariana Islands region
05:49:29a Business cover briefs
05:49:35a Three women share Nobel
05:49:40a Out and About Farewell, Ugandan colleague
05:49:46a South Sudanese President Salva Kiir in Khartoum for key talks
05:49:52a Strike looms at Notts power stations as unions reject pay offer
05:49:57a Spending a day with an Oklahoma cowboy
05:50:05a Yom Kippur Marked in Homesh
05:50:10a Helicopter firm AgustaWestland to cut 375 jobs
05:50:16a Did wind-turbine issue blow McGuinty's Ontario majority
05:50:21a US Presbyterian church ordains first openly gay minister in emotional Wisconsin ceremony
05:50:27a It's possible Houston getting more rain today
05:50:32a Philadelphia and Jagr Line Top Devils, 3-0
05:50:38a Backers sought for LabelSneak
05:50:44a Netanyahu confident cabinet will approve socioeconomic report on Sunday
05:50:50a Egyptian Christians fear the pressure of Islamists
05:50:55a Frustration not demands drive leaderless activists planning to occupy Vancouver
05:51:01a Basketball / Adriatic League / Maccabi Tel Aviv stays perfect
05:51:06a Phillies' Ryan Howard tears Achilles tendon
05:51:12a Investors put the screws on Apple after Jobs' death
05:51:17a Power rates to jump 4%, 2 months after last increase
05:51:23a Capello says can't fathom Roo's 'crazy mindset'
05:51:28a NYC mayor blasts Occupy Wall Street protests
05:51:34a Parents warned over 'cell banks'
05:51:39a Chance for Houston rain goes up on Sunday
05:51:44a Twitter aims to ape Facebook's talent for money
05:51:50a Toronto 6, Ottawa 5
05:51:56a Flying in Africa still pricey despite busier skies
05:52:01a IDB sinks NIS 50m more into Maariv
05:52:07a Polish PM's party expected to win Sunday election
05:52:13a B.C. killer was on probation at time of 1993 slaying
05:52:19a NDC Youth Activists call for fair play
05:52:24a Sainsbury's director joins Ombudsman Service
05:52:50a Liam Fox s
05:52:56a Andrew and players want Johnson
05:53:02a Win for women's hockey
05:53:07a Iraq's Rumaila south oilfield shut after bombs hit pipeline
05:53:13a Avalanche retire Forsberg's jersey
05:53:19a Catoosa area youth pastor charged with sex crimes
05:53:25a President Jonathan outlines vision for ECOWAS
05:53:30a Protesters gather in New York park
05:53:39a W/A leaders must collaborate to check trans-border crimes Prez Mills
05:53:44a Ripon's Egyptian Christian church ready to celebrate with festival
05:53:50a Man Chases Govt From State Bungalow
05:53:56a Police Suspected Drunk Driver Hits Woman Crossing Street
05:54:01a Double rollover jackpot on offer
05:54:29a Saudi Arabia awards water, sewage projects worth SR851m
05:54:34a Unions spent on ads before federal vote
05:54:50a Kessel bags hat trick in Maple Leafs' win
05:54:57a Pumpkins suffer in 'strange' year
05:55:02a Security guard slain at gas station
05:55:08a New deaths in listeria outbreak in NY, Indiana
05:55:13a 'Red carded' Rooney says sorry to Capello
05:55:19a EU Imposes Ban On Flights Of Two Airlines From Ghana
05:55:26a Saudi Arabia cuts output in September
05:55:31a N.Zealand PM demands oil slick answers
05:55:37a PM intervenes in Fox flatmate row
05:55:42a McCartney ties knot for third time
05:55:48a Top 25 Virginia Tech rally foils Miami's upset bid
05:55:54a Michael Jackson tribute concert – in pictures
05:56:03a Presidential initiative of peace yields results DFP
05:56:21a Sperm donors father huge 'families' in US, Canada
05:56:42a Juan Luis Guerra brings Caribbean rhythms to Chile
05:57:17a Will the Taj collapse in five years?
05:57:23a Suzhou China's Venice of the East
05:57:29a China's ex-president Jiang makes public appearance
05:57:34a Indian cinema has lot to offer to West Anupam Kher
05:57:40a Delhi govt struggles to spend funds after CWG allegations
05:58:21a Gold may scale Rs30,000 mount by Diwali Industry
05:58:26a Rs.250 mn eye hospital in Pakistani Kashmir
05:58:34a BJP smells victory in Uttar Pradesh
05:58:40a Air warriors celebrate anniversary in style
05:59:00a Not A Love Story is back; woman stabs boyfriend to death
05:59:11a 'Serious questions' over NZ spill
05:59:17a Supervisors to weigh plans for new MLK hospital
05:59:22a Can you tell which of these government spending projects are real or fake?
05:59:28a Pakistan rebuilds school that collapsed in quake
05:59:33a Motorsport Whincup holding Bathurst lead at halfway point
05:59:40a Explosives meant for industries being smuggled to Naxals?
05:59:45a Imams decry police action against mosque in Bangalore
05:59:51a Plastic bag ban advances in Pasadena
05:59:56a My eviction is unfair Nihita Biswas
06:00:10a Exam fraud Puducherry education minister booked
06:00:16a Candidates share ideas for El Segundo schools
06:00:21a Financial makeover Widow gets a plan to make it on her own
06:00:26a A 'watershed' project for uplift of villagers
06:00:36a Long Beach airspace limits scaled back
06:00:54a Popular Front of India says Dilli chalo
06:00:59a Korean Air will start flying A380s at LAX
06:01:25a Anna above Parliament, can pressurise it Arvind Kejriwal
06:01:30a DNA special Army livid with actor Mohanlal playing army man in ads
06:01:35a The rise of the Wikimedians
06:01:42a Guj IPS officers back Sanjeev Bhatt; Big fight for Modi?
06:01:56a Survey uncovers bulls on Wall Street
06:02:02a Tacoma wins, for a change, as car show departs Kirkland; survey gauges business climate
06:02:33a Brevard principal leaving to help Arab educators
06:03:08a Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Haifa, Ramle and Eilat Israel's most violent cities
06:03:22a Coming to terms Pro forma, municipal bonds
06:03:51a State reneges on proposal for Indian burial site
06:04:02a Investors like muni funds
06:04:08a Koch Industries has pattern of violating ethics, environmental laws
06:04:18a Beware of credit-repair services
06:04:23a Scott Burns A voice of reason and optimism
06:04:29a Koch Industries flouted law with secret Iran sales
06:04:34a Balanced Toreros dominate Valparaiso
06:04:49a Trade deal with South Korea shores up exports
06:05:04a Chuck Jaffe Why it's time to boot Fairholme
06:05:43a Pak arrests Qaida suspects on CIA request, stops demanding end to US drone attacks
06:06:18a Mobile phone Weapon against global poverty
06:07:08a Afghanistan seeks Pak's help in stalled peace process while bashing it over terror links
06:09:05a China grapples with revolutionary past, 100 years on
06:09:13a Denmark's Max Bank transferred into state hands
06:09:36a Avs retire Peter Forsberg's jersey
06:10:31a Rangers down Tigers in rain-hit MLB series opener
06:10:38a Oklahoma education news briefs
06:11:07a As China Republic turns 100, centenarians look back
06:11:23a Lievremont proud of stunning French recovery
06:11:34a SPC MD 2240
06:11:43a Sam Yeboah Ends Genk Contract
06:11:59a Hong Kong stocks drop 3.91 pct on trading
06:12:14a Presbyterian Church ordains openly gay minister
06:12:34a Editing in films should be invisible Deepa Bhatia
06:13:01a Beijing believes it is heir to Sun Yat-sen's legacy
06:13:06a Merkel, Sarkozy finding common ground on Greek debt
06:13:14a Wuchang Uprising in 1911 led to the establishment of the Republic of China
06:13:25a Why South Africa Failed in Cup of Nations Bid
06:13:38a Libya New Govt Forces Launch Final Assault on Sirte
06:14:00a Chinese exporters hurting as EU crisis deepens
06:14:22a Holder hits bottom keeps digging
06:14:30a Brown signs CA DREAM Act
06:14:50a Hearts Keep Faith With Vucicevic
06:15:00a Bringing to India the other Hollywood
06:15:48a Lankan team attack accused gets bail
06:15:57a EU banks ratings slashed
06:16:19a Quadri targets Portuguese title
06:16:40a Rajapaksa advisor among 4 killed in Sri Lanka's violence-marred elections
06:16:46a Portugal defeated Iceland 5-3 European qualifying
06:16:52a SA toddler contracts meningococcal disease
06:16:59a Gunwalker Punch-Drunk Eric Holder Swings Back at Critics, Hits Self
06:17:11a Mental health stigma 'human rights issue'
06:17:28a ‘We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion
06:17:33a Poland votes in general election
06:19:09a Kenya Nation Says Farewell to Nobel Laureate Maathai
06:19:39a UPFA wins but UNP gets Colombo
06:19:51a Four dead in Colombo election violence
06:19:57a EUs Reding announces optional EU sales law plan at Lisbon Councils 2011 Innovation Summit
06:21:12a U.S. seeks to redraw Iraq training plan Washington Post World
06:21:53a Iraq, siding with Iran, sends essential aid to Syria's Assad Iran Focus
06:22:19a Iraq Army To Delay Pullout From Cities Radio Free Europe
06:23:31a Wikileaks Cables May Imperil Baghdad Jews Newser
06:23:37a Iraq army delays pullout from cities over security USA TODAY International
06:23:43a The Irishman running the big bank in wartorn Iraq Business
06:23:48a Police investigating shooting in north Portland
06:24:40a Iraq army delays pullout from cities over security Miami Herald International
06:25:45a Polish PM's party expected to win Sunday election
06:26:37a Sympathy for an Assassin The Worrisome Protests in Pakistan
06:27:15a Woman charged with hurting young children
06:27:55a Australia lead 8-3 at half-time
06:28:29a Police investigate apparent murder-suicide in Washington Co.
06:28:35a Guinea/Nigeria Syli Nationale Go Through With Nigeria Draw
06:28:40a China's Venice of the East
06:28:53a 'Turkey made strategic mistake by agreeing to host NATO shield'
06:29:11a IAEA team observes Japan's nuclear cleanup as Fukushima begins thyroid survey of children
06:29:16a Georgia Says It's Ready to Block Russia W.T.O Bid
06:29:25a Zambia/Libya Chipolopolo Seal Ticket With Libya Stalemate
06:29:41a Korea's auto imports from EU up 30 pct since FTA deal took effect
06:30:13a Yemeni Soldier Killed, Seven Injured in Bomb Attack in Eden
06:30:22a Yemen Identifies Al-Qaeda Suicide Bomber in Attack on Defense Minster Convoy
06:30:28a Tunisia/Togo Carthage Eagles Beat Togo to Book Place
06:30:33a Panetta Eyes End of Libyan Operation During First NATO...
06:30:39a Kaipara Harbour project to continue despite funding loss
06:30:45a Iraq Article 140 Did Not Stipulate Joining Kirkuk to Kurdistan, Says Turkmen Front
06:30:51a Ghana/Sudan Black Stars Qualify in Grand Style
06:30:56a US Scrambles to Redraw Iraq Training Plan
06:31:02a BRIKING NEWS 10 insurgents, 2 NATO and 1 police man kill in Afghanistan.
06:31:08a Fellow Blogger Needs Help
06:31:14a Vietnamese have strong presence in Oklahoma City's Asian District
06:31:20a 13 Tibetan protesters detained in Indian capital
06:31:26a Eight injured in two Philippine blasts
06:31:31a Air and Space Museum Closes After Guards Clash With Antiwar Protesters
06:31:37a Over 100 dead after Philippine typhoons
06:31:43a Stars play for charity, dispute threatens NBA season
06:31:49a Syria Determined to Go on With Reform Defense Minister
06:31:54a IAEA team in Japan
06:32:00a Twelve dead in China construction site accident
06:32:06a Nine Officers Killed by Armed Groups in Central Syria Report
06:32:12a Banks dash to deal with volatility
06:32:17a Angola/Guinea Bissau Palancas Negras Sink Guinea Bissau to Qualify
06:32:23a RugbyU Australia lead South Africa 8-3 at half-time
06:32:29a Tourism a big earner at 5pc of GDP
06:32:34a Tander wins third Bathurst crown
06:32:40a Turkeys NATO missile shield, Syria stand anger Tehran
06:33:03a Iraq, Siding With Iran, Sends 'Lifeline to Assad'
06:33:08a Pakistan Forces Kill Four Terrorists in Swat
06:33:14a Oklahoma City exhibit featuring Vietnam War-era graffiti opens Oct. 13
06:33:19a Ron Paul War Undermines Family
06:33:25a Pakistan Human Rights Commission Asks Political Parties to Disband Private Militias
06:33:30a Traverso's lowers curtain on era of family grocery
06:33:36a The Long Road Ahead for Palestine's Statehood Aspiration
06:33:51a Oklahomans killed during the Vietnam War.
06:34:18a Nation Wide Protest Comes To The Islands
06:34:30a If US Leaves Vacuum in Iraq, Disliked Iran May Not Fill It
06:35:01a Mystery Of Amelia Earheart Comes To Life At Pearl Harbor
06:35:33a Nation Media Seeks Shares in Citizen Newspaper
06:36:11a Would you want the right to live in HK Nope!
06:37:05a Reddy bros upset with police for not alerting CBI's arrival
06:38:45a Aussie 'star witness' in US net poker case
06:39:12a Slattery closes in on Madrid golf title
06:39:17a Dog rescued by officers out of surgery
06:39:23a Crisis in the Horn of Africa Rethinking the humanitarian response UN UNICEF
06:39:29a Time with the Oncology Nutritionist Better Bone Health Through Food and Physical Activity
06:39:34a Turkey Moves to Directly Support Syrian Opposition Payvand Iran News
06:39:40a Legislature still using gimmicks to balance Texas budget
06:39:46a Tehran ready to enter serious nuclear talks Iran's UN Envoy Payvand Iran News
06:39:52a Marine veteran is free to tell the story of America's nuclear test subjects
06:40:04a Rangers fans reveling in October baseball
06:40:10a Australia's Alexander wins third Hawaiian Ironman
06:40:34a Arlington seeks rail safety improvements after Union Pacific crash
06:41:01a Myanmar sets scene for opposition party comeback
06:41:32a Family Of Cupertino Quarry Shooter Expresses Condolences
06:41:37a Brown Signs ‘Dream Act’ Allowing Illegal Immigrant Students To Get Financial Aid
06:41:45a Many Oakland Services Closed Monday In Effort To Balance Budget Deficit
06:41:57a Nut oils expand Americans' culinary vision
06:42:25a Woods Posts Another 68, But Middle Of The Pack At Open
06:43:04a Kenyan wins men's 10k plum in 3rd Gullas Run
06:43:10a Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalized again
06:43:24a 71 CWG-related works under CVC scanner for alleged graft
06:43:29a Former KPIX-TV Reporter Rollin Post Dies At 81
06:43:43a World Bank demands more leadership in Europe from Germany
06:43:54a Andrew promises 'robust review'
06:44:42a Davis Remembered As Fiesty AFL Leader During NFL Merger
06:45:05a Protesters break into Syrian embassy in Berlin
06:45:15a Illegal Cuban migration, after years of decline, is up again
06:45:22a Al Davis’ Imprint On NFL Indelible
06:45:38a 2 San Jose Shootings Leave 1 Dead, 1 Hurt, 1 Suspect Behind Bars
06:45:43a Pakistan-born author tells Punjab partition story
06:45:49a Burma sets scene for opposition party comeback
06:45:54a At Tribute in Wales, Michael Jackson as Commodity
06:46:00a Rare ducks doing well in Scotland
06:46:05a Nearly Half of Americans Receiving Gov't Benefits
06:46:40a September marks 16-month nadir for mainland bourses
06:46:50a Occupy Austin continues into third day at City Hall
06:47:09a Two charged after 'burglar' shot
06:47:16a span style='color#CC0000'emOut in the Garden /em/spanWatering your trees
06:47:28a span style='color#CC0000'emGoing Green /em/spanPreparing a server for oil
06:47:33a A memorable homecoming to roots for Indian PIOs
06:47:39a PM demands 10 provinces to submit comprehensive flood measures by 6 pm
06:47:45a Camden County considering inmate firefighter program
06:48:15a 'Like nation, Indian fashion proceeding at breakneck speed'
06:48:23a Alexander in history-making triathlon win
06:48:34a Thousands rally to urge Saleh's resignation
06:48:57a Chinook helicopters given OK to fly
06:49:03a Herman Cain, latest Republican to stump in Va., rallies social conservatives at
06:49:09a Obama Asks Americans to Push Jobs Bill
06:49:37a HK sees PMI hit 28-month low
06:49:43a Roar quietly pick up where they left off
06:50:10a Saudi cuts oil output in September
06:50:15a 104 Kloter Sudah Mendarat di Arab Saudi
06:50:52a Aimless Obama walks alone
06:51:13a George Prescott Bush to talk about building a business
06:51:18a Woody Allen wants Mrs Obama for his movie
06:51:24a Shiite Uprising Widening in Saudi Arabia
06:51:29a Pak cooperation 'extremely important' to US security White House
06:51:35a Probe into fatal
06:51:40a Bangladeshis are beheaded over murder
06:51:46a PREVIEW Do or die for Scotland away to Spain
06:51:52a Obama calls for jobs bill passage
06:52:00a President Obama Doesn't Deserve the Knock from Wall Street O
06:52:05a -Saudi Embassy's Delegation Visits Pilgrims' City in Islamabad
06:52:16a U.S. Senate apologizes for discriminating laws targeting Chinese
06:52:21a Saudi Arabia completes quake rehab projects
06:52:27a Lee to visit Detroit together with Obama
06:52:48a Counting down the Huskies No. 10 Martin Breunig
06:52:53a Neuheisel gets best of Cougars again
06:53:21a GOP rivals drop behind Obama in N.C. poll
06:53:26a ANC continues its Chinese love affair
06:53:40a Steven Pearlstein Obama can learn from the Occupy Wall Street movement
06:54:22a Notes from the couch
06:54:34a Sometimes good bye is the kindest gesture
06:55:02a Pb Elemental fits otherworldly house on odd Seattle lot
06:55:26a China's Hu urges unification with rival Taiwan
06:55:31a Columbus Day with our children
06:55:37a Quick hits Men's quals UKR, ROU, SUI, EGY, TRI, LUX, IND, GEO, QAT
06:55:42a Signs Pa
06:55:55a UAW, Chrysler resume talks today after late night session
06:56:09a 12 dead in China construction site accident
06:56:14a Sri Lanka president's party wins local polls
06:56:35a 'Saturday Night Live' Ben Stiller and the return of Derek Zoolander
06:56:40a Read “Full Mortality” by Sasscer Hill
06:56:46a FACTBOX-Security developments in Pakistan, Oct 9
06:56:55a Tourism, hotel industry slumps an issue in Williamsburg
06:57:11a Cougars' Horton picks a great time for pick
06:57:16a Holland, Bickford running for Chesterfield's Dale seat
06:57:22a How to take your marriage from mediocre to great
06:57:29a Suck Month #23
06:57:47a Mic Martin rips BCC 'Stop f***ing about with this kids dog!'
06:58:01a Miss China 2011 Luo Zilin fashion pictures
06:58:07a Will the Taj collapse in five years
06:58:12a FACTBOX-Security developments in Afghanistan, Oct 9
06:58:18a Some days in the Beatles lives Oct. 9 It's Johnny's birthday
06:58:25a 'X Factor' stars Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, JLS
06:58:37a 'Like nation, Indian fashion proceeding at breakneck speed'
06:58:51a Hurricane Jova is forecast to strike Mexico at about 0000 GMT on 12 October.
06:59:01a A 'watershed' project for uplift of villagers
06:59:07a Orange Dog Bar and Grill raises awareness for homeless animals
06:59:12a Bones discovered in Rotterdam Junction
06:59:29a India to build world's largest fridge to house fusion reactor
06:59:35a Mumbai is running out of Irani chai
07:00:01a Johny Lever The missing comic in Hindi films
07:00:22a Donna Terek Unexpected beer garden pops up in Detroit's West Village
07:00:52a China's Hu calls for reunification with Taiwan
07:01:53a Step forward Pakistani women, exhorts daily
07:02:16a Two men injured in shooting incidents
07:02:32a George Harrison The fabbest of the four and his India connection
07:02:42a A design tribute to Steve Jobs at WIFW
07:02:48a Blizzard, Malinga shine as Mumbai through to final
07:03:01a Two blasts hit southern Philippines
07:03:08a Stevanovic Hails Black Stars Performance
07:03:37a Sprint ending sales of Clearwire devices
07:04:30a Business calendar Plan your week
07:05:03a Menachem Zivotofsky Case Before Supreme Court Sidebar
07:05:12a WWII veterans return to a hero's welcome after Great River Honor Flight
07:05:17a Black Stars Clinch Finals Spot
07:05:23a China marks century-old revolution amid controversy
07:05:37a Central African Republic Cholera Epidemic Hits Country
07:05:56a France French Socialists to choose presidential candidate
07:06:02a Before a Diplomatic Showdown, a Budget Crisis Saps Palestinians' Confidence
07:06:07a 'Secret US memo laid out justification for Awlaki hit'
07:06:12a Death toll rises to 12 in NE China construction site cave-in
07:06:24a Pockets of creativity turn into big selling point
07:06:30a CAMEROON Cameroon to vote in presidential elections
07:06:50a China's Hu calls for reunification with Taiwan
07:06:56a Israel Moves to Quell Sit-In Rallies for Affordable Housing
07:07:02a Computer virus infects drone plane command centre in US
07:07:36a Security Council Debate Offers Preview of Palestinian Bid
07:08:20a Investing Few places to hide as bear growls
07:08:36a A Strike Against Free Speech
07:08:47a Regulators to unveil complaint procedure for foreclosure cases
07:08:53a Buyer takes a shining to Jack Nicholson home
07:08:58a Boston Beer shares down 24% but still a 'hold'
07:09:06a Unconventional opening for Euro 2012 stadium
07:09:22a Israeli and Palestinian Women Take a Rare Trip to the Beach
07:09:43a Occupy Wall Street major protest against minority rule
07:09:59a `Hostile overseas elements hampering Karachi peace'
07:10:07a At 64, is it too late to go back to school?
07:10:30a European crisis tests investors' 'go global' strategy
07:10:46a Check your lease to see if automatic renewal is legitimate
07:10:52a Homeowner associations are not required to create reserve accounts
07:11:23a Eat your veggies to reduce cancer risk
07:11:29a Business Spotlight Rich Sullivan Photography
07:11:50a Book review Getting wise to tricks of consumer goods marketers
07:11:55a Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Munda
07:12:01a Dillard's presence will be a first for Canton Flea Market
07:12:07a Brevard brewer taps into Cape Canaveral
07:12:13a Grant encourages healthy habits
07:12:18a How I Made It Alfred Mann, entrepreneur and philanthropist
07:12:29a A look at wealth on wheels
07:13:00a Habitat for Humanity recognizes Winter's contributions
07:13:05a It's Gwen vs Cele
07:13:21a New Zealand authorites tackle oil slick
07:13:27a HPB launches mental health kit for the elderly
07:13:33a Victor Sylver is Sierra Leone's version of the Nazi hate editor Julius Streicher
07:13:39a Dirk's Sunday Forecast
07:13:49a German-Franco summit on eurozone crisis
07:14:12a Sex ed called right step
07:14:19a Suit says defective stove started fatal fire
07:14:25a Weighing Personhood Initiative's effects could be profound
07:14:33a Wallabies scrape into semi-final with 11-9 win
07:14:39a Peters, figure in judicial scandals, not pursued
07:14:44a Australia backs legal power to stop whaling
07:14:54a Players exceeds its own record for charitable giving again
07:15:00a China's Yi Jianlian to come home amid NBA lockout
07:15:06a 2 blasts wound at least 8 in southern Philippines
07:15:12a NZealand PM demands oil slick answers
07:15:17a Rape conviction stuns family, ends U.S. Naval Academy studies
07:15:23a RugbyU World Cup Australia 11 South Africa 9
07:15:28a Thousands gather in Auckland fanzones
07:15:34a Status Update 'Facebook Pals Saved My Life'
07:15:40a Flu-ridden Mills makes strong NBL debut
07:15:52a China's Hu seeks reunification with Taiwan
07:16:08a Amnesty slams 'shocking' Indigenous conditions
07:16:14a Volunteers will raise melanoma awareness at the Jaguars game
07:16:26a Championship shows off muscles and tans
07:16:56a Nestlé Purina Aims Commercial At Dogs
07:17:11a 'Dictionary of Men' Men defined by type
07:17:17a Mayor Brown joins Black Expo
07:17:27a Shots fired at car on Emerson St. overnight; 2 hurt
07:17:46a Scots-Irish tunnel 'a surprise'
07:18:00a RugbyU Australia beat South Africa in World Cup quarter-final
07:18:23a Kyrgyz snipers kill man who hijacked passenger minibus
07:18:42a Quickly, Oct. 9
07:18:54a Tander claims thrilling third Bathurst win
07:19:05a Keselowski cruises to Kansas Lottery win
07:19:48a Veterans In Need 'Stand Down' Saturday
07:20:16a Bahrain's telecom sector is behind compared to region Batelco
07:20:36a Worthington returns to Russia
07:20:53a T OR C COLD CASE
07:20:58a Former Chinese coal boss gets life in jail for graft
07:21:04a Predator Drone 'Virus' Could Be Military's Own Monitoring
07:21:09a Bahrain's telecom operators lag behind Gulf rivals in 4G service
07:21:23a Hunter may have shot bear
07:22:08a Maryland, Germany, Italy Speed Cameras Swiped, Blasted, Spraypainted
07:22:39a Metabolic syndrome Increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes
07:22:46a Breast reduction surgery
07:23:04a 'Virtual touch' tested in monkeys
07:23:17a Golf-Improving Tiger moves into contention before slipping back
07:23:32a The Animal Endocrine Clinic Successfully Kicks Off Its Lecture Series in NYC
07:23:37a South Sudan Defense Minister Makes First Official Visit to Warrap
07:23:43a Sohrabuddin case Four police officials suspended in Gujarat
07:24:10a Yemen's Saleh talks of step-down
07:24:21a Reconnecting with family and friends after cancer treatment
07:24:26a This Isnt ‘Lending — It's More Like Looting
07:24:32a Race and fashion Still an issue?
07:24:41a Fresh Data Indicates HCG Diet Program Has More Advantages Than Merely Long Lasting Weightloss
07:24:49a Entire Bulgaria under Code Yellow over Downpours
07:24:57a Bloomfield's Columbus Day parade celebrates cultural roots
07:25:17a Vasculitis Blood vessel inflammation takes many forms
07:25:23a folks turn in teens
07:25:28a Ten-year captive's book details her 'unimaginable ordeal'
07:25:34a Acme student engineers unusual summer vacation
07:25:40a Mon Valley Hospital lecture series continues
07:25:45a Highmark, UPMC uncertainty adds to patients' woes
07:25:50a University of Pittsburgh finds grass greener on the ACC side
07:25:56a Lottery prize scam costs woman
07:26:02a Ethiopia Pushes Vision to Be Region's Power Hub
07:26:08a Retired miner gets spot in National Coal Mine Hall of Fame
07:26:14a Iraq sides with Iran, not U.S., on Syria's Assad
07:26:19a A vote for our factories
07:26:25a Apollo Council wants town's fire departments to consider merger
07:26:30a Rotarian Ted Shaffer 'embraced humanity' in travels
07:26:36a Self-taught Bedford basket-weaver puts wares on exhibit in law library
07:26:41a Bosses making more demands of workers after hours
07:26:47a Americas to become mecca of world's energy
07:26:53a A journey into visibility
07:26:59a Police Man found under truck in Fineview died of natural causes
07:27:04a Brownsville's Shashura eyes PIAA tennis gold
07:27:10a Beauty rises from the ashes at Flight 93 rose garden
07:27:16a Occupy Wall Street could turn into left's tea party
07:27:21a Independents drive strategy
07:27:27a Preski plea AG probe's latest success
07:27:32a Announcement carries weight
07:27:38a 246 + 2013 = Luke win?
07:27:43a 'I Speak For Myself' American women on being Muslim
07:27:49a Offices closed for Columbus Day
07:27:55a Prudent GOP flip-flops
07:28:01a Protest wasted on Wall Street
07:28:06a Social websites replace water cooler chatter
07:28:12a Saks, Santorum & Murphy
07:28:17a Occupy Philly protesters march to Liberty Bell
07:28:23a Little found in hunt for Ross woman missing since Sept. 26
07:28:28a US stocks futures fall before september jobs report
07:28:34a Cancer screening, luncheon offered at Mon Valley hospital
07:28:39a CIA, special ops first in, last out of war
07:28:45a Greek ''troika'' inspectors warns bailout could fail
07:28:51a Volume-based UPMC, West Penn look into performance models
07:28:57a Cleaning work to slow overnight traffic in Fort Pitt Tunnel
07:29:03a First Aid for the Ailing House Proper roof installation averts ice dams
07:29:08a Gastric bypass diet What to eat after the surgery
07:29:14a UPDATE 1-Golf-Baird two ahead of Els and Casey at CordeValle
07:29:19a Newsmaker Jeffry Madura
07:29:25a Protesters fear gas drilling at Butler County farm will spoil milk
07:29:30a Verdi's 'La Traviata' draws from a true courtesan's tale
07:29:36a CD reviews Pianists show strengths of play, writing
07:29:42a Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 World changer
07:29:48a EU- Leaders meet on crunch weekend for European banking
07:29:54a Europe shares halt rally ahead of US jobs data
07:30:00a Afghans seek Pakistan's help in peace talks
07:30:05a Bold colors Homeowners bored with 'neutrality' in painting walls
07:30:11a Pakistan's CB reduces key rate by 150 basis pts
07:30:16a More anti Wall Street protests
07:30:21a Tribune-Review earns state, national awards
07:30:27a Modern meltdown Grilled cheese is in again
07:30:32a Feds to invest in high-tech ID scanners for airports
07:30:38a Road Trip! Destination Finger Lakes region, N.Y.
07:30:44a Philippine shares rise 3% on European Central Bank move
07:30:49a Strong-armed QB among Cal U inductees
07:30:55a Video Talking Albert\'s Future
07:31:00a Fire Prevention Day events scheduled
07:31:06a Arpino Trattoria offers taste and look of Italy
07:31:11a Reality TV producers mine Pittsburgh region for relatable personalities
07:31:17a Video Occupy Wall Street movement hits Hawaii
07:31:23a Battle heats up over appeals in Pennsylvania capital cases
07:31:28a Video Cessna pilot who ditched plane off Hilo tired flight before
07:31:34a Tear gas? Woof! It is Sausage the Athens riot dog
07:31:40a Asian Central Banks decisions were center of attention
07:31:45a Stephenson juggles host of characters in a collection of worlds in 'Reamde'
07:31:51a Pitt set to honor another Mon Valley native
07:31:56a Chinese pressured to allow yuan's rise
07:32:02a A century after Chinese uprising, corruption endures
07:32:21a Briefs National Cathedral to open in November after fixes
07:32:26a Subverting the Electoral College
07:33:24a Libyans Claim Gains in Assault on Qaddafi's Hometown
07:33:44a Japan- Deputy Premier Visits Chubu Power Corporation
07:33:52a Oil shale tops agenda of Jordan energy summit
07:33:57a Libya's NOC pursues USD6b in unpaid oil bills
07:34:03a Qatar- Energy Minister Holds High-Level Meetings in Japan
07:34:31a Nigeria/Guinea Super Eagles Fans React With Disbelief to Defeat
07:34:46a Nigeria Confusion As NLC, Airtel War Over Dismissed Staff
07:34:56a Oman to boost oil output at Sohar refinery by 50%
07:35:03a Nigeria South-South Plans Summit to Tackle Education Decline
07:35:09a Footage adds to pressure on UK minister
07:35:28a US small business employment declines fourth time
07:35:59a Nigeria Confessions of an Over Speeding Driver
07:36:05a GISFemployees threaten stir for not being included in pay hike
07:36:10a Qatar's Laffan condensate refinery resumes operations
07:36:28a Reports Iglesia ni Cristo buys town in South Dakota
07:36:34a Diminished clout
07:36:40a Nigeria Encouraging Business Growth Through Non-Interest Banking
07:36:45a Nigeria 'I Returned to Country to Create a Musical Legacy'
07:36:51a Qatargas Laffan Condensate Refinery Restarted
07:36:56a Qatar- HE Qatar's Minister oF Enegry & Industry, holds Meetings
07:37:02a Qatar Crude Prices for September
07:37:08a At Least Eight Injured in Philippines Blast
07:37:13a Jordan- Engicon holds annual luncheon
07:37:23a Video Reward Set for Father of 7's Killer
07:37:32a Delegation from International Road Transport Union concludes visit to Jordan
07:37:38a Saudi- Sudan agree to expand scope of Minerals exploitation in Red Sea
07:37:43a Nigeria Before the Removal of Fuel Subsidies
07:37:49a Communist spokesman Ka Roger Rosal dies CPP
07:37:55a Despite bearish outlook, Ahmedabad financial advisors optimistic
07:38:01a Rebels Note Progress in Gaddafi Hometown
07:38:07a Nigeria Governors Are Making a Mistake
07:38:12a NPA rebels release town mayor, 2 military escorts
07:38:18a Jackson children ensure tribute success
07:38:23a Nigeria Mr President, Don't Let Us Down
07:38:29a Russia, China Veto UN security council resolution condemning Syria
07:38:35a South Africa Soccer Team Celebrates, but Misses African Cup
07:38:41a A glance at main parties in Poland's elections
07:38:46a McCartney to wed in low-key style
07:38:52a Wednesday's Frankfurt Renewable Energy Stocks Trading
07:38:58a Nigeria EFCC No Plea Bargain for Ex-Governors
07:39:03a Europe protesters target Syria regime
07:39:09a France Knock England Out
07:39:15a There's something crooked at Westminster
07:39:32a Death in the City of Light
07:39:56a Honduras 0 United States 1
07:40:03a Cops raid 'fake' presidential office in QC
07:40:17a Belgian feuding parties strike deal
07:40:22a Cyclists in Etape Cymru challenge
07:40:28a Obama energy loan in fresh doubt
07:40:33a Palace No need for personal apology from US envoy
07:40:39a Leaders meet for European banking on crunch weekend
07:40:44a Vocational jobs turn snazzy, now get one right out of school
07:40:50a IRELAND'S Early matches cost PUB TRADE €100m
07:40:55a Chronicle recommends in Nov. 8 election
07:41:01a Jordan- Retired servicemen and veterans to transform ESARSV into a holding firm
07:41:07a Suspect Says He Is The Victim Of Police Brutality
07:41:12a Intelligence chiefs warn of planned attacks by 200 UK-based suicide bombers
07:41:18a Euro zone stresses back in the spotlight after Fitch's downgrades – BBH
07:41:24a Business groups fighting for law
07:41:29a Wales prepare for next step on 'dream journey'
07:41:35a Students, Volunteers Work in Grave Yard at Historic Bella Vista Cemetery
07:41:41a Aussie's 3rd title in triathlon
07:41:47a UAE- Children take to iClass with glee
07:41:52a Aussie 'star witness' in US net poker case
07:41:58a Wall Street protests spread over U.S.
07:42:04a Iraq signals support of Assad
07:42:09a Virus infects computers guiding drones
07:42:15a 'The Simpsons' safe for two more seasons after pay dispute deal
07:42:21a South Africa 9-8 Australia
07:42:27a Australian Craig Alexander wins Ironman World Championship in record time
07:42:32a State looking for change agents
07:42:38a Myanmar savors new hope
07:42:44a Brownsville art museum opens show featuring illustrator
07:42:49a Health insurance premiums to increase, but not as fast
07:42:55a Tree climbers and flying dogs at Shawnee's Timber Fest
07:43:00a Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Held in Cardiff, Wales
07:43:06a Charges in 5 Laurel slayings
07:43:12a London Mayor on 2-day Mumbai visit from Oct 11
07:43:18a Photos of Philly-area girl's murder scene sought in trial
07:43:23a Luzerne County man convicted of 3rd-degree murder in stabbing
07:43:29a UK- FTSE pushes higher supported by strong miners
07:43:35a iPhone thief in New York captured after phone photographs him
07:43:40a Yemen chief reiterates willingness to resign
07:43:46a Ex-UK PM Blair could face parliamentary probe over secret meetings with Gaddafi
07:43:51a How much pain can one woman take
07:43:57a PM criticised over midwife numbers
07:44:02a Sam Malone gets a spirited welcome at one of the UK's most haunted houses
07:44:07a European banks need says Ireland
07:44:13a 'Goodfellas' star Sorvino hit by car while hailing cab in NYC
07:44:18a Middle Smithfield supervisor logs surprising amount of time at two jobs
07:44:24a 21 arrested in Stroudsburgs during Drug Task Force patrol
07:44:29a California reform hits 100-year mark
07:44:35a Frankly Speaking Blaming corporations is killing the golden goose
07:44:41a US Coast Guard rescues pilot forced to ditch off Hawaii
07:44:47a MIDEAST STOCKS Factors to watch Oct 9
07:44:52a Heroic Wallabies
07:44:58a Performance artist to give birth in New York gallery
07:45:03a Special ops, CIA first in, last out
07:45:09a Fox Hits Back As 'Adviser' Row Deepens
07:45:14a Woman charged over boyfriend stabbing
07:45:20a John Kelly Planning for a 'new' KSC
07:45:25a Readers weigh in on ads in their world
07:45:31a After thrashing India, five England cricketers in line for IPL megabucks
07:45:36a Libyans claim gains in Sirte
07:45:42a Ohioan tries to win space shuttle for state
07:45:48a NCPCR raid ‘yields’ 12 child labourers on cotton farms
07:45:53a Nine-man rescue team frees moose from New Hampshire pool
07:45:59a Monroe Hispanic community teams up with Dems
07:46:05a Ohio pumpkins in demand but prices may not jump
07:46:10a Stars seek Perth moves in AFL trade week
07:46:16a Saudi's KAUST, University of Toronto ink deal
07:46:22a Clubs back down after blunder
07:46:27a The answer to a popcorn lover's prayers
07:46:33a Nervy markets put 23% haircut on Italian bonds
07:46:39a Volatile trading is just noise
07:46:45a SC to hear Kasab's plea tomorrow
07:46:56a 50 Cent charms his Jakarta fans – Jakarta Post
07:47:01a Fears rise in NZ over stricken oil tanker
07:47:07a Point Hope, environmentalist group appeal Shell drilling
07:47:12a 'Secret US memo laid out justification for Awlaki hit'
07:47:18a Al Davis, Maverick Owner of NFL's Oakland Raiders, Dies at 82
07:47:42a High seas fish pirates a challenge for global enforcers
07:47:47a Guj IPS association passes resolution supporting Bhatt
07:47:53a Governor's Mansion work taking longer than expected
07:48:11a Dalai Lama hits out at China, says it is built on lies
07:48:20a Plan under way to pump fuel off stranded ship
07:48:25a In beauty pageants, salons, musicals, and soon a movie, transgenders at home in Manipur
07:48:31a Columbus Day closures
07:48:36a Katmai seeks comments for proposed fee increases
07:48:41a Alyeska settles with feds over Slope oil leak
07:48:47a Carlsbad game maker seeks path in mobile market
07:48:52a US Aug total borrowing down to USD9.5b
07:48:58a Crab fisherman rescued from raft after boat sinks
07:49:04a Soharabuddin case witness escapes from police custody, held again
07:49:09a Poles to vote in parliamentary elections
07:49:15a Sylvester Daniel nabbed from Ajmer after escape
07:49:21a Steve's job was to shock and awe
07:49:26a Deputy Foreign Minister Ebun Jusu attends UNGA Committee Debates
07:49:31a Hurricane Jova forms in Pacific, heading for Mexico
07:49:37a Sarkozy and IMF chief discuss EU debt crisis
07:49:43a Woman dies day after car strikes dump truck
07:49:48a FAA investigates close call between Cessna, giant C-17
07:49:53a Trial date set in Miller suit against North Star Borough
07:49:59a Riverdance boss eyes €20m profit
07:50:04a Sure, just give me 2, right behind the plate
07:50:10a Mayhem calls, Allstate cuts
07:50:16a Rising Food Price Agriculture Still Neglected
07:50:21a Occupy Sacramento Protest Continues
07:50:27a Successful management helps Beijing avoid dry taps
07:50:33a Justice MB Shah begins probe into graft charges
07:50:51a ABC blows the wind of positive attitude on LUCs of East End Region Freetown
07:50:57a China aims to use labor force better
07:51:02a China for unification with Taiwan through peaceful means to achieve rejuvenation
07:51:08a A watershed project for uplift of villagers
07:51:14a Chinese mobile app lets you look up characters anywhere
07:51:20a South China braces for strong tropical storm Nalgae
07:51:25a Defeating Islamism at Home
07:51:30a Gujarat's Indian Police Service Association passes resolution in favour of anti-Modi cop
07:51:36a 'The Walking Dead' Returns for Much-Anticipated Season 2
07:51:41a Whoooo's that? Live birds are stars at Fairbanks Owlpalooza
07:51:47a Honor the Framers' Electoral College vision
07:51:56a Dalai Lama slams China's 'hypocritical communist system'
07:52:01a Italian Viviani wins thrilling sprint finish in Tour of Beijing 4th stage
07:52:07a Tibetan Monks Resort to Self-Immolation to Protest Chinese Rule
07:52:12a Prachanda's father passes away
07:52:18a Israel's Jewish Character Is Her Truth; the Rest Is Just Commentary
07:52:23a ‘The Sun-Beaten Path’ Awarded at VIFF
07:52:32a Video Brewers Pitcher Call Carpenter \'Phony\'
07:52:38a Qatari Diar Hands Over First Building in Khartoum Development
07:52:44a 'Serious questions' over NZ spill
07:52:49a Hanauma Bay Closure Scheduled
07:52:55a Palestinians want Blair replaced as Middle East envoy
07:53:00a Qatar Airways to place multi-billion-dollar aircraft order in Nov
07:53:06a New local marathon talent emerges
07:53:12a China's ex-president Jiang makes public appearance
07:53:22a Saudi- Indian delegation explores defense ties with Kingdom
07:53:28a `Hostile overseas elements hampering Karachi peace
07:53:34a Sri Lanka president's party wins local polls
07:53:39a The Steve Jobs factor
07:53:45a Progressive writer Kebalpure passes away
07:53:50a Bringing home your 'dream' car
07:53:56a Qatar- QFC Regulatory Authority, Japan Financial Services Agency Sign Letters of Exchange
07:54:02a The Killing of al-Awlaki and the Death of the Fifth Amendment
07:54:08a Natural and Artificial Camaraderie
07:54:14a A glance at main parties in Poland's elections
07:54:20a Qatar- Two Stock Companies Declare Their Interim Financial Statements
07:54:25a Fiduciary irresponsibility
07:54:31a Qatar- Minister of Municipality Opens INFDEX 2011
07:54:37a 'Moneyball,' 'Ides of March' Contain Inside Information
07:54:43a Vote Komodo for NTT development, Kalla says
07:54:48a When 'Tiger' Chee meets HM
07:54:54a Climate talks progress despite tiff
07:55:00a Forrest guides Qld to 7-269 v Vic
07:55:05a Facelift for 2 Seria schools
07:55:11a Armed group enters Tunisia university over veil ban
07:55:17a Shrinking psychiatrists
07:55:22a Three vying to be Huntington mayor
07:55:28a PM to pay tribute to Prachanda's father
07:55:33a Garrett mayor hopefuls tout time in City Hall
07:55:39a FINAL Philadelphia Union 2, Sounders FC 0, live chat
07:55:45a Vettel wraps up F1 title at Japanese GP
07:55:50a Putin to visit China to cement ties
07:55:56a ICC gives official warning to Sri Lanka over Galle's 'poor quality' pitch
07:56:01a Mandiri named official bank for SEA Games
07:56:07a NSW boy faces many weeks in Bali custody
07:56:12a Danny O'Neil's NFL power rankings
07:56:18a Art abounds in Roanoke
07:56:24a 27 countries to participate in Widjojo Soejono Cup
07:56:29a Nigeria Mutallab Lawyer to Make Opening Statement Tuesday
07:56:35a 50th grand language conference taking place
07:56:41a Qatar- Msheireb Properties Picks Hyatt to Operate 5-Star Hotel
07:56:46a Gun goes off at Parkview; no one injured
07:56:52a HM awards keys to 457 homeowners
07:56:57a NRNs support water tank construction
07:57:03a Sudan PSI South Sudan Donates Six Cars and Computers
07:57:08a A Phuket view of the damage in a nutshell
07:57:14a Sudan UN-AU Envoy in Canada to Seek Support for Peace Efforts in Darfur
07:57:20a Botafogo slip, Coritiba triumph
07:57:25a Some surprises, photo finishes for baseball awards
07:57:30a Uganda Bukenya's Worst Mistakes
07:57:36a Uganda Let the Free Market Work
07:57:41a Nigeria Jonathan's Economic Crew New Team, Old Thinking
07:57:47a Environmental education grants offered
07:57:52a Kenya How New Offices Are Raising Cost of Judicial Reforms
07:57:58a Cougars lament letting ‘one get away’ in 28-25 loss to Bruins
07:58:03a Heart disease still Brunei's No 2 killer
07:58:09a Sudan India Committed to Support South Sudan
07:58:14a Vietnam veteran receives tombstone 42 years later
07:58:20a GOP rivals defend, deflect religion
07:58:25a Nigeria 'How Yar'Adua Economic Team Handled Fuel Subsidy Issue'
07:58:31a ECB rate cut 'will provide €650m boost to economy'
07:58:37a Kenya Top Lawyers Seek Ocampo's Job
07:58:42a Marching band results
07:58:48a Tanzania Chadema Plotting New War Front Over Dowans
07:58:54a ERs overwhelmed in wake of hospital closure
07:58:59a Sultan's surprise call motivates students to do well in examinations
07:59:05a JG taking charities' holiday wish lists
07:59:11a Cash-strapped cities increase water rates, other fees
07:59:16a Preview box for Seahawks at Giants
07:59:22a Fire damages northwest-side garage
07:59:28a UCLA rallies past Washington St. 28-25
07:59:34a Kenya Technocrat or Politician for Governor?
07:59:40a This is Minnesota, not Somalia, so stand up and be grateful
07:59:45a Minister Al-Milaifi admires vital role of teachers
07:59:51a Annual tax sale brings
07:59:57a Nigeria Reps, EFCC At War We're Investigating Reps' 2008 Car Purchase Scam
08:00:03a Occupy' changes meeting place
08:00:08a US unemployment stable at 9.1%
08:00:14a Early voting begins Monday in county
08:00:20a Retired dentist's violent death leaves unanswered questions
08:00:26a Nigeria Akwa Ibom NLC Gives 21 Days to Review of New Minimum Wage Table
08:00:32a Nigeria As EFCC Gets Arrest Warrant Nationwide Manhunt for Ex-Gov
08:00:38a South Africa SAFA Delegation Visits Mahlalela's Grave
08:00:43a Nigeria Insecurity Namadi Sambo Asks Governors to Expose Perpetrators
08:00:49a IPS officers’ association comes out in support of Sanjiv Bhatt
08:00:55a Nigeria 'Reps Will Reject Bill On Prostitution'
08:01:01a Floods threaten to swamp Bangkok
08:01:07a City services a pivotal task for mayors
08:01:12a Nigeria Hell As Floods Cut Off Apapa-Oshodi Expressway
08:01:18a Signs of progress against roadside pollution
08:01:24a Food bank sets sights on supplying, helping more
08:01:30a Canadian coin minted in Switzerland
08:01:36a Meet the best Canadian nonfiction authors at LitFest
08:01:41a DVD Review Jeff Dunham Controlled Chaos
08:01:47a Tanzania Fake Drugs Nightmare
08:01:53a Nigeria Citizens to Stop Use of Generators Soon FG
08:01:58a Tanzania Mwakyembe 'Seriously Ill', May Be Treated Abroad
08:02:04a Bhanwari Devi kidnap reaches Gujarat
08:02:09a Design fault discourages use of BRTS’ cycle tracks Walter Hook
08:02:15a Edgar TKO's Maynard to retain UFC lightweight title
08:02:21a Record rains may ease today, but tornadoes are possible
08:02:26a Indianapolis plaza's availability for Super Bowl uncertain
08:02:32a Driver survey shows heavy cell phone use
08:02:42a UAW workers reject Oshkosh pact for second time
08:02:47a Box score Rangers 3, Tigers 2
08:02:53a Wall Street disturbances provide useful lesson
08:02:58a Guest commentary Bridge legislation built on shaky claims of federal billions
08:03:04a Other Mideast developments Saturday
08:03:09a Carolyn Hax Sex life of 16-year-old pushes Grandma to the edge
08:03:15a On deck for MSU
08:03:20a Petoskey-area spa offers therapy by horse
08:03:26a Travel with the D to Morocco
08:03:31a Letters Right to work Pro jobs, or just anti-unionism?
08:03:37a Baseball roundup Brewers, Cards have beef? 'That is correct'
08:03:42a Break out of your 'Groundhog Day' relationship rut
08:03:48a Last two overs made the difference Harbhajan Singh
08:03:53a 2011 tested Michigan farmers' mettle
08:03:59a St. Joseph Primary wins parish independence quiz
08:04:04a College football roundup Dysert leads Miami past Army
08:04:10a Writing and Reaction The Turn of the Tide
08:04:16a Sunday Supper Cornish hens mean holiday fare without the fuss
08:04:21a Virtuoso pianist played for 9 presidents
08:04:27a 5 questions with apple expert Denise Donohue
08:04:33a Scouting report Brewers vs. Cards
08:04:39a Tirico seeks Detroit's 'sense of place'
08:04:45a Analyst Romney's path on Electoral College map on track
08:04:50a Council candidate pleads not guilty
08:04:56a GM's Dan Akerson 'You have to play to win'
08:05:01a Movie scoreboard 'The Hedgehog,' 'The Ides of March,' 'Real Steel'
08:05:07a Marine master sergeant proud of U.S. work in Iraq, Afghanistan
08:05:13a Distrusted Iran likely won't fill vacuum in Iraq
08:05:18a Harvard Medical School Adviser Capsaicin gets mixed results as an arthritis pain relief
08:05:24a Shortlist for Best Green International Celebrity Award announced
08:05:30a NL Championship Series preview
08:05:35a U-M plays big role in new comedy 'Answer This!'
08:05:41a GBP/USD hammered by Italy, Spain downgrades
08:05:46a Gallery ALCS game 1 Rangers 3 Tigers 2
08:05:52a Mitch Albom Homeless fan still has his hand in the game
08:05:58a Iraq oil exports steady despite bomb attacks
08:06:03a 8 ways to guard your hearing
08:06:08a Fort Knox cartoon for October 09, 2011
08:06:14a Revved up what's hot and what's not in autos
08:06:19a Caregivers must tend to themselves, too
08:06:25a Surgeon's book gets to the heart of metro Detroit's medical history
08:06:31a What stays in Vegas Pimps
08:06:36a Cool travel Web site Travel tips for women
08:06:55a US- RM Auctions Sell World's Oldest Running Car for Million
08:07:02a On the Confucius World Peace Prize being halted
08:07:07a Gabor 'responding to treatment'
08:07:12a World Creole Music Festival
08:07:23a Why Can't Obama Be Like Tito?
08:07:28a Just where in the world is Khadafy
08:07:41a Malaysia asked for more information on nude squat case
08:07:48a South Africa Oral Sex Can Lead to Cancer
08:08:00a Market's link to economy dubious
08:08:06a Ranger to sell around world
08:08:11a Police investigating homicide in Tooele after elderly woman found dead in home
08:08:31a Purchase pink, but know where your money is going
08:08:36a China commemorates centenary of imperial rule's end
08:08:54a Omar speaks to Khurshid over custodial death
08:09:00a GM to invest in ride-sharing company
08:09:06a Phoenix boxing promoter proving herself outside the ring
08:09:12a Sagging wages reflect weak economy
08:09:17a Stephen Henderson Teach a parent to read, and break the cycle of illiteracy
08:09:23a Drunk drivers must fit 'alcolocks' to cars
08:09:29a Map showing the coast of Tauranga off New Zealand's North Island
08:09:35a The silent workings of Zurich Insurance
08:09:40a Phoenix-area real estate collapse echoed troubles
08:09:46a Dalai Lama congratulates Nobel Peace Prize winners
08:09:52a Lake Zurich Parents Protest Random Drug Testing At High School
08:09:57a Tilda Swinton to quit acting?
08:10:03a President Mahinda Rajapakse's United People's Freedom Alliance swept Saturday's polls
08:10:09a I was a rule follower at school Kristen
08:10:15a Pakistan's central bank reduces policy rate
08:10:20a `Hostile overseas elements hampering Karachi peace'
08:10:26a Lohan sued for unpaid limo bill
08:10:32a Reliance Life looks to next big steps in ties with Nippon
08:10:37a Wildfires in Siberia continue leaping to new areas
08:10:43a Pakistani official takes latecomers to task
08:10:48a Five rebels killed in area of Colombia where girl is sought
08:10:54a De Lille backs Mazibuko
08:10:59a A card for every lousy occasion
08:11:05a Bangladesh-India joint military exercise begins
08:11:10a The container ship hit a reef off the coast of Tauranga earlier this week
08:11:16a Sukunimi Lonka taipuu nyt Longan
08:11:32a 2 Mexican men sentenced for trying to re-enter U.S.
08:11:38a Jumblatt, Hezbollah relationship could explode anytime, report
08:11:44a Pakistani kills son, daughter
08:11:49a Argentina trial could prove 'dirty-war' baby theft
08:11:55a Puolan vaaleista Tuskin taival
08:12:00a Mandeep apologised for sex query Nihita Biswas
08:12:06a Animal welfare activists said marine birdlife are at risk from the oil spill
08:12:11a MIDEAST Media Throttled From All Sides
08:12:19a Man thrown out of Kejriwal rally for asking questions
08:12:24a Sibal to unveil draft National Telecom Policy 2011
08:12:30a US officials redraw Iraqi troops training plan
08:12:35a Its an honour to open bowling for England Woakes
08:12:56a Babies have a sense of fairness, altruism
08:13:06a ASU professor gets federal education award
08:13:13a 'No return to war' vow for Sudan
08:13:19a Argentina win as Messi ends goal drought
08:13:25a Rugby shambolic England shuffle off home
08:13:31a CSIA selected as host airport for 'Routes Asia 2013'
08:13:37a Tory Burch's clear vision is setting her path
08:13:52a Kreikkaa uhkaa historiallinen maastamuutto
08:14:43a Travel news New York City's got Seoul
08:14:49a Ranska ja Belgia neuvottelevat kriisipankki Dexian jakamisesta
08:14:54a Asian duo in 'suicide'
08:15:00a Iraq- Duty fees cancelled at port entries
08:15:05a EU- 10 days to save Europe's banks
08:15:18a Teens Better Off Attending Family Dinners
08:15:23a Army to back Egypt parties financially, administratively Military leader
08:15:29a Kenya Uneasy Moments As Rivals Meet
08:15:34a Iraq- Warnings against stopping industrialist sector in Ninewa
08:15:40a Brewers Pitcher Call Carpenter \'Phony\'
08:15:45a 2-year old boy was hit and killed
08:15:50a UAE- Young thalassaemia patients leave for Italy on remedial trip
08:15:56a Call for death sentence
08:16:02a Iraq- Nujaifi off to London tomorrow
08:16:07a Huskers Helping The Homeless Dennis Burke Reports
08:16:13a Senior Cosmetic Surgery
08:16:18a Stealing gas and food
08:16:24a Kuwait- KD 2,000 cell phones stolen
08:16:30a Rotavirus Vaccine Saving Lives
08:16:35a UAE- GCC undersecretaries call to unify media discourse
08:16:41a Rockford Police Investigating a Double Shooting
08:16:47a 100 is the new 80 Study to unravel secrets of longevity
08:16:52a Starbucks pushing job growth
08:16:58a Alex Ross' comic-book art shows influences including Norman Rockwell
08:17:03a Australian company wins oil pipe line contract in Iraq
08:17:09a Pet-A-Palooza Kicks Off in Rockford for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
08:17:14a Curt Knox on daughter's release
08:17:20a Doha Bank signs Turkey remittance agreement
08:17:26a Special Ops, CIA First In-Last Out of Afghanistan
08:17:32a U.S. border with Mexico gateway for cartels' ammo
08:17:38a Vladivostok gets facelift to be 'San Francisco'
08:17:43a Listen and forgive, couples advised in drive to address family conflicts
08:17:49a Iraq- Swedish trade minister visits Basra
08:17:55a Penguins outwork Flames to notch season's second victory
08:18:00a Egypt- 88% of Egyptians trust military council poll
08:18:06a Iraq- 500 projects under construction
08:18:11a News@6 Oct 8
08:18:17a UAE- Man nabbed for possessing heroin
08:18:22a MLB on FOX ALCS teaser
08:18:28a Iraq- Government to revieow annual budget due to oil prices
08:18:34a Waterborne Diseases
08:18:43a Chicago 5, Dallas 2
08:18:48a Interview Rep. Carl Wimmer on day of congressional campaign kick off
08:18:54a Chili Shoot-Out Hits Davis Park
08:18:59a Teen Athlete Crash Diets
08:19:05a Sheep escapes from butcher's knife but not death
08:19:18a Qatari Schools Boards of Trustees' Forum to be Held Tomorrow
08:19:24a Qatar- Oslo flight to boost trade ties al-Baker
08:19:29a Man robs bank, then goes for pizza
08:19:35a Qatar takes part in GCC under-secretaries of information's meeting
08:19:41a Police record increase in Dubai forgery cases
08:19:47a Pianist Roger Williams dead at 87
08:19:52a North Korea warns over anti-Pyongyang leaflets
08:19:58a Saudi Almarai's Q3 consolidated net profit up 1.2% to USD114.5m
08:20:04a Egypt- Translators comment on Transtromer's future in Arabic
08:20:09a Amanda Knox The untold story
08:20:15a 'Jordan Equals Palestine' by Ayman O
08:20:20a Clean Up Days In Chocftaw Beach
08:20:26a China commemorates centenary of imperial rule's end
08:20:32a Georgia, Fiji talk education
08:20:37a How bureaucracy is killing the American dream
08:20:43a State police in Kentucky, New York target financial scam in Clay
08:20:49a Public invited to comment on redistricting panel's maps
08:20:54a Fatal wreck prompts I-10 closure near Chandler
08:21:00a California train kills woman with stroller; baby fine
08:21:05a Yemen's Saleh talks of step-down
08:21:11a 3rd body linked to supremacists' alleged spree
08:21:16a Could Now Be the Time for an American Spring
08:21:22a Acquitted but what next for Amanda Kno
08:21:27a Oman's consumer tech market to reach USD521m
08:21:33a India has more affluent households than many European countries, finds study
08:21:38a Navua vs Lautoka ...
08:21:44a Pyongyang warns over South Korea propaganda
08:21:49a The Fiji Times on independence day
08:21:55a Sony Pictures Nears Deal on a Steve Jobs Biopic
08:22:01a Theresa
08:22:06a Iran's rivers run dry in drought
08:22:12a S. Korean president invited to address US congress next week
08:22:18a Cable fees at heart of local TV lawsuit
08:22:24a Yemen president says he will leave power
08:22:30a Indian taxi driver allowed to stay in Australia despite bashing elderly woman passenger
08:22:35a Levuka marks Fiji Day
08:22:41a Mule Jumping
08:22:47a Occupy Anchorage protesters point to empowerment, jobs
08:22:53a New Zealand oil spill grounded ship threatens environmental disaster
08:22:59a Rights body condemns execution of 8 Bangladeshis in S. Arabia
08:23:05a Syrian security forces open fire on 50,000 people mourning slain Kurd
08:23:10a Phoenix accident seriously injures three children
08:23:16a NATO 2 service members killed in Afghanistan
08:23:39a Romney calls for civility in wake of 'cult' remark
08:23:49a Arpaio crime sweep in Phoenix nets 92 arrests
08:23:55a Fire destroys Far Eastern park for rare birds
08:24:01a Men's hockey team beaten
08:24:29a How Afghan climbers reached their highest peak
08:24:35a Video A different kind of ballet performed in the Valley
08:24:40a Head of the Indian Orthodox Church welcomed in Bahrain
08:24:45a Wallabies steal win over Springboks
08:24:56a US- Paulson loses more in September, fund now off 47%
08:25:05a Muslim, Christian graves vandalized in Israeli city
08:25:15a Bahrain teenage protester's death 'must be investigated'
08:25:29a The Justice Department pressed a federal appeals court to block implementation of the law
08:25:47a War Crimes in Sri Lanka
08:25:52a Fear class warfare stirred by poverty
08:26:06a Malinga fires Mumbai into final as Somerset collapse to 150-7
08:26:16a Franchises are growing in area despite economy
08:26:21a Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio
08:26:33a Tander hangs on for Bathurst win
08:27:19a Legoland Comes To Florida
08:27:24a Boston Bruins defeat Tampa Bay Lightning 4-1
08:27:33a Kenya Stakes High in 'Battle of Migingo'
08:27:38a Vigilance required if collecting seafood in Bay of Plenty
08:27:44a Exhibition of John Lennon's art opens in NYC to celebrate 71st birthday
08:27:49a Colombo goes to UNP as UPFA 21 other councils
08:27:55a Lea Salonga to highlight 'World Food Day' in PHL
08:28:00a Arizona prison sentences among toughest for many crimes
08:28:06a unlocking our primary potential
08:28:12a No. 1 LSU Tigers rout No. 17 Florida Gators 41-11
08:28:22a One killed in crash in St Andrews, south Canterbury
08:28:35a Key demands answers on Rena oil spill
08:28:43a South Africa's Chad wins six golds at Swimming World Cup
08:29:02a Spanish and Italian Downgrades Trump US Payrolls
08:29:07a Communist spokesman Ka Roger Rosal is dead CPP
08:29:13a Palace adopts wait-and-see stance on class suit vs Napocor
08:29:19a Australia advance after derailing Boks at W. Cup
08:29:25a Phoenix schools' night classes gaining popularity
08:29:30a Sled shines at work or play
08:29:36a Business booming for RWC quarterfinal weekend
08:29:41a The Superyacht Group Launches Magazine
08:29:47a Tanner Price leads Wake Forest past No. 22 Florida State
08:29:53a I could talk about Miranda all day, says 'lucky' Orlando Bloom
08:29:58a grounded ship threatens environmental disaster
08:30:04a S.Lanka ruling party wins polls marred by shootings
08:30:10a Battle looms in Northland
08:30:15a In This Rape Center, the Patient Was 3
08:30:21a Australia asks Indonesia to consider teen's age
08:30:27a Coach concerned about Honduras’ scoring drought
08:30:35a Showers stay in forecast for Sunday
08:30:41a Solicitor-General and Crown Law Office roles reviewed
08:30:47a Home of the Week City-to-ocean views in Beverly Hills
08:30:52a Landmarks of Early Soviet Film Come to DVD
08:30:58a Multiple fatalities in crash on I-75 early Saturday morning
08:31:04a New NZ captain Taylor plans to 'lead from the front'
08:31:09a U.S. officials redraw Iraq troops training plan
08:31:15a Editorial Bing must drive a regional fix for transportation
08:31:21a Hubbard remembered with songs, speeches
08:31:26a How Garbo Learned to Stand on Her Head
08:31:32a Glendale shooting at party kills 1, injures 1
08:31:38a Survey reads Kiwi minds
08:31:44a Guide To Premium Outlets Vineland Avenue
08:31:49a Win for womenapos;s hockey
08:31:55a Yang Soo-jin takes 2nd round lead at L..
08:32:01a Popular with parents, but annoying to others
08:32:06a Well-behaved Wellington for Welsh win
08:32:12a Media Release on Human Rights Review Tribunal decision
08:32:17a Sharples calls for rehab not jail for most prisoners
08:32:23a GAO Pushes to Share Incapacity Declarations of Veterans and Disabled
08:32:28a Australia asks Indonesia to consider teen's minor status
08:32:34a Kids locked out, toys up in flames
08:32:39a Look who's talking about sex
08:32:45a Umpire case shows how sex offenders can evade checks
08:32:51a N.Zealand Prime Minister demands oil slick answers
08:32:56a New Miss Singapore World's Achilles' heel Heels
08:33:02a Oil rises on more hiring in the US
08:33:07a No. 1 in homicides
08:33:13a Thrills aplenty on New Zealand's Stewart Island
08:33:18a BG Tan urges Singaporeans to plan for retirement early
08:33:24a Three thoughts from USA-Honduras
08:33:29a Casey Anthony Takes The 5th
08:33:35a Airlines expect 787 to change air-travel landscape
08:33:40a Inside Jobs
08:33:46a S Sudan 's Defense Minister makes first official visit to Warrap
08:33:52a Turnabout tactics
08:33:57a Brandon Hott has perfect game at Central Florida Classic
08:34:03a Thai PM scraps foreign trips amid flood crisis
08:34:08a Trivial row can explode into violence
08:34:14a • Prosecutors to question former vice culture minister over alleged corruption
08:34:20a Former ISA detainees address Singapore Democratic Party forum
08:34:26a In pictures Sir Paul McCartney marries for third time
08:34:32a River boats returning to the Mississippi
08:34:37a Tix-fix prober gets threats on The Rant
08:34:43a What's hot on Broadway this winter
08:34:48a VIDEO Silverstone to house technical college
08:34:54a Barro What do they want? When do they want it?
08:34:59a Allen on the L.A.-based coney business, the Internet and more
08:35:05a Vietnamese Teen Receives Free Corrective Surgery
08:35:11a VIDEO Michael Jackson's family at tribute show
08:35:16a Housing market 'should stabilise in 4 years', says PM Lee
08:35:22a supercar left to ruin in desert
08:35:27a Poverty bane in economic boom
08:35:33a Behind the Russian/Chinese Veto of Syrian Resolution at the
08:35:38a VIDEO Fox and Werritty in Sri Lanka meeting
08:35:44a I'll Work With PF Govt Chief Mushili
08:35:50a iPhone suspect doesn't look like thief Family
08:35:58a Why talent, money, innovation gravitate to Mass.
08:36:03a Gunfight breaks out in Kashmir
08:36:09a Former NUS don under probe for research fraud
08:36:14a Accused bangladeshis beheaded and executed in Riyadh
08:36:20a As Sata Says Win Will Be Best Present
08:36:25a Hundreds of fans greet Lynx at the airport, and the adoration is mutual
08:36:31a Furore over ad may benefit AF's image, say experts
08:36:36a VIDEO Taiwanese island's unique culture
08:36:42a New hawker centre to be built at Bukit Panjang
08:36:47a Boxers to Face Mandatory Tests
08:36:52a Anti-Qaddafi Forces Claim Gains in Sirte Offensive
08:36:58a Hindus upset with Radio Netherlands Worldwide for linking Hindu culture with 'suicidal thoughts'
08:37:04a 13 Tibetans held for picketing before Chinese embassy
08:37:09a MGT Swindles Muchinga Secondary Pupils
08:37:15a A place for remembering
08:37:20a 9 hurt in Zamboanga City blasts officials
08:37:26a Politics 2011 Michele Bachmann campaigns her way
08:37:31a VIDEO Street fighting rages in Sirte
08:37:38a Pavlich crowned Freo's best for sixth time
08:37:44a Lower Manhattan is center of what's new in 2011
08:37:49a Restaurants that reward the eyes and the palate
08:37:55a Report some N.Y. teachers are misbehaving
08:38:00a Kuwait plans to solve problem of illegal residents in five years
08:38:06a Mangani Queries East MMD Chief's Defection
08:38:11a Famed haunts and quaint discoveries
08:38:17a Choreographer Heidy Latsky's 'GIMP' to show disabled are able
08:38:23a Delray Beach — ‘Dull-ray’ — enjoys a renaissance
08:38:29a Kuwait's Apr-Aug budget surplus grows to USD29.2b
08:38:34a Kuwait- Al-Kharafi, Serbian president hold talks over bilateral ties
08:38:40a Health Sector to Undergo Restructuring Process
08:39:23a Iraqi held in Kuwait
08:39:55a Kuwait 'Unstable' lady creates chaos at Info office
08:40:03a Women's soccer's win streak ends
08:40:12a He did things his way, on his terms
08:40:20a Kuwait Police imposters robbing Asians
08:40:29a Nation's housing woes are enough to make you sick
08:40:34a Kuwait- Wanted Filipino Women arrested
08:40:40a Kuwait- KSE index rebounds 15.3 pts amid volatile trade
08:40:46a Price not planning to change approach
08:40:51a Bruins pull away from Lightning, 4-1
08:40:57a It's nothing to fear
08:41:02a Utah inmates sick after drinki
08:41:08a Recovery, mystery
08:41:13a a tragedy of the commons
08:41:19a Kuwait Supervisors at port caught smuggling liquor
08:41:24a Perry Social Security may need fixes for age, income
08:41:29a FAA Staff Chief Reaffirms Troops' Loyalty
08:41:35a Sofia Anticipates Concert of French Legend Jean-Michel Jarre
08:41:41a Insurers use social media to investigate claims
08:41:46a Greene makes big plays
08:41:51a Giffords returning to DC
08:41:57a UPMC board members go dark
08:42:02a Kuwait University to sign co-op agreement with leading global research firm
08:42:08a Bucs in for rough stretch starting today
08:42:13a Gators give Brissett credit
08:42:18a Grippo dominates Anclote Invitational
08:42:24a Wind hasn't put a damper on fishing
08:42:29a Drugs sicken Lebanese in Kuwait
08:42:35a Oz tax payers' to fork out nearly 2 million dollars for Queen's CHOGM visit
08:42:40a Bulgarian Expats Threaten Worldwide Protests over Voting Hurdles
08:42:46a Importance of Health On Sustainable Development Under Discussion
08:42:51a Busch in need of Chase push
08:42:57a Zephyrhills coach faces possible suspension
08:43:02a Hasselbeck isn't finished just yet
08:43:08a History says Gators have chance at LSU
08:43:13a Mo. baby unlikely taken by stranger
08:43:18a Technology at its best
08:43:24a Deal of the week Explore Peru, Brazil during 9-day trip
08:43:30a Win for the ages
08:43:35a Egypt says Qatar gave mln to help with budget
08:43:41a Hokies outgun Hurricanes in wild finish
08:43:46a Berkeley Prep takes tournament
08:43:52a River Ridge gets help for Dodson
08:43:58a Local sharks still nothing to fear
08:44:17a 12 arres
08:44:23a 70 st
08:44:42a Gators can't compete with top-ranked Tigers
08:44:48a China's railway passenger traffic touches record high 67.3 million mark
08:44:53a Despite errors, UF still in control
08:44:59a Johnson deciding on England RU future
08:45:04a Red tape ties up bungalow re-build
08:45:12a Bush lauds constr
08:45:32a Suzhou China's Venice of the East
08:45:52a Developers turn net-savvy to beat sales slump
08:45:57a Dogs find no trace of missing U.S. woman in Aruba
08:46:03a 'Above Parliament' Anna Hazare behind Congress' blood?
08:46:09a Super Eagles Fail to Qualify for Nations Cup
08:46:14a 'Hostile overseas elements hampering Karachi peace'
08:46:20a Anand draws with Ivanchuk, slips to fourth in Final Masters
08:46:26a Kerala Temple priest lands in jail for consuming liquor
08:46:32a Siasia Apologises for Nations Cup Exit
08:46:37a Syria's opposition delegations to visit Moscow for talks
08:46:43a Huge turnout for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer at Liberty Park
08:46:48a Some of my boys return as men Thomas
08:46:54a Sudan Minister Warns Students Against Enrolling in Unlicensed Universities
08:47:02a Murray beats Nadal to win Japan Open
08:47:08a Beating Chennai was big morale-booster Harbhajan
08:47:13a Investing A crossroads for bonds?
08:47:19a Anna above Parliament, can pressurise it Kejriwal
08:47:27a Amazon registers Kindle Fire products under a different company name
08:47:33a Mitch Marsh chasing baggy green
08:47:39a PAKISTAN Divided Over the Death Penalty
08:47:45a I'm happy to make the right choices Harbhajan
08:47:50a Marshall back to drawing board after 16-6 loss
08:47:56a Tamil Nadu, get ready to welcome vada pav
08:48:10a Telangana to be cut off from rest of India?
08:48:16a Killer Sharks Invade Golf Course In Oz
08:48:24a Rochelle Riley Didn't we all play a part in Michael Jackson's death?
08:48:43a Malik's performance under scanner PCB
08:48:48a Wallabies beat Boks in RWC thriller
08:49:04a England will stay No 1 for a long time, feels Harmison
08:49:17a Tilda Swinton to quit acting
08:49:28a Did you know?
08:49:33a Kazakh lifts ban on test-launches of Russia's ballistic missiles
08:49:39a Libyan forces say liberation of Sirte is near
08:49:50a China's Hu urges unification with rival Taiwan
08:49:56a Rahul Gandhi, Jitendra Singh on surprise visit to Gopalgarh
08:50:02a CFIA/Amended Allergy Alert Undeclared Fish, Shrimp and Sesame in Certain Kimchi Products
08:50:07a Pakistan's central bank reduces policy rate
08:50:15a Cash- strapped New College sets million target
08:50:23a Colorado collapses early, loses 48-7 at Stanford
08:50:29a Not worried about batting failure in warm-up match Woakes
08:50:45a GC to decide Pak players' IPL participation Shukla
08:50:51a Air pollution from traffic impairs brain
08:51:13a My Day on a Plate Jenny Jones
08:51:30a meizitang dietary considerations
08:51:50a US Sep jobless rate at 9.1%
08:51:55a QuantumWise establishes subsidiary in Japan
08:52:11a Jackson's Children Watch Star-Studded Tribute
08:52:20a Susan Tompor Treasury makes pitch for direct benefit deposit
08:52:28a Curfew Party beats all at Queen's Hall
08:52:34a Free software founder, Richard M. Stallman is glad Jobs is gone
08:52:40a Iraq's Rumaila south oilfield shut after bombs hit pipeline
08:52:45a Astronomers Find New Planets in Old Data
08:52:51a SUV Body Tied to 'Bonnie and Clyde' Murder Suspects
08:52:57a Protest Standoff Closes D.C. Air and Space Museum
08:53:02a Ministers want increases
08:53:08a PKU researchers develop new single-wire solar cell
08:53:13a Unemployed seek protection against job bias
08:53:29a For sale in Washtenaw County
08:53:43a 21st Annual CAA Conference 2011
08:53:49a Lopinot residents want permanent police post
08:53:57a Heart Smart recipe Roasted Mushroom Stroganoff
08:54:09a Police Search for Counterfeit Coin Seller
08:54:20a Minister calls for Wider recognition for women
08:54:25a Waste heat research leads the way for reduction of fossil fuels
08:54:31a Soccer / Euro 2012 / Wayne Rooney sees red as England qualify for finals
08:54:43a Squatters gone wild in Bon Air North
08:55:11a 12th Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics 2012
08:55:37a Wallabies' win for the ages
08:55:44a Science can explain a lot about love, neuroscientist says
08:55:49a 95-yr-old duped of over Rs 22L in Delhi
08:55:55a Job creation, infrastructural development
08:56:00a Occupy Wall Street expands uptown, starting with Washington Square Park
08:56:06a Internal lockdown, charges for errant soldiers
08:56:12a 'Syrian Kurds declare 'intifada' after assassination'
08:56:17a President of Vietnam to visit the Philippines
08:56:23a UN opens camp for Blue Nile's refugees in Ethiopia
08:56:28a Disaster watch for the young
08:56:34a Concord Falls to Glenville State
08:56:40a Prestbyterian Church Ordains Openly Gay Minister
08:56:47a Upcoming health and wellness events
08:56:52a Syria closes a border crossing with Turkey
08:56:58a Protesters storm Syrian embassy in Germany over killing of Kurdish leader
08:57:04a Pregnant Woman's Baby Taken 'By Force'
08:57:09a 22 win grills courtesy Carib
08:57:15a Glenn ready to work with Lee Sing
08:57:21a Port chairman fired after eight months
08:57:27a Madison College Holds Handgun Safety Course
08:57:33a Anti-Gaddafi Forces Aim For Heart Of Sirte
08:57:38a 'No return to war' vow for Sudan
08:57:44a Vettel seals second F1 title, Button wins race
08:57:50a Cops raid 'fake' presidential office in QC
08:57:55a Film about an expedition up Afghanistan's highest mountain doesn't tell all
08:58:01a Vadodara policemen arrested in Sylvester escape case
08:58:07a Bikers should get 30-minute grace period at work
08:58:13a Thermo Fischer, Walgreens Home Care Cut Wis. Jobs
08:58:19a Sri Lanka's ruling coalition sweeps local elections
08:58:25a Deadly Thai floods close factories, threaten Bangkok
08:58:31a Jim Leyland Kirk Gibson did 'unbelievable job'
08:58:37a NZ city hit by another quake; no reports of damage
08:58:43a NH official Husband killed wife who strang
08:58:48a UAE Families' Plea to Free Activists
08:58:54a Turkish PM grieves for dead mother
08:59:00a Protesters storm Syrian embassy in Germany
08:59:06a Romney 'not a Christian'
08:59:18a The Irishman running the big bank in wartorn Iraq
08:59:24a A stroll through the city
08:59:39a Yemen leader says he will step down
08:59:44a Japan Open Results
08:59:50a West Shore RCMP looking for missing father, son
08:59:56a Popular Philippine communist rebel is dead
09:00:03a Death in the City of Light — By David King — Book Review
09:00:09a Pro-EU prime minister seeks second term in Poland
09:00:21a Moody's cuts ratings on RBS and Lloyds
09:00:27a NYT Secret US memo OK'd killing of American cleric
09:01:01a 'Occupy' Protests Spread, Politicians Rebuke
09:01:43a China's Jiang in rare appearance
09:01:53a Third Body May be Linked to Suspected Killer Couple
09:02:00a Arizona police say man robbed bank, then went for pizza
09:02:39a Citizen-spying software Hackers claim German gov't has it
09:03:22a Miracle boy rides bike after car accident
09:03:27a Hotel para sa mga aso, binuksan sa Davao City
09:04:22a Book fair to tackle challenges of digital age storytelling
09:04:27a Adam scores twice as Sabres beat Kings in Germany
09:04:44a Maldives or Uzbekistan where's your exotic honeymoon?
09:04:57a Nuclear agency team in Japan; Fukushima starts thyroid tests
09:05:02a Piano virtuoso Williams dies at age 87
09:05:07a Teamwork plays an integral role in creation of Hall of Laureates
09:05:15a D.C. museum closed after protest; pepper spray used
09:05:23a McCallister Honorary Ph.D. for Golden Krust CEO
09:05:41a McHenry Park named for WWI hero, Drake athlete
09:05:55a Ruan family's vision realized with Hall of Laureates opening
09:06:09a Missouri River flood rerun not expected in '12
09:06:15a Program aims to put kids in the seats
09:06:20a Johnny Depp to work in biopic
09:06:26a Amar Upadhyay to enter 'Bigg Boss 5′ to raise heat
09:06:32a Minnesota woman accused of robbing home to buy porn
09:06:37a Report Kurdish militants claim car bomb a
09:06:43a NATO Brussels Summit Claims Successful Afghan and Libyan Campaigns
09:06:48a Warner credits Greg Chappell for CLT20 success
09:06:54a Speakers note importance of managing debt
09:06:59a Congress approached Anna Kejriwal
09:07:05a Banks, consumers face tough choices over debit fees
09:07:11a Exporters see growth drop as government pushes new markets
09:07:18a Renovation of Hall of Laureates has past, future in mind
09:07:24a Architect promises 'different' garden for Hall of Laureates
09:07:29a 2 service members die in Afghanistan NATO
09:07:35a What's open and closed on Columbus Day
09:07:41a SUV rolls over in driveway, leaving occupants mystified
09:07:47a Norman E. Borlaug Hall of Laureates has rich history
09:07:53a Borlaug, Ruan amassed notable accomplishments
09:08:04a Perry says he's strong on immigration issues
09:08:09a Janis Ruan A behind-the-scenes force
09:08:15a How the million Hall of Laureates project was paid for
09:08:21a Don't like debit card fees You have options
09:08:29a Condoleezza Rice Talks Triumph, Political Healing During Fundraiser for Homeless Families
09:08:35a Taiwan offers 9 rice varieties for Brunei's domestic farming
09:08:41a Russia objects to US anti-m
09:08:47a Harry 'drives 120 miles to California for beer and burger prior to Apache training'
09:08:53a Court travels to Mason City to hear steel wheels case
09:08:59a About the World Food Prize
09:09:05a 4
09:09:20a World Food Prize, artists have strong connection
09:09:26a Visit the Hall of Laureates
09:09:32a NATO says 2 service members killed by insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan
09:09:55a NBA stars treat Miami exhibition like a real game
09:10:01a State Department readies Iraq operation, its biggest since the end of World War II
09:10:07a IAEA radiation team arrives in Fukushima
09:10:19a U.S. rice farmers eye sales in China
09:10:39a Welsh rout Irish for last four slot
09:10:58a Militants Kill 2 Nato Troops in Southern Afghanistan
09:11:04a Noonan hails positive signals about Ireland
09:11:10a NATO 2 service members die in Afghanistan
09:12:04a 49er Colleagues Sad Over Loss Of Raiders’ Davis
09:12:10a Coldplay makes Jo'burg Paradise
09:12:18a Shop Smart Some appliances that are most prone to fail
09:12:24a Discontent grows in Botswana
09:12:31a Rugby-Wales prepare for next step on 'dream journey'
09:12:44a Brown Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Schools To Consider Race In Admission Policies
09:12:51a Stanford Rolls Past Colorado, 48-7
09:13:06a Bahrain awards contracts for Wimax network
09:13:12a Hard To Ignore
09:13:17a IAEA to assess Japan's nuclear clean-up
09:13:23a Kenya Telcoms and Oil Demand for Dollar Pushes Shilling Down
09:13:30a Syrian mourners gather in Kurdish city for funeral
09:13:36a Doucheblogger Gets To The Point
09:13:43a Full time called on the Capital's RWC matches
09:13:50a Business calendar for 10/9/11
09:13:56a Poland Votes in General Elections
09:14:02a Man found dead in Melbourne creek
09:14:18a The week that was for
09:14:24a Yemen Leader Talks of Leaving
09:14:29a Huntley loses bid to stay in Canada
09:14:35a Yi has signed a contract with the Guangdong Southern Tigers
09:14:40a Dateline Pittsburgh for 10/9/11
09:14:51a Six injured in Tallaght house incident
09:14:58a Man 'critical' after Belfast attack
09:15:03a Unemployed Bias
09:15:09a Streetwise Mergent handbook a top-notch investment tool
09:15:14a Critics proven wrong on Libya air war Pentagon chief
09:15:42a Oman investment Forum 2011 opens Monday
09:15:51a 6yo boy injured in Brisbane boat fire
09:16:22a Francois Hollande is the favourite to lead the Socialists against Sarkozy next year
09:16:28a UAE- Rising above stereotypes through art
09:16:41a Rain and strong winds developing
09:16:47a Quartet envoys to meet ahead of deadline to resume talks
09:16:52a The 100th day of the NBA lockout brought no sign of a resolution
09:17:01a Kibaki Warns External Aggressors
09:17:06a Nondies to Field Strong Team in Impala Floodlit Tourney
09:17:12a Why ICC Judge Told Off Ali's Witness for Failing to Maintain Eye Contact
09:17:19a Gaddafi forces getting squeezed in Sirte
09:17:26a We Need to Reduce Level of Intolerance If This Democratic Experiment Is to Work
09:17:31a Polish voters go to the polls
09:17:37a AU Forces Plan to Cover Al-Shabaab Strongholds
09:17:42a Kenya Total Kenya Replaces Five Board Directors
09:17:48a 5.5 Canterbury aftershock
09:17:54a Disruption to water supplies in north Dublin
09:17:59a The i's have it Vermonters remember Steve Jobs
09:18:30a 'Syrian Kurds declare 'intifada' after assassination'
09:18:37a Patients face long wait times in Saudi clinics, says survey
09:18:44a Wangari's Tenacity Will Live On Forever
09:18:49a NYC mayor slams Wall Street protests
09:18:55a Stars Carry Country's Hopes
09:19:01a Vettel writes history with F1 title defense
09:19:06a Penis enlargement 'not necessary' to impress woman, says Cuban sexologist
09:19:12a Philippines Hunts for Drug Dealers
09:19:18a No Fanfare As Nobel Laureate Cremated
09:19:23a Lebanon to up banks' Tier 1 ratio to 12%
09:19:29a There Isn't Enough to Satisfy Everyone's Greed
09:19:34a Mr Kitili Mbathi Is New KTB Chairman
09:19:40a Dow Chemical, Saudi oil company sign accord advancing chemical plant in Saudi Arabia
09:19:45a What Happened to Respect, Gallantry and Honour?
09:19:50a Yumobile to Offer Free Money Transfer Services
09:19:56a Creating 'life with subtitles' for the hearing impaired
09:20:02a Inflation in Saudi Arabia will continue to fall, says Al-Jasser
09:20:07a Hurricane Jova strengthening in eastern Pacific
09:20:13a Polish election offers chance of political stability
09:20:18a Ways to help Samaritan recruiting for efforts in Guatemala
09:20:24a Opponents doubt Yemen president's resignation promise
09:20:30a Uhuru Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for Role in Country's Election Crisis
09:20:36a Almarai reports slight rise in profit
09:20:42a Tanzania Regional Teams Arrive for Zone V Basketball Meet
09:20:47a We've got a great cafe society, and it's no waffle
09:20:53a Weather critical to removing oil from stricken ship
09:20:59a PNU Move to Dissolve PSC 'Unconstitutional'
09:21:04a Kibunjia Assures of Peace in 2012 Polls
09:21:10a SPC MD 2241
09:21:15a Rutland shines for its sestercentennial
09:21:21a Tanzania Ignorance, Root of Animal Torture
09:21:26a Tanzania Oljoro JKT Out to Leapfrog Simba
09:21:32a Woodstock businessman indicted for fraud
09:21:38a Criminal suspected of setting fatal blaze
09:21:44a Army orders ammo to counter aerial threats
09:21:50a Report Egypt's military prosecutors to question activists
09:21:55a New laws to slash rents for inviable businesses
09:22:01a Schneider Electric launches EcoStruxure Active Architecture for integrated energy management solutions in Saudi Arabia
09:22:07a Ten Reasons Why Continent's Recent Shine Is Likely to Be Permanent This Decade
09:22:13a Shaban, Mwatela Deny Role in Miner Murder
09:22:18a Serving up food, glorious food and gourmet dining since 1976
09:22:24a ACC takes the fast track to sue Mick Wallace in TD's loans case
09:22:30a Zimbabwe Water Scarcity Threat to Health
09:22:36a Maathai Recognised the Big Picture Early
09:22:41a Saudi Beheading Of Eight Workers Condemned
09:22:47a Saudi slashes crude output to 9.4m bpd
09:22:53a Don't mention the IRA to Martin McGuinness
09:22:59a US envoy apologizes to Philippines over 'sex tourism' remark
09:23:05a Tax hit sinking many pubs
09:23:10a Tanzania Mari Takes Care of Sound, Light On Stage
09:23:16a Police rescue kidnapped Saudi Arabian, arrest suspects
09:23:22a Report reveals suffering behind mortgage crisis
09:23:28a Vettel becomes youngest double F1 champion
09:23:34a Zambia's new president wants Malawi to apologize for deporting him in 2007
09:23:40a Free entry for historic race day
09:23:54a Senior nurse supports national breast cancer awareness campaign
09:24:03a Anglo tries to link Quinn to €500m action
09:24:09a Checking In Hoteliers From Around The Globe
09:24:15a Two hotel workers murdered in Kenya
09:24:22a Jobs bill backed by Obama would tackle discrimination against unemployed applicants
09:24:27a iCloud 12 Ekimde Geliyor
09:24:33a Australian boy faces many weeks in custody
09:24:39a Yemen's Nobel laureate to donate prize money to people
09:24:45a Amar Upadhyay to enter 'Bigg Boss 5' to raise heat
09:24:50a Hazare, like every citizen, is above Parliament Kejriwal
09:24:56a Pelosi Galore supports all sides of bank bailout
09:25:02a Australia tour will be Dhoni's biggest challenge Ganguly
09:25:08a Martin's reports a 'shocking waste'
09:25:14a No charges after journos ‘held hostage
09:25:19a Brown goal gives United win over Phoenix
09:25:34a Oil pumping from stuck NZ ship imminent
09:25:40a Obama sees Afghanistan mission cautiously optimistic
09:25:46a Debate rages on military pensions as White House proposes reduction in benefits
09:25:52a Women's networking group to launch in Barnes
09:25:58a NFL owners, Cardinals favor Republicans
09:26:04a The GOP horse race
09:26:09a Occupy Cincinnati Protest Takes Place Downtown
09:26:15a San Jose 2, New England 1
09:26:21a Obama needs to check his Flux Capacitor It seems to be stuck
09:26:27a How the 'Hermanator' could be the Republican to challenge Barack Obama in 2012
09:26:45a Zimbabwe Ncube Says Revival of Bulawayo Not a Pipedream
09:26:51a Spell of Great Weather Continues
09:26:56a Iran, S Korea ink oil pipeline deal
09:27:02a Schwarzenegger Opens Museum To Himself
09:27:07a 'Turkey doesnt want war with Cyprus or Israel'
09:27:13a Anti-Violence Rally in Avondale
09:27:18a Wineries and wine shops are offering special deals for the holiday season.
09:27:24a EMG Launches International Arbitration against Egyptian Gas Suppliers
09:27:30a Israel police prepare for potential riots after Palestinian UN bid
09:27:35a What will you drink in the succa?
09:27:41a Palestinian smuggler killed in Gaza tunnel
09:27:46a Child advocacy 'personal' for Stand for Children director Kenya Bradshaw
09:27:52a Kenya bids farewell to green Nobel Maathai
09:27:58a Israel Beiteinu switches support for Trajtenberg
09:28:04a Yom Kippur in Israel; Day of No Traffic Lights
09:28:10a Clermont County Firefighters Fight Cancer
09:28:28a EMG Sues Egyptian Gas Suppliers
09:28:38a Russia's Sep gold, foreign exchange reserves fall 5.2%
09:28:44a Abbas arrives in El Salvador in bid to gain support for Palestinian statehood
09:28:50a Israeli army arrest nine Palestinians in West Bank
09:28:55a Zimbabwe Border Timbers Profit Up
09:29:01a Dexia's board to meet at 1300 GMT in Brussels
09:29:07a Light Earthquake Registered near Bulgaria's Capital Sofia
09:29:29a Body found in SUV of slain Wash. woman's husband
09:29:35a Zimbabwe De-Industrialisation a National Problem Bloch
09:29:41a Romney vows to increase defense aid to Israel
09:29:52a Protests in Saudi Arabia Iran's role overestimated
09:30:17a Palestinian officials urge Blair to quit
09:30:24a Israeli defense minister slams Netanyahu over crisis with Turkey
09:30:29a As 'Occupy' protests spread, some politicians rebuke
09:30:35a India Reliance Cap says completes stake sale in insurance biz
09:30:45a Leaders call on police to prevent 'price-tag' attacks
09:30:50a Muslim, Christian graves desecrated in Israel
09:30:56a Pakistan violence hits close to home
09:31:02a The Israeli heavy metal band the Turks adore
09:31:08a Unemployment rates in Gaza declined study
09:31:14a UCLA rallies late past Washington St. 28-25
09:31:19a Astrological Forecasts for
09:31:49a Police probe fatal crash
09:31:55a Saudi- Aramco-Dow venture 'a game-changer'
09:32:36a Light plane pilot praised
09:33:19a Nasty fall lands cyclist in surgery
09:33:54a BJP brings out a theme song for Advani's yatra
09:33:59a Libya forces struggle to take Kadhafi hometown
09:34:05a Voting opens in Cameroon presidential election
09:34:21a Sappi share surge after news of
09:34:26a Mails dip, but postman’s workload in Gujarat is up
09:34:32a Battle for Hisar gets fierce, Anna factor adds to Congress woes
09:34:38a Paul McCartney To Marry Again
09:34:44a Real estate limbo
09:35:22a Ishrat SIT to fall back on hard evidence
09:35:30a 'X Factor' judge Kelly Rowland hopes to reunite with dad after 23 years
09:35:36a Zimbabwe No Respite for Domestic Workers
09:35:42a Women vent their anger, pain
09:35:57a Nigeria 2012 Budget House Will Ensure 99 Per Cent Implementation-Rep
09:36:02a Early results from Tijuana
09:36:08a World posts tributes to Apple's Steve Jobs on Twitter
09:36:14a 6 new medical colleges in Gujarat soon
09:36:19a Kirsten Dunst doesn't like to be a puppet
09:36:25a Zimbabwe 'Used Car Import Ban Spawns Revenue Loss'
09:36:31a The China trade factor is SA's foreign policy up for sale?
09:36:37a Sienna Miller's stepmum settles NOTW hacking claim for GBP 60000
09:36:42a Nigeria Air Force Decorates 62 With New Ranks
09:36:48a Flying in Africa still pricey
09:36:54a Liquor seized from hotel opposite Gandhi Ashram
09:37:00a Angola Ministry Mobilises Workers to Update Voter's Registration
09:37:05a Sohrabuddin case Four police officials arrested in Gujarat
09:37:11a As 'Occupy' protests spread, some politicians rebuke
09:37:16a Special omen for the Wallabies
09:37:22a Blast, gunshots rock Afghanistan's Kandahar
09:37:28a Forbidden fruit at a bitter price, but oranges will be sweet
09:37:33a SA ‘may issue R1 trillion nuclear tender‘
09:37:39a Commodities plummet on uncertainty
09:37:45a Gujarat police had formed 3 teams to nab Sylvester
09:37:50a Haikou reels from holiday rainstorms
09:37:56a Bono's charity ad banned for violating broadcast rules
09:38:02a Nigeria Arik Orders Two Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Planes
09:38:08a Govt agrees to disclose audio recordings of Lokpal Committee
09:38:14a Kuwait geared up for Lebanon in WC qualifier KFA chief
09:38:19a Further monetary tightening expected
09:38:25a Gender gap squanders billions in Australia, Asia
09:38:31a I thought my family was odd Gemma Arterton
09:38:37a Sir Paul McCartney to wed again
09:38:43a Nigeria Plateau Doctors Threaten to Begin Strike
09:38:49a David Beckham's son swears in Spanish
09:38:54a Merc worried about SA
09:39:00a Giving China a run for its money
09:39:06a Nicki Minaj had suicidal thoughts!
09:39:12a US should look closer to home to fix trade deficit
09:39:17a Putin's China visit watched for strategic signals
09:39:23a Eight injured in Cuttack bomb explosion
09:39:29a Gujarat cops begin probe in lovebirds issue
09:39:35a Tander, Percat win Bathurst heartstopper
09:39:41a Vettel seals historic F1 world title defence
09:39:47a Zimbabwe Property Rights Under Spotlight
09:39:53a Zimbabwe Electronic Transactions Grow to U.S.21 Billion
09:39:59a N. Zealand lead Argentina 12-7 in Rugby W. Cup
09:40:04a Bottom of market rout is imminent
09:40:10a Zimbabwe Rand Slide Implications
09:40:15a Kiddie tents come off shelves as defective wires spark major recall
09:40:21a France, Belgium meet to finalise Dexia break-up
09:40:27a Angola Uige Hosts National Forum On Rural Women
09:40:33a Focus should be on Tutu's three main commitments
09:40:39a Angola New Savings, Credit Bank Management Sworn in
09:40:44a Nigeria EFCC Declares Former Governor Goje Wanted
09:40:50a Turkish police block mass Kurdish protest
09:40:56a Security developments in Afghanistan, Oct 9
09:41:02a Weather PAGASA tracks new LPA off Mindanao
09:41:08a Kuwait- Sheikh Mubarak visits KUNA bureau in Ankara
09:41:14a New Zealand PM demands oil slick answers
09:41:20a UAE- GCC info. ministry undersecretaries urge unified media strategy
09:41:25a Kuwaiti Finance Minister Arrives in Beijing to Discuss Bilateral Cooperation
09:41:31a Kuwait- KFAS hosts award ceremony for best research in 2009
09:41:37a WHY did Steve Jobs drive his silver Mercedes without a license plate?
09:41:42a A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Sunday, October 9th
09:41:48a The Guild turns product placement into merchandising gold
09:41:53a Buddy Roemer bucks the field on 'Occupy Wall Street' protest views
09:43:19a Rann urges gay marriage legalisation
09:43:54a Egypt mulls over rejected USD3.2b IMF deal
09:44:26a Roger Williams, pianist to presidents, dies
09:44:38a Egypt- Fitch raises Egypt recovery concerns
09:44:59a Memo opened door to kill U.S.-born cleric in Yemen
09:45:04a Celebrate Columbus Day with Pancetta Palermo
09:45:22a Apple looks to Siri to help drive iPhone 4S sales
09:45:27a Holder hits bottom ' keeps digging
09:45:33a We will not allow second Kargil Army official
09:45:39a Amazon drops Brink, Duke Nukem Forever to and other gaming deals
09:45:45a Troops start arriving in Rajasthan for annual training exercises
09:46:11a Thomas apprises Sonia of progress in Food Security Bill
09:46:33a VP launches Brahma Kumaris' platinum jubilee celebrations
09:46:41a Metropolitan accuses Montenegro of persecuting SPC
09:46:54a IGN Pro League 3 Origins Day 1
09:47:00a BJP demands PM's resignation over corruption charges
09:47:09a All India Ulema Board condemns Advani's proposed rath yatra
09:47:18a Rahul Gandhi hope of masses Lallan Kumar
09:47:23a BJP demands special package for flood hit Orissa
09:47:29a Air vigilance of metros in the offing IAF Chief
09:47:40a How Steve Jobs' Lovable Machines Got in Our Hearts
09:48:02a Ohio cops bust four in Amish attack
09:48:10a Angola German Navy Intends to Deepen Cooperation With State
09:48:16a Goa Mining scam Parrikar removed from PAC
09:48:21a NGMA accepts donation of 38 sculptures of artist Carmel Berkson
09:48:27a Congress not bothered about Anna's CD or video Khurshid
09:48:32a A 'watershed' project for uplift of villagers
09:48:38a Several innocent people behind jail in terror cases LJP
09:48:44a Wheel big bucks for oldest auto
09:48:49a Gujarat to have 20 ICU on wheels in near future Vyas
09:48:55a This Isn't 'Lending' - It's More Like Looting
09:49:00a Selja asks women candidates to start work before civic polls
09:49:06a CSIA selected as host airport for 'Routes Asia 2013'
09:49:11a DHS must target U.S. Islamist thugs King
09:49:17a Clerk Stabbed During Robbery at BP in Fairfield
09:49:23a Chavan demands Rs 500 cr from Centre for minorities development
09:49:35a We will not tolerate 'dadagiri' of Congress Kejriwal
09:49:50a Putin's China visit watched for strategic signals
09:49:55a Bahrainis off to Iran for qualifier
09:50:01a Iranian influence dwindling in Iraq
09:50:07a RSS can move court for checking legal aspects of NAC Khurshid
09:50:13a BJP women's wing voices concern for specially-abled people
09:50:18a BJP slams Mayawati over rise in corruption cases across Uttar Pradesh
09:50:24a France, Belgium meet to finalize Dexia break-up
09:50:54a 50-foot bridge stolen in western Pa.
09:51:00a Calif. psychic's costly gems of wisdom
09:51:05a Protesters pepper-sprayed at D.C. museum
09:51:18a Iranian, Kazakh FMs talk trade
09:51:28a Guards, protesters clash at D.C. museum
09:53:14a Don't have expectation for any post Gadkari
09:53:19a Suspicious death at Borders farm
09:53:39a Regulatory body to be set up to tackle misleading ads
09:53:45a VIDEO Sir Paul to marry for third time
09:53:56a Executive programme 'not enough'
09:54:02a It's my job to sense the pulse of youth Chetan Bhagat
09:54:08a SJVNL achieves record power generation
09:54:16a Man, 75, dies after fire on Gower
09:54:56a Physician 'was a giant' in field
09:55:02a AI to get USD 1.3 bn loan guarantees from American bank
09:55:11a Security tightened for Mamata visit
09:55:29a Polish PM's party expected to win Sunday election
09:56:32a Malinga's four helps Mumbai Indians enter Champions League final
09:56:38a US Dollar gains on Eurozone rating downgrades, UK QE
09:56:44a Briny Baird leads by two shots
09:57:09a Police in rape claim woman arrest
09:57:25a Rivals unite over Wembley death
09:57:31a Kiev unveils host venue for Euro 2012 final
09:57:37a 'Michael Forever' Tribute Held In Wales
09:57:42a Supreme Court to hear Kasab's plea for Mumbai Attack
09:57:48a US hedge fund's €60m slug from CC
09:57:53a Television actress claims to be molested by doctor
09:57:59a IDA gave €61m grants to firms who have since left the country
09:58:17a Food shopping 101 Armed with food stamps, nutritionist gets cooking
09:58:28a Hu speaks highly of 1911 Revolution
09:58:46a Tear gas Woof! It is Sausage the Athens riot dog
09:59:02a Weight Loss HCG Diet Program Now Available in Chewable Tablets from...
09:59:11a When dominoes fall, good CFL GMs are ready
09:59:19a The Important Part of Vitamin D in Sustaining Body Health
09:59:25a Fears of fuel spill's legacy hang over salmon run
09:59:31a Teignbridge Propellers score Middle East first...
09:59:36a “The Princess Bride” Reunion
09:59:42a UNESCO meeting debates Palestinian membership, greater focus on Africa
09:59:48a Kuwait Finance House implements Next-Generation Contact Center from Avaya
09:59:54a As Wal-Mart cuts labor costs, shelves go unstocked
10:00:00a Next phase in Syria may bring assassinations, car bombs
10:00:06a Zimbabwe Drugs Giant On Health Alert
10:00:11a Pittsburgh 5, Calgary 3
10:00:17a Sudan Govt, South Sudan Form Committees to Tackle Post-Split Issues
10:00:23a Zimbabwe ZANU-PF Chickens Out From Relocating Chitsa Families
10:00:28a Mick McCabe With back Drake Johnson, Pioneer runs strong
10:00:34a Militants publicly execute man, boy for sexual affair
10:00:40a Syria's Kurdish leader's death sparks anger
10:00:45a Haya Water sponsoring Oman Investment Forum 2011
10:00:51a Zimbabwe Archbishop of Canterbury Visit Sparks Controversy
10:00:57a March 14 MP slams cabinet's stance over Syria's violations
10:01:02a Turkey condemns attacks against Syrian opposition figures
10:01:08a Saudi Arabia executes 8 Bangladeshis
10:01:14a Angola UNICEF to Train Social Activists
10:01:19a Rangers knock around Verlander in rainy Texas
10:01:25a Zimbabwe De Klerk Wary of Political Backlash
10:01:31a Investment bank income in Middle East at seven-...
10:01:37a Angola Government Committed to Administrative Decentralisation Deputy Minister
10:01:42a Do you know which side of your car the fuel tank is on
10:01:48a Declining reserves pose large risk
10:01:54a UPDATE 1-France, Belgium meet to finalise Dexia break-up
10:02:00a Who needs a roof in Arlington? It never rains!
10:02:06a Sudan UN Opens Camp for Blue Nile's Refugees in Ethiopia
10:02:12a Qatar Airways plans 'multi-billion-dollar'...
10:02:17a Jordan still wants to get back with me, claims ex Peter Andre
10:02:23a Palestinians push for visible presence, UAE paper
10:02:28a B.C. Provincial Police veterans still asking why force was disbanded in 1950
10:02:34a Iraq sides with Iran, not U.S., on Syria
10:02:39a Zimbabwe MPs Defy Executive
10:02:45a Islamist pressure on Christians grows in Egypt
10:02:50a Merkel to hold talks with Sarkozy amid euro crisis
10:02:56a Murder of Syria's Tammo opens dangerous chapter
10:03:01a Angola Rural Development Programme to Register Families
10:03:07a Wall St.'s capital enables protesters’ rants
10:03:12a Edmonton death could set deadly record for city
10:03:18a Phase 2 of MacRitchie Reservoir's renovations complete
10:03:23a Apple fans bid final farewell
10:03:29a Turkey must rethink stance on Syria, NATO missile shield or face 'trouble'
10:03:35a Halal certified premises set to grow 60% by 2015
10:03:40a Battles still rage in Sirte as Gadaffi forces retreat
10:03:46a Fake cop busts real cop oops
10:04:01a South Africa Rugby Coach Resigns After World Cup Loss
10:04:07a Kurdish activist killed, stoking tension in Syria
10:04:13a Four policemen arrested, suspended over witness' escape
10:04:18a Saudi Arabia to verify over 100,000 university degrees
10:04:24a Lavish hotel opens in China's richest village
10:04:29a Spirit of Selma is reborn on Broadway
10:04:35a Tunisia arrests Libyan intelligence man
10:04:41a ADAC unveils first Airport Corporate Responsibility Report in Middle East and North Africa
10:05:03a Vettel finishes third to retain Formula One world title
10:05:24a Mental Health Month starts
10:05:32a Rahul Gandhi, Jitendra Singh make surprise visit to Gopalgarh
10:05:40a Airport wins 3 more awards
10:05:46a Gun thugs try to hide in Rockaway Beach sand
10:05:52a With IPTV, Batelco Will Offer High Quality Entertainment
10:05:57a Maathai rejected lucrative offers to ship her memoirs out of Kenya
10:06:03a Political consultations to continue today
10:06:09a “Best way to help Serbs is to recognize Kosovo”
10:06:15a Confusion As NLC, Airtel War Over Dismissed Staff
10:06:20a Maoists kill policeman in Karnataka
10:06:26a Police investigating SDP forum
10:06:32a Does the Indian care
10:06:37a Gulf bonds attract investors amid global financial turmoil
10:06:43a Fukushima starts thyroid tests
10:06:48a 'Anna BJP's man for President'
10:06:54a Rights Group Urges U.N. Chief to Investigate China Scoop NZ World
10:06:59a Prosecutor probes possible Nobel leak
10:07:05a Confessions of an Over Speeding Driver
10:07:10a Gold price drops as Vietnam banks re-open trading
10:07:16a Cholera Epidemic Hits Country
10:07:22a Don't Double-Guess Us, Say France - We Don't Know
10:07:27a Afghanistan seeks Pak's help in stalled peace process while bashing it over terror links
10:07:33a What West Indian poet received the Nobel Prize for Literature on Oct. 8, 1992
10:07:39a China's railway passenger traffic touches record high 67.3 million mark
10:07:45a Gunbattle breaks out in Kashmir
10:07:51a South Africas Chad wins six golds at Swimming World Cup
10:07:57a Hong Kong continues to push itself as one of the world's great wine centers
10:08:03a Battle of equals between Mumbai and Bangalore
10:08:09a Mutallab Lawyer to Make Opening Statement Tuesday
10:08:14a South-South Plans Summit to Tackle Education Decline
10:08:20a England reaching Euro 2012 is a massive achievement Bent
10:08:26a Do you know which side of your car the fuel tank is on?
10:08:32a Wild elephant kills woman in Corbett Park
10:08:38a Why Kenya now looks up to China
10:08:43a Yemeni opposition plays down Saleh's promise to quit
10:08:49a Ethiopia Pushes Vision to Be Region's Power Hub
10:08:55a France French Socialists vote in presidential primary
10:09:00a Palancas Negras Sink Guinea Bissau to Qualify
10:09:06a Syli Nationale Go Through With Nigeria Draw
10:09:11a Before the Removal of Fuel Subsidies
10:09:17a New Zealand beat Argentina 33-10 at World Cup
10:09:22a Wall Street protests spread to Sweden
10:09:28a Renaissance festival kicks off in US
10:09:33a As EFCC Gets Arrest Warrant Nationwide Manhunt for Ex-Gov
10:09:39a Bringing solar energy to Sindh
10:09:44a Australia triumph in arm wrestle with South Africa
10:09:50a Encouraging Business Growth Through Non-Interest Banking
10:09:55a Other Views Obama's jobs bill and U.S. overspending
10:10:01a Clinton proposes relationship between India-China-US
10:10:07a Syrian FM warns against recognizing opposition
10:10:12a United States The Obama reality disconnect
10:10:18a Interview George Bush Still Supports Troops
10:10:23a This is Minnesota, not Somalia, so stand up and be...
10:10:29a Obama attacks Republicans over his jobs bill
10:10:35a We Are Sorry Siasia
10:10:40a Republicans vow retaliation after Reid uses nuclear option in Senate
10:10:46a SL ruling party wins polls marred by violence
10:10:52a Dubai Shares Rise on Europe Debt Optimism, Oil Rally; OIB Surges
10:10:59a Reps, EFCC At War We're Investigating Reps' 2008 Car Purchase Scam
10:11:04a Liam Fox still front page news
10:11:09a UNFC calls on China to mediate for peace
10:11:15a Nigeria Sirleaf-Johnson, Two Others Win Nobel Prize
10:11:21a Security guard slain in confrontation at gas station
10:11:27a Dalai Lama slams China's 'hypocritical communist system'
10:11:33a Report Gaddafi nephew arrested in Sirte
10:11:39a 1000s To Join Demo Against Health Reforms
10:11:44a Thomas GOP's quest for perfect nominee akin to Dems' embrace of illusory messiah
10:11:50a Nigeria Controversy Trails Raid of Lagos Pharmacy Shops
10:11:57a Yemeni leader again says he will quit
10:12:11a 0010 President Obama's Radio Address
10:12:17a NTC forces take control of Sirte university
10:12:23a German referee says Roo may still escape full impact of red card rumpus
10:12:28a Wales need to refocus Warburton
10:12:34a Kenya The Road to Mama Obama's Home
10:12:39a 'Rush' for new N-plants condemned
10:12:45a Libyan forces pummel Gadhafi allies' stronghold
10:12:51a Pakistan's CB reduces key rate by 150 basis pts
10:12:56a Mixed response for Transtromer's Nobel prize
10:13:02a Oman's Al Anwar Ceramic net up 6%
10:13:07a Philippine floods teem with tales of unsinkable spirit
10:13:13a Her Majesty marks 65th b'day with spouses of foreign envoy
10:13:19a DP World arranges 20-year financing for London...
10:13:38a Malaysia abolishes school fees for poor Indian students
10:13:43a Woods Background noise needs to be quieted
10:13:49a Pelosi pinpoints jobs as crux of protests
10:13:55a Milbank Obama's much too nuanced to move movement
10:14:00a After Irene, Vt. strives to save its historic sites
10:14:06a Amtrak train collides with tractor-trailer truck
10:14:12a President asked to OK Ruhut bogus marriage probe
10:14:18a Man finds stranger sleeping in his Fla. apartment
10:14:24a Taiwan offers 9 rice varieties for Brunei's domestic farming
10:14:29a Perry touts Social Security change
10:14:35a Sikh youths brighten lives on a gloomy day in Kuala Lumpur
10:14:41a China's refined oil product stocks up in early Oct
10:14:47a Indonesia, Malaysia start Borneo border talks
10:14:53a Fowler wins Korea Open, 1st pro title
10:14:58a Yemeni President Stepping Down, Or False Promise?
10:15:04a South Korea's automobile imports from EU surge 27 per cent
10:15:10a Cameron criticised over midwive numbers
10:15:16a President ready to announce reshuffle
10:15:21a No need for personal apology from US envoy
10:15:27a Liberia, Yemen honour Nobel winners
10:15:33a Libyan fighters in Sirte gains
10:15:39a Smuggled U.S. ammo feeds drug wars
10:15:45a Bank's Weale says evidence shows QE supports economy
10:15:51a Officials approve billion Port of Miami project
10:15:58a Culture Minister Praises Functioning of Sector
10:16:04a Mallory and the conquest of Everest
10:16:09a and just down the street a bit we have the ongoing struggle.
10:16:15a cars honking
10:16:21a Bashed cabbie calls for security screens
10:16:26a Tamils 'still want independent state'
10:16:32a Bangladesh's Meghna Bridge under threat
10:16:38a Report US movie about Norway attacks upsets next-of-kin
10:16:44a Step by step, fighters root out loyalists in Gaddafi's stronghold
10:16:49a Divided Over the Death Penalty
10:16:55a Vettel seals second title, Button wins race
10:17:01a Protesters gather for Archbishop's Zimbabwe trip
10:17:07a Oil slick salvage efforts underway
10:17:12a Australia edge past Boks to set up NZ semi-final
10:17:18a Malaysia's PM proposes USD73.7b 2012 budget
10:17:24a WFP urges flood-hit Pakistan to enact disaster prevention strategies
10:17:30a Cartoonists At International Festival
10:17:36a Electoral Registration to Reach Prisoners
10:17:41a Carthage Eagles Beat Togo to Book Place
10:17:47a Explorer dives into blue holes of the Bahamas
10:17:53a bicycle egenerator
10:17:59a O'Connor Penalty Knocks South Africa Out of World Cup
10:18:05a gorilla publishing at its best
10:18:14a Dozens of rescued dogs finally get baths, grooming
10:18:19a NGO Presents Mini-Series Entitled 'A Equipa'
10:18:25a Vettel retains Formula One world title in Japan
10:18:31a Three women have done the world proud
10:18:37a Pope denounces "inhuman" mafia in southern Italy
10:18:43a Over 100 Exhibitors At Fashion Business
10:18:49a Deputy Minister Stresses Local Autarchies
10:19:02a Denise Welch despairs at drunken Bahamas trip purchase
10:19:07a Foreign Minister On New Organic Statute
10:19:13a Bahrain ‘running out of waste space’
10:19:22a Nigeria Damage Goes to America
10:19:27a Minister Defends Continued Promotion of Handicrafts
10:19:33a Design bites Evolution of
10:19:39a US only half way to ending Afghan conflict, says McChry
10:19:51a Polish Ruling Party Expected To Win Elections
10:19:58a Abused kids would get million from state
10:20:05a All Blacks work hard to beat Argentina
10:20:15a Denmark's Max Bank transferred into state hands
10:20:21a Wallabies knock out world champions Springboks 11-9
10:20:27a Springboks' World Cup hopes ended by Australia
10:20:32a Woman killed, another injured in car crash
10:20:38a Bx. Catholic schools go high-tech
10:20:44a Being PM is ‘burden’ for Berlusconi
10:20:50a US- RM Auctions Sell World's Oldest Running Car for Million
10:20:56a Earlier circumcision may slow HIV, HPV rates in S. Africa
10:21:01a Senior Republican slams Wall Street protests/t
10:21:07a America's Rising Black Middle Class
10:21:13a Poland votes in parliamentary election
10:21:22a Readers mostly defend U.S. killing of American al-Qaeda leader
10:21:27a The Obama reality disconnect
10:21:33a Petromin Express celebrates 10 years of international leadership in quality auto services
10:21:48a 'Syrian Kurds declare 'intifada' after assassination'
10:21:54a Leaders call on police to prevent 'price-tag' attacks
10:22:00a San Francisco Mayoral Debate Monday Live On
10:22:05a All-American Boy Hopes For Family
10:22:11a NZ PM demands oil slick answers
10:22:16a Liberians weigh Sirleaf's Nobel win ahead of vote
10:22:22a American police searching for father and son
10:22:28a The frigate Pallada sailing the Pacific
10:22:34a Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a Controversial Win
10:22:39a Rugby-Don't double-guess us, say France - we don't know
10:22:45a Russian buys 6 apts in Ramat Gan's City Tower
10:22:51a 6.5-Magnitude Quake Hits Tonga Islands
10:22:57a Gulf Air boosts eco-friendly drive
10:23:02a Gulf Industry Forum Brings Future Into Focus
10:23:08a World's oldest car sells for million
10:23:13a The All Blacks have not been beaten in 25 Tests at Eden Park
10:23:19a UPDATE 1-Rugby-Australia eliminate South Africa to reach semis
10:23:25a Abbas seeks support for UN bid in S. America
10:23:31a Zimbabwe A Case for Parly Autonomy
10:23:36a China's Jiang appears in public after speculation
10:23:42a Bahrain's telecom operators lag behind Gulf rivals in 4G service
10:23:47a Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch Reviews Costa Rica
10:23:53a Zimbabwe Hey Kids, Much Ado About Nothing At Reps
10:23:58a Maid jailed for sex, child with man she says was husband
10:24:04a 'The Silence of the Lambs' in Abu Dhabi
10:24:09a ADNOC's shipping arm receives new oil tanker
10:24:15a Taiwan to prohibit foreign single-hull oil tankers
10:24:21a Taiwan's National Day draws huge foreign turnout
10:24:27a More giant prawns being found in Gulf of Mexico
10:24:32a Taiwan Academy to open simultaneously in N.Y., L.A., Houston
10:24:38a Plane forced to ditch in Pacific Ocean
10:24:43a Top-ranked Tseng wins LPGA Korea
10:24:49a Foreign deposits with UAE banks in H1 rise by USD4b
10:24:55a Egypt's ruling military council amends election law
10:25:01a Fujairah rains kill two, cause traffic chaos
10:25:06a Zimbabwe Media in Ethics Dilemma
10:25:12a Rights group calls on China to release Nobel Laureate, others jailed, disappeared
10:25:18a Yemen's Saleh says will step down
10:25:24a China's ex-president quashes death rumours
10:25:30a UAE- GCC ministers' meeting in capital
10:25:36a UAE- 'Innovation center' to offer hi-tech insights
10:25:41a Dexia's board od directors is due to meet in Brussels
10:25:47a Libya fighters in 'final stages' to take Gadhafi hometown, they say
10:25:53a In China, too, know your market
10:25:59a Taiwan Centennial Commercial in New York Times Square
10:26:04a Italy Pope
10:26:10a UAE, Montenegro ink economic cooperation agreement
10:26:16a UAE's Landmark Group plans annual revenue of USD5b by 2015
10:26:21a Brazil ship line-up shows Egypt, Chinese buying, Williams says
10:26:27a Zimbabwe Chombo Grants Councillors Discounted Stands
10:26:33a Zambia's new president wants Malawi to apologize for deporting him in 2007
10:26:38a Keep Your Dreams Alive
10:26:44a Abu Dhabi Education Council participates at Gitex 2011 for the first time
10:26:50a Big foreign turnout expected for National Day festivities
10:26:56a UAE- Sharjah drive to remove bills, posters from walls
10:27:01a UK's Blue Barracuda integrates with ME's Horizon Group
10:27:09a Etihad Airways post USD1.1b revenues in Q3
10:27:17a Despite the delays, redistricting has been mostly fair
10:27:22a Palin pulls a Palin
10:27:28a Exchange rates against Egyptian pound- Sunday
10:27:34a Myanmar arrests 229 drug offenders in September
10:27:40a Dubai DED consumer survey shows 75% optimistic about personal finances
10:27:46a Minimum wage for Egypt's private sector is expected to be announced Sunday
10:27:52a Bulgarian Regional Minister Upbeat about Trakiya Hwy Funding
10:27:58a UAE- GCC ministers' meeting in capital
10:28:03a UAE- 'Innovation center' to offer hi-tech insights
10:28:09a Time to ratify Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban
10:28:14a PHL policy group urges G20 to end tax haven secrecy
10:28:20a Three in court over deaths, injuries at Dubai steel factory
10:28:26a Pakistan needs more than mn for relief and reconstruction UAE envoy
10:28:31a The root of our distress
10:28:37a Chilean controversial Patagonia mega-dam project top be appealed at Supreme Court
10:28:43a GCT represents Genius, Edimax and Lafeada at Gitex 2011
10:28:48a FRA rules out massive maize wastage
10:28:54a Solyndra is only part of the 'green jobs' scandal
10:29:00a How would Republican candidates fight Roe v. Wade
10:29:05a Christian Nation – Policy and Practice
10:29:11a Landmark Group eyes revenue by 2015
10:29:17a UAE- Etisalat's leadership in wholesale carrier and networks recognised
10:29:33a Serving up Rick Perry
10:29:39a Motorists urge Government to monitor fuel prices reduction directive
10:29:45a Koor, Property & Building in Talks on Terms of NYC Building Deal
10:29:51a Suspicious fire on Co Armagh farm
10:29:56a Kenya Kibaki Warns External Aggressors
10:30:01a State group wants Target to dump Chinese peaches
10:30:07a Raja owes the public real details on the drink levy
10:30:12a A New Experiment in Open-Source Citizenship
10:30:18a Vettel takes the title as Button wins in Japan
10:30:23a Third Annual Chinese Martial Arts Competition Opens
10:30:29a N. Zealand beat Argentina in Rugby W. Cup quarters
10:30:34a US Federal Cybersecurity Attacks Increased 650 Percent in 5 Years
10:30:40a Uneasy moments as rivals meet
10:30:46a Australian military hit by sex assault claim
10:30:52a US FTC approves Teva's Cephalon acquisition
10:30:57a Businessman shot, five gangsters killed in Nairobi
10:31:03a Libya forces tighten grip on Kadhafi hometown
10:31:09a Kitutu hopefuls battle for major parties
10:31:14a Taiwan baby boom offsets low birth rate fears
10:31:20a Top lawyers seek Ocampo's job
10:31:25a Smartphone wars pause in honour of Apple chief
10:31:31a Bulgarian Artist PM Borisov Is Country's Ataturk
10:31:37a Mourners demand to view Maathai's body
10:31:43a U.S. special operations in Afghanistan won't end anytime soon
10:31:48a Central Rift tea farmers to get huge bonus
10:31:54a How new offices are raising cost of judicial reforms
10:32:00a Female soldier reports sex assault in Afghanistan
10:32:06a Wanted Filipino Women arrested
10:32:12a Kenya Mr Kitili Mbathi Is New KTB Chairman
10:32:17a Miami Lakes Neighborhood Upset Over Botched Extermination Of Ducks
10:32:23a Indian mechanic beaten, robbed in Kuwait
10:32:29a Sri Lanka ruling party wins polls marred by violence
10:32:35a 11 injured in two Philippine blasts
10:32:40a Technocrat or politician for governor
10:32:46a More Deaths Reported After Clashes In Afghanistan
10:32:51a Neighbours in Nyeri accept Maathai won’t be going home
10:33:05a Egypt- Translators comment on Transtromer's future in Arabic
10:33:10a Diamonds shine against England
10:33:16a VIDEO State funeral for Kenyan Nobel laureate
10:33:21a Is this Saitoti's best chance
10:33:27a human power oct 7th Occupy SF / Wall st solidarity pics
10:33:32a Wallabies hold off relentless Springboks
10:33:38a Results From Dominican Republic
10:33:44a Aussie maternity shop beats US giant in court
10:33:50a Locos cruise past Omaha in home opener, 30-10
10:33:55a Ruto targets women and the youth in Coast campaign
10:34:00a Aussies knock out defending champ Springboks; into RWC semis
10:34:06a WA punter scores Lotto win
10:34:12a University of Dubai backs top education show
10:34:18a Victim in apparent murder suicide stable
10:34:23a Swan River gun hunt unsuccessful
10:34:29a Health Report Prostate Exams Do More Harm than Good?
10:34:34a UAW and Chrysler to meet Monday
10:34:40a Libya forces struggle to take Gaddafi hometown
10:34:57a 2 service members die in Afghanistan
10:35:04a Bali teen faces many weeks in custody
10:35:09a 'Reforms Hurt Small-Scale Farmers'
10:35:15a New death sentence in fatal bootlegging brawl
10:35:20a Neighbour shot at his neighbour
10:35:25a Cost free ways to help charities
10:35:31a Doctor Too Much Texting Causing 'Text Neck'
10:35:41a Bali Teen's arrest a warning to all travellers
10:35:52a Merkel and Sarkozy focus on shoring up banks
10:35:58a SA toddler contracts meningococcal
10:36:11a Yemen President confirms he will be stepping down soon
10:36:21a European crisis tests investors' 'go global' strategy
10:36:27a Syrian man caught trying to escape Roumieh
10:36:34a British and Albanian delegation discuss with Saudi Businessmen prospects of industrial investments
10:36:42a Security in place for possible McCartney wedding
10:36:49a Avoiding Poor Diet Perils on the Road
10:36:54a Demonstrators have been removed from the Syrian embassy in Berlin after breaking in.
10:37:00a Man drowns after throwing ball for his dog
10:37:06a NBA's Kaman, Nowitzki targetted by Bayern Munich
10:37:12a Coop urges Mikati to provide LL 75 billion treasury loan
10:37:17a Protesters gather for Archbishop's Zimbabwe trip
10:37:23a Canada Sep jobless rate drops 7.1%
10:37:29a Saudi- Pilgrims eat Haram's pigeon feed for cure
10:37:34a Bashir and Kiir Vow Closer Cooperation for Sustainable Peace in North and South Sudan
10:37:40a Saudi- Water, sewage projects worth SR851m awarded
10:37:46a Saudi- Use modern technology to spread message of Qur'an Khaled
10:37:51a Saudi- Mugger, women thieves in police net
10:37:57a Police search for female attackers
10:38:03a Saudi- ABCC to organize Saudi financial conference on Thursday
10:38:09a Saudi- Pakistani expat beaten, robbed of SR136,800
10:38:15a Saudi- Tarahum secures release of youth imprisoned over traffic accident
10:38:20a Saudi- 'TEDx Arabia 2011 a place to brainstorm'
10:38:25a Saudi- Dar Al-Arkan gets approval for SR4bn fund
10:38:31a Separation of Powers Doctrine Under Threat
10:38:36a Saudi- Cable cars to link Makkah's parking lots with Haram
10:38:42a Saudi- Jeddah apartment fire kills mother and two daughters
10:38:48a Man steals backpacks from German tourists
10:38:53a US fiscal year 2011 federal deficit expected to reach USD1.3tr
10:38:59a Beirut takes the straightforward approach WITH VIDEO
10:39:05a U.S. officials redraw Iraq troops training plan RIA Novosti
10:39:11a Lebanon's Arabic press digest Oct. 9, 2011
10:39:17a Saudi Jarir Q3 estimated net profit up 47.6%
10:39:22a Lebanon's students face uphill battle
10:39:28a Saudi- Almarai posts SR429.7m net profit
10:39:34a Saudi- Eight Bangladeshis, two Saudis executed
10:39:40a Saudi- Patients forced to wait long hours in clinics, survey shows
10:39:46a Saudi Aramco, US Dow Chemical ink USD20b chemical plant deal
10:39:52a A glance at programs of the 5 main parties in Poland's parliamentary elections
10:39:57a Saudi- Overstayer held for killing bootlegger
10:40:03a Saudi- Local banks struggle to deal with new customers due to 'heavy rush'
10:40:09a Security barriers put up ahead of possible Paul McCartney wedding to Nancy Shevell
10:40:15a Dalai Lama Slams China Censorship in South Africa Video Chat
10:40:21a Australian soldier reports sex assault in Afghanistan
10:40:27a Ambos boot camp
10:40:32a Saudi- Labor minister to attend BRJ's annual fun
10:40:38a Everything Greek
10:40:43a Jiang emerges to quash rumours of death
10:40:49a Huge opportunities in Saudi supermarket business Tamimi Group
10:40:55a Saudi- Asir mayor refutes reports about rough behavior to citizen
10:41:00a Occupy D.C. rally in Washington Voice of Russia
10:41:06a Newly discovered particle gone in 60 nanoseconds
10:41:11a Police breakthrough in cold case
10:41:17a Saudi insurance market heads to massive growth AXA
10:41:23a Mao cap-wearing Philippine communist rebel is dead
10:42:12a NATO Says Two Service Members Have Died in Afghanistan
10:42:18a Is SA's foreign policy up for sale?
10:42:24a Fast and Furious weapons were found in Mexico cartel enforcer's home
10:42:30a Christian Man Targeted in Safety' of Northern Iraq
10:42:36a Punters favour American growth theorists for Nobel prize in economics
10:42:41a Dow Chemical and Saudi's Aramco sign plant deal
10:42:46a Iraq Army delays pullout from cities over security Zee News International
10:42:52a Eyewitness News Story Rundown for Sunday. October 9th
10:42:57a Saudi- Housing allowance eludes public sector employees
10:43:03a Saudi reduces Sep oil output to 9.3m bpd
10:43:08a Iraq to Construct Two New Refineries to Meet Domestic Need
10:43:15a Wales v Fiji as it happened
10:43:20a Airspan Networks Expands Middle East Activities With New Regional Office in Dubai
10:43:26a Indigenisation DVD to Be Launched Today
10:43:31a Young Matildas falter in North Korea
10:43:36a 1 in 3 vets against Iraq and Afghanistan wars Voice of Russia
10:43:48a Swiss officials convene bank crisis committee-paper
10:43:53a Woodland Park Gets First Big Snow Of The Season
10:43:59a Simpsons extended for two series
10:44:17a New Information In Homicide Case
10:44:26a VIDEO Academics uncover Strictly success
10:44:38a Maher GOP 'Denying Racism Is The New Racism'
10:44:47a Saudi- Local banks struggle to deal with new customers due to 'heavy rush'
10:45:09a Iger Stepping Down at Disney, Successor Fight to Follow?
10:45:15a Greek and Hispanic Festival fill downtown Augusta
10:45:23a Saudi- 'TEDx Arabia 2011 a place to brainstorm'
10:45:28a Killer sharks invade golf course in Aust
10:45:34a Snowy Weather Causes Minor Accident At DIA
10:45:39a Fans pay respects to 'mythical figure' Al Davis
10:45:45a Man in critical condition after accident with two mopeds and a truck
10:45:51a Video Explosion Destroys Home
10:46:06a Finland 79 Children Developed Narcolepsy After Receiving the Swine Flu Pandemrix Vaccine
10:46:12a Bahrain gears up for Gulf Industry Forum
10:46:18a Jerry Brown signs Dream Act for illegal immigrants
10:46:33a Saudi Safco Q3 net doubles, beats forecasts
10:46:38a Local Forecast 10-8-11
10:46:44a Video Forecast
10:46:50a Terrified workers down tools after deathtrap alert on Scottish Parliament roof
10:47:12a Meth labs all more common for law enforcement as labs become smaller, more portable
10:47:17a Scotland keep Euro 2012 qualifying hopes alive
10:47:23a NTC Fighters Battle To Take Control Of Sirte
10:47:29a Scots tycoon Duncan Bannatyne comes out fighting for troops
10:47:48a Mugabe to quiz Anglican leader on gays, sanctions
10:48:09a Limpopo man arrested after rape
10:48:18a Oakland Raiders' owner Al Davis dies at 82 Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxx
10:48:28a Man killed, woman wounded in S.J. shooting
10:48:34a So
10:48:40a Home na
10:49:07a Home nations
10:49:13a 5.5 magnitude quake hits Christchurch
10:49:49a DP World signs a 20-year financing deal
10:50:07a Dexia board to discuss breakup of bank
10:50:19a Family killed in Limpopo crash
10:50:25a Academic bashes P.R.C. treatment of Republic of China history
10:51:07a International Bank of Qatar to increase compensation packages for Qataris
10:51:12a Obama's Weekly Address GOP Needs To 'Prove' My Plan Won't Work
10:51:33a Gap in market opened door to riches for Ireland's first eBay millionaire
10:51:41a Short Sterling front contracts are at their lowest in about five months
10:51:47a Industrial park opens in Bienville Parish
10:52:47a Saudi Aramco, Dow ink petchem deal
10:52:54a Battle for Hisar gets fierce, Anna factor adds to Cong woes
10:53:29a Political manoeuvre of RMB renews tra...
10:53:35a Mubadala acquires 20% stake in Tanzanian oilfield
10:54:25a Man burnt in bonfire explosion
10:54:42a AEB breaks ground for Doha Festival City soon
10:54:58a Dolan makes history in Dublin
10:55:12a Mac OS X Lion and iTunes to get iCloud updates ahead of iOS
10:55:18a Obama keeps heat on GOP over jobs bill
10:55:24a McDonald's restaurants award scholarships to Detroit area students
10:55:29a Garbage collectors set to strike
10:55:45a Siemens clinches Saudi PTA plant order
10:55:50a France‚ Belgium to put finishing touches to Dexia break-up
10:55:56a Lightening kills a child
10:56:01a 3 Detroit schools get grants to fight obesity
10:56:47a 2 held on murder charge
10:57:02a Feds' guitar wood raid hits home
10:57:07a Daily Reviews Summary
10:57:19a UAE plans to reduce unemployment rate in Abu Dhabi
10:57:29a 7News Flashback Motor racing
10:57:38a China becomes Russia's biggest trading partner
10:57:44a China becomes Russia's biggest trading partner
10:57:49a Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Tops 100
10:57:55a Indian bags first gold in South Asian Beach Games
10:58:01a First Look AMD Trinity APU, Linux Already Runs Well
10:58:06a Bahrain MPs to discuss Dialogue report
10:58:12a Couple claim 'forest boy'
10:58:17a Sudan, S. Sudan form committees to tackle post-split issues
10:58:23a Kashmir's green cover halved in 30 years
10:58:28a At last! Decks cleared for international flights in Agra
10:58:34a Hisar election is historic for India Gadkari
10:58:40a South Sudan Slams Hamas PM's Remark, Demands Apology
10:58:46a Firefighters battle shed blaze in Sidcup
10:58:51a Fugitive lecturer in legal limbo over threat conviction
10:58:57a 'US ambassador recants sex tourists remark'
10:59:03a Voting for Sarkozy opponent looms for French Socialists
10:59:09a Fuel prices drop in China
10:59:15a 'Rush' for new nuclear power plants condemned
10:59:26a Zimbabwe Honey Industry in Disarray
10:59:32a Leone Stars bring pride to nation, though ousted from finals by queer method
10:59:38a Health group to map non-communicable diseases
10:59:43a Rivals? India seeks bigger Chinese role in infrastructure
10:59:49a Jova becomes hurricane in eastern Pacific
10:59:54a '30 Minutes Or Less' Good, but could have been better
11:00:02a MoU with CAG to audit rural development schemes Ramesh
11:00:08a Czech leader says more European integration 'fatally wrong'
11:00:13a Bashir and Kiir vow closer cooperation for sustainable peace in N. S. Sudan
11:00:19a Abu Dhabi issues warning for over-the-counter drugs
11:00:24a Police chief Price-tag incidents must be 'eradicated'
11:00:30a Headteacher sanctioned after changing in front of pupils
11:00:35a NT firefighters battling blazes overnight
11:00:41a intimate film charts Glen's love split
11:00:46a South Sudan Exports Over 20 Million Barrels Since Independence
11:00:52a China launches train tour to North Korea
11:00:58a How ranked football teams fared
11:01:03a 'Indignant' protesters set up camp in Brussels
11:01:09a Barlow reveals bout of depression
11:01:14a South Sudan warns food crisis developing into famine
11:01:19a Poland votes in parliamentary polls
11:01:25a Over 20,000 returnees stranded at South Sudan border
11:01:31a Preity's Moscow woes!
11:01:37a Arsonists strike at park in Greenwich
11:01:50a Schools' academy status dilema
11:01:58a Join panel to have your say on Epsom and St Helier Hospitals
11:02:04a UK defence secretary under fire over aide
11:02:09a Zubik took a difficult, yet necessary, step
11:02:15a Overnight Shooting Rattles Downtown Sofia
11:02:22a Chipolopolo Seal Ticket With Libya Stalemate
11:02:28a Auckland and Wellington rugby crowds well behaved
11:02:43a Motorsport Vettel clinches Formula One title
11:02:54a Protesters gather for Archbishop's Zimbabwe trip
11:02:59a Tonnes of oil spill from ship stranded off New Zealand
11:03:04a PML-N should dismantle Punjab Assembly Unification Block
11:03:22a Candidates' true colours begin to show themselves
11:03:31a Fox under pressure a
11:03:47a 5.5 Christchurch quake but no damage reported
11:04:20a Steve Jobs Dying Apple boss left plans for four years of new products
11:04:25a Phillies fans Mourning, disgust, and even a little optimism
11:04:31a Nigeria players blame TB Joshua for failure to qualify for Cup of Nations
11:04:37a All Blacks labour to put Argentina away
11:04:43a Ying Wen Tsai says Republic of China is same as Taiwan
11:04:49a Knox 'overwhelmed' to be home i
11:05:10a Some Rena oil can't be stopped from reaching shore
11:05:15a Firefighters drop support for Kenney
11:05:21a Saudi- Pilgrims eat Haram's pigeon feed for cure
11:05:55a Milan fights smog with 10-hour traffic ban
11:06:01a London's Big Ben is leaning!
11:06:06a Doha Bank signs Turkey remittance deal
11:06:12a Tidal power project to continue despite funding loss
11:06:25a REAL ID Pinellas Libertarian won't get a driver's license and he won't stop driving
11:06:30a Masafi wins Oracle innovation award
11:06:36a Anarchist reportback and critique from Occupy Portland
11:06:46a Iomega expands network storage offerings
11:06:51a The numbers are getting no better for Obama
11:06:57a Llodra-Zimonjic claim China Open men's doubles title
11:07:03a Yemen's Nobel Winner To Donate Prize 'To The People'
11:07:08a Microsoft to focus on cloud at Gitex
11:07:14a Beyond ninety-nine-percentism Not being frightened of ‘revolution
11:07:19a '30 Minutes Or Less' Good, but could have been better
11:07:24a Kashmir's green cover halved in 30 years
11:07:30a Turkey's 2011, 2012 gold imports expected to grow 63%
11:07:54a At 82, Albert Boscov gets stage fright over opening
11:08:00a Merkel, Sarkozy to discuss plan to recapitalize banks
11:08:06a English cricketers to be most sought after
11:08:12a Atwal, Woods tied 38th; will play final round together
11:08:27a Pa. Capitol's historic tiled floor is a hazard for heels
11:08:42a Video Catfish swimming along US 1 in Vero Beach
11:08:48a Medics said six NTC fighters were killed and 99 wounded on Saturday
11:08:59a Dear Occupiers A Letter from Anarchists
11:09:05a Jordan- Medical students from Yemen, Libya to be admitted in local universities
11:09:22a Pope denounces 'inhuman' mafia in southern Italy
11:09:27a Nigeria Why We Can't Run Degree Courses Now Provost
11:09:33a Sebastian Vettel seals historic world title defence
11:09:39a Mornah is secretly selling PNC to NDC Tobiga
11:09:44a Opare out of Nigeria friendly
11:09:50a Swiss officials convene bank crisis committee report
11:09:56a Thousands of civilians are still trapped in the former Libyan leader's birthplace
11:10:02a New President will need to show action, not words, on suicide issue
11:10:07a The absence of a simple, common goal has frustrated some
11:10:13a Scheme is successful in litter and dog mess fight
11:10:19a Walkers rescued from cliff ledge
11:10:24a First Snow Leads To Multiple Crashes
11:10:30a Taxpayers forked out €1bn last year to cover the cost of illness claims
11:10:36a Few protesters seem ardent about Obama
11:10:42a Etisalat to launch special offers at Gitex Shopper
11:10:47a Harman It was wrong to boo Blair
11:10:53a The fighters seize a strategic four-lane avenue in Sirte on Saturday
11:10:59a Man 'critical' after Belfast attack
11:11:14a Top firms to launch new products at Gitex
11:11:21a Nigeria EFCC Targets More Ex-Governors
11:11:46a Pope denounces 'inhuman' mafia in southern Italy
11:12:00a Atta Akyea Police cant do sensible job on Kobby; independent body can
11:12:06a Fighting has been raging around Sirte university
11:12:11a Turning Old Trash Into Treasure
11:12:17a Pregnant Woman Injured In Attempted Jewelry Robbery
11:12:23a Some say the protesters could provide a left-wing version of the Tea Party movement
11:12:29a On NPR, Guest Compares Herman Cain to...Southern Segregationists?
11:12:34a The protesters have won attention from both President Obama and his Republican opponents
11:12:40a Ghana squad leave for Nigeria game
11:12:46a Nigeria Kaduna Guber Group Raises Alarm Over CPC Activities
11:12:52a The anti-Kadhafi fighters have faced fierce resistance in Sirte
11:12:57a Nigeria INEC Four Jostle to Succeed Outgoing Secretary Kaugama
11:13:15a adds over 100 bank accounts online
11:13:56a Greek default needed, says Major
11:14:08a Jordan- Capital Bank signs agreement with INJAZ
11:14:13a Saudi's KAUST, University of Toronto ink deal
11:14:37a Saleh says to leave power in coming days
11:14:49a Nigeria Ex-SSG Oyo CP Disagrees With Ladoja
11:14:54a Vigil to 'Babes in Wood' victims
11:15:10a Saudi- Labor minister to attend BRJ's annual fun
11:15:36a Smuggled U.S. ammo feeds Mexico's drug wars
11:15:42a Phoenix keeper stars against Gold Coast
11:15:48a The power of the powerless
11:16:24a India's Jet Airways' operations in UAE grow 20%
11:16:40a Two killed as Syrian forces fire at funeral
11:16:45a Egypt 2052 to build 5 'million-man' cities
11:16:59a Libyan forces mount attack on Gaddhafi town
11:17:05a Unacceptable Iraq and Iran back Syria Assad
11:17:11a Jordan- Zain launches first sustainability report for the year 2010
11:18:00a Jordan- HCST secretary general discusses development projects with EBRD team
11:18:34a Egypt- Dissidents to lobby for SNC recognition
11:18:39a Qatar to Participate in GCC Meeting in Riyadh
11:18:45a UAE- Etisalat's leadership in wholesale carrier and networks recognised
11:18:51a Israel- Tel Aviv to release remains of Palestinian after 35 years
11:19:03a US busts biggest identity theft ring
11:20:10a Afghanistan midwives tackle world's highest maternal mortality rate
11:21:12a Embattled Fox's career hangs in the balance
11:21:31a El Hierro sufferes quake of 4.3
11:21:43a Cambodia could look abroad for its next generation of stars
11:21:48a Falling credit ratings at UK financia
11:21:54a U.S. Jobs Growth Falling Short
11:22:15a Irish ballet starlet Monica Loughman found love at Tesco checkout
11:22:28a Qatar plans USD1 billion solar plant
11:22:33a Real Madrid legend Di Stefano inducted into FIFA Hall of Fame
11:22:50a Lievremont says time France players made history
11:23:00a Blake wooed genocidal Sri Lanka Army to help Afghan war says Wikileaks
11:23:15a Protesters gather for Archbishop's Zimbabwe trip
11:23:21a Obama calls for passage of jobs bill...
11:23:26a An expectant nation waits for Carla to deliver
11:23:32a Lost hiker found
11:23:37a Tehran angry over NATO missile shield, Syria
11:23:43a Lead
11:23:52a Minnie Driver Appointed as Ambassador of the Pearson Teaching Awards
11:23:59a Senate GOP Caucus will decide if tax credit bill salvageable
11:24:04a Stadium spending under microscope
11:24:12a Jazz Fest Taken Higher
11:24:18a Why only you can choose the perfect perfume
11:24:23a Eating apples 'ups dental damage risk 4 times more than fizzy drinks'
11:24:29a Fundraiser for Obama pushed Solyndra loan
11:24:34a OSCE Office in Baku to hold workshop on public relations and political campaigning
11:24:39a Could two African Americans, Barack Obama and Herman Cain, square off for president?
11:24:45a Some GOP politicians push to ease Fla. drug laws
11:24:50a Wasn't the Bush White House just as messy?
11:24:56a Russia, Georgia Talks Over WTO Entry Fail to Make Any Progress
11:25:02a ·Obama urges lawmakers to pass jobs bill
11:25:07a New Bill Introduced to Roll Back Obama?s Anti-Business NLRB Rules
11:25:13a Sedco Express rig in position at Leviathan 3
11:25:18a Justice Minister Meets UAE Ambassador
11:25:24a IAEA team in Japan; Fukushima starts thyroid tests AP
11:25:30a Hollande poised to top French Socialist primary
11:25:35a Police battle with glass attacks
11:25:41a Companies are like-minded on social media jobs
11:25:47a Local Outreach for Autism Erika Tallan Reports
11:25:52a Warner's time for higher honours has come, says NSW coach
11:25:58a U.S. ambassador recants 'sex tourists' remarks
11:26:04a Researchers find 400,000-year-old hub of weapon, tool production in Israel
11:26:09a Morning jogging is the perfect stress reliever
11:26:15a Save energy, enjoy life
11:26:20a Montenegro, a good role model for whole region, says US State Department's Philip Reeker
11:26:25a Finally a first time
11:26:31a Rich Democrats are silent on higher taxes
11:26:37a 2 Nato service memberskilled in Afghanistan
11:26:42a 'US ambassador recants sex tourists remark'
11:26:48a UAE Ambassador meets Saudi Undersecretary for Consular Affairs
11:26:53a EU welcomes indictment of ruling party ministers
11:26:59a Main Justice to Host Capitol Hill Event
11:27:05a Govt agrees to disclose audio recordings of Lokpal panel
11:27:10a Minister tells Musisi, Lukwago to bury hatchets
11:27:16a Victoria Premier blames Oz Govt. for 'strangling ' international student market
11:27:22a Spook A Skook provides frightful night of fun Republican & Herald, Pottsville, Pa.
11:27:28a Jordan- Nuqul Group launches 'We Serve' initiative
11:27:34a Bshar Al-Assad
11:27:39a Jordan Insurance Company signs accord with Specialised Leasing Company
11:27:45a He received a medal
11:27:51a Pakistan's central bank reduces policy rate
11:27:57a New New Zealand captain Taylor plans to 'lead from the front'
11:28:03a Parade was the most exciting part
11:28:09a Battle for Hisar gets fierce amid Hazare factor
11:28:14a A blunt Sharpton scolds state's black Democrats
11:28:20a Prof. Bukenya, should Museveni still get the Nobel Peace Prize
11:28:26a Some GOP politicians push to ease Fla....
11:28:32a Obama never linked ISI to Qaeda White House
11:28:38a Libyan rebels launch final offensive on Gaddafi stronghold of Sirt
11:28:43a In a taxi, the conductor is your best friend
11:28:49a Hindus concerned at possible re-imagination of scripture in Mandalay's 'Ramayan 3392 AD'
11:28:55a Harry 'drives 120 miles to California for beer and burger prior to Apache training'
11:29:01a Jordan- 'Calm restored in Qasr District village'
11:29:07a Jordan- Ministry working to raise minimum wage, address unemployment
11:29:13a Pine Grove residents remove debris to return to normalcy Republican & Herald, Pottsville, Pa.
11:29:19a Hindus upset with Radio Netherlands Worldwide for linking Hindu culture with 'suicidal thoughts'
11:29:24a Now, footsteps can identify people as accurately as fingerprints
11:29:30a The golden memories of Independence Day in 1962
11:29:36a Kadaga sets tough conditions for MPs to access oil deals
11:29:42a Abduction commemoration; Aboke Girls come of age
11:29:47a Jordan?s jihadists considering political bid
11:29:53a Social Affairs Minister discusses cooperation with Finnish Ambassador
11:29:59a U.S. ambassador recants 'sex tourists' remarks via text message Philippine gov't
11:30:05a China commemorates centenary of imperial rule's end
11:30:11a It has been 49 years, what do you think
11:30:16a Liam Fox q
11:30:23a Rajapaksa advisor among 4 killed in Sri Lanka's violence-marred elections
11:30:28a Stop crying, Mahogany Bukenya can do just as well in prison
11:30:34a GlobalFoundries cash grant largest ever awarded in U.S.
11:30:40a Revealing Dr Milton Obote's 20 quiet years
11:30:46a Oz tax payers' to fork out nearly 2 million dollars for Queen's CHOGM visit
11:31:01a Australian cricket in desperate need of another hero Dean Jones
11:31:07a Court to determine fate of KCCA mayoral house
11:31:12a Someone Wants to Kill Me
11:31:18a Egypt's ruling military council amends election law
11:31:23a Grapevine-Janet bangs table over Bukenya
11:31:29a Bringing Hamlet alive in Hebrew
11:31:34a 'Israel fears Iran's growing power in ME'
11:31:40a Capello says can't fathom Roo's 'crazy mindset'
11:31:46a Jordan- Labourers demand wage increases, new trade union bylaw
11:31:52a Mbale Hospital grappling with patients
11:31:57a The hills of Kampala were alive with bonfires
11:32:03a Fierce gunbattle breaks out in Kashmir
11:32:08a PM voices support for Trajtenberg report at Knesset
11:32:14a RDC forces FM radio station to suspend show
11:32:19a Qatar gives Egypt to help with budget
11:32:25a Family of soldier killed in Afghanistan still support war 10 years later
11:32:30a PM 'We will not tolerate any vandalism' against holy sites
11:32:36a Strauss wants to heap more misery on Indians
11:32:41a The charismatic Ambassador and a world without boarders
11:32:47a Saudi cbank 'not worried' about inflation
11:32:52a Fire-bombing at Jaffa Synagogue
11:32:58a Italian juror says Knox's honest face convinced him that she was not guilty
11:33:03a Libyan fighters make Sirte gains
11:33:09a Mabhouh killers could be executed in UAE
11:33:14a 'Revolution
11:33:20a Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney to marry in London for third time
11:33:25a 'Black money issue to figure prominently in my yatra'
11:33:31a Rahul Gandhi on surprise visit to riot-hit Gopalgarh
11:33:36a Palestinian officials call for Tony Blair's resignation
11:33:42a Ampal Says EMG Begins Arbitration Against Egyptian Gas Suppliers
11:33:56a More new hawker centres after 26-year break
11:34:10a Nike We Run SG 10K event draws more than 10,000
11:34:37a Annual Focus HOPE Walk to remember co-founder Eleanor Josaitis
11:34:43a HPB's 12-week dementia programme for senior citizens launched
11:35:00a Tibetans hold anti-China protests in India
11:35:55a Low-income elderly receive help through Senior Mobilty Fund
11:36:51a Wheelchair-access mats on beach will be expanded
11:37:07a Cameroon presidential polls open
11:37:13a Zuma slams Malema's supporters over ethics
11:37:28a VIDEO Injured photographer wants Afghan return
11:37:54a Wallabies come of age to reach semi-finals
11:38:27a Vietnamese refugee now helping others in Oklahoma
11:38:32a Smith wins Storm player of the year
11:38:38a Transparency, efficiency to be the turning points in real estate
11:38:58a French Socialists pick candidate
11:39:04a 5 suspects linked to Manila jewellery shop heist held
11:39:10a Vietnamese have strong presence in Oklahoma City's Asian District
11:39:15a Where have all the pomfrets gone
11:39:22a Tomas Berdych wins men's China Open final
11:39:28a 3 men wounded in overnight shootings
11:39:34a Forrest sparks Bulls' one-day win
11:39:39a Picture Editor's Choice, 10 October 2011
11:40:21a The time to apply is now
11:41:10a Perth Glory beat Adelaide 1-0
11:41:19a Trial in white supremacist leader's death to start in South Africa
11:41:59a Syria warns against recognising opposition council
11:42:34a UN opens camp for Blue Nile's refugees in Ethiopia
11:42:39a Paul McCartney to Wed Third Wife in Quiet Ceremony
11:42:45a ICC Executive Board to meet in Dubai on Monday
11:43:46a Libya fighters tighten hold on Sirte
11:43:55a US 'no' on Ta
11:44:00a 'US ambassador recants sex tourists remark'
11:44:13a Simpsons Saved from Canceling
11:44:42a Florida 2, New York Islanders 0
11:44:51a Maritime NZ Rena Response Sunday Evening
11:46:33a and Cheryl Welsh
11:46:46a Menapos;s hockey team beaten
11:46:52a Stay clear of vodka eyeballing or risk going blind, teens warned
11:47:32a Mattison triples Saguaros' pleasure
11:48:18a Oil to be pumped from stricken ship in New Zealand
11:48:48a Berdych breaks two-year victory drought with Beijing title
11:49:14a Saleh keeps Yemenis guessing with talk of departure
11:49:20a Media anticipate Paul McCartney to wed in London
11:49:25a Rivals India seeks bigger Chinese role in infrastructure
11:49:34a Fighters take down another Gaddafi's stronghold
11:49:39a Fall 2011 fashion trends ladylike leather
11:49:49a Amanda Knox and the Jailhouse Lesbians
11:50:46a Strong earthquake in Canterbury
11:50:52a 2 blasts wound at least 11 in southern Philippines
11:51:04a DIY bins for garbo strike
11:51:10a American growth theorists buzzed about for Nobel
11:52:11a Toyota urges parts-makers to cut prices
11:52:22a China marks 1911 uprising with Taiwan unification call
11:52:34a 'I Returned to Country to Create a Musical Legacy'
11:52:48a Vale Project Will Follow Strict EIA Procedures, Says Perak MB
11:52:53a New Zealand 23-10 Argentina
11:53:01a Gunman at large after
11:53:27a Libya's NTC Takes Sirte Center
11:53:32a Liam Fox's career hangs in the balance
11:53:59a Your Turn – Oct. 9, 2011
11:54:08a Householder
11:54:20a Nigeria, S.Africa fail to reach Nations Cup finals
11:54:33a VIDEO Philadelphia 2, Sounders FC 0, match highlights
11:54:57a For Seahawks, hurrying up is crucial in more ways than one
11:55:03a For Lobbestael, it's an extreme game
11:55:08a Presidential race loses fizz for Tea Party
11:55:14a Stuart Silk Architects draws up minimal yet rich in Seattle
11:55:20a Hopes for
11:55:25a EFCC No Plea Bargain for Ex-Governors
11:55:31a Mr President, Don't Let Us Down
11:55:37a One killed in Wanganui crash
11:55:45a David Rakoff wins Thurb
11:56:09a Gordon Walker designs a house for the future
11:56:15a Matthew Coates draws Bainbridge home green, elegant
11:56:20a Finally! Used-car prices are falling
11:56:26a Postal Service delivering hole to heart of towns
11:56:45a Bulgarian NGO Electoral Commission Info Reminds of X Files
11:56:50a Philadelphia 2, Sounders FC 0, postgame quotes and stats
11:56:56a Plant yourself down and curl up with a good garden book
11:57:02a Rain cuts participation in Eco Cruise
11:57:07a Nils Finne makes Midcentury a crafted contemporary
11:57:12a MMJ centers in Fort Collins on line
11:57:18a Kashmir's green cover halved in 30 years
11:57:23a Los Angeles Galaxy claims fourth MLS Supporters' Shield
11:58:04a Amanda Knox Fighting Off the Jail Lesbians
11:58:47a Patients' lists exceed population
11:58:52a Sarkozy comes to Berlin to shore up Europe's banks
11:59:25a Lokpal Bill row Arvind Kejriwal hits out at Centre again
11:59:57a China announces fuel price cut
12:00:02p East vs. West quakes Wa
12:00:08p Israel Beiteinu switches support to Trajtenberg
12:00:14p Merkel, Sarkozy tackle differences over euro crisis
12:00:33p Windsor considers economic incentives to boost business, jobs
12:00:41p Hubbard memorial service told of 'true legend'
12:00:57p Maoist menace aggravates Jharkhand residents' miseries
12:01:07p Live blog commentary All Blacks vs Argentina
12:01:23p Teacher, advocate, daredevil among I
12:01:29p Knit your own Olympics dream team
12:01:35p Choptoberfest brings logging enthusiasts out
12:02:47p Oil expected to hit shoreline in days
12:03:37p LK Advani to raise issue of black money during Yatra
12:03:42p Report Netanyahu Will Pass Trajtenberg Recommendations
12:04:15p 7,000 people fast again to stall TN nuclear plant
12:04:20p UK advertising watchdog to ban 'overtly sexual images' on hoardings
12:04:38p Telangana row to get over by Oct 10?
12:05:05p LPG cylinder blast triggers panic in Delhi
12:05:38p Authorities Search For Man Believed Trapped In Car In Reservoir
12:05:46p JK asks Centre to extend Industrial Policy
12:06:31p Tropical Storm IRWIN Advisory 13 Forecast Cone of Uncertainty
12:06:37p CBI looks into spectrum to Telecom companies in DTH business
12:06:46p Hurricane JOVA Advisory 14 Forecast Cone of Uncertainty
12:06:52p Indian-American develops next-generation computer chip
12:07:14p Tropical Storm IRWIN Public Advisory Number 13
12:07:20p Hurricane JOVA Forecast Discussion Number 14
12:07:25p Falling credit ratings at UK financial f
12:07:31p Tropical Storm IRWIN Wind Speed Probabilities Number 13
12:08:06p China marks 100th anniversary of revolution
12:08:19p Hurricane JOVA Advisory 14 Forecast Track, Cone, Watches/Warnings
12:08:27p Hurricane JOVA Advisory 14 Forecast Track
12:08:33p Tropical Storm IRWIN Advisory 13 Forecast Track
12:08:45p Parrikar to write another report on mining scam in Goa
12:08:51p Tropical Storm IRWIN Forecast/Advisory Number 13
12:09:14p Tropical Storm IRWIN Advisory 13 Forecast Track, Cone, Watches/Warnings
12:09:20p Tropical Storm IRWIN Forecast Discussion Number 13
12:09:26p Hurricane JOVA Public Advisory Number 14
12:09:32p Senior Republican slams Wall S
12:09:38p Turkish police stung after smugglers release bees
12:09:44p Protesters storm 3 of Syria's diplomatic missions
12:10:02p Hurricane JOVA Wind Speed Probabilities Number 14
12:10:13p Infographic Where are smartphones being used?
12:10:23p Seoul on Display How Global Screen Culture Will Affect Us
12:10:41p Afghan lawmaker's hunger strike extends dispute
12:10:48p Hurricane JOVA Forecast/Advisory Number 14
12:11:16p The Marathi playwriters’ plight
12:11:27p DA ANC divided on Gauteng toll issues
12:11:38p It’s raining gold at Kolhapur's Mahalaxmi temple
12:11:44p University of Pune VC appointment process begins
12:11:50p MSEDCL, PMC trade charges over water cut
12:11:56p Four movies that were banned for various reasons
12:12:01p How small animation studios are drawing in regional films
12:12:07p Students make it to IIMA sans CAT!
12:12:13p Embattled Fox's job hangs in the balance
12:12:22p Helmet saves youth in Pune-Mumbai highway mishap
12:12:27p ‘RTI under threat due to pendency of second appeals’
12:12:33p Cipla launches counselling helpline in Pune
12:12:38p Two expensive Roerich paintings stolen, CBI alerts Interpol
12:12:44p On whose money? Meet Maharashtra's globetrotting ministers
12:13:04p Varai poisoning Ten days later, state FDA still clueless
12:13:11p Hollywood calendar
12:13:17p Stringing sound with melody since 1949
12:13:35p 2009 Goa blast Parents unaware of suspect’s links
12:13:40p World cinema picks
12:13:51p AL Playoffs Rangers win 3-2 over Tigers
12:14:00p MPCC chief ‘go slow’ plea to Anna Hazare
12:14:14p Indonesia's police nab 3 terror suspects
12:14:26p Netanyahu voices support for Trajtenberg report at Knesset
12:14:31p BAE job cuts hit Brough'
12:14:39p Penis enlargement 'not necessary' to impress woman, says Cuban sexologist
12:14:49p IIMP female student undergoes surgery after brutal robbery
12:14:55p Muslim and Christian graves desecrated in Israeli city of Jaffa
12:15:08p Beware of warning signs for gold investments
12:15:21p Coffee cafe urges patrons to take furniture with them
12:15:35p Maharashtra is a big brother to seven sisters
12:15:43p Wednesday's blog on Abdulmutallab case
12:15:59p Vettel was just 21 years when he secured his first victory at Monza
12:16:11p Barricades gone, but NDA continues with searches in Pune
12:16:16p Zimbabwe Anglican Church
12:16:22p Another Air India flight to Delhi from Oct 30
12:16:39p IRS sharing taxpayers' personal info with foreign nations
12:17:10p Officials uncertain of water needs at Niobrara
12:17:16p Values Voters Lukewarm, But Romney Presses On
12:17:53p Remedy common resume pitfalls
12:19:31p Reward offered in Plymouth-Canton threats
12:19:36p Turf
12:19:42p Germany Syria Embassy
12:20:05p APTOPIX Zimbabwe Anglican Church
12:20:51p Mideast media roundup Libya, Yemen, Syria headlines and photos
12:21:31p Death toll rises to 17 in China co
12:21:43p NZ Breakers win second game
12:21:49p Dexia board of directors due to meet
12:22:29p ‘Ordinary life in N Korea appears busy, active’
12:22:46p 830-835 Final Stretch Cam Bolder Boulder 2011
12:22:52p Presidential adviser sacks 2 staff members in car mishap
12:23:06p What does Moody's do
12:23:30p Merkel, Sarkozy to discuss eurozone debt crisis
12:23:35p Is Syria sliding into c
12:23:41p Ex-Beatle McCartney to serenade heiress bride
12:23:46p Libya government says captures Sirte landmark targets
12:24:02p U.S. presidential race loses fizz for Tea Party
12:24:09p A look back, a look ahead
12:24:38p Presidential favourite Hollande set to win French
12:24:54p Dalai Lama visa blocked 'over S. African trade fears'
12:24:59p Paul McCartney set for third wedding
12:25:05p Uncertain week as Gillard awaits Rudd's next move
12:25:11p Lebanon's public school students face uphill battle
12:25:16p '30 Minutes Or Less' Good, but could have been better
12:25:22p Oprah Winfrey's TV network plans USD 15m relaunch after struggling to get viewers
12:25:28p Ten-year captive Kach's book details her 'unimaginable ordeal'
12:25:34p Knesset chairman to visit European Parliament in Belgium
12:25:39p US envoy apologizes to Philippines over 'sex tourism' remark
12:25:45p Musical 'clockwork' tree unveiled
12:25:50p Germany 4 arres
12:26:31p China becomes Russia's biggest trading partner
12:27:27p More investment 'needed in mental healthcare'
12:27:32p We can use eurozone crisis to grab powers back from Brussels, says Major
12:27:38p PolitiFact RI rules claim on R.I. health care costs True
12:27:44p Soldier allegedly sexually assaulted in Afghanistan
12:27:55p Kim Kardashian 'filmed her wedding to Kris Humphries for fans'
12:28:06p Czech leader says more European integration 'fatally wrong'
12:28:15p Meet the Moroccan man with the world's largest feet!
12:28:45p Man drowns off coast near Port Macquarie
12:29:35p Kris Humphries wants 'busy' Kim to start pumping out babies
12:29:40p Marathon updates Running without Wanjiru
12:29:46p Weezer bass player dies in Chicago
12:30:34p Volcanic eruption alert on Spanish Canary Island
12:31:05p Harry Reid shames the 'world's greatest deliberative body'
12:31:20p Galway protest over turf cutting restrictions
12:32:38p American war drones on despite virus
12:32:57p Moscow alive with the Sound of Music
12:33:10p Dexia board, national leaders, mull bank's breakup
12:33:27p Rest in peace of art?
12:33:39p Kiev stadium opens in blaze of glory
12:33:45p Thyroid checkups begin for Fukushima children
12:34:26p New Zealand oil spill in pictures
12:34:32p Liam Fox and Adam Werritty meet the Sri Lankan president
12:34:38p Poland's centrist PM seeks second term in general election
12:34:43p Poland's centrist seeks second term in crunch ballot
12:34:49p Fr Kevin Reynolds 'freed' after RTÉ's apology
12:34:54p ‘NYDA spent R250,000 on party supplies
12:35:00p Vettel defends F1 title
12:35:05p Vettel seals second F1 title
12:35:11p Afghan lawmaker's hunger strike extends dispute
12:35:19p Cold front lingers in N China
12:35:31p Dexia board, national leaders, mull bank's breakup
12:35:43p Number of Cubans entering US surges
12:35:48p Cameroon Presidential Polls Open to Low Turnout
12:35:54p Chvez condemns Wall Street protest 'crackdown'
12:36:00p ‘Were building our own Arab democracy – Syrian presidential aide
12:36:46p Australia knock reigning champs S. Africa out of RWC
12:36:51p Blatant state takeover behind EU and US Libyan operation
12:36:57p China sales could be big for rice farmers
12:37:02p Somalis rally to denounce recent truck bombing
12:37:08p Region hosts five foreigners on State Department tour
12:37:13p New Zealand seeks answers over oil spill
12:37:19p Govt agrees to disclose audio of Lokpal panel proceedings
12:37:24p 'What about gays and sanctions, Archbishop?'
12:37:30p NATO Airborne Warning and Control System..
12:37:35p IAEA team observes Japan's nuclear cleanup as Fukushima begins thyroid...
12:37:51p Bulgarian Diplomats Slammed for Publishing Expat Voters' Addresses
12:37:56p Ruling party wins chaotic Sri Lankan polls
12:38:02p Mari Takes Care of Sound, Light On Stage
12:38:07p Drugs Giant On Health Alert
12:38:13p EFCC Declares Former Governor Goje Wanted
12:38:19p IAEA team observes Japan's nuclear cleanup
12:38:24p Border Timbers Profit Up
12:38:36p Netanyahu exhorts Trajtenberg report at cabinet
12:38:42p Libya's NTC Takes Sirte Center
12:38:47p 'No return to war' vow for Sudan
12:38:53p Measles continues to surge in Europe and Africa
12:38:58p Protesters storm 3 of Syria's diplomatic missions
12:39:04p UN Opens Camp for Blue Nile's Refugees in Ethiopia
12:39:09p PREVIEW Italy set to stay unbeaten in last qualifier
12:39:15p Financial Sector Defies Odds in Q3
12:39:21p Sohrabuddin case 5 cops arrested in connection with key witness escape
12:39:27p FBI to launch nationwide face recognition service to catch wanted criminals
12:39:33p New York cop saves himself from being shot by jamming ring finger under hammer
12:39:39p Modern Dance Sets New Theatre's Pace
12:39:44p Opening Remarks at NATO Defence Minister..
12:39:50p Akwa Ibom NLC Gives 21 Days to Review of New Minimum Wage Table
12:39:55p There Isn't Enough to Satisfy Everyone's Greed
12:40:00p Africa is a jungle, says red-faced Mosimane
12:40:06p 'How Yar'Adua Economic Team Handled Fuel Subsidy Issue'
12:40:12p Jonathan's Economic Crew New Team, Old Thinking
12:40:17p 2 NATO Members Die in Afghanistan
12:40:23p Regional Teams Arrive for Zone V Basketball Meet
12:40:29p Ten Reasons Why Continent's Recent Shine Is Likely to Be Permanent This Decade
12:40:35p Electronic Transactions Grow to U.S.21 Billion
12:40:40p Sectarian Rifts Erupt Again in Saudi Arabia
12:40:46p Air Force Decorates 62 With New Ranks
12:40:52p Oljoro JKT Out to Leapfrog Simba
12:40:57p President al-Assad Accepts Credentials of Sudan's New Ambassador to Syria
12:41:03p Rival says many Liberians would reject Sirleaf 2nd term
12:41:09p 'Used Car Import Ban Spawns Revenue Loss'
12:41:15p Telcoms and Oil Demand for Dollar Pushes Shilling Down
12:41:20p No Respite for Domestic Workers
12:41:26p Plateau Doctors Threaten to Begin Strike
12:41:32p ZANU-PF Chickens Out From Relocating Chitsa Families
12:41:38p De Klerk Wary of Political Backlash
12:41:44p 2012 Budget House Will Ensure 99 Per Cent Implementation-Rep
12:41:49p UK to reduce aid to Africa's anti-gay regimes
12:41:55p Anna factor adds to Cong woes
12:42:01p Kannada actor, wife apologise to Kannadigas
12:42:07p Ahead of yatra, Advani targets PM
12:42:12p Springboks Out of World Cup in Nailbiter
12:42:18p EU mulls 60-per-cent Greek debt cut as Merkel, Sarkozy meet
12:42:24p Political loophole in VIP toilet tender
12:42:30p After Osh Hijacking, Police Target Uzbek Town
12:42:36p Australia set up All Blacks clash after arm wrestle with South Africa
12:42:41p Protesters gather for Archbishop's Zimbabwe trip
12:42:47p Property Rights Under Spotlight
12:42:53p Ignorance, Root of Animal Torture
12:42:59p Two expensive Russian artist Roerich paintings stolen, CBI alerts Interpol
12:43:05p Merit-pay puzzle How do you grade art, theater teachers?
12:43:10p The Easiest Way to Get an iPhone 4S
12:43:16p 'What about gays and sanctions, Archbishop'
12:43:21p Anaheim 2, New York Rangers 1
12:43:27p 'Black money issue to figure prominently in my yatra'
12:43:33p Lack of medical reports delaying CID probe into Usmani's death
12:43:38p Ncube Says Revival of Bulawayo Not a Pipedream
12:43:44p Rare Show of Justice
12:43:49p Citizens to Stop Use of Generators Soon FG
12:43:55p Mashatile warns Gauteng members to serve, not enrich themselves
12:44:00p OPEC is concerned demand may fall as the slowdown spreads
12:44:06p French Socialists pick candidate for 2012 presidential poll
12:44:13p Spain's indignados protesters reach Brussels
12:44:19p Put brakes on it!
12:44:24p Overwhelming demand for JSIF funding
12:44:30p Body found in SUV of slain Wash. woman's husband
12:44:36p Visually-impaired Bangladeshi runs free education centre for children
12:44:42p Poles May Re-Elect Tusk as Kaczynski Narrows Gap
12:44:47p US Dollar gains on Eurozone rating downgrades, UK
12:44:53p Does Kim Jong-Il's Grandson Support Democracy?
12:44:58p Syria's F.M. Warns Against Recognizing Opposition
12:45:03p Mischievous! Samuda dimisses claims senior JLP MPs not seeking re-election
12:45:09p England not good enough to win Euro 2012, says Neville
12:45:14p Bought Back by Cydia Gatekeeper
12:45:20p Macau Four Seasons Says China Golden Week Revenue ‘Stronger
12:45:25p Telangana leaders heading for Singareni mines held
12:45:31p FBI agent defeats 'Al Qaeda with cookies, Koran' countering Bush's torture policy
12:45:37p Softpedia 10 Year Anniversary 50 Licenses for FlashFXP
12:45:43p Concert review Death Cab for Cutie at House of Blues
12:45:48p Obama's infrastructure bank pitch faces first test in GOP-led House
12:45:53p We will continue to grow Contepomi
12:45:59p Putin To Visit China In First Trip Abroad Since Announcing Candidacy
12:46:05p Max Bank Will Fail Under Danish Bail-In Law, Government Says
12:46:11p Fighters take down another Gaddafi's stronghold
12:46:16p Voting begins in Polish election
12:46:22p Bus employees to continue strike for Telangana
12:46:27p London's Big Ben is leaning!
12:46:33p Libya govt forces seize main hospital in Sirte
12:46:38p All Blacks grind past Pumas
12:46:44p Libyan Forces Battle Last Qaddafi Loyalists in Sirte Streets
12:46:50p Turkey decries assassination of Syrian Kurd leader
12:46:55p Froma Harrop ?Fantasia? guide to GOP politics
12:47:00p New York's new Department of Financial Services launches
12:47:06p Sheriffs blast Obama
12:47:11p Holness' daunting tasks ahead
12:47:16p Zurich enters UAE retail insurance market
12:47:22p France's Socialists choose Sarkozy's opponent
12:47:28p Daughter of Argentina's ‘Dirty War,’ Raised by the Man Who Killed Her Parents
12:47:33p Brace for bigger JPS bills Nnew, accurate meters are installed
12:47:39p Malaysia Epi 2012 To Gauge Environmental Management Performance, Says Uggah
12:47:44p 'Aviation training great investment'
12:47:50p Pia Guanio ties knot with businessman boyfriend
12:47:55p Can Holness ride above this
12:48:01p The costs of firing America's top CEOs
12:48:06p Death of a lifer Who says Democrats are soft?
12:48:12p Think An American Economic Resurgence Is Imminent Don’t Be Stupid, Warns Goldman
12:48:18p Secret US memo OK'd killing of American cleric
12:48:23p GOP propaganda fuels stubborn opposition on Obama's proposal
12:48:29p Pope denounces 'inhuman' mafia in southern Italy
12:48:34p Legendary Pianist Roger Williams Dies
12:48:40p Killers of French women tourists in Argentina described as ‘psychotic fabulist'
12:48:46p Hillary to address US-India higher education summit
12:48:51p Different without dons Commish profiling 'criminal actors'
12:48:57p In Tripoli, Gadhafi's Palace Becomes People's Market
12:49:02p Obama sticks with his staffdespite slumping poll numbers
12:49:07p Teva launches Nutrilon infant formula in Israel
12:49:13p Obama Jobs bill can avert recession
12:49:19p Obama casts Congress as foil
12:49:25p Jail, fine irresponsible parents lawmaker
12:49:31p US officials redraw Iraqi troops training plan
12:49:37p President Clinton announces Irish Diaspora summit in New York
12:49:42p Obama buoyed as Europe scrambles
12:49:48p MyGR6 announces top 60
12:49:54p Yemenis shrug off Saleh's talk of stepping down
12:50:00p Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons
12:50:06p Presidential race loses fizz for Tea Party 728 am Reuters
12:50:12p GOP Campaigns Court 'Values Voters' At D.C. Summit
12:50:17p Putin's China Visit Watched for Strategic Signals
12:50:23p FBI agent defeats 'Al Qaeda with cookies, Koran' countering Bush's torture policy
12:50:29p Harvard Elite Writing NewConstitution- with the Tea Party
12:50:35p Regulators Clamping Down on High-Speed Stock Trades
12:50:41p Glencore May Offer Support To Bakri Family For Bumi Report
12:50:47p France, Belgium, Luxembourg agree on Dexia rescue deal
12:50:53p Incarceration Ogonis Demand N30 Billion Compensation From FG
12:50:59p Bill Clinton shares stage with Bono, offers to help Irish investment drive
12:51:05p Syria warns countries not to recognize opposition
12:51:10p US officials redraw Iraqi troops training plan Thaindian News
12:51:16p Libya fighters in 'final stages' of assault
12:51:22p Sarkozy And Merkel Meet Over Banking Crisis
12:51:31p Ireland's leading economist calls for cooperation with China in energy, infrastructure
12:51:42p Commentary Texas has dealt well with failed immigration policy
12:51:51p Spain meets China in art
12:52:06p Button victory in Japan not enough to prevent Vettel claiming the title
12:52:12p BN Yanks DC Titles After Exclusive Amazon Deal
12:52:31p Hamilton in fresh controversy through mental aberration
12:52:36p Polish PM seeks new reform mandate in election
12:52:42p Premier calls for gay marriage in Australia
12:52:47p A role of his own
12:52:54p 2 Tibetans set themselves on fire in anti-China protest
12:53:00p Anti-Gadhafi fighters make gains in Sirte
12:53:21p 1 civilian killed, 1 injured in blast in W. Afghanistan
12:53:26p Arnold Schwarzenegger inaugurates Arnold Schwarzenegger museum in Austria
12:53:32p China's fuel-price drop good news
12:53:38p Return to Tripoli it's good to be back
12:53:43p Blasts wound six in southern Philippines
12:53:49p Wales and Australia showing the value of youth
12:53:55p China's Jiang in rare appearance
12:54:00p Flood peak hits SW China
12:54:06p Danube opens third ‘BUILDMART’ showroom in Bahrain
12:54:11p All Blacks book semi-final clash against Australia
12:54:17p International team studies Japan nuclear clean-up
12:54:23p Can we save our cultural heritage fro
12:54:29p Clinton invites Taoiseach to organise US investment summit
12:54:34p Japan starts thyroid tests for Fukushima children
12:54:40p Martin closes out China win
12:54:46p Drug Resellers Cancer Treatment Prices Draw Scrutiny From U.S. Congress
12:54:51p Bank's Weale says evidence shows QE supports economy
12:55:27p Steve Jobs another Thomas Edison or Henry Ford? Maybe not.
12:55:35p More degree holders pursuing second degree
12:55:40p Ruling HDZ will lead Croatia to past, opposition leader says
12:55:50p President's jobs bill Obama to GOP Act or get run out of town
12:55:56p S20,000 raised at swimming fundraiser for para-athletes
12:56:01p UN Bigwig The Web Should Have Been Patented and Licensed
12:56:07p DRONE WARS The Obama Administration's Very Slippery Slope!
12:56:13p Bulgaria's Govt Sets Up Danube Navigation Info System
12:56:19p JPMorgan sees upside risk to 2013 oil prices
12:56:25p Man falls off yacht into propellers, dies
12:56:30p Commentary Seven billion people and counting
12:56:36p No reports of post-election violence – PAFFREL
12:56:42p Asian economic powers look to boost cooperation
12:56:48p Egypt Arab Cotton reports small fire, damage limited
12:57:07p Bharatha's remains brought to Kolonnawa
12:57:19p India Inc snaps up expats, hiring jumps 20 %
12:57:25p Sainsbury's joins supermarket price war
12:57:32p Extracted Oils to distribute L.E 0.05 payout
12:57:38p British ambassador Candidate status realistic
12:57:43p Capital increase still under study, Eastern Tobacco
12:58:03p Egypt has not requested financial assistance; IMF spokesman
12:58:10p Elderly residents receive new mobility aids
12:58:15p Greater European integration “fatally wrong”
12:58:21p Priština team head announces next round of talks
12:58:38p Egyptian rulers amend election law
12:58:43p Nile Cotton Ginning shares case postponed till Nov 11
12:58:48p NPP Evil Plot Exposed
12:58:56p Some countries 'trying to thwart Serbia’s EU integration'
12:59:01p Businesses along new Circle Line stations see more buzz
12:59:28p Libraries celebrate World Mental Health Day
12:59:37p Legal brothels linked to international sex trafficking rings
12:59:53p 'We will not tolerate any vandalism' against holy sites
01:00:02p Egypt looking for prisoner swap with Israel over alleged spy
01:00:32p Sainsbury's launches price match
01:00:48p UAE's Aldar awards mall contract to Egypt's OCI unit
01:00:59p Austin in urgent plea for more funds
01:01:05p Short Radiation Blasts Harm More than Long-term Rays, Research Suggests
01:01:15p Fashion, confectionary brands most popular among UK Facebook users
01:01:20p Olympic Stadium opens in Kyiv
01:01:26p Call to extend court opening hours
01:01:31p France want medical 'miracles' before Bosnia game
01:01:37p Russia's Medvedev echoes Stalin in party exhortation
01:01:42p Two win Health Lottery top prize
01:01:48p EU concerned over Croatia annulling Serb war crimes rulings
01:01:53p Galaxy clinch best record with Sounders loss
01:01:59p Los Angeles Galaxy claims fourth MLS Supporters' Shield
01:02:04p Superenergetic Crab Pulsar Gamma Rays Puzzle Scientists
01:02:12p Hopes for release of Bali drug teen
01:02:17p The Distant Worlds of Uranus and Neptune by Rolf Wahl Olsen
01:02:28p Executive programme 'not enough'
01:02:34p Sir Paul McCartney marries for third time
01:02:39p Russia's Sep gold, foreign exchange reserves fall 5.2%
01:02:45p 30m Pounds biopic to reveal 'never before known facts' of Princess Diana
01:02:50p Wilkins urges FA to consider Hoddle for England
01:02:56p Physician 'was a giant' in field
01:03:02p Olympic Stadium opens after Ukraine victory
01:03:07p Guyanese media sign elections code
01:03:13p Sebastian Vettel becomes youngest double world champion Grand Prix history
01:03:18p It was wrong to boo Blair
01:03:23p Exercise link to test scores
01:03:29p Virgin Atlantic to replace ‘collectible’ cutlery
01:03:34p Sainsbury's joins price cuts battle
01:03:40p Ferdinand convinced Man U can lift Champions League title
01:03:45p EU ‘indignants’ camp out in Brussels park
01:03:51p HRCP urges Pak political parties to disband militant wings
01:03:56p Car crashes in paddock
01:04:02p More than 1000 quake reports posted after 5.5 quake in Canterbury
01:04:08p Seeking a creed of decency
01:04:13p A Gamer's Week October 9
01:04:19p Meet retd Brit who became 1st person to circumnavigate Arctic Circle
01:04:24p Devant In A Quandary
01:04:29p Clubs exaggerated pokies 'losses'
01:04:35p Pakistan players' participation in IPL to be discussed Shukla
01:04:40p Race track to host technical school
01:04:46p Calypsonians singing curfew blues
01:04:51p Brothels' sex slavery links
01:04:57p Beattie backing Scotland to snare finals berth
01:05:03p Czech Republic set on clinching play-off spot
01:05:08p Michael Jackson's family at tribute show
01:05:14p Man City hoping to snare a Nasri-Van Persie team-up
01:05:20p Groin injury now hits Slade
01:05:25p Vigil to 'Babes in Wood' victims
01:05:31p Breaking a vicious cycle
01:05:37p Now, knitting a hobby for men too!
01:05:42p Tamika's trials and tribulations
01:05:48p UK plans to strengthen military ties with US
01:05:54p All Blacks grind down gutsy Pumas
01:06:00p An-2 biplane crashes in south Russia, pilot injured
01:06:05p Painter's charity portrait blitz
01:06:11p EU Morning Report-Trichet's dovish tone put the euro under pressure
01:06:17p Indignados long walk to Brussels
01:06:22p Further QE possible says MPC member
01:06:28p Liam Fox under pressure over Adam Werritty links live updates
01:06:34p Quadruple payments, perks for Port board members
01:06:39p New Zealand city hit by another quake, no reports of damage
01:06:45p New Zealand too strong for Pumas, reach semis
01:06:50p Agriculture briefs
01:06:56p Take power back from EU, says Sir John Major
01:07:01p On the move
01:07:07p Levein aims for victory in Spain
01:07:12p Australia Eliminate South Africa to Reach Semis
01:07:18p Local real estate firms vie for agents, market share
01:07:24p Wellington Phoenix held to draw by Gold Coast
01:07:29p Viticulture briefs
01:07:35p Pre-Order Stock of iPhone 4S Reportedly Sold Out
01:07:40p Be patriotic, serve TT
01:08:32p Anti-Gadhafi fighters make gains in battle for fugitive Libyan leader's hometown of Sirte
01:09:03p Corals might learn to adapt to warmer seas
01:09:09p Ex-Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh dies in Chicago
01:09:15p Age of austerity?
01:09:31p Chilean inflation in September picks up; central bank to keep buying dollars
01:09:41p Government issues volcanic eruption alert on Spanish Canary Island
01:11:04p Focus on Huntkey at CHINA SOURCING FAIR, October 2011, Hong Kong.
01:11:16p Chile/Holland prepare for the 400th anniversary of Kaap Hoorn/Cabo de Hornos
01:11:22p INDIA Microcredit Fights to Regain Credibility
01:11:27p France, Belgium, Luxembourg agree on Dexia plan
01:11:33p OPEC likely to keep oil output unchanged Iran
01:11:38p Leaning tower of Big Ben a reality
01:11:57p President to 'wage war' on budget wasters, thieves
01:12:10p Bahrain ‘running out of waste space’
01:12:15p Traces of Indonesian Batak textiles
01:12:27p Steve Jobs maverick with
01:12:55p Italians offer to help British murder victim's family learn truth
01:13:00p Rebels take over strategic Libyan highway
01:13:08p Argentine president poised for re-election polls
01:13:24p Sir Paul marries again
01:13:30p Just and proportional democracy
01:13:35p Fox begins probe into frien
01:13:41p Mandiri named official bank for SEA Games – Jakarta Post
01:13:48p Fears Bangkok will be engulfed by floodwaters
01:13:54p 'Turkey doesn’t want war with Cyprus or Israel'
01:14:00p What was Werritty doing meeting Sri Lanka's regime?
01:14:06p Indonesian singer likes to mix and match outfits
01:14:12p Oil spill weather threat
01:14:18p Auditor Staff – PT Kompak Indopola – Jakarta Raya
01:14:34p Australia asks Indonesia to consider teen's minor status
01:14:40p Seven killed in Turkey house blaze
01:14:45p 'Black Light' mesmerizes audience in southern Turkey
01:14:51p Yemenis shrug off Saleh's talk of stepping down
01:14:56p Libya govt says captures Sirte targets
01:15:02p North, South Sudan need more time to settle disputes
01:15:08p Protesters storm 3 of Syria's diplomatic missions
01:15:24p A taste of Indonesia
01:15:29p Syria warns against recognising opposition
01:15:35p Belgium does not rule out buying Dexia arm
01:15:40p Fauzi Appreciates NGO`s Support in Developing City –
01:15:46p Yemen's President Saleh renews vow to step down
01:15:52p British PM expedites report on minister
01:15:57p 630am Weather Update
01:16:02p Protesters storm Syrian embassy
01:16:08p 'Kindest Kid' Harry Moseley Dies, Aged 11
01:16:16p Video Catfish swimming along flooded US1 in Vero Beach
01:16:31p Extra calcium may not prevent premature birth
01:16:36p 11 militants killed, 19 held in Afghanistan
01:16:42p 'Indignant' protesters set up camp in Brussels
01:16:54p Polish election pits PM Donald Tusk against former Solidarity comrade
01:16:59p HPB launches 12-week dementia programme
01:17:05p Anti-Gaddafi forces claim key advances
01:17:10p Monday's picks from ST Life!
01:17:16p Voting begins in Poland's general election
01:17:21p Sunday Morning Weather
01:17:27p Vetell becomes World Champion in Japan, Force India miss out on points
01:17:33p Afghan Female Lawmaker Stages Hunger Strike
01:17:39p Video Brewers prepare for the NLCS
01:17:44p Saleh in stalling tactics say analysts
01:18:06p Baguio City addresses garbage problem
01:18:25p PAGASA tracks new LPA off Mindanao
01:18:37p Video Autumn Night Hike
01:18:42p Video Oshkosh Corporation union rejects contract offer
01:18:48p Woman wants divorce after son's grades dip
01:19:01p Video Forecaster Reporter Discusses Proposed Development
01:19:08p Over 7,000 people observe fast against nuclear project
01:19:17p Anti-Lukashenko protests in Belarus
01:19:23p Keystone Pipeline Hearings Get Heated
01:19:28p Scramble to rescue Franco-Belgian bank
01:19:34p Dophin activist wants RWS to admit mistake
01:19:39p Moon Lane Arrest
01:19:45p Death toll from Philippines typhoons hits 101
01:19:51p Bahrain Air holds official opening of new regional sales office in Dubai
01:19:57p Three Iraqi border policemen missing near Iranian borders
01:20:03p Video Sunday morning weather
01:20:09p Economy is central to Spanish election
01:20:15p Libya govt says captures Sirte landmark targets
01:20:20p Video wx9amsunday
01:20:25p Video Gay Presbyterian pastor makes history
01:20:31p Tunisia police use teargas on Islamist protesters
01:20:36p Saturday's wet weather across Central Florida
01:20:42p Video Milwaukee Police investigate shocking double homicide
01:20:47p Turning War Into Something Good
01:20:53p Video News on the Go The Morning News Edition 10-9-11
01:21:04p Gulf Air steps up drive to cut emissions, waste
01:21:11p Gulf Air sees 30pc drop in passengers during unrest
01:21:17p McCartney in London wedding riddle
01:21:22p His Majesty issues decrees
01:21:30p Jerry Brown signs 'California Dream Act' into law
01:21:36p Delhi Blast NIA searches Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist
01:22:02p Success of Middle East Oil and Gas Show and conference in Bahrain
01:22:12p Hundreds of fans greet Lynx at the airport, and the adoration is...
01:22:18p Kenya UK to reduce aid to Africa's anti-gay regimes
01:22:24p Brands Hatch Race results
01:23:11p Fox video shows Werritty meeting Sri Lankan president
01:23:16p Book Review The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson
01:23:39p More showers forecasted today
01:23:55p Kenya Kenyan cereals maker recalls relief donation
01:24:03p Zimbabwe MDC-T intra-party violence blamed
01:24:09p Sarkozy comes to Berlin to shore up Europe's banks
01:24:15p 'Full throttle all the time' Vettel's career is like his driving
01:24:20p London protest calls for end of 10-year war in Afghanistan
01:24:26p Yemenis shrug off Saleh's talk of stepping down
01:24:38p Kenya Raila flies out to European tour
01:24:44p Laos congratulates TNI on 66th anniversary
01:24:49p Andy Murray finally shrugs off the curse of Rafa
01:24:55p Barakzai is one of nine Afghan MPs expelled over vote rigging claims
01:25:01p Zimbabwe Delayed poll favours MDC-T Analysts
01:25:06p Physics Nobel Won by Perlmutter, Schmidt, Riess for Universe's Dark Energy
01:25:12p Zimbabwe Khupe launches MDC-T election campaign in Byo
01:25:18p Zimbabwe Uproar over impending deportations
01:25:39p Iraq delays handover of city security to police
01:25:51p Mitt's Mormon issue returns
01:25:57p Jiang Zemin Appears, Squelching Death Rumors
01:26:02p Housing, Fuel Costs Ease in China
01:26:08p Labasa sends Nadi out of IDC
01:26:13p Kenya President Obama snubs Kenya's diaspora conference
01:26:19p BBC plans to slash 2,000 jobs to cut costs
01:26:25p The ultimate over-achievers
01:26:30p Clint Dempsey puts on a show in U.S. win over Honduras
01:26:59p Scientists identify genetic link to suicidal behaviour
01:27:04p Tecnion's Shechtman Wins Nobel in Chemistry for Quasicrystals Discovery
01:27:10p France's Socialists choose Sarkozy's opponent
01:27:16p God Particle Mystery Will be Resolved in 12 Months CERN
01:27:21p Wallabies' win for the ages
01:27:44p Bulgarian Presidential Bidder Targets Voters in Macedonian Town
01:27:51p Sydney brothels to face unsafe sex ban
01:28:24p Support grows for arrest boycott
01:28:34p Oz top cop urges women to inform pals about sex plans on night out
01:28:45p God Particle Mystery Will be Resolved in 12 Months CERN Scientists
01:28:50p Wedding bells
01:28:56p Further round of quantitative easing 'possible'
01:29:06p Venezuela faces growing load of arbitration cases
01:29:15p Unlocking transport gridlock
01:29:49p inheritance battle
01:29:55p Fears raised as hospital trust chairman quits 'sinking ship'
01:30:11p Brothels linked to slavery
01:30:22p What does Adam Werritty actually do Question that may finally be answered
01:30:28p In three-horse race Martin 'McMandela' may shade it
01:30:33p Hundreds rally to save hospital
01:30:39p Little Sean gets just four nappies a day because of cutbacks
01:30:44p Facebook's power too broad
01:30:50p Football Brisbane Roar begin A League defence
01:30:55p Two guerrillas killed in Kashmir gunfight
01:31:01p Brain sniffs out smells before the nose
01:31:06p Sea should be exploited for progress Kerala minister
01:31:12p Lawyer proposes addiction defence in seeking Bali teen's release
01:31:18p All Blacks book semifinal spot
01:31:23p World posts tributes to Apple's Steve Jobs on Twitter
01:31:29p Afghan MP 'critical' on eighth day of hunger strike
01:31:34p University of Dubai to participate in International Education Show 2011
01:31:40p Mazda to stop m
01:31:45p Roadside traffic survey in Loughborough
01:31:51p New workers at former Corus plant
01:31:57p The dead don't vote but are still important
01:32:03p World Fencing Championships open in Italy
01:32:09p Sick police taking a toll in Victoria
01:32:14p Man charged with the murder of his wife at their home in Croydon
01:32:20p Shark-infested golf course a 'world first'
01:32:25p Census Housing bus
01:32:31p Seven reasons why some bloodletting is healthy
01:32:36p Health reimbursement arrangements rule change gets support in San Francisco
01:32:42p De Villiers set to quit as Springboks coach
01:32:48p Minicab boss jailed for assaulting two of his drivers
01:32:54p Field Hockey Oceania Cup field hockey results
01:32:59p Fire-fighters tackle blaze in house
01:33:05p France, Belgium, Luxembourg agree Dexia rescue deal
01:33:11p Stocks Earnings and Europe come knocking
01:33:16p Mumzworld launches in Middle East
01:33:22p Libya forces on verge of claiming Kadhafi hometown
01:33:28p Dowry harassment law misused for extortion Court
01:33:33p No discrimination against Jharkhand Jairam Ramesh
01:33:39p Dana White declares Frankie Edgar world's second-best fighter after UFC 136
01:33:45p 'Close to cracking teacher's attack case'
01:33:51p Audio recordings of Lokpal deliberations to be released
01:33:57p Thousands run Liverpool Marathon
01:34:03p Gallagher has shown he's no one-trick pony
01:34:08p FHockey Honours even at Oceania Cup
01:34:14p Oliver gives Curry thumbs up for The Cup
01:34:19p Westminster clock tower is leaning
01:34:25p RTE can claim credit for the surge in Sinn Fein support
01:34:31p IDB has 3bn dollars reserve fund in the event of a major global crisis
01:34:36p Clinton to host Ireland summit
01:34:42p Vettel seals consecutive F1 titles
01:34:47p Botafogo denied by Bahia, Coritiba win
01:34:53p France, Belgium reach deal on Dexia bank
01:34:58p A 'rebel' president won't save us from financial doom
01:35:04p Brown stunner pegs Phoenix's rise
01:35:09p Rann call to legalise gay marriage
01:35:15p Agthia Group to be honored at 8th International Business Awards
01:35:32p Mitchell cannot allow McGuinness to rewrite history
01:35:38p Will raise black money issue during yatra Advani
01:35:43p Panama man injured in crash linked to DWI
01:35:49p Five men stabbed after fight broke out at a party
01:35:55p Aussie firms well placed to grow in Asia
01:36:01p Suspect artificial hips implanted in thousands
01:36:06p Dana cut through all the psychobabble
01:36:12p '2011 GEOSYNTHETICS Middle East Conference' to kick off on 25 October
01:36:17p Bermuda stuns Soca Warriors 2-1
01:36:23p Corrupt millions stashed here claim
01:36:28p Biography of Sonia Gandhi launched in UK
01:36:34p Caves and Kayaks in a Quiet Corner of Thailand
01:36:39p Wolverines place 10th at S R tournament
01:36:45p FOI Act scores well back in the pack
01:36:50p Berdych to face Cilic in Beijing tennis final
01:36:56p Lost tourist rescued from WA bushland
01:37:02p Jane Jayroe remembers 1967 Vietnam tour as time of tears, sm
01:37:07p Radical 'sex surrogacy' therapy blasted
01:37:12p 'You have to play to win'
01:37:18p Ft. Bragg soldier charged in s
01:37:23p Weepu boots All Blacks into semis
01:37:31p Thai, Vietnamese sentenced for gasoline trafficking
01:37:36p Weepu stands up for NZ in RWC quarter
01:37:42p Vietnamese football enters new phase with corporate management
01:37:47p In-store spy just an appy shopper
01:37:53p Australia scrape past South Africa
01:37:58p Vietnam advances to U21 semis as Group A leaders
01:38:04p Today's weather upper 70s, sunny, low pollen count
01:38:10p Bomb hoaxes delay voting in Polish elections
01:38:15p Dispute sparks new look at alphabet boards
01:38:21p Vietnam edges Thailand in U21 penalty shootout
01:38:27p Is GOP presidential field weak or strong
01:38:39p Clubs site pulls pokies loss 'truth'
01:38:44p Lawyer aims for Bali drug teen to be released to parents
01:38:50p Libyan fighters make inroads into Sirte
01:38:55p Can we tickle our funny bone without resorting to crudity
01:39:01p Is it Revolution 2.0
01:39:12p IAEA inspectors arrive in Fukushima
01:39:17p It's Gayle and Virat versus Mumbai Indians in CLT20 final
01:39:23p Tears and cheers at Jackson show
01:39:29p Two service members die in Afghanistan NATO
01:39:34p The life of woman who shot Mussolini
01:39:40p GLW issue number 898
01:39:46p Thailand's ancient capital of Ayutthaya submerged by floods
01:39:52p Chinese woman hides license plate with sanitary pad to escape cops
01:39:57p New Govt Forces Launch Final Assault on Sirte
01:40:03p Murray beats Nadal for title in Tokyo
01:40:21p Stranded ship spills tonnes of oil off New Zealand
01:40:27p Pissed-off
01:40:32p 13 Tibetans arrested after protests outside Chinese embassy in New Delhi
01:40:38p Concern over council jobs review
01:40:44p You can 'Hack-4-Beer' in Kochi
01:40:49p Occupy Wall Street protesters running out of space
01:40:55p NATO lawmakers warn against defence spending cuts
01:41:00p Time not right for Royal meeting
01:41:05p Reina reveals move to Arsenal blocked by Liverpool
01:41:11p Rakon picks up discounted IBM SAN
01:41:17p Labour query Fox 'murky business'
01:41:23p New Canadian ambassador arrives
01:41:28p Murray battles past Nadal to clinch Japan Open
01:41:34p PLO mulls moving prisoner issue to UN Security Council
01:41:41p KDB Financial Group In Talks To Buy HSBC's S Korea...
01:41:47p Child mortality rate on decrease in Parsa
01:41:52p Wet, sticky and dodgy in Thailand
01:41:58p Apocalypse of China's Northern Fleet defeat in 1st Sino-Japanese War
01:42:04p Red-raced South Africa count cost of rules blunder
01:42:14p Jackson's kids add emotion to tribute concert
01:42:19p Fears gusty winds may worsen NZ oil spill
01:42:25p Do you want to know a secret? Paul and Nancy are tying the knot
01:42:30p Sumitomo Chemical to Ramp Compound Semi Materials Production
01:42:36p Gibson Guitar CEO defends company amid U.S. probe
01:42:42p Occupy Wall Street Russian Spirit
01:42:48p AGC Technology Roofs World's Sole Permanently Covered Natural Turf Stadium
01:42:53p Defence chief comes under fire in aide scandal
01:42:59p Obama's secret case for Awlaki kill order revealed
01:43:05p ASEAN to work on affordable healthcare
01:43:10p Police probe 'suspicious' death of man found on farm steading
01:43:16p How tram negotiators yakked about luxury yachts
01:43:21p Mitsubishi Chemical to Produce Formulated Electrolytes in China
01:43:27p A trek to Nepal with a difference
01:43:33p Men growing old and getting disease
01:43:38p Vettel takes pole for Japanese GP
01:43:44p Thai PM Yingluck scraps foreign trips amid flood crisis
01:43:49p ‘Trams body talked rubbish’, says Swinney
01:43:55p Texting while driving draws few citations
01:44:01p Police swoop in prison car park to arrest lawyer accused of smuggling attempt
01:44:06p Thai PM cancels overseas trips due to floods
01:44:12p Woman hangs to death
01:44:17p Kelly Rowland reaches out to estranged father
01:44:23p APF seizes smuggled sugar
01:44:28p Supermarket giant Tesco flogs dummies with 'flirt' written on them
01:44:34p Is capitalism the problem or is it defrauding capitalism?
01:44:40p Data on Dermatitis Discussed by Researchers at Coimbra University Hospital
01:44:45p Presidential Voting Off to Slow Start in Cameroon
01:44:50p Tomas Berdych wins men's China Open final
01:44:56p Father of tragic murder victim to meet Kenny Macaskill to discuss knife crime sentences
01:45:02p Mugabe wants to quiz Williams on gays‚ sanctions
01:45:07p FDK and Asahi Kasei Form Lithium Ion Capacitor Joint Venture
01:45:13p Fox in a fix as Cameron demands answers
01:45:18p Vettel could be the new‚ improved Schumacher
01:45:24p Fundraising event held for charity of tragic aid worker Linda Norgrove
01:45:29p Teijin Launches Low-cost, Radiation-fluorescent SCINTIREX Plastic
01:45:35p PENTAX Introduces World's First HD Video Bronchoscope
01:45:41p Romney's faith splits religious conservatives
01:45:47p 'Jailhouse lawyer' William Beggs in rant over dead prison beast
01:45:52p Iran confirms Gazprom not to work on Azar oilfield
01:45:58p Rehearsal of Taiwan's first National Day musical captivates crowd
01:46:03p How US justified killing al-Awlaki
01:46:09p tella and Asahi Kasei Tie in RD for Cell Processing Equipment
01:46:15p Anti-war activists mark 10 years of Afghan conflict
01:46:21p Explosion at Sikh temple in Dundee leaves two in hospital
01:46:27p Pigs finally fly in Ham Town
01:46:32p Mass. house explodes, no one injured
01:46:38p The Bali blend religion and business acumen
01:46:43p Mitsui Chemicals Purchases Shares in Brazil's Iharabras S.A.
01:46:49p Iraq's Rumaila South output back at 460,000 bpd oil official
01:46:54p Lebanon's public schools have a high drop-out rate
01:47:05p Public schools in Lebanon's northern Akkar region face a dire shortage of supplies
01:47:11p Union call for answers after exam result row at posh girls' school
01:47:16p Teens who raced through town centre caught on CCTV
01:47:22p Will Japan start recycling compact electrical appliances
01:47:27p French and Belgian prime ministers Francois Fillon met to finalise the deal
01:47:33p Women of strength share Nobel peace prize
01:47:39p Coal miner in push to cut gas emissions
01:47:44p OAP fiend pounced on carer while she was giving him a bath
01:47:50p 6 Days to Air Deconstructs South Park' s Creative Chaos