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12:00:01a Vancouver's resale real-estate rebound ‘too much, too fast’

12:00:06a RCMP worried missing woman in ‘grave danger'
12:00:11a The Diaspora of a Beef Soup
12:00:17a Europeans make a date with history
12:00:22a Giant uterus removed
12:00:27a 'Phishing' raids in US and Egypt
12:00:32a Tobacco tax-hike campaign gears up
12:00:37a Sordid tale brings shame on Britain
12:00:43a Two powerful quakes rock South Pacific
12:00:48a Man who decoded life atom-by-atom
12:00:54a Carrot Fries
12:00:59a Feds No ban on air shipments of lithium batteries
12:01:05a I Found a Dime Today
12:01:11a Mason Public Library Changes Hours
12:01:16a New German Grid Legislation May Delay Nord Stream
12:01:22a Business Update Let the earnings begin!
12:01:27a Nelsen gets all-clear to face Bahrain
12:01:32a How Health Coverage is Provided in Chile
12:01:38a Hope in Honduras for talks to end political crisis Summary
12:01:43a What's the best chalet meal you ever had
12:01:50a Frankfurt Stock Exchange quotations 7 October 2009
12:01:55a Vuln Xlpd Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
12:02:01a U. can claim another Nobel Prize
12:02:06a LG 55-Inch 1080p Wireless LCD LED Backlit HDTV, Model 55LHX
12:02:12a Abiomed creates Impella, the world's smallest heart pump
12:02:17a Hesco, KESC within purview of province, SHC told
12:02:23a Child killer gets life x 2
12:02:28a Four Men Back In Court
12:02:33a The evolution of Ruben Amaro Jr.
12:02:38a Money is still tight. Should we give up on our dream home?
12:02:44a AT&T Knuckles Under on VoIP for iPhone
12:02:49a Traffic diversion for Champions League
12:02:55a Southern Railway to intensify checks for firecrackers
12:03:00a Directive for safety measures in boats
12:03:06a Swine flu vaccine Is it ethical to say no?
12:03:11a Airlines show interest in filling American's St. Louis void
12:03:16a Should I upgrade to a new car?
12:03:22a Securing a comfortable retirement
12:03:27a The cost of education
12:03:32a Provogue reworks business plans to boost revenues
12:03:38a 'SNL' sketch the end of Obama's honeymoon?
12:03:43a 2 From Cabinet Meet on Chicago Youth Violence
12:03:48a Bugtraq DSECRG-09-048 HP LaserJet printers Multiple Stored XSS vulnerabilities
12:03:59a Late frost threatens southern crops
12:04:04a Cholera kills one more in Busia district
12:04:10a Methodology for Success, Leadership for Results
12:04:15a Girl Power Part 2
12:04:20a Paloli seeks more flights for Haj pilgrims
12:04:26a EU To Market Test Microsoft
12:04:31a DeSoto County coming closer to deciding on jail site
12:04:37a Families, Businesses Adjusting After Wisconsin Dells District Closes
12:04:42a I'll be next Liberal PM Turnbull
12:04:48a Relocating Kaya and Hikmet burial site up to families
12:04:53a Gen. Petraeus
12:04:59a Death Penalty Trial Delayed For Ga. Soldier 07 Oct 2009 174555 GMT
12:05:04a Amber Alert update
12:05:09a Indo-Russian workshop on climate change
12:05:15a Versace to Shutter Its Japan Stores
12:05:21a Provincial government building Afghan future with agriculture
12:05:26a Fla. girl gets Ryan Howard homer ball after suit
12:05:32a Well-traveled Foles finds a home at Arizona
12:05:37a MTN buys timer for track meets
12:05:42a Exclusive EMC Compute Cloud Coming This Month
12:05:48a Iran nuclear scientist vanishes after pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, raising questions
12:05:53a Cost of caring for aging parent
12:05:59a Adams County Health Dept. to distribute H1N1 vaccine Saturday
12:06:04a Even Apple Can't Make Tablets Cool
12:06:09a a historical victim of disasters
12:06:14a Museveni opens power plant in Kasese
12:06:20a What are the Most Promising Emerging Markets?
12:06:25a Soccer Aussie technology may help All Whites qualify
12:06:30a Qureshi Pakistan wants drones
12:06:36a The Simple Steps I Took to Get Healthy This Year
12:06:41a FUFA lines minister among defence witnesses
12:06:47a Mayor still awaiting 150yo debt repayment
12:06:52a Callan Park's future funding in doubt
12:06:58a Reports Armed
12:07:04a Two new vessels for Kalangala
12:07:10a A Dissent on the New Jobs Tax Credit
12:07:20a Five captured after Somali pirates fire on French naval ship
12:07:25a WSU's Tuel expects to start vs. ASU
12:07:33a Priest Wants Custody Of Daughter
12:07:38a Kids get lessons in walking, biking safely to school
12:07:44a Departing General Motors' sales boss LaNeve balanced work and dealing with twin sons' autism
12:07:49a Calendar - St. Croix
12:07:54a Irving Penn Photography
12:08:00a NYC media ignore Dominican woman running for mayor
12:08:05a Helping your kids while you’re still around
12:08:11a Growing uproar in Palestinian territories over Abbas' handling of Gaza war crimes allegations
12:08:17a American photographer Penn dies
12:08:22a Investigation into girl's death in Diyarbakır raises doubts
12:08:28a East St. Louis mayor cancels 1 a.m. liquor ban
12:08:33a Northwest Florida-Panama City International Airport
12:08:38a Wash. doctor's mother returns in health fraud case
12:08:44a Erdoğan's appeal to mothers scores points among women
12:08:49a FSC strategises for improvement
12:08:54a UAE come back from behind to beat Venezuela
12:09:00a App Store Profits Extremely Difficult, Developers Say
12:09:05a WW2 Time of Wrath v1.60 Patch
12:09:10a Magnitude 7.1 quake hits Vanuatu
12:09:18a Pakistani foreign minister US aid is crucial, stronger talks needed with US on Afghanistan
12:09:23a What’s causing my laryngitis
12:09:28a Getting Government Contracts
12:09:34a Tsunami watch for Queensland cancelled
12:09:39a Slain soldier's father Lack of inquiry into Aktütün attack unacceptable
12:09:44a Heading to India for a Child
12:09:50a Pakistan has ‘serious
12:09:55a CDGK forms team to control illegal slaughtering
12:10:01a Powerful people threat to media experts
12:10:06a TV host who ordered killings is on the run
12:10:12a Amazon denies Royal Mail contract ended
12:10:17a Nobel laureate's advice to CCMB scientists
12:10:23a Unmarried couples children to take
12:10:28a Alyea's Grandparents Remember Happier Times
12:10:34a Man dies on 'unbearably hot' Qantas flight
12:10:39a Europeans Nearly Ready To Try 'Browser Ballot'
12:10:45a Health bill would cost 829B, cover 94 percent
12:10:50a Austrade report 'attracts investment'
12:10:55a Suspected Ebola kills 23 in Sudan
12:11:01a City's festival excesses make village sick
12:11:10a 15. CIMB launches call warrants
12:11:19a Stocks Close On A Mixed Note Ahead Of Earnings Season U.S. Commentary
12:11:24a UGANDA HIV-positive people learn the value of leaving a will
12:11:29a Fresh quakes renew tsunami fears for Pacific
12:11:35a Barack Obama
12:11:40a Students take part in Press Club show
12:11:45a Coordination of Judiciary Organs Analyses Criminal Situation
12:11:50a Iraq, Afghanistan wars become personal for Norwich students
12:12:06a Winds blow debris from S.W. highrise
12:12:12a Carson soldiers killed in Afghanistan
12:12:18a Healthy Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy During the Winter
12:12:23a Parliament wants list of drug suppliers
12:12:33a reward 'River Rat' bandit sought in Auburn, Puyallup heists
12:12:38a 3. Bursa a quality market
12:12:44a Schapelle Corby marks five years in jail
12:12:49a Grim news for O’Briens
12:12:54a Keys to Tacoma firefighters' influence cash, signs, bodies
12:13:00a 2 Turkish men shot dead in London
12:13:05a Alcoa posts profit on cost cuts
12:13:10a RCMP worried missing woman in ‘grave danger’
12:13:16a Animal Attacks Prompt Orange Co. Rabies Alert
12:13:21a Auckland only NZ university in world's top 100
12:13:26a Final estimate for U.S. budget deficit1.4 trillion
12:13:32a Man held after rail bomb scare
12:13:37a Indiana leaders encouraging flu vaccinations
12:13:44a Google launches India centric services
12:13:49a Guard killed in jailbreak by Colombia rebel leader
12:13:54a NPS repairs Spanish-era aqueduct in San Antonio
12:14:00a VIDEO Kimberly schools hit hard by flu
12:14:05a Supreme Court dismisses FEER's appeal in defamation suit
12:14:11a Powerful Quakes In S. Pacific Trigger Tsunami Alert
12:14:16a Record Highs Set In Central Florida
12:14:21a Key Cameron Speech To Wrap Up Conference
12:14:27a POLITICS-US Obama Weighs Options as Afghan War Enters Ninth Year
12:14:32a Tax breaks on cars, other purchases haven't gone away
12:14:37a Hard times for shoppers they are targeting cheap stuff at Family Dollar
12:14:43a Tsunami alert for Australia and Pacific
12:14:48a Maradona could resign as national coach
12:14:54a Fairfax Police Charge Man In Reston Sex Assault 07 Oct 2009 181417 GMT
12:14:59a 12. Dyson to make M'sia R&D centre
12:15:05a 5-year term for TV sex boast
12:15:10a 'Dangerous' prisoner on the run
12:15:15a Tsunami warning issued for Pacific as strong earthquake strikes Vanuatu
12:15:21a CBO Says Health Reform Bill Would Cost Billion
12:15:26a Woman goes for interview, is raped
12:15:32a Man killed in high-speed police pursuit
12:15:37a Antidepressants Raise Risk of Pre-Term Birth
12:15:42a Majority of respondents support stricter controls proposed under Smoking Act
12:15:48a US AG Tough to Meet Guantanamo Closing Deadline
12:15:53a Technical symposium held
12:15:58a Plan for presidential helicopter program is 'illogical'
12:16:04a Lawmaker Plan for presidential helicopter program is 'illogical' ?rss=getoday&oref=rss
12:16:09a Libs not united or effective Bailey
12:16:14a Preparing kids for school - and for life
12:16:20a 30 Delightful Teannovations From Teacup Pig Pets to Fake Inflatable Teapots
12:16:28a Bus dispute before Employment Authority
12:16:34a Worst of ad recession over
12:16:39a American Cancer Society allowed to join smoking ban lawsuit
12:16:44a US stocks end mixed after rally as earnings loom
12:16:50a Big four banks continue rate review
12:16:55a Country of ancient civilizations Mexico
12:17:00a Video House wants a public option
12:17:06a 145 Kent County job
12:17:11a 9. Fund to invest RM525mil in biotech sector
12:17:17a Gold prices boost Freeport as Dow slips 6
12:17:22a Mosques to launch collection drive for victims of regional disasters
12:17:27a UPDATE 1-Shareholder urges BofA to look for CEO outside
12:17:33a Encouraging form for Sacha Jones
12:17:38a HM Declares Brunei ‘Free From Poverty'
12:17:43a Landmark appeals ruling upholds military-civilian courts law
12:17:49a US deficit 'hits record 1.4tn'
12:17:54a School Superintendent Accused Of Shoplifting Shoes
12:18:00a Video GOP gaining ground in polls
12:18:05a SMU Gets a Real Mustang
12:18:10a Video Will public option survive bill merge?
12:18:16a Hermawan to speak at AdAsia
12:18:21a Allied World Schedules Third Quarter 2009 Earnings Announcement and Conference Call
12:18:26a Lloyds considering 15 bln pound rights issue--FT
12:18:32a 'Obama's War' Tracks Realities of the Afghan Counterinsurgency
12:18:37a Westpac New Zealand tax ruling to cost NZ918mln
12:18:42a United States Provides Range of Disaster Assistance to East Asia
12:18:48a Two SHC judges opt for premature retirement
12:18:53a Yes vote predicted on national postal strike
12:18:58a Idaho is group's latest election reform target
12:19:04a Sysinternals Suite October 7, 2009
12:19:10a Vitamin D Prevents Falls
12:19:15a Risks For Gilt Market Lie In November
12:19:20a Cholesterol medication does not lead to cancer
12:19:25a Strong 7.8 quake off Vanuatu sparks tsunami alert
12:19:31a 'Craz-E- Burger'
12:19:36a LDS relief efforts
12:19:41a Wall St mixed as caution returns
12:19:46a 'Obama's War' Tracks Realities of the Afghan Counterinsurgency
12:19:52a A's squash speculation about Forst and San Diego
12:19:58a Richardson Electronics Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2010 Results...
12:20:03a CAA South Central Ontario gives food banks a boost
12:20:09a Health Care Reform ‘A Fait Accompli?
12:20:14a Video Afghanistan Where do we stand?
12:20:20a Shower heads may be bad for health
12:20:25a Oil prices fall despite drop in supply
12:20:31a Video Dallas Cowboys' Ken Hamlin bristles at 'mediocre' description of 2-2 team
12:20:36a Nationwide to drop 60,000 home policies
12:20:42a Can Device Integration Save Music Journalism
12:20:48a TV Devoe's mother says he choked her with a phone cord
12:20:53a North Carolina Sex Offender Challenges Church Ban
12:20:59a Ways to Help a Suicidal Friend
12:21:04a Dust in the wind Visibility could be reduced along I-90
12:21:10a Afghan Taliban says it poses no threat to the West
12:21:15a CHP warming to Kurdish initiative
12:21:20a Why You Shouldn't Text While You Drive
12:21:26a A US F-22 Raptor fighter flies during an aerial display in 2008
12:21:32a Arrest delayed because of DNA backlog
12:21:37a Briefs Fine Spirits Festival offers ticket discounts
12:21:42a Ladyhawke up for six Tuis
12:21:52a Magnitude 7.3 quake hits Vanuatu region
12:21:57a Apple's Mighty Mouse Never Lived Up To Its Name. And Now It Can't.
12:22:02a Panetta CIA Knew About Iran's Secret Nuclear Plant for Years
12:22:08a Lawmakers ban consecutive presidential re-election
12:22:13a Men with educated wives live longer lives study
12:22:18a 'Jackson Jive' sorry for Hey Hey skit
12:22:24a ROCHELLE RILEY Why no black men among Time's saviors of Detroit?
12:22:29a Android-Powered Samsung Moment Comes to Sprint
12:22:35a Sarkozy to meet with French-Israeli soldier's father
12:22:40a Slow Food on a fast track
12:22:46a Phillies' Lee baffles Rockies in playoff opener
12:22:51a Largest L.A. Garment Employer Fires 1,500 Workers
12:22:57a Iran accuses US in ‘disappearance case’
12:23:02a New Zealand court rules against W
12:23:07a Norway's Kommunalbanken plans bond
12:23:13a Industrialists uninspired by party of business
12:23:18a Citibank sees double-digit growth in wealth management client base
12:23:23a 'Jackson Jive' sorry for Hey Hey skit
12:23:29a What's up next in the Halo universe?
12:23:35a Earthquakes Near Vanuatu And Solomon Islands, Tsunami Warnings
12:23:40a What to Do in Torrington, Connecticut
12:23:45a UNFPA Responds to Multiple Disasters in Asia and the Pacific
12:23:50a Police Question Person of Interest in Ponte Vedra Case
12:23:56a Deficit hit record trillion over the past year
12:24:01a Pensioner awarded TT102 500
12:24:07a Dawn of Discovery v1.1 Patch
12:24:15a Paedophile royal butler loses appeal
12:24:20a Kilbane sees Irish desire
12:24:25a Where was SOX?
12:24:31a Canada trailing U.S. in rollout of H1N1 vaccine
12:24:36a Son of Hall of Fame goalie gets unconditional discharge for fight
12:24:42a Grounded Thinking a Must for JAL
12:24:47a NV-Rael Ayotte, 17, Yerington
12:24:54a Soprano Sills' estate sells for more than
12:24:59a Murder accused surprised at speed of police
12:25:04a Budget deficit hit record in 2009
12:25:10a Ad Wendy's High-Stakes Ad Blitz
12:25:15a The Craz-e Burger
12:25:20a U.S. soccer officials tour S.F., Oakland to review World Cup potential
12:25:25a Obama to name gay lawyer as ambassador
12:25:31a Local Doctor On Trial For Sex, Drug Charges
12:25:36a Rahul gets a feel of campus vibrancy
12:25:41a Suspect Leads Police on Multi-City Chase
12:25:56a Mild Swine Flu and Over-Hyped Vaccine
12:26:01a Supes OK Arpaio's Immigration Deal
12:26:07a Shivsu's desalination units in Oman and Egypt
12:26:12a Teens arrested for shooting into homes near Little Falls
12:26:17a Hotmail Passwords, Accounts Stolen
12:26:23a North Side's Serendipity has feel of a favorite neighborhood tavern
12:26:28a Odd feeling for Kiwis skipper
12:26:33a Dilapidated animal enclosures of Dudley Zoo given the same protection as Machu Picchu
12:26:39a Probe into Canadian military police suspended
12:26:44a Wednesday News Briefs Editorial
12:26:49a Suspected aviation fuel thieves held
12:26:54a Woman claims ACL mud gave her rash
12:27:00a Growing uproar in Palestinian territories over Abbas' handling of Gaza war crimes allegations
12:27:05a Military to respect Alevi faith in fallen soldiers' funerals
12:27:10a Behind-the-scenes peek at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative in downtown Tacoma
12:27:15a Securing Peace, Sustaining Progress
12:27:21a Good news Barney Frank injects Holocaust into immigration debate
12:27:26a Market tipped to open flat
12:27:32a Rebel groups end clashes in Somalia
12:27:37a Walls of Corn to the Left of You
12:27:43a Tsunami alert issued for South Pacific region
12:27:48a Social Dimensions of Climate Change
12:27:53a Sugar Importers Struggle to Secure Supplies
12:27:58a 30 wolves shot in Idaho so far this hunting season
12:28:04a Shambolic Rams crash to Super Reds in S.League match
12:28:09a South Florida Republicans, back from Honduras, call for U.S.
12:28:15a Over 60 DR Congo Nationals Expelled
12:28:20a 2 major quakes hit off Pacific island; tsunami alerts issued
12:28:26a Building a Company on Government Contracts
12:28:32a Strong earthquakes rock South Pacific
12:28:37a Medicare Web Site Offers Tools To Help Select '08 Drug Plan
12:28:53a Amazon Kindle Goes International
12:28:58a Busted Pit bull 'burglar' leaves behind a big mess
12:29:04a New Caledonia evacuating some areas for tsunami
12:29:09a Senate health care bill would reduce deficit, analysis finds
12:29:15a Stem Cell Research Offers Hope for Colon Cancer Vaccine
12:29:20a Calling 911
12:29:26a The best of both worlds
12:29:31a UB Professor receives high honor
12:29:36a Sumatra earthquake appeal raises 1m
12:29:41a TxDOT commissioner takes blame for failed TTC project
12:29:47a Dragon Age Origins Blood Dragon Armor Trailer
12:29:52a U.S. activists embark on a fact-finding trip to Honduras
12:29:58a Senate Protects Employee Rights With Forced Ar
12:30:03a 'Swine flu-proof' business suit on sale
12:30:08a Senate health care bill to cost
12:30:14a Prosecutor Man Murdered, Dismembered Wife
12:30:19a Area businesses try to prevent swine flu
12:30:24a Modern gold rush?
12:30:29a Failure of U.S. Economic System Could Mean End to ‘Outsourcing
12:30:35a Fatal collision closes US 101 outside Cannon Beach
12:30:40a Telstra investors take a stand
12:30:45a Distracted Drivers
12:30:50a Sky Vegetables Converts Rooftops Into Urban Agriculture Hubs
12:30:56a My solo lesson on saving the planet
12:31:01a Grant returns to Portsmou...
12:31:06a Lambert adds direct charter flights to Mexico
12:31:11a Killer deal as Blackstone gets Busch parks
12:31:16a Investors cling to gold as prices surge
12:31:22a Norton Gold lowers production forecast
12:31:27a Libido-Boosting Beverages The Fever Beverage Will Put You in the Mood
12:31:32a Democrats Disgruntled as Obama Fails to Deliver
12:31:38a Italy's highest court strips Berlusconi of immunity protection
12:31:43a Memphis Police Department to be featured in new motion picture
12:31:49a Moldovan Pleads Guilty To Human Trafficking Charge
12:31:54a How to provide for your children’s future
12:31:59a Winter Driving and Safety Tips
12:32:05a Spouses of Active Military Personnel Find Flexible, Affordable Degree Programs at Western Governors University
12:32:10a Manufactured Illnesses
12:32:16a Searcy College Says Alert-System Test A Success 07 Oct 2009 190507 GMT
12:32:21a Cafe at the Lofts holds clientele in high regard
12:32:26a Tips for Buying Your First Car
12:32:32a Controversial Landfill Put on Hold
12:32:45a Mayor’s office takes over BRT tax assessment
12:32:50a US senators push compromise on Pentagon budget
12:32:56a Plea on fishing rules for 2010
12:33:01a Consumer Watch Beware of fake 'Wal-Mart' phone scam
12:33:06a 'Spectacular' new sunrise platform at Uluru
12:33:12a GM Still Struggling to Gain Traction
12:33:17a Nowak attorneys get to depose accuser
12:33:22a Football Fan Attacks Ref With Chair
12:33:28a City Contractor Pleads Guilty In Controversial Drunk Driving Case
12:33:33a Open Book Alliance Issues Statement in Response to Today's Google Book Settlement Case Hearing
12:33:39a Jobs ahoy! Public sector banks set for recruitment binge Hindustan Times, New Delhi
12:33:44a Wilson reacts to pay freeze call
12:33:55a School janitor arrested in drug investigation
12:34:01a Johnson upstages Deng in London
12:34:06a PA urges ITU to press Israel for more mobile frequencies
12:34:12a Kampala side wins Nairobi relay
12:34:17a 100-year woman strangled in Mass. nursing home
12:34:23a LG 55-Inch Full HD 1080p LCD HDTV Review, Model 55SL80
12:34:28a FAO Economic and Social Development Department
12:34:34a Thermal comfort
12:34:39a Art with 'Air and Grace'
12:34:49a 7.8 Quake Strikes Off Vanuatu
12:34:55a Aussie TV Show Features Blackface Jackson Family
12:35:03a Satellites Need Mental Toughness
12:35:09a Google Book Battle
12:35:14a Jamzu Screens
12:35:21a 10/07 NYSE Closing Bell Market Monitor PHM, KBH, XOM, KO
12:35:27a Say Goodbye to Training Wheels
12:35:32a Omar Khadr's military lawyer dismissed; new civilian lawyers appointed to case
12:35:37a Idaho latest venue for president election reform
12:35:43a Do You Have Asthma? Free, Online Test
12:35:49a Second attempt planned to plug leaking oil well
12:35:54a My hardest two minutes with Schapelle
12:35:59a DATATRAK Signs 6 Year Study with New Device Client
12:36:04a PayPal Suspends Researcher's Account for Distributing Hacking Tools
12:36:10a Turkey, Qatar sign memorandum on energy
12:36:15a Iraq veterans protest Afghan war
12:36:20a IBM Faces Justice Inquiry
12:36:26a Eagles' McNabb to start versus Buccaneers
12:36:31a Zoning panel rejects request for tire recycling facility
12:36:36a Quakes Trigger New Tsunami Warning In Pacific
12:36:42a We're no threat to other countries
12:36:47a Paintball competition, other events, mean big bucks to Polk
12:36:52a Confused pirates choose wrong target
12:36:57a Sugar mill workers 'return to negotiating table'
12:37:02a Traders Gear Up for Boom in Broadcast Switch
12:37:08a New 2 Million Gallon Water Tank
12:37:13a The sitcommy 'Couples Retreat' isn't exactly a vacation in paradise
12:37:18a The death of the media mogul
12:37:24a Kennedy wary of Dutch
12:37:29a Knox commissioner wants to track take-home cars with GPS
12:37:35a One Israeli, two American scientists share Nobel chemistry prize
12:37:41a For LSU, nothing like being home on Saturday night
12:37:50a Paying More Than The Co-Pay 07 Oct 2009 201440 GMT
12:37:55a Ore. man accused of arranging sex with teen
12:38:01a Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Disciplinary Actions Through August 2009
12:38:06a Mexico peso surges, bonds gain on tax plan optimism
12:38:11a US budget deficit hit record US1.4 trillion in fiscal 2009
12:38:17a Civil air surrounds Afghan war strategy debate at White House
12:38:22a News crew captures car's plunge into water
12:38:27a Tri-State Gun Show Part Of Illegal Gun Sale Investigation
12:38:32a Broadcasters settle fee gripe with Ottawa
12:38:38a Reebok Power boot Screens
12:38:43a Brilliant playoff debut for Phillies' Lee
12:38:49a Causes for a Weak Immune System
12:38:54a Restoring Afghanistan
12:38:59a Cobra Car Alarms A Good Protection Against Car Theft
12:39:05a Pakistan's wary eye on Obama's Afghanistan debate
12:39:10a Silvio Berlusconi no longer immune from prosecution
12:39:15a Utah Jazz can't afford siesta in Spain
12:39:20a Kumbalanghi village in the limelight
12:39:26a ANU leads Aussie unis in world's top 200
12:39:31a Tiong Paper prompted to run false report
12:39:36a How to make home-made lemonade
12:39:42a Doğan accused of ‘fixing' court process
12:39:47a Dockery 'leaning toward' running for governor
12:39:52a Whip It! Grijalva Says 75% of House Dems Support 'Robust' Public Option
12:40:02a US official sees ‘enormous opportunity for trade with Turkey
12:40:08a New Giant Lizard Komodo Cousin 'A Nasty Piece of Work'
12:40:13a Unions pushing for paid sick days
12:40:18a Parents hero-neighbor helped save toddlers from fire
12:40:24a Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. to Release Fiscal 2010 Second Quarter Earnings on November 5th
12:40:29a India's new mobile billing plan may have negative impact on Axiata
12:40:35a Third Anniversary of Tragic Slaying of Journalist Anna Politkovskaya
12:40:51a Tsunami warning issued for Pacific islands, PNG
12:40:56a Senate health bill costs pegged at billion/title
12:41:02a Citigroup scrutiny puts trio in firing line
12:41:07a US envoy hopes to jump-start peace talks
12:41:13a Barbie 'under no one's control'
12:41:18a U.S. cool to Mugabe's overture for better ties
12:41:23a Scott Dixon
12:41:29a 11. Dialog plans share dividend
12:41:34a Thorntons sales up ... DuPont outlook ... Cranswick sales rise
12:41:39a Salt Lake Tribune Today
12:41:45a IPO market raises billion in just one day
12:41:50a See the Fever's season in photos
12:41:55a Gregoire seeks to extend tax break for companies that repair airplanes
12:42:01a ENDANGERED CHILD ALERT issued in TN for GA girl
12:42:06a Graffiti fetches big price in Hong Kong
12:42:12a Valve Submits Two Left 4 Dead 2 Versions for Australian Approval
12:42:17a Woman backs away from sex assault claim
12:42:22a Ejaz Rahim recollects the disaster of October 2005
12:42:28a Cuba tobacco crop drops back
12:42:33a RB Tonga is making comeback worth it
12:42:38a Cancer, bowel drugs on U.S. FDA safety scrutiny list
12:42:44a NATO seeks more EU move to boost US Afghanistan invasion
12:42:49a Researching for good of mankind
12:42:55a Recession-Hit US Falls Further Into The Red
12:43:00a ZAINUL ARIFINIs Mustar a clown short of a circus?
12:43:05a New U.S. ambassador explains a
12:43:11a Boks score big with fans in spite of downturn
12:43:16a Syria, Saudi Arabia stress Arab unity
12:43:22a Cops, soldiers to cast their votes today
12:43:27a Swiss unemployment rate rises
12:43:33a Homebound find 'house calls' for flu shots few, far between
12:43:38a TheTennis Screens
12:43:43a font color=redsmallEDITORIAL/small/font BRUnderstanding a shared past
12:43:49a Statement from Senators Daschle and Dole
12:43:55a Many children still don't get Medicaid dental care
12:44:01a Firan Technology Group Corporation Announces Financial Results for the Third Quarter 2009
12:44:06a ANU remains one of world's top universities
12:44:12a Mogul Energy International, Inc. Enters Into an Extension Agreement With Excelaron LLC
12:44:17a Airlink pilot dies Stories
12:44:23a Google Street View Catches Confusing Canadian Van Fire Google Street View
12:44:29a User Group Support for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Continues to Increase
12:44:34a Volunteers grade groceries a
12:44:40a Analysts Budget Deficit Hit Record Trillion In '09
12:44:45a Econet appeal to UN court over Zain ownership dispute
12:44:51a Former doctor and convicted killer wants new trial
12:44:56a Portland General Electric Schedules Earnings Release and...
12:45:02a Venture Capital, Government Investment Boost CleanTech
12:45:07a Wall Street ends mixed as earnings season opens
12:45:15a smallCHOK SUAT LING/small BRQuestions of morality haunt MCA election
12:45:21a Fitness Guru LaLanne Marks Birthday In Native SF
12:45:26a Giants of the Fall on Display
12:45:32a 7.8 Earthquake hits the South Pacific
12:45:37a Japan hit by strong typhoon, travel disrupted
12:45:43a Judge denies change of venue to Kim Gore Brown
12:45:48a Westpac loses NZ tax case
12:45:54a 13-year-old designated driver
12:46:00a Covington High couple charged in marijuana bust
12:46:05a 'Selebi showed Agliotti Top Secret report' Stories
12:46:13a Chicago officer accused of filing false DUI charges
12:46:18a The Cost of Corporate Communism
12:46:23a 'Life of pain and misery' ended in toilet Stories
12:46:31a Ashley Jewell Funeral A Big Catastrophic Death Leads to Funeral
12:46:37a Training For A Possible Terrorist Threat
12:46:42a Supermarket plan 'far-sighted, responsible'
12:46:48a Starved for Science How biotechnology is being kept out of Africa, by Robert Paarlberg
12:46:53a Selebi trial the plot thickens Stories
12:46:59a Walk-In Clinic Helps People Get Flu Shots
12:47:04a Drive to curb driving distractions
12:47:09a WH Aims Middle Schoolers Eyes To Stars
12:47:15a 'Obama Effect' for Black Women?
12:47:20a Foreman 1 juror spared life of man who killed 3
12:47:25a Former Cop Sentenced in Fraud Scheme
12:47:30a K-Lite Codec Pack Update 5.1.8 Build 20091007
12:47:36a Auto sector sees further recovery in September exports
12:47:41a Blues don't fear Abramovich exit
12:47:46a 'Phishing' raids in US and Egypt
12:47:52a Tips for hassle-free traveling
12:47:57a 1. Astro to pay bulk of US250mil to telecast Premier League
12:48:08a As a Smartphone, It's a Great GPS Unit
12:48:13a World Bank and IMF adapt to world in transition
12:48:19a 2 men to face charges for selling horse meat
12:48:24a Roosters star charged by police
12:48:29a Citigroup Management Review
12:48:35a Escaped Fugitive Triggers Search Of DIA Concourse
12:48:40a Smaller Than Expected, But Severe, Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico
12:48:46a Google Is Acting Like A Traditional Media Company
12:48:51a Sask. prisoner mistakenly released recaptured
12:48:57a Main Street Gourmet honored
12:49:02a F1 planners prepare for all eventualities
12:49:07a Rambus, EA surge; Dow slightly lower
12:49:13a A New Lab to Feed Lamborghini's Need for Speed
12:49:18a Have a heart for these two
12:49:24a Seismograph readings from an earthquake
12:49:29a Saratoga budget plan calls for job cuts
12:49:35a Check the backseat; save your child's life
12:49:40a Cooking Mama 3 Shop & Chop Screens
12:49:45a 'Malay prophet' to be sentenced Oct 21
12:49:51a I Am Outraged
12:49:56a Computer Makers Aim to Banish Boot-Up Blues
12:50:01a Ready by Five receives large grant, but it comes with a challenge
12:50:07a ACS Updates Recommendations For Breast Cancer Scre
12:50:12a LHC grants stay against NIH
12:50:17a Senators seek job creation, protection in climate bill
12:50:23a Forced to rough it after fire at hall
12:50:28a Tsunami warning issued after Vanuatu quake
12:50:33a The Ubuntu obsession of Tanner Helland
12:50:38a FCC warns of mobiles looming spectrum crisis
12:50:43a Last chance for Choong Hann
12:50:49a Media Summit Participants Should Push For Press Freedom
12:50:54a Shot outside grocery store
12:50:59a 'Travel Buddy' free service for tourists
12:51:05a Organic Farming Yields Far Better Crop Resistance and Resilience
12:51:10a U.S. Olympic Committee Chief Resigns
12:51:15a Nato appeals for Russian support
12:51:21a Father of Palin's grandson to pose for Playgirl
12:51:26a Deutsche Presse-Agentur Report Tension mounts on Bangladesh-Myanmar border
12:51:32a London Stock Exchange dumps Windows for Linux
12:51:37a Podworks Part 5
12:51:42a Police urge vigilance as B.C. pipeline-bomber deadline nears
12:51:48a Developer liquidated, 300 land buyers in the lurch
12:51:53a How To Get The Most Out Of Your Speakers
12:51:59a CORRECTION Earns Alcoa
12:52:04a Health bill would reduce US budget deficit experts
12:52:09a Early Figures Show New High In College Students 07 Oct 2009 190301 GMT
12:52:15a Dating With Diets and Food Allergies
12:52:20a Spotify's freemium approach leaves Napster gasping
12:52:25a Massive earthquake rocks the Pacific Ocean
12:52:30a Checkpoints briefly closed at Houston airport
12:52:35a How To Contact WAFB
12:52:42a EVIT to vote on east Mesa building plans
12:52:47a Median incomes barely changed
12:52:53a Success of dialogue slim due to inter-Palestinian controversy over UN report
12:52:58a Postal strike ballot result due
12:53:03a Czech leader stands alone against the Lisbon Treaty
12:53:09a Ex-Border Officer Held On Porn Charges
12:53:14a How is Rwanda coping with the aftermath of genocide
12:53:19a 20 nabbed for misusing permits
12:53:24a Europe strong in university table
12:53:30a Morale improving at Fort Carson after 8 deaths
12:53:36a TV TxDOT announces end to Trans-Texas Corridor
12:53:41a Tsunami advisory issued for Hawaii
12:53:46a TCEB launches 'Thailand Maximize' in the 17th ITCMA and 12t
12:53:52a AP Poll Health care overhaul hanging in there
12:53:57a Ill. AG calling for crackdown on nursing homes
12:54:03a Government releases discussion paper on broadband deployment
12:54:08a PRESS DIGEST Malaysia Oct 8
12:54:13a Charles Finny on the US-NZ Partnership Forum
12:54:19a Justices weigh constitutionality of war memorial cross
12:54:25a Global economic crisis accelerates China's ascent, but what role will it play
12:54:30a AMAQ warns against doctors' registry
12:54:35a UN defends Afghan election role
12:54:41a Mixed Signals From Czechs on E.U. Treaty
12:54:46a Najib Put creative ability to good use
12:54:51a Drowned dad laid at the bottom of pool Stories
12:54:57a Credit Card Companies Raising Rates Ahead of Reform
12:55:02a Model Suggests H1N1 Treatment Could Vary by Age
12:55:07a Pas may seek injunction to postpone polls
12:55:12a UN council compromises over Gaza report debate
12:55:18a Ngati Manawa praised for leadership on violence
12:55:23a Summit executive, council agree to cut their pay
12:55:28a Michael C. Finton
12:55:34a Gates asks for breathing space
12:55:40a Canadian Forces Receive Mental Health Awards
12:55:45a British PM’s remarks against Pakhtuns slammed
12:55:50a Horrific sex crime detailed in Oregon case
12:55:56a PM to announce restriction on cold tablet sales
12:56:12a Wall Street treads water as new reporting season opens
12:56:17a Suspect in Lacey bank robbery arrested at casino
12:56:23a Float of clothing retailer Kathmandu expected before year end
12:56:28a Police Woman robbed sleeping people
12:56:33a Lowdown tactics may be cause of empty chairs at Pas ceramah
12:56:39a Stop selling insurance on the web
12:56:44a New high-speed patrol boat for Indian Coast Guard
12:56:49a A Relaxation Guide to European Spas
12:56:55a Idaho is group's latest election reform target
12:57:00a Air district funds shuttle, rideshare projects
12:57:05a Succession Screens
12:57:11a Critics' Picks The comedy of Asperger's
12:57:16a Honduras talks start, police break up protest
12:57:21a 'Google phones' gaining market momentum
12:57:27a ‘Viva Berlusconi? Not So Much
12:57:32a UP soldier killed in Afghanistan
12:57:41a MTS cuts 2009 outlook; blames weak economy
12:57:47a 7.8 Quake Hits South Pacific
12:57:52a Astronomers Discover Huge New Ring Around Saturn
12:57:57a Wiki Camp 2007 Organiser's Chat
12:58:03a Higgins edges O'Sullivan in cliff-hanger
12:58:08a House OKs revenue side of budget; spending vote expected tonight
12:58:14a Florida's beach restoration program threatened by suit
12:58:19a Charity body 'soft on private schools'
12:58:24a The Communications Revolution
12:58:30a Dollar's Slide Gives Rise to Calls for New Reserve
12:58:35a David Cameron must fill the leadership vacuum left by Barack Obama
12:58:40a Buffalo hosts Wright conference
12:58:45a Benefits have far wider role than helping the jobless
12:58:50a Guan Eng, Penang govt likened to 'chameleon'
12:58:56a Noah Blackhurst St. Mary's Medical Center Athlete of the Week
12:59:01a Is Nationwide On Your Side?
12:59:06a Ho-Lee-Chow out of business
12:59:11a For Those Of You Having Problems With The New Commenting Feature And Avatars
12:59:16a Oceanside RCMP seize car they believe in hit-and-run collision
12:59:21a Conoco plans to sell of assets
12:59:27a How father's life dream turned to despair
12:59:32a Hey Hey blackface skit storm spreads across globe
12:59:37a UB pumps life into economy
12:59:42a Paedophile butler appeal rejected
12:59:48a Arizona governor argues against Medicaid expansion
12:59:53a Chris Rock Tackles Trials, Tribulations of Ethnic Hair
12:59:58a Nasty No More Britain's Tories Reach Out to Gays
01:00:04a Stephen Harper appoints 5 judges with Tory links
01:00:09a 1959 Razorback Football Team Getting Together 07 Oct 2009 193634 GMT
01:00:15a Cops bust gang with arrest of 6
01:00:20a Pakistan's military concerned over US ai
01:00:25a Quake renews fears in the Pacific
01:00:31a Blondes take longer than brunettes to get ready
01:00:36a Tracing Michelle Obama's Roots
01:00:41a PIC_1819
01:00:47a Fund surpasses RM1mil mark
01:00:52a School Kids Sing For Health Care Reform On Set Of CNN
01:00:57a PMR student tries to delay test by setting fire to school
01:01:03a County allows immigration enforcement to continue in jails
01:01:08a Court overturns Berlusconi's immunity law
01:01:13a Gold High Risks And High Prices
01:01:18a 'Fracture caused by delivery complications'
01:01:24a Police freeze another Tiong plane in PKFZ probe
01:01:29a NASA downgrades Asteroid Apophis 2036 strike threat
01:01:35a Bail for arsonist proves Nat's points-scoring
01:01:40a Amber Chia offered rights to supermodel contest
01:01:45a Lincoln's Inn alumni to meet at gathering
01:01:51a Obama receives request for Afghan troop increase
01:01:56a Creepy camp crocs' terror in the night
01:02:01a SEC Demands Jury Trial In Bank of America Case Fox Business
01:02:07a RPT-Tsunami alert issued for Australia,Indonesia
01:02:12a Task force to restore PKFZ
01:02:18a Saudi sex 'braggart' is sentenced to 1,000 lashes and five years in prison
01:02:23a Greece's new prime minister announces priorities of cabinet
01:02:29a Police Credit union robber left fake bomb
01:02:34a Obama's first'year travel sets presidential record
01:02:39a Forget A Zombieland Sequel Writers Have 12 Films Planned!
01:02:45a Firm seeks SEC probe of Hertz over bankruptcy suit
01:02:50a Camp Dawson Soldiers to Participate in 'Ms. America TaTas' Walk
01:02:55a Mantra Announces the Appointment of Mr. Con Buckley as CFO
01:03:01a He boasted about sex on TV now he's been jailed
01:03:06a Senior citizens pray for integrity and righteousness in leaders
01:03:11a Polish man receives conviction via interpreter in jury trial
01:03:17a 'Upskirt pixman' nabbed
01:03:22a Telecom Italia chief confident on debt
01:03:27a Barnyard fun kicks off fair activities
01:03:33a 19. Irham firms file suit against TNB
01:03:38a UPDATE 2-SEC demands jury trial in BofA/Merrill bonus case
01:03:43a Witness Slur in Williams case discussed in '04
01:03:49a Zombie Baseball Screens
01:03:54a Ex-PKR founder member calls for Anwar probe
01:03:59a Italian Court Rules Against Berlusconi Immunity Law
01:04:05a 'Let me take revenge for my son' Stories
01:04:10a A Significant Advance Towards a Solution For Neuronal Repair
01:04:15a Camp Dawson Soldiers to Participate in 'Ms. America TaTas' Walk
01:04:21a Video of Arora Protest
01:04:26a The Green Depression
01:04:31a Obama to visit China in mid-November White House
01:04:37a I'll be next Liberal PM defiant Turnbull
01:04:42a Roman Polanski risked extradition back to U.S. as early as 1980, biographer says
01:04:47a A reformed Islam could save Afghanistan
01:04:53a Extra Deepavali school holiday
01:04:58a What Is, and Isn't, on the White House Walls
01:05:03a British Airways to cut cabin crew by 1000, move 3000 to part time
01:05:09a Bournemouth 'Best Place For A UK Holiday'
01:05:23a Uganda Ten Million Citizens Risk Catching Sleeping Sickness
01:05:29a Watchdog's bark is worse than its bite
01:05:34a Holder Calls Chicago Teen's Killing Wake-Up Call
01:05:39a Airbus cancellations outweigh sales in Sept
01:05:45a CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia Fair opens doors for tenth time
01:05:50a US troops in Afghanistan are losing heart, army chaplains tell The Times
01:05:56a To say this war must be won in a year is nonsense
01:06:01a NZ dollar falls; greenback's weakness overstated
01:06:06a New license plates in Washington state will have seven characters
01:06:12a Camp Ashraf Hunger Strikes 36 released, London pictures.
01:06:17a Asteroid Apophis' Path Toward Earth Refined
01:06:23a New mobile phone coming up
01:06:28a Love affair with Berlusconi turns sour
01:06:33a FCC Wireless Spectrum
01:06:38a Tramper rescued by helicopter
01:06:44a Grant them their wish
01:06:49a Driver killed, eight hurt in mishap
01:06:54a eBay Lost on Craig's List Investment
01:06:59a Beyond the War on Terror
01:07:05a Charlayne Woodard perfects the art of listening to children
01:07:10a Possible sighting of missing toddler report
01:07:15a Crippled man up in arms over ops
01:07:20a Auss
01:07:26a Federal Register goes XML - at last
01:07:31a Two large quakes trigger tsunami warnings, scramble
01:07:36a Krengel Tech Eases XML Integration with DB2 Web Service Enabler
01:07:42a 'MicroRNA' Predicts Liver Cancer Outcomes
01:07:47a Private companies have poor record says ACC
01:07:53a Kathmandu float #39;expected by Christmas #39;
01:07:58a Senate health bill costs pegged at billion
01:08:03a UPDATE 4-PIMCO, Baupost quit CIT bond committee-sources
01:08:08a Tsunami alert issued for Australia,Indonesia
01:08:14a Wall Street retreats on tax threat to US house building industry
01:08:20a Experts Tell Senate Panel al-Qaida Remains a Threat, But Is 'Severely Damaged' and conflict
01:08:25a Phew! Earth to Dodge a Big Bullet in 2036
01:08:30a WI man marries mail-order bride using other girlfriend's money
01:08:35a Newseum to Recreate Tim Russert's Office
01:08:41a Neiman Marcus Tones Down Holiday Catalog
01:08:46a Saha admits mental struggles
01:08:52a Pictures and Videos Capture Canadian Fireball from Sept. 25, 2009
01:08:57a Abdullah backers feel ‘betrayal, shame, disbelief'
01:09:03a National Review Columnist Women's Suffrage Bad for Conservatism, Society
01:09:08a Bullet lodged in man's leg comes out 4 years later
01:09:13a More than 100 arrested in US, Egypt phishing scheme
01:09:18a 'Opposition alliance can register as single party'
01:09:24a Fire hotel site car park approved
01:09:29a England selectors expected to omit travel-shy Stephen Harmison
01:09:34a Dole backs health care reform
01:09:40a Four-centimetre tsunami near Vanuatu followed quakes
01:09:46a A record breaking million for Marsden Fund
01:09:51a Corrections and clarifications
01:09:57a Pod Works Part 1
01:10:02a Man pulled out of Snoqualmie River
01:10:07a Trinity ranked in world's top 50 universities
01:10:12a Barrier Reef 'likely to kill tsunami'
01:10:18a Google Chuck Norris--If You Dare
01:10:23a Guy Ritchie says he still loves 'retarded' Madonna
01:10:28a Tsunami watch cancelled for New Zealand
01:10:33a Argentine astronomer calculated orbits of Halley's Comet and Saturn's outermost moon
01:10:39a All of Scotland will feel the benefit if we invest in our cities
01:10:44a Thank you, Margaret Atwood
01:10:50a Democratic leaders weigh economy with Obama
01:10:55a Berlusconi's legal immunity stripped by Italy's top court
01:11:11a Bill Clinton?s Take on Innovation, Globalization, and Technology
01:11:17a Samoan tsunami to cost Tower million
01:11:22a AgResearch Annual Report 08/09
01:11:32a JobTrax Kiosk Unveiled in Corbly Hall Lounge
01:11:37a Criminal Speeds into Accident Scene, Runs Over Fireman
01:11:42a Eight elite Aussie unis in top 100
01:11:48a Land Shark Stadium needs update for future Super Bowls
01:11:53a French Minister Frederic Mitterrand Under Fire For Gay Sex Tourism
01:11:58a Palestinian president meets Italian PM on Middle East peace talks
01:12:04a Guards Confiscate Weapons At Juvenile Court
01:12:09a Change Is Hard Lesson To Learn At Arrowhead
01:12:15a Homemade bomb detonated in suburban street
01:12:21a Columbia County kids report suspicious man
01:12:26a Online study has become truly international
01:12:32a Inaction Under The Dome
01:12:37a Celebrating 50 years of Perth TV
01:12:43a Passenger numbers on Bay Hopper buses rises
01:12:49a Farmlands launches sale and leaseback scheme
01:12:54a Former Kidnapping Suspect Blames Ex-Boyfriend
01:13:00a Don't Beat the Cab Driver
01:13:05a Greens and SFWU to fight for workers, environment
01:13:11a Baby Delivered After Mother Diagnosed With Swine Flu
01:13:16a KCC plans to enforce television price cuts
01:13:22a I'll be the next Liberal PM Turnbull
01:13:27a Man convicted of mugging elderly Jamaica residents
01:13:33a Arrest after three-hour police chase in Thames Valley
01:13:38a Australia to probe tobacco firms' use of Facebook
01:13:44a Prospects look good for graduates in technical subjects
01:13:49a Loss predicted for Westpac
01:13:54a U.S. cool to Mugabe's overture for better ties
01:13:59a Google Chrome BETA
01:14:05a Send an SMS and make a RM1 donation
01:14:10a Bishop in pole position as Davis goes to ITV
01:14:15a Free Seasonal Flu Shots Offered at A&M
01:14:20a Wireless charging lets you cut the cords
01:14:26a Nasa to smash probe into the moon
01:14:31a Westpac loses NZ tax battle
01:14:36a 'You don't have to be mates, but as a team we stuck together'
01:14:42a U.S. cool to Mugabe's overture for better ties
01:14:47a Belmont University Adding Law School
01:14:52a Cheap Fertiliser Lined Up for Farmers Ahead of Rains
01:14:57a Shots fired at East Vic Park cafe
01:15:03a Seventies classic Comedians is revived for X Factor era
01:15:08a Comic books artists draw on stamina in 24-hour challenge
01:15:14a Plane lands in middle of busy highway
01:15:19a George's filly steals yearling show
01:15:24a Turnbull, Hockey put on united front
01:15:30a Skull, other remains found in Jacksonville's Baldwin area
01:15:35a 18-year-old killed when car strikes tree
01:15:40a Genocide forgotten Armenians horrified by treaty with Turkey
01:15:46a Kubica replaces Alonso at Renault
01:15:51a Zoo Tiger Mauling Victim May Face Charges
01:15:56a Bank to sit tight on policy
01:16:02a Queensland on tsunami alert after powerful quake hits South Pacific
01:16:07a No change in income
01:16:12a Abbas unpopular in West Bank
01:16:17a Future is brighter after Watson's graduation
01:16:23a CourierPost not quite out of current doldrums as it celebrates 20 years
01:16:28a CSO opens new season with İdil Biret
01:16:33a Storm assistant takes over at Wigan
01:16:39a Senator Byrd Shepherds Conference Committee Approval of FY 2010 Homeland Security Bill
01:16:48a Jordan urges pressure on Israel to halt clashes in Al Aqsa Mosque
01:16:54a LG 42-Inch 720p LCD HDTV Review, Model 42LH20
01:16:59a Protesters call for end to Afghan War on 8th anniversary
01:17:04a Sydney Airport creeps into Conde Nast Awards List
01:17:10a Commission chief caves in to pressure from private schools
01:17:15a Jilted youth stabbed in hotel room
01:17:20a Gabba clash opens Australia's Ashes mission
01:17:26a MIED is part of MIC, says former trustee
01:17:31a Training Center Celebrates Third 81mm Mortar Course
01:17:38a Daily Checkup Birth Weight, Autism, The Pill
01:17:44a Students still recovering day after school bus accident
01:17:49a Taliban Were no threat to the West
01:17:55a Iran says some nations offer it nuclear fuel
01:18:00a Scientists to Americans Take a Hike!
01:18:05a Phillies Fan Lawn Tribute
01:18:11a Fashion purrs and meows on the catwalk
01:18:16a Fashion Designer Jazmin Whitley talks about what kind of outfit she would give Rihanna
01:18:21a An education in the life of comedian Mel Giedroyc
01:18:27a Sporting News Gives Pittsburgh Trophy For Best City
01:18:32a R v Field HC AK CRI 2007-092-18132 6 October 2009
01:18:37a Lee to give more power to able state firm leaders
01:18:43a Preschool Homeschool Basics Concepts and Suggested Websites
01:18:48a Little Letterman outrage in Portland
01:18:53a Prime Minister outlines anti-P package
01:18:59a Family mourns crash death boy
01:19:04a Ozzy Osbourne 'I was a clown, but never a bad guy'
01:19:10a Central bankers should also be diplomats
01:19:15a Most House Democrats Oppose ‘Cadillac Insurance Tax
01:19:20a Small stores get big help
01:19:26a The Barcode, the UPC, the Antichrist, and Big Brother
01:19:34a South Pacific Quake Prompts Hawaii Tsunami Advisory
01:19:39a NWFN STATEMENT Solidarity with Honduran women in struggle
01:19:44a Why Chinese lessons are booming
01:19:50a Mizzima News HRW honours Burmese rights activist
01:19:55a NCR chief financial officer to resign
01:20:00a Writing Styles
01:20:06a Homeschooling Basics Documentation
01:20:11a EU warns of costs of Lisbon delay
01:20:17a Man fathered two children with daughter
01:20:22a Uncounted America's 'underinsured'
01:20:27a Schools may also take Oct 20 off for Deepavali
01:20:33a The foods that made Britain great
01:20:38a Skyhawk sale nears completion
01:20:43a NOW Goes After David Letterman Over Affairs With Female Staffers
01:20:49a Turkey's Gul lobbies hostile France on EU bid
01:20:54a Madrid company promises 500 jobs in Miami-Dade
01:21:00a Insurer's agreement to cover surgery comes too late
01:21:05a Tories turn party-poopers to end era of cheap alcohol
01:21:11a Patients hoping kin of dead will have a heart
01:21:23a Critics Say Loophole Allows Illegal Gun Purchases
01:21:29a 3RD LD Typhoon lands in Japan, leaving 1 dead, 24 injured+
01:21:34a Illegal pilot crashed during stunt
01:21:40a Foreman Lone Juror Saves Convicted Family Killer From Death Penalty
01:21:45a Wells 'will start running dry in 10 years'
01:21:50a Suspected triple killer pleads innocent; bail set at million
01:21:56a New child sex case hits country
01:22:01a Let's preserve the dotty, dying don
01:22:06a FBI hoping to outwit the 'Einstein Bandit'
01:22:12a Caddies looking like real Giants
01:22:17a Nixon's Health Plan
01:22:23a Tsunami alert issued in Pacific after major quake
01:22:28a Hart would be right to query Avram's real goal
01:22:46a 16. Bold steps needed for Malaysian budget
01:22:51a Irrawaddy Chicken in the basket – Aung Zaw
01:22:57a Ruddock rests two for French test
01:23:02a Rivals seek to take on Tesco's small store dominance
01:23:07a Security Council rejects special Goldstone report session
01:23:13a To Sell More Sony Videogame Downloads
01:23:18a Security Council to raise UN Gaza report next week
01:23:24a I saw 'happy' girls 10 minutes before they leapt off bridge
01:23:29a Big Asteroid Less Likely to Hit Earth
01:23:35a Bestsellers
01:23:40a Space Station Crews Have Been Assigned
01:23:46a Idaho teen dies after getting swine flu
01:23:51a Protesters file lawsuit against Olympic sign laws
01:23:57a KSE 100-share index soars to 14-month high
01:24:02a Four in ten top scientists went to private school
01:24:07a Father of Palin's grandson wants to pose for Playgirl
01:24:13a CDOT To Be Strict On Chain Laws
01:24:18a Kawasaki holds off Kashima in 15-minute rematch
01:24:23a Sadly for Grayling, he's more angry rabbit than Tebbit
01:24:29a Parents must alert authorities if children fall sick
01:24:34a Consumers Debt Falls for 7th Month in Row
01:24:40a Miliband meets long-lost relative during Moscow visit
01:24:45a De Castries is to take full charge of Axa
01:24:50a 3 Women Flashed By Man, Police Say
01:24:56a Children draw own visions of 2020
01:25:01a Daughter of slain Florida couple tells Oprah Winfrey about raising parents' children
01:25:06a Bank of England's rebuff to Holyrood angers MSPs
01:25:12a Suggestions to Deal If You Suspect a Student is Taking Drugs
01:25:17a Suit filed against Seattle waterfront tunnel
01:25:22a Gold at all-time high in world market
01:25:28a LSE surges past 3,000
01:25:33a Oil Majors, Discounters Top Most Searched Stocks
01:25:39a Amber Alert Victim Found In Fort Worth
01:25:44a Millions of pensioners will go cold as energy prices soar
01:25:50a Oil states say no talks on replacing US dollar
01:25:55a West Coast Highway busy
01:26:01a India's Reliance Plans 1 for 1 Bonus Issue
01:26:06a UPDATE 1-Westpac faces mln tax bill after NZ ruling
01:26:12a Day care standards face decontrol
01:26:31a 'SNL' Obama
01:26:37a HONDURAS Talks Seek Solution to 102-Day Crisis
01:26:42a Campaigning kicks off for upper house by-elections+
01:26:48a Universiti Malaya climbs 50 spots to No. 180 in THE-QS rankings
01:26:53a Flight delays in U.S. likely to get worse
01:26:59a 3 file candidacies in Miyagi gubernatorial race+
01:27:04a Levi Johnston Playgirl
01:27:11a 6 players ready to set the Heineken Cup on fire
01:27:16a Labour's fiercest critic on Afghan war gets Tory job
01:27:21a 2 Americans, Israeli Win Chemistry Award
01:27:27a More Idaho troops could soon be headed to Agghanistan
01:27:32a Companies Raise Credit Card Rates Ahead Of Reform
01:27:37a Nighthawk will emerge from the pack
01:27:43a Sack the general; stop the war-Gen. McChrystal the lobbyist is wrong about Afghanistan
01:27:48a Bird Plane No just Super Kiwi
01:27:53a 'Hoax' probe councillor suspended
01:27:59a Monitor Commences Chapter 15 Cases in the United States On Behalf of Canwest
01:28:04a EPD forms new internet crime unit
01:28:09a Helpful Tips for Choosing a Home School Name
01:28:14a Knight leads Phoenix past Apache
01:28:22a Nissan Chuzousho President Shunichiro Tsuji
01:28:27a Egyptian FM warns against spoiling Palestinian reconciliation
01:28:33a Bennett still pushing for citizenship question
01:28:38a Minister Evans to visit Christmas Island
01:28:43a Saudis Deny Working With Foreign Agencies
01:28:49a Centrelink officers assigned to homeless
01:28:54a Latrobe's Gjebre wins WPIAL golf title
01:28:59a Man seeking heart help has wreck outside hospital
01:29:04a There's a special place in hell for Roman Polanski
01:29:10a APNewsBreak SC gov's driver pulled for speeding
01:29:15a Seoul shares rise; Tong Yang Life below IPO price
01:29:21a Launch of First Year-Round Annual Scientific Medical Meeting Announced at Health 2.0
01:29:26a Million Grant Heading For Wheeling
01:29:31a Top 20 Concert Tours
01:29:37a Vuln ImageMagick ReadBlob Multiple Remote Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities
01:29:42a England expected to leave out Harmison
01:29:47a New group of soldiers going to Guantanamo - for a year
01:29:53a Credit Card Scam Rooted In The Ohio Valley
01:29:58a Capitol Theatre Controversy
01:30:03a Jane Lubchenco Confirmed as NOAA Administrator
01:30:08a Budget Deficit Triples To Trillion In 2009
01:30:14a GMs pick Lakers, LeBron to repeat
01:30:19a Mi
01:30:24a 6. Jim Rogers wary of buying gold at new high
01:30:29a 'Whatever' Reigns As Most Annoying Phrase
01:30:35a Bonds pass quadrillion won mark
01:30:40a CNN Tough Crowd For Iraq Reality Show 'Comedy Star'
01:30:45a 8th Anniversary of War in Afghanistan
01:30:51a Lady Mull follows husband to gospel hall of fame
01:30:56a Brazell, Tigers roar in crucial win over Carp
01:31:01a Italian Court Throws Out Silvio Berlusconi Immunity
01:31:07a Israel stoking trouble, say Palestinians
01:31:12a Fashion photographer Irving Penn dead at 92
01:31:17a Class-action suit accuses Coors of bogus sweepstakes entries
01:31:23a Won't pay to read news online
01:31:28a The Role of Dental Hygienist in Orofacial Cleft Prevention
01:31:33a Government must step in to make suppliers play fair
01:31:39a US man accused of using Internet to arrange sex with teen, other crimes
01:31:44a 8 Years After 9/11
01:31:51a Mine mishap union says cable broke
01:31:56a Jovetic flattered by Utd link
01:32:01a NRD clears 97.6% applications
01:32:06a PTA seizes two illegal gateway exchanges
01:32:11a Power Outage Closes Newington Library
01:32:17a Ribosome riddle delivers Nobel prize
01:32:22a Blue Cross to lay off 150 by year's end
01:32:27a Namibia Vaccination Drive Planned As Measles Cases Soar
01:32:32a Rengo marks 20th anniv., Koga to assume chairmanship+
01:32:38a Floods to force developers to back off; land values dip
01:32:43a U.S. man carrying loaded gun arrested at Narita airport
01:32:48a TxDOT announces end to Trans-Texas Corridor
01:32:54a Microsoft Standard-Bearer Faces Tight Deadline
01:32:59a Bat for Lashes, Roundhouse, London
01:33:04a Obama sends message of sympathy, vows aid
01:33:10a Candle likely cause of Evanston home fire
01:33:15a No annual custody deaths rally this year!
01:33:21a Judge orders Alabama woman charged with kidnapping baby to remain in federal custody
01:33:26a London's Iconic Red Double-Decker Buses Green
01:33:31a No plans for a second KEB bid
01:33:37a Lake swallows villages
01:33:42a Breakfast at school now is on the principal
01:33:48a Tsunami warning cancelled after Pacific quakes
01:33:53a Obama to visit Japan Nov. 12-13 White House+
01:33:59a Employment rises by 40,600 jobs in Sept
01:34:04a Company Recognized For Turning Poo Into Power
01:34:09a New harbour for north Qld
01:34:14a Adriano is not returning to Milan, says agent
01:34:20a Light Snow Coming Thursday
01:34:25a No longer big in Japan
01:34:30a Honduras' Zelaya calls on OAS not to be complacent with post-coup gov't
01:34:36a Voters will look for hope and substance from Cameron
01:34:41a Web Extra Vigil For NH Mom & Daughter
01:34:46a Lifeline for our quake-hit students
01:34:52a Italy Palestinian president meets Berlusconi amid controversy
01:34:57a Prinsloo now probed for sex crimes in Belarus
01:35:02a Sainsbury's has to party while it can
01:35:08a Viewers still in Letterman's corner
01:35:13a Bomb blast chaos in Sydney street
01:35:18a Weather forecasters caught in the eye of a storm
01:35:24a Helen Keller Statue Unveiled
01:35:29a House members to get Veterans Day week off, unless healthcare beckons
01:35:34a Energy boost as SSE chooses Glasgow for its European HQ
01:35:40a Cramped Dispatch Center Getting New Home
01:35:45a Elizabeth Taylor tweets about heart operation
01:35:50a AP Fall Ball Tonight at Knitting Factory
01:36:02a Uganda 10 Million At Risk of Sleeping Sickness
01:36:07a Video Sen. Sobel won't comment on Mendelsohn ties
01:36:14a SDPD Officer Fatally Shoots Dog After Attack
01:36:19a Japan's current account surplus rises 10.4% in August+
01:36:25a Earthquakes rock South Pacific
01:36:30a No charges over Mel Gibson DUI report leaks
01:36:35a Fashion rethinks, rebrands and reasserts itself in the recession
01:36:41a Great literature knows no bounds – in time or place
01:36:46a Sizzler sets record of 93 for this October day in Palm Beach County
01:36:51a Fresh quake renews tsunami fears for Pacific
01:36:56a Key U.S. missile not available soon
01:37:01a 'Spectacular' sunrise platform at Uluru
01:37:07a Two earthquakes rock South Pacific
01:37:12a If only Her Majesty had Radio 4 ears
01:37:17a Strong quake rattles Vanuatu
01:37:23a No Deal! Cop Killer To Remain Behind Bars
01:37:28a DuPont Expects 2 Years of Profit Below 2008 Levels
01:37:33a Marlins retain manager Gonzalez
01:37:39a Miss America visits Katrina victims
01:37:44a Minimum pricing will only fuel drink woes
01:37:49a Medical malpractice insurance rates dropped in Florida in 2008
01:37:55a 9 hours would have made the difference
01:38:00a Suu Kyi to launch central court appeal – Khin Hnin Htet
01:38:05a Dead Teen's Dad In Hot Water For Using Dead Man's ID
01:38:10a NCAA seeks rehearing in FSU records case
01:38:16a eBay and Bonanzle React to Google Base Changes
01:38:21a Special ed teacher gets probation for putting hot sauce in boy's soda
01:38:26a 9NEWS EXTRA Donna's Journey
01:38:31a Is it ethical to say no
01:38:36a Canada takes US to WTO over cattle, hog labeling
01:38:42a Alcoa in surprise return to profitability
01:38:47a Green Bill May Increase California Dumpster Diving
01:38:53a Constitution ‘Suspended on Mexican Border
01:38:58a Potential Threat to New Zealand
01:39:03a 50 Years of KNDO Local News
01:39:08a Possible New Alzheimer's Therapy Studied
01:39:14a Mehserle's Lawyers Push For Change Of Venue
01:39:19a India Bringing health services to island communities in Assam
01:39:25a Tsunami warnings cancelled for Pacific
01:39:31a Oxford to defer use of A* grade for admissions
01:39:36a Royal Adelaide Hospital gains accolade
01:39:49a miniheli Screens
01:39:55a James hopes to follow Zoff's lead
01:40:00a Google's Abandoned Library of 700 Million Titles
01:40:06a U.S. Will Disregard Borders In Terrorist Hunt Says Obama
01:40:11a WA man dies on flight report
01:40:17a Fashion Changes Season With Forward Global
01:40:22a Tsunami warning after 7.8 quake off Vanuatu
01:40:27a House Includes Money for NBAF Laboratory
01:40:33a Lloyds Banking Group mulls huge rights issue report
01:40:39a Boxer plans hearing on toxic school drinking water
01:40:44a Jenna
01:40:50a Diplomatic draftees to start service in Taiwan's allies
01:40:55a Deportations called 'racial profiling' by Feds
01:41:01a Mining giant hit by malfunction
01:41:06a Row over power firm's 3m grant
01:41:11a VIDEO Emergency Checks for GI Bill 10-7-09
01:41:17a Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst noted for his work with offenders
01:41:22a Israeli highschoolers choose jail over occupation army service
01:41:27a 'Blue Stonehenge' May Be Funeral Complex
01:41:33a Gran Torino Part 2
01:41:38a Barclays Gold Could Run To As High As
01:41:43a An Introduction to Freedomware
01:41:48a Feds pledge help after Chicago beating death of Derrion Albert
01:41:54a LEAD Japan's current account surplus rises 10.4% in Aug. on imports slump+
01:41:59a Science commissioners urged Perry to keep chairman
01:42:05a Catholic Archdiocese Battling SF Over Property Tax
01:42:10a China's ability as global growth engine in doubt
01:42:15a 40,000 Troops to Afghanistan
01:42:30a The Olympics and the Poor
01:42:35a Polish airline to get slots at Narita
01:42:41a New Anti-Cancer Drug Undergoing Testing
01:42:46a Athlete of the Week Savanna Trent
01:42:52a Daughter of slain Florida couple tells Oprah Winfrey about raising parents' children
01:42:57a Federal court hears La. 2 dads case
01:43:02a Gold jumps to record high of Rs32,405
01:43:08a Nisqually shellfish area to fully reopen
01:43:13a 'Hereford is a hotbed of SAS types – although they wouldn't tell us that'
01:43:18a Clean-up begins after cyanide pollutes Trent
01:43:23a MBC's Annual Apple Day
01:43:29a Pacific quakes prompt tsunami warning
01:43:34a Karzai a Problem or Solution
01:43:39a NHL fines Leafs for 'tampering'
01:43:45a Canada researchers map a tumor's transformation
01:43:50a U.S. dollar down in early Taipei trading
01:43:55a Motor Industry Cautiously Optimistic
01:44:01a Human Smuggler Arrested for Kidnapping
01:44:06a Rudd congratulates new Greek PM
01:44:11a NZ look to test combinations in new netball series
01:44:16a Concerns for missing student grow
01:44:22a 50-ton produce giveaway Saturday on Harbor Island
01:44:27a Couple claims police officers harassed them, family members
01:44:33a Construction of Dulwich school starts in capital
01:44:38a Anomaly2
01:44:44a to go into space stiltwalker walking on air
01:44:50a Santa Cruz Islands, Vanuatu Islands, Celebes Sea Earthquake Maps
01:44:55a Man stabbed in head, back in Wellington
01:45:01a Anti-war protesters target McCain's office
01:45:06a Windy Days Good For Wind Energy
01:45:12a Royal Mail may lose Amazon contract
01:45:17a Controversy boosts Letterman's ratings
01:45:23a USF billboard causes stir, do you agree?
01:45:28a Groundbreaking Restoration Brings Innovative Approach to Chesapeake Bay
01:45:33a Global economic crisis accelerates China's ascent, but what
01:45:38a 'Shake shake' just another night in Vanuatu
01:45:44a Eddie Murphy Drops Out of Richard Pryor Biopic
01:45:49a Social Media Matchup Twitter vs. Facebook vs. MySpace
01:45:54a Soprano Sills' estate sells for more than
01:46:00a Police Allege Man's Car Full Of Explosives
01:46:05a Chavez Moving Forward After Election
01:46:10a Special team to watch MCA's EGM
01:46:16a Pacific tsunami warning cancelled after Vanuatu quakes
01:46:21a FEEL GOOD SHOW !!!! TIME IS SHORT........LIVE FOR NOW.....!!!!
01:46:27a U.S. Senate Challenges President Obama With Missile Defense Vote
01:46:32a Big dino footprint found in France
01:46:37a Two Potential Plays on Peabody Energy Corp.
01:46:42a Moon Rise Time Today in India Karva Chauth
01:46:48a 1,725-Pound Pumpkin Breaks World Record
01:46:53a Mortgage rates below 5 percent fuel refi boom
01:46:58a Sewer spat Council members have heated exchange over sewer rate hike
01:47:03a Distillery Feels Singled Out By Proposed Liquor Tax
01:47:09a US president's helicopter fleet costs billions
01:47:14a Top Takes From RealMoney
01:47:19a Writing for Magazines
01:47:25a Calls for reform on people-trafficking cases in Belgium
01:47:30a Renowned Wash. winemaker David Lake dies
01:47:35a Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps by Susan Gunelius Available Now
01:47:40a FUFA sects Oct.17 for league kick off
01:47:46a Henrik Sedin
01:47:51a MS Faults Phishing for Hotmail Breach
01:47:56a Massive Ordnance Penetrator
01:48:01a Not All 911 Calls Equal In Stanislaus
01:48:07a Abbas faces more anger over U.N. war crimes report
01:48:12a Wicked Weather in Southtowns
01:48:17a Schools 'can take 680m cut without harming standards'
01:48:25a DSC_5860
01:48:38a P ingredient to be restricted
01:48:44a Congress moving to block release of torture photos ACLU
01:48:49a How Much Can You Get For Your Gold?
01:48:54a Conficker Worm Reaches Go Time, to No Effect
01:48:59a Boost for Baucus on cost of health reform
01:49:05a Mom should have fought it out
01:49:10a Translators galore as Gaelic is accepted by European bodies
01:49:15a Bryan Restaurant Offers New, Faster Way To Pay
01:49:20a National seasonal flu shot shortage hits Quincy
01:49:26a Britain's not bust. So don't use it as an excuse to impose cuts
01:49:31a US most admired global brand
01:49:36a Police Murder-For-Hire Plot Foiled
01:49:45a Obama stargazes from the South Lawn
01:49:51a How to Make the Most Out of Your Network
01:49:56a Nearly Worth of Meth Found in Potato Chip Bag
01:50:01a Scots Gaelic becomes an EU language
01:50:06a Fears of tribal bloodshed as Kenya's bow-and-arrow fighters buy AK-47s
01:50:12a 5 Charged In Richland Car Burglaries
01:50:17a RIO's Back In Favour
01:50:23a Irrawaddy Armed faction splits from Mon Party
01:50:28a RIM Makes BlackBerry Messenger 5 Available to All
01:50:33a Women Blasts Letterman
01:50:39a Flu Shots Come To Shafter
01:50:44a Iran Blames U.S. in Disappearance of Scientist
01:50:49a Auckland not forgetting about Bowden
01:50:54a An evergreen state of mind
01:51:00a Victorville buying Hillcrest apartments
01:51:05a Dalai Lama says he's a feminist
01:51:10a Teacher's fast action saves choking student
01:51:16a Gold at new highs on inflation fe
01:51:21a Green activists jubilant as Kingsnorth shelved
01:51:27a Astronauts try out Colbert's space treadmill
01:51:32a Philippine rice farmers facing tough times
01:51:37a US consumer credit falls for seventh month running
01:51:44a Subvert and Profit Reports 114% Growth In Social Media Vote Volume
01:51:49a FCA to meet on 12th, set Rabi crop targets
01:51:54a Amazon’s Kindle e-reader goes international
01:52:00a Tech Stocks Lead TSX To Weekly High
01:52:05a US air controllers union says new aircraft-tracking computers run into problems during tests
01:52:10a New Zealand downgrades tsunami alert as three quakes shake Pacific
01:52:16a man raped and strangled two-year-old
01:52:21a Tech Stocks Manage To Find Gains At Market Close
01:52:26a WRAPUP 1-Avianca, TACA to merge, AeroMexico eyes deal
01:52:32a Pakistan's Military Concerned Over U.S. Aid Bill
01:52:37a US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,349
01:52:44a Bruni Web Site Posts Unflattering Drawings
01:52:49a Tsunami warnings canceled in Pacific after quake
01:52:54a Large Pacific quake sparks new tsunami fears
01:53:00a EU FTA would increase trade by billion
01:53:05a Teens feeling urge to splurge, update their closets.
01:53:10a OAS aims to solve Honduras crisis
01:53:16a Madisonville looking at project to protect pedestrians
01:53:21a Djokovic cruises, Maria crashes
01:53:27a 2 strong quakes rock South Pacific; nations on alert for Tsunami
01:53:32a KLM resumes service to Denpasar, Bali
01:53:37a UPDATE 1-Brazil Hypermarcas pays mln for condom makers
01:53:42a Store clerk robbed, beaten by beer thieves, then he's fired
01:53:48a Oil prices fall on soaring US fuel inventories
01:53:53a Yingying Bao of China celebrates her team's victory against Russia
01:53:58a Schwebel's building new store
01:54:03a Director Buys Worth of SAIC
01:54:09a Operation Football Top Ten Week 7
01:54:14a Mahyas used to impede government initiative
01:54:19a Pakistan says US investment can fight extremism
01:54:25a Saree beauties to do their bit for charity
01:54:30a EcoCar in the Works at WVU
01:54:36a Powerful quake hits south Pacific
01:54:41a Brazil Hypermarcas pays mln for condom makers
01:54:47a Know More Media Closes Doors, MarketingBlurb Lives On
01:54:52a Power tariff rise annoys industry
01:54:58a JSU alters band members' punishment
01:55:03a Official fatalities up to 739
01:55:08a Woman charged in Kentucky VA death
01:55:14a UNSC rejects Libya's request for special Goldstone session
01:55:19a Anything to Avoid Focusing on the Real Fear that Real People Have
01:55:25a Army unit's morale improving after 8 deaths
01:55:30a Chicago officer accused of falsely charging drivers with DUI
01:55:35a Shepherd Neame highlights changing habits
01:55:41a Cameron gambles on image before policies
01:55:46a Sun-Times, Union Reach Tentative Deal
01:55:51a Trucking Delivers for Solar Decathlon
01:56:03a Microsoft Will Provide Ads and Search on Facebook
01:56:15a Paper prompted to run false report
01:56:27a 'Students can continue studies in Malaysia'
01:56:33a 'I was a clown, but never a bad guy'
01:56:38a Key Democrats Would Let Guantanamo Detainees Be Tried in U.S
01:56:43a 'Fracture caused by delivery complications'
01:56:49a November 9 Deadline For Google Online Books Settlement
01:56:54a Commentary Extremism becoming acceptable?
01:57:00a Barisan getting back its supporters
01:57:05a Edwin Van der Sar returns in time to rejuvenate Manchester United
01:57:10a Vista woman accused of leading international bank-fraud ring
01:57:16a Nikon prepping Leica X1 clone?
01:57:22a West Valley officer charged with enticing a minor over the Internet
01:57:27a Mob attacks tourists on Puri-Konark road
01:57:33a Children's interests came second
01:57:38a Language Barriers Are They a Real Threat to Clear Communication?
01:57:43a Powerful Typhoon Slams Into Japan
01:57:49a It's all about children's rights
01:57:54a Berlusconi's immunity law annulled
01:57:59a Toledo City Council candidate drops out of race
01:58:04a Guan Eng, Penang govt likened to 'chameleon'
01:58:10a Are You Up to the Challenge?
01:58:25a Retro Arcade Rooms Set for Xbox 360?
01:58:31a Insurgents breached perimeter of US base during deadly attack
01:58:36a 'Malay prophet' to be sentenced Oct 21
01:58:41a Leeds Grand Theatre Racism Row “We Admit We Lied”
01:58:47a 'A friendly leader who is fair to all'
01:58:52a 'Body' on top of building likely a moose carcass
01:58:58a Saudi stud gets 5 years for sex boasts
01:59:03a Starwood is new player in condo market
01:59:08a Banker faked degree to become surgeon
01:59:14a Celebrities to judge videos backing US health care reforms
01:59:20a Vote for Susan Gunelius in the StartupNation Home-Based 100 Competition
01:59:25a 'Most Wanted' Duquesne man apprehended in Florida
01:59:31a Prince Muhammad Bin Nayef Concludes U.S. Visit
01:59:36a Qld Cabinet to go bush
01:59:42a 44 tons of rotting meat stink up town PHOTO GALLERY
01:59:47a 2009 Times Higher Education– QS World University Rankings Reveals
01:59:52a Fla. girl sues, gets Ryan Howard's 200th HR ball
01:59:58a New rules for street vendors
02:00:03a Leaders Agree on Interim Govt Until Elections
02:00:09a Jail for dying girl's parents who prayed rather than call doctor
02:00:14a Dogs barking too much could d
02:00:19a Time Capsule Power Failures Continue To Affect Owners
02:00:25a Two Massive Pacific Earthquakes Strike 15 Minutes Apart
02:00:30a Tiny device could speed breast cancer detection study
02:00:36a John to pay for child's family
02:00:41a Drivers Downplay Texting Distraction In Poll
02:00:47a Gates Gives Obama Afghan Troop Request
02:00:52a Henderson International golfer is a one-person team
02:00:57a Obama Administration Begins Probe Of Chinese Steel Pipe Imports
02:01:03a School custodian arrested for selling cocaine on school property
02:01:08a Singapore Airlines loses crucial battle with ACCC
02:01:13a Furious Kamedas demand rematch
02:01:18a BofA says it will meet goals under Obama foreclosure plan
02:01:24a Guinea's military leader, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara
02:01:29a Ohio River Tradition Scaring Up Jobs This Fall
02:01:34a Why Speakers Earn an Hour Confessions of a Public Speaker
02:01:40a Second day of violence at IMF
02:01:45a Seven rebels killed in Kashmir battles
02:01:50a ECB meets against as concerns set in about strong euro
02:01:56a Tokyo stocks open lower on selling for gains, stronger yen+
02:02:01a Chick-fil-A campers waiting for free food
02:02:06a Pratt & Whitney Receives New Contract
02:02:11a 16 deaths in Alabama connected to H1N1
02:02:16a Work to start on Gold Coast stadium
02:02:22a Police raid buildings 'linked to terrorists'
02:02:27a Performing Inferential Statistical Analysis with PHP
02:02:32a Garland police blotter
02:02:37a ANZ Bank passes on interest rate hike
02:02:42a Prosecutor Wants DNA of 'Craigslist Killer'
02:02:48a The reaction to CBO analysis of healthcare bill
02:02:53a Pacific Seafood to appeal Oregon plant waste fine
02:02:59a Organizers Cancel Monster Truck Shows In Madison
02:03:06a Gridlocks Week 7
02:03:12a Dole bucks GOP advice, says health reform needed
02:03:17a Red Bull Air Race Budapest
02:03:22a Players stunned by Edwards trade
02:03:27a Suspect is a 'familiar face'
02:03:33a Firefighters in Peru will finally have life insurance
02:03:38a Barack Obama's 'God Damn America' faith
02:03:44a Jury Being Picked For Judge Accused Of Sex With Inmates
02:03:49a You can't expect the police to be her
02:03:55a putin meets with writers
02:04:00a Tell us what you think workplace romances
02:04:05a Major quakes prompt Pacific tsunami warning
02:04:10a Businesses Cope with Economic Downturn Terra Hall Reports
02:04:16a 20 Tattoos You Don't Want To Get Especially If You're A Guy
02:04:21a Scotland squad in flight fright
02:04:27a Mayport frigate's final deployment marks milestone
02:04:32a UA recruiting coordinator resigns
02:04:38a Briatore in line of fire as League gets tough
02:04:43a French N Korea Envoy Calls for Nuclear Talks
02:04:49a No buses for 80,000 commuters in Auckland
02:04:54a Auto exports finally on upswing
02:05:00a 1 dead in Madison officer-involved shooting
02:05:05a Granite Township? Voters to decide
02:05:11a 'Body' on top of building likely a moose carcass
02:05:16a Daimler expects heavy truck sales to recover
02:05:22a NOAA, Army Corps of Engineers to Build Alaska Satellite Operations Facility
02:05:27a Moon in a bottle HOWTO microwave lunar dust to extract water
02:05:32a Keidanren still cool to emission goal
02:05:38a Earthquakes hit Pacific
02:05:43a Grupo Eulen adding 500 jobs in Miami-Dade
02:05:48a 2 Men Convicted Of Deer Poaching
02:05:53a Michael Moore's 'Socialist' President
02:05:59a Key Facts About 2009 H1N1 Flu Vaccine
02:06:04a Discovery of Dinosaur Footprints in France
02:06:09a Judge Enough Evidence For Schiele Trial
02:06:15a New Twist for Texting While Driving
02:06:20a the top 50 universities in the world
02:06:25a Eight-year-old honored for saving family from fire
02:06:31a Illness prompts closure of Indianapolis school
02:06:37a Small tsunami forms in Pacific after 3 powerful quakes
02:06:42a Pot legalisation gains momentum in California
02:06:48a Inquiry rules lab cancer deaths were not linked to radioactive material
02:06:53a House Cuts Work Week To 2.5 Days
02:06:59a Japanese editorial excerpts 2-+
02:07:04a Unemployment rate records shock drop
02:07:09a Jets coach Ryan regrets pseudo-feud with Dolphins linebacker Crowder
02:07:15a The British indie explosion
02:07:20a Israeli army storms northern Gaza witnesses
02:07:26a The Love Kitchen sisters ask community for help
02:07:31a Crews Battle Large House Fire In Montgomery
02:07:38a Parents What do you think of early release day?
02:07:44a Combined Armed and Emergency Srvs Open Day
02:07:49a Serena poses nude for ESPN, may not be allowed to play Australian Open
02:07:55a Smartphone wars
02:08:01a Kuwaiti official More contracts with Tunisian teachers
02:08:07a Dixon expects manic battle in race for third title
02:08:12a 'Opposition alliance can register as single party'
02:08:18a SVL water system getting much-needed upgrade
02:08:23a Dell to shut North Carolina
02:08:29a Chamber To Apple You Dont Understand Our 21st Century Approach To Climate Change.
02:08:35a Exotic deer gores man to death
02:08:40a Thunder Grizzlies Basketball
02:08:46a Commentary War on terror not the answer
02:08:51a Rich folks unload jets and yachts amid downturn
02:08:57a BREAKING Obama starts acting presidential, declares war on the Moon
02:09:03a TSA Increasing Security of Cargo on Passenger-Carrying Aircraft
02:09:08a Hotmail hacks easy as 123456
02:09:14a European Commission calls for additional 50 billion euros in low carbon technologies
02:09:19a Pakistan's military rejects US aid bill
02:09:25a Winny software developer acquitted+
02:09:30a Let the earnings begin!
02:09:36a Old hotels and nursing homes to house undocumented
02:09:45a Chase Update Fontana
02:09:51a Arizona sheriff's immigration deal clears hurdle
02:09:57a Justice Department opens IBM antitrust probe
02:10:02a Gold hits record high above on dollar weakness
02:10:07a Phoenix TSA Behavior Detection Officers' Efforts Lead to Arrests
02:10:13a Pakistan's military concerned over US aid bill
02:10:25a An interview with Belma Kâtip
02:10:30a Attorney DNA Links Teen Fugitive To ATM Burglary
02:10:36a Foreign visitors face fee to visit U.S.
02:10:43a Cancer Care Ontario suffered from same problems as eHealth, audit finds
02:10:53a Liberal senators blasted by Tories, NDP for blocking crime bill
02:10:59a Packers Have More Time to Dwell on Loss
02:11:04a Skiing starts today at - Las Vegas resort
02:11:09a SAfrican
02:11:14a Pension and health insurance
02:11:29a Uncle Sam providing new car savings
02:11:35a ANZ raises home loan rates
02:11:40a Flames make move to shore up defence
02:11:50a Comedian kicked off Just for Laughs tour for anti-Semitic comments
02:11:57a Oreos and Ambient Media Done Right
02:12:02a State House sends tax bill to governor
02:12:08a Hammond rejects winter of discontent threat
02:12:13a Lawmakers back Rolls-Royce jet engine
02:12:19a CSIS plays down terror suspect Harkat's threat to Canadians
02:12:24a Drivers ticketed for parking in 'wrong direction'
02:12:30a Man Pulled From Snoqualmie River
02:12:36a Envoy who fell in love with Kenya
02:12:41a `Mek', `Hasmah' make a flavoursome couple
02:12:47a Jail or jihad ?? ISI?s new Taliban tactic in Kashmir
02:13:03a And now, Al Qaeda calls for holy war against China
02:13:08a Indigenous housing needs 'massive' fix
02:13:19a Russian official denies Israel shared secret Iran dossier
02:13:24a Head of OSCE Office in Baku visits Press Council of Azerbaijan
02:13:30a Libya urges UN Council meeting on Gaza report
02:13:35a Apple's Mighty Mouse Never Lived Up To Its Name. And Now It Cant.
02:13:40a Trade of Edwards signals new era for Browns
02:13:45a Put creative ability to good use
02:13:56a Nato joins with Lloyd?s in seeking solution to piracy
02:14:01a Freeways slow for morning rush
02:14:06a Israeli Nobel laureaute I was told my project would fail
02:14:12a Would We Invade Afghanistan Today?
02:14:17a NATO Chief on EU-Backed Report on War
02:14:22a Mining giant Alcoa posts surprise profit
02:14:28a Australia to probe tobacco firms' use of Facebook
02:14:33a Massa back on track for Ferrari
02:14:39a Republican politico Tom Delay drops out of dance reality show
02:14:44a UAHuntsville standing by policy, parents angry
02:14:49a Obama to name ambassador to NZ
02:14:55a Shell To Develop Floating LNG Plant Off Western Australia
02:15:00a Wednesday's Child
02:15:06a Newest Muni car is vintage Aussie
02:15:11a Stench of death lingers as Turnbull limps on
02:15:16a Heart study sheds light on depression risk
02:15:22a Kommunalbanken, CEB plan bonds
02:15:28a Iraq war veteran pleads guilty in bank robbery
02:15:34a Yoga training on trial basis at Barak Valley schools
02:15:39a AFL Master has a ball at 74
02:15:45a Israeli Nobel chemistry winner 'pretty surprised' by award
02:15:50a No Queensland tsunami, more quakes
02:15:56a Malaysian pilgrim fund doubles stake in Bank Islam-report
02:16:01a The Vietnam Book the White House Is Reading
02:16:07a Buying Used Tires is Risky Business
02:16:12a Spanish-language Twitter Clone Launches
02:16:18a Turkey and Armenia to sign pact reopening diplomatic relations
02:16:23a market blast kills 7 in Fallujah
02:16:29a House plans hearing on foreign nuclear-waste bill
02:16:35a Photoshop Elements 8 has cool new features
02:16:40a Dems beg Deeds for positive message
02:16:45a Hendra virus management training begins
02:16:51a The Bogus Story That Crashed the Dollar
02:16:56a Tough crowd for Iraq reality show 'Comedy Star'
02:17:01a New tsunami warning for Pacific
02:17:07a Israeli Military General Holds Secret Talks in France
02:17:12a TSA Recruits Experienced New Crop of Leaders
02:17:17a South Pacific on tsunami alert after two quakes
02:17:23a Dalai Lama says he's a feminist
02:17:28a S.Korea T-bonds edge up on U.S. lead; rate vote eyed
02:17:33a Condoleezza Rice is Stanford's Ace Recruiter
02:17:39a Tough crowd for Iraq reality show 'Comedy Star'
02:17:44a Cornerstone laid in East Jerusalem for Jewish quarter
02:17:54a Japan slips early, but Sydney up
02:17:59a Confusion over state budget intensifies
02:18:05a Activision Guitar Hero beat Beatles because it's 'fun as hell'
02:18:10a Ming Yi and ex-aide found guilty
02:18:16a Africa Israel bondholder reps can't even agree with themselves
02:18:21a Aussie dollar spikes as jobless rate falls
02:18:27a Australia Telecoms Market Analysis Australia Leading Telecoms Beyond the Crisis
02:18:32a PS3 Review ? Dirt 2
02:18:38a Israeli firm to unveil helicopter spy drone
02:18:44a Sengoku Basara rocks the vote in Japan
02:18:49a It's real, we promise BBC buys Israeli 'Bubble' quiz format
02:18:54a Two rescued from burning boat at Hillarys
02:18:59a A “foregone conclusion” Unmarried teen dad to pose nude for Playgirl
02:19:05a NATO Chief Calls For Russian Assistance In Afghanistan Conflict
02:19:10a Convicted Rights Activist Files Appeal
02:19:16a Annan Kenyan 'big men' must face the music
02:19:21a Teen Lit 3-Year-Old Niece On Fire Because She Was Bothering Him
02:19:26a PSP Digital Downloads up 300%
02:19:31a Nobel Prize for chemistry goes to Israeli, 2 Americans
02:19:37a Jerusalem police still on high alert, prepare for Friday prayers
02:19:42a US lacks the forces for Afghanistan
02:19:47a Students Heed Swine Flu Warnings
02:20:00a Search suspended for missing hunter
02:20:06a State Takes Steps To End Trans-Texas Corridor
02:20:16a It's All Android, All the Time
02:20:22a Michael Savage Blasts Brits for Canceling Cambridge Debate
02:20:27a Surprise work surge jobless rate falls
02:20:33a Pakistani army slams U.S. aid, opposes own government
02:20:39a Nepal asks Honk Kong to reabsorb Nepali workers
02:20:44a Keeneland seeks better traffic flow
02:20:49a No chance I'll quit, says defiant Turnbull
02:20:54a White House Moves to Adjust War Aims to Qaeda Focus
02:21:00a Banco Santander shares fall in Brazil debut
02:21:05a Consensus by Wednesday, says PM
02:21:10a Marselis is a Hall of Famer
02:21:16a Oppn defends school stimulus campaign
02:21:21a Swedish Budget Balance Turns To Deficit In September
02:21:26a ANZ Bank says NZ tax exposure less than 10bps
02:21:32a Fallbrook Nursing Home Cited, Fined
02:21:37a Invisible RSS Technology in Visual Feed Readers RSS for the Rest of Us
02:21:43a Quarantine decision threatens Subzero
02:21:48a Allen Barbre Anticipates Mark Tauscher's Return to Packers
02:21:53a Brazil'shot with'Lula' atthe helm
02:21:58a Ex de Gloria Trevi le canta a Fidel Castro
02:22:04a Grassroots Effort Aims To Curb South Side Crime Problems
02:22:09a NHL fines Leafs’ Wilson for tampering
02:22:14a Amazon MP3 Store Legitimizes DoubleTwist Darknet
02:22:20a Calvary sale could 'compromise church's mission'
02:22:25a Your club's moves Day 3
02:22:30a B.J. Raji Looks for More Playing Time
02:22:36a Anti-Cuba group planned 14 crashes
02:22:41a Norway's Kommunalbanken plans bond
02:22:46a Tight Range Called For Malaysian Shares
02:22:57a Psych report Smart's accused kidnapper a pedophile, bizarre behavior an act
02:23:03a House approves 82.8 billion for nutrition programs
02:23:08a Citing Cybercrime, FBI Director Doesn't Bank Online
02:23:14a Fort Lewis mourns three more Stryker soldiers
02:23:19a Pregnant Women Urged To Get H1N1 Vaccine
02:23:25a Police release sketch of abduction suspect
02:23:30a Keeneland aims to improve traffic
02:23:35a S.E.C. to Appeal Court Ruling on Mark Cuban
02:23:40a Tri-State Gun Show Part Of Investigation
02:23:46a NASA downgrades threat of asteroid collision
02:23:51a VASCO Data Security to open Bahrain office
02:23:56a Regis Philbin Speaks With 9News
02:24:02a KDDI Shows Low-cost Joystick for Mobile Phones
02:24:07a De los Cobos' homecoming
02:24:12a Hot picks Bruce Hornsby, Mason Jennings, John Tesh
02:24:17a Former Patients Allege Abuse By Butler Co. Pediatrician
02:24:23a Typhoon Melor makes landfall in Japan
02:24:28a Cuban VP Esteban Lazo Meets in Havana with Beninese FM
02:24:33a Krispy Kreme Burger the 'Craz-E Burger' Packs in 1,500 Calories
02:24:39a Langley students honour Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan
02:24:45a Presidential Horror Masks The Zombama and Barakula Mask are Perfect for Halloween
02:24:50a Colorful Laptops May Feel the Blues, Analysts Say
02:24:56a Jefferson Award Winner George Kelly
02:25:01a Utah research finds troubling abuse trends
02:25:07a Dip In Gas Prices Again
02:25:12a Pakistan's military rejects US aid bill
02:25:18a Small tsunami forms in Pacific, warnings canceled
02:25:28a Details Out on Supposed Ex-Letterman Lover
02:25:33a MedWish volunteers offer help, supplies to El Salvadorians
02:25:38a Evaluating Pakistan's Role in the Afghan Strategy Equation
02:25:44a Economy Creates Grape Glut In Wine Country
02:25:49a Fight At Holmes High School Involves Parent
02:25:55a Security posted at bishop's house
02:26:00a Ohio Lawmakers Considering School Nutrition Bill
02:26:06a Did Olympia Extortion Plot Inspire Blackmail Attempt On Letterman?
02:26:12a No jail for man in shooting death
02:26:17a Just exactly how common is CLL?
02:26:22a Man, Partner Upset After Birth Certificate For Son Denied
02:26:28a Is Facebook Prepping a New Homepage
02:26:33a Honduras talks aim for 'concrete solutions'
02:26:38a Mobile App Puts EMRs On Smartphones
02:26:44a Six to be inducted into Hawaii Hospitality Hall of Fame
02:26:50a A look at Carson soldiers killed in Afghanistan
02:26:55a Nasa gives the moon a one-two punch
02:27:00a 'Swine flu-proof' business suit on sale
02:27:06a Many won't like my Afghanistan decision
02:27:11a Talks Seek Solution to 102-Day Crisis
02:27:16a Numbers Define Afghanistan as Harsh and Deadly Place
02:27:32a BRIEF Sands Bethlehem revenues holding steady
02:27:37a Civilian Agencies Late On Insourcing Deadline
02:27:43a Afghan elections the Taliban's 'greatest victory'
02:27:48a Martin Petrov reveals discontent at Manchester City
02:27:54a FCC Chair Cites 'Spectrum Crisis'
02:27:59a Bristol Palin's baby daddy will pose nude
02:28:05a Flavors of El Salvador captured at area eatery
02:28:10a Oakland council reverses parking meter rule
02:28:15a Allergy drugs may
02:28:21a Hejduk added to US roster for World Cup qualifiers
02:28:26a WVC police officer charged with enticing a minor over the Internet
02:28:32a Global flu outbreak is possible experts
02:28:37a Illinois man indicted for trying to blow up courthouse
02:28:43a Perspectives on IBM's Sale of the U2 Database Technologies
02:28:48a Ignatieff wants honest talk on deficit elimination
02:28:53a 2009 U.S. Soccer Schedule
02:28:59a Celiac disease
02:29:04a Deputy marshal fired shots at fugitive; no injuries reported
02:29:10a How does violence affect children?
02:29:15a Int'l workshop on climate change begins in Nepali capital
02:29:21a No longer covered by County, Spokane Valley revises snow removal plans
02:29:26a ER workers say they need more training to confront domestic abuse
02:29:31a Governor spokesman taking job in horse industry
02:29:37a Typhoon Delays Ceatec Opening on Wednesday
02:29:42a We Will Need Many Planes
02:29:47a Formal request for more troops in Afghanistan sent to Obama
02:29:53a Fallen soldiers remembered as devoted fathers, heroes
02:30:02a Schools vandalized, fundraiser cash taken in Floyd County, KY
02:30:08a Pacific Quake Triggers Tsunami Alert
02:30:13a Eight Nepali speaking people shot dead in Assam
02:30:18a Special Shapes Arrive In Albuquerque
02:30:29a Left 4 Dead 2 classified down under
02:30:34a Blind Woman Gets Lap Band Surgery
02:30:39a Rating firm takes dim view of Fla. PSC politics
02:30:45a Obama mulls troop boost request for Afghanistan
02:30:50a Forza 3 fueled with free day-one DLC
02:30:55a Wednesday practice report secondary still in flux
02:31:01a Windy Weather Brings Fire Threat
02:31:06a AC360 Chicago's violent epidemic
02:31:11a New Alberta right-centre provincial party challenging Grits for second place
02:31:17a Sting operation finds illegal gun sales in 3 states, report says
02:31:22a Convocation On The CSME Next Week
02:31:28a M's GM answers questions from fans
02:31:33a 10/07/09 NECN weather forecast, 9pm
02:31:38a QEH Has New CEO
02:31:43a Is El Nino behind spate of Pacific typhoons?
02:31:49a 'Guan Eng could have stopped deal'
02:31:54a Competitions On Tourism Give Children Clear Understanding Of Industry
02:31:59a Action Plan Drafted For International Business Sector
02:32:05a Martha Coakley holds campaign kick off rally in Boston
02:32:10a Roseville City Manager Put On Leave
02:32:15a Chiluba protest goes on minus the horns
02:32:20a Homeowners could lose insurance coverage over Chinese drywall
02:32:26a Cutter
02:32:31a Honduras talks aim for 'concrete solutions'
02:32:36a Special team to watch MCA's EGM
02:32:42a FINANCE Not Reforms, But Reformed
02:32:47a Fed Way to pay family of girl choked at playground
02:32:52a Egypt, Demanding Artifacts’ Return, Cuts Ties With the Louvre
02:32:58a Mexican counterfeiter arrested in Peru with fake passports
02:33:03a Post strike ballot result awaited
02:33:08a New Zealand Declare Ryan Nelsen Fit For Bahrain World Cup Decider
02:33:14a 30 jobs axed as Rialto shuts observation deck
02:33:19a Lincoln Businesses Cope with Downturn
02:33:24a Japan Residents Bought Net Y1.288 Trillion In Foreign Bonds
02:33:35a Beijing Olympics Inside Water Cube
02:33:41a Beijing Olympics Sun Setting Behind The Water Cube
02:33:46a Penguins struggle vs. Coyotes in 3-0 loss
02:33:51a Postal strike looms in row over pay
02:33:57a Koirala relents to party pressure, agrees to hold Mahasamiti meeting
02:34:02a After eHealth, the danger for McGuinty lies not in cockiness, but contrition
02:34:08a S-E Asia to drive Panasonic sales
02:34:13a Erdogan Congratulates Greek Leader Papandreou Over His Election Victory
02:34:18a Review recalls Miramichi pathology case
02:34:24a Strong quakes rock South Pacific
02:34:29a Pair indicted after deaths of endangered bats
02:34:34a Soprano Sills' estate sells for more than
02:34:40a Ports, ferries disrupted by rough seas
02:34:45a Nearly 200 Kids At Poway School Report Flu-Like Symptoms
02:34:50a China, Belgium vow to seek stronger ties
02:34:55a Wild Horses
02:35:01a U.S. Planned To Abandon Afghan Outpost
02:35:11a Flames acquire Johnson from Blackhawks
02:35:16a Beijing Olympics Basketball Stadium
02:35:22a ATT to OK Internet calling services on iPhone
02:35:27a Microsoft unveils Windows phones
02:35:32a Peace spurs Colombo Stock Market
02:35:38a Dell Adamo XPS targets MacBook Air sexiness
02:35:43a Tsunami Warning After Quakes In Pacific
02:35:49a Foreigners advised to restrict movement
02:35:54a Gold touches record high even as US rises
02:36:00a VIDEO US military commander demands more forces in Afghanistan. . Duration 0054
02:36:06a Salvador and Colombia airlines announce merger
02:36:14a Shell unveils new petrol formula to help motorists cut cost
02:36:20a 3 young Malaysian siblings die after hornet attack
02:36:25a Three killed in fresh Thai violence
02:36:31a Claim 500,000 hate Pepsi and will join national boycott
02:36:36a Taste Greek food, culture at Phoenix festival
02:36:41a Fund to invest RM525mil in biotech sector
02:36:47a NEAC urges incentive scheme to reduce reliance on foreign labour
02:36:52a Injured Folau set to miss Four Nations
02:36:57a Beijing Olympics Cute Water Cube
02:37:03a Pacific tsunami proved tiny monitors
02:37:08a Beijing Olympics Bird's Nest
02:37:14a First-timers booking BTO have 96%success rate
02:37:19a If you want to get on, be like the boss
02:37:24a Is the GOP faltering in its battle against health care reform?
02:37:30a Market leaps higher on falling jobless rate
02:37:35a Piled Pillow Seating The Comfortable Cushionized Sofa by Christiane Hoegner
02:37:40a Watch Daily Show on Obama's delaying of military ban repeal
02:37:46a Sheila LaBarre's Former Home Being Renovated
02:37:51a New science centre opens in Adelaide
02:37:56a more troops or missile strikes Both, actually.
02:38:01a Opa! again at Greek Festival
02:38:07a Woman in baby abduction case stays in jail
02:38:12a Spotify's freemium approach leaves Napster gasping
02:38:18a Pacific tsunami threat officially over
02:38:23a Russia says missile defense buildup affects disarmament efforts
02:38:29a Government/IDB HNUP Project Launched Today
02:38:34a Malaysia's Anwar asks US to see Muslim success
02:38:39a Skaife says he has nothing to prove
02:38:45a Black Stick Casey Henwood retires
02:38:50a Phillies push Rockies off Cliff in opener
02:38:55a H1N1 Swine Flu Hit Butte-Silver Bow School, Closure Possible
02:39:01a Beijing Olympics Inside Water Cube Or Star Trek
02:39:06a Quake aid continues despite invasion threat
02:39:11a Calif. pot legalization gains momentum
02:39:17a NASA Refines Asteroid Apophis' Path Toward Earth
02:39:22a Prepare for war against China, al-Qaida figure tells Uighurs
02:39:27a Hollywood studio appoints first out studio chairman
02:39:33a Space enough?
02:39:38a Psychotropic Drugs For The State's Foster Children
02:39:43a Maldives Government To Hold Cabinet Meeting Underwater
02:39:49a doubleTwist to Compete with iTunes Music Store using Amazon MP3s
02:39:54a Ex-astronaut's attorneys get to depose accuser
02:39:59a Nobel chemistry prize shared by 3
02:40:04a Westgold up after placement
02:40:10a Pacific Seafood calls fine over waste discharges in Oregon excessive
02:40:15a Greek ministry swallowed in shake-up
02:40:20a NSW records big drop in unemployment
02:40:26a Obama names lawyer as ambassador to NZ
02:40:31a Senator Ensign denies wrongdoing in job for former staffer
02:40:37a Scots added to Oxford dictionary
02:40:42a Colin Powell calls for balance with IT defence
02:40:47a Dialog plans share dividend
02:40:52a Palin-signed XBox on eBay for US1.1 million
02:41:08a Golfer dies after being hit by ball
02:41:13a 1 Juror Spared Life of Man Who Killed 3
02:41:18a NASA Utah contractor laying off 550 engineers
02:41:24a Cuomo Plan Gets Senate Love But Shelly Shrug
02:41:29a Value-Added Tax What Is It And What Does It Mean For the Economy?
02:41:35a Iran a stabilizing element in Mideast
02:41:51a Seriously, She Does Windows
02:42:00a Kim Yong Nam Meets Chinese Youth Delegation
02:42:05a Foreign interest in Australian bond market grows
02:42:11a AirAsia granted landing rights in Paris
02:42:16a Obama heads to Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea in November
02:42:37a Rhode Island Daily Lottery
02:42:43a New Mugabe Threat For White Farmers
02:42:48a A House as a Symbol of Openness
02:42:53a State Marshal Shot While Delivering Warrant
02:42:59a Tsunami warning after earthquake hits remote islands in south Pacific
02:43:04a Final arguments at NEB hearings on Mackenzie Gas Project set for 2010
02:43:09a Temporary Offices For Welfare Department Soon
02:43:15a Aussie rate rise rattles global economic cage
02:43:20a Tsunami warning in place for South Pacific as more earthquakes hit
02:43:25a Obit-Irving Penn
02:43:31a Fashion victim Versace quits Japan after 30 years
02:43:36a Japan account surplus rises in August
02:43:41a Bahrain to host annual Mena Mining Congress
02:43:47a Security firm Vasco to open in Bahrain
02:43:52a New 'consumer-intelligence' technology will compile detailed profiles
02:43:58a Australia's Opposition Wants Parliamentary Budget Office
02:44:03a FLDS State oversight of community schools nearly at end
02:44:08a Are RSS, Posterous/Tumblr and constant linking killing Twitter?
02:44:14a Personal Web Systems Funded For Web On TV Device
02:44:19a IBM bulks out WebSphere's waistline
02:44:24a 'Travel Buddy' free service for tourists
02:44:29a Ki-moon calls for speedy deal in Madagascar
02:44:34a Magnitude 6.9 quake hits Santa Cruz Islands
02:44:40a Shares open flat after Wall St lull
02:44:45a Microsoft on Why Your Next Business Smartphone Should be a 'Windows phone'
02:44:51a S.C. governors driver pulled over for speeding
02:44:56a HNUP To Be Launched This Wednesday
02:45:01a It's 2 for 1 admission at the Quints Museum
02:45:06a Mortgage pain ANZ first to follow
02:45:12a iiNet launches counter attack in copyright case
02:45:17a Dad to face trial over daughter's bridge death
02:45:23a Obama Receives Pivotal Troop Request for Afghanistan
02:45:28a Couple 'feared for safety' in neighbour row
02:45:33a The one team standing in our way
02:45:38a Teen 'stalking' Jetstar attendant stood down
02:45:44a Henrik Larsson In Sweden Squad For Crucial Denmark Meeting
02:45:49a Gunshots Cause Castle Rock Power Outage
02:45:54a Cervical cancer vaccination Up to parents
02:46:00a Typhoon Melor Buffets Japan, Disrupts Industry
02:46:05a Parents to speak after bones find
02:46:10a Magnitude 5.2 quake hits Vanuatu
02:46:15a With early polls on way, Sri Lanka's budget to wait
02:46:20a Harvard Gets Updike Archives
02:46:26a Harper honours local teacher for her contributions
02:46:31a Economy 1b better off by cutting smoking rate by a third
02:46:36a Fallen soldier knew Taliban would be waiting
02:46:42a BSS Week Of Activities
02:46:47a Magnitude 5.4 quake hits Santa Cruz Islands
02:46:52a Come down hard on LBA scammers Consumer bodies
02:46:57a Could you hug a Tory?
02:47:02a Carrot on a Stick
02:47:08a Feds net 100 phishers in biggest cybercrime case ever
02:47:13a Retired pries
02:47:18a Security posted at bishop's house
02:47:24a Lambert plans to bring new airlines to St. Louis
02:47:29a Seventeen Franco-Nord students take home Queen's scholarships
02:47:34a Tsunami warning sparks Pacific panic
02:47:39a Pacific quakes stir panic but tsunamis tiny
02:47:45a Pacific tsunami warning coastal areas evacuated
02:47:50a Schools 'too focused' on literacy, numeracy
02:47:55a University of the Pacific to add external affairs division
02:48:01a Australia's unemployment rate drops; dollar rises to 14-month high
02:48:06a Report card gives 'Green' university C+ in sustainability
02:48:12a From a clash of civilizations to a new Ottoman Empire by DOĞAN KOÇ*
02:48:17a Missouri man gets 25 years for shooting ex-wife with arrow
02:48:22a 'Frisco Fuming at Sea Lions
02:48:27a High winds hit Sydney, ferries halted
02:48:33a Kenyan 'big men' must face the music
02:48:38a 'Unbearable' flight Australian dies
02:48:44a Slim, Beautifully Crafted VAIO X Series Is World's Lightest Notebook Computer
02:48:49a China's Internet search king cut his teeth in Silicon Valley
02:48:54a Blood donor clinic still on at the Elk's Club
02:49:00a Evaluating Pakistan's Role in the Afghan Strategy Equation
02:49:05a Donut Burger is 1,500-Calorie Hit
02:49:11a Fishing reward effort stepped up
02:49:16a Tsunami will cost Tower $5m
02:49:21a Hundreds mourn slain Mont Vernon woman
02:49:26a Africa Israel bondholder reps can't even agree with themselves
02:49:32a Opposition wants proof fisheries minister didn't influence loan
02:49:37a Technology Wages Stabilize Through Half of 2009
02:49:42a Victim Fatally Shot Near Golf Course
02:49:48a Lawwell upbeat on Old Firm exit
02:49:53a Fatal motor vehicle collision under investigation
02:49:58a Asian Metals, Miners Up on Alcoa
02:50:03a Deal on Interim Presidency
02:50:09a Flu, and You The Basics
02:50:14a NBPS doing their part to make roads the safest in the world
02:50:19a Government To Consider Deposit Liability Facility
02:50:24a Education provides a way out for indigenous children in Congo
02:50:30a Pentagon Moves to Overhaul Prisons in Afghanistan
02:50:36a 4TH LD Typhoon makes landfall in Japan, leaving 1 dead, 36 injured+
02:50:41a After L.A. wildfire, danger of mudslides
02:50:46a Magnitude 5.8 quake hits Santa Cruz Islands
02:50:52a Sprint's Hero, ATT's Pure
02:50:57a AP SC gov's driver pulled for speeding
02:51:03a DBA considers moving, changing annual brewfest
02:51:08a Magnitude 5.1 quake hits Vanuatu
02:51:13a Japan Current Account Surplus Y1.171T In August
02:51:18a This blog brought to you by the Federal Trade Commission
02:51:24a Greens to work with union for sustainable NZ
02:51:29a U.S. rolls out its massive campaign to vaccinate 250 million by year-end
02:51:35a Obama to meet Dalai Lama later in '09
02:51:40a Obama puts scientists, engineers in spotlight
02:51:46a Granite State Poll President Obama's Approval Rating Slides In NH
02:51:51a Alien Skin?s Snap Art Photoshop Plugin Review
02:51:56a Shareholders launch legal action against Oz Minerals
02:52:02a Council suspends payments to bus company
02:52:13a Spring Wheat Percent Harvested
02:52:22a Chevy Equinox strikes a balance
02:52:29a A Call For Clubs To Develop Mentorship Programmes
02:52:34a Minister announces members of wool taskforce
02:52:40a Nepal's Tibetans squeezed as China flexes muscles
02:52:45a DeKalb Man Wins In Erectile Dysfunction Lawsuit
02:52:50a PRESS DIGEST Vietnam newspapers Oct 8
02:52:56a Insurer Aviva to list on the NYSE
02:53:01a Kathmandu float expected by Xmas
02:53:07a The Chinese Mobile Phone Application IC Market, the Updated 2Q 2009 Edition
02:53:12a Russian Academy Ensemble Laid Wreath before Liberation Tower
02:53:17a Alleged victim of Nova Scotia church abuse to reject settlement
02:53:45a Ban on over-the-counter sales of pseudoephedrine
02:53:50a Vancouver Hospital Holds Flu Outbreak Drill
02:53:56a Ban the burka, Canadian Muslim group says
02:54:01a Basin's Camelia-Colombo Lodge rich in history
02:54:07a Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez Getting Married? Hudson Pregnant?
02:54:12a Two more earthquakes in SE Asia
02:54:32a US and Egypt hit phishing scheme
02:54:38a GOP doesn't want to work with Obama
02:54:59a Hurt by tarnished relations with Indonesia
02:55:05a 2ND LD Japan's current account surplus rises 10.4% in Aug. on imports slump+
02:55:13a Parents should know of penalties under Child Act
02:55:18a Nine Fish & Richardson Lawyers Move to Bracewell & Giuliani
02:55:27a ECB expected to keep interest rates at record low
02:55:33a Quakes Trigger Tsunami in South Pacific
02:55:38a Obama offers no firm signals on troops increase
02:55:44a Anna Nicole Smith was investigated in murder plot
02:55:50a Obama looks at Pakistan while reassessing Afghanistan strategy
02:55:55a IRD wins tax case against Westpac
02:56:00a Obama improves US brand
02:56:06a Tamil youth arrested in Colombo
02:56:11a One of the moon's 'wettest spots'
02:56:16a Come down hard on PTPTN defaulters
02:56:21a Satish Kaushik excited as 'Road, Movie' heads to Tokyo
02:56:27a Three dengue cases reported in Colombo last week
02:56:32a Obama Nominates New US Ambassador to Belgium
02:56:38a Bermuda's Port Royal Offers New Challenge to Elite Foursome
02:56:54a Bermuda looks to become centre for catastrophe bonds
02:56:59a Westpac court loss in NZ to cost $A760m
02:57:04a Gift to Kim Jong Il from Chinese Communist Youth League
02:57:09a Tsinghua Alumni Association debuts in France
02:57:15a Axis names new international specialty lines CEO
02:57:20a PSXE Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Review
02:57:26a Cameron speech will accentuate the positive
02:57:31a Cambodian Embassy Officials Help Korean Farmers
02:57:36a Emperor Obama is Pleased
02:57:42a White House denies Dalai Lama snubbed ahead of Beijing visit
02:57:47a Cops Man Stole In Merchandise From Target
02:57:54a Spending Christmas at Disney World
02:57:59a Melanie Hall's bones are found, 13 years on
02:58:05a NZ incomes barely change over past year
02:58:10a Lung stolen from Peru exhibit of human cadavers
02:58:15a Comprehensive List Contract Research Organizations in Asia for 2009
02:58:20a The Obama Who Would Be King
02:58:25a Relax Raptors fans, it's pre-season
02:58:31a Obama meets with advisers amid Afghan policy debate
02:58:36a Pacific quakes stir
02:58:41a IMF Reaches Agreement in Principle with the Dominican Republic on a US1.7-Billion Stand-By Arrangement
02:58:47a U.S. Senate health bill costs pegged at billion
02:58:52a Astronomers find Saturn's magic circle
02:58:57a IT analyst who staged Molotov raid on party with stockbroker wife
02:59:02a Wash car license plates getting extra letter
02:59:08a Scot's elegy for a friend wins poetry prize
02:59:13a Chicago Student's Death Echoes Loudly on Issue of Youth Violence
02:59:18a Pakistan's military rejects US aid bill
02:59:24a Cashiers accused of turning small change into big bucks for bogus customers
02:59:29a Jailed IT analyst who staged Molotov raid on party with stockbroker wife
02:59:34a Former teacher, Villagers help immigrants speak English through program
02:59:40a Floral Basket to Kim Jong Il from Lao Party Leader
02:59:45a Boyce generates heat for Golden Shield
02:59:50a Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Death of Applegate Soldier
02:59:56a Asylum seeker jailed for deceit
03:00:01a Steve Chapman Obama and the 'socialist' fabrication
03:00:06a Obama?s Afghan conundrum to stick or to twist?
03:00:12a Obama Nominates New US Ambassador to the EU
03:00:17a Obama Star Party
03:00:22a U.N. appeals for Philippines flood aid
03:00:28a U.S. Call for S. Korea's Participation in Building Missile Shield Blasted
03:00:33a Global Academics Rank University of Toronto Ninth in the World
03:00:38a Green Water Alarms Residents In Southwest Atlanta
03:00:44a Philippine insurgents murder 3 brothers
03:00:49a Man charged in accident injuring Parke County deputy
03:00:55a Democrats Hold Off GOP Attack on Rangel
03:01:00a Activists pile pressure on Obama to deliver, 30 years after first gay march
03:01:05a BCIAA girls tennis tournament
03:01:10a Man Dies After Motorcycle Slides Under Truck
03:01:16a 290 pupils ill but school stays open
03:01:21a 24 years later, a U2 fan remembers jamming with the band in Tampa
03:01:26a Most Pinehurst courses get seasonal makeovers
03:01:31a Rallying to end the Afghan war
03:01:37a Death of Montreal woman shrouded in mystery
03:01:42a Malaysians to hang for actress murder
03:01:47a Iran's next space mission announced
03:01:52a New U. center promotes science and math teaching
03:02:00a Indonesia quake survivor saved by buying a coffee
03:02:05a A.M. Best Withdraws Ratings of White Mountains Re Bermuda Ltd.
03:02:11a Guinea France 'suspects Guinea leader'
03:02:16a Cookbook explores pleasures of clay pots
03:02:22a Feds 100 In U.S. And Egypt Charged In ID Theft Ring Bust
03:02:27a Median NZ weekly incomes barely change
03:02:40a Indonesia may declare villages mass graves
03:02:48a Sex with boys admission haunts French minister
03:02:54a Saudi King Abdullah Visits Syria
03:02:59a Bombing Suspect Seeks to Keep Military Lawyers
03:03:05a NASA and Its International Partners Assign Space Station Crews
03:03:10a Raptors remain winless in preseason
03:03:16a Strong yen impact on earnings limited, study says
03:03:21a Born to be wired Why we love the IT revolutionaries
03:03:26a Palestinians throw shoes at a poster of president Mahmud Abbas
03:03:32a 76ers Raptors Basketball
03:03:37a British hackers targeted to become cyber 'top guns'
03:03:43a ObamaCare The Senate's billion question
03:03:48a Soprano Sills' estate sells for more than 500K
03:03:54a Fans Divided Over Talks About Moving Georgia-Ga. Tech Game
03:03:59a Obama delays signing of bill
03:04:04a Warrant of arrest for Minister Mutasa
03:04:10a i5 / P55 Lab Update Now with more numbers
03:04:15a CIA Israel aided in editing info on exposed Iran nuclear facility
03:04:20a When war in Afghanistan comes to Whitehall
03:04:26a Obama Picks Openly Gay Lawyer For Ambassador
03:04:31a Updated Lamb County accident leaves 3 dead
03:04:37a Osborne sets out to prove he's creditworthy
03:04:42a Pirate dive show makes a splash at State Fair of Texas
03:04:48a Report Louisville, Clark County, Ind., Medicare billings higher than national average
03:04:53a Palestinian women walk past a destroyed house in the Israeli-bombed Jabalia neighbourhood
03:04:59a Fed fears grow over banks' commercial property loans
03:05:04a The GOP Is Winning the Health'Care Debate
03:05:10a Daughter stabbed to death in Ecuador
03:05:15a Tower details cost of Pacific tsunami claims
03:05:20a Plane down outside of Fort Worth registered in Hockley County
03:05:26a Westpac owes tax bill says High Court
03:05:31a Off to the Tower
03:05:36a Local Library Teaches Kids to Stop, Drop and Roll
03:05:42a New Dem plan for public option Pass it, but give states an opt-out clause?
03:05:47a At least someone in prison can't rob you
03:05:52a Chinese ignite real estate boom
03:05:58a Nuclear fire engine saved from scrapheap
03:06:03a President Barack Obama and the 'socialist' fabrication
03:06:08a Coyotes Penguins Hockey
03:06:14a Lobbying Effort on Honduras Getting Results
03:06:19a Court papers DNA at store matches elusive teen
03:06:25a Guardsman sentenced to 46 months in prison
03:06:30a Intelligence Fiasco Footnote
03:06:36a GM Expects Car Sales to Stay Slow
03:06:41a 'Sharp divisions inside White House over Afghan policy'
03:06:46a CareerBuilder Sweden Launches Fall Advertising Blitz With World Cup Sponsorship
03:06:52a Travel Sector Takes Steps to Resist Flu
03:06:57a Army unit's morale improving after 8 deaths
03:07:03a Google Robbed By Botnet
03:07:09a Key Democrats Would Let Guantanamo Detainees Be Tried in U.S.
03:07:14a Cleric Seeks Damages in Italy Trial on C.I.A. Flights
03:07:20a Hong Kong film dreaming of glory at Chinese 'Oscars'
03:07:26a Kim Jong Il's Works Published in Venezuela
03:07:31a McChrystal Wanted 50,000 Troops
03:07:37a Tory eurosceptics pose headache for EU experts
03:07:42a Chicago Student's Death Echoes Loudly on Issue of Youth Violence
03:07:48a Council managers see red over Mayoress’ 4x4
03:07:54a ASUS UL50Vt Preview Factory Overclocked CULV Delivers 7 Hours of Battery Life
03:07:59a Cyclists pushing Dallas to keep their needs in mind
03:08:05a Ex-astronaut's attorneys will depose accuser
03:08:11a Question remains unanswered in health debate Whose taxes will go up?
03:08:16a Fashion photographer Irving Penn dead
03:08:22a Shortlist for Canadian Giller Prize revealed
03:08:27a Civilian, Military Officials at Odds Over Resources Needed for Afghan Counterinsurgency
03:08:33a Jury Mass. man innocent of arson linked to feud
03:08:38a Mother seeks answers in daughter's slaying in Ecuador
03:08:51a 160 tigers short, Uttar Pradesh blames census technique!
03:08:57a LeBron, Brown would welcome West back
03:09:02a Stimulus grants for high-speed rail to be awarded this winter
03:09:10a More sun along with cold air returning
03:09:16a Madonna wins damages over publish of wedding photos
03:09:21a Frank's Plan Criticized As Too Lax
03:09:27a Tribe has plan for manager search
03:09:32a New Kingsnorth coal plant delayed
03:09:38a EDITORIAL Understanding a shared past
03:09:43a Risks to funicular 'not reviewed'
03:09:49a Tasmanian employers under fire over student hours
03:10:15a Student Found Dead At Willamette University
03:10:20a Inglorious Bastards Film Promotes Terrorism and Torture
03:10:28a Tsunami Forms After New Pacific Quakes
03:10:33a Chaos erupts at Detroit federal aid center
03:10:39a Unemployment drop points to rate rise
03:10:44a Hibs striker Benji handed late international call-up
03:10:50a Heat Magic Basketball
03:10:55a Business Report for Thursday, October 8, 2009
03:11:01a NZ remains on alert after big quake near Vanuatu
03:11:06a Shri Natesan Vidyasala M.H.S.S.
03:11:11a Egypt govt against Telecom Egypt's buy of Orascom units
03:11:17a Feds No ban on air shipments of lithium batteri
03:11:23a Class warfare gets a whole new meaning at the Tory conference
03:11:28a Melanie parents bid to aid police
03:11:34a Tsunami warning cancelled
03:11:39a N.W.T. premier's girlfriend strikes back at inquiry
03:11:45a Cowan takes brothers spot for Southland
03:11:50a Confirmation tsunami has been generated
03:11:55a Proposal To Split Fulton County Causes Stir
03:12:01a Tsunami warning remains in NZ
03:12:06a Suu Kyi meets with junta minister again official
03:12:12a Retired British nurse, 93, brutally murdered in Florida home
03:12:17a Fiji on notice for possible noon tsunami
03:12:22a Satish Kaushik excited as 'Road, Movie' heads to Tokyo
03:12:28a WPK Birthday Marked by Koreans in Russia
03:12:34a Will new wonder drug put an end to monthly misery for women?
03:12:39a Ruapehu 'lahar' just a drill
03:12:44a Tsunami warning extended to NZ
03:12:50a Marcos shoe collection survives Philippines flood
03:12:55a Jinni the first Internet taste engine
03:13:00a Guy Ritchie says he still loves 'retarded' Madonna
03:13:05a Major career breakthrough for Bewley
03:13:11a Strong quake occurs off Vanuatu, tsunami alert issued+
03:13:16a Work set to begin on broadband network
03:13:22a P ingredient to be prescription only
03:13:27a Earthquake off Vanuatu triggers tsunami alert
03:13:33a Senator Byrd Issues Angry Statement about Massey Coal
03:13:38a Google given digital book battle deadline
03:13:44a U, Fed alliance pays dividends for state
03:13:49a Miramar youth arrested in pregnant teen's murder
03:13:54a Brody signs for 'Predator' remake
03:14:00a LEAD Winny software developer acquitted+
03:14:05a Code Pink reverses Afghanistan Policy
03:14:10a Simpsons paint Cannes yellow
03:14:16a Father of Palin's grandson to pose nude
03:14:21a Bright pupils 'will miss out' in row over A* A-levels
03:14:26a Jockey lifestyles under the microscope
03:14:33a British minister stunned by phonecall
03:14:39a McAlister to make return from injury
03:14:44a VFW saves Homestead Veterans' Day Parade
03:14:49a Pacific quakes stir panic but tsunami tiny
03:14:55a Obama appoints lawyer as ambassador to NZ
03:15:00a I will prove myself as an actor now Himesh Reshammiya
03:15:05a Founder of Little Sisters of the Poor to be cannonized
03:15:10a Tsunami will cost Tower
03:15:17a Japan's Wild Ambition for Overseas Expansion under Fire
03:15:23a Your great new science magazine
03:15:28a 'Racist' Hey Hey reunion dominates ratings
03:15:33a Coach confident Moimoi committed to Kiwis
03:15:39a Targets are blamed as NHS errors rise by 12 per cent in six months
03:15:44a Officers swoop on couple in Aisling case
03:15:49a Stem cells hide scars New hope for women disfigured by cancer
03:15:55a Sansom probe panel hires prosecutor
03:16:00a Rains over N. Luzon as Pepeng remains stationary near Cagayan
03:16:06a Staring natural disaster in the face
03:16:11a Holdout over Niners, Crabtree have deal
03:16:16a Rheumatoid arthritis drug which eases pain 'is too expensive for the NHS'
03:16:22a Abu Sayyaf attacks Marines in Jolo camp
03:16:27a Postal workers set to vote for strikes/titl
03:16:33a Auckland battles with Brisbane for Henin
03:16:38a Scots get 'eminent Britons' stamp
03:16:47a In Image Makeover, Britain's Tories Reach Out to Gays
03:16:52a Omeros IPO is Northwest's first in two years
03:17:00a Auction of Scrushy's lake estate set in Alabama
03:17:06a Vuln Microsoft Windows Malformed AVI File Header Parsing Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
03:17:11a FCC chairman warns of 'looming spectrum crisis'
03:17:17a Family of Levi King victims speaks out after verdict
03:17:23a Deficit Complicates Push on Jobs
03:17:28a Wynn debut may deal investors dud hand
03:17:34a Highland Park's state overseer charged with theft
03:17:40a Woman's remains found by side of M5
03:17:56a CNN Brings School Kids On Set to Sing About ObamaCare
03:18:01a Vote halts Adams County Comprehensive Plan
03:18:26a Gun at school leads to student arrest
03:18:31a WTH man dies in Tuesday night accident
03:18:37a Australian Jobs Surge
03:18:42a Westpac to repay $961m in taxes
03:18:53a Royal Mail may lose another Amazon contract
03:19:11a Zumiez reports smaller-than-expected same-store sales decline
03:19:25a Indumezulu yekhonsathi eyandulela iNdebe yoMhlaba
03:19:36a 'Wacubuza' ngezicathulo kuMbeki
03:19:42a 2 hurt in Basilan blast
03:19:47a Seahawks' Jones out into at least November
03:19:53a Pakistan's military rejects U.S. aid bill
03:20:00a WNBA Finals Mercury Fever Basketball
03:20:12a Taped Confession To Child Deaths Played In Court 07 Oct 2009 214132 GMT
03:20:30a Imelda shoe collection survives Ondoy floods
03:20:36a Australian jobs surge- Great news, or talkfest?
03:20:41a Pakistan wants US 'trust,' drones, market access
03:20:47a Visa issues end Moroccan participation
03:20:52a UNgema usethole isambulela sakhe selanga kuMroza
03:21:05a Mel Gibson criminal record cleared over 2006 bust
03:21:11a Samoa tsunami toll rises to 184
03:21:21a Obama Meets With 'War Council' On Afghanistan
03:21:29a Zambia Chiluba protest goes on minus the horns
03:21:48a Bring the Waterproof Pens
03:21:54a Tips for Working Parents Who Travel
03:21:59a Art Catering Events
03:22:04a Deer vs. auto collisions expected to rise
03:22:10a Seahawks' Tatupu to donate to tsunami relief
03:22:15a Quake Hits South Pacific. A Warning? Disasters
03:22:21a The Nobel Prize factory
03:22:27a Lawmakers look at longer liquor hours to raise funds
03:22:32a Magazine's Product Of Year Doesn't Actually Exist Journalismism
03:22:37a Tsunami warning creates panic in Samoa
03:22:43a Typhoon Melor Hits Japan
03:22:48a Three powerful quakes cause Pacific tsunami panic
03:22:54a Court Ruling Deals Blow to Berlusconi
03:23:01a Corporate Christmas Cards 10 Tips to Creating the Best
03:23:06a Luyalungiswa ucingo lukaZuma
03:23:12a Crosswalk flag motion voted down by council
03:23:17a Businessman accused of theft ring, meth use
03:23:23a Farmers Use Cow Manure to Power Their Farms
03:23:28a England will begin Ashes defence in Brisbane
03:23:34a How to Start a Bed and Breakfast
03:23:39a LHC calls report on contract policy in Health Dept
03:23:45a Allies to Invest in Afghan Police
03:23:50a Getting Creative to Pay Off Debt
03:23:56a Taiwan, UK should boost partnership British official
03:24:02a APNewsBreak SC gov's driver pulled for speeding
03:24:07a Blowing dust, snow in Inland Northwest tonight
03:24:13a Jobless rate falls to 5.7pc
03:24:18a Estimation What You Don't Think About when Starting a Home Building Project
03:24:24a Competitive Intelligence Develop a Plan for your Business
03:24:29a Hospital ethics panels help families decide
03:24:34a Halekulani cancels 'Gourmet' cooking event
03:24:46a Fallen Soldier's Body Returning To Brevard
03:24:51a Magic vs Heat 10/07
03:24:56a Secret Santa Gifts on a Budget
03:25:02a Reflections on the War
03:25:07a Zelaya inches toward winning support
03:25:12a Are Men the Next Shopping Frontier?
03:25:18a Health Care Divides German Coalition
03:25:23a Secret Santa Gifts Under
03:25:28a Private schools 'dominate science'
03:25:34a 3 Ways to Direct Traffic to Your Website or Blog
03:25:39a The Love Kitchen needs some love
03:25:44a Niemi Dominating Recent Bass Tournaments on Kissimmee Chain
03:25:50a Skippers geared up for final round
03:25:56a Wedding Planning Tips How to Deal with Your Budget-Conscious and Disinterested Parents
03:26:01a Heat G Daequan Cook injures right thumb
03:26:06a Health Ministry meetings are ill-timed
03:26:12a Is Nationwide On Your Side
03:26:17a Make end-of-life decisions with peace of mind
03:26:23a Contempt notices sent to 26 sitting, ex-LHC judges
03:26:28a Where's Our City Hall
03:26:33a Opposition in Guinea Sets Terms
03:26:39a Hachette promises lavish new book on Michelle Obama?s style
03:26:44a ANZ rate rise signals start of spikes
03:26:50a U.S. Presses Iran to Free Two Detainees
03:26:55a Judges Try New Ploy in French Trial
03:27:00a Obama's health plan to help deficit
03:27:06a Abano shareholders approve sale of audiology operations
03:27:12a U.S. Weighs Trade Fight Over Steel
03:27:18a Brazil Banker Puts Money on Politics
03:27:23a What To Do With a Free XBox 360 Pro?
03:27:28a Passenger plane forced to divert as ice jammed controls
03:27:34a South Kitsap alum was Seahawk briefly
03:27:39a Video Health reformers play hardball
03:27:45a Great Holiday Secret Santa Gifts for Less Money
03:28:05a Jon Stewart Rips The Dems Over The Climate Bill
03:28:10a Get to know Mark Twain
03:28:15a Traditional Tories hold gay party conference
03:28:21a Banks face bill from Westpac case
03:28:26a Many unaware of TI's work
03:28:32a 6 bodies retrieved from collapsed Palawan building
03:28:37a Obama Aims to Boost Funding For Pell Grants by Billion
03:28:42a No compromise with values in graft war
03:28:47a Obama Considers New Job Tax Credit
03:28:52a SNTV Couples in need of a retreat
03:28:58a Obama has McChrystal's resource request
03:29:03a Dead Teen's Dad In Hot Water For Using Dead Man's ID
03:29:08a Copyright protection period of Chaplin movies still valid+
03:29:13a 400 years of modern astronomy
03:29:19a U.S. Senate health bill costs pegged at billion 
03:29:24a Bangladesh's position in human development index
03:29:48a Mystery About Proteins That Package The Genome Solved
03:29:53a Former PAL employees win case in SC
03:29:59a Husband Indicted Again In Wife's Disappearance
03:30:42a Spot gold hits record above
03:30:47a GM Expects 28 Percent Sales Drop
03:30:53a Ancient skeleton find may rewrite human evolution
03:31:00a Political battle stalls pick for U.S. prosecutor in Dallas
03:31:06a I-Team Fire Captain Accused of Threatening Officers
03:31:16a County-wide food drive needs your help
03:31:22a AirTran Announces Pricing of Convertible Senior Notes Offering and Common Stock Offering
03:31:27a Swiss seek to settle debate over true fondue
03:31:33a Key 10-year JGB yield falls on buying of U.S. bonds+
03:31:38a Dell plans first U.S. smartphone with AT&T source
03:31:43a 3RD LD Japan's current account surplus rises 10.4% in Aug. on imports slump+
03:31:49a Olbermann Wins Mankind's Epic Ongoing Struggle To Eliminate Death
03:31:55a Sunnis want US apology for raid that killed an Iraqi
03:32:00a Small tsunami causes Pacific islanders to flee
03:32:06a Australia 'needs human rights bill'
03:32:12a Furor Sends Palestinians Into Shift on U.N. Report
03:32:18a Woman, 100, Strangled in Nursing Home
03:32:30a Murder Victim's Mother Says Son Could Have Been Protected
03:32:39a Earthquakes When past tremors point to future shocks
03:33:13a Scientists Discover Quantum Fingerprints Of Chaos
03:33:20a Dallas' public access channels lose funding, may go dark
03:33:33a Pakistan wants U.S. 'trust', drones, market access
03:33:47a Phelps' matching grant challenge goal reached
03:34:07a North Central Calendar Oct. 8
03:34:24a Lloyds sounds out investors on support for a rights issue
03:34:29a Warning Obamacare May Be Hazardous to the Unborn
03:34:42a Tropical Storm Henri weakens to depression
03:34:49a Mitterrand faces calls to quit over 'boys' for sex claim
03:34:54a Warning over global oil 'decline'
03:35:01a Australia September Jobs Surge, Unemployment Dips
03:35:06a Qld scores highest unemployment rate
03:35:12a Half of all first-timers reject offers of BTO flats
03:35:24a Caye Caulker continues to mourn the tragic death of Lorleen Young
03:35:30a DYER Help them before they name again
03:35:35a Presidents Cup Gets Underway
03:35:41a Bradley wants no sleepy start from U.S. in Honduras
03:35:46a DRAM study turns assumptions about errors upside down
03:35:51a Come Out on the Side of Love Olympia
03:36:03a SPH business reporters right on the money
03:36:08a Southern Arizona Telescopes Will Point at Lunar Impact Early Friday
03:36:14a S.C. governor's driver pulled over for speeding
03:36:19a TV Bull Creek Park to close
03:36:25a Army unit's morale improving after 8 deaths
03:36:30a Canada should show jobs growth Friday
03:36:41a 2036 asteroid strike on Earth 'all but ruled out'
03:36:47a Jobless rate will have nations green with envy
03:36:52a 200 mourn as victims of Strand tragedy are buried
03:36:58a Porter Honored by Baseball America
03:37:03a GM Expects Car Sales to Keep Falling
03:37:08a North Central welcomes Chicago Tap Theatre
03:37:14a Photographer Irving Penn dies, aged 92
03:37:19a Honduras talks aim to end political crisis
03:37:24a Allegations of misuse of DUI machines at Hillsborough Jail
03:37:30a Typhoon Slams Into Japan
03:37:35a Australia's Jobless Rate Surprises To Upside
03:37:41a GOP votes against measure to help victims of rape at govt. contractors
03:37:46a Central choir performs for a statewide series
03:37:51a High-speed chase puts felon back behind bars
03:37:57a Hong Kong shares to open 0.8 pct higher; shippers rise
03:38:03a Analysis Trip by Saudi royal unlikely to herald radical change
03:38:09a Etisalat set to launch own brand mobile phone
03:38:14a Test your news knowledge
03:38:20a Ex-Deutsche team sets up Asian debt venture
03:38:25a Australian dies on 'unbearable' flight
03:38:30a Shark sighting in Santa Monica Bay has surfers buzzing
03:38:36a Judge May Decide Against Mehserle
03:38:42a Teen arrested for Homicide of Pregnant juvenile
03:38:47a SA auto industry 'on edge of precipices'
03:38:53a Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim, report says
03:38:58a 10-day Tenderness Tour will take wheelchair-bound advocate across state
03:39:03a Cuba to send 10 competitors to Argentine handball contest
03:39:09a Irish activist seeks L.American support to break Gaza blockade
03:39:14a Water main in Central Lubbock floods streets
03:39:20a Dozens indicted in identity-theft scheme
03:39:25a Reporter's Notebook Weizmann Institute turns into Hollywood premiere
03:39:30a SC gov's driver pulled for speeding
03:39:36a Irving Penn dies at 92; a giant of photography
03:39:41a Neon's Prospects Dimmed By Big Blue
03:39:46a Saker raises doubts over McGrath recall
03:39:52a Bull Creek park renovations could bring unwanted change
03:39:57a Telomeres and Telomerase in Biology
03:40:03a Feds update plan for Continental Divide trail
03:40:11a Marion lands 3-year, military contract
03:40:19a IBM pushes train tech
03:40:35a Citrus Heights' Troubled Sayonara Drive to Get Makeover
03:40:44a Sacramento Homeless Advocates Plead For Public Help To Fund Winter Shelter
03:40:49a Hospital Seeks Help Identifying Patient
03:41:00a Stadler's Barbershop giving away haircuts Monday
03:41:05a Morgan optimistic about economic growth next year
03:41:11a Terre Haute woman moves to resist police; charges filed
03:41:16a Gold at all-time high
03:41:22a Former Valley educator's trial continued to December
03:41:27a Bad habits limiting Kookaburras coach
03:41:32a FPL customers may pay million for nuclear projects
03:41:38a Staios out, Moreau in for Oilers
03:41:43a Chinese tourists surge for China's National Day holiday
03:41:49a Save Darfur Coalition wants US to fight debt relief to Sudan
03:41:55a ECCT to oppose tax on investment insurance
03:42:00a Two rescued from burning boat off Perth
03:42:06a Watch What You Tweet--Arrested at G20
03:42:12a Giuliani Endorses Whitman in Governor's Race
03:42:17a Chicago fest kicks off with 'Motherhood'
03:42:23a Delphi emerges from bankruptcy after 4 years
03:42:31a Mine mishap impact may take fortnight
03:42:50a Parents Balk at Soaring School Bus Fee Increases
03:42:56a H1N1 Flu Vaccine Arrives in San Joaquin County
03:43:02a Expo showcases Taiwan's first auto-produced solar module
03:43:07a Ciena Makes a Bid for Nortel Assets
03:43:13a Japan Offers Incentives for Parenthood
03:43:18a Astronomers capture spectacular meteor footage and images
03:43:23a Lee shuts down Rockies as Phillies cruise
03:43:29a Telef ónica GVT Offer Trumps Vivendi Bid
03:43:34a Panasonic, S. Korean rivals fined for Japan price-fixing
03:43:40a Tainan artisans to launch businesses at job fair
03:43:45a Mich. ag. offices closing to save money
03:43:51a Costco Q4 profit falls 6% but still tops estimates
03:43:57a Amazon, Apple, Google, Yahoo! targeted in U.S. patent case
03:44:02a GSkill Press Release
03:44:08a U.S. aid package riles Pakistan's army
03:44:25a Quake Hits Solomon Islands. A Warning? Disasters
03:44:49a Pakistan Military Rejects U.S. Aid Bill
03:44:55a Daughter of plane crash victim speaks
03:45:00a Doctor Doesn't Appeal Suspended License
03:45:06a Magna in UK talks over Opel deal
03:45:12a A genius who took the alchemy out of chemistry
03:45:27a Shedding light on Synchrotron
03:45:32a Bishop rebuke for Dutton
03:45:38a Egypt-born Jew looks to buy 50% of Al-Jazeera
03:45:44a Obama honors scientist for looking 'forward to the future'
03:45:49a Stabbing victim near hospital taken across town
03:45:55a Symphony musicians propose their own pay cuts
03:46:00a Matheson named as Blue Dog co-chair
03:46:06a Hong Kong extends gains, debutant shares mixed
03:46:11a Magic stifle Heat in Carter's home debut
03:46:17a Beaches and jungle beckon on Nicaragua's Ometepe Island
03:46:24a McGuire, Greenshields earn France call-up
03:46:30a Family Planning Seeks to Kill Unborn Children
03:46:35a Wool sector taskforce announced
03:46:41a Two in hospital after southern Qld road crashes
03:46:46a Tasmania to begin laying of NBN cable
03:46:52a PM outlines National Govt's plan to fight ‘P'
03:46:57a North Shore bus services severely affected
03:47:02a Aucklanders guilty on drugs charge
03:47:08a Prison Fellowship commends statement on recidivism
03:47:14a Abano Set For Further Offshore Growth
03:47:22a Moving Windmills The William Kamkwamba story
03:47:28a Canterbury loses frontline community policing
03:47:34a New Zealand Shares Open Slightly Higher
03:47:39a SBS Bank looks to consolidation opportunities
03:47:45a Updated Tsunami Announcement 1.10pm
03:48:11a Asian couple grilled after toddler's disappearance
03:48:16a ACC must go back to drawing board on sexual abuse
03:48:22a Starbucks sues former exec for working for rival
03:48:27a Massive US bn package sparks criticism in Pakistan
03:48:33a Judge orders US woman charged with kidnapping baby to remain in federal custody
03:48:39a McEntee Is wisdom one of the casualties in Samoa?
03:48:44a Changes to ExxonMobil Great South Basin Permit
03:48:50a Madonna and Guy There's still love there
03:48:55a Potential Tsunami Threat to New Zealand
03:49:01a Teen Jessica ready for world sail
03:49:06a Authorities 100 in U.S. and Egypt charged in ID theft ring
03:49:11a Toowoomba man accused of child sex crimes
03:49:17a Pakistan to mount renewed attack on Taliban
03:49:22a Preparing for a natural disaster
03:49:28a Innocent man executed? Senator calls for hearing
03:49:33a Small Business Heroes Battled it Out
03:49:38a Port network established for Port of Timaru
03:49:44a Money Well Spent Leads to Rewards for Holiday Inn
03:49:49a New Zealand tax decision handed down
03:49:54a Tsunami warning – advice for Wellingtonians
03:50:00a World class merino wool draws Italian journalist
03:50:05a Cold and flu medicine will need prescription
03:50:11a Opposition calls for Smitherman's head
03:50:16a Updates from Auchinvole No.5
03:50:22a Stock sold off as drought grips south-west Qld
03:50:27a Cardno father admits drugs charges
03:50:33a Hang Seng up 0.56pc at open
03:50:38a Ruapehu 'lahar' just a drill
03:50:44a UAE will buy 1m swine flu vaccines in next three months
03:50:50a Potential threat to the Auckland
03:50:55a New Zealand to Reap Tourist Boom
03:51:00a Petricevic insolvency hearing delayed
03:51:06a Omission of Ngati Whatua is ‘Design Apartheid’
03:51:11a Vodafone beats Telecom to Windows Mobile 6.5
03:51:16a Aviva Plans Listing on the NYSE
03:51:21a Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy approaches first light
03:51:27a Canadian Astronomers Capture Spectacular Meteor Footage And Images
03:51:32a Army unit's morale improving after 8 deaths
03:51:37a Pot legalization gains momentum in California, setting up fight with federal government
03:51:44a Diplomats seek end to Honduran standoff, demand coup-installed government reinstate president
03:51:50a Singapore Court Rules Against Magazine
03:51:55a Diplomats seek Honduran standoff end
03:52:01a Guide to November 3rd Ballot
03:52:16a Westpac Loses NZ Court Tax Case
03:52:22a NSCN-IM admits shootout incident among cadres in Bangladesh
03:52:28a Ceremony Opens Up Presidents Cup In SF
03:52:34a U.S. health care bill expands coverage
03:52:55a Consider farm viability, banks urged
03:53:00a Nurse caught reusing IV bags, tubing
03:53:06a Same Story, Different Quarter for Banks
03:53:18a Texas facing dilema on unemployment fund
03:53:35a Avianca to Merge With Taca
03:53:41a In Florida governor's race, Democrat Sink retains fundraising lead over GOP's McCollum
03:53:47a Microsoft and Red Hat consummate virtualization vows
03:53:52a Dingxin, Bintang Delapan To Build Nickel Smelter
03:53:58a Qualcomm Unveils Pocket Mobile TV Player
03:54:11a Friedman talks of 'going green' in GR
03:54:17a Meet the winners of the Fashion Dallas/Kim Dawson Model Search
03:54:22a Family reunited with snatched newborn
03:54:27a 3 powerful quakes rock South Pacific
03:55:03a One dead as typhoon hits Japan
03:55:08a Expert Q&A Are Kegels Really Worth It?
03:55:23a FACTBOX-Refinery, factory disruptions in Japan from typhoon
03:55:29a Aussie Air France flight passenger dies
03:55:34a New chip measures hormones in one step
03:55:40a Depressed? Assess Your Symptoms
03:55:45a Good Fat, Bad Fat Being Kidney Smart About Your Diet
03:55:50a James faces up to World Cup battle
03:55:56a Chinese tourists surge for China's National Day holiday
03:56:01a Shopowner identity used to place 1999 Citizen Hotline calls
03:56:06a Carrick states his case for World Cup place
03:56:11a Orthopedists Fail to Disclose Payments
03:56:17a Westpac Faces Million Tax Bill After NZ Ruling
03:56:22a Apple varieties, recipes and cooking tips
03:56:28a With IOC sign-off, Vancouver is ready for the world
03:56:33a Images The ultimate business jet is here!
03:56:39a PM to consider extra Afghan troops
03:56:44a How he plans to be a millionaire in 2 years
03:56:49a New Math Boosts Health Plan
03:56:55a Draft Food for Particular Nutritional Uses
03:57:00a Dell to Build Phone for AT&T
03:57:06a FBI director banned from online banking
03:57:12a Thai stocks to climb; oil, fund flows may help
03:57:17a Man stabbed in head and back
03:57:23a Obama expected to alter strategy on the war in Afghanistan
03:57:28a Saudis cage sex talk man
03:57:34a Swimming pool life guard indicted for manslaughter
03:57:39a Teenager plays laxative prank on classmates
03:57:45a Station shooting injures gunman, officer
03:57:50a Tourists desperate to find 'lesbian city'
03:57:56a Discord over electoral law ahead of Iraq January poll
03:58:01a Demand, Cost Cuts Put Alcoa in Black
03:58:07a US president's helicopter fleet costs billions
03:58:12a Fancy having a chat with this S'pore-made robot
03:58:18a Shaolin disciple dreams of a kung fu school
03:58:23a It'll Be Hard for GOP to Party Like It's '94
03:58:29a Mother struck by golf ball dies
03:58:34a Just Green Jobs
03:58:40a Parents responsible for nutritional negligence among children
03:58:45a Taichung is offering NT100 for every 1kg of dog poop
03:58:50a International trio look to hit high notes at Presidents Cup
03:58:56a A Friend Indeed
03:59:01a Lingerie vendor sells stolen goods
03:59:07a 15 Chinese couples seal their union at Taipei 101
03:59:13a FCC chairman warns of 'looming spectrum crisis'
03:59:18a After Four Years of PC Production, Dell Closes NC Facility
03:59:24a Where to Buy Organic and Pesticide-Free Produce in Bangkok
03:59:30a God's Food Pantry in Plano to keep its doors open
03:59:35a 2009 Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
03:59:41a Airline Cuts Pinch Travelers
03:59:47a Goldline International Sees Increased Demand in Gold Following Record Highs
03:59:52a Alecks Pabico writes 30
03:59:57a Two women charged in dog-held-for-ransom case
04:00:02a Bridging the divide At The Grace School everyone is special
04:00:08a Court orders bus driver to pay injured passenger
04:00:13a Two armed robberies reported in Providence
04:00:19a First night The Caretaker
04:00:24a Cabinet reserved on hot spring compensation
04:00:30a Nobel chemistry prize awarded
04:00:36a Football beats jogging for women
04:00:41a The Taiwanese Server System Industry the Updated 3Q 2009
04:00:47a Asian markets pick up on brighter economic outlook; Euro and Pound in range
04:00:53a Drunk U.S. couple used boy to drive police
04:00:58a UPDATE 1-Canada Mackenzie review extends to at least April
04:01:04a Shell to deploy floating LNG plant off Australia
04:01:10a NBA star Billups meets fans in Taipei ahead of preseason game
04:01:15a Shares race up as jobless rate falls
04:01:21a Premier says action needed to curb 'fat cats'
04:01:26a Grad student with cat abuse penchant charged
04:01:32a Climate change? India must play it hard
04:01:37a Robust jobs data signals higher rates
04:01:43a Expo showcases Taiwan's first auto-produced solar module
04:01:48a Signs of life in Mission Bay real estate market
04:01:53a Taipei mortuary goes green, will generate heat from crematorium
04:01:58a PRECIOUS-Gold hovers near record highs
04:02:04a IIT summit set to open with a bang in Chicago
04:02:09a HK shares seen flat on profit-taking, China re-opening
04:02:14a Human trafficking syndicate crippled
04:02:20a Residents have their say on 'party central'
04:02:25a Things to Do for Backpackers in Dublin, Ireland
04:02:31a Hang Seng Poised For Soft Open
04:02:36a Haunted Athens, Ohio A Brief History
04:02:42a Grand jury indicts craigslist suspect on Warwick charges
04:02:47a NTU ranks among world's top 100 colleges Wu
04:02:53a Did Viacom Find YouTube's smoking gun
04:02:58a Adobe Flash Tools are Win for Developers, Not iPhone Users
04:03:04a How to See Bangkok, Thailand on a Budget
04:03:24a Court hears case against ex-astronaut
04:03:33a Tropical Depression HENRI Wind Speed Probabilities Number 6
04:03:42a 'Budget Cut Blues' Played for Politicians
04:03:56a Digitized business cards marries low- and high-tech, now for Mac
04:04:02a Russian teens to be tested for drugs at school
04:04:14a Google and Verizon Partner To Build Cell Phones
04:04:20a Oops! Somali Pirates Fire on French Military Ship by Mistake
04:04:25a Boys, We're Going Straight to the Bottom!
04:04:31a '2012' Trailer Without Special Effects
04:04:36a Thugs pick fight with cross-dressing cage fighters
04:04:41a Tropical Depression HENRI Public Advisory Number 6
04:04:47a ESPN reporter's peephole case shows holes in hotel security
04:04:52a Tropical Depression HENRI Graphics
04:04:58a How does pollution impact on people's lives?
04:05:04a The Two Births of Kim Jong Il Bizarre Myth vs Fact
04:05:10a Premier says action needed to curb 'fat cats'
04:05:15a Tropical Depression HENRI Forecast Discussion Number 6
04:05:31a Advocate Barbie a willing partner, says judge
04:05:36a South Park's Best Musical Moments vids
04:05:42a Edgar Allan Poe Finally Getting a Proper Funeral
04:05:47a Dilbert and Wally Finally Find the Root of Their Troubles
04:05:52a The 59-Foot 'Tetsujin 28' Robot W/ PICS+VIDS
04:05:58a Tropical Depression HENRI Forecast/Advisory Number 6
04:06:21a Former Valley educator’s trial continued to December
04:06:42a Dell plans first U.S. smartphone with AT&T source
04:06:48a Sisters in court on drug charges; one passed out in Rally’s drive-thru
04:06:53a UAE ranked top trading partner with India Minister
04:06:59a The Clinton-Moreno Summit An Illusion Factory
04:07:04a Man gets two-day erection and million = Win Win !!
04:07:15a Haunted Athens, Ohio the Pentagram of Cemeteries
04:07:27a Woman, 78, Killed In Hit And Run Identified
04:07:32a National Recognition for VT Roller Derby Team
04:07:38a Arm-wrestling champion is just 3ft 5in tall
04:07:44a Wahlberg in Reykjavik-Rotterdam remake
04:07:49a Powerful Quakes Rock South Pacific
04:07:54a Deal on Sun-Times sale appears closer
04:08:00a Weapons Porn, Weirdest, Coolest Weapons in the U.S. Arsenal
04:08:06a Fatal Texting-While-Driving Trial To Start
04:08:11a NYer gets 100 yrs prison for mistaken gang killing
04:08:17a Pakistan wants U.S. ''trust', drones, market access
04:08:22a Used Cars Head To All-Time High Price In Sept. 07 Oct 2009 230202 GMT
04:08:28a Stadler’s Barbershop giving away haircuts Monday
04:08:33a Ryo Hazuki Stops Search For Father's Killer To Race For Sega
04:08:39a Exclusive Anna Nicole Smith Probed in Murder Plot
04:08:45a Taylor helps Phoenix stay alive
04:08:50a New Charge Filed Against Alleged Craigslist Killer
04:08:55a Ten Unusual Hotels in the U.S.
04:09:01a Australian petition calls for ban on 4WDs
04:09:06a Mayor warns of 'big trouble' in stadium delay
04:09:12a Love Triangle Astronaut Wants Charge Dropped
04:09:17a Chinese writer embraces Dalai Lama in US
04:09:23a Nobilo fired up for crack at Americans
04:09:28a Largest-Ever Dinosaur Footprints Found In France
04:09:34a Charges Dropped Against Man Accused Of Sex Assault
04:09:49a Woman Shot, Killed At Check Cashing Business
04:09:54a Motorsport Clan Kelly think they're on to a winner
04:10:05a Tsunami warning officially cancelled
04:10:11a Satish Kaushik excited as 'Road, Movie' heads to Tokyo
04:10:16a Midwife struck off after baby stillborn
04:10:21a The sun saves money for an Oahu couple
04:10:33a Memorial mass for Bryanna Antone
04:10:45a Motorsport Piquet Jr to test NASCAR truck
04:10:51a Britain's Conservatives woo gay voters
04:10:57a One dead, 50 injured in Bihar train accident
04:11:02a Florida Man Teaches Cat To Use The Toilet
04:11:09a UH students and faculty rally against cuts
04:11:15a Tearful parents plead for Aisling's return
04:11:20a LAX FlyAway Bus To Service In Irvine
04:11:32a Motorsport Kubica to replace Alonso at Renault
04:11:37a Jakarta Stocks Expected To See Narrow Range
04:11:43a Motorsport Dixon expects manic battle for title
04:11:48a 'We're barely existing' Aisling's dad
04:11:54a Special election set in House Dist. 62
04:11:59a Ford Steps Up Ad Campaign
04:12:04a Beer in the South Savannah, Charleston, Mobile
04:12:10a Toyota coupe concept for Tokyo
04:12:15a Sorcerers casting spells on Ronaldo
04:12:21a Powerful 7.8 quake off Vanuatu; tsunami alert issued
04:12:27a Senate approves spending for additional submarine
04:12:32a Motorsport Fuel looms as Bathurst's big wildcard
04:12:38a MB No increase in Negeri Sembilan water tariff for the next five years
04:12:43a First waves arrive in NZ
04:12:48a M.8 quake reported off Vanuatu; tsunami alert issued
04:12:54a Militants Attack Colombia Prison, Freeing Guerrilla
04:13:00a Powerful 7.8 quake off Vanuatu; tsunami alert canceled
04:13:05a A German state employee watches the news on an Arabic TV-channel in Berlin
04:13:21a FBI smashes US-Egypt 'phishing' ring
04:13:27a Peace with India in Pakistan's self-interest Qureshi
04:13:41a Solana Beach, California Public Access to Four Beaches
04:13:48a Texas health care ranked 46th in nation
04:13:55a Best Places to Buy Wine in Bangkok, Thailand
04:14:01a Vanuatu quake, tsunami warning
04:14:06a Do DNA Tests Truly Show Risk For Diseases?
04:14:12a Loveland Opens Ski Season
04:14:17a Carcieri now in favor of referendum on a casino
04:14:23a BoE to Sit Tight on Policy, Await New Forecasts in Nov
04:14:28a Spot a Celebrity United States Destinations
04:14:35a Victims' Families Relieved With Kimball Charges
04:14:41a Exclusive Prosecutors Talk About Kimball Charges
04:14:47a Google Search Options Come to Mobile
04:14:52a 'Same Kind of Different' for S.L. Jackson
04:14:57a IBM Faces Justice Antitrust Inquiry
04:15:02a MIED is part and parcel of MIC
04:15:17a Pakistan wants U.S. 'trust', drones, market access
04:15:23a Powerful Earthquake Off Vanuatu Prompts Tsunami Alert For Southwest Pacific
04:15:29a U.S. Budget Deficit Hit Record Trillion in 2009
04:15:34a Justice Dept probing IBM's computer market conduct
04:15:40a US Justice Department's IBM antitrust probe CCIA
04:15:45a 'Sellout of Taiwan' is being overused by the DPP
04:15:54a Everything You Wanted To Know About Startup Building But Were Afraid To Ask
04:16:12a Mr Nasty Osborne Has Got the Wrong End of the Stick
04:16:17a 100-year-old woman strangled in nursing home
04:16:23a Woman accused in baby grab staying in jail
04:16:28a Murdoch in Asia, check
04:16:34a Discovering the Rich History of the Truman Museum in Independence, Missouri
04:16:39a Busch Gardens, SeaWorld Parks Sold to the Blackstone Group
04:16:44a New Flu Website, New Look for City's Site
04:16:49a Man Catches Burglar On Home Live Video Cam
04:16:55a Mobile device makers want common earphone plugs
04:17:06a Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
04:17:17a Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Video Review
04:17:22a A person walks out of the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva
04:17:28a DNA at store matches elusive teen
04:17:38a Ion Assault Review
04:17:44a FCC chairman warns of 'looming spectrum crisis'
04:17:49a Budget Blamed For 911 Changes
04:17:55a Diplomats seek on return of ousted Honduran but meet resistance from coup-installed government
04:18:01a Obama and war council weigh Afghan shift
04:18:06a Brewer blasts federal health care plans
04:18:12a Taliban say theyre no threat to other countries
04:18:17a Obama rules out major troop cuts in Afghanistan
04:18:23a Support for Obama slips in California, poll finds
04:18:28a Quakes prompt tsunami alert in Pacific
04:18:36a On Book Settlement, Google Is Still Trying To Hold The Line
04:18:42a What You Should Know about the H1N1 Vaccine
04:18:49a Nato urges more Russian help in Afghanistan
04:18:55a The Lost Art of Cable Lacing
04:19:00a Why No Testimony From McChrystal?
04:19:06a Gilliam
04:19:11a Russia vs. Spain a big win
04:19:16a Engine Yard Raises Million In Series C For Ruby-On-Rails Hosting
04:19:25a Federal judge accepts guilty plea in cross burning
04:19:30a Justice Dept probing IBM's computer market conduct
04:19:39a Tornado Outbreak Tropical Island Gameplay Movie
04:19:45a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Based On A Book After All
04:19:50a Powers and Rossio on Pirates of the Caribbean 4
04:19:55a Beer and California Organic with a View
04:20:01a Asia shares rise, Aussie dollar jumps on jobs data
04:20:06a Axelrod touts momentum on health care reform bill
04:20:12a Tornado Outbreak Review
04:20:17a Labor Union, Gov. Spar Over Columbus Day
04:20:23a See Live History Days At Marshall Gold Park
04:20:28a Local Residents Aren't Letting H1N1 Slow Them Down
04:20:33a Justice briefers balk at oath demand
04:20:39a P1-B flood warning system wasted due to neglect
04:20:44a Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Review
04:20:50a Afghan War Debate Now Leans to Focus on Al Qaeda
04:20:56a Quakes off Philippines, Vanuatu
04:21:01a Greensburg, Indiana, Fire Department Educates Kids During Fire Prevention Week
04:21:07a Ex-Cougar happy with Real Madrid
04:21:12a After Several Diets, Woman Gets Surgery
04:21:18a Three share Nobel for work in X-ray crystallography
04:21:23a Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Video Review
04:21:29a Fate/Unlimited Codes Review
04:21:48a Flu Shots May Be Hard To Find
04:21:54a NASA plans to crash spacecraft into moon's surface
04:21:59a ND Tickets for Navy game available
04:22:05a Scuba Diver on Trial for Murder in Wife's Caribbean Drowning
04:22:10a Pusan mixes Asian film, Hollywood glamour
04:22:16a Dr. Tom Answers H1N1 Questions
04:22:22a Uniforms, handgun stolen from Des Moines officer's home
04:22:27a Concerned parents get latest info on swine flu
04:22:33a Valmont Industries, Inc. Third Quarter 2009 Earnings Conference Call
04:22:38a Mark's Evening Forecast Oct. 7
04:22:43a Start with splash of Caribbean
04:22:49a Father pleads not guilty to daughter's bridge throw murder
04:22:55a New Zealand clamp on cold medicine to fight drug crisis
04:23:00a The Washington House Inn in Cedarburg, Wisconsin
04:23:06a Open House for Youth Groups at Sky Lake Camp and Retreat Center
04:23:11a Upper West Side Shopping Picks
04:23:17a Government Olympic ticket purchase draws fire
04:23:22a Senate health bill given a big boost
04:23:28a Dowd Letterman, the latest episode in 'Men Behaving Badly'
04:23:33a The old Marshall a welcome sight
04:23:38a Nobel winner does not own a car, cycles to work
04:23:44a 'Indians don't understand workplace issues'
04:23:49a Study Air Pollution May Be Key Trigger For Appendicitis
04:23:55a Insurgents Breach Base in Afghanistan
04:24:00a Honest statistics
04:24:06a Tribune Power Rankings Mountain West Conference football
04:24:11a Park City on pace for second straight title
04:24:17a Snake Valley
04:24:22a Cole Her weight problem powers rejection fear
04:24:28a Tropical Storm Henri heads for Caribbean
04:24:34a Fallen U.S. soldiers remembered
04:24:39a Man disputes bill from PG&E
04:24:45a Dalai Lama falls victim to realpolitik on Beijing
04:24:50a Sam's Club Vs. Costco Which One Has Lower Prices?
04:24:55a Cut Rooster's partner stands by her man
04:25:01a Amazon to sell Kindle outside the US
04:25:06a Officer crashes into jewelry store
04:25:12a The 2016 Olympic Games
04:25:17a Delray considers early alcohol sales on Sundays
04:25:23a Kay Jewelers Low-Quality Jewelery Repair in Annapolis, Maryland
04:25:28a Citi survey casts cloud over three executives
04:25:34a Men three times more likely to face hearing loss
04:25:39a 'No one wants to play at Port'
04:25:44a Best and Cheapest Places to Buy Bedroom and Bathroom Home Furnishings in Bangkok, Thailand
04:25:50a MWC Notes Wyoming is league's early surprise
04:25:55a Shell expects to develop WA gas fields
04:26:01a Limbaugh won't get H1N1 vaccine because a Democrat told him to
04:26:06a To China's delight, India reins in its media
04:26:11a World covers red face over blackface
04:26:19a Tribune Power Rankings College football
04:26:25a Dixie on top after Day 1
04:26:31a Dad to stand trial over bridge death
04:26:36a Indonesian teen finds family among dead
04:26:42a Wu asks NPM to re-check offer for disputed relics
04:26:47a Grant will allow more help to avert foreclosures
04:26:53a Local salon denies breast cancer mom a gift certificate extension
04:26:59a Taipei new homes' average price rises above NT600,000
04:27:04a Crabtree finally signs
04:27:10a Diplomatic draftees to start service in Taiwan's allies
04:27:15a Judge rejects defense motion, Bobbi Parker trial to proceed
04:27:21a Homefield no longer sole playground for Seminoles
04:27:26a Five-year bonds decline as interest rates may climb
04:27:32a Mendenhall Player lied about arrest for DUI
04:27:37a Crist Signs Death Warrant for Murderer
04:27:43a Officials Ban Texting While Driving for Polk Employees
04:27:49a Fla. independent counsel will investigage Sansom
04:27:54a Kenmark sets up production facility in UK
04:27:59a Coble, Leach advance to Women's Mid-Am final
04:28:05a The B-Cast B-Side Safe Schools Czar Takes on Critics of Gay-Only Schools
04:28:10a Erin Brockovich visit aimed at helping Acreage residents fearing cancer cluster
04:28:15a Regency Centers expands water savings
04:28:21a Energy use falls on low demand after Morakot
04:28:26a Florez asks PUC for SmartMeter changes
04:28:32a Exports fall least in 11 months in Sept.
04:28:37a Man dies six months after attack outside Oakland Park diner
04:28:43a Driver fleeing police dies in Tampa crash
04:28:49a Taiwan coal imports rise as power demand increases
04:28:55a Taiwan's September crude oil imports fall 21%
04:29:00a Harbor View 911 Tear Drop Memorial Bayonne NJ
04:29:06a FAA worker rigged stool, fell to his death at PBIA
04:29:12a New tactic from law enforcement agencies nabs unlicensed drivers
04:29:18a Thousands Mob Detroit Center, Hope for Free Cash
04:29:23a No Dell
04:29:29a Hearing begins into fatal stabbing of businessman
04:29:34a Q.C. event funding cuts likely to remain
04:29:39a Ford Lio Ho appoints new marketing, sales director
04:29:45a Science park companies to see NT1.59 trillion in sales
04:29:50a Police Kids see man masturbating in public
04:29:55a McAfee Commits to Services through Partners
04:30:01a Karva Chauth
04:30:06a Council members don't buy cleanup evaluation
04:30:11a Bunning, Bayh call for time to study health bill
04:30:17a High Winds Are A Reminder Of Recent Tragedies 08 Oct 2009 000325 GMT
04:30:22a No final rush for first home buyers AFG
04:30:27a CRICKET Batsman Ferguson left out of SA side
04:30:33a Citing Cybercrime, FBI Director Doesn't Bank Online
04:30:39a Hoosier pleads guilty in Oldham man's murder
04:30:44a Family bar some evidence in deputy shooting case
04:30:50a Drug charges admitted in sex offending case
04:30:55a VA nurse indicted in patient's death
04:31:01a Guru America - By Victor Davis Hanson
04:31:06a AD Lewis Fundraiser To Be Held Thursday Night
04:31:11a Obama nominates next ambassador to NZ
04:31:17a The Worst Way to Invest
04:31:22a PHP 5 web developer Contract London
04:31:27a Red Hat and Microsoft Expand Virtualization Interoperability Options
04:31:33a 33 Arrested as FBI Busts Global 'Phishing' Ring
04:31:38a Why no minister in charge of Jerusalem
04:31:43a Australian jobless rate posts surprising drop
04:31:49a Indian Army
04:31:54a Sex, Live, and Virtualization
04:31:59a Taliban Terrorists
04:32:05a Red Hat hosts first dedicated boot camp for open source teachers
04:32:10a NHS embraces 'legal bete noire'
04:32:16a Holton Helping Design a Playground
04:32:21a 'Phishing' blamed for Hotmail password thefts
04:32:27a US Justice Department's IBM antitrust probe CCIA
04:32:33a Prepare for fire season, Victorians told
04:32:38a IMS sees brighter outlook for global drug sales
04:32:44a Without two states, there is no future
04:32:49a Donor heart life extended
04:32:55a Minsheng Bank Seeks To Raise Stake In UCBH
04:33:00a 'No expectations; real sense of urgency'
04:33:06a Couple Says Iowa Police Inflicted Emotional Distress
04:33:12a EuroBancshares Signs Agreement With Federal Reserve Bank of New York
04:33:17a Unemployment down in NSW, up in Qld
04:33:23a 'Quick and dirty' street art draws attention
04:33:28a PRESS DIGEST Financial Times Oct 8
04:33:34a CWG delegates to inspect 2010 game venues
04:33:40a Public dentists to vote on protest action over cuts
04:33:46a ALP names ex-SAS officer for WA seat
04:33:51a Fraudsters Go Phishing For Victims' Friends
04:33:56a Fireworks Spectacular postponed
04:34:01a Talks to continue until eve of Greens' meeting
04:34:07a Floods destroyed crops worth billions
04:34:12a Golfer hit by ball on head dies
04:34:17a Brighton hopes to get even with Alta
04:34:22a Lee brilliant in playoff debut for Phillies
04:34:27a O'Donoghue made appeal to Gilmore
04:34:33a Statewide Drug Card Program Launching
04:34:39a Impact seeks talks on spending cuts
04:34:44a France wants Ireland to lobby for EU agricultural portfolio
04:34:50a Win a signed copy of Ashes to Ashes
04:34:55a Tanders keep rivalry to the track
04:35:01a Temple Mount access restricted for fifth day
04:35:06a Red Hat boot camp for FOSS teachers
04:35:12a Services protected, says council manager
04:35:17a Woman Afraid Of Raccoon Near Her Topeka Home
04:35:22a Couple take builders to court over contract
04:35:28a TV news channels explode in Europe, future unsure
04:35:33a Czechs Offer Mixed Signals on E.U. Reform Treaty
04:35:39a Call for more State funds for suicide-prevention helpline
04:35:45a Call for more skin doctors in southeast
04:35:50a Countrywide search for stolen TB cattle
04:35:55a Measures urged to protect people from repossession
04:36:01a Irish troops likely to remain in Darfur Defence Forces chief
04:36:07a Warning of collapse in services
04:36:12a Two Officers Critically Injured in N.C. Shootout
04:36:17a Indian govt. to sell 5 pct stake in NTPC-report
04:36:23a Obama impatient with delay in peace talks
04:36:32a University To Adopt Porn Rules 07 Oct 2009 235529 GMT
04:36:44a Zimbabwe XI prepares to host Kenya
04:36:50a NCIIA Announces New Undergraduate Competition
04:36:55a New regime to revolve around vouched costs
04:37:01a Frontline workers to resist all pay cuts
04:37:06a Government cannot afford overseas aid commitments, debate told
04:37:12a PDforra will not be 'threatened' over alliance
04:37:29a Virginia Town Mourns Loss of Soldier
04:37:34a Govt to proceed with charter rewrite Suthep
04:37:40a New vaccine to stop cocaine addiction
04:37:45a Ex-minister had attic altered to hold gifts, says Kenny
04:37:50a DUP says no 'prerequisites' for policing deal in dossier
04:37:56a Free depression screening at Covenant
04:38:01a Safety concerns on Ennis bypass emerge after car crash
04:38:07a Three children to give evidence in murder trial
04:38:12a Need to expand on offshore energy highlighted
04:38:17a Leader Ousted, Honduras Hires U.S. Lobbyists
04:38:23a Rep. Keith Ellison to Discuss U.S. Health Investments in Kenya at CSIS
04:38:28a School-age childcare places inadequate, survey finds
04:38:33a Strikes to focus on pushing through pay deal O'Connor
04:38:39a Strong Link Between Obesity And Depression
04:38:44a Parasitic infection killing greenfinches
04:38:49a Mutual-Fund Assets Rise
04:38:55a Tsunami Warning Issued After Magnitude 8 Quake In Vanuatu
04:39:00a Protest leader makes personal call to Minister in front of roaring crowd
04:39:06a Curemark Announces Senior Executive Promotions
04:39:12a Family Remembers Maria Combs
04:39:17a Free advice on breast cancer awareness offered by Covenant at local United Supermarkets
04:39:23a Pension insolvency scheme being worked on Hanafin
04:39:28a Kenya telecoms firm launches bond
04:39:34a Reserve Bank acts to tame rand
04:39:39a Magic stifle Heat 90-86 in Carter's home debut
04:40:05a Prosecutors Lovato Should Face Same Charges As Fierro
04:40:11a Muslim world population 'at 1.57bn'
04:40:20a Drive thru clinic held in Lubbock
04:40:26a A New Film Focuses France on the ‘Disgrace’ of Its Overcrowded Prisons
04:40:35a Speaker Discusses Rock-n-Roll and Segregation
04:40:40a Bangladesh's Banks Asked To Report On Foreign Currency Account Transactions
04:40:50a AP Poll Nearly 40 percent of parents oppose swine flu vaccine
04:40:58a Augusta County Library Breaks Ground for Phase Two
04:41:03a Japan Current Account Disappoints
04:41:09a Supreme Cour
04:41:32a SPC Oct 8, 2009 0100 UTC Day 1 Convective Outlook
04:41:38a Tsunami panic after Pacific quake
04:41:44a Obama holds Afghanistan discussions
04:42:03a South Pacific quakes stir panic
04:42:19a DNA found at store break-in on Orcas Island matches that of elusive teen
04:43:20a SPC MD 2079
04:43:25a Kevin White indicates he'll pay
04:43:54a RCMP back in Regional Crime Unit
04:44:14a Alcoa Boosts Confidence
04:44:20a Gov. Sanford's driver pulled for speeding but escaped ticket
04:44:35a Speedometer faulty on night of fatal crash, trial told
04:44:41a UN data show Afghan vote discrepancies newspaper
04:44:47a Spot gold hits record above 1,050
04:44:54a C&L's Late Nite Music Club with R.E.M.
04:44:59a Whistler responds to luger Lauscher's criticism
04:45:05a Typhoon Melor wreaks havoc on Honshu
04:45:11a Woman killed crossing street identified
04:45:16a Gustavo Dudamel strikes the right chord in L.A.
04:45:22a Meet me on the Equinox Music Video sneak peek
04:45:27a Jeter, A-Rod propel Yankees to opening win
04:45:33a Treating Esphogeal Cancer With Cryotherapy 08 Oct 2009 001810 GMT
04:45:39a Criminal Case Against Former Astronaut Back In Court Today
04:45:44a White indicates he'll pay
04:45:50a Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion
04:45:55a Missing in pyjamas, teen found in pizza shop
04:46:01a Businesses fear city bike plan might drive people away
04:46:07a Native artisans feel robbed by Olympic knock-off sweaters
04:46:12a Australia Michael Jackson skit sparks racism calls
04:46:18a O'Donoghue severance payment could be €7,813 a month
04:46:23a Sarasota area seeing rash of manatee deaths
04:46:29a Most children wont be tested for H1N1, doctors say
04:46:34a Diplomat bucks Ottawa by sending evidence to detainee probe
04:46:40a ANZ first to up mortgage rates
04:46:45a Teen arrested in Miramar slaying of pregnant girl
04:46:51a Limbaugh wants to buy the Rams, calls basketball a thug sport, yo!
04:46:56a Pakistan wants US 'trust,' drones, market access
04:47:02a North Korea not near restoring nuclear plant South
04:47:08a Say no to war in Afghanistan and Pakistan
04:47:13a Folau succumbs to foot injury
04:47:19a Sarasota County baby dies of swine flu
04:47:24a Celina's close shave with death...
04:47:30a Jetstar worker in strife over Facebook incident
04:47:35a Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim
04:47:41a 'Most Wanted' Duquesne man apprehended in Florida
04:47:46a Chinese Vice President begins visit to Belgium
04:47:53a Human trafficking husband and wife fugitives nabbed in Boca Raton
04:47:58a Series of major quakes rock South Pacific
04:48:04a Bloomberg Apartment Vacancies Hit 23-Year High. It's Time To Haggle.
04:48:10a Darcey plea 'not guilty'
04:48:15a Graphic details emerge on Newberg 'sex abuse ring'
04:48:21a Driver shot at busy Port Arthur intersection
04:48:27a Tsunami warning system will cost millions
04:48:32a Tirupur industrialists fined Rs.55 crore for polluting river
04:48:37a Taiwan's TAIEX may rise 20%, JPMorgan says
04:48:48a Japan's stocks continue on rise
04:48:54a No drugs, rave parties in Goa this tourist season
04:49:00a Gourmet magazine's closing leaves empty feeling
04:49:11a WaveRoller demonstration planned for Portugal
04:49:17a New Moon Trailer 3 HD
04:49:22a Property buyers toast to Madeira
04:49:27a Zentai loses extradition fight
04:49:32a Dollar soars on surprise jobs surge
04:49:38a 100 in U.S., Egypt charged in ID theft ring
04:49:44a Panic in Vanuatu after tsunami alert
04:49:49a Czechs 'to ratify Lisbon this year'
04:49:55a Troubled Edwards back with the Jets
04:50:00a Fiji, Melanesia on Tsunami alert
04:50:05a Little League officials prepare to move
04:50:11a Police TV host who ordered killings is on run
04:50:16a Jobless rate will have others green with envy
04:50:21a McQueen dives deep for inspiration as Jacobs looks to the street
04:50:26a Butter prices up
04:50:32a UA rescinds parking fee for most students attending games
04:50:37a Local doctor, parents weigh in on H1N1 vaccine
04:50:42a TAIEX index rises 72.61, 1 percent
04:50:48a Jorge Rocketman Lorenzo stars in Estoril
04:50:53a Boys & Girls boosted by Justice Dept.
04:50:59a RCMP alleges breach of trust by B.C. official
04:51:05a Paris' Fashion Shows End, Oddly, On A Tennis Court
04:51:10a ND woman's 7-foot-long dog could be record
04:51:15a Taiwan EMBA programs recruiting Chinese students
04:51:21a Latvia's Woes Rise as Auction Fails
04:51:26a 'Mango Queen' pays for 12 fruit
04:51:32a 4000 more unemployed in WA
04:51:37a Just what is happening with the North-West Shelf?
04:51:43a Brain Chip May Help the Blind See
04:51:48a Papal Visit Is a Pilgrimage
04:51:53a 10/08 Pre Market 3Q Earnings Reports
04:51:59a Tips for Taking Care of Older Adult's Skin
04:52:05a Dallas inmate set to be freed after buried evidence found
04:52:10a Girl Power Kay and Shipman Talk 'Womenomics'
04:52:16a Surprise fall in unemployment signals economic improvement
04:52:21a Hey Hey skit insensitive Perth ethnic leader
04:52:27a Kenai Peninsula Borough voting results
04:52:32a EFTPOS scam is set to spread
04:52:38a Australian dies on 'unbearable' flight'
04:52:43a Fiji workers return to offices
04:52:49a Court opens path to Lisbon Treaty approval
04:52:54a Crush It author interview on NYNN
04:53:00a Getting Rid of the Annoying Message and Speech Recognition in Windows XP
04:53:05a WA man dies on flight
04:53:11a Australian Stock Market Rallies After Opening Flat
04:53:16a Buying time will not save Cameron from crunch decision on Lisbon
04:53:22a Doc makes more money selling clothes on eBay
04:53:28a Drop in unemployment 'sign of recovery'
04:53:33a Oregon Wineries Expect Growth Despite Economy
04:53:39a Cameron warned to leave Lisbon treaty alone
04:53:44a How Big Is the FTC's New Footprint?
04:53:50a 'Couples Retreat' doesn't reconcile opposing slants
04:53:55a US deficit triples to record high 1.4 trillion dollars
04:54:01a Sneak Peek at Portland Fashion Week
04:54:06a Bacterium Transforms Toxic Gold Compounds
04:54:11a Australia's unemployment rate drops; dollar rises to 14-month high
04:54:17a The All New Linksys WRT320N Wireless Router Review
04:54:22a News Notes Wolf, Gretchen, BriWi & Levi
04:54:27a Windows 7, A Successful Successor to Vista
04:54:33a Tsunami warnings create panic
04:54:39a Australia shares up on jobs data surprise
04:54:44a Aussie dollar breaks 90 US cents
04:54:49a Text of O'Higgins letter
04:54:55a Joseph L. Galloway Hard decisions ahead on Afghanistan
04:55:01a How to Use Huge USB-Memory Sticks in Windows XP
04:55:06a Newseum to Display Russert's Office
04:55:11a DC Media Types and Athletes 'Walk This Way' for Charity
04:55:17a Nobel for explaining nature's protein factories
04:55:23a 2ND LD Winny software developer acquitted+
04:55:29a Justice Dept probing IBM's computer market conduct
04:55:35a SEC to appeal insider trading case against Cuban
04:56:01a Shots fired at cafe
04:56:07a Fouls hurt Raptors in pre-season loss to Sixers
04:56:12a Suspect In Sex Crimes Case Appears In Court
04:56:18a Dispute Over Bed-Making Centers On A Pillow Fight
04:56:23a Young scores 11 points as 76ers beat Raptors 84-79
04:56:28a Nine new treatment units to tackle Saudi diabetes problem
04:56:34a Congress changes stance, to accept Futemma relocation within Okinawa+
04:56:39a Mateo to headline Tonga's act in Test
04:56:45a Miliband's long-lost relative shock
04:56:50a Yankees beat Twins, 7-2
04:56:56a AT&T spends million to upgrade 3G network
04:57:02a Oakland to pay suspect shot by officer
04:57:07a North Korea not near restoring nuclear plant South
04:57:13a Large blast strikes in center of Afghan capital
04:57:18a Girl Thinks Stepsisters' Secret Is Unsafe To Keep
04:57:23a Desmond Trufant is making a name at UW
04:57:34a In the Keeper's Footsteps
04:57:45a Hermes Anyone for tennis?
04:57:51a Explosion hits Afghan capital
04:57:57a Silver Creek, Jeff boys in regional final
04:58:08a Chicago Youth Murders Spur National Action
04:58:14a Water conservation
04:58:19a Mercury forces Game 5 in Finals
04:58:25a Zelaya followers sentenced to house arrest for sit-in in Honduras
04:58:31a Senior U.S. official to visit Japan, China on N. Korea nuke+
04:58:37a Advocate Visser breaks down after sentencing
04:58:54a Saudis weighs major F-15 buy as Iran advances
04:59:15a OAS Secretary General says dialogue a must to restore unity in Honduras
04:59:24a U.S. training of its air force, counter-IED called critical by Iraqis
04:59:30a Victims of abuse meet bishops in Maynooth
04:59:40a 'Barbie and Dirk ruined my life...'
05:00:10a Teen sexually assaulted while home sick from school
05:00:15a Basketball Malaysia romps to victory
05:00:21a MALAYSIA-INDONESIA TIES It's senseless
05:00:26a PICKPOCKETS Don't let your guard down in the rush
05:00:31a 100-year woman strangled in Dartmouth nursing home
05:00:37a President Obama Tries To Tackle Rising Unemployment
05:00:42a SportCheck Tennis players given a raw deal
05:00:48a STREAMYX Equipment a key factor
05:00:54a MALAYSIA-INDONESIA TIES Words tell their own tales
05:00:59a PUBLIC TRANSPORT Make Puchong a hub, too
05:01:05a PUBLIC TRANSPORT Connect lines
05:01:10a Brookings sees more flight delays as economy improves; light rail, rush-hour fees suggested
05:01:16a ZAINUL ARIFIN Is Mustar a clown short of a circus?
05:01:22a Avianca, El Salvador's TACA to merge, AeroMexico eyes deal
05:01:27a The falling dollar and China's cries for a global currency
05:01:33a Diplomats in appeal over Honduras
05:01:38a Pakistan wants U.S.
05:01:44a 18. Navy's largest landing craft on fire
05:01:50a 3 strong quakes cause Pacific tsunami panic
05:01:55a Asian markets up, spot gold rises
05:02:01a Your Wednesday night lottery numbers
05:02:06a CHIN PENG Let him see the changes
05:02:11a Fire on board KD Inderapura
05:02:17a RECYCLING Children respond if shown the way
05:02:22a Exxon Mobil Corp. regains top ranking as PetroChina falls
05:02:27a MIED All eyes on Samy Vellu
05:02:32a itake KARE of your MONEY/i Cost vs value remodeling
05:02:38a Large blast rocks Afghan capital
05:02:43a 5TH LD Typhoon makes landfall in Japan, leaving 2 dead, 56 injured+
05:02:49a North Korea not near restoring nuclear plant-South
05:02:54a UK advertisers spend more on internet than TV
05:02:59a CIA hurt by 'administration's war with the U.S. intelligence community'
05:03:05a Brookings researchers Worse flight delays ahead
05:03:10a Israel sees escalation of violence from Hamas
05:03:15a TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL Many unaware of TI's work
05:03:21a Tight ends on pace for record production in '09
05:03:26a Obama stargazes with 150 students
05:03:32a World Cup qualifiers Russia set for Germany showdown
05:03:37a Bowling / Asian Indoor Games Holloway puts faith in youngsters
05:03:43a Most U.S. kids exposed to violence
05:03:48a OLD TIMES Calling 1956-58 MCKK students
05:03:53a Obama's war council focusing on Al Qaeda in Pakistan
05:03:59a Use toilet before boarding, Japan airline asks
05:04:04a Is America Doomed-You Decide
05:04:09a Abdul Wahet Negri superior to Terengganu
05:04:15a 2 powerful quakes strike off Vanuatu+
05:04:20a Large Explosion Rocks Kabul City Centre
05:04:26a TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL No compromise with values in graft war
05:04:31a Microsoft, EU to Settle
05:04:36a They're, Like, America's Most Annoying Words
05:04:42a Daren, Arif, Wei Feng easily advance
05:04:47a Video is latest controversy in Hecker divorce case
05:04:53a Langston alert plan in place
05:04:58a Sailing / World Match Racing Tour Skippers geared up for final round
05:05:04a Olympic Park won't open Sunrise snowplay area
05:05:10a Trial of Dundalk man on arms charges resumes in Lithuania
05:05:16a Guinea's Junta Leader Denies Masterminding Massacre
05:05:21a Cold Case Woman Vanishes, No Clues Left Behind 08 Oct 2009 003939 GMT
05:05:27a Taoiseach defends right to pick commissioner
05:05:32a US Congressional leaders meet Dalai Lama
05:05:38a Kretser aims to do better
05:05:43a Cub Prix Hafizh set to seal novice title in Kangar
05:05:48a Raptors fall to 76ers to remain winless in pre-season
05:05:54a Anniversary Celebration Means Cheap Lunch For You
05:06:00a Iomega Launches Consumer/SMB NAS Device
05:06:05a Edmond Achievers
05:06:11a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and tsunami warning cause panic in Vanuatu
05:06:16a UCO wellness program has two master's plans
05:06:22a FOCUS 09 McAfee Lays Out Security Battle Plan
05:06:27a RELATIONSHIPS Go on the basis of reason, respect
05:06:32a Internationals hopeful of a decent start
05:06:38a New Zealand issues tsunami alert after Vanuatu quake
05:06:43a For caretakers, cross is about a promise
05:06:49a Governor Takes Heat For Judicial Appointment
05:06:55a Burke Says He’ll Return To Radio Saturday
05:07:00a Gun Sting May Show Weakness in Gun Sale Regulation 07 Oct 2009 234746 GMT
05:07:06a Falls mayor offers wage freeze to avoid layoffs
05:07:11a Florida AM's Vann Gets His Kicks Returning Kicks
05:07:17a Kuwait firm eyes Asia farmland investments
05:07:22a Man follows girl home, then sneaks into her house
05:07:28a Nick Nolte's son, Brawley Nolte, arrested
05:07:33a Liverpool Science Park experiments with Ipitomi
05:07:38a Ryan Reynolds For Motorcade
05:07:44a ANC's 'Square Off' launches local pols debate
05:07:49a Cultures are showcased at Rose State
05:07:55a Oklahoma Library Briefs
05:08:01a Conway County Authorities Bust Two Pot Operations 08 Oct 2009 004151 GMT
05:08:06a Florida Nurse Could Face Charges
05:08:12a Barbados PM addresses World Bank/IMF annual meetings, calls for greater access to resources
05:08:18a Police seek help finding mentally challenged Greenacres man
05:08:23a Nationwide to drop 60,000 Fla. homeowners
05:08:29a 'Last roll of the dice' for SA motor industry
05:08:34a Vince Vaughn's Tough Comedy
05:08:40a Royal Caribbean CEO says industry stabilising
05:08:45a WA unemployment rate 'surprising'
05:08:51a 2 Broward city elections, 2 candidates arrested
05:08:57a Plan Board signs off on details of Butler Plaza expansion
05:09:03a Ely QB won't give up on plan to fight breast cancer
05:09:08a Jamie Foxx's Tyson Movie
05:09:14a Haleigh's Stepmother Accused In I-4 Incident
05:09:19a Japan's current account surplus up 10.4 pct
05:09:25a Newborn falls off train, survives
05:09:31a Gama's next step is Transnet hearing
05:09:40a Innovator designs gas-run iron box
05:09:46a Toy sellers playing with prices to kick-start holiday sales
05:09:56a Haleigh's Stepmother Accused In I-4 Incident
05:10:02a Fires damage two Tampa homes
05:10:07a Handsets with cloned IMEI no. Industry wants ban
05:10:13a Biggest Loser contest in Tri-Cities
05:10:19a Full Disclosure NWO/Illuminati Movies 2/8
05:10:25a Pro soccer player pleads guilty in fatal NJ crash
05:10:30a Drugs, parties and other reminisces of Woodstock festival
05:10:36a SKorea Sanctions on NKorea should remain in place
05:10:44a St Kitts-Nevis PM applauds British Airways
05:10:50a Russia US fight agai
05:10:56a Move beyond thinking of climate change solely as a problem, says Guyana president
05:11:01a Cybercriminals hold SMEs to ransom
05:11:07a Forum Thursday for Seattle City Council, mayoral candidates
05:11:13a Colombia seeks Ecuador help to fight FARC rebels
05:11:19a Los Angeles to offer incentives to cope with runaway film production
05:11:30a British supermarket group Sainsbury's Q2 sales rise
05:11:35a Jamaica PM says government may re-evaluate CCJ
05:11:44a Georgia state retirees face rising insurance costs
05:11:50a US recession, enforcement cut Cuban boat migrants
05:11:56a Mills urges envoys not to be partisan
05:12:02a Partisanship, hindering national development Dr. Appiah
05:12:07a New Sacramento Sam's Club Opens to Big Crowds
05:12:13a Saudi King visits Syria to mend ties
05:12:18a Full Disclosure NWO/Illuminati Movies 8/8
05:12:24a NPP accuses Graphic of playing dirty politics
05:12:30a Statement from Dr. Terrence Sullivan, President and CEO, Cancer Care Ontario
05:12:36a British military officers criticize Afghan effort
05:12:41a Background Neeman's big test
05:12:47a Top UN humanitarian, relief official to visit Yemen
05:13:21a Stay loyal and committed to LGWU ...General Secretary
05:13:26a River runs red in Colombia
05:13:32a Open Letter to the President of the Caribbean Court of Justice
05:13:37a Iran accuses US of role in disappearance of top scientist
05:13:43a Can we generate electricity as we drive?
05:13:48a Ghana to host conference for the blind in 2011
05:13:53a Government stands by Zacca appointment
05:13:59a Baba Camara; First Casualty Of M&J Scandal?
05:14:05a Israel marks 24% rise in suicide attempts since Dudu Topaz' death
05:14:10a Land security attainable through genuine titles Eson-Benjamin
05:14:15a Daviesh Mills wins long battle
05:14:21a Shaw sends good word from Turkey
05:14:26a Parents Of Bones Woman To Speak To Media
05:14:32a Australian dollar jumps on jobless data
05:14:38a 'Mango Queen' pays 45,000 for 12 fruit
05:14:43a High waves batter a breakwater at Kochi city
05:14:49a Israel congratulates winner of chemistry prize
05:14:54a Cash Plus depositors flood Wildman's office
05:14:59a World Bank team in Guyana to conduct second due diligence study
05:15:05a Neeman to reveal reform of A-G post after holidays
05:15:11a Housing conference opens
05:15:16a Media barred from Lyns case
05:15:22a Lashing and jail for man who bragged on TV about sex life
05:15:27a Five years after defecting from Cuba, Morales has arrived
05:15:32a LNG expansion may not go ahead, says Trinidad official
05:15:40a Kufuor heads international peace group
05:15:46a Climate Change is a silent disaster Environment Minister
05:15:52a Pakistan's Options to Taliban Jihad Or Jail
05:15:58a Division fizzes up within GOP over resistance to health plan
05:16:03a Tourism police 'exists only on paper,' ex-cop tells 'Post'
05:16:09a Ecuadorian president visits Venezuela
05:16:14a Zelaya's representatives are insisting he be restored to power unconditionally
05:16:20a After Chicago Teen's Violent Death, White House Tries to Mitigate School Violence
05:16:26a Feds indict Honolulu gun dealer on tax charges
05:16:32a Analysis Closer to a Nobel minyan
05:16:38a Mitchell in Israel to relaunch peace talks
05:16:44a UAE- ADX hits 11-month high, DFM fails to sustain rally
05:16:50a Ghana's economy ready to take off Yamson
05:16:55a Vice President interacts with Muslim leaders in Ghana
05:17:01a Jubilation for Jenelle
05:17:06a Blind veterans seek help not cash
05:17:12a Stunned Samoans walk amongst the debris left by the September 29 tsanami
05:17:17a Mills to commission cocoa processing plant in Kumasi
05:17:23a Police follow 'links' in examination leakage case
05:17:29a WACAM wins award
05:17:34a NGO calls on government to regulate activities of financial institutions
05:17:39a Pain will be worth it, says Cameron
05:17:45a East Malaysia on orange alert for tropical storm Parma
05:17:51a The Vietnam tomes that could shape today's war
05:17:56a Ghana's economy ready to take off Yamson
05:18:02a London auction to offer Judaica from oldest synagogue in English-speaking world
05:18:07a A fourth dam for electricity in the offing
05:18:13a China's Baidu searches for success
05:18:18a Record prices may not hit Dubai gold sales
05:18:24a Obamas reveal modern art tastes
05:18:29a Edmond concert features Hollywood pianist
05:18:35a Qld safe from tsunami fears, authorities say
05:18:40a Oakland to pay suspect shot by officer 1.2M
05:18:46a Trip by Saudi royal unlikely to herald radical change
05:18:52a Senior gov't officials to discuss youth violence in Chicago
05:18:58a Farmer Guns Down Charcoal Producer on Suspicion of Yam Theft
05:19:03a Explosion heard in Afghan capital
05:19:09a Culture Minister Is Attacked for Paying Young Asian Boys for Sex
05:19:14a Plot Against Ayariga Exposed
05:19:20a UCO aligns with Mercy for clinic
05:19:26a Former President George W. Bush speaks to group in Sevier
05:19:31a Pakistan wants US ’trust,’ drones, market access
05:19:36a Parties gear up for power struggle on Winn. Co. Board
05:19:42a First responders found daughter dead in Cashion wreck
05:19:47a Edmond Electric open house rescheduled
05:19:52a Money in hand to complete St. Simons bike trail
05:19:58a Democrats to hold health care forum at Brunswick lbrary
05:20:03a Graphic showing how tsunamis are generated by large earthquakes
05:20:09a Attack 'missed me by minutes'
05:20:14a Thanachart eyes rights issue for Thai bank deal
05:20:20a Ghana International Bank To Celebrate 50years
05:20:25a Graphic showing the epicentre of a 7.8-magnitude quake that struck off Vanuatu
05:20:31a Govt to take lead in defining donor support for budget
05:20:36a Magnitude 5.3 quake hits Vanuatu
05:20:42a Bushfire threat looms for Victoria
05:20:48a 'Reduced Jewish philanthropy may hurt our welfare services'
05:20:54a Oil marketing companies asked to adhere to scheduled terms of payment
05:21:14a Cross at the Court
05:21:23a China media offensive seeks to win hearts, global influence Feature
05:21:28a Jordan- Over 200 swine flu cases reported this week
05:21:33a Typhoon lashes Japan on landfall
05:21:39a Retrial after gay lover killed with juicer
05:21:45a First Coromandel beach dog death
05:21:50a Typhoon lands in Japan, leaving 1 dead, 24 injured+
05:21:56a Al-Qaida threatens to attack China
05:22:02a Former home of Rockford car dealership reduced to rubble
05:22:09a U.S. steel pipe probes may increase U.S.-China trade tensions
05:22:14a Thrasher to preside over ethics panel
05:22:21a New Madagascar Cabinet Begins Work Thursday
05:22:27a Tropical Storm Henri now a depression in Atlantic, expected to dissipate by Thursday
05:22:33a Typhoon makes landfall in Japan, leaving 1 dead, 36 injured+
05:22:39a Romanians protest over public sector pay cuts
05:22:45a International Women's Forum conference opens in Miami
05:22:50a Officials check to see if race help was OK
05:22:56a Memorial Wall
05:23:02a Texas facing dilemma on jobless fund
05:23:07a Men learn hard way not to pick on cross-dressing cage fighters
05:23:13a Sarkozy's €22bn Metro vision sparks rift in party
05:23:19a A Palace Overhaul, Treading on French Heritage
05:23:24a Shell to Deploy Floating LNG Plant off to Australia
05:23:30a Valley looks to improve offense
05:23:36a Protesters clash with Turkish police in anti-IMF move
05:23:41a Senator Annisette's dilemma? -
05:23:47a Row over use of Aboriginal flag
05:23:52a Report ranks Colorado as average on health-system performance
05:23:58a Jordan's Awqaf Ministry to end government Hajj quotas
05:24:03a UAE ranked India's top trading partner, trade valued at
05:24:09a Newfie is contender for tallest dog
05:24:14a Gun Pellets Raining On Residents
05:24:20a Dell building an Android phone for the US
05:24:26a Two dead as Typhoon Melor hits Japan
05:24:31a Prepare to fight China, Qaeda tells the Uighurs
05:24:36a Paid Links Seller and Buyer Beware!
05:24:42a Lakshmi Mittal tops football rich list
05:24:48a Socialists Are Sworn In
05:24:54a Indian art pushes into European marketplace
05:25:00a Denmark midfielder Gronkjaer injured to skip duo World Cup qualifiers
05:25:05a World Bank upgrades UAE ranking
05:25:11a The Falling Dollar and China's Cries for a Global Currency
05:25:17a Delta To Impose Surcharges
05:25:22a Titanic centenary to be marked by replica cruise
05:25:28a Australian Michael Maguire joins Wigan
05:25:34a Some Saudis turn to herbal medicine to fight swine flu
05:25:39a Oldest male jaguar, 16, euthanized at Jacksonville Zoo
05:25:45a 'Wicked, depraved'UK Fritzl jailed for 12 years
05:25:51a Chamber UAE economy in recovery mode
05:25:57a Over 3,000 Samoans left homeless by deadly Pacific Ocean tsunami, UN reports
05:26:02a Shell Plans US5 Billion Floating LNG Off W Australia
05:26:08a Italy clears German NGO of aiding illegal migrants
05:26:14a Reporter's Death Remembered
05:26:20a Minister welcomes World Bank US15 million loan to Jamaica for rural development
05:26:25a Japan Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 teen had no Tamiflu record
05:26:31a Japan museums highlight air crashes
05:26:37a Citibank IndiaHome Property Expo in Dubai
05:26:42a Mike's 10/6 Kid Cam Visit To Parmalee Elementary
05:26:48a Jobs Data Show Stimulus Is Working
05:26:53a Walkers find giant dinosaur footprints in France
05:26:59a Cityscape Dubai 2009 Spell your name in a fountain, and other oddities
05:27:05a Dell Closing U.S. Desktop Manufacturing Plant
05:27:20a Bahrain's Victory to handover new villas
05:27:25a UAE's mortgage market gradually picks up
05:27:31a Heavier focus on civics education in middle schools
05:27:37a Historical Society seeking volunteers
05:27:42a Panic in Vanuatu after tsunami warning
05:27:48a Naked burglar may be charged with a crime
05:27:53a Berlusconi facing court after loss of his immunity
05:28:03a Fiery accident near Cashion claims man
05:28:08a Versace to close Japan stores, will review strategy
05:28:14a Indonesia's second largest party chooses new leader
05:28:19a LAW & DISORDER Officer suspended for actions during chase
05:28:25a UC Berkeley Students Flunk Quiz On Communism
05:28:30a 162 national and international news channels are available today to viewers around Europe
05:28:36a Mindil Markets get emergency funding
05:28:41a All 'ayes' in Senate for FIU bill -
05:28:47a 4,000 patients killed by NHS treatment errors
05:28:52a Dubai's Drake & Scull International awarded Dh400m contract
05:28:58a Breast cancer survivor found laughter, support
05:29:04a AG sued over Integrity delay -
05:29:09a Man, 85, dies on flight from France
05:29:15a Congressional leaders meet the Dalai Lama to support the Tibetan cause
05:29:20a Kazakhstan committed to WTO entry with Russia
05:29:26a Balloon helps to get people jump-started with weight loss
05:29:31a CNN focuses on Dubai property market
05:29:37a Kohl's offers book to benefit youths' health, education
05:29:43a Locals miss
05:29:48a Obama Choice for Labor Post Advances but Then Meets a G.O.P. Roadblock
05:29:53a Minister is facing sack after paying boys for sex
05:29:59a Get The Flock Out Of Here
05:30:05a Tragedy at Virginia Tech helped Seahawks lineman Brandon Frye appreciate his opportunities
05:30:10a US actor and Tibet activist Richard Gere
05:30:16a Are you ready for some more football?
05:30:21a New World Order movies Full Disclosure 4/8
05:30:27a UAE's Deyaar to deliver 6 projects in 2010
05:30:52a A smash show at the moon's south pole
05:30:57a Subliminal Advertising
05:31:03a Customers to pay more for security - Hike in overtime rates coming...
05:31:08a Maradona revamps Argentine squad
05:31:40a Stormy weather could bring flooding to sections of Oklahoma
05:31:45a 'Afraid' inmate begs for court date change -
05:31:51a Watch Keith Olbermann's healthcare 'Special Comment'
05:31:56a Oklahoma City runners raise funds for breast health care
05:32:02a West Nile virus takes life of first victim in two years
05:32:08a Blast in southern Philippines injures 2 civilians
05:32:13a UDeCOTT's songs of innocence -
05:32:19a CNN Survey 60% Of Youths Exposed To Violence
05:32:24a Oklahoma City animal sanctuary plans yearly auction
05:32:32a Swine flu kills woman in Oklahoma County
05:32:38a Nobel for Ramakrishnan Gujarat's MSU celebrates
05:32:44a Train accident in Bihar kills one, injures scores
05:32:49a Norman North scores big on kickoff returns
05:32:54a Cop's son among four shot -
05:33:02a Hilton being run down, says union - mismanagement
05:33:11a Canwest workers worry over severance
05:33:16a All Mexican states to design climate change survival strategy
05:33:27a Father to stand trial over Darcey
05:33:33a Troj/Zbot-IQ
05:33:45a Norman cancer patients receive support in new group
05:33:51a Norman gallery's new ceramic exhibit always changes
05:33:56a Irish singer Cahal Dunne to perform at Casino in Vandergrift
05:34:02a Qualcomm chips rule Windows Mobile roost
05:34:07a AT&T okays VoIP apps, but that doesn't mean it's payday for Skype
05:34:13a U2 traffic could be a mess, but Tampa and stadium officials have a plan
05:34:23a Fanfare for Leopard Hunter
05:34:29a Powerful typhoon slams into Japan; 1 dead, injuries reported amid widespread damage
05:34:35a Warning over global oil 'decline'
05:34:40a Yukon amends trash ordinance
05:34:46a Pakistan wants U.S. ''trust', drones, market access
05:34:51a Obama Draws Fire from Both Sides for Planned Speech to Homosexual Activist Group
05:34:57a To say the war in Afghanistan must be won in a year is nonsense
05:35:02a Obama and the 'Socialist' Canard
05:35:08a Leave PNM in power to feel the pinch -
05:35:13a Troj/Agent-LJJ
05:35:19a Great South Basin exploration postponed a year
05:35:24a CAS uphold ban over doping Spanish hurdler Onyia
05:35:30a Pawlenty to headline Iowa GOP dinner
05:35:35a Mayers Money done; borrowing soon -
05:35:41a House Democratic Caucus Considers Larger Medicaid Expansion, Public Option
05:35:47a Obama nominates T. Rowe Price's Miller for Treasury post
05:35:52a Cheney's Daughter Starts Firm Of Her Own
05:35:57a Qteros and ACT Sewage goes in one end, fuel comes out the other
05:36:03a Deputies Arrest McDonald's Hamburglar Suspect
05:36:09a Yankees batter tired Twins
05:36:14a PM outlines National Govt's plan to fight 'P'
05:36:20a Labour Co-operation Agreement with Malaysia
05:36:25a Again With the Bottled-Water Wars
05:36:30a Knives are out for Berlusconi
05:36:35a Cash boost for 'bunker buster' bomb
05:36:41a Fox hosts let GOP Rep. Issa attack ACORN over embezzlement, but ignored NRCC embezzlement
05:36:46a ExxonMobil, Todd Energy seeking equity partners for Gt Sth Basin permit
05:36:51a Dollar rises through US74c as Aust dollar takes off
05:36:57a Man, 33, shot dead -
05:37:02a Three Oklahoma nonprofits receive grants
05:37:08a Astronomy Night at the White House
05:37:13a 'Were barely existing' Aislings dad
05:37:18a Sushi-inspired ice-cream latest for Diane Foreman
05:37:24a Dell to cut 900 jobs
05:37:29a The Dalai Lama inspires US presidents and people Pelosi
05:37:34a Metals and Coins Thursday October 8, 2009
05:37:40a The Flashy Sony Alpha 330L Digital Camera Review
05:37:46a Spaghetti, meatballs and an Italian red wine
05:37:51a Move West's wild horses east, U.S. proposes
05:37:57a Fisherman died from heart attack -
05:38:02a Ban on over-the-counter sales of some cold and flu tablets
05:38:08a Obama's war council focusing on Al Qaeda in Pakistan
05:38:13a New Study Estimates Global Muslim Population at 1.57 Billion
05:38:18a E Lindsey Street work to proceed in Norman
05:38:24a Jordan 1,154 car thefts reported in 2009
05:38:30a Saudi Water and Power Forum opens on Oct. 11
05:38:35a An Ambitious Plan for Wild Horses
05:38:40a Westpac case has ramifications for banks, economy
05:38:46a Burke Says Hell Return To Radio Saturday
05:38:52a Westpac Loses New Zealand Court Tax Case, Must Pay NZ961 Million
05:38:57a Luxury vehicles arrive for CHOGM -
05:39:02a No clues about student's disappearance
05:39:08a Petricevic's bankruptcy back in court
05:39:13a Four sentenced to life over murder
05:39:19a Moody hopeful of WA cricket revival
05:39:24a Obama's Afghan-Pak strategy
05:39:29a Young Nationals show true colours
05:39:35a Who Rules Wellington Corporates Clash It Out
05:39:40a NZ Bus, Coalition of Four Unions in talks
05:39:46a Jazz band to perform at Santa Fe Depot
05:39:51a Leading journalist and writer joins Auckland firm
05:39:57a Pair charged in Oklahoma City child's death
05:40:03a Scion profit doubles as scientific partnerships formed
05:40:09a Senate GOP Folding Over Health Care Reform updated
05:40:14a Saudi King's Syria visit opens new chapter
05:40:20a 'If you have any information, come forward' father
05:40:25a Ports of Auckland lifts container numbers, but still below 2008 levels
05:40:31a St Kitts and Nevis building a world class tourism product, says PM
05:40:36a Pakistan Wants U.S. ''Trust', Drones, Market Access
05:40:42a Obama gets 'comprehensive update' on Pakistan
05:40:47a Valley earns tie for section tennis title
05:40:53a Canada Mackenzie review extends to at least April
05:40:58a New search launched for missing teenager with Bay area ties
05:41:04a John Kerry Looks At The Bright Side Of The Recession
05:41:10a The Lie Machine
05:41:15a Annual report details strengthened financials
05:41:20a DEVELOPMENT Rural India Set to Ring in 3G Mobile Technology
05:41:26a Bob Wojnowski Manager Jim Leyland's not prime suspect in Tigers' collapse
05:41:31a CARICOM leaders meet World Bank, IMF and IDB top officials
05:41:37a Tulsa firm hired to sell Silverdome
05:41:42a Jolly heading to Collingwood
05:41:47a Newcrest appoints Creese general counsel
05:41:54a John McCain berates Obama for his 'leisurely pace' in heated exchange sees
05:41:59a Differences on Kerry-Lugar bill shake country's political set up
05:42:05a Obama briefed on Pak political situation
05:42:10a Hot dog! Is 7-foot-long pooch a record holder
05:42:15a Government uses 'full arsenal' to fight P
05:42:21a Saudi man gets jail, lashes for sex talk
05:42:27a White House honors PET researcher with National Science Award
05:42:37a NWRHA probe cops called in -
05:42:43a CA The Courts, Congress and Executive Power
05:42:49a Alaska pilot lands in highway median in Kentucky
05:42:54a Gulf investors eye Q3 results
05:43:00a Prescription drug sales revenues to slow worldwide
05:43:06a Cops quiz family of suspect in Tobago murders -
05:43:22a Lawmakers to vote today on stopgap school budget
05:43:28a Obama seeks ways keep joblessness from sinking recovery
05:43:33a Great South Basin exploration postponed
05:43:39a RSPCA Attempts To Censor The Internet
05:43:44a University of Auckland rated NZ's best in global survey
05:43:49a Laura Berman Nonprofit Collaborative Group to fight for survival
05:43:55a Aussie copyright case will ripple through NZ
05:44:00a Job Corps plans picnic, derby race
05:44:06a Obama Allies Outline RES, Energy 'Building Blocks' For Later Copenhagen Deal
05:44:11a Bus dispute going to facilitation
05:44:17a Injuries still bothering Kiski Area's Johnson
05:44:23a Company urges sale of state agency
05:44:28a State Fair car show uses 'product specialists' as a vehicle for sales
05:44:39a UCO to host bands from across the state
05:44:46a Ministry plans word conference in Oklahoma City
05:45:00a A year later, public still waits for Palin e-mails
05:45:11a Being a Mother to Your Grandchild
05:45:17a Man drowns in flood waters - ...washed away near home
05:45:24a Months of work remain on Norman building
05:45:35a Emergency livestock exercise set for Oklahoma
05:45:40a ANZ, NAB, CBA raise rates by 25 basis points
05:45:46a Mal/Imgo-A
05:45:51a Darcey's father pleads not guilty
05:45:57a Golden Handout For Poor Community
05:46:02a Wife 'bans' FBI director from online banking
05:46:08a Crash Kills Teen Driver
05:46:14a Hamas wants unity deal postponed
05:46:19a Gator Bowl to match SEC vs. Big Ten
05:46:25a Famous Quotes from Famous World Leaders
05:46:30a It's Silly Season
05:46:36a Security Guard Fined Over 4D Role
05:46:41a Israeli scientists worry 2009 Nobel may be the last
05:46:46a UHSAA suspends Jordan player
05:46:52a Taiwan's TAIEX may rise 20%, JPMorgan says
05:46:57a Receiver controls assets in alleged Ponzi scheme
05:47:03a Mariah Carey records Christmas song with mom
05:47:09a No Place But University of Virginia For Christine Liu
05:47:14a 2 wounded in Philippine blast blamed on militants
05:47:20a New pressure on rates
05:47:25a Wrecking crew begins to raze wrong Muskogee building
05:47:31a Brunei Veteran Athletes Win Eight Gold In Singapore
05:47:37a FSU president said Bobby Bowden will remain through end of 2009
05:47:42a UCO students sign up to help Paseo project
05:47:48a Temburong Agricultural Information Centre
05:47:53a BofA won't hike rates or fees ahead of law
05:47:58a Australian TV Show Apologizes for Blackface Skit
05:48:04a Police Hold Dialogue With 13 Security Firms
05:48:10a Louisiana soldier reflects on Afghanistan anniversary
05:48:15a Volunteer fire chief reaches blood donation milestone
05:48:21a Florida preparing as if Tebow could play
05:48:26a Tackle vagrants,
05:48:32a Journey down Route 66 opens hobbyist's eyes
05:48:37a Volunteer 'blitz' improves rural community facilities in Romania
05:48:43a Latex Allergy Linked to Adverse Reaction to Swine Flu Shot
05:48:48a NASCAR sets new start times for 2010
05:48:53a JIS Students Briefed On Studying In Canada
05:48:59a Digital TV Sets Not in the Country Yet
05:49:04a Zakat Funds Distributed To 4,084 Heads Of Families
05:49:09a SUAMPRIPAD Holds Hajat Prayers For Students
05:49:14a Burger King revamp aims for more upscale feel
05:49:20a UPDATE Amber Alert for one year old girl
05:49:25a Charge is filed on DNA profile in El Reno
05:49:31a Prison escape trial date set for wife of former warden
05:49:36a MLB playoffs Electric atmosphere
05:49:41a Obstacles help put Oklahoma teenagers on course
05:49:47a Kimbo Back in Ultimate Fighter Competition
05:49:52a Basketball / Maccabi Tel Aviv, Hapoel Jerusalem to face off in final
05:49:58a Tanah Jambu Religious School Students Receive Certificates
05:50:03a Is Wonderpus Octopus a Dr. Seuss Character?
05:50:09a Sunset Beach alcohol ban petition filed
05:50:14a Stephanie Birkitt Banned from 'Late Show with David Letterman' Set
05:50:20a Guide to Museum Of History, Rocklin Posted By Peter S. Museer
05:50:25a Japan's tech titans ready for 3D TV tussle
05:50:30a Radiohead 2010 Album Announced by Ed O'Brien
05:50:36a One killed, 22 injured in Bihar train accident
05:50:42a No more Privy Council; take care of your own judicial mess!
05:50:47a Armadillos cited in Roff complaints
05:50:52a Agliotti tells how he had Selebi on call
05:50:58a U.S. office vacancies reach five-year high of 16.5% Reis
05:51:03a Trio Con Brio sweeps listeners away
05:51:09a Teacup Pigs Britain's Swine Equivalent of Zhu Zhu Pets
05:51:14a I'm ready for power, says Cameron
05:51:20a Greek Socialists Achieve Resounding Win in Snap Election
05:51:26a Japan's tech titans ready for 3D TV tussle
05:51:31a USS Ingraham Steams to Aid of American Samoa
05:51:37a Exxon purchases stake in African oil field report
05:51:43a Angels angling to end recent woes against Boston
05:51:49a Dobi caters to our taste buds with delicious results
05:51:54a SA pleased with Presidential hotline
05:52:00a Julius Baer buys ING's Swiss subsidiary
05:52:05a M'sia's Anwar asks US to see Muslim success
05:52:11a Suicide attack in Afghan capital kills three
05:52:16a Scare Yourself Skinny
05:52:22a Schools in Baton Rouge attracting Hollywood
05:52:27a Like a diamond in your teeth
05:52:32a Gandhidham rail section tops in freight rev
05:52:38a Advocate Visser breaks down after conviction
05:52:44a A sweet deal celebration at the 1st Annual Southern Bethlehem Honey Festival
05:52:49a Minister's hotel splurge
05:52:54a Taipei new homes' average price rises above NT600,000
05:53:00a MAX SUMMONS ANNISETTE - President meets with Annisette
05:53:05a Katie Holmes' vampire role
05:53:11a How to Host a Home School Prom
05:53:17a 'Death throws' Govt shuts down debate
05:53:22a Imeldific shoes saved from floods
05:53:28a Report Suicide attack hits Afghan capital
05:53:33a A&M Students Selected to Attend President Obama Forum
05:53:38a Judge No new drug trial for ex-legislator
05:53:44a Cleaning And Clearing Hj Abd Wahab's Burnt-Down House
05:53:50a Seawater Plants Yield Green Aviation Fuel in New Research
05:53:55a Ignatieff wants honest talk on deficit
05:54:01a Forget Red Bull, 'Anti-Energy' Drinks are Becoming Popular
05:54:06a Q&A with Jerry Pectol
05:54:11a Workers Held Over Expired Passes
05:54:17a Jetstar staffer stood down over passenger contact
05:54:22a Woman dead, three hurt in highway crash
05:54:28a S. Calif. wildfire stalled, containment increasing
05:54:33a Casinos issue ultimatum to legislators
05:54:39a Low-income women can still get mammograms
05:54:44a SDA to build hospital for diamond workers
05:54:50a Critics Apartment deal would be risky for city
05:54:55a Push to get downtown sidewalks cleaned up
05:55:01a Suspect from Mount Pocono bank robbery is in Monroe jail
05:55:06a El Dorado 911 Original Call
05:55:12a Pa. fishing license sales hit 5-year high
05:55:17a Natural methods can help keep Pocono families healthier through flu season
05:55:22a 10/6-7 ROUNDUP Quick and Dilts lead Sacred Heart
05:55:28a Sharon Stone wants mature man
05:55:34a Blackface 'Jackson Jive' Routine on Australian TV Irritates Harry Connick, Jr.
05:55:39a Poconos Court Blotter Thursday, Oct. 8
05:55:44a Over 550 Qld drivers caught speeding
05:55:50a Jesse Jackson to lead Detroit rally against foreclosures
05:55:55a Let Monroe sheriff add a night shift, more personnel
05:56:00a Dried fruit from east Asia on Level 5 alert
05:56:06a Jacksonville Woman Gets 'Revenge' on Thief
05:56:11a At least 3 dead in Kabul blast AFP photographer
05:56:17a Why we should remember September 2009
05:56:22a Mayor cites some 'hard lessons' for Marikina
05:56:28a Engineer Recalls Minister's Approval Of Variation Order Projects
05:56:33a Denton Police Say Theft Ring Targeted College Students
05:56:39a Nigeria FERMA House Probes Non-Remittance of Fuel Tax
05:56:45a SIT produces records in court
05:57:04a Cityscape Dubai Downtown Burj Dubai completion is key focus for Emaar
05:57:10a Birdie has a hankering for country music
05:57:15a Supreme Court asked Look after poor rights
05:57:24a Ghana Tema Moslems pan Nii Kraku II… After attempting to impose Imam on them
05:57:29a Prospects for a resurgent Cuban tourism market
05:57:35a Taxmen raid big realtors
05:57:40a Courts hampering Davao death squad probe
05:57:45a UDeCOTT critics are really after PM -
05:57:51a Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense
05:57:57a Govt plans to beef up 108 ambulance fleet
05:58:02a Fundraising Administration Support Manager, Royal Institute for Dead & Blind Children, ...
05:58:08a Australia's Reserve Assets Fall In September
05:58:13a Fatal crash witnesses sought
05:58:29a Powerful Typhoon Slams i
05:58:34a Edmond kids' party has music, stories, play zone
05:58:40a Fort Wainwright fire displaces eight families
05:58:45a Dubai Properties Group to complete Ghoroob Mirdif in Dec
05:58:51a Kabul blast Indian embassy staff unhurt, one killed and four hurt
05:58:57a Residents 'frightened' by drive-by shooting
05:59:02a SLC police hope seeing is believing
05:59:08a MapmyIndia The successful biz of digital maps
05:59:13a Discovery likely to aid breast cancer patients
05:59:18a Let's back AG in bid to save probe -
05:59:24a Kennedy on formidable form for Socceroos
05:59:29a Police to simulate 2010 polls scenarios
05:59:34a Detroit drug lord used tour bus to move pot
05:59:39a Six held for fleecing
05:59:45a Guantanamo inmates to be held in US
05:59:50a union says cable broke
05:59:55a N.O. in the News Modernist Treme school may be demolished; Vitter ahead
06:00:01a Dog owner claims conditions in house weren't terrible
06:00:06a Police need help identifying man who kidnapped, raped girl
06:00:11a House burning near Pullman
06:00:16a Christmas charge starts with budget
06:00:22a New firm to finance Mercedes-Benz purchase in UAE
06:00:27a Canberra in national baseball bid
06:00:32a Amman Stock Exchange, Oct 7th
06:00:37a ATandT opening its wireless network to Web voice calling
06:00:43a New MSHA chief approved by Senate panel
06:00:49a 11 people killed in road collision in southern Philippines
06:00:54a South Africa's swine flu death toll climbs past 90
06:01:00a Legarda 5 presidential bets want me for No. 2
06:01:05a Rep Hinchey Presidential chopper plan is pricey
06:01:11a Lawmakers keep F-35 engine alive
06:01:16a Marine Reservists return home
06:01:21a China's ability as global engine in doubt
06:01:26a UBD And Ports Dept Staff Complete Fire Marshal Course
06:01:32a Trendwatch Parisian designers step up their head gear
06:01:37a Agriculture Delegation Visits Temburong Farms
06:01:43a Jordan- New pipeline to solve northern governorates' water woes
06:01:48a UAE's Thuraya to target European govt and defence markets
06:01:53a 'Something went very awry' in 2006 New Baltimore slaying
06:01:59a Neal Rubin Beggar or ambassador? Lifting drivers' spirits is William Carter's goal
06:02:04a U.S. moves to reframe war strategy
06:02:10a Oman Air continues expansion plans
06:02:15a Qatar- K-Net offers help for students in case of flu outbreak
06:02:20a Accounting Mistake Costs Jax Beach Tax Payers
06:02:26a Doha Bank launches SMART Saver Deposit scheme
06:02:31a Mondasys Awards Winners With Designer Handbags
06:02:36a system attacks Tar Creek's water contaminants
06:02:42a MENA has potential to generate 630 million MW of solar power
06:02:47a I'm ready for power, says British opposition leader
06:02:53a Festive Treat For Special Needs Students
06:02:58a Dollar on weak footing; gold hits record
06:03:03a Cuts loom for nursing homes
06:03:09a Qatar- Construction costs fall steeply
06:03:14a Canadians 'astounded' by ruling
06:03:19a Obama unlikely to visit Hiroshima, Nagasaki on Japan trip+
06:03:25a Shikai Opens Yue Pavilion
06:03:30a Four Litterbugs Fined In KB
06:03:35a Video Birth of a Climate Denier Talking Point
06:03:41a The Unbreakable Bond An Analysis of the Movie, Moulin Rouge
06:03:46a Meralco cuts power rates by P0.11 per kWh
06:03:52a 'Utilise Shares Wisely And Purposefully'
06:03:57a Biz of baseball Local businesses capitalize on Twins' success
06:04:02a Verizon, Google to hunker down on phones
06:04:07a Google widens lead over Bing and Yahoo!
06:04:13a Stocks end mixed after 2-day rally as earnings loom
06:04:18a 'Jackson Jive' skit 'won't decide Hey Hey's future'
06:04:24a Cabinet Qatar needs new press law
06:04:29a Census Bureau is hiring temp workers
06:04:35a Qatar showcases energy trends in Argentina
06:04:41a NAS Performance Comparison Windows Server vs. Linux vs. OpenSolaris
06:04:46a The Benefits of Garden Areas for Schools
06:04:53a Chinese writer embraces Dalai Lama, seeks dialogue
06:04:59a Tsunami warning renews panic in Samoa
06:05:04a Voters reject sales taxes
06:05:10a Chrysler's Mexican market share hits 18-month high
06:05:15a Oklahoma country club to host photography exhibit
06:05:21a Pacific panic over tsunami alert
06:05:26a Nine Network apologises for racist skit
06:05:32a Taiwan, China museums in first joint exhibit
06:05:37a N.Y. man to stand trial on charges related to G-20 protests
06:05:42a Decals Help Neighbors See Which Cars Belong to Strangers
06:05:47a `Utilise Shares Wisely And Purposefully'
06:05:53a U.S. envoy Holbrooke has been there, but will it help?
06:05:58a Indonesian anti-graft chief on trial for murder
06:06:04a Chaos erupts at Cobo as thousands jockey for federal aid
06:06:09a Senate health b
06:06:15a Speculation hits fever pitch for Nobel Literature Prize
06:06:20a Oil price goes above US71 as demand seen to be recovering
06:06:26a PDI relief teams go to Bulacan, Pasig, QC
06:06:31a Julius Baer buys ING's Swiss subsidiary
06:06:36a Rex Roy Road rage's causes and prevalence debatable
06:06:42a New Earthquake Makes Residents of South Pacific Islands Uneasy
06:06:47a Japanese Govt's Programme For Asean Journalist
06:06:53a Sensex bounces back, up by 101 points
06:06:58a SCB Calls For Blindness Awareness
06:07:03a Church to give away free Detroit home at Sunday service
06:07:09a Subtext of a driving hazard
06:07:14a For best healthcare, location matters study
06:07:19a Banco Espirito Santo Deploys Brokerage Compliance Market Abuse Solution From Actimize, NICE Systems
06:07:25a 119 Students Participate In Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony
06:07:30a Sensex 94 points up in opening trade
06:07:35a Making A Pitch To Venture Capitalists
06:07:40a Oklahoma Whiz Kids to honor volunteers
06:07:46a New Luxury Dealership Opens in Rough Economy
06:07:51a GM's top sales executive to leave
06:07:56a Whatever you do, don't use 'whatever'...
06:08:02a Fidel Castro `History cannot be ignored`
06:08:07a Aston Martin gets drivers' hearts racing at Romeo track
06:08:12a The Sociological Perspective
06:08:18a Scott Burgess Subaru grows its midsize Legacy
06:08:23a U.S. lawmakers agree to Guantanamo prisoner transfer/t
06:08:29a Kindle price cut; global version added
06:08:34a AP might charge some online customers to get news earlier
06:08:40a Six killed in clinic collapse in western Philippines
06:08:45a With love for hubby & prayer for his long life
06:08:50a I'm ready for power, says Cameron
06:08:56a Ex-RBAF Personnel Attend Raya Gathering
06:09:01a Power Failure Causes Water Disruption In Belait District
06:09:07a Atheists say prayer makes them physically sick
06:09:12a What went wrong? Like sound of 1 hand clapping
06:09:17a White wedding may leave bride seeing red
06:09:23a How People are Manipulated by Fear and Propaganda
06:09:28a Sex-mad men swamp Internet circles to book tickets for Swedish 'Lesbian City'!
06:09:34a Argentine architect invents takeaway house
06:09:39a Justice Minister enraged by bill changes
06:09:45a Bettman's not the bad guy
06:09:50a The day Marysville ran out of water
06:09:56a 3 Germans acquitted of charges they aided illegal immigration by picking up migrants
06:10:02a AMC does a pre-Diwali check on mithaai shops
06:10:08a Suitcase death boy was 'scared of mum'
06:10:13a Afghans Disappointed In Hamid Karzai
06:10:20a Probes set to deliver 1-2 punch to moon
06:10:26a Standoff in Greensburg ends with man's suicide
06:10:31a State median home price to increase next year, Realtors group says
06:10:37a Daniel Howes Bing battles a culture of entitlement
06:10:42a Rotarians Aid Fire Victims
06:10:48a Doubling down on the Wynn Macau IPO
06:10:53a Strings on aid 'insult' Pakistan
06:10:58a Leetsdale Municipal Authority chair urges waste treatment plant merger
06:11:04a Wal-Mart offers new traffic
06:11:09a Young Achiever Marissa Gogniat
06:11:15a Stocks take a breath ahead of earnings
06:11:20a Man charged in Indiana assault on ex, dance partner
06:11:26a Ford is launching new ads - but without brand-new cars to show off
06:11:31a HC admits PIL in connection with JMCF examination
06:11:37a Abbas aide We erred over report on Gaza
06:11:42a Health proposal deemed thrifty
06:11:47a Monsignor will be ordained bishop
06:11:53a Masontown man rammed patrol car after chase, police say
06:12:08a Democrats block bid to punish Rangel
06:12:13a Indonesia police investigate Sulawesi explosion
06:12:19a 'System worked' at Meadows
06:12:24a SEC to appeal Mark Cuban case
06:12:29a CIMB top gainer, glove makers up
06:12:35a Judge sentenced McKeesport killer to life sentence
06:12:40a Israeli writer Amos Oz hot favorite for Nobel in literature
06:12:46a EU?s Javier Solana urges 'restraint' from all parties after clashes in Jerusalem
06:12:51a N.Y. man held for trial in charges stemming from protest
06:12:56a Market at Fifth a harbinger of 'the return of retail'
06:13:01a PSO's new sidewalk tiles not in concert with city law
06:13:07a Edmond commission splits vote on Coffee Creek plan
06:13:13a North Huntingdon Sonic restaurant plans on Route 30 fall through
06:13:18a Toddler in crash unfastened own baby seat
06:13:23a Cranberry kidney recipient's winning essay lands her in Rose Bowl Parade
06:13:29a House probe on state of Laguna Lake sought
06:13:34a Fayette County church to build youth center to honor pastor's son
06:13:40a UN agency mulls Holocaust lessons in Gaza
06:13:45a Gateway School District policy change enforces residency
06:13:50a Medical office facility in Murrysville gets council's OK
06:13:56a Israel?s largest defense company opens office in Azerbaijan
06:14:01a Grant will upgrade area church child-care facilities
06:14:07a Brizzi comments draw complaint from state panel
06:14:12a Los Angeles boosts perks to filmmakers
06:14:18a Overdraft-fee revenue hit billion in '08
06:14:23a Russian Journalist Politkovskaya Remembered 3 Years After Killing rights and law
06:14:28a Newsmaker Patrick A. Dworakowski
06:14:33a Flowood restaurants set to add booze this week
06:14:39a Police manhunt for 2 Iloilo jailbirds
06:14:44a trillion in road repairs needed
06:14:49a Active-duty military may get malpractice rights
06:14:55a Beulah Presbyterian Church's 225th anniversary marked with celebration
06:15:00a British supermarket group Sainsbury's Q2 sales rise
06:15:06a Turkish Minister hopes new chapters in EU talks to open
06:15:11a With Santander's IPO Brazil Is Eldorado All Over Again
06:15:16a House sale revives great idea
06:15:22a Penn-Trafford recreation group OKs budget, contributions
06:15:27a Bush 41 to visit Indianapolis on Nov. 19
06:15:33a Billions are spent to defend 5,000 jobs at Boeing C-17 plant
06:15:38a Desert cross splits justices
06:15:43a ISO chief Budget shortfall still likely
06:15:53a Top court overturns Berlusconi immunity
06:16:23a El Dorado 911 Call #3
06:16:29a New Acting CEO Of RBTS At Bridex Appreciation
06:16:34a Syrian President, Saudi Monarch Talks Positive and Constructive, Syrian Official Says
06:16:46a Alarming alert
06:17:02a Cash Plus depositors flood Wildman's office
06:17:08a Kenya Cholera Kills Seven As Outbreak Spreads
06:17:13a Keller @ Large Fight And Win For The Senate
06:17:20a Mystery carcass found on roof of Midtown office building
06:17:26a Guard watches over Detroit's past to ease broken heart
06:17:32a Somalia Kenyan Youths Secretly Recruited to Fight
06:17:37a Bahamian Clubs And Schools Invited To 1st Barbados Age...
06:17:43a Madison Police Officer Shoots Suspect 10-07-09
06:17:48a U.S. home buyer negot
06:17:53a Radford U. report finds no violations
06:17:59a TSX rises for third straight day on gold, RIM
06:18:04a Robbers threw Rs50 bundles to shake off chasing mob
06:18:09a Barracudas Ready For Action
06:18:14a Are You The Energy Hog In Your Neighborhood?
06:18:19a Crying out at cancer
06:18:25a Jury acquits Homewood man in killing
06:18:30a 'Copenhagen treaty' drafted by NGOs matches Indian actions
06:18:36a Fien motivated by Anzac humiliation
06:18:41a Hundreds Gather At Vigil For Mont Vernon Victims
06:18:46a FOREX-Dollar cedes ground as Aussie leads the pack
06:18:52a Asian markets notch gains
06:18:57a Christiansburg council vetoes concrete plant
06:19:03a Tacoma and Lakewood police investigating shooting in Fern Hill
06:19:08a Young humpback freed from Qld shark net
06:19:13a Home is where the heart is
06:19:18a CDC Shores Up Interest With Career Roadshow
06:19:24a Young Australians still caught in joblessness
06:19:29a Former President George W. Bush sends patriotic message at local conference
06:19:35a Millionaires rule the roost in Arunachal elections
06:19:40a SA's jobless rate drops
06:19:45a Oil Rebounds Above on Weak Dollar, Recovery Hopes
06:19:50a Dell to close N.C. plant
06:19:56a Supreme Court focuses on church-state case
06:20:01a Sudan Violence Threatens Return of Displaced
06:20:07a Southwest Alaska sea otters get habitat protection
06:20:12a Debris On Interstate 4 Causes Backup
06:20:17a Funding, demand key to rail service
06:20:23a Rebels Threaten to Resume Attacks On Oil Installations
06:20:28a Indonesian graft fighter charged with murder, faces death
06:20:33a Oil settles higher on recovery hopes, demand
06:20:39a Another Perriello challenger emerges
06:20:44a Cruel winds turn millions to dust
06:20:50a Shock as unemployment drops to 5.7%
06:20:55a Geagea Lebanon Cannot Wait Indefinitely for Cabinet Deal
06:21:00a I'm ready for power, says Cameron
06:21:06a Microsoft tries to gain lost ground in mobile
06:21:11a US, Israeli scientists win Chemistry Nobel
06:21:17a million energy grant to fund state loan program
06:21:27a Wheels on routes go 'round again
06:21:32a Consumers cut borrowing
06:21:37a A year later, public still waits for requested Palin e-mails
06:21:43a Construction starts on Bridgeville complex
06:21:48a Students Arrested In High School Drug Bust
06:21:54a Where Did All The Seasonal Flu Vaccines Go?
06:21:59a More full-day kindergartens offered in region
06:22:05a No security changes in store for game
06:22:10a Car Accident Insurance Involved in an Accident?
06:22:16a Who's 'fear-mongering' now?
06:22:21a Hariri Promises Geagea, Gemayel Better Representation for March 14 Christians
06:22:26a Complaint raised over book in high school library
06:22:31a Bell Acres wind turbines would be used more for show
06:22:37a Australian dies on 'unbearable' flight
06:22:42a Opposition promise police boost
06:22:48a Abbas Aide We Erred Over Gaza Report rights and law
06:22:53a W.Va. motorist pleads guilty in fatal collision
06:22:59a Two charged over Bellambi servo robbery
06:23:04a Monfils, Blake, Ivanovic to take part in Brisbane tennis international
06:23:10a Special Shapes Are Back In Time For Festival
06:23:15a Asian Markets Trading Firm
06:23:20a Congress agrees holding Guantanamo inmates in US
06:23:26a Tacoma man's dream may finally see life afloat
06:23:31a Alex Jones TV David Icke on the Dollar Collapse and NWO Agenda
06:23:36a Asian markets have a positive start
06:23:44a John I knew was reluctant traveller - Ahern
06:23:51a Day 1 of Alfred Lovato's Preliminary Hearing
06:23:56a Indian shares rise 1 pct early, Reliance jumps
06:24:02a Children's ICU to be replaced in 18 months
06:24:07a Pensioner died in crash after driving wrong way for 3km
06:24:12a Thai Shares May See Mild Retreat
06:24:18a Olympic gold for narcissism
06:24:23a Former S.C. Sheriff, 4 Others Indicted By Feds
06:24:28a UAE beats Venezuela 2-1 at Under-20 World Cup
06:24:33a Strike threat looms as Aer Lingus wields axe
06:24:39a Biomedical engineers' society shares findings
06:24:44a BlackRock competing for risk-rating role WSJ
06:24:49a Irish sandwich chain O'Brien's to be liquidated
06:24:55a Fears aired for endangered Hunter Valley bird
06:25:01a Wall Street bailouts Business as usual
06:25:06a Governor supports tour tax credit
06:25:12a Study finds pork still prevalent in bills
06:25:17a Lawrenceville family patriarch thrived on Polish music
06:25:23a Give people breathing room
06:25:28a Strong winds cause damage in New York City
06:25:33a Large blast hits in center of Afghanistan's capital, sending a plume of smoke rising.
06:25:39a Minister defends delay in reform of TDs' expenses
06:25:44a Gormley and Ryan forced to reveal all travel costs
06:25:50a Insurance mandate without teeth is no mandate at all
06:25:55a Researchers unlock secret behind acupuncture
06:26:01a Trial for man accused of hurling daughter off bridge
06:26:06a Egypt, Demanding Artifacts’ Return, Cuts Ties With the Louvre
06:26:11a Councils face massive variation in road costs
06:26:17a Alex Jones TV Alan Watt
06:26:22a Children saw man battered, murder trial told
06:26:27a Abstract modern White House hang reveals Obamas' tastes
06:26:43a Budget deficit hits trillion
06:26:48a Hometown faithful back a local chieftain who 'did nothing wrong'
06:26:54a Foreign liquor worth Rs57 k seized, one held
06:26:59a Court fight begins on Mass card monopoly
06:27:05a Asia stocks rise modestly as company earnings eyed
06:27:10a E-Mail Phishing Attack Spreading Say Experts
06:27:15a New quakes, small tsunami panic Pacific islanders
06:27:21a Local company to supply St Kitts with 8 megawatts of wind-generated electricity
06:27:26a Scotiabank-led team to control Canwest dailies- paper
06:27:32a Miami Herald's `Borrowers Betrayed' series on mortgages wins top honor
06:27:37a IBM Faces Antitrust Investigation
06:27:43a Terminally ill 'sidelined', says tragic Susie's husband
06:27:48a Supporters say the Kerry TD's career has ended
06:27:54a Bill would shut off funds to a 'criminal enterprise'
06:28:00a No regrets for Labour over fate of TD's daughter
06:28:05a Greenhouse adds two
06:28:11a Pregnant Padma Lakshmi donates designer clothes to charity
06:28:16a Asian stock markets rise modestly as investors eye company earnings; oil above
06:28:21a Obama Under Fire For Falling Dollar
06:28:26a Obama should be respected for trip
06:28:32a Vietnam's A/H1N1 flu cases rise to 9,707
06:28:37a Aussie dad on trial for dropping girl off bridge
06:28:42a IDF fears spread of J'lem violence
06:28:48a Lenihan points the finger but Labour refuses to take blame
06:28:53a What Israelis and Palestinians must do to close the 1948 file
06:28:59a Cirque founder says US35M space trip 'worth every penny'
06:29:04a The Letterman lesson Use the truth as a weapon
06:29:09a Club reaches deal with city
06:29:15a A call for more responsibility
06:29:20a Miliband's long-lost relative shock
06:29:25a Speedometer was not working before fatal crash, court hears
06:29:31a At Paris Shows, Designers Hope That Sexy Sells
06:29:36a 'Juno' star Ellen Page turns writer for TV show
06:29:41a Spears' ex-husband in trouble for not paying rent
06:29:46a Nine apologises for blackface skit
06:29:52a Ruby Tuesday Profits Climb
06:29:57a Small undersea quake occurs off California coast
06:30:02a Howlin vows to go public with his expenses
06:30:08a Euromoney names Canada's Flaherty top finance minister
06:30:13a Madagascar Leaders Should Ensure Smooth Transitional Process UN
06:30:19a Mining hearings
06:30:24a Faithful to gather in Miami for major Christian conference
06:30:29a US man gets prison for chicken scam on Egypt
06:30:35a Australian TV show Hey Hey It's Saturday in racism row over 'blackface' skit
06:30:40a National Poll Shows More Than Nine Out of 10 Americans Want Solar Now
06:30:45a Honduras talks aimed at ending political crisis
06:30:50a Folau out, Hindmarsh in doubt
06:30:56a Base where 8 died was on closure list
06:31:01a 'Treason' By Immune System Cells Aids Growth Of Multiple Myeloma
06:31:06a A Rapprochement Between Syria and Saudi Arabia
06:31:12a Iran nuclear scientist vanishes
06:31:18a Palace says flooded Laguna villages 'cause for concern'
06:31:23a Ancient Egypt on exhibition in US
06:31:29a UK Incidence Of Children Living With Substance-misusing Parents Considerably Underestimated
06:31:34a Strengthen the wall that separates church and state
06:31:39a Showing Appreciation to Unappreciated Students
06:31:45a Injury And Hazards In Home Health Care Nursing Are A Growing Concern
06:31:50a Israel marks 24% rise in suicide attempts since Dudu Topaz' death
06:32:03a Ateneo wins juniors basketball crown
06:32:08a Slides render Kennon Road, Marcos Highway impassable
06:32:13a Shannon Brown On Huge Dunk!
06:32:19a Seminary's Festival of Praise success prompts a second performance
06:32:24a Cambodia denies laying landmines near Preah Vihear
06:32:30a Pittsburgh priest named bishop of Michigan diocese
06:32:35a Wannabe O.C. Assemblymen/Women Step Out
06:32:40a Reforms vital to propel growth in GCC
06:32:46a Swiss stocks Factors to watch on Oct 8
06:32:51a Much resolved, not budget
06:32:56a Don't probe Aetas' disappearance, SC asked
06:33:02a 'Shockingly wide' health gaps among states
06:33:07a Brown Throws Down Monster Dunk In Preseason Opener
06:33:13a UPDATE 1-Sanofi H1N1 jab triggers robust immune response-data
06:33:18a Int'l Turkish Poetry Symposium to be held in Azerbaijani capital
06:33:23a Flaherty tells banks to stop web insurance sales
06:33:29a 2 men charged in multiple White Oak thefts
06:33:34a Obama, advisers focus on Pakistan
06:33:39a Housing aid draws crowd in Detroit
06:33:44a Choked Dean was to be taken from mother
06:33:50a Fatal car crash probe to take time
06:33:55a Bankruptcy list
06:34:01a President Obama Awards Nation's Highest Honors for Scientific and Technological Achievements
06:34:06a Somalia Ugandan Army Releases Defence Minister
06:34:12a Tsunami confirmed but danger passes after Vanuatu quake
06:34:17a National Strike By Postal Workers Looming
06:34:22a Thugs floored by cage fighters in drag
06:34:28a 10 mines on notice for violations
06:34:33a Study Investors ignore fund costs, at
06:34:38a Pakistan wants US 'trust,' drones, market access
06:34:44a We're not racist, deeply sorry for skit
06:34:49a Warning as digital switchover scams hit
06:34:54a Bullion's run gives majority of Asian consumers pause, not fever
06:35:00a GE ships locomotives
06:35:05a Cuts in library management urged
06:35:11a Which Herbs Help You Stop Smoking?
06:35:16a Sydney improves in world rankings
06:35:21a Broccoli Sprouts for Cancer Prevention
06:35:27a Make the Most Out of Fall
06:35:32a Chavez foes fear Venezuela law on civilian militia
06:35:37a Trappers Searching For 10-Foot Gator In Brevard Co.
06:35:43a Is it Safe to Drive Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction?
06:35:48a Sarkozy steps up pressure over Shalit after video swap
06:35:53a Gators Get a History Lesson From 2007 LSU Game Tapes
06:35:59a Ex-Miami Mayor Enters Race For U.S. Senate
06:36:04a Guinea junta announces probe into deadly crackdown
06:36:10a Verisk Analytics IPO soars in trad
06:36:15a An illegals tip
06:36:20a Thousands of U.S. Homeowners Cite Drywall for Ills
06:36:25a UN official acknowledges reduction of violence and armed conflicts in Darfur
06:36:31a Accused Nazi war criminal loses extradition fight
06:36:36a Hypnosis to Help Quit Smoking
06:36:41a De facto Honduran government demands Zelaya disarm his guards
06:36:47a Explosion Hits in Center of Afghanistan's Capital
06:36:52a Electrosurgical Devices, Lasers Cited As Most Common Igniters Of Operating Room Fires
06:36:57a How to Select a Mental Health Professional
06:37:02a Does Nicotine Replacement Therapy Work?
06:37:08a Obesity, depression strongly linked
06:37:13a The hat-trick of abysmal chat-up lines
06:37:18a What Life with Fibromyalgia is Really Like
06:37:23a Chinese Conglomerates Snapping Up World's Oil, Gas Fields
06:37:29a South Africa's swine flu death toll climbs past 90
06:37:34a Dad shot dead in lovers tiff
06:37:39a Red Sox vs. Angels
06:37:44a Kissan Board approaches LHC to save land F.P. Report
06:37:50a Rooster in court on knife attack charge
06:37:58a The Camp Justice compound
06:38:03a Gov. Sanford's Driver Pulled Over for Speeding
06:38:09a Agronomy, crop and soil science societies to present scholarships in Pittsburgh
06:38:14a Label-free aptamer-based sensor using abasic site-containing DNA and a nucleobase-specific fluorescent ligand
06:38:19a Knoxville Oak Ridge Innovation Valley Future Aglow With Solar
06:38:24a International team must break U.S. domination
06:38:30a 92-year-old hopes to reclaim house
06:38:35a Saskatchewan Roughriders' Darian Durant empathizes with Toronto Argonauts' Kerry Joseph
06:38:41a How Kishore Biyani plans to expand business
06:38:47a The pill may affect relationships
06:38:52a Security posted at bishop's house
06:38:58a Jets acquire WR Edwards from Browns
06:39:03a Name game pays off for Sharks' McConnell
06:39:08a Panic as new quakes hit Pacific
06:39:14a Philadelphia craft beer coming to Pittsburgh
06:39:19a Is this the world's biggest dog
06:39:25a 'Fake cops' targeted women drivers
06:39:30a Horse Meat Sting Nets 2 Suspects
06:39:35a Abedi Out of Algeria Clash
06:39:40a Brilliant playoff debut for Phils' Lee
06:39:46a Physicist shares Nobel Prize for Chemistry
06:39:51a Quakes continue to threaten Pacific
06:39:56a Chromatin JAK2 goes nuclear
06:40:01a Voters to consider bond for schools
06:40:06a Stephen Grant's appeal rejected in wife's '07 slaying
06:40:12a Kabul blast kills 7 civilians, wounds 45 police
06:40:17a Hunt On For High-Profile LTTE Agents In Sri Lanka
06:40:23a Construction workers share building concern about slow business
06:40:28a Gold surges to record above
06:40:34a Indigenous housing needs 'massive' fix
06:40:39a DE Giddins probably will redshirt
06:40:45a DGP Yadav sent out
06:40:50a Flash flooding hits Indonesia
06:40:56a How does violence affect children
06:41:01a AZ Plans Huge Hike In Child Care Fees
06:41:07a Harry Connick Jr ...
06:41:12a Ontario trucker fined for smoking in rig
06:41:17a Donations keep pouring in
06:41:23a Man faces 196 charges over illegal guns
06:41:39a The Abdominoplasty Procedure
06:41:45a Washburn's School Of Business Named 'Best'
06:41:50a 29 finalists vie for coveted Indianapolis Prize
06:41:55a Tel Aviv bars offer free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers
06:42:01a Attack 'missed me by minutes'
06:42:06a Three Scientists Share Nobel Prize in Chemistry
06:42:12a SouthSide Works' 25 percent eatery pledge in question
06:42:17a Mphela joins Benni backers
06:42:23a Thieves Break Into Several Orlando Apartments
06:42:28a Specialty Hospitals Cherry-pick Patients, Exaggerate Success, Experts Say
06:42:33a Levi Johnston - No Palin, No Gain
06:42:39a Murdoch will meet Samsung, LG executives
06:42:44a Hey, Hey blackface routine causes storm overseas
06:42:49a UF's Patchan done for season
06:42:55a Labour questions govt ban on pseudoephedrine
06:43:00a Woman's Heart Health Day Saturday in McCandless
06:43:05a LHC's 8 PCO judges take prior retirement
06:43:10a Explosion kills at least 7 in Afghan capital
06:43:16a Landis to race in NZ
06:43:31a 'Bread and butter' solution to iodine deficiency
06:43:36a Keith Olbermann Saving American Lives
06:43:42a Internet tool may ease mine blast impacts
06:43:47a Whistler responds to luger Reagan Lauscher's Olympic criticism
06:43:53a Vancouver schools need repairs worth million, report says
06:43:58a Nero's revolving banquet hall
06:44:10a Monroe sheriff's office considers adding night shift
06:44:16a Knox County Schools unanimously backs guns in parks ban during school activities
06:44:21a Bakrie convinced Golkar will rise
06:44:26a Child introduced to prostitution, court told
06:44:31a Game Daze 'Heroes Over Europe'
06:44:36a Mumbai may get air-conditioned local trains
06:44:42a Council wants more local control over liquor regs
06:44:47a Pay a year to avoid checked-bag fees
06:44:52a Stimulation Without the S-Word
06:44:57a Tale of two walls at Palestinian film fest
06:45:02a Recruitment firm tips return of the OE
06:45:08a Bellicose Pak 'match-fixing' roar ends in a whimper!
06:45:13a Typhoon makes landfall in Japan, leaving 2 dead, 56 injured+
06:45:19a US diplomat heading to Japan, China
06:45:24a Cancellation of tsunami threat
06:45:29a Afghan election 'a step forward'
06:45:35a Wellington Tsunami Collection Points Now Set Up
06:45:40a BRIEF-Moody's affirms Westpac at Aa1 on New Zealand tax ruling
06:45:46a Argentine writers offer creative take on Bible
06:45:51a Govt may choose PPP mode for gas highways
06:45:56a Music publishers 'copyright should be technology neutral'
06:46:02a Alcohol abuse more serious than methamphetamine
06:46:07a Traveling With the Van Gujjar Tribe
06:46:13a Landis to ride in New Zealand
06:46:18a Delivering The Goods – Courierpost Marks 20 Years
06:46:23a Not All Vets Are Treated Equally Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill
06:46:28a Exporters Want Govt Crack Down On Currency Punters
06:46:34a Samsung to launch own-brand memory cards soon
06:46:39a Powerful typhoon kills one, injures dozen in Japan
06:46:45a Orakei Point plan change to be notified
06:46:50a Jackson Healthcare Charities Sponsors Medical Mission to China
06:46:55a IBM CEO Sees Big Opportunity In Health-Care Technology IBM
06:47:01a UK Stocks - Factors to watch on Oct 8
06:47:06a Democrats face dilemma on taxes to pay for healthcare
06:47:12a Public face big costs for cold medicine, says Labour
06:47:17a Strategy To Address North's Marine Pests
06:47:23a Motorsport Murph eyes Bathurst glory after 'disaster' year
06:47:28a After Grayson Storm, GOP Looks to Settle on Candidate
06:47:34a AB-InBev selling theme parks for billion
06:47:39a Don't worry, it's only a drill Anti-terror training at South Hill Mall
06:47:45a Beware! 10 future bubbles in the making
06:47:50a Beat-the-clock chicken dishes
06:47:56a QC bettor wins P92.8-M MegaLotto jackpot
06:48:01a Obama receives Afghanistan troop request
06:48:07a Ontario's eHealth wasted billion
06:48:12a Obama gets update on Pakistan
06:48:18a 22 armymen missing in mid-western Nepal
06:48:24a Ohio GOP Encouraged by Renacci's Early Money
06:48:29a Homedale man wants local flood control district to pay up
06:48:35a Lotto winner shaking, crying
06:48:41a Pay and Benefits Watch Nested Interest
06:48:46a Crazy Nissan tilts into corners
06:48:57a Mayor seeks to 'bury the hatchet' with Conan
06:49:03a Health bill would reduce US budget deficit
06:49:09a Jeff Council takes steps to revise sex offender ordinance
06:49:14a Taiwan Museum Should Give Chinese Bronzes to Beijing
06:49:20a Large blast hits in centre of Afghanistan's capital
06:49:40a Carolyn Talks About Circuit Training
06:49:46a Supplement Industry Must Navigate 'Difficult Road' On Capitol Hill NPA Exec
06:49:52a Sharpe to miss Wallabies' UK rugby tour
06:49:57a Winds cut power to 12,000 in region cut power to 12+,000 in region
06:50:03a Turkey's Gul hopes Armenia soccer visit without pre-conditions
06:50:09a Alleged murder plot Fadi refused bail
06:50:15a Future of Turkey's largest media group in doubt after major tax fine
06:50:20a Soldier's funeral to take place
06:50:25a Preseason Grizzlies Vs. Wizards
06:50:31a Libya war report request denied
06:50:36a Matsui homers as Yankees win playoff opener
06:50:42a United Nations Part 1
06:50:47a Breakfast briefing Google says things are on the up
06:50:52a Canucks clobber Canadiens to hit win column
06:50:58a Senator Proposes an End to Federal Support for Political Science
06:51:04a White House Press Briefing Excerpts on Afghanistan, Iran and European Missile Defense
06:51:09a Details of President Obama's Asian itinerary released
06:51:14a Out-of-beltway Republicans answer Obama's call
06:51:20a Strand 'incense' fire mother still in a coma
06:51:25a NATO Asks Greater Commitment of Albania in Afghanistan
06:51:30a Obama mulls ways to spur economy
06:51:35a Obama's willful blindness
06:51:41a Pakistan's wary eye on Obama's Afghanistan debate
06:51:47a NZ-Malaysia sign agreement on labour
06:51:52a Albright Iran nuclear shift shows Obama's policy is working
06:51:57a New Target For Treating Leukemia Identified
06:52:03a Obama, GOP at odds over Afghan troop increase
06:52:08a F1 should target US not Korea, claims team boss
06:52:13a Your Thursday Forecast
06:52:19a Indonesia anti-graft chief goes on trial in murder case
06:52:25a Suicide bomb kills three in Kabul
06:52:30a 18-year-old Riviera Beach man shot while riding his bike
06:52:35a Nigeria Strange Disease Claims 100 Lives in Adamawa
06:52:41a UAAP Eaglets capture juniors crown
06:52:46a Rwanda Agro Tools Plant Delayed
06:52:52a Turkish minister leaves for Libya for talks on trade
06:52:57a O'Donoghue in line for €112,000 payoff
06:53:02a Coventry Man Makes Duct Tape Masterpieces
06:53:08a New York Race Big Test for GOP
06:53:13a Will Obama Listen to the Women of Afghanistan?
06:53:19a 2010 defense policy bill faces uphill battle
06:53:24a Photo Essay Milk Riots in Europe
06:53:30a Corrections 10/8/09 10/8/09
06:53:35a Obama May Stick to Current Afghan Strategy a Loser
06:53:40a Wild soapbox race held in Jerusalem
06:53:46a Commission approves South Korea trade deal
06:53:52a OSCE urged to take measures against Uzbekistan
06:53:57a Your Windy Wednesday Forecast
06:54:07a Home trading in Beijing hits 3-year low
06:54:13a Quakes prompt tsunami panic in Pacific
06:54:18a DIARY-France to November 15
06:54:23a Making comedy film is not easy Priyadarshan
06:54:28a The Gaza War's Effect on Women
06:54:34a Dollar down to lower 88 yen in Tokyo
06:54:39a FAA's Computers Have Problems
06:54:45a UAS licence dilemma DoT writes to regulator
06:54:50a War In Afghanistan Enters 9th Year
06:54:55a US 'bunker buster' bomb to be ready soon Pentagon
06:55:01a Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis
06:55:06a Girl coldly, mechanically raped by brothel owners
06:55:11a Four jailed for life over revenge kill
06:55:17a Cambodia hosts int'l meeting on global economic crisis
06:55:22a Will Bay Area Hospitals Survive The Next Big One?
06:55:28a Project Keeps Track Of Bay Area Mountain Lions
06:55:33a Cartoonist draws mug-shot of his burglar
06:55:38a US air controllers say computers prone to problems
06:55:44a CEATEC Mitsubishi Electric Exhibits 155-inch OLED Display
06:55:49a Study Will Help Understand Radiation Exposure In Cancer Survivors And Their Children
06:55:54a Compuware buy extends tech clout
06:56:00a Satirical iPhone Apps? Not Cool. Upskirt iPhone Apps? Cool.
06:56:05a For Egyptian Actors, It's Better Whore Than Gay Feuds
06:56:10a How badly designed reputation systems create in-game mafias
06:56:16a Blast outside Indian embassy in Kabul
06:56:21a Supreme Court debates cross on federal land
06:56:27a One dead in Durban accident
06:56:43a How India missed another Nobel Prize
06:56:48a Awaiting a puff of moon dust
06:56:54a Government center fails to make a dent in 'amakudari'
06:56:59a Father of Palin's grandson to pose for Playgirl
06:57:04a Report predicts health-care bill will cut deficits
06:57:10a Assault charges stem from custody battle Defence
06:57:20a 49ers finally sign top pick Michael Crabtree
06:57:25a How To Avoid Phishing Schemes
06:57:30a stiltwalker walking on air
06:57:36a Bollywood's cracker of a Diwali
06:57:41a Lawmaker says Obama fleet plans costly
06:57:46a 'Barbie and Dirk ruined my life...'
06:57:51a 48 Hours In...Las Vegas
06:57:57a Parents opposing swine flu vaccine
06:58:02a Fugitive Teen Believes He's James Bond
06:58:08a Mother 'killed son on day custody awarded to gran'
06:58:13a Bakrie elected Golkar chairman
06:58:19a Tiny technology may yield major finds - and possible perils
06:58:24a UPDATE 1-Bank of Scotland prices A1.25 bln govt-backed bond
06:58:29a Stupid Criminal File Bank Robbery Nailed
06:58:34a Educators Discuss Furlough Options
06:58:40a Policeman Shoots As Suspects In Fight Run
06:58:45a Rural India Set to Ring in 3G Mobile Technology
06:58:50a Sophisticated Genetic Engineering Improves Insulin-producing Beta Cells
06:58:56a Qatar Nat'l Bank Q3 dips as fees down, provisions up
06:59:01a New Aluminum-Water Rocket Propellant Promising For Future Space Missions
06:59:07a Jobs figures push market higher
06:59:12a Local airport delays down as travel slows in recession
06:59:18a Ferrellgas takes offensive against AG
06:59:23a Undocumented Workers To Get Pink Slips
06:59:28a News flashes October 8, 2009
06:59:34a 'Brace for gale force winds'
06:59:39a Sex Week Stirs Controversy at UK
06:59:44a Inside today
06:59:50a Israel foreign minister Peace deal impossible now
06:59:55a Ferre jumps into Senate race
07:00:01a Unborn babies need protection from car crashes
07:00:06a Ministry of Truth, Obama'style
07:00:11a HSBC, others resume talks for RBS Asia units
07:00:16a Japan's 'economy watcher' sentiment improves in September+
07:00:22a AnalysisWhy a surge no sure thing
07:00:27a CEATEC Toko Demos Under-water Non-contact Power Feeding
07:00:32a Dannatt appointment splits papers
07:00:38a Explosion rocks Afghan capital Kabul witnesses
07:00:43a 91% Of U.S. Supports Ban on Texting While Driving
07:00:49a ITALY Immunity law overruled, Berlusconi determined to stay put
07:00:54a Mark's Windy Afternoon Forecast
07:00:59a Real-estate flippers back in S. Florida
07:01:05a Soldier surprised by generosity
07:01:10a Main events scheduled for Friday, Oct. 9+
07:01:16a Advocate Barbie cracks after guilty verdict
07:01:21a Used car prices hit record high
07:01:27a Google Forces Web Standards Issue Using Sexy Buttons
07:01:32a Why Obama Must Spend More
07:01:38a Kneessy School budget still in crisis
07:01:43a All the fun of Peoples Day at the Launceton Show
07:01:49a Powerful Bomb Hits Afghan Capital, Several Killed
07:01:54a Nissan's electric vehicle tilts into corners
07:01:59a Vietnamese court sentences third democracy activist
07:02:05a Japan's ANA Use toilet before boarding
07:02:11a Stem Cells Which 'Fool Immune System' May Provide Vaccination For Cancer
07:02:16a Garrett quiet on Uluru rock climb future
07:02:22a Parkway debate gets heated
07:02:27a Liquor laws relaxed in Bethel, Kotzebue
07:02:32a Health-care bill gets a big boost
07:02:37a England 'must improve 2018 bid'
07:02:43a China's new loans to hit 1.8 trillion yuan over next four months report
07:02:48a State Department Press Briefing Excerpts on North Korea
07:02:53a SA Budget better than forecast Foley
07:02:59a Mother feared ex would kill her children, court told
07:03:04a Basic Science Medical Educators
07:03:09a BET, Stop Rewarding Michael Vick's Behavior How Things Work
07:03:15a Aus
07:03:20a Baby's voice motivates Brit coma mother to recover
07:03:25a Shark Tour Ban Proposals Thrown Out
07:03:41a Masoli practices, and so does T.J. Ward.
07:03:47a Court rules on Advocate Barbie trial Stories
07:03:52a Family fighting foreclosure with giant yard sale
07:03:58a 1500 calories
07:04:03a Justice Antonin Scalia spars in debate over Mojave cross
07:04:08a A growing problem for Mexican cartels
07:04:13a Gov't Licences Two New Breweries
07:04:19a Melanie parents bid to aid bones find police
07:04:24a Uganda Daily Monitor Editors Appear in Court
07:04:29a Masters Games to pump into NSW
07:04:35a Seven killed in Kabul blast
07:04:40a Taiwan's UMC posts 18 pct rise in September sales
07:04:45a Cameron's vision for Britain
07:04:51a Janet Jackson swears off newspaper after MJ's death
07:04:56a Treasurer cautious about drop in jobless figures
07:05:01a Why coelic disease patients develop osteoporosis
07:05:06a Oman Cement leads Muscat index higher
07:05:12a Hamas resilient and unyielding
07:05:17a Spaceship, looking for ice, to crash on moon
07:05:23a Mild weather cuts into Michigan pumpkin crop
07:05:28a Army officers bristle at 'hand slap'
07:05:34a Business Insider Saginaw bids farewell to Delphi
07:05:39a China's Snow Dragon to leave for 26th Antarctic expedition
07:05:45a CTIA Behind Push for 3.5mm Headset Jacks
07:05:50a Pakistan criticism erupts over U.S. aid plan
07:05:56a Measures urged to contain H1N1 virus in China's remote areas
07:06:01a Cutting Calories for Cash
07:06:07a Italian coffin company unveils gothic-style calendar featuring sexy models!
07:06:12a Improve Maternal Health First Lady
07:06:18a Uninsured on the rise, survey finds
07:06:23a Darcey's mum 'feared for kids' lives'
07:06:28a HK's foreign currency reserve up bln in Sept.
07:06:34a 6TH LD Typhoon makes landfall in Japan, leaving 2 dead, 56 hurt+
07:06:39a Glee Viewing Party 'Vitamin D'
07:06:45a Police Destroy Illicit Drugs Worth Rwf 6.6 Million
07:06:50a Halfords sales rise 3.4%
07:06:55a Anti-ageing creams could cause cancer
07:07:01a Excerpts fr
07:07:06a Rep. John Spratt, Jr. Is A Retard
07:07:11a Blondes spend more time getting ready than brunettes
07:07:17a Coke to add 90-calorie soda cans in 2010
07:07:22a Ex-astronaut loses fight over 'nappy' run
07:07:28a ND Woman's 7-foot-long Dog Could be Record Holder
07:07:33a Ombudsman to Get Prosecutorial Powers
07:07:38a Big four banks lift rates
07:07:44a Texas Deputy's Crash Damages Three Houses, Vehicle
07:07:49a Why Canada's savings rate is falling
07:07:54a Watchdog blocks Ticketmaster deal
07:07:59a NDS Nutrition Products expects to post million in revenue from franchisees
07:08:05a Decatur man sentenced to 14 years in fatal crash
07:08:10a GM fights to gain traction
07:08:16a IMS Health ups pharma sales view
07:08:21a Tea Export Revenues Increased By 6.45 Percent
07:08:26a ICC declares Champions Trophy a huge success
07:08:31a Radio revenue falls 6 per cent in Q3
07:08:37a Pondicherry Engineering College greets V Ramakrishnan
07:08:42a Reformist website Iran protester gets death sentence
07:08:47a Ahmadinejad Calls Geneva Talks a 'Step Forward'
07:08:53a UVM president will seek 6 percent tuition hike
07:08:58a Grandmother accused of slaying returns to Illinois
07:09:03a Fugitive Allegedly Assaults Ohio Police Officer
07:09:09a Pirates Choose Wrong Target – a French Warship
07:09:14a Americans still reluctant to spend
07:09:19a Rwanda ISAE to Benefit More From OECD
07:09:24a Pakistani Commanders Show Concern at US Aid Bill
07:09:34a Panera removes signs with 'Boynton' misspelled
07:09:40a It's time for Bucs to take some chances
07:09:45a EAC Rejects ICTR Proposal On Trials
07:09:50a Obama Rejects 'Biden Option' on Afghanistan
07:09:56a Calif. citrus farmers fear tree-killing disease
07:10:01a Local Community Members Gather To Remember Slain Tourist
07:10:06a Second Week In A Row For Tsunami Warning
07:10:13a Electoral Law Streamlined
07:10:19a Pakistan's Foreign Minister Says Taliban in Disarray and conflict
07:10:24a Pakistanis Slam 'insulting' US Aid Bill
07:10:30a Obama US Targets Terrorists 'Wherever They Take Root'
07:10:35a Commission endorses plans for land northwest of city
07:10:40a Arlington Unveils a New Kind of Unknown Soldier
07:10:46a Nellis discusses latest holdback with UI staff
07:10:51a Golf Canon Open 1st round canceled, shortened to 54 holes+
07:10:57a Barack Obama May Send Just 10,000 Troops to Afghanistan
07:11:02a 7 dead, 67 hurt in Kabul bombing outside Indian embassy
07:11:08a Big Brother FBI
07:11:13a A Media Failure Compounds The Financial Failure
07:11:18a Argentine World Cup veterans defend Maradona
07:11:24a Alternatives to Violence colors Pullman purple
07:11:29a I feared he'd kill the children mother
07:11:35a SC gov's driver pulled for speeding
07:11:41a Legislature faces billion K-12 school budget shortfall
07:11:46a how to avoid becoming a victim
07:12:01a Fortress Europe, struggles continue
07:12:06a Committee backs human rights act
07:12:11a ELECTION 2009 Gibney looks to continue council's good work
07:12:17a NATO chief to visit Estonia
07:12:22a Wednesday 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 32 Iraqis Wounded
07:12:27a Rupee up by 25 paise to 46.42 vs US Dollar
07:12:33a Bombing Rocks Afghan Capital
07:12:38a MHP 3 dead in 2-vehicle crash near Dupuyer
07:12:44a BlackRock competing for risk-rating role report
07:12:49a Girl nearly struck by tree during storm
07:12:54a Franken passes law denying fed contracts to companies that support rape of employees
07:12:59a Uganda Air Cargo to Fly to Country
07:13:04a Bushfire warnings criticised as going 'overboard'
07:13:10a Oklahoma job seekers flock to retail
07:13:16a UAE- Etisalat, HTC Corporation launch first Android-powered smartphone
07:13:21a Farmington man convicted of child molestation
07:13:27a UH Volleyball Looks To Reserves
07:13:32a Oil and Gas Thursday, October 8, 2009
07:13:37a India calls for more pressure on Pakistan
07:13:43a Zim elected into UN tourism council
07:13:48a US tries to ally Pakistan's concern over aid conditionality
07:13:54a Commonwealth team visits games sites to take stock
07:13:59a Famous Journalist Dies of Brain Stroke in Baghdad
07:14:05a Obama meets Iraqi President Jalal Talabani
07:14:10a South Korea's Money Supply Growth Eases In August
07:14:15a Retail Vacancies Hit Multiyear Highs
07:14:21a 12 dead, over 80 hurt in Kabul suicide blast
07:14:26a World Half Marathon Team Jets Out
07:14:31a School hit with unprecedented illness, 150 stay home sick
07:14:37a 'Climate, insects threaten Kerala's museum heritage'
07:14:42a Obama to Visit Seoul Nov. 18-19
07:14:47a Markets flat, RIL gains
07:14:53a UAE- Ministry gets tough on labour accommodation stds
07:14:58a Morocco best market in N. Africa for investment
07:15:03a PM Urges Formation of Iraqi Businessmen Council
07:15:09a Typhoon Melor kills at least two in Japan Update
07:15:14a Afghan blast targets Indian embassy
07:15:20a Phishers slip through security net
07:15:26a Lack of draws affecting Ladbrokes
07:15:31a KRG Education Minister Participates in UNESCO Congress
07:15:37a World's first thermal images of Moon's dark side unveiled
07:15:42a 1200 calories
07:15:48a Asia shares rise, Aussie dollar surges on jobs data
07:15:54a Microsoft may be nearing EU truce
07:15:59a Massa 'back on track next week'
07:16:04a In Stock Monsanto
07:16:10a Campaign Continues to Remove Trespasses on National Grid
07:16:15a Deputy Premier Mulls with U.S. Consul Ways of Developing Transport Sector
07:16:21a Iraq and IMF Agree on Principles to Deal
07:16:26a Whatever you do, don't use 'whatever'...
07:16:32a OTC Market Report Wednesday 7th October 2009
07:16:37a Admiral Last Guantnamo Death Was Suicide
07:16:42a Iraq Investment Still Difficult
07:16:48a Girl slain in Ecuador; mom wants answers
07:16:54a Man accused of US56 000 fraud
07:16:59a Jobless rate falls to 5.7%, fuelling rate rise fears
07:17:05a Joe Biden the political workhorse for Obama
07:17:10a New WSU Attorney General's Office division chief named
07:17:15a Russia Says Ready to Contribute to Iraq's Reconstruction
07:17:20a Madonna, Lady Gaga take live TV catfight to NY bash
07:17:26a Crew suspected to be pirates detained, boat seized
07:17:31a 7 touts held in RTD operation
07:17:37a License Granted to Expand Hotel in Basra
07:17:42a Explosion kills at least 4 in Afghan capital
07:17:48a Wind turbine ordinance passes unanimously
07:17:53a Lowly females pick mediocre mates
07:17:58a Use ICT to promote peace, says President
07:18:04a Turnbull's future 'in his own hands'
07:18:10a Hoofin' it Moscow children take to the streets for International Walk to School Day
07:18:15a Poor folk thankful for Hari Raya goodies, cash
07:18:21a Calif. Cop Crashes Cruiser into Store, Hits Woman
07:18:36a Flash flood hits Indonesia's Central Sulawesi
07:18:42a Hike in overtime rates coming...
07:18:47a Consulate opens quake info centre
07:18:53a Giant waves pound the shore at Miyazaki city, Miyazaki Prefecture.
07:18:58a UDeCOTT's songs of innocence
07:19:04a Berlusconi's immunity-for-me law overturned
07:19:09a Data on Iraq mission
07:19:15a Rape accused arrested at airport
07:19:20a Austcorp DOCA vote adjourned
07:19:26a Nine years later, Cayce woman still looking for answers in mom's murder
07:19:31a Court ruling raises age bias standard
07:19:37a Powerful typhoon slams into Japan, 2 die
07:19:42a 72 agents in police net
07:19:48a Brad Johnson to play on with Bulldogs
07:19:53a Chinese Food and Drug Administration Approves Gabexate Mesylate as Pharmaceutical Raw Material
07:19:58a AIA bounce back against Ma Pau
07:20:04a New details arise in Male High principal's past
07:20:09a Kennewick Students Create Human Chain
07:20:14a Candace Carr gets Pro card
07:20:20a Ted Baker profit fall less than feared
07:20:25a Whincup, Lowndes top V8 practice times
07:20:30a Ladbrokes to raise £275 million
07:20:35a 6 arrested over body in drum
07:20:41a Trooper Saunders' Memorial
07:20:46a Big Ride to Salybia Sunday
07:20:51a No welcome mat for Pomersbach
07:20:57a Japan Current Account Due On Thursday
07:21:02a Baseball Matsui hits two-run homer as Yankees take playoff opener+
07:21:07a New Zealander to help local rugby
07:21:13a WATCH IDF soldier arrested for beating Palestinian man
07:21:18a Tax charges loom for ex-JJ director
07:21:23a Hot, hot day sets a record
07:21:28a Cyclists Off to Senegal
07:21:34a Interim Honduran leader resists diplomats' pleas
07:21:39a Parents Nearby schools a priority
07:21:44a America, You've Been Punk'd
07:21:50a Country to Embrace New Player in Beverage Industry
07:21:55a Obama and Akhenaten
07:22:00a HSBC resumes talks for RBS Asia units
07:22:05a Determining what is wasteful no simple task
07:22:11a Pacific Global Ambassador Forum
07:22:16a French overseas regions to vote on more autonomy
07:22:21a Morris twins on Kangaroos tour together
07:22:26a Dragon throne breaks Chinese record in HK auction
07:22:32a Hilton says LA parties are 'brutal'
07:22:37a Meltdown After the Meltdown
07:22:42a Elephant gives birth
07:22:47a Ministry of Truth, Obama-style
07:22:53a Ntagwabira Joins Kiyovu
07:22:58a Jacksonville City Council ponders moving election date
07:23:03a Japan corporate bankruptcies fall as funding improves
07:23:09a Essex Fritzl' who preyed on daughter for three decades jailed for 12 yrs
07:23:14a Gun-Toting Soccer Mom, Husband Found Shot Dead
07:23:19a Knife bandit forces women to floor
07:23:25a Bollywood vice scandal Editor detained for questioning
07:23:30a ING
07:23:35a The Simpsons paint Cannes yellow
07:23:41a SeattleInsider Cute Overload Animals Being Cute, Cute, Cute!
07:23:46a Internet Security in the Age of Obama
07:23:51a Maunalua Bay Boater May Face Criminal Charges
07:23:56a Ind. Officer Falls, Hurt Shoulder During Foot Pursuit
07:24:02a Nissan's new concept car 'feels like flying'
07:24:07a Shakib is Wisden's top Test man
07:24:12a Countering Complaints Report offers recommendations for improving conditions involving hate-crime reporting in D.C.
07:24:18a Five scientists win Shaw Prize in HK
07:24:23a China's Three Gorges Dam sees record tourists in National Day holiday
07:24:28a Iran Why 'gaining time' is exactly what's needed
07:24:34a Top LeT Militant Among Six Killed In Kashmir
07:24:40a APNewsBreak SC gov's driver pulled for speeding
07:24:45a Halfords Q2 underlying sales rise
07:24:50a Umuvugizi Editor Wants Trial Postponed
07:24:55a French Senate wants to ban cell phones in school
07:25:01a ‘Rice riots may return to Asia in 2010, CWA says
07:25:06a Lions secure Xavier Clarke from St Kilda
07:25:11a IDC recommences after tsu...
07:25:16a Brit schoolboy pianist,10, compared to Mozart
07:25:22a Carphone Q2 customers rise
07:25:27a Dalai Lama says he's a feminist
07:25:32a Stoute on fire for MAASH
07:25:37a Ticketmaster/Live Nation deal opposed
07:25:45a Babies Born to Childhood Cancer Survivors Do Well
07:25:50a New Dam in Kirkuk
07:26:04a Teen who conned ex-president loses suit against newspaper
07:26:33a Blast near Indian embassy in Kabul
07:26:42a Westpac credit rating unchanged on court decision
07:26:48a Rwanda Police Welcome Arrest of Genocide Suspect
07:26:53a South Korea Sanctions on North Korea should remain in place
07:26:59a Health department confirms free swine flu vaccines
07:27:04a 'Climate, insects threaten Kerala's museum heritage'
07:27:10a Cesium Atoms Tie Quantum Entanglement to Chaos Theory
07:27:16a Mudslides risks will be factor in deciding school, office closures
07:27:21a Hyperdrive Propulsion Could See LHC Test
07:27:26a Slain Jharkhand cop did not get salary for five months
07:27:32a UK to turn hackers into cyber security 'top guns'
07:27:37a First Taiwanese singer joins Vienna Boys Choir
07:27:43a Parma remains near Taiwan, but loses strength
07:27:48a Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Hints LXXV
07:27:53a Ultraviolet Light-Based Drug Delivery Now Possible
07:27:59a 'IAF upgradation along LAC not against China'
07:28:04a Man Arrested in Plot to Blow Up Colo. Officer's Home
07:28:10a Andhra jail flooded, authorities forced to shift inmates
07:28:25a DCSF opens ContactPoint rules consultation
07:28:30a NTU makes world's top 100 university list
07:28:35a Berlusconi vows to stay on after court ruling
07:28:41a US aid to Pakistan splits army, government
07:28:46a Ancient synagogue discovered in Turkey
07:28:51a Seasonal Shift Keep feeling good - and looking good - with the changing seasons
07:28:57a Thanks for the memories--Valentine says sayonara
07:29:02a 'National Day' birds to make annual stop by Kenting
07:29:07a City Council Kills Shark Tour Ban
07:29:13a Half of Liaoning's bottled water 'unhygienic'
07:29:18a Secrets of a Gift Pro
07:29:23a AP sources FBI eyes terror suspect's travel talk
07:29:29a Behind Afghan War Debate, a Battle of Two Books Rages
07:29:34a Contracts of Security Directors Run Out
07:29:39a Dog parade in Taipei to mark World Animal Day
07:29:45a U.S to deploy Patriot missiles in Poland
07:29:50a Left 4 Dead 2 Katana slashing Gameplay Movie
07:29:56a Convocation to Council Catania fulfills pledge with introduction of marriage-equality bill
07:30:01a Six juveniles to debut Saturday
07:30:06a Kick Out FDC Legislators
07:30:11a In First Lady's Roots, a Complex Path From Slavery
07:30:16a More than 1,200 residents evacuated as Parma nears
07:30:22a Watch out for the Goldstoners
07:30:27a Hilton being run down, says union
07:30:32a The son also rises
07:30:38a Drive launched to teach senior citizens about medication use
07:30:43a COLBERT Assembled on the ISS
07:30:48a State license plates to add 7th character
07:30:59a Nissan's electric vehicle tilts into corners
07:31:04a Guitar Hero On Tour Decades Unlockables II
07:31:09a 5 Cops Killed, Wounded in Blast Near Baaquba
07:31:15a 'Whatever' tops Most Annoying Word poll in US
07:31:20a Kurdish Opposition Splinters
07:31:25a Japan On Alert As Typhoon Melor Nears
07:31:30a Moyo SS Closed Over Strike
07:31:36a Sites offer money-saving tips for students
07:31:41a Kabul Bomb blast outside Indian embassy, 9 killed
07:31:47a Pin-up Dita Von Teese Explains Her Unique Style
07:31:52a Shallow and brutal archaeology
07:31:57a 16,000 Displaced Families in Karbala- Governor
07:32:02a States' 'Pirates' ship too dirty for Calif.
07:32:08a Nurturing 'science and technology diplomacy'
07:32:13a Strong Quakes Near Vanuatu
07:32:18a Sales chief at GM to leave
07:32:23a Suicide Bombing in Falluja Leaves 39 Casualties
07:32:29a U.S.-Iraqi Military Coordination in Thi-Qar Spokesman
07:32:34a 7 People Detained Southwest of Kirkuk
07:32:39a DNA test confirms teen suspect wanted in string of burglaries
07:32:45a Luxembourg sets up representative office in Taipei to strengthen ties
07:32:50a Turkey Sidesteps Obstacle to Armenia Pact
07:32:56a Seattle library policy changing
07:33:01a GOP Faces Multiple Hurdles as It Aims for a 1994 Replay
07:33:06a Intiman Theatre to offer valet service for handicapped parking
07:33:11a Where King Co. executive candidates stand on Initiative 1033
07:33:17a Gang Leader Caught Assuming Identity of Media Person
07:33:22a Merkel accepts 'rare honor' to address Congress
07:33:28a Two more strong earthquakes hit Vanuatu regions
07:33:33a Grenade Attack in Baghdad Leaves 2 Civilians Dead
07:33:39a Costco to do extra check for E. coli on beef trimmings
07:33:45a Panamanian ship's captain, 2 crew member rescued
07:33:50a Car bomb kills at least 12 in Afghan capital
07:33:56a Former Texas DPS Trooper Indicted For Selling Steroids
07:34:01a Counterfeiter Arrested with Stamps in His Possession
07:34:06a Borrowing pared by in August
07:34:12a Police Free Kidnapped Person, Detain 5 Kidnappers in Missan
07:34:17a Obama And War Council Weigh Afghan Shift 08 Oct 2009 032722 GMT
07:34:22a Something Need to Be Done with U.S. Flight Delays
07:34:27a Priewpan sues PM
07:34:33a Coon Rapids Soldier Dies in Iraq
07:34:38a Pill Bottle Cap Sends SMS Take your Meds
07:34:43a Calorie labelling doesnt change habits
07:34:49a Maliki Asserts Keenness to Develop Ties with Russia
07:34:54a Al- Samarai Law of Military Retirement and Service
07:34:59a 7 Muslim children returned to mom
07:35:05a Hyundai finds ways to thrive in a beleaguered industry
07:35:10a President lauds housing units for homeless typhoon victims
07:35:16a School board delays grades vote
07:35:21a Evergreen professor on leave in wake of school trips to Chile
07:35:26a 'Reduced Jewish philanthropy may hurt our welfare services'
07:35:32a New Emergency Operations Center sets up help hotline
07:35:37a Is Too Much To Pay For A Mini Hummer H3 Golf Cart?
07:35:42a Seattle man dies in motorcycle accident in Oregon
07:35:48a Strike threat on health cuts plan
07:35:53a Government company shows it cares
07:35:59a One in four people 'are Muslim'
07:36:04a Two New Departments to Study Mass Graves in Iraq
07:36:10a Ministry of Electricity Denies Power Failure in Al- Kamaliyah Area
07:36:16a Spokane becomes 'Skate City USA'
07:36:22a Iraq Releases Iranian Exiles Detained After Riot
07:36:27a Web 2 Help Me Interview Carly Fiorina
07:36:33a Equal pay deal sparks wages fear
07:36:38a Clarke moves to Lions, Ball in limbo
07:36:43a Al- Hashimi Voiced Concerns Regardingarresting in Nineveh
07:36:49a Local schools working to get students vaccinated for H1N1
07:36:54a Terror Suspect, Robbery, Kidnap Gangs Arrested in Basra
07:36:59a Denver Planning Parking Meter Makeover
07:37:05a Dining Out / Do eat with your hands
07:37:10a Only gall and nothing more
07:37:15a Pomersbach still not welcome at Warriors
07:37:20a Danon to press PM on Obama's settlement freeze demand
07:37:25a C&C on track despite tougher trading
07:37:31a Kindle Goes International, Gets Price Cut
07:37:36a Medical malpractice funds headed for Pa. budget
07:37:42a Drug Relapse Blamed On Shame And 'Comfortable' Jail
07:37:47a Poster collector alleges bogus 'Black Cat' crossed his path
07:37:52a Task force honored for work on slaying case
07:37:58a Typhoon wreaks havoc in Japan
07:38:03a Making every dollar count while doing holiday shopping
07:38:09a HK-Japan clash to go ahead as planned
07:38:14a Tourism police 'exists only on paper,' ex-cop tells 'Post'
07:38:19a Fifth Erbil International Trade Fair Opens 12 October
07:38:25a Canadians 'astounded' by ruling
07:38:30a Big dinosaur prints found in France
07:38:35a Relics across Straits shared for Qing show
07:38:50a Nifty trading above 5K mark; metals, banks up
07:38:58a Schlumberger begins operations in Saudi
07:39:04a Is the recession really over Not according to Dr. Darden
07:39:09a China Mobile Sees Cheap Smartphones Boom
07:39:14a Imelda shoe collection survives flood
07:39:20a Hillary Clinton plans to meet with Medvedev in Moscow
07:39:26a 2 Americans, Israeli share Nobel
07:39:31a Explosion in Mosel
07:39:36a Plan to Establish Transit Port in Basra
07:39:42a Govt plans to sell 5 pc stake in NTPC Report
07:39:47a Vietnam Jails Dissidents While Presiding Over UN Security Council
07:39:52a More taxes for health companies in U.S. Senate bill
07:39:58a Disqualified fighters to be discharged in Nepal soon
07:40:03a Obama reconsiders strategy on war's eighth anniversary
07:40:09a GCC Countries to Establish Nuclear Training Center
07:40:14a Paintings on display in the White House
07:40:19a Pentagon gives Obama copy of Afghan troop increase request
07:40:25a Harper wins Lucozade title
07:40:30a Ocean Power Technologies Signs Agreement for Development of Wave Power Station in Japan
07:40:36a High winds leave 28,000 without power in Michigan
07:40:41a Indonesia's anti-graft official stands trial for alleged murder
07:40:47a Lonesome George may finally start a family
07:40:52a Obama Declares War on Free Speech
07:40:57a TV news channels explode in Europe
07:41:03a S. Pacific quakes cause small tsunami
07:41:08a Kat-Lew ponders playing field proposals ponders playing field proposals
07:41:14a Obama to visit China in mid-November, says White House
07:41:20a A way to explain redistribution to Obama cultists
07:41:25a Gilbert panel sides with fish distributor
07:41:31a Abbas admits error over Gaza report
07:41:36a An English Site In Rio
07:41:42a Seriously Sweet Girlyman provides repeated delights with subtle meanings and sophisticated shifting vocal techniques
07:41:48a Explosion in Falluja
07:41:53a 7 dead, more than 60 hurt in Kabul blast
07:41:59a Car dealer's dream vs. Detroit
07:42:04a Obama, war council weigh Afghan strategy shift
07:42:10a Who Was Paulson Talking About?
07:42:15a Pak Army sees 'intrusive' Kerry Lugar Bill terms 'threat to country's sovereignty'
07:42:20a Indonesia police say Sulawesi 'blast' not bomb
07:42:26a JR East plans rechargeable trains
07:42:31a Saudi Arabia lifts ban on cement exports
07:42:46a Carphone Warehouse Reiterates Fiscal-year Guidance
07:42:52a UMWA Officers Sworn in at Morgantown Ceremony
07:42:57a Blast outside Indian embassy in Kabul kills 12
07:43:02a Obama names Madoff case judge to fill Sotomayor spot
07:43:07a Obama has received commander's troop request Pentagon
07:43:13a Stage set for Champions League T20 opener
07:43:23a Kusano, Eagles crush Marines
07:43:29a Indian newborn survives fall from train reports
07:43:34a Alcoa bounces back as global aluminum consumption continues to improve
07:43:40a Reformist website Iran protester gets death sentence
07:43:45a Illinois man admits illegally selling prehistoric artifacts
07:43:51a Coalition urges safe walks to school
07:43:56a Pumpkin's competition still growing
07:44:01a NZ shares gain with Australia
07:44:07a Sweet deal goes sour
07:44:12a Police welcome tougher stance against meth
07:44:17a Bladetec Deploys 1000th PC-Over-IP Remote Desktop System in the European Market
07:44:22a UPDATE 1-HSBC, others resume talks for RBS Asia units sources
07:44:28a Theater and de Volff / The other three-way summit
07:44:33a Bravos star in warm-up win
07:44:38a Events
07:44:44a Spain Weather Thursday October 8 2009
07:44:49a Homeowners could lose insurance coverage over Chinese-drywall woes
07:44:55a Gustavo Dudamel strikes the right chord in L.A
07:45:00a Civil Rights in the Age of Obama
07:45:06a Ladbrokes To Raise Million In Rights Issue
07:45:12a DETROIT 113, MILWAUKEE 104 Stuckey's night is a positive sign
07:45:17a Mayor from Freedom party possible
07:45:23a Nissan's electric vehicle glides, tilts into corners, to be unveiled at Tokyo auto show
07:45:29a EngineYard Raises Million in New Funds
07:45:34a Weather bureau issues land warning for Typhoon Parma
07:45:40a Indian shares rise 0.6 pct; Reliance up, telcos drop
07:45:45a Vedanta Resources Says Production Met Expectations
07:45:51a Security guard to appear on 'Wheel of Fortune'
07:45:57a Vikram Pandit and his Citi get good marks
07:46:02a Sao Paulo draws 2-2 with Coritiba
07:46:08a InterContinental Abu Dhabi gets 5 star rating
07:46:13a Cabinet reserved about compensation for hot spring operators
07:46:18a GISD might nix attendance zones
07:46:24a Strange Disease Claims 100 Lives in Adamawa
07:46:29a SOUTH HILL
07:46:34a Click bills may rise twice in 2010
07:46:39a Model testifies that Harrison cop molested her testifies that Harrison cop molested her
07:46:44a Sharemarket posts gains as leaders rise
07:46:50a Russia to become improbable superpower
07:46:56a Foreign Minister Meets Leaders of Ministry
07:47:01a Minister of Interior Cornerstone for a Hospital
07:47:06a CBio plans to list on stock exchange
07:47:11a Do you think the 'Hey Hey' skit was inappropriate
07:47:17a TACOMA Dedication will welcome new Alling Park playground
07:47:22a Alvin church defiled by vandals, police say
07:47:27a 'Wicked, depraved' UK Fritzl jailed for 12 years
07:47:33a Top court rules out Berlusconi immunity
07:47:38a Complaints against Peekskill police under review against Peekskill police under review
07:47:43a County OKs E-Verify mandate
07:47:49a Dubai exports go back to monthly average of
07:47:54a LAKEWOOD Man arrested after woman shot in face
07:48:00a From cars to TVs, apps are spreading to the real world
07:48:05a Australian gold miner Norton lowers output forecast by 12 pct
07:48:10a Bellicose Pak 'match-fixing' roar ends in a whimper!
07:48:16a Uganda Local Authorities to Receive Awards
07:48:21a Substitute 'Obama' for 'Bush' and 'Afghanistan' for 'Iraq' . . .
07:48:26a Cement biz consolidation to be complete by q4 `10 India`s Grasim
07:48:32a TACOMA High school graduation rate subject of event Friday
07:48:37a SKorea targets world electric car market
07:48:43a Mayor seeks to 'bury the hatchet' with Conan O'Brien
07:48:48a Digital television switchover scams begin
07:48:53a How Mobile Phones Contribute To Female Progress In Developing Nations
07:48:59a Krakatau Steel to build new jv steel plant
07:49:04a Kenya Fight Famine With Traditional Menu's, Kenyans Urged
07:49:09a Ex-ambassador warns of disintegrating Afghanistan
07:49:15a Video Durbin comes to ACORN's defense
07:49:21a Keith Olbermann Health Care Reform Saving American Lives
07:49:26a Suicide attack kills seven in Kabul
07:49:31a PUYALLUP Donate to help soldiers in 5th Stryker Brigade
07:49:37a Fighting 'new world order,' monster government
07:49:42a Instrumental Quileute elder dies at 58
07:49:47a Video Surprise opposition to Franken's anti-rape proposal
07:49:52a World Bank Adopts Country's Non-Tariff Barrier Report
07:49:58a Australia must lower company taxes to attract FDI research
07:50:03a Video Sarah Vowell joins Rachel Maddow
07:50:08a Government IT project over budget, nine years late
07:50:14a Nokia Siemens bags contract from India`s Unitech Wireless
07:50:19a Berlusconi faces onslaught after immunity law quashed
07:50:25a Four arrests so far in espresso stand theft
07:50:30a Beatings the norm for Bangladeshi children UN
07:50:36a Australia`s OZ Minerals vows to fight IMF-led class action
07:50:41a UK watchdog against ticket tie-up
07:50:46a Rockets rally past Celtics in Garnett's return
07:50:52a Iraq's DP mulls with U.S. consul ways of developing transport sector
07:50:57a Qaeda urges Uighur jihad against China SITE
07:51:03a Residents celebrate 1Malaysia spirit
07:51:08a Mr. Geithner, Wall Street is on Line 1 again
07:51:14a Troj/Alure-E
07:51:19a Development projects of Iskandar Malaysia going ahead as scheduled
07:51:24a Rockwall Good Kid Blake Bailey of Rockwall Heath High School
07:51:30a Alzheimer's may stop Nobel laureate's lecture
07:51:35a Fadi Ibrahim refused bail
07:51:41a Only 30 pct of firms say strong yen hurting earnings Japan survey
07:51:47a Video War in Afghanistan, year nine, day two
07:51:52a Video Don't hate, don't wait
07:51:57a Interim Honduran leader resists diplomats' pleas
07:52:03a Blinded with shovel after speaking up
07:52:08a Reforms Pace Too Slow, Says Team
07:52:13a Robot chef shows recipe for future
07:52:19a India`s MMTC invites bids for import of RBD Palmolein
07:52:24a The Obama failures are already too long to list
07:52:29a Iran open to foreign investment in energy sector
07:52:35a Henrik Sedin stars in Canucks' 7-1 win over Habs
07:52:40a Kenya Alert Issued Over Malaria Upsurge
07:52:45a Boost vitamins with diet not pills, Harvard tells public
07:52:51a Pakistan wants U.S. 'trust', drones, market access
07:52:56a Japan's current account surplus up 10.4 pct
07:53:02a US, Afghan forces kill Afghan child in raid
07:53:07a Tibco Offers Real-Time DIY Service For Optimizing BPM Software
07:53:13a Schools should be teaching children to think for themselves
07:53:18a SC gov's driver pulled for speeding
07:53:24a Gourmet says farewell to America's kitchens
07:53:29a Manchester United cleared over Paul Pogba deal
07:53:34a Netanyahu Conflict not over land
07:53:39a Shannon 'aunt' faces fraud charges
07:53:45a Alaska jet returns to gate; smoke detected in cockpit
07:53:50a Saudi Qassim Cement plans bonus share issue
07:53:56a Jobless data ignites dollar, stocks
07:54:01a EU, Microsoft Near End in Antitrust Tussle
07:54:06a Kobe Bryant to Give Scholarships to Filipino Kids
07:54:12a 'Brace for gale force winds'
07:54:17a Shocker! Ice melt lowest in 30 years
07:54:22a IDC recommences after tsunami cancellation
07:54:27a Iraq- New dam in Kirkuk
07:54:33a 49ers agree to 6-year deal with receiver Crabtree
07:54:44a Postal strike looms as union ballots
07:54:49a Four dead in Afghan capital blast
07:54:55a Carphone Warehouse reports sales growth
07:55:01a For David Letterman, Adultery Pays
07:55:06a Berlusconi Vows To Stay On Despite Trouble
07:55:12a Murder is not theater
07:55:18a Troj/VBInject-I
07:55:23a Moose Jaw Warriors pound Regina Pats 9-6
07:55:29a Bedford Audubon Society sets fall field trips Audubon Society sets fall field trips
07:55:34a How About a Congressional ‘Clawback for Taxpayers
07:55:39a UK at a Glance-RPT-UK Stocks - Factors to watch on Oct 8
07:55:45a Burn Calories 3 Times Faster
07:55:50a Inane Assumptions on Iran
07:55:56a UK Declined a Century Ago Time to Step Up
07:56:01a McCain Continues to Prove Himself the Enemy of the Grassroots
07:56:07a White House weighs Pakistan's role in winning war
07:56:12a Pakistan wants U.S. ''t
07:56:18a Robbie Williams says he was 24hrs away from death during prescription drugs binge
07:56:23a Fire Destroys Abandoned Building in North Marion Co.
07:56:29a Brazilian Billionaire Batista bests Beaty for controlling interest of Ventana
07:56:34a I'm ready for power, says British opposition leader
07:56:40a Poland to sign EU's Lisbon treaty Sunday ministry
07:56:45a Bah, humbug axe falls on council Xmas trees
07:56:51a 2010 Nissan 370Z Touring Roadster
07:56:56a Murder victim's sons are released
07:57:01a Healthy IOC has concerns over London, Sochi Summary
07:57:07a Iran warns gasoline sellers against any supply cut
07:57:12a New York Med Mal Insurer Reducing Buy-in for New Policyholders
07:57:17a Download Fennec 1.0 Beta 4 for Maemo
07:57:23a Whom Will Barack Blame for His Olympic-Sized Failure?
07:57:28a Will Winehouse waltz off
07:57:34a Her Majesty's 63rd Birthday Audience
07:57:40a NZ dollar climbs through US74c
07:57:45a Madonna 'to buy Jesus £1.7m pad in New York'
07:57:51a UK's first 'sea school' launched
07:57:57a 7 Great Clark Griswold Moments
07:58:03a FEC Obama 'not automatically eligible for audit'
07:58:09a Pacific islanders panic and flee after 3 powerful earthquakes off Vanuatu form small tsunami
07:58:15a Syngenta Promotes the Healthy Potato and Opens Donation to Feeding America
07:58:20a Does the Pill Really Affect Our Choice of Mate?
07:58:26a Avram's smile wiped off his face as usual
07:58:31a McKeesport scrambling for pension funds
07:58:36a Sanctions On NKorea Should Remain In Place
07:58:42a Stem cells that 'fool immune system' may help fight cancer
07:58:47a Top US officials reach out to Chicago after deadly violence
07:58:52a Poland to sign EU Lisbon treaty Sunday ministry
07:58:58a 'Miracle' pill could banish period pains
07:59:03a Gourmet to All That
07:59:08a Researchers Create Smaller & More Efficient Nuclear Battery
07:59:14a Baby's voice motivates Brit coma mother to recover
07:59:19a Jordan's beau fears being dumped
07:59:25a Troj/Agent-LJK
07:59:30a Honduras'coup-installed leader resists diplomats' pleas to reinstate Zelaya in heated talks
07:59:35a Anna Nicole Smith interrogated in stepson's 'murder plot'
07:59:40a ***** Good Bucket
07:59:46a Yahoo! Revamps Mobile Homepage with Better RSS & Multimedia Content
07:59:51a 'Unhealthy tensions' at watchdog
07:59:57a Miami's Bacardi buildings win historic protection
08:00:02a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Stem Cell Therapy Latest Research Available at
08:00:08a Builders to take lawsuit to trial
08:00:13a Most Brilliant Minds in Affiliate Marketing Meet in Los Angeles for Affiliate Convention
08:00:19a Appelman acquisition to bring 25 jobs to Manchester
08:00:24a Barnes calls for more Wallabies trials
08:00:29a The Most Basass Accordion Performance You've Ever Seen vid
08:00:35a USA seek South Africa clincher
08:00:40a Henin set for Brisbane return
08:00:45a Matsui homers as Yankees win AL playoff opener
08:00:51a A government in waiting
08:00:57a Conviction stands for Michigan man who killed wife
08:01:02a Dogs may get room to run at Sunrise
08:01:09a Obama team meets to discuss new ways to boost economy, create jobs
08:01:14a Nicole Eggert Returns to Baywatch!
08:01:20a Afghan blast rocks Indian embassy
08:01:25a Let Congress Go Without Insurance
08:01:31a Japan's current account surplus up 10.4 pct
08:01:36a Bill is crucial to balance between government, media
08:01:41a Kabul attack kills 12, wounds 83
08:01:46a Parents to speak after M5 bones find
08:01:52a Empty cans welcome along fair parade route
08:01:57a Reliance Industries announces bonus shares
08:02:03a Kingsnorth coal plant decision delayed
08:02:08a Indonesian tycoon is Golkar's new party chief
08:02:13a Ayers 'confesses' he wrote Obama's 'Dreams'
08:02:19a Thai shares open 0.48 per cent higher
08:02:24a Prince plays Paris it's an instant decision
08:02:29a TG Guingona leaves Villar
08:02:35a Why gold could hit on back of dollar's decline
08:02:40a W32/Patched-D
08:02:46a Vandals trash church in Alvin
08:02:51a Angleton Council picks city attorney
08:02:57a Car bomb targets India embassy in Kabul
08:03:02a Two dead as strong typhoon batters Japan
08:03:07a Saree clad Malay beauty pageant contenders to do their bit for charity
08:03:13a Hostage Standoff Ends Safely in Grafton
08:03:18a 'Thaksin behind about-turn of Pheu Thai on charter rewrite'
08:03:23a ICC says Pak 'match-fixing' claims 'not worth spending energy on'
08:03:28a Gov't to proceed with charter rewrite and reconciliation Suthep
08:03:34a The journey of a Thousand Islands begins with a single Scot
08:03:40a Japan new PM seeks to build trust with Beijing, Seoul
08:03:45a Parents of missing woman to speak after bones find
08:03:50a Likud Tells Obama Keep His Hand off Israel
08:03:55a A great city, failing its libraries
08:04:01a Priewpan sues PM for not getting the job as acting police chief
08:04:06a Schools still have chance to win
08:04:11a Al-Qaida in Pakistan weighed as priority
08:04:17a Uganda Swine Flu Figures Kitabi Seminary Now Safe
08:04:22a B. of A. narrowing list of CEO prospects Journal
08:04:27a Morton High School teacher convicted of touching students
08:04:33a Englishman Helps U.S. Smokers Dodge Taxes
08:04:38a Undersea quake hits off California coast
08:04:44a Doctor set to challenge Leahy
08:04:49a Forum addresses Vt. energy future
08:04:54a Brazoria County briefs for Oct. 8, 2009
08:05:00a Habitat for Humanity revitalizes area
08:05:05a Europe Beckons, Waving Deals
08:05:10a White House weighs Pakistan's role in winning war
08:05:16a Car blast outside India embassy in Kabul
08:05:21a Humans partly to blame
08:05:38a Man denies guilt in cultivation charge
08:05:43a Review of the Malibu Resort Motel in Florida
08:05:52a Axis Bank CMD hints at small changes ahead
08:05:58a Gregory to Join Axis Insurance in London
08:06:04a David Cameron in a pickle over the Lisbon Treaty
08:06:10a Why Colors scrapped Beach O Beach
08:06:16a Lebanese Security Source Sectarian Blocs Protect Perpetrators
08:06:21a Former Deutsche Asia Bankers Launch Investment Bank
08:06:27a Era of 'cheap oil' may be over, says report
08:06:33a Uganda Nation's Trade With France Hits Million
08:06:38a Water — and aliens
08:06:44a Advani will not lead BJP next polls Naidu
08:06:49a GeckoSystems to Host Mobile Robots Conference
08:06:55a Troj/FakeAV-AEZ
08:07:00a Maravilla Resort fire result of negligent welders
08:07:05a 26 Governments protest at Iceland's continued whale hunt
08:07:11a Gaza report set for debate
08:07:16a Penn's death expected to affect Christie's prices
08:07:21a Limitless offers 10% of customers help in land deals
08:07:27a Lubna Al Qasimi meets Indian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
08:07:32a Film world to zoom in on Abu Dhabi for 10-day fiesta
08:07:37a Maritime college to be set up in Abu Dhabi
08:07:43a Abu Dhabi teams ready to test rivals
08:07:48a 'It was challenge to be simple'- Sucheta Khanna
08:07:54a UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs
08:07:59a Man pleads guilty in crash that hurt friend
08:08:05a Extra Deepavali holiday for Malaysian Indian school kids
08:08:11a UAE's FACO meets donor organisations to coordinate Indonesia, Philippines relief operations
08:08:16a Brisbane looms as competitive comeback for Henin
08:08:22a etisalat to launch self-branded mobile phone
08:08:27a Kabul Indian embassy targeted, 12 killed
08:08:33a BPD officer shoots man following traffic stop gone wrong
08:08:38a Derrion Albert's death 'a call to action'
08:08:43a More rate rises likely in 2009 experts
08:08:49a Tension mounts on Bangladesh border
08:09:00a Concern about state of affairs in PLP
08:09:05a Man shot in paramilitary-style attack
08:09:10a George Lopez Commercials Driving People Nuts
08:09:16a UAE to buy 1m flu vaccines in Q4
08:09:21a Qattami addresses UNESCO conference in Paris
08:09:26a Maori Party leaders write in support of Field
08:09:32a AP sources FBI eyes terror suspect's travel talk
08:09:37a Scientists race to prevent ash tree's extinction
08:09:43a Obama has pledged his health reforms will not increase budget deficits
08:09:48a You can't make another love you
08:09:54a Driver charged with DUI in boat crash, one missing
08:09:59a Oireachtas auditor resigned over expenses
08:10:04a New Cable Bahamas building to generate savings
08:10:10a Heartburn drugs safe for foetuses, says Israeli study
08:10:15a Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009
08:10:20a Traveling Overseas Getting Through Security Without Problems
08:10:26a Teachers sit in at Carlton Francis E. Primary
08:10:31a Relatives of Tex Turnquest to testify
08:10:36a 'BJP needs new leader, Advani not in 2014 polls'
08:10:41a Teach Yourself Thai; Is it Possible to Learn Thai Yourself Without a Teacher?
08:10:47a Probes begin into G-20 police actions
08:10:52a Troj/Spy-DZ
08:10:57a Large Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital Kabul
08:11:03a Visa decision expected in November
08:11:08a Rate-setters may keep
08:11:13a Cross-examination overheats in Bridgewater trial again
08:11:19a Phoenix rises to occasion, scores 2 power-play goals against Johnson
08:11:24a Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority launches first generation stakeholder programme
08:11:30a Future of small businesses brighter
08:11:36a With Santander's IPO Brazil Is Eldorado All Over Again
08:11:41a Suspects face two more murder raps
08:11:47a 'Without Gandhi, there would be no Obama'
08:11:52a Tunisian President receives FNC Speaker
08:11:58a Improvement of libpcap for lossless packet capturing in Linux using PF_RING kernel patch
08:12:04a Blast rocks Afghan capital
08:12:09a La Marque officer aiming at attacking dog shoots woman
08:12:31a Ugandan Army Releases Defence Minister
08:12:37a Royal Yacht 'Rabdan' first to enter Yas Marina
08:12:42a 12 dead, 80 hurt in suicide blast
08:12:47a Challenge to legality of a dismissal adjourned
08:12:53a Henin in talks for Brisbane return
08:12:58a Rise in registered organ donors
08:13:03a Verizon Business and McAfee Form Strategic Alliance
08:13:09a Tui Travel buys share in Germany's Air Berlin budget airline
08:13:14a Knowles, Roddick advance to China Open quarters
08:13:20a Aer Lingus staff to be briefed
08:13:25a Sidney Deveaux, A PremieR Administrator In Cricket
08:13:31a Sex crime charges shock Oregon wine country town
08:13:36a Turnquest explains why hangings remain on hold
08:13:41a Children with HIV/ AIDS facing less discrimination
08:13:46a Sumner chosen to head new body
08:13:51a Compuware to buy Web-monitor firm
08:13:57a Troj/VBInject-H
08:14:02a Boxer plans hearing on toxic school drinking
08:14:08a Policeman shot dead in Novi Sad
08:14:13a Readers' choice Toyota Prius vs. Ford Fusion hybrid
08:14:18a Chart Most popular airline routes
08:14:23a Hays Q1 fees fall
08:14:29a Five different versions of health care reform are competing in Congress
08:14:34a No Sex workers category in HIV/AIDS report
08:14:39a Seven Dead As Large Explosion Rocks Kabul
08:14:45a World Mental Health Day Is Oct. 10, 2009
08:14:50a COB students weigh in on proposed amendment to sexual offences act
08:14:56a Ex-Delphi unit seeks distinction from GM
08:15:01a Mattress factory's 'LIKENESS' reflects on artists' visions of themselves
08:15:06a North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Wonsan city in Kangwondo province
08:15:12a Relatives question why state took kidnapped baby
08:15:17a Grand Prairie Good Kid Elizabeth White of South Grand Prairie High
08:15:22a Two men released in McDaid murder probe
08:15:28a 40 Held over Illegal Fishing on Lake Edward
08:15:33a Suspect escapes from PMH
08:15:39a ECB set to hold rates, caution on economy
08:15:44a Homeowners scramble to refinance mortgages
08:15:50a Widow asks Toyota to act quickly on floor mats
08:15:55a Keod Smith enters PLP chairmanship race
08:16:00a Health care bill cost cited at
08:16:06a Ellis to receive Trumpet Award
08:16:11a Cox objects to Blue Cross buy
08:16:16a Afghan Ambassador Calls For More U.S. Forces
08:16:22a MITCH ALBOM Yes, Tigers lost, but is there culprit for collapse?
08:16:27a Three powerful earthquakes of magnitudes 7.8, 7.7, 7.1 cause Pacific tsunami panic
08:16:32a Whimsical Lio is missed
08:16:37a Nigeria Siasia's Ideas Fails to Hold Germany
08:16:43a Consumers cut borrowing for 7th month
08:16:48a Police called to PLP meeting
08:16:53a Judge jails Qld murder 4 for life
08:16:59a CEO REPORT More jobs to be cut at GM
08:17:04a Wide Write Brownie Points
08:17:09a Pakistani official says U.S. aid crucial
08:17:25a WATCH NEW ADS Ford turns to buyers to tout vehicles in new ads
08:17:31a House bill prompts outcry from stand-alone casino operators
08:17:36a Appointment Of New Perm Sec
08:17:41a The Dodgers celebrate defeating the Cardinals
08:17:47a Pacific Nations Disturbed by a New Earthquake _earthquake-0
08:17:52a Uganda Bourse Records Sh841 Million
08:17:57a Anti-Obesity Ad Shocks New Yorkers
08:18:03a Tsunami panic grips Fiji
08:18:08a Nissan's new concept vehicle, the 'Land Glider'
08:18:13a Man who sold rifles to undercover agents gets light sentence
08:18:18a Former housing director recounts kidnapping
08:18:24a Nigeria Infant HIV Diagnosis Centre Takes Off in Taraba
08:18:29a First USB 3.0 External SSD Drives Announced
08:18:35a High Costs For Replacing Mayor's Signs
08:18:40a Abbott living in dark ages Land Council
08:18:46a Death row inmate loses appeal on retardation claim
08:18:51a Australia shares close at high on jobs surge
08:18:56a Obama, US war council weigh Afghan shift
08:19:02a Saudi man sentenced to 1,000 lashes for bragging about sex
08:19:07a Knoxville child is TN's 7th pediatric swine flu death
08:19:13a Street map of Kabul locating the area of a blast Thursday
08:19:18a Head-on collision kills 11 in Compostela Valley
08:19:23a 400,000 lakeshore squatters key to fixing floods
08:19:29a Rand trading in a range this morning
08:19:34a Governor Unticketed Speeding
08:19:39a APTOPIX NLDS Cardinals Dodgers Baseball
08:19:45a APTOPIX Japan Asia Typhoon
08:19:50a Indian envoy says its intensity was the same as 2008 blast
08:19:56a Three Women Arrested for Eating Grilled Chicken at Supermarket
08:20:01a Employee meeting cost Caddo
08:20:07a Silvio Berlusconi vows to stay
08:20:12a Strauss vows that England will shine in Australia in 2010
08:20:18a Large blast hits Afghan capital
08:20:23a No mercy for thieving headman
08:20:28a A senior diplomat at the Indian embassy said the mission was the target
08:20:33a A brief but exhilarating test run
08:20:39a Graphic charting Japan's current account and trade surplus in August
08:20:44a Alcoa's profit a surprise
08:20:49a Ribosome work nets 3 Nobel
08:20:55a Fall Festival, now on streets of two towns, marks 25 years
08:21:00a NYC sting targets sales at gun shows
08:21:05a Pakistan army snubs conditions of U.S. aid offer
08:21:11a Uganda Suuna, Nankabirwa Seeded Top for Tembo Steel Championship
08:21:16a CPI M calls 48 hrs Bihar-Jharkhand bandh
08:21:22a US woman claims her 7-foot-long pooch is world's tallest dog
08:21:27a Suicide attack in Afghan capital kills four 2nd Update
08:21:32a Afghan police and bystanders remove a body
08:21:38a This NASA image shows an aerial view of the Hedwige Polder in Netherlands
08:21:43a 6 reasons why you will remember September
08:21:48a Uganda Masaka in Mass Vaccination of Dogs
08:21:53a Insider info from Iranian?
08:21:59a What environmental changes to expect over next 100 years
08:22:04a Parents wary of flu-shot risk, need
08:22:10a New links between chronic rhinosinusitis, depression established
08:22:15a Beyond Elections in the Americas An Interview with Michael Fox
08:22:21a Pot battle builds in California
08:22:26a Indian inflation falls to 0.70 pc
08:22:31a Nigeria How Ladoja Can Contest On PDP Platform, By Scribe
08:22:37a Coroner Apollo man died of self-inflicted gunshot wound
08:22:42a RP's 2010 rice imports may hit around 2M tons
08:22:47a Uganda Drivers Relishing 'Fast' Independence Rally
08:22:53a Indonesia police say Sulawesi 'blast' not bomb
08:22:58a Fort Worth fire claims life of family's homeless friend
08:23:04a 20 Internet Celebrities and Where Are They Now?
08:23:09a Peace deal impossible now
08:23:14a Africa Lady Golfers Ready for All Africa Event
08:23:19a Phuket timesharing business worth mn in 2008
08:23:24a Rwanda Warm Welcome Awaits Francophone Games Team
08:23:30a AP sources FBI eyes terror suspect's travel talk
08:23:35a Westinghouse eyes young engineers at Seneca Valley
08:23:40a Accuser testifies against Ohio doc
08:23:45a Comrade tells how three Stryker soldiers died
08:23:51a US national security team to focus on Al Qaeda in Pakistan NYT
08:23:56a Ohio deputy faked illness before suicide
08:24:01a Goat cheese adds zing to salad
08:24:07a U.S. companies may look abroad to fight global warming
08:24:13a New 'lab-on-a-chip' technique could speed breast cancer detection
08:24:18a Rare head and neck cancer linked to HPV
08:24:23a New 'lab-on-a-chip' technique could speed breast cancer detection
08:24:29a 12 dead as blast targets Kabul's Indian embassy
08:24:34a Poland to sign EU's Lisbon treaty Sunday ministry
08:24:40a Bajaj launches sports bike Kawasaki Ninja
08:24:45a India inflation dip adds to policy outlook debate
08:24:50a Fire chiefs say women welcome as firefighters
08:24:56a Hu calls for futher efforts for Beijing's public stability
08:25:01a Think green for warming a home
08:25:06a Saudi gets 5 years in jail for frank sex talk
08:25:12a Banker Cuisia elected as new Namfrel head
08:25:17a Soccer Argentina look to turn World Cup corner v Peru
08:25:23a A tree is nice, but know what you're getting
08:25:28a 10 soldiers injured in Yala ambush
08:25:34a SYLVIA RECTOR Indian street food's unexpected flavor is a big draw in Canton
08:25:40a The Trouble with Knowledge
08:25:45a Berlusconi vow
08:25:50a On a lunar collision course
08:25:56a As Abbas excoriated, peace talks languish
08:26:10a Little tomatoes give pizza a fresh boost
08:26:15a Asia's top film fest set for glitzy opening
08:26:20a What God has put together let man not separate
08:26:25a Genes linked with onset age of Parkinson's disease identified
08:26:31a Souder, Pence weigh in on gun, cross cases
08:26:39a Marshmallows go beyond mere fluff
08:26:46a Greensburg man kills himself after brief standoff with police
08:26:54a Taste test Starbucks VIA Ready Brew
08:26:59a Catching the wave along with the sea anemones
08:27:04a Killing of boy, 12, goes unpunished
08:27:10a Carnegie Library review weighed
08:27:15a Study of laws in 18 countries for ISA review
08:27:20a Husband dumps wife after selling her kidney
08:27:26a Market posts gains as leaders rise
08:27:31a Swiss seek to settle debate over the true fondue
08:27:36a Indian embassy walls damaged, staff unhurt
08:27:50a Obituary Irving Penn / Noted fashion and celebrity photographer
08:27:55a Cromwell, Tudor England come alive in Booker winning epic
08:28:01a Cougar on the prowl at Carlynton as alumnus puts statue drive over the top
08:28:10a Warning on digital TV deadline rorts
08:28:16a RCom accounts' audit over; others to follow
08:28:21a Israel FM to tell U.S. envoy no peace deal possible
08:28:26a Uganda Save Your Eye Sight Before It's Too Late
08:28:39a Uganda Youth Urged to Shun Violence
08:29:07a Fomer professor's Nobel Prize medal presented to CMU
08:29:12a Indian embassy staff unhurt, one killed and four hurt
08:29:18a 'The Idea of Justice', 'The Lost Symbol' top bestseller list
08:29:23a SA Airlink pilot dies of injuries
08:29:28a World's largest brewer to sell off its theme parks
08:29:33a 19 nabbed for massacre of 16 people in Bihar
08:29:39a Man and pregnant wife charged with drug possession
08:29:44a Mideast sliding 'into the darkness' Jordan king
08:29:50a 'No win' for nonprofits relying on state funds
08:29:55a Polish ministers resign over gambling scandal
08:30:05a Popular Market Opens in Kut
08:30:24a Tories will 'definitely' scrap Heathrow's third runway
08:30:30a Female teacher a 'predatory paedophile'
08:30:35a US envoy returns to Mideast amid little hope
08:30:40a Man held after murder of reserve cop
08:30:45a Malaysian charged with importing drugs
08:30:51a Garage apartment collapses into alley
08:30:56a West Jefferson Hills hires substitute superintendent
08:31:01a Jazz giant awarded distinction
08:31:06a NAMES+FACES Stars line up for Woodruff
08:31:11a COB, union lock horns on new contract
08:31:17a Uganda Orange in Wireless Internet Market
08:31:22a US calls Kabul bombing 'deeply troubling'
08:31:28a Taylorsville man's story featured in 'Chicken Soup for the Soul Extraordinary Teens'
08:31:33a Israeli foreign minister No peace deal now
08:31:38a Jermaine meets Bollywood
08:31:43a Rafa Benitez defends centre backs Martin Skrtel & Jamie Carragher
08:31:49a MARK PHELAN MKT puts Lincoln ahead in field
08:31:54a State spent million before Trans-Texas Corridor's demise
08:32:00a SUSAN TOMPOR How to steer clear of investment scams
08:32:05a Airlink boss pays tribute to pilot
08:32:11a India's Nuclear Power Corp targets 63,000 MW by 2032
08:32:16a New on DVD 'Anvil The Story of Anvil,' 'Ally McBeal The Complete Series'
08:32:22a Classic musical fails to inspire
08:32:27a ESE ESAN Bond with your dog at Yappy Hour
08:32:32a Uganda Telecom Money Transfer Tilts Market
08:32:38a Bob Dole GOP Should Support Health Care Reform
08:32:43a Ed Miliband discovers long lost Russian relative
08:32:48a Peephole video troubles hotels
08:32:53a Africa Senior Catholic Clerics to Confront Celibacy Issue?
08:32:59a Movies opening this week 'The Boys Are Back,' 'Couples Retreat'
08:33:04a Foreigners in Pak advised to restrict movements following UN building attack
08:33:09a Kenya Law Experts to Submit New Timetable
08:33:14a Canadian scientists decode DNA of breast cancer tumor
08:33:20a Kenya Reporters Learn Legal Matters
08:33:25a Christian Arrested for Distributing Tracts in Egypt
08:33:30a ICAI should encourage larger audit firms
08:33:36a Amazon to desert Royal Mail over Christmas post strike threat
08:33:41a CIA Knew About Iran's Secret Nuclear Site for Three Years
08:33:46a Eating local morphs into buying direct movement
08:33:52a RACHEL MAY Reunion shows for Junk Monkeys, Hoolapoppers
08:33:57a Kenya Scramble to Sink Boreholes Has Experts Worried
08:34:02a Victory over Proven Killer
08:34:08a Poland's president set to approve Lisbon
08:34:13a Kim's new love
08:34:19a Recent movie releases 'Capitalism A Love Story'
08:34:24a LOCAL MOVIE NEWS AND NOTES Rock poster artists star in new doc
08:34:29a LAquila farmers launch SOS to consumers
08:34:35a Providence St. Peter Hospital workers plan one-day strike
08:34:40a Nigeria Bullish Trend Persists, As Equity Trading Soar By 201 Percent
08:34:45a Stand up for the forgotten millions
08:34:51a Anna Nicole Smith Investigated by the FBI for Murder Scheme
08:34:56a Downloadable Game Puts Players In Role Of John The Baptist
08:35:02a Brian McCollum's big gigs 'Them Crooked Vultures,' 'B.B. King'
08:35:07a Oppn Qld Australia's 'jobless capital'
08:35:12a Syrian-Saudi summit in Damascus
08:35:17a Alta. to partner with Ottawa to fund carbon capture
08:35:23a CNN Mayor Seeks To 'Bury The Hatchet' With Conan
08:35:28a Shannon 'aunt' faces fraud charges
08:35:33a City could trim million to avoid transit deficit
08:35:38a Paranoia takes hold in bleak drama
08:35:44a 10 suspected illegal immigrants arrested after traffic stop
08:35:49a Phoenix police searching for man that aimed weapon at officer
08:35:55a Gaffe undermines general's appointment
08:36:00a Get your shriek on
08:36:05a Green leafy foods can be dangerous
08:36:11a Lancashire secure Moore signing
08:36:16a Best bets A roarin' good time in Detroit
08:36:21a Daimler Financial Services launches in the UAE
08:36:27a Soon, blast off into space via gigantic air gun!
08:36:32a U.S. vs. Honduras gameday
08:36:37a Taliban vows 'prolonged war'
08:36:42a Uganda Nizeyimana Arrest a Welcome Move
08:36:48a Steel magnate Lakshmir Mittal tops 2009 UK football rich list
08:36:53a Arizona soldier killed in 12-hour Afghanistan battle
08:36:59a Nigeria 'Violence Possible If Militants Are Not Released'
08:37:04a 5 questions with Colbie Caillat, singer-songwriter
08:37:10a Google Chrome Is Exceeding Internal Benchmarks for Adoption
08:37:15a Israeli media mogul mulls purchasing stake in Al Jazeera
08:37:20a MARK STRYKER Young cellist a striking talent
08:37:26a Agliotti breaks down
08:37:31a Clothing store robbed
08:37:37a One ring to awe them all
08:37:42a The file on MI5 surveillance
08:37:47a Tories may raise VAT in emergency budget plan
08:37:53a Carpenter Leadership in Speci