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12:00:00a Tuscaloosa Robbery Arrest

12:00:04a Merrill Replaces Head of Fixed-Income Unit
12:00:07a Rescue Begins in S. Africa Gold Mine
12:00:11a Monk marching in downtown Portland for Myanmar
12:00:15a Tucson Airport Celebrates Early Arrival That Brought a Special Delivery
12:00:18a Evening Update WBZ Weather For Wednesday
12:00:22a Boston Police Keep Peace At Fenway Park
12:00:25a Red Sox Fans Confident Heading Into Angels' Series
12:00:29a Edwards, Giuliani Hit Campaign Trail In N.H.
12:00:32a Park Unveiled For Girl Killed During Fenway Riot
12:00:36a 'Arthur Live' To Premiere At Colonial Theatre
12:00:40a Actor Denis Leary Unveils Firefighter Facility
12:00:43a Web Extra Edwards Answers WBZ Viewers' Questions
12:00:47a Teen accused of killing little brother over dessert
12:00:50a Bill Ford 'We can work with' framework of the GM-UAW deal
12:00:54a Toyota isn't green enough, an environmental group charges
12:00:57a 95.5 stops Britney suicide watch stunt
12:01:01a Bush Vetoes Kids' Health Insurance Bill
12:01:05a Virtual Colonoscopy Nears Prime Time
12:01:08a HPV Test Helps Detect Cervical Cancer
12:01:11a Peter Chernin on The Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News
12:01:15a Peter Chernin on new media, the Murdochs and the economy
12:01:18a Losing session for stocks
12:01:22a Tamiflu survives sewage treatment?...
12:01:26a Dormer bailed into fathers custody
12:01:29a Party pill millionaire dies suddenly
12:01:33a Business Report for Thursday, October 10, 2007
12:01:36a Crescent Petroleum completes successful drilling program in Mubarek field UAE
12:01:40a Iran says U.S. can't afford another war
12:01:44a Italy finance minister wins key IMF policy post
12:01:47a Pentagon eyes greater role over Iraq contractors
12:01:50a Union fears for 3,200 trapped S.African miners
12:01:54a Ban to review action on Myanmar with U.N. council
12:01:58a U.S. lawmakers seek ban on lead in children's toys
12:02:01a Ban to review action on Myanmar with UN Council
12:02:05a 3,000 workers trapped deep in South African gold mine after elevator shaft damaged
12:02:09a Strong Demand Pushes up Both Prices and Sales Volumes for Dragon's Main Products
12:02:12a IBC Receives Court Approval to Extend Exclusivity for 30 Days
12:02:16a AAAAI Asthma on the Job
12:02:19a AHIMA Signs Contract With CMS for ICD-10 Implementation Assessment and Training
12:02:23a Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over Recalled Meat
12:02:27a West Bengal school in Subroto Cup junior final
12:02:30a Bengal ration row one killed in cop firing
12:02:34a VIDEO Jury Hears Nichols On Tape
12:02:37a VIDEO Grand Chute Police Chief Resigns
12:02:41a VIDEO It's National Walk To School Day
12:02:44a VIDEO Fire Damages Green Bay Apartment
12:02:48a VIDEO Number Of Oshkosh Robberies Increases
12:02:51a VIDEO Some Workers In Appleton Get Bad News
12:03:12a NASA Selects Launch Services Provider for Earth Imagery Satellite
12:03:23a 'Men Of Mortuaries' Hawk Hunky Calendar
12:03:35a Military Deaths in Central Asia at 381
12:03:42a National Park Service suspends popular bike tours at Haleakala
12:03:46a 1 church in US splits from Episcopal diocese
12:03:49a Judge rejects preliminary injunction on NASA background checks
12:03:59a eBay Phishers Getting Better Organized, Using Linux
12:04:03a Bill Camp Will Join Mary-Louise Parker in 'Dead Man's Cell Phone'
12:04:20a New Topeka Spangles
12:04:24a Parking Woes for Aggieville, 'It could be better, a lot better!'
12:04:27a Officer Involved In Shooting Back at Work
12:04:31a Topeka Man Sentenced in Robbery
12:04:34a Operation Team Works
12:04:38a Veto to affect SoonerCare?
12:04:41a New workout facility planned
12:04:44a Baby's dad thanks rescuer
12:04:48a State AG want halt to scheduling executions
12:04:52a 74 of 3,000 Rescued From S. Africa Mine
12:04:57a Judge tosses JPL workers' security check claim
12:05:00a Handed their hats, Lynwood council members take a seat
12:05:03a Phone tax plan moves forward
12:05:07a Union fears for 3,200 trapped South African miners
12:05:14a Harper warns opposition over support for throne speech
12:05:18a KiwiFM Audio Wallace & John Key on Politics
12:05:21a KiwiFM Wallace & UK Correspondent Chris Mason
12:05:25a KiwiFM Audio Wallace IVs on Mt Aspiring
12:05:28a 95bFM Mikey Havoc IVs John Key on His Agenda
12:05:32a KiwiFM Wammo & Kevin List's Political Roundup
12:05:35a KiwiFM Audio Wammo & Nuclear Comeback Director
12:05:45a Rabid fox attacks woman, dog in Isle of Wight
12:06:13a Teacher's Racial Slur In Crossword Causes Stir
12:06:16a Spector Murder Retrial To Proceed With New Lawyer
12:06:20a Vietnam Soldier's Letters Finally Make It To Mom
12:06:24a Flagler officials give red-tide warning
12:06:27a Public urged to help in controversial lawyer-judge video
12:06:31a Police 80% of crimes committed by Malaysians
12:06:35a Michelle Yeoh receives top French award
12:06:38a International Spy Museum opens Operation Spy attraction
12:06:42a Planning your trip to Nova Scotia
12:06:45a Barbara Walters tells Faith Hills she wants to do Tim McGraw
12:06:49a Wednesday cocktail Blueberry martini
12:06:52a We're lazy enough without eliminating the hyphen
12:06:56a Danny Bonaduce boldyslams Johhn Fairplay at the Really Awards
12:07:00a Supreme Court to review lethal injection drugs
12:07:03a Jessica Simpson's nose pulls a disappearing act
12:07:07a Video of George W. Bush drunk at a 1992 wedding
12:07:10a Miners To Be Rescued 'in Hours'
12:07:14a North Korea's Weapons Pledge
12:07:17a Brown Ahead In Minds Of Voters
12:07:21a Burmese Military Stays Tough
12:07:24a Satellites Celebrate 50 Years
12:07:28a Commission Veterans Care Broken, Out Of Date
12:07:31a N. Korea To Disable Main Nuclear Facility This Year
12:07:35a U.N. Condemns Attack On Peacekeepers In Darfur
12:07:39a Jimmy C
12:07:42a Jimmy Carter Fights Back In Darfur Exchange
12:07:46a Fears For 3,000 Trapped Miners
12:07:49a Pfeiffer At Stardust's UK Debut
12:07:53a San Jose Aims To Cut Length Of Council Meetings
12:07:59a Hero Ship USS Zuni Docks in Newport News
12:08:03a Threat To Cut Grant Scares Veterans With Brain Injuries
12:08:06a 1. Government re-imposes suspension on hiring of workers from Bangladesh
12:08:10a 2. Medium who raped girl under his care on the run
12:08:13a 3. Police 80% of crimes committed by Malaysians
12:08:17a 4. Michelle Yeoh receives top French award
12:08:21a 6. Public urged to help in controversial lawyer-judge video
12:08:24a 8. Fasting easier for couple the second time around
12:08:28a 9. Harmony says 3,200 S.African gold miners trapped
12:08:31a 11. Tony's acting career takes off
12:08:35a 12. MIC rejects PPP president's cheque
12:08:38a 14. Student blogger in trouble
12:08:42a 16. Dr Mahathir continues to improve
12:08:45a 18. Two Nigerians found dead
12:08:49a 19. Workers' ban dismays envoy
12:08:53a Chicago Derailments Ruled Accidental
12:08:56a Swastikas, `KKK' Written on Deaf Student
12:09:00a Knox School Board Approves Later Start in 2008
12:09:03a Former Harlan Co Special Deputy Indicted on Murder Charge
12:09:07a Man Charged with Kidnapping 15-Year Old Girl
12:09:11a Sessionist Movement Leaders Meet in East Tennessee
12:09:14a Single Engine Plane Makes Emergency Landing Near Nashville
12:09:18a Thompson Gets N.Y. Conservative Party Invitation, Not Giuliani
12:09:21a Asking Too Much Of The Little River?
12:09:25a Shillong ARC cops win
12:09:28a Virtual Colonoscopy Effectively Finding Cancer
12:09:32a Coroner probes death of Louisville swimmer
12:09:36a Fire clears land for state park
12:09:39a Video Crazed by Rush, Wes Clark calls for political discourse to be rated
12:09:46a Troop G to conduct Webster checkpoint
12:10:25a Carrying on Kandahar mission a 'moral responsibility' for ...
12:10:32a Stone Mountain Calls Off Snow-Making Attraction Wed, 03 Oct 2007 234914 GMT
12:10:44a Edwards shirt gets student in trouble
12:10:48a Mining a hazardous occupation in South Africa
12:10:56a Small plane crashes along U.S. 17 in Chesapeake
12:11:13a Philippines Filipinos Excited Over Expanded Paypal Access
12:11:26a Storms in the Web 2.0 Petri Dish
12:11:29a Hands on with Fujitsus vein-scanning mouse
12:11:33a 700 MHz Auction Google Takes Another Shot At Verizon
12:11:36a MuRata Boy!
12:11:40a Could be BlackBerry 9000 to have stateside 3G, due early next year
12:12:22a Raw Video 'Heavenly Sword' Swings Onto PS3
12:12:26a Sinkhole Swallows Highway, Threatens Homes
12:12:29a Investigation Under Way in Colorado Explosion
12:12:43a One suspect in fatal robbery pleads guilty
12:12:56a When documentation gets declassified
12:13:00a Middle school students put on 'people need to die' list
12:13:03a Keyes Excluded from Michigan Presidential Debate
12:13:47a Duck-billed dinosaur with 300 teeth
12:13:51a Moon water search deal signed
12:13:54a Solar power film scheme gets boost
12:13:58a 'Spam' messages to mobiles on rise
12:14:01a Judge Rejects Injunction in JPL Case
12:14:05a Earth-like planet forming 424 light years away
12:14:08a Vulnerable Germ Labs Tough to Identify
12:14:12a Groups propose measures to end Amazon deforestation
12:14:15a Search and the Law Attorney Clarke Douglas Walton
12:14:19a Angela Merkel is given flowers by an Ethiopian child
12:14:22a Angela Merkel and Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul are greeted by officials
12:14:26a Gold miners walk past a mine in South Africa
12:14:29a Chelsea's Didier Drogba celebrates after scoring
12:14:33a Chelsea's coach Avram Grant
12:14:36a Chelsea's Joe Cole is tackled by Valencia's Emiliano Moretti
12:14:40a Chelsea's Didier Drogba controls the ball by Valencia's Raul Arbiol
12:14:44a Valencia's David Villa vies with Chelsea's Paulo Ferreira
12:14:47a Valencia's Ivan Helguera fights for the ball with Chelsea's Florent Malouda
12:14:51a Three thousand African miners trapped
12:14:54a Russia warns against arms race in space
12:14:57a Vols' Ayers ready to 'shut up and play football'
12:15:01a Maryville and Central meet yet again
12:15:05a UT punter Britton Colquitt 'humbled' by injury
12:16:56a Car Dealership Apologizes For Racial Slur
12:16:59a Toll Roads Help Hutto Grow
12:17:03a Bottling Up Feelings Could Be Bad For Health
12:17:06a Texans want better river levees instead of fence
12:17:10a Another teen arrested in fatal shooting
12:17:13a Rangers hire Sundberg as PR vice president
12:17:30a UC Berkeley Posts Lectures On YouTube For All To See
12:18:12a Two Firms May Boost ICICI Stake
12:18:16a Domenici expected to announce retirement
12:18:19a Thousands of Gold Miners Trapped in South Africa
12:18:23a Backers of Vetoed SCHIP Bill Say It's Misunderstood
12:18:26a Family Accuses 'Sugar' Filmmakers of Defamation
12:18:30a Blackwater's Version of Iraq Attack Disputed
12:18:34a Utah Miners' Families Seek More Federal Oversight
12:18:37a Japan Battles Jellyfish Invasion
12:18:41a Hunt Denies His Political Ties Aided Kurdish Pact
12:18:44a Autonomous Kurdish Government Signs New Oil Contracts
12:19:24a Harper ends joust with journalists for first visit to press theatre as PM
12:19:36a Some miners rescued from South African mine
12:19:39a Rights watchdog rejects Govt refugee stance
12:19:43a Russia celebrate Sputnik launch
12:19:46a Public memorial service planned for 'Mainy'
12:20:17a Mysore Petro becomes debt-free
12:20:20a 'Your Voice, Your Vote' Voter Problem Patrol
12:20:24a Memphis workplace shooting
12:20:27a City Schools' Central Nutrition Center Under Scrutiny
12:20:31a Murder in Parkway Village
12:20:34a EU allows most UK meat exports aft
12:20:38a Salary council survey shows widening pay gap
12:20:41a Homeland Security issues contract for presidential transition planning help
12:20:45a House backs stronger requirements for contract building guards
12:20:49a Army to consolidate environmental contracts
12:20:53a Senate backs 3 billion border security add-on to Defense bill
12:20:56a Panel to set hearing date for attorney general nominee
12:21:00a Davis Masseur Arrested on Sex Charges
12:21:04a New Caledonia crows join exclusive tool-making club of humans and Chimpanzees
12:21:08a Fiercer version of duck-billed dinosaur discovered in Utah's Grand Staircase
12:21:11a McDonald's attorney says company not responsible for strip search
12:21:15a Turnpike party heads to Europe for trade group meeting
12:21:18a Trial date set for indicted trash hauler
12:21:22a Wis. bars accused of price fixing
12:21:26a 30 Percent of Airline Flights Delayed in August, Study Finds
12:21:29a Where were
12:21:32a What
12:21:36a Swan attacks Costello's Qld record
12:21:40a Wickham funeral will also be a 'wedding'
12:21:44a San Diego landslide destroys home, opens 45-metre chasm in four-lane road
12:21:47a 3,000 workers trapped in South African gold mine after elevator shaft damaged
12:21:51a Jimmy Carter confronts Sudanese security in Darfur over meeting with refugees
12:21:55a Bhutto says Musharraf refusing to implement reforms before Pakistan's election
12:21:58a Photos and videos give London inquest jury a picture of Diana's last hours
12:22:02a Prosecutors dropping drug and gun charges against rapper Jadakiss
12:22:06a K-Fed appears at LA hearing in custody dispute with Britney Spears
12:22:09a Doctors say Chretien expected to have full recovery from heart surgery
12:22:13a Distinguishing Between Free Software and Freeware
12:22:16a What's Next for SCHIP Legislation?
12:22:20a Momentous Collapses in Campaign History
12:22:24a Stem Cells Treat Urinary Incontinence
12:22:27a Crackdown on the slaughter of the animals
12:22:31a Cameron puts Tories on election footing with conference 'triumph'
12:22:34a Paris hotel's Diana film seen for first time
12:22:38a Fan mars Celtic's moment of triumph
12:22:41a Famous café at centre of new ice-cream war
12:22:45a A natural cure?
12:22:48a Ground-down Britons reveal the strain of modern living
12:22:52a Carter in conflict with Darfur security forces
12:22:59a Gold workers stranded more than a mile down after power severed
12:23:02a The truth about how the Pope joined the Hitler Youth, by Chico the cat
12:23:06a Dounreay chiefs confirm plan for robots to tackle clean-up of seabed
12:23:09a Recycling in Scotland nears 30% but higher targets are possible
12:23:13a Immigrant who stabbed man escapes deportation
12:23:17a NHS 24 makes changes after system causes child's death
12:23:20a Blind make a noise over the 'silent hazard' of hybrid cars
12:23:23a Law worker allowed flat to be used as 'drugs warehouse'
12:23:27a Tourist chiefs aim to draw an extra 250 from visitors
12:23:30a Anonymous kidney swap offers couples 'gift of life'
12:23:34a Police rapped over boy's 59 hours in cell
12:23:37a 16 years after Vicky vanished, police search house on English south coast
12:23:41a Junta dragging residents from beds in terror patrols at night
12:23:44a Potato at heart of new debate on GM crops
12:23:48a Capital defies market fears as prices in some parts rise by 25%
12:23:52a Mother tells of anger as son's killers jailed
12:23:55a Alexander accused of hypocrisy over call for rise in public cash for office
12:23:59a Skills crisis 'putting 21bn Scots building boom at risk'
12:24:02a Is this Indiana Jones and the sequel of doom?
12:24:06a Fury as badger-baiting charges dropped
12:24:10a Bhutto says party poised to quit if Musharraf wins poll
12:24:13a Green MSP has one of least green houses, says survey
12:24:17a EU move to end meat export ban is hailed
12:24:20a Uneasy truce in the war of the wigs over World's End
12:24:24a Paedophile strikes again after 13 years
12:24:27a Wishlist suggests business as usual for Wendy
12:24:31a EU fisheries policy 'puts stocks at more risk'
12:24:35a Wreckage sparks hunt for fisherman
12:24:38a Turkey's president defends human rights record
12:24:42a Scotland 'needs more graduates to compete'
12:24:46a Airports 'acted against the public interest'
12:24:49a Space dust forming a new Earth, say experts
12:24:53a Spears stays away from custody hearing
12:24:56a Early release attacked as rate of re-offending rises
12:25:00a Public warned to be alert as RAF report missing bomb
12:25:03a Young girls targeted in sex slavery crackdown
12:25:07a Rainfall reduced following wet summer all over UK
12:25:10a Babies 'bring 1,140 debt'
12:25:13a Road bridge repair calls
12:25:17a Spector faces new trial over death of actress
12:25:20a North Korea to disable nuclear facilities
12:25:24a 53m raid suspect cleared
12:25:27a Royal Mail staff stage walkout
12:25:31a Drowned boy's mother in attack on staff
12:25:34a 30,000 secures Morgan's works
12:25:37a No bulletins to read, so Moira Stuart quits BBC
12:25:41a Treasury impartiality row
12:25:44a Men 'at more risk of crash'
12:25:48a Traditionalists going bananas
12:25:51a Footballer on assault charge
12:25:55a Richey family may sell their homes
12:25:58a Wallace and Gromit back in business
12:26:01a Iraqi insurgents band together
12:26:05a Hash cakes go free range
12:26:08a DNA test parents are not baby's
12:26:12a 10,000 gems left in hotel bedroom
12:26:15a Langham tries to get jail term cut
12:26:19a Body of man, 28, found in tenement
12:26:22a Children suspects in cottage blaze
12:26:26a Nurse on holiday killed by tram
12:26:29a Police hunt for missing teenager
12:26:33a Man cleared of killing teenager
12:26:36a Bug forces 13 wards to close
12:26:39a Plans unveiled for 'green town'
12:26:43a Care worker dies in gun crossfire
12:26:46a Airline's extra flights to Norway
12:26:50a Shot biker arrests
12:26:54a Poet's hat-trick
12:26:57a Fasola to fight extradition order
12:27:01a CitySkip Man Builds Secret Apartment At Mall, Gets Away With It For Four Years
12:27:04a Your All My SEO Link Biatches Now!
12:27:08a Anna Nicole Smith Death Photos For Sale?
12:27:12a Some workers rescued from So Afr mine, thousand still trapped
12:27:15a Pakistan Seen Losing Fight Against Taliban And Al-Qaeda
12:27:19a Vitter Asks Taxpayers to Fund Anti-Evolution Group
12:27:22a John McCain and our Christian Nation®
12:27:26a Trillions for Murder the Axis of Bush and Blackwater
12:27:30a Security Companies Seldom Report Shootings in Iraq, U.S. Officials Say
12:27:33a Having a Carnage Party We Count, They Don't
12:27:37a Policy change on foreign workers irks employers
12:27:40a Board reviewing plans for higher public transport charges
12:27:44a Speed warning for motorists
12:27:47a Marine police to deploy 40 patrol boats
12:27:51a Russian envoy confirms that Malaysian is not a 'mere passenger'
12:27:54a Candidates placed in quarantine till blast off
12:27:58a Super bikers upset over highway ban proposal
12:28:01a Lim to miss Gerakan meet
12:28:05a Rasa Sayang is Malaysia's folk song too, says Rais
12:28:08a Siti's debut in theatre
12:28:12a Exhibits shown in court
12:28:15a Malaysia's involvement in Unesco a positive move
12:28:19a Move to increase MSC companies
12:28:22a Panel to monitor and control prices proposed
12:28:26a Big wins for the pro-Aspirasi candidates
12:28:29a Melamine wares safe to use, say producers
12:28:36a Ong Don't divide support
12:28:40a Shah Alam to get world's biggest botanical garden
12:28:43a Have local councils in different leagues, says MB
12:28:47a Airport to be upgraded
12:28:50a 'Scratch and win' firms raided
12:28:53a Separate ill prisoners, suggests Suhakam
12:28:57a Enhanced provisions of Act for Labu case possible
12:29:00a SMS scam offering cash prizes uncovered
12:29:04a Post-mortem at private hospital just won't do
12:29:07a When an ambulance is behind you, what do you do?
12:29:11a Valley man pleads guilty to leaving scene of crash
12:29:14a Sony, BMG win EU second approval for joint venture
12:29:18a Southwest pilots receive most blame for '05 crash, says report
12:29:21a Sudan FM decries 'vicious campaign' against Khartoum
12:29:25a EU fines Visa for denying membership to Morgan Stanley
12:29:29a U.S. federal agents arrest more than 1,300 illegal immigrants
12:29:32a EU fines bitumen suppliers 183 mln euros for illegal cartel
12:29:36a Wall Street retreats ahead of employment data
12:29:40a Gunmen kill Iraqi physician south of Baghdad
12:29:43a Abbas, Olmert look into way of launching final negotiations PLO official
12:29:47a S. Korean president, DPRK top leader hold summit talks
12:29:50a Co-ruling Funcinpec still opens PM candidacy for Cambodian Prince Ranariddh
12:29:54a Talks between Nepali PM and Maoist leadership ends without consensus
12:29:57a Lal Masjid reopened in Pakistani capital
12:30:01a Cambodian PM labels educational ad on TV as indecent
12:30:05a Philippines unhappy over U.S. TV racial slur against Filipino medical schools
12:30:08a Some 590 kg hashish seized in eastern Turkey
12:30:12a Vietnam, WHO intensify life-saving road safety efforts
12:30:16a Cambodian PM calls for bigger role of ASEAN to help settle crisis in Myanmar
12:30:19a One militant killed in Israeli incursion in southern Gaza
12:30:23a Hamas militant dies in Gaza tunnel collapse
12:30:27a Bloomberg LP sex discrimination suit accuses mayor
12:30:30a Content Builder postComment.php Remote File Include Vulnerability
12:30:34a Drought hurts ABB Grain profit
12:30:37a Young prepared to pay high rent report
12:30:41a Magnitude 5.4 quake hits Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia
12:30:44a Swastikas, 'KKK' Written on Deaf Student
12:30:48a Fire sears unseasonably hot Sydney
12:30:52a Newly discovered dinosaur a mega weed-whacker
12:30:55a Space race anniversary heralds hunt for Martian water
12:30:59a FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-0708.openssl
12:31:02a DRBGuestbook Index.PHP Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
12:31:07a Edwards, Giuliani Take Aim At Clinton While In NH
12:31:11a Chavez Farc swap talks delayed
12:31:26a The Update Polish envoy attacked
12:31:30a Bush says Iran should follow N Korea
12:31:34a Giuliani, McCain lash out at Clinton
12:31:37a Senate OKs 459 Billion Pentagon Budget
12:31:41a Gates says no South America base proposals made
12:31:45a Florida Democrats to Sue DNC on Primary
12:31:48a Everest Kanto to raise 35m via FCCB issue
12:31:52a Thermax in technology pact with US firm
12:31:55a 'Specialist' school raiders arrested by Crime Branch
12:31:59a Soon, it'll be Sion to Pune
12:32:02a 'Minorities have lost faith in govt'
12:32:06a Think-tanks bet on Tata to win car-rollout race
12:32:09a Raja meets telecom chiefs over licence rush
12:32:13a Suspect arrested in stabbing of Georgetown County woman
12:32:17a Sorensen USC becoming choice destination for students
12:32:20a Jackie Parks Has A Blog?
12:32:23a Touched by an Anal Heavenly CPAC Action!
12:32:27a Mass. Accidentally Sends Disks With Personal Info
12:32:30a Make your next walk with the kids a smart one
12:32:34a Kentucky town under boil order
12:32:37a Is your debit card making you fat?
12:32:41a Randy 'Duke' Cunningham
12:32:44a Britney denied restoration of child custody
12:32:57a A glance at those running for state Insurance Commissioner
12:33:01a Donelon draws three challengers in La. insurance race
12:33:04a New Guidelines for Lower Back Pain
12:33:08a Black Gays Have Fewer Mental Disorders
12:33:11a Nephros Receives Non-Compliance Notification From Amex
12:33:15a Teleflex Completes Acquisition of Arrow International
12:33:19a Police Aide Had Sexual Contact With Patient
12:33:22a SMOKING Let the Buyer Beware
12:33:26a Woman Hurt As Car Flips After Crash
12:33:33a Patient Scheme on Shortlist for Award
12:33:36a Commissioners Privatize Medical Care at Prison
12:33:40a ER Urgent Care Centers Signs National Billing Expert
12:33:43a Tributes to Suicide Schoolgirl
12:33:47a Walk to Remember to Help Grieving Families Set Oct. 14
12:34:00a ONGC to pump in Rs 5,713 cr
12:34:03a TNS acquires retail consultancy firm ID Magasin
12:34:06a Semicon sales up sharply in August SIA
12:34:10a Goodman Chevron's Pipeline Is the Burmese Regime's Lifeline
12:34:13a Chomsky A Revolution is Just Below the Surface
12:34:17a Hersh Shifting Targets The Administration's Plan for Iran
12:34:20a Avnery So What About Iran?
12:34:24a Emersberger The Council on Hemispheric Affairs Deserves an F for Article on Haiti
12:34:28a Street Justifying Hiroshima Ken Burns, “Saving Lives,” and Atomic Crimes
12:34:31a Six Dead in Latest Gaza Violence
12:34:35a Najaf Security Built Up to Protect Pilgrims
12:34:38a 14 Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast in Nw Pakistan
12:34:42a Musharraf Allies Oppose Bhutto Amnesty, Stalling Talks
12:34:45a French Oil Firm Accused of Complicity With Myanmar
12:34:49a Fire Damages Multi-Family Home
12:34:53a Grand Chute's Police Chief Resigning
12:34:56a Students Shown the Danger of Rollover Crashes
12:35:00a Grand Chute Gets Tough with Mobile Home Park Ordinance
12:35:03a Favre's Talks About His 'Last Stand' in Chicago
12:35:07a Favre No Secret to Fewer Interceptions
12:35:10a Bears Defense Watches Favre with an Admiring Eye
12:35:14a Packers Grease the Pigskins
12:35:17a EBay auction nets over 5,000 for unclaimed property
12:35:24a Legislators vote fraud caught on video
12:35:28a Distracting The Defenders Radar Injects, Ringing Phones and Fools Errands
12:35:32a Another Thompson Gaffe?
12:35:35a Real Reason Leftist Groups Are Taking Aim at Rush Limbaugh
12:35:39a Korea's First Western Mining Advisors
12:35:42a Power Buy Startup Raises More Funding And Other Fresh Deals
12:35:46a Goodwin Procter steals top VC lawyers from Wilson Sonsini
12:35:50a Blog Carnivals Help You Discover New Blogs
12:35:53a GM Workers Voting On Contract
12:35:57a Sepulveda Boulevard Makeover Gets Green Light
12:36:36a Dan Rather in Real Life Form Over Substance Comedy Skit
12:36:41a Domenici reportedly to retire
12:36:55a The Quarter For Spirits
12:37:16a Carrying on Kandahar mission a 'moral responsibility' for Canada Harper
12:37:24a Harassment Trial Lifts Lid on Sex and Sleaze at the New York Knicks
12:37:28a Games Festival Feeds the Cult of Kim Jong-il
12:37:31a Director Breaks French Taboo With Film Tackling Algerian War
12:37:35a Deep Sea Diver Dies While Filming U-boat
12:37:38a Melting Ice Cap Brings Diamond Hunters and Hopes of Independence to Greenland
12:37:42a North Korea Agrees to Deadline on Nuclear Weapons
12:37:45a Bush Vetoes Child Health Cover
12:37:49a Amnesty Lists Execution Horrors
12:37:52a Violence in Afghanistan Has Soared By 30%, Un Report Says
12:37:56a World Bank Accused of Razing Congo Forests
12:38:00a X-ray colonoscopy may be more available soon
12:38:03a Attorneys want to delay client's execution
12:38:07a Race Issues Resurface In Dallas City Hall Probe
12:38:10a Overcrowding A Problem At Keller High Schools
12:38:14a Children's Med Center To Test Brain Treatment
12:38:18a Registered Sex Offender Found Dead In TX School
12:38:21a Murphy Boy Found Tangled In Soccer Net In Hospital
12:38:25a Two Rainier School workers arrested on suspicion of abuse
12:38:29a Culturally Competent Care Program
12:38:32a American chefs — including from Seattle — make waves in Paris
12:38:36a Argentina protests at Falklands oil stake
12:38:39a India to start FTA talks with Brazil, S Africa this week
12:38:47a I have excellent relations with Kiyani Musharraf
12:39:17a 10/3/2007 Daily Gaming Refresh
12:39:23a World bowling body FIQ to move headquarters to Singapore
12:39:26a COE prices down in all car categories
12:39:30a Organic art
12:39:33a French-American school to expand again
12:39:37a Noise study upsets Islanders
12:39:40a Lake line cost rises
12:39:44a Alaskan artist recalls life on MI
12:39:47a Toddler rushed to hospital after falling in pool
12:39:51a WPB boil-water order still in effect
12:39:54a Kraft recalls Baker's Premium White Chocolate
12:39:58a Mormon Church, Boy Scouts sex abuse lawsuit grows
12:40:02a Each lost Wall St job costs NYC two other jobs study
12:40:05a ArvinMeritor sees weak fiscal 4th-qtr results
12:40:08a Merrill says head of fixed income has left firm
12:40:12a Laundry union plans Thursday protest at Chandler Intel
12:40:15a Blackwater to Guard G-Men Investigating Blackwater
12:40:19a Anti-Immigration Hate Group Intent On Denying Green Card For Soldiers' Spouses
12:40:22a Writer-journalist Vijayan dead
12:40:26a Orissa man discovers he is 'dead' in records
12:40:30a India among top human trafficking destinations UN
12:41:32a Fresno Mayor Moves Forward With Plan To House Homeless
12:41:35a House Fire Sends Homeowner To Hospital
12:41:38a The Valley Had One Of Its Cleanest Summers Ever
12:41:42a Despite Housing Slump Tulare County Is Growing
12:41:45a Change In State Child Support Services
12:41:53a '3,000 trapped in mine collapse'
12:41:56a Opening up British skies
12:42:00a Is it time for the Bank of England to cut rates
12:42:03a Crues progress to Shield decider
12:42:07a Brothers 'helped' 21 July bombers
12:42:10a Victim's family speaks out following sentencing of EB employee
12:42:14a Bed bugs biting in Middletown
12:42:17a Groton student arrested after bringing weapons to school
12:42:21a Water advisory issued in Manchester, Sprague
12:42:25a Market Regulation Services Inc. Resume, Bactech Mining Corp., Beta Minerals Inc.
12:42:28a For Rio, the money and the bauxite
12:42:32a Market Regulation Services Inc. Halt, Jalna Minerals Ltd.
12:42:35a Messina Minerals Drilling Tulks East
12:42:38a Compass Minerals Announces Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation for its 12.75 Percent Senior Discou
12:42:42a Territory Resources lifts stake in Matilda Minerals
12:42:46a W. House Iraq contractor law would stretch FBI
12:42:49a McCain backs Bush veto of kids health plan
12:42:53a Federline appears for custody hearing
12:42:57a Spared inmate 'I confronted death'
12:43:00a Innocent man serves 12 years for rape
12:43:05a Romania's govt survives parliament vote
12:43:08a WWI Aussie diggers laid to rest at last
12:43:13a Hamilton street reopened after leak
12:43:17a Ohio soccer honor rolls
12:43:20a Kentucky soccer honor rolls
12:43:24a Ky. candidates square off
12:43:27a Darden Restaurants What's for dinner?
12:43:30a PlanetOut-LGBT names Dan Steimle as interim CFO
12:43:34a Homeowners more likely to conserve energy if neighbors do
12:43:37a Sony extends contract of movie chief Lynton
12:43:41a The 15-minute tip More ways to protect deposits
12:43:44a Delta Air circles in on solid first quarter after makeover
12:43:48a About 3,200 workers trapped in South Africa mine-Reuters
12:43:51a Bank's collapse leaves rubble for uninsured depositors
12:43:55a TeleTech Holdings-TTEC sees 5.6M-6.6M charge for asset sale
12:43:58a Over 3,000 trapped in Harmony Gold mine reports
12:44:02a Democrats target GOP over children's health-care program
12:44:06a Study finds drug-coated stents safe for high-risk patients
12:44:09a Now, Indian IT firms teaching US, UK students
12:44:13a Forbes list Indian firms dominate
12:44:17a India key to global economic growth
12:44:20a 33 firms to participate in Global...
12:44:24a Canada's PM insists he's not seeking snap elections
12:44:27a Spears Gets Visitation, But Custody Order Stands
12:44:30a Boy, 13, Kills Brother, 8, Over Dessert
12:44:34a Concerns over siezed Burmese prisoners
12:44:37a North Korea due to be taken off enemies list
12:44:41a Bush says Iran can have same deal as North Korea
12:44:44a Sudan to give money for Darfur restoration
12:44:48a Bush knocks back child health bill
12:44:52a Typhoon Lekima touches Vietnam
12:44:59a Blackwater, The Privatization of War And Public Enemy Number One
12:45:02a Pace pays out on critics in farewell speech
12:45:06a Ten Ways To Make The World Better For Animals
12:45:09a Keep politics out of Justice
12:45:13a EPA Petitioned to Reduce Global Warming Pollution from Ships
12:45:17a Council For A Livable World Applauds Obama's No Nuclear Weapons Pledge
12:45:20a President Bush to Children 'No Health Care for You'
12:45:24a Religious Right Offers Misleading Advice About Church Politicking
12:45:28a Kentucky Governor faces long re-election odds
12:45:31a Food Not Bombs Volunteers Facing Jail For Feeding The Hungry and Working For Peace
12:45:35a Five-Year Plan for Iraq Dem Frontrunners Please Pundits With Unpopular Stand
12:45:38a Bank of America to debut U.S. Trust ad campaign
12:45:42a I'm No Trophy Wife
12:45:45a Radcliffe returns to marathon in New York
12:45:49a U.S. climate talks go beyond platitudes White House
12:45:52a Best Leaf Blowers
12:45:56a Tire Tread Concerns
12:45:59a Scripps Show seeks 'Desperate Landscapes'
12:46:03a HD101 Life Expectancy of High Def TV's
12:46:07a Activists demand that Japan make reparations to sex slaves
12:46:10a Cooley hopes to catch on
12:46:14a Gazi's Bibliotheca bring your own books!
12:46:17a Late-night pekmez making
12:46:21a Two questions Wills, work permits
12:46:24a Turkish leade
12:46:28a Recovery of bodies under way; investigation continues
12:46:32a Mr Potato Head is Mr Ecstasy Head
12:46:35a Green light for mill
12:46:39a 3200 goldminers trapped
12:46:42a The Benes Decrees 60 Years On
12:46:46a Nigeria charges foreign detainees
12:46:49a Grenades Discovered At SF Richmond Dist. Home
12:46:53a Broken Expansion Joint On Dumbarton Bridge Fixed
12:47:00a Car Full Of Teens Plunges Into Sacramento River
12:47:03a 1,300 Illegal immigrants Arrested In SoCal Sweeps
12:47:07a BALCO Steroid Saga Limps Into 5th Year
12:47:10a Artist builds secret mall apartment
12:47:14a Sign the Petition Stand With Rush
12:47:17a Evacuation Begins For South African Miners
12:47:21a Post office impounds package with 300 live scorpions, spiders
12:47:24a Stubborn woman can't be bought for 1 million
12:47:28a Mom says baby born on freeway will be her last
12:47:31a Legislator shows nude woman at school lecture
12:47:35a China to bar foreign brokerages from setting up
12:47:38a Dollar set to rise in Singapore
12:47:42a Henderson Land to purchase unit's stake in Towngas
12:47:46a Goldman to increase Japanese holdings
12:47:49a Nikko reaches Tokyo exchange limit
12:47:53a AirAsia X to sell stake to fund fleet expansion
12:47:56a Basis to allow investors to withdraw frozen funds
12:48:00a Overseas funds drive India index to record
12:48:04a Korea hit with higher Chinese coal prices
12:48:07a Indonesia seeks increase in share of Exxon Natuna Sea gas area
12:48:11a Viewpoint Going green the Wal-Mart way
12:48:14a Stocks
12:48:17a Bonds
12:48:21a Currencies
12:48:25a Police search for gunman wanted for shooting his co-worker
12:48:28a Reward raised as search for student's killer continues
12:48:32a Group blames health problems on Valero refinery
12:48:36a No matter how close the results, no runoff possible in mayoral election
12:48:39a Task force examines law enforcement consolidation
12:48:43a Memphis parents to face trial in infant's heat death
12:48:46a Ole Miss frat on probation for alcohol violations
12:48:50a Four 'suspicious' fires extinguished on Capitol Hill
12:48:53a Ark. AG seeks documents over sellout of 'Hannah Montana' tickets
12:48:57a Phillips Community College receives 66K federal grant
12:49:00a FSPD fires sergeant after internal investigation
12:49:04a Company says it will put new plant at Booneville, hire 200
12:49:07a Loose barges close I-20 bridge at Miss. River
12:49:11a Barbour, Eaves argue over each other's records
12:49:14a Father of slain Memphis player praying for assailant
12:49:18a House bill enhances authority of inspectors general
12:49:22a Pilot escapes serious injury in private plane crash
12:49:25a Bredesen Ombudsman may need to cover open meetings questions
12:49:29a Oil companies cut fuel prices
12:49:32a More support wanted from the state for writers
12:49:36a Greek Wildfire Recovery Could Take Decades
12:49:40a US Lawmakers Reiterate Support for Burma Democracy Movement
12:49:43a Okoya's Murder; the Other Side of the Story opinion
12:49:47a Makerere Suspends Mature Entry Scheme
12:49:50a Political Parties Battle for Important Symbol
12:49:54a Ruling Reaffirms Principle of Separation of Powers
12:49:57a High Point Explorer 1 Launched The Space Age in Middle-Age TIME
12:50:01a First of 3,200 South African miners rescued
12:50:04a Spears denied child custody restoration
12:50:08a Starts new cycle; background on mining accidents also available in eca229 in previous cycle
12:50:11a Testimony at Rwandan genocide trial a duty to victims, general says
12:50:15a More than 3,000
12:50:18a Bremen suffer Greek tragedy
12:50:22a Poland Iraq envoy hurt in attack
12:50:25a Paper Finds Contractors Shoot Often, Report Little
12:50:29a Fighting escalates in Sri Lanka
12:50:32a Can world's 'Elders' help solve Darfur
12:50:36a Scarce at home, the movies of Tunisia's female filmmakers draw world acclaim
12:50:39a Murky Legal Issues Cloud Blackwater Case
12:50:43a Iraqi groups form front under ex-Saddam aide
12:50:47a Resident snatches signs popping up along Westchase roads
12:50:50a Ruud Nets NFC Honor
12:50:53a Ex-Housing Director Gets 2 Years In Theft Case
12:50:57a Explosives Case Puts 'Big Stress' On Megahed's Family
12:51:00a State Song Contest Gets Flood Of Entries
12:51:04a Tampa Residents To Hear Plans For Fuel Pipeline
12:51:07a 'That Window Is Pretty Short'
12:51:11a USF Receives Record Grant To Study Diabetes
12:51:14a Bright House Adds NHL Network
12:51:18a Man Arrested, Accused Of Sexually Abusing 7-Year-Old
12:51:21a Boxing-Nigeria's Peter vows to be busy heavyweight champ
12:51:24a Court Adjourns Drug Case Against Pfizer
12:51:28a Rescue begins in South Africa gold mine
12:51:31a Local star
12:51:35a Project Green
12:51:45a Commission Veterans Care Broken, Out Of Date/
12:51:55a FIJI Interim government restricts freedom of expression
12:52:00a Governor to sign mortgage-related bills
12:52:04a DNA Decoding Maps Mainstream Future
12:52:22a Outrageous Travel Arrangements at Your Expense
12:52:25a Environmental groups challenge Toyota's environmental image
12:52:29a Backlash against tax hikes may bring recalls, petition drive
12:52:33a Indicted immigration official accused of freeing killer
12:54:44a Bank of Canada ready to intervene to protect rate, improve liquidity
12:54:49a Birmingham company completes design of distribution center in Florence
12:54:53a Challenger partners with Italian designer
12:54:56a Fan attacks Milan keeper
12:55:00a Ragging stick for five sparks furore in JU
12:55:03a India's States in Favour of More Ethanol Blending
12:55:07a Given death and life in jail, who are they waving at and why
12:55:10a TB claims Salman witness
12:55:14a Majors killed, just before joys of life
12:55:17a Congress spits fire, Karat to Sonia aid
12:55:21a 'Don't write I was crying'
12:55:24a Modi TV before poll
12:55:28a Kashmir's water transport awaits revival
12:55:31a Som Mittal will be Nasscom's new chief
12:55:35a Smallest frog found in Kerala
12:55:38a An officer who cared for the poor
12:55:41a Help change people's mindset, Manmohan tells vernacular media
12:55:45a Railway offers tourist packages
12:55:48a Report aims to clip wings of US government high-flyers
12:55:52a Rice to travel to Russia, Middle East
12:55:56a Shin 'Arranged Amnesty for Ex-Ssanyong Chairman'
12:55:59a Roh Gets ¡®Third-World Treatment¡¯ in Pyongyang
12:56:02a CNN Student News Transcript October 4, 2007
12:56:06a Police Black student marked with 'KKK' at deaf school
12:56:10a With majority support, Clinton passes major milestone
12:56:13a Clinton passes support milestone
12:56:17a Economic and social progress must be priorities in Sierra Leone, official tells UN
12:56:21a Over 30 Dead in Cholera Outbreak
12:56:24a First workers surface after mine ordeal
12:56:28a Suit Mastectomy patient didn't have cancer
12:56:31a Danny Bonaduce Accused Of Battery At Awards Show
12:56:34a Blackwater rescues ambassdor
12:56:38a Cops nab suspected Indiana Jones thief
12:56:41a Queen Priscilla to reign in London's West End
12:56:45a Britney Spears gets visitation rights to kids
12:56:48a EU fisheries policy puts fishing at risk WWF
12:56:52a Regional roadblock highlights truckie fatigue concerns
12:56:55a OnScreen Technologies Names Dr. Michael Schuette First Technical Fellow
12:57:14a Study Older patients benefit from flu shots
12:57:18a Chrysler idles northern Ill. plant for 2 weeks
12:57:22a Tax hikes spark recall threats
12:57:25a More breaking ENDA news - from HRC and Barney Frank
12:57:31a Thousands of Pounds of Kitchen Equipment Stolen
12:57:34a Well Known Firefighter and Paramedic Laid to Rest
12:57:38a Neighbors Relieved with Accused Killer's Arrest
12:57:47a U.N. chief to bring up Burma with Security Council
12:57:50a Dubai Doctor for Dhaka
12:57:54a Myanmar minorities endure brutality
12:57:57a UAE and Thailand in drawn encounter
12:58:01a On Eve of Reelection Musharraf Has Bought Some Time
12:58:04a EU turns up pressure on Myanmar's military junta with tougher sanctions
12:58:08a Pakistan court hears petitions
12:58:11a Asian stocks may fall after ADR index, Nikkei futures drop
12:58:15a Zoltek invests 100M in Mexican carbon fiber facility
12:58:19a Milwaukee Newspaper Guild Journal Sentinel Buyout Offer 'Not Very Enticing'
12:58:22a Westerville teacher accused of flashing newspaper carrier
12:58:26a Advertising Magazines Plead Guilty To Being Great for Sales
12:58:30a Negotiations between China, Taiwan at dead end
12:58:33a Taiwan prepares to show off missile
12:58:37a Atlanta Asian Film Festival
12:58:40a Parties present case before High Court
12:58:44a Forget Your Troubles, C'mon Get Happy
12:58:47a Power-sharing talks with Musharraf stalled
12:58:51a Microblog From The Stardust UK Premiere
12:58:54a Arroyo 'explains' to Hu decision to scrap China deal
12:58:58a M.F. Husain comes 'home' on Gandhi's anniversary
12:59:01a Hastings man who went "missing" in court
12:59:05a Qian Xun can be taken to China
12:59:08a Abandoned toddler heading to China with grandmother
12:59:12a NZ singer Rhonda dies in Hawaii
12:59:16a Navy warship Canterbury set to be scuttled
12:59:19a Petrol prices fall
12:59:23a Dormer bailed into father's custody
12:59:26a Suitcase murder accused "bullied" by flatmate
12:59:30a Mum pleads guilty to stealing daughter's donations
12:59:34a Knoxville Mayor shares 23 reasons city may sue Knox County
12:59:37a Deputy death case witness attacked
12:59:41a Knox students to stretch summer a few days
12:59:45a Business as usual for county commission after trial loss
12:59:48a Drought pumps up well-drilling business
12:59:52a Dogs getting regal treatment at luxury hotels
12:59:55a Spears gets visitation, but not custody
12:59:58a 'India will be key ally in 20 years'
01:00:02a Caci International plans to acquire Dragon Development
01:00:06a Security for Judges Falls Short
01:00:09a Court 'closed', inmate executed
01:00:13a Scholars share info on WWII killings of Jews in Ukraine
01:00:16a President Bush ties North Korea, Iran crises
01:00:24a Bush vetoes expansion of child health insurance plan
01:00:28a Nearly 30% of August flights delayed
01:00:31a Rookie to kick France to World Cup glory again
01:00:35a Scientist invents anti-snore pillow
01:00:38a M&A Activity is the New VC Funding
01:00:42a France urges EU to take sanctions against Iran
01:00:45a Yemen volcano erupts again
01:00:49a Iran to run nearly 3,000 uranium centrifuges soon
01:00:52a Oman to sell telco stake to boost competitiveness
01:00:56a Man pleads not guilty in Seattle school assault
01:01:00a Trainee was only person on bridge of BC ferry sinking
01:01:03a US Defense Chief Wants More Military Control of Security Contractors in Iraq east
01:01:07a 114 Marijuana Plants Found In Forest Park
01:01:11a Healthy work environment makes good cents Your City Edmonton
01:01:15a 100 years of sci-fi shipped to Edmonton Your City Edmonton
01:01:18a UN Says Darfur Aid Workers Continue to Be Targets
01:01:22a Ann Coulter Pretend to be all you can be
01:01:26a Bill Steigerwald The Incredible James Hansen
01:01:29a Web Feature World Leaders Forum
01:01:33a How to Party Like a Fake Rock Star
01:01:36a Web Feature Reactions to Ahmadinejad
01:01:40a Dan Lee
01:01:44a Web Feature Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
01:01:47a Do you support the decision to invite President Ahmadinejad to speak on campus?
01:01:51a Spring 2008 Fashion Week
01:01:55a How well do you expect the Lions to perform this football season?
01:01:58a Barbara Roberts to serve as keynote speaker at Flegel dinner
01:02:02a UCC reduces painting class fees
01:02:05a Mothers of Preschoolers meets
01:02:09a All-time rushing leader didn't see Chadron's Woodhead coming
01:02:12a 2nd St. Francis student dies after one-vehicle crash
01:02:16a Steelers' Ward optimistic, but cautious, about playing Sunday
01:02:20a Mine Safety Appliances gets 14.3 million Army contracts
01:02:24a Over seeding of Bermuda grass Lawns
01:02:27a Bono, Benoit to speak at Sun City breakfast
01:02:31a Sin and Punishment Review
01:02:34a Dragon Blade Wrath of Fire Review
01:02:38a Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity Hands-On
01:02:41a Jackass the Game Review
01:02:45a Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master Review
01:02:49a Empire Earth III Updated Q&A The Warring Factions
01:02:53a Empire Earth III Video Feature
01:02:57a Beowulf Official Movie 1
01:03:01a Nine Missoula businesses fail alcohol compliance checks
01:03:04a Montana delegation upset over Bush veto of health bill
01:03:08a Ada County using recycled glass in road construction
01:03:12a Murder trial begins in Boise for man already on death row
01:03:16a Otter Energy czar must dip into new power, secure energy for Idaho
01:03:20a Three 'elders' on sex charges
01:03:24a Woman stabbed to death in front of children
01:03:27a Boys, 11, 'threw molotov cocktail'
01:03:30a Greens seeks fossil fuels subsidies shift
01:03:34a Man drowns fleeing police
01:03:38a Detainees 'suffer mental health problems'
01:03:42a Bushfire danger over, for now
01:03:45a Grog-laden V8 fans face confiscation
01:03:49a Turnbull to make mill decision public
01:03:53a Aussies toughen line on tennis betting
01:03:56a Collins began abusing boys 'when he was 23'
01:04:00a 'The government is not seeking an election'
01:04:06a Youthful Habs open season against Hurricanes
01:04:10a Harper says government will place national se...
01:04:14a St. Lawrence Cement closes Montreal office, m...
01:04:18a U.S. service economy grew at slower pace in S...
01:04:22a Profit taking helps send stocks lower ahead o...
01:04:25a Micron, Nvidia and Applied Materials Pressure...
01:04:29a Federal Regulators Give Up on Stopping Wester...
01:04:33a UAW deal leaves future uncertain for 15 facto...
01:04:37a Nordstrom Denies Claims of Harassment of Mino...
01:04:40a Ottawa, Heatley agree to long-term deal
01:04:44a FDA Mulls More 'Behind The Counter&a...
01:04:48a Royal Bank, TD Bank report gains related to V...
01:04:51a NBC Executive Says Copyright Piracy Worsening...
01:04:55a Visa's Canada, U.S. and International Di...
01:04:59a Your little trust fund kid
01:05:02a Unexpected jump in crude supply undermines pr...
01:05:06a TSX Venture Exchange closed down 3.63 points ...
01:05:10a Bernanke talked to Rubin, others as credit cr...
01:05:13a Canadian dollar closed down 0.08 of a cent at...
01:05:17a Harper vows to press ahead with priorities
01:05:21a Symbian OS pushes processor technology boundaries
01:05:24a Domemici Quits
01:05:28a Contempt Citations in USA Scandal are DOA
01:05:32a South Africa Mine Collapse Traps 3,000 Miners
01:05:36a San Diego Road Buckles
01:05:40a 2 Milwaukee Men Charged In Deaths Of Men Discovered In Concrete
01:05:44a Dems must woo white men to win
01:05:48a Rescue Begins in S. Africa Gold Mine AP
01:05:52a Two cleared of false imprisonment PA
01:05:56a Senate OKs 459 Billion Pentagon Budget AP
01:05:59a What did the floating voters think?
01:06:03a Calif. Landslide Damages Homes, Road
01:06:06a Bear cub found shot to death near Mt. Hood
01:06:15a 1-17 ramp from 1-10 closed Thursday night
01:06:19a Mexico boosts support system for immigrants in U.S.
01:06:23a Arizona court postpones deciding bid to delay execution
01:06:36a First of 3,200 trapped South African miners rescued
01:06:40a Walker, others pass Heat conditioning test
01:06:44a Ramirez has left shoulder surgery
01:06:47a Man Beats Son For Bad Grades
01:06:51a Worker Shocked By Power Lines Badly Burned
01:06:55a Miami-Dade bondsman charged with forgery
01:06:59a Channing Crowder misses Dolphins practice
01:07:02a HEAT to Host Open Practice
01:07:06a Bond Reduced For Brother Of Suspected Police Killer
01:07:10a Bees Sting 13 Elementary School Students
01:07:14a Man Accused Of Robbing BankAtlantic Arrested
01:07:17a Singapore rings to sound of supercars
01:07:21a Motorsport Few teams capable of Bathurst win Skaife
01:07:25a Motorsport Ferrari 'spied' on McLaren in return, alleges Stepney
01:07:28a Zimbabwe invited to play in South Africa domestic tournaments
01:07:32a Geldof Blames China for Abetting Rights Abuses
01:07:36a Pay Farm Workers Well, Says Minister
01:07:40a Teachers Threaten Vow to Continue Strike As Examinations Loom
01:07:44a Women, Youths Set to Benefit From Fund
01:07:47a U.S. Can't Teach Zim Anything opinion
01:07:51a Lonrho Snaps Up Controlling Stake in Celsys
01:07:54a Mugabe Uses UN Speech to Attack West
01:07:58a Mugabe Hints On Launching Suspicious Economic Policy
01:08:02a Let's Embrace Policy Statement editorial
01:08:06a Country Secures U.S.200m for Importation of Fuel
01:08:09a Ending the sit-in protest in Beirut would further its legitimate goals
01:08:13a No Decision to remove Tent City
01:08:17a It is natural to have Influence over Lebanon
01:08:20a 'Time has come' to liberate Beirut city center
01:08:24a 3-Oct-07 Lebanese Catholics Fear Syrian, Islamic Influence
01:08:28a Some 5000 teachers are protesting to the National Theatre in Sofia
01:08:32a Stockholm shares close higher, led by Electrolux UPDATE
01:08:35a Cordea Savills opens Stockholm office + Full story
01:08:39a Aussie scientists pinpoint 'diabetes cause'
01:08:43a First 75 trapped South African gold miners rescued
01:08:47a Govt gives green light to pulp mill
01:08:51a Prolific Inmate Litigator Sues Belichick
01:08:54a Rockies over Phils, 4-2, in playoff opener
01:08:58a The Netroots Battlefield in the 08 Presidential Campaign
01:09:02a 1 in 4 disabled Americans smoke versus 1 in 5 in non-disabled population
01:09:12a Justice Dept. Said to Endorse Harsh C.I.A. Interrogations
01:09:17a North Koreans Agree to Disable Nuclear Facilities
01:09:20a Pakistan Talks Are Stalled, Bhutto Says
01:09:30a iPod's Competition, Revised
01:09:34a Lawrence Fire Wrongful Death Suit
01:09:37a Teen Killed in Deadly Wreck Laid to Rest
01:09:41a Update on Riley County Fatal Crash
01:09:56a Jimmy Carter confronts Sudanese security in Darfur over meeting with refugees from conflict
01:10:00a Israeli and Palestinian leaders take first formal move toward opening final peace negotiations
01:10:04a A year after war with Israel, Hezbollah regains strength in southern Lebanon
01:10:08a US Lawmakers Reiterate Support for Burma Democracy Movement and conflict
01:10:12a US Defense Chief Wants More Military Control of Security Contractors in Iraq and conflict
01:10:16a ECONOMY Chronic Disease Saps U.S.
01:10:20a Fitch Places 156.4MM of Dutch Hill Funding II Ltd. on Watch Negative
01:10:24a Dozens arrested in Netherlands-based cheque scam targeting North ...
01:10:27a Holland Mark lands MITX account
01:10:30a De Jongh in Dutch victory
01:10:34a MITX Partners With Holland Mark
01:10:38a IBD's Top 10 Wednesday
01:10:42a Big miners weigh on sharemarket
01:10:45a China Solar Power Firm Sees 25 Pct Growth
01:10:49a 'LTTE to affirm creation of free state'
01:10:53a Dosa man best NYC vendor
01:10:56a US, Russia sign pact to hunt for water on Mars, Moon
01:11:00a True Temper opens plant in China
01:11:04a Moderate quake rocks New Zealand, no immediate injuries or damage
01:11:07a Toshiba shows off Cell-based SpursEngine coprocessor
01:11:11a First of 3,200 trapped S.African miners rescued
01:11:15a Clinton targeted by rival U.S. presidential contenders
01:11:18a Tories defend green policies
01:11:22a 100m blueprint for NHS
01:11:25a Call the election, Mr Brown and let the people decide
01:11:29a Impressive audition for the part but ...
01:11:32a 'There's leadership, common sense, responsibility, aspiration and opportunity'
01:11:36a Simon Hoggart's sketch Look, no notes living the dream with fighting talk
01:11:40a Afghanistan violence up 30%
01:11:44a U.N. General Assembly closes
01:11:54a Incomes make biggest leap in five years
01:11:59a Insider dealing scandal threatens Airbus
01:12:02a Australian regulator approves Rio's Alcan takeover
01:12:06a Tymoshenko will pay gas debt to Russia in two months, if appointed PM
01:12:18a Lemonis lauds 'supreme team effort'
01:12:21a Prodi says he and Merkel are worried about the euro's strength
01:12:25a Khalid faces second asphalt test in Spain
01:12:28a Lucescu gets 'deserved result'
01:12:32a Spurs' Parker won't play again for France 'til '09
01:12:36a Madrid denied by Pandev double
01:12:39a Joy at last for Olympiacos
01:12:43a Russia, U.S. sign two space cooperation accords
01:12:46a Quaresma pounces for Porto triumph
01:12:50a Chelsea win at Valencia
01:12:53a Traders await rate decisions in Europe
01:12:57a West shouldn't fear stronger Russia
01:13:00a The suspects who got away in Germany plot
01:13:04a Harrington bids to defend Dunhill Links title and strengthen lead in European money title
01:13:08a European Union Charges Visa 14.5M for Shutting Out Morgan Stanley From Card Network
01:13:12a Cold virus may be used in fight against cancer
01:13:16a Does the extension of Windows XP's life mean Vista is a flop?
01:13:20a Newsbytes
01:13:24a Letters and blogs
01:13:27a Keith Stuart Developers have to keep the customer satisfied
01:13:31a Alfresco takes the open road to success
01:13:35a Is it easier to believe the bloggers now rather than the journalists?
01:13:38a eBay seeks to quell fears over 'hacking'
01:13:42a YouChoose Technology videos you love
01:13:46a Nablus' online link to the world
01:13:50a Inteligenta Indiĝena Indigenismo Novaĵoservo Faulty Zalatex Condoms Recalled Pag
01:13:54a Workhouse records project points the way to a collaborative model
01:13:58a Gadgets Timex iControl watch Disgo camcorder Samsung SGH-G600
01:14:02a Belgium launches multipurpose ID cards
01:14:06a iPhone could mark the end of the geek affair with Apple
01:14:10a MPs struggle to widen their technology horizons
01:14:13a Ransomware victims wait for the worst
01:14:17a Letter A little vision could fly me to the moon
01:14:20a Skip to Main Content
01:14:24a Change to Washington Home Page
01:14:28a Prefer ACC to Mysore Cements
01:14:36a 111 La Jolla homes ordered evacuated
01:14:40a War against politics
01:14:43a Print pick
01:14:47a Moderate earthquake rattles Honduras
01:14:52a Accused woman denies sending large amounts of drugs
01:14:57a Navy Missile Cruiser Catches Fire in Norfolk Sun, 16 Sep 2007 034636 GMT
01:15:14a Northwest Airlines Sept. traffic up 1.1% as capacity falls
01:15:17a Higher vets' disability benefits urged
01:15:21a US Airways improves on-time performance
01:15:24a Man accused of drunken lawnmower flight
01:15:28a Columnist Puts Nelson On Clinton's VP List
01:15:31a Congress has limited time to pass trade deals
01:15:35a Baseball's ardent fans bring on the antics
01:15:39a Man charged with '98 kidnapping
01:15:42a US trumps states over siting power lines
01:15:45a GOP looks to reclaim fiscal responsibility mantle
01:15:49a Federline better parent than Spears Time will tell
01:15:53a Former Forbes editor James Michaels dies at age 86
01:15:57a Shares plunge for casinos with Macau interests
01:16:00a Dollar slightly lower against yen in early Tokyo trading
01:16:04a New Zealand Telecom says can agree on workable business split with government
01:16:08a Scotiabank scores with NHL
01:16:11a 4 banks to gain from Visa restructuring
01:16:15a WBBM-Ch. 2 leads in local Emmy nominations
01:16:20a Bombs defused in Addis Ababa
01:16:24a EQ 2.8 King Cove, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:16:27a EQ 2.7 Adak, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:16:31a EQ 3.2 Settlement, Anegada, British Virgin Islands PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:16:38a Clinton targeted by rival presidential contenders
01:16:59a Honduras to get 314 million dollars in EU aid
01:17:03a EU and EUREKA launch Eurostars programme for research-performing SMEs
01:17:06a Local Student Knows Brutality In Burma
01:17:10a Man Robs Bank in St. Johns County Sun, 16 Sep 2007 033740 GMT
01:17:15a Polish ambassador wounded, 2 killed in attack on convoy
01:17:18a France lets another PKK terrorist escape
01:17:22a Prime Ministry invites Roma
01:17:25a Eroğlu Turkey's water problems will end in six years
01:17:29a Israeli, Palestinian drafting teams to begin work soon
01:17:33a Humankind in danger, warns biologists report
01:17:37a Ministers visit village of bus attack victims, vow to battle terrorism
01:17:41a Intra-party opposition in the CHP gathers around Koç
01:17:45a Police destroy file on Dink murder suspect
01:17:48a Gül reaffirms Turkey headed toward Europe
01:17:59a Carter gets into shouting match with Sudanese security officials
01:18:03a Probe under way into İzmir explosions
01:18:06a Countdown begins for US ‘genocide vote
01:18:10a PACE's Linden Gül can build bridges within Turkey
01:18:14a Southeast Economy versus security?
01:18:18a N. Korea's Kim withdraws offer to extend summit
01:18:22a Five workers found dead after fire at plant
01:18:25a Bhutto says Musharraf refusing to implement reforms before polls
01:18:29a German tourist dies in traffic accident
01:18:33a Rights watchdog calls for civilian control over military
01:18:36a We have
01:18:40a Disaster averted in
01:18:44a Babacan kicks off visit to Turkish Cyprus amid partition debates
01:18:47a Terror impedes Diyarbakır's progress, drains wealth
01:18:51a Islamabad's radical
01:18:54a Shooting at DTP
01:18:58a Gitmo detainee freed a week after his return
01:19:02a Somalia's biggest market gutted by fire, one dead
01:19:05a Bush vetoes bill to
01:19:09a Taliban burn district
01:19:13a Investigator told to refocus efforts on finding UK girl
01:19:16a Bosnian Serb President Jelic buried in hometown
01:19:20a Irish police seize
01:19:23a Russia marks 50 years of Sputnik
01:19:27a Manjimup farmer set to export water
01:19:31a Greens announce 'Sun Fund'
01:19:34a NZ police training in spotlight after firearms bungle
01:19:38a Bush vetos child health plan
01:19:42a 'Brothel' made millions of pounds
01:19:45a Russia celebrates Sputnik launch
01:19:49a Black student marked with 'KKK' at deaf school
01:19:53a Police flouted child custody law
01:19:57a Scholars Share Knowledge of Holocaust in Ukraine
01:20:01a Sources New Me
01:20:05a Climate early warning system launched
01:20:09a 1 in 4 disabled in U.S. smoke, compared with 1 in 5 non-disabled
01:20:12a Police Couple stole from charity
01:20:16a Project Gotham 4 Speeds To Retailers
01:20:19a Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Images
01:20:23a Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels Review
01:20:27a Burnout Paradise Car Week Day 3
01:20:30a Pokemon Pearl Version Bonsly FAQ
01:20:34a Halo 3 Guide , Halo 3 Walkthrough
01:20:38a Need for Speed ProStreet Images
01:20:41a Need for Speed ProStreet Race Day Hands-on
01:20:44a Kachinko Review
01:20:48a Sin & Punishment Videos
01:20:52a Sputnik Legacy Endures 50 Years Later
01:20:55a Will Pete Seda go free?
01:20:59a Ashland overpass art is a no-go
01:21:03a Pomeranians in Peril
01:21:06a Ascension Parish Seeing Record School Enrollment Numbers
01:21:18a New Turkish president urges amendment of law against insulting 'Turkishness'
01:21:23a Developer acquires Quito shopping center in Saratoga
01:21:35a Swastikas, `KKK' written on deaf student
01:22:01a 88 Killed in Thai Plane Crash
01:22:07a Fukuda, Aso Seek Succession of Shinzo Abe as Japan PM
01:22:11a Pakisan Opposition Cautiously Welcome Bhutto's Return
01:22:15a Memo From Damascus Syria, Seeking Investors, Turns Cautiously to Iran
01:22:19a Less Harm Than Feared at Largest German Bank
01:22:22a Press Review of 03 October 2007 press release
01:22:26a Luena City to Host Military Games
01:22:30a Cabinda MPs Assess Region's Socio-Economic Situation
01:22:34a Carter, Path Barred, Confronts Sudans Security
01:22:38a Carnival Municipal Parades to Start October 13
01:22:41a 3,200 trapped in S. Africa gold mine
01:22:45a Merrill fires executives in loans fallout
01:22:49a Defence Minister Present At EU Meeting
01:22:52a An election? Bring it on now
01:22:56a Labour's 100m NHS scheme
01:23:00a Dona Kelly's CD in Stores This Month
01:23:03a Herbalists' cocktails may do harm
01:23:07a How Blue Watch went looking for trouble
01:23:10a Poet Sean O'Brien wins hat-trick of Forward prizes
01:23:14a Continent a 'Foreign Policy Priority' for U.S., Says Frazer
01:23:17a Diana was on pill at time of death
01:23:21a Businesses Want Taxes Reviewed
01:23:24a Carer dies after being gunned down in crossfire
01:23:28a Moira Stuart's to leave BBC, raising ageism questions
01:23:32a Country At SADC Transport Ministers Meeting
01:23:35a U ge Agriculture Minister Assesses Social Undertakings
01:23:39a Uige Seven Die of Tuberculosis in Third Quarter
01:23:42a Moxico PAV to Immunise Over 1,000 Children Against Poliomyelitis
01:23:46a Review of Mining Contracts Marred By Lack of Transparency press release
01:23:50a Benguela Ruling MPLA Runs Workshops On Organic Process
01:23:53a Developing Countries Need Help to Fight Climate Change, Officials Tell UN
01:23:57a UNHCR Annual Refugee Protection Report Highlights Security Concerns press release
01:24:01a IMF warns about Chinese loan to DR Congo
01:24:05a Survey Finds Vast Majority of Chinese Worried about Retirement
01:24:09a Hong Kong Businessmen Detained for Appealing in Beijing
01:24:12a Grasso Tech Locked Down For Half-Hour
01:24:16a Group Helps Parents Understand Paying For College
01:24:20a Units Could Be Condemned If Not Fixed
01:24:23a Trooper Candidates Spend Months At Academy
01:24:39a Lieutenant, Officer Will Not Face Charges
01:24:42a Controversy Surrounds Synagogue Plans
01:24:46a Sprague Low On H2O
01:24:49a Lisbon Seniors Cite Medicare's Shortcomings
01:24:52a Science Center Shell Up; Inside Work Under Way
01:25:13a Rebuilding, Brick by Brick
01:25:16a Bear Encounter Strands Cranberry-Pickers Wed, 03 Oct 2007 230401 GMT
01:25:20a Man Goes Fishing, Gets Stuck in Mud Wed, 03 Oct 2007 225927 GMT
01:25:24a Photo of the Day
01:25:31a Armenian archaeologists discover second pagan temple after Garni
01:25:42a 'Kill Them All'
01:25:55a 2007/08 UEFA Champions League Rosenborg vs. Schalke
01:26:03a First of 3,200 S African miners rescued
01:26:08a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Ripping is stealing
01:26:11a A Sneak Peek at Our New Community
01:26:15a Contest Free Tickets to See The Dalai Lama
01:26:18a Purity v. Practicality
01:26:22a 'Pushing Daisies' Blooms Tonight On ABC
01:26:31a At least two killed as typhoon hits Vietnam
01:26:35a NZ court to decide on child's fate
01:26:39a Decision on Tasmania pulp mill expected soon
01:26:43a Released footballer joins Oldham
01:26:48a New revelations Israel attacked USS Liberty
01:26:52a MP Int'l Qods Day sets stage for unveiling
01:26:55a A Safe Place
01:26:59a NATO, Afghan forces launch Operation Pamir AUSA Army Times/Defense News
01:27:02a Events Most relevant news
01:27:06a Board approves closing of Pappas schools
01:27:10a Trial starts in corruption case involving US lawmaker
01:27:13a Poll 72 percent of Poles against mission in Afghanistan
01:27:20a 5th Latin America PET Conference in Mexico City on 15-16 Nov, 2007
01:27:27a Washington Sunday Bulletin Board
01:27:31a Sunday North Bulletin Board
01:27:45a Officers Hurt; Suspect Shot, Killed After Blue Ash Police Pursuit
01:27:48a Pakistan moves Rawalpindi, Peshawar matches over security concerns
01:28:20a Judge rejects injunction in NASA background checks case
01:28:50a Worries Shift to Overstating Summer Losses
01:28:54a Nagpur farmer awarded fake gold medal
01:28:57a Nagpur women vote for closure of a liquor shop
01:29:01a Lightning strike victim's mom talks about her ordeal
01:29:53a Market Cap as of 3/16/2006
01:29:59a Kindergarden Jackass
01:30:02a Antonio Gaudi's Architectural Miracles Beautiful Pictures
01:30:21a DRIVE Blazing a trail to the Trinity Site, with map
01:30:25a DRIVE An empowering day in the parking lot
01:30:48a Bug strikes Auckland players
01:30:51a Pelous hopes for repeat against ABs
01:30:55a ICC introduces new regulations
01:30:58a Weekly incomes rise 9.4% in a year
01:31:02a Probe into DeNaples' alleged mob ties tests gaming board procedures
01:31:10a Deeds Done Sunday, Sept. 16
01:31:13a Restored Canadensis inn gets new lease on life
01:31:17a I literally wrote the book on financing college. Now I'm not so sure.
01:31:20a Split Rock fights to grab resort license
01:31:24a Cops searching for three teen runaways
01:31:28a Sen. Casey's wife speaks to Monroe Democratic Women's Club
01:31:31a Police Blotter Sunday, Sept. 16
01:31:35a Learning trust from a cat
01:31:39a Knights of Columbus holds soccer challenge
01:31:42a Conference in Milford tackles 'Courageous Faith' topic
01:31:46a DoD News Contracts for October 03, 2007
01:31:49a CENTAF Oct. 2 airpower summary
01:31:53a Nimitz Returns from Deployment
01:31:56a San Diego-Based Ships Return Home
01:32:00a Bush Leaving Iraq Would Embolden Iran
01:32:04a Evidence Iran Supports Iraq Insurgents
01:32:07a Pentagon Chief on Latin America Security Mission
01:32:11a General Corley takes command of ACC
01:32:15a Force Protection Battlelab inactivates
01:32:18a New Chairman Issues Guidance to Joint Staff
01:32:21a New Maneuver-Enhancement Unit Activates
01:32:25a Astute First Weapons Launch Test
01:32:29a DoD Travel System
01:32:32a Congress Considers New Sanctions Against Sudan
01:32:36a Analsysis Going Long in Iraq
01:32:40a Baghdad Attack Wounds Poland's Amb. to Iraq
01:32:43a Pakistan Re-Opens Red Mosque
01:32:47a Yushchenko Coalition Talks Should Begin
01:32:50a US Team to Oversee N Korea Reactor Disabling
01:32:54a Iran's FM US Threats Not Helpful to Resolving Nuclear Issue
01:32:57a Citi talks to KKR about leveraged debt
01:33:01a O2 aims for 1m broadband customers
01:33:05a Kazakh banking system under threat
01:33:08a Russians consider property IPOs
01:33:12a News Corp warns over video copying
01:33:15a Funds' relationship with commodities change
01:33:19a Democrats Split on Ways to Ease Mortgage Crunch
01:33:22a Northern Rock charity calls in advisers
01:33:26a Dreaming on
01:33:29a Edging out a generation
01:33:33a 3M to buy metal-abrasives rival
01:33:36a Blazing fireball may have been a meteor
01:33:40a Build Robot Korean Scientists to Fix Nuke Plants
01:33:47a God's house divided in Wayne County
01:33:51a Jaws Off the Coast
01:33:54a Outdoor Activities
01:33:58a Piper Asks for 36 Million in Incentives for Vero Beach, Calif., Site
01:34:02a At the Beaches, We Have Plenty of Real Treasures Naturally
01:34:05a Red Tide Complaints Down; More Testing Being Done Today
01:34:08a Health news roundup
01:34:12a Russia, U.S. Sign Space Deals
01:34:16a New drug for breast cancer
01:34:19a Did 'Media Matters' Just Call Hillary a Liar?
01:34:23a Morgan Stanley Leads China IPOs MARKETPLACE By Bloomberg
01:34:28a SOLO Skype Phone Coming to U.S.
01:34:32a Microsoft Partially Opens .NET
01:34:55a Public unsure of healthy diet
01:35:06a US refinery agrees 48m to reduce pollution
01:35:09a No US Climate Law Under Bush Key Senator
01:35:13a High cereal prices may fuel problems in poor areas FAO chief
01:35:17a Green agenda of conference season
01:35:21a Tories pledge energy 'revolution'
01:35:46a Seniors who get flu shots less likely to die study
01:35:50a Infected chickens on Sask. farm destroyed
01:35:55a On the Lee Myung-bak Doctrine
01:35:59a Tradition of Factionalism in Korea
01:36:04a Dallas Councilman Wants Law To 'Tighten Up' Pants
01:36:08a Government Issues New Warnings About Fake Checks
01:36:11a FBI Investigates Abuse Claims At Crown Point Jail
01:36:15a Cubs Fans Celebrating in Diamondback Territory
01:36:18a Judge Maria Lopez, The 'No Nonsense' Judge
01:36:22a Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint
01:36:25a N.J. Grandfather Faces Charges For Toddler Theft
01:36:28a Montgomery Co. Mummy Bandit Robs 2 Banks In A Week
01:36:32a Animals Living In Filth In Mayfair Home
01:36:36a Messages Of Hate Found In L.I. Mailboxes
01:36:39a For the joy of doing nothing!
01:37:02a Madrid shares TFN at a glance outlook
01:37:05a SCHOOL BRIEF
01:37:09a Premier defends Bracks KPMG appointment
01:37:12a Chillis cause London chemical scare
01:37:16a Plans for Big Football in Geelong
01:37:19a Vuln Apple QuickTime for Windows Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
01:37:23a Vuln Content Builder postComment.php Remote File Include Vulnerability
01:37:27a Vuln DRBGuestbook Index.PHP Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
01:37:30a SF Homes Evacuated After Grenades Discovered
01:37:34a Kavanagh Takes Leave From Berkeley Rent Board
01:37:37a Walnut Creek Homicide Was 'Crime Of Passion'
01:37:41a San Mateo Company Offers Online Speed Dating
01:37:44a Countrywide Hires Company To Aid Its Image
01:37:48a Lawsuit Over's Accessibility Continues
01:37:51a Road blocked
01:37:55a Middletown Man Charged In Early Morning Stabbing
01:37:59a Defence witness in Pickton trial finishes his testimony about bloody motorhome
01:38:02a Tatum O'Neal offers advice for troubled mom Britney Spears
01:38:06a Danny Bonaduce under investigation in battery case involving ex-Survivor
01:38:10a Stiller, Farrellys manage so-so reunion with 'Heartbreak Kid'
01:38:13a 'Kid' takes a complex look at art and truth and finds no easy answers
01:38:17a Chretien expected to have full recovery from heart surgery, doctors say
01:38:20a U.S. peace activists test Canadian border restrictions
01:38:24a Sky Smashes Black Market Trade In Furs
01:38:28a Filmmakers Turn Their Guns On US War On Terror
01:38:31a Sheriff Florida 13-year-old boy beat, killed his 8-year-old brother because he ate dessert
01:38:35a Should taxes pay for prison ministries?
01:38:38a Oncor may seek rate increase next year
01:38:42a Haiti Dissidents Continue to Oppose UN Presence
01:38:45a Malaysia country of tolerance and dialogue
01:38:49a USDA waits 18 days to request recall of tainted meat
01:38:57a WTC Lobby Bombs...You Decide
01:39:01a Trapped a mile underground, 3,000 goldminers face grim wait for rescue
01:39:05a Amnesty lists US execution horrors
01:39:08a Drogba puts pride back into Chelsea
01:39:12a BAA ordered to sort out queues at Heathrow
01:39:15a Northern Rock cuts range of mortgages as hopes of sale rise
01:39:19a Outcry over sea life caught in nets
01:39:22a 'I head for the ditch'
01:39:26a Nobody's fool
01:39:29a The notional paedophile now dictates what we can look at
01:39:33a These maps cost us £110m. We can't give them away for free
01:39:36a Huge Landslide Destroys Homes In La Jolla
01:39:40a City Allows Nude Artwork On Window In Downtown Orlando
01:39:44a Teen Boy Arrested In Beating Death Of 8-Year-Old Brother
01:39:47a Fake Officer Bound, Raped Orlando Women In Vacant Apartment
01:39:51a Semi Driver Trapped For Two Hours In I-275 Crash
01:39:54a Organic farming changes fortune of Rajasthani farmers
01:39:57a O2 and Yahoo Deal
01:40:01a Commissioners seek to remove liaison to mental health boards
01:40:05a War Letters Returned To Oregon Family
01:40:08a Seven Dead In Moscow School Fire
01:40:12a Texas' Official Dinosaur Was Faking It
01:40:19a 3,000 Miners Trapped In S. Africa
01:40:23a Court Sued For Banning Bible Study
01:40:26a House Panel Hears Utah Miners' Relatives
01:40:30a Evidence Of Ex-Judge Eradicated
01:40:33a Crime-Stopping Cardboard Cop Stolen
01:40:37a Diana Photos Released At Inquest
01:40:40a Spears A No-Show At Custody Hearing
01:40:44a Bardem To Play Escobar In 'Killing Pablo'
01:40:47a Sears Resurrects Wish Book Catalog
01:40:51a Driver Turns Tables, Beats Speeding Ticket
01:40:54a Welsh Council Offers Pole-Dancing Classes
01:40:58a Ukraine To Pay 1.3B Debt To Gazprom
01:41:01a GM-UAW Deal Reflects Broad Worker Issues
01:41:05a Aunt We're Afraid Britney Is Going To Die
01:41:08a Rock Anderson Lied About Miscarriage
01:41:11a 'Wallace And Gromit' To Return To TV
01:41:15a Diesel, Walker Eye 'Fast' Sequel
01:41:19a Radiohead Fans Crash Web Site
01:41:22a Now Is The Time?We must find a global response to this mos...
01:41:26a Serena survives 'crazy' spell in Stuttgart
01:41:29a Nowitzki leads Germany to 69-65 win over Slovenia; Croatia b
01:41:37a Ex-coroner urges action on Pacific Hwy
01:41:41a 1 in 11 children may have ADHD
01:41:45a Diary Notice Conference to mark the World Day Against the Death Penalty
01:41:48a Israel Strikes Syrian Nuclear Program
01:41:52a PM says he hasn't discussed ousting Hillier as top soldier
01:41:59a Lonely Jew keeps faith in Afghanistan
01:42:02a KIRO 7 Undercover Video Leads To School Worker Arrests
01:42:06a Police Respond To Shooting Near Franklin High
01:42:10a Man Arrested In Connection With June Shooting
01:42:14a Mom Crashes With Daughter Driving on Lap
01:42:17a Cheese lovers' internet treat
01:42:26a Central Vietnam hit by typhoon Lekima
01:42:29a Founder of Ryanair dies
01:42:33a Call for global pro Burma demos
01:42:36a N. Korea to disable nuke programme
01:42:40a Iraqi Insurgents Announce New Coalition
01:42:44a Inmate Loses Bid to Build Fire in Pit
01:42:47a Fake Jobs to Embark on Real Book Tour
01:42:51a Man Arrested in 'Indiana Jones' Thefts
01:42:54a Archbishop Says Giuliani Should Be Denied Communion
01:42:58a Brothers plead guilty to mortgage fraud
01:43:01a Worker falls to his death at hotel construction site
01:43:05a Mother maintains innocence at sentencing for child killing
01:43:09a High School Hazing Sparks Police Investigation
01:43:12a Wet, wet, wet
01:43:16a Washington company recalls smoked salmon spread
01:43:19a Father of 9/11 hero to speak in Tigard
01:43:23a Deputies seize 114 marijuana plants in Forest Park
01:43:26a Westlund jumps into state treasurer race
01:43:30a Hybrid limousine stretches mileage
01:43:33a Free of breast cancer, but weighing a mastectomy because of genetic tests
01:43:37a Simple arson or attempted murder?
01:43:40a Record visits, and the fest isnt over yet
01:44:04a Stronger, faster hurricanes - an ominous sign
01:44:08a Sen. Craig spoof ad targets farm bill
01:44:21a Deadly Dessert
01:44:25a Rescue underway for 3,000 stuck in South African mine
01:44:28a Anger boils at mine collapse probe
01:44:32a Fair's Fried Fare
01:44:38a Winnie The Pooh Meets The Bomb Squad
01:44:47a L.A. GUNS, HANOI ROCKS, VIXEN European Lives Dates Just 'Rumors'
01:44:50a • Regions and territories Gibraltar
01:44:56a Heavy rains overnight create flooding problems
01:44:59a Option D? Norton given a chance on punt returns
01:45:03a Mica seeking to cut pork at Coconut Road
01:45:06a Texas salutes sausage with 10-day 'Wurstfest'
01:45:10a 18 regions Sept pork prices up 0.2-8.6%, to UAH22,72-28,7 per kg
01:45:13a Dot Foods Breaks Empire Beef Deal
01:45:17a Enjoying pork in half the time
01:45:20a Beef recall serves as a reminder about safe cooking
01:45:24a Sweet zing of sherry elevates pork dinner
01:45:28a City honours commitment to safety
01:45:31a Top Honours For NZ Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc
01:45:35a Submissions due next week
01:45:38a Remand for siege accused
01:45:41a U.N. Security Council extends Yugoslav prosecutor's term des
01:45:45a U.N. Extends Yugoslav Prosecutor's Term AP
01:45:48a New pasture a first for NZ
01:45:52a Slow start to elections in Hastings District
01:45:55a John Banks Sanctions Rates Hike
01:45:59a Taonga Treaty Claim ‘Nonsense’ – Maori Academic
01:46:02a British-based property buyers targeted at NZ expo
01:46:06a Stomach-bug hits Auckland squad
01:46:09a 'Missing' Man Charged With Wasting Police Time
01:46:13a Call for public input on pig transplants
01:46:16a RaboPlus lifts interest rates
01:46:20a Grows 228% May Sep, Overtakes Flickr
01:46:23a Stranded Waipu Whale Buried By Local Iwi
01:46:27a Speed of crash vehicle disputed
01:46:30a New milestone for Windflow Technology
01:46:33a Recreation Association backs Crown land decision
01:46:37a Impressive results in Bay of Plenty eDay
01:46:40a Turning Sod At Auck Airport
01:46:44a Local hero a double life saver
01:46:47a Dr Pita Sharples Te Ao Maori
01:46:50a Rally For Peace in Burma
01:46:57a Agency With ‘Grizzly’ Client Wins Big
01:47:00a Letter To John Key Housing Affordability
01:47:04a Best Bets Thursday, October 4
01:47:07a Exclusive Brethren accused named
01:47:11a Doctor who misdiagnosed tumours to apologise
01:47:14a LPSB raising GPA for athletes?
01:47:18a District 31 State House of Representatives Candidates
01:47:21a LA CHIP Members Worried
01:47:25a Early voting schedule
01:47:28a Spears gets visitation, but court won't reverse order giving custody to Federline
01:47:31a N. Korea commits to disarmament
01:47:35a Earth-like planet forming elsewhere
01:47:38a Beckham trains with Galaxy
01:47:42a China May Win New Space Race
01:47:45a Lockheed Gets 190 Million NASA Pact
01:47:49a Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau answers your questions
01:47:52a Vito's Restaurant Sets Sites On Windsor
01:47:56a Men held in Windsor home burglary
01:47:59a Windsor resident killed in shooting w...
01:48:03a Windsor Locks Oktoberfest Set For Oct. 7
01:48:06a Disconnecting drive might not be enough to save files
01:48:10a Eudora good enough to replace Web mail
01:48:16a Oklahoma Briefs
01:48:19a Tech bytes
01:48:23a UN chief says 'strong message' delivered to Myanmar rulers
01:48:27a Quake rocks New Zealand
01:48:30a 1,300 arrested in US illegal immigration crackdown
01:48:34a Unemployment in Hampton Roads dips in July
01:48:37a Video Implications for Mukasey's Confirmation
01:48:41a Canada has 'moral' duty to stay in Afghanistan PM
01:48:45a McParland Harper puts the boot to the opposition
01:48:49a Canada claims victory in latest Afghan offensive
01:48:52a Fenway Memories
01:48:56a Sen. John Warner 'well' after heart treatment
01:48:59a 46 Homes Evacuated After San Diego Landslide
01:49:03a Bay Area Called 'Anti-Military' After Airport Incident
01:49:06a Dilfer Talks About Smith Injury
01:49:10a Posts Summoned
01:49:13a Soft Ethnic Cleansing in Irving, Texas
01:49:16a SLIDESHOW Bullets Spray Seattle Neighborhood
01:49:20a New exhibition showcases
01:49:24a Kahn's Oscar-nominated ‘My Architect' at Akbank
01:49:27a Flourishing band Pinhani to perform at SGM
01:49:31a Artist critiques contemporary art through serial ad
01:49:34a Peter Morgan prepares sequel to ‘The Queen'
01:49:38a ‘Mevlana' by Can Akın on display once more
01:49:41a Kapur's ‘Elizabeth' to close Eurasia festival
01:49:44a La Scala Philharmonic performs at 9/11 site
01:49:48a Schrader to get award at Stockholm festival
01:49:51a Bush's veto will reverberate into election campaigns
01:49:55a More details emerge in airport harassment case
01:49:58a Turnbull green lights Tassie pulp mill
01:50:02a New Details Emerge In Missing School Funds Case
01:50:05a September 11 Relevant Questions
01:50:13a Sputnik launch marks 50-year anniversary
01:50:33a Band of Horses plans free show
01:50:53a Mooning Activist Linked to Older Crime
01:51:01a New Software Allows Parents To Track Kids' Online Activities
01:51:07a Metling ice cap opens impassable route
01:51:25a S. Africa Mine Rescue Effort Underway
01:51:33a Bethesda holding perky Fallout 3 contest
01:51:36a Sonic Rivals 2 Official Movie 1
01:51:40a NHS report publication fuels election speculation
01:51:44a Bond Set at 2M for Mom in Drowning Case
01:51:56a U.S. sees momentum for Darfur peace
01:52:14a UN staff member held in Myanmar
01:52:20a Mediators at Darfur talks need patience
01:52:24a Photos/videos shown at Princess Di inquest
01:52:32a Mediators at Darfur talks need patience elders
01:52:42a Higher gold price prompts police theft warning
01:53:06a Bangla gang with passport
01:53:10a Toddler abandoned by father will go to China with grandmother
01:53:13a Indonesian maid bitten and dragged by dog
01:53:17a Disappearing man charged with wasting police time
01:53:21a Officers start crash course on identifying rare reptiles
01:53:24a Skip to main content, accesskey 's'
01:53:33a Furore as Bracks lands plum job
01:53:36a Stray horse killed by car
01:53:40a Lawmaker wants to see bill in seized deer case
01:53:44a Crime Stoppers offers reward to find teen suspected of robbing lockers
01:54:28a Paper names officer involved in shooting
01:54:55a Shinde to lay foundation stone for thermal power project
01:55:02a EarthLink Layoffs Result In Closure Of SF Operation
01:55:11a Caribbean Health Leaders Promise Cleaner Care
01:55:14a Encore Energy Systems Furthers Caribbean and Florida Expansion with Prominent New Strategic Partner
01:55:18a Disturbance forms near Bahamas
01:55:21a World Bank accused of destroying Congo forests
01:55:51a Klang Valley Streets/Why I love... SEA ...
01:55:55a On the Movie Trail
01:55:58a State cinemas to show series by Met Opera
01:56:02a Cuprisin 'Antiques Roadshow' episodes set in Milwaukee to air in coming weeks
01:56:05a Speed, ease of CD copying displayed in music piracy trial
01:56:09a ABC ekes out CBS in first week of season
01:56:12a Mr. Music Duane Allman was one of the great rock guitarists
01:56:16a Man found dead prompts homicide investigation in Oak Ridge
01:56:19a Gibraltar shutting Hubbell Steel unit
01:56:23a Maryland Crab Processors Plead For Mexican Workers
01:56:26a LDP OKs 6-month extension of anti-N. Korea sanctions+
01:56:30a First 74 of about 3,000 trapped gold miners rescued
01:56:44a 1. Snap Shots
01:56:48a 2. Firms forming Synergy Drive draw interest
01:56:51a 3. SC asks Talam to reissue financial statements
01:56:55a 4. First-of-its-kind Citibank product
01:56:58a 5. Eonmetall set to deliver first plant
01:57:02a 6. Saudi Arabia deal pushes up MRCB shares
01:57:06a 7. Six vessels worth RM650m for new fund
01:57:09a 8. News in brief
01:57:13a 9. Customising portfolio of investment
01:57:16a 10. CIMB seeks over 20% stake in Thailand's ACL Bank
01:57:20a 11. Prudential promoting retirement planning
01:57:23a 12. Giant hypermarket in Taiping next month
01:57:27a 13. DaimlerChrysler M'sia sales a record
01:57:31a 14. China urbanisation fact sheet
01:57:34a 15. Currency funds post biggest losses in two years
01:57:38a 16. Notion lays out strategies to face demand slowdown
01:57:42a 17. Hai-O to set up trading company in China
01:57:45a 18. Malaysian heads Green Rubber Asian ops
01:57:49a 19. New division to turn around EP Manufacturing
01:57:52a 20. US stocks retreat
01:57:56a Microsoft gears up for OCS launch
01:57:59a See Spot Run
01:58:03a Libraries up, open and running by November?
01:58:06a Robbery suspect on the run
01:58:13a Legacy walnut tree removal upsets some
01:58:17a all video in Technology ?
01:58:20a No guilty verdicts against activist in fraud case
01:58:24a Apple of town's eye
01:58:27a Teen loves 'beating the boys'
01:58:31a Glass Company Owner Arrested In Bus Vandalism Scheme
01:58:34a Fire Erupts At West Valley Power Substation
01:58:38a Lawyer Woman Who Died At Airport Was Sober Upon Arrival
01:58:41a JU Athlete Under Investigation Thu, 04 Oct 2007 010128 GMT
01:58:45a Kingsgate sells out of Andean
01:58:49a Powerco won't affect forecast, says BBI
01:58:52a Bonuses should be earned Costello
01:58:56a Fulmer pleased with Vols Wednesday work
01:58:59a India's Everest Kanto To Raise US$35 MLN From Int'l MKTS
01:59:03a Australia's Valid Property Buys Sheraton Noosa For US$83 MLN
01:59:07a Feature China expects 'intangible legacy' from Beijing Olympics
01:59:10a Students design microbial fuel cell to charge cellphones
01:59:16a Mine Disaster Is Latest Discord For Harmony Gold
01:59:20a Iran Warns US Against War
01:59:24a McCain Still Wants Presidency
01:59:27a Nurses 'reluctantly' accept new pay deal
01:59:31a Olmert, Abbas meet in Jerusalem for peace
01:59:35a Save The Poudre asks for NISP comment period extension
01:59:38a Michener celebration this week
01:59:42a Fox31 Weather for Oct. 4
01:59:45a Historical society moves Prairie View School to Nunn
01:59:49a UNC's 'Crumbs' a must-see
01:59:52a Burma junta carries out more arrests
01:59:55a Little horses to put on big show in Chatham
01:59:59a Mooning links activist to older crime
02:00:03a Ex Local Politician Helps Rebuild Afghanistan
02:00:06a Incentives Abound To Sell Bay Area Homes
02:00:10a 1,300 Arrested In Illegal Immigration Sweep
02:00:14a Crash Tosses Students Around Bus In Arkansas
02:00:17a World's Biggest Laker Fan At Laker Media Day!
02:00:21a Videotape Sex Suspect Probe Leads To Shelter
02:00:24a Yikes! Man Finds Live Maggots In His Candy
02:00:28a Help Needed To Find Missing Alzheimer's Patient
02:00:31a Bees Descend On Angel Stadium
02:00:37a Hearings urged on ties between terrorists, drug cartels
02:00:41a Falk's Parent Says Company's Business Nearly Back To Normal
02:00:44a Cameron Uncovered
02:00:48a North Korea Pact Marks Big Step
02:00:52a Miners in South Africa Are Being Evacuated
02:00:55a Mexico 'Partnership' Would Fight Drugs
02:00:59a 2 Koreas finalizing declaration from second-ever summit
02:01:05a Is Parker Drilling Company Being Overlooked By Investors?
02:01:08a Should Investors Go Bottom Fishing for GoFish Corporation?
02:01:12a The Investors Corner Lou Victor on Jones Soda Co
02:01:15a UN Secretary General to Meet With UN Envoy About Burma
02:01:22a Aid workers in Darfur continue to be target of attacks, reports UN mission
02:01:26a Advocate Says Ogaden Crisis Strikingly Similar to Darfur
02:01:30a Somalia's biggest market gutted
02:01:35a More than 3,000 trapped in South African mine
02:01:39a Clear Channel defends Limbaugh after 'phony soldiers' remark
02:01:42a Study Flu shots effective for elderly
02:01:46a Bike-riding mob owns the streets of Minneapolis
02:01:49a Great ball of fire
02:01:53a Raya cheer for Felda folk
02:01:56a Another MIC salvo for Kayveas
02:02:00a Nigerian students found dead
02:02:04a Public transport fares to increase next year
02:02:07a Duo accused of double murder walk free
02:02:11a Altantuya murder trial 29 exhibits tendered as evidence
02:02:15a Former MP sues MBf, AmBank for RM39m
02:02:19a Murder accused's last taste of freedom ... in toilet
02:02:22a Child specialist, activist Dr Sam Abraham dies
02:02:26a Students told to recast their ballots
02:02:30a Thousands stranded by landslide
02:02:34a 12 years’ jail after a decade in hospital
02:02:37a Troops ‘will stay if talks bring results’
02:02:41a Ministry to buy 12 new copters to replace Nuri
02:02:45a Nurin Murder Probe Little hope to retrieve data from card
02:02:48a Two policemen claim trial to 14 counts of forgery
02:02:52a Treat for single mums, kids
02:02:56a Uphold Ramadan spirit ‘all the time’
02:02:59a Michelle Yeoh gets French honour
02:03:03a KL keen on Unesco seat
02:03:06a Seeking the moral in the end
02:03:10a Guess who's sexy?
02:03:13a Hugo's the boss
02:03:17a Magic fest at Genting
02:03:20a Klang Valley Streets Art in new light
02:03:24a Klang Valley Streets Through the cookie glass
02:03:27a Klang Valley Streets Get kickin' with futsal
02:03:31a Klang Valley Streets Old, new and new-old
02:03:34a Klang Valley Streets/Why I love... SEA Park A place to raise a family
02:03:38a Day the Space Age began
02:03:41a Insight into the faith
02:03:45a Cinema A boy's brave heart
02:03:48a Cinema Love, denied
02:03:55a Classic still draws a crowd, just not inside the Dome
02:03:58a Madison Co. bridge to be restored, reused
02:04:02a Lake Co. drops molestation charge
02:04:05a Gary votes to ban drivers from using cells
02:04:08a Pacers end practice strong, take day off
02:04:12a Airbus executives under investigation
02:04:16a Founder of Ryanair dies in Ireland
02:04:19a Mexico banking expanded by Wal-Mart
02:04:23a Malaysia bank launches green fund
02:04:26a Chocolate maker to close U.K plant
02:04:30a SAS sues Dash plane maker
02:04:33a BAA faces restrictions on airport charges
02:04:36a Rio Tinto takes over Alcan
02:04:40a VoiP providers disappointed with take-up
02:04:43a Wami poised for 500,000 marathon bonanza
02:04:50a 49er QB Smith Only Out About 3 Weeks
02:04:54a Too Many Sea Otters?
02:04:57a Ex-Canadian Writer Returns Home
02:05:00a Wages Weighing the Benefits
02:05:09a Webjet lifts offer for
02:05:12a MFS sells property for sizeable premium
02:05:16a August sales set new record for tiny online jeweler Abazias Diamonds
02:05:19a Diamond Stripes heads Classic prep finale
02:05:23a NICKEL EXPLORATION Madagascar laterites attract Diamond Fields
02:05:27a De Beers to purchase mine in Botswana
02:05:30a Vaaldiam Resources Ltd. More Diamonds Produced From Brauna Sampling
02:05:34a Flawless Diamond bags Rs 32.5-cr export order
02:05:37a Owner, jock, and trainer set marks at Emerald
02:05:41a Green light for Tasmanian pulp mill
02:05:46a Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity Gameplay Movie 5
02:05:50a 5 laptop security tips
02:05:53a Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity Gameplay Movie 4
02:05:57a Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity Gameplay Movie 3
02:06:00a Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity Gameplay Movie 2
02:06:04a Code Lyoko Quest for Infinity Gameplay Movie 1
02:06:07a Tariffs the Key to Prosperity in Australia
02:06:12a Cubs centerpiece link
02:06:15a Game-by-game photos
02:06:19a My Cubs Tell us why you're a fan, upload your video
02:06:22a Cubs fever Videos, more
02:06:26a Report chides marshals in wake of Lefkow murders
02:06:29a Soldiers Honored
02:06:35a Harper Surprise
02:06:38a The Home Stretch
02:06:42a Albion Road Solution?
02:06:45a Rumours Dismissed
02:06:49a Qian Xun to live in China with grandmother
02:06:52a Police rewards top 400,000, but no word on successes
02:06:56a Petrol price falls again
02:06:59a Monitoring gear installed at Mt Aspiring dam
02:07:03a One dead after Raglan crash
02:07:06a Defense contractor's trial opens
02:07:10a Smoke Alarms Save Kennedy Heights Family
02:07:13a Banks reduce credit lines to HR Block mortgage unit
02:07:17a Commodities Shrug Off Dollar, Close Up
02:07:20a Analysts Doubt Impact of Raising Caps
02:07:24a Meeting Today In Newport To Discuss I-471 Solutions
02:07:27a Shiite pilgrims converge on Najaf despite fears of violence
02:07:31a A year after war, Shiite guerrilla group strong in southern Lebanon
02:07:35a Profile of Jack Kopas
02:07:38a Trumpeter Swans Killed at Storybook
02:07:42a Truth in Organizations is Not Just a Matter of Opinion
02:07:45a Holiday Inn opens in Albany
02:07:48a NWA traffic up slightly in September
02:07:52a San Marcos city manager leaving
02:07:55a Disney announces resort at Ko Olina
02:07:59a Wildcats cruise to victory over Dragons
02:08:03a Alaska Airlines' on-time performance worsens
02:08:06a The long road back
02:08:09a Correspondents' Picks Buenos Aires
02:08:13a Tango Buenos Aires Traveling Dance Troupe and Live Orchestra to ...
02:08:16a Judge OKs NASA background checks
02:08:20a Animals Struggle After Henry Coe Park Fire
02:08:23a Oak Airport Near Top In On-Time Performance
02:08:27a Officials Plan To Move SF Homeless Out Of SoMa
02:08:30a 3rd Shooting This Week On Hwy. 101 Injures Man
02:08:34a California Asks EPA To Regulate Ship Pollution
02:08:38a Berkeley Marine Center Draws Anti-War Ire
02:08:41a SD Landslide Threatens More Homes
02:08:45a Virtual Colonoscopy May Effectively Finds Cancer
02:08:48a Emaar in 20b Algerian project
02:08:52a AlgoDyne's X-Raid Team Celebrates A Podium Finish at the Guy Hoget Rally of Morocco
02:08:58a Yushchenko urges unity after Ukraine vote, raising questions about ex-allies
02:09:02a Puerto Rico investigator tells court slain Canadian's wife unco-operative
02:09:05a Britney given visitation rights; court won't reverse order giving kids to ex
02:09:09a - Review Mobile Computing Without Laptop
02:09:12a Zenith launches laptops at sub Rs 25K price
02:09:16a Review Mobile Computing Without Lapto
02:09:19a Zenith launches laptops at a starting price of Rs 24,990
02:09:23a Fayetteville Police Warn of Laptop Thefts
02:09:26a Guide for handheld circular saw
02:09:30a Is it time the two primary political parties take on new names?
02:09:33a State attacks Israel through the Chicago Tribune
02:09:37a Phony-Soldier Sympathizers Stoke a Phony Controversy
02:09:40a Tea With Miss Coulter
02:09:44a Pa. Senate panel OK's 6-packsales by beer distributors
02:09:47a GOP voters want someone whos not like Bush
02:09:51a Business Groups Fear Overreaction From Congress Over Safety Threat Of Imports
02:09:55a Gun Control Question
02:09:58a Party like it's 1999?
02:10:01a Geraldo was just on Hannity Colmes talking about Rush.
02:10:05a Iran 'Arming Taliban With Roadside Bombs'
02:10:08a Singapore Firms Will Double ICICI Stake
02:10:12a U.S. Senate passes huge Pentagon budget
02:10:16a Cross Country Centralised pig farm by next year
02:10:19a Khir State reps to be billed for holiday trip
02:10:23a Firms that dump waste face action
02:10:27a ‘Aye’ to registry of sex offenders
02:10:30a Malaysian astronauts in quarantine
02:10:34a Still haunted by memory of son's molest 13 years on
02:10:37a Waste ready to be transferred
02:10:41a Method of rating councils 'must be fair'
02:10:44a Botanical garden plan gets RM140m
02:10:48a Council puts end to hearings on project
02:10:52a Used cans live on as works of art
02:10:56a 'Online sandbox' social network for kids
02:10:59a What signals can we take from price action in the wheat pit?
02:11:03a Adding an Extra Room for the Sky
02:11:07a Subdued Thompson Stirs Few Sparks on Stump
02:11:10a A Taste of '08 in Fight to Split Electoral Votes
02:11:14a Elections in Madagascar peaceful, but marred by low turnout and fraud
02:11:18a Apple fixes year-old QuickTime flaw
02:11:21a Study People with disabilities smoke more
02:11:25a Minipax?
02:11:28a Fires in Women's Bathrooms on Capitol Hill
02:11:32a Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
02:11:35a Video The obligatory Bonaduce body slams some idiot Ive never heard of post
02:11:42a Bluetongue restriction zones named in Britain
02:11:49a Victim's mother first to testify in Edwin Tirado trial
02:11:52a Albany Convention Center costs on the rise
02:11:55a Jennifer Aniston
02:11:59a Iraq The People vs. the War Profiteers
02:12:02a Halloween Toys Found With Lead Paint
02:12:06a Antioch College Alumni Prepare Plan To Keep School Open
02:12:09a Fundraiser Could Net Daniels Campaign 1 Million
02:12:13a Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Cleveland Man's Conviction, Death Sentence
02:12:17a KY Farmers Seek Relief After Long Summer Drought
02:12:21a McDonald's wins award for TV's 'most manipulative ad'
02:12:24a Boys who started bushfire didn't throw petrol bomb
02:12:29a James Brolin ain't helping his cause
02:12:32a's not real
02:12:38a Angelina Jolie's 'Know Your Rights' Tattoo
02:12:41a Since You Asked
02:12:45a Road Construction Projects
02:12:48a Trail's End
02:12:51a Umpqua River Lighthouse
02:12:55a October blood drives
02:13:08a Names in the News
02:13:12a Woman Sues Over Cancer Diagnosis Error
02:13:15a Study Shows Older Patients Benefit From Flu Shots
02:13:19a Scientists Verify That Older Patients Benefit From Flu Shots
02:13:22a Report Nicaragua Abortion Ban Hurts Women
02:13:26a Benefit in Chenoaaids Cancer Patient
02:13:29a Keeping Energy Up Means Staying Involved in Life
02:13:33a No Basis For Chronic Lyme Disease
02:13:41a Puerto Rico investigator tells court slain Canadian's wife unco-operative
02:13:45a Malawi's President Asks Speaker of Parliament to Resign
02:13:49a Japanese journalist's body returns from Myanmar
02:13:53a Solar research, factory for Vic
02:13:56a Kids at Deaf High School Write 'KKK' on Black Classmate
02:14:00a Pit Bull Terriers Kill Owner in Florida
02:14:03a US Defense Chief Wants More Military Control of Security Contractors in
02:14:07a Love it or loathe it, Memphis style with its color and kitsch is back
02:14:10a Andre Kim, South Korea's fashion pioneer, still in the public eye at 72
02:14:14a Bidding launched for £500 million ID cards contracts
02:14:17a Jubilee Youth Ranch Warriors
02:14:21a Jubilee Youth Ranch Promotes Ropes Course
02:14:24a Rollover Stalls Traffic on SR-240 and Columbia Center Boulevard
02:14:28a West Valley neighbors upset over proposed development
02:14:31a Riding dirty Hummer releases the H3
02:14:45a Activist group says teens detained for 'Free Tibet' graffiti in China
02:14:48a Exhibiting Tibet's 'natural and pure beauty'
02:15:00a 1GB USB Mini Digital MP3 Player
02:15:13a Arrest In Apartment Complex Arsons
02:15:17a Province suffers setback in suit against tobacco giant
02:15:21a FDA Agency shouldn't regulate tobacco
02:15:24a Cigarette firms push for tobacco lsquo;teabagsrsquo;
02:15:27a Charles Fort testifies for tobacco farmers in 1907
02:15:31a Royal Dutch's Morin-Postel named non-exec director of British American Tobacco
02:15:35a Campaign bucks from big tobacco hit record high
02:15:38a NHS anti-smoking ad draws fire from Imperial Tobacco
02:15:42a Neighbors take sides on tobacco
02:15:54a Hague Union Assembly
02:16:37a 3 000 workers trapped brin gold mine
02:16:41a Crecer Program to Help 1 Million Children in Peru
02:16:45a Koivu leads Habs to victory
02:16:48a Afghanistan a 'responsibility'
02:16:52a Stay Another Day?
02:16:55a Punjab lawyer sues T20 champs
02:16:59a The road to Myanmar passes through Beijing
02:17:02a Dr Mahathir continues to improve
02:17:06a S. Korean president, DPRK top leader end summit talks
02:17:09a 3,000 workers trapped in mine
02:17:12a Diana was on the Pill Coroner demolishes Al Fayed's baby claim
02:17:16a North Korea agrees to dismantle nuclear plant
02:17:20a Fatah says Hamas gunmen seize control of its offices in Gaza
02:17:23a Ex-Saint Gehrig avoids brawl conviction
02:17:27a 'Fun' Costello outlines his vision as PM
02:17:30a Downer welcomes N Korea nuclear decision
02:17:34a Rudd defends NSW health minister
02:17:37a Flinders Medical Centre to get 10m ALP
02:17:40a ALP anti-Qld claims 'rubbish' Costello
02:17:44a Bracks's son slams door on media
02:17:48a GE Launches Next Generation Of Advanced Water Treatment
02:17:51a Microsoft tries to rope in unlicensed XP
02:17:55a Lynton's contract extended through 2012 at Sony
02:18:01a All-clear for Sony merger
02:18:05a EpiCept Corporation to Present at the 2007 BIO InvestorForum
02:18:08a GainSpan Unveils Wi-Fi Sensor Network Solution With Years of Battery Life
02:18:12a 'Tap' touches off complaint to police at Boynton meeting
02:18:15a Mizner arts group hires new leader
02:18:19a Sales of Wuhan Jianmin Pharma up 39 pct year-on-year in H1
02:18:22a Letters to the Editor about global warming
02:18:26a Congress to New York Drop dead
02:18:29a Yushchenko Hints at Broad Coalition
02:18:33a U.S. could move to get N. Korea off terror list on its own judgment+
02:18:37a Jennifer Aniston is top-selling US magazine face
02:18:40a 2ND LD Japanese journalist's body brought home after Myanmar shooting+
02:18:44a Tokyo stocks open lower on Wall Street fall+
02:18:48a JAL plane's rear scrapes runway at Kansai airport, nobody hurt+
02:18:51a World Briefs
02:18:55a Invasion Of The TV Snatchers? White Space Devices Will Kill Us All!
02:18:59a National Briefs
02:19:02a Rebel Leaders Urge Nour Participation in Tripoli Peace Talks
02:19:06a Recalls Honeywell International Gas Valves fire, ...
02:19:10a Frequent Flyer Miles 10 credit cards that give you fat airline ...
02:19:25a A li
02:19:34a My FM launches in Surat
02:20:08a Willingham remains in race despite offers from other campaigns
02:20:16a Nearly 300,000 SUVs being recalled
02:20:44a Lightning hits, closes transfer station in Tukwila
02:20:59a Lincoln Park Croc Becomes Father At Age 67
02:21:02a Bush Doctrine Fallout
02:21:05a Meet Maria Lopez, The 'No Nonsense' Judge
02:21:09a CBS 2 WeatherTrak Forecast
02:21:12a Girls' Nude Pictures Found In Gayer's Basement
02:21:16a SOFLA Foreclosure Rates Reach Alarming Levels
02:21:19a Bob Turk Has Wednesday's 7pm Forecast
02:21:23a Sleep-a-thon Helps The Homeless At The Park
02:21:26a Govt. Looks To Build Murder In Missing Boater Case
02:21:30a Florida Senate Tackles Budget Cuts
02:21:33a Parents Upset Over Hannah Montana Ticket Troubles
02:21:37a Parents Of Murdered Latrobe Doctor Release Book
02:21:40a O'Malley Gaming Plan Meets Opposition
02:21:44a Australia NSW State Government to Hold Informational Meetings on Influenza
02:21:50a Hot weather hurts NSW crop outlook
02:21:53a ABC News Fires threaten NSW properties
02:21:57a EI woe continues for NSW horses
02:22:00a NSW Govt pushes for bus fare hike
02:22:04a Bushfires threaten NSW homes, properties news&subclass=general&story_id=1063415&category=general
02:22:07a NSW to regulate traffic offender courses
02:22:11a Skipper Scipione New NSW Police chief sworn in
02:22:14a CPM not to harp on withdrawal of support threat
02:22:18a Atapattu moving away from the team
02:22:21a N Korea urges US, Japan to end hostile policy
02:22:25a Action in K'taka power tussle shifts to Delhi
02:22:28a 15 dead, 48 injured in stampede in Mughalsarai
02:22:32a No question of capitulation on Nuke deal Congress
02:22:35a Shah Rukh, Deepika Padukone to walk the ramp
02:22:38a Michigan's Home Oxygen Therapy Community Facing 75 Mill
02:22:42a Reliance Retail plans to tap small towns
02:22:45a Gowda puts conditions for power transfer
02:22:48a Govt penalties on small issues hamper sector's growth B
02:22:51a Sania advance to quarters of Japan Open
02:22:55a Elephant tramples woman to death in Kerala
02:22:58a Language media more resilient than English papers PM
02:23:02a Gold opens lower in Hong Kong at US729 an ounce
02:23:05a Grandmother gets custody of abandoned 3yo
02:23:08a Pottery show to be held at Central Park
02:23:12a Sophomore delights halftime crowds
02:23:15a Minnesota Soldiers' Benefits Fall Short
02:23:19a NEF hopes to start tailgate tradition
02:23:22a Lozano to leave SEDC for Pearland
02:23:25a Memorial trail ride to move out Saturday
02:23:29a Commander of C
02:23:32a Artists await rush for free offer to make money out of money
02:23:36a MI6 men were in Paris when Princess Diana died
02:23:39a Senate Dems Bow Before Bush and Cheney
02:23:43a GAO finds flaws with FEMA's Katrina pilot housing program
02:23:47a Amount of water in storage drops after dry year
02:23:50a Syed Mokhtar to sell water assets report
02:23:54a Village asks Ilion water users to stay in conservation mode'
02:23:57a Ditch water clouds work on overpass
02:24:00a Toxic water alert in effect for Siltcoos Lake
02:24:04a Prince George, Dinwiddie to require water conservation
02:24:08a Water commission issues conservation advisory, watering landscape prohibited
02:24:11a Water Pressure Hampers D.C. Firefighters
02:24:15a Slip dam holds as water continues to fill lake
02:24:18a Commission Votes to Increase Electricity, Water Rates
02:24:22a 'Water water everywhere but nay a drop to drink' Muriyad farmers go on strike
02:24:25a Cussing gets employee in hot water with HR
02:24:29a Assam-Nagaland border flares up
02:24:34a Lee-Bush Meeting Won't Happen
02:24:38a Postgame Francona Credits Beckett In Big Win
02:24:42a Sen. John Warner 'well' after heart treatment
02:24:58a Share prices lower in early trade
02:25:01a BURSA MALAYSIA UPDATE 9.30 A.M. CI at 1,359.33
02:25:12a Ceragon out, Elron in
02:25:32a Bhutto mulls 'severe blow' to Pakistan's Musharraf
02:25:43a Troopers And Police Cracking Down On Local Roadways
02:25:47a Controversial Stripper Issue On Ballot
02:25:57a Is Capitol Visitor Center Worth The Price Tag?
02:26:15a Rescue Workers Reach Chemical Fire Victims
02:26:19a Reno Flag-Saving Veteran Says Patriotism 'In My Soul'
02:26:22a A Sneak Peak at Holiday Toys
02:26:26a Guns Used In 2 Manchester Store Robberies
02:26:34a iPhone Brick Fix Dr. Frankenstein Would Be Proud
02:26:51a U.S. Justice Department said to endorse harsh C.I.A. interrogations
02:26:55a Rescuers bring 150 S.African miners to surface
02:26:58a EU experts agree to extend bluetongue restriction zone
02:27:02a Too merry for her own good
02:27:05a Loving wisely and well
02:27:08a Who will feed the cat
02:27:12a Hide Your Love Away
02:27:15a Reagan Rejected the U.N. Sea Treaty So Should We
02:27:18a Monchis y sus incondicionales se pasan por alto al Gober Peña Quieto
02:27:22a Two arrested in assault case
02:27:26a Connecticut teachers union continue to back Dodd
02:27:29a Travel agent told police he's a 'bad bookkeeper' 822 PM
02:27:43a Fred Russell transferred to Cowlitz County jail
02:27:46a Six fallen Fort Lewis soldiers honored
02:27:50a 1 person shot behind car wash in South Seattle
02:27:53a Lightning hits, closes Tukwila transfer station
02:27:57a PSE's new system aims to save baby salmon
02:28:01a Some Canadian mothers forced to give birth in U.S.
02:28:04a Hague DUI case leads to changes in way judges are appointed
02:28:08a Bangladeshi abducted in Afghanistan
02:28:11a Teachers' union leader held over student unrest in Bangladesh
02:28:15a Thousands of Dhaka slum-dwellers lose their homes after heavy floods
02:28:18a Bangladesh, India sign garment deal
02:28:22a India donates Bangladesh 10 million dollars for flood relief
02:28:26a US official to visit Bangladesh to review political situation
02:28:29a A hat-trick hero and second chances
02:28:33a Hayden and Lee power Australian win
02:28:36a Floods recede but Bangladesh death toll mounts
02:28:40a Immigration raids net more than 1,300 around Los Angeles
02:28:44a Case Western Reserve University professor stuck in Panama gets visa
02:28:47a Mystery disease strikes remote area of Panama
02:28:51a Market Prods Corporations to Form Holding Companies
02:28:54a Hook-nosed dinosaur was a pig for plants
02:28:58a Gov't Moves to Limit Foreign Takeovers
02:29:01a Titans playing ball hogs
02:29:05a Dubai Illegal taxi dupes tourist
02:29:08a Fujairah rubbish dump is a 'major fire hazard'
02:29:12a Fines prove 'effective tool to regulate labour market'
02:29:15a Dubai Food fight ends in jail
02:29:19a Copenhagen-Dubai service expected to bolster SAS's financial recovery
02:29:22a Trying to Connect the Dinner Plate to Climate Change
02:29:27a Hey Cubbies! History's Calling on Line One
02:29:30a Kuwaiti's know something we don't? IQD at 3.58 US?
02:29:33a Eyesores in Leesburg hurt 'pretty city'
02:29:37a Harvey who? Diner finally can move on
02:29:43a State House bill would allow emergency access to employee-only restrooms
02:30:00a Sikkim's first hydropower project to be ready in Decembe
02:30:04a Road to Sikkim still blocked
02:30:17a Lekima to hit Nong Khai Thursday morning
02:30:34a Young woman provides new leadership to African liberation struggle
02:30:38a Tara frontline Action avin it
02:30:41a Respect for Basford 'Recycling' Street Art
02:30:45a Campaigners Breach Security at Brighton arms Factory as Iraq Casualties reach 1m
02:30:48a FITwatch Faslane Oct 1st
02:30:51a San Jose Aims T
02:30:55a Malaysia re-imposes ban on hiring of Bangladesh nationals
02:30:59a More than 1,300 immigrants arrested in sweep
02:31:15a Arrest Made In Stabbing At Woodburn Market
02:31:20a Quints Museum wrapping up another season
02:31:23a Schools launch mega food drive
02:31:28a Boys held for bushfire as firies prepare
02:31:44a Judge Awards K-Fed Full Custody Of Children
02:31:48a Jury Gives 1Million To Woman For Sex Misconduct
02:31:51a Suspect Arrested In 'Indiana Jones' Thefts
02:32:00a U.N. chief's plan for Africa office stirs anger
02:32:21a Cat Show
02:32:32a AUTOMODE Carmakers hint at future in Frankfurt
02:32:35a Local carmakers hint at future in Frankfurt
02:32:39a Oakland Retrofits Gaining Momentum
02:32:42a Chrysler in prime spot in Frankfurt
02:32:46a DW-World Green Is Sexy for Automakers at Frankfurt Motor Show
02:32:50a Special Olympics Launch Project to Aid Children With Intellectual Disabilities
02:32:53a African Swine Fever in Caucasus is Potentially Dramatic Threat to Wider Region
02:32:57a 9 DC Area Schools Honored
02:33:14a Fuel drops 4c a litre
02:34:08a WHO Cholera Outbreak in Iraq Spreads AP
02:34:11a Benefits system 'confusing OAPs' PA
02:34:15a State Opposes New Action Against Sudan AP
02:34:29a Woman Sleep Better Without Men
02:34:35a 'Housewives' Joke Draws Criticism
02:34:39a Delhi shop boon for weavers
02:34:42a Karnataka battle shifts to Delhi
02:34:46a Delhi HC asks SP leaders to approach govt on gas pricing
02:34:49a Kohli stars in Delhi win
02:34:54a UN reports detentions in Myanmar
02:35:15a Man with ties to Bakersfield dies in Colo. chemical fire
02:35:19a Man blames his steroid use for killing mom
02:35:22a Woman's ID thief sentenced
02:35:26a Thieves take food money donations for homeless
02:35:33a Gov. appoints new Kern judge
02:35:37a Dell Children's Medical Center sees patient delays
02:35:40a Slow progress as miners emerge from darkness
02:35:43a The Invisible Hand of IMAO
02:35:50a Pawlenty Riding High
02:35:57a WEAK HAS A FACE, AND...
02:36:00a Video The Hammers Alicia Silverstone spoof goes national
02:36:04a 'The Funniest Celebrity In DC'
02:36:08a Riehl World Kaboom upside Harry Reid's empty head
02:36:11a The juxtaposition of ideas
02:36:15a Dept. Of Grumpy Old Men Thompson's Presidential Campaign About Nothing
02:36:18a Two High Speed Chases In One Night Thu, 04 Oct 2007 023254 GMT
02:36:21a Longer Summer Helps Tourism in Nation's Oldest City Thu, 04 Oct 2007 022721 GMT
02:36:25a Bligh says bring on federal poll
02:36:29a High Court rules against home invader
02:36:32a Flinders Medical Centre to get $10m ALP
02:36:35a Stern Tries To Block Anna Nicole Tape
02:36:39a McDonald's Decaf Actually Has Less Caffeine
02:36:42a DC Sniper Calls To Say He's Sorry
02:36:46a Plant's Air Quality Tested Before Bodies Recovered
02:36:50a Bride-To-Be Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba
02:36:53a K-Fed Makes Appearance At Spears' Custody Hearing
02:36:56a Quarter Recommended To Test Tire Treads
02:37:00a 'Awful' abuse allegations at B.C. seniors' home
02:37:04a Father, son charged after Asian fisherman assaulted
02:37:07a 3rd escapee from Nacogdoches jail caught
02:37:11a Hong Kong shares retreat in volatile trading
02:37:14a China Enterprises Index down 3.65 pct - Oct. 3
02:37:17a Taiwan stocks end higher - Oct. 3
02:37:21a Macao's exports, imports rise in August
02:37:24a Gold price lower in Hong Kong - Oct. 3
02:37:28a Bainimarama commits to human rights in UN
02:37:46a Soldier ends life in Jammu
02:37:50a Army jawan shoots himself in Jammu
02:37:57a High speed chase involves two police depts.
02:38:00a Highlands man gunned down
02:38:04a A fetching idea for Baytown
02:38:07a Oh, say, can you sign?
02:38:27a Red Sox top Angels 4-0 in postseason start
02:38:31a Kraft recalls Baker's Premium White Chocolate
02:38:34a Britney Spears fails to regain custody of children
02:38:38a Hunter says he 'didn't have a choice' in killing Hmong immigrant
02:39:16a Palestinians admit setting up Nativity Church siege
02:39:19a Israel confirms strike in Syria, frees more Palestinians
02:39:23a Decision to release Gaza terrorists slammed by IDF
02:39:27a Israeli, Palestinian leaders discuss peace
02:39:30a Bomb hits Hamas patrol in Gaza City, 3 hurt
02:39:34a Palestine, Israel aim at closer viewpoints
02:39:37a Palestinian-Israeli talks aim at closer viewpoints
02:39:41a Herzl Apikorsim And The Rebuilding Of Israel
02:39:44a Palestinians divided over future under Hamas
02:39:48a Olmert and Abbas begin peace meet
02:39:51a Forget the Israel Lobby, the Next Big Player Is India
02:39:55a Olmert, Abbas order work on joint document
02:39:59a Israeli Official Joins Fight Over Palestinian Image
02:40:02a Abbas, Olmert agree peace talks
02:40:06a India gets Israeli help to quell movement Geelani
02:40:09a Israelis, Palestinians Move Closer to Peace Deal
02:40:13a Olmert, Abbas to meet in Jerusalem
02:40:16a Israel Finally Refutes Al-Dura
02:40:20a House urges sale of F-16s to Taiwan
02:40:23a South Korea rejects offer to extend summit
02:40:27a EU votes to expand sanctions against junta
02:40:30a Israel belatedly admits attacking Syria on Sept. 6
02:40:34a DPP asks president to serve as party chairman
02:40:37a FAPA promotes US-EU-Taiwan dialogue
02:40:40a Shen Fu-hsiung quits ruling party
02:40:44a Wang Tuoh says Korean summit offers inspiration
02:40:48a Legislators slam Cabinet over holiday decision
02:40:51a Chen calls on US government to listen to the public
02:40:55a Chang Shih-chieh put on wanted list
02:40:58a Minister defends military following recent scandals
02:41:02a Parents warned about fee scams
02:41:05a Spot checks reveal extent of commission shops pay
02:41:09a Prosecutors extend custody of Rebar scandal defendants
02:41:12a KMT asks MOE to deal with students' lack of sleep
02:41:16a Officials hit back at media reports on flu vaccine safety
02:41:20a Hospitals establish bone bank in light of supply problems
02:41:23a Japan opposition wants new elections
02:41:27a ANALYSIS Myanmar's `bulldog' still has plenty of bite
02:41:30a US endorses N Korea nuclear plan
02:41:34a Poll shows depth of opposition to Iraq war by Australians
02:41:38a PPP members to expected to resign from parliament
02:41:41a UK dailies skeptical on pullout
02:41:48a Israeli, Palestinian leaders hash out `peace' program
02:41:51a Mugabe can attend EU summit
02:41:55a Fresh doubts emerge on Lockerbie conviction
02:41:58a Ukrainian Orange Revolution allies close to victory
02:42:02a Overuse of Tamiflu could give rise to resistant flu strain
02:42:05a Blackwater insists conduct was proper
02:42:09a Gitmo release decisions appear inconsistent
02:42:13a Girl in sex video found, mother had `no idea of abuse'
02:42:16a Barack Obama calls for worldwide phase-out of nukes
02:42:20a Cause of death at Phoenix airport remains unclear
02:42:23a Editorial We can do better than Kao Ta-cheng
02:42:27a Yu's maneuver damages the DPP
02:42:31a When tribes clash with the state
02:42:34a The Strait's `Romance of the Three Kingdoms'
02:42:38a World Toilet OrganizationIt's no joke
02:42:41a Creating a culture of wealth, not just increasing incentives
02:42:44a FSC proposes cutting reserves quota
02:42:48a Cabinet proposes state-run exchange firm
02:42:51a Lost bonuses affect high-tech sector
02:42:55a Asustek Computer wins six seats on Ability's board
02:42:58a Tax break amendment awaits approval
02:43:02a Court rejects Epistar request to stay ban on shipments to US
02:43:06a Construction, financial sectors give TAIEX boost
02:43:09a US-China financial firm announced
02:43:13a EU commission OKs Sony-Bertelsmann music unit merger
02:43:16a Hybrid cars unsafe for the blind
02:43:20a Airbus accused of insider trading
02:43:23a Microsoft unveils second generation Zune
02:43:27a Philippines scraps US330m contract with PRC company
02:43:31a Record firms take anti-piracy fight to court for first time
02:43:35a What's new in Beaujolais is not nouveau
02:43:38a Forever Freeman
02:43:41a Herman the German paints icons for peace
02:43:45a New breakthroughs for an old exhibit
02:43:48a Video game reviews
02:43:52a A strange set of turtles ©_²§³sÅé¯QÀt
02:43:57a Fred Russell transferred to Cowlitz County WA jail
02:44:01a Spears loses child custody battle
02:44:04a Countrywide ordered to submit stock option data
02:44:08a Watada asks court to bar second court martial
02:44:11a Covidien spin-off with promise-Barron's Online
02:44:15a Stocks in focus for Thursday
02:44:27a 180 degrees for Sept. 15
02:44:30a Deaths for Sept. 15 -
02:44:34a St. Croix Arraignments -
02:44:37a Holocaust survivors paid 8 billion, urge more litigation
02:44:55a V8 Supercars 3 Create & Race AU Interview
02:44:58a Activision Adds More Songs to Guitar Hero III
02:45:02a Spider-Man Friend or Foe Ships
02:45:05a New College Hoops 2K8 Features Revealed
02:45:09a Attorney General Wasden Teams with ESRB
02:45:12a Carcassonne Expansion Goes LIVE
02:45:15a Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Hands-on
02:45:19a Hot Pixel Review
02:45:22a North side pharmacy robbed overnight
02:45:26a Kim Jong Il Visits Roh Moo Hyun and Holds Talks with Him
02:45:29a Gifts to Kim Jong Il from Roh Moo Hyun
02:45:32a Roh Moo Hyun Appreciates 'Arirang'
02:45:36a Roh Moo Hyun Hosts Banquet
02:45:39a Wife of Roh Moo Hyun Visits Korean Central History Museum
02:45:43a Suite Members of Roh Moo Hyun Visit Different Places
02:45:46a Inter-Korean Round-Table Talks Held
02:45:50a Greetings to King of Lesotho
02:45:53a Strengthening of Non-Alignment Called for
02:45:56a Kosasinso, National Classic Book
02:46:00a Moves to Suppress Internet Activities Denounced in S. Korea
02:46:03a Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Visit to Far Eastern Region of Russia Marked
02:46:07a Girl, 3, Molested At Jefferson County Daycare, Police Say
02:46:10a Interstate gets final 30 days to settle with union
02:46:14a Grupo Mexicana Submits Takeover Bid for Consorcio Aeromexico
02:46:17a ACCC drops case against Google
02:46:21a Police investigating school confrontation
02:46:25a Church, family members defend Stanley minister charged with rape
02:46:28a Mansfield man charged with terrorizing
02:46:31a LSU doesn't expect Doucet to play against Gators
02:46:35a Green Beer Guide Drink responsibly on a whole new level.
02:46:38a Missing The Subprime Menace
02:46:44a Frederick Of Holly-Wouldnt
02:46:47a God and man at Dartmouth
02:46:50a Well done, Mr. President
02:46:54a ACLU in support of religion?
02:46:58a Cause of fire in Colorado water tunnel investigated
02:47:01a Detroit school sued for suspending student over long hair
02:47:05a Allen County Will Start Tracking County-Owned Vehicles
02:47:09a Lawsuit Over Recalled Beef Sold in Indiana
02:47:12a St Petersburg Police investigating death of a homeless man
02:47:16a Iranian minister tells UN Washington can't afford war against Iran
02:47:19a Japanese journalist's body returns from Myanmar
02:47:23a Bhutto mulls 'severe blow' to Pakistan's Musharraf
02:47:27a Al-Qaeda's Afghanistan chief says bin Laden alive
02:47:36a 'Housewives' Joke Draws Criticism
02:48:38a Olympic Marseille Surprises Liverpool at Anfield Rd.
02:48:41a Something Positive and Uplifting
02:48:51a Iranian foreign minister says US not in a position to attack his country
02:48:55a Tests show grey shirts too similar to French
02:48:58a Emotional Paris Tribute to Valentino
02:49:02a Liverpool on the ropes as Marseille storm fortress
02:49:06a French inquiry into EADS stock trading gains momentum
02:49:09a Livepool 0-1 Olympique Marseille
02:49:12a Bras across the bridge
02:49:17a Iraqis Take Refuge In Iran
02:49:24a Rescue Under Way For 3,000 Trapped Miners
02:49:28a Doctor turns to musicians to help war children
02:49:31a President Reagan's Concerns Mandatory Technology Tranfers
02:49:35a VANCOUVER 9/11 TRUTH Patrick Borden Agrees We Need To Get This Done Now
02:49:39a Writers Guild to honor gaming scribes
02:49:54a Koivu lifts Canadiens past Hurricanes in OT
02:50:12a Heatley, Senators sting Leafs in OT
02:50:42a Shares seen lower on profit-taking, rate decision
02:50:55a Make progress, Mindanao peace talk parties urged
02:50:59a Herbal medicine 'risk harmful side-effects'
02:51:12a Syria denies nuclear cooperation with DPRK
02:51:25a Gold miners rescued from South African mine
02:51:29a Minn., Iowa Residents See Flaming Object
02:51:36a Playing Death Futures
02:51:41a Hwy 101 Shootings This Week Spark Public Concern
02:51:44a Gang Violence Surges In SJ
02:51:48a SF Starts Crackdown Against Homeless
02:51:56a Sherville denies gems planted on Mallard
02:52:31a Police investigating arson of South Dunedin house
02:52:37a Wacky Weather Funnel clouds, hail and snow across Inland NW
02:52:47a Evacuation begins for 3,000 trapped gold miners
02:52:59a Metro Bus Robbed In South L.A.
02:53:30a Man pleads guilt to airport bomb threat
02:53:34a Disposal of bulk waste, tires scheduled
02:53:37a Dozens protest Bush veto in Louisville
02:53:54a Tokyo stocks fall in morning amid sense of overheating+
02:53:58a Fukuda praises 6-party deal over disabling nukes+
02:54:01a Japan's April-September imported car sales rise 3.8%+
02:54:05a Northern Rock mortgage shake-up
02:54:08a Appeal over Darfur asylum ruling
02:54:12a Brown ponders election decision
02:54:15a Key NHS report published
02:54:19a U.S. military officer denies orders on use of Japan-provided fuel+
02:54:22a Funding shortfall 'risking elderly'
02:54:26a VIDEO BACKSTORY Tracking Down A Grow Operation
02:54:29a Armstrong blasts decision, lab in Landis case
02:54:33a 'Two Joshes' offer fantasy football advice
02:54:36a Currency Trading Profits
02:54:40a FTC won't pursue gasoline merger
02:54:43a Gasoline Price Climbs To Y144 At Pump, 1st Rise In 7 Weeks
02:54:46a Plains LPG buys York County storage site
02:54:50a Repsol YPF to appeal EU fine over bitumen price fixing UPDATE
02:54:53a Propane tanker car no longer poses risk
02:54:57a ACLU urges leaving books on shelves
02:55:01a Mesa schools eye cuts in teaching positions
02:55:04a Horizon Air to resume full operations next week
02:55:07a It's a windfall! But what do you do with it?
02:55:11a The 70,000 question One woman's situation
02:55:15a Windfall Plan No. 1
02:55:18a Windfall Plan No. 2
02:55:21a Windfall Plan No. 3
02:55:25a Roth account, 529 plan will help build education fund
02:55:29a Must-see Afghan TV captivates audience
02:55:32a Moderate quake rattles Honduras
02:55:36a Moderate quake shakes Honduras
02:55:40a Health and Wellness The Medical Credit Card Trap
02:55:43a Pakistan's Bhutto Says Talks with Musharraf Stalled
02:55:47a Videos Beware Bank Check Fraud
02:55:51a Switching to Organic Foods
02:55:55a Nowlin's hustle helps spark South defense
02:55:58a Union concerned for 3,200 miners trapped in South Africa gold mine
02:56:02a Post union unveils strike details
02:56:05a BACKGROUND Mining a hazardous occupation in South Africa
02:56:09a Postal union set for more strikes
02:56:44a New Animal Shelter Set For Sacramento County
02:56:47a Venezuela's Chavez accuses Washington of attempting to spur military rebellion
02:56:53a VANCOUVER 9/11 TRUTH Patrick Borden Agrees To Talk A Little Let's Get It Smack
02:56:57a Republicans Support U.N. Sea Treaty
02:57:00a Red Chilies
02:57:04a Earthquake Magnitude 5.4 LOYALTY ISLANDS
02:57:07a ian2
02:57:11a ian
02:57:14a evens
02:57:18a Cash Found in Attic ABC2 Netcast by ABC2 News
02:57:21a Dr_ Bill_TV Netcast #14 by ABC2 News
02:57:24a Pepper Spray Prank ABC2 Netcast by ABC2 News
02:57:28a Officials N.M. Sen. Domenici to Retire
02:57:32a Nobel Laureates Show Their Silly Side
02:57:35a 'Housewives' Medical Joke Draws Ire
02:57:39a Quartermaster left in charge BC Ferries report
02:57:58a Pumpkin to live in China court
02:58:05a 26 killed in Pakistan blast
02:58:09a Polish ambassador wounded in Iraq
02:58:12a Ahmadinejad's message to the world
02:58:16a Insider dealing scandal threatens Airbus and France
02:58:19a Italian government backs open policy on
02:58:23a Neil Macdonald Canada's nasty reputation
02:58:29a Madonna on visit to Israel says she is 'an ambassador for Judaism'
02:58:32a Madonna I'm an 'Ambassador for Judaism'
02:59:01a Vote-Buying Criminals Threaten Democracy editorial
02:59:05a Safaricom IPO Gets Green Light
02:59:08a Delta's U.S.-Nairobi Flights to Up Organic Food Exports
02:59:12a House Fails to Discuss President's Proposals editorial
02:59:16a IFC Eyes Islamic Banks
02:59:19a Nyanza Open for Saturday
02:59:22a Media Told to Ensure Balanced Coverage
02:59:26a Moi University to Run Textile Firm
02:59:29a Kibaki, Kalonzo in Rift Valley
02:59:33a Referees to Meet On October 21
02:59:36a New Engineers Locked Out of Jobs for Lack of Skills
02:59:40a Muslims Leaders Split On Presidential Choice
02:59:43a Team Wants Fees Reduced By Over Half
02:59:47a Insurer to Raise Sh300 Million
02:59:50a Foundations for Change Have Already Been Laid document
02:59:53a I-Team Money Behind Lack Of Big Dig Oversight
02:59:57a Hawthorne Gold Signs Investor Relations Agreement with Skyblue
03:00:00a Thousands trapped deep inside gold mine
03:00:04a Gold Mine Rescue Begins
03:00:08a Thousands trapped in gold mine
03:00:11a • Rescue Begins in S. Africa Gold Mine
03:00:15a Majestic Gold Outlines 2007 Program for Song Jiaguo
03:00:19a Trapped gold miners await rescue PA
03:00:22a Harmony says 3,200 South African gold miners trapped
03:00:25a Trapped gold miners await rescue
03:00:29a Fears for 3,200 gold miners trapped in South Africa
03:00:33a 3,200 South African Gold Miners Trapped
03:00:36a First 75 of thousands of trapped miners rescued
03:00:40a Grandmother given custody of abandoned child
03:00:43a Mt Ruapehu still dangerous DoC
03:00:47a 'Body in suitcase' trial jury retires
03:00:51a Gas companies face more price controls
03:00:54a PM highlights Opposition leader's lack of Iraq experience
03:00:58a More state support wanted for writers
03:01:01a Housing NZ says complaints backlog is largely cleared
03:01:04a TVNZ also wants Sunday morning ads allowed
03:01:08a Well-known promoter of party pills found dead in Auckland
03:01:11a Problems anticipated with new drug-driving test
03:01:15a Greens want dairy farm conversions subjected to RMA
03:01:19a Port operations expected to return to normal
03:01:22a Harvey Norman considering bid for Noel Leeming
03:01:25a Meat industry scopes new offshore markets
03:01:29a Markets show downward trend
03:01:32a Avocado crop should be okay this year despite storms
03:01:36a Syria, Seeking Investors, Turns Cautiously to Iran
03:01:41a Bangkok to be declared an earthquake risk zone
03:01:44a French Inquiry Into EADS Trading Gains Momentum
03:01:48a More than 15,000 buildings damaged in Indonesian quake
03:01:51a Swastikas, `KKK' Written on Deaf Student
03:01:55a Fired Seward city manager elected mayor
03:01:58a Egyptian Shia Activist Arrested In Egypt
03:02:02a Western Union Opens Biggest Remittance Outlet
03:02:06a Two Germans Charged With Espionage In Nigeria
03:02:09a First international cup raiders in Melbourne
03:02:14a Firms collaborate on cell phone software
03:02:18a Governor takes steps to protect home buyers
03:02:21a Sales of chip-making equipment to grow, then slow
03:02:25a Northern Rock Coming Up Flowers?
03:02:28a Art In Motion Your City Calgary
03:02:31a Harvest Hay Day Your City Calgary
03:02:38a Church of the Jolly Fat Man Karl
03:02:42a Stand with Rush
03:03:01a Iraq contractor law would stretch FBI
03:03:05a Chronic Disease Saps U.S.
03:03:11a McDonald's wins award for TV's 'most manipulative ad'
03:03:15a Couples swap kidneys in UK first
03:03:18a No change expected for UK rates
03:03:21a Watch uniform costs, schools told
03:03:25a Heatley and Senators agree to contract extension
03:03:31a Nationalist Iraqi insurgent groups form new coalition
03:04:20a Anorexia may represent an addiction experts
03:04:25a Insiders If you're drinking on the plane and tip your ...
03:04:29a Green Fresh Direct To Stop Using Those Awful Card
03:04:33a Phallus doesn't live here anymore
03:04:37a Red, white and mercenary in Iraq
03:04:41a China's deadly Darfur games
03:04:44a My Christian daughter says I'm going to hell
03:04:48a Shenanigans
03:04:53a Harper warns against defeating government
03:04:57a Helicopter crash kills pilot in Labrador
03:05:00a Mogul can't resist this little Black book
03:05:05a TSA's Security Screening of Head Coverings
03:05:09a TSA Highlights Employee Retention Progress
03:05:13a TSA Unveils New TSO Uniforms
03:05:16a Myanmar troops launch nighttime roundups
03:05:20a Blacks Split In Support Of Clinton, Obama
03:05:23a Airbus, World's Largest Airliner, Touches Down In Tri-state
03:05:27a Complaint Calls Again Going To Consumer Advocates
03:05:41a Warner's office says heart procedure a success
03:05:45a Woman crossing Route 58 struck by car and killed
03:05:48a Feature Article To the Moon and Beyond
03:05:52a Feature Article 5 Essential Things To Do In Space
03:05:55a Insights The Trouble with Men
03:05:58a Reviews Rapturous Sociability--Armageddon Avoided--The Allure of Venus
03:06:02a Skeptic The Really Hard Science
03:06:05a SA Perspectives Racing past the Moon
03:06:10a Sustainable Developments Ending Malaria Deaths in Africa
03:06:16a Aug. 28, 2007 Does Steven Truscott deserve to be exonerated?
03:06:19a Two High Speed Chases In One Night Thu, 04 Oct 2007 023841 GMT
03:06:23a Suspect Hospitalized After Police Chase Across Two Counties Thu, 04 Oct 2007 023409 GMT
03:06:26a Old Mutual set for £350m buy-back
03:06:32a Officers credited for saving woman's life
03:06:38a Founder of budget airline Ryanair Tony Ryan dies
03:06:41a Airport windfall on radar
03:06:56a Thousands set to walk to work
03:07:39a Busy final day before election for mayoral candidates
03:07:43a North Korea How Diplomacy Ended Stand-Off
03:07:47a Home Owners Await Interest Rate Decision
03:07:54a DPD Couple Arrested For Sexually Exploiting Teen
03:07:58a Another Teen Arrested In Arlington Fatal Shooting
03:08:01a Distressed people need help gunman's mother
03:08:05a Huntingdon may be first to ban plastic bags
03:08:08a Global villagers show up at commission
03:08:20a Cadbury recalls thousands of bars
03:08:59a Truth slammed for publishing officers name
03:09:02a All Blacks not peaking yet Williams
03:09:06a Super fund growth drops slightly
03:09:19a Singapore shares outlook Lower on Wall Street fall
03:09:23a Microsoft Unified Communications Ready to Debut
03:09:26a Selden couple sues Dell Computer Corp.
03:09:30a Banks reduce credit lines to H&R Block mortgage unit
03:09:33a Facing foreclosure Fight is better than flight
03:09:37a Microsoft's pushing its frontiers
03:09:40a Microsoft letting Bungie go free
03:09:44a LI gas prices unchanged
03:09:47a Zune launching November 13
03:09:50a IT pros can't avoid tax on foreign earnings
03:09:54a Musharraf expressed readiness to drop cases against Sharif
03:09:57a Musharraf taps successor as Pakistan's army chief
03:10:01a 'Laptop Lojack' Leads Police To Stolen Computer
03:10:04a FDA considers a third drug category Behind-the-counter
03:10:08a Another grow house busted in Charlotte
03:10:11a Lawmakers open special session
03:10:19a Pilot From Verona Crash Dies
03:10:22a 76-Year-Old Man Pinned Under Pile Of Wood For Hours
03:10:42a Doordarshan to telecast cricket ties live court informed
03:11:28a Cosmetics Firm Lashed Over Moss Mascara Ad
03:11:32a Revlon boss, other billionaires in a space race all their own
03:11:43a Wednesday Afternoon Forecast Lots Of Sun
03:11:47a Funeral Held For Missing Woman Found Dead
03:11:50a Cubs Fever Hits Phoenix
03:11:53a 'Men Of Mortuaries' Hawk Hunky Calendar
03:11:57a Warrant Out For 'U' Library Attacker
03:12:00a Police Meth Found At St. Paul Student's Home
03:12:04a On the Campaign Trail With McCain
03:12:07a Red Sox Fans Confident Heading Into Angels' Series
03:12:10a Crunching The Numbers
03:12:14a Remembering An American Hero
03:12:17a 8 p.m. CBS4@Your Desk Weather Forecast 10/3/07
03:12:21a School Board Approves New Calendar
03:12:24a Eliminating Drugs From The Secret City
03:12:28a A Dog Barks, The Wind Blows, A Server Reboots...
03:12:31a Poll Says Clinton, Obama Split Black Voters
03:12:37a Boil order issued for Spanaway residents
03:12:40a Motorcyclist seriously injured in I-405 crash
03:13:46a Allegations of stolen vacations mount
03:14:13a Solaris Named Pipes Bug Discloses Kernel Memory to Local Users
03:14:17a ELinks May Disclose POST Request Data in Clear Text to Remote Users
03:14:26a House optimistic draft bill on KIP can be finalized soon
03:14:33a Woman jailed for settling grudges with arson
03:14:36a Victim of police shooting buried in Napier
03:14:40a Man charged with party pill robbery
03:14:44a Community Worker, Support & Training Program, Interaction Disability Services Ltd, Castle Hill
03:15:43a Mastectomy Patient Didn't Have Cancer
03:15:46a Seat Belts for School Buses
03:15:50a PREVIEW ECB under pressure to abandon rate hike plans
03:15:53a Set Decorator Ellen Brill dresses Murphy’s ‘Nip/Tuck’ world
03:15:57a DBS unit to open Bahrain office
03:16:01a For Baltimore, Housing Slump Slows a Revival
03:16:09a Gehrig beats pub brawl charge
03:16:14a Australian Minister Approves Gunns' Tasmanian Pulp Mill
03:16:18a NAB grooms pool of CEO successors
03:16:21a Debate short on specifics
03:16:34a Psychiatrist Urges Understanding In High-Profile Reappearances
03:16:42a AFL Final Review Semi Finals
03:16:45a Japan Hawk vs. Moderate
03:16:49a Photo Essay India's Ganesha Festival
03:16:52a Closing Arguments in Sutton and Westfall Trial Take Extra Day
03:17:02a Schoolchildren given arts chance
03:17:16a NY Double mastectomy patient didn't have cancer
03:17:20a Australian watchdog to only target Google parent
03:17:23a DateLine Briefs North Korean leader cool toward Seoul count
03:17:26a Seoul doubles up the Dear Le
03:17:29a SoCal Immigration Raids Net 1,300-Plus
03:17:43a 'Housewives' Filipino Joke Draws Ire
03:18:12a Too much time, turnover for Seahawks to seek Super Bowl revenge
03:18:15a Flyers sign Jesse Boulerice, Jim Dowd to 1-year deals
03:18:19a Pennsylvania Cash 5 payout
03:18:24a Better Breast Test
03:18:29a WV Governor Introduces SEED Program
03:18:32a Cat In Belmont County Found With Knife Still In Back
03:18:38a ABC Paints Bush as Uncaring for Vetoing Health Care 'for Children'
03:18:44a Indonesian residents warned of volcanic activity
03:18:48a Australia may need to prepare for 'climate refugees'
03:18:51a Illegal drug production, use rises in Cambodia
03:19:05a Senegal PM Iran is a big country with remarkable abilities/tit
03:19:10a Shares retreat after 3-day rally; eyes central bank meeting
03:19:13a Razon to get fourth star
03:19:16a Asian stocks fall, led by chip makers, dollar up
03:19:20a US TV show's producers apologize for 'racial slur'
03:19:23a Jennifer Aniston is top-selling magazine face - report
03:19:27a Tobey Maguire to star in entangled love triangle
03:19:30a Vice mayor of Laguna town slain
03:19:36a Insider-Trading Probe of EADS Advances
03:19:40a Strong Euro Stirs Fresh Jitters/t
03:19:44a Bush Vetoes Child Health Bill Privately
03:19:48a Bombs Kill 2 and Wound Polish Envoy in Baghdad
03:19:52a Security Bulletin Problem Creates Message Flood
03:19:55a Government to intergrate stock, futures exchanges
03:19:59a Textile exhibition focuses on value creation, green technology
03:20:02a AMT to negatively impact foreign investment in Taiwan
03:20:06a Acer denies plan to halt expansion in China for focus on United States market
03:20:10a Cathay to tap property insurance in China
03:20:13a Jan.-Aug. turnover of science parks grows 11.6 percent
03:20:17a Most Asian markets close lower
03:20:20a Dollar mixed ahead of rate calls, key United States employment data
03:20:24a Benchmark oil futures hover above US80 after 3-day fall
03:20:27a Shares close up 0.80 percent
03:20:31a GM gains, Ford clobbered in United States September sales
03:20:34a United States pending home sales fell 6.5%
03:20:38a Microsoft looks to upgrade iPod alternative
03:20:42a Norway to built world's first power plant based on osmosis
03:20:45a As China opens up, United States lobbyists move in
03:20:49a China, United States launch first joint financial services firm
03:20:52a Deutsche Bank reports euro2.2 bil. costs from subprime crisis
03:20:56a Nasdaq acquires Boston Stock Exchange for US61 million
03:21:00a Chi Mei invests in screen-module maker stake
03:21:03a LDK solar wins five-year supply order from Solartech
03:21:07a Mediatek shares rise to record on Sony order report
03:21:11a Cathay Financial shares up after China United deal
03:21:14a ROC to revise laws on letting exchanges merge
03:21:21a Hong Kong not keen to fund Disneyland expansion
03:21:25a United States agency probes engine fires in Volkswagen cars
03:21:28a Morgan Stanley to cut 600 mortgage jobs
03:21:32a Eurozone retail sales growth slows in August
03:21:36a Internet domain name '.nyc' draws interest
03:21:39a European Union regulators approve Rio Tinto's Alcan bid
03:21:43a Harper quashes reports of a Hillier departure
03:21:46a Principles Worth Sticking to
03:21:50a Sri Lanka commits to peaceful solution for ethic issue FM
03:21:53a KUNA Bulgaria to open embassy in Palestinian
03:21:57a Warren Central Student Arrested for Bringing Gun to School
03:22:01a Indianapolis Ranked in Top 50 of Delay Free Airports in Nation
03:22:04a Prayer, Song Kickoff Circle City Classic
03:22:07a Minister Killed in Car Accident
03:22:11a Monroe County Smoking Ban Could Get Tougher
03:22:14a CNN Black Student Marked With 'KKK' At Deaf School
03:22:18a EU to partially lift restrictions on Britain for foot-and-mouth disease
03:22:21a New owner charmed by New Prague Hotel
03:22:25a Shares on Prague bourse slide, led by Komercni banka
03:22:37a TEA to continue TAKS cheating inquiry
03:22:53a Delphi Scales Back Financing Plan
03:22:57a In Beijing, A Season to Lie Low
03:23:08a Torchlight Parade shines again
03:23:18a Megabucks
03:24:41a MLB Playoff Scoreboard Red Sox, Rockies win; Cubs-Diamondbacks playing now
03:24:44a BOX SCORE Red Wings 3, Ducks 2
03:24:48a 'Housewives' Filipino Joke Draws Ire
03:24:59a Card fraud up 26pc despite chip and PIN
03:25:02a World War Two vegetable comes back as 'superfood'
03:25:06a Personal loan rates leap 4pc in credit crunch
03:25:15a The Doctr Is In
03:25:26a ENVIRONMENT-PAKISTAN Pay-Toilets When the Walls are Free?
03:25:40a Volunteers Sought for Clean Up at Beaches
03:25:43a Cemetery Refurbished Worries at Rest
03:25:47a Brown Demands Bush Address Ship Emissions
03:25:51a Environmental Grant to Nurture Nature, Development
03:25:54a In Our View Clearing the Trails
03:25:58a Pipeline Foes Seek Help to Fight Eminent Domain Bid
03:26:01a Suit Says Dell Worker Harassed Customers
03:26:05a Computer Upload
03:26:08a High-Tech Pioneer Infinity Moves Way Beyond Dial-Up
03:26:12a BRIEF Houston Developer in Talks to Buy Chase Tower
03:26:15a Judge Rules ATT's U-Verse is Cable TV
03:26:19a ATT Applies for License for U-Verse Service
03:26:23a Senate approves funds for troops on the border
03:26:26a Democrats don't want SEC to act with vacancies
03:26:30a Click to view other currencies
03:26:33a ? DOWNLOAD STOCKS ?
03:26:37a Chinese girl goes on 3-hour swim with bound limbs
03:26:43a In the year 2011
03:26:46a Immigrants 'tortured' before return to Sudan
03:27:00a Mr Potato Head, Action Man in drug busts
03:27:04a Rescuers free 450 trapped South African miners
03:27:07a Drugs, guns and nails 30 arrested ahead of Bathurst 1000
03:27:10a Eric the bomb robot set for retirement
03:27:14a Community urged to step up to curb youth violence
03:27:18a Chavez Accuses US of Military Rebellion
03:27:21a Huge rescue push at S Africa mine
03:27:25a High Court backs secret police recordings
03:27:28a Animal markets back as ban lifted
03:27:32a Rescuers free 150 trapped South African miners
03:27:35a Cops Florida Boy, 13, Killed Brother, 8, Over Dessert
03:27:39a Oregon Foster Parents Fighting Child's Return to Mexico
03:27:43a Magnitude 5.0 quake hits south of the Mariana Islands
03:27:46a Injunction on whaling pointless Ruddock
03:27:50a Britain's Conservatives throw down election gauntlet
03:27:53a Families better off without full tax childcare rebate Costello
03:27:56a Rudd supports Meagher in hospital furore
03:28:00a Human rights and wrongs
03:28:34a Security chief busted with narcotics inside prison
03:28:44a Mum on Myanmar, India talks Gandhism at UN
03:29:22a Spanaway residents urged to boil water after E. coli detected
03:29:27a C&L's Late Nite Music Club with Deckard
03:29:31a Countdown Veteran Responds To Limbaugh Comparing Him To Suicide Bomber
03:29:35a Blackwater to protect Blackwater investigators
03:29:38a In Alabama News….
03:30:33a Bayern Munich, Ajax looking good in UEFA Cup; Galatasaray ne
03:30:36a Bayern Munich, Ajax looking good in UEFA Cup
03:30:49a Why Bush Shouldn't Have Vetoed the Children's Health Care Bill
03:31:12a How Sputnik shocked the West
03:31:16a Don't drag us into media disruption dispute, warns Bhattar...
03:31:20a Chopper crashes in Colombia
03:31:25a Wrestler Kurt Angle charged with DUI
03:31:28a Red Sox beat Angels, 4-0, in playoff opener
03:31:42a Over 1,000 migrants die to reach EU this year
03:32:13a Documents over sellout of 'Hannah Montana' tickets sought by Ark. AG
03:32:16a Controversial Jesus doll sold in local Wal-Mart
03:32:47a Bush hails atomic deal for 'nuclear free' Korean peninsula
03:32:55a Embassy of Jordan in Washington, DC and Friends of Jordan Association Co-host Iftar Gathering
03:32:58a Wine Shipping Bill Signed by the Governor
03:33:07a Airline Delays Worsen, Complaints Rise_
03:33:11a Suffering a Fool
03:33:14a Records show custodian found dead at school was sex offender
03:33:17a Ron Armstrong 'Just Around the Bend'
03:33:21a U.S. to admit more Iraqi refugees
03:33:24a China Bloggers Stew About Olympic Pigs
03:33:28a Drug raids net arrests and drugs
03:33:32a NRG Fights DPUC Choice
03:33:35a `Massive Insider Trading' At Airbus' Parent Firm
03:33:39a Panel Of Eight To Advise Rell
03:33:43a Holiday TV Pricing Is Key For Electronics Retailers
03:33:46a Baseball's Cinderella Teams Boost Merchandise Sales
03:33:50a Economy Labors, But Grows
03:33:53a Air Delays Persist
03:33:57a Daimler Name Is `Benz' Lost Forever?
03:34:00a ConnectiCare To Re-Enter Medicare Market
03:34:04a Are You Vulnerable To These Buffer Overflows?
03:34:08a Blackwater CEO Denies 'Reckless Behavior'
03:34:14a 5 Dead in Colorado Power-Plant Fire AP
03:34:17a Key NHS report published PA
03:34:21a Bond Set at 2M for Mom in Drowning Case AP
03:34:24a Questions Surround Firefighters' Autopsy Results
03:34:28a Red Sox Take Game 1 From Angels With 4-0 Victory
03:34:31a Britney Granted Some Visitation Rights
03:34:55a Is Xenia liable for sewage backup?
03:34:59a 'A chance to be close to God's creation'
03:35:02a Court backs cities' immunity from suits
03:35:06a Springfield photographer gets award
03:35:09a Courtepatte killer unfeeling and empty, court hears
03:35:13a Port Barre Officer Arrested
03:35:16a Indonesian foreign tourist arrivals up 13.5 percent
03:35:20a Indonesian shares outlook Lower on extended profit-taking after Wall St fall
03:35:24a MK on Kabul recce mission
03:35:34a Q&A
03:36:26a Elderly woman robbed of winnings after suffering stroke at Burnaby, BC, bingo hall
03:37:13a Annual flu vaccines halve deaths among elderly United States study
03:37:17a European Union urged to lead on Iran sanctions
03:37:20a Korea summit's big mystery — where's Kim's wife?
03:37:24a Poland envoy hurt, guard killed in Iraq
03:37:28a Merkel says rebuilding east Germany still priority
03:37:31a Sudan pledges US300 million Darfur compensation Carter
03:37:36a 10 militants, 2 Pakistani soldiers killed near Afghanistan border
03:37:40a Los Angeles fireman wins US1.43 million in workplace racism lawsuit
03:37:43a 50 years ago, Sputnik changed everything
03:37:47a Poll shows Clinton firmly ahead of fellow Democrats
03:37:51a Chavez to take Venezuela thirty minutes back in time
03:37:54a Soldiers' gear costs 100 times more than in WWII
03:37:58a '007' star Michelle Yeoh becomes French knight
03:38:01a 'Negative' on suspected UK foot-and-mouth case
03:38:05a Indian star to be charged with human trafficking
03:38:09a Chilli pepper helps spice search for new anaesthetic
03:38:12a House OKs compensation to embassy bombing victims
03:38:16a German scientists say 'evil' free radicals may be good
03:38:20a Abuse of Tamiflu can create resistant strains study
03:38:26a Chronic diseases may cost United States US6 trillion study
03:38:30a Los Angeles residents urged to turn off lights
03:38:34a Fletcher, Beshear Take Off Gloves, Spar In Debate
03:38:37a Girl Struck On Montgomery Road, Driver At Large
03:38:41a Myanmar launches night roundups
03:38:44a N. Korea to disable nuclear complex/titl
03:38:47a Olmert, Abbas meet on draft joint statement
03:38:51a Fernndez looks abroad for victory
03:38:55a Funding problems too big for Cambridge nanotechnology firm
03:38:58a New Mazda catalyst uses less precious metals
03:39:02a Life Sciences Funding problems too big for Cambridge nanotech firm
03:39:06a Micro and nanotechnology based aerospace system pilot project fund launched
03:39:09a Video timeline Replaying the space race
03:39:13a Asteroid Baptistina
03:39:16a Sex in Space?
03:39:20a Another Star Trek Asteroid
03:39:23a Astronomers See 'Second Earth' in the Making
03:39:26a More reports on international solidarity with anarchist prisoners Jose and Gabriel
03:39:30a Security at Feral Visions Against Civilization
03:39:33a China Creates Feedback System To Track Poor Product Quality
03:39:37a Large pot grow found in Forest Park
03:39:40a State reviewing decision to send 2-year-old foster child to Mexico
03:39:44a Beijing set to ban simultaneous listings report
03:39:47a How to Improve Commerce Bank's Income
03:39:51a Asian markets suffer broad losses
03:39:54a Secret U.S. endorsement of severe interrogations
03:39:58a Clabber Girl is business of the year
03:40:01a Four task forces researching priority problems in Farrington's Grove
03:40:05a ISU trustee is new vice president at Ivy Tech
03:40:08a B-Sides This guitar hero should be named to the hall
03:40:12a New info into toddler death has police taking fresh look
03:40:15a Man in bike-car crash in good condition
03:40:19a Brazil students solicited at school
03:40:22a Candidates pleased with Tuesday's debate
03:40:26a 104-year-old Maria Costella dies after decades of ‘taking care of others
03:40:29a Lead-testing plans in final stages
03:40:32a Metra Derailments Due To Faulty Tracks
03:40:36a Mankato Student Killed In Car-Pedestrian Accident
03:40:39a 5 P.M. Weather News
03:40:43a Wedding Planner Allegedly Steals From Happy Couple
03:40:46a Police Teen Killed Younger Brother over Dessert Wed, 03 Oct 2007 234630 GMT
03:40:50a Doubt cast over herbal medicines
03:40:53a First couple kidney swap celebrated
03:40:56a Life's stresses taking their toll
03:41:00a Benefits system 'confusing OAPs'
03:41:04a OCBC cashing in on mobile banking
03:41:20a UNDP to Postpone Further Primary Elections
03:41:33a Fla. Dad Warns Parents of Online Perils
03:41:37a Detroit Immigration Official Indicted
03:41:50a NHS report fuels election speculation
03:42:30a Government SoCal immigration raids net 1,300-plus
03:42:41a Stocks Suffer Broad Losses
03:42:58a One dead, 4 hurt in 'horrific' Hamilton crash
03:43:01a One killed, 4 hurt in 'horrific' Hamilton crash
03:43:05a Iranian minister tells UN Washington can't afford war against Iran
03:43:08a Braille Press to auction set of Harry Potter books autographed by author
03:43:12a Radisich shakes off painful Bathurst memories before Great Race
03:43:15a Veto of child health plan sparks clash
03:43:19a GORGOROTH, BELPHEGOR Sao Paulo Show Canceled, Remaining Dates Unaffected Sep. 15, 2007
03:43:23a Sao Paulo’s Hugo given four-month ban for spitting
03:43:45a Fort Smith directors table request for more land at Pavilion site
03:43:49a Fayetteville citizens finds sex offender living in their neighborhood
03:43:52a Gretta's Got It! Fall skin rehab
03:43:56a The Dish Mela - Jhinga Chaat
03:44:30a CL Preview Lazio Real Madrid What Champions League, Group C
03:44:33a Davies Looking For Madrid Victory
03:44:47a D.C. Commuters to be Scanned With Infrared Cameras
03:44:50a Federal Government Inadvertently Deleted Ca.Gov
03:44:54a Self-Tuning Electric Guitar
03:45:02a Man tries to flee on lawnmower
03:45:05a Team studying Tasman mega-tsunamis
03:45:09a Milford School Board Considers Bond Issue
03:45:12a Celtic beat AC Milan to complete Glasgow double
03:45:22a Filipino joke on 'Desperate Housewives' draws criticism
03:45:26a Suspect arrested in stolen 'Indiana Jones' movie materials case
03:45:29a Tatum O'Neal offers advice for troubled mom Britney Spears
03:45:32a Spears gets visitation, but court won't reverse custody order
03:45:36a Newsday Missing Pulitzer Medals
03:46:01a Paul Deady & Selwyn Manning on Nats Foreign Policy
03:46:18a State's EBay Auction Nets More Than 5,000 For Unclaimed Property
03:46:51a Roach clamps down on Cebu fans
03:46:55a Toboggan slides to be removed
03:47:11a Gonzales Secretly Authorized CIA Torture-Document
03:47:14a Earth-like Planet Forming 424 Light Yrs Away
03:47:18a The GOP Candidates Stand on Bush Veto of Child Healthcare
03:47:21a Sinkhole Swallows Homes In California
03:47:25a U.S. Sees Latin American Armies As Crime Fighters
03:47:28a Union Fears For 3,200 trapped SAfrican Goldminers
03:47:35a Domenici to Retire From Senate
03:47:38a Glasgow Middle School Receives Blue Ribbon Award
03:47:42a Watch the Last Governor's Debate on WAFB
03:47:45a BBC NEWS UK Scotland 'Secret' Lockerbie report claim
03:47:49a House pushes for ‘phone jamming probe of White House
03:47:53a We Need More Vitamin 'W'
03:47:56a Girl hit by car in Evanston
03:48:00a In Mumbai, cars cheaper than parking spaces
03:48:03a Popping pill with your morning coffee can be risky
03:48:35a FSU Has Surprise Settlement Talks
03:48:38a Insurance Coverage
03:48:42a Two Major Automakers Issue Recall for Thousands of Cars
03:48:45a Great GPS
03:48:49a Cut Rental Costs
03:48:52a Brantford rider places second at motocross national championship
03:48:56a Typhoon Krosa Strengthens East of the Philippines.
03:48:59a Bush's Agenda in Iran
03:49:03a Clinton Won't Commit to Renew Constitution
03:49:07a More Moneygram locations available in Malaysia through Maybank
03:49:10a iHAMMS Suite of Software Solutions announces newest product
03:49:14a Antwerp World Diamond Centre to host groundbreaking diamond conference
03:49:17a Visa Inc. Completes Global Restructuring
03:49:20a After Delta's Recovery, New Turbulence Stirs
03:49:24a Qualcomm Tries to Explain Gaffes
03:49:27a ConocoPhillips Trims Outlook
03:49:33a Uttar Pradesh IAS officers in dilemma over new head
03:50:25a Four task forces researching priority problems in Farrington's Grove
03:50:29a Health Summit set for November
03:50:32a 104-year-old Maria Costella dies after decades of 'taking care of others'
03:50:47a Newport fire chief announces his retirement
03:50:51a Sector snap China Sunergy leads gains
03:51:01a Cell Phone Freebies
03:51:05a Armed Robbery On UT Campus
03:51:14a Hong Kong transvestite caught in nurses' washroom is jailed
03:51:19a Rush Blasted For Comments About Iraq Veteran
03:51:30a Uruguay Davis Cup tennis team heads for Paraguay
03:51:33a Paraguay fires scorch millions of acres
03:51:37a Sewage Empties Into San Diego Bay
03:51:40a Prosecutors Contractor Lavished Cunningham With Gifts
03:51:50a Bicyclist hospitalized after riding off cliff
03:51:55a High Point Sputnik Launched The Space Age in Middle-Age TIME
03:51:59a Police Need Your Help to Solve Two Unsolved Murders
03:52:02a Giuliani Compares Clinton to McGovern
03:52:31a Celtic's Jean-Joel Perrier-Doumbe and AC Milan's Clarence Seedorf
03:52:34a AC Milan's Kaka
03:52:38a Celtic's Scott Mcdonald
03:52:41a Grand Champion Yokozuna Asashoryu of Japan throws salt to purify the ring
03:52:45a Maegashira-ranked Toyonoshima pushes grand champion Hakuho of Mongolia out of the ring
03:52:48a US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff in Los Angeles
03:53:03a No support for African refugees study
03:53:06a Frodo, Frieda lose baby falcon
03:53:09a State's tourism slump blamed on 'dud' campaign
03:53:13a Women still missing in top public sector jobs
03:53:16a Boy missing in crocodile-infested area
03:53:20a Security at Eastern Creek quarantine 'ad hoc, lax'
03:53:23a Bob Jane's wife in court
03:53:27a Fires gut four houses overnight
03:53:30a Public service for Mainwaring next week
03:53:34a Pay rise for grad teachers
03:53:37a Mainy service on Monday
03:53:41a Swan attacks Costello's Qld visits
03:53:44a Man charged over shopping trolley cart death
03:53:47a Brave O'Grady back on bike
03:53:51a Inquiry into Aboriginal deaths begins
03:53:54a Boys 'did not throw petrol bomb'
03:53:58a ABB Grain cuts profit forecast in half
03:54:01a Supercars chief steps up Perth streets bid
03:54:05a Armed robber Maston busted by police
03:54:08a Youth charged over attack at Como deli
03:54:12a McDonald's ads most manipulative parents
03:54:15a Gunns in trading halt
03:54:19a Childcare tax break rejected
03:54:22a Farmers unveil drought cash plan
03:54:26a Hundreds more Diggers off to fight Taliban
03:54:29a Turnbull approves pulp mill
03:54:33a Community service order breaches rise
03:54:36a Mott has the Blues ready for Western Australia
03:54:40a Warne keen to mentor young spinners
03:54:43a Harbhajan attacks 'vulgar' Australia
03:54:52a Women prone to breast cancer face an agonizing choice
03:54:55a Downtown High-Rises Spark Fire Hazard Concerns
03:54:58a State Pushes For Customer Vigilance At The Gas Pump
03:55:02a Renovis CEO Goodman quits ahead of merger
03:55:05a Reverse Merger 'SOX ' Compliance
03:55:09a Sony-BMG merger approval is good news for EMI
03:55:12a Energy firms' merger wins fight with FTC
03:55:16a ARH defends sinking ports merger with Tauranga
03:55:19a Four Firms Agree on Merger
03:55:22a US Airways merger anniversary passes without contracts
03:55:26a Deals of the day - mergers and acquisitions
03:55:29a EU mergers and takeovers =2
03:55:33a Colonie credit unions complete merger
03:55:36a Approve Merger Between Dewey and LeBoeuf Approved
03:55:40a EU clears Sony BMG merger
03:55:43a The Grand Merger of iBasis and KPN Global Carrier Services
03:55:47a EC reaffirms Sony-BMG merger
03:55:51a and Adams Globalization Announce Merger
03:55:54a Wachovia Completes AG Edwards Merger
03:55:58a Children not an option for many because of work stress st...
03:56:01a Child Health Veto Will Be Election Issue AP
03:56:13a US senators jab China, India over Myanmar unrest
03:56:19a NZ ready for climate change victims
03:56:22a Heffernan pleads with neighbours
03:56:26a Drugs, weapons smuggling a worry
03:56:29a Bainimarama banned from Rome
03:56:58a Activity necessary to keep fit
03:57:01a Spears, Federline ordered to appear together in custody hearing
03:57:05a The Forgotten Interview
03:57:08a Intel Invests In Evite Challenger MyPunchBowl
03:57:26a Q&A &#39War on Terror Served Iran&#39s Interests Best&#39
03:57:36a Most on high court appear to back how New York selects its judges
03:57:39a Shoe brands eye Olympic gold
03:57:43a Myanmar troops launch nighttime roundups to intimidate activists
03:58:35a Shipping emissions are vastly underestimated
03:58:39a Aker American Shipping ASA and Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. Announce Definitive Agreement for Tw
03:58:42a IRS delays implementation of transportation debit/smart cards
03:58:46a Counter Intuition at FedEx Kinko's
03:58:49a » Patrick eyes uniting transportation
03:58:52a FedEx expansion approved in Hammond
03:58:56a BHP merger brings freight cost savings
03:58:59a Spectrum row to be settled by November Minister
03:59:03a Small Improvements in Hurricane Preparedness
03:59:06a Airports, carriers struggle to reduce hazards
03:59:11a Authorities Defend Colo. Plant Fire Rescue Effort
03:59:18a Small Water Mains Cited In
03:59:21a Kremlin Sets New Race Over Arms
03:59:24a Schumer Reverses Course on Tax
03:59:28a Red Mosque Is Reopened in Pakistan
03:59:32a Europeans Again Approve Sonys Merger With BMG
03:59:35a New Rules for Contractors Are Urged by 2 Democrats
03:59:39a Republican Senate Stalwart From New Mexico Is Said to Be Retiring
03:59:43a Kurds Reach New Oil Deals, Straining Ties With Baghdad
03:59:47a World Briefing Asia India 15 Women Die in Station Stampede
03:59:50a In Costa Rica, Built for Books and Breezes
03:59:54a World Briefing Europe Czech Republic Bar Bet Lost
03:59:58a Critic of Islam Confronts Dutch Over Guards
04:00:01a World Briefing Europe Britain Spicy and Terror-Inducing
04:00:05a World Briefing Asia China Revenge Fire on Bus Kills 27
04:00:08a Spielberg hit by film thieves
04:00:12a Detained Iranian an 'intelligence agent'
04:00:15a County ends up cutting lots fewer than 120 jobs, but changes aren't over
04:00:19a DES MOINES, Iowa The winning numbers drawn Wednesday night in Powerball are
04:00:22a E.ON Ruhrgas to Utilize GE's Threatscan Pipeline Detection S
04:00:26a Ooklah the Moc added to Pipeline's reggae lineup
04:00:30a European MA pipeline shrinks 10
04:00:33a Regulators seek response with pipeline developer North ...
04:00:37a Developer to refile application after choosing new pipeline
04:00:40a Public can't see some data on pipelines, judges rule
04:00:43a European MA pipeline shrinks 10%
04:00:47a Sodexho Europe sales growth accelerated; strong pipeline; more MA ahead UPDATE
04:00:50a Greener policy in the pipeline
04:00:54a Const. Lake Jennings 12-inch Pipeline
04:00:57a Rimmel Lashed Over Moss Mascara Ad
04:01:01a Felix Trinidad vs Roy Jones Jr Finds a Home
04:01:04a The Case of Colombia
04:01:08a Historical Perspective Terre Haute in 1879 as seen by Saint Louis Magazine
04:01:12a Genealogy Society has many upcoming events
04:01:16a Looking Back 1982 Great Scot stores introduce bar code scanning into Terre Haute area
04:01:19a Peaceful and diplomatic solution is suggested to Colombo Venezuelan border
04:01:23a Stand with Rush?!?
04:01:26a Congressmens son in sex scandal
04:01:29a Wheres Roy?
04:01:33a This board just kicks ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
04:01:36a Outright Lying
04:01:40a DUI case spurs alarm
04:01:43a Ratatouille starts Frenchlove affair with rats
04:01:46a One year after war, Hezbollahregains strength
04:01:50a Rescuers lift 150 trapped SouthAfrica miners to surface
04:01:54a In Latest Poll, Good News for Both Clintons
04:01:57a Debate in Bush administration over Iran strategy
04:02:01a Cell Response To Skin-damaging UV Rays Explained
04:02:04a New Prosthetic Devices Will Convert Brain Signals Into Action
04:02:08a Indian Bug Is The Ancestor Of Crohn's Disease Pathogen
04:02:11a Earth-like Planet Forming In Nearby Star System, Astronomers Believe
04:02:15a Specialized Bath Products For Allergic Eczema Of 'Questionable' Value
04:02:18a Creatine In Addition To Exercise Enhances Strength In Older Adults
04:02:22a Century-old Debate On Origin Of Mammalian Network Of Lymphatic Vessels Settled
04:02:25a Idemitsu Kosan Takes 1st Place In Nikkei Web Site Ranking
04:02:29a KDDI's Planned Rate Cuts Spur Concerns About CPI Decline
04:02:32a Some miners rescued in South Africa, more than 2,000 remain trapped
04:02:36a Making Sense of DRC Border Clashes opinion
04:02:39a UCA to Host Rwanda Women
04:02:43a DRC No Show At Key Oil Talks
04:02:46a Six People Isolated in Marburg Outbreak
04:02:50a Cyprus, Jordan & Italy rush to help Lebanon with wildfires
04:02:54a Typhoon 'Ineng' intensifies as it moves towards Taiwan
04:02:57a Arranca la loter a de visas
04:03:01a IRAQ Ethnic violence forces more Arabs to flee Kirkuk
04:03:07a NBC Deal May Have Greater iTunes Ramifications Than Anticipated
04:03:11a iPhone Bricking I Blame AT&T
04:03:15a Apple Fixes Windows QuickTime Flaw
04:03:18a India one of world's greatest cultures London Mayor
04:03:22a Spears loses bid to regain custody
04:03:32a Man arrested in hit-and-run of child
04:03:36a Students to get safety lights
04:03:39a Abuse suspect loses attorney over money snag
04:03:43a Plea deal nets 15-year sentence in fatal beating
04:03:46a Bodies of workers identified, search for answers continues at plant
04:03:50a Frightmare 2007 Starts Friday
04:03:53a Railways Good for Political Unity editorial
04:03:57a Jinja Mayor Orders Closure of Factory Over Pollution
04:04:00a Police Hold 4 Men Over Counterfeit Waragi
04:04:04a Abandoned Children Find Love Away From Home column
04:04:08a Sarkozy and the euro's perfect storm
04:04:11a EU to give Honduras 314 million dollars
04:04:15a WHP trooper to pay 15,000 in arrest complaint
04:04:19a South African Mining Disasters
04:04:22a Hodges out, Folau in for Kangaroos
04:04:25a USS Abraham Lincoln anchored off Victoria
04:04:29a Nanaimo Community Foundation Receives Big Donation
04:04:32a New Allegations of Abuse at a Seniors Centre
04:04:36a Business Facing Eviction
04:04:39a Cops for Cancer Crest the Malahat
04:04:42a Raise a Reader
04:04:46a Lifeline for child cancer patients
04:04:49a IBM to Help Clients Accelerate Business
04:04:53a Fisher Funds casts wider net
04:04:56a Forum Supports Closer Trade With Europe
04:05:00a Broadbanding the City Time for Action
04:05:03a Marlborough Gets Customised Cellar Door Training
04:05:07a Kiwi wines win again
04:05:10a National supports nurses' call for more say
04:05:14a Transport groups release candidate ratings
04:05:18a eDay diverts nearly 300 tonnes of computer waste
04:05:21a Brickbats and bouquets for Yellow television ad
04:05:25a 20,000 Fine For Serious Mamaranui Dairy Pollution
04:05:28a Cr ches keep closing while Govt review drags on
04:05:32a Commission Proposes Prices For Power Supply
04:05:36a Ethnic Councils Concerned About Race Card
04:05:39a Wages and investments drive increase in income
04:05:42a Twelve shots can't stop Chopper
04:05:46a A small victory over greenwash
04:05:49a Excitement In Kaitangata Over Hillclimb Revival
04:05:53a Have your say on Gambling
04:05:56a Auckland Property Market Slow In September
04:06:00a Suitcase murder accused 'a bully'
04:06:03a Kiwijet Selects British Aerospace Regional Jet
04:06:07a Peak oil educator to visit New Zealand
04:06:10a Mark had the nuts to wear SNICKERS knickers
04:06:14a Seven out of ten oppose lifting cap on charges
04:06:18a Architecture’s role in a design-led city
04:06:21a Another Good Sign For Auckland’s Future
04:06:24a Auckland Must Prepare To Meet Future Crises
04:06:28a Poll May Reveal Future New Zealand Icon
04:06:31a swissinfo hits the airwaves
04:06:35a making an electrifying difference to climate change
04:06:39a Writing the next chapter in space exploration
04:06:44a Genco Shipping Announces Exercise of Over-Allotment Option by Underwriters
04:07:01a Confessions of an ex-fescue addict in Chesapeake
04:07:05a Pilot killed as plane crashes on U.S. 17 in Chesapeake
04:07:09a Woman killed while trying to cross U.S. 58 in Chesapeake
04:07:14a Twin tragedy Answers sought in newborns' deaths
04:07:44a 3200 miners workers Trapped
04:07:47a Spy boss Billy tells of R20m ‘hush money’
04:07:51a Princess Diana's Final Moments
04:07:54a ‘SA key link in slave trade’
04:07:58a Tax expert Spitz in FirstRand’s face
04:08:02a Museum stages annual flea market fundraiser
04:08:05a Post-polio group reschedules meeting
04:08:09a Cubs fans try to crash D-Backs' party
04:08:12a Kyrgyz Republic agrees to support strategy
04:08:16a Cargill sells half of plastics business
04:08:19a Three Men Charged In Plastic Surgeon's Death
04:08:23a Ban or no ban, plastic bags stay
04:08:26a Cargill To Sell Half Of Plastics Unit
04:08:30a Caraustar gets out of fiber container and plastics biz
04:08:33a 3 men charged in death of esteemed plastic surgeon
04:08:37a Competitor Market Shares and Developments in The UK Plastic Card Market
04:08:40a Real Nobel laureates show silly side at Ig Nobels ceremony
04:08:44a Attack on Manipur official
04:08:48a Four CRPF jawans killed in an ambush in Manipur
04:08:51a Imphal wheels back to life
04:08:55a Ochoa Gears Up For Danville's Longs Drug Challenge
04:08:58a Sharks Don't Fear High Expectations for Season
04:09:01a Big Bidders Central GOM Lease Sale 205
04:09:05a Marathon Apparent Winner in 27 New Blocks in Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale
04:09:08a Opus Plans Flex for 99-Year Land Lease
04:09:29a Eldest member of rock group Hanson hospitalized
04:09:32a Judges angered by colleague's decision to close offices at 5 p.m.
04:09:38a Bridge Investigation Cmte. Meets For 1st Time
04:09:42a Baby Sleep Blues How Parents Can Get Some Z's
04:09:45a Bligh stands by speeding MP on committee
04:09:49a Police may use water cannon at Bathurst
04:09:53a No support for African refugees study
04:09:59a Tyre king's wife accused of assault
04:10:03a Bruce Highway funding is too late Bligh
04:10:06a Genetics help Tas devil tumour to spread
04:10:13a WA boosts graduate teachers salaries
04:10:17a Jury in suitcase murder trial retires
04:10:20a Three People With Life Threatening Injuries After Serious Accident
04:10:42a 5th Republican US senator to retire, increasing Democrats' chances of wider majority
04:10:46a Former boss testifies that US hunter 'hated' Hmong immigrants
04:10:52a HR? Virtual office team desn't need one
04:10:56a New telecom licence COAI's demands
04:10:59a Phoenix PD releasing more details on airport death
04:11:03a Leash law loosening for trained dogs
04:11:07a Fire erupts inside a power substation
04:11:10a Bligh supports judge's tough stance
04:11:14a Mill approved subject to 48 conditions
04:11:18a Tradesman burnt in electrical explosion
04:11:21a Clinton outstrips Obama in Democrat race
04:11:25a U.S. to host huge terror drill
04:11:29a US blacks split evenly between Clinton, Obama in prez race
04:11:32a Headline fungicide from BASF now registered for cotton in the United States
04:11:35a Harassment trial lifts lid on sleaze at the New York Knicks
04:11:39a Feds probe 1.3-million embezzlment
04:11:43a With North Pole melting, administration warms to UN Law of the Sea Treaty
04:11:46a Defendant on trial in slaying of gay man says he's gay too
04:11:50a San Diego landslide destroys home, forces evacuation of 111 homes, opens chasm in road
04:11:53a Alcohol controversy reaches Wis. court
04:11:57a Artists gather to mark anniversary of MacDowell Colony
04:12:00a Official bribed to free illegal immigrants
04:12:04a ACLU asks court to review spying case
04:12:08a Students at high school for deaf wrote swastikas, 'KKK' on black schoolmate
04:12:12a First workers evacuated safely after elevator damage traps 3,000 men in South African mine
04:12:15a Life without lights in a Ghanaian village
04:12:19a New Jersey travel agency accused of cheating Muslims trying to make pilgrimage to Mecca
04:12:23a Utah miners cited safety concerns
04:12:27a Government unable to identify labs vulnerable to bioterrorism
04:12:30a More details emerge about McDonald's raids
04:12:34a Angola Namibia Meeting On Defence, Security Proceeds
04:12:38a Angola ngola S. African Parliament Speaker Visits Kifangondo Historic Site
04:12:42a Angola Government Wants Country`s Integrated, Sustainable Growth
04:12:45a Angola Moxico Air Force Official Checks Situation Of Troops
04:12:49a Angola S.African MP Considers Positive Visit To Kuito Kuanavale
04:12:52a Zimbabwe Defence Minister Present At EU Meeting
04:12:56a TChad France seeks large EU force for Chad mission
04:12:59a SA police boss 'was investigated'
04:13:03a Southern Africa Non-Tariff Barriers Blocking Flow of Goods
04:13:06a N. Korea to disable main nuclear facilities by year's end
04:13:10a Report Judges And Their Families Still In Danger
04:13:14a Media Matters Batters Media MAXINE
04:13:17a Roh Gets Third-World Treatment in Pyongyang
04:13:21a 16th Expedition to Do Extensive Assembly Work on Iss Roscosmos
04:13:24a The Constitution says you can have guns, but it doesn;t say anything about BULLETS!
04:13:28a Crowd swipes dying man's groceries
04:13:35a The Blender Poll
04:13:39a RIAA Download lawsuits will continue
04:13:42a Maths is still a privilege
04:13:46a House prices off the boil
04:13:49a Clear closets and consciences
04:13:52a R600m from Nampak in the can for Angola
04:13:56a Turkey's president defends human rights record
04:13:59a Landslide Sweeps Away San Diego Home, 111 Homes Evacuated
04:14:03a Officials Defend Rescue Efforts At Colorado Hydroelectric Plant
04:14:07a Soldiers Sent Home One Day Before Benefits Kick In
04:14:10a Iraq Vets Say Pentagon Is Denying Them Benefits By One Day
04:14:14a Corporate Sponsorship of Golden Gate Bridge Challenged
04:14:17a Bannawit removed as deputy permanent secretary for Defence
04:14:21a Now focus on finding her, McCanns beg Portuguese police after detective is axed
04:14:24a Portugal's prime property prospects
04:14:27a Now focus on finding Maddie, McCanns tell Portuguese police
04:14:31a Portuguese official removed after chiding UK police
04:14:34a Suffolk council to give jail 200,000 in emergency funding
04:14:38a Athena Award recognizes Suffolk doctor's efforts to improve lives
04:14:41a Car from 'Dukes of Hazzard' to be displayed at event
04:14:45a Decal for unlimited visits avoids daily parking fees
04:14:48a Parent files suit against Suffolk schools over special education
04:14:52a Ed Begley Jr. promotes state's eco-holiday
04:14:59a US Airways to cut Norfolk-to-Pittsburgh runs
04:15:02a Group Make ethics a core of business instruction
04:15:05a Steps taken to meet concerns at other ports outlined
04:15:09a Kika from Ice Age
04:15:12a Online Dating Techniques & More
04:15:16a Be Careful What You Say to Your Child You Could Ruin His Life
04:15:19a The Wooden Keyboard that Could have Been
04:15:23a A Taste of 08 in Fight to Split Electoral Votes
04:15:26a Congressman Raises 5 Million in Bid
04:15:29a Senator Suing Own Party Over Discord on Florida
04:15:40a Over 30 Myanmar detainees go on hunger strike against crackdown+
04:15:44a Doctor in Nagano fails to recruit a surrogate mother+
04:15:48a Gov't panel calls for ban on Internet auction of pirated products+
04:15:51a Insurgent coalition sends video message to U.S.
04:15:55a LEAD Japan to begin fingerprinting, photographing foreigners Nov. 20+
04:15:58a Key JGB yield rises in morning following U.S. Treasury yield rise+
04:16:02a Couples' kidney swap joy
04:16:05a Search for 'lost' practice bomb
04:16:09a Kim, Roh to sign inter-Korean summit declaration at 1 p.m.+
04:16:12a Dollar hovers at upper 116 level with upbeat sentiment on U.S. economy+
04:16:16a LEAD Fukuda calls 6-party deal on N. Korean nukes 'commendable'+
04:16:20a S. Korea papers criticize N. Korean leader's 'unusual behavior'+
04:16:24a Police to join judicial debate on recording of suspects' questioning+
04:16:27a LEAD Tokyo stocks fall in morning amid sense of overheating+
04:16:31a 3RD LD Japanese journalist's body brought home after Myanmar shooting+
04:16:34a Diana jury to see more CCTV
04:16:38a OUTDOORS Summer of splendor
04:16:42a N.M. high court wants stiffer punishment for Duke City judge
04:16:45a Los Alamos Lab resumes waste shipments to WIPP
04:16:49a Proud, heart-wrenching farewell
04:16:53a 2001 beating death Convict gets second chance to tell his side
04:16:56a Faught Shortfall won't slow rail
04:17:00a State's flu shots have mercury options
04:17:03a Coffee with Coss Residents voice concerns over crime, development projects
04:17:07a Four Corners Power Plant aims to green up
04:17:11a Authorities defend rescue effort
04:17:14a Girls' School board members quit over disputes
04:17:18a Crash Victim's Family Speaks to 7 News
04:17:21a State Reading Tests Deemed Easier
04:17:25a Ford chair says automaker is ready for UAW contract talks
04:17:28a Musharraf names army successor; 85 MPs resign
04:17:31a Benazir Says Talks Stalled, Vows to Inflict 'Severe Blow' to Musharraf Re-Election Plan
04:17:35a Scotland 'needs more graduates to compete'
04:17:38a Law worker allowed flat to be used as 'drugs warehouse'
04:17:42a Skills crisis 'putting 21bn Scots building boom at risk'
04:17:45a Plans unveiled for 'green town'
04:17:49a NHS 24 makes changes after system causes child's death
04:17:52a Uneasy truce in the war of the wigs over World's End
04:17:56a Mother tells of anger as son's killers jailed
04:17:59a Anonymous kidney swap offers couples 'gift of life'
04:18:03a Airline's extra flights to Norway
04:18:06a Police rapped over boy's 59 hours in cell
04:18:10a Tourist chiefs aim to draw an extra 250 from visitors
04:18:13a Fan mars Celtic's moment of triumph
04:18:16a Famous caf at centre of new ice-cream war
04:18:20a Drowned boy's mother in attack on staff
04:18:23a Man sought in 4 sexual assaults in Bear, Glasgow
04:18:27a New effort to identify beach body
04:18:30a Strachan overjoyed by Milan win
04:18:34a 'Hotel occupancy started showing a decline in metros 1st time in last 4 yrs'
04:18:37a Bips may act as Jahanara in Kingsley`s film on Taj
04:18:41a Obesity a problem in HIV population
04:18:46a Reform Set to Revolutionize Justice System, Say Experts
04:18:49a Pulse Data's board asks shareholders to reject 'best and final' Seitel offer
04:18:53a Kingdom Will Establish Five New Airports
04:18:56a King Seeks Report on Rising Prices
04:19:00a What Does Ramadan Mean to Saudis Studying Abroad
04:19:03a HRC to Address Muslim Rights Issues in Europe
04:19:07a Saudi Twins Thrive Three Months Into Separation
04:19:10a 'Sobia' Sells Better With Children
04:19:14a Incident-Free Ramadan So Far, Says Makkah Civil Defense
04:19:17a Gandhi's Philosophy Comes Under Focus
04:19:21a Final ME Talks After Summit
04:19:24a Test Tracker
04:19:27a RIAA Music Download Suits Will Continue
04:19:31a England doesn't scare Oz
04:19:34a An election Bring it on now
04:19:38a Moira Stuart to leave BBC news
04:19:42a Schools 'must tackle literacy'
04:19:45a Paris hotel's Diana film seen for first time
04:19:49a Cameron's vision for Britain
04:19:52a Off script, on message
04:19:56a Airports 'acted against the public interest'
04:19:59a EU fisheries policy 'puts stocks at more risk'
04:20:03a Activists who handcuffed Hodge cleared
04:20:06a Artists offer to make money out of money
04:20:10a 10,000 gems left in hotel bedroom
04:20:13a Men 'at more risk of crash'
04:20:17a 53m raid suspect cleared
04:20:20a Cameron puts Tories on election footing with conference 'triumph'
04:20:24a UK's first paired kidney swap saves two lives
04:20:27a Top Ten Pound For Pound Best Pro Boxer as ranked by Ring Magazine
04:20:31a Babies 'bring 1,140 debt'
04:20:34a Designer bows out in style of the 80s
04:20:37a Overseas student talent 'is wasted in UK'
04:20:41a Advice sought over quarry plans
04:20:44a Phone lie detectors to stop fraud
04:20:48a Guyana Goldfields Inc.
04:20:55a Abbas, Olmert order work on joint document for Mideast meet
04:20:59a I robbed bikers for drug money, says accused
04:21:03a Sanele's family prepare for final goodbye
04:21:06a Four Selebi warrants traced
04:21:10a How far did Pikoli go?
04:21:13a Taskforce to tackle NHS violence
04:21:17a Transplant costs enough to make you liverish
04:21:20a W32/Rbot-GUA
04:21:33a Shop a brothel
04:21:37a Rehab Lindsay cuts weed
04:21:40a Woman cleared in 53m trial
04:21:47a He can't conceal anxieties and fear
04:21:54a Snob has the curse of failure
04:21:57a I've won 7M lotto but mum is still my number 1
04:22:00a Carer tot death rap
04:22:04a Go to the fare
04:22:07a Best Friends com in all sizes
04:22:10a Thai pepper Kandhari Mulaku
04:22:14a Thai Food ;-
04:22:17a Car Hits Teen Getting Off Of Metro Bus
04:22:21a Driver Rams Into Cars Outside Cincinnati Mills
04:22:24a Seminole County Offers Coupon Incentive For Low-Energy Light Bulbs
04:22:46a Pumpkin to live in China with grandmother
04:22:50a Court orders 'Pumpkin' to China
04:22:53a Vietnam eyes 3 medals at Beijing Olympic Games 2008
04:22:57a U.S. working to push China, India and Japan to pressure Myanmar, diplomat says
04:23:00a 'I can feel Special Olympics spirit in Shanghai'
04:23:04a Can Fukuda improve ties with China
04:23:08a Photos and videos give inquest jury a picture of Princess Diana's last hours
04:23:11a Concern after fatal shooting
04:23:15a Mumley Found Guilty
04:23:18a A Stranger is Watching, Part 1
04:23:22a Toyota's Environmental Image Challenged
04:23:25a Rent Growth Slows a Bit in Office Market
04:23:29a Bank Bill's Senate Champion Has Industry Ties
04:23:33a Chevron Hit With Fine in Kazakhstan/t
04:23:36a GM Bulks Up Finance Roster
04:23:40a Clerk Shot During Robbery
04:23:49a EU extends Bluetongue restriction zones
04:23:52a Manila bans fishing to revive biggest reef
04:23:56a Groups eye plan to end Amazon deforestation
04:24:41a Sensors Give Boston Police Edge In Shootings
04:24:45a Red Sox Nation's Pulse Races After Game 1 Victory
04:24:48a Red Sox Fans Enjoy Game In And Outside Of Fenway
04:24:52a Ortiz On Being In Postgame Spotlight In Boston
04:24:55a Protect Against E-Mail Scams With Simple Tips
04:24:59a Web Extra Josh Beckett On His Game 1 Shutout
04:25:02a Youkilis Says This Year Has Different Vibe
04:25:06a Oil prices extend decline below US80 a barrel
04:25:09a Portsmouth schools chief praised for job well done
04:25:22a Cattle truck rolls on U.S. 85
04:25:26a One dies, two injured in south Weld wreck
04:25:29a Forest health on shaky ground
04:25:33a Seat-belt use in Colo. at all-time high
04:25:36a Joint Action TMG Condemns Attempts By Authorities to Silence Dissenting Voices press release
04:25:42a Sri Lankan military says six rebels and three soldiers killed in fighting
04:25:45a Report 2 Koreas agree on meeting of related countries to end Korean War
04:25:49a Report Koreas agree to open cargo railway to joint industrial complex in NKorea
04:25:53a Malaysia slaps ban on new migrant workers from Bangladesh
04:25:57a Nepal's top politicians meet to try resolve political crisis
04:26:00a Report 2 Koreas to create special peace zone on disputed western sea border
04:26:04a Central Philippine volcano spews ash amid quakes; scientists say no imminent danger
04:26:08a New Zealand child in abandoned toddler case to live in China
04:26:11a Bhutto talks 'stalled' as court mulls vote
04:26:15a Court reopens Pakistan's Red Mosque
04:26:18a Philippines says it has China's support on cancelled deal
04:26:22a Philippine communist party leader Sison freed
04:26:25a Indo-Malay row sparked by song
04:26:29a Aussies, United States make military satellite deal
04:26:33a Not Guilty Verdict Reached in Officer Trial
04:26:37a Two soldiers killed in Indian Kashmir
04:26:40a East Timor police arrest alleged hit squad leader
04:26:44a Injured elephant in north India game reserve dies
04:26:51a Manila may ban violent arcade games in Net cafes
04:26:55a It's back to the drawing board for ACCC
04:26:58a Breast cancer drug needs approval for men's use
04:27:02a LGH may resume elective surgery tomorrow
04:27:05a Smoking ban to hit pokie revenueXenophon
04:27:09a Kids' use of heartburn drugs surges
04:27:12a Obesity a problem for HIV patients
04:27:16a Tokyo may cut Myanmar aid over reporter's slaying
04:27:19a U.S. seeks Asian partners for Global Hawk eye in sky
04:27:23a Going Dutch on M&As
04:27:26a A way of considering two things
04:27:29a Lt. Asks Judge to Stop Court Martial
04:27:33a New poll shows Clinton expands lead over Obama
04:27:37a Serbia hosts international meeting on banning cluster bombs
04:27:40a Roundup Bipartisan tension tightens as Bush vetoes program
04:27:44a Barbados calls for immediate global action on climate change
04:27:47a Foreign teams help Lebanese put out fire in mountains
04:27:51a Dutch couple shot dead in southern Turkey
04:27:55a Romanian Parliament rejects no-confidence motion against govt
04:27:58a AL chief calls for Arab ministerial meeting for U.S.-brokered peace conference
04:28:02a EU commissioner urges Macedonia for more progress in fighting corruption, reform
04:28:06a McGauran to meet drought stricken WA farmers
04:28:09a WA Govt wants beacon removed for housing development
04:28:13a Raft of WA juniors flocks to cashed-up Canadian bourse
04:28:16a WA interiors awarded
04:28:20a West stays unbeaten in the WAC with 3-0 win
04:28:23a Newman policeman named WA's top cop
04:28:27a WA Government demands world heritage listing for Ningaloo
04:28:30a Game Daze 'Medal of Honor Airborne,' 'Wild ARMs 5,' 'Hexic 2'
04:28:34a Online computer gaming provides anti-scam groups with even more reasons to worry
04:28:37a Maharashtra assures help for airport revamp work
04:28:41a Toyota's Environmental Image Challenged
04:28:44a Violin star becomes the music tonight at Chrysler Hall
04:28:48a 11 Norfolk duplexes recognized as energy-efficient
04:28:51a Q-tip hasn't missed a beat
04:28:55a New homes, short driveways and a busy road
04:28:58a After outcry, expansions undone at two Ocean View restaurants
04:29:02a Public hearings set in bid to save historic buildings
04:29:05a Restrictions eased for police applicants in Norfolk
04:29:09a Norfolk recognizes officer who stepped into a holdup
04:29:12a Streets Run site in Baldwin Borough OK'd for wetlands
04:29:16a Expelled high school student permitted to return for final year in Bethel Park
04:29:19a Most traditions stand test of time at area schools
04:29:23a Banned in Seneca Valley, tailgating no big deal in East suburbs
04:29:26a Korea's progress The North's missile decision is a step forward
04:29:30a Random acts of kindness
04:29:33a Casino poses traffic trouble, study declares
04:29:37a Judge to rule in bar bouncer's homicide trial
04:29:40a Catholic Charities to open free health clinic Downtown
04:29:44a Obituary Michael H. Litwin / Skilled welder, World War II veteran
04:29:47a Vote set next month on historic status for theater
04:29:51a City Council likely to freeze parking tax, not reduce it
04:29:54a Latrobe man charged with leaving state for underage sex
04:29:58a US Airways slashes flights, jobs
04:30:01a County shows progress against homelessness, officials say
04:30:05a Two suspects nabbed at trial in trooper's death
04:30:08a Sewer fix could be stalled by litigation
04:30:12a City to crack down on abandoned vehicles
04:30:15a Mayor wouldn't speak at forum until DeSantis left room
04:30:19a Mayor defends use of police vehicle
04:30:22a Wrestler Angle arrested on drunken driving charge
04:30:26a Senate panel pondering more six-pack beer sales
04:30:29a Lawrenceville reviving its spaghetti get-together
04:30:33a Three turnpike officials heading to Austria for meeting
04:30:37a Co-defendant in police cocaine case pleads guilty
04:30:40a Braddock officer caught on tape punching suspect
04:30:43a Lost pigeon greeted with open wings
04:30:47a Route 28 open for slide cleanup
04:30:50a Hear No Evil?
04:30:54a Taiwan to Show Off New Missile
04:30:57a HSBC to set up UAE brokerage company
04:31:01a Toyota's environmental image challenged
04:31:04a Inspectors look for damage on bridge hit by barge
04:31:07a A church in a bar for the bad, broken and bored
04:31:11a Koreas to seek deal for formal end to Korean War
04:31:15a Sanjay Gupta to put up cut-outs of 'Dus Kahaniyan' stars
04:31:18a Is there a psychopath on the prowl in west Delhi
04:31:22a Karnataka Power Tussle Shifts to New Delhi
04:31:26a Indian-Americans protest against Sonia @ UN
04:31:29a Phone taps not covered under RTI
04:31:32a register FIR against Karunanidhi
04:31:36a Naxalite strike alert for shrines
04:31:39a PM asks media for a 'positive change'
04:31:43a Torch-Light rally lets fans focus on OU
04:31:46a Colt McCoy, Mack Brown see identity theft
04:31:49a Mitchie MItchell's birthday celebrated
04:31:53a Offering Hope and a Diploma Thu, 04 Oct 2007 040755 GMT
04:31:56a Drug Sweeps in Glynn & Brantley Counties Thu, 04 Oct 2007 040340 GMT
04:32:00a IT Co. CACI Targets Major Revenue Growth
04:32:25a The Roanoke Times Local news
04:32:55a Today on CNET
04:33:22a Hearing draws media and security but no Vick to Sussex
04:33:26a Woman getting rabies treatment after fox attack in Isle of Wight
04:33:29a Driver pleads guilty to DUI, manslaughter in fatal Beach crash
04:33:33a Walk for suicide prevention is Saturday at Mount Trashmore
04:33:37a Nags Head unsure of validity of bid for water tower
04:33:40a Beach teen gets 31/2 years in fatal shooting of his girlfriend
04:33:44a Sen. Warner remains in hospital for irregular heartbeat
04:33:47a Not all appointee vetting equal, Kaine camp says
04:33:50a Sudden turnabout for Japan
04:33:54a DHL calls for change of views
04:33:57a McDonald's to set up Tokyo test kitchen
04:34:05a Braves ditch Jones in bid to save cash
04:34:08a Jackson planning to make decision soon on return to coach Lakers
04:34:12a Upstart teams lead MLB into playoffs
04:34:15a Talks begin on financial venue setup
04:34:18a L&G raided over investment fraud
04:34:22a A reason to forgo pregnancy
04:34:25a Venus shrugs off questions about health after beating King in straight sets
04:34:29a Faces of youthful ambition
04:34:32a What good are these hospitals
04:34:36a For butoh artist's 101st birthday, a month of dance
04:34:39a East and West in mists of gold
04:34:43a Okayama school to check silkworms for space quirks
04:34:46a N. Colo. punter gets 7 years for knife attack
04:34:49a Japanese scholar honored by Yale garden
04:34:53a Task force to address EU trade accord
04:34:56a Middle names stop the show
04:35:00a Urawa scores two to leave with draw
04:35:03a Keidanren endorses LDP for next Lower House election
04:35:07a Raise the bar at law schools
04:35:10a Williams and Ferrer cruise through in Tokyo
04:35:13a Flawed reliance on confessions
04:35:17a Hatoyama rips into Fukuda, wants poll
04:35:20a Lance lays into decision to ban Landis for doping despite 'shoddy' lab work
04:35:24a North clam scam sidelines traders
04:35:28a World Bank asks Japan to maintain foreign aid
04:35:31a Machimura mulling bill-consultation bodies with opposition
04:35:34a Chiba bar owner makes Interpol list
04:35:38a Toshiba chip replaces remote controls
04:35:41a Apple farmer raises 'miracle' fruit
04:35:45a DPJ faces dilemma as MSDF support grows
04:35:48a Murata powers BayStars to win
04:35:51a Goldman makes 200 billion bet on property boom here
04:35:55a French example could aid Japan's goal
04:35:58a Sony's 'smile shutter' might make you grimace
04:36:02a Jealousy cost Soviet Union the space race
04:36:05a Limited value of katakana
04:36:09a 60-year-old pregnant with donated embryo
04:36:12a LDP Chiba branch's accounts slammed
04:36:16a Okinawa leaders press state to keep hands off textbooks
04:36:19a Arrest warrant issued for missing SIA employee
04:36:23a Cell phone helps Japanese stay in shape
04:36:26a Late-night shooting at Terre Haute's Drury Inn
04:36:30a Dutch women are just as mad about computer games as men
04:36:34a Philippines a country of couch potatoes, survey finds
04:36:37a Limit electronic devices in children's rooms
04:36:40a Bad-boy bikers, move over!
04:36:44a Toilet squads a waste of public funds
04:36:47a The ripening of evil
04:36:51a Snatch theft case solved
04:37:16a Opponents take aim at Jolley
04:37:20a Euro RSCG gets set for a big Chindia leap
04:37:23a In fashion runways, designer is no longer the star, his brand is
04:37:27a Birla hyper marts in five months
04:37:30a Tea Board will serve hot cuppa overseas
04:37:34a 'Sensex can trade at 20x or more'
04:37:37a Govt assures coal for power
04:37:40a Watering hopes
04:37:44a GSPC strikes gas in KG basin
04:37:47a IPS can be transferred to non-cadre post
04:37:51a Adani group charts a 2.5 bn spread
04:37:54a Police Searching For Nine Year Olds
04:37:58a Chicken and orzo with lemon and olives
04:38:01a Oversight extended in Okla. poultry case
04:38:05a Drunken joyrider a real chicken kiljoy
04:38:08a Animal fans target chicken farmers
04:38:12a Creamed chicken makes comeback in easy dish
04:38:15a Chef's Night In Mom's chicken rules Firefly chef's roost
04:38:19a Tyson boosts per-pound pay for contract chicken growers
04:38:22a Prosecutors Contractor Lavished Rep. With Gifts
04:38:26a Venezuela Demands Release of Cuban Five at UN General Assembly
04:38:30a Milosevic's Response, Reflections by Cuban President Fidel Castro
04:38:34a The Clintons and the Bushes
04:38:37a Beyonce's Lawyers Argue Appeal Case In Lubbock
04:38:41a Dragonflies, open water reveal rapid Arctic change
04:38:44a 'VEU proof of enhanced Indo-US trade relations'
04:38:48a Agra student pushed off building
04:38:51a BN reps told to attend forum on election promises
04:38:55a First 150 of 3200 trapped SA miners rescued
04:38:58a Sputnik turns 50
04:39:02a Shutting Sharif out will only strengthen the Islamists
04:39:05a Govt sets up panel to revamp Omantel
04:39:09a Chinese girl swims with bound limbs
04:39:12a Smile, Houston! You're on camera
04:39:16a Sputnik's legacy lives here on Earth
04:39:19a SPCA seizes more than 100 dogs in Iola
04:39:23a Gerets enjoys dream start at Anfield
04:39:26a Schalke keep up with Jones strike
04:39:30a Drogba winner vanquishes Valencia
04:39:33a 'Tonight is all about the players'
04:39:37a Polish Envoy Survives Iraq Bomb Attack
04:39:40a Anger in Iraq at 'Above-the-Law' Contractors
04:39:44a Carter Blocked From Meeting Darfur Tribal Chief
04:39:47a Violence Leaves 26 Dead in Pak Tribal Region
04:39:51a Will Bush Attack Iran Next
04:39:54a Newt Gingrich Has the Right Idea to Protect America
04:39:57a Could space the final frontier be all set for colonisation
04:40:01a 11 Killed in Kashmir
04:40:04a Can this Mrs Tory-Leader get men swinging to the right
04:40:08a Former MPs, Ex-Minister Get Death for Killing Bureaucrat
04:40:11a Taleban Seize District; Two Cops Killed
04:40:15a Small businesses must accept green is the way
04:40:19a Thousands Attend Prayers at Red Mosque
04:40:22a New Philippine Curriculum Encourages Vocational Graduates to Pursue College Education
04:40:26a Does this gown make my bum look big
04:40:29a Children in care must be given chance to reach their full potential
04:40:33a Did David Cameron convince the critics with his speech
04:40:36a Political juices in full flow
04:40:40a Womens' businesses take the stage
04:40:44a LOCAL BRIEFS
04:40:50a Critic quits DPP 'I'm an eyesore'
04:40:54a Taipei celebrates the 'opening of heaven'
04:40:58a Central Weather Bureau keeps monitoring typhoon
04:41:02a Veterans Affairs Commission chief Hu Chen-Pu vows to safeguard veterans' interests
04:41:05a Japan fiber expert stresses innovation is key
04:41:09a Drug addict arrested again in Hsinchu after two days on the lam
04:41:12a More protest against Taipei MRT station
04:41:16a Ministry of Education eases rules for loans to study abroad
04:41:19a 10 Rebar defendants stay in custody
04:41:22a Deal with students' lack of sleep KMT
04:41:26a Hsinchu Science Park hopes IC design can become No. 1
04:41:29a 22-year sentence sought for Chiayi speaker over graft
04:41:33a National Day fireworks to be at Pingtung's Dapeng Bay
04:41:36a Chang urges China to serve regional peace, stability
04:41:40a Taiwan to become mobile technology island official
04:41:44a Taisugar chair resigns to focus on election campaign
04:41:47a Quake measuring 5.6 on Richter scale rocks New Zealand
04:41:51a Anand's victory a 'big boost for the game in Asia'
04:41:54a Parking Meter Vandal Finally Caught
04:41:58a New Hearing Aid Uses Bluetooth Technology
04:42:01a Brush Fire Breaks Out In Corona
04:42:04a Landslide Destroys 9 Homes, Damages Dozens More
04:42:08a Ton Of Valuable Copper Wire Stolen, PG&E Says
04:42:12a Over 400 South African miners rescued
04:42:45a Can 'A-Rod' break his playoff slump?
04:42:48a Raw video Man avoids train by seconds
04:43:28a CNN's Beck claimed emMedia Matters/em 'twisted' Limbaugh's words, revisited Soros falsehood '24459838' /
04:43:32a Typhoon Lekima pounds central Vietnam
04:43:35a Korean leaders to sign summit declaration
04:43:39a Kim Jong-Il becomes football hero for summit blog
04:43:42a Star Trek, good sex on offer at US universities
04:43:46a Subprime Mortgage Crisis Taking a Toll on Employment
04:43:49a Jim Michaels, 86, Inspirational Editor at Forbes
04:43:53a Natori Celebrates 30 Years a Breakneck Pace
04:43:56a Obama's A-Bomb
04:44:00a Time for the Scythe
04:44:03a Israelis Temper Summit Expectations
04:44:07a President Clinton Complains Of Delays in Opening His Records
04:44:10a American Diplomat Urges Greater Rights in North Korea
04:44:14a Senator Gets Backing From Teachers' Union
04:44:17a Bush's Quiet Veto of Child Health Bill Likely To Reverberate in '08
04:44:21a Michigan's Crisis
04:44:24a Suppressed Scholarship
04:44:27a Forgetting the Court
04:44:31a Economic Sacrifices
04:44:34a Orthodox Campus
04:44:38a Short Passes Are Clogging Jones's Path
04:44:42a American Exports Make Their Presence Known Overseas
04:44:45a Jordan's a Plus, but Knicks' Roster Now Needs To Be Trimmed
04:44:49a Tribe Has as Much To Prove as Yankees
04:44:52a Rodriguez's Postseason Perception Is Flawed
04:44:56a EPA Asked to Regulate Ship Emissions
04:44:59a Run on the bank @rampART
04:45:02a Tara Rath Lugh.Temporary preservation order stops destruction
04:45:06a Flat sales in Hong Kong drop 23.3 pct in Sept.
04:45:09a NZ's Auckland Airport begins work on second runway
04:45:13a UPDATE 1-ArvinMeritor sees weak fiscal 4th-qtr results
04:45:16a Chrysler to idle Illinois plant for two weeks
04:45:20a US home builder TOUSA withdraws '07,'08 forecasts
04:45:24a U.S. package maker Bemis cuts Q3, 2007 outlook
04:45:27a Air Canada's load factor dips, WestJet's rises
04:45:31a Costly dog attack
04:45:34a Two boys held for death of nine-year-old
04:45:38a Mbeki criticised for Masetlha move
04:45:41a Teacher presumed dead after beach outing
04:45:45a The Search for Common Identity
04:45:48a 'How Far Would You Go for Your Child?'
04:45:52a Beckham is back in training with Galaxy stars
04:45:55a Judge Rejects Preliminary Injunction on NASA ...
04:45:59a Arcil seeks suitors for Jhagadia Copper
04:46:02a US mum on promises to N. Korea
04:46:06a 2 Koreas Sign Summit Declaration
04:46:09a T20 bowls over women TV viewers
04:46:19a Bank set to keep interest rates steady
04:46:23a MP govt sets up panel to assert Ram is a reality
04:46:30a Pay and Benefits Watch Stepping In
04:46:34a Police ask for help in catching hit & run suspect
04:46:37a Huge rescue push at South Africa mine
04:46:41a Korean leaders issue peace call
04:46:44a Reporter's body returned to Japan
04:46:48a Slowdown in Chip Spending Will Continue
04:47:21a Former Mexican Institutes of Health Director Joins Foundation
04:47:36a Clifford D. May COIN Is Not Small Change
04:47:39a William F. Buckley Jr. Religion Marginalized
04:48:01a Suspicious man seen outside Stroud school
04:48:05a Stroud to spread out payroll tax
04:48:08a No 911 fee hike for Monroe
04:48:12a Matamoras man, 72, charged with shooting death of wife
04:48:16a Eldred Twp., track owner schedule talks
04:48:19a Dead man found in Emerald Lakes
04:48:23a Long-suffering Phillies fans fuel playoff sales
04:48:29a 'We're not a bunch of zealots'
04:48:33a Third Saw Creek murder suspect caught in New York City
04:48:37a Area crime news
04:48:40a Courts blotter
04:48:44a AED training held at Our Lady of the Lake church in Pocono Pines
04:48:48a Design studio shows work at meeting with president of Poland
04:48:51a Main Headline
04:48:55a Activities abound in Barrett this Columbus Day weekend
04:49:09a Two to be tried in East Stroudsburg Laundromat robbery
04:49:22a Union holds rally for contract settlement with PMC
04:49:26a Saylorsburg man to appear in county court on gunpoint assault charges
04:49:29a Stroudsburg man sent to state prison for assaults, robbery
04:49:33a Pop in several movies while you're on hold with Blue Ridge cable
04:49:36a Chandler officials want closer look at councilman's cell bills
04:49:41a Mount Airy will move planned LED sign away from Route 611
04:49:44a Mesa to discuss value of its utililty
04:49:48a AJ residents could face prosecution for storage bins
04:49:51a Middle Smithfield group protests politics with shirts, voices
04:49:54a Art of glass-making on display at West End Fair
04:49:58a Drunk pedestrian hit by vehicle on Toll Road in Chestnuthill Township
04:50:03a East Stroudsburg man faces trial for allegedly threatening Monroe Children and Youth
04:50:07a Drunk pedestrian hit by vehicle
04:50:11a Duo heads to trial in Eastburg laundromat robbery case
04:50:14a Eburg man heads to trial for alleged threats to Children And Youth
04:50:18a Police looking into sexual assault
04:50:23a Tuesday noon gearing up for school, football and the Red Sox
04:50:27a Robbery, assault spree participant gets state prison time
04:50:30a Ex-worker accused of molesting nursing home residents
04:50:34a Springboro officer's domestic violence case dismissed
04:50:37a It's all on video, officer tells couple
04:50:41a Alumni cash key for Antioch
04:50:44a Chief of three area charter schools quits
04:50:48a A new mission at the Glen
04:50:51a Riverside to pursue income tax at base
04:50:55a City approves 8.1M in airport work
04:50:58a South African miners rescued
04:51:02a Perth Australia's most over valued rental market report
04:51:05a Perth Wildcats have easy win against South Dragons
04:51:09a PG&E Truck With Copper Wire Stolen In Petaluma
04:51:12a Indonesia plans bridge linking Java and Sumatra
04:51:16a Philippine town vice mayor killed in shootout with assassin
04:51:20a Four suspected car robbers killed in Philippine capital
04:51:24a Japan welcomes six-nation deal to denuclearize North Korea
04:51:28a TCS consolidates Uruguay and Argentina units
04:51:31a Botnia's pulp mill in Uruguay will start-up when permit procedure ...
04:51:35a Tuesday, October 2, 2007 Montevideo, Uruguay Celebrating 14 years ...
04:51:38a Former Scott County detective faces new charges
04:51:42a Webb Wins Pitchers Duel to Lift D'backs
04:51:45a Sailor rescued at sea after drifting 10 hours with plastic bottle+
04:51:49a LEAD Kim, Roh sign inter-Korean summit declaration+
04:51:52a Webb Leads D'backs Past Cubs in Game 1
04:51:56a Queen launches poetry competition
04:51:59a CCTV evidence in Di death inquest
04:52:03a DPJ compiles draft Diet resolution urging review of textbook issue+
04:52:06a Clinton Airs Health Care Ads
04:52:10a Violence fears as Shias head for Najaf
04:52:13a Ark. AG Probes 'Hannah Montana' Tickets
04:52:17a Kids' use of heartburn drugs surges
04:52:20a Late Nite FDL Back Off, Brock
04:52:24a Rescue operation underway for 3200 trapped miners
04:52:27a Mystery item closes Wellington campus
04:52:31a Gas companies may face more price controls
04:52:34a COURT 'Body in suitcase' trial jury retires
04:52:38a Quake generates just five insurance claims so far
04:52:41a WEATHER High winds hit Canterbury
04:52:45a Average weekly incomes highest since 2002
04:52:48a REACTION Problems foreseen with drug-driving test
04:52:51a Greens want dairy conversions subjected to RMA
04:52:55a ENVIRONMENT Chemical recycling truck hits the road
04:52:58a MARKETS Downward trend continues
04:53:02a MYANMAR European Union to toughen sanctions
04:53:05a Bush welcomes Nth Korea agreement to give up nuclear
04:53:09a Thousands of South African miners rescued after underground ordeal
04:53:13a Spain seeks to defuse protests over monarchy
04:53:16a Report Vulnerable germ labs tough to identify
04:53:20a Group Finds Way To Sharply Cut Hazardous Life Of High-Level Nuclear Waste
04:53:23a Sanford's 'Gas Creek' pollution doesn't worry citizens
04:53:26a Calif. pulp mill reaches settlement over pollution allegatio
04:53:30a Air Pollution Violations to Cost Company 5 Million
04:53:33a Calif. pulp mill reaches settlement over pollution allegations
04:53:37a Pulp mill reaches settlement over pollution allegations
04:53:40a Pollution 'kills thousands of Canadians'
04:53:43a Pollution kills up to 25,000 Canadians yearly Study
04:53:47a Sloan Mason Offers Contractor's Pollution Liability
04:53:53a CRH link to pollution MEPs' report
04:53:57a Beebe asks panel to study pollution
04:54:00a 2 Koreas sign peace and economic cooperation pact at second-ever summit
04:54:04a Democrats don't want SEC to act with vacancies
04:54:07a Sapporo To Sell Hop Extract As Ingredient For Gum, Cough Drops
04:54:11a EBay's bad Skype call
04:54:14a Baluwatar meet inconclusive; 'Deadlock may lead to electio...
04:54:17a How What You Drink Can Affect Your Health
04:54:21a Five TTUHSC Nurses Inducted Into The National League of Nursing
04:54:24a Genetically Altered Food
04:54:30a Bush Vetoes Health Coverage for Poor Children
04:54:34a Cooperation offer to Iran 'still on the table' France
04:54:37a British-Irish Police Ops Start
04:54:41a British Library Books to Go Online
04:54:44a Brown Might Call for Early Elections
04:54:47a Baradei warns on 'work plan'
04:54:51a Australians Lash at War in Iraq
04:54:55a Nepal gov''t, Maoists fail to break deadlock over elections on Nov 22
04:54:58a France steps in as Brown 'falls out of favour with White House'
04:55:02a In war zone, law is spotty, but lawyers are plentiful
04:55:05a Disabled vets deserve more benefits, panel says
04:55:08a Verizon's TV Figures Questioned
04:55:12a A list of South African mining disasters
04:55:15a Firefighters working against blaze in Lexington
04:55:19a Rats invade West Columbia neighborhood
04:55:23a John McCain speaks to WIS about campaign, issues
04:55:26a Disney plans resort hotel in Hawaii
04:55:29a NASA chief China next to reach moon
04:55:33a Russia, U.S. to unite space research
04:55:36a Satellite Beach closer to burying utilities
04:55:40a Mining Accident in South Africa Traps 3,000; Rescue Ops Under Way
04:55:54a Special sendoff awaits troops
04:55:57a This is Not a Christian Nation
04:56:32a Indictment Outlines Workings Of City Hall Scandal
04:56:36a Cops Mansfield Teacher Sexually Assaulted Student
04:56:39a Dallas Apartment Manager Finds Dead Body
04:56:43a 3rd Escapee From Nacogdoches County Caught
04:56:46a 2 Koreas Sign Cooperation Pact At Summit
04:57:12a Delegates to Edmonton tobacco conference told provinces should sue more
04:57:17a Typhoon Lekima kills 12 in Southeast Asia
04:57:44a Did Insiders Bail on Airbus Woes?
04:57:48a Jobs Expect a September Rebound
04:57:51a Time for a New Corporate Buying Spree?
04:57:55a War Crimes Open Thread
04:57:59a Big Waddling Dinosaur Discovered
04:58:03a Barclays gets ASX endorsement for ETFs
04:58:06a Rudd pledges to cut business tax
04:58:33a Police Fake Officer Bound, Raped Women
04:58:36a Fiery Crash Closes Florida's Turnpike
04:58:40a Thousands of trapped miners freed
04:58:54a Jeffrey Simpson took your questions
04:58:57a PM's rare visit to press gallery
04:59:01a Growing crisis forces Dion to cancel trip
04:59:04a Chr?tien heart surgery scuttles book tour
04:59:08a Blind Pedestrians at Risk from Hybrid Cars? Pedestrians at Risk from Hybrid Cars?
04:59:11a IBM Upgrades BladeCenter S For Capacity, Silence Upgrades BladeCenter S For Capacity, Silence
04:59:15a Red Condor Zeros In on Fast-Flux Spam Condor Zeros In on Fast-Flux Spam
04:59:18a RIAA Music download suits will continue Music download suits will continue
04:59:22a Reports Yahoo considering selling Kelkoo Yahoo considering selling Kelkoo
04:59:25a OPM Reckons Team ICO Working On 'Sequel' Reckons Team ICO Working On 'Sequel'
04:59:29a Clip UMDs Designed to 'Self-Destruct' UMDs Designed to 'Self-Destruct'
04:59:32a Are You Vulnerable To These Buffer Overflows? You Vulnerable To These Buffer Overflows?
04:59:55a Why Bush was dumb to veto S-CHIP
05:00:17a Stocks End Lower On Tech Sell-Off
05:00:20a Group to discuss ways of getting grants
05:00:24a Judge orders apologies for fighting teens
05:00:27a Children cite cell phone use in collision
05:00:31a 52 cats seized from home
05:00:34a Business groups split on sales tax issue
05:00:38a Council to decide controversial zoning issue
05:00:41a Space enthusiasts recall Sputnik launch
05:00:45a Center aims to reduce kids' courtroom stress
05:00:48a 1,000 people held at Yangon campus
05:00:51a Lawyers can no longer be quiet about Burma
05:00:55a Rendell calls for Legislature to extend health insurance
05:00:59a A Spell from San Francisco Impeach. Reason Treason
05:01:02a Jon Stewart Kicks Chris Matthews' Sorry Ass
05:01:05a Senate Intel Committee Reverses, Nobody Notices
05:01:09a Kansas Philanthropist Hortense Oldfather Dies at Age 88
05:01:13a Sprint investor says loses faith in CEO report
05:01:16a Two Koreas seek deal for formal end to Korean War
05:01:20a S.R.Topalski
05:01:23a Main news of October 3
05:01:26a Yokohama to reward neighborhood groups for recycling activit
05:01:30a Leavitt Has No Plans To Talk To Saban
05:01:33a WR Shields Ready To Get Off The Bench
05:01:37a Manatee Bridge Closed From Flooding
05:01:40a 1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Hudson Car Crash
05:01:47a Megahed Pleads Not Guilty In Explosives Case
05:02:35a King slams Nassau role in immigration raid
05:02:38a Moderate 5.4 quake rocks central New Zealand, no immediate injuries or damage
05:02:42a Diamonds in the Rough
05:02:46a Stocks Retreat Ahead of Jobs Data
05:02:57a Cuban Fencers Advance St. Petersburg Competition
05:03:11a 'I'm not going to dance to anybody's tune.'
05:03:14a ADVICE FOR REPUBLICANS, from Tony...
05:03:18a Dubai's Plans in the US
05:03:21a Good to the last crumb
05:03:25a McQ casts a wary eye
05:03:28a Soccer Players are Sissy Marys
05:03:32a Canadian Health Care hypocrisy
05:03:35a AN OIL-FOR-FOOD EXPOSE When...
05:03:39a PMCs
05:03:42a The Crimes Of Communism
05:03:46a Gore Gored in Court
05:03:49a Our Potemkin Villages Are Falling Over
05:03:53a JACOB SULLUM President Bush...
05:03:57a Space Camp
05:04:00a MARY KATHARINE HAM on the...
05:04:04a Oil for Food Update
05:04:08a Arizona wins Game 1 against Cubs
05:04:12a Detours in place for Columbus Day Parade in Bloomfield
05:04:15a Movie filming to close North Side bridge for a night
05:04:18a Poker run to help injured Coraopolis soldier
05:04:22a Dying prof tackles final dream - the NFL
05:04:25a Forensic expert Trooper suffered
05:04:29a Penn Hills family sues over fatal crash in Westmoreland
05:04:33a Racing pigeons pick Pittsburgh woman's yard for rest
05:04:36a Detectives to probe police punching incident
05:04:40a 3 area schools win U.S. blue ribbons
05:04:43a Alleghenhy County RAD nominates 14 agencies for 250th grants
05:04:47a Hundreds of homeless find shelter in Allegheny County
05:04:50a Gaming Keep 'em moving and legal on the North Shore
05:04:54a Woodland Hills considers merging schools
05:04:57a Ravenstahl defends handling of city-owned SUV
05:05:01a The Pittsburgh Foundation starts search for new president
05:05:04a 5K grant fulfills wish for Dream Factory in Altoona
05:05:08a Charges filed in North Side deliveryman robberies
05:05:11a Overbrook man pleads guilty in cocaine distribution case
05:05:15a Police to sweep Pittsburgh for abandoned cars
05:05:19a Pittsburgh police-conduct rules will get public meeting
05:05:22a Tips lead to arrest of suspect in Carnegie rape
05:05:26a Mt. Lebanon golf pro settles discrimination suit
05:05:30a 2 boys face charges in Hill District rock-throwing incident
05:05:33a Isaly's owner in West View salutes special customer Bishop Zubik
05:05:37a Local communities offer range of deer control
05:05:40a Turtle Creek at odds over future of aging school
05:05:44a Renovation decision expected in month for Penn Hills school
05:05:47a Moon residents told about beauty; hope renovation is not a beast
05:05:50a Avonworth school creaming the competition
05:05:54a North Hills school program sets recycling wheels in motion
05:05:58a Plum investigates strange slugs at rifle range
05:06:01a Driving danger peaks on McKnight Road
05:06:04a Hampton schools superintendent's challenge ups race's ante
05:06:08a Plum gets county help for fire, EMS
05:06:11a Diocese schools in Pittsburgh lauded for marketing efforts
05:06:15a Polish holiday tradition find home in Pittsburgh
05:06:18a Moon church hoping to stretch donations
05:06:22a Unique opportunities, challenges confront area work-at-home moms
05:06:25a Newsmaker Charli Carpenter
05:06:29a Westmoreland rife with rabies cases
05:06:33a Agriculture secretary gives campus a green thumbs up
05:06:36a Hempfield playing-field dispute drags on and on
05:06:40a Greensburg Salem air conditioning estimates expected soon
05:06:44a Trooper claims immunity to portions of Westmoreland County lawsuit
05:06:47a Manor Borough accepting applications for mayor
05:06:51a Business leader used talents for Greensburg community
05:06:55a Federal action worsens Fayette mine acid flow
05:06:58a Connellsville woman seeks lighter sentence
05:07:02a Uniontown OKs landlord ordinance
05:07:06a Ex-secretary charged in stealing 9K from court
05:07:09a South Union Township supervisors want more tenant-owned housi
05:07:13a Fayette man charged in sex assaults involving boy
05:07:16a Pitt professor writes of horror on the high seas
05:07:20a Indiana County house fire ruled arson
05:07:24a Western Pa. gets boost in illegal slot machine fight
05:07:27a East Police Blotter
05:07:31a North Young Achiever Martha Vazquez
05:07:34a East Young Achiever Divinity Hunter
05:07:38a US Airways transfers flight crews to Philadelphia
05:07:42a Columbia Gas breaking ground
05:07:46a GM sets December deadline for W. Mifflin site
05:07:49a Mylan CEO says 3 groups on menu
05:07:53a Developer to raze ARC House
05:07:57a Bankruptcies
05:08:00a Wal-Mart not yet ready to commit to Ross
05:08:04a Hard to turn down Lincoln bed treasure
05:08:07a Kid Rock says Anderson lied to him
05:08:11a Zombie culture
05:08:14a Indie-rock pairing makes strange bedfellows
05:08:18a Paolo Nutini gives fans something to hold on to
05:08:21a 'Mother Teresa' questions society's priorities
05:08:25a Animals help children celebrate Halloween
05:08:28a Variety is a work of art at Children's Museum
05:08:35a Seasoned travelers
05:08:38a Theatre Factory goes under the sea
05:08:42a Seton Hill play examines wage slaves
05:08:45a 'Comedy in Motion' comes to UPG
05:08:49a Family scares up help for Autism Society in North Versailles
05:08:52a Rock Smashingly good
05:08:56a Personality test Artist Christiane D
05:09:00a Morning destination
05:09:03a Restaurants introduce Oktoberfest menu
05:09:07a The kids list
05:09:10a 3Com, Bain & Huawei
05:09:14a Blind dice
05:09:17a The Thursday wrap
05:09:21a Grain prices set to boost cost of eggs
05:09:42a Thousands trapped in South African mine; hundreds rescued
05:09:47a Car-Wash Bandits Strike Chattanooga
05:10:50a Mystery of 2002 GOP Phone-Jamming Scandal May Be Solved
05:11:41a Nationwide alert vs dengue up; DOH warns vs 'fogging blitz'
05:11:44a MMDA dismantles 100 shanties near Malabon waterways
05:11:47a 'Ineng' strengthens slightly; moves towards Taiwan
05:11:51a Should Manila Zoo be shut down
05:11:55a 4 alleged car thieves killed in Taguig 'shootout'
05:11:59a I'm watching my back
05:12:02a Controversial NBN deal dead but gov't still has option
05:12:06a Expert 'didn't bother' to examine better photos of stains, Pickton trial told
05:12:09a Turkey to finance Iran gas deal
05:12:13a Lihir CEO hoses down takeover talk
05:12:16a The Thong Walks Over Other Footwear In Consumer Sentiments
05:12:20a Australian Timber Co Gunns Sees Shares Soar After Mill Approval
05:12:23a UPDATE Late-night shooting at Terre Haute's Drury Inn
05:12:30a Cities, Towns Asking Residents To Watch Water Use
05:12:47a Poor After Sales Service For Cell Phones
05:12:51a People Rejoice 40 Years Of Monarchy
05:12:54a Fire Destroys KB Government Barracks
05:12:58a 'Police Impersonator' Jailed For 6 Years
05:13:01a Prayers To Mark 40th Anniversary Of Sultan's Accession To The Throne
05:13:05a Science College Holds Khatam Al-Quran
05:13:08a Accolades Pour In For Accident Victim
05:13:12a OGH Hosts Sungkai For Partners
05:13:15a Yoga For BCL Coffeeplus Members'
05:13:19a BSS Organises Iftar In Brisbane
05:13:22a Family Gets Newly Rebuilt House
05:13:26a Belait's Poor, Converts Get Share Of Tithes
05:13:29a 93 In Temburong Receive Donations
05:13:33a Pusat Ehsan Students In 'Sungkai With KFC'
05:13:37a WI Readies Local Delicacies For Hari Raya Celebrations
05:13:40a MIPR Invites Entrepreneurs For 4th CAEXPO
05:13:43a Dialogue Between BEDB, SLA
05:13:47a EABD To Hold Religious Activities On Oct 6
05:13:50a Mashhor Group Shows Festive Cheer In Belait
05:13:54a UNISSA Celebrates Nuzul Al-Quran
05:13:57a New Look For Gadong Restaurant
05:14:01a Dept Of Electrical Services To Close Counters During Raya
05:14:04a Dato Basir Primary School Students Receive Donation
05:14:07a Nine die in rebel attacks in India
05:14:11a Militants kill three of 200 soldiers after army raids
05:14:14a Lookers powers on with £60m swoop
05:14:17a Planners meet to discuss way forward
05:14:21a Rothchilds buys Lanebridge stake
05:14:25a Shares in ASOS jump
05:14:28a 'Discerning' drinkers help oldest brewer
05:14:32a Wage growth slows in tough conditions
05:14:35a Growth slows, but Bank 'will wait'
05:14:39a Bond set at 2M for mom in drowning case
05:14:42a Congress, President May Face Showdown Over Darfur Sanctions
05:14:46a Caraway to campaign against sagging pants
05:14:49a Sponsor facing 'beatings' probe
05:14:53a NBB donates medical equipment
05:14:56a Phone masts fears rejected
05:15:00a Asry official'in the dock'
05:15:03a Society to hold henna festival
05:15:07a Leadership programme honours for 142 students
05:15:11a University course on climate change
05:15:14a 350 expected at convention
05:15:18a Tips on lab safety training
05:15:21a Businessmen rap expat residency cap
05:15:25a Role of Press praised
05:15:28a New missile shield beefs up defence
05:15:32a Juma given home leave
05:15:35a Think Pink drive backed
05:15:39a Cleaning firm bids 'in chaos'
05:15:42a New proposal won't hit skilled workers
05:15:46a Bank of Canada ready to intervene to protect ...
05:15:49a WestJet, Air Canada and Jazz see passenger tr...
05:15:53a double digit profi...
05:15:56a Shake-up at Egypt Valley Country Club
05:16:00a Car-Bicycle Crash in Muskegon Township
05:16:03a Holland man missing for several days
05:16:18a REFILING Sailor rescued at sea after drifting 10 hours with plastic bottle+
05:16:22a BOJ's Iwata warns of negative impact from U.S. slowdown, oil surges+
05:16:25a Koreas Sign Summit Declaration
05:16:28a Koreas seek deal for end to Korean War
05:16:37a Child health veto irks Casey
05:16:44a U.S. Billionaire Investor Buffett to Visit Korea
05:17:02a North Korea nuclear deal comes wrapped in ambiguity
05:17:06a Deposed Fiji PM launches court action over coup
05:17:42a Mid-sized mergers and acquisitions forecast to thrive in Asia
05:17:50a Red wine chemical may help fight diabetes
05:17:56a VIDEO Appleton's JMS Converters Closes Abruptly
05:17:59a Dr. Phil for
05:18:03a Boone County High School Streams Live Video of Activities
05:18:10a Honey Bee Tree the 6 Things Your Preschooler Can Learn by Playing
05:18:18a Hillary touts bill to unite illegals' kin
05:18:22a Judge bans TV station from running story
05:18:25a Suit Dems Stripping VotesFrom ... Dems
05:18:28a 'We Are Making Fools of Ourselvesin the Eyes of the World'
05:18:32a ACLU asks for U.S. domesticspying review
05:18:36a The radical Hillary Clinton
05:18:39a Survivors defiant assiege mosque reopens
05:18:43a Two homes destroyed, 15 uninhabitable after Mount Soledad slide
05:18:47a France Iran to run nearly 3,000uranium centrifuges soon
05:18:50a Fired Professor Teaches Anyway Ward Churchill Back At CU
05:18:54a The Next Leap for Linux
05:18:57a Exhibition of wartime posters reveals very different Britain, with very different values
05:19:01a Colloquium on Port Cities Begins on Wednesday
05:19:04a Sevier County Commissioner Arrested
05:19:23a David v. Goliath standoff in Lebanon, Ky.
05:19:27a Video Jeri speaks — and Fred smacks Dobson
05:19:34a Historic homes to be shown
05:19:37a Woodmen youth club to meet
05:19:41a Polling place in northwest section of Oklahoma City relocates
05:19:44a Fire destroys string band's Mummers Parade props
05:19:48a Long-suffering fans and Cinderella potential fuel playoff sales
05:19:52a Bungalow In The Jungle The Verana Hotel
05:19:56a Chinese Government Bans Western Adult Pop Culture Items
05:19:59a Pirates Commandeer Parisian Runway Jean Paul Gaultier SS 2008
05:20:03a Trend Hunter Gets Big Photos + No More Watermarks
05:20:06a Light Up Lounger Bot-One Pod Cushion
05:20:10a Stirrup Jeans 7 for all Mankind Goes Retro
05:20:13a Interactive Whiteboard Smart Technologies
05:20:17a Mr. Softie Launches Software Accelerator Program
05:20:20a Birth Control For Squirrels UK Sterilization Plan
05:20:23a Modeling Agency for Ugly People The UGLY Model Agency
05:20:27a Queen Star Blames Women for Anorexia On The Catwalk
05:20:30a Hands-on with the ATT Tilt
05:20:33a Designer Hotels Versace Expands Luxury Resort Brand
05:20:37a Strap-On Transportation Skorpion Skates
05:20:40a Google Calls Out Verizon
05:20:44a State Reading Tests Deemed Easier AP
05:20:47a Funding shortfall 'risking elderly' PA
05:20:50a Officials N.M. Sen. Domenici to Retire AP
05:20:54a Board faults Molnau's Wakota action
05:20:57a Sailing into a new era
05:21:01a St. Thomas won't invite Tutu
05:21:04a Latrobe man, tot escape flames
05:21:08a Koreas seek deal for formal end to war
05:21:11a Polish envoy injured in Iraq bomb attack
05:21:15a 450 trapped S African miners rescued
05:21:18a New M50 diversions to be unveiled
05:21:22a Gardai to review 200 unsolved killings
05:21:25a Australia under fire over refugees
05:21:53a ONWASA finds backing in Richlands
05:22:00a Two Koreas Issue ¡®Peace Declaration¡¯
05:22:03a Breast cancer survival very high with early detection AIHW
05:22:07a Australian mental health in crisis On Line Opinion Article
05:22:11a Campbelltown Self Defence for Women with Disability
05:22:14a Reclaim the Night 26 Oct 2007, Sydney
05:22:18a Former Nova Southeastern University workers want jobs back
05:22:22a Shawnee group seeks manager
05:22:25a Pakistan slams U.S. terrorism report
05:22:49a South and North Korea sign peace accord
05:22:53a Anti-smoking groups seek to make New Zealand tobacco-free by 2017
05:22:56a Fish swim to the top of Ukraine's menu By Stefan Korshak
05:23:00a Radio wins Europe's German-speaking kings of the road By Hannes Vollmuth
05:23:03a Bad-boy bikers, move over! By Pat Reber
05:23:07a Suspicious Germans visit mosque on open day By Simon Veeser
05:23:11a Seattle buzzes after bust diversification, education By Frank Brandmaier
05:23:14a In the wall's shadow museum of Palestinian detainees By Gregor Mayer
05:23:18a ECB under pressure to abandon rate hike plans
05:23:21a 1ST LEAD First group of miners rescued, more than 3,000 remain trapped
05:23:25a Microsoft's Revamped Zune Still No Match For Apple iPod
05:23:28a Kwame Charged With Disorderly Conduct
05:23:32a Iowa Damaged By Severe Storms
05:23:35a Caught On Tape Violence In Myanmar
05:23:39a Chief Walks The Beat In Skid Row
05:23:43a Familes Of Utah Miners Plead For Safety Changes
05:23:46a Woman Refuses To Move, Even For $1 Million
05:23:50a Chavez US trying to provoke coup%
05:23:53a U.S. Says Violence In Iraq Has Dropped Since Troop Surge
05:23:57a One Dead, Millions Lost As Fire Engulfs Somali Market
05:24:01a Japan Wants Diet To Discuss Anti-Terror Bill In Special Session
05:24:04a Russia, Ukraine Agree On Gas Debt
05:24:08a Fourteen suspects arrested for explosion in Maldives
05:24:11a Worst football dive ever?
05:24:15a Tyre king's wife in court
05:24:18a Drunk flees on lawnmower
05:24:22a Clark Howard Tells You When To Get The Best Deals
05:24:25a Sacco Reforms Urgent editorial
05:24:28a Vote Buying an Evil That Must Be Halted editorial
05:24:32a Ex-Paratrooper Is Suspect in Killing of Iraqi
05:24:40a Studio Delays Release of The Kite Runner to Protect Its Child Stars
05:24:43a New software at Belle Glade hospital speeds birth registries
05:24:46a Improvements On the Lap
05:24:50a Cops, Wits students clash at protest
05:24:54a Media24 admits to cooking circulation numbers
05:24:57a No injuries to miners, officials say
05:25:01a Sting operation nets smash-and-grab pair
05:25:05a Another suspect arrested for serial killings
05:25:08a Lewis tries to circle wagons
05:25:11a Chad takes turn taking blame
05:25:15a Kings soaks in 'wow' factor
05:25:18a Saudi plans five new airports
05:25:21a DAE airports chief quits
05:25:25a DAE plans to buy 30 aircraft
05:25:28a Murder renews fetus debate
05:25:32a Kilt disappearing as staple of school uniforms
05:25:36a NTP Server and Client Configuration in Debian
05:25:39a Outlook good for eastside bird hunts
05:25:42a Webjet ups the ante on bid
05:25:46a Southwest says Sept. traffic up
05:25:50a Saudi stock market tumbles
05:25:53a Dow ends lower; FTSE up
05:25:58a Court tells MoD to yield papers on Iraqi's death
05:26:01a Sinkhole Causes Evacuations In San Diego
05:26:08a Kraft Foods Recalls Salmonella-Tainted Chocolate
05:26:12a Kiefer Sutherland Nabs Famed Lawyer Richard Hutton
05:26:29a 'Gift rage' lands Japan worker in court
05:27:02a NCAA Graduation Rates Up, But SJSU Football Lags
05:27:14a CPM ruled out pack with Congress
05:27:17a CM attack on nuke deal opponents
05:27:21a Govt. mooted ownership pattas to forest dwellers
05:27:24a 'Drop 'Gandhi' from your name Sonia'
05:27:28a Ex-MP gets death sentence for IAS officer's killing
05:27:31a Rahul has a long way to go to revive Congress
05:27:34a Ministers question YSR's partiality towards Kadapa
05:27:38a Bihar's ex-MP get death sentence
05:27:41a Rs 2 kg rice is a political stunt ; TDP
05:27:48a Cremation Vs Burial How Do You Choose
05:27:51a What You Should Know About Filing a Divorce Before Retirement
05:28:12a Schenectady GOP speaks out against drivers licenses changes
05:28:33a Union fears for trapped South African miners
05:28:40a All Muslim sects should agree to disagree Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
05:28:45a Lukewarm welcome for British Gas boiler offer
05:29:28a Officer, Suspect Hurt In Stolen Car Collision
05:29:32a U.S. law pushed boy home before he died
05:29:35a Customary? Our weather is anything but
05:29:39a AG suggests state delay executions
05:29:42a 50 years ago today, Russian gizmo launched space race
05:29:46a Laying the pieces of a new era
05:29:49a Hospital official sees hope in law
05:29:53a Students take a different route
05:29:56a Spiders, Scorpions Found in Manila Mai
05:29:59a Spiders, Scorpions Found in Manila Mail AP
05:30:13a S.F. pro event to include high school entry
05:30:25a Why Do Blackwater Personnel Make 1,222 a Day?
05:30:37a How to Become a Ghost Hunter This is Serious Business
05:30:40a Camel No 9 Marketing Ploy Entices Teen Girls and Women to Smoke
05:31:15a Kuwait's ruler says rejects any partition of Iraq
05:31:19a More Elite Than Our Millitary?
05:31:37a Profile of Richard Kuklinski, The Iceman
05:31:40a 2 Koreas sign wide-ranging reconciliation pact
05:31:44a Ex-U.S. paratrooper is suspect in killing of Iraqi
05:31:55a Wallstrip NVIDIA Corporation
05:32:11a First batch rescued in SAfrica mining accident
05:32:14a Somare vows to stay on as PNG PM
05:32:18a Al-Qaeda leader pushes for Afghanistan 'independence'
05:32:21a NZ court grants custody of abandoned girl to grandmother
05:32:25a Japan set to extend NKorea sanctions
05:32:28a Controversial Tasmania pulp mill project to continue despite oppositio
05:32:32a New company to uncover Australia's uranium potential
05:32:35a Japanese journalist's body brought home
05:32:39a Gulf states could expel foreigners
05:32:42a Olmert and Abbas Wednesday asked both sides to begin drafting a joint statement.
05:32:45a My first Job 'I was the hottest male model in Israel'
05:32:49a Israelis, Palestinians To Draft Declaration
05:32:53a Leading article Welcome advice on Israel
05:32:56a Abbas, Olmert to talk of final deal after conference
05:33:00a Federal Program Barred Israeli Jews For Three Years
05:33:03a Abbas and Olmert to talk peace
05:33:07a Police Flier Hurls PDA Before Arrest, Death
05:33:10a Shidler schools get help from alumni
05:33:13a Edmond actor settles in lawsuit
05:33:17a Proposal
05:33:20a Museum opens with less to see
05:33:24a Workman defense caught off guard
05:33:27a Sounding off
05:33:31a After long wait, work about to begin on Norfolk rail line
05:33:34a Hit-and-run leaves 2 injured, police say
05:33:37a Alleghany school gets national recognition
05:33:41a Lakers' Fisher I Like What I See
05:33:44a Jimmy Carter Confronted In Darfur
05:33:48a Spanaway Schools Closed Due to Bacteria Found in Water
05:33:55a Aust not planning more troops for Afghanistan Nelson
05:33:58a Building approvals down despite housing shortage
05:34:02a Irrigators lobby for Govt drought loans
05:34:06a 'Desperate' Burke addicted to politics Carpenter
05:34:12a Gunns chief says mill conditions unfair
05:34:16a Japanese journalist's body returns from Burma
05:34:19a Let community vote on pulp mill Democrats
05:34:27a French charge d'affaires in Tehran summoned to foreign ministry
05:34:49a Late Late Nite FDL Time to Send Me to Exodus
05:35:00a 12th Special Olympics goes on in Shanghai
05:35:09a Widespread racism against immigrants in France UN expert
05:35:12a Karnataka crisis BJP parliament board to meet today
05:35:33a Bush, Hariri to Discuss Elections, Syria's Influence
05:35:37a Hundreds March to Protest Attacks against Anti-Syrian Personalities
05:35:40a International Probe Requested into Lebanese 'Missing' in Syria
05:35:44a Are Members of Congress Accountable for Anything?
05:35:47a Phoniness In and Out of Uniform
05:35:51a Webb Wins Pitchers Duel to Lift D'backs
05:35:54a Email Marketing
05:35:57a Local Advertising Journal
05:36:01a Search Engine SEO
05:36:04a Las Vegas Attraction
05:36:08a Law of Attraction ThisNext
05:36:11a StumbleUpon » Attraction Accelerator Websites
05:36:15a Las Vegas Visiticket
05:36:18a Attraction Accelerator Report
05:36:22a Written articles for websites and blogs
05:36:25a Walnut Creek Video Production Company
05:36:29a VistaPrint Online Custom Printing
05:36:32a ‘Spare Pair’ proves essential for Sue’s new concept
05:36:40a Nonprofit Imports of Bali's Holiday Preview Open House Huge Success
05:36:43a Uniloc to Present on Preferred License Management at Intraware Conference
05:36:50a Devine settles body corporate deal
05:37:39a Democrats don't want SEC to act with vacancies
05:37:46a Stats NZ staff has lunch time industrial action meetings
05:37:49a Susan Wood takes on new job in Takapuna
05:37:53a Wind warning as gusts flip caravan, lift roof
05:37:57a Massey University Wellington campus evacuated
05:38:00a Nelson murder accused bailed
05:38:04a Elderly alzheimers sufferer still missing in Taupo
05:38:08a Court reserves judgment in baby-in-bath murder appeal
05:38:11a Grandmother allowed to take toddler to live in China
05:38:15a Lake level little changed but rain is predicted
05:38:24a Girl swims river with hands, feet tied
05:38:27a Germany's Beiersdorf takes stake in Chinese hair care firm
05:38:38a Bhutto Wants Musharraf to Yield in Talks
05:38:41a Medtronic Stent Expected to Be Approved
05:38:45a Arrest in Stolen 'Indiana Jones' Goods
05:38:48a Inside the World of Wes Anderson
05:38:57a Comedian comes to Seattle to pitch 'Bee Movie'
05:39:01a Schools closed, customers urged to boil water after E. coli found
05:39:04a Two workers arrested after assault allegation
05:39:45a S.Korea, HK annual trade surpasses 20 bln U.S. dollars
05:39:49a Roundup Hong Kong shares retreat in volatile trading
05:39:54a Arab Bank Group signs 6.1bn loan
05:40:01a K'taka Crisis Parties weigh options, numbers
05:40:04a Dera chief appears before special CBI court
05:40:08a US not in position to launch costly war Iran
05:40:11a 'VEU proof of enhanced Indo-US trade ties'
05:40:15a Reliance further cuts its troubled retail plans
05:40:18a Sethu Row MP govt set to revive Hindutva agenda
05:40:22a 'India has one of world's greatest cultures'
05:40:25a Osama bin Laden alive Al-Qaeda's Afghanistan chief
05:40:28a Earth-like planet forming 424 light years away
05:40:32a Musharraf says no Al-Qaeda safe havens in Pakistan
05:40:35a Revelation at inquest Diana's last hours unfold
05:40:39a China may be next on moon
05:40:42a China Shenzhen Nailhouse Owners
05:40:46a Peru Toledo and Humala Meet
05:40:49a Bolivia Morales Speech at Cooper Union
05:40:53a Mexico Remembering Tlatelolco
05:40:56a China Land Price
05:41:00a Hong Kong Internet Censorship
05:41:03a Columbia Gas to spend 1.2 billion on new lines
05:41:07a Christmas excess, catalogued
05:41:10a RTI chief plans to move headquarters to region
05:41:14a Mylan CEO says firm unlikely to resume dividend
05:41:17a PNC effort sends medical supplies to ravaged Darfur
05:41:21a A Taste of ’08 in Fight to Split Electoral Votes
05:41:24a Korean Leaders Agree on Economic Projects
05:41:28a Is neoconservatism discredited?
05:41:31a Diamondbacks beat Cubs in game one of the NL Division Series
05:41:35a Dozens arrested as Myanmar military tightens grip
05:41:39a Militants kill 3 captured Pakistani soldiers after army raids hideouts
05:41:42a Korean leaders commit to peace, denuclearisation
05:41:46a Bhutto mulls 'severe blow' to Pakistan's Musharraf
05:41:49a Funeral ceremony held for martyred cleric in Zahedan
05:41:53a Islamabad Red Mosque opens at court order
05:41:56a Int'l Qods Day revives hopes for release of Bait ul Moqaddas Indian Scholar
05:42:00a 10militants, 2 Pakistani soldiers killed in clashes army
05:42:07a IAEA's chief expected in India next week
05:42:11a Olympics All Special Olympics events open
05:42:14a Eden professor selected to run National Council of Churches
05:42:18a Ethics Commission to weigh refunds of campaign contributions
05:42:22a MoDOT will help Metro absorb cost of more riders
05:42:25a Foster parenting rates don't reflect real expenses
05:42:29a Teen-ager dies after collapsing on hockey rink
05:42:32a Nixon alleges 'secret bailout' for O'Fallon, Mo., project
05:42:36a Rescue begins in South Africa gold mine for 3,000 trapped
05:42:39a Cornes defends using SA govt advisors
05:42:43a UK university branch opened in Adelaide
05:42:46a Vic hospitals score poor bill of health
05:42:50a Religion no excuse for crime judge
05:42:53a Govt approves Mulwala plant expansion
05:42:57a Man who made store bomb threat jailed
05:43:00a Community service for Catt drug supplier
05:43:04a WA newspaper escapes contempt charges
05:43:07a Sen. Voinovich says Bush's Iraq plan falls short
05:43:11a 'Schwarzenegger' of dinosaurs discovered in Utah
05:43:15a War in Iraq Polish ambassador wounded in roadside attack
05:43:18a DSC00677
05:43:22a Day 312 Sponge Bob Soap
05:43:25a I love My Horn
05:43:29a Jousting contestant
05:43:32a Balcony Good Bye
05:43:36a Get together
05:43:39a Drummer good bye
05:43:42a DSCN6123
05:43:46a At the Jousting ring
05:43:49a Lacson wants 'thorough' autopsy of NBN deal at Senate
05:43:53a Changes Coming to Dangerous Wells County Intersection
05:43:56a Two Koreas sign summit declaration
05:43:59a Gold rings create first true invisibility cloak
05:44:03a New bone bank opens in Brisbane
05:44:43a UK denies Basra exit signals end of Britain's role in Iraq
05:44:47a MP US backed terrorists cannot destroy unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims
05:44:50a MP says US satanic measures only to strengthen national unity
05:44:54a MP says terrorists aim to shatter national unity
05:44:57a UK no longer Bush's closest ally, says UK daily
05:45:01a Che Guevara Remembered in Chile
05:45:17a Should Bracks be working for big business so soon
05:45:21a Vics lose teaching bonus
05:45:24a Return to main report
05:45:28a Airbus In A Spin Over Insider Trading
05:45:31a Bear Stearns Announces More Job Cuts
05:45:41a Shareholder urges Sallie to hold out for 60/shr
05:45:45a Navigating the SeattleTacoma International Airport
05:45:48a Drugs Hidden in Mr. Potato Head Toy
05:45:52a Tropical storm kills 3 in Vietnam
05:45:55a African people with albinism By Clare Byrne
05:45:59a Singapore sends mixed signals on homosexuality By Ruth Youngblood
05:46:02a A decade after quiet segregation, loud Roma bashing returns By Katerina Zachovalova
05:46:06a Maldivian police search 'illegal mosque' for bombing suspects
05:46:10a Muslims face a property crunch in Mumbai By Rohit Karir
05:46:13a Asia's army of maids labour hard for little returns By dpa Correspondents
05:46:17a Let's be fair, let Japanese win By Chie Matsumoto
05:46:21a Britain given stark warning on race relations By Anna Tomforde
05:46:24a South and North Korea sign joint declaration on peace
05:46:28a Dutch mid-career professionals face age discrimination By Rachel Levy
05:46:31a Stigma against North Sinai Bedouin further entrenched By Marwa Al-A'sar
05:46:35a Human rights does the EU practise what it preaches? By Ben Nimmo
05:46:38a Racism, discrimination and intolerance
05:46:42a Anti-foreigner sentiment on the rise in Germany By Mike Swanson
05:46:46a Mexico to bolster immigrant defense
05:46:50a Stolen car hits police cruiser in Northeast Portland, injures suspect and officer
05:46:53a Jonathan Kozol strikes a nerve
05:46:57a Residents split in latest Portland forum on renaming Interstate Avenue
05:47:00a Gov. Kulongoski proposes two kinds of driver's licenses
05:47:04a Top-Selling Famous Faces
05:47:08a Two Koreas sign peace pact
05:47:11a WWI diggers finally laid to rest
05:47:14a Inquest sees Diana's last hours
05:47:18a Contractor faces charges on taxes, lying about past
05:47:21a Accused mother mum
05:47:25a Boehner vows to protect funds for Iraq war
05:47:28a New Mexico senator won't seek 7th term
05:47:32a Giuliani selling self as winner
05:47:36a Liberals targeting radio hosts
05:47:42a Nation's secessionists convene
05:47:46a Fired professor back at Colorado
05:47:50a GOP urges probe in China firm deal
05:47:53a Senate OKs border funds
05:47:57a Vodka sees a spirited resurgence
05:48:00a 450 trapped miners rescued
05:48:04a Energy company destroys secret garden
05:48:07a Parents vote on TV food ads
05:48:11a Justice OK'd harsh tactics
05:48:14a Militants Kill 3 Pakistani Soldiers
05:48:33a Medical Tourism Healthbase Canada Patient Spinal Decompression with Fusion with Instrumentation
05:48:36a Healthbase Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery Bilateral
05:48:40a Focused Interviewing
05:48:43a GOD & THE QUEEN 1/6
05:48:50a Dominate Preforeclosures
05:48:53a Westgate Tabernacle may face warrant after rejecting inspectors
05:48:57a Gardens mayor seeking pay back
05:49:00a City Center's future in doubt
05:49:04a West Palm boil-water order to continue
05:49:07a Court's reversal on trafficking may cut doctor's term in half
05:49:11a Threat to bolt enlivens equestrian dispute
05:49:15a Autopsy reveals little on baby whose body was found in jar
05:49:18a Illegal pawning alleged in The Acreage
05:49:22a Heists near Boynton recall legendary gang, officials say
05:49:25a Web porn use can ruin lives, expert says
05:49:29a 'Touching' scene spurs complaint in Boynton
05:49:32a Homeowners associations Tallahassee tuning in
05:49:36a Store clerks held up at gunpoint near Boynton
05:49:39a Riviera OKs curfew for youths 17 and under
05:49:42a Merrill Lynch guilty of cheating late philanthropist
05:49:46a Homes may be built on Gardens' western edge
05:49:49a Lake Worth, county work on details of fire merger
05:49:53a Dunbar security plan takes cooperative step
05:49:56a New art chief can do it all On, off and even backstage
05:50:00a Jail worker charged in fraud case
05:50:03a South Bay stripper shames city hall
05:50:07a Man, 18, found not guilty in robbery of deliveryman
05:50:10a Jewel heists recall infamous gang, detectives say
05:50:14a Graffiti case dropped against FAU student
05:50:18a North and South Korea pledge peace
05:50:21a Nicaragua abortion ban hurts women
05:50:25a Nicaragua Discusses Destruction Of Its Missiles With U.S.
05:50:28a A regional war of words at the U.N.
05:50:32a Boucher bags the big one
05:50:35a Questions and Answers with Mindy Stitt
05:50:39a Fed chairman, leaders discuss credit crunch
05:50:42a Document company banks on expansion
05:50:45a Movie Gallery to close 520 stores
05:50:49a Ideas varied for health insurance plans
05:50:52a Miss America-approved browser to help protect Web-surfing children
05:50:56a Automaker relinquishing ‘Chrysler' from its name; now it's just Daimler
05:50:59a Flight delays bring possible changes for airlines
05:51:03a Made in Oklahoma ThomasJets LLC
05:51:06a American Airlines, unions break off talks
05:51:10a Wal-Mart slashes price of toys up to 50 percent
05:51:13a Continental lifting off for Cleveland
05:51:16a Sub rate mortgages offered
05:51:20a Remington Park draws visitors to Adventure District
05:51:23a Local UAW members cast ballots
05:51:26a Eunuchs may be licensed in Madhya Pradesh
05:51:30a Is there a psychopath on the prowl in west Delhi?
05:51:33a Musharraf re-election likely to hit peace process experts
05:51:37a NRIs, foreign couples throng Pune fertility centre
05:51:40a 5-day school week likely
05:51:44a The most heartening article on Iraq The Realignment of Iraq by Bartle Bull
05:51:47a Free Burma!
05:51:50a Slippery slope ahead- First threesome in civil union in West
05:51:54a Mahmoud is trembling
05:52:05a Ongoing iPods + Lightning = Debate
05:52:09a It's Opposite Day! German researchers have found that a glucose-restricted ...
05:52:15a Exclusive Bretheren sex accused named
05:52:18a Judgment reserved in baby murder appeal
05:52:22a Wind warning for Canterbury
05:52:28a 'Big fishes' behind campaign vs Abalos--lawyer
05:52:31a Shares close little changed ahead of central bank meeting
05:52:35a Buddhists worldwide back Myanmar's monks
05:52:38a ABC Studios sorry for racial slur on 'Desperate Housewives'
05:52:42a North Korean disarmament prospects seen dim
05:52:45a Korean leaders commit to peace, denuclearization
05:52:49a Students bask in sun-powered homes contest
05:52:52a Pangasinan councilor found dead - police
05:52:56a Japanese airport closes runway after tail scrape
05:52:59a Asian stocks fall, led by chip makers, gold down
05:53:03a Shares firmer in late trade on hopes of rate cut
05:53:06a Peso choppy; awaiting rates move
05:53:13a Dollar rangebound ahead of ECB meeting
05:53:17a Peso swings wildly in choppy trade ahead of BSP meet
05:53:20a Crude prices below 80 in Asian trade
05:53:24a Britney Spears gets visitation rights to her kids
05:53:27a Dollar stays above record low vs euro, ECB eyed
05:53:31a 2 Koreas Sign Pact To Seek Peace Treaty
05:53:34a Falcons seek portion of Vick bonus money
05:53:38a Senate Democrats Seek Additional Law Enforcement Grant Money
05:53:41a Money lag continues
05:53:45a Gold Little Changed in Asia on Concern Dollar May Rise Further
05:53:48a Local movie industry strong enough to survive higher dollar, says B.C. Film
05:53:51a Dollar Gains Against Euro; Oil Prices Up
05:53:54a Bonds track rand stronger; eye US, ECB
05:53:57a Evra Eyes Euro Final Spot
05:54:01a Malaysia's August trade surplus 8.99 billion ringgit vs 7.97 billion in July
05:54:05a New Zealand, Australian Dollars Fall as Traders Cut Bets for U.S. Rate Cut
05:54:08a EDITORIAL Citigroup-Nikko Merger Highlights Issues Of Shareholder Interest
05:54:12a ATT completes multimillion dollar Olympic Training Center upgrade
05:54:15a Vick May Lose Up to 22M in Bonus Money
05:54:19a Emirates Thermostone wins contracts
05:54:22a Raytheon wins 100m Saudi contract
05:54:25a Saudi Arabia awards Raytheon two air defense contracts
05:54:29a Finance House confirms 37.2m financing arrangement along with Qatar National Bank for Ithmar Capital
05:54:33a Al Habtoor to build 95m facility
05:54:36a Islamic bank opens in Dubai
05:54:40a UAE media signs code of conduct
05:54:43a Kuwait on alert for cholera
05:54:46a Oman to sell stake in Omantel
05:54:50a Sunway Pyramid unveils RM550mil wing
05:54:53a Airline offers Eid packages
05:54:57a Raft found on Brevard beach
05:55:00a Korean leaders declare commitment to peace
05:55:04a Al-Qaeda's Afghanistan chief says bin Laden alive
05:55:07a Balance of Former Governor's Looted Money Still in UK
05:55:11a N400m Contract Scandal Brews in Senate
05:55:14a 2 Koreas Sign Pledge To Seek Peace Treaty
05:55:18a Pressure mounts on Brown to call early general election
05:55:21a President says Iran has an int'l mission
05:55:25a 'Gift rage' lands Japan worker in court
05:55:28a Former Indian lawmaker gets death sentence
05:55:32a Ryanair co-founder Tony Ryan dies at 71
05:55:35a Montana beef experts heading to Russia
05:55:39a WWII explosive fuse found near school
05:55:42a US Airways trims Pittsburgh service
05:55:46a Fear grips Myanmar people
05:55:49a Glass company accused of creating business
05:55:53a Judge rules Wal-Mart workers owed 62M
05:55:56a Harrah's probed on Rio remodeling safety
05:56:00a Cadbury rapped for 'private-equity' axing
05:56:04a Midwest gets major gambling facility
05:56:07a N.C. girl is gee haw whimmy diddle champ
05:56:11a Coroner Long Beach Couple Died In Murder-Suicide
05:56:14a Suspect Sought In Palm Springs Animal Cruelty Case
05:56:18a 5-Acre Brush Fire Burns In Corona
05:56:21a Jury Gives 1 Million To Woman For Sex Misconduct
05:56:25a Iraqis to Pay China 100M for Weapons
05:56:29a Blackwater Incident Explored
05:56:32a Presidential Poll Boosts Clinton
05:56:36a Tax Debate Ignites Maryland
05:57:05a Thursday's Road Work
05:57:08a Court Blotter Oct. 4, 2007
05:57:12a Police Blotter Oct. 4, 2007
05:57:35a Suspect driving stolen car crashes head-on into a police cruiser
05:58:04a Berlusconi eyes Ronaldinho for Milan
05:58:07a Celtic 2-1 AC Milan
05:58:11a New Florida law raises costs of replacing roofs
05:58:14a Property tax relief is the talk of Tallahassee
05:58:18a FBI tape shows terror defendant seeking supplies for 'Islamic jihad'
05:58:21a West Palm Beach boil-water notice still in effect
05:58:25a U.S. Coast Guard, other agencies urge boater safety for holiday
05:58:29a Coral Springs to put end to anti-communism ordinance
05:58:47a Wheeling Central's Joey Seabright Wins State Title
05:58:51a Strike Cancels Game
05:58:54a Hanna and Friends Travel To Bethany
05:59:31a Vietnam Approves Plan for Dong to Trade More Freely!!
05:59:35a Buying a gas station
05:59:53a Mother accused of abandonment
05:59:56a Woman to pay for false Katrina claim
06:00:00a Museum hosts family night
06:00:07a Lunch in the alley
06:00:10a North retail development running ahead of schedule
06:01:00a Advice for Republicans
06:01:47a Venezuela and US officials hold bilateral meeting to improve ties 0
06:01:57a Football game incident leads to arrest, assault charge
06:02:01a Deer Creek to mark homecoming Friday
06:02:04a Planning board denies request for more time
06:02:08a Stepping to the music
06:02:11a UCO plans to celebrate birthday of Nigeria
06:02:14a Lot designation at UCO eases parking crunch
06:02:18a Couples tell of kidney swap joy
06:02:39a Bank Merger Survival Guide
06:03:08a Zim Sanctions Political Tool EU Study opinion
06:03:31a SA Ambulance assesses elderly call-out services
06:03:34a Iemma misled us miscarriage couple
06:03:37a Cup hopeful's bid to cross border
06:03:41a Vic hospitals below Government benchmarks
06:03:46a Pilot In Verona Plane Crash Dies
06:03:49a Man Trapped Under Tree For Seven Hours
06:04:02a Boys who started bushfire didn't throw petrol bomb
06:04:06a Avram Grant's debut game as Chelsea manager results in win
06:04:11a Holocaust survivors paid 8 billion, say insurance owes more
06:04:14a N.M. Sen. Domenici to Retire
06:04:17a O'Brien scoops top poetry prize
06:04:39a Kungfu gets Olympics ticket
06:04:43a S. Korea, DPRK agree to operate inter-Korean railways during 2008 Olympics
06:04:46a S Korea, DPRK sign joint declaration on peace, prosperity
06:04:49a Special Olympics bring hope, says gym technical delegate
06:04:53a S. Korean, DPRK leaders to sign on joint declaration soon
06:04:56a S. Korean PM Inter-Korean ties, six-party talks in positive cycle
06:05:00a Global leaders urge help to people with intellectual disabilities
06:05:04a Italian Colosseum showcases Roman Theatre
06:05:07a NY city airports had worst rates of arrival delays in U.S.
06:05:11a Good China-ASEAN ties to facilitate integration of East Asia
06:05:14a Railway to 'roof of the world' wealth, worries
06:05:18a 7th China Model Expo opens in Beijing
06:05:21a Australia to send more troops to Afghanistan
06:05:25a NY cabbies to strike again in protest of GPS installations
06:05:33a Zille booed off stage
06:05:36a Benoni dump Pirates out of Cup
06:05:40a Waistline warning to take seriously
06:05:43a Home loan rates may fall further
06:05:47a Reliance Power files prospectus with Sebi
06:05:50a Schneider plans big for India, sets upfacility
06:05:54a Re rise hits knitwear exporters; jobs lost
06:05:57a Rly invites private cos to set up agri retail chain
06:06:01a How Kiran Karnik helped the IT sector
06:06:04a Private mandi s? Most welcome
06:06:08a DTH to be a costly affair for new entrants
06:06:11a Looking for a maid? Now search online
06:06:14a Not so dark Q2 for IT
06:06:18a Navigating the Northwest Passage
06:06:21a Ten scores a touchdown with Idol website
06:06:29a A Teleconference With John Ensign
06:06:32a Free Burma
06:06:36a Wired Science debuts tonight
06:06:39a Ryan McLennan's wildlife paintings
06:06:51a Diana inquest jury to view CCTV footage
06:06:54a Chad rebels seek deal with government
06:07:27a State tackling chronic diseases that affect many residents
06:07:37a Britney's Ex Defends Kids Custody Ruling
06:07:40a Footie Star Facing Trial On Assault Charge
06:07:44a Closing arguments heard in Rob Ramage trial
06:08:14a Mustang edges closer to buying 2nd fire truck
06:08:19a Sudan Political Negotiations Only Way to Resolve Crisis, Says Minister
06:08:23a Uganda UN Still Supporting Flood-Ravaged Citizens
06:08:27a Sierra Leone Economic and Social Progress Must Be Priorities, Says Official
06:08:36a Lebanon Fires Kill Woman, Destroy Millions of Pine Trees, Many Forever
06:09:06a Top golfers set for Cape Kidnappers
06:09:10a Body-in-suitcase jury retires
06:09:14a Koreas sign peace and economic co-operation pact at summit
06:09:32a Get answers on how the City of Virginia Beach works
06:09:35a Elementary student is at head of diabetes cure march team
06:09:39a Indonesia ready to use its own anti-bird flu vaccines
06:09:48a Trapped African miners being rescued
06:09:53a Petition calls for rehiring of fired Great Falls clerk
06:09:57a SC Democratic chairwoman to ask to move primary to Jan. 19
06:10:03a Girl swims river with hands and feet tied
06:10:13a Eldest member of Hanson hospitalized
06:10:17a Thousands of Jhb miners rescued
06:10:48a Fiji army chief should explain Court
06:10:52a Terrorism Juror Balks
06:10:55a Senate Approves Military Spending
06:10:59a Education Dartmouth Alumni Sue Over Changes
06:11:02a Washington Fires Reported in Senate Buildings
06:11:06a West California Spector's Lawyers Step Down
06:11:10a Washington A.C.L.U. Goes to Supreme Court Over Wiretaps
06:11:13a Plains Oklahoma A Request to Halt Setting of Execution Dates
06:11:18a Abandoned child to live with grandmother NZ court
06:11:26a Philippine senate suspends hearings in telecoms scandal
06:11:51a Tory's religious school funding proposal doomed Conservative caucus member
06:12:19a Officials Barges missed bridge; Vicksburg I-20 span deemed safe
06:12:23a Killer could still get death
06:12:26a State fair draws, delights all ages
06:12:30a Arrest made in theft of water meters
06:12:33a Report Miss. lagging in funds for foster care
06:12:37a Ole Miss punishes fraternity
06:12:40a Police detain 2 in deadly hit-and-run near airport
06:12:44a Barbour, Eaves throw ad jabs before debate
06:12:47a Coast campus new home of Southern Miss film program
06:12:51a GAO faults FEMA's process
06:12:54a Korean leaders sign peace pledge
06:12:58a Typhoon hits Vietnam, killing 2
06:13:34a More dead fish, this time in Kuching
06:13:41a Korean leaders sign declaration
06:13:44a Bhutto Corruptio
06:13:48a Harper to announce anti-drug strategy
06:13:56a Placeholder Worst Deals
06:14:00a Weak Dollar Little Help for Manufacturing
06:14:03a A Passport to Riches
06:14:07a A Booming Business in MBA Coaches
06:14:10a How Britain Jumpstarts Design
06:14:14a A U.S. Nuclear Power Renaissance
06:14:17a Can the Construction Business Remake Itself?
06:14:21a Restaurants Sweet & Sour Profit News
06:14:24a Stocks End Lower Before Jobs Report
06:14:28a S&P Picks and Pans Microsoft, CS Group, Micron, Norfolk Southern
06:14:31a Oktoberfest Inc. Big Money in Munich
06:14:35a US can't ID labs that handle germs
06:14:38a Polish envoy wounded in Baghdad ambush
06:14:42a Dog Fighting Victims Turn Up In Oakland Shelter
06:14:45a Uganda Keep Off Army Affairs, Says M7
06:14:49a A promising blend
06:14:52a Sikhs leave for Lahore
06:14:56a Massenburg aims to fill sizable need
06:14:59a Washington OK thanks to brace
06:15:02a Carter has found his rhythm at end
06:15:06a As expectations go up, so does Kolzig's volume
06:15:09a Deals
06:15:13a Collectibles Good models come in small packages
06:15:16a Infiniti coupe looks, sounds like winner
06:15:20a Gathering honors life-changing gifts from state's organ donors
06:15:23a Guthrie baby doesn't wait for hospital
06:15:27a Germany's Beiersdorf takes stake in Chinese hair care firm
06:15:31a NZ stocks follow regional falls
06:15:34a Kiwi ends lower after volatile session
06:15:37a Finance company Clegg and Co in receivership
06:15:41a NZ Super Fund achieves 14.6 pct investment return
06:15:45a Watchdog slaps price cuts on Auckland gas distributors
06:15:48a Fisher funds launches $140 million Marlin fund IPO
06:16:24a Japanese PM welcomes NKorea nuclear accord, but his party mulls extending sanctions
06:16:28a AP count Afghan deaths up 55 percent compared to 2006
06:16:32a Ousted Fiji prime minister begins court challenge to legality of 2006 military coup
06:16:35a Indonesia planning bridge between Java and Sumatra islands reports
06:16:39a Death toll from Vietnam's bridge collapse rises to 53
06:16:43a Militants kill 3 of 200 abducted Pakistani soldiers after army raids hide-outs
06:16:46a 2 Papua New Guinean men sentenced to death for beheading "witch"
06:16:50a Identity Theft
06:16:53a Healthbase Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India
06:16:57a Healthbase Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery Medical Tourism
06:17:01a Senator's move shakes up state politics
06:17:04a News in brief,
06:17:08a Major shakeup rocks Girls' School board
06:17:11a Suspended Falcons QB Michael Vick, others face trial Nov. 27
06:17:15a Teen accused of beheading dog may walk free
06:17:19a Nose-stud matter to come to an end
06:17:22a Nduom Some Thoughts From Little Rock, Arkansas
06:17:26a President Kufuor arrives in Ethiopia
06:17:29a Ghana makes efforts to check global warming
06:17:33a MOH launches food fortification programme
06:17:36a Ministry reacts to doctors' concern of salary deductions
06:17:40a Ghanaians urged to help sustain NYEP
06:17:44a Just one thing she can't do
06:17:48a If I can do it, anyone can!
06:17:51a Best Bet Fostering resilience in children
06:17:55a Rehabbed American plover will migrate to Columbus Zoo
06:17:58a Today's Tip Should my child stay home?
06:18:02a Community mourns girl's death
06:18:05a Hot Topic Children and food allergies
06:18:12a U.S. 231 project hits 23 million snag
06:18:15a E. coli in Spanaway WA water prompts school closures
06:18:19a Korean leaders pledge to seek permanent peace
06:18:22a Evacuations start for 3,200 trapped miners
06:18:26a Over 1,350 South African miners rescued
06:18:29a Labor vows Adelaide manufacturing centre
06:18:33a 'Spacecakes' become chicken-friendly
06:18:36a Anger boils at Utah mine-collapse probe
06:18:40a Qld Greens fear Traveston Dam nod
06:18:43a Diamondbacks down Cubs in series opener
06:18:46a Protecting Data With an Ancient Remedy
06:18:50a Data Conversion The Big Move
06:18:53a Target Lawsuit Given Class Action Status
06:18:57a Asencio v. Tyson Foods, Inc.
06:19:00a Judge Tossed Out for Delay, Neglect
06:19:04a Weather hampers dam monitoring
06:19:07a Commerce watchdog says pipeline companies overcharging
06:19:11a Truth newspaper reveals name of officer in fatal shooting
06:19:15a Greens welcome ruling against Saab claims
06:19:18a Dozens more arrested in Myanmar raids
06:19:22a Leaders to seek formal end to Korean War
06:19:26a Another finance company appoints receiver
06:19:29a Mill decision gets mixed Tassie reaction
06:19:33a Drink milk to 'prevent cancer spread'
06:19:36a Tea tree oil 'can cause skin conditions'
06:19:40a Franklin Co. candidates face off during forum
06:19:43a Mr Potato Head toy
06:20:18a UC Berkeley Enrolls on YouTube
06:20:22a State Questions Federal Action in Shutting down Web sites
06:20:25a Democrats React to Presidential Veto of SCHIP Bill
06:20:29a Crews Recovery Bodies Following Plant Explosion
06:20:32a Private equity firm 3i in bid talks with Abbot FT
06:20:36a Marston's says profit below forecast on interest cost
06:20:39a Halfords says like-for-like sales up 5.5 percent
06:20:43a Michael Page reports record profit
06:20:47a Verizon unveils new device to take on iPhone
06:20:50a BREAKING NEWS Hui Yi successfully undergoes heart ops
06:20:54a Oil extends losses after surprise US crude build
06:21:56a Adams Morgan Leaders Question City's Water System
06:22:12a Rescuers save 1,350 S.African miners
06:22:22a Vancouver police hunt for 3 bottles of stolen volatile acid
06:22:26a B.C. woman's bingo cash disappears en route to, or in, hospital family
06:22:33a State's standards are low, new study says
06:22:36a Pabst Farms may lose builder
06:22:40a Financiers trade N.Y. lifestyles for dairy farming
06:22:44a Is 317 a month enough to raise a child?
06:22:47a 2 charged in drug-trade killings
06:22:51a Cudahy proposes streetcar system
06:22:54a MPS contract aims to improve hiring
06:22:57a Pewaukee city police employees disciplined
06:23:01a Sex offender plan irks landlord
06:23:04a Contaminated-water surge fuels worry over landfill
06:23:08a Re-signing Cordero tops Brewers' wish list
06:23:11a Packers out to backup victory late last year
06:23:15a Illini's weapons set to strike UW's defense
06:23:18a Wisconsin schools meet NCAA graduation criteria
06:23:22a Boys soccer Zabala a threat for Tosa West
06:23:25a Another controversy for Jazwiec
06:23:29a It's taps for city's old Beer Line
06:23:32a Piggly Wiggly buyer wants presence in Milwaukee, Madison
06:23:35a Strong funds restitution payout months away
06:23:39a 'Brick' diaper ads lead to lawsuit
06:23:43a Downtown gets some glitz
06:23:46a Better holiday at Best Buy?
06:23:49a Standard Process increases space
06:23:53a Outhouse view put area man in notable position
06:23:56a Ex-alderman drops suit over 'bipolar' comment
06:24:00a Report suggests ways to improve farm life in state
06:24:03a Kane Coattail effect could be Taylor made
06:24:07a Family remembers slain son
06:24:10a Man's legal luck may have run out
06:24:14a MATC switch won't save, report says
06:24:17a Australia's Harvey Norman mulls NZ bid paper
06:24:21a Seven & I to miss first-half profit goals-paper
06:24:24a Nutrisystem sees weak third quarter
06:24:28a Key Points of Koreas Agreement
06:24:31a Magazine stands by anti-Turnbull coverage
06:24:35a Rescuers save 1,350 South African gold miners
06:24:38a Phoney Soldier- Real Conservative
06:24:42a Hillary says she may need to keep troops in Iraq.
06:24:46a Limbaugh offering inconsistent explanations for 'phony soldiers' comment
06:24:49a Columbia President Bollinger Hammers Ahmadinejad!
06:24:53a Real Soldiers versus Phony Soldiers.
06:24:57a Dog walker murder reconstruction
06:25:00a Report on first PSNI fatal shots
06:25:04a San Diego Sinkhole Destroys Road, Prompts Evacuations
06:25:08a North, South Korea Pledge to Push for Peace Agreement
06:25:11a France approves migrant DNA tests
06:25:15a UK police in Nigerian scam haul
06:25:18a Call for wider bluetongue zone
06:25:22a Koreas to resume regular train service
06:25:25a Uganda U.S. Group Aids Tororo Hospitals
06:25:31a Uganda Kawempe Residents Join Hands to Promote Sanitation
06:25:34a Anti-mining activist shot dead in Sibuyan island
06:25:38a Group says Cayetano's excuses to postpone NBN hearings 'flimsy'
06:25:41a PAL Holdings in 295M secondary share sale
06:25:45a PAL Holdings in 295 mln secondary share sale
06:25:48a Suplico to file criminal raps vs Abalos
06:25:52a Colorado rocks Philadelphia in playoff opener
06:25:55a RP stocks end higher for 4th straight day; Globe Tel hits record
06:25:59a Economics Minister Asia Ready to Pay for German Exports
06:26:02a Koreas sign peace and economic declaration
06:26:06a New Mexico senator won't seek 7th term
06:26:09a Secessionists unite from North and South
06:26:13a 10,000 ads, but how many votes
06:26:16a Swastikas, 'KKK' written on D.C. deaf student
06:26:20a Gunns shares surge after pulp mill approved
06:26:23a Building approvals decline, more bad news for rates
06:26:27a Mpshe may consult Interpol about Selebi
06:26:30a What Pikoli's report card shows?
06:26:35a More Than 1,000 Safe From S.Africa Mine
06:26:38a Poker taken to dizzying new heights
06:26:42a Sailor drifts 10 hours in Pacific, floating with plastic bottle
06:26:46a Myanmar prime minister enters intensive care unit
06:26:49a Japan to fingerprint, photograph entrants starting next month
06:26:52a State Questions Shutting Down Web Sites
06:27:28a Mad About the Roy, Its pretty funny but Im mad about the Roy
06:27:32a Are U.S. troops being force-fed Christianity?
06:27:35a Anger Rises Over Rumors Of School Nixing Halloween
06:27:39a FDA considers a third drugcategory Behind-the-counter
06:27:42a Iran blames ''U.S.-backedterrorists'' for cleric's murder
06:27:46a The New News Cycle Romney and Thompson Defend Rush
06:27:49a New England wins U.S. Open Cup with 3-2 win over FC Dallas
06:27:53a Rice upsets Southern Miss 31-29
06:27:56a Bradford, McCoy breakdown
06:28:00a NBC Video Thompson on the Trail
06:28:03a In His Own Words Fred D. Thompson
06:28:06a A Taste of ?08 in Fight to Split Electoral Votes
06:28:46a 1,350 out of 3,200 trapped S.African gold miners saved
06:28:49a Govt optimistic about breakthrough in talks with Benazir
06:29:14a Corvettes Deal, Closer Ties Top Sarkozy Agenda in Sofia
06:29:19a Lots of love for Lea
06:29:22a Grief finds a pulpit on Internet networking sites
06:29:26a Town agrees to take Sunset Cemetery
06:29:29a Man awaiting trial dies
06:29:33a Floyd man dies in motorcycle wreck
06:29:36a School leaders, parents grapple with consolidation question
06:29:40a Professor concerned about fly ash plan
06:29:43a A frantic 24 hours
06:29:55a Iraqi Parliament rebuffs US Senate resol. on partitioning of Iraq
06:29:58a Iran protests anew Kouchner''s remarks on nuclear issue
06:30:02a Gaza Continues Under Israeli Air Force Fire
06:30:05a Iran Calls French Official to Press Conference
06:30:09a Pakistan Orders Red Mosque Reopening
06:30:12a Palestinian infighting now affecting mobility, religious rites
06:30:16a Talks on power-sharing deadlocked says Benazir
06:30:20a EU's Solana says will meet with Iran's top nuclear negotiator
06:30:30a Wishing and Hoping for Clintons Seat
06:30:37a Councils dragging the chain on disability transport standards
06:30:41a My Space, My Place Multimedia Exhibition & Performance 24 Oct-7 Nov 2007, Fairfield
06:30:44a Macarthur Region's jobless at peak
06:30:48a New Medicare Items For Autism Spectrum Disorders
06:30:51a Republican Fred Thompson Holds Chicago Fundraiser
06:30:55a South Side Sex Abuse And Child Abduction Alerts
06:30:58a Cubs Fans Show Their Spirit In Phoenix
06:31:02a Former Cop Convicted Of Sexual Abuse While On Duty
06:31:06a Jackson says Bush prevented release of captured Israeli soldiers
06:31:13a stripsaver
06:31:16a Brass Valves
06:31:20a Cheap Mp3 Player and Electronics 4 USA & Canada
06:31:23a Vegas Tours
06:31:27a GRAPHIC PICS Anna Nicole Smith Death Photos For Sale?
06:31:30a Koreas sign historic peace pact
06:31:34a Gist of joint declaration on inter-Korean summit+
06:31:38a Gap between Cambodia's urban areas and the rural poor still growing+
06:31:41a Main events scheduled for Friday, Oct. 5+
06:31:45a Trapped miners emerge after blast
06:31:48a Last-gasp bid to avert post strike
06:31:51a CCTV hope in hunt for gun killers
06:32:19a Deadlines, delays since North Korea's nuclear test
06:32:23a Japan ruling party approves North Korea sanctions
06:32:27a Rescuers save 1,350 trapped S.African gold miners
06:32:46a Tokyo stock market's main index falls 0.6 percent
06:32:52a Cerritos man arrested in 'Indiana Jones' theft
06:32:56a Adobe's 'flash' of success in India
06:33:27a Bhutto says Musharraf refusing to implement reforms before...
06:33:31a Cement sales rise 35pc in July-Sept
06:33:59a Politician Shows Nude Image During School Lecture
06:34:03a Congress moves to rein in contractors overseas
06:34:06a Debate may help derail firm's project
06:34:10a Bush Iraq exit would bolster Iran
06:34:13a Deputies battle in arrest games
06:34:17a Lenders offer help to homeowners
06:34:20a Governor ready to sign mortgage bills
06:34:25a Your Car Is Talking To You--Listen
06:34:37a EQ 2.6 Atka, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
06:34:40a EQ 4.6 Chichi-shima, Bonin Islands, Japan PRELIMINARY REPORT
06:34:44a In Mumbai, parking spaces pricier than cars
06:34:47a Reluctant to give up his chair, K'taka CM puts blame on BJP
06:34:51a Haryana town on the edge as Dera chief goes to court
06:34:54a Udayan's Outlook Will we scale 18K on Thursday?
06:34:58a The Onion Blog Your curry has blood in it
06:35:01a Mum on Myanmar, India preaches Gandhism
06:35:05a Sputnik 50 years since its successful launch
06:35:08a Blackwater must go al-Maliki
06:35:12a US finds list of Al-Qaeda fighters
06:35:15a Japan welcomes North Korean nuke statement
06:35:19a Poland won't 'desert' Iraq PM
06:35:22a Chile Inflation Rose Last Month
06:35:26a Britain Cadbury to Move Plant
06:35:30a Canada Scrutiny for Takeovers
06:35:33a British Insurer Buys Care Homes
06:35:37a France Michelin to Trim Jobs
06:35:40a Six Inconvenient Truths About Slavery
06:35:44a Stress Takes Toll On Megahed's Family
06:35:47a Japans phone wars raise deflation fears
06:35:51a Capital markets face shift to opaque investors
06:35:54a Wising Up Edwards, Not Hillary, is Dems' Best Chance
06:35:58a Ex-Army officer seeks 2nd District seat
06:36:01a Warren student arrested after loaded gun found at school
06:36:05a Driver of stolen car hits police cruiser head-on
06:36:08a Bitter Ending At Hershey
06:36:12a Neighbors Concerned about Labs Restructuring
06:36:15a Dollar above all-time low against euro
06:36:19a Typhoon kills 12 in southeast Asia
06:36:22a O'Loan to publish PSNI shooting report
06:36:26a North cancer survival rates rising
06:36:29a New Labour deputy leader to be named
06:36:32a McAleese launching diversity forum
06:36:36a North Korea Addresses UN 62nd Session
06:36:39a 'Opposition Parties Not Needed in Juba'
06:36:43a Crude oil prices below 80
06:36:55a Hitachi conducts nationwide nuclear plant review
06:36:59a Brilliant Forbes editor was a study in paradoxes
06:37:02a Children's Fund takes stake in China Properties
06:37:06a Getting the most out of your food, nutritionally and financially
06:37:09a Henry Blodget finds a willing accomplice the press
06:37:13a Economic Paper of the Day Buiter on the Baltics
06:37:25a Olmert, Abbas to discuss core issues 'after conference' Ynet News
06:37:29a Rice plans trip to Israel next week Ynet News
06:37:32a Gaza banks say may shut down by Jan. over financial clampdown Ha'aretz
06:37:36a 55,000 turn out for Jerusalem March Ynet News
06:37:42a Asteroid renamed for Star Trek actor
06:37:45a Possible Bungie departure would open door to Mac games
06:37:49a iPhone 'Brick' Problems Apparently Easing For Apple Updaters
06:38:07a Korea accord's eight points
06:38:25a Claims to increase allocations of the ration card
06:38:29a The Ministry of Trade discusses economic cooperation with Tunisian and Syrian companies
06:38:32a Iran to increase trade with Iraq
06:38:36a Iraqi trade union leader on the current situation in Iraq
06:38:39a Edwards says Obama using stolen ideas
06:39:15a Merkel's Africa tour begins
06:39:18a 6 million junkies in Egypt
06:40:18a Uganda LRA Peace Team Arrives Today
06:40:31a Korean Leaders Pledge New Peace Treaty
06:40:41a RB school's `stamp of approval'
06:40:46a County cautious in look at new year
06:40:50a First shots fired in budget battle
06:40:53a Private cemetery in Mati City closed for tax evasion
06:40:57a Malaysia imposes new ban on Bangladeshi workers
06:41:01a Communist rebels raid Australian mining operation in Bicol
06:41:04a Military to probe alleged threats made against lawyer
06:41:08a 2 Koreas Strike Wide Reconciliation Deal AP
06:41:11a Two Singapore designers showcase creations at Paris Fashion Week
06:41:15a Boil order prompts school closures in Spanaway
06:41:38a Gold hits 1-week low on dollar, more losses likely
06:41:41a Wall St hit by tech sell-off, job data fears
06:41:45a Harmony says secured 290 mln debt facility
06:41:48a Municipal workers 'short-changed'
06:41:52a FDA Seeks Opinion From Public About Behind-The-Counter Medicine
06:41:55a West Richland Residents Upset Over Skunks
06:41:59a More Than 1,000 Miners Safe in S. Africa
06:42:02a Dozens arrested as Myanmar junta tightens grip,
06:42:06a 20 hours to rescue all South African miners
06:42:09a Merkel puts G8 Africa promises in spotlight
06:42:13a Typhoon Lekima kills seven in Vietnam before weakening
06:42:35a Allen aims to get back to work in Tallahassee
06:42:38a Burying utilities an option
06:42:42a City seeks fire chief from within its ranks
06:42:45a Students hit the streets for a day
06:42:48a Oceanfront owners on edge after erosion
06:42:52a Girl's new kidney working 'superbly'
06:42:55a McCollum warns teens of Internet predators
06:42:59a Security concerns, threat allegations force postponement of trial
06:43:12a Lanka wants Atapattu
06:43:16a Zimbabwe to join SA domestic
06:43:19a Weir eyes HK after beating Woods
06:43:22a Joshi off to Switzerland
06:43:26a Manchester United, Arsenal win; Rangers thrash Lyon
06:43:29a Kalpana beats Sagun for bronze
06:43:33a SA extend lead after Harris wicket haul
06:43:36a Rupak, Ghale, Khadka qualify for SAARC golf
06:43:39a Pakhrin\'s four wkt lifts Budhanilkantha to win over BA
06:43:43a Williams, Ferrer advance to quarters
06:43:46a Retiring military chief declares American people can't vote to end Iraq war
06:43:50a Opposition to UAW-GM deal as workers vote on contract
06:43:54a UAW officials threaten Socialist Equality Party members
06:43:58a Socialist Equality Party in Australia announces federal election candidates
06:44:01a Australia Transport union abandons McArthur Express workers
06:44:05a Indian Supreme Court outlaws Tamil Nadu political protest
06:44:09a UN special envoy leaves Burma empty-handed
06:44:12a Five dead in Colorado hydroelectric plant fire
06:44:16a French immigration 'reform' an attack on basic human rights
06:44:19a Toronto International Film Festival 2007--Part 5 The lives of two overlooked women
06:44:23a An interview with Philippe Faucon, director of Dans la vie
06:44:27a Diabetes drug linked to fractures risk
06:44:30a Uganda Mobilise Residents Against 'Buveera'
06:44:34a More Than 1,000 African Miners Rescued
06:44:37a Astronaut returns to SIU for homecoming
06:44:41a Durbin Nine deaths linked to surgeries at VA Medical Center
06:44:44a IMSA wants more support for math, science in schools
06:44:47a Blagojevich signs wine bill
06:44:51a Heatley's ice hockey goals lift Senators over Maple Leafs
06:44:55a US Congress moves to change law giving security contractors immunity from prosecution
06:44:58a US government unable to identify labs vulnerable to bioterrorism
06:45:02a Old files shed light on US presidential candidate Giuliani
06:45:06a California, environmentalists ask US agency to regulate ship emissions
06:45:09a American children's use of heartburn drugs surges
06:45:13a US Senate committee considers bill to shield reporters from identifying sources
06:45:17a Anglicans say US Episcopalians trying to heal split over gays, but want more done
06:45:20a Renowned Colombian architect Salmona dies at 78
06:45:23a Obesity a growing problem in HIV population
06:45:34a Democrats call for mortgage 'tsar'
06:45:37a Iraq's dismemberment is not America's business
06:45:53a India win two, lose one in Open
06:45:56a The ticker, October 4
06:46:00a New Boulder REI set to reopen
06:46:04a Limit on visas raises industry fear of worker shortage
06:46:07a Pa. Wal-Mart workers win additional award
06:46:11a Business briefs, October 4
06:46:14a Small payroll, huge returns
06:46:18a Playoffs carried in high-def
06:46:21a Lihir confident strike problems resolved
06:46:25a MBF in JV to build retail optical stores
06:46:28a Services sector activity bounces back
06:46:31a ANZ commodity price index hits record high in NZD terms
06:46:35a Uganda boxing clubs accept UABF new rules
06:46:38a World rugby rankings of Uganda improved
06:46:42a Rescue begins in S. Africa mine collapse
06:46:45a Uganda ends Golf World Cup qualifiers in 15th place
06:46:49a Sudan FM decries 'vicious campaign' against Khartoum
06:46:53a Rescue of S Africa miners under way
06:46:56a Emaar unveils 20b projects in Algeria
06:47:00a Nigeria to host African Wrestling Championship
06:47:04a EPA is asked to regulate ship emissions
06:47:07a Spector seeks a new lead counsel
06:47:10a Laptop thieves unknowingly give themselves away
06:47:17a Convicted Spokane landlord ordered into house arrest
06:47:21a Motorcyclist injured in I-405 crash
06:47:24a Man shot at car wash in South Seattle
06:48:11a Community On Alert After Girl's Sexual Abuse
06:48:14a Mysterious Fireball May Have Been Meteor
06:48:18a Raw Video Clerk Foils Robbery With Broom
06:48:21a Good Question Does Fighting Impact Our Health?
06:48:25a Contractor Accused Of Scamming Homeowners
06:48:29a Boot Camp Death Case in Court
06:48:32a Report Judges Still In Danger
06:48:36a Presidential Hopeful Fred Thompson In Chicago
06:48:40a BTV Beta Streaming Webcast Reno Veteran, Shovel Whacker, & Bad Book Pitch
06:48:44a Crowd Gathers To Celebrate Nailah Franklin's Life
06:48:47a B.TV Beta Webcast for October 3, 2007
06:48:51a 11 p.m. Weather Forecast 10/3/07
06:48:54a Wednesday Evening Forecast Mostly Clear
06:48:57a Rockies Fans Play Hooky To Watch Game
06:49:08a Scythopolis; the glory of Rome in the middle of Israel
06:49:12a Fatah Needs Radical Reform in the West Bank
06:49:15a The Danger of Denying Israel
06:49:19a Abbas, Olmert to bridge gaps in new talks
06:49:22a PLO Palestinian Arab Co-ordination Should Be Reinforced
06:49:26a Abed Rabbo Abbas, Olmert to Consider How to Launch Final Status Talks
06:49:44a Minister Nepal says army should be mobilised in seven dist...
06:49:47a Ruling parties would be held responsible if CA gets postpo...
06:49:57a Pikoli How far did he go?
06:50:00a Bulldog costs owner plenty
06:50:04a Church employs bouncers
06:50:07a Jolie co-star felt sexual vibe
06:50:11a Affordable car blitz revs up
06:50:14a Federline keeps temporary custody, Spears can visit kids, court rules
06:50:17a Pedestrian Struck in School Crosswalk on 41st near Fraser St.
06:50:21a Celtic's late goal sinks holders AC Milan
06:50:24a NZ-based French get in behind Les Bleus
06:50:28a Celtic to probe fan attack on Milan goalkeeper
06:50:31a Will 'hand of God' feature in Vatican soccer team
06:50:35a Eight firms from Italy to exhibit at Private Label
06:50:43a Tata Motors launches new Safari
06:50:46a Rupee steady against US dollar
06:50:50a Exhibition on threatened birds of India
06:50:54a Military, ISI should have no political role Musharraf
06:50:57a Vanishing Indian crafts to be revived via classrooms
06:51:01a Reviving Congress? Rahul has a long, long way to go
06:51:04a US not in position to launch costly war against it Iran
06:51:08a 200 passengers arrested travelling without tickets
06:51:11a 'VEU proof of enhanced trade relations between India and US'
06:51:15a Regulator says examining BSkyB's digital TV plans
06:51:18a Business Post says revenue up 9 percent
06:51:22a Ted Baker says profit ahead of expectations
06:51:25a ACCC to target Google parent company
06:51:29a Custom Officials Find Drug Stash Inside Mr. Potato Head
06:51:32a Healthcare system reform a 'major economic challenge'
06:51:36a Korean leaders issue issue joint statement on peace
06:51:40a Eight points of two Koreas' accord
06:51:43a 'Howl' too hot to hear
06:51:47a Athens, Ohio SDS chapter unites with local union
06:51:50a Verizon launching cell that one-ups the iPhone
06:51:54a 2 Killed in Car Crashes Overnight in Bulgaria
06:51:57a 19 Injured in Chain Crash near Vratsa in Bulgaria
06:52:01a Dog Fighting Victims Turn Up At Oakland Shelter
06:52:04a Schwarzenegger Appoints 4 Judges To E. Bay Courts
06:52:08a Calif. Questions Feds Shutdown Of State Websites
06:52:11a AMD's Dual Cores Are Getting Yet Another Price Cut
06:52:15a 1350 trapped miners rescued
06:52:19a Ecstasy death seller sentenced
06:52:40a Amitabh Bachchan to observe father's centenary
06:52:44a Abhay Deol dating Neetu Chandra?
06:52:47a Rani Mukherjee may star opposite Rajnikant
06:52:51a Dollar lower against yen ahead of U.S. data
06:52:54a Report TPG's, Affinity's bid for Singapore chip tester UTAC likely to succeed
06:53:19a Weekends gobbled up by work survey
06:53:30a Government Auto Auctions Get Repossed and Seized Luxury Cars Trucks SUVs for 200
06:53:34a Libya reaffirms developing countries specially the African to get compensation from their former colonizers
06:53:37a Heatley, Senators sting Maple Leafs in OT
06:53:43a Tiananmen protest leader wants to return to China
06:53:47a Chinese girl swims with limbs bound, eye on Guinness
06:53:50a Neighbours to ensure adequate water for Beijing Olympics
06:53:53a China expects 'intangible legacy' from Beijing Olympics
06:53:57a Qian Xun to live with grandmother in China
06:54:00a Chinese firms raise record 57bn
06:54:04a Hong Kong shares lower on profit-taking; China Properties Group surges UPDATE
06:54:08a Macrovision's Network Media Player Software Tests Compliant with New DLNA Expanded Certification Program
06:54:15a Myanmar junta threatens more arrests
06:54:22a Dept issues order to hunt and kill marauding lions
06:54:25a 'Angry' miners freed from mine
06:54:29a Man convicted in absentia for terror hoax
06:54:33a Two Koreas Issue ¡®Peace Declaration¡¯
06:54:36a Nine die in fresh violence in Manipur
06:54:40a Korea signs peace and economic co-operation pact
06:54:43a Nurse shot dead 'in crossfire'
06:54:47a Thousands stuck down South African gold mine
06:54:50a Britney gets visitation, but not custody
06:54:53a Webb, Diamondbacks beat Cubs 3-1
06:54:57a Say 'NO' to Pollution
06:55:00a Public Awareness is the Key to Fight Pollution
06:55:04a A Green Cause
06:55:07a BRIEF Health Department Offers Lead Testing on Toys
06:55:11a Levels Are Low in Stamford's Reservoirs
06:55:15a Disputes Delay Property Sales in Complicated Brunswick Suit
06:55:18a Residents Remain Leery of GRDA Promises to Help
06:55:21a BRIEF Rye Bridge to Remain Closed to High Water
06:55:25a Fire Eats Up Vintage Cars Near Devils Lake, Cause Under Investigation
06:55:28a Lenovo Sets Up Regional Hub in Malaysia
06:55:32a Take a SON Approach to Agile SOA
06:55:35a BRIEF Conway Boy Wins Talent Contest
06:55:39a Wi-Fi Gamers Can Now Roam With Buffalo
06:55:42a WiMax on the Go
06:55:46a On this day October 4
06:55:49a Proteas call up a replacement for Morkel
06:55:53a Uganda Mputa-4 Oil Well Completed
06:55:56a MLB Playoff Scoreboard Red Sox, Rockies and Diamondbacks all take 1-0 series leads
06:55:59a BandAid Sandwiches Including AC Exclusive Restrauntuers Response
06:56:03a 'Celestial' honour for Takei
06:56:06a 6th China Model Expo opens in Beijing
06:56:10a Rescue Efforts Defended in Plant Fire
06:56:14a Oil Prices Fall Below 80 Barrel
06:56:17a Tokyo stocks close lower on selling for quick returns+
06:56:21a Ice Age sabertooth was a pussy cat
06:56:24a Eat fish while pregnant U.S. coalition
06:56:28a Mr. Potato Head in Australia ecstasy bust
06:56:31a 'Topless' display in law lessons
06:56:35a Ticket checkers 'trigger' stampede
06:56:38a Pole dancing lessons for children
06:56:42a Bourgeois' 'towering' spider
06:56:45a Upcoming events
06:56:49a Out of Box Web 2.0 Portlets for Empowering Your Portal
06:56:52a Chr tien heart surgery scuttles book tour
06:56:55a PCs sharpen attack on McGuinty 'bubble'
06:56:59a Sunken schooner from 1800s found at bottom of Lake Ontario
06:57:02a Dhaka wants borders with neighbours demarcated
06:58:02a California asks EPA to regulate ship emissions
06:58:15a No decision to remove 'Tent City'
06:58:18a Globitel gains from the Middle East's growing telco sector
06:58:22a Hezbollah regains strength after war
06:58:25a Really loud snoring man by vinny1
06:59:21a New Duck-Billed Dinosaur Amazes Scientists
06:59:24a Teachers strike on Zimbabwe pay
06:59:28a 25-year-old murder remains unsolved
06:59:31a Edmondson requests execution
06:59:39a Rescuers lift 150 trapped S.Africa miners to surface
06:59:42a South African Markets Factors to watch on Oct 4
06:59:46a Radebe says work on Gautrain is just the ticket for 2010
06:59:50a Wits campusrocked byprotest over increasedstudent fees
06:59:58a Owner Mark Cuban Trades Stocks on's Advance Info
07:00:02a Cuban women's volleyball team to seek Olympic berth in Japan
07:00:05a Hackers exploiting Myanmar crisis
07:00:10a Shooting victims remembered
07:00:14a 9% phone tax may be on L.A. municipal ballots
07:00:18a Stocks close lower as investors take profits
07:00:25a Gonzo's Secret Torture Memos
07:00:58a Know your retirement options
07:01:01a Postal officials target e-mail scams
07:01:05a Child identity theft rising, so protect your kids' personal info
07:01:09a Worst air-travel year dogs industry
07:01:12a Stocks retreat again amid economic data
07:01:16a FDA raps Lilly on med claims
07:01:19a Stock picks for the bold
07:01:23a Make Quran Reading A Daily Habit, People Told
07:01:26a SLA Minister Powers, Functions Spelled Out
07:01:30a Israel preventing Palestinian students returning to UK
07:01:33a Trust And Confidentiality Basis Of Doctor-Patient Care
07:01:36a Quran Is Meant For Entire Mankind
07:01:40a China's Reply Product Recall
07:01:43a Brunei Islamic College Holds Tedarus, Tahlil
07:01:47a Serasa Secondary School Holds Khatam Al-Quran
07:01:50a Qods rallies most important political support to
07:01:54a Will biofuel leave the poor hungry
07:01:57a Itching to fight deadly fungus
07:02:01a Dems upset as Bush vetoes health bill
07:02:04a Greybull school conserves energy
07:02:08a County settles 2 lawsuits dating to 2005
07:02:11a New law nabs sex offenders
07:02:15a Yellowstone brims with grizzly cubs
07:02:19a Laurel faces vote on city government
07:02:22a Group seeks to stop state's investigation
07:02:26a Rescue mission clinic gets upgrade
07:02:29a Park worker tries to keep hormonal elk, curious people apart
07:02:37a Policy on drug samples shifts
07:02:40a Feature photo Scenic view
07:02:43a Recycling partnership takes off
07:02:47a Rudd calls for doctor vigilance
07:02:50a Labor backs African ban
07:02:54a Zhou Mi reachs third round at Macao Badminton Open
07:02:57a Tension as Dera chief arrives to face murder, rape charges
07:03:00a I am trying to change, says Sreesanth
07:03:04a When retailers meet rural India
07:03:08a Five CRPF men among nine killed in northeast violence
07:03:11a Reviving Congress Rahul has a long, long way to go
07:03:15a Now Kailash Kher wants to act too!
07:03:18a Abhishek and Viveik to work in film
07:03:22a Muslims face a property crunch in Mumbai Feature
07:03:25a India 's media slams Sreesanth
07:03:28a 'Article 15 has enough guidelines'
07:03:32a Ownership 'pattas' for forest dwellers likely, says Minister
07:03:36a MP govt to set up panel to assert Ram is reality
07:03:39a All eyes on India
07:03:43a What I hope to achieve...
07:03:46a Anaesthesia method offers no pain, big gain
07:03:50a Computer pillow offers snoring relief
07:03:53a Does The GOP Even Want To Win In 2008?
07:03:56a Cubs Nation, Dreaming Again
07:04:00a A Mormon in the Oval Office?
07:04:04a Dismembering Iraq to Save It
07:04:07a Shoemakers jostle to get a step up on 2008 Beijing Olympics
07:04:11a Metro East could benefit from St. Charles housing slowdown
07:04:15a Panera shares rise on profit prediction
07:04:18a Zoltek buys Mexian plant to expand output capacity
07:04:22a Dems push Bush to move on subprime crisis
07:04:25a Wal-Mart workers win 62.3 million more for lost breaks
07:04:29a Glendale Man Asks Supreme Ct. To Decline 'For Sale' Sign Case
07:04:33a Zimbabwe Wheat Farmers Assured of Enough Combine Harvesters
07:04:36a Uganda Why Govt Programmes Don't Benefit Farmers
07:04:40a Uganda Seed Supplier Denies Foul Play
07:04:43a Uganda Evicting Basongora is Not the Solution
07:04:47a UK, Singapore in open skies pact
07:04:51a Tv programme sparks new interest in old murder
07:04:54a Union warns of four-day strike if port doesn't meet demands
07:04:58a Trawler report hearing next week amid report family upset
07:05:02a Learn Hindi, Mandarin, says British trade leader
07:05:05a Oxfam pioneer passes away
07:05:08a London mayor stresses ties with India
07:05:12a Sharon Osbourne lifts the lid on her self-abuse
07:05:15a Family men fight over New Britain
07:05:19a Leash airport fees British watchdog
07:05:22a Myanmars hold street protest in KL
07:05:26a Council to Rake in Sh1 Billion
07:05:30a Woman defiant despite construction
07:05:34a House focusing on eye injuries in combat bill
07:05:37a Costa Rica's Puntarenas remains C. America's top soccer club
07:05:41a Officials defend rescue effort after 5 workers die in plant fire
07:05:44a Over 1,300 arrested in US illegal immigration crackdown
07:05:48a American Federation of Teachers Endorses Clinton
07:05:51a Bush vetoes kids' health bill
07:05:55a GOP Sen. Domenici to retire at end of term
07:05:58a United Airlines Sept. traffic falls 0.8%
07:06:02a Self regulate, to counter anti-palm oil lobby, says state minister.
07:06:05a Malaysia's exports up
07:06:09a US service economy grew at slower pace in September
07:06:12a DaimlerChrysler reverting to name Daimler
07:06:16a Kiwi Telecom says can agree on workable business split with Govt
07:06:19a MMC and Chalco to build 3bn smelter
07:06:23a Uganda 10 Private Firms Want to Generate Power
07:06:26a Emirates Thermostone wins pacts
07:06:30a Office space shortage in Dubai
07:06:33a Dubai adds more parking meters
07:06:37a Keen fare expected at UAE Autocross
07:06:40a Crescent completes drilling at Mubarek UAE
07:06:43a DED to utilise ePay service UAE
07:06:47a Christie's jewelery sale in Dubai
07:06:50a UAE mortgage lending soars
07:06:54a North, South Korea to resume regular train service
07:06:57a Blu-Ray Porn, Mechanized Masturbation and Upskirts at Japan's First Sex Show
07:07:01a 3,000 workers trapped in S A mine
07:07:04a Protester shot at BHP Billiton supply mine
07:07:08a Fire at power plant in US, five workers die
07:07:12a Death penalty for men who beheaded 'witch'
07:07:15a EU to offer Honduras 314 mln dollars in aid
07:07:19a Audit finds no salary kickbacks at ECCC
07:07:22a S.Korean, DPRK leaders to sign on joint declaration
07:07:26a Canadian PM says government keen to avoid fall election
07:07:30a Interview Good China-ASEAN ties to facilitate integration of East Asia Singapore scholar
07:07:33a Election 08 What they say . . . What we hear
07:07:37a Video CNN shows smuggled footage of bloody Myanmar crackdown
07:07:40a New Mexico senator won't seek seventh term
07:07:44a Foreign investors receive bank facilities for investment in rural and tribal tourism
07:09:11a Caribbean Flavor, Soccer Talent
07:09:14a Bennett in 'IBM' semis
07:09:18a Over 1,000 rescued, thousands still trapped at SA mine
07:09:22a Italy denies visa for Fiji's coup leader
07:09:28a Deposed Fiji PM in court over coup
07:09:32a PNG men get death penalty for beheading
07:09:35a UK reacts to Rome ban on Voreqe
07:09:39a Tight security at Qarase case
07:09:42a Fiji missions to celebrate Fiji Day
07:09:46a EU, Pacific on interim deal
07:09:49a FMF reports 1.18m loss
07:09:53a Uganda Makerere Expels 85 Over Forgery
07:09:56a Uganda Give Makerere a Tax Break
07:09:59a Uganda 593 to Graduate At Mukono University
07:10:03a Uganda 250 Secondary Schools Lack Labs
07:10:06a Uganda Buganda Institute Closed
07:10:10a Uganda Ex-Kyebambe Teacher With a Heart for Girls
07:10:14a Piece of Old West Comes Alive in S.D.
07:10:17a 34 Bodies Found in 1800s Moscow House
07:10:21a TV Show's Filipino Joke Draws Ire
07:10:24a 'Sweeping and intense activity of re
07:10:28a Senate approves 3B amendment to secure borders
07:10:32a Bush threatens veto of watchdog changes
07:10:35a Rehberg Trade rep makes stand on beef
07:10:38a Group says investigation stalled plans
07:10:42a Judge reduces suit by ex-MSU coach
07:10:45a Man admits to burning down house
07:10:49a Snow prompts pass closure
07:10:52a Local & Live
07:10:55a Texas Appeals Court Stops Honduran Man's Execution
07:10:59a Indian court sentences former lawmaker to death
07:11:03a Williams wears down Molik to reach Tokyo semis
07:11:06a Prison for angry workers tying boss to bed
07:11:10a epa photo 01138299 available
07:11:13a Festival of India celebrated in Latvia
07:11:17a New FIFA committee to discuss thorny issues
07:11:20a Carmakers looking at low-cost cars for emerging markets
07:11:23a Erratic Serena Williams sets up quarter-final with Kuznetsova
07:11:27a Collated UEFA Champions League football standings
07:11:30a Indian Railways in 'twinning' pact with Welsh rail
07:11:34a Raunchy ring tone embarrasses court decorum!
07:11:37a Monster Employment Index Europe Data for September to be Released Tuesday, October 09
07:11:41a Scotland squad for Ukraine, Georgia match in Euro 2008 qualifications
07:11:44a EU versch rft Sanktionen gegen Birma
07:11:47a Shakhtar soar at Benfica's expense
07:11:51a Czech coach call up U20 skipper for Euro 2008 qualifier against Germany
07:11:55a Did Russia Stage the Father of All Bombs Hoax
07:11:58a European fans love Dwyane Wade's No. 3 jersey
07:12:02a European Nations Seek Limits on Aircraft Emissions by 2010
07:12:05a European troops headed to Darfur neighbors
07:12:09a Uk Official In Taiwan Promotes European Directives On Recycling
07:12:12a Australia customs officials find drugs hidden in Mr. Potato Head
07:12:16a San Marco Businesses Hit Again by Flooding Thu, 04 Oct 2007 023721 GMT
07:12:20a JU Athlete Under Investigation in Pot Plot Thu, 04 Oct 2007 023636 GMT
07:12:23a Uganda UN Worker, FDC Treasurer to Compensate Judges
07:12:26a Chelsea want Ajax coach as director of football
07:12:30a 16. Nabbed for sending obscene SMSes
07:12:34a Country Secures US200m for Importation of Fuel
07:12:37a 1 500 Attend Policy Presentation Ceremony
07:12:40a Mbwando Writes Piece of History
07:12:44a Investment Authority to Host Information Workshop
07:12:48a Exporters Can Now Pay Specialised Workers in Forex
07:12:51a Monetary Policy Implementation Vital
07:12:54a M-Net Unveils Five More Channels
07:12:58a Ministry in Drive to Fight Malaria
07:13:02a Leaders of North and South Korea sign peace and economic cooperation pact
07:13:05a Man who heard God's voice before choking baby gets probation
07:13:09a ANA and Asiana Commence Cabin Crew Exchange
07:13:12a Are Gay Leaders Reluctant to Affirm Values of Good Parenting?
07:13:16a GPW's X-country X-cursion
07:13:19a Seeking Steve Bartman
07:13:23a Gay basher is gay. New York and hateless hate crimes
07:13:26a Hunting Subhumans
07:13:30a Let there be Non-Chinese tourists....No tourist traps, please.
07:13:34a Three dead as typhoon pounds Vietnam
07:13:37a Che Guevara still inspires, four decades after death
07:13:41a Malaysia monitors not pulling out of Philippines report
07:13:45a South African miners rescued after underground ordeal
07:13:49a Militants kill three abducted Pakistani soldiers
07:13:52a PNG PM Somare launches fierce attack
07:13:56a Uganda Rail Workshop Under Receivership
07:13:59a Germany's Beiersdorf takes stake in Chinese hair care firm
07:14:03a Philippines President to arrive today
07:14:06a Signal 1 up over 3 areas as 'Ineng' moves north
07:14:10a Seized Xmas ham to be sent to Bulacan as fertilizer
07:14:13a Razon gets 4th star as PNP chief
07:14:17a Arroyo starts 3-day state visit in India
07:14:21a Arroyo orders 'protection' of military secrets
07:14:24a Senate to continue ZTE mess investigation 'off-cam' solon
07:14:28a Dengue cases rise, DOH raises nationwide alert
07:14:31a HICKENLOOPER Mayor Names David Fine as New City Attorney
07:14:35a Down, out with the old
07:14:38a New construction schedule needed for schools
07:14:42a 'Chaos' on Baltimore streets 22 dead in Sept.
07:14:45a You're a Baltimorean if ...
07:14:49a Rape suspect's 1 million bail prompts complaint to NAACP
07:14:53a Rash of arsons cause concern for Harford porn shop owners
07:14:57a Despite poverty, students' test scores skyrocket
07:15:00a Dilfer extends apologies to Billick
07:15:07a Football 101 ... hardly
07:15:11a At this fundraiser, it's 'All paws on deck!'
07:15:14a Republicans say no to slots
07:15:18a ACLU asks O'Malley to fully fund Thornton
07:15:21a Celebrate Day of the Dead in Fort Collins
07:15:25a State agencies will oversee Powertech mining
07:15:28a The leak stops here, they hope
07:15:32a Eastlake Deca students mean business
07:15:35a Sammamish Town Center plan advances
07:15:39a Sounders players help open new Bellevue fields
07:15:42a Bothell teen is an artist on wheels
07:15:46a Boeing may expand at Renton airport
07:15:49a Coming attractions
07:15:53a Silvertips finally earn first win
07:15:56a On the air, officer nabs rape suspect passing by
07:16:00a Watada's lawyers ask that trial be blocked
07:16:03a A step toward more "walkable" cities?
07:16:06a Man chases doctor then leaps to death
07:16:10a Party values, experience focus of prosecutor candidate forum
07:16:13a Zambia has good deal to offer
07:16:17a Mayor's plan links taller buildings, affordable housing
07:16:21a Sex offender far from school — in Spokane jail
07:16:24a "Heartburn" over roads State fears 1.5B shortfall
07:16:27a Photographer gets the catch of the day
07:16:31a Health-bill veto sets the stage for major showdown
07:16:34a A softer approach to Korean diplomacy
07:16:38a X-ray colonoscopy may remove some of patients' dread
07:16:41a North Korea vows to disarm nukes, detail programs
07:16:45a Landslide damages California houses
07:16:48a Seahawks' Engram catching new life
07:16:52a Briefs UCLA's Ben Howland gets seven-year deal
07:16:55a MLB Playoffs Yankees' Clemens set to go in Game 3
07:16:59a NBA Wire Notes MSG still may save cash
07:17:02a Sonics assistant here to teach "playing grimy"
07:17:06a NFL Notebook Falcons will ask for Vick's bonus
07:17:09a Part of Terry Ave. N. to become one-way
07:17:13a Church leaders' failures cited in misconduct case
07:17:17a Charges filed in woman's '87 death
07:17:20a Neighborhood Watch on the Internet
07:17:23a Vietnamese shake off helmet use
07:17:27a South Africa miners brought up after 19-hour ordeal
07:17:31a Authorities defend failed Colorado power-plant rescue effort
07:17:35a Wounded Iraq war vet rebukes Limbaugh
07:17:38a Sen. Domenici likely to say he's retiring
07:17:42a Ron Paul turns heads with campaign donations
07:17:45a Carter, 83, faces off with Sudanese police
07:17:49a Iraq turns to Chinese for weapons purchase
07:17:52a Bombs wound Polish ambassador in Iraq
07:17:56a Seafood now said OK for pregnant women
07:17:59a Lawn-mower driver not fast enough to avoid an arrest on DUI charge
07:18:03a Don't mess with Indy Movie-studio thieves are foiled
07:18:07a Chrétien has surgery
07:18:10a Does your "Wiimote" go flying? Sleeve will soften the landing
07:18:14a iLike helps bands get the word out to fans
07:18:17a PlayNetwork helps stores use music, video to boost business
07:18:21a Google fights Verizon efforts to change rules in FCC auction
07:18:25a Quarter shines for gold, other commodities
07:18:29a Investors continue to pull back
07:18:32a Starbucks and IWW settle
07:18:36a "Massive insider trading" at EADS
07:18:40a Defendant in music-file-sharing case gives CD demo to jury
07:18:43a Congestion pricing belongs in air
07:18:47a Timelier flight arrivals still grounded
07:18:50a This guy really wants to sleep with the fishes
07:18:54a Hawks Notebook Ranch hand called to try at long snapper
07:18:58a Szczerbiak has "a lot left" for Sonics
07:19:01a MLB Notebook GM Jocketty leaving Cards after 13 seasons
07:19:05a Auto Racing Franchitti motors over to NASCAR