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12:00:01a Child carer admits Facebook sex abuse

12:00:06a Kaine Announces Energy Appliance Rebate
12:00:11a Acquires 6591 Contiguous Acres in Stewart Mining Region of British Columbia
12:00:17a MCD panel to monitor Games projects
12:00:22a Talecris Pops 11% in Debut
12:00:28a County Executive to Release 2010 Budget Tomorrow
12:00:33a Driver arrested for crash that killed two in Tigard last fall
12:00:39a Court grants Volterra preliminary injunction in patent infringement lawsuit
12:00:44a Senate blocks commander's testimony before new Afghan strategy
12:00:50a AMTRAK, TSA and Local Law Enforcement Deploy Across Northeast Corridor Rail Stations
12:00:59a Independent schools fees go up 3.4% above inflation
12:01:05a Rumford leads Aussie charge
12:01:10a Hong Kong marks 60th anniversary of new China
12:01:15a Orca pod entertains Nelson commuters
12:01:21a Xstrata given deadline on Anglo bid
12:01:26a Little Ted's children who were abused need quick help to avoid damage
12:01:32a Judge won't throw out evidence from boy accused in homicide
12:01:37a Home In Clinton Raided In Drug Bust
12:01:43a Exploring U.S. Policy Options during Zimbabwe's Transition
12:01:48a Iran agrees to inspections, more talks with US and allies Summary
12:01:53a Bank robbed in Hamilton
12:01:59a Car Strikes Whole Foods Store In Georgetown 01 Oct 2009 191303 GMT
12:02:04a European Parliament Selects Mule ESB Enterprise as Backbone for Enterprise-Wide Architecture
12:02:09a The Darker Side of the Chinese 'Miracle'
12:02:15a Sumatra counts earthquake toll as rescue efforts intensify
12:02:20a Bargains Available at Fall Book Sale
12:02:25a MA family sues police over fatal shooting
12:02:31a Massanutten Regional Library Kicks Off 'The Big Read'
12:02:36a Computer Model Detects Abuse Faster than Experts
12:02:41a IBM awarded government contract
12:02:47a Brown stands back as BAE defence giant faces prosecution over bribes
12:02:52a Money fund assets fell by billion to trillion in latest week
12:02:57a Rise in number of diabetes cases
12:03:03a Angry wife eats ex-husband's goldfish
12:03:08a EXPAT VOICE An Ottoman village one fine morning
12:03:14a Death toll in Indonesia earthquake rises to 1,100
12:03:19a Parents arrested over death of girl, 8, found hanged in bedroom
12:03:24a Etisalat offers new Wasel connection for AED 75 with 100% cash back
12:03:30a Radcliffe to run New York City Marathon
12:03:35a Grits push ahead with move to topple government
12:03:40a Paving scam hits Bridgeman
12:03:46a Grandmother Fights Bear With Pillow
12:03:51a Long-Time Radio DJ Dic Youngs Dies
12:03:56a CIT board approves restructuring plan source
12:04:02a Two arrested in West Valley City bank robbery
12:04:07a New State Budget Increases Fees To State Parks, Museums
12:04:12a Is the Recovery Already Slowing?
12:04:17a Scottish swine flu cases double in a week
12:04:23a Babies born since 2000 may see 2100
12:04:28a Can music make you run faster
12:04:33a Expat Voice All aboard the İstanbul express
12:04:39a Senate panel approves Cantwell amendment
12:04:44a Celtic 1-1 Rapid Vienna
12:04:49a Caught in torrent
12:04:55a This month tops the rest in fatalities
12:05:00a SBI reduces deposit rates by 25 basis points
12:05:05a 'President' Blair waits on voters of Ireland
12:05:11a NEW Sheriff to give details in slain Ill. family case
12:05:16a Midlands Announces Completion of Scoping Study on Sian Plant-Ghana
12:05:21a Dies in road accident
12:05:27a US diplomat outlines Obama approach on Burma – Dan Robinson
12:05:32a Man seriously assaulted in Hamilton
12:05:37a Commissioners Want More Answers From Treasurer
12:05:42a Greek Parties Offer Choices on Economy
12:05:48a Tabung Haji to take up RM216mil Bank Islam preference shares
12:05:53a LSE drops 22 points
12:05:58a Drilling in Progress Adjacent to SAMEX's Chimberos Gold/Silver Property, Chile
12:06:04a QLT announces sale of QLT USA, Inc. for up to US230 million
12:06:09a Tahiti no match as Nigeria keep hope
12:06:15a * UN condemns sexual violence in war zones
12:06:20a Local Health Professionals Taking Extra Step With Swine Flu
12:06:35a RAF officer takes Gordon Brown to task over Afghanistan
12:06:40a Hopper released from hospital
12:06:45a Coup Backers Mull Reinstating Honduras' Zelaya
12:06:51a Charges filed against five young men accused of carjacking two college students
12:06:56a Iran must take concrete action
12:07:01a it's the end of the era show
12:07:07a Company Hopes to Turn City's Garbage into Cash
12:07:12a 1st Financial Services Corporation Announces Termination of Merger Agreement
12:07:17a Foreign ministry to close down Johannesburg office by end of October
12:07:23a Stamp duty on shares breaks EU law
12:07:28a Waterbury Officer Arraigned In Court
12:07:34a Gingrich group rescinds award to topless club
12:07:39a New Haven Officer Struck While Pursuing Car
12:07:44a H1N1 and Pregnancy Swine flu's early victims
12:07:50a * Ardi takes prehistory of human ancestors back 1 million years
12:07:56a In some Dallas-area schools, students without proper vaccines sent home
12:08:01a Ex-MLA convicted for rail roko
12:08:11a Owner charged with setting his O.C. Boardwalk store ablaze
12:08:17a CNN Bartender, Pilot Among Top 10 CNN Heroes
12:08:22a Soggy September floods north Georgia
12:08:28a UPDATE 1-No IPO 'resurgence' until 2010-venture cap group
12:08:33a Afghan Legislation Nudges Women's Rights Forward
12:08:39a Crack cocaine, cash seized in Huntsville drug bust
12:08:44a SCCI rejects 6pc hike in power tariff
12:08:49a M.P. Pat Davidson to Make Renewable Fuels Funding Announcement
12:08:55a MORE Top 5 weird marriage revenge stories
12:09:00a Dennigan leaves RI State House to run for Congress
12:09:06a Spice up bedroom secrets the Islamic way Stories
12:09:11a Raw Video Fire Dept On Pleasant Hill Hazmat, Body
12:09:16a Roseville Eateries Promote Deals
12:09:22a Abandoned medical files found at Houston school
12:09:27a First shipment of swine flu vaccine should arrive in Texas next week
12:09:33a Iran discloses all nuclear sites to IAEA
12:09:38a Obama To Campaign For Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid
12:09:44a Premier cops a beating at function
12:09:49a Couple's four-year honeymoon on the high seas
12:09:54a CII obligations to be fulfilled, PM assures JUI-F
12:09:59a Man dressed as city worker robs young mother in front of children
12:10:05a Government of Canada Update on Economic Action Plan Investments in Newfoundland and Labrador
12:10:10a Continental traffic rose 7 percent in August
12:10:15a ‘Ambani spat, global crisis to impact NELP’
12:10:20a KCCI chief takes office
12:10:26a Bing vs. Google Is Microsoft Losing Its Mojo?
12:10:36a Headlines for September 8, 2009
12:10:41a UPDATE 1-Smith International CFO to leave this month
12:10:47a Phillip Garrido's Letter to Walt Gray of KCRA
12:10:52a Pedestrian hit, killed by train in Oakland Park
12:10:57a Ban on new capacities in China to benefit Taiwanese cement firms
12:11:02a Man Arrested For Driving Without License
12:11:08a 17-year-old accused in uncle's death in Hyannis
12:11:13a Government of Canada Update on Economic Action Plan Investments in Ontario
12:11:19a Early morning drive ends in death
12:11:24a Sugababes were ‘jealous’ of Keisha
12:11:29a Former Inspector Iran On 'Cusp' Of Losing Credibility
12:11:34a Detroit pastors packing heat
12:11:39a SFO Pursues Bribery Charges Against BAE
12:11:45a Most babies born this century will live to 100
12:11:50a Greenbrier Resort Casino and Restaurant Open
12:11:55a 60th anniversary of the NHS
12:12:01a Govt approves PC-I of Leather Vision
12:12:06a Stars sign Robidas to 4-year extension
12:12:11a Diana Karazon completes recording new song
12:12:17a Asian antique sales rocket in New York
12:12:23a Louisiana Mines CA Teacher Population
12:12:29a UN's Ban EU role critical to reach UN climate deal
12:12:34a Chesterfield home catches fire due to lightning
12:12:40a Warisan in MoU with truck maker
12:12:45a BC Partners eyes flotations
12:12:51a Moore library to host free workshop on wealth
12:12:56a Shimomura off to strong start in Japan Women's Open
12:13:01a Search for missing officer resumes
12:13:06a Police in a quandary over deporting Russian national
12:13:12a Jumpin' Jack Verdi It's a Gas, Gas, Gas
12:13:17a Governments 'handballing' crayfish issues
12:13:22a A Call To Duty, Changes To Obama's National Security Staff
12:13:33a Soldier MIA for 43 year laid to rest in Boise
12:13:38a Yukon defends burning abandoned cabins
12:13:44a Change of Command Ceremony at Riverbend Institution
12:13:49a Video Mazda MX-5 vs Mazda
12:13:54a Troj/Bckdr-QZE
12:14:00a Woman charged with sexually enticing 13-year-old boy
12:14:05a Iran raises nuclear issue in Geneva talks
12:14:11a Industrial Production
12:14:16a Jacksonville hopes to host Senior Bowl
12:14:22a 314 of the Forbes 400 richest Americans poorer than last year
12:14:27a Ban texting by truckers, bus drivers
12:14:33a Armenian leader to hear diaspora concerns on Turkey
12:14:38a Bogalusa suspect arrested for allegedly murdering friend
12:14:44a Pengrowth Energy Trust cuts distributions to help fund capital program
12:14:49a Silva optimistic about Rio's bid for '16 Games
12:14:54a Racist frenzy
12:15:00a Bank of America CEO scores retirement
12:15:05a EGoM for road gets approval
12:15:10a Birla set to recast cement business
12:15:16a Enforcement of Texting-While-Driving Bans Proves a Tough Task
12:15:21a City not responsible for Calif. landslide
12:15:26a Goshen man pleads guilty to public indecency and sexual misconduct
12:15:32a Residents of Afyon's Kışlacık village sell kidneys to pay debts
12:15:37a WV grand jury indicts 2 in turkey abuse case
12:15:42a Sarah Palin's ‘Going Rogue’ book cover unveiled
12:15:48a Assassin's Creed II Screens
12:15:53a Illinois backs allowing service dog at Columbia, Ill., school
12:15:58a McDonald's maths program reaches 500,000
12:16:03a Paradise lost teen mayor dethroned in N.L.
12:16:09a US shares tumble on recovery fears
12:16:14a Somali rebel groups
12:16:19a Badtz-Maru at the Chinese Garden
12:16:25a Plaintiff in Ochsner lawsuit asks to restrict hospital's talks with other in vitro patients
12:16:30a Greek PM faces tough fight for third mandate
12:16:36a Niles Apple Festival open through Sunday
12:16:41a Worker dies after another Tuzla shipyard accident
12:16:46a Don Choose a reliable leader
12:16:52a More than 700 killed in Indonesia quake
12:16:57a Nitrogen Cycle Overturned By 'Tiny Ammonia Eater Of The Seas
12:17:02a When is it OK to use 'holocaust'?
12:17:08a D-G 11 days since last A death
12:17:13a Is Naked Shorting Really A Problem?
12:17:18a SCOTUS likely to loosen gun laws
12:17:23a Church of Scientology of London Hosts United Nations International Peace Day Celebration
12:17:29a No one is watching the Federal Reserve..including the IG assigned to do so!
12:17:34a UK gets its supreme court
12:17:40a Hu in Mao jacket hints at road ahead
12:17:45a Using waste to produce artworks
12:17:51a American Bullion Minerals Announces Extension of Red Chris Loans
12:17:57a Retired colonel murdered in revenge killing, reports say
12:18:02a Senate defeats bid to force general's testimony
12:18:08a Brazen Art Heist Leads to Death Threat
12:18:13a Colin Barnett is denying us recognition Greens
12:18:19a ProLogis Announces Successful Completion of Consent Solicitation
12:18:24a American Ecology Declares Quarterly Dividend of 0 per Share
12:18:30a US Supreme Court to review anti-terrorism law
12:18:35a BMW turns to diesel cars to rev up sales
12:18:41a Verizon Wireless Keeps Bank of America Chicago Marathon Running
12:18:46a Tim Costello to head to Sumatra
12:18:51a Man charged after 5-year-old finds gun, shoots 4-year-old in Chesapeake
12:18:57a Mottainai concept to conserve environs
12:19:02a Man arrested in sexual attack on social worker
12:19:08a Two arrested in Sunderland Avenue shooting
12:19:13a Defense comes alive for No. 16 Oregon
12:19:18a Look Who's Launching an Email Service
12:19:24a At UN, North Korea Brags, Kouchner Baffled by Burma, Zelaya by BlackBerry
12:19:29a Everyone Should Have Health Care
12:19:34a The Mariners have a shot to finish second
12:19:40a Japan's jobless rate down to 5.5% in August+
12:19:45a Taiwan dance company to perform at arts festival in Rhode Island
12:19:51a Iran Must Give Inspectors Complete Access To Nuclear Plant
12:19:56a Michelle Obama's 'Personal Sacrifice' to Boost Chicago
12:20:01a Richard Wolffe Back on 'Countdown' Tonight
12:20:06a Warrenton company garners USDA grant
12:20:12a Some Chicago residents hoping Ol
12:20:17a Homeland Security to Hire Up to 1,000 Cyber Experts
12:20:22a S-I suspended
12:20:27a Dow Suffers Biggest Loss in 3 Months
12:20:33a Pete Anderson Realty adds two new brokers to its Astoria office
12:20:38a Foundation chief I received threatening call
12:20:44a Industrial robotic pancake production video
12:20:49a Van Arno exhibition 'A Change of Skin' at Corey Helford Gallery in LA
12:20:54a Claims by Telecom dont ring true
12:21:00a Let restaurants serve liquor later report
12:21:15a Judy Woodruff Reports Local Level Efforts to Combat Climate Change
12:21:20a BlackBerry or iPhone, Which is Better for Journalists?
12:21:25a 'The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind'
12:21:31a Mauritius-based firm buys 59pc Mybank shares
12:21:37a Did Argentinean President Cover Up Jewish Center Bombing
12:21:42a In search of Father Christmas
12:21:47a Pierce County sheriff asks for help identifying body that washed up
12:21:53a Don't wait until you're barred, loan defaulters told
12:22:02a Coal ash cleanup dredging & dollars
12:22:07a Number of 'abject poor' in Gaza triples UN
12:22:13a Chance discovery then a dark jigsaw of evidence
12:22:18a Afghanistan by the numbers
12:22:23a 13 in foul-up transferred
12:22:28a H1N1 vaccines required for Virginia Mason staff
12:22:34a Kerry blocks DeMint trip to Honduras
12:22:39a U.S. Envoy Lauds Kibaki, Raila Reform Efforts
12:22:45a Man loses RM145,000 in crew salary to robbers
12:22:50a Movie Review 'Capitalism A Love Story'
12:22:56a TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. Announces Continuance to Bermuda
12:23:01a Humpback whales make West Coast comeback
12:23:06a Netcom and Comverse Bring Visual Voicemail to iPhone in Norway
12:23:12a NWFP PA questions ministry directives
12:23:17a Body of British hiker identified in Turkey
12:23:22a Surfer dad survives quakes
12:23:27a Fabio Capello England deal in place ‘for the long haul’
12:23:33a Britain's growing number of diabetes cases 'linked to obesity'
12:23:38a Ghetto club opens new season tonight
12:23:43a 18 detainees die each month
12:23:49a H1N1 Plan
12:24:11a A watchful eye on Dwyane Wade
12:24:17a CNG body warns of protest against gas supply cut
12:24:22a Landowners Need to be Able to Defend Property from Wolves
12:24:28a Dont fear diversity, Gül tells Turkish Parliament
12:24:33a Samoa offers a teachable moment
12:24:38a Liquefied natural gas import
12:24:44a The holy grail of hockey gear the elusive bargain
12:24:49a Kong Cracks on five high-rise buildings not serious
12:24:54a Teachers want extra day off for festivals
12:25:00a Government of Canada Update on Economic Action Plan Investments in Nova Scotia
12:25:05a Hand washing may not help prevent flu CMA
12:25:10a Deep sea tsunami warning system needed Barker
12:25:16a Low-cost food firm to begin operating soon
12:25:21a Woman pleads guilty to NW Calgary cold case murder
12:25:26a Record Harvest At Shenandoah Volunteer Farm
12:25:32a Libs remain divided on ETS
12:25:37a 1.5 million jobs in Sarawak by 2030
12:25:42a Court slams door on reclamation project
12:25:48a Char koay teow voted best Penang dish in online poll
12:25:53a Obama reconoce derecho iraní a energía nuclear, pero condicionado
12:25:59a Tips for Grocery Shopping with a Parkinson's Patient
12:26:04a Deutsche Bahn denies report on making a loss in 09
12:26:09a Brain-donor Tatupu not fazed by NFL dementia study
12:26:14a Too Much for Lunch!
12:26:19a Where Kaiser Left Off, Free Clinics Pick Up
12:26:25a Global Economy Expands, Contraction in Bulgaria Slows Down
12:26:30a Obama Says Iran Talks 'Constructive' but Need Follow-Up Action
12:26:35a Everton and Lyon come from behind, Bremen and Hamburg win Summary
12:26:41a Tears of joy and anxious wait for relatives at the KLIA
12:26:46a FedEx Express Canada Joins Tree Canada and Scenic Acres School to Promote Environmental Sustainability
12:26:52a US Senate panel weighs affordability in health plan
12:26:57a ADB offers to Afghans for railway
12:27:02a Saiful's father hopes case will proceed without delay
12:27:08a Obama on Iran talks 'A constructive beginning'
12:27:13a Police charge man over Steven Gerrard burglary
12:27:18a GAIL ties up funds for Assam project
12:27:23a 'Get up, walk, another wave's coming'
12:27:29a Wash. hospitals' court bid for reimbursement fails
12:27:34a Core Canadian Dividend Trust Declares Monthly Distribution
12:27:45a 'The Wizard of Oz' Turns 70
12:27:50a Strategic Command WWII Pacific Theater v1.03 Patch
12:27:55a Friends and kin use social networking site to locate loved ones
12:28:01a Small-Caps To The Rescue
12:28:07a Shelter loses road access fight
12:28:12a Mat Top's kin in Jakarta to claim body
12:28:17a WSIB head not sorry for payout
12:28:23a Romanian leftists quit
12:28:28a Obituaries Evelyn M. 'Connie' Starr
12:28:33a Hamburg off the mark
12:28:38a ITV struggles in game of matchmaking
12:28:44a Dollar stays at mid-89 yen in early Tokyo trading+
12:28:49a 6 In Custody For Damage At Anti-Olympic Protest
12:28:55a European report chides Turkey over minority rights
12:29:00a UMSL researchers' new procedure turns out as good as gold
12:29:05a Injured tsunami victim heads home after surgery
12:29:11a * Wu explains Kadeer 'ban'
12:29:16a Home tweet home
12:29:21a Website Offers Great Bargains on Almost Anything
12:29:26a nanoScience Engineering expands into Westland, plans to hire
12:29:32a Thursday Afternoon Music Mark Minelli, 'Murder in the Streets'
12:29:37a Credit Card Fees 01 Oct 2009 180636 GMT
12:29:42a Review Inkvaders for iPhone shoot the Martian scum with style
12:29:48a Hawaii Gas Prices Fall Slightly
12:29:53a Gentex Announces First Rear Camera Display Mirror Program in Japan With New Customer Daihatsu
12:29:59a Bharti will keep dialling abroad, feel analysts
12:30:04a Cisco Steps Up Rivalry With H-P
12:30:09a Indian banks pass stress test, says Fitch
12:30:15a Johnson on top of the world
12:30:21a Making the Dollar Redhare
12:30:27a Tenn. baby abduction worries immigrant advocates
12:30:32a Stimulus package for nanoscience, education, the arts
12:30:38a US auto sales crash after Cash for Clunkers expires
12:30:44a Post now for xmas or cards won't arrive
12:30:49a Devastation zone
12:30:55a Will Obama's High-Speed Rail Plan Become a Subsidy for Freight Railroads?
12:31:00a ANP to contest NA-123 by-polls
12:31:05a White House to Fox News You lie
12:31:11a In the u&me txt age, writing right lessons still apply
12:31:17a President Bakiev's Sole Aim is to Save His Regime
12:31:22a Car, bike sales drive in top gear
12:31:27a Drive thru flu shots in Port Arthur
12:31:33a Comcast, NBC in Deal Talks
12:31:38a Austria's ORS Still Eyes Bulgaria's Telco Radio, TV Systems
12:31:43a China marks
12:31:49a Obama To Campaign For Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid states
12:31:54a Better Control Of Carbon Nanotube 'Growth' Promising For Future Electronics
12:32:02a Edinburgh 5 accused of `aggravated racism`
12:32:08a Coleman Named New JPD Chief
12:32:13a Emmys 2009 Cast of Top Chef
12:32:18a Protestors Gather in SF for Banned Book Week
12:32:24a Vision plan for investors' meet
12:32:29a Rain throws life out of gear in Bellary
12:32:36a 'Ministers should visit N. Karnataka'
12:32:41a Aviation up close and personal
12:32:47a More jobs for Malaysian Indians Minister
12:32:52a Design Within Reach Partners With Arzu Studio Hope
12:32:57a More troops for Afghanistan might not be possible anytime soon
12:33:03a Noordin may have hidden explosives in anus, say experts
12:33:08a New iPhone app gives guided tours of Charleston
12:33:13a Bulgaria's Deep Zone Project Hit Climbs to 2nd Place in US Chart
12:33:19a Hundreds leave pioneering Miami megachurch
12:33:24a California to investigate ACORN operations and secret tapings
12:33:30a Flu Shot Concerns
12:33:35a Tosh.0.1
12:33:41a Students could face 'smart drug' tests
12:33:46a Hello net neutrality, goodbye Internet
12:33:52a 'Peace of Silk' extolling Ahimsa in Goa today
12:33:57a Kenya struggles to recover its footing, reputation
12:34:03a Letters The disappearance of local solidarity
12:34:08a Uncertified seeds seized
12:34:14a Japanese household spending rises 2.6% in August+
12:34:19a On The Record 10.1.09
12:34:25a Schwarzenegger announces 26.5 mln USD clean-air grants
12:34:31a Obama praises Gandhi on anniversary of his birth
12:34:36a Delhi sends draft land transit accord to Dhaka
12:34:42a No headway in land acquisition for Mysore airport Nirani
12:34:47a Excitement Builds for Opening of LEGO Transportation Exhibition
12:34:52a Change law on calamity relief ZP
12:34:58a Now even an Olympics bid becomes fodder to knock Obama
12:35:03a ‘Death of Diyarbakır girl being investigated
12:35:09a Have good shows for women, RTM urged
12:35:14a Kenya and Nigeria airlines sign deal
12:35:20a US share prices plunge
12:35:25a Mother, two children found safe
12:35:30a Aim of session achieved BJP
12:35:36a Even in a Recession, Technology Fast50 Companies Keep on Growing, Hiring and Innovating
12:35:41a Rainier Pacific Financial Group, Inc. Agrees to Regulatory Order Implementing a Corrective Action Plan
12:35:47a Sparkle, glitter and gloss
12:35:52a Inflation rises to 0.83% on food prices
12:35:57a Nestle to stop Mugabe milk deal
12:36:03a A clean-green initiative
12:36:08a ATT Buys App Developer Plusmo
12:36:13a RBS completes boardroom shake-up
12:36:18a NASA Tests New Robotic Lander for Future Moon, Asteroid Missions
12:36:24a Nayak assures CITU of action on September 15 violence
12:36:29a Koh sets terms for TV debate with Lim on Kg Buah Pala saga
12:36:35a Kenya ? Beauty Marred by Drought, Hunger, Suffering
12:36:40a Our Blog Network 10.01.09
12:36:46a Renovated Hassanamba temple to open doors to devotees on October 8
12:36:51a Horatti for notional increment for teachers
12:36:56a ViaSat Buys WildBlue For Million
12:37:01a Where to make the biggest bucks working in IT
12:37:07a Five die as rain pounds Bagalkot
12:37:12a Wade's son rescued from blaze
12:37:17a I'll only go if PAS wants me to, says Nik Aziz
12:37:23a 'Kill Obama' Facebook poll set up by child
12:37:28a Driver plows through Edina salon
12:37:33a Confirmed Twitter Has Begun Geolocation Rollout
12:37:38a Obama Sends Holder To Chicago Over Death
12:37:57a Pelicans almost outnumber humans
12:38:02a Heavy rain clears haze in Sarawak
12:38:08a Mom Guilty Of Starving Twins To Near Death
12:38:13a Robbins & Myers Announces Regular Quarterly Cash Dividend
12:38:18a Appian Upgrades BPM Suite
12:38:24a Govt promises help for Indian student in jail for anti-Bush post
12:38:29a CBI probe against police stayed
12:38:34a Eye surgery camp
12:38:40a 21 charged in Greenpeace oilsands protest
12:38:46a China Should Ease Currency Restriction Faster
12:38:51a Madikeri Dasara leaves bitter memories for local people
12:38:56a MGM studio gains concession from lenders
12:39:02a HR Technology Conference Exposition News Distributed By Business Wire Available At WWW.TRADESHOWNEWS.COM
12:39:07a Bank Of America, Ex-Merrill Executive McCann Resolve Suit
12:39:12a Winners of the 2009 Ig Nobel Awards
12:39:18a Egypt beat Italy in U20 World Cup
12:39:23a Accenture Predicts 2010 Recovery After Profit Fall
12:39:29a SBM to provide mobile phone banking from today
12:39:34a Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan receives the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs
12:39:40a Watch Your Step, Says Pimco
12:39:45a Local gorilla undergoes risky eye surgery
12:39:50a BMIC sale deed format violates court order Gowda
12:39:56a Govt urged to take hospital consultation 'seriously'
12:40:01a Gen2Media Brings Targeted, Easy-to-Implement Internet Video to a Website Near You
12:40:06a Karvirappa Hubli dead
12:40:12a Rain continues to wreak havoc in Bijapur
12:40:17a Where is Waldo--the wallaby?
12:40:22a Government of Canada Announces Special Immigration Measures for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines
12:40:29a Minnesota Vikings announce deal with Mall of America
12:40:35a Woodville woman acquitted of voter fraud
12:40:40a Excess Manganese Found In Cromwell Water
12:40:45a US, eyeing Afghan war,
12:40:51a Fujitsu's hard-drive business now Toshiba's
12:40:56a Transfer of McGann Hospital staff opposed
12:41:02a CrossCountry launches free National Rail planner iPhone app
12:41:11a OpenOffice Word Document Table Parsing Multiple Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
12:41:16a Pakistan to Target Taliban's ‘Epicenter’ in Waziristan
12:41:22a The Appeal of Hackintoshing Should Apple License the Mac OS?
12:41:27a No Swedish Model for Obama - By Chris Horner
12:41:32a Sentencing jury chosen in Ill girl's 1983 slaying
12:41:37a Pharmasset to Present at JMP Securities Healthcare Conference
12:41:43a New Border Gates Secure Two Derby Line Streets
12:41:48a Astoria manages hazardous tree removal for Coast Guard
12:41:54a Ping! iPhone App Blackberry Ain't Got Nothin' on Apple Anymore
12:41:59a What Does Andrew Sullivan Do For Fun? Inside Jokes
12:42:04a Shake-up in Texas execution probe draws criticism, questions
12:42:10a 'Slowdown has not hit excise collection'
12:42:15a New York Financier William A. Shea, Jr. Named to ZAP Advisory Board
12:42:20a Francis and his Light Bulb
12:42:26a Prem Rawat Tours North America With A Message of Peace
12:42:31a Many hands make playtime work
12:42:36a Exports decline 19% in August
12:42:41a NYT Ensign aid to mistress husband raises flags
12:42:47a Friends of Medicare suspects Alberta is hiding user fees and extra billing
12:42:52a ACORN's Plot to Steal Oklahoma!
12:42:58a Elk Grove Man Faces More Sex Charges
12:43:03a Palace hopefuls race to help flood victims
12:43:09a Walk through forests of the Pacific Rim without leaving Seattle
12:43:14a Affiliated Computer Services Sued Over Takeover Agreement With Xerox, Announces
12:43:19a WTF ??...cactus PIC
12:43:24a Toyota told to preserve crash data
12:43:30a Forest Service backs Devil's Staircase Wilderness
12:43:35a Grand opening set for Howie's Corner & Coffeehouse
12:43:40a Easter Seals Van Collides With SUV In Candia
12:43:45a European court rules against Turkey in Greek property case
12:43:51a ATSIC employee 'unaware' ABC has no ads, court told
12:43:56a Ray Odierno
12:44:01a Ex-Miami mayor expected to seek U.S. Senate seat
12:44:07a Nude Brooke Shields Photo Exhibition Also Contains Hardcore Porn
12:44:12a eGain Fuels Knowledge-Powered Customer Service at British Gas
12:44:17a Twitter as a Promotion Tool with a Bonus
12:44:23a For Citadel, Billion Trade Gain
12:44:28a Fashion in Detroit showcases local designers
12:44:33a Medical Students Raise Breast Cancer Awareness
12:44:39a First Solar To Replace Wyeth In SP 500
12:44:45a News of the Week Forensic Science Scientists Decry Isotope, DNA Testing of ?Nationality?
12:44:50a Express Scripts data breach may have hit 700,000 victims
12:44:56a Ten says Canwest directors resign
12:45:01a Africa Oil Appoints Bryan Benitz to Board of Directors
12:45:06a Health bill nears Senate panel vote
12:45:12a Report Genome-Wide RNAi Screen Identifies Letm1 as a Mitochondrial Ca2+/H+ Antiporter
12:45:17a Kenya to import maize to beat 10m bag shortfall
12:45:22a Perspective Paleontology Pushing Back Amber Production
12:45:28a Pengrowth cuts distributions
12:45:33a Kenney feds to fast-track Philippines' immigration
12:45:38a Rebranding Dubai
12:45:44a Tsunamis leave swath of destruction in S. Pacific
12:45:49a Perspective Materials Science Poison-Tolerant Fuel Cells
12:45:54a Falken Brings Aid and Support to Philippine Rescue and Medical Efforts
12:46:00a Onex plans IPO of high-yield debt fund
12:46:05a Atmospheric Science Accounting for Delay
12:46:11a Govt backtracks, to make CAS voluntary
12:46:16a AdMob August 2009 Metrics Report Analyzes Regional Smartphone Usage
12:46:21a Special Issue Research Article Ardipithecus ramidus and the Paleobiology of Early Hominids
12:46:26a Slayings Confessions
12:46:32a 9/11 New World Order plan Europe, America vs Russia, China
12:46:37a Israel maintains 'eloquent silence'
12:46:42a How is the Olympic Host City Chosen?
12:46:48a Strong dollar 'very important' Geithner
12:46:53a How Earth?s Hum Could Help Us Map Mars
12:46:59a Germany's election results not positive for Turkey by ALİ YURTTAGÜL*
12:47:04a New Bank of America CEO will have hands full
12:47:09a How stupid do they think we are?
12:47:15a Obama voted against on Gitmo
12:47:20a Cop's family plan to sue
12:47:25a US Money Pit
12:47:31a Qld Govt to fine Defence over creek contamination
12:47:36a Report Rapid Resurgence of Marine Productivity After the Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction
12:47:42a Experts discuss safety of swine flu vaccine
12:47:47a A new Berlin Wall by ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ
12:47:52a Fed officials Economy mending, but weakness persists
12:47:58a Obama to host first state dinner for Indian PM
12:48:03a China Auto Logistics, Inc. to Ring NASDAQ Opening Bell on Monday, October 5th
12:48:08a Man Allegedly Shows Gun After iPhone Trouble
12:48:13a Hassle-Free Online File Storage Skydrive and FileQube
12:48:18a Obama all at sea on Afghanistan
12:48:24a Ecuador's Shuar Gird for Conflict After Protest
12:48:29a Microsoft Bing Loses Search Share
12:48:35a Boeing will cushion cuts in tuition support for some
12:48:40a Chemistry Getting a Grip on Nitrogen
12:48:45a First Arab 'Western Style' speciality coffee shop chain opens in UAE
12:48:51a Harrison County Passes Property Ordinance
12:48:56a Cutting Edge Technology Simulates Mine Disasters
12:49:01a Special Issue Research Article Paleobiological Implications of the Ardipithecus ramidus Dentition
12:49:07a New Wii update may be bricking innocent consoles
12:49:12a Man critical after city accident
12:49:17a Waste Connections Announces Dates for Third Quarter 2009 Earnings Release
12:49:23a Injured Soldier To Ride In Army Ten Miler 01 Oct 2009 202501 GMT
12:49:28a Review Quantum Simulators
12:49:33a Punjab to train carpet manufacturers
12:49:39a The Edge Earthquakes, Body Scales And More
12:49:44a Fry Celebration
12:49:50a Lampricide Added To Lower Lamoille River
12:49:56a Motives discussed in slaying of three
12:50:01a Sirbaugh Free On Bond Again
12:50:06a Police Investigate Attempted Armed Robbery at Bridgeport McDonald's
12:50:12a You can't hold a candle to the Ottomans…
12:50:17a Thousands in electrical damage, should Progress pay up?
12:50:22a NY man gets 30 years for slaying of NJ woman
12:50:28a APTOPIX Denmark Olympic 2016 Bids
12:50:33a Evolution Background Matters
12:50:40a British court okays serving injunction over Twitter
12:50:46a Oklahoma Tax Commission withdraws electric cars rule
12:50:51a Grilled Cheese Truck Coming to L.A.
12:50:57a Local option taxes take effect in Mass. cities
12:51:02a Poultry companies being sued by Oklahoma claim others polluted watershed
12:51:07a Simek wants to move president's office away from UTK
12:51:13a VIDEO Olympic Buzz Boosts Business 10-1-09
12:51:18a Milkologists win silly science awards
12:51:24a Saturn dealers, owners shocked over end of brand
12:51:29a The name of the game is content
12:51:34a Philip-Barbour HS Incorporating YouNews Into English Class
12:51:39a NYOKABI KAMAU Proposed law will alter the face of marriages in Kenya
12:51:45a Department of Defense to Investigate Soldier Chemical Exposure
12:51:50a Sabah to talk to plantation firms on riverbank reserves
12:51:56a St. Pat's Park working to control unruly deer population
12:52:01a Powderfinger play surprise gig in Brisbane CBD
12:52:07a GigaOm Networks presents NewTeeVee Live 09
12:52:12a Communication skills and effective leadership
12:52:17a Call for out-of-hours GP scrutiny
12:52:23a Oil hovers above on mixed economic data
12:52:46a Micro-pulverized Camu Camu Powder Hits the Market
12:52:52a Ghee manufacturers elect chairman
12:52:57a CJP directs PPO Sindh to recover abducted girl
12:53:02a Orange County Launches Restaurant Rating System
12:53:07a Zoning shouldn't be up to review board's 'whim'
12:53:13a Ethiopian ape-woman recasts missing link debate
12:53:18a Bhoys miss out on Rapid revenge
12:53:23a Fabulous Wailers Kent Morrill on new 'Rooster Rock' CD
12:53:28a Peru's Vivian Baella has a fanfic video posted in Youtube 'SuperVivian'
12:53:33a Chicken Truck Accident Slows Hwy 30
12:53:39a Better out-of-hours GP care urged
12:53:44a Fall forest fire season brings fear of a bad year
12:53:49a Whales within 20 metres of shore in Nelson
12:53:55a Oklahoma boy's sister says she feared reporting abuse
12:54:00a Report Flu might fill up hospitals in Mass.
12:54:05a US figures set dour tone for December quarter
12:54:11a PSC from rate hike hearings to new regulators
12:54:18a Austinites Get Wristbands for ACL Fest
12:54:24a Situation in Gulbarga remains grim
12:54:29a Endoscopic Ultrasound May Miss Gallbladder Cancer
12:54:34a Living to 100 to Become Common?
12:54:40a Senate blocks commander's testimony before new Afghan strategy
12:54:45a Public Meetings 10.1.09
12:54:50a Climate change threatens Brazil's rich agriculture
12:54:56a Drugs, guns found in raid
12:55:01a McEntee Elizabeth Smart once again shows her courage
12:55:06a HP Hires Sun's Senior VP Of North American Sales
12:55:12a Dramatic Footage of Walruses in Alaskan Russian Arctic Highlights Threats from Climate Change
12:55:17a Peru Pilgrims are already walking to visit the 'Lord of Ayabaca'
12:55:23a Attack Of The ETFS
12:55:28a WWEBNET Announces Technology Licensing Program for Wi-Fi Enabled TV Sets
12:55:34a Green Investments Could Bolster Economy
12:55:39a No IPO 'resurgence,' wait for 2010 venture cap group
12:55:44a New Bahamas flights to start next month
12:55:50a Patrick says Hyatt layoffs had `a real tackiness'
12:55:55a Hodgson happy with win
12:56:00a Intel's Light Peak Technology Optical Cabling For the Masse
12:56:05a Irrawaddy Chinese authorities seek damages from junta – Ko Htwe
12:56:11a Mesa tax preparer arrested on child porn charges
12:56:16a Rococo Software Raises Fresh Capital for Growth
12:56:21a Government Seeks State Anti-Distracted Driving Laws 01 Oct 2009 134309 GMT
12:56:27a Services of special trains extended
12:56:32a Thousands feared dead after killer Indonesian earthquake
12:56:38a Ensign's ex-mistress, husband sought 8.5 million
12:56:43a Police 'Dumbest' crook stole from chief
12:56:48a Foreign investment rules won't deter Chinese Austrade
12:56:54a Xstrata gets deadline on Anglo bid report
12:56:59a Gunman Shoots Two Teens, Killing One
12:57:05a Ex-UN official in court
12:57:10a Senate Panel Rejects Amendment to Block Tax Increases
12:57:16a First swine flu vaccine shipment arriving in Fort Collins next week
12:57:21a SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch 753
12:57:26a Iran must let inspectors into nuclear plant within 2 weeks
12:57:32a Obama Sets Deadline For Iranian Plant Inspection
12:57:37a MAG director retires
12:57:45a Oil settles slightly higher on Iran concerns
12:57:51a Circus founder becomes first clown in space
12:57:56a Report C
12:58:01a US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,347
12:58:07a Technical problems knocked Fox 51 off Cox for 3 hours
12:58:12a Cuba launches 'no free lunch' trial
12:58:17a How to Make Your Computer Run Like New!
12:58:23a Licking your wounds may help them heal faster
12:58:28a ETec finalizes federal contract
12:58:33a Lewis Chessmen go north — but they’re just visiting
12:58:39a Saturn To Shut Down
12:58:44a Jobs Fair in Huntington
12:58:49a 71787700DL072_Universal_Pic
12:58:55a ORNL scientist says superhydrophobic powder will 'change the world'
12:59:00a SRP changes cancel out bill increase
12:59:05a Rann 'fine' after dinner assault
12:59:11a The Broken Heart of the Sacred Ocean
12:59:16a Dispute Over Drug Plan
12:59:21a Will Made-in-the-USA Boast Work for Florida's Natural
12:59:26a Mourners pay respects to Kurdish intellectual Fırat in modest funeral
12:59:32a Government of Canada Update on Economic Action Plan Investments in Prince Edward Island
12:59:37a AP Autopsy reveals Jackson was healthy
12:59:43a Students cram into one house
12:59:48a Morocco- Tourist numbers up, overnight stays down
12:59:53a Immunisation for Haj pilgrims
12:59:59a OYS Better Business Bureau a valuable resource
01:00:04a Video Ron Paul spins for Iran, of course
01:00:09a Mexico's FEMSA says in exploratory talks on beer deal
01:00:15a Demanding a better deal
01:00:20a Sea Ice Walrus
01:00:25a Windows Mobile to reach 15% of smartphones in 2013?
01:00:31a Talbott man incarcerated on child porn charges
01:00:36a Church demolishes houses in row
01:00:41a Masturgate India's cricket sex caper
01:00:47a Stimulus Spending Doesn't Work
01:00:52a Cem Uzan's whereabouts a mystery ahead of trial
01:00:58a British family awarded 1 million pounds in terrorism compensation
01:01:05a Gang Unit At Overton HS Friday For Possible Fight
01:01:11a Light food relief, courtesy of Malaysian diplomat
01:01:16a Russia Russian court orders new investigation into Politkovskaya murder case
01:01:22a Will your new frugality last?
01:01:27a Disasters forest staff to get training
01:01:32a ICANN's Affirmation Agreement Wins Praise
01:01:37a A task well accomplished despite inclement weather
01:01:43a Microsoft Hails Chicago Datacenter Opening
01:01:48a Let's make it all Obama's fault
01:01:53a Pistachio keeps your heart healthy
01:01:59a OSHA cites safety problems at Alon Texas refinery
01:02:04a New hostel
01:02:09a CPI agitation against trade pact
01:02:14a Education Management 20M share IPO priced at
01:02:20a West Michigan student counts mixed
01:02:25a Morocco- OCP's turnover at MAD11.6 billion up to August
01:02:30a Conn. Science Center Installs Fuel Cell
01:02:35a Local prosecutor seeks votes for charity
01:02:41a Domestic Partners
01:02:46a A penny for your prions
01:02:51a Unbridled tourism too is an issue
01:02:57a 'Mad Money Lightning Round' Dump Geron
01:03:02a Abila of the Decapolis revealing secrets about Roman Transjordan
01:03:14a Optimistic Living
01:03:19a Teratogens and Pregnancy
01:03:25a 3 great educational apps for Linux newbies
01:03:30a After Paulo Coelho's Talk How Can Anyone Deny Rio the Olympics
01:03:35a Diplomats Palestinians drop Gaza resolution
01:03:40a Year-end start for revised Rice Miller project
01:03:46a India International Coffee Festival from October 7
01:03:51a Should I Sell My Business Screens
01:03:57a Former New Jersey Firefighter Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion
01:04:02a Australia eye successive final in Champions Trophy
01:04:07a Pregnant Woman Arrested In Fatal Hit-And-Run
01:04:13a ABERDEEN NSU enrollment down, but 2,672 is second highest in last five years
01:04:18a Ah Long transactions in Penang rake in RM15m
01:04:24a You're Never Too Young to Have Carpal Tunnel Symptoms
01:04:29a Kenya Amsterdam Marathon Champ for Kebirigo Race
01:04:35a Recency Effects in Geology & Financial Markets
01:04:40a In Lakewood drug deal gone bad, man persuades kidnappers to not kill him
01:04:46a LinuxCon Some advice from Uncle Dirk
01:04:52a Baby Boomers Middle-Age is NOT for Wimps
01:04:57a Northrop Grumman Beats Boeing For Air Force Deal
01:05:04a This photo, reviewed by the US military, shows a US soldier at Camp Justice
01:05:09a Suspected IRA dissident
01:05:14a Fire department puts brakes on Favre gear burn
01:05:19a Business income continues to increase in 2008
01:05:25a The Negative Effect of Soft Drink Consumption on Human Health
01:05:30a Ex-Argentina president charged with obstructing Jewish center bombing probe
01:05:35a Obama adviser makes dubious list
01:05:41a Rockies Are In Playoffs!
01:05:46a Chinese 'treasures' on show in Barcelona for first time
01:05:51a Dead fish wash up in Eau Gallie
01:05:56a Leafs-Habs game opens in style
01:06:02a SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch 753 Status Reports
01:06:07a Atlanta's Jimmy Carter Museum reopens after renovation
01:06:12a Rainwater Harvesting Enjoys Enormous Growth Across U.S.
01:06:18a Iran talks vow ends months of public posturing
01:06:23a EPA aims to cut emissions at factories, power plants
01:06:28a FBI Celebrates 10 Years of IAFIS
01:06:33a Auckland toddler confirmed dead in Samoa
01:06:39a Assess losses quickly, officials told
01:06:44a 'TalentFest' Saturday
01:06:50a Family told of tourist's disappearance
01:06:55a Python caught after killing pet cat
01:07:01a Jobs and manufacturing data suggest slow US economic recovery
01:07:17a Man kills lover, hangs self
01:07:22a Verizon enhances Molokai cell service
01:07:27a Ross said Nunn ‘did some terrible things to me many times'
01:07:32a Dead Space Extraction is Deathly Attractive
01:07:37a 50,000 expected at Najib's open house
01:07:43a Anti-Trump protesters furious at compulsory purchase ‘fudge’
01:07:48a NEWS ANALYSIS AK Party to focus on reforms, opposition on economy in new term
01:07:53a Olympic power play can win Games
01:07:59a At Last, A Democrat With Juevos To Fight GOP Hypocrites Alan Grayson
01:08:04a Turnbull stares down rebels as discontent grows
01:08:09a H1N1 Dorm Set Up For Infected Paul Smith's Students
01:08:15a Fire shuts Bell Bay smelter
01:08:20a Russian investor buys more Facebook shares sources
01:08:26a Three Ontario government facilities win national awards
01:08:31a Austrian schoolgirl's headscarf set on fire by classmates
01:08:37a Iran must let inspectors into nuclear plant
01:08:42a Kent mother says hospital apology is not enough
01:08:47a Judge Former Utahn can be turned over to Iraqis
01:08:52a Cell Biology Squeezed Out by the Neighbors
01:08:58a Govt adopts swine flu plan
01:09:03a Global Payments 1Q profit rises, Immucor earnings grow 7 percent in 1Q
01:09:08a Business Update Clunker-less calamity
01:09:13a Accident knocks out power on North Shore
01:09:19a Bra converts to gas'mark, creator wins IgNobel
01:09:24a Iran 'will cooperate on nuke inspections'
01:09:30a Acorn International Shares Soar Over 30%
01:09:35a Sun sets on Saturn's Utah dealerships
01:09:41a A killer's daughter comes out
01:09:46a Pessimism grips Wall Street as stocks plunge
01:09:52a Judge Orders FBI to Release Cheney Interview in Leak Case
01:09:57a One needs maths lessons, the other has lost the answers
01:10:02a Telestars define Father Of The Nation
01:10:08a Agence France Presse Suu Kyi lawyers hopeful for Myanmar appeal
01:10:13a U.S. Stands Ready to Help Expand U.S.-Africa Business
01:10:18a Where Did The Influx Of Kindergarteners Come From
01:10:23a Butchertown Neighborhood Association wants meatpacking plant hearing postponed
01:10:29a London Stock Exchange in talks to buy rival trading platform Turquoise
01:10:34a Boys customized wheelchair taken from in front of home
01:10:39a Western Standard acquires Freegold's Almaden gold project
01:10:45a Que Nguyen, Employee of Distinction Award from NYAHSA
01:10:50a 'President' Blair waits on voters of Ireland
01:10:55a REDFIELD Alleged '08 bank robber is dead
01:11:01a Heritage center audit shows problems
01:11:10a Northrop Grumman beats out Boeing for billion Air Force deal
01:11:15a Comedian Paul Rodriguez Rushed To Hospital
01:11:20a What Would Sotomayor Do?
01:11:26a John McCain
01:11:31a Natural nourishment for body and spirit in Nishi-Ogikubo
01:11:37a Spain to charge for search rescues
01:11:42a Cub reporters to cover COP15
01:11:47a 2 pinned, hospitalized after rollover
01:11:52a Gordon Brown's rousing war cry is the Real Labour deal
01:11:58a Ex-prosecutor says he lied about Polanski case
01:12:03a FDA Committee Assesses vCJD Risk in US Plasma Products
01:12:08a Getting mugged at the movies
01:12:13a Maria, Jelena on course for showdown
01:12:21a OpenSSH Going Strong After 10 Years With Release of v5.3
01:12:26a Firefighters tackle gorse blaze
01:12:31a EU Gains Support on Mobile-Phone Rates
01:12:37a Sakhalin restores former Japanese cultural assets to attract tourists
01:12:42a IOC voters face difficult choice for 2016 Olympic bid
01:12:48a Jobs in crossfire as defence giant faces fraud prosecution
01:12:53a Kraftwerk, Trans Europe Express
01:12:58a 'England have treated me unfairly for years'
01:13:04a Westerhof's call from South Africa
01:13:09a Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap China the Safe Haven
01:13:14a Planes come home with M'sian students from quake-hit Padang
01:13:19a Pretty Commemorative Pictures Are the Killer App for Print Things We Actually Like
01:13:25a Sturgeon stays silent over school funding
01:13:30a Five swine flu cases confirmed at local schools
01:13:35a Worst week yet for swine flu, with new cases running at 2,000 a day
01:13:41a Rob Davies, Minister for Trade Industry, South Africa
01:13:46a Senator Vitter's 'sin' with prostitutes leads to bar complaint
01:13:51a sinister, evil, absolutely atrocious'
01:13:56a Political fallout A lose-lose situation for the government
01:14:02a Cash For Farmers, Push for Agricultural Improvement 08 Sep 2009 083835 GMT
01:14:07a Rahul Dev bashes up lecturer
01:14:12a Thousands feared killed as disaster follows disaster
01:14:18a Sharapova, Jankovic advance to semifinals
01:14:23a Nepal police arrest protesters on China anniversary day
01:14:28a Mystery 'Male 1' to be revealed
01:14:34a Tanigaki slams DPJ for halting Yamba Dam
01:14:39a Aircraft searches for bodies in the Pacific
01:14:44a Shin hanga bringing ukiyo-e back to life
01:14:50a Scottish astronomer discovers record haul of comets
01:14:55a Little Boots serves pop a remedy
01:15:00a Sid's Microphone Screens
01:15:06a KITV In Samoa Recovery Efforts Begin
01:15:11a Exciting New Multi-Island Deals From Australia To A Couples Retreat Tahiti
01:15:16a China welcomes progress in talks on Iran's nuclear program
01:15:21a Removal from service law to be scrapped
01:15:27a Biggest threat to UN's principles are its own members
01:15:32a Hiroshima residents win scenery ruling
01:15:37a Modern giants can be gentle on environment with hi-tech help
01:15:43a Japan, U.S. start working on Obama's visit
01:15:48a Montana AG launches probe of jail deal
01:15:53a Swine flu vaccine on the way, Hirano says
01:15:58a School Searched After Note Depicting Mushroom Cloud Found
01:16:04a Peter Pan's house saved from bulldozers
01:16:09a New Year homecoming for Glasgow Boys
01:16:18a 'Imaginary friend' blamed for samurai sword murder
01:16:23a Emeryville Company Introduces Book Alternative
01:16:29a Fatal crash in Kane County
01:16:34a Merritt Island man killed in Samoa tsunamis
01:16:39a UL police say they can't corroborate account of sexual assault
01:16:45a Chechnya seeks to become fashion capital
01:16:50a Data East Arcade comp for Wii
01:16:55a Xmas orders spark labour shortages in China
01:17:01a Resident Evil Afterlife film shoot starts
01:17:06a Discovering Your Transferable Skills Lessons From Mr. Miyagi
01:17:11a Phillies capture third straight NL East crown
01:17:16a ShinMatgo Screens
01:17:22a Search for new Afghan partner Houston
01:17:27a Against trade pact
01:17:33a Complaint Leads to Special Area for Religious Signs at Georgia Football Game
01:17:38a Live Leafs vs. Canadiens
01:17:43a Ragini back after mini holiday
01:17:49a Evening Update WBZ Forecast For Oct. 1
01:17:54a Letter Walmart a good thing
01:17:59a First doses of H1N1 vaccine to arrive in Washington next week
01:18:05a LG Electronics’ second version of its 'Chocolate' phone ...
01:18:10a MGMstudio gains concession from lenders
01:18:16a Bullet-riddled Hollywoods gym hit again
01:18:21a The Hidden Poisons in Your Vegetable Garden
01:18:27a BROWN COUNTY Escapee still on loose, likely stole vehicle
01:18:32a Green Tea and Weight Loss
01:18:37a Reaching 311, Via New iPhone App
01:18:43a Women for Women International Helps Women Displaced by War
01:18:48a Palestinians want Gaza resolution delay
01:18:53a JetBlue will not fail, says minister
01:18:59a Najib's open house in Pekan tomorrow
01:19:04a 'Multimedia commission did not abuse power'
01:19:10a Bill Bennett on Obama Trip For Once He'll Have to Praise America
01:19:15a Bangladesh to discuss transit issue with India
01:19:21a Power supply hit
01:19:26a Malaysia Cup 2009 Kuala Muda face early knockout
01:19:38a Tremors not connected
01:19:44a Meeting planned to ease cycleway tensions
01:19:50a Shop robbed of RM15,000
01:19:55a Champions League 2009-10 season Bayern's Robben injured in draw with Juve
01:20:01a US company dupes Caribbean investors out of millions
01:20:06a Rural youth get their views across
01:20:11a Pro-Union Groups Mislead Public About Port Trucking
01:20:17a Romanian coalition government collapses
01:20:22a Ultrasound gift from Japan
01:20:27a Search underway in Indonesian quake as death toll soars
01:20:32a Koh wants answers first
01:20:38a Cracks in 5 buildings after tremors
01:20:43a COINTELPRO the truth of gang stalking
01:20:49a Charged with having gun
01:20:54a Agonising wait for bodies of sister, brother-in-law
01:20:59a Lincoln's Inn alumni soiree
01:21:04a Twitter CEO's penthouse for sale
01:21:10a Commission underlines importance of supporting development of key technologies
01:21:15a Scholarship fund failed to deliver to students
01:21:21a ROAD SAFETY Scant regard for traffic rules
01:21:26a 'Independent just wasting his time'
01:21:31a Fishermen fear the past will repeat itself
01:21:37a The Jason Dasey Column Robbo's rocky road ahead
01:21:42a Big plans for MHL despite losing sponsor
01:21:47a Fund set up to aid victims
01:21:53a College ready for flesh-eating zombie attack news
01:22:08a EPF Check your account regularly
01:22:13a Palestinian demands to free terrorists the failed litmus test
01:22:18a China after 60 years
01:22:24a Japan to send rescue, medical teams to quake-hit Sumatra
01:22:29a Malacca places winning hopes on The Biggest Loser
01:22:34a Go Carts for Sur Plaza Boulevard
01:22:39a ROAD SAFETY Cameras will help
01:22:45a Darling's in Brighton … so Tories launch Operation Get Alistair right in his backyard
01:22:50a PKR, DAP see red over banners
01:22:55a Israel warns UN over Gaza war report
01:23:01a Tied to a tree, then raped for nine months kidnap victim tells her story
01:23:06a RI fire victim's dad says he'll meet US Attorney
01:23:12a Xstrata told to make offer for Anglo American
01:23:17a Teresa Kok reports death threat on blog
01:23:22a Open Carry Debate Moves to Front Page
01:23:28a `Toy Story' & other fave films get new life in 3D
01:23:33a Provinces debate how to deal with seasonal and H1N1 shots
01:23:38a Later liquor serving hours coming to Vancouver
01:23:43a Cop claims trial to causing grievous hurt to Kugan
01:23:49a Tropical Storm Olaf forms in the Pacific
01:23:54a Israeli 'blackmail' over phone firm in bid to halt Gaza probe
01:24:00a XP Mode For Windows 7 Released
01:24:05a Britain becomes Palestinian-Israeli legal battleground
01:24:10a CHILD TRAFFICKERS Film unit an effective medium to reach public
01:24:16a Convention on socialist movement
01:24:28a Jim DeMint The Crybaby of the US Senate
01:24:34a NY Philharmonic shelves Cuba tour due to embargo
01:24:39a Montana to feds we don't want your gun control
01:24:44a AlphaGraphics Announces Business Growth
01:24:50a Walt Disney World 101
01:24:55a Afghan legislation nudges women's rights forward
01:25:00a Chicago puts celebrities to work
01:25:06a Egypt erupts as hosts advance
01:25:11a How to Identify Celebrity Nose Jobs
01:25:16a Reasons why Chicago will win 2016 Olympic bid
01:25:22a Forest Service backs Devil's Staircase Wilderness
01:25:27a Paraguay clinch second place in Group A
01:25:32a Study pushes for 'net-zero' solar homes in Texas
01:25:38a Sex-offender laws too harsh
01:25:43a Kidnapped, tied to a tree, then raped for 9 months
01:25:48a Satellites launched for Spain and Germany
01:25:54a Obama officials to address school violence in Chicago
01:25:59a Thai embassy to hold language classes
01:26:04a Parking fines not tax grab, city says
01:26:09a we don't want your gun control
01:26:15a First shipment of swine flu vaccine to R.I. expected next week
01:26:20a Iraq Commander Plans More US Troop Cuts east
01:26:25a Court setback for mobile phone companies
01:26:31a Most babies born in Britain will live to 100
01:26:36a Florida storm-safety chief coordinating tsunami relief
01:26:41a Immucor Q1 Earnings Rise, Top Estimate; Reiterates FY10 Outlook
01:26:47a Everything is Okay. Really.
01:26:52a FBI probes bomb threats on American flights
01:26:57a Dump truck runs over, kills Palm Beach Gardens man
01:27:03a Kanata food bank starved for donations
01:27:08a White House says Fox News Channel lies
01:27:13a Man arrested for alleged sexual assault of a child
01:27:18a divert surplus commodities to schools, needy families
01:27:24a R.I. Police Digest
01:27:29a Gift for mistress sparked shooting by Fort Lauderdale police chief's wife
01:27:34a When the CEO Job Is Split in Two
01:27:40a Bar brawl study wins Ig Nobel prize
01:27:45a Police Wounded Marlins prospect 'innocent victim'
01:27:51a Dubious Past No Problem for Private Security Firms
01:27:56a Oprah, Obamas Plug Chicago
01:28:01a Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return Fund, Inc. Provides Unaudited...
01:28:06a Tas theatre pleads for funding lifeline
01:28:12a Toyota Extends Losses On Dour U.S. Sales Data
01:28:17a The messages go unreplied
01:28:22a Greenbrier County Hosts Annual Giant Flea Market
01:28:27a Japanese woman who took kids felt trapped
01:28:33a Why Dwyane Wade so woefully warbled
01:28:38a UK research 'G8's most efficient'
01:28:43a Rouge and Tumble Women's roller derby is back
01:28:49a High poverty risk for Southern rural kids
01:28:54a Venezuelan conductor takes over LA Phil
01:28:59a Cerabino Can't find county's soul? It's up North
01:29:05a Chicago Olympic Bid Puts a Creative and His Agency At Odds
01:29:10a Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp. Provides Unaudited Balance...
01:29:16a New league fixtures due
01:29:21a Quebec's Lepage unveils ambitious new opera
01:29:26a Mexico's FEMSA in talks over beer business deal
01:29:31a Gas-mask bra leads IgNobel awards
01:29:37a Today's babies are tomorrow's centenarians
01:29:42a Obama makes a high-stakes Olympic gamble
01:29:47a Arrested dad warned court in U.S. wife was likely to flee
01:29:53a Piece be with you Detroit pastors pack heat
01:29:58a Dolphins' Soliai playing with heavy heart
01:30:04a Kwizera gets election nod
01:30:09a San Diego, California faces million deficit
01:30:15a MGM studio gets nearly 3-month reprieve on interest payments from lenders
01:30:20a Fight over wolf hunt continues as Panhandle hunt opens
01:30:25a NYT Iran agrees to give up enriched uranium
01:30:31a States to feds divert surplus commodities to schools, needy families
01:30:36a APS, Starwood end Arizona solar power purchase deal
01:30:41a Layton man pleads guilty to misdemeanor in textbook case
01:30:47a Lilley confirms new ABC series
01:30:52a “Success is yet to come”-Hiten Tejwani
01:30:57a Toronto Stocks Drop 2.8% Amid Weakness In Resource Sectors
01:31:03a Smithfield Foods CEO sold in shares at an inopportune time, Barron's says
01:31:08a Bogy leads Egypt past Italy at Under-20 World Cup
01:31:14a Cops boy, 11, led high-speed chase news
01:31:20a Senate mulls end to 2-for-1 jail credit
01:31:25a Greek main opposition leader calls for change, steady gov't before elections
01:31:30a CN Tower becomes modern art for one night only
01:31:36a Wis. women accused of receiving opium in the mail
01:31:41a Google refines search to counter Microsoft
01:31:46a Army's first swine flu death is soldier in SC
01:31:51a Egypt deports Swedish scribe
01:31:57a US economy
01:32:02a Popularity may force curb on climbing Yaku Island
01:32:07a Edenfield jury hears more of recorded confession
01:32:12a New Mountain Line Buses Hit the Streets
01:32:18a Rocket Cannons and Missile Launchers Screens
01:32:23a Insurance Industry Whistleblower Blasts Senate Panel Rejection of Public Option
01:32:29a Jinja rally rolls off October 9
01:32:34a North vows not to give up its nuclear weapons
01:32:40a UN fires US envoy as US strategy stalls
01:32:45a Gas mask in a bra leads IgNobel awards
01:32:50a Help for holiday emergency
01:32:56a Twitter Has 'Lists' and Location on Tap
01:33:01a Stronger dollar wipes out gold producers' gains
01:33:07a Winner Selected In NewsCentral's Y & R Screen Test
01:33:12a Indigenous groups seek dialogue
01:33:17a California Education Dept. Issues H1N1 Guidelines
01:33:23a Mbale hosts ping-pong gala
01:33:28a Ohio panel hears congresswoman's complaint
01:33:33a Dollar in focus ahead of G-7 FM meeting
01:33:39a SL Machinima Contest Sponsored by Danish Government
01:33:44a Forest Service backs Devil's Staircase Wilderness
01:33:49a Fidelity Magellan dials up on growth, bounces back
01:33:54a Uganda netballers storm semis
01:34:00a IED Kills 2 Fort Lewis Soldiers In Philippines
01:34:09a Ambitious Farrell speaks carefully
01:34:15a Driving While Black
01:34:20a Premier of Ontario hosts reception marking China's National Day
01:34:25a Two face child porn charges
01:34:31a New Chrysler CEO says he's not alarmed by US market share drop; expects improvement
01:34:36a Support for abortion rights down in U.S.
01:34:42a Stubbed toe as cadet, retired Mountie seeks disability pension
01:34:47a Obama to Iran Inspections within 2 weeks
01:34:52a VIDEO Dash is on for 2016 Olympic Games
01:34:58a Newsquiz Week of September 28
01:35:03a LA prosecutor hits back at Polanski criticism
01:35:08a Records 'I-5 Strangler' Used Garrote
01:35:13a Strike talks resume at St. Thomas
01:35:19a Murky scandal at the heart of South Africa
01:35:24a Contributory Pension Scheme Coming Soon for Govt. Employees
01:35:32a Cisco bids US3B for videoconferencing leader
01:35:37a High hopes for bad bank
01:35:43a Berry Helps Secure Funding For Energy And Water Projects 01 Oct 2009 181936 GMT
01:35:48a Llama drama stops traffic in Dublin
01:35:53a Soldier MIA for 43 years laid to rest in Boise
01:35:58a Gov't passes NIS 2b. across-the-board budget cut
01:36:03a Green Bay Leaders have No Plans to Change Offender Restriction
01:36:09a Half of babies 'will live to 100'
01:36:14a Canadians still buying vehicles - even without carrot
01:36:20a AU lobbying Africa's position in the Americas
01:36:25a Africa's Seventh Biennial U.S.-Africa Business Summit Begins
01:36:30a Arkansas Company Buys Idled Ethanol Plant In North Dakota 01 Oct 2009 211319 GMT
01:36:36a Big Sister is watching you
01:36:41a Grassroots Initiatives Bring Relevancy Back to Our Educational System
01:36:47a Tories survive Commons non-confidence vote as NDP abstains
01:36:52a Obama prohibits feds from texting while driving
01:36:57a Riverside DA Related To Murder Suspect Leaves Case
01:37:03a Jackson 'was fairly healthy'
01:37:08a Cocaine-filled sandwiches found in airport
01:37:14a Michael Jackson autopsy report has surprises
01:37:19a Another sexual assault alleged by a Penn student
01:37:24a Super-LSD sparks drug warning in Adelaide
01:37:30a The Newtonian Telescope
01:37:35a Desperate hunt for survivors from Indonesia quake
01:37:41a US Congressman Alan Grayson enrages Right with ‘Don’t Get Sick’ healthcare gibe
01:37:46a Immucor Profit, Revenue Rise in 1Q
01:37:52a UWA takes IP dispute to High Court
01:37:57a NBN Co to buy telco assets
01:38:02a US man steals hot dog at gunpoint
01:38:09a NASA Invites Students to Participate in Waste Limitation Management
01:38:15a Saskatchewan moves to seize profits from Colin Thatcher's book
01:38:20a Task force to probe stripper's murder
01:38:26a L.A. County district attorney defends pursuit of Polanski case
01:38:31a Ad campaign to combat knife crime
01:38:37a Kazakh president to arrive in Azerbaijan, talk cooperation
01:38:42a My condo neighbor yelled at me
01:38:47a Drug trials in Africa
01:38:53a Thursday This & That Open Thread
01:38:58a Sept US auto sales fall amid clunkers letdown
01:39:03a 20. PKR man told to quit
01:39:09a The Biggest Threat to Economic Recovery Missing Billions of Credit
01:39:14a Karen Ocamb 'Fred Karger describes his victory in Maine'
01:39:20a Britain to rely on imports for half winter gas
01:39:25a Shake-up in Texas execution probe draws criticism, quest
01:39:30a Judge reject both bids for Coyotes
01:39:35a Chaffetz releases his own earmark rules
01:39:41a Theater company revisits Laramie, Wyo., 10 years after Shepard murder inspired play
01:39:46a Coming home, they've done their time
01:39:51a Tsunami account 'I turned around and saw complete destruction!'
01:39:56a LSE granted exclusivity for Turquoise move
01:40:02a New statues all at sea
01:40:07a FLOTUS leads the Olympic charge
01:40:12a Lufthansa plan to buy up bmi shares triggers excitement at possible sell-off
01:40:17a Anglo seeks Xstrata ‘put up or shut up’ order
01:40:23a Cheap Vacation Package for Your Family to Enjoy
01:40:28a U.S. and Iran Hold Rare Bilateral Talks
01:40:33a Is Lubbock affected by medical examiner shortage in Texas?
01:40:39a Can I Lose My Beer Belly Fast?
01:40:44a Senators Aid to Mistresss Husband Raises Ethics Flags
01:40:49a House votes against Obama on Guantanamo transfer plans
01:40:55a MITCH ALBOM ‘When already?' is new Tigers cry
01:41:00a U.S. stocks tumble on manufacturing data
01:41:05a Cheap All Inclusive Vacations
01:41:10a Obama says Iran nuclear talks 'constructive'
01:41:16a Shoe thrown at IMF chief in Turkey
01:41:21a Olympic Committee Poised to Vote on 2016
01:41:26a Get the Most Out of Your Doctor's Visit
01:41:31a Publishers prepare for U-turn as 70% plan to charge for online content
01:41:37a FBI seizes counterfeit Andrew Wyeth watercolor
01:41:42a Christmas Travel Safety
01:41:47a Seedcamp Web-Era Support for Startups
01:41:53a Prosecutor says he lied at Polanski's 1977 trial
01:41:58a Favorite Vacation Activity Research History
01:42:04a 'I Speak of Simple Things'
01:42:09a 'Fascist' Obama to appear on Sesame St
01:42:14a Zipcar iPhone Application
01:42:20a BofA scrambling; strategy for new CEO questioned
01:42:25a Brian McBride, managing director
01:42:31a AOL Seeks New Identity as Publishing Hub
01:42:36a Growing calls to open gardens to all
01:42:41a Capt. 'Sully' Returns To The Skies
01:42:47a The worst may be over for Japn's workers, unemployment improves
01:42:52a Caribbean Vacation Packages
01:42:57a Letterman says he was target of extortion attempt
01:43:03a Robert Barro and Charles Redlick Stimulus Spending Doesn't Work
01:43:08a Zazi described as having the means to kill New Yorkers
01:43:13a GE in talks to spin off NBC Universal
01:43:19a Ozawa sets sights on Upper House ballot
01:43:24a Investors worried about the risk of inflation take a shine to gold
01:43:30a UAL Corp 19M share Secondary priced at
01:43:35a Committee Meetings Planning an Effective Meeting
01:43:40a RBS to appoint new directors and looks at different ways to strengthen capital
01:43:57a Tortoise Energy Capital Corp. Provides Unaudited Balance Sheet...
01:44:02a Wiggio Adds Facebook Integration, Video Conferencing And More
01:44:08a Video Should Grayson apologize?
01:44:13a Setting Expectations for a Magical Disney World Vacation
01:44:19a Justin.TV's Sub-Sites Are a Surefire Profit Generator
01:44:24a VIDEO Pilots return to flying
01:44:29a Spelling Bee Tips for Third Graders
01:44:35a Video Petraeus 'Kill or capture' Bin Laden is top priority
01:44:41a BofA could reach and become an earnings powerhouse, Barron's says
01:44:46a SF Doyle Drive Project May Cause Traffic Nightmare
01:44:51a Dutch fishermen say eel ban puts them on 'endangered list'
01:44:57a HML records 40% growth
01:45:02a Wash. hospitals' court bid for reimbursement fails
01:45:07a NYC's famed Four Seasons restaurant gets new chef
01:45:12a Nissan reveals sketch of global compact car
01:45:18a 2 accused of receiving opium in eastern Wis.
01:45:23a Give Yourself a Raise by Doing Business with China
01:45:28a Spin out of control
01:45:34a CNN Student News Transcript October 2, 2009
01:45:39a Magnitude 6.3 quake hits Tonga
01:45:44a Motorcyclist dies after hitting roo
01:45:50a Moore hoping for crowd revival
01:45:55a The Facebook paedophile ring
01:46:00a Mama's Minestrone
01:46:05a Afghanistan is not Iraq or Vietnam
01:46:11a World savours the success of buffet diplomacy
01:46:16a Planning Tips for Avoiding Vacation Disaster
01:46:21a The Brit is the 'new' Australian
01:46:26a 'Imports a major threat to the domestic tea industry'
01:46:32a Exhibition honours Indigenous elders
01:46:37a The Colorado Rockies shower each other with beer and champagne
01:46:42a Cahill ensures Blues beat BATE
01:46:48a Year One Unrated DVD Review
01:46:53a Parts of Asia Watch Inflation
01:46:58a Indonesian Bishop Among Those Affected by Quake 2009-10-01
01:47:04a Governments 'handballing' crayfish issues
01:47:09a Russia may base intelligence official in Brussels
01:47:14a We love our country the most
01:47:20a EPA Board Desert Rock Needs More Study
01:47:25a Video 'Nearly public option' passes Senate committee
01:47:33a Lord Mandelson lives down to my prediction
01:47:39a Rann 'fine' after dinner assault
01:47:44a Farmers set to harvest first GM crop
01:47:49a Battle of Quebec Football Titans on TSN2
01:47:55a Belize City mayor charged with corruption
01:48:00a Sensex posts marginal gain
01:48:05a POLL-Australian shares to show 29 pct gain in 2009
01:48:11a Supreme Court to Hear 2nd Amendment Challenge to Chicago Gun Ban
01:48:16a UK fraud investigators want prosecution of BAE
01:48:21a Miliband ditches bananas for Tarzan
01:48:27a Video TTYL No car texting for federal workers
01:48:32a Woman gets plastic surgery after glassing
01:48:37a Stone, Swift Stumble; Headwaters Retreats
01:48:43a District Judge Strikes Down Texas Ban on Marriage Equality
01:48:48a Amazon agrees to proposed settlement in suit over deletion of Orwell books
01:48:54a Understanding Tobacco and Finding Reliable Quit Smoking Resources
01:48:59a Search teams arrive, 100 Australians missing
01:49:05a Chicago, Rio lead 2016 Olympics host race
01:49:10a Chinese leaders sing and dance in National Day evening party
01:49:15a Bose unveils SoundDock 10
01:49:21a House and Senate Move from ACORN to Weapons Makers
01:49:26a Offer on one-time settlement on margin money loan extended
01:49:31a UN agency corrupt, says Opposition
01:49:37a Hey, Hey proves to be the master of ratings
01:49:42a Babies born into affluent homes can expect to live till 103
01:49:47a Obama says Iran talks constructive, demands more
01:49:53a Prodigy Foundation Awards Taylor County Teacher
01:49:58a Invesco Closer to Buying Van Kampen
01:50:03a 'Fear' Fuels VIX's Jump
01:50:09a GM Sees Some Positive Signs on Bumpy Road
01:50:14a Indian Bank cuts FCNR, NRE rates
01:50:19a Barley offers new hope for WA's salt-affected land
01:50:25a Raw Video Brush Fire Burns Near Sunol
01:50:30a MTS reaches 2 million subscriber base
01:50:36a 100 Aussies 'missing' in quake zone
01:50:41a Packers Want to See Rodgers Win
01:50:47a Militant factions clash in Somalia
01:50:52a Fleisher to hold workshops
01:50:58a Corporate sentiment on recovery track
01:51:03a Cruel September for Car Makers
01:51:09a The Best Way to Clean Up Your Credit Report
01:51:18a 'XP Mode' Ready by Windows 7 Consumer Rollout
01:51:24a Documentary follows struggles of an addict
01:51:29a Politicians the new celebs or just plain cringe-worthy
01:51:35a Francis and the Light Bulb
01:51:40a The truth about the English
01:51:45a Perth sings sayonara to Madame Butterfly
01:51:51a Polanski arrest 'not vindictive'
01:51:56a Draft rules on short selling released
01:52:02a MESSENGER's Third Gravity Assist Successful, But 'Safe Mode' Interrupts Science
01:52:08a Identity Theft Victim Speaks Out About 16 Year Ordeal
01:52:24a Pakistan to Target Taliban's ‘Epicenter’
01:52:29a Vuln ELinks 'entity_cache' HTML File Off By One Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
01:52:35a Autopsy shows Jackson was healthy
01:52:40a Christian Terror in the Congo
01:52:45a Police arrest man in slaying of Illinois family
01:53:09a Tenet Healthcare Hires Chief Medical Officer
01:53:15a Video Grayson on non-apology
01:53:20a Assaults on elderly on the rise
01:53:25a Do Your Genes Determine Which Diet Means Weight-Loss Success?
01:53:31a Miliband to offer Russia an olive branch
01:53:36a 45th anniversary food fairs
01:53:41a Indian-Chinese PMs
01:53:46a UK residents online for 30 hours a week
01:53:52a Child's tattoo disfigurement or poor parenting?
01:53:57a Doctor to face mutilation trial in 2010
01:54:02a Dr_ Wave Intro to Google Wave
01:54:08a How the Swiss reformed healthcare
01:54:13a GOCE Starts Its Science Mission
01:54:18a Answer for This Week's WITU Challenge Now Available
01:54:23a Rocky World COROT-7b Rains Rocks
01:54:28a Oakwood Serviced Apartments Returns to Manila With the Opening of Oakwood Premier
01:54:34a How the Facebook paedophile ring was arrested
01:54:39a One Giant Step for Alex Schultz
01:54:44a President stresses strong military is vitally needed
01:54:50a Casino cashes in on Key's top 10
01:54:55a Are There Natural Ways To Control Cholesterol?
01:55:01a Why I Run Run for Congo Women
01:55:06a 2009 Run for Congo Women
01:55:11a 'Whip It' wobbles, but it doesn't fall down
01:55:17a Thackeray likens estranged nephew Raj to Jinnah
01:55:22a Fired La Brea workers chase MP
01:55:27a Xconomy Channels Startups and Life Sciences
01:55:32a Honduran regime may hold talks with deposed president Zelaya
01:55:38a NASA 3-D Map Shows Flooding Rains of Typhoon Ketsana
01:55:43a Pak minister warns vs. US missile strikes
01:55:48a Review IPod Touch with Nike+ Running
01:55:55a World crying wolf over Iran
01:56:01a Idled ND ethanol plant sold for million
01:56:06a Red Lights at the I-430/630 Interchange 01 Oct 2009 210806 GMT
01:56:12a Talks With Iran Yield Guarded Optimism
01:56:17a Vuln BackupPC 'ClientNameAlias' Security Bypass Vulnerability
01:56:22a Taking justice to doorstep of poor
01:56:28a Malaysian Held For Visa Violation
01:56:33a Ahmadinejad 1, Couric 0
01:56:38a Another quake hits Samoa
01:56:44a Infocus Responding to a Brute Force SSH Attack
01:56:49a Tom Frewen Week In Parliament
01:56:55a Health Centres To Be Armed With Ambulances
01:57:00a Costly baubles for mistress causes chief's wife to snap, fire at husband
01:57:05a La Crosse woman gets 6 months jail in baby's death
01:57:10a Northrop Grumman gets US3.8B US Air Force deal
01:57:16a Benefits of dieting and you won't have to diet
01:57:21a King's private yacht eats into Belgian defence budget
01:57:26a Japan's unemployment rate at 5.5 per cent in August, down from record high
01:57:32a Toronto school board approves black-focused school
01:57:37a Man on pornography charges denied bail
01:57:42a Flu alert ahead of Haj
01:57:48a Daily Checkup Shot Delays, Breast Milk, Vouchers
01:57:53a Smoking ban to take effect Dec. 4
01:57:58a CTV to close station in Brandon, Man., after 6 p.m. newscast Friday
01:58:04a chairman for ITV, an interest in television an advantage but . . .
01:58:09a TxDOT to give back million in federal funds
01:58:15a Mingo County Woman Says She Killed A Federal Drug Informant
01:58:20a From Australia's dust storm to the stormy seas
01:58:25a Land Claims Hold Up Safcol's Plans
01:58:31a Financial dive stocks fall sharply
01:58:36a Swimmers won't throw in the towel over local landmark
01:58:41a EU President Tony Blair Within Weeks
01:58:47a Protests in Ecuador kill one, injure 49
01:58:52a Salt Creek Recreation Area in Eastern Washington State Park is Full of the Unexpected
01:58:57a Perry distant cousin shot and killed
01:59:03a 5 Health Habits It's OK to Skip
01:59:08a U.S. expected to pull 4K from Iraq in October
01:59:13a FA gets ready to target ‘hostile’ fans
01:59:19a Boy's Neck Slit By Kite String
01:59:24a Australia into world squash quarters
01:59:29a FDIC Discloses Deposit Insurance Fund Is Now Negative
01:59:34a Regal Anglo mis-times spurning of Xstrata
01:59:40a Raw Video Rookies Hazed After Final Home Game
01:59:45a Qualcomm to appeal FTC's licensing order
01:59:50a Leeds aiming to do Holmes proud
01:59:56a Ex-Minister Formally Prosecuted For Graft
02:00:01a More Bay Area Public Workers In 'Six-Figure Club'
02:00:06a Million Med March Is Only 150 Strong
02:00:11a Bright Light Social Hour wins Sound and Jury contest
02:00:17a Guest Column 45 years of Job Corps success
02:00:22a Green Bay, Minneapolis Mayors Bet More than Bragging Rights
02:00:27a We cannot safely say that the Great Crash has passed
02:00:32a Prosecution, defense rest case in day four of Devoe trial
02:00:38a Doing Your Own Remodeling
02:00:43a Universities face academic exodus
02:00:48a 'Steps taken to help rain-hit people'
02:00:53a Beware the Year End Tax Tips
02:00:59a Kidnapping Monarch, 7 Others Arrested in Abia
02:01:04a Public Urged Not To Abuse 991
02:01:09a In memory of Dr Faheem
02:01:14a Student protester hurls shoe at IMF chief in Turkey
02:01:19a Dow Drops Over 200
02:01:25a Big names sparkle for Starlight
02:01:30a SRP board officially defers rate hike
02:01:35a Withdrawal of six per cent hike in power rates demanded
02:01:41a Stenography The Secret Art of Hidden Information
02:01:46a Lawmakers Cave to FBI in Patriot Act Debate
02:01:52a U.S. Officials Worry About Domestic Terrorism Plots
02:01:57a MESSAGE for STUDENTS
02:02:03a Review AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition Processor
02:02:08a Chinese Observe National Day
02:02:13a Faulty traffic signals need immediate attention
02:02:19a In drug deal gone bad, man persuades captors not to kill him
02:02:25a Bonded labourers toil in modern-day slavery
02:02:30a Authorities May Sue Geothermal Energy Firm
02:02:35a Vladimir Putin helped Sochi to secure its 2014 winter Olympics bid
02:02:41a Shah Faisal Nazim visits Christian Goths
02:02:46a Guardian Capital Tactical Yield Fund files Preliminary Prospectus
02:02:51a Police nab two suspects for loansharking activities
02:02:57a Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili blamed for starting Russian war
02:03:02a Cab driver stiffed, red Rabbit pulls gas-and-go
02:03:07a HM Appoints Education Minister Head Of MIB Council
02:03:12a Lack of awareness behind high disease ratio
02:03:17a What's next in the Coyotes saga
02:03:23a FBI releases bank robbery surveillance video
02:03:28a Study Chantix Has Little or No Suicide Risk
02:03:34a Vuln OpenOffice EMF File Parser Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
02:03:39a Bruges’ Blood Procession receives world heritage status
02:03:44a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Learn Who is Calling You
02:03:49a The Show Goes On Crossroads This Weekend
02:03:55a Chiefs Get Ready For Visiting Giants
02:04:00a Microfinance Innovator Ririra Challenges Marginalization of Women
02:04:05a Loss Of Conventions Hits KC’s Bottom Line
02:04:10a Hearing in PIMS Cardiac Centre head’s case adjourned
02:04:16a 'Cramming' Phone Charges Plague Bay Area Consumers
02:04:21a Suspect dies in custody
02:04:26a McDonald drive spares Celtic after Rapid reverse
02:04:32a PM to fight 'delegitimization' of Israel
02:04:37a Viewer Says Power & Light Signage Confusing
02:04:42a London Exchange in Talks to Buy Alternative Platform
02:04:47a Splayed Ferrets at the Red Door tomorrow
02:04:53a Japanese Self-Defence Forces Day celebrated
02:04:58a Pay Your Traffic Ticket Or Go To Jail
02:05:03a Flight 3407 families express concern
02:05:08a Court to be moved against Farah Dogar’s jacked-up marks
02:05:14a Bresnan warned after Twitter tirade
02:05:19a Company offers free trapping of iguana that bit 7-year-old
02:05:24a Dollar tumbles as investors shun risk
02:05:29a Reform candidates lose
02:05:35a 20+ Greenpeace protesters arrested at Suncor oil sands project
02:05:40a Khori Garden tragedy probe concludes
02:05:45a Man drags woman down flight of stairs
02:05:51a Bjorn bounces back at the Dunhill
02:05:56a HI BBB Warns Scareware Attacks Tied To Disasters
02:06:02a Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anderton adds to...
02:06:07a How to Pay Off Your Credit Cards
02:06:12a U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments on Mojave Cross
02:06:17a Danville Hero Pilot 'Sully' Back At Work
02:06:22a New developments in political case
02:06:28a No reports of NZers hurt in Indonesia quake
02:06:33a Politician who became president of Panama following the US operation to overthrow Manuel Noriega
02:06:38a The Great Hackers
02:06:44a Three iPhone Productivity Apps to Simplify Your Life
02:06:49a NASCAR Drivers Hit KC
02:06:55a Obama Nation Billboard Draws Attention
02:07:00a Aftermath of a failed rape attempt
02:07:05a Autopsy reveals death is suicide
02:07:10a Residential burglaries down, garages now popular targets
02:07:16a Cricket South Africa look to revolutionise domestic limited overs cricket with 40-over format
02:07:21a The firm with a 'back door key to Number 10'
02:07:26a Counsel asked to establish citizenship of al-Qaeda leaders
02:07:32a All About Crosstalk A Form of Interference in Electronics Wiring
02:07:37a 'Hudson miracle' pilots, passengers reunite to retrace flight
02:07:42a Supreme judges take their places
02:07:48a H1N1 vaccine on schedule, official says
02:07:53a Murphy finds the space to fire Fulham
02:07:58a Disabled man tackles Westminster suspect
02:08:04a Unexpected Water on the Moon Results Confirmed by Three Different Spacecraft
02:08:10a Indian fishermen to be produced in court today
02:08:15a Man who sued Mictrosft could lose million
02:08:21a Film and TV stars back proposed internet ban for download pirates
02:08:26a Students facing transport problem in twin cities
02:08:32a Cracking down on texting while driving
02:08:37a John Legend coming to Durban
02:08:43a Undying Feats for Development of Juche-Oriented Education
02:08:48a Video U.S., Iran meet face to face
02:08:54a Goldstone Report won't affect peace
02:08:59a Nutritionist Wins Prestigious National Award
02:09:04a Ford sales a bright spot in month after clunkers program ended
02:09:10a The Central Washington State Fair helps nearby residents make some money
02:09:15a Honduras Resists Demands to Lift Emergency Decree
02:09:26a Capello England deal in place ‘for the long haul’
02:09:32a Reunion of Separated Families of North and South Closes
02:09:37a Residents of RP shoe capital go barefoot
02:09:42a Trampling blamed for walrus deaths
02:09:48a Nation, By Terry Pratchett
02:09:53a EU Iran to invite nuclear inspectors 'soon'
02:09:58a Blackwater Mercenaries Behaving As Police Force in Montana Town
02:10:04a Cattle Feeding Time For Fall Nutrition Tune-Up
02:10:09a Megson confident of hanging on to Cahill
02:10:14a PA's conflicting approaches as different as night and day
02:10:20a ADF blamed for creek contamination
02:10:25a More Women Removing Noncancerous Breasts
02:10:30a Fluff Fluff goes from camp dog to millionaire mutt
02:10:35a In Aspen, Views Plus Totem Pole
02:10:41a US ready to pressure Iran
02:10:46a Another Monsanto man in a key USDA post? Obama's ag policy's giving me whiplash
02:10:51a Dust storm won't ease water bans
02:10:57a The Language of Things, By Deyan Sudjic
02:11:02a TV Students get behind-the-scenes look at ACL Fest preparations
02:11:07a Wall Street's Loss Hurts Asia
02:11:13a Nicholson, Polanski and Hollywood in the Seventies
02:11:18a Do It German-Style and Make Your Own Sauerkraut
02:11:23a A Gambling Man, By Jenny Uglow
02:11:28a UPDATE 1-Macquarie buys Ford Australian car-loan portfolio
02:11:34a Steps to Take If You Are Summoned to Court for Unpaid Bills
02:11:39a Walgreen; Teradyne Hit New 52-Week Highs
02:11:44a Scientists map potato genetic sequencing draft
02:11:50a Officials slow to help Mohamud lawyer
02:11:55a More O
02:12:00a Ig Nobel awards The gas-mask bra
02:12:06a Metro police chief, reporter sued for libel
02:12:11a Anyone for lunch? LTA landed with a £500,000 bill for free meals
02:12:17a Crashgate cost me the drivers' title, says Massa
02:12:23a DPRK's Stand on World Peace and Security Clarified
02:12:28a If The Dead Rise Not, By Philip Kerr
02:12:33a Climbing the Bookshelves, By Shirley Williams
02:12:39a United striker Wayne Rooney puts baby before Moscow clash
02:12:44a Comcast in talks to buy stake in NBC
02:12:49a Flawed vetting system that allowed an abuser to slip through the net
02:12:55a Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney Based Upon Your Needs
02:13:00a Letterman Admits Affairs, Claims Extortion
02:13:05a Indonesia has high hopes for elections
02:13:11a San Joaquin River Restoration Begins
02:13:16a Vegas is right at home in Spain
02:13:21a Prosecuting bribery is in Britain's national interest
02:13:27a National service just what's needed
02:13:32a Kerala boat tragedy toll rises to 41
02:13:37a Hulbert Investors Are In
02:13:43a Japan's jobless rate falls to 5.5% in August govt
02:13:48a Asda chief rules himself out of MS job
02:13:53a Teitur, All My Mistakes
02:13:58a Kuwait earns in first 5 months
02:14:04a Panel Split on Probing VIP Loans
02:14:09a Opponents simply no match for PJ Club
02:14:14a Red Hat files brief in Supreme Court patent case
02:14:19a Clunker-less calamity
02:14:25a Obama calls Iran nuke talks 'constructive' but urges 'action'
02:14:30a Future hangs on creative farms
02:14:36a Samoans Hunt For Survivors As Tsunami Toll Hits 160
02:14:41a Washington Post, Bloomberg launch news service
02:14:47a Elizabeth Smart was raped daily
02:14:52a CNN H1N1 Vaccine On Schedule, Official Says
02:14:57a Martinez tries to make his players forget Chelsea glory
02:15:02a Sharon Wauchob RTW Spring 2010
02:15:08a Langham Samui launches buy one get one promotion
02:15:13a Should Roman Polanski Be Behind Bars?
02:15:19a Bulls retreat as markets brace for more gloom
02:15:24a Conservative Dems Are Killing the Consumer Protection We All Need
02:15:29a Death toll from QC village up from 35 to 42
02:15:35a Indonesia Post quake death toll worsens
02:15:40a Pompey's Hart of steel The man with hardest job is hanging on
02:15:45a Sac City Schools Ramp Up H1N1 Flu Prevention
02:15:50a Geeks Try Google Wave, Have Mixed Feelings
02:15:56a Developers to build 'most luxurious resort in Israel' on Mikhmoret beach
02:16:01a Time for Europe to move on
02:16:06a Johnson takes French leave
02:16:12a Teen climbs power pole to see game, takes high-voltage shock.
02:16:17a Opto Circuits India subsidiary signs agreement with US firm
02:16:22a The disappearance of local solidarity
02:16:28a Why President Obama Should Prosecute Bush and Cheney
02:16:33a The Invention of Lying
02:16:39a Felipe Massa says 'Crashgate' robbed him of glory
02:16:45a Obama heads to Denmark to lobby for Chicago 2016
02:16:50a Patti Blagojevich says former employer defamed her
02:16:55a Occasions of Sin, By Diarmaid Ferriter
02:17:00a Belgium's A.F. Vandevorst go on sexy safari
02:17:06a DPRK Calls for Developing South-South Cooperation
02:17:11a Bethany soldier killed
02:17:17a Iran blinks in nuclear plant talks
02:17:22a PRESS DIGEST-Singapore newspapers Oct 2
02:17:27a Open House Next Week on 29th Street Project
02:17:32a 'Jurassic treasure trove' of eggs could reveal why dinosaurs died out
02:17:38a Steve Grzanich Tweets Some IOC members waiting 'til last minute to decide
02:17:43a Rodong Sinmun on International Day of Old Persons
02:17:49a VT has the opportunities to expand and the cash to do it
02:17:54a Jack Thompson Sues Facebook Over Video-Game Backlash
02:18:00a Dire humanitarian situation in DPR Korea jeopardizes human r
02:18:05a Nneka 'My mission is to give people hope'
02:18:11a 'The Invention of Lying' tells it straight
02:18:16a Russian investor expands Facebook stake sources
02:18:21a How vitamin D can save pensione
02:18:26a Man charged over body dumped in suitcase
02:18:32a Ohio editor Royhab to retire, led newspaper to Pulitzer for
02:18:37a Scenes of devastation as quake toll hits 1,100
02:18:42a Relive Gandhi through forgiveness, compassion
02:18:47a Human rights in Taiwan need to be secured
02:18:53a Amazon Clarifies What Can Go Down The Memory Hole
02:18:58a Cry 4 the Congo
02:19:03a The Ten Best National Sporting Rivalries
02:19:08a Ribbons Remember Domestic Violence Victims
02:19:13a Three PMB refs for Tests in November
02:19:19a Israel readies to receive Gilad Shalit video
02:19:24a Martinu benefits from BBC Symphony Orchestra's championship
02:19:29a Can microfinance help end poverty
02:19:34a S.C. Gov. Sanford doesn't want ethics report released
02:19:39a The Word On Ian Brown, My Way
02:19:45a to all the ones I have loved before
02:19:50a Bernie Sanders Shifts Focus from ACORN to Criminal Weapons Makers
02:19:55a First round of H1N1 vaccines expected in Washington next week
02:20:00a Turnbull ignores Libs' assessment
02:20:06a Evidence Shows Fragment Not From Hitler
02:20:11a Battle of the Beasts PS3 Slim Vs. Xbox 360 Vs. Wii
02:20:16a The Age of Wonder, By Richard Holmes
02:20:22a Gurrumul; The Climbers; The Amarylas; Lofty Heights; Karen O and the Kids; Pavement
02:20:28a Obama calls for action from Iran
02:20:33a SUMMIT COUNTY /p...
02:20:38a Big Phil lines up another huge pay-off
02:20:44a The future is unfriendly in latest action games
02:20:49a Hamas, Israel to restart prisoners talks next week sources
02:20:55a The politics of the BBC and Murdoch
02:21:00a SPC MD 2056
02:21:05a Spy movies The guys who came in from the cold
02:21:10a 'MySims Agents' brings top-notch sleuthing to the Wii
02:21:16a A New Pal for Pooh
02:21:21a Charles Dickens, By Michael Slater
02:21:27a The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing, Edited by Richard Dawkins
02:21:33a Report warns penicillin 'becoming obsolete'
02:21:38a Woman fried, ate ex's goldfish
02:21:44a My problem with teenage mothers
02:21:49a 'Opera was my secret love'
02:21:54a Motherless Daughters, By Hope Edelman
02:21:59a Coke homes in on calories INTL
02:22:04a 2 's Disabled man tackles Westminster suspect
02:22:10a SPC MD 2055
02:22:15a Panasonic closes curtain on TV picture tube production
02:22:20a D-Day for Ireland – and rest of EU
02:22:26a Chicago, Rio lead race to host Olympics
02:22:31a IMF calls on banks to 'fess up about real state of assets
02:22:36a Weaning And Nutrition Management
02:22:42a Clean up high streets if you want to win back custom
02:22:47a Control board chairman steps down
02:22:52a Elderly should take Vitamin D to prevent falls
02:22:58a Quality important for senior nutrition Senior nutrition checklist
02:23:03a Sumatra quake toll tops 1,100
02:23:08a Kanye West/Lady Gaga Tour Is Canceled
02:23:14a Jaguar's 2010 XFR sedan is one cool cat
02:23:19a TV Solar rebate program suspended, rebates to be cut
02:23:25a Liberty Way Interchange To Open Next Week
02:23:30a If we care about the BBC, we must fight to defend it
02:23:41a Kim Yong Nam Greets Guinean President
02:23:47a Coming Up @ 11 PM 10-01-09
02:23:52a Schumer Wants Penalties for States That Don't Ban Texting While Driving
02:23:58a EU Official Iran To Invite Nuclear Inspectors 'Soon'
02:24:03a 10 taken to hospital after multivehicle wreck on I-20 near Weatherford
02:24:09a Natalya books ticket to Malaysia Games
02:24:14a High-Dose Vitamin D Supplement May Reduce Risk of Falling Among Older People
02:24:19a Homebuilder Stocks Lag Broader Market
02:24:25a 'Windows 7 Compatible' is Microsoft's way of approving peripherals for launch
02:24:35a Consumer tests show up to 73% of packet seeds are already dead
02:24:41a Dancer's murder probe reassigned
02:24:46a State Revenues Were Million Above Estimates in August
02:24:51a Garrido's Attorney Breaks Silence
02:24:57a UK broadband limps in as 25th best in the world
02:25:02a Shot for using boss's toilet
02:25:07a DPRK Exhibition Opened in China
02:25:12a Destin Physician David Webb Convicted In Federal Court on 131 Charges
02:25:17a Indoor Pool of Kim Il Sung Univ. Completed
02:25:23a Finnish premier survives vote of confidence
02:25:28a X Factor hosts Holly Willoughby and Dermot O'Leary swim with dolphins
02:25:33a 'More Than a Game' creator thrilled his vision has come to life
02:25:38a Dems Ease Impact Of Health Bill, Advance Nears
02:25:44a Asda boss attacks the nanny state
02:25:49a Defence told to clean up creek contamination
02:25:55a Dedicated Individuals Work Hard to Mend Rwanda
02:26:00a Community pride prevails over cruel act
02:26:05a Baby girl just swept away
02:26:11a Trickle Of Companies Switching From BlackBerry To iPhone?
02:26:16a Where to Find Printable Baseball Activity Worksheets
02:26:22a Valley firm to provide electric-car chargers
02:26:27a Hudson's Bay Company goes for gold again
02:26:32a It is critical we get definitions for levels of care
02:26:38a Myanmar's Suu Kyi set for appeal verdict
02:26:43a Lamp Runs on Human Blood
02:26:49a Cuba launches 'no free lunch' trial
02:26:54a A career? Just make us stars, say children in new survey
02:27:00a A lose-lose situation for the government
02:27:05a Ground Breaking On the New Grand Lagoon Bridge
02:27:11a Grounding Flights Won't Stop Flu
02:27:16a Family Vacations at the Hard Rock Hotel, Universal Studios, Florida
02:27:21a Local News IN YOUR COMMUNITY 7 PM 10-01-09
02:27:27a Kanye West's 'Fame Kills' Tour Meets Swift Death
02:27:32a Obama Iran Must Give Inspectors Complete Access To Nuclear Plant and finance
02:27:37a Tax Office targets rich
02:27:43a US Fed Chief Urges Expanded Financial Regulation and finance
02:27:48a IBM to launch cloud-based e-mail service
02:27:53a Illinois Points the Way to Food System Reform
02:27:59a Cor, luvvaduck, there's another blonde bombshell in the Queen Vic!
02:28:22a Jackson healthy before death
02:28:28a Disney wants World Cup in US
02:28:33a Devil's Staircase Gets Greenlight In Oregon 01 Oct 2009 213207 GMT
02:28:39a Gaydamak, Poalim execs indicted for money laundering
02:28:44a Dr. Jerry Old Talks About Vintage People
02:28:50a Bank robbers flee to house in small town
02:28:55a Hollyweird Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg
02:29:00a Stephen Colbert says Send your Hospital bills to Max Baucus
02:29:06a Vitamin D 'can help balance'
02:29:11a US congratulates China but critics abound
02:29:16a Modifying iPhone Carrier Settings
02:29:21a Top-20 selling vehicles in US through September
02:29:27a Saturn divis
02:29:32a New utility fee a big burden
02:29:37a Shot in the face but not in the heart
02:29:42a SPC MD 2054
02:29:48a 'Prudent' Diet Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk
02:29:53a Letterman Admits To Affairs With Staffers In Revealing Extortion Attempt
02:29:58a Gift to Kim Jong Il from WIDF Delegation
02:30:03a Ministry to probe claims by expert nutritionist
02:30:09a Intervention Programme For Rimba Secondary School Students
02:30:14a Pengrowth Energy cuts distribution by 30 pct
02:30:19a Ireland heads to polls for European treaty vote
02:30:24a Bus driver admits to drunk driving
02:30:30a Economy mending, but weakness persists
02:30:35a How Afghanistan's rape law got passed
02:30:41a 7th National Korean Dress Show
02:30:46a Ig Nobel awards go to knuckle-cracker, tequila chemists, other laureates
02:30:52a Companies guilty of bribery can be barred from Pentagon contracts
02:30:57a Florida College Ready For Flesh-eating Zombie Attack 01 Oct 2009 212827 GMT
02:31:02a John Pilger Iran's 'nuclear threat' is a lie
02:31:08a Check On Recycling Sites In Belait
02:31:13a Mexico's brewer and beverage maker Femsa considers beer merger
02:31:18a Ageless Beauty Offers Unique Japanese Products And Treatment
02:31:24a U.S. lawmakers vote to punish Iran's fuel suppliers
02:31:29a No reports of NZers hurt in Indonesia Mfat
02:31:36a Jakarta Stocks May Turn Lower
02:31:41a Tony Parker now has the weapons to lead the Spurs to a championship
02:31:47a 'Discovering each other was the most glorious shock of our lives'
02:31:52a Minister plans to merge agencies
02:31:57a Bank of America debates short-term CEO
02:32:03a Irish aid agencies respond to earthquake fallout
02:32:08a Letterman says extortion attempt targeted his affairs with co-workers
02:32:13a Analysis PA's conflicting approaches as different as night and day
02:32:19a Pehin Dato Jamil Primary School Wins Anti Drugs Choir Competition
02:32:24a Elkhart man sentenced to 60 years in prison for infant son's death
02:32:30a Mother 'badly hurt' in smash which kills her daughter
02:32:35a State Dept. rethinks how to deliver aid to Pakistan
02:32:40a Task force created to combat al Qaida in Afghan prisons
02:32:45a Concern at reporting of murder-suicides
02:32:51a Traffic chaos as circus llamas take to the highway
02:32:56a Rodong Sinmun Celebrates Chinese Birthday
02:33:01a Video Graham fires back at Beck
02:33:07a Anniversary of Kim Jong Suk's Demise Commemorated in Nigeria
02:33:12a NI markedly different with rights protected, conference told
02:33:18a Shebeen owner facing €30,000 fine
02:33:23a Taxi drivers threaten second day of protest
02:33:29a Russian official calls gas pipeline project to Israel 'very promising'
02:33:35a Iran to allow UN visit to nuclear plant
02:33:40a Murphy's law proves decisive for Fulham
02:33:46a There are signs of a Labour fightback
02:33:51a Gandhi ka filmi Darshan
02:33:56a EU presidents call for Yes vote
02:34:01a Seatbelts are step to Palestinian statehood
02:34:07a FSA to vet appointment of bank directors
02:34:12a Waterford builders providers cuts jobs
02:34:17a Viking silver hoard goes on display
02:34:22a Flickering kerosene lamps on which rest the hopes of India's poor
02:34:28a File on prisoner's death going to DPP
02:34:33a Department chief surprised by HSE claim on savings
02:34:38a Yale Retiree Brought Weapons to Campus
02:34:44a Reduction in number of new childcare places
02:34:49a Button relaxed ahead of potentially decisive race
02:34:54a Animal response team heads to Samoa
02:34:59a the haggling is about to start
02:35:06a SEO and the Decay of Search Experience
02:35:11a Obama voices concerns over natural disasters in Samoa, Indonesia
02:35:16a Underworld kingpins remanded in massive cocaine trafficking bust
02:35:21a LEAD Japanese household spending rises 2.6% in August+
02:35:27a A pair of Mamet comedies good value for money
02:35:32a Mofaz, visiting E-1, urges PM to start building
02:35:37a Ictu chief wants extension of time to cut deficit in finances
02:35:43a S Africa slips to 9th in Africa governance ratings
02:35:48a Canadian gov't survives non-confidence motion
02:35:53a Ireland votes on Lisbon
02:35:59a Powerful 6.3-magnitude earthquake hits Tonga
02:36:04a Texas judge clears way for gay divorce
02:36:10a Dayton says she was fair to Race to the Top
02:36:15a Cow Mutations , Tim Head
02:36:20a Six Flags' holders of redeemable shares propose plan
02:36:26a Irish economists see Lisbon Treaty sailing through poll
02:36:31a Barclays To Purchase Citis Portugal Credit Card Business
02:36:36a Chessmen 'will never come home'
02:36:41a Celtic v Rapid photos
02:36:47a PM now says PA has not dropped its demand for a settlement freeze
02:36:52a Tournament Planned To Assist Family Of H1N1 Victim
02:36:57a Great Forest vision is unveiled
02:37:03a Fencing / Iran keeps up Israel boycott, forfeits again
02:37:08a Access Pharma acquisition candidate, promising pipeline, BusinessWeek reports
02:37:13a Best of the best ICC World teams
02:37:19a Web Extra Bruins Fan Fest 2009
02:37:24a A community remembers a family lost to fire
02:37:29a The Raven King, By Marcus Tanner
02:37:34a Man held over post office raid
02:37:40a Man arrested after assault in Glasgow
02:37:45a Korean families face separation after reunions
02:37:51a Cost of policing parades is 'unsustainable'
02:37:56a Letterman I faced extortion over sexual affairs
02:38:01a Only an external probe will do
02:38:06a Underfunded public schools reach breaking point
02:38:12a Terre Haute native named best male singer by Academy of Western Artists
02:38:17a Ireland votes on EU's Lisbon treaty
02:38:22a Sisters of Providence to host Non-Violence Day prayer service
02:38:28a Japan Jobless Rate Falls to 5.5% in August
02:38:33a NTSB releases probable cause report on fatal plane crash
02:38:38a Ecuador's Shuar gird for conflict after protest
02:38:44a Utah Wildlife Board dealing with bison overload
02:38:49a Lawmakers oppose transfer of Guantanamo detainees to United States
02:38:55a Restoration project begins on California river
02:39:00a Grant to help Riley make improvements to wastewater system
02:39:06a University of Florida ready for 'zombie' attack
02:39:11a Blair in line to be president of Europe
02:39:16a Trampling Blamed For Alaska Walrus Deaths 01 Oct 2009 213907 GMT
02:39:21a 'Demand for designer clothes rising in small cities'
02:39:27a Japan Monetary Base Up 4.5% On Year In September
02:39:32a Two men charged with ATM fraud
02:39:37a Anglo seeks deadline on Xstrata bid
02:39:43a International LDN Awareness Week, October 19 25th, 2009
02:39:48a Man's skull broken in street attack
02:39:53a Hong Kong's New Central Bank Chief Keeps Currency Peg
02:39:59a Herbert tells panel he's against caps on campaign donations
02:40:04a Business booms for Philippine car mechanics
02:40:09a More child sex charges for ex-Mesa officer
02:40:15a Pedestrian struck and killed
02:40:20a China celebrates with elaborate display of power and ideology
02:40:25a Lord Mayor welcomes major retail centre in Cork
02:40:30a Indonesia Quake Toll Hits 1,100
02:40:36a UK rescue teams prepare for Sumatra earthquake mission
02:40:41a Ex-bus driver accused of other altercations
02:40:46a Who said this father-to-be can't grow up
02:40:51a Ed Smart Revelations in Elizabeth's testimony
02:40:57a Man to face trial over cold case
02:41:02a Canadian man bites dog
02:41:07a Massive pipeline nearing completion
02:41:12a Coping with disaster
02:41:18a Iraqi PM ditches old Shi'ite allies for Jan polls
02:41:23a M.I.T. Taking Student Blogs to Nth Degree
02:41:29a woman falls to death from 4th floor
02:41:34a Sino-Indian Relations HOT?
02:41:39a ORNL scientist says superhydrophobic powder will 'change the world'
02:41:45a Tuna season delayed in P.E.I.
02:41:51a Afghan poll 'fraud' video released
02:41:56a Ketsana toll in Philippines hits 293
02:42:01a Call to outlaw 'minimum snagging' by builders
02:42:07a Australia shares slide 1.8 pct on recovery risks
02:42:12a Samba smbd Processing Flaw Lets Remote Authenticated Users Deny Service
02:42:18a First Appearance For 78 Year Old Panama City Beach Woman Charged With Murder
02:42:23a Coming to a screen near you, Harry the movie star
02:42:29a Gaydamak indicted for money laundering
02:42:34a Australian Government Awards 10 Offshore Oil Exploration Blocks
02:42:40a Last chance to join stars and walk the walk for charity
02:42:45a FEATURE-Climate change threatens Brazil's rich agriculture
02:42:50a China oozes confidence about future
02:42:56a Rain forecast for Brisbane
02:43:01a 'Immediate' fishing action needed
02:43:17a all Aussies accounted for
02:43:22a Can Israel hope to change the rules of war
02:43:27a Australia Inflation Gauge Hits Seven-Year Low
02:43:32a Decision Day For Host City
02:43:38a Swimmers won't throw in the towel over local landmark
02:43:43a Brumbies re-sign prop Ma'afu
02:43:48a Ind, China stand off over visa issue
02:43:54a Kanye West's 'Fame Kills' tour meets swift end
02:43:59a 'Carson didn't show any remorse for cheating on me with a string of women'
02:44:04a From Australia's dust storm to the stormy seas
02:44:10a Scholars plan first US Islamic college
02:44:15a Court allows dairy company to use replacement labour
02:44:20a Aid flowing to Samoas; death toll at 150
02:44:26a Ski resort sets helmet rule after celebrity's death
02:44:31a Police chase driver locks himself in a house
02:44:36a Moves to allow non-lawyers to run law firms welcomed
02:44:42a Police appeal for witnesses after golfer killed in crash
02:44:47a Just don't go it alone
02:44:52a Report won't affect peace
02:44:58a Japan unemployment falls in August
02:45:03a Tyminski top Bluegrass male vocalist for 4th time
02:45:08a It's lucky we have Ahmadinejad
02:45:14a Peter Pan's house saved from bulldozers
02:45:19a Soldiers survive 30ft plunge from bridge
02:45:24a Recovery fears drag markets lower
02:45:30a EMERGING MARKETS-LatAm assets slide on rising recovery worries
02:45:44a Three jailed for beating man to death after wedding
02:45:55a 70-year-old golfer plays 72 holes in one day for good cause
02:46:00a SC's first swine flu vaccines set to arrive
02:46:05a Should universities change the way they classify degrees
02:46:10a UN chief urges global leaders to act for agreement in Copenhagen
02:46:16a Juliette Lewis Natural born oddball
02:46:21a Red Mass Veiled lobbying of high court?
02:46:26a Middle school teacher faces rape charges
02:46:31a UNESCO includes tango dance in its list of world cultural treasures
02:46:37a 'Grave concern' over prison overcrowding
02:46:42a Puppets Preach Hate on Hamas TV
02:46:47a Pawlenty brushes aside online presidential buzz
02:46:53a Autopsy results in for woman hit by own car
02:46:58a Madonna would rather be 'run over' than married
02:47:03a Samoa Death Toll May Rise
02:47:09a Red-hot Eels battle bookies
02:47:14a Kanye West's 'Fame Kills' tour meets swift end
02:47:19a Saturn dealers wonder what's next
02:47:24a Stakes rise in resorts challenge
02:47:30a Parents worry about swine flu vaccine
02:47:35a LB Darius Fleming epitomizes Notre Dame's season
02:47:40a €4bn green collar jobs plan urged
02:47:46a Climate change seen behind sharp fall in fish catch
02:47:51a Markham soldier killed in the Philippines
02:47:56a Colo. Gov. declares 'Rocktober' after Rockies' win
02:48:02a Woman dies in Co Cork road crash
02:48:07a UAL Corporation Announces Pricing of Common Stock and Convertible Senior Notes Offerings
02:48:13a Hatoyama arrives in Copenhagen in support of Tokyo's Olympic bid+
02:48:18a From David Letterman Makes Major Confession
02:48:23a Full-size Lego House Demolished, Lego Cat Missing
02:48:28a Obama bound for Copenhagen to push Chicago's Olympic bid Summary
02:48:34a Education Management Corporation Announces Pricing of its Initial Public Offering
02:48:39a More New Looks at Mercury from MESSENGER
02:48:44a Toomey Rising
02:48:50a Pakistan issues coin to mark 60th anniversary of new China
02:48:55a China loses hope for title to Japan
02:49:01a Video game predicts Penguins repeat as Stanley Cup champs with win over Hawks
02:49:06a Police arrest culprit in dual murder case
02:49:11a Diabetes Drug From Astra, Bristol Shows Benefit In Study
02:49:17a UPDAT E1-Allergan challenges federal off-lable ban
02:49:22a Graham The Loyal Opposition
02:49:27a China tightens M&A rules for listed companies
02:49:33a GAIL may be allowed to charge margin on gas
02:49:38a 2 Fort Lewis soldiers killed in The Philippines
02:49:43a Wyo. boy, 11, leads police on chase up to 100
02:49:48a Assistance effort 'shifting to Sumatra'
02:49:54a Allegiant Air to fly to Wichita, Kan.
02:49:59a Healthy Difference for Men at 630 Football Concussions 01 Oct 2009 223202 GMT
02:50:05a Danish study suggests increased life expectancy
02:50:10a Cisco to buy Norwegian co for bn
02:50:15a Roading project starts ahead of schedule
02:50:24a International peace march begins in Wellington
02:50:29a Caliraya releases water
02:50:34a Main events scheduled for Oct. 4-11+
02:50:40a The Final Crackdown
02:50:45a Israel threats to halt 'peace st...
02:50:50a Boddington pours first gold
02:50:56a Impounded vehicles to be auctioned
02:51:01a Fireman tells court of seeing men struck by car
02:51:07a DENR exec denies Sierra Madre logging
02:51:12a Journalist nabs business award
02:51:17a Allergan Suit Seeks to Lift Botox Curbs
02:51:23a IBM tries to blow away Google's 'cloud-computing' campaign with low-cost email for businesses
02:51:28a Hope Samoa will still play in World Series
02:51:34a Wind farm planned near Mt Gambier
02:51:39a Kid Friendly Vacations
02:51:44a The truth about jobs that no one wants to tell
02:51:49a Police say two wounded in Akron market shooting
02:51:55a Cutbacks force council to employ fewer people
02:52:00a Japanese among Ig Nobel winners for cutting waste using panda feces+
02:52:05a Canadian officer describes stopping murder suspect at border
02:52:11a Dubai Property Fair Set to Begin
02:52:16a 'Pepeng' maintains strength en route to Aurora, Isabela
02:52:21a More nurses to E. Visayas in gov't program
02:52:27a Wall Street drop, court order to hit Thai stocks
02:52:32a Bike ban considered through SW Portland cemetery
02:52:37a Saturn dealer owners won’t be lost in space
02:52:42a 10,000 Pounds Of Food Collected At Drive
02:52:48a Croc safari plan shot down by Garrett
02:52:54a Nurses needed to help deliver H1N1 vaccine in Memphis
02:52:59a Atlanta's Meadors WNBA coach of the year
02:53:05a Arroyo checks Albay road, housing projects
02:53:10a TM-Astro fight for English Premier League football rights costing RM500m
02:53:16a Royal Condolences To Indonesian President
02:53:26a Smoking should be election issue—DoH exec
02:53:31a Fresh quake near Tonga, tsunami toll nears 200
02:53:36a Is Conservativism Brain'Dead?
02:53:42a UPDATE 1-Australia BBI says investor talks continue
02:53:47a Macquarie Buys Ford Australian Car-Loan Portfolio
02:53:52a AFL-CIO, Delta at Odds on Labor Rule
02:53:58a Ape with a twist suggests chimps evolved from early humans
02:54:03a AM Nasimuddin's sons bid to take over Jetson fails
02:54:09a Court to hear gay divorce in Texas, despite gay marriage ban
02:54:14a Men Kick Baby Stroller During Attempted Robbery
02:54:19a Happy Homecoming For Hundreds of Jacksonville Based Soldiers
02:54:25a Guilty verdict in department store murder
02:54:30a Mother Of 'Strangler' Victim Speaks
02:54:35a New typhoon looms as South-east Asia death toll nears 400
02:54:41a DoST to get smaller budget
02:54:46a Burma's Suu Kyi set for appeal verdict
02:54:52a From all over, help keeps pouring in for 'Ondoy' victims
02:54:57a David Letterman Victim of Extortion Attempt
02:55:03a Ketsana toll in Philippines rises to 293
02:55:08a Human's Oldest Relative Found
02:55:13a Union pickets at Chrysler over non-union trucker pay
02:55:18a Senate candidate Rand Paul raises million
02:55:23a China spectacle of power marks 60 years
02:55:29a Republic Airways Plans for Tricky Path
02:55:34a What was the secret of Stieg Larsson's extraordinary success
02:55:39a PRESS DIGEST Vietnam newspapers Oct 2
02:55:45a Pressure on Bafana coach to deliver
02:55:50a Predicting Volatile Wind, Sun
02:55:56a Obama Addresses Democratic Governors' Fundraiser
02:56:07a Two women died from swine flu in past week
02:56:13a Charisma, culture clash in 2016 Games vote
02:56:22a UN provides aids to disaster-hit Indonesia, Samoa and Philippines
02:56:27a Ensign aid to mistress’ husband raises flags
02:56:32a 'Love Letters' postponed
02:56:38a Hotel Jen In Hong Kong launches christmas/new year promotion
02:56:43a First Coast Students Hear from President Obama
02:56:48a Auto accident a blessing in disguise for Memphis opera singer
02:56:54a Apple iPhone users It's all good - except AT&T
02:56:59a TSA Highlights Employee Retention Progress
02:57:04a A Year Later, Justice Still Needed
02:57:10a Ex-PCI holding firm head acquitted of breach of trust+
02:57:15a Rescuers search for survivors as Sumatran death toll hits 1,100
02:57:21a December trial set for Aug. shooting suspect
02:57:26a TV Both sides rest in Devoe trial
02:57:31a General Electric is considering the sale of a 51% stake in NBC Universal
02:57:36a Video game 'Spore' spreads to Hollywood
02:57:42a Three Ways To Stream Movies To Your iPhone
02:57:47a Parents of Manuela Riedo to attend event
02:57:52a Roosevelt Avenue To Undergo Changes
02:57:57a Doctors Running Out Of Seasonal Flu Shots
02:58:07a Tuam council calls for boycott of Coke products
02:58:15a Rescuers recover bodies of victims of Samoa tsunami disaster
02:58:20a Hardline Islamist group in Somalia kicks rival faction out of southern port city
02:58:25a Oklahoma City Calendar
02:58:31a Russia targets beer in bid to tackle alcoholism
02:58:39a Border residents brace for swine flu outbreak
02:58:44a TSA's Security Screening of Head Coverings
02:58:53a Crews monitor hinterland fires
02:58:58a Victoria to appoint corruption tsar
02:59:03a Alameda teachers build a classroom in El Salvador
02:59:09a Storm ready for Cayless
02:59:14a Monitored CCTV to improve nightspot security
02:59:19a Premier League ready to take control as 'penniless' Pompey crash
02:59:25a SimpliFLY Your Carry-Ons
02:59:30a Super typhoon to tear Filipino homes apart
02:59:36a TIA Finds Box Cutter Hidden in Book
02:59:41a Diabetes Program Proves Successful
02:59:47a Aussie rescue teams head to Indonesia
02:59:52a Hull City team save woman on bridge
02:59:58a PM to fight 'delegitimization' of Israel
03:00:03a Woman falls from railway platform
03:00:09a CNN Judge Orders Fund For Salmonella Claims
03:00:14a Former UCD Worker Placed On Leave
03:00:22a SNTV Busy Britney
03:00:27a House Dems take new direction in Pa. budget talks
03:00:33a Hundreds vie for Marks Spencer jobs
03:00:38a Arrest Made in Murder of 5 Illinois Family Members
03:00:43a Government rejects crocodile-hunting plan
03:00:49a JIS Student Wins UWA Scholarship
03:00:54a High Court to hear Hogan's appeal
03:00:59a Constellation quadruples H1 net income
03:01:05a ‘Gossip Girl’ among top 10 books eyed for ban
03:01:10a 2016 Olympic Race Too Close to Call
03:01:15a TSA Unveils New TSO Uniforms
03:01:21a Hillary Clinton to visit Dublin and Belfast this month
03:01:26a FACTBOX-Some facts about Mexican drinks maker FEMSA
03:01:32a Saturn dealers, ownerswonder whats next
03:01:37a Statue Honors 'Good Samaritan' John Breaux
03:01:42a FBI Eyes Link between Airline Bomb Threats
03:01:48a Teoh inquest Mystery male is one M. Gopala, says Dr Seah
03:01:56a US President Barack Obama makes a statement on the Iran talks
03:02:01a Magnitude 5.0 quake hits Banda Sea
03:02:06a Win Streak May End For Taiwan Stocks
03:02:12a Ensign's ex-mistress, husband sought million
03:02:17a Markland Locks fail at crucial time
03:02:22a Market battered after overseas share plunge
03:02:28a Johnson named 2009's best cricketer
03:02:33a Zurich heap more pressure on under-fire Milan boss
03:02:39a Vic to appoint racing integrity chief
03:02:44a Tory surge puts paid to Labour hope
03:02:50a Schwarzenegger says no to Polanski special treatment
03:02:55a 3 in NJ governor's race begin debate
03:03:01a 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Tonga Day After Tsunami Hits
03:03:06a Dead whale removed from Newark shipping channel whale removed from Newark shipping channel
03:03:11a Powerful quake hits off Tonga
03:03:17a Austria's budget deficit to reach nearly 4% in 2009
03:03:23a Diesel exhaust particles in the lung aggravate experimental acute renal failure
03:03:28a Anglo American Forces Xstrata's Hand on Deal
03:03:34a Fed Says French Bank Can Open Office In New York
03:03:42a City firefighters go pink in support of women's health
03:03:47a Israeli firm plans dairy at Palamner
03:03:54a An Iranian pumps gasoline into his motorbike at a gas station north of Tehran
03:04:00a Senate defeats bid to force general's testimony
03:04:05a Number of 'abject poor' in Gaza triples UN
03:04:11a UC Davis Admits Inflating Campus Sex Crime Statistics
03:04:16a UN Gears Up Relief Operations for Asian-Pacific Disasters and accidents
03:04:22a Prisoner to guards 'Which way is out?'
03:04:27a CDC 28 pregnant women dead from H1N1
03:04:32a Bondholders committee, board OK CIT restructuring
03:04:38a Jobless aid extension hits a snag
03:04:43a Losses Could Accelerate For Singapore Stocks
03:04:49a Japan jobless rate eases, but may rise again
03:04:54a Rooney may miss Moscow visit
03:05:05a Police forces urged to boost co-operation
03:05:10a RPT-UPDATE 4-Mexico's FEMSA in talks over beer business deal
03:05:15a Moran officially becomes 2011 Jacksonville mayoral candidate
03:05:21a Suspect in August bank robbery caught in Florida
03:05:31a Iran Makes Agreement With U.S.
03:05:36a Mayoral candidates pledge to focus less on negative campaigning
03:05:42a Call for supermarket code of practice
03:05:47a Communist China Turns 60—and Reveals Its Insecurities
03:05:53a Poth Boy Loses Battle With Cancer
03:05:58a Senate rejects forced Army testimony
03:06:03a Mother of slain boy says WM3 convicted men innocent
03:06:09a Iran agrees to more meetings
03:06:14a Palestinians drop Gaza resolution
03:06:22a Sheriff says 1 arrested in slain Ill family case
03:06:32a How to Install DD-WRT On a PC in Linux
03:06:38a Police save ‘robber’ from mob justice
03:06:43a Big Bird Turns 'Birther' During Parody of Michelle Obama's Visit to 'Sesame Street'
03:06:51a Sister to Sister to Host BIKE FOR THE HEART EVENT Sunday, October 11th
03:07:03a Rural Report for Friday, October 2, 2009
03:07:09a Tua weighs in heavier than Cameron
03:07:14a A Gate at the Stairs, By Lorrie Moore
03:07:19a Colo. Gov. declares `Rocktober' after Rockies' win
03:07:25a Avoiding Maryland Tolls Still E-Z for Some
03:07:30a Costa Water Relief Approved By House of Representatives
03:07:35a Where small firms with great ideas go to meet money they need
03:07:41a Paris Hilton album 'inspired by Kylie'
03:07:46a Look who's calling whom a liar now
03:07:52a Quake near Tonga likely an aftershock
03:07:57a Another quake rocks South Pacific
03:08:03a Japan affected by fewer typhoons so far this year+
03:08:08a Marketplace expected to revitalize North College Avenue
03:08:13a Letterman says he's victim of attempted extortion
03:08:19a Iran, world powers agree to N-talks
03:08:25a Classroom Projects Get Funded
03:08:30a Powderfinger treat fans to surprise gig
03:08:36a Israel trying to d
03:08:41a Capitalism Means Never Having to Say Youre Sorry
03:08:47a Jon Stevens condition deteriorates
03:08:53a McChord crew flying aid to American Samoa
03:08:58a Sheriff's Department Faces More Cuts
03:09:04a Why Obama may want to ask Bush what to do in Afghanistan.
03:09:10a Canadian bishop in child porn case surrenders
03:09:15a Psych nurse suspended after assault
03:09:21a Letterman Admits Affairs With Staffers While Revealing Exortion Plot
03:09:27a HK protests on China's National Day
03:09:32a Tokyo stocks tumble over 2% on U.S. data, stronger yen+
03:09:38a Orleans Homebuilders Announces Bank Amendment and Limited...
03:09:44a P55 Chipset Quick Primer
03:09:49a Live Japan Grand Prix practice
03:09:55a NZ death toll could be six
03:10:00a Crime Stoppers caller set to get
03:10:06a Businesses Tackle H1N1
03:10:11a California Walnut Board Launches Fresh New Website
03:10:16a Case made for central dispatch in Stark
03:10:22a Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau hands out yearly awards
03:10:28a 4 policy advisers absent from Beijing parade
03:10:34a Oil prices edge higher as market mulls Iran, data
03:10:40a ATV Rider Relives Accident That Almost Killed Her
03:10:45a Prisoner escapes jail by asking guards for directions
03:10:51a Man, 61, accused of molesting 2 of his grandkids
03:10:56a Japan's Sept. monetary base up 4.5%+
03:11:01a Roger Ebert Proof Positive Some People Should Never Quit Their Day Job
03:11:07a Cancerous tumor found in elephant Buki
03:11:12a Iran to send its declared enriched uranium to Russia
03:11:17a Ingrid Fliter, Chopin Complete Waltzes
03:11:23a Strong yen pushes Nikkei to two-month low
03:11:29a Mass. man indicted in neighbor's ax killing
03:11:34a No more free lunches in Cuba
03:11:40a HK shares to open down 2.74 pct; Glorious Property slumps
03:11:46a Keith Floyd And The 'Old French Dragon'
03:11:52a LEAD Japanese among Ig Nobel winners for cutting waste using panda feces+
03:11:58a Shootouts, Pot Fields and Spy Drones — Danger Room in Afghanistan
03:12:03a The magical world of 'edutainment' for kids
03:12:09a State Rep. Blake Curd running for US House
03:12:14a Business Report for Friday, October 2, 2009
03:12:20a Rowlett home sales
03:12:25a All Blacks deserve a break, says Afoa
03:12:30a Casino cashes in on Keys top 10
03:12:36a Shimoyama sparks Buffaloes to comeback win
03:12:41a Computer screens causing eye strain for boomers
03:12:46a Mark's Evening Forecast Oct. 1
03:12:52a Lifeguards removed at popular Waikiki beach
03:12:57a Vital Therapies Initiates Liver Stabilization Trial
03:13:03a 2 state employee unions ratify R.I. cost-cutting plan
03:13:08a Death Ruled Homicide Four Months Later
03:13:14a Robbery Suspect Rams Police Car, Crashes
03:13:20a Concern over out-of-hours treatment
03:13:25a Durbin says public option is nothing to fear in health care reform
03:13:31a Group Encourages Businesses To Recycle
03:13:36a Letterman blackmailed into admitting sex with staffers
03:13:42a Video GOP values protecting property over people
03:14:26a DNA skills reveal Hitler skull scam
03:14:31a Disputed Afghan Election Leads to U.N. Staff Shake-up
03:14:37a U of L police suspend sex-assault investigation
03:14:42a A home away from home in the middle of the desert
03:14:48a Video Obama economic advisor goofs on “wingnut” Sarah Palin
03:14:53a Miliband to withhold judgment on Afghan election
03:14:59a Japan not to discuss recent rise in yen at G-7 meeting Fujii+
03:15:04a Sales down, incentives up
03:15:09a Cattalini to receive tough homecoming
03:15:15a Chris Lilley's new show named Angry Boys
03:15:32a Bill Clinton cheers Haiti investors
03:15:39a It's time for a Jewish boycott of the Ukraine
03:16:16a NSW Health backs criminal DNA testing
03:16:44a Rumors! Stock spikes! Don't believe it.
03:16:49a Argentine ex-leader in attack charge
03:16:55a Woman fried, ate ex's goldfish
03:17:00a San Francisco Firm To Distribute H1N1 Vaccine
03:17:06a Indonesia quake toll tops 1,000
03:17:13a Poll finds less support for abortion
03:17:19a Mom Of Family Hit By Motorist Recalls Impact
03:17:24a Asda Turns to Customers for Advice
03:17:30a Seriously, What Can One Say About This?
03:17:35a U.S. hits North Korea in the wallet
03:17:41a Lieberman Norway too 'hostile' to have monitors in Hebron
03:17:46a Hamas and Egypt Shalit 'video deal' is not a breakthrough
03:17:52a Patersons looks to grow in Asia
03:17:57a Court serves injunction over Twitter
03:18:03a FBI ordered to release Cheney notes
03:18:09a Canadiens prevail over Maple Leafs in OT
03:18:14a Alaska Can Meet U.S. Energy Needs
03:18:25a Poll says U.S. abortion support declining
03:18:43a Paris designers send out raw and sexy looks in abbreviated leather, dazzling rhinestones
03:19:02a Ventas Announces 2009 Third Quarter Earnings Release Date and Conference Call
03:19:08a Mobile firms dealt blow on EU call costs
03:19:13a St. Tammany agencies hoping FEMA will forgive disaster loans
03:19:19a Austin woman survives tsunami
03:19:25a Climate change threatens Brazil's rich agriculture
03:19:31a Nurses' union sues over hospital flu shot policy
03:19:37a Muere en Cuba escritor Cintio Vitier
03:19:42a Deaths Mount in Indonesian Quakes
03:19:48a U.S. Sept auto sales plunge; GM, Chrysler hit hard
03:19:54a Mesa to use bonds to jump-start new freeway
03:19:59a Ombudsman expected to finish term until 2012
03:20:05a New regulation bans federal employees from texting while driving
03:20:10a Twitter CEO's penthouse for sale
03:20:16a Stallman offers prizes for finding free software faults
03:20:21a Accenture's Profit Slides
03:20:26a Commercial transactions
03:20:32a Indians Red Sox Baseball
03:20:37a Desert Rock Needs More Study
03:20:42a Hard to ease Cuba embargo
03:20:48a Guys Watch Football For Charity
03:20:54a Speakers at Retailing Summit in Dallas offer sobering assessment
03:20:59a Ariane-5 rocket orbits civilian, military satellites
03:21:05a Colleen OConnor Palin Keep on honking; Im reloading
03:21:10a Fungi-infested violins best Stradivarius
03:21:16a Great Things to Do in Western New York Updated Haunted House and Hayride Information
03:21:21a Great Things to Do in Western New York October Events
03:21:27a Texas Women Ventures Fund helps female entrepreneurs
03:21:32a The 'Gem of Tanzania' revealed as fake in Britain
03:21:38a On Blasphemy Day, Freedom of Speech Is in the Eye of the Beholder
03:21:43a Lobbyists get their own play space
03:21:49a Man pulls boy from burning building
03:21:55a Doctors Fight Penalty on Heavy Test Use
03:22:00a Powerful 6.3 quake hits off Tonga, Samoan islands
03:22:06a Halloween Events at Los Angeles Theme Parks
03:22:12a Former Peru president gets six years for bribery
03:22:17a Mark/Space Announces PC and Mac Synchronization Support for Android Phones
03:22:23a Remains are not that of Corrie Anderson
03:22:29a RCMP say Canadian tourist's story of Mexican crocodile attack not true
03:22:34a Minutemen of CA Conduct 47th Border Watch
03:22:40a Teen now believes father is guilty
03:22:45a Deaths from broken necks
03:22:51a BREAKING NEWS Second Swine Flu Death Reported in WV
03:22:56a Environmental review for Speyside
03:23:02a UK research 'G8's most efficient'
03:23:07a New blog More Money from Money Magazine
03:23:13a Fall Festivals in Washington, Pennsylvania
03:23:18a Disappearance of young Saturn brand disappoints car fan
03:23:24a 50-metre tower approved for South Yarra
03:23:29a Best and Cheapest Nail Salons in Washington DC
03:23:35a 'MySims Agents' brings top-notch sleuthing to the Wii
03:23:40a A fairer way to calculate property tax
03:23:46a CCP Games Implements Interpolls’ Rich Media Widget Technology to Promote EVE Online Game Virally
03:23:52a Computer 'glitch' cripples TD Bank transactions
03:23:57a Turnbull dismisses climate assessment
03:24:03a Real estate briefs
03:24:09a 'America's Teacher' Naomi Klein Interviews Michael Moore
03:24:14a April 2010 deadline for Scarborough hospital
03:24:20a Mexico's Femsa Confirms It's In Talks About Its Beer Unit
03:24:26a Computer use causing eye strain for boomers
03:24:31a Powerful 6.3-quake hits off Tonga, Samoan islands USGS
03:24:37a Cat burglar steals toys, TV, as family sleeps
03:24:42a Man did not evolve from apes
03:24:48a Capsicum spray victim gets compo
03:24:53a Scott Brown on the Facebook Movie
03:24:59a Youths problems are their parents problems too
03:25:05a Asia shares slump on U.S. data; dollar gains
03:25:10a 'The Wizard of Oz' gets a high-tech makeover
03:25:16a Letterman admits to multiple affairs
03:25:22a Julie Michelle develops photo hobby into career
03:25:27a Police seek witnesses after Geelong fan bashed
03:25:33a Blue Food Festival 2009
03:25:38a Sun sets on Saturn's Utah dealerships
03:25:44a Mortgage Rates Below 5%
03:25:49a Reuters Summit-'Old GM' looks to cap environmental costs
03:25:55a Turkish army ends boycott to pro-Kurdish MPs, joining parlt opening
03:26:00a Injured tsunami victim to head home after surgery
03:26:06a Health Chief 2nd Wave Of H1N1 Is Beginning
03:26:12a Try these 5 solutions to common digital photography problems
03:26:17a Where to Find Olympic Pools in Florida
03:26:23a TTEC puts new Cove power station in use
03:26:28a Free office supplies in West Palm Beach's 'Great Old City Hall Giveaway'
03:26:34a Scarborough Council in urgent need of community centre
03:26:39a High praise for Goodwood High
03:26:45a MySpace to give free music a spin
03:27:03a MGM studio buys more time with lender agreement
03:27:09a UF getting million in stimulus money
03:27:16a Chilly weekend ahead for the south
03:27:32a Man confesses to setting fire at Riviera Beach church, police say
03:28:03a Munich Journal Raise Your Mugs to German Efficiency!
03:28:09a Hearing set for suspect in shooting of deputy
03:28:28a Iranian Opposition Leader Warns Against Sanctions
03:28:34a Broward County School Board members vent about ongoing corruption investigation
03:28:42a Got a zombie problem UF has the answer
03:28:48a Wildfire on base 80 percent contained
03:28:57a PRESS DIGEST Hong Kong October 2
03:29:12a Gun groups file suit supporting Montana law
03:29:22a New York Philharmonic Cancels Planned Trip to Havana
03:29:38a Walnut Hills Kroger Store Remodeled
03:29:51a China Is Wordless on Traumas of Communists’ Rise
03:30:02a UPDATE 1-Pengrowth cuts distribution 30 pct, will up capex
03:30:07a Teacher launches complaint over gender-change firing
03:30:13a 'Expedite' H1N1 shots Ontario to feds
03:30:29a Agency Plans for Visa Push by Residents Made Legal
03:30:39a Court awards record NIS 16 million for 33-year-old malpractice case
03:30:44a Tourists in Vietnam Venture Out Again
03:30:50a McAuliffe calls for compromise in push for Palm Beach County corruption reform
03:30:56a Fashion Diary Multinationalism in Fashion’s Tribes
03:31:02a U.S. Delays Somalia Aid, Fearing It Is Feeding Terrorists
03:31:07a Names of the Dead
03:31:16a Continental Divide For Bosnia, Future May Hinge on Irish Vote
03:31:21a Room for Debate China’s Next Stage
03:31:27a Will anyone mourn Saturn
03:31:34a Delays, Cutbacks on Seasonal Flu Shots
03:31:52a Chrysler, GM, Ford Sales Drop Post-Clunker Deal 01 Oct 2009 214936 GMT
03:31:58a Calif. FEMA station rushes aid to American Samoa after tsunami
03:32:03a Living on the Edge, Geologically Speaking
03:32:32a Nine Aspirin Is Not Enough
03:32:38a Swine Flu Spreading Widely; Worry Over Pregnant Women
03:32:43a Grassroots Gone Dry
03:32:48a Fearful people quiet about shooting
03:33:04a Down in line with regional markets
03:33:09a Orange You Glad You Didn't Drive The 91 Freeway?
03:33:15a Exclusive Child Abuse Alleged At Downey Preschool
03:33:21a Tropical Storm Olaf spins off Mexico's coast
03:33:32a IBM takes on Google in business Web-mail market
03:33:37a SC concerned at lawyers' obsession with money
03:33:45a Part Of Long Beach Wants In On Seal Beach
03:33:51a UP Congressmen to visit Dalit homes, à la Rahul
03:34:14a 17 years on, 'dead' woman is alive
03:34:22a American Red Cross sends volunteers to American Samoa
03:34:33a Delinquent parents on the loose
03:34:38a Umsindo ngesikhangiso 'esithunaza uCaster nabesifazane'
03:34:43a PM sets up panel to monitor ministers
03:34:49a Suspected Maoists kill 16 people in a Bihar village
03:34:54a Part-Time Housekeeper Accused Of Burgling Clients
03:35:00a Dozens walk to support breast cancer awareness
03:35:06a Malema threatens Nedbank over ASA
03:35:11a Eggciting find TN was once a dino habitat
03:35:17a Vinson Clothiers now for women, too
03:35:23a Dores' Ryan Hamilton Is Single-Handed Again
03:35:29a Wondering about a wonder
03:35:34a Jagan might have missed the CM bus
03:35:40a Solar expo and tour is Saturday at UF
03:35:57a Israel taking extraordinary steps to block prosecution of military, political leaders
03:36:03a Grave fears for missing Malaysian tourist
03:36:11a China plays Kashmir card, India protests
03:36:16a Ford suffers sales hangover after cash for clunkers ends
03:36:22a Dangers Toxins Found In Air Around SoCal Schools
03:36:27a Quattrocchi is not the only one to escape, CBI has missed many a target
03:36:33a Kapil Sibal to discuss madrassa board with Muslim MPs
03:36:39a No South Africans hurt in earthquake government
03:36:45a Mom Out Of Hospital After Stabbing
03:36:50a Bunker Too Small For First Lady's Luncheon
03:36:57a Sentencing delayed for P.E.I. man convicted of fraud
03:37:02a Welcome Monument to be Placed at Highway Entrances
03:37:08a Zuma appoints Ngcobo to position of chief justice
03:37:14a Brazil lawmakers visit embassy in Honduras, get assurance authorities won?t invade compound
03:37:19a 'We've lost our little miracle'
03:37:29a Ronnie Milsap Unhappy Song Pulled From Radio
03:37:35a Imisakazo ayidlale ikwaito Malema
03:37:40a Mum jailed for life after girl starves
03:37:46a Ugeqa amagula ngomshado wakhe u'KB'
03:37:51a Lone bidder offers CZK 1bn for ?SA
03:37:57a Up to 100 Australians sought in quake-hit Indonesia
03:38:02a Panchayati raj is partial success
03:38:08a Letterman admits affairs with female staffers, says he was targeted by extortionist
03:38:13a Kerala HC judges make assets public
03:38:19a Charges against BAE put spotlight on SA
03:38:24a Baby named Tsunami after lucky escape
03:38:30a Defunciones de cubanos en la Florida
03:38:36a Argentina's Menem charged with obstructing bomb probe
03:38:42a Obama Headed to Denmark to Lobby for 2016 Olympics
03:38:47a ‘Smart Growth Group Supports Ohio Passenger Rail
03:38:53a Isolezwe lifundwa kakhulu ukuwedlula wonke ansukuzonke
03:38:58a Frantic search as Indonesia quake toll tops 1,000
03:39:04a Is Senate Ahead of House on Allowing States to Do Single-Payer?
03:39:10a Neighbour from hell ordered to clear up 'unbearably smel
03:39:15a Honda to top profit forecast as sales improve
03:39:21a New quake strikes off Tonga
03:39:27a Nurses sue MultiCare over mandatory flu prevention policy
03:39:32a After they can't catch it, deputies shoot pug that stopped traffic on I-90
03:39:38a Clothes make powerful memories in off-Broadway's 'Love, Loss, and What I Wore'
03:39:43a Noland hired as assistant to U of L education dean
03:39:49a Extensive Portal-Hopping Out on the Final Frontier
03:39:54a 4,500 rescue workers involved in quake evacuation
03:40:00a Dairy industry drives agriculture surplus
03:40:06a On anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth, Obama expresses appreciation for his life, lessons
03:40:11a Winter the dolphin gets her 7th prosthetic tail
03:40:17a WAN set to benefit from WA growth
03:40:23a NYC man convicted of 1st degree murder in Pa.
03:40:28a Letterman admits affairs with staffers
03:40:34a Argentina's Menem charged with obstructing bomb probe
03:40:39a AbaseNhlangwini 'bahlamuka' inkosi
03:40:45a Bishop's High School PTA repair damaged chairs
03:40:51a Bill Clinton cheers turnout by hundreds of international investors at Haiti conference
03:40:57a Japan's Kobayashi gets first taste of F1 action
03:41:02a Nigeria in Favor of Strengthening Cooperation with Cuba
03:41:08a Motorcyclist dies after crash with 'roo
03:41:14a Hero Central Foster Grandparents, Positive Influence On Kids Lives 01 Oct 2009 221626 GMT
03:41:20a EMT tried to treat ill wife but killed her, police say
03:41:25a Japanese firms more positive but plan to cut investment
03:41:31a Downs being transformed, extras needed for filming of ‘Secretariat'
03:41:36a Dollar gains, caution prevails ahead of U.S. jobs data
03:41:42a Bicyclist hit and killed on Poplar Level Road
03:41:47a View from the Top with Richard Levin of Yale University
03:41:53a Honeymooners swam to safety in Samoa
03:41:58a Fed Draws Court's Eyes In Lehman Bankruptcy
03:42:04a Rossi closes in on ninth world title
03:42:09a Mafia's influence hovers over 13m Italians
03:42:15a House opposes transferring Guantanamo Bay prisoners to U.S.
03:42:20a Inside Slumping Car Sales
03:42:26a Hogan wins right to appeal High Court
03:42:31a Detroit pastors pack heat
03:42:37a Structural change takes a long time NZIER
03:42:42a ?utanovac No invitation to join NATO
03:42:48a Is Jon Stewart hurting America?
03:42:53a Why Nuclear Weapons?
03:42:59a US loosing Afghan war, warns US commander
03:43:13a Obama says Iran must take 'concrete steps' on nuclear issues
03:43:19a Why the Democrats don't want generals testifying to Congress
03:43:24a Teoh Beng Hock's inquest Mystery Male 1 revealed
03:43:30a Man gets 40 years in prison for attacking sheriff
03:43:35a Lawmaker wants to make texting while driving a violation
03:43:41a Obama calls Iran nuke talks 'constructive' but urges 'action'
03:43:46a Some of world`s best wines at Island Shangri-La Hong Kong in November
03:43:52a Filming South America's Chernobyl
03:43:57a Saving the World from Trade Wars
03:44:02a Pain Patients Seek Class-Action Against Beckley Clinic
03:44:08a US names special coordinator for Tibetan issues
03:44:13a How we know McChrystal is serious in Afghanistan
03:44:19a University of Florida prepared for zombie attack
03:44:24a IAEA Prepares to Visit Qom Facility
03:44:29a 'SAA conditions in place,' says ambassador
03:44:35a Colo. Gov. declares 'Rocktober' after Rockies' win
03:44:40a GOP memo spells out demands on START talks with Russia
03:44:46a Police make arrest in Downstate Beason murders
03:44:51a Too Hot for Turkish TV
03:44:57a Saturn to shut after GM sale falls through
03:45:02a AWOL West rejoins Cavs
03:45:07a IAEA chief to visit Iran soon
03:45:13a Utah business
03:45:18a Qatar Airways flying high above the credit crunch
03:45:24a Bid to privatize BayWalk sidewalk ends with tie vote
03:45:29a Nothing has changed since Japan's election
03:45:35a Briefing Skipper Burns in Geneva, Mottaki in DC, HRC to Ireland, missing diplomat
03:45:40a Meddling for money
03:45:46a Federal money boosts local health and social services non-profits
03:45:51a Moldova has no plans to join NATO defence minister
03:45:57a Man charged over nightclub shooting
03:46:02a NATO boosts ISAF CIS capabilities
03:46:08a Airlines in Vietnam cut fares as bookings sink
03:46:13a Democrats shoot down McCain's call for generals to testify
03:46:19a Briefing Skipper Iran, Syria, Havana, Burma, EU-Georgia
03:46:26a Man killed woman, kids, over child support, prosecutor says
03:46:31a Dish of the Week » Vegetable garden
03:46:37a Moore's manifesto 'Apply democracy' to economy
03:46:42a Is Turkey taking democracy lessons from Vladimir Putin?
03:46:48a 5-minute movie reviews Toy Story and Toy Story 2, Bright Star, No Impact Man
03:46:53a Why not us?
03:46:59a Local group works to heal victims of war in Congo
03:47:04a Utes' land basketball commitment
03:47:09a Entry denied
03:47:14a Teen nearly electrocuted in Carrollwood
03:47:20a Zobrist not letting up in '09's final week
03:47:25a These boats got vrooom! Festival coming to Clearwater
03:47:31a Ethics reform
03:47:36a Our climate forecast? We're losing control by degrees
03:47:42a Championing reciprocity
03:47:47a A Love Affair with Israel
03:47:53a Favre Not out for payback
03:47:59a Hawaiian Airlines launches Sydney-Honolulu business class promotion
03:48:04a Teaching providers
03:48:09a Out and about The English Beat, Alternative Press Tour and Juliette Lewis
03:48:15a Movie review Moore has no love for corporate greed in 'Capitalism A Love Story'
03:48:20a Where did we 'go' as a nation that works together?
03:48:25a Altruism denied
03:48:30a Shatru urges Salman to get married
03:48:36a America's team heads to Denver
03:48:41a Dining notes Reyes Adobe in Park City
03:48:47a VIDEO Oshkosh Corporation contracts benefiting many
03:49:18a Ellen Page loves shovelling goat manure!
03:49:24a Can't buy American
03:49:29a VIDEO Oostburg man faces deportation to Ethiopia
03:49:35a Millsap could play some at small forward
03:49:40a Showstopper Riya Sen busy walking the ramp
03:49:46a Halloween Where to get a scare
03:49:51a Jurors selected to sit on Brian Dugan's sentencing
03:49:57a Indian Ivy League Protests Lack of Funds
03:50:02a Before Lucy Skeleton offers clues to human origin
03:50:07a U.S. sets roster for qualifiers
03:50:13a Movie review 'Zombieland' rules by breaking them all
03:50:18a VIDEO Mayor wants Washington Commons gone by 2010
03:50:24a Senator Roberts Joins Senate General Aviation Caucus
03:50:29a Unleash your love on a homeless pet
03:50:34a NATO secretary general urges US appreciation of European efforts
03:50:40a Twins 8, Tigers 3
03:50:45a Man, 19, Shot During Fight In McMinnville
03:50:51a Police hunt man over five armed robberies
03:50:57a Aussies injured in Samoa in Qld hospital
03:51:02a CBD sculpture raising money for Telethon
03:51:07a CDC says vaccine is safe
03:51:13a Letterman reveals extortion plot
03:51:18a Woman on life support did not know liposuction risk, friend says
03:51:24a 2ND LD Japan's jobless rate down to 5.5% in August, 1st fall this year+
03:51:30a LEAD Tokyo stocks tumble over 2% on U.S. data, stronger yen+
03:51:35a Turnbull lashes out at 'smart-arse' backbenchers
03:51:41a Mother gets life sentence for girl's starvation death
03:51:46a EU Panel Rejects Some Food Claims
03:51:52a Prakash Raj to direct a Hindi movie
03:51:57a Philippine death toll from storm Ketsana hits 293
03:52:03a Pakistan to target Taliban's 'epicentre' NYT
03:52:08a Aid Groups Were Ready for Disasters
03:52:14a Honduras Looks to Virgin for Miracle
03:52:19a VIDEO Manitowoc pair arrested in opium drug bust
03:52:25a Bar brawls, bra/g
03:52:31a Troy shareholders to vote on board dispute
03:52:37a NATO Air Strike Kills Six Children and Three Women
03:52:42a Kenyans Await Kofi Annan's Arrival Sunday
03:52:48a Man falls off oil rig
03:52:53a Ministry cancels bidding for Yamba Dam's main structure+
03:52:59a Producer brings three new films to GR
03:53:04a Scappoose Police Officer Arrested
03:53:10a Key 10-year JGB yield falls in morning to 6-month intraday low+
03:53:15a Salman's gift to Kareena
03:53:21a Kailash Kher all set to Rock
03:53:26a M6.3 quake hits South Pacific near Tonga+
03:53:31a More quakes jolt South Pacific
03:53:37a When animals attack Video top 10
03:53:43a Iran agrees upon enrichment of uranium abroad
03:53:49a Two more big earthquakes shake Pacific Ocean
03:53:54a NATO Air Strike Kills at Least Nine Afghan Civilians
03:54:00a UN chief calls for greater state support for elderly
03:54:05a 'Demand for designer clothes rising in small cities'
03:54:11a Iran supports continued talks with six powers FM
03:54:17a Pet cat freed after 12 days trapped in a pipe in Hong Kong
03:54:22a 13 wounded in explosion in Sri Lanka
03:54:28a Iran says diplomats should respect regulations of countries after Argentine diplomat's 'smuggle' case
03:54:34a LEAD Japan not to discuss recent rise in yen at G-7 meeting Fujii+
03:54:41a Ethnic unity highlighted at China's National Day evening gala
03:54:49a Australian PM congratulates China on 60th anniversary
03:54:54a AutoStar Encourages Saturn Dealers That There Is Still Hope
03:55:00a Japan's foreign ministry praises China on its 60th anniversary
03:55:05a Out of Office, Into Court
03:55:10a Parade limousine and its plate number
03:55:16a Tenn. interim president sees role to 'heal'
03:55:21a Iran nuke plant may be delayed
03:55:27a Chinese leaders join in National Day evening gala
03:55:33a Dallas ISD trustees accused of boycotting meeting that could've led to reprimand of Hinojosa
03:55:39a Iran says no deal to import gasoline from Venezuela lawmaker
03:55:45a How to prolong a laptop battery's life
03:55:50a Cote d'Ivoire's civil society demands 'exemplary sanctions' on Guinean junta
03:55:56a Sudanese president vows to hold elections in April 2010
03:56:01a Geithner, Bernanke Rally Around Dollar
03:56:07a Pakistan issues postage stamp to mark 60th anniversary of new China
03:56:12a Govt deporting Christmas Is detainees
03:56:18a Pakistan Warns United States Against Drone Attacks
03:56:24a 'Disconnect' Seen Between US Embassy in Pakistan and White House
03:56:30a Maoists kill 16 Indian villagers
03:56:36a TIA gets million grant to increase security
03:56:41a John Travolta's attorney says he warned Bahamas defendant
03:56:47a Thursday 1 US Soldier, 5 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded
03:56:53a China's National Day celebrations conclude with ode to motherland
03:56:58a IMF European decline pace moderating, sluggish recovery lying ahead
03:57:04a Girl sends off wishes homeland
03:57:09a EU finance ministers agree on principles of exit strategy
03:57:15a Fireworks dragons at National Day evening gala
03:57:21a Hillary Clinton praises China's 'historic accomplishment' in fighting poverty
03:57:27a Starved girl's mother gets life sentence
03:57:32a Tomorrow's DSHS report expected to be short
03:57:37a Coach Jeff Smith remembered by Grace Christian Rams
03:57:43a Radio-Controlled Cyborg Beetles Become Reality
03:57:49a Fireworks portrays Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Shenzhou space shuttle
03:57:54a National Day evening gala warms up with song 'I Love China'
03:58:00a Program Helps Middle School Students Learn About College
03:58:05a Afghanistan's People Have Advice for US
03:58:11a Grayson's Comments Spark Congressional Flame War
03:58:17a Russian media laud China's National Day celebration
03:58:22a Worldwide praise to China for its achievements over 60 years
03:58:35a The Dish Portuguese fire pit
03:58:46a Man allegedly raped friend's girlfriend
03:58:51a Asia shares slump on U.S. data
03:58:57a Police Indian rebels kill 16 villagers
03:59:03a Kenya's anti corruption chief, Aaron Ringera, quits
03:59:08a Why shouldn't we 'muddle through' in Afghanistan?
03:59:13a Success in Afghanistan Cannot Be Taken for Granted, Warns Gen McChrystal
03:59:22a GM, Chrysler join dealer-closure talks
03:59:27a KDHE Stats Reveal Life And Death In Numbers
03:59:33a Time Running Out for Jefferson County Jail Workers
03:59:38a Clothing swap parties
03:59:43a Foreclosure starts fall 21% from July to August
03:59:49a Seasonal stores helping with unemployment, for now
03:59:57a Indonesia earthquake stranded without help
04:00:15a Bar brawls, bra/gas masks inspire 2009 Ig Nobels/
04:00:24a Noordin to be buried in Malaysia today
04:00:30a Mountaineers Cure Fumble-Itis, Beat Buffaloes
04:00:35a Alleged Marshall County Arsonist Arrested Again
04:00:41a Forest Service backs Devil's Staircase Wilderness
04:00:47a Comcast said to be eyeing NBC stake
04:00:52a NISSAN Maxima sales up 18.1%
04:00:58a Plan to close Sterling Heights Chrysler plant stands
04:01:03a Letterman I had affairs with my staff
04:01:09a McHenry County man convicted of DUI
04:01:14a New chairman for Kathmandu
04:01:20a GM But 4th quarter looks brighter
04:01:26a Second quake hits Pacific
04:01:31a Teen photographer burned by power lines
04:01:37a McChord air crew flies FEMA team to American Samoa
04:01:42a Ford sales a bright spot in month after clunkers
04:01:48a Palestinians Cry 'Blackmail' Over Israel Phone Service Threat
04:01:53a Man who drove accused killer from East Stroudsburg scene paroled
04:01:59a Starve death mother jailed for life
04:02:05a Boy, 5, 'kills alligator 20 times his size'
04:02:29a Pocono Mountain teacher is accused of growing pot
04:02:43a Stroudsburg Fire Chief Kochanski memorial
04:02:49a NHS medics prepare for Afghan mission
04:02:54a Now! Web chat on end-of-life issues
04:03:00a GM tests tech for small electric cars
04:03:06a Deal could've been boost Renault-Nissan wanted
04:03:32a The Sydneysider helping Google overthrow email
04:03:37a Montblanc not just a pen, but a legacy,
04:03:43a Manitoba teenager dies after being pinned underneath stolen pickup truck
04:03:49a Defendant in Paradise Township murder case to be mentally evaluated
04:03:54a A tribute to the Mahatma
04:04:00a Is it right to use the Mahatma for profit?
04:04:05a Horses to strut their stuff at quadrille in Kunkletown
04:04:10a Pen Collection ~ Part 3
04:04:16a Qld faces long fire season, big storms
04:04:21a Tunkhannock Township fatal stabbing case heading to county court
04:04:27a Man sentenced in West End bad check, theft cases
04:04:32a Montblanc Starwalker Cool Blue
04:04:39a Letterman faced extortion over affairs
04:04:44a What if you ditched your car for a day
04:04:58a Shares tumble, Wall St shockwave hits
04:05:05a Lee takes loss for Phils
04:05:12a Bodies of two brothers found in Clearwater lake
04:05:17a Rs 11_30 lakh pen as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi
04:05:23a New quakes off Tonga, Indonesia
04:05:28a Real estate boosts recovery
04:05:33a Electronics and other items stolen in Pike County burglary
04:05:39a Top seeds after rank
04:05:44a David Letterman Admits Affairs, Claims Extortion
04:05:50a Prison sentence in armed robberies in Stroudsburg
04:05:55a Media council head steps down
04:06:01a Shadow cast over likely police chief of Middle Smithfield
04:06:07a House Democrats take budget talks in new direction
04:06:12a Ronaldo seals another Rea...
04:06:17a Stroudsburg man arrested after allegedly exposing himself
04:06:23a Artist sets up shop
04:06:28a Wang Qi, Jeet win mixed silver
04:06:33a NEHTA releases 'strategic plan'
04:06:39a Memorial run draws attention to melanoma in East Stroudsburg
04:06:44a Explosion in Sri Lanka Injures 13 Military
04:06:50a Relief Supplies Rush to South Pacific
04:06:55a AROUND 750,000 meals are prepared by Air Terminal Services every year. more...
04:07:01a Jermaine Jackson pays tribute to brother
04:07:06a Police Crime Down In Daytona Beach
04:07:12a British Telecom picks Jaspersoft for analytics
04:07:17a One swine flu shot does it, Sanofi reports
04:07:23a British girl banned from selling granny
04:07:28a Senate blocks commander's testimony before new Afghan strategy
04:07:34a DNA review reveals wrong conviction
04:07:39a Two smaller quakes hit near Tonga
04:07:45a PNG prepares for Wellington
04:07:50a High Court to hear Hogan's appeal
04:07:56a No SA citizens affected by quakes
04:08:02a Super typhoon bears down on flood-ravaged Philippines
04:08:08a Family welcomes foster child to fold
04:08:13a Kovalainen tops Japanese practice
04:08:19a Surfer 'rode tsunami' to escape death
04:08:24a City helps big events become good neighbors
04:08:30a Fountain of youth close, scientists claim
04:08:35a Roxon tells overweight Aussies to walk
04:08:41a Home her first word
04:08:47a Madigi banks on depth, utilities
04:08:52a Carrick seals United come...
04:08:58a Doctors March for Health Care Reform
04:09:03a Cops say woman broke windshields to attract customers
04:09:09a Noordin to be buried in Malaysia Friday family rep
04:09:15a China Is Wordless on Traumas of Communists’ Rise
04:09:21a Serevi works his magic
04:09:26a 24 hours of hell
04:09:40a Japan, Austria castles tie up after discovery of folding screen+
04:09:45a Lorry subsidy for cane farmers
04:09:51a Iran Agrees 'in Principle' to Compromise on Nuclear Program
04:09:56a Tavua seeks way out of re...
04:10:01a Maroons gear up without a coach
04:10:07a ?Family seeks justice
04:10:12a Force sends two officers home
04:10:18a 7s bids for gold
04:10:23a David Letterman victim of extortion plot reports
04:10:29a Google Chrome OS Arriving Next Month?
04:10:34a Japan's Kobayashi gets first taste of F1 action
04:10:39a Seeds of doubt over suppliers' products
04:10:45a Rapist's jail term doubled on appeal
04:10:51a Deal Profile Cisco to Acquire Norways Tandberg for Billion
04:10:56a Canadiens take down Leafs
04:11:01a Nightspots CCTV network goes live
04:11:07a Australia v England, Champions Trophy, 1st semi-final, Centurion_ Match Thread
04:11:12a Artwork passed from generation to generation
04:11:18a Photobucket Founders On To Their Next Startup SlimeSandwich
04:11:23a 6 Great Twitter Quiz and Polling Apps
04:11:29a Sheriff's Office, Channel 10 meet, make up
04:11:34a Padma Lakshmi Pregnant, was Previously Married to Salman Rushdie
04:11:40a Darwin ADF team joins Sumatra efforts
04:11:46a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Appears on Verizon's HTC Imagio Phone
04:11:52a Introduce safety features for credit cards
04:11:57a Yanzhou woos Canberra over possible listing
04:12:02a BNO News Updates Its Great iPhone App, Lets You Harness Stream Of Push Notifications
04:12:08a William Burns sits alongside Javier Solana
04:12:13a Lieberman Norway too 'hostile' to have monitors in Hebron
04:12:18a Thoughts for Polanski apologists, by another woman raped at 13.
04:12:23a Turnbull ignores 'anonymous smart-arses'
04:12:29a Unsolved Murder Raises Questions About Investigation 01 Oct 2009 230619 GMT
04:12:35a Killer 'studied stab methods on internet'
04:12:40a 'We've lost our little miracle'
04:12:45a The List Odd allergies
04:12:51a woman requires plastic surgery
04:12:57a Indian farmer's daughter is most bad-ass woman in the world
04:13:03a Driving Miss Pat Administrator has driver and car allowance
04:13:09a Argentina's Menem charged with obstructing bomb probe
04:13:16a Barack Obama makes a statement on the Iran talks at the White House
04:13:21a Argentina, Uruguay bury the hatchet to snatch tango honor
04:13:27a China's National Day evening gala begins with spectacular fireworks show
04:13:33a Wowed by live tennis matches
04:13:38a Royal Show 'toy' sparks TRG raid
04:13:44a Troops Kill Many Protesters in Guinea Stadium
04:13:51a Argentine zoo to release three endangered eagles
04:13:57a Women Refugees in Chad Face Rape in Camps, Says Amnesty International
04:14:02a Couple Feel Chill Wind of Sleaze Allegations After Amassing Personal Fortunes
04:14:07a Bethesda gives free Fallout 3 premium theme to DLC buyers
04:14:14a Toyota Whistleblower Supports Fraud Case With Insider Documents
04:14:19a Bill would require FHA borrowers to put more money down for homes
04:14:25a State's manufacturing grows, but employment lags
04:14:31a TypePad Releases API, Recycles Pownce
04:14:36a Cut the argument and just dig in
04:14:41a Haunted attraction set to open gates
04:14:46a Low-flying planes cause buzz
04:14:52a Quentin Tarantino Announces Plans for Kill Bill 3
04:14:57a Turnbull says he won't quit over ETS
04:15:03a Bicyclist dies after being struck by car
04:15:08a Daylight saving ticks closer
04:15:13a Cahill goal saves win for Everton
04:15:18a Choose a reliable leader
04:15:24a Bush hat Aussie-made claim 'misleading'
04:15:29a Kanye West and Lady Gaga Cancel 'Fame Kills' Tour
04:15:35a Roberts Backs Balanced Budget Amendment
04:15:41a Chinese tanks rumble pass Tiananmen Square during the National Day parade in Beijing
04:15:46a Portsmouth teen remembered on anniversary of crash
04:15:52a Mother gets life sentence for girl's starvation death
04:15:57a Shin Kong Mitsukoshi anniversary sale sees strong turn-out
04:16:03a First-time jobless pensions down 2,488 in September
04:16:09a Police investigating 2 fatal pedestrian crashes near Busch Gardens
04:16:15a Seasonal flu vaccine draws crowd at Veterans Hospital
04:16:20a Helm takes helm as Brazoria postmaster
04:16:27a 1,100 Dead in Indonesia Earthquake; Thousands Missing
04:16:33a Venezuela says no new Orinoco areas after Carabobo
04:16:38a St Lucia's Annual Capri Sun National Swimming Time Trials to be held next weekend
04:16:44a ACL Landmark Unveiled
04:16:49a History beckons for grand final winners
04:16:55a Two suspected accomplices arrested for selling fake dollars
04:17:00a Judges chosen for Chen's secret diplomacy case
04:17:06a U.K. sending rescuers to help quake-hit Indonesia
04:17:14a Senate blocks commander's testimony before new Afghan strategy
04:17:20a MOFA gives condolence to earthquake-hit countries
04:17:25a Can the Caribbean rely on the G20
04:17:31a One-legged Dominican Republic player stands tall at St Andrews
04:17:37a Venezuelan students call off hunger strike
04:17:43a Travel agency staff charged with forgery of documents
04:17:49a Liquor ignites fondue fire at wedding dinner
04:17:54a CIT Pits Creditors Against Each Other
04:18:00a Food fight waged over refrigeration of Asian noodles
04:18:05a Bahamas CMO hailed by PAHO/WHO
04:18:11a Suriname national arrested with 'cocaine sandwiches' at Dutch airport
04:18:24a Daviess County wants million for downtown
04:18:43a Indonesia Tsunami and Quake Death Toll Hits 1,100
04:18:48a Uruguay confirms 20 players abroad for matches against Ecuador, Argentina
04:18:58a Wal-Mart Tries to Keep Those Who Traded Down
04:19:15a Netbook Gets Speed Boost From Dual Atom Chips
04:19:21a Tokyo stocks fall 2.4 per cent in morning trading
04:19:36a Wales to stop under-18s using sunbeds
04:19:56a Support by Afghans may wane NATO chief
04:20:09a States push into global climate talks over forests
04:20:14a New quake hits Pacific
04:20:22a CBS Staffer Arrested In Alleged Letterman Extortion Scheme
04:20:29a Saudis eye Russian air defence system
04:20:35a Sneak Peek California State Constitution
04:20:40a Obama Calls For 'Unfettered' Access To Iran Nuclear Facility
04:20:46a DNA error leads to wrongful conviction
04:20:51a I had affairs with my staff
04:20:58a As Ireland votes on Lisbon, Denmark mulls EU future
04:21:04a Tropical storm Ketsana death toll in Cambodia reaches 14
04:21:10a Turnbull's swipe at 'smart-arses'
04:21:16a New Zealand Fin Min To Travel To Hong Kong, UK To Reassure Investors
04:21:22a Beacon of Hope Ribbons atop Vigo County Courthouse herald Breast Cancer Awareness Month
04:21:28a Thirteen people injured in Sri Lanka car bomb
04:21:34a Anti-ETS campaign a 'dash for cash'
04:21:39a Cop that! Couple in paddy wagon romp
04:21:44a 'India needs to commit more to fight HIV/AIDS'
04:21:49a before Lucy came Ardi
04:21:54a NCAA ISU's Kelly can play now
04:22:00a 3D 'Digit' Image Capture A Better Fingerprint ID
04:22:24a Glenn Beck EXPOSED Crying On Cue Using Vicks under His Eyes_
04:22:29a Senat
04:22:35a Exposed Kevin Jennings Obama's 'Safe School Czar' part 6
04:22:40a Tavua seeks way out of relegation
04:22:46a Get a Flu Shot This Weekend at Sac International
04:22:52a Australian Market Trades Lower Tracking Wall Street Cues
04:22:58a Tech review Navigating iPhone GPS applications
04:23:03a McChrystal Rejects Scaling Down Afghan Military Aims
04:23:09a Salvos offer bus service to keep students safe
04:23:15a Peres to Russian deputy PM Iran must stop threatening us
04:23:21a Analysis Between the extremes
04:23:26a Yard Sales for Troops Unite Nation
04:23:32a Spotlight on arms deal again
04:23:37a Senior Chinese leader meets Namibian guest
04:23:43a Artists honored as Arts Council struggles with funding
04:23:49a Gaydamak charged with laundering NIS 650m.
04:23:54a Travel Corp coach brands to cut capacity but guarantee departures
04:24:00a Another one going down Where is the bottom of it?
04:24:05a City Council closing in on historic preservation vote
04:24:11a President Obama Bans Government Employees From Texting While Driving
04:24:16a See the only known film of Anne Frank
04:24:23a Human Bible Project launched to web
04:24:28a Pentagon Sees US Defense in 2010 for Iran Rockets
04:24:34a Close, but no cigar for U.S. tourists
04:24:39a HSR to offer 35% discount for university students
04:24:44a I thought pokies were toilets, says cop
04:24:50a Aussies in Padang urge help for residents
04:24:55a Xstrata lodges super pit plans
04:25:01a Autopsy reveals Jacko's weird body marks
04:25:06a Swine flu is striking the young; elderly not falling ill
04:25:11a Netanyahu becomes a grandfather for first time
04:25:17a Men get more jail time for savage tourist attack
04:25:22a Driver flees RBT, locks himself in house
04:25:27a Craigslist Sued over Prostitution Ads
04:25:33a Letterman admits affairs with staff, claims extortion
04:26:06a Circus animals run loose in Dublin; traffic snarled
04:26:19a Laos hit by Ketsana
04:26:24a Big snake just toy boys
04:26:29a Life expectancy could reach 100
04:26:35a Comcast's Moves Signal Internet Fears
04:26:41a Iran's Mottaki says ready to engage
04:26:51a Valet bike service for St. James show
04:26:57a Growth of global manufacturing continued in September
04:27:02a Gold sweep eludes Vueti
04:27:07a Education Management goes public once again
04:27:13a Carjacking hero graduates with shooting victim's help
04:27:19a Would-be suicide-bomber to be released
04:27:25a EU presidency says Europe's top 22 banks are 'sufficiently capitalised'
04:27:30a Tension eases as London backs Cayman loan
04:27:37a Hunt for Britons in disaster zone
04:27:45a Lawyers Representing 16 Palestinians Asked a London Court to Issue an Arrest Warrant
04:27:51a Jamaica's finance minister predicts 10-12 pct inflation this year
04:27:57a House votes against stateside transfer of Gitmo detainees
04:28:03a Iran Gives Nod to Inspections, More Nuclear Talks
04:28:08a Comcast Gambles on Media Content
04:28:14a Typhoon Ketsana death toll rises to 101 in Vietnam
04:28:19a Barbie, Manufactured by Mattel
04:28:24a Madre de joven asesinado culpa al sistema escolar
04:28:30a European regulators object to airlines' plans
04:28:36a Joelle Casteix from the group 'Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests'
04:28:43a 2 Fort Lewis-based soldiers killed in Philippines
04:28:48a A nurse holds the hands of a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease
04:28:54a British PM Brown is defiant after losing key press backing
04:28:59a APS To Not Track H1N1 Cases
04:29:05a Nuggets Jazz Replacement Officials Basketball
04:29:10a Economic Report Japan jobless rate eases, but may rise again
04:29:15a England rout doesn't count, Ponting says
04:29:21a A Picasso statue bears a medal carrying the logo of Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid
04:29:26a Mating Game as Team Sport
04:29:32a 13 hurt as bomb-rigged car explodes in Sri Lanka
04:29:38a Rio Rancho Girl With H1N1 Dies
04:29:44a Private schools adapt to survive recession doubts
04:29:49a Instructions Clarified For Fierro Jury
04:29:54a IBM unveils Web-based email competitor
04:30:00a Rosier stock investors split on risk of correction
04:30:05a 42 hit by 'amakudari' freeze
04:30:10a Dodgers' Kuroda iffy for Game 2 start in NLDS
04:30:16a Tim Costello going to quake-hit Sumatra
04:30:21a Hatoyama, spaceman in close encounter
04:30:27a New U.S. unemployment claims in surprise jump
04:30:32a Suitcase murder accused faces court
04:30:38a Coulter 'Kill Two Birds With One Stone' and Make Polanski Safe Schools Czar!
04:30:43a Nuggets Jazz Basketball
04:30:48a Explosion in Sri Lanka injures 13
04:30:54a sends out emergency alerts
04:31:00a Deadly Boat Collision Bound To Grand Jury
04:31:05a Travolta extortionists greedy and stupid in equal measure
04:31:10a Race to save Sumatra quake buried
04:31:16a Hatoyama's mom sparks fund debate
04:31:21a TV Letterman Extortion
04:31:26a Act now to reduce death on the roads
04:31:31a CIT Group Restructuring
04:31:37a World unemployment rising; rates, responses vary
04:31:42a Cops bitten, bruised while chasing suspect near Midway
04:31:47a David Letterman I faced extortion over affairs
04:31:53a Mark Hulbert Halloween indicator isn't dead just yet
04:31:58a Disparity in vote weight
04:32:04a Buildings lit up for the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid in Chicago
04:32:09a The key to prolonged youth lies in genetic manipulation, says scientists
04:32:15a Citi completes sale of Japanese unit
04:32:20a Tsunami may have killed 150 in Samoa
04:32:26a Minister of health retracts claim of NHI premium hike
04:32:31a US President Barack Obama waves from Air Force One prior to departing for Copenhagen
04:32:36a Ghost has pub owners in a froth
04:32:42a Q.C. council to hear trash service details
04:32:47a China welcomes progress in Iran nuclear talks
04:32:53a Dalian Port Plans Shanghai Initial Public Offering
04:32:58a Bartow woman finds dad after 50+ years apart
04:33:03a Deere, UAW reach t
04:33:18a #1 Ranked Hurricane Boys Soccer Team Continues Dominance
04:33:23a No samba in our town, say Lebanese Muslim scholars
04:33:29a Italy, Iraq sign agreement to fight terror and crime
04:33:34a Symphony hopes public comes to Ahwatukee
04:33:40a Retirement Planning Social Security 301
04:33:45a SON OF SWAMI SOS's Week 6 picks
04:33:51a Hillary Clinton thrilled to be head of Security Council
04:33:57a Hualien chief snubs KMT's Chan Chun-po
04:34:02a Construction spending rises unexpectedly during August
04:34:07a In first batch, 8,597 doses of H1N1 flu vaccine headed to Pierce County
04:34:13a Police Make Arrest In Bar Parking Lot Stabbing
04:34:18a Evacuations start for new Philippine storm
04:34:23a More HDB flats up for grabs
04:34:30a Uzbek militant killed in Pakistan security agents
04:34:36a UAE told us to spy on fellow Lebanese, say expelled Shias
04:34:41a Fort Campbell Soldier Indicted
04:34:47a SABMiller and Heineken vie for Femsa's beer
04:34:52a MA-Richard “Dick” Nethercut, 83, Concord/Acton
04:34:57a Woman Fatally Stabbed In Oconomowoc
04:35:03a Police Get New Tool To Enforce Parking Rules
04:35:08a 'ANC told people to lie'
04:35:14a Three Arrested In Market Killing
04:35:19a Football fans up in arms
04:35:25a Update Wheel Tax Fails
04:35:31a Takase masterminds Albirex victory
04:35:37a Suu Kyi's appeal against conviction rejected
04:35:42a Nonprofit Operating In Close Quarters
04:35:48a AZ-David Moore, 37, Scottsdale
04:35:53a Turkish student hurls shoe at IMF head on eve of meeting
04:35:59a TVA gives tour of ash spill cleanup site
04:36:04a Neutralise negative views of palm oil
04:36:09a NEHTA releases strategic plan
04:36:15a Why police are keeping quiet on Census worker Sparkman death
04:36:20a IL-Stephen Covin, 57, Chicago
04:36:25a AL-Clyde A. Chandler, 42, Selma
04:36:31a The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street Oct. 2
04:36:36a I faced extortion over affairs
04:36:42a IBM targets Google with e-mail service
04:36:47a Int'l Olympic Committee wooed for votes
04:36:52a Samoans abroad pray for family back home
04:36:58a Georgia Aquarium lands Planet Shark
04:37:03a Vigil for Berkeley Grads Captive in Iran
04:37:10a Canadian ex-bishop is facing charges of child pornography
04:37:15a Teen sailor reaches Ballina
04:37:21a A Call to Set Up an African Immigrant Bank
04:37:26a Semi Crash Ties Up Interstate 64 in Charleston
04:37:32a Cote d'Ivoire's civil society demands 'exemplary sanctions' on Guinean junta
04:37:37a Local Gold Medalist Weighs In On Chicago's Bid
04:37:43a CIT Begins Debt Swap, Could File Chap. 11
04:37:48a New Software Streamlines Hadoop Job Development and Debugging
04:37:54a Hong Kong Shares Tumble In Post-holiday Return
04:38:00a CA-BIPOLAR Rachel Renee Powers, 14, San Luis Obispo
04:38:05a Suppliers face flu vaccine delays
04:38:10a More Punishment For Meth Lab Makers
04:38:16a 6,000 people died crossing U.S.-Mexican border
04:38:22a Giants will bring back Bochy, Sabean
04:38:28a U.S. mafia boss Gotti's daughter publishes memoirs
04:38:33a How Brazil's Lula Sees the Emerging World Order
04:38:39a Two Regina businesses receive award recognizing Canada's leading 'green tech' companies
04:38:58a TVA dams to be 4 feet taller by end of year
04:39:04a Former prosecutor says he lied about the Polanski case
04:39:10a Future looks bright for Cuba's Varadero Beach
04:39:15a Dairy farmers fear banks 'knocking at the door'
04:39:21a Fire Prevention Jamboree set for Saturday
04:39:27a Pirates-Cubs rained out
04:39:32a Agony as paedophile remains silent
04:39:37a As Ireland votes on Lisbon, Denmark mulls EU future Feature
04:39:43a France hopes to avoid sanctions against Iran
04:39:49a Dozen commissioners skip out on Mayor's special meeting
04:39:55a Handguns, terrorism law on U.S. Supreme Court docket
04:40:01a St. Vincent Ambassador Slams Tax Haven Crac Read
04:40:06a Global Energy Solutions Require New Technology Free Markets, Says Tillerson
04:40:12a Noordin Top 'being buried in Malaysia'
04:40:17a Parents quizzed over hanging death
04:40:22a Freeway ramps to open
04:40:28a Australian Democrats co-founder dies
04:40:33a No need for women to do NS, says PM Lee
04:40:39a The Untouchables Obama's Gitmo Dilemma
04:40:44a Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal
04:40:49a KY-NEEDS MEDS Brian Spencer, 16, Independence
04:40:55a Dad faces life sentence over son's tattoo
04:41:00a Clinton leads fight against rape in war
04:41:06a U.S. Senate begins battle on climate change
04:41:11a Guiding Stars Launches First Nutrition Navigation iPhone App
04:41:20a Japanese Market Trades Sharply Lower
04:41:25a The Yoga Cure How to Rid Yourself of Stress, Pounds, Toxins, Cholesterol and Cravings
04:41:30a TxDOT closes 4th Street & Loop 289
04:41:38a Afghan war won?t remain winnable forever US general
04:41:48a Law restricting US State Department s
04:41:55a Teen earns kudos dispelling myths about autism
04:42:12a Lubbock Area Foundation honors local hero
04:42:18a American Animal Protection Groups Release Joint Statement on EPA Chemical Reform Principles
04:42:24a White House Blog Blasts 'Lies' on Fox News Channel
04:42:29a New York Philharmonic cancels trip to Cuba this month
04:42:35a C&L's Late Nite Music Club with The Monochrome Set
04:42:45a Cheerleaders Bring Unnecessary Religiousness
04:42:54a Minister says no truth to work permit charges in Jamaica
04:43:09a Support Appears to Drop for Abortion Rights
04:43:15a House votes against bringing Guantanamo Bay detainees into US
04:43:37a St Kitts-Nevis PM praises new efforts for Eastern Caribbean-Puerto Rico relations
04:43:47a Helen Thomas Presses WH on Public Option 'Want Your Conscience to Bother You'
04:43:54a NZ dollar falls as risk aversion rises again
04:44:09a Irish vote on Lisbon Treaty again
04:44:14a New Economic Reports Show We're Still Hurting
04:44:19a Low inflation cuts chance of rate rise
04:44:29a Kiwi Income Property Trust portfolio value declines
04:44:38a Students barred from school for lack of shots
04:44:45a China investors take the long road
04:44:54a Sources Schalit release likely between January, June 2010
04:45:00a Northrop Grumman gets Air Force deal
04:45:06a OAS and Agriculture Institute support investment to guarantee food security
04:45:11a Mike Hoffman's Winter Weather Prediction
04:45:17a Kenred Dorsett Announces Chairmanship Bid
04:45:22a Victims’ Families Demand Justice
04:45:27a Govinda is undoubtedly the King of Comedy Ritesh Deshmukh
04:45:52a BSF kills infiltrator at India-Pakistan border
04:46:05a NZ company invests in Guatemala, Canada
04:46:10a McCain Angrily Demands McChrystal Testify on Afghanistan
04:46:16a Rees recovery hits plateau
04:46:21a French banks agree to close branches in tax havens
04:46:26a Butler County doctor faces charge
04:46:32a Community Complains About Police Apathy 01 Oct 2009 234958 GMT
04:46:37a Shiv Sainiks wants Ramesh Deo to dress like Bal Thackeray
04:46:43a Gunman who shot boy testifies for prosecution
04:46:48a Troj/Agent-LIH
04:46:54a Ariane 5 carries two satellites into space from French Guiana
04:46:59a Take Vitamin D 'to avoid falls'
04:47:04a Himachal imposes complete ban on polythene bags
04:47:10a Barack Obama under fire over trip for Chicagos Olympic bid
04:47:15a Homicide charges dropped against Washington County man
04:47:21a Travolta, Maynard-Gibson Return To Witness Stand
04:47:26a Iran must follow nuke promises Obama
04:47:32a Activists Sue Over Torture
04:47:37a Azad to inaugurate conference of Leprologist on Gandhi Jayanti
04:47:43a Femsa looks to shed beer division
04:47:48a CBS '48 Hours' staffer charged in Letterman case
04:47:54a Iran, arms races, and war
04:47:59a Brumbies re-sign new Wallaby prop
04:48:05a French navy finds missing pilot's body
04:48:10a Alice Springs ad urges racial harmony
04:48:16a 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi is pregnant
04:48:21a Canada will protect swine flu vaccine maker from lawsuits
04:48:27a BofA lines up candidates to replace chief
04:48:32a Dames Denies Claims Of Prostitution On GB
04:48:37a Pitt students told to query officials on G-20
04:48:43a Panchor Murai Primary School Raya Celebration
04:48:48a Goa's biggest offshore casino unfit, inferior Ministry
04:48:54a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq
04:48:59a Troj/Agent-LIG
04:49:04a US car sales close to year low
04:49:10a Soldier with Iowa ties killed in Philippines attack
04:49:15a US envoy to India commemorates Gandhi's birth anniversary
04:49:21a Poll shows Toomey has narrow lead over Specter
04:49:26a Is Europe ready for President Blair
04:49:32a Nottage Questions Drug Plan Funding
04:49:37a 'India needs to commit more to fight HIV/AIDS'
04:49:42a Awardee Murli Sharma goes regional
04:49:48a Avs honour Sakic before opener
04:49:53a Next Right Conservatives need more sites like Big Government - and Hot Air
04:49:59a Rebel Leader Accepts Amnesty
04:50:04a Local Dispatch Paper carriers who bridge the gender divide
04:50:09a More on the German Elections
04:50:15a 10 Things to Do that Will Make Him Fall More in Love with You
04:50:20a EU regulators issue objections to BA tie-up
04:50:25a Medical Service Centre Holds Open House
04:50:30a Hajat Prayers For Year-End Exams
04:50:36a Alberta to overhaul School Act
04:50:42a Siblings Champs Of 25th Tilawah Al-Quran Competition
04:50:47a Philippines Kicks Off Global Mass Breastfeeding
04:50:52a Matt and Kim Lo-fi popsters are walking on sunshine
04:50:58a Woman dies in Fayette County crash
04:51:03a From the Archives Report on Blackout 2003
04:51:09a Vice President Vietnam Doan Visit India
04:51:14a California opens investigation into ACORN
04:51:19a Stars danced 22 hours non-stop for 3 Nights 4 Days
04:51:24a Rowing regatta to be held here this weekend
04:51:30a How Do Japanese React to China's Rise Depends on Their Age
04:51:35a Habs' Price is right in opener
04:51:40a Gorges' OT goal lifts Canadiens over Leafs 4-3
04:51:45a CCAC allows handouts without prior review
04:51:51a NHL kicks off 92nd season
04:51:56a 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi is pregnant
04:52:01a Nonprofits come together
04:52:07a Maoists shoot dead 16 villagers in Bihar
04:52:12a When the Earth suffers fits
04:52:18a APF head Hilton has history of legal trouble
04:52:23a U.S. takes action on distracted driving
04:52:29a Homicide detectives investigating fatal crash in Stowe
04:52:34a Baby Doll does not want to dance
04:52:40a McKees Rocks Bridge worker dies in fall
04:52:46a Drunken-Driving Film Hits Home For McFarland Students
04:52:52a Palestinian turnaround over UN war crimes resolution
04:52:57a Soldiers & Sailors service will mark churches' anniversary
04:53:03a Crime Where You Live 10-1
04:53:08a Woman killed in collision in Fayette County
04:53:13a Madoff trustee seeks US7bil from philanthropist
04:53:19a A Mother's Hope
04:53:24a Another Pa. budget proposal collapses
04:53:29a Coyotes’ fans optimistic after court rulings
04:53:35a Seameo Innotech Visitors At PTEM
04:53:41a Gen. Chi Haotian, God, and the future owners of America
04:53:47a Study Links Water Shortages in Southeast to Population, Not Global Warming
04:53:53a Local Charged With Housebreaking
04:53:58a Mob Infiltration Is Seen in Agency
04:54:04a Iran Agrees to Send Enriched Uranium to Russia
04:54:09a Of Course the Democrats Are Corrupt, But Does Anyone Care?
04:54:14a Judge OKs evidence against suspected killer, 12
04:54:20a Prayers For Typhoon Ketsana Victims
04:54:28a Government Electric update jet engines and smart meters
04:54:33a Taking Families 'into Care' is a Better Option for Children
04:54:39a Serena faces threat of ban from grand slams
04:54:44a Manhattan apartment sales spike in 3Q; prices vary
04:54:59a New injury blow for Hawks
04:55:05a Veiled lobbying of high court
04:55:10a Judge orders fund for salmonella claims
04:55:15a Gordon Brown's Speech Welcome to Dreamland
04:55:21a Indonesian quake toll at 1,100
04:55:26a HMRC forced to drop cross-border tax
04:55:31a Fever pull even vs. Mercury
04:55:37a Hadoop Clusters Get A Monitoring Client With Cloudera Desktop
04:55:42a 3RD LD Japan's jobless rate down to 5.5% in August, 1st fall this year+
04:55:47a A Surprisingly Profitable Recession
04:55:52a Social Security collectors up 19%
04:55:57a SFO goes gunning for BAE
04:56:03a Halt to gov't raids not an option to boost census
04:56:08a Independent tester Security essentials 'very good'
04:56:13a Suu Kyi's appeal against conviction rejected
04:56:19a At least 155 dead in Samoa tsunami officials
04:56:24a Main events scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 3+
04:56:29a Two Possibilities Here
04:56:34a Latino Film Festival Begins With Good Turnout
04:56:40a Proof that President Obama is a Borg
04:56:45a LEAD Ministry cancels bidding for Yamba Dam's main structure+
04:56:50a Mitch O'Connell's 'Pre-engagement Ring' art show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in LA
04:56:56a Hong Kong stocks open 2.74% lower
04:57:01a Guinea junta leader proposes talks with opposition
04:57:07a PRESS DIGEST Vietnam newspapers Oc...
04:57:12a CIT launches debt-swap plan, warns about bankruptcy
04:57:18a Ensign's ex-mistress, husband sought million
04:57:23a States are not boosting aid for schools
04:57:29a Cameron plans Afghan 'war Cabinet'
04:57:35a Cabinet members to continue discussions on Futemma relocation+
04:57:40a Recognize and Prevent MRSA Infections
04:57:45a The Russia-Georgia war The blame game
04:57:51a Outside the Box What companies can do about smokers and eaters
04:57:56a Death toll in flooding in Philippines rises to 293+
04:58:01a Meditation and Health
04:58:07a Experts label anti-energy drinks as possible gateway drug
04:58:12a White House Eyeing Narrower War Effort
04:58:18a Steve Bell on Gordon Brown and the Labour conference
04:58:23a Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal of conviction+
04:58:28a 2ND LD Japan not to discuss recent rise in yen at G-7 meeting Fujii+
04:58:34a 'India needs to commit more to fight HIV/AIDS'
04:58:39a Video Break 2 Time For Your Evening Prayer
04:58:45a San Francisco police officer arresting skateboarder 'I'll break your arm like a fckng twig.'
04:58:50a Sarkozy chides Obama on Iran
04:58:55a Esoteric classics a list of books
04:59:01a G-7 financial chiefs to discuss global imbalances, currency+
04:59:06a Japan team arrives in Indonesia to help search for quake victims+
04:59:12a Hero Central Foster Grandparents, Positive Influence On Kids Lives 02 Oct 2009 005454 GMT
04:59:17a Red Lights at the I-430/630 Interchange 02 Oct 2009 005712 GMT
04:59:23a Raise Safe and Healthy Kids
04:59:28a US envoy to India commemorates Gandhi''s birth anniversary
04:59:33a H1N1 vaccine soon to be in Texas
04:59:39a Blair set to become Europe's first president
04:59:44a Some Want Council To Rethink Precinct Move
04:59:50a Nurses' union sues over hospital flu shot policy
04:59:55a Holy Moly! Boy 'kills alligator 20 times his size'
05:00:00a Maoists kill 16 in eastern India police
05:00:06a Ideas about evolution turned on their head by discovery
05:00:11a Suspected Maoists kill 16 people in Bihar
05:00:16a Saturn dealer owners won't be lost in space
05:00:22a Irish 'No' Campaign Gains Momentum
05:00:27a Dollar falls to lower 89 yen in Tokyo ahead of key U.S. data+
05:00:32a Kenyan elephant gets stuck in a muddy puddle
05:00:38a GOP accuses Dems of trying to buy votes on global warming
05:00:45a Iran to allow inspectors amid sanctions threat
05:00:50a Sweeney's two-run single keys Mariners' 4-2 win
05:00:55a 'Demand for designer clothes rising in small cities'
05:01:00a Productive Investment in Education Lies With the Very Youngest Children
05:01:06a Former Argentine president Carlos Menem
05:01:11a Democrats Quietly Craft 'Public Option' Compromise Behind Closed Doors
05:01:17a Study Hate the Metric, Not the Display Ad
05:01:22a Scientist Speaks on Earthquakes at JMU
05:01:27a Video Breaking old ice with Iran on nukes
05:01:33a US Military Deaths in Iraq War at 4, 347
05:01:47a Rock-Star Chefs
05:01:58a New war brewing over Canada's multi-billion dollar prescription drug business
05:02:03a Video Ensign scandal worse with new details
05:02:13a Norway too 'hostile' to have monitors in Hebron
05:02:24a Energy update
05:02:30a In Los Angeles, District Attorney Discusses Polanski Charges
05:02:36a Brazil's Development Bank Has Loaned Close to US 50 Billion This Year, a Record
05:02:41a Odierno U.S. May Never Declare Victory in Iraq
05:02:46a Q&A with Lisa Yates
05:02:52a Letterman victim of mln extortion over affairs
05:02:57a MIAA Rule Adding More Risk For Student Athletes?
05:03:03a JK Pak violates ceasefire, 1 intruder killed
05:03:08a State stock roars back
05:03:13a Jordan rushes plans for 'civilian' nuclear program
05:03:19a China's picture-perfect 60th anniversary
05:03:24a BNP pushes members to hijack Poppy Appeal
05:03:30a Swine flu claims the life of woman with chronic illness
05:03:35a Massive Texas wind farm swirls into action
05:03:40a Lobbying for the 2016 Olympics
05:03:45a Nikkei set to fall after slide in US equities
05:03:51a Jobs, manufacturing data show slow recovery
05:03:56a Obama to make final push for Chicago's Olympic bid
05:04:01a Letterman Reveals Affairs, Staffer Charged
05:04:07a Merle Haggard lends voice to 'Capitalism A Love Story'
05:04:12a New York audience hears of state's pluses
05:04:18a Russia to release Arctic Sea ship, no secret cargo found
05:04:30a Video Pawlenty campaign is no dream team
05:04:40a Olympic outfits spark controversy
05:04:45a Abused Boy's Sister Told Him Not To Chew
05:04:55a Brooklyn Park rallies against hate crimes
05:05:00a Future of power
05:05:05a Obama heads to Copenhagen on Olympic mission
05:05:11a Michael Jackson was 'fairly healthy' before he died
05:05:16a Citigroup closes US8.7 bil. sale of Japanese brokerage
05:05:28a Tomorrow in business
05:05:33a Metrodome magic A look back at some golden Twins moments
05:05:39a Pakistan to target Taliban's 'epicentre' NYT
05:05:44a Video Gingrich yanks award from adult entertainers
05:05:49a Junior achievement offices begin new role
05:05:55a Malaysian students in Padang flown home
05:06:00a Indian hangs self in Dubai
05:06:06a Brown will not intervene over BAE prosecution
05:06:11a Video DeMint making his own U.S. foreign policy?
05:06:16a Permission to kill ring-necked parakeets
05:06:22a 30-year mortgages drop below 5 percent
05:06:27a Kaiser tops list of state's richest
05:06:32a Iran agrees to give up enriched uranium
05:06:38a This Was Probably the Last Prime Ministerial Speech of His Lifetime
05:06:43a Hewlett-Packard to combine PC, print units
05:06:48a Backyard Brawl--Mishawaka vs Penn on Friday Night Football
05:06:53a Iran has bought time and saved face
05:06:59a Laughter will preside at memorial service for judge Jerry Buchmeyer
05:07:04a 11pm Update WBZ Forecast
05:07:10a Hoosier officials unveil plans to combat bovine TB
05:07:15a Germany's New Foreign Minister Is Gay. So What?
05:07:21a Mexico gov't to continue to work towards legal certainty
05:07:26a Vampires Amongst Us
05:07:32a Oil falls to near 70 as traders eye US economy
05:07:37a DPS likely to make Count Day goal
05:07:42a State, HGEA Delay Talks Until Friday
05:07:48a The GOP and its Confusion
05:07:53a Religion and Our Schools
05:07:59a Natural gas slips on storage report
05:08:04a Obituary Sue Ann Turnbull / Bride who wed on TV in early 1950s
05:08:10a Obituary John A. Salamon / Owner of Baseball Training Academy, ex-minor league pitcher
05:08:16a Manhattan apartment market soar in third quarter; still below year-ago levels
05:08:21a Valley Teens Contemplate The Next Step
05:08:27a Greek Expatriates on State Deputy Lists
05:08:32a Metals and coins Oct. 2, 2009
05:08:38a Tulare county prosecutor to handle drug case against sheriff's son
05:08:43a Detroit council candidates criticize bus cuts at forum
05:08:48a American Express to end monthly fees on gift cards
05:08:53a Atlanta's Meadors WNBA coach of the year
05:08:59a Kauai Police Arrest 7 In Liquor Sales To Minors
05:09:04a Favorite Facebook Applications
05:09:10a crew questioned after plane bomb threat
05:09:15a 2,300 Mount Clemens students offered breakfast
05:09:21a Flames sweat out win over Canucks
05:09:26a Doctors Running Out Of Season Flu Shots
05:09:32a Novi man honors wife, kids with charity
05:09:37a Bid to find Britons after tsunami
05:09:43a Asian stocks lower on U.S. jobs, Japan fears
05:09:48a TTUHSC offering Free kidney screening Saturday Oct. 3rd
05:09:53a Cobo fixes start in time for auto show
05:09:59a Army's buddy system is put to the test
05:10:04a Czar seeks 'chilling effect' on internet
05:10:10a Active Shooter / Rapid Response Kit
05:10:26a UNH Freshman Allegedly Raped In Dorm Room
05:10:31a Robot Teaches Kids How To Walk
05:10:36a Clothes make powerful memories in 'What I Wore'
05:10:42a Oahu School Looks To Cut Into Lost Class Time
05:10:47a Gaming Money Frozen
05:10:52a Asian Body Calls For Resumption Of India-Pakistan Dialogue
05:10:58a 'Chad Henne is going to be good'
05:11:03a Post Card Arrives 50 Years Later
05:11:08a Allergan Files Suit To Lift Limits On Botox Info
05:11:14a Comprehensive Research of the Finishing Materials Market in Thailand Business Report 2009
05:11:19a US Business Challenging, Recovery Slow
05:11:25a Follow Jalopnik, Staff On Twitter Car Tweets
05:11:30a Statue Memorializes Town's Good Samaritan
05:11:35a Troy Police say missing an 'embarrassment'
05:11:41a Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal
05:11:46a English to travel to London, Hong Kong
05:11:52a Pakistan Signs MoU For Transit Of Indian Goods To Afghanistan
05:11:57a Wimpy foreign policy never saved anyone's day
05:12:02a New York Philharmonic Won’t Go to Cuba Without Patrons
05:12:08a RCMP disputes Canadian's croc story
05:12:13a American Airlines Center unveils its big new high-def video screens
05:12:19a Detroit police seek suspects in two shootings
05:12:24a Task force to investigate Tamara Greene murder
05:12:30a Panel eases impact of health bill
05:12:35a Top lobbyist tied to Broward corruption probe
05:12:40a Raise Your Mugs to German Efficiency!
05:12:45a Bible study fliers cause flap in Roseville
05:12:51a GOP targets Obama's foreign policy
05:12:56a Another quake rocks disaster zone
05:13:01a Doctors Damned If They Do, More Damned If They Don't
05:13:13a PG pulls away in second half
05:13:19a Developers treated 'very badly' in bad bank set-up
05:13:25a Suspicious death in Home Place probed
05:13:30a President Hu expresses condolences over earthquake in Indonesia
05:13:35a MGM Wins Temporary Reprieve
05:13:41a Mexico's brewer and beverage maker Femsa considers beer merger
05:13:46a O'Keeffe spurns experts in 'boost' for oral Irish
05:13:52a Progressive Clergy Abortion is a Moral Health Care Choice
05:13:57a Honda president warns of weak dollar 'danger zone'
05:14:02a No plans to regulate advice services as debts take toll
05:14:08a In quake's aftermath, R.I. Samoan of royal descent seeks help for family, friends
05:14:13a Hoover digs deep to beat Jackson
05:14:19a Tropical Storm Olaf spins off Mexico's coast
05:14:24a Public questions TVA on ash clean-up
05:14:29a Facebook forces advertising rethink
05:14:35a Anti-Lisbonites take one last shot at treaty
05:14:40a Customs denies seizing international donations
05:14:45a PAGASA sought high-tech radars 5 years and 54 typhoons ago
05:14:51a Seeing our nation in new light
05:14:56a NDCC puts Ondoy damage at P4.8-B, death toll at 277
05:15:01a 'Pepeng' enters RP, threatens to become super typhoon
05:15:06a Sayonara Sunshine!
05:15:12a Asia Markets Japan auto companies face serious challenges
05:15:17a Musician's Staff Respond After Outrage Over Concert
05:15:23a How to vote at your local polling station
05:15:28a After the rampaging floods, clean-up at UERMMMC begins
05:15:33a Letterman Reveals Sex Scandal, Extortion Attempt
05:15:39a DSWD on alert vs bogus 'Ondoy' victims
05:15:44a Observe price law or face P10-M fine
05:15:49a Future of the country is in your hands, says Cowen
05:15:54a Complete Marion County workplace smoking ban proposed
05:16:00a Myanmar's Suu Kyi set for appeal verdict
05:16:05a Liposuction complication at a medspa should caution consumers
05:16:11a Updated disaster map of rescue, road conditions, and relief centers
05:16:16a Home searched in faith-healing death
05:16:21a Kick off with Fifa 10, Halo 3
05:16:27a Japan's jobless rate falls for 1st time in 7 months
05:16:32a Dunne battles back with new plan for Ballsbridge
05:16:38a 'Ondoy' death toll now 280 NDCC
05:16:43a Llama drama twist as council demands 'ransom' of €5,500
05:16:48a Letterman admits affairs claims extortion
05:16:54a Funeral parlors overcharging kin of 'Ondoy' victims warned
05:16:59a T-birds show no mercy to Westlake
05:17:04a Fireman tells of near-miss in fatal car crash
05:17:09a Letterman victim of 2 million extortion over affairs
05:17:15a DOH gets ready with anti-venom shots amid snake sightings in flooded homes
05:17:20a Beaumont woman wins playing McDonald's Monopoly
05:17:25a PGH to embark on breastfeeding mission in 'Ondoy' evacuation centers
05:17:31a Lacson seeks SC help in Dacer-Corbito case
05:17:36a RP's worst tropical cyclones
05:17:41a State Rep. Bruun to vie for Schrader's seat
05:17:47a Laguna de Bay level apt to break 90-year record
05:17:52a Mexican alligator attack hoax
05:17:57a Pasig, Taguig floods may remain for one more month
05:18:03a Asia manufacturing picks up; U.S. remains key worry
05:18:08a Lloyd hopeful of Windies resolution
05:18:13a NDCC to decentralize relief distribution efforts
05:18:18a Signal 4 looms over Aurora-Isabela area Pagasa
05:18:24a China's PMI of its manufacturing sector rises to 54.3% in September
05:18:29a China's National Day evening gala begins with spectacular fireworks show
05:18:34a Senate starts negotiations for transfer to Film Center bldg
05:18:40a Saludo appointment as CSC chair nixed by CA
05:18:45a 2016 Olympics Should It Be Chicago?
05:18:50a Iraq's prime minister forms coalition
05:18:56a Hillary Clinton praises China's 'historic accomplishment'
05:19:01a Egypt Tourism proceeds decline 1.6%
05:19:06a Suu Kyi's appeal against conviction 'rejected'
05:19:11a Japan's Kobayashi gets first taste of F1 action
05:19:17a One firefighter taken to hospital after Norman house blaze
05:19:23a Rebels accuse Sudan army of killing 28 people in North Darfur
05:19:28a Climate Change Threatens National Parks
05:19:34a Mexico soccer coach recalls star player Marquez
05:19:39a Crime Down In Daytona Beach
05:19:44a DIARY-Eurobond issuance in Asia ex-JapanState Bank of India
05:19:50a Suspected Maoist rebels kill 16 in India's Bihar state
05:19:55a Israeli Leaves Under a Cloud
05:20:00a Controversy over funding for school repairs continues in Jefferson Co.
05:20:06a Report warns demographic changes in the U.S. 'could leave Israel without an ally'
05:20:11a Haynesworth Chose Washington Because of Distractions in Tampa Area
05:20:17a Russian FM Lavrov to discuss Geneva talks in Abkhazia
05:20:22a 'Pepeng' at 'super typhoon' strength to hit N. Luzon Saturday
05:20:28a Saudi paper blames RP govt for 'Ondoy' tragedy
05:20:33a Crist gives PSC injection of `new blood' with two appointments
05:20:38a Israel Looking To Avoid Prosecution
05:20:44a Florida Man Was Biggest Madoff Beneficiary
05:20:49a 'Ardi' Roamed Earth Earlier Than 'Lucy'
05:20:54a Images from the crowd
05:20:59a ANALYSIS-Comcast's talks with NBC Universal get thumbs down
05:21:04a US denies new travel bans on Sudanese officials
05:21:10a Vestas Update socialcentre opens on Magic Roundabout
05:21:15a HK shares fall 2.32 pct as U.S. economic data disappoints
05:21:20a Zombie attack UF has a plan
05:21:26a Kovalainen fastest in opening Japan F1 practice
05:21:32a New NASA chief to hold talks in Russian Mission Control
05:21:37a Michael Jackson Was Fairly Healthy
05:21:45a Tropical Storm OLAF Forecast Discussion Number 3
05:22:07a Palin book best seller even before sale begins
05:22:12a Govenment Goes To The Dogs
05:22:20a Weather blog This front could be trouble
05:22:26a Iran to send enriched uranium to Russia
05:22:32a Medspa liposuction tragedy a caution to consumers
05:22:37a Secrets Of The Self-Made 2009
05:22:42a US sends help to Samoa tsunami victims Duration 0033
05:23:00a Cola strikers get council support
05:23:06a Indonesians mourn quake victims in front of a collapsed school in Padang
05:23:19a Cameron plans Afghan 'war Cabinet'
05:23:24a Wolksi's 2 goals lift Avs to 5-2 win in opener
05:23:30a Police cut 2 cocaine supply lines to Jacksonville
05:23:35a Ardi Fossil Discovery New Human-Evolution Puzzle Piece
05:23:46a Movie Review of 'Zombieland' Year's Coolest Creature Feature
05:23:54a A disaster response team specialising in the welfare of animals is heading to Samoa
05:24:00a SERBIA USAID Approves Additional USD 4.3 mln for Civil Society Development
05:24:05a 'The worst feeling you can imagine'
05:24:11a Penny-Pinchers Money Matters
05:24:16a Canucks Flames Hockey
05:24:22a USF defense highly ranked
05:24:34a 'Mudcat' seeking next 'Black Ace'
05:24:46a Sharks Avalanche Hockey
05:25:15a Orioles snap 13-game losing streak with victory over Rays
05:25:26a Autopsy Shows Michael Jackson Was Healthy
05:25:32a NCAA must release FSU records
05:25:51a Chandigarh Escort
05:25:57a Ask Korean popstar Rain your questions
05:26:03a Typhoon Ondoy Relief Operations
05:26:08a BULGARIA Russian Part in Belene NPP May Raise Bulgaria Extraterritoriality Issues
05:26:13a Adams hoping to play
05:26:19a Travolta lawyer says he refused alleged extortion scheme
05:26:28a Love at first sight
05:26:38a Man killed crossing Temple Terrace street
05:26:43a Chiefs-Tigers in key game
05:26:48a More speed on the go
05:26:54a UNAMID says good relations with Khartoum impacted Darfur positively
05:26:59a Suicide, lies and videotape The real 'Informant!'
05:27:05a Former President Clinton, Trade Delegation in Haiti issues
05:27:20a Rand falls to a four week low
05:27:25a Wining and Dining in Kelowna
05:27:31a Counterfeit Cash Fools The Experts
05:27:36a Boston's Chad Gifford could be temp CEO
05:27:42a Hang Seng down 2.92pc at open
05:27:47a Guinea coup leader Moussa Dadis Camara promises citizens a peaceful future. Duration 0156
05:27:53a Strong quake shakes Tonga
05:27:58a Perez says he still needs work
05:28:04a White's lawyers ask county insurance to pay legal fees
05:28:09a Obama uses personal touch for Chicago Olympics bid
05:28:14a MGM gets short reprieve from lenders
05:28:20a Chandigarh erotic
05:28:25a Top Nigerian rebel leader disarms for amnesty
05:28:30a Cat burglar stole from family as they were sleeping
05:28:35a For Dodgers' interpreter, his job is a thrill beyond words
05:28:41a Twins' victory keeps playoff hopes alive
05:28:46a Congress puts pressure on Obama over Afghan
05:28:52a Asia shares slump on US data
05:28:57a Who Will Be Vermont's Next Lt. Gov.?
05:29:02a I'm not out for revenge
05:29:08a Chrysler bankruptcy process leads to parts hold-up
05:29:13a Odierno May not be possible to declare victory in Iraq
05:29:18a Court accepts request to disclose detailed results of national exam+
05:29:24a Woman charged with arson after duplex fire investigation
05:29:29a Judge orders fund for peanut salmonella claims
05:29:35a Lawmakers would curb Federal Reserve's power, not expand it
05:29:40a Top general Don't shift war aims in Afghanistan
05:29:45a Clinton visit to North imminent
05:29:50a IBM Launches Cheap Email Alternative
05:29:56a Wood Forms Found In Hundreds Of Nations Bridges
05:30:02a Oklahoma's electric vehicle tax credit judged by individual cases
05:30:07a Climate Change Legislation Introduced in the U.S. Senate Today
05:30:12a Sudan offers to share oil expertise with Uganda
05:30:18a Will Chicago Get 2016 Olympics?
05:30:23a SPC MD 2057
05:30:29a Kenyans Await Kofi Annan's Arrival Sunday
05:30:34a Oklahoma crashes kill three
05:30:39a Oklahoma City welcome center gives haven to military travelers, families
05:30:45a Rocket racing league may move to airport
05:30:50a Testing Continues in Dunkard Creek
05:30:55a CU Student Fights Off Masked Attackers
05:31:00a Manatee habitats face federal review
05:31:06a GSMA?s Mobile Innovation Grand Prix names fring as winner of Israel
05:31:11a World Citizen Israel Reassured by New Iran Developments
05:31:16a Highway money issues jeopardize Oklahoma projects
05:31:22a Source Palestinians drop endorsement of Goldstone report
05:31:27a Animal disaster response team heads to Samoa
05:31:32a IMF denies tensions with turkey over loan
05:31:38a 19 workers for Oklahoma County disciplined
05:31:43a CBS Employee Arrested in Letterman Case
05:31:48a More medicine limits sought in Okahoma's meth fight
05:31:53a Man Killed in Crash With Train
05:31:59a Investigation continues in shooting involving Midwest City police officer
05:32:04a Midlands women scammed by travel agency
05:32:10a SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch 754
05:32:15a City of Quincy considers employee furloughs
05:32:20a Race to save island quake buried
05:32:26a Bethany grad killed by roadside bomb
05:32:31a Steinke's WAN payout equals salary
05:32:36a Taiwan stocks may rise 33% by mid-2010
05:32:42a NZ charity director's lucky escape from Sumatra quake
05:32:47a Awards Honor GLBT Youth
05:32:52a State budget deal in jeopardy
05:32:57a Church property law to get a look in Oklahoma
05:33:03a 47th annual Greek Festival serves up specialties this weekend in Tacoma
05:33:08a Glorious Property plunges in HK trading debut
05:33:13a 'Thousands' Missing As Quake Toll Tops 1,000
05:33:18a Indonesian quake toll climbs to 1,100
05:33:24a Israel's Doubts On Talks Allayed
05:33:29a Teach Nedbank 'a lesson', says Malema
05:33:34a Typhoon evacuations ahead of powerful Parma
05:33:40a Israeli 'blackmail' over phone firm in bid to halt Gaza probe
05:33:45a million spent, but now Port of Tacoma won't build terminal
05:33:50a Yes vote would bolster EU's role, says Palestinian envoy
05:33:56a Multi-Car Accident Sends 5 To Hospital
05:34:01a Three-day gala celebrates heritage of OU's pipe organ
05:34:06a Taiwan shares open sharply lower
05:34:12a Military, civilians fly in air show
05:34:17a Fists Fly During High School Volleyball Game
05:34:23a Oklahoma group changes name, launches campaign
05:34:28a Scientology Ban Is Ruled Illegal
05:34:33a SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch 754 Status Reports
05:34:39a Ghost caught topping up pints in UK pub
05:34:44a Bill could wipe out student unions
05:34:49a SPC MD 2059
05:34:54a Nasal swine flu vaccine expected in Oklahoma Tuesday
05:35:00a UMG silicon of nearly 7N available at US45/kg, say Taiwan makers
05:35:05a Israelis Temper Doubts About Obama's Policy on Iran New Resolve Is Seen From West
05:35:12a PLO 'pulls backing for Gaza report'
05:35:17a Once in a thousand years...
05:35:24a Chaos warning as taxi strike to continue
05:35:30a Remember Bapu? He was in Munnabhai
05:35:36a Rann bruised but 'okay' after beating
05:35:41a Foreign banks' share in Taiwan market down
05:35:46a Zmanda Does Cloud Storage for Less with Open Source
05:35:52a Feds rescind ban on 'Jesus'on Capitol Christmas tree
05:35:57a Stop erasing Gandhi
05:36:03a Dutch jet accidentally bombs Afghan civilians
05:36:08a The AC Twitter Challenge How I Use Hootsuite with Associated Content's RSS
05:36:14a Zelaya's supporters protest martial law, reject dialogue under current situation
05:36:19a Second typhoon looms for victims in Philippines
05:36:25a Barbados government still looking at redevelopment of National Stadium
05:36:30a How to Have a Customized Website
05:36:35a JQuery Javascript for CSS Lovers
05:36:40a US senator finds ISI-Taliban ties 'troubling'
05:36:46a Collins Middle School Football Team Yet To Give Up Points
05:36:51a Intel here, there and everywhere
05:36:56a 'HAPPY Act' supports families who support beloved animals
05:37:02a Pakistan US missile said to kill a top militant
05:37:07a Mexico gov't to continue to work towards legal certainty
05:37:12a Big hitters debate Lisbon Treaty at UCD
05:37:18a 2016 Olympic hopefuls make final pitches
05:37:23a How to Be Romantic Using Technology
05:37:28a Best Computer for Kids Mac or PC?
05:37:34a Letter X-ray observation of a transient hemiaminal trapped in a porous network
05:37:39a Fossil provides 'missing link' in human evolution
05:37:44a Ethics law haunts Ensign affair
05:37:50a Oldest 'Human' Skeleton Refutes 'Missing Link'
05:37:55a Schwarzenegger announces mln clean-air grants
05:38:00a My Top Five Favorite Facebook Applications
05:38:06a Canadian gov't survives non-confidence motion
05:38:11a Local efforts to aid Samoan disaster zone
05:38:16a Covering Comcast/NBCU
05:38:22a Scoop's 'Meet The MPs' Project Raymond Huo
05:38:27a Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Techies
05:38:33a Jackson's general health was fine
05:38:38a Keep mules, maintain Grand Canyon trails
05:38:44a Keep Goals in Afghan War
05:38:49a Elizabeth Smart Abductor Raped Me Daily
05:38:54a Balloon Fiesta Eve
05:39:00a Bill Clinton Expresses Optimism on Foreign Investments
05:39:05a New Zealand police seek 65 tons of stolen fertiliser
05:39:10a Flight carrying HM develops technical snag
05:39:16a CNN What If You Ditched Your Car For A Day?
05:39:21a Obama urges Iran to take constructive action on nuclear issue
05:39:26a Oracle forms portal for midsize businesses
05:39:32a Personal feud behind Sri Lanka blast, 13 wounded
05:39:37a Thai anti-gov't group plans new rallies
05:39:42a Hubble Sees Galaxies Stripped by Ram Pressure
05:39:48a Serves Westchester and Putnam County Real Estate Buyers in New York
05:39:53a Two Ways to Remove the Green AV Virus
05:39:58a Letter Translocation of double-stranded DNA through membrane-adapted phi29 motor protein nanopores
05:40:04a Indonesian government prioritizes quake victims evacuation
05:40:09a Elizabeth Smart testifies about kidnapper's rapes
05:40:14a Lisbon Treaty to sail through
05:40:20a NFL drags feet as evidence on head injuries mounts
05:40:25a Democrats co-founder Jack Evans dies
05:40:30a Iran's aid to Iraq insurgents less broad-based U.S.
05:40:36a President Obama Includes Homosexual Couples in 'National Family Day'
05:40:41a What Can I Do If My Desired Domain Name is Already Taken?
05:40:47a Low-paid public workers are 26pc better off
05:40:52a ‘We are leading the way’
05:40:57a A primer for parents on H1N1 symptoms
05:41:03a Physicists shrink X-ray source Premium content
05:41:09a Oldest 'Human' Skeleton Found--Disproves 'Missing Link
05:41:14a Netanyahu tells it like it is ? is Obama listening?
05:41:19a Unesco shortlists 12 world traditions that need urgent safeguards
05:41:25a Christie and Corzine trade shots
05:41:30a Australia Business Lobby Agrees Pact With China Trade Council
05:41:35a Twitter tests Lists feature to group tweets
05:41:50a First Amendment Outdated? Obama Nominates Homosexual Equivalency Advocate to EEOC
05:41:55a Asian Markets Trade Lower On Economic Recovery Concerns
05:42:01a Playoff bets better than booze, sweets
05:42:07a Vote on behalf of your children - Kenny
05:42:12a Chicago teen's death prompts visit
05:42:18a Obama tightens noose on Tehran Three conditions for Geneva 2
05:42:23a FACTBOX Foreign aid for Indonesia quake
05:42:31a Test-Proof Counterfeit Bills Have Feds On Alert
05:42:36a FOREX-Dollar steady, caution prevails before US data
05:42:41a Netanyahu discusses Labor's opposition to budget cut with Barak
05:42:47a Mayor Morrissey returns from trip to China
05:42:52a Obama, politicking with Democratic governors
05:42:58a 10/01/09 NECN weather forecast, 9pm
05:43:03a Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal vs. arrest
05:43:09a PM says Israel ahead of world in swine flu preparations
05:43:14a Investors confident about real estate recovery Poll
05:43:19a What should U.S. do about Iran
05:43:25a Parental consent needed for cervical cancer vaccination
05:43:30a PRECIOUS-Gold inches above awaits U.S. data
05:43:35a Who is looking out for women's health
05:43:41a A call to action to prevent cancer
05:43:46a IAEA chief will go to Iran this weekend U.S.
05:43:51a Cleve Jones Invites President Obama to the National Equality March
05:43:57a U.S. says it will share Internet oversight role
05:44:02a Analysis Can Israel hope to change the rules of war?
05:44:08a Lufthansa buys SAS's 20 percent stake in bmi
05:44:13a Why Isn't Obama Forceful?
05:44:18a San Joaquin River restoration hits a snag
05:44:24a Ambitious Web startup smacks of teen spirit
05:44:29a Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal
05:44:34a Zuma assures Bench of respect
05:44:40a New tough cop unit has it in for criminals
05:44:45a A Soda Tax Ain't Got Our Backs
05:44:50a PM Form body to handle lawsuits against Israeli officials abroad
05:44:56a Hundreds of Palestinians reach crossing to receive 2 video deal prisoners
05:45:01a Indonesian rescuers dig as quake toll climbs
05:45:07a Hepatitis C emerges as Egypt’s top health crisis
05:45:12a Fort Collins defeats Grandview
05:45:18a Lopez supporters attend session
05:45:23a No 11th hour deal; Rockford layoffs to go forward
05:45:29a Australian mother gets life for daughter's death
05:45:34a Steer Clear of Harmful Chemical Additives in Food
05:45:39a The Tech Chronicles A daily dose of postings from The Chronicle's...
05:45:45a Philippines appeals for divine help
05:45:50a Be the Example in Your Child's Life
05:45:56a Best Buy to boost holiday hiring to meet TV demand
05:46:01a Pelosi House Health Overall Bill Will Contain Public Option
05:46:06a Top Chevron management shuffled in surprise move
05:46:12a Israel, Palestinians ready for prisoner swap
05:46:17a Daimler, Kamaz unveil joint truck venture
05:46:23a Kentucky to get H1N1 flu vaccine soon
05:46:28a New Zealanders rally to help tsunami victims
05:46:34a Oil falls as supplies cast doubt on earlier surge
05:46:39a Vehicle sales in Japan rise for second straight month
05:46:44a Hapless Hapoel grilled by red-hot Hamburg
05:46:50a Obama and the Olympic tug of war
05:46:55a 3 Ways for Coping with Stress
05:47:00a Truck hits, kills cyclist on Poplar Level Road
05:47:05a Kaohsiung Main Stadium management likely to face financial woes
05:47:11a Swiss stocks Factors to watch on Oct 2
05:47:16a Overall Effectiveness of Tympanostomy Tube Placement as Treatment of Otitis Media
05:47:22a More tumours for Stynes
05:47:27a Mr Hart must go
05:47:32a Replacing an Old Habit with a New State of Mind
05:47:38a Power restored on light rail system
05:47:43a Ganga's men leave tomorrow for Champions League
05:47:48a Legal Steroids Benefits
05:47:54a Military to be deployed upon typhoon warnings
05:48:00a UPDATE 1-Oce posts Q3 loss, sees signs of bottoming
05:48:05a TTEC falter against Harvard
05:48:10a Mobile Content Bits Twilight Quizzes; Mobihand Windows Apps; Obama Bans Text; Buzzd iPhone App
05:48:16a Flu shots to start by mid-October
05:48:21a Mac's Internet share grew 5% in Sept.
05:48:26a Queensland faces severe fire conditions
05:48:32a Uniqlo fashion says it wants up to 10 Paris stores
05:48:37a 'Double dip could hit region for six'
05:48:42a Hopefuls fire last salvos for 2016 vote
05:48:48a Few issues reported during Virginia Tech's alert test
05:48:53a GM to ditch Saturn brand after sale deal falls through
05:48:59a Former health minister awarded French order
05:49:04a Washington's red ink prompts run on pink paper
05:49:09a Granholm may extend Bobb's DPS term
05:49:14a Cisco to acquire Norway's Tandberg for US2.96 bil.
05:49:19a Elpida shares drop on WTO threat
05:49:25a Maoists kill 16 in eastern India
05:49:30a CIT Group is on the brink of collapse — again
05:49:35a Obama's Naivete
05:49:41a Graham vs. Princeton Preview
05:49:46a TT head home with a point
05:49:51a Rampaul shines for Ganga XI
05:49:57a Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for
05:50:02a Japanese business confidence up for second quarter in row
05:50:08a Indian Rebels Kill 16 Villagers, Official Says
05:50:14a America has its roots in India of Gandhi Obama
05:50:19a A 'Constructive Beginning' With 'Hard Work Ahead'
05:50:25a Students And A Bus Driver Threatened With A Loaded Gun
05:50:30a New Banking Trojan Steals Your Money Carefully
05:50:36a AFL Over-40s kick off October 9
05:50:45a Maine fines group for criticizing Islam
05:50:51a TFA leaders Stokely Vale held to draw
05:50:56a Police Robbery Team Targets South Sound Food Delivery Workers
05:51:01a Mike Hydeck Goes LIVE From Conard High
05:51:07a 920-930 Finish Line Cam
05:51:12a BOV shares up, HSBC down
05:51:17a Brazil's economy hums along as others struggle
05:51:23a Islamic banking becoming popular
05:51:28a Dallas bomb plot, others not connected, FBI says
05:51:33a BofA mulls short-term CEO
05:51:39a George W. Bush has quiet hunting trip
05:51:44a Google Chrome Gets an Extension Manager
05:51:49a No special treatment for Polanski Schwarzenegger
05:51:55a Belo's company archives called a 'crown jewel' for SMU
05:52:00a Get that job Six online resume tools
05:52:06a Economic bleeding slows, says Sacci
05:52:11a Wal-Mart officials prepare for Christiansburg Sam's Club
05:52:16a A Banker's Lament
05:52:21a UPDATE 1-JP Morgan-backed polymer maker eyes mln IPO
05:52:26a Assorted Exam-Style Questions for Exam 4/C Part 15
05:52:32a Why Obama may want to ask Bush what to do in Afghanistan
05:52:37a Less Summer More Studying
05:52:43a HSBC wins case on 20bn illegal tax haul
05:52:48a Firsthand account of Clinton presidency
05:52:54a Underfunded schools reach their breaking point
05:52:59a Judges chosen for Chen's secret diplomacy case
05:53:05a RNC Tied To Website That Promoted Military Coup Against Obama
05:53:10a Mom Files Lawsuit Against Seattle Children's In Son's Death
05:53:16a Qatar's hospitality sector to grow by 9% this year
05:53:21a Dairy farmers fear banks 'knocking at the door'
05:53:26a Charlotte aims to become ‘energy cluster
05:53:32a Contractors can claim losses in govt projects
05:53:37a GOP tried to recruit hero pilot 'Sully' for 2010 Congress bid
05:53:42a Banks to reduce card limits
05:53:48a Federal employees told not to text while driving
05:53:53a Art Lessons in Acrylic Paint the Night Sky
05:53:58a Taiwan stocks climb back to pre-meltdown level
05:54:04a Tsunami 'may have killed 190' in Pacific
05:54:09a How to Prepare Healthy Meals at College
05:54:19a What to Do If Your Child is Afraid of the Teacher
05:54:24a Asian Shares Slump on U.S. Data
05:54:30a Indy fuel prices recede
05:54:35a GM, dealers begin the end to Saturn
05:54:40a ANZ Bank kickstarts tsunami relief appeal
05:54:46a Peru Pedro Suárez Vértiz records a ballad duet with Juan Diego Flórez
05:54:54a Good Ways to Incorporate Exercise into a Packed School Week
05:55:00a Automated attacks push malware on Facebook
05:55:05a Experts say GCC was slow to react to crisis
05:55:10a Financial firms' contribution to Taiwan GDP raises in Q2
05:55:16a Typhoon Ketsana batters Southeast Asia
05:55:21a Letterman falls prey to blackmail, admits affairs
05:55:27a Republic wraps up Frontier acquisition
05:55:32a Review of the Blossom Deli in Charleston, WV
05:55:38a Stifel, Nicolaus' Indy office faces fraud charges
05:55:43a Hualien chief snubs KMT's Chan Chun-po
05:55:49a North and South Sudan armies are in arms race
05:55:54a Michigan's Special-needs Students Deserve More
05:55:59a '10 000-carat gem' exposed as fraud
05:56:14a China is still threat to Taiwan Joseph Wu
05:56:20a October debuts on sour note
05:56:25a Energy plant site chosen
05:56:31a Tsunami news in brief
05:56:36a Rescuers struggle to get equipment to Tonga
05:56:41a Green push may be costly
05:56:47a Government's NHI to reduce non-health care spending drastically
05:56:52a Boat people being sent home govt
05:56:58a Quotable quotes of the week
05:57:04a Egypt, UK Islamic banking development & opportunities
05:57:09a What's in a Chicago Olympics for Indiana?
05:57:14a Australian survivor tells of hanging on for dear life
05:57:20a Vatanen will lose badly, warns Mosley
05:57:25a Months long investigation ends with Talbott man's indictment on child porn charges
05:57:30a SPC MD 2058
05:57:36a Commander U.S. may not declare victory in Iraq
05:57:42a Deeds, McDonnell Praise Bid For 70,000 New Degrees 01 Oct 2009 212220 GMT
05:57:47a 2016 Olympics Summer Games Copenhagen Oct. 2
05:57:53a Submarines ordered by Israel still be...
05:57:58a Pellissippi breaks its old student enrollment record
05:58:03a Merritt Island man dies in Samoa tsunami
05:58:09a Police hunting for killer of Jacksonville mothe
05:58:15a Free Fun in October Enjoy a Weekend at the Alabama State Renaissance Faire
05:58:20a Disaster averted NBC's 'Day One' reduced in scope
05:58:25a Samoa buries dead, looks to rebuild
05:58:33a Asian markets take a breather
05:58:40a Boxing promoter to face trial
05:58:45a DA and Cope join hands to oppose labour broking ban
05:58:50a RBA tipped to keep rates on hold again
05:58:56a ReviewLogitech Cordless Desktop Mouse and Keyboard MX3200 Laser
05:59:01a Mahatma Gandhi 140th Birthday Marked by Exclusive Montblanc Pen
05:59:06a Fuel cell harvests electricity from glucose
05:59:12a It's time for a Jewish boycott of the Ukraine
05:59:17a Winter time in Jordan
05:59:22a My Surly Santa
05:59:27a Deal or no deal
05:59:42a Explosive device detonates next to IDF soldiers near Hebron; no injuries
05:59:47a International Pro-life Conference in Auckland
05:59:52a SkyCity chasing double-digit earnings growth again
05:59:58a FACTBOX-Uzbek militant leader killed in Pakistan
06:00:03a Canal in Bishan to become river
06:00:08a John Key's Legal Top 10
06:00:13a Letterman reveals affair extortion attempt
06:00:19a Swine flu kills soldier, child
06:00:24a Jordan's King orders aid to Indonesia, Philippines
06:00:29a Help on its way for animals in Samoa
06:00:35a Export and Manufacturing recovery – not yet
06:00:40a Slaking The Nation's Thirst
06:00:45a Goff to Washington for trade, security meetings
06:00:50a Mayor seeks more money for Jefferson County school system repairs
06:00:56a PLO 'pulls backing for Gaza report'
06:01:01a Goodman Fielder extends loan facility
06:01:06a Uzbek militant killed in Pakistan security agents
06:01:12a Oldest hominid skeleton rewrites human evolutionary history
06:01:17a Latest multitasking media players have some issues
06:01:22a Rules for real estate agents to tighten
06:01:28a Aggression in male mice linked to 'girl power'
06:01:33a Kiwi Income Property Trust Portfolio Value Drop
06:01:38a Mr Beck Cue 'cry'. 'But my eyes are getting used to this'.
06:01:43a EGG Maternity launching at Harrods, London
06:01:48a Gaza society breaking down because of blockade, head of UN agency warns
06:01:54a Over 200 NZers still missing after tsunami
06:01:59a Dubai set to host IBA's 2011 annual conference
06:02:04a Buswell 'powerless' to overturn GESB payrise
06:02:09a Statement On Samoan Disaster
06:02:15a More Police on the Botany Beat
06:02:20a Samoa Tsunami People staying away from devastated villages
06:02:25a Browns Try to Remember, Bengals Want to Forget
06:02:30a UN US Block on Goldstone
06:02:36a Farmers’ vigilance on TB strategy review required
06:02:41a Auckland Civil Defence To Review Tsunami Response
06:02:47a Myanmar Court Rejects Suu Kyi's Appeal
06:02:52a Tri-State Business Leaders Recognized
06:02:58a Big money in little-watched Seattle port races
06:03:03a Letterman reveals affairs with employees
06:03:08a Natural gas is key to cleaner energy
06:03:14a Obama administration says it will propose restrictions on cellphone use
06:03:20a Public lobs questions at officials during coal ash town hall meeting
06:03:25a PGC rights up for grabs as share price spirals down
06:03:31a Thrilled to watch Sotomayor pitch
06:03:36a A BART police plan
06:03:42a UK charges set to reopen arms deal
06:03:47a Global Peace And Justice Newsletter
06:03:52a The horrific Facebook paedophile ring
06:03:57a Vivendi Closer to Brazil Deal
06:04:03a Orca entertain Nelson commuters
06:04:08a In Restructuring Effort, CIT Offers a Debt Exchange
06:04:13a Urgent need for a new approach to road safety.
06:04:18a Govt invites inbound tour operators’ GST comment
06:04:23a No Free Speech Here Thanks
06:04:29a Search for missing tourist suspended
06:04:34a Bennet's plum position aids Colorado
06:04:39a Patrick Swayze's Sunday memorial
06:04:47a An Idea For Saving The News Business
06:04:52a Dollar Gains On Euro As All Eyes Turn To Jobs Report
06:04:58a County funding remains uncertain as health care debate rages
06:05:03a Bellevue Stadium To Get Makeover
06:05:09a Uganda diplomats speak out on 2011 polls
06:05:14a Letterman affairs at center of extortion arrest
06:05:20a The B-Cast Interview Obama's 'Go To' Guy in White House Has Long Socialist History
06:05:25a Kansas Citians To Witness Canonization
06:05:31a Chicago, Obama go for the gold
06:05:36a Brazil lawmakers meet Zelaya in Honduras embassy
06:05:42a Employer is charged with excess fines, pay deductions
06:05:47a Military action in Afghanistan, Iraq a failure Dalai Lama
06:05:52a US senator finds ISI-Taliban ties 'troubling'
06:05:58a Round Table visits virtual Costa Rica
06:06:03a WyCo Board Approves Ethics Rules
06:06:08a UPDATE Group Supporting CS Cameras Files Complaint Against Opponent
06:06:14a County & City H1N1 Plans
06:06:21a College Student Accidentally Shoots Himself
06:06:27a Will Israel strike Iran?
06:06:32a W32/Fujacks-BF
06:06:37a Breast Cancer Survivor Fights For Cure
06:06:48a Reducing Risk Of Diabetes In Kids
06:06:53a National Night Out Taking Place Next Week
06:06:59a Burma court rejects Suu Kyi appeal
06:07:37a Soccer chief saves woman from leap
06:07:51a Historic East German refugee train rolls again
06:07:56a News 4 WOAI Viewer Helps Out Veteran
06:08:01a Car Dealers Address Drop In September Sales
06:08:07a Fundraiser Set To Help Olathe Boy With Cancer
06:08:12a All French banks 'will close tax haven units'
06:08:18a New Jersey Debate Almost Civil
06:08:23a NISD Immunizations
06:08:32a Foreign banks' share in Taiwan market down
06:08:37a Roosevelt Ave. Improvements
06:08:42a Police Infant Killed Was Not In Car Seat
06:08:52a Every Samoan Family Touched By Devastation
06:08:57a IBM quietly launches email service LotusLive iNotes
06:09:06a Water Released From Friant Dam For Salmon Rebirth
06:09:11a Dr. Phil Hosts Tribute To Iraq War Veterans
06:09:23a Ketsana kills 16 in Laos, toll hits 422
06:09:28a Iran agrees to nuclear inspectors
06:09:34a Pacific Tsunami and Indonesian Quake Appeal
06:09:39a Restaurant Report Card Week of September 15th 2009
06:09:45a The Power of Protein and Facts About Fats
06:09:50a Chances of finding tourist 'pretty grim'
06:09:56a Museum to be weaned off city’s tax dollars
06:10:01a Palestinian teen gets a leg up from Washingtonians
06:10:06a 'Teach Nedbank a lesson'
06:10:12a Claims by Telecom don't ring true
06:10:17a Local News IN YOUR COMMUNITY 11 PM 10-01-09
06:10:23a Gas-mask bra designers win Ig Nobel prize
06:10:28a The GG Quadster a four-wheeled, 167-horsepower quad bike for the road
06:10:33a Island political observer forms watchdog group
06:10:39a Top honour for 'inspirational' Jade
06:10:44a New Information Prove Baathists Involvement in Syria at Terrorist Attacks
06:10:50a Iran given deadline to come clean on nukes
06:10:55a UK Sikh cop wins discrimination case
06:11:00a U.S., Iran Step Back From Nuclear Talks
06:11:06a Police hurt during chase
06:11:11a Chrysler vehicle launches at risk in feud with Daimler AG
06:11:17a Iran, 6 world powers agree to meet again
06:11:22a SNAP ANALYSIS Limited Geneva deal wins Iran sanctions respite
06:11:38a Final Draft of Poverty Mitigation Strategy Performed
06:11:43a Nation pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi on his 140th birth anniversary
06:11:48a Daily News to unveil new classifieds sections
06:11:54a Lebanon High hangs in balance
06:11:59a VP, PM pay tribute on Gandhi Jayanti
06:12:04a Zebari UN is Responsible for Iraq's Stability
06:12:10a Home buyers miss out on rates
06:12:15a Congressman Intensifies Attacks On Republicans
06:12:21a Rainforest Pyramid to get in improvements
06:12:26a Longtime Italian Eatery Celebrates 45th Year
06:12:32a Bujak 'I will prosecute for texting behind the wheel'
06:12:37a Qatar exchange rallies
06:12:42a Autopsy Jackson Was Healthy When He Died
06:12:50a ANZ Appeal fund doubles in two days
06:12:56a Pilot Crashes Wright Plane Replica Again
06:13:01a VIETNAM Ethnic Minorities More Gender Divided
06:13:06a Bonds, beach, booze on the ballot
06:13:11a New Exhibit Focuses On Princess Diana's Life
06:13:17a Disabled more likely to be violent crime victims
06:13:22a SCDF contingent postpones trip to Padang
06:13:27a Yext raises to help local businesses get more customer calls
06:13:35a Al-Samarraie Mulls with Iranian President Boosting Bilateral Relations
06:13:40a Vice- President Asserts the Manipulation in Elections' Time is a Deathblow to Democracy
06:13:45a Actress Wins Spot On 'Young & The Restless'
06:13:51a Man charged in sex assault
06:13:56a Surfer 'rode tsunami' to safety
06:14:02a American Revolution Center headed for downtown Philly
06:14:07a Development aide fired
06:14:15a Zebari Discusses with U.N. Official Aug. 19 Attacks
06:14:21a Officers produce DVD with Ike photos
06:14:26a Burj Dubai breaks world record for aluminium and glass fagade
06:14:31a New Zealand Shares Open Sharply Lower On Wall Street's Steep Overnight Losses
06:14:37a Carolus to chair SAA
06:14:47a Finnish startup bets on universal media manager
06:14:53a Axe falls on paper jobs
06:14:58a NT declines on suspected central bank intervention
06:15:03a Police arrest man who escaped from NYC court
06:15:08a In Copenhagen, Obama makes pitch for Olympics
06:15:14a Photon launches bid for Dark Blue Sea
06:15:19a Alishan scheduled to reopen to tourists in late October
06:15:24a Suu Kyi detention appeal rejected
06:15:29a Palin Memoir Already Atop Best-Seller Lists
06:15:35a Commission of Integrity Publishes a Black List
06:15:41a South Africa Chief Justice Is Appointed
06:15:46a Berbatov admits to being a Man U flop in his first season
06:15:51a Strong dollar takes gloss off gold price
06:15:57a Frantic search for Sumatra quake survivors
06:16:02a Fundraiser assists wrongly convicted
06:16:07a L A Galaxy wary about Becks putting England above MLS championship hopes
06:16:13a Citigroup, Singapore tycoon settle lawsuit out of court bank
06:16:18a Death toll near 200 amid grim reality
06:16:24a Foes Tear down building
06:16:29a Turnbull backs down on ETS quit threat
06:16:34a NZCS Launches Certification for IT Professionals
06:16:40a SOUTHSIDE NOTEBOOK Fiber artist will give demo
06:16:45a Dairy farmers fear banks 'knocking at the door'
06:16:50a Glorious sinks on Hong Kong debut listing
06:16:56a Royal show to ban toy guns from next year
06:17:01a Killer put murder on 'to-do list'
06:17:06a Hogan wins right to appeal to High Court
06:17:12a Groups Protest an Acquittal
06:17:17a 'Tortured' Zim activists sue government for millions
06:17:22a Carter backtracks on Obama critics racist claim
06:17:28a Man guilty of murder over Target stabbing
06:17:33a Federal Judge Rules FBI Must Release Cheney Interview
06:17:38a Aussies in Padang issue SOS
06:17:44a 'Super typhoon' bears down on flood-ravaged Philippines
06:17:49a GOP targets Obama's foreign policy
06:17:54a Wales adopts mobile average speed cameras
06:17:59a Fears for missing Malaysian tourist
06:18:05a Ex-President Is Chargedwith Obstructing Bombing Inquiry
06:18:10a Philippines looks to God as super typhoon looms
06:18:16a Australia Government Outlines Short Selling Disclosure Rules
06:18:21a US lawmakers to meet interim Honduras leader
06:18:26a GE Decision A Shattering Blow
06:18:32a The Influence of Immigration and Language Barriers on Adolescent Development
06:18:37a Massey offers disaster support to aid agencies
06:18:42a Mexico, U.S. to boost co-op in cancer researches
06:18:47a Paige State must engage students
06:18:53a Man robs five service stations
06:18:58a Bishan Park undergoes S76m facelift
06:19:03a Inflation at 'lowest point in seven years'
06:19:09a JSU punishes freshmen for role in hazing
06:19:14a 'Imaginary friend' blamed for samurai sword murder
06:19:19a Rapist's jail term doubled on appeal
06:19:25a Investors 'should declare short positions'
06:19:30a India and Canada to enhance multifaceted cooperation
06:19:35a Irish begin voting in second referendum on EU Lisbon Treaty
06:19:41a Apollo-Ridge won't appeal Simon decision
06:19:46a Tupelo doctor probes theological yearning
06:19:51a Impact beat Puerto Rico in first leg of USL semifinal
06:19:57a Freeport ready for next step
06:20:02a Canwest directors quit Ten board
06:20:07a Libya Deports 734 Nationals
06:20:13a Mayor fills 2 top jobs Johnson selects fire, police chiefs
06:20:18a Tiger breaks through earnings barrier
06:20:23a Man pleads guilty to 'White Power' T-shirts
06:20:29a Winners at International Bluegrass Music Awards
06:20:34a Nova Scotia town's LED streetlights, Canada's first
06:20:39a Carrollton celebrating its 175th anniversary
06:20:45a Fires Rage Despite Cooler Temperatures
06:20:50a Congressman wants water flowing in California again
06:20:56a Snap! Photos of Nude Partygoers Add to Berlusconi's Woes
06:21:01a Barbour Deep cuts likely
06:21:07a Loan
06:21:12a Dr Manmohan Singh scholarship announced
06:21:17a City seeking to close club
06:21:23a GE looking at partnership, IPO for NBC Universal-CEO
06:21:28a Hundreds evacuated as super typhoon bears down on Philippines
06:21:33a Insurance co.'s paperwork blamed for pushing health costs up
06:21:39a Oak Park gives tree more space to grow
06:21:44a Guido Coach returns from teachers' strike to lead Highlands
06:21:49a Dollar Gains, Caution Prevails Ahead of US Jobs Data
06:21:54a California to investigate ACORN videos
06:21:59a Toymakers turn to classic lines to lift sales
06:22:05a Obama's French Lesson
06:22:10a Words Without Action, or Resolved to Be Unresolved
06:22:15a Arsene Wenger is our God, says Arsenal skipper Fabregas
06:22:20a Gambhir happy to emulate Dravid
06:22:25a The Noble ''Sacrifice'' of Michelle Obama
06:22:31a Caliguri defends title
06:22:36a Cities, townships face 11 percent cut to state revenue sharing
06:22:41a Michelle Obama to appear on 'Sesame Street'
06:22:47a Pakistan set to launch military offensive in South Waziristan
06:22:52a Betting on Chicago
06:22:57a Back your general and send more troops, David Miliband urges Barack Obama
06:23:03a Financial firms' contribution to Taiwan GDP raises in Q2
06:23:08a Daniel Howes Howes What's it gonna take for Michigan to change?
06:23:14a Bank of America's Ken Lewis Resigns
06:23:19a Obama under fire for taking Chicago's Olympic bid trip
06:23:25a Roundup Burrell stops Mt. Pleasant
06:23:30a Former Colts RB Edgerrin James returns to Indy
06:23:35a Monitor Host Countries on Rights
06:23:41a Strong Ratings Growth Birthday Gift For Sunrise
06:23:46a Home School Record Keeping
06:23:51a Troj/FakeAV-AEC
06:23:57a Assorted Exam-Style Questions for Exam 4/C Part 16
06:24:02a New LSD that 'lasts three days longer' emerges in South Australia
06:24:08a Amid terror threat, Dems chip away at Patriot Act
06:24:13a Klum satisfies pregnancy craving with nude chocolate shoot!
06:24:18a Granholm to veto steep Medicaid, education cuts to budget
06:24:24a State crime victims' fund hopes to slash backlog
06:24:29a Google starts testing Wave, a possible Twitter rival
06:24:35a Obama distractions sideline Afghan plan
06:24:41a U.S. commander in Iraq Victory elusive
06:24:46a Obama's Deficit The Devil Made Me Do It
06:24:51a City may put more teeth in smoking ban
06:25:00a White House Considers Narrower War Effort in Afghanistan
06:25:05a Infosys CEO on the future of India's IT industry
06:25:11a The wrath of the Ring of Fire
06:25:16a Will Obama razzle-dazzle 'em in Copenhagen?
06:25:23a Video Tsunami survivors go home
06:25:29a Church Leaders Express Condolences over Tsunami
06:25:34a Dunne applauds Taupo District Council
06:25:39a Budget means less for Medicaid, nursing homes
06:25:44a Schoolboy admits hatchet attack on friend
06:25:50a Asia stocks track US down after grim economic data
06:25:55a Human's Oldest Relative Found In Ethiopia
06:26:01a Proposed cuts could send school districts into the red
06:26:06a Budget cuts public transportation by million
06:26:11a Hair salon chain geared toward men packs a punch
06:26:17a So many Southern Califonia rail agencies, so little service
06:26:22a Hospital workers to get county's first H1N1 vaccine
06:26:40a College recruitment fair part of Classic weekend
06:26:45a Minorities cutting gap on ISTEP, study says
06:26:51a Video Samoa survivor recalls tsunami
06:26:56a Kovalainen tops first practice session in Suzuka
06:27:01a Man found dead at residence in Home Place
06:27:07a Zimbabwe Country Launches Landmark Plan to Combat H1N1
06:27:12a U.S. House Prohibits Transfer of Guantanamo Detainees
06:27:22a TD Bank computer glitch causes problems for customers
06:27:28a schoolgirls found alive in Padang
06:27:33a 13 injured by car bomb in Sri Lanka
06:27:49a Nedbank must be taught a lesson Malema
06:27:54a With friends like these…
06:28:00a Kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart recounts rape ordeal
06:28:21a Father Joe Charity Hurt By 'Cash For Clunkers'
06:28:26a RP under state of calamity as 'Pepeng' approaches
06:28:32a Budget Cuts Force District To Transfer Teachers
06:28:38a High-Tech Features Aim To Keep Drivers Safe
06:28:43a Michael Jackson was 'fairly healthy' before he died
06:28:48a Zuma assures Bench as he names Ngcobo
06:28:54a Eminem contract scrutinized in trial with Apple
06:28:59a Pirates-Cubs canceled by rain
06:29:04a Investor slams KPMG report on Marlin delisting
06:29:09a Pop goes an attempt to taste fruits of Fifa-owned brand
06:29:24a Will new name make happy little Vegemites?
06:29:30a Gold robbery plotters stung
06:29:35a Letterman reveals affairs, alleged extortion attempt
06:29:40a Hameed Azam overhauls Zimbabwe U-19
06:29:45a Miles, Williams lead Jazz past Nuggets
06:29:51a CPS says it saw no major risk in May when it investigated Arlington mother
06:29:56a Tatua trumps Fonterra payout
06:30:01a Jacob Airport Authority Chairman Should Resign
06:30:07a The US Will Help Supply H1N1 Vaccines to the World
06:30:13a Swine Flu and the People Who Protect You
06:30:18a Extortion plot forces David Letterman to admit staff affairs
06:30:23a Super Typhoon Pepeng Hits Philippines
06:30:29a Typhoon tears through Laos, 16 dead
06:30:34a Cutting Salt Intake Could Lower Healthcare Costs in the US
06:30:40a Local Red Cross To Oversee Tsunami Fundraising
06:30:46a 'Pepeng' to hit N. Luzon Saturday as 'super typhoon'
06:30:51a Factors Contributing to the Development of Eating Disorders Among Adolescents
06:30:56a Danding builds an empire
06:31:01a Stripper's murder to get fresh look
06:31:07a A Kafkaesque search for the keys to Kafka's Tel Aviv legacy
06:31:12a Advocates Upset Homeless Not Swine Flu Vaccine Priority
06:31:17a Indonesia urges quake aid as time runs out for victims
06:31:22a Fiji and the rule of law
06:31:28a Pregnant woman sentenced to 15 months jail
06:31:33a Citigroup, Singapore tycoon settle lawsuit
06:31:39a Studies Show Eating Chocolate Could Help Your Heart
06:31:44a Berlusconi knew I was a prostitute, says D'Addario
06:31:49a Beca Heritage Week brochure and website all go
06:31:54a Payroll Firm Breached ? Online Customers Targeted
06:31:59a Goldman Sachs MA earnings up 53pc
06:32:05a Submarines ordered by Israel still being built
06:32:10a Infants Who Suffer A Stroke May Be More Common Than First Thought
06:32:15a Today's Babies Can Expect To Live To 100
06:32:20a Bowen pushes shorts transparency
06:32:26a Airline Employees May Be a Health Hazard for H1N1
06:32:31a Suu Kyi's appeal against conviction rejected lawyers
06:32:36a Labour race on to replace Morgan
06:32:42a Sea cucumber case could dictate boat seizures
06:32:47a Teen Pregnancy is Highest In Religious States
06:32:52a British survivors tell of tsunami ordeal
06:32:57a The 'filmy' attack on Narendra Modi
06:33:03a Flu Activity Is Up on College Campuses
06:33:08a Suu Kyi house arrest appeal rejected
06:33:13a Mother gets life for starving Ebony
06:33:19a Hamilton man critical after assault
06:33:24a Give Polanski what he deserves Arnie
06:33:29a Frantic rescue effort follows big Indonesian quake
06:33:34a SLIDESHOW Truck Carrying Roofing Materials Overturns In Maltby
06:33:40a Tamiflu Metabolite Found in Sewage Discharge, River Water
06:33:45a Dr. Nancy Snyderman Answers Your Flu Questions
06:33:50a Critics link Tory, Olympic retail logos
06:33:55a Julia Roberts visits Taj Mahal
06:34:01a Mahindra Satyam Reorganizes Europe Operations
06:34:06a Mitsubishi wins about 100 orders for new jet media
06:34:11a White House eyes narrower war effort
06:34:17a Self Defense Against the Swine Flu
06:34:22a German writers criticize US refusal to admit writer
06:34:27a Recession creates opportunities for the strong
06:34:33a Baker McKenzie Appoints Senior Economist in London Office
06:34:38a Timetable for video exchange deal
06:34:43a Lisbon Treaty vote in the papers
06:34:49a Teen killed for cellphone
06:34:54a 'Ajami' hoping to represent Israel at Oscars
06:34:59a Iran must stop threatening us
06:35:05a Bonus Overnight David Letterman Got Caught Again Thread
06:35:10a 30 area students get sneak peek behind the ACL scene
06:35:15a Anne Frank film published for 1st time
06:35:21a Three Dog Night Keeps Bringing Joy To The World
06:35:26a Letterman blackmailed over sex claims
06:35:32a A World Where Truth Turns Out Not to Be Beauty
06:35:37a Hays County Jail faces possible sanctions
06:35:43a Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal vs. arrest
06:35:48a Mexican president calls for more efforts to fight economic crisis
06:35:54a Israel to Seal Off West Bank Border for 9 Days
06:35:59a Pro League Big 6 starts Sunday
06:36:05a Seasonal vaccine for flu in short supply
06:36:10a Israel takes steps to fend off international prosecution
06:36:16a Polls open in Irish EU treaty referendum
06:36:21a No hope for Samoa tsunami missing as toll rises
06:36:26a Lara Dutta slams TV production rumours
06:36:31a Second Tremor As Samoa Buries Its Dead
06:36:37a Tories deny gagging Afghan abuse witness
06:36:42a Court Rejects Suu Kyi Appeal
06:36:48a Islamic group sponsoring international 'interfaith' conference promotes anti-Jewish libels, hosts former neo-Nazi leader
06:36:54a Austin Energy suspends solar rebates, for now
06:36:59a Police searching for dangerous cyberstalker
06:37:04a Citadel earned about bln from high frequency trades-WSJ
06:37:10a Papau New Guinea's PM Fiercely ...
06:37:15a American dies after hike
06:37:20a FBI Director concerned about Al-Qaeda using Pak, Afghanistan as sanctuary
06:37:25a Rise in pupils at UK private schools
06:37:31a Patients pack emergency rooms with fears of the flu
06:37:36a Sherlyn Chopra to be in 'Bigg Boss'
06:37:41a Iran's aid to Iraq insurgents less broad-based U.S.
06:37:47a Austin City Council seeks to inspect city construction sites
06:37:52a How much Moore can we Take?
06:37:58a Bright Spot on Mercury Gets Close-Up
06:38:03a US military action in Afghanistan, Iraq a failure, says the Dalai Lama
06:38:09a Iran agrees to nuclear inspections, more talks with US and allies
06:38:14a Quake and Tsunami Death Toll Could Be in the Thousands ABC News
06:38:19a Rwanda Hutu Rebels Maintain Grip on DR Congo Minerals
06:38:25a Woman shot in face talks about surgery, 'karma'
06:38:30a Nitin Mukesh upset to see son in negative role
06:38:36a In festive season, it's low political discourse in Karnataka
06:38:41a Where's PETA?
06:38:46a The Supreme Court raises new fears on gun control
06:38:52a Ducks to possibly reinstate LeGarrette Blount
06:38:57a Camping trip lands uninsured woman in burn unit
06:39:02a Austin Humane Society takes in Paw Match animals
06:39:08a Austin City Limits TV show gets special honor
06:39:13a Pak set to launch military offensive in South Waziristan
06:39:18a US envoy to India commemorates Gandhi's birth anniversary
06:39:26a Turkey's FM to meet EU's Barroso, Rehn in Brussels
06:39:32a Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon have 'lots of phone sex'
06:39:49a US missile said to kill a top militant
06:39:55a Love the artist, hate the criminal
06:40:00a IBM Aims at Google, Microsoft With New Webmail
06:40:06a New state education commissioner promises innovation state education commissioner promises innovation
06:40:29a Kids power Walking School Bus power Walking School Bus
06:40:35a Pittsburgh is foundering on gang control
06:40:55a Ward faces stint on A-League sidelines
06:41:01a Ibrahim murder conspiracy fifth man charged
06:41:15a TD Bank scrambles to fix computer problems
06:41:21a U.S. auto sales crash in Sept. Hyundai thrives
06:41:26a Weigh retirement options before choosing
06:41:31a African leader avoids brawl conviction
06:41:47a Beachley surf event put on hold
06:41:56a Lenders tighten loan criteria report
06:42:01a Mining giant backs govt emissions scheme
06:42:17a Norton agrees to buy property
06:42:36a Disaster alert radio developed in Canberra
06:42:45a JohnDow purchases fastener company
06:42:50a Woman asked for ID to buy teaspoons in Tesco
06:42:55a Ex-Northern Rock to make millions in new job
06:43:01a Uneasy investors send stocks tumbling
06:43:06a One in five Aussies have had ID stolen
06:43:11a Bihar Maoists kill 16 over land dispute
06:43:27a 20pc SA fatalities on recreational drugs
06:43:32a Life magazine vintage issues posted online
06:43:37a Mortgage rates dip below 5 percent
06:43:43a Teen shot dead in S. Phila.
06:43:48a Emptying the notebook, playoff style
06:43:53a Wolksi's 2 goals lift Avs to 5-2 win in opener
06:43:59a U.S. may not declare victory in Iraq
06:44:04a Mayor backs Govt's Cubbie Station snub
06:44:10a Bias claim Aussie to appeal against Microsoft loss
06:44:15a RBA expected to leave rates unchanged
06:44:21a India can emerge as supplier of green technology Ramesh
06:44:26a America has its roots in Mahatma Gandhi's India Obama
06:44:31a '48 Hours' staffer charged in Letterman case
06:44:37a Drink-driver who injured son gets jail
06:44:42a Telstra offers free calls to quake zones
06:44:47a Transfers available to 400 Chrysler workers
06:44:53a Stoner apologises ahead of MotoGP return
06:44:58a AIG Says Outstanding Debt Requiring Repayment Is Bln Update
06:45:03a WWI soldier's medals found in trash
06:45:09a Syria seen regaining its influence in Lebanon
06:45:14a Myanmar court rejects opposition leader's appeal
06:45:20a FDA Staff Questions Survival Benefit Of Schering's PegIntron For Melanoma
06:45:25a I put my grandmoth
06:45:31a UN Warns Ivory Coast To Complete Voter Roll
06:45:36a NSW police target alcohol-fuelled crime
06:45:41a IBM Aims To Undercut Gmail
06:45:47a Flight carrying Chidambaram hit by technical snag, returns
06:45:52a 'Postman Slack' hid 6,000 letters so he could stay in bed
06:45:58a 3 in NJ governor's race spar over taxes, spending
06:46:03a David Letterman Reveals Extortion Attempt
06:46:08a Search to continue for missing cop
06:46:13a Target brawler guilty of stabbing murder
06:46:19a 16 people killed in Maoist attack in Bihar
06:46:24a Dad gives seven-year-old a tattoo
06:46:30a Close Saudi-Chinese ties in focus as Beijing celebrates 60th anniversary
06:46:35a Parasite Bacteria May Help Fight Spread Of Mosquito-borne Diseases
06:46:40a After ax, Jon says 'Kate Plus 8' not good for kids
06:46:46a Dog About Town Honoring St. Francis and more activities this weekend
06:46:51a Wind farm mistakes 'shouldn't be repeated'
06:46:56a Dodge Rampage- Review
06:47:01a Computer Network Denial Of Service Denial
06:47:07a Tweed councillor faces hefty court costs
06:47:12a Malignant Tumor Cells Seen In Real Time
06:47:17a US envoy to India commemorates Gandhi's birth anniversary
06:47:23a Will There Be A War In Asia?
06:47:28a Why One Way Of Learning Is Better Than Another
06:47:33a Ebony's mum sentenced to life
06:47:38a World's Forests Were Wiped Out
06:47:44a Pacific hit by new quake
06:47:49a Report USFS ordered Calif. firefighters reduced
06:47:55a SA premier victim of 'brutal' bashing, witnesses say
06:48:00a Can Severe Stress Cause Stroke
06:48:05a Interfaith conference calls for promotion of dialogue culture
06:48:10a Deal allows sheep drive to continue for now
06:48:15a Replacement refs do fine by Jazz
06:48:20a Out of the Forest And Into the Oven
06:48:26a Boy, 5, 'kills alligator 20 times his size'
06:48:31a Better Control Of Carbon Nanotube 'Growth' Promising For Future Electronics
06:48:36a Using Satellites To Predict Water Problems In Developing Countries
06:48:41a Dfs
06:48:47a Israel to release prisoners for Shalit tape
06:48:52a WRAPUP 3-US Sept auto sales plunge; GM, Chrysler hit hard
06:48:57a Macquarie Harbour stock soars 150%
06:49:02a First Light For BOSS
06:49:08a Obama expresses appreciation for Mahatma Gandhi's life, lessons
06:49:13a Babies born today will live to 100
06:49:18a Aung San Suu Kyi to remain under house arrest
06:49:23a US has its roots in India of Mahatma Obama
06:49:29a In Italy, free speech activists fight back
06:49:34a Moodie's 64 leads Navistar
06:49:39a mother jailed for life
06:49:44a Kragthorpe Boozer gets a chilly reception at ESA
06:49:50a Obama under fire for taking Chicago's Olympic bid trip
06:49:55a EU to Increase Funding of Energy Projects in Africa
06:50:01a Drought Forces Shift From Maize to other Cereals
06:50:06a Para's biggest fan Eels the love
06:50:11a Killer 'studied stab methods on net'
06:50:18a Suu Kyi's appeal against conviction rejected
06:50:23a Typhoon bearing down on Philippines
06:50:28a Editorial Arms of Government Also Failed the Integrity Test
06:50:33a Jaguar XJ Stylish, Comfortable, Both Traditional and Modern
06:50:39a Jazz Not too shabby
06:50:44a Toyota Estima- A Japanese-designed Minivan
06:50:50a Tackling Water Woes
06:50:55a Kiprusoff makes 39 saves in Flames' win over Van
06:51:04a Students Invent Robots to Perform Common Tasks
06:51:21a Get the Facts on Stolen Vehicles in 2008
06:51:27a Mexico's Ferocious Zetas Cartel Reigns Through Fear
06:51:32a ISP's Warn Against Price Regulation
06:51:37a Scientists close in on 'missing link'
06:51:42a Media Ignored Raila Speech Content
06:51:48a Artist Brings Famed Fallingwater to Florida Southern
06:51:53a Guinean Military Seeks Inquiry Into Crackdown
06:52:07a World Crisis Puts a US 40 Billion Dent in Brazil Exports this Year
06:53:07a Taiwan museum to open joint exhibition with China
06:53:13a Orioles stop 13-game slide with 3-2 win over Rays
06:53:19a Clinic makes spaying and neutering affordable
06:53:33a SC dismisses with finality murder raps vs Luisito Gonzalez
06:53:39a Obama bars fed workers from texting and driving
06:53:45a Florida's storm czar leads U.S. relief effort in American Samoa
06:53:50a What's premature campaigning? Calendars, no; movies yes
06:53:55a Lobbyist tied to FBI probe
06:54:01a Car dealers offer discounts on repairs
06:54:06a Axelrod first read Obama's speech on race in his undies
06:54:17a Why Are GOP Officials Embracing Extremists at Upcoming 'How to Take Back America' Conference?
06:54:30a DoH issues 'must list' to better evacuees' lot
06:54:36a Anbar Province Presents Its Investment Plan in Turkey
06:54:41a Pensioners Could Get Their Pension from Exchange Companies
06:54:51a Judge Orders Release of Cheney Remarks in Leak Probe
06:55:09a Obama arrives at IOC to promote Chicago bid
06:55:19a The American Buffalo The First Pure Gold American Coin
06:55:25a Why You Should Get the Services of a Poster Printing Company
06:55:30a Brazil Congress Ignores Court Order to Hand Over Expenses List
06:55:36a Civil Rights Groups Seek International Help on Felony Voting
06:55:41a Obama arrives in Copenhagen
06:55:46a 5 Pointers in Designing Custom Greeting Cards
06:55:51a Emergency loan seekers swamp GSIS
06:55:57a UK Labour Promises Vote On Electoral Reform
06:56:02a AT&T to Carry First Garmin Phon
06:56:07a Barack Obama arrives in Copenhagen
06:56:13a Lacson goes to SC to stop slay probe
06:56:18a Duquesne Light should leave the park alone
06:56:23a Celestia 3D Space Simulation Software For Linux
06:56:28a Action urged in U.S. on distracted driving
06:56:33a Congressional Grumbling Won't Stop the War!
06:56:39a Capitol Hill Personalities Play A Key Role In How Health Bills Are Taking Shape
06:56:45a Teenage hit-and-run victim discharged
06:56:50a Business booms for car repair shops, mechanics
06:56:55a South Pacific search for missing Britons
06:57:01a NYC! See 'The Stand' Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, 10/2-3/2009
06:57:06a Vipul Shah halts all publicity for Salman Khan
06:57:11a Peace Grannie Embrace The Health Care Issue
06:57:17a Foxtrotter let loose in henhouse
06:57:22a Obama under fire for taking Chicago?s Olympic bid trip
06:57:27a Burma?s 2010 elections to test new US policy
06:57:33a Obama nominates N.H. judge to Justice post
06:57:38a State asks citizens where to trim state budget with shortfall on horizon
06:57:43a Maoists kill tribal leader in West Bengal
06:57:48a Group fosters love for N.O. in young entrepreneurs through a hearty meal
06:57:54a Myanmar court rejects Aung San Suu Kyi's appeal
06:57:59a Activist charged in million embezzlement case
06:58:05a Women admits part in prison drug ring
06:58:10a Senate Republicans Criticize Taxes in Health-Care Bill Finance Committee's Measure Would Break Obama Campaign
06:58:15a Button survives kiwi version of breech birth
06:58:21a Stock market tumbles
06:58:27a Key PUK Member Says No Differences with KDP
06:58:32a Thailand Open
06:58:37a Competition at heart of loss of Saturn
06:58:43a GOP Finally Out of the Health Care Reform Picture
06:58:48a Early Provincial Results, UN Official Dismissed In Afghanistan
06:58:53a Wounded flown out as tsunami death toll mounts
06:58:59a Why Europe should heed Obama's global challenge
06:59:04a Obama President or pitchman?
06:59:09a 3 Important Lessons Dems Should Learn From Grayson
06:59:15a Dallas! Humanitarian Forum on Gaza 10/16/2009
06:59:20a America has its roots in India of Mahatma Gandhi Obama
06:59:26a Obama Bans Texting While Driving for Federal Employees
06:59:31a Letterman Shares 'Hinkey' Blackmail Plan
06:59:36a Tomgram Pepe Escobar, Pipelineistan's Ultimate Opera
06:59:42a Manmohan Singh pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi
06:59:47a Associated Content Writing Tips How to Turn a Title into 400 Words!
06:59:52a Grant Programs in Canada
06:59:58a GE looking at partnership, IPO for NBC Universal CEO
07:00:03a Dr. Ottoway 'American Dream is Gone. We Need Single Payer, Now!
07:00:08a Japan's Kobayashi gets first taste of F1 action
07:00:14a A Married Couple's Insurance Coverage
07:00:19a Property developer jailed for GST fraud
07:00:24a Video Signorile caller claims d'état group of has formed
07:00:29a Wire Transfer to Canada from Overseas?
07:00:35a Suu Kyi's appeal against conviction rejected
07:00:50a Iran agrees to allow UN inspectors into nuclear site
07:00:55a Canadian Parliament Notified of Impending Arrival of War Criminals; Arrests Sought
07:01:01a Noordin Mohammed Top to be buried in Malaysia family rep
07:01:06a Owning a Business Means Owning Your Life
07:01:11a Doctors Rally at White House for Single Payer
07:01:17a DC city councilman introduces marriage equality bill
07:01:22a Facts about next week's Nobel Prize announcements
07:01:27a YES 2009 to meet in Kuala Lumpur
07:01:33a Iran agrees to ship its uranium to Russia
07:01:38a Bad economic news sends stocks into retreat
07:01:44a Irish vote to decide EU treaty's fate
07:01:49a NZ medical staff stood down from flying to Samoa
07:02:03a Iran agrees to ship enriched uranium to Russia
07:02:09a Party reps allowed to witness balloting at army camps
07:02:14a U.S. economy seeing ups and downs
07:02:28a Consolidation ‘inevitable for Gulf bourses expert
07:02:47a Pathologist stands by 'hanging' death - Autopsy Prisoner strangled at station
07:02:52a Jacksonville sister-city booster's death leaves void
07:02:58a Obama throws hat into Olympic ring
07:03:03a Town fills DelBianco seat
07:03:09a Earthquake recovery/Iran Talks/Olympics 2016/Ardi/Swine Flu
07:03:14a Don't be complacent over less H1N1 cases
07:03:20a Festivities for Hanoi's 1,000th year set to begin
07:03:25a USS Maryland awarded Omaha Trophy as a top ballistic submarine
07:03:31a Brazil's economy hums along as others struggle
07:03:36a Briefs Report details blows to city's nonprofit sector
07:03:42a France UN Should Stay Through Hatian Presidential Polls
07:03:47a Cops trap, gas college students in stairwell
07:03:52a Toyota head returning to profit hard with weak dlr
07:03:58a Economist warns of 2nd slowdown - 'Double dip could hit region for six'
07:04:03a Change the failed drug strategy -
07:04:09a Jeremie I had no knowledge of judicial review application -
07:04:14a Court sentences bank robber
07:04:20a Cats fan 'could have died' in railway station attack
07:04:25a Super typhoon looms, Filipinos pray
07:04:31a 5-year Plan to Build 300,000 Housing Units in Baghdad
07:04:36a fine for stealing jeans -
07:04:41a Bandit kills Arima teen over phone -
07:04:46a Mr Hart must go -
07:04:52a California bill targets mortgage modification counselors
07:04:58a The State Company for Passengers Transport and Delegations Buys 130 Modern Korean Buses
07:05:03a Green trailer shows off products to save energy and water
07:05:09a Survivors 'churned up'
07:05:14a 'Please, fix this pothole' -
07:05:19a Larry Elliott IMF sees a rocky road ahead
07:05:25a OWTU ready for drastic action -
07:05:30a Jack Sell sugar mill to farmers -
07:05:35a Lions rally to hand Comets first loss, 25-22
07:05:41a Groom-to-be gets lucky in court Held for drug charge... - Held for drug charge...
07:05:46a Suu Kyi's appeal against conviction rejected lawyers
07:05:52a Pakistani leader's visit a surprise
07:05:58a Prison officials look to mend medical services following death
07:06:08a Govt surprised by bids to remove unions -
07:06:14a 'Huge threat to power grid'
07:06:19a Piano purchase sounds a sour note at Indiana Area meeting
07:06:24a Enjoy the holiday season Suggest Diwali getaways!
07:06:29a Man, 73, still missing -
07:06:35a Palin co-author probed, Obama's ignored
07:06:40a Deal or no deal -
07:06:46a Late 2-point conversion lifts Bobcats over Colts
07:06:51a Not collecting fines
07:06:56a Nymick leads Wildcats to victory
07:07:02a T&T needs to respect the arts - Geoffrey Holder
07:07:07a Afghan Opposition Candidate Wants Full Recount
07:07:12a Senator What about charges against Elias? -
07:07:18a 'Point' pensioners witness bank heist -
07:07:23a Obama eligibility to see its day in court?
07:07:29a Greenbrier resort to begin gambling this month
07:07:34a Civil filing reveals reasons why former chief Hess got ax
07:07:40a THINK PINK 'She befriended me ... my mom, my BFF'
07:07:45a Brantley's property tax rate drops, but taxes go up anyway
07:07:50a Emergency Medical Ambulance Service
07:07:56a Father Charged With Raping Daughter
07:08:01a Delmont police beef up patrols after reported abduction attempt
07:08:06a Child rapist from Crawford County sentenced to 10 to 20 years
07:08:12a Derry loses on late field goal
07:08:17a Mark calls on AG to go after Hart -
07:08:23a Trails in Irwin Project may link parks to school and library
07:08:28a University at fault
07:08:33a Bond upheld for Masontown teen in attempted homicide case
07:08:38a White collar, blue collar, tackle all crime -
07:08:44a Countdown to industry certification
07:08:49a Higher Education Signs a Memorandum of Understanding
07:08:54a From a suburb to a slum -
07:09:00a Sweden Ambassador Expressed Keenness of Expanding Trade
07:09:05a Lucky I will not be distracted in new role -
07:09:10a Man arrested in slain Ill. family case
07:09:16a Sh206 Billion for Northern Uganda
07:09:21a Obama's 'Stealth Taxes' Estimated at Over 1.5 Trillion NewsMax
07:09:27a 1926-2009 Richard Eugene 'Gene' Hager
07:09:32a The brainy bunch
07:09:38a award for fired NH employee -
07:09:43a Handicapped issue concerns Southmoreland School Board
07:09:48a Fifth Third Bank plans grand opening for Hill District branch
07:09:53a China marks 60th year of founding
07:09:59a Franklin Regional searching for a bargain on band uniforms
07:10:04a MP Masiko Loses Case
07:10:09a Penn-Trafford residents Think you got talent? /titl
07:10:15a Saturn owners, dealers lament end of General Motors Co.'s brand
07:10:20a Edenfield calmly says killing 6-year-old was exciting
07:10:26a Tsunami 'may have killed 190' in Pacific
07:10:31a Dollar Energy Fund begins offering grants to cover utilities
07:10:36a Rampaul shines for Ganga XI -
07:10:42a CNN Commander U.S. May Not Declare Victory In Iraq
07:10:47a Most uninformed, uncivil
07:10:52a Entebbe Meeting Was a Good First Step
07:10:58a Baker to grow engineering core with sale of energy unit
07:11:03a Changes to law would help government watchdogs
07:11:09a Obama sprints to boost Chicago
07:11:14a Asia shares skid, dollar firm before payrolls data
07:11:20a Quake rattles California's eastern Sierra
07:11:25a Alcohol, Cigarette Smuggling Foiled
07:11:31a Cops break up La Brea protest - ...ex-workers block power plant site
07:11:37a Microsoft SQL Server Tops All Databases in Emerging Markets
07:11:42a Candidates Ask Court To Cancel Gabon Result
07:11:47a U.S. Bank, Opus settle lawsuit over loan
07:11:52a COP urges PM to clear the air -
07:11:58a 31 RBPF Personnel Complete Training Course For Trainers
07:12:03a Blast hits central Sri Lanka
07:12:08a Jaguars need to be more than just Jacksonville's team
07:12:14a Challenge for AG -
07:12:19a Motorcyclist dies after crash with 'roo
07:12:24a Dow dips, dives on factory, jobs data
07:12:30a US Block on Goldstone Report Must Not Defer Justice
07:12:35a Up and down the sporting ground -
07:12:40a LAW & DISORDER Man wanted in Jacksonville money drop-off scam
07:12:46a Second Corruption Defendant On Trial In Absentia
07:12:51a Buganda Opposition MP's Give Govt 21 Days to Release Suspected Rioters
07:12:57a Review Wake Up Sid works well
07:13:02a Whistleblowers to Internal Rev
07:13:08a Greensburg La
07:13:13a Rendezvous- Namiiro's True Colours
07:13:19a Bruneian Participating In International Quran Competition In Mekah
07:13:24a NZX 50 slips off highs, PGC sinks
07:13:29a Precision Therapeutics Inc. expanding in Lawrenceville
07:13:35a Tips on tax cheats rise with rewards
07:13:40a ACORN Legal Memo Confirms Depths of Troubles Big Government
07:13:46a Ashamed to be a PNM member? -
07:13:51a Quakes, storms, fear sweep Southeast Asia
07:13:57a Committee Reports Higher Water Levels in Basra's Main Station
07:14:02a Special Pass Issued To Worker
07:14:20a Organizing photos takes few clicks
07:14:26a Pirates, Cubs canceled after long rain delay
07:14:31a David Letterman admits to affairs, says he was victim of extortion attempt
07:14:37a FOX News Poll 61% Say Use Force To Stop Iran Fox News
07:15:10a RPT-UPDATE 4-Mexico's FEMSA in talks over beer business deal
07:15:26a 'American training will be utilized to kill Jews'
07:15:37a Color Plays Musical Chairs In The Brain
07:15:55a Schoolgirls found alive under rubble in Padang
07:16:03a Tchas CZK 632.3m in the red last year
07:16:14a The Day In Israel Fri Oct 2nd, 2009
07:16:27a Nobel glory awaits handful of top scientists
07:16:44a Investment in environment tops CZK 20.2bn last year
07:16:50a Professor Wrestling 'Hell In A Cell' Preview
07:16:55a Sumatra quake death toll climbs
07:17:01a China allocates in aid to quake-hit Indonesia
07:17:06a PSC outsiders stressed their independence, watchdog skills
07:17:12a Girl's 'abduction' was training exercise for Northeast Tarrant task force
07:17:17a Radim Hreha not to be Czech News Agency head
07:17:22a Rzeczpospolita Czechs may get strong post in EC for Lisbon ratification
07:17:28a Developer Glorious Property Friday dived almost 20 percent on its Hong Kong IPO
07:17:33a Construction jobs lost in region
07:17:38a Westmoreland County judicial race for two seats draws little attention
07:17:44a Pedestrians walk by the Citigroup building in July in New York
07:17:49a New LSD that 'lasts three days longer' emerges in South Australia
07:17:55a 'Natural Killer' Cells Keep Immune System In Balance
07:18:00a 20 domestic flights cancelled
07:18:05a Fire volunteer dies in burning home in Cavite
07:18:10a Last week#039;s events – 25 September – 1 October
07:18:16a VIDEO St. Anthony statue returned to UWGB shrine
07:18:21a MPs support direct presidential election in first reading
07:18:27a Jelena Jankovic defeated Li Na 6-4, 6-3
07:18:32a Fall festivals in Westmoreland provide fun at right price
07:18:38a Budget gap reaches CZK 87.3bn in Sept
07:18:43a Police to prosecute Vietnamese over false paternity
07:18:48a FinMin says Czech Republic transposed EU securities directive
07:18:53a The big failure of 'too big to fail'
07:18:59a Filipina killed in Samoa quake/tsunami
07:19:04a Nigerien Opposition Will Boycott Legislative Vote
07:19:10a Bid teams will make their final pitches throughout the day
07:19:15a Glamorous Remnants of a Historic Political Alliance
07:19:20a ODS may demand dismissal of ČSSD-nominated minister
07:19:25a 160 passengers stranded in Quezon
07:19:31a Philippine shares close 0.32% lower
07:19:36a Agri dep't warns against price increases
07:19:41a Havel Czech-German relations best in history
07:19:47a Uganda Lawyer Banned From Practice
07:19:52a Google releases Android 1.6; Palm unleashes WebOS 1.2
07:19:57a DOT Cars Yours Nights, Weekends
07:20:02a Crew Can't Film Jon And Kate's Kids
07:20:08a IUP's Fry arena planned as community venue
07:20:13a Villepin Testifies in
07:20:18a Nepali gov't forms panel to investigate church collapse incident
07:20:23a PM Govt to decide on EU commissioner by 20 October
07:20:28a Einstein as Next-Century Celebrity Endorser
07:20:34a Indonesia appeals for help as time is running out
07:20:39a Satellite to Capture Earth's First 'Gravity Map'
07:20:44a Havel signs symbolic fragment of Berlin Wall
07:20:49a An Accident Waiting To Happen
07:20:55a Paroubek refuses to discuss govt with KDU-ČSL, TOP 09
07:21:00a 30 Beautiful Custom PC Case Designs PICS
07:21:05a We Need More Lemons so less people die!!!!
07:21:10a Authorities investigate suspicious briefcase, no bomb found investigate suspicious briefcase+, no bomb found
07:21:16a Regional House of Chiefs called for good road networks
07:21:21a Where religious belief and disbelief meet in the brain
07:21:26a The Truth Behind 10 Great Videogame Myths
07:21:31a Epic Squirrel Fight
07:21:37a 12 Disgustingly Awesome Burgers
07:21:42a Prayer is part of LRT disaster preparedness plan
07:21:48a Aurora province braces for typhoon
07:21:53a Indonesian quake toll reaches 1,100; thousands missing
07:21:58a Megs comic
07:22:03a returning to profit hard with weak dlr
07:22:08a Non-placed BECE candidates to be included next week
07:22:14a Toll collection down 12.4% in Q3
07:22:19a The Big Picture China celebrates 60 years PICS
07:22:24a Fame Kills Tour Killed by Kanye West's Ego
07:22:30a Road Rage is Out of Control
07:22:36a Czechs spend CZK 3bn on EU presidency to date
07:22:41a Uganda Wildlife Authority Signs Agreement
07:22:46a Industrial output drops 8.1% yr/yr in Aug
07:22:52a Rapid Succession
07:22:57a Time Off in Europe
07:23:13a Autopsy Shocker Jackson Was Healthy 01 Oct 2009 211232 GMT
07:23:19a NORAD Shooting Down Stray Planes Always Option 01 Oct 2009 212709 GMT
07:23:24a On Red Alert Austria's New Wines
07:23:30a Stop It, American Youth America's Future
07:23:35a Hundreds Flock To Ala Moana's Victoria's Secret
07:23:40a White House Says Fox News & Glenn Beck Spread Blunt Lies
07:23:46a Indonesian quake toll reaches 1,100
07:23:51a On-Line Scammers Targeting Tsunami Disaster
07:23:57a BREAKING Letterman Reveals Extortion Plot and Sex With Staff
07:24:02a John Niyo Tigers still in good shape, but we can never be sure
07:24:08a Mariah Parker's Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble Yoshi's Oakland You Tube Video
07:24:17a 'Super typhoon' bears down on flood-ravaged Philippines
07:24:30a Mercer County woman, 21, dies of injuries from crash in Stowe
07:24:36a Gold Star Mothers share loss, memories at Homer City dinner
07:24:41a Lufthansa to Buy Remaining BMI Stake
07:24:51a Korea veteran of Point Breeze spent his life serving others
07:25:01a Shiites Expelled from UAE Deny Spying on Hizbullah
07:25:07a Greed is not good, Michael Moore shows in 'Capitalism'
07:25:14a Will LeGarrette Blount play again at U of O?
07:25:20a Taiwan looks back at Nationalist defeat in 1949
07:25:32a Lyon, Bordeaux count cost of Euro exploits
07:25:49a I knew Giggs would be great, says ex-Man U skipper
07:25:54a Facts about next week's Nobel Prize announcements
07:25:59a Human embryonic stem cells offer new hope for people with retinal degeneration
07:26:05a Different learning patterns lead to different type of memory formation
07:26:10a Blasphemy laws won't be misused against Christians, Zardari assures Pope
07:26:15a U.K. Home Prices Rise in September
07:26:21a rescuers dig to find survivors
07:26:26a Toyota chief laments weak dollar
07:26:32a Burleson scientist says she's 'suspicious' of Perry's motives in overhauling forensics panel
07:26:40a Myanmar court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal of conviction+
07:26:46a Buswell 'powerless' to overturn GESB payrise
07:26:51a Rockland briefing briefing
07:26:57a No pressure from Arab nations on war crimes trial, says Dhaka
07:27:03a Polanski Controversy Shouldn't Be Controversial - By Jonah Goldberg
07:27:08a German girls' boobs are getting bigger!
07:27:13a MICHAEL ROSENBERG Sunday's forecast Cloudy with a chance of panic
07:27:19a Repeat After Me Mothers Belong at Work - By Mona Charen
07:27:24a Stow tech firm buys company
07:27:29a Public asked to pick new Vegemite name
07:27:35a Jackson autopsy reveals scars, tattoos
07:27:41a Pak ISI chief denies nexus with Taliban
07:27:46a Talks with Iran 'no substitute for action'
07:27:51a US kidnap victim, 21, says she was raped daily during nine-month captivity
07:27:56a Magda's regret over 'appalling' rant
07:28:02a Protestors set up a barricade on the North Pan American highway
07:28:07a Torres says he respects Liverpool fans too much to join Man U
07:28:13a Argentine Asks Lebanon, Colombia Help in Bombing Case
07:28:18a Men called Paul, women named Catherine 'most likely to be swingers'
07:28:23a Toy gun sparks police emergency
07:28:29a Brain waves can influence human behavior
07:28:34a Change by Environmental Protection Agency may raise oil dependency
07:28:40a State Honors Businesses That Hire Disabled Workers
07:28:45a Letterman blackmailed over affairs with female colleagues
07:28:50a Obama bound for Copenhagen to push Chicago's Olympic bid
07:28:56a Fish oil may protect against stroke
07:29:01a How colour plays musical chairs in the brain
07:29:06a The daily list MSU victors
07:29:12a Michigan news briefs Congress moves to block Gitmo detainee transfer
07:29:17a Tarrant County cities raising fees to keep from emptying coffers
07:29:23a Obama's French Lesson - By Charles Krauthammer
07:29:28a Only evil resides in house of ambush
07:29:33a Cities Await Vote on Olympic Bids
07:29:38a New earthquake near Tonga, Samoa
07:29:44a Obama bound for Copenhagen to push Chicago's Olympic bid
07:29:49a Oct. 2, 1996 FOIA Law Ushers in Digital Democracy
07:29:55a Burma court rejects Suu Kyi's appeal to end her house arrest
07:30:00a Early humans started walking on two legs for food and sex
07:30:05a Polanksi and Hollywood's Perverse Moralism - By Rich Lowry
07:30:11a MJ was in good health until fatal anaesthetic injection
07:30:16a Obama heads to Denmark to lobby for '16 Olympics
07:30:22a MJ's dad barred from beer festival
07:30:27a Hempfield Area School Board sets vote for new director
07:30:32a Frassenei's interception runback snaps Saltsburg's losing streak
07:30:38a US commander all for reintegrating Taleban in Afghan society
07:30:44a Invading 'killer bees' may increase food supplies for native bees
07:30:49a European Stocks Expected to Fall
07:30:54a Massa feels 'robbed' of F1 world title by Piquet's deliberate Singapore crash
07:30:59a California fair is homemade harvest tradition
07:31:05a More than 1 mln people work to guarantee safe Chinese National Day celebrations
07:31:10a Govt committed to improving the cocoa sector President
07:31:16a Kathy Lee Gifford says Obama should listen more to Middle America
07:31:22a Hu issues order to commend participants of parade
07:31:27a World squash Nandrajog wins it for India
07:31:33a Nandrajog wins it for India
07:31:38a Fears drive stocks down
07:31:44a Tioga County Holds Annual Business Show
07:31:49a Polanski is not being persecuted, says top LA prosecutor
07:31:54a Qureshi worried about India's nuke submarine
07:32:00a House Votes To Block Guantanamo Transfer/titl
07:32:05a India Protests Against Separate Chinese Visas For Kashmiris
07:32:11a Evacuation ordered in Camarines Norte town
07:32:16a Nigeria Top Militant Surrenders
07:32:21a Volvo XC 70 Open New Roads and Experience New Feelings!
07:32:26a 35 quakes rock Mayon anew
07:32:32a Will the New Marriage Law Protect Women From Exploitation
07:32:37a Chinese ambassador to Austria held reception to mark China's National Day
07:32:43a Hammer time
07:32:48a First swine flu vaccine on the way, still limited
07:32:54a US signs agreements to provide 920 million dollar aid to Pakistan
07:33:10a 'Triad-style' gang member admits murder
07:33:16a Movie clips MJR Theatres offers free weekend movies for kids
07:33:21a Glorious Property Sputters in Hong Kong Trading Debut
07:33:26a Myanmar's Suu Kyi set for appeal verdict
07:33:32a Texas Health Resources goes through third round of layoffs
07:33:37a Inmates float on rafts at flooded Pasig prison
07:33:43a Monkeys' grooming habits provide new insights into how we socialise
07:33:48a Côte d'Ivoire Technical Difficulties Could Delay Polls
07:33:54a Brantley's property tax rate drops, but taxes go up anyway
07:33:59a Ford sales a bright spot
07:34:05a BROWSER Hate speech spreads online
07:34:10a Georgia 7-Year-Old Dies Of Swine Flu
07:34:15a Career magistrates yet to be confirmed
07:34:21a Mapping 3D structure of Universe may shed new light on dark energy
07:34:26a West Africa Experts Advance Plans for Biodiversity Corridor
07:34:31a Sri Lanka stocks set record
07:34:40a Kanye West and Lady Gaga's North American tour cancelled
07:34:46a Japan unemployment rate dips to 5.5% in August
07:34:51a 2 dead, 3rd injured in Palmetto shooting
07:34:56a Senator urges free SMS weather updates
07:35:01a Berlusconi knew I was a prostitute, says D'Addario
07:35:07a Museveni, Kabaka Demands Revealed
07:35:12a Rockies clinch playoff spot, NL West within reach
07:35:17a US Labor Dept Jobless rate may top 10%
07:35:22a Booker Nominees Novelize History
07:35:28a Rockies back in playoffs
07:35:34a SL 13 injured in car bomb explosion
07:35:39a Burma judges reject Suu Kyi's appeal
07:35:45a Macomb County news briefs Police release photos of Sterling Heights suspect
07:35:50a No lifting of emergency decree for Honduras
07:35:55a Permission slips for Bible class called mistake in Roseville school
07:36:01a Mariners finish sweep of Athletics
07:36:06a G-20 gains? Don't bank on them
07:36:11a Protests' mixed results
07:36:16a Indiana evens series 1-1
07:36:22a Pet Therapy Good For All Ages
07:36:27a Rays-Yanks series not as once scripted
07:36:32a 25 Hilarious Roller Coaster Photos Photos
07:36:37a Canada offers to take in Filipino victims of Ondoy
07:36:42a I was extorted over sex with staffers Letterman
07:36:48a 33 Creative and Beautiful Logos
07:36:53a Letterman tell of affairs, extortion
07:36:59a Irish vote again on European Union reform treaty
07:37:04a Man Vs. Nature Elephant Stampede, Elephant Revenge
07:37:09a House proud Clive Owen
07:37:14a A Buddhist monk walks through a market in Mandalay
07:37:20a DIGG DUGG
07:37:26a Israel Releases First Palestinian Detainee In Prisoner-Video Exchange Deal
07:37:31a West Jefferson Hills School Board temporarily fills top position
07:37:38a Nikkei tumbles to new 10-week closing low on U.S. worries, strong yen+
07:37:43a Westmoreland Hospital Auxiliary promotes benefits of reading
07:37:48a Lakers tailgate party sold out
07:37:54a Ex-Army nurse faces four years for admitting he infected patient with hepatitis
07:37:59a Hope Japan Car Subsidies Continue After March End
07:38:04a KMA taskforce arrests 152 hawkers, drivers
07:38:10a Top 10 stolen cars in California
07:38:16a Study Disabled more likely to be victims of violent crime
07:38:21a Swine-flu deaths 'quite striking' in pregnant women
07:38:26a Muscovites Wage Fierce Wars for Tiny Parking Lots
07:38:31a Wall Street suffers worst day since July
07:38:36a Dems confront health-care backlash
07:38:42a 6 Beloved TV Shows
07:38:48a Hip-hop star Kanye West cancels tour; Saskatoon was on schedule
07:38:53a RCMP disputes Canadian's croc story
07:38:58a Montreal open season with dramatic win over Leafs
07:39:03a Flu shots mandatory at Virginia Mason
07:39:09a Some medical examiners boost their pay by offering expertise for sale
07:39:14a ACC, Zoe group back in Supreme Court
07:39:19a Alexandra Burke flirts with rapper
07:39:25a Bloggers Higher Learning's Saviors, or Destroyers ? Higher Learning
07:39:30a H1N1 vaccine to arrivie in King County next week
07:39:35a Mom in tsunami I saw my daughter floating away
07:39:41a Weekend in Palestine Part 2
07:39:46a PTSD Rapacious Demons in Our Heads, Psychiatric Malpractice in Grey's Anatomy
07:39:52a Minister Launches Products Centre In Temburong
07:39:58a British airman killed in Afghanistan
07:40:03a New Digg employee leaves unfinished business at Threadless
07:40:09a Australian pins murder on 'imaginary friend' called Bert
07:40:14a ArtPrize finalists
07:40:19a Gov't To Issue 66,700 H-1B Worker Visas
07:40:25a Cantwell puts stamp on Senate health-care measure
07:40:30a Cheryl Cole scared of solo failure
07:40:36a Myanmar court rejects opposition leader's appeal
07:40:41a 10/02 Pre Market U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls
07:40:46a Floods in Nueva Ecija; classes suspended
07:40:51a Will excluding illegal workers save money?
07:40:57a Jon Gosselin's epiphany Reality TV not good for my kids
07:41:03a Flames hang on for season-opening victory over Vancouver
07:41:08a Budgets the key to buying a home expert
07:41:13a Voting on Lisbon Treaty under way
07:41:19a Deterioration forces closure of bridge, road in West Deer
07:41:24a Lucky to be alive tokoeka kiwi chick Button
07:41:30a Globalive rivals tell CRTC changes not enough
07:41:35a Iran to ship out most of uranium
07:41:40a Mila Kunis scarred by movie
07:41:45a Letterman reveals affairs with staff, extortion attempt
07:41:51a Teller couldn't read robber's note
07:41:56a CAC Official, Three Others in EFCC Net Over Fraud
07:42:02a Britney falls in love with a bird
07:42:07a Flames co-owner proposes ‘values centre’ for Calgary
07:42:12a Half of babies born could live to 100
07:42:17a Ireland votes on Europe's future in Lisbon Treaty referendum
07:42:23a Samoa plans mass burial for tsunami victims
07:42:28a Super typhoon hits Philippines
07:42:33a Fate of EU treaty in balance as Irish vote again
07:42:38a Chuck Jaffe New ETF might dent your portfolio
07:42:44a Teen sailor hits halfway mark
07:42:49a Montreal Impact win USL semifinal opener
07:42:54a Cats fan 'could have died' in railway station attack
07:43:00a FACTBOX-Foreign aid for Philippine floods
07:43:05a Thousands evacuated ahead of Philippine storm
07:43:10a Time for Hayne to match hype Bellamy
07:43:15a Vaishnav Jan Toh
07:43:21a Aid distributions continue in Manila area despite rains
07:43:26a 'More Than a Game' Got Game
07:43:31a MIKE BRUDENELL Hagen in hot field at Toledo's Glass City 200
07:43:36a Haley Comments On Trades, Releases, Signings
07:43:44a V8 champs look to Cats to make amends
07:43:50a Lufthansa buys SAS's 20 percent stake in bmi
07:43:55a CIT Group is on the brink of collapse — again
07:44:00a Many babies born in '00s will live to 100
07:44:06a Teen Wins Over Amazon's Kindle E-Book Lawsuit
07:44:11a Massa feels 'robbed' of F1 world title by Piquet's deliberate Singapore crash
07:44:16a At least 6 Afghan civilians dead in NATO airstrike
07:44:22a Extra planes weren't too costly for UF
07:44:27a Pakistan's Black Hole
07:44:33a Dems Make Changes In Health Bill, Big Vote Nears 02 Oct 2009 023544 GMT
07:44:38a Gates still Forbes' richest American in annual rank
07:44:43a FACTBOX-Security developments in Pakistan, Oct. 2
07:44:48a NATO air strike kills nine civilians
07:44:54a Samoan baby named Tsunami after lucky escape report
07:44:59a U.S. Senate panel set to
07:45:05a A Myanmar activist holds a portrait of Myanmar democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi
07:45:10a Most S. Koreans skeptical N.K. will ever give up nukes poll
07:45:16a S. African-Indian telecom merger fails companies
07:45:21a Sweet victory for Fifa
07:45:27a Talks on Irans nuclear program end with positive results
07:45:32a 10 Questions for Kofi Annan
07:45:38a Apple Tablet could 'redefine print' report
07:45:43a U.S. will need to tighten credit Greenspan
07:45:48a Cisco to acquire Norway's Tandberg for US2.96 bil.
07:45:54a The United Nations and Peace and Sport Join Forces to Promote Peace through Sport
07:45:59a David Miliband speech triggers anti-Semitism row
07:46:04a David Hockney's iPhone Passion
07:46:10a Six countries, Tehran to discuss Iran's nuclear programme in Geneva
07:46:15a China's PMI of its manufacturing sector rises to 54.3% in September
07:46:21a Fire in straw bales tackled
07:46:26a Concern over out-of-hours medical treatment
07:46:31a Twins Beat Tigers, Stay Alive in AL Central Chase
07:46:37a Doin' the NSC Shuffle
07:46:42a MJ's dad barred from beer festival
07:46:47a Sutil tops rain-lashed second Japan F1 practice
07:46:52a Level Green losers help local food bank
07:46:58a Manhattan apartment sales looking up
07:47:03a The Glue Sniffing Teenage Gangs of Kathmandu
07:47:09a Mike Brudenell The Spin Doctor
07:47:14a House prices at highest level for a year
07:47:20a Asia death toll rises as Ketsana floods recede
07:47:25a New map draws on population
07:47:32a Young Geneva mom reported missing
07:47:37a Teenager buried by quake rescued 40 hours later
07:47:43a 1,900 stranded in Bicol ports
07:47:52a Reintroducing Online Gambling in the United States An Ethical Perspective
07:47:58a Private school numbers holding up in recession
07:48:03a Arrested couple have sex in cop car
07:48:18a Death toll from quake in Indonesia is rising
07:48:24a UAE's NBQ bank has exposure to Saudi groups
07:48:29a Finding New Job in Time of Crisis Can Be Very Dangerous
07:48:34a U.S. Senate panel set to advance healthcare overhaul
07:48:40a Latino leaders launch educational campaign to aid census
07:48:45a Scholars plan first US Islamic college in Berkeley
07:48:50a Woman freed from rubble of quake-hit Indonesia school
07:48:56a Sotomayor won't sell NY apartment in this economy
07:49:01a Georgia Summons Russia's Ambassador
07:49:06a Inspired by travel or traveling to be inspired
07:49:11a UN to visit Iran nukes
07:49:17a Australia facing academic exodus study
07:49:22a You Built What?! The Shopping Go-Kart PICS & VID
07:49:27a Jobless benefitsextension hits snag in Senate
07:49:33a Lake Shore Drive crash injures 9 people, 3 critically, near Chicago Avenue
07:49:38a Baby thrown from crash remain critical
07:49:43a Disabled girl, 9, died underweight
07:49:49a Battle Days to be Held in Point Pleasant
07:49:54a Aussie dev Transmission Games lays off staff
07:49:59a Barry won't wilt under weight of streak
07:50:05a Asthmatic children join Team Singapore in Children's Day swim
07:50:10a Bouygues wins Qatar deal report
07:50:16a WSIB chair accused of expense-account abuses
07:50:26a 10 Most Uncomfortable Pieces of Furniture Ever
07:50:31a The Next Chinese Revolution
07:50:36a Autopsy shows Jackson healthy before he died
07:50:42a Arroyo declares RP under state of calamity
07:50:47a Ontario may mandate lower generic drug prices
07:50:53a Larger rewards trigger more tips on tax cheats
07:50:58a Britney buys pet parakeet at end of Circus tour
07:51:03a Philips Respironics christens million facility in Murrysville
07:51:09a adipose burglar got stuck in window
07:51:14a Huntington Man's New Book Looks at All 55 Counties
07:51:19a Smuggling attempt of 17,280 packets of cigarettes foiled
07:51:25a Nestle To End Temporary Purchase Of Mugabe Milk
07:51:30a Albay starts evacuation of residents
07:51:35a Blair 'in line for EU presidency'
07:51:41a Highlights from ICC Champs
07:51:46a Feces-covered nude man jumps into man's pool
07:51:52a Mahatma Gandhi Speech
07:51:57a It's huge' Saturn exit stuns local dealer
07:52:03a Security Council Condemns Killing Of Guinea Protesters
07:52:08a GE looking at partnership or IPO for NBC Universal
07:52:14a Work force training must keep pace with trends
07:52:19a Half of babies born in Britain will live to 100, say researchers
07:52:25a EXCLUSIVE UAE tycoon in hospital amid Pompey wages crisis
07:52:30a Iran critical of UN Security Council 'very optimistic' about Geneva talks speaker
07:52:35a Jackson autopsy could pose problems for his doctor
07:52:41a Stocks fall on weak reports
07:52:46a 160 are confirmed killed from tsunami in Samoa
07:52:52a Tokyo stocks down on strong yen, weak job data
07:52:57a Chuo University graduate indicted for killing professor+
07:53:03a Indonesian quake death toll rises
07:53:08a Obama pushes Iran to allow nuclear site inspections
07:53:13a Braless Rihanna makes 'style boob' at Paris Fashion Week with see-through dress
07:53:19a Uganda 5,000 Human Rights Violation Cases Reported Against Police
07:53:24a Japanese among Ig Nobel winners for cutting waste using panda feces
07:53:30a House prices rise in September
07:53:35a David Miliband speech triggers antiSemitism row
07:53:40a Guard at Nagoya Prison fired for bribery, embezzlement+
07:53:46a Clinton welcomes potential Haiti investors
07:53:51a Search continues in Indonesia, U.N. says quake toll tops 1,000+
07:53:57a Chief Justice Is Appointed
07:54:02a LEAD Nikkei tumbles to new 10-week closing low on U.S. worries, strong yen+
07:54:08a Buzz on Business V Vehicle to start hiring workers late this year
07:54:13a Okada leaves for Cambodia to meet Mekong region counterparts+
07:54:18a The JP Duminy column day 11
07:54:23a US soldier dies in mortar attack in Iraq
07:54:29a Relatives bury loved ones in Samoa
07:54:34a Chief justice to be named
07:54:40a House Prices Rise For Fifth Straight Month
07:54:45a Women abused toddlers for 'friend' they never met
07:54:50a Facts about next week's Nobel Prize announcements
07:54:56a Star Wars The Future of The Clone Wars
07:55:01a Apollo to offer tele-medicine to jail inmates
07:55:06a Oklahoma QB Bradford won't start
07:55:12a Uganda Three Held Over Murder
07:55:17a Olympics Tokyo braces for moment of truth as IOC vote looms+
07:55:23a Autopsy Michael Jackson was fairly healthy 50-year-old
07:55:28a JAPAN Buddhist Priests Use Pop Culture to Win Back Faithful
07:55:34a Ambassador of Tajikistan completes his tenure in Turkmenistan
07:55:44a Fifth man charged over 'murder plot'
07:55:50a In Egypt, swine flu fears buried under rubbish threat
07:55:56a Big opportunities in Indian IT market, but...
07:56:01a Myanmar Court Rejects Dissident’s Appeal
07:56:07a Neighbour's house and car set ablaze
07:56:12a 2ND LD Court upholds ruling on Myanmar's Suu Kyi+
07:56:18a Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel still an item
07:56:23a Pacific tsunami toll nears 200, fresh quake near Tonga
07:56:29a 4 killed by mudslides in Sicily amid strong rains
07:56:35a Obama joins India in celebrating 'great soul' Mahatma Gandhi
07:56:40a Dems taunt GOP Where's your health care plan?
07:56:46a FII inflow in Indian stock markets crosses Rs 60cr
07:56:52a Ohio Officer Accused of Taking Drugs From Evidence Room
07:56:57a Kennel boss pleads guilty to animal cruelty charges involving nearly 100 St Bernards
07:57:03a America's Cup challenger opposes venue choice
07:57:09a Obama makes pitch for Olympics
07:57:14a Dollar slips ahead of U.S. jobs data
07:57:20a ICAI to limit multiple entities by audit firms
07:57:25a Before there was Lucy, Ardi stood out, and up
07:57:31a I'm ready to lead New Politics Party Sondhi
07:57:36a EPFO's investment in markets opposed
07:57:42a Newsmaker The man behind the Air India strike
07:57:47a Fla. Drug Suspect Accused of Assaulting K-9, Officer
07:57:52a Moodie shoots 64 to take Navistar LPGA Classic
07:57:58a Blair 'on brink of EU presidency' as polls predict Ireland yes vote
07:58:03a UPDATE 1-Impax sees FY results in line with market view
07:58:10a Five rescued from fire in Dublin
07:58:16a Revival not end of economic crisis, warns IMF
07:58:21a Jetstar eyes growth in Asia, India
07:58:27a Porsche is upbeat on the Indian market
07:58:32a Asia Stocks Fall on Grim U.S. Economic Data
07:58:38a Najib's open house in Pekan tomorrow
07:58:43a GAA 'has no place for politics'
07:58:48a Rainier might be changing, but don’t use this yardstick
07:58:53a India, Canada moot action plan to push trade
07:59:00a Jail bird wants to build jail
07:59:06a Correction
07:59:11a Embrace European Union Treaty, Irish Premier Urges Voters
07:59:16a 50 Flights, and Still Stuck in the Airport
07:59:22a CPI L demands release of tribal leader Chhatradhar Mahato
07:59:27a Stepdad saves twins from fire
07:59:33a Pulled from quake rubble after 40h
07:59:38a Namibia Surplus widens on net transfers
07:59:43a Official trailer of AFRICA LIGHT / GRAY ZONE published
07:59:49a Katy Perry sends 'booby poem' to Russell Brand
07:59:54a ANC accused of lying about water cut-offs
08:00:00a Explosion in Srinagar, one injured
08:00:05a Rumer Willis ready to do lesbian scene
08:00:10a CENTRALIA Home invader ties up woman, who was unhurt
08:00:16a McCartney inks deal with record company to release live album
08:00:21a Dallas topless club owner Gingrich group rescinded award
08:00:27a Mitsubishi announces order for 100 regional jets
08:00:32a Cal's Tierra Rogers Diagnosed With Heart Condition
08:00:38a Komatsu says hydraulic excavator sales in China up 75pc
08:00:43a Landslide, heavy rain delay Konkan Railway trains
08:00:49a Newsmaker Dr. Donald M. Yealy
08:00:54a ‘Anarchist’ avoids jail time
08:01:00a PM renames NREGA after Mahatma Gandhi
08:01:06a Siberian volcano 'wiped out world's forests' 250m years ago
08:01:11a German girls' boobs are getting bigger!
08:01:17a 'Super typhoon' bears down on flood-ravaged Philippines
08:01:22a Man beaten with shoes for raping 13-year-old
08:01:28a Nine Gorgeous New Gran Turismo 5 Screens Released
08:01:33a Liberals' new golden boy woos voters
08:01:39a Truck driver owed over R11 000 in fines
08:01:54a IAEA chief will go to Iran this weekend U.S
08:01:59a Royal Bank Of Scotland Names New Directors
08:02:05a Martin Co Continues to Buck the Trend!
08:02:10a Potential key to curing tuberculosis uncovered
08:02:16a Scarlett Johansson dismisses Broadway reports
08:02:21a Obama joins India in celebrating 'great soul' Mahatma Gandhi
08:02:26a PM leads nation in remembering Gandhi, Shastri
08:02:32a Comcast 'is in talks to buy NBC'
08:02:37a Poland Factors to Watch on Oct 2
08:02:42a New ETF Might Dent Your Portfolio
08:02:48a Renewable Energy To Issue Million Bond
08:02:53a Indonesia calls for quake help as time runs out for victims
08:02:58a CC recommendeds grocer competition test
08:03:04a Britain to help Pak establish MI5-like network
08:03:09a Tatua beats Fonterra payout again
08:03:14a Deliberations resume today in doctor's trial
08:03:19a Xstrata told to 'put up or shut up' on Anglo
08:03:24a A Kafkaesque search for the keys to Kafka's Tel Aviv legacy
08:03:30a Burmese court dismisses Suu Kyi's appeal
08:03:35a Woman faces jail birth after drun
08:03:40a Phone companies resubmit on mobile termination rates
08:03:46a Strong support for toxic chemical health service
08:03:51a Competition Body Recommends Grocery Store Test
08:04:00a Big Read aims for 25,000 readers
08:04:06a All the other parts are okay
08:04:11a Comcast in line for NBC deal
08:04:16a File separate plea for release of blasphemy accused LHC
08:04:22a Obama targeting distracted drivers
08:04:28a Garrett quashes crocodile safari plan
08:04:33a Obama Surrenders U.S. Economic Sovereignty to Lesser Nations
08:04:38a Bay Area Pitches In For Samoan Tsunami Victims
08:04:44a Aussie to appeal Microsoft ruling
08:04:49a Obama Puts Prestige On Line With Olympic Mission to Copenhagen
08:04:54a White House lashes out at Fox News for 'lies'
08:05:00a Sherlyn Chopra to be in 'Bigg Boss'
08:05:05a Obama in Copenhagen on Olympic mission
08:05:11a Obama Arrives In Copenhagen For Chicago 2016 Pitch
08:05:16a Uganda Cooks Held for Poisoning Food
08:05:22a Miliband speech triggers anti-Semitism row
08:05:27a Conn. Officer Hit By Car; Schools On Lockdown
08:05:33a Legislative Candidate Gunned Down in Honduras
08:05:38a Indonesian, Sri Lankan illegal arrivals booted out
08:05:44a Plaxico Burress Gets Upgraded to a Room with a View in Jail
08:05:49a Herschel scans hidden Milky Way
08:05:55a GESB chief keeps 'excessive' pay rise
08:06:00a Do Knot Disturb to Wake Up Sid
08:06:05a Pakistan U.S. missile said to kill top militant
08:06:10a Tsunami Victims In Samoa Receive Assistance
08:06:15a The Original IBM ThinkPad
08:06:21a Katja Schuurman expects baby in spring
08:06:26a UPDATE 1-Uniqlo Sept same-store sales surge 31.6 pct
08:06:31a Afghan civilians killed in Dutch air attack
08:06:36a Comcast pursuing NBC stake
08:06:42a 8 Movie Franchises That Need to Rest in Peace
08:06:47a UPDATE 1-NORDIC STOCKS Factors to watch on Oct 2
08:06:53a Michelle Obama pitches Chicago bid for Olympics
08:06:58a MT Supreme Court paves way for Polson Wal-Mart
08:07:03a Macquarie buys Ford's 1 bln dlr car loan portfolio
08:07:09a Contracts worth billions at risk as Serious Fraud Office goes gunning for BAE
08:07:14a Google's bid to overthrow email
08:07:20a UPDATE 1-GE looking at partnership or IPO for NBC Universal
08:07:25a Drink driver mum jailed
08:07:30a Homeland Security issues call for cyberexperts
08:07:35a Italy's Enel mulls participating in nuke pwr proj in Russia
08:07:41a Phone lines to devastated Samoa overloaded
08:07:46a Fury want all three points against Glory
08:07:51a Brian McKnight Show To Feature Smokey Robinson
08:07:56a Court Dismisses Singapore Airlines Appeal
08:08:02a Xstrata ordered to ‘put up or shut up’ in Anglo bid
08:08:07a Saturn's hometown stunned over brand's demise
08:08:13a New Fossil Moves Story of Mankind Back One Million Years
08:08:18a Woman faces jail birth after drunken crash
08:08:23a Let's act NOW to get single payer on the table!
08:08:28a Premier recovers from 'brutal' bashing
08:08:34a Emirates' Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in Australia begin to welcome guest
08:08:39a Head to the V-International Accordion Festival in Rome with
08:08:44a Democrats pioneer Evans dies
08:08:50a Report Budget Worries Hinder Station Fire Fight?
08:08:55a Home Retail Group Plc Joins OTCQX
08:09:00a President Barack Obama U.S. ready, eager to assume `sacred trust' of hosting 2016 Olympics.
08:09:06a Post-stimulus sales plummet
08:09:11a Rumble Time LAPD Versus LA County Sheriff's
08:09:17a More Details Emerge On FBI Probe Of Burbank PD
08:09:22a Raising the bra Gas mask brassiere wins Ig Nobel prize
08:09:27a PSV only Dutch winner in Europa League games
08:09:33a Student admits to hatchet attack on girl
08:09:38a Dear Jeff I Can't Invest Zero Work? EMAIL
08:09:43a 62nd Transportation Company coming home
08:09:48a 'Kill Bill 3' will happen, says Tarantino
08:09:54a Holy Moly! Boy 'kills alligator 20 times his size'
08:09:59a U.S. employee confidence up in third quarter survey
08:10:04a CORRECTED Arcandor supervisory board chairman resigns-paper
08:10:10a Raymond Terminates JV With Italy's Grotto SpA
08:10:15a Rumour mill throws out names for top job at BoA
08:10:20a Civilians Get Schooled On Cracking Homicide Cases
08:10:33a Indonesia quake aid plea as time runs out for victims
08:10:39a SHELTON Minor earthquake recorded near Shelton
08:10:46a Chinese ambassador to Austria held reception to mark China's National Day
08:10:51a Little done to improve mine safety, says widow
08:10:56a Chehalis Man jailed in death of teen by alcohol
08:11:01a Jennifer Garner's No Nude
08:11:07a Class ring makers join boycott against Pebble Mine
08:11:12a Minnesota Drive speed limit increased
08:11:17a Concern over cancer patient care
08:11:27a Firm offers more on Shreveport master plan money, zoning
08:11:34a Hugh Jackman Goes Robotic
08:11:42a Amman Stock Exchange, Oct 1
08:11:48a 'Identify the children you molested'
08:11:53a Dhoni declared ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year
08:11:58a Disabled biggest target of violent crime
08:12:04a US missile strike kills top Al Qaida militant
08:12:09a FACTBOX Foreign aid for Philippine floods
08:12:14a Glance-Europe Factors-Shares seen heading lower; jobs data eyed
08:12:20a Nations answer Indonesia's call for help
08:12:25a Man charged over airport drug discovery
08:12:31a U.S. to give Japan time to assess troop rejig deal-envoy
08:12:36a Thousands fleeing typhoon in Philippines
08:12:42a Kate Moss turns singer for daughter's birthday bash
08:12:47a Conn. Officer Allegedly Sold/Transferred Guns Used in Crimes
08:12:53a 5 World Leaders On Trial
08:12:58a Cigarette executive sentenced in mail fraud
08:13:04a Kate Moss 'to turn karaoke queen for daughter's b'day'
08:13:09a David Miliband ditches bananas for Tarzan tactics
08:13:18a Fundraiser features fine food
08:13:24a Prolific scoring from Spain at U-20 World Cup
08:13:29a 'Super typhoon' bears down on flood-ravaged Philippines
08:13:35a Netanyahu UN may become irrelevant
08:13:40a DHS to hire up to 1,000 cybersecurity experts
08:13:45a Typhoon-related torrential rain forecast
08:13:51a US targets banks in effort to restart NKorea talks
08:13:56a ADF team leaves Darwin for quake mission
08:14:02a GuideGecko Announces Winners of International Writing Contest
08:14:07a › Zim's dollar crooks
08:14:12a Britain ask
08:14:17a Afoa defends time off for All Blacks
08:14:23a Nazi diamond hunt could be lost forever
08:14:28a Sharemarket dives to three-week low
08:14:34a Country Launches Landmark Plan to Combat H1N1
08:14:39a Sumatra quake AirAsia helps out with charity flight
08:14:44a Nestle on the spot over Mugabe milk deal
08:14:50a Glance-Europe Factors-Shares seen heading lower
08:14:55a Returning to Profit on Weak Dollar Is Tough
08:15:00a Aussies boast six appeal
08:15:06a Survivors churned in washing machine doctor
08:15:11a Kids hurt as car bomb explodes in Sri Lanka
08:15:17a President Hu issues order to commend participants of military parade
08:15:22a Man slain by deputy in southwest Caddo
08:15:28a Letterman Target Of Extortion Attempt 02 Oct 2009 034124 GMT
08:15:33a Americans owe enormous gratitude to Gandhi Obama
08:15:39a Toyota target Raikkonen for 2010
08:15:44a Living the dream with TAP's investment program
08:15:49a Dems taunt GOP Where's your health care plan?
08:15:55a Nancy Pelosi Goes Over the Edge for U2
08:16:00a A 'Don't be complacent over fewer cases'
08:16:06a PowerShares Listed Private Equity Portfolio Goes Global Date 9/30/2009
08:16:11a Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition coming to XBLA in March 2010
08:16:16a Hospitals stress flu precautions
08:16:22a X-Rite Introduces ColorChecker Passport Into Digital Photography Raw Workflows-- from Capture to Edit
08:16:27a Budget woes hit bootleg whiskey foes
08:16:32a Deadspace for Wii
08:16:38a Hundreds grieve for woman who killed self grieve for woman who killed self
08:16:43a Israel to receive Gilad Shalit video at noon Ha'aretz
08:16:49a NZ death toll rises in tsunami-hit Samoa
08:17:03a Maoists threaten to kill Bihar CM
08:17:09a Millions spent fighting against Health-care Reform
08:17:14a Patrick Henry High School student charged after explosives are found
08:17:19a PSP Go is go
08:17:24a Telecom and Vodafone try last ditch effort on MTR
08:17:30a Good Samaritan turns out to be a robber
08:17:35a Activision already seeking DJ Hero 2 contributors
08:17:40a Obama uses personal story to boost Olympics bid
08:17:46a Sotomayor won't sell NY apartment in this economy
08:17:52a Pregnant Heidi Klum's chocolate shoot
08:17:57a Sony expected retail strife over PSP Go
08:18:03a Wii system update 4.2 killing wiis?
08:18:08a Toyota president expresses regret over fatal crash in U.S. due to floor mat
08:18:14a House price
08:18:19a Growing health costs tax France
08:18:24a Review considers land tax in NZ
08:18:29a Europe State cash aids motor industry
08:18:35a Quake tosses businessman into pool; he survives, hotel destroyed
08:18:40a What is wrong with you Nintendo!!! Scene It? Twlight
08:18:46a Smoking cessation drug 'does not increase self-harm or depression risk'
08:18:51a Communist China marks 60th
08:18:57a Obama to name James Warwick as US ambassador to Bulgaria ? reports
08:19:02a Antioch alums celebrate
08:19:13a President declares 'state of calamity' in Philippines
08:19:19a Evolution's foundation is shifting
08:19:30a Candidate defends claims
08:19:35a Heavy rains claim 86 lives in Karnataka
08:19:40a Police say Wyoming 11-year-old led high-speed chase
08:19:55a Health plan's cost softened
08:20:00a CPAP, BIPAP, Surgery And Oral Appliance Therapy Memory Problems Linked To Stopping CPAP Treatment
08:20:05a SMS threat to kill Nitish Kumar
08:20:10a a misnomer MAHATHMA GANDHI ji
08:20:19a Democrats ease shock of health bill, big advance nears
08:20:24a Xstrata gets Anglo offer deadline
08:20:29a China Wants to Build Military Relations With US
08:20:35a Defense Department inspector to review Iraq toxic exposure case
08:20:40a Obama arrives in Copenhagen on Olympic mission
08:21:01a 'Mini-Colosseum' unearthed near Rome
08:21:07a ENTERTAINMENT Comcast eyes stake in NBC Universal
08:21:12a UPDATE 1-Toyota head returning to profit hard with weak dlr
08:21:17a Reduce use of state, local firefighters, memo said
08:21:24a Venture leaders bow out
08:21:42a ECONOMY New unemployment claims raise concern
08:21:47a Bleaching can make corals more susceptible to disease
08:22:12a Thailand may use harsh security law for Asian summit
08:22:17a Tsunami survivor returns to Australia
08:22:22a BATE suffers second defeat in European League
08:22:28a Judge orders Cheney leak interview released
08:22:33a Democrats Ease Impact Of US Health Bill
08:22:39a Princess Diana's Wedding Dress On Display
08:22:44a Polanski's Swiss neighbours unhappy over arrest
08:22:49a It's easy eating green at chili cook-off
08:22:54a War Brides From WWII Reunite In Burlingame
08:22:59a Jade Goody receives posthumous 'inspiration' award
08:23:05a Kate Moss 'to turn karaoke queen for daughter's b'day'
08:23:10a Moscow Chart erSchool students get lessons worth learning on the river
08:23:15a Schwarzenegger No special treatment for Polanski
08:23:21a Qassam hits southern Israel in continuing Gaza border tension Ha'aretz
08:23:27a Detroit Crockett's Rod Oden named coach of the week
08:23:32a Japanese mom felt trapped before fleeing with children
08:23:38a Oakland County news briefs Hunters' discovery is missing man
08:23:43a Deep Purple vocalist and Black Sabbath guitar player arrived in Yerevan
08:23:48a Salman's gift to Kareena
08:23:54a KFI 640 AM radio Bill Handel discusses Armenian Genocide
08:23:59a CSTO PA to hold session in Belarus Oct. 6-7
08:24:05a BOJ Gov Shirakawa To Speak In Tokyo On Oct 16
08:24:10a I am the other option for fence-sitters
08:24:15a New custom house opens on Armenian-Georgian border
08:24:21a Irish vote to decide EU treaty's fate
08:24:26a Bill Martin If voters pick with their brain, the choice for '16 is Chicago
08:24:32a Panasonic claims first in cell-to-landline phone contacts
08:24:37a Pullman taxpayers to benefit from school district bond refinance
08:24:43a Mom in tsunami saw daughter floating away
08:24:48a Armenian futsal champs defeated by Georgia’s Iberia
08:24:53a Saturn's hometown stunned over end of brand
08:24:59a 'Smile Pinki' all set to be screened across India
08:25:04a TV talent shows help Domino's Pizza deliver a bigger slice of the market
08:25:10a Iran To Let Foreign Inspection Of New Nuke Facility
08:25:20a Was there another way to open border with Turkey?
08:25:25a Colfax to put on annual Hullabaloo
08:25:30a MJ's dad barred from beer festival
08:25:36a Dine On A Dime The Nook
08:25:41a Premier of Ontario hosts reception marking China's National Day
08:25:46a Teach Nedbank 'a lesson', says Malema
08:25:52a India owes billion to foreigners RBI
08:25:57a Three Graphs About Drugs
08:26:02a Armenian citizen killed in Moscow
08:26:07a Bossier honors its top teachers
08:26:13a FYI, Oct. 2
08:26:18a The gas-mask bra and the power of panda poo
08:26:23a Live Chat Are the Leafs on the right track?
08:26:29a Vehicle sales crash after August's smashing Cash for Clunkers program
08:26:34a Search for bodies in Kerala lake continues
08:26:39a MICK MCCABE Salatino, teammates bond after he loses mother to cancer
08:26:45a UK serviceman dies in Afghanistan
08:26:50a Zim cracks a prize at IgNobel awards
08:26:55a ELECTION 2009 Williams looks to cut city spending, build business
08:27:00a Get vaccinated, overseas travellers told
08:27:06a Hindmarsh concerned at ominous Storm
08:27:11a Guinea Details of violence emerge; Amnesty calls for international commission of inquiry
08:27:17a New tactics urged to win Afghan war
08:27:22a Colorado awaiting first doses of swine flu vaccine
08:27:27a Letterman's affairs at center of extortion arrest
08:27:32a Caracella joins Cats coaching staff
08:27:38a Armenian junior youth team defeats Olympiad leader, India
08:27:43a Nigeria In Delta, Not a Total Success Story
08:27:48a Southern Samoa Islands Struck By Another Earthquake
08:27:54a Burkie's Dog House A Hit On Night Of Season Opener
08:27:59a Nigeria Amnesty in Bayelsa, So Far So Good
08:28:04a WSU's Floyd 'optimistically realistic' about future
08:28:09a Call-based Leads Firm Yext Raises
08:28:15a Senior Israeli and Iranian Nuclear Power Officials Discuss Nukes
08:28:20a Uganda Museveni, Kabaka Meeting Positive Step
08:28:26a Insurance Executive Pay Curbed in Bill
08:28:31a Young Socceroos 'need to believe'
08:28:37a Family Sharing Love Of Mariachi Gets
08:28:42a PRESS DIGEST Bulgaria Oct 2
08:28:47a Wicket could play a big role in Pakistan-NZ game Ramiz Raja
08:28:53a At a glance New immunization requirements
08:28:58a GM's Saturn seems dead
08:29:03a Nigeria ADB, Main One Cable Signs Agreement On Million Cable Project
08:29:08a Update Indonesia Quake Death Toll Reaches 1,100
08:29:14a Tourist survives croc attack in Kakadu
08:29:19a USFS ordered Calif. firefighters reduced
08:29:25a Nigeria Amnesty in Rivers, It's Still Fragile Peace
08:29:30a LevelUp Scores Now Powering Yahoo Mexico's Video Game Channel
08:29:35a INTERNET Microsoft site would help track health
08:29:41a ELLENSBURG Kittitas County deputies find high-altitude pot plot
08:29:49a Brought to You By
08:29:55a Hope fades for Waco Saturn dealership as Penske deal to save brand falls through
08:30:01a China's New Focus On Design
08:30:06a Man Saves Boy From Burning Building
08:30:12a Panasonic to Demonstrate Comfortable and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at CEATEC Japan 2009
08:30:17a Man indicted in toddler's death
08:30:23a South Florida builder flourishes despite economy's decline
08:30:28a 10 hot news items you might've missed Damned atheists, quivering seamen...
08:30:34a Komatsu sales surge in China
08:30:39a Cop Killed by Gunmen in Talafar
08:30:44a THURSTON COUNTY Blessing planned for slain cider worker
08:30:50a UPDATE 2-Iraq Bars China's Sinopec from Second Oil Round
08:30:55a Sino-U.S. co-developed sport plane delivered
08:31:01a ANCYL impressed by SABC interim Board
08:31:06a Pot Goes Mainstream on NBC's Today Show
08:31:11a Pakistan, NZ prepare for pace battle
08:31:17a Ex-prosecutor admits he lied in Polanski case
08:31:22a Nigeria Anmesty What Next After October 4?
08:31:27a CEATEC Panasonic to Exhibit DC Power Distribution System
08:31:33a 20 Suspects, Wanted Men Detained in Basra
08:31:47a Stratton settles tax dispute
08:31:53a Govt to enforce ISA for Asean summit in Hua Hin
08:31:58a Nigeria Standard Bank, Troika Group Get Regulatory Approval for Partnership
08:32:03a Disney fans flock to Presidio museum on Day One
08:32:09a Nigeria Group Wants 54 Imprisoned Militants Freed
08:32:14a SPC MD 2060
08:32:19a The Dirty Little Secret About the 'Palestinians'
08:32:24a AP Comcast exploring stake in NBC
08:32:30a Indonesia prepared for worst'
08:32:35a Kenya Lamu Cultural Sites Set to Get a Lifeline
08:32:40a Ex-Red Sox players in area fundraiser
08:32:45a Justin Nurse resigns from Laugh It Off
08:32:51a Burmese court dismisses Suu Kyi's appeal
08:32:56a NEW
08:33:01a Conference devoted to veterans' care set for today
08:33:07a Ireland to decide fate of Lisbon treaty
08:33:12a Traffic gridlock expected as taxi drivers to continue Dublin protest
08:33:17a Mao suit continued choice of China's top leaders for National Day ceremony
08:33:22a Fitch Rates PT Adaro Indonesia at 'BB+'; Outlook Stable
08:33:28a Foreigners take part in China's National Day parade
08:33:33a Ex-addict gives homeless vets 2nd chance
08:33:38a Vaishnava Janato
08:33:49a Teenager charged over father's shooting
08:33:54a National Insurance Fund will remain strong
08:33:59a New Tech Enables People to Say Emails
08:34:05a Cop charged with having sex with girl
08:34:10a New BofA CEO has big task
08:34:15a Solarmer Raises For Solar Fabrics
08:34:20a Celebrate your pets on World Animal Day
08:34:25a Regatta boats back at Malcolm Park
08:34:31a TARP Taxpayers on the hook for billion
08:34:36a Nigeria Intricacy of Aircraft Leasing for Start-Up
08:34:42a Obama demands action
08:34:47a Seven plays, seven days, several years of economic benefit
08:34:53a Candidates across county speak on issues
08:34:58a Cisco's Downmarket Videoconferencing Move
08:35:04a Hallowe'en Mini Cruise from GBP39 with PandO Ferries
08:35:09a 2 Drug Dealers Detained in Kirkuk
08:35:14a Grotto statue took on human form and wept, say witnesses
08:35:20a Trans-Atlantic sabbatical will strengthen COB's international partnerships
08:35:25a Fireworks erupt in Bridgewater trial
08:35:31a Lawyer says Bridgewater agreed to accept mil
08:35:36a San Suu Kyi's Appeal Rejected in Myanmar
08:35:41a Nigeria Coca-Cola Takes FIFA World Cup Trophy to Yar'Adua
08:35:46a Economic optimism expressed at small hotels retreat
08:35:52a Move to block certification of hotel union election results
08:35:57a How small business owners can afford to take a vacation...
08:36:02a Car-scrap plan needed to save jobs, says group
08:36:08a Iraq Government prepares for sudden US pullout from Iraq
08:36:13a Universal Laser Systems Introduces New 1-Touch Laser Photo Software
08:36:18a Myanmar court rejects Aung San Suu Kyi's appeal
08:36:23a Nearly Exuma drug find
08:36:29a Rain clouds F1 picture in Japan
08:36:34a 'Verhagen threatened to resign over Afghanistan'
08:36:39a Uganda Uganda Gets Shs244 Billion ADF Loan for Roads
08:36:45a Coolest Vampire Hunting Kits
08:36:50a 33 Examples of Beautiful Hand-Drawn Typography
08:36:55a Prayer service for Samoan tsunami victims
08:37:01a Voters go to the polls for second time on Lisbon
08:37:06a House prices rise back to 2008 levels
08:37:11a Storm-weary Philippines braces for Typhoon Parma
08:37:16a Owner Of Historic Buildings Gets Cited Again
08:37:22a Uganda EU Suspends Funding to AU Peacekeepers
08:37:27a Voting underway in Lisbon II referendum