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12:02:46a Navy Chief Fell Ill, Underwent Heart Surgery...

12:04:34a Live Next step towards NZ travel bubble rests with Australia, Ardern says
12:04:53a The Evangelical Vote
12:08:40a Queenscliff jam shop owners relish retirement after decades stirring the pot
12:08:45a Mask patrols to roam NYC issuing fines...
12:08:49a 'I played the game'...
12:09:37a DISNEY to layoff 28,000...
12:11:42a Mayor Declares Public Health Crisis - Over Remote Learning!
12:12:33a Researchers Catch Rare Part-Female, Part-Male Bird; 'Like Finding A Unicorn'...
12:14:57a Assange may end up at Colorado supermax jail, UK court told
12:15:20a RNC denies under investigation for 'stealing
12:23:14a Victoria records 13 new coronavirus cases, four deaths
12:28:39a Called evangelical pastors hustlers?
12:30:51a Woman plans plastic surgeries to look like Kamala Harris, surgeon says...
12:33:36a News anchor breaks beer bottle on man's head during 'political argument'...
12:35:23a First bank 'named and shamed' by new industry watchdog
12:35:27a NRL grand final to allow 40,000 fans with move to Olympic stadium
12:37:07a UPDATE 'BORAT' sequel coming to Prime...
12:37:34a STUDY Gays, lesbians, bisexuals at higher migraine risk...
12:44:50a Michael Flynn lawyer asked President not to pardon...
12:47:42a Biden Disinformation Is Ripping Across Facebook the Same Day It Brushed Him Off
12:48:22a 'Trump Street' starts bitter fight in Alaska town...
12:50:17a Gabrielle Union, 'AGT' settle after toxic work accusations...
12:52:03a Queensland scientists trial rapid COVID-19 test as state records zero new cases
12:57:57a 'Jurassic Park'-Style Attraction for Komodo Dragon Tourism...
12:58:51a Early Works by Edward Hopper Copies of Other Artists...
01:00:50a Downplays rising injury rates at warehouses...
01:03:06a Elk-human conflict on rise...
01:06:18a Hours Before the Debate, Trump’s Director of National Intelligence Spreads an Unverified Russian Claim
01:12:42a John Oliver and Sean Penn Want to Help You Fill Out Your Census
01:14:23a Cases rising among children as schools reopen...
01:19:29a High radiation on moon means lunar bases should be buried...
01:20:05a The Bob Cesca Podcast The 750 Dollar Question
01:21:51a TROUBLES VERIZON scrambling to unload HUFFPOST as losses mount...
01:28:02a Selena Gomez sells Studio City cottage for million
01:33:39a Third Parties Barred From the Debates, Impacting Polls Only Marginally...
01:36:04a LeBron James says ‘bubble’ season the toughest challenge of career
01:43:27a Sword fighting surges in popularity thanks to Game of Thrones, Witcher and Vikings
01:48:55a How Uber Wasted Billion on Self-Driving Cars
01:49:51a Xen Project Officially Ports Its Hypervisor To Raspberry Pi 4
01:51:03a Trump campaign erroneously sends out post-debate email claiming victory — hours before it begins
02:08:53a Inside Australia's biggest cattle feedlot — where pens are full despite industry challenges
02:11:53a Ex-Trump official says White House staff believe COVID-19 lies because they have Stockholm Syndrome
02:12:40a WATCH Nicolle Wallace cracks up after watching clip of Trump talking about the Bible
02:15:59a Here’s why the Midwest can’t defeat the coronavirus
02:17:31a SpaceX upgrades Crew Dragon capsule before its next astronaut flight
02:20:28a Fascism expert Trump has used all ‘four threats’ that can topple a democracy
02:23:03a Regeneron says early trials promising for COVID-19 treatment
02:24:16a Here’s Trump’s ‘October Surprise’ plan in several cities to lock down his base
02:25:36a Townsville woman, 66, 'dragged' down embankment and sexually assaulted on morning walk
02:31:31a Lindsey Graham is comfortable spreading Russian disinformation ‘It’s not about whether it is true’
02:33:07a Michigan Republican fighting to block governor’s public health orders tests positive for COVID
02:33:22a WATCH Tom Cotton flounders trying to justify Trump’s tax avoidance and private debt
02:37:32a Disney to cut 28,000 US employees due to coronavirus
02:43:41a Joe Biden hilariously ridicules Trump’s conspiracy theories about the first debate
02:52:14a Here’s all the evidence you need that the tax code wasn’t written for you
02:57:53a Live Victoria to test quarter of staff in high-risk workplaces every week
03:05:05a GRPD’s strategic plan focuses on community policing
03:12:45a Trump vs. Biden Facing Off on Taming a ‘Rising China’
03:16:06a WATCH LIVE The First Biden-Trump 2020 Debate
03:20:38a Meghan Markle loses bid to stop UK newspaper from using biography against her
03:27:19a Trump, Biden meet in bitter first debate
03:30:09a Tony Mokbel appears in court bid for freedom over Lawyer X scandal
03:31:12a Trump Faces a Devastating Debt Load? Experts Say Not So Fast
03:33:40a ‘You’re the worst president America has ever had!’ Biden slams Trump for tax dodges
03:37:41a No locally acquired COVID-19 cases recorded in NSW in past 24 hours
03:40:34a Joe Biden ‘It’s hard to get any word in with this clown’
03:43:00a A Grammys speech in 1973 symbolised Helen Reddy's feminist anthem
03:43:18a COVID-19 Cases Are Rising Among U.S. Children as Schools Reopen
03:47:26a Disney to lay off 28,000 workers at domestic theme parks and other units
03:51:09a I Am Woman singer Helen Reddy dies aged 78
03:57:28a President Trump and Joe Biden First Presidential Debate Live Updates and Analysis
04:01:45a Who's on your ballot 60th House District
04:20:32a Azerbaijan and Armenia Brush Off the Suggestion of Peace Talks
04:20:44a Chinese wine probe progresses with Australian wine companies named
04:21:15a Trump blasted for ‘avalanche of lying’ in brutal takedown by CNN fact-checker
04:30:47a Fact-checking the first presidential debate
04:41:33a Trump’s debate antics leave many viewers disgusted
04:47:32a Daniel Andrews says it is not fair to compare Victoria to New South Wales
04:48:38a FIREWORKS! Trump Goes to War With Senile Joe In First Presidential Debate
05:02:37a Tiny ethnic Armenian enclave may spark a wider conflict
05:12:23a Picking mangoes
05:18:27a LAPD Trained To Use It's Controversial Tool...
05:18:56a Joe faces down raging Don...
05:19:56a FOXNEWS tops broadcast networks for first time!
05:23:44a Washington boosts support for Greece in spat with Turkey
05:27:52a 'Sins of my father' Wife killer's daughter describes years of anguish
05:30:14a Early surge of Dem mail voting sparks worry inside GOP...
05:30:45a LeBron says 'bubble' season toughest challenge of career...
05:32:54a Man sentenced to death for posting song about Prophet Muhammad...
05:33:22a Insult to circus workers, say circus workers...
05:37:19a New round of protests shakes Venezuela as public services fail...
05:49:14a Waikerie determined to put on a show despite pandemic
05:49:47a Airline workers brace for mass cuts...
05:49:52a Residents facing fire fatigue...
05:50:30a Military cargo plane, fighter jet collide near Salton Sea
05:51:42a GOODWIN Bad plan by Trump...
05:54:53a MICROSOFT says Russia behind most nation-state hacking attempts...
06:10:22a Senior Catholic escapes jail for concealing child sex abuse at schools
06:11:15a Helen Reddy Dies Hitmaker and Feminist Icon...
06:12:04a Chaos reigns in hell debate...
06:14:07a Now APPLE reports service outages...
06:25:24a Stormy Daniels Plays Herself in Satire 'BAD PRESIDENT'...
06:26:31a Privacy of biometric data in DHS hands in doubt...
06:27:05a 'WILL YOU SHUT UP, MAN'
06:28:39a Record Alligator Drags Boat Around Lake for 2 Hours Before Hunters Kill...
06:33:22a Review Chris Wallace Lost ALL Control!
06:33:42a BALZ A dispiriting first faceoff - and an insult to America...
06:37:05a Asian stocks mixed...
06:37:37a In California town lost to fire, this market was lif
06:59:12a Former NSW Labor minister drugged, raped 12yo boy, court hears
07:17:35a MUST READ! What farmers fear the most
07:18:51a Trump Tries to Delegitimize…Everything
07:21:58a Fact-checking the first Trump-Biden presidential debate
07:25:02a The Proud Boys Are Lapping Up the President’s Instruction to “Stand By”
07:33:15a CNN's Jake Tapper Trump Made My Female Friend's 6th Grade Daughter 'Burst Into Tears'
07:38:58a Yes, Trump Wants to Take Away Your Health Care
07:43:18a Fires rampage through wine country, destroying numerous homes in Santa Rosa
07:44:12a Summernats 2021 cancelled due to COVID-19 testing at EPIC
07:48:08a Australian officials granted access to detained journalist in China
07:50:38a Trump, Epstein, Giuliani? Borat has some new targets in his sights
07:50:42a PATHETIC Drudge Report Neglects to Run Post-Debate Poll For First Time In Years!
07:55:53a How the La Nina weather event could affect Australia for the rest of 2020
08:05:30a Tiny ethnic Armenian enclave may spa
08:06:37a Aussies go down to New Zealand in final T20 international
08:07:10a Pilot avoiding 'overspeed' led to crew member breaking leg, report finds
08:10:19a New Zealand blamed as South African teams exit Super Rugby
08:13:45a Biden Tears Into Trump’s Pandemic Response
08:16:19a Just Cancel the Last Two Debates. America Has Suffered Enough
08:23:15a Former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale sentenced to more than seven years in jail
08:25:56a A pathway fall at this scenic lookout costs its council in damages
08:28:34a The First 2020 Presidential Debate Was Nasty, Brutish and Long
08:34:21a COVID-19 catching out thousands of Australians who lied on their mortgage applications
08:35:32a Caesars offer values William Hill at £2.9 billion
08:36:05a Kevin Walters named as new coach of Brisbane Broncos
08:43:03a One boy killed, another injured in Westlake Village crash
08:48:40a Health bureaucrat urges surgeons to 'say no' to older, sicker patients
08:50:16a Trump Repeatedly Attacked Mail-In Voting During the Debate. There’s No Evidence Behind His Claim
09:14:05a Great North Air Ambulance Trials Paramedic Jet Suit
09:18:20a The Trump-Biden Debate Was a Missed Opportunity to Provide Americans With Clarity on COVID-19
09:23:26a Interruptions and Insults All About the Very Uncivil Tone of the First Presidential Debate
09:28:53a Fact-Checking COVID-19 Falsehoods From the Presidential Debate
09:29:44a The parsnip harvest in Sassafras
09:44:02a NSW woman discovers new species of spider on her recycling bin
09:49:51a Watch a paramedic conduct a trial rescue wearing a jet pack
10:05:28a One person died, 65 new cases of infection confirmed
10:11:13a NerdWallet How women can invest in themselves and other women
10:28:18a Driver arrested after chase, crash in Ottawa Co.
10:31:00a Gray parrots separated at zoo after swearing a blue streak
10:32:45a Epidemiologist Tiodorovic warns November is coming, let's not end up like Germany
10:35:16a Weaken the Presidency—Even If Biden Wins
10:43:24a Spain Runs NATO Missions by 'Gender Advisor' to 'Integrate Gender Perspective' Into Military Ops
10:48:16a Second round of travel vouchers million for Tasmanian 'staycations'
10:50:23a Peace talks rejected!
10:50:49a James E. Hinton’s Unseen Films Reframe the Black Power Movement
10:56:08a Warning to Turkey All options are on the table
10:59:25a Would Biden or Trump End America's Forever Wars?
11:07:11a Autotrader What’s it like to drive the new Polestar 2?
11:07:18a Japan ‘Twitter killer’ victims consented to their deaths, say lawyers
11:11:31a Fact Check The first US presidential debate
11:15:09a Logger-turned-c
11:15:56a Californians moved to Oregon
11:19:24a Democrats are making a renewed push to bring back the unemployment benefit
11:29:11a The Story Behind Amy Coney Barrett’s Little-Known Christian Group People Of Praise
11:31:35a CNN’s Paul Begala shames Rick Santorum for downplaying Trump’s ‘intentional incitement of violence’
11:34:40a Chinese pet products online platform Boqii Holding prices IPO at per ADS
11:42:48a Geelong drops Steven, Ratugolea for qualifying final against Power
11:45:09a That was no debate — it was a brawl
11:48:14a Outrage over Trump ‘shoutout’ to far-right militia
11:51:20a Five activists go on trial for seizing African artwork from Paris museum
11:54:13a 'Easter never happened' Mired in COVID-19, family forced to fatten suckling pigs
11:54:21a What’s the matter with the Universe? Scientists have the answer
11:57:33a ‘Nobody won’ Conservatives in Biden hometown left cold by Trump debate
12:01:19p Here are 5 stunning moments from Biden and Trump’s first debate
12:02:51p Australian feminist singer Helen Reddy dies in LA
12:07:14p 5 things you need to know about Asana’s direct listing
12:14:07p Outside the Box Temporary layoffs are becoming permanent job losses
12:16:45p Amazon rolling out contactless device, Amazon One, at Seattle Go stores
12:19:22p Fox & Friends host panics over Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacists
12:19:37p 'I was so intimidated by Ranveer'
12:40:09p Four years after SA was plunged into darkness, regulator approves electricity upgrade
12:52:02p Police investigate possible break-in at Beltline Bar
12:53:54p Walmart unveils digital-focused store redesign
01:16:25p Can storing carbon in the soil really reduce emissions?
01:23:01p Absentee Ballot Applications Are Not Accessible to Voters with Disabilities in 43 States
01:26:23p Metals Stocks Gold prices head south as U.S. dollar perks up
01:37:51p Teck Resources price target raised to from at Benchmark, stock rated buy
02:01:21p 'Babri decision not on unexpected lines for Muslims'
02:12:04p Yalla Group prices IPO at per ADS
02:15:01p The 5 Best New TV Shows Our Critic Watched in September 2020
02:15:56p Dual-Flush Toilets 'Wasting More Water Than They Save'
02:17:04p Longtime country radio personality returns to the airwaves
02:26:18p Iraq says ‘not happy’ with ‘dangerous’ US pullout threat
02:35:53p Serena Williams has withdrawn from the French Open
02:36:10p Right-wing Proud Boys thrilled with Trump’s new marching orders
02:36:27p No Sleepy Joe Biden handles an uncaged Trump
02:36:33p Endure the debates Ugly is beautiful when Donald Trump’s psychosis is exposed
02:38:04p The traumatizing terror of Trump’s debate performance We just witnessed an assault on democracy
02:43:21p 'It's going to be like war.' Voters eye 20
02:45:05p 'Lovely to be back' Cardinal George Pell speaks upon return to Rome
02:56:54p 'Vulnerable and desperate' Australians stung by DFAT email fail
03:05:23p 17yo becomes latest to drown at popular holiday spot
03:10:30p Encore Are we undercounting or overcounting COVID-19 deaths?
03:11:34p Joe Biden ridicules Trump as a crybaby in parody debate video
03:15:27p GVSU stay-in-place order ends Thursday as cases trend downward
03:25:15p A civil war is coming — thanks to Donald Trump’s megalomaniacal ego Robert Reich
03:27:25p Police investigate discovery of half-a-million euros cash in Paris cellar
03:54:43p The Most Frightening Thing Joe Biden Said Last Night
04:04:10p Serena Williams withdraws from French Open
04:05:26p A California Chicken Plant Just Had the Deadliest Meatpacking Outbreak Yet
04:07:57p Trump Denounced for Calling on Supporters to Engage in Voter Intimidation
04:08:41p When it comes to healthy eating, we need the nanny state
04:09:19p Trump and Allies Are Already Sabotaging the Election, Experts Say
04:43:54p Armed and Black. How a group of me
05:43:56p Anti-Fascists Worked to Keep Portland Community Safe Amid Far Right Rally
05:44:06p That Was Not a Debate. That Was a Warning. This Nation Is Not Well.
05:58:49p Grand Jury Not Given the Option to Indict the Cops Who Shot Breonna Taylor
06:19:09p Trump’s Refusal to Condemn Proud Boys at Debate Reflects His Electoral Strategy
06:26:35p GR launching e-scooter share program
07:20:08p Nikola pos
07:27:09p Big-data software got its start with CIA
07:29:38p Homicides rise in L.A., reflecting a national trend of deadly violence
07:31:41p Still no travel to EU
07:36:59p Adam Guillette Discusses Debate on Fox News
07:40:17p Trump Caused Chaos at the Debate. Newspapers Blamed Both Sides.
07:41:37p Trillion and Counting Record Federal Spending Continues
07:43:46p Pastor did exorcism on toddler and used meth with church members, cops say...
07:45:05p Trillion and Counting Record Federal Spending Continues...
07:45:29p Grand Rapids kettle corn to pop up in Midwest stores
07:47:41p 'Super Healthy' College Student Dies After Infection...
07:51:47p NFL threatening suspensions for maskless...
07:52:02p Secretive, never profitable...
07:54:00p GOOGLE searches for 'move to Canada' spike after presidential debate...
07:57:01p UPDATE Man arrested in ambush of 2 LA deputies...
08:01:06p UPDATE Sleep-Tracking Device Alters Dreams to Boost Creativity...
08:10:36p Posts Clip With Trump as Crying Emoji...
08:19:56p In wine country, wildfire-fatigued residents weigh unthinkable Moving out...
08:24:04p Giant Fireball Lights Up East Coast...
08:25:04p More men and women consider sex with robot...
08:27:12p Celebration Cinema to start reopening Oct. 9
08:34:56p Hospitalizations Hit Record High As Virus Surges In Wisconsin...
08:35:32p Is internet falling apart?
08:38:34p San Francisco reopens indoor dining with coronavirus restrictions
08:39:10p Scientists warn cats spread Covid...
08:39:14p Why easing NSW's coronavirus restrictions is 'not that simple'
08:44:29p Wyoming police look for missing woman
08:46:33p Man knifed cousin during argument over almond milk...
08:47:03p Vacant Stores on Rodeo Drive...
08:51:30p White House Overrules “No-Sail Ban” Despite Cruise Ships Being Hotbeds of COVID
08:54:04p WOODWARD Assassinating the Presidency...
08:56:48p Sonic boom from fighter jet rattles Paris...
09:01:37p That Debate Was a Mirror, Americans
09:01:53p Campaign raises biggest hourly sum...
09:04:07p First person cured of HIV dies of cancer...
09:49:46p The Worst Presidential Debate of All Time
09:54:42p 'Half an hour on two phones' Frustrating second round of travel vouchers
09:55:06p Unredacted FBI Document Sheds New Light on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement
09:57:36p America Is About to Enter its Years of Lead
09:57:54p Portland sheriff fires back at Trump for falsely claiming he supports the president
10:01:03p JPMorgan Chase agrees to pay million over market manipulation
10:02:51p Trump foils his own plot to suppress mail-in voting amid record Democratic turnout
10:02:56p Women accuse prominent evangelical preacher of sexually harassing them for years report
10:03:42p To make it home, Megan faces an agonising choice
10:10:07p Hunters Better Get With the Program or Get Locked Out
10:11:20p Trump tells reporters ‘I don’t know who the Proud Boys are’
10:11:35p Trump’s inner circle privately laments his debate performance ‘It was a disaster’
10:14:49p Here’s Everything New on Netflix in October 2020—And What’s Leaving
10:17:17p It's time to blow the budget and build infrastructure, argue economists
10:19:29p Eric Trump I am not gay
10:22:15p A national meltdown Why Trump’s debate ploy backfired miserably
10:25:19p WATCH Biden calls Trump a ‘national embarrassment’ after trainwreck first debate
10:26:09p When Luke lost his job and his partner, two safety nets caught him
10:30:57p Sea level Greenland ice loss worst in 12,000 years
10:33:39p Here’s What’s New on Amazon Prime in October 2020
10:33:50p “Arrogant un-American crackhead,” our presidential debate recap
10:34:55p Webinar Make the Most of Your Postdoc
10:35:31p Layoffs loom for beleaguered US airline industry
10:35:47p Long delays expected as Queensland border opens to Northern New South Wales
10:37:42p Trump, Biden hit campaign trail after acrimonious debate
10:38:55p Despite Debacle, Biden’s Team Says the V.P. Will Debate Trump Again
10:42:06p The forgotten alliance between Black activists and China
10:44:47p ASX to rise as Wall Street shrugs off chaotic presidential debate
10:46:19p Trump’s Disorderly Behavior Prompts Debate Commission to Explore Format Changes
10:47:46p Former entrepreneur turned camel trekker hits Tasmania
10:47:50p Brazil’s Bolsonaro hits back at Biden over rainforest
10:48:59p Trump campaign scrubs Brad Parscale from their website after police arrest
10:53:17p Smithsonian Taps N.Y. Cultural Director To Lead African American Museum
10:58:20p ‘Biden won’ Fox Business host gives Kayleigh McEnany bad news about Trump’s debate
11:02:59p Seattle Approves Minimum Wage For Uber and Lyft Drivers
11:04:17p Live Queensland border bubble expands as restrictions ease
11:04:25p Here Are the 9 New Books You Should Read in October
11:04:48p ‘You’re saying a bunch of crap’ CNN interview with Black Trump supporter quickly crumbles
11:08:21p Harry Reid on the Senate, the Supreme Court, and a Time for Major Change
11:09:19p Commission on Presidential Debates vows changes after Trump spends 90 minutes interrupting Biden
11:11:03p We Need One Million More Volunteers for the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials
11:15:05p My family lived without a car for a year. Was it worth it?
11:17:30p Backyard veggies flourish thanks to fish tank powered by wind and sun
11:23:51p Big Tech Faces Ban From Favoring Own Services Under EU Rules
11:35:28p Google Announces the Pixel 5 for
11:35:59p LeBron James buys Beverly Hills mansion for million
11:38:37p China Preparing an Antitrust Investigation Into Google
11:40:50p Americans Are Drinking More Alcohol Than in 2019
11:49:22p Victoria records 15 new coronavirus cases and two further deaths
11:56:29p Trump ‘called the supremacist horde to their battle stations’ at the debate Michael Cohen