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12:00:03a New Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda picks allies amid calls for election

12:00:07a British PM Brown promises change, stays mum on election
12:00:10a Child swept away in flood, dies
12:00:13a Iraqi Kurds call
12:00:17a Train accident
12:00:22a Greek Cyprus quizzes Syria
12:00:25a Mother dies trying to save her children
12:00:29a 3 killed in shooting at family home
12:00:33a Three-legged baby bear walks again
12:00:36a Tornadoes rip roofs
12:00:40a Iraq No Blackwater move until after inquiry
12:00:43a France sets terms for
12:00:47a China set to build
12:00:51a Microsoft plans to invest in, not acquire, Facebook
12:00:54a Beloved nickel nursers
12:00:58a Fun and games on the Ramadan front
12:01:01a Limited liability
12:01:04a Milan shows get head start with Armani
12:01:13a 2 arrested in shooting of 12-year-old
12:01:16a Man charged with killing hotel's pet duck
12:01:20a Northfield hunting for 4 million; broker faces probe
12:01:24a Minneapolis charity gets gift of shoes from Vatican
12:01:27a Audio Childress unsure who QB will be Sunday
12:01:31a Iran's president questions 9/11, Holocaust
12:01:35a Winter Park commissioners vote to fire city manager
12:01:39a Tuckerman Soldier Killed in Iraq
12:01:42a Iraq set for oil deals regardless of law
12:01:45a French-speaking Rwanda turns to English
12:01:49a UN bid puts Taiwan on skids with China
12:01:52a As race for oil-rich Arctic heats up, Inuit stake their claim, too
12:01:56a New Iraqi passport regulations put refugees in Yemen in a fix
12:02:00a Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Resigns
12:02:03a Scientists Brain Injuries From War Worse Than Thought
12:02:07a Auto Workers Strike After Talks Fail
12:02:14a Barbara Ehrenreich Why Does Everyone Bow Down to the Health Insurance Industry?
12:02:17a Casino Rodrigues' Palace of Tears
12:02:21a NAM members in IAEA govern
12:02:24a Marchers join monks for huge rally in Myanmar
12:02:30a Vista Service Pack, Windows Server Previews Hit
12:02:34a Report Nvidia to Broaden Its Integrated Chipsets
12:03:00a Game processor charged with felony
12:03:04a Doctor will return to Ohio answer criminal charge
12:03:08a Man charged with possessing 3 pounds of marijuana
12:03:17a Johns Creek Foots Atlanta Water Pipe Repair
12:03:20a Escaped Fannin Inmates Captured
12:03:31a Biggest drug problem is in Spain
12:03:34a MTV Europe Awards, Dr. Dre, Kylie Minogue, The Killers, Oasis, Radiohead, Ramones, Tommy James
12:03:38a Bremen dealt Baumann blow
12:03:41a Turkey gets back on the EU track
12:03:45a Minner, others from Del. touring wind farms in Europe
12:03:48a Nasri to miss OM's Anfield affair
12:03:52a Beer head to lead Coke's European bottling operation
12:03:55a Columbia Divided by Remarks
12:03:59a Monks could be in danger from Burmese government
12:04:03a Ethnics join protests Saw Yan Naing
12:04:06a Downer urges peace talks in Burma
12:04:10a Burma's golden revolution Editorial
12:04:14a Myanmar activists protest Indian oil minister's visit
12:04:17a Burma rising Morton Aabramowitz and Jonathan Kolieb
12:04:21a Burma regime planning to infiltrate demonstrations to spark violence
12:04:25a Prevent bloodshed of the innocent and the revered in Burma
12:04:28a Myanmar witnesses biggest protests in 20 years
12:04:32a Monks' protest is challenging Burmese junta Seth Mydans
12:04:36a Myanmar's Leaders Threaten Protesters
12:04:39a Nuns join Saffron Revolution Richard Lloyd Parry
12:04:43a China holding regime in check Rowan Callick
12:04:46a Protests grow 'but so do fears of a crackdown Shah Paung
12:04:50a China's Burma policy undermines Asia, UN, World Jeremy Woodrum
12:04:54a Burmese military issues threat to monks
12:04:57a Medical personnel should prepare for the worst in Burma Saw Lwin
12:05:01a Exile Myanmar radio station sends news to pro-democracy activists at home Doug Mellgren
12:05:04a OVL to infuse 150m for three blocks in Myanmar
12:05:08a Sanctions for rally-hit Burma
12:05:11a Junta orders Rangoon based journals to denounce ongoing protest Mungpi
12:05:15a Letting go of the tiger's tail Aung Zaw
12:05:19a Brazil nuts told 'find a new cafe'
12:05:22a Rebel 'breaks' DR Congo ceasefire
12:05:26a S Africa suspends top prosecutor
12:05:30a US Lawmakers Seek Sanctions Against Iran's Revolutionary Guard
12:05:33a Ahmadinejad's Columbia Speech Stirs Protest
12:05:37a Father gets 10 years in tot son's shooting death
12:05:41a Surfing camp puts autistic kids at ease
12:05:44a 1. Night of terror for siblings
12:05:48a 6. Conjoined twins born in Alor Star
12:05:51a 8. Muszaphar is the first choice
12:05:55a Police agree with Delray woman Yorkie is her Princess
12:05:59a US Embattled Siemens hires general counsel
12:06:02a US Evoking Vietnam clash, Wisconsin students to protest Halliburton visit
12:06:06a Solar Panels Installed On UCSD's Rady School Building
12:06:10a City Announces Surplus Of Funds
12:06:13a D Bank falls on fears of writedown
12:06:17a Fortress unit moves to cut subprime links
12:06:20a Hanging up? Slim looks to legacy
12:06:24a Firefighters battle Norman blaze
12:06:28a Serial robberies investigated
12:06:31a Suspect's family speaks out
12:06:44a USC, UCLA announce plans to combat obesity
12:06:48a Schwarzenegger urges action at U.N. climate summit
12:07:02a Taqa buys Canada's PrimeWest for 4bn
12:07:06a U.S.-Mexico Border Officials Balance Security, Commerce Needs
12:07:24a Police chief killed in suicide bombing
12:07:28a World Cup offence could see Steyn sidelined
12:07:34a Sierra Leone foils raid by ocean pirates
12:07:38a Baboon Gang Terrorizes South African Town
12:07:51a Brown sets out election manifesto in all but name+
12:07:54a Iran closes borders with Iraq after US detention of Iranian official
12:07:58a Fukuda to be Japan's prime minister, form Cabinet+
12:08:02a Scientists come face to face with rare deep-water creatures off Nova Scotia
12:08:05a Air India inquiry hears of Parmar confession, but remains skeptical
12:08:09a Police in N.L. and Que. arrest 13 people after year-long drug investigation
12:08:13a Bureaucrat charged with defrauding feds of 2.7 million
12:08:17a Roundup Special train carrying Chinese aid leaves for Darfur
12:08:20a China, South Africa vow to further cooperation
12:08:24a China's top advisor slams at Taiwan leader's UN 'referendum' bid
12:08:27a China, Cape Verde vow to strengthen friendly ties between armed forces
12:08:31a China's environmental situation remains serious report
12:08:34a Senior Chinese legislator meets Bulgarian defense minister
12:08:38a HK delegation to leave for Russia for business promotion
12:08:41a Target cuts September same-store forecast
12:08:45a Panacos Pharma CFO Resigns
12:08:49a Apple warns customers about unlocking iPhone
12:08:52a Oil Prices Creep Lower
12:08:56a Drought Wilts Lowe's
12:08:59a Lowe's falls after warning on sales and profit
12:09:03a U.S. stocks close lower as Fed-fueled rally ends
12:09:06a Jury Deadlocked in Polygamist Trial
12:09:10a !@#%! No, He Won't Go
12:09:13a Fruit hamper found in King Tut's tomb
12:09:16a Lennon calls for pulp mill decision
12:09:20a Distribution Release PC-BSD 1.4
12:09:23a Fireworks laws under scrutiny
12:09:27a Lax TB treatment increasing drug-resistance
12:09:30a Brown keeps Opposition guessing about early polls
12:09:34a National duty Wajihuddin
12:09:37a Hyphen-challenged times
12:09:41a Facebook's sex predator safeguards questioned
12:09:44a Sabotaging Google
12:09:48a EMC To Acquire Online Storage Service for 76 Million
12:09:51a Several state AG's question Facebook's safety
12:09:55a Popular baby chair now under government investigation
12:09:58a Babysitter arrested in beating of Everett baby
12:10:02a Preventing Hazing in Plattsburgh
12:10:05a Center Stage In Bradford
12:10:09a Seventh farm infected with FMD
12:10:12a Missing girl 'died from hanging'
12:10:21a Zambian Military Officers Briefed On Geopolitics
12:10:24a Third International Meeting History Starts Tuesday
12:10:28a USAID Provides Additional Flood Assistance to Uganda
12:10:32a Taxi Drivers Detained Over Unrest
12:10:35a Education Department Intends to Cancel Charging During Enrolment
12:10:39a Russell's vehicular-homicide trial will move to Western Washington
12:10:42a Iran's president speaks out against gays and Israel
12:10:46a Qatar seeks 2.5bn power plant funds
12:10:49a Halliburton eyes stakes in Arab oil companies
12:10:53a Saudi envoy to Qatar 'will return soon'
12:10:57a Bahrain seeks overseas markets
12:11:00a Yoshi's Story Review
12:11:04a Nucleus Review
12:11:07a Govt cuts size of fishing quotas
12:11:10a Abandoned child now back in New Zealand
12:11:14a DoC pays 250,000 for walkway access at Wanaka
12:11:17a Police commander says knife e-mail 'inappropriate'
12:11:21a Death of a baby being investigated
12:11:24a Hopes not high for discussion on compulsory insurance AA
12:11:28a More young women behaving violently research
12:11:31a Nine new electorates announced
12:11:35a Blumsky to quit Parliament
12:11:38a New biosecurity partnership proposed between MAF and primary industry
12:11:42a Language school in Japan to scale down operations
12:11:45a PEP buys cinemas, looking at book chain
12:11:49a Store's liquor license suspended for selling alcohol to minor
12:11:53a Protest group puts pressure on police over Rickards
12:11:56a Demise of Parliamentary rugby team not expected by Sports Minister
12:12:00a Midnight sales held for new video game
12:12:03a Europe demands global-warming pollution be halved by 2050
12:12:07a Abducted Italians freed in Afghanistan
12:12:14a Wall St down on credit worries and GM strike
12:12:18a Weak US dollar lifts copper, lead near record
12:12:21a IN HIS WORDS Gettelfinger on the talks
12:12:25a Benefits of flu vaccine for elderly questioned
12:12:28a GM Workers' Strike Affects Suburban Businesses
12:12:32a Glenview Teens Honored As Heroes For Saving Woman
12:12:35a Rio Considered Chicago's Major Olympic Competition
12:12:39a White Sox Giving Away Tickets To Royals Series
12:12:42a Google's headquarters
12:12:46a The Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off from launch pad 39A
12:12:50a A man walks out of the corporate headquarters for British Petroleum
12:12:53a Lee Bollinger
12:12:57a George W. Bush meets with Mahmoud Abbas
12:13:00a A man surfs the web at an internet cafe
12:13:04a Cathay Pacific airways Boeing 747 taking off from Hong Kong International Airport
12:13:08a Ali Abdullah Saleh
12:13:11a Marine One, carrying George W. Bush
12:13:14a Health care nightmare
12:13:18a State delegation to attend Japan conference
12:13:21a 3 held for rape of Japanese tourists
12:13:25a My questions for President Ahmadinejad
12:13:28a UN wants control of climate change rules
12:13:32a Sourav bats for Dhonis captaincy
12:13:35a N Korean N-matter find 'behind Syrian strike'
12:13:39a Garner Says Daughter Is 'Pretty Awesome'
12:13:42a Putin keeps leadership contenders in play in new government
12:13:46a NZ's Telecom cancels 228 million shares
12:13:49a Australia's Primary Health Wants Information Over Symbion Bid
12:13:53a Australian To Step Down As Ceo Of Uk's Largest Brewer
12:13:56a S Australia Bans Three Toothpaste Brands
12:14:00a Delfin Lend Lease To Build New Suburb In Melbourne
12:14:04a Australia's Wesfarmers To Cut Overheads Of Coles After Takeover
12:14:07a Forex Australian Dollar Opens Stronger Sept 25, 2007
12:14:11a United Group completes UNICCO buyout
12:14:14a Khan targets three world titles
12:14:18a Dubai world teams up with malaysia
12:14:21a Exiled dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier apologizes for 'wrongs' in rare address to Haitians
12:14:25a Kravitz launches 'Love Revolution' with new CD
12:14:28a DEA arrests 120 in steroids probe
12:14:32a 40 killed in head-on collision between speeding tour buses in southern Afghanistan
12:14:35a Bin Huraiz sets sights on world title
12:14:39a We will put a man on Mars by 2037, says NASA
12:14:42a Director of Die Hard jailed for lying to FBI
12:14:46a Luncheon promotes rice, industry
12:14:49a Govt rules out plan to ban rice export
12:14:53a Rice wants Arab nations to meet withU.S.
12:14:56a Rice Orders Probe of Baghdad Security
12:14:59a Rice says U.S.
12:15:03a Salma Hayek Has a Baby Girl
12:16:38a NY subpoenas Facebook over predator concerns
12:16:42a White House Criticizes Egypt on Rights
12:16:45a Mike Tyson admits drugs charges
12:16:49a US warns of sanctions, UN action against Myanmar
12:16:52a Student arrested in US college shooting
12:16:56a Microsoft Reportedly Eyeing Facebook Stake
12:16:59a Blu-ray/HD DVD War To Run Another 18 Months, Report
12:17:03a AT&T To Boost 3G Upload Speeds In Weeks
12:17:06a ChironFS File Creation Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
12:17:10a Microsoft Live Messenger Shared Files Denial of Service Vulnerability
12:17:13a Scots unaware of stroke symptoms
12:17:17a 'My Pet Makes Me Stronger Inside'
12:17:20a Patricia Heaton, Put Your Money Where Your Potty-Mouth Is
12:17:24a Gore, Nobel Peace Prize?
12:17:27a Overturn of Bush library OK for SMU sought
12:17:31a Paraguay Latest Poll Numbers
12:17:34a Iran”We do not have Homosexuals in Iran”
12:17:38a Brunswick Linked to Massive Underground Steroid Ring Mon, 24 Sep 2007 225430 GMT
12:17:50a Travel Assistance Report Spot On, Australia
12:17:53a Luxury hotels offer dream weddings
12:18:06a Does your tap water smell funny?
12:18:12a Nutrient runoff contributing to large number of deformed frogs U.S. scientists
12:18:16a Government's math on climate change plan under the microscope
12:18:19a Salmonella sent to space on shuttle returned home far deadlier scientists
12:18:23a Sims buys Metal Management for 1.5B
12:18:26a Saddam Hussein henchmen back on trial
12:18:30a DSU student charged in shootings
12:18:34a Both Texas prison escapees recaptured
12:18:41a Attacker seeks revenge on wrong man
12:18:44a Big-game hunter donates trophies to UConn
12:18:48a U.N. chief seeks global answer to climate
12:18:51a UPI NewsTrack Business
12:18:55a Police Defend Procedures after Deadly Chase Mon, 24 Sep 2007 235525 GMT
12:18:58a Tanker overturns, blocks rural road north of Washougal
12:19:02a Lake Oswego students named national scholars
12:19:05a Temperate weather hanging around
12:19:09a Clark County couple to appear before Canadian official
12:19:12a Construction at PDX will close lanes, spaces
12:19:16a Dozens of citations issued in Tualatin traffic blitz
12:19:19a High Tech Jobs Come to Fairmont
12:19:23a West Virginia to Participate in Freedom Call Program
12:19:56a 2.5M sought for San Jose BioCenter
12:20:03a 35 million donation for Kannapolis-based project 548 PM
12:20:09a Woman pleads guilty to MED embezzlement
12:20:13a Sides can't come to terms on agenda for U.S. brokered Mideast peace conference
12:20:22a Lawsuit Filed In Amoeba Death
12:20:26a USF student with suspected case of bacterial meningitis dies
12:20:37a Kenrick to take a trip to House of Travel
12:20:41a Telecom cancels 228m shares
12:20:44a Big contract for motor-maker
12:20:48a Target, Lowe's Temper Sales Outlooks
12:20:51a WDT shares up after another major deal
12:20:55a THL shares change hands
12:20:58a Sharemarket in subdued start
12:21:02a World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Mining and Blacksmithing FAQ/guide
12:21:05a Live Gold Members to Get Halo 3 Goodies
12:21:09a Burnout Paradise Steel Wheels Video
12:21:12a FIFA Street 2 Teams FAQ
12:21:16a The Incredible Machine Review
12:21:19a TGS 2007 Future Game Awards Announced
12:21:23a TGS 2007 New Highs For TGS Attendance
12:21:26a Podcast Beyond, Episode 14
12:21:30a Heavenly Sword Walkthrough
12:21:33a Pokemon Battle Revolution Walkthrough
12:21:37a Samba de Amigo Shake its Thing on Wii
12:21:40a Cataracts a health scourge for China's poor
12:21:44a Iranian Leader Speaks to Americans Across Gulf
12:21:55a Farago Strikes Again Here's a wise and well-worded accounting ...
12:22:01a Online Poll Shows Australian Labor Party Ahead Of Coalition
12:22:08a Farming MLC Boost for Livestock Exports
12:22:12a Fort Worth Zoo Announces 18 Million Creation
12:22:15a BRIEF Middlesex Man Files Suit Against VMRC Over Pier
12:22:19a 2 of 6 Miami Boaters Found; FBI Called In
12:22:22a Road Salt is Ready
12:22:26a Cities Urging Continued Water Conservation
12:22:29a BRIEF La Crosse Looking to Attract Filmmakers
12:22:33a Construction Kills Fish in Davidson Pond
12:22:36a Villagers Can Now Say Life's a Beach
12:22:40a BRIEF Firefighter Critically Injured South of Wichita
12:22:44a Letter You Say Time for a Sea Change
12:22:47a National Forest Seeks Volunteers for Working Vacation
12:22:51a Athens Banner-Herald, Ga., Don Nelson Column
12:22:54a Tributes Paid to Forestry Boss Who Died at Conference
12:22:58a High-Tech Grant A Smart Start
12:23:02a Brown's vision A British one-party state
12:23:05a 400 assaults a week on healthcare workers 'just the tip of the iceberg'
12:23:09a 250,000 fine for GMTV phone line con that cost viewers 20m
12:23:13a Dismay as struggling Northern Rock to pay out 60m to its shareholders
12:23:16a Tornadoes turn Middle England on its head
12:23:20a Aussie wine industry is all dried up by drought
12:23:24a Army mental health policy under fire after murder
12:23:27a One in five schoolgirls is victim of self-harming, claims expert
12:23:31a Baby is bolt from the blue for man hit by 1m volts of lightning
12:23:34a Caretaker's bedroom was a 'bomb factory'
12:23:38a Jail for Porsche driver who hit 172mph
12:23:41a McCanns hope for best but accept their girl may be dead
12:23:45a Dentist 'insisted woman wore Muslim scarf'
12:23:48a Father of four-year-old stab boy still being quizzed over murder
12:23:52a Foot-and-mouth case 'unreported'
12:23:55a Seaweed forests bring hope for marine life
12:23:59a Browne says UK will have to negotiate with Taleban
12:24:02a Rwandan doctor accused of organising genocide
12:24:06a Cutting sleep 'raises risk of heart disease'
12:24:09a Women doctors face glass ceiling at academic pinnacle of profession
12:24:13a UK consumers in the dark over farming
12:24:16a Boat tragedy inquiry begins
12:24:20a Space increases virulence of bugs
12:24:27a Union warning on airport queues
12:24:30a Christmas dinner could cost more
12:24:34a Why Telemarketers may start Calling Again
12:24:37a HD 101 Will your old DVD and VHS players work?
12:24:41a 100 Laptop Computer?
12:24:44a Dubai signs 4.7bn Malaysia port deal
12:24:48a National MP Blumsky to quit
12:24:51a Boy used rocks to lower car suspension police
12:24:55a Man 'took forklift home from the pub'
12:24:58a New Zealand top source of immigrants to Australia
12:25:02a Land protests win
12:25:05a Woman robber claims bomb in bank
12:25:09a Xue's gone just ask Lone Wolf
12:25:12a Transpower submits 521m grid upgrade plans
12:25:15a MPs move to court to block Safaricom IPO
12:25:19a Kenyan flowers emit less carbon
12:25:23a Poll Kenyans not yet ready for women leaders
12:25:26a Sh2b lost in schemes
12:25:29a Tusker recover, jump to second league spot
12:25:33a Greek court postpones sprinters' perjury trial
12:25:36a Ahmadinejad speech sparks controversy
12:25:40a Police Vancouver, WA, officer rolls patrol car
12:25:43a 4 from Aberdeen, WA, arrested
12:25:47a Babysitter arrested in beating of Everett, WA, 1-year-old
12:25:50a Dell Finds A Gome In China
12:25:54a Janesville GM Workers Begin Strike
12:26:13a NASA Awards NOAA GOES-R Instrument Contract
12:26:16a Keeping the Faith While in Zero Gravity
12:26:20a Picture the Holy Crusades
12:26:24a Merck's Experimental AIDS Vaccine Fails
12:26:27a Wipro finds a new Way to quality
12:26:31a Domestic carriers look to bridge the Gulf
12:26:34a Men in Blue bowl over sponsors
12:26:37a Auto-makers on patent filing spree
12:26:41a It's a boy; now North Dakota bison calf needs a name
12:26:44a Bush quietly advising Hillary Clinton, top Democrats
12:26:55a Man dies in collision involving car and lorry
12:27:04a Austin Crime Statistics For 2006
12:27:08a Hill Country Residents Oppose Wind Farms
12:27:37a No tanks on the streets in Burma Downer
12:27:40a Bush backs Hillary as Democratic nominee
12:27:44a Porsche driver jailed for British speeding record
12:28:04a Why Ahmadinejad wanted to speak at Columbia.
12:28:20a Campus safety
12:28:23a Turkey misses out on 2.1 trillion halal market
12:28:27a Iraq ready for oilfield deals before new law
12:28:30a TOKİ accepts
12:28:34a Turkey to earn
12:28:37a ‘Armenian resolution Bad for Armenia, Turkey and the US
12:28:41a Tax Council focuses on real estate tax dodgers
12:28:44a EU envoy energy plan misunderstood as anti-Russia
12:28:48a New era knocking
12:28:51a Value added at
12:28:54a Five firms interested in ATV-Sabah
12:28:58a Telekom workers
12:29:01a Consumer confidence at highest in 15 years
12:29:05a Media Markt opens store in İstanbul
12:29:08a Using a home equity loan
12:29:12a US bankruptcy 'king' eyes home mortgages
12:29:16a Warner Chilcott files suit against Barr on contraceptive patent
12:29:19a Intel Wins Appeal Court Ruling Throwing Out Patent-Infringement Lawsuit
12:29:23a UKIPO consults on fast-tracking patent and trade marks
12:29:27a Texterity Awarded New U.S. Patent for Digital Magazine Publishing Technology
12:29:30a Study nixes nuke, fossil energy planning
12:29:34a Refuge for marine wildlife
12:29:37a Will Murdoch free the Journal online?
12:29:41a Anti-piracy drive targets eDonkey
12:29:45a ZoneAlarm ForceField arrives in beta
12:29:48a Think tank to EU Unlock the PCs
12:29:52a Smaller-screen content Europeans say no
12:29:55a Home Based Business With The Help Of Web Technology
12:29:58a Podcast News to know midday Storm Worm; OLPC; Gmail 2.0
12:30:02a Some hunters will have to wait for elk hunt in E. Oregon
12:30:05a U.S. Snipers Allegedly 'Baited' Iraqis
12:30:09a Margolick The Day Louis Armstrong Made Noise
12:30:13a Buch Israel's Agenda For Ethnic Cleansing and Transfer
12:30:16a Ali Requiem for a freedom fighter
12:30:20a Swanson We Have Nothing But Fear Itself
12:30:23a Cole Turning Ahmadinejad Into Public Enemy No. 1
12:30:27a Engelhardt Freedom as Theft
12:30:31a Uchihashi Japanese Deregulation Big Corporations are Destroying People's Lives
12:30:34a Los Titulares de Hoy Democracy Now!'s daily news summary translated into Spanish
12:30:38a Lebanon's Opposition to Boycott Presidential Vote
12:30:42a Dissident Opposes Military Attack on Iran
12:30:45a Daily Violence Bleeds Life Out of Somalia's Largest Market
12:30:52a 4 Killed, 16 Injured in Chain Crash in Bulgaria
12:30:56a Steelers' Reed seizing on opportunities
12:30:59a Steelers' Ward's injury doesn't seem serious
12:31:03a Murder Suspect Told Police He Saw Skulls Before Shooting
12:31:06a Senate passes 23 billion water bill despite White House veto threat
12:31:10a Dollar trades at upper 114 yen level in early Tokyo deals+
12:31:14a Facebook Subpoenaed after Too 'Many' Sex-Predator Complaints
12:31:17a Apple Issues a Warning to iPhone Hacks
12:31:21a Prosecutor Sen. Larry Craig Urged to Seek Counsel after Sex Sting Arrest
12:31:24a Increase in Deformed Frogs Partially Explained
12:31:28a Curious Boy Grabs 8,000-Volt Power Line
12:31:31a Clever Man Pops Question In Crossword Puzzle
12:31:35a 8pm Update WBZ Weather For Monday, Sept. 24
12:31:38a Israel OKs Syria at peace talks
12:31:42a The Danger of Christian Evangelicals
12:31:45a Mourning the Death of a Homosexual Lover
12:31:49a Terrorist Mastermind Loose in New York City
12:31:53a News You May Have Missed
12:31:56a Headscarf ban urged by racist parties in EU
12:32:00a Democratic constitution and secularism
12:32:03a The evident publication
12:32:07a US experts skeptical of Turkish-EU relations
12:32:11a Charging
12:32:14a emChicago Tribune /emrepeated Obama-arugula falsehood, used anecdotes to cast Obama as 'wine-track'
12:32:18a Halo Your City Calgary
12:32:29a Linux 'Unforked!' Mea Culpa!
12:32:33a Linux and its Identity Crisis
12:32:36a Re '7 Reasons Why Linux Won't Succeed On The Desktop'
12:32:42a Japan's Fukuda to be named PM, form new cabinet
12:32:49a CLIMATE CHANGE Publics in North and South Want Action
12:32:53a 94! Another heat record falls
12:32:56a Bali Bombers Appeals Rejected
12:33:16a Resident Evil Extinction devours the competition
12:33:58a Free Press wins national Emmy for 'Band of Brothers' video
12:34:02a VIDEO Gettelfinger, workers at Hamtramck plant talk about the strike
12:34:09a U-M SPOTLIGHT Northwestern struggling after loss to Ohio State
12:34:12a Car Stolen From Lexus Showroom Floor In Mesa
12:34:16a Teen Shot, Killed At Mesa Lounge
12:34:20a Woman Rescued From Burning Car
12:34:23a Tyson Appears Before Superior Court Judge Helene Abrams
12:34:31a Consequences of a forced regime change in Iran
12:34:34a wind power wins!
12:34:38a Dubai Municipality in e-Government initiative
12:34:42a Dubai Still no sightings
12:34:45a Police investigate death of man on fishing boat
12:34:49a Report on cause of mosque collapse due
12:34:52a Electrician plunges to death in lift shaft
12:34:56a University signs pact with authority on eco projects
12:35:00a Khalifa's support to Palestinians praised
12:35:03a Garhoud bridge will handle 16,000 vehicles an hour
12:35:07a Dubai Cares drive surpasses target as contributions swell
12:35:11a Court upholds prison term for three over drug dealing
12:35:14a Abu Dhabi Energy to Pay 5B for PrimeWest
12:35:18a Retailers adapt to an electronic world
12:35:21a Workers launch strike against GM
12:35:25a Banks scramble as speculation mounts on dirham revaluation
12:35:29a Workers taken for a ride by Dubai taxi drivers
12:35:32a ADIC signs private equity pact with Tuninvest
12:35:36a IDB and WIEF to cooperate on integrating Islamic economies
12:35:39a Tainted apple juice withdrawn from market
12:35:43a Educationist says children will learn to appreciate cultural diversity
12:35:47a Dubai No reprieve for housemaid who killed baby
12:35:50a Worker goes on trial after fight with supervisor
12:35:54a I cannot believe I'm free, says inmate pardoned in Ramadan
12:35:58a UAE stocks gain as investors return
12:36:01a Electronic device educates pupils about drug dangers
12:36:05a UAE car market poised to grow 23% over three years
12:36:09a Gas field dispute unlikely to hurt Sonatrach's reputation
12:36:12a Clash of the arch rivals brings normal life in UAE to a standstill
12:36:16a Industrial output could be freed from customs duties
12:36:19a 25 buildings sought for green scheme
12:36:23a Air Arabia in talks to buy about 40 new aircraft
12:36:26a Era of unregulated credit comes to an end
12:36:30a Acer's buyout maintains No 3 ranking
12:36:33a Diverse bands of 'Gypsies' bring their music to NY
12:36:37a Hungary's Gypsy musicians leaving tradition behind
12:36:41a PREVIEW Tough affair at Fiorentina awaits leaders Roma
12:36:44a Fiorentina to test Roma's mettle
12:36:48a State Gypsy Moth Populations on the Rise
12:36:51a Serie A Preview Roma Juventus Who Roma v ...
12:36:55a • Elect The New Gypsy King
12:36:58a High-flying Roma get ready to host Dynamo Kyiv
12:37:02a Dell to Expand Retail Presence in China
12:37:05a China puts its space plans into orbit
12:37:09a China replaces army official
12:37:16a LAUSD Teachers Urge Parents To Call Over Payroll
12:37:20a President Urges Passage Of Temporary Spending Bill
12:37:23a Caught On Tape $200K In Computers Stolen
12:37:27a Auto Repair Shop Burns Down In Pasadena
12:37:30a Mayor Villaraigosa Presented With Military Honor
12:37:38a 5. Support Line
12:37:42a 11. US stocks finish lower
12:37:46a Southern Copper Peru SCC Mining Workers to Go on Strike
12:37:50a Kate McCann DID scream 'They've taken her' claims new nanny witness
12:37:56a Ohio Secretary of State cleared to begin testing Voting Machines
12:38:00a Why Does Everyone Bow Down to the Health Insurance Industry? – Barbara Ehrenriech
12:38:03a Columbia University Shows True American Values Thom Hartmann
12:38:07a Neocons meet at American Enterprise Institute to discuss colonizing Africa
12:38:10a Recovery plan for endangered bird released
12:38:14a Isabel Hilton Tiananmen Square by proxy
12:38:17a Crossword gives Massachusetts woman a clue; boyfriend was proposing marriage
12:38:21a Return of the Devil's Bible to Prague draws crowds of curious Czechs
12:38:24a N.S. man sentenced for driving stolen forklift through town
12:38:35a GPLv3 shunned, survey says
12:38:38a Coming up DEMOfall 07 live blogging
12:38:42a Iran's Ahmadinejad Expounds on Holocaust, 9/11
12:38:46a Kirchner to press Iran at UN for aid on Argentine bombing probe
12:38:49a IAEA in Tehran for new round of technical talks
12:39:23a NASA, NSBRI Select 17 Proposals in Space Radiation Research
12:39:27a Chechens toughest foes Canadians confront in Afghanistan
12:39:50a Prosecutor To Seek Indictments In Vick Case
12:39:53a 3 Killed When Car Slams Into Tree In Rancho Mirage
12:39:57a Fire Destroys Pasadena Auto Repair Shop
12:40:01a Russell Added To Roster Walter Spared
12:40:04a PAC-10 Football Report Rankings
12:40:08a U.S. Snipers Allegedly 'Baited' Iraqis
12:40:11a Lawyers Meet in Spears' Custody Dispute
12:40:15a County Prosecutor Plans to Indict Vick
12:40:18a Bush, The Bomb And Iran Katrina Vanden Heuvel
12:40:22a Western Asset Emerging Markets Income Fund II Inc. Announces...
12:40:25a Accountant General Zelekha accuses Kadima of corruption in local government
12:40:31a Everybody needs seven hours of sleep study
12:40:36a Mexico Congress to probe ex-president Fox's wealth
12:41:03a Police attacked with bottles
12:41:28a Terror charges reinstated against Canadian detainee at Guantanamo Bay
12:41:32a Crown's move to order 14 terror suspects to trial a 'farce' defence lawyer
12:41:35a Terror suspect Adil Charkaoui wants Montreal judge to lift conditions
12:41:39a Film buffs in northwestern Alberta get first crack at movie by Quebec's Arcand
12:41:43a 'Resident Evil' endures as zombie sequel opens with 23.7 million
12:41:46a Territory Minister optimistic of federal funds to help boost energy projects
12:41:50a Oilpatch warns of shrinking revenues if Alberta boosts royalties
12:41:54a Caledonia family in middle of aboriginal occupation suing Ontario police
12:41:57a Canada has until next April to announce Kandahar decision MacKay
12:42:01a Second case of bluetongue disease found in UK
12:42:04a Students Build Rita Cottages
12:42:08a Diaper Dave and His Darwin Crusade...At Taxpayer Expense Of Course
12:42:11a Lawyers meet privately in Britney Spears' child-custody dispute
12:42:15a Fight Over Jobs, Cost Cuts Spurs Walkout
12:42:18a Rising Costs Could Sap Steelmakers' Profits
12:42:22a Unisys Denies Coverup of Security Breaches
12:42:25a QNB ups Jordan bank stake
12:42:29a A break might allow Lebanon's politicians to start doing their jobs
12:42:33a Quartet rallies behind US call for peace meet
12:42:36a Talks to end Lebanon poll impasse
12:42:40a Target, Lowe's Temper Sales Outlooks
12:42:43a Ruff Ride For Ruby When Tornado Strikes
12:42:47a Experts doubt EU plan to block bomb recipes on web
12:42:50a Security tight for hearing of May killings
12:42:54a Irate Peoples Party lawyer sprays black liquid on state attorney
12:42:57a Brown pledges new direction for country
12:43:01a Guerrillas attack police station in Mindanao
12:43:04a British team likely to be turned back
12:43:11a President's net satisfaction rating falls to lowest level
12:43:14a Lawyers Meet in Spears' Custody Dispute
12:43:18a Retired teachers getting a raw deal?
12:43:22a Iranian president There are no gays in Iran
12:43:25a Bacteria 'more deadly in space'
12:43:28a Man's hunting instinct persists
12:43:32a Hopes raised for deafness research
12:43:35a Music 'may aid literacy learning'
12:43:39a Bacteria unmasked as 'cheaters'
12:43:42a Seaweed forests offer marine hope
12:43:45a The Clintons Kill Negative GQ Story
12:43:49a Wainwright Huge Draw For H'wood Heavyweights, Homos
12:43:53a U.S. will increase sanctions against Myanmar officials
12:44:00a Whoopi Tops Rosie
12:44:03a This Week's 'Reliable Sources'
12:44:06a Work For Fox News
12:44:10a Stocks lose ground ahead of economic reports
12:44:14a Gitmo Underwear Scandal; Who Smuggled the Speedos?
12:44:17a Traveling Game Show Coming To Town
12:44:21a Boeing sees Latam jet demand at 1,730 through 2026
12:44:24a New Service Places Ads In Web Games
12:44:51a Suharto accused of theft through charity
12:45:07a Fujimori could hear first verdict within just one month
12:45:10a Construction causes danger driving in Fort Smith
12:45:14a Jack Ingram Takes The Stage At The Fair
12:45:17a Lubbock Police Involved in High Speed Chase
12:45:21a Lubbock Man Shot to Death in His Driveway
12:45:24a Lubbock Man Dies of Strangulation
12:45:27a OSU-OKC to host job fair
12:45:31a U.S. Plans on CO2 Percolate
12:45:34a Cathay Drops China Eastern Bid
12:45:38a Japanese PM Abe and His Cabinet Resign
12:45:41a Canada has until next April to decide on mission
12:45:45a Music Review 'Give US Your Poor'
12:45:55a Sept. 24
12:46:00a NetSupport Manager Client Lets Remote Users Execute Commands
12:46:04a Webmin URL Parameter Validation Flaw Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Commands
12:46:15a '100 laptops' for world's poor students to go on sale
12:46:35a Australia missed renewables chance Rann
12:46:38a Burma unrest could turn violent Downer
12:46:42a Woman gets prison in drummer's death
12:46:46a Defence moves to tighten weapons storage
12:46:49a New website targets regional audience
12:46:53a Vandalism worries Bloomington zoo
12:46:56a Asian ADRs rise on China plays, banks fall
12:47:00a Elderly cab driver robbed and killed in QC
12:47:04a 'Resident Evil' zombies top North American box office
12:47:07a 'Microsoft in talks to invest in Facebook'
12:47:10a Comic Jon Stewart to interview Bolivian leader
12:47:14a Death of baby being investigated
12:47:17a Fugitive's ceremonial sword still in exhibit bag police
12:47:21a NZers now largest group of migrants to Australia
12:47:24a School rugby group was drinking heavily before student's fatal fall
12:47:28a 37km power cable proposed to boost supply in Auckland and Northland
12:47:32a Ahmadinejad dressed down at US university
12:47:35a Chinese FM urges developed nations to take lead in reducing emissions after 2012
12:47:39a Utility chief hire close, candidates a secret
12:47:43a Bethel skills center may finally have location
12:47:46a 40 area 'cheese' deaths reported since 2004
12:47:50a Ex-DISD worker sentenced in credit card theft
12:48:00a North Korea may be dropped from terrorism list, U.S. hints
12:48:24a Saudi Typhoon pilots to train in UK
12:48:28a Saudi women in drive petition
12:48:31a Riyadh envoy may return to Doha five years after being recalled
12:48:35a Addressing Palestinian political rights is only common sense
12:48:38a CSU Editor Won't Quit Over Bush Editorial
12:48:46a US Lawmakers Seek Sanctions Against Iran's Revolutionary Guard and conflict
12:48:53a UN chief says mood is ripe for 'breakthrough' at climate talks
12:49:04a Iranian President Defends Government, Denies Repression states
12:49:07a US Says UN Credibility at Stake on Iran Nuclear Issue states
12:49:11a Ahmadinejad's Columbia Speech Stirs Protest states
12:49:15a UN Chief Says International Community Must Act on Climate Change states
12:49:18a Autoworkers, GM Continue Talks During Strike
12:49:25a Richardson Advocates Full Iraq Troop Withdrawal
12:49:29a Ahmadinejad Lashes Out at Israel in New York Appearances
12:49:33a Civilians Join Buddhist Monk Protest Against Myanmar Military Regime
12:49:36a Finnish glass art graces İstanbul's
12:49:39a Rocker Durmazel promotes first album with new band
12:49:43a Quraishi's ‘Afraid of I' to premiere at iDANS festival
12:49:46a Yazgan's artwork breathes new life into dead trees
12:49:49a Mac Art Gallery displays
12:49:53a State Theaters prepare to hit the road in 2008
12:49:56a China painting set
12:50:00a Starbucks to give away music with new service
12:50:04a White House Speaks Out Against Egyptian Journalists' Convictions
12:50:07a Lawmakers question plan to divert Katrina housing funds
12:50:11a JPD Battle of the Bands robbery investigation 'a top priority'
12:50:14a USM tackle expected to play despite missing practice
12:50:18a Autopsy tonight for man shot by JPD officer
12:50:21a Excerpts From Ahmadinejad Interview
12:50:24a A Glance at Ahmadinejad's Statements
12:50:28a What to improve for next year
12:50:31a Marlins pitching coach nixes offer to return
12:50:35a Willis assesses future with Marlins
12:50:38a Tattooed Man Charged With Killing Victim Using Metal Pipe
12:50:42a Girl Stabs Brother Over Juice
12:51:40a Student reports armed man at SNHU
12:51:43a Court reinstates terrorism charges
12:51:50a Critical Coolness
12:52:06a WSDOT calls for capital freight rail projects that advance economic development
12:52:32a Shreveport City Council discusses traffic enforcement on private roads
12:52:36a Top AAU coach joins Lady Techsters' staff
12:52:39a Representative suspends campaigning
12:52:43a Sabine grand jury to hear evidence in May homicide
12:52:48a Documents U.S. Aims To Lure Insurgents With 'Bait'
12:52:52a UN convenes largest-ever meeting of global leaders on climate change
12:52:55a Israel prime minister under suspicion for graft
12:52:59a Heineken USA President Resigns
12:53:08a Commodities Check Wheat Farmers Signal Price Drop with Increased Sowing
12:53:12a Small and Mid-Cap Stocks C-Cor, Protalix Biotherapeutics, Mattson Technology, Adtran, Power Integrations
12:53:21a Natomas Crime Angers Business Owners
12:53:24a Aurora Police Seeking Suspect In Attack On Woman
12:54:27a UAW Hits The Picket Line
12:54:34a Facebook's sex predator safeguards questioned
12:55:20a Activist to lobby UN against Fiji
12:55:23a Nailatikau is acting PM
12:55:30a GM suffers nationwide strike
12:55:33a Bush to propose Myanmar sanctions
12:55:37a The Update President's cold welcome
12:55:45a Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?
12:55:48a Take the Civics Test
12:55:52a NYC Anti-Ahmadinejad Protests
12:55:55a Daily Kos Ahmadinejad 'Sounds Entirely Too Reasonable'
12:55:58a Great Moments In Headlines
12:56:02a Video Out in Iran
12:56:05a Ronin Profile charski
12:56:08a A little less propaganda please
12:56:15a Rumors On The Internets Where Do Politicians Go When They Die?
12:56:19a Report Israeli airstrike targeted Syrian missiles, not nuke material
12:56:23a Pajamas Media Announces a New XM Radio Presence
12:56:27a Video Columbia Students Applaud Ahmadinejad's Reply to Bollinger
12:56:30a UAW National strike about members’ job security
12:56:34a 2,500 Bank of America employees to lose jobs
12:56:37a Ahmadinejad Verbal duels, demos in land of free speech
12:56:40a Jeffs jury working into the evening
12:56:44a Industry News GM,
12:56:48a Rendell calls energy independence key to jobs, security
12:56:52a Nuclear plant manager fires security company
12:56:55a OSHA fines Pa. aluminum maker for alleged safety violations
12:56:59a Officer shot in Philadelphia during car stop; suspect arrested
12:57:03a Pa. judge facing retention injects self into immigration debate
12:57:06a Sonthi's keen on DPM role
12:57:10a Snoh banks on Chavalit reunion to prop up fortunes
12:57:17a Parties seek changes
12:57:21a Aree urged to relent on resigning
12:57:24a AEC delays freeze order
12:57:28a 'Yves Leterme takes risks'
12:57:31a Van Rompuy's mission close to failure
12:57:34a 'Flanders must be visionary'
12:57:38a 167 parent abductions still unresolved
12:57:41a Border towns to take Maastricht to court
12:57:45a Nanny's family will attend trial
12:57:48a 'Car Free Day' was a success
12:57:52a Footballer accuses ref of racism
12:57:55a New Academic year starts for universities
12:57:59a Belgian Business Confidence Eases In September
12:58:03a Gasquet takes it easy in Mumbai
12:58:06a Progress Seen in Resolving Conflict in Darfur
12:58:09a Colorado Adult and Youth Smoking Rates Lowest Since 1990
12:58:13a CARMICHAEL WINS AT 'NATIONS Motocross des'Nation
12:58:16a Terrorism charges reinstated against Khadr
12:58:20a Former Rep. Charlie Wilson of Texas to undergo heart transplant surgery
12:58:24a Baby dies in Starship Hospital
12:58:28a Historic building gutted by arson
12:58:31a Waikato face Canterbury in must win Netball
12:58:34a Gold tickets 100 to see Becks
12:58:38a Political Report for Tuesday, 25th September, 2007
12:58:41a Teens were caught drinking, sent to bed
12:58:45a Boy Survives 8,000 Volts After Grabbing Power Line
12:58:48a Griz cornerback faces assault charges
12:58:51a Otter moves state energy office to his direct oversight
12:58:55a Lack of shelter leaves N. Idaho county teeming with feral cats
12:58:58a State begins sale of new cultural heritage license plate
12:59:02a Champion Drag Racer John Force Talks About Crash
12:59:06a Roads Crumbling As City Of Fort Worth Grows
12:59:09a N. Texas Business Affected By GM Strike
12:59:13a Plano Charity In Need After Break-In & Theft
12:59:17a European Union tests waters with Cuba talks
12:59:20a Japan's Fukuda to be named PM
12:59:24a Hearing into teen's death in London set to start
12:59:27a Woman crushes herself between car and wall
12:59:30a SH1 in Hamilton re-opened after bomb scare
12:59:34a Home Is Where The Eyes Are
12:59:39a Cell Phone Lot Opens At Logan
01:00:02a Tutu urges frank talks between US and Iran
01:01:03a What's Going Around Food Fads Fact Or Fiction
01:01:18a Sprint Agrees to Settle Shareholder Suit for 57.5 Million
01:01:21a SDL Discusses Laptops
01:01:25a Many Area Libraries Need More Computers
01:01:29a Apple Today Released the Following Statement
01:01:33a More Info on Stopping Solicitations
01:01:37a Gift of the Gab! ; VILLA 2 EVERTON 0
01:01:41a Jeremy Eisen Joins WXYZ-TV/Channel 7 Weather Team
01:01:45a Today on the Web
01:01:48a University to Step Up Security Notification
01:01:52a 3pm IRELAND PUTS 'C' IN RAP
01:01:56a A Case for Colour in DIY Computer
01:02:00a National E-Day
01:02:03a Japanese director wins Canadian animation award for short film+
01:02:07a Tokyo stocks open slightly lower on Wall Street's fall+
01:02:10a Romney Withholds Comment on Killings
01:02:14a Abe, Cabinet resign en masse ahead of election of Fukuda as premier+
01:02:18a Doctor performs first keyhole surgery on brain clot
01:02:22a Ancient offerings found in King Tut's tomb
01:02:25a CLIMATE CHANGE 'Fifteen Years and C02 Still Rising'
01:02:29a Germs taken into space come back meaner than before
01:02:33a Alexander says sorry for letting SNP gain power at Holyrood
01:02:37a Violinist's new CD is latest string to bow
01:02:40a The dormant but ongoing threat of vCJD
01:02:44a Monks in lead as 100,000 march for an end to army rule in Burma
01:02:48a Tackling society's drug and alcohol crisis at its roots
01:02:51a Readers go wild in our latest nature survey
01:02:55a Iran leader's US speech greeted with ridicule
01:02:58a The home front is key in the battle against infections
01:03:02a Children must be seen and heard in discussions about their treatment
01:03:06a Report favours tram link to airport over direct rail line
01:03:10a Police may keep DNA of 'criminal' children
01:03:14a I was set up, claims murder defendant who 'tried to expose police corruption'
01:03:18a End blame game on climate change, Arnie tells the UN
01:03:22a Trump flags golf 'compromise'
01:03:26a Kidnapped Italians sprung by UK elite forces
01:03:30a Teenage girl 'assaulted on her way home'
01:03:34a Chavez stops clock on plans to change time
01:03:37a Answers demanded after ferry link refused
01:03:41a Eight children hit by hospital infection
01:03:44a Murder charge over missing lorry driver
01:03:48a Charity highlights 'knowledge gap' in ignorance over strokes
01:03:52a No Mugabe, no summit, vow African countries
01:03:56a Driver fined 270 after running into pedestrian
01:04:00a Injured whale stranded
01:04:04a Nurse keeps her job after pub tirade
01:04:07a Jet fault sparks full alert
01:04:11a Linking up to beat terrorism
01:04:15a Baby wipes gum up sewage works
01:04:19a Two youths sought over bar robbery
01:04:30a Ice rink to crown winter festival
01:04:34a Five charged with attempted murder
01:04:38a Bus depot fire deliberate, say police
01:04:42a Pupils' bus and lorry in collision
01:04:45a Israeli raid 'ends chance of peace'
01:04:49a Greens lead with gender balance
01:04:53a Musharraf demo quelled by police
01:04:56a Holiday E coli case confirmed
01:05:00a Let us drive, Saudi women tell king
01:05:04a New Tutankhamun treasures found
01:05:08a Three arrested over 'drug rapes'
01:05:12a Man Sentenced In Murder Of Junior Seau's Cousin
01:05:15a Nearly 44M Surplus For City Of San Diego
01:05:19a Japan's Fukuda to be named PM
01:05:23a Glide man sentenced to 15 years for fatal crash
01:05:27a Five-term Sutherlin mayor Mongiovi dies
01:05:46a IBM's Symphony Hitting Wrong Notes, Reviewers Say
01:05:56a No rush to Latin mass in Montreal
01:06:00a Water woes continue till week???s end
01:06:15a Lawsuit filed against crib manufacturers
01:06:19a Urgent Surayud to make Sonthi Cabinet member
01:06:45a Suspicions confirmed Bush is advising Hillary
01:06:49a Man causing climate change poll
01:06:53a Video Nice job legitimizing a nut, Columbia, says Bolton
01:07:25a Five injured in weekend shootings, stabbings
01:07:29a Floating vegetable markets, a major attraction on Srinagar's Dal Lake
01:07:34a Warning over Personal Account aid
01:07:38a Offspring save £21bn in care costs
01:07:42a Bill errors 'worst in energy firms'
01:07:46a Breath test to monitor diabetes
01:07:50a Third fail to spot stroke symptoms
01:07:54a NHS rationing 'leads to deaths'
01:07:57a Risk of mid-air blood clot 1 in 4656, to be precise
01:08:03a US Marshals publish wanted poster for Xue
01:08:06a Day in photos 25/09
01:08:10a Algonquin Resist Uranium Mine
01:08:20a CNN Slain Preacher's Wife Fights For Custody Of Kids
01:08:24a CNN Sham Acupuncture Helps Back Pain, Study Finds
01:08:39a Patrols increased amid Jena 6 concerns
01:08:50a Jailed former Peruvian President Fujimori's health deteriorating
01:08:59a Annual olive oil medals awarded
01:09:03a High Court throws out appeal against 35,000 fine for dirty dairying
01:09:07a Australian stocks open lower after falls on Wall Street
01:09:19a U.S. snipers accused of 'baiting' Iraqis
01:09:37a President promises support for Palestinian state
01:09:41a Vaccine reactions and medical cover up's
01:09:45a The 1952 Washington Intrusion Part 2
01:09:56a At Least 15 North TX 'Cheese' Deaths Since 2004
01:11:12a Russell Crowe Brings Fierce Competition To First Coast Mon, 24 Sep 2007 235449 GMT
01:11:27a Labor strike poses challenges for auto suppliers
01:12:33a Study Acupuncture Helps To Ease Back Pain
01:12:43a GOP conference in Mackinac looks ahead to 2008
01:12:47a UAW strike The experts weigh-in
01:12:50a Webcast Latest Website Vulnerability Statistics
01:12:54a Webcast Message Security, Active Protection, and Compliance with Exchange Server 2007
01:12:58a Webcast Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
01:13:01a Webcast Standardizing Security Operations
01:13:08a Japan's Abe resigns
01:13:15a Steelers' Miller bemoans missed opportunity
01:13:29a Ex-DePauw president Rosser dies at 78
01:13:33a Positive Bacteria Tests Prompt Soy Tofu Recall
01:13:36a Suspect Named In Vallejo Attempted Murder, Robbery
01:13:40a Outrage Follows Oakland Police Shooting
01:13:43a Calls To Prosecute Oakland Officer Who Shot Man
01:13:47a Mayor Wants Settlement To SF Security Guard Strike
01:13:51a Gamers Lining Up For Microsoft Xbox 360's Halo 3
01:13:54a Stanford Gets Tapes Of Dalai Lama, Intellectuals
01:13:58a Suspect Identified In Saturday Berkeley Murder
01:14:35a Things Congress Did Instead of Getting Us The Hell Out of Iraq
01:14:43a Parenting Tips Thought of the Day September 24 2007
01:14:47a Shares seen lower on Wall St. pullback
01:14:51a 'Die Hard', 'Predator' director jailed in wiretap scandal
01:14:54a Supreme Court takes up draft rules for writ of amparo
01:14:58a For sale Spacious missile base for only 1.5 million
01:15:02a New coach to lead Brazilian women basketball team to Beijing
01:15:05a Why I must wake up and smell the coffee
01:15:09a U.S. federal agents raid steroid labs
01:15:13a Let them eat cake
01:15:16a Letter from Dunhuang Time running out to save cultural treasures
01:15:20a UN chief urges Iran to comply with work plan reached with IAEA
01:15:24a AJAX alliance recognizes mashups
01:15:27a Dr. Graham Timmins Engaged By TenthGate
01:15:31a Panacos Announces Management Changes
01:15:35a Career College Enters a Crowded Market in Indianapolis
01:15:45a Perton
01:15:49a Mum and Girl Killed
01:15:52a Around Clay County
01:15:56a Clean-Up to Beat MRSA ; LABOUR AT BOURNEMOUTH
01:15:59a Clarifications
01:16:03a A Phone Call on the Way Out the Door to Work Changed... Derived Headline
01:16:07a BRIEF Blaine Man Accused of Taking Photos of Girls in Changing Area
01:16:11a Two Die in Road Crash
01:16:14a BRITAIN Boy Dead in Family Stabbing
01:16:18a Home & Garden Briefs
01:16:21a Tobacco Age is 18 From Next Week
01:16:25a Nurse Walkout Planned for Hospital in Pomona, Calif.
01:16:28a WDT shares power up after second major deal announcement
01:16:32a MFS Living and Leisure makes loss on sale of THL shares
01:16:36a Job losses could follow cuts in fish quotas
01:16:39a Woman Seriously Injured Outside Target Store
01:16:43a Car And Trolley Crash Near Channelside
01:16:47a I-4 East Lanes Reopen After Tanker Accident
01:16:50a Alderman's Ford Park Reopens
01:16:53a Free and Open Source Software Developers Working for Free
01:16:57a Cataracts a health scourge for China's poor
01:17:01a Episcopal bishops working to prevent split
01:17:04a New Look At Old Gay Murder Nets Suspect
01:17:09a International Trade Union Movement Calls For Greater Protection Of LGBT Workers
01:17:12a Litter fine for ticketed motorist
01:17:16a 4 Children Die In House Fire In Scotland County
01:17:20a Threatened youth hostel is saved
01:17:24a Man injured in town centre attack
01:17:27a A5 stretch closed after rock fall
01:17:30a Microsoft Releases Vista SP1 Beta to Select Testers
01:17:34a This Week In Online Advertising
01:17:37a Belo Invests In Media Marketplace Mochila
01:17:41a Beverage Investing Is Hot Thanks To Vitamin Water
01:17:45a Facebook Really Is Copying AOL's Playbook
01:17:48a Eventvue Grabs Angel Round Over The Weekend
01:17:52a Aimee Weber, Legalized the first Second Life avatar filing for a US trademark
01:17:55a Revolution Money to Take on PayPal, the World
01:17:59a Kevin Kelly's Life countdown clock
01:18:02a Super back in the black
01:18:06a Move on from Kyoto, Downer tells UN
01:18:09a Oil price dips to US81, but may rise again
01:18:13a New revelations anger family
01:18:16a Rayney bugging case today
01:18:19a MacBank's key role implied by email
01:18:23a Nurses row with ACTU
01:18:26a Man charged over Hird jumper theft
01:18:30a Fake police steal money from tourists
01:18:33a GM strike costs 760 vehicles per hour
01:18:37a Army trainees forced to dodge live bullets
01:18:41a Tiger sees formidable global foes but likes Cup hopes for US
01:18:44a 'Die Hard' director gets four months in prison
01:18:48a Nations with tropical forests pledge conservation
01:18:52a Philippine July imports climb 14.3% yr/yr
01:18:55a Abalos JDV III was the one chasing me
01:18:59a Ex-Texas congressman to get new heart
01:19:03a Rams lose Steven Jackson for 1 week
01:19:06a Hunting for dividend income
01:19:10a Stocks mixed, rate cut rally runs out of stea...
01:19:13a Bombardier wins 60 locomotive contract in E...
01:19:17a Teck Cominco becomes largest shareholder in F...
01:19:21a Crude futures fall as storm passes and trader...
01:19:24a Oilpatch warns that higher Alberta royalty ra...
01:19:28a TSX Venture Exchange closed 16.20 points ahea...
01:19:31a Groups Plan Highest Altitude Climate Change...
01:19:35a Learning Tree International Reports 3rd Qua...
01:19:38a Tough Road Ahead Might Increase T...
01:19:42a Jose Offerman pleads not guilty in bat attack
01:19:45a When Sir Terry talks...
01:19:49a CI Financial makes 2.4B play for DundeeWealt...
01:19:53a Quake Fault Possible Beneath Nuke Dum...
01:19:56a Troy Hudson signs with Warriors
01:20:00a TAQA bids 5B for PrimeWest, plans more Canad...
01:20:03a 100,000 Canadians could be idled by General M...
01:20:07a Farm Bureau Proposes Property Tax Re...
01:20:10a Govt Declares Nursing School Tuition-Free
01:20:14a LFA Boss Gets International Posts
01:20:17a House C'ttees Reject Assets Freeze Bill
01:20:21a Total Creates Stiff Competition in Petro Market
01:20:25a FA Confirms Resignation of Executive Members Resignation
01:20:28a George Weah Condemns Ul Closure, Vows To Remain Head Of CDC
01:20:32a I'm Voting for Rennie Not Kaba, Paye Declares
01:20:36a Referees Hold Congress/Elections Without Idrissa Kaba
01:20:39a Salinas transferred to Riverside
01:20:43a The toll of racism
01:20:47a Giuliani, Bloomberg Disagree on Guns
01:20:50a Gas Emissions Rarely Figure in Investor Decisions
01:20:54a A Plan to Let S.E.C. Accept Foreign Rules Is Opposed
01:20:57a Overcrowded Heathrow Pins Hopes on Terminal 5
01:21:01a The Rest of the World Discovers the Business Jet
01:21:05a Few Welcome Mats for Smokers
01:21:08a Flying for the Holidays? Brace Yourself.
01:21:12a Woman Shot Outside Home In Altamonte Springs
01:21:19a Health Headlines For September 24, 2007
01:21:47a Candidates look to unseat incumbent in District 8 race
01:21:50a Mid-South guard beaten by juvenile inmate
01:21:54a Prosecutor says he'll seek indictments in case at Vick property
01:21:58a Mayoral candidate hospitalized
01:22:01a Pollsters say 2 of 3 mayoral candidates are in a dead heat
01:22:05a Newport soldier dies in 'non-combat accident' in Iraq
01:22:09a Court reinstates terrorism charges against Guantanamo Bay detainee
01:22:12a BOC RMB bonds in Hong Kong oversubscribed by 200 percent
01:22:16a All Blacks assured balls are the real deal
01:22:19a Azzouz makes plans for development near Windermere
01:23:00a Long-awaited trial of slain Canadian executive begins in Puerto Rico
01:23:04a Michael Vick faces another lawsuit
01:23:07a State suspends doctor's license
01:23:11a Yawn Hillary used Bill to have negative GQ piece killed
01:23:14a The Death of the Grown-up
01:23:26a Monday Evenin Comin Down
01:23:37a Myer reports 84 million net proft
01:23:41a Local stocks open slightly lower
01:23:44a Lawyers meet in Spears' custody dispute
01:23:48a U.N. chief sees major commitment to climate change
01:24:03a EQ 5.2 Eagle Village, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:24:07a EQ 2.9 Akutan, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:24:11a Troops to get council tax rebate
01:24:39a Washington Group International Providing Project-Management Services for Power Plant in Taiwan
01:24:42a Is your home a tax trap?
01:24:46a Educating kids is no child's play
01:24:50a Archaeologist Takes 2nd Look at Cannon
01:25:11a Myanmar Military May Treat Prosters Harshly Australian Govt
01:25:28a You must remember this
01:25:31a After Jena
01:25:35a My friend suddenly died - and I think I want his job!
01:25:38a The GOP gets gaudy in Michigan/tit
01:25:42a Ask the pilot A crash in
01:25:46a Police Have 'Truck Of Interest' In Fatal Hit & Run
01:25:49a Juan Oskar Is A Superhero On New Indie Release
01:25:53a Bounce PR launches new low cost service
01:25:57a GlobalMedia rebrands as bigmouthmedia in Germany
01:26:00a Business North West calls on Chris Moss to give marketing advice
01:26:04a Hat Trick Of Contract Wins For L&N Scotland
01:26:07a Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Launches Get Home Atlanta! Campaign
01:26:11a Shaw Inspection Systems Appoints Sales Manager
01:26:15a UKFast Director wins Manchester’s Young Director of the Year
01:26:19a New Overhead Crane and Hoist Sales Manager for Ireland
01:26:22a Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival 2007
01:26:26a Five Stars for The Plough Wavendon
01:26:30a EmaxConsulting launches the Trusted Resource Network
01:26:34a Mayor Of Clare Urges Public To Travel To Dáil Eireann For Government's Shannon-Heathrow Debate
01:26:38a Partnership initiatives widen employment opportunities for disadvantaged job seekers
01:26:41a Plexus Increases Customer Support in Europe
01:26:48a Limerick's Sporting Heroes To Be Honoured Today
01:26:56a Lisbon shares close lower as banks, builders lead losses, J.Martins gains UPDATE
01:26:59a UK media insults Portugal
01:27:03a Portugal backs Scolari appeal
01:27:06a VERY GOOD NEWS!UN holds high-level talks on Iraq rescue plan
01:27:10a High Canadian Dollary Linked to Tar Sands
01:27:14a 'Every Child Deserves To Have The Same Chance I Had'
01:27:17a 'You Don't Make A Hog Fatter By Weighing It'
01:27:21a A West Point For Teachers And A School Success Fund
01:27:24a 'Anybody Can Live The American Dream'
01:27:28a What Matters To John Edwards
01:27:31a What You Want To Hear About College, Poverty
01:27:35a Arden Way Re-Opens After Manhunt
01:27:38a Garden Intern Takes Stand In Thomas' Case
01:27:41a Mike and Seth's Week 4 Fantasy Picks
01:27:45a Schiancoe Catch
01:27:49a Property Tax Referendum Ruled Unconstitutional
01:27:52a More Seniors Retiring, Dying In The Red
01:27:55a Teen Dies In Fayette Co. ATV Accident
01:27:59a Runners In Their 80's Train For Great Race
01:28:02a Swastika Cut Into Mercer County Cornfield
01:28:06a New Details Released In Officer Shooting
01:28:10a Local Special Olympian Heads To China
01:28:13a Friends Speak On Injured Officer's Character
01:28:21a Sep. 24, 2007 Do you understand the referendum question being asked in the election?
01:28:24a Witness illness delays Robert Pickton trial until next week
01:28:28a Auction for Baldwin charity includes day on campaign trail with Elizabeth Edwards
01:28:32a Montreal-area hospital blamed in coroner's report for C. difficile outbreak
01:28:35a PQ Leader Pauline Marois takes early lead in Quebec byelection
01:28:39a UN chief sees political will after climate meeting
01:28:43a Liberals will determine whether Tories survive NDP House ...
01:28:47a Police knew about Air India confession, inquiry hears
01:28:50a Dion urged not to repeat Que. by-election mistake
01:28:54a T.O. liposuction death raises safety concerns
01:28:58a Bollinger Blasts Ahmadinejad
01:29:01a Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Big Disappointment
01:29:05a US president to announce visa and financial sanctions against Burma
01:29:09a How Cerberus Hedged Auto Bets
01:29:12a PrimeWest Sale Reflects Turn in Energy
01:29:16a Yamana Clinches Meridian Deal
01:29:20a Kravis, Roberts Take Part of Affiliate's Deal
01:29:23a 'He brags about being another Hitler'
01:29:27a Swiss Firefighters Turn Rap Stars
01:29:30a Racism's toll may be physical
01:29:34a Network of Concerned Anthropologists Pledges Non-Participation in Counter-Insurgency and Combat Operations
01:29:38a DHS deputy's departure adds to leadership gap
01:29:42a AquaFence promises to hold back river floodwaters
01:29:45a Investigation into B-52 munitions mishap continues
01:29:49a Arrest warrant issued for brother of cosmetic surgeon for killing former client
01:29:53a Train T-bones semi on Hwy 41 in Post Falls
01:29:56a Mercedes rollover in parking lot caused by stuck gas pedal
01:30:00a 'No homosexuals in Iran' Ahmadinejad
01:30:04a Fresno Firefighters Fighting City To Cover Staph Infection Expenses
01:30:07a Washington Union Getting Students Prepared for the Future
01:30:11a State Health Dept Issues Tofu Warning
01:30:15a Special Group of Graduates Celebrate 70th Anniversary in North Valley
01:30:18a Former Fresno St. Student Heads to Trial for Murder near Campus
01:30:22a Fresno Kindergartner Injured in School Bus Accident
01:30:26a Authorities in Madera County Arrested Man Wanted for Homicide in Illinois
01:30:29a Fresno City Council Considers Plan to Reward Developers of Low Income Housing
01:30:33a Merced Investigating Problems that Nearly Shutdown Visitors Bureau
01:30:36a Feds Make 120+ Arrests Linked to Illicit Valley Steroid Labs
01:30:40a High Speed Chase Ends With Shootout; Freeway Closure
01:30:43a Raisin Growers Continue to Hope for Warm Weather
01:30:47a Rendezvous in space made bacteria 'nasty'
01:30:51a Gitmo detainee's terrorism charges reinstated
01:30:54a Brown Aims to Reverse Deficit
01:30:58a UBS Names Joint Heads To Oversee European Unit
01:31:01a Ferré Chooses Nilsson as Designer
01:31:05a Mediobanca Warns of Lower Profit
01:31:08a Introducing 'A World of Conflict'
01:31:12a Japanese PM and his Cabinet resign
01:31:15a Menu Foods Income Fund appoints chair of food safety committee
01:31:19a Federal, B.C. and Alta. governments make it easier to hire foreign workers
01:31:23a The UAW's Surprising Walkout
01:31:26a Putin Shuffles Kremlin Before Vote
01:31:29a Fewer Gay Characters on Network TV
01:31:33a At Volunteer Firehouses, a Touch of Gray in the Ranks
01:31:37a Terror Charges Are Reinstated Against a Detainee
01:31:40a Microsoft Is Said to Consider a Stake in Facebook
01:31:44a Bomber Kills 16 at Iraqi Reconciliation Banquet
01:31:48a Russian President Vladimir Putin names a new government
01:31:51a Kudrin says his re-appointment means policy continuity
01:31:55a Russia's PM shuffles government ahead of vote
01:31:58a Lebanese politicians seek safety in guarded hotel
01:32:02a NY probes Facebook over pedophile controls
01:32:06a Stanford Acquires Interview Archive
01:32:09a University chief tackles Iranian leader
01:32:13a Japan PM and cabinet step down
01:32:16a Central Park Lovers Get Engaged, Mugged
01:32:20a Probation for Threats on N.D. Delegation
01:32:23a UAW, GM recess talks, to resume Tuesday GM
01:32:27a Driver Clocked 172 Mph in Porsche, Jailed
01:32:30a Microsoft interested in Facebook stake
01:32:34a New laptop scheme to aid disadvantaged students
01:32:40a Hacking devices sold on eBay
01:32:44a New software reads consumer requirements
01:32:48a Crocs company defends its shoes
01:32:51a Car goes up in flames after crash; 3 hurt
01:32:55a Friends try to make sense of student's death
01:32:58a Arizona tribes hit 1.94B casino jackpot last year
01:33:02a Arizona builder faces fines for dust violations
01:33:05a Hit and run suspect arrested in Tempe
01:33:09a Pima prosecutor will abstain from some employer sanctions cases
01:33:12a Effect of UAW strike in the Valley is expected to be limited
01:33:16a Day laborer targeted in robbery
01:33:19a Power Road widening to begin
01:33:23a Missing purse makes it back to woman, minus 8
01:33:27a Judge dismisses charges against Ariz. ex-legislator in election case
01:33:30a McCain criticizes Ahmadinejad speech to university
01:33:34a Columbia Chief Slams Iranian President
01:33:38a Howard spends big on medical research
01:33:41a Murray-Darling crisis 'No more water in 6 weeks'
01:33:45a Defence told to crack down on weapons thefts
01:33:49a Uni launches real estate degree
01:33:52a Man Accused Of Assaulting 1-Year-Old Boy
01:33:56a Bay Area Donates To Abused SJ Toddler
01:33:59a 'Largest Steroid Crackdown' Nets 5 Bay Area Arrests
01:34:03a Police Seek Man Who Punched Woman Twice, Stole Purse
01:34:07a Fort Lewis soldier from Arkansas killed.
01:34:10a 2 Skagit County, WA, men plead guilty
01:34:16a Argentina war crimes suspect sentenced in US for visa fraud
01:34:20a Indonesia begins court proceedings in civil corruption lawsuit against Suharto
01:34:23a Plane Lands With Blown Tire
01:34:27a Why you really can't use 'Linux' as a screen name on the Xbox 360
01:34:31a Roger Collis Let the buyer beware on online ticket costs
01:34:35a In Toronto, it's go West, young hipsters
01:34:39a Plan to re-route flights in U.S. Northeast has some locals worried
01:34:42a Munich emerges as Monocle's most liveable city
01:34:45a Public doubtful about safety in lifts after incident at sterling house
01:34:49a Soaring health care costs
01:34:52a Globalise or Glocalise ?
01:34:56a Cognizant eyes buys in Europe, US
01:35:00a Ties to Uzbekistan
01:35:04a Third victim comes forward in pellet gun shooting
01:35:07a Crist bumbles as budget hits boil-over point
01:35:11a AFL to investigate Tarrant incident
01:35:16a Police seize drugs and stolen gear from Darwin home
01:35:20a Territory drivers face demerit points
01:35:23a Union backs new hospital jobs
01:35:27a Missing phone instigated murder, court hears
01:35:30a Workshop to boost online learning in Indigenous communities
01:35:36a Police taken on high speed pursuit
01:35:41a Court facilities to be looked at Territory Government
01:35:44a Commissioner for children on the horizon
01:35:50a Talisman Sabre war games under fire
01:35:59a Lethal Bacteria Turn Deadlier After Space Travel
01:36:03a Dems, GOP plans turn up political heat
01:36:06a GRAPHIC GM hourly work force
01:36:10a MARK PHELAN If the UAW strike lingers, 3 new GM cars are in danger
01:36:13a X-OOM Turns Wii Into A Media Player
01:36:17a International Mathematical Conference Gathers 70 Renowned Mathematicians in Monastir
01:36:21a China Construction Raises Record In Shanghai IPO
01:36:25a Interaction between skin oil and ozone may worsen air quality in flights
01:36:28a Increased sugary drinks intake may be behind insulin resistance
01:36:31a Brain's timescale depends on the nature of the visual stimulus
01:36:35a Study identifies 'little engine' in cell that scans for DNA damage
01:36:39a Doctor's gender may hamper early diagnosis of heart disease in women
01:36:42a Fluorescent lights putting pupils at the risk of headaches
01:36:45a Whole-grain barley or rye bread at breakfast keeps blood sugar in check all day
01:36:49a Food additives may make children hyperactive
01:36:54a 'Ecuador has most murders'
01:36:57a Restaurant Inspections
01:37:01a Police to consider closing small stations
01:37:04a Farmers warned of feed shortage
01:37:10a New York Trooper Killed, Two Others Shot
01:37:15a Outrage, controversy follow Ahmadinejad
01:37:18a 'Global apathy' to Iraqi refugees
01:37:22a Rice Syria may attend Mideast peace conference
01:37:28a Man 'took forklift home from the pub'
01:37:32a Annual Report, Notice of Annual Meeting available
01:37:35a We want the money, robbers scream
01:37:39a Proposal to reinforce supply to N Akld, Northland
01:37:42a Bruises testify to classroom perils
01:37:46a National’s partial privatisation praised
01:37:49a Wellington Property Investors Assn
01:37:53a AgResearch sale, purchase agreement with Canesis
01:37:56a A sustainable building sector
01:38:00a Work sentence for pepper sprinkler
01:38:03a Under-Age Sale Results in Suspended Liquor Licence
01:38:07a Appointment of Chief Exec Serious Fraud Office
01:38:10a Hail storm hits Auckland, Waikato
01:38:14a Launch of Dawn probe delayed by weather
01:38:17a Clive library marks Halloween Oct. 27
01:38:21a MMDA's 'Gwapotel' a big hit with transients
01:38:25a Mido to Face Country
01:38:28a Travel in the Land of the Pharaohs
01:38:32a Drunk, drugged rail workers on YouTube
01:38:35a Govt 'needs to reassess agriculture'
01:38:39a Clive Barker's Jericho demo arriving this week
01:38:42a Halo 3 LE showing up scratched?
01:38:46a Ailing sugar industry prepares to dump 400,000 tonnes of cane
01:38:49a Little hope for WA sugar industry
01:38:53a Minister dismisses Kimberley gas protest
01:38:56a Seminole County Police Log
01:39:00a Ford Raises Goals In China Venture
01:39:03a EPA wants closure of waste treatment facility
01:39:15a West Bank businessmen invest in Palestinian politics
01:39:18a Israel to release 250 Palestinian prisoners
01:39:33a French void needs Fillon
01:39:37a Emotional Sentencing For Delhi Man Convicted Of Murder
01:39:57a 'Meghalaya Beckons' to be held in...
01:40:01a Meghalaya goes for Wi-Fi hotspots
01:40:05a Flood situation in Meghalaya remains grim, 91 villages affected
01:40:08a Police upset over wasted search efforts
01:40:12a The World's 'Energy Game' Hotspots
01:40:16a Eastern Mediterranean Oil Politics
01:40:30a Central America on flooding alert after storms
01:40:34a It's up to Congress now to protect Net Neutrality
01:40:37a City Awards Chargers Nearly 2 Million For Lost Income
01:40:41a Group Brings City Beach Booze Ban Effort To Web
01:40:45a Man Arrested In Connection With Pacific Beach Shooting
01:40:49a Police Investigate East County Home Invasion Robberies
01:40:52a Reward Offered In Search For Suspected ID Thief
01:40:56a Columbia President Introduces 'Cruel Dictator'
01:41:00a One seat contested for Aims board of trustees
01:41:03a Last watering day in Milliken is Oct. 1
01:41:07a Eaton goes high-tech with e-mail notifications about homework, assignments
01:41:10a UNC to host LULAC conference
01:41:13a Northridge hosts sprapbooking event
01:41:17a Laptop woes give this user sinking feeling
01:41:20a GIANT Jumps Are Needed, Week of Sept. 24-28
01:41:24a Lanxess raises prices for pigments worldwide
01:41:32a Prisuta Cards stacked with ex-Steelers
01:41:38a About the Bank of Baroda
01:41:42a Bank of Baroda, Bharat Heavy, Eicher India's Stock Preview
01:41:45a Western Wind Energy Corp.
01:41:48a AEP subsidiary nearly doubles wind power investment
01:41:52a TSX Venture Exchange Cease Trade Order, Western Wind Energy Corp.
01:41:55a Farmers Take Another Look at Wind Energy
01:41:58a China poised to become world's top consumer of wind power
01:42:02a Delmarva officials unsure of wind power agreement
01:42:07a Global Warming Now the Media Get Religion
01:42:10a Medical Helicopter Responds To Dump Truck Accident In Kenwood
01:42:16a Central bank to reconsider a legal reserve
01:42:19a Iranian President Defends Government, Denies Repression east
01:42:23a US Says UN Credibility at Stake on Iran Nuclear Issue east
01:42:26a US Lawmakers Seek Sanctions Against Iran's Revolutionary Guard east
01:42:30a Ahmadinejad's Columbia Speech Stirs Protest east
01:42:34a FAA may restrict Newark, JFK flights
01:42:38a TransAsia Airways to launch regional airline in China, S Korea
01:42:41a GM workers walk out in job-security fight
01:42:45a Absolute Capital Founder Sells Bulk of Stake
01:42:48a Tunisia eyes joint ventures in textile, IT
01:42:57a Wind farm changes to boost energy
01:43:03a Telstra outlines job loss reasons
01:43:07a Strong start to season for grain growers
01:43:11a Work progresses on Goulburn-Lake Eppalock pipeline
01:43:14a Fewer students deferring uni study
01:43:18a Employment commission seeks input on cutbacks
01:43:21a Airgas-ARG Registers To Sell 2.47M Shares For Holders
01:43:25a NCR Corp-NCR to be added to SP 400; BZH deleted, as of 9/28 close
01:43:28a Teradata-TDC to be added to SP 500; NCR deleted, as of 9/28 close
01:43:32a OptionXpress Holdings-OXPS to be added to SP 600; RARE deleted, as of 9/28 close
01:43:35a Best Buy Pleases
01:43:38a Expedia-EXPE to be added to SP 500; SLR deleted, as of 10/1 close
01:43:42a Tesoro-TSO to be added to SP 500; MXIM deleted, as of 9/26 close
01:43:46a Intercontinental Exchange-ICE to be added to SP 500;FDC deleted, as of 9/25 close
01:43:49a Ahmadinejad makes controversial speech
01:43:53a Digital Music Group-DMGI CFO interim CEO Karen Davis to resign
01:43:56a Babysitter arrested in beating of Everett 1-year-old
01:44:01a Chess king Kasparov picks up support for presidential bid
01:44:07a US President Bush meets with Palestinian leaders, Mideast envoy Tony Blair
01:44:10a Iraq suicide bomber hits Ramadan reconciliation meeting
01:44:14a US to impose new sanctions on Myanmar regime
01:44:17a Singer is in tune with state's needs
01:44:21a Lawmaker sets sights on post in U.S. Senate
01:44:28a Senate approves big water projects bill
01:44:32a RFID A Business Revolution Providing Strategic and Competitive
01:44:35a Improving the View with IP Videoconferencing
01:44:40a Accident kills one
01:44:44a Supreme Court rejects appeal of 3 Bali bombers awaiting firing squad
01:44:48a Jury selection begins for juvenile boot camp death
01:44:51a Stanford acquires recordings of Dalai Lama
01:44:58a Lisbon police officer ordered to stand trial
01:45:01a Big shots levelled vast terrain of Chittagong hills
01:45:04a Gibraltar Industries acquires another mailbox producer
01:45:08a Japan???s Fukuda to be named PM, form new cabinet
01:45:12a Study links biological factor to breast cancer in blacks
01:45:16a Renmark storm victims to share in community funds
01:45:20a Riverland SES volunteers head to storm-hit NSW
01:45:23a SAFF up-beat about rural broadband
01:45:29a Angola President Dos Santos Analyses Cooperation With Cuban Ambassador
01:45:33a British press unimpressed by Brown speech
01:45:36a Would You Use Proprietary Software Ported to GNU/Linux?
01:45:40a Check credentials for cosmetic surgery experts
01:45:44a Camp Idol
01:45:48a Apple Issues Warning on iPhone Hacking
01:45:51a Klinsmann eager to return to coaching
01:45:55a Davis Cup brings out passion and crazy hats
01:45:58a Two fires reported at ESU, one ruled arson, updated 850 p.m.
01:46:02a Judge says jury in Fort Dix plot trial to be anonymous
01:46:06a Day of Caring volunteers out in force today
01:46:10a Teen arrested in Saw Creek homicide case
01:46:17a Rendell revives turnpike privatization plan in wake of I-80 toll protests
01:46:21a Thursday a.m. facing fines, better smoke detector and a stray moose
01:46:25a Luciano Pavarotti dies in Italy
01:46:31a East Stroudsburg University entomology class goes insect-hunting
01:46:35a Governor revives turnpike privatization plan in wake of I-80 toll protests
01:46:38a Defiant ATV track owner in Eldred vows to stay open despite fines
01:46:42a Drought warning lifted in Pike, still on in Monroe
01:46:45a Stroudsburg assaults open debate over quality-of-life issues
01:46:52a Anita Peterson home fraud case back in county court
01:46:55a Blood drive at Moose Lodge in Stroudsburg postponed
01:46:59a State task force mirrors Barrett campaign to target online sex predators
01:47:02a West End Fair baking contests winners
01:47:09a Low-income advocacy group ACORN forming Monroe chapter
01:47:12a Watercolor classes offered by Will Daskal on Fridays
01:47:16a Stroudsburg Bridge Club announces Aug. 28 results
01:47:20a Plainfield Township man writes poetry book
01:47:24a Fall programs for kids at Kettle Creek
01:47:27a Barrett Township's Fall Festival is this weekend
01:47:31a Globe 'wants action' on climate change
01:47:38a HARARE Zimbabwe's police have summoned the main opposition leader for questioning on...
01:47:41a Abe, Japan's Cabinet Formally Resign
01:47:45a Wellness coaches offer employees on-the-job fitness
01:47:49a Local man, now soldier, sees ray of hope in Iraq
01:47:54a Tobyhanna man charged with sex crimes
01:47:57a Caesars promotes four employees
01:48:02a Deeds Done Aug. 19, 2007
01:48:05a Potential reprieve for homeowners facing foreclosure
01:48:10a Thumbs up, thumbs down
01:48:13a A green thumb she wants to get rid of
01:48:23a West End Fair T-shirt design contest deadline nears
01:48:28a Stillwater fire displaces family
01:48:34a Schaller challenges voter petition seeking more supervisor spots
01:48:38a Pocono Manor withdraws casino plan
01:48:41a Pocono Farms water rate-hike on hold
01:48:45a Lehman construction project has taken long, winding road
01:48:48a Free vision screening and used glasses donation day
01:48:52a Court Blotter Saturday, Aug. 18
01:48:55a ESU students awarded 20,500 in Parents Association Scholarships
01:48:59a ‘Morocco's AK Party wont copy Turkey's
01:49:04a 'World's Hundred Greatest Waterfalls'
01:49:07a Calderwood rues defensive lapse
01:49:11a Bisher al-Rawi tells his story
01:49:14a Exclusive interview Bisher al-Rawi
01:49:18a Test Could Save Kids With Heart Defects
01:49:22a Lobes of Steel
01:49:25a Abe, Japan's Cabinet Formally Resign
01:49:29a Columbia President Reviled, Praised
01:49:37a Barron's Online Defensive Driving
01:49:41a Technology OLPC Announces 'Give One Get One' Laptop Sale
01:49:44a Scanning for schizophrenia
01:49:48a Senate overwhelmingly passes bill that would aid Louisiana coastal restoration
01:50:06a Man charged over fatal crash near Louth
01:50:10a Bourke dental services to resume
01:50:13a Concerns over Bathurst surgery lists
01:50:17a As Ex-President Faces Trial, a Reckoning for Peru
01:50:26a Copyright Is About Incentives, Not Protection
01:50:29a Political Mudslinging Reaches New Lows Using Anonymous Blog Comments In Attack Ads
01:50:39a Google opens click-fraud Web site
01:50:48a A Green Ride for Investors?
01:50:52a Cuomo Probes Facebook's Safety Measures
01:50:55a Countrywide to Help Prevent Foreclosures
01:50:59a Nuclear Energy's Second Act?
01:51:02a Dream job or drudgery? Aspiring innkeepers try it for a day
01:51:06a Education Wealthy universities are recruiting low-income students
01:51:11a Strategies Avoiding market lockstep
01:51:14a Entry Level Rebalancing a portfolio at the top of its game
01:51:22a Columbia's Chief Slams Iranian President
01:51:25a Blaine back to attracting business
01:51:29a Return of the Devil's Bible to Prague draws crowds of curious Czechs
01:51:33a Nicaragua, Honduras report death toll from hurricane Felix reaches 64
01:51:39a Most Parents Have Say in Kids' Hospital Care
01:51:43a Machimura to be chief Cabinet secretary, Masuzoe to be retained+
01:51:47a REFILING U.S. expects positive ties with Japan under new government+
01:51:50a LEAD Fukuda to become Japan's prime minister, form Cabinet+
01:51:54a Kyodo economic news summary+
01:51:57a Bush promises U.S. help in creating Palestinian state+
01:52:01a Aso dismisses Fukuda's offer to join Cabinet+
01:52:08a Incomplete Title Transfers Stick Prior Owners With Toll Bills
01:52:11a Living in Antarctica
01:52:15a Officials Optimistic About Summit
01:52:18a Budapest shares close down as equities face bumpy ride on data ...
01:52:22a Rare Pink Dolphin
01:52:25a Getting Cold to Spread Global Warming Message
01:52:29a City of Mobile Appeals 3K Payment Over Gesture
01:52:33a KENYA Food shortages complicating ARV programme in the north
01:52:36a ANGOLA TB threatens both workers and patients at Luanda Hospital
01:52:40a KENYA Risk HIV or remain childless, the dilemma of discordance
01:52:47a Rahul Gandhi Named Congress Party's Secretary-General
01:52:50a Starbucks Loses Battle To Keep Forbidden City Shop Open In China
01:52:54a Video The world's greatest magic trick
01:53:15a FCC proposes 'fake news' fine
01:53:45a Virginia To Seek Charges Against Vick
01:53:57a VCs flock to medical devices start-up Perfint
01:54:00a IFCI to appoint advisor to find strategic investor
01:54:04a Rajesh Gupta is Citi's Chief Risk Officer in India
01:54:07a General Atlantic plans bigger play in India
01:54:11a Hakuho, and other foreign-born wrestlers, dominate the Autumn Basho
01:54:14a Ahmadinejad Called a 'Petty Dictator'
01:54:18a Left protest rally leaves for Visakhapatnam
01:54:23a 88 BMW 735 2290 #204975 92 Me
01:54:33a Dedication of veterans home set for Friday
01:54:37a Saints trail Tennessee after first quarter
01:54:40a CHP Cites Maze Crash Truck Firm For 18 Violations
01:54:44a UNICEF Executive Board reviews country programmes that help societies rebuild
01:54:48a New Zealand cricketers visit 'Little Champs' in Johannesburg township
01:54:54a Gun related violent crime tops U.S list
01:54:58a How It Works
01:55:01a iPhone hacks void warranty, Apple says
01:55:05a Bali Bombers Appeals Rejected AP
01:55:08a No charges in Jessie murder inquiry PA
01:55:12a Abe, Japan's Cabinet Formally Resign AP
01:55:37a UN Secretary General Due in Chad to Push for Peacekeepers
01:55:42a Were winning, and the anti victory folks know it
01:55:45a British forces help free Italians in Afghanistan
01:55:49a A Day in the Life of President Bush 09-24-07
01:55:52a The 47 Million; A Case Study
01:55:56a Hillary Clinton Deja Vu
01:56:00a Facebook investigated on child safety
01:56:04a Darfur peace talks to resume on Oct. 27 in Libya
01:56:07a Old Mideast hand to become top UN envoy in Iraq
01:56:13a Cameroon European MPs Join Fight Against Malaria
01:56:16a Police move on Burmese monasteries news&subclass=general&story_id=1051530&category=general
01:56:25a Bush vows to work for Palestinian statehood
01:56:30a Bandaged George Clooney and injured girlfriend prove the show must go on
01:56:33a Terry faces a ban for grabbing ref's card
01:56:37a Labour calls for all-black election shortlists to get more minority MPs
01:56:42a UAE Takes U.S. Firms To Set Up Industry
01:56:49a Cellphone porn craze at Cape Town schools
01:56:56a South Africa Ruling Party's Plot to Oust Cape Town Mayor
01:57:02a Legend of Hero Tonma Review
01:57:06a Rockstar Table Tennis Images
01:57:10a PlayStation Eye Hands-on
01:57:13a Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Images
01:57:17a Rockstar Table Tennis Hands-on
01:57:20a Digimon World Data Squad Vids
01:57:24a Guitar Hero III PC First Look
01:57:27a Halo 3 IGN AU's Conversational Review
01:57:31a Digimon World Data Squad Images
01:57:34a Burnout Paradise Steel Wheels Shots
01:57:38a White House Rumble Review
01:57:42a Digimon World Data Squad Review
01:57:46a The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Video
01:57:50a The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Screens
01:57:53a WWE SmackDown Countdown 2007 Umaga
01:57:57a Man's Wrong Number Leads Cops To Huge Drug Bust
01:58:00a Playing Ketchup
01:58:04a Fake Hospital Patient Gets Real Justice
01:58:14a Scientists Accidentally Discover 'Kryptonite'
01:58:18a State-of-the-art 'learning environment' launched in Bristol schools
01:58:21a Conference to tackle school exclusions
01:58:25a Third Sheffield school wins Green Flag Award
01:58:28a Meals for School Children Fight Malnutrition, Improve Attendance
01:58:32a As Competition Starts, Enter the New Service Providers
01:58:35a Is it Time to Stop the Infighting?
01:58:39a Kerry Statement on Ahmadinejad Visit to U.S. and Speech at Columbia University
01:58:43a Overlooked relics found in Tutankhamun tomb
01:58:46a Demolition drive to check flooding on Mysore Road
01:58:56a The Canon Selphy ES1
01:58:59a Creating summary slide with hyperlinks in Powerpoint
01:59:02a 911 tape offers details in Yukon stabbing
01:59:06a Yukon preschool enrollment is under way
01:59:10a Kazakhstan pressures Western oil companies
01:59:14a 75 Percent of Preventing Terrorism Involves Social and Political Reforms Afghan Counter-Terrorism Chief
01:59:18a Turkmenistan's important role in the energy game
01:59:21a Kazakhstan changing to Latin alphabet
01:59:25a Russian Proton-M rocket crashes after take-off in Kazakhstan
01:59:29a Kazakhstan for North South Economic Corridor through Iran
01:59:32a Nine More Diagnosed With HIV In Southern Kyrgyzstan
01:59:36a Germany Points To Uzbek Link In Terrorist Plot
01:59:40a Kazakhstan demands that Eni cede some control over the Kashagan field
01:59:44a Building Collapse Exposes 'Chaos' in Baku's Urban Planning
01:59:48a Launch of Russian rocket carrying Japanese satellite fails, pieces fall in Kazakhstan
01:59:51a U.N. chief presses Mori on Japan's continued role in Afghan mission+
01:59:55a Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois romps to byelection win
01:59:59a Flaherty likes stock exchange merger idea
02:00:04a Ritalin as a diet drug?
02:00:07a Kulongoski gives hefty raise to state directors
02:00:13a Oakland Police Defend Officer-Involved Shooting
02:00:16a Run, Al, Run
02:00:20a Welcome to the official Propeller Blog!
02:00:23a Video Ahmadinejad denies existence of gays in Iran
02:00:27a A Knock on the Duir
02:00:30a EUR/USD 1.4500 by the End of This Year?
02:00:34a Caught On Tape Little Girl Sexually Abused
02:00:38a Starbucks To Give Away....Music
02:00:41a Samurai Sword Attack At Wrong Apartment
02:00:45a Florida Cop On Trial For Killing K-9 Partner
02:00:49a International Fugitive May Be Loose In SoCal
02:00:52a Series Of Break-Ins Rattles South Pasadena
02:00:56a President Bush Predicts Hillary Will Win Primary
02:00:59a Ahmadinejad, big man on campus
02:01:03a Senate passes 23 billion in water projects, despite veto threat
02:01:06a 6 in federal court on immigrant smuggling ring charges
02:01:10a Berkshire buys 6,000 more Burlington Northern shares
02:01:14a Markey blasts NRC for pact to outsource nuke plant reviews
02:01:18a Proposed border fence map posted on the Federal Registry
02:01:21a Retired congressman facing heart surgery
02:01:25a Astros send Lane to Padres
02:01:29a Colorado State's Kubiak released from hospital
02:01:32a After flying to 3-0, Cowboys eyeing 5-0
02:01:35a Force recovering from surgery after drag-racing wreck
02:01:39a Alberta town mourns after mother, daughter killed
02:01:43a Police Wife killed husband found in shallow grave
02:01:47a North Carolina Education Lottery results
02:01:50a Fighting poverty & hardship from Global to local 18 Oct 2007, Campbelltown
02:01:54a Yes, Dear
02:01:57a British jets intercept eight Russian bombers
02:02:01a Japan's Fukuda to be named PM
02:02:12a Bodies wash up in Nicaragua from deadly hurricane
02:02:16a Guatemala's Violence Part of Larger Public Security Problem in Central America
02:02:19a Felix Toll in Nicaragua Rises Above 40
02:02:23a Hurricane Felix leaves trail of death in Nicaragua Feature
02:02:26a UN sends more food to hurricane victims in central America
02:02:30a Toll from Felix rises in Central America as Henriette slams Mexico a second time
02:02:37a Indonesia reports 85th bird flu death
02:02:40a Felix kills 38 in Nicaragua; survivors wash ashore
02:02:44a Death toll from Hurricane Felix rises to 18, with dozens missing
02:02:47a Hurricanes are double trouble for Central America
02:02:50a Guangzhou to give less coverage on govt officials
02:02:54a PQ leader wins byelection in decisive victory
02:02:58a Reporter questioned in Charkaoui's bid to have bail conditions lifted
02:03:01a Drought destroying cotton crops again this year
02:03:05a Vote set for Sunday alcohol sales
02:03:09a Man charged in church thefts
02:03:12a Commissioners meet to discuss recent FBI search
02:03:16a Copper thieves strike strip mall
02:03:20a Family of 30-year-old murder victim trying to move on
02:03:23a Mother could face charges for babies born on drugs
02:03:27a Valley soldier dies in Iraq
02:03:31a Tainted Tofu Recalled
02:03:34a 'Philistines' When the ensemble is the star of the show
02:03:38a 'Knocked Up' Rowdy, sad and very funny
02:03:41a Louis La Caze, a French collector with a rare eye
02:03:45a Karen Kilimnik Finding meaning in scatteredness
02:03:50a Zyprexa data questions show need for drug safety
02:03:54a Consumers Union letter on S. 495
02:03:58a Consumers Union letter on S. 1178
02:04:05a President's ID Theft Task Force's Plan Falls Short
02:04:12a China's art of cyber-war
02:04:42a Too high a price?
02:04:46a 'Mother grizzly bear' wants her 83,000 returned
02:04:49a Pepper-spraying spices up one Ashland street corner
02:04:53a J'ville seniors seek a home of their own
02:04:59a Ashland decides to pare down library levy
02:05:08a Corn demand high this year
02:05:12a Governments accused of ignoring Indigenous child sex abuse
02:05:15a Broadband plan sparks mixed reaction
02:05:19a Regions brace for severe weather
02:05:22a Participants at Washington Climate Talks
02:05:26a Ozone layer 'not safe yet'
02:05:30a Amazonian forest 'more resilient'
02:05:33a Climate Change Meetings This Year
02:05:37a UN Climate Panel Report's Key Findings
02:05:41a Investors urge action on climate change
02:05:44a Climate fears spook companies
02:05:48a A summer of extremes heats up climate debate
02:05:51a Time for the IT crowd to go green
02:05:55a Global warming leaves Russians cold
02:05:59a Recycling rates must improve, says council
02:06:02a New marine energy research unit
02:06:06a Crews on stand-by as storm strengthens
02:06:09a Rain, winds batter NSW coast
02:06:13a Cyclonic winds heading for NSW coast bureau
02:06:16a Smith excited by young halves
02:06:20a Ships head for deeper water as more Hunter storms forecast
02:06:23a Residents say no to 9.9pc rate rise plan
02:06:26a Storms prompt council catchment area assessment
02:06:32a Fears storm could break up Pasha Bulker
02:06:35a Coastal NSW braces for severe weather
02:06:39a North coast floods before predicted storm
02:06:43a 'Halo 3' launches at midnight
02:06:47a POLITICS-MALI Worst Expectations Confounded
02:06:50a Bush fought new fuel standards
02:06:54a NRG to apply for new nuke permit
02:06:58a Pelosi intern attacked and beaten
02:07:02a Jena fears supremicist backlash
02:07:05a Comcast fined for fake 'news'
02:07:09a Bush weighs in again on '08 race
02:07:12a Swiss opera world pays tribute to Pavarotti
02:07:16a The Golden Years European Style
02:07:19a Is A Roth 401 Right For You?
02:07:23a Vacation Home Survival Guide
02:07:34a Extra-alarm fire destroys Southeast Side store
02:07:39a Teen Killer Requests A New Trial
02:07:45a House Speaker's Intern Attacked And Beaten
02:07:49a Britain's Fastest Speeder Jailed
02:07:53a 5M For N.Y. Solar 'Brain Center'
02:07:56a China Construction Bank opens 32.56 pct higher
02:08:00a Developing countries urge rich nations to fulfill commitments on climate change
02:08:04a U.S. approves funds to improve infrastructure in Philippines' insurgence-active island
02:08:07a Los Angeles police investigate boxer's death
02:08:11a Brazil's Sandra Pires wins her thousandth victory in beach volleyball
02:08:14a South Korea's Lee Chun-soo formally joins Feyenoord
02:08:18a PSV Eindhoven sets new club record
02:08:21a Abe Cabinet resigns en masse
02:08:25a Austrian vice chancellor welcomes Chinese sport administrative delegation
02:08:29a Andreev powers Russia into second successive David Cup final
02:08:32a Former residential students hopeful as they await compensation
02:08:39a Bhopal court upholds Monica Bedi acquittal
02:08:43a NGOs oppose Dow offer to cleanse Bhopal woes
02:08:47a Halo 3 Video Feature The First Hour
02:08:50a Japan's Prime Minister Resigns, Clears Way for Successor
02:08:54a Clive Barker's Jericho Official Movie 1
02:08:57a Intel India chips in to validate quad-core processors
02:09:01a Indian markets end firm; energy, banking stocks in limelight
02:09:04a IPCL is amalgamated with Reliance
02:09:08a Intel unveils high-efficiency quad-core processors
02:09:11a YOU Telecom launches SME solutions
02:09:15a Shemaroo launches music for 3D animation film
02:09:18a Ushacomm eyes markets in Middle East, Africa
02:09:22a Flooding closes Vic schools
02:09:26a Vic Govt announces 3b South Gippsland desal plant
02:09:31a Flash flooding warning for East Gippsland
02:09:35a Famed photographer shocks with anoxeria campaign
02:09:41a Trying to Survive One Day at a Time
02:09:45a Our Equipment is Packed
02:09:48a Cyprus to seek ancient shipwrecks
02:09:52a Resident Says Neighbor Shot Her 3 Bulls
02:09:55a Facebook Subpoenaed In Online Sex Probe
02:09:59a Khadr military commission charges reinstated
02:10:02a Visa problem hinders Pak youth's treatment in Jaipur
02:10:06a ICE, Tesoro, Teradata to join SP 500
02:10:10a With Fear and Wonder in Its Wake, Sputnik Lifted Us Into the Future
02:10:13a Present for the Beginning A Khrushchev Remembers
02:10:17a New Horizons Beckon, Inspiring Vision if Not Certainty
02:10:20a From the Start, the Space Race Was an Arms Race
02:10:24a The Innovative Space Spinoffs, Both Real and Mythical
02:10:28a Wanted Billionaire Risk-Takers Seeking Eternal Renown
02:10:31a When Science Suddenly Mattered, in Space and in Class
02:10:35a One Giant Leap, Followed by Decades of Baby Steps
02:10:38a Two Early Pioneers Continue Their Work at the Frontier
02:10:42a Space Age Artifacts? The Smithsonian Is Just the Beginning
02:10:45a Voices 10/4/57
02:10:49a Sector Glance Major web companies mixed
02:10:52a Government's math on climate change plan under the microscope
02:10:56a Crown's move to order 14 terror suspects to trial a 'farce' defence lawyer
02:11:00a Islamic banks apply to set up shop in Canada
02:11:04a Bureaucrat charged with defrauding feds of 2.7 million
02:11:30a UN culture agency celebrates life of poet, philosopher and spiritual leader Rumi
02:11:35a Seed Banks Help Protect Rare, Endangered Plants
02:11:47a Legislatures May Act on Columbia University for inviting Ahmadinejad
02:11:52a Town, Woman Bring Trailer Battle To Court
02:11:55a Foxwoods Shows Off Expansion Project
02:11:59a Motorists turn to alternative fuel and save money
02:12:02a Pinnacle Casino to open its newest addition soon
02:12:06a Columbia University president slams Ahmadinejad
02:12:09a Claire Roche, singer harpist, in Australia
02:12:13a Law Free America
02:12:16a Child Left in Cage, Neighbors Respond After 10 hours, No Charges
02:12:23a DSC04453.JPG
02:12:26a 1435280414.jpg
02:12:29a 1434363453.jpg
02:12:33a 1432361611.jpg
02:12:40a Satellite Party by stephen bailey
02:12:43a Picture 089
02:12:46a Picture 090
02:12:50a Subcontinent’s largest underground aquarium opens in Jammu
02:12:53a Three arrested for trying to rape minor in Jammu
02:12:57a Police arrest 2 daycare teachers
02:13:00a Ahmadinejad's visit to Columbia draws reaction in Conn.
02:13:04a > Hurricane Felix Spares Belize
02:13:07a ForeignPolicy How the Iraq Occcupation Has Turned Friendship Between Families Into Sectarian Hatred
02:13:11a ForeignPolicy The Multi-Billion Dollar IED Boondoggle Continues
02:13:14a War on Iraq The Multi-Billion Dollar IED Boondoggle Continues
02:13:18a WorkPlace Union-Busting Confidential
02:13:32a Tougher charges filed in teen's overdose death
02:13:36a Conference to put GM crops under the spotlight
02:13:41a Farmers not backing water pipeline plan VFF
02:14:13a More Freight Rail Could Reduce Road Congestion
02:14:17a Solomon Food Group buys GBL Holdings
02:14:20a KUTh Energy makes solid debut on ASX
02:14:23a Myer reports 84 million net profit
02:14:27a NAB sells fleet business for 342m
02:14:30a Thief Carjacks Courier, Money Taken
02:14:34a Suspected Gunman In PB Shooting Arrested
02:14:37a A Look at Addis Ababa
02:14:43a 'Tent City 2' Comes To Richmond
02:15:06a Trade deficit rose to 854M in July
02:15:10a Capitol Hill Prepares for Spending Showdown
02:15:14a Hanoi Planning More Economic Reforms
02:15:17a Japan's Cabinet resigns, clearing way for new government
02:15:21a CNN Student News Transcript September 25, 2007
02:15:24a In G.M. Strike, Both Sides See Defining Moment
02:15:28a Indian Outsourcing Comes Full Circle
02:15:31a In Beach Enclave, Affluent at Odds Over Effluent
02:15:35a News Analysis Maliki Gains Time, but Faces a Daunting Task
02:15:39a Congress Set for Veto Fight on Child Health Care
02:15:46a Dimboola Hotel owner gets demolition order
02:15:53a IT Crowd look promising
02:15:57a Afghan violence kills 47, including 3 NATO soldiers
02:16:00a German public banks could merge
02:16:04a China to allow foreign investment joint ventures
02:16:08a Rio Tinto experimenting with automated rail
02:16:11a Lowe's warns profit could trail forecast
02:16:15a Target, Lowe's revise sales outlook downward
02:16:18a Study alleges U.S. broker misdeeds too easily erased
02:16:22a Financial institutions nationwide are undergoing a 3-week test of a fake flu pandemic
02:16:25a Microsoft and Kenwood Enter Into Broad Patent Licensing Agreement to Foster Innovation and Collaboration
02:16:29a Global Traffic Swings to 4Q Profit
02:16:32a 'Halo 3' Buzz Fires Up Microsoft Shares
02:16:36a One Person Shot In The Neck
02:16:39a UAW Strikes Against General Motors
02:16:46a Beattie urged to listen to merger concerns
02:16:50a Cherbourg fears threat to Indigenous partnership agreement
02:16:54a Research scheme to focus on water saving
02:16:57a Broadband plan gets cautious thumbs up from W Qld
02:17:00a Gregoire Threatens to Sue over S-Chip
02:17:04a Pipe Bomb Killed Oregon Man
02:17:07a SE drain digging resumes
02:17:12a Record 2m compo for 'Voyager' survivor
02:17:16a Morocco Concludes Price Talks On Rafale
02:17:19a Patrols Increased in Jena, La.
02:17:23a Nuke Dump Structures Moved After Study
02:17:26a `Beep! Beep!' of change is just around the bend
02:17:29a Micheline Maynard on NPR's Here and Now
02:17:33a Back Pain Moving the Needles
02:17:56a Cards at Milwaukee
02:18:00a Man arrested in police officer dragging
02:18:08a N. Texas Businesses Affected By GM Strike
02:18:12a Schumer wants Money for Russel Station
02:18:15a Teens Honored For Saving Motorist From Train
02:18:19a Local Company Moves
02:18:22a Hundreds Say Goodbye To Gary Teen Killed In Crash
02:18:26a UAW Strikes Against GM Delphi Will quot;Adjust Schedulesquot;
02:18:29a Police Make Arrest In Shooting Of 12-Year-Old Girl
02:18:32a Reactions to Iranian Leader's Speech
02:18:36a Driver of Flipped Car Sought
02:18:40a Man Charged With Animal Cruelty In Duck Beheading
02:18:43a Lawmakers Want List Of Postponed Trans. Projects
02:18:47a Man Accused of Strangling Wife
02:18:50a Hefti Pleads Guilty in Cemetery Fraud
02:18:53a 595 Express Lanes Planned At Ground Level
02:18:57a Softball Team Shocked by Popular Coach's Arrest on Child Porn Charges
02:19:01a Mid-State bank name officially changes
02:19:04a Injured servicemen learn how to surf
02:19:07a Jeff James' Noon Forecast Sept. 24, 2007
02:19:11a Man arrested in bar fight
02:19:14a Mayor Ravenstahl's Staff Overpaid?
02:19:18a Gamblers at Arizona casinos wager 9.7 billion
02:19:24a Top 40 East Valley employers
02:19:28a Promoters Want To See Kid Rock-Tommy Lee Bout
02:19:31a Angels Shuffle Rotation Rest Escobar
02:19:35a Mayor's Girlfriend Will Now Cover Inland Empire
02:19:39a Nepal's elections endangered by violence
02:19:42a Ahmadinejad suffers rare public dressing down on US visit
02:19:46a A glance at Ahmadinejad's statements
02:19:49a Driver in fatal ATV accident transferred to Kishon prison
02:19:53a Dichter shuts down Husseini Foundation dinner in E. J'lem
02:19:56a Business confidence expected to drop on growth, export fears
02:20:00a Credit fears spark fresh action
02:20:03a Who is representing the needs of the excluded poor?
02:20:07a Afridi scoops Twenty20 player prize
02:20:15a Fishermen to be interviewed over plane crash
02:20:18a he spent thirty years
02:20:21a are we talking
02:20:25a all hysteria
02:20:28a behold
02:20:32a untitled 438
02:20:35a holy
02:20:38a silent tears
02:20:42a hiding under a rock
02:20:45a evil gives
02:20:48a untitled 437
02:20:52a an endless chain
02:20:55a untitled 436 arrow
02:20:59a Forbidden Starbucks
02:21:02a Israel Rejects Peace Petition
02:21:05a Music
02:21:09a Acupuncture helps reduce back pain?...
02:21:12a Parent to Parent Newborns brains
02:21:16a Making the Grade Successful student
02:21:19a Court Advances War Crime Trials
02:21:23a Violent Crime Reported Up 2% in 2006
02:21:26a Panel to Consider Stronger Regulation of Utah Mines
02:21:30a U.S. Sues Illinois to Let Employers Use Immigrant Databases
02:21:34a Big Water-Project Measure Is Approved by the Senate
02:21:37a Arrest in University Shootings
02:21:41a 2 Prisoners Kill Guard in Attempt to Escape
02:21:44a Nevada Changes Made at Nuclear Waste Site
02:21:48a Minnesota Craig's Motives Questioned
02:21:51a Edwards's Strategy on AIDS
02:21:55a Homeland Security Deputy to Quit
02:21:58a California State to Divest Iran Holdings
02:22:02a The Loan That Keeps on Taking
02:22:06a Tokyo unsettled, Sydney sets record high
02:22:09a Lennar, Target, Red Hat, Lowe's
02:22:13a Prosecutor Gives Facebook the MySpace Treatment
02:22:16a Time-pressed families gobble up meal-assembly services
02:22:20a Heavyweights square off on world's top economy U.S. vs. China
02:22:23a Milford Schools Answer Questions On Bond Issue
02:22:27a So many signs, so little time
02:22:30a Couple living amid cat feces, trash appears in court
02:22:33a India Level Series in 6th ODI Match
02:22:37a Audubon Society offers reward after latest killing of protected bird
02:22:41a Missoula's AniMeals founder finalist for national award
02:22:44a Woodburn police nab driver after hot deal on car
02:22:48a Eastern Montana wind farm revived, but smaller
02:22:51a Bend police capture inmate after weekend on loose
02:22:55a Billings gynecologist to be arraigned on Ohio sex charge Friday
02:22:58a Panel issues final sage grouse recommendations
02:23:02a Wolves killed after killing calf near Philipsburg
02:23:05a One killed in crash near Butte
02:23:08a ATF to help investigation of Stevenson warehouse fire
02:23:12a Grand jury indicts Gresham father in shaken baby case
02:23:15a Pasanella's classmates wear blue in his memory
02:23:19a E.V. cities consider bans on text messaging
02:23:22a Komodo Spawns New Open Source IDE Project
02:23:26a U.S. navy helicopter crashes in Guam, 1 dead
02:23:47a Ethiopia Humanitarian crisis
02:23:55a Is FOSS Big Business in the U.S.?
02:24:03a Hand grenade kills farmer in North Cotabato town
02:24:06a Japan's Abe formally resigns, ending turbulent premiership
02:24:10a Climate change melting Kashmir glaciers - report
02:24:14a One violent crime every 22 seconds in US - report
02:24:17a Aid to Palestine could resume by 2008
02:24:20a Bayh backs Clinton
02:24:24a Grade-fixing scandal emerges in N.J.
02:24:27a House speaker's intern attacked and beaten
02:24:31a Britain's fastest speeder jailed
02:24:34a Honduras Hurricane
02:24:38a McDonald's Now Serving McDesign
02:24:42a Syria Orders Mig-31 From Russia
02:24:45a Egypt Quietly Supports Hamas Takeover
02:24:49a Global Policy Innovations Program
02:24:58a Bush Offering 'Back-Channel' Political Advice To Democratic Candidates Stay In Iraq
02:25:01a Escalation.
02:25:05a Foreign service group calls for ouster of State Dept IG.
02:25:08a Nine out of 10
02:25:12a 41 days in Iraq vs. insuring 10 million children.
02:25:15a Prosecutor Craig is ‘politicking and game playing.
02:25:19a High health care costs lead to strike at GM.
02:25:22a Sugar Hill Lease Purchase Rent To Own You Pick The Home
02:25:26a Veronis to Invest in
02:25:30a Texas man survives massive bee attack
02:25:33a Perth hospital calls for volunteers as staff continue industrial action
02:25:37a Wal-Mart Withdraws Application For New Supercenter In Florence
02:25:41a Council Police chief must explain disciplinary reversals in writing
02:25:45a Bills TE Everett continuing to improve
02:25:56a Microsoft Ready to Buy Share of Facebook
02:26:00a Rahul Gandhi Promoted to Key Congress Role
02:26:03a Amnesty Criticises Britain Over Forced Returns of Iraqi Refugees
02:26:07a Gun-toting Ballerinas Launch Beijing Arts Complex
02:26:10a Government By Tv Chávez Sets 8-hour Record
02:26:13a Buy a Cheap Laptop, Give One to World's Poor
02:26:17a Benn Calls on Us to Adopt Binding Aims on Emissions
02:26:20a Ireland Forced to Open Immigrant School
02:26:24a British Man Helped Organise Rwandan Genocide, Court Told
02:26:27a Syria Set to Reject Peace Talks Offer
02:26:31a Elite Uk Troops Rescue Italians in Afghanistan
02:26:35a As Protesters Jeer, Ahmadinejad Denies Iran Wants Nuclear Weapons
02:26:38a Schwarzenegger, Gore but no Bush at UN climate summit
02:26:42a Microsoft readies "Halo 3" video game for launch
02:26:46a Chicago Building's Green Roof Offers Benefits With Beauty
02:26:49a Humans 'causing climate change'
02:26:53a US to impose Burma sanctions
02:26:56a Clooney walks red carpet days after accident
02:27:00a Arrest Made in Delaware State Shooting
02:27:03a Keith Olbermann Neuters Bill O'Reilly
02:27:07a One World Church
02:27:10a Ahmadinejad hounded by boos in Columbia University
02:27:14a Jurors in Spector murder trial end 10th day of deliberations
02:27:17a Terror charges reinstated against Canadian detainee at Gua...
02:27:21a Brown sets out plans to dominate centre ground
02:27:24a Letter bombs 'made in bedroom'
02:27:28a Farmers on alert over new fears
02:27:31a Tornadoes at breakfast leave trail of destruction
02:27:35a I've lost my job, said driver clocked doing 172mph
02:27:38a Girl who ran away from home after row found dead
02:27:42a Guerrilla artist Banksy caught up in eBay fraud
02:27:45a Phone firm gets record fine for 20m TV scam
02:27:49a St Albans is new Mayfair in Monopoly
02:27:53a Mills in court fight to shield key fraud trial evidence
02:27:56a Harman tests ground to let parties draft all-black shortlist
02:28:00a Ministers drop plan for experts to brief rape juries
02:28:03a New leader apologises for SNP victory
02:28:07a UK man helped organise Rwandan genocide, court told
02:28:10a Burma's military rulers threaten protesting monks
02:28:14a Iran leader dismisses nuclear plans
02:28:18a UK troops rescue Italian hostages
02:28:21a ASEAN under pressure to act as Myanmar protests mount
02:28:25a Freed China reporter to win press freedom award
02:28:29a O.J. Simpson armed robbery case suspect posts bail in Las Vegas
02:28:36a The United Auto Workers strike
02:28:39a People and Changes
02:28:43a Peacekeepers Not Expected for Months
02:28:46a Rotavirus Under Screening
02:28:50a UN Launches Massive Food Appeal for Refugees
02:28:54a Brazil debt slavery unit shuts down temporarily after criticism over raid
02:28:57a Activist to lobby UN against Bainimarama
02:29:01a Bush accepts invitation to Beijing Olympics
02:29:05a In India, even cared-for populace leaves for work
02:29:09a Congress nears key votes on children's health plan
02:29:16a China questions U.S. human trafficking report
02:29:20a China says it respects legitimacy of Abbas & PNA
02:29:23a Breast Cancer More Deadly In Black Women
02:29:27a Investigation into RailCorp drug video
02:29:30a Blood found in industrial skip
02:29:34a South Africa Technology Aims to Finger Killer TB Victims
02:29:39a Fire Damages Newport Home Early Thursday
02:29:42a Holy war Richard Land knocks James Dobson for knocking Fred
02:29:45a Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself
02:29:55a Mar Elias wants a president who unites people
02:29:59a Will we be pleasantly surprised
02:30:14a Disgraced top jockey sent from Hong Kong to Australian jail
02:30:18a Jilted Hong Kong boyfriend posts sex clips of girlfriend on web
02:30:21a Children's homes receiving heightened oversight
02:30:25a Hong Kong security guard jailed for row over remote control
02:30:28a Man jailed for slashing death 20 years ago
02:30:45a Sri Lankan military leaders visit Jaffna
02:31:15a Tell Us Where it Hurts
02:31:31a The Ever-Elusive Hearts and Minds
02:31:57a Climate change named biggest security issue facing Australia+
02:32:00a Putin announces new Cabinet, retains 2 deputy prime ministers+
02:32:04a Acting U.S. farm chief asks Japan to raise age limit on beef imports+
02:32:12a Leaks Get AT&T Dry Loop For 23.99
02:32:35a Old Latin-only rite wins new Mass appeal
02:32:38a Aleutian mask is oldest ever found
02:32:54a FCC Proposes 'Fake News' Fine
02:33:09a Cruelty Animal In the Waterland Circuses
02:33:40a Delhi considers proposal for GPRS in buses
02:33:43a Econet Completes GPRS Installation
02:34:39a VIDEO ADI Holds Annual Golf Outing
02:34:43a VIDEO Prison Workers Upset Over Budget Cuts
02:34:47a VIDEO Green Bay School District Plans Budget
02:34:50a Biosecurity still hunting genetically modified fish
02:34:54a Ceremonial sword found in sealed police bag police
02:34:58a Qian Xun's grandma believed to be in NZ
02:35:05a Thursday Newspaper Review Irish Business News and International Stories
02:35:12a Microsoft readies 'Halo 3' video game for launch
02:35:21a Is Apple's iPhone Rollout Smart Business?
02:35:29a TVNZ scraps voting for on-screen wedding over tampering
02:35:53a Riyadh lashes out at Damascus
02:36:01a Delta to Maybe Offer More Direct Routes
02:36:06a FCC proposes fine for 'fake news' report on sleep aid
02:36:09a Related Quotes at Ahmadinejad Speech
02:36:21a Telecare is 'key' to future of social care in UK
02:36:24a Binging smokers 'pile on weight' during ban
02:36:30a Sudan UN Reports Rights Abuses Continue in Darfur
02:36:34a Grosse Pointe Board moves closer to saving landmark library
02:36:38a State Dems attempt to save budget through series of cuts
02:36:42a New Zealand Frustrating market
02:36:47a Teenage girl 'assaulted on her way home'
02:36:50a A British one-party state
02:36:53a Violinist's new CD is latest string to bow
02:36:57a McRae's widow and the father who lost son in helicopter crash
02:37:00a Charity highlights 'knowledge gap' in ignorance over strokes
02:37:07a I was set up, claims murder defendant who 'tried to expose police corruption'
02:37:10a 400 assaults a week on healthcare workers 'just the tip of the iceberg'
02:37:14a Driver fined 270 after running into pedestrian
02:37:17a Police may keep DNA of 'criminal' children
02:37:21a Pupils' bus and lorry in collision
02:37:24a Trump flags golf 'compromise'
02:37:28a Thousands need uniform aid
02:37:31a Red tape review group to report
02:37:35a City's Monopoly win in game vote
02:37:38a US dream beckons for schoolgirl
02:37:42a Father gives drug-driving tip-off
02:37:45a UNECE/FAO Timber Section quarterly newsletter April June 2007
02:37:49a Computerized Body Parts
02:37:53a Not Your Mother's Gym Class
02:37:56a Paralyzed & Pregnant
02:38:00a Researchers Develop Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorders
02:38:03a Jonathan Rea’s first SBK win at Mondello Park
02:38:07a Israel opens criminal probe into Olmert real estate purchase
02:38:10a South Africa president suspends top criminal prosecutor
02:38:14a Major Drug Bust in Durham
02:38:17a Frosty Wooldridge - U.S. Truckers Jobs on Chopping Block
02:38:29a Greek New Democracy party and oil ventures
02:38:33a Minister wants Greek relics from UK
02:38:53a Transair faked safety records, crash inquest told
02:38:57a Mayors welcome 'productive' amalgamation talks
02:39:00a Electricity council keen to get public feedback
02:39:04a Mayors to raise council amalgamation concerns
02:39:07a Microsoft's 'Halo 3' Game Meets Approval of Critics
02:39:11a Hong Kong shares set new record amid record turnover
02:39:14a Sweet Little Lies
02:39:17a Garofalo to O'Reilly 'Kiss my Fat Ass'
02:39:25a A Feeling I'm Being Had
02:39:28a Gasquet rolls in rainy Mumbai
02:39:32a Gasquet deflates Vliegen, in Rnd II
02:39:35a Only thing new is the deadline
02:39:38a Leave Nurin's parents alone
02:39:42a Special athletes need our help
02:39:45a Minister clears the air
02:39:49a Vital to start planning for your retirement early
02:39:52a Take the train home instead
02:39:55a Much to gain from having RT patrols
02:39:59a Division should get its priorities right
02:40:02a Law should apply to politicians, too
02:40:06a Knee-jerk reaction to Nurin's death
02:40:09a The resistance in fasting
02:40:12a Wrong for DBKL to impose congestion fee
02:40:16a Dell Confirms Deal for Gome to Sell PCs
02:40:19a Iron-Ore Deal May Signal More Mergers
02:40:23a Giuliani Fund Raising Reaches Into Kazakhstan
02:40:26a PetroChina Domestic IPO Gets Approval
02:40:30a Subprime Woes Could Hurt Mitsubishi UFJ
02:40:33a DBS Group Holdings Tai to Resign as CEO
02:40:37a AGL Sets Pact to Take Over Alinta Venture
02:40:40a Ahmadinejad Creates Political Theater
02:40:44a Still No Verdict In Family Secrets Mob Trial
02:40:48a Family Claims Energy Drink Addiction Caused Man's Strange Death
02:40:51a Reservoir Discharge Washes Away Bride
02:40:55a Domestic Violence Leads to the Murder of a Los Angeles Mother of Two
02:40:58a GM to export over 800 mln of cars, parts to China
02:41:02a Disgraced jockey moves to Australian jail
02:41:06a Moderate veteran Fukuda set to be Japan's prime minister
02:41:09a Police Sex Offenders Stay At Antioch Best Western Hotel
02:41:13a Police Probe Shooting Death Of 15-Year-Old SJ Teen
02:41:16a 'Largest Steroid Crackdown In U.S.' Nets 5 Bay Area Arrests
02:41:20a Police Baby Dies After Father Backs Over Her In Driveway
02:41:23a Indonesian shares outlook Lower on profit-taking; miners may extend gains
02:41:27a Global financial crisis to have `far-reaching` impact IMF
02:41:31a IMF, World Bank to unveil joint strategy for poor countries
02:41:34a Apple warns of unauthorized iPhone software
02:41:38a Microsoft May Buy Facebook Stake
02:41:41a 3. Everywhere Girl returns complete with hat and interview
02:41:45a Police wary of armed fugitive
02:41:48a More people caught by top tax bracket, MP says
02:41:51a Serious Vulnerability Found In PDF Files
02:41:57a MP airs school first aid change fears
02:42:00a SES volunteers head for storm-hit NSW
02:42:04a GCC, Seoul Set to Start FTA Talks
02:42:07a Urawa braced for bruiser in S. Korea
02:42:11a Burglar Steals Lexus From Showroom
02:42:15a Caracas stalked by mystery feline
02:42:18a - Not even the dead are safe in Caracas
02:42:22a Havana, Caracas and Bogotá
02:42:25a US position on Taiwan appreciated
02:42:29a Japanese invited to PLA drill
02:42:32a Floods in Africa spread; 22 nations hit
02:42:39a Oil firms on alert in Nigeria after threat
02:42:43a Congo truce broken; rebels clash with army
02:42:47a Fresh downpours hinder Africa relief effort
02:42:50a Rights Council Should Set Benchmarks for Sudan
02:42:54a Adelaide voice concerns over Muscat arm guard
02:42:57a Global Steroids Bust Nets 5 From San Jose
02:43:01a Study Acupuncture Helps Relieve Back Pain
02:43:04a South Korea international Lee Chun-Soo welcomed by Feyenoord
02:43:08a Soldiers describe baiting of Iraqi insurgents
02:43:11a Terror charges reinstated against Omar Khadr
02:43:15a US Senate to vote on Iraq division plan
02:43:18a Exiled dictator apologizes for 'wrongs' in rare address to Haitians
02:43:22a Iraq bomber hits peace meeting
02:43:25a All coming together for All Blacks
02:43:29a Northern giants staring at exit
02:43:32a '100 laptops' for world's poor students to go on sale
02:43:36a Junta threatens protesting monks
02:43:39a Argentina hosts gay 'World Cup' of soccer
02:43:43a Fujimori held in poor living conditions, his daughter says
02:43:46a Dubai to Host World Financial Centers Summit
02:43:50a HMC to observe World Heart Day on Sept 30
02:43:53a UN chief says mood is ripe for 'breakthrough' at climate talks
02:43:57a Lawmakers Propose Changes To Parole System
02:44:01a Nigeria The State of Emergency in Education
02:44:04a Lawyer in video clip out of country
02:44:07a Accused's jeep 'could have been tampered with'
02:44:11a 'Only High Court can annul civil unions'
02:44:14a Decision on gas price hike soon
02:44:18a Shy and friendly, but...
02:44:21a Charge against mother 'flawed'
02:44:25a 'Sailors' locked up by agent
02:44:28a The Orang Asli Community Resettlement 'good for children's future'
02:44:32a Bid to declare Maika meeting null and void
02:44:35a You'll be over the moon to hear these tales
02:44:39a Cop with RM6m to face charges
02:44:43a Conjoined twins born to housewife
02:44:46a Leprosarium demolition to continue
02:44:49a Naluri unit's maiden project set to blossom
02:44:53a Empowering them with hope
02:44:56a Witness comes forward, police working on photo-fit
02:45:00a A book that helps patients deal better with cancer
02:45:03a Four foreigners held over women's murder
02:45:06a Proud parents his biggest fans
02:45:10a Anger over hillside project
02:45:13a The Orang Asli Community Negritos may have settled in Malaya first first
02:45:17a Dr M 'stable and conscious'
02:45:20a Sarawak, Sabah to get better air services
02:45:24a The Orang Asli Community Education is the ticket to a better life
02:45:27a Two grab RM500,000 from guards leaving bank
02:45:30a Centenarian has no problems fasting
02:45:34a Mum denies locking girl in cage
02:45:39a Germs in space
02:45:43a Firm settles Wisconsin 'no-call' complaint
02:45:53a Israel's attorney general orders probe into Olmert
02:45:56a Ehud Olmert faces new corruption inquiry
02:46:00a Israel's Olmert in corruption probe
02:46:03a Israel Orders Probe Into Olmert Corruption Charge
02:46:07a Bush meets with Palestinian leaders in peace effort
02:46:10a Bush I strongly support the creation of a Palestinian state
02:46:14a Israeli raid 'ends chance of peace'
02:46:17a First ride Moto Morini 9½ and Corsaro exotic road bikes
02:46:21a BET Evolution Will Be Televised
02:46:24a Congrats to our 10 Click to Win Winners
02:46:27a Florida Democrats Defy Democratic Party
02:46:31a Fire Closes NW 17th Avenue In Miami
02:46:34a Gala an Evening Of Fun, Fundraising
02:46:38a This education system fails children by teaching them to parrot, not think
02:46:41a China does not want another Tiananmen Square by proxy
02:46:45a A conviction politician, but where, Gordon, is the edge
02:46:48a Iran and the US must talk
02:46:52a Amnesty should retain its neutral position on abortion
02:46:55a Students in England 'work less'
02:46:59a UK's Brown to face cross-party push for treaty referendum
02:47:02a Four member states to get more MEPs
02:47:06a Wal-Mart would not sell Venturer SHD7000 HD DVD player
02:47:10a New Books Received, September 1 16, 2007
02:47:13a Company To Apply For Nuclear Reactor
02:47:17a Rewarding Intellectual Property Protection
02:47:21a Cyclone Power Technologies Files Patent Application for New, Eco-Friendly Waste Heat Engine Technology
02:47:24a I really need a web developer's help in choosing a web host
02:47:28a Amyris Biotechnologies Hacking Microbes for Energy
02:47:31a Tony Tantillo Austrailian Navel Oranges
02:47:35a Three years later St. Helens show continues
02:47:38a NATO forces free soldiers in Herat raid
02:47:42a Officials open new cafe in Forbidden City
02:47:45a Shanghai officials linked to pension scandal sentenced
02:47:52a Court rules for Musharraf in three suits
02:47:56a Rice wants more transparency from N Korea
02:47:59a British tour group raises nationalist hackles in India
02:48:03a News organizations boycott Rugby World Cup events as photo feud intensifies
02:48:07a Scientists in Singapore create device to detect H5N1
02:48:11a Singaporean PM says `heterosexuals should set the tone'
02:48:14a Social networking sites take notice of seniors
02:48:18a Merkel meets the Dalai Lama
02:48:22a HP expands cellphone offerings while bolstering iPAQ line
02:48:25a FEATURE Intrepid Australian finishes the Genghis Khan trail
02:48:29a Apple offers 100 credit to disgruntled iPhone buyers
02:48:32a Not enough done for Iraqi refugees Amnesty
02:48:37a Former Ivory Coast president holds mass election rally
02:48:40a The hunt for gotta-have-it gadgets
02:48:44a High-speed video store in the living room
02:48:47a Blackwater crossed the line Iraqi PM
02:48:51a Little Rock Nine marks 50 years of desegregation
02:48:54a Hillary Clinton attacks war in media blitz
02:48:58a NY Times defends itself over ad scandal
02:49:01a Loggerhead sea turtles disappearing in US from fishing
02:49:05a Property sector confidence index drops
02:49:08a FEATURE `Give One, Get One' laptops to sell for US400
02:49:12a Science park registers record exports
02:49:15a Many product labels are improper CPC
02:49:18a UAW threatens General Motors strike
02:49:22a Technology changes trading at NYSE
02:49:26a French PM warns French finances in `critical' state
02:49:29a US market gains spur growth in light Asian trading
02:49:33a Manila suspends telecoms deal with China
02:49:37a Dell Inc to start selling desktops, laptops in China
02:49:40a Foreign banks soon able to join with Chinese securities
02:49:44a MySpace launches free, ad-supported cellphone service
02:49:47a The poisonous cocktail
02:49:51a 100th birthday fun ¦ʷ³¥ͤé¼Ö
02:49:57a A vote in time ¤ήɪº¤@²¼
02:50:00a Police Looking For Man Seen Videotaping Kids At Local Pool
02:50:07a Nigeria Delta Gets Science, Technology Ministry
02:50:11a Memo Pad
02:50:15a Cramped in Coach With No Peanuts Can Look Good
02:50:18a The View From Your Airplane Window Was Brought to You by ...
02:50:22a Approval Is Sought for Reactors
02:50:25a World Bank Faces Doubt From Donors
02:50:29a If You Have Money, Trump Knows How to Use It
02:50:32a Heron Illegally Killed, Found In Battle Ground
02:50:36a Father Indicted In Shaken Baby Case
02:50:41a Daycare's pet bunny stolen by circus protestors
02:50:45a Jetstar passengers ill on Pacific flight
02:50:49a Bakers Creek crash memorial to be moved
02:50:52a Bunzl to buy Dublin-based DG Distributors and Vendors
02:50:55a Stop Protecting Broadcasters
02:50:59a Wages A Job for Life
02:51:02a Landlord Proposal Sparks Enforcement Debate
02:51:06a Haysville Firefighter Dies
02:51:09a Cities to Battle Underage Drinking
02:51:12a Judge Loses Her Cool
02:51:16a Cincinnati schools 'redesign' passes
02:51:19a Interim replacement hired for Slaby
02:51:23a U.S., Brazil revive hopes for trade breakthrough
02:51:26a One Shot At Fall River Insurance Company
02:51:30a Women Injured When Sewer Grate Pops Up, Hits Car
02:51:33a Mass. Lottery To Start Selling 20 Scratch Tickets
02:51:37a 7 News Investigation Hialeah Arrests
02:51:41a Pearson takes anti-handout campaign to Govt
02:51:45a QR urged to return far north cattle train
02:51:52a Indigenous people to be shut out of marine park management, Senator says
02:51:56a Tom Johnson named Canada's Olympic swim coach
02:51:59a PQ leader takes early lead
02:52:02a Ugly end to Milton Bradley's season
02:52:06a Weir out to shed token Canadian label at Presidents Cup
02:52:17a Facebook predators are 'tip of the iceberg'
02:52:24a Apple to zap hacked iPhones
02:52:27a Microsoft eyes stake in Facebook
02:52:31a John McCain on Nevada Yucca Mountain by vinny1
02:52:34a Prison Museum
02:52:38a Prison Guard
02:52:41a Testing It Out
02:52:45a One Laptop Per Child
02:52:49a Laptop Tetris
02:52:52a 100 Laptop
02:52:55a Prototypes
02:53:01a Greek_Salad
02:53:05a Earthquake Magnitude 5.2 NORTHERN YUKON TERRITORY, CANADA
02:53:08a Railroad Tracks
02:53:13a PM to offer Gen Sonthi a Cabinet position
02:53:17a Microsoft looks across the lake
02:53:20a Duo arrested in international steroids bust
02:53:24a Mother demands answers in son's BCSD bus injury
02:53:28a Is it time to reassess your home?
02:53:31a Sheriff's sergeant takes plea deal in drug case
02:53:35a Pres. Bush to host global warming conference
02:53:38a Iran's Pres. visits Columbia University
02:53:42a Low-cost spay, neuter assistance now available
02:53:45a Kern County ranks 3rd in state's Chlamydia rates
02:53:49a Congressman McCarthy featured on The Weekly Standard cover
02:53:52a Forum held for cancer awareness
02:53:55a Brisbane horse flu test results due today
02:53:59a Nats meet on candidate
02:54:02a Myanmar junta threatens 'action'
02:54:06a Judiciary confirmation hearings turn political
02:54:09a Taiwan's military juggling act
02:54:13a Taiwan Society concerned about 'normal' resolution
02:54:16a China's top advisor slams at Taiwan leader's UN 'referendum' bid
02:54:20a Taiwan's Lin brothers out to secure place in World Cup
02:54:23a NVIDIA Forceware 163.71 Beta
02:54:27a NVIDIA Forceware 64 Bit 163.71 Beta
02:54:30a Nvidia ForceWare for Vista 32-Bit 163.71
02:54:34a Nvidia ForceWare for Vista 64-Bit 163.71
02:54:38a Tackling society's drug and alcohol crisis at its roots
02:54:41a Leukaemia patient 'lottery' claim
02:54:44a PPP leaders to meet in London on October 3
02:54:48a US, Britain Pour Development Aid Into Sulu
02:54:51a Cutting sleep 'raises risk of heart disease'
02:54:55a Universities' reputations 'at risk'
02:54:58a Killer should have been expelled
02:55:02a Police clock British man driving at 172 mph
02:55:05a Fico pitches one-hitter
02:55:08a Maybin hitless in Tigers debut
02:55:12a The 3 Different Definitions of Beta Software
02:55:18a Boy Injured by Falling TV Awarded 19M
02:55:21a Formal announcement of Congress unification Tuesday
02:55:24a &lsquoMaoists will return to govt if there's new political...
02:55:28a Running circles round the Emperor
02:55:31a Abe offers apology from hospital over political turmoil
02:55:35a Pachinko seeks to shed shady image as market shrinks
02:55:38a Favre's record-tying TD upsets Chargers
02:55:42a Ham hurlers make Fighters tasty-looking prospect for Japan Series
02:55:45a Rules for making 'friends' from faces
02:55:49a Ugly truth of antiwar lefties
02:55:52a Little change expected in Japan-U.S. relationship
02:55:56a Why is Nova still the most popular 'eikaiwa' chain in Japan
02:55:59a Richards cruises in season-ending event
02:56:03a Profiles of incoming LDP party executives
02:56:06a Opposition slams LDP as old-fashioned
02:56:10a Tokujin Yoshioka, Nosign Design etc.
02:56:13a Is it all over for Nova
02:56:17a Teen arrested for trying to kill dad with hatchet
02:56:21a Carps' Sasaoka to hang up glove
02:56:24a Goto goes deep twice as Buffaloes romp
02:56:28a Mr. Fukuda at the helm
02:56:31a Machimura renews Afghan aid vow
02:56:34a Surging Cubs beat Pirates, close in on playoff spot
02:56:38a Fukuda rewards key supporters
02:56:41a Bush meets with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas
02:56:45a Palestinian institutions need urgent rebuilding, says Ban Ki-moon
02:56:49a The clear loser from Ahmadinejad's visit is Israel
02:56:52a Hezbollah to boycott vote to pick president
02:56:56a Jewish Security Prisoners Will Not Be Released
02:56:59a Spice May Help Fight Colon Cancer
02:57:06a Bahamas to hold Daniel Smith death inquest
02:57:09a UVM Campus Bar Opens Monday
02:57:12a Middlebury Serves Up Suds, Too
02:57:16a Lawmakers Prep for Renewed Seatbelt Battle
02:57:19a Female Farmers
02:57:23a All-Natural Art Project
02:57:27a Senate GOP poised to subpoena state police head
02:57:30a 9 people from New York area among 120 arrested in steroid busts
02:57:34a CSU Editor Won't Quit Over Bush Obscenity
02:57:38a Chesapeake planners recommend downsized ethanol plant
02:57:41a Berry family describes heartbreak, lingering questions in daughter's murder arrest
02:57:45a US criticised over climate forum
02:57:49a Quake hits northern Iran
02:57:52a A.M. Best Takes Various Rating Actions on Amedex Insurance Company and Amedex Insurance Company
02:57:56a XL Capital to buy back 500m in stock
02:57:59a Jury expected to retire to consider Hurley trial verdict
02:58:08a Iran's Leader Blasted During Columbia Univ. Visit
02:58:11a Romney Visits Bay Area, Slams Ahmadinejad
02:58:15a Family Of Oakland Man Shot By Cop Want Prosecution
02:58:18a Mid-day lottery numbers announced
02:58:34a Apple cuts iPhone price, shows new iPods
02:58:38a For French vintners, warming is all too real
02:58:41a Suspect in teen's hit-and-run sought
02:58:45a Malaysia mulls using psychics to solve gruesome child murder
02:58:49a Japan's Abe, cabinet resign, clear way for Fukuda
02:58:53a Stocks open mixed ahead of new cabinet appointments
02:58:56a Tribal dialects, Bollywood tunes make for hit combo
02:59:00a Bangkok pooches to get microchip implants
02:59:06a New tropical depression forms; Tropical Storm Jerry weakens
02:59:09a Families search for survivors in Nicaragua after Hurricane Felix hits
02:59:17a Mining, fossicking laws under review
02:59:21a The light's on, but is anybody home?
02:59:30a Senate passes 23 billion in water projects
02:59:34a Alcohol chief faces DUI charge
02:59:37a Sen. Craig is 'politicking'
02:59:41a State warns against tainted tofu from South San Francisco
02:59:44a Ahmadinejad questions 9/11, Holocaust after blistering reception from Columbia president
02:59:48a Milan shows get a head start with Armani, showing Sicilian palette
02:59:51a Mom convicted of killing kids gets life
02:59:55a Pennsylvania nuclear plant fires security company after officers caught on tape sleeping
02:59:58a 'San Francisco 8' members proclaim innocence in cop-killing case
03:00:02a Ahmadinejad Questions 9/11, Holocaust AP
03:00:05a Pink Passion Gay World Cup Kicks Off
03:00:17a State can help fight global warming
03:00:20a Families want video tombstones
03:00:38a Govt takeover plan won't affect council water spending
03:00:41a Blaze claims Gilston house
03:00:45a No more feeding of homeless downtown
03:00:48a Publix approved for Stuart neighborhood
03:01:12a Yes, we have no Gaynanas
03:01:15a Read this!
03:01:56a Vick prosecutor says he'll seek indictments
03:02:04a Scorned wife takes knife to man's penis in Malaysia
03:02:08a Myanmar junta braces for more protests
03:02:11a Mexican ex-president Fox investigated for corruption
03:02:15a Rich nations must honor climate change pledge developing countries
03:02:19a Moderate veteran Fukuda set to be Japan's prime minister
03:02:22a India Plans 60 Space Missions
03:02:26a Inquiry into teen's freezing death went too far
03:02:29a MySpace Tries To Grab More Space
03:02:32a Financial incentives can motivate employees to lose weight
03:02:36a Bacteria grow stronger in space
03:02:40a Scientists discover technique to help friendly bacteria
03:02:43a Ozone layer 'not safe yet'
03:02:47a UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News September 24, 2007
03:02:50a St. Thomas police can't get key information from missing infant's mother
03:02:53a Tour buses collide in Afghanistan
03:02:57a Kikani Higher Secondary School
03:03:00a Lender legislation bad for Sallie Mae LBO analyst
03:03:04a Japanese PM and cabinet resign
03:03:08a China ex-leader is first to grace new theatre stage
03:03:11a Education Empowers Displaced People
03:03:14a Carbon Off-setting or Carbon Upsetting?
03:03:18a Alternative Energy It's Not for Everybody
03:03:21a America's Foreign Media Meddling
03:03:25a Poem Have You Ever Realized?
03:03:28a Women at War
03:03:32a Mayor Wharton clashes with Commissioners during meeting
03:03:35a LR 9 honored at gala featuring former President Clinton
03:03:39a Springdale police's breathalyzer often broken, raising concerns
03:03:42a 1 of 4 survivors of Chattanooga plane crash recalls incident
03:03:46a Exiled dictator Duvalier apologizes for 'wrongs'
03:03:49a Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier apologizes for his incorrect rule
03:03:53a Excerpt from 'Brother, I'm Dying'
03:03:56a Portable PA Is Versatile, Fun
03:04:00a Healthy boost for services
03:04:03a Book fair opens at Indian School
03:04:07a Bahrain stepping upwar on corruption
03:04:10a School hit by refund scandal
03:04:14a Embassy to hold open house
03:04:17a Dair Club wins contest
03:04:21a Bahraini terror suspect's case is adjourned
03:04:24a ILA planning major show to raise funds
03:04:28a New minister vows quality health care
03:04:31a MPs review teachers' pay demand
03:04:35a Deal to share workers' data
03:04:39a 'Delay' row over tragedy
03:04:42a Council for youth on way
03:04:46a Rights panel to name 'victims'
03:04:49a Painter sent back as visa is cancelled
03:04:53a Bahrain Eyes Foreign Oil, Gas Investments
03:04:59a School holds Iftar party
03:05:03a Bahrain to host Gulf e-commerce forum
03:05:06a Bahrain XI off to great start in Twenty20
03:05:10a Learning Tree Announces Third Quarter 2007 Results
03:05:13a Aussies take top awards at NY Tropfest
03:05:16a Rudd fends of suggestions of cockiness
03:05:20a Diggers return fire in Iraq
03:05:23a Muslim Demonstrator 'May Allah Make a Mushroom Cloud Over Israel'
03:05:27a An Email from a Columbia Student
03:05:30a LIVEBLOGGING THE Halo 3 launch...
03:05:33a New Blog!
03:05:40a NO GAYS IN IRAN? Daniel...
03:05:43a Video The worlds greatest magic trick
03:05:47a Back in business!
03:05:50a ASA happy with results in Osaka
03:05:55a Kelly defends broadband plan
03:05:58a Brazilian president to defend nation on climate change
03:06:02a Irish FM hails Myanmar protests
03:06:05a Ireland forced to open 'immigrant school'
03:06:09a IRS warns taxpayers about e-mail scam
03:06:12a I-35W work may stall Wakota Bridge
03:06:16a Twins 2, Detroit 0
03:06:19a Arden Hills denies 10-year-old's request
03:06:23a Peru Undocumented Immigrants Live in Fear in Paterson, N.J. U.S.
03:06:26a Khadr terror trial back on
03:06:30a Jilted fiancee letter have it
03:06:33a Foster mother pleads guilty to assaulting girl
03:06:37a Opposition MKs Ehud Olmert must submit resignation
03:06:40a Annual county fair rodeo to round up state students
03:06:44a Shawnee officials vote to help with memorial
03:06:47a Brazil has good environmental figures to show at UN General Assembly
03:06:51a UN meeting on climate change ends with strong political will
03:06:55a Peru's president promises fairness in Fujimori case
03:06:58a Bush meets Abbas in New York
03:07:02a Brazilian govt sets tech research budget at record high in 2008
03:07:05a China Life teams up with General Electric
03:07:08a Ford opens Nanjing plant
03:07:12a Asian artists communicate through music
03:07:16a U.S. to set up anti-obesity center
03:07:19a Stumble upon ideas in old hutongs
03:07:22a Struggling Dell enters partnership
03:07:26a Argentine president calls for action to fight climate change
03:07:30a Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese stars in PETA ad promoting spaying and neutering
03:07:33a Montreal band Patrick Watson wins 20,000 Polaris Music Prize
03:07:37a Judge told up to 7M of James Brown's money missing
03:07:40a PQ Leader Pauline Marois back in the national assembly after byelection win
03:07:44a CSU Editor Won't Resign After Bush Obscenity
03:07:48a Japanese PM Abe, Cabinet Resigns
03:07:51a Boy Injured by Falling TV Awarded 19M
03:07:54a Ahmadinejad's 'sick joke' Iran has no gays
03:07:58a Prosecutor More Indictments Coming Against Vick
03:08:02a N.Korea reiterates nuclear pledge
03:08:10a Ex-judge to take on Musharraf
03:08:14a India pledges 150m investment in Myanmar
03:08:17a Monday Night Forecast With Roberta Gonzales
03:08:21a Green Beat Bay Area University Offers Green MBAs
03:08:24a Microsoft Xbox 360's Halo 3 Hits Store Shelves
03:08:28a New tropical depression forms
03:08:31a 21,000 Tassie siblings wanted for asthma study
03:08:35a Upper Hunter prepares for thoroughbred boost
03:08:38a Vic to blame for vaccine shortfall McGauran
03:08:42a Portland mayor forcing out youth/gang director after year
03:08:45a Voters will get chance to go with strong mayor
03:08:49a Bulgarian Economy Grows 6.2% in First Quarter
03:08:52a Bulgaria To Introduce Flat Tax
03:08:56a Microsoft Mulling 10 Billion Facebook Investment
03:08:59a Some in BOJ call for rate hikes once markets restore calm minutes+
03:09:03a Myanmar junta warns crackdown on monk protests to come soon+
03:09:06a U.S. has no plan to deploy Osprey military plane in Japan gov't+
03:09:10a 2ND LD Ban 'encouraged' by int'l leaders' support to fight climate change+
03:09:13a 'Stop suing over babies'
03:09:17a Father denies APEC assault
03:09:20a Gone in 12 seconds your rest break
03:09:24a Wanted poster for Pumpkin's dad
03:09:27a Cisco Readies Small Cable Operators For Big Bandwidth
03:09:30a UK catches up in broadband
03:09:34a AJAX-based Pain Diary
03:09:37a WIS News 10 Investigation Private sex abuser registry
03:09:41a Biggest Steroid Bust in U.S. History
03:09:55a Local artist paints life-size mural
03:09:58a Developer looking for new tenants
03:10:01a Sixth-annual contest looking for entries
03:10:05a Seniors get serious about college prep
03:10:08a Jury weighs polygamist leader's case
03:10:16a More Charges Possible For Michael Vick
03:10:38a Cathay says not bidding for China Eastern; requests lifting of share suspension
03:10:41a Brown bestrides autumnal UK
03:10:45a Uttar Pradesh runaway couple shows size doesn't matter when it comes to love
03:10:48a Uttar Pradesh spikes Anil’s SEZ proposal
03:11:17a President briefly conducts orchestra at Jamestown
03:11:22a President briefly conducts orchestra at Jametstown
03:11:32a British group's plan to honour 1857 dead evokes protests
03:11:36a Mercedes-Benz flags off 'India Trail'
03:11:53a GOE III- Photo Thread 5
03:11:56a Bordeaux coach Laurent Blanc
03:12:10a Indonesian court rejects final appeal for two Bali bombers
03:12:14a Additives link to hyper kids
03:12:17a Fall-out at the top reveals French finances in freefall
03:12:33a C&L's Late Nite Music Club with The Pretenders
03:12:37a All Saints 1, IRS 0
03:12:40a Giuliani's advisor Peter King “Too Ma
03:12:43a Foto-Funnies
03:12:47a Glenn Beck “Jesus and Hitler had a lot in common”
03:12:50a Join us on the conference call for The Courage Campaign at 4PM today!
03:12:57a Ghana A. R. Harruna Attah Writes...Fun and Games!
03:13:00a Slovenia ranks 4th in Lisbon Strategy implementation, says Turk
03:13:04a Pret rito Imperfeito Verbos Irregulares
03:13:07a Hungary issues entrepreneurial permits to prostitutes
03:13:11a Investigators Homeland Security computers hacked
03:13:14a NRG to seek permission for first U.S. nuke plant in 30 years
03:13:18a Recommended Media
03:13:21a Investigation into factory worker's death
03:13:25a Summit-level dinner on climate change fosters shared commitment &#8211 Ban Ki-moon
03:13:29a Meeting at UN, tropical rainforest countries urge action on climate change
03:13:32a Dentist 'insisted woman wore Muslim scarf'
03:13:35a Caretaker's bedroom was a 'bomb factory'
03:13:39a 250,000 fine for GMTV phone line con that cost viewers 20m
03:13:42a Dismay as struggling Northern Rock to pay out 60m to its shareholders
03:13:46a Dell Agrees to Sell PCs at Retailer in China
03:13:49a On Strike at G.M., Resolute but Anxious About Future
03:13:53a Facebooks Safety Rules Under Scrutiny by Cuomo
03:13:57a Movie Director Sentenced for Lying About Detective
03:14:00a Prying Open European Pharmacies
03:14:04a Johnson Johnsons Risky Tactic Fails in Patent Fight
03:14:07a Giuliani party seeks 9.11 per person
03:14:26a Navy Copter Crashes in Guam; 1 Killed
03:14:30a Episcopal bishops see 'clear' statement on gays
03:14:33a Insurance Companies iPods Becoming Serious Distraction For Drivers
03:14:37a Interim Chosen To Replace Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby
03:14:40a Pappas schools face uncertain future
03:14:49a Teen Shot In Seminole County
03:14:52a Psychic Used In Duckett Search
03:15:16a TomoTherapy, Chinese Hospital Strike Deal For Medical Equipment
03:15:27a Spinal cord injury recovery
03:16:28a Sentillion Launches expreSSO
03:16:31a Ahmadinejad, at Columbia, Parries and Puzzles
03:16:35a A Campus Buzzes With Protest and Political Debate
03:16:38a Two racist blogs taken offline
03:16:42a ITE makes a worldwide top educator
03:16:46a MediaCorp artiste Zoe Tay gives birth to second son
03:16:59a Robs Old Showering Buddy For Veep?
03:17:08a Authorities identify Highway 39 crash victim
03:17:11a Special train carrying Chinese aid leaves for Darfur
03:17:15a Chinese vice-premier calls for 'making good use of' the Internet
03:17:18a New York Times Admits Mistake Over MoveOn Ad
03:17:22a Must We Bend Over Backwards to Hear Nuts?
03:17:25a Saudi women speed up campaign to end driving ban
03:17:28a Saudi women petition Abdullah for right to drive
03:17:34a Japan's Cabinet resigns, clearing way for Fukuda to become premier
03:17:47a 16-Year-Old Boy Found Dead
03:17:51a Teachers plan stop-work meetings
03:17:54a Taxi driver on sexual assault charge
03:17:58a SA dentists want more staff, higher pay
03:18:01a Three building projects approved by city council
03:18:08a Opposition accuses SA Govt of ignoring heartland
03:18:11a SA nursing bans to continue
03:18:15a Balfours's future under consideration
03:18:23a MP wants consent law for child body piercings
03:18:30a Rann urges national laws on bikie gang crime
03:18:33a Hille outed for one match
03:18:37a DPP says greater bikie gang scrutiny possible
03:18:40a SA health boss quits in anger
03:18:44a DUCK DIDN'T
03:18:47a Study finds outer space makes germs more deadly
03:18:51a Demonstrations Escalate in Burma
03:18:55a Senate OKs 23 billion for water projects; Bush veto threatened
03:19:01a Cebu Pacific lifts fourfold JG Summit's core
03:19:05a Charges reinstated against Canadian in Guantanamo
03:19:09a Coles speaks for first time about City Hall scandal
03:19:12a Canyon County considers change to leave policy
03:19:16a Police continue to investigate young girl's abduction
03:19:19a Fines for unkept yards in Boise going up
03:19:23a Scorned wife takes knife to man's penis in Malaysia
03:19:28a Howard obstinate on Iraq, says ex-backbencher
03:19:33a ACT to be spared worst of wild weather
03:19:37a ACT has highest year 12 retention rates
03:19:40a Police say capsicum spray use in watch house common
03:19:43a PM accuses Rudd of economic ignorance
03:19:47a Drive-by shopping
03:19:50a Business group joins Budget row
03:20:30a 'High-Grade Canadian' Marijuana Confiscated
03:20:45a Rich Lowry The Iran exception
03:20:56a Nigeria/Lesotho Clash Kanu, Aiyegbeni Join Camp
03:21:02a Crystallex says Las Cristinas reserve and resource estimates increase
03:21:06a Fronteer Development Group completes purchase of NewWest Gold
03:21:09a Islamic ideology essential to Iranian television
03:21:13a US 'seriously concerned' at political arrests in Pakistan
03:21:19a Corr Myanmar Military May Treat Protesters Harshly Australian Govt
03:21:23a Reconciliation With People Best Way Out For Myanmar Malaysia
03:21:37a Ben-Eliezer Barghouti is best chance for breakthrough with PA
03:21:40a GBTV #0233 GeekBrief.TV
03:22:15a Children Of Man Accused Of Animal Cruelty Taken Into State Care
03:22:30a Police examine 2nd car in CBD shooting probe
03:22:35a Distribution Release Asianux 3.0
03:22:39a Everything being done to find CBD shooting suspect police
03:22:43a Tambling stays on at Richmond
03:22:48a Desal plant, pipeline set to double Vic water bills
03:22:51a Video African-American boycott of L.L.Bean enters 80th year
03:22:55a Tribunal delay Eagleton hearing
03:23:00a Irrigation cutbacks prompt fruit, veg shortage warning
03:23:04a WWF condemns desal plants
03:23:08a Malthouse tight-lipped on Tarrant investigation
03:23:22a Industry urged to unlock massive South West gas reserves
03:23:25a Worksafe investigates shopping centre fall
03:23:29a Nightclub owners want more security
03:23:33a Gun laws need enforcing, not tightening Vaile
03:23:36a Bracks expects easy ride on pipeline plans
03:23:41a U.N. chief sees commitment to climate change
03:23:45a Kan. prosecutor pleads not guilty
03:23:49a MFS sells 10 pct THL stake at $A6 million loss
03:23:52a Blair Palestinians need proper institutions, living conditions
03:23:56a Iran closes 5 Iraq crossings to protest United States
03:24:00a 2 killed in crime-related Kosovo blast
03:24:04a No objections to Syria being at meet Israel
03:24:07a Abe apologizes to nation for sudden resignation
03:24:11a 'Chemical Ali' executed prisoners in batches trial witness
03:24:15a Mini-lab can detect deadly bird flu virus in 30 minutes
03:24:19a Britain's Brown pledges new direction for Britain in speech
03:24:22a Iranian president arrives in New York amid controversy
03:24:26a United States document ending slavery goes on display
03:24:30a Anglican showdown over gays looms in United States
03:24:40a Outnumbered in Congress, Bush increasingly wields vetoes
03:24:44a Church says IRS dropped tax review over anti-war sermon
03:24:47a Democrats' online 'mashup' grabs over 1 million viewers
03:24:51a Spacious missile base offered as new home
03:24:54a Dalai Lama offers his support to Myanmar monks
03:24:58a United States issues travel warning for Nepal
03:25:02a Jury selection begins in boot-camp death case
03:25:06a Death toll now at 12 from Kansas tornado in May
03:25:09a New York Times says discount for Petraeus ad was mistake
03:25:13a Man accused of ripping head off live duck in hotel
03:25:16a Parag Saxena to raise 1.5 bn for Asia fund with India focus
03:25:20a Tas Aboriginal remains welcomed home
03:25:26a Perth Zoo puts down sick elephant
03:25:32a Jury Weighs Polygamist Leader's Case
03:25:37a Goulburn Murray to get broadband boost
03:25:44a Suharto money matter back in Indonesian court
03:25:47a Gere assails 'big lies' of Bush administration
03:25:51a Dichter shuts down Husseini Foundation dinner
03:25:54a Court tells State to clarify stance on family reunification ban
03:25:58a 'Fifteen Years and C02 Still Rising'
03:26:10a DMK plays tough, demands Vedanti's arrest
03:26:14a UN starts round of Iran nuclear talks
03:26:19a O.J. Simpson armed robbery case suspect posts bail in Las ...
03:26:48a Friendster Launches in Traditional Chinese
03:29:30a Woman on bike hit by SUV
03:29:33a Video 'Not jogging right now'
03:29:37a Backs to the wall
03:29:40a Parents go to school
03:29:44a 'Another fear' Farmers ponder the potential impact of the Bluetongue virus
03:30:12a The world's wildest delicacies
03:30:16a Third person charged in fatal Newport News hit-and-run
03:30:25a CBS46 Investigates The Broken American Dream
03:30:33a Indonesian govt removes VAT on non-branded cooking oil
03:30:36a Negative result a positive for Canberra Racing Club 'in-house' meeting
03:30:40a Indonesia high court rejects appeal of 3 Bali bombers facing firing squad
03:31:05a Climate shift is biggest security risk Australia
03:31:09a Turkey Progress on national IDP policy paves way
03:31:12a INTERVIEW-Rice eschews critics, proud of ousting Saddam
03:31:16a Gore seeks regular summits on global warming
03:31:19a FEATURE-Cataracts a health scourge for China's poor
03:31:26a FBI Joins In Search For Missing Charter Boat Crew
03:31:31a Serbia to Offer Kosovo 95 Pct Autonomy
03:31:35a Force Is Not Enough, Brown Says
03:31:38a House Fires in Brooklyn and N.C. Kill 7
03:31:42a 3 Teens Arrested in N.C. Girl's Slaying
03:31:45a 2 Years On, Rita's Effects Li
03:31:49a Br
03:31:52a Robbery suspects caught on tape
03:31:56a Group denies role in mob attacks on men
03:31:59a NASA plans to put man on Mars b 2037
03:32:19a Clinton Not One More Penny for the War
03:32:24a MAF hunting genetically modified pink zebra fish
03:32:30a ACT cop killer tries to reopen case
03:32:33a Man fined over brawl with AFL players
03:32:37a Vic to look at private firms for schools
03:32:40a Tests on 'blood' dripping from garbage
03:32:49a Benedict XVI Praying for Nicaraguans
03:32:52a Where Is Venezuela Going
03:32:56a EEUU aboga por inteligencia financiera en Nicaragua
03:32:59a Panama seeks assistance from MLB
03:33:18a Supreme Court judge Connolly dies at 49
03:33:31a Uganda's Government Assures Victims of Rebel Insurgency
03:34:35a Mideast Firm Looks Abroad for Energy
03:34:46a Dominican University Offering 'Green' MBA
03:34:49a Schwarzenegger Urges Climate Action At UN Summit
03:34:53a Redwood City Dad Finds His Son Dead In Acid Vat
03:34:56a Group Sues To Stop SF Potrero Hill Power Plant
03:35:00a Romney Reacts To Iraq, Iran Events In S. Bay Visit
03:35:03a SF Supervisor Ed Jew Expected To Fight Suspension
03:35:14a School Kids Being Charged With Sexual Harrassment
03:35:28a Golf-Woods enjoys laid back Nicklaus Cup captaincy
03:35:32a Golf-Low scoring likely at Presidents Cup, says Goosen
03:35:35a Golf-Weir out to shed token Canadian label at Presidents Cup
03:35:43a Bottled Water Taking More Punches
03:35:46a Understanding the school marketplace
03:35:50a AIMS scores to be used to help teachers improve learning
03:35:53a East Valley districts poring over AIMS scores
03:35:57a Bush administration urges Social Security cuts
03:36:01a Myanmar monks' demonstrations grow bigger
03:36:18a Microsoft bets on 'Halo 3' in gaming industry battle
03:36:23a CPC to launch big cadre training program after Party's 17th
03:36:37a Election Day arrives for Knoxville primary
03:36:54a al-Maliki at the U.N.- Sept 2007
03:36:58a Small Companies Look To Move Antitrust Suits To Europe
03:37:01a Mexico Congress to probe ex-president Fox's wealth
03:37:11a Bush doesn't confront China over alleged Pentagon hack
03:37:20a Same sex unions in Colorado
03:37:51a Abalos no show at House budget hearing
03:37:54a World leaders eager for 'breakthrough' on climate--UN chief
03:37:58a Poorer workers ring in India's mobile phone revolution
03:38:02a Asian financial stocks slip on more credit concerns
03:38:05a Senator Sergio Osmeña III top-bills hearing on wiretapping
03:38:10a Drunk-Driving Prevention Funds Going Dry?
03:38:14a Couple Honored for Rescuing Kids from Train Tracks
03:38:17a 22-Year-Old Charged with Drunk Driving Causing Injury
03:38:20a Health Brief 9-24-2007
03:38:24a Will Packers Prefer to Pass From Now On?
03:38:27a 3-0 Packers Still Have 'A Lot of Work To Do,' Coach Says
03:38:31a Packers Win Without Running the Ball
03:38:34a Packers Offense Contains the Rush
03:38:38a Man accused of killing wife at church pleads not guilty
03:38:41a Sheriff identifies four killed
03:38:44a Deputies ask anonymous letter writer for help in unsolved murder
03:38:48a La Crosse wants to attract film makers to western Wisconsin too
03:38:51a Deputies anonymous letter writer for help in unsolved murder
03:38:55a Alcohol ravages South Africa's children
03:38:58a 'Bourne' top movie overseas for 5th week
03:39:02a Bush to announce new sanctions against Myanmar
03:39:37a Afghan peace will take time, says UN
03:39:41a 3 guards killed, 10 missing in Taleban ambush
03:39:44a Arroyo nixes telecom deal, blames politics
03:39:47a President Arroyo's rating plunges, new poll shows
03:39:51a Rebels raid Philippines police station, seize weapons
03:39:55a India's Rahul Gandhi named general secretary in ruling party
03:39:58a Australia's prime minister goes green, opponents see red
03:40:02a Critics slam proposed charge to ease traffic in Kuala Lumpur
03:40:05a Muslim head likens Malaysia to police state
03:40:09a Karaoke bar bomber scales wall, escapes Indonesian jail
03:40:12a Malay crowd 'arrests' undercover cop
03:40:16a Mahathir responsive after second surgery family
03:40:19a Sri Lanka Clash in north kills 3 rebels, one soldier
03:40:23a Strong earthquake hits Indonesia; no tsunami threat
03:40:26a Indonesia seeks US1.4 billion from ex-dictator Suharto
03:40:31a Body found near East Vancouver technical school
03:40:34a Son of alleged Hells Angel pulled from B.C. school
03:40:41a Iranian President calls for 'Gulf of Peace'
03:40:45a Jordan Manners' Aunt
03:40:48a Storm Destruction
03:40:51a 'Die Hard' director gets four months in prison
03:40:55a Scorned wife takes knife to man`s penis in Malaysia
03:40:58a House votes to eliminate several business tax exemptions
03:41:03a Reporter Involved With Mayor Reassigned
03:41:13a Investigators DHS computers hacked
03:41:16a First nuke plant since Three Mile Island planned
03:41:20a Campbell Brothers enter joint venture
03:41:23a Hillgrove lifts stake in Eastern Star
03:41:27a Forex Australian Dollar Weaker At Noon Sept 25, 2007
03:41:30a MPY sells 10% THL stake at $A6m loss
03:41:34a Household debt likely to rise, says RBA
03:41:45a Return Of Devil's Bible To Prague Draws Crowds
03:41:48a Crossword Gives Woman A Clue About Proposal
03:41:52a Couple Begin Engagement By Getting Robbed
03:41:55a Iran's President booed for 'no gays' comment
03:41:59a Iran says US troops in missile range
03:42:02a Iran leader's US speech greeted with ridicule
03:42:06a UN officials hold new nuclear talks in Iran
03:42:09a Iranian leader urges U.S. to give up hostility toward Iran
03:42:13a Iran activists seek action, oppose military attack
03:42:16a Political punches continue to fly in race for city's top spot
03:42:20a Mid-South man shot 10 times
03:42:23a Newport soldier dies in non-combat accident in Iraq
03:42:27a Contract negotiations recess until tomorrow as GM strike continues
03:42:30a Naval Hospital undergoing change
03:42:34a Japan's Cabinet resigns, Fakuda to be PM
03:42:37a Pix Pranab at the UN
03:42:40a QNB raises stake in Jordan bank
03:42:44a Qatar seeks 2.5bn to fund power plant
03:42:48a Lebanon charges 11 Islamists with terrorism
03:43:33a Myanmar junta threatens action against protesters
03:44:24a Blu-ray or HD DVD Which Side Are You On?
03:44:27a Google Weighs Offering Map Feature in Canada
03:44:35a Genetic Tests Screen For Heart Disease In Kids
03:45:05a Blackwater Wave of the Future?
03:45:08a Another Example of Judicial Cowardice
03:45:12a Arsenal chairman calms takeover fears
03:45:16a China's entry for foreign language Oscar undecided after 'Warlords' pulled out
03:45:20a Colorful Parker, Cattrall highlight 'Sex and City' movie
03:45:23a Abu Dhabi's Taqa bids for Primewest
03:45:27a Abu Dhabi Plans Modern Transport Infrastructure
03:45:30a DAE to buy 1.5b worth of aircraft
03:45:34a How to deal with bullying from below
03:45:37a M-commerce tapping the future for financial services
03:45:41a Israeli Leader Faces Inquiry on Purchase of Apartment
03:45:44a Britains Leader, Warming to Spotlight, Rouses His Party
03:45:48a World Briefing Asia India Gandhi Heir Elevated
03:45:52a U.N. Chief Urges Fast Action on Global Climate Change
03:45:55a World Briefing Europe Britain Jail for 172 M.P.H. Driver
03:45:59a World Briefing Europe Russia New Ministers
03:46:02a World Briefing Asia Japan Abe Sorry for Abrupt Resignation
03:46:06a World Briefing Europe Bulgaria Strike Shuts Schools
03:46:10a Snipers Baited and Killed Iraqis, Soldiers Testify
03:46:14a World Briefing Asia Afghanistan Italians Freed in Raid
03:46:17a World Briefing Asia Pakistan Rare U.S. Rebuke
03:46:21a Gator that bit off arm called 'monster'
03:46:25a Federal Way, WA, voters will get chance to go with strong mayor
03:46:28a Late Nite FDL Asst. Principal OReilly Takes a Field Trip
03:46:32a Car made into low-rider with rocks in the trunk
03:46:41a Baby drowns in Palm Bay family pool
03:46:44a Best Jobs for Retirees How to Make the Right Choice for a Retirement Career
03:46:49a 'Kite Runner' Actor's Family Fears Backlash
03:47:20a Going postal Snakes found in garden gnomes
03:47:24a Wood 'lied' about model's death
03:47:27a Minchin questions NSW Budget surplus figure
03:47:31a Scream heard on night model died, court told
03:47:36a Casino sued for letting man gamble
03:47:40a Black Hawk safety gear faulty, inquiry told
03:47:46a UWS acts on enrolment decline
03:47:49a Sydney stuck with world's largest chemical dump
03:47:53a Business welcomes NSW budget
03:47:56a Tax cuts, infrastructure feature in NSW Budget
03:48:00a Mother, daughter win runaway horse case
03:48:03a Ryles, Hornby commit to Dragons
03:48:06a Mott to coach NSW
03:48:10a NSW gets Budget tax cuts
03:48:14a Sydney University votes to increase HECS fees
03:48:17a Man denies pact in killing of grandfather
03:48:21a Emergency services free woman from crashed car
03:48:24a Weather shuts down police computer system statewide
03:48:30a Marrickville Council preparing to vote on Bethlehem
03:48:33a Man hit by M2 bus
03:48:36a Meat cleaver used in robbery
03:48:40a NSW Budget to deliver major infrastructure boost
03:48:44a Baby Joan spends first night in foster care
03:48:47a Scorned wife takes knife to man's penis in Malaysia
03:48:51a England Has Laziest Students In Europe
03:48:54a Bears' Grossman's Job Appears In Jeopardy
03:48:57a Voyager crash survivor gets $2m
03:49:01a Former Michigan cop, wife charged for eating marijuana brownies
03:49:05a Police Investigate Rash of Vandalism on East Side
03:49:08a Residents Could Face Fines if Addresses Don't Match County's 911 Database
03:49:12a Hundreds Of Statewide Suppliers Affected By GM Strike
03:49:15a Family Members of Topeka's 10th Homicide Victim Speak Out
03:49:19a Topeka Restaurant to Close After 57 Years
03:49:22a Gamers Line Up for Halo 3
03:49:26a Teachers' strike in Bulgaria shuts down schools
03:49:29a New Zealand Fugitive May Be Hiding In SoCal
03:49:33a Moving Day Parked House To Move From Hollywood
03:49:36a Tainted Soy Deli-Brand Tofu Recalled
03:49:40a 3 Teens Killed After Car Slams Into Tree
03:49:43a Tropical Depression forms in Atlantic
03:49:47a NSCN condemns assault by K, Kohima town closed
03:49:51a Tuckerman Soldier Dies in Iraq
03:49:54a Japan Fukuda Slated to Be Next PM
03:49:58a Chinese women want to look more Caucasian, poll finds
03:50:01a Lack of sleep may raise risk of heart attacks, stroke
03:50:04a 2nd case of bluetongue disease found in UK
03:50:08a Chinese director Rio film festival boosts Brazil-China cooperation
03:50:11a Gate to be rebuilt in China's imperial garden
03:50:15a 200,000 new patients afflicted by cancer every year in Bangladesh
03:50:19a Twelve Uygur youngsters kick off film careers in Beijing Olympics movie
03:50:34a Micrel launches integrated single chip power switch
03:50:37a FARO unveils its most advanced portable CMM ever
03:50:41a Next-generation Wi-Fi a reality with over 95 products certified
03:50:45a 2007/2008 Pharma R&D Factbook published by CMR now available
03:50:48a Journalist Award LIVING ZURICH MEDIA AWARD 2008
03:50:52a INI Power Systems announces appointment of CEO
03:50:56a CNN analyzes Myanmar's political turmoil
03:50:59a Standards New Zealand appoints new Chief Executive
03:51:03a Velvet co-op competes with PGG-Wrightson pool
03:51:07a Prison a disappointing monument to Labour's waste
03:51:10a Blumsky to quit 'bubble' of national politics
03:51:14a NZ Gardener goes green with a sustainability issue
03:51:17a Maori landowners to challenge Mayoral Candidates
03:51:20a New Electorate Boundaries Finalised
03:51:24a Health Promoting Schools A Success
03:51:27a Sought-After Central City Land For Sale
03:51:31a New Role At House Of Travel
03:51:34a Professional Door Person Training In Taranaki
03:51:38a Police investigating South Auckland baby death
03:51:41a McCormick’s Cottage lost to arsonists
03:51:45a First overseas trip for 76 year old killed in Kenya
03:51:48a Open Day at Rangiora Hospital’s Birthing Unit
03:51:51a Underwater feat takes freediver's breath away
03:51:55a Adoption offers for Pumpkin
03:51:58a Minister takes action to safeguard sustainability
03:52:02a Telecom Capital Return Shares Cancelled
03:52:05a Avnet Logistics Receives Award
03:52:09a Cocaine-laden plane crashes in jungle
03:52:12a Australia and NZ Weekly Prospects 25 Sept 07
03:52:15a New North Waikato corrections facility opens
03:52:19a Company Launches Luxury Merino T-Shirt Line
03:52:22a Cutting Council Staff Sells Communities Short
03:52:26a A packaging tax is a tax too far
03:52:29a Marlborough Wine Research Centre to expand.
03:52:33a Kiwis confirmed as lead migrants to Australia
03:52:36a More time needed on changes to decile ratings
03:52:39a Squabbling among civic 'leaders' small minded
03:52:43a ARC chairman's last Council meeting speech
03:52:46a Ford NZ Announces Mondeo Line-Up and Pricing
03:52:49a Celebrating the work of hospital Chaplains
03:52:53a Drunk man tries to take forklift home
03:52:56a U.S. Snipers Accused of 'Baiting' Iraqis
03:53:00a Where was SOX?
03:53:03a Yu to keep pushing 'normal nation' rider
03:53:07a Agent, former colleague detained for China spying
03:53:10a Ang Lee 'very satisfied' new film shown in entirety
03:53:14a Pakistan police arrest activists to block rally
03:53:17a Fukuda picks allies amid election calls
03:53:21a Schwarzenegger, Ban call for action on climate change
03:53:24a Iranian 'Ground Zero' visit would've been travesty Rice
03:53:28a UAW begins national strike as GM talks fail to produce deal
03:53:32a Bremerton-based, WA, bank eliminates 33 employees
03:53:35a Bank deposits fund seen worth 4.4 mln pounds
03:53:42a Myanmar junta threatens action
03:53:46a Bush runner probably dead ACT police
03:53:49a Rix representing himself in assault case
03:53:53a Ombudsman targeting trolley companies
03:54:00a Food Additives Could Fuel Hyperactivity in Kids
03:54:05a Dubie Possible for FAA Post
03:54:08a UVM Adds Beer to the Menu
03:54:12a Iraq suicide bomber kills 26, wounds 50
03:54:16a Bodyguard I'm not out to destroy Spears
03:54:19a Clooney, Larson attend film premiere
03:54:23a 'Family Ties' actress has baby boy
03:54:26a Wollongong council plans 5.2pc rate rise
03:54:30a Budget to include Port Kembla upgrade funds
03:54:33a Gash backs regional broadband plan
03:54:36a Jury deliberating on SFPD wrongful death suit
03:54:40a 23-year-old man killed in Redwood City shooting
03:54:43a Polygamist's Jury Close To Verdict
03:54:47a Cabinet men still barred from Senate wiretap probe
03:54:50a Expect rains, RP in early phase of La Ni a
03:54:57a New Campaign To Catch Lindsay's Killer
03:56:04a Free Calls Texts Blyk Targets 16-24
03:56:07a Girly Rides Top Cars For Women
03:56:11a Retire Your Pooper-Scooper Sha-Poopie
03:56:14a Women Demand Male Grooming Metrosexual Inspiration
03:56:18a Thousands of Activist Buddhist Monks Lead Coup D'tat
03:56:22a Mobile Bicycle Public Phone Booth
03:56:25a 40 Million France Telcom Customers Get OpenID
03:56:29a Chilling Effects Betraying Freedom Of The Press
03:56:32a New Documentary Details Basketball Star's Struggle
03:56:55a Japanese PM Abe Formally Resigns
03:56:58a Bus Collision in Afghanistan Kills 40
03:57:02a Olmert Faces Probe of Apt. Deal
03:57:08a Padres sign Lane from Astros
03:57:11a Doble's wife appears before Senate Hello Garci inquiry
03:57:15a Groups ask UNHRC to act on political killings in RP
03:57:18a Seven Iloilo towns affected by floods
03:57:22a Rupiah, peso retreat after rally, but mood bullish
03:57:25a SMC forms group with Malaysia's Tenaga, global investment firm for TransCo bid
03:57:37a Chantix Miracle Drug Or Dangerous Problem?
03:57:41a U.N. Climate Summit Hears Calls For Urgent Action
03:57:44a Fort Worth Teen Says Man Beat Him Up For His Bike
03:58:08a India to help build 2nd Silicon Valley in US
03:58:11a Dhoni's Dashers do it for India in a nail-biting finish
03:58:15a Kashmir must cut greenhouse gases, says ActionAid
03:58:18a RSA looks for more buyouts in India
03:58:22a Sikh Youth Federation behind Kanishka blast
03:58:25a Brown announces new immigration plan
03:58:29a Human trials of anti-AIDS vaccine stopped
03:58:32a Iranian president's gay joke outrages NY crowd
03:58:36a Underground Tunnel Found Under Nogales Border
03:58:39a High-Stakes Lottery Launches In Massachusetts
03:58:43a Keller Joke's On Mahmoud
03:58:46a Celtics Players Show Off Their Football Skills
03:58:57a Episcopal bishops see 'clear' statement on gays
03:59:05a Democratic Presidential Candidate Clinton Discusses Health Care Proposal on Talk Shows
03:59:09a Congress Reaches Compromise on SCHIP Expansion Legislation; Vote on Measure Likely This Week
03:59:13a New York Medicaid Program Cannot Cover Cancer Treatments for Immigrants, According to CMS
03:59:16a United Auto Workers Sets Monday Morning Strike Deadline for General Motors
03:59:20a Los Angeles County-Area Hospitals Face Financial Problems, Closure
03:59:24a Survivors of Hurricane Katrina Experience Psychological Stress, Survey Finds
03:59:28a In-home Health Care Services Increasing
03:59:31a Many Nursing Being Acquired by Wall Street Investment Firms
03:59:35a Expanded Health Care Web Tools, Social Networks Showcased at Conference
03:59:39a Utah Panel To Consider Freezing Funding to Long-Term Care Facilities
03:59:43a Maryland Malpractice Insurer To Leave Subsidy Program Early
03:59:46a Congress, President Bush Should Address Financial Stability of Entitlement Programs
03:59:50a Stevens Should Lose Appropriations Seat
03:59:57a Conservationists warn of dangers of desalination
04:00:01a Premier condemns union bullying
04:00:04a Perth man caught in international child pornography ring
04:00:11a Couple charged over drug raid
04:00:14a Chlamydia on the rise in WA
04:00:18a Opposition claims prisons overcrowded and understaffed
04:00:22a Opposition calls for tax relief as budget surplus exceeds 2 billion
04:00:26a Clinton, Others Honor Little Rock 9
04:00:29a Syria refuses peace talks with Israe
04:00:33a U.S. Military Goes After Iran-Backed Militants
04:00:37a Podhoretz Granted Secret Access To Lobby Bush On ‘The Case For Bombing Iran’
04:00:43a Garry Kasparov
04:00:47a Elvira Nabiulina
04:00:50a Singapore loses to Hong Kong in corporate governance reform report
04:02:09a Jury In Polygamist's Trial Close To Verdict
04:02:34a Authorities reveal largest steroid bust in history
04:02:37a PM earmarks 561m for medical research
04:02:41a Questions Surround Kids' Sexual Harassment Charges
04:03:00a No body, no court case McCann prosecutor
04:03:04a Freed China reporter to win press award
04:03:07a N Korea may be dropped from terrorism list, US hints
04:03:10a Monks take on Myanmar army rulers
04:03:14a Black bears 'going nuts' in western US
04:03:17a Jury Weighs Polygamist Leader's Case
04:03:21a U.S.-Based Charity Sends Unused Medical Supplies to Africa
04:03:25a Saints, Titans trade third-quarter touchdowns
04:03:28a Apple off the hook for hacked iPhones
04:03:32a Blood pressure checks offered on Saturday
04:03:35a GM's solution is part of the problem
04:03:39a Saints down 10-7 at half
04:03:42a Facebook probed on safety claims
04:03:46a Double-digit export growth forecasted
04:03:50a Hsinchu Science Park exports set record
04:03:53a Ford starts production at China factory
04:03:57a IMF spreads gloom on 2008; Deutsche faces hit
04:04:00a Taipei housing confidence at four-year low
04:04:04a Dell to sell PCs with China's largest electronics retailer
04:04:07a From India to Indjija — Serb town to ink deal on building IT park
04:04:11a Cathay, Air China may team up
04:04:14a JPMorgan places bets on Brazil, China, India; but not tech-heavy Taiwan
04:04:18a Hong Kong and Chinese indexes hit record highs
04:04:21a Oil prices drop; supply worries persist
04:04:25a Australia keeps export forecast little changed
04:04:28a Euro strikes record US1.41 over Fed action
04:04:32a China set to lift ban on Sino-foreign brokerages
04:04:35a Credit Suisse cuts PRC stock to underweight
04:04:39a Dollar worth less, but investors can still make a buck
04:04:42a Tech startups to get 6 minutes in the sun at DEMO show
04:04:46a HUD Default rate stable after rate cut
04:04:49a Nvidia aims at Intel with integrated graphics
04:04:53a Ex-Fed Recession odds less than 50-50
04:04:56a Microsoft's 'Halo 3' wins high marks from reviewers
04:05:00a Investors push United States firms on emissions
04:05:03a Debit cards cheapest way to get cash abroad study
04:05:07a Wi-Fi dreams of United States cities fading fast over costs
04:05:10a Chinese freight firm starts flights to German airport
04:05:14a Xinxin Mining may raise US501 million in Hong Kong
04:05:17a Gindalbie to buy Sundance Resources for US1.4 billion
04:05:21a BHP may spend up to US300 million on coal mines
04:05:25a German banking giant likely via 3-way merger
04:05:28a European Union to review Google's DoubleClick takeover bid
04:05:32a Malaysia, Dubai firms to build maritime center
04:05:38a MySpace launches free ad-backed mobile version
04:05:42a AQuantive adds 20 clients since Microsoft buyout
04:05:45a Drought may cut Australia wine harvest by half
04:05:49a Cathay Pacific raises ticket surcharges
04:05:52a Frankfurt auto show ends after one million visitors
04:05:56a Fava fired up for
04:06:00a Xue is armed and dangerous US marshals
04:06:03a Canada to monitor water traffic in Northwest Passage
04:06:07a Ma wants international pig leg festival
04:06:11a Debut of HSR online booking draws complaints
04:06:14a Moon-watchers urged to take public transportation
04:06:18a The Ministry of Transportation and Communications announces new online traffic management
04:06:22a Frank Hsieh chastises his Kuomintang rival over funds
04:06:25a Su says Chen should replace Democratic Progressive Party chairman
04:06:29a Books for cooks
04:06:32a Motorists cautioned while entering and exiting Hualien area
04:06:36a Cops swarmed by angry teens over traffic accident
04:06:40a 15 percent of products are not properly labeled CPC
04:06:43a Parents urged to have kids vaccinated during flu season
04:06:47a DPP candidate prioritizes political stability
04:06:50a Fewer gifts, more barbecues during festival holiday poll
04:06:54a January-August labor force participation rate hits record
04:06:57a Traditional mooncakes are now available online
04:07:01a Taiwan residents protest funeral parlor's billboard
04:07:05a Police search for suspect involved in an Old City shooting
04:07:09a Lay-off of 3 jute mills in Khulna extended
04:07:13a Korean travel agencies reported operating illegally in Davao
04:07:17a Peso, rupiah retreat after rally, but mood bullish
04:07:20a Police on heightened alert ahead of Arroyo trip to US
04:07:23a Oil falls toward 80 as US Gulf production rises
04:07:27a Jennifer Garner balances career with motherhood
04:07:30a Supreme Court rejects appeal of 3 Bali bombers on death row
04:07:34a Norfolk student Rachael Born eyes the world science fair
04:07:37a With TCC bulging at seams, Chesapeake looks to buy land
04:07:41a Beach tech center didn't have to look far for quality help
04:07:44a Italian court targets AC Milan vice president Galliani
04:07:48a Malaysian cops detain two Nigerian students over double murders
04:07:52a Educational package on climate change promoted in HK
04:07:55a IMAX camera to shoot 3D film for Hubble telescope
04:07:59a WIPO hosts exhibition showcasing creativity in HK
04:08:02a Spaceflight makes bacteria more deadly
04:08:06a Roundup International space technology for improving quality of life
04:08:09a India entering next phase of space vision ISRO Chairman
04:08:13a New bird flu detection device developed
04:08:18a Most-Ordered Video Games at Amazon.Com
04:08:22a Taylor Olson's Criminal History
04:08:26a Carlson will require students to travel abroad
04:08:29a Flood advisory issued for eastern Broward County
04:08:33a Rice eschews critics, proud of ousting Saddam
04:08:36a N.Korea may be dropped from terrorism list, U.S. hints
04:08:42a The Wovel A Snow Shovel On Wheels
04:09:12a Is Microcredit An Answer For Latin America
04:09:21a Hargreaves back for another bite at United career
04:09:39a Candidates' experience similar, not salaries
04:10:06a Local stocks back in record territory
04:10:09a Debt binge 'yet to run its course' RBA
04:10:13a Paper's editor I won't quit over obscenity
04:10:38a Beach dog park closes due to parvo report
04:10:41a Virginia Beach couple has 70-year history of working chemistry
04:10:45a From Virginia Beach to Broadway for former high school actor
04:10:48a Death classes alive and well at new home
04:10:51a Progress on crosswalks at Beach shopping center
04:10:55a Report Vintage plane crashed days earlier
04:10:59a Sore back? Try acupuncture...
04:11:02a Your risk of midair blood clots one in 4 656
04:11:05a Police on the hunt for rock throwers
04:11:09a Liberal Party in open revolt
04:11:15a NRL grand finalist's breath sigh of relief
04:11:19a Montreal band Patrick Watson wins Polaris Music Prize
04:11:36a Robert H. Frank's economic guidebook unlocks everyday design enigmas
04:11:53a Tropical Storm JERRY Public Advisory Number 8
04:11:57a Tropical Storm JERRY Forecast/Advisory Number 8
04:12:00a Tropical Storm JERRY Forecast Discussion Number 8
04:12:04a Tropical Storm JERRY Wind Speed Probabilities Number 8
04:12:07a Tropical Depression TWELVE Public Advisory Number 1
04:12:11a Tropical Depression TWELVE Forecast/Advisory Number 1
04:12:14a Tropical Depression TWELVE Forecast Discussion Number 1
04:12:18a Tropical Depression TWELVE Wind Speed Probabilities Number 1
04:12:21a Tropical Depression TWELVE Graphics
04:12:25a Sound off Why you need wireless protection
04:12:29a Sound off Is your wireless network a security breach waiting to happen?
04:12:33a Image gallery How to protect your wireless network
04:12:37a How to protect your wireless network
04:12:40a Sound off Why worry about wireless?
04:12:44a A forest fire spreads across the Brasilia National Park
04:12:48a Ban Ki-moon speaks at the United Nations in New York
04:12:51a Young leads Titans over Saints, 31-14, on MNF
04:12:55a Robbery fuels rise in violent crimes
04:12:58a Upper St. Clair keeps IB curriculum program
04:13:01a Ravenstahl not taking election for granted
04:13:05a Judge sides with nonprofits, college
04:13:09a Downtown forum focuses on vacant, abandoned properties
04:13:12a Westinghouse project to help students recognize talents
04:13:15a Volunteers work to restore regal stature of chestnut trees
04:13:19a Worker dies in fall from East Deer tower
04:13:22a Trio attacks delivery driver on North Side
04:13:26a Baldwin Borough home fire injures husband, wife
04:13:29a Hard-working Marion Center waitress knew how to enjoy life
04:13:33a Newsmaker Nancy J. Minshew
04:13:36a Friends help Fairfield family after fire
04:13:40a Immigrant exonerated in fatal crash remains in jail
04:13:43a Hempfield firefighters to receive recognition
04:13:47a Franklin Regional High School gets 2nd technology grant
04:13:50a Hempfield district responds to company's lawsuit
04:13:54a 2 hospitalized in separate crashes
04:13:59a Judge denies convict's appeal for relief
04:14:03a Uniontown man sentenced in kidnapping, robbery
04:14:07a 'Muffler man' statue returns to Uniontown tire shop
04:14:10a Time takes its toll
04:14:14a Transportation act repeal threatened over I-80 tolls
04:14:17a Cards' Leinart will start vs. Steelers, but Warner ready
04:14:21a Bills' Everett continues to show improvement
04:14:24a Niners TE Davis could miss 2 weeks with knee injury
04:14:27a Browns bemoan botched kick
04:14:31a Browns' TE Winslow bangs up shoulder in loss to Raiders
04:14:34a Bills place LB Posluszny on injured reserve
04:14:38a Chargers' Tomlinson Everyone needs to forget about last year
04:14:41a Larry Johnson can't get going for KC
04:14:44a Raiders keep 4 QBs, including Russell, McCown
04:14:48a Jets defense wants to cut down on big screen plays
04:14:51a Gibbs defends, explains final sequence of loss to Giants
04:14:55a Falcons Hall faces 'substantial discipline' following meltdown
04:14:58a Bears QB Grossman's job appears in jeopardy
04:15:02a Bucs affected by Morgan's hand injury
04:15:05a Scouting the Diamondbacks
04:15:09a Yanks edge closer to playoffs despite loss
04:15:12a Padres' Bradley tears ACL, out rest of season
04:15:15a Punchless power play concerns Pens
04:15:19a Pitt turns to freshmen
04:15:22a Pitt's Wannstedt singles out offensive line
04:15:26a WVU receiver Lyons sets booming tone
04:15:29a Unbeaten Buckeyes haven't lost a step
04:15:32a Indiana back happy to be winning
04:15:36a USC builds support system
04:15:39a Mt. Lebanon beats Moon, 2-0
04:15:43a Schenley shuts out Perry
04:15:46a Farmland will be next LeNature's asset for sale
04:15:50a Strike puts local GM plant in limbo
04:15:53a Home sales drop 4 percent in August
04:15:56a CPI doesn't show the whole picture
04:16:00a Business ethics awards deadline approaches
04:16:03a New DVD releases include 'Knocked Up'
04:16:07a Cultural events in the city today include 'Marriage of Figaro'
04:16:10a Sept. 25 Scenes from the Arts-burgh
04:16:14a Game plan for bedtime
04:16:17a Parents have critical role in driver training
04:16:21a Fashion show to benefit troubled youth
04:16:24a It pays to remember what's important
04:16:27a Speaking truth to insanity Thank Lee Bollinger
04:16:31a Harry's deal
04:16:34a Yinz could learn a lot from British drivers
04:16:38a The Maestro's false notes
04:16:42a S-CHIP could destroy health care
04:16:45a Rumsfeld at Hoover He deserves to be heard
04:16:49a Prostate choices
04:16:52a 'Those' Republicans
04:16:59a Ground control
04:17:02a Casino revenues
04:17:06a MacArthur fellows announced
04:17:09a 2 local researchers win 500,000 MacArthur "genius awards"
04:17:13a Overcoming the 'Woe Is Me' Syndrome
04:17:17a Don't Loose Your Marbles at Work, Rickki don't Loose That Temper
04:17:20a Yucca Mountain Nuke Dump Above Fault Line
04:17:24a Let the Inquest Begin!
04:17:27a Why Iran President Visit Us?
04:17:31a Will Congress Votes For Free Trade?
04:17:35a Police Hope Tip Comes Through After Man Shot In Neck
04:17:38a Search Continues For Father Son In Separate Silverton Shooting
04:17:42a I-Team Special Report CareStar Complaints Interest OH Governor
04:17:46a Finish Line says Genesco in breach of 1.5 billion buyout deal
04:17:49a Drought continues to take a toll on Blount County
04:17:53a Myanmar threatens action against protesting monks
04:18:02a Korea's Presidential Press War
04:18:07a Microsoft sets pricing on Office 2008 for Mac
04:18:10a Navy Copter Crashes in Guam, 1 Killed
04:18:15a Harman tests all-black MP shortlist
04:18:18a Brown spells out what he stands for
04:18:22a 'This was a speech of real passion and purpose'
04:18:25a Jonathan Freedland Brown unbound? Short on vision, but long on politics
04:18:29a Polly Toynbee A conviction politician, but where, Gordon, is the edge?
04:18:33a Michael White No jokes from stern British nationalist
04:18:36a Leader Brown's British vision
04:18:40a Last-minute deal may reprieve factories
04:18:43a Call Him An Oddball If You Must, But Do Call
04:18:47a World Bank Nears Rate Reduction
04:18:50a ICE Added to Standard & Poor's 500
04:18:53a Sign to stop another Burma massacre
04:19:08a Japanese Cabinet Ministers Resign
04:19:14a ID truck driver dead after collision with freight train
04:19:19a Hacked iPhones could shut down
04:19:23a Polyplus-Transfection To Supply RNAi Therapeutic Delivery Technology To Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
04:19:26a Open Text Ships Invoice Management Software For SAP
04:19:30a N.Y. subpoenas Facebook over predator concerns
04:19:33a Dying computer professor inspires with 'last lecture'
04:19:37a One laptop per child available in deve...
04:19:40a Freed China reporter to win
04:19:44a Probing your parents' finances
04:19:47a Two men found dead in Tacoma apartment
04:19:51a Police arrest shooting suspect in Tempe
04:19:57a In Beach Enclave, Affluent Are Split Over Effluent
04:20:00a Manhattan City TV Now on Web Site
04:20:04a Mobile service offers free calls for students
04:20:07a Anger at YouTube stammer clips
04:20:10a Buy a cheap laptop, give one to world's poor
04:20:14a Salmonella more virulent in space, study suggests
04:20:18a New Challengers Emerge, Threatening to Take the Lead
04:20:21a Young, Titans Drop Reeling Saints to 0-3
04:20:25a New Computer Line Shines For Apple
04:20:28a EMC Offers Easy Way Into VMware
04:20:32a Dialing Down On Harman
04:20:40a Bacteria Causes Tofu Recall
04:20:49a Clubroot threatens Alberta canola crop
04:21:18a Moderate veteran Fukuda set to be Japan's prime minister
04:21:22a PetroChina gets approval for IPO
04:21:57a Gadget against drink drivers
04:22:01a Latest iPod unveiled
04:22:04a Look Who Wants To Hook Up
04:22:08a Want to succeed? Avoid these 9 traps
04:22:11a The Rupee rise Who gains, who loses
04:22:15a Microsoft to ramp up India operations
04:22:18a Why IT chiefs are nervous about the future
04:22:22a India committed to sustainable development Chidambaram
04:22:25a 200 life-saving drugs to be cheaper
04:22:29a So This Penguin Walks Into The Library...
04:22:32a The Future of Open Source at Apple
04:22:36a Apples or Oranges? What is JeOS?
04:22:39a EQ 3.4 Pedro Bay, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
04:22:42a EQ 2.5 The Geysers, CA PRELIMINARY REPORT
04:22:46a EQ 3.5 Adak, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
04:22:49a P
04:22:53a Nokia opens Egypt office
04:22:56a Tourism Victoria Serves Up Liquor Complaints
04:23:00a Industrial Accident in Alberni
04:23:03a Victoria man attempts to become first North American to circumnavigate the earth 'backwards'
04:23:07a Military Banned at UVIC SUB
04:23:13a Rubber Duckies Overtake Campbell River
04:23:16a 'Last Legion' Wields a Weak Sword
04:24:51a Two killed as Uganda-DRC troops clash
04:24:54a Squash Frenchman Gaultier wins British Open
04:25:25a Rare Magna Carta to be sold
04:25:31a Rescuers brave kill zone
04:25:34a Midwest leaders to cash in after sale
04:25:38a Residential landlord abdicates his title
04:25:41a Peebles makes state debut in Mukwonago
04:25:45a Schwarzenegger Tells U.N. Of Climate Efforts
04:25:48a Wireless grows as trade tool
04:25:52a Daily Digest of Business
04:25:55a Cronenberg, Mortensen evoke a brutal vision
04:25:58a Cuprisin Local TV stations were helpless to fix technical problems during 'War'
04:26:02a Singer reflects on secular success, signing autographs
04:26:05a TV debuts du jour 'Reaper'; 'Cane'
04:26:09a Craig brings Scottish lilt, comic tales to Pabst show
04:26:13a Film Festival Focus 'Joe Strummer The Future is Unwritten'
04:26:16a New CDs due for release on Tuesday
04:26:20a Marines Denied Permission To Film Commercial
04:26:23a Mayor Determined To Remove Ed Jew
04:26:27a Administration Lobbies Against Emissions Standards
04:26:30a Cuomo Subpoenas Facebook Over Sex Predators
04:26:34a Help-Key How to Instant Message on your iPhone
04:26:38a Holy Smokes, Echostar Buys Sling For 380 Million
04:26:41a San Francisco is at it again
04:26:45a Halo 3 Being Hunted
04:26:48a Jesse James was sued in 1870 over horse
04:26:52a Date set for Daniel Smith inquest
04:26:55a Verdict expected soon in Jeffs case
04:26:59a In Vietnam, Leaders Get New Views
04:27:03a Ottawa runs record to 4-0
04:27:06a US to impose new Burma sanctions
04:27:10a 'Victory in 83 was special and so is this triump'
04:27:13a Left won't pull the plug for now Karat
04:27:17a Congressional Committee Targets Unisys
04:27:21a Ditech Networks Appoints Todd Simpson As President and CEO
04:27:24a Myanmar officials take to streets to warn against protests
04:27:27a Mrs. Doble has forgotten Medy
04:27:31a Teachers to Lapus Stop whining, address educational problems
04:28:16a Experts Agree Bush Administration and Republican Congress Abandoned Fiscal Responsibility
04:28:19a Meeting America's Real Priorities - Choices Matter
04:28:23a Tennessee Counties Join Economic Forces, Announce I-40 Plateau Partnership Park
04:28:27a Movie treat from Rain
04:28:30a Old songs made new
04:28:56a Police Man Offered 100 For Sex With Kids
04:28:59a Key Chain 'Tabs' Could Assist Criminals
04:29:02a Man Found Guilty Of Running Down Deputy
04:29:07a U.S. military court overturns decision to throw out Khadr ...
04:29:11a Jury hung on one count in polygamist leader's trial
04:29:39a "Armed" man arrested trying to retrieve seized car
04:29:42a Police keen to speak to parties involved in scuffle
04:29:46a Toddler and grandmother in emotional Auckland reunion
04:29:49a High profile assault case adjourned
04:29:53a Woman jailed for benefit fraud
04:29:56a $30,000 a year scholarship for te reo Maori teachers
04:30:00a New $380 million prison opened in North Waikato
04:30:04a "Storm in a d-cup" as casino reviews dress code
04:30:07a Modified fish give officials the slip
04:30:10a Sweeping changes to electoral boundaries
04:30:18a Young leads Titans 31-14 routs of Saints
04:30:41a Vegan teacher who wanted to change school menus is fired
04:30:49a Reviving A Bristol Giant
04:30:52a `Halo 3' Tries To Get Head Start On Competition
04:30:56a Report State Drops In Premium Ranking
04:30:59a Xerox Touts Color Advances
04:31:03a Mohegan Sun Joins In Kansas Proposal
04:31:07a Gas Prices To Get Review
04:31:10a Jobs In Connecticut Set A Record
04:31:14a UAW Strike Is For Jobs
04:31:17a Hot Item For Thieves Portable GPS Unit
04:31:20a Change In Priorities
04:31:24a Free Swiss treatment for cleft lip
04:31:27a Cervarix approved in Europe
04:31:31a Xangati Raises 10.7M And Other Fresh Deals
04:31:34a ATT Site Reveals Tilt Yahoo! Messenger
04:31:38a India won
04:31:41a Two hospitalized after accident
04:31:45a Man in serious condition after accident
04:31:48a Motorcyclist dies after hitting truck
04:31:52a Fire fighters still investigating fire
04:31:55a A bitter pill for slimmers?
04:31:58a Andy Darling on the online workout
04:32:02a Program Known for Flexibility Trimmed Ranks of Uninsured
04:32:05a In Trenton, Judge Says Item on Stem Cells Stays on Ballot
04:32:09a Predatory Sex Offender Wanted By Deputies
04:32:21a Mockingbird work will delay traffic
04:32:37a Sparks CEO says Fort Smith needs 100, 150 new doctors
04:32:40a Razorback running back released on bond
04:32:53a Decisive days Prep star Zeller visits IU, next is ND
04:32:56a Pike arts center names executive director
04:33:57a Youth Leader Calls on Militants to Hold Off on Kidnappings in Nigeria's Niger Delta
04:34:16a Teacher merit plan will cost districts
04:34:26a Myanmar braces for more protests
04:34:44a Authorities Need Help Finding Missing Teens
04:34:48a Ferguson sees 15% revenue increase
04:35:12a Ex-Texas Congressman Gets New Heart
04:35:16a Canada to Decide on Afghan Mission
04:35:19a Judge reprimanded for swearing in court
04:35:23a Chicago police respond to apparent hostage situation on Far South Side
04:35:26a Teacher who advocated veganism fired by board
04:35:45a 'CSI' makes the crime scene with mobile debut
04:36:00a SET down 0.42%
04:37:15a Coroner's Chief Deputy fired
04:37:20a U.S. breast cancer death rate drops more report
04:37:43a Man wearing balaclava robs car parts shop of 34 million yen
04:37:47a Student at teacher training course busted for raping woman
04:37:50a Fukuda to appoint Foreign Minister Machimura as chief Cabinet secretary
04:37:54a Kaine appoints Philip Morris exec to port authority board
04:37:57a Derailment notice was not required, Miss. official says
04:38:01a Report urges Defense Dept. to keep eye on carrier costs
04:38:04a University chief slams Iranian leader
04:38:08a Vick may face county charges
04:38:46a Here's what's not to worry about on Wall St.
04:38:50a Microsoft bets on 'Halo 3' in gaming industry battle
04:38:53a Microsoft reaches out to Silicon Valley elite with 'Halo 3' event
04:38:57a Microsoft readies ''Halo 3'' video game for launch
04:39:01a Tokyo shares lower in early trade after Wall St falls UPDATE
04:39:04a Microsoft, Google in Facebook face-off
04:39:08a Wal-Mart, UN, investors push for carbon awareness Summary
04:39:11a Microsoft to Release Windows Server 2008 RCO, Vista SP1 Beta
04:39:15a New stadium boosts Arsenal income
04:39:18a Monopoly launches UK-wide edition
04:39:24a FBI Stats Are 'Good Overall Snapshot' Of Crime
04:39:28a The Fish Market To Offer Free Shuttle Service
04:39:31a Bessemer Police Identify Latest Homicide Victim
04:39:35a I-65 Reopened Following Multi-Vehicle Wreck
04:39:38a Good Question What's The Iranian President Up To?
04:39:42a Older workers have key skills to share
04:39:46a Teenagers 'face tempation at every turn'
04:39:56a Judge's ruling throws 'super size' property tax exemption off ballot
04:39:59a School district to push education on HIV/AIDS
04:40:03a Propane gas leak in kitchen blamed in Deerfield Beach explosion
04:40:06a Reversible I-595 express lanes will be at ground
04:40:10a Marriott, Hilton want to build Fort Lauderdale convention center hotel
04:40:14a Broward pair who scored perfect 36 on ACT want it known they're typical teens
04:40:17a Rain in South Florida likely today and Wednesday
04:40:21a The story behind the story
04:40:31a Mass Abductions of Falun Gong Practitioners, Activists Before 17th National Congress
04:40:40a Elissa to embark on Harvest Moon voyage
04:41:03a ICICI Bank Could Give Jolt Asian Issues
04:41:18a U.S. snipers allegedly 'baited' Iraqis
04:41:22a US Navy helicopter crashes in Guam1 killed
04:41:43a Newington may put police in middle schools
04:41:58a Reasons for dismissals at Virginia colleges
04:42:01a Kicking student out of college is rare, statistics indicate
04:42:05a Teachers join brides, moms-to-be in realm of online registry
04:42:09a Chesapeake school enrollment higher than expected
04:42:13a Police Toddler Taken From South Austin Shopping Center
04:42:33a Lightning strikes biker's penis
04:42:36a States ban Chinese toothpaste
04:42:40a Becks 'to be Posh Pussycat'
04:42:44a Cocaine-laden plane crashes
04:42:47a CAW boss says Canadians feel immediate impact from U.S. Strike
04:42:51a FIRST gets ready
04:42:54a Derek Miller to appear at Nipissing University
04:42:58a Temiskaming Shores OPP report
04:43:01a Stephen-Argyle A most extraordinary football team
04:43:08a Twenty-Five Sea Turtles Return to Wild
04:43:12a Monroe Water Curbs Go Mandatory
04:43:15a Gorge Neighborhood in Ruins in Wake of Fast-Moving Fire
04:43:19a Bush Called on to Halt Lobbying Against Fuel Ruels
04:43:23a Scajaquada Creek May Be Down, but Don't Count It Out
04:43:26a State Considering Pillsbury Mound Purchase
04:43:29a Heineman Appeals to Kansas Over Water Use
04:43:33a 2 Billion Approved for Glades; Veto Expected
04:43:36a Ahmadinejad Gets Blistering Welcome at Columbia
04:43:40a Syria Denies Nuclear Link With N. Korea
04:43:43a 'Dhaka May Lose Popular Support If Polls Delayed'
04:43:47a Iran, Pakistan Resume Gas Pipeline Talks
04:43:50a The End Is Not Nigh
04:43:54a 20 Killed in Attack on Shiite-Sunni Meeting
04:43:57a Freeing Myself Through Forgiveness
04:44:01a Iraq Should Refuse to License Mercenaries
04:44:04a Size matters so let's hope dummies are shape of things to come
04:44:08a Lessons for Brown and SNP as Belgium falls into political disarray
04:44:12a Rahul Gets Key Congress Post
04:44:15a Big Benn chimes again and buys his cardies at Markies
04:44:18a Why a local income tax would prove disastrous for Scotland
04:44:22a An election manifesto without an election date
04:44:25a A Little Rock Reminder
04:44:29a Mr. Obama's Cookie Jar
04:44:32a Sword was still in exhibit bag police
04:44:35a Black Sticks look to Olympic qualifying
04:44:39a MFS loses 7m selling THL stake
04:44:42a Question mark remains over Penneys fitness
04:44:46a Canterbury knocked out of netball champs
04:44:49a Qian Xuns grandma believed to be in NZ
04:44:55a Cuba's Culture Minister in Spain
04:44:59a Drug stores target region as population gets grayer
04:45:02a Cancer center founder says he wasn't forced out
04:45:06a Doctors examine the value of annual physicals
04:46:18a Kim Jong Il Enjoys Performance Given by Russian Dance Company
04:46:21a Diplomatic Ties at Ambassadorial Level Established between DPRK and Kingdom of Swaziland
04:46:25a Kim Yong Nam Meets Officials of Syrian Political Party
04:46:28a Floral Tribute Paid to Kim Jong Suk
04:46:32a Feats Performed by Kim Jong Suk in Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle
04:46:35a Judoka Kye Sun Hui Feted
04:46:38a Russian Dance Company Gives Performances in Wonsan
04:46:42a National Ssirum Tournament for Grand Bull Prize Held
04:46:45a Rodong Sinmun Calls on Korean Nation to Fulfil Its Mission
04:46:49a Rodong Sinmun on DPRK's Foreign Policy
04:46:52a Conclusion of Peace Agreement Urged in S. Korea
04:46:56a Unjust Behavior of Ministry of Information and Communications of S. Korea under Fire
04:46:59a Leaders of San Marino on Friendly Relations with DPRK
04:47:03a Songun Policy Praised by Chief of Staff of Indonesian Navy
04:47:06a Bulletin Released in Egypt
04:47:10a DPRK's Birthday Celebrated in Foreign Countries
04:47:13a Anti-Reunification Moves under Fire
04:47:17a Preparing for possible pandemic flu
04:47:20a On Politics Don't Count Her Out
04:47:23a Historic Pietermaritzburg station lies uncared for
04:47:27a Musharraf's dual office case hearing today
04:47:31a I wanted new faces, says Sonia Gandhi
04:47:34a Women thrash drunkards dry
04:47:38a Court rejects Bali bombers' appeal
04:47:41a 'Kite Runner' rape scene cut urged
04:47:45a 'CSI' makes the crime scene with mobile debut
04:47:49a Systems-Management Vendor Hyperic Incorporates JasperSoft Reporting Tools
04:47:52a Jetstar investigates passenger gastro outbreak
04:48:42a PHOTO GALLERY Twins 2, Tigers 0
04:48:50a World Gold Council to double investment in India
04:48:55a Indonesia mulls reopening of embassy in Baghdad
04:48:58a Japan's Fukuda Faces Tough Issues
04:49:02a Bush promises US help in creating Palestinian state
04:49:05a Vest bomber kills 26, wounds 50 at Baquba Ramadhan banquet
04:49:09a CCB Debut May Fall Short
04:49:13a Abu Dhabi National Energy to buy PrimeWest
04:49:16a Citizenship path for kids nears vote
04:49:20a Valley fence mapped
04:49:23a ALL SMILES - Valley gets nod to be screened Thursday
04:49:27a '...What happens in the PNM stays in the PNM' -
04:49:30a Eudine out - Dumas gets PNM nod for Tobago East
04:49:34a DNA has plan to stop Manning - ...wants deal with UNC, COP
04:49:37a Groups in Republic Day march for reform -
04:49:41a Angry Movado fans demand after no-show -
04:49:44a Witness shot dead -
04:49:48a 105-year-old gets Republic Day Award - ...fighter for workers' rights
04:49:51a 2 found dead in San Juan, PoS; autopsies today -
04:49:55a Bandits disarm Customs officers -
04:49:58a 1,000 join Tobago AIDS walk -
04:50:02a Driver's body found hours after crash -
04:50:05a COP's Baksh scoffs at Ramesh's call for unity -
04:50:09a Sando St Vincent De Paul
04:50:12a Large crowd for parang opening -
04:50:15a Cop hurt in attack - Man goes on trial
04:50:19a EBC office in Laventille -
04:50:22a Lessons from football impasse -
04:50:26a That first kiss -
04:50:29a A victim of climate change? -
04:50:33a Patriotism, citizenship and sport -
04:50:36a Govt moves to boost oil, gas exploration -
04:50:40a Ministry probes rapid rail bribe claims -
04:50:43a WASA scent Super League success -
04:50:50a Convenient flashback from Manning -
04:50:53a Pot calling the
04:50:56a Same khaki pants -
04:51:00a I'm ready with my coup evidence -
04:51:03a bas must go first -
04:51:07a Plenty talent - Secondary School Film Competition
04:51:10a Governor plays hardball with prison guards union
04:51:14a Violent crime up again in U.S., FBI says
04:51:17a GM's solution is part of problem
04:51:21a SA hosted Twenty20 event in style Speed
04:51:25a Dollar off record low vs euro, sterling hit
04:51:28a Local investments overtake foreign investments in Mindanao
04:51:31a Shares firmer in late trade but volumes weak
04:51:35a Hubble Telescope to Star in Warner Bros.' IMAX 3D Film
04:52:14a Repo Man
04:52:43a Robbery Arrest
04:52:47a Amsterdam vs Schenectady Boys Soccer
04:52:50a Shaker vs Bethlehem Girls Soccer
04:52:53a Craig Gilbert Gets Win
04:52:57a Daycare Closes
04:53:00a Stabbing Investigation
04:53:03a WalMart Forged Checks
04:53:07a Fans Brace For Release Of 'Halo 3' Video Game
04:53:10a Favre Still Going Strong for Green Bay
04:53:14a Fox Report 'On Another Level'
04:53:17a To sit by an open window…
04:53:20a Van Susteren You Get Me, I Get You
04:53:24a Bush's advice to presidential candidates
04:53:27a AARP notes outstanding employers of those over 50
04:53:31a Prosecutor State dogfighting indictments to be presented
04:53:34a MacArthur Foundation announces recipients of this year's 'genius grants'
04:53:41a History .. minus all those dull bits
04:53:44a Mag war on Roo's wedding
04:53:48a Squeaky the piglet is dead
04:53:51a CAUGHT!
04:53:54a HI-TEC HOWLERS
04:53:58a F&M on farm 'for 4 weeks'
04:54:01a Dr Who goes up Pompeii
04:54:11a Alive..boy in jet wing
04:54:15a 1p crime sentence
04:54:20a Fukuda Wins Vote in Lower House
04:54:23a Boeing delivers first EA-18G Growler to Navy
04:54:27a Job security jumps out as top strike issue
04:54:30a Centene project doesn't help first phase of Ballpark Village
04:54:34a Dierbergs to close Clocktower store
04:54:38a Financial institutions nationwide testing preparedness for hypothetical flue pandemic
04:54:41a Court dismisses objections to Arnold's Wal-Mart supercenter
04:54:45a Anand Rathi's take on Uttam Galva Steel
04:55:18a True or False Food biggest waste item
04:55:29a Titans roll past Saints; New Orleans falls to 0-3
04:55:34a Iran halts Iraq border crossings
04:55:38a Doubt set aside at U.N. climate summit
04:55:41a Chavez relates to 'Gladiator' film hero
04:55:45a Bush's cutting of aid blasted
04:55:49a U.S. hits political leaders' arrests Musharraf defends action
04:55:52a Ill will for Ahmadinejad
04:55:56a Bush to announce sanctions against Burma
04:55:59a Taleban 'needed for Afghan peace'
04:56:03a U.S. Snipers Accused of 'Baiting' Iraqis
04:56:07a Jury Weighs Polygamist Leader's Case
04:56:10a ASCO Pushes Cancer Survivors' Checklist
04:56:14a Blackwater USA succeeds at primary mission, stays in business
04:56:18a August Sales Explosion Heats Up Saks Stock
04:56:21a WebEx WebOffice It's a Web Office Jim, But Not As We Know It
04:56:39a Newt, Columbia, and the Idea of Dissent
04:56:42a UK Foreign Sec. David Miliband's unity warning to EU rebels
04:56:46a Largest Steroid Lab In Mich. Discovered In Global Steroid Investigation
04:56:49a Indian Oil Plans to Spend 11 Billion on Expansion in 5 Years
04:56:53a Law Versus Mob Rule
04:56:56a N.Korea may be dropped from terrorism list, U.S. hints
04:57:00a Hunter Communist China is Cheating on Trade
04:57:03a India skips Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline meet
04:57:07a Statement from Mayor Rudy Giuliani - UN, Ahmadinejad--IRAN, Human Rights Council and Israel
04:57:11a Hillary Against The Free Press
04:57:17a Ted Koppel on Rather Suit Squeezing Out of Newsman was a Travesty
04:57:21a Marines Denied Permission To Film Commercial On The Streets Of San Francisco
04:57:24a Irans President Tarred and Feathered by Columbias Bollinger
04:57:27a Office 2008 for Mac Set for Jan. Release
04:57:31a Lubbock County Grand Jury Indicts Two
04:57:34a Myer aiming for billions
04:57:38a US auto strike has no bearing on Aus Holden
04:57:41a Labor would uphold current drought settings
04:57:45a Haneef appeal date yet to be set
04:57:48a Stan Grant to host ABC radio show
04:57:52a Rising household debt 'not concerning'
04:57:55a Wine prices set to surge
04:57:59a British students 'are least hard-working in Europe'
04:58:02a First Stage of Electoral Process in Cuba almost Complete
04:58:05a Fidel Castro Received Angola's Eduardo Dos Santos in Havana
04:58:09a Raul Castro Sees Angolan President Off
04:58:15a Cuban represents on 'Dancing with the Stars'
04:58:18a Rats invade North Texas neighborhoods
04:58:22a Contract negotiations recess until Tuesday as GM strike continues
04:58:45a Suspect arrested in shootings of students
04:58:48a Assam's milk products hit smuggling roadblock
04:58:52a Make informed decision about HPV vaccine
04:58:55a Gujarat girl to present paper on Indian fonts in US
04:58:59a Cannon's history remains murky
04:59:02a Bhutto has to decide future steps for herself US
04:59:06a Judge halts O'Malley order
04:59:09a Lighter, improved heart pump
04:59:13a Plebes take to new harassment program
04:59:16a Lanier to cut out police bureaucracy
04:59:20a Council to cancel sale of library, fire station
04:59:23a Relatives not told of death for 6 years
04:59:27a Brock had cavalier attitude to financial matters court
04:59:30a Govt 'committed' to new Sydney rail link
04:59:34a Change in Burma unlikely Downer
04:59:37a Blood in garbage truck not human police
04:59:41a NSW trying to avoid scrutiny O'Farrell
04:59:44a Centrelink staff 'snooped' 367 times
04:59:48a Police uniform, gun found in home unit
04:59:51a Man dies in Canberra house fire
04:59:55a Rudd pledges 50m for Tas health system
04:59:58a Porshe, VW workers at daggers drawn in German takeover drama
05:00:02a Military trucks at Myanmar's Shwedagon Pagoda
05:00:05a marc on wjz
05:00:13a SJ 'Max Muscle' Shop Caught In Steroid Sting
05:00:16a SC notice togovt on quota for Muslims
05:00:20a Rahul is now Congress general secretary
05:00:27a MacArthur Foundation Awards 24 Grants
05:00:35a NIB Health Funds posts 52.5m profit
05:00:38a China invest 40m in SA iron ore project
05:00:42a NAB downgrades outlook for US economy
05:00:45a Young people 'keen to learn about money'
05:00:49a Coal miner New Hope sees strong prices
05:00:52a ImpediMed plans to list on ASX
05:00:56a Contact Energy profit down on last year
05:01:28a Chinese women want faces shaped like 'goose eggs' report
05:01:43a New record price for Sentosa Cove's only strata landed housing devt
05:01:46a Elderly Man Robbed, Left For Dead In Senior Home
05:01:50a 911 Tapes Released From Durkin Park Brawl
05:01:53a Vegan Teacher Who Wanted To Change Menus Is Fired
05:01:57a Jury Awards Boy Injured By Falling TV 19 Million
05:02:00a Could Mattress Safety Measures Make You Sick?
05:02:07a W. Palm Beach leaders vote to ban feeding of homeless from downtown parks
05:02:18a Fukuda Elected Japanese Prime Minister
05:02:39a Police, soldiers clash in east Indonesia two dead
05:02:42a Japan's Fukuda wins PM vote
05:02:45a Suicide bomber kills 15 at Sunni-Shia reconciliation meeting
05:02:49a Two Spanish soldiers killed, six injured in Afghanistan
05:02:52a Mukasey's Role in Terror Detention Is Questioned
05:02:56a What the left has in mind for the Supreme Court
05:03:00a Ahmadinejad denies two journalists condemned to death even exist
05:03:06a Life without parole? Option only a cop-out
05:03:10a Bollinger Not Bad-ass, but Not Bad as, He Might Have Been
05:03:21a U.S. to impose new sanctions on Myanmar
05:03:36a Fukuda elected Prime minister by Japan's lower house of Diet
05:03:40a Gabon's Senate speaker meets Chinese delegation to discuss bilateral ties
05:03:43a Breasts complaint casino reviewing dress code
05:03:47a 'Armed' man arrested trying to retrieve car
05:03:50a Xiao Ping Liu's letter to New Zealand
05:03:54a US publishes wanted poster for Xue
05:03:57a French Pantomime King Passes Away at 84
05:04:00a Military trucks at Myanmar's pagoda
05:04:04a Ferry security workers' pay problems solved
05:04:34a RUSSIA-AFRICA Trucks Traded for Cash Crops and Oil
05:04:43a Annual Physicals May Cost More Than They're Worth
05:04:46a Allergy Emergency
05:04:50a Juveniles Appear in Rape Case
05:04:53a Bid to Halt Hse Job Cuts
05:04:56a Talks Aimed at Increasing Number of Organ Donors
05:05:00a Prescription Plan Offers Savings to Uninsured
05:05:03a Put Trust in Star Names
05:05:07a A 'Host of Indictments'
05:05:10a Top Attractions That Aren't So Attractive
05:05:14a SLIDESHOW Fire At Boeing Forces Evacuations
05:05:34a Councilwoman Threatened Over City Budget Tue, 25 Sep 2007 040917 GMT
05:05:38a Illegal Immigrant Sentenced In DUI Death Tue, 25 Sep 2007 040607 GMT
05:05:41a NHS Rationing 'Leads To Patient Deaths'
05:05:49a Keep older workers or face skills gap study
05:06:24a DAE nears 1.5bn aircraft deal
05:07:16a New coach wants to lead Brazilian women basketball team to Beijing
05:07:21a Talking turkey farms
05:07:24a Collin’s Kids Dinner
05:07:28a Jail guard arrested
05:07:31a Children die in house fire in Scotland County
05:07:35a Junkyard fire spreads to woods
05:07:38a I-73 trip to push for funding
05:07:42a Rip current blamed for drowning death
05:07:45a Gas station burglary
05:07:49a Attempted robbery suspect shot and killed
05:07:52a Deadly shooting in Hartsville
05:07:56a Pilot killed in plane crash from Horry County
05:08:00a OSBI agrees to allow expert observe rare weekend testing
05:08:03a FBI trainees at UCO say crime scenes are like 'pieces of a puzzle'
05:08:07a ‘That's how you stymie a horse,' Blazers' coach says after biting runaway animal
05:08:10a ECU plans inauguration, reception for president
05:08:14a Chesapeake gives 250,000 to OU
05:08:17a Family of missing Tulsa woman hopes body parts help find killer
05:08:21a Why feds will review state's alcohol laws
05:08:24a Military trucks at Myanmar's pagoda
05:08:28a US concerned at Egypt crackdown on rights group, journalists
05:08:32a Myanmar, Iran in Bush's sights at UN General assembly
05:08:36a PBS US troops' weapons 'plagued with problems'
05:08:39a New Vent Protesting Ahmadenijad at Columbia
05:08:43a Kirkwood Police Hope Surveillance Video Will Help Catch Robber
05:08:50a Authorities investigating local nonprofit directing refugees to Canada
05:08:54a Big Spring Jam road closures announced
05:08:57a Four-car crash injures five
05:09:01a Capital murder trial delayed
05:09:04a Couple arrested after allegedly passing fake prescription
05:09:08a Valley boy described as cancer-free by doctors
05:09:11a Solider home from Iraq returns to police department
05:09:15a Committee finishes internal investigation at A&M
05:09:18a Informants to get better protection
05:09:22a 2 given life for social security fraud
05:09:25a New rules introduced for nation's eco-homes
05:09:29a Theories emerge over 'Railcorp drugs' videos
05:09:38a Arabian Automobiles launches new Nissan models
05:09:41a KFMC Makes Breakthrough in Brain Surgery
05:09:45a Plan to License Four Private Airlines
05:09:48a Woman Attacks Vice Cops With Pepper Spray
05:09:52a Conditions Inside Prisons Set to Improve
05:09:55a Celebrations Keep Memories Alive
05:09:59a Saudi Group to Finance Rehab Center in Sri Lanka
05:10:08a Another British herd has foot and mouth
05:10:11a Grinham Denies Nicol's Hattrick In British Open
05:10:15a Judge attacks TV 'human bear-baiting'
05:10:18a Key themes from the PM's speech
05:10:22a Cuba taekwondo team head for pre-Olympic contest in Britain
05:10:25a University students in England have it easy
05:10:32a Most 'want climate change action'
05:10:36a Rate-setter hints at cut after turmoil
05:10:39a Tate reveals unseen Millais
05:10:42a Office loses its appeal as more work at home
05:10:46a Normal DART Schedule Resumes Following Construction Delay
05:10:49a Long-Time Winter Park City Manager Fired
05:10:53a China tells critics it's doing its best on climate change
05:10:56a Air China,Cathay shares drop in Hong Kong as trading resumes
05:11:00a Aegon China insurance JV applying for QDII license report
05:11:03a Special Olympics goes to China
05:11:07a With new language expansion, Friendster digs a hole to China
05:11:10a China urges US to give banks licences
05:11:14a Misunderstandings on Made-in-China products in Mattel incident
05:11:17a Wagners wrangle over who is to take over at Bayreuth
05:11:21a Hungary OKs permits for prostitutes
05:11:24a English Students Are The Laziest In Europe
05:11:28a The Jena 6 and the right to self-defense
05:11:31a Social Security trillions short
05:11:35a Gamers anticipate latest 'Halo' for XBox
05:11:39a GM talks collapse; autoworkers strike
05:11:42a Hoping to Dominate Radio
05:11:46a Worker health costs to increase
05:11:50a Mortgage servicer bounces checks
05:11:53a General Dynamics rakes in contracts
05:11:57a Why are U.S. kids obese? Just look around them study
05:12:00a SC Johnson top place to work for U.S. seniors study
05:12:04a South-east NSW braces for wild weather
05:12:07a Young drivers warned to watch drinking
05:12:11a Broadband boost to help put regional firms on equal footing
05:12:14a Violent Crime In U.S. Nears 5-Year Peak, FBI Says
05:12:18a Peninsula Ice Cream Vendor Guilty Of Molestation
05:12:22a Vandals Strike Lafayette Memorial Crosses
05:12:25a Ghana External Payments Deteriorates CEPA
05:12:29a Zambia Country's Debt Swells
05:12:37a Double Murder Charge
05:12:45a Suspect to point out more victims' bodies
05:12:50a THE COLUMNIST Carlson stands by her facts, citing sources, observations
05:12:53a ‘A petty and cruel dictator'
05:12:57a THE COACH Gundy only wishes he'd said more and that he'd been better prepared
05:13:00a Farmers get paid for trapping carbon
05:13:04a Officials expect jump in attendance figures
05:13:07a White House may scuttle Inhofe's plan
05:13:11a Watchful neighbors alert resident to blaze
05:13:14a Pastor wants to trim number of homeless
05:13:18a Police try talking to victim
05:13:21a Two plead guilty in Gaines Township bank robbery
05:13:25a Cats taken from Grand Rapids house have new homes
05:13:28a Ford Airport makes parking changes ahead of ground breaking
05:13:32a UPDATE House votes to cut 500-million tax exemptions for businesses
05:13:35a Allegan County agency looks to prevent homelessness
05:13:43a Feds announce largest-ever crackdown on steroids
05:13:46a Calpine Files Third Amended Plan of Reorganization
05:13:50a New Initiative To Address GAO Report
05:13:53a Landry's Restaurants, Inc. Announces Commencement of Exchange Offer
05:13:57a Russia New Ministers
05:14:00a If Its Hip, Fast and Furious, Is It Cricket?
05:14:04a Iraqi Prime Minister Breaks Fast at a Queens Mosque
05:14:07a Maliki Gains Time, but Faces a Daunting Task
05:14:11a Portsmouth's summer shelter fills a void for the homeless
05:14:14a Portsmouth playwright pens drama inspired by death-row inmate
05:14:17a Poland to start venue construction for Euro 2012
05:14:33a 2 Women Charged In Day Care Complaints
05:14:37a Man Shot In South End Carjacking
05:14:42a Paediatricians Stand Behind HPV Vaccine For Canadian Girls
05:14:45a Flaherty says Canada needs to be innovative t...
05:14:49a BCE and Bell Canada debt ratings lowered to j...
05:14:52a Three shot in West End
05:14:56a Man shot at Westwood apartment
05:15:36a Cabinet endorses People's Charter
05:15:41a Norfolk grand jury to hear molestation charges
05:15:45a Audio slide show ODU's Folkes/Stevens Indoor Tennis Center
05:15:49a Photo Dinosaur caught walking in Norfolk
05:15:52a Police investigating videotaped attack on Ocean View teen
05:15:55a Norfolk library to be moved to make way for light-rail work
05:15:59a Woman accused of using boy, 14, to smuggle heroin
05:16:03a De novo Magazine Announces Launch of New Digital Publication
05:16:09a Police officials criticize AG order to investigate PM for corruption
05:16:13a Pro Step Marketing Partners With Top RE/MAX REALTOR in Lake Norman, NC
05:16:16a Turkmen President Announces Prisoner Amnesty
05:16:20a Rid Fibromyalgia Offers Hope with Alternative Fibromyalgia Treatment
05:16:23a Atlantic Financial Consulting Ten Reasons Why Doctors Should Outsource Their Billing
05:16:27a Deer, pigeons wait for this friend to bring food
05:16:30a Young Music Indie Artist Lands Role on New Teen Show
05:16:34a Ehud Olmert must submit resignation
05:16:37a Body bugs
05:16:41a Blues harmonica player Gary Primich dies
05:16:45a Jeffs jury goes home, close to a verdict
05:16:48a Bird Counting in Cuban Migratory Corridor Underway
05:16:52a Chinese former FM takes post of school dean o
05:16:55a North west rail service under review
05:16:59a Llewellyn defends highway policing levels
05:17:02a Conference warned of 20 cup of coffee
05:17:06a Bong ban delays defended
05:17:12a Farmers demand answers over snail invasion
05:17:16a Disability workers offered payouts
05:17:20a Man stands trial accused of shooting police officer
05:17:24a Football coach wants to go it alone
05:17:27a Tasman Highway still blocked
05:17:30a Pay claim by nurses knocked back
05:17:34a Claims police lack driver training
05:17:38a Government confident of call centre future
05:17:41a Government says electricity charges going up
05:17:45a Pulp mill report could be released next month
05:17:51a Convention and promotions helping hotels
05:17:54a Bracelet fit for a princess
05:17:58a Underage driver leaps to back seat during traffic stop
05:18:01a Strickland asked to halt executions — for now
05:18:05a Mother, daughter house fire victims laid to rest
05:18:08a Plane has bumpy, but safe landing
05:18:12a Intruders shoot, wound man in his home
05:18:15a City council OKs special tax district for street widening
05:18:19a Pilot, crew stayed cool, reassuring
05:18:22a Contaminated Troy site could become an EPA priority
05:18:26a Violent crime on the rise, FBI reports
05:18:29a Woman's hearing in stabbing to be Oct. 1
05:18:33a Flaherty says Canada needs to be innovative to continue up...
05:18:37a Homearama project developers survived plane crash in 06
05:18:40a TBA's Scholarship House sets 100,000 check record
05:18:44a Homearama '07 ready to showcase in Chesapeake's Edinburgh
05:18:47a FirstTime Cruisers What to Know Before Taking a Sea Trip
05:18:51a How Often Should Expatriates Return Home for a Visit
05:18:55a Thousands to protest against IR laws
05:18:58a DPP's tenure cut from life to 10 years
05:19:01a Vic to ask for 6,000 horse flu doses
05:19:05a ACT judge dies of heart attack
05:19:08a Gutted Myer store being 'made safe'
05:19:12a Magna Carta Is Going on the Auction Block
05:19:15a Fans campaign to save 'Cincinnati'
05:19:19a Art works pulled at Dallas library
05:19:22a Escapee 'I don't have nothing left to lose'
05:19:26a Family First to contest by-election
05:19:29a Logging suspended during red gum protests
05:19:33a Family accept lost bush runner likely dead
05:19:36a Pumpkin's dad 'armed and dangerous'
05:19:39a Man charged for Porsche theft
05:19:43a Grants To Improve Eye Health Care, Australia
05:19:46a V8 seized after car chase
05:19:50a Remand for man accused of stabbing nurse
05:19:53a Father arrested at APEC pleads not guilty
05:19:57a Victoria joins ban on Chinese toothpastes
05:20:00a Gun, cop uniform found in man's unit
05:20:04a Voyager crash survivor wins 2m damages
05:20:08a Rayney in court over phone bug charges
05:20:11a Australia search for positives from Twenty20
05:20:15a Australia's MDL gets OK to mine zircon in Senegal
05:20:18a Sydney tourists lose thousands
05:20:22a How much will 'Halo 3' for Xbox 360 rake in?
05:20:25a Vest bomber kills 26, wounds 50at Baquba Ramadan banquet
05:20:29a Senate Passes 23 Billion Water Bill
05:20:32a Truth Action Day August 11th 2007
05:20:36a Loose Change Leuren Moret Global Nuclear Cover Up pt 2/2
05:20:40a Protest Against SPP and NAU
05:20:43a Fake or Not, AcupunctureHelps Back Pain
05:20:47a Berlin Says US and FranceGuilty of Hypocrisy
05:20:50a Hungarian prostitutes to beissued entrepreneur permits
05:20:54a Perus Meteor Illness Explained,Invitation Extended
05:20:58a Government by TV Chvezsets 8-hour record
05:21:01a In U.S., Turkmen President Announces Prisoner Amnesty
05:21:05a Menu Foods Income Fund appoints chair of food...
05:21:08a Bruins trade Mark Mowers to Ducks for prospects
05:21:11a Oilpatch Warns Of Shrinking Revenues If Alber...
05:21:15a Shawn Hill shut down by Nationals
05:21:19a Alberta energy regulator dumps security unit ...
05:21:22a Ky. Governor Proposes Compromise for Medical ...
05:21:25a Global Traffic Swings to 4th Quarter Profit...
05:21:32a NRG Energy Expected to Submit First New Nuke ...
05:21:36a Federal, B.C. and Alta. governments make it e...
05:21:39a Financial Institutions Nationwide Are Undergo...
05:21:42a Maryland Governor Pushes Taxes for Transporta...
05:21:46a Black & Decker Group Vice President John ...
05:21:49a British Authorities Report Another Livestock ...
05:21:53a House Committee Subpoenas Labor Secretary for...
05:21:56a Sporty investors can look to Portugal
05:22:00a Spain calls for all-inclusive approach to climate change
05:22:03a Port wine cellars and fantastic gardens in Portugal's north
05:22:07a Portugal and Juventus defender Jorge Andrade out with knee injury
05:22:10a Cops catch four
05:22:14a Bring on Fiji, we are ready Wales
05:22:17a Koroi is FICAC's new spokesman
05:22:21a C-Cor merging with Ga. company
05:22:25a CDC failed to find worst A&M lab problems
05:22:28a Hatoyama proposes omitting minister's involvement in executions+
05:22:32a 3RD LD Lower house elects Fukuda as premier, awaits upper house outcome+
05:22:43a Europe's business backs tax harmony, says poll
05:22:47a croissance en France et investissement en Ukraine et en Russie
05:22:51a Toyota plans ultracompact car for Europe paper
05:22:54a EuroBasket Women '07 / Reigning European champions wallop Israel
05:22:58a Give us EU referendum, says Benn
05:23:01a Australia Mining Company Expands
05:23:05a Australia Metal Recyclers to Merge
05:23:09a Canada Abu Dhabi Buys Energy Trust
05:23:12a Pumpkin's dad's sword found in car
05:23:16a Japan PM Abe, Cabinet resign
05:23:19a Anti-graft task forces in Dhaka to wind up drives by September end
05:23:23a Japanese PM Abe resigns formally, clears way for Fukuda
05:23:26a Mexicans in Canada are Americas Fault
05:23:30a Booths remain for arts, crafts at Czech fest
05:23:33a Dr. Phil for
05:23:37a Drug Unit, City Officials Push for Meth Ordinance
05:23:40a Personal Information About West Virginia Student Incorrectly Released By Dell
05:23:45a Senator Sergio Osme a III top-bills hearing on wiretapping
05:24:22a Microsoft eyes Facebook stake
05:24:26a Analysis Bush rules out strike on Iran 'this year'
05:24:36a Drivers On I-17 North Of Loop 101 Seek Relief
05:24:40a Katrina Evacuee Brings Dream To Life In Phoenix
05:24:44a New State Grant Helps Meth Addicts Recover
05:24:47a I'm Hero To Stay
05:24:51a A Bold Move Is In The Air..
05:24:54a Murder Polis, Three Stairs Up
05:24:58a Street Life Better Than The Movies
05:25:01a Dad Shops Drugs Son
05:25:05a Off The Record
05:25:08a We Should Have Given It Our Best Shot
05:25:12a Crucial save inspires Springdale
05:25:15a Freeport coach teaches at rival school
05:25:18a B&W wants judge to muzzle attorney
05:25:22a Deer Lakes' Koerbel dominates qualifying
05:25:25a Explosion in Springdale shakes residents
05:25:29a Apollo-Ridge to upgrade sewer plant
05:25:32a Grant received for Natrona playground art
05:25:36a TAQA, PrimeWest ink 5bn deal
05:25:39a Prosecutor rejects Larry Craig's defense
05:25:53a Iraq PM US, Iraq share same goal
05:25:57a Orangutan fights French tourist for bag
05:27:05a KLIBOR Futures, MGS-5 Untraded In Early Session
05:27:08a Share Prices Mixed In Early Trading
05:27:12a Dubai World, Malaysia firm to build 4.7 billion project
05:27:16a Mystery photo turns B&E into a high-tech whodunit
05:27:19a The last public voice of democracy in Myanmar
05:27:23a Your Issues Part 2
05:27:28a Shawnee woman to turn herself in on charge
05:27:32a Police arrest two at party
05:27:35a Home invasion reported
05:27:38a Indonesia court rejects three Bali bombers appeal
05:27:42a Downer urges Burma neighbours
05:27:45a 'Abducted' Thai-Sikh businessman turns out to be runaway groom
05:27:49a Win restores India pride Dhoni
05:28:11a Asteroid Mission to Probe Secrets of Planet Formation
05:28:31a Thai court halts graft case against ousted Thaksin
05:28:43a BTV Beta Webcast Non-Gay Iran, Live Vomit, & News Desk Mishap
05:28:46a NBC 6 Dives With 'Wounded Warriors'
05:28:50a Teen CEO Runs Million-Dollar MySpace Business From Home
05:28:53a Man Robs So. Fla. Burger King
05:28:57a Seinfeld Promotes New Movie In Miami
05:29:00a India win Twenty20 World Championship
05:29:07a No takers for Gandhi's tryst with destiny in Durban
05:29:10a Mumbai prepares for a grand farewell for Ganpati
05:29:13a Heavy rains lash Kolkata, more to come says Met Dept
05:29:36a Iran challenges US backyard 0
05:29:42a Palestinians need proper institutions, living conditions
05:29:45a Suicide bomb kills Iraq police
05:29:49a Oman's Central Bank says has no plans to match US rate cut
05:29:52a Israel's Syria raid brings war whispers
05:29:56a Israel leaves rates flat after Fed's cut
05:29:59a Japan's Fukuda wins PM vote
05:30:03a Tainted Soy Deli Tofu Leads To Recall
05:30:06a MacArthur Foundation Awards 24 'Genius Grants'
05:30:09a New Plan Unveild for Threatened Shorebird
05:30:13a Commuter Train Passengers Hope To See Better Days Ahead
05:30:16a East Coast Highway To Help Drive Growth In ECER
05:30:23a Why are US kids obese? Just look around them-study
05:30:44a India's 'toxic' Hindu idols choke rivers activists
05:30:48a Thousands In Computers Stolen From O.C. Firm
05:30:51a Family Ties Extended Tina Yothers Has Baby Boy
05:30:55a Tonawanda GM Workers Strike
05:31:05a GTLC Tomato concentrate ban is the right step
05:31:08a Ghana loses revenue through evasion of import duties
05:31:12a Nana Akufo-Addo pledges to unite NPP
05:31:15a Kyerematen kick-starts campaign
05:31:19a Geographical electorate size grows 3.45%
05:31:26a Palm Beach County sheriff budgeting 1.1 million to guard hospitalized prisoners
05:31:30a Truck used to feed needy in Palm Beach County stolen from church
05:31:34a Drama teacher accused of sex with students to be jailed indefinitely
05:31:37a Palm Beach County commissioners to debate nonpartisan elections
05:31:41a UAW walks over job security
05:31:44a Sri Lanka says kills, wounds dozens of rebels
05:31:48a India's 'toxic' Hindu idols choke rivers-activists
05:31:52a Iraq premier U.S., Iraq share same goal
05:32:00a Japan's Fukuda wins PM vote, to form new cabinet
05:32:04a U.N. chief sees major commitmen
05:32:07a WTO decision helps level the playing field for market access for rice in Turkey
05:32:20a Former politician to head FIT
05:32:23a Fiji progresses in aviation review
05:32:27a Bainimarama to plead with UN
05:32:30a Cabinet endorses People's Charter
05:32:33a Poll inquiry report tomorrow
05:32:37a FICTU happy with ER postponement
05:32:40a Prisoners on the run
05:32:44a Fiji-born Moti fears assasination
05:32:47a Fiji meetings to secure alliances
05:32:51a ADIC appoints Tuninvest as adviser for North Africa
05:32:55a UN Reports Rights Abuses Continue in Darfur
05:33:06a Zuma 'link' to NPA shock
05:33:48a Microsoft's 'Halo 3' game launches amid spectacle
05:33:52a 'CSI' makes the crime scene with mobile debut
05:33:56a Microsoft bets on 'Halo 3' in gaming industry battle
05:33:59a Haunted forest auditions scare up a cast for Halloween festival
05:34:03a Health agency gets favorable diagnosis
05:34:06a Aches and pains of computers
05:34:10a Some food marketing claims undergo scrutiny
05:34:13a Special occasion breaks are fair play in fitness routine
05:34:17a Health calendar Tuesday, September 24, 2007
05:34:20a Institute celebrating 25 years of research
05:34:23a Fitness class enrolling for Edmond youths
05:34:39a India share 'Chak De' moment with Shah Rukh
05:34:42a Rice eschews critics, 'proud' of ousting Saddam
05:34:46a 'Sikh organisation might be behind Kanishka blast'
05:34:49a India committed towards sustainable development PC
05:34:52a Bhutto should decide on her future political steps US
05:34:56a Ktaka CM announces Rs 5 lakh award for Uthappa, Prasad
05:34:59a 'Give us homes ... or face our wrath'
05:35:03a Police Investigate Center Point Shooting
05:35:07a Police Searching For Missing Gadsden Teen
05:35:10a China issues fresh warning to Taiwan over UN bid
05:35:14a Maoists threat to MNC retail outlets
05:35:17a India plans 60 missions in five years
05:35:21a Space experts fear terrorist may target space
05:35:24a Govt. to fill 7,994 vacancies
05:35:27a Heavy security for Hyderabad's Ganesh procession
05:35:31a Deer, pigeons wait for this 'friend' to bring food
05:35:35a Vancouver girl with Down syndrome fights to play soccer
05:35:38a Fukuda set to take over as Japan's prime minister
05:35:41a SC Johnson tops in AARP's list of best employers for 50-plus set
05:35:45a Shrink your waistline, not your bottom line
05:35:48a Prudent Speculator still likes stocks
05:35:52a China Syndrome A Company Melts Down
05:35:58a JP Morgan to form JV with China's Zhongshan Futures
05:36:02a EchoStar to buy Sling Media for 380 million
05:36:06a Maney on Tech Nation
05:36:09a High-def DVDs It' a Fidelity Problem
05:36:13a Violent crime up 1.9% in 2006
05:36:17a Huckabee hits Hillary on ad
05:36:20a Rita's lingering ruins
05:36:24a 56 U.S. steroid labs closed; 124 arrested
05:36:27a NRG plans nuclear reactor
05:36:31a Columbia speeches fiery
05:36:34a In switch, NRA eyeing role in GOP primaries
05:36:38a Democrats poised to override vetoes
05:36:41a 7 hours of sleep No more, no less
05:36:45a U.S. pushes E-verify for hires
05:36:48a 50 years later in Little Rock
05:36:52a Little Rock 9 use clout for scholarships
05:36:55a Bush attempts to revive Middle East peace effort
05:36:59a Senate approves water projects
05:37:02a Farm runoff blamed for frog defects
05:37:06a 40th AMM adopts 2 key documents to boost welfare of migrant workers
05:37:10a 'SA still living with legacy of apartheid'
05:37:13a Lengthy love affair ends in dream wedding
05:37:17a Harbour worker dies
05:37:20a J'lem firms charged with selling leavened bread during Passover
05:37:24a Sources Olmert may scrap higher education reforms
05:37:27a Myanmar warns monks to stay out of politics
05:37:31a Fire damages Cherokee Road home
05:37:34a Survival course for Iraqi journos
05:37:38a Mining firm poised over rich seam of interest in iron ore
05:37:41a Cell preservation company awarded fresh cash boost
05:37:45a Tory leader joins list of speakers at Cardiff club
05:37:48a Barclays 'set to sell Firstplus'
05:37:52a EADS deal with Government
05:37:59a Milton Bradley of the Oakland Athletics
05:38:02a Australian jockey Chris Munce
05:38:06a San Miguel to team up with TPG, Tenaga in bid for power grid
05:38:10a Keep older workers or face skills gap--study
05:38:13a OVAC Unbeatens
05:38:31a Yasuo Fukuda suceeds Abe as Japan's prime minister
05:38:36a Rivarola resigns from Argentine soccer club Olimpo
05:38:40a Shell Argentina Denies Pollution Charges
05:38:43a Argentina museum displays Incan mummy
05:38:47a Monsanto Loses Spanish Court Case on Argentine Soy
05:38:50a Argentinian soccer team lands in Melbourne
05:38:54a Rangers buy pitcher Mendoza
05:38:57a Chinese women want faces shaped like 'goose eggs'
05:39:05a China discovers 'new' glaciers on roof of world
05:39:09a Review Karla Bonoff shares inspiration behind classic songs
05:39:12a Guthrie-Edmond airport board sets workshop on future plans
05:39:16a Stolen equipment tracked by owner through online site
05:39:19a Public works director to leave post
05:39:23a Edmond checks out opening second library
05:39:26a It's a rodeo with a twist
05:39:30a UCO enrollment up slightly
05:39:33a Ten Things Congress Did Instead of Getting Us the Hell Out of Iraq
05:39:40a YS faces surprises in AICC reshuffle
05:39:43a SC seeks details on Muslim quota
05:39:47a YSR given consent for early Assembly poll KCR
05:39:50a A Better Definition For The Kilogram. Scientists Propose A Precise Number Of Carbon Atoms
05:39:54a NASA postpones launch of Dawn space probe
05:39:57a Sun Prairie School Referendum To Include 3.3 Million Pool Option
05:40:00a Landscaping Gets The Green Treatment
05:40:04a New Outpatient Clinic Opens In Eau Claire
05:40:08a Search Suspended For Missing Wisconsin Hiker In Alaska
05:40:11a Motorcyclist Killed In Shawano County
05:40:15a Belarc Advisor
05:40:18a Disk Heal 1.38
05:40:21a Process Monitor 1.23
05:40:25a Australian Firm May Tie-Up With Brunei For Halal Brand
05:40:28a Institute Invites Applicants For 2008 Academic Session
05:40:32a Tahlil Ceremony By HM's Office
05:40:35a Teachers Told To Adapt To New Methods
05:40:39a 6,500 Boost To National Orphans Fund
05:40:42a Kg Bolkiah Religious School Holds First Annual Quran Recital
05:40:46a Vietnam And Cambodia Seek Brunei Oil And Gas Expertise
05:40:49a 9 Foreigners Detained In Immigration Raid
05:40:53a Importance Of Number Sense
05:40:56a Maths Fun Is Infinite For CCMS Students
05:41:00a Chung Hwa Middle School Shines In Explo-Maths Competition
05:41:03a Chinese Community Celebrates Mooncake Festival
05:41:07a Royalty Among Winners In Science BASE Contest
05:41:10a Termite Eating Pitcher plants
05:41:14a Fun, Laughter At St Andrew's Gala Night
05:41:17a 7 Locals Rounded Up In Drug Raid
05:41:21a Coffee Bean Whips Up Ramadhan Discounts
05:41:25a CHMS Student Victorious In E-Huawang Writing Competition
05:41:28a Trip Down Memory Lane
05:41:32a Teachers On Teaching In Brunei Darussalam
05:41:36a Storekeeper Fined 2,300 For Accident And No Car Insurance
05:41:42a Colouring Book, Published To Promote Conservation
05:41:46a Philippine Ambassador Presents Donation To Indonesian Quake Victims
05:41:49a Chinese Porcelain, Antiques And Furniture For Avid Collectors
05:41:52a Holiday Reminder On Road Accidents
05:41:56a Hari Raya Cheer For Brunei-Muara Orphans
05:41:59a 'We Must Adapt To The Changes'
05:42:02a Free Bottled Soft Drinks For DHL Express Customers
05:42:06a The Empire Gets New Learning & Development Manager
05:42:10a Italian Beauties On Culture Mission
05:42:13a RBC Offers Festive Discounts
05:42:16a Women's Council At Breaking Fast Ceremony
05:42:20a Murder suspect's neighbors suspicious
05:42:23a County keeps accounting firm
05:42:27a Jury quits for the night; deliberations to resume Tuesday
05:42:30a Cave Creek passes law banning picking up day laborers
05:42:34a The View From Iran
05:42:37a WWII Disney Short Reason vs. Emotion
05:42:41a Useful Irish Idiots Invite Hizballah to 'Anti-War Conference'
05:42:44a Obama 'He Has a Right to Speak'
05:42:48a Real Time Search Soon At Twitter
05:42:51a NO GAYS, NO GAY HAIRCUTS,...
05:42:55a AND THE IRONY IS KIND...
05:42:58a MORE ON THE SHAPE OF...
05:43:01a DocuSign Raises 12.4 Million
05:43:05a In search of the real El Dorado, Kansas
05:43:08a South Africa sees surge in tourist numbers
05:43:12a Home parade in Outer Banks offers glimpse at unusual designs
05:43:32a How Does The Brain Develop During Embryogenesis?
05:43:36a Legal Proceedings Can Be Therapeutic, Study Finds
05:43:40a Radiation Oncologists Use Real-time System To Plant 'Seeds' Against Cancer
05:43:43a Smithsonian Experts Put A Name To A Face In Pre-Civil War Era Forensic Case
05:43:47a Detecting Bird Flu New Lab-on-chip Identifies H5N1 In Thirty Minutes
05:43:50a Spaceflight Can Change Bacteria Into More Infectious Pathogens
05:43:54a Cause Of Debilitating Skin Condition Suggested
05:43:57a Planning For 2020 Increasing Elderly Population Poses Huge Challenges In Cancer Care
05:44:01a Researchers Search For Aging, Osteoporosis Genes
05:44:05a Biosensors When Proteins, Antibodies And Other Biological Molecules Kiss, Biosensor Can Tell
05:44:08a Myanmar junta warns against more protests
05:44:12a Myanmar, Iran in Bush's sights at UN General assembly
05:44:15a China to launch lunar mission in November
05:44:18a Shopping heaven for Soweto
05:44:22a Suharto accused of stealing 440m through charity
05:44:25a Junta steps warily in YouTube era
05:44:29a Fukuda to Become Japanese Prime Minister
05:44:38a Today's weather Monday, September 24
05:44:42a True Grit
05:44:45a Titans down struggling Saints
05:44:49a Saudi women seek right to sitin driver's seat
05:44:53a NATO forces rescue kidnapped Italian intelligence agents
05:44:56a County aims to cut fire response time
05:44:59a Steenson says he will resign from church
05:45:03a Scientist honored for 'greener' explosives
05:45:06a Iranian leader faces harsh words at Columbia University
05:45:10a Travel-company owners specialize in trips to hard-to-reach locations
05:45:13a Spreading the latte
05:45:17a Experts City not shrinking
05:45:20a Woman pleads guilty in slaying
05:45:24a Climate summit calls for immediate action
05:45:27a Seeking a court seat
05:45:31a Offenders owe 2 million in parking citations issued since 1994
05:45:34a Funding back on track for completion of gallery
05:45:37a Holding On To Hope In St. Marys Thu, 06 Sep 2007 163505 GMT
05:45:41a Presidential Election Has Lebanese Parties in a Bitter Struggle
05:45:44a Canada May Be Drawn Into Drug-Eradication in Afghanistan
05:45:48a Baghdad Cholera Patient Dies, Raising Deaths in Iraq to 11
05:45:51a Egyptian Succession in the Spotlight
05:45:55a US Moves in Iraq May Push Iraqi and Iranian Governments Closer
05:45:58a UN Cool on Expanded Iraq Role
05:46:02a 'Cowboy' Aggression Works for Blackwater
05:46:05a Hezbollah, Allies to Boycott Lebanon's Presidential Vote
05:46:08a Romney's Ahmedinejad Ad
05:46:12a Ahmadinejad in New York The View From Tehran
05:46:15a Statscan Rich got richer, poor and middle class stayed same
05:46:19a Taliban must be involved in peace process British minister
05:46:23a Cops Hope Security Tape Leads To Senior's Robber
05:46:26a Thieves Steal From Under The Hood At Park Rides
05:46:30a President Gives Gopher Wrestler A Head-Butt
05:46:33a First In Line To Get The Newest Game Halo 3
05:46:37a Domestic Abuse Vigil Held In Dallas
05:46:40a Family Fears Foul Play In Missing Boaters Case
05:46:44a 11 p.m. Weather Forecast 9/24/07
05:46:47a Neighbors Catch Highland Park Burglar
05:46:51a Suspect Confesses To Officer's Shooting
05:46:54a Grover Assault.
05:46:58a Wildfire Relief.
05:47:02a Toddler Shot In Overbrook Playgound
05:47:05a Worker Falls From Radio Tower, Dies
05:47:12a Swastika Discovered In Washington Twp. Field
05:47:16a Luzerne Teen Dies In ATV Accident
05:47:19a Microsoft Xbox 360's Halo 3 Hits Store Shelves
05:47:23a Gibraltar School District Closed Tuesday
05:47:27a Installing The Asterisk PBX And The Asterisk Web-Based Provisioning GUI On Linux
05:47:30a Un-Plugged Rant GNU/Linux & Wireless
05:47:34a Microsoft's 'Halo 3' game launches amid spectacle
05:47:37a Garcillano still a no-show as 'Hello, Garci' probe resumes
05:47:41a Prosecutor warns Arroyo vs pardon for Estrada
05:47:44a Lim slaps gag order vs MPD homicide chief over Palma case
05:47:47a It was miscommunication, not a flip-flop Palace on Neri
05:47:51a Novena at the Nazarios
05:47:54a Algeria to build world's third biggest mosque
05:47:58a TIM takes all in Madagascar
05:48:01a 'Confusing information' causes chaos
05:48:05a Microsoft's 'Halo 3' game launches amid spectacle
05:48:41a Sun puts Intel-based server plans into action
05:48:47a Fire breaks out at mall
05:48:50a Farmer found shot dead at home
05:48:54a Fukuda set to replace Abe
05:48:57a US playing marbles, says Tutu
05:49:01a 'Love spell' too costly
05:49:05a Wholesale Workwear Distributor Brings Hi-Tech Garment Solutions To The Web For Americas Workforce
05:49:08a Sen. Craig and prosecutor tell different stories about guilty plea
05:49:11a Nine rebels killed in northern Sri Lanka
05:49:15a Baquba mosque blast death toll rises to 28
05:49:18a Three killed in south Thailand
05:50:01a Nanny witness backs McCanns
05:50:04a Teen student says sorry for campus shooting
05:50:08a Ugandan runners finish seventh at World Athletics finals
05:50:11a World leaders lay groundwork for post-Kyoto carbon controls
05:50:15a Gaming world braces for Halo 3
05:50:18a Need to pick a college New websites can help
05:50:21a Dow falls, FTSE up
05:50:49a More commuter delays ahead?
05:51:09a The U.N.'s Hot Air on Climate Change
05:51:12a Kosovo on Brink of Independence
05:51:16a Jealous Indonesian wife cuts off husband's penis--report
05:51:19a Japan's lower house approves Fukuda as prime minister
05:51:23a Tribal leaders protest mining in Zamboanga peninsula
05:51:27a Destabilization plot vs Arroyo 'neutralized'--defense chief
05:51:30a Militants to Chinese gov't 'Back off' NBN deal
05:51:34a Suicide blast in Iraq mosque kills 28
05:51:38a Ayala electronics unit planning to list shares
05:51:41a Pangilinan 'Is Estrada pardon a diversion from ZTE mess?'
05:51:45a Gov't talking to ZTE over suspension of NBN deal--Devanadera
05:51:48a At least 5 killed in Kenyan steel mill explosion
05:51:52a Keep older workers or face skills gap - study
05:51:56a Olmert Under Investigation Over Real Estate Deal
05:52:00a Israeli Nuclear Suspicions Linked to Raid
05:52:19a Bush push for Palestinian rule
05:52:22a Barghouti is best chance for breakthrough with PA
05:52:27a Facebook scrutinized on safety claims
05:52:30a Apple warns against hacking into iPhones
05:52:34a Japan's Fukuda wins PM vote, to form new cabinet
05:52:55a SA pony clubs to stop events until 2008
05:52:58a Up to 15 jurors for long NSW trials
05:53:02a Lack of sleep may be deadly research
05:53:06a Breath test for diabetes possible study
05:53:09a Heavy elderly 'don't risk memory drop'
05:53:13a Ormat deal lifts Evogene stock 28%
05:53:16a Hogla blames ultra-Orthodox boycott on rival's campaign
05:53:20a Web Extra Bay Area Rapper Talks About 'Thizz'
05:53:30a Japan's lower house elects Fukuda as new PM
05:53:36a Seafest returns to port
05:53:39a Brevard tops in high-tech jobs growth
05:53:43a AARP honors Brevard schools
05:53:46a Qualcomm, Harris pair to deliver TV to cell phones
05:53:50a Lockheed gets contract for satellite
05:53:54a University of Fairfax President Victor Berlin Announces IT Compliance Automation Fellowship Fund
05:54:06a QLD Nationals won't run in by-election
05:54:10a Two men sought over violent robbery
05:54:13a Two wanted over home invasion
05:54:17a Greens to chase Lib voters
05:54:20a First chick hatches on Frodocam
05:54:24a Law student runs for Rankin
05:54:27a Man stabbed in failed robbery
05:54:38a Blair We must think 'carefully' if Hamas says we ar
05:54:42a Away from applause, Blair gets on with Middle East job
05:54:46a Brown banishes Blair memories
05:54:50a Brown banishes Blair memories with fuss-free performance
05:54:54a Blair launches Mid East plan
05:54:57a Cherie Blair to publish memoir
05:55:01a Saudi arms deal puts Blair back in the spotlight
05:55:04a Power cuts jeopardise Blair mission
05:55:07a Hunter Davies How I gave Cherie Blair the idea for her book
05:55:11a Fatwa on Karuna Case against Vedanti
05:55:14a Spotted! Vidya, Shahid in Niagara Falls
05:55:17a 'We were free to roam around' Doble's wife
05:55:21a New system to protect whistle-blowers in China
05:55:25a Court grants FG's motion to dismiss libel suit vs Newsbreak editors
05:55:28a Philippine July manufacturing output up 0.6% yr/yr
05:55:32a Rare Magna Carta to be sold at Sotheby's in NYC
05:55:36a Bradley suffers baseball season-ending injury in bizarre incident
05:55:39a Alaskan named MacArthur 'Genius'
05:55:43a Uganda UN Soldiers Seize Oil Boat, Arrest Crew
05:55:47a Kenya Opposition Condemns Poll Violence
05:55:51a Kenya MPs Move to Court to Block Safaricom Share Sales
05:55:55a Indonesian jet loses cabin pressure, forced to land
05:55:58a Oregon governor raises pay of agency directors
05:56:02a Clark County ready to OK new growth management plan
05:56:06a Protests mark Indonesia-ETimor vote hearing
05:56:35a City schools report possible staph infection
05:56:39a Rendell submits energy program to Legislature
05:56:42a City schools, YMCA have high hopes for Lighthouse
05:56:46a Obituary Abbass Alkhafaji / Business professor at Slippery Rock
05:56:49a Obituary Marilyn Louise Fischer / Animal lover who rescued countless dogs and cats
05:56:53a Obituary Alice Ghostley / Tony-winning actress in TV's 'Bewitched'
05:56:56a Police seek cause of double fatal crash
05:57:00a Luzerne judge's misconduct trial opens
05:57:03a Local Dispatches Driving here
05:57:07a Judge rules for nonprofits in 10 million trust battle
05:57:10a Motznik tries to redirect parking tax cut
05:57:13a Truckers, Dems get revved up debating tolls on Interstate 80
05:57:17a Despite veto threat, Congress passes 20 billion water plan
05:57:21a West Palm bans feeding homeless in some areas
05:57:24a Owner sniffs out missing dog at neighbor's home in Delray
05:57:28a St. Lucie sees cloud over trash vaporization
05:57:31a Lobbyists face registering in West Palm
05:57:35a School board mulls hiring controversial tutorial firm
05:57:38a FAU's nursing college earns gold honor for green design
05:57:42a WXEL staff's patience commended as sale drags on
05:57:45a Crucial prenatal care lags in Martin, report finds
05:57:49a Treasure Coast area deaths
05:57:52a Horse show sues landlord over refusal to sign permit
05:57:56a Stabbing victim's boyfriend surrenders
05:57:59a Thieves nab truck used to deliver food to the hungry
05:58:02a Driver convicted of killing woman in hit-and-run
05:58:06a Wellington wins sprinkling of illegal watering cases
05:58:09a Kanjian Voters can decide whether commission seats partisan
05:58:13a Boynton parks board backs group's beach anti-litter drive
05:58:16a Attorney says Keller made him co-executor
05:58:20a Quiet retreat faces end
05:58:23a Memories of vets' valor persevere as parades fade
05:58:27a Murder charge pivots on ambush claim at fight
05:58:30a Pasadena Church Wants Investigation Into IRS
05:58:33a Stunt Or Strategy? Giuliani Cell Calls Examined
05:58:37a China Blamed In Illegal Steroids Investigation
05:58:41a Host, Protesters Slam Iranian President
05:58:44a Mike Tyson Pleads Guilty In Arizona Drug Case
05:58:48a Dennis Rodman Accused Of Assault
05:58:51a Moving Day Tonight For 101 Freeway House
05:58:55a Developed countries urged to take the lead in carbon emission control
05:58:58a Sick horses at Singapore Polo Club not infected with horse flu
05:59:02a ITE wins prestigious education award by IBM and Harvard University
05:59:05a Two years in our rear-view mirror
05:59:09a City set to cut off water to apartments
05:59:12a Rezoning hearing tonight
05:59:29a Regular Expressions and Search Patterns
05:59:33a Titan Missile Base For Sale
05:59:36a Blackwater poisons the well
05:59:59a Military Tallies Grim Data On Civilian Deaths in Iraq
06:00:03a Report Calls Ex-Official a Danger
06:00:06a Ahmadinejad's Unreality Show
06:00:41a IPR Remains Critical Chinese Trade Barrier
06:01:23a Survey finds big holes in little kids' dental care
06:01:31a Whistleblowers 'to be given more protection,' says Chinese judiciary+
06:01:35a Rice hints N. Korea could be removed from U.S. terror list report+
06:01:38a 4TH LD Lower house elects Fukuda as premier, upper house chooses Ozawa+
06:01:42a Upper house elects DPJ's Ozawa as premier+
06:01:45a Chinese women want faces shaped like 'goose eggs'
06:01:48a Toddler and grandma in emotional reunion
06:01:52a Shellfish collecting ban lifted at Otaki
06:01:56a Mayor calls for councils to stop collecting GST for Govt
06:01:59a ID technology may get under your skin
06:02:02a Police ID body found in ditch near Acres Homes
06:02:06a Husband of slain prison guard speaks out
06:02:10a Writers of LA Times oceans series win Grantham Prize
06:02:13a Kevin Spacey meets Venezuela's Chavez
06:02:17a Lebanon election set for delay, rivals to talk
06:02:20a Nigeria Atiku Won't Give Up, Says Opposition
06:02:24a Uganda New Drug Resistant TB Found in Country
06:02:27a 'Family Ties' Actress Has Baby Boy
06:02:31a Silverton Police Say Two, Double Shootings Not Random
06:02:44a Umps expect a grand shootout
06:02:47a Demons players in second brawl
06:02:51a Vic racing denied flu shots
06:02:55a Geelong final parade threat
06:02:58a Man fined over AFL brawl
06:03:01a Pumpkin dad 'armed, dangerous'
06:03:05a Pumpkin's grandma arrives in NZ
06:03:09a American re-evaluates its service after a rough summer
06:03:12a Israel's Strauss Opens Coffee Factory in Serbia
06:03:16a Donors to lift boycott on aid for Palestinian Authority
06:03:19a Criminal probe into Olmert's home
06:03:23a Egyptian teen arrested for trying to join suicide bombers in Gaza, Interior Mini
06:03:26a Olmert Says Israel Not Interested in War With Syria
06:03:30a Palestinian blood libel?
06:03:34a Egyptian teen arrested for trying to join suicide bombers in Gaza, Interior Ministry says
06:03:37a Newsweek Israel's Syria raid brings war whispers
06:03:41a UNHRC to vote on anti-Israel measure
06:03:44a Israel investigates prime minister's home purchase
06:03:48a Israel No objections to Syria at meeting
06:03:55a Pisciotta v. Old National Bancorp
06:03:59a Former Ramone Sues Band, Retailers, Over Digital Downloads
06:04:02a Strategies for Content-Hosting Web Sites
06:04:06a Pakistan reacts to defeat with anger
06:04:12a Fundraising probe ‘witch-hunt,' ex-official says
06:04:15a Ethics bill may alter campaign funding
06:04:18a Group fights immigration reform law
06:04:22a OCCC celebrates 35th anniversary
06:04:25a Benefit aids abuse prevention
06:04:29a Nature center seeks photographers, painters, sculptors for fall extravaganza
06:04:32a Meta medicine
06:04:36a Salem puts proposed concrete facility on hold
06:04:39a Board allows rezoning for Sunset Cay
06:04:43a New Hope Academy
06:04:46a Man faces
06:04:50a Driver hits house after 'medical event'
06:04:53a Exhibits focus on parkway's history
06:05:00a An early frost did not kill the dinosaur eggs
06:05:04a New River home prices remain steady
06:05:07a Virginia Tech researcher earns no-strings-attached grant
06:05:10a Blacksburg voting on VDOT road construction program
06:05:14a Banks' correspondent accounts with CBR decline 2.7%
06:05:18a Fukuda becomes Japan's new prime minister
06:05:21a RUXX investment index set to open 1.53% up
06:05:24a New Russian Cabinet
06:05:28a Abu Dhabi plans modernization
06:05:31a Finalists of the Oman Today Restaurant Awards 2007 announced
06:05:35a UAE mulls eco-rating system
06:05:39a Al-Gharaballi Global Asia Real Estate Fund concludes landmark deal in India
06:05:42a Christie's to go online in UAE
06:05:46a Tainted apple juice pulled
06:05:49a Khatib wins Tameer contract
06:05:52a Amwal announces new appointments to its investment banking team
06:05:56a Dubai Cares exceeds target
06:05:59a LG launches its media club in Dammam over an Iftar party
06:06:03a DFSA enters into Memorandum of Understanding with China's banking regulator
06:06:06a Joyous celebratio
06:06:10a Fukuda To Be Japan's Prime Minister
06:06:16a Christie's to go online in UAE
06:06:20a Third UAE telco not a threat, says Etisalat
06:06:23a Speculative buying of dirham up
06:06:27a Ajman's Aqaar awards Dh1.4b contract to Sino Construction
06:06:30a UAE salvage draw against Lebanon
06:06:34a Speculative buying of dirham heavy as expectations of revaluation rise
06:06:38a Indian shares register another record high
06:06:41a BP plans to streamline after 'dreadful' Q3
06:06:45a Worker dies after 100-foot fall from damaged radio tower
06:06:48a Doctor says man accused of killing students is mentally retarded
06:06:52a Philadelphia Phillies need strong finish to reach playoffs
06:06:56a Man sentenced to 12 to 24 years for wife's beating death
06:06:59a Pa. nuclear plant fires security firm over dozing officers video
06:07:03a News from the Pennsylvania General Assembly
06:07:06a Toy Manufacturers Are Charging Extra for Their Product Safety
06:07:10a Home Rehab How Do You Know Which Home to Buy
06:07:13a Top 10 states with lowest adult cigarette smoking prevalence
06:07:17a Montoya became sex offender as
06:07:20a Percentage of adults in Colorado, U.S. who smoke, year by year
06:07:24a Fewer Coloradans lighting up
06:07:28a Same-sex couple arrested after marriage attempt
06:07:31a Sentencing held off for hairdresser in Kach case
06:07:34a Steelers' Reed seizes on frequent opportunities
06:07:38a Worker 'gagged on workplace law'
06:07:42a Brisbane hospital hit by phone outage
06:07:45a WA newspaper's appeal pathetic McGinty
06:07:48a PM backs closer links between TAFE, unis
06:07:52a Malaysia Holds Out Hope For VW Rescue Of Proton
06:07:55a Indian investors seek fortune in Viet Nam
06:07:59a HCM City attracts additional billions of USD
06:08:02a A Million Tourists Visit Hanoi
06:08:06a Japan Selects New Prime Minister
06:08:09a Shares close slightly higher led by miners
06:08:17a NVIDIA Launches Intel IGP
06:08:22a I wanted to be an actor, says Mukesh's grandson
06:08:25a Is India aligning in a new Cold War
06:08:29a Gasquet advances to the second round at Mumbai Open
06:08:32a Pranab at the UN
06:08:36a Two tourists allegedly raped in India
06:08:39a Congress basks in son-shine
06:08:43a 'No proposal on ISS project'
06:08:46a Hungary issues prostitute permits
06:08:50a Parents Teachers Upset With Plans to Close Houston Elementary
06:09:32a PC Makers Offering a Bridge Back To XP
06:09:35a Excel 2007 Multiplication Bug
06:09:39a Canadian Copyright Official Dumped Over MPAA Conflict
06:09:42a Virgin Digital To Close Up Shop
06:09:46a First US GPL Lawsuit Heads For Quick Settlement
06:09:49a Vivendi Calls iTunes Contract Terms 'Indecent'
06:09:53a Gartner Touts Web 2.0, Scoffs At Web 3.0
06:09:56a Apple's Leopard Will Exclude 800MHz G4 Processors
06:10:00a STriDER, a Three-Legged Walking Robot
06:10:03a A Mathematical Answer To the Parallel Universe Question
06:10:07a Video Professor Sues 100 Anonymous Critics
06:10:10a Jack Thompson Sets His Sights On Halo 3
06:10:13a Firefox Working to Fix Memory Leaks
06:10:17a From Sputnik to the WWW, a History of ARPA
06:10:20a Blair Mideast conference a stepping stone to peace accord
06:10:24a Sables preparations in right direction
06:10:27a Why Are We Muslims So Self-Destructive
06:10:31a A ritual move in a virtual process
06:10:34a On the way to a pariah state
06:10:38a Disrupting the separation policy
06:10:41a EchoStar buys Sling Media for 380 million
06:10:45a I won't let you down, says Brown
06:10:59a Election wish list Farmers demand exit package
06:11:02a Iemma vows to plug child grooming loophole
06:11:06a Burmese junta threatens action against further protests
06:11:09a Insulted wife takes to man's penis with knife
06:11:13a All tickets gone for AFL final
06:11:16a Property sector forecast to feel brunt of credit crisis
06:11:20a Migrants leading Aus population growth
06:11:23a Fatal fall Truck drops 90 metres
06:11:27a SA writes to Vic Premier on water emergency
06:11:31a The New York Times on the Libya-Pan Am 103 Case A
06:12:04a Museum, Artist Go To Court Over Massive
06:12:23a GM on Strike A Workers View
06:12:31a Tougher Action Needed On Security Firms
06:12:35a 26-Yr-Old Delivers Quadruplets
06:12:38a Museveni Wants Private Lawyers for Judges
06:12:42a Milk Supply Reduces
06:12:45a IDPs Were Given Fake Equipment Report
06:12:49a Police Quiz Mondo Mugisha Over Canning
06:12:52a Mumbere Appeals to Govt Over Kingdom
06:12:56a SC Villa, Express to Kickoff League
06:12:59a CAA Buys Rescue Boat
06:13:03a Teso Transport Fares Soar
06:13:06a Makindye Women Want Special Consideration
06:13:10a Gen. Bamuze Asked to Woo Kony Out
06:13:13a 17 Witnesses Against Salaam Musumba
06:13:17a Why You Need to Know Your Blood Type Before You Conceive
06:13:20a Universities to Get Police Stations Kayihura
06:13:24a Kego Claims Wildlife Golf Title
06:13:28a NGOs Have to Change the Way They Operate
06:13:31a Government Halts KCC Operations
06:13:35a Bethany High Elects Queen
06:13:38a Gay Activists Write to President
06:13:42a Salva Kiir Appeals for Harmony
06:13:45a Clintons Kill Negative GQ Story
06:13:49a Internet Debate Attracts Over 1 Million Viewers
06:13:52a How to Maximize your Hair's Shine
06:13:56a You Can Do It At Home Facial
06:13:59a Laos PM receives honorary doctorate from Thai university
06:14:03a Burma's military junta warns against more protests
06:14:06a SC prisons gets 24,000 copies of Christian self-help book
06:14:10a Man dies after his pickup is struck by train
06:14:13a Officer Killed as Two Texas Inmates Escape
06:14:17a New Clues Emerge on Mukasey's Views
06:14:20a UAW Walkout Puts Democrats in a Jam
06:14:24a Poor nations need incentives to cut emissions
06:14:28a Iran president bullish in face of hostile US reception
06:14:35a US lawmakers say trade progress unlikely while Bush is president
06:14:38a US tells Pakistan to free detainees
06:14:42a Doha set for backburner as trade talks near a halt
06:14:45a Rift over airline emissions
06:14:48a Bloomberg Begs to Differ With Giuliani on Gun Suit
06:14:52a Tanzanian President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Accepts African National Achievement Award
06:14:56a Myanmar broadcasts include warning of military force
06:14:59a Smiles as Qian Xun and nana reunited
06:15:02a More than 80 Sealord jobs at risk at Sealord
06:15:06a Glaring omissions in cycling squad
06:15:09a Qian Xun reunited with grandmother
06:15:13a Fishing companies reel at new quotas
06:15:16a Love in a time of martial law
06:15:20a 'GMA supported communist movement, but hated Joma'
06:15:23a WRAPUP 1-UAW strikes GM as talks fail to produce a deal
06:15:27a Cathay says China Eastern deal halted
06:15:30a Renault resolved to meet Iran demand for Logan car
06:15:34a UPDATE 1-Toyota plans ultracompact car for Europe paper
06:15:38a UPDATE 2-U.S. Air Force to amend helicopter competition
06:15:41a INTERVIEW-Boeing sees 120 billion in Latam jet demand
06:15:45a Japan's Lower House approves Fukuda as PM
06:15:49a Doctor to take on Correctional Services
06:15:52a Whistleblowers risk being fired, says FXI
06:15:56a Nadeco defectors 'are not legitimate'
06:15:59a There's no secret deal with ID Haskin
06:16:03a Mexican police seize 3 tons of cocaine aboard crashed plane
06:16:06a Global Conversations Series focuses on Latin America
06:16:10a Xue's sword untouched before flight police
06:16:31a 17 National Merit Semifinalists named
06:16:35a Sutton Concert Series sets October dates
06:16:39a ‘Fire and Ice' gala scheduled at museum
06:16:42a Vendor looks for a smoking spot
06:16:46a Meters to track United Way goal
06:16:49a Jammin' at Midway
06:16:53a Kohl's prepares to open new location in Norman
06:16:56a Cleveland County OKs site to build new jail
06:17:00a Myanmar broadcasts warn of military force
06:17:03a Fujimori backers paint
06:17:09a Toll in Baquba mosque blast rises to 28
06:17:13a Tamil Tigers call for international pressure on Sri Lanka
06:17:34a 5 die in steel mill explosion
06:17:39a Editor of school paper won't quit over Bush flap
06:17:43a House panel subpoenas mine documents
06:17:46a Olympic City Competitor Visits Chicago
06:17:50a Fukuda elected Japanese prime minister by lower house
06:17:54a Fans get 'Halo 3' Can Master Chief blast his way past 'Spider-Man 3' too?
06:18:09a Bytemobile speeds downloads on mobile web browsers
06:18:12a Another policeman stabbed to death in North Maluku
06:18:16a Simplify your work Office 2008 for Mac details revealed
06:18:20a First production order signed for gascam engines
06:18:31a Lebanese Lawmakers to Elect President
06:18:35a Main events scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 26+
06:18:39a Sick horses in Singapore test negative for equine flu+
06:18:42a 5TH LD Powerful lower house elects Fukuda as premier+
06:18:46a India, China kick off 11th round of boundary talks
06:18:49a Deer, pigeons wait for this 'friend' to bring food
06:18:53a India's big domestic retailers face endurance test
06:18:56a Zimbabwe One Thousand Tonnes of Wheat Arrive
06:19:00a Navy seeks to raze old depot, stirring dispute over oysters
06:19:05a Vote on Buyout Set at Clear Channel
06:19:16a Surprise! Iran Loves You!
06:19:19a Ahmedinejad and Columbia
06:19:23a Intolerance in the Name of Tolerance
06:19:26a Why LOST Should Be Stopped - An Interview
06:19:30a Bullies, Technology and Bullets
06:19:33a Return on Success?
06:19:37a Handing a Megalomaniac a Megaphone
06:19:40a Columbia President Calls Out Ahmadinejad Before He Speaks
06:19:44a Arellanos' fates prove Mexico's cartels can be beaten
06:19:47a Ahmadinejad Columbia is Wack
06:19:50a Answer the Question Mr. Ahmadinejad!
06:19:54a Fossella Restrict Terrorist Leaders Visiting the UN
06:20:15a Uganda Armed Men Attack Bitature, Mubajje Residences
06:20:35a 'Halo' rings of classic myth
06:20:48a Oven-maker brings events, cooking celebs to tourney
06:20:51a Fresh data could reinvigorate stocks
06:20:55a Study Workers will slim down for money
06:20:58a Niche ETFs offer value
06:21:02a Workers walk out on GM
06:21:05a Study Bank overdraft charges hit young adults hardest of all
06:21:09a Beauty queens have Expectations for formal attire
06:21:12a Dell to launch retail presence in China; deal competes with Hewlett-Packard
06:21:17a Uganda Kipsiro, Chepkirwok Turn to Nairobi Meet
06:21:21a Uganda Cranes Regroup for CECAFA Tourney
06:21:28a Myanmar monks march to Shwedagaon despite warning
06:21:31a India celebrates Twenty20 victory
06:21:35a Warning broadcast across Rangoon
06:21:39a Public quizzed over obesity issue
06:21:45a More talks over classroom dispute
06:21:49a EchoStar to buy Sling Media for 380 million
06:21:53a Magnitude 5.3 quake hits Kermadec Islands region
06:21:56a Borrowers told to lie about wages
06:22:00a Disease restrictions to be eased
06:22:03a Japan parliament chooses new PM
06:22:07a Father of stabbed boy questioned
06:22:10a Foodie 2.0 adds social media to online mix
06:22:14a France Telecom Wins iPhone Deal
06:22:17a Brocade Talks Cards, Analysts Sit on Fence
06:22:21a Fiorano Signs Up Australian Process Integration Partner
06:22:24a Tibco Rolls Out Update to MDM Platform
06:22:28a Trolltech Adds Eclipse Support for C++ Tool
06:22:31a Perficient Grows Offshore Headcount with BoldTech Buy
06:22:35a GPL May Get Its Day in Court
06:22:38a Abandoned toddler reunited with grandmother in New Zealand
06:22:42a Ozawa elected prime minister by Japan's upper house of parliament
06:22:45a Brazilian general continues to lead UN mission in Haiti
06:22:49a Fukuda elected Prim minister by Japan's lower house of Diet
06:22:53a Vietnam to link power grid with neighboring countries
06:22:56a Myanmar's monks committee issues new directive to deal with demonstrations
06:22:59a Japan's parliamentary vote begins to elect Fukuda prime minister
06:23:03a Vietnam, Singapore to enhance military cooperation
06:23:07a Teacher shot dead in southern Thailand
06:23:10a Cambodian government to seize playing cards depicting Angkor
06:23:14a Mexican legislature to investigate ex-president's wealth
06:23:17a Thai PM to offer junta leader cabinet position
06:23:21a Bolivian president calls for change of development model to battle climate change
06:23:24a Roundup Peru's president promises fairness in Fujimori case
06:23:28a Panamanian police seize 1,000 kg of cocaine
06:23:32a International school idea raises eyebrows
06:23:35a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate from 31,713.50 euros
06:23:39a 2007 Audi S3
06:23:42a New engines for Audi A5
06:23:45a Audi goes on board in America’s Cup
06:23:49a Chinese NPC vice-chairman meets Cape Verdian defense minister
06:23:52a CPC official meets Guyanese head of Judiciary
06:23:58a Crime either drops, remains steady in Hampton Roads
06:24:16a Rare Albino Ratfish
06:24:19a The '100 Laptop' Project Set For November
06:24:23a 0948 06Sep07
06:24:26a Twenty20 World Cup Final India vs Pakistan Highlights Part 2 by Nksagar
06:24:30a Twenty20 World Cup Final India vs Pakistan Highlights Part 1 by Nksagar
06:24:33a 100_0186
06:25:01a Strike! General Motors factory employees walk out of GM
06:25:05a Even ESPN is talking about Britney Spears
06:25:17a NZ shares inch higher ahead of telecom announcement
06:25:21a World Bank eyes rate reduction for developing nations WSJ
06:25:25a WDT shares leap after it announces major deal
06:25:28a Northland Port to sell lucrative 50 pct stake in developer
06:25:32a NZ Govt Super Fund beats performance target
06:25:44a Malaysia's UEM Land, GE tie up on Johor project
06:25:53a 'Toxic' Hindu idols choke rivers activists
06:26:25a 'Away From Her' an Impressive Debut
06:26:28a Sundown Continues Classic Chiptunes
06:27:07a Burma Protests Heading For Boiling Point
06:27:10a Immigrants Blamed For Drink-Driving Rise
06:27:14a Barracks Bid Aims To Boost Army Morale
06:27:29a 'I will not let Britain down'
06:27:32a Police deny sword used to kill Anan Liu
06:27:35a 5.8m bet on All Blacks win
06:27:39a Opening of Springhill Corrections Facility
06:28:00a Development Release Zenwalk Linux 4.8 RC
06:28:10a Recession odds less than 50-50
06:28:13a From India to Indjija ' Serb town to ink deal on building IT park
06:28:17a Atlas Products To Sell Taiwan's Merida Bicycles In India
06:28:21a Keep older workers or face skills gap, employers told study
06:28:24a Met Opera Opens With New 'Lucia'
06:28:27a Actor Kevin Spacey Meets With Chavez
06:28:31a GM Strike to Challenge Parts Suppliers
06:28:35a Oil Prices Fall Further in Asian Trading
06:28:38a Long Strike Could Cost GM Billions
06:28:41a Koppel, Wallace, PBS honored at News Emmys
06:28:45a PM rules out calling election, for now
06:28:49a Qld couple charged over smoke alarm
06:28:52a Qld council member faces court
06:28:59a Munce now serving sentence in Australia
06:29:02a Report Square Enix seeking US publishing partner
06:29:10a Flashback In 1980, Future CNN Chief Baffled by Push for Tax Cuts
06:29:31a 'Thizz' Use Among Bay Area Teens A Growing Concern
06:29:35a Dennis Prager Does the Left Value Truth?
06:29:38a Bill Murchison Of Free Speech And Academic 'Progressives'
06:29:42a Thomas Sowell Law Versus Mob Rule
06:29:45a Cal Thomas Intolerance in the name of tolerance
06:29:49a John Stossel Our Crazy Health-Insurance System
06:29:53a David Limbaugh Columbia University's Selective First Amendment Affinity
06:29:56a Joel Mowbray Palestinian blood libel?
06:30:00a Patrick J. Buchanan Infantile Nation
06:30:03a Phyllis Schlafly Law of the Sea treaty doesn't hold water
06:30:06a Kathryn Jean Lopez 'Power' up, moral America, it's time to shine
06:30:10a Suspects Caught After Robbery, Shooting
06:30:38a US weighs more Iran sanctions
06:30:49a EI fear forces Ipswich race cancellation
06:31:03a City still No. 1 in crime, but turnabout is on
06:31:06a TALK GM strike is on Will this be a long one?
06:31:10a POLL Are GM workers doing the right thing by striking?
06:31:14a VIDEO UAW strike at GM Wentzville
06:31:17a Dispute keeps twins out of school
06:31:21a Missouri is liable, MSD argues in court case
06:31:25a Order stalls Missouri abortion law
06:31:28a Hit-and-run victim, 11, had a 'heart of gold'
06:31:32a Slain lawyer's ex-colleague is found dead
06:31:36a Woman sues Byrnes Mill over police actions
06:31:39a St. Louis man dies in truck crash
06:31:43a Senate approves locks projects for Miss. River
06:31:46a Myanmar, Iran in Bush's sights at UN General assembly
06:31:50a Supreme court put on hold charges against Thaksin and wife
06:31:53a Sitthichai, Oranuj skip Cabinet meeting
06:31:57a Thai shares open 0.23 per cent lower
06:32:01a Pattani teacher shot dead
06:32:04a House Of Cards
06:32:08a The Tsar's Opponent
06:32:11a U.N. Chief Calls For 'Real Breakthrough' On Climate Change
06:32:15a Laffey's Last Laugh
06:32:18a Greenspan's Open Secret
06:32:22a Ahmadinejad's Dangerous Game
06:32:26a Tiny Town Blazes New Campaign Trail, Using Social Network
06:32:29a Police Arrest Water Protestors
06:32:58a Dengue Fever Vaccination on the Horizon
06:33:13a Rights violators 'must pay'
06:33:24a Monks keep marching despite junta's threat
06:33:27a Drought aid's 1b boost
06:33:31a Brock 'cavalier' over wills
06:33:34a Casino whale sinks and sues for 30m
06:33:45a Wegmans Project for Landover Back On Track
06:34:03a Microsoft targets blockbuster debut with 'Halo 3'
06:34:06a WSJ Microsoft eyes Facebook
06:34:18a US auto workers shut down General Motors
06:34:21a GM workers in Detroit voice frustration at UAW leadership
06:34:25a New York Times public editor repudiates ad on General Petraeus
06:34:28a Iranian president speaks at Columbia University amidst media frenzy
06:34:32a German Greens hold special congress on Afghanistan
06:34:36a Britain Youth convicted under antidemocratic terrorism acts
06:34:39a Workers Struggles The Americas
06:34:43a Chicago charity hands out 500,000 'genius' grants
06:34:46a Bank robbery causes school lockdowns
06:34:50a Iran seals Iraqi Kurdistan border
06:34:54a Israel arrests 20 in West Bank
06:34:57a British politicians get a winning hand
06:35:01a China's high-speed train due by year-end
06:35:05a Apple firmware update likely to make unlocked iPhones 'permanently inoperable'
06:35:08a Apple iPod Touch hits Australia
06:35:12a Chief information security officers Good news and bad news
06:35:15a First open source GPL violation lawsuit filed in US
06:35:19a Microsoft could value Facebook at 10b
06:35:22a Trend Micro to distribute Intego OS X security products
06:35:26a OpenOffice TIFF flaw affects Windows, Linux and Mac
06:35:29a Security holes expose data stored in Tivoli system
06:35:33a Blu-ray or HD DVD
06:35:36a iPod Touch Makes Great Wi-Fi Sniffer
06:35:40a Bubbles the worm adds keylogger
06:35:44a Four men are jailed in China for virus writing
06:35:53a Positive Listeria Tests Prompt Tofu Recall
06:35:57a Buckingham Palace is falling down ... major repairs needed
06:36:00a German Anti-Terror Measures Fight for Life as Opposition Grows
06:36:04a Vizquel Drives In 4 Runs As Giants Beat Padres 9-4
06:36:08a Sex talk sends first wife over the edge
06:36:18a Bulgaria's Socialists Gather to Discuss Local Vote Strategies
06:36:52a Editors A Petty and Cruel Dictator Lies
06:36:55a Sowell No Justice, No Peace
06:36:59a Romney A Defining Moment
06:37:02a Up To 1,200 Strike At GM-Doraville
06:37:15a Car bomb kills 3 in Iraq's Basra
06:37:19a Expected China Eastern bid is dropped
06:37:30a Woman sues after rottweiler attacks
06:37:33a More arrests expected for cop's murder
06:37:37a Man hurt after Boksburg crash
06:37:40a Mom finds boys' bodies in river
06:37:58a Malawi Lack of Running Water Puts Girls' Education At Risk
06:38:01a Africa Teachers in 10,000 Africa Contest
06:38:05a Uganda Kisubi High School Elects Steering Committee
06:38:08a Uganda CHOGM in Schools
06:38:12a Oil prices get reprieve
06:38:15a 380M Buys Sling Media
06:38:19a Echostar Buys SlingMedia For 380 Million
06:38:22a Friendster Plays To Strengths, Launches In Chinese
06:38:25a TechCrunch40 Launch Success Ponoko
06:38:29a Trainer hits out at Govt over horse flu shots
06:38:33a Trainers fear fight for horse flu shots
06:38:36a Late Late Nite FDL A Riddle
06:38:39a Big Rig Overturns On 710 Freeway
06:38:43a San Gabriel Hotel Accused Of Hiring Discrimination
06:38:46a CBS 2 Exclusive Magazine Subscribers Hell
06:38:54a News In brief,
06:39:24a 10. Police superintendent charged with money-laundering
06:39:44a 'Halo 3' finally launches
06:39:48a Vivendi calls Apple iTunes contract terms ''indecent''
06:40:32a Bush to focus on Myanmar not Iran in U.N. speech
06:40:58a New Opec output hike opposed
06:41:07a Man shot in leg off Broadway
06:41:12a One killed, three hurt in crash of Navy helicopter on Guam
06:41:34a Brown I'll not let you down
06:41:37a Give McCanns closure
06:41:40a Judge blasts Jeremy Kyle show
06:41:44a 10 weeks jail for 172mph speeder
06:41:47a Patients killed by NHS drug rationing
06:41:51a History .. minus the dull bits
06:41:54a Tornados cause chaos across country
06:41:58a GMTV's quiz firm fined
06:42:01a Cricketer Alan wife tragedy
06:42:05a Little boy 'killed by doting dad'
06:42:08a Expert vCJD to hit Britain
06:42:11a Bombs were 'surveillance' protest
06:42:15a 'Naturist' perv jailed
06:42:18a Tyson is facing jail
06:42:22a Kylie was my first love
06:42:25a Brothers in crash tragedy
06:42:29a China discovers 'new' glaciers on roof of world
06:42:33a European fishing pirates hit Pacific Greenpeace
06:42:37a Troops Seal Off Downtown Beirut
06:42:40a MacArthur Foundation awards 24 'genius grants' of 500,000 each
06:42:51a KDDL to expand retail network to up to 60 stores
06:42:54a Lowe's warns
06:43:30a Nigeria Oil Spillage Neglect Will Attract Sanctions, Says Minister
06:43:45a Singapore shares lower after Monday's surge
06:44:08a Gold drops, but long-term trend still bullish
06:44:11a JP Morgan gets Chinese approval for futures JV
06:44:15a Financial stocks slip on more credit concerns
06:44:18a Oil falls towards 80
06:44:54a Pawar to honour team
06:45:20a Governments urged to act on global warming
06:45:52a US did not take advantage of Iraq negotiations' opportunity, Ahmadinejad
06:45:56a FM Peace consolidation is in Iran's diplomacy agenda
06:46:00a Pakistan summons British, Indian envoys to protest joint exercises
06:46:03a Iran, Venezuela to launch air flights
06:46:07a President endorses Tehran, Minsk accord on prevention of natural disasters
06:46:10a Moderate tornadoes hit central England
06:46:14a OpenProj Review An OSS Alternative to Microsoft Project
06:46:21a 4 firefighters crushed after burning house collapses
06:46:25a LDP's new chief policymaker Tanigaki calls for consumption tax hike
06:46:32a LDP, Komeito agree to seek compulsory receipts for even 1 yen in political expenses
06:46:35a Lost climber found wandering in Kobe cemetery
06:46:39a Teen ax killer says she gave her father the 'guillotine' over his affairs
06:46:43a Ogasawara assemblyman busted for molesting woman near his home
06:46:46a Bus collision kills more than three dozen, injures 30 in Afghanistan+
06:46:50a Yamada Denki to acquire over 90 percent stake in Kimuraya Select+
06:46:53a Tokyo stocks rise moderately as investors snap up recent decliners+
06:46:57a City sealed off ahead of election
06:47:00a North Korea nuclear talks face uncertain hurdles
06:47:04a Immigrants blamed for more crashes
06:47:08a Japan votes for new prime minister
06:47:11a Ahmadinejad's tense showdown in US
06:47:15a Nokia opens Cairo regional office to cover operation throughout North East Africa
06:47:18a Childrens Books The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss
06:47:27a Super fund beats performance target
06:47:39a Only hardcore monks defy Myanmar military's ban on marches
06:47:43a Hong Kong mother jailed over sons who spoke only baby language
06:48:45a Nigeria Etteh Breached Agreement, Says House of Reps Group
06:49:21a Braais sizzle as SA celebrates its heritage
06:49:46a More than meets the eye as sumo stablemaster not turning Japanese
06:50:19a Consumers cutting back on restaurants survey
06:50:26a Young sparks Titans to big win over Saints
06:50:30a Burmese officials threaten monks
06:50:33a Reward offered in great blue heron shooting
06:50:37a UN General Assembly focuses on climate change
06:50:40a Ahmadinejad sparks protests at Columbia Univ
06:50:44a Images of anorexic woman published in Italy
06:50:47a Demand for home loans solid data
06:50:51a Signs of leadership infighting ahead of Chinese Communist Party congress
06:50:58a AU Interview MMO Fraud
06:51:01a Pokemon Pearl Version Bronzong FAQ
06:51:05a Approval Is Sought to Build Two Reactors in Texas
06:51:08a Rare Magna Carta To Be Sold
06:51:12a Bush To Focus On Myanmar Not Iran In U.N. Speech
06:51:15a Abu Dhabi's Taqa bids for Primewest
06:51:18a FCC fines Comcast 4,000 for airing 'fake news' reports
06:51:22a China Discovers 'New' Glaciers In Tibet
06:51:26a Weapons of US soldiers in Iraq 'plagued with problems'
06:51:29a Crash hero arrested
06:51:32a Kitty cat wins top title
06:51:36a Jeremy Kyle show blasted
06:51:39a Manchester Boys Choir falls silent
06:51:43a Extinct? No, I just hopped off
06:51:46a Thousands ask for help in debt crisis
06:51:49a Monks warned of crackdown
06:51:53a Commuters double in two years
06:51:56a Drink driver fled by tractor
06:52:00a Kids build for better future
06:52:03a Chips down for a green trade-off
06:52:06a Manchester is holiday hot spot
06:52:10a Driver may carry pellet for life
06:52:13a Postcode perils for the blackspot bikers
06:52:17a Pledge on future of city gay centre
06:52:20a Restaurant boss Awan arrested
06:52:24a Kennewick Police Report More Tickets Written and Less Collisions
06:52:27a 'They want someone who is a man'
06:52:31a upcoming horror movies
06:52:34a FriendsWin Announced Launch of New Web Site!
06:52:38a Rare Albino Ratfish Discovered
06:52:41a A Lebanese soldier guards the Parliament in Beirut
06:52:44a Nabih Berri
06:52:48a An empty street that leads to the parliament in Beirut
06:52:51a Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
06:52:55a Woman who put needles into foster daughter's eyes pleads guilty to assault
06:52:58a Monks protest despite junta warning
06:53:02a Wheat crop forecast cut
06:53:05a Kevin Spacey meets Venezuela's Chavez
06:53:35a Man shot for smoking in shop
06:53:38a Boks are barking mad over Steyn 'bite'
06:53:42a Geagea rejects any consensus on a pro-Syrian President
06:53:45a Analysis Lebanon elections are essential but impossible
06:53:48a Analysis Syria Joins the Axis of Evil
06:53:52a Malaysia's UEM Land, GE tie up on Johor project
06:53:55a 500 gather for protest despite threats from Myanmar junta
06:53:59a Car bomb kills three, wounds 20 in Basra
06:54:05a Explosion outside Basque police station in Spain
06:54:08a Bahrain names 2 new ministers
06:54:12a Euro and US dollar notes.
06:54:15a The logo on the World Bank Building in Washington, DC
06:54:19a The International Monetary Fund logo
06:54:22a Chinese models
06:54:26a An artist's impression of The Maponya Mall in Soweto
06:54:29a A farmer pulls a corn planter behind his tractor in Iowa
06:54:33a A combo image of the logos of German carmakers Porsche and Volkswagen
06:54:36a Two visitors in costume pose during a 'manga', or Japanese animation expo
06:54:40a An instructor helps seniors work on their laptop computers
06:54:43a Containers holding vials of steroids confiscated on Long Island, New York
06:54:46a Zimbabwe Handball Club Set to Leave for Cotonou
06:54:50a Uganda Special Olympics Team Off to China
06:54:53a Uganda We Shall Bring It Home Rugby Cranes
06:54:57a BAHRAIN NEWS AGENCY / BNA / TUE. 25 SEPT. 2007
06:55:00a State Police In Mercer County Investigate Possible Crime
06:55:03a Two new Special Editions join the DBS in Frankfurt
06:55:07a New smart models at the IAA
06:55:10a Maybach at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show
06:55:14a Fatwa issue DMK protests continue in TN
06:55:17a US to impose new sanctions on Burma
06:55:21a Japan's Fukuda picked by lower house to be PM
06:55:24a German Chancellor Merkel calls for global carbon trading
06:55:28a General Motors hit by auto-workers strike
06:55:32a Independent panel to probe lawyer video
06:55:35a Police superintendent charged with money-laundering updat...
06:55:39a Carjacking, suicide seen as puzzling
06:55:55a freedom of speech
06:56:12a Two People Shot In Over-the-Rhine
06:56:16a Surprise over Pikoli axing
06:56:20a 'They wanted a male chief'
06:56:23a Dead bikers 'weren't drinking'
06:56:26a Energy Firms Worst For Bill Blunders
06:56:30a Working From Home More Popular
06:57:15a 5 Things you need to do before buying a Franchise
06:57:18a Madeleine 'No case without body'
06:57:22a NHS security plans to be unveiled
06:57:25a Johnson to unveil new NHS strategy
06:57:29a 'Offensive' Dutch name car plates
06:57:32a Hearts set aflame online
06:57:36a Early Alzheimer's diagnosis hope
06:57:39a Minister speaks out on 'super rich'
06:57:43a Fans gear up for Halo game launch
06:57:46a Violent Crime In U.S. Nears 5-Year Peak
06:58:07a Microsoft's "Halo 3" game launches amid spectacle
06:58:10a "CSI" makes the crime scene with mobile debut
06:58:14a Vatican disowns apparition group
06:58:17a Queue tips for foreign students
06:58:21a East Germany faces 'woman famine'
06:58:25a Facebook Subpoenaed For Complaints
06:58:28a Iran's ambassador to Tirana confers with Albanian deputy PM
06:58:32a Iranian, Slovenian FMs meet in New York
06:58:35a Iran engaged in technical talks with IAEA delegation Spokesman
06:58:39a Dhaka aims to set up a nuclear power plant by 2015
06:58:42a German researchers present first anti snoring pillow
06:58:46a German ambassador calls for Tehran, Berlin parliamentary ties
06:58:50a Talks on dividing north Atlantic to exploit oil
06:58:53a Russia should promptly inquire into assassination of Iranian student
06:58:57a Berlin demands release of Myanmar protesters
06:59:01a German, Chinese tensions escalate over Merkel, Dalai Lama talks
06:59:04a Police Oversee Basongora Eviction
06:59:08a What the Children Want From CHOGM
06:59:11a Cabinet is Sorting Out Basongora Issue
06:59:14a Easy Market Access Deals With EU Are Flawed
06:59:18a The Crested Crane Uganda's Bird of Pride
06:59:21a Celtel Parent Firm Rebrands
06:59:25a EU Gives Sh44b to North for Rehabilitation
06:59:28a Muhangi Appeals Over Baganda Bus Park
06:59:31a It Has Been a Week of Malaria Bouts
06:59:35a Public Policy Critical in Move to Federation
06:59:38a UK Hails Museveni for Multiparty Politics
06:59:42a Govt Advised On Science Project
06:59:45a Heathrow's Terminal 5 Almost Ready
06:59:49a Myanmar junta threatens military force
06:59:52a Argonauts lose Jeff Johnson for season
06:59:56a Brazil Gets the World's 40th Place for Eco-Friendliness
06:59:59a P2P data leak hits ABN Amro
07:00:03a FEATURE-Miners dig hard for local welcome in Philippines
07:00:09a IPO NEWS Ayala's Integrated Microelectronics planning PSE listing
07:00:13a HP launches new blade server for SMEs
07:00:16a RP stocks end higher led by Globe Telecom
07:00:20a AFP says destabilization plot is real
07:00:25a Sierra Leone says arrests Guinean 'pirates'
07:00:29a Bush Admin. Urges Social Security Fix ABC News
07:00:32a Iran Sanctions Gain Support in U.S., World, but United Nations Is Divided
07:00:36a Bush Readies Sanctions Against Burmese Junta
07:00:39a Israel Lobby's Pull Pales Next to Evil Saudi Input
07:00:43a Iraq War Has Been Good for U.S., Polish President Declares
07:00:47a Quakes and aftershocks damage 35,812 houses in West Sumatera
07:00:50a Moderate quake jolts western Lampung
07:00:54a Australia remains to recognize Papua as part of Indonesia
07:00:57a Another aftershock jolts Bengkulu
07:01:00a Myanmar monks march to city centre
07:01:04a Car bomb kills 3 in Iraq's Basra
07:01:08a Criticism grows of Pakistani crackdown on opposition
07:01:11a MP US president may face same destiny as Saddam's
07:01:15a EDITORIAL The Roads Are Spoiling! Who is in Charge?
07:01:18a Canada Supports Flood Victims in Northern Ghana
07:01:22a New rules on pre-paid SIM cards
07:01:25a Ahmadinejad Introduced As 'Cruel Dictator'
07:01:29a Ahmadinejad should be criticized, but let it be about things he has actually said
07:01:33a One Million North Koreans In 'Concentration Camps', Investigators Say Worthy News
07:01:36a Kennewick Business Owner Upset of People Urinating In Front Of Her Business
07:01:40a John Howard announces 560 million for medical research
07:01:43a John Howard sets green energy targets
07:01:47a Aid for Australian farmers increased to 1 billion
07:01:50a Men think sex, women try to bond when kissing study
07:02:22a Armed Children in Iraq Featured in New Propaganda Video ABC News
07:02:26a Ahmadinejad Questions 9/11, Holocaust AP
07:02:29a Ahmadinejad suffers rare public dressing down on US visit AFP
07:02:33a Deeper issues cloud Pikoli suspension SACP Stories
07:02:46a Govt announces extra 714m drought relief
07:02:49a Xue declared armed and dangerous in the US
07:02:53a Injury prone Watson anxious over Test spot
07:03:06a John Bolton Explains The World
07:03:12a Iraqi prime minister breaks fast at a New York mosque
07:03:27a DuPont says in technology transfer deal with UTEK
07:03:42a Home, car loans get cheaper
07:03:45a Kamal Nath eyes Indo-US rural industry pacts
07:03:49a New Saudi law turns friendly to expats
07:03:52a Secrets of the self-made
07:03:56a Now, a PC with Internet for Rs 5000!
07:04:00a 'India, US economic ties strongest ever'
07:04:03a What they don't teach you at B-schools
07:04:06a Smell the air, something is rotten!
07:04:10a ISRO satellite to make mobile telephone cheaper
07:04:14a The Writers Idea of the Day September 24th
07:04:17a Indrajatra festival from today
07:04:21a Nepal lacks resources to tackle climate change Pradhan
07:04:24a PLA combatants increase pressure on the govt
07:04:28a Warrant officer fails to find Sadhvi in Dera
07:04:32a HC grants two days time to Vikas to produce witnesses
07:04:35a Kolkata limping back to near normal
07:04:39a India not interested in space station
07:04:43a Case registered against Vedanti
07:04:46a Apple promises to kill unlocked Iphones
07:04:50a Microsoft to buy Facebook shares
07:04:53a Leopard snubs PowerPCs
07:04:57a Women own more games consoles than men
07:05:00a First GPL lawsuit will settle out of court
07:05:04a Microsoft Doesn't Want the Xbox 360 to Go Wi-Fi
07:05:28a Sarkozy sets conditions for rejoining NATO military command
07:05:42a Market turbulence shifts London office growth to slow track
07:05:45a Microsoft's 'Halo 3' game launches amid spectacle
07:05:52a Esmertec Reports Solid Operational Performance for the First...
07:05:56a EchoStar Announces Agreement to Acquire Sling Media, Inc.
07:06:00a Direct-to-home TV draws Shin Satellite
07:06:03a Tuesday's Road Work
07:06:07a Four bears at Hickory Run captured after Boy Scout bitten
07:06:10a Judge joins immigration debate, drawing objections
07:06:14a 2 fires reported on ESU campus, 1 ruled arson
07:06:18a Bizzy Awards celebration set for Thursday
07:06:21a Heads roll as organizers plan this year's Haunted Theater
07:06:25a Convicted child abuser posts bail
07:06:29a Tobyhanna vet was fearless, peace activist
07:06:32a Coldwell Banker Phyllis Rubin sold, split
07:06:36a Bushkill man charged in stabbing
07:06:40a Pleasant Valley bus hearing continues tonight
07:06:43a Auxiliary of Pocono Medical Center plans 42nd annual gala
07:06:47a Security boss dies
07:06:54a Ahmadinejad Iran won't attack Israel
07:06:58a Jennifer Lopez to replace Sharon Osbourne on The X Factor?
07:07:01a Olmert faces new sleaze charges
07:07:05a No objections to Syria at meet Israel
07:07:09a Israel Sends Hurricane Aid to Nicaragua
07:07:12a Olmert's home at centre of latest corruption probe
07:07:16a Ehud Olmert faces new sleaze charges
07:07:19a Bush Reaffirms US Backing for Palestinian Statehood
07:07:23a Cheney 'wanted Israel to hit Iran'
07:07:27a Palestinian State Is Still 'Achievable,' Bush Says
07:07:30a Opposition MKs Ehud Olmert must submit resignation 0429
07:07:34a Russia, Israel intend to abolish visa requirements
07:07:37a Carry your umbrella to visarjan
07:07:41a Cub to return to Sena den after 12 years
07:07:45a Angola Climate Changes Pose Unprecedented Challenges- President Dos Santos
07:07:58a Alcohol not connected to student's death principal
07:08:02a $35,000 fine for dirty dairying upheld
07:08:05a Sentencing delayed for German backpacker's killer
07:08:32a Protests Over Plans To Bring Rumsfeld To Stanford
07:08:35a 'Thizz' Use Among Bay Area Teens A Concern
07:08:39a What Is The Origin Of 'Getting Your Goat?'
07:08:43a Kenya Party Seeks to Halt Safaricom's IPO
07:08:46a Kenya Why Leave the City in the Dark?
07:08:50a Craig, prosecutor tell different stories on guilty plea
07:08:53a Union endorses O
07:09:10a 32 killed in Afghan bus collision
07:09:16a 4 Zimra Officials Killed in Botswana Car Crash
07:09:23a Art attack B
07:09:27a Zimbabwe Review Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Policy, Govt Told
07:09:58a ITIS in fast lane for profits hike
07:10:01a Cussons axes pension plan
07:10:05a Beating the blues to find silver lining
07:10:08a Piccadilly plans cleared
07:10:12a 'Vote of confidence' by Pochin's
07:10:16a Going back to the boardroom
07:10:19a Patrick opens in Crewe
07:10:23a A great place for business
07:10:26a Close all set for city launch
07:10:30a It's curtains up on a new role Doron
07:10:33a City projects up for award
07:10:37a Russell snaps up Sale office
07:10:41a Heartening response from wine team
07:10:44a Jennie top of the shops
07:10:48a HSBC opens £2.6m complex
07:10:51a Erinaceous shares plunge
07:10:55a Heavenly profit on way from Angel sale
07:10:59a Printworks sale on hold
07:11:02a The whole tooth about dentists
07:11:06a A mice little earner
07:11:09a Chamber view Lobbying for a supercasino
07:11:13a £3.5m health club scheme
07:11:17a Smoking ban's a boost
07:11:20a Co-op backs food fest
07:11:24a Tom's healthy expansion
07:11:27a First British fatality in southern Iraq in September
07:11:31a Two car bombs kill, wound 10 in Kirkuk
07:11:35a Small business development center in Iraqi town builds sustainability
07:11:39a Newly established Iraqi microfinance institution awards first loan in Al-Anbar
07:11:42a Construction of Iraqi Embassy, Ambassador's Residence
07:11:46a Weapons left by US troops 'used as bait to kill Iraqis'
07:11:50a Deconstructing Iraq's Sunni armed groups
07:11:54a Iraqi Kurdistan president urges enforcement of Kirkuk article
07:11:57a Kurds in Turkey Main requirements for a peace process
07:12:01a Bidon's petition needs a comment section
07:12:04a Kirkuk Returnees find no place like home
07:12:08a More Chrges Possible for Vick
07:12:11a More Chinese gas firms allowed to tie up with foreign partners
07:12:17a Radiologists identify early brain marker of Alzheimer's disease
07:12:20a Explorer completes the map... for the body's blueprint
07:12:24a Lymph nodes can be key in spreading prion infectivity
07:12:27a Poll reveals public awareness of nanotech stuck at low level
07:12:31a Scientists discover how cancer may take hold
07:12:34a Printing in 3-D
07:12:38a PQ leader Marois wins Quebec byelection
07:12:41a Putin appoints new ministers but holds key positions open
07:12:45a China submits ratification letter of international fusion deal to IAEA
07:12:48a EU to decide on Indonesia air ban in November
07:12:52a Nepal, UNDP sign 1.9 mln USD rural energy project
07:12:56a Fukuda virtually elected prime minister by Japanese parliament
07:12:59a Indonesian supreme court rejects Bali bombers appeals
07:13:03a Indonesia considers reopening embassy in Baghdad
07:13:06a Vietnam to strengthen security for radioactive sources
07:13:10a 40 Afghans perish in road accident
07:13:13a Coalition threat to privatise TAFEs The Australian Article
07:13:17a EOI to attend mental health advocacy training
07:13:20a DIAC 2008-09 Settlement Grants Programme
07:13:24a SAAP V Innovation & Investment funding list of services to receive funding
07:13:28a Sling Media acquired by EchoStar
07:13:31a Microsoft details Office 2008 for Mac pricing
07:13:35a Russia's PM Vladimir Putin Reshuffles Cabinet
07:13:38a Bid to halt smog law is alleged
07:13:42a Governor will sign bill to divest from Iran
07:13:45a Schwarzenegger urges 'action' on environment
07:13:49a Vietnam To Free Up To 10,000 Prisoners In Annual Amnesty Program
07:13:53a Philippines Suspends Deal To Lease 3 Million Acres Of Farmland To Chinese Firms
07:13:56a World leaders eager for 'breakthrough' on climate UN chief
07:14:00a Putin eyes stability in government shake-up press
07:14:03a Tight security as Lebanon parliament meets
07:14:07a Moderate Fukuda on course as Japan's PM
07:14:10a Fukuda Elected Japanese Prime Minister AP
07:14:14a Immigrants blamed for more crashes PA
07:14:18a U.S. Snipers Accused of 'Baiting' Iraqis AP
07:14:21a Iraqi Alliance forms committee to heal rift
07:14:25a Member of Consensus front Toppling Maliki no priority
07:14:28a Curfew imposed in Muthanna until further notice
07:14:32a European Commission Approves GSK's Experimental HPV Vaccine Cervarix for Sale in E.U. Countries
07:14:36a British Columbia Approves Program Expected To Provide HPV Vaccination Program, Health Minister Says
07:14:40a Kenya Interest in Technical Training Heartening
07:14:43a Kenya Area Hit By Shortage of Chiefs
07:14:47a Kenya Sh300m to Boost Early Schooling
07:14:50a Kenya TSC Lifts Ban On Teachers' Loan Check-Off
07:14:54a Recreation center wins time to buy Lake Edward building
07:14:57a Google Targets the Second Largest Exporter of Coffee
07:15:01a Scythe Cools Your Memories With The Kama Wing
07:15:05a Car bomb kills 3, wounds 20 in Iraq's Basra
07:15:08a Grandmother of abandoned NZ toddler arrives in Auckland
07:15:12a Monks relaunch protests in Myanmar
07:15:16a Bush meets with Palestinian leaders in New York Ynet News
07:15:19a Archeologists find 2nd Temple quarry
07:15:23a Olmert Syria, Israel on guard Ynet News
07:15:27a Bush Meets Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas White House
07:15:30a Debit-card charges bring costly lesson
07:15:34a 700 Surge Expected In Health Care Costs
07:15:37a Albert Fuller, 81, Harpsichordist, Early-Music Impresario
07:15:41a Amid Confusion, Nanotech Industry Awaits Boom
07:15:46a In G.M. Strike, Both Sides See a Crossroads
07:15:50a Moody's alters its subprime rating model
07:15:53a Signs of normality as credit storm abates
07:15:57a Apple Spits Out MacBook/MacBook Pro Updates
07:16:01a EyeTV 2.5 Update Includes iPhone Wi-Fi Access, More
07:16:05a We Need A Real Handheld Computer, Who Will Build One? Apple Of Course
07:16:08a Google Calendar Recieves An iPhone Makeover
07:16:11a Vivendi Airs Grievances Over Apple's 'Indecent' Proposal
07:16:15a How To Relock Your iPhone Before The Firmware Update
07:16:18a Radioshift 1.0
07:16:22a Missing Sync For iPhone Announced
07:16:26a Altered iPhones At Risk Of Failure
07:16:29a Microsoft Announces Mac Office 2008 Pricing, Upgrade Details
07:16:33a Laptop Hearing Revealing
07:16:36a A Prison Population Shift
07:16:40a City Council Candidates Question
07:16:43a 20,000 people protest despite Myanmar junta threat
07:16:46a Chinese top political advisor meets former Zambian president
07:16:50a Chinese Premier meets New Zealand deputy PM
07:16:53a Tropical storm lashes South China
07:16:57a Technicians to be graded on results
07:17:00a Ocean plan taking shape
07:17:04a Law tightened on sexual harassment
07:17:07a Convenience the key at Capital T3
07:17:11a Author of virus gets 4 years' jail
07:17:14a Alternative treatments helping cancer patients in Shanghai
07:17:18a Work on ancient park gets mixed response from public
07:17:21a Packer buys up mining business in WA
07:17:25a Dr M conscious, stable after 2nd op
07:17:28a Delivering and staying connected to the people
07:17:32a Plus points of working together
07:17:35a Task force established to make it easier for businesses
07:17:39a Faster delivery
07:17:42a All set for the eKL wave
07:17:46a Going online a good move
07:17:49a Challenges will only increase
07:17:53a Civil servants must rise to the challenge
07:17:56a FMM Role of public sector is crucial
07:18:00a Supporting service delivery via open source
07:18:03a Cyber laws ready
07:18:07a An award worth winning
07:18:10a Rate your local authority
07:18:14a New CEO Uwajimaya will grow
07:18:17a McKay to lead Seattle U's ethics center
07:18:21a Cancer drug's flop stuns Sonus
07:18:25a China works to restore trust in its food exports
07:18:28a Big businesses look at energy use
07:18:32a High-stakes gamble for both UAW, GM
07:18:36a Study S. Florida fifth cheapest to run a corporate headquarters
07:18:39a CEO Mark Emalfarb is fired at Jupiter's Dyadic International
07:18:43a Dell reaches China retail deal
07:18:47a Phony 'flu' to hit U.S. banks
07:18:50a General Mills has new CEO for first time in 12 years
07:18:53a Climate change moves up on firms' priority list
07:18:57a Costs to run corporate headquarters
07:19:00a Halo vs. Hollywood? Games still far behind
07:19:04a GM workers strike
07:19:08a Mercy lacrosse gets new head coach; MSU's Deacon earns field hockey honors
07:19:11a Confidence flowing through Spartans as they prepare for trip to Camp Randall
07:19:15a Henne gets medical clearance to play; Carr comments on Mallett's endzone celebration
07:19:18a Need Lions tickets? Send in entries by noon on Wednesday
07:19:22a THE MITT The Tigers are still alive ; Pudge's struggles against the Twins
07:19:26a How long can the strike last?
07:19:29a ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES Strike is seen as adding insult to injury for state
07:19:33a White House Social Security fix going to hurt
07:19:36a Iran shuts some borders with Iraq
07:19:40a Ecuador Leader Won't Stay in Power
07:19:44a Actor Kevin Spacey meets with Venezuelan president
07:19:47a House to vote on children's insurance bill
07:19:51a Kenya Dettol Maker to Shut Down Nairobi Factory
07:19:54a City says Mardi Gras costs not inflated
07:19:58a 'Jarhead' confronts burglary suspect
07:20:01a Activist seeks to halt wetland development
07:20:05a Port to chip in for downtown study
07:20:09a Top 10 weirdest English words
07:20:12a Gang Ties Could Have Lead to Murder of Father and Baby
07:20:23a Pentagon encouraged "baiting" in Iraq, snipers say
07:20:26a Study Fake acupuncture helps ease low-back pain
07:20:30a Ban's close ties to U.S. make some uneasy
07:20:33a Bush skips U.N. climate summit, will host his own
07:20:37a Exiled Haitian dictator offers apology
07:20:41a Hollywood house lacks "curb appeal"
07:20:44a Iran's leader a hero to some
07:20:48a Terrorism charges reinstated against Canadian
07:20:51a Army broadcasts Rangoon warning .
07:20:55a Duncan Hunter at Values Voter Debate
07:20:58a Dangerous Diversity
07:21:02a Al Qaeda Targets Our Schoolchildren
07:21:06a Hunter takes on Columbia, Richardson Democrat blasted on immigration
07:21:09a Obama I Would Still Meet With Ahmadinejad Barf Alert
07:21:12a Motorcyclist crashes into mortuary, dies
07:21:16a Gold will test its record high, predicts Hambro
07:21:19a Columbia Alumnus Freed in Iran
07:21:23a HillaryCare, a precursor
07:21:26a Channel swimmer falls just short
07:21:30a Body is identified as missing man
07:21:33a Firm's run-in with Hollywood star
07:21:37a Former ambulance driver is jailed
07:21:40a Food campaign aimed at youngsters
07:21:44a Messages of support for councillor
07:21:47a Huge demand for new allotment plots
07:21:51a ICBC set for offering
07:21:54a China Life forges alliance with GE
07:21:58a Outsourcing top priority in Jiangsu
07:22:01a Africa Trucks Traded for Cash Crops and Oil
07:22:05a Zimbabwe Thank You for Stance on EU-Africa Summit
07:22:08a Spain Steps Up Measures on Immigrants
07:22:12a Suicide bomber kills 26, wounds 50 in Iraq
07:22:15a Pakistan affirms pledge to contribute to peace in Afghanistan
07:22:19a Pakistani lawyers to nominate ex-judge to stand against Musharraf
07:22:22a Iran not heading towards war with US, says Ahmadinejad
07:22:26a Iran confirms closing borders with Iraq's N region
07:22:29a Most Singaporeans want sky gardens in residential areas survey
07:22:33a S'pore ranked third in world's top cities for meetings
07:22:36a Tensions rise over Ivory Coast ID
07:22:40a U.N. climate summit calls for action
07:22:43a Myanmar monks leave Shwedagon, march to city centre
07:22:47a Hungary issues permits to prostitutes
07:22:50a Probe Homeland Security computers hacked
07:22:54a Sen. Craig, prosecutor tell different stories
07:22:57a NY's 'Halo 3' launch was no riot, but it was close
07:23:01a Gamers scramble for Halo 3
07:23:04a Court Victories Worry Big Lenders
07:23:12a AFGHANISTAN Increasing armed robberies, abductions in Herat
07:23:17a Bush to Urge U.N. to Spread Freedom
07:23:52a Sears strikes deal to sell Toronto head office
07:23:55a UAE hotbed for outbound investment
07:23:59a World leaders push for action on climate
07:24:02a Space Germs Prove Deadly
07:24:06a Flu-shot benefit overstated?
07:24:09a Reichert backs child-health-care bill
07:24:35a Campaigns Prepare for Big Spending
07:24:41a Abandoned child reunited with grandmother in NZ
07:24:54a EQ 3.2 King Cove, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
07:24:58a EQ 3.0 Rawhide, NV PRELIMINARY REPORT
07:25:01a EQ 5.3 Auckland, New Zealand PRELIMINARY REPORT
07:25:05a EQ 5.8 Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands PRELIMINARY REPORT
07:25:13a There's gold in them thar hills
07:25:16a Strikers at Aurora GM facility plan 24/7 vigil
07:25:20a Autoworkers strike GM for job security
07:25:24a Report reveals future gaps between labor demand, supply
07:25:27a Polis introduces single in-box Web service
07:25:31a Business briefs, September 25
07:25:36a The appropriations bill
07:25:40a Adobe photo system a snap
07:25:43a In the Orioles' nest, nothing ever changes
07:25:47a All Betts were off in the clutch
07:26:00a Nats, Chico overwhelm Mets
07:26:03a Ageless Favre gets it done by the numbers
07:26:07a Vandals Hit Downtown Sacramento Neighborhood
07:26:10a Similar Attacks Reported From 2 Carmichael Women
07:26:14a Dave Bender's Evening Forecast September 24
07:26:17a 911 Tapes From Durkin Park Melee Released
07:26:21a Getting Children To 'Switch' Unhealthy Habits
07:26:24a TX Inmates Captured After Prison Break </