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12:04:15a WARNS ISIS 'We will hunt you down and make you pay'...

12:22:27a VIDEO French Protest Vax Passports by Picnicking Outside of 'Vax-Only' Restaurants
12:24:12a DeSantis Touts His “Great Success” on Fox News as Delta Surge Devastates Florida
12:24:40a Rockford stadium renamed to honor longtime coach Ralph Munger
12:26:21a We Lost the War in Afghanistan. We Need to Say So.
12:32:39a East Grand Rapids DPS seeks help finding sex assault suspect
12:39:32a Afghan Civilians and US Troops Killed in Blasts Outside Kabul Airport
12:48:22a Deanie Peters perjury hearing zeroes in on suspect's late friend
01:02:10a The Impact of Extreme Waves on Offshore Structures
01:28:08a This deworming drug won't treat COVID-19, but it might kill you, CDC warns
01:59:23a Milanovic I will not back down, I am asking Serbia...
02:17:10a 'When Djokovic retires, people will appreciate more what he did'
02:35:13a The Bob Cesca Podcast Forceful With His Caucus
02:38:08a Elizabeth Holmes's Trial Could Reveal Her Side of Theranos Story
02:39:31a Explosion near the airport wounded and dead are counted VIDEO / PHOTO
03:01:37a T-Mobile Hacker Explains How He Breached Carrier's Security
03:11:13a YouTube Kills Discord's Best Music Bot
03:26:49a Protecting Earth from Space Weather Events
03:36:12a Jam of the Week Cory Wong & Dirty Loops, 'Ring of Saturn'
03:39:49a Apple will change its App Store practices in legal settlement
03:45:29a Tulip Time, city of Holland launch Fall Fest
04:19:50a GRPS to have half day Friday due to heat
04:25:46a How a Black prosecutor called out racism in the D.A.'s officedccreatorJames
04:29:11a Quarantine, What Quarantine? Nicole Kidman, Expats and White Privilege
04:33:43a 'Pulwama Planning Was Done in Afghanistan'
04:35:34a Suspected hit-and-run driver turns himself in
04:36:03a Scientists Reveal World's First 3D-Printed, Marbled Wagyu Beef
04:39:59a The 23 Most Anticipated Movies of Fall 2021
04:47:20a A ‘pet’ peeve There’s now a dog bar in London serving canine cocktails
05:03:23a Deadly Bombing Marks a Tragic Turning Point in Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Exit
05:03:28a NYPD gets in 12-hour standoff with graffiti artist...
05:05:07a Cops Dressing Up Like FedEx and Arresting People for Drugs...
05:07:35a Set to Strike Louisiana Exactly 16 Years after Katrina?
05:24:43a 7 Capitol cops sue Trump, right-wing extremist groups over attack...
05:28:21a Largest Study of Lingering COVID-19 Effects Suggests a Looming Problem
05:30:39a SOUTHWEST Trims Flying Schedule After Worker Outcry...
05:39:43a Beyonce furious after unwittingly wearing 'blood diamond'...
05:43:27a Study One-third of all Americans were infected by December 2020...
05:47:44a Florida prisons to close amid staff shortages...
06:05:44a First-time survivors honored at Lowell Pink Arrow game
06:23:26a VICE’s Marine Corps story; a bad call on a bad day
06:35:00a Apple Has Loosened App Store Payment Rules as Part of a Lawsuit Settlement
07:00:54a The Supreme Court Allows Evictions to Resume During the Pandemic
07:01:41a US, aided by Pakistan, DESTROYED Afghanistan
07:32:02a Layoffs are just the beginning of bad news for Vice and Buzzfeed
07:42:02a Nagra releases 2021 half year results
08:11:21a What's the Aashiqui star's Afghan link?
08:30:33a CTS launches Managed Terrestrial Distribution for U.S. operators
08:50:04a Bigg Boss OTT 'Will not blame Karan'
09:04:10a Irdeto brings security to Intigral’s Jawwy TV Android TV STBs
09:12:37a Your Sense of Smell May Be the Key To a Balanced Diet
10:06:57a Microsoft warns cloud customers of flaw that may have exposed databases report
10:56:53a NerdWallet Will Medicare cover substance abuse treatment? It depends
11:29:40a U.S. reportedly gave Taliban the names of Americans and Afghan allies
11:47:55a U.S. military leadership issued a statement
11:58:00a 'Belgrade to take serious action'
12:11:37p The law to be adopted Cyrillic Alphabet mandatory
12:28:13p Who’s Funding the California Recall Fight? It’s Not the People
01:02:30p Martian 'blueberries' may hold signs of ancient water, new study suggests
01:07:32p What chronic fatigue syndrome can teach us about 'long COVID'
01:14:11p The Deep Roots of Outdoor Recreation’s Diversity Gap
01:20:19p Satellite images show crowds at Kabul airport before two reported explosions
01:32:29p 6 mysterious structures hidden beneath the Greenland ice sheet
01:38:32p Ancient monument linked to King Arthur is older than Stonehenge, research finds
01:47:46p Interstellar comets visit our solar system more frequently than thought
01:56:02p Streaming Video Alliance tests caching API interoperability
02:27:44p 'Swiss Re' Signs World's First Long-Term Carbon Capture Deal
02:33:55p Everything you need to know about the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow
02:38:35p TezNet launches IPTV in Tajikistan
02:41:57p TV Block Function implemented on Samsung TVs in South Africa
02:45:19p U.S. FAST market to reach billion in 2023
02:57:14p ucfunnel to power marketing automation on the TCL Channel
03:03:22p Futures Movers Oil prices rise as tropical storm threatens Gulf of Mexico
03:11:22p As cargo shipments boom, ship strik
03:38:20p As a Doctor, I Fight to Make My State Let Pharmacists Prescribe Birth Control
03:45:50p Scientists detected the radio 'colors' of a fast radio burst for the first time
04:06:35p How Candyman Reclaims the History of Cabrini-Green
04:09:39p Delta Air Lines Is Charging Unvaccinated Employees Insurance Fee. Will It Work?
04:09:48p How deadliest ever female sniper 'Lady Death' shot 309 Nazis...
04:10:09p Trapped Ally 'Will Never Regret it'...
04:13:35p Beijing massive orbiting spaceship 10 times BIGGER than ISS!
04:16:21p New urgency to airlift from Kabul after blasts kills 170...
04:24:07p Darthgator nearly ripped trainer's arm off. She can't wait to work with him again...
04:28:18p Lauren Boebert Admits She “Under-Reported” Campaign Payments to the FEC
04:29:26p After ISIS-K’s Kabul Airport Attack, the U.S. Faces a New Terrorist Threat in Afghanistan
04:30:19p Hellish summer in Tahoe Choked in smoke with fire closing in fast...
04:34:53p States Pull Back on COVID Data Even as Delta Variant Surges
04:37:17p Cori Bush Urges Congress to Act as Supreme Court Ends Eviction Moratorium
04:39:36p Yes, We Can Grow 1 Trillion Trees to Help Fight Climate Change
04:40:07p Model Predicts 100,000 More Covid Deaths in USA BEFORE Winter...
04:41:39p Special forces vets launch own mission...
04:43:35p Candyman Teases Out New Relevance From a ‘90s Horror Classic
04:43:50p Where World's Superyachts Are Right Now...
04:49:12p 2020 Was Among Three Warmest Years on Record
04:52:14p 3 In 5 People Worldwide Have Suffered Sleeping Problems...
04:54:15p GRPD offers new hiring incentives for officers
04:56:05p Sliwa mayoral candidacy radical shift in NYC politics..
04:57:20p LIBERTY announces campus-wide quarantine...
05:01:49p 'Shadow docket' scrutiny at high court...
05:13:40p PANETTA US troops will need to return for combat...
05:17:58p EU moves to reintroduce travel curbs on Americans...
05:21:23p Chinese Authorities Say Overtime '996' Policy is Illegal
05:23:53p Long covid's daunting toll seen in study of pandemic's earliest patients...
05:25:33p GVSU convocation welcomes thousands of students to campus
05:31:44p Parents must pay for getting rid of son's porn cache
05:33:14p South Sea Drone Activity Prelude to Major Naval Movement?
05:33:55p Could be Cat 3...
05:34:43p Virus surge pummels Hawaii...
05:47:22p Govt moves to break up FACEBOOK...
05:54:12p Custody to Belivuk and his criminal group has been extended
05:55:30p Left wing media elite try to frame military and GOP as violent radicals
05:58:25p 'The epidemiological situation in Montenegro is disastrous'
06:01:20p Prosecutor's Office There is no evidence of sexual exploitation of women in Jagodina
06:04:02p The Stakes for Tokyo’s COVID-19 Bubble Are E
06:08:35p Donald Trump Says Osama Bin Laden Had Just “One Hit.” What?!?!
06:25:27p A Collection of Right-Wing Radio Hosts Dead of COVID
06:55:05p World leader in the Balkans again from the airport to Izetbegoviæ's grave PHOTO
06:57:52p New Orleans evacuations ordered...
06:58:23p Emulator Runs PS1 Games in 4K on the New Xboxes
07:03:04p Organizer of TX 'Freedom Rally' hospitalized with Covid...
07:05:24p Wall Street Looking to REDDIT for Investment Advice...
07:10:13p Denmark Lifts All Restrictions Except Entry Rules...
07:11:20p The 33 Most Anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2021
07:11:36p URA voted against the enthronement of Joanikije in Cetinje; 'The cleverer gives in'
07:11:40p The Fed Focuses on Inequality, Low-Wage Workers As U.S. Economy Strengthens
07:12:34p Rogue black holes could be wandering at the edges of the Milky Way
07:20:50p Now Boosters Within 5 Months?
07:25:26p CIA Mission Will Persist for Years...
07:29:12p Microsoft Won't Stop You From Installing Windows 11 on Older PCs
07:34:35p Repairs Of Leaning San Francisco Skyscraper Put On Hold...
07:35:53p Landfall with 120mph winds and 150mph gusts...
07:36:31p Trans inmate sues prisons over surgery denial...
07:37:46p Time for North Dakota’s Land Board to stop hiding behind its commissioner
07:44:13p Earthquake swarm rocks the ground at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano
07:52:49p NDSU’s lavish football practice facility a grotesque example of wrong priorities
07:53:03p Giuliani admits liking Scotch but denies being alcoholic...
07:53:16p Storm Ida could slam into Louisiana as a Category 3 hurricane
07:57:44p Parents round out first week of school with mask debates
08:01:44p Americans Are Poisoning Themselves With This Unapproved COVID Drug
08:06:26p Brazil's Bolsonaro says everyone should buy a rifle...
08:08:09p Vice News smears the Marine Corps, click here to TAKE ACTION
08:12:58p Astroturfing left-wingers blowing smoke about gerrymandering under the guise of nonpartisan politics
08:42:22p Corporations and Unions Are Bankrolling the Sedition Caucus Again
08:51:52p Wave of Young Patients Struggling to Breathe...
09:01:02p Amid pandemic, CDC gets serious - about gun control...
09:13:29p Classic car aficionados flock to 28th Street as Metro Cruise returns
09:18:41p Why Are Hyperlinks Blue?
09:18:51p The Man Preserving Endangered Colors
09:47:09p Riddle as Pentagon now says there was only ONE explosion...
09:47:30p T. Rex Was 'Foodie,' Scientists Find...
09:54:16p NewsWatch Good news on Social Security finances
09:56:57p HOUSE OF FILTH Nearly 100 Cats Removed From Feces-Covered Home...
09:58:18p Woke site Mic praises CRT and tells lies
10:00:34p Mission impossible To rescue Tom Cruise's stolen luggage...
11:09:57p Improving Flood Projections
11:28:11p 'Whole Mouth' Toothbrushes Are a Thing Now
11:54:01p Cooling centers and school fans How W MI is beating the heat