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12:00:00a Randy Bachman recalls playing with Les Paul, calls him 'biggest influence on rock?

12:00:05a Proven Ways to Increase Direct Mail and Sales Response Rates
12:00:10a Review 'The Goods Live Hard, Sell Hard' never gets started
12:00:16a Gates Afghan security mixed
12:00:21a Widow threatens lawsuit against PMH over husband's suicide
12:00:26a Miriam Green Centre to ensure expansion of primary care in Andros
12:00:32a Gordon Brown takes to Twitter to defend Britain's health care from US Republican attacks
12:00:37a Exxon Pleads Guilty To Bird Slaughter
12:00:43a Dies of dengue
12:00:48a County Reports First West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Of 2009
12:00:53a Families of victims split over Lockerbie bomber release news
12:00:59a L.A.'s Toughest High School Undergoes Transformation
12:01:04a Eau Claire Housing Complex Bans Smoking Inside Homes
12:01:10a Judge agrees to keep city's sex offenders lawsuit in Miami
12:01:15a US's Holbrooke to visit Turkey after Pakistan, Afghanistan
12:01:20a Some Pearlman victims dodge 'clawbacks'
12:01:26a A Call to Action
12:01:31a Brazil TV host 'victim of a plot'
12:01:36a Clinton Bolsters Liberia's Embattled President
12:01:41a Al Khashab sets high price to appear in interviews
12:01:47a DATABASE Taxable sales gains continue in Rockland, fall by double-digits in Westchester, Putnam
12:01:52a Britain, Who's Got Talent Now?
12:01:57a Census to determine new electoral and administrative boundaries, say experts
12:02:02a Official changes to Turkish place names sometimes a hard sell
12:02:08a UPDATE 5-Magna resolves final Opel issues with GM-exec
12:02:13a Summer Tax Tips
12:02:18a Air couriers to meet with customs chief
12:02:23a Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian says she's expecting a baby in December
12:02:28a Chemical spill sends four people to hospital
12:02:34a Dell High Linux netbook returns a myth
12:02:39a Kumaran's team aces Presidency quiz
12:02:45a Afghanistan First Local Team Conquers Afghanistan's Highest Peak
12:02:50a Services held for Mahopac crash victim; driver critical
12:02:56a Activists Found Murdered in Car Trunk
12:03:01a At least 53 dead
12:03:06a 13-year-olds behind Salzburg burglaries
12:03:12a Trunk shows set in Lawrenceville, South Side, Greensburg
12:03:17a TSA Highlights Employee Retention Progress
12:03:22a Western Turkey backs efforts for settlement of Kurdish question
12:03:28a Women identified in fatal Calgary parkade accident
12:03:33a Peregrina and Chipilo cheeses recalled
12:03:43a CMs to review post-26/11 security
12:03:49a Ransom Demanded for Missing Texas Soldier
12:03:54a Obama Administration Plans to Propose Higher Fees for Big Banks
12:04:00a Search for missing woman continues in Rotorua
12:04:05a Govt goes easy on terror alerts
12:04:10a Fla. Doctor Fired over 'Donuts=Death' Sign
12:04:16a Wu Bangguo meets Japanese guests
12:04:21a Portland small businesses brace for federal lead limits testing
12:04:27a Health care reform debate continues in ND
12:04:33a Cash for Clunkers Deal Comes to Russia
12:04:38a ‘Turkey can solve problem with self-confidence
12:04:43a Teens with sickle cell attend camp in New York
12:04:49a Silver Bear Resources reports Q2 loss, up from last year
12:04:54a Milton Child Finds Needle In Cereal Box
12:04:59a Teachers to gain first-hand experience in tourism
12:05:05a Ceiling for foreign ownership of media to be raised by end of year
12:05:10a Pit bull, parolee sanctuary banks on TV for rescue after brothel plan flames out
12:05:16a Saskatoon volunteers begin work on new duplex
12:05:21a Brewers Criticize Government Plans For Steep Hike in Taxation on Beer
12:05:26a Victoria Beckham in Boston for more 'Idol' auditions
12:05:31a Adequate stocks of seeds, fertilizers available
12:05:37a Hudson crash caught on tape
12:05:42a Senator John Heinz History Center displays Steelers' Lombardi Trophies
12:05:47a RGUHS results
12:05:52a Airport panel backs plan that may help bring more jets to Scottsdale
12:05:57a Swine Flu unabated; 1 in Bangalore, 3 in Pune die; Toll 21
12:06:03a eHealth's ex-CEO defends her role in Ontario spending scandal
12:06:08a Holiday World to add `water coaster'
12:06:13a Saturday News Briefs & Editorial
12:06:18a Yeddyurappa seeks support for workshops on philosopher-poets
12:06:25a 8. Bring back glorious days of Dataran Merdeka
12:06:30a Students flock to Idaho's newest community college
12:06:35a Ghanaians to experience a television rebirth
12:06:41a Network-1 Reports Second Quarter 2009 Results
12:06:46a 2009 Madison High School football preview
12:06:51a Men's Health takes over from FHM as bestselling men's magazine
12:06:57a Rockies crush Pirates again
12:07:02a Secondary sarcomas after radiotherapy for breast cancer
12:07:08a Kibaki Orders Action On Forest Squatters
12:07:13a Austin Music Historian Discovers Blind Willie Johnson’s Grave
12:07:18a Public's help sought in case of missing Vancouver man
12:07:23a Hawaii stocks mostly up
12:07:29a Memorial to Fallen Firefighter Arnie Wolff Completed
12:07:34a Winter brings out the brains in people
12:07:39a Somalia UNICEF nutrition intervention disrupted by looting
12:07:45a DIPLOMACY Hillary Clinton throws support behind Liberia's President Sirleaf
12:07:50a Yanzhou Coal makes bid for Felix Resources
12:07:55a Wal-Mart And The
12:08:01a Tuqiri returns to action
12:08:06a Fetransa to present proposal to new operators in Southern Peru routes
12:08:12a Colo store bags theft problem with no-purse policy
12:08:17a Ex-mayor of Calhoun charged for post-meeting fight
12:08:23a UDPATE 1-Legendary guitarist, inventor Les Paul dies, age 94
12:08:28a Poca Police Are Investigating A Group Selling Magazine Subscriptions
12:08:33a Harari faces new front in fight
12:08:39a McGraw-Hill Education and Partner to Create Innovative Shared-Revenue Model for Textbook Rentals
12:08:44a NewsLink on summer break
12:08:50a This article will self-destruct A tool to make online personal data vanish
12:08:55a Why Nobody Wants to Be the Cybersecurity Czar
12:09:00a GM Europe reaches draft agreement with bidders
12:09:06a Rio Tinto arrests send jitters through foreign groups operating in China
12:09:11a Llano Co. man charged with murder
12:09:16a 13. Nik Aziz's ways could ruin the country, says Muhyiddin
12:09:22a Tirupparankundram Primary Health Centre gets Rs.50 lakh
12:09:27a 10. Army Drills to Protect Pipelines
12:09:32a Temporary shutdown at Alta. Suncor refinery slows production
12:09:38a Cash appeal over Crete death
12:09:43a JETS making substantial contribution to education-Siliya
12:09:48a Penang Bridge toll rates to stay
12:09:53a Seattle couple helps Ethiopian children
12:09:59a Worthy More ex-DPS workers may be charged
12:10:04a TSA's Security Technology Strategy
12:10:09a Dad slashes son's wrist and flees
12:10:14a Get organised and get the right people into council jobs
12:10:26a Rep. Suarez I paid for steak dinner in DC
12:10:31a The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall symbolises the Cold War
12:10:36a Toppenish confronting gang issue
12:10:42a Sandals Poll Begins Today
12:10:47a Parties to announce candidates today
12:10:52a Sacramento Fire Totals 1 Home, Damages 2 Others
12:10:57a Cruising on air to water
12:11:03a OPhone and iPhone smartphone war in China
12:11:08a Police chief Ngcobo cleared
12:11:13a Amgen issues statement on outcomes of FDA advisory committee meeting
12:11:19a Cleaner finds dead newborn in school toilet
12:11:24a Selecting a Nursing Home for Your Loved Ones
12:11:29a TSA's Security Screening of Head Coverings
12:11:34a SAP NetWeaver Input Validation Flaw in UDDI Client Permits Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
12:11:40a Darden's assistant fired, alleges politics played a role; Spring Valley mayor denies accusation
12:11:45a Police Girl Burns Kids With Hot Curtain Rod
12:11:50a UNECE hosts briefing on Aid for Trade for SPECA countries
12:11:55a Briton with prosthetic arm wins case against US retailer
12:12:01a TSA's Layered Approach to Security
12:12:06a DPM Aquaculture to be actively developed
12:12:11a What parents should do
12:12:16a Gandhi abhorred materialism VC
12:12:22a More Suits Filed In Cancer Case Against Monsanto
12:12:27a Natural listeriosis killer found in mango pits
12:12:32a Study to assess women's role in nation-building
12:12:38a Syndicate making fake passports smashed
12:12:43a Not Bullshit Penn & Teller Launching New Product At TechCrunch50
12:12:48a 'Krishna Janmashtami' celebrated in Udupi
12:12:53a Happy birthday, Abe – here's a shiny new penny
12:13:09a Visits to UK on rise, but Britons stay home
12:13:15a DAP Investigate Tee Keat and Tiong
12:13:20a Coroner's inquest set for Tasered B.C. man
12:13:26a Ingush Minister Shot Dead in Office in Capital
12:13:31a Kuala Dimensi won't give in
12:13:36a Children not 'cute' enough to be adopted
12:13:41a The original 'guitar hero' has died...
12:13:47a Israeli Soldiers Killed Unarmed Palestinians Carrying White Flags Human Rights Watch
12:13:52a Quieter pavement to be tested in Bellevue
12:13:57a Civil disobedience, stupidity, “just being kids” or a combination of all?
12:14:02a Sales of papers hold up in downturn
12:14:08a Mom allegedly poisoned baby to get dad's attention
12:14:13a Man killed in confrontation with police was son of ex-House speaker
12:14:18a Assessing the internal validity of a household survey-based
12:14:23a Martin could run for governor, but will he?
12:14:29a Where to Get Mixed Martial Arts Training in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley
12:14:34a Fake ID For Beer Yields Felony Charge
12:14:39a Older folk more resistant to flu virus, says expert
12:14:44a Obama Slaps Fox News As Ratings Continue To Soar
12:14:50a Militants kill 4 police officers, 7 civilians in Russia's volatile Caucasus province
12:14:55a Jet Air to fly daily on Hyderabad-Dubai sector
12:15:00a Thousands Pay Respects To Eunice Kennedy Shriver
12:15:06a Ex of Broncos' Marshall testifies in battery case
12:15:11a Building An Billion Olympic Road With No Direction
12:15:19a Vancouver police make more Project Rebellion arrests
12:15:24a Taiwan Requests Foreign Help In Evacuating Stranded Typhoon Survivors
12:15:30a Violence threatens 10pc of Afghan polling booths
12:15:35a Thunderstorms may continue tonight
12:15:40a Bay area's commuter rail system union plans strike
12:15:46a Locking Down the iPhone
12:15:52a Earthquake victim wants shelter from PM
12:15:57a Smallpox - The Death of a Disease
12:16:06a Traveling for the holidays? How to pack food and gift items
12:16:11a Staking out newspaper survival in Web analytics
12:16:17a The Dish Sel De La Terre - Chilled Potato Leek Soup
12:16:22a Politico in the Ho....use
12:16:28a Gates Notes Security Progress Prior to Afghan Election
12:16:33a Early schedule will be key for Miami's hopes
12:16:39a U.S. Military Use Of Pigs Attacked
12:16:44a How Anyone Over 50 Can Improve Their Focus and Concentration
12:16:49a Marines work to seize vital Afghan village
12:16:54a Sidney Poitier Awarded Medal Of Freedom
12:17:01a Canadian's return from Kenya a 'priority' PM
12:17:06a Chemical kills tumor
12:17:11a Hong Kong's richest man sounds cautious note on rebound story
12:17:16a New Zealand Dollar Gains Ahead of Key Consumption Report Trading Opportunity
12:17:22a ACLU seeks information on Bagram airbase
12:17:27a Linux Migration Guide Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Linux Maintenance
12:17:33a Manuel Zelaya
12:17:38a Turkish parents say computers important for children
12:17:43a SimpliFLY Your Carry-Ons
12:17:48a Research News For Autumn 2009
12:17:54a Rare disease strikes Turkey
12:17:59a Whites and Smalls Offer Calvin Klein Underwear at Credit Crunch Busting Prices
12:18:04a July Video Game Sales Sharply Below Expectations
12:18:10a Petty to be 'king' of Amelia Island Concours
12:18:15a Brothers charged in fatal beating plead innocent
12:18:20a Easy monetary environment to remain Standard Chartered
12:18:25a Kardashian Reveals Identity Of Baby's Father
12:18:31a Swim on toxic beaches cancelled
12:18:36a The world is nuts over Minnesota couple's squirrel photo
12:18:41a LaToya Says She Will Continue MJ's Charity Work
12:18:46a Animal magic
12:18:52a Bing tries to ease agencies' fears over Detroit's finances
12:18:57a Lawyer can now launch his book at Bar Council premises
12:19:02a Say Goodbye to Florida
12:19:07a Israel vs. Hizballah Drumbeats of War
12:19:12a Odds And Ends
12:19:17a The Afghan Age Divide
12:19:24a Germany and France Escape Recession
12:19:30a Carla-Sarko plan election baby
12:19:35a MCA must survive at all costs, vows Ong
12:19:40a 4 Bangladeshis die in Saudi market fire
12:19:46a HOMETOWN HIGH SCHOOL Boyd County Band
12:19:51a Restaurant Review- Jada's in Enterprise, Alabama
12:19:56a Statement On the Cabinet Meeting Held On 12 August 2009
12:20:02a No Second Ruble Devaluation
12:20:07a Altisource Solutions names Robert Stiles as CFO
12:20:12a JNU finds it difficult to believe
12:20:18a Someone Call Leno...Hilarious Headlines Ahead
12:20:23a Portaltech to deliver ecommerce business success for Bombay Duck
12:20:28a Accident victims had 'suspicious marks'
12:20:33a Assembly spends ¢4,075.00 on Kalypo, biscuits
12:20:39a Atlantic storm may be brewing
12:20:44a Raising The Alarm When DNA Goes Bad
12:20:49a Isotope shortage as Canadian nuclear reactor closed until 2010
12:20:55a Alton gets new city engineer
12:21:00a Sell To Minors, Get A Ticket
12:21:05a Veteran of Clinton health care wars says she's seen this before
12:21:11a Push for retail ethanol blender pumps in US
12:21:16a ClearWay Minnesota Adds New Director of Research
12:21:21a Pact would cut Pearlman 'clawback' cases in half
12:21:26a PA Certified Honda Dealer Martin Main Line Successfully Uses its Website to Reach Customers
12:21:32a School on alert, closed till Monday
12:21:37a Two more H1N1 virus cases confirmed
12:21:42a Chicago CRM Summit to Feature Educational Presentation from BI Consulting Group
12:21:48a 2 found dead in house
12:21:53a I-79 Rest Area in Bridgeport to Close for Renovations
12:21:58a Celebrations ahead
12:22:03a Crop circles return to Wash. town
12:22:09a Giant retropharyngeal liposarcoma
12:22:14a NJ man tells police Michael Jackson memorabilia stolen from storage facility
12:22:19a Time running out for Arias mediation in Honduras?
12:22:24a Dress Barn has out-distanced many of its peers, BusinessWeek reports
12:22:30a French teenager kills parents, twin brothers in Corsica
12:22:35a Nile Therapeutics files to sell 5.601M shares of common stock
12:22:40a Two held over Dalglish grenade
12:22:46a Handicraft kiosks for metro stations
12:22:51a Mom allegedly poisoned baby to get dad's attention
12:22:56a PM launches new Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
12:23:01a Brown backs out of race
12:23:07a Cultural Ecology Inside Out Personal to Planetary Transition
12:23:12a Musicans react to the death of Les Paul
12:23:17a Police Crack Down In Portland's Living Room
12:23:23a Debt Collection and Non-Profit Credit Counseling Agencies
12:23:28a Mom's Boyfriend Arrested In 5-Year-Old's Shooting
12:23:34a Top 5 Drug Trafficking Bloopers of 2009 in Costa Rica
12:23:39a Building a friendship beyond just being neighbours
12:23:44a Woodlands plans to cut crime
12:23:49a Veteran Punter Johnson Fills Void
12:23:55a Security forces fear Maoist attack
12:24:00a Woman calmly walks around Miami mall after setting herself on fire
12:24:05a Finalists for 2009 Toronto Arts Foundation Awards announced
12:24:11a Nick Leslau's Max Property warehouse deal under threat from rival bidder
12:24:16a 3 arraigned in deadly club brawl at Southfield restaurant
12:24:22a New food store opens Friday
12:24:27a Valley's 1st Healthcare Town Hall Set for Tonight
12:24:32a Karat on fire-fighting mission to Kerala
12:24:38a TV Film industry picks up in Austin
12:24:43a Teacher won't appeal phone call fine
12:24:48a SAFF backs ACCC port access report
12:24:53a And Finally... Breaking Elephant News.
12:24:59a Justice sues bulletproof vest manufacturer for false claims
12:25:04a Audio Unearthed Obama in His Own Words Wants Mandatory Civil or Military Service
12:25:09a ANA, ISAF catch four IED makers
12:25:14a Grand Haven man charged in deadly boating crash
12:25:19a Bulgaria May Lose EUR 700 M from ISPA
12:25:25a US Euna Lee back to day-to-day life
12:25:30a Online Office Supplies provided by Discount Office Needs are tagged with great discounts
12:25:35a Ambitious girl band makes waves
12:25:41a CEO Space All Star Team Collaborates to Address the United Nations and President
12:25:47a Retail sales up in June
12:25:52a Growing New Blood Vessels To Combat Heart Disease
12:25:58a IANS Top Stories at 9
12:26:03a Woman Sets Herself on Fire, Walks Around Miami Mall
12:26:09a Auto-lifters arrested
12:26:14a Health Care Reform and Slippery Slopes
12:26:19a Banff squirrel photo getting huge attention
12:26:25a 1,167 UTP students to receive scrolls
12:26:30a Video shows plane, helicopter crash over NY river
12:26:35a 2 held for having firecrackers
12:26:44a What China did to fight the flu pandemic
12:26:50a Our Blog Network 08.13.09
12:26:55a Tributes pour in for slain editor
12:27:00a Twilight's Stephenie Meyer Accused of Plagiarism In-Depth Analysis
12:27:06a Aurora services Friday for corpsman killed in Afghanistan
12:27:11a Idaho Uses FBI Agents to Detain Oregon Motorcycle Riders
12:27:29a Critics co'opting Obama playbook?
12:27:34a The Best Restaurants in Lynchburg, Virginia
12:27:40a Encouraging Employee Health and Wellness
12:27:45a Grandmother charged in dog attack
12:27:50a Crimestoppers Wants To Find Sonic Burglar
12:27:56a Satellites Search For Missing Vessel
12:28:01a WITH VIDEO Body found believed to be missing 21-year-old man
12:28:06a Manteca Mail Theft Caught on Camera
12:28:12a 'I'm a victim of a plot,' says TV host accused of killing Brazil killings
12:28:17a Feds Michael Douglas' son thrown in NYC jail
12:28:22a 'Visual Time Machine' Created for Smart Phone Tourists
12:28:27a Hunt for Supernovae With Galaxy Zoo
12:28:33a Some Sevier County residents facing high flood insurance rates
12:28:38a CACI International awarded government contract modification
12:28:43a Former Victims Mix Up An Antidote To Terror
12:28:49a Gordon Brown 'tweets' in defense of UK health care
12:28:54a Police Nuns chased robber into woods
12:28:59a Hillsboro family looking for dog that bit 9-year-old girl
12:29:05a Hundreds Gather For Health Care Rally
12:29:10a Wings one of league's best looking, too
12:29:15a Afghan ex-president
12:29:20a VW, Porsche boards agree to merger by 2011
12:29:26a Religious gathering to attract thousands
12:29:31a Iraqi, U.S. Air Force establish weather partnership
12:29:37a Defeated Fatah official
12:29:42a UNCUT Chopper 7 Spots 787 Reinforcement Work
12:29:48a Family Reunion on a Budget 13 Aug 2009 171357 GMT
12:29:53a Federal court OKs suit alleging kickbacks by JJ
12:29:58a US State Department urges against Megrahi release
12:30:03a North Korea releases
12:30:08a MPs raise the red flag over grabbing of ADC land
12:30:14a Weak Dollar Gives Crude a Lift
12:30:19a Utah sect member asks for rape charge dismissal
12:30:24a Nutrition holds the key HEALTH & LIFESTYLE
12:30:30a Drew Miller, Artyukhin change NHL clubs
12:30:35a Sandals Workers To Be Reinstated
12:30:40a Take me to the river
12:30:45a Sevens gets nod for 2016 Games
12:30:51a Kudos CNN's Sanchez Presses Jackson'Lee Over Weird Claim Phone Video Was 'Doctored'
12:30:56a Judge Rules Against Pang
12:31:02a Madisonville close to having sister city
12:31:07a Golfweek Golf earns Olympic bid
12:31:17a Bartender Robbed After Night Shift
12:31:22a Dallas-Fort Worth foreclosure postings up 35 percent from year-ago numbers
12:31:28a NBC Highlights Downbeat 'State of Black America' Report
12:31:33a Dhaka Club marks 98th founding anniversary
12:31:38a Town of Collins Request Citizens Conserve Water
12:31:44a Five post offices to operate longer hours
12:31:49a Auction Gives Treasurys Support
12:31:54a T-Rex To Be Auctioned Off In Vegas
12:31:59a Jam band concerts banned at Pa. 'music church'
12:32:05a 'Kill Them All'
12:32:10a Kings Announce 2009 Preseason Schedule
12:32:15a Boy hit by lightning still critical, father says
12:32:21a Cancer society youth lured by 'kiddie' cigars
12:32:27a Full Vit Plant Construction Could Restart Before Previously Thought
12:32:32a USPS Not Consolidating Gage Blvd. Facility
12:32:37a TowPartners Launches a New Online Advisor Speaks Column
12:32:42a Video shows plane, helicopter cra
12:32:47a 14. Ong RM10mil loan claim is one of the threats over PKFZ issue
12:32:53a Fielder, Rivera each hit 2 HRs, Brewers beat SD
12:32:58a Owensboro hosts Mystery Writers Festival
12:33:03a After four days of losses, TA-25 gains 1.8%
12:33:08a Three detained under Goondas Act
12:33:13a Three sand sculptures created
12:33:19a Vancouver police arrest suspect in downtown attacks on women
12:33:30a JetBlue Offers Unlimited Travel Pass
12:33:36a Noosa erosion repairs 'won't affect tourists'
12:33:41a VIDEO Mueller faces murder charges
12:33:47a Whitehorse museum wants free parking for all patrons
12:33:53a Jaguars defense to have new look
12:33:58a MAA's Tan tipped to helm Uni.Asia General
12:34:03a LHC takes suo moto notice of sugar price hike
12:34:08a 3. Many cases postponed without good reason
12:34:14a AMMB cautiously optimistic on target
12:34:19a Aviation Tactical Flight Officer
12:34:24a CrimeCraft Atticus Trailer
12:34:30a Skeletons of 2 babies found in woman's car
12:34:35a Turkey sees record drop in forest fires in 200
12:34:40a Rockies 10, Pirates 1
12:34:45a 12. Anti-viral drugs at early stage of the flu
12:34:51a AP NewsBreak Palin Implicated in Ethics Probe
12:34:56a NII Holdings Announces Pricing of Senior Note Offering
12:35:01a Ban reaffirms relevance of Geneva pacts
12:35:06a Whitehorse waterfront wharf passes assessment
12:35:12a City folk blamed for fuelling wildlife trade
12:35:17a Zambia's ivory marooned in Kenya to burn, sources reveal
12:35:22a Local market index may reach 1,250 points by year-end
12:35:27a AB Inbev gains US315m in merger savings
12:35:32a France, Germany return to growth in 2nd qyarter
12:35:38a M&M Dairy Queen Blizzard
12:35:46a Credit-card surcharges for parking tickets to be reimbursed
12:35:51a Rubber board upbeat on new clone
12:35:57a Gallbladder Polyps And Endoscopic Ultrasonography
12:36:02a Across the Atlantic, battle rages over value of NHS
12:36:07a Australian
12:36:13a FDA Panel Backs Denosumab for Osteoporosis, But Not Osteopenia
12:36:18a ASOS Pyramid Stud Jeans, from's A/W 2009 Denim Range
12:36:23a Embarrassment to a nation or an act of compassion
12:36:29a Rangers 4, Indians 1
12:36:34a Sime Darby says no immediate plans to list plantation unit
12:36:39a Australian Senate blocks emissions plan
12:36:44a Edwards to Admit Fathering Ex-Mistress' Child
12:36:49a SRM triumphs
12:36:54a NG5 and SW11 the most burgled postcodes revealed
12:37:00a No Big Deal or Big Brother
12:37:05a Gallbladder Cancer We Need to Do Better!
12:37:10a Man charged over bus assaults on girls
12:37:15a A Planet That Orbits Its Star the Wrong Way
12:37:21a Death of three British soldiers takes Afghanistan toll to 199
12:37:26a Ouch, Marco. Crist gains legislative support
12:37:31a Down with flu? Stay at home, AIG tells employees
12:37:37a How Much Does a New Idea Weigh?
12:37:42a Authorities Man shocks boy with homemade stun gun
12:37:48a Reviewing Pesce Restaurant in Houston, Texas
12:37:53a Singtel's profit down on weak Aussie dollar
12:37:58a The Time Traveler's Wife
12:38:04a Foreclosed Homeowners Try New Strategy
12:38:09a Pacific Seafood buys Salmolux
12:38:14a Debiopharm and MSM to Collaborate on Novel Oncology Biologic
12:38:19a Burmese villagers 'forced to work on Total pipeline'
12:38:25a Second Authority legal adviser New agreement with broadcaster violates law
12:38:30a Turkey committed to increasing Iraq's water share
12:38:35a Restaurants turn to unusual deals to lure diners
12:38:41a UBS, US settle tax evasion issue
12:38:46a 'A few years' of combat in Afghanistan
12:38:51a Land consolidation A key to successful land reform?
12:38:57a Jackson's 'problems' surprised doctor
12:39:02a Evolving Treatment Strategies for Gallbladder Cancer
12:39:07a Who's that girl on your BF's Facebook page
12:39:12a Mail delivery resumes in Moose Jaw after hawks move on
12:39:18a RBS under fire over banker's multi-million pound contract
12:39:23a Crude jumps to on global eco recovery
12:39:28a Five Turkish movies headed for Montreal World Film Festival
12:39:34a Science Future Science Future for August 29, 2009
12:39:39a NZ signs three more tax exchange agreements
12:39:49a Millions of salmon go missing
12:39:55a Peroni still enjoys the good life in the recession
12:40:00a Mom allegedly poisoned baby to get attention
12:40:05a N. Korean bank transactions being closely monitored U.S. officialnull
12:40:11a Did Kremlin political chief really write murky gangster novel
12:40:16a Speicher's remains returned to Florida
12:40:21a 'Second wave' repossession threat
12:40:26a Water supply disruptions
12:40:31a Some Birth Control Pills Safer Than Others
12:40:37a TV Clean up continues after Wednesday's storm
12:40:42a John Daly
12:40:47a Harley Davidson's Engine Function
12:40:53a NASA Drops 'Spiders' Into Volcano
12:40:58a Sixteen dead in attack on mine
12:41:03a Police Standoff
12:41:09a Genetic mutation link to sleep habits
12:41:14a Tuna boat freed from Nye Beach
12:41:19a Studies reveal women's risk from contraceptive pill
12:41:25a San Jose Catholic dedicates new parish center
12:41:30a Suvidha Kendras taking the schemes and benefits within the reach of the urban poor
12:41:35a Natural Gas ETF Weighs Options
12:41:43a Seven gaps in RTM video of Karpal's talk
12:41:48a Today on CNET
12:41:54a Two teens arrested after road rage attack
12:41:59a Mourners join six-hour public wake for Eunice Shriver
12:42:04a Tax Evaders Face IRS Showdown
12:42:10a Eunice Kennedy Shriver remembered at wake
12:42:15a Hot Zone Documentary, Chapter Eight Iran
12:42:20a Cannabis Science Reports On Drug Release Programs
12:42:26a Tune set to launch new prepaid mobile service
12:42:31a Yemen's last Jews set to flee country
12:42:36a The disciples of Rabin and Kahane
12:42:42a Study sparks fears of water shortage
12:42:47a Global economy has improved Stevens
12:42:52a Port companies plan judicial review of 'incompetent' government agency
12:42:58a US 'Big Brother' 'live' eviction taped for the first time
12:43:06a Michael Jackson film to open Oct. 30, tribute set for Sept. 26
12:43:11a Rudy Giuliani Obama failing to lead
12:43:27a AOC chief welcomes golf, rugby inclusion
12:43:33a Video game sales continue to slump in July
12:43:38a Berkshire defends estimates of derivatives' value
12:43:44a Sydney Ferries to double drug testing
12:43:49a Outrage over reported bomber release
12:43:54a Google launches new domain name for Palestinian territories
12:44:00a Taiwan Appeals to Foreign Powers for Aid in Rescue Attempts
12:44:05a More budget cuts 'will decimate hospitals'
12:44:12a Dollar's fortunes
12:44:17a California to stop issuing IOUs
12:44:23a Tornado Passes Through Kapolei
12:44:28a Muslims, Arabs among J Street donors
12:44:33a Solemn Ceremony Greets Speicher's Remains
12:44:39a CSU Student Fees Going Up 20 Percent
12:44:44a Vancouver police warn of man who asks women for help, then attacks
12:44:49a Astronomers discover ‘largest planet in universe’
12:44:54a Car scammers busted
12:45:00a US envoy heads to Asia for N Korea talks
12:45:05a Raw video Bear runs loose through neighborhood
12:45:10a Iranian passenger jet's wheel catches fire
12:45:15a Sleep Paralysis Can Terrorize Those Who Suffer From It
12:45:21a Creative Destruction on a Cosmic Scale
12:45:26a SI Group cuts hours at Rotterdam plant
12:45:31a Wait and See With Skepticism
12:45:36a Possible job losses in Oak Ridge bad for local businesses
12:45:41a Video Kennedy family gathers for final farewell
12:45:47a Pennetta upsets Venus in straight sets in Cincinnati
12:45:52a Mid-Del district official retiring
12:45:57a VW Seals Deal for Porsche
12:46:03a Bing End all bus runs on Sundays
12:46:08a Stocks end higher
12:46:14a 10,000 Shans uprooted, 500 houses burned in Burmese regime's latest scorched earth campaign
12:46:19a Comeback win is ‘fun’ for Martinez
12:46:24a Practice makes for a perfect rescue in Hannibal
12:46:29a Crush For Clunkers
12:46:35a Say It Ain't Soccer Weezer singer to take part in Toronto sports charity event
12:46:40a Should women be allowed to box
12:46:45a Rep Markey Announces 11 Public Meetings
12:46:50a Arabs ask EU to make Israel expose nuke
12:46:55a Need for Speed Nitro Sizzle Trailer
12:47:06a Many factors why people drink
12:47:11a Slain soldier's family, friends gather for funeral in northern Quebec
12:47:16a Race to rescue injured skier at Bogong
12:47:22a Groser leaves for east Asian ministerial meeting
12:47:27a N. Korean bank transactions being closely monitored U.S. official+
12:47:33a Why Israel's left has disappeared
12:47:38a Vit Plant Could Start Up by 2013
12:47:44a Video Hillary Clinton implies 2000 election fraud?
12:47:49a Boeing Pays To Settle US Probe
12:47:54a First Hanford Recovery Act Workers Ready to Work on the Site
12:47:59a Federal deficit higher in July, this yea
12:48:05a Video Preview 'The Kennedy Brothers A Hardball Documentary'
12:48:11a Actor Yamashiro dies at 70+
12:48:16a Live pregame chat Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders
12:48:21a Palm Pre Privacy Pitfalls
12:48:27a Bush's Pioneering Sadists A Tale From the ‘War on Terror Dark Side
12:48:32a Cameroon Double Cure for Typhoid Fever
12:48:37a Video Cheney memoir reveals frustration with Bush
12:48:43a Golf and rugby set to return to the Olympic Games
12:48:48a Sex offender lawsuit should stay in Miami
12:48:53a Welsh plant closes despite rescue offer
12:48:58a Government to crack down on white-collar criminals
12:49:04a Delhi air space to remain closed
12:49:09a Olympic Steel Jumps; Briggs Advances 8.1%
12:49:14a Vanquishing the dark side of credit cards
12:49:20a Republic Wins Battle For Frontier Airlines
12:49:25a Indian Parliamentarians’ statement on Burma
12:49:30a If U.S. health care's so good, why do other people live longer?
12:49:36a Stimulus positive, debt no burden
12:49:41a India regrets U.S. report
12:49:46a Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast'
12:49:52a Pa budget impasse blocks money for college students
12:49:57a Wartime photos taken in China by army press officer found
12:50:02a Wal-Mart, Kohl's beat forecasts, see 'new normal'
12:50:08a Universal Studios' Rising Star Karaoke Bar
12:50:13a Hallelujah! church wins in lottery
12:50:18a Update Pictures from Home Raided by SPCA
12:50:23a Miami ad agency expands in New York
12:50:29a Miramar police release pictures of suspect in attempted murder
12:50:34a Suu Kyi verdict ‘internal’ matter for Myanmar
12:50:39a FEMA director Tweets again
12:50:45a Leighton forecasts growth after 28% profit drop
12:50:50a Operation Homefront Recognizes Backpack Brigade Sponsors
12:50:55a Push to remove Bangla dam fears
12:51:00a Disturbing trend for home loans
12:51:06a GOP Senator Controlling health care costs may fall to patients
12:51:11a Clinton delivers blunt call for better government in Africa, and is applauded for it
12:51:16a Students to keep additional therapy services
12:51:22a Turkey's many historical bridges targeted in restoration effort
12:51:27a Tear Down Those Office Walls, Microsoft
12:51:32a Tentative deal reached for F1 return
12:51:37a What's the Deal With Apple's September Event?
12:51:43a Woman Sets Self On Fire At Mall
12:51:48a Report Edwards to admit that mistress's baby is his
12:51:53a Women 'have grounds' to fight high premiums
12:51:58a Opposition rep defends Samy over temple issue
12:52:03a Tiger roars, Kiwis fade at US PGA
12:52:12a Hundreds line streets to pay tribute
12:52:17a We'll renew Israel ties if it freezes settlements
12:52:22a Security Update Fixes Apple Vulnerability
12:52:28a Former Strip Club Owner Arrested With High Explosives
12:52:33a Three soldiers die as Afghan death toll nears 200
12:52:38a Fla. Man Accused Of Running Ponzi Scheme
12:52:46a Canada calls for our firefighters
12:52:51a Ecuador wants citizen committees to defend gov't
12:52:56a Severe Weather Alert 241 PM
12:53:02a Chile's Mapuche Indians seize land, police kill 1
12:53:07a Mexican bishop runs over 6 people, killing 1
12:53:13a PM Erdoğan lashes out at opposition over Kurdish initiative
12:53:18a Myanmar antics pose new headache for frustrated neighbours – Sarah Stewart
12:53:23a Special Support Service for Exposed Timber Workers
12:53:28a Texting or talking while driving is to be made illegal
12:53:34a No plans for more Afghan troops Smith
12:53:39a Cards help homeless dogs
12:53:44a Green Bay Packers' Mr. Do Everything
12:53:49a Raw Video Hundreds Battle Bonny Doon Fire
12:53:55a Wallace best of Kiwis
12:54:00a Chamber eliminates job of senior vice president
12:54:05a Telethon brings LA actor home
12:54:10a Vick expresses remorse in '60 Minutes' interview
12:54:16a Curious mouse halts traffic
12:54:21a Man in court over baby's critical injuries
12:54:27a owed in child support
12:54:32a Angola India in talks over loan
12:54:37a Packers fans can now text security
12:54:43a Market resumes bullish run at open
12:54:48a Telstra boss paid for 2008-09
12:54:53a Golf makes cut, rugby in scrum for 2016 Olympics
12:54:59a Rumours spark expansion fears
12:55:07a German envoy speaks out in favor of Kurdish initiative
12:55:12a Skullcandy rated 14th-fastest growing private company
12:55:17a Girl, 15, Shielded Cousin from Bullets
12:55:22a Pera welcomes contemporary art from New York
12:55:28a More venture capital pours into Utah companies
12:55:33a Bangladesh to compile list of Rohingyas for repatriation UNHCR
12:55:38a Ingersoll-Rand files mixed securities shelf under Form S-3ASR
12:55:44a Former child-soldier fights to stay in Saskatoon
12:55:49a Poll Obama Approval Rating Drops to 47 Percent
12:55:55a BMO says recovery stronger than expected? Self serving at best!
12:56:00a Hax Is he a comedian or an uncaring bully
12:56:06a Rowlett police blotter
12:56:11a Endoscopic Ultrasound May Miss Gallbladder Cancer
12:56:17a WayLay
12:56:22a Allenby, Goggin welll placed at US PGA
12:56:27a Nithish stars for Bunts CC
12:56:32a New Zealand 'A' posts win
12:56:38a Trinity expecting full-year loss of up to
12:56:46a Floating mortgage rates at 40-year low
12:56:52a A Niagara County Injustice? Family Wants Answers
12:56:59a Maybank Islamic expects 10% growth in trade financing this year
12:57:05a Gourmet Ice Cream Milkshake Recipes for the Dog Days of Summer
12:57:10a Honda S2000 GT Edition 100
12:57:15a S&P cuts rating for two firms
12:57:21a Overhaul opponents highlight turf battles
12:57:26a Country on High Flu Alert
12:57:31a Whose side of the road are you on?
12:57:36a Cease Trade Order, Andean American Mining Corp.
12:57:42a Landslide in Sierra Leone kills seven people
12:57:47a Record foreclosures
12:57:52a Soros the economy has bottomed
12:57:58a Scooter company donates mobility to hit and run victim
12:58:03a Trabant slow, smelly and coming back
12:58:08a Opportunity to firm up bonds, say Karunanidhi, Yeddyurappa
12:58:13a User-Suggested Twitter Features Project Retweet Will Make the RT a Native Feature
12:58:19a Noted geologist killed in Kenya
12:58:24a Why Pune is H1N1 Ground Zero?
12:58:29a UN Security Council approves watered-down Burma statement
12:58:35a Alan Hudson resigns from Health Ministry
12:58:40a Editorial Comment
12:58:45a Statement by Mr. Hirofumi Nakasone, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the situation in Myanmar
12:58:51a Ecuador wants citizen committees to defend gov't
12:58:56a Generating bat speed
12:59:01a Paper round Thursday
12:59:07a CORRECTION Eunice Kennedy Shriver Service
12:59:12a First Person Recession still has months to go
12:59:17a U of L library asking for community to submit photos, videos of flood
12:59:33a Hillary Clinton Arrives In Liberia
12:59:39a Farmers say to check the tag for homegrown items
12:59:44a Barack Obama begins town hall tour to sell healthcare reforms to US
12:59:50a Project Retweet
12:59:55a MSI Announces New C Series Laptops
01:00:00a Skip to Main Content
01:00:05a GST on sugar on current price
01:00:10a sales and movie boost for Jackson estate
01:00:16a China In Violation of WTO Protocols
01:00:21a Demolition crews clear site for new Lockney H.S.
01:00:26a Acrobatic dance group hosts vaudeville-style show
01:00:31a Berlin's Favorite Dish Gets Own Museum
01:00:37a McIlroy happy with opening-round performance
01:00:42a Jury convicts defendant in Texas 'fight club' case
01:00:48a INDIA MNNIT to start community radio station
01:00:53a Senate committees’ chiefs asked to pay for official cars
01:00:59a Boise report takes drivers, cyclists to task for safety
01:01:04a Lubbock Police look for suspected wallet thieves
01:01:09a Police seek smiling Phila. bank robber
01:01:14a Dining notes Taste of Sandy Aug. 18
01:01:19a's shares are still expected to trade higher, BusinessWeek reports
01:01:25a Warning for doctor over her affair with surgeon
01:01:30a Child suffers burns, bruises, cuts at hands of mother, teen
01:01:35a Lexus IS 250C
01:01:40a Emergency setting Rates to rise when 'time is right'
01:01:46a Cirque du soleil and Michael Jackson considered working together
01:01:51a Raw Video Kennedys, Shrivers Unite For Wake
01:01:56a Flu symptoms halt shooting hearing
01:02:02a U.S., Florida OK `milestone' Everglades restoration deal
01:02:07a Fishing Ban On Red Snapper Coming Soon?
01:02:13a Girl's killer sentenced for up to life
01:02:18a Cold winter pushes up vege prices
01:02:23a Beer and pistachios for Russian 'alpha male'
01:02:29a Freed reporters issue video thanks to supporters
01:02:34a Michael Douglas' son thrown in NYC jail
01:02:39a Officer dragged by vehicle; driver in custody
01:02:45a Bank Robber Leaves Suspicious Package Behind
01:02:50a UN Rights Experts Concerned Over Alleged Torture Of Detained Iranian Post-Poll Protesters
01:02:55a Think pink for salmon fun
01:03:01a U.S. puts India on 'Watch List'
01:03:06a Sheriff's Seizure Of County Computer Triggers Court Action
01:03:12a Speed is vital, so is freedom
01:03:17a Lawyer Jackson's 'unusual problems' surprised doctor
01:03:23a Plus+ & MumboJumbo Partner to Publish LUXOR for iPhone & iPod Touch
01:03:28a Arpaio Says Latest Raid Is His Biggest So Far
01:03:33a Miss Universe going out on top — and topless
01:03:39a Bank of America ends arbitration of card disputes
01:03:44a Man pried open dog's jaws to free girl, 6
01:03:49a No surprise at Suu Kyi's latest punishment – Editorial
01:03:54a Another LHC judge resigns
01:04:04a Former cop found guilty of stealing gun from evidence
01:04:09a Tax Withholding Is Bad for Democracy
01:04:14a Video Town hall protesters gain support
01:04:20a Six of world's top 10 economies out of recession
01:04:25a Union files to organize Delta baggage handlers
01:04:30a How to theme Enlightenment E17
01:04:36a Russia Car maker files for bankruptcy
01:04:42a Chinese article on India's demise riles academics
01:04:47a Autodesk Q2 Earnings Fall Yet Top Estimate
01:04:53a Analysts mixed following sickly July sales
01:04:58a Pet shop thief shoves turtle in his pants
01:05:04a Contact Energy profit sinks
01:05:09a Defense makes a stand in Day 11 of Camp Kiffin
01:05:14a Russian satellites scan Atlantic for ship missing for two weeks
01:05:19a Outlook Will Replace Entourage in Office for Mac
01:05:25a No bond for CPS student charged in Metra station muggings
01:05:30a East Putnam Residents Face Unexpected Water Fee
01:05:35a Leading Burma opposition member warns of fresh uprisings
01:05:41a Summit officials find 29 live cats, 8 dead ones in home
01:05:46a Boardwalk REIT Announces Solid Second Quarter Financial Results;...
01:05:51a Germany, France bucks recession
01:05:57a Health care hurting Obama
01:06:02a Hazeltine welcomes record crowds for PGA Championship
01:06:07a Now JNU catches ragging virus
01:06:12a Peas scorched in Sask. semi-trailer fire
01:06:18a Mesa Man Shot, Killed In Dispute With Neighbor
01:06:23a Magna Sweetens Bid for GM's Opel
01:06:28a Leighton profit falls 28%
01:06:41a Tax burden transfers to homeowner
01:06:46a US Wal-Mart keeps income stable
01:06:52a John Terry positive England can learn from errors
01:06:57a Iran plays with French nerves as it delays release of Clotilde Reiss
01:07:02a Bring back glorious days of Dataran Merdeka
01:07:08a NASA Orders Extra Fuel Tank Tests for Shuttle Launch
01:07:16a Mother tells of 'fabulous' son
01:07:22a Marlins recall Canadian pitcher Leroux
01:07:27a Man's body found floating in Coral Springs canal
01:07:32a Ankara Police use cameras to crack down on traffic violations
01:07:38a Fla. man allegedly took 2 NY fiancees for
01:07:43a Dr. Pepper Snapple Reports Q2 Rise of 46%
01:07:48a Australia PM says no intention to call snap poll
01:07:54a Moody's reaffirms BHP's A1 rating
01:07:59a David Mamet to pen Anne Frank film
01:08:04a Libyan Lockerbie Bomber Could be Released
01:08:10a Zune HD release date and Apple iPod announcement uncomfortably close to each other
01:08:15a Bloomquist, Royals take series
01:08:21a World's Largest Construction Company Selects ENow's Mailscape for Exchange Management
01:08:26a Recreation Sedro-Woolley to hold barbecue competition
01:08:31a CROSS READER Erdoğan's touching speech on Kurdish
01:08:36a Visit Matheson
01:08:42a Negus wins AFP role
01:08:47a Hallelujah! Mich. church wins in lottery
01:08:52a Fla. child welfare lacks accountability
01:08:58a Wireless Telecom Group Inc reports Q2 EPS 0c vs. consensus of
01:09:03a Salida ‘back from the abyss'
01:09:09a U.N.'s Ban congratulates Iran's Ahmadinejad?
01:09:14a Site is earmarked for wave power plant off Lewis
01:09:20a Patrick Yandall Hits the Top of the Smooth Jazz Charts with “Urban Flight” Single
01:09:25a Kaleidescape Lose DVD Storage Copying Case
01:09:31a Highway 14 closed near White Salmon
01:09:36a Musical celebrates primary school
01:09:42a Chemical discovery may improve cancer drugs
01:09:47a Microsoft Word Patent Ruling So Who Is i4i?
01:09:52a Ottawa seeks progress with U.S. on 'buy American'
01:09:57a Russia MiG-35 fighters for India in 2013
01:10:02a Israelis probe 'soldier kidnap'
01:10:08a In-depth look at an iconic Scot
01:10:13a Boeing B-1 Upgraded With Fully Integrated Data Link Completes 1st Flight
01:10:18a Ong plans to sue over RM10m claim
01:10:24a Al-Megrahi's wife nears end of her Scottish exile
01:10:29a Ancient royal tomb found in Scotland
01:10:34a Jackson case search was about anesthetic
01:10:39a Changing of the guard at TV castle
01:10:45a Beefed-up Saints a tough ask for Bombers
01:10:50a Will Scutaro be re-signed
01:10:55a Accused in Politkovskaya murder case face retrial?
01:11:01a Reindeer herders battle alcohol on Russia's edge
01:11:06a DoD News Contracts for August 13, 2009
01:11:11a Gov. Jindal makes stop today in Stonewall
01:11:17a Rebels to get new turf for home opener
01:11:22a Stick 'em up Corrosion control shop develops decals for rapid recognition
01:11:27a Brown backs NHS in US health care debate
01:11:32a Heirs of slain Chitralis demand compensation
01:11:38a United States Ban Ki-moon hails ChicagoâEURs efforts to protect the environment
01:11:43a Has Phil Schiller Become Steve Jobs' 'Good Twin'?
01:11:48a Huntsman hit it
01:11:54a Why stroke survivors should gobble chocolate
01:11:59a Why I Always Disable “Wake On Lid Open” On My MacBooks
01:12:04a Missing From The Health Care Reform Debate Medical Tourism
01:12:09a GM to assemble Volt battery packs in Michigan
01:12:15a Analysts mixed following jaundiced July sales
01:12:20a Adenoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Simulating Ameloblastoma
01:12:25a From VA likely to miss deadline to process education benefits claims
01:12:31a Put off by coverage
01:12:36a ABL Successfully Completes Low-Power Laser Tests Against an Instrumented Boosting Missile Target
01:12:41a Public support cellphone ban, minister says
01:12:46a OECD figures make mobile rates look good
01:12:52a Network Tester Fluke to Buy AirMagnet
01:12:57a 4 Scottsdale men robbed near Aztec Park
01:13:02a Broncos Marshall Trial Football
01:13:07a Eni Eyed Tullow's Projs Stake As Ugandan Reentry Option-Source
01:13:18a Iran calls for ban on striking N-facilities
01:13:23a Medicare Drug Premiums to Rise
01:13:28a Drunk jaywalker triggers three-car pile-up
01:13:34a IOC panel recommends golf, rugby for 2016 Games
01:13:39a How long will the Ergenekon flag wave?
01:13:44a Ministers consider legislation on bonuses
01:13:50a Buffett's Berkshire asked by SEC to explain stock losses
01:13:55a Water 13 Aug 2009 060530 GMT
01:14:00a Book released in Punjabi
01:14:05a Patel to face trial in March next year
01:14:10a Firm Develops Local Web-Based Product
01:14:16a American Basiji
01:14:21a UNSC expresses 'serious concern' about Suu Kyi's conviction+
01:14:26a RBA chief dents Opposition's claims on debt
01:14:32a New agreement with broadcaster violates law
01:14:37a Auckland embrace returning All Blacks
01:14:43a Gales, rain, slips that's our weekend
01:14:48a Cannabis is good for you
01:14:54a RealNetworks DVD Copier Blocked
01:14:59a At last, Belfast dares to imagine life after the 30ft 'peace wall'
01:15:05a Britain's Burglary Blackspots Revealed
01:15:20a Republic Airways wins bid for Frontier
01:15:25a First Human Gene Controlling Length Of Sleep
01:15:31a The Royal Albert Hall still an icon
01:15:36a Summit held on Diageo job losses
01:15:41a VA likely to miss deadline to process education benefits claims
01:15:46a Fighting Saina prevails over Petya
01:15:52a Dish of the week Normandie's Monte Cristo
01:15:57a Man sues health club after hot tub causes skin infection
01:16:02a Amber Alert issued for 13-year-old Lathrup Village girl
01:16:07a Baby meets Italian Ambassador, moots setting up of study centre
01:16:13a News 4 Investigates Taxpayer Funded Abortions
01:16:18a Wireless Telecom Group announces management changes
01:16:23a Exxon-Mobil Agrees To Fines, Probation In Migratory Bird Deaths
01:16:29a Provide soap in all toilets
01:16:34a Ford boosts output as 'cash for clunkers' fuels demand
01:16:44a Ousted Fatah leader Qureia hints elections unclean
01:16:49a GM announces battery plant for its Chevy Volt
01:16:54a Israel rejects Sarkozy call to free Palestinian-French man
01:17:00a Broadband demand lifts profit for Telstra
01:17:05a Town goes back to the ducat for one day
01:17:10a Central bank blames 'political chaos' for most recent hryvnia drop
01:17:16a Sudan's Bashir Addresses Criminal Court Charges, Darfur's Woes
01:17:21a Long-lost pilot's remains return home to Florida
01:17:26a Devotees throng Mathura and Vrindavan
01:17:32a Doctor fired over 'America Dies on Dunkin' sign
01:17:37a 'We don't want probe into 20-year wait to be a university'
01:17:42a DoD News Army Releases July Suicide Data
01:17:48a REFILE-UPDATE 1-Blockbuster posts lower-than-expected revenue
01:17:53a Norges Bank sells 11.2m Babcock Infrastructure securities
01:17:58a Ban could be extended
01:18:04a U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Visits Country, Pledges Additional Support
01:18:09a Up to 600 dead in mudslide-devastated village in Taiwan
01:18:14a Crown should appeal high country ruling
01:18:20a Metro Animal Services holds 3-day adoption event following flood
01:18:25a Edendale may get CCTVs
01:18:30a Gabon poll could be delayed
01:18:35a White flag civilians shot dead
01:18:40a Jezebel Takes On Self's Self-Hating Photoshop Policies
01:18:46a Why must we have KPIs and KRAs?
01:18:51a Security Council voices ‘serious concern’ at Aung San Suu Kyi verdict
01:18:56a Sands Amends Macau Loans, Clears Way for Asian IPO
01:19:02a Turkey's underwater world a scuba-diving wonderland
01:19:07a 62 years of Pakistan’s economy
01:19:12a Police say Orange County teen was kidnapped, sold as sex slave
01:19:18a Stanley Fischer, Savior Of Israeli Venture Capital
01:19:23a OGDC earns Rs55.5bn profit in FY09
01:19:28a Premium Version
01:19:33a Montagu Foreshore Steering Committee announced
01:19:39a Ministers mull new laws to curb bank bonuses
01:19:44a Clinton silent on her reaction to question about her husband, aide dismisses ’psychobabble’
01:19:49a Australian poll looms as climate bill rejected
01:19:55a Margin financing launch soon
01:20:00a Wairarapa abuse 'tip of iceberg'
01:20:06a Woodstock vision
01:20:11a Nikon D300S enters the office.
01:20:16a LSE down 31 points
01:20:21a Edwards to admit fathering love child?
01:20:26a ColorOfChange V. Glenn Beck
01:20:31a Benchmark took 'almost all equity' with FriendFeed sale to Facebook
01:20:37a Saving America or Going Back to the Old Ways
01:20:42a Shriver's Granddaughter Speaks At Wake
01:20:47a Should You Look For Work In China
01:20:53a Germany keeps abreast of talk over election poster
01:20:58a GT Bank enhances its services in UK
01:21:03a The rise of the right
01:21:09a Group charged over spate of dangerous ATM attacks in Australia
01:21:14a Large banks may reportedly see fee increase
01:21:19a A President's Big Proposals in Doubt
01:21:25a Music Video Sinai Tor Such a Father
01:21:30a Habitat for Humanity Non-Profit Organization in Virginia Beach, Virginia
01:21:36a IDF investigating possible kidnap of Israeli soldier
01:21:41a 500 flee ahead of lake burst
01:21:47a Cannabis seized in Morocco
01:21:52a BOJ minutes ending steps in Dec justified if mkts improve
01:21:57a British Airways, American Express renew mileage partnership
01:22:02a America and Decline of Morality
01:22:07a DogsMan's Best Friend?
01:22:13a The Seven Deadly SIns
01:22:18a Regulators to Citi Management Needs Outside Help
01:22:24a Did Best Buy Do Itself a PR Favor With Pricing Error?
01:22:30a Nordstrom earnings fall, outlook raised
01:22:35a Autodesk Reports Lower Second-quarter Profit
01:22:40a AFGHANISTAN Holbrooke Heralds US Engagement Pre-Election
01:22:45a Mao looks to shine at Japan Open
01:22:51a Say What- Again??
01:22:56a Apple's Board To Meet To Discuss Replacements for Google's Schmidt
01:23:01a Lawyers propose new measure to limit death-row appeals
01:23:06a Yuvraj, Samal do well again
01:23:11a Vick signs deal with Eagles
01:23:17a Women will fight it out for Olympic gold in 2012
01:23:22a Parrish should run now
01:23:27a Law firms look to jump flu vaccine queue
01:23:32a Court to consider request to die case
01:23:37a Oil Climbs Again on Economic News
01:23:43a MPP fires up the grill
01:23:48a BBC sacks pub wounding TV presenter
01:23:53a Holy Eff, That's a Lot of iPhone Profit
01:23:58a Nuggets headed to China for preseason games
01:24:04a Politician's nightmare
01:24:09a PNG plane victim lived his dreams wife
01:24:14a Teen 'tired, shocked after killing family'
01:24:20a Boy's brave battle with bone disorder
01:24:25a A letter to God, an apology, a request
01:24:30a NBC's `Meet the Press' retakes Sunday lead
01:24:35a EMERGING MARKETS-LatAm stocks up on earnings, European data
01:24:40a Swans don't fear Cats
01:24:45a Right Ventricular Fibroma in a 61-Year-Old Man
01:24:51a Light at end of Usher Hall tunnel
01:24:56a Clinton Backs Liberia's President
01:25:01a Mexico peso rises on risk appetite; stocks edge up
01:25:06a Back to school sales boost summer shopping slump
01:25:12a Don't Ban Microsoft Word — Ban Patent Lawyers Instead
01:25:17a India Gov`t to Holbrooke Can`t just walk in and out of India
01:25:22a Debt won't seriously impair economy RBA
01:25:28a 'Cathedral' as old as Stonehenge unearthed
01:25:33a Dance judge joins Olympic fitness drive
01:25:38a Myners eyes new non-voting shares
01:25:44a New superbug found in UK
01:25:50a Students face housing costs rise
01:25:55a Telkonet to Announce Second Quarter Results on Monday, August 17,...
01:26:00a Secretary-general Welcomes Renewed United States Commitment To Engagement With United Nations
01:26:06a Local governments in Japan slow to prepare quake hazard maps
01:26:11a NHS 'misrepresented' in US campaign
01:26:17a Five Little Apple Annoyances
01:26:22a Wilson, Sons Reports Earnings Growth and Margin Expansion in Second Quarter '09
01:26:27a Pa. man convicted of gambling charge
01:26:33a Prep School-Sex Assaults
01:26:38a Lord Myners rejects Osborne plan
01:26:44a Only one in four Scottish children play out on their street every day
01:26:49a Ministry study shows 80% emissions cut possible for Japan by 2050
01:26:54a Swine flu cases go up to 19 in West Bengal
01:27:03a Sony eBookstore Opens To More eReaders
01:27:08a Wilson, Sons Reports Earnings Growth and Margin Expansion in...
01:27:13a Rep. Ken Miller eyeing Oklahoma treasurer's post in 2010
01:27:19a Sister Act Nuns Help Police Nab Suspect
01:27:24a The Path Review
01:27:29a Georgia Republican Worries Dems Will Declare Martial Law
01:27:35a Panel likes new design for hotel in Tacoma's Brewery District
01:27:40a Scottish gemstones expert dies in Kenya attack
01:27:45a FAA 2 Employees on Leave Over Hudson Crash
01:27:50a Drogba predicts EPL dogfight
01:27:55a FAA Places 2 On Leave Following Hudson Crash
01:28:01a Parvovirus B19 infection
01:28:06a Wireless Telecom Group Announces Management Changes and Second...
01:28:11a 14-year-old Ky. girl among youngest ever to stand trial as adult
01:28:17a I will live with you
01:28:22a Dumpster diving + computer = 100 trees
01:28:27a Apple Tablet's Killer App Revealed?
01:28:33a Thousands evacuated as fire in Santa Cruz Mountains rages
01:28:39a A Chronicle of New York's Darks and Lights, Captured by Savvy Street Photographers
01:28:44a Scurry County horse might have exposed people to rabies
01:28:49a Oil settles above US70 as US falls
01:28:55a ‘Textile policy offers support to industry’
01:29:00a Mango Seeds Could Protect Against Deadly Food Bacteria
01:29:06a Weis defends extra attention on Lincoln Park muggings
01:29:11a Cities named as burglary hotspots
01:29:16a Pay cut for ministers if Tories win
01:29:21a Woodstock Bands Where Are They Now?
01:29:26a Former South-Doyle star Bell signs with Rangers
01:29:32a Work Hours Per Week Around the World
01:29:37a Free Health Clinic Lures Hundreds in L.A.
01:29:42a Karachi bourse sheds 47 points on profit-taking
01:29:47a Downturn 'boosts family support'
01:29:53a World Development Movement response to the government's 'Road to Copenhagen'
01:29:58a Firefox's billion claim is 'interesting math'
01:30:04a Real Estate Conference to Discuss Foreign Investment
01:30:11a Pinatubo flood deaths called 'act of nature'
01:30:16a NPA rebel dead, 1yields after clash—Army
01:30:26a Cage egg demand dropping Woolies
01:30:31a Laying It All Out
01:30:36a Australia's central bank tightening to be timely
01:30:41a Osborne on attack as France and Germany report upturn
01:30:47a Seattle Mariners third baseman Beltre back on DL after being hit in groin area
01:31:03a Why Women's Colleges Are Still Relevant
01:31:08a Utah couple sues university in son's alcohol death
01:31:13a House, Senate approve new CamSur district
01:31:19a 18 killed in Iraq suicide bombing
01:31:24a Bug exposes eight years of Linux kernel
01:31:29a DOC staff rescue family trapped by avalanche
01:31:34a IDF SPOKESPERSON ANNOUNCEMENT Eye Witness Reports Regarding Missing Soldier
01:31:39a Boil your water if you live in Boring
01:31:45a LA police lob tear gas into car where man holed up
01:31:50a Judge refuses to dismiss FEMA trailer suits
01:31:55a Talks continue at Mercury Marine
01:32:00a Polish nationalists blast planned Madonna concert
01:32:06a Salazar rules out yanking Colo. drilling leases
01:32:11a Piracy feared as
01:32:16a UK to roll out swine flu vaccines
01:32:21a U.S. Army Engineers Bring Sewage System to Fallujah, Iraq
01:32:26a Qaddoumi rejects Fatah elections, maintains leadership role
01:32:32a Philippine Army seizes Abu Sayyaf camp
01:32:37a VW, Porsche seal merger deal
01:32:42a 53 die as Philippines battles guerrillas
01:32:48a Judge Tells Colonial to Keep Loans
01:32:53a Growers protest smuggling of onions into RP
01:32:58a German candidate campaigns on cleavage
01:33:03a Restore confidence Manmohan
01:33:08a Arizona sheriff raids firm seeking illegal workers
01:33:14a HRW Report on Civilian Targeting Based on Unreliable Witnesses
01:33:19a Bailout Architect Bailed Out By Lies Books
01:33:24a Panasonic Lumix FT11
01:33:29a Tips On How To Vacation In Comfort
01:33:34a Disciplined UAE down Oman
01:33:40a Arrest, More Anger At Health Care Town Halls
01:33:46a JSU to host hip hop summit
01:33:51a Microsoft to dump Mac Office's Entourage in 2010
01:33:56a Stanford University Professor Maps His Own Genome in One Week
01:34:02a Review of Woodlands Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in Orlando, Florida
01:34:07a Shoals community college experiencing record enrollment
01:34:12a Michael Vick signs with Eagles
01:34:17a Another BDR man dies
01:34:22a Carmack talks PS3 vs. 360, id's three-game pipeline
01:34:28a Bashir dismisses powerful spy chief
01:34:33a Bihar formulates schemes for Central package
01:34:38a Guilty plea in 2007 murder of Lubbock man
01:34:44a Robert Siciliano White House Wants to Invade Your Privacy?
01:34:49a Sadrists, Badrists, forest fires and hedgehogs
01:34:54a FAA, Air-Traffic Controllers Reach Deal
01:34:59a I didn't nark, says medals go-between
01:35:05a Can the Twitterati help sell your soda pop
01:35:10a Environmentalists sue to protect Calif. delta fish
01:35:15a Driver saved from cliff after leaving scene of road accident
01:35:20a Giant cell arteritis on 18F-FDG PET/CT
01:35:26a Scotland considers freeing ailing Lockerbie bomber
01:35:31a Batman Arkham Asylum Launch Center
01:35:36a Ky. man sentenced for power plant threat
01:35:41a Judge Delays Decision on Permanent Injunction
01:35:47a All of today's commentary
01:35:52a NASA Unlikely to Send Astronaut to Moon by 2020
01:35:57a Local news and views
01:36:02a Rangers' pitchers frustrate Tribe
01:36:08a Huh? Limbaugh, Rove to guest-star on Family Guy
01:36:13a US, Mexico move to stem cross-border gun traffic
01:36:18a Fourth body pulled from Kokoda 'chaos'
01:36:24a Snowbird Tent Revival Music this weekend, and that's the gospel truth
01:36:29a OECD Puts Tax Cheats on Radar
01:36:34a Geithner Sees Good Vital Signs
01:36:39a Zero refusal for foreign reporters
01:36:45a Fraud claims taint Afghan election
01:36:50a Secret mobile phone deal stays under wraps
01:36:55a Human rights and wrongs
01:37:01a UH Manoa Prepares For More Budget Cuts
01:37:06a 6 of 7 GOP Committee Votes - By Wendy Long
01:37:11a Not Enough
01:37:16a Zelaya in Chile for meeting with Chilean president
01:37:22a Libya is paying the price for western repentence
01:37:27a Morgan Stanley puts HBL, PPL on its Pakistan Index
01:37:32a Advertisers desert TV show after Obama label
01:37:47a Banks still hobbled by corruption, bad loans, crisis in confidence
01:37:52a ‘DHA to improve new drainage system’
01:37:58a Mom's Boyfriend Arrested In 5-Year-Old's Shooting
01:38:03a Allenby, Goggin lead Aussies at US PGA
01:38:08a ‘Steps still needed to curb illegal migration’
01:38:14a Alligator Found at Oregon's Applegate River
01:38:20a Parents and PG-13
01:38:25a 'District 9' is out of this world
01:38:30a Health reform must improve minority health, expert says
01:38:36a California wildfire forces thousands to evacuate
01:38:41a Is There a Free Lunch at Costco?
01:38:46a Microsoft Outlook on its way to Macs
01:38:51a Berkshire Volatility more than expected
01:38:57a Warner to Stop Distributing DVDs to Kiosks
01:39:02a White House uses email to counter health critics
01:39:07a Negus wins top AFP job
01:39:13a Armed robbers hold-up van
01:39:18a The Top 5 Most Haunted Hot Spots of Mississippi
01:39:23a All set for celebrations
01:39:28a This too is an offence!
01:39:33a Review of Sherando Lake Recreation Area in Virginia
01:39:39a Agents Discover Pot Hidden In SUV's Gas Tank
01:39:45a Prisons & Public Health Lois Davis Connects the Dots
01:39:50a Youth Festival 2009 inaugurated
01:39:55a Swine flu fatalities rise to eight in Israel
01:40:00a Woman on fire walks around mall
01:40:05a Divorce Could Prove Costly For Developer Manchester
01:40:11a New contraceptive pills carry twice risk of blood clots
01:40:16a Wellington rugby teen pushes on
01:40:21a Pakistan nuke thefts foiled
01:40:29a Better to revamp the ISA than ban it
01:40:34a Gators in Oregon Kids lead cops to big lizard in Applegate River
01:40:39a New Bait-ul-Sukoon premises inaugurated
01:40:45a What to Do If Your Child is Lost at Walt Disney World
01:40:50a Steven Tyler speaks out after SD accident
01:40:55a Clinton Says Liberia Making Progress in Fighting Corruption
01:41:01a Encounters With Poverty While On My Travels
01:41:06a Retail sales up-first jump since 2007
01:41:12a Miss. Power changes plans for plant
01:41:17a A bad Diehl
01:41:24a Cocoa police search for possible gunman at UCF campus
01:41:29a Rashied Ali, free-jazz drummer, dies in NYC at 76
01:41:35a 2009 Oktoberfest Events in Charlotte, North Carolina
01:41:42a Mayo official tries to clear up concerns about health care reform
01:41:54a Tokyo Gov Ishihara leaves for Berlin to promote 2016 bid
01:41:59a The Cartoons that Shook the World Won't Shake the World in This Book
01:42:05a Boy, 15, gets an exam pass just for using the bus
01:42:10a Digital Power Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter Ended June 30, 2009
01:42:16a Militants Still Cynical, Lock Up Armoury
01:42:21a U.S. Assumes Command of Counter-piracy Task Force
01:42:26a Fruit, vegetables and grain cut risk of kidney stones
01:42:32a Jury sides with inmates in strip search suit against jail
01:42:37a Family Fun in London England
01:42:42a At Forum, Skepticism of Overhaul Reigns
01:42:48a Clinical stage I seminoma the case for surveillance
01:42:53a Ashley Judd to study at Harvard University
01:42:59a Police release 911 call from woman who found body
01:43:04a Michael Vick signs with Philadelphia Eagles.
01:43:10a Two dacoits killed by security guards, labourers
01:43:15a How to Stay Cool in the Heat at Disney World, Florida
01:43:20a Some BOJ policymakers say emergency steps may be extended into 2010+
01:43:26a SAM FLEMING Why Britain's economy is lagging behind
01:43:31a Important Tips on Vacation Planning
01:43:36a How to Change a Tire
01:43:41a Selling to China, What They Will Buy and Why
01:43:46a DPS board names general superintendent
01:43:52a Why this throwaway sale of state property in Karachi
01:43:57a Kiwi juniors revving up to take on world's best
01:44:02a Death penalty sought for 3 tied to border group
01:44:07a Police seek help in 'Blue Basket Bandit' case
01:44:13a Where to Buy Cheap Gas Off I-95 in Maryland
01:44:18a Powerful anti-cancer compound uncovered
01:44:23a C3 brings new self-storage idea to Chandler
01:44:28a A City divided United's new rivals are on the doorstep
01:44:33a Wesley LifeForce Suicide Prevention Workshops Sep 2009, Various Locations
01:44:39a State allocation for GAP reaches TL 3 billion
01:44:44a Interstate 10 ramp closed after collision, foot chase
01:44:49a Foundation warns against wasting food during Ramadan
01:44:55a China ‘regrets WTO ruling, may appeal
01:45:00a BRIEF-Warner Home Video to have direct relationships with kiosk, mail-order vendors
01:45:05a Jail officers' lawsuit over OT spurs federal investigation
01:45:10a Microsoft's Zune HD Could Be Too Little, Too Late
01:45:15a Amputee sues Abercrombie, wins
01:45:20a Makutu death five avoid jail
01:45:26a We'
01:45:31a Meteor shower awaits stargazers, if clouds part
01:45:36a Cheaper health insurance on the way for Utahns
01:45:41a JAN MOIR
01:45:47a Gorgeous Georgia Jagger, a repeat of Brigitte Bardot
01:45:52a Microsoft Still On Track To End Govt Antitrust Oversight
01:45:58a Death Panelist
01:46:03a Whither Apple TV?
01:46:08a DAILY MAIL COMMENT They're laughing all the way at the banks
01:46:14a Trade bodies welcome policy
01:46:19a Hedge-fund Paulson & Co. makes 'bullish bets' on gold stocks, Barron's reports
01:46:24a Tiger roars into PGA lead at Hazeltine
01:46:29a Kendo team off to worlds
01:46:35a Brazil AES Eletropaulo 2Q Net Profit BRL154.9 Million Vs BRL197 Million
01:46:40a Ebonyi Farmers Urged to Form Co-Operative Societies
01:46:45a Wilson, Sons Reports Earnings Growth and Margin Expansion in Second Quarter
01:47:02a Tory freebie bonanza How firms wine and dine the party elite
01:47:07a Number of foreign businesses in Turkey hits 22,505 in June
01:47:12a Hezbollah Israeli no longer decision maker
01:47:17a Expert Dog could have severed boy's genitals
01:47:22a Bank of America Ends Arbitration Practice
01:47:28a Peru's Mincetur to improve and boost 'Gamarra Exports' program
01:47:33a Quake shakes East Cape
01:47:39a Great Panther Continues Production and Earnings Growth, Reduces Operating Costs
01:47:44a Fatal crash driver 'speeding. So what?'
01:47:49a Republic Beats Southwest for Frontier
01:47:55a Fund-Manager Erro Joins Comeback Trail
01:48:00a Kragthorpe Olympic-style golf's already being played
01:48:05a Do you take your tea with snobbery or without?
01:48:11a Nstein Technologies announces improved 2009 Q2 results
01:48:16a So what' Driver dies in fiery crash into shops
01:48:21a Government to encourage SME mergers with tax incentive
01:48:27a Obama Heads for a Montana Showdown
01:48:32a US PGA 2009 Woods and Harrington in another epic battle
01:48:37a What Is Strep Throat? What Is Sore Throat?
01:48:42a MALE BOSSES
01:48:47a Air search for missing boat
01:48:53a Why I can't stomach slimline celebrity mothers like Tess Daly
01:48:58a Compromise ruling could land in court
01:49:03a Richard Briers pulls out of his final stage performance... weeks before opening
01:49:08a Napier siege fund raises
01:49:14a Vancouver Island RCMP called to intercept U.S. boat wanted in murder-suicide investigation
01:49:19a Obama is right not to spoil Israel in the same way that Bush did
01:49:25a New lead on 2002 bombing in Karachi shows up murky side of French politics
01:49:30a İSO survey reveals hopes for recovery in second half
01:49:35a What's under your wrap Renee? Zellweger keeps her modesty with black shawl
01:49:40a China, to White House
01:49:45a Climate security
01:49:51a Carrington's Loan Do-Overs Draw Heat
01:49:56a 'Fourth body' pulled from Kokoda plane wreck
01:50:07a Details in DiPascali Deal
01:50:12a Saskatoon power station to get three new turbines
01:50:17a Clinton support for Africa's only woman president
01:50:22a Councilman Wants To Partially Forgive Traffic Fines
01:50:29a Threats to Aid Agencies Hampering Unicef's Activities
01:50:34a Church Wins in Michigan Lottery
01:50:39a Soybean
01:50:44a Good Samaritans save woman after driving into canal
01:50:50a Kurdish magazine urges Jews to return to Iraq to make room for Palestinians
01:50:55a U.S. to embrace U.N. in break with Bush-era policy
01:51:00a Van Koeverden dominates opening heats at worlds
01:51:06a Blackstone Bonds Find Buyers
01:51:11a Poway Asks Residents To Step Up Brush Clearing
01:51:16a Belgian police suspect corruption within judicial system
01:51:22a How student digs at St Andrews cost more than Oxford
01:51:27a With tax rescinded, what's next for Gilbert?
01:51:32a Judge rules poultry industry critic can testify
01:51:37a Greg Eastwood cleared to join Leeds Rhinos
01:51:43a ramp for World Cup takes shape
01:51:48a Jacko's Ride Makes the Rounds
01:51:53a Pilocytic astrocytoma in a child with Noonan syndrome
01:51:59a 'Clunkers' cash is plentiful, but consumers cut back elsewhere
01:52:04a Suffern police get contract
01:52:09a Tory MP fights off deselection attempt
01:52:14a Yale U. Press Nixes Muhammad Photos in New Book
01:52:19a PM has no interest in calling early election
01:52:31a 22 suspected swine flu
01:52:36a Iloilo folk recall noise, mud flowing down
01:52:41a Black Hawk team drops into crash site
01:52:47a B.C. Court of Appeal strikes down CRD bid for Jordan River land-use bylaw
01:52:52a Burma warned of 'concern' over Suu Kyi
01:52:57a M'sian activists hail Internet filter climbdown
01:53:02a Tories will sell it all
01:53:08a The Fastest Growing Businesses Revealed 13 Aug 2009 212606 GMT
01:53:13a Murray leads way as seeds reach last eight in Montreal
01:53:18a Teenager admits he shot his family dead
01:53:24a Journalist arrested in connection with Adams recall
01:53:29a Capstone Reports Strong Second Quarter and Year-to-Date Results on...
01:53:34a FAA suspends 2 air traffic controllers over Hudson crash
01:53:39a Shafias to appear in court via video
01:53:45a Linda Chavez's Column This Week - By Roger Clegg
01:53:50a Marine Pleads Not Guilty In CHP Shootout
01:53:55a Recycling program money transferred
01:54:01a United Church rejects controversial resolutions Jewish Congress pleased
01:54:06a Recall Roundup Wash Your Clothes With Flames Edition Recalls
01:54:11a Outrage at 'Retard' Comment at N.Y. County Meeting
01:54:16a New Age Windmill Pops Up in Yolo County
01:54:22a Australia nixes carbon trading - what does that mean for the U.S.?
01:54:27a Hospital-based surveillance of Enteric Parasites in Kolkata
01:54:32a Seattle hospital sues for return FICA taxes
01:54:37a Questions remain in Lockerbie case
01:54:43a Obama's NH Town Hall Brings Out Birthers, Deathers, And More
01:54:48a Rabbi Shmuel Yaniv Writes To Jonathan Pollard
01:54:53a Hacker Dojo, finally a hangout where coders can go 24/7
01:54:58a Punjab to sell flour at Rs10 a kg
01:55:04a Environmentalists Sue to Protect Delta Fish
01:55:09a Fish show why all men aren't Brad Pitt
01:55:14a Marcus Trescothick rules out Test return at The Oval
01:55:19a Now PM gets on Twitter to defend NHS
01:55:25a Man fatally shot by brother, upset grandmother has heart attack
01:55:30a Auction Jackson's glittery moonwalk glove
01:55:35a Birmingham City sign Lens defender Gregory Vignal
01:55:41a Bay Street Stocks Rise Amid Strength In Resource Sectors Canadian Commentary
01:55:46a Grassfire Scorches 1,500 Acres Over Altamont
01:55:51a Crash involving suspected stolen vehicle
01:55:56a Council offers pet burial plots
01:56:01a Eric's Office Restaurant
01:56:07a Questions linger about why deputy was not arrested for DUI
01:56:12a OCT imaging of skin cancer and other dermatological diseases
01:56:17a Dollars And Sense Tip Stay Active After Layoff
01:56:22a Sony Faces Proprietary Reality
01:56:28a Cliff Richards' Christchurch show sells out
01:56:33a 'Green' budget is nothing more than green spin
01:56:38a Ancient Iraqi stone head matched with replica body
01:56:43a Windward Oahu flood advisory in effect
01:56:49a Lockerbie bomber may be freed
01:56:54a Lego Battles Review
01:57:00a Police pursuit after cigarette stand heist
01:57:05a Residents should be warned of power line danger coroner
01:57:10a Southwest's bid for Frontier is rejected
01:57:16a Agriculture research group applauds emissions target
01:57:21a With the disappearance of the Arctic Sea, has piracy returned?
01:57:26a Bataan governor cleared of graft
01:57:31a UPDATED Microsoft Will Le
01:57:37a Farm Girls Pose Naked for Charity Photo Shoot
01:57:42a UN official hopes Lebanese new gov't to fully implement Resolution 1701
01:57:47a Welfare edict Learning? Forget about earning
01:57:53a Quebec wants compensation for isotope shortage
01:58:00a The Star-Spangled Banner Jimi Hendrix
01:58:06a Letter to the Editor
01:58:11a 53% Of U.S. Voters Opposed To Obama's Health Care Plan
01:58:17a Firm fined over worker's death
01:58:22a KAS Funding Closes a Loan
01:58:28a Louisville's first new hospital in 26 years to open
01:58:33a Is Palin really writing those updates?
01:58:39a Algonquin Power Income Fund Announces 2009 Second Quarter...
01:58:44a Felix Agrees
01:58:49a Microsoft and Nokia communicate through smartphone
01:58:55a King Power concerned over damage to reputation
01:59:00a Canada Reconsiders Relations with Niger Government
01:59:05a UK 'unaware of child trafficking'
01:59:10a Karzai offers positions to Afghan election rivals
01:59:16a Ottawa warns food importers on unenriched flour
01:59:21a Teenage troopers on the march for a future in the forces
01:59:26a Mobile app dev unity debated
01:59:32a 20 killed in double suicide bombing in north Iraq
01:59:37a Banff squirrel photo gets huge attention
01:59:42a Police look for alleged robber
01:59:48a 40m raiders 'wore latex masks'
01:59:53a Revenge is tweet midges are recycled into bird food
01:59:58a Felix shares bolt from trade suspension
02:00:04a Economy lagging, says Mboweni
02:00:09a Heineken U.S. Chief Steps Down
02:00:14a Newmont Announces First Production at Boddington; Ramp-up To Full Production Continues
02:00:20a Quick Meals For Busy Days
02:00:25a Hitler book sold for 21k
02:00:30a Motorbike rider dies in truck collision
02:00:35a In Afghan district, U.S. will face 'toughest environment'
02:00:41a Taliban truce deals to ensure Afghan poll goes ahead
02:00:46a Stolen car just misses boys, 2 and 4
02:00:52a Brown must resent France and Germany's growth
02:00:57a US stocks up, extend Fed Reserve-fueled rally
02:01:02a U.S. panel approves Chinese blanket probe
02:01:08a Observers see pattern of fraud before Afghan election
02:01:13a Kenneth A. Schneider, KAS Funding, American Bridge Funding Win Civil Law Suit
02:01:19a Court to Decide on Graft Charges against Zambia Ex-President Chiluba
02:01:24a Man who killed wife, stepdaughter jailed
02:01:30a Wall Street extends Fed-fueled rally
02:01:45a Deferred prosecution in medical marijuana case
02:01:50a Unbeleafable!
02:01:56a NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF Familial Cancer Syndromes
02:02:01a Happy Birthday Fidel Castro
02:02:06a Global warming off the table in Australia
02:02:11a Final Inning For Longtime Coach?
02:02:16a WTO says China must allow US media
02:02:21a Muhammad Yunus expanding loans into the US
02:02:27a Man indicted for selling gun used to kill Steve McNair
02:02:32a So Long Beckham. You Won’t Be Missed
02:02:37a 12. News in brief
02:02:42a KAMINEY Hindi Movie Watch Kaminey Bollywood Film Kamine Full Dvd
02:02:48a No immediate plans to boost Afghanistan force
02:02:53a Michael Vick Signs Deal With Philadelphia
02:02:58a Health officials urge Montanans to get flu shots
02:03:03a Swine flu in Durban eclipses PMB cases
02:03:08a Signs of fraud precede Afghan vote
02:03:14a Vancouver police charge two 'shooters' with 31 offences
02:03:19a Halliburton breaks ground in Williston
02:03:24a Hitch-hiking across Europe 21 years on
02:03:30a Reports indicate some movement in Chinese media
02:03:35a Young Marlins ?improving, having fun? Manning
02:03:40a Tough day at the PGA
02:03:46a Elderly driver pleads guilty in school guard death
02:03:51a End-Of-Life Counseling A Must, Doctors Say
02:03:56a New Afghan Assessment Will Not Address Additional U.S. Forces
02:04:01a Wall Street rises
02:04:07a Economic growth held back by building delays
02:04:12a US Airways plans to launch Phoenix-Tokyo flight in 2012
02:04:17a Ambassadors to Germany, Russia
02:04:22a Tour Historic Penthouse Lined In Luxury
02:04:28a Too much garden?
02:04:33a Presidential Approval Index
02:04:38a Shark Washes Up On Coast
02:04:43a NBC News Exclusive Video Of Hudson River Chopper Crash 13 Aug 2009 205910 GMT
02:04:48a Bowditch blow for Glovers
02:04:53a As Tall As Lions at Neurolux tonight
02:04:59a Team Coverage 2,400 Flee Bonny Doon Fire
02:05:04a East-West divide staring us straight in the face
02:05:09a Cloned dog a sniff off the old block
02:05:15a DOH Workers Change Their Look
02:05:20a Brad Pitt for New Orleans mayor?
02:05:25a MSU has first full scrimmage of the preseason
02:05:31a N. Korean bank transactions being closely monitored U.S. official
02:05:36a Government opens up mining concessions near Ecuador border
02:05:41a BART Workers Declare Strike
02:05:46a S.Korean bonds rebound on weak U.S. data
02:05:51a Robert Gates and James Cartwright
02:05:57a Vancouver dedicates new marine terminal
02:06:02a Boeing to pay million to to settle claim it did defective work
02:06:07a 17 indicted in San Diego murder-kidnap ring
02:06:12a Video shows plane clipping chopper over NY river
02:06:18a CNN More Than 2,000 Forced To Flee Wildfire
02:06:23a Is the birth control pill 'Yaz' bad for you?
02:06:29a Philip Barbour Football Preview
02:06:34a UN Security Council Expresses Concern Over Suu Kyi Sentence
02:06:39a San Francisco area rail union sets Monday strike
02:06:45a Young people pledge to bring peaceful change
02:06:50a Tehran dispatch A different kind of Friday Prayers
02:06:56a Getting Pampered for a Good Cause
02:07:01a CNN Exxon To Pay In Deaths Of 85 Birds
02:07:06a The EntreTech Forum Announces ... 2009- 2010 Program Calendar
02:07:12a Friedman Industries, Incorporated Announces First Quarter Results
02:07:17a Princess Visits Morgantown
02:07:22a McDonald focused on Dons
02:07:27a Community sentences for five in 'exorcism' case
02:07:33a Drunk man tries to use son to meet women
02:07:38a Reply to Letter to the Editor
02:07:43a National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot
02:07:49a Anaplastic oligoastrocytoma in Turcot syndrome
02:07:54a Viduka in Fulham talks
02:08:00a Abuse case backlog not affecting safety Commissioner
02:08:08a Will anybody want to buy it?
02:08:14a Ottawa vows crackdown on white-collar crime
02:08:19a The Conclave, By Michael Bracewell
02:08:24a Ted Kennedy Jr. Eunice was a great competitor
02:08:29a The Chance for Life May Be Higher than Thought
02:08:34a The Fraud, By Barbara Ewing
02:08:40a Richie Havens' Woodstock Interview states
02:08:45a Fire Plume Time Lapse
02:08:50a New video shows Hudson River crash of plane, copter
02:08:56a ‘Military Man’ Vladimir Putin Exceeds Expectations
02:09:01a Bentley charged with drink-driving after crash
02:09:06a Liddiard's economy pays off
02:09:12a Men's Health muscles into top spot
02:09:17a Latimer's request for easier day parole denied
02:09:22a Ribery puts United and Chelsea on alert
02:09:27a Tories, Liberals haggle over EI reforms
02:09:33a Jury convicts defendant in Texas `fight club' case
02:09:38a Striker shortage hits City bravado
02:09:43a Just how short are rations at Westminster
02:09:48a Four out of ten trainees quit teaching early, report warns
02:09:53a That's Another Story, By Julie Walters
02:09:59a Be a Fan, Bring a Can to Showcase Celebrity Chili Cookoff
02:10:04a Westerners read faces differently from Asians
02:10:09a Russian Navy denies chasing lookalike of missing Arctic Sea ship
02:10:14a Sen. Santiago a shoo-in for admin ticket
02:10:20a Clinton Says Liberia Making Progress in Fighting Corruption states
02:10:25a Steel and Tube posts million profit
02:10:30a Ground Control, By Anna Minton
02:10:35a Artist reveals the human face of death row
02:10:41a When sheep were used to sell tickets on the Fringe
02:10:48a 'I'm going into the top flight wide-eyed but confident'
02:10:53a Trott and Bell take stride towards Oval
02:10:58a Marina Diamandis, Marina and the Diamonds
02:11:03a Les Paul, the original guitar hero, dies in New York at 94
02:11:09a The Act of Love, By Howard Jacobson
02:11:14a Aliens in the Attic
02:11:19a The Stone Roses A 'classic' that is nothing but fool's gold
02:11:25a B.C. Cancer Agency rechecks breast cancer tests
02:11:30a Bright signs in Poland and Slovakia
02:11:35a 'I don't despise politicans'
02:11:40a Twitter time on Radio 4
02:11:45a Is OQO Model 2+ Becoming a Collector's Item?
02:11:51a The Ten Best Football Debuts
02:11:56a Deliberate path ahead for Airmen
02:12:01a Zer01 Encounters New Setback
02:12:06a House sales and prices remain steady
02:12:11a Cruel and out of control the new face of debt collecting
02:12:17a G8 ministers denounce Iran violence
02:12:23a what everyone needs to know, By Julia E Sweig
02:12:28a One Apple Tasted, By Josa Young
02:12:33a At 83 Castro fires warning on economic downturn
02:12:38a A night of rock and roller disco
02:12:44a Aquilani admits to ankle injury fears
02:12:49a Victory for shopgirl who refused to hide
02:12:54a Woods and Harrington duel again
02:12:59a US stocks rise despite negative economic data
02:13:05a Tinchy Stryder, Catch 22
02:13:10a Digging up clues to history at San Fransisco's Presidio
02:13:15a NTSB No call for help before small plane crashed
02:13:20a Anheuser Net Rises on Cost Cuts
02:13:26a _ Republic Airways claims win in bidding for Denver-based Frontier Airlines, beating Southwest.
02:13:31a EU steps up sanctions against Myanmar in response to Suu Kyi verdict
02:13:37a Pro Healthcare Rally In Nashville, Tennessee
02:13:42a Jury decides in 'fight club' case
02:13:47a Death penalty to be sought for Minutemen leader
02:13:53a 17 Dead, 20 Hurt In Iraqi Cafe Bombing
02:13:58a PM to launch ECO goods train for Turkey today
02:14:04a White House sends out chain mail on health care reform
02:14:13a Australia sending messages to deep space
02:14:33a Defoe's goals press England case
02:14:42a Rise in Middle East Web Censorship
02:14:47a RBA says 'normal' cash rate is well north of 3%
02:14:52a Don't Just Start
02:14:58a U.S. Envoy Stresses Importance Of Local Governments Decentralization In Bangladesh
02:15:03a Drought cost NZ economy billions
02:15:08a Account confusion deals Diners Club a blow
02:15:13a Two charged over parking space stabbing
02:15:19a Priest walks high wire for charity
02:15:24a WSDOT contractor crews close lanes on northbound I-405 in Bellevue this weekend to pave
02:15:29a Afghan Ex-President, Bodyguards Survive Taliban Ambush
02:15:35a Cold case arrest Provo man nabbed in 1997 Mexican murder case
02:15:40a 'She taught us to stand tall'
02:15:45a Potty punishment principal gets job back
02:15:50a U.N. Set to Establish Gulf Center To Combat Drug Trafficking
02:15:56a Leighton shares soar on upbeat outlook
02:16:01a Why Fuifui's a cut above his rivals
02:16:06a Obeying Iran leader 'is like obeying God'
02:16:12a Wollongong man to front court over ATM attacks
02:16:17a Soup Kitchen to Eunice Kennedy Shriver
02:16:22a Scots Deny Ruling On Lockerbie Bomber Early Release
02:16:28a Swastika Painted on My Street
02:16:33a The London Underground Map
02:16:38a Briton held for jewelry smuggling
02:16:44a Parents fear class aide loss
02:16:49a Brazilian crime-report host accused of murders
02:16:54a How long would you wait for free health care?
02:16:59a Hundreds of diabetics apply for pig cell study
02:17:05a Sanford prison being designated a 're-entry facility'
02:17:10a Storms forming under turbulent flight
02:17:15a Murin Resigns From Ginnie Mae
02:17:20a Kyle and Jackie O back but there's a catch
02:17:26a Halloween Costume Stores in Chicago, Illinois
02:17:31a NASA Struggles With Costs
02:17:36a New report puts world populat
02:17:41a Beckham ready to snub Premier League for Milan
02:17:47a Police claim drug raid
02:18:02a How Did Fish Drop From Sky Shattering Ohio Woman's Windshield?
02:18:07a Ssauthriai Tasks Federal Govt on Economy
02:18:13a 2 Air Traffic Controllers Reportedly Suspended Over Deadly Midair Crash
02:18:18a Man in the morgue
02:18:23a Pitino controversy and UF
02:18:28a Sons of former boxers face-off
02:18:33a Maroons miss key players
02:18:39a Fake contractors arrested in copper theft scam
02:18:44a Goodbye, my little angel
02:18:49a Illness has united Kennedy family
02:18:54a India offers kids a second chance
02:19:00a Attorneys for governor, union set to face off in court
02:19:05a So you think you can tackle
02:19:10a Nadal's comeback eased by Ferrer injury
02:19:15a Challenge goes up another level
02:19:20a Butter prices go up
02:19:25a Who are the anti-healthcare reform protesters?
02:19:31a Tiger seizes share of PGA lead
02:19:36a Students get lessons in handling fire
02:19:41a Pay up, Rabi council told
02:19:46a County Commission votes to fund homeless office
02:19:52a Florida doc ousted over war against doughnuts
02:19:57a Halloween Costume Stores in Seattle, Washington
02:20:02a Jacksonville re-opens center to help ex-inmates
02:20:07a Petrovski hoping to sink Mariners
02:20:13a Senator Ben Cardin, , Holds a Town Hall Meeting on Health Care
02:20:18a Closer look at Cards closer
02:20:23a Woman sets herself on fire inside Miami mall
02:20:28a Young, gifted and happy
02:20:33a County works to keep car-battery plant a possibility
02:20:39a GAINSCO Reports 2nd Quarter 2009 Results
02:20:45a Fishing Ban On Red Snapper Coming Soon
02:20:50a Dengue fever cases rise to 22,757 in Sri Lanka
02:20:56a Will a Visitor to New Orleans Be Disappointed
02:21:01a B.C. wildfires still threat, residents told
02:21:06a Boynton Beach burglar who stole from businesses, church captured
02:21:12a AP Florida Video 1600 Feed FL01 Swine Flu- Script
02:21:17a Sisa relishes Sharks dream
02:21:22a State 'clarifies' GED Exit Option
02:21:27a Neill, Verbeek salute new-look Australia
02:21:33a Court frees 20 convicted in Mexican massacre/tit
02:21:38a No Age like the present
02:21:43a Light's artwork takes top prize
02:21:48a Ford boosting production volume
02:21:53a As I walked out one Christmas morning ...
02:21:59a Mobile phones get cyborg vision
02:22:04a SL Industries, Inc. Announces Financial Results for Its Second...
02:22:09a loan secured to repair sewer pipes
02:22:14a Bati names Games team
02:22:20a Watchdogs will fan out to enforce campfire bans
02:22:25a Byrd's Eye View You Were Spotted
02:22:30a New statues all at sea
02:22:35a e-Travel Blackboard boasts biggest readership to date
02:22:40a MSNBC host Hey, wouldnt Jesus want us to have universal health care?
02:22:46a US Vice-President Biden angers Russia with put-down
02:22:51a Baird speaks out about his change of heart
02:22:56a No standing ovation from author McEwan
02:23:01a Sky Harbor passenger totals drop, but ranking improves
02:23:06a NATCA Statement on FAA Announcement
02:23:12a Bombers strike Mosul
02:23:17a Ontario colleges and universities are getting a million 'shot in the arm'
02:23:44a Leland Hotel A Detroit, Michigan Landmark and a Whole Lot More
02:23:49a Chile's Mapuche Indians seize land as riot police kill activist
02:23:55a Fiery Michigan Car Crash
02:24:15a New Zune Undercuts Apple's iPod
02:24:25a Union Defends Bus Driver Photographed On Phone 13 Aug 2009 213602 GMT
02:24:39a Battery charge against ex-Miami-Dade prosecutor is dropped
02:24:48a FAA Suspends 2 Controllers Over Hudson Crash
02:24:57a A Technocrat Shakes Up the Campaign in Afghanistan
02:25:02a Fresh bonuses row as 'rain-maker' pair paid 10m by RBS
02:25:08a Palestinian children may have been killed under white flag
02:25:13a Montgomery County's Private Rescue To Close 13 Aug 2009 213151 GMT
02:25:34a Delegates walk away from Palestinian Fatah Organisation
02:25:51a 0.1% of positive cases in Europe, 0.6% in US
02:25:57a Man Who Bound Elderly Victims Gets Life In Prison 13 Aug 2009 214851 GMT
02:26:02a Fallen soldier returned to Miss. coast
02:26:07a Taiwanese tycoon's 9 heirs duke it out in NJ court
02:26:13a Satara couples put off having babies for cash incentive
02:26:18a Hospital not a must for all cases
02:26:24a Tampa reclaiming blighted neighborhoods
02:26:29a Police Still Searching for Pawn Shop Robbers
02:26:34a Reviewing Da Marco's Italian Restaurant in Houston, Texas
02:26:40a Meeting of Women's Organizations of DPRK and China Held
02:26:45a Lucky seven are in the frame for Threadneedle Prize
02:26:50a Worries galore at BJP's chintan baithak
02:26:55a Rs 60 crore campus houses 200 brightest kids in UP
02:27:01a Driving Through Two Wildfire Areas of California
02:27:06a Aggrieved villagers wary of Afghan vote
02:27:11a Appeal of Philippine Preparatory Committee Supported
02:27:16a North lads plan rugby revival
02:27:22a Economic and Commercial Councilors Corps Visits Jonsung Revolutionary Museum
02:27:27a ‘This is about money and power
02:27:32a Keith Urban wows concertgoers at Mellon Arena
02:27:37a 800 people get tickets to see Obama
02:27:46a Neck injury sidelines Best for season
02:27:51a Chemical Agent Mustard Found On Site
02:27:56a Swiss move to ban minarets as
02:28:02a Soft Machine, The Soft Machine and Volume Two
02:28:09a UW gets million for ocean observation efforts in Northwest
02:28:14a Implementation of Inter-Korean Joint Declarations Called forbr
02:28:19a Expert Dog could have severed boy's genitals
02:28:25a Warner Bros. to impose delay on Redbox, others
02:28:30a Crossing Guard's Family Accepts Driver's Apology
02:28:35a Puppet Military's Moves to Grab Civilians' Land Flayed
02:28:40a Public Transport Get operators involved, too
02:28:46a Las Vegas Sands Changes Macau Credit Facility
02:28:51a HARDEV KAUR The world must open its doors to Islamic finance
02:28:57a Minor safety breaches found at Calgary sites
02:29:02a Armed Robber Caught On Cam 13 Aug 2009 165342 GMT
02:29:07a Death Sought Against 3 In Home Invasion
02:29:12a ITBP team to ski down Everest with trash
02:29:17a Man staged capture of 14-foot python
02:29:23a Police Standoff Ends At LA Federal Building
02:29:28a Can’t just walk in and out of India
02:29:33a Asset declaration bill to be hot topic at CJs’ meet today
02:29:39a New Driver's License Rules Require More Proof Of ID
02:29:44a Above the din of modern machinery, I heard a very different India
02:29:49a Jam band concerts banned at Pa. 'music church'
02:29:54a The Verse Revolutionaries, By Helen Carr
02:29:59a Midair collision air traffic controller faces disciplinary proceedings
02:30:05a Electric guitar man dies in New York
02:30:10a Dry weather could help Mumbai beat swine flu
02:30:16a Police Man Steals In Cosmetics From Pharmacies
02:30:21a Visit to Swaminarayana Hindu Temple in Houston, Texas
02:30:26a India Mulls Using Nuclear Energy To Power Chandrayaan II
02:30:32a 1MALAYSIA Living the spirit of Merdeka and all it stands for
02:30:37a Japanese Militarists Remain Unchanged in Their Aggressive Nature
02:30:42a Puppet Authorities' Unreasonable Repressive Action Denouncedbr
02:30:48a 'In Any War, Mistakes Happen on the Ground'
02:30:53a HC sets up panel on Ishrat killing
02:30:58a Japanese Imperialists' Plunder of Underground Resources in Korea
02:31:04a Flashback audio Senator Obama talks about mandatory national service
02:31:09a KCNA Slams Japan's Hysteria for Preemptive Nuclear Attack
02:31:14a Robot negotiates with mentally ill man who threatened White House
02:31:20a Sightseeing Ship 'Pyongyang No.1'
02:31:25a Somali Canadian caught in Kenya led charmed life
02:31:30a Foreign Guests Visit Pyongyang Mission of AINDF
02:31:36a font color=REDEDITORIAL/font Not guilty as charged
02:31:41a Fermented Flatfish Mixed with Yam
02:31:46a Ajinomoto eyes M&As in India
02:31:52a Disease control A little slow with anti-flu measures
02:31:57a Bulletin on Modern Korea and Songun Issued in Pakistan
02:32:02a Poaching Review law to save wildlife
02:32:07a Kim Jong Il Enjoys Art Performances
02:32:12a Private doctors, staff also hit by H1N1
02:32:17a Loudon Wainwright III, High, Wide & Handsome The Charlie Poole Project
02:32:23a Long-Running Neighbor Dispute Turns Fatal
02:32:32a England can learn from errors
02:32:38a Working with informants is risky
02:32:45a Brazil developer Rossi Q2 profit edges up slightly
02:32:50a PNP readies release of communist leader
02:32:56a Brian Blair announces for state House seat
02:33:01a 'Healing Hans' adds needle to 'burn-up in Berlin'
02:33:06a Bill Clinton GOP promotes fear over health care
02:33:11a Suspension lifted for contractor tied to Murtha
02:33:17a eHealth's ex-CEO defends her role in spending scandal
02:33:22a White House uses chain mail to counter health care critics
02:33:27a Trapper admits to staging Python capture
02:33:32a Agent Michael Vick signs with Philadelphia Eagles
02:33:38a Engineers traumatized by train crashes
02:33:43a England's middle way still unclear
02:33:48a Bus blaze report ready
02:33:54a No-huddle gaining fans
02:33:59a Students to fill in dental vacancies
02:34:04a 2 children brought to Brandon hospital are dead, cops say
02:34:09a Search for missing vessel suspended
02:34:25a New SLC bar scores 'green' points at City Hall
02:34:30a Former eHealth chair retires
02:34:35a Marlins' streak on brink of double digits
02:34:40a A walk for Tae, Tonga
02:34:45a Looming BART Strike Brings Back Roadblock Memories
02:34:51a Enjoying Oktoberfest 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
02:34:56a Sir Kenneth Keith to speak at Wellington seminar
02:35:02a China Filtering software will not be required
02:35:07a At least one dead in interstate crash
02:35:12a Nikkei hits 10-mth high, European GDP data helps
02:35:17a Building at Ust Luga Port Hit by Conflict
02:35:22a ‘I will either get shot there or kill myself’
02:35:28a Signs that define New Zealand towns
02:35:33a Gold status for smart companies
02:35:38a Senator Issues 'Strong Apology' for Calling Protesters 'Un-American'
02:35:43a Rough Seas For Tanker Lines
02:35:49a Endangered Red Panda Births Quadruplets At Denver Zoo
02:35:54a Leafs' Peddie not joining Coyotes legal battle
02:35:59a Liberty Township Thieves Target Cars
02:36:04a a short history, By Charles Saumarez Smith
02:36:10a Bank of Queensland to face Storm suit
02:36:15a On the Lagos Magistrates' Court Law editorial
02:36:20a Olympic committee denies Aussies stole our ski cross-course design
02:36:25a The House of Hope Gets Help
02:36:31a Chicago Student Offered Million In Scholarships
02:36:36a Principles to Becoming Wealthy
02:36:41a Superintendent Excited about School Year
02:36:47a Swine flu panic overblown, medical officer says
02:36:52a BART Union Says It Will Shut Down the System
02:36:57a Clarke Community Trip to the Caribbean
02:37:02a EDS top-level payment card security compliance
02:37:07a Rebounding From Recession
02:37:13a Street Tertiary Education, Whose Future
02:37:18a Review of Best Western Beachfront Inn at Galveston in the State of Texas
02:37:23a One Million NZers To Benefit From Perry Foundation
02:37:28a Facebook flirts, ex-girlfriends danger, danger
02:37:34a June quarter retail rises
02:37:39a COTANZ welcomes warning from Robert Blake
02:37:44a Ground Broken on New St. Elizabeth Facility
02:37:49a The Pages, By Murray Bail
02:37:54a Call for leadership, vision from pharmacy workshop
02:37:59a Vick Signs 2-Year Deal with Philadelphia Eagles
02:38:06a Employee of Cork hospital opposes private facility nearby
02:38:11a Elders Wool traceability trial a success
02:38:16a NZ dollar gains on Eurozone recovery hopes
02:38:21a Public invited to air views at 'masked' debate
02:38:27a REINZ Monthly Housing Price Index
02:38:32a GPG made first-half loss, sees full-year weakness
02:38:37a The people are speaking!!
02:38:42a PRESS DIGEST China August 14
02:38:47a Scaremongering about tobacco point of sale ad ban
02:38:52a JOHN TEO Making Asean more people-centred
02:38:58a AMP NZ Office Trust looking solid for 2010 financial year
02:39:03a NZBIO congratulates Food Innovation NZ
02:39:08a Pinpont 8 Weather Now
02:39:13a Gene link to amount of sleep needed
02:39:19a Ferry Sinking Clarification
02:39:24a Plant a native tree in honour of your dog's memory
02:39:29a Which Birth Control Pill Is Safest?
02:39:34a Bad Loans Sell for 1/2 2008 Price
02:39:39a A Year of Pain for Conshy Fire Victims
02:39:44a Paulson Hedge Fund Buys Banks That Lost Value in Credit Crisis
02:39:50a Health Care Town Hall On-Scene Report 08-13-09
02:39:55a The sick and uninsured a growing demographic
02:40:00a communitybuilders.nsw Funding & Awards Update Aug 09
02:40:05a Ferguson still stewing over European Cup loss
02:40:11a 6pm weather update 8-13-09
02:40:16a Mayoría de estadounidenses desaprueba gestión de Obama
02:40:21a Transportation Secretary Announces Big Grants
02:40:27a Germany and France lead climb out of recession
02:40:32a Rashied Ali dies in New York
02:40:37a Host Loses Some Sponsors After an Obama Remark
02:40:43a Don't get used to low interest rates RBA
02:40:48a NewsRaw Inside Aug. 13, 2009
02:40:53a Contact Energy, Fletcher, GPG
02:40:59a Concerns about proposed truck load increases
02:41:04a Contact Energy Profit Halved
02:41:09a Microsoft Windows XP Should It Be Allowed to Live?
02:41:14a Muddle over bus fares
02:41:20a Business Owner Furious About VIP Store
02:41:25a SLIDESHOW Rainy Thursday Evening Commute
02:41:30a Suicide bombing kill at least 21 in Iraq
02:41:35a WATCH IT Could Quiet Pavement Really Lower Traffic Noise?
02:41:41a Making Money or Family Time
02:41:46a The Top Chinese Restaurants in Voorhees, New Jersey
02:41:51a Reform prospect electrifies farmers
02:41:56a 'Sacred' tree stump restored after attack
02:42:02a Redundancy plan prompts shop sit-in
02:42:07a Obama Turns Fact Checker-in-Chief in Health Care Reform Debate
02:42:12a Man facing firearms charges
02:42:18a Leafs not standing in way of second Ontario team
02:42:28a New Zealand youth netballers win again
02:42:33a Recognising the sacrifices of Kiwi aid workers
02:42:39a Drought costs NZ billion
02:42:44a Retail sales stabilising after long fall
02:42:49a Llega Hillary Clinton a Liberia bajo estrictas medidas de seguridad
02:42:55a Alliance Party backs Telecom workers
02:43:00a DWI officer hit by accused drunk driver
02:43:05a Western Sydney Community Forum Training Calendar Aug-Nov 2009
02:43:13a New evidence may clear Inglis
02:43:18a Tenth Circuit split on gun ban for misdemeanants
02:43:23a Trescothick My England nightmare
02:43:28a Police Hunt For Couple In Latin Lotto Ticket Scam
02:43:34a Afghanistan What To Do, Part II
02:43:39a Texas gov. compares Gaza to Mexico
02:43:44a Thomas Cook workers agree to revised redundancy deal
02:43:49a Swine flu hospital admissions increase
02:43:55a Topeka Area Student Awarded Festival Grant
02:44:00a Karzai's election jitters starting to show
02:44:05a Obama's public pitches may be different than behind-the-scenes messages
02:44:11a Court Rejects Development of ‘Waimauku Estate’
02:44:16a 3 Tear Gas Tries Later, Standoff Still Going
02:44:21a NZ Hudson crash helicopter pilot flew tourists, VIPs
02:44:26a Column Palm Beach wants to be island unto itself? Fine!
02:44:32a NBC News Iraqi insurgent spokesman open to better ties with U.S.
02:44:37a Durham v MCC Young Cricketers Championship latest
02:44:43a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office find missing Lake Worth woman
02:44:48a USF searches for answers to Big East woes
02:44:54a Woman sets self on fire at Miami mall
02:44:59a RPT-DEALTALK-With Beijing's blessings, investors eye China media
02:45:05a Two men in custody over Mayo killing
02:45:10a Irish's G Trevor Robinson back after missed spring
02:45:15a India Travel Visit to Satadhar Near the City of Junagadh
02:45:20a Nature or Nurture
02:45:26a Chile's Mapuche Indians seize land as riot police kill activist
02:45:31a Prior backs attack
02:45:37a Colombia U.S. Bases Stoke the Flames of Regional Conflict
02:45:42a Security the key for Black Caps in Sri Lanka
02:45:47a Kevin Pietersen ruled out of Australia ODIs
02:45:53a 2009 Oktoberfest Events in Tucson, Arizona
02:45:58a State Park Fees Are Going Up Monday
02:46:03a HK shares open 0.8 pct higher; Yanzhou Coal soars
02:46:08a Windies axe Dyson
02:46:13a Netscape's Founder Enters Browser Wars
02:46:19a Cricket-Trescothick wakes up in cold sweat over possible return
02:46:24a Gold Rush in Recession for Online Sex Shop
02:46:29a Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT cuts monthly cash distributions to 4.5 cents
02:46:35a Man Killed by Train Identified
02:46:40a FAA 2 employees investigated in midair collision
02:46:48a Petrowest Energy Services Trust reports million Q2 loss as sales fall
02:46:53a U.N. voices concern about Myanmar's Suu Kyi
02:46:58a Bad Software Design Inhibits Use of Enterprise Apps
02:47:03a Festival to honour GAA pioneer
02:47:08a Arpaio deputies raid county offices, take over computers
02:47:14a Officials Plan On Using Robot To End Standoff
02:47:19a Pregorexia
02:47:24a Agent Michael Vick signs with Eagles
02:47:29a Howard Dean Public Option Not a Threat to Private Health Insurers
02:47:35a We played like champions of T20 format Captain Afridi
02:47:40a At Green planes, trains and automobiles
02:47:45a PM has no interest in calling an early poll
02:47:50a Warhol's MJ Portrait Up For Sale
02:47:56a Three arrested for home invasion
02:48:01a Former Carbondale Officer Files Suit
02:48:06a Creative Ways to Stash Cash and Save Money
02:48:12a 14th victim on Kokoda plane
02:48:17a Liberia Clinton Cites 'Encouraging Signs of Progress' and Pledges Continuing Support
02:48:22a Strife-torn Windies sack Dyson
02:48:28a WADA Why are Indian cricketers running away
02:48:33a Heroin Problem Growing in Tri-State
02:48:39a Israel Says No Soldiers Missing
02:48:44a Is US healthcare so bad that it needs a lesson from Britain
02:48:49a ?Players won?t be penalised for not submitting whereabouts info?
02:48:54a Heritage week launch for sporting venue database
02:49:00a Plane diverts to get teenager to hospital
02:49:05a Many pay respects to Shriver
02:49:10a Tea the top tipple for times of crisis
02:49:15a UN expresses concern about Suu Kyi; EU adopts more sanctions
02:49:21a Peru, Brazil signed agreements to boost border development
02:49:33a A Brazilian Tick Can Be the Cure for Skin and Brain Cancer
02:49:38a Onion Advocacy Group Denounces PETA
02:49:44a The Town of Danville, California Events in September, 2009
02:49:49a Engineer You Never Forget Killing Pedestrians
02:49:55a SPC MD 1880
02:50:01a Sen. Baucus talks about healthcare at Western MT Fair
02:50:06a Begich says rural trip revealing for cabinet
02:50:11a 2 air traffic workers suspended in Hudson crash
02:50:27a Try some cool games for a hot August
02:50:33a North Kingstown woman charged with strangling 8-year-old daughter
02:50:38a Grain production in jeopardy, IFA warns
02:50:44a Aegon reports loss, says it will issue shares
02:50:56a Search continues for missing vessel
02:51:03a Aerospace and defense show opens; Taiwan growth lauded
02:51:08a Anti-prostitution bills moving forward
02:51:14a One boat missing off New Zealand's Whangarei coast
02:51:19a High school graduation tests expected to pass Pennsylvania panel
02:51:24a Deal secures power for NT Labor
02:51:30a Do it Yourself Home Weatherization Workshop
02:51:35a Labor poised for surprise Northern Territory victory
02:51:40a Huge Baby and Kids Consignment Sale at Countryside Elementary
02:51:45a Semitrailer Loses Load On 285
02:51:50a Gay eyes record run
02:51:56a Bruised A-Rod, Posada sit for Yankees
02:52:01a Council panel to look into flooding
02:52:06a UW police seeking information about two arsons
02:52:11a N. Korea Frees Worker From South
02:52:17a Migaloo 'has a tumour'
02:52:22a How Can Tech Companies Make Customer Service Scale
02:52:28a Sport Don't let them ruin cricket
02:52:33a With merger plan, Miriam shuffles staff
02:52:38a Workers picket joinery firm
02:52:44a Disgraced Vick to return to NFL with Eagles report
02:52:49a NEW New flexibility for renewing driver’
02:52:55a Vodafone Qatar stock surges on Doha debut
02:53:00a Thai premier off to Philippines to sell rice
02:53:05a Splashdown
02:53:11a million bond set in Wisconsin murders
02:53:16a PHOTO Police seek third suspect in Edmonds kidnapping
02:53:21a Syphers appear at custody hearing
02:53:27a Judge rejects Maury Island gravel-mine permit
02:53:32a Flu forces pregnant teachers out
02:53:37a Luther bishop of Milwaukee resigns, takes new job
02:53:43a Vidya Balan was first choice for All The Best
02:53:48a Federal judge halts Maury Island gravel mine work
02:53:53a Former employees sue Ruby Ridge Dairy for lost wages
02:53:58a Dallas Cowboys blog
02:54:03a Reprimand of council over high-rise Carlton site plan urged by An Taisce
02:54:09a Mallahan responds to Nickels attack with his own online ad
02:54:14a U.S. Fed sees hope, leaves interest rates near zero
02:54:19a Nintendo Wii Battery Charger Recall
02:54:25a Voters react to Herenton's possible plan to replace himself
02:54:30a SFO sets up faster customs screening
02:54:35a Students complain of crush at door of Dublin nightclub
02:54:40a M's third baseman Beltre back on DL
02:54:45a Death to be sought against Everett woman in Arizona slayings
02:54:51a Girls outperform boys in every core Leaving subject
02:54:56a Hawthorne Court raising money to fight cancer
02:55:01a Doing the maths on your chances of a place in medical school
02:55:06a Youth to face trial for unlawful killing of garda
02:55:11a Experts for defense Dog could have severed genitals
02:55:17a FDA Suggests Limits for Bone Drug
02:55:22a Schools get ready to fight virus
02:55:27a Seattle man injured in house fire
02:55:32a Quadriplegic seeks feeding ban
02:55:37a DPP disputes child porn case ruling
02:55:43a Deaths in Iraq cafe blast
02:55:48a Intel, Dell Join Nonprofit To Bring Cheap Internet Service To Poor
02:55:53a Wind energy growing fast in the Northwest
02:55:58a London jewel robbers wore masks UK media
02:56:04a French boy kills parents, brothers
02:56:09a Right-wing militias on the rise in U.S. report
02:56:14a New Zealand July Median House Price Flat; Sales Jump On Year REINZ
02:56:20a Brazil TV host accused of ordering hits to boost ratings
02:56:25a Banks Increasing Scrutiny of North Korean Transactions
02:56:30a Woodland Park Zoo penguin dies
02:56:35a Chairman of HK Exchange sees 'big' IPOs in near future
02:56:40a Creativity thrives in approaches to local giving
02:56:46a Peru confirms swine flu infections in Amazon tribe
02:56:51a Lessons learned from crippling DDoS attack
02:56:56a Mixed Signals for Blue Chips Dow Watch
02:57:06a NBC Exclusive Helicopter, plane collision over Hudson
02:57:11a About 300 believed killed in Taiwan village, says official
02:57:16a Ford raises output as 'clunker' sales surge
02:57:22a Violence threatens Afghan polling stations
02:57:27a Government 'bailing out developers'
02:57:33a Granny Smith apples most likely to keep the doctor away, claim scientists
02:57:38a First homes harder to buy
02:57:43a Felix surges on takeover offer
02:57:48a Call for Element Six to discuss staff deal
02:57:54a Riot shows difficulty of desegregating California prisons
02:58:02a John Edwards Reportedly To Confess To Fathering Child
02:58:07a Praise for Special Olympics founder
02:58:13a Operator of missing ship says vessel was likely hijacked
02:58:18a Revealed How police forces spend £3m on tea and biscuits
02:58:23a 'Missing' woman found murdered
02:58:28a White whale Migaloo may have tumor
02:58:33a Stock Wrap The Real Story, August 13
02:58:39a England have no chance of winning the Ashes Thomson
02:58:44a Tough new cat laws
02:58:49a Rahul Dravid set to make ODI comeback
02:58:54a Video Clinton picks 2000 election scab
02:58:59a A brave attempt to entertain us out of our misery
02:59:05a Once fearful, Risch now optimistic Dems will fail
02:59:10a UN Security Council fails to slam Aung San Suu Kyi's conviction
02:59:16a Jury finds U.S. man guilty of supporting terrorism
02:59:21a Palm's Pressure Mounts Tech Rumor of the Day
02:59:26a Tugboat spills fuel into Lake Pend Oreille
02:59:31a Tom Price Journal Where Boom Times Slow, but Never End
02:59:37a Las Vegas Nightclubs Lavo at the Palazzo
02:59:42a Only in America Gunman waits outside
02:59:47a U.S. man gets 120 years for making child porn
02:59:53a Pomersbach pleads guilty
02:59:58a Man gives teller ID before robbing bank FBI
03:00:03a Deployment Ceremony Held At Fort Riley
03:00:09a Packed crowds press U.S. Senator Grassley on costly health care plan
03:00:14a Flock of RISD administrators have left
03:00:19a Don't sign 'clunkers' contingency U.S. gov't
03:00:24a Print company PMP posts full year loss
03:00:29a Video Opposing views undercut bipartisan health care progress
03:00:35a Video What was behind Cheney's break with Bush?
03:00:40a Women in sport still playing second fiddle
03:00:45a Cox says McCreevy claim on Lisbon 'groundless'
03:00:50a Hagel Climbing the Ladder in Obama White House
03:00:56a A Technocrat Shakes Up the Afghan Campaign
03:01:01a New mental health chief as drug problems surge
03:01:07a Next Office for Mac due by Christmas 2010
03:01:12a Man charged with murder after body found
03:01:17a Man stabbed over parking space feud
03:01:23a Amnesty says Saudi terror fight plagued with abuse
03:01:28a Teen artists tell Rockford to 'Be'
03:01:33a Fennell motivated by hunger for justice and truth, congregation told
03:01:38a Afghan Election Race Narrows
03:01:44a POLITICS-US Irish Ex-President Awarded Medal Despite Attacks
03:01:49a Mills 'lacks numbers' to topple NT govt
03:01:54a Cancer wonderdrug that zaps cells before they spread
03:02:00a 6 ocean telecom cables severed by landslides
03:02:05a Compo after head was stomped
03:02:10a Curious squirrel make's metro couple's photo an internet hit
03:02:15a World natural heritage status being sought for Bunaken
03:02:20a Dairy Queen Heath Bar Blizzard
03:02:25a We heard it through the grapevine
03:02:31a Fed's buying of Treasuries to slow before ending in October
03:02:36a Narsi's loses another round
03:02:41a Naicker and the Sangam community
03:02:46a Retail sales unexpectedly dip 0.1% in July
03:02:51a Obama Wants Big Banks to Pay More for Oversight
03:02:57a Independence from the Great Satan The Stakes are High
03:03:02a Video Pulling the plug on end-of-life counseling
03:03:07a Former Samsung group chairman Lee Kun-Hee
03:03:13a 'Queen of Mean' to lend a helping hand in west Cork
03:03:18a NASA astronauts unlikely to make it to the moon by 2020
03:03:23a Small business owners ask for better health coverage
03:03:28a No sighting of missing boat
03:03:34a Florida State signs Hamilton to new 5-year deal
03:03:39a China Warms to New Credo Business First
03:03:44a Plans to put health records online conc
03:03:49a Video Cheney takes on Bush in memoir
03:03:55a UPDATE 3-MOVES-Scotiabank, Standard Chartered
03:04:00a George A Romero Survival of the Dead Movie Trailer HQ
03:04:05a Rawlings Bake won't harm prospects
03:04:10a Google Books to add Creative Commons books
03:04:16a Hey, go flag yourself!
03:04:21a Health Care Reform Ad Fact Or Fiction?
03:04:35a Suspect Confesses To Stealing 50 cars
03:04:40a Maury Island gravel mine expansion halted by judge
03:04:46a Australian Senators Defeat Carbon Emission Trading Legislation
03:04:52a Orthodox groups squabble over civil court's overturning of New York Beit Din decision
03:04:58a Friday Will Be Mild
03:05:03a DARE helpers find new ways to lend a hand
03:05:08a Man charged with half-way house murder
03:05:13a Kuempel to make one last run
03:05:19a Investors' pain behind Credit Sail's fall
03:05:26a Suicide bombers target small religious group in Iraq
03:05:31a Citations Given On K-18 As Part Of Traffic Enforcement
03:05:37a Man crushed to death in elevator shaft
03:05:42a Search for missing vessel called off
03:05:47a Norwegian traveler in search of nomadic tribe in Tibetan areas
03:05:53a Volkswagen, Porsche announce merger deal
03:05:58a Idle high-rise blasted into rubble
03:06:03a The site of China sea level datum
03:06:09a Local Tibetans take homemade yoghourt to roads for sale
03:06:14a Faust fulfills dramatist's dream
03:06:25a Clinton to Speak to Bloggers
03:06:40a UN concern about Suu Kyi's recent conviction
03:06:51a TAIEX surges on rally in U.S. stocks
03:07:00a Deer Lakes wants cyber school students back
03:07:09a Woman struck by cow at County Fair
03:07:20a Tips to Improve Your Internet Marketing Campaign
03:07:25a Get realistic, Fiji tourism forum told
03:07:31a Kerosene, diesel prices to drop
03:07:36a Free and Cheap Museums in New York City
03:07:41a Mourners Pay Tribute To Eunice Shriver
03:07:47a 200 plus cases jam High Court Judge
03:07:52a Best Buy US9.99 TV was too good to be true
03:08:12a Obama tacitly backs military's takeover of Honduran democracy
03:08:19a ExxonMobil Pleads Guilty to Killing Protected Birds
03:08:25a Four Puerto Rico police officers convicted in beating
03:08:30a Wal-Mart Inc. posts flat second quarter profit, beats expectations
03:08:35a Shot in the head while on the phone with 911
03:08:41a Calif. Rail Strike Could Leave Thousands Stranded
03:08:46a Pirie lead danger keeps easing
03:08:58a Marion girl impaled on bicycle handlebar
03:09:03a Church offers bail for grooming-accused priest
03:09:09a 'Breath of Qiang' stages in Beijing
03:09:18a Key 10-year JGB yield falls to 2-week intraday low on lower U.S. rates+
03:09:23a Roxby mine royalties review promised
03:09:29a Clinton Dismisses Flap, Calls Africa Trip 'Great'
03:09:34a CEO Gibson was wary of Les Paul guitar
03:09:40a Businesses Take a Hit At Canada Border
03:09:46a Defense gives judge murderer's written confession
03:09:52a 9/11 New World Order plan Europe, America vs Russia, China
03:09:57a Vick signs with Eagles
03:10:02a Taxi of tomorrow The space-age pods with no driver, no fumes
03:10:08a Fiji mining company seeks Philippine listing
03:10:14a Drug shows cancer stem cells not invulnerable
03:10:19a UN expresses concern about Suu Kyi, EU adopts more sanctions
03:10:25a AIG Consumer Finance Unit Announces Loss, Layoffs
03:10:30a Police search for suspect involved in wreck while fleeing
03:10:36a Tough climate goals risk huge costs Lomborg
03:10:41a High School Football Preview Oak Hill Red Devils
03:10:47a Deal with US Airways gives Delta second hub in N.Y.
03:10:52a Leprosy
03:10:58a FW You weren't supposed to hear this
03:11:03a Mexican bishop runs over six people
03:11:08a Hudson crash air traffic controllers suspended
03:11:14a Non-parole cut for hills arsonist
03:11:19a Typhoon survivor 'No way to escape'
03:11:25a Press conference of TV play 'Those Innocent Years' held in Beijing
03:11:30a Budget turnaround ACT records surplus
03:11:36a Golf Ishikawa off to slow start at U.S. PGA Championship+
03:11:41a Crash bodies on the way to Port Moresby
03:11:47a 'Critically' Low Supply of Blood, Donors Needed
03:11:52a Orleans Homebuilders Announces Amendment to Revolving Credit Facility
03:11:58a Michael Vick Lands Job With Philadelphia Eagles
03:12:03a Civil servant told to feed pigs or else
03:12:08a FW It works
03:12:14a Increased Ocean Acidification In Alaska Waters
03:12:19a LEAD Some BOJ policymakers say emergency steps may be extended into 2010+
03:12:25a Ma Ying-jeou accepts U.S. help for flood victims
03:12:30a Orbiting The Moon With Orion
03:12:36a Motorcyclist arrested after fleeing, crashing
03:12:41a State
03:12:46a Teen dies at Grand Canyon after water runs out
03:12:52a ANALYSTS' VIEW Australia PM could still call early election
03:12:58a UN fails to slam Aung San Suu Kyi conviction
03:13:03a Drugs, Explosives Found In Strip Club Owner's Home
03:13:09a LEAD Tokyo stocks rise on global recovery hopes after U.S., Europe gains+
03:13:14a Call to reassure region over US-Colombia base deal
03:13:20a Hauled to safety over raging river
03:13:26a Cramer's 'Stop Trading!' Regions Financial
03:13:31a Meat Loaf, Ace Frehley to lead rock fantasy camp
03:13:37a Rudd rules out double dissolution poll
03:13:55a Gormley believes Nama will go ahead
03:14:00a NASA Drops 'Spiders' Into Volcano
03:14:06a Les Paul On Inventing The Electric Guitar
03:14:11a Opposition wants green laws passed
03:14:17a 2 cops linked to car theft ring nabbed
03:14:23a People come together to mourn fallen soldier in Paris
03:14:28a Survey reveals 6.5% pay rise for managers
03:14:33a Cramer's 'Mad Money' Follow-Up Aug. 13
03:14:39a Woman who conned job applicants held by NBI
03:14:44a Marathon Oil Oil Winners and Losers
03:14:50a US sprinter Tyson Gay speaks with journalists during a press conference in Berlin
03:14:56a Man allegedly throws beer bottle at toddler, beats mom at birthday party
03:15:01a Search is on for missing cow
03:15:07a Double-Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt
03:15:13a Priest faces online sex grooming charge
03:15:18a Expert Dog could have severed boy's genitals
03:15:23a Singapore faces two challenges to excel in future Lee Kuan Yew
03:15:29a Poland needs more hardware, not men in Afghanistan PM
03:15:35a NT snaps five-day losing streak on U.S. recovery signs
03:15:40a Inflation Under Control Tomorrow's Headliners
03:15:45a Riky Flutey has opted for Brive
03:15:51a Young Fla. journalist interviews Obama
03:15:56a Myanmar condemnations fall on deaf ears
03:16:02a Two young men killed in 'horrific' Kerry crash
03:16:08a Redskins Ravens Football
03:16:13a Morocco eying business tourists
03:16:18a Two men charged in five-hour SWAT standoff
03:16:24a Human Rights Watch calls for probe into killings of Gaza civ
03:16:30a UP sues herbal drink manufacturer
03:16:35a Comair hunts bargain planes
03:16:41a Man holding 'Death to Obama' sign detained
03:16:46a Trial weighs heavily on citizen judges
03:16:52a Ha Noi ponders naming streets after world capitals
03:16:57a School Zone HISD bucking trend when it comes to nurses
03:17:03a Killer husband's cupboard surprise
03:17:08a Morocco grants Irish San Leon exploration license
03:17:13a Priest in 'grooming' sting
03:17:19a Navy Pilot's Remains Return 18 Years After Gulf War
03:17:24a Three LA policemen survived in helicopter crash-landing
03:17:30a Rate cut gives analysts a 'pleasant' shock
03:17:35a FAA suspends two over fatal Hudson crash
03:17:41a One-year-old boy died in car due to heat
03:17:47a Ateneo student kin's plea vs driver nixed
03:17:52a 2 men held for robbery, guard slay
03:17:57a Jonny Wilkinson has joined up at ambitious Toulon
03:18:03a Rangarajan back as PMEAC chief
03:18:09a Saina Nehwal in World Badminton quarter-finals
03:18:14a Porsche to be absorbed into VW?
03:18:19a Citadel's E*Trade Support Shows Cracks
03:18:25a Map showing the Afghan provinces with a strong Taliban presence
03:18:31a The Lusaka trial has been bogged down by legal technicalities and Chiluba's poor health
03:18:36a Christians call upon the US & the EU
03:18:41a Little Miami School Levy On November Ballot
03:18:47a Dollar's Slump Continues
03:18:52a New TSA Security Rules Take Effect This Saturday
03:18:58a City of San Marcos considers deer management
03:19:04a Fact file on a proposed military base agreement between the US and Colombia
03:19:09a Leighton shares rocket on King outlook
03:19:15a Will Ferguson, Man U fans be ruing Ronaldo's exit
03:19:20a Woman confesses she lied about rape
03:19:26a New drunk driving laws provide some healing to families
03:19:31a 2009 Miss Tourism candidates take charity tour in China
03:19:37a Employees investigated in mid-air crash
03:19:42a Minister quits Kirk over gay ordination row
03:19:48a Nordstrom Abandoned by Luxury Shoppers
03:19:53a Air traffic controllers 'suspended' after NY crash
03:19:59a Violence in the Streets; Coup Govt Delegates in Washington
03:20:28a New head at Broadband department
03:20:33a Republic wins bid for Frontier, beats SWA
03:20:38a Karzai 'spending his way to victory in Afghanistan'
03:20:44a NYC air-traffic controller on phone with girlfriend when copter, plane crashed
03:20:49a TV Big Brother 11
03:20:55a UN chief hails renewed U.S. engagement with UN   
03:21:00a Eskom agrees to wage hike
03:21:06a Japan trainmaker shares jump on Vietnam deal report
03:21:11a UN 'concerned' over Aung San Suu Kyi sentence
03:21:17a N. Korea frees S. Korean
03:21:22a Irish Ex-President Awarded Medal Despite Attacks
03:21:27a Teen allegedly brought gun to school
03:21:33a APD to add more officers Downtown
03:21:38a 2 Men Charged In Auto Shop Break-In
03:21:44a Gates More Afghans can vote safely
03:21:49a Fighting Fraud in Afghanistan's Elections
03:21:54a Schilling 'really impressed' with U-M's three freshman o-linemen
03:21:59a As Bay Fans, Verlander Bids Hub Adieu
03:22:04a Man guilty over 'disabled fight club'
03:22:10a RBA sees shallow economic downturn
03:22:15a EXCLUSIVE Deputies Speak Out After Being Shot
03:22:21a Tatas secure pvt funding for JLR
03:22:26a Mass. builder to hire homeless
03:22:32a Judge orders work stopped on Maury Is. mine
03:22:37a Gates Additional troops for Afghanistan still possible
03:22:43a Holbrooke Heralds US Engagement Pre-Election
03:22:48a Cops tell Lincoln Park residents to be alert
03:22:53a US Attorney Gregory Lockhart Stepping Down
03:22:59a U.S. resumes training of Georgian troops
03:23:04a FAA Places 2 on Leave after Hudson Crash
03:23:09a the USA in Vietnam
03:23:15a Are some Big Ten bowl swaps on the horizon?
03:23:20a Nadal rolls into Montreal quarterfinals
03:23:25a Green Derby To Reopen This Fall
03:23:30a Britain`s railway trade unions call strikes
03:23:38a Retailers Post Weak Earnings and July Sales
03:23:44a Vestas scuttle the f*cker
03:23:54a Video Game Sales Slide in July For the Fifth Straight Month
03:23:59a Air controller with link to crash in NY suspended
03:24:08a It's Your Move, Mr. President
03:24:14a Chaaban fined in storm over coffee cup
03:24:19a Stella sales jump by nearly 7 per cent in UK
03:24:25a AES Tiete's Net Income in 2Q09 was R 199 Million, to be Fully...
03:24:30a GC board ponders fate of bond interest
03:24:35a Aegon posts fourth loss to partly repay state aid
03:24:40a Guitar Hero Les Paul Dies at Age 94
03:24:45a Italian tax authorities investigate Agnellis
03:24:51a Missing Crosby woman’s body found Thursday
03:24:56a Appeals court revives whistle-blower suit alleging J&J paid doctors to sell anemia drug
03:25:01a Wall St up as Wal-Mart offsets data
03:25:06a NFL Preseason TV Schedule Holds Some Interesting Debuts and Returns
03:25:12a Tucker takes the Pru back up to the top
03:25:17a Asian Commodity Stocks Jump In Early Trading
03:25:22a Clinton Balances Criticism, Praise In Africa
03:25:27a Any more takers for island job?
03:25:33a Developer's collapse threatens Irish bailout
03:25:38a Stuck in the slow lane
03:25:43a Minka Kelly vs. Kate Hudson Trouble in Yankee Stadium?
03:25:48a Pawnbroker Albemarle turns to Stevenson as new boss
03:25:54a Klitschko expects slug fest
03:25:59a Toxic alcohol claims 3 more lives
03:26:05a A Million Health Care Campaign Hits The Airwaves
03:26:10a Volkswagen and Porsche Close In on Deal to Combine
03:26:15a Ten Things You Never Knew About... Twins
03:26:20a Amid recession, Mboweni surprises markets as repo rate is cut to 7%
03:27:10a Republic beats Southwest in bid for Frontier Air
03:27:24a Killings of Pakistanis Somalia assures arrest of culprits
03:27:30a Winnipeg CA Abby & Dominic Maryk
03:27:37a Steve Jobs Driving Himself to Work Again, Apparently Nerdspotting
03:27:42a Mandeville Mayor Price indicted on one count of perjury
03:27:48a IE 8 is Microsoft's champion in browser wars
03:28:08a Interview with wife of Canadian journalist jailed in Iran
03:28:16a Google Thinks All New Yorkers Who Fly Into JFK Are Arab Glitches
03:28:22a 7 common money mistakes
03:28:41a The Latest from Kodak The Kodak EasyShare Z1085
03:28:46a Court considers quadriplegic's wish to die
03:28:52a Recession talk is over, now the recovery speculation begins...
03:28:59a Call for child services portfolio
03:29:05a John Edwards to Finally Acknowledge Knocking Up Rielle Hunter Confessions
03:29:10a Tarentum couple arrested on charges of endangering welfare of children
03:29:15a Michael Phelps Crashes Car Breaking
03:29:21a Bankruptcies in Dutch trade, business services sectors hit record high
03:29:26a Wuling minis go global under GM Chevrolet brand
03:29:32a China stockpiling uranium for new reactors, supplier says
03:29:37a Jayant Patel to stand trial in Australia
03:29:42a Vick Signs Deal with Philadelphia Eagles
03:29:48a TV Sam Bass fire official arrested on child pornography charges
03:29:53a With Sony's ePub Move, Adobe Wins
03:29:58a Northwood Anti-War Vigil – weekly for three years
03:30:04a Stolen taxi used in robberies in Osaka
03:30:09a Sinohydro inks power plant deal with Laos' energy firm
03:30:14a Japan Tertiary Industry Index Up 0.1% In June
03:30:20a AB InBev gets shot in arm from cost reductions
03:30:25a BioFuel Reports Second Quarter Results
03:30:30a Mainland firms making beeline to HK bourse
03:30:36a Netroots Nation
03:30:41a France's economy grows 0.3% in Q2
03:30:47a Payment into China's national gov't social security fund rises 19 pct in H1
03:30:52a Star securities analyst faces insider trading charges
03:30:57a Dutch economy shrinks by 5.1% in Q2
03:31:03a WTO report challenges China's cultural market
03:31:08a Distributors up in arms against Nokia
03:31:13a Thursday Night Music Jerry's Breakdown, Four Hand Style
03:31:19a Dingbat dictatorship in Belarus invents magical anti-cancer pockets for school uniforms
03:31:24a Can butter keep burglars away?
03:31:30a QFIIs hike investment in stocks
03:31:35a New Penny Draws Big Crowd In Springfield
03:31:40a 2016 Olympics Approves Golf and Rugby; Votes Down Softball and Baseball
03:31:46a Robbers 'wearing latex masks'
03:31:51a Gold gains slightly as dollar falls after retail sales, jobless data
03:31:57a Crown & #39;s Macau JV raises & #36;US200m
03:32:02a Child trafficking 'hidden problem'
03:32:07a Fosun hikes stake in Tongjitang
03:32:12a Video Raja Sen reviews Kaminey
03:32:18a Sagem My421z Stay Away from It
03:32:23a Pomersbach fined for assault on officer
03:32:28a Ding Dong Dang Dairy robbed
03:32:34a Kennywood's new coaster will reach 50
03:32:39a U.S, Mexico Aim To Stop Weapons Flow
03:32:44a Seago's Snow Cones Provides Refreshing Treat
03:32:50a Feds Eye Mich. Prison For Gitmo Detainees
03:32:55a Quebec mystery man posts anti-Jewish videos on YouTube
03:33:00a Dumontier upbeat about F1 return to Montreal
03:33:06a Tips to Secure Your Computer from a Virus
03:33:11a Man stabbed in the face in Lake Worth
03:33:17a Guilty Plea in S.F. Bay Oil Spill
03:33:23a Has Piracy Spread to Europe's Waters?
03:33:28a Labour slams health changes
03:33:33a Rural auto subsidy extended
03:33:39a US Clears ISRO Launch Of Algerian Satellites
03:33:44a Canadian airport to test ‘behaviour detection’ program
03:33:49a US beef sales to S.Korea fall on slow customer take-up
03:33:54a Rise in home repossessions expected
03:34:00a Bank of Japan saw 'nervous' market last month
03:34:05a Rossiter asks court for right to die
03:34:10a Magna set to acquire Opel and Vauxhall
03:34:16a U.S. retail sales fall 0.1% in July
03:34:21a Californian jails undergo major check as allegations involving inmate abuses arise
03:34:27a Hang Seng May Challenge 21,000-Point Level Again
03:34:33a Argentina demands Honduran ambassador stop supporting coup
03:34:38a U.S. business inventories drop for tenth straight month
03:34:43a What next for PPP and Murugiah
03:34:48a Some 1,200 orphans under official shelters in Malaysia
03:34:54a Ford increases third-quarter production under cash for clunkers program
03:34:59a Why MRIs Don't Lead to Better Cancer-Survival Rates
03:35:05a Toronto asks Ottawa for stimulus funding for 500 projects
03:35:10a Ontario girl heading home after Alberta heart-valve surgery
03:35:16a Big Shareholder Objects to Bankrate Deal
03:35:21a Clinton Dodges Question About Temper
03:35:30a Labor survives no-confidence vote in NT
03:35:35a Dog could have severed boy's genitals
03:35:41a Iran urges ban on attacking nuke inst
03:35:46a New police chief's front line pledge
03:35:52a Emirates' considering Gold Coast flights
03:35:57a Calf born with five legs
03:36:02a Sixty trekkers may be stranded at Kokoda
03:36:07a Philadelphia throws Vick a bone
03:36:13a B.C. university adds grade worse than F
03:36:18a Difficult emissions struggle for Labor
03:36:24a Sacramento County Seeks More Teachers
03:36:29a Eleven people cleared of Hendra virus
03:36:34a Wall Street edges higher despite weak economic data
03:36:40a Daly hands boost to Dundee United
03:36:45a Town Halls Get Rowdy
03:36:50a Surrey woman sues over laser facial-hair removal
03:36:56a Carefree Nadal dances his way into quarters at Montreal
03:37:01a A man who lived modestly, ate little, and lived to be 108
03:37:06a Aunt Vigil for 4-year-old was about her life, not her death
03:37:16a Russian public opinion and the Georgia war
03:37:21a Tests clear 18 of Hendra
03:37:26a Fire crews monitor bushfire
03:37:32a Well deal-in midfielder Hateley
03:37:37a Kyle and Jackie O newsreader says sorry
03:37:42a Thomas Cook hit by swine flu as it scraps 2010 forecast
03:37:47a Australia's Bec Hewitt launches legal action over 'Minder Mark'
03:37:52a Lead cloud to hang over Perth, says Mayor
03:37:58a Scottish home sales 'on the turn'
03:38:13a Lake Council won't fund state-ordered referendum
03:38:18a Portland Police intensify downtown surveillance after sit-lie ruling
03:38:23a Tony Negus announced as new AFP Commissioner
03:38:29a Aussie pair on fire
03:38:34a Backlink Your Way to Internet Success
03:38:39a McCubbin as you've never seen him before
03:38:44a Music Legend Les Paul Dies
03:38:49a Court rejects Southwest Airlines’ bid for Frontier
03:38:55a Unemployment, Interest Rates Will Rise
03:39:00a Gadd's call on contract payout
03:39:05a Inflation expectations are up for a third month
03:39:11a Girl, 10, rides bike into school bus
03:39:16a Nuttall to appeal jail sentence
03:39:21a Bartlett won't rule out Green alliance
03:39:26a Patel to face trial in March
03:39:32a Libyan convicted in Lockerbie bombing could be freed, reports say
03:39:37a Are we trying to recruit dough boys
03:39:42a Kenyan leader urges traders to lower commodity prices
03:39:48a Nick Leslau's Max Property deal under threat from rival
03:39:53a Southwest Airlines fails to acquire Frontier Airlines
03:39:58a 'Pitiless' stepdad jailed for killings
03:40:04a Hay won't let copyright battle get him down
03:40:09a United Church puts anti-Israel resolutions on hold
03:40:14a Harassed Indian husbands rally for their rights
03:40:20a EnerDel ramps up search for battery plant
03:40:25a Swine flu kills American tourist
03:40:30a Life sentence for killing wife, daughter
03:40:36a Let There Be Somewhat Geeky Light
03:40:41a Father to give evidence in Sica triple murder hearing
03:40:46a Get the right people into council jobs
03:40:52a iPhone & iPod Touch Applications that Are Worth the Money Part 3
03:40:57a Fraser warns on petrol price collusion
03:41:02a Tiger Angus Graham swells Tassie pride
03:41:07a Asda delivers strong sales after customer traffic hits record highs
03:41:13a Ottawa considers mandatory minimums for financial crime
03:41:18a Parents 'devastated' by loss
03:41:23a Marshall Major Taylor's legacy pedals on
03:41:29a Pilots Cloud Deal for Frontier Air
03:41:34a Firefighters Feel Heat Of Budget Delay
03:41:39a Rain chances to return in Oklahoma
03:41:44a Apple's 'iPad' Tablet Coming September 7?
03:41:50a Credit cards targeted in street scams
03:41:55a Charges over traffic controller death
03:42:01a Gresham neighbors hope smelly house can be cleaned up
03:42:06a ILO team in Zim
03:42:11a Taser to file suit over Braidwood findings report
03:42:17a Arab states lobby EU to back probe of Israel nuclear program
03:42:22a Simple Steps to Increased MacBook Battery Life
03:42:27a Oregon cracks top 10 states with highest foreclosure filings
03:42:33a 43 soldiers, extremists die in raid
03:42:38a Paraguay halts vote on Venezuela joining Mercosur
03:42:44a Global Video' New N.Y. plane crash video
03:42:49a Starstruck by the Samsung S5230 Star
03:42:54a Game sales hurt
03:42:59a Three accused of theft
03:43:04a ‘Use land fully to defeat sanctions’
03:43:09a Body found with missing lower lip
03:43:15a Legal spotlight on male circumcision
03:43:20a Israel checks reported kidnapping late into the night
03:43:26a Volatility more than expected
03:43:31a Wenger admits to selective myopia
03:43:37a John Daly pulls out of PGA Championship
03:43:42a Trescothick opts out of the Ashes
03:43:47a CIT's nonbankruptcy bankruptcy
03:43:53a ZCTU Threaten to Sue ZBC over False Story
03:43:58a Doctors’ strike blamed on Treasury oversight
03:44:03a Brazil, China should increase economic links to sustain growth
03:44:09a The good, the baddies and the ugliest evil
03:44:14a A new satellite for Portugal
03:44:19a Zhombe woman decapitates hubby
03:44:25a A Technocrat Shakes Up the Afghan Race
03:44:30a Optimism Bypasses Consumers
03:44:35a Health care event attendee lied about being doctor
03:44:40a New tool to fight alcohol-fueled crimes
03:44:46a Groser leaves for Asian trade summit
03:44:51a Better than Star The Motorola A3100
03:44:56a Capping Jobs
03:45:01a Surgeon Tweets In Operating Room
03:45:07a Premier pair make Duff bid
03:45:12a House prices relatively high Stevens
03:45:18a Air traffic controllers stood down
03:45:23a Kingston tells Driver to move on
03:45:28a Netscape Founder Backs New Browser
03:45:33a Why Comox Valley Is Launching Its Own Currency
03:45:38a Nuttall lodges appeal against conviction
03:45:44a Les Paul, guitar hero, dies at 94
03:45:49a Two Screens on a Camera Are Better Than One
03:45:55a Chavez forges socialist economy with legislative offensive
03:46:00a Air Traffic Controllers In Hudson Crash Suspended
03:46:05a RBA warns home buyers over rates rises
03:46:10a Caught in a Mortgage Squeeze
03:46:16a United risk Uefa ruling with latest Italian raid
03:46:21a Business Owner Fires on 4 Robbers, Killing 2, Police Say
03:46:26a Hungarian guard who helped to end communism
03:46:32a Husband leapt out of cupboard to kill lover wife jailed
03:46:37a Obama to Take On Health'Care Critics
03:46:42a Liquidators lined up for Babcock & Brown
03:46:47a Council nixes proposed gas, power tax hike
03:46:52a Don't mention the GFC
03:46:58a There Are Links, and Then There Are Anchored Links!
03:47:03a Chavez aids Antigua-Barbuda after Stanford fraud scandal
03:47:08a Obama's Senior Moment
03:47:14a Deficit Plays Into Health Reform
03:47:19a BenQ-Siemens A53 Dont Judge the Book by Its Cover
03:47:24a Win a golfing break in Portugal's Costa da Prata
03:47:30a Newmont strikes gold, copper at WA mine
03:47:35a Reports of damage from Aug. 4 flood sought
03:47:41a Jamaica PM hopeful on Venezuela oil deal changes
03:47:46a China's nuke chief ousted for violations
03:47:52a RBA forecast jobless peak under 8.5%
03:47:57a Taylor Named U.S. Ambassador To Melanesia
03:48:02a Mike Huckabee To Speak At East Jerusalem Hotel
03:48:07a Allen Tries to Shake Off the 'Macaca' Shadow
03:48:12a Tehachapi Turns 100
03:48:18a Animal Aid Association sale set for Saturday
03:48:23a WesternOne Equity Income Fund Announces Release of Q2 2009...
03:48:28a Australia carbon trading scheme blocked in parliament
03:48:33a Australia PM Kevin Rudd says no intention to call snap poll
03:48:39a Life sentence for NSW man who killed wife and step-daughter
03:48:44a The Generation of 'Palestine First'!
03:48:49a Apple's move to block Google Voice app leads to AT&T speculation
03:48:54a Israel killed unarmed Palestinians HRW
03:49:00a Edwards To Admit Fathering Mistress' Child
03:49:05a Tourists face car hire shortage
03:49:10a From 'Yes, We Can,' to 'No! Don't!'
03:49:15a Getting Healthy While On The Job
03:49:21a Mexico, Dominican Rep. sign statistic cooperation agreement
03:49:26a Farm Workers Get Free Health Screening
03:49:32a Israel's death toll of A/H1N1 reaches 8
03:49:37a 10 Texting Rules for Dating Singles
03:49:42a Politician urges Rockford to ban video gambling
03:49:48a Oust Willie!
03:49:53a Retail sales up-is the recession over?
03:49:58a Major Internet porn syndicate dismantled
03:50:06a Students get first look at Legacy Charter School
03:50:11a How to get the cheapest flights on BA
03:50:16a Phelps unhurt after Maryland car crash
03:50:22a City of Rockford considers more two-way streets downtown
03:50:27a AVJennings posts annual net loss
03:50:32a Asbestos victims seek assurance on compo
03:50:37a Wartime tunnels opened to public
03:50:42a Children must share the burden
03:50:48a Dallas Cowboys 2009 Schedule Has Fans Excited About Team
03:50:53a Where Boom Times Slow, but Never End
03:50:58a Disciplinary actions against employees in connection with midair collision that killed nine
03:51:03a Mayor to be installed today
03:51:09a Fast Food Freebies Have Folks Flocking In
03:51:14a Survival of the Dead Trailer George A Romero's New Zombie Film
03:51:19a Horse found wandering the streets
03:51:24a Portuguese Man of War invasion closes Hanauma Bay
03:51:30a US, Colombia likely to finalize agreement on using 7 bases this month, official says
03:51:35a No Fiji in Trinidad for Commonwealth Conference
03:51:40a Jackson doctor bought anestheticsource
03:51:46a Israel sells off refugees? hopes
03:51:51a Zesa workers chased in Gweru
03:51:56a Genetic Mutation May Dictate Sleep Habits
03:52:01a Jessica Voth Sues Ex-Boyfriend for Posting Nude Internet Photos
03:52:07a Games Worth Buying for iPod Touch and iPhone
03:52:12a Dean responds to 'outlandish' claims
03:52:18a Hollywood Hit on Glenn Beck
03:52:23a Heidi Montag's naked ambitions
03:52:28a Church members and business associates remember murdered Gatlinburg business woman
03:52:33a Four Bahamian students awarded Chinese scholarships
03:52:39a Disappearing Oleophobic Coating on iPhone 3GS
03:52:44a Youth of the Americas debate secondary education
03:52:49a 'Clunker' Sales Give Ford a Boost
03:52:55a Israeli consul rebuked over memo critical of government
03:53:00a Qld Treasurer rejects 'axis of evil' GST claim
03:53:05a VW and Porsche approve merger deal
03:53:10a China Shares Expected To Continue Recovery
03:53:16a Palestinian gunmen attack Jewish motorists
03:53:21a French teen kills parents and twin brothers
03:53:31a IDEM has tips for safe vehicle washing
03:53:46a 'Sex,' 'Porn' On List Of Kids' Top Web Searches
03:53:51a Capital City Cluster Dog Show
03:53:57a Driver blacks out and crashes in Elkhart Thursday
03:54:02a Taiwan Government To Draw Up Special Budget For Typhoon Official
03:54:07a Dutch society dangerously permissive
03:54:12a Climate warming and treelines studied
03:54:18a my lies, fears and saying no to Madrid
03:54:23a 17 Alleged Drug Gang Members Arrested
03:54:28a IRS Granted Access to Textron Papers
03:54:34a Gays and lesbians often seek health care
03:54:39a Student with flu 'critical' in Guangdong
03:54:44a The Secure Flight Program
03:54:53a Boxing Group's Event to Help Manhattan Kids
03:54:58a Argentina removes Honduran envoy
03:55:03a Net filter optional Beijing official
03:55:09a Death in the shadow of the Diggers
03:55:14a TABLE-J-Bridge 1qtr group results
03:55:28a Chrysler Creditors Can Sue Daimler
03:55:41a Top EPA Staffers to Tour Treece, Kansas
03:55:46a Cones And Crews Will Soon Hit 29th & Fairlawn
03:55:52a Lower Fuel Prices Boost Korean Air
03:55:57a 1,000 Homes Evacuated Near N. Calif. Fire
03:56:02a What Is Shingles? What Causes Shingles?
03:56:11a What's on your jealous mind? Chat with old flame on Facebook can cause trouble
03:56:19a Build Panda Town around the world
03:56:24a China Merchants to Raise Capital
03:56:29a Portly drunken man forms guardrail sandwich
03:56:39a England should recall Ramprakash for Oval
03:56:44a Obama's aunt The president was born in the US
03:56:49a UPDATE 1-Soccer-World Cup qualifying for North/Central America
03:56:55a Actor John Quade dies
03:57:00a 'Laptop caught in butt' video a fake expert
03:57:05a PM denies early election plans
03:57:10a PRESS DIGEST Singapore newspapers August 14
03:57:16a Punjabi flavour dominates in 'Dil Bole Hadippa' music
03:57:21a Cash-for-positions probe in police service to start Monday
03:57:27a Mosquito sample in Boston contains West Nile Virus
03:57:32a Holland's chief rabbi Dutch society dangerously permissive
03:57:38a Huge Storm Detected On Titan
03:57:43a Vick to sign with Eagles
03:57:48a Brad Pitt's great outdoors
03:57:54a The world must open its doors to Islamic finance
03:58:00a Lindner Tennis Center To Grow Again
03:58:05a Over 600 children in NW China plagued by blood lead
03:58:10a Iran MPs condemn foreign `meddling` in Iran
03:58:16a Afghanistan report won't include U.S. troop request, Gates says
03:58:21a Kiwis play it safe in Sri Lanka
03:58:27a Australia Telstra's annual profit jumps 10%
03:58:32a Post-Lehman galas see shrinking gift bags, even none
03:58:38a Toyota to make more fuel-efficient hybrid report
03:58:43a Macau Credit Pact Boost for Sands
03:58:48a Patent ball now in Microsoft
03:58:54a Official opening for herb factory
03:58:59a Emirates' Christchurch service receives makeover in time for the New Zealand ski season
03:59:04a US Defends Plan to Use Colombian Military Bases
03:59:10a UPDATE 1-Drug compound kills breast cancer stem cells
03:59:16a Jaw Dropping Natural Remedies Cellulite Simply Can't Defeat
03:59:21a Japan automakers question changing 'clunkers' program
03:59:26a Economic growth drives commodities, sugar surges
03:59:31a Flip Flops Are Dirty
03:59:37a At least 15 killed in double suicide bombing in north Iraq
03:59:42a Stay out of 'District 9'
03:59:48a EU opens dumping probe against China chemical
03:59:53a U.S. '10 car sales may top 11.5 mil. J.D. Power
03:59:59a Country Should Not Be Forever At the Mercy of the Weather
04:00:04a President Obama Backtracks on NAFTA Renegotiation
04:00:09a Airport security to monitor travellers' facial expressions, body language
04:00:15a Sea The Stars must face tougher tests
04:00:20a My Most Successful Dieting Experience
04:00:25a Asian markets boosted by U.S. Fed's upbeat outlook
04:00:30a Kiss Change Goodbye If You Won't Think for Yourself opinion
04:00:35a Port Magpies coach stepping down
04:00:41a The Persistence and Ingenuity of the Iranian Opposition
04:00:46a AirAsia's profit surges 1,378 percent in Q2
04:00:52a Broadband fibre rolling out Minister
04:00:57a U.S., Switzerland keep deal on secret accounts under wraps
04:01:03a Tropical Storm GUILLERMO Forecast/Advisory Number 7
04:01:09a Firms to drill for oil off South Korea's east coast
04:01:14a Amazon Defense Coalition Deep Pockets
04:01:20a Early Humans Used Fire To Make Tools From Stone
04:01:26a Suicide bombers kill many in Iraq town populated by Yazidis
04:01:31a U.S. judge blocks sale of DVD copying software
04:01:37a Almost Half a Million Turkish Tourists Visited Syria Last Year
04:01:43a Red Flag goes up at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas
04:01:48a Scientists spot storm clouds on Saturn's moon
04:01:54a Michael Vick signs two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles
04:01:59a China draft rules aimed at foreign price deals
04:02:05a Prudential's H1 profit falls, raises dividend
04:02:10a ‘Clunker' program revs up demand
04:02:16a Brief storm lights up Puget Sound
04:02:21a Ssangyong resumes production after strike
04:02:27a Thai consumer confidence edges up in July
04:02:32a Salida ‘back from the abyss'
04:02:38a Anheuser Busch InBev makes US1.1 bil. Q2 profit
04:02:43a GM will assemble Volt battery packs in Michigan
04:02:49a Britons unite to defend health system from U.S. jibes
04:02:54a Woman seeking to get pregnant cons old man
04:03:00a Tropical Storm GUILLERMO Wind Speed Probabilities Number 7
04:03:05a Lead poisons hundreds of Chinese kids
04:03:11a Teddy Bear Invitational
04:03:16a Tropical Storm GUILLERMO Public Advisory Number 7
04:03:21a American Hydrotech Associates Accredited as Green Roof Professionals
04:03:27a 'Tele-transporting' to Champs Elysees online
04:03:33a Chemical plant blast in E China kills at least three
04:03:38a Martian life appears less likely, study reveals
04:03:44a Taiwan Memory to get up to NT2 billion investment
04:03:49a Main events scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 15+
04:03:54a How to beat inflation
04:04:00a Rod Serling Bus
04:04:05a CSU Experiment Takes Flight With NASA
04:04:11a What Exactly Did the Cabinet Decide On a Special Tribunal opinion
04:04:16a Beckham ready to snub Pre...
04:04:22a Mahlangu Trial Postponed and Judge Dismisses Bennett Application
04:04:27a Tukuni vua na lotu me qarava nona i tavi
04:04:33a Thief scurries to police to evade victim, pursuers
04:04:38a Caltech Scientists Discover Storms In The Tropics Of Titan
04:04:44a Recession, debt drag on U.S. commercial real estate
04:04:50a Hedge funds rally in July on stock gains Eurekahedge
04:04:55a Choking on Ice Should the 'Heimlich Maneuver' Be Performed?
04:05:00a Nicole Wants To Know Creating Music To Make Movies Come To Life
04:05:06a seven trucks en route to tunnels seized
04:05:12a NASCAR on FOX Michigan preview
04:05:17a For road workers, it's always hazardous duty
04:05:23a Former President Clinton says Republicans promote health care fears out of political weakness
04:05:29a Tax remains on trading unlisted companies' stock
04:05:35a Kenya, Malaysia tie scoreless in soccer friendly
04:05:40a Gold gains a second day on weaker dollar
04:05:45a 2 traditional classes open at Chandler school
04:05:51a 10 Tips to Avoid Becoming Prey to Medical Errors
04:05:56a Cljsters marches into quarters as Pennetta pounds Venus Summary
04:06:12a Stolen Gallipoli flag reappears
04:06:21a 8 Great Health Tips for Parents
04:06:27a Father of car-crash victim cared for by contrite killer
04:06:33a Right for women to box clever at Games
04:06:38a W.H. asks for to add to Army
04:06:44a DPP won't appeal fatal bashing sentences
04:06:49a Cap-and-ban could kill carbon market, warns broker
04:06:55a NZ house prices, sales volumes static in July
04:07:01a Bank of America drops required arbitration for credit and banking customers
04:07:06a Recession off the menu at Cuisine
04:07:11a Rebel MLA ignoring us community
04:07:16a Yoga Prevents Middle-Aged Spread
04:07:22a No jail terms for exorcism manslaughter culprits
04:07:27a 299 birds stolen from Natural History Museum
04:07:32a NZ signs three more tax info agreements
04:08:01a Take Charge Thursday Help feeding your kids
04:08:07a ATM van robbed outside mall
04:08:12a Millions of homeowners unable to move house
04:08:18a New Zealand Market Opens Slightly Weaker, Ignoring Wall Street's Positive Overnight Lead
04:08:23a Mitchells falls amid further FTSE gains
04:08:28a First exhibition a joint local showcase
04:08:33a Woods eases ahead in duel
04:08:38a Old-school gamers embrace change as Gen Con gets app
04:08:44a Apple Board to Meet on Schmidt Seat
04:08:49a Sunday treat key to great Kiwi weekend
04:08:54a Doctors Weigh In On End-Of-Life Counseling
04:09:00a Infection and stillbirth
04:09:05a Sir Cliff's Christchurch show sells out, another show added
04:09:11a 'Town brawls' have California reps rethinking how to reach out
04:09:16a Jury decides in 'fight club' case
04:09:21a Anshel Pfeffer / Annotated Mein Kampf would only boost the Nazi myth
04:09:27a Deer Hunting Lawsuit Loses A Plaintiff
04:09:33a FAA Places 2 Employee on Leave Following Hudson Plane Crash
04:09:38a Man 'crushed' to death at Fonterra plant
04:09:44a New Survey Measure For Magazines
04:09:49a A focus on innovation attracts readers
04:09:54a HIGHLIGHTS Indonesia president's state of nation address
04:10:00a Demanded and Not Supplied opinion
04:10:05a Rugby Sevens for Olympics
04:10:11a Vinyasa Yoga Boosts Calorie Burning
04:10:16a Full steam ahead from Inglewood community
04:10:21a Putting a price on culture
04:10:27a How to Deal with Stress at School
04:10:32a Madrid betray my beliefs
04:10:38a Man charged with the murder of Wellington man
04:10:43a Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter
04:10:49a Olympic superstar Bolt aims to build on Beijing
04:10:54a Voters Loud and Clear on Referendum
04:10:59a Population rising as number of over-65s surges
04:11:05a China Merchants Bank To Raise up to Billion
04:11:11a Breast Cancer Foundation Takes Principled Stand
04:11:16a Icahn Becomes Target of Investor Ire
04:11:22a NZ consumers spend more in June quarter
04:11:27a NZ retail volumes up, will boost 2Q GDP figures
04:11:32a Coach Dick Jauron's Notes From Camp
04:11:38a 2 employees investigated in mid-air collision
04:11:43a NZ Gardener magazine growing like topsy
04:11:52a Parole revoked for killer suspected of helping in prison escape
04:11:58a How to Deal with Stress at Work
04:12:04a Wildfire forces evacuation in California
04:12:09a Emotions high over 'release' of Lockerbie bomber
04:12:15a In Illinois, Another Workers' Rebellion Flares Up Against 'Banksters' Greed
04:12:20a Ex-Gang Members Work To Get Tattoos Erased
04:12:27a VP Mujuru donates to Jairos Jiri
04:12:41a Banning marital rape in The Bahamas
04:12:46a Exxon-Mobil Pleads Guilty to Killing Migratory Birds
04:12:52a U.S. factory sector starting to rev up after dismal 2009 start
04:12:58a Iraqis seized from Denmark church
04:13:03a Sania is one of the sexiest
04:13:08a 6 Workers Hurt In Raynham Plant Explosion
04:13:14a LC regents take closer look at budget
04:13:19a Should people convicted of mass murder be released from prison on compassionate grounds
04:13:25a ‘Give youths media space on HIV, Aids’
04:13:30a Sheriff's deputy involved in two fatal shootings in two months
04:13:38a More Cats Found In Filthy Buffalo Home
04:13:43a Ford increases third-quarter production under cash
04:13:49a Cheap Web Hosting
04:13:54a TEOH'S PROBE No evidence of homicide
04:14:00a Public Backing for a Local Tribunal Swells
04:14:05a Religious leaders hope for healing
04:14:11a Park Reopens After July Fire
04:14:16a Strife-torn West Indies sack Dyson as coach
04:14:22a Australia intercepts boat with 77 asylum-seekers
04:14:27a More Upside Pressure Seen For Singapore Shares
04:14:33a Former Nascom CEO to enter defence
04:14:38a Rape suspect missing after deported to Mexico
04:14:43a Aussie golf stars hail Olympic chance
04:14:48a Jackson's glove to be auctioned
04:14:54a Retired teacher ordained permanent deacon
04:14:59a Bahamian fashion designers showcased at Miss Universe
04:15:04a U.S. probes Orange County's jail system
04:15:10a Caribbean countries to participate in workshop showcasing Belizean innovation
04:15:15a Another strong earthquake strikes disaster-hit Japan
04:15:21a Pittsburgh's oldest Jewish congregation uprooted, but upbeat
04:15:26a Murrysville to celebrate 30th anniversary of community day
04:15:31a Titusville expects 20,000 people for oil well anniversary
04:15:36a Buyers put on hook for Clunkers rebate
04:15:42a Scholarship program aims to attract volunteer firefighters in Allegheny
04:15:47a OKI Approves Clermont County Projects
04:15:53a Beans and Legumes
04:15:58a Why we need new migrants
04:16:03a Municipal Authority of Westmoreland sells last office
04:16:09a Superior Court grants both injunctions in Guelph's HCBP case
04:16:14a Mercer County man arrested twice in two hours for DUI
04:16:19a Bombings not inciting most Iraqis
04:16:25a Unity gives local OK for transfer of liquor license to Sleepy Hollow site
04:16:30a 401 savings slightly increases
04:16:35a UW Students Make Big Move
04:16:40a Magna Edges Closer to Opel Deal
04:16:46a Missing ship stokes piracy, spying rumors
04:16:51a Rachel McAdams heads for the heart in The Time Traveler's Wife
04:16:56a Ex-deputy on shock probation jailed on violation
04:17:01a End-of-life care consults dropped from reform bill
04:17:07a Pittsburgh 'on right track' as host for Group of 20 summit
04:17:12a Treat new citizens as equals
04:17:17a Fayette man charged with DUI in Georges crash that injured boy
04:17:23a loan may return Penn Brewery to Pittsburgh
04:17:28a Ex-LeNature's chief, wife of Ligonier sued
04:17:34a Tomato growers struggling despite higher prices
04:17:40a White House deal with drug firms draws flak
04:17:48a Cash-for-positions probe in police service to start Monday, Sirichok to testify
04:17:54a Reformer Illegal immigrants cost Pa. taxpayers million yearly
04:17:59a On-Line Weather for 8/14/09
04:18:05a Unions, medical groups, drug makers back million ad campaign
04:18:10a White Oak man killed in one-car crash
04:18:15a South Huntingdon personal care home closed after owner arrested
04:18:21a Bam blows it
04:18:26a Brookfield man to stand trial for FDL murder
04:18:31a New effort launched to solve Melville murder
04:18:37a South Union man faces charges after stolen items found in home
04:18:42a Raised utilities mean water bills a norm in Crandall
04:18:47a Charges filed against two drivers on turnpike
04:18:52a Factory explosion horror
04:18:58a Fla. Doctor Fired Over 'Doughnuts=Death' Sign
04:19:03a Seat belt, child safety seat citations up 232 percent
04:19:08a Republic Tops Southwest's Bid
04:19:14a Toomey loses supporter
04:19:19a Water board, cities say rate hike last resort
04:19:24a Officers foil robbery of deliveryman in Beltzhoover-Mt. Washington area
04:19:30a BISD investigates reported hazing
04:19:35a Pentagon, Governors Spar Over Reservists
04:19:41a Bleak sales temper economic optimism
04:19:46a Not-so-grand opening
04:19:52a Duke stages comeback to win Cheetah title,
04:19:58a Dixie correctional officer arrested on drug charges
04:20:03a Plunge in India water levels threatens farms
04:20:09a Defense Secretary Gates grim, unsure of war
04:20:14a Students set to offer massages
04:20:20a Norwin library officials hope this chapter's a long one
04:20:25a L.A.'s Toughest High School Transforms
04:20:30a Two roadside bombs kill 14 in Afghanistan
04:20:36a Police search for suspect nicknamed 'Crazy Chris' in stabbing case
04:20:41a More than 2,000 forced to flee wildfire
04:20:47a Michael Jackson estate earns since death
04:20:52a Veterans and fans cozy up to WW II's B-17
04:20:57a Tito confuses with rate cut
04:21:02a New Indiana County group promotes fungi facts and fun
04:21:09a Lynch Gets a Closer Look
04:21:14a Uniontown home burglarized; cars taken for ride, returned
04:21:20a Sacrifice lingers for 'atomic vets'
04:21:25a Death Investigation Interstate 84 near North Powder
04:21:30a No wallet, keys needed, but mobile phone only
04:21:36a Pittsburgh police sued over cell phone video arrest
04:21:41a Connellsville career, technical center on track for opening bell
04:21:46a Hunger Garden feeds Westmoreland food bank patrons
04:21:52a Warhol art to greet summit guests
04:21:57a Bad news fails to derail stocks' rally
04:22:03a Obama Proposal to Create Medicare Panel Meets With Resistance
04:22:08a Plum Property Associates sues Ohio company /
04:22:14a Drivers Caught In Milwaukie Speed Zone
04:22:19a Corbett out of bounds?
04:22:25a Broward jury awards million to man whose wife died of lung cancer
04:22:30a Europe eyes the end of recession
04:22:35a New monopoly rules 'will not impact ore'
04:22:40a Tampa officer shoots, kills dog
04:22:46a Raw video 4 rare, red panda cubs make debut
04:22:51a Panel Raps Judge For Alleged Nazi Joke
04:22:56a Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, augmented reality Gary Coleman?
04:23:15a EarthEcycle requests administrative hearing
04:23:20a Health care reform town hall meeting
04:23:37a Dollar falls to lower 95 yen level in Tokyo on weak U.S. retail sales+
04:23:42a Cancer death rates decreasing
04:23:48a Hempfield pays for, but doesn't use, ball fields
04:23:53a Electric Guitar Pioneer Helped Bring About Rise of Rock 'n' Roll
04:24:03a Penn-Trafford schools rolling out the red carpet
04:24:12a Fayette commissioners remove veterans' affairs director
04:24:25a 1,282 schools damaged by landslides, flooding
04:24:31a Roads to isolated areas will be cleared ahead of schedule
04:24:36a Phelps Uninjured in Baltimore Crash
04:24:41a 8,000 kg of dynamites wash away, but no threat
04:24:46a Volunteers Build Eco-Friendly Playground
04:24:52a Inmate jailed for trying to hire hitman
04:24:57a Toyota planning to push Prius into China
04:25:02a Top Taiwan, China museums strike deal
04:25:08a ATMs to be suspended 1 a.m.-6 a.m. Aug. 15
04:25:13a Economic stimulus money to help Allegheny County shed three tons of soot
04:25:27a Weyerhaeuser agrees to sale of OR timberland
04:25:32a NCC investigates alleged 'fake' Morakot relief call-in TV show
04:25:38a NY governor's son, 15, plays lawyer in mock trial
04:25:43a UH-1H crews rejoin rescue missions after fatal crash
04:25:49a & #36;3.5bn Chinese bid for Felix coal
04:25:57a Warrant issued for woman in murder trial
04:26:03a Eagles sign Michael Vick
04:26:08a Suspect's name last piece of puzzle in Miramar stabbing case
04:26:13a CPC to keep oil price unchanged another week
04:26:19a 2 arrested for ID theft in Pelahatchie
04:26:24a Collapsed hotel had no flood insurance
04:26:29a Family Attends Touching Shriver Wake
04:26:35a Rajasthan Sikhs want own SGPC
04:26:40a Illegal Chinese Fishing Fueling Global Conflict
04:26:46a Chen's son denies more money than Swiss amount laundered
04:26:51a Brown defends Britain's health care
04:26:57a Tampa International Airport wants more cameras to watch your luggage
04:27:03a Gold Coast couple wanted over fake notes
04:27:08a Siaolin Elementary students still missing
04:27:14a 5yr Old Girl Teaches You How to Fish Like a Man
04:27:19a A Big Jury Award for Victims of a Vermont Shooting
04:27:25a Construction begins on the Port of Vancouver's new rail terminal
04:27:30a Residents clash with police over pig burial
04:27:35a Pakistan Army Chief We Are Fighting Terrorism, Not Religion
04:27:41a East Bay Congressional Hopefuls Talk To CBS 5
04:27:46a End of the Road for Paper Rubbish Bags in Tauranga Posted By Anabel
04:27:51a NFL agent Vick signs with Philadelphia Eagles
04:27:56a Lottery Winners Still Waiting For Fortune
04:28:02a Madoff CFO escapes some charges
04:28:07a Three Security Personnel Killed in Balochistan Attacks
04:28:12a Invesigation continues into Melville murder
04:28:18a Les Paul was 'a visionary'
04:28:23a Annual nuclear safety drill successfully completed
04:28:28a Rescue effort finally reaches Alishan
04:28:33a McIlroy makes encouraging start at Hazeltine
04:28:39a Dems opposed to ‘super precinct’ election day plan
04:28:44a New bridge 'will improve town's wet season access'
04:28:49a Pakistan`s first ever textile policy sets ambitious export target
04:28:55a U.S. to resume training Georgian army
04:29:00a Singapore brings medicine, food aid to flood victims
04:29:05a Sisters working to help Iraqi women
04:29:11a Student apologizes for disaster hotline prank
04:29:16a Top Democrat flies in to build bridges with Burma
04:29:21a Adults piggyback children down cliffs, hike to safety
04:29:27a Country escaped blackout narrowly
04:29:32a China's Yanzhou to buy Felix for US2.9b
04:29:37a Battery Explosion Hurts 6 Raynham Workers
04:29:43a Bike safety task force announces list of recommendations
04:29:48a Turkey Woos Russia as EU Hopes Dim
04:29:53a North Korea Frees South Korean Worker After Businesswoman's Visit
04:29:59a BMW Hybrid X6 Has 480HP And 20% Fuel Savings
04:30:04a NYC air-traffic controller on phone with girlfriend when copter, plane crashed mid-air
04:30:09a Retrieval team winched in to Kokoda crash site as weather improves
04:30:15a Oklahoma City town hall overflows for U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin
04:30:20a Sudan intelligence chief replaced
04:30:25a Michael Vick signs two-year deal with Philadelphia Eagles
04:30:30a HPD Warns About Underage Drinking, Drugs
04:30:36a SKorea court convicts ex-Samsung boss over bond deals
04:30:42a British, US soldiers killed in Afghanistan
04:30:50a Thursday 30 Iraqis Killed, 56 Wounded
04:30:56a LOIS dresses up Little London Boutique
04:31:01a Government Proposes Massive Shift in Online Privacy Policy
04:31:06a Government publishes Digital Britain implementation plan
04:31:12a US retail sales fall as new jobless claims rise
04:31:17a Country bans expansion of 'chaotic' steel sector
04:31:22a Fisherman looking for lifesaving strangers
04:31:27a U.S. Seeks to Supplant Afghan Poppies
04:31:33a 15 dead of swine flu in Pune, India's toll 23
04:31:38a After meeting on health reform, Specter expresses surprise at public's outrage
04:31:43a IMF provides cushion against global crisis
04:31:48a Are 2 Week Vacations Thing Of The Past?
04:31:54a General Dismisses Top Adviser as 'Uninformed' on Iraq
04:31:59a Clinton Tries to Shore Up Support for Obama Among Liberal Democrats
04:32:05a Iranian Activist Issues Preemptive Retraction of Future Confession
04:32:10a One Person Killed in North Lakeland Crash
04:32:15a Cao speaks at town hall meeting
04:32:20a Gates Remains Optimistic, Insists Afghan War Will Be Won in 'A Few Years'
04:32:26a Flight controllers suspended over Hudson crash
04:32:31a In Taliban Heartland, Coalition's Made Little Headway After Eight Years
04:32:37a Christy Clark calls Campbell 'sneaky' on HST
04:32:42a Ligonier approves sidewalk cafe law
04:32:47a Shots Fired At Northeast Portland Townhome
04:32:53a Agent Michael Vick signs with Philadelphia
04:32:58a Speaker LDS cult classic treats women as commodities
04:33:03a Thing Labs releases peek at Twitter client Brizzly
04:33:08a Stepping Out 08/13/2009
04:33:14a Galaxy Resources Limited Performance Options Aligning With Lithium Carbonate Strategy In China
04:33:19a City's URA bets on beer once more
04:33:24a Secret Service, police put dent in Ferlo's plan for massive rally
04:33:29a Why Pay for WOW? Check Out These Free MMORPGs
04:33:35a Israeli military says all troops accounted for
04:33:40a McHenry The President is a citizen
04:33:45a State budget impasse impedes child care
04:33:50a Toso vinaka na i tei ni veivoli e Naboro
04:34:03a Adam Savage Interview - Have Mac, Will Bust Myths w/ PICS
04:34:08a Court says ex-Samsung boss found guilty over deal
04:34:13a Carnegie's Toby Horn to receive Alberts Science Education Award
04:34:19a Interstate wreck in Jellico leaves one dead
04:34:24a Science and Technology Museum to open in Beijing
04:34:29a Swine flu declines in Samoa
04:34:35a Firstscience Science Fact of the Day 14 Aug 2009
04:34:40a Day care operators 'dangling by a thread' without Pa. funding
04:34:50a Ugeqa amagula owasinda ku'Malugaju'
04:34:55a Nigeria 'Measles Kill 400,000 Kids Yearly'
04:35:02a Poor show indeed for a Malaysian
04:35:08a Stolen Gallipoli flag returned to RSL
04:35:13a Street closures announced for CMU move-in Sunday
04:35:19a Mourners pay tribute to Eunice Kennedy
04:35:24a Event to raise money for breast cancer research
04:35:29a Violence still looms as Afghan vote draws near
04:35:35a US see growing backing for N Korea sanctions
04:35:40a Early Human Lessons Hot Rocks Make Sharper Tools
04:35:45a Teen charged with assault in rock-throwing injury
04:35:51a Family Works to Catch a Killer 13 Aug 2009 232501 GMT
04:35:56a Solution sought for sewer backups
04:36:01a Begich says rural trip was eye-opening for cabinet
04:36:06a Intermission Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3-D Reveals the Mindblowing Glory of the Universe
04:36:12a Army Starts Food Aid Operation
04:36:27a Casino operator Sands reworks credit deal to allow Macau sale
04:36:33a Freeport man prepares for next tour
04:36:38a 35 Urban Farming Innovations From Skyscraper Greenhouses to Communal Farms
04:36:43a Two fires extinguished at school under construction
04:36:49a Unions welcome MPC's 'safe call'
04:36:54a FDA Approves New Cholesterol Drug
04:37:00a Formulating Nutritional Shots
04:37:05a Beer and pistachios for Russian
04:37:10a Danbury ISD eyes bonds for renovation
04:37:15a Apple, AT&T sued for lack of MMS capability
04:37:20a Practice Guidelines For Nutrition Care For Patients With Spinal Cord Injury
04:37:26a Las Vegas Sands Clears Way for Asian IPO
04:37:31a NY newspaper cutting 50 news jobs, redefining rest/titl
04:37:36a Peter Dale Scott
04:37:41a Vera Sweeney, Editor-in-Chief of I'm Not Obsessed
04:37:47a 7 plead not guilty to Florida couple
04:37:52a High-Fat Diets Linked to Stupidity
04:37:58a Clinton gets to root of blogging at Netroots conference
04:38:03a Do Belly Wraps Really Work?
04:38:08a Low maternal vitamin D increases risk of HIV transmission to child and infant mortality
04:38:14a Philippa Gregory, Author of 'The White Queen'
04:38:19a Questions Part 3 Hagerstown Town Hall
04:38:25a Children believed to be stuck down Auckland culvert
04:38:30a Child prostitution in India
04:38:35a Woman's Own The Hunger-buster Diet
04:38:40a 6 Cheap Acting Tricks That Fool The Critics Every Time
04:38:46a Demand for Crop-Dusters Soars
04:38:52a Federal Funds for Startup Incubator? Memphis Firm Takes a Shot at ARRA Half Million
04:38:57a Power of Language Are Democrats Failing to Sell Healthcare?
04:39:03a Ex-Burmese child soldier in final fight to avoid deportation
04:39:08a Exp/OWCref-B
04:39:13a The Real Slumdog Kids--Part 1
04:39:19a Alberta frets over U.S. climate-change tariff bill
04:39:25a NPR Tax Forms Document Former CEO's Buyout
04:39:30a YOUR HEALTH Some people have a bone to pick with vegan diets
04:39:36a District boots contractor off job, delaying repair
04:39:41a Jeremy Gutsche and Trend Hunter Profiled in Queen's Alumni Magazine
04:39:47a Deputies identify bodies, seek clues in apparent homicide-suicide on boat
04:39:52a Boeing Halts Dreamliner Plant
04:39:57a Troj/Agent-KUN
04:40:03a 12 Economic Bubbles That May Burst
04:40:08a Prudential Suffers in Asia
04:40:13a Steven Tyler speaks out after accident
04:40:19a Lines Hagerstown Town Hall
04:40:24a FAA employees investigated in mid-air collision
04:40:30a Guyana's finance minister calls for regional competition policy
04:40:35a Few details released on 2 children brought lifeless to Brandon hospital
04:40:40a Ubanjwe nezikhumba zengwe
04:40:46a John Edwards Baby Drama DNA Confirms Paternity of Daughter
04:40:52a Former eHealth CEO lashes out
04:40:57a RISE-St Lucia recognises international youth day
04:41:02a Sneijder resists Real Madrid exit
04:41:08a Officials to try to mediate lawsuits
04:41:14a Us, Swiss Reach Deal On Secret Ubs Bank Accounts
04:41:19a Animal services searching for dog that bit girl
04:41:25a Cancer Death Rate Is Going Down in U.S
04:41:30a Nutrition and Eggplant
04:41:35a Warning Allergy Alert Undeclared Eggs and Soy in Crown Brand Cereal Cookie
04:41:41a Desktop Factory Hits the Dead Pool
04:41:46a Why Do We Care If Michael Vick Plays Again? 14 Aug 2009 002333 GMT
04:41:52a Brace for Tosic as Serbia...
04:41:57a WiWi answer to last-mile headaches
04:42:05a Brace yourselves storm to hit Perth today
04:42:18a Southwest Fails in Bid for Frontier Airlines
04:42:23a United Security Bancshares Releases 2nd Quarter Earnings in...
04:42:29a Aquaculture to be actively developed
04:42:34a Trial delayed again in 2008 slaying
04:42:39a Friday's Prep news and notes
04:42:45a UF's Moody continues to battle injuries
04:42:51a Japan stocks at 10-month high after eurozone data
04:42:56a Mourners pay respects to Kennedy Shriver at wake
04:43:02a At 83, Castro fires warning on economic downturn
04:43:08a Anti'healthcare lobbyists duped us, say Katie Brickell and Kate Spall
04:43:13a Scouts Honor Scott Speicher
04:43:18a Portland home sales are up over 8 percent
04:43:23a Big-hitting Quiros shoots 69 in PGA
04:43:29a Vancouver School Board to cut 47 teaching jobs next year
04:43:34a Speicher's Best Friend Says Homecoming is 'Bittersweet'
04:43:40a Future Farmers of America Agricultural Competition
04:43:47a China Launches Rules On Consumer-Finance Companies
04:43:53a Is OQO Model 2+ Becoming a Collector's Item?
04:43:58a Strategic Airlines awarded French Air Operators Certificate
04:44:04a Derry lawyer convicte
04:44:10a Twin blast in northwestern Iraq kills at least 21
04:44:15a Miss Universe 2009
04:44:21a Half of Polk Mortgages Upside-Down
04:44:26a Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street Aug. 14
04:44:31a Investigate Tee Keat and Tiong
04:44:37a State Farm Pulls Glenn Beck Support
04:44:43a India aims for robust GDP growth despite drought
04:44:48a 8. Planters lift FBM KLCI closer to 1,200 points
04:44:53a ACC computer instructor horsing around
04:44:59a 5-Year-Old Reported Fallen Out Of Window
04:45:05a Obama to pay a visit to two national parks
04:45:11a Solons seek COA audit of Arroyo expenses
04:45:27a Alvin man accused of assaulting fire marshal
04:45:37a 2 degrees of problems
04:45:43a Promises broken on torture, transparency
04:45:49a Roads closed Aug.14, 2009
04:45:55a North Shore dairy robbed in broad daylight
04:46:00a 2. Medvedev Extols Student Days
04:46:06a Unlimited travel for a month for
04:46:11a Company fined over worker's death
04:46:17a State board's OK clears way for exams to graduate
04:46:22a 8. Kalashnikov Maker Stops Production
04:46:27a Living with Vitiligo
04:46:32a Lishaya kwasani Isolezwe eKZN
04:46:38a Ministers mull new laws to curb bonuses
04:46:44a New Look At Robbery Suspect
04:46:49a 1. Mystery Deepens Over Missing Cargo Ship
04:46:55a Why must we have KPIs and KRAs
04:47:00a Foundation in place on Pittsburgh Penguins new arena
04:47:06a Southwest Airlines' statement on Frontier auction
04:47:11a How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety
04:47:17a Libel laws must not offer protection to unprincipled persons says Jamaica's PM
04:47:22a Gay ready for battle with Bolt
04:47:28a Greensburg restaurateur plans to open restaurant in Pittsburgh
04:47:33a If article 7 is not passed then black Belizeans future will be further doomed
04:47:38a Calming quality of cup of tea put to the test
04:47:44a Fan Reaction Vick's Comin' to Philly
04:47:49a Local Dispatch Take me back to old 'creamball' game, and see what remains
04:47:55a Time for new tack with Burma
04:48:00a man driving 'cowes boatshed' car drove into crowd on #vestas march
04:48:05a Davies rejects arms spending claims
04:48:11a Australia PM plays down snap polls speculation
04:48:16a Ministerial salaries may be cut if Conservatives are elected
04:48:22a Law Curbing Women's Rights Takes Effect
04:48:27a The Yemeni military offensive against the Houthi rebels
04:48:33a Rescue crews en route to injured skier
04:48:39a PBC school police officer pleads guilty in fraud scheme
04:48:44a Bombers braced for Saints
04:48:50a Fake payroll checks leads to fraud charge
04:48:55a Maori custom not understood
04:49:00a Hunte defends under-fire cricket board
04:49:06a South Sudan to set criteria for motivation rewards to succeeding governors
04:49:12a Oklahomans air views on health care reform
04:49:17a Rugby Sevens for Olympics?
04:49:23a Jeep, motorcycle, and Smart Car involved in an accident
04:49:28a 'Death to Obama' Sign Holder Detained by Secret Service
04:49:34a Online news venture says over 500 publications sign up
04:49:39a Burger beefs up business at Montana restaurant
04:49:45a Microsoft announces Zune HD release
04:49:50a Senior menu Aug. 14, 2009
04:49:56a Fears of fresh house price weakness
04:50:01a Digital Power Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter...
04:50:07a Jamaica's PM says cabinet to consider IMF terms Monday; promises public discussion
04:50:12a Daily Show Scares Unethical MBA Students Straight
04:50:17a 6. Has Surkov Given Away the Game in a Novel
04:50:23a City Council votes down rezoning request
04:50:28a Yale Bows to Jihadists Over Muhammad Cartoons incl. Jytte Klausen
04:50:33a OAS assistant secretary general says it is time for a new educational development strategy
04:50:39a Philanthropy dance North senior class donates part of prom fund to children in need
04:50:44a Bungled exorcism was a 'crime of love'
04:50:49a Why wasn't Idaho deputy arrested?
04:50:55a Hawthorn Park closing swimming beach for season
04:51:00a Death at Fonterra
04:51:05a Group hits streets for health care reform act
04:51:10a Corrections Aug.14,2009
04:51:16a Crime Stopper reviewing 1985 homicide
04:51:21a WV State Fair Preview
04:51:26a Woods has good reason to look ahead in PGA
04:51:32a Higher ed commissioner wants improved grad rates
04:51:37a From small reads do mighty genomes grow
04:51:42a Indonesian president to deliver independence day's speech at the parliament
04:51:47a Bemis union votes
04:51:53a Former Afghan president escapes Taliban attack
04:51:58a No change on Inglis suspension Storm
04:52:03a Response Genetics, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2009 Financial...
04:52:09a Stop Sweating by Trying Out These Five Simple Tips
04:52:14a No immediate plans for more troops in Afghanistan
04:52:27a FDA ends Mylan review, takes no action
04:52:49a As Guillermo looms, state civil defense warns residents to stay prepared
04:52:54a Pressing ahead with UDC plans
04:52:59a Local wildland fire season lacks spark
04:53:05a Some Reasons Why You Need to Study Abroad This Summer
04:53:10a How Much Carbon Dioxide CO2 is in the Atmosphere?
04:53:15a The Long Way To Healthcare Reform
04:53:20a Radiohead We're Not Making Any More Albums
04:53:26a Borland Tools Update Includes Windows 7 Support
04:53:31a The new, improved South Lake Tahoe
04:53:36a Senate panel approve hike in no-call list fines
04:53:41a Salsa skills Terre Foods sponsoring first salsa making contest
04:53:47a Man Allegedly Steals Counterfeit Cash From Casino
04:53:52a Smartphone App Downloads to Triple by 2014
04:53:57a How to Deal with Rejection from a College
04:54:03a Ecuador creates two new ministries
04:54:23a California Firm Recalls Ground Beef Products
04:54:28a Raw Video BART Briefing On Strike Notice
04:54:49a Dallas-area foreclosures fall 17%, but postings rise
04:55:09a ULeleti ungomunye wabazohlonishwa e-ICC
04:55:21a Dumais wins 1-meter diving title
04:55:26a UPDATE 2-U.S. video game sales down 29 pct in July-NPD
04:55:31a Horse With Artificial Leg Inspires Children
04:55:37a Teen sliced from chest to pelvis
04:55:42a Fire destroys Plant Growers Workshop in Jackson
04:55:48a Giant Eagle ends optical, shop-scan services
04:55:53a UPDATE 2-Autodesk raises cost-cut target, shares firm
04:56:07a Extortion complaints ground DUI cops in Mexico
04:56:22a 20 suspects in Mexico massacre released from jail
04:56:27a Tiger hasn't won PGA yet Ogilvy
04:56:42a Building evacuated for apartment fire
04:56:47a Blockbuster plagued by red ink, Redbox
04:56:52a State supports disabled man's right to starve
04:57:07a PRECIOUS-Gold rises towards on oil, ETF stable
04:57:15a Mass. man sorry for '97 arrest gets arreste
04:57:21a Pomersbach hit for six months
04:57:26a Safe Found Abandoned By Railroad Tracks
04:57:41a US, Swiss bank settle row
04:57:46a UPDATE 1-Warner to work with DVD kiosks, mail vendors
04:57:51a Fairfield DNA Lab Makes Appeal To Governor
04:57:57a PUC to let Oncor boost rates, with portion to cover initial smart meters
04:58:02a 5 Men Arrested, Charged With Kidnapping Woman
04:58:07a Milwaukee bishop resigns, takes Washington job
04:58:13a Grand Junction a microcosm of efficient healthcare
04:58:18a Tip-a-Cop fundraiser for Special Olympics kicks off
04:58:23a How rumor mills gave legs to 'death panels'
04:58:28a Research could lead to anti-cancer drugs
04:58:34a Sam Pack buys Rodeo Ford in Plano, renames it Five Star Ford
04:58:39a Worship OK, but church can't hold music festivals
04:58:44a Plan to Audit Fed Gathers Support Across Spectrum
04:58:50a FOREX-Dollar dips vs yen; eyes equities, investor flows
04:58:55a Cardinals Steelers Football
04:59:00a Oregon mom accused giving infant morphine
04:59:06a UBS tax lawsuit settled by US, Swiss governments
04:59:30a 'Titanic The Artifact Exhibition' opens in New York
04:59:36a Milwaukee Lutheran bishop to lead Bainbridge church
04:59:41a Milwaukee bishop resigns, takes Wash. job
04:59:46a ANOTHER VIEW Mike Duggan Unify state employee health plans
04:59:52a Frisco 75034 a foreclosure leader
04:59:57a EPA funding to reduce diesel emissions in Allegheny County
05:00:03a Four soldiers killed in separate attacks
05:00:08a Struck out Softball, baseball no go in 2016 Games
05:00:14a South Texas suffers extreme drought
05:00:19a Sensex slips after opening
05:00:29a Ecuador wants
05:00:47a Kidnapped Afghan campaign workers freed
05:00:55a Sustainable Tower 'Peels' the Costa Rican City Skyline
05:01:07a Noynoy girlfriend thrust into limelight anew
05:01:23a Pakistanis have negative views of country
05:01:29a Truth About John Edwards Crimes Revealed Despite Media Blackout
05:01:34a Wake held for Eunice Kennedy Shriver
05:01:39a Obituary Les Paul / Guitarist, studio pioneer paved way for rock music
05:01:45a Senate drops end-of-life consultations
05:01:50a Two swine flu testing centres t
05:02:00a Parasitology PADding up for differentiation
05:02:05a Skimpy clothing leaves barmaid exposed
05:02:10a Illinois man admits killing eagle
05:02:23a Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Omega-3 Intake
05:02:28a 20 killed in double suicide bombing
05:02:38a Yushchenko rebukes Russia
05:02:43a 2,000 people evacuated near N. Calif. fire
05:02:48a Firefighters still battling fires in Sarawak
05:02:54a U.N. responds to Suu Kyi's sentencing
05:02:59a Amusement mecca Myrtle Beach, S.C., offers deep discounts
05:03:05a Body found in Detroit likely carjacking victim
05:03:10a Well-wishers turn out to support Landry family
05:03:15a Shopian case SIT raids Pulwama hospital
05:03:21a How to Create an Educational Homeschooling Calendar
05:03:26a DPS board names Gueyser superintendent
05:03:31a More civil servants face discipline action this year
05:03:37a Ceasefire deals will protect voting
05:03:47a Cruisin' It's a family affair
05:03:53a Follow the Bidens to Kiawah Island
05:03:58a NFL Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 10
05:04:03a Troj/Delf-FDD
05:04:08a Exp/OWCref-C
05:04:14a NFL New England 27, Philadelphia 25
05:04:19a Blue Cross rates to rise 22 percent
05:04:24a Fiery truck crash leaves driver dead
05:04:29a Significant Improvements for Boy Who Resisted Chemo
05:04:35a New study reveals brain differences
05:04:40a Daniel Howes Big Mitten can't hold its image
05:04:45a Video Even they don't believe what they're saying
05:04:52a Re Tumulty Denies Obama Foot-Massage - By Tim Graham
05:04:57a Deejay blames exit on feud Mildred Gaddis
05:05:02a Late Afternoon Sun
05:05:07a The Notion Breaking Bill Clinton Heralds Blogs, Answers Heckler
05:05:16a No 14th victim in crash PNG airline
05:05:21a No Big Party Schools in New England
05:05:27a Health care conference call
05:05:32a Stop Using President Obama's Words Against Him! - By Greg Pollowitz
05:05:37a Girl 'eating herself to death'
05:05:42a More Gains Tipped For Malaysian Stocks
05:05:48a Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Vehicles Trailer
05:05:53a Indian shares flip-flop as monsoon jitters weigh
05:05:58a Video Political outrage for hire
05:06:04a Amish Man Trapped Under Tree in Belmont County
05:06:09a Sue newspapers that print false reports, Guan Eng tells DAP MPs
05:06:14a Bill Clinton urges colleges to limit environmental impact
05:06:20a Newsmakers WV Senator Jeff Kessler Talks Live on Recent Special Session
05:06:25a P.S. Brooks and Dunn call it quits
05:06:30a Police shoot dead man who runs amok
05:06:35a Charles Lane Upholds the Honor of the Republic Today
05:06:41a UPDATE 2-BofA wins temporary order against Colonial
05:06:46a World Creole Music Festival is a significant event, says Dominica's tourism minister
05:06:51a Thai Hot Stocks-Thai Air, Hana up; AIS, PTT Chemical down
05:06:57a Jim Holley Keep the patient whole
05:07:02a First Day 09 Part III
05:07:07a Steelers Win Preseason Opener Over Cardinals
05:07:12a Video Making painful decisions
05:07:18a President Obama's Trip to Moscow, G8, Ghana
05:07:23a Clinton Gives Criticism, Praise in Africa
05:07:28a A Republican Congress in 2010?
05:07:33a Girl 'flew through air' after taxi hit scooter
05:07:39a Key hole in PGA Championship
05:07:44a Grisly 'muti killing' of girl, 12 mother held
05:07:49a Youngster porn site alarm
05:07:54a McKesson adding up to 200 jobs in Scottsdale
05:07:59a 10 great places to eye the tigers, more
05:08:05a Bicycle lanes needed in towns and cities
05:08:10a Lawmakers to square off on softball field GOP vs. Dems game to benefit Share
05:08:15a First Day 09 Part II
05:08:21a The Week In Parliament With Speaker Lockwood Smith
05:08:26a Teoh inquest Day 8 Pathologist says Teoh may have committed suicide
05:08:31a Buckeye Trail Preview
05:08:36a Making Asean more people-centred
05:08:42a Another needed for Flinders upgrade
05:08:47a Hyundai boss extends NKorea visit after worker's release
05:08:53a Clunkers Clunker trade-in program is short-sighted
05:08:58a Italian Stocks Factors to watch on Aug 14
05:09:03a Bec Hewitt 'victim of grubby report'
05:09:09a Obama to attend APEC meeting in Singapore
05:09:14a Frontier's statement on Republic
05:09:19a Obama and SEIU vs. Ken Gladney - By Kevin D. Williamson
05:09:25a Man accused of rape in case that doomed Jeffs asks that charge be dropped
05:09:30a Obama Attempting to Manufacture Support for Obamacare - By Greg Pollowitz
05:09:35a Obama Master of 'Manufactured Outrage' - By Guy Benson
05:09:41a Dad 'reported murder-accused to police'
05:09:47a Cheney vs. Bush Former Vice President Writing Tell-All Memoir
05:09:52a Palin stands by 'death panel' health claim
05:09:57a Obama asks Raja to campaign honourably
05:10:03a HK shares drop 1 pct tracking Shanghai losses
05:10:08a Barack Obama, Media Blogger - By Greg Pollowitz
05:10:13a Editor's Cut Let's Get Real about Obama
05:10:19a Indian shares seen choppy as monsoon concerns weigh
05:10:37a U.S. considers arming ships against pirates
05:10:42a Internet project to tackle black spot areas
05:10:47a Obama expects immigration reform bill later this year
05:10:53a C&L's Late Nite Music Club Honors Les Paul, 1915-2009
05:10:58a Tracking Down President Obama's Australian Roots - By Greg Pollowitz
05:11:04a Honduran delegation travels to Washington to define OAS commission
05:11:09a Citi private bank names Rastogi global investment head
05:11:15a Retail sales still not showing signs of life
05:11:20a Three Accidents Cause Traffic Delays
05:11:26a Reckless govt spending 'will hike rates'
05:11:31a Shenandoah Preview
05:11:36a Caldwell Football Preview
05:11:42a Hewitt launches legal action over affair claim
05:11:48a DUI driver in deadly crash asks for sentence reduction
05:11:53a Woman's body found 'hidden in wall'
05:11:58a Nikkei pares gains to 0.7 pct as Shanghai fall hits
05:12:03a Defense submits motions in Brian Dugan trial
05:12:09a Bootleg death toll six after boy, 15, dies
05:12:14a Teams retrieve crash dead
05:12:20a Arrest execs absent from pol ad probe—senator
05:12:25a Governor backs taxes to help erase deficit
05:12:31a A very worrying factor concerning Tamiflu- Suicides?
05:12:36a Negotiations free Hyundai worker held in N. Korea
05:12:42a 'He was speeding so what?'
05:12:47a Eskimos upend Stamps in West thriller
05:12:59a A grim outlook for Afghanistan
05:13:06a Obama tactics turned against him
05:13:12a Hutchison pockets billion from stake in Israel's Partner Communications
05:13:20a Girlfriend puts new slant on Inglis row
05:13:26a 6 Japanese nationals rescued in mudslide-devastated S. Taiwan+
05:13:32a German, France back 'out of the red'
05:13:37a Israel govt to train diamond polishers
05:13:43a AMD Releases Its Fastest Phenom II X4 Chip
05:13:48a Sprint To Settle ETF Suit For 17.5 Million
05:13:54a Leighton profit beats expectations, shares surge
05:13:59a Cambodian and Israeli telcos figure in sale of stakes by majority owners
05:14:05a United Church of Canada sidesteps anti-Israel resolutions
05:14:10a Hundreds 'buried alive' in Taiwan
05:14:15a Israel nabs seven Palestini...
05:14:20a 'They shake me' fury over baby T-shirt
05:14:26a Bloomington man pleads guilty in toddler's slaying
05:14:32a A Palestinian resistance group announces the capture of an Israeli soldier
05:14:37a 19,000 people sign petition not to jail gay Israeli man
05:14:43a Chemical Agent Mustard Found On Site 13 Aug 2009 214533 GMT
05:14:48a Israel's fifth column People in between
05:14:54a Folks Flock From Near And Far To See Bishop T.D. Jakes
05:14:59a Michael Phelps Not Injured in 2-Car Crash
05:15:05a Verizon To Deploy LTE In Boston, Seattle
05:15:10a Ford toboost production of Focus, Escape
05:15:15a Scientists spying on prawns
05:15:20a Plane runs off runway, hits tree
05:15:26a Microsoft Word sales banned
05:15:31a NASA, Google Earth Display Astronauts' Best Earth Photos
05:15:36a Bogged down in Palestine
05:15:42a IT Transformation Mantra Carpe Diem/titl
05:15:47a LETTERS Not-so-pure Michigan
05:15:52a Microsoft, Nokia to take on RIM
05:15:57a Report NIST's Cybersecurity Guidelines Aren't Enough
05:16:03a LinkedIn Tool Searches For SAP Talent
05:16:08a Verizon Intros World-Roaming 3G Modem
05:16:13a Oil rises slightly to near despite weak demand
05:16:18a Curbing Israel's reign of terror
05:16:24a Adam Savage Interview - Have Mac, Will Bust Myths
05:16:29a Former Samsung chief found guilty over bond deal
05:16:35a Vietnam disagrees with ASEAN over Suu Kyi
05:16:40a Vick to Panthers, rumor after all.
05:16:45a U.S. deports more than 31,000 Honduran immigrants
05:16:51a Palm Pre Sales Fail to Meet Analyst Expectations
05:16:56a Revealed for the first time the other woman in the Queen Mother's marriage
05:18:04a Business Briefs Assets of are frozen
05:18:09a Contact Energy looks to move on from hard year
05:18:24a Outlook In, Entourage Out On Mac Office
05:18:29a Court revives case alleging drug kickbacks
05:18:34a Qik Goes Official, Comes To The App Store
05:18:39a Nintendo DS Lookalike App Hits The App Store
05:18:45a Indonesian president pledges to defeat terrorism
05:18:50a pay packet for broadband boss
05:18:56a Groups call foul on some Clunkers deals
05:19:01a Disney to expand theme park with more rides
05:19:07a Rare gene behind short sleepers
05:19:12a Dog survives in farmer's trap for three weeks by lapping up rainwater
05:19:17a In Stock Progress Energy
05:19:22a Federer completes top eight party at Montreal
05:19:28a Chickasaw Nation subsidiary may buy Remington Park for
05:19:33a 20080426_PrayerChapelDedication
05:19:38a 'Madden NFL 10' keeps the drive going
05:19:43a Lead poisoning sickens 600 kids in China
05:19:49a N.O. East residents divided over plan to use clay to build levees
05:19:54a Baby boom pushes Hong Kong population above 7 million
05:19:59a Republic Wins Bid To Acquire Frontier
05:20:05a Meredith Whitney's firm buys broker-dealer
05:20:10a Q&A with Teah R. Corley
05:20:15a Early learning Preschool cuts have long-term costs
05:20:21a Business Briefs 30-year mortgage rates rise to 5.29 percent
05:20:26a Devon officials put money on doing their tower right
05:20:31a New porn site a hit among youngsters
05:20:36a Oklahoma Oil and Gas Friday, August 14, 2009
05:20:42a Cleanup of hazardous sites delayed by state budget woes
05:20:47a How to Stay Focused on Homework
05:20:52a Successful Oklahoma companies earn rankings in Inc. 5000
05:20:58a Oklahoma Metals and Coins Friday, August 14, 2009
05:21:03a College publisher to rent books
05:21:09a Tee Keat, King Sing reminded to be cautious
05:21:14a Foreclosures rise 7 percent
05:21:19a Landmark case Quadriplegic can refuse food
05:21:25a Majid Al Futtaim rolls out hypermarkets in Pakistan
05:21:31a Chesapeake, OnCue Express to see natural gas fuel
05:21:36a 'Bank sledging' is back says ANZ National boss
05:21:41a Billionaire's heirs battle in N.J. court over the fortune
05:21:47a Bleak sales reflect ongoing fears
05:21:52a Oklahoma Briefs McBride Clinic open Edmond site for occupational medicine
05:21:58a St. Mary
05:22:03a I'd Rather Be Raped By Pirate Bay Than Go With Spotify
05:22:09a Thousands of Indian schools close amid H1N1 fears
05:22:14a Peter Dale Scott Does Not Endorse the Pentagon Flyover Theory
05:22:20a MS Word Ban Microsoft Knew Of Rival
05:22:29a Israel killed Gaza civilians waving white flags HRW
05:22:34a Guitarist Les Paul dies at 94
05:22:39a DeSoto police blotter
05:22:45a President Patil to address nation today
05:22:52a Re-entry center will keep inmates o
05:22:57a 1.95m pay packet for broadband boss
05:23:03a JACKSONVILLE JOURNAL Ceremony marks Coast Guard changeover
05:23:14a Group claims rights violation over gun range
05:23:25a Principal plays 'name that school'
05:23:42a Blackwater used 'child prostitutes in Iraq'
05:23:49a A bogey-free 67 puts Tiger in lead
05:23:54a Latimer loses bid to ease parole
05:24:21a Search for Russian-manned cargo ship widens
05:24:27a Deadly Air Strike Targets Pakistan Taliban Base
05:24:32a Town halls burst with Obama 'plants'
05:24:37a Noor Dubai exceeds target of million five times over
05:24:42a Bill 'New era of progressive politics'
05:24:48a DP World Terminal in Vietnam on track to open in October
05:25:02a Julie & Julia Causes Stir As Fans Grab Chef's Recipe Books
05:25:07a Court freezes of Colonial's assets
05:25:12a CNN gives boot to talk radio hosts
05:25:18a Chief Justices to discuss resolution of pending cases today
05:25:23a Animal Charities Barking Mad at Helmsely Estate Executors
05:25:28a Minister Clashes With Presenter Over Tamiflu for Children
05:25:34a Afghan Opium Baron Gets 20 Years As Uk Anti-narcotics Strategy Pays Off
05:25:39a 'Underserved' Westside may get first hospital
05:25:45a India's Swine Flu death toll rises to 23
05:25:57a Brazil Tv Host Turned Politician 'ordered Killings to Boost Ratings'
05:26:02a GM, China Expand Low-Cost Exports
05:26:08a FLASHBACK Michelle Obama's 'Cost Cutting' Health Care Program Accused of Patient 'Dumping'
05:26:13a Wife Pours Boiling Oil on Husband
05:26:19a New Zealand Retail, Housing Data Improve
05:26:24a Sweden's Pirate Party Turn to British Politics
05:26:30a Pilot Shortage 'not Impacting' Operations, Say Raf
05:26:35a Herbert says Utah companies come first
05:26:41a U.S. Builds Crime Cases on Clients of UBS
05:26:46a Beheadings Old terror alive again in 21st century
05:26:51a Dear Unemployed, Find A New Job On Craigslist
05:26:57a National Guard reveals'internment' job sites
05:27:02a Memories, Speicher's procession will make the town his
05:27:20a Jackson's glove to be auctioned
05:27:25a Tour of 7 African nations wins hearts
05:27:30a Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! Red Alert! Ezekiel Emanuel escapes when confronted.
05:27:36a Blackstone to Launch China Fund
05:27:41a Woman Hurls Mug at Mona Lisa After Being Refused French Citizenship
05:27:46a Marine, former D.C. reporter, killed
05:27:51a State wants to dump old roads
05:27:56a Coastal Commission SD Must Upgrade Sewage Plant
05:28:02a Search Continues As 700 Feared Dead in Taiwan Typhoon Mudslide
05:28:07a DFSA enters into MoU with South African Reserve Bank
05:28:12a Public Backlash Stalls Obama's Attempt to Reform System
05:28:17a Euthanasia advocates authored part of Obamacare
05:28:23a Baldwin man, 21, slain in neighborhood known for violence
05:28:28a UAE has ample funds to avert defaults Samba Financial
05:28:34a Gibbs stumbles explaining Obama's birthplace
05:28:39a Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Sister of Jfk, Dies Aged 88
05:28:44a RBA Chief Sees Higher Rates
05:28:49a Clinton mum on barbed response
05:28:54a G.M.'s Unit for Investing to Attract Pay Scrutiny
05:29:00a Texas Judge Sharon Keller on Trial After Man's Execution
05:29:05a Science Obama 4X Worse Than 'Worst President Ever'
05:29:10a Torture Programs for Sale
05:29:16a Pa. congressional candidate Cahir dies in Marines
05:29:21a Man Pleads Guilty To Dumping Trash In Bay
05:29:26a Scotland may free Lockerbie bomber
05:29:31a New FCC official 'Fairness Doctrine never repealed'
05:29:37a Report Jackson sleep aid sold in Vegas
05:29:42a 'Brotherhood of Darkness' shocker today only!
05:29:47a Woman Tells of Affair With Madoff in New Book
05:29:52a Qualcomm Responds to Probe
05:29:58a Shhhh! Howard Dean rallying the union thugs, er, 'community activists' in Ohio on Saturday
05:30:03a Defense gives judge murderer's written confession
05:30:08a Telstra Warns Headwinds Loom
05:30:13a BOJ Warns on Fundraising
05:30:24a Cameron weighs in to defend NHS
05:30:29a Australia Climbs on RBA Talk
05:30:34a Peace In Our Time
05:30:57a Business Owners Speak Out About Tax Increases
05:31:26a Million Grant to WVU Consortium
05:31:37a Mashreq appoints Head of International Banking Group
05:31:45a Greg Palast Obama on Drugs 98% Cheney?
05:32:10a 'I was awakened by gunshots'
05:32:26a Langa 'considering his options' over Hlophe comments
05:32:46a Hälau Ka Liko Pua O Kalaniäkea Auana
05:33:48a Four more advertisers pull support for Glenn Beck
05:33:55a Pupils at schools put on swine flu masks
05:34:00a The Day In Israel Fri Aug 14th, 2009
05:34:11a Local Post Offices Spared
05:34:16a Republican 'Leaders' Continue Irresponsible Rhetoric
05:34:21a GOP STILL Plans to Steal Your Social Security
05:34:38a PM takes jab at McGuinty over eHealth
05:34:43a Phelps crashes SUV in B'mo
05:34:48a Thousands of Firefighters Battle California Blazes
05:34:54a Thousands Flee from California Wildfires
05:34:59a Egypt's EFG-Hermes posts 17% surge in Q2 consolidated net revenue
05:35:05a Swine Flu 5 more die in Pune, nationwide toll rises to 23
05:35:10a Govt announces new Vic 'super clinics'
05:35:15a Computer Problems Still Plaguing Unemployment Office
05:35:22a China child lead poisoning cases double to 615
05:35:27a The space-age pods with no driver, no fumes
05:35:32a Google Books to add
05:35:38a World's biggest boat companies sign up for Dubai Int'l Boat Show
05:35:43a State Highway 14 opened after fire
05:35:48a Muscular Protein Bond - Strongest Yet Found In Nature
05:35:53a Bill Clinton GOP promotesfear over health care
05:35:59a Vision Researchers See Unexpected Gain One Year Into Blindness Trial
05:36:04a 11-year-old interviews Obama
05:36:09a Global Video' New N.Y. plane crash video
05:36:14a One Nano-step Closer To Weighing A Single Atom
05:36:19a Clinton ignores questionson Congo fuss
05:36:25a Novel Mechanism Revealed For Increasing Recombinant Protein Yield In Tobacco
05:36:30a Hospital waiting lists improve in Qld, Lucas says
05:36:35a Potential Risk Identified In Transfusions Of Platelets Before Bone Marrow Transplant
05:36:41a Jet Airways launches daily Dubai-hyderabad flight
05:36:46a Surprise repo rate cut delights business
05:36:51a Brain Damage Seen On Brain Scans May Predict Memory Loss In Old Age
05:36:57a Bird Shop Breaks Out the Party Favors
05:37:02a Hlophe faces complaint over 'racist' remarks
05:37:07a Facial Expressions Show Language Barriers, Too
05:37:13a Camera Flash Turns An Insulating Material Into A Conductor
05:37:18a PREVIEW-Obama westward bound with healthcare message
05:37:23a Beretania Gas Leak Causes Havoc
05:37:29a Climate Change Could Have Negative Effects On Stream And Forest Ecosystems
05:37:34a Possible Genetic Links Between Environmental Toxins And Multiple Myeloma
05:37:39a Imitation Promotes Social Bonding In Primates
05:37:44a 'End-of-life' provision dropped
05:37:49a Memorial Services Planned For Vasser Teen
05:37:54a Pomersbach banned by WA after court fine
05:38:00a Spanish stocks Factors to watch on Friday
05:38:05a Link Between Over-indebtedness And Obesity Identified
05:38:10a Newley returns to strengthen Boomers
05:38:15a UN voices 'serious concerns' over Burma's verdict of Suu Kyi
05:38:21a Madonna Launches Newspaper Column . . . in Israel - By Greg Pollowitz
05:38:26a Most burgled postcodes revealed
05:38:31a Bowden's AFL farewell to inspire Tigers
05:38:36a Where did all the salmon go
05:38:41a Binge Drinking Affects Attention And Working Memory In Young University Students
05:38:47a How Mice And Humans Differ Immunologically
05:38:52a 'Taking back the city'
05:38:57a Civic center selects new ticket vendor
05:39:02a Fewer schools meet goals
05:39:07a New Life Histories Emerge For Invasive Wasps, Magnify Ecological Harm
05:39:13a Halatau agrees to NRL deal with Bulldogs
05:39:18a Scientists Warn Restoration-based Environmental Markets May Not Improve Ecosystem Health
05:39:23a Roanoke churches plan block party
05:39:29a Trial lawyers seek return oncontributions to Senate Democrats
05:39:35a Novel, Orally Inhaled Migraine Therapy Is Effective, Study Shows
05:39:40a Roanoke home sales increase
05:39:45a TV DWI officer hit by accused drunk driver
05:39:50a Obama to Take On Health-Care Critics Town Hall Meetings Expected to Be Feisty
05:39:56a Gold Coast boss offers to pay Roar fine
05:40:01a Mango Seeds May Protect Against Deadly Food Bacteria
05:40:06a Sleep Patterns In Children And Teenagers Could Indicate Risk For Depression
05:40:12a Young carer nominated for award
05:40:17a Reporting for duty
05:40:23a Clinton winds up Africa trip in Cape Verde
05:40:28a DPP won't appeal fatal bashing of uni researcher
05:40:34a Police arrest suspects in assult
05:40:40a VIDEO New efforts to solve cold case murder
05:40:45a FAA employees investigated, disciplined in Hudson River crash
05:40:50a Obama's forfeited credibility sabotaging Obamacare
05:40:56a NASA's moon plan blasted by Obama panel as too ambitious, unaffordable
05:41:01a Teenager issued with ASBO
05:41:06a Bowers touts local law school
05:41:12a Don't take Tigers lightly Malthouse
05:41:17a Asian stocks rally to fresh 10-month highs
05:41:22a Road Work Going On In Topeka Friday
05:41:28a BCCI considering legal action on W
05:41:33a Man gets 27 years in heroin case
05:41:38a VIDEO Brookfield man to stand trial for FDL murder
05:41:53a Report on water plant expected next week
05:41:58a Several Wildfires Scorch As Thousands Flee
05:42:07a On Health Care, a Populist Revolt - By Rich Lowry
05:42:26a Testing Obamacare's Meddle - By Jonah Goldberg
05:42:31a VIDEO 8/12 10pm Storm Team 5 Forecast
05:42:37a The 'Preventive Care' Myth - By Charles Krauthammer
05:43:00a Broadway could get new 20-foot trees
05:43:15a Mixed Overseas Economic Data
05:43:25a Smoking ban draws fire from businesses
05:43:32a Leighton shares jump on upbeat outlook
05:43:37a State Fair tickets on sale
05:43:55a VIDEO Heavy Packer traffic expected Saturday
05:44:08a Less Vegas
05:44:28a Young girl attacked by pitbull
05:44:33a The Time Traveler's Wife Love, Death and More Love
05:44:39a Exxon Mobil pleads guilty to killing protected birds
05:44:48a SuiteLinq President Craig Ziegler Featured Speaker at Microsoft Global Exchange
05:44:53a New monopoly rules 'will not impact ore'
05:45:09a Chinese shares open almost flat
05:45:16a White House uses chain mail to combat health-care critics
05:45:22a Health Reform Advocates Fight Death Panel Charge
05:45:27a Websites should offer 'news that's fit to buy'
05:45:32a Carey Mulligan joins 'Wall Street 2'
05:45:37a Hillary Clinton stays mum on outburst
05:45:42a Stunned by the Vick news
05:45:47a Slash, Recalls Les Paul, Original Guitar Hero
05:45:53a Park rename request pulled
05:45:58a Encourage running to fight obesity
05:46:03a The Case of the Kidney Stone
05:46:08a Asian markets gains amid new signs the world economy emerging from deep recession
05:46:14a Edwards Ready To Admit He Sired Love Child
05:46:28a Debate flies over chopper tours
05:46:33a The Cheese Expert
05:46:38a 2 seriously injured in Raynham explosion
05:46:44a Blood banks brace for donation drop
05:46:49a Black is being seen in a whole new light
05:46:54a Guitar innovator Les Paul dead at 94
05:47:00a 150 Homes Evacuated South Of Santa Barbara County
05:47:05a First Chinese American congresswomen stresses need to represent all Americans
05:47:10a Did Dr. Murray Leave MJ To Make A Phone Call?
05:47:16a Youngest of homeless to die honored at Bean's Cafe
05:47:21a Wal-Mart profit exceeds forecast, but revenue falls
05:47:26a Police arrest suspects in assault
05:47:32a Airlines need to do better in serving passengers
05:47:38a Cheney Tell All He Calls Bush 'Morally Weak'
05:47:43a Electric guitar inventor Les Paul dies at age 94
05:47:49a Health care credit cards causing some pain
05:47:54a From Guantanamo To Michigan?
05:47:59a Campaign Briefs Edmondson targets students as workers for campaign
05:48:04a Bidder Pays for ‘Mein Kampf’
05:48:10a Media Meltdown in a Time of Crisis, Part 2
05:48:15a Russia can't start making MiG-35 fighters for India before 2013
05:48:20a California Bay Area Warns Of Rail Transit Strike
05:48:26a Cop Bosses Didn't Like My Wife's Playboy Spread
05:48:31a Here's Hoping Obama Really Is a Socialist
05:48:37a Declined
05:48:42a Town keeps celebration of victory over Japan
05:48:48a Court orders ACLU fees paid in Stigler monument case
05:48:53a Flying off the shelves
05:48:58a Wal-Mart, Kohl's earnings top forecasts
05:49:03a Anger is not a mental disorder
05:49:09a 4 Russian police killed, 9 hurt in Chechen clashes
05:49:15a Freed SF-Based Reporters Issue Video Thanks
05:49:20a 40 years after Woodstock, a more harmonious society
05:49:26a Outside auditors will examine School Land Office's records
05:49:31a Oklahoma City police review child's death
05:49:36a Town halls too heated for some
05:49:42a Stocks manage gains
05:49:47a State Briefs Police chief terminated
05:49:52a A healthy Fidel Castro back in the frame at new exhibition
05:49:57a What people are saying about town hall meetings
05:50:03a Poteau man dies in plane accident
05:50:08a Oklahoma town hall forums draw big crowds
05:50:13a New photo shows Fidel Castro in better health Summary
05:50:19a Oklahoma City victim's parents differ in views on sentence
05:50:24a Mich. health leaders target growing hookah use
05:50:29a Recession over for France and Germany
05:50:35a Man Jailed For Yawnnnning In Court...
05:50:40a GOP promotes fear over health care
05:50:52a Capitol Briefs Tobacco fund increase seen
05:50:57a California to Stop Issuing IOUs, Borrow 10.5 Billion Bloomberg
05:51:02a Ex-spouse of Oklahoma City victim suspected of arson
05:51:08a CNN CEO Gibson Was Wary Of Les Paul Guitar
05:51:13a Body found during hunt for Marlow man, 26
05:51:18a Oklahoma City victim's kin arrested at hearing
05:51:23a No assault charges planned in brawl at Club Rodeo
05:51:29a Heat trades Blount to Minn. for Quentin Richardson
05:51:34a Euro zone shows signs of recovery
05:51:39a Broward cutting school nurses as flu expected to reemerge
05:51:44a UPMC to run hospital in Guam
05:51:49a Jay Cutler The man with the golden arm
05:51:55a Feed The Children Charity chief Larry Jones cedes control
05:52:00a Festival of India big draw in Trinidad and Tobago
05:52:06a Dutch school tailors timing to parents' needs
05:52:11a Giraffe Leads Animal Circus Escape
05:52:16a Discovery may aid in fighting cancer
05:52:21a After long ban, some Cubans sample tourism luxury
05:52:27a Pakistani president to visit China
05:52:32a Walking a Fine Line in Afghanistan
05:52:37a Parents beg for tougher measures
05:52:42a Newly elected Democrats waver on health plan Financial Times
05:52:48a Hong Kong pulls out of recession
05:52:56a Earnings reports for Mastech Holdings Inc., Wal-Mart and Ticketmaster Entertainment
05:53:01a Pakistani Terrorists Used Imported Machine In Outboat
05:53:07a Air controllers suspended after Hudson crash
05:53:49a IRAN Opposition candidate says prisoners tortured to death
05:53:54a Diplomat's Killers Back in Court
05:53:59a Pimco Argues for Being Active in TIPS
05:54:04a Andrew Lloyd Webber To Write New Music For Eurovision
05:54:28a Copper, Nearing Begins to Gain Steam
05:54:50a Mkts open choppy; IT, auto dip
05:55:16a German magazine links Karzai's half-brother to Afghan narco trade
05:55:26a Can Caribbean stars hold on to their crowns
05:55:37a Ravens Shut Out Redskins, 23-0
05:55:43a China's fourth seed Wang Yihan crashes out of women's singles at badminton worlds
05:55:52a Chicago 2016 sends delegation to Berlin for athletics worlds
05:56:03a Antagonist in Wheat's Storyline Supply
05:56:09a Hopes fade of saving 400 buried villagers in Taiwan
05:56:14a Fosters post profit
05:56:20a Oklahoma inmates saddle up for annual rodeo
05:56:25a China head to Worlds with low expectations
05:56:30a Check out Dil Bole Hadippa in pix!
05:56:35a Taurasi leads Mercury past Silver Stars
05:56:41a 13. Aussie miner confirms Chinese US2.8bil takeover bid
05:56:46a Global Data Conspire Against Dollar
05:56:51a The Fat Lady Sings for the OPRA
05:56:57a 'Stars Shine Over TianshanMountain'
05:57:02a Global recovery will reach us after two years
05:57:07a China may appeal WTO ruling on media controls
05:57:12a China-Uruguay trade shows dynamics amid global crisis
05:57:18a OSX/Jahlav-C
05:57:23a Venezuelan clash over education
05:57:28a Steelers beat Cardinals in preseason opener
05:57:34a Taiwan appeals for storm relief aid
05:57:39a Eating disorder continues to plague Sharon Osbourne
05:57:44a Supply glut seen cooling China property prices
05:57:50a Judge refuses to ban Sicas attending kill trial
05:57:55a Govt pays couples to delay having kids Your say
05:58:00a Typhoon survivors pulled across flooding river in Taiwan
05:58:06a Pakistan announces legal, political reforms in tribal areas
05:58:11a Fed Pressures CIT for Survival Plans
05:58:16a Saina enters into World Badminton quaters
05:58:22a U.S. faults Iraq raid that left Iran dissidents dead
05:58:27a Putnam girl, 16, convicted of 1st-degree murder
05:58:33a DPRK waitress in China shares a day in her life
05:58:38a Hyundai chairwoman extends stay in DPRK for 3rd time
05:58:43a U.S. Bases Stoke the Flames of Regional Conflict
05:58:48a Australian PM plays down snap polls speculation
05:58:53a Foreign minister of Mali to visit China
05:58:58a Peabody, Consol Rise; Wal-Mart Falls 2.7%
05:59:04a Strikers cut off phone lines
05:59:09a Youngsters exposed to porn site
05:59:14a How to Deal with Credit Card Problems in a Divorce
05:59:20a Toronto fest adds Portman, Bening films to lineup
05:59:25a 'Cool' animals in Qingdao Polar Ocean World
05:59:30a Holocaust denier begins jail term in Australia
05:59:36a Asian rivals not afraid of favorites China
05:59:41a Airline rejects reports of 14th victim
05:59:46a Mal/Iframe-G
05:59:51a Dr. Paul Donohue Dandruff sometimes calls for prescription medicines
05:59:57a Time to dig in; Holmen Kornfest starts today
06:00:02a Entertainment best bets
06:00:07a How to Get Unsecured Small Business Loans
06:00:13a About 300 feared dead in Taiwan mudslide
06:00:18a State lawmakers approve erasing partial veto
06:00:23a Boy admits shooting dead entire family
06:00:28a Seven Taiwan companies and organizations join 3GPP
06:00:34a Don't stop thinking about triangulation
06:00:39a Felix Resources confirms China takeover bid
06:00:44a Weekend best bets
06:00:49a China Regulator To Review Shenzhen Gas IPO Application Monday
06:00:55a Trescothick sweats over possible return
06:01:00a News tracker La Crosse council keeps invocation
06:01:05a Rate cut gives analysts a 'pleasant' shock
06:01:10a South Korea convicts ex-Samsung boss
06:01:16a FIVE QUESTIONS WITH Amy Gore of Gorevette
06:01:21a Amid recession, Mboweni surprises markets as repo rate is cut to 7%
06:01:26a Why no one likes Australia anymore
06:01:31a BRIAN MCCOLLUM Big gigs include Jimmy Buffett, Boyz II Men, more
06:01:37a Considering Investment In Taiwan Memory
06:01:42a REVIEW 'Bandslam' a not-bad take on familiar themes
06:01:47a Roads closed
06:01:52a In the New India, Everyone Is Free to Flourish or Fail
06:01:58a Report Groups spend more money to lobby in state
06:02:03a SBY urges Indonesians to fight terrorism
06:02:09a Minnesota Timberwolves trade Quentin Richardson to Miami Heat for Mark Blount
06:02:14a Samsung ex-boss breached trust
06:02:19a State cold-case suspect led life of crime
06:02:24a After years of decline, Cleveland aims to go green
06:02:29a China and the W.T.O.
06:02:35a Interested In Buying Agricultural Bank IPO Shares
06:02:50a 2Q profits at Wal-Mart and Kohl
06:02:56a Kongming Lanterns at Torch festival
06:03:01a Health care showdown shifts to TV ads
06:03:06a Unions welcome MPC's 'safe call'
06:03:11a FTSE seen opening higher
06:03:17a Troj/Agent-KVB
06:03:22a 'Kwame a River 2' seems awfully familiar
06:03:27a Iran proposes ban on attacks on nuclear facilities
06:03:32a Coming soon to theaters
06:03:37a More U.S. home sellers cutting prices survey
06:03:42a Official Fired as a Precaution
06:03:47a Two Week Vacations Trouble Some Workers
06:03:52a Movies opening this week
06:03:58a New on DVD
06:04:03a Can You Afford to Retire?
06:04:13a New Brevard Superintendent Returns To Class
06:04:20a Park it right or pay up; fines increase
06:04:28a Slain soldier's kin declines Libingan burial
06:04:45a The Economy is in Deep, Deep Trouble...
06:04:52a Satur, pals eye Senate run
06:05:08a Smokers Protest Fire Safe Cigarettes Law
06:05:15a Vietnam population growth falls to world average
06:05:26a World-class finds at new high-end mall
06:05:33a Solon lavishes Leyteños with infra projects
06:05:50a Honasan to testify in Magdalo trial
06:06:08a Estrada told Don't run, just play kingmaker
06:06:14a The colorful digital life of common people
06:06:22a Carey Mulligan joins
06:06:27a Nibbling, tingling way to relaxation
06:06:34a Downtown Gas Leak Causes Buildings To Shutdown
06:06:40a Dallas Cowboys lose preseason opener, 31-10
06:06:57a Crash sends three to hospital, two with life threatening injuries
06:07:09a Cameron joins PM in defending NHS
06:07:14a U.S. officials welcome women's boxing into 2012 Olympics
06:07:27a Young ready for return to LP Field
06:07:47a Man Accused Of Shooting, Killing Boxer In Jail
06:08:05a Counties lining up for shot at broadband stimulus cash
06:08:10a Lhasa ready to greet Shoton Festival
06:08:27a Dust? Art!
06:08:41a Future table salt to be sprinkled with less iodine
06:08:46a Leftist leader released for talks
06:08:51a Nature reserve of Three Rivers' Source
06:08:56a Tory MP survives de-selection bid
06:09:02a Avant-garde composer undergoes heart surgery
06:09:07a Zero refusal to foreign reporters Chinese official
06:09:12a Police investigate if mayday call hoax
06:09:17a Sony adopting standard for e-books
06:09:23a Funeral for three killed in fire
06:09:28a Luangpor Khoon administered anti-A flu
06:09:33a Second phase of trial vaccine testing begins
06:09:38a I've Got Facts On My Side & You've Got Glenn Beck
06:09:43a Lockerbie families in race to reveal truth behind Flight 103
06:09:49a Nigeria Set-Back As Militants Blow Up Gas Plant
06:09:54a Is 12 too young for a professional makeover?
06:09:59a Kapanke cleared in ethics complaint
06:10:04a Hotels full despite flu scare
06:10:09a Trapper course set for September in Babcock
06:10:14a Oklahoma health agency's board cuts more than state orders
06:10:20a In San Francisco, our marathon man does it
06:10:25a Rare coins, banknotes to go under the hammer
06:10:30a Patcharawat visits Yala monastic chief
06:10:35a Reviews of recent film releases
06:10:41a Abhisit makes official visit to Philippines
06:10:46a Indonesia president pledges security, robust demand
06:10:51a Landslide hits Sichuan-Tibet Highway
06:10:57a Fatal motorcycle crash on I-94
06:11:02a Street Musicians Play To Pay For College
06:11:07a Burbank Police Looking For Would-Be Abducter
06:11:12a Sen. Kohl health care 'breaking the bank'
06:11:18a In Brunei, 'small is beautiful'
06:11:23a 16-year-old from Plano academy leads in gymnastics championship
06:11:28a What's The Newest Animal At A Bay Area Zoo?
06:11:34a 'Beijing Bus' unveiled as first 2012 Olympics toy
06:11:39a Notebooks tell Nick Cave's story
06:11:44a Doctor to cover 1 lakh students in 1 month
06:11:49a Painting supplies stolen from Sparta school
06:11:55a Crown says Macau business raises US200m
06:12:00a Edmond lawmaker Ken Miller eyes treasurer spot
06:12:05a Did He Make Phone Calls As MJ Lay Dying?
06:12:11a Five more test positive in Ahmedabad
06:12:16a TN tobacco crops have banner year
06:12:21a Fourth body found from PNG crash
06:12:26a Hyperlinked BRTS, swift Ahmedabad
06:12:32a Three quarantined for suspected swine flu symptoms in Chennai
06:12:37a British bands blown away by 'supersonic' Japan
06:12:42a Five test positive for swine flu in the Diamond City
06:12:48a Seven Women Shot Dead in Russian Sauna
06:12:53a Gujarat HC sets up spl team to probe Ishrat case
06:12:58a First 5 funds healthy families program
06:13:04a Man jailed for strangling ex-girlfriend
06:13:09a Novel about corruption and crime may be work of Kremlin official
06:13:14a Thai Shares Poised To Move Higher
06:13:20a Mind drugs very effective against cancer too
06:13:25a Indonesia president's state of nation address
06:13:30a Man wants compensation for police raid
06:13:36a Quadriplegic wins right to die
06:13:41a Deputies Nab 3 Gang Members For Laker Rioting
06:13:47a Phelps uninjured in two-vehicle crash
06:13:52a Save Money on Groceries
06:13:57a Tehachapi man gets medals for service in WW II
06:14:02a California facing 4th year of drought?
06:14:07a Condo Project Might Displace Rosemead Residents
06:14:12a ConsMedia up 7.7pc on Stokes report
06:14:18a Swine flu survivor kids tell their tale
06:14:23a New poll shows Afghan vote headed for second round
06:14:28a Local items make 'Believe It or Not' list
06:14:34a Rabbis dragged into outpost dispute
06:14:39a Stocks strong despite drop in retail sales
06:14:44a ALLERGY ALERT Undeclared eggs and soy in CROWN brand CEREAL COOKIE
06:14:49a AMC to start poster drive to educate citizens on swine flu
06:14:55a Kansa virus, H1N1, can't quell Janmashtami joy
06:15:00a Submit YOUR home or business to be a location for a movie
06:15:05a India 'regrets' US body's censure
06:15:10a Jury decides in
06:15:16a Nadal rolls on in Montreal
06:15:21a Ahmedabad traffic to lose a lane, but gain huge leeway
06:15:26a Pakistan offers joint defence projects
06:15:31a Thousands Flee Raging California Wildfires
06:15:37a Classroom attack leaves teacher traumatised
06:15:42a N.Korea says door always open to U.S. for talks
06:15:47a Danes keen to see Aussie ETS passed
06:15:52a Fact checking the claims of healthcare reform
06:15:57a Prepare for higher rates, RBA warns
06:16:03a Karzai rival tells crowd Afghan race not over
06:16:08a Clinton visits Liberia, backs woman president/tit
06:16:13a Alberta patient lost for 3 days inside hospital
06:16:18a Rajasthan MLAs meet Rajnath over Vasundhra issue
06:16:24a Jordan gov't seeks cooperation with civil society
06:16:29a 'Family man' devoted to community is killed on Highway 58
06:16:34a Braves' new world
06:16:40a Report Galaxy's Donovan Contracts H1N1 Flu
06:16:45a Taser maker seeks to quash all Braidwood recommendations
06:16:50a UK Stocks - Factors to watch on August 14
06:16:56a Pan Am bomber at heart of controversy
06:17:01a Gibson was wary of Les Paul guitar
06:17:06a Hot New Restaurant Inspired By Street Food
06:17:11a PM on smacking referendum
06:17:17a Oklahoma City prepares to offer full-day kindergarten
06:17:22a Only 9 percent Pakistanis see US as partner Poll
06:17:27a Andy Murray thrashes Juan Carlos Ferrero
06:17:33a Before Martha's Vineyard, Obama to visit Yellowstone, Grand Canyon
06:17:38a Leopard skin haul case is delayed yet again
06:17:43a Change means a wide-open race
06:17:49a UK lists groups to get swine flu jab first
06:17:54a Security Council expresses concern about fresh sentencing on Suu Kyi
06:17:59a Ruscoe heads to US on scholarship
06:18:05a MoD to develop Sungai Liang as regional centre, won't extract coal yet
06:18:11a At least six dead in government-rebel shootout in Chechnya
06:18:17a Brady back in business for Pats
06:18:22a Review of Friday's South in Collinsville, Illinois
06:18:27a Construction begins on the Port of Vancouver's new rail terminal
06:18:32a State board moves to buy Cashton area woodlands
06:18:38a Human intelligence just became 50,000 years older!
06:18:43a Fuji Fire & Marine 8763.T-1qtr group results
06:18:48a Aegon raises 1 billion euros through shares to repay state investment
06:18:54a How to Ride the Seattle Monorail
06:18:59a Man held in slayings incompetent, judge rules
06:19:04a Even blind people's brains separate living and non-living objects for processing
06:19:09a For Bruce Lisker, a 'surreal' return to society
06:19:15a Bird thought to be extinct found in the lab Text
06:19:20a Until the Light Takes Us
06:19:25a I can't stop smoking, says Lily Allen
06:19:30a Q+A China's backdown over Internet filter plans
06:19:36a 'Clunker' dealers who require payback agreements are targeted by consumer groups
06:19:41a Lawyers Man gave girl drugs, drinks, tattoos
06:19:46a Air traffic controller suspended over NY crash
06:19:51a Pakistan's war is against extremism, not religion Kayani
06:19:57a Kate Beckinsale to return as underworld vampire
06:20:02a T-Birds Grille in Marion, Illinois Lessons for Success
06:20:07a Signed copy of Mein Kampf sold in UK
06:20:12a Q+A China's complex relationship with Myanmar
06:20:18a Disabled adults' job skills grow at Palm Bay nursery
06:20:23a Franklin school receives funds for fresh fruits, vegetables
06:20:37a No pay rise for WA politicians, bureaucrats
06:20:42a Michael Vick signs one-year deal with Eagles
06:20:47a Michael Vick signs two-year deal with the Eagles
06:20:53a Government backs Rossiter's right to starve himself
06:20:58a Grant boosts The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation's lupus studies
06:21:05a The human timebomb why was he given Iraq job?
06:21:10a NZ dollar rises as evidence of recovery mounts
06:21:15a 10 Interesting Things to See in Scott County, Indiana
06:21:21a Inquiry on arrests of five lawyers begins
06:21:26a Weyerhaeuser agrees to million sale of Oregon timberland
06:21:32a Cocoa police search UCF campus, but find no gunman
06:21:37a Texans attack Oklahoma water law
06:21:42a GM to revive plant with battery pack production
06:21:47a Fire crews called after children heard in culvert
06:21:53a Afghan death soldiers will be named
06:21:58a Roundup Apple tablet likely next year, gaming hits rough patch, Msft exec leaves...
06:22:03a Jack headed for UNC disciplinary committee -
06:22:09a India to get bn in SDRs to battle recession
06:22:14a Inmate seeks sex-change operation
06:22:19a Govt may disclose H1N1 hotspots
06:22:24a Jack opens office in Couva North -
06:22:29a WASA works cause chaos, dry taps in South -
06:22:35a Volkswagen outlines terms of planned merger with Porsche
06:22:40a Man, 102, finally gets NIS pension -
06:22:46a Beetham mom dies in gun attack - ...grandson escapes
06:22:52a Body located -
06:22:57a The shadow of divisiveness -
06:23:02a US plea to minister over Lockerbie
06:23:07a CRACKDOWN - Another gun found at St Joseph Police Station; corporal on narcotics charge
06:23:12a Iguana hunters slapped with heavy fine -
06:23:18a PM's death threat claim
06:23:23a T&T gets more Cuban health care workers -
06:23:28a Police officers not setting good example -
06:23:33a Right-Wingers, We Have the Obama Photoshop Job Youre Looking for
06:23:39a Soldier suspected of stealing IDF arms
06:23:44a The secrets of superiority -
06:23:49a 'Clunkers' rules ease as sales soar
06:23:54a Powdered milk prices fall -
06:23:59a 50 homes hit hard
06:24:04a OJT workers to get salary increase -
06:24:10a Fury over 'they shake me' baby t-shirt
06:24:15a Police betrayal must not be left hanging -
06:24:20a Contender accuses UN of failing to defend voters from fraud
06:24:26a Seven plead not guilty in Fla. couple slaying
06:24:31a Jabloteh host Toluca next week -
06:24:36a Finance Careers in Los Angeles
06:24:41a PM open to anti-smacking law change
06:24:47a Suspects to be charged in sergeant's murder -
06:24:52a Prospecting for Gold in the Midwest
06:24:57a ANALYSIS-Japan election tests opposition's green resolve
06:25:02a Divers called in after reports of people 'trapped' in drain
06:25:08a Speed freaks Bolt and Gay to highlight World Champs
06:25:13a Delicious Downstate Fare at Chicago Hut in Pekin, Illinois Restaurant Review
06:25:18a God prefers the Soca Warriors? -
06:25:23a Cricketer fined for assault
06:25:29a Florida doctor fired for fatty-food fight
06:25:34a Marlins top Astros with milestone night
06:25:39a Peres Hizbullah is Destroying Lebanon, its Ideology is Based on War
06:25:44a Renewable Energy from Mixing Salty Water with Fresh Water
06:25:50a St. Petersburg police major's gun stolen by his own grandson
06:25:55a Court Friday found ex-Samsung boss guilty over bond deal
06:26:00a ...More stations, offices searched -
06:26:05a Where the came from? - Bas asks Navas
06:26:11a Zardari announces political, legal reforms in tribal areas
06:26:16a NAMES + FACES Michael Douglas' son moved to jail
06:26:21a March 14 Hizbullah is Trying in Vain to Block Cabinet Formation
06:26:26a Chaguanas Mayor wants only what she's entitled to -
06:26:32a Double bombing kills at least 21 in Iraqi cafe
06:26:37a Medical certificate for Tobago accused -
06:26:42a Taiwan battles to reach 15,000 typhoon victims
06:26:48a Child welfare report shows little accountability
06:26:53a U.N., Countries Contributing Troops to UNIFIL for Mandate Extension without Amendments
06:26:58a Where did the football tickets really go? - Rowley to Hunt
06:27:03a Haleigh's Dad Accusing Of Putting Rat In In-Law's Mailbox
06:27:08a TABLE-IVG Immobilien AG IVGG.DE 2nd quarter results
06:27:14a Flood victims plead for help -
06:27:19a 49-year-old Wasilla man arrested for flashing a gun
06:27:24a Khan has no regrets - Resignation from the UdeCOTT Enquiry
06:27:30a 'Behaviour profiling' at Canadian airports
06:27:35a Nigeria Govt Officials Condemn Clinton's Remarks
06:27:41a OPP link veteran sergeant to top Mafia boss
06:28:04a Cops hunt for killers of Bona magazine editor
06:28:12a Paulson's Bofa Buy Is Vote Of Confidence
06:28:17a Ontario puts polar bear on threatened-species list
06:28:23a US lawmaker to arrive in Myanmar Friday officials
06:28:28a Gender in the court
06:28:33a China economy recovery, rebalance and restructuring&font color='#ff0000'& Special&/font&
06:28:38a Tourist captures shocking air crash
06:28:43a Man guilty of sleeping wife's murder
06:28:49a Imaginarium closes doors for the winter on Aug. 23
06:28:54a Wal-Mart's preparations for Roanoke Co. store progressing
06:29:00a Accused in Stafford case appears by video link
06:29:05a U.S. upswing in international trade is skipping South Florida, for now
06:29:15a Lightning strikes two boys, mother
06:29:25a We are not thinking about marriage- Gaurav and Mouni
06:29:30a Tampa police Chief Stephen Hogue to retire within 8 months
06:29:35a Capture Of 14-Foot Python In Bradenton A Hoax
06:29:41a Paris penthouses for busy bees
06:29:46a Report Frederic Hoff in Beirut after Syria
06:29:51a LEAD Typhoon death toll in Taiwan expected to top 500 President Ma+
06:29:56a Mesa mayor reaches out to residents
06:30:02a School supply drive at Edward Jones begins
06:30:07a RBA chief warns Australians to prepare for higher interest rates
06:30:13a Small group protests universal health case
06:30:18a Man jailed for million tax scam
06:30:24a Salman's Kickin' Independence
06:30:29a More students seeking financial aid
06:30:34a Rajiv Menon wants to direct Shah Rukh Khan
06:30:41a Look southeast for Iridium flares in night sky
06:30:52a Let him starve, says court
06:30:57a More mums breastfeeding in NZ
06:31:02a Sudan remains hopeful on lifting of US sanctions
06:31:07a Taiwan leader says more than 500 dead in typhoon
06:31:19a Pain returning at the pumps
06:31:33a NCP members in Warrap defect to South Sudan ruling party
06:31:38a Hot weekend sparks fire danger warning
06:31:43a Porsche to be absorbed into VW group by 2011
06:31:49a Mistaken Identity Victim Whitney Cerak Graduates, 3 Years Later
06:31:54a Varma to make sequel to 'Agyaat'
06:31:59a Homes in Miss. at risk dip 37%
06:32:05a Another turkey shoot possible in Philomath
06:32:10a Republic wins in Frontier bidding
06:32:15a Controversial film Black Widow finally gets Censor Board clearance
06:32:20a U.S. Senator to meet Myanmar junta
06:32:26a Ashmit chased by crazy Bull!
06:32:31a Work at Ninth and Circle closes part of bike lane
06:32:36a No Israeli soldier kidnapped, army lowers alert level
06:32:47a Hc debate out of control, as Obama strikes back!
06:32:53a Sudan's dominant party rejects any review to census results
06:32:58a 49 Honduras Resistance a...
06:33:04a Government unlikely to reinstate Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya despite protesters' continued defiance
06:33:09a Movie Review Life Partner
06:33:15a Cash for Clunkers hurting small-guy dealers
06:33:20a Stop non-stop ride nonsense bus firm
06:33:25a Ahead of the curve US kid embarks on good news dream
06:33:30a Pomersbach hit for six-month driving ban
06:33:36a Stocks extend gains to 2nd day
06:33:41a Monson The heir is not apparent among Utah's QBs
06:33:46a Govinda 'My Role Started As A Guest Appearance'
06:33:51a Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono N
06:33:57a Yu Seong-Jin looked tired but healthy despite his lengthy detention
06:34:02a A local resident cleans his house of debris brought by Typhoon Morakot in Liukuei
06:34:07a Liquor Store Enforces No-Purse Policy
06:34:13a Australian Market Trades Higher; Banks, Resource Stocks Rally
06:34:18a Church gives for priest's release
06:34:23a Taarak Mehta Ka Festival Bonanza!
06:34:28a Do Or Dare...Ramu To Make Sequel To Agyaat, Plot Revealed
06:34:34a Shocking dolphin doco hits Perth
06:34:39a Affair alleged for murder accused
06:34:44a European Factors - Shares seen opening higher
06:34:50a Maryland woman spots belongings at neighbor's yard sale
06:34:55a Imagine Azaadi with NDTV Stars!
06:35:00a Mozart of Madras Rahman pays tribute to King of Pop
06:35:05a TABLE-Dear Life 3245.T-9-mth group results
06:35:10a Waterfowl season dates and bag limits announced
06:35:16a Open source Linux device drivers submitted by - Microsoft?
06:35:21a Flu victim was not informed of infection by hospital, says friend
06:35:26a Prison escapee on run
06:35:31a Balancing Acts Nutritional confessions and repentance
06:35:37a Biker killed after hitting pole
06:35:42a Catholic priest 'caught on webcam'
06:35:47a Anuj's wild goose chase
06:35:53a South Korea's Hyundai Group chairwoman Hyun Jeong-Eun
06:35:58a NFL Oakland 31, Dallas 10
06:36:03a Utility plant plan shifts
06:36:08a Henty House debate goes on
06:36:14a India aims to tackle tax evasion
06:36:19a Masculinity beliefs barrier to healthcare
06:36:24a Stunning staff 'bad for business'
06:36:33a Clinton Urges Congolese to Advocate for Rape Victims
06:36:38a An aerial view shows a village ravaged by floods and mudslides during Typhoon Morakot
06:36:53a Man loses finger in home invasion
06:36:59a Raw Video Thurs. Night Over Lockheed Fire
06:37:04a Max Jones records his video piece at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando
06:37:09a Coroner criticises fire service over Myer blaze
06:37:15a Mandatory Death Counseling--Exposed!
06:37:20a Canadian bank eyes Allied Irish report
06:37:25a Seoul shares end 1.7 pct higher; banks, techs rise
06:37:30a RPT-GLOBAL MARKETS-Japan stocks at 10-mth high on eurozone data
06:37:36a Indiana chamber honors Valpo
06:37:41a Fired-up Victory aim to bounce back
06:37:46a TABLE-Okato HD 8705.Q-1qtr group results
06:37:51a Bee hives are seen on the roof of the Grand Palais in Paris
06:37:57a Woman jailed for lover's murder
06:38:02a Cats coach accounting for Goodes factor
06:38:07a storm to hit Perth today
06:38:12a Opposition wants climate bills 'split'
06:38:17a SPIL board approves investment in Taiwan Memory
06:38:23a Poll finds many feel recession effects
06:38:28a Beekeeper Nicolas Geant works on the roof of the Grand Palais in Paris
06:38:33a DIARY Turkey to Dec 17, 2009
06:38:39a Visteon may ax retiree benefits
06:38:44a NFL agent Vick signs with Philadelphia
06:38:49a Accused murderer was 'reported to police'
06:38:54a Ford to boost models' output
06:38:59a Sensex resumes up at 15,530.38, by 11.89 pts
06:39:04a Let him starve court rules on quadriplegic's plea
06:39:10a Surviving in extreme conditions after typhoon
06:39:15a China exports demand helped economy RBA
06:39:20a UIndy starts international MBA
06:39:25a Sony opens restrictions on e-book, Reader
06:39:31a Favorite Eats and Treats in Westwood Village
06:39:36a EnerDel charges ahead in site quest
06:39:41a Mt. Fuji all lit up as shooting stars put on a show
06:39:46a Offensive article not backed by Beijing
06:39:52a Air traffic controllers
06:39:57a Israel ends search, says no soldier abducted
06:40:02a Holiday World to add water roller coaster
06:40:07a Remarks by Clinton and Liberian President Sirleaf
06:40:12a Government to Launch Drive to Ease Swine Flu Fears
06:40:18a Carbon Motors seeks from feds to revamp old plant
06:40:23a Police seek identity of burglar, release video
06:40:28a Uchikawa, BayStars pummel Swallows
06:40:33a Win free tickets for airline trip
06:40:38a City celebrations 'the quietest in 15 years'
06:40:44a Swine flu toll rises to 24 in Qld
06:40:49a Hospital caught cheating health insurance plan
06:40:54a 'We opened the curtains and saw a ball of fire'
06:40:59a Rescue attempts too slow
06:41:04a Caution urged over cancer cure finding
06:41:10a Moderate Party expects to be on state ballot in 2010
06:41:15a 'Harvard have made terrible mistake by allowing me in'
06:41:20a DPJ policies would raise annual CO2 emissions, think tank says
06:41:26a Tech star's relief as fraud charges dropped
06:41:31a Poll shows Afghan vote headed for second round
06:41:36a Aeon to sell jeans for 880 yen a pair
06:41:41a Bush went soft claims Cheney
06:41:46a Good turnout expected for ballot over redundancy action
06:41:52a Birthday bash to remember Buck Owens
06:41:57a Locals more concerned with horse fair fever than troubled tycoons
06:42:02a Two friends die after being trapped in horror car inferno
06:42:07a Nigeria's economic crisis behind unrest in the north
06:42:12a Korean Market Trading Firm; KOSPI Hits New 52-week High
06:42:17a Korean Air Swings to Profit, Misses Forecast
06:42:23a Chinese Falun Gong practitioners back to normal life
06:42:28a Southern Africa Regional Unity 'Needed for Growth'
06:42:33a Southern Airlines opens Taiwan branch
06:42:38a Coastal error . . . NAMA expert 'all at sea' in midlands
06:42:43a Tough road ahead for consumer finance firms
06:42:49a Solicitor suspended following probe into mortgages
06:42:54a Judge deflates tyre over parking row
06:42:59a July power consumption up 6%
06:43:04a Lush rice paddies more than just a voting bloc
06:43:09a Hospital punished for aiding lung patient
06:43:14a Wal-Mart customers changing
06:43:20a 'Breath of Qiang' stages in Beijing
06:43:25a Teens sent for trial in garda death case
06:43:30a Support rally for SF8 defendant
06:43:35a In Late Late hotseat And Ryan is 'nervous'
06:43:40a Video Under fire in Iraq
06:43:46a Carroll in last-ditch bid to save property empire
06:43:51a Taiwan's Ma expects typhoon deaths to exceed 500
06:43:56a 'Safe houses' for couples who defy tradition
06:44:01a One dead in avalanche near Methven
06:44:06a Employees can complain about pet at workplace
06:44:12a Martinez Resigns, GOP Loses Reasonable Voice
06:44:17a ANALYSIS Japan election tests opposition's green resolve
06:44:22a Nuns nab robber
06:44:27a Summa, YMCA work out partnership
06:44:33a Norway rout heaps pressure on Burley
06:44:38a Commodity markets closed today for 'Janmasthami'
06:44:43a Bosses told to get tough on wasteful office twits
06:44:51a Video game pain Nintendo no longer superhuman in sales
06:44:56a STS-123 3rd EVA3
06:45:02a U.S. probes O.C. jail system
06:45:07a Fence will only spoil Bridgetown
06:45:12a ISS March 16
06:45:17a Crew Practices Countdown
06:45:22a ISS March 24
06:45:27a STS-1235th EVA3
06:45:33a Fruits, veggies, nuts keep kidney stones away
06:45:38a Home loan bank has loss
06:45:43a STS-123 3rd EVA
06:45:49a Under-fire Musharraf does a Schwarzeneggar, says 'Ill be back'!
06:45:54a Banks should fend for themselves RBA
06:45:59a ISS Flight Director Interview
06:46:04a Rajasthan Oppn leader Raje refuses to quit
06:46:09a After Long Tan it's back to Viet Nam to help
06:46:14a Slight price increases recorded, but food costs continue to drop
06:46:20a Bushfire plan open for comment
06:46:25a Zardari announces landmark FATA reforms on Pak Independence Day
06:46:30a Demolition of Kampung Buah Pala postponed to Sept 1
06:46:35a Quadriplegic wins right not to be fed
06:46:41a Gameplay videos Resonance of Fate
06:46:46a No Kokoda trekkers stranded, says authority
06:46:51a U.S. star Phelps unharmed in car accident
06:46:57a Online Console Latest addition to Games Intel service
06:47:02a Ministers take three-man bamboo bike across country
06:47:08a Florida rally for public health-care option draws counter protest
06:47:13a TABLE-Goodman 2008/09 parent results
06:47:18a Taiwan rescuers battle to reach 15,000 typhoon victims
06:47:23a Sistema could take stake in Infineon report
06:47:28a Apple a day helps keep kidney stones away
06:47:34a Cannabis may protect against osteoporosis
06:47:39a Tale of two Sydneys spot the difference
06:47:44a Like humans, monkeys too prefer mimics
06:47:53a You Might Be a Birther if...
06:47:58a Sex-charge priest 'caught on webcam'
06:48:03a Party celebrates first mile of concrete highway on Woodward
06:48:08a Fighting Back
06:48:13a 300 buried alive in southern Taiwan village
06:48:19a Pathologist says there were signs of suicide
06:48:24a Increased ocean acidification in Alaska waters may damage marine life
06:48:29a 13 killed in Bangladesh bus crash
06:48:35a Honduras flattens Costa Rica
06:48:40a Rate Rise in Timely Manner
06:48:45a Buffet in Obama slur ad cull
06:48:50a Rare Queen Victoria items to be sold at auction
06:48:55a Facial expressions may act as language barriers in cross-cultural situations
06:49:00a Marijuana may make acute pain worse
06:49:06a Town Hall Outrage? Media cooperated in disruptions at GOP events
06:49:11a UPDATE 1-Schibsted Q2 core profit tops view, outlook weak
06:49:16a Why Social Security Will Go Bankrupt Sooner Than People Think
06:49:22a South Korean vehicles wait to pass a checkpoint at the Kaesong Industrial Complex
06:49:27a New Mexico State in need of wins and ... snacks
06:49:32a Brits defend their much-criticized nationalized health care
06:49:38a Gilani vows to restore tradition of celebrating Pak Independence Day outside Parliament
06:49:43a Hope Academy is a haven on teen addicts' path to recovery
06:49:48a Richardson now headed to Miami; Blount lands in Minnesota
06:49:54a BRIEF-Sevan Marine sees signs of increasing activity
06:49:59a Welcome to Sydney ... Novia Scotia
06:50:04a Fatal accident sparks safety conversation
06:50:09a TonenGeneral Sekiyu 2009 parent forecast
06:50:15a TABLE-Goodman 2008/09 group results
06:50:20a Teams retrieve Kokoda crash dead
06:50:25a UT prepares for weekend move in
06:50:30a BofA suing Spire builder
06:50:35a TonenGeneral Sekiyu 6mth group results
06:50:40a Tom Greenwood Greenwood Show classic-car etiquette
06:50:46a Obama's Pitchforks
06:50:51a TABLE-ALGETA 3-month results
06:50:56a Marathon man reaches Melbourne
06:51:01a Obama bulldozing Israel's future
06:51:07a Liverpool's Torres throws title taunt at Chelsea
06:51:12a TABLE-Basilea Pharmaceutica 6 months results
06:51:19a Viru may return for CT, says Dhoni
06:51:24a Sugar price increases put food makers on alert
06:51:29a Townnews-sha 2008/09 parent results
06:51:35a Aerosmith cancels rest of tour
06:51:40a TonenGeneral Sekiyu 2009 group forecast
06:51:45a Ex-mayor of Calhoun charged in post-meeting fight
06:51:50a TABLE-BIOTAGE 3-month results
06:51:55a Earth March 20
06:52:01a Over 4,000 mobiles seized from inmates in two years
06:52:06a TABLE-Bachem AG 6 months results
06:52:11a The People's Genie Is out of the Bottle
06:52:16a STS-123 2nd EVA CG
06:52:22a TABLE-PHOTOCURE 3-month results
06:52:27a Would 'The Golden Girls' Survive ObamaCare?
06:52:32a Brown Fat Could be Made From Skin Cells
06:52:37a DPS fights ruling on preschool report cards
06:52:44a Budget surplus means many laid off teachers will go back to work
06:52:49a Video game industry sees U.S. sales fall 29% in July
06:52:54a Raiders beat Cowboys 31-10 in exhibition opener
06:53:00a Barneys New York brings warehouse sale to L.A. Convention Center
06:53:05a Blount County man doing well after second lightning strike
06:53:10a Britons 'unaware' of UK child trafficking
06:53:16a Perth quadriplegic wins landmark right to die
06:53:21a NK Frees Detained Hyundai Worker
06:53:26a Tests clear 18 people of Hendra virus
06:53:31a 2 suspended over Hudson air collision
06:53:37a South Africa Zille Hails Tutu as U.S. Honours Feisty Cleric
06:53:42a Miandad made batting adviser after Pakistan defeat
06:53:48a Thomas Cook deal agreed but details disputed
06:53:53a Son of Michael Douglas held in jail
06:53:58a Mom, boyfriend held on charges of child abuse
06:54:22a Publisher to rent college textbooks
06:54:27a How Bad Things Might Have Been
06:54:42a Korean online games light up Europe's heart
06:54:47a Chief Justice allows quadriplegic right to die
06:54:52a Obama spars with media over health care
06:54:58a Germany, Russia and a troubled human rights record
06:55:03a Dont You Forget About John Hughes
06:55:08a Swine flu Mumbai malls see biz dropping upto 50%
06:55:13a 2009-10 will be worse, says Jet
06:55:19a Petrol prices jump 20pc since start of the year
06:55:24a Check out the desi version of Google Earth, 'Bhuvan'
06:55:29a Castro Issues Critique of U.S. Economic Policy
06:55:35a Prisoner release may ease tensions
06:55:40a Sex Shop in Southington
06:55:46a Keeping Alive Memories That Bedevil Him
06:55:51a India ramps up security for Independence Day
06:55:56a 14 Wing opens for weekend Celebration of Flight
06:56:20a India-focused fund Knight Frank puts off plan
06:56:25a American UBS clients may face criminal charges report
06:56:30a Unlucky for Mulipola
06:56:38a Video Cambodia's 'AIDS colony' eyed
06:56:43a Dallas trustees, others balk at naming schools for Obama, Sotomayor
06:56:50a IMF approves billion for India
06:56:55a Spokesmen for a better Sydney and less road rage
06:57:00a Legionnaires caused by unsterilized ice
06:57:06a Court says ex-Samsung boss guilty over bond deal
06:57:11a Standard & Poor's raises India's growth forecast
06:57:16a CII's 5-pt plan to fight scanty rain, high prices
06:57:21a AIB rule change adds to mortgage problems
06:57:26a Man 'tried to hide murdered wife in wall'
06:57:32a Asean Malaysian goods to be 80% duty-free by '16
06:57:37a Row as fuel prices soar
06:57:42a Belait holds expo to raise people's ideas in development plan
06:57:47a Clouds Discovered Over Titan Tropics
06:57:54a Shahid from Kaminey at Zee L'il Champs
06:58:01a Cop fires 19 shots, supect unharmed
06:58:06a PE ratio How it helps buy great stocks
06:58:12a 'Saving Grace' to wrap next summer
06:58:17a Screening of bus drivers inadequate to prevent accidents
06:58:22a New tax code to make fund-raising easier for VCs
06:58:27a India's Vanishing Groundwater
06:58:33a Nintendo Files Horseback Riding Simulator Patent
06:58:38a Taser burns man appears in court
06:58:45a Yosemite, National Parks Set for Free Admission Weekend
06:58:52a Weight Watchers Ensuring Successful Weightloss
06:58:57a Sacramento Man Identified in American River Drowning
06:59:02a Telecom companies reject stimulus money
06:59:08a Business over the border hit harder by slump
06:59:13a Kate Miller Heidke Curiouser
06:59:18a Star newspaper group posts €6.8m yearly profit
06:59:23a The Top Diet Books You Should Read
06:59:29a NZers' 'Tour de Force' in French rugby
06:59:34a Las Vegas Sands wins debt deal
06:59:39a Crooks Steal CHP Officer's Gun in Natomas Car Break-In
06:59:44a 'Stars Shine Over TianshanMountain' talent show in Xinjiang
06:59:50a Keeping Our Children Healthy Back to School Tips
06:59:55a Firms' concerns freeze 'oil city' hopes in Venezuela
07:00:00a Tonight On Eyewitness News At 6
07:00:05a Early Humans Used Heat-Treated Stone for Tools
07:00:10a I paid for Arroyo party's Wash. dinner
07:00:16a Cops Sacramento Mom Carved Initial Into Baby
07:00:21a Boeing stops work on 787 fuselages made in Italy to fix wrinkled skin
07:00:26a How much sleep you need could be down to one gene, claim scientists
07:00:31a Ninja in Space
07:00:37a Allergy Medicine Product Review Walgreens' Over-the-Counter Wal-itin 24 Hour Allergy Relief
07:00:42a Food Label Literacy
07:00:47a Videogame sales sink again
07:00:52a Kahlefeldt aims high ahead of London Triathlon
07:00:58a Jacksonville center will help keep inmates out of jail
07:01:16a Skier dies in NZ avalanche
07:01:21a Mirion Technologies Files For IPO To Raise Up To Mln Update
07:01:27a Speicher's body returns to Jacksonville
07:01:32a Contestants for Miss World Leisure 2009 arrive in Nanjing
07:01:37a Phoenix Park victim may be Romanian
07:01:42a Movie Review KAMINEY
07:01:52a Bad Postures in Golf and Back Pain
07:01:57a Young refugees use art to illustrate their 'America'
07:02:02a Adrenal Fatigue
07:02:08a Song Hye-kyo teams up with Chinese stars for new ad
07:02:13a Noynoy mum on higher post despite growing support
07:02:18a Oahu Beaches Closed Due To Jellyfish
07:02:23a Dextre, ISS, Endeavour
07:02:28a Nuttall appeals jail sentence
07:02:33a Big 12 Preview Kansas analysis
07:02:39a Top Five Lies About Health Care
07:02:44a How to Get Health Insurance Coverage
07:02:49a Online game
07:02:54a Children relocated after childcare centre blaze
07:02:59a UK lagging as upturn in Europe under way
07:03:05a Northern Ireland recovery 'on the way but growth will be slow'
07:03:10a Flu Season Infection Control Tips
07:03:15a Hero Service Dogs Off to College
07:03:20a Two top Irish banks in a ‘vegetative state’
07:03:25a New home purchases ruled out by a lack of equity
07:03:30a Capping Two-faced Particles
07:03:36a Triton breaks listing drought
07:03:41a UN 'concerned' by Suu Kyi sentence
07:03:46a 10 Back to School Health Tips for Teachers
07:03:51a Man loses appeal over raping stepdaughter
07:03:57a Concern over farmers' safety standards
07:04:02a Ala Moana Celebrates 50th Anniversary
07:04:07a Video Shows 'G.I. Joe' Star Performing as Male Stripper
07:04:12a Stocks climb to 2009 highs on economic optimism
07:04:17a Scientists find gene for getting less sleep
07:04:23a Austrians think that living in Austria was better 40 years ago
07:04:28a Kansas Preview Players take
07:04:33a Banks' concerns make ARC loans scarce
07:04:38a Major Taylor's legacy pedals on at historic site on Monon
07:04:44a Magic Recieves Lifetime Award At Harold Pump Event
07:04:49a Here is the latest Oklahoma news from The Associated Press
07:04:54a 11. MACC nabs Ronnie Liu's assistant after scuffle
07:04:59a This Week at NASAMarch 21
07:05:05a Woman accused in fatal crash loses plea-bargain bid
07:05:10a Australian ISPs Soon To Become Copyright Cops
07:05:15a Kansas Preview Coach Mangino
07:05:21a Revisiting the Saddam Hussein/al-Qaeda Relationship
07:05:26a Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Tells Greta 'That Film Looked Kind of Strange'
07:05:31a Guard unit returns after 11 months in Afghanistan
07:05:36a Bonny Doon Fire Out Of Control, On The Move
07:05:41a 17. Karpal sedition trial Reporter says she does not know Karpal's political party
07:05:47a FAA 2 employees investigated in mid-air crash
07:05:52a New hope for asthma allergy treatment
07:05:57a The footballer's guide to saving
07:06:02a Hancock Bank Extends Customer Reach and Service Through NCR Online Banking Solution
07:06:08a Gormley seeking safeguards so he can sell NAMA to dissidents
07:06:13a Tracy Lawrence ailing, cancels Norman show
07:06:18a Kansas Preview Past and future
07:06:23a Cassio out of Sydney FC trip
07:06:28a Way to attack cancer stem cells found
07:06:34a Plexmar Reactivates Lima Stock Exchange Listing Process
07:06:39a Quadriplegic man wants to die at home
07:06:44a Team Coverage BART Union Announces Strike
07:06:49a My OFA Adventure
07:06:54a Jackson probe traces origin of drug
07:07:00a Arab states seek EU support in gaining access to Israel's nuclear program
07:07:05a Namibia Angolan Given a Fine for Cocaine Trafficking
07:07:10a Orbital Sunset
07:07:16a Why Did Germany Honor an Israel-Basher?
07:07:21a Several Injured In Fairfield Twp. Crash
07:07:26a ISS March 17
07:07:31a VW to Buy 42% Stake in Porsche
07:07:36a 2 bus drivers lose jobs after boy's death
07:07:42a Club's tribute to killed soldier
07:08:04a Autodesk at GDC Europe and gamescom 2009
07:08:09a Life term for murders welcomed
07:08:14a US Senator Jim Webb arrives in Myanmar's military capital
07:08:19a West, Cantu help lift Marlins over Astros
07:08:25a Golden girl katie IS
07:08:30a Arabs ask for EU support on Israel nuke resolution Ynet News
07:08:35a Controllers suspended in Hudson crash
07:08:41a Coral Mating Season Happens Once A Year
07:08:46a Australia central bank chief tips shallow recession
07:08:51a Alleged Discovery of ‘Real Mt. Sinai Could Change the Middle East Forever
07:08:56a German court rules on Nazi slogans in English
07:09:01a Stomach Pacemaker
07:09:07a Samsung camera keeps vanity in focus
07:09:12a Israel's unexpected gas bonanza gets bigger World Tribune
07:09:17a Picketing workers turn blue and gold
07:09:27a Kenya Airways update on AAWU strike notice
07:09:33a No charges filed in death of cyclist at Virginia Tech
07:09:38a Russia and Turkey consider possibilities for constructing oil refinery
07:09:43a Would you let your son play for Pitino?
07:09:48a 48 hours in Venice
07:09:54a Vote Priyanka Chopra's hottest look
07:09:59a Supplement reverses glucose intolerance
07:10:04a Abbas No peace talks until Israel freezes settlement construction
07:10:10a Health Care Debate Breaks Out
07:10:15a Worst may be behind us
07:10:29a Iraqi Guards Face Trial for Bank Heist
07:10:34a Heat trades Mark Blount to 'Wolves for Quentin Richardson
07:10:39a Pakistan is a key nation, says US
07:10:44a South Africa Pupil Sues After Skull Fractured
07:10:50a Howard Kegan Issue of Kirkuk Has Acquired U.S Concern
07:10:55a Behind India's rise as IT power lies 25 years of C-DOT
07:11:00a Colorado store bags theft problem with no-purse policy
07:11:05a 'Ominous feeling' as fire burns unchecked
07:11:11a Blasts Kill 21 at a Cafe in North Iraq
07:11:16a Kenya Says Food Price Hikes to Stay This Year
07:11:21a Syria and Iraq to Settle Financial Dues and Establish Free Trade Zone
07:11:26a Goa asks residents not to visit states hit by swine flu
07:11:32a Senior Mosul Police Officer Killed
07:11:38a They fought for India's freedom, now they battle penury
07:11:43a Namibia Burglars Raid House
07:11:48a Rama slander case vs Galvante junked
07:11:53a Armenia to ensure security of local Web sites
07:11:59a Health Net Federal Services Re-Awarded URAC's HIPAA Privacy Accreditation
07:12:04a Concrete Blocks Removed in Baghdad
07:12:09a Book Fair in Falluja
07:12:14a Keeping Kids Healthy for the Upcoming School Year
07:12:19a Korean Air swings to net profit in Q2
07:12:25a Warner Bros. delaying providing movies to Redbox
07:12:30a Saint Bernie
07:12:35a Michael Vick Back In The NFL
07:12:40a US on NKorean ship
07:12:45a I Was Misquoted, Claims Iilonga
07:12:50a Armenia has superficial knowledge of present-day Turkish reality
07:12:55a Weinzapfel holds final public arena meeting
07:13:00a Namibia Tigers Snap Up Isaacs
07:13:06a STS-1235th EVA
07:13:11a Authorities seek 8th N.C. 'jihad' suspect
07:13:16a NAM Competition Commission Flexes Muscle in First Case
07:13:21a Assam farmers, hoping against hope
07:13:26a Anfal Widow Accuses Barzani's Spokesperson of Spread of Slander
07:13:32a 1 killed, village chief hurt in Tarlac ambush
07:13:37a Raje loyalists in Delhi to meet Advani
07:13:42a Ministry of Education Inauguration of New Two Schools
07:13:47a Hotel industry suffers another bad week
07:13:52a New Jetstar service to Japan
07:13:57a Lack of uniforms keeps some from 1st day of school
07:14:02a Human facial expressions aren't universal
07:14:08a Ban Calls for Kurdish Compromise on Disputed Territories
07:14:13a EPD Motorcycle Crash rider taken to hospital
07:14:18a Palace to propose P1.54 trillion budget
07:14:23a Driving Trains to Transport Passengers & Goods from Iraq to Europe Across Turkey
07:14:28a Namibia Nujoma Stadium Set for NPL
07:14:34a Rainy start to Janmashtami festivities in Delhi
07:14:39a Family politics behind Hyatt's going public?
07:14:44a India might have acted under intnl law US on N Korean
07:14:49a CBI Dollar Sales Up to
07:14:55a Minster of Electricity Seeks with an American Embassy's Delegation Support
07:15:00a UN Security Council agrees watered-down statement on Myanmar
07:15:05a Putin Muscle Man
07:15:10a US reporter admits she entered N Korea sister
07:15:15a Cabinet Decides to Exempt First 50 Million IQD of Real State
07:15:21a The Alternate Universe of the American Conservative
07:15:26a Babcock directors may have breached duties
07:15:31a Oreign Minister Receives French and Czech Ambassadors on Concluding Their Mission
07:15:37a Pakistan ambassador arrives in Jeddah
07:15:42a My Life in Foster Homes
07:15:47a STS-1235th EVA2
07:15:52a Foreign Pilgrims Quarantined in Karbala Return Home
07:15:57a Swapo Youth League Wants Konjore to Quit
07:16:03a Nigerian banks ordered to end financial dealings with North Korea
07:16:08a Project Brings Water to Kirkuk Villages
07:16:13a Union Co. officials confirm H1N1 case
07:16:18a 'Two Buck Chuck' Wine Aims for Both Quality and Quantity
07:16:24a ThyssenKrupp said Friday Q3 net loss was US900mil
07:16:29a Property Tax Relief
07:16:34a Surveillance captures armed robbery on tape
07:16:39a VP Biden among Shriver funeral Mass invitees
07:16:44a Pune IT firms battle to keep H1N1 at bay
07:16:50a The Etiquette Czar's Rules for Patriotic Protest
07:16:55a Judge's order is right, says lawyer
07:17:00a Iraq Oil Auction Needs Less Foreign 'greed', Says NOC Chief
07:17:05a More Healthcare Nonsense
07:17:11a Fears from Security Deterioration in Diwaniya
07:17:16a West Bengal celebrates Janmashtami
07:17:21a National Security Council Endorsed OT Agreement
07:17:26a ISX Trades over 856m Shares at ID1.7b
07:17:31a Pentagon offers grim Afghan report
07:17:36a Arab World Best Economic Performer in 2008
07:17:42a Taslima to return to India in January
07:17:47a Karas Trust Fund Not Being Used
07:17:53a Tips on Conducting a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference
07:17:58a Rajasthan MLAs meet Rajnath over Vasundhara issue
07:18:03a Hunger Striker Seriously Ill Outside US Embassy in London
07:18:08a Emergency at grammar school
07:18:13a Trial lawyers seek return on contributions to Senate Democrats
07:18:27a Calls grow for international summit on collapse of Fraser sockeye run
07:19:19a Family yells abuse as murderer gets life
07:19:36a Syracuse man pleads guilty in teen's drive-by shooting shooting death
07:19:51a China pet shops offer 'lucky' tattooed fish
07:20:21a Mississauga bus driver charged with impaired driving
07:20:26a Allied Carpets axes 850 jobs
07:20:51a OPP officer faces charges in fake ID case, three others
07:20:56a Seven reasons to skip upgrading to Windows 7
07:21:01a PM faces the music on hospitals
07:21:07a Corrections officer sentenced for having sex with inmate
07:21:12a Swine flu panic overblown medical officer
07:21:17a Wine grape harvest begins under economic cloud
07:21:33a New Aussie team leaders named for London Olympics
07:21:46a Switzerland campaign to ban minarets gathers force
07:21:51a Launceston flood gates closed
07:21:56a State Senate to review practices after controversial hires
07:22:02a SPLCenter org Homeland Security Economic, Political Climate Fueling Extremism
07:22:07a CNN Covers Growing Number of Hate Groups
07:22:12a Medical mission increased
07:22:17a Asarco smokestacks scheduled to be toppled
07:22:23a Southern Poverty Law Center Militias on the rise
07:22:28a State Trooper killed in off-duty motorcycle crash
07:22:38a Taser maker to file suit over inquiry rulings
07:22:43a Top video games for July 2009
07:22:53a Laneige Review
07:22:58a Severe storm to hit WA's south
07:23:03a Penang Hill's new funicular train to be ready in July
07:23:10a Buffalo-area man arrainged after crash that killed his girlfriend
07:23:16a Militia Fear Propaganda from Mark Potok & The Southern Poverty Law Center
07:23:21a Election turns on cleavage
07:23:26a Tyrannical Obama Admin_ Attacks Americans
07:23:34a Sharpton, Gingrich push Obama's school reforms
07:23:43a Train strikes, kills, pedestrian in Minneapolis
07:23:48a 10 Big Money Wasters - and How You Can Stop Them
07:23:59a MADZ @ Robinsons #5
07:24:04a Hate Groups, Militias On the Rise
07:24:09a Shine
07:24:15a Letter details Zephyrhills' investigation
07:24:20a Oil rises towards
07:24:34a FSU offense shines on first day in pads
07:24:39a Daly withdraws from PGA with back injury
07:24:44a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
07:24:49a Doctor allegedly left Jackson unattended
07:24:55a Tampa Palms plans project to protect bats
07:25:00a Cops snubbing the CID
07:25:10a USF's Plancher moves to front of pack
07:25:15a 600 foreign students compete in 'Chinese Bridge'
07:25:20a Lee dominant as Phillies sweep
07:25:26a Oxygen Skin Care System Oxyjet Leo
07:25:31a Land minister's meddling raises questions
07:25:36a Phone forum on health care bill fairly quiet
07:25:41a Footballers fit panic rooms to beat raiders
07:25:46a 15,000 hit by treatment wait woe
07:25:51a Tiger off to ideal start at PGA
07:25:57a Gruden on his game in brodacast opener
07:26:02a Body Contouring System-Slim Light 6 9
07:26:07a Enough beer?
07:26:12a SPC Aug 14, 2009 0600 UTC Day 1 Convective Outlook
07:26:18a Pedestrian killed on I-35W in Minneapolis
07:26:23a Hot Reads Thursday
07:26:28a Pupils to get boardroom lessons
07:26:38a Inmate charged in other crime
07:26:44a Veteran blasts war memorial yob
07:26:49a Glowing Field
07:26:54a European Stocks Open Higher on GDP Data
07:26:59a Two arrested after St. Cloud home invasion
07:27:05a Hong Kong's richest businessman donates 100 million NTD for disaster relief
07:27:10a New Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Pictures
07:27:15a New You Boot Camp Launches Exclusive Boot Camp Spa Retreat In Portugal
07:27:21a iPod which had explosive sales literally exploding
07:27:26a Sharpton, Gingrich push Obama's school reforms
07:27:31a State House speaker joins DFL field for governor
07:27:36a Police alert on Asian gun gangs
07:27:42a Dough! Doctor gets fired over crusade
07:27:47a Former Atlanta QB Michael Vick signs with Philadelphia Eagles
07:27:52a Paterson proposes tougher DWI laws after fatal Taconic crash
07:27:57a Steelers beat Cardinals, 20-10, to open preseason
07:28:02a FAA employees investigated in midair collision
07:28:07a Clearwater's Thurman no one-hit wonder
07:28:12a Veterans energized upon arrival with Rays
07:28:18a Increasing enrollment in Indiana Area results in adding teachers
07:28:23a Mum's heartache 2 years after murder
07:28:28a Police in Ramadan burglar warning
07:28:34a Hollinwood sign mystery solved
07:28:39a Old Trafford parking permits get red card
07:28:44a School district settles harassment suit
07:28:49a Honour for Malayan Emergency heroes
07:28:54a Plans for 'Oyster' paying card scheme
07:28:59a Two children brought to ER may have been left in a hot car
07:29:04a Horse in canal rescue drama
07:29:10a Overall employment in India declines in Q2 of 2009
07:29:15a Walmart widening aisles and brightening stores in major overhaul
07:29:20a The hunger never stops for Bucs' Wilkerson
07:29:25a Arroyo sounds off on supplements
07:29:30a Business confidence strong in BRIC sector survey
07:29:35a Gold loans Best for urgent money needs
07:29:41a Tory MP survives deselection attempt
07:29:46a Coal India talks stake-sale with divestment secy
07:29:51a &#8216Theology on a Stick&#8217 returns to State Fair
07:29:56a United Spirits launches Whyte Mackay Special
07:30:02a Mental health trust vows to hit targets
07:30:07a State child welfare lacks accountability
07:30:12a 'A lot of unknowns here' on Bucs
07:30:17a Mum's birthday transplant joy
07:30:23a Markets volatile, Sensex still in the red
07:30:28a Power Lifting Federation To Host New Providence Championships
07:30:33a Natural Gas ETF Weighs
07:30:38a Swatch Sees Better Times Ahead
07:30:43a Revered guitar player-inventor Les Paul dead at 94
07:30:48a When expressways take their toll
07:30:54a Samsung launches OMNIA in India
07:30:59a Osteoporosis drug effective against influenza infections study+
07:31:04a Pies ready for Tigers
07:31:09a Buzz on Business GM's Shreveport plant to be back in full operation Monday
07:31:14a How does forex trading work?
07:31:20a Going South from John Day, Oregon
07:31:25a Blairsville Mayor John Zedick succumbs
07:31:30a JP Morgan launches first Investment Confidence Index
07:31:35a Court rules against Sri Ram's bid to get his books back
07:31:41a Writer McQuarrie tapped for 'Wolverine' sequel
07:31:46a Baseball Matsui's 2 jacks carry day in Yankees' rout of Mariners+
07:31:51a IndusInd Bank raises USD 100 mn through QIP
07:31:57a Zimbabwe 'Give Youths Media Space on HIV, Aids'
07:32:02a Dishtv launches ‘Travel Active’
07:32:07a UPDATE 1-John Lewis ends run of positive sales
07:32:12a BFA Donates FIFA Material To Salvation Army
07:32:18a UPDATE 3-Sands amends Macau loans, clears way for Asian IPO
07:32:23a Stockezy takes social investing online
07:32:28a HNI to consolidate hearth products manufacturing facilities
07:32:34a Runner's World Launches First iPhone Application Sponsored by Nike
07:32:39a A DPM to discuss disclosing local flu hotspots
07:32:44a 2010 300 days to go, goal is in sight
07:32:50a Microsoft and Nokia in smartphone alliance
07:32:55a White Plains highway worker files racial discrimination suit against city
07:33:00a Bodybuilding Federation Facing More Communication Issues
07:33:06a UPDATE 2-Swatch Group H1 profit beats poll, sees H2 recovery
07:33:11a UPDATE 2-Marine Harvest upbeat after Q2 beats forecast
07:33:16a From clunker to classic
07:33:21a ASEAN economic ministers start annual meeting in Thailand+
07:33:27a Kennedy clan gathers for wake
07:33:32a Exploding iPhone 'shattered in my face'
07:33:37a Illinois man freed after 3 weeks for yawn
07:33:43a Federal Reserve Economic downturn bottoming out
07:33:48a HTC Patents Magnetic Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens
07:33:53a Iraq murders accused 'troubled'
07:33:58a US lawmaker arrives in Myanmar officials
07:34:04a Vote school for illiterate Afghans
07:34:09a Palm Pre 'spying' much ado about nothing
07:34:14a Candidate Ghani shakes up Afghan presidential race
07:34:19a S. Korea to conditionally offer massive aid to N. Korea on Sat.+
07:34:24a Officite, Dental Website Specialist, Adds iPhone Compatibility Feature
07:34:30a BlackBerry Bluetooth watch is wristy business!
07:34:35a Obama's aunt The president was born in Hawaii
07:34:40a TZ Bridge repairs run over budget
07:34:45a Mount Vernon council candidate handcuffed over gun in waistband
07:34:51a Weepy 'Time Traveler' skips past substance
07:34:56a Trade-in program drives Ford to boost production
07:35:01a Clear sailing for Dream Cruise
07:35:06a News Palm Pre debacle highlights location privacy issues
07:35:12a No A-Rod, no problem for Yankees
07:35:17a State insurance chief OKs Blue Cross rate hikes
07:35:22a Report on Jaya Supermart collapse completed
07:35:27a Legal fraternity farewell 'man of principle'
07:35:32a Lake Roesiger development plan is deleted
07:35:37a Correction for 8/14
07:35:43a Legendary Woodstock drummer Michael Shrieve now plays in Fremont
07:35:48a MONEY MARKETS-Korean swaps buck downtrend in Asia, US
07:35:53a Expert Dog could have severed boy's genitals
07:35:58a Evans, 2 aides collect 2 checks
07:36:03a Different name, but new state test similar to WASL
07:36:08a Primary care in need of first aid
07:36:14a Defense gives judge murderer's written confession
07:36:19a Learning the Art of Leadership
07:36:32a Future of Standish prison still uncertain
07:36:37a Woman, 19, stabbed in front of Tukwila motel
07:36:42a Johnny Winter wows staid audience
07:36:47a Man convicted in 'fight club' case
07:36:53a Ban Welcomes U.S. Commitment To Renewed Engagement With U.N
07:36:58a MARK PHELAN Cruise is back to its roots
07:37:03a Lockerbie bomber may be released early
07:37:08a Test identifies drugs to fight cancer
07:37:13a Storm knocks out some Vashon power, phones
07:37:19a Cops try to ID man who died in stolen pickup
07:37:24a Public art from the back of a truck
07:37:29a ROCHELLE RILEY Bing Mayor should control DPS
07:37:34a Cheney to reveal rift with Bush
07:37:40a Suspect in car crash flees hospital in buff
07:37:45a Another ammonia leak, two hurt this time
07:37:50a TABC approves protests against alcohol sales in Lubbock
07:37:55a Writer blasts beloved LDS film 'Lingo'
07:38:01a Mayor lobs barrage of attacks on foe who is gaining in polls
07:38:06a Where have self-conscious teens gone?
07:38:11a 'Flash mob' plays dead at Gallivan
07:38:16a Azarov Tymoshenko’s government ruins economy
07:38:21a Suicide bombers strike Iraq cafe
07:38:27a 'Death panels' rumor sways senators
07:38:32a Publisher to rent books to college students
07:38:37a GM touts plans for Volt battery plant
07:38:43a Pomersbach hit with six-month driving ban
07:38:48a Nigeria Delta Students Ask Orubebe to Apologise to South-South Governors
07:38:53a Bird flu virus 'linked' to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's
07:38:58a No entry fees this weekend at Mount Rainier, Olympic national parks
07:39:04a Man hurt after fire in garage spreads
07:39:09a U.S. Support Co. to hire 1,000
07:39:14a Kiwis made knights and dame
07:39:19a At Work Human interaction plays key role in career success
07:39:29a Derry council honors those who aided boy struck by train
07:39:36a Air traffic controller 'talking to girlfriend' before midair crash +new video
07:40:00a Sex After Sixty
07:40:06a Company fined for workplace death
07:40:11a Man dies after release from custody
07:40:16a Thaksin's phone-in expected at Monday's red-shirt rally
07:40:35a U.S. Mint coins Lincoln tribute
07:40:45a Looking back through the Purple Haze
07:40:50a Speed dating hits the senior circuit
07:41:01a Fraser, Rocca on track for return
07:41:06a Zimbabwe Salaries Require Holistic Approach
07:41:13a Local guitar dealer Paul concert guest
07:41:21a Typhoon death toll may reach 500 Taiwan
07:41:26a Zimbabwe Zokoto Monoz' Timely Boost
07:41:41a Former principal named as United superintendent
07:41:46a Seven women shot dead in sauna in Russia's Caucasus
07:41:51a Mahopac victim eulogized; driver remains 'critical'
07:41:57a Foreclosures rise in U.S., fall in county
07:42:08a UPDATE 1-Sevan Marine posts weak Q2, sees demand upturn
07:42:38a Zimbabwe Masvingo Food Assessment Begins
07:42:53a Aussies' remains flown to Port Moresby
07:43:02a Zimbabwe 'Use Land Fully to Defeat Sanctions'
07:43:07a Latest Iraq bombing leaves 21 dead in cafe
07:43:14a Commonwealth cancels Fiji visit
07:43:19a Zimbabwe Zimplats Postpones Ngezi Commissioning
07:43:26a James Hird Live blog
07:43:31a Writing an Ethical Will
07:43:49a Merkel-Medvedev talks to focus on energy, economy
07:43:55a Zimbabwe ILO Team in Country
07:44:03a Crime prevention clubs in school to curb truancy, crime
07:44:08a Asian markets mixed amid signs recession easing
07:44:13a TABLE-GNI 1qtr group results
07:44:18a TABLE-SPiRE 6mth group results
07:44:24a Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Donates to Jairos Jiri
07:44:29a Zimbabwe Sup8r Cup Unveiled
07:44:44a Zimbabwe CZI to Hold Annual Congress Next Month
07:44:49a National Union MKs visit Temple Mount gates
07:44:54a Zimbabwe ZSE Trade Values Soar
07:45:31a Zimbabwe Tollgates Operations Commence Tuesday
07:45:43a No positive spin' on data
07:45:49a Demand for Indian flags lukewarm
07:45:54a Premier League Preview No13 Manchester United
07:45:59a Obama visits Mountain West, knowing vulnerability
07:46:07a Electric guitar, recording pioneer Les Paul, 94, dies
07:46:34a When nature calls, iPhone software answers
07:46:42a South Korea to renew its aid offer to North Korea
07:46:49a Missions to moon, Mars costly
07:46:54a Marines take half of Afghan town; fighting heavy
07:47:00a Court refuses to issue restraining order against evicted Sheikh Jarrah Arabs
07:47:05a Election campaign begins Tues., world watching possible DPJ victory+
07:47:10a We Still Need to Go Under the Bonnet at Rover
07:47:15a South Africa CPUT Students, Management Meet
07:47:20a Send an Interstellar SMS During National Science Week
07:47:36a Bleak sales give economy another reality check
07:47:43a Yesh Din protests Kochav Yaakov building
07:47:57a CORRECTED Osteoporosis drug effective against influenza infections study+
07:48:02a ThyssenKrupp Loss Disappoints
07:48:07a 'Don't call me Sir'
07:48:12a One reported dead in Methven avalanche
07:48:18a Electoral system for Japan's House of Representatives+
07:48:23a A loan of your own
07:48:28a A day in the life of a Marine combat outpost
07:48:44a Still no leads on editor's murder probe
07:48:51a School district detects, halts check fraud
07:49:07a Boeing settles over KC-10 work
07:49:17a Teoh Inquest Shoe scuffed from fall, says forensics expert
07:49:33a Carbon-market curbs for banks proposed
07:49:38a Sets the Stage for Future TelCamps Worldwide
07:49:43a Nuttall to appeal corruption convictions
07:49:48a Altamaha Park's new lease allows long-term renters to stay beyond 2 years
07:49:54a 240,000 ecstasy pills alleged kingpin arrested
07:49:59a SCM Microsystems Reports Second Quarter 2009 Results
07:50:04a Cafe bombing kills 21 in Iraq
07:50:10a Shoppers shift loyalty from brands to retail experiences
07:50:15a Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens
07:50:23a Analysis Gov't dallies, airline passengers suffer
07:50:28a Controller was on phone during crash
07:50:34a Retailing, foreclosure data show weakness
07:50:39a Gov't dallies, airline passengers suffer
07:50:44a Tepper returns to Carrollton-Farmers Branch school board meeting
07:50:49a Young refugees use art to illustrate their 'America'
07:50:55a Man killed in serious accident along Slaton Highway
07:51:00a 'They're all quiet because I'm scoring goals'
07:51:05a Speicher's body returns to Jacksonville
07:51:10a Video game sales fall in the US
07:51:15a Tribute Paid to Golfer Who Faced Discrimination
07:51:21a New Zealanders reclaim titles of Sir and Dame
07:51:26a Late nomination rush for SABC
07:51:31a Intuit dedicates new Cent. Wash. data center
07:51:37a Today in History-Aug. 14
07:51:42a Scottish gem dealer killed in Kenya
07:51:47a Alcohol distance variance ordinance passes Tax rate public hearings set
07:51:52a Zimbabwe Experts to Meet
07:51:58a Nordstrom reports lower quarterly profit, raises outlook for rest of year
07:52:03a Diplomat’s Killers Back in Court
07:52:08a Newsflash lawyers accused of overcharging
07:52:13a Kertisha's 'killer' dead in jail
07:52:19a Police remain at house; no word on why
07:52:24a Teoh Inquest Suicide theory baseless, says counsel
07:52:29a Kenya Airways to face 'paralysing strike'
07:52:34a Police Mom poisoned baby for attention
07:52:39a Health care debate poses dilemma for state doctors
07:52:45a Hinds County adjusts school bus stops
07:52:50a Irving ISD board considers firms for superintendent search
07:52:55a No high score for July game sales
07:53:00a Tories target white-collar crime
07:53:06a Zimbabwe Doctors Go on Strike
07:53:11a Pyongyang releases S. Korean worker
07:53:16a IDF No Israeli soldier found to be kidnapped
07:53:21a Broadband stimulus offer shunned by major companies
07:53:27a Unemployed charged with murder
07:53:32a A happier day for Fair applicants
07:53:37a Harsh penalty handed ex-cop
07:53:42a Marines push into crucial Afghan trade route town
07:53:47a Memories, Speicher's procession will make the town his
07:53:53a Kiwis made knights and dames
07:53:58a Allied Carpets' administrators shut 142 stores 850 jobs lost
07:54:03a Smartphone battle opens door for new OLED technology
07:54:08a Rankin authorities Lock your car doors
07:54:13a Port candidate solicits port business
07:54:19a Panj Peer in Abohar serves as an example of communal harmony
07:54:24a Book prices a textbook case
07:54:29a Concept clothing, a new development in Chandigarh
07:54:34a Five-year-old elephant calf captured in Coonoor
07:54:39a MOUNT RAINIER Skies provide program's entertainment
07:54:44a Dark Days at Dell
07:54:50a Police target two-wheelers
07:54:55a Early toolmakers were 'engineers'
07:55:00a Take Amtrak train over to B.C. starting next week
07:55:05a Swatch profit down 28%, sees sales recovering
07:55:10a Court hearing set on E. Providence tent city
07:55:15a Teoh Inquest Possible suicide, says forensics expert
07:55:21a Crackdown on illegal signs to gear up again
07:55:26a Police take DAP youth chief's statement
07:55:31a Lepchas of Sikkim celebrate Tendong Lho Rum Faat festival
07:55:36a 2 Employees Investigated in Midair Collision
07:55:42a Hinds jail repairs halfway done
07:55:47a Protect Marriage group asked to report full names
07:55:52a Masks being sold at a premium
07:55:57a Hospital layoffs spark protest
07:56:03a Hydro promoter washes hands of Middlebury deal
07:56:08a Bids to precede bond vote
07:56:13a The Cash for Clunkers Junkyard Glut
07:56:18a Postling One-Stop Social Media Posting
07:56:24a US Military Deaths in Iraq War at 4, 332
07:56:33a Ride to combat cancer
07:56:45a Virus-free plants for farmers who want to grow Kinnow
07:57:04a Chris Hedges on Alex S. Jones ‘Losing the News
07:57:19a Residents begin filling out gay marriage applications
07:57:24a Honoring career of man who delivered a fatal pitch
07:57:29a Corn has starring role at street fest
07:57:34a CROP walkers to share stories of inspiration
07:57:40a Presidents past and present shadow Clinton's tour
07:57:46a Help make a blind date successful
07:57:51a Report MLS' Donovan tests positive for swine flu
07:57:56a ANZ says it is committed to New Zealand
07:58:09a Password Protection
07:58:14a Shire coach handed 12-match ban
07:58:19a Union targets GE workers
07:58:24a California fire burns unchecked
07:58:29a A walk to remember Group hike explores West Rutland's natural beauty
07:58:35a Bing Privatizing can save city cash
07:58:40a CAROLYN HAX Tell hubby his joking jabs are hurtful
07:58:48a South Korea's trade deficit with Japan snowballs
07:59:02a State looks to future with 'smart grid' technology
07:59:07a Outbreak confirmed as norovirus
07:59:12a 'Cash for Clunkers' exhausts car lots in Houston area
07:59:17a Fonterra says flexibility, capability the key issue
07:59:23a 'Ominous feeling' as California fire burns unchecked
07:59:28a Michigan men take it off to benefit breast cancer
07:59:33a Spain's recession slows down
07:59:38a T20 star banned after court verdict
07:59:43a Jetstar releases on time performance figure
07:59:49a Westpac NZ collective agreement improves job security
07:59:55a Southern Cross Cable says prices fall and capacity rises
08:00:05a Israel Rules Out Soldier Kidnapping
08:00:10a BEVERAGES Anheuser-Bush reports higher profits
08:00:15a Nordstrom upbeat as profit plunges 27%
08:00:21a Caregiver convicted of toddler's manslaughter
08:00:27a Cut Food Prices, Country's President Tells Traders
08:00:34a Human remains found near Wollongong
08:00:39a Hazelwood shares soar
08:00:44a Human remains found on colliery land
08:00:50a Culvert search called off after nobody found
08:00:55a Woman Arrested for Poisoning Baby Daughter with Morphine
08:01:00a Three men charged with Christchurch murder
08:01:05a Desperate Port recall Peter Burgoyne
08:01:24a West Coast re-sign Priddis for two years
08:01:33a Australian bonds have a mixed day
08:01:38a Survivor speaks of murdered family
08:01:43a Women boxing at Olympics angers AMA
08:01:53a Building to begin on new school
08:02:00a 'Let him die' decision sane not a lot of suffering doctor
08:02:05a Ton's McAlister prefers UK move
08:02:10a AUTOMOTIVE Ford to boost Focus, Escape production
08:02:15a Permanent Hair Straightening
08:02:21a Dark side of murder-suicide suspect revealed
08:02:26a Student Workers Stymied in Attempt to Unionize
08:02:31a Contact Energy looks to move on from a hard year
08:02:36a Man is Shot in the Chest
08:02:41a Boxer Donaire seeks his place in US, Philippines
08:02:46a Successful permit bidder's wife to hunt elk
08:02:56a Knights and Dames invested
08:03:01a Pakistan and ICC settle out of court
08:03:06a Zimbabwe SA Investor Eyes Mining Sector
08:03:11a PMR Press Release, August 13, 2009
08:03:16a Next Asean summit to be held in Cha-am-Hua Hin
08:03:22a Taiwanese tycoon's 9 heirs duke it out in U.S. court
08:03:27a TRADE WTO tells China to ease media rules
08:03:35a India to get bn to battle recession
08:03:41a CNN's Lou Dobbs Has Forfeited His Credibility
08:04:07a ThyssenKrupp Swings To Quarterly Loss
08:04:13a WALL STREET Technology, energy stocks boost indexes
08:04:24a Frugality The new retail reality
08:04:29a Omatek Opens ICT Centre At Ikota
08:04:36a Venerable Tea Lady relocates
08:04:41a President commends three predecessors
08:04:46a 24 Recent Photos, August 13, 2009
08:04:51a President No other country is RI`s enemy
08:04:56a Earnings to remain steady
08:05:02a Man is found hanged after fans link him to ticket scam
08:05:07a More People Lose Their Homes
08:05:12a Shifting Wind Means Warmer Temps
08:05:17a Racist leaflets circulate in Victoria
08:05:23a Mandelson considers legal action to curb City bonuses
08:05:28a Reforms must be continued president
08:05:33a A nutty way of discussing health care
08:05:38a Bankers Petroleum announces second quarter financial and...
08:05:48a Nine Injured In Fairfield Twp. Crash
08:05:53a RI successful in abandoning instability image president
08:05:58a India to split
08:06:06a Key 10-year JGB yield falls to 2-week low on lower U.S. rates+
08:06:16a Kids Count's No. 2 is a warning signal
08:06:21a Broadmoor patients 'to get Wii Fit'
08:06:26a Grape growers keep eye on weather and financial clouds as 2009 harvest begins
08:06:45a ID – Behind the Card
08:07:11a Simple Questionnaire Automatically Generates Microsoft Access Databases
08:07:20a Charity urges clemency for 'clunker' death row
08:07:25a Zimbabwe Lonzim Seeks New Investment Opportunities
08:07:30a The big dog of organized labor has a bone to pick with some Democrats
08:07:35a Man Group To Sell Rest Of MF Global
08:07:40a Wall Street extends gains
08:07:46a DPR guards political reform
08:07:51a Mortgage holders needn't be named
08:07:56a President RI not to be defeated by terrorism
08:08:11a Hochtief Posts 14% Drop In First-half Profit
08:08:27a Shock rate cut for South Africa
08:08:38a Jennifer Valdez' Thursday Video Forecast
08:08:43a Higashikokubaru says he was seeking decentralization, not premiership+
08:08:48a Michael Phelps not injured after two-car crash
08:08:53a Mandatory 'gay' lessons spark lawsuit
08:08:59a Finnish inflation drops for second straight month
08:09:04a 'Househusbands' a bland 'unreal' show
08:09:09a Surfing With Steph
08:09:15a Congressmen Face Evidence of PA Incitement
08:09:27a Overuse of phosphorus chokes areas waterways, solutions proposed
08:09:45a Britney Spears to sell gifts through Facebook
08:09:50a Defunciones de cubanos en la Florida
08:10:01a ConsMedia retreats after opening surge
08:10:06a CBS Atlanta Morning News Webcast
08:10:11a On Transitioning To an Asian-Style MMO, Such As Aion
08:10:17a Asian-backed consortium eyes British Land deal report
08:10:22a Cameron joins row in defence of NHS
08:10:27a Merkel ally says only Magna would get state aid
08:10:32a Fire used to make tools 75,000 years ago
08:10:38a Bombing in Iraq Cafe Kills 21, Wounds 30
08:10:43a New photos show Castro in good health on 83rd birthday
08:10:48a Sadie Enjoys Some Ice Cream
08:10:54a We are a peaceful nation with no aggression Pak
08:10:59a Toucan Boutique Introduces Brazilian Designers to International Audience
08:11:04a Tonight At 11 Repeat Offenders
08:11:10a TechnologyOne bags in contracts
08:11:15a Dagmar Midcap's Webcast!
08:11:20a Swansea's David Greene has big world championship ambitions
08:11:26a Forum resolutions to be included in Budget
08:11:31a Vote in large numbers, UN urges Afghans
08:11:36a Britons embroiled in US healthcare row
08:11:41a Jennifer Valdez' Thursday Afternoon Video Forecast
08:11:47a Palisades mall jumper had sought help
08:11:52a Lady GaGa strips for gay magazine
08:11:57a Recession drives steelmaker ThyssenKrupp into quarterly loss
08:12:02a Colfax International Offers Two New Low-Cost HPC Cluster Computing Bundles
08:12:07a El viaje de Juanes, un ardid publicitario
08:12:12a ‘Jon & Kate’ no longer rate with viewers
08:12:18a Path to work ends in North Dakota
08:12:23a Key cases involving world trade disputes with Beijing
08:12:29a Soldiers killed in Afghanistan to be named
08:12:34a Obama giving health care critics upper hand
08:12:39a Sabathia masterful in 3-hitter against M's
08:12:44a Kylie Minogue buys luxury villa in beau's hometown
08:12:50a Great Southern finds Perth backers
08:12:55a Brandon Jones' Game Winning Hit
08:13:00a Troop rise in Afghanistan still option for US
08:13:05a Lily Allen puts watch for sale on Twitter
08:13:10a Time running out for Arias mediation in Honduras
08:13:16a Australian market caps a week full of gains
08:13:21a The Massachusetts modelThe New York Times and Obama?s health care counterrevolution
08:13:27a Israel rules out soldier kidnap
08:13:32a Web users defend Obama's NHS
08:13:37a Girl Talk With Miss Sophia
08:13:42a Health care backers launch million ad drive
08:13:48a Clinton shows support in Liberia
08:13:53a ‘Death panel’ rumor has familiar roots
08:13:58a Operation INFRA Launched June 1st Around the World
08:14:04a Obama Approaches Moment Of Truth In Afghanistan
08:14:09a Council Fails To Override Mayor's Veto
08:14:14a Breakfast briefing Apple boosted, Palm slapped and an epic water slide
08:14:20a Ikea Dorm Room Makeover
08:14:25a Rudd denies early poll plan over ETS
08:14:30a Cool Back To School Gadgets
08:14:36a Face masks at airport to stop swine flu
08:14:41a London stocks edge higher at open
08:14:46a Singapore retail sales falls for ninth consecutive month
08:14:51a Six PNG crash victims now in Port Moresby
08:14:57a China mobile use surges
08:15:02a Orissa Christian leaders disagree with US panel's report
08:15:07a AfganistanAmnesty International asks Afghan Government to uphold Rule of Law
08:15:13a Fidel Castro pide ``seguir adelante'' frente a crisis
08:15:18a Behold, the Vortex of Douchebaggery Captured in A Single Photograph Vegas Baby, Vegas!
08:15:23a why was he given Iraq job
08:15:28a Murder accused 'tried to hide wife'
08:15:33a Third Suspect Arrested in Boxer Vernon Forrest's Killing
08:15:39a Public Fast Called to Fight Swine Flu
08:15:44a How APB's Persistent World Will Work
08:15:49a GOP Launches Site to Track Federal Spending
08:15:54a The man who looks after prisoner's children
08:15:59a Zimbabwe Zesa Workers Chased in Gweru
08:16:05a Why Was Michael Phelps Cruising Around In Baltimore's Tranny-Hooker District? Mysteries
08:16:11a Media causing undue public anxiety about swine flu
08:16:16a Man Group sells last of MF Global stake
08:16:21a Rail crime rise during holidays
08:16:26a 45 kg RDX among explosives, arms seized in Assam
08:16:32a STATE BRIEFS
08:16:37a Young candidate so far not candidate of the young
08:16:42a Many Women 'Not On Safest Pill Brands'
08:16:47a Orissa Christians reject US report
08:16:52a Bihar on alert, high security along Indo-Nepal border for I-Day
08:16:58a MJ may become top-earning dead star
08:17:03a Cardiff City and Swansea face a risky financial gamble
08:17:08a Mumbaikars go 'Govinda aala re' despite H1N1
08:17:14a Growing number of soldiers step into the ring for combatives tournament
08:17:28a MJ photobook plans given green light
08:17:33a Fear over NHS compensation scale
08:17:38a Blast death soldiers to be named
08:17:43a Key for England success
08:17:48a Fox News' Glenn Beck loses advertisers
08:17:54a Coal India talks stake-sale with Finance Ministry
08:17:59a Driver of legal firm charged with robbery
08:18:04a India's fast nuclear reactor project costs rise 40 percent
08:18:10a FatSecret Looks To Become A Central Hub For Nutrition Data With New API
08:18:15a With and without masks, Delhiites begin Janmashtami celebrations
08:18:20a Zimbabwe doctors go on strike
08:18:25a Ed Fredkin and the universe as a computer
08:18:31a Early humans used fire to improve stone tools
08:18:36a Heath Ledger's last film to release in US
08:18:41a Rock guitar pioneer Les Paul passes away at 94
08:18:51a Mumbaikars head for hill stations, beaches defying swine flu
08:18:56a Group's bid to join Coyotes case rejected
08:19:02a India says no nuclear cargo on North Korean ship
08:19:07a Death to be sought in home-invasion murders
08:19:12a Green considers fishing complaints
08:19:17a MacBook Upgrade 101 Your Guide to Upgrading Your MacBook
08:19:23a Mango kernels can protect against deadly food bacteria
08:19:28a Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to be in Dallas on Tuesday for rally
08:19:33a Post office is saved from closure
08:19:38a Bharadwaj, Shahid redefine filmmaking with 'Kaminey'
08:19:43a H1N1 fails to deter govinda celebrations
08:19:49a MOFA apologizes for turning down foreign disaster relief aid
08:19:54a Theater troupe goes back to basics with billboard ads
08:19:59a Teen finds body floating in Mesa canal Thursday
08:20:04a How to Stop Getting Email Notifications from Facebook
08:20:09a Goa draft mineral policy allows mining near sanctuaries
08:20:14a Small chance of more storms today
08:20:19a A Farewell That Never Was
08:20:25a Maximum alert in Kashmir on Independence Day eve
08:20:30a Seeking central varsity, Jammu to hold parallel I-Day function
08:20:35a Cleanup firm picks up work
08:20:40a Editorial Are you sure, Mr. Rawlings?
08:20:45a 3 Common Problems with the iPod's TV Out
08:20:50a Becks no passenger on jet to World Cup
08:20:56a Doctors' Strike Blamed on Treasury Oversight
08:21:01a Kerala receives threat of multiple bomb blasts
08:21:06a Inmates set fellow prisoner on fire in Uttar Pradesh jail
08:21:11a Duff Trace gets water
08:21:16a Nokia 6700 Classic Review
08:21:22a NWRHA refunds medicine money to Chinese
08:21:27a WICB sack Aussie coach
08:21:32a Country Bemused With Fiba Ruling
08:21:37a Bike 'convoys' into London begin
08:21:42a Cameron Defends NHS Against Critics
08:21:47a 4 Great Multiplayer iPhone Games
08:21:52a Sponsors Poker in the Park, London
08:21:57a Communication at Work Using Different Media Inside an Organization
08:22:03a Rivalries fade, memories live
08:22:08a Unexpected windfall can hasten retirement
08:22:13a Jabloteh host Toluca next week
08:22:18a Ziad Sleiwa Iraq Star 4
08:22:23a Appeal for Funds
08:22:28a 'Mad Men' Returns, With A British Invasion
08:22:34a Hopi Snake Dance closed to non-tribal members
08:22:39a Tymoshenko congratulated agrarians of Chernihiv oblast on first million ton of grain
08:22:44a Man shot in Phoenix apartment complex
08:22:49a 21 killed and tens injured in Iraq Mosul
08:22:55a Musanhi Bus Tragedy Nine Victims Named
08:23:00a James targets Wales recall
08:23:05a UN issues diluted protest at Suu Kyi detention
08:23:10a Merkel-Medvedev to discuss investment, rights
08:23:16a Thai police chief to oversee red-shirts rally
08:23:21a Parsanlal hails Soca Warriors
08:23:26a RTG Half-Year After Tax Profits Tumble
08:23:31a Rybak proposes higher property taxes, lower spending for 2010
08:23:36a Arizona schools still await mil in stimulus funds
08:23:42a Mike's Bikes to celebrate Fitness project with races
08:23:47a Church and business groups to fight slots
08:23:52a Sheriff's Office explains why it took over county computers
08:23:57a Aerosmith cancels summer tour after Tyler's fall
08:24:02a Zambia ex-leader awaits verdict
08:24:08a Textbooks Stuck At District HQ's
08:24:13a Jack tours flood-hit areas
08:24:18a KCC Launches Reading Campaign
08:24:23a 115 repaired schools ready by ...
08:24:28a League Must Have a Sponsor Next Season FA
08:24:42a Demi Moore proud of sex symbol spouse
08:24:47a Peter Andre Closes Door on Katie
08:25:05a Three more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
08:25:14a India Telecom Firms Keen on 3G
08:25:27a Flood watch for Windward Oahu
08:25:59a Six Lobbyists Per Lawmaker Work to Shape Health-Care Overhaul
08:26:04a Celebrating Woodstock's 40th
08:26:31a Cash for Clunkers is a Tremendous Success but Not Without Growing Pains
08:26:47a City makes bike lockers available
08:27:03a 'Hamas ready for Obama's ME peace plan'
08:27:08a Presidents past and present shadow Clinton's tour
08:27:13a Liberia Senator Hannah Brent To Be Buried Next Week
08:27:19a District 9 Movie Trailer HD
08:27:24a Download District 9 Movie
08:27:29a 'Many hurricanes' in modern times BBC
08:27:40a How a Car Salesman Uses Reverse Psychology on a Customer
08:27:45a New District 9 Nine Movie Trailer
08:27:50a District 9 over Dallas
08:27:55a Flat Tire, Are You Prepared?
08:28:01a Mike Huckabee To SpeakAt East Jerusalem Hotel
08:28:06a Israel Investigates Possible Abduction of Soldier
08:28:11a Local Hoops High school phenom signs with Haifa
08:28:22a US, Mexico join hands to curb gun smuggling
08:28:27a Palestinian PM to HaaretzIt's not our businesswhether Israel is Jewish
08:28:32a You Are the Champion
08:28:38a AKRON Merriman to close ...
08:28:48a 'District 9' Movie Trailer
08:28:53a Teenager loses eyesight after police torture
08:28:59a Alamo Rent a Car at Dallas Love Airport A Review
08:29:04a Peres Israel Only Interested in Lebanon as a Neighbor
08:29:09a The problem with Obama's health care plan
08:29:14a Are Republicans Being Disingenuous About Health Care?
08:29:20a Plaid MP's move to bring British troops home from Afghanistan
08:29:25a Wales pin their trust in youth
08:29:30a YC-Funded GraffitiGeo Foursquare Meets Yelp, With A Dash Of Augmented Reality
08:29:35a More US home sellers cutting prices Trulia
08:29:40a Glance-European Factors - Shares seen opening higher
08:29:45a Underfire Tucak Snubs Media After Defeat
08:29:51a VW seals Porsche deal
08:29:56a Protected trees limit land's options
08:30:01a Principal Tells Kindergartner to Unclog Toilet With Hands
08:30:06a Pheu Thai files complaint against PM, Suthep with EC
08:30:12a Breaking News Good Samaritan stops for accident and gets hit by pickup truck
08:30:17a Essien has sights on European glory
08:30:23a US Senator arrives in Burma for talks
08:30:28a Molecules Wrestle for Supremacy in Creating Superstructures
08:30:33a France and Germany Pull Out of Recession Fox News
08:30:39a Gates Rebuilding Afghanistan Will Take Decades Fox News
08:30:44a District 9 Movie Trailer
08:30:49a More help coming for crews battling Calif. fires
08:30:54a FMB District 9 Movie Review, oh yeah Comcast Sucks!!
08:30:59a The Last Word Can Guma make Jerusalem the sporting capital?
08:31:05a Longform Running The Hardrock 100
08:31:10a Yerevan to host exhibition of Emil Gazaz’s recent works
08:31:15a Whither Jerusalem?
08:31:20a Laser Wind Sensors to Help Whip Wind Turbines into Shape
08:31:25a American Civil Liberties Union Government Proposes Massive
08:31:30a FAA 2 Employees Eyed In Midair Collision
08:31:36a All Fatah's Gaza leaders quit,citing massive vote fraud
08:31:41a Regional roundup for 8-14
08:31:46a Bid speculation lifts property group shares
08:31:51a Clinton wraps up Africa tour in Cape Verde
08:31:56a 3 Changes in the iPhone 3.1 Software
08:32:02a Dog walker dies in car collision
08:32:07a Race is on as U.S. home bu
08:32:12a iExtra/i Wisconsin's 'redneck' car launch
08:32:17a US senator arrives Myanmar for talks with leaders
08:32:23a Iraq suicide bombings kill 17
08:32:28a Yushchenko hits back at Medvedev
08:32:33a District 9 Movie Review by Fury of the Film Fan
08:32:38a Celebrity Sex Gone Viral
08:32:44a Canada tracking Russian subs off East Coast Canadian Press
08:32:49a District 9 Movie Trailer HD
08:32:59a District 9 Movie Trailer
08:33:05a Is Our Health Care System a Ponzi Scheme?
08:33:10a Yorke to be part of 'Balls of Fire'
08:33:17a Top 10 beach holidays for families
08:33:22a Survey Moms know teens' need vaccines
08:33:35a Death by Chocolate? Not for Heart Attack Survivors
08:33:41a ANC resumes Friday protests
08:33:56a China South City aims for end-Sept HK IPO source
08:34:23a Emil Gazaz to have his home-museum in Gyumri
08:34:28a Zambian ex-president's verdict postponed
08:34:34a Chrysler creditors can sue Daimler over 2007 deal
08:34:39a Volt plant to hire in 2010
08:34:44a UBS tax deal seen involving big accounts
08:34:49a RIP Gibson, The World's Tallest Dog Dies
08:34:55a Zambian ex-president's verdict postponed
08:35:00a Black politician in Germany suffer
08:35:05a UPDATE 1-Thai AIS changes management team after weak Q2
08:35:10a EMC sees Asia corporate IT spending returning
08:35:16a Two masked ‘fugitive recovery agents' jailed
08:35:21a Caddo docks some buses
08:35:26a OTP says H2 risk costs in line with Q1, Q2
08:35:31a About Time Samsung Unveils Camera With Front Facing LCD
08:35:36a Deposits at ECB fall, covered bond tally rises
08:35:41a Universal Phone Concept for both blind and sighted people
08:35:46a Caddo gears up for a new school year
08:35:52a UPDATE 1-Discovery sees FY profit up, shares rise
08:35:57a OTP says worst may be over for CEE economies CFO
08:36:02a Tess Daly slips back into a bikini just ten weeks after giving birth
08:36:08a UPDATE 1-De Benedetti buys M&C shares above bid prices
08:36:13a Trailers destroying San Juan ...
08:36:18a Literary Self-Promotion through Twitter
08:36:23a Sudan's Bashir removes powerful intelligence chief
08:36:28a Hope for end to Telkom strike
08:36:33a Business news briefs Meijer considers Detroit store
08:36:39a Microsoft Inks Exclusive Deal With Nexflix, But There's Hope For PS3 And Wii Owners
08:36:44a Bulletin Friday, Aug. 14, 2009
08:36:49a SAM FLEMING Why Britain's economy is lagging behind in the recovery race
08:36:54a Portland Celebrates 500th Cannabis Common Sense Program
08:37:00a Germany, France back 'out of the red'
08:37:05a Egyptian crews overpower pirates, killing 2
08:37:10a Shreveport councilman might lose his law license for three years
08:37:15a India, ASEAN embrace free trade, but not in IT
08:37:20a Lightning strike of 1991 has lingering effects on golf safety
08:37:26a OhGizmo! Review Mophie Juice Pack Air
08:37:31a Paedophile jailed after burglars tip off police
08:37:37a Shreveport has warrant for homicide suspect
08:37:42a Briefs Sarepta church to celebrate pastor's 50 years in the ministry
08:37:47a Indonesia police find bomb cache
08:37:52a ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting opens in Thailand
08:37:58a Zelaya rallies support in Chile
08:38:03a 50 Amazing Ramen Noodle Recipes
08:38:08a Analysis Gov't dallies, airline passengers suffer
08:38:14a an Ageless Italian Language Course!
08:38:19a Gordon Brown finally ditches suit for boat trip
08:38:24a Weyerhaeuser mulls Southwest Washington land sale
08:38:29a Growth seen at 6-6.5 pct in FY10 econ adviser
08:38:34a Chile land dispute escalates
08:38:39a Govt sets up panel for gas dispute stand report
08:38:45a LA police use tear gas to peacefully end standoff
08:38:50a Michael Phelps Involved In Car Accident
08:38:55a Women prefer working for male bosses
08:39:00a Radiohead Says Singles Only, But Albums Live On
08:39:05a Tetragon Financial Group Limited Monthly Update For July 2009
08:39:11a How much sleep you need is in your genes
08:39:16a Schlecker eyes dozens of German Woolworth stores
08:39:21a 11 malnourished horses seized
08:39:26a Minister No tax hikes, no salary cuts
08:39:32a 17 charged in string of brutal kidnappings and slayings in San Diego suburbs
08:39:37a Pakistan allows politics in militant-infested areas
08:39:42a President RI to become prosperous 30 years ahead
08:39:47a State to offer tax amnesty September through October
08:39:53a Governor brings his jobs push to Stonewall
08:39:58a Life Partner One-time paisa vasool only!
08:40:03a Country Marks Fifth Commemoration of Gatumba Massacres
08:40:08a Fidel Castro turns 83, warns Cuba on crisis
08:40:13a Review ‘Dreamgirls' is shaky but encouraging
08:40:19a Pakistanis dislike T