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12:23:13a mRNA “Vaccines”, Eugenics and the Push for Transhumanism

12:32:33a Is Grad School Worth It? Maybe Not, Says History Student
12:39:08a The Conversation History shows spending on infrastructure doesn’t always end well
12:49:29a Latest Installment of Graphic Format Memoir of John Lewis Deals with Ongoing Legacy
12:53:07a Blue Collar Is a Dark Masterpiece of Working-Class Cinema
12:54:59a CDC Admits It Massively Overcounted Florida's Covid Cases
01:02:19a Earnings Results Opendoor, Clover Health stock rise on revenue gains
01:04:13a UT-San Antonio President Responds to Controversial 'Come and Take It' Signage
01:07:44a 2 Years After El Paso Attack, the 'Great Replacement' Ideology Remains Dangerous
01:11:14a A Black Reporter Exposed Official Lies about the Atomic Bomb
01:17:01a NYPD Secretly Spent Million On Surveillance Tech Since 2007
01:26:58a Can Colleges and Tribes Build Relationships by Retiring Native Mascots?
01:28:05a The UN’s Big Climate Report Buried Some Bad News About Our Eating Habits
01:38:21a Did the Pentagon Cover Up Near-Miss Attack on VP Cheney?
01:49:23a Texas Plan to Direct Tourists to Sites of Native Displacement Draws Criticism
01:52:15a No EV Tax Credit If You Earn More Than Says US Senate
02:09:25a Watching the Skies Get the best possible view of the Perseid meteors
02:09:28a NortonLifeLock and Avast PLC To Merge In Billion Transaction
02:23:15a The Daily Dot has it wrong with double standard on sexual misconduct
02:34:00a Year 2 of Black-Owned Business Showcase hopes to build on success
02:44:36a Foreign tourists can get a free vaccine at the Belgrade Fair
02:44:39a 'Wham!' Downed trees cause damage as strong winds swept through W MI
02:44:51a Biden asks OPEC to up oil output while limiting U.S. energy production...
02:50:47a Big Telecom Comes Out On Top In Billion Upgrade
02:53:56a Ultimatum to Krivokapic
03:02:04a UPDATE Tropical storm will approach Florida this weekend...
03:10:55a New Zealand hopes to relax border controls NEXT YEAR...
03:15:46a Airlines begin to see another drop in travel demand...
03:18:11a Residents asked to limit 911 calls...
03:34:26a Why this stage of pandemic makes us so anxious...
03:40:01a New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns after report find
03:43:29a Florida covid hospitalizations set another record...
04:10:15a US urged to stop sending wrong signals to 'Taiwan independence' forces
04:10:56a Artist shines 'Rainbow' of hope to world from Dunhuang
04:11:07a China's foreign trade sustains upward momentum under pressure
04:19:55a Education lights up lives of herders' children
04:25:59a Helicopter crashes in suburbs of Chicago
04:26:45a Israel discovers 1,700-year-old lump of coins
04:33:18a Luxury brands eye Chinese Valentine's Day
04:36:19a New blueprint on building of rule of law government issued
04:41:41a Labor shortage deserves something better than shallow, partisan analysis
04:48:33a HKSAR gov't to gazette amended national flag, emblem bill
05:08:03a With widespread outages, some Consumers customers may not have power for days
05:08:39a Start11 Brings a Classic Start Menu Back To Windows 11
05:17:09a WHO to test 3 new drugs for COVID-19 treatment
05:22:32a The Largest Wildfire in California’s History Is Continuing to Grow
05:23:57a Turkey detains 78 suspects over artifact smuggling
05:24:02a 2 killed, 5 trapped as stone mine collapses in India
05:27:57a Russian, US defense chiefs discuss strategic stability by phone
05:28:54a Efforts urged to contain hospital-acquired infections
06:24:54a Former GR Spanish radio host battles COVID-19 complications abroad
06:31:07a Cancer treatment tech company breaks ground on Medical Mile
06:37:02a New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns after report
07:05:18a DDA OKs grant for Dégagé Ministries' revamp
07:11:32a DeVos Children's employee posts anti-vaccine TikToks
07:28:09a Chips&Media IPs achieve 1 billion cumulative shipments milestone
07:58:11a BARB reach and viewing time data now includes smartphones
08:28:38a LG Channels availability to grow from 14 to 25 countries
08:37:17a Comscore to provide measurement for YouTube and YouTube TV
08:57:06a As the Auto Industry Shifts Green, Will Its Workers Be Left Behind?
09:03:29a The Pandemic Was a Wake-Up Call. Banks Must Embrace Hybrid Working
09:10:47a The Pandemic Is Creating an Opportunity to Bring More Women Into India’s Workforce
09:23:26a How Technology Can Help Foster Inclusivity and Productivity at Work
09:55:32a Stunning Speed of Taliban Offensive Brings Afghan Government’s Control Into Question
10:00:02a How Cities Can Support Hybrid Work Without Sacrificing Productivity
10:08:54a NerdWallet How to hire your first employee
10:36:00a Lancet Study Suggests Cheap Asthma Drug Budesonide Effective At Reducing CV Recovery Times
11:18:12a Pentagon Reveals How Military Service Members Can Get Religious Exemption to Mandatory Vaccines
11:31:12a Scientists Fine-Tune Odds of Asteroid Bennu Hitting Earth
11:43:15a Militants seize 10th provincial capital, squeezing Kabul...
11:45:45a Parents make threats after school board mandates coverings 'We will find you'...
11:47:15a Putin's Qaddafi Comeback Gambit Sows New Conflict With West...
11:50:31a 45-year-old Kansas mayor needs pacemaker after long-haul fight...
11:52:49a DeSantis confronts growing resistance...
11:55:44a Pandemic laid bare America's diabetes crisis...
12:06:43p Why COVID-19 Might Be Here to Stay—And How We’ll Learn to Live With It
12:11:14p Teen basketball player died after collapsing in 97-degree heat. Coaches now face murder charges...
12:19:01p Surf Instructor Killed Children and Claimed QANON Made Him Do It, FBI Says...
01:04:10p DDA OKs Van Andel Arena alley redesign
01:21:50p Marlboro Man Shopping for Asthma Drugs Puts Investors in a Bind
02:25:48p Despair Not! Vaccination Rates Continue to Rise
02:35:48p Pason Systems upgraded to outperform from market perform at BMO Capital
02:39:18p The best job-market fix you’ve never heard of
02:56:15p Metals Stocks Gold futures take a breather after sharpest daily rise in 2 weeks
03:14:27p September natural gas trades down 6 cents, or 1.5%, at Btus
03:30:47p Democrats Are Running Out of Time to Protect Voting Rights
03:35:39p Working for America’s Biggest Chicken Processor Is No Picnic
03:39:58p Parsons downgraded to underperform from neutral at BofA Securities
03:44:22p Soccer Superstar Messi is Being Partly Paid in Crypto by PSG
03:50:42p Paysafe started at buy with stock price target at BofA Securities
04:05:48p Computer Modelling Group downgraded to market perform from outperform at BMO Capital
04:12:44p Joe Biden calls for more oil production, just not in America
04:22:26p Red panda triplets Rose, Ruby and Willow leaving John Ball Zoo
04:26:39p Executing troops who surrender?
04:33:21p 30-year Treasury yield slips below 2% ahead of auction later today
04:37:46p 'Our space mission failure rate is only 5%'
04:39:23p Meet Abhay Deol's 16-year-old daughter!
04:43:53p PUNISHMENT Philly Mayor Orders Unvaccinated Wear DOUBLE-Masks...
04:58:19p Israel, 80% Jabbed, Suffers ANOTHER Surge...
04:59:50p Shia LaBeouf eyes comeback - as Italian Saint?
05:02:08p 'Serpent DNA'...
05:08:25p Mississippi emergency...
05:17:26p Gaetz associate providing feds intel, docs as probe into congressman continues...
05:19:17p For Million, Chance to Spend Eternity Next to Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner...
05:21:29p Herd immunity 'mythical'...
05:22:17p FAUCI Boosters 'Inevitable'...
05:26:10p GOOGLE's new crystals could be breakthrough for quantum computers...
05:27:25p Deckers Outdoor stock price target raised to from at UBS
05:27:30p Millionaires Calling For Emergency Tax On Billionaires!
05:30:11p Podcast Get out of here with that cornThu, 12 Aug 2021 080040 0400
05:31:47p Integral Ad Science acquires Publica
05:39:17p NYC Restaurants Push Back Against Mandate We're Not Covid Police!
05:42:15p HORROR 3 Brothers Die After Passing Out From Fumes In Manure Pit On Farm...
05:49:17p An analyst just dropped his price target on Lordstown Motors stock to
05:50:04p USA Asks to Spare Its Embassy in Coming Fight...
06:17:41p Meredith renews with Nielsen for TV audience measurement
06:19:03p 1 arrested after car, firetruck collide near Greenville
06:28:01p Nicaragua paper says it can no longer print, blames govt...
06:43:19p U.S. Jobless Claims Near Pandemic Low as Economy Strengthens
06:51:55p Who Is Mayim Bialik? A Terrible Choice for Jeopardy Host
06:54:13p Palantir stock jumps after earnings show sales growing faster than expected
06:58:54p Antiwar Group Blocks Entry to Raytheon Facility to Protest Killing of Civilians
07:03:38p House’s Hyde Amendment Vote Advances Abortion Justice and Racial Equity
07:09:26p Chomsky Biden’s “Radical” Proposals Are Minimum Measures to Avoid Catastrophe
07:11:10p Market Snapshot Dow, S&P 500 touch records as investors assess economic data
07:18:32p Telenet to add unskippable ads to TV recordings
07:28:51p Trump Politicized Basic COVID Safety Measures. It’s Still Killing Us.
07:29:19p The 14 best tweets about the new IPCC climate report
07:30:05p Rand Paul Just Disclosed That His Wife Bought COVID Drug Stock in February 2020
07:30:40p US Could Fund Vaccines for Whole World by Taxing Billionaires’ COVID-Era Profits
08:00:27p Jobs offer expanded by 56 percent Two profiles most sought
08:01:05p Facebook delays return to office until January 2022
08:09:23p If you choose not to vaccinate your kids, you choose the virus
08:13:05p Earnings Outlook Walmart preview U.S. sales growth at Walmart could outdo Amazon
08:14:54p Futures Movers Oil prices end lower as IEA, OPEC reports highlight demand worries
08:19:32p UK troops sent to get Britons out...
08:30:22p Potential Al Qaeda resurgence...
08:31:19p 2 Hawaii visitors arrested for falsifying papers...
08:31:41p Police monitor death threats to judge in Spears conservatorship case...
08:37:39p Pelosi raises House aide pay to almost
08:42:50p Israel, Morocco to upgrade relations, open embassies...
08:44:12p What we think we know may be all wrong...
08:45:44p Courting a Racist Donor Led to a Dean's Downfall in Mississippi
08:53:35p People flock to big cities...
08:56:48p Maddow Seriously Considers Leaving MSNBC...
09:00:23p Amazon Drops 'Draconian' Policy on Making Games After Work Hours
09:01:39p NYC population hits 8.8 million...
09:03:58p Eminem child, 19, comes out as non-binary...
09:12:43p Texas declares gender-confirming
09:14:25p Veteran will walk 454 miles to mark 20th anniversary of Sept. 11
09:17:23p Biden pitches moves to lower drug prices, as analysts sound skeptical
09:21:51p SURVEY Third Of Pandemic Pet Owners Experiencing Regret...
09:22:54p Pirated-Entertainment Sites Are Making Billions From Ads
09:37:52p Census shows USA diversifying, white population shrinking...
10:00:39p WashPo's Jennifer Rubin White Population Falling And Becoming a Minority is 'Fabulous News'
10:07:52p Asia In-Depth Podcast A Look at Israel, Iran, and Afghanistan
10:08:59p Jennifer Hudson Makes a Dazzling Aretha Franklin in the Satisfying and Potent Respect
10:09:31p Earnings Results Mister Car Wash stock wobbles in first earnings report since IPO
10:10:45p U.S. Sends 3K Troops to Kabul to Evacuate Some Embassy Staff
10:23:57p More Cuomo Drama! AIM’s Adam Guillette discusses with Jesse Kelley
10:39:47p What Apple’s Newly Announced Child Safety Rules Mean for Your Photos
10:44:39p What Went Wrong for the U.S. in Afghanistan
10:48:29p Small Towns Should Focus on Resilience
11:34:55p Centrist Dems Seek to Delay the Reconciliation Bill While Passing Infrastructure
11:43:38p Earthquake Forecasts a Step Closer to Reality
11:44:35p Highest recorded temperature in European history reported in Italy
11:49:06p How Jersey Town Became Magnet for Media Elite...
11:49:09p Reddit Is Now Valued At More Than Billion
11:57:28p 3 men die in manure pit Here's why it's a 'death trap.'