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12:19:15a Compact Lifesaving Drone for Beach Rescue Teams

12:27:29a Trump’s “Shadow Cabinet” Ensures His Coup Is Ongoing
12:36:43a How Google Quietly Funds Europe's Leading Tech Policy Institutes
12:51:08a A Plant That 'Cannot Die' Reveals Its Genetic Secrets
12:53:36a Vuèiæ 'I hope that no one will mind the sun'
12:58:04a Responsible Cyber Offense
12:58:48a One of world's rarest chameleons, once feared extinct, found in African rainforest
01:08:49a Amazon Will Pay You in Credit for Your Palm Print Biometrics
01:09:33a Homes — Not “Sanctioned Encampments” — Are the Solution to Homelessness
01:10:26a Israelis debate on vaccination against the corona every six months
01:14:43a The Push For a 'PBS For the Internet'
01:17:11a January 6 Commission Is Necessary But Isn’t Likely to Break Trump’s Grip on GOP
01:22:43a Lawyers for Ahmaud Arbery Killers File Motion to Stop Describing Him as a Victim
01:25:22a Sha’Carri Richardson’s Story Shows Us Drug Testing Is a Harmful Drug War Tactic
01:38:05a The Rise of Never-Ending Job Interviews
01:47:32a Meeting in the Assembly started inter-party dialogue; Vuèiæ also arrived PHOTO
02:18:47a Spectrum talks helping kids adjust to new school year
02:45:57a Crypto What new crypto tax rules would mean for average investors and miners
02:46:25a Steam Survey Shows Linux Marketshare Hitting 1.0%
02:59:23a Amid a Surge, Some Hope United States Reaches 70 Percent Vaccine Goal
03:48:56a Driver crashes into pickup truck, building in Grand Haven Twp.
03:50:49a THE INTERVIEW...
03:52:05a Hospital Staffing Shortages Rise Sharply in Florida as Beds Fill...
04:09:35a ICUs overwhelmed with younger and sicker...
04:10:46a Masks back ON in San Fran...
04:13:17a NETFLIX Countersues Dershowitz Over Epstein Docuseries...
04:16:55a Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily deaths!
04:22:55a Numbers doubling every 10 days...
04:26:34a Case jolts Senate...
04:27:52a Officer who responded to U.S. Capitol attack is third to die by suicide...
04:31:32a Relationship hits new low...
04:36:54a Squid Performs Robert Wyatt's 'Pigs...'
04:37:33a Liberals erupt in fury at White House over end of eviction moratorium...
04:43:39a Air Force developing remote-controlled 'microdrones' with flapping wings...
04:48:22a Probe Nears Completion...
04:49:42a NOT FUNNY Inside Kathy Griffin's fight for life...
04:50:37a TWITTER partners with AP, REUTERS to clean up 'misinformation' on site...
04:54:23a U.S. advises against travel to Greece, Virgin Islands, Saint Barth... MORE
04:54:55a 'It threw me back' Realtor, client handcuffed at Wyoming home after 911 call
05:44:57a Gabby Thomas Is the Harvard Grad and Epidemiologist Who Could Win Olympic Gold
06:10:05a Despite IOC Restrictions, Team USA Athletes Are Protesting at the Tokyo Olympics
06:38:40a Norway’s Warholm Smashes His Own World Record to Win 400-m Hurdles Gold Medal
08:04:07a 'Jet employees have no future'
08:22:17a 'Karunanidhi's legacy is retaining India's plurality'
08:38:12a 'Economic cycle to improve over 3-4 years'
08:47:37a 'I don't mind using my body'
09:19:31a Today's primary election What's on the ballot
10:13:01a Sen. Lindsey Graham Praises COVID-19 Vaccine, Despite Testing Positive From Breakthrough Infection
11:37:07a Can Hard Drives Be Recycled? Google Is Trying To Find Out
11:47:12a A Top Georgia High School Has Everything—Except COVID Precautions
12:01:55p 'Taliban is on the march'
01:01:41p Semi hauling 70,000 pounds of cream rolls over near Zeeland
01:02:39p The GAME CHANGER of Arya's career
01:05:19p German pay TV and paid video surpasses €4 billion in 2020
01:05:35p Ralph Lauren stock surges 8.3% premarket after Q1 results
01:17:46p Simone Biles Returns to the Tokyo Olympics—With a Big Statement
01:29:03p Ashford stock price target raised to from at B. Riley
01:31:23p Gap between OTT and traditional pay TV continues to widen in the U.S.
01:37:27p Joint stock price target raised to from at B. Riley
01:58:23p OTT to pull down pay TV revenues in China
02:08:13p Tencent Weighs Kids Games Ban After ‘Spiritual Opium’ Rebuke
02:13:45p SERAPHIC upgrades TV browser with HbbTV 2.0.3 support
02:27:20p DXC Technology upgraded to outperform at BMO Capital
02:29:33p Biden says U.S. stands with Cuban p
02:32:17p The world has a serious deforestation problem These 7 images prove it.
02:33:51p Epidemic of Military Sex Assault...
02:36:22p The US Athlete Who Broke World Record and Lost...
02:37:18p Clean, repeat At Tokyo Games, virus Olympians' chief foe...
02:45:08p For Fast Food, Supersized Sales Outrun Heavier Costs...
02:55:47p Cannabis mouth spray to treat brain tumors?
02:56:04p Ohio elections Primaries test Dem loyalty, Trump influence...
03:00:56p Trans hailed as debate rages...
03:09:32p Fourth Captiol riot cop dead by suicide...
03:18:41p Workers Willing to Take Pay Cut to Never Go Back to Office...
03:20:55p Maui residents rail against spike in tourism during water shortage...
03:27:33p Add Kim Jong Un Head Bandage to List of Health Mysteries...
03:28:19p Yellowstone volcano rocked by record number of quakes...
03:30:57p Starving cows. Fallow farms. AZ crisis among worst in country...
03:31:49p Total Play video RGUs up 48% YoY in Q2 2021 to 1,933,880
03:32:26p Coming soon America's own social credit system...
03:33:01p NYC PROOF OF VAX
03:43:14p Judge Judy Salary Isn't Excessive, Appeals Court Agrees...
03:44:47p Jessica Springsteen Rising Equestrian Star...
03:44:57p FLOOD Border Crossers Highest in 20 Years...
03:47:55p People recovering may have 'substantial' drop in intelligence...
04:02:56p Dick DeVos stepping down as president of Windquest
04:10:45p READ IT ALL
04:16:25p STUDY Keto Diet Disease-Promoting Disaster...
04:18:54p CILLIZZA Biden having worst week...
04:22:00p Blizzard's President is Stepping Down Amid Culture Scandal
04:28:06p NY AG Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women, Violating Federal and State Law
04:35:44p Drone Crashes Into World Trade Center Building...
04:36:57p Altice USA reports video net losses of 48,000 for 2Q 2021
04:39:10p Pakistan bans Kartarpur pilgrimage due to pandemic
04:45:57p Sacred stone tied to the legend of Romulus and Remus unearthed in Rome
04:46:18p A Magnetic Helmet Shrunk a Deadly Tumor In World-First Test
04:49:10p Fully Vaxxed Graham Tests Positive...
04:50:12p Podcast A big swing to support young Black golfersTue, 3 Aug 2021 080011 0400
04:50:35p Nation 'has turned into the USSR'...
04:57:04p Staffing shortages, exhaustion
04:59:45p Graveyard of rhinos, horses and hippos found in ancient, dried-up watering hole
05:07:05p The Photographers Who Captured the Great Depression
05:10:25p Falls short in debut...
05:12:35p NYC PROOF OF VAX...
05:13:06p GOV. RETALIATED!
05:18:18p STUDY Men to vastly outnumber women within decade...
05:18:28p Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Payne to retire
05:28:16p Only 6 ceasefire violations by Pakistan along LoC since February
05:32:25p Read an Excerpt From the Next Installment of John Lewis’ Graphic-Novel Memoir
05:36:03p Obama fundraiser disguised as birthday party
05:37:43p Southern Children Need to Hear the Truth about History
05:47:01p USSI Global to bring DOOH analytics to NEXTGEN TV broadcasters
05:48:20p The Big Money Behind the Big Lie
05:48:24p Is a Group of New Deal Descendants Influencing the Biden Administration?
05:52:29p El Paso Marks Second Anniversary of Walmart Mass Shooting With ‘Healing Garden’
05:53:22p Californians Sign Hoax Petition to Arrest and Jail People Who Refuse COVID “Vaccinations”
05:56:21p Army to Memorialize Black Soldier Lynched on Georgia Base 80 Years Ago
06:14:13p Boeing Scrubs Launch of Starliner Crew Capsule To Space Station
06:16:22p National Night Out Find an event near you
06:21:15p Pfizer and Moderna Hike EU Vaccine Prices as Rich Countries Oppose Patent Waiver
06:22:27p Tata Sky Binge delivers streaming app aggregation with ThinkAnalytics
06:24:58p Investigation Finds New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women
06:27:30p The Afghan Who Saved My Life May Make It Out. What About Everyone Else?
06:34:17p Announcing the Winners of the Keeley Schenwar Memorial Prize
06:45:17p NBC’s Tokyo Olympics Coverage Was Always Going To Be a Disaster
06:53:05p End of Moratorium Could Fuel Wave of “Invisible Evictions,” Organizers Warn
07:10:12p Biden’s Call for “Out-Organizing” Voter Suppression Is Insulting, Say Activists
07:14:56p NYC Restaurants & Gyms Will Require Proof of Vaccination Amid Rising COVID Cases
07:20:28p Social Media Giants Failing To Remove Most Antisemitic Posts
07:35:19p You Know Evictions Are Coming When Court Deputies Get Vaccinated En Masse
07:43:14p Amazon Pressured Alabama Workers to Vote Against Unionization, Labor Board Finds
07:59:30p Festival of the Arts director faces cancer for 6th time
08:33:46p New Kent County administrator to start end of August
09:08:29p Futures Movers Oil ends lower, extends drop as COVID spread stokes demand worries
09:11:28p Amazon Unlawfully Confiscated Union Literature, NLRB Finds
09:40:34p Mac Pro Gets a Graphics Update
09:43:42p Andrew Cuomo is GUILTY of harassment. Click here to hold him accountable.
09:44:53p Seeing things on Mars A history of Martian illusions
09:47:01p CNN’s Chris Cuomo helped brother’s harassment “flourish and persist”
09:47:55p NYC will require COVID-19 vaccination proof for indoor dining, gyms
10:00:20p Political Pin Badges? IOC ‘Looking Into’ a Chairman Mao Cameo at Tokyo Games
10:12:42p What Women Owe One Another on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
10:15:02p Buried in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill In-Car Breathalyzers
10:19:06p COVID-19 cases connected to the Olympics approach 300
10:25:07p What caused a woman to lactate from her armpit?
10:26:30p White House planning targeted new eviction moratorium reports
11:11:46p Here’s Everything New on Netflix in August 2021—and What’s Leaving
11:20:07p The Void That Critical Race Theory Was Created to Fill
11:34:10p 95% of Capitol Sculptures Depict Men. Will That Change Soon?`
11:52:47p Market Extra Junk-bond spreads see sharpest monthly selloff since September 2020