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12:01:06a Some plants growing in Pacific can fight NCDs study

12:01:12a World Sports Nadal, Djokovic cruise
12:01:19a Military-Style Counterterrorism Measures Were Used Against DAPL Protesters, Leaked Documents Show
12:01:38a Dreams and Brain Disease REM Sleep Cells Linked to Disorders
12:01:59a Purported Jimi Hendrix guitar withdrawn from June auction
12:02:04a Op-ed Advocates for low-income housing are dooming their own cause
12:02:31a Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Review
12:02:40a U.S. stages successful test of defense against simulated ICBM
12:03:27a Live ASIO boss stands by comments on refugees and terrorism
12:04:12a Women abandon jobs with Mayor de Blasio because of his condescending tone
12:04:17a Firefighter, resident hospitalized after Spartanburg Co. house fire
12:04:23a Stronger school for Fiji's cyclone-hit Ra
12:04:31a Maroons confident Milford will fill Thurston's Origin shoes
12:05:29a Evidence about Oakden patient's death conflicts niece
12:05:53a The Latest House intel panel asks Trump press aide for info
12:06:11a CycleBar to Open West San Jose Location Grand Opening Event Open to the Public
12:06:45a One year diploma course in creative photography from Raghu Rai Center!!!
12:06:53a Food tip How to extract pomegranate seeds
12:06:57a The History of the Confederate Flag Isn’t Just a Southern Issue
12:07:01a Corporate News PLDT, Globe complete payments to SMC
12:07:32a 1 sent to hospital after train collides with car in Union Co.
12:08:03a Donald Trump Is Now in Synch With U.S. Imperial Policy in Syria
12:08:48a Two taken to hospital after Waikato car crash
12:09:01a UN 200,000 Iraqis Could Flee Mosul in Coming Days
12:09:22a Shatner won't discuss Trump
12:09:50a Suspect arrested on Montgomery kidnapping, rape, and robbery charges
12:09:55a New York's 9/11 Memorial to Add Tribute to Rescue Workers
12:10:01a Woman charged after man shot dead in Hamilton
12:10:06a 20-year-old man drowned in Salt River on Sunday
12:10:34a Digital Resources And Tools Anno
12:11:04a Trump Will Be a Nightmare Client for His Legal Dream Team
12:11:46a Z-Cron 5.0.01
12:12:51a U.N. chief warns if U.S. pulls back, others will fill leadership role
12:13:22a Illinois General Assembly sets national record in futility
12:13:29a Life-saving stickers
12:14:03a Rolf Harris free after jury unable to convict
12:14:14a Man arrested after Oconee Co. chase
12:14:44a Canada 150 How a giant duck became a symbol of government excess
12:15:05a Back to the sea Volunteers help turtle find its way home
12:15:10a Recycled bottle caps turned into benches in downtown Ste. Genevieve, MO
12:15:27a Several Richmond-area Chipotle restaurants affected by data breach
12:15:35a reward offered for info about white wolf death
12:15:42a Iowa’s Republican Senators Say Obamacare Repeal Unlikely ‘You Can’t Repeal It in Its Entirety’
12:16:00a Local water park goes through thorough water slide checks
12:16:42a United allegedly flew an unsafe plane 23 times
12:16:51a Top Comics to Buy This Week May 31, 2017
12:16:58a Lawyer US lawyers want to destroy Iranian-American charity
12:17:02a Jury selection begins for NC minister accused in member beating
12:17:33a South Sudan Tries Soldiers for Rape, Murder
12:17:56a Hannity strikes back at critics by going after Maddow
12:18:40a A Voice of Reason Speaks Regarding ‘The New Cold War’
12:19:19a IObit Malware Fighter Offline Database May 30, 2017
12:19:23a Iraqi Forces Begin Final Push in Mosul
12:19:50a Auckland agency 'price gouging' over weekly rent rise
12:20:13a Mike Flynn will turn over documents to Senate Intel Committee WSJ
12:20:25a Moment underground water pipe explodes
12:20:40a Deputies Six Mile woman in bathtub shoots husband in back
12:21:04a Former Trump adviser Flynn to turn over some documents subpoenaed by Senate panel source
12:23:23a U.S. proposes fining United over 2014 flights
12:23:32a Robotic reverend blesses worshippers in eight languages
12:24:03a NC officials warn of rising hepatitis cases
12:24:13a What will Tiger Woods' arrest mean for his sponsorship deals?
12:24:44a Votes for food
12:27:31a Troopers truck driver hit by tractor trailer in Piedmont
12:27:35a Coroner identifies 2 killed in head-on Laurens Co. crash
12:27:39a AP USAA Renews 'Hannity' Ads Due to Backlash from Military Community
12:27:56a UN Chief Urges Trump Administration to Stay in Paris Climate Deal
12:28:06a Hunter Strickland suspended 6 games, Bryce Harper 4
12:28:11a Molly Ball Just Can’t Care Trump Faily Just Playing ‘Victim’ With Beheading Photo
12:28:20a Central Alabama VA director talks wait times, eyes ongoing improvements
12:28:38a Small schools could suffer from 'shortsighted' visa changes
12:28:43a Bank robber strikes in Fort Lauderdale
12:28:52a GRPD video shows shootout that killed suspect
12:29:08a U.S. Congress' Russia probes expand to Trump's personal lawyer ABC News
12:29:12a NPT annual profit falls 63 per cent
12:29:55a Dems ‘Hey… let’s get Jerry Springer to run for Ohio governor!’
12:30:11a Netflix is no house of cards It's now worth billion
12:30:43a Venezuela opposition condemns Goldman Sachs debt deal
12:30:57a Andy Murray says Margaret Court Arena furore could spark scheduling chaos
12:31:31a Questions remain over deal for Boca's Ocean Breeze Golf Club
12:31:43a TODD STARNES Why does Vox have a problem with masculine Marines?
12:33:30a Who were the ancient Egyptians? Mummy DNA reveals surprising clues
12:33:38a Egyptian mummy study suggests close ties to Near East
12:34:11a Small New Jersey Town Drops Opposition to Mosque Construction
12:34:27a ‘SO F*CKING UNHINGED’ Internet erupts after White House sends out bizarrely glowing Trump statement
12:34:39a Carr says no extension if not done before training camp
12:35:04a St. Vincent baseball loses Class 2 State Semifinal game to Canton
12:36:28a Killer didn't mean to hurt wife Melb man
12:36:34a Day seeks US Open tune-up at PGA Ohio
12:37:12a UAB to require on campus living for many incoming freshmen
12:37:34a Banks pull stocks away from records as 7-day streak ends
12:38:08a New app Peanut is 'Tinder for mom f
12:38:30a Deputies Bystanders stop knife-wielding suspect chasing child in NC park
12:38:36a Roll It Up a cartoon from Austria
12:38:54a Grande, other top artists will play charity concert in Manchester on Sunday
12:39:56a Front Page Casinos soon under dirty-money watch
12:41:09a Memorial service held for former Gov. Mike Lowry
12:41:13a Orange wars
12:41:18a The billion black hole the Government is scrambling to plug
12:42:15a MAX train murder suspect makes repeated outbursts in first court appearance
12:42:48a Violent waves destroy Lake Cherokee boat house during Longview tornadoes
12:42:53a U.S. starts providing weapons to Syrian Kurds
12:42:56a Lanett Residents Mausoleum leaking fluids, water leaking into crypts
12:43:03a Real estate agent censured, ordered to pay for unsatisfactory conduct
12:44:07a 'Loving' Melbourne girl killed in IS blast at Iraqi ice-cream parlour
12:44:12a Syrian Residents Struggle to Recover From IS Rule
12:44:27a Pope Francis Shepherds should know when to “step down”
12:45:56a Path cleared for Congress to consider U.S. arms sale to Riyadh State Department
12:46:53a U.S. stages successful test of defence against simulated ICBM
12:47:31a Kathy Griffin releases photo holding a severed Trump head
12:47:48a Bill spurred by Sterling shooting sent to governor's desk
12:48:11a 5 Alabama prison guards accused in alleged bribery scheme
12:49:06a UN atomic energy agency looks to boost ongoing contribution to sustainable development
12:50:34a U.S., China debating when U.N. should act on North Korea Haley
12:50:58a Adamsville athletic complex damaged during storms
12:51:16a Tiger Woods found asleep at the wheel
12:52:24a Almost half of Trump’s Twitter followers appear to be fake
12:52:48a Law enforcement just won a major victory at the Supreme Court
12:53:16a Police search for man after Melbourne 'kidnap attempt'
12:53:48a Belgian monarchy angered by Burger King
12:54:01a Kiwi yachting app making waves overseas
12:54:10a Intel's Super Portable Compute Card Could Be Your Real Pocket PC
12:54:23a Amazon is refunding up
12:54:33a What Makes a Villain a Match for Wonder Woman
12:54:38a Oregon stabbing suspect gripes about free speech
12:55:23a How the Gulf’s Petrodollars Fuel the Rise of Radical Islam?
12:55:34a Amid U.S. doubt, U.N. chief says climate deal essential, 'get on board'
12:55:38a Mural in Jackson, MO aims to draw more people to library to read
12:55:46a 'Death ship' pair met foul play coroner
12:56:13a 'Running of the Bulldogs' celebrates 4 years at Minnesota park
12:56:39a Arrest over Te Puke takeaway robbery
12:57:24a Qld man hospitalised with facial burns
12:58:12a Swiss court convicts man over 'defamatory' Facebook likes
12:58:18a British Columbia political alliance vows to block pipeline expansion
12:58:22a Waller to have seven in Queensland Oaks
12:58:28a IS targets Gumtree, Ebay users to kill
12:58:37a Kayak safety includes always wearing a life vest
12:58:54a U.S. appeals court sides with transgender student in bathroom case
01:00:00a Lidl announces grand opening dates for Greenville, Spartanburg stores
01:00:05a US tests missile defence system as North Korea concerns mount
01:00:09a Confusion over laptop flight ban as US denies EU reports that proposals scrapped...
01:00:25a 5 correctional officers at central Alabama prison arrested
01:00:35a Governor considers releasing female inmates for tourism jobs
01:01:07a Perth family fights for braille education for vision-impaired twins
01:01:56a Man charged in 2011 killings of 2 women in Los Angeles
01:02:40a Missouri governor signs public construction project limits
01:03:07a Amazon Shares Hit Milestone as E-Commerce Battle Heats Up
01:03:35a Illinois Legislature, governor set national futility record
01:03:43a House panel has not subpoenaed Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sources
01:04:49a Details of the Rossair company
01:04:55a May could lose parliament majority poll
01:05:19a Deputies Upstate couple woke up to naked sex offender in doorway
01:05:27a Snowden says democracy under threat by attacks on 'fake news'
01:06:14a If police charge George Pell, we're in new territory
01:06:21a School death threat suspect released on tighter restrictions
01:06:51a Missouri to limit union rules in public construction
01:06:57a Affidavit 70-year-old Vancouver man shot son after fight over food, money
01:07:15a Indie Bookstores Hold Steady in Tough US Retail Market
01:07:45a Fake racing job scam targeting immigrants
01:07:52a Fundraiser to be held for Louisa firefighter battling cancer
01:08:15a Quincy superintendent honored with military medal
01:08:52a White House mounts staunch defense of Jared...
01:09:21a COMING FORWARD? Report Flynn to give documents to Senate panel
01:09:26a Deputies Woman faces attempted murder charges after stabbing
01:09:30a Sean Hannity strikes back at critics by going after Rachel Maddow
01:10:02a Sri Lanka Battles to Get Relief to Stranded Flood-hit Villages
01:10:48a Uber fires self-driving car exec amid legal battle with Google
01:10:53a Kathy Griffin apologizes for Trump photo 'I went too far'
01:12:47a 'Shocked' South Korea leader orders probe into U.S. THAAD additions
01:13:04a Kathy Sweeney Investigates The Scherer Murders
01:13:13a Birmingham PD Man shot in the back while sitting on couch at home
01:13:35a Man charged with shooting into occupied building in Montgomery
01:13:53a US shoots down mock warhead over Pacific
01:14:01a Activists investigating labor conditions at Ivanka Trump factories in China arrested or missing report
01:14:36a Flynn’s work on behalf of the Turkish government included propaganda film touting strongman Erdogan
01:14:56a Severe weather sweeps southeast Louisiana
01:15:41a Olivia Newton-John Postpones Tour as Cancer Returns
01:16:55a Kushner Trump ‘knows Republicans are stupid’
01:17:43a Beat summer dehydration in Montana
01:17:58a Officers respond to report of armed man at Orlando airport
01:18:04a Nighttime and early morning bombings in Baghdad kill at least 20
01:18:10a Trump ‘gaining weight’ and ‘emotionally withdrawing’ as Russia probe swamps White House report
01:18:53a Police body camera issue is not got going away
01:18:57a Officials recusing from investigation into Arkansas judge
01:19:01a Healthy Harold might win a reprieve
01:19:37a Ask Slashdot How Do You Choose a News Source?
01:20:34a Armed man reported at Orlando International Airport
01:21:28a Louisiana to open part of new stretch of I-49 on Wednesday
01:21:33a Deputy injured in Marion County traffic stop
01:21:36a Gunman Robs Taco Bell In Pinole
01:21:41a China 'has expertise' to solve Auckland transport woes
01:21:49a Comedian Kathy Griffin Apologizes For Bloody Trump Head Photo
01:22:15a ACCC launches electricity price inquiry
01:22:37a Ex-N.Y. brokerage executive pleads guilty to pension bribe scheme
01:22:48a Constitutional rewrite? No thanks, Louisiana House decides
01:22:53a Avalanche of space junk collisions 'inevitable' without action
01:22:56a Regal Cinema box office sign
01:23:11a JPSO Family waited 12 hours to report boy missing
01:23:28a GREGG JARRETT Jared Kushner gets mugged by the media mob
01:23:38a 8-foot alligator takes swim in family's pool
01:23:58a Man, 76, charged with stabbing roommate multiple times
01:24:40a Neighbor of alleged MAX attacker's family believes suspect is mentally ill
01:25:25a Spicer’s Tuesday press briefing was Trump-directed ‘middle finger’ to the media White House insider
01:25:41a Fire destroys DeGrazia chapel
01:26:23a CONFUSION Pelosi STILL Calling BUSH President...
01:26:29a Pantry needs increase, donations decrease during summer
01:26:34a The Latest Prosecutors Portland man says stabbed 3
01:26:45a Genetic Secrets of Ancient Egypt Unwrapped
01:27:25a Parents arrested after 9-month-old found dead in Arkansas
01:27:40a Regal Cinema view from the front
01:27:50a 2 suffer minor injuries in train derailment in New Mexico
01:28:50a Reports Man with gun prompts lock down at Orlando airport
01:28:59a US Starts Providing Weapons to Syrian Kurds
01:29:28a Leftover funds will allow NECAC to cool more homes this summer
01:29:35a Slain Vic girl scared of Iraq bomb attacks
01:29:48a Poland Extradites Austrian Accused of Killing Civilians in Ukraine
01:30:19a Spokane rabbi deals with anti-Semitic attacks on Facebook post
01:30:24a Man with loaded handgun stopped at North Carolina airport
01:30:34a NBC about 'This is Us' change Never mind
01:30:41a MoH hesitant toward mental health review
01:31:32a Windows XP Computers Were Mostly Immune To WannaCry
01:31:50a One Officer Involved in Tamir Rice Case Is Fired, Another Suspended
01:32:02a Upstate water park encourages safety, rules
01:32:06a Senators Ernst, Grassley lower expectations on Obamacare repeal
01:33:20a George's marvellous medicine
01:33:46a Ex-election worker indicted for altering registrations
01:34:36a White House staff ‘gnashing their teeth’ over ‘toxic’ Lewandowski’s imminent return report
01:35:18a Newspaper headlines 'Shock poll predicts Tory losses'
01:36:02a Daley admits he's got butterflies ahead of Origin opener
01:37:27a Officials remove themselves from probes into Arkansas judge
01:37:36a Deceptively quick, India's economy seen staying course as global pacesetter
01:37:55a Trump Russians Must Be Laughing at US Probes of Moscow Election Meddling
01:38:00a Heated immigration debate led to Texas lawmakers' scuffle
01:38:28a SF police station evacuated as possible explosives turned in...
01:38:32a Big changes at Carpenter's Church
01:38:45a Faceless fish found off Aust east coast
01:40:33a River Region housing market improving but slowly
01:41:08a Can you spell it? Google says this is SC's most misspelled word
01:41:17a Armed man closes part of Orlando airport
01:41:42a ASIO boss stands by comments refugees not to blame for terrorism
01:42:23a Barry residents concerned about recent cat shootings
01:42:43a Venezuela legislature to ask U.S. Congress to probe Goldman Sachs deal
01:43:02a Vic woman admits helping cover up murder
01:43:21a German Lawmakers Not to Visit Incirlik While Germany Acts Against Turkey FM
01:43:27a Local Heavy Psych Band Headlines Rickshaw Stop
01:44:27a Turkey Foreign spy services aid Gulenists
01:44:37a Three Mile Island closing in 2019...
01:45:35a Conch Shells Inspire Next Generation Helmets, Body Armor
01:46:34a Sterling dips after poll suggests hung parliament
01:47:43a China May official services PMI rises to 54.5 vs 54.0 in May
01:47:47a Local students step back in time for 'Medieval Day'
01:47:52a Muted start for Aust share market
01:48:38a WA Labor hikes own pay as public servants face wage cap
01:48:48a Nas & Lauryn Hill Set Shoreline Amphitheatre Tour Date
01:50:45a Partnered Forces Continue to Make Progress in Syria, Iraq
01:50:48a Tree smashes into Coushatta home, kills woman inside
01:52:21a Himamaylan granted P800,000 worth of poultry farm projects
01:52:37a 2 village watchmen shot dead by Cafgu
01:52:44a U.S. insurer FM Global approved for EU hub amid Brexit concerns
01:52:52a Aust hoping US keeps Paris deal minister
01:53:10a NPSO Damage from Sunday's storms caused by 80-95 mph straight-line winds
01:53:38a Atrocities in CAR may constitute crime against humanity UN
01:56:18a The Warehouse in Dargaville robbed
01:56:30a Groundbreaking Instrumental Hip-Hop Trio Returns To Mission
01:56:57a LEAKED VIDEO STARBUCKS Schultz tells workers Trump 'creating chaos'...
01:57:04a Thriving with 'Alfi's Syndrome'
01:57:09a Police Officer dragged by suspect's vehicle in DeKalb County
01:57:14a Jo Smith and George Merriman
01:58:02a New Iranian satellite in first step of design Official
01:58:18a Closing Arguments Wrap In Sierra LaMar Trial Penalty Phase
01:58:24a Animaniacs Reboot Reportedly in Development
01:58:31a HOW LOW WILL THEY GO?!
01:58:40a Yemen descending into total collapse as world watches UN
01:58:57a Elton John, Kirsten Dunst indulge in Gucci's Renaissance
01:59:06a Sept. 11 dedication planned for rescue and recovery workers
01:59:26a Trial kicks off in U.S. case over Iran-linked New York office tower
02:00:07a Qube raising to fund logistics hub
02:00:11a Killer didn't mean to hurt wife Vic man
02:00:40a Marked for demolition The impact of Mr Fluffy on the regional town of Holbrook
02:00:57a UPDATE 4 arrested in connection with Memorial Day Deans Bridge Rd. murder
02:01:10a Man recalls watching as flood swept away brother, 2 others
02:01:15a Man sentenced to 15 years in plea deal for killing his father
02:01:28a Fire damages Shreveport condo
02:01:46a WD Drive Utilities
02:02:16a Famine Looms in Former Boko Haram Stronghold in NE Nigeria
02:02:49a Negrense soldier hurt in Marawi encounter
02:03:20a Vietnam to sign deals for bln-17 bln in U.S. goods, services prime minister
02:03:31a Building a Sales Team by the Numbers
02:04:25a Shaver Shop confirms FY earnings guidance
02:04:35a E.L. Woody, 'King of Paparazzi,' Dies...
02:04:46a Man with gun prompts lockdown at Orlando airport
02:05:00a Lubbock city pools open for summer
02:05:31a US to Test ICBM Intercept Following N. Korea Missile Launch
02:05:35a Stronger Tobacco-control Measures Vital, WHO Warns
02:05:39a Whitsunday Regional Councillor Jan Clifford
02:05:44a Tucson police ask for help finding armed robbery suspect
02:05:48a Galliano mom, 2 children die in Lafourche Parish crash
02:06:26a Comedian Griffin apologizes for photo shoot with severed head of Trump
02:06:30a Colmenares No need to declare martial law
02:06:40a China launches crackdown on illegal cosmetic surgery paper
02:06:48a Police in standoff with armed man at Orlando airport
02:06:52a Eegee's announces beneficiary of the 2017 Coupon Card program
02:06:56a NSW out-of-school care grants available
02:07:01a Payments firm First Data to acquire CardConnect for mln companies
02:07:16a Trump to world leaders Call me maybe _ on my cellphone
02:07:22a ‘Consider the source’ CNN’s Jake Tapper shreds Trump for whining about fake news
02:08:06a The Walking Dead A New Frontier Episode 5 Review
02:08:36a Foul play behind deaths of two men on coal carrier, coroner finds
02:08:59a Youth on SA murder charge granted bail
02:09:20a New From Olbermann Shouldn't Jared Kushner Be Arrested?
02:09:45a Regal Cinema with Hollywood sign
02:09:50a Arrest after WA basketballer grabbed gun
02:10:06a Zamudio The Marawi siege and martial law in Mindanao
02:10:46a Venezuela moves again on sliding currency
02:10:54a Five matches to watch on day three at French Open tennis
02:11:51a Patent plaintiffs see way around US ruling
02:12:30a Woods Was Asleep at Wheel Prior to Arrest, Florida Police Say
02:12:35a Company pays nearly in back wages in settlement
02:13:27a Biscuits pitcher Hunter Wood promoted to Tampa Bay Rays
02:13:51a Apple Music sets August 8 as new release date for 'Carpool Karaoke'
02:14:00a Evergreen State College Chaos Reigns 'Whiteness Is The Most Violent F**king System Ever'
02:14:11a SpaceX's Next Iridium Launch Moved up Four Days
02:14:22a Cut ABC funding or else, One Nation warns
02:14:36a Slavin fire burning southeast of Benson
02:15:30a Olivia Newton-John battling breast cancer for a second time
02:15:38a Police nab more drivers on mobile phones
02:15:47a Brexit expat retirees 'may cost NHS millions'
02:15:54a WEINER BACK IN Huma invites Anthony back home...
02:16:58a 1 dead following shooting on South Hampton Road
02:17:20a Portland Stabbings Suspect 'I Call It Patriotism'
02:17:25a Windsor Teens Arrested For Stealing From Veteran, Pointing Gun At Jogger
02:17:50a Priorities of coral and coal clash in Aussie Sunshine State
02:17:55a What parks in Burlington are smoke-free?
02:18:57a 'I don't want to see tariffs on EU raw food imports'
02:19:20a Hyundai plots China branding reboot
02:19:26a US officer in Tamir Rice shooting sacked
02:20:17a Police investigate over 100 tires dumped on Rochester road
02:20:23a DPRK says ballistic missile test successful
02:20:39a Free adult swim lessons offered at Carbondale Splash Park
02:21:51a Police investigate two transit robberies
02:21:56a SBW among Blues to miss Qld Reds clash
02:22:26a Black teddy bear hung from noose at North Carolina school
02:22:32a Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Backed By Iran Recaptures Border Area With Syria
02:22:55a Northland robbers hit The Warehouse for jewellery, case
02:22:59a 65 drug reformists in Bacolod culminate rehab
02:23:26a Flags4Vets removes flags from the Great Lawn
02:24:27a BaseBrawl Penalty Strickland Out For 6 Games; Harper For 4
02:24:35a Court supports transgender teen in bathroom case
02:24:48a New Vt. law bars employers from asking for access to social media accounts
02:24:52a SF's Civic Center Welcomes Huge Comedy 'Clusterfest'
02:25:15a Uproar as endometriosis study focuses on men's sexual wellbeing
02:25:25a Activist probing Ivanka Trump's brands in China arrested rights group
02:25:37a DC Roundup Trump on Russia, McCain on Russia, WH Staffer Resigns
02:25:55a Domestic violence 'can happen to anyone' says North Queensland councillor
02:26:20a 'You call it terrorism I call it patriotism!' Portland murder suspect makes court appearance
02:26:37a How Newcastle's Regal Cinema was born again
02:27:01a Manchester United most valuable club in Europe, says KPMG
02:27:21a Options for parents avoiding sunscreens with chemicals
02:27:28a 12 On Your Side helps woman whose wages were garnished
02:27:35a Charges over alleged charity fraud
02:27:48a Quick & Easy Light green crunchy salad
02:28:08a Anthropologist 'White Genocide' Is a 'Good Plan'
02:28:24a Louisiana may give domestic abuse protection to LGBT couples
02:29:10a A Federal Judge Slams Trump 'Even the 'Good Hombres' Are Not Safe'
02:29:18a Uber fires self-driving car chief at centre of court case
02:30:04a 'Tougher bankruptcy laws'
02:30:24a Stabbing accused to face court next week
02:30:29a Trial Set To Begin In SF JewelryMart Slayings
02:30:49a Putin No Proof of Assad Government's Use of Chemical Weapons
02:30:54a China May factory PMI growth keeps pace with previous month
02:31:09a Ludlow residents say 'no' to school merger
02:32:11a More sales tax options for counties giving initial House OK
02:32:21a Diplomats lose outfit, pay TV allowances
02:32:40a Jan Clifford
02:32:49a Blackhawk Wrestling community holds vigil for Special Agent Walter
02:33:15a Scotland renews plan for fresh independence vote
02:33:35a Ukraine calls out Russia with Simpsons GIF in Twitter spat
02:33:39a Extra millions for Elite schools
02:34:21a Corrections FOP returns 'no confidence' vote in LMDC director
02:34:32a Police search for man after Melbourne 'kidnap attempt'
02:34:51a S.Korean president orders investigation into THAAD launchers delivery
02:35:21a Mexico's Top Diplomat Says Venezuela Is No Longer a Democracy
02:35:45a Roots 'N' Blues adds to the lineup
02:35:51a South Korea's new leader orders probe into 'unauthorized' US deployment
02:35:55a Indonesia`s ship crew in Natuna incident repatriated from Vietnam
02:36:05a Haley Represents Another Side of 'America First' Policy
02:36:08a UofL baseball participates in 'Day at the Park'
02:36:12a Regal Cinema external
02:36:31a N Korea Announces Successful Launch of Ballistic Missile
02:37:19a Burundi Paralyzed by Fuel Shortages as Leaders Blame Lack of Dollars
02:37:26a NSW premier at odds with insurers on levy
02:37:41a ASIO chief clarifies refugee-terror 'link'
02:37:46a Fatal head-on collision in northern NSW
02:38:01a Adani to pay full royalties in new deal
02:38:18a Seoul to Bring Pyongyang to Dialogue Over Denuclearization
02:38:31a Mexico's top diplomat says Venezuela is no longer a democracy
02:38:40a Pacific vegetables combatting diabetes a surprise
02:38:44a New Found Glory Announce Santa Cruz Fall Tour Date
02:38:49a Defeat Was a Motivator for Past Spelling Bee Champs
02:39:10a 10 NIR schools increase tuition
02:39:18a Accused Qld priest to appear in court
02:39:45a FAA seeks 435,000 fine against United over plane inspection
02:39:56a Woods found asleep at the wheel, nodded off while talking to cops
02:40:02a WannaCry Ransomware Attack Linked To China, Not Russia Or North Korea
02:40:05a Andheria Mor-Mahipalpur project sees no completion
02:40:29a Transgender Arizona inmates sue over alleged guard sex
02:40:39a How 'Wonder Woman' Built a World of Women, Onscreen and Off
02:40:54a Portland Stabbing Suspect Shouts, 'You've Got No Safe Place!'
02:40:59a UPDATE 1-Brazil investors expect reforms despite political crisis CEOs
02:41:32a Regal Cinema view from the projection room
02:42:00a UPDATE 2-RBNZ says financial system faces less risk, house prices on its radar
02:42:05a Inmate fatally stabbed at Bullock Correctional Facility
02:42:17a New etiquette rules for CATA buses 06 Sep 2011 202540 GMT
02:42:22a Young carer education grants extended
02:42:37a Daley admits he's got butterflies ahead of Origin opener
02:42:53a Ghost mushroom hunters photograph glowing fungi
02:43:08a US airstrikes in Afghanistan tripled in 2017 Official
02:43:13a UM Western football player killed in Dillon house fire
02:43:53a Replacement for Chesterfield elementary school to break ground Wednesday
02:44:50a Iowa's Republican Senators Health Care Law Repeal Unlikely
02:45:00a Amazon refunding for charges by children
02:45:05a UPDATE 3-Venezuelan opposition condemns Goldman for bln bond deal
02:45:09a Painting thought to be the earliest known portrait of Indigenous Australian soldier unveiled
02:45:54a PD Man stabbed roommate with steak knife
02:46:23a Eased housing, dairy woes still under scrutiny RBNZ
02:46:49a RERA effect Plot prices see a dip
02:46:54a Granite REIT fires back in upcoming proxy battle 
02:46:58a SJI community still hoping for miracle
02:47:44a Police sustains probe on Serenio murders
02:48:17a Smoker numbers dropping in the Pacific
02:48:42a The Latest Ex-dictator Noriega's remains cremated in Panama
02:49:13a Can India's economy keep up its current growth rate?
02:49:19a Traders worried about GST implementation AAP govt
02:49:24a Homeland Missile Defense System Successfully Intercepts ICBM Target
02:49:48a Public hearings begin in missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry
02:50:02a Announcement coming Wednesday about BullStreet development
02:50:21a UN chief Guterres says climate deal is essential
02:50:29a Scammers target migrants over visa details
02:50:53a Market boosted by Chinese economic data
02:50:58a Wanted man found in WA
02:51:05a Dame Valerie calls for Pacific Games to stay in Tonga
02:51:17a Police Woman attacks another woman with hacksaw blade
02:51:32a McCain Russia, Putin 'Greatest Challenge We Have'
02:51:38a HK's Zall to issue shares worth mln to repay debt
02:52:16a North Country officials brainstorm ways to share services, cut costs
02:52:21a Daughter of ousted South Korean president's confidante returns to Seoul
02:53:01a UPDATE Missing boy found; caretaker overdosing on drugs, JPSO says
02:53:41a Olivia Newton-John battling breast cancer again
02:53:53a President Arms sales benefit Taiwan, U.S., allies
02:54:01a Cases of Hepatitis B, C show big increase in North Carolina
02:55:05a Trump Lashes Out At Germany Over Trade, NATO; Promises 'Change'
02:55:49a Democrats pressure Flake over health care bill 'Don't be a Trump chicken'
02:55:57a Gunmen in Pakistan kill aide of former Afghan warlord Hekmatyar
02:56:03a Activist probing Ivanka Trump's brands in China arrested rights group
02:56:47a Snowden Says Democracy Under Threat by Attacks on ‘Fake News’
02:57:11a Big Pension Funds Oppose Election of Six Mylan Directors
02:57:15a OPEC ponders how to co-exist with US shale
02:57:31a Forever young
02:57:44a Man shot behind Indi's in Russell neighborhood
02:57:52a Biz leader raises concern on possible martial law in Visayas
02:58:12a 'Zero-hour contracts should be reformed'
02:58:16a A Series of Bombings Have Killed 38 People Across Baghdad
02:58:21a Indian Army to Get Indigenous Short Range Surface-to-Air Missile for Bn
02:59:05a UN Yemen Now World's Largest Food Insecurity Crisis
02:59:12a Vt. man accused of sexually assaulting minor faces new charges
02:59:27a Kathy Griffin holds Donald Trump's fake decapitated head in photo shoot
02:59:30a Gas customers set to make savings.
02:59:38a Czech Court Rules Hacking Suspect Can Be Extradited To U.S. Or Russia
02:59:44a WASH POST hiding 'anonymous letter'...
02:59:49a Syrian government had no role in Idlib chemical attack Putin
02:59:59a Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Says He Will Testify If Subpoenaed by Congress
03:00:08a UN demands more ambition as US weighs climate pullout
03:00:50a Adani to pay every royalties cent premier
03:00:55a DPRK accuses U.S. of provocation by sending B-1B bombers again to South Korea
03:01:21a Man Probing Ivanka Trump Brands in China Arrested; Two Others Missing
03:01:25a Man killed Vic uncle after stealing guitar
03:01:43a UN World Food Programme Concerned Over Humanitarian Conditions in West Mosul
03:02:33a Cold homes make people vulnerable to flu
03:02:37a Frustrated homicide lieutenant 'We have to speak up'
03:03:13a Megyn Kelly announces NBC spot
03:03:20a Boycott to stop if Coke buys PH sugar
03:03:41a Carbon capture a 'unicorn' for power generation Simon Holmes a Court
03:04:08a Japan's factory output growth hits six-year high in April on solid exports
03:04:30a Afghan human rights advocate shares stories of inspiration with Wollongong school students
03:04:35a Abandoned Budapest Hospital Offers Glimpse into Soviet Past
03:04:41a Lions tour Squad arrives in New Zealand
03:04:49a Car Bombings Kill 27 in Iraq's Capital
03:05:13a Haryana mulls more stringent cow protection law
03:06:00a Philippine city witnesses continued fighting
03:06:08a Fashion diet How to successfully build a capsule wardrobe
03:06:25a Repeat sex offender jailed over child porn
03:06:29a Russian Military to Commission Su-35S Fighter Jet by End of 2017 MoD
03:06:50a Detected Myrtle rust cases grows to 29
03:07:17a Police Armed man in custody at Orlando airport; no one hurt
03:07:30a China Warns India Against Infrastructure Development Along the Border
03:07:37a Sex offender jailed again over child porn
03:07:59a New numbers on marijuana citations in Vermont
03:08:18a US High Court Will Hear Ohio's Bid to Revive Voter Purge Policy
03:08:22a Pippa Middleton honeymooning in Sydney
03:08:56a Brazil's Labor Reform Vote in Senate Put Off Until Next Week
03:09:16a NBI told to hasten result of autopsy on woman
03:09:30a Downtown Huntsville business vandalism suspect caught on camera
03:10:04a Roadkill rescue
03:10:17a Elderly sit on waiting lists for much-needed meal delivery services
03:10:43a P14M allotted for free school supplies in Bacolod
03:10:55a DPRK urges S. Korea to abolish preparatory committee for reunification
03:12:00a Right to bear arms?
03:12:09a New Green candidate fears democracy under threat
03:12:18a Court rejects New Acland mine expansion
03:12:23a L.A. law enforcement on high alert after street gangs threaten officers
03:12:27a Crime branch to probe driver lynching case
03:12:45a 'One in two' young online gamers bullied, report finds
03:12:50a Five Policemen Killed in Mexico Ambush Ahead of Key State Vote
03:12:54a WA News Break May 31
03:13:04a Seniors toss papers to celebrate end of school year
03:14:02a Hospital shoots to fame after uterus transplant
03:14:27a Orlando airport terminal closed after reports of armed man
03:14:44a How Israel Utilized the Mainstream Media to Trick the Arab World In 1967
03:14:48a Skin cancer hits affluent suburbs
03:14:58a Blood bank behind car giveaway to encourage blood donors
03:15:03a UK exports record amount of food and drink
03:16:32a Getting ready for Vermont's Free Fishing Day
03:16:44a Fake toppers cast shadow on Bihar results, 63% fail
03:17:22a Rebel Wilson upset at 'bully' in Vic court
03:17:40a 'Catastrophic failure' Women urged to speak up on painful transvaginal mesh implant side effects
03:17:43a US Secretary of State to visit NZ
03:17:52a CARAT 2017 Series Begins Strengthening Maritime Partnerships, Increasing Regional Cooperation
03:18:22a New traffic lights coming to Tuscaloosa
03:18:39a Monsoon arrives in Kerala, two days ahead of usual onset
03:18:59a Man with fake gun at Orlando airport in custody
03:19:09a PD Missing 7-year-old girl from Hartford found safe
03:19:13a What's it like inside the sheds before the State of Origin?
03:19:28a Sanchez Oaths of office
03:19:45a South Korea April industrial output limps even as exports surge
03:19:57a Ontario prices its second sterling borrowing this month 
03:20:04a Player banned from French Open after repeatedly kissing and manhandling journalist
03:20:34a LEADING OFF Night moves for Tanaka; Blue Jays go batty
03:21:02a Asia stocks tread water as China PMI in focus; sterling falters
03:21:15a Filling the kitty
03:21:26a Ribbon cut on new Auburn High School
03:21:31a Daughter of ousted South Korean president's confidante returns to Seoul
03:21:40a Further Sydney bus privatisation possible
03:21:45a UPDATE Missing boy found as caretaker overdosed on drugs, JPSO says
03:22:44a Immigration NZ will not review sex offender decision
03:23:38a South Burlington student accused of murder threats released
03:23:49a Louisiana schools leader's job validity challenged in court
03:24:02a Prison Break Season Finale Review
03:24:06a Orlando airport in lockdown, shots fired
03:24:23a Shake-up rumors build as Trump's communications director exits
03:24:29a Nigeria's Senate Passes Bill to Crackdown on Money Laundering
03:24:46a British Police Release Three Manchester Bombing Suspects Without Charge
03:25:03a Conference at Dartmouth College explores role of science in opioid crisis
03:25:08a SAG-AFTRA to begin contract negotiations with studios Wednesday
03:25:14a Hanson urges end to investigation
03:25:51a Last of 'LaRue County Littles' up for adoption
03:26:19a NZ native birds in 'desperate situation'
03:26:48a Sima Samar and students
03:27:05a Battle over pipeline to divide Canada's left, weigh on Trudeau
03:27:08a Griffins ‘amped up’ for Calder Cup Finals
03:27:25a US Successfully Tests Missile Defense System
03:27:31a AHPRA probes Catholic nun Lydia Allen over psychology credentials
03:27:40a The good, bad and ugly truth about your career after 50
03:27:45a What lies ahead for Gianforte, Republicans, and Democrats
03:28:18a Officials search for hit-and-run suspect who damaged Louisa dock
03:28:46a Trump Frustrated by 'Fake News' That Overlooks His Accomplishments
03:29:19a Police Woman's death at home near Everett suspicious
03:29:25a Asia stocks rise as China factories see steady growth, sterling soft
03:29:41a Alabama NAACP opposes act that protects Confederate monuments
03:32:41a 'Who rules the world?' Nordic PMs poke fun at Trump's Saudi photo
03:32:59a Shreveport condo fire reignites
03:33:19a NICE backs first-line use of Merck's Keytruda under cancer fund
03:33:28a Rossair grounds all flights, confirms chief pilot among three dead in Riverland crash
03:33:33a US fines Deutsche Bank mn over money laundering violations
03:33:46a 20-year-old man drowns in Salt River on Sunday
03:33:59a Activist probing Ivanka Trump's brands in China arrested rights group
03:34:07a Rising electricity prices hit bottom line at Tiwai Point
03:34:20a 'Fake' ghee being sold in UP govt canteens
03:34:28a U.S. Marshals search for sex offender in East Alabama
03:35:04a Trump's aides are starting to rival their boss when it comes to praising him
03:35:15a Lutyens' Delhi to get its first ever mall called The Chanakya
03:35:31a UPDATE All lanes of I-65 southbound reopened near Seymour
03:35:50a Kathy Griffin shocks in gory photo shoot with Trump's head
03:36:13a Nova Scotia Liberals win re-election
03:36:39a Full PACER Plus details released show benefits to NZ and Pacific
03:36:55a Second arrest in Te Kaha Tribesmen death case
03:36:59a Pokemon Magikarp Jump How to Get Gyarados
03:37:22a Samoa PM releases memoirs in new book
03:37:28a Star Trek Bridge Crew Now Included With HTC Vive
03:37:39a Police investigating brutal fight outside bar in Tigerland
03:38:03a Farrell resigns from Legislature to focus on mayoral race
03:38:10a Mike Trout gets advice from Chris Paul and Andrelton Simmons on thumb injury
03:38:41a War of words between Trump and Merkel continues
03:39:19a Suspended deportation to preclude visa sponsorship
03:39:56a Chinese man arrested for extorting money from compatriot
03:40:01a Olivia Newton-John reveals new cancer 25 years later
03:40:53a Complaints to disability bosses level out
03:41:07a Hundreds lose jobs as Fairton meatworks closes
03:42:14a Toshiba to hold general shareholders meeting on June 28
03:42:27a Tourists advised against swimming at Khao Lak beach
03:42:46a Lions to approach tour steadily Gatland
03:42:59a Pune University officials still clueless over paper leaks
03:43:04a Evil 8 accused extradited to WA
03:43:11a A little bit of sole Griner’s annual shoe drive delivers big numbers
03:43:29a High school seniors create massive paper slide
03:44:09a L-G orders for identification of vulnerable bldgs
03:44:13a Animal Emergency Center in southeast MO closes its doors
03:44:32a LED bulbs a must for new buildings in Maharashtra
03:44:48a 'Irascible' man stabs wife, attempts suicide
03:44:54a Former Vt. teacher accused of inappropriate conduct in court
03:45:22a Youths fight for dog beaten to death
03:45:25a Flow boosts Menindee Lakes but Darling outlook remains dry
03:45:31a More science technicians needed in NZ report
03:45:42a Missing Hobart man believed dead police
03:46:24a Graphic photo DNR investigates after dead deer duct taped to road sign
03:46:48a Louisiana House backs criminal justice overhaul proposals
03:47:59a The Latest Police Airport gunman in custody, everyone safe
03:48:10a Controversy over study asking how endometriosis affects men's sexual wellbeing
03:48:14a The US has 'lost trust of one of Europe's most pro-American leaders'
03:48:31a Public tours for the new Mormon Temple in Tucson
03:48:53a Macquarie Perch caught in the NSW upper Murray
03:49:13a State urges drivers to use 'Dutch Reach' to open doors
03:49:25a Man with gun at Orlando airport in custody
03:50:02a Brazil court orders president questioned in graft probe
03:50:20a Moderate Alcohol Intake OK for RA Patients on Methotrexate
03:50:27a Man with fake gun arrested at Orlando airport after standoff
03:51:28a Downer to stay in London for rest of year
03:52:00a Report Scott Pelley ousted from the 'CBS Evening News'
03:52:09a Vietnam to Sign Deals for Up to in US Goods, Services
03:52:18a Oil falls as rising Libyan, U.S. output undermines cuts
03:52:33a The Latest Police Airport gunman in custody; everyone safe
03:52:47a Immigration scam targets Indian Australians
03:53:09a Sport Blues feeling the support in Samoa
03:53:54a Senior Constable Brett Forte 'led into ambush by gunman'
03:54:09a Researchers find Macquarie Perch in the Mannus Creek for the first time since 2009.
03:54:26a Mexico's top diplomat says Venezuela is no longer a democracy
03:54:59a Suspect in pursuit that led to deputy injury identified
03:55:33a Flynn to Turn Over Some Documents to Senate Intelligence Committee
03:56:40a Man bashed outside Melbourne hospital
03:56:48a Scott Pelley said to be out as anchor of 'CBS Evening News'
03:57:01a Armed Man at Orlando International Airport Has Been ‘Contained,’ Authorities Say
03:57:06a Trump asks world leaders to call him on his cellphone
03:57:18a Activist probing Ivanka Trump's brands in China arrested rights group
03:57:48a Vic hospital worker critical after assault
03:58:12a The Mannus Creek flowing near Tumbarumba in New South Wales
03:58:26a Trump's use of private cellphone raises security concerns
03:58:51a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sequel sails to top of box office
04:00:22a Qld premier bemoans lack of Origin bet
04:00:27a Armed man at Orlando airport in custody and ‘everyone safe,’ police say
04:00:32a Amazon gets first dance with share price
04:01:03a WA man admits fatal one-punch attack
04:01:39a Nicklaus fears 'struggling' Woods may never play golf again
04:01:53a Man, 20, dies after Sydney car smash
04:02:12a Lancaster Park, the scene of bitter memories for Lions
04:02:17a Michael Flynn Will Provide Some Documents to Senate Intelligence Panel After Subpoena
04:02:29a What Is a Subpoena?
04:02:36a Beachfront revamp pushing businesses to the brink
04:02:44a Stranger Things Star Auditioned for Logan's X-23
04:03:48a Guest Post Wonder Woman Attacked By Newest Threat to Free World – BDS
04:04:39a Suspect in Portland Stabbing Shouts ‘You’ve Got No Safe Place’ in Court
04:05:37a Solar installation to be largest hospital array in Australia
04:06:04a Govt hospitals' drug suppliers haven't been paid for six months
04:06:12a Signature campaign to promote waste segregation
04:06:17a Will tweets help an unusual bird found in Burlington?
04:06:22a Met Police detectives to be recruited directly
04:06:36a Liam in Manchester
04:06:45a 'You need to get your act together' NLC urges Government over housing
04:07:18a Battle over pipeline to divide Canada's left, weigh on Trudeau
04:07:22a Drugs barney led to Tas killings coroner
04:08:11a Man, woman shot on I-10 at Poydras
04:08:15a SA to get two more Aboriginal authorities
04:08:21a The Latest Man pleads not guilty to killing woman, girl
04:08:54a Foul play behind deaths of two men on coal ship, coroner finds
04:08:59a South Korea returns six North Koreans rescued at sea
04:09:48a Slain Vic schoolgirl excited for Iraq trip
04:10:28a Bizarre faceless fish discovered in deep sea abyss
04:10:33a China factory PMI growth holds up in May, steel sector activity speeds up
04:10:44a Mainfreight boss calls for national transport strategy
04:10:48a Hungry cochineal bug a sharp solution to invasive wheel cactus problem
04:10:53a Fareed Zakaria Lectures Us Liberals About Intolerance Because Both Sides
04:12:35a Dirt bikes taken from Manchester dealership
04:12:39a Kathy Griffin Apologizes for Photo of Severed Trump Head
04:12:55a Former Gamecocks assistant Botkin leaving SC State program
04:13:51a The Latest Police Gunman was attempting 'suicide by cop'
04:13:56a 'Compliance' tasering was use of excessive force IPCA
04:14:31a Can we save the platypus?
04:14:37a Ukraine-Russia Twitter spat escalates to meme warfare
04:14:55a Doubts Cloud Fed's Rate Increase Plans Beyond June
04:15:52a Lithium fire causes flight to divert to Ford Airport
04:16:30a Former AZ child welfare worker convicted of molesting children
04:16:45a Macquarie perch found in Murray for first time since 2009
04:16:50a US President Donald Trump withdrawn, in 'pretty glum mood'
04:17:19a Coyote bites girl at Scottsdale park
04:17:34a One dead in Chambers County ATV crash
04:17:39a NT boy ran away from 15 foster care homes
04:17:47a Land spout casts striking shape in central Queensland skies
04:18:10a Spiny crab
04:18:31a Urgent changes needed in mental health care AG
04:19:38a Commissioners vote not to hear from concerned former EEO officer
04:19:42a Veteran Tall Fern Wallbutton to retire
04:20:03a Murder probe Police hold two people in custody over missing Risdon Vale man
04:20:58a Stand-off ends peacefully at US airport
04:21:33a Better to save for funeral, regulator says
04:22:48a Dua Lipa 'Chris Martin made me feel really calm'
04:23:20a Kids waiting weeks to get into mental health facility
04:23:29a Four out of five NZ bird species in trouble
04:24:51a Angels' Albert Pujols nears historic home run mark
04:25:35a When Toff met Jack
04:25:44a Franken 'Everything points to' collusion with Trump, Russia
04:26:12a Men's groups and the art of listening
04:27:07a Myanmar military accused of beating, threatening to kill prisoners
04:27:17a Arizona man accused of having sex with horse
04:27:25a Microsoft Outlook suffering outages across the globe reports
04:27:52a Melbourne hospital worker critical after assault in foyer
04:29:27a No bibles burnt in Papua unrest Indonesia
04:29:32a As US weighs climate pullout, UN wants world to be more ambitious
04:29:52a The rise of heroin brings violence and fear to Mexico
04:29:57a Escape claws Fire rescue crew saves kitten from storm drain
04:30:53a IIT-Madras student beaten up for leading beef fest
04:31:05a Tinian casino owes more taxes to Uncle Sam
04:31:24a Lonzo Ball's workout for Lakers is set for June 7
04:31:52a 'Double murder' on ship confirmed union
04:32:32a Man dies in Perth shed fire
04:32:36a Possible shooting leaves 1 man injured
04:33:19a Nicklaus fears 'struggling' Woods may never play golf again
04:33:24a Karla Homolka volunteered at Montreal elementary school Report
04:35:29a Stuart Bonnett
04:35:53a VOA concerned over proposed cuts that would impact mental health care
04:35:57a Asian stocks mixed amid US political uncertainty, China data
04:37:12a Pelosi still struggles to say ‘President Trump’
04:37:38a Watch Don Lemon lose his sh*t while reading Trump’s cringeworthy ‘magnetic personality’ statement
04:37:52a WA seafood exporter looks to China in marketing spiny crab
04:39:07a New York Gov. Cuomo hires Trump adviser after huge donations
04:39:10a It's hot! Don't Forget your Pets!
04:39:48a Man arrested in connection to fatal shooting at Finlay Park
04:39:51a Nurses station
04:39:59a NSW coroner confirms foul play in Sage Sagittarius deaths
04:40:33a Samoa Under 20s face daunting start
04:41:14a Kentucky GOP claims accused sex-trafficking Trump campaign chair was only an ‘enthusiastic volunteer’
04:41:26a Melbourne hospital worker fighting for life after assault in foyer
04:41:32a Yemen faces 'total collapse' UN
04:41:57a Fund manager explains why the property bubble made him sell
04:42:04a The 'Ker-Wich' Cards running back fueled by signature sandwich
04:43:00a Can unions survive the gig economy?
04:43:10a The Latest Noriega family lawyer says cremation is coming
04:43:59a Here’s how Trump’s harsh education cuts undermine his economic growth goals
04:44:16a Senior Constable Brett Forte 'led into ambush by gunman'
04:45:26a Hearing on San Onofre nuclear waste is pushed back to August
04:45:44a NZ students facing unwanted sexual behaviour
04:46:57a Poll Americans' Financial Worries Have Declined Since 2016
04:49:05a Rays' Dickerson hits bouncing pitch for double
04:49:33a Qld Govt moves to reduce power price hikes
04:49:38a Underwear charity runner Brayden Hayes guilty of assault
04:51:36a Ange nabs highly rated Hrustic by naming him in Socceroos squad
04:52:28a Pelley out as 'CBS Evening News' anchor
04:52:59a Australia investigates bank levy leak after share falls
04:53:05a Texas Tech facing budget decrease of nearly 4 percent
04:53:22a Six-hour-old lambs stolen from Vic farm
04:53:37a Local expert expects special session for Texas Legislature
04:54:47a Witnesses Say US Military Killed Fleeing Yemeni Child in Latest Botched Raid
04:55:19a GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia stocks rise as China factories see steady growth, sterling soft
04:55:59a 12-year-old Melbourne girl killed in Baghdad blast
04:56:38a Key Kaikōura road to reopen for long weekend
04:58:20a Cavaliers Arrive In Bay Area For Game 1 Of NBA Finals
04:58:54a Singapore April bank lending rises 7.0 pct y/y
04:59:05a Even Shep Smith Is Skeptical Of Fox News' Weak Jared Kushner Spin
05:00:44a Assassin's Creed Origins Protagonist and Logo Reportedly Leaked
05:01:03a Trump to world leaders Call me maybe on my cellphone
05:02:47a Disability bosses quizzed about complaints
05:02:52a Football players speaking out about mental health 'a positive trend'
05:03:01a Election 2017 debate Parties clash on Brexit
05:05:07a Training watchdog swamped by paper records
05:06:02a Michael Flynn to provide some documents to Russian meddling probe
05:07:56a US comedian Kathy Griffin apologises for 'beheaded Trump' photo
05:08:28a Seager homers, drives in 4 as Mariners beat Rockies 10-4
05:08:47a Test results still pending in fatal crash
05:08:56a Part of Easy Street renamed in honor of late civil rights activist
05:09:14a Kabul blast Huge explosion hits Afghan capital
05:09:50a The Americans Season 5 Finale Review
05:10:22a Lithium Battery Fire Diverts A JetBlue Flight Bound For San Francisco
05:10:26a Trees block only road in, out of Gloster neighborhood
05:10:36a Using Node.js with ScyllaDB
05:11:04a 3 men found shot dead at East Texas car dealership
05:11:48a Azeri Dissident, Snatched in Tbilisi, Turns Up in Baku
05:11:55a Flatmate rape trial starts in Melbourne
05:12:22a Trump to World Leaders Call Me Maybe On My Cellphone
05:13:30a Pleas to protect Coptic Christians fearing deportation to Egypt
05:13:54a More eyes & ears for city
05:14:35a Teen charged with Mount Gambier murder given home-detention bail
05:14:51a After Everest Bodies Returned, Climbers Ask if Risk Acceptable
05:16:38a Ghanaian woman, walking into Canada from U.S., dies of hypothermia police
05:16:59a 2017 Bloomington South senior honors list
05:18:15a Melbourne schoolgirl killed in Iraq attack
05:19:15a Man dies in shed fire in Kingsley
05:19:44a Woman killed by lightning in Tuburan
05:19:48a Greenville restaurant owners robbed, community rallies to help them
05:20:00a 5 drug personalities nabbed in Lapu-Lapu
05:20:58a Football players speaking out about mental health 'a positive trend'
05:21:40a Open Thread One Tiny Hand On The Trump Coat Of Arms?
05:23:23a 'Habal-habal' driver hacked in Barili
05:23:27a 2 nabbed in Carcar City drug bust
05:23:50a Gloomy outlook prevails for retailers
05:24:04a WA man with dementia 'never fit to plead'
05:24:10a Car bomb near embassies in Kabul kills several people
05:24:26a Hard lines
05:24:35a Pricey Investigation Finds Former UC Berkeley Chancellor Misused Funds
05:24:41a Attack ads
05:28:05a Berkeley Officials Push For Plastic Straw Ban
05:28:28a Gateway Project continues with bridge work
05:29:33a U.N. chief warns if U.S. pulls back
05:30:37a 'How much will it cost?' Corbyn fumbles childcare policy launch
05:31:24a Prisoner Michael Kisiel escapes Salisbury hospital
05:31:40a SA students with disabilities aren't being 'invested in'
05:31:50a C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Blondie
05:32:12a WATCH LIVE Police responding to armed gunman at Orlando International Airport
05:35:00a 1 dead following ATV crash in Chambers County
05:35:05a A new balance of terror Why North Korea clings to its nukes
05:36:43a Australian diplomats locked down in Kabul
05:36:51a Why marketers are wooing Middle-Income India
05:37:51a Health officials urge protection against West Nile
05:38:52a Kushner, Merkel Top Questions at Contentious Briefing
05:39:56a Call in army to deal with terror Hastie
05:40:06a Military says 89 gunmen killed during Philippine urban battle
05:40:24a The Friendlies
05:41:23a Collingwood footballer steps aside to deal with depression
05:41:43a Sexuality education programme falling short in Thailand Unicef study
05:41:51a Scott Pelley out at 'CBS Evening News'
05:42:39a Exxon steps up efforts to sway shareholders on climate-report vote
05:43:56a How can you stop grinding your teeth?
05:45:25a Men admit involvement in fatal Perth brawl
05:45:48a Author spins Islamophobia into Aussie teen romance
05:46:34a Missing San Jose State Student Says She Fabricated Her Own Kidnapping
05:46:57a Quincy City Council approves police officer training
05:48:07a PICTURED CCTV reveals suspect in king hit on 'surgeon' outside hospital
05:48:11a Driver airlifted after SUV collides with farm equipment
05:48:46a The unknown truth behind Hollywood divorces and breakups
05:50:02a 7 persons nabbed in separate drug busts in Lapu-Lapu
05:50:12a Political Roundup Diversity and rejuvenation triumph in the Greens
05:50:19a U.S. consumer spending, incomes grew solidly in April
05:50:32a Early sun protection can dramatically reduce lifetime risk of skin cancer
05:51:14a #PMfortheday Teens on mental health, elections and youth
05:51:30a Guide to the parties taking part in general election 2017
05:51:40a Sgt Stray rounds strike 2 homes in Greenville Co. neighborhood
05:52:22a 'This govt is in denial that India is a beef-eating country'
05:52:27a Police chief Nazir Afzal quit to appear on Question Time
05:52:44a Why Chevrolet bid India goodbye
05:53:11a Thai traders urged to tap Hong Kong
05:53:26a Serious mental health shortcomings exposed in Auditor-General report
05:53:52a Arrests after Havelock North liquor store robbed at knife point
05:54:11a Australia shares higher after positive Chinese data; NZ sluggish
05:55:01a Vic cops defend 'defamatory' club comments
05:55:30a Cleveland Indians Beat The Oakland Athletics 9-4
05:56:26a Swiss biotech NLS Pharma's ADHD drug succeeds in mid-stage study
05:56:32a Voodoo monster and former Panama dictator General Manuel Noriega dies aged 83
05:56:41a State Sen. Trip Pittman seeking U.S. Senate seat
05:57:05a At least 40 people killed or wounded in Kabul blast interior ministry
05:57:08a Van share Green's Caroline Lucas says she 'cries easily'
05:57:14a Report Hispanic TX Democrat Threatens to Kill Republican College for Calling ICE on Illegals
05:57:18a AFL veteran Goddard keen to play in 2018
05:57:25a New Graphene Water Filter Makes Salt Water Drinkable
05:57:41a How not to lose money in stocks
05:57:45a Jewellery stolen in armed Dargaville Warehouse heist
05:57:55a Vacaville Police Officers Shoot, Kill Unarmed Suspect Following Car Chase
05:58:19a Ex-MLB pitcher Curt Schilling to raise money for Maine GOP
05:58:55a WATCH CNN’s Jeffrey Lord’s Russian backchannel bluster shut down cold by ex-Michigan governor
05:59:01a Digging yourself out of the student loan crisis
05:59:34a Top-heavy public service at risk report
05:59:44a Emerald Ash Borer reportedly spotted in the area
05:59:53a Suddenly Scarborough Is Concerned About The Autocracy He Enabled
05:59:57a Faceless fish among weird deep sea Australian finds
06:00:32a Ohio Appeals Court Blocks Speed Camera Lawsuit
06:01:47a Illinois college grant proposal raises some eyebrows
06:03:01a 13 memorable moments from Sush's Instagram journey
06:03:10a Trump Starts Blocking Leftist Trolls On Twitter
06:03:42a Montgomery resident concerned about coyotes
06:05:36a Ariana Grande holds Manchester concert on June 4
06:05:51a Donald Trump's path through Russia probe still unclear
06:07:04a Montgomery police officer involved in crash on Troy Highway
06:07:09a China stocks rise sharply after securities regulator restricts share selling
06:07:52a LaGrange Police investigating late night shooting
06:08:51a Cold homes make heart attack risk greater
06:09:12a Massive blast near Indian embassy in Kabul, staff safe
06:09:16a Victoria cops defend drug club comments
06:09:52a Fire destroys 100 homes in venerable Lop Buri community
06:09:58a Our love affair with TV reboots Why everything old is new again
06:10:53a Smucker Co. to acquire Wesson oil brand
06:10:58a Man dies in shed fire in Kingsley, in Perth's north
06:11:46a Tourist boats at Krabi beach halt services
06:12:14a The strange things that election leaflets used to say
06:12:35a Biscuits player hitting his way through Southern League
06:12:51a US Successfully Tests Missile Defense System Amid North Korea Tensions
06:13:54a 'I'm happy I didn't have to call Lisa Ray Mom'
06:14:16a Oakland Waterways Are Carrying Too Much Garbage Into San Francisco Bay
06:14:24a Gisborne dog's lucky escape after getting head stuck in car wheel
06:15:04a The Latest Blast in Kabul diplomatic kills at least 9
06:15:53a Limit screen time and avoid baby walkers New guidelines for preschoolers
06:15:59a 'You need to get your act together' NLC urges Government over housing
06:17:21a May could lose majority in parliament YouGov study in The Times
06:17:31a UK consumer confidence edges up to four-month high in May GfK
06:18:01a Daughter of woman central to SKorea scandal returns to Seoul
06:18:19a Tandingan Being a problem solver is awesome
06:20:00a Slain Qld cop died a 'hero' saving partner
06:21:09a Scott Pelley to Leave Anchor's Chair at 'CBS Evening News'
06:21:25a Reports Scott Pelley leaving CBS Evening News
06:22:08a Live Manchester breaking news Wednesday, May 31
06:22:27a Albert Pujols hits 599th HR in Angels' 9-3 win over Braves
06:22:56a Man arrested on drug, weapons charges after firing shots in front of his home
06:23:36a College Students Scraping By In Marin County Turn To The Food Bank
06:24:07a Tributes flow for pilots in SA plane crash
06:24:14a Police release three men arrested in connection with Manchester attack/ti
06:25:10a Holocaust survivor speaks in Montgomery don't let history repeat itself
06:25:45a Police urged to stand firm against perpetrators of persecution
06:26:22a Several killed in huge Kabul explosion
06:26:40a Huge car bomb near German embassy in Kabul, several killed
06:26:43a Family devastated after dog killed by current at Hayden Lake
06:26:53a Tamir Rice shooting One officer fired for lying on application, another suspended
06:27:45a Third Sydney attack on a child in a week
06:29:40a Zookeeper dies in UK tiger 'freak accident
06:29:45a Hat brand Kangol returns jobs to US, finds itself struggling
06:29:57a Huge car bomb near embassies in Afghan capital kills or wounds dozens
06:30:16a Man burnt in Qld stove canister explosion
06:30:48a One Nation backs away from ABC threat
06:31:07a Police chief questions army terror role
06:31:19a Emerging trade hub could revive ancient Silk Road
06:31:31a Drawing the battle lines Lions v All Blacks showdown heads to the street
06:32:20a Nowhere to go for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh after cyclone wrecks camps
06:33:29a Live Russian interference in election 'a real threat'
06:33:42a MCSO Search goes on for missing teen Brian 'Jessie' Parker, family offers reward
06:34:07a Cattle sales to return to Longreach after four-year spell
06:34:39a Byron Bay public art project prompts social media outrage
06:34:54a Sudo get_process_ttyname Command Validation Flaw Lets Local Users Obtain Root Privileges
06:34:58a Flynn to Provide Senate Committee Documents in Russia Probe
06:35:03a Regional news briefs — May 31
06:35:34a SA students with disabilities aren't being 'invested in'
06:35:39a Town of Sahuarita to launch Animal Services Division
06:37:18a 4 U.S. Senate candidates report fund raising numbers
06:37:35a Pair to fight charge of murdering WA dad
06:38:13a Gonzalez gets 1st win since April as Nats beat Giants 6-3
06:38:19a LIVE! Yogi offers prayers at Ram temple in Ayodhya
06:38:36a Lattes and toasties at Canberra school cafes?
06:38:41a Family in emotional hug at Leveson search
06:40:40a Group One Tatt's Tiara switched to Doomben
06:41:10a Man killed in Christchurch crash named
06:41:43a Milder days ahead and a risk for strong storms!
06:42:06a Citrus grower conditions trees to fill supply gap
06:43:14a U.K. police release 3 bomb suspects
06:43:22a Police beat Possible stabbing, burglary/theft
06:43:51a Palestinian power struggle threatens further Gaza power cuts
06:44:07a Police offering rewards for information on aggravated robberies
06:44:24a Three dogs killed in Norwich house fire
06:44:42a Who will lead New York out of its transit crisis?
06:45:17a Tucson's Melting Pot closes its doors for good
06:45:26a UNITED operated 23 flights on planes 'not in airworthy condition' - faces fine...
06:46:34a IT exec admits careless driving in half-million-dollar McLaren supercar crash
06:46:50a Man, woman questioned over suspected murder of missing man
06:47:00a One dead in shooting near Steam Plant restaurant
06:47:09a Kabul blast Indian Embassy staff is safe, tweets Sushma Swaraj
06:47:17a Matthew Leveson search uncovers items of interest
06:47:21a Ukraine doctor pioneering 'three-parent' babies
06:47:31a Albert Pujols’ 599th homer starts Angels’ 9-3 romp over Braves
06:47:46a Toshiba unable to present audited results at end-June shareholders meeting
06:47:54a Idaho woman finds glass in biscuit dough
06:48:31a Two who killed man for iPhone sentenced to death
06:48:40a Champions Trophy 5 players to watch out
06:48:46a Immigrant Latina lawmaker makes an impact in Oregon
06:48:50a Manchester attack Abedi bought most bomb parts 'himself'
06:49:16a Solar Power Lights Up Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan
06:49:26a Olivia Newton-John Is Putting Her Tour On Hold After Cancer Diagnosis
06:49:59a South Sea Islander community confronts paranormal
06:50:31a Tiny dog trialler wins hearts and top prize
06:50:50a CIA Celebrates Transgender Pride
06:51:22a Police remain tight-lipped over probe into missing Christchurch man Michael McGrath
06:51:29a US successfully tests ICBM defence system
06:52:16a Drunken passengers trigger Eurostar chaos
06:52:21a Teen charged with Mount Gambier murder released on home-detention bail
06:52:44a FOXNEWS to focus on website...
06:52:55a Shots fired as armed robbers enter Auckland bar, threaten customers and escape with cash
06:53:12a US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to meet PM Bill English next week
06:53:42a Indications Iran Doubling Down on Use of Proxy Forces
06:54:16a Australia's UN Youth Ambassador speaks to country kids in Moree
06:54:20a Tripura will not implement new cattle slaughter rules
06:54:35a FocusWriter 1.6.5
06:54:51a Mixed feelings expressed at town hall meeting about Optimae site home
06:55:13a Top tips as tax time looms
06:55:17a Scott Pelley reportedly out of 'CBS Evening News'
06:55:26a Hunter thanks police dispatcher who helped him to safety
06:55:40a Huge car bomb near embassies in Afghan capital, several killed
06:55:55a Australia called on to take lead role in fight against TB
06:56:19a It’s primetime at ... shares hit
06:56:54a LOL Kathy Griffin Apologizes After 'Seeing The Reaction' To Her Trump Beheading Video
06:57:31a Quicken Loan plans move to downtown Phoenix
06:57:55a Engineer harvests first vintage, sings praises of rural life
06:58:06a Safety front and center at Palouse Falls after death
06:58:22a Search for missing Butler Co. man continues more than year later
06:58:42a An army battles the Islamists...
06:59:09a 'Stick to facts' on refugees-terror link
06:59:29a 'He has destroyed my life' Auckland woman hounded by refugee
06:59:42a Woman allegedly drives drunk with toddler in car, hits light pole
07:00:00a Russia risk to elections police chief
07:00:29a Airport crash, fatality in northern NSW
07:00:36a Drone spying on naked Sydney woman prompts call for ban
07:01:10a The Coming Conservative Supreme Court
07:01:21a Teen from Manchester requests food donations over birthday presents
07:01:34a Former police chief charged with DUI
07:01:44a Orlando airport stand-off Man with fake gun arrested
07:01:51a SA Pathology announces job cuts
07:02:00a Seeing eye dog goes missing at Stone Mountain Park
07:02:09a Australia's UN youth ambassador travels to the bush to hear concerns of country kids
07:02:14a Massive law-enforcement response to man with fake gun at Orlando airport...
07:03:11a Watch NZH Local Focus Science a sore point in the BOP
07:03:48a Big stash found after Hastings burglary
07:04:10a 'Major fire' at West Auckland rubbish transfer station
07:04:21a Cooking the Books podcast How to save money on your power bill this winter
07:04:28a Yogi in Ayodhya, offers prayers at Ram temple
07:04:33a Donald Trump urges world leaders to call him on his cellphone
07:04:41a Solomons mission cost billion
07:05:11a New Home Loan Application Coming
07:05:25a Husband files for separation from former teacher Mary Kay Fualaau
07:05:36a UK police release 3 bomb suspects in Ariana Grande concert
07:05:45a Death toll rises in Philippine troops' assault on militants
07:06:00a Timor spy witness still denied passport
07:06:17a Crunching the numbers of Iran’s presidential election
07:06:21a European Ignorance of War
07:06:48a Woman convicted of defrauding Medicaid of more than
07:06:55a Australian diplomats 'in lockdown' after Kabul bomb blast that killed nine
07:07:09a Soccer coaches among 4 dead in California desert crash
07:07:38a Spokane woman warns of Lyme disease during tick season
07:08:17a Artist protests 'Fearless Girl' with a peeing dog statue
07:09:24a New Hope shares plunge on court ruling
07:09:54a Massive Car Bomb Explodes in Afghan Capital
07:09:58a Dialysis to be delivered on country in NT
07:10:14a WA to have cash for cans in 2019
07:10:32a Does your AC unit need a tune-up?
07:10:37a School board approves Gilbert Jr. High closure
07:11:13a Forget Butterfly Nets; Today's Naturalists Capture Specimens on Phones
07:11:22a Fingerspitzengefuhl What It Is and Why We Need It
07:11:30a Longtime tech-meetup leader leaves for new post
07:11:46a The flight path of the Rossair plane VH-XMJ before it disappeared.
07:12:32a Carriage horse breaks free, runs through rush hour traffic
07:12:44a 75th anniversary of Imperial Japan's deadly attack in Sydney Harbour
07:13:49a Public art social media debate
07:14:02a Aisyah`s trial being resumed at higher court
07:14:36a Charges still possible in fatal Coeur d'Alene boat crash
07:14:41a Are overworking older generations wrecking it for everyone?
07:15:12a Territory Government pushes for red centre crops
07:15:44a Poll Trump promises unfulfilled by House GOP health bill
07:16:27a Mother, Good Samaritan die trying to save girl from raging river in Utah
07:16:42a Scarborough Beach revamp pushing businesses to the brink
07:17:28a LEADING OFF Pujols at 599; Night moves for Tanaka
07:17:40a Makeover at base of Brooklyn Bridge will improve access and aesthetics
07:17:44a Worker sacked over Valium tampering and possible theft
07:17:57a Men probing Ivanka Trump brand in China arrested, missing
07:18:08a Witness in murder trial describes discovery of Baby Doe body
07:18:20a Newborn 'starts walking minutes after being born'...
07:18:47a Meteoroid strikes ASU lunar camera
07:19:07a Dockers look to change line-up after thrashing by Adelaide
07:20:07a Mandatory grain stocks disclosure plan divides Australian grain industry
07:20:20a Trump handing out his cellphone number to world leaders, officials say
07:20:28a Alyssa Brown putting lead on Shazza
07:20:32a Wine bin
07:20:35a Evil 8 accused faces WA court
07:21:19a U.S. Tests Missile Defense Amid North Korea Tensions
07:21:56a Column Woods may have stumbled onto his Kryptonite
07:22:49a The Coming of The Hatespeakers
07:23:32a Russia fires missiles at Islamic State targets from Mediterranean agencies
07:23:37a Sri Lanka mudslides Death toll exceeds 200
07:23:48a Elysium 2481 curator
07:24:19a Murder suspect found dead after stand-off with police
07:25:21a Krugman Trump Believes Exercise 'Depletes Finite Reserves Of Precious Bodily Fluids'
07:26:02a Afghan Capital Kabul Rocked by Powerful Car Bomb, Several People Dead
07:26:12a Frau Merkel and European Defense
07:27:14a SEBA Assam HSLC Results 2017 at 10 am on May 31 declared
07:27:37a Explosion in diplomatic area of Kabul kills 9, wounds dozens
07:28:25a Hours-long standoff at Altamont and Hartson ends peacefully
07:28:59a Coeur d'Alene Dollar Tree robbery suspect also sought in other cases
07:29:03a New mural honoring old hotel in downtown Phoenix debuts
07:31:30a Ukraine doctor pioneering 'three-parent' babies...
07:32:25a Laika the Dog & the First Animals in Space
07:32:58a Louisville pastors make plans for Bevin meeting
07:33:38a Brexit clash in Welsh election debate
07:33:50a Storms return to the region Thursday into Friday
07:34:26a Sandy Springs leaders voice traffic concerns to Georgia DOT
07:34:52a Regional schools paying more for electricity
07:35:06a Most French voters want two under-fire French ministers to quit poll
07:35:15a Sparks salvage one in Garden
07:36:15a Government expanding coverage of cash crop insurance
07:36:32a NATO and 'Paying Your Fair Share'
07:36:43a Brexit is pouring fuel on Paris property price fire
07:37:12a Alyssa Brown with Shazza
07:38:02a Australian girl on vacation killed in Baghdad car bomb blast
07:38:21a MLB Hunter Strickland, Bryce Harper appeal brawl suspensions
07:38:29a COMING FORWARD? Flynn to reportedly give docs to Senate panel
07:38:41a Parvathamma Rajkumar, wife of late actor Rajkumar dies at 77
07:39:26a SKorea military 'hid missile launchers from president'...
07:39:54a Saving your pool from going green
07:40:28a SA farmer's timely selfie with a tawny frogmouth
07:41:50a Chuck Yeager First Person to Break the Sound Barrier
07:43:07a The Latest Tsonga on brink of early French Open exit
07:43:18a Telegram 1.1.7
07:43:27a Wasted produce shocks residents
07:43:34a Bringing the community together
07:44:04a 'Evil 8' accused faces Perth court
07:45:01a What is #Covfefe? Twitter finds Trump's midnight typo hilarious
07:45:19a AMBER ALERT issued for 13-year-old Salem, MO girl
07:45:38a Davao City submits resolution for national ID card system
07:46:36a Dodgers move into first place after winning sloppy affair with Cardinals
07:47:41a Van, 4 semis involved in chain reaction crash on I-65
07:48:10a Bullying 'real issue' for young people playing online games
07:48:23a Baltimore Book Festival boots Rachel Do
07:48:34a Qld's CCC focus on Logan council election
07:51:01a NSW Liberals join Labor, Greens in fight against Gonski 2.0
07:51:47a Adani to pay every cent Palaszczuk
07:51:58a Fallen trees devastates community
07:52:03a China postpones portion of cybersecurity law
07:52:11a Faceless fish found off Australia...
07:55:14a Grande, Bieber to lead all-star show for Manchester victims
07:55:40a 'Items of interest' found at Leveson site
07:55:43a Hedges, Lamet help Padres hand Cubs 5th straight loss
07:56:17a Japan PM says he wants to work with China to resolve North Korea crisis
07:56:47a Activists investigating Ivanka Trump brands in China arrested, missing
07:57:05a Teacher under investigation for mishandling of PTO funds
07:57:13a Pippa and hubby fly to Sydney lunch
07:57:42a Huge bomb blast kills dozens, wounds hundreds in Afghan capital
07:58:50a Dirty double Dickerson hits bouncing pitch for extra bases
07:59:07a Smyrna police track mail theft ring, dozens of victims identified
07:59:14a Tekken 7 Review in Progress
07:59:49a President Trump's Late-Night 'Covfefe' Tweet Raises Questions
08:00:01a Which new FBS head coaches are most likely to succeed?
08:00:05a Charles de Gaulle and Donald J. Trump
08:00:09a 10 very German passions
08:00:35a Indonesian Islamist leader named suspect in porn case
08:00:52a South Sea Islander community at Joskeleigh, central Queensland, on moonlight walk
08:00:58a NZ business confidence rises in May
08:01:15a Residents mortified as Sunshine Coast Council chops, mulches trees in Urban Food Street
08:01:22a Silver Fern Farms confirms plant closure, 370 jobs lost
08:01:42a South Korean parliament approves Moon's pick for prime minister
08:02:36a Fewer foreign fighters to return home-ASIO
08:03:02a Israeli documents from days after war have familiar ring 50 years on
08:03:11a Luke Trotter
08:03:56a Palace welcomes plan to probe gov’t expenses on foreign trips
08:04:00a Tennis Rising star falls flat in Paris
08:04:45a More than 200 cannabis plants at WA home
08:05:08a 'Green' mutual funds bounce back after Trump-induced retreat
08:05:24a Trump tweets 'covfefe'. Twitter reacts in the best way possible
08:05:32a Berkeley pondering banning plastic straws...
08:05:42a G'MIC 2.0.0
08:07:23a Giant American iguanas invade Fiji
08:07:58a Warm and humid, spotty storms possible Wednesday
08:08:08a NSW childcare fraudster denied bail
08:08:13a Philippines says Islamists keep up week-long fight with prisoners, looted guns
08:08:21a How much more chaos can Brazil take?
08:10:52a Joskeleigh haunted road by day
08:11:17a Thousands Displaced as Powerful Cyclone Hits Bangladesh, Prompting Fears for Rohingya Refugees
08:11:29a Who made Adam Schiff chairman of the House Intelligence Committee?
08:11:38a At Least 40 People Killed or Wounded in Kabul Blast
08:11:54a Elijah trial jury may fly to WA Goldfields
08:12:09a Kabul car bombing 50 killed or wounded in blast, Afghan officials say
08:12:37a Father of man killed by deputy 'He didn't deserve this'
08:12:43a Impro-Visor 9.00
08:12:55a ISIS teenage fighters are 'shooting people dead'
08:14:06a Xenophobia will not solve Lebanons refugee crisis
08:14:35a property stoush ruling overturned
08:14:52a Elysium 2481
08:16:19a Activist probing factories making Ivanka Trump shoes in China arrested group
08:17:21a Residents send clear message
08:18:17a Rebuilding Mosul’s Library Book by Book
08:18:28a Tech Show Displays Ways VR, AI Edging into People’s Lives
08:19:46a New Hope's Acland expansion hits a hurdle
08:20:24a SA farmer Robin Schaefer's selfie with photogenic Tawny Frogmouth
08:20:29a Full text of Pacific's PACER Plus deal made public
08:20:37a What is 'covfefe'?
08:20:42a Mesa man dies after ATV accident in northern Arizona
08:20:48a 9 killed, dozens wounded in Afghanistan bombing
08:21:01a Emirates axes Auckland-Sydney superjumbo flight
08:21:06a US security chiefs to head to Australia
08:21:09a 'Rockingham rapper' Mark McGowan's Facebook stunt raises eyebrows
08:21:52a Rocket Internet sees start-ups on track for profitability
08:23:06a Unique Pacific surveillance model would benefit other oceans
08:23:26a Novartis warns of U.S. price pressure on Sandoz generics
08:26:01a Hamilton fatality Woman facing improvised firearm charge denied bail
08:26:27a Russia fires missiles at IS targets from Mediterranean
08:26:57a AFP Southern Luzon Command placed under red alert
08:28:07a Turkish paper's chief editor stabbed to death in family row
08:28:53a Mystery surrounds South Aust plane crash
08:29:21a AOC media director Tancred to be reprimanded but cleared of bullying
08:29:50a Alyssa in action
08:30:01a Elysium 2481 mural
08:30:10a Controversial drug treatment program gets green light
08:31:07a May a bad month for the share market
08:31:56a Dozens killed, injured as powerful car bombs explodes in Afghan capital
08:32:01a President Trump tweets 'Despite the constant negative press covfefe.' Twitter explodes
08:32:35a Jobs to go in SA Pathology
08:32:40a Little Girl Lost Episode 7 Release, Redemption and Review
08:33:13a More Than 200 Dead in Sri Lanka Floods, Mudslides
08:33:17a Shock and disappointment
08:33:55a Americans think GOP health care bill is going to cost them
08:34:00a PHOTOS Kohli with other captains at Champions Trophy opening dinner
08:34:36a Theresa May Could Lose Majority in UK Parliament
08:35:26a Huge Explosion in Kabul’s Diplomatic Area Kills at Least Nine People, Wounds Dozens More
08:36:00a Oklahoma to face Oregon in NCAA golf finals
08:36:23a Iowa's GOP senators cast doubt on health care law repeal
08:37:21a Homicide detectives name Melbourne wheelie bin body
08:37:41a India's boycott of OBOR an unusual display of spine
08:38:03a The Oust Trump Campaign  Transforming Lies into Truth
08:38:53a Sassy Trump Sings National Anthem on Memorial Day
08:39:14a Aust not ready for China slowdown Citi
08:40:14a Teacher who ran away with teen student to plead not guilty
08:41:44a Soldiers told to fall in line on smoke-free plan
08:42:03a Nest wants your home security camera to recognize you
08:42:08a Officer's trial judge to rule on Castile gun permit evidence
08:42:22a Scott Pelley out as 'CBS Evening News' anchor
08:42:47a Bulgaria Takes Bronze at European Homeless World Cup
08:43:31a China factories hum in shadow of debt risk, Moody's raises global outlook
08:43:42a The Latest Poland may accept refugees for medical care
08:43:46a Scott Pelley out as ‘CBS Evening News’ anchor
08:44:17a Morocco protests Thousands demand release of Nasser Zefzafi
08:44:22a Woman photographs 'organised ring' stocking up on baby formula at Australian supermarket
08:44:54a Family grateful for Marrero boy's return
08:45:09a Victims of dodgy construction launch class action
08:47:07a Acland mine expansion should be scrapped, court rules
08:47:36a Smoker numbers dropping in parts of the Pacific
08:47:41a AFP to confirm authenticity of abducted priest's video
08:48:16a Inland Revenue slaps failed builder with bill
08:49:13a Extra trains promised for Blue Mountains
08:50:14a to help business owners combat aggravated robbery
08:50:18a Independent panel set up for education reform
08:50:47a Yemen Faces ‘Total Collapse’ If We Don’t Act Now, the U.N. Warns
08:51:01a Family lashes out at health system for failings in case of teen's suicide
08:51:15a Winter has come for sunny Queensland
08:51:25a Schapelle Corby says 'hello' to the world
08:53:09a Uber fires star engineer, Anthony Levandowski, at the center of self-driving car battle
08:54:11a Sony Ships Its Last Ever PlayStation 3 In Japan
08:54:27a First Japanese to report Hiroshima atomic bomb dies at 86
08:55:59a 5 killed in Puerto Princesa landslide
08:56:18a Montenegrin PM, dozens more blacklisted by Russia
08:56:58a Cash replaced pastor's love of God court
08:57:12a Russian internet giant Yandex unveils its self-driving car
08:59:11a British rights activist sues Thai authorities
09:00:34a Mother and son in Louisiana booked on drug, weapons charges
09:00:52a 'Major fire' at Auckland recycling site put out
09:01:02a Council aims to change Tonga's mind over Games cancellation
09:01:23a U.S. sends arms to Kurdish forces fighting IS in Syria
09:01:59a Daughter of Park friend back in SKorea to face investigation
09:03:13a Death toll in Sri Lanka mudslides, floods climbs past 200
09:03:26a 5 Funny Tekken 7 Gear Sets
09:04:22a New Nest camera zooms in and recognizes faces
09:04:26a Schoolgirl farewelled after Baghdad blast
09:05:10a 10 things you should know about new cattle sale rules
09:06:24a Bones uncovered during search for Matthew Leveson
09:07:13a WA Labor's 'debt monster' campaign was short-lived.
09:07:35a Trump's cellphone diplomacy raises security concerns
09:07:51a UN chief urges action on climate change
09:08:23a Farmer's market vouchers available to Anderson Co. seniors
09:08:57a 2017 Trailblazer Jobi Starick
09:09:11a Timber processing plant expansion to create hundreds of jobs in NSW
09:09:51a New Horizons Exploring Pluto and Beyond
09:10:03a Secular Bahraini opposition group says court orders it dissolved
09:11:15a Singapore Airlines teams up with New Zealand craft brewer Garage Project
09:11:37a The Latest Afghan ministry says Kabul blast has killed 64
09:12:12a Priyanka in Berlin Baywatch babe and troll slayer
09:12:22a The Latest Afghan official Kabul attack death toll at 80
09:12:36a Stolen car explodes into fireball at Pooraka
09:12:57a David Tuesday night forecast
09:13:52a Barnett says NDIS was rushed
09:14:43a Deadly blast rocks Afghan capital
09:15:37a Three masked men hold up Pakuranga bar
09:15:43a Qld beach test finds traces of Adani coal
09:16:28a Palemia celebrates the life of Samoa's long serving leader
09:16:58a 'Lalu is finished in politics'
09:17:07a Russia fires cruise missiles, targets IS positions in Syria
09:17:17a Pentagon missile defense program scores a win
09:17:52a Cowardly one-punch hospital attack leaves surgeon fighting for life
09:18:08a Body found dumped in garbage bin identified
09:19:07a States offer breaks to minority marijuana entrepreneurs
09:19:24a Lorenzana Martial law is imperative to end violence in Mindanao
09:19:55a LEADING OFF Pujols takes aim at 600; Tanaka tough at night
09:20:04a Growing pot industry offers breaks to entice minorities
09:20:21a Tekken 7 Every Rage Art Ability
09:20:44a Facebook sorry for Tiananmen picture frame rejection
09:21:26a Eurozone inflation falls to lowest level this year
09:23:23a Military involvement in fight against terrorism is final
09:24:12a Yemen facing “total collapse” as fighting continues UN
09:24:25a Arrested, missing China activists spark criticism of Trump
09:24:39a How the humble bee became a symbol of strength for Manchester
09:24:51a Mississippi shooting suspect led a life marked by violence
09:25:07a The Latest Germany Some embassy staff hurt in Kabul attack
09:25:14a Claim Nauru Chief Justice plagiarised judgement
09:27:08a PNG prepares for another possible El Niño phase
09:30:18a All-round Deluxe PC May 2017 @ Hardware.Info
09:31:13a Glitches hit new SIM-card registration system in deep South
09:31:31a Thieves take BMW, Mercedes in St Peters home invasion
09:32:40a Tele Columbus and M7 extend pay TV cooperation
09:34:06a ADB approves funds to strengthen Tonga's economy
09:34:11a Fisherman rescued as boat goes down in gulf
09:34:16a Gigabyte Z270N Gaming 5 @ LanOC Reviews
09:35:59a Burkina Faso selects Eutelsat to speed DTT deployment
09:36:10a Marawi crisis 6 cops missing in standoff
09:37:44a 2017 Trailblazers Kristy McGregor and Elizabeth Tate
09:37:59a Ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher honors UK bomb victims at emotional Manchester gig
09:39:04a Fears lives at risk after 200 SA Pathology jobs cut
09:39:41a Supreme Court rules statutory rape does not automatically trigger deportation
09:39:47a Explosion rocks Formosa steel plant in Vietnam that caused toxic spill
09:40:45a Wandatrak helps find 77-year-old man twice in three days after he wanders off
09:40:53a NCD fighting vegetables growing well on Pacific atolls
09:41:33a Mad Minute stories from Tuesday, May 30th
09:41:45a Plan for mix of private, public housing in major Melbourne overhaul
09:41:52a Baby boomers struggling financially report
09:43:29a South Korean parliament approves Moon's pick for prime minister
09:44:00a Live State Of Origin I from Lang Park
09:44:17a Stockport memorial to the victims of the Manchester bombing
09:44:35a Body recovered of 19-year-old swimmer who drowned at High Rocks Park
09:45:44a Media ignored Trump's craft for clicks
09:45:57a Activist investigating Ivanka Trump shoe supplier is detained in China
09:46:17a 2017 Trailblazers Justice King and Jen Pettit
09:47:52a Police Man with fake gun tried 'suicide by cop' at airport
09:48:35a Covered-up chic Big brands are waking up to modest fashion
09:49:40a Nutritional value of ornamental Pacific plants a surprise
09:50:04a AZIO Armato Gaming Keyboard Review @
09:50:22a How families with 2 dads raise their kids
09:50:59a Tech giant NEC opens cyber-security centre in Adelaide
09:51:33a Morning news headlines Jeremy Corbyn to hammer Tories on schools and NHS
09:52:14a Things looking up for star-gazers
09:53:05a Jonathan Isolated storms possible with highs in the mid-80s
09:53:15a Per Capita Taxes Have More Than Doubled Since JFK
09:53:51a Venkatesh, Mohan Babu pay homage to Dasari Narayan Rao
09:54:21a How good is the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro?
09:54:53a Australian beef experts doubt India's ban on cattle slaughter will last
09:55:11a Asus Cerberus V2 @ techPowerUp
09:55:23a Alternative ways you can minimise your food waste
09:55:27a Entertainer Olivia Newton-John is battling cancer again
09:55:47a Melbourne police car rammed by ice user
09:55:59a New generation trucks threaten millions of jobs
09:56:43a Carnarvon navel orange
09:57:37a Device found near subway confirmed as active pipe bomb
09:58:38a Devastated family, friends pay tribute to Rossair crash victims
09:59:10a Corsair GLAIVE RGB USB Gaming Mouse Review @ Benchmark Reviews
09:59:22a UK mortgage approvals slide to seven-month low as housing market softens
10:00:12a Motorcycle chase lands 2 in hospital
10:01:02a King wants to know if ACA challenge makes insurance pricier
10:01:36a Rebel Wilson's mother takes stand to defend tearful daughter
10:01:40a Eurofins to use SmarDTV CAM for CI Plus 1.4 testing
10:01:56a LIVE Wigan Lane cordoned off as police search house
10:03:59a Vucic to assume presidency; rallies announced in Belgrade
10:06:01a Unions vow action over SA Pathology job cuts
10:06:48a The First 15 Minutes of Tekken 7
10:08:57a Dacic Slim chance of me becoming PM West doesn't like me
10:09:26a Reality Check What would be the impact of a four-day week?
10:09:57a Explosion Damages Bulgarian Embassy in Afghanistan
10:10:53a Radeon RX 570 vs. GeForce GTX 1060 3GB @ TechSpot
10:11:09a UN calls on world to remain united in face of climate change
10:11:39a Russia fires cruise missiles at Islamic State targets from Mediterra
10:11:44a Food inflation 'hits three-year high' on weak pound
10:12:05a Bombing in diplomatic area of Kabul kills 80, wounds scores
10:12:59a Body of missing Sheridan man recovered from Yamhill River
10:13:05a What if the Collusion Probe Finds Nothing?
10:13:14a Threats, intimidation and slander in social media debate over public art in Byron Bay
10:13:42a Traffic deaths increase as Memorial Day travel wraps up
10:14:48a Activist probing factories making Ivanka Trump shoes in China arrested group
10:16:06a Thieves target Melbourne jewellery store for third time
10:16:36a Sri Lanka floods Death toll crosses 200, over 6 lakh affected
10:17:08a Intel adopts e-SIM to support Microsoft's connected PC vision
10:17:15a New lions taking pride of place at Melbourne Zoo
10:17:21a Estonia’s robot graffiti artists
10:17:32a Daughter of S. Korea's 'Rasputin' returns to face questioning
10:18:54a Mom of Kzoo shooting victim organizes tournament in his honor
10:19:11a Trump’s #covfefe tweet broke Merriam Webster after months of trolling his spelling and typos
10:20:24a Iowa's GOP senators doubt health care law to be repealed
10:21:38a US spelling bee features youngest competitor, new tie breaker
10:21:43a Perth cafe chain owner hit with penalties
10:22:53a India and Spain strengthen bilateral ties, sign seven agreements
10:23:31a Birkin bag sells for record at Hong Kong auction
10:23:35a Spain and India PMs meet to boost economic, security ties
10:23:42a Japanese attack on Sydney harbour remembered 75 years on
10:24:11a Food truck industry growing in Albany
10:24:49a Air crash investigators sift through remains of doomed Rossair plane
10:25:21a Police sustain probe into Serenio murders
10:26:25a Sabine Spindler
10:27:06a From the Archives Big Surf at Redondo Beach
10:28:46a Mystery Donald Trump tweet sparks social media ridicule
10:29:18a Bitcoin's 'SegWit2x' Scaling Proposal Where the Startups Stand
10:32:16a Limestone College Lacrosse team wins 5th national championship
10:32:21a Huge car bomb near German embassy in Kabul, scores killed
10:33:27a Kabul car bomb kills 80, wounds 350
10:33:45a AMD EPYC Launch Date Revealed @ techPowerUp
10:34:02a GSP trooper gives behind the scenes look at Memorial Day patrol
10:34:29a Samsung integrates Celeno Wi-Fi in DOCSIS gateway and 4K STB
10:35:34a Human remains found in search for Matthew Leveson
10:36:17a Move in to your new home soon
10:36:39a Why your pee stinks
10:36:47a Wind resources make up 22 percent of Xcel's power mix
10:38:25a Ange nabs highly rated Hrustic by naming him in Socc
10:41:09a Hey Bixby...Where Are You?
10:41:59a Coptic Christians' rejected asylum claims to be reviewed after IS attacks
10:42:49a Space junk
10:44:45a Police 'doing it tough' after Brett Forte's death
10:45:02a Kathy Griffin ‘I went way too far’
10:46:21a TAT, Online Tourism Club take aim at low-quality tour packages 
10:46:40a MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro review @ Hexus
10:47:06a Survey shows 40 per cent of Thai IT personnel interested in Big Data
10:47:21a Trump Tweets At Midnight 'Covfefe,' Everyone!
10:47:30a Congressman Mark Sanford reflects on challenges lawmakers face
10:47:51a Manipur Three held for possessing 2,780 rounds of ammunition
10:48:46a Internet loses it overnight after Trump’s bizarre #covfefe typo
10:49:13a Mozilla execs clash over whether Firefox has a future
10:49:17a Firearm, cellphone stolen from personal vehicle of Marion Co. deputy
10:49:31a Wissanu to seek media opinion after receiving all versions of regulation draft bill
10:50:15a South Sudan ethnic violence hits new high as civilians flee
10:52:31a ‘Food Solution’ provides restaurant management system
10:52:53a DNA CONNECTION? Cops Spit on sidewalk ties man to 2 LA killings
10:54:16a LAPD searching for missing teen; family is 'concerned' about her welfare
10:55:49a Acworth sailor killed in motorcycle crash in Japan to return home Tuesday
10:57:00a Best bacon brand is?
10:57:28a Vermont selected for national health care partnership
10:58:20a The Aussie Esports Highlights of the Week
10:58:25a NBC's Megyn Kelly newsmagazine features Putin in debut
10:59:58a Officials Nordic leaders photo wasn't meant to troll Trump
11:00:19a What's driving you crazy why are patchy bumps on Route 60 in Henrico?
11:01:16a Indian navy plucks 27 cyclone survivors from sea officials
11:01:23a The world asks what ‘covfefe’ is — but only Donald Trump knows
11:01:31a Returning expats could hit UK healthcare after Brexit study
11:02:51a Russia fires cruise missiles at IS targets in Syria
11:03:13a BBC says driver killed, four journalists injured in Kabul attack
11:03:52a Singapore elderly home wins National Health IT Excellence Award 
11:04:28a Bikes should stay off city sidewalks
11:04:40a At least 80 killed, 350 wounded after car bomb goes off in Kabul
11:05:05a Man dies after leaving food cooking
11:05:30a British PM May could lose majority in June 8 election YouGov projection
11:06:02a Japan's Kashima Antlers fire coach who riled Ronaldo
11:06:06a Hunt continues for three fugitives while woman, 21, denies dismembering 22-year-old in Khon Kaen
11:07:08a How soldiers can save big
11:07:29a Four councillors resign from troubled Exmouth Shire in the Pilbara
11:08:04a 9-year-old girl dies after fall in creek in Montana
11:08:27a Maori Party calls for Royal Commission of Inquiry into children in state care
11:08:56a Deputies Resident assaulted in Kzoo Co. home invasion
11:09:34a Police Man with fake gun tried 'suicide by cop' at Orlando airport
11:09:45a The Latest 2 Japanese slightly injured at embassy in Kabul
11:09:49a The beauty of walking
11:09:54a Australia's first war on foreign soil recognised 120 years on
11:11:53a Deutsche Telekom CEO says U.S. M&A regulations look good under Trump
11:12:24a New Hampshire man due for sentencing in Nevada standoff case
11:12:40a Indian navy plucks 33 cyclone survivors, body, from sea officials
11:12:52a Undercover activist detained at Ivanka Trump shoe supplier
11:12:59a Manchester attacker bought most bomb parts himself police
11:13:21a Massive Kabul truck bomb kills 64 — wounds hundreds
11:13:53a Netanyahu We must retain full military control of West Bank
11:13:58a Trump maps new course with allies and autocrats in
11:14:21a Megyn Kelly touts track record ahead of NBC debut
11:14:35a Quincy school district promoting STEM camp for summer
11:15:51a Table tennis China replaces 'ping-pong prince' after gambling report
11:15:56a Outrage as Emirates tells cabin crew to remove Taiwan flag pins
11:16:00a Poll Fewer in MI give Trump positive job rating
11:16:05a White House may tacitly recognize Jerusalem as capital in Knesset-Congress event
11:16:43a Warburton unfazed by Lions rugby schedule
11:18:51a Pentagon to Pyongyang About your ICBMs ….
11:21:56a Phil Goff's 'bed tax' coming down to the wire
11:22:05a Media CEOs demand complete reform package
11:22:27a PIX Soha-Kunal's babymoon in London!
11:22:38a Fraudsters 'use tricks of speech' in cons
11:23:20a 5 myths about digital transformation
11:23:42a Philippines vows to save hostages as fight corners militants
11:24:09a Boy runs from unknown adult in Browns Bay, Auckland, offering a lift
11:24:13a Norwegian Air adds Rome to growing list of long-haul, low-cost destinations
11:24:17a  AIS join forces with FoodStory, FlowAccount
11:24:27a Exercise for lean, strong legs
11:24:57a ‘Friends of Unicef’ join fight to reduce inequities among children
11:25:13a Intel Introduces Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X and X299 Platform @ Legit Reviews
11:25:59a Matthew Leveson's disappearance Key dates
11:26:34a Myrtle rust putting pōhutukawa at dire risk
11:26:54a HGTV stars address feud
11:27:00a Pakuranga bar staff traumatised after shots fired, customers threatened in armed hold-up
11:27:11a Fish farm waste tarps 'a fig leaf on faecal mounds', environmentalist says
11:27:34a Men reportedly apologize to victim after armed robbery
11:28:32a NT teenager fled 15 foster care homes
11:29:12a NBC Won't Move 'This Is Us' to Thursday Nights
11:29:32a 'The Temple Mount Is in Our Hands!' Hope Reborn for the Third Temple
11:31:52a Lazada safeguards services against hacker attacks
11:32:00a Pollution team monitors Auckland fire aftermath
11:32:54a Widdop looking likely for Dragons return
11:32:59a Helping reduce impact of false emergency calls is a Breeze, Avaya says
11:33:08a Irishman jailed for importing coke into WA
11:33:28a ‘Prairie’ star talks abuse
11:33:32a NIMH Maximum Temperatures Will be 26°-31°, in Sofia Around 27°
11:34:28a Czech Republic enforces smoking ban after years of debate
11:35:31a No Australian protest over Ahok jailing
11:35:38a 'He's everyone's hero' Slain officer Brett Forte remembered by proud family
11:36:41a Barry Co. deputies 1 killed, 1 injured in crash involving deer
11:36:49a Deadly Kabul blast was 'like a heavy earthquake'
11:37:05a Putin certain Assad not using gas in war
11:37:54a Japanese subs attacked in Sydney Harbour in 1942
11:39:15a Fears serial predator targeting children in Sydney's inner west
11:39:31a ADB promotes harmonised food safety, market access for GMS
11:39:46a Petar Haralampiev to Run State Agency for Bulgarians Аbroad
11:39:54a 7th-graders design outdoor learning space
11:40:31a Americans think heath costs will rise with GOP bill
11:40:51a What's on at the Comedy Store in Manchester?
11:40:58a Gulf Arab row rattles Trump's anti-Iran axis
11:41:30a Macedonia's New PM Vows to Pursue Economic Reform, EU & NATO Membership
11:41:40a Push to reopen 4WD tracks sparks fears for Aboriginal heritage sites
11:41:58a Case against PAD leaders dismissed
11:42:06a Origin for PC
11:42:24a Mystics back on track in beating Pulse
11:42:52a Ben Sasse, asked what the GOP stands for “I don’t know”
11:43:22a Ivy League admission, as easy as pizza pie
11:43:40a BBC to stream election debate via Twitter for first time
11:44:02a Jeetendra 'Dasari was on a different level'
11:44:06a Vic surgeon identified as one punch victim
11:44:23a Logitech MX Master Review @ OCInside
11:44:31a Activist investigating Ivanka supplier detained in China
11:45:00a 'Rapper' McGowan video is strange Oppn
11:45:36a Uber and Lyft return to Austin after Texas law kills the city
11:46:41a Meet Nobuyuki Tsujii, the blind concert pianist who learns by ear
11:47:05a HK-based edtech start-up raises funds for expansion into SE Asia
11:47:15a for rangatahi to get driver licences and ID
11:47:25a Deadline for budget action looms over Illinois Legislature
11:47:30a Blocked By Russian Media, Opposition Takes To YouTube
11:47:47a Huge bomb in sewage tanker kills at least 80, wounds hundreds in Afghan capital
11:47:58a Woman dies of possible hypothermia while heading to cross border into Canada
11:48:08a Developers announce senior living complex at BullStreet
11:48:19a IT security firm launches ‘advanced’ solution to tackle phishing
11:48:50a Merchandise exports, tourism helped drive economy in April, BOT reports
11:48:56a Portland stabbings Suspect bragged about attack in patrol car, police say
11:49:24a New law allows police to remove abusers from home
11:50:00a China's big Airbnb rival is taking the battle overseas
11:50:04a Swiss File Knife 1.8.6
11:50:40a 'THE STORY' Trump's digital guru denies Russia aided campaign
11:50:53a EU watchdog issues licensing guide for Brexit rush of financial firms
11:51:08a ‘Sorry,’ Says Comedian, After ‘Seeing Reaction’ to Trump Beheading
11:51:44a Greenville high school seniors graduate this week
11:52:10a NZ politicians support West Papua self-determination vote
11:52:36a Buzz Aldrin to a
11:53:04a Paducah man facing numerous charges after traffic stop in McCracken Co., Ky
11:53:18a Premarket 5 things to know before the bell
11:53:58a Going postal, IT style
11:54:39a S&P ratings boss says Australia's in trouble
11:54:58a Philippines' Duterte slams Clinton over rape criticism
11:55:06a Look before you leap
11:55:35a Congress candidate's ad spoofs 'House of Cards'
11:55:55a Stosur into French Open third round
11:56:17a David Platt FINALLY kisses Shona on Coronation Street
11:56:31a FTSE inch back towards record as poll jitters hit sterling
11:57:14a Greece needs debt relief deal in June, ECB's Coeure says
11:57:39a Suspect pulls out taser in robbery outside Henrico Sheetz
11:57:56a Study New Mexico, Georgia had nation's highest jail rates
11:58:03a Social media rushes to define Trump's 'covfefe' tweet
11:58:09a Why you must head to Assam this June
11:58:22a Isinbayeva quits as Russian anti-doping board chief
11:58:48a Theppadungporn Coconut showcases 200 products at THAIFEX
11:59:00a RugbyU Clermont sign Australian Betham from Leicester
12:00:09p Chinese Labor Activists Go Missing
12:00:46p Kenya opens Nairobi-Mombasa Madaraka Express railway
12:00:50p Bollywood star dresses down critics over meet with PM
12:00:55p Restore Point Creator 6.2 Build 14 Beta 5 / 6.2 Build 2
12:01:13p McAfee Stinger
12:02:41p U.S. Air Force Seeks Billion Increase for Space Programs
12:03:01p Oil falls on potential undermining of OPEC-led deal
12:03:17p Gulf Arab row rattles Trump's anti-Iran axis
12:03:30p SLED investigating shooting involving officer in Newberry
12:03:56p Another luxury car stolen from Britain recovered as 1,000 vehicles implicated
12:04:33p Tax issues close Eagle Pointe Golf Resort
12:04:48p Inmate charged with spitting on, threatening officers
12:05:44p Review Outlook Groups is now a pain on all platforms
12:06:45p Man shot to death in south Shreveport
12:07:10p explores seamless e-commerce at Dubai expo
12:07:26p Florida officials confirm seven cases of 'dog flu'
12:07:34p U.S. spelling bee features youngest competitor, new tie breaker
12:07:41p ‘Covfefe’ Trump’s Unfinished, Misspelled Tweet Is an Internet Sensation
12:08:02p BGT final moved to avoid clash with Ariana Grande gig
12:10:09p Why dealers are spooked about GST roll-out
12:10:33p 'Risks more favourable’, Moody’s upbeat on global growth
12:11:29p Watch NZH Local Focus Sewage in Gisborne's rivers still causing a stink
12:11:40p Yale prof Trump’s ‘mental impairment’ a ‘state of emergency’
12:11:55p 176,920 internally displaced persons in Marawi conflict
12:12:24p Two arrested while allegedly smuggling drugs in Bueng Kan
12:12:57p Great Walks charge will pay for native bird protection, Govt says after damning report
12:14:09p Tech trends that will be Dominating the Industries
12:14:27p May 31 celebrity birthdays
12:14:39p Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet takes the internet by storm
12:15:37p Revised Hobart hospital protocols 'imminent', but critics warn patients still at risk
12:16:18p Emsisoft Decrypter for Amnesia Amnesia2 /
12:17:01p Surprised By A Credit Score Drop?
12:17:42p N. Korea prepared for new ICBM test state media
12:17:46p Ex-Gosford MP Smith loses cancer battle
12:17:51p More troops, equipment sent to Marawi City
12:18:11p GameEx 14.80
12:18:16p 'Drug pusher' who escaped hospital nabbed in Barili
12:18:22p National Democratic Party fails to be bold in Montana's special election
12:19:13p Indonesian embassy safe following bomb explosion in Kabul
12:19:25p Parts of I-77 to be closed in upcoming days
12:19:39p US husband splits from wife who raped him as boy
12:19:46p Are India, Australia favourites for Champions Trophy? Tell us!
12:21:41p Refugees face 'acute crisis' in cyclone-hit Bangladesh
12:22:03p CCleaner Slim 5.30.6065
12:22:41p Japanese experts to study monitoring of Candaba river
12:22:59p Families demand India probe into Goa tourist 'murders'
12:23:22p Zamboanga City supports impounding dam project
12:24:10p 10pc of welfare users expected to test positive for drugs
12:24:44p Far Manager 3.0 Build 4972 Beta / 3.0 Build 4949
12:25:07p Gunman shoots businessman in Zamboanga Sibugay
12:25:35p US successfully tests ICBM intercepts
12:25:58p Why Jaitley's next Budget won't be just a pre-election exercise
12:26:13p Man arrested in shooting death at South Carolina park
12:27:03p KY woman charged with DUI after crash in McCracken Co., KY
12:27:55p Reset Data Usage 1.2
12:28:17p The Latest Trump assails Kathy Griffin for harsh video
12:29:05p Truck driver arrested over hit-and-run accident that killed woman
12:30:18p Martial Arts for Women Century-Old Book Details Moves
12:30:36p Trump cryptic tweet 'covfefe' trends on Twitter
12:30:45p Quiz Test yourself on your local knowledge
12:30:48p CA slams ACA over Katich's BBL claims
12:30:54p Muslim community most at threat from terrorists, Brandis says
12:31:01p PDRC return not challenge for leadership, says MP 
12:31:46p Ex-Zeeland East coach under investigation for conduct with player
12:32:53p Mortgage approvals at seven-month low
12:32:57p Trump says comic should be ashamed for severed head video
12:33:02p Fermented drinks tonics
12:33:35p Ireland set to sell 25% of Allied Irish Banks
12:34:02p A Gamer's Guide to Tokyo
12:34:14p Police investigate a violent machete attack outside a Stockport bar
12:34:25p Manchester attacker bought most bomb parts himself, police say
12:34:30p Melbourne girl killed in Baghdad bomb blast
12:34:34p Android software creator unveils 'Essential' phone
12:35:37p Euro zone inflation slows by more than expected in May
12:36:24p Yemen conflict Cholera outbreak 'kills 500'
12:36:43p India forges greater links with Pacific
12:37:03p Bird flu outbreak in Shaanxi province kills 20,000 chickens
12:37:20p Court Trial on Burgas Assault Still in Deadlock
12:37:26p NOAA predicts more active than usual Atlantic hurricane season
12:38:16p Trump blasts Russia probe, urges testimony from former adviser Page
12:38:38p SMPlayer 64-Bit 17.6.0
12:39:08p Florida dive boat captain bitten on hand by 'sea creature'
12:39:13p SpaceX Rocket Test Accidentally Sparks Small Wildfire
12:39:35p Sri Lanka tightens building laws as monsoon rain toll tops 200
12:39:52p SE Asia Stocks-Singapore marks 5th straight winning month, Indonesia ends higher
12:40:03p Venus Williams opens play at French Open on Day 4
12:41:10p Piggin' in the Park returns to Woodruff
12:41:27p Curbing free expression is the wrong response to the killings in Portland
12:41:31p Duterte may suspend writ of habeas corpus in Visayas
12:41:46p Policyholders won't be out of pocket NSW
12:41:59p 'Cash for hacking tools' sparks debate
12:42:08p Apple Music to release 'Carpool Karaoke' on August 8
12:42:15p SMPlayer 32-Bit 17.6.0
12:42:53p Revised Hobart hospital protocols 'imminent', but critics warn patients still at risk
12:43:19p Students protest in Bihar over poor grading in class XII exam results
12:43:24p Migration scam targets Indian Australians
12:43:35p Man charged with murder after Vic brawl
12:43:40p Liam Gallagher 'Normal business has resumed'
12:44:03p CDBurnerXP Portable Beta /
12:44:41p Mayor wants contaminated smelting plant shut down
12:45:14p CoreOS Fleet Fades Away in Favor of Kubernetes and Tectonic
12:45:25p Mayhem after huge, 'heinous' bomb rocks Kabul, killing 80
12:45:40p Dr. Web CureIT May 31, 2017
12:45:46p Sam Stosur reaches French Open third round
12:45:50p Two brands of nuts recalled over listeria concerns
12:45:54p Essential Politics He’s back and he’s tweeting
12:46:00p Former contestant on 'The Bachelorette' dead at 31
12:46:04p Sonam glams up Vogue's anniversary cover
12:46:57p Mostly sunny and hot today; better chance of showers Thursday
12:47:17p How firms can recruit top talent In 60 seconds
12:47:37p Photos 1914 Martial Arts Book for Women in Japan
12:47:41p Another 2 Abu Sayyaf bandits arrested in Zamboanga City
12:47:51p Billionaire Robert Bigelow ‘Absolutely Convinced’ Aliens Are Currently Living on Earth
12:47:57p Kabul Bombing a Tragic Reminder of the Deteriorating Security Situation in Afghanistan
12:48:02p Trump pulling U.S. out of Paris climate deal Axios
12:48:21p Detox facility sees increased security after patients escape
12:48:25p COLUMN-Buoyant euro comes onto ECB's radar McGeever
12:48:38p Global funds raise euro zone equities, cut UK assets Reuters poll
12:49:10p Trump 'poised to quit Paris climate deal'
12:49:20p Flight to Iceland diverts to Boston with Philly mayor aboard
12:49:38p Driver Magician Lite 4.65.0
12:49:44p Make cow the national animal Rajasthan HC recommends to Centre
12:49:50p State of Origin I by the clock
12:50:17p President Trump Is Very Pleased With the Positive Press ‘Covfefe’ of His Late-Night Meme
12:51:17p Disney employee accused of using Halloween prop to impersonate FBI agent report
12:51:44p Free college bill passes bicam
12:52:33p NBC’s Megyn Kelly newsmagazine features Putin in debut
12:53:35p 89 gunmen killed in Philippine urban battle military
12:53:45p K-Lite Codec Pack Update 13.2.1 Build 2017-05-30
12:54:01p Ayutthaya opens flood-monitoring centre
12:54:06p PDRC ex-secretary hails PM for pushing reforms
12:54:32p Man arrested after allegedly driving with toddler on motorcycle
12:54:54p EU proposes ways to shore up the euro over coming decade
12:54:58p Shopping strip targeted two nights after off-duty cop bashing
12:55:04p 21-year-old South Carolina woman charged in stabbing
12:55:19p UK discount food retailers' growth accelerates as prices rise
12:55:41p 5 of the Best Image Editing Software For Linux
12:56:44p NSW pastor says he put money over God
12:57:41p Ireland's A
12:58:27p Asian Buffet shut down by health inspector for third time
12:58:31p UPDATE 1-Ireland's AIB sees 'very significant' investor IPO appetite
12:59:05p Macedonian PM-designate presents his program
12:59:27p Candaba schools get e-learning system
01:00:14p Gov't think tank PH telco regulatory environment weak
01:00:53p Woman gets settlement after being dragged by deputy
01:01:16p Boy faces arson charge in fire at abandoned Illinois prison
01:01:23p Durian orchard owner in Chumphon hangs himself
01:01:46p Watch NASA’s Announcement About the First Mission to Touch the Sun
01:01:56p Cancer meeting to provide clues on future immunotherapy combos
01:02:11p CDBurnerXP Beta /
01:02:41p Serbia and UN ink Development Partnership Framework
01:02:49p Sugar workers reestablish group amid martial law in Mindanao
01:02:55p Trump pulling U.S. out of Paris climate deal Axios report
01:03:17p Donald Trump has decided to pull US out of Paris climate deal- Report
01:03:29p UK funds bullish on eurozone equities as political risk recedes Reuters poll
01:04:33p Bernie Sanders’ Powerful Graduation Speech Calls for National Transformation
01:04:54p Chromium 61.0.3117
01:05:31p Princess Margaret Hospital defends surgery wait times
01:06:36p Today President Trump, Who You Gonna Call?
01:06:41p Man facing child porn, bestiality charges in Shelby County
01:06:54p U.K. election jitters; Exxon climate vote; Futures flat
01:07:06p Russia's Central Bank is Writing a New Bitcoin Law
01:07:12p Trump typo 'Covfefe' tweet mocked on internet
01:07:39p Foreign aid arrives as Sri Lanka flood toll exceeds 200
01:08:56p Greenville police ask for help identifying card fraud suspect
01:09:03p Woman gets 30,000 settlement after being dragged by deputy
01:09:07p Artist installs urinat
01:09:30p Congo reports outbreaks of severe bird flu in Ituri OIE
01:09:34p Trump cryptic tweet 'covfefe' trending on Twitter
01:12:01p Photos A 400-Year-Old War Grave Revealed
01:12:11p Woman posing as lawyer, late senator's sister arrested
01:12:23p How is a major concert organised at short notice?
01:14:48p Exportizer
01:14:52p The Latest Mattek-Sands ends Kvitova's comeback in Paris
01:15:00p Perth's western suburbs a skin cancer hotspot
01:15:36p Jeremy Corbyn to take part in seven-way TV debate
01:15:48p Parents panic over man wielding dart gun
01:15:56p Size 12 student criticises H&M after struggling to fit into size 16 dress
01:16:01p Macron's political clean-up troubled by 2 ministers' actions
01:16:22p Kathy Griffin apologizes for Trump video ‘I went too far’
01:17:40p Lufthansa Group seeks to expand presence in Armenia
01:17:49p Duterte mourns death of soldiers in Marawi fighting
01:19:08p Scarlett Johansson in “Rough Night” star-studded comedy trailer
01:19:23p Philippine leader slams Chelsea Clinton over rape criticism
01:19:29p Armed man shot and wounded by South Carolina police
01:19:47p Corvallis Police Dept. converting shotguns to fire less lethal ammunition
01:19:52p Reading to dogs may encourage kids to pick up books Research
01:20:04p Man dies after shooting at South Carolina motel
01:20:11p Senator hails passage of free college tuition bill
01:20:27p Draft Order in Bulgaria to Create 4 Zones of Movement for Refugees
01:20:31p The Lion King returns to the stage in Greenville
01:20:35p 3 centenarian sisters honored at Ohio high school graduation
01:21:34p USAA Renews 'Hannity' Ads Due to Backlash From Military Community
01:21:50p Police chief named advisor on addiction, behavioral health
01:22:08p Rhodri Morgan funeral held at the Senedd, Cardiff
01:22:58p South Carolina shooting leaves a man dead
01:23:12p AIADMK under strain over EPS move on Jaya properties
01:23:43p Internet Explodes Over Trump's 'Covfefe' Tweet
01:24:10p Blame game for cyber attacks grows murkier as spying, crime tools mix
01:24:35p The 5 Virtual Reality Experiences to Try on Your Phone
01:24:56p Euro zone may need treasury, minister, budget, bonds-EU Commission
01:25:07p Merriam-Webster Couldn’t Even Deal With President Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Tweet
01:25:12p SC urged to designate special courts to try Maute cases
01:25:54p Sperm whale washes up on Phuket’s Surin beach
01:26:23p Missing Salem, MO teen found safe
01:27:12p President Trump Kathy Griffin ‘Should Be Ashamed of Herself’ For Severed Head Photo
01:28:10p Gulf Arab dispute rattles Trump's anti-Iran axis
01:28:16p Barclays shares rise on report of Africa stake sale
01:28:43p Is AMU not providing food for students not fasting in Ramzan?
01:28:48p Elderly man dies in Kingsley shed fire
01:28:59p UPDATE 1-EU watchdog issues licensing guide for Brexit rush of financial firms
01:29:07p Michael Kors gives weak forecast, to shut some stores
01:29:25p New president arrives at Presidency building
01:29:42p Greece Mourners pay respects to late PM Mitsotakis
01:29:50p Pampanga levels up for Seal of Good Local Governance 2017
01:30:13p Brutal Blues thrash Maroons in Origin opener
01:30:23p Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha on losing her hair
01:30:58p 5 Kenyan police officers killed in bombing, report says
01:31:14p YouGov sets out methodology for British election model
01:31:23p The Latest Turkey to evacuate some embassy staff from Kabul
01:31:29p Mass Grave from Thirty Years' War Battle Reveals Soldiers' Fatal Wounds
01:32:18p Sewage tanker bomb kills at least 80, wounds hundreds in Afghan capital
01:32:29p Malaysia's RHB, AmBank to begin merger talks sources
01:32:42p Iran cancels project for sending human into space
01:32:59p Kerala HC refuses to quash Centre's notification on cattle sale
01:33:09p Inmate scheduled to be released next year is fatally stabbed
01:33:26p Civilians seek food, water as Philippines siege continues
01:33:40p Disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson jailed for 15 years
01:34:49p Donald Trump 'pulling US out of Paris climate deal' reports
01:35:28p Maggie Gyllenhaal to topline “The Kindergarten Teacher” indie drama
01:35:50p Police search for driver after deadly overnight hit-and-run in KCMO
01:36:17p White House official Trump plans to pull US from Paris deal
01:36:57p ‘Covfefe’ Is Trending on Twitter After Trump’s Confounding Midnight Tweet
01:37:05p Correction South Africa-Lion Whisperer story
01:37:17p No budget deal yet as Illinois nears end of legislative session
01:37:40p 'Mentally ill' woman, dragged by shackles, gets massive settlement
01:37:51p German court denies mother access to dead daughter's FB data
01:38:27p Police Man arrested outside DC Trump hotel with 2 guns
01:38:32p Pennsylvania man arrested after calling 911 for conversation
01:38:37p Prince Charles meets local producers in Transylvania visit
01:39:05p How Not to Balance the Budget on the Backs of the Poor
01:39:26p Missing 13-year-old Salem, MO girl found safe
01:39:32p Death Toll from the Philippine Government’s Assault to Retake Marawi From ISIS-Linked Militants Rises
01:39:36p Trader urges LGUs to prepare for Clark airport’s full operation
01:41:58p Arsenal hands Wenger new contract after review of struggles
01:43:11p Poland's former health minister questioned in 2010 crash
01:43:16p Deutsche Bank gets Polish bank sale underway sources
01:43:29p Alt-right suspect 'bragged in patrol car' after stabbing
01:43:43p Disney employee accused of impersonating FBI agent
01:44:34p Aldi and Lidl sales soar as prices rise
01:44:51p Three Turkish soldiers killed fighting Kurdish militants in southeast security sources
01:44:55p You Asked Is Intense Exercise Better For Your Health?
01:45:26p “Annabelle Creation” horror plot, character details revealed
01:45:55p Russia Fires Cruise Missiles at Islamic State in Syria
01:46:06p “Godzilla vs. Kong” taps “Blair Witch” hemer Adam Wingard
01:46:34p 'Texas Antifa' Demands Removal of Sam Houston Statue
01:47:09p India offers homemade road map to Apple
01:47:36p Chase that cheese English soldier rolls away with top prize again
01:47:52p RPT-'Green' mutual funds bounce back after Trump-induced retreat
01:48:15p As investors book profits, Sensex slips from life high
01:48:39p Teen Titans Go! Packs Coming to LEGO Dimensions
01:48:45p Conservatives' lead over Labour seen narrowing Panelbase
01:48:55p War on black money is only half-won
01:50:41p Explosion in diplomatic area of Kabul kills 80, wounds as many as 350
01:51:25p Syrian rebels say Russian jets halt advance on desert outpost
01:51:36p VIDEO Italian Journalist Attacked While Documenting Migrant Camp
01:51:44p Dunkin' Donuts sends cease-and-desist to local coffee shop
01:51:59p As deadline looms, PPG denied extra time for AkzoNobel bid
01:52:34p Tokenized Dollars Singapore's Central Bank Details New Blockchain Trial
01:53:14p The Latest Strong, swift UN reaction to Trump on climate
01:53:28p Monte Sano Blvd to close for emergency service line work
01:53:37p Anti-Trump Hate Map Documents Attacks On Trump Supporters Across The U.S.
01:54:18p Hat brand Kangol struggles after returning plant jobs to US
01:54:26p Can a Senior Have the Arteries of a 20-Year-Old?
01:55:25p Hamerton Zoo tiger death Police are now investigating
01:56:42p Climate change among issues to be debated at Exxon meeting
01:56:47p Attorney general 'Mafia' threat cost woman life savings
01:57:32p Australian coroner finds 2 Filipino seamen were killed
01:57:46p 1 in 4 nursing home residents has antibiotic-resistant bacteria
01:58:56p BA says IT collapse came after servers damaged by power problem
01:59:24p Connecticut man charged with rent theft
01:59:54p Vikas Shah made honorary professor at Alliance Manchester Business School
02:00:40p Can You Change Your Gut Bacteria?
02:00:44p Evergrande's Share-Price Rise Looks Shaky
02:00:59p Cyclone Mora Infrastructure damaged, landslides triggered in Mizoram
02:01:05p Several crashes slow traffic in metro Atlanta
02:01:51p Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman's power in costume
02:02:45p Trump pulling U.S. out of Paris climate deal source
02:03:11p Waze will roll out its carpool app across California
02:03:39p Shareholders urge rejection of Mylan directors, compensation
02:04:02p How to become a real detective
02:04:46p The Latest '17 champ Muguruza into 3rd set at French Open
02:04:51p Seventieth World Health Assembly update, 30 May 2017
02:05:20p Google Doodle Honors Visionary Architect Zaha Hadid
02:05:58p Supreme VC claim Asian Women’s Club crown and secure 2018 World Club berth
02:06:03p Wall Street looks set to open higher
02:06:16p Former teacher pleads not guilty to conduct charge
02:06:20p Live Blues hammer Maroons in State Of Origin I
02:07:00p Sharing platforms like Uber need regulation, says Dutch institute
02:07:22p Google expands paid carpooling across California
02:07:38p Philippines' Duterte uses Lewinsky affair to hit back at critical Clinton
02:07:56p Russia and Ukraine's 'Twiplomatic' spat
02:08:05p Canada says Boeing is trusted partner despite Bombardier dispute
02:08:39p Let’s Commemorate Victims of Islamic State Attacks in Both Baghdad and Manchester
02:08:46p Plight of Activists Detained at Chinese Factory Making Ivanka Trump Shoes Is ‘Nothing New’
02:08:52p Blues' combination of fight and flair impossible to stop
02:09:08p Omar Arzate saws a piece of plywood
02:10:21p Daily Briefing May's majority in doubt
02:10:29p UK Labour's Corbyn to join TV debate as gap with Conservatives narrows
02:10:40p Just need an SMS to link Aadhaar to PAN
02:11:38p New England's last big coal plant powering down
02:11:47p Opening of new Publix location part of neighborhood revitalization project
02:11:55p Cape Girardeau officers to take part in Law Enforcement Torch Run
02:12:31p Melissa Leo seriously great in a drama about scoring laughs
02:13:17p NVIDIA seeks to build better robots with the Isaac Initiative
02:13:33p Tesco to trial Currys PC World concessions in big UK stores
02:15:16p Kroger recalls Dry Roasted Macadamia nuts due to possible health risk
02:15:27p Bomb kills at least 80 in Afghan capital
02:15:31p Taiwan backlash over Emirates flag ban
02:15:38p GST in current form unacceptable, says Amit Mitra
02:16:17p India readying a more transparent gold policy
02:17:05p What the World Got Wrong About the Russian Revolution
02:17:10p What does it mean? President Donald Trump's deleted 'covfefe' tweet amuses social media
02:17:54p Are Republicans Their Own Worst Enemies?
02:18:18p Care and Compassion Drive Surabhi Mundada's Passion for Science
02:18:22p 'Wonder Woman' director sought Lynda Carter's support
02:18:27p MAP supports aviation system upgrade for Manila, Clark airports
02:18:37p India blocks Australian bid to join naval war games
02:18:49p French Open player Maxime Hamou banned for kissing reporter on TV
02:19:03p Sangil GMA and Nanay Baby
02:19:29p FEATURE From home help to driver, new class of Indian home owner
02:20:10p Trump to decide on Paris climate deal in 'next few days'
02:20:43p Dutch wood closed to public after buzzard attacks
02:21:38p Google’s Newest Feature Is Great For Art Lovers
02:22:15p Gay Australian player Casey Dellacqua blasts Margaret Court
02:22:32p 19-year-old charged with kidnapping, rape, robbery
02:22:41p Indian Navy saves 33 as Cyclone Mora kills 9 in Bangladesh
02:23:04p Ian Paterson How first-known victim's surgery unfolded
02:23:14p UK PM boycotts TV debate despite Labour challenge
02:23:19p In California, Robert Lee Ahn Is Funded By Trump's SuperPAC
02:24:21p A sunny future hotel, café and restaurant sector sales rise
02:24:30p Republican Young wins election to South Carolina House
02:24:34p Trump's 'covfefe' tweet sends internet into a frenzy
02:25:51p Police to canvass neighborhood one year after Bridget Shiel's death
02:26:06p After years of empty U.S. promises, Trump arms Kurds fighting ISIS in Syria
02:26:17p Teva's migraine drug clears late-stage study
02:26:22p S. Carolina jail denies wrongdoing in inmate access lawsuit
02:26:28p Animaniacs reboot in the works from Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros.
02:27:14p Sapnu Sino kaya ang susunod na hepe ng CSF?
02:27:21p Public Desire takes top honours at Salford Business Awards
02:27:53p Markets snap four-day long rally ahead of GDP data
02:28:01p Zuma says revised S.Africa mining charter due in next few weeks
02:28:06p Venezuela in Chaos 'Once the Wealthiest in Latin America'
02:29:16p Dutch coalition talks poised to restart with a clean slate
02:29:22p You Can See the Living Heart of This 'Glass Frog'
02:29:27p Growth but No Inflation Will Keep ECB Chugging Along
02:29:41p Father who tossed son off Arrigoni bridge to be sentenced today
02:30:06p Brazil's J&F agrees to pay billion fine in leniency agreement
02:30:46p Tata Motors trains dealers and sale representatives
02:30:55p The Morning Brief Deadly Kabul Blast, NASA’s Sun Mission and Kathy Griffin
02:32:23p Texas woman sentenced for selling designer drugs from Kansas
02:33:45p 3 arrested after officer dragged by car during traffic stop
02:33:56p Philippines says Islamists keep up week-long fight with prisoners
02:34:04p Tennis Stosur blasts 'crazy' Court
02:34:09p Reddit continues to reshape itself, adds location tagging
02:34:17p Why I oppose Nicolas Maduro
02:35:21p China's ex-statistics chief jailed for life for graft
02:36:18p Huawei launches ‘ThaiPicStory’ campaign
02:37:12p Gang force their way into home but take nothing
02:37:48p Many Buri Ram areas face flood risk
02:37:52p May dodges question on whether she will resign if she loses seats in election
02:37:57p Taiwan shares end down 0.61%, remain above 10,000 points
02:38:03p Fewer Dutch graduates smoke but the tobacco industry is thriving
02:38:18p PH Madrigal Singers to croon Kapampangans in concert-for-a-cause
02:39:08p Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha shares hair loss story
02:40:04p RT-Mart to stop sale of plastic shopping bags, starting July 1
02:40:28p Trump tweets 'covfefe,' baffles Internet
02:40:34p LG G6 has a discount you don't want to miss!
02:41:02p Suspect sought in shooting, victim hospitalized
02:41:14p SRT treatment for skin cancer gains popularity, but it's not for everyone
02:41:32p 27 Maute, Bandrang clan members surrender to NBI
02:41:51p US pending home sales fell again in April
02:41:55p Forte family remember hero cop, Brett Forte
02:42:17p Trump to pull out of climate deal source
02:42:22p Brussels maps out more unified eurozone
02:42:27p Woman charged with stealing from a 90-year-old man
02:42:34p Oly Reign Volleyball Club Exceeds Expectations in Inaugural Season
02:43:10p Three arrests over 1987 McCausland murder in Belfast
02:43:14p Damaged dyke leaves 100 families to mercy of floods
02:43:47p Shelby More showers and storms on the way
02:44:04p Japan firm dreams big on mulberry in Pampanga
02:44:58p A walk in Vienna
02:45:21p Law Enforcement Coordinated Response to #NoDAPL Protests With Pipeline Security Contractor, and So What?
02:45:26p Police receive Nissan Big Urvans
02:45:31p Serbia's conservative leader sworn in as president
02:46:38p Official says Trump expected to pull US from Paris deal
02:46:44p Florida officials confirm 7 cases of canine influenza
02:47:45p Galloway Viking hoard artefacts to go on display in Edinburgh
02:47:55p Deputies man shot while burglarizing relative's house
02:48:12p Man held in killing of 8 people often threatened violence
02:48:40p Malaysian father and daughter drown at Thamphra Waterfall
02:50:13p Bethany Platt plans dramatic escape from Coronation Street with groomer Nathan
02:50:23p DJ Premier? Mark McGowan's Facebook stunt raises eyebrows
02:50:43p 19 years later Inside the derecho t-storm outbreak that hit W. MI
02:50:55p This Is What You Should Do If You’re Trapped in Quicksand
02:51:12p UK takes step closer to national electric battery hub
02:51:44p Aguilar Aircraft pilots
02:51:52p UPDATE 1-Malaysia's RHB, AmBank to begin merger talks sources
02:51:56p The Latest Djokovic advances to 3rd round at French Open
02:52:11p Trump Is Pulling US Out of Paris Climate Deal Sources
02:52:49p Al Franken hates all those 'no joke' headlines
02:54:25p Sri Lanka death toll from mudslides, flooding is over 200
02:54:59p Lawyer says independent journalist abducted in Georgia
02:55:24p The Latest Ex-Trump campaign manager open to returning
02:55:29p Jailed breast surgeon 'took pound of flesh for money'
02:55:36p UK police search property in Manchester attack investigation
02:56:13p Wasps sign centre Juan de Jongh from Stormers
02:56:26p Woman reports car stolen, then finds girl with bag on head
02:56:54p Radisson celebrates Father’s Day weekend
02:59:06p Homeless hero Chris Parker inundated with offers of accommodation
02:59:16p World-first study into teen phone usage and sleep patterns
02:59:21p Trump covfefe tweet ridiculed worldwide
02:59:35p EU banking watchdog says little sense in merger w
03:00:04p Trump will reportedly take U.S. out of Paris climate deal
03:00:40p Scottish child abuse inquiry hears apologies over 'deplorable' attacks
03:01:03p In The Style and create charity t-shirts for bomb appeal
03:01:21p Corbyn to take part in TV debate
03:01:28p Russia tests 4,600mph missile...
03:01:45p Matthew Leveson's parents describe moment police found human bones
03:02:17p Judge in desegregation case delays school system
03:02:55p Where to buy bargain furniture in Brisbane
03:03:17p Theresa May I've been taking Corbyn on week in week out
03:03:32p Norway police Do not pay ransom to hackers
03:04:11p Investment funds urge shareholders to vote down Mylan board, pay
03:04:35p Kuwait court condemns 7 to death for raping disabled boy
03:05:01p Community in Toowoomba remember Brett Forte
03:06:02p Blues' combination of fight and flair impossible to stop
03:06:36p Bond set for 3 Albany teens in Dawson 'girl fight'
03:06:41p Venezuela Why I support Nicolas Maduro
03:06:57p SPECIAL REPORT-'Ghost collateral' haunts loans across China's banking system
03:08:07p Dense fog a prelude to what could be a stormy evening
03:08:17p Saint Louis University to eliminate program, cut 21 jobs
03:08:46p Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood 2 Minutes of Amazing Samurai Combat
03:08:55p UPDATE Baby in car with man, woman shot on I-10
03:09:04p AFP 90% of Marawi cleared of Maute group
03:09:10p Macedonian lawmakers hold debate before confidence vote
03:09:20p Fans' concerns over free Ariana Grande tickets
03:09:35p Tennis Gay Australian player blasts Court, avoids boycott talk
03:09:51p How to Know if Your Plane Ticket Is Actually Refundable
03:10:39p Best Tech of 2017 So Far
03:11:10p Master X Master Official Shadows of Rentu Trailer
03:11:44p Finance Ministry considers negative income tax for poor
03:12:19p STUDY Your brain may eat itself when you're overtired...
03:12:24p Turkish officials seek arrest of NBA player Enes Kanter
03:12:34p Henrikh Mkhitaryan's Man Utd most valuable football club in Europe
03:13:01p EU official EU, China to reaffirm support for climate pact
03:13:26p Greater China tipped to remain atop rankings of Asia-bound tourists
03:13:32p Greek/Indian venture aims to start work on Crete airport in early 2018
03:13:36p Domino's store audit slower than expected
03:13:50p Philly's 'Rocky' statue closed 2 weeks for site improvements
03:14:26p Thieves Steal 30,000 Condoms From Vegas Warehouse...
03:14:33p GOP health plan could be costly for those with coverage gaps
03:14:40p Sarah Silverman Mocks Jesus, GOP in New Promo Video...
03:14:45p Luton deaths Coroner casts doubt over hammer murder case
03:15:30p Barclays gets approval to sell down Barclays Africa stake
03:15:48p Police need help identifying man in armed robbery in Camden
03:16:07p Cortez God who lives in us Reflections on Pentecost
03:16:33p What's behind the German trade surplus angering Trump?
03:17:07p WAR LA law enforcement high alert after gangs threaten officers...
03:17:30p Free fishing offered at Kentucky parks June 3-4
03:17:37p BAD BOXOFFICE 'WONDER WOMAN' to the rescue?
03:18:02p Court rules against Kremlin critic Navalny, orders graft allegation video deleted
03:18:16p Baltimore book bash boots Dolezal
03:18:27p UK police search Manchester property as part of bombing probe
03:18:34p Saudi king earns more retweets than Trump, study says
03:18:42p Ramadamabombathon 2017 Tour Plays Kabul
03:19:21p Posthumous wedding for French gay policeman killed by jihadist
03:20:57p Russian growth prospects seen improving after recent data, rate cut Reuters poll
03:21:32p Suicide rate soars among Chicago cops...
03:21:51p Hip-hop star August Alsina reveals battle with liver disease
03:23:40p People smugglers make billion a year on migrant crisis IOM head
03:23:52p Urinating dog statue briefly placed near 'Fearless Girl' art
03:23:57p Massive damage after Vic factory fire
03:25:06p Trump assails comic for 'beheading' video
03:25:11p End of good times? Lenders fail to auction Kingfisher House 5th time
03:25:32p Per Capita Taxes Have More Than Doubled Since JFK...
03:26:57p Farmlands in Phichit flooded as Yom River overflows
03:27:12p Deadline for Sun-Times bids extended to Monday
03:27:23p Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood 2 Minutes of Awesome Red Mage Combat
03:27:32p Star search USOC on board with made-for-TV scouting camp
03:27:40p Trump Kathy Griffin’s image troubled son Barron
03:28:28p Developer pleads no contest in Los Angeles mega mansion case
03:28:41p Now, you can link your Aadhaar with PAN through an SMS
03:29:41p Why Investors Get Mixed Up in Venezuelan Debt
03:29:53p People on the move 06/01
03:30:36p Police Man arrested at Trump hotel in DC with 2 guns
03:31:06p Man found shot to death at North Carolina motel
03:31:31p Goldman under fire for buying Venezuela 'hunger bonds'
03:32:52p For Rohingya refugees, makeshift homes no match for Cyclone Mora
03:32:56p Eight core sector growth slips to 2.5% in April
03:33:25p How did early ejector seats work?
03:34:14p Tree-killing bug confirmed in another North Carolina county
03:34:59p Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – The Smartphone with the big Screen and big Battery
03:35:02p You might be a neat freak but you don’t have OCD
03:35:45p The Latest Pelosi says Paris pact pullout 'grave threat'
03:35:56p Former Prosecutor On Why He Supports Mandatory Minimums
03:36:15p Samantha Stosur marches into French Open third round
03:36:46p Kathy Griffin Trump says comic's decapitation stunt 'sick'
03:37:02p Google misspells word in 'most misspelled words' list
03:37:22p Police investigate decomposed body found in apartment
03:37:36p Lake County continues budget workshops in June
03:37:45p Ray throws first career shutout, Diamondbacks beat Pirates
03:37:49p How grey matter changes depending on your age and sex
03:37:58p State of Origin NSW Blues smash Qld Maroons to win series opener
03:38:05p The Latest Germany suspends deportations after Kabul blast
03:38:34p Hacked plastic surgery photos published online
03:40:03p EU corruption watchdog 'flooded' with cases
03:40:08p Woman's body found behind North Carolina store
03:40:12p Heavy downpours expected around Taiwan for next 5 days
03:40:16p A handbag? For it's yours
03:40:30p Portland stabbing suspect yells ‘Death to the enemies of America’ at court hearing
03:41:02p Get a bigger sign? Triple hit for low bridge
03:41:22p France using state of emergency against peaceful protests, Amnesty says
03:42:01p Satan worshipers disavow Kathy Griffin after grotesque Trump 'behead'...
03:42:23p China's court sentences ex-chairman of Wuhan Iron and Steel to 15 years in prison
03:43:04p Black Lives Matter wins global peace prize
03:43:44p Why you're so thirsty
03:43:51p 2 transgender Arizona inmates claim guard forced sex
03:44:11p Amber Alert canceled after Missouri girl found safe
03:44:26p Two dead in school shooting in Saudi Arabia, no children present
03:44:41p Israeli company Transcom opens first European base in Manchester
03:44:45p Police still clueless on identities of bizman killers
03:45:02p Woman who survived Orlando nightclub massacre dies in car crash
03:45:40p Cancer battle across border
03:46:07p Wasted food adds up to wasted nutrients
03:46:20p Hawkes Bay council stands ground on oil and gas exploration position
03:46:34p Did she break law?
03:47:51p Ariana Grande One Love Manchester tickets will NOT be available on major resale sites
03:48:12p Asheville police searching for man missing since April
03:48:26p India's growth to accelerate to 7.7% in FY18 Moody's
03:48:33p Duterte hits back at Chelsea Clinton...
03:48:41p Trump to decide on Paris climate deal in 'next few days'
03:48:51p Column Tiger Woods may have stumbled onto his kryptonite
03:48:55p Tony Kanaan to replace Bourdais at Le Mans 24 Hours race
03:49:51p EU clears GE's Baker Hughes purchase without conditions
03:49:57p Two dead in school shooting in Saudi Arabia; no children present
03:50:03p DNA From Ancient Egyptian Mummies Reveals Their Ancestry
03:50:27p German court rejects parents' access to dead teenager's Facebook account
03:50:48p Queensland Police re-enact deadly shootout in Lockyer Valley
03:50:59p Manchester Arena attack latest New police raid in Rusholme
03:51:19p Chef John Folse BBQ shrimp
03:51:32p Poet Tony Walsh to read This Is The Place at Ariana Grande concert
03:52:10p Linux in Windows 10
03:52:57p Kellogg to lay off nearly 500 employees in North Carolina
03:53:07p Ask Brianna How much 'lifestyle creep' can I afford?
03:53:18p President Trump Is Expected to Withdraw From the Paris Climate Agreement
03:53:22p Georgia peach crop faces nearly 80 percent loss this year
03:53:26p Corbyn to join TV debate as gap with Conservatives narrows
03:53:38p Bahrain court dissolves main secular opposition group
03:54:07p Michael Kors to shutter more stores
03:54:11p Pre-evacuation notices lifted for canyons near Globe
03:54:32p Cevian, the gentleman activist of Europe
03:54:37p Ivanka Trump criticized over brand's champagne ice pop tweet
03:54:42p U.S. home prices climbed 5.9 percent in March, strongest pace in nearly three years
03:54:46p Bzzzzz Mike-Tomas protests why they’re expensive
03:55:06p 2 suffer minor injuries in NM train derailment
03:55:20p Bringing manufacturing jobs back to America turns out to be complicated
03:55:25p French player banished from French Open for groping journalist on live TV
03:55:35p Another oplan pokemon nets 77 individuals
03:55:39p Eight under the radar Manchester gigs in June 2017
03:55:57p Sergei who? Why investigators are concerned Jared Kushner met with Sergei Gorkov
03:56:26p Do event horizons really exist around black holes?
03:56:31p Continental unveils collaboration with Baidu on autonomous cars
03:56:45p Why Putin won’t confirm if he is eyeing another term
03:57:02p 2017 Bloomington High School South senior honors
03:57:17p PRO 7 prepares for possible NPA attack
03:57:59p Trump pulling U.S. out of Paris climate deal source
03:58:18p RBS in settlement talks with holdouts in rights issue case
03:58:23p Homeland Security chief to meet with Haitian leaders
03:58:28p Female CEOs Earn More Than Males...
03:58:55p UPDATE NASA unprecedented mission to 'touch the sun'...
03:58:59p Matthew Leveson's parents describe moment excavator found human bones
03:59:09p Police Bullets fired into child's bedroom
03:59:17p Cruise lines roll out Mexico sailings for fall 2017 and beyond
03:59:49p Best COVFEFE memes
03:59:59p Parents have no right to dead child's Facebook account, German court says
04:00:05p RBS in fresh settlement talks with holdouts in rights issue case
04:00:37p Ex-Texas nurse accused of killing up to 60 kids in 1980s
04:01:17p UAE-backed forces gain control over Aden airport
04:02:00p Newest extra for serious travelers Mini-gym in hotel room...
04:02:10p US stocks slide further as banks and energy companies sink
04:02:35p Sewage tanker bomb kills 80 in Kabul
04:02:39p Air quality mostly good in Taiwan on Wednesday
04:02:44p BA says IT collapse came af
04:02:51p NASA is testing solar panels that unfurl like Fruit Roll-Ups in space
04:03:27p 5 panzanella recipes you need right now
04:03:32p Bank of America CEO talks down second-quarter expectations
04:03:41p Man convicted in Germany for dragging ex-partner behind car
04:03:46p 7 ways to take control of Auto-correct on iPad and iPhone
04:03:58p Trump hotel guest arrested for 'guns and ammo in car'
04:04:03p Driver detained in Phoenix rollover crash
04:04:17p Police Physician arrested at Trump hotel in DC with 2 guns
04:04:50p Mother and child escape Cape Girardeau Co. fire unharmed
04:04:56p Macron defends minister assailed by financial misconduct charges
04:05:45p Watch a Bunch of Kids Honestly Grade Trump With Jimmy Kimmel
04:05:51p From frost to tropical temperatures, May was a month of extremes
04:06:26p Media Yawn at Venezuela's Spiraling, Socialist Nightmare...
04:06:32p Man arrested with 2 guns outside D.C. Trump hotel, police say
04:06:55p REVEALED Man arrested with high-power guns at Trump’s DC hotel is actually pro-Trump supporter
04:07:06p Gay activists like Hitler Tennis's Court
04:07:16p L.A.'s new homeless numbers are grim. Why?
04:07:46p UPDATE 1-Hedge fund Corvex urges Energen to consider sale
04:08:26p The Latest Scandanavian leaders scorn US climate decision
04:08:36p A pushback by investors over executive pay at Mylan
04:08:56p JETBLUE flight diverted after laptop catches fire...
04:09:01p Zonta Cebu 2 tackles women’s issues
04:09:10p This Time, Trump Is Right About Trade
04:09:16p Daily Caller hired fascist activist who praises racists to report on Confederate monument rally
04:09:21p Hen party going to Magaluf is removed from a plane for wearing offensive T-shirts
04:09:42p Theresa May I'm being open on social care cap
04:09:56p Police busy with arrests, citations over holiday weekend
04:10:10p Mass Grave from Thirty Years' War Battle Reveals Soldiers' Fatal Wounds
04:10:14p Cyclist dies after being hit by minibus following Edinburgh tram track fall
04:10:20p Nokia takes its relaunched 3310 'brick' home to Finland
04:10:25p Police 2 teen girls used dating site to steal men's cars
04:11:33p How much pain will Brexit bring to Scotland? 
04:11:39p MIDEAST STOCKS-Ezdan spooks Qatar; Dana jumps, MSCI shares lift Egypt
04:11:57p What happens to IT when global firms retreat
04:12:10p Greece bids farewell to former leader Mitsotakis, early advocate of austerity
04:12:55p Trump's 'covfefe' tweet leaves Internet guessing
04:13:00p Woman thought headed for Canada found dead in Minnesota
04:13:05p Putin defends Trump, calls Russia probe excuse for loss
04:13:09p PROP 101 A look at where the money is going
04:13:24p Brazil's Temer tells businessmen he will remain on the job
04:13:32p Staff Time May 31
04:13:52p Trump pulling US out of Paris climate deal report
04:14:09p UPDATE 1-RBS in settlement talks with holdouts in rights issue case
04:14:39p Amazon's stock tops for the first time
04:14:46p Does Dad Time With Infants Boost Babies' IQ?
04:14:50p 2017 Bloomington Graduation School senior honors
04:14:59p NASA spacecraft will aim straight for sun next year
04:15:03p You Can See the Living Heart of This 'Glass Frog'
04:15:27p Gay vulture dads hatch chick at a zoo in Amsterdam
04:15:41p Kansas City police search for driver after deadly hit-and-run wreck
04:16:03p Germany orders up to 100,000 asylum cases re-checked
04:16:29p Conductor Riccardo Chailly to celebrate 40 years at La Scala
04:16:33p Mammoth extending ski and board season into August, for only the second time
04:17:15p 'Deadliest Catch' gets serious
04:17:24p POLL 53% Say Media Leaks Are Act of Treason...
04:17:29p Hard times hit Billionaire's Row with luxury condo foreclosure...
04:17:54p Summer Fund and Food Drive helps fight hunger in our community
04:18:08p Toyota uses open-source software in new approach to in-car tech
04:18:24p Guild Wars Publisher's New MOBA Gets Release Date
04:18:33p PB okays incentives for fish wardens
04:18:42p Al Franken unloads on Mitch McConnell — who he blames for health care ‘disaster’
04:19:16p UAE races to colonize Mars...
04:19:26p Overheating Phones
04:19:54p PIA chief to public Help end crisis
04:19:58p Governance row at Banca Carige risks delays to recovery plan
04:20:04p WHAT IS 'COVFEFE?' Trump's cryptic tweet mystifies, amuses web
04:20:09p The Latest Afghanistan Kabul attack death toll reaches 90
04:20:20p Advancements in Indonesia`s nuclear technology showcased in Vienna
04:20:32p Note ban woes GDP slows to 6.1% in March quarter
04:20:39p Ohio attorney general sues five drug companies related to opioid crisis
04:21:14p Scott Pelley Becomes Latest CBS Evening News Casualty
04:21:38p N Carolina gov't spending bill heading to House budget panel
04:22:40p Iowa kids raise collapsed shed roof, drag dad to safety
04:22:44p Cisco Advances OpenStack and Container Networking Efforts
04:22:50p Trump's Proposed Science Cuts Go Far Beyond Climate Programs
04:22:54p Drug bust yields 1 man; other suspect escapes
04:23:13p UK doctor jailed for 15 years over unnecessary breast surgery
04:23:18p TRAFFIC ALERT 3-car accident at 520W and Wrightsboro Rd.
04:23:52p Washington man sentenced for trying to pimp out 14-year-old
04:24:01p GitHub CEO Wanstrath 'Our goal is no outages'
04:24:11p 200 Surigao Norte pupils get new classrooms
04:24:26p Summer meal program back in action
04:24:52p Lawyer found hiding in hotel charged with theft from client
04:24:57p Firefighters rescue suspect who fell into creek during chase
04:25:01p Seven Worst Snacks
04:25:15p PNP doctor faces raps over autopsy
04:25:37p Horse runs through rush-hour traffic in Manhattan...
04:26:08p Teacher avoids jail after sex with North Carolina student
04:26:22p Bigelow Aerospace, time to put up or shut up about UFOs
04:26:27p Trump condemns comedian's photo with fake severed head
04:27:02p Is there a link between dreaming and brain disorders?
04:27:19p Congressman LaHood speaks out on healthcare
04:27:29p Merkel says expects Britain to remain a partner post-
04:28:26p Poland PM cuts in EU aid would contradict EU rules
04:28:43p Candace Any 'View' regrets?
04:29:10p Police Thieves using blowtorch set ATM cash on fire
04:29:15p Drunk man arrested after repeatedly calling 911 to chat news
04:29:20p Impatience with GOP grows...
04:29:25p Islamic State fighters seal off Mosul mosque preparing for last stand
04:29:30p Shelby Rainy morning ahead
04:30:04p Scientists are working on a ‘vaccine’ to stop the spread of fake news
04:30:08p Lawyers in man with 'Grabher' licence plate to take case to Supreme Court
04:30:13p Manchester bombers actions mainly carried out alone in days ahead of attack
04:30:38p The Latest Oakland to pay nearly 1 million to teen
04:30:46p Man Arrested With Guns, Ammo at Trump Hotel in DC...
04:31:14p Waze is bringing carpooling to all of California
04:31:25p Police say businesses being targeted in nationwide bomb threat scam
04:31:30p High-end retailer Michael Kors to close about 100 stores
04:31:50p Chase that cheese English soldier rolls away with top prize again
04:32:07p Google's Waze Carpool expands throughout California in first big test
04:32:19p China Labor Watch calls on Ivanka Trump to press for release of detained activist
04:32:24p Sinkhole swallows Uber
04:33:13p The Los Angeles Design Festival returns with an emphasis on DTLA
04:34:25p Finance Ministry allowed WiFi facility, but not us DoPT
04:35:10p UND Economist on North Dakota Economy “If We’re Not at Rock Bottom We’re Close”
04:35:15p Report Michael Flynn's firm worked on pro-Turkey documentary for
04:35:25p Landlords sue Seattle over law capping rental move-in fees
04:35:35p Michael Kors to Close up to 125 Stores
04:35:48p New southern Arizona wildfire forces evacuations near Benson
04:36:04p Firm takes over garbage task
04:36:20p Troopers US 25 blocked after crash involving tractor trailer, car
04:37:05p Magsaysay Park eyed for Kadayawan Village
04:37:09p Miracle Cure a Long Shot for Perrigo
04:37:45p 23 Cebu judges named
04:37:58p Fire restrictions in effect for central Arizona starting June 1
04:39:29p Man fined for 'liking' posts on Facebook
04:39:35p UPDATE 1-Brazil's J&F agrees to pay record bln fine in leniency deal
04:39:48p Mayor eyes Balingit as sports czar
04:40:58p Shots fired into room with sleeping child in Bushnell, Ill.
04:41:06p Police Mastermind wants to surrender
04:41:50p Continental partners with Baidu on connected cars
04:42:00p Beverly Grove contemporary takes a Balinese approach
04:42:49p Lake County Emergency Management urges residents to prepare for a busy hurricane season
04:44:02p Death by Octopus This Dolphin Bit Off More Than He Could Chew
04:44:11p Spring 2017 Statistics of Income Bulletin now available
04:44:18p Davao traffic office to add more anti-jaywalking guards
04:44:35p 2 injured in police shooting at Hesperia Wal-Mart
04:44:40p Aliens are HERE space exec
04:44:45p Jury can't reach verdict in dad's murder trial
04:45:10p COLUMBIA COUNTY Suspect wanted for Walmart theft
04:45:22p Diablo 3 Blizzard on Bringing Back the Necromancer
04:45:49p House fire in Surprise turns deadly
04:46:33p Aboriginal heritage sites threatened by plan to reopen some 4WD tracks in Tasmania
04:46:44p Fierce blowback to Kathy pic
04:47:02p 7 Videos to Watch Before Visiting Tokyo
04:47:13p Peace for Mindanao, Davao mayor's birthday wish
04:47:29p Fed official says U.S. immigration crackdown could hit economy
04:47:34p Montenegro's PM says Russia has secret entry ban for its officials
04:47:54p 'Flip' star's shocking look
04:47:58p New Mexico casino cancels Kathy Griffin performance
04:48:06p Investment groups tell investors to give up tobacco industry
04:48:12p Family of child killed by tree branch in Midlands park settles lawsuit
04:48:45p Vietnam Explores Its Trade Options With U.S.
04:48:57p GOP taking one more run at passing Kate’s Law
04:49:01p Woman left behind at Charlotte Motor Speedway after Coca Cola 600
04:49:05p Abbott won't rule out 'bathroom bill' in special session
04:49:09p The world’s first commercial CO2 capture plant just went live
04:49:19p Former PM Aleksandar Vucic sworn in as president
04:49:24p Former employee kills 2 in Saudi Arabia school shooting
04:50:21p SEMO physics professor to give 'Eclipse 101' presentation
04:50:34p Chris Hayes Pays Tribute To Portland Heroes Different Politics; Shared Vision
04:50:42p Poll GOP health bill a far cry from Trump promises
04:50:46p Ubisoft Unveils New Logo
04:50:55p Army No let up in offensives vs NPA
04:51:15p State Department defends Trump for not publicly mentioning human rights in Saudi Arabia
04:51:29p UPDATE Officials develop initial timeline for McDuffie morning church fire
04:51:46p School placed on precautionary lockdown in Greenville
04:51:51p Franklin County teacher accused of lewd conduct with student
04:52:07p German Businesses Fear Fallout From Trump-Merkel Discord
04:52:34p 2 people rescued from Lake Champlain
04:52:43p Princeton, KY man charged with murder of Eddyville woman
04:53:18p Police dangerous situation involving a gun avoided in Paducah
04:53:26p Griffin rightly flushed down toilet for Trump beheading
04:53:46p Tokyo 42 Review
04:53:59p Police DUII suspect hit tow truck stopped for stranded driver in Newport
04:54:03p Rachel Dolezal disinvited from book festival after public backlash
04:54:20p Britain's May seeks deals with Saudi Arabia
04:54:25p New Mexico congresswoman adds support to Route 66 funds bill
04:55:15p Refreshing Updates 3 stories that have nothing to do with Russians
04:55:49p Hamza Siddiq Hides At Mommy's House Kirkcudbright Residents Want Him Gone
04:56:00p SC Appeals Court affirms previous ruling in Stand Your Ground case
04:56:31p Malaysia Airlines flight turns back after disruptive passenger tries to enter cockpit
04:56:35p Lebanon bans the new 'Wonder Woman' movie
04:58:02p VIDEO TOUR Richland Library's newly renovated first level
04:58:10p Amazon patents parachute for drone deliveries
04:58:36p Domondon Rainwater utilization in the city pushed
04:58:40p A 15-year-old Jackson girl died in Colorado ATV crash
04:58:51p GTA Publisher Acquires Space Sim Kerbal Space Program
04:59:27p MPD on the scene of a shooting in Midtown
04:59:45p Trump Kathy Griffin 'should be ash
05:00:12p The Latest India, Spain reiterate support for Paris accords
05:00:17p America's 'Mother Road' revs back to life...
05:00:42p High school seniors' paper toss goes viral
05:00:53p Nigerian government to set up vaccines joint venture with May & Baker
05:00:58p Prosecutors to drop charges in Stanley Cup dead catfish toss
05:01:22p Ohio man pleads guilty to US crimes after New Mexico killing
05:02:05p The Latest Doctor arrested at Trump hotel with 2 guns
05:02:12p Al Franken On Healthcare Stalemate It's Mitch McConnell's Fault
05:04:20p Huge bomb kills at least 80 in Afghan capital
05:04:31p ISIS Media Wing Gets Bombed
05:05:42p Talks underway for plea deal for 2015 Vermont shooting death
05:05:56p Karabakh soldier injured in Azeri gunfire
05:06:19p Dorset cliff rescue Video shows three people plucked to safety
05:06:31p Abbott signs bills aimed at addressing crisis in child welfare system
05:06:53p Vt. AG announces new plans to combat rising phone scams
05:07:12p Gardendale School District on hold, more changes on the way for students
05:07:17p Pulse nightclub shooting survivor killed in wreck
05:07:22p Man who threw baby off bridge gets 70 years in prison
05:07:37p Exclusive EU warned of wind-down risk for Spain's Banco Popular source
05:07:44p Dressing down Paul Hogan says ATO paid him during fiery Sunrise interview
05:07:58p Friendliest dog breeds, ranked
05:08:04p Blame game for cyber attacks grows murkier as spying, crime tools mix...
05:08:31p Trump Germany Trade
05:08:36p Tracking Today May 31
05:08:40p Jared Kushner and Russia 'None dare call it treason.'
05:08:45p PARIS PULLOUT? Sources Trump leaning toward leaving climate pact
05:09:38p Bin murder victim was 'nicest man'
05:11:04p There is no boom in coal jobs
05:11:29p Macedonian lawmakers face vote that could end stalemate
05:12:09p Silk Road website founder loses appeal of conviction, life sentence
05:12:14p Technology stocks climb in early trading
05:12:25p 2017 Hoosier Hills Career Center senior honors
05:13:02p Michael Flynn to provide documents to Russia meddling probe
05:13:31p The Latest Wozniacki advances to 3rd round at French Open
05:13:46p Activist Held in China's Guangdong For Printing T-Shirts Bearing Guo Wengui Quote
05:13:52p 8% think the Senate should pass the healthcare bill as is. Wow.
05:14:01p Senate set to take up billion, two-year state budget
05:15:07p Tucson fire prepares for worst-case monsoon scenario
05:15:20p A look at deadly Afghan insurgent attacks in recent years
05:15:42p PRO 7 monitors erring police officers
05:15:48p Helmer Doug Liman shares details about 'Edge of Tomorrow 2'
05:16:45p Gary Johnson plans to ride bike to Mexico border from Canada
05:16:49p Mistrial in case against dad accused in 3-year-old's death
05:17:09p Hungerford Tesco crash Woman died after husband used wrong pedal
05:17:19p Poetry in the kitchen a Syrian celebrity chef's story
05:17:28p Go-cart track coming to Gators and Friends
05:17:57p New crash data shows accidents on North Avenue are down
05:18:27p American Muslims are grateful for the Portland train heroes
05:19:04p Reports Trump expected to quit Paris climate deal
05:19:29p Trump's loss is Li's gain as Berlin rolls out red carpet for China's PM
05:19:57p New Pokemon Mobile Game PokeLand Announced
05:20:07p Trump's treatment of America's NATO allies was disgraceful
05:20:12p EU agrees on rules to revive securitised debt market
05:20:18p The Latest Melania Trump says Griffin video 'simply wrong'
05:20:34p Is a Tankless Hot Water Heater Right for You?
05:20:46p Global Warming Gas Can Now Be Extracted from Air and Resold
05:21:28p Chef John Folse Luscious Lemon Soup
05:21:34p Delta explains 'hostage' dog
05:22:48p Frenship ISD woman chosen as Natl. Assistant Principal for Texas
05:23:14p Small entrepreneurs in Cordillera to get boost from DTI
05:24:00p Russia fires missiles at I.S. targets in Syria
05:24:16p WRAPUP 1-U.S. pending home sales fall; housing market recovery intact
05:24:39p Rosier economy, lack of replacement give Brazil's Temer a breather
05:24:49p Traffic dry run on Bacalso Ave. set on June 7-8
05:24:55p Police chief Officers won't try to enforce immigration laws
05:25:03p Aerosmith's nearing 50 years but plans to 'keep going'
05:25:28p Kevin Hart and T.I. are making a TV home at Showtime
05:25:35p La Trinidad mulls creation of coffee development council
05:26:08p New York set to boost funding for after-school programs
05:26:32p Trump resisting pressure from Europe, pope on climate deal
05:27:26p Exxon shareholders approve climate-impact report in win for activists
05:27:58p Trump pulling U.S. out of Paris climate deal, source says
05:28:33p EU proposes rule to link road charges to CO2 emissions
05:29:27p Russia navy fires cruise missiles at IS in Syria
05:30:08p Gamers are playing the stock market with someone else's
05:31:58p Tube tunnel wi-fi plan to be launched
05:32:39p You're Getting a Master's in What?
05:32:54p Paris Climate Treaty What you need to know
05:33:19p Governor signs sweeping child welfare overhaul into law
05:34:13p AFP to Maute Surrender
05:34:41p A Conservative Mom Breaks the Pot Taboo
05:34:46p 2 ministers in French president's Cabinet under scrutiny
05:35:22p CNN’s Camerota Asks Sen. Blumenthal, ‘How Do You Think You Can Prove Collusion?’
05:35:34p Trade tops agenda as Trump hosts Vietnamese leader
05:35:54p Kabul bomb Afghan leader condemns 'cowardly' attack
05:36:13p India's red hot economy is losing steam
05:36:18p Body of commercial fisherman recovered near Alaska port
05:36:50p Treating Mental and Physical Health at Pacific Medical Centers
05:36:56p Cebu City to donate P1-M worth of rice to Marawi City
05:37:21p Gregg Allman's funeral planned in Macon, where band won fame
05:37:37p The Internet's First Amendment The New Fight For Net Neutrality
05:38:05p Deputies Man arrested after 2 bomb threats called in to BMW plant
05:38:11p Malaysia Airlines flight returns to Melbourne due to 'disruptive passenger'
05:38:30p Planned Parenthood Report Proves Need to Defund Abortion Giant
05:38:34p New York City to cut Wells Fargo from future business
05:39:01p UPDATE 1-Greece's Alpha Bank Q1 profit grows as bad debt charges decline
05:39:52p Mother accused of Perry Township kidnapping located, arrested
05:40:05p Man with fake gun at airport wanted to speak to president
05:41:34p Truckers help with Vt. law enforcement's 'Click it or Ticket' campaign
05:42:12p Messaging app Telegram centrepiece of IS social media strategy
05:42:45p 34 Gorgeous, Awesome Warrior Wonder Woman Cosplay Shots
05:42:52p Malaysian Airlines plane turns back after cockpit entry bid
05:42:57p Police say 'potential disaster' averted after arrest of armed man at Trump D.C. hotel
05:43:02p Photos Walls of glass bring the outside in
05:43:55p ReMarkable digital notepad 'feels like real paper'
05:44:48p Why Size Matters Again for Banks
05:45:20p Kabul bomb The hell of losing loved ones in Afghanistan
05:45:43p Lawmakers talk about June special session
05:45:58p Colts' Parry sentenced in drunken Scottsdale golf cart wreck
05:46:16p JetBlue will test facial recognition for boarding
05:46:21p End of controversy? Government says Subhas Chandra Bose died in 1945
05:46:30p New Europe
05:47:33p The Latest Mourning his dad, Steve Johnson wins at French
05:48:09p One in eight Twitter election shares 'link to junk news'
05:48:24p Jacqueline Fernandez's Bieber 'nightmare'
05:48:35p Bombing in diplomatic area of Kabul kills 90, wounds scores
05:48:43p GE signs billion in power, aviation deals in Vietnam
05:48:55p Suspect in homicide investigation arrested in Plainview
05:49:06p Richmond County woman wanted for first-degree forgery
05:49:14p 1 hurt in crash at William and Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau
05:49:18p Rampage spurs calls to ban cars from NY's Times Square
05:49:26p Woman who overdosed while watching toddler booked with simple kidnapping
05:49:31p Crescent City Connection reopens following vehicle fire.
05:50:09p Police investigate homicide in Concord, woman found stabbed
05:50:21p OTC Contraceptives Good Medicine?
05:50:40p Five SC students gearing up for National Spelling Bee glory
05:51:38p Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht loses bid to void conviction, life sentence
05:52:06p Disaster front liners join training
05:52:20p Trump condemns comedian's photo with fake severed head
05:52:55p Charlie Gard's life support to be maintained pending appeal decision
05:53:00p Election shock could be good for Brexit
05:53:08p Daily Deals Nintendo Switch for Under £260, Parro
05:53:28p Chef John Folse Luscious lemon soup
05:53:36p Racist vandals deface LeBron James’ L.A. home with ‘N-word’ graffiti
05:53:43p MSP IDs pedestrian killed on M-46 in Montcalm County
05:53:49p UK space firms may need EU units after Brexit space chief in FT
05:54:07p Firefighters responding to home in Taylors
05:54:19p When nearly 50 weekend shootings in Chicago is “a sign of progress”
05:55:13p Basildon Council fined £150,000 for traveller family data breach
05:55:19p Obesity Study Debunks 'Skin-in-Game' Theory of Weight Loss
05:55:28p Kathy Griffin is sorry for her video, but still taking heat
05:55:56p Cooter, MO girl makes it to the second round of the National Spelling Bee
05:56:09p McDonald's expanding delivery locations on UberEats
05:56:30p Facebook's revamps security settings to make things simpler
05:56:54p Authors around the world stand up for free speech and forests
05:56:59p Suicide Rates Remain High after Psych Discharge
05:57:07p Cendaña Peace is fundamental
05:57:13p The danger for kids who know snack food brand names
05:57:39p UPDATE 2-Fosun buys stake in Russia's top gold miner for mln
05:57:46p How To Resurrect Ericsson's Faded Success
05:57:50p Michael Kors to close up to 125 stores in the next two years
05:58:20p Advanced SystemCare
05:58:27p Drug tipsters in Baguio City to get cash rewards
05:59:03p Plane turns back after passenger cockpit alert
05:59:10p Italian election deal makes early vote more likely, but far from certain
06:00:18p GRPD 2 toddlers attacked by escaped dogs in 1 day
06:00:52p Among the job cuts at The New York Times, the public editor
06:01:24p Loose livestock causes a wild ride for Georgia residents
06:01:50p 12 private schools in Northern Mindanao to increase tuition
06:02:31p The Latest Trump hotel arrest sparked by Pennsylvania tip
06:02:40p Mercedes-Benz says it will 'buy American' more often
06:03:04p Islamic State of Losers Executes Mosul Commanders For Losing
06:03:08p No warm welcome for LeBron James; LA home vandalized with 'N-Word'
06:03:16p President, FAST discuss technology development in Armenia
06:03:45p Champs Elysees attack Posthumous marriage for slain policeman
06:04:38p Second Look Are Dads More Interested in Their Daughters' Happiness?
06:04:42p AG Schuette forms new unit to target opioid trafficking
06:05:07p 3 Baguio graduates top teacher licensure exam
06:06:00p Thief steals wallet while good Samaritan help river rescue
06:06:36p Spybot Search and Destroy Update May 31, 2017
06:06:58p Trump causes a covfefe over enigmatic midnight tweet
06:07:03p Camp John Hay developer cleared of malversation raps
06:07:21p Liz Weston This money habit makes all the difference
06:07:49p NYPD sergeant who killed mentally ill woman is arrested
06:07:59p Superintendents rally for budget, school funding in Springfield, IL
06:08:17p Tropical depression forms in Pacific near southern Mexico
06:08:40p E3 2017 schedule When does it start and what games will be revealed?
06:08:46p Move hatmaking into a US factory? Easier said than done
06:08:56p Leaving the Paris climate deal will take the US years Juncker
06:09:20p UK markets watchdog asks asset managers for their Brexit plans
06:09:41p Investors press Exxon on disclosure of climate change impact
06:10:36p First Lady questions Kathy Griffin’s mental health
06:10:40p Delectables on Fourth announces closing
06:10:45p Jerry Garcia's guitar heads to auction, could fetch 1M
06:11:08p Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground guide Parking, capacity and seating plan
06:11:24p U.S. spelling bee kicks off with new tie-breaker rules
06:12:33p We still don't know why doughnut boxes in Southern California are pink
06:12:54p Qualcomm Snapdragon Chips To Power New Windows 10 PCs
06:13:47p EpiPen maker blasted for paying top exec
06:13:58p Michael Kors to close 100 to 125 stores
06:14:08p Smart Defrag
06:14:12p Thunderstorm threat later today...
06:14:23p Good study habits, goal-setting helped USJ-R topnotchers
06:15:06p Sheriff Autauga County man had porn with ‘very young children’ on tablet
06:16:21p Daring Dog urinates on Fearless Girl
06:17:29p Economy Martial law not seen derailing growth
06:18:50p PHOTOS Another truck gets stuck under Spokane overpass
06:18:55p Howard U fires officers after woman dumped from wheelchair
06:19:06p The coming shortage of doctors can be blamed on Obamacare
06:19:17p 10 top-paid CEOs
06:19:54p OnionShare 1.1
06:20:34p China data protection tightened in new laws
06:20:38p NOPD looking for teens missing since Thursday
06:21:00p Novel Drug Promising in Pre-treated Metastatic NSCLC
06:21:04p CBS says Pelley out as 'CBS Evening News' anchor
06:21:23p Girl, 9, hospitalized after finding 'Unicorn Milk' at playground
06:21:43p Ivory Coast cocoa farmers neglect plantations as price drop bites
06:21:47p New “Game of Thrones” season 7 stills unveiled
06:22:04p Chrome Cleanup Tool 19.107.0
06:22:24p Maine lawmakers consider copyrighting public meeting audio
06:23:40p Quiz Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke was a remake of which Hollywood film?
06:24:15p Man arrested at Trump's Washington hotel after guns found in car
06:24:20p Real Networks RealPlayer CVE-2017-9302 Divide-By-Zero Denial of Service Vulnerability
06:24:27p Gobi the dog 'adopted' a runner
06:24:32p Jimi Manuwa to take on Volkan Oezdemir at UFC 214 in Anaheim
06:24:46p Review How Sherry Lansing crashed Hollywood's glass ceiling
06:25:00p Key trends for infrastructure development and industrialization in spotlight at special UN meeting
06:25:08p Qualcomm's Refund to BlackBerry Swells to Million
06:25:18p ‘Charges possible’ after man caught on motorcycle with small child
06:25:54p South Texas legislator pleads not guilty to fraud, bribery
06:26:25p 9 girls, 2 boys arrested in fights at S Carolina high school
06:26:29p TrayBlank 1.8
06:26:50p Trump to broaden exemptions to Obamacare birth control mandate report
06:26:54p Reserve deputy found guilty after kicking arrestee in face
06:27:11p MXGP 3 Official Launch Trailer
06:27:23p Ancient Egyptians looked more like Eddie Fisher than Eddie Murphy
06:27:30p Indian growth figures miss estimates
06:27:46p National Bank of Canada’s earnings beat market expectations
06:28:06p WATCH Drunk man is tackled trying to re-board flight
06:28:11p Blair Witch Director Helming Godzilla vs. Kong
06:28:30p Kabul terrorist attack 'morally reprehensible and an outrage,' underscores UN envoy
06:28:35p Big Dutch banks may develop joint ATM network
06:29:00p Cops Racial slur sprayed on LeBron James' Los Angeles home
06:29:33p Milwaukee council OKs for family of man killed by cop
06:29:46p Russia expels five Moldovan diplomats in tit-for-tat move
06:30:11p Teacher convicted of sexual assault can keep pension
06:30:28p NY Times offers buyouts in newsroom reorganization
06:30:58p Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni Official Meet the Girls Trailer
06:31:09p Front Page Tax reform hurdles House; Senate next
06:31:21p CNN boots Kathy Griffin after ‘prank’ with severed Trump head
06:31:46p Exxon shareholders approve climate impact report in win for activists
06:31:51p Joomla VirtueMart Extension 'administrator/index.php' Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
06:32:11p Woman and two children found dead in John Lennon’s old Liverpool apartment
06:32:23p Armagh road worker 'crushed to death by roller'
06:32:32p German police release Syrian teen detained over attack fears
06:32:37p Wrong-way driver identified after colliding with several vehicles on U.S. 60
06:32:54p UN chief to address Russia conference and meet Putin
06:33:15p Ohio sues five drug companies over opioid crisis
06:33:21p How Household Chemicals Can Hurt Young Girls’ Health
06:34:00p Maine city to ban marijuana in wake of legalization
06:34:07p South Florida has affordable housing crisis, officials say
06:34:14p Scott Pelley moving to 60 Minutes; Anthony Mason named interim anchor
06:34:53p League of Legends Official Runes Reforged and Hero Update Video
06:35:09p 5 essential questions about Andy Rubin's Essential Phone
06:35:26p Glastonbury boy becomes internet phenom after 'acing' disc golf competition
06:35:45p Review Roger Waters comes out angry, focused on 'Life'
06:36:02p 2 rescued from chilly Lake Champlain after boat capsizes
06:36:09p The Latest Jabeur beats No. 6 seed Cibulkova in French Open
06:36:32p Family of boy killed by falling limb gets settlement
06:36:46p The real reason Lebanon's satraps banned the 'Wonder Woman' movie
06:36:54p Nation Gov't, MILF set safety route out of Marawi City
06:37:11p Hospital in Queens plans a million renovation
06:37:17p Jury acquits man in traffic death of Michigan state trooper
06:37:30p Broward's Jeremy Ring running for state CFO
06:37:35p QFD looking for fireground rehabilitation members
06:38:12p ShopRite extends LPGA Atlantic City event through 2023
06:38:23p Tony presenters will include Scarlett Johansson, Tina Fey
06:38:31p Fed survey finds tight labor markets, rising wages
06:38:57p Overwatch Premieres Horizon Lunar Colony Assault Map
06:39:03p Friendlier tax hike urged
06:39:27p Review Halsey returns with complex, mature new album
06:39:43p 'Dandy Lion' rejects young black male stereotypes
06:40:01p General election 2017 Time-lapse of debate set being built
06:40:10p In contrasting fashion, Djokovic, Muguruza advance in Paris
06:40:27p Hassan modify Medicaid substance misuse policy
06:41:23p Miami megamall is biggest in US _ but don't call it a mall
06:42:00p Judges Shoot Down Silk Road Operator's Appeal Bid
06:42:09p 16-year-old girl charged with fatally stabbing Uber driver
06:42:14p Want to date online? You may want to read this
06:42:36p Star Trek Bridge Crew Official Launch Trailer
06:42:57p Investigator Deadly shooting began when fugitive confronted
06:43:40p Nothing goes right for Tsonga in French Open loss
06:44:14p Bermudo My goal was to be part of CPA top 5
06:44:28p Firefighters continue to monitor Snake Ridge Fire
06:44:34p Showdown looms as Gov. Scott gets budget
06:44:39p How 'Wonder Woman' built a world of women, onscreen and off
06:45:00p Will Champions Trophy be Kumble's last assignment as India coach?
06:45:05p JetBlue Flight Diverted After a Passenger’s Laptop Battery Started a Fire
06:45:28p A dozen dogs infected with flu that spread at Florida shows
06:45:36p Agents of Mayhem Official Ride for Mayhem Trailer
06:45:48p Wenceslao Help needed
06:45:53p 11 reasons to use the GNOME 3 desktop environment for Linux
06:45:58p Suspects in Khon Kaen murder case face Myanmar deadline
06:46:28p Jerry Garcia's guitar heads to auction, could fetch
06:46:54p Kathy Griffin apologies for a joke that didn't work
06:47:05p Severe thunderstorm watch issued for parts of the state
06:47:13p Power restored at 45/46 and Kinser Pike area
06:47:37p Houston suburb curbs access to public information
06:48:10p NYPD sergeant charged with murder in death of mentally ill woman
06:48:34p NorCal School Principal Accused Of Shooting BB Gun At Students Resigns
06:48:56p Juniper Junos Space CVE-2017-2309 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
06:49:07p NYPD Sergeant Charged With Murder in Shooting of Mentally Ill Woman
06:49:12p Eleven Americans injured in Kabul bombing State Dept
06:49:18p Police use spit from sidewalk to tie man to cold case murders
06:49:24p Cartoon Corbyn takes on zip wire Boris in game
06:49:33p Kellogg shutters distribution centers, lays off workers
06:49:41p Dottie Pepper On Memorial Tournament 'This Field Is Awesome'
06:49:47p Funeral plans set for the late great rocker Gregg Allman
06:49:52p Pair sentenced to death for killing man in iPhone robbery
06:49:58p Chris Stapleton postpones tour, cancels CMA Fest performance
06:50:02p Tinkering with OpenShot for video editing
06:50:06p NetBalancer Free 9.9.5
06:50:10p King Mongkut Institute joins hands with Carnegie Mellon
06:50:34p MAMEUI 0.186
06:50:39p Father who tossed son off Arrigoni bridge sentenced
06:50:43p Corporate News PCC hits telcos over final payment for SMC assets
06:51:08p Miami native to compete in Fox's 'MasterChef'
06:51:22p Hilarious Friday the 13th The Game Hover Glitch
06:51:28p Support for Trump impeachment soars, approval plunges
06:51:37p JetBlue Flight To San Francisco Announcement 'Fire In Row 25'
06:51:43p Senators Call for Digital Currency Oversight in Anti-Money Laundering Bill
06:52:05p Exxon shareholders approve measure on climate-change report
06:52:16p No bond for mom charged with murder in drowning death of 3-year-old son
06:53:02p Elon Musk, you said you weighed in with Trump on Climate. How’d that go?
06:53:19p Ancient Amuletor Official Archer Lia Character Trailer
06:53:27p NYC becomes latest city to cut back on ties with Wells Fargo
06:53:54p Missing girl 'tells' her story on sheriff's Twitter feed
06:54:01p Diablo 3 Necromancer Cinematic Intro Video
06:54:18p Toff and Jack Monroe clash on welfare
06:54:24p NY officer charged with murder in mentally ill woman's death
06:54:30p Million in 30 Seconds Token Sale for Internet Browser Brave Sells Out
06:54:47p Man with two guns arrested at Trump hotel in Washington
06:54:57p Sheriff's Dept 2 men in custody after stray bullets hit neighboring house
06:55:10p Malilong Where to watch the NBA finals
06:55:39p Touching the Sun NASA Mission Renamed 'Parker Solar Probe'
06:56:06p Pet of the week Mabry
06:56:19p Stock Market Stocks drop as investors await vote on tax reform
06:56:36p Arts & Leisure BBK Burgers made better
06:57:19p VideoLAN VLC CVE-2017-9300 Denial of Service Vulnerability
06:57:29p SPC MD 928
06:57:33p Cassidy receives pushback on health care at town hall
06:57:37p Chris Stapleton postponing shows for next 3 weeks
06:58:06p Emsisoft Decrypter for Amnesia /
06:58:10p UN Standing Police Capacity 10 years of rapid assistance to peace operations
06:58:19p Retail spending expected to rise in April
06:58:49p Constrains on movement in occupied territories at root of Palestinian hardship – UN reports
06:58:56p Juniper Junos Space CVE-2017-2308 XML External Entity Information Disclosure Vulnerability
06:59:04p World stocks mixed on US political uncertainty, pound slides
06:59:09p BONOKOSKI Kathy Griffin rightly flushed down toilet for Trump beheading
06:59:19p strongSwan CVE-2017-9022 Denial of Service Vulnerability
07:00:01p The Time Is Now to Push for Real Populist Tax Reform
07:00:06p Microsoft Domain Controller Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
07:00:10p Clinical Challenges New Tx for Which PPMS Patients?
07:00:27p Endangered person advisory issued for St. Louis man
07:00:39p How Is Trump Picking a New FBI Director Even a Thing?
07:01:13p Man found at Plant Vogtle
07:01:17p Missile defense damns Obama 'flexibility'
07:01:40p IRS officer Nandini tops civil services exam
07:01:44p DTI unveils new credit facility for MSMEs
07:01:51p Protest over high-end building set for public-housing land
07:01:56p Success of pilot programmes for the elderly could lead to more basic life-skills training
07:02:02p Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
07:02:06p Russia calls for expulsion of Estonian, Moldovan diplomats
07:02:10p Man On Bay Bridge Triggers Massive Backup
07:02:40p Phoenix Zoo's summer hours start June 1
07:03:12p Jared and the FBI
07:03:23p 3 at defense firm admit defrauding US by 6M on Humvee parts
07:03:29p Avast Decryption Tool for XData
07:03:56p World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Creates Molecular 'Black Hole'
07:04:00p James's LA home vandalized with racial slur
07:04:04p KVYcam
07:04:10p Business therapy Co-owners seek help when they can't agree
07:04:40p Girl gets rabies shot after being bitten by coyote at park
07:05:01p Dog 'Scientist' Sits on Editorial Board of Medical Journals
07:05:15p MAME 0.186
07:05:51p Oakland Agrees To Settlement In Police Sex Scandal Case
07:05:55p Oracle Database Server Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
07:06:11p Seares Zubiri’s flip-flop on martial law session
07:06:30p Robin Wright 'I don't think I'm getting paid the same'
07:06:55p CNN Cuts Ties With Kathy Griffin Over Anti-Trump Video
07:07:03p Climate Groups Slam Reports of Trump’s Plan to Withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement
07:07:41p Company sues Virginia over alleged breaches in contract
07:07:53p Serena's back at a Slam! OK, sort of; she watched Venus win
07:08:09p Mom of Kzoo Co. shooting victim organizes tournament in his honor
07:08:17p McMaster Public records law 'step forward' in transparency
07:08:28p James Comey plans to confirm bombshell allegations against Trump in public testimony report
07:08:32p Android Creator Launches a Phone of His Own
07:08:50p States take steps to entice minority marijuana entrepreneurs
07:09:15p Briones Garbo sa Sugbo
07:09:19p Times axes public editor position amid latest round of buyouts
07:09:24p Vermont's racing governor undeterred by minor crash
07:09:28p Modding meet nears its half-way point
07:09:33p U.S. economy ambles on but few signs of inflation pressures Fed
07:09:38p Juniper Junos Space CVE-2017-2305 Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
07:09:48p Juniper Junos Space CVE-2017-2310 Security Bypass Vulnerability
07:10:10p Malaysia Airlines flight forced to land over bomb scare official
07:11:18p We need to talk about police cuts, now more than ever
07:12:00p strongSwan CVE-2017-9023 Denial of Service Vulnerability
07:12:10p Man accused of killing ex-girlfriend
07:12:14p The Personal History Behind One Hundred Years of Solitude
07:12:22p Asteroid Collision May Have Tipped Saturn's Moon Enceladus
07:13:22p PD Man listening to iPod hit, killed by train in Hartford
07:13:34p New Arkansas VA office to aid local veterans
07:13:55p 7 tons of African pangolin scales seized in Hong Kong
07:13:59p Opera Web Browser 45.0 Build 2552.888 Final
07:14:35p Oak Ridge school broken into over Memorial Day weekend
07:15:08p Malaysia Airlines flight returns to Melbourne after passenger tries to enter cockpit
07:15:39p The Latest Haase still smiling after loss to Nadal in Paris
07:16:05p Headgear rules Lee Corso, 81, signs extension with ESPN
07:16:26p Woman facing deportation seeks sanctuary in Cambridge church
07:16:30p A Facebook Investor is Calling for Regulated ICO Investment Products
07:16:34p SSuite Penumbra Editor
07:16:49p Watch a NASA Rocket Spark Glowing Artificial Clouds Early Thursday
07:17:01p Huawei Makes the Unlocked Honor 6X Available At Target Stores
07:17:24p Kapil Mishra 'heckled' by AAP MLAs in Delhi assembly
07:17:29p Honda CR-V is restyled, has first turbo engine in 2017
07:17:37p Aetna in talks to move headquarters from Connecticut
07:17:42p Tougher than ever, 90th National Spelling Bee gets underway
07:17:53p Cops Racial Slur Sprayed On LeBron James' Los Angeles Home
07:18:20p 2 Kids In Car Seats Escape Injury In San Ramon Rollover Crash
07:18:29p Police probe dumping of more than 100 tires on Vermont road
07:18:37p Birds, frogs hit airwaves on 'slow' radio...
07:18:46p O'Reilly's next book is 'Killing England,' coming Sept. 19
07:19:30p Marines arrested after displaying white nationalist banner at pro-Confederate rally
07:19:54p Samsung Adds Chromecast Support to Its Gear VR Headset
07:20:12p A parliament of whores and thieves
07:20:17p Inside the UN's campaign The political backdrop
07:20:27p Inside the UN's campaign to promote women's rights
07:20:38p Russia turfs 2 Estonian diplomats in tit-for-tat move
07:21:18p WATCH Drunk man kicked off flight is tackled trying to re-board
07:21:45p Megawati Soekarnoputri garden inaugurated in Jeju
07:21:50p CNN Fires Kathy Griffin Following Controversial Donald Trump Photo
07:21:57p PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup June 2017 Official Trailer
07:22:07p House intel subpoenas Trump's personal attorney
07:22:24p Column For Tiger Woods, a picture says it all
07:22:44p Dillon mourns UM Western football player killed in fire
07:22:48p City agencies will move to struggling neighborhoods
07:22:53p Authorities 19 charged in New York mob takedown
07:23:11p Kate Editor 17.04.1
07:23:31p NoVirusThanks WPMSvc
07:23:37p Shareholders vote for ExxonMobil transparency on climate impact
07:23:48p Democrats aim to keep focus on Trump's meeting with Russians
07:23:55p Train's Pat Monahan To Sing NBA Finals Game One Anthem
07:24:03p West Virginia officer killed during pursuit identified
07:24:12p ProcessKO 4.06
07:24:16p Juniper Junos Space CVE-2017-2311 Unspecified Denial of Service Vulnerability
07:24:25p Birds, frogs hit airwaves on Czech 'slow' radio
07:24:35p Multiple Hitachi Products CVE-2017-9295 XML External Entity Information Disclosure Vulnerability
07:25:41p 2 held for killing of man who objected to public urination
07:26:01p FBI arrests 19 accused New York mobsters linked to Lucchese family
07:27:01p What President Trump’s Paris Decision Means
07:27:06p Editorial What about the school opening?
07:27:10p Manchester is now prepared to go back to business says boss of CityCo
07:27:19p Toshiba moves back some chip unit assets to ward off Western Digital's legal claim
07:27:23p He-Man to compete in state Senate race
07:27:28p 2 ministers in French president's government under scrutiny
07:27:39p Friend Murder defendant believed he could drive out demons
07:28:26p Ari Berman on the Attack on Voting Rights
07:28:48p Ethereum's Ether Token Hits New All-Time Price High
07:28:57p Call of Duty World War II Road to E3 2017
07:29:10p Trump Wants Foreign Leaders To Call Him On His Cell Phone
07:29:38p Wild swings, lack of liquidity keeping U.S. funds out of bitcoin
07:29:51p 3 at defense firm admit defrauding US by on Humvee parts
07:30:16p Saudi prince 'No doubt' women will drive
07:30:29p Retired officer found guilty of kicking arrestee in face
07:30:54p Barry Soper The risk of lighting up
07:31:01p Samsung Makes Good On Promise to Sell Unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+
07:31:09p Recently tattooed man dies after getting infection during swim...
07:31:20p Antarctic ice crack takes major turn
07:31:25p Iran's watchdog council approves election results
07:32:08p The Irish House on St. Charles Avenue closes
07:32:13p Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump Brands in China Were Arrested or Have Gone Missing
07:32:24p National Football Museum reopens more than week on from attack
07:32:28p Editorial Stop grizzling and welcome the visitors
07:32:35p Emirates directs Taiwanese cabin crew not to wear flag pins
07:32:47p Call of Duty WWII Road to E3 2017
07:32:56p NBA star LeBron James' property in L.A. vandalized with racial slur
07:33:07p Isle of Man's Tynwald needs more women, report says
07:33:15p Fulton Co., KY business owner sentenced for his role in kickback scheme
07:33:28p Health records vendor settles false claims suit for
07:34:04p Delayed Subway Passengers Came Together to Give This Graduate an Unforgettable Ceremony
07:34:13p SCOTUS to hear Ohio voter purge case
07:34:17p New York City looks to cut ties with Wells Fargo
07:34:26p LeBron James' Los Angeles home daubed with 'N-word'
07:34:56p What Did Theresa May Know About the Manchester Bomber?
07:35:01p Trump's loss is Li's gain as Berlin rolls out red carpet for China's PM
07:35:05p So what does Weiner have on Huma and Hillary?
07:35:26p The Latest 9-year police veteran killed in West Virginia
07:35:30p Home values fall in posh Auckland suburbs QV
07:35:35p SA plane crash investigation continues
07:35:39p Layoffs anticipated at SIUC
07:35:44p State Senator Tom Campbell Apparently Polling Ahead of Potential 2018 Run
07:36:06p Ohio attorney general sues 5 drugmakers over opiate crisis
07:37:40p Exxon shareholders back 'historic vote on climate
07:37:44p Chris Hedges and Wallace Shawn on Politics, Playwriting and Power
07:37:51p Winter chills arrive on time in sunny Qld
07:37:57p Fact Sheet 2017 Honda CR-V 1.5T AWD Touring
07:38:01p States, not Centre, will decide on cow slaughter ban BJP
07:38:05p Hartford mayor Aetna to move headquarters from Connecticut
07:39:10p The Latest CNN cuts ties with Kathy Griffin over video
07:39:26p Douglas Brunt serves up tale of pro tennis in 'Trophy Son'
07:39:30p Murder charge after Victorian brawl
07:39:46p Cops investigating after British zookeeper killed by tiger
07:39:51p Spanish Banks Back 'Red Lyra' Blockchain Consortium
07:39:55p Boil order to be issued in Quincy
07:40:26p UPDATE 1-Exxon shareholders approve climate impact report in win for activists
07:40:37p God Wars Future Past Official Character Trailer
07:41:30p Why Wonder Woman Kills
07:41:40p Kids from 6 to 15 savor moments at National Spelling Bee
07:41:52p Opinion Static - Marvin A. Tort 'Good news or bad news?'
07:41:58p Connecticut opens job training center at women's prison
07:42:19p Iligan school to allow cross-enrollees from Marawi
07:42:45p Touching the Sun NASA Mission Renamed 'Parker Solar Probe'
07:42:56p High 5 4 Kids Madison Harwell
07:43:02p Jabeur dream alive as Muguruza marches on
07:43:10p Daily Deals 20% off Tekken 7
07:43:21p Finance Domestic liquidity growth slows in April
07:43:26p Investors press Exxon Mobil to disclose how climate-change policies affect it
07:43:52p CNN Comey will testify about interaction with Trump
07:44:10p 19 New York Mobsters Indicted on Charges Including Murder and Extortion
07:44:51p Rebel Wilson continues defamation fight
07:45:00p Trump poised to quit Paris climate deal reports
07:45:14p Trump planning to pull U.S. out of Paris climate deal source
07:45:23p P1-billion fund for micro entrepreneurs
07:45:34p The next book by Matt de la Pena is a 'Love' story.
07:45:43p PPB to dispatch additional officers during planned downtown rallies
07:45:52p St. Luke's to put up facility in Davao City
07:46:05p U.S. says test shows missile defences outpacing ICBM threat
07:46:31p Coal stocks fall; U.S. exit from climate deal may hurt, not help
07:46:57p The challenge of changing course
07:47:09p A Selection Of The 30 Most Disappointing Under 30, by Bess Kalb, New Yorker
07:47:53p World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Creates Molecular 'Black Hole'
07:48:33p Pasifika music talent to take centre stage in Auckland with Moana soundtrack on list
07:48:51p For Shakira, music takes backseat to motherhood
07:49:34p Kathy Griffin's bloody head of Trump
07:49:38p NYT offers buyouts to editors...
07:49:43p Study New taxes could fund universal California health care
07:49:48p The Latest Oakland to pay nearly million to teen
07:50:13p Raybon Kan How we can protect ourselves from KFC
07:50:19p Conservatives extend lead to 10 points over Labour Kantar poll
07:50:24p FFA welcomes bigger faster Pacific patrol boats
07:51:08p LA homelessness soars...
07:51:20p Brazilian leader Temer Nation witnessing intense institutional conflicts
07:51:47p More Americans ditch citizenship...
07:51:53p Bodycheck Official Gameplay Trailer
07:52:01p 'I've got a bomb' Melbourne in plane scare
07:52:09p SPC MD 925
07:52:37p New York man charged in mln Ponzi scheme over ticket resales
07:52:42p Philippines agrees to evacuate 16 Indonesians from Marawi
07:52:54p BlackBerry KEYone Goes On Sale Today for
07:52:59p Ghost Recon Wildlands Official Fallen Ghosts DLC Trailer
07:53:15p Confessions of a diva Dame Kiri's road to the top
07:53:33p The People Have Spoken
07:53:41p Peacocks don't mate, says judge who wants cow as national animal
07:54:14p Italy government wins confidence vote on 2017 deficit cuts
07:54:23p Can a Drug That Fights Parasites Also Help with Autism?
07:54:27p Senators in first school funding deal exam
07:54:32p Comey to confirm Trump pressured him on Flynn investigation CNN
07:54:57p Graves Co. woman arrested, drugs found in home with 2 kids
07:56:25p Dog 'Scientist' Sits on Editorial Board of Medical Journals
07:56:29p Space junk calamity looms
07:56:38p Uganda probes Chinese diplomats over ivory trafficking
07:56:45p CNN fires comedian over decapitated Trump photo
07:57:11p Foreign aid freeze under scrutiny
07:57:18p Caterpillar laying off 85 workers in North Carolina
07:58:02p SPC MD 927
07:58:06p Health records vendor settles false claims suit for 155M
07:58:14p Godlike 'Homo Deus' to Replace Humans as Tech Accelerates?
07:58:40p Apple Music Sets ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Series Premiere Date After Delay, by Todd Spangler, Variety
07:59:03p Turkey says U.S. support for Syrian Kurdish YPG 'not befitting' of an ally
07:59:23p APNewsBreak New Mexico reduces lottery scholarships
07:59:28p Nest security camera knows who's home with Google face tech
07:59:33p Shorten defends Labor levy stance
07:59:56p Feeling insulted, Mexican to market 'Trump' toilet paper
08:00:05p Trump blasts Russia probe, touts ex-adviser Page over FBI, CIA
08:00:29p Shonky trainers face crackdown
08:00:34p How this contacts startup is fighting optometrists to survive
08:00:50p Seminole co-op helps homeowners harness the su
08:00:54p New York Times eliminating public editor role
08:01:14p Mystery remains over boom loud enough to shake houses in Bay of Islands
08:01:21p Egyptian Mummy DNA Reveals Ancestry
08:01:27p Barclays set to sell 1.5 billion pound stake in Africa business
08:01:36p Four plead not guilty to insider trading involving U.S. health agency
08:01:40p Dressing down Paul Hogan says ATO paid him
08:01:56p Identity thief leaves victim with huge cellphone bill
08:02:10p Montgomery's 19th community center opens this weekend
08:02:21p Nigeria's Chibok girls begin rehabilitation in capital
08:02:33p CNN Fires Kathy Griffin Over Trump Severed Head Video
08:02:38p STI to offer business program for senior high students
08:02:45p Get Started Business owners upbeat, but not about economy
08:02:49p Academics call for an end to shady deals
08:02:54p AP Explains Why can't the Afghan government protect Kabul?
08:02:59p ARMY Testing Fully Self-Driving Trucks On MI Highway...
08:03:17p Trump expected to leave climate deal _ but with 'caveats'
08:03:22p From no-hoper to crowd-puller, Corbyn gains ground
08:03:27p Travis County program to delay victim, witness deportations
08:03:44p Kathy Griffin loses CNN deal after photos with fake severed head
08:04:17p Paris's Eiffel Tower to go dark for Kabul bombing victims
08:04:35p LeBron's home vandalised with racial slur
08:05:10p UPDATE 2-Coal stocks fall; U.S. exit from climate deal may hurt, not help
08:05:15p Autonomous Car Researcher Fired by Uber
08:05:20p Amazon patents shipping label with built-in parachute for drone deliveries
08:05:43p Facing political crisis, Trump leans on familiar ally Fox News
08:06:02p Congress can't ignore the debt ceiling for much longer
08:06:16p Russia eyed as export market for bananas from Mindanao
08:06:28p Mosques in UK refuse to bury Manchester bomber
08:06:37p Trump's encounter with glowing orb sets alight soci
08:07:33p With lawsuits pending, Trump moves to cut refugee admissions
08:07:38p Nasa renames Sun skimming mission
08:07:54p Who Is Worse At Governing, Trump Or The Republican Senate?
08:08:10p JPMorgan second quarter market revenue down 15 percent vs year earlier CFO
08:08:31p Arizona food deserts How can leaders and residents address the issue?
08:08:36p Sukhoi-30 crash Both pilots declared dead
08:08:45p Post office worker charged with stealing greeting cards out of the mail
08:09:00p Pro-Syrian forces staying in border area despite US warnings
08:09:10p LeBron James' LA home vandalized with 'N-Word'
08:09:21p I've got a bomb Melbourne in plane scare
08:09:29p Malaysia Airlines plane turns back after 'bomb threat'
08:10:11p Reckitt's food sale kicked off without private equity sources
08:10:59p The Latest Man gets 7 years in Nevada ranch standoff case
08:11:04p Trump's Cellphone Diplomacy Raises Security Concerns
08:11:10p U.S. pending home sales fall; housing market recovery intact
08:11:43p Man arrested at DC Trump hotel had 2 guns, was a doctor
08:11:48p Death toll at 90 in huge suicide bombing in Afghan capital
08:11:53p Former Murphy High teacher arrested for embezzlement
08:12:04p The Latest House teacher pay plan helps most experienced
08:12:28p Mayor Aetna decided to relocate a long time ago
08:13:47p NSW woman in court over cleaver attack
08:14:02p Nigeria policemen 'killed by navy' in Calabar
08:14:09p Qld pack under scrutiny ahead of Origin II
08:14:19p Kenya inaugurates Chinese-built railway linking port to capital
08:14:24p How do I safely invest my retirement savings for growth?
08:14:28p CLAIM Humans pose ever-bigger extinction risk to animals...
08:15:00p Australia's competitiveness at 20-year low
08:15:40p Kellyanne moving in
08:15:52p SpaceX taking recycling all way to orbit for NASA
08:16:00p The Latest Sierra Club calls US pullout 'historic mistake'
08:16:08p Essential Phone to Ship In About 30 Days with Stock Android
08:16:14p Marawi sultan offers to act as mediator
08:16:30p Correction Officer Shot-Virginia story
08:16:36p Recovery of bones after Leveson search
08:16:46p Google Doing More to Prevent Phishing in Gmail
08:17:13p Chip Wars Rage at Computex, as AMD Debuts Threadripper
08:17:31p Eagle cement debuts in stock market
08:17:53p Anti-Maduro protests rage as OAS meets on Venezuela crisis
08:18:03p Inside the UN's campaign My overall impressions
08:18:17p Why a Great White Shark Jumped into Man's Boat
08:18:23p Reports Trump Is Planning to Abandon the Paris Climate Deal
08:18:27p Schwarz takes over as Mainz head coach
08:18:32p Trump planning to pull U.S. out of Paris climate deal source
08:18:42p New Michigan unit focuses on prosecuting opioid crimes
08:19:28p Valkyria Revolution Official Soundtrack Trailer
08:19:36p Albuquerque attorney enters race for congressional seat
08:19:56p NZ and Australia urged to persist over Fiji
08:20:13p Don't Expose Yourself A Guide to Online Privacy
08:20:25p Passenger's 'bomb' threat forces plane back
08:20:33p Al on Griffin She can recover
08:20:48p Indonesia condemns Kabul bomb blast
08:20:53p New simulator puts cops in a shoot, don't shoot scenario
08:21:08p Sony's High-End Xperia XZ Premium Reaches the US June 19
08:21:13p Hollywood blames terrible reviews for people not going to see terrible movies
08:21:23p Would-be tenant faces strict rules about drugs, noise and parties because she's Brazilian
08:21:37p Il Douche Channeled Il Duce at NATO Summit
08:21:59p Libya’s Link to Manchester’s Tragedy
08:22:29p Fort Lauderdale man accused of road rage in the Keys
08:22:37p Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother suspected of burying Seth Rich DC murder case
08:22:53p Orlando plans to pay for more west-side apartments
08:23:18p UPDATE 1-Mexico cenbank ups 2017 growth view as GDP trumps expectations
08:23:31p Urgent housing need 'big concern going into winter'
08:23:41p Lawyer Azerbaijani journalist abducted in Georgia
08:24:08p Two injured, one dead in attempted murder-suicide
08:24:25p Social user found guilty of defamation for 'liking' posts...
08:24:58p GRPS breaks ground on replacement for century-old school
08:25:18p How hand-painted signs have persisted in Chicago
08:25:25p Goldman president says companies shying away from large deals
08:25:47p Mark Waid Grants Your Wish With Captain Kid
08:26:08p Tieza offers exciting perks, lures investors
08:26:28p Exxon's Shareholders Just Forced the Oil Giant's Hand on Climate Change
08:26:43p Russian Warship, Submarine Fire Four Cruise Missiles At ISIS Targets In Syria
08:26:51p King to open fresh session of Tongan parliament
08:27:10p NY officer pleads not guilty in mentally ill woman's death
08:27:15p Pechanga Resort & Casino is hiring Its
08:28:27p You Can Watch 4 Rocket Launches in 24 Hours, Starting Tonight! Here's How
08:28:49p Christchurch couple injured after mid-air skydive collision under investigation
08:29:35p Beauty tricks from Oro’s beauty queen maker
08:29:56p Jabeur first Arab woman in Slam 3rd round, faces Ramadan dilemma
08:30:15p Rabid fox bites woman in Henrico
08:31:26p U.S. EPA halts methane rule for oil and gas industry
08:31:41p Health records vendor settles false-claims suit for
08:32:02p The Latest Trump aide says 'small group' gets Trump tweet
08:32:07p U.S. probe to make unprecedented plunge into sun's atmosphere
08:32:20p Columbus group promotes community bonding with rock painting
08:33:24p Herald daily quiz June 1
08:33:37p Stock car racing governor undeterred by minor crash at track
08:33:43p Silly-Party Brit Calls For Death Penalty For Suicide Bombers?
08:33:48p More daughters, more money Harvard tips for venture capitalists
08:33:52p Vuln Sudo '/src/ttyname.c' Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
08:35:29p Man fined for 'liking' defamatory posts on Facebook
08:35:50p PS4 App Icons Get New Look With Firmware Update
08:35:56p Ex-Muslim cleric fights 'marriage' charges
08:36:03p UN Yemen Faces ‘Total Collapse’ From Saudi Arabia’s War
08:36:07p Pelley out, Mason temporarily in as CBS News anchor
08:36:11p Vugt The Holy Cross The tree of life
08:36:17p TINIEST VICTIMS Babies fill war-torn Afghanistan's hospitals
08:36:29p UPDATE 1-Congo in discussions with IMF over possible support PM
08:36:54p NYPD sergeant who killed mentally ill woman arrested
08:37:04p Deadline approaches for North Carolina farm giveaway
08:37:43p Fewer Refugees Arrive in U.S., with Declines in 46 states
08:37:53p 'Very normal' start to winter expected
08:37:58p Lawmakers propose defunding Evergreen State amid protests
08:38:17p Police St. Albans state office building evacuated after bomb threat
08:38:59p The Latest Venus reveals Serena's expecting a baby girl
08:39:03p Comey set to testify...
08:39:36p Florence to hose tourists snacking at Renaissance spots...
08:39:54p Diners Finding Burgers Hard to Swallow...
08:40:01p Naked sushi model fights back
08:40:51p Trump vs climate change What would a US exit from the Paris Agreement mean?
08:41:14p Former NT child minister to face inquiry
08:41:22p Crate of World War II grenades explodes in garage
08:41:31p EpiPen maker blasted for paying top exec million
08:41:42p Study New Mexico, Georgia had highest jail rates in US
08:41:46p Tweet That #covfefe signals @realDonaldTrump is back
08:41:52p The Latest NY officer pleads not guilty in woman's death
08:42:00p Personal flying machine the answer to traffic woes?
08:42:11p Closing addresses in Slater vs Craig trial
08:42:16p KKK fliers in candy bags found on lawns in Texas City
08:43:13p Espinoza Long overdue
08:43:25p House price growth pulls back
08:43:55p The Whole Truth About Whole Fruits
08:43:59p 300 teens brawl on Jersey shore...
08:44:10p Suppose Trump Had Hillary’s Incredible Russian Connection?
08:44:38p Space junk could destroy satellites, hurt economies...
08:45:05p Two taken into custody following incident involving weapons
08:45:10p LA Olympics officials deny 2028 deal, say 'focused' on 2024
08:46:09p Schoolgirl death devastates community
08:46:24p Bob Dole and Tom Daschle Trump’s Budget Takes U.S. Leadership Backwards
08:46:55p Louisiana sentencing law revamp edges closer to passage
08:47:00p McCulkin family killers to be sentenced
08:47:51p Don't sleep on Microsoft. Stock is quietly soaring
08:47:56p Vuln Mozilla Network Security Services CVE-2017-7502 Denial of Service Vulnerability
08:48:58p Many teens ride with impaired drivers
08:49:35p Elmore man killed in 2-vehicle crash
08:49:47p Champion Djokovic cruises into third round
08:50:06p CNN CUTS HER!
08:50:31p Trump tipped to pull out of Paris climate deal
08:50:35p VA’S GRIM PROGNOSIS Shulkin says condition improving, but slowly
08:50:58p HUD chief Carson to ramp up public profile, outline vision
08:51:09p Chesterfield Police Teacher arrested for making child pornography
08:51:21p Leaked birth control rule would broaden religious exemption
08:51:48p The Latest US cites 'complete obliteration of mock warhead
08:52:24p This contacts startup is fighting optometrists to survive
08:52:33p China, EU to announce joint climate plans, support for Paris deal
08:52:44p Voice-powered search is replacing typing - and other internet trends
08:52:55p Man arrested over Melbourne surgeon attack
08:54:27p The Latest Mayor to OK for black man killed by cop
08:54:38p St. Tammany Sheriff's Office to cut workforce by 13 percent
08:55:15p Student accepted into Yale after writing about her love for pizza
08:55:29p Senators criticize Trump's proposed cuts to rural programs
08:55:38p If I Were Kathy Griffin’s Friend
08:55:42p High-Touch, Low-Touch and the Relentless Automation of Jobs
08:55:51p Quitting Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause
08:56:00p CNN sacks Kathy Griffin over Trump video as backlash builds
08:56:06p Over 40 migrants reported dead in Sahara after truck breakdown
08:56:10p Are We Getting the Trump-Russia Story Right?
08:56:29p CIA Would Consider Kushner's Actions Espionage
08:56:40p Blood Pressure Goals Aggressive Treatments May Be Best, Study Says
08:56:49p Exxon Shareholders Pressure Company on Climate Risks
08:57:12p The Latest Romania's president to visit White House
08:57:21p David June begins wet
08:57:26p Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement
08:58:09p Official 9 local guards dead, 11 Americans wounded in Kabul
08:58:19p Montgomery man gets prison for ID refund fraud scheme
08:58:40p Oxalis, Bywater gastropub, closes Wednesday
08:58:45p Arak reactor to become operational in 3 to 4 years AEOI spokesman
08:58:57p Plane forced to turn back to Melbourne after man tackled in bomb threat drama
08:59:47p Air Force vet convicted of terrorism gets 35 years in prison
08:59:59p Obama Foundation names presidential center museum director
09:00:04p Pelley out at 'Evening News'
09:00:18p First home buyers winners of new housing announcement
09:01:02p Niagara councillor taking leave of absence after nude photo emailed
09:01:21p Emergency crews respond to train vs. vehicle crash in Jackson Co., IL
09:01:31p Tropical Depression TWO-E Graphics
09:02:56p Pilot 'disorientation' cited in Russian military choir crash
09:03:01p Twitter fail as world asks Trump What the hell does 'covfefe' mean?
09:03:20p FIRST ALERT Tracking developing showers, storms Wednesday afternoon
09:04:12p College professor The campus mob came for me
09:04:25p Travis hits tiebreaking homer, Jays sweep Reds with 5-4 win
09:04:43p Farm owner denies cruelty charges, about 1,400 animals found
09:05:05p MRC Exposes 10 Shows That 'Spread Vicious Lies and Hate'
09:05:58p American Spectator Exposes the “Stolen Valor” of Famed Historian William Manchester
09:06:05p Supreme Court to look at making it easier for states to purge voter rolls
09:06:17p Playmate hides at mom's house
09:06:26p India Ensures Greater Naval Presence in Pacific With Fiji Defense Pact
09:06:31p Texas immigration lockdowns holding some families too long
09:06:52p Reefs won't be the same again scientists
09:07:04p Court rules against Kremlin critic Navalny, orders graft allegation video redacted
09:07:14p Wyoming man accidentally shoots himself in chest
09:07:30p The Latest Trump welcomes Vietnam leader to White House
09:07:46p Voice-powered search is replacing typing
09:09:02p Massive Kabul truck bomb kills 90, wounds hundreds
09:09:09p CNN fires Kathy Griffin
09:09:14p Parents who criticized Karla Homolka say school asked them to leave
09:09:33p Truck bomb blast in Afghan capital causes mass casualties
09:10:03p Mylan may have overcharged U.S. for EpiPen by billion HHS
09:10:23p Trump Dumps Pretension Of Altruism From U.S. Foreign Policy
09:10:29p NASA's 'mission of extremes' will touch the Sun
09:10:53p Heartland road projects for 6/1
09:11:27p Reality check USOC on board with made-for-TV scouting camp
09:11:31p Supergirl Season 3 Villain Confirmed
09:11:43p Farm owner denies cruelty charges; about 1,400 animals found
09:11:57p Study Too much TV linked to diabetes in youth
09:12:21p Trump to take US out of climate change accord
09:12:46p Vuln OpenLDAP 'servers/slapd/back-mdb/search.c' Denial of Service Vulnerability
09:12:51p ISP warns of phone scam asking for donations
09:13:00p Putin, Trump Blame U.S. Democrats For Allegations Of Russian Meddling
09:13:11p Brazil justice minister 'Car Wash' graft probe is fully protected
09:13:27p El Salvador Freaks Out As Trump Deports Hundreds Of MS-13 Gang Members
09:13:41p Military couples who avoid problems fare worse after deployment
09:13:50p Spain government's budget passes in narrow victory for Rajoy
09:13:56p Man Arrested At Trump Hotel Near White House With Glock, Assault Rifle
09:14:13p Critical Theresa May song, 'Liar Liar,' climbing UK charts
09:14:22p Summary for Tropical Depression TWO-E
09:14:47p Petersburg shooting victim dies overnight
09:15:00p Candice reveals post-baby bod
09:15:08p University sorry for saying women should wear low-cut tops to graduation
09:15:38p Diplomats converge in Washington to discuss political crisis
09:15:52p Bye-Bye, Bebe Retailer winds down operations after 40+ years
09:16:26p 90 reportedly killed, 400 wounded after car bomb goes off in Kabul
09:16:32p Columbus Good Samaritan pays it forward for military family at restaurant
09:16:40p Hillary Clinton Is Out Of Fucks
09:16:51p CNN SAYS SEE YA Parts ways with Griffin after sick photo stunt
09:17:21p Some cities, states help minorities enter marijuana industry
09:17:53p CNN's Gogi an American Success Story
09:18:12p Maine regulators sign off on FairPoint sale
09:18:18p US-Russia Deconfliction Channel Active Ahead of Strikes Near Palmyra Pentagon
09:19:06p 19 members of notorious Lucchese crime family arrested
09:19:10p Jakobsson didn't set out to hurt Lehane
09:19:42p Mexican drug ring disguised as UberEats distributed pot
09:19:48p Russia, India Set to Discuss Creation of Anaerobic Power Unit for Submarines
09:20:40p Macron vows to renegotiate sale of French shipyard
09:20:45p Body of missing kayaker found in Wyoming reservoir
09:21:45p Interview U.S. Senator Booker Says Russia Trying to Destabilize Democracies Globally
09:21:51p Oklahoma nonprofit responds to former US congressman suit
09:22:53p Vietnam vet's Vette
09:23:24p Police Houma man hallucinates, fires assault rifle
09:24:03p Officials Provide Details of Latest Defeat-ISIS Strikes
09:24:17p YOUR MONEY-Creative caregiving solutions for the 'sandwich generation'
09:24:22p John Sununu Exposes CNN’s Liberal Bias on Russia Investigation Video
09:24:41p Taiwan sticks to 'self-reliant defense' policy on new submarines
09:25:33p Russian Northern Fleet Gets Over 100 New Weaponry Pieces, Including S-400
09:25:38p Woman's letter goes viral
09:25:45p Beginning of Movies in the Park postponed
09:25:50p simplewall 1.6.4
09:26:04p Mackinac Conference will include field trip to Soo Locks
09:26:21p G4S rejoins FTSE 100 as Debenhams drops out of FTSE 250
09:26:30p Alabama death row inmate asks for emergency execution stay
09:26:54p Bour's 2 HRs help Marlins beat woeful Phils 10-2
09:26:58p Painful words How a 1980 letter fueled the opioid epidemic
09:28:38p Keithville family remains homeless as crews continue storm recovery
09:29:13p Wyoming ranks 37th healthiest state for seniors
09:30:27p Turkey says U.S. support for Syrian Kurdish YPG not befitting of alliance
09:30:39p Meth users who quit may reverse some heart damage
09:31:10p How to safely invest retirement savings for growth
09:31:31p Police 7 killed in Va. highway traffic crashes over holiday weekend
09:31:39p Serbia's new president calls for 'dialogue' over Kosovo
09:31:48p Parents keep children home from Woodville Elementary after bed bug scare
09:31:53p ‘Ted is a toxic co-worker’ Al Franken jokes Ted Cruz ‘microwaves fish for lunch’
09:31:58p Musk threatens to quit as Trump's adviser
09:32:46p Liberal Comedian Kathy Griffin 'Suck It, Jesus!'
09:32:55p Jackson County man's death ruled homicide
09:32:59p Abbott wants special terror courts
09:33:25p NSW housing tax rises for overseas buyers
09:34:34p The Latest Trump says climate pact news coming 'very soon'
09:35:20p Job KILLING robots
09:35:31p Vucic Sworn In As Serbian President Amid Protests
09:35:54p Trump’s Promises on Coal Turn to Dust
09:36:02p OpenLDAP 'servers/slapd/back-mdb/search.c' Denial of Service Vulnerability
09:36:06p 'We'll keep ties with Russia despite all pressure'
09:37:12p Twitter's famous shark swims again near Atlantic City coast
09:37:19p Beleaguered Spanish banks ponder a future with blockchain
09:37:23p Uncharted The Lost Legacy Preorder Guide
09:37:29p FEMA ends free lodging for Louisiana flood victims
09:37:59p State Sen. Carlos Uresti pleads not guilty to fraud, bribery
09:38:56p NBC has high hopes for Megyn Kelly. But can she compete with ’60 Minutes’?
09:39:04p Winnipeg woman OK after rollover
09:39:50p Tropical Depression TWO-E Wind Speed Probabilities Number 2
09:40:13p Fog delays flights at Auckland
09:40:24p Beyond What Defines a Far Cry Game?
09:40:30p Hero dad raises to stop Seattle public schools from shaming poor children
09:40:37p Tropical Depression TWO-E Forecast Advisory Number 2
09:40:51p PSG look to dethrone Lyon in women's Champions League final
09:41:31p Elon Musk to Trump Ditch Paris deal and I'll quit as your adviser
09:41:43p Planned Parenthood We Did 328,348 Abortions, Got in Tax Dollars
09:41:48p Keri He was 'a disaster'
09:42:09p UPDATE 1-Goldman president says companies shying away from large deals
09:42:26p Wrestling Wrap Up Why We Need the Women's MITB Match
09:43:28p Do Tree-Climbing Goats Help Plant New Trees?
09:43:43p Act before time runs out, urges UNICEF, as Yemen grapples with 'unprecedented' cholera outbreak
09:44:03p Analysts Leaving climate deal likely wouldn't add US jobs
09:44:46p Calgary teacher arrested over allegations of inappropriate sexual contact with student
09:44:50p Hop on board the Shinkansen
09:44:55p Indian Navy to Induct First Scorpene Class Submarine by July-August
09:46:39p US arming Syrian militants on border with Iraq to block popular forces
09:47:00p Russia, Saudi Arabia Hail Oil Output Deal For Stabilizing World Markets
09:47:13p PlayStation Plus June Free Games Revealed
09:47:59p Indian Navy Gets Quotes From 4 Jet Makers for Billion Naval Fighter Deal
09:48:05p Potbelly CEO to leave company in August
09:48:10p The Latest Girl used machete in fatal attack on driver
09:48:53p Motor racing-Giovanazzi given F1 practice slots at Haas
09:49:13p Sound Cloud bans white nationalist Richard Spencer’s podcast
09:50:00p Putin highlights Iran's important role in Syrian ceasefire
09:50:10p IN PHOTOS Who attended Vucic's swearing-in ceremony
09:50:15p Interview Chinese-built railway pushes forward Kenya's modernization drive
09:50:20p With season over, CBS' dominance remains a constant
09:50:30p Community devastated by Melbourne schoolgirl's death in Iraq bomb attack
09:50:35p Visit Orlando board receives 2016 audit with no questions
09:51:02p Distribution Release Bodhi Linux 4.2.0
09:51:22p Touring with Mei Serene and stunning El Nido
09:51:39p New Pulse police body cam video sheds light on shooting
09:51:50p South Korea military brass deliberately kept president in dark about THAAD Probe
09:52:06p Kathy Griffin fired from CNN's New Year's Eve program
09:52:11p Trump discusses trade deficit with visiting Vietnam leader
09:52:55p Superintendent Tony Langdon describes the Melbourne Airport bomb threat drama
09:53:00p Exxon loses key climate change battle
09:53:14p Yeddyurappa vs Siddharamaiah in Karnataka polls 2018
09:53:42p India Says Defense Preparedness Necessary for Peace in the Region
09:53:51p Clinton says false stories on Facebook helped Trump win election
09:54:06p New York City police officer charged with murder in woman’s shooting
09:54:20p Death penalty in Turkey would mean end to EU accession talks Juncker
09:54:24p Major neighborhood development moving forward in Bossier City
09:54:37p Tropical Depression TWO-E Forecast Discussion Number 2
09:54:46p 10th Annual World Science Festival Kicks Off in NYC Watch the Events Online
09:54:50p The Latest UN Security Council and UN chief condemn attack
09:55:00p WATCH LIVE Gov. Rauner, legislators to hold press conference on budget
09:55:40p Thailand, China vow to push forward all-round development of military ties
09:56:00p University sorry for suggesting grads wear low-cut tops
09:56:05p Casualties reported after bomb attack in Iraq's Anbar province
09:56:51p Feds investigating after city won't allow mosque to be built
09:57:04p Facing political crisis, Trump leans on Fox News
09:57:27p Scientists discover what falling in love looks like
09:57:39p Jernigan leaving sheriff's office for city police chief post
09:57:50p Misses collide in U.S. test
09:58:20p Crook County domestic disturbance leads to standoff, suicide
09:58:26p At Least 90 Dead, Hundreds Wounded In Huge Kabul Blast
09:58:33p 'He's with me' Mourning dad, American wins at French Open
09:58:38p Rosier economy, lack of replacement give Brazil's Temer a breather
09:58:43p Second release of endangered Wyoming toads planned
09:58:48p PHOTOS Chesterfield elementary students cheer on high school graduates
09:59:07p Chearavanonts keep top spot in wealth 
09:59:29p Kenya's standard gauge railway service officially begins operations
09:59:59p Online personal shopping company Stitch Fix taps banks for IPO sources
10:01:23p The United Arab Emirates launches a plan to colonize Mars by 2117
10:02:40p SPC MD 931
10:03:48p FDA Approves Topical Antihistamine for Allergic Conjunctivitis
10:03:53p Kids with CHD Get Treated Earlier, Live Longer
10:04:23p Shocking Revelation How THAAD Entered South Korea Without President's Approval
10:04:45p Dungeon Defenders II — Release Date Trailer
10:05:49p Kathy Griffin in 2007 Accepting Emmy Award 'Suck it Jesus'
10:05:56p Report 5,500 Noncitizens Discovered on Virginia Voter Rolls
10:06:46p US probe to make unprecedented plunge into sun’s atmosphere
10:06:58p A guide to global warming, Paris pact and the US role
10:07:12p S Korea Vows to Continue to Host US THAAD Amid Probe Into Launchers Delivery
10:07:37p Mother, child escape Cape Girardeau Co. fire unharmed
10:08:15p Putin Russian meddling 'fiction' invented by Democrats
10:08:21p Rocketing house prices slowing QV
10:08:58p Liaison gives update on Redstone horse stables closure
10:09:30p Facebook's Original Programming Plans Take Shape
10:09:37p Heroes Flight homecoming WWII vets return to the ArkLaTex Wednesday
10:09:52p Blues demolish Queensland in Origin opener
10:10:06p Pair due in court over Vic teen's death
10:10:10p New Missouri voter ID laws set to take effect June 1
10:10:47p People who fail welfare drug tests may have income managed for two years
10:11:10p 'Warning signs are flashing' in crisis-torn Central African Republic, warns senior UN official
10:11:29p Head of DOJ fraud unit joins Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump and Russia
10:11:56p Will support amicable settlement of Ayodhya dispute Adityanath
10:12:01p Texas could charge people who help women get abortions
10:12:06p Fitch Ratings downgrades MetLife's Brighthouse Financial unit
10:12:14p China to terminate all military paid services by 2018
10:12:18p Marvel's Heroes Betrayed Yet Again in Secret Empire #3
10:12:38p How spring 2017 in West Michigan stacks up
10:12:45p Lower house value tax trigger sought 
10:12:49p Trial opens for man accused of abusing girl he got as a gift
10:13:01p 35 St. Louis-area convenience store owners indicted following federal raids
10:13:21p Kate Schelter simplifies fashion in 'Classic Style'
10:13:28p Crews battle fire involving two houses on Tucson's west side
10:13:58p Overwatch Official Developer Update Horizon Lunar Colony
10:14:09p Detectives believe Thurman's husband responsible for her death
10:14:29p Muskegon Catholic Central Pepper spray prompted evacuation
10:14:40p 'Oh, My Aching Back!'
10:14:54p Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Assault Map Official Trailer
10:14:58p Astros pound Twins 17-6 to complete sweep
10:16:06p Associate Fired FBI head OK'd to testify before Senate
10:16:10p Sin City TV Series in the Works
10:16:16p Supreme Court suspends wrong lawyer over 'mistaken identity'
10:16:23p Gulf Arab row rattles Trump's anti-Iran axis
10:16:29p Rep. pulls gas tax bill before House debate due to lack of support
10:16:40p Pentagon THAAD has capability to defend against missiles, will be upgraded
10:16:45p U.S. infrastructure-focused mutual funds, ETFs attract inflows in May
10:17:42p The Latest Sales, business tax may fund California health
10:17:55p Coast Guard rescues pregnant doe trapped in rocks
10:18:07p New Mexico city's fire dept. left behind in proposed budget
10:18:17p House intel committee approves issues for Mike Flynn, Michael Cohen, others in Trump-Russia probe
10:19:36p Massive US-Led Military Drills in Baltics Include Over 50 Ships, 50 Aircraft
10:19:58p Games times, broadcast info released for 1st 3 UofL football games
10:20:13p Northern Kosovo town celebrates new Serbian president
10:20:18p Increased Fiber A Key to Avoiding OA?
10:20:24p Man charged in theft of truck, lawn care equipment
10:21:00p Nielsen's top programs for May 22-28
10:21:06p Growth rate of eight infrastructure sector slips to 2.5%
10:21:12p Community devastated by Melbourne schoolgirl's death in ISIS bomb attack
10:21:52p Former French Prime Minister Investigated Over Alleged Kickbacks In 'Karachi Affair'
10:22:16p America's Cup racing postponed
10:22:33p Brazil cuts rates to 3-yr low despite political uncertainty
10:22:38p Naval Oceanography Demonstrates Capabilities in the Gulf of Mexico
10:23:03p Paris accord decision 'very soon' Trump
10:23:10p IEX to begin listing U.S. company shares in October
10:23:15p ASM Microbe New Diagnostics, Therapies Take the Stage in the Big Easy
10:24:15p Donald Trump’s Boorish Behavior With NATO Could Have Unintended Benefits
10:24:25p Fire damages PRP home
10:24:32p Trump Assails Congressional Probes of His Campaign's Links to Russia
10:24:52p New Mexico launches summer meal program for children
10:25:36p Why a Great White Shark Jumped into Man's Boat
10:25:46p Japan spruiks coal-fired power plants to fix Australia's energy crisis
10:26:05p Russia questions to go to Trump's lawyer
10:26:10p Russia fires missiles at Daesh positions outside Syria's Palmyra
10:26:15p US man divorces wife who raped him when he was 12
10:27:54p California to 'work with China' on climate
10:28:04p Holland Christian deals with fifth death in a year
10:29:13p Germany Raids Police Homes Amid Probe Into Berlin Attacker Cover Up
10:29:50p How to spell 'impressive'?
10:29:55p Weighted Blankets Harmless for Adults, Potentially Dangerous for Kids
10:30:43p Aetna to Move Headquarters Out of Connecticut
10:31:06p Columbus police need your helping finding runaway teen
10:31:32p Julian Assange exploring ways to guest host Hannity's radio program after invite
10:32:04p What Is Essential to Make It in Smartphones
10:32:11p Wisconsin looks to ease pot possession laws
10:32:18p Chronic Pain May Stem from Pain Receptors in Hiding
10:32:24p Increased AI awareness brings forum for politicians and government agencies to capital
10:32:28p David Pop-up storm chances low
10:32:32p Dad banned from Kenowa Hills graduation
10:32:44p Ex-NAACP chief Ben Jealous to run for Maryland governor
10:32:48p HUD's Carson expected to ramp up public profile
10:34:23p Rampur molestation case Two youth held, 12 nabbed so far
10:34:27p Tugung Martial law 101 for dummies
10:34:47p It Comes at Night Domestic Trailer 2
10:34:54p Secret Empire #3 Review
10:35:07p Trump says US, Vietnam signed deals worth ‘billions’
10:35:31p Baywatch Cast's Top Tips for an Awesome Beach Day
10:35:37p Boy shows officials father abusing disabled little brother
10:35:41p Salt Life now open in Uptown Columbus
10:36:30p Adelaide gets smart city advice from ex-US presidential contender
10:36:57p Tesaro Explores Sale
10:37:13p Sparing no effort to trace Kerala priest kidnapped by Islamic State Sushma Swaraj
10:37:36p The way Sean Spicer sees it
10:37:46p Notre Dame girls soccer beats Duchesne to head to state championship
10:37:51p PlayStation Plus June Free Games Revealed IGN News
10:38:36p Authorities Tip led police to armed man at DC Trump hotel
10:39:00p ASUS Republic of Gamers Strix GL702VM Review
10:39:16p The Latest Charity investigates misconduct against migrants
10:39:30p BREAKING Kapil Sharma hospitalised, here's what happened!
10:40:09p Orlando police use social media in standoff
10:41:40p Russia Successfully Tests ‘unstoppable’ 4,600mph Hypersonic Weapon Faster than ANY Global Anti-missile System
10:42:03p Minister ready for questioning by anti-graft body
10:42:14p Musk to quit advisory panels if Trump withdraws from climate deal
10:42:53p Food exhibition tipped to pull in Bt10 billion
10:43:36p Construction begins on new Chesterfield school
10:44:24p Reporters burst into laughter as Sean Spicer insists Trump didn’t misspell ‘covfefe’ tweet
10:44:38p Exit from Paris deal would put US in same camp as Nicaragua, Syria
10:44:49p Decatur rocket manufacturer opens; looking to fill new jobs
10:44:54p Farmer says gay marriage views cost him market spot
10:44:59p Hallandale Beach penthouse up for grabs for under million
10:45:39p Teen drinking falls, ice use rises in Aust
10:46:24p Ledesma Peddlers of fear
10:46:29p Foul play a possibility after body found in home following fire
10:46:59p New England's last big coal-burning power plant switches off
10:47:07p New Columbus Chick-fil-A on Manchester Expy. sets opening date
10:47:13p Special counsel clears Comey to testify on Russia probe
10:47:26p Cow slaughter ban has to be decided by states, not centre, says BJP
10:47:39p Hoax bomb threats seeking ransom faxed to businesses across the nation
10:47:52p New educational plan promises quality lifelong learning
10:48:35p Criminal expert Tiger Woods made mistake issuing statement
10:48:44p Digital India Paytm eyes 3X growth in train ticket bookings this year
10:49:27p Big man Fifita proves himself a big-game player in Origin I
10:49:32p Flynn subpoenaed by House intelligence committee
10:49:38p Trump may roll back Obama Cuba opening
10:49:55p Fort Benning welcomes new Garrison Commander
10:50:23p Sydney bus drivers declare 'Fare-free day'
10:50:28p UPDATE 1-Fitch Ratings downgrades MetLife's Brighthouse Financial unit
10:50:54p El Salvador's prisons chief charged with embezzling
10:51:05p LeBron James, after LA home vandalized 'Being black in America is tough'
10:51:17p Boy, 16, dies after Vancouver drug robbery turns deadly
10:51:22p The Latest EC leader questions Trump's grasp of Paris pact
10:51:45p Trump pulls US from Aust on Paris, trade
10:51:51p Spokane Tribe continues building casino despite opposition
10:51:59p Cyprus rival leaders agree to meet UN chief in New York
10:52:10p Yemen health system mangled as cholera bites UN envoy
10:52:21p Indian sandalwood companies begin 2017 harvest under Quintis cloud
10:52:33p Appeals court 'Habitual drunks' cannot avoid deportation
10:52:45p GM announces more layoffs
10:52:49p President sets up working unit to develop state ideology
10:53:12p Dakota Access pipeline expected to begin shipping Thursday
10:54:44p White House tells reporters Don’t broadcast audio of Sean Spicer’s off-camera press briefing
10:55:02p Police 7 Kenyan officers, 1 civilian killed in bombing
10:55:07p Summer feeding program gears towards school-aged children in need
10:55:12p Social housing demand doubles in two years
10:55:21p DEEP OCEAN DISCOVERY Faceless fish found living in unexplored abyss
10:55:27p 16-year-old girl accused of hacking Uber driver to death
10:56:02p National Infantry Museum hosts monument ceremony
10:56:58p Family getaway @ Nato’s Farm
10:57:06p Nomura bought controversial Venezuelan bonds at discount WSJ
10:58:27p Editorial Us versus them
10:58:44p See the 1st-Ever High-Speed Footage of Lightning Striking a Building
10:59:21p Memorial a home game only by location for Jason Day
10:59:32p Pelley out, Mason temporarily in as CBS evening news anchor
10:59:55p Stranger Things Star in Talks to Star in The New Mutants
11:00:30p Syria UN envoy says new France-Russia relation is helpful
11:00:55p The 15-year-old girl asking, "What am I? A victim, a witness, a survivor?"
11:01:17p La Grange man raped girls he lured with drugs, police say
11:02:00p 2 Payless ShoeSource stores in Central VA set to close sometime this year
11:02:11p 'Pink slime' defamation trial set to start in South Dakota
11:02:18p Government strengthens patrols in border areas
11:02:27p VSO Downloader
11:03:13p Stockport bikers gather to pay tribute to Manchester bombing victims
11:03:55p FOG A Free Cloning Solution 1.4.1
11:05:11p Obamas purchase D.C. house for million, new report says
11:05:59p UPDATE 2-'Hamilton' redux New York man charged in mln ticket scheme
11:06:03p Ambulance service pulling the plug in Newaygo, Oceana counties
11:06:42p Gov. Bullock signs Real ID bill
11:07:18p UPDATE 2-U.S. companies sign billions in deals with Vietnam
11:07:25p Slovak Foreign Minister elected as President of 72nd session of the General Assembly
11:07:42p COMING OUT SWINGING Clinton blames Russia for election loss to Trump
11:07:59p Pediatrician, student advocate back Labour rentals bill
11:08:11p Louisville Mayor's Office launches #Bethe1 initiative
11:08:32p Regional news briefs — June 1
11:08:43p Stosur advances at French Open, backs off Margaret Court Arena boycott
11:09:19p Deportation of Vietnamese poachers begins in Solomons
11:09:29p U.S. companies sign billions i
11:10:01p Sukhoi jet crash 2 pilots confirmed dead
11:10:15p Shark Bay blue swimmer crab season 'mind-blowing'
11:10:28p Trump team NAFTA talks can start August 16
11:11:10p Trump Is Nearing a Decision on Whether to Exit the Paris Climate Deal
11:11:19p Correction Mississippi Shooting story
11:11:24p Debate dates unsettled with weeks left in Georgia House race
11:11:34p First-home buyers winners of new housing announcement
11:12:06p Texas Governor signs Dallas, Houston pension bills
11:12:58p Iowa's GOP senators say health care law repeal unlikely
11:13:36p Tan The prayer of Hannah
11:13:42p LMDC Director Mark Bolton responds to no-confidence vote
11:13:47p 13 Turkish troops die in helicopter crash near Iraq border
11:13:59p Ethiopia Turns Off Internet Nationwide as Students Sit Exams
11:14:24p House committee issues subpoenas; Comey OK'd to testify
11:14:30p Petrol price hiked by Rs 1.23/litre, diesel by 89 paise
11:14:49p Trump abandoning global climate pact? Decision 'very soon'
11:14:59p Will the Afghan attack affect Trump's looming troops decision?
11:15:15p Cardinals release Jonathan Broxton, promote John Gant
11:15:49p Doughnut delivery by drone in Denver is a peek at the future
11:16:01p Royal National Park Breakthrough in search for Matthew Leveson
11:16:06p Facial recognition technology improves intellectual disability diagnoses
11:16:37p Massachusetts officials urge Trump to stay in climate deal
11:16:42p Aetna in talks to move its headquarters out of Connecticut
11:16:53p Tracking WA Labor's key election promises
11:17:25p The Latest Kuznetsova through to 3rd round of French Open
11:17:33p Cape Girardeau Police recall saving unborn baby one year later
11:18:09p Susan Goodwin's dying dad appeals for information about daughter's suspected murder
11:18:14p Opelika Police Department hosts Summer Youth Camp
11:18:22p Trump is second best on Twitter to Pope Francis
11:18:27p Russia keen to offer network, search services
11:18:45p ‘Mike Flynn has already flipped’ Olbermann proves Trump’s ex-adviser is likely ‘negotiating a deal’
11:19:12p Woman likely walking to Canada freezes to death in Minnesota
11:19:17p Muscogee County Catapult Academy student overcomes obstacles to graduate
11:19:51p Pens, Preds could have same lineups for Game 2 of Cup Final
11:20:16p UN condemns terrorist attack in Kabul, underscores need to protect civilians
11:20:22p New York City police officer charged with murder in woman's shooting
11:20:40p 'U-turn Queen' Theresa May under fire for debate no-show
11:20:45p Indonesia to discuss ISIS prevention with Malaysia, Philippines
11:20:49p Flood waters damage Lafourche Parish school
11:21:15p Venezuela opposition slams Goldman Sachs for billion bond purchase
11:21:22p Dog flu outbreak could be tied to DeLand show, state says
11:21:46p Solomon's province to ban plastic bags
11:22:27p   BreadTalk plans 200 stores in 7 years
11:22:43p How and When to Watch E3 2017
11:23:08p 'Mississippi Burning' district attorney chosen to be judge
11:23:48p Estimated cost for single-payer health care in California reduced by billions in analysis
11:24:05p Police put Rizieq on wanted list
11:24:17p Call Me Why Backchannels Matter
11:24:21p Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Features Exclusive Story Content
11:25:13p Atlanta hospital needs help identifying critically ill patient
11:25:24p Trump to announce decision on global climate pact soon
11:25:28p CBS move to own shows like 'MacGyver' pays off in overseas sales
11:26:22p Louisiana governor calls special legislative session as precaution
11:27:11p Jabeur juggles religion and sport at dream French Open
11:27:17p REVEALED Nunes ‘acted separately’ from House Russia probe by unilaterally issuing subpoenas on ‘unmasking’
11:27:54p Automate remote linux commands from Windows terminal using plink.
11:28:47p Openings slated for man accused of abusing 'gifted' girl
11:29:08p Museum Gallows-like sculpture to be dismantled, then burned
11:29:16p Box Office Top 20 'Pirates 5' leads slow holiday weekend
11:29:32p Trump expected to delay U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem sources
11:30:34p Ground broken on replacement for Buchanan Elementary
11:31:12p Text of grieving mother's letter to President Donald trump
11:31:46p Henrico police 2 arrested for 'sexual services' advertisement
11:32:09p Pawn shop shootout captured on surveillance video
11:33:02p Furman teammates Chen, Totland win US Women's Amateur 4-Ball
11:33:18p Corbyn ridicules May for refusing to debate as UK election race tightens
11:33:42p Wonder Woman banned by Lebanon over Israeli lead Gal Gadot
11:34:43p Father of Zynab Al Harbiya mourns loss of daughter in Baghdad bombing
11:34:50p Greerton house fire treated as suspicious
11:34:54p New deal for Wenger after Arsenal says no better alternative
11:35:10p Government to establish electronic toll collection consortium
11:35:21p Live Brandis says Government 'not pussyfooting' around terror challenge
11:36:10p Where are the cheapest and the dearest places in the world to fly
11:36:18p SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1242
11:36:38p House intel panel approves subpoenas for Trump lawyer, former top aide
11:37:36p British election May to veer from strategy of attacking Corbyn
11:37:58p Racist prom proposals spark outrage in California
11:38:04p The Latest Trump welcomes Vietnam leader to White Hous
11:38:30p The Latest Kin Charging officer in woman's death 'a start'
11:39:15p Tucson man sentenced to 37 months for stabbing
11:39:23p The Latest NY mayor Expect fair, thorough case vs. officer
11:39:33p Police search for a clothing store shoplifting suspect
11:40:14p Trump hails signing of deals worth 'billions' with Vietnam
11:40:33p Kathy Griffin loses CNN deal after photos with fake severed Trump head
11:41:37p Witnesses Armored truck driver gunned down in Mid City
11:41:54p Bourbon St. theft suspect wanted
11:42:08p Probe of university official cost more than misspending
11:42:43p Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends Report
11:42:48p Man pleads guilty in police officer's slaying, gets life
11:43:00p Posthumous marriage for slain French policeman
11:43:17p Apple “begins production of its Siri speaker”
11:43:23p Firefighters battle two-alarm fire at NW Portland apartment complex
11:44:09p Volkswagen woos BMW, Mercedes buyers in new upmarket push
11:44:15p Driver jumps out of burning truck on highway near Denver
11:44:19p 'No Snitch' philosophy deeper than fear of retribution
11:44:24p 87 houses damaged in Poso quake
11:45:36p Woman suffered injuries after a crash in McCracken County, KY
11:45:43p Cassidy wants key roll in Senate debate with health care clock ticking
11:45:47p Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2017.5.0.7538
11:45:52p The Latest Swedish envoy says climate pullout would hurt US
11:45:57p Kerikeri plant nursery to reopen after disease heartbreak
11:46:05p Mum in China abandons toddler in carpark
11:46:17p Emissions Trading Scheme needs 'big changes'
11:46:33p Man charged with critically injuring surgeon at Box Hill Hospital
11:47:01p Bounty hunters and fugitive shoot each other dead in Texas
11:47:19p Who are Mexican boy band Los Bañales Juniors from Little Big Shots?
11:47:36p Lower storm threat Thursday
11:47:59p The Long Journey Home Review
11:48:54p Macedonia's parliament endorses new government
11:49:08p Empire Cinema outside
11:49:25p Assange looking to guest host Hannity's radio program
11:49:30p Kellogg shuts distribution centres, lays off 1,000 workers
11:49:37p Bill Simmons Says ESPN Blew It By Not Embracing Tech
11:49:51p Phoenix man arrested for allegedly shooting, dumping several dogs
11:50:00p Live Brandis says Government 'not pussyfooting' around terror challenge
11:50:05p Tracking WA Labor's key election promises
11:50:39p Red River Parish remains under parish emergency declaration
11:50:57p Prey Update Adds PS4 Pro Support
11:52:12p GTA Publisher A
11:52:35p California lawmakers In lockstep with Trump
11:54:44p What Lynda thinks of 'Wonder'
11:54:57p Penalty phase begins in Orange County death penalty trial
11:55:11p Bounty hunters get their man but all three die in shootout
11:55:24p Migrants find poverty, exclusion in Chile
11:55:33p The Latest Jackson to play pre-Game 3 concert in Nashville
11:55:44p O le key o lou atanu'u o lou gagana lea
11:56:19p After injured dog in need goes viral, questions surround use of coyote traps
11:56:26p NECA's SDCC TMNT Exclusives Once Again Rule
11:56:35p Housing market could collapse on 7 percent mortgage rates
11:56:44p Review In 'The Exception,' a lion in Nazi Germany winter
11:56:48p The Long Journey Home Release Trailer
11:57:20p LeBron's focus shifted from Finals to racism after vandalism
11:57:42p Oakdale Elementary engulfed in flames
11:58:14p Fears NT businesses could go under with scrapping of tradie voucher
11:59:12p Creating an Empire as Bowral's historic regional cinema stands test of time
11:59:37p Trump expected to delay US embassy move to Jerusalem sources
11:59:42p One man dead after early morning rollover crash in Clark Co.
11:59:47p NZ and Indonesia move towards stronger defence ties
11:59:58p Donald Trump pulling US out of Paris climate deal reports