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12:00:04a Lebanon PM cancels Egypt talks with Bush W.House

12:00:09a Qatari Emir opens Lebanon crisis talks in Doha
12:00:13a Mastectomies on increase due to fear of cancer return
12:00:17a Miami man gets 10 years in jail for cancer drug company scheme
12:00:22a Man Gets 10 Years For Cancer Treatment Fraud Case
12:00:26a Runner survives the cancer marathon
12:00:30a Tooth loss linked to cancer risk
12:00:35a Is Earlier Colon Cancer Screening Wise?
12:00:39a Herceptin enhances Tykerb for breast cancer study
12:00:43a 8. A stroke of good fortune
12:00:48a 12. Cabinet wants Dr M and five others investigated
12:00:53a Pawlenty turns focus to McCain campaign as budget deadline draws near
12:00:57a Wine mogul and Minnesota native Robert Mondavi passes away in California
12:01:02a California Court says Yes to GLBT marriage, so, what will happen here?
12:01:09a 15. A political thing, says Gwo Burne
12:01:13a Another day, another record for gas prices
12:01:18a 18. Son promises dinner treat for mum
12:01:22a 20. Mukhriz cautions Malaysians against Anwar
12:01:26a California OKs Same-Sex Unions
12:01:30a Cytokinetics Announces Addition to Board of Directors
12:01:35a Art New Shows
12:01:39a Harold B. Rozzelle
12:01:43a SPORT In Brief Top Storey
12:01:47a VCUHS Selects InnerWireless Converged Wireless Solution
12:01:52a 3am Kel in for the Kill ; At the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL
12:01:56a WORLD TODAY Girl's Twin Shock ; GREECE
12:02:01a 2 arrested in connection to Ridgeland bank robbery
12:02:05a JPS Chastain survey teacher disciplined
12:02:09a Special session set for Wednesday
12:02:14a Drug bust nets 6 arrests in metro area
12:02:18a Deceased giraffe calf possibly premature
12:02:23a Mayoral candidate Caporali talks about his plans for Bakersfield
12:02:27a Supervisors hold forum on future of 4th District
12:02:32a Horse Racing's Cripple Crown? Industry Works to Prevent Fatal Injuries News
12:02:36a News Bytes of the Week Ants Invade Texas News
12:02:41a Rift between PPP, PML-N widens
12:02:45a Pakistani soldier beheaded
12:02:50a Wall Street down on surging oil, weak consumer confidence
12:02:54a Southern's Ala. nuclear reactors raise new doubts
12:02:59a Working West Virginia Zookeeper
12:03:03a Degree Scandal Changes Celebration
12:03:08a Pioneer Anomaly A Celestial Monkey Wrench
12:03:12a Starbucks CEO Schultz Returns for Turnaround
12:03:16a Woman to undergo rabies treatments
12:03:21a APD busts graffiti gang members
12:03:58a This cannot be jehad, say Jaipur's Muslims
12:04:03a Activists form suicide squads as Posco flares
12:04:07a 'A united Left Front is a must'
12:04:11a Basanti Terror's new name in troubled West Bengal
12:04:16a About a porn swami and a murderous priest
12:04:20a EC, Punjab govt in official row
12:04:24a Moles rattle Kashmir police
12:04:29a Samba, ceasefire breach force security check
12:04:33a Huckabee and Obama comment
12:04:38a Rats Infest the Duval County Courthouse Fri, 16 May 2008 232720 GMT
12:04:42a Man in crash dead, was shot
12:04:46a Curse of the Wrong Grave, Part II
12:04:50a Mason discusses admissions tax
12:04:55a Laser doc faces charges
12:04:59a Branson joins London marathon as runner and sponsor
12:05:04a Asbestos ship Otapan heads for Turkish scrapyard
12:05:08a Turkish Army supports Macedonia
12:05:12a Istanbul To Host Meeting Of ECP
12:05:16a Turkish director Ceylan returns to Cannes
12:05:21a New Method Proposed for Determining Which Patients Should Get Treatment for Colorectal Cancer
12:05:26a United Concordia Dental Celebrates National Smile Month
12:05:30a Groups sue to stop Texas border fence
12:05:35a GM reaches pact with union in Delta strike
12:05:39a Calif. wine pioneer Mondavi dies
12:05:43a Stroke outcome helped by clot-busting drug
12:05:48a Study casts doubt on high-salt diet risk
12:05:52a Kenya ICT Board Faces More Conflict Allegations
12:05:57a MSF witnesses forced return and resettlement in a camp in western Kenya
12:06:01a Man burned in 15-foot fireball at storage unit
12:06:06a Austin office goes paperless
12:06:10a Third man pleads guilty in DeKalb home invasion
12:06:14a One, Tiny Little Thing SHOW ME WHERE THIS SAYS OBAMA
12:06:19a The Dems are eating their own again NARAL reeling from Obama endorsement
12:06:23a Health Beat Researcher Studying Whether Vitamin D Fights Cancer Drug Side Effects
12:06:27a David vs Goliath American Idol Season Seven Final
12:06:32a Amusement Park Rides Are They Safe Kaitlyn Lassiter Speaks Out
12:06:36a West Desperate to Unseat President Mugabe
12:06:41a Dollar softens on weak US consumer confidence reading
12:06:45a Oil price surges to record high near US128
12:06:50a Soundbytes of the Week 5-16-08
12:06:54a Belichick opens up to CBS
12:06:58a Money Matters Scams & Spams Bogus Cashier Checks
12:07:02a Battle of Lewisburg Re-Enactment
12:07:07a Russia dominates Finland to advance to gold medal game at Worlds
12:07:11a Medvedev, Berlusconi discuss G-8 summit by phone
12:07:16a Parents try to save Music Hall's Theatre Time program
12:07:20a DIA's Graham Beal receives honorary doctorate
12:07:24a Leyland to coach at All-Star Game
12:07:28a Double-amputee sprinter ruled eligible for Beijing
12:07:33a Aftershock triggers landslides, slows China
12:07:37a Project SEARCH graduates interns in Austin
12:07:41a Student suspended over pie thrown at NYT columnist
12:07:46a France angered by Burmese delays
12:07:50a US Ships in Frustrating Wait Off Burma's Coast to Deliver Aid
12:07:55a Web Site Said to Be 'Gateway Drug' to Terror
12:07:59a Saudis Won't Increase Oil Production
12:08:03a Obama in war of words over 'appeasement'
12:08:08a MySpace granted immunity in assault case
12:08:12a Bangkok drivers use mobiles despite ban
12:08:16a PM conveys India's full support to Bhutan
12:08:24a India ready to help develop Bhutan Manmohan
12:08:29a PM receives warm welcome in Bhutan
12:08:33a PM leaves for Bhutan; aims at strengthening relationship
12:08:38a Singh Visits Bhutan to Show India Backs Its Democratic Changes
12:08:42a Chalabi's Short-Lived Comeback
12:08:46a Sanchez on Iraq Errors Don't Blame Me, I Was Just a General
12:08:51a Feinstein Seeks to Attach Guest-Worker Plan to Iraq War Funding Bill
12:08:55a Settlers, Palestinians Clash in West Bank
12:08:59a Sharif-Less Pakistani Govt Eyes Two Thirds Majority
12:09:04a Imam Slain in Swat Valley Attack
12:09:08a Israel Presses for UN to Outlaw the Term 'Nakba'
12:09:12a Dalai Lama Tibet Not Seeking Independence From China
12:09:16a Police Report Girl Was Picked Up By Stranger False
12:09:21a Expectations High For Crusaders
12:09:25a Tactix likely to play Dunn
12:09:29a A day to remember
12:09:33a No action for years on CV
12:09:37a Career in Govt stormy at start and end
12:09:42a When it pays not to work
12:09:46a Same Cullenary recipe has diners seeking a new menu
12:09:50a Generation Y just one more challenge for Labour
12:09:55a PhD not needed to know this stinks
12:09:59a IBD's Top 10 Friday
12:10:03a Motel Manager Speaks Out About Murder
12:10:08a A Quick History of WIBW
12:10:12a WIBW Partners with.... WIBW and 94.5 Country
12:10:16a Bill Self Comments on Darrell Arthur story
12:10:20a Wisconsin Official Admits Mistakes In Hiring
12:10:25a Bush administration bars drilling in Arctic wetland
12:10:30a Sustainable coffee program seen booming
12:10:34a E-prescriptions Medicine of the future
12:10:38a Police Evansville man admits to scam attempt
12:10:43a Ohio Co. man stabbed with hunting knife
12:10:47a Prices up First gas and food, now beer
12:10:52a Ellsworth says he'll vote the way the people voted
12:10:56a SOC coach says no wrong doing in grade changes
12:11:00a New rumbling from Chilean
12:11:05a Shania Twain and husband are splitting up
12:11:09a Hollywood private eye Pellicano found guilty of wiretapping
12:11:13a Aid Efforts Stymied by China, Myanmar Tragedies
12:11:18a At UN, Palestinian-Americans mark 60 years of displacement, press for resolution
12:11:22a Venezuelan opposition leader demands that Chavez clarify rebel ties
12:11:27a McCain asks staff to disclose lobbying connections
12:11:32a Health officials Reuse, mishandling of syringes linked to hepatitis C outbreak in Nevada
12:11:36a Analysis Obama reacts quickly to Bush on diplomacy
12:11:41a Russian supply ship docks to space station, delivers food, water and equipment
12:11:45a Former head of US university's cadaver program indicted for alleged body parts trafficking
12:11:50a Judge Government improperly marking some documents as classified in US treason case
12:11:54a Information on the US food stamp program
12:11:59a Correction Editorial Roundup
12:12:03a Robert Mondavi, the patriarch of California wine country, is dead at age 94
12:12:08a Ailing fugitive headed back to Maryland years after prison escape
12:12:12a Obama criticizes McCain for 'naive' foreign policy
12:12:17a Fannie Mae scraps higher down-payment requirements
12:12:21a Superintendent backs cheerleader suspension
12:12:26a Let the celebration begin; 100 years for Kenmore
12:12:30a What foreign correspondents know
12:12:39a Students from Taiwan and U.S. Win at International Science Fair
12:12:44a Morehouse College Has 1st White Valedictorian
12:13:00a DSC00434
12:13:04a JAJAH Mobile Option 3 Text message based
12:13:10a Dan's and Macey's stores going non-smoking route
12:13:22a Winnipeg's mosquito man finds it isn't easy going green
12:13:26a Ex-Boy Scout Leader Gets 10 Years For Sex Crime
12:13:31a Police Driver Hits Honda Wedging It Under Semi-Trailer
12:14:04a Ixys makes 4.50 per share offer for Zilog
12:14:09a SP 500 Leaders Laggards RDC KEY
12:14:13a Sprint Nextel offers big bonus to WiMax head
12:14:18a Hot Stocks of the Week Clear Channel, HP, Macy's
12:14:22a DJIA Leaders Laggards GM, CVX
12:14:27a Sina launches China news Web site in English
12:14:31a Finisar jumps on 4Q sales outlook, Optium deal
12:14:36a Afghanistan Taliban Resort to duping 10 year old as Suicide bomber
12:14:40a Crown falls to Kc25.04/EUR, is stronger to US dollar today
12:14:44a Forex reserves rise to 312.7 b
12:14:49a 50 Cent 'To Sign 300million Dollar Rupert Murdoch Myspace Deal'
12:14:53a Dollar falls against euro on industrial production data
12:14:57a Fuel costs, forex loss may hit Jet Airways
12:15:06a FLW Outdoors Announces Multi-Million Dollar Investment in Collegiate Bass Tournament Circuit for 200
12:17:05a Shakespeare with a twist
12:17:10a Business students offer classy 'Evening at the View'
12:17:14a More of everything at the Seniors Expo
12:17:18a The Brison clause
12:17:23a New Youth Center Opens on the First Coast Fri, 16 May 2008 225338 GMT
12:17:27a Football Star Sidelined After Alcohol-Related Incident Fri, 16 May 2008 235310 GMT
12:17:32a VIDEO Little Lake Butte des Morts Body Identified
12:17:36a VIDEO Arrest Made In Resch Center ATM Theft
12:17:41a VIDEO Washington Island Is The Road Less Traveled
12:17:46a MetroFi threatens to turn off Wi-Fi in Portland
12:17:50a Portland man sentenced in child pornography case
12:17:54a Eat Go on, eat your carrots!
12:17:59a See Stars in a mush
12:18:03a Eat Holiday pies
12:18:07a TRAVEL D-Day revisited
12:18:11a READ History of your own
12:18:16a READ Curiously enduring
12:18:20a READ Heart-wrenching reads
12:18:25a THINK Hobby clubs the rage again
12:18:29a What Heavenly white asparagus
12:18:33a CATCH Air Supply and WWF join hands
12:18:38a Do Giving baseball a lift
12:18:42a Play Go to war and win a friend
12:18:46a Hear Searing Angela
12:18:51a US Treasury Secretary Says Credit Markets Slowly Returning to Normal and finance
12:18:55a We're Skating on Plastic Ice
12:18:59a WALES Delight As Recycling Plant Plan Scrapped
12:19:04a LETTER AGENDA Why We Are Saying No to Fluoride in Our Water
12:19:08a Joint Power One Step Closer
12:19:13a NORTH TODAY Pollution Fine ; COURT
12:19:17a PM hopes Bhutan will remain free from anti-India elements
12:19:22a Nepal school threatened for closure for teaching Vandematram
12:19:26a Asia Financiers Looking Askance at Western Banks
12:19:31a THE LUXE SURVEY Collective Souls
12:19:35a Consulting firm says sale of government operations won't affect business
12:19:40a Independent estimate cuts cost of Census contract almost in half
12:19:44a Bill would give National Archives greater reach in electronic records management
12:19:48a Key Dems seek to withhold funding for DHS satellite office
12:19:52a Sonangol Acquires 49,9 Percent of Millennium Angola's Capita
12:19:56a Lawmakers concerned over Charter's Web tracking
12:20:01a Montgomery schools will see cuts
12:20:25a MetroFi Considers Sale
12:20:45a Police Informant in Fatal Pot Raid Revealed
12:21:12a Concerns Over Posse Comitatus Violations
12:22:19a Lingam video clip Commission's report Laws may have been broken, says Zaid
12:22:23a Video clip is genuine, says panel
12:22:28a Pizza deliveryman beaten in Delaware
12:22:32a Synchrogenix founder named woman of year
12:22:41a Delta-NWA merger benefits could take years
12:22:45a Norman's public arts are receiving support
12:23:02a Law and Order
12:23:06a Campaign donation limits are repealed
12:23:32a Interstate billboard dismantled after 8 year legal battle
12:23:37a State Buyouts Include Tuition, Health Coverage
12:23:42a Bible Park May Be Built Outside Rutherford Co.
12:23:47a EU to rule on pesticide use
12:23:51a Gregoire's disputed pesticide panelist resigns
12:23:56a Beer Distribution Workers Go On Strike
12:24:00a MGM Grand Celebrates Grand Opening
12:24:05a Fog in Auckland not hampering flights
12:24:09a Ambassador warned over Zimbabwe hospital visit
12:24:13a US to stop adding emergency oil stockpile
12:24:18a England openers seize control of test from New Zealand
12:24:22a Blues keep semifinal hopes alive in Super 14 thriller
12:24:27a More safety barriers around Wellington landslip
12:24:32a MySpace sexual assault suit dismissed
12:24:36a Age of pregnant FLDS 'girls' disputed
12:24:40a Exhibit draws attention to chronic fatigue syndrome
12:24:44a Eating before and after exercise can boost body's potential
12:24:49a Greg Jackson Give body regular ‘tuneups'
12:24:53a Chronic fatigue syndrome continues to be misunderstood, but agencies trying to raise awareness
12:24:57a Nominee for F.E.C. Withdraws
12:25:05a Obama Links Bush and McCain on ‘Failed Policies’
12:25:09a Former Arabic School Principal Faces Suit
12:25:35a Rally for tougher prosecution of animal cruelty set Monday
12:25:44a bf/lja
12:25:49a Kuwait votes for a new parliament
12:25:53a Friday's Canadian Briefs
12:25:57a U.S. to give N. Korea 500,000 tons of food aid+
12:26:19a UK military transport aircraft destroyed in Iraq last year fell victim to insurgent bombs
12:26:24a NETHERLANDS Nigerians seek damages from Shell over pollution
12:26:28a DOE Will Not Enter Into Contracts for Continued SPR Fill
12:26:33a IMF chief claims worst of financial crisis is over
12:26:38a House OKs bill granting right of access to information
12:26:42a EC prods RP on cooperation accord
12:26:46a Only minor changes in Cabinet
12:26:51a TVIRD undertakes Zambo mine rehab
12:26:55a World Telecommunications and Information Society Day
12:26:59a Pacquiao oversleeps but training is right on track
12:27:03a Hapee, Burger in KO game
12:27:08a Starbucks to pay 3 million in mileage reimbursement suit
12:27:13a US monitoring China's nuclear sites after quake
12:27:21a Nintendo's latest game wants you off the couch
12:27:25a Daytime's 'The View' to go backstage for 1 show
12:27:29a Behind the scenes of Wade's offseason workout regimen
12:27:33a DeVotchKa creates `big drunken tuba party'
12:27:38a White House Notebook No question, Bush not doing Q&A
12:27:42a Food prices use your loaf
12:27:47a Every little helps as shoppers think again
12:27:51a The free laptop is a great incentive if you can get it
12:27:55a The 10p flip heads you win, tails you lose
12:28:00a 'They dangle the bait, hook you in, and then leave you high and dry'
12:28:04a More pain as tracker deals lose their sheen
12:28:08a Capital letters
12:28:13a I remember when it was all about sandal-wearing, Guardian readers
12:28:17a Bankruptcy applications up by 12% as downturn bites
12:28:22a Ofwat seeks more choice on tap
12:28:26a 15. Better late than never, says Wan Azizah
12:28:31a 18. KL-Singapore shuttle service ends on June 1
12:28:35a 19. PM's Department lodges police report against media
12:28:40a Slimming Down Your Dog
12:28:44a Flash Flood Washes Away Protective Wall
12:28:48a Slimming Suggestions For Cats
12:28:53a Truck Hits 3 Metro Passengers on Sidewalk
12:28:57a Mother facing charges after leaving baby in car parked at cemetary
12:29:01a Willie Nelson, Hammersmith Apollo, London
12:29:06a London conference points to progress
12:29:10a Whitehall Jewelers Holdings, Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2007 Operating
12:29:14a Jason Cowley named as New Statesman editor
12:29:19a More farms gets bluetongue drug
12:29:23a Lawmakers concerned over Charter's Web tracking
12:29:28a Feds plan NPR-A lease sale, protect lake
12:29:33a Firm wins limited coal-bed drilling permit for Mat-Su
12:29:38a Man threatens to set self on fire
12:29:42a State cancels border camera request for now
12:29:46a Man loses leg on train tracks in Garrison
12:29:51a Mt. Vernon man convicted of murder; 2nd jury still out
12:29:55a Police Westchester merchants bought food stamps at discount
12:30:00a Fearing Inflation Brazil Gets Ready to Hike Interest Rates
12:30:04a Dive team takes advantage of high water to perform drills
12:30:08a US housing data mixed; consumer confidence slumps
12:30:13a US stocks cut losses as oil shoots up
12:30:17a Firm vows to soon finish repair of Alabang viaduct
12:30:22a National athletes moving to PhilSport's Brent site
12:30:26a Elderly Lubbock Woman Escapes Fire
12:30:31a Lubbockites React to FBI Raid At City Hall
12:30:35a Police Start Enforcement of New Sex Offender Ordinance
12:30:40a Rescued Dogs Need New Homes
12:30:44a Congress Passes Farm Bill, President Expected to Veto
12:30:49a Bean Blossom fire today rekindles memories of 1970 fire on same site
12:30:53a Waterbeds and flat-screen TVs Dairy farmers pamper cows to boost milk output
12:30:59a Earthquake China to Probe School Construction Due to High Children Death Rate
12:31:06a Raw British Soccer Fans Attack Police After Loss
12:31:10a Treasurys fall amid more anxiety about inflation
12:31:14a DVL, Inc. Reports Results of Operations for the Quarter Ended March 31, 2008
12:31:19a Coleman Provides Solution for Disposal of Single-Use Propane Cylinders
12:31:23a Cossette Communication Group Announcement
12:31:28a Hovnanian Announces Pricing of Notes
12:31:32a In PA, Home Prices Falling Plus Unemployment Rising Could Equal Further Foreclosures
12:31:36a Tigers' pitching prospect off to 8-0 start
12:31:40a Big Brown gets red-carpet treatment at Pimlico
12:31:45a American Axle negotiators called back to Detroit
12:31:49a Westbound I-94 has reopened near airport
12:31:54a Moore 'Fahrenheit 9/11' follow-up is not a sequel
12:31:58a Lebanon in Crisis Choufeit's Bloody Pentecost
12:32:03a All the News That Fits—In 500 words or a Graphic
12:32:07a Myanmar and why they should fear us
12:32:12a Records Missing From State Mental Health Department
12:32:17a 3.1-Magnitude Earthquake Reported In Southwest Alabama
12:32:21a Oakman To Unveil New Memorial
12:32:25a Parents allege contractor offered items from school
12:32:30a Hall County Jailer Arrested In Child Porn Investigation
12:32:34a Editorial Speed it up
12:32:38a Opinion The delicate issue of reforms behind borders
12:32:43a Comment 60 years of the Palestinian 'catastrophe'
12:32:47a Johan Jaaffar A paean to the old-fashioned creation... books
12:32:52a Traffic diverted Body found on 211 near Mollala
12:32:57a To apply for hybrid HOV lane application
12:33:01a Race issue will fade by November, Roy Romer says
12:33:19a Boy Steals & Crashes Grandma's Pickup Truck Fri, 16 May 2008 235206 GMT
12:33:24a Invaders musselling in
12:33:28a Drug-test every worker, says police chief
12:33:33a Learning monkey business
12:33:37a Climbing their way out of a man's world
12:33:41a Planning can make events in our pleasant land even greener
12:33:46a Jodi killer Mitchell loses appeal
12:33:50a Murray 'deplores' the actions of fans on night of violence
12:33:55a Hazard warning as drivers show dangerous ignorance
12:34:03a 'Frightening' future must be avoided to retain the integrity of planet we share
12:34:07a Murder accused 'said blacks should be shot' – witness
12:34:12a Scottish businessman donates two boats to Burma as hospital ships
12:34:16a Homeowners face paying hundreds more a month for their mortgages
12:34:20a Farming must be part of fight against climate change
12:34:25a Severed-head killer on run after trip to supermarket
12:34:29a Mentally ill man who killed father is sent to Carstairs
12:34:34a 'Outraged' Kirk attacks violence in Zimbabwe
12:34:38a New war of words over support for Colombian rebels
12:34:43a It's no joke as breakaway venues fail to find backer
12:34:47a Toxic strain of bug kills two in separate hospitals
12:34:52a Journey into heart of darkness to reach the women and children
12:34:56a Scotland 'needs to plan 25 years ahead on floods'
12:35:00a Wind farm would be 'catalyst for change'
12:35:05a Zimbabwe announces date for presidential poll run-off
12:35:09a Officials vow to punish those responsible for shoddy schools
12:35:13a Women can scale any mountain
12:35:17a Complaints force iconic Fringe venue to reduce size
12:35:22a ALAN WILLIAMS Chattin' with Chesney
12:35:26a Tennessee dealerships taking up arms in modern-day gas wars
12:35:30a Gas prices squeeze budget for cops in Blount County
12:35:35a Four E. Tennessee teens charged with burglary
12:35:39a Marathon Funds Ends Pact With Gas Argentino
12:35:44a Judge Reprimanded For Treatment Of Illegal Immigrants
12:35:48a Winemaker Legend Passes Away
12:35:52a US lawyers want 9/11 charges dropped
12:35:56a BRIEF Judge Cans 'Girls Gone Wild' Order
12:36:01a Ubuntu's Pipe Dream True Free Software Syncronicity
12:36:05a BRIEF 4 HURT IN PILEUP Three-Car Wreck Slows Traffic on Pass Road
12:36:09a Get Wise to Beat Drought Dangers ; Gardening
12:36:14a The recession business
12:36:54a Saudis Rebuff Bush on Oil
12:36:58a Bailout Infuriates Tenants
12:37:03a US to Send Food to North Korea
12:37:07a US monitoring China's nuclear sites after quake North ...
12:37:11a US Airways Pilots Union Disapproves Of Possible United Combo
12:37:16a • US military deaths in Iraq war at 4078 5/15/2008, 802 pm EDT
12:37:20a rsaquo;rsaquo; US supplies groups directly in Myanmar
12:37:25a Eddie J. Smith  Â
12:37:29a Where to catch Olympic action in the USA
12:37:34a Nasdaq-listed firm invests US50m in new facility
12:37:38a CVS trial Exec's assistant questioned payments for Celona
12:37:49a Unlawful Killings Continue In Afghanistan
12:38:02a Man Found Shot Near His Disabled Car
12:38:07a Disabled Jockeys Fund Receives 500,000
12:38:11a Disabled athletes compete
12:38:15a Race trumps gender as bigger handicap
12:38:19a After system meltdown, Pace chief promises better for disabled riders
12:38:23a Disabled Vet Wins Bid To Not Redeploy
12:38:28a Shuvee Handicap Brings out Rite Moment
12:38:32a Myths On How To Save At The Pump 16 May 2008 193156 GMT
12:38:36a Wife of Late Husband Receives Big Gift 16 May 2008 191241 GMT
12:38:40a Space Station Crew Welcomes New Cargo Ship
12:38:45a SpaceX Targets Late June for Next Rocket Launch Attempt
12:38:49a $100,000 reward for 2006 cabbie murder
12:38:53a Delray food, clothing drive begins Monday
12:38:58a Tapanes guilty of manslaughter, faces 30 years in prison
12:39:02a With city water low, West Palm Beach draws from backup source
12:39:06a Physical Vs Occupational Therapy Differences in the Field of Elder Care
12:39:20a Croatian woman's dead body in flat remains unnoticed for 35 years
12:39:25a Op-Ed Seattle Times Claims 'Hitler's Demands Not Unreasonable'
12:39:29a Bush God told me to invade Iraq
12:39:34a Woman smuggled Nigerian baby to get British home
12:39:38a FDIC Grows Wary of Brokered Deposits
12:39:42a Help! We're Running Out Of Internet!
12:39:46a Willie Walsh European Trend Setter
12:39:51a Same Sex Couples Common in the Wild
12:39:55a Russian cargo ship docks with the ISS report
12:40:00a National Intelligence Director 'We try not to refer to 'jihad' as something that's bad'
12:40:04a 'Um, what I meant to say was...'
12:40:08a Michael Totten on Michael Yon's New Book Dan Collins
12:41:02a South Korea bird flu bypasses humans
12:41:07a Bird flu spreads in Darjeeling
12:41:11a US experts to research Vietnamese's anti-H5N1 ability
12:41:16a Researchers Pandemic readiness demands mix of antivirals
12:41:20a Indonesia Indonesia Rebuffs WHO, Hands Bird Flu Data To New Public Database Instead
12:41:25a Novavax Completes Enrollment in Phase I/IIa Pandemic Influenza ...
12:41:29a USA Swimming hopes for quick settlement to swimsuit case
12:41:34a Judge delays first Guantanamo war crimes trial
12:41:38a Parents want to flush N.C. school's potty policy
12:41:42a Cops say boy, 8, took car for ride, caused crash
12:41:47a Abercrombie profit edges up on sales increase/t
12:41:55a Motorsport Loeb leads in Sardinia
12:41:59a John Dvorak's Second Opinion Carl Icahn will destroy Yahoo
12:42:08a Washington Calendar Washington events for May 19 23
12:42:12a Shareholders accuse Yahoo of concealing parts of lawsuit
12:42:16a Top Ten The week's top news and analysis, May 12-16
12:42:21a U.S. to stop sending oil to strategic reserves
12:42:39a DBZ demo Bursts onto XBL, PSN
12:42:44a Family Game Night at EA's house
12:42:48a Mass Effect PC golden
12:42:52a LucasArts exits ESA
12:42:56a 599 MGS4 HLE bundle online-exclusive
12:43:01a Quadrant announces layoffs amid housing slump
12:43:09a Florida Regulator Lifts Allstate Suspension; Continuing Compliance Required
12:43:13a Urey terms as 'lies' Moses Blah
12:43:17a Wild parakeets in South Florida now the bane of birders, utilities
12:43:22a Pres. Sirleaf, cabinet for Grand Cape Mount
12:43:26a Pres. Sirleaf unhappy with Protocol Officers
12:43:31a Florida East Coast Railway looking to cut 48 positions
12:43:35a Liberty Party nullifies
12:43:40a Algeria opens up on terrorism attacks
12:43:44a Florida unemployment rate steady
12:43:49a JU names new dean of business school
12:43:53a Film Festival opens with
12:43:58a Hawaii-based soldier dead after grenade attack in Iraq
12:44:02a Hawaii gasoline prices now ninth highest
12:44:07a Volcano sparks smog alert in Hawaii
12:44:11a Hawaii's congressional delegation praises farm bill
12:44:16a Hawaii hotels post occupancy increases
12:44:21a 'Vog' warning as volcanic haze lingers over Hawaii
12:44:25a Hawaii farmers urged to respond to ag census
12:44:29a Hawaii carpenters see work dry up as projects stall
12:44:34a Hawaii Kai pedestrian critically injured
12:44:38a Hawaii Medical Center introduces specialized team
12:44:42a Hawaii nonprofits to get help from Altres
12:44:47a 6 mass layoffs of Hawaii workers in Q1
12:44:51a Hawaii expatriates in Washington state love paddling
12:44:56a Diver recovers body of Maine lobsterman
12:45:00a 3.1-Magnitude Quake Reported In Alabama
12:45:05a Money raised for Africa 'goes to civil wars'
12:45:09a UK Bomb The BASF
12:45:13a Senate Moves Forward on Orwellian H.R. 1955
12:45:17a Two Chinook Copters At Boeing Plant Vandalized
12:45:22a ScarJo Live
12:45:27a Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury pleads for Britons' release in Iraq
12:45:31a Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai to return for second round
12:45:36a Iraq banks on religious travel
12:45:40a Time for India and Bangladesh to work together
12:45:44a Troj/FakeVir-BE
12:45:49a Myanmar denounces French
12:45:53a France urges stronger UN action on Myanmar
12:45:57a Waltz Explodes at Cannes
12:46:01a Cannes Competitors Can Yell
12:46:05a A Cartoon At Cannes
12:46:10a French data upgrades 2007 growth to 2.2 percent, minister
12:46:14a In Lebanon, Sectarian Tensions May Endure Even if Political Deal is Reached east
12:46:19a Canada contributes 1 million to Red Cross emergency quake relief in China
12:46:30a Parents want to flush N.C. school's potty policy
12:47:24a For Officers’ Survivors, a Long Wait for Benefits
12:48:09a Heading out on the water? Have fun, but be safe
12:48:14a Obama rips Bush, McCain over 'attacks'
12:48:18a Two charged in shooting on Interstate 90
12:48:23a Red Sox minor leaguer being treated for lymphoma
12:48:27a Tri-State Paycheck
12:48:31a UN undeterred in facing challenges, Secretary-General tells future leaders
12:48:36a UN sustainable development forum ends with call for more investment in research
12:48:40a Goalkeeper Hildebrand dropped from Germany's Euro 2008 squad
12:48:44a Citi reviews options for retail banking in Germany
12:48:49a NCTA's The Cable Show 2008 Exhibitor Profile for The Media Audit
12:48:53a Insider Auditor found her breaking point
12:48:58a Audit critical of Rutgers spending
12:49:02a Chicago State officials again improperly made purchases, audit shows
12:49:07a Audit questions aid program for NJ cities
12:49:11a OSCE Center, Tajik Presidential administration chair discussion on labor migration Â
12:49:16a LEAD U.S. turns tolerant of Japan's release of imported rice+
12:49:20a Jihadist recruitment ring convicted in France
12:49:25a BIDEN Issues Statement on U.S.-North Korea Food Aid Announcement
12:49:29a S. Korea., New Zealand agree to start talks on FTA
12:49:33a U.S. releases plan to give 500,000 tons of food aid to N. Korea reports
12:49:42a U.S. releases plan to give 500,000 tons of food aid to N. Korea report
12:49:46a U.S. to give N. Korea 500,000 tons of food aid
12:49:50a US should let Japan sell its US rice NGO
12:49:55a French UN ambassador hits out at Burma
12:49:59a US announces deal to send food to North Korea? ? 1 hr ago
12:50:04a This side up: living walls come to Chelsea
12:50:21a Stocks claw back to end day flat, but up big for the week
12:50:26a The Devil Wears Prada, Also Athletes?
12:50:30a Robert Mondavi is dead at age 94
12:50:34a Cascade Steel workers initiate work slowdown
12:50:39a Highway 6 restricted to a single lane due to crash
12:50:44a West Linn elementary school premieres prize winning safety video at OMSI
12:50:48a Portland's experiment with free Wi-Fi appears headed for the digital graveyard
12:50:53a Wildlife Photog Gets Best Bird Shots
12:50:57a White House on Nazi smear Who, us?
12:51:02a The Daily Show on The GOP's New Advertising Campaign
12:51:06a Common Threads–The Mother's Day Project
12:51:10a McCain's Hypocrisy on Hamas
12:51:15a No Signs of Storm Damage at UT Graduations
12:51:19a Thousand-dollar trees damaged in storm
12:51:24a Lawmakers to examine e-mail from VA employee in Texas
12:51:28a Thousands gathered to pay tribute to fallen soldiers
12:51:33a Texas not seeking death penalty over 1983 KFC killings
12:51:37a Suspect killed, car theft foiled
12:51:42a Man charged with cheating businessman of RM5.5m
12:51:47a Trader looking for missing wife
12:51:51a More awards for yet-to-be-opened villa
12:51:56a Stamps in honour of St John Ambulance
12:52:00a RM350,000 jewellery stolen from car
12:52:05a Huckabee apologizes for Obama gun joke
12:52:09a Get Energy Smart NYSERDA
12:52:13a Albany teen found guilty of murder
12:52:17a Plan to privatize more of Arsenal announced
12:52:22a Fans of First 48 Fight to Keep Memphis a Part of Show
12:52:26a Armed Robbery of Convenience Store Caught on Tape
12:52:31a Mary Winkler Breaks Her Silence
12:52:35a Italy Arrests Nearly 400 Hundred Immigrants
12:52:40a 3 NJ sex offenders charged with using MySpace, Facebook
12:52:44a Iconic Coppertone Girl sign may be reborn on Biscayne
12:52:48a Reform spells change for Portugal
12:53:04a Rock Band Scores Another Full Album Band Scores Another Full Album
12:53:09a On the DLC Assault Heroes 2 the DLC Assault Heroes 2
12:53:13a The Incredible Hulk Smashing Gameplay Clips Incredible Hulk Smashing Gameplay Clips
12:53:17a Siren Blood Curse Trailer Blood Curse Trailer
12:53:21a PixelJunk Eden Video Eden Video
12:53:25a SingStar Superstars Day Five Superstars Day Five
12:53:29a Play safe over the May 2-4 weekend
12:53:34a Killzone 2 Videos 2 Videos
12:53:38a Shots from Siren Blood Curse from Siren Blood Curse
12:53:42a Behemoth laptops bound into view laptops bound into view
12:53:47a Loeb takes early lead in Rally of Italy
12:53:51a Recession-proof travel
12:53:56a South Beach a budget backpacker's hotspot
12:54:00a Nintendo set to launch "Wii Fit" exercise game
12:54:05a Moore 'Fahrenheit 9/11' follow-up is not a sequel
12:54:21a US delays Guantanamo war crimes trial pending Supreme Court ruling
12:54:48a Bin Laden Palestinian cause at heart of al
12:55:03a Man laying on tracks loses one leg
12:55:08a Video Finding strength in numbers
12:55:12a Video Bubaris trial to begin soon
12:55:16a Video Man rescued from trench collapse
12:55:21a Video Horse show close to home
12:55:37a House explosion causes multiple injuries in McKinney
12:56:30a Perkins Wins Ivy League Player of the Year
12:56:34a Court Ruling Not a Complete Victory for Gay Rights
12:56:39a Magowan Stepping Down as Giants Managing Partner
12:56:43a City Nixes Capitol Mall Memorial Day Flag Demonstration
12:57:15a 'Sunshine Drug' May Curb Breast Cancer
12:57:20a Food Porn Addiction
12:57:52a 3 Small Brush Fires Quickly Extinguished
12:58:34a Mass of sturgeon at Bonneville Dam mystifies scientists
12:58:38a Small Quake Rattles Alabama Town
01:01:21a Chipmaker's TV connection
01:01:25a Property assets
01:01:29a Sotheby's still down
01:01:34a Why farms must change to save the planet
01:01:38a Anger as Manchester to be denied celebration if United win Champions League
01:01:43a Stephen McGinty Colour rears its ugly head in White House race
01:01:47a Rugby player who assaulted Polish man in toilet faces jail
01:01:51a Photo gallery Olympian Michael Phelps
01:02:10a Smell is a stinker of a problem
01:02:14a Village hit by closures
01:02:19a Blitz on drivers in town centre
01:03:08a SMF Energy Corporation Expands Exclusive Distribution Agreement for
01:03:12a FEMA Says Hurricane Victims Won
01:03:16a Bizarre pulsar just gets stranger
01:03:21a Quake May Hurt China
01:03:25a High Gas Prices Aren
01:03:30a Pilot Whales Are 'Cheetahs of the Sea,' Study Finds
01:03:35a Giant Bug, Rocket Man, Baby Croc, More
01:03:39a Man with explosives detained during EU-LAC summit Peru's police working efficiently
01:03:48a Flyers receive mixed news
01:03:52a Soldier laid to rest
01:03:56a Chennai waiter now a civil servant
01:04:00a A stroke of good fortune
01:04:04a SPIRITUAL SITES Hamidiye Mosoue unique architecture with a sultan's touch
01:04:09a Rent a week
01:04:13a Truffle kerfuffle grips Italy as rival takes root
01:04:17a Master of disguise
01:04:22a Hebron is a ghost town where joggers carry automatic rifles
01:04:26a Are we with the Germans or the Irish?
01:04:31a Waitrose targets market towns
01:04:35a BA profits hit £900m but fares rise
01:04:40a Stop-go BMW gets the green light
01:04:44a Man jailed for setting fire to girlfriend
01:04:48a Polygamy sect's pregnant 'teens' confuse case
01:04:53a Russian rescue team arrives in quake-hit Sichuan
01:04:57a Cafu announces return to Brazil
01:05:01a Leading tennis players to vie for Istanbul title
01:05:06a 400 Cobra members guard Austria during Euro 2008
01:05:10a Kenya soccer officials agree to rescue national team
01:05:14a S Africans urged to make 2010 World Cup a success
01:05:19a Dominican presidential election closed
01:05:23a Marine found shot dead near L.A.
01:05:27a Official CPC and Hu welcome visit of KMT chairman
01:05:32a Indiana Jones Makes Archeology Popular Again
01:05:36a Iraq offers amnesty to militants in Mosul
01:05:40a Yahoo seeks to conceal parts of lawsuit
01:05:45a Senesco Technologies Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2008 Financial...
01:05:49a All the President's Nazis An Open Letter to Bush
01:05:54a Lieberman On Bush Comparing Democrats To Nazi Appeasers ‘The President Got It Exactly Right
01:06:02a Officers, neighbors react to police chief choice 858 PM
01:06:07a After son's death, mom makes mission of buckling up 802 PM
01:06:12a Police accused of cover up
01:06:16a Jack Rayner dies
01:06:21a Man threatens to set himself alight
01:06:25a TV3 denies its ads are loud
01:06:29a Semifinal hopes uncertain
01:06:34a Fog causing problems on the roads
01:06:38a Bush to discuss security with Bulgarian prime minister
01:06:43a McGovern joins Obama at rally
01:06:47a UVM Breaks Ground on Jeffords Hall
01:06:51a CSC Scales Back Expansion Plans
01:06:56a Turbine Project Winds Down
01:07:00a New Farm Rules Designed to Protect the Lake
01:07:05a Planning A Big Lake Champlain Celebration
01:07:09a Bronx man indicted in police officer shooting
01:07:14a Fires, record heat ease across Sonoma County
01:07:18a Contract extension pleases Braun, team
01:07:23a Breast Cancer Showhouse unites designers, donors
01:07:27a Sit in the sun in snazzy furniture
01:07:32a South side district wants flowers everywhere
01:07:36a 'Gap' insurance coverage can help buyers avoid lien hassles
01:07:41a Gatherings Volunteers deserve thanks, and dinner
01:07:45a Garden clubs are blossoming
01:07:49a Cubs beat Pirates again, 7-4
01:07:54a Flyleaf postpones tonight's show
01:07:59a Two dozen arrested in narcotics sting
01:08:03a Online Banking Could Boost Your Savings Balance
01:08:07a Yahoo tries to conceal parts of suit
01:08:12a Construction industry feels squeeze
01:08:16a Crash blocks Wellington tunnel
01:08:21a Hitching teen victim of sex attack
01:08:25a Australian politician suggests force against Myanmar leaders
01:08:30a Bush oil plea rejected by Saudis
01:08:34a Gadaffi says European states involved in murder
01:08:39a UN anti-torture committee points at Indonesia
01:08:43a Gujarat police raid Internet cafes for bomb evidence
01:08:48a Georgia sends envoy to ease tensions with Russia
01:08:52a Two patients have died inScotland
01:08:57a No-one hurt as bomb rocks Norway embassy in Nepal
01:09:01a Santhosh Madhavan admitted to MC Chest Hospital
01:09:06a Obama criticizes McCain for
01:09:10a not a fashion diva at home
01:09:14a Syringe reuse linked to hepatitis C outbreak
01:09:19a Home to Roma, And No Place for Them
01:09:23a Old Firm rivals but firmest of friends
01:09:28a Chronic disease management improve health and save money
01:09:32a Rich-poor divide widening, says Chandy
01:09:36a Chemist gets life for hubby
01:09:41a Measles outbreak spreads to Pinal County
01:09:45a Man who killed self, brother had stress disorder, wife says
01:09:50a Bashas' stops making deliveries
01:09:54a 30 light-rail sections fixed at cost of 600K
01:09:58a Inmate who died in Eyman prison OD'd on heroin
01:10:03a Robert Mondavi, California wine pioneer, dies at 94
01:10:07a Texas assesses whether sect 'girls' are adults
01:10:12a AP 400 healthy racehorses killed each year in Puerto Rico
01:10:16a On May 17th Raise Your Mugshots for 'Sober Day USA'
01:10:25a Offbeat Friday flotsam and jetsam
01:10:30a UK Iraqi bombs not accident damaged plane in 2007
01:10:34a This has to stop
01:11:02a Most Effective Initial Therapy For HIV-1 Infection Identified
01:11:07a HIV/AIDS Steering Committee convenes orientation meeting
01:11:11a Weight Loss Aids May Pose Heart Risk
01:11:16a Using spit as weapon gets man with HIV 35 years
01:11:20a State Employees getting Pay Raises
01:11:24a Wine But Not Dine?
01:11:29a Post Traumatic Stress Claims Stafford County Marine
01:11:33a Immigrant Teacher Inspires Others
01:11:42a Fairfax County Teacher Charged With Assaulting Student
01:11:47a Ishiba OK with SDF dispatch to Sudan
01:11:51a North and South Reach Peace Deal On Oil-Rich Region
01:11:56a Displaced Want Better Services
01:12:18a MacGill claims four, Jamaica reaches 297
01:12:22a Cuba wants to prepare citizens for modern life, government
01:12:27a Puerto Rico Horses Put Down
01:12:31a Two houses destroyed in McKinney gas-line explosion
01:12:36a Switzerland returns plundered Constable painting to Jewish family
01:12:41a Royal signals bid to lead French Socialists
01:12:45a Rain ruins testing in France
01:12:49a Mathis leads at 14-under 2 rounds into BMW Charity Pro-Am
01:12:54a Building material company to bring 40 jobs to Marion County
01:12:58a Lancaster man found dead in his home
01:13:03a Federer eases into Hamburg semis
01:13:07a Federer, Djokovic and Nadal cruise into Hamburg tennis semis
01:13:11a Federer, Djokovic ease into Hamburg semis
01:13:15a Federer, Djokovic reach Hamburg Masters semifinals
01:13:19a Nadal, Federer coast in Hamburg
01:13:23a Federer cruises through at Hamburg
01:13:28a Pawlenty strikes down two bills and also approves Abigail Taylor law
01:13:32a Mike's Backyard BBQ with Wolfgang Puck
01:13:36a Anacortes fights to block construction of cell tower
01:13:41a Popular Kitsap County pool in danger of closing
01:13:49a Little League Football Team's Equipment Stolen
01:14:05a Look who's defending an HIV-infected spitter
01:14:09a Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty Crack, Cat & Mice Video WHY?!
01:14:26a No holds barred Amy and Blake's mothers go to war over the couple's downfall
01:14:31a We covered up Iraqi bomb attack which destroyed a £30million Hercules, admits MoD
01:14:35a Now NHS doctors refuse to carry out late abortions on moral grounds
01:14:41a Aerial adventures where family pride grows on trees
01:14:46a FDA Warns of Drug's Birth Defect Risk
01:14:50a Men with RA at increased risk for heart trouble
01:14:54a Sevillanas when feet fly at 10,000 steps an hour
01:14:58a Texas assesses whether sect 'girls' are adults
01:15:23a Read This, Then Go Out and Have a Beer
01:15:31a Fed Asks to Pay Interest Now
01:15:36a Fannie, Freddie Called Weak in Capital Base
01:15:40a UPS Extends Big Brown Sponsorship
01:15:48a State's No. 1 Birth Defect Complicates Baby Boys' Lives
01:15:53a Police Patrols Increase Amid Gang Violence
01:15:57a Energy-Efficient Bulbs Can Be Dangerous To Clean Up
01:16:02a Audit Security Workers Paid Despite Poor Attendance
01:16:07a Officers Killed On Duty Honored
01:16:11a Restoration of old Suzuki stand demanded
01:16:16a Mobile phones eating up wristwatches
01:16:20a Doctors asked to educate people
01:16:25a CDA mulls over house-building loan for workers
01:16:30a Countrywide protests against Israel, US
01:16:34a Minimum deterrence must for peace, says Gilani
01:16:38a PRCS donates 50,000 for China earthquake victims
01:16:43a NWP urges govt to reinstate judges without delay
01:16:47a PR to spend 25m on import of 300 coaches
01:16:52a PML-Q meeting on Sunday
01:16:56a City School holds annual prize distribution ceremony
01:17:00a NCA pays tribute to Manto
01:17:05a Software piracy falls slightly in Pakistan
01:17:09a CDA raids flourmills, depots for quality check
01:17:14a PPP, 2 Leagues bagged equal votes in Punjab
01:17:18a Poverty forces children to work in auto workshops
01:17:22a Young man kills stepfather in ‘Kutchery’
01:17:27a Pakistan informs investors about inflation
01:17:31a Child labour remains a complex issue in Pakistan
01:17:36a Thatta journalists seek action against encroachers
01:17:40a Change of governors in three provinces not on the cards
01:17:45a Emergency exercise at airport on Monday
01:17:49a PTCL to hold five facilitation camps today
01:17:54a Non-availability of ‘atta’ belies official claims
01:17:58a Punjab awards flour permit to tea-leaf dealer against rules
01:18:02a College lecturer shot at, injured
01:18:06a Bajwa takes charge as PIO
01:18:11a Changes in Pakistan not under US pressure, says Haqqani
01:18:15a Zoology questions in Botany paper confuse students
01:18:20a Demand-supply gap widens to 337MW
01:18:24a Team formed to check deforestation
01:18:29a APDM meets tomorrow to decide future strategy
01:18:33a Punjab millers call off strike as govt lifts ban on wheat movement
01:18:38a ACJ directs court officers to work diligently
01:18:42a Polish envoy, Chinese C-G meet Sindh CM
01:18:47a Pakistani Women Media Network launched
01:18:51a JUI protests poor law & order in Quetta
01:18:56a ‘More funds to be allocated for Balochistan in budget’
01:19:00a Shireen Mazari was asked to leave in 15 minutes
01:19:05a Plans to launch ‘operation clean-up’... against Lyari gangsters
01:19:09a NPSC decides to set up police complaint centres
01:19:13a ‘Rapport among people imperative to fighting poverty’
01:19:17a Rs 340m water supply scheme for Muzaffargarh approved
01:19:21a PPP still undecided over awarding ticket to Aitzaz
01:19:26a Capital police arrest 492 in a fortnight
01:19:30a SHC takes notice of non-appearance of CDGK, KBCA officials
01:19:34a Loadshedding playing role in spread of malaria
01:19:38a Action against land mafia in Gulshan Town
01:19:43a Sunni Tehreek still finding its feet
01:19:47a Open gutter an invitation to blockage
01:19:51a Karachi land scam officer receives death threats
01:19:56a KBCA razes unauthorised constructions
01:20:00a Traffic cops nab robber near Faisal Mosque
01:20:05a Pakistan optimistic about progress in India talks
01:20:09a BSF seizes 60kg heroin smuggled in from Pakistan
01:20:13a Texas assesses whether sect 'girls' are adults
01:20:18a Coughlin sets American record in 100 free
01:20:26a Brewers, Red Sox rained out
01:20:33a Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury pleads for Britons' release in Iraq
01:20:48a BA success and BE bid hopes raise morale
01:20:52a BA profits hit record but fares will rise
01:20:56a Ladbrokes scores with football flutters
01:21:01a Scandinavians unite to end Iceland's financial chaos
01:21:06a Scots TV channel would show classics
01:21:10a Argentine farmers plan show of force
01:21:15a Planting palms on swale requires permit
01:21:19a Promised refund never materializes
01:21:24a A 'titan' among stinkers
01:21:28a GCC team confident of Macuatas support
01:21:33a Fijis bottled water tops export earnings
01:21:37a Aust envoy denied AFP protection
01:21:41a Morgue mishap put to rest
01:21:45a Police hunt for rapists
01:21:50a Little Sunshine May Protect Against Breast Cancer
01:21:54a Inhaler Changes To Affect Health, Wallets
01:22:21a A look back at May 18, 1980
01:22:54a Russian cargo ship docks with the ISS
01:23:05a Reward offered in copter vandalism
01:23:46a Truffle kerfuffle grips Italy
01:23:54a Moore Says '9/11' Film Follow-Up Not Sequel
01:24:29a Metro Drivers To Get Simulator Safety Training
01:24:44a Natascha Kampusch defends mother in court
01:24:48a Celebrity-spotting at the Cannes Film Festival
01:25:12a Visitor burns gate
01:25:16a Taxi conductor fights over sh200
01:25:20a Drunkard sleeps in clinic
01:25:24a 'Narnia' sequel due to roar at North American box office
01:25:29a Brazil stocks surge, real gains to Jan 1999 high
01:25:40a Aide to provincial minister kidnapped in small Quebec town Police
01:25:45a Canada beats Sweden to set up final with Russia
01:25:49a Canada beats Sweden 5-4 to reach World Hockey final
01:25:54a Renovations announced for B.C. Place but new roof won't be ready for Olympics
01:25:58a Quebec cabinet minister's aide feared kidnapped
01:26:03a Alberta's new super health board will sign contract banning deficits
01:26:07a Violence Escalates in Eastern Chad Near Sudan Border
01:26:12a Aid Agencies Say Thousands Of Ethiopians Facing Starvation
01:26:17a Russia beat Finns to reach World Hockey final
01:26:21a Beating victim's wife optimistic after meeting with Stelmach
01:26:26a Vancouver Olympic stadium to get pre-Games revamp
01:26:30a Regina looking at annexing land
01:26:34a Looking Ahead to the Week in Markets
01:26:39a AP Myanmar cyclone death toll nearly 78,000
01:26:43a Reuters Cyclone beggars line roads of Myanmar delta
01:26:47a New York Times Aid groups say Myanmar food stolen by military
01:26:52a AP Myanmar's junta confines foreigners to Yangon
01:26:56a BBC News India sends doctors to Burma – Sanjoy Majumder
01:27:00a Reuters Some cholera confirmed in cyclone-hit Myanmar
01:27:05a VOA British PM UN plans emergency summit in Asia regarding Burma
01:27:10a Mizzima News Junta rebuffs EU humanitarian commissioner – Larry Jagan
01:27:14a WSJ Burma's junta will survive the cyclone – Leslie Hook
01:27:19a Irrawaddy If humanitarian intervention happens, then what? – Wai Moe
01:27:23a Seven Alliances Referendum result must not be accepted
01:27:27a British firm 'polishes up' Tsvangirai for presidency
01:27:32a Terror Arrests Nottingham Uni
01:27:36a Sequani trial stitch up
01:27:41a Justice for cleaners demonstrate against AON
01:27:45a Ecuador's Finance Minister troubled by inflation, suggests c
01:27:49a Suspect in high-speed chase arrested
01:27:54a On to next step revising the way Washington teaches science
01:27:58a Trade deficit reaches EUR 4.8 bln in first quarter
01:28:03a Budget records PLN 600 mln surplus through April
01:28:07a Warsaw being targeted by Balearics Islands
01:28:12a Pollock, Jayasuriya star in Mumbai Indians win
01:28:16a Indo-Nepal border happy with status quo
01:28:20a Study sizes up Indian male
01:28:25a Hijacker working as cleaner at Heathrow
01:28:29a Govt to TV channels
01:28:34a IAS topper wants to stay a cop
01:28:38a Truck in poison ditch, 31 face blindness
01:28:42a Teen killed in Noida home as parents sleep
01:28:47a Hi-tech security system for crowded places soon
01:28:51a SP MP Abu Azmi
01:28:56a Abducted Indians may be freed soon
01:29:00a PM brings goody bag to youngest democracy
01:29:05a BG, Chile Enap, Copec Mull Cutting Planned Pwr Plant Capacity
01:29:09a Man gets 40 years for samurai-sword killing
01:29:14a Saudi raises oil output to highest in two years after pleas from George Bush
01:29:18a GEORGE BUSH ~~ AN EINSTEIN HE'S NOT « Desertpeace
01:29:23a Press TV Bush setting stage for war on Iran
01:29:27a YouTube Media Caught Lying, Version2
01:29:32a Plug Pulled on PNAC wesbite Democratic Underground
01:29:39a MediaBloodhound The Wounded-Courier Day After 'Appeasement' Remark, Ghost of Prescott Bush Hovers Over WH
01:29:43a YouTube no funnel left
01:29:48a US lawmakers ask Bush to consider Myanmar 'intervention'
01:29:56a Huckabee quips about gun aimed at Obama Yahoo! News
01:30:01a Muskogee's teen mayor
01:30:05a Film Not 'Fahrenheit' Sequel, Moore Says
01:30:10a Forestry industry to tap tree 'sinks'
01:30:14a FAO Schwarz toy stores to open in 275 Macy's locations
01:30:18a Farming Factors Contribute to Grain Gains
01:30:23a Macy's, FAO Schwarz sign toy store agreement
01:30:27a Macy's will house FAO Schwarz stores
01:30:31a IBM throws a paddy
01:30:36a Forestry industry
01:30:40a Macy's To Put FAO Schwarz In Its Stores
01:30:45a WHEAT family bids director farewell
01:30:49a US Resumes Food Aid to North Korea
01:30:54a Saudi Arabia Refuses to Increase Oil Production
01:30:58a REAP to start supplying rice to USC soon
01:31:02a Drive to reduce line losses launched in AJK
01:31:07a Only branded, costlier fuel in metros
01:31:11a MTN seeks 500m breakup fee
01:31:15a Inflation at 7.83%, govt
01:31:20a External liabilities swell to 45.82bn
01:31:24a Rising PIA fares to affect Hajj pilgrims
01:31:28a Quippo Telecom may acquire Tatas
01:31:33a KSE tumbles 247 points on ratings downgrade
01:31:37a Rel Infratel dilutes 5% before IPO
01:31:41a Price cuts to hit cement cos
01:31:45a Kawasaki may team up with Bajaj for bikes
01:31:50a Telcos need to take approval for services
01:31:54a Three paths cross at Lilburn gym, one life is saved
01:31:59a Slow out of box, Big Brown won name game
01:32:03a Drug Related Deaths in Oregon Continue to Rise
01:32:08a Cuba supports unrestricted Internet, but US embargo makes it impossible
01:32:12a U.S. hinders Net service
01:32:16a Arterial Hypertension Event in Cuba
01:32:20a Cuban migrant interdictions approaching 1,000 mark
01:32:25a Icahn Enlists Cuban to Storm Yahoo
01:32:45a Illegal sexual enhancement pills claim lives of two more men
01:32:49a Robbie Knievel To Attempt Record At Kings Island
01:32:54a Last Year's Drought Still Taking Toll On Trees
01:33:13a Gas Prices Reach 4 Mark
01:33:18a Another FL Teen Girl Fight Caught on Camera Fri, 16 May 2008 234933 GMT
01:33:23a Celebration of life through the language of dance
01:33:27a All on a summer day
01:33:31a Israel 60 Years of Denial
01:33:39a Definately no skateboards
01:33:43a IMG_0115
01:33:47a Holly Madison picking playmates
01:33:51a Chocolate chip and ricotta calzone
01:33:56a Bottlenose dolphin
01:34:04a Erick
01:34:08a No skateboarding allowed!
01:34:13a message sent
01:34:17a The Cat A Gardener's Friend
01:34:21a Türk's remarks
01:34:25a A royal democracy!
01:34:30a The AK Party and Turkey's future
01:34:34a The painful state of the media
01:34:39a Was this a show or a last attempt?
01:34:43a 2 get more than century in prison for killings
01:34:48a 4,500 due for Geist half marathon Saturday
01:34:52a Indiana gay-wed backers, opponents face off
01:34:58a Myanmar Almost 78,000 confirmed dead
01:35:03a 'American' Food Products Often Have Overseas Ingredients
01:35:07a Hungry Burglar
01:35:11a Oil Reserve
01:35:16a Alabama Earthquake
01:35:21a Oil hits record; Goldman forecasts further spike
01:35:25a TEXT MESSAGE SCANDAL Karmanos Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should not resign
01:35:29a DPS faces 45-million budget gap
01:35:34a Break-ins dampen Stanley Cup fever for bars
01:35:38a Police Marijuana farm was family operation
01:35:43a Lansing GM workers ratify local contract
01:35:47a Suspended cop arrested after chase
01:35:52a Motorola's chief strategy officer quits
01:35:57a Premium Brands says chief executive Fred Knoedler has died of cancer
01:36:01a Investors gear up for class action against ANZ, Opes Prime
01:36:05a Meter fault blamed for Whyalla gas cut
01:36:10a Two drown as heavy rains hit Philippines
01:36:14a Bush urged to act on Burma
01:36:19a Indonesia nurses, caregivers coming in July
01:36:24a 9 killed in Philippines during bank robbery
01:36:28a Myanmar Native Living In Pittsburgh Worried About Family Back Home
01:36:33a Warnings on Burmese Cyclone Came Mainly from Overseas
01:36:37a Burma Fears Politicisation of Humanitarian Crisis
01:36:42a Missouri parole violator arrested in East Texas
01:36:46a Diet King Denies Slim Fast Bribes to Olmert
01:36:51a Time to decide are we with the Germans or the Irish
01:36:55a Only war would provoke intervention in Burma
01:37:00a The X Factor vision spells disaster for its intended star
01:37:04a Play Today and Forever Pay
01:37:08a Freedom to have a glass of rakı by MÜMTAZER
01:37:13a Freedom to have a glass of rakı
01:37:17a Burma's agony by SUZANNE DIMAGGIO*
01:37:22a Health-care venture capital firms in Ohio
01:37:27a Pennsylvania among top 10 in health-care VC firm presence
01:37:31a Calif. referendum ongay marriage expected
01:37:36a UK demands repayment ofclimate aid to poor nations
01:37:40a Obama Is Muslim?
01:37:45a Ventura and former campaignmanager hint at Senate race
01:37:49a US Warns Tourists of Small-UnitCombat at Mexico Border
01:37:54a Hammer killer could be freed soonafter judge revokes whole life tariff
01:37:59a US elections Barack Obama praisesGeorge Bush Snrs foreign policy record
01:38:04a Vitamin D may help curb breastcancer, study finds
01:38:08a McCain, Obama Escalate War ofWords Over Appeasement Remarks
01:38:13a Energys Prevailing Winds
01:38:21a Obama expands Montana itinerary
01:38:26a University system sets interviews for administrative post
01:38:30a Smaller stock awards push Supervalu CEO Jeffr...
01:38:34a Hiring in a global context
01:38:39a Clear Channel buyout financing settled; Hewle...
01:38:43a Now union power in NY includes dete...
01:38:48a Energy, materials push benchmark to new high
01:38:52a Canada halts plan for medical isotope reactors
01:38:57a Canada to play for world championship
01:39:02a Quiet weather expected through beginning of new week
01:39:22a It's a Landslide, Not a Sinkhole
01:39:27a Five Year Old Becomes Junior Pilot For A Day
01:39:31a The Value of a Womans Mind The Case of Calpurnia
01:39:54a Paylocity gets venture payroll of 10M
01:39:59a JellyCloud calls down 6 million for online ads
01:40:37a Navarre Beach ready for tourism comeback
01:40:41a Lawmen Theft suspect high on whipped topping cans
01:40:45a Girl threatens dad with gun, knife, shears, cane
01:40:50a Hollywood detective faces life in prison over wiretaps
01:40:55a Burma raises cyclone death toll to 78,000 but true figure much higher
01:40:59a Nation looks to Grandpa Wen for comfort
01:41:04a US housing starts show an unexpected rise
01:41:13a Fire prompts safety checks at CBD backpackers
01:41:17a Evans opens door to unskilled migrants
01:41:22a ACCC asked to investigate alcoholic energy drinks
01:41:27a CO2 capture blueprint revealed
01:41:31a Greens concerned about plans for St Helens development
01:41:36a Car hits truck after police chase
01:41:40a Tas road toll improvement
01:41:45a Education Union's college concern
01:41:49a Child killer's condition improves
01:41:53a Europe stocks rally to 4
01:41:58a Chavez Sorry About That 'Hitler' Thing
01:42:02a Friday Night Video Tommy Emmanuel
01:42:06a Moore Promises New America-Hating Film
01:42:11a Three Bridges, Battersea, London
01:42:15a Yohji Yamamoto and BFC
01:42:19a Visit OLN at the London Wine Fair
01:42:24a Guardian offers to publish Tesco tax correction
01:42:28a England openers seize control of Lord
01:42:37a Annual Greek Festival
01:42:42a Greek Celebration Comes To Oakland
01:42:46a U.s. Set to Build Big New Prison in Afghanistan
01:42:51a With Chávez in Check, Talks in Peru Stay Calm
01:42:55a Sunni Insurgents in Mosul Offered Amnesty and Cash
01:43:00a Palestinian-Americans mark 60 years of displacement at UN rally
01:43:04a ON DETROIT.METROMIX.COM Rock band Los Campesinos! earn their exclamation point
01:43:09a MIKE THOMPSON Obama endorsement
01:43:14a UAW negotiators called back to Detroit, possibly for American Axle deal
01:43:18a Wall Street Op/Ed GOP is falling apart
01:43:22a Risky standoff for Zimbabwe election
01:43:27a WWF Wildlife plummets globally
01:43:31a New commission to study WMDs
01:43:36a At Ten, Dark Energy 'Most Profound Problem' in Physics
01:43:40a VIDEO Primates Climb Treadmill
01:43:45a Despite The Heat Athletes Continue To Compete
01:43:49a Heat Wave Raises Seaside Temperature
01:43:54a Arrest Made After Teen Hurt In Hit-And-Run
01:43:59a Authorities Warn Of Cold Water Danger
01:44:03a West De Pere Looks to Sweep Seymour for Bay Conference Title
01:44:08a Man arrested in ATM heist from arena in Brown County
01:44:13a Minnesota governor says McCain can win Wisconsin
01:44:17a Husband charged in killing of Kenosha woman
01:44:22a Former High School Teacher Charged With Rape
01:44:28a U.S. delays Guantanamo war crimes trial pending Supreme Court ruling
01:44:32a San Diego courthouse blast probe leads to arrest
01:44:37a 'New type of health worker' needed for health crisis
01:44:41a 100k reward offered over Faroughi murder
01:44:46a Police Four Bodies Found in New Jersey Home
01:44:51a Michael Moore sees danger in 'Fahrenheit' follow-up
01:44:55a Nintendo set to launch 'Wii Fit' exercise game
01:44:59a Quake rescuers fight fatigue and seek signs of life
01:45:04a After China's quake, parents grope for hope and answers
01:45:09a Ninth house raided in Sydney drug busts
01:45:13a Windsor ready for royal wedding
01:45:18a In-suit device solves Air Force's No. 1 problem
01:45:22a Werth homers in first three at-bats
01:45:26a Torture widespread in Indonesia UN
01:45:31a Police try to force displaced Kenyans home report
01:45:36a Bodies found inside NJ home, cause unknown
01:45:40a China Parents' Pain of Losing An Only Child
01:45:45a NSW, ACT warned to brace for 'diabolical' wintry blast
01:45:49a Drug hitmen dump earless head in Mexican street
01:45:54a Catholic World Youth Day cross visits Port Arthur
01:45:58a Brown gives Kirk assembly speech
01:46:02a Trail in Daniel Boone National Forest closed because of eagl
01:46:07a Falmouth wins grant for town forests
01:46:11a 1202 p.m. - Forest Service requires millions in bond from Atlanta Gold
01:46:20a Citizens invited to comment on express bus service to Wake Forest
01:46:24a Forest in the hunt for £4m Sheffield United striker James Be
01:46:29a Better deal for teachers, HMs, education officers
01:46:33a 'We are candles that sacrifice ourselves'
01:46:37a Harrods keen to stock our songket, batik
01:46:41a Raja of Perlis honours 327
01:46:46a Jordan's queen gets honorary doctorate from UM
01:46:51a 'Tough commando training vital'
01:46:55a Heroes in blue Legendary Kula a much feared police officer
01:47:00a Heroes in blue The day cops busted ruthless gang
01:47:04a Only one varsity rated excellent
01:47:08a Luminaries to grace event
01:47:13a Rhina's 'racist' claim untrue, says Gerakan
01:47:17a Know your state rep No more games as Jagdeep gets to work
01:47:21a Khairy Assess how effective live coverage is
01:47:26a Bid to smuggle diesel foiled
01:47:30a RTD suspends firm's permit and grounds 232 buses
01:47:35a RM44,000 award for ex-flight attendant
01:47:39a RM8.09m for victims in China and Myanmar
01:47:43a ACA to nab suspects behind match-fixing
01:47:48a 'Missing' Malaysian tourists found safe
01:47:53a Food watch Jobless join the destitute for meals
01:47:57a Food Watch Free food a lifeline for couple
01:48:01a Food Watch Call to develop rice industry in holistic way
01:48:06a Food Watch Sarawak primed to be country's top rice-producing state
01:48:10a Protest against syariah court ruling
01:48:15a Hindraf leader's passport revoked
01:48:19a 'All have access to medical treatment'
01:48:23a Explain 'ketuanan Melayu'
01:48:28a High achievers question rejection
01:48:33a Companies get tough on offenders
01:48:37a Pay rise attracts non-Malays
01:48:41a Firm loses RM1m appeal
01:48:46a PM to solve Sabah issues
01:48:50a Jail For State Employee Caught Punching Disabled Client
01:48:54a 'Sarawak most loyal BN backer'
01:48:59a Travel Alerts For Drivers In Northwest Washington
01:49:03a Thousands Participate In Bike To Work Day
01:49:08a Seattle Woman Sentenced To 21 Years For Setting Up Meth Operation
01:49:13a 'Party, not MP, should decide'
01:49:17a Lebanese factions agree to hold talks
01:49:22a Man to name politician linked to land scandal
01:49:27a Cigarette smuggling rife in Kelantan
01:49:31a Penang calls for speedier bridge construction
01:49:36a Home news in brief 6,000 porn tapes seized
01:49:41a Woman held over child abuse
01:49:45a Groups RM1m handout not a good idea
01:49:50a Family robbed at gunpoint
01:49:55a Officer jailed, fined for soliciting bribe
01:50:00a Five family members die in collision
01:50:04a Gerakan seeks CM's stand on land
01:50:09a Man pleads not guilty to attempted murder charge
01:50:14a MP Police chief must apologise
01:50:18a Small town comes alive with fest
01:50:23a Officer held over abuse of power
01:50:27a Swimming with fish
01:50:32a The education way to tiger protection
01:50:37a Police report against 3 newspapers
01:50:41a Delay in giving judgment 'not fatal'
01:50:46a O'Connor presses for Alzheimer's research, funding
01:51:02a Haidar lauds move to make report public
01:51:06a Post commission's full report online, says Kit Siang
01:51:11a Bar Probe without fear or favour
01:51:18a Hisham Let the law take its course
01:51:23a Six-point plan for teachers
01:51:27a RM8.2mil for disaster victims
01:51:32a Ng Another illegally cleared land
01:51:36a No subsidy in MAS fares
01:51:41a Man keeps pledge to dad with RM1m gift to UKM
01:51:45a One-month ban for 'bad record' bus operator
01:51:50a Crossovers a real threat, says Dompok
01:51:54a Khairy Don't get wrong ideas about MPs
01:51:58a Subra Give all top scorers scholarships
01:52:02a UM V-C's contract extended six months
01:52:07a Sony Malaysia gives to victims
01:52:12a EC Government can call snap polls
01:52:16a Kubu Gajah, Kuala Kangsar polls petitions hearing next month
01:52:20a Gerakan No truth to claims
01:52:25a Hindraf leader 'still has his passport'
01:52:29a Residents want ACA to probe ex-assemblyman
01:52:34a No abuse of soldiers by trainers, says veteran
01:52:38a Armed men rob towkay and family of RM40,000
01:52:43a PKR members on guard after attack on DAP office in Ipoh
01:52:47a TI Act against main culprits in graft cases
01:52:51a Malaysia improves on competitiveness ranking
01:52:56a Datuk Seri title for Perlis MB
01:53:00a Giant killer now PKR state head
01:53:05a 'Ahmad is the chosen one to succeed Tok Guru'
01:53:09a Nik Aziz Blame Umno for political morass
01:53:13a Group set for flashiest show Grasshoppers on promo tour
01:53:18a 'No PRS rep approached to cross over'
01:53:22a Cops bust Kuantan drug ring with arrest of six
01:53:27a Perak okays sale of 130 home units worth RM5mil at property exhibition
01:53:31a Report filed against City Hall duo
01:53:36a Chain letters via SMS now
01:53:40a Outstation school may be relocated to Damansara
01:53:44a Convert Tamil schools into fully-aided ones, says PPP
01:53:49a Cork joins Lancashire limp list as Voges keeps Trent Bridge bubbly
01:53:53a Review ordered after disc is lost
01:53:58a Dunlop knew sport would kill him
01:54:02a Crude Mistake
01:54:06a Pity Pa
01:54:11a Burma's junta will survive the cyclone – Leslie Hook
01:54:15a Monks prevented from working with other donors – Naw Say Phaw
01:54:20a Aid groups say Myanmar food stolen by military
01:54:24a Myanmar's junta confines foreigners to Yangon
01:54:29a If humanitarian intervention happens, then what – Wai Moe
01:54:33a Regime cronies win contracts for cyclone reconstruction work – Min Lwin
01:54:38a Myanmar accuses France of sending “warship” – Louis Charbonneau
01:54:42a US Lawmakers Ask Bush to Consider Myanmar “Intervention”
01:54:47a Junta rebuffs EU humanitarian commissioner – Larry Jagan
01:54:51a Referendum result must not be accepted
01:54:56a India sends doctors to Burma – Sanjoy Majumder
01:55:00a Chris Matthews Tears Right-Wing Dufus a New One
01:55:05a Roach from space became a grandmother
01:55:10a Artist at it's Best
01:55:14a How Bush Killed the Reagan Era
01:55:19a Parents want to flush N.C. school's potty policy
01:55:23a North West 200 Superbikes Thursday practice
01:55:28a Teens spend 4 nights in jail after argument at middle school
01:56:12a After Endorsing Bush's Comments, McCain Camp Claims 'We Never Used The Term Appeasement'
01:56:16a Pentagon advisory group considering awarding Purple Hearts for PTSD.
01:56:26a Christians fearful after bomb at Gaza school 05/16/2008
01:56:30a Clean-Air Rules Protecting Parks Set to Be Eased
01:56:35a BBC NEWS Middle East Bush speech angers Arab press
01:56:42a Wildcat Softball Game One Postponed
01:57:08a Harrah's Unveils 500 Million Casino Plans
01:57:12a Sheriff Barta Files for Re-Election
01:57:17a Topeka Man Pleads Guilty to Robbing Three Topeka Gas Stations
01:57:21a Three Meth Lab Busts; Two Counties
01:57:25a Washburn Honors 'Teachers Who Insire'
01:57:58a Several men arrested in connection with Dundee tavern shooting
01:58:03a Redknapp well prepared for final FA Cup hurdle
01:58:07a Molalla man killed along Highway 211
01:58:11a Ukraine A Blog on Crimea and Crimean Tatars
01:58:16a Ukraine 64th
01:58:27a Government defends stance on weapons for Zimbabwe
01:58:32a Tsvangirai ready for Mugabe in new election
01:58:36a Robbing the Future editorial
01:58:40a Run-Off Zanu-Pf, MDC On Collision Course
01:58:45a Country Among African Countries Facing Food Crisis
01:58:49a UN Seeks Permission to Assess Violence
01:58:54a Stocks Finish Mixed amid Oil Surge
01:59:04a UAE and Bahrain investors home in on Lankan islands
01:59:27a Motorists Beware Mililani Mauka Off-Ramp Closure
01:59:32a Schofield Soldier Dies From Baghdad Explosion
01:59:36a Madrona toy store offers space to play
01:59:41a Ware Threatens to Cut Humane Society Ties County Commissioners Say They
01:59:46a FDA approves Boston Scientific device for heart failure
01:59:50a At Ten, Dark Energy 'Most Profound Problem' in Physics
01:59:55a Rocket Man Makes Debut Flight
01:59:59a VIDEO Olympia Won't Allow Some Air Conditioners, Residents Say
02:00:04a How do pilots spell relief AMXD
02:00:08a U.S. sends aid through private groups in Myanmar
02:00:13a Mission Australia admits to hiccups with NT youth services
02:00:21a Analysis reveals Queenslanders' top spots
02:00:25a 19yo caught with cocaine in Argentinian footy gear
02:00:30a 100k reward offered over Faroughi murder
02:00:34a Stolen payment may leave Detroit family homel
02:00:39a Detroit wants a piece of Heaven
02:00:43a Detroit Mayor Makes Texts Private After Sex Scandal
02:00:48a Canadian Auto Workers Union Finishes Detroits Big 3 Pacts Four Months Early
02:00:52a Detroit G Billups expected to be ready for East finals
02:00:56a Dallas Stars won't let Turco take on Detroit alone
02:01:01a Microsoft looking beyond low-cost laptops
02:01:05a Arcania A Gothic Tale First Look
02:01:10a The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Review
02:01:14a Sonic Unleashed Interview 1
02:01:18a The Incredible Hulk Interview 1
02:01:23a LittleBigPlanet Updated Hands On
02:01:27a Bleach Dark Souls Interview 1
02:01:32a Violence Escalates in Eastern Chad Near Sudan Border and conflict
02:01:37a Flintoff likely to miss entire Kiwi Test series with side strain
02:01:41a Teachers cry foul over rule change
02:01:46a Man fatally hit by train was 72 years old
02:01:50a England take charge at Lord
02:01:54a Last drop to flow from famous brewery
02:01:59a Japan free-trade deal
02:02:03a Ellen Degeneres To Wed Girlfriend
02:02:08a Home equity scheme won
02:02:12a Parents 'must take blame for unruly children'
02:02:17a We've got his phone number so why has trail gone cold?
02:02:21a Scottish home-ownership rates soar
02:02:26a Appeal threat over MPs' expenses bid
02:02:30a 'Feral' gang beat man to death
02:02:35a Accountant smuggled girl 'slave' into UK
02:02:39a Arch-critic backs PM on terror detention
02:02:44a Drowned BBC executive felt isolated
02:02:48a DNA used to track down dwindling salmon stocks
02:02:53a Woman jailed for child trafficking
02:02:57a Beetle reappears after 60 years
02:03:02a Boss gets four years for 45m fraud
02:03:06a Concern high over personal details
02:03:11a Bamber must die in jail, rules judge
02:03:15a 6,600
02:03:20a Husband admits stabbing wife
02:03:24a Naked ram-raider sent to prison
02:03:29a Soul II Soul to Buck House
02:03:33a Database boss had child porn
02:03:38a Honorary degree for Kirsty Young
02:03:42a Economic haven, Political hell
02:03:47a 25K Circulated Dinar from Safe D
02:03:51a rejecting Turk headscarf case
02:03:56a Help Please...Speculation Question
02:04:00a Jessica Alba... No, really this time!!!
02:04:04a Question to the Enlisted Military
02:04:09a New Order
02:04:13a Timeline of CBI currency change statements
02:04:18a The Genetic Bonds Between Kurds and Jews
02:04:22a Jordanian prof Let's send suicide bombers with small nukes to Israel
02:04:27a DAILY Spurgeon's Morning & Evening May 16 PM
02:04:31a Video McCain Fires Back At Hussein’s “Reckless” Policy Of Appeasement
02:04:36a Bush nails the appeasement policies of Obama
02:04:40a Gradual Appreciation Expected As Anti-Inflationary Tool
02:04:45a Dumbest Contestant in the History of the Price is Right
02:04:49a Nothing Compares 2 U Niki Evans
02:04:53a Sade
02:04:58a Obama embellishes, i.e. lies again...
02:05:02a Local Muslim leader met privately with Obama
02:05:07a Torn
02:05:11a Iraq Finds Its Arab Neighbors Are Reluctant to Offer Embrace
02:05:16a New Jukebox Forum!
02:05:20a Building a brighter future Rehabilitating Iraqi schools and public works
02:05:25a Stock Market Basics
02:05:29a Global firms eye oil investments in Iraq
02:05:33a Economists see the importance halt conflict between fiscal and monetary policies
02:05:38a Investment ideas?
02:05:42a Will it happen in the next six months ???
02:05:46a Signs point to imminent Ashlee Simpson wedding
02:05:50a Phillies' Jason Werth homers in first 3 at-bats
02:05:55a Mokbel due to arrive home this afternoon
02:05:59a Child killer Valmae Faye out of coma
02:06:04a $100k reward offered over Faroughi murder
02:06:08a Melting snow might flood South Sound rivers
02:06:13a Cops take fitness test to carry weapon
02:06:20a Maria moves into quarters
02:06:24a Hakuho, Kotooshu share lead after six days of competition
02:06:29a FSA begins Shinginko inspection, may seek more loan-loss reserves
02:06:33a Lifenet to offer 30% cheaper insurance online
02:06:37a Bill takes aim at child porn holders
02:06:42a March output tweaked downward
02:06:46a Lim grabs three-stroke advantage
02:06:50a Mr. Siniora gambles and loses
02:06:55a Marriage sprang from struggle to master Japanese
02:06:59a Bridgestone, Toyo Tire eye capital alliance
02:07:03a Annual GDP pace hits 3.3% in quarter
02:07:07a FSA to hit two consumer lenders
02:07:12a TYR Spot sues rival Speedo
02:07:16a Marine gets four years for sexually abusing girl, 14
02:07:21a Student convicted of infringing copyright in computer virus attack
02:07:25a Flyers stave off elimination with Game 4 win
02:07:30a Spurs rout Hornets to force Game 7
02:07:34a Greenpeace faces complaint over alleged whale meat theft
02:07:39a Nissan lowers forecast of
02:07:43a Igawa demoted to Triple-A club
02:07:48a Oketani fired by HeatDevils
02:07:52a No detention after drug acquittal
02:07:57a 178 sue for redress over asbestos woes
02:08:01a U.N. says info center broke records rules
02:08:06a Portsmouth-Cardiff City F.A. Cup final fails to inspire
02:08:10a Takahashi gives Carp big boost
02:08:15a Katayama cards bogey-free 66 Annaka Gunma Pref. KYODO
02:08:19a McCain Was For Talking To Hamas Before He Was Against It...
02:08:24a New Era Workers in Jackson Vote Overwhelmingly to Join the Teamsters
02:08:28a US Structural Engineers Depart for China 22,000 Dead From Sichuan Earthquake
02:08:33a Bahamian Drug Trafficker Convicted in U.S. Court on Drug Charges
02:08:37a Teacher who had sex with student walks free
02:08:42a Judge will consider new trial in animal cruelty case
02:08:46a Man Robs Bank Wearing Surgical Mask
02:08:51a Japan Japan and the iPod
02:08:56a Ukraine 64th Anniversary of Sürgün
02:09:00a Slovakia Foreigners
02:09:04a Russia Church vs Blogger Priests
02:09:13a Russia Moscow Graffiti Photos
02:09:17a Belarus Gay Pride and Other Developments
02:09:22a Bulgaria Murder of Georgi Stoev
02:09:26a Serbia More on Niko Bellic
02:09:30a Global Warming Is Not An Issue With The Public
02:09:35a Package Store Clerk Shot By Robber
02:09:39a Students Offer Discounted Dental Care
02:09:44a Students Allege Excessive Force Against Police
02:09:48a Top three in masters tennis finals
02:09:52a Florence family recalls son's tragic death
02:09:57a Lovaas campaigns in Billings
02:10:01a Dead seven decades, Borah makes entry into 2008 presidential furor
02:10:05a ATF drops 'Always Think Forfeiture' slogan
02:10:10a State ferry's return delayed again
02:10:14a I-5 lane closures in Bellingham this weekend
02:10:18a 'HuJI trains children in schools, madrassas for jehad'
02:10:23a NASA Astronaut's Moving Pictures
02:10:28a Dramatic Video of Man Attacking Bus Driver Fri, 16 May 2008 233549 GMT
02:10:44a Chambers ready for high court battle to clear path to Beijing
02:10:48a Albemarle forms joint venture in China
02:11:05a Union, state reach agreement on protest
02:11:09a Fundamentals Begin to Weigh On Silver
02:11:14a Lehman's Straight Shooter
02:11:18a Callable CDs May Not Serve Savers
02:11:22a Kroger's Special Itself
02:11:28a Russia, Canada advance to gold medal game at World Championships
02:11:32a Mike Tyson basks in Cannes glory
02:11:40a Choe Thae Bok Meets Portuguese Delegation
02:11:45a Credentials to Kim Yong Nam from Hungarian Ambassador
02:11:49a Representatives of Women in North and South Meet
02:11:54a Regular Meeting of International Association of Technical Survey and Classification Institutions Held
02:11:59a DPRK Degree of Medical Doctor Awarded to Korean in China
02:12:03a Thosong-ri Remains from Neolith to Early Koguryo
02:12:08a Rainbow Trout Is Bred in Sea
02:12:12a Rodong Sinmun on WPK's Line of Building Rich and Powerful Country
02:12:16a Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration Called for
02:12:21a Import of American Beef Opposed by S. Korean Organizations
02:12:26a Manteca Welcomes National Guard Troops Home
02:12:38a FDA Shuts Down Seafood Processing Company, Requires Products Be Recalled
02:12:43a DHS Safer Grants For California Fire Departments
02:12:47a Chicago Wants Militarized Police
02:12:52a DoD Presence In Congress Questioned
02:12:56a MySpace mom applauds indictment
02:13:00a Street Team '08 McCain and the environment
02:13:05a IGN Toons Episode 84 Toons Episode 84
02:13:09a Bourne Blog Putting the Wheels On Blog Putting the Wheels On
02:13:14a Candidate filing ends filing ends
02:13:18a Orange County janitors reach contract agreement County janitors reach contract agreement
02:13:23a Bay Area Pet Owners Deal With Higher Food Prices
02:13:27a China Quake Death Toll Hits 22,000
02:13:31a Daily Checkup Osteoporosis Drug Risks
02:13:36a Patriots Coach Breaks Silence On 'Spygate'
02:13:40a Italy holds 400 'illegal migrants'
02:14:04a Farm bill tied to GOP future
02:14:08a Werth hits 3 homers as Phillies beat Jays 10-3
02:14:13a Bin Laden marks anniversary with combat vow
02:14:19a The moussaka-free Greek island
02:14:24a Queen of Sofia of Spain, accompanied by Spanish ambassador to Greece, arrived on
02:14:29a Senate poised to take up sweeping global warming bill
02:14:33a Preakness day to start out sunny
02:14:37a Pak says coalition missile struck inside borders
02:14:42a Sino nuke missile base has N India in sight
02:14:46a Can't outrun the law
02:14:50a Double amputee beats Olympics ban
02:15:14a Paulson sees financial turbulence as 'closer to the end'+
02:15:19a California wine pioneer Robert Mondavi dies at 94
02:15:23a Bike Patrols Help Give Officials Stealth On Streets
02:15:27a Customers Access Equipment Locked In Computer Store
02:15:32a All Las Vegas/Bakersfield Flights Cancelled
02:15:53a Norway's Arctic draws tourists
02:15:57a Fancamp Exploration Ltd. Option to Acquire Norway Lake Property
02:16:01a Norway Takes the Cake NOK 356B from OG in 2008
02:16:05a Norway Mobile Forecast 2008 2010 is Available Now
02:16:09a Climate change threatens Norway's moose
02:16:15a Man accused of stomping puppy to death
02:16:20a Race fans feel pain at the pump 941 PM
02:16:33a BlackBerry gets a touch screen
02:16:37a Sumo-inspired Wii Fit fires up couch potatoes
02:16:41a Yahoo fights to hide 'embarrassing documents'
02:16:46a Another day in paradise
02:16:50a Winds of change
02:16:54a A Review of Shogun 27 Japanese Restaurant in Kendall Park New Jersey
02:17:16a Green groups, oil giants gear up for polar bear lawsuits
02:17:32a Fuel costs rising, some drivers stealing
02:18:15a VideoSoldier Homecoming
02:19:07a What else has Bush lied about? er..What else HASN'T Bush lied about?
02:19:13a DCAP Group Reports Results for First Quarter 2008
02:19:17a Flood hazard maps for Vigo released
02:19:22a State Budget Committee OKs 3 million in ISU building improvements
02:20:16a 20 yrs, P5-M fine for buyer, seller of human organ DSWD
02:20:21a Italian group opens program for children with TB in RP
02:20:30a Bigger story behind Lozada story
02:20:34a A lot of good all that Saudi hand-holding did, eh?
02:20:39a Ohio township to feds We don't want your money
02:20:44a First Cuba, now Florida?
02:20:48a Elated Castro residents celebrate
02:21:27a 33 more survivors saved in China county into fourth day since quake
02:21:42a Judge to consider new trial in animal cruelty case
02:22:05a Cyber Harassment Bill Advances In Missouri
02:22:13a Transgender lobby plans intimidation campaign
02:22:18a Military honchos 'suppress'chaplain's Baptist services
02:22:22a Stoned People Shouldn't Throw Glass Horses
02:22:27a Bush, McCain to appear at fundraiser
02:22:31a Pawlenty says GOP needs more diversity
02:22:36a Financier sentenced in congressman's bribery case
02:22:40a Trial of bin Laden's driver postponed
02:22:45a Report Details Patient's Death
02:22:49a Early Dental Health is Aim
02:22:53a Message to Nebraska Residents
02:22:58a Several Injured in Calaveras Fair Ride Accident
02:23:02a We got you covered, Fiji tells Aust envoy
02:23:06a 1-Child Policy Paining China
02:23:11a Losing Horses Killed in Puerto Rico
02:23:15a Driver Who Struck Lambert Police Officer Will Not Be Charged
02:23:20a Huckabee apologizes for quipping about gun aimed at Obama
02:23:25a Texas authorities checking how many polygamist sect 'girls' are women
02:23:35a News Analysis Same-Sex Marriage and Racial Justice Find Common Ground
02:23:40a F.B.I. Gets Mixed Review in Justice Department Report on Interrogation
02:23:44a Report Assesses Blame in Hepatitis Cases
02:23:49a Detainee’s Trial Delayed Until Justices Rule
02:23:53a In Effort to Avoid Conflicts, McCain Issues New Rules for Staff
02:23:58a In Huckabee Joke, Gun Aims at Obama
02:24:04a House G.O.P. to Re-evaluate Course
02:24:08a Robert Mondavi, Napa Wine Champion, Dies at 94
02:24:13a Tending to a Flock in Hard Hats
02:24:17a China's Red Cross 1 bln yuan in donations
02:24:21a Zimbabwe President urges party unity
02:24:26a Thai PM heads for Myanmar to negotiate foreign aid staff
02:25:25a Suit says rights violated for border fence
02:25:30a Grand jury indicts two in body parts sales
02:25:34a Fewer moms at polygamist ranch underage
02:25:39a American tourist joins pandas in 'surreal' earthquake ordeal
02:25:43a The Links NASA Makes Water
02:25:48a Calif. woman gets community service for airline assault
02:25:52a Dead since 1940, Borah figures in 2008 presidential furor
02:25:56a Girardi, Randolph to serve as All-Star coaches
02:26:01a Financier sentenced in congressman's bribery case
02:26:05a Toronto stocks rise as commodity prices heat up
02:26:10a Athletics Goodlife Fitness Becomes Title-Sponsor Of The Toronto Marathon
02:26:15a Peer 1 Network Announces Record Third Quarter Results Toronto Stock Exchange List
02:26:19a 20 odd things about Toronto
02:26:24a Lawyer convicted faces life in prison
02:27:32a Italy poll 68% want Roma expelled
02:27:37a Final reward for Redknapp revolution
02:27:41a Home from home
02:27:57a Lakes could have dry tourist season
02:28:01a A business model for Twitter Pay up
02:28:05a Is Vista ready for Business?
02:28:10a Trends Innovations Thursday
02:28:34a Expert says consumers can bring solar home
02:28:38a Local job market continues expanding
02:28:43a Latin fare at Wal-Mart
02:28:47a Residents take stand against Pickens
02:28:51a Red Cross plans two more clinical labs
02:28:55a Robo removes man€™s prostate in cancer operation
02:29:00a Shiv vadapav scheme is not political stunt Sena
02:29:04a Housing posts surprising rebound in April Sat, 17 May 2008 022438 GMT
02:29:49a Ninth drug house raided by cops
02:29:53a Anasta turns it on against Eels
02:29:58a 100k reward in cabbie murder case
02:30:02a Police raid ninth drug house
02:30:09a Bridge of Lions Restoration Work On Schedule Sat, 17 May 2008 021411 GMT
02:30:14a Movie Review 'The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian' Sat, 17 May 2008 003658 GMT
02:31:06a Bush starts McCain-Obama brawl
02:31:10a Obama ties McCain to Bush policy of 'bombast'
02:31:15a Obama claims McCain deals in hypocrisy and fear
02:31:19a Huckabee aims gun joke at Obama
02:31:24a Forum focuses on mayor, media and Democratic presidential race
02:31:29a Obama Slams McCain's 'Naive' Foreign Policy
02:31:33a Obama and McCain spar over US foreign policy on extremists
02:31:42a Democrats slam Bush for 'anti-Obama' jab in Israel
02:31:46a Ignore the McCain vs. Obama polls
02:31:51a Republican Senate Conference Forum Subject Energy Policy Participants Senator Lisa Murkowski ; Senator
02:31:55a Obama 'curious George' T-shirt Stir
02:32:00a McCain Campaign Pioneers A First Courting Lefty Bloggers
02:32:05a White House Memo A Fast-Fading Sway The Nation’s Leader, but Not His Party’s
02:32:09a Militants kill Pakistani soldier in tribal area
02:32:14a Children Lost To Quake Devastate Chinese
02:32:19a U.S. Military Judge Delays Gitmo War Crimes Trial
02:32:23a Half-Eaten Candy Bar Helps Nab Burglary Suspect
02:32:28a Mokbel close to landing in Melbourne
02:32:32a Plastic bag policy 'a diversion'
02:32:36a Bodies found inside NJ home, foul play suspected
02:32:41a Fed Govt reveals CO2 capture blueprint
02:32:45a Govt opens doors to unskilled migrants
02:32:49a Canadian dollar nearly flat ahead of long weekend
02:32:54a Fever Dream Tickets
02:32:58a McCain Responds Americans Have 'Every Reason To Doubt' Whether Obama Can Keep Us Safe
02:33:03a Police capture man mistakenly released from jail
02:33:07a Teen arrested for stabbing pregnant woman, 19
02:33:12a Zimbabwe's opposition leader to begin showdown with Mugabe
02:33:17a American tourist joins pandas in 'surreal' earthquake ordeal
02:33:21a American, FAA Dispute Continues
02:33:26a Ralph Nader Talks at Google
02:33:30a Allstate back in business in Florida
02:33:35a Canadian union accepts GM Canada labor deal
02:33:40a Plane flip in water sparks report of Manitoba crash
02:33:44a K-9 Frisbee
02:34:07a Phillies' Jason Werth homers in first 3 at-bats
02:34:11a This weekend's fairs and festivals
02:34:16a Colorado's Matt Holliday scratched with tight back
02:35:11a Kingdom Hall
02:35:29a Signs point to imminent wedding for Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz
02:35:34a Renovations announced for B.C. Place but new roof won't be ready for Olympics
02:35:53a Turkish Foreign Minister Highlights Importance Of African Continent
02:35:58a Turkey Is Becoming Center Of Attraction For Foreign Investors, Tuzmen
02:36:02a U.S. And Turkey Work Together For Peace, Welfare And Freedom, Wilson
02:36:07a Turkey Bulgaria Joint Military Exercise
02:36:12a Turkish Special Envoy To Iraq Meets Iraqi Vice-president
02:36:16a Traffic Passing Through Turkey Will Be More Important As World
02:36:21a British Royal Couple Tours Istanbul
02:36:26a Blast In Industrial Zone In Cubuk
02:36:30a Freedom Festival fast approaching
02:36:35a President Bush on Food Security
02:36:55a Residents kept away
02:36:59a Work for Black Caps
02:37:03a Too much cotton-wooling
02:37:07a Ads not louder
02:37:54a Carbon Monoxide alarms recalled
02:38:10a American tourist joins pandas in 'surreal' earthquake ordeal
02:38:14a Zimbabwe's opposition leader to begin showdown with Mugabe
02:38:57a Games preview
02:39:01a Yang rallies Yahoo staff against Icahn challenge
02:39:06a Ben Goldacre In pursuit of the perfect pitch
02:39:10a Dork talk Simon Armitage looks at computer gadgets for runners
02:39:14a On the road Peugeot 207 coupe cabriolet
02:39:19a Movers roundup Finisar, Cash America
02:39:23a Speedos aside, Sheens can't split former Canberra proteg
02:39:27a CHILDREN OF BODOM Upcoming Dublin And Glasgow Signing Sessions 'Wristband-Only'; Details Revealed
02:39:43a Travel Cruising, with wind in her hair
02:39:55a Low-cost airline wants to fly to Paine Field
02:40:10a To take or not to take mortgage
02:40:15a KCC health inspectors petition over contract
02:40:19a Coach Nsimbe Instant Entrant in Hall of Fame column
02:40:24a Ugandan guards abroad remit sh110b annually
02:40:28a NRM Party Ideology is a Mixed Grill column
02:40:33a Energy secretary might have been killed- Police
02:40:37a Museveni And UPDF, Sir Alex And Man U column
02:40:42a Ugandan Asians raise sh1.7bn for sports
02:40:46a Front Page director Odoki held over fraud
02:40:51a Five killed in Mukono accident
02:40:55a Tackling Crime in Kampala City editorial
02:40:59a Why Ugandans Kill for Love
02:41:03a Murchison Park encroachers evicted
02:41:08a Robbers Arrested With MP
02:41:12a Proline Academy Trip Leaves Indelible Mark
02:41:17a Museveni approves law on LC1 elections
02:41:21a How to Secure Funding for University Abroad column
02:41:26a Squash ace Kyagulanyi marches on
02:41:30a MPs approve sh17b loan
02:41:35a Deox Helps Zulu Corp to Another Win column
02:41:39a Indonesia to start sending nurses to Japan in July
02:41:43a Women of Substance
02:41:48a Maganda ang Pinas at da best pa rin ang Pinoy
02:41:52a Music Review U2 on 3D
02:42:00a Too Fat for Army Sat, 17 May 2008 021446 GMT
02:42:04a Uncut TV who needs the networks? The Geek Brisbane Times Blogs
02:42:09a Woman suspected of driving her school bus drunk
02:42:13a Obama Gun Quip Has Huckabee Apologizing
02:42:32a 1-year-old boy struck by car in Greatwood
02:42:37a Monster truck runs over mom, kids
02:43:10a Don't Treat Commodities Like Stocks
02:43:20a Mo. Lawmakers Bar Internet Harassment
02:43:24a Huckabee Apologizes For Obama Gun Quip
02:43:29a Three houses blow up in McKinney, Texas
02:43:44a Regency at Berlin is a cozy, friendly enclave
02:43:48a TEXTURES Forced To Cancel Upcoming Berlin, Copenhagen Dates
02:43:52a Berlin's Staatsoper parts company with general manager P
02:43:57a Call for national agenda to cut oil consumption
02:44:03a 78,000 dead in Myanmar 56,000 missing
02:44:23a Make Park Rides Safer
02:44:28a Man wrote threats because ex left him for black man
02:44:32a Autumnwood, Stonegate sold to New York buyer
02:44:36a George W Bush ends ME visit
02:44:40a Bell tolls end for Chicago exchange
02:44:45a San Francisco Coffee Scene Heats Up
02:44:49a Belichick Talks About Spygate On CBS Evening News
02:44:53a San Francisco Giants managing partner Magowan to retire
02:44:58a Bold Rescuer Pulls Women in Wheelchair From Train Tracks With Just Feet to Spare
02:45:02a NY copper ends up 2 pct, buoyed by commods rally
02:45:07a Mexico peso rallies to near 5-year high; stocks dip
02:45:11a IMM-Speculators decrease bets against U.S. dollar-CFTC
02:45:16a Emerging debt-Market rallies on economy, upgrade hopes
02:45:20a Hunt launched for killer of OAP
02:45:24a APTOPIX Obama 2008
02:45:29a Argentina Peso, Stocks, Bonds Gain As Farm Crisis Continues
02:45:33a Cystic Firbrosis walk set Sunday
02:45:38a Rumor on the Internet Michelle Obama Railed Against Whitey.
02:45:43a Former head of UCLA cadaver program indicted for alleged body parts trafficking
02:45:47a New commission to study WMDs expected to finish report in time for next president
02:45:52a How many 'girls' from Texas sect are really women? Answer could undermine abuse claims
02:45:56a Rights groups condemn 24 corporations in symbolic trial during Latin American-EU summit
02:46:01a Texas assesses whether sect 'girls' are adults
02:46:06a Interior Department to hold Alaska oil lease sale
02:46:10a Analysis Learning from 'Swiftboat,' Obama reacts fast, fiercely to Bush, McCain
02:46:14a Saturday, May 24
02:46:19a Transit police have tightened policy on Taser use, inquiry hears
02:46:24a Braves 3, Athletics 2
02:46:28a California fairgoers injured when ride collapses
02:46:32a Tomko helps Royals beat slumping Marlins
02:46:36a Royals 7, Marlins 6
02:46:41a Reds 4, Indians 3
02:46:45a Reds get fourth straight win, 4-3 over Indians
02:46:50a Canada tops Sweden; plays Russia for hockey title
02:46:54a Scott, Mora spark Orioles past Nationals 5-3
02:46:58a Orioles 5, Nationals 3
02:47:03a Phillies 10, Blue Jays 3
02:47:07a Rachel Hetherington tied for lead at Sybase
02:47:11a Eight Dollars for a Gallon of Gas?
02:47:16a State Measure Will Test Public Opinion On Gay Marriage
02:47:20a Obama 'Respects' Gay Marriage Ruling
02:47:24a Sacramento men arrested in what police say was #x27;gay-bashing#x27;
02:47:29a Sacramento Men Arrested In What Police Say Was 'Gay-Bashing'
02:47:33a Study Gay, Lesbian Consumers Favor 'Friendly' Brands
02:47:37a Viewpoint What the California Gay Ruling Won't Do
02:47:42a The Gay Marriage Ruling's Impact
02:47:46a Happy gays are here again
02:47:51a Gay rights law repeal moves forward
02:47:55a Anti-Neocons View topic A bag of Shit
02:47:59a Residents affected by Bruderheim fire still out of their homes
02:48:04a Rowan, XTO Energy, BMC Software rise and help send S&P 500 to higher finish
02:48:09a Magowan stepping down as Giants' boss
02:48:13a Get a fresh perspective with sophisticated
02:48:17a CA, Tellabs shares active; tech stocks inch higher
02:48:22a Simon Armitage looks at computer gadgets for runners
02:48:26a 'Perception of disrespect' led to Berkeley killing, prosecutor says
02:48:31a Lawmakers concerned over Charter
02:48:36a Video Game Downloads Could Reinvent the Industry
02:48:40a Boxer Campaign Racial Talk Unimportant
02:48:45a Nintendo set to launch 'Wii Fit' exercise game
02:48:49a HP to launch fall line of teen PC products
02:48:53a Old media is running scared of Google
02:48:58a Fake video codec found in AOL forum
02:49:02a WujWuj makes group gifting easier, at a price
02:49:07a Qualcomm to take Mobile TV abroad
02:49:11a Samsung Soul clears FCC
02:49:15a The little speaker that could
02:49:20a The Prius of televisions
02:49:24a Dell spikes game site with Alienware systems
02:49:29a Conde Nast buys Ars Technica
02:49:33a Sugar Labs will make OLPC interface available for Eee PC, others
02:49:37a Vodafone acquires contact management service ZYB
02:49:41a Fujitsu gives biometrics a hand
02:49:46a Charter catches flak on Web monitoring
02:49:50a Firefly lets everyone talk over your site
02:49:54a Qwerty is the next big thing
02:49:59a PayPal XSS vulnerability affects EV SSL
02:50:04a Grand Jury Indicts Charter School Founder
02:50:11a Sarwan takes reins from Gayle
02:50:15a High gas prices resulting in costly repairs
02:50:20a Video Suffern-Lakeland/Panas girls lacrosse
02:50:24a Olympia's high hits 84 degrees on warmest day in 2008
02:50:28a After son's death, mom urges teens to buckle up 802 PM
02:50:33a New Clinton ad questions Obama lock
02:50:37a Mississippi State student wins 'Jeopardy!'
02:50:42a Black college has white valedictorian
02:50:46a Obama calls for Vets Affairs e-mail probe
02:50:50a Marsupials shot at Australian croc farm
02:50:55a 'Grey's' producers take questions on blog
02:50:59a Foo Fighters to play Harley gig
02:51:38a Judge reprimanded for his courtroom conduct
02:51:42a ACM Awards will have tribute to Arnold
02:52:36a Despite lean budget, City goes whole hog at barbecue contest
02:53:13a Huckabee apologizes for Obama remark during NRA speech
02:53:17a Former Clinton backer McGovern joins Obama at noisy rally
02:53:22a Justine Henin retires from tennis at age 25
02:53:26a Siedler takes Picardie opener
02:53:30a Justine Henin to retire from tennis
02:53:35a Saudi Aramco, ConocoPhillips Agree to Build Saudi Refinery
02:53:39a Saudi Aramco and ConocoPhillips Confirm Yanbu Export Refinery Project
02:53:44a Alcohol May Have Played Role In Tug-Refinery Wharf Crash
02:53:48a Oil Refineries Schedules First Quarter 2008 Earnings Release for May 21, 2008
02:53:53a Bin Laden Has A New Tape Out And He ... Zzzzzzz
02:53:57a Is 9 a Gallon Gas Coming?
02:54:02a Importance of Being a People Person
02:54:06a LucasArts exits ESA exits ESA
02:54:16a Europe Home to Roma, And Not Welcome
02:54:53a Pesticides found in Coal River
02:54:57a Dockers wary of losing Warnock
02:55:02a Oil strike record over US127
02:55:06a Prices of food on way down
02:55:11a Sarwan to lead Windies against Australia
02:55:15a US consumers grimmest in 28 years
02:55:19a Wall Street struggles as oil hits record
02:55:24a ASIC focuses on easy targets, says business
02:55:28a Centro wrongly valued assets
02:55:32a All Ords back over 6000
02:55:37a BHP soars to record on Chinese talk
02:55:41a Expect rival bid, says St George
02:55:45a Asians add to melting pot
02:55:50a Montgomery given 46-month jail term
02:55:54a New School Finished in Melbourne; Shown off to Community
02:55:59a Baugh century holds up Australia
02:56:03a Child hurt after falling out of a window in St. Paul
02:56:07a Suspect accused of stealing ATM with forklift caught in Wisconsin
02:56:12a Home Depot in middle of Patagonian dam debate
02:56:16a License to Lie
02:56:20a Cooling centers set to open when temperatures heat up
02:56:25a House of Hope winner explores her new home
02:56:29a Congressman McCarthy talks about the Farm Bill
02:56:33a Farm Bill passes through Congress
02:56:38a Dogs found in filthy, abandoned home
02:56:42a Special naturalization ceremony held in Bakersfield
02:56:46a Need a passport? The post office can help
02:56:51a '100 Laptop' Program Teams with Microsoft
02:56:55a Stolen laptop holds precious memories
02:57:00a '100 laptop' non-profit teams with Microsoft
02:57:04a '100 laptop' platform moves on
02:57:09a 100 Laptop Nonprofit Teams With Microsoft
02:57:13a Microsoft to Offer Laptops For 188 For Kids In Developing Countries
02:57:18a - '100 laptop' nonprofit now teamed with Microsoft
02:57:22a Archive '100 laptop' project adds 75 and Windows
02:57:27a Windows Live for Windows Mobile update
02:57:31a Laptops stolen from UGA campus
02:57:36a 100 Laptop Project Teams With Microsoft
02:57:40a Bands Should Give Away Their Music With Every Concert Ticket Sold
02:57:46a Media Advisory Ontario to announce improved safety, security and accessibility for Francophone organizations
02:57:50a CUPE Ontario activist part of coalition celebrating reinstatement of human rights based medical procedure
02:57:54a Redknapp eyes title glory in FA Cup
02:57:59a Texas minister charged in online sex sting
02:58:03a 2 indicted in UCLA body parts case
02:58:08a Russian scientists announce 'spaceroach' grandchildren report
02:58:12a Bristlebots + Paint = Robo-Pollocks?
02:58:17a Toyota One-Ups ASIMO's Conducting Performance with Robot Orchestra
02:58:21a Microsoft Research Explores Robots Among Us
02:58:26a Robotic suit that boosts strength
02:58:30a 3M, Sony sign licensing deal
02:58:35a Debian Adding Low-Power NAS Devices
02:58:39a Windows Will Accompany Linux on OLPC Laptops
02:58:44a Asus to offer Linux ...
02:58:49a Debian, Ubuntu Servers Vulnerable to OpenSSH Flaw
02:58:53a Zimbabwe Tsvangirai returns home tomorrow MDC
02:58:58a cash still sought by comedy event
02:59:02a Officer sacked for selling helmet
02:59:07a Woman killed by bus identified as Scottish exchange student
02:59:12a one year closer to breaking away as SNP momentum continues
02:59:16a Davis unclear where future lies
02:59:21a Gretna move closer to extinction
02:59:25a Buddies still waiting on Miranda
02:59:29a Arbroath take Fraser from Forfar
02:59:33a Newberry Co. 2-year-old shot in the head with a BB gun
02:59:38a Join us for the Heart & Sole Five Miler
02:59:42a Bush Starts a McCain-Obama Brawl
02:59:46a Obama's words
02:59:51a Video Mike Huckabee jokes about shooting Obama article
02:59:59a GOP Unleashes on Obama
03:00:04a US lawmakers ask Bush for Burma 'intervention'
03:00:08a Huckabee joke Gun aimed at Obama
03:00:13a McCain Runs From Bush - but Not Too Far
03:00:17a Church Briefs for 5/17
03:00:21a How to avoid the BitTorrent blockade
03:00:25a Vodafone to buy online social networking site ZYB
03:00:30a Motorola's Strategy Chief Is Latest to Exit
03:00:34a Microsoft Demonstrates Windows XP on the XO
03:00:38a Asus Considering Suing Gigabyte for 'Disinformation'
03:00:43a Hacker Gets 5 Years for Prank 911 Calls Resulting in SWAT Team Raids
03:00:47a PC Tools attacks Vista's security again
03:00:52a Lawyer says his e-mail used by hacker for hate messages
03:00:56a PayPal XSS Vulnerability Undermines EV SSL Security
03:01:01a Wardrivers Pioneers or Pirates?
03:01:06a Japanese P2P Virus Writer Convicted, Escapes Jail
03:01:11a 'Make A Difference' Helps Feed Children
03:01:15a Police Crack Retail Theft Ring
03:01:20a Happy Ending For Baby With Birth Defect
03:01:24a Heartstopping Moments For Staff At Valley Hospital
03:01:28a 'Gay' cop accused of molesting child
03:01:33a California battle over same-sex marriage not over
03:01:37a Street preacher set to challenge powers that be
03:01:42a Election violence now threatens even children
03:01:46a Court scolds city for 'hostility' toward church
03:01:50a Guv's son parties in historic landmark
03:01:55a Will judges let people define marriage?
03:01:59a Grist Magazine On Buying Eco-Products in Bulk
03:02:03a Study Confirms Lead Fragments in Venison
03:02:08a Drivers Offended By 'Whites Only' Signs Sat, 17 May 2008 024836 GMT
03:02:12a Water study committee sets target date
03:02:17a Three sentenced for water-related fraud
03:02:22a Worker pulled from water at Dale Jarrett's home
03:02:26a Georgia denied rehearing in Florida water case
03:02:31a Sewer, water district rules go to voters
03:02:35a 1113 a.m. - Portions of Greenbelt under water as Boise River rises
03:02:39a Kapiolani lanes closed due to water line break
03:02:43a » Water, Inc. Meets with Legislators to Discuss Water Quality
03:02:48a mid-afternoon snack
03:02:52a 1500 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies
03:02:56a Woo Flickr is saved! 24/365
03:03:00a And then there were three...
03:03:05a Dominican Republic president ahead in election count
03:03:10a France lashes out at Burma rulers over cyclone aid delays
03:03:15a The Rise in Oil Prices
03:03:19a Cardiff City's FA Cup run as never seen before in Lego
03:03:24a Mo. lawmakers approve anti-illegal immigrant bill
03:03:29a Police find 3 decomposing bodies inside NJ home
03:03:33a White Sox fire 3 scouts following investigation
03:03:38a Magnitude 5.2 quake hits south of the Kermadec Islands
03:03:42a Penn brings Australian aid film to Cannes
03:03:46a Obama to Sioux Falls “Thank you, Sioux City!”
03:03:50a Several Injured California Carnival Ride Accident
03:03:55a 16yo critical after Mandurah hit-run
03:04:00a Chemist gets life for husband's acid vat murder
03:04:04a Oakland County medical examiner determines cause in woman's Pontiac death
03:04:09a DC Court Denies Georgia Appeal on Water Ruling Sat, 17 May 2008 024907 GMT
03:04:14a Hall Jailer Arrested in Child Porn Investigation Sat, 17 May 2008 024505 GMT
03:04:18a Two critical after police chase
03:04:23a Man killed in car accident
03:04:27a Valmae Beck emerges from coma
03:04:37a Garrison Must Do the Right Thing
03:04:42a Gary Brugman Victim of Johnny Sutton Part 2
03:04:47a Gary Brugman Victim of Johnny Sutton Part 1
03:04:51a CVS Celona's hiring was no secret
03:04:55a On R.I.'s menu this weekend Diplomas and dining out
03:05:00a Foster mother found guilty in slaying of 3-year-old nephew
03:05:04a CCRI graduates praised for their hard-earned degrees
03:05:09a Bicyclists are spokesmen for a greener commute
03:05:13a Service and Sacrifice Fighting abroad, struggle at home
03:05:18a Debt Knox taxpayers may pay later
03:05:22a Budget woes to keep pay raises from UT-Knoxville staff
03:05:26a I-24 bridge repair worker killed, one injured
03:05:31a Gazprom to Ship Shtokman Gas to Rabaska LNG Terminal
03:05:35a - US to ship more food to struggling Haiti
03:05:39a Alabama Ship Fire Injures Three FFs
03:05:44a FBI Fall off cruise ship apparently no crime
03:05:48a FBI scrutinizes video, railing in cruise-ship death
03:05:53a OPETH Preorder Of Watershed Ships With Free Poster
03:05:57a Man's rare gift may unlock secret of memory
03:06:01a Lockheed Gets the Nod for GPS III
03:06:06a Boeing wins 5.2M U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory contract
03:06:11a Study finds Boeing program's impact in state is 700 million
03:06:18a Fitch Upgrades Bombardier's Rtgs to 'BB+'; Outlook Stable
03:06:23a Lockheed beats Boeing on 3.57B contract
03:06:27a Boeing loses GPS satellite bid
03:06:32a Lockheed wins GPS contract worth 1.46 billion
03:06:36a Feds offer 5G reward for tips on Boeing saboteurs
03:06:41a Reward offered in Chinook vandalism case at Boeing's Ridley plant
03:06:46a Reports, photos indicate that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are soon to marry
03:06:51a US Ships in Frustrating Wait Off Burma's Coast to Deliver Aid and accidents
03:06:55a Akron Children's Hospital Saving lives though bone marrow
03:06:59a EU-LATIN AMERICA Rhetoric Crowns Fifth Summit
03:07:22a Guj Cop's Olympic dream goes awry
03:07:43a CNN Age Of Pregnant FLDS 'Girls' Disputed
03:07:48a CNN In-Suit Device Solves Air Force's No. 1 Problem
03:07:52a CNN Man's Rare Ability May Unlock Secret Of Memory
03:07:58a Rosa's Mexican Restaurant to Close
03:08:02a Gas 1.04 in Kansas City
03:08:06a KCK Man to be Sentenced For Fatal Pit Bull Attack
03:08:10a Cozy Home Rental Management Cuts the Ribbon
03:08:15a Study Finds Some Parts Of Mecklenburg County Don’t Card Alcohol Buyers
03:08:19a County Board Beer Tax Gender Bias?
03:08:23a Wine pioneer Mondavi dies
03:08:28a D.C. Council Member Explores Citywide Single-Sale Beer Ban
03:08:32a Lion Nathan to raise alcohol prices from July 1
03:08:37a Beer's cold, barbie's hot as Wendell Sailor sells
03:08:42a Wine Artisan brew on tables of top eateries
03:08:46a KJ Lang Be the host with the most — without alcohol
03:08:50a Viewing wine through a Parkerized looking glass
03:08:54a Cowards! Facebook Pulls Out Of Beer Pong Tourney With CollegeHumor
03:08:58a Video John Jay-Yorktown boys lacrosse
03:09:03a Minister Accused Of Soliciting Minor Online
03:09:54a Parking garage ready to open
03:09:58a Vigo to get early state payment of 3.25 million
03:10:02a Vigo deputy suspended after using patrol car for campaigning
03:11:09a If You Can Eat It Or Ride It...It's At The Jubilee!
03:11:13a Glitch Shorts Taxpayers 105 Million
03:11:41a University of Texas designs shooting safety program
03:11:45a Central Texans driving into GPS dead zones
03:11:50a Travel obstacles holding back Austin tourists
03:11:54a Driver Dies After Colliding With School Bus
03:11:59a Clinton issues new appeal
03:12:05a Parking officer says cop assaulted him
03:12:09a Rights commission requests torture probe
03:12:14a Goa minister celebrates birthday in House of Commons
03:12:18a Player cleared over Neath injury
03:12:23a C&L's Late Nite Music Club with Steve Earle
03:12:27a Conyers “Were closing in on Rove. Someone's got to kick his ass”
03:12:32a Rep Tom Davis Uses Term “Tar Baby” In GOP Memo
03:12:36a Engineer 3, Systems Design
03:12:40a Adapa Karthik tops civil services exam
03:12:45a Engineer's career reaches dizzy heights
03:12:49a Personnel chief interfered with exam, Nutter says
03:12:53a Ex-patient says exams made her uneasy
03:12:57a Sutton named chief engineer for Debut Broadcasting
03:13:02a Greens call for solar panel rethink
03:13:15a TiEcon Announces 2008 Entrepreneur Award Winners
03:13:19a Oregon Winery Posts Record Earnings for 2007
03:13:24a Omnicom Group Inc. Declares Dividend
03:13:28a iStar Financial Agrees to Sell 750 Million of Senior Unsecured Notes
03:13:33a Birch Mountain reports first quarter results
03:13:37a Northgate files preliminary base shelf prospectus
03:13:41a Digital Realty Trust to Present at the 7th Annual JMP Securities Research Conference
03:13:54a Regulator to check out brokers more closely
03:13:59a Serena, Venus both out of Italian Open
03:14:03a EU seeks to speed up negotiations with ACN, Mercosur
03:14:07a Paraguayan president-elect looks to ties with China
03:14:12a UN concerns growing violence in Chad
03:14:16a Quake to spur insurers to penetrate rural areas
03:14:21a Peru declares national mourning for Chinese earthquake victims
03:14:26a UN refugee agency condemns killing of Colombian refugee right leader
03:14:30a Ecuador rejects Interpol analysis on computers of Colombian rebel group
03:14:34a School building quality to be probed in quake-hit Sichuan
03:14:39a Latin American, EU leaders call for addressing poverty, climate change
03:14:43a U.S. Congressmen offer condolences, help to China over quake
03:14:48a Preliminary results show Dominican president takes lead in election
03:14:52a Germany increases earthquake aid to China to 1.5 mln euros
03:14:57a Former Olympic champion Montgomery sentenced to 46 months
03:15:35a Bush hails Israel as Arabs lament
03:16:24a Gold Coast Aims to Attract More Tourists From Japan, NZ
03:16:28a Macklin Tries to Sell Carers Budget Package
03:16:33a Aussie aid worker's film taken to Cannes
03:16:48a Teen Pleads Guilty In West Chester Motel Murder
03:16:53a Vets Emotional After Tandem Skydiving Experience
03:17:03a U.S. urges S. Korea quickly to open beef market
03:17:07a Seven countries join Nato's cyber crime unit
03:17:12a PNG signed draft communique to set up full diplomatic relationship with Taiwan
03:17:17a UN peacekeepers to join France's July 14 parade Ban
03:17:22a U.S. releases plan to give 500,000 tons of food aid to N. Koreanull
03:17:26a US announces N Korea food aid package
03:17:38a U.S. Frustrated by Myanmar Military Juntas Limits on Aid in Wake of Cyclone
03:17:43a Famine Looms as Wars Rend Horn of Africa
03:17:48a Audio Message From bin Laden Condemns Israel
03:17:53a High-Tech Japan Running Out of Engineers
03:17:57a U.S. Frustrated by Myanmar Juntas Aid Limits
03:18:02a Remembering Two Marines and Two Korean War Soldiers With Very Different Stories
03:18:07a Molalla Pedestrian Killed By Hit and Run Driver
03:18:11a Padres' Mark Prior has another shoulder injury
03:18:15a Another no-decision for Astros starter Chacon
03:18:20a Missouri banning Internet harassment
03:18:33a Family wants center shut down after attempted rape 1049 PM
03:18:38a Look East for terror Will India blame Bangladesh?
03:18:43a Bin Laden driver's trial delayed
03:18:47a Junta Keeps Aid Workers From Victims
03:18:52a U.S. plans new prison in Afghanistan
03:18:57a Battle Over Data Ownership on Gillmor Gang
03:19:01a Metaverse Art Renaissance The Garden of Possible Impossibility Is Now Open
03:19:05a Storyblender Brings a Goofy Side to Casual Animation
03:19:10a RE/Search's V. Vale on maker culture and punk rock
03:19:14a Lower Hutt crash
03:19:18a Palmerston North assault
03:19:23a Young boy recovering
03:19:27a Earthquake offshore
03:19:31a Terrace Tunnel blocked
03:19:36a Police name Christchurch crash victim
03:19:40a Pedestrian killed in Elmsford hit-and-run
03:19:45a Flattop vs. mohawk divides a parent and principal
03:19:49a Teacher arrested for alleged aggressive behavior toward child
03:19:54a Gambling machines seized at grocery store
03:19:58a Teen beating still has no arrests
03:20:02a Park and ride program set up for Madison residents
03:20:07a Overnight chase ends with woman beaten and stabbed
03:20:11a Winkler in court over custody of children
03:20:15a Shoals woman pleads guilty in husband's death
03:20:20a Rape charge dropped against Florence High athlete
03:20:24a Crestwood to appeal review board's decision on Madison hospital
03:20:29a Microsoft Windows comes to green laptop
03:20:33a Efforts Underway to Restore Power to Hundreds After Thursday's Storm
03:20:37a New APD Headquarters?
03:21:14a ORNL researchers make third trip to Manson ranch to start digging
03:21:19a Three shot in Lonsdale home invasion
03:21:23a From boots to bibles
03:21:28a Polygamist raid concerns parental rights advocates
03:21:33a Churches helping parishioners in danger of losing homes
03:21:37a Possible mountain lion sighting in northwest Austin
03:22:26a Dubai 'could emerge as derivatives trading hub'
03:22:30a Dubai In My Rear Window
03:22:35a Zylog to buy firms in Dubai
03:22:39a Pangkor Laut Luxury Comes To Dubai
03:22:52a Globalization and the Changing Nature of Work in Canada
03:22:57a Keeping Foreign DNA Silent
03:23:01a Phoenix Lander Targeting Ideal Mars Spot
03:23:06a Mars Probe Heading for Sea of Buried Ice
03:23:10a Building 'super roadmaps' of planets and moons
03:23:14a Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3
03:23:19a 18 Injured When Carnival Ride Collapses
03:23:23a Writing an Obituary Paying Tribute to a Life
03:23:28a Mom Of Wandering Two-Year-Old Charged
03:23:32a Doctors See Increase In Vog Problems
03:23:36a Taxi Driver Convicted Of Trying To Kill Customer
03:23:41a HFD Looking for Firefighter Recruits
03:23:46a Magic Mushroom Fight Breast Cancer
03:23:50a Trust Your Calculator.. Not Your 'Politician'
03:23:55a US home construction picks up
03:23:59a The good Sharif
03:24:03a Playboy Looking for Next Playmate on YouTube
03:24:08a China Geothermal Energy Earthquake Deterrent Project....Opinion
03:24:13a Dominican ruling party declares election win
03:24:17a KKR turns to infrastructure
03:24:22a BA is circling and Willie Walsh should avoid a crash landing
03:24:26a Barclays gets bullish over American shares
03:24:31a Price snag kills off Arden deal
03:24:35a Oil leaps after Bush's Saudi trip
03:24:40a Qataris face 100m demand to support care homes group
03:24:44a Carl Icahn backed in Yahoo! fight
03:24:48a Barclays scents victory against credit crisis
03:24:53a Antisoma acquires US rival Xanthus
03:24:57a British Energy has offers 'up to nearly 11bn'
03:25:02a Turbulence ahead for anxious BA
03:25:06a Victor Chandler The man who calls the odds
03:25:10a All hail the almighty peso!
03:25:15a Kidnapper apologizes for making off with wrong kids
03:25:20a Four disaster response drills take place in Taipei
03:25:27a Ceiling Raised On Some College Loans
03:25:36a Matching CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC Distort McCain on Hamas in 2006
03:25:40a The Back Wars Come to a Close
03:25:44a Immunosyn Corporation Files 10-Q
03:25:49a Special report Inside the drop houses, Part II
03:25:53a Saban to run again for Maricopa County sheriff
03:25:58a Gilbert homes marketed as vacation rentals
03:26:02a Source UAW, American Axle reach deal that could end strike
03:26:07a General Motors workers ratify new tentative agreement in three locations
03:26:22a James scores 32, Cavs beat Celtics to force Game 7
03:27:30a Brillante Mendoza's bid for Cannes glory
03:27:34a Bridge of Lions Restoration Work On Schedule Sat, 17 May 2008 025605 GMT
03:27:48a Drug Sting Nets 24 Arrests, 20,000 In Cash
03:27:52a Medical Condition Causes School Bus Driver To Crash
03:27:57a Man Fires Shots During Coffee Shop Robbery
03:28:06a Myanmar death toll soars
03:28:20a War Without End View topic Bin Laden Palestinian Cause Prompted 9/11
03:28:24a SDF personnel to be sent to Sudan for PKO
03:30:08a Paradise Inn's reopening revives many memories
03:30:12a Sonics play host to minicamp
03:30:17a Myanmar official cyclone toll soars to 78,000
03:30:22a Fog in Auckland no longer hampering flights
03:30:26a Double amputee Pistorius wins appeal over Olympic ban
03:30:31a Influential California winemaker dies
03:30:35a International Wire Story
03:30:39a Doctor Tells of Struggle To Save Murder Victim
03:30:44a Freeport man to join 'Walk for the Mind'
03:30:48a Strugeon Falls vendor fined for selling tobacco to minors
03:30:52a Minister under fire after more tram failures
03:30:57a Power to counter Hawks' defensive tactics
03:31:02a High school on high alert after fight scare
03:31:06a Rain a blessing for some, nuisance for others
03:31:40a Fatal Start To Long Weekend
03:31:46a Oil closes above 126 as Goldman Sachs hikes price forecast
03:31:50a Oil leaps after Bush
03:31:55a Jeddah lands 426m dockyard
03:31:59a Saudi hikes output by 300,000 bpd in May Nuaimi
03:32:03a Saudis and US act to bring down oil price
03:32:08a Saudis reject Bush plea for lower gas prices
03:32:12a Bush asks, Saudis raise oil supply
03:32:17a Frustration for Bush as pledge to Saudis fails to win oil concession
03:32:21a Saudis increase oil output; rebuff Bush appeal Summary
03:32:26a Bush policies strengthen Iran, Hamas
03:32:30a No reason to raise oil production now
03:32:35a Saudis stiff Bush on oil output
03:32:39a US unveils nuclear, oil deals with Saudi
03:32:44a US agrees to help Saudi Arabia protect its energy infrastructure
03:32:48a Myanmar's Buddhist monks fill cyclone aid void
03:32:53a Myanmar death toll soars, diplomats tour delta
03:32:57a Biofuels, trade dominate EU-Latin American summit
03:33:02a Students from Taiwan and U.S. Win at International Science Fair and technology
03:33:06a China Dealing with Negative Comments
03:33:27a Restaurateurs' lament fewer diners, smaller orders
03:33:31a Reddy Ice faces 90 lawsuits
03:33:36a Deadline passes in EA bid to buy Take-Two Interactive shares
03:34:38a Pentagon to build new prison at Bagram
03:34:44a Clinton to Oregonians Don't count me out
03:34:59a Syringe reuse linked to hepatitis C outbreak in Las Vegas, officials say
03:35:32a Pennsylvania Death Row Inmate Herbert Blakeney Protests by Hunger Strike
03:35:46a Northern Alberta wildfire prompts state of emergency
03:35:51a House to Consider Budget, Energy Tax Breaks
03:35:55a Duke Energy Cutting Off Service More Often This Year
03:35:59a British Energy attracts three bids
03:36:04a China stocks edge lower; utilities drop
03:36:08a EV Energy Partners Announces Closing of Atascosa County, Texas Acquisition
03:36:12a SP briefly turns up with energy sector gains
03:36:17a General Electric decision to add jobs here
03:36:21a Expert Plastics key in ‘zero-energy building’
03:36:26a Hyundai targets 25% market share
03:36:30a Ford joins archaeological institute
03:36:35a 2 inmates escape from La Honda juvenile camp
03:36:39a Ford in Cannes with umbrella, no fedora
03:36:43a 2004 Volvo S40 24i14,999
03:36:47a Baosteel to supply 10% Hyundai Heavy's steel needs
03:36:52a Bridgestone, Toyo discussing alliances
03:36:56a Bridgestone To Buy 8% Stake In Toyo Tire For Alliance
03:37:01a Toyota, Nippon Steel Shake Hands On 30%-Plus Sheet Price Hike
03:37:05a Skoda Auto car sales up 22 pct in April
03:37:10a Bridgestone, Toyo ponder alliances
03:37:13a Birmingham City boot boy given keys to Mercedes by team star
03:37:18a New Future Cars 2011 Mazda RX-7
03:37:25a A.P. UAW, American Axle reach deal that could end strike
03:37:29a No skateboarding.
03:37:33a Cookies, obviously
03:37:40a Armed robbery at Branford dollar store
03:37:46a Indy 500 driver profiles
03:37:50a Share your best 500 photos.
03:37:55a Cold storage firm to hire 100 in Lebanon
03:38:00a Missouri Lawmakers Vote to Make Internet Harassment Illegal
03:38:04a Impact of Canceled Oil Shipments into Reserves Unknown
03:38:09a Saudis Don't Plan to Increase Oil Production
03:38:13a Syringe Reuse Linked to Las Vegas Hepatitus C Outbreak
03:38:18a What's Online Frustrating the Pirates
03:38:22a Bits TV at 140 Miles Per Hour
03:38:26a 2008 'Hottest MCs In The Game' The Full Show
03:38:31a McCain Responds
03:38:35a Obama criticizes Bush, McCain
03:38:40a Budget Cuts To Affect Northdale Park
03:38:44a Samurai sword murderer learns fate
03:38:49a Police Seeking 7-Eleven Robber
03:38:53a Bowden Reluctant To Ban Guns At FSU
03:38:57a Body Found In Trunk Of Burned Car
03:39:02a Pet Funeral Home Caters To Bereaved Owners
03:39:07a Pasco kitten killer suspect locked up
03:39:11a New photos released in Lakeland beating case
03:39:16a Margin growth offsets falling sales at Lazydays RV SuperCenter
03:39:20a State Lifts Ban On Allstate Writing New Policies
03:39:24a Florida OIR stays Allstate suspension
03:39:28a Excellent IBD editorial on BHO today
03:39:33a Obamas unrealistic realism
03:39:37a Why Obamas relationship to Wright is so critical
03:39:41a Europe against leaders' presence at Olympics
03:39:46a Area residents provide 44 tons of food to 'stamp out hunger'
03:39:50a Mobile park reverses on non-English-speakers' evictions
03:39:54a Boca man is oldest Lynn grad at 79
03:39:59a Young driver's fatal case elicits judge's frustration
03:40:03a Riverdance revives Kravis vs. union jig
03:40:08a North Korea welcomes U.S. food aid
03:40:13a Byrd takes midpoint lead at AT&T
03:40:17a Nevada Congressional Races Firmed Up
03:40:22a Police find three decomposing bodies inside New Jersey home
03:40:27a Week ahead on Wall St Record oil may hold stocks hostage
03:40:32a Swedish Woman,75 Has World's Fastest Broadband Connection
03:40:37a Dominican Republic president Leonel Fernandez leading vote, officials say
03:40:41a Businesses adjust to higher fuel prices
03:40:46a Texas takes control of prepaid funeral company and its insurers
03:40:50a Charter urged to delay plan to track customers' Web use
03:40:55a Olin to lay off 87 workers at East Alton plant
03:41:00a As commodity prices rise, a question persists Do bubbles exist?
03:41:04a At work with ... Eric Schaefer
03:41:09a SMFG Profit Rises 4.6%
03:41:13a Caught on tape Alligator wrestles with illegal hunters
03:41:18a LSI complaint over chips to be reviewed
03:41:22a Yahoo says board most qualified as Icahn mounts proxy fight
03:41:27a OLPC now teams up with Microsoft
03:41:31a CBS buys Web access with US1.8 billion CNET deal
03:41:36a April video gaming sales up 47% U.S.
03:41:41a Japan's GDP grows 3% in Q1
03:41:45a U.S. new home constructions in April rise 8.2%
03:41:50a Fed sees some healing in financial markets
03:41:55a FT UK banks may swap US175 billion of assets
03:41:59a U.S. declines to say China is a currency manipulator
03:42:04a GE mulls spinoff of its appliance-making unit
03:42:08a LG Display plans to invest US1 billion for expansion
03:42:13a Renault's global sales up 8.3 percent in April
03:42:18a RIM mulls touch-screen BlackBerry in Q3 WSJ
03:42:22a Singapore exports rose 5.4% in April, gov't says
03:42:27a Three shot in home on Deleware Avenue
03:42:31a Grandmother of kidnapping suspect speaks out
03:42:36a Hillary Clinton Plans Stop At Covington's Maifest
03:42:40a Maifest Underway In Covington
03:42:44a Man Shot To Death In Mt. Auburn
03:42:49a Billboards Kickoff Westwood Enhancement Blitz
03:42:53a Doctor Arrested For Practicing Without Valid License
03:42:58a Sex Offender Residency Board Overwhelmed by Appeals
03:43:02a Appleton One of America's Best 100 Cities to Live
03:43:07a Expo Extends the Countdown to Marathon
03:43:11a Top of bleacher collapses, 7 injured in Racine County
03:43:16a Reduce Home Energy Bills With Simple Steps
03:43:20a Innocent Victims Dragged Into Mortgage Fraud
03:43:25a NZ and Aussie police face charges
03:43:36a Aussie aid worker's film taken to Cannes
03:43:41a Zimbabwe's opposition leader to begin showdown with Mugabe
03:43:45a Carnival Ride Collapses in California; 17 Injured
03:43:50a LTV EXCLUSIVE Pau Gasol 'Center Of Attention'
03:43:54a Red-Hot Art Market Sets Sotheby Record
03:43:59a Keep on truckin'? Long haulers yield to diesel prices
03:44:03a Happy Valley-area man dies in crash on Oregon 6
03:44:08a Man dies in single-car crash near Turner
03:44:12a Jefferson High students walk out in protest
03:44:16a A joyful noise Saturday at George Fox
03:44:21a Milwaukie man convicted mowing down wife with car
03:44:25a Mokbel lands in Melbourne
03:44:30a Man stabbed three times in back
03:44:34a Brisbane factory destroyed by fire
03:44:39a Hostel fire prompts safety probe
03:44:43a Man suffers burns after house fire
03:44:48a Men injured when car drives into shop
03:44:52a BuzzCity is a growing new competitor in the US mobile advertising market
03:44:57a Angelos New Idea, Pizza Beer Flavoring
03:45:01a Swiss Town Creates Urban Golf Course
03:45:06a Redner to open brewery, sell beer
03:45:10a Clinton to Oregonians Don't count me out
03:45:15a U.N. announces grant of up to 7 mil. in quake aid for China+
03:45:19a Byrd takes halfway lead as AT and T Classic gets back on track
03:45:24a Florida and Michigan can't save Clinton North Dakota News
03:45:28a Florida lifts Allstate's suspension
03:45:33a Special Report Danger at South Florida malls
03:45:37a Florida's Higher Education System Will Feel Deep Budget Pains Next Year
03:45:41a Seminole commissioners find law prohibits them from cutting own pay
03:45:46a 15-year-old girl found dead on Lake County roadside
03:45:50a • Find Shows for kids
03:45:55a Slow economy doesn't hurt Florida tourism
03:45:59a Barack Obama in Pendleton
03:46:04a Florida tourism strong through economic downturn
03:46:08a rsaquo;rsaquo; Police Man a prime suspect in Florida fires
03:46:13a Residents Near the Naches River Prepare for Flooding
03:46:17a DSC_0098.JPG
03:46:21a Blue Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies
03:46:26a Paterson's Giant Choc Chip Cookie
03:46:30a With Chávez in Check, Talks in Peru Stay Calm
03:46:35a Children make care packages for soldiers in Iraq
03:46:39a Woman shot at Dallas shopping mall
03:46:44a FAA says MD-80 airplanes had sloppy wire bundles
03:46:48a Senior Menus
03:46:52a Summer For Locals
03:46:57a Myanmar cyclone toll reaches 78,000
03:47:01a Bush exchanges views with young Israelis
03:47:10a Man pleads guilty to stealing doughnut delivery van
03:47:15a Body found in Kossuth County home after fire
03:47:19a UAW, Axle reach deal that could end strike
03:47:24a Pharmacopeia blood pressure drug shines in study
03:47:28a Rush Founder Died of Heart Attack
03:47:32a CBS Will Acquire CNET
03:47:37a Deputies arrest four burglary suspects in Blount County
03:47:41a On again, off again
03:47:45a Bush called to intervene in Burma
03:47:50a Cat-and-mouse antics leave city in dark
03:47:54a 7 provinces warned of heavy rains
03:47:58a Bailey and Prince to fire against Dogs
03:48:03a Queensland to act in easing congestion
03:48:07a Armed man attacks pensioners
03:48:11a Increase in cyber-bullying among QLD teens
03:48:16a Microsoft Has Little for Advertisers
03:48:20a Former Sprint Employee Drops Lawsuit
03:48:37a Boeing big business for Australian manufacturing
03:48:54a IPL teams to donate Rs 6 cr to Jaipur blast victims
03:49:01a Monitors expect new bin Laden message to focus on Israel
03:49:05a At UN, Palestinian-Americans mark 60 years of displacement
03:49:10a Missing Israeli Students Found After Earthquake In China
03:49:15a Bin Laden warns Israel is target
03:49:19a Osama marks Israel anniversary
03:49:24a Gaza Region Kibbutz Spokesman Demands Protection From Gov't
03:49:28a Bin Laden No peace till Palestine's free
03:49:33a Israel Tells UN to Strike 'Nakba' From Lexicon
03:49:37a Palestinian cause fuels holy war Bin Laden
03:49:42a Hamas Prevented Fatah 'Nakba' March in Gaza
03:49:46a Bin Laden Israeli-Arab Struggle Inspired 9/11 Attacker
03:49:51a China's Hu urges quake rescuers not to give up hope
03:49:55a Mokbel coming back, with fond memories of Greece
03:50:06a What draws businesses to the North Bay?
03:50:15a SCarolina's Jones to leave program
03:50:19a Disher goes 2-for-3 to help SCarolina to 7-5 win over Tenn.
03:50:26a McCain NRA 2008
03:50:31a Legislature Missouri
03:50:35a Oregon Clinton
03:50:40a Romney McCain NRA 2008
03:50:48a McCain Businesswoman
03:50:52a Southern Democrats
03:50:57a Obama Attack Ads
03:51:01a Puerto Rico Campaign 2008 Michelle Obama
03:51:05a Clinton 2008
03:51:10a * Prince Saud Palestinians Have the Right to Exist as Well
03:51:14a Poll finds support for Lisbon Treaty running at two to one
03:51:19a Church leaders urge MPs not to extend abortion laws to NI
03:51:23a Zimbabwe Arrests of Trade Unionists
03:51:28a Former finance chief
03:51:32a ,¬500,000 infusion for 99 small festivals across Ireland
03:51:37a Taoiseach stresses role of health sector forum
03:51:41a Chest X-ray review letters sent to wrong patients
03:51:46a Call to investigate soaring diesel prices
03:51:50a Cork firm closes with loss of 138 jobs
03:51:54a 35% will vote for Lisbon, poll shows
03:51:59a Crash signs up Belfast broker
03:52:03a Aussie Green two off pace in Irish Open
03:52:08a Huckabee 'I apologize that my comments were offensive.'
03:52:12a EU-Latin America summit ends
03:52:16a Mysterious Daisetta sinkhole gator captured on film
03:52:21a Security Guard Fatally Shoots Driver
03:52:25a Not all life vests are bulky, orange and impossible to like
03:52:29a Study Warned of China Quake Risk a Year Ago
03:52:34a Dick's jumps in
03:52:38a DAVID HENDRICKS New business tax draws ire, 'torches and pitchforks'
03:52:42a G. CHAMBERS WILLIAMS III '09 Scions hitting the road
03:52:47a Quincy Fire Sentence
03:52:51a Harnessing the Sun for Speed
03:52:55a Federer, Nadal, Djokovic cruise into Hamburg semis
03:52:59a Harlem Globetrotters come out to play at Hollywood school
03:53:04a Two accused in shooting free for three days
03:53:08a 19 cited as contractors without license
03:53:12a » Eat the Rich, with a Few Purple carrots on the side
03:53:17a FBI fears hardware backdoors in US military kit
03:53:21a MyDD I just heard Alegre on the Clinton blogger call
03:53:26a Police say aide to provincial minister kidnapped in small Quebec town
03:53:31a Same-sex marriage ruling also victory for SF mayor
03:53:35a Drew Carey says fans will count in new MLS club
03:53:40a Speaker under fire as MPs lose secrecy fight
03:53:44a Symbolic date for UK
03:53:48a The town where nobody is safe from spy cameras
03:53:53a Anti-Semitic violence nears record level
03:53:57a Bankruptcy applications rise by 12 per cent
03:54:02a British daily says China
03:54:06a Regime not responsible for threats Police
03:54:11a West puts squeeze on Fiji, China ups aid
03:54:15a Nassau medical center extends warning over insulin pen
03:54:20a Ohio township to feds We don't want your money
03:54:25a Police charge minister from Texas megachurch with using Internet to solicit minor for sex
03:54:29a Waiting game for Marks
03:54:34a Appointing receiver invalid
03:54:38a Crucial Super 14 weekend
03:54:42a San Diego Zoo Takes Position On Climate Change
03:54:52a Homeowner fights back against violence in neighborhood
03:54:56a News 4 finds more information on Gerald phony agent
03:55:01a Obama, McCain duel in foreign policy row
03:55:20a UK lord in new Iraq hostage plea
03:55:26a 68% of Italians want Roma expelled poll
03:55:48a Tips On How To Keep Your Car From Turning Into An Oven
03:55:56a Asian stock markets crash, London, New York next? « Peter J. Cooper's Weblog
03:56:01a Summertime is coming, sandy beaches are beckoning Vietnam Beaches
03:56:05a Crazy Idea From Romania Man Superglues Condom to Penis to Save on Sex!
03:56:10a Friday Survey Do You Own An iPhone?
03:56:14a CNBC's Fast Money, Windy City-Style
03:56:30a Joytoto USA, Inc. Receives and Completes its First U.S. Purchase Order
03:56:34a Inflation Hits 355 000 Percent
03:56:39a Inflation a global problem
03:56:43a Fears of US recession overblown analyst
03:56:48a CBS4 Your Money A Week Of Inflation Hits Consumer
03:56:52a If inflation is up 3.9 percent, why does it feel worse?
03:56:57a FM preaches patience as inflation climbs
03:57:01a Jan-March GDP Strong But Corporate Sector Now Slumping
03:57:06a Inflation effect High costs erode earnings
03:57:10a Rising inflation a concern Chidambaram
03:57:14a Stocks Sour As Consumer Confidence Falls
03:57:19a Man in court on arson charges
03:57:23a Trouble selling your house? Try swapping 1059 PM
03:57:27a Dominican president leads in vote count
03:57:34a Habitat for Humanity of Orange County
03:57:38a Bridges Over the Blacktail
03:57:43a Supply ship docks to space station
03:57:47a Wetlands Division Presents New Rules
03:57:52a Polar Bears Added to List of Threatened Species
03:57:56a revising the way Washington teaches science
03:58:01a Ohio township to feds We don't want your money
03:58:05a American Axle and UAW reach a contract deal
03:58:10a CMU takes land development proposal slowly
03:58:14a Mother accused of DUI after crashing with child in car
03:58:18a Phillies pound Blue Jays
03:58:26a U.S. Plans Steps to Ease Congestion at Airports
03:58:31a Assembly Halts Bills With Analysis by Union-Paid Actuary
03:58:35a Ex-Speaker Hires Lawyer in Inquiry
03:58:40a Brooklyn Dry Cleaner Is Found Dead in Her Windsor Terrace Store
03:58:45a Former State Police Official, a Guard to Governors, Commits Suicide
03:58:50a Crowd Protests an Assault on a Jewish Teenager
03:58:54a 1 Killed and 7 Hurt as Van Jumps Curb
03:58:59a Several Found Dead in New Jersey House
03:59:03a About New York Soldier’s Ploy Backfires in Bid to Quit War
03:59:08a Did Hezbollah Thwart a Bush/Olmert Attack on Beirut?
03:59:13a Bees fill skies near Mattawa after crash
03:59:17a Mount St. Helens that was, and that will be
03:59:21a Alpental to welcome skiers this weekend
03:59:26a Woman gets community service for airline assault
03:59:31a Reward offered for info on recent thefts, break-ins
03:59:35a Coach faces two counts of felony sexual battery
03:59:39a Thousands delight in Urban Nights
03:59:44a Athlete still faces jail time
03:59:49a Renovated South Park homes open for tours
03:59:53a Sidney woman charged in slaying of 80-year-old man
03:59:58a Resident reports a theft of videos from his residence
04:00:02a Leo Lucas, former school board member, dies at 95
04:00:07a Canadian Auto Workers at GM to ratify new labor deal with GM
04:00:12a Rescuers search for more China earthquake survivors, but focus efforts on housing survivors
04:00:16a Service gives fans at track all the answers
04:00:21a California ruling renews debate over gay marriage in Indiana
04:00:25a EPA Engages Chinese Students on Improving Health and Environment
04:00:30a The Children Of Huang Shi Movie Review
04:00:34a National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets DVD Review
04:00:40a McCain Mutiny
04:00:45a Vacation? In Burma?
04:00:49a Call for Submissions Dan Collins
04:00:53a The Causes of Anti-Semitism Preliminary Discussions
04:00:58a Microsoft and NBC enforce the nonexistent Broadcast Flag, WTF?!
04:01:02a Highway 61 Revisited
04:01:06a Washington Post Lies Dan Collins
04:01:11a Empty Echoes All That's Left at Chicago Mercantile Exchange
04:01:15a Troops Sent to Repair Quake-hit Chinese Dam
04:01:20a China Says 26,000 Buried in Quake Rubble
04:01:24a 120 Britons Believed to Be in Quake Zone
04:01:29a 'I Said to Klaus Barbie I Want People to See Your Human Side'
04:01:33a Marines Who Lost Legs Step Up to Collect Service Medals
04:01:37a 'The Mountains Are Sliding Down'
04:01:42a Warning Over Fake Fundraising Emails
04:01:46a 'Everyone is Thinking for Themselves'
04:01:50a Singapore rescue team arrives in China
04:01:55a White House denies Bush ignoring plight of the Palestinians
04:01:59a McCain Tightens Lobbying Rules
04:02:03a US Senate Asks for National Security Letter Explanation
04:02:08a GOP Southerners Fear Obama Wave
04:02:12a Debasing Israel, Defaming Obama
04:02:16a Bush Halts Oil Reserve Purchases
04:02:21a Obama attacks Bush's Iran remarks
04:02:25a NARAL Pro-Choice America's Endorsement of Barack Obama
04:02:29a Lawmakers ask Bush to consider Burma 'intervention'
04:02:34a Iraqi bombs not accident damaged plane in 2007
04:02:39a Cate Campbell Blazes 100 Free, Beats American-Record Setting Natalie Coughlin
04:02:43a Feed the World With Small Steps
04:02:47a Cuban Christian calls for world
04:02:52a Russia, Canada advance to world hockey final
04:02:56a Age of pregnant FLDS
04:03:01a In-suit device solves Air Force
04:03:05a Jadesola Akande
04:03:09a Inmate death ruled a homicide
04:03:14a Oil spill plan in place, just in case with Carissa
04:03:18a Candidates plan last-minute rush in Oregon before Tuesday's primary
04:03:22a Patients struggle with higher drug co-pays
04:03:27a Colour rears its ugly head in White House race
04:03:31a Texas checking how many sect
04:03:35a Hillary Clinton to visit Kentucky over weekend
04:03:40a McCain calls Obama 'reckless' in foreign policy row
04:03:44a Consulting firm says sale of government operations won
04:03:49a US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes
04:03:53a The health care divide
04:03:58a Mexican food group warns tortilla prices set to jump 18% by June
04:04:02a Canada's Own
04:04:06a Rudd silent on Palestinians
04:04:10a TIGERS AT ARIZONA Interleague play begins
04:04:15a Hunger, despair take hold in Myanmar
04:04:19a The perfect storm BURMA
04:04:24a UN sends envoy as Burma death toll soars
04:04:28a US Ships in Frustrating Wait Off Burma
04:04:32a Almost 78,000 confirmed dead
04:04:37a Myanmar accuses France of sending 'warship' Louis Charbonneau
04:04:41a Coach put on paid leave after fatal DWI charges
04:04:46a Taking precautions to deal with Vog
04:04:50a Kaahanui sentenced to minimum 15 year prison term for cab shooting
04:04:55a Lyon Arboretum spotlights Native Hawaiian Plants
04:04:59a Saving your credit
04:05:04a Iraq War Vet Ready For New Beginning
04:05:12a FDA Orders Texas Plant to Shut Down, Recall Seafood
04:05:17a Fire Officials Vehicle Purposely Set on Fire
04:05:21a Clinton I Still Hold 'Popular' Vote
04:05:26a Obama Strikes Back Against Bush For Remarks
04:05:30a More repair work at Holyrood
04:05:34a Toddler turns bus ride into kidnap drama
04:05:38a Housing worker smuggled baby to get council flat
04:05:43a Fallon inquiry review details police errors
04:05:47a Diane Chenery-Wickens Husband Charged After East Sussex Discovery
04:05:52a Dollar dips against the pound in trading late Thursday Friday
04:05:56a Lifelong fans get FA Cup final fever ... again
04:06:00a Appeal threat over MPs
04:06:05a Leader of Glasgow City Council
04:06:09a Suicide verdict at inquest of BBC executive
04:06:14a Man charged with wife
04:06:18a Neither rhyme nor reason as bad poems sell
04:06:22a Police Investigate Armed Robbery In Branford
04:06:27a UAW, American Axle reach deal that could end strike
04:06:31a World Briefing Asia Pakistan Army Blames U.S. For Strike
04:06:36a World Briefing Asia Sri Lanka Attack on Police Bus Kills 10
04:06:41a World Briefing Asia Afghanistan Soldier Killed in South
04:06:45a Teen removed from crash wreckage
04:06:49a Man found shot to death in car
04:06:54a Writing a haiku in German often a tight squeeze Feature
04:06:58a Truth proves elusive in tale of Berlin transvestite
04:07:02a German saved after 114 hours in China quake rubble
04:07:07a American tourist joins pandas in 'surreal' earthquake ordeal
04:07:12a Foreign rescuers join frantic search for China quake survivors
04:07:16a New Warning From Al Qaeda
04:07:21a Off the Grid But in the Game
04:07:25a Burma risks committing crimes over aid
04:07:30a Carnival ride collapses in California
04:07:34a Picture 1047
04:07:39a Pichet Ong's Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies
04:07:43a Woman shot a NorthPark Center waiting for daughter
04:07:47a New Card Blocks Astro Cloning
04:07:52a Brunei To Tender Rights To Operate Land Transport Routes
04:07:56a Police Warn SMS Panic Mongers
04:08:07a 60,000 sturgeon found huddling together at Bonneville Dam
04:08:27a Senator's co-defendant asked to wear wire in money laundering case
04:08:31a Financier who laundered money for Cunningham sentenced
04:08:36a U.S. House OKs money for Fort Riley
04:08:40a Mayor Solvay deal hinges on federal money
04:08:44a Van Basten trims Dutch Euro squad
04:08:49a Chevron, other companies donate money for China quake aid
04:08:53a Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store
04:08:58a Local money secure in states 30 billion budget
04:09:02a Nuevo precio rócord el crudo supera 127 dólares el barril
04:09:07a Saving You Money Eat Like A King On A Budget
04:09:11a Informatics ex-boss pumps money into Jade
04:09:15a Exclusive Lovett slams Riewoldt after sledge
04:09:20a Hoon driving on Lygon St kills two men
04:09:24a Seniors strip off in protest of budget
04:09:28a Mokbel finally on his way home
04:09:33a Death toll hits 78,000 in Burma as pressure mounts for international intervention
04:09:38a Calling Pelosi's bluff, Republicans temporarily block war-funding bill
04:09:42a China quake rescue operations face rising toll, strained public services
04:09:47a Britain Labour's 're-launch' stymied by worsening economic forecast
04:09:51a Berlin transport workers vote on contract How should workers proceed?
04:09:56a France One million strike in defence of education and social services
04:10:01a Major Greek unions strike to protest privatization
04:10:05a Australia Peak union body calls off Qantas stoppages
04:10:09a Berlin transport strike Workers write to the WSWS about Verdi sell-out
04:10:14a Police arrest stick-wielding homeless
04:10:18a Plea for early cut to homes tax
04:10:22a Taipan victim back from dead
04:10:27a Obama in war of words over
04:10:31a 3-year wait for Link start
04:10:35a MPs push for action on coroner
04:10:39a End of the line for restaurant on rails
04:10:44a Heavenly views from all around our State
04:10:48a Torched car destroys house
04:10:52a Hit-and-run driver strikes teen
04:10:57a Djite proves fitness for Asian Champions League
04:11:01a State Department Denies Revival
04:11:06a Japan mistakenly seizes S. Korean fishing boat
04:11:10a Mother cries foul after son
04:11:15a Breakthrough Breast Cancer scientist receives highest UK scientific accolade
04:11:19a 8. Five Buried Korean Students Rescued
04:11:23a Blu-ray Wins the Format Battle, but Consumers Don
04:11:28a Korean actor Ahn Jae-wook donates 350,000 RMB to quake-hit area
04:11:36a LG and Samsung Join Forces for Mobile Digital TV Standard
04:11:40a KPN, Samsung to unveil DVB-H plans
04:11:45a Tong Yang prepares to sell shares to public
04:11:49a Pen in One Hand, Cricket Bat in the Other
04:11:53a In Puerto Rico, losing racehorses condemned to die
04:11:58a 19. Nouveau niche and hot button branding
04:12:02a 20. The numbers speak
04:12:06a A Bright Light Against Dark Matter A New Device to Fight Toe Nail Fungus
04:12:11a Hamlet north of Edmonton ordered evacuated as wildfire gets close
04:12:15a Fairgoers attending 'jumping frog' fair hurt in carnival ride collapse
04:12:20a New federal plan protects older forests to save spotted owl
04:12:24a Bargain-hunters swarm DeKalb County
04:12:28a Controversial assisted-living facility taking resident again
04:12:33a Shoals family getting first solar-powered home in state
04:12:37a City advised to have plan for homeless
04:12:41a Students prepare to walk to school as part of protest
04:12:46a Safety measures being reviewed at ADTRAN
04:12:50a Kids to Love gets donation check
04:12:55a A visit to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
04:12:59a Click It or Ticket campaign kicks off
04:13:03a Rodong Sinmun on WPK
04:13:08a Mujeres del Norte y Sur de Corea se reunen en monte Kumgang
04:13:12a Entidades surcoreanas rechazan importacion de carne de res de EE.UU.
04:13:16a Podcast Beyond, Episode 44 Beyond, Episode 44
04:13:20a The Green Web Green Web
04:13:25a The Conduit Trailer Conduit Trailer
04:13:29a Russian, ROK rescue teams arrive in China
04:13:33a LSE dives amid thin trade
04:13:37a Ufone inks agreement with Teradata
04:13:42a Diet's Demise
04:13:46a Study Links Breast Cancer With Low Levels Of Vitamin D
04:13:50a 'Sunshine' Vitamin D Can Ward Off Breast Cancer In Women
04:13:55a Smoking banned in council chambers
04:13:59a Vitamin D May Slow the Spread of Breast Cancer
04:14:03a Rising beer costs
04:14:07a Sir Tom David Or Goliath?
04:14:12a Canadian Auto Workers at GM will ratify new labor deal with GM
04:14:17a Palm Beach County tourism focus of summit
04:14:21a Life on Vacation Explore North Lake Tahoe
04:14:25a Sydney tourism shudders at Melbourne's winning ways
04:14:30a Thinking the unthinkable visa-free travel between India and Pakistan
04:14:34a Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation Releases Annual Report During National Tourism We
04:14:39a - Hotels seek workers on eve of summer travel season
04:14:43a Conferencing equipment maker Polycom benefits from travel cutbacks
04:14:48a Administration looks to ease summer air travel
04:14:53a Memorial Day weekend travel expected to drop below last year's levels
04:14:57a Chinese Get OK For Group Travel To U.S.
04:15:01a Travel forecast A little less congestion
04:15:06a MOVIE REVIEW 'How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Vacation'
04:15:10a Clinton to Oregonians Don't count me out
04:15:14a Dollar rises slightly versus the euro in trading late Friday night
04:15:19a Western European Key Horizontal Business Outsourcing Services Market 2007
04:15:23a UK set for FA Cup
04:15:28a Debenhams takes a €17m hit
04:15:32a Chinese news agency says German saved after 114 hours
04:15:37a 'He's eating my brain. I can feel it,' recalls bear attack survivor
04:16:05a Indian police get jungle warfare training
04:16:10a DHS announces IPA grants
04:16:14a Record year against organized crime
04:16:19a U.N. pulls most of its staff out of Abyei
04:16:23a Australia calls for adherence to CTBT
04:16:28a Confusing security could lead to violence
04:16:32a Mosul fighting expected to be 'ferocious'
04:16:37a BMD Watch Japan changes space policy
04:16:42a British Energy shares up on new bids
04:16:46a Iraq examines corrupt Serbian arms deal
04:16:51a India's L&T signs deal with GE
04:16:55a Analysis China boosts Jiangxi air defense
04:17:00a U.S. cuts ties with Chalabi
04:17:04a Sons of Iraq graduate from police training
04:17:09a VMETRO to support F-35 program
04:17:17a Navy contracts BAE for TCDL tech
04:17:21a Jordan, GNEP plan for nuclear energy
04:17:26a South African army to get wireless tech
04:17:31a German industry targeted by Russian spies
04:17:36a World Briefing Africa South Africa Trial Delay for Zuma
04:17:40a Another JLP seat under threat Mitchell appeal win jeopardises Mair's place in Parliament
04:17:44a Further delay for Cuban light-bulb case
04:17:49a Parents warned to have children fully immunised
04:17:53a Fire leaves 19 homeless
04:17:58a Dad jailed over daughter's truancy to be freed
04:18:02a Claim Of Bad Blood Leading To Hospital Patient's Death Investigated
04:18:06a Surfer Missing At Central Florida Beach
04:18:11a Chinese news agency says German saved after being buried for 114 hours
04:18:15a American Axle, UAW reach deal
04:18:20a More than 700 Taiwan compatriots home from quake zone
04:18:24a BOCOG donates 5 mln yuan to Sichuan quake-hit area
04:18:28a Legal victory in U.S. energizes Chinese battery makers
04:18:33a NPLs of China's big state banks decline in Q1
04:18:37a China's stock regulator to check out brokers more closely
04:18:41a Torch relay crowd pays respects
04:18:46a Birthday girl given gift of life
04:18:50a Battle on to prevent epidemics
04:18:55a Families continue to hope for news
04:18:59a Grieving survivors search for solace in shelters
04:19:03a Water purifiers sent to shelters
04:19:07a School building quality to be probed
04:19:12a Deja vu near epicenter
04:19:16a Something wrong with edu policy
04:19:20a Cabinet wants Dr M and five others investigated
04:19:24a Shanghai pushing for more transparency
04:19:29a UM leads in rankings
04:19:33a Monsters in our midst
04:19:37a Teng quizzed in RM1m bribe case
04:19:41a Assemblymen no longer allowed to sit on tender boards
04:19:46a Unpretentious outlet offers hawker-style classics
04:19:50a Immigrants causing air quality to deteriorate
04:19:54a Muslim group against Syariah High Court ruling
04:19:59a KL-Singapore shuttle service ends on June 1
04:20:03a Relief cargo landing by the ton in Sichuan
04:20:08a Cuban Cigar Roller Targets Guinness
04:20:12a New Cuban Journal, 'La Calle del Medio'
04:20:16a Cuban Tourism Company Grows
04:20:21a Buses Abandon Students In DeLand
04:20:25a Rip Currents Keep Volusia Co. Lifeguards Busy
04:20:29a THV Extra Where The Big Cats Play 16 May 2008 234745 GMT
04:20:33a Theft Rises With Gas Prices 16 May 2008 232632 GMT
04:20:38a Texas Minister Charged In Internet Sex Sting 16 May 2008 225502 GMT
04:20:42a Macy's And FAO Plan Extended Play Date
04:21:23a 133,000 dead or missing in Myanmar cyclone
04:21:27a China temblor waves travelled round globe twice Japan
04:21:32a U.S. gives 500,000 tons of food aid to N. Korea
04:21:36a North Korea nuclear talks likely to resume early June
04:21:40a Lee Kuan Yew's wife's suffers serious stroke
04:21:45a Australia starts kangaroo cull, activists vow action
04:21:50a Storm batters Philippines, 300 ferry passengers saved
04:21:54a Sri Lanka's alleged suicide blast kills ten
04:21:59a Seven slain in RP bank job, mostly staff
04:22:03a Marine convicted of raping Okinawan teen to see 4 years
04:22:07a Dixie Bee honors long-time educator
04:22:12a Vigo election board reviews provisional, military overseas ballots
04:22:16a Shelburn child remains in critical condition
04:22:21a CORRECTION Rays Cardinals Baseball
04:22:25a Dodgers Angels Baseball
04:22:29a Class 3A State Championship Baseball
04:22:33a ATOPIX Santa Clara Grand Prix Swimming
04:22:38a White Sox Giants Baseball
04:22:42a Rays Cardinals Baseball
04:22:46a Tigers Diamondbacks Baseball
04:22:50a APTOPIX Celtics Cavaliers Basketball
04:22:55a APTOPIX Nationals Orioles Baseball
04:22:59a CORRECTION Celtics Cavaliers Basketball
04:23:03a Twins Rockies Baseball
04:23:08a NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals Auto Racing
04:23:12a NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals
04:23:17a Athletics Braves Baseball
04:23:21a Puget Sound Regatta
04:23:25a Devil Rays Cardinals Baseball
04:23:30a NASCAR Trucks Auto Racing
04:23:34a Sounders Carey Soccer
04:23:38a Brewers Red Sox Baseball
04:23:42a Eat Pick-me-up tiramisu
04:23:47a Police issue Canada-wide warrant for graffiti artist who may flee the country
04:23:57a Saudis won’t pump more crude
04:24:21a BHO meets with Dearborn Imam
04:24:26a Missouri Voter ID bill stopped
04:24:30a Dartmouth Professor Threatens to Sue Students
04:24:34a Chinas 1-child policy causes extra pain
04:24:38a McGovern Obama Is a Second Lincoln
04:24:43a Jordanian Professor Advocates Suicide Terrorists Use Nuke Bombs
04:24:48a Political motives suspected in Hagee's retractions
04:24:52a Woman shot at NorthPark Center while waiting for daughter
04:24:57a Balcony collapse in Little Canada
04:25:05a Grieving parents work to change police pursuit policies
04:25:09a Blackburn sharp in Twins win at Rockies
04:25:14a Restaurants welcome warm weather and a return of business
04:25:18a Thousand exposed to Hep A
04:25:22a School Honors Granite City Senior Killed in Prank
04:25:28a Gas thieves taking elaborate measures to drain tanks
04:25:34a District 6 changes school bus video policy
04:25:42a Students Walk for Schoolmate Needing Liver Transplant
04:25:46a Grant Hints at a Holdout
04:25:52a ‘Excited delirium blamed for deaths
04:25:57a Chinese president urges on rescuers
04:26:01a U.S. of Abel Oil reigns in Oleopolis
04:26:06a Cyclone's death toll nearly doubles
04:26:10a FBI says jilted man sent hate mail
04:26:14a Woman suspected of driving school bus drunk
04:26:19a Some protest demolition of Central Austin house
04:26:23a Loss of trees could chop property values
04:26:27a Father arrested in Austin for solicitation of a minor
04:26:32a Price tag for polygamist raid estimated at 7.5 million
04:26:47a Talking Business Passions Run High on Indexing
04:26:51a Off the Charts It's Not Just Petroleum, All Imports Cost More
04:26:56a Saturday Interview Smoothing the Rides on Greyhound
04:27:00a In Siberia, Shopping Malls Are Sprouting All Over
04:27:05a Business Briefing Markets Chicago Mercantile Moves to a New Home
04:27:09a Despite Unease, Big Gains for the Week
04:27:37a Garden dreams In Wilkinsburg, a woman who dreams big is making it happen
04:27:41a You want to be my cat? Take this test
04:27:46a More housing woes in Oakland
04:27:50a Afraid of public trial, author to plead guilty in online obscenity case
04:27:55a Barden racing the clock to cement casino funds
04:28:00a Judge frees man convicted of drug dealing in 1991
04:28:04a Penn State to require course on alcohol abuse
04:28:08a China quake's shock waves felt here
04:28:13a City Council members ask for review of 10,706 legal bill
04:28:17a Parkway East work rained out this weekend
04:28:22a VA center getting 'comfort house'
04:28:26a Veterans stepping up for troubled comrades
04:28:31a Carnegie graffiti suspect seen on video
04:28:35a Two West Virginia University professors suspect retaliation for remarks
04:28:40a AARP hosting health care forum in McCandless
04:28:44a More Route 28 blasting today
04:28:49a Graffiti artist decides to plead guilty at last
04:28:53a Groups taking donations for earthquake relief
04:28:58a Board aims to discuss Schenley privately
04:29:02a Latest deaths for 5/17/08
04:29:07a Obituary Robert Moulis / Businessman and benefactor met tragedy with generosity
04:29:11a Backers try to revive ban on same-sex marriage
04:29:16a Contract talks drag for city schools staff
04:29:20a Public warned about abandoned mines
04:29:24a Tigers anticipating much improved performance
04:29:29a Port forwards looking to do own damage
04:29:33a The car crash that wouldn't end
04:29:40a 'Rocket man' flies through Alps in jet suit at 180 mph
04:29:45a Obama gets 4 Edwards delegates, 4 new superdelegates
04:29:49a Bush Terror War Verbiage Rankles Hill GOP
04:29:53a Bush Halts Oil Reserve Purchases Under Pressure, Policy Reversed
04:29:58a News Minute Oil price watching...Obama, McCain spar...China death toll
04:30:02a Oil price watching...Obama, McCain spar...China death toll
04:30:07a 16-May-08 Pro-abortion Group Endorses Obama over Clinton
04:30:11a 16-May-08 White House Says 'Activist Judges' at Fault for Gay Marriage Ruling
04:30:16a Huckabee Talks About Someone Aiming A Gun At Obama During NRA Speech
04:30:20a Edwards rules out veep run with Obama
04:30:24a UAW, American Axle reach deal that may end strike
04:30:29a Wall Street sees light at end of tunnel
04:30:33a France Myanmar risks committing 'crimes against humanity'
04:30:38a Myanmar junta confines foreigners, aid workers to capital
04:30:42a American tourist joins pandas in 'surreal' quake ordeal
04:30:47a Plum student claims IUP reneged on his teaching prospects
04:30:51a Woodland Hills pupils hurt in crash on field trip to D.C.
04:30:55a Motorcycle trooper injured in Glenfield crash
04:31:00a Highland Park graffiti artist pleads guilty
04:31:04a Blairsville teen's father had weighed suicide, witnesses say
04:31:08a Fire truck posted at Oakland apartment building
04:31:13a Family ties strengthen city's police force
04:31:17a Mixed-use communities appeal to young adults
04:31:21a Fox Chapel graduate to compete in college comedy competition finals
04:31:26a Barden hopes for fast ruling in garage lawsuit
04:31:31a Priest violated diocesan fiscal policies, bishop says
04:31:35a Alarm system at Roosevelt Arms works, officials say
04:31:40a County residents asked to report, submit dead birds
04:31:44a Bridge repairs to close lane of Upper St. Clair Road
04:31:49a Graffiti suspect charged with criminal mischief in Carnegie
04:31:53a Squirrel Hill resident accused in Aspinwall bank robbery
04:32:01a Precision Mortgage broker in Carnegie pleads guilty
04:32:06a Allison Park woman's baby-sitting skills impressed Rooney
04:32:10a Newsmaker Andrea Fitting
04:32:14a Kiski Area fails to provide reading service to academy
04:32:19a Academy officials galled by response from Kiski superintendent
04:32:23a Yough School District losing key personnel
04:32:27a Lost man returns home
04:32:32a Gunman was enraged before Manor shooting, witnesses say
04:32:37a Area man spearheads boy's rescue
04:32:41a Scouts' aluminum cans stolen from church
04:32:45a Disaster training exercise set at airport
04:32:50a Penn Township man pleads guilty in weapons burglary
04:32:54a Herminie memorial vigil to honor youths
04:32:59a Connellsville man given ARD for ER uproar
04:33:03a High fireworks prices add up to less bang for buck
04:33:08a Kurdish leader wants U.S. troops to stay
04:33:12a Armstrong 'Survivor' says show was life-changing experience
04:33:17a Hollidaysburg police to restart bike patrols
04:33:21a Beaver County dentist admits making fraudulent claims
04:33:25a Hard-working Buffalo Township market owner 'good to people'
04:33:30a Turnpike winner may know Monday
04:33:34a Corbett warns of sweepstakes scam
04:33:38a Erie County man to repay 55,000 in theft from union
04:33:42a PSU freshmen to take alcohol awareness class
04:33:47a Ex-city staffer's words weren't a crime, Erie County jury finds
04:33:51a WVU president takes backseat for graduation
04:33:55a WVU grads drumming up lawsuit
04:34:00a Oberg builds on its successes
04:34:04a SUVs tank as car buyers go small
04:34:09a State extends bid deadline for Downtown office building
04:34:13a Fired workers sue Latrobe Specialty Steel
04:34:18a Macy's to add iconic toy store
04:34:22a UPMC chief's pay rises to 4 million
04:34:26a Eaton addition will mix showcase, workplace
04:34:31a Investor blocked from poaching former accounts
04:34:35a Copycat auto companies bank on pony cars
04:34:39a Fox cuts commercial time to keep viewers in fall
04:34:44a Pickens' Mesa Power bets 2 billion on wind farm
04:34:48a Warren Buffett's right-hand man invaluable
04:34:53a Briefs US Airways pilots union dismisses United merger
04:34:58a 'Bones' star just wants to have fun
04:35:02a Busy Allstars bring their blues to Millvale
04:35:06a Chamber players show off versatility
04:35:11a It's easy to bring color to shady areas
04:35:15a House tours will show off Brighton Heights, South Side
04:35:19a Finding a way to fight the noise
04:35:23a Briefs Sheets help you keep track of necessities
04:35:28a Home reveals facets of personality
04:35:32a Cracking down Another illegals raid ...
04:35:37a ... & trashy illegals
04:35:46a A band of gold
04:35:51a Little Golfer With Big Game
04:35:55a Made in Vermont Designer Pottery
04:38:32a Kiwi film popular at Cannes
04:39:32a Winning Mega Millions ticket sold near Cincinnati
04:39:52a Three hurt in McKinney gas line blast
04:39:57a Afghanistan Soldier Killed in South
04:40:02a VIDEO Catholic church offers therapy to 'cure' gays
04:40:06a Tsvangirai says his election in Zimbabwe is inevitable
04:40:10a rsaquo;rsaquo; Zimbabwe presidential election set for June 27
04:40:15a Zimbabwe to hold presidential run-off June 27
04:40:19a Zimbabwe amenaza al mercado común
04:40:24a 2 Woodland Hills tour buses in crash
04:40:28a Trapped Survivors Freed After Nearly 100 Hours
04:40:32a '9b hole' in Opposition Budget
04:40:37a CIO Values Steven McIntosh, Senior VP And CIO, Jackson Family Enterprises
04:40:41a Startup Of The Week FastSoft Accelerates Video Streaming
04:40:46a Tips For Making The Most Of SaaS
04:40:50a Key Functions That Define SRM
04:40:54a CIOs Uncesnored Homeland Security's First CIO Reflects On The Challenges
04:40:59a Down To Business HP-EDS A Strong Move, Even If It's Uninspiring
04:41:03a With EDS, HP Buys Its Way Into Outsourcing Big Leagues
04:41:07a SaaS Market Heats Up
04:41:12a SaaS To The Rescue
04:41:16a China leader spurs rescue effort
04:41:20a Lucky escape as one plane lands on other
04:41:25a Wanted Foreign-born Spies For CIA
04:41:29a Artist Makes Statement With Blanket-Covered Gas Station
04:41:34a Govt to crack down on welfare fraud
04:41:38a Carnival ride collapses in California, 17 injured
04:41:56a Jilted lover behind threats to black men
04:42:00a Belichick Talks About Spygate
04:42:05a U.S. Groups Bypass Government To Aid Myanmar
04:42:09a Gitmo Trial For Former Bin Laden Driver Postponed
04:42:14a FDA Orders Texas Plant To Shut Down, Issue Recall
04:42:18a Red Sox Minor League Player Has Hodgkin
04:42:22a N.Y. Boy Takes Grandmother
04:42:27a Miami Dolphins release lineman Drew Mormino
04:42:31a Pirates Fall To Chicago Cubs, 7-4
04:42:36a China to conquer earthquake catastrophe
04:42:40a State pays 10 million for care, legal costs
04:42:48a Curbing terror India to install US-imported device
04:42:52a Mombasa is also part of Kenya
04:42:57a WiMAX network for Access Kenya
04:43:01a Kenya special AA coffee hits highest-ever price1033 GMT
04:43:05a Kenya special AA coffee hits highest-ever price
04:43:10a Kenya Airways to resume Paris flights
04:43:14a China donates funds towards Kenya's IDP resettlement
04:43:19a Body found in woods that of missing Forsyth man
04:43:48a Huckabee's Major Misfire
04:44:23a Three severely injured in Northern California carnival ride collapse
04:44:27a US announces deal to send 500,000 tonnes of food to N. Korea
04:44:31a 200 FBI agents working on mortgage fraud probe
04:44:35a Scoreboard Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders
04:44:40a Posco, Tata projects may commence soon official
04:44:44a Python pizza status
04:45:12a St. Leo's thriving after IBC Bank takes over
04:45:33a Spending three decades on death row
04:45:37a No major outbreaks of epidemics reported in China quake zone
04:45:42a Five Korean students rescued in epicenter area
04:45:50a Kate Hudson splits from Owen Wilson
04:45:55a Cannes balances glamor with 'Blindness'
04:45:59a UN chief hails restart of peace talks in Burundi
04:46:04a Serginho to leave AC Milan
04:46:08a Bail-out at top of ABC agenda
04:46:12a Buffett snaps up sale bargains in existing investments
04:46:16a Valencia allows Canizares to leave next week
04:46:20a Lazio club, coach punished over match-fixing attempt
04:46:25a Blair Athol trio in court
04:46:29a Burmese junta closes off Rangoon
04:46:34a Tony Mokbel touches down
04:46:38a Life for acid murderer
04:46:43a Italian foundation, finance ministry launch project to assist RP TB victims
04:46:48a Archbishop Cruz declines suggestion to sue Justice Secretary Gonzales
04:46:52a Palace may replace more Cabinet members
04:46:56a Hosts Indonesia shocked by Thomas Cup defeat
04:47:00a Survivors emerge as China quake rescue intensifies
04:47:05a Greed killed children, China's quake zone survivors say
04:47:13a Someone left the Nakba rally in the rain
04:47:18a Taylor on Broadway
04:47:22a Blabnote The Voice-Only Social Network. Say What?
04:47:27a Vintage Japanese robot gallery
04:47:31a Sofa/bookcase
04:47:35a Laika the astro-dog tin toy from 1958
04:47:39a Cavaliers level series
04:47:44a Chiefs have key role
04:47:48a Nicholson ahead of Todd
04:47:52a Chance for Djokovic
04:47:57a Oscar victorious
04:48:01a Super 14 clash will be a traffic-stopper
04:48:06a In Iraq, she cycles for freedom; here, for diabetes help
04:48:10a Phenomenon Drilling for Defeat?
04:48:15a Barone Primary Vicissitudes
04:48:19a The Next Steps Toward a Sustainable Planet
04:48:23a AAA projects fewer Memorial Day travelers
04:48:28a Hotels, resorts at Khao Yai to be charged fee
04:48:32a Farming Was His Life
04:48:37a Why Icy Weather Could Mean Flooding
04:48:41a Interior Ministry Exposes Forest Land Appropriation Scam
04:48:46a Large Retail Project Proposed for Northern New Hanover
04:48:51a UNCW Begins Clearing Land for Housing
04:48:55a Senate Moves to Guard Lakes' Water But House Says It Sees Another Way
04:49:00a Restaurant, Fish Market Open; Owners Staying On
04:49:04a Sewage Leak at Hayden Lake Flushed Diapers May Have Plugged Pipe
04:49:08a Jeromesville Opens Capital Project Funds
04:49:13a Home-Schoolers Learn to Argue Against Evolution
04:49:17a Lab's Radioactive Procedures Rapped
04:49:21a Shiv Sena reiterates anti-Pakistan stance at IPL
04:49:26a Japan's silos key to relieving rice shortage
04:49:30a Replica of wall stirs emotions, memories of Vietnam War
04:49:34a New role for MCA service centres
04:49:39a MURDER & MAYHEM - Woman shot dead by jilted lover
04:49:43a Man gunned down helping friend -
04:49:47a Rowley 'sics' his lawyers -
04:49:51a Mickela's first move shot down -
04:49:55a Design for new Biche High School completed -
04:50:00a Firing issue in the air - PNM council meets today
04:50:04a Frustrated thieves tear up dollar - ...after killing man, 66, in ambush
04:50:09a Smiling mom gets bail - Charged with child abandonment
04:50:13a 'Ganja thief' gunned down -
04:50:17a UNC councillor arrested in protest -
04:50:22a US1m ransom for kidnapped teen -
04:50:26a White Paper for State projects
04:50:31a Mixed feelings as vending
04:50:35a All CAPE papers to be replaced -
04:50:39a 'Bush man' found dead in forest - ...stings of killer bees cover body
04:50:44a Finance Minister's son charged for obscene language -
04:50:48a Security guard in court for theft of computers -
04:50:53a 'Tobago's image in jeopardy if Govt did not step in' -
04:50:57a Abdulah calls for probe into steel mill worker's death -
04:51:02a Listen to the farmers -
04:51:06a Obama's baptism by fire -
04:51:11a Have a nice day! -
04:51:15a Fishy business -
04:51:20a Standstill at Point Lisas - Port estate police officers axed for contract workers
04:51:24a Commissions a waste of money, says
04:51:32a Costs driving young couples out of T&T -
04:51:37a Deadly wages for many sins -
04:51:41a Unmarked cars will do the trick -
04:51:46a Some CAPE questions -
04:51:50a Monte Cristo cooks in top shape -
04:51:54a Obama reacts fast to GOP criticism on diplomacy
04:51:59a Wendy Bhagwansingh takes charge -
04:52:03a Belly dancing - celebrating the female form
04:52:08a Confronting a Medical mystery -
04:52:12a Just darn good manners -
04:52:16a 20 Questions WITH Kimba Sorzana -
04:52:21a The magic of Lilliput -
04:52:25a Canada's
04:52:29a Waiting for HAPPINESS -
04:52:34a Thinking outside the box -
04:52:38a Fairytale weddings - in the era of rising cost of living
04:52:42a He sure can't pick 'em -
04:52:47a The Look -
04:52:51a Boys are made of cereal and bananas -
04:52:55a 'Sex and the City' - stars hit red carpet
04:52:59a Ukraine to be reliable partner for Russia
04:53:04a Russian steelmaker to buy WCI Steel
04:53:08a Doomsday cult abandons Russian cave
04:53:13a NNRF, Inc. Announces RadSeal Russian Demonstration
04:53:17a Russia captures 'Georgian spy'
04:53:22a Health Minister Liow to attend global gathering
04:53:26a BURSA forecast Sustained rally in selected stocks
04:53:31a Taipei cabinet reflects rising role of women
04:53:36a Why Is CVS Selling Year-Old Expired Eye Ointment? Watch Out
04:54:11a Cristiano da Matta ready to race again
04:54:15a Demise of NFL Europe cuts into Packers' dealings
04:54:19a Yi makes plea, donation for relief
04:54:24a D. III baseball Warhawks one step from Series
04:54:28a Double-amputee to get his shot at Olympics
04:54:55a Raw Video Calaveras Co. Carnival Accident Scene
04:54:59a Friday Pinpoint Forecast With Lawrence Karnow
04:55:50a JPMorgan Chase quake not to dampen China corporate profit
04:55:56a Three in court over drug-house raids
04:56:00a '$9b hole' in Opposition Budget
04:56:04a Blokes 'will suffer' with alcopops hike
04:56:09a Weather dampens kangaroo cull protests
04:56:14a The Secret Bailout of J. P. Morgan How Insider Trading Looted Bear Stearns and
04:56:19a THV Extra Where The Big Cats Play 17 May 2008 005325 GMT
04:56:23a Home ownership preparation linked to fewer foreclosures
04:56:28a Scrapping 2 Costly Reactors, Canada Reopens Aging One
04:56:43a Lundin Mining's stock rises in new of 51 per ...
04:56:47a Southern Hemisphere Mining Limited Drilling at El Arrayan Project Intersects Copper Porhyry Mineral
04:57:03a Warsaw is cultural capital with the lowest price tag
04:57:08a Warsaw tops the list for culture on the cheap
04:57:21a Edwards Not running for VP
04:57:52a Light shines on obscure bike rules
04:57:56a Puppies looking for special kind of love
04:58:00a Examiner argues man was dead for days
04:58:04a Feds dismiss mortgage fraud case
04:58:09a Alabama man drowns in rip current at night
04:58:13a Mike Garrison Must Do the Right Thing
04:58:17a NCWV High School Athletes Show Well at State Track Meet
04:58:22a Residents Of Nelson Mobile Home Park Hoping For A Guard Rail
04:58:26a Canine Cops Boning Up On Their Training.
04:58:41a The Green Web
04:58:46a Lets Talk About Data Portability/Interoperability
04:58:50a This just in Free ringtone spam might be a scam.
04:58:54a GigaNET Obama Girl, EQAL TwitterFone
04:58:59a Top 12 Designs From Recycled Car Parts
04:59:03a 33 lb Gowns Blake Lively in Christian Dior
04:59:09a 20 years after lawsuit, debate over Dallas City Council's 14-1 system persists
04:59:28a Safeguard Zimbabwe's sovereignty, journalists urged by palestinian ambassador
04:59:33a czKRXTLJc
04:59:37a McGinty 'I understand paedophiles...
04:59:47a Two fight for life after van crash
04:59:51a Rail line closed after body found
04:59:55a Airport flies into emergency mode
05:00:00a Pair are held over death of woman, 42
05:00:04a Islands call for Sunday ferry
05:00:08a Wind farm would be
05:00:13a McGhee prepares Well for Europe
05:00:17a Robert Mondavi, California Winemaking Patriarch, Dies at 94
05:00:21a Free Pizza Friday bWinner/b
05:00:26a Microsoft Windows to come on low-cost laptops
05:00:54a FA Cup Final Portsmouth And Cardiff City's Big Football Day Out At Wembley Stadium
05:01:18a NZ disappointed with interim Government
05:01:22a Bush seeks more oil
05:01:27a Sounders FC announces members club with clout
05:02:00a Australia's 'Fat Tony' flies home to 12 years jail
05:02:26a American Axle deal reached
05:02:31a GM Delta workers get 2,000
05:02:35a Delphi files suit against investors
05:02:39a Gas prices may spur revision of mpg plan
05:02:44a Dodge event tries for BBQ sizzle
05:02:48a Audi's gorgeous supercar attracts squeals and stares
05:02:52a Traffic signals may be getting smarter soon
05:02:56a Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Sets New Record
05:03:01a Carnival accident injures 18 people in California
05:03:05a Keep your hands to yourself; It's a new rule at a Mpls. school
05:03:34a Health Canada Finds 2,4-D Can Be Used Safely
05:03:39a Japanese rescuers mourn for quake victim
05:03:43a HK sends flying service staff for relief efforts in quake-hit SW China
05:03:48a Chinese employees at UN donate over 30,000 to aid quake victims
05:03:52a Australia to give 1 mln dollars in aid to China's Sichuan
05:04:22a Barbados Chief Justice Threatened Political Action
05:04:57a Runner-up concedes Fernandez re-election in Dominican vote
05:07:02a Can a tomato revive a community ... and save the planet?
05:07:15a Frontier Pacific Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan
05:07:24a SingTel plans 220m network upgrade
05:07:28a Vistec plans for move into new headquarters
05:07:32a Roos' ruckmen planning head-on attack on king Dean Cox
05:07:36a INX News launches marketing campaign for NewsX
05:07:41a Dixons plans radical turnaround plans in a bid to save business
05:07:46a Osiris Corporation Appoints Rebecca Barton as Director of Marketing
05:07:50a Toll-road plan endorsed
05:07:54a Dramatic new support for Red-Dead plan
05:07:59a Turkish artists head to Italy for biennale
05:08:03a The Arts Council has expressed sadness at the death of the writer Nuala O'Faolain.
05:08:07a Arts Council announces study into Public Engagement with Architecture
05:08:12a Airwolf for Sale on eBay!
05:08:16a BlackBerry to add touchscreen
05:08:20a Apple's iPhone Continues its Worldwide March
05:08:25a O2 hints at 3G iPhone 'in weeks'
05:08:29a RIM readies touch-screen BlackBerry
05:08:34a Orange signs iPhone agreement with Apple
05:08:38a Apple wins black pencils for iMac, iPhone designs
05:08:43a AT&T resumes three-a-customer iPhone limit
05:08:47a Apple's Non-Exclusive iPhone Deals Extend Reach
05:08:51a Rise of the handhelds
05:08:56a Glimpse of Assam art at inter-state junction
05:09:00a BlackBerry Gets All Touchy Feely As iPhone Approaches
05:09:04a 3G iPhone to be free?
05:09:09a Orange secures multi-territory iPhone deal
05:09:13a League All signs points to Queensland dynasty repeat
05:09:18a Report faults FBI handling of agents' Gitmo complaints paper
05:09:23a FAU considers Jarvis to lead basketball program
05:09:27a Steinbrenner not venting over last place
05:09:31a Firefighters help nab alleged robbers in Dania Beach
05:09:36a Orange County man sentenced in child-sex case
05:09:40a Right-wing Colombian paramilitary appears in court
05:09:45a 3 NJ sex offenders charged with surfing MySpace, Facebook
05:09:49a Fla. wildfires that burned homes now 70 percent contained
05:09:53a Several Injured in Collapse of California Carnival Ride
05:09:58a Ex-head of UCLA cadaver program indicted
05:10:02a Search launched for missing surfer at Cocoa Beach
05:10:07a Sonnanstine tames Cardinals in Rays' 3-1 victory
05:10:11a Boy band mogul Pearlman requests sentencing delay
05:10:15a Colin Powell addresses Fort Campbell
05:10:19a Angels 4, Dodgers 2
05:10:24a Byrnes breaks out of slump, D-Backs beat Tigers
05:10:28a Diamondbacks 4, Tigers 3
05:10:37a Pulled over in Pasadena with no insurance? Start walking
05:11:03a UK gives 12m more in aid
05:11:07a 'No smoke alarm' in fatal house fire
05:11:29a Dunn does it all in Reds win
05:11:47a 141 a barrel oil expected
05:12:51a U.S. defends Taiwan arms sales, upbraids China
05:13:49a Pitt lands BVA's Tasser
05:13:53a Allen earns spot with WNBA team
05:13:57a Huge upset leaves Indiana as BVA's next opponent
05:14:10a Woman nearly kills lover carving a heart on his chest
05:14:15a Prague zoo sets out to save Indian ghari
05:14:19a Myanmar takes diplomats to tour disaster zone
05:14:24a Learn and play in Viet Nam's child-friendly schools
05:14:34a Teen dies in ATV rollover accident
05:15:33a KREM 2 News tests temperature in local lake
05:16:33a Tejbir Singh is DC, Amritsar
05:16:37a Polls to hundreds of newly-carved panchayats put off in Punjab
05:16:45a Companies launch carbon reporting programme
05:16:49a Adriano selected among 25-man roster for qualifiers
05:17:20a Lucille G. Goetz of Des Plaines
05:17:24a PC Club's Patrons to Get Help From PC Laptops
05:17:29a Can Icahn Revive Microsoft's Deal to Take Over Yahoo?
05:17:33a CBS Counting on CNet for Online Audience
05:17:37a Investor Icahn May Seek Control of Yahoo's Board
05:17:42a Illinois Moves to Crack Down on Scalpers
05:17:46a Pot Found Growing in Home
05:17:51a Foxconn, Hp Start Building Pc Assembly Plant in St. Pete
05:17:55a Experience This AT&T Opens Hands-on Showcase
05:17:59a News-starved Burmese snap up grim cyclone videos
05:18:04a Four children taken to LeBonheur after being locked in van
05:18:08a Sex scandal teacher resigns
05:18:13a Teacher accused of inappropriate conduct resigns
05:18:17a In a Cartel Funeral, It's Who Doesn't Show Up That Tells the Most
05:18:22a Dominican President Claims Re-Election Victory
05:18:26a German Rescued From Chinese Earthquake After 114 hours
05:18:31a Treat Cancer Naturally
05:18:35a Ramirez's first career homer lifts White Sox
05:18:39a Padres 6, Mariners 4
05:18:43a Saunders pitches Angels to 4-2 win over Dodgers
05:18:48a White Sox 2, Giants 0
05:18:52a Body confirmed as missing Israeli tourist
05:18:56a NZ-directed Narnia sequel expected to open No 1 in US
05:19:01a Native parakeets released on predator-free island
05:19:05a Fire-hit marae now has sprinklers
05:19:09a Wall Street ends flat
05:19:13a Auckland could pay 25m to host rugby World Cup
05:19:18a Microsoft Open Source, Standards Chiefs Tout 'Openness'
05:19:22a Last Living WWI Vet Grand Marshal in Kanawha Co. Parade
05:19:26a Charleston Man Arrested on 450 Counts of Sexual Misconduct
05:19:35a Internet Suicide Legislation
05:19:39a Did Huckabee Have Someone Set Up Obama Remark?
05:19:44a French PM Andean political spat must not hamper efforts to rescue hostage Betancourt
05:19:48a Clinton to Oregonians Don't count me out
05:19:53a Officials Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez leading vote with 53 percent
05:19:57a Fairgoers attending 'jumping frog' fair in Northern California hurt in carnival ride collapse
05:20:02a Pakistan to maintain minimum credible deterrence
05:20:06a Get the most out of your computer
05:20:10a Napa Wine Pioneer Robert Mondavi Dead At 94
05:20:15a Yahoo tries to conceal lawsuit documents
05:20:19a Sex offenders hit with Internet law
05:20:23a Clever, but not enough
05:20:28a How steely Pittsburgh is getting greener
05:20:32a Social graphs just wanna be free, but will they ever be
05:20:37a CIGS companies eye building-integrated photovoltaics
05:20:41a Google to host
05:20:45a Treo 800w rumors abound
05:20:50a Annoying cell phone myths
05:20:54a Pittsburgh greening its image
05:20:58a Cable companies ramping up Web, HD, mobile service
05:21:02a Why old media is running scared of Google
05:21:07a Fake codec found in AOL forum
05:21:11a Signs say NBC triggered block of show
05:21:15a Burglars hit Detroit bars
05:21:19a Driver in crash tried to run out, police say
05:21:24a Sheffield drops out of race
05:21:28a T-shirts earn students homework
05:21:32a Wayne County briefs
05:21:36a Court approves evil gay agenda--Mark Morford
05:21:40a Chambers set to take on BOA in bid for Beijing Olympic place
05:21:45a Crises Cloud China's Olympic Mood as Quake Tests Party's Mettle
05:21:49a Trade in Olympic memorabilia picks up speed
05:21:53a Dwain Chambers enters race for Olympics spot
05:21:57a Olympic medalist sentenced to 46 months
05:22:01a Amputee Sprinter Wins Appeal to Qualify for Olympics
05:22:06a Double-amputee runner wins appeal to compete in Olympics
05:22:10a Olympic BMX stars, fans head to San Diego
05:22:15a Olympic Committee Raises 32M
05:22:19a Wash Post Obama Strikes Back at Bush On Diplomacy
05:22:24a Ceremony honors, salutes law officers
05:22:28a Top steer goes for 15,000
05:22:32a A Dazzling Debut
05:22:36a Some Offer Silent Protest at WVU Honors Ceremony
05:22:41a Macomb County briefs
05:22:45a Texas Rangers hit 6 homers in 16-8 win 
05:22:49a A strong aftershock sparked landslides Friday near the epicenter of the earthquake.
05:22:54a The US Geological Survey reports a 3.1-magnitude earthquake in southwest Alabama
05:22:59a Groups raise nearly 1 million for Va. tornado victims
05:23:03a Groups Raise Nearly 1M For Va. Tornado Victims
05:23:07a Powerful China aftershocks cause landslides
05:23:12a rsaquo;rsaquo; Aftershocks spark landslides at quake epicenter
05:23:16a China aftershock triggers landslides, buries cars report
05:23:20a Mount Etna volcano in Sicily spouts more lava
05:23:25a Software piracy up
05:23:29a Bush done got punked
05:23:33a At the business and investment in Iraq-Shabibi comments
05:23:38a A view of the Bryan Mound storage facility in Texas
05:23:42a Torn off roof near Yangon
05:23:46a US President George W. Bush laughing with Knesset speaker Dalia Yitzik
05:23:50a US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
05:23:55a Israeli soldier firing tear gas at Palestinians
05:23:59a A Palestinian youth hurls a stone at Israeli soldiers
05:24:18a Obama accuses McCain of 'fear peddling' tactics
05:24:22a Wilder won't run for new term
05:24:26a Racing dreams of Big Brown win
05:24:31a Windsor Castle Hosts Royal Wedding Peter Phillips Marries Autumn Kelly
05:24:35a Evangelicals try to overcome stereotype
05:24:40a Nuclear site a tourist magnet
05:24:44a Blown leads seal Nats' fate in loss
05:24:49a Young returns to the lineup sans Johnson
05:24:53a Palmer, Sutton renew rivalry in MASN booth
05:25:06a The New River Valley Current Local news
05:25:11a Tourist Rescued From Quake Rubble
05:25:16a Burma 'guilty of inhuman action'
05:25:27a Police officers 'lied about how man died'
05:26:18a Maddon inexperienced against NL
05:26:22a Bartlett returns to start vs. Cards
05:26:48a Fountain City woman looking for owners of lost war letters
05:27:07a Japan's relief team recovers 2 bodies in quake-hit area in China+
05:27:24a Stocks post week of healthy gains
05:27:29a Bernanke asks to pay interest on reserves
05:27:33a Housing posts big rebound in April
05:27:38a Saudis increase oil production
05:27:43a JFK, Newark to auction slots
05:27:47a Macy's signs deal to put FAO Schwarz in stores
05:27:59a GE plans to shed century-old appliance business
05:28:03a Carlyle pays 2.54 billion for part of Booz Allen
05:28:07a Fannie refines lending rules
05:28:12a Obama rebuts Bush's remarks
05:28:16a Alan Van Cappelle, Empire State Pride Agenda's Executive Director
05:28:20a brown floral, reflective piping pocket
05:28:25a North Tonawanda High School Principal James V. Fisher
05:28:29a Trapped survivors freed after 100 hours in rubble
05:28:33a San Tan Flat owner claims harassment
05:28:37a Scottsdale studying Airpark growth
05:28:42a Senior federal Tory minister may end up on judge's bench Canadian Press
05:28:46a Baseball's Werth belts three homers as Phillies beat Blue Jays
05:28:51a Burnaby RCMP warn public following bear sighting
05:28:55a Werth's 3 HRs bury Blue Jays
05:28:59a Wrinkle Free Friday Choosing the right breast size
05:29:03a David Bonds arrested in Thibodaux
05:29:08a Armed robberies spike in New Orleans
05:29:12a Biologist tracks snails up and down coastal grasses
05:29:16a Tsvangirai offers Mugabe chance of
05:29:21a Senior federal Tory minister may end up on judge's bench Canadian Press
05:29:31a Walsh feels the heat over BA year
05:29:35a SeNevens pulls nappies from shelves
05:31:05a Freed Magdalos go job-hunting, struggle around Metro
05:31:09a 'Cosme' to hit Ilocos Sur; signal 3 up in 5 provinces
05:31:14a Quake hits East Coast
05:31:18a 'Stop wrapping Kiwi kids in cotton wool'
05:31:22a Ministers 'not told' about SSC qualifications question tie-in
05:31:37a Nebraska State Track Millard North's Emily Sisson starts off strong
05:31:41a Nebraska State Tournament results
05:31:48a Courting N.R.A., McCain Criticizes Obama and Clinton on Gun Control
05:31:52a A Subdued Clinton, and a Subdued Audience, on the Campaign Trail
05:31:57a Missouri Legislature Ends Session With Voter ID Amendment Still on Agenda
05:33:03a Obama Will Restore Long-Missing Diplomacy to the American Vocabulary
05:33:14a Links for 2008-05-16
05:33:18a The season after the season after
05:33:23a Dr. Paul Donohue Too much throwing injures young arms
05:33:27a Another lie from the Huffington Post on McCain and Hamas
05:33:31a Jamie Rubin is a Liar
05:33:36a Linking around Bush/Obama/Press & more
05:33:40a We Got Mail!
05:33:44a Indian takeover battle for Arden looms
05:33:49a Tourist Rescued in China After 5 Days
05:33:53a Chinese families trek for days to find quake victims
05:33:57a OPEC will not increase output Iran oil minister
05:34:01a American Axle and UAW reach tentative agreement
05:34:06a Police aim for peaceful cup final
05:34:10a Happy 48th birthday to 'the laser'
05:34:14a Moore to consider traffic signal funds
05:34:18a Moore board names new principals for three schools
05:34:23a Farmers' market accepting applications
05:34:27a Fitch Rates Minneapolis, Minnesota's 50.4MM GOs 'AAA'
05:34:31a Vikings star Adrian Peterson thrills crowd at Forestview school
05:34:36a School Board votes for artificial turf
05:34:41a Report faults FBI handling of agents' Gitmo complaints
05:34:45a Australia's 'Fat Tony' flies home to 12 years jail
05:34:55a Brian Giles collects 4 hits as Padres beat Seattle 6-4
05:34:59a Giles collects 4 hits as Padres beat Seattle
05:35:19a Deadly motorcycle accident in Coeur d'Alene
05:35:24a Kootenai County declares state of emergency
05:35:35a For losing horses in Puerto Rico, it
05:35:40a Schreiner starts work on fitness facility
05:35:56a The Republican strategy backfires The Boston Globe
05:36:04a Bluegrass and Barbeque, Cruise-In Celebration scheduled for May 23
05:36:08a Cincinnati to get second serving of once-beloved ZZ's Pizza
05:36:12a Cheap Eats Vietnamese cuisine at 99 Fast Food
05:36:16a Pizza suit catches out burglar
05:36:20a Rene Burger chooses to speak out after being gang raped
05:36:37a Teenager assaulted in alley way
05:36:44a Pollock surprised by Knight Riders' capitulation
05:36:48a ALL NEW While you were away...
05:36:52a Meet FusionMan, the man with wings
05:37:01a North Korea welcomes US food aid
05:37:25a Ill. Guard unit returning from Iraq with no casualties
05:37:48a Show Me My Stimulus Check!
05:37:52a Japan Volleyball
05:37:57a Bottle openers made of kangaroo scrotums sold as souvenirs in Sydney
05:38:01a Rockies Holliday Baseball
05:38:10a APTOPIX Santa Clara Grand Prix Swimming
05:38:14a An Indian gharial crocodile in Prague Zoo which faces extinction
05:38:18a Padres Mariners Baseball
05:38:22a George W. Bush sits beside Dalia Yitzik
05:38:31a APTOPIX Colombia Security
05:38:35a Film Review Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
05:38:40a Film Review War Inc
05:38:44a Colombia Security
05:38:48a Grayson steams on
05:38:52a Lords cricket continues
05:38:57a Black Sticks ready for Beijing
05:39:01a Tactix beat Pulse
05:39:06a 3-way tie in Tauranga
05:39:10a Dam Buster anniversary
05:39:14a Post mortem confirms ID
05:39:18a Storm depth examined
05:39:22a Police confirm body as that of Israeli tourist
05:39:27a Carl Icahn will destroy Yahoo
05:39:31a Wine pioneer Robert Mondavi dies at 94
05:39:35a OR-05 It's called 'baking soda'
05:39:40a Rep Davis uses 'tar baby' in GOP memo
05:39:44a 68% of Italians want Gypsies expelled
05:39:49a Bush to talk with Palestinians in Egypt
05:39:53a Chemist felled husband with acid, gets life
05:39:58a US plans new Afghan prison
05:40:03a North Sumatra`s Walhi reports forest conversion to anti-corruption body
05:40:07a Charter's Web Tracking Plan Scrutinized
05:40:12a Windows XP SP3 Causes 'Blue Screen Of Death' On AMD-Based PCs
05:40:19a Frustrated With Your Content Management Software Vendor? You're Not Alone
05:40:24a King to get less than jury awarded
05:40:28a Capital defenders leave case
05:40:33a Officer assault linked to killing
05:40:37a Suspect's sickness postpones trial
05:40:42a Trial delayed in shooting of Mormon missionaries
05:40:46a State police to check for seat belt scofflaws
05:40:51a 3 people are injured in head-on collision in Christiansburg
05:40:55a Boy, 5, helps his mom evade purse-snatcher
05:40:59a Lets Drill
05:41:03a How to Enrage a Democrat
05:41:08a On Climate, Symbols Can Overshadow Substance
05:41:12a Twilight of the goddesses The Ragnarok of Feminism
05:41:17a Obama Strikes Back at Bush On Diplomacy
05:41:21a Why Doctors Are Heading for Texas
05:41:25a Obama Says Bush and McCain Are Fear Mongering
05:41:29a Rings Stolen At GradyReturned To Widower
05:41:34a This NASA handout image received in March 2008 shows the International Space Station
05:41:39a This illustration shows the DNA double helix
05:41:43a Polar bears are an endangered species due to the loss of Arctic ice
05:41:48a There are just 1,590 giant panda's living in the wild
05:41:52a Wind turbines generate electricity on the Nunobiki highlands
05:41:56a Saudis, cool to Bush's appeal, offer a token oil boost
05:42:01a Higher Education Bills Pass Through Illinois Senate Committee
05:42:05a Analysis Learning from 'Swiftboat,' Obama reacts fast, fiercely to Bush, McCain
05:42:09a Strategist GOP Must 'Accessorize'
05:42:14a Scheiber The One Problem With Obama's Response To Bush
05:42:18a Bush fails to win Saudi help on gas prices? ? 34 mins ago
05:42:22a Morris and McGann Obama Wrong on Iran
05:42:27a US lawmakers demand Bush certify DPRK nuclear progress
05:42:31a Obama's baptism by fire
05:42:35a John Edwards Throws Support To Obama
05:42:40a Saudi Arabia boosts oil output, ready to pump more
05:42:44a Saudis Turn Down Bush Request on Oil Production
05:43:05a All the world's a stage; now act
05:43:09a Edmond Weight Watchers plans picnic
05:43:13a Mass will honor officers
05:43:18a Report shows Edmond cost of living decreases
05:43:22a Chamber golf tournament winners announced
05:43:27a Mayor to present state-of-the-city address
05:43:31a Edmond board approves monument proposal
05:43:35a Police Blotter Saturday, May 17, 2008
05:43:40a Trailer reported stolen
05:43:44a Accordion club stages concert
05:43:48a Car inspections offered for seniors
05:43:53a Edmond youth leadership class graduates
05:43:57a Edmond North will offer spring concert Monday
05:44:01a Oud player will give free concert
05:44:06a Summer musicals offer fun trips minus fuel cost
05:44:10a Bill limits power of Edmond utility
05:44:15a Dollar lower against the Japanese yen in trading late Friday night
05:44:19a Rolling Stone does gather moss
05:44:23a Tax reduces smoking, OSU study finds
05:44:28a 'Bladerunner' Wins Olympic Appeal
05:44:32a Cyber-Bully Mom Indicted In MySpace Suicide
05:44:36a Gun charge nets prison term
05:44:41a What do the Saudis Want?
05:44:45a Mumia Abu-Jamal Still Guilty!
05:44:49a Heart transplant patient ready to run
05:44:53a Bamber 'I will die a free man'
05:44:58a Inflation worries Chidambaram
05:45:02a National Briefing South Virginia Mayor Won’t Run Again
05:45:07a National Briefing Washington Conviction in Capitol Gun Case
05:45:11a National Briefing Southwest Texas Seafood Recall Is Ordered
05:45:16a National Briefing Midwest Iowa Lawsuit Filed Over Raid
05:45:20a Sell to Microsoft or leave, billionaire investor Icahn tells Yahoo board
05:45:36a TV Lookout highlights for May 18-24
05:45:43a Dominican Republic president declares victory
05:45:48a Police beach patrol targets public drunkenness
05:46:05a DUI Suspects Forced To Give Blood
05:46:38a Green Party Release Controversial Video
05:46:43a Family Party stakes claim to South Auckland
05:46:47a Finance minister invited to debate GST on food
05:46:51a Culture Review Report Risks Loss of Democracy
05:46:56a ‘Prank call’ is real deal for Wellington winner
05:47:00a National set for landslide victory poll
05:47:05a A new benchmark for political advertising
05:47:09a PHA applauds budget announcement on warm housing
05:47:14a Byrd takes three shot lead at Atlanta Classic
05:47:18a National says latest poll shows Labour Govt has lost touch
05:47:46a Vandy loses fourth straight game
05:48:03a Dollar slides below parity against Canadian dollar in trading late Friday night
05:48:24a Um. What? Didn't you just ... ?
05:48:29a 35-year sentence for HIV-positive spitter worries some
05:48:33a Inbrief Norman
05:48:37a Adopt a Pet Norman
05:48:42a Church service set for high school grads
05:48:46a Norman district fills 3 vacant positions
05:48:51a Norman students may get earlier start to school day
05:48:55a Historic clock will keep time again in Norman plaza
05:48:59a Should students have to pay to ride the bus?
05:49:04a Tibetan monks plan visit to Norman church
05:49:08a North Korea welcomes resumption of US food aid
05:49:32a Defenders of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, 4 others ask Guantanamo judge to dismiss charges
05:50:05a Market Snapshot U.S. stocks seek to continue advance, in spite of oil surge
05:50:23a Carnival ride collapses in California; 24 injured
05:50:41a Crash kills one, sends five to hospital
05:50:45a Ex-Wilson deputy not guilty of assault charge
05:50:49a Terrell Hills top cop steps down, leaving fire chief in charge
05:50:54a Gang-related shooting follows gun theft
05:50:58a DWI program generating mixed results
05:51:55a AP Top International News At 251 p.m. EDT
05:52:24a 'Come Unity' steps up to raise money for Kenya
05:52:29a 'Profit Culture' Mars Kenya Adoptions
05:52:33a What does a billion dollar house look like?
05:52:40a Shipping lines to raise freight by 15 to 20 percent
05:53:01a Police close camps in Kenya
05:54:13a Convicted killer escapes from jail
05:54:23a Can competitions raise 'cool' factor of math, science?
05:54:27a Junk Science McCain’s Embarrassing Climate Speech
05:54:32a Newly reopened museum hosts Super Science fair
05:54:36a Grand Prairie AirHogs aim to knock it out of the park in opener
05:54:54a Group hopes to ease remodeling headaches
05:55:08a Lewisville voter turnout highest in years, but that's not saying much
05:55:33a Kuwait elects it's Parliament in a calm democratic move
05:55:37a Pentagon May Close Intel Unit
05:55:45a China warns lake may burst banks at any time
05:55:50a Worried Myanmar migrants chip in aid from Thailand
05:55:54a Legion to hold fundraiser for man struck by vehicle
05:55:58a Beads for the troops
05:56:03a Concerns About Ailing Maryland Horse-Racing Industry Continue
05:56:07a Farm bill includes 440 million for bay
05:56:12a CareFirst teaming with Y of Central Maryland on fitness push for kids
05:56:16a Rivals Terps, Cavs tangle for third time
05:56:21a Annapolis restaurateur is state's top fundraiser
05:56:25a 10-year-old boy found riding bike to Bangkok to visit mom
05:56:30a Abhisit, Chamlong, Apirak attend ceremony to commemorate May 1992 bloodshed
05:56:34a Halt work on mall MC panel
05:56:38a Kuwaitis prepare for crucial parliamentary polls
05:56:43a Australia's 'Fat Tony' flies home to 12 years jail
05:56:47a Greed killed children, China's quake zone survivors say
05:56:52a Fairgoers attending 'jumping frog' fair hurt in carnival ride collapse
05:56:56a MLB Chi. White Sox 2, San Francisco 0
05:57:01a MLB LA Angels 4, LA Dodgers 2
05:58:38a Pensioners 'will revolt without policy'
05:58:42a Nelson urges Rudd to meet with disgruntled pensioners
05:58:47a Carpenter talks up geothermal energy
05:58:51a Zimbabwe Attacks 'Out of Control'
05:58:56a Progress in India, Pakistan Border Dispute
05:59:00a 6,000 More Indian Troops in Kashmir After Accused Infiltration
05:59:05a Car Bomb Hits Iraqi Police Station
05:59:09a Issues on the Table at Lebanon Crisis Talks
05:59:13a Bush's Golf Claim Angers Veterans
05:59:18a Physician Killed, Child Wounded in Mosul
05:59:22a Detained Iraqi Journalist Freed in Diwaniya
05:59:27a US Army Denies Responsibility for Iranian Embassy Attack
05:59:31a Sumo Main bouts for 8th day of summer sumo+
05:59:36a LEAD Japan's relief team recovers 2 bodies in quake-hit area in China+
05:59:41a Paramedics Revive Shooting Victim
05:59:45a About Space Saturday, May 17, 2008
05:59:49a Yukon BMX is seeking new racing members
06:00:04a Carnival ride collapses in California, 24 injured
06:00:08a Trolley Loses Brakes, Crashes at Popular L.A. Mall
06:00:13a Opposition rejects Burma referendum result
06:00:17a Dominican President Leonel Fernandez delivers a speech after voting at a polling station
06:00:22a Children stand around a roof torn off from a monastary by cyclone Nargis
06:00:26a A man and three children affected by cyclone Nargis stay at a temporary shelter
06:00:31a Two children carry a bag of construction material to help rebuild a house
06:00:35a 'Rice bowl' of Myanmar devastated by cyclone. Duration 0146
06:00:39a A map locating the United Nation's priority areas for relief aid in Myanmar
06:00:43a R-L Angela Merkel speaks with Jose Manuel Barroso and Alan Garcia
06:00:48a Javier Solana speaks with Michelle Bachelet
06:00:52a Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Evo Morales
06:00:56a Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva talks to Alvaro Uribe
06:01:01a Sea otter
06:01:05a P1200462MC Whaaat!!!
06:01:09a Prince Saud Palestinians Have the Right to Exist as Well
06:01:17a Girl dies in lover's arms
06:01:21a Sophie's my little miracle
06:01:26a Return of RAF heroes
06:01:30a Dig deep for people's farm
06:01:34a Warship canal
06:01:38a Actor backs iconic venue
06:01:43a Beaten dog's new start
06:01:47a Historic band in crisis
06:01:52a Top fashion wows judges
06:01:56a Hole lot of choice on road repairs
06:02:00a Firefighters continue work around county
06:02:04a Big grow house operation busted
06:02:09a Global warming effect debated
06:02:13a Florida Air Academy grads look to future
06:02:18a Speak out about foreclosure crisis
06:02:22a Cut Chemical Cocktail in Your Life for Greener Way to Beauty
06:02:26a Perfect Products! Get Yours Now! Well.. Maybe Not .Head
06:02:31a Report Cassville Plant Would Hurt Environment
06:02:35a Bald Eagles Dropped From Endangered List
06:02:39a Officials Say Ore. Sea Lions Not Shot; Likely Dead of Heat Strokes
06:02:44a Animals Will Dictate Amazonia Opening
06:02:48a World Loses a Third of Species
06:02:53a New Fire Boat in Service
06:02:57a Island Firms Look to Cash in on Asian Mission
06:03:01a May Long Weekend Marks Beginning of Summer
06:03:06a State to bail out Eskom
06:03:10a U.S. Frustrated by Myanmar Junta's Aid Limits
06:04:30a Visitor stuck in country after stabbing
06:04:37a DAs question drunken driving law change
06:04:41a Oconomowoc crash Prosecutor focuses on sleep aid's impact
06:04:46a Leaky fountain adds to square's troubles
06:04:50a Couple learn they weren't really married
06:04:54a Waukesha schools may end 4-K
06:04:59a Doyle uses vetoes to reshape budget-repair plan
06:05:03a Thieves targeting sport bikes
06:05:07a Public school, church plant seeds of learning
06:05:11a Man who killed self had blade in wallet
06:05:16a For 40 years, students have been her world
06:05:20a Pawlenty gives stern advice to GOP
06:05:25a LaFave handed down household arts
06:05:29a Appeals court refuses McGee's request to halt trial
06:05:34a Baptist leaders to assemble
06:05:38a Series takes on easing poverty
06:05:42a Church blast will not yield charges
06:05:47a GOP losses bode well for Kagen, party says
06:05:51a Make your offer, then mind your manners
06:05:55a 'Fonzie' picks up a pen to write children's books
06:06:00a Marquette, UWM to bestow honorary doctorates
06:06:04a Shopportunities Moda3
06:06:08a Testing 1, 2, 3 Super Soaker Bottle Shot
06:06:12a Dominican leader sets sights on victory
06:06:17a Dominican leader sets sight on election win
06:06:21a Student Suspended Over Pie Thrown at New York Times Columnist
06:06:26a Former Firefighter Convicted of Mother's Elder Abuse Murder
06:06:30a Dog breeder guilty on all counts
06:06:34a RU turns down bids on its land
06:06:38a All trails lead to Damascus for festival
06:06:42a This kitty is a lucky little Jumper
06:06:47a Anderson won't seek Memphis job
06:06:51a Service dogs treated to free eye exams at Tech
06:06:55a Police charge driver in fatal bicycle crash
06:07:00a Arts could fuel Blacksburg's downtown, says visiting mayor
06:07:04a Army recognizes arsenal employees for their service
06:07:08a Cruisin' Christiansburg events to kick off today downtown
06:07:12a America's best new-car deals
06:07:17a Dollar unchanged against the Swiss franc in trading late Friday night
06:07:21a ACCD to train foreign students in tourism
06:07:25a Police make life hell for youth of color
06:07:30a ICE raids spark community resistance
06:07:34a Asian-Pacific peoples hit U.S. occupation
06:07:38a On the picket line
06:07:54a Healthcare F-H to Promote Unnamed Drug
06:07:59a Lawyers in Medical Case Ready to Meet
06:08:03a On the Go
06:08:07a Public Sector Slam Publicises NHS Poll on North West Drink Scourge
06:08:12a Community Touched By Sophie's Plight
06:08:16a High School State Track Meet Records
06:08:21a Superbug Strikes
06:08:25a Four-Year Delay on IT System for NHS
06:08:30a Doctor Wants Hospital Answers
06:08:34a Bible park rezoning rejected
06:08:39a Cathay Pacific mulls route cuts on high fuel paper
06:08:43a Bikini Zone Anti Bumps Shave Gel Avoid Embarrassment
06:08:48a Bush asks Saudi Arabia to help reduce gas prices
06:08:53a Bush, after visit to Israel, focuses on Arab side of Mideast stalemate
06:08:57a Obama slams Bush for comments made in Israel
06:09:02a Obama Mobile Wins 2008 Mobile Messaging Award at Global Messaging Congress
06:09:06a President Bush Unable to Win Saudi Support on Gas Prices, Oil Production
06:09:11a President Bush Unable to Win Saudi Support on Gas Prices, Oil
06:09:15a 'Naive,' 'Reckless' Obama and McCain Clash on Foreign Policy, Diplomacy
06:09:20a Under pressure, Bush stops adding to US petroleum reserve
06:09:24a Michelle and Barack Obama The 21st Century Kennedys?
06:09:28a Inside Obama's Marriage
06:09:33a WGBH Lab P.O.V. Election 2008 Winning Short Film Pitches Announced
06:09:37a Japan Bloggers criticize Greenpeace over whale-meat theft
06:09:42a Friday 1 US Soldier, 16 Iraqis Killed; 41 Iraqis Wounded
06:09:50a World's Deadliest Weapon
06:09:54a Israeli Arabs Reminded of Their Place J. Cook
06:09:58a Soldier Refuses Iraq Tour Aaron Glantz
06:10:03a No Hope to Reform the Pentagon Ivan Eland
06:10:07a Spanta meets Ban Ki-moon at the UN
06:10:11a Ban Ki-moon Role Of Dads & Int'l Day Of Families
06:10:15a N Korea welcomes resumption of US food aid
06:10:20a Security Flaws, Terrorists & Nuclear Weapons
06:10:24a New Zealand Olympians take rice to China as part of Games shipment
06:10:29a Nepal's recent elections only one milestone in peace process Ban Ki-moon
06:10:33a Father, son face drug charges
06:10:38a Woman suspected of driving Farmington school bus drunk
06:10:42a Oakland County briefs
06:10:47a The 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Makes His First Visit To The United States
06:10:51a US House to US President Bush Seek 'Humanitarian Intervention' In Burma
06:10:56a Unregistered Sex Offenders Arrested Working at Carnival W/ Update
06:11:00a James and Cavaliers fend off elimination against Celtics in NBA playoffs
06:11:05a Baseball's Werth belts three homers as Phillies beat Blue Jays
06:11:09a James leads Cavaliers charge against Celtics in decisive NBA game
06:11:14a From refugee camp to red carpet, Penn brings aid movie to Cannes
06:11:18a Reconstruction work proceeds in Myanmar's cyclone-hit region
06:11:23a 'Un conte de Noel' opens at Cannes
06:11:27a China sends experts to help deal with corpses in quake zone
06:11:32a DPRK technically ready for delivery of U.S. food aid
06:11:36a Sharapova reaches Italian semis
06:11:41a Man rescued 105 hours after quake
06:11:45a Chinese troops rescue 18 scientists from forest in quake area
06:11:50a 46 injured need evacuation as lake burst imminent at China quake zone
06:11:54a Japanese rescue team heads for Beichuan
06:11:59a Int'l Tattoo Convention in Czech
06:12:04a Canada provides 1 mln to China's quake relief
06:12:08a Nigerian state oil firm, French group sign financial deal
06:12:13a Turkmen mark opening of Russia's monument to poet Fragi
06:12:17a Relief camps unable to accommodate cyclone victims in Myanmar's hardest-hit township
06:12:22a Chinese, Russian, Indian, Brazilian FMs stress multilateralism in world affairs
06:12:27a Myanmar organizes diplomatic mission to look into cyclone-hit areas
06:12:31a Reporters at rescue scene in China quake zone
06:12:35a S Korea's Ahn Jae Wook donates for quake victims
06:12:39a German tourist pulled out of rubble 114 hrs after quake
06:12:44a Saudis tell Bush No boost in oil production
06:12:48a China ruins yield survivors
06:12:52a Team nervously awaits craft's landing on Mars
06:12:57a Rising prices hurt food stamp users
06:13:01a Nation/World briefs
06:13:06a Report China invites Taiwan party head to visit
06:13:10a Blizzard Give the Horsemen a Rough Ride at the Resch
06:13:14a Cowen may defer increase in pay for Ministers
06:13:19a AA urges politicians to solve 'mystery' of diesel prices
06:13:24a St James's Hospital leads MRSA infection list
06:13:29a Former finance chief 'shocked' on learning of Lawlor payments
06:13:33a EU Court rulings 'will not affect' rights of workers
06:13:38a Consultants' association backs new contract
06:13:42a EPA set to pursue businesses not observing waste codes voluntarily
06:13:46a Retail sales fall for second month amid slowdown
06:13:51a BA's yearly revenues from Ireland hit EUR88m
06:13:55a Digital TV bidder says it would post profits by 2012
06:14:00a Debenhams loses €15.1m in Ireland
06:14:04a Tsvangirai offers Mugabe chance of 'honourable exit'
06:14:09a Earthquake aftershock hampers relief efforts in Sichuan
06:14:13a Burma death toll nears 80,000 with 55,000 missing
06:14:18a First Person Park Slope Where Is the Love?
06:14:22a Shaken And Stirred A Drink Puts on the Kid Gloves
06:14:27a Magicians Ask What's Up His Sleeve?
06:14:31a Modern Love May I Have This Dance?
06:14:35a The Language of Loss for the Jobless
06:14:40a Books of Style Mix Fact and Fiction, Add Martini Chaser
06:14:44a Possessed A Family Relic, Thoroughly Modern
06:14:49a Disc dog sport catching on
06:14:53a Nursing graduate wins mother's pride
06:14:58a Program helps out suspended students
06:15:02a Two more KBES buses impounded
06:15:13a Vintage Japanese Robots Storm Sci-Fi Museum
06:15:18a Will the 21st century be a
06:15:22a The cookie mogul of Angkor Wat
06:15:27a Health care for the aged
06:15:31a Super high oil prices
06:15:36a Carp confound giants in cl matchup
06:15:40a Enlightenment means living with equanimity
06:15:45a Edison aims to curb greenhouse gases voluntarily
06:15:49a Yahoo, fighting Icahn bid, forms ad partnership with WPP
06:15:53a Saturn Astra Punch the accelerator and call it Euro brash
06:16:47a UAW, Axle agree to deal
06:16:51a Bob Wojnowski Holmstrom will be back at net
06:17:22a Texas coalition sues to stop construction of border fence
06:18:35a Young's challengers make their cases
06:19:07a Pensioners 'will revolt without policy'
06:19:15a Federal govt cracks down on dole cheats
06:19:19a Blokes 'will suffer' with alcopops hike
06:19:35a Mexicans arrested at filthy 'drop house' in LA charged
06:19:44a Family Party to fight drugs and prostitution
06:19:48a File on immigration head's CV handed to police
06:19:53a Verdict 'asap' in Auckland laboratories case
06:19:57a More Obama Lies
06:20:08a Vietnam a focus of Armed Forces Day at Fort Jackson
06:20:13a Singer for Tejano band pleads guilty to money laundering
06:21:12a Australian fugitive returns to Melbourne amid tight security
06:23:18a Texas may join in a fight against new ozone rules
06:23:22a Drought-plagued Georgia to get insight from SAWS
06:23:26a Kidnapped Pakistani envoy to Afghanistan safe state tv
06:23:36a Blast in Afghanistan kills child
06:23:42a Canadian tourist shot dead in Mexico
06:23:46a South Korea, Japan end sea confrontation
06:23:57a U.S. Sergeant Refuses to Go to Iraq 'This Occupation is Unconstitutional and Illegal'
06:25:45a Australian's to lose out under migration labour plan Nelson
06:25:49a '9b hole' in Opposition Budget
06:25:54a US to build new prison in Afghanistan
06:26:02a Mexicans arrested at filthy 'drop house' in LA charged
06:26:09a Wheeling Park Girls Set Record In Shuttle Hurdle Relay
06:26:13a Mosley to skip ceremonies at Monaco Grand Prix
06:26:17a Florida St. beats N.C. State 1-0
06:26:22a Kotsay's RBI double gives Braves 3-2 win over A's
06:26:26a How Open Is Microsoft
06:26:30a U.S. consumer grim as stagflationary 80s
06:26:35a Striking workers vote on GM plant contract
06:26:39a Biofuels, trade dominate EU-Latin America summit
06:26:43a Can Icahn Revive Microsoft
06:26:48a Madison Softball Coach Charged, Resigns
06:26:52a Horse Hitched Outside Hamilton Wal-Mart
06:26:57a Winning Mega Millions ticket sold in Ohio
06:27:01a China quake rescue effort intensifies
06:27:06a Fresh bus fare hikes anger poor
06:27:10a A disaster in the making
06:27:14a Chalerm to crack down on jail graft
06:27:19a Nominees to new anti-graft body to face senate scrutiny
06:27:23a Firefighters battle huge blaze for 12 hours
06:27:27a Finance Ministry set to relaunch digit lotto
06:27:32a Schools urged to install spy cameras
06:27:36a Democrats push to get Jakrapob investigated PM handed letter over speech on monarchy
06:27:42a House to get at least 3 amendment drafts
06:27:46a Gay-marriage ruling adds uncertainty to the race
06:27:51a Disasters and horrific death... and nothing changes
06:27:55a Hospital project has the right recipe for success
06:27:59a Andhra cop tops civil services
06:28:03a Rs.20 crore mutual fund scam unearthed in Chennai
06:28:08a AP cop tops civil services
06:28:12a One person held at airport in `visa swap’
06:28:16a Richmond Police Say Mother, Toddler Still Missing
06:28:21a DA Former Millbrae Teacher Accused Of Cocaine Possession
06:28:25a Berkeley Killing Arraignment Marked By Tense Moments
06:28:54a Humanity was genetically divided for as much as 100,000 years in Africa
06:28:58a Water supplies , food prices a concern for Africa
06:29:03a 100 Dead in Nigeria oil pipeline fire
06:29:07a China willing to cooperate with EU on Africa in 'constructive' manner
06:29:19a Malaysian govt confirms HINDRAF leader
06:29:23a Ringgit Likely To See Mixed Trend Against U.S. Dollar Next Week
06:29:28a KL Shares Prices To Stay Upward On Sustained Rally In Selected Stocks Next Week
06:29:32a KLCI Futures To Remain Higher Next Week
06:29:37a Homeschooling, homesteading mom joins team
06:29:41a Beware 'The Village'
06:29:45a Shoals of sardines prove top attraction
06:29:50a are we with the Germans or the Irish
06:30:03a Rabbitohs great Rayner dies
06:30:07a Schwarzer granted leave to continue negotiations
06:30:12a Person killed by train
06:30:16a Man to face court over extortion
06:30:21a UN in Brazil Announces Food Prices Are Starting to Fall Worldwide
06:30:25a Brazilian Coffee's Defense Fund Gets US 1.3 Bi from Government
06:30:30a Brazil's Eletrobrás Makes US 507 Million, a 261% Rise
06:30:34a Despite Lower Dollar Brazilian Shoemaker Wants to Export More
06:30:39a It's Official Bank of Brazil Opens Branch at Emirates Towers in Dubai
06:30:43a Livingston County briefs
06:30:48a Image Trends, Inc. Releases the Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In
06:30:56a Olympus Introduces New E-520 DSLR
06:31:00a Object of Desire RED Scarlet
06:31:05a Vices of the week Cyborg plants get Tasered
06:31:09a HBO joins iTunes along with variable pricing
06:31:13a UK iTunes album sales hit record high
06:31:17a Sony US April Figures Show 410% PS3 Software Boost
06:31:22a Jack Thompson Twists SPOnG Story in Murder Misquote
06:31:26a Microsoft PS3 European Lead "Not Based on Actual Data"
06:31:31a Microsoft GTA IV Exclusive DLC 'Not Possible' for PS3
06:31:35a Konami Takes on EA's Rock Band to Reclaim its Revolution-ary Status
06:31:39a Violent games fighting crime?
06:31:44a New visuals for WoW possible
06:31:48a American tourist joins pandas in 'surreal' earthquake ordeal
06:31:53a Piracy rate in UK drops
06:31:57a Palm Treo 800w Prototype
06:32:01a S.C. nanotechnology firm closes on 1.5M in financing
06:32:06a Shawnee skate park up for consideration
06:32:10a Kidnapped Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan Recovered safe
06:32:15a Myanmar Cyclone Toll Nearly Doubles
06:32:19a Trapped China Quake Survivors Freed After Nearly 100 Hours
06:32:23a 1,700 organisations against meat from U.S.
06:32:28a Six-party talks might be resumed in June
06:32:32a South Korea and China advance to Thomas Cup final
06:32:37a Australia flags big rise in immigrant numbers
06:32:41a Local bands to take stage in Rock for RAINN benefit at Masque live music
06:32:45a Party in the Gem City
06:32:49a Hamventions of the past and present
06:32:53a Ohio unemployment rate falls to 5.6% in April
06:32:58a Ohio jobless rate dips in April
06:33:02a BWay to shut Ohio injection molding plant
06:33:07a Spherion report More Ohio workers expect to keep jobs
06:33:11a Report Ohio job confidence up, economic outlook grim
06:33:15a Employment falls in Ohio's service industries
06:33:20a Coach on leave for text messages to player
06:33:24a Ohio Zoos offer family adventure
06:33:29a Ohio Judge Tells Bailiff Stay Away From Me
06:33:33a Saudis agree to lift oil production
06:33:37a Saudi Arabia agrees to modest increase in output of oil
06:33:42a Oil hits 127.43 a barrel
06:33:46a Saudis won’t pump more crude
06:33:50a KSA ranks 1st in the EMEA region for malicious activity per broadband subscriber
06:33:55a Special session called by gov.
06:33:59a MSU graduate wins 100,000 on 'Jeopardy!'
06:34:03a Barbour asked to OK takeover of school district
06:34:14a Lakers advance to West finals after beating Jazz
06:34:18a 2.7 million workers covered by minimum wage hikes
06:34:22a Best-selling French author Marc Levy I'm not a 'writer'
06:34:27a RP embassy in Myanmar to repatriate 19 Pinoy seamen
06:34:31a Storm gains strength, signal no. 3 up in 5 Luzon provinces
06:34:35a Cleveland beats Boston by 5 points, forces deciding game
06:34:39a Ball fails to get Pawling GOP backing
06:34:44a Ex-champion gets prison for bank fraud
06:34:48a Guinan's Irish music fest continues
06:34:52a Chinese-Americans rush aid to quake victims
06:34:57a Man struck by train in Garrison severely injures legs
06:35:01a Pet of The Week / Putnam Humane Society
06:35:06a Local briefs
06:35:10a Documentary photographer collaborating project with North Salem schools
06:35:15a Russian spaceship delivers food, water to International Space Station
06:35:19a UN grants 7 million for quake relief in China
06:35:23a Eriksson hails UEFA Cup place for Man City as dream
06:35:28a Bhutanese unsure of democracy
06:35:32a PM pledges Rs.100 bn economic partnership with Bhutan
06:35:36a Canada unveils its own Victoria Cross
06:35:41a Leaked reviews blast the latest Indy
06:35:45a Cuba supports unrestricted Internet, but U.S. embargo makes it impossible
06:35:49a Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez leading vote with 53 percent
06:35:54a Santa Clara Co. Wants Same-Sex Wedding Volunteers
06:35:59a Bicyclist attacked on popular bike path
06:36:03a Cheap, easy ways to do a background check
06:36:10a The B-Cast Obama Blasts Bush and McCain Over 'Apeasement' & Olberman Aftermath
06:36:28a G.M. Workers Resigned to Final Deal
06:36:40a Latin-America-Europe summit begins under feud
06:36:45a Chinese news agency German saved after 114 hours
06:36:51a Wheat Dreams at Ensus
06:36:55a U.S. Navy ships stand idle as millions await aid
06:37:00a Dungeon kids take first steps in
06:37:04a Brit taxpayers to pay 1 mln pounds on Osama
06:37:09a PM says India, Bhutan have a challenge to evolve sustainable development
06:37:13a Barack Obama blasts back at President Bush, John McCain
06:37:18a U.S. can win Iraq war by 2013
06:37:22a Diet Changes That Aid Ovulation
06:37:27a Get Healthy, Get Pregnant The Fertility Diet
06:37:31a Sarnoff and Viocare Team to Develop Mobile Phone-Based Dietary Assessmen Tool
06:37:36a Blast in Afghanistan kills child, wounds four
06:37:44a Oil hits record, further spike forecast
06:37:48a PTA chairman stresses ICT development
06:37:53a New technologies may eliminate corruption
06:37:57a IMF mission briefed on economic situation
06:38:18a Teen 'poisons teacher after suspension'
06:38:23a Tourist's 'surreal' panda earthquake ordeal
06:38:50a My Top 10 Reasons to Get a Bumper Sticker for Your Car
06:39:09a Iraqi leader offers weapon-return amnesty
06:39:22a Perfect World Reschedules Closed Beta Testing of 'Pocketpet Journey West'
06:39:40a Ohio township to feds We don't want your money
06:39:44a Bill O'Reilly Remix
06:39:49a jakkapopG5
06:39:53a Tamil Tiger terrorist suicide bomber live video in Sri Lanka
06:39:59a keng1
06:40:18a Is Israel Really 'The World's Happiest Country?'
06:40:23a Body near track is Israeli tourist
06:40:27a Bin Laden vows to fight for Palestinians
06:40:32a Gaza The Occupation Isn't a Myth
06:40:36a 60th Anniversary of Palestinians' displacement
06:40:40a Bush stands by 'chosen people' of Israel
06:40:45a Israeli military intel Tel Aviv within range of Hamas rockets by 2010
06:40:49a Bin Ladenkeep fighting against Israel
06:40:53a Sydney to celebrate Israel's 60th birthday
06:40:58a Iemma's staunch support of Israel
06:41:02a Cheap food, no more
06:41:06a Football match takes ugly turn
06:41:11a McCain builds ties to liberal bloggers
06:41:15a Old enemies reconcile in Rwanda
06:41:19a Russia claims to have Georgian spy
06:41:23a Drug trafficker returned to Australia
06:42:37a Report faults FBI handling of agents' Gitmo complaints paper
06:43:10a Eurozone swings into trade deficit in March
06:43:15a Can the Euro Extend its Gains
06:43:26a Museum contains historical information Seru
06:43:30a Declined request not unusual Ratu Epeli
06:43:34a Ba out to avenge CVC loss
06:43:42a American, FAA point fingers over flight cancellations
06:44:01a President Bush set to talk oil as Saudis eye Middle East peace
06:44:05a Kerry businesses campaign for strong yes vote in Treaty
06:44:10a POLITICS McCain To Appear on SNL
06:44:14a ELECTION Obama Criticizes McCain, Bush on Appeasement Talk
06:44:19a Bush's comment spills into the presidential race
06:44:23a 'Bush responsible for rise of Hamas'
06:44:31a Power cuts at RAK businesses
06:44:35a Linde buys stake in Sigas
06:44:40a NHL Player Sean Avery Starts Internship at Vogue Magazine
06:44:48a Internet warning
06:45:32a Police Arrest Two in Dundee Shooting
06:45:37a Motorcyclist Killed in Crash with Sport Utility Vehicle
06:45:57a Dominican president re-elected
06:46:01a Taliban frees Pakistan envoy
06:46:05a Tourist buried for 114 hours
06:46:10a Govt faces R1.2m lawsuit
06:46:14a Tsvangirai prepares for run-off
06:46:36a Winemaking patriarch dies
06:46:40a Betting on poker success
06:46:44a DRS move concerns Palm Bay
06:46:49a US suspends oil reserve shipments
06:46:53a Brevard jobless rate falls
06:46:57a Real estate Developer shows off condos
06:47:02a Margaret Thatcher tried to
06:47:06a M&S, British Land, BoE minutes
06:47:10a SMobile providing security for British Telecom phones
06:47:15a Shaun George derails Chris Byrd’s 175-pound Debut!
06:47:19a Man charged with raping boy, 12
06:47:23a The whole of England want a Pompey win
06:47:27a Portsmouth And Cardiff City
06:47:32a Stabbed Teenager Remembered By South London Community
06:47:36a Accountant smuggled girl
06:47:40a Playland sells its safety message
06:47:45a Playland bathhouse project moves forward
06:47:49a Rockland CSEA expects to approve 4-year deal
06:47:54a Sophan Sophiaan Killed in Motorcycle Accident in Central Java
06:47:58a Cenkos takeover talks with Arden collapse
06:48:02a Qualcomm wins licence in latest auction of radio spectrum
06:48:06a HBOS sells 13 per cent stake in Rightmove as agents feel the heat
06:48:11a Ofwat calls for water industry to be opened up to competition
06:48:15a BA to raise fares as fuel costs put end to
06:48:19a Dolichopodids, fairly small, metallic flies with large, prominent eyes
06:48:23a Olli Ilmonen Forward flip to fakie
06:48:28a China Right Time to Question
06:48:32a Wrinkles
06:48:36a 44 a.k.a. Fire44Photo
06:48:40a New mouse in the house
06:48:45a Chocolate Chip Cookies
06:48:49a GasFillUp_By_SheilaCunningham
06:48:53a Click It...Or Ticket
06:48:57a Second round washed out at Sybase Classic
06:49:02a Giles collects 4 hits as Padres beat Seattle 6-4
06:49:06a Money-saving Memorial Day travel options
06:49:13a Looking Yourself in the Mirror
06:49:18a New shows in the works from 'Idol' creator Fuller
06:49:22a BBC editor's death 'was suicide'
06:49:27a My Jaipur The BBC's Sanjeev Srivastava on how bombs scarred his city
06:49:31a Kelly Preston fired up for HBO suburban satire
06:50:03a Junta Nargis Relief Refusal Is A
06:50:11a sealed off from the world
06:50:15a Vietnam Eximbank To Sell 25% Stakes To 4 Foreign Investors
06:50:20a Lawmakers ask Bush to consider Burma
06:50:43a Huckabee Jokes About Obama Assassination
06:50:50a Pollock's spell shattered our plans Buchanan
06:50:55a the graft finished me
06:50:59a Food outlets face inspections
06:51:04a Bahrain cuts spending to tackle inflation
06:51:08a Gulf Air takes part in BITE 2008
06:51:18a Governor says more cuts are needed to fix budget shortfall
06:51:22a Neighborhood Watch groups expected to rise
06:51:27a A smart little wonder La Crosse drivers embrace micro car new to the U.S.
06:51:31a Road kill Feral pig draws lots of gawkers
06:51:35a Goose Island deer hunt on again for 2008
06:51:39a Field for La Crosse mayoral race grows
06:51:44a Shortened arm doesn't hold back new physical therapist, UW-L grad
06:51:48a PdC man gets 15 years in sex assault
06:51:52a DNR to offer snake workshops
06:51:56a Heron colony closes river slough to boats
06:52:01a Teen accused of shooting BB gun at woman, baby
06:52:05a Mokbel arrives, faces court Tuesday
06:52:10a Razor-sharp concertina wire installed at U.S.-Mexico border
06:52:14a Canadian Auto Workers will ratify new labor deal with GM
06:52:19a Rhetoric Crowns Fifth Summit
06:52:23a American tourist joins pandas in
06:52:27a Of economists and India's financial woes
06:52:32a UPDATE Weekend Violence, Three Shot, One Dead in Separate Incidents
06:52:36a Volvo Recalls 2008 S80 and XC90 To Replace Engine Bolts
06:52:40a Volvo refreshes almost entire range
06:52:45a Cultural misperceptions fueling discontent in Quebec
06:52:49a 10 militants, 4 Afghans in violence
06:52:54a Abducted Pakistani diplomat freed
06:52:58a Bayern Munich ready to party as Kahn and Hitzfeld bow out
06:53:28a Turkish Petroleum Company plans exploration work in the Mediterranean
06:53:33a Mokbel back, with fond memories of Greece
06:53:37a Pakistan Afghan ambassador freed
06:53:41a Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan freed three months after kidnapping, his brother says
06:54:03a Learn and play in Viet Nam
06:54:07a Target to open new store in New Roc City
06:54:12a Yonkers bank completes 22.9M private financing
06:54:16a Business in the Burbs Four local firms in running for annual 'Stevie' awards
06:54:20a BMW 128i convertible is as lively as New Orleans' revitalized market
06:54:43a Sound Advice No special cable needed to link receiver to subwoofer
06:54:48a Connected Banking tech glitch can take months to fix
06:54:52a TechMan Computers can turn your homes into factories
06:54:57a Tech Test Foneshow makes podcasts available by cell phone
06:55:01a Users Guide Xobni can assist you in gaining control of your e-mails
06:55:05a Three Rivers workers stay on picket line
06:55:10a Weary workers shut Detroit picket line 'It's about time'
06:55:16a Man claims to have seen Jaipur suspect
06:55:20a IPL teams to donate for Jaipur blasts relief
06:55:24a Sellers of eight 'terror cycles' identified in Jaipur
06:55:29a India Police release new sketches of suspects behind Jaipur blasts
06:55:33a Jaipur blasts Rs 2,000-cr loss in turnover
06:55:38a Terrorism in India Bloodshed in Jaipur
06:55:42a Mystery militants claim they caused Jaipur carnage
06:55:54a Will A 3G iPhone Really Be That Much Better?
06:56:23a Hutson didn't violate order on city contract
06:56:27a Seattle police ratify contract
06:56:32a CIA Chief Claims Progress With Intelligence Reforms
06:56:36a Missouri lawmakers expand business tax credits
06:56:41a BIW union to vote on contract
06:56:45a Financier sentenced in congressman
06:56:49a UAW, American Axle reach deal that could end ...
06:56:53a Stars Go Back to School
06:56:58a Colombian paramilitary member appears in U.S. court
06:57:02a U.S. delays Gitmo war crimes tribunal
06:57:06a Volunteer makeover for a colorful school
06:57:11a Teen Files Lawsuit Against Denver Police Officers
06:57:15a Texas assesses whether sect
06:57:19a McCain Will Only Go So Far To Woo Young Voters
06:57:24a Tom Brady Rides In Style For Charity
06:57:28a Texas Leaders Sue Feds Over Border Fence
06:57:33a Lebanese leaders head for talks in Qatar
06:57:43a WildCoast Applauds Cancellation Of Bajagua Project In Mexico
06:57:47a Can Mexico's Drug Terror Be Stopped?
06:57:57a Audi A3 TDI Clubsport Quattro, Revealed Audi A3 TDI
06:58:05a Wandering boy's mom found
06:58:29a Taiwan's defeated party to elect new leader
06:59:21a Tinker-area land use debate stirs up bitter memories
06:59:40a George Clooney in Men Who Stare At Goats movie
07:00:08a A political thing, says Gwo Burne
07:00:15a China braces for possible lake bursts media
07:00:26a Gay rights activists rallying in Moscow in 2007
07:00:30a Lawyers for Kevin Bassett argued that a man's chest did not constitute 'private parts'
07:00:34a Tibetan exiles in an anti-Chinese 'blind silent march' in Kathmandu
07:00:39a Children outside the Jamia Masjid in Srinagar
07:00:47a Indian soldiers in Srinagar
07:00:51a A woman wears a pro same-sex marriage sticker in San Francisco
07:00:55a Philip Ray De Blieck, Reverend Troy Perry, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson
07:01:00a Scale model of the skyscraper designed by acclaimed US architect Daniel Libeskind
07:01:04a A liquid lunch might be the way to go to lose weight
07:01:09a Bush urges Saudi to raise oil output
07:01:13a Eskom tariff hike to come in phases
07:01:17a Rubber bullets fired at striking city workers
07:01:22a Lake threatening to burst banks in China quake zone
07:01:26a Australian mobster Mokbel ends Greek sojourn
07:01:31a Behind Cannes fest glitz, Bollywood does brisk business
07:01:35a GRUH Finance expands its reach
07:01:39a Market moves ahead shrugging off inflation, rising crude
07:01:44a Ambitious programme for poor in India
07:01:48a Delhi University to be tech-savvy, make learning fun
07:01:52a Rajasthan chamber urges members to donate for victims
07:01:57a Neera, palm tree juice that could go Amul way
07:02:01a Computer takes on CA
07:02:05a Singer Suneeta Rao to release new album
07:02:10a Thackerays give a bad name to Maharashtra and Marathis
07:02:14a UTV goes to Hollywood, launches first American production
07:02:19a Sports as business the game is afoot!
07:02:23a No major breakthrough so far
07:02:28a Environment laws bent for new Mumbai airport
07:02:32a Punjab school forces students to wear turban
07:02:36a India to instal US device
07:02:41a No meeting between CJI, NDMC boss
07:02:45a India helps disaster-hit China, Myanmar
07:02:50a Police hunt for suspect in Noida girl murder case
07:02:54a British tourists repose faith in Jaipur
07:02:59a Bangalore woman kills self over dowry
07:03:03a India aim to win in Azlan Shah
07:03:07a Royals to face Bangalore
07:03:12a 24 Injured In Calaveras Co. Fair Ride Collapse
07:03:16a 2 Gay Men Beaten In Sacramento After Court Ruling
07:03:21a Robert Mondavi Remembered For Winemaking Legacy
07:03:25a Hi-Tech Device Claims To Alert Dozing Drivers
07:03:30a China braces for possible lake bursts media
07:03:34a Is Hitler Funny?
07:03:39a Lakers reach West final, Celtics-Cavs go to Game 7
07:03:43a Mexicans arrested at filthy 'drop house' charged
07:03:48a Ill fugitive headed back to Md. years after escape
07:03:53a Van jumps curb in NYC, killing 1; trolley crashes in LA
07:03:57a Tibet's holiest temple reopens after unrest in China
07:04:02a Cowen on walkabout rallies the party faithful to say Yes and startles some tourists
07:04:07a Teachers ill-trained on child abuse survey
07:04:11a EPA chief made a member of Royal Irish Academy
07:04:16a Co-located private clinics to cost State 1.3bn, claims Labour leader
07:04:20a Former Aussie star Haradasun out to win Lockinge for Ireland
07:04:25a Andy Reid ruled out of Republic of Ireland Squad for Algarve
07:04:30a US planning to build detention center in Afghanistan
07:04:34a James helps Cavaliers force Game 7 against Celtics
07:04:38a Aide to Quebec minister apparently kidnapped
07:04:43a Fires force residents to flee Alberta town
07:04:48a A nice payoff for those rainy days
07:04:53a Ivy Tech graduates celebrate success
07:04:57a Officials still investigating Gerstman's candidacy
07:05:02a More vehicles damaged by BBs
07:05:06a IU, Purdue to collaborate on research in life sciences
07:05:10a Search for Harvey's successor to begin
07:05:14a Section 8 waiting list opening to new applicants
07:05:19a B-Line about to sprout
07:05:23a Werth goes crazy with 3 homers in Phils' rout
07:05:27a Roller Derby League starts tonight
07:05:32a Obama McCain, Bush dishonest in remarks about appeasement
07:05:36a Bush fails to win Saudi help to ease gas prices
07:05:40a Official Myanmar deaths nearly doubled
07:05:45a China coping after quake
07:05:49a Tot forgotten at airport
07:05:53a New commission will study WMDs
07:05:58a Obituaries May 17, 2008
07:06:02a Japan gear up for rugby challenge
07:06:06a The Brewing Credit-Card Storm
07:06:11a That Wave of Retirees? Not So Big
07:06:15a Google Maps Could Cross EU Privacy Laws
07:06:20a The World's Most Competitive Countries
07:06:24a Mexico's Tax-Free Shopping Incentive
07:06:29a The Escalator Pitch
07:06:33a Big Execs on Campus
07:06:37a With Prince Caspian, Game and Movie Merge
07:06:42a The Economy Housing Hope, Consumer Gloom
07:06:46a At Best Buy, Marketing Goes Micro
07:06:54a S&P Picks and Pans Activision, BMC Software, Autodesk, Nordstrom, Abercrombie
07:06:58a EMU boss looks forward
07:07:02a Josef Fritzl smuggled daughter from dungeon while wife on holiday
07:07:07a 'India to assist in making South Asia more secure'
07:07:11a Absconding SIMI activist behind Jaipur blasts?
07:07:16a Myanmars junta confines foreigners, tightens security
07:07:20a Post quake, China's 1-child policy pains parents
07:07:25a China testing nuclear plants for quake damage
07:07:29a Iraq offers cash for weapons to fight al-Qaeda
07:07:33a Bushs comment spills into the presidential race
07:07:38a Coalition missile struck inside borders Pak
07:07:42a Mumbai Indians beat Knight Riders by 8 wkts
07:07:47a Mexicans arrested at filthy 'drop house' charged
07:07:51a US postpones first Guantanamo war crimes trial
07:07:56a Bush to wrap up Mideast trip in Egypt
07:08:00a 5 areas placed under signal 3 as storm
07:08:27a The US Mobile Data Market Is Looking Interesting
07:08:31a Fabrizio Capobianco Mobile Open Source When SaaS SuckS
07:08:36a Farmers Insurance Claims Team Sets up Mobile Claims Center for Fast Claims Handeling
07:08:40a Qualcomm to take Mobile TV abroad?
07:08:44a Sharp claims record mobile fuel cell power density
07:08:48a Around the Association presented by T-Mobile May 15
07:08:53a Qualcomm sets up standards on multi-mode mobile
07:08:57a Amika Mobile and Firehot offer mobile messaging solution
07:09:01a Mobile WiMax Limited Horizons
07:09:06a 'Inflated' mobile fees come in for scrutiny
07:09:10a BSNL to expand mobile service in HP villages
07:09:15a Cellular Machine-to-Machine Communication Module Shipments to Increase Fourfold by 2013, According t
07:09:19a RIM Ups Ante With Mobile ...
07:09:24a Land Sales Saturday, May 17, 2008
07:09:28a Business briefs Saturday, May 17, 2008
07:09:33a A few are planning for the Baby Boomer Express
07:09:37a More houses are on the market, yet sale price continues to rise
07:09:42a Real Deals Saturday, May 17, 2008
07:09:46a China 's Leader Hu Jintao Urges A Race To Save Lives In Earthquake Rubble
07:09:51a Burma Cyclone Aid Junta Nargis Relief Refusal Is A 'Crime Against Humanity'
07:09:55a Convicted Killer Goes On The Run John Bowden Last Seen Near Forfar
07:10:00a Kuwaitis vote to elect second parliament in two years
07:10:04a Blanchard hires police chief
07:10:08a Outdoor program for women offered
07:10:13a School awarded archery grant
07:10:17a County swears in 18 new child advocates
07:10:21a Library sets activities for next week
07:10:25a City art museum is planning summer camps for children
07:10:30a Here's a chance to save the lives of the sick, dying
07:10:34a Plan will fix flood-prone areas
07:10:39a Survey reveals shoppers' secrets
07:10:43a Dominican voters choose the incumbent
07:10:48a RUTH TO THE RESCUE Check out possible scams about TV infomercials
07:10:52a Country star Twain to divorce
07:10:56a Skullduggery about a Mayan legend
07:11:01a A study of madness goes modern
07:11:05a Delphi sues its would-be investors
07:11:09a GM Lansing pact OK'd
07:11:14a LATEST UPDATES AT FREEP.COM UAW, Axle reach deal to end strike
07:11:18a Program aims to help merchants thrive on Jefferson
07:11:23a Karmanos Mayor shouldn't resign
07:11:27a BANKS Flagstar shares plummet 18.5%
07:11:31a A line on fun
07:11:35a Book of blossoms
07:11:40a Contemporary artists design T-shirts for Gap
07:11:44a More than just great ideas at show house
07:11:53a Childrens' books to take on vacation
07:11:57a Mayor moves to oversee grants
07:12:01a Cops to take promotional tests
07:12:06a DPS faces 45-million gap
07:12:10a Kilpatrick hosts event to raise legal funds
07:12:14a Council all but kills proposed tunnel sale
07:12:19a TEST PROJECT IN VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP Safety at the tracks
07:12:24a Father, son charged in pot operation
07:12:28a Macomb Co. considers a visitors unit
07:12:32a DETROIT ARCHDIOCESE 175 YEARS Historic churches lure the faithful
07:12:37a North Korean farmers at work in their fields outside the North Korean capital Pyongyang
07:12:42a Australia's number one fugitive Tony Mokbel arrives at Athens' top-security Korydallos prison
07:12:46a Interactive graphic on the Kuwaiti parliamentary polls
07:12:51a Kuwaiti men sit at a parliamentary election tent
07:12:55a A graphic on Kuwait
07:13:00a Counting Every Vote in Oregon, Montana, Florida and Michigan
07:13:05a U.S. Planning Big New Prison in Afghanistan 17 May 2008
07:13:13a Torre OK with not being selected for All-Star coaching staff
07:13:17a China's Premier Is Hero of Quake Rescue Effort
07:13:22a Islamist Fighters Seize Town in Somalia
07:13:27a Canada scraps medical isotope reactors plan
07:13:31a In pictures Misery continues
07:13:36a China will not give up hope, says President
07:13:40a Van jumps curb in NYC, killing 1, trolley crashes in LA
07:13:45a SEC files insider trading charge
07:13:49a Paulson cites housing as 'biggest risk'
07:13:53a Big hit can't shake Briscoe's confidence
07:13:58a Indiana gay-wedding supporters, opponents face off
07:14:03a Time served for guard in bar shooting
07:14:07a 4,500 due for Geist marathon today
07:14:11a 2 get a century in prison for killings
07:14:15a Mother's Day fire claims 4th victim
07:14:20a Indy puts millions into Super Bowl bid
07:14:24a Former Stag finds greener pasture at Homewood
07:14:28a Extended shelter for the homeless opens in Howard
07:14:33a Police Shooting suspect wanted for questioning in other slayings
07:14:38a Maryland getting more homeland security funds
07:14:42a Mayor blasts county executive's idea to merge schools
07:14:46a O'Malley touts employment conditions in state at commencement speech
07:14:51a Baltimore County prosecutor gets judgeship in Harford
07:14:55a Defense questions teen's confession in slaying of father-to-be
07:15:00a Baltimore City bill seeks to rein in tow trucks
07:15:04a Edgewood man gets life for drug crimes, uncharged murder
07:15:09a Albion blog Black Country split
07:15:13a Making a bigger Impact
07:15:29a Hillary Clinton Plans Stop At Covington
07:16:08a Southeast Montana reeling from storm
07:16:12a 1,000 customers in Carter, Fallon counties lost power in blizzard
07:16:17a U-System to interview 2 for commissioner
07:16:21a Mountaineer starts humanitarian trip
07:16:26a Ex-utility executive pushes for renewable electricity
07:16:30a Dad to watch kids graduate online
07:16:34a Forest clearing trails, camps
07:16:39a Red Lodge man gets prison
07:16:43a Yellowstone road repairs done
07:16:47a Woman goes to hospital after wreck
07:16:51a Montana man killed in rig accident
07:16:56a Canadian flight team to return
07:17:00a Man charged with animal cruelty
07:17:04a Horse racing board hires executive
07:17:09a Cologne Filmmaker Wins Student Oscar
07:17:13a Opinion German Economy Powers Ahead
07:17:18a Five million left homeless by Chinese earthquake
07:17:22a UN conference in Bonn drafts biosafety rules
07:17:27a Burmese junta raises cyclone death toll to 78,000
07:17:31a Bush FEC pick withdraws; Senate standoff ends
07:17:36a Huckabee's joke about gun aimed at Obama falls flat
07:17:40a McCain seeks gun owners' support
07:17:45a U.S. not at war with Islam faith, Bush says
07:17:49a Border union sues Chertoff over fence
07:17:54a Two men shot to death in Kiryat Ata drive-by murder
07:17:58a State auction
07:18:02a Violence reaches crisis levels; youths forcibly recruited
07:18:07a Zimbabwe officials set election date
07:18:11a ON THE CELLPHONE ON THE CELLPHONE ON THE CELLPHONE, Alavardo St, Echo Park, California
07:18:15a the orgasm
07:18:19a Americans suck at playing pool
07:18:36a Chinese news agency says man saved after 117 hours
07:18:40a Mokbel to face court on Tuesday
07:20:14a Nearly 20 percent of Japanese adults have considered suicide poll
07:20:19a Fernandez re-elected as president of Dominican Republic
07:20:34a Plan To Increase Truck Weights Draws Fire
07:21:27a Cate quits as state education leader
07:21:31a Vt. Guard may be sent to Afghanistan
07:21:45a Austrian Airlines aircraft at Vienna's Schwechat airport
07:21:49a Palaniappan Chidambaram
07:21:53a Bangladesh has banned exports of rice for six months
07:21:57a Two women enter the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva
07:22:02a BA said net profit rose to 680 million pounds
07:22:06a Wolfgang Ziebart
07:22:10a Indian National Security Guards collect evidence at a blast site in Jaipur
07:22:20a London-based Tullow Oil Plc has announced the discovery of oil reserves in western Uganda
07:22:24a A woman reads a newspaper next to the logo of Standard Chartered
07:22:28a Hugo Boss logo
07:22:32a AirAsia X's Airbus A330
07:22:37a Euro notes are pictured in a supermarket in Brussels.
07:22:41a Ruinas de la comuna de Thosong
07:22:45a iPhone comes to the Middle East
07:22:58a New survivors pulled from rubble in China
07:23:02a 25% of school principals reported abuse cases
07:23:07a Burma junta risk crimes against humanity
07:23:11a Disc lost in Nelson murder inquiry
07:23:15a Call for probe of British link to 1974 bombs
07:23:19a Two remain in custody over Scanlon death
07:24:45a Erratic Marlins stumble to fourth consecutive loss
07:24:49a Rainout creates good break for Marlins
07:24:53a Forget usual questions, just enjoy season
07:24:58a Marlins give Ross a chance to shine
07:25:02a Suspect In Stepha Henry Case Extradited To S. Fla.
07:25:06a South Floridians Notice Rise In Price Of Beer
07:25:11a Latin Music Awards Honor Musicians On Miami Beach
07:25:15a CMS Energy's Utility Unit, Consumers Energy, Declares Quarterly Dividends on Preferred Stock
07:25:19a Wild parakeets The bane of birders, utilities
07:25:24a Utilities director has warm send-off
07:25:51a Beverly Keel Montgomery Gentry rev their engines for ACM cycle ride
07:25:55a Nashville shoppers stretch their dollars by buying secondhand items
07:26:00a Urban gardens grow friendships
07:26:23a McCain once sought to push the NRA out of the GOP.
07:26:33a Kanoo, BASF join venture
07:26:38a Tipped-off on Shoaib, IPL to conduct dope test
07:26:42a Suspected SIMI man held, Jaipur turns fortress
07:26:46a Results are out, labourer's kids crack UPSC
07:26:51a Noida murder Missing servant found dead
07:26:55a Dalit boy gets NASA call, money holds him back
07:26:59a IPL vital stats Meet the record-breakers
07:27:04a Govt makes crorepatis of Punjab villagers
07:27:08a Trapped China quake survivor ate cigarettes, drank urine
07:27:13a Obama slams Bush, McCain over foreign policy
07:27:17a Brian J. O'Connor Recession-proof your brain
07:27:22a Marathon recruiting hundreds of workers
07:27:26a Compuware plan may add 1,000 jobs
07:28:06a Taiwan's defeated party to elect new leader
07:28:11a China invites head of Taiwan's Nationalist party to visit the mainland as ties improve
07:28:15a Tibet's holiest Buddhist temple reopens 2 months after violent uprising
07:28:20a Chinese news agency says German saved after being buried for 114 hours following quake
07:28:24a Australian drug suspect fugitive returns home to face prison sentence, killing charges
07:28:51a Oregon race could spell end of Schumer streak
07:28:55a Senator dead since 1940 figures in 2008 presidential furor
07:29:00a Newport's Fort Adams to open for the season
07:29:15a Kansas star may have been ineligible in high school
07:29:19a Kansas City nets Pure Fishing
07:29:23a The buzz Whatrsquo;s the deal with McCain and Hamas?
07:29:28a Merriam Council appoints new city administrator
07:29:32a Mom accepts diploma for Army-bound graduate
07:29:38a Blue Valley business notes
07:29:42a Steve Penn Front Porch Alliance honors the Rev. Bob Meneilly and his wife
07:29:47a Galle to lead new president search
07:29:51a Missouri official expects Bombardier word in July
07:29:56a Crash on U.S. 71 in Grandview claims childrsquo;s life VIDEO
07:30:00a Kansas City Star to trim its staff
07:30:05a Missouri legislators pull plug on expanded festival license
07:30:09a Kansas to push Republican River water grievance with Nebrask
07:30:14a Kansas Heart Hospital wins noncompete lawsuit
07:30:18a Kansas Regents Direct Universities to Undertake Background Checks on New Employees
07:30:50a FDA Has Warning For Organ Transplant Patients Taking Certain Drugs
07:30:54a Family's Home Broken Into, Part of Daytime Residential Burglary Trend
07:30:58a Online Sex Sting Operation Involving West Richland Man Update
07:31:03a Staying Safe and Staying Cool
07:31:07a Purse Snatchers Attack A Women At The Kennewick Winco
07:31:11a Rebels 'seize Somali town'
07:31:16a UN scales down work in Chad
07:31:20a 'No need to import food'
07:31:24a Three saved after five days in China quake rubble state media
07:31:29a German saved after buried in China's earthquake
07:31:33a Bush heads for Egypt talks with Palestinians
07:31:38a Report faults FBI handling of agents' Gitmo complaints paper
07:31:42a Mozilla launches Firefox 3.0 RC1 early
07:31:46a Kuwaitis Vote to Elect New Parliament
07:31:51a Bush Fails to Win Saudi Help on Oil Prices
07:32:22a Introducing UbuntuME 8.04
07:32:26a Apple's iPhone Officially Coming to Romania, via Orange
07:33:25a China's rescue effort clings to hope
07:33:29a Sumner official 2008-09 budget is 5.5M in red
07:33:34a Purcell aides keep close to Metro
07:33:52a 'Born-frees' attack foreigners, says MP
07:33:57a The remarkable courage of rape survivor
07:34:01a Arthur Brown in sex attack
07:34:05a China's premier is hero of quake rescue effort
07:35:05a Amd Processors Hit By Xp Sp3 Bug
07:35:09a MySpace Mum Suicide Charge
07:35:14a Authorities ask people to be alert about
07:35:41a Drug, alcohol, tobacco use down in Rockland
07:35:46a Cop from Nanuet jailed on child sex charges
07:35:50a Nyack Boat Club, hospital teach disabled to sail
07:35:54a Pet of the Week / Hi-Tor Animal Care Center
07:35:58a Ex-Rockland man charged with robbery in Nanuet
07:36:03a Good Shepherd pastor to celebrate 35th anniversary of ordination
07:36:07a Federal judge orders ex-cop Curley held without bail
07:36:11a Wesley Hills grocery store fails three state sanitary inspections
07:36:16a Valley Cottage folks upset over parking lot
07:36:20a Clinton Don't count me out
07:36:40a Myanmar toll tops 133 000
07:36:45a Top-selling pop act heading for Sun City
07:36:49a Another JLP seat under threat Mitchell appeal win jeopardises Mair's place in Parliament
07:36:53a Canada's special response team waits for phone to ring
07:36:57a 'India to assist in making South Asia more secure'
07:37:02a EC chairman Cabinet didn't approve of indelible ink
07:37:06a Burma 'guilty of inhuman action'
07:37:10a Girl dies in lover's arms
07:37:15a China 's Leader Hu Jintao Urges A Race To Save Lives In Earthquake Rubble
07:37:19a Ethiopian child brides give themselves to tradition
07:37:24a Palestinian-Americans mark 60th anniverary of Nakba at UN rally
07:37:32a Blue diamond fetches 5 million, sets record per carat
07:37:51a Byrnes finally gets in tune for D-Backs
07:38:05a Bush's plea for Saudi help results in another dry hole
07:38:09a Obama tears into Bush, McCain
07:38:14a Beijing takes on damage control
07:38:19a Myanmar leaders accuse France of sending "warship"
07:38:23a U.S. plans 60 million Afghan prison on military base
07:38:28a Gaza's Christian community wary after bomb rocks school
07:38:32a Hepatitis C outbreak linked to reuse of syringes, CDC says
07:38:36a July 4th may be more bust than kaboom
07:38:41a Just what Baghdad needs doughnuts
07:38:45a Portugal's lawmakers accept Brazilian version of language
07:38:50a Vintner Robert Mondavi, 94, toasted as champion of U.S. fine wines
07:38:54a DeGeneres to wed
07:38:58a Wife gets life term in acid-vat death
07:39:03a U.S. resuming food aid to North Korea
07:39:07a Second Penang bridge's preliminary work almost completed
07:39:12a Police propose Second-Hand Dealers Act for Sabah
07:39:16a Flying academies must give equal opportunities to all
07:39:20a Penang Sentral project to go on as scheduled
07:39:25a Plum vendors must deal with new rules
07:39:29a Premier conference venue in heart of London
07:39:33a Landmark building on London
07:39:38a Trolley Loses Brakes, Crashes At The Grove
07:39:42a Fire Season Kicks Into High Gear Early
07:39:46a Family, Friends Hold Vigil For Slain Store Clerk
07:39:51a Ex-LAPD Cop Charged With Child Porn
07:39:55a Sharon Tay Vs. Kimbo Slice
07:39:59a Playboy Turns To YouTube For Next Playmate
07:40:04a Beer Robot Means Never Having To Get Up Again
07:40:08a Obama, McCain Fire Shots At Each Other
07:40:13a Highlights Lakers Take Care Of Business In Utah
07:40:17a Playboy Unveils Its Line Of Surfboards
07:40:21a Tanglewood Moose 6
07:40:25a Humphreys Residence 1927
07:40:29a Heritage House 1908
07:40:33a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake with Raspberries
07:40:38a Rainbow Wahine beat Mississippi State in NCAA opener, 9-7
07:40:42a Walsh resigns from CVB after 9 months
07:40:46a Ala. man charged in Mississippi bar slaying
07:40:51a Pinnacle Settles with 2 Insurers over Katrina Damage in Mississippi
07:40:55a Survey Shows Teens Dig The PS3
07:40:59a China's premier is hero of quake rescue effort
07:41:04a Myreunions Saturday, May 17, 2008
07:41:22a JOHNSON What a shame that a court has to uphold love
07:41:29a Romer says voters will 'get over' the race issue
07:41:33a MASSARO Hurt quietly lived a 'notable life'
07:41:38a PARKER Costume wedding for Hinote, McCarthy
07:42:02a How to Manage Your Modules in Bebo
07:42:16a North Carolina beats Miami 10-6
07:42:21a Tomko helps Royals beat slumping Marlins 7-6
07:42:25a A fortune built from a jail cell in Palm Beach County
07:42:30a To what degree does global warming affect storms
07:42:34a Florida beats Vanderbilt 5-4
07:42:39a Jarvis a final candidate for Florida Atlantic job
07:42:43a Students include collections for the needy in Haitian Flag Day celebrations
07:42:48a Dania Beach ice cream parlor competes for title of best in the nation
07:42:52a Pastor promised riches, but flock says only he prospered
07:42:56a Election propels Dominican president to third term
07:43:17a Dallas group giving Oak Cliff's Jefferson Boulevard extra attention
07:43:21a Trampers missing
07:43:26a Labour needs a rabbit
07:43:30a Police investigate sexual attacks
07:44:20a Ignacio Garraus 'I loathe myself'
07:44:25a Reds cruise as residents rejoice in local state baseball playoffs
07:44:29a District 6 changes bus video policy
07:44:33a Pit bull owner trying to raise funds to save dog
07:44:37a Two-year turnaround Windsor toddler fights the odds and wins
07:44:42a Man arrested in connection with a stabbing after a crash in Greeley
07:44:46a Man arrested on suspicion of stabbing 'good Samaritan' with tiki torch
07:44:50a U.S. 34 resurfacing to begin Monday
07:44:54a New testimony paints Lamar Roberts in different light; defense points to inconsistencies in story
07:45:19a Athens police use tear gas to disperse demonstrators
07:45:23a Knockin' on wood
07:45:27a Seven Sites to help refuel your noggin
07:45:32a American Axle-UAW deal could end strike
07:45:36a Multihousing rebounds, but sector's still shaky
07:45:40a 401 savings rate stable despite economy
07:45:44a Oil's continued surge keeps rally in check
07:45:49a Honda dealership planned for U.S. 36 corridor in Avon
07:45:53a Get out your crying towel Gas still on upward climb
07:45:58a Herff Jones acquires Texas-based competitor
07:46:03a Miller CEO says brewer has no plans to leave Milwaukee
07:46:07a UAW local ratifies contract, ending strike at GM plant
07:46:11a Macy's signs deal to put FAO Schwarz into its stores
07:46:16a GE confirms it plans to exit home appliance business
07:46:20a Delphi sues Appaloosa for pulling out of financing deal
07:46:24a Astronomers baffled by weird, fast-spinning pulsar baffled by weird, fast-spinning pulsar
07:46:29a The World's Spookiest Weapons
07:46:33a NSF Research Reveals Chain Letter Travel Patterns
07:46:38a Thousands flee near epicenter on flood worries
07:46:42a Tibet's holiest temple reopens after China unrest
07:46:46a Thousands flee as China lake bank feared broken
07:46:51a Rescuers race to save lives
07:46:55a Burma government stops relief
07:47:00a Finland Cold Nights Continue Frost Threatens Berry Crops
07:47:04a Painful and astonishing photos of earthquakes in Sichuan, China.
07:47:09a earthquake in Sichuan China
07:47:13a Cheesecake Recipes
07:47:17a Water puppetry to go to Finland opportunity to learn
07:47:22a New Hope For Cancer and Heart Diseases
07:47:26a Pension Fraud Led to Increased State-Aid for School Districts
07:47:31a Thousands flee to hills as China lake banks burst
07:47:35a Van jumps curb in NYC; trolley crashes in LA
07:47:41a Judge Warns Lagos DPP Over Delay in Trial
07:47:45a Smiles On the Faces of Retired Policemen
07:47:52a 1-Price-hike to push many below poverty line, warns WB .....
07:47:56a 2-Saudi Arabia slightly increases oil output as Bush visits .....
07:48:00a 3-Budget 08-09 to see 20pc rise in number of taxpayers .....
07:48:05a 5-PM Gilani, Zardari visit ISI headquarters .....
07:48:09a 6-Troop pullout from South Waziristan begins .....
07:48:14a 8-New Punjab governor sworn in; PML-N boycotts ceremony .....
07:48:18a Lakers hold off Jazz 108-105,reach West finals
07:49:05a Cassville Plant Would Hurt Environment
07:49:09a Wife guilty in hubby
07:49:35a Thousands flee as flood threatens quake-hit town
07:49:39a Thousands flee Chinese lake in quake zone
07:49:44a Fury at new rail fares hike
07:49:48a A12 body family pass on thanks
07:49:54a GM's 100-year history in Lansing, Mich., runs deep
07:49:59a Andrea Kay Job hunters create their own problems
07:50:03a Kim Komando Choosing the right laptop
07:50:07a Buzz on Business Award luncheon accepting nominations
07:50:13a Baseball Texas Tech 7, Baylor 4
07:50:17a Valley in brief Texas company to develop Avon land
07:50:22a rsaquo;rsaquo; Texas minister charged in Internet sex sting
07:50:26a Driven To Danger Prevent DVT
07:50:31a Portland police chief eyes Texas job
07:50:43a rsaquo;rsaquo; Texas checking how many sect 'girls' are women
07:50:47a Mourners gather to honour slain Calgary soldier
07:51:09a Real Madrid UD Levante
07:51:23a UAW, American Axle Make Deal That Could End Strike
07:51:49a U.S. resumes food aid to North Korea
07:51:54a Dominican Republic re-elects Fernandez
07:51:58a Saudis Rebuff Bush, Politely, on Pumping More Oil
07:52:06a In Massachusetts, a test run for same-sex marriage
07:52:11a McCain's worrying foreign policy
07:52:16a Malaysian businesswoman detained in police in India
07:52:25a IN OUR OPINION Mayor's policy on text messaging ridiculous
07:52:29a Act on Great Lakes compact
07:52:34a 'Sweetie' debate leaves a sour taste
07:52:38a Connect with kids, thrill kill juror says From our readers
07:53:02a Latin America-Europe leaders make pledges
07:53:25a Nigeria names new graft tsar
07:53:30a A dosa at 10 paise since '80
07:54:11a Sen. Specter is pushing Spygate too far
07:54:15a Divisions fester, but the U.S. is unable to help
07:54:41a Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run on Route 9A in Elmsford
07:54:45a Principal of Mount Vernon high school not returning to position in fall
07:54:50a Police Five accused of exchanging cash for food stamps
07:54:54a Police investigate graffiti spree in Scarsdale
07:54:59a White Plains man charged with disorderly conduct
07:55:03a Fleet foot no match for White Plains flat foots
07:55:08a Family of five homeless after Mount Vernon fire
07:55:13a Today on TV Mets visit Yankees in delayed series opener
07:55:17a Destination Uganda
07:55:21a 'Black Pain' examined
07:55:26a Activists seek state probe of Ridley slaying
07:55:30a Drugs, fireworks, guns siezed; 2 arrested
07:55:35a A show of vindication
07:55:39a Loose dogs will lead to tragedy
07:55:44a Fitzgerald More involved in district
07:55:48a Capeci Experience speaks for itself
07:55:52a Finkelstein Library has true friends
07:55:57a Iran criticizes Saudi Arabia for oil production increase
07:56:01a Low vitamin D, high cancer risk study
07:56:06a Mexicans arrested at filthy 'drop house' in LA charged with harboring illegal immigrants
07:56:11a Mexicans arrested at filthy 'drop house' in LA charged
07:56:15a Brazil crackdown on illegal logging brings only temporary success
07:56:20a Western Sahara refugees' stories highlight hardships and propaganda war between rebels and Morocco
07:56:25a Latin America-Europe summit pledges to fight poverty, food prices despite political feud
07:56:29a McHouse Under Construction
07:56:34a Laboratories of National Veterinary Diagnosis Center need equipment worth 10m euros
07:56:39a China Pharma Holdings, Inc. Donates Medicine for Sichuan Earthquake Relief
07:56:43a Good news on housing starts
07:56:48a Boeing Machinists re-elect current leadership
07:56:52a Opportunity galloped into UPS' lap
07:56:57a FAO Schwarz toy shops will soon be found in Macy's
07:57:01a Noise-canceling headphones enhance music to your ears
07:57:06a Playroom is big business
07:57:10a Foneshow provides podcast access via cellphone
07:57:15a Kits can keep drivers on phone and their hands on the wheel
07:57:19a Starbucks reaches settlement on mileage suit
07:57:23a Icahn Leads Bid to Oust Yahoo Board of Directors
07:57:47a Kuwaitis go to the polls and economy tops agenda
07:57:55a Winners cheer alcohol defeat in Frisco
07:58:11a No blank cheque to bail Eskom
07:58:15a Universe shines twice as bright
07:58:19a Chandra Uncovers Youngest Supernova in Our Galaxy
07:58:24a Data From Hubble To Earth Cheaper Than Texting Your Friend
07:58:28a Breathalyser tests some 'legal' after six beers
07:58:32a Pet of The Week / SPCA of Westchester
07:58:37a Pet of The Week / Pet Rescue of Larchmont
07:58:41a Consumers UnionWestchester woman for 23 years of commuting by bicycle
07:58:46a Taiwan's KMT says chairman to visit China from May 26, meet Hu+
07:58:50a 10 militants, 4 Afghans killed in violence
07:58:55a N. Korea says U.S. food aid will promote understanding+
07:58:59a Basketball Oga makes Phoenix Mercury roster in WNBA+
07:59:03a Main events scheduled for Sunday, May 18+
07:59:07a Shakira uses fame to help kids
07:59:15a Five story lines for Missouri sectional track
07:59:19a Missouri legislative session ends in a mad dash
07:59:24a Impostors and the Web Woman indicted in Missouri MySpace suicide case
07:59:28a Overturned truck closes ramp to Missouri 291 at M-150
07:59:32a Consumers get 'green' tax break in Missouri
07:59:36a Missouri unemployment hits 5.2% in April
07:59:41a USS Missouri's rent waived
07:59:46a Missouri woman faces federal charges in MySpace suicide case
07:59:50a China Probes Design of Schools
07:59:55a Malaysian tourists stranded in China to arrive home on Monday
08:00:23a Higley dumping nurses to fund teacher raises
08:00:27a Queen Creek food assistance programs struggling
08:01:03a Australian cricketers coaxed back to Jaipur
08:01:17a The secret to extending the life of your car
08:01:43a Bush pivots to Arab side of Mideast peace dispute
08:01:52a Thompson tours St John projects
08:01:57a Target of email scam
08:02:01a Signs of things to come
08:02:05a In the name of justice
08:02:21a Man wanted after NE standoff arrested following foot chase
08:03:00a Ed Housewright Homeowners may soon see some tax relief
08:03:05a Allen's Spray Ground open for business and water fun
08:04:30a First Mt. Vernon murder suspect convicted
08:04:34a 2 sisters accused of false rape reports against relatives
08:04:48a How To Make Money Online With Small Reports
08:04:52a Calif. referendum likely on gay marriage
08:04:57a Kuwaitis go to the polls, economy tops agenda
08:05:01a Bomb kills Afghan civilian, several rebels dead in air strikes
08:05:07a Summer may bring a turning point for stock market
08:05:11a California's unemployment rate holds at 6.2%
08:05:15a Shock effect of bad news wears off
08:05:20a GE may pull plug on appliance unit
08:05:24a Safeway tries downsizing to better fit local needs
08:05:28a Ministries hold Saturday services at state penitentiary
08:05:33a Obama's fans snap up 2,000 tickets in 2 hours
08:05:37a Wyoming has child care shortfall, report shows
08:05:41a Bite victim wants future dog attacks prevented
08:05:46a Grants help Catholic school projects
08:05:50a Bears, people avoiding conflicts
08:05:55a Mailing criticizes vote on child law
08:05:59a Fish for stocking available
08:06:03a Cooperative efforts rescue man who fell
08:06:08a US Airways pilots union criticizes possible United merger
08:06:12a Stocks finish mixed
08:06:17a Surprise rebound in housing, but outlook still shaky
08:06:21a Yahoo seeks to conceal parts of shareholder lawsuit
08:06:25a China lake banks burst
08:06:30a An olive branch between faiths
08:06:34a Dover funeral home owner struggles with sudden media blitz
08:06:38a Bringing back a park
08:06:43a Captain died 'exactly' how he would have wanted
08:06:47a Bridesmaid killed in crash night before wedding
08:06:52a UD student spearheads disaster aid fundraiser
08:06:56a Forecast calls for chance of rain, but just a bit
08:07:01a Bodies of woman, man found in car
08:07:05a U-turn try ends in crash; 3 people hurt
08:07:09a Magnolia man arrested on sexual abuse charges
08:07:14a Woman guilty in fatal '01 crash dies in car wreck
08:07:18a Bellevue Park hosts first May Fair today
08:07:23a Del. coastal residents advised to boil water
08:07:27a Man sought in fatal stabbing
08:07:32a Symphony finale is lyrical
08:07:36a Lake Geneva cracks down on motorcycles without mufflers
08:07:41a California gays plan weddings, foes plan ban
08:07:45a Deal struck to allow Target at River Walk
08:07:50a California gay marriage ruling will affect Illinois
08:07:54a Hundreds of Chicks In Need Of A Home
08:07:58a Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi engaged after California ruling
08:08:04a Inland clergy react differently to court's same-sex marriage ruling
08:08:08a It's A Boy and Two Girls!
08:08:12a California winemaking patriarch Robert Mondav...
08:08:17a Calif. woman gets community service for airline assault... KXNet ...
08:08:21a California's Gift to McCain?
08:08:26a Calif. Carnival Ride Collapses, Injuring 18
08:08:30a Inquiry sought on VA diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder
08:08:35a Minister at Prestonwood Baptist charged in Internet sex sting
08:08:40a Border Patrol won't ease up for hurricane evacuations
08:09:44a Spanish Galleon Discovered In Chile
08:09:49a Chile Govt Backs Patagonia Dam Project, Again
08:09:53a Thousands Of Students Call For Greater Education Reform
08:09:58a Chile Volcano Victims Complain Of Price Gauging
08:10:02a Suspects In Woodward Case Released
08:10:06a Nineteen Percent Of Chilean Cars Run On Diesel
08:10:11a Chile Student Protests Continue Unabated
08:10:15a Mozilla Firefox 3.0 RC1
08:10:20a IAC's Acquires Parent Lexico Publishing
08:10:24a Google Overtakes Yahoo as Most-visited US Web Site
08:10:28a Zoho to accept Google, Yahoo user passwords for login
08:10:33a Google Passes Yahoo in Web Traffic
08:10:37a Microsoft, Google Join The Health Care Field
08:10:41a Acquires
08:10:46a Marc Andreessen Swears Google Is His Friend, Not Foe
08:10:50a As Icahn Storms The Gates, Yahoo Sends Google Ad Smoke Signals Again
08:10:55a Yahoo's Search Syndicate Gets Harsh Review By SEOBook
08:10:59a Inside the Googleplex Google to Webcast Google Factory Tour of Search
08:11:03a Thunderstone Announces Version 6.3 of Thunderstone Search Appliance
08:11:08a Power Telecom begins fibre expansion on Java
08:11:12a UK polymer firms could benefit from 1bn pot.
08:11:17a EU observatory to guide policymakers on nanotechnologies
08:11:21a Alberta to spend big bucks on nanotechnology
08:11:26a Nanotech Wages War on Infections
08:11:30a Why it's time to sweat the small stuff
08:11:35a Theater in Chicago 'Russian on the Side'
08:11:44a Microsoft and One Laptop per Child announced an ...
08:11:48a 530 PM - What an ex-Microsoft guy might mean to baseball
08:11:52a Report Ex-Microsoft legal chief to head SF Giants
08:11:56a Week in review Icahn, Microsoft merger maven?
08:12:01a Market Regulation Services Inc. Resume, SOFTWARE GROWTH INC.
08:12:05a Getting Protective Over Software Programs
08:12:10a Security software vendor PC Tools on Friday fired ...
08:12:14a Non-profit now teamed with Microsoft
08:12:18a Yahoo fight puts Microsoft in driver's seat
08:12:23a Microsoft Launches WorldWide Telescope for Space Exploration
08:12:27a EEA and Microsoft to develop online green information portal
08:12:32a 1 hurt in Cotabato City grenade attack
08:12:36a New AFP chief says communist rebels can no longer fight
08:12:41a Boy embarks on 345-km journey by bike to Bangkok to see mom
08:12:45a GK to build 1,000 homes in Alaminos
08:12:50a Filipino wins London public speaking title
08:12:54a 2 security guards in bank massacre under police custody
08:12:59a Asian doctors head to Myanmar as cyclone toll doubles
08:13:03a Solar Water Heating Up As Energy Soars
08:13:08a Two killed in crash caused by drunk driver
08:13:12a Gigwise Friday Ticket Shop Madonna At Wembley Stadium
08:13:17a Beautiful sunsets and a great spaceship motel
08:13:21a Fairfax County teacher charged with assault in scuffle with student
08:13:26a Prince William tries to tackle foreclosure nightmare
08:13:30a Virginia Railway Express leaders Reduce delays
08:13:35a Advocates call D.C. Jail juvenile lock-down 'inhumane'
08:13:39a To be or not to be ... faithful
08:13:44a Untreated sewage water spills into Patuxent's Western Branch
08:13:48a Like it or not, Hebron's run was one for the books
08:13:53a District council, schools spar over control
08:13:57a India points finger at BD group
08:14:01a 268 gram sabha polls rescheduled
08:14:06a Kuensel, Buhutan's National Newspaper
08:14:10a Kareena Kapoor looking forward to work with Aamir Khan
08:14:14a Patrons thirsting for ambiance find it at wine bars
08:14:18a Famed Vintner Robert Mondavi Dies
08:14:23a GLOBAL Is this the end for cluster munitions?
08:14:27a Global Timeline of cluster munitions use
08:14:31a Mokbel in same jail as Williams
08:14:36a 3 refused bail after 10m drug bust
08:14:40a US Marine guilty of abuse in Japan
08:14:45a Japan's economy grows briskly despite credit woes
08:14:49a Sony To Narrow E-Book Focus In Japan To Cell Phones
08:14:54a Merauder tour dates
08:14:58a Japan free-trade deal 'a potential bonanza'
08:15:02a Japan's Household Financial Assets Average Y17.19mn In '07
08:15:07a Champs Clarke Road trail Merry Boys
08:15:11a Boodoosingh scores 100 for Dinsley
08:15:15a TML windball semis tonight
08:15:20a Listen to the farmers
08:15:24a Valley Boys keep lead
08:15:28a Adrian Barath to skipper T&T U19s
08:15:33a Drunken Monkey leaves it late
08:15:37a All eyes on Bolt
08:15:41a Keen battle expected in Sagicor Invitational
08:15:46a Have a nice day!
08:15:50a CCCs Nine-Mile Relay on today
08:15:54a Port estate police officers axed for contract workers
08:15:59a Action time at
08:16:03a Commissions a waste of money, saysMinister
08:16:07a Episcopalian bishops urge unity, say feuds distract from work
08:16:12a Turf battle brews over lending law
08:16:16a U.S. Marine gets 4 years confinement
08:16:21a Exports again push up GDP growth
08:16:25a FTC calls sales of filofax misleading
08:16:29a 7,000 expected at okinawa peace march
08:16:34a FAO eyes long-term plan for food crisis
08:16:39a RWU law grads told be heroic
08:16:47a Brown student who threw pie suspended
08:16:51a 'Breast whisperer' helps new moms
08:16:56a Statewide transportation would cost less, help kids more
08:17:00a Mayor Menard says she'll stick around, a little longer
08:17:05a Your garden is a natural gym
08:17:14a Madrid and Rome insist their relations are good
08:17:18a Myanmar approves more visas for foreign doctors
08:17:22a Apology and handshakes at Peru summit
08:17:27a Australian defence force to cull kangaroos
08:17:31a China steps up battle to prevent epidemics in quake zone
08:17:36a Malaysia pledges US1.5m in quake aid to China
08:17:40a Suu Kyi's party rejects Myanmar vote result
08:17:45a China's Precautions Against Radiation Leaks
08:17:49a NAACP picks young activist as its new president
08:17:54a Congress tries to tackle high gas prices
08:17:58a Diesel Cleans Up for an Encore
08:18:03a Around the Block A Honda on a Diesel Diet
08:18:07a Greentech Fuel From Plants, Not Oil Wells
08:18:11a So You Think Gas Costs a Lot?
08:18:16a Op-Ed Columnist Hard Roads Ahead
08:18:20a Rust in Peace G.M.s Dreadful Engines Gave Diesels a Bad Name
08:18:25a Collecting Over the Long Haul, Diesels Appeal
08:18:29a Op-Ed Columnist Skirting Appalachia
08:18:33a Editorial Mr. Bloombergs Small Pot of Gold
08:18:37a Editorial Cleaner, Gentler Hustings?
08:18:42a Editorial The President Goes Negative
08:18:46a Editorial A Victory for Equality and Justice
08:18:51a Macy's to offer Schwarz stores
08:18:55a South Africa Everybody Hurts
08:19:00a South Africa Hotel Groups Align
08:19:04a South Africa Africa's Indispensable Partnership Celebrating 10 Years of Official Ties Between Sou
08:19:09a Rainbow nation? Why migrants are not welcome in multiracial South Africa
08:19:13a Naughty New Yorker tops in the state
08:19:18a Continental Responds to DOT New York Slot Auction Proposal
08:19:22a NY governor has rent-stabilized apartment
08:19:26a Wagner talking his way out of New York
08:19:30a Analysis Union-paid analyst judges labor bill's fiscal hit
08:19:35a Ex-head of gov's security detail in apparent suicide
08:19:39a New York Biotechnology Association Executive Director and Biotechnology Industry Leaders to Ring The
08:19:44a Wyoming legislative hopefuls run on issues such as health, economy
08:19:48a Authorities warn of e-mail scam
08:19:53a License exams computerized
08:19:57a Shell gives money to trust
08:20:01a Rawlins paper gets new publisher
08:20:06a University of New Hampshire Facing 8.2 Million Budget Deficit
08:20:10a Forest Park Changing its face and image
08:20:15a Embattled Cortina Inn re-opens
08:20:19a Green machine
08:20:23a Murder suspect ill; trial on hold
08:20:27a Man denies triple assault
08:20:32a Twelve killed in a mall fire in eastern India
08:20:36a Target India? China upgrades N-abled missiles
08:20:41a Omar blogs about uncle who hates being called Indian
08:20:58a Care at the Immigrant Detention Centers
08:21:03a I-5 SR 531
08:21:50a In Arizona teacher shortage, experts asked to volunteer
08:21:54a Arizona finally gets its quarter
08:21:59a For Shadegg, an election fight looms on earmarks
08:22:03a Ready or not, it's gonna get triple-digit hot
08:22:07a Death penalty sought in 2 murder cases
08:22:11a Governor asks board to offer loan for Corona repairs
08:22:16a Phoenix bus gets patriotic makeover
08:22:20a College student's death remains mystery
08:22:25a Maricopa County taxpayers to foot 'New Times' bill
08:22:29a Neighbors can't sway council on project
08:22:33a ADOT outlines freeway plans
08:22:37a Officer gets 26 years in trafficking scheme
08:22:42a Down at the dump, townies mine for treasure
08:22:46a 11 are charged in 10.6 million loan-fraud scam
08:22:50a The biggest dig Unearthing leviathan in Canada
08:22:55a Late Senator figures in 2008 presidential furor
08:22:59a McCain Speech Lays Out His First Term
08:23:03a Spring festivel
08:23:08a Hirsch International Inks Agreement with MIMAKI for Distribution of Textile Inkjet Printers
08:23:59a German Minister Defends Meeting with Dalai Lama
08:24:06a The invasion of the 'crazy Rasberrys'
08:24:39a Chinese news agency reports man saved after being buried for 117 hours following quake
08:25:27a Canada Ontario Reinstates Surgery For Transsexuals
08:25:43a Abducted Pak ambassador Tariq Azizuddin recovered
08:25:47a Abducted Pak ambassador to Afghanistan recovered
08:25:52a North Korea welcomes US food aid offer
08:25:56a U.S. Turns Tolerant Of Japan's Release Of Imported Rice
08:26:01a North Korea welcomes US offer of food aid
08:26:05a Bush in Egypt on last leg of ceremonial Middle East tour
08:26:10a Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan Freed After Kidnapping
08:26:14a Bush to meet with various Mideast leaders
08:26:18a Institute for Public Accuracy Bush in the Mideast A Big Charade?
08:26:23a Militants hurt in air raid Jihad
08:26:27a N. Korea says U.S. food aid will promote understandingnull
08:26:31a Obama Bush policies strengthen Iran, Hamas
08:26:36a Seventh and Final Season of 'The Shield' to Explode on FX in September
08:26:40a Two years jail for baby fraudster
08:26:44a Fans ready for Cardiff's big day
08:26:49a Tibet's Holiest Temple Reopens After China Unrest
08:26:53a Global Timeline of
08:26:58a FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, May 17
08:27:02a Hamas leaders to visit Cairo again for more ceasefire talks
08:27:07a Israeli army arrests 10 in Gaza raid
08:27:25a Cops Say Three Bodies Found in New Jersey Home
08:27:29a New Jersey Hall of Fame, etc.
08:27:33a DeGeneres Yep, I'm engaged
08:27:38a Fitch Rates William Paterson University Revs 'A+'
08:27:42a Chorus belting out a new tune
08:27:53a Battle of the sexes explored with hilarity, insight
08:27:57a Lowly Padres the latest to bury Mariners
08:28:01a Last dance, last call – Fife's Firwood Roadhouse burns
08:28:06a Paradise lost? For two seasons, but no longer
08:28:10a In Eastown, they want to get things going already
08:28:15a Sister city group here raises money for Jiangyou
08:28:19a Kites fill the sky at Browns Point park
08:28:25a Photo Giant Beetles Seized; Beetles Found In Package From Taiwan
08:28:29a Fergie Agrees To Play San Diego County Fair
08:28:34a Kristin Davis Alleged Sex Tape Photos Still Online
08:28:38a Shayne Lamas Nude Photos Matt Grant's Girl Strips for Girls Gone Wild
08:28:43a Dorsey Eyes Sydney Launch to Buoy Asia Push
08:28:53a Royal to wed in Windsor
08:28:58a Cathay Pacific considers cutting routes to cope with surging fuel prices
08:29:10a 'Taliban' free kidnapped Pakistan envoy to Afghanistan
08:29:53a Feds to discuss American's fleet
08:29:57a Jobless figures confirm Florida slump
08:30:01a Joint 2M effort proposed to market Miami-Dade abroad
08:30:06a Allstate again allowed to write policies
08:30:10a Down-payment rules eased
08:30:14a Eloy wants to be the little town that could ... outgrow Phoenix
08:30:19a Stantec to acquire Tempe mining services firm
08:30:23a ImaRx posts 2.5M first-quarter loss
08:30:27a Santa Cruz, Mohave face higher power bills
08:30:31a Modest donor is an 'unsung hero'
08:30:36a 2 bright spots soften otherwise grim economic picture
08:30:40a Record Ariz. cotton yield, yet overall production is down
08:30:44a Tucson's gas almost nation's cheapest
08:30:49a Obama challenges Bush, Mccain on foreign policy
08:30:53a JK Six JeM men gunned down
08:30:57a CPI-M leader Surjeet slips into coma
08:31:01a 05/16/2008
08:31:06a An Evening of Solo Guitar
08:31:10a Usher has plucked from his wardrobe with new style
08:31:14a Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are keeping a tight lid on their nuptuals
08:31:19a Human rights leader Islamist fighters seize southern town of Jilib
08:31:23a Polls open for Kuwait's parliamentary elections
08:31:28a UK condemns Myanmar's cyclone response as 'inhuman'
08:31:32a KFkuzxyqXZ
08:31:36a Lebanese migrants rally for peace
08:31:41a Draft carbon capture laws unveiled
08:31:45a Chat with Pallavi Aiyar on China
08:31:49a The barbarians at the airport gate
08:31:54a Lebanon's Future
08:31:58a File A Complaint
08:32:02a A web show
08:32:07a Amy Winehouse Doing Some Sort Of Drug Thing On YouTube Baby Mice
08:32:11a GRAHAM BONNET Schedules Solo Concert In Moscow May 16, 2008
08:32:15a Louis Saha fears Moscow final is last chance
08:32:57a More donations pour in for China's quake zone
08:33:01a 69-year-old man saved 119 hrs after China quake
08:33:06a Soldiers dig out survivor buried in ruins for 117 hrs
08:33:11a NCUSCR president praises Chinese government's quake relief efforts
08:33:15a Senior leader hails media worker covering quake
08:33:20a 143 aftershocks monitored after at China quake zone
08:33:24a President Hu heads for epicenter to direct disaster-relief work
08:33:38a Vog Puts Damper on the Honolulu Triathalon
08:33:43a Waimanalo Aunties on Patrol
08:34:17a Sri Lanka air force bombs rebel air strip; 16 killed in clashes
08:34:21a Bush leaves Saudi for Egypt
08:34:29a Kidnapped Pakistan envoy to Kabul Tariq Azizuddin released by Taliban
08:34:33a 10 militants, four civilians killed in Afghan violence
08:34:47a Bush's food crisis aid package now promotes genetically modified crops
08:34:51a Trying to mend fences with the NRA, McCain attacks Democrats
08:34:56a Ted Nugent could be the NRA's rambunctious new Charlton Heston
08:35:09a Delhi Soccer Association's summer camp starts Tuesday
08:35:14a Indian airports make steady journey towards 24 hrs operations
08:35:18a Five of family killed in fire
08:35:33a Woman dies after being knocked off mobility scooter
08:35:37a Scientists identified geological faults in quake-hit region in China a year back
08:36:01a Malaysia unable to capitalise on fiery start against China
08:36:06a Opp parties to topple Badawi govt in Malaysia
08:36:10a Lalu charms audience in Malaysia with 'bovineconomics'
08:36:28a German saved after buried in China's earthquake
08:36:32a Chandler district looks to prevent budget woes
08:36:36a Governor seeks loan for Corona del Sol revamp
08:36:52a China quake victims flee 'flood'
08:36:56a Latest Megan Fox's Pics
08:37:49a Penang CM Review cases decided by Eusoff Chin and Ahmad Fairuz.
08:38:00a Troubling, tired tactic Bush engages in fear-mongering - AGAIN!
08:38:23a About HIV
08:38:28a Govt spokesman Death toll in China quake almost 29K
08:38:32a Burma 'guilty of inhuman action'
08:38:36a 'CEFTA boosting trade balances'
08:38:41a Ex-security chief’s trial adjourned for 3 months
08:38:45a Vonage How I Got Scammed by the Phone Service
08:38:50a Police Texas Pastor solicited sex with minor
08:38:54a Lutz Kicking Up A Controversy
08:38:59a Cards lose to Tampa Bay
08:39:03a Manhunt Continues For 3rd Burglary Suspect In Crash
08:39:08a Recovery A Slow Process For Starving Dog
08:39:12a This Band Plays The Rock Of Ages
08:39:16a Humble Beginnings Inspire Ruskin Teen
08:39:21a Community Aims To Fill Niches
08:39:25a Law Judge Backs St. Joseph
08:39:29a Funeral Home Treats Pets With
08:39:34a Tree Honors Child Struck By Car
08:39:38a Trucks Limited Near 3 Schools
08:39:42a Cultural Exchange A
08:39:47a Slain Woman Led A Troubled Life
08:39:51a Columnist Holds Open Garden
08:39:55a Median Upkeep Falls To Businesses
08:40:00a Wimauma Academy Celebrates Moms
08:40:04a Failure To Wear Seat Belts Cited In Polk Fatalities
08:40:09a Two Bodies Found In Dade City
08:40:13a Sprint All-star Race Lineup
08:40:17a Riverview Junior Does A Bit Of Everything
08:40:22a Big Catch For Ferlita
08:40:26a Teacher Stretches The Boundaries
08:40:30a Give Pistorius The Benefit Of The Doubt
08:40:34a Still Up To Being All He Can Be
08:40:39a Firefighting Power Headed To Riverview
08:40:43a Saint Leo Religion Major Appointed to Board of Trustees
08:40:47a Keeping An Eye On Canines
08:40:52a Suspect Found Under Mother
08:40:56a Downtown Business Is Working Out
08:41:00a Rock Stars For A Day Sit Down For Charity
08:41:05a Losers Are Big Winners
08:41:09a Food Drive Collects Record Donations
08:41:13a Road Improvements Will Bring Slowdowns
08:41:17a Iwo Jima Veterans Honored At Ceremony
08:41:22a LSU Recruit Hoping For Big Things
08:41:26a Fans Eagerly Await An On-Time Delivery At Preakness
08:41:30a Elia Assistant Likely To Be New Osceola Schools Leader
08:41:35a Road Construction Will Offer A Brake
08:41:39a Perfect Score For Gymnasts
08:41:43a Juniors Celebrate 50 Years Of Service
08:41:48a TOUSA Needs More Time
08:41:52a Shooting Surprises Regulars At Park
08:41:56a Coin Club Hopes To Gain Interest
08:42:00a Gator Bites Deputy Trying To Wrangle It
08:42:05a Fence Decision A Tall Order
08:42:09a Carrollwood Deli Finds Its Niche
08:42:13a Ground Broken For The Sanctuary
08:42:18a Plant Museum Society Members Celebrate Successful Year
08:42:22a Ybor City Eyes Super Bowl Visitors
08:42:26a Capaz Residents Fight Illegal Rentals
08:42:31a Body found in Davenport burned out car still a mystery
08:42:35a Compo not enough, says Indonesian fishermen
08:42:40a SPC May 17, 2008 Day 4-8 Convective Outlook
08:42:44a Myanmar death toll soars as diplomats tour delta
08:42:49a REI to convert stores to solar power
08:42:53a Nuclear power is the logical choice
08:42:57a Democrats try to unsnarl confusion over 46th District nominee
08:43:18a Philippine air force to buy 18 Italian trainer planes
08:43:36a US lawmakers ask Bush to consider Myanmar 'intervention'
08:43:46a Indonesia to buy LPG from U.S. company
08:43:50a China quake death toll rises to 28,881
08:43:55a France arrests eight for raising funds for terrorism
08:44:04a Combining work with pleasure
08:44:08a Lawmakers concerned over Charter's Web tracking
08:44:12a Nintendo's latest game wants you off the couch
08:44:17a Report Son Dismembered Dad After Being Raped
08:44:22a Kinky Swedish mums want more sex
08:44:26a Pakistani ambassador freed 3 months after kidnapping+
08:44:35a Town in China quake zone evacuated over flooding fears BBC+
08:44:39a Confirmed death toll from China quake reaches 28,881 govt
08:44:44a Soccer Reds' run ends with Gamba defeat+
08:44:48a Soccer J-League 1st-division results+
08:44:52a Israeli PM to be grilled again in corruption probe reports
08:44:56a Golf Vernal Ladies 2nd-round results+
08:45:01a Politician, seven others killed in bomb blast in India
08:45:05a KISS Added To Munich Olympic Walk Of Stars; Video Available
08:45:56a Is Racism Hurting Obama in Middle America?
08:46:01a Barbara Walters and her Amours
08:46:05a A Russian Documents the Truth About Russia
08:46:09a Amazon's Kindle Draws the Reader In
08:46:21a Delay on sending gay marriage ban to Senate vote
08:46:25a Church Convention Meets Again Soon, Christmas Remains December 25
08:46:29a US Ambassador Helps Clean Park, Comments on Corruption and Crime
08:46:34a Storm Halong poised to hit northern Philippines
08:46:38a Nintendo hit with mega fine
08:46:43a Wartime maps reveal bomb targets
08:46:47a Jet man takes to the skies
08:47:29a Jays option Velandia to Triple-A
08:48:21a Mesa spends 6,800 on extra police after bad tip
08:48:25a Defibrillators donated to Scottsdale police
08:49:04a GE confirms plans, Louisville looks ahead
08:49:09a GE's plans bring bitterness, frustration for family
08:49:13a McCain woos NRA, attacks Obama
08:49:17a Kentucky Senate president suing governor over vetoed road construction plan
08:49:22a University of Louisville hosts Parkinson's disease conference
08:49:26a Democrats in 26th District Metro Council race agree crime is concern
08:49:30a Kentucky's 4th House District incumbent facing GOP contenders that are barely known
08:49:35a 2nd District candidates split on timing to end Iraq war
08:49:39a Range of experience brought to judge's race
08:49:43a Any time is the right time for change
08:49:47a Academic leader for DPS leaving after 3 years
08:49:52a College voucher program under fire
08:49:56a Five questions for Roy Romer
08:50:13a Coot
08:50:18a From one flower to another
08:50:22a IMG_1402b
08:50:26a IMG_5413
08:50:30a IMG_5252
08:50:34a IMG_5239
08:50:38a IMG_5185
08:50:43a IMG_5157
08:50:47a IMG_5156
08:50:51a IMG_1538
08:50:55a 'Cosme' pounds Zambales with heavy rains and strong winds
08:50:59a Makisig dreams of reunion with Sam & Charice
08:51:04a Pollock, Jayasuriya rout Kolkata Knight Riders
08:51:08a SC suspends Calcutta HC's anti-quota order
08:51:12a Can't I be allowed to stay in Kolkata? Taslima
08:51:17a OBC quota SC vacates Calcutta HC order
08:51:39a Iran says OPEC output hike would not affect prices
08:51:44a Siren Blood Curse Hands-on Blood Curse Hands-on
08:51:48a Watch FA Cup final online FA Cup final online
08:51:52a Latin-America-Europe summit begins under feud summit begins under feud
08:51:57a Networks Anticipate the Fall Cautiously Anticipate the Fall Cautiously
08:52:01a Television What Wine Goes With Beetle Larvae? What Wine Goes With Beetle Larvae?
08:52:25a Sidebottom promises further fireworks
08:52:30a Did collapsed companies mislead investors
08:52:40a Federal DOT to pay 2 million for Stewart Airport environmental study
08:52:44a Schenectady man convicted in April 2007 slaying
08:52:49a Wind energy company opening two new plants in New York
08:52:53a Upstate NY fort to commemorate anniversary of 1758 battle
08:52:57a Police watchdog still has no boss
08:53:02a Talk to Focus on Economy, God, Military
08:53:06a Prostate Cancer
08:53:10a VA Head System is Reaching Out to Vets
08:53:15a Rants & Raves
08:53:19a Relay Honors Cancer Survivors
08:53:24a PIH Debuts eMD System
08:53:28a Montclair City Treasure Dr. James M. Lally
08:53:33a BRIEF Nursing Home Agrees to Reduced Fine in Sex-Offender Case
08:53:37a BRIEF Richardson Toddlers Hospitalized After Pool Incident
08:53:41a Childbirth Class Starts Saturday
08:53:45a Veg Pets?
08:53:50a Fresh Finds
08:53:54a Free Will Astrology
08:53:59a Vegetarian Myth Busting
08:54:03a Exercise Benefit
08:54:08a Learning Secrets of the 'Soap Lady'
08:54:12a Savusavu Airport to close for repairs
08:54:16a March poll possible despite hiccup Khan
08:54:21a Charter monitoring group chairman resigns
08:54:26a GE decision blindsides Kentucky plant
08:54:30a Policy moves don't stem tide of oil price rise
08:54:35a Fannie Mae accepts lower down payments
08:54:39a Robert Mondavi dies at 94; he elevated status of California vineyards
08:54:43a GM workers OK contract to end strike
08:54:48a Construction of new homes increases
08:54:52a Schwarz toy stores will open in many Macy's
08:54:56a Deal may end American Axle strike
08:55:01a 'Tenants in common' is one of four ways to own property
08:55:05a Ex-mayor resists talk of run for governor
08:55:10a Same place before and after earthquake
08:55:14a More victims pulled to safety
08:55:18a Torchbearers donate half million for quake victims in Southeast
08:55:27a International media tour China's quake zone
08:55:31a Power partly restored to quake epicenter
08:55:35a Donations to China quake zone hit 6.023 bln yuan
08:55:40a China to fast-track tests of overseas donations for quake zone
08:55:45a Overseas Chinese offer helping hands to homeland
08:55:49a Roundup Militants, civilian killed in Afghan violence
08:55:53a Chadian army launches preemptive strike against rebels
08:55:58a Rescuers Never give up!
08:56:02a Earthquake victims take shelter in stadium
08:56:07a Hamas leaders to visit Cairo again for ceasefire talks
08:56:11a First foreign medics in Myanmar for direct aid relief to cyclone victims
08:56:15a Australia provides 462 mln USD aid for Indonesia
08:56:20a Aftershock leaves one lineman dead, another critically injured in Sichuan
08:56:24a Indonesia shocked by South Korea in Thomas Cup
08:56:28a Dozens of Myanmar private companies take part in restoration work
08:56:33a Helicopters sent to rescue 14 Taiwan tourists in quake area
08:56:37a Roadside blast attack on foreign military convoy wounds 2 children
08:56:42a Dominican president claims victory
08:56:46a Memorial service for murdered Jimmy
08:56:50a Albert Square 'has priciest homes'
08:56:55a UN gives US7 million for China earthquake relief
08:56:59a Dungeon children outside at last
08:57:04a Diepsloot still tense
08:57:08a Myanmar vote result 'incorrect'
08:57:13a Jindal declares emergency in this area
08:57:17a Shreveport fire chief test scores are in
08:57:21a Land water safety basics at Boardwalk
08:57:26a LSUHSC student named to LSU System board
08:57:30a Native Americans walking cross-country for awareness
08:57:34a Governments mulling the shale game
08:57:38a New legislators making an impression
08:57:42a Best advice to landowners be informed
08:57:47a Blotter 2 Texans nabbed in scam to get iPhones
08:57:51a Spartans eliminated from postseason contention
08:57:55a A look at why revenues are falling short in Michigan
08:58:00a rsaquo;rsaquo; Florida, Michigan cannot save Clinton
08:58:04a Union ratifies contract, ends strike with GM
08:58:09a Michigan set to get more moviemaking thanks to new tax-break legislation
08:58:13a GM workers ratify local contract to end Michigan plant strike
08:58:18a • Daley's Michigan neighbor says fire may be linked to cougar death
08:58:23a Michigan Family Gets 21 Million Settlement in Door County Explosion
08:58:27a Michigan Gas Utilities Seeks Natural Gas Delivery Rate Increase
08:58:31a Michigan sugar processor to pay fine, install equipment
08:58:36a Trustees approve new fundraising position
08:58:40a Michigan court ruling puts gays in a quandary
08:58:44a French aid ship awaits Myanmar permission
08:58:49a Planes, history on display for Armed Forces Day
08:58:53a US unions could end strike that has crippled GM
08:58:58a Opec plans will not affect oil prices
08:59:02a Six militants killed in Kashmir gun battle
08:59:32a PSE errors may mean surprise bill for you
08:59:37a Plan says northern spotted owl can recover in 30 years
08:59:41a Friday's balmy weather is a real kick for everyone
08:59:46a As temperatures rise, so does risk of avalanche
08:59:50a Logging town welcomes transgender group
08:59:54a In a corner of Ballard, herring and heritage
08:59:58a Capitol Hill Arts Center on the move, wants to buy its own space
09:00:03a Combative flight passenger given probation
09:00:07a Pharmacy robber given 5 years in federal prison
09:00:12a Reservations going fast on Port Townsend ferry
09:00:16a Seattle police ratify contract giving them big raise
09:00:21a Dick Satterberg, 76, traded the law for the world
09:00:25a Oyster eaters warned of bacteria
09:00:30a On Israel's birthday, rabbi recalls glimpses of timeless Jerusalem
09:00:34a Cruising, with wind in her hair
09:00:39a Krusell Radical Messenger Bag Review
09:00:43a ViewSonic VP950b Professional Monitor Review
09:00:48a Central Point man suffers severe burns in shed blaze
09:00:52a Outcomes Similar for Laparoscopic, Open Colon Cancer Surgeries
09:00:56a FDA Panel Considers Toll-Free Number for TV Drug Ads
09:01:11a China's old ways shaken by quake
09:01:15a Small hospital in China struggles to cope with crush of quake victims
09:01:20a Russian cult members exit cave
09:02:06a Kuwaitis elect new parliament
09:02:11a AFL Interview Tom Harley
09:02:15a AFL Interview Trent Croad
09:02:20a UK condemns Myanmar's cyclone response as 'inhuman'
09:02:24a Eyewitness Rescue in Beichuan
09:02:29a Outback marks 80 year of Flying Doctors
09:02:33a Silence at races for bike legend
09:03:10a Hillary Clinton tours unsold houses in Junction City
09:03:15a Al-Qaida Will Continue War Against Israel
09:03:19a Confirmed death toll from China quake reaches 28,881
09:03:26a Father Rapes Daughter for Eight Years
09:04:34a Get fit with Zumba, a blend of Latin dance and aerobics moves
09:04:39a GARDEN PLOT Choose fertilizer that fits the lawn
09:04:43a Women making a mark in menswear
09:04:47a Fun test reveals a cat's personality
09:04:52a Here's the beef
09:04:57a Taiwan's KMT leader to visit China
09:05:01a No new poll watchers for Zimbabwe's run-off state media
09:05:06a Abducted Pak envoy to Afghanistan freed
09:05:27a - Tibet's holiest temple reopens after China unrest
09:05:32a rsaquo;rsaquo; Tibet's holiest temple reopens after unrest in China
09:05:36a Dalai again calls for more autonomy for Tibet
09:05:55a Inspire, Saten test dry eye product
09:05:59a SoCal developer Maguire to end bid to buy company
09:06:04a ; Store Joins Target, Wal-Mart in Selling Discounted 90-Day Generic Prescriptions
09:06:09a Orange County janitors reach contract agreement
09:06:13a U.S. Airways pilots union disapproves of possible United combo
09:06:18a Citigroup mulls options for key German unit
09:06:24a Tibet's holiest temple reopens after China unrest
09:06:41a From McHenry to Wyoming atop a tractor
09:06:46a Wyoming marks first illegal wolf kill
09:07:02a GYPSY PISTOLEROS To Support RATT In Spain; US Tour Dates Confirmed
09:07:27a Review 'Narnia' Magic Back in Sequel
09:07:32a Former NBA Star Joe Pace Goes From Glory to Homeless Shelter
09:07:36a South Asian rivals divided again over week of unrest
09:07:41a Fannie Mae cuts mortgage down payments
09:07:45a Economic Downturn Has Little Impact on Wealthy Americans Who ...
09:07:49a On the Ground Six Months Since Cyclone Sidr
09:07:54a Letters The Appeasement and Iraq Speeches
09:07:58a Letters Excess Money, Deficits and the High Price of Oil
09:08:03a Letters The Harm That Drug Laws Do 4 Perspectives
09:08:07a Letters Poverty in Connecticut
09:08:12a Letter The World Cant Stand By. Help the Burmese Now.
09:08:16a Letter Reducing College Costs
09:08:20a Texas sinkhole becomes a lake, home to alligator
09:08:25a Lebanon's old passions and new fears
09:08:29a VIA Plans to Release 45-Nanometer Isaiah Chips by 2010
09:08:33a Einstein's Letter on God Sold for 404,000
09:08:37a Weekend Reading Seven Movies that Should Be Games
09:08:42a Felix the Devil 2 Brings Hellicious Mobile Fun
09:08:46a Windows XP SP3 RTM Symbols Package
09:09:52a French relief ship positioned off Myanmar waters
09:09:56a Kris Aquino and Howie Mandel on NBC's Deal or No Deal
09:10:01a No floods, evacuations in Central Luzon as storms pass
09:10:05a Mike Tyson film comes out swinging in Cannes
09:10:09a Technicality may still hamper ARMM poll automation
09:10:13a Gasoline pump prices up again
09:10:18a 3 twisters hit Mindanao in one week
09:10:22a Ex-rebel soldiers seek 'redemption' as anti-drug agents
09:10:27a Rights leader Islamist fighters seize Somali town
09:10:32a Govt Kidnapped Pakistan envoy freed
09:10:36a Shatila people
09:10:40a Lynch to make horror film based on Greek tragedy
09:11:06a Clarke to join Australian team for second Test
09:11:11a New Oz Muslim TV comedy show depicting human side of Islam a hit
09:11:15a Astronomers baffled by
09:11:19a Sarrera claims Doomben Cup
09:11:23a NSW, ACT warned to brace for
09:11:28a Shark still menacing Albany beachgoers
09:11:32a Tactix snatch extra time win
09:11:37a Australian women shine in Santa Clara
09:11:41a Geelong rallies to beat Richmond 99-69
09:11:45a Australia to give 1 mln dollars in aid to China
09:11:49a Gayle forced out of Aussie test
09:11:54a Teen injured in hit-and-run
09:11:58a Gayle to miss first Test against Aussies
09:12:02a Shares stay weak on weekend selling
09:12:06a Global cues continue to inspire equities; Sensex up 81 points
09:12:11a Thousands evacuating as lakes threaten to burst after earthquake
09:12:15a Sarkozy touts impressive economic growth, telling off critics
09:12:26a Brazil's illegal logging hard to combat
09:12:31a EU, Latin American Leaders Voice Concern over Food Prices
09:12:35a Dominican leader sets sights on election win
09:12:44a Djokovic face Nadal in battle for No.2 in Hamburg tennis
09:12:48a Bowie ok with stage show based on his songs
09:12:53a Boy George reduced to selling T-shirts
09:12:57a Costly Natural Rubber Hits Indian Condom Producers
09:13:02a Reliance Big Entertainment to produce 69 films
09:13:06a German saved after buried in China
09:13:11a / International petrochemical forum opens in Iran
09:13:19a Bush turns attention to Arabs
09:13:23a Orange to sell iPhone in Mideast and Europe
09:13:28a Dubai World bids for New York hotel
09:13:32a Chinese rescuers still finding quake survivors
09:13:36a Natural gas pipeline proposal detailed for Shady Cove council
09:13:41a Thousands of rockets likely to pound Israel in future war
09:13:45a Bin Laden statement attacks Israel
09:13:53a WHAT A FEAT!
09:14:02a WII VS. WEE GIRL
09:14:11a India's Bharti, MTN talks to close this weekend
09:14:15a Ecobank investors back 3 bln issue, Nigerian deal
09:14:20a US consumer grim as stagflationary 80s; housing mixed
09:14:24a Dollar slides on bearish US consumer confidence data
09:14:29a Aluminum, zinc jump on China infrastructure fears
09:14:33a US changes course, bars drilling in Arctic wetland
09:14:37a Nicole's Walk helps wishes come true
09:14:42a Outlook brighter for park project
09:14:46a Woman retracts cemetery objection
09:14:51a Manchester continues Loyalty Day Parade tradition Sunday
09:14:55a Police call death 'supected suicide'