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12:00:11a Call Of Juarez Gunslinger Gameplay Gallery

12:00:18a Angola Planning Minister Expected in Kwanza Norte Monday
12:00:27a Report Bombers spared carjacking victim because … he wasn’t an American
12:00:34a Boston observes moment of silence one week after bombings
12:00:40a Manchester United seal title after Villa rout
12:00:47a More funding for Somme remembrance trail
12:00:55a Ore. bill would guard students' Facebook passwords
12:01:03a Uganda Cricketers Finally Secure Bermuda Visas
12:01:09a Cord 'Dead' Without Musyoka, Odinga in Parliament
12:01:17a Boston bombings suspect may never speak again Hospital head
12:01:25a S&P Asks U.S. to Dismiss Suit
12:01:32a Brutal triple murder linked to Boston suspect
12:01:41a PIB Former economic adviser seek immediate re-negotiation of PSCs
12:01:48a Fire at 20-storey residential tower in Sharjah
12:01:54a Borderline Views Remembering the Soviet refuseniks
12:02:02a Nicaragua Detains U.S. Most-Wanted Suspect
12:02:09a Keselowski shows resiliency with ride at Kansas
12:02:20a Environmentalists tap Palestinian schoolchildren to clean Jerusalems holy valley
12:02:27a The Latest Hunger Strike at Guantanamo
12:02:34a 3 Vt. schools recognized for environmental efforts
12:02:44a Wounded in church robbery Miami-Dade officer testifies in court
12:02:51a Pacific veterans heading to Noumea
12:02:58a Remains of Dr. Guarocuya Batista del Villar to be cremated
12:03:04a Ascendant donates 500000 to Cahow Project
12:03:12a Labour denies aiming to ruin MRP float
12:03:54a 3 Mainland H7N9 cases reported
12:04:04a Trial begins for officials accused in Obama Clinton ballot petition fraud
12:04:11a Grand Rapids community struggling to cope with flood waters
12:04:17a My daughter an influence on my film Dibakar Banerjee
12:04:25a Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0371 Remote Security Vulnerability
12:04:31a A’s Acquire Outfielder Casper Wells From Jays For Cash
12:04:39a Obama to find new foreign-policy challenge in Mexico
12:04:48a Genetically reproduced clones of ancient trees planted in California
12:04:57a Agency Deadly Ariz. crash involved immigrants
12:05:07a White House Comes Out In Favor of Online Sales Tax Bill
12:05:13a Rwanda Mudende Residents Grateful for New Water Supply
12:05:20a Fast-growing diocese a model of ‘entrepreneurship’
12:05:27a Ghana's health crisis must be given more urgent priority CPP
12:05:34a Leicester From London a huge group hug to Boston
12:05:40a Facts About Sulfur
12:05:46a Early snowfall for Mount Hutt
12:05:53a Drunk hairdresser faces lashing in Qatar
12:06:02a Asia-Pacific seasonal influenza vaccines industry aided by increase usage of cell culture process
12:06:10a From here retreated Japanese troops marching into India
12:06:17a Kenyan referee sues claims impotence after coachs attack
12:06:26a Airport strike ends after security costs agreement
12:06:34a Report Bus driver in fatal Texas wreck left lane
12:06:41a Surprise Americans not keen on paying higher gas taxes
12:06:49a Military bomb found on California beach
12:06:56a Reddit apologizes for Boston 'online witch hunt'
12:07:02a We will pass PIB that will stand test of time – Dakuku
12:07:10a UPDATE 1-Top US regulator wants Libor, Euribor scrapped
12:07:17a Liberia UN Constitutional Experts in Town
12:07:27a U.S. Senate votes to move forward on Internet sales tax bill
12:07:34a Hotel guest allegedly assaults manager
12:07:41a 7 stunning U.S. spots for wildlife
12:07:48a Drink-driver towed passengers in boat
12:07:54a Why was brother in Russia
12:08:01a Excellon provides update on La Platosa property
12:08:07a US court to take up Argentina Dirty War Daimler suit
12:08:14a Shankar not planning Indian 2
12:08:20a Sandcrawler PSA Michael Moore Is a Douchebag
12:08:27a Police Wells Fargo bank in Va. Beach robbed
12:08:33a Vic homes may be flattened for rail
12:08:40a Kenya Watch 'Shackles of Doom', Uhuru Urged
12:08:47a Harrisburg trucker shot himself while driving NJ highway
12:08:54a Food bowl needs urban support
12:09:01a Antlerless allocations decrease in northeast
12:09:08a OFarrell still opposed to second airport despite Melbourne deal
12:09:14a Horacio Cartes wins comfortably in Paraguay
12:09:20a Scheepers advances on WTA upset in Morocco
12:09:28a I have committed a big mistake, says 2nd child rape suspect
12:09:36a Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-2389 Remote Security Vulnerability
12:09:43a Red Hat renames JBoss application server as WildFly
12:09:50a Andy Burnham on integrating health and social care video
12:09:56a Research centre for freshwater resources being built at Fujairah wadi
12:10:04a Medina to visit Haiti for the first time as President
12:10:12a Lufthansa cancels about 1700 flights amid strike including to Seattle
12:10:19a Abbotts use of illegal criticised
12:10:27a Foreign troops move on Kidal in northern Mali
12:10:34a Small business owners split on state of economy
12:10:41a New CEO for Police Commission Is Unveiled
12:10:48a Oracle MySQL CVE-2013-1552 Remote MySQL Server Vulnerability
12:10:55a State Officials Must Not Own Foreign Property Kremlin
12:11:01a Age Starts to Catch Up With AT&T
12:11:10a Woman killed in Richland duplex fire
12:11:18a All onboard a helicopter abducted in Afghanistan
12:11:25a Uni to start demolishing brewery in June
12:11:32a This fruit and veggie tycoon likes his Canadian juniors
12:11:43a U.S. soldier pleads guilty to murder in Iraq
12:11:51a Moldovan court bars acting PM Filat from seeking office
12:11:58a Krung Thai Bank Q1 up 34 pct below forecast
12:12:08a Supreme Court justice defender of rights of the accused announces retirement
12:12:19a Media Advisory News Conference Police take down illegal firearms and enhancements business
12:12:27a Vt. House panel OKs school spending changes
12:12:35a The Canadian Jewish News is shutting down citing changes ‘sweeping’ newspaper industry
12:12:44a UPDATE 1-S&P asks federal judge to dismiss U.S. fraud lawsuit
12:12:52a TBI Report Crime down in Tennessee from 2011 to 2012
12:12:59a Compulsory levies proposed for all citrus fruit growers
12:13:07a French Lawmakers Extend Mali Intervention
12:13:14a Deadline passes on Gulfport casino proposal
12:13:22a In Paraguay a rich conservative must now tackle poverty
12:13:29a In Nigeria Clash With Militants Kills Scores
12:13:36a Survey US teens better in science than thought
12:13:43a Senate Gun Fail
12:13:50a Flash explosion on pylon burns two workers cuts power
12:13:57a Does America need increased surveillance
12:14:05a Oracle MySQL CVE-2013-1570 Remote MySQL Server Vulnerability
12:14:12a Italy's Napolitano Presses Lawmakers
12:14:19a Demand for High-End Housing in Moscow Drops
12:14:26a Protests disrupt 1755 Lufthansa flights
12:14:33a Video Flight delays because of sequester cuts?
12:14:40a Heart bypass surgery or stents? Depends on patient
12:14:50a Canadian Olympic gold medallist Kim St. Pierre retires on Monday
12:14:57a On Mother Earth Day, UN Member States urged to promote harmony with nature
12:15:05a Two policemen among 9 arrested for SSC fraud
12:15:13a ABC News Canada Thwarts Plot to Blow Up U.S.-Canada Rail Line
12:15:19a Military Road in Hinds' District 2 to close briefly for repairs
12:15:27a Army bomb disposal unit removes hand grenade left outside pawnbrokers in Athens
12:15:34a Responding to terror in Boston
12:15:41a Pule Protestations of Victimhood Don't Wash
12:15:49a Woodstock icon Richie Havens dies
12:15:57a Tsarnaev’s final phone call, and renewed interest in 2011 triple homicide
12:16:04a Malaysia GE13 Umno sacks 61 for standing as independents
12:16:10a Employing the mentally ill
12:16:18a House OKs expungement bill; goes to governor
12:16:24a Heinolan valtuusto antoi kaupunginjohtajalle potkut
12:16:31a Vietnam police seize 53 king cobras from car arrest driver
12:16:39a House lowers offer for St. Johns River restoration
12:16:46a Golden Pyramids Plaza 2012 profit jumps to 101 m
12:17:00a Domestic dispute leads to armed standoff on Merritt Island
12:17:07a Military Spokesman Denies Reports Over Military Helicopter Crash
12:17:15a Reuters editor charged with hacking I was fired
12:17:22a UPDATE 1-Mexico Feb retail sales fall by most since late 2009
12:17:31a Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter 22 April 2013
12:17:39a Communication technology proves vital for Guard missions
12:17:47a Beijing Seoul kick off Friendly Exchange Year
12:17:54a Dairy Awards drives progress in industry
12:18:02a Utah scouts rescued from 'Pandora's Box'
12:18:10a Miami single-family condo median pricing continues climb
12:18:17a Second suspect arrested in kidnapping rape of girl in India
12:18:24a Teen Remanded Possession Of Burglary Tools
12:18:32a Rare corpse flower blooms in Edmonton
12:18:38a Sponsors to pay cost of deporting workers
12:18:46a Activity up in Canterbury
12:18:52a FEATURE Graduate rises above disability to succeed
12:19:00a The RBA expects the Australian economy to go through a period of transition
12:19:08a 2 arrested in Canada terror plot
12:19:16a Jury convicts two men in international investment fraud
12:19:24a AP PHOTOS Ecuador embraces Mexican mariachi music
12:19:33a Russia, Turkey aiming at boosting joint projects
12:19:40a Senate officially names chairman of NBTC superboard
12:19:50a Malloy considers power deal with Conn. trash plant
12:20:30a Cannabis pill better than smoking for pain
12:20:37a Colombia expresses solidarity with earthquake victims in China
12:20:46a Le Mans winner arrested after crash
12:20:54a Sleepless in Singapore Not with this travel clock
12:21:02a Rios Montt Genocide Trial in Disarray in Guatemala
12:21:08a Richie Havens, famed Woodstock folk singer, dies at 72
12:21:15a Egyptian Project Promises 25,000 Homes Cleaner Water
12:21:23a Robots seen as living things
12:21:31a White House Tsarnaev won't be tried as 'enemy combatant'
12:21:39a Laser strikes at Wellington airport
12:21:47a PM announces appointment to the Security Intelligence Review Committee
12:21:57a Sex shop robbery suspects arrested at Timmies
12:22:07a Former Daylight Energy CEO accused of insider trading by Alberta Securities Commission
12:22:14a Syrian regime shoring up hold on capital coast
12:22:22a Want to Live on Mars? Private Martian Colony Project Seeks Astronauts
12:22:30a Taliban Seize Foreigners in Afghanistan
12:22:38a Harman and Kristol Spar Over Declaring Bombing Suspect an Enemy Combatant
12:22:45a Safe, maybe not-so-sound
12:22:53a Police save pastor from mob attack in Akure
12:22:59a Stamps commemorate Anzac Day 2013
12:23:05a Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to be compared to others?
12:23:14a U.S. Prosecutors Charge Bombing Suspect
12:23:25a Homes evacuated after drug lab explodes
12:23:32a SPD Explosive Disposal Unit Checking On 'Suspicious' Package In Hillyard
12:23:40a Canadian National’s First Quarter Profit Plummets
12:23:47a Canadian M&A activity off to slow start this year
12:23:55a Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-1705 Remote Security Vulnerability
12:24:02a Russias Putin calls for stimulus measures to boost growth
12:24:10a Drop in gas prices benefits US drivers economy
12:24:17a Can Africa keep its economic boom from going bust
12:24:25a Officer-involved shooting leaves Oildale man dead
12:24:34a Woman killed in Hickory Hill shooting
12:24:42a OAS Supports Creation of Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small Hotels
12:24:50a Weekend Arrests 17 For Warrants Drunk Driving
12:24:57a Spending cuts causes flight delays
12:25:04a European Union eases Syria oil embargo
12:25:13a Boston Marathon bombing suspect is charged
12:25:19a Plumber strangles 78-year-old in Bangalore
12:25:27a Campaign to rid community of synthetic cannabis
12:25:37a Wal-Mart CEO's pay jumps 14.1 percent to million
12:25:44a Fifth grader struck as she walked to school
12:25:53a Ex-Hawaiian Airlines CEO to lead Island Air
12:26:00a Boeing starts replacing Dreamliner batteries
12:26:07a Mining boom causing housing crisis in WA
12:26:14a Poland misses ECs deficit-to-GDP ratio target
12:26:22a Manitoba targets street racers with tougher penalties
12:26:29a Quinn plays down easing of austerity in next budget
12:26:36a Chinese Thai legislators highlight relations
12:26:44a Teacher clears name over pupil harassment allegation
12:26:51a Stocks up despite disappointing housing report
12:26:58a Kim Novak to attend Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' screening at Cannes
12:27:05a Caribou Coffee robbery under investigation
12:27:12a Turkeys EVYAP Port Receives Electric RTG
12:27:21a Witherspoon apologizes for threatening officer
12:27:30a Boston Marathon Suspects Hoped To Attack Again
12:27:37a UN Deplores Violence in Nigeria
12:27:44a Obama going to service for plant explosion victims
12:27:52a Mississippi River re-opens after barges hit bridge
12:27:59a Most Russians Say Lenin Was Good for Their Countrys History
12:28:08a Caracas Declaration in Solidarity with Palestinian People State of Palestine
12:28:17a Pastor in court for stealing female church member’s underwear
12:28:24a Russia Demands Access to PACE for Abkhazia S.Ossetia
12:28:33a Opposition statement sparks regional interest in Belize-Guatemala differendum
12:28:40a Kenya Kenyan Beauty Is Worldwide Top Model
12:28:47a Gold Continues to Rally
12:28:55a Mom of Goshen Township Explosives Suspect It's All A Mistake
12:29:02a Britains Ban On TV Attack Adverts Upheld
12:29:10a Energy stocks lead a turnaround on Wall Street, Dow gains
12:29:16a War Rapier 43210 Screens
12:29:23a Docs Don't Take the Cinnamon Challenge
12:29:32a Group urges locals to join fight to save historic London Road fire station
12:29:49a Ant Family Tree Emphasizes Importance Of Tropics In Evolutionary History
12:29:57a Kerry U.S. still ready to negotiate with N. Korea
12:30:04a Aqua-Life Remains Committed to Produce Safe Water
12:30:11a Paraguayans Elect Cartes As President
12:30:18a Ouabache cleanup moves to Saturday
12:30:26a Palestinian prisoner gains deal from Israel to end eight-month fast
12:30:33a ‘RHOOC’ star Heather DuBrow spends weekend without husband
12:30:41a Levees fail near flooded Wabash River
12:30:51a Wal-Mart pays some board members more on bribery probe work
12:30:58a Nampa ticket wins Wild Card jackpot
12:31:04a LAX reports 3-hour delays for some flights due to FAA furloughs
12:31:15a Fire destroys Port aux Basques seniors building
12:31:23a Boston Islamic Society confirms outbursts by bombing suspect
12:31:30a Cops beef up presence for Malema case
12:31:39a Justices agree to hear Daimler human rights case
12:31:46a Partying pregnant driver gets 3 years for hit--run in Augsburg students death
12:31:55a Police Man killed girlfriend, 3 others in Federal Way
12:32:02a GR crews check flood walls for cracks
12:32:08a TOM JONES 100 HITS 5CD TV-Spot
12:32:16a DA looks for links between bomb suspect, slaying
12:32:28a Safeway restocks produce after warehouse leak
12:32:36a Our Dangerous Mix of Climate Change and Resource Scarcity
12:32:43a Opinion Lets work hard to reduce poverty levels in Kenya
12:32:51a Two Persons Killed As Gunmen Sack Plateau Villages
12:33:00a Germany Fines Google €145,000 for Street View Data Collection
12:33:07a India Ink More Child Rapes Being Reported In Delhi Police Say
12:33:16a Five killed in Seattle shooting
12:33:24a Ireland’s budget deficit for 2012 comfortably inside troika target
12:33:31a Vladimir Morozov Closes Russian Nationals With 50 Free Win
12:33:39a Oscar Knox North Belfasts Wee Oscar gets all-clear from cancer
12:33:46a EU eases Syria oil sanctions to assist rebels
12:33:55a Grant goes to CSU program to prevent prescription drug overdose
12:34:03a UN Extols Bolivia and Ecuador for Defense of Mother Earth
12:34:10a Nibley mother gives birth on front lawn
12:34:17a Tweeting police scanner news risky say police
12:34:29a Bus driver in fatal Texas crash may have blacked out
12:34:35a 5/3 River Bank Run may change course
12:34:41a How can the US counter militancy
12:34:47a HRH Premier Receives Al Azhar Al Sharif Grand Imam
12:34:55a Kenya Narok Governor Plan to Eradicate Flooding
12:35:02a Man due in court over 1979 murder
12:35:09a U.S. Seizes Million From Fisker
12:35:17a Tennessee Football Records Practice With a Drone
12:35:24a Probe complaint against Sonia on Telangana issue Court to cops
12:35:31a Jodi Arias trial review Spectacular lies and impossible tales
12:35:39a South Sudan refugees volunteer at SES
12:36:21a Roo The Miniature Horse Is Getting Surgery
12:36:30a US 'child porn' teacher arrested
12:36:36a Taiwans Q1 inbound investments up
12:36:43a DA wants DG’s appointment probed
12:36:51a Nigeria Why Govt Can't Tackle Corruption Ardo
12:37:00a White House Boston bombing suspect wont be tried as enemy combatant
12:37:10a Google fined in Germany over illegal data collection
12:37:16a Delays Expected As FAA Furlough Takes Effect
12:37:23a One year later, Norfolk officials close to Waterside deal
12:37:29a Justice Verma An exceptional career
12:37:37a Va. Tax Department Eliminates Investigative Unit 22 Apr 2013 083856 GMT
12:37:46a Kosovo, Serbia close to deal but questions remain
12:37:54a French Polynesia votes for veteran
12:38:05a Two charged over al-Qaeda-supported terror plot to attack VIA passenger train RCMP
12:38:11a EXTECH Award Winning Architectural Designs Slideshow
12:38:18a Delhi shame Rape cases rise by 158 %
12:38:25a Tag Oil Commences Drilling Ngapaeruru Well in New Zealand
12:38:31a Bankers Hill is fine but better with a future of Croce's
12:38:40a Liberia World Bank Pledges Support
12:38:48a Susan Tompor's Big Money Blog Where did all that retirement cash go?
12:38:57a Canada thwarts al Qaeda-supported passenger train plot
12:39:04a TIMELINE-Lives of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 2006-2013
12:39:11a Google's UK Tax Bill For 2011 Defended By Executive Eric Schmidt
12:39:18a Tempers flare at immigration hearing
12:39:26a Watch Kendra Wilkinson Reportedly Injured in Car Accident
12:39:35a Malian army 'managing misery', not received funds-French colonel
12:39:42a Education Ministry Equal Opportunities Unit Hailed
12:39:51a Terrorist plot foiled in Canada
12:39:59a New York City wants to ban cigarette sales to people under 21
12:40:07a Headscarved Teacher Hospitalized Due to Pressures
12:40:14a Loughborough University technician scoops national award
12:40:21a Scots currency pact case 'not clear'
12:40:29a 7 groups eye Mactan-Cebu airport project
12:40:36a Major fire closes stretch of roadway
12:40:48a Arrests made in Ontario RCMP counter-terrorism investigation community leaders say
12:40:55a PLH Group will add 150 employees by acquiring Canadian firm
12:41:03a Sri Lanka enjoys good relations with India Rajapaksa
12:41:09a Sharapova Why Im stronger
12:41:16a Leonardo DiCaprio Biography
12:41:25a Al Qaeda Train Terror Plot Foiled, Canadians Say
12:41:33a Car fire was accidental report
12:41:40a Ghana needs decisive leaders PPP
12:41:47a Hijab 'should be welcome in UK'
12:41:54a Rain Provides The Good And Bad For Farmers
12:42:01a Emergency unemployment benefits cut after April 28
12:42:08a FEATURE Odaw river suffocating under piles of garbage
12:42:18a Repeat sex offender sent back to jail after drinking beer
12:42:26a Tony Blair Its Abomination to Hurt the Poor
12:42:33a Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery has a draft plan
12:42:41a A Segment of the Whole World Is Watching!
12:42:48a Securing the peace of the country
12:42:54a How Amitabh Bachchan spent his day
12:43:04a Canada Police to Hold News Conference on National Security Probe
12:43:12a Shot men turn up to Sydney hospital
12:43:19a Sketch MPs prepare for Romania-mania
12:43:28a Gov't seeks 45 years for attack on Christian group
12:43:37a Terrorism Highlights Threat From Al Jazeera in America
12:43:44a Do Svidaniya Russia Arkady Vyatchanin Switching Sport Nationalities
12:43:52a Good news on the gas front Prices still declining in the South Sound
12:43:59a Guess what Iwan Fals to release new album
12:44:06a Namas Fail to Make the Connection
12:44:13a Tom Jones Hits Medley #1 1975 LIVE
12:44:20a Airline Delays Follow Sequester-Tied Furloughs
12:44:27a China clamps down on medias use of micro-blogging site
12:44:36a Lawmakers working to snag for Alvin Brown's priority program
12:44:44a Correction Plant Explosion story
12:44:52a Africa Search On for Africas Top Travel App
12:45:03a Breaking Terrorist attack on U.S. foiled by Canadian law enforcement
12:45:12a Frenchman escapes jaws of saltwater crocodile
12:45:20a Coast Guard repatriates 32 Cuban migrants
12:45:28a Afghan Taliban say seize foreigners from helicopter
12:45:37a Ten Soldiers Named Suspects in PDI-P Office Attack
12:45:44a SEC picks two attorneys to head enforcement unit
12:45:53a Counterterror team at Confederations Cup in Brazil
12:46:03a North Korea begs for food aid from Mongolia as starving state faces severe shortage
12:46:10a Two men with assault rifles rob Matamoras cigarette store
12:46:17a Interview ECB cannot solve root causes...
12:46:25a Musharraf not to be charged with treason by caretaker government
12:46:31a CPI-M, Andhra parties disrupt Lok Sabha
12:46:41a Police searching Weirton house in connection with robbery
12:46:48a Governor and Vice Governor of Riyadh Region Receives Ulma Officials
12:46:57a Faulkner Co. plane crash kills pilot 22 Apr 2013 140115 GMT
12:47:04a New stamps to mark ANZAC Day
12:47:12a Tunisia African Football Champions LeagueLast 8 First Leg Games Results
12:47:18a Mostly sunny scattered showers over SW border area
12:47:26a Google chairman Eric Schmidt defends tax avoidance policies
12:47:34a World Bank Gives Scaring Statistics On Annual Losses From Lack of Sanitation
12:47:42a Home sales slip as supply remains tight
12:47:49a Former Stax student to be featured on 'The Voice' tonight
12:47:56a Women sex trafficking other women the problem is getting worse
12:48:05a Michelin Quarterly Sales Drop as Europe Recession Widens
12:48:13a Canadian security forces thwart major terror plot
12:48:21a Germany fines Google a paltry over Street View Wi-Fi scanning
12:48:28a A third of W Cape pupils drink, smoke
12:48:35a Liberia Unmil Hails Liberia for Consolidating Peace
12:48:41a Tala American Bistro in Latham to open April 29
12:48:49a UK would jeopardise military standing by leaving EU says German minister
12:48:56a Top 10 performing stocks
12:49:02a J.R. Smith of Knicks wins NBAs Sixth Man award
12:49:08a Lionel Messi the trump card Barcelona must have against Bayern Munich
12:49:17a Kent Firefighter's Cancer Death In Line Of Duty
12:49:23a Neeraj Kumar has links with Abhishek Verma AAP
12:49:32a Nicaragua detains US most-wanted suspect
12:49:38a Japan move for Pietersen
12:49:49a A talented artist and now, accused bomber's wife
12:49:56a Wall Street up, propelled by Microsoft and Caterpillar
12:50:04a ECBs Noyer ups pressure on London as Europes finance hub
12:50:13a Philly man gets 15 months over bogus plane threat
12:50:20a The Rule of Law in Times of Ecological Collapse
12:50:26a Rape cases went up by 158 per cent this year in Delhi
12:50:35a EU-Canada trade talks stalled, overshadowed by U.S.
12:50:43a Woodstock singer Havens, 72, dies of heart attack
12:50:51a UPDATE 2-EU governments ease Syria sanctions on oil to help rebels
12:50:58a Baby elephant splashes around in water in newly released video
12:51:06a Voice on recent discussions over whether Beijing and Shanghai will scrap their hukou systems
12:51:15a VIDEO North Korean bombers tears of remorse
12:51:22a Gambia Bojang Nursery School Holds Mini Olympics
12:51:30a State Democrats urge Congressman Peters to run for senate
12:51:39a Boston bombers' carjack victim says they spared him because he 'wasn't American'
12:51:46a Wis. utilities settle with EPA over air pollution
12:51:52a Rwanda Lies Also Have Limits
12:51:59a Chabad Rabbi Fighting Hatred and Terror is Highest Level
12:52:40a Assemby approves limit on cancer drug cost
12:52:47a How Boston exposes the frailty of American democracy
12:52:56a Unwanted rainfall lashes hopes for Pakistan's wheat crop
12:53:03a Waterways Council reacts to Obama 2014 budget
12:53:11a School resumes in tiny Texas town hit by blast
12:53:21a Monsanto reviews mine safety after accident
12:53:28a 'Revolution' role is a dream gig for Spiridakos
12:53:35a August trial set for Goshen man charged with murder
12:53:42a Edmond gets a cleaning during Operation Clean Streets
12:53:49a Lucas Bridge in Havana to shut down
12:53:56a Children may be sent to remote detention centre in WA
12:54:04a Cop informer killed at Marikana
12:54:12a Almost 200 killed in gun battles in Nigeria
12:54:19a UPDATE 3-Canada thwarts plot to blow up U.S.-Canada rail line
12:54:26a We have the power to probe Adarsh case CBI sleuths
12:54:34a Program helps intellectually disabled succeed in college
12:54:42a Rehtaeh Parsons' mom, N.S. premier to meet with Harper
12:54:51a Egypt says Russia to help revive nuclear programme
12:55:01a Boston attack fuels calls for more surveillance cameras
12:55:08a Early trouble will test Golden Eagles’ mettle
12:55:18a Lawyer Wife of alleged Boston bomber suspected nothing
12:55:26a Haiti hosts hemispheric leaders in three-day summit
12:55:33a Delivery person severely beaten in Behchoko, N.W.T.
12:55:40a See inside Michael Winner's palatial Holland Park mansion
12:55:46a Grooveshark's Broadcast feature lets anyone be a DJ
12:55:56a Iraq vet pleads guilty to killing fellow soldiers
12:56:04a Roger Phillips Report shows fewer wolves, more packs across Northern Rockies
12:56:11a Foreigners held by Taliban
12:56:18a Joseph Chinyong Liow Malaysia's Doppelganger Election
12:56:26a Video Silent tribute for the Boston victims
12:56:33a Photos Jarome Iginlas custom-built Calgary home listed for
12:56:41a Oilsands monitoring portal launched by Ottawa, Alberta
12:56:48a Cuba Fosters Projects Against Soil Degradation
12:56:55a Labor Dept. ends Job Corps enrollment freeze
12:57:03a Dubai property prices Apartments still 40 below their 2008 peak
12:57:11a Israel, Turkey find way forward on flotilla money
12:57:18a Police Association says Lehmberg should resign
12:57:24a Six Flags pares 1Q loss as attendance grows
12:57:32a Carjacking victim Tsarnaev brothers let me go because I wasn’t American
12:57:39a Wall Street wants brokers' private Facebook posts
12:57:48a NPA ambush on Mayor Guingona violates human rights election code — AFP
12:57:55a Boston prosecutors plot strategic course
12:58:02a Psychiatrist testifies at Ashley Smith inquest
12:58:10a Egyptian Project Promises 25000 Homes Cleaner Water
12:58:19a Saudi Airline aircraft makes emergency landing in Muscat
12:58:29a Photographer Travels The World Taking Pictures Of Abandoned Airplane Wrecks
12:58:37a Treating children with food allergies
12:58:44a Apple Wins ITC Ruling in Google Patent Case
12:58:54a ‘System of world credit rating agencies needs to be changed’
12:59:02a Fleet Feet, Williams Rt. 66 marathon hosting run for Boston
12:59:10a Alameda sheriff urged to pull out of fed program
12:59:17a SABIC upbeat on new projects reviews global growth outlook
12:59:26a Nicaragua nabs US most-wanted child porn suspect
12:59:34a Kenya Flash Floods Kill 32, Displace 18,600 People in Kenya
12:59:41a Khloe Kardashian not returning as X Factor judge
12:59:48a Brazil Swap Rates Decline on Borrowing-Costs Outlook Real Drops
12:59:55a David Cameron defends nursing reforms – video
01:00:03a Care workers raises in Minn. House health budget
01:00:11a Toronto police seek help find wanted Edmonton man
01:00:18a lower as US dollar strengthens
01:00:25a Gloversville man accused of beating woman
01:00:33a India challenges United States on solar industry subsidies
01:00:45a FG seeks N91bn grant from World BanK to finance education sector
01:00:51a Merkel disappointed in Bayern Munich chief over tax case
01:00:58a Pope Francis admits to Venezuela worries
01:01:07a UPDATE 4-Canada thwarts al Qaeda-supported passenger train plot
01:01:15a King Cobras Arrest Vietnam Police Bust Man With 53 Venous Cobras In Car
01:01:24a Ancient Snail Shells Hint at Future Global Warming
01:01:31a Dry wedding and court date for groom-to-be
01:01:39a Apartheid Regime Bomb Victim Father Michael Lapsley on Using Forgiveness to Heal From Tragedy
01:01:46a Death of CWU student from Bonney Lake appears to be natural causes
01:01:55a An Atheist Party’s Response to Religion More ‘Political Thought Work’
01:02:02a Royal Jordanian launches You Tube channel
01:02:09a Susan Tompor Bieber fever hits prepaid plastic, but watch those fees
01:02:17a Loonie rises risk appetite improves as G20 endorses Japan monetary policy
01:02:26a Eden Foods sues over birth control mandate; customers show outrage on social media
01:02:33a Piraeus Bank escapes state control Eurobank does not
01:02:40a China just went through a lost decade Entrepreneurs
01:02:49a Cops Two arrested in Canada in al-Qaida supported terror plot
01:02:56a Call of Juarez Gunslinger Screens
01:03:04a EU eases sanctions against Syria after Damascus attack kills 200
01:03:11a Europe deleveraging to take time new growth needed EUs Rehn
01:03:18a Meeting Lt. Brian Murphy was a highlight at ILEETA 2013
01:03:26a Italy president tells parties to stop fighting, quickly form government
01:03:35a Torched Chinese fishing boat sinks in Antarctic
01:03:42a Contruction in full force at North High and two other Torrance schools
01:03:50a Another Co-Defendant In Natalie Gibson Murder Sentenced
01:03:57a Obama Job Approval Back Up to 50 Level Last Week
01:04:04a Sniffing out bombs Meet Americas most elite dogs
01:04:11a A's acquire OF Casper Wells from Blue Jays
01:04:18a Greek Poets Society Tribute To Dimoula
01:04:25a Caution amid euphoria over Kenyas Konza Silicon Savannah
01:04:32a Escapee's girlfriend pleads in 3 cases
01:04:39a FBI No ricin found in home of Mississippi suspect
01:04:47a Data Center Coming To Iowa Could Have Facebook's Name On It
01:04:55a Labor activist seeks to void Turkia Awada Mullin's contract as Metro Airport CEO
01:05:04a Arizona witness recalls encounter with 'hockey puck-sized' UFO
01:05:12a Mass. officer brought milk to locked-down family
01:05:20a Eric Justin Toth child porn suspect on US most-wanted list nabbed in Nicaragua reports
01:05:28a NFA probes cause of fire
01:05:37a Canada thwarts al-Qaida backed terrorist attack
01:05:45a Sino-US shared interests emphasized
01:05:52a Haslam says Pilot Flying J making changes in light of FBI raid
01:05:59a BRIEF-IAG orders 18 Airbus A350s for British Airways
01:06:07a Ask Phoebe Park contaminated with asbestos covered over
01:06:14a Saudi-man-marries-brides-friends-at-her-insistence
01:06:21a Neeraj Kumar has links with Abhishek Verma AAP
01:06:28a Why the U.S. Should Give Its Fracking Technology to China
01:06:37a Boston bombing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged with using weapon of mass destruction
01:06:47a Recent Study Saudi Arabian Mining Company Company Profile and SWOT Analysis
01:06:56a U-M poll Too many parents give cold medicine to kids despite warnings
01:07:03a Sinn Fein leader denies rape cover-up
01:07:10a This Free Game Lets You Shoot a Holy Bow
01:07:16a Asia Gravitates to Cheap Chic
01:07:24a Stosur helps Aussies past Swiss
01:07:31a Fund Takes Stake in Microsoft
01:07:38a Poll 65 percent believe healthcare cuts unnecessary
01:07:47a British Paralympic Association announce link up with digital marketing agency
01:07:56a Punjab jail riot 3 officials injured probe ordered
01:08:03a X Factor finalist's parents' 'held'
01:08:12a Accused Boston Marathon bomber charged
01:08:19a Hats off to Robin van Persie as Manchester United clinch a 20th English title
01:08:29a FARC controls 60 percent of drug trade Colombias police chief
01:08:37a Police to release new details related to unsolved murder of Abbotsford grow-op co-owner
01:08:44a How Hong Kong can be a leader in logistics
01:08:51a Bradford under boil water notice
01:08:58a Kudrin gets no job offer during meeting with Putin
01:09:05a Soaring wage bill will cripple Ghana, says IMF
01:09:14a Italian president scolds politicians
01:09:21a Salma Agha's daughter sings for 'Aurangzeb'
01:09:28a Fort Collins offers assistance package to revitalize Foothills Mall
01:09:45a BREAKINGVIEWS-Turkish IPO market faces key test in Pegasus sale
01:09:53a After Texas Fertilizer Blast, Lawyers Stand at the Ready
01:10:00a Officials trying to keep Milford Beach open
01:10:08a Zurich Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Insurance Exchanges
01:10:17a Preacher urges Nusra Front to abandon Al-Qaeda pledge
01:10:26a Africa World Bank Gives Scaring Statistics On Annual Losses From Lack of Sanitation
01:10:33a Inside Money Austerity now was 1951 our most influential year?
01:10:41a South African Viewers Hooked on AIDS-themed Show
01:10:50a China 'detained activists' in sweep
01:10:58a Google fi
01:11:07a Church wedding out for gay law advocate
01:11:14a Tiger in bathroom Kan. woman meets escaped circus tiger in bathroom
01:11:23a Moving to Digital Voting Is Inevitable
01:11:31a Arsons Target Boise State Garage
01:11:37a Director Subu prefers theatres actors, says they save time
01:11:46a Fallen World Official Trailer
01:11:54a Zaha Hadid named Veuve Clicquot businesswoman of the year
01:12:01a Kyocera Phone for Verizon Pops Up at FCC
01:12:10a Kuwaiti judge frees ex-lawmaker awaiting prison for insulting ruler
01:12:18a Relief provisions for farmers to continue
01:12:25a El Salvador must provide pregnant woman with access to life-
01:12:32a Review Martin's banjo melds well with Brickell
01:12:39a Dutch stick with imbecilic Kings Song
01:12:48a Spain Suffers First Population Fall as Migrants Flee Crisis
01:12:56a INVESTORS SPEAK Students express opinions on investment in shares
01:13:03a ‘Teen Mom’ star Kailyn Lowry has problems with Isaac
01:13:09a VA Goes Paperless To Eliminate Claims Backlog
01:13:16a Retirees steadfast against pension changes coalition says
01:13:25a Trained nurses help rural Albertans navigate cancer
01:13:31a Foreign trampers very lucky to be found alive
01:13:38a ABB to acquire solar power firm Power-One for
01:13:46a Patients, Potential Growers Offer Ideas On Medical Marijuana Rules
01:13:52a The last dance
01:13:59a Napolitano Sworn In to Second Term in Italy
01:14:06a No Holds Barred And hate the sinner too
01:14:14a U.S. soldier pleads guilty to murdering fellow servicemen in Iraq
01:14:21a PSY's new single 'Gentleman' continues record run
01:14:29a Marlies loss brings an end to IceCaps season
01:14:38a Assistant of Justice Minister Draft Law to Regulate Demonstration
01:14:44a AP Knicks’ J.R. Smith To Win NBA’s Sixth Man Of The Year Award
01:14:51a Russia to Spend Mln on Combat Vehicle Upgrades
01:15:01a Two-thirds of Torontonians support Bombardier jets at Island airport Porter survey
01:15:08a Bill Seeks to Allow Drilling Near US Mexico Maritime Border
01:15:18a Canada thwarts 'al Qaeda-supported' passenger train plot
01:15:24a Mona Scott Young talks changes, evolving 'Love & Hip Hop NY' cast
01:15:31a Is Elizabeth Truss right about French nurseries
01:15:37a Backstreet Boys get star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
01:15:45a Two bodies discovered near Wangaratta
01:15:52a US teens doing better than public realizes survey
01:15:59a Fitch Rates Credit Bank of Moscows Subordinated Eurobonds B+
01:16:06a Autoplex Dome Bites the Dust
01:16:12a Google Now code found in Google's homepage
01:16:20a Late-Night Mission to Save Injured Bird
01:16:28a Budget watchdogs case dismissed by federal court
01:16:35a Australian population to top 23 million tonight
01:16:43a More Pain For Economic Victims
01:16:49a Juve in sight of Serie A
01:16:56a Montreal creating cycling committee
01:17:04a Government cautions Korle-Bu workers against going on strike
01:17:12a Yukon appoints new medical council
01:17:19a Ban reiterates necessity of political solution to Syrian conflict in meetings with envoy partners
01:17:27a Closing submissions in Bayliss murder trial
01:17:36a Boston Marathon bombing suspect to be tried in federal court
01:17:43a lower ahead of Chinese data
01:17:55a Organ transplant program expected to boost success rate
01:18:03a US soldier pleads guilty to murdering fellow servicemen in Iraq
01:18:14a Rescuers race against time for quake victims
01:18:24a Maharashtra traders start indefinite strike against LBT
01:18:31a Lego school promises the building blocks to successful learning
01:18:38a Factbox-Manchester Uniteds Title Wins
01:18:45a Racism – Does It Impact On Auckland As A Diverse City
01:18:52a Puerto Rican kingpin’s paramour to stay in jail
01:18:59a Emaar Misr launches phase II of Terencia at Uptown Cairo
01:19:07a Audio Fighting Terror on the Battlefield
01:19:16a Boston Suspect No “Enemy Combatant”, Rights Concerns Remain
01:19:23a Glaxo in Drug-Discovery Deal
01:19:31a Grassley Flips Out 'I Didn't Say That!' About Using Bombing to Delay Immigration Reform
01:19:40a Uganda NEMA Drafts Oil Spill Contingency Plan
01:19:47a NYPD credits 'stop & frisk' for cutting murder rate
01:19:55a Sequestration impact on combat aviation decreased readiness
01:20:03a 5-year-old boy dies in fatal wreck in central Ky
01:20:12a Rebuild Highway 75, says Manitoba Trucking Association
01:20:18a Matt Greenop Car owners must take share of responsibility
01:20:27a Germany Fines Google Over Data Collection
01:20:36a Marathon suspect charges detailed
01:20:43a London marathon thanks for a glorious day
01:20:52a Ottawa walk commemorates victims of Boston Marathon bombings
01:20:59a THE ART OF NOISE feat TOM JONES Kiss
01:21:06a Nigeria Kabiru Sokoto Arraigned Remanded in Prison
01:21:14a Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 launches in Saudi Arabia
01:21:24a Wal-Mart's CEO paid million in 2012
01:21:31a Government slams violent Soweto protest
01:21:37a Military Experts Overhaul 2 Aircraft
01:21:44a Japans talent exodus affecting ACL hopes
01:21:51a Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi serves up the ultimate dining spread for guests
01:21:59a Perelman Museum Zaha Hadid Tristin Lowe
01:22:09a Why Amazon Supports An Online Sales-Tax Bill
01:22:18a Nigeria At least 185 killed in fighting between extremists army
01:22:26a W. Virginia teen back in class after NRA t-shirt arrest
01:22:32a Biochar Fertilizer Made Easily
01:22:39a Power plan at least five years away Mighty River
01:22:48a UPDATE 1-New York City aims to ban cigarette sales to under 21s
01:22:55a Mustang students celebrate Oklahoma Land Run
01:23:03a EU 'must not dictate railway plans'
01:23:10a Deputies investigating after two homes shot overnight
01:23:18a Pacific Fleet Commander Visits USS John C. Stennis at Sea
01:23:26a Seahawks Chancellor agree to contract extension
01:23:36a Police 'Major terrorist attack' thwarted in Canada, 2 arrested
01:23:44a Attorney Widow of alleged Boston bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was clueless
01:23:52a VOTER FRAUD TRIAL Did Obama Ever Qualify For 2008 State Ballot
01:24:00a Samsung Tinkers With Mind-Controlled Tablet
01:24:06a Commission Cases Adjourned
01:24:14a Vatican official seeking Archbishop Romeros beatification says process unblocked under pope
01:24:21a Shinde says crimes against women not Delhi-centric prompt action taken
01:24:28a Wickham Not Mirandizing Boston suspect bad idea
01:24:37a Reuters editor fired over LA Times hacking incident
01:24:46a Tensions Rise Over Chechen-Ingush Border Dispute
01:24:54a Into Darkness The Art Of Troop Life In Afghanistan With Archibald Portrait Prize Winner
01:25:02a Afghan Taliban Seize Turks After Helicopter Lands
01:25:09a Amjad Ali Khan condoles Jayaramans death
01:25:15a Bus operators face conflict in Chetumal
01:25:23a Terrorists plotted to bomb train over Niagara Source
01:25:30a Shakespeares Globe opens indoor theatre to stage winters tales
01:25:37a Madison Hospital's new vein center convenient for patients
01:25:47a Supreme Court defers ruling on Italian marines till Thursday
01:25:56a Former Congressional Staffer Tries Farming in Africa
01:26:02a Ammo hot item at VV gun show
01:26:09a Man eats at 6297 Chinese restaurants
01:26:15a Iraq 10 years on Are the taps flowing?
01:26:25a Cloned Giant Redwoods Planted Around World
01:26:34a Foxwoods tribal owner inks Internet gambling deal
01:26:42a Video Obama at W.H. science fair Young inventors remind adults to do our part
01:26:50a Old White Men and Their Guns
01:26:59a Angola Athletics Federation President Eyes Olympic Medal in 2020
01:27:06a Gypsies and Zombies in the Pond Ski Competition in Krasnoyarsk
01:27:12a Fort Worth's new bike-sharing program kicks off
01:27:21a Dispelling myths about child abuse
01:28:32a Lifestyle Advice at School Not Enough for CVD Prevention
01:28:38a Greece confirms it has asked OPAP suitor to improve offer
01:28:48a Christian schools received from infrastructure fund
01:28:56a Rebetiko Concert Taps Greek Blues New Orleans Too
01:29:04a UPDATE 1-Economists cut Brazil 2013 interest rate view to 8.25 pct
01:29:12a Ambassador Czech Republic and Chechnya two very different places
01:29:18a Konttoritalo muuttuu hotelliksi Bulevardilla
01:29:25a Chinese Super League wrap Qingdao held
01:29:31a Archer ruled out of Heineken Cup semi-final
01:29:42a Over two dozen illegal Haitian immigrants captured in Exuma Cays
01:29:50a FSCJ begins looking for new president
01:29:57a A&E Promotes Top Two Executives
01:30:04a Mathematician will be responsible for putting Venezuelan inflation back on its feet
01:30:12a Americans' Science & Technology Smarts
01:30:19a Warning about ACT budget outlook
01:30:27a Bikes and books combine for World Book Night
01:30:35a UK leasing firms in government talks over FLS credit scheme
01:30:42a Nokia Wins Injunction Against HTC Over Microphone
01:30:52a Terror plot foiled by arrests in Montreal Toronto
01:30:59a Lloyds Seeks Buyer for Shipping Loans
01:31:08a 'Far Cry 3' wins big at Canadian Videogame Awards
01:31:16a Development Release FreeBSD 8.4-RC2
01:31:25a 42 million watched hunt for Boston bombing suspect
01:31:33a Business Technical Vocational Education Results Released
01:31:41a FBI No Ricin Found At Mississippi Suspect's Home, Car
01:31:50a LG builds a self-supported farming center in Ethiopia
01:31:56a Hibernating bears waking up in the Anchorage area
01:32:06a Video Boston bombing survivors recount terror at Boston
01:32:13a MUI to Subur Stop Blaspheming or Face Police
01:32:20a Pulitzer Junot Diaz nominated for another major prize
01:32:28a Alstom Officials Paid Bribes To Win Indonesian Coal Contracts
01:32:37a Blaze breaks out after training exercise at Scottish military base
01:32:44a Brazils Alupar raises million through IPO
01:32:51a Greeces Eurobank heads for state control
01:32:58a Nadal at Barcelona Open after Monte Carlo loss
01:33:06a Elizabeth Warren Bombing prosecutors must find balance
01:33:12a Traffic signal to be replaced in Portsmouth Tuesday
01:33:20a Sex offenders on the run
01:33:27a One week later, Boston remembers tragic bombings
01:33:34a Seeds and Fertilizer Key to Food Security
01:33:42a Europe’s top badminton players acknowledged at inaugural awards ceremony
01:33:49a Conditions getting worse for Lake County homes hit by landslide
01:33:56a Tom Jones Kiss feat Art Of Noise
01:34:04a BA places order for 18 Airbus A350s
01:34:11a NYPD No discriminating against redhead cops
01:34:20a Kerry to host meeting of top Afghan, Pakistani officials
01:34:28a Border Security Arms Proliferation and Terrorism in Nigeria
01:34:36a Ford revives Escort in Shanghai as mid-price compact
01:34:43a Wash. House panel OKs transportation funding plan
01:34:52a 'RTD Coffee in Slovenia' is now available at Fast Market Research
01:35:00a NY prosecutor boosting corruption probe efforts
01:35:08a Defense attorney hopes ricin suspect could be free soon
01:35:16a A’s Open Series In Boston A Week After Marathon Bombings
01:35:23a Voyage lands at Vancouver museum
01:35:30a Tanzania 65 Per Cent of Tanzanians Live Below Poverty Line
01:35:38a APGA Lawyers fight over who should represent party
01:35:46a Colombian president moves to eliminate consecutive re-election
01:35:54a Egypt’s parties argue over courts Muslim Brotherhood trying to dominate opposition says
01:36:04a Credit card billings decline
01:36:12a No Apologies Liberias Defense Chief Stands By Pre-April 12 Statement
01:36:20a China Cyberattacks Are Like A-Bombs
01:36:27a State to Decide Raila,Kalonzo Security Detail
01:36:34a Masvingo Appealing for Food Aid
01:36:43a Uli Hoenesss secret Swiss account stuns Germany
01:36:51a University of Maryland University of Jordan ink pact during delegation vist
01:36:59a Govt aiming to create 20000 manufacturing jobs
01:37:07a Hazardous waste to be collected in Lady Lake
01:37:14a Shankar not planning 'Indian 2'
01:37:22a VIDEO Prestatyn fire deaths accused testifies
01:37:30a GTA V The 12 Goals of Epsilonism
01:37:38a One Direction gets several nominations for 2013 Billboard Music Awards
01:37:47a Seahawks re-sign safety Kam Chancellor
01:37:55a Ontario budget to include funding to expand public transit in Toronto Hamilton
01:38:05a Police release thermal imaging video of bombing suspect’s capture
01:38:14a Senate votes to debate Internet tax bill
01:38:21a African Global DJ Awards honour disc jockeys
01:38:27a Man United wins 20th premier league title
01:38:34a 'Tissue and Hygiene in Guatemala' Published
01:38:42a Second suspect held over rape of girl 5 in India
01:38:49a Save Your Lungs, Don't Try The Cinnamon Challenge
01:38:57a Expert tells passengers how to recover from strike
01:39:05a Police search for hit & run driver
01:39:14a Chand takes top honours
01:39:23a Syracuse Firefighters fight planned city budget cuts
01:39:32a Ex-teacher accused of child pornography caught in Nicaragua
01:39:40a Railway bomb plot thwarted
01:39:49a Canadian police foil potential terror attack
01:39:57a Did you hear about the Boston explosion I did that
01:40:05a Report Centralizing N.C. fleet would save money
01:40:11a Juno Awards Carly Rae Jepsen big winner
01:40:20a Revere police chief speaks about suspect's arrest
01:40:27a Turkey Criticizes US Request to Delay PMs Gaza Visit
01:40:35a Pennsylvania Ave Still Closed Off After Bombing 22 Apr 2013 091651 GMT
01:40:45a Russian Presidential Council for Human Rights offers to abolish law on NGOs
01:40:55a Nigerian Red Cross At least 187 people killed when military Islamic extremists fought
01:41:04a Eritrean Film 'Aklasia' Receives Rami Award
01:41:11a New products to add jobs at GE Appliance Park
01:41:18a The last time the Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs...
01:41:24a Brewing at home 'It's super-easy to make really good coffee'
01:41:37a Abbotsford man charged in wife's hit-and-run death
01:41:47a Opinion Spectrum sale highlights management failure
01:41:53a For Facebook, Home Is Not Where the Hearts Are
01:42:01a 'I wanted to throw up,' girl tells pimp trial
01:42:09a GOP Says Cordray Can't Testify
01:42:16a Hungary OKs limit to Nazi, communist symbols
01:42:26a Boston Marathon bombing suspect formally charged in hospital room
01:42:33a DFA seeks Saudi help on hundre
01:42:41a Russian Parents Appeal Hijab Ban in Upper Court
01:42:48a Boston Lockdown 'Extraordinary' But Prudent, Experts Say
01:42:55a Palm Beach man drowns in Bahamas
01:43:03a India hopeful of Nepal elections by December
01:43:09a Maqubela trial unexpectedly postponed
01:43:18a SNC accuses Hezbollah of declaring war on Syrian people
01:43:24a Big Data For Mom-And-Pop Shops
01:43:32a Rickard Rakell's goal in 2nd OT vaults Whalers into series tie
01:43:41a Liberia, China Sign U.S.17 Million Agreement
01:43:51a Canadian police arrest two suspects in alleged bomb plot
01:43:59a Six shot dead at Russian hunting shop
01:44:07a Tom Jones & Mousse T_ Sexbomb
01:44:15a Hedge fund takes billion stake in Microsoft
01:44:25a Airlines fined for price fixing
01:44:35a Boise Cascade reports strong first quarter
01:44:43a Rural risk for sleep disorder
01:44:51a Air Canada shares lose 14 on profit slump
01:45:34a GS News Bungie We're not resting on our laurels with Destiny
01:45:42a EU agrees mortgage law to avoid more housing bubbles
01:45:49a Netflix profit gains, shares jump 19 percent
01:45:56a Prospect of tariff removals welcomed
01:46:07a Rhino conservationist dies in South Africa
01:46:16a Group to fundraise for church project
01:46:23a Margate police identify mans body found in canal
01:46:30a An Atrocity Is Revealed in China
01:46:38a Former Ala. Democratic Party head resigns, creates non-profit
01:46:47a Cambridge PD Road closures for MIT officer memorial
01:46:55a The Cuban Five Condemn Boston Attacks
01:47:02a AR-15 giveaway shut down Contest on Facbook page banned
01:47:10a Energy Mad to benefit from US programme
01:47:20a FBI Most Wanted D.C. school teacher Eric Toth captured in Nicaragua
01:47:29a Review of the iPhone on T-Mobile No Bullshit
01:47:37a Virgin America to fly between LAX and Vegas
01:47:47a Michael Jackson's doctor appeals manslaughter conviction
01:47:54a Emery Available But Will Backup Crawford In Vancouver
01:48:04a Egypt's challenge Returning home to Alexandria
01:48:11a Mercury Doles Out Le 40m To Blind Deaf Schools
01:48:19a Syria says two bishops kidnapped by rebels
01:48:27a Teen sex culture Line blurred between sex and rape
01:48:34a Moscow hopes LAS to correct its position on Syria
01:48:43a Canada Arrests Two in Al-Qaida Iran-Linked Terror Plot
01:48:50a Apple Has an Identity Crisis
01:48:58a 2 families homeless in Burlington blaze
01:49:04a Sizing up NHL playoff races
01:49:12a An Indian cinema special celebrating hundred years of the industry
01:49:21a Robert D Niro & Shia LaBeouf could be father & son in 'Spy's Kid'
01:49:30a Crown Fibre to escape unscathed in telco review
01:49:37a China Mobile profit up
01:49:45a Appeals court rejects coal permitting process
01:49:54a From garbage to 'green,' South Bend introduces lower-emitting garbage trucks
01:50:01a Uganda The Anti-Pornography Bill The Miniskirt Debate Rages On
01:50:11a 2014 trial date set for former Quebec Lt.-Gov. charged with fraud
01:50:21a Vietnam Veterans of America forming Knoxville chapter
01:50:28a CEMEX to construct 1st hotel and office complex in Tahrir Square after uprising
01:50:37a Marathon bombing suspect is charged
01:50:45a Boston Marathon Bombing Patients Likely to Live
01:50:52a Reese Witherspoon 'deeply embarrassed' about arrest; hearing rescheduled
01:51:01a Liberia Liberia Sets 2015 For Digital Migration
01:51:11a Palestinian prisoner in deal with Israel to end fast
01:51:21a Officials Bomb suspects appear driven by faith
01:51:28a Nokia Lumia 520 Sold Out at Some Retailers in China for the Second Time
01:51:36a Video Watch Mississippi River floods Mo. town
01:51:44a Young Williams asks public for pet food donations
01:51:52a Guatemala eyes OAS Secretary General post Is this bad news for Belize
01:52:00a Supreme Court declines request for audit of pink sheets
01:52:09a NFL Draft preview Kickers and Punters
01:52:17a Man appeals murder conviction after killing partner with single kick in 2008
01:52:25a John Boehner and Gang Politics
01:52:33a Service held for Stephen Lawrence
01:52:39a Flying start for Suvas new recruits
01:52:49a UPDATE 1-SP asks federal judge to dismiss U.S. fraud lawsuit
01:52:56a W.Va. teen arrested in T-shirt flap back in class
01:53:05a Haitian human rights groups call for greater accountability from UN workers
01:53:13a Blast rocks Mount Pearl neighbourhood
01:53:20a Royal NZ Ballet suffers lockout in China
01:53:29a Russia Not Happy With U.S. Missile Proposals
01:53:36a Turangi cold case jury selected
01:53:44a Data spies hunt industrial secrets
01:53:51a Texas Instruments Continues Shift
01:53:58a Syrian activists say Assad loyalists massacre 85 in Damascus suburb
01:54:07a Chinese victim of Marathon blasts remembered
01:54:14a One-North Residences, District 05, Singapore by Paexco
01:54:21a Passport seekers face problems at Ghaziabad
01:54:28a Investigators Say Man Inappropriately Touched 10-Year-Old
01:54:35a Tom Jones I'll Never Fall in Love Again HD 1080p
01:54:44a Michael Jackson doctor appeals
01:54:53a Boston cops who cuffed bomb suspect No time to be afraid
01:55:00a Schiff calls for FBI to release more info
01:55:07a Tamerlan Tsarnaev his family and a possible pull toward radicalization
01:55:15a Planned opt-out from EU law and order measures threatens Britains security
01:55:23a Uttar Pradesh has no money to fund school exams
01:55:30a Study Mushrooms Can Help Dieters
01:55:39a House OKs compensation for wrongful convictions
01:55:47a Breaking News Boston Bomb Victims Remembered In Silence
01:55:54a Tributes paid to respected businessman
01:56:02a Jailed Kurdish rebel leader orders withdrawal from Turkey
01:56:10a Photo of tornado over Lawton is said to be fake
01:56:20a Stepmother and father locked children in cellar
01:56:27a After rape of 5-year-old girl, India debates even stricter punishments
01:56:35a Boy lands third bull shark with hand reel
01:56:43a Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center approves new contract
01:56:51a Truck runs off road, damages Norfolk inn
01:56:59a DNA came from beanie, trial jury told
01:57:07a Warner stole FFA donation reports
01:57:16a Dexter wastewater treatment plant explosion kills one, injures another
01:57:24a Barrick puts Australian gold mines up for sale source
01:57:31a Zaha Hadid with Ricardo Karam 2002
01:57:40a Bills banning Sharia law get mixed reaction in Florida
01:57:47a Soccer Star Chomps On Fellow Player
01:57:55a Chicago reviewing emergency plan after Boston
01:58:02a Education ministry planning measures for H7N9 cases in China
01:58:10a Ban shocked and saddened by civilian deaths in Nigeria violence
01:58:18a Israel Turkey find way forward on flotilla money
01:58:26a Moscow Court Issues Warrant for Magnitsky Boss Browder
01:58:34a Longmont water purification company receives patent
01:58:41a I.A.E.A. Says Fukushima Plant Operator Should Prepare Better
01:58:50a Government for road safety awareness in schools
01:58:58a Mineral Laws Under Review
01:59:07a North Korea asks Mongolia for food aid
01:59:14a Pope is asked to make celibacy for priests optional
01:59:23a Gun bill's failure may help immigration legislation
01:59:32a London Grid for Learning delivers WiFi and VoIP to 2000 schools
01:59:41a Prosecutors Seek 45-Year Sentence For Family Research Council Shooter Floyd Lee Corkins
01:59:49a UPDATE 2-China says new bird flu case found in northeast
01:59:58a Tecate Launches New Ad Campaign For Spanish-Speaking U.S. Consumers
02:00:05a Peers call for Iraq report urgency
02:00:12a Probation for former Miss Delaware Teen USA
02:00:18a LSU ranked number 2 in this week's baseball polls
02:00:25a Ulster Bank to charge current account fees from July
02:00:34a Kenya Over 100 arrested in massive Garissa police crackdown
02:00:41a Finance PSBank posts record income
02:00:49a Missing April Jones Police Search Called Off
02:00:58a Multi-Vehicle And Ride-On Bus Crash In Montgomery COunty 22 Apr 2013 135743 GMT
02:01:05a Namibia Set for Zone 6 Golf Championships
02:01:14a Operation Hang Up targets drivers on phones
02:01:24a Loudon County Bomb Squad At Scene of Suspicious Package 22 Apr 2013 162214 GMT
02:02:10a U.S. justices conflicted over AIDS funding case
02:02:17a Helen Twose Deductions can cause confusion
02:02:23a Miliband on the soap box
02:02:30a Analyzing the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev criminal complaint
02:02:39a Rwanda Local NGO to Prevent Hippos From Attacking People in Ndenga
02:02:46a Another Search for WMD
02:02:57a US Woman Learned her Husband was Boston Bombing Suspect on TV Lawyer
02:03:05a Russia criticizes US reports on human rights
02:03:14a Rats shut down Fukushima reactor... again
02:03:23a Ottawa backs off on plan to claw back danger pay overpayments to soldiers
02:03:29a MDC Meets ZEC
02:03:36a Just want to hear her voice says mother of four-year-old rape survivor in Nagpur
02:03:46a Report Driver In Fatal Texas Bus Crash Says He May Have Blacked Out
02:03:53a Saudi man beheaded for murder 35th execution this year
02:04:00a For Tsarnaev Brothers Family Model Broke Down
02:04:08a Gizmox raises led by Atlas moves HQ from Israel to Boston
02:04:18a FBI Bombing suspect used cellphone before blast
02:04:26a Mental health concerns for Christchurch
02:04:32a Batelco gets ready for roadshow
02:04:40a Canadian Jewish News to stop publishing
02:04:47a Nike pulls Boston Massacre T-shirts
02:04:56a Canada to announce arrests after thwarting major terrorist attack CBC
02:05:05a Ex-Defense Minister Charged in Greek Bribe Case
02:05:13a Vietnamese City Takes Steps to Prevent H7N9 Bird Flu
02:05:22a Million March Against Child Abuse
02:05:29a Suspect arrested for trying to rob Bessemer YMCA
02:05:37a Firefighter won't be charged after alleged threats
02:05:45a Netanyahu names three main challenges for Israel
02:05:53a Ventura police investigate shooting of 20-year-old man
02:06:02a Watchful Software to Demonstrate Award-Winning Security Technologies at Infosecurity Europe 2013
02:06:11a FIFA president World Cup the latest Twitter accounts to be hacked
02:06:19a Toronto guitarist jams with Prince
02:06:26a Boston nurses tell of bloody marathon aftermath/t
02:06:35a Shanghai auto show a spectacle of lavish displays, even fashion shows
02:06:43a Police Domestic dispute led to rampage that left 5 dead
02:06:50a Are Canadian kids undervaccinated Or is it that we just don’t know
02:06:58a Ricin accused appears in court
02:07:07a Church head, on bank reform panel, calls for a bank breakup
02:07:15a Eritrean pilot goes to fetch defectors ends up defecting
02:07:25a Former Kentucky Agriculture Secretary Richie Farmer indicted
02:07:33a OAS Leader Receives Foreign Minister of Trinidad and Tobago
02:07:40a Four Cargill workers die in Brazil
02:07:48a Hawaii's Linked Lava Lakes Looking Lively
02:07:55a Nigeria We Want Amnesty, Niger Delta Oil Bunkerers Tell FG
02:08:04a Daycare and church targeted in hate crime
02:08:11a Michigan SAG-AFTRA office to close
02:08:18a Strong Bissa mine output helps Nord Gold chalk 18pc rise in Q1 output
02:08:25a BOT will wait a little longer before taking action Paiboon
02:08:34a Boston Bombing Suspect Charged in Hospital
02:08:42a Log prices up on Chinese and US demand
02:08:49a Not an easy case to prosecute Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs legal road ahead
02:08:56a B.C. Liberals spend-o-meter takes aim at NDP promises
02:09:05a Anti-Immigrant Attacks Spur Florence Artists to Action
02:09:14a 'Because of Medgar Evers' Share thoughts on slain civil rights leader
02:09:23a Radioactive water leak feared at Japan nuke p
02:09:32a EMERGING MARKETS-Brazil stocks rise on OGX stake speculation
02:09:39a EIT rates highly for research
02:09:46a Vanguard’s reporter Rosemary Onuoha wins Citibank’s journalists’ awards
02:09:54a Over 100 dead in capture of Syria town
02:10:01a Selena Gomez's friends furious about Bieber reconciliation
02:10:08a Mass. awarded in f
02:10:17a Terror plot to attack New York-Toronto railroad thwarted in Canada
02:10:24a Obama Science Fair 'Is Really Cool'
02:10:32a Egyptian President Changes Stance Regarding Syria
02:10:39a Kenya Gift that man eagerly wants to hand Kibaki
02:10:48a Officials delay policy allowing small knives on planes
02:10:55a Suspected clan lab explodes
02:11:03a Cuban Cyclists to Pan American in Mexico
02:11:11a Greece Injured fruit pickers get state protection
02:11:21a Major drug raid in South Buffalo home
02:11:29a In Iraq, Sunnis Halt Work, Boycott Schools In Protest
02:11:36a Airline delays mount as FAA furloughs kick in
02:11:47a Boston bomb suspect charged, could face death sentence
02:11:57a 187 Reported Dead in Northern Nigeria Fighting
02:12:05a Internationals Drawn to Nine Day Mountain Bike Race
02:12:15a Obama celebrates young inventors at White House science fair
02:12:22a 2nd man held over rape of Indian girl
02:12:29a 1 more poultry sample tested H7N9 positive
02:12:38a Italian president demands deal on govt
02:12:46a Strength of Ford Q1 results to come from North America
02:12:55a Rwanda Men & Women Beach V-Ball Teams Qualify for World Cup
02:13:03a Canada terror plot
02:13:12a Mississippi farmers invest in soybean education, research
02:13:19a Trident replacement plans are based on outdated ideas says former minister
02:13:27a Alpharetta Kindergartners Skype with Costa Rican Peers
02:13:34a Mo. House panel looking into welfare contract
02:13:43a How's Earth's Health? New Network to Keep Tabs
02:13:50a No delays at Okla. airports as furloughs start
02:13:58a Tun Urges Teachers Not to Sign Warning Letters
02:14:04a Headlines for April 22, 2013
02:14:15a Insurgents hold nine foreigners in Afghanistan after helicopter makes emergency landing
02:14:24a Mexican Parents Plan Classes as Strikes Grow
02:14:31a Bat Yam mayor indicted
02:14:40a Councilmembers make plea to keep Craig as Cincinnati police chief
02:14:49a Kan. woman meets circus tiger in bathroom
02:14:56a Arab League rejects Ban call to end Syria arms supplies
02:15:06a Briton denies murder of US ex-Marine in Thailand
02:15:15a Gunmen abduct bishops in Syria
02:15:22a Opinion MPs free to look for better paying jobs
02:15:32a A talented artist and now accused bombers wife
02:15:38a MFWA Holds Consultation Meeting With Local Governance Partners in Tamale
02:15:45a County planners to host Marina del Rey 'visioning' meeting
02:15:53a Drug Recall Involves 91 Batches
02:16:01a Sierra Leone OFID Sign Loan Pact for Fourah Bay College
02:16:09a Opinion Get our health system off life support Mr Uhuru
02:16:18a Lebanese Hizbollah leading Assad offensive in Syria
02:16:29a Boston bombings Tamerlan Tsarnaev didnt fit into Islamic world says aunt
02:16:39a Caller threatens Idaho exchange board with lawsuit
02:16:46a Angola Ratifies Commitment to Peace in Africa
02:16:54a VIDEO Happy goats How animal rehab works
02:17:02a Butch Morgan election fraud trial begins
02:17:11a GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares steady China flash HSBC PMI eyed
02:17:21a Toronto manhunt launched for violent bank robbery suspects
02:17:28a Letters Lords must oppose EU crime opt-out
02:17:36a Vatican Romero Saint Effort 'Unblocked'
02:17:43a Virgin pounce on Tiger approved by ACCC
02:17:52a Lawyers deny ex-Atlanta schools chief in scheme
02:18:06a Video Second arrest made in India after five-year-old girl raped
02:18:13a They wouldnt let me leave girl tells pimp trial
02:18:21a Hundreds protest against bylaw outside Montreal city hall
02:18:29a Biden to attend MIT police memorial
02:18:36a Soccer ref alleges on-field assault left him impotent
02:18:43a Supreme Court live telecast who is paying for it?
02:18:50a PSD volunteer ranks grew considerably over past decade
02:18:59a State Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Death Penalty's Repeal
02:19:07a Bill Jeopardizes Tax-Free Web Shopping
02:19:14a Court in Kazan to start hearing into ship Bulgaria disaster May 6
02:19:21a Authorities
02:19:29a Accused fit for trial court told
02:19:36a revenue hit foreseen for MRP
02:19:43a Politics Vetting team ready as Cabinet takes shape
02:19:52a Clay deputy on leave after DUI crash charge
02:19:59a Raja writes to Chacko YOU leaked 2G draft report
02:20:07a Asian Champions League Talent exodus makes it tough on Japan
02:20:15a Help sought for money laundering guidelines
02:20:23a Afghanistan Iraq and the Futile American War
02:20:29a Public Opinion is Needed for Bike and Pedestrian Path Plan
02:20:38a Iran North Korea to Dominate Nuclear Non-Proliferation Talks
02:20:46a Copper Slips as Goldman Cuts Price Outlook
02:20:54a China North Korea Could Carry Out Fourth Nuclear Test
02:21:02a Livonia doctor, 5 others accused of pain pill prescription fraud
02:21:11a Donegal man who abused young children jailed for 12 years
02:21:19a A cuppa at the Pole our walking wounded tell Prince Harry
02:21:27a 0014 Saudi Arabia may change weekend to Friday and Saturday
02:21:34a EBRD to Make Case for Russia in N.Y.
02:21:42a Rwanda No Democracy Without Development Kagame
02:21:53a Bombing might provide leads in 2011 slaying
02:22:02a Muslim immigrants find welcome in Catholic Ireland
02:22:10a US bid to seize jet from African official denied
02:22:18a Vuln Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-5060 Remote Security Vulnerability
02:22:26a Is Apple CEO Tim Cook Up For Replacement? Likely Not
02:22:35a Taliban Captures 11 in Eastern Afghanistan
02:22:42a Hydatids rules changes proposed
02:22:49a MDOT removes Fulton St. Bridge debris
02:22:57a Pollution Is Radically Changing Childhood in Chinas Cities
02:23:05a VV shooting drill prepares deputies, students, staff
02:23:12a Khloe Kardashian 'The X Factor' days are over Fox confirms hosting change
02:23:20a Bernanke to miss conference, hints at resignation
02:23:28a Opinion Sustainable floods control by eco-villages approach
02:23:37a Nicaragua nabs most-wanted U.S. child porn suspect
02:23:47a Boston Marathon Bombings Suspect 'Wanted to Stay in Russia Reading the Quran'
02:23:54a ‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry denies pregnancy, says she’s ‘just fat’
02:24:01a Watch Radio Host Tells Newtown Families 'Go to Hell'
02:24:09a Budget writers won't vote for Medicaid expansion
02:24:17a Iranian Spy Arrested with False Israeli Passport
02:24:26a Boston bombing victim 'I had a guardian angel'
02:24:34a Watch French Alps avalanche caught on video
02:24:43a Global fund managers bullish on outlook for Thailand, other emerging markets HSBC
02:24:51a Russia has recession ‘safety blanket’ Putin
02:24:59a Shanghai on the road to profit for Europes carmakers
02:25:07a Bird flu cases rise to 104 with 21 deaths in China
02:25:14a Silent Hill Can Prosper Again, Says Former Game Director
02:25:22a ‘Saints Row IV’ pre-orders get free commander in chief edition bonuses
02:25:31a Sheriff Man escaped jail called in bomb threat
02:25:40a Canada nabs two in alleged Qaeda-backed train plot
02:25:49a Popular State Senator Enters New Haven Mayoral Race
02:25:57a Orlando Bloom signs with British Airways
02:26:05a Obama Hosts Third Annual White House Science Fair
02:26:12a Canada thwarts plot to blow up US-Canada rail line
02:26:20a States answer help wanted ad to b
02:26:27a Mamata to hold meeting over Saradha scam
02:26:36a Spain population shrinks amid economic crisis, soaring unemployment
02:26:53a Off-road accident near Blackville injures 2 men
02:27:01a Government link suspected in attack on Darfur peacekeepers
02:27:09a Teen's NRA Shirt 'Almost Incites Riot' at Middle School
02:27:17a Overturning seal ban wont create markets industry insiders say
02:27:24a Senior-Centered Hospital Care Boosts Outcomes
02:27:32a Emerging Asia Japan ETFs And The Correlation Myth
02:27:40a Two arrested in Canada terror plot
02:27:49a Kenya Unresolved murders point to failed systems says Tobiko
02:27:56a Economy P1.5 billion released for ARMM infra
02:28:05a Heavy fighting in northeast Nigeria death toll unclear
02:28:12a Monitoring Software Zabbix 2.0.6 Final Is Available for Download
02:28:19a Akhilesh calls for third front
02:28:28a A talented artist and now, bombing suspect's wife
02:28:37a Afghan Coalition Forces Arrest Insurgents During Searches
02:28:45a South Africa Minister Motshekga Is Amazed At the Sadtu's Continued Action
02:28:52a Tanning salon 'too fat' 230-lb. weight limit per unwritten tan bed policy
02:29:00a Jameson Select Reserve Irish Whiskey Ireland
02:29:07a green project breaks ground
02:29:15a Evans' rape bill clears state Senate
02:29:22a Labour pouncing on Mighty River sale analyst
02:29:30a UPDATE 1-In Paraguay a rich conservative must tackle poverty
02:29:38a Qualcomm founder gives to NYC tech school
02:29:46a Obama will host Senate women at W.H. dinner Tuesday
02:29:56a Children using legal highs youth worker
02:30:04a Removing manager was right thing to do, says Nalcor
02:30:11a Allana Completes Mining Application
02:30:21a Israel airline strike ends after government El Al forge deal
02:30:28a Walker says he won't reduce funding request for UW
02:30:36a Finally an Ambulance for Bong County District Four Lawmaker Answers to Needy Call
02:30:43a Rajya Sabha members seek more stringent anti-rape laws
02:30:50a Baton Rouge suing BP for million in losses
02:30:57a Unions urge no further delay in X legislation
02:31:06a GSK to partner with venture capital firm for drug discovery
02:31:15a GMR submits documents to bid for Philippines airport
02:31:22a Airtel Meets All Nigerian Regulator Performance Indicators
02:31:30a Man wanted for questioning in sexual battery on LSU campus
02:31:38a Israel, US finalize bn arms deal
02:31:44a CABG Has Slim Edge over PCI for Survival
02:31:52a Sen. Flake Lied To Shooting Victim's Mother - In Writing
02:31:59a Nation Gov't bids for time on deal
02:32:07a Richland School Counselors Help Carmichael Students Cope with Loss
02:32:13a Netflix adds 2 million US subscribers in 1Q
02:32:24a Nigeria Rape Victim Remanded, Suspect Granted Bail By Lagos Court
02:32:32a KDE's Future Will be Wayland
02:32:39a Kumasi Airport Goes International By 2016
02:32:47a Press Federation criticizes draft media law
02:32:58a Downtown BIZ doles out to combat homelessness
02:33:06a Proposed U.S. border-crossing fee for Canadians draws anger
02:33:15a Capital Area Transit System CEO resigns
02:33:25a Eighth World Economic Forum on Latin America to focus on regions promising future
02:33:31a Bikini ban on RAKs public beaches
02:33:41a Government blocks Shell paying Iran oil debt in food medicine
02:33:48a FBI No ricin found in home of Mississippi suspect
02:33:58a Longmont police Arson destroys one vehicle damages a second on Sunday
02:34:04a Pink too ill to perform
02:34:13a Video Midwest bracing for more flooding
02:34:21a CBOE May Retire From Police Beat
02:34:29a Firefighters encounter bears at Calif. brush blaze
02:34:38a Glenn Beck Reveals Controversial Intel on Saudi National Once Suspect in Boston Bombings
02:34:48a Pittsburgh area man arrested on child pornography charges
02:34:55a Feds dismiss 97th West Valley case
02:35:02a Chaz Bono I've Lost 60 Lbs.
02:35:10a Haryana rape victim's family attempts suicide, two dead
02:36:16a A Mother's Murder, After a Life Adrift
02:36:24a Iran, North Korea to Dominate Nuclear Non-Proliferation Talks
02:36:32a Second accused nabbed; parliament debates rising rapes, depravity
02:36:40a Fugitive on F.B.I.’s 10 Most Wanted List Arrested in Nicaragua
02:36:48a Gas prices to rise in NSW
02:36:56a Firefighters encoun
02:37:03a Turkeys Isbank raises mln at 3.55 pct through eurobond tap
02:37:12a Arson suspected in Victorville house fire
02:37:20a Penguin seeks to settle EU e-book antitrust prob
02:37:29a Chilling message from Boston bombing suspect 'I did that'
02:37:37a UN chief congratulates Iraqis on successful local elections
02:37:45a School resumes after Texas blast but towns frustration grows
02:37:54a First funeral of Boston bombing victim takes place
02:38:01a Facebook Home passes 500,000 downloads
02:38:10a Russian Drone Crashes In Kazakhstan
02:38:17a Russian Warship 'Spots' Foreign Sub on Exercise
02:38:26a Terrorism 'real threat' in Canada Toews
02:38:33a Cannes Critics’ Week Unveils Lineup
02:38:41a Keep U.K. media rules out of U.S. Column
02:38:49a Cardiff beach evacuated after military ordnance found
02:38:58a Governor Signs Away His Authority To Choose New Regents President
02:39:08a Boston suspect won't be treated as enemy combatant White House
02:39:16a Kansas Human Trafficking Measure Signed In To Law
02:39:24a UPDATE 1-Ralph Lauren to pay mln to resolve Argentine bribery case
02:39:35a Engineer faces charges in deadly Ontario mall collapse
02:39:42a I committed a big mistake, says second gang-rape accused
02:39:48a Beans do wonders for soil
02:39:56a Kenya Kenya Do Double Dutch
02:40:04a Indian Mujahideen involvement likely in Bangalore blast sleuths
02:40:11a Former chief of staff to break silence on Michele Bachmann
02:40:19a 'Payment Card Competitor Tracker February 2013' Published
02:40:29a Iran threat looming U.S. ups arms sales to Israel
02:40:35a Art exhibit 'shifts perceptions'
02:40:45a Senate advances electricity refund proposal
02:40:52a ValueAct Buys Billion Stake in Microsoft Reuters
02:41:00a Do Good Detroit Community science night
02:41:07a Commodity Trading Floors Not Popular in Vietnam
02:41:16a Boston Marathon bombing suspect charged
02:41:25a Survivors of Belgian bus crash flown home to Russia
02:41:32a Kenya Ahmednasir blames Sheikh Khans killing on land injustice
02:41:42a Iowa senator, critic of same-sex relationships, will lunch with gay lawmaker
02:41:49a Ageing China migrants a major concern
02:41:57a Nigerian LNG says lifted force majeure on liquefied gas exports
02:42:05a European stocks waver
02:42:14a Dundon refused bail ahead of violent disorder appeal
02:42:24a Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged in hospital hearing
02:42:30a 6 Things Banned From Front Yards
02:42:38a Analyst Carriers Set to Blank More Asia-Europe Services
02:42:52a GM to close Opel plant in Germany
02:42:59a Pup named Huckleberry crowned 'Beautiful Bulldog'
02:43:07a Hartford Council Votes To End Bonus Program
02:43:14a Al Neuharth My life was a lark, so kudos to you all
02:43:23a Wall Street wants brokers' private Facebook posts on stock trades
02:43:32a Police 2 Suspects Arrested For PG County Murder 22 Apr 2013 205722 GMT
02:43:39a Tom Jones Mid-eighties LIVE FULL Concert RARE
02:43:45a Mass. rapist caught in
02:43:55a Man arrested in connection with Salem shooting death
02:44:02a 1on1 Earth Day 2013, Environmentalist David Radcliff
02:44:10a Court Does ex- or current wife get money
02:44:17a Chuck Hagel Tries To Win Back Some Friends In Israel
02:44:24a Celtic retains Scottish title
02:44:31a Everett-based destroyer Momsen deploying
02:44:38a Anzac commander's London grave restored
02:44:45a Bild Götze transfers to Bayern Munich
02:44:52a B.C. NDP vows to scrap Pacific Carbon Trust as Liberals tout balanced budget
02:45:01a Israel, US finalize billion arms deal
02:45:08a Potential post-election problems emerge
02:45:17a Condor Resources Inc. Drilling Update on the Cristal Project in Northern Chile
02:45:25a Ashmore Global Opportunities Ltd Annual Financial Report
02:45:31a ATT top corporate donor to Obama inauguration with
02:45:40a Detectives continue search for Daisy Taylor's killer
02:45:49a RoundCube Webmail 'href' Email Body HTML-injection Vulnerability
02:45:57a Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 Officially Introduced in Saudi Arabia
02:46:04a Taiwan holds live-fire drill in Spratlys official
02:46:13a In Nigeria Attack, Militants' Firepower Bolstered
02:46:22a US Air Force top guns beat off competition in NSA hacking fight
02:46:30a ITC Invalidates Motorola Patent in Case vs. Apple
02:46:36a Putin Calls on Government to Boost Growth
02:46:43a Yahoo to shutter China email service in August
02:46:52a NASA to Webcast Lyrid Meteor Shower Tonight Watch It Live
02:46:58a Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to be compared to others
02:47:06a Iraqi vote key to stability, envoy says
02:47:13a Unearthing The Complete And Total Disaster That Was 'The Chevy Chase Show'
02:47:22a Europe close Stocks mixed as Italy President elected
02:47:31a Defusing terror Luxury rehab for al-Qaida prisoners in Saudi Arabia
02:47:39a Glenn Beck Comes Up With Most Absurd Conspiracy Theory About Boston
02:47:46a In macroeconomics ideas are more powerful than facts
02:47:53a Tobago PNM stands behind Mall Tenants
02:48:00a While you were sleeping Wall Street boost propelled by Microsoft and Caterpillar
02:48:07a Mamata blames Left and Centre for Saradha mess
02:48:14a Earth Days good news Column
02:48:25a Saudi Arabia Trial of Saudi rights lawyer highlights legal systems failings
02:48:33a Troicki beats Matosevic in Romania tennis
02:48:40a Vegies and chilli paste key to a long life
02:48:47a Travel expert tells passengers on best options
02:48:54a In India luxury car makers chase the young female and frugal
02:49:02a ACCC approves Virgins Tiger acquisition
02:49:09a CSN Irish class of 2011 in spotlight in 2013
02:49:16a Bell Proves He's a Dingaling Who belongs in Arkansas
02:49:24a Police dog restitution bill approved
02:49:32a Youth more lonely than elderly report
02:49:40a Philly cook gets 15 months over bogus plane threat
02:49:48a Greek Debt Down Deficit Up
02:49:56a 14-Year-Old Escapes After Abduction In Md. 22 Apr 2013 193553 GMT
02:50:03a ValueAct takes 2 billion Microsoft stake
02:50:12a Volvo Gives People Money To Have Fun In New Campaign
02:50:21a Safeway re-stocks produce after warehouse leak
02:50:29a The Remarkable Story Behind the First Movie Shot Entirely in Saudi Arabia
02:50:36a Local rice to get new quality certification logo
02:50:45a Child protection services in New Zealand take baby away from Russian family
02:50:53a Cisco and Saudia Set Up Networking Academy in KAEC
02:51:01a Teen arrested over NRA shirt returns to class
02:51:09a Oracle MySQL CVE-2013-1502 Local MySQL Server Vulnerability
02:51:18a Former Reform MP Deb Grey named to spy watchdog committee
02:51:26a Sex And The Silly The Greek Porn Project
02:51:35a RCMP Alleged terror plot in Canada backed by al Qaeda 2 arrested
02:51:43a Government U-turn on defamation bill heralds libel reform victory
02:51:50a Why Papadopoulou Biscuits Are Different
02:51:59a In Nigeria, Clash With Militants Kills Scores
02:52:09a Emerald Networks Announces Execution of Landing Party Agreement with Mayo County Council in Ireland
02:52:16a Spurs down Man City United close on title
02:52:25a Mamata Banerjee blames centre for chit fund scam in West Bengal latest developments
02:52:33a Housing market may be picking up more inquiries made to advisors
02:52:41a Israeli delegation has good talks in Ankara
02:52:51a Bomb suspect charged, may face death sentence
02:52:58a Bombing Suspect Regains Consciousness
02:53:05a Napolitano takes oath, scolds squabbling politicians in Italy
02:53:13a Vasu critical with the Police and Thondaman
02:53:20a Youth training workshop a success
02:53:29a DC Still On Alert After Boston Bombings Arrest 22 Apr 2013 192119 GMT
02:53:39a Italian president chastises country's politicians
02:54:07a Sichuan earthquake Chinas government praised for swifter reaction than 2008 quake
02:54:15a Forest peace crisis talks
02:54:23a More guns and gay marriage Column
02:54:32a Family mourns loss of Tellico Plains man killed by impaired driver
02:54:41a Asia Markets Australia stocks lead Asia before China data
02:54:51a Boston bomb suspect's wife was talented RI artist
02:54:59a Panel Blocks CFPB's Chief
02:55:06a Another title for Man U
02:55:15a Warner resigns from Trinidad and Tobago Government after damning CONCACAF report
02:55:24a China NK to hold talks on nuclear crisis media report
02:55:32a Second-Guessing George W. Bush
02:55:40a 2 dead 500 affected marks start to Colombias rainy season
02:55:47a British Airways buying big on Airbus A350
02:55:55a Public feedback wanted on Healthy Living Masterplan
02:56:02a Nicaragua Catches Man on US Most Wanted List
02:56:10a The Connected Desktop - With Ubuntu Linux
02:56:18a Dempsey Urges More Strategic Dialogue Between China U.S.
02:56:28a FARC Controls 60 Percent of Drug Trade-Colombias Police Chief
02:56:37a At least 10 injured in Ivory Coast in post-election riots
02:56:44a Namibia Nurses Did What They Could
02:56:52a Wade persued over unpaid bill
02:57:01a Four Ways The Media Failed In Covering The Boston Bombings, And One Reason Why
02:57:09a America has stake in world events Pakistan instance
02:57:18a Venezuela threatens oil trade measures in vote row with US
02:57:27a Report Published 'Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Italy'
02:57:36a Canadian authorities thwart terror attack
02:57:43a Roman holiday
02:57:50a Carriers Buy More Fuel-Efficient Jets
02:57:58a Is there a doctor in the house In Pakistan quite possibly
02:58:06a Lufthansa flight to Denver caught in strike
02:58:15a Rhino conservationist who helped found Kenya game reserve dies in South Africa
02:58:23a Van Persie treble fires United to 20th title
02:58:30a Weiner back two years after lewd tweets
02:58:38a Urban Green Spaces Provide Boon To City Dwellers’ Mental Health
02:58:46a HRW Muslims Face ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ In Myanmar
02:58:53a Mid-Range HTC 608t Emerges with Quad-Core CPU, Jelly Bean
02:59:01a B.C. NDP pushes carbon tax as Liberals tout balanced budget
02:59:10a Boston bombing will boost U.S. support for Israel
02:59:19a Mississippi River barge traffic resumes near St. Louis-Coast Guard
02:59:28a Ghana one of the leading mobile money markets worldwide
02:59:35a Directorate of Revenue Intelligence notice to Lalit Modi for Rs 18.5 crore duty evasion
02:59:44a ‘Dozens’ killed in fierce Nigeria gun fighting
02:59:52a 3 Doors Down cancels appearance at Jacksonville festival
03:00:01a Stennis Strike Group Arrives in Hawaii
03:00:09a Iranian using fake Israeli passport nabbed in Nepal
03:00:18a Uranium exports mooted across Great Barrier Reef
03:00:25a Greek Peak officially under new ownership
03:00:32a Cement manufacturers want to sell themselves to foreigners
03:00:40a Hong Kong deal for SA koalas
03:00:48a APEC Reaffirms Importance of Trade
03:00:55a SPC MD 551
03:01:03a Briton drowns on Spanish golfing holiday
03:01:11a Italian President Napolitano tell politicians they have got to act
03:01:18a Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke hints at departure
03:01:26a Hasbro's results beat expectations
03:01:34a INTERVIEW-EU aid chief warns of risks of spreading Syria crisis
03:01:43a Fitch Port Sale Positive for New South Wales
03:01:50a Napolitano sworn in for second term
03:02:00a Nikkei seen rising on optimism over economic outlook, Wall St gains
03:02:07a Car, Box Truck Collide in Alexandria
03:02:15a Turn to Religion Split Suspects' Home
03:02:23a Study Don't Pressure Kids to Clean Their Plate
03:02:31a Female impersonators to compete in Key West drag race
03:02:38a New SPANX slip is here!
03:02:47a Immigrants leaving Spain
03:02:54a Tanning salon refuses woman for being 'too fat'
03:03:02a Defending Shakespeare from doubters
03:03:10a Japan Stimulus Strategy Gets G20 Blessing
03:03:19a Southwest Airlines AirTran Airways Join Cargo Networks
03:03:28a Chile says burned Chinese ship sinks in Antarctic
03:03:36a Police Hospital is prepared for emergencies
03:03:44a Foreigners held in Afghanistan
03:03:55a Arab escapee is person of interest in bomb threats
03:04:02a ECC Gets Technology Upgrade
03:04:10a U.S. Ambassador to Canada Your kindness will long be remembered
03:04:19a Syrian Rebels 500 Dead in Damascus Suburb Offensive
03:04:26a Ed Balls my 2013 London marathon
03:04:34a Chinas external financial assets hit
03:04:41a SEC Will Have Two Share Enforcer Role
03:04:49a Havana Residents Trying to Protect Apartment From High Waters
03:04:58a Well catch Stephen Lawrences killers Top cops vow on 20th anniversary of murder
03:05:05a Ashrose studs in new hands
03:05:15a Texas House proposes Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Board
03:05:24a Chicago May Update Emergency Plans In Wake Of Boston Terror Attack
03:05:34a Mass. gov Video shows bomb suspect dodging blast
03:05:43a Leahy Chastises Those Linking Boston Bombings, Immigration 22 Apr 2013 103850 GMT
03:05:51a Criminal Complaint Document Against Bombing Suspect
03:06:00a Supporters Don't link immigration bill to Boston
03:06:07a News Summary NYC mulls raising age for cigarettes
03:06:17a Paraguay millionaire president-elect apologizes for gay slurs speaks highly of Venezuela
03:06:26a NY brothers million lottery theft trial starts
03:06:34a Trampers yet to be interviewed by police
03:06:41a Thatcher's funeral View from above
03:06:48a Scolari Its either Kaka or Ronaldinho for Brazil
03:06:56a Court Upholds Right to Appeal Election Results
03:07:03a Allman Brothers, Grace Potter to play Farm Bureau
03:07:11a Chinas carmakers wrestle with competition
03:07:21a US lawmaker in sexting scandal opens new Twitter account
03:07:29a Robert De Niro & Shia LaBoeuf
03:07:37a SA Liberals to scrap car park tax
03:07:44a EU Eases Syria Sanctions to Help Opposition
03:07:54a Woman Who Killed Husband Jailed for 17 Years
03:08:03a Boom or what Dubai property sees 16 months of price rise
03:08:09a Mallinga's Widow to Run for Butebo Seat
03:08:17a Pagels names squad for Zambia friendly
03:08:26a John Kerry to Meet With Afghan and Pakistani Leaders
03:08:35a Two Bahrainis Appointed To Asian Bodybuilding Federation
03:08:42a Bulk carrier handed over to Italy
03:08:50a Bail for workers accused of brutal assault
03:08:58a Shoney's Closes Two Valley Locations Monday
03:09:07a Kerry to host Afghan, Pakistan talks
03:09:15a Jets Ladd named NHL first star of the week
03:09:22a Gov. Cuomo ready to work with New York's troubled cities
03:09:29a Never has the City of Light been such heavy work
03:09:37a FBI most-wanted child porn suspect caught in Nicaragua
03:09:48a Six people dead in random shooting in southwest Russia
03:09:57a Apples top group's list of pesticide-carrying produce
03:10:05a Wind energy sales trip up Woodward, but net sales grow 4%
03:10:15a New Medical Device Report North America Endoscopy Devices Market Outlook to 2019
03:10:22a 4MLinux Server Edition 6.0 Gets a New HTTP Server
03:10:30a Korkaew's bail request rejected
03:10:38a Up to 500 feared dead in Damascus suburb mostly civilians
03:10:45a Ainakin 180 kuollut islamistien ja armeijan taistelussa Nigeriassa
03:11:51a VIDEO Archbishop's warning over economy
03:11:58a Farmers blockade Morrisons depot
03:12:06a Another body pulled out of collapsed mine at Kyekyewere
03:12:15a Market Report, 'Mexico Shipping Report Q2 2013', published
03:12:23a Left Front, Trinamool clash over chit fund mess
03:12:34a Pilot program to help support families
03:12:42a New Madagascar dinosaur species had tiny arms
03:12:52a Dead Boston bombing suspect disrupted mosque
03:13:03a Obama first lady travelling to Texas to memorial service for plant explosion victims
03:13:13a Texas fertiliser explosion Dozens of pets abandoned in chas are reunited with owners
03:13:20a Africa A Call for History Makers
03:13:30a B.C. Mountie cleared of assault of First Nations teen
03:13:40a Manitoba Musicians Perform to Raise Funds for Haitian Students
03:13:48a Nigeria Indelible Memories of India's Golden Beach
03:13:55a Lauryn Hill tax evasion sentencing delayed
03:14:04a Officials Boston bomb suspects appear driven by faith
03:14:12a After Quake Chinese Donors Seek Out Private Charities
03:14:21a Canada Charges Two Men in Terror Plot
03:14:30a Military quake relief efforts show Xi in command
03:14:39a Activists 500 feared dead in rebellious Damascus suburb
03:14:49a FARC controls 60 percent of drug trade Colombia's police chief
03:14:57a Federal judge sentences 3 in Wis. pot case
03:15:04a Britain says Urenco stake sale goes ahead
03:15:12a Kevin Jonas wakes wife up to play music
03:15:18a Snow expected to snarl evening commute in Fort Collins
03:15:26a Small blaze at gorilla enclosure at Calgary Zoo caught quickly
03:15:35a Longtime deputy defence minister leaves job in massive department shakeup
03:15:42a Investing in the Fruit Belt
03:15:51a Manufacturers oppose standards reform
03:16:02a Sweden Retailing Industry Examined by Euromonitor International in Report Now Available at
03:16:09a Paul McCartney confirms 2013 summer tour dates in Canada
03:16:17a UK companies networking to lure investment from China
03:16:24a Man dies in fiery crash
03:16:32a China officials seek to banish superstition
03:16:38a Nadals clay run ends
03:16:46a Homeworld Franchise Acquired by Gearbox Software
03:16:53a Lahm promising football feast in Munich
03:17:01a VIDEO Burma prepares for energy sell-off
03:17:09a Era of austerity has run its course EU
03:17:17a Jury is seated in Jackson wrongful death case
03:17:25a Investors claim Emaars Pakistan arm owes
03:17:33a Judge wont dismiss suit against Beverly Hills PD
03:17:41a NH gov asks for thorough review on pipeline issue
03:17:52a SPOTD Velas Product Tanker Alnasl Star Docks at Duba Saudi Arabia
03:18:00a Largest Lake City fire being investigated as arson
03:18:07a Photos Portland Thorns win home opener
03:18:15a Liberia Unprecedented Boost
03:18:22a High court to look at Daiml
03:18:30a The cost of being an Aussie
03:18:37a Better Place Earth Day News
03:18:44a Cemeteries repaired for WWI centenary
03:18:53a Kuwait opposition leader gets bail in emir insult case
03:18:59a 7 Keys To A Successful Job Search
03:19:08a Arab League rejects UN chiefs call to end Syria arms supplies
03:19:15a Community garden being built at Fairmont Terrace
03:19:22a Royal succession change in Britain moves closer
03:19:29a STPRI named champion of 15th PRYNSA
03:19:36a Berlin Pays Tribute to Alfredo Guevara
03:19:45a Line of Duty Death Deputy Sheriff Chad Christian Key
03:19:53a Volunteers collect estimated 15 tons of ocean trash along Washington beaches
03:20:00a Brazil Worried About Stadium Gentrification
03:20:09a Canada Foils Alleged al-Qaida-Backed Terror Plot
03:20:18a Jackson is new Booker T. coach girls basketball coach
03:20:26a Pacific War veteran Les Combes
03:20:34a BA announces billion Airbus order
03:20:45a Canada thwarts plot to blow up passenger train
03:20:53a ‘Industrial action plan will fail’
03:21:01a Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-5096 Remote Security Vulnerability
03:21:10a Australia shares seen edging up China manufacturing data in focus
03:21:20a Boston honours bomb victims as injured learn to walk again
03:21:29a Jordan opens air space for Israeli drones over Syria
03:21:36a Fewer votes 'not a sign of party weakness'
03:21:45a Qld police close net on sex offender
03:21:53a Boston's Longtime Connections to Chechen Jihad
03:22:02a Report of Navy commander's ouster 'untrue' defense ministry
03:22:09a KGH Recognizes Volunteers for their Contributions
03:22:17a Law Abiding Taxpayer Hit By ID Fraud Multiple Times 22 Apr 2013 180201 GMT
03:22:24a Remembering Robert Manwill
03:22:34a FBI asks Tamerlan Tsarnaev's wife for interview on Boston bombings
03:22:40a Akhilesh-Jayalalithaa meet sets off Third Front talk
03:22:48a Taiwan conducts live-fire drills in Spratlys
03:22:56a Dzhokhar Tsarnaev arresting officers detail capture
03:23:04a Archer ruled out of Clermont showdown
03:23:13a What we know so far about pair charged in alleged Canadian terror plot
03:23:20a TPP entry green light marks start of tough trade talks
03:23:28a Japanese sabbatical for Pietersen
03:23:37a Schoolchildren In Greece Going Hungry
03:23:44a Charges stand against Lovelace
03:23:51a David Cameron urged to set up Go-Compare-style websites for services
03:23:59a The Genocide Trial of General Efrain Rios Montt Has Just Been Suspended
03:24:07a Miley Cyrus' wedding still on
03:24:17a Kent firefighter dies of brain cancer, considered year's first line-of-duty death
03:24:26a Canada thwarts alleged al Qaeda terrorist plot
03:24:33a Van Persie hat-trick leads Man United to 20th league title
03:24:41a EU policing and justice opt-out would endanger internal security Lords warn
03:24:49a UPDATE 1-Credit Suisse sells private equity unit to Blackstone
03:24:56a New orders falling for Chinas machine tool makers
03:25:03a Kenya Lost Baby Girl Found in Maringo Estate
03:25:11a Russian ministry concerned over rouble’s strengthening
03:25:19a Coast Guard eyes final report on USS Guardian in 10 days
03:25:26a Anzac Day Veterans revisit end of beginning
03:25:35a Vietnamese handicrafts showcased at international Italian fair
03:25:44a Keystone species that could cause ecosystem to collapse
03:25:58a reward in hunt for violent Toronto bank robbers
03:26:07a Potential bomb threat closes Highway 164
03:26:15a Faith Like a Child in the American Idea of Economic Progress
03:26:23a CSK vs RR Live Score Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals
03:26:30a Wis. group hopes to limit aerial manure spraying
03:26:41a Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project progressing well
03:26:48a Dutch gong the song unfit for a king
03:26:57a Hong Kong shares to start up 0.2 pct Chinese property stronger
03:27:04a EU lifts sanctions on Myanmar
03:27:14a First Nations leader appointed U of S chancellor
03:27:22a Exhibition of spanish sculpture held in Beijing
03:27:29a Electoral Commission Parties Discuss Voters Roll Overhaul
03:27:38a Ex-Daylight CEO accused of insider trading
03:27:46a Luke Londo Amid tragedy, ugly political discourse
03:27:54a Spinal injury victim receives groundbreaking surgery
03:28:02a NSW jail deaths to be investigated
03:28:12a French Anti-Gay Violence Escalates As Parliament Leader Receives Death Threat
03:28:21a Photos More incredible views from the International Space Station
03:28:29a Cannes Film Festival Critics' Week lineup unveiled
03:28:37a Kazakhstan ministry Duo may have known suspects
03:28:45a Nike yanks 'Boston Massacre' T-shirts in wake of bombing
03:28:53a Detective testifies in court after being shot
03:29:00a Mexican wave of optimism for Sergio Perez at McLaren
03:29:09a Air Canada shares plunge
03:29:17a Kenya State Urged to Reduce Import Duty On Electricity Inputs
03:29:25a Dummy on guard at Detroit hotel where woman died Friday
03:30:08a FAA delays policy allowing small knives on planes
03:30:16a UN political chief urges rebels to establish order
03:30:24a Marlins-Twins game postponed a day due to weather
03:30:31a Saudi Shura Council calls for weekend change
03:30:40a Drowned Tourist in Bahamas Found Dead 31-Year-Old American Caught in Current
03:30:48a Pato on target in Corinthians victory
03:30:57a Feds thwarted major terrorist attack Report
03:31:04a Urban Playground's lightsaber battle returns for the 5th
03:31:12a Sanctions on Syria eased
03:31:19a European vegoils ease more on good US weather
03:31:29a UPDATE 7-Canada thwarts al Qaeda-supported passenger train plot
03:31:36a Anene Booysen murder probe continues
03:31:46a Windsor High student killed in fiery Suffolk crash
03:31:53a States Take Drug Makers to Court
03:32:01a Study 4 of every 5 Americans pr
03:32:10a Police Man killed girlfriend 3 others in Wash
03:32:22a Train-plot probe brings RCMP officers to eastern Toronto
03:32:30a 5 snowboar
03:32:39a REFILE-MTN Nigeria to sign billion loan deal with banks
03:32:50a Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev charged in hospital, won't be tried as enemy combatant
03:32:58a Argentina meteor 130000km per hour meteor turns night to day as it enters atmosphere
03:33:06a US Folk Musician Richie Havens Dead at 72
03:33:16a McDonalds fined in Brazil for pushing Happy Meals to children
03:33:23a ‘Gran Turismo 6’ box art and release date possibly revealed
03:33:31a Editor Fine 'Meant to Silence People'
03:33:40a Netflix adds 2 million U.S. subscribers
03:33:48a Tunisian who posed topless reconciles with family
03:33:57a Algonquin flooding poses no threat to Eastern Ontario — for now
03:34:05a France divided by vicious gay marriage debate
03:34:12a The opening of a Spanish consulate in Gaza
03:34:19a House to get NIB reports at next sitting
03:34:29a Labour denies trying ruin Mighty River Power float
03:34:36a Remembering the King of Soho
03:34:44a Murder case HC sets aside life term of former UP minister
03:34:51a Veteran violinist Lalgudi Jayaraman dies
03:34:59a Australia Sees Wider Deficit
03:35:07a Kenya Aviation College Switch Off Blazers At Nyayo
03:35:14a Nabaa kids aim to take back their streets
03:35:21a Roadshow Prius goes 530,000 miles on one battery
03:35:29a UK marks 20th anniversary of racist murder
03:35:36a UPDATE 1-Total aims to start exploring in offshore Libya in May
03:35:44a Open Source Music Service Changes Its Name To
03:35:51a Adding Up Diagnosis Errors
03:35:59a Motorists Urged to Be Wary of the Rain
03:36:08a Lawmakers Warn Cost of Federal Free Phone Program Out of Control
03:36:15a Woodstock folk hero Richie Havens dies
03:36:23a US appalled by reports of Syria massacre
03:36:32a Cops 5 dead in shootings at Wash. apartment complex
03:36:39a Tanzania DSE Turnover Dwindles By Over 40 Per Cent
03:36:47a A.P. Photos Ecuador Embraces Mexican Mariachi Music
03:36:54a Croc stalks teen at family bbq
03:37:02a British comedian Dawn French marries for a second time
03:37:10a Video Child dangerously close to river
03:37:18a Bail maintained in crash death case
03:37:26a Wilson describes mental terror in open letter
03:37:33a Ralph Lauren Settles Bribe Probe
03:37:41a IPL 2013 Video Highlights CSK vs RR, Chennai v Rajasthan Match 30
03:37:50a FIFA Twitter accounts hacked by Assad sympathizers
03:37:57a Harrys heads for Chicago with mens shaving products
03:38:05a Terror Terror Terror! Rand Paul Wets The Bed Over Immigrants
03:38:13a Chief Chinese military officer calls for US interaction
03:38:21a More people must know about vital UN work with support from States, official says
03:38:28a Ernst & Young survey Companies wary of M&A
03:38:36a Man found apparently shot to death in Choctaw yard
03:38:43a What was Tamerlan Tsarnaev doing in Russia?
03:38:52a If you wannabe my husband you gotta marry my friends Saudi brides bizarre demand
03:39:00a Low Valuations Dont Buffer Russia From JP Morgan Downgrade
03:39:08a Obama calls science fair participants 'amazing'
03:39:14a Afghan allies start Kiwi lives
03:39:22a Privilege notice against Chacko for leak of draft JPC report
03:39:29a Era of austerity has run its course EU says
03:39:37a Car bombs on the rise in Syria report shows
03:39:48a Italys Pop Milano supervisory board chairman resigns
03:39:56a Canadas largest train operator says crude-by-rail on track to expand
03:40:03a Life after North Korea
03:40:11a Mediterranean Diet Still Being Refined
03:40:21a News Corp. Pays Itself Million For Phone-Hacking Scandal - Minus Legal Fees
03:40:29a Troop morale at record low leaked report shows
03:40:36a Friends say Nelson Mandela lacked trust in his children
03:40:46a World Bank Pledges to Liberia
03:40:55a Modern Slavery Persists in Germany
03:41:01a Chess event pulls in numbers
03:41:09a Non-Oil Exports at
03:41:19a Police seek suspect in shooting at Colorado pot rally
03:41:29a Boston bomb suspect checked for link to 2011 murders prosecutor
03:41:37a European markets at close 22.04.2013
03:41:45a VIDEO Has oil and gas kept UK afloat?
03:41:52a Vlado Jankovic is Star for Panionios in Greece
03:42:00a Governor Scott Walker touts Milwaukee Harley in China
03:42:10a U.S. Attorney’s Office and Detroit One Members Observe National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
03:42:19a BRIEF-Canadian National Railway conference call
03:42:27a Egyptian elections postponed until October
03:42:34a Biden to attend MIT officers memorial service
03:42:43a Adelaide woman says police assaulted her at home after call to counselling service
03:42:51a Advice sought on WoF changes
03:42:58a Car catches on fire after minor crash on Route 209
03:43:06a How the Trailer Park Could Save Us All
03:43:14a Air Canada loss reflects an economy losing altitude
03:43:21a Bikini ban Emirate sets fines for skimpy swimwear
03:43:30a Suit seeks to change ABC Unified to trustee system
03:43:40a In Photos Enormous Ancient Mexican Temple
03:43:49a Tourism, Development Threaten Burmese Lake
03:43:56a Earth Day 2013 Google doodle is a fun animation
03:44:06a Canada to Announce Arrests in Major Terrorism Plot-U.S. Source
03:44:15a New TOMS Shoes for Gaza Children
03:44:25a Russian chief banker hopes for lower interest rates and inflation
03:44:33a Settlement with disgruntled investors by News Corp
03:44:41a China scholarship scheme will provide much-needed insight
03:44:48a TV-kanava Kanada esti terrori-iskun
03:44:55a On Earth Day company CEOs walk to work in Gurgaon
03:45:02a Margaret Thatcher six things you didnt know
03:45:09a Richard Daley Wants His Contribution Back From Sen. Heitkamp
03:45:17a US hails Japan’s participation in trans-Pacific pact
03:45:24a Hills Trucking is total loss after fire
03:45:33a Morningstar 529 college savings plans up in 2012 despite some lags
03:45:42a Abenomics Will Boost Japan’s Economy By Helping Its Women Workers
03:45:50a U.S. Embassy Official Explains Visa Fee
03:45:58a Nordic Games gets Darksiders, Red Faction
03:46:05a Reese Witherspoon arrest shows privileged hypocrisy of anti-gun elitists
03:46:11a Manmohan set for another Rajya Sabha term
03:46:19a Wild turkey release proposal studied by province
03:46:27a High costs no deterrent for alcohol consumption Experts
03:46:35a Government takes course toward import substitution
03:46:43a United States and China Hold Military Talks With Cybersecurity a Focus
03:46:50a ‘Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag’ rival pirate system revealed
03:47:01a Silicon Valley firms claim new California data disclosure bill is “overbroad”
03:47:09a Netflix has good hand with 'House of Cards', shares soar 24 percent
03:47:19a Man killed live-in girlfriend 3 others in Washington apartment shooting police say
03:47:28a Shares rise strongly, but miners mixed
03:47:36a Three walks in honor of Bataan death march
03:47:43a Did Earth Day Blow It?
03:47:51a Chemist in Mayflower Population made sick by oil emissions 22 Apr 2013 210942 GMT
03:48:00a Saudi Arabia Confirms Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
03:48:10a U.S. Supreme Court rejects tobacco marketing appeal
03:48:18a Map The train route from New York to Toronto
03:48:25a I regret not signing Osaze says Redknapp
03:48:32a Dixons in Swedish sell-off
03:48:41a Men in Sydney hospital with bullet wounds
03:48:50a VIDEO Gay laws challenged in Singapore
03:48:58a Pedophile hunters worry UK police
03:49:07a Waukesha police investigate homicide
03:49:16a Arctic peoples first to feel climate effects
03:49:25a Ambulance services to improve
03:49:33a TSA delays allowing passengers to carry small knives on planes
03:49:40a Qantas seeking additional PNG capacity
03:49:48a Americas Got Talent Big Format Changes Tougher Judges
03:49:55a The best ways to invest for retirement income
03:50:03a J.J. Abrams' Tom Cruise fears
03:50:11a Oracle MySQL CVE-2013-2378 Remote MySQL Server Vulnerability
03:50:18a Thomas, Uber Cup Finals to be held in India
03:50:26a Honduras Attorney General Is Suspended
03:50:34a Cops 2-pound joint removed from UCSC, incident caught on video
03:50:45a Spain to deploy 1100 security officers for Madrid Marathon after Boston attacks
03:50:52a New Manhattan Beach Strand garden will promote water efficiency
03:50:59a GCB hosts cashless society discussion to commemorate 60th anniversary
03:51:07a Clipboard Manager CopyQ 1.8.0 Has New Shortcuts
03:51:14a Industries Authorities must save current jobs work to create new ones
03:51:22a British women admit that they would rather be THIN than earn more money
03:51:29a Fazzino in court asking for bond reduction
03:51:36a FotoMix 9.2.3
03:51:46a Shooting in Russia leaves six dead including two teenage girls
03:51:52a Sandcrawler Homework
03:52:00a Seven and Nine dominate Monday night
03:52:07a Can We Always Believe What The Media Chooses To Show Us?
03:52:16a The Suspected Boston Bombers and the Russia Connection
03:52:25a Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 8.0 in South Korea
03:52:32a Brazil worried about 2014 stadium gentrification
03:52:41a Federal budget cuts create flight delays
03:52:49a 5 Slain in Belgorod Shooting Spree
03:52:57a Somalia's 2013 Football Kicks Off in Mogadishu
03:53:04a XWiki Enterprise 5.0 RC1 Improves the Extension Updater
03:53:11a To Hell, Harry!
03:53:18a Australias population to pass 23m
03:53:26a Wild elephants frolicking in Cambodia.
03:53:37a Corruption trial of Greek former defense minister opens in Athens
03:53:44a Australia defeat Swiss in Fed Cup
03:53:54a Turkey Criticizes Kerry Over Request to Delay Gaza Trip
03:54:02a Texas Instruments Continues Makeover
03:54:09a National census could be scrapped
03:54:16a Dutch crown prince vows less protocol as 21st century king
03:54:25a Focus on South Florida O Miami
03:54:32a Illinois Tool Works Faces Test
03:54:40a Trendwatcher Boston and Moscow a tale of two police forces
03:54:48a Injured vulture healing in Israel thanks to int’l effort
03:54:58a Drop Google chief as Government adviser until firm pays more tax MPs call
03:55:05a Poliisi Kanada esti Al-Qaidan terrori-iskun
03:55:15a Sex Bomb 2003 LIVE
03:55:23a Hong Kong shares seen steady ahead of China flash PMI
03:55:32a Runners, Walkers Honor Boston Marathon Victims in Appleton
03:55:39a Tech Universe Tuesday 23 April
03:55:47a Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2013 preview The odds-on favourite events for Big Brewery Gamble
03:55:55a UK ‘snoopers’ charter’ under revision amid harsh criticism
03:56:08a Jeep edges back to building vehicles in China
03:56:18a Iranian carrying forged Israeli passport arrested outside Israeli embassy in Nepal
03:56:26a Snakk Media announces share purchase plan
03:56:35a Thief stole more than worth of gum Cops news
03:56:43a Authorities search for clues in plant explosion
03:56:52a Schmidt says Google Glass still a year away
03:57:02a Boston bomber Dzhokhar not an enemy combatant US
03:57:10a Urban health mission to be launched soon
03:57:18a Two lives intersect at Boston Marathon forming strong bond
03:57:26a Obviously State’s Keystone pipeline review is “insufficient,” says the EPA
03:57:33a Got a problem Maybe Carla can help
03:57:40a Fort Collins ReSource awarded for donating doors SWAT team broke down
03:57:48a Dismang elected to head Ark. Senate in '15 22 Apr 2013 171851 GMT
03:57:55a Photos Vancouver Fan Expo 2013
03:58:03a Crucial unreleased video implicates Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
03:58:12a Labour-Greens power ‘plan’ economic sabotage
03:58:20a Volcanic earthquakes shower ash over Colombia town
03:58:28a Testimony underway on immigration reform
03:58:36a Al Qaida linked to Canada rail plot
03:58:43a Kerrys words on PM Erdogans visit to Gaza wrong
03:58:52a Greek Lenders Work to Fill Gaps from Debt Restructure
03:58:59a Cops baffled by mass shooting
03:59:07a FBI Missed Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Russia Trip Because of Misspelling, Sen. Lindsey Graham Says
03:59:14a Paper Plus invites Aucklanders to meet Gordon Ramsay
03:59:22a Frustration rises from rubble of China’s quake
03:59:32a 2 arrested in terror plot against Canadian passenger train police say
03:59:41a Israeli settlers occupy then leave Catholic hermitage
03:59:49a UPF Soldier On Trial for Killing 10 People
03:59:57a Dept Sadtu at impasse over strike
04:00:07a Internet sales tax faces Senate vote, Obama backs
04:00:14a Hot Docs 2013 In a capsule Vol. 1
04:00:22a China Outranks West to Grab Top Spot in Global Tourism
04:00:31a HIV Drugs May Help Protect Young Patients' Hearts Study
04:00:42a All Political Groups Should Partake In Presidential Election
04:00:51a School resumes after Texas blast
04:00:58a Zaha Hadid on Architecture challenges
04:01:10a Does Force-feeding Guantanamo Prisoners on Hunger Strike Violate Their Rights?
04:01:18a Identity of victim in fiery Marin County crash still unknown
04:01:28a Atomic Bomb Survivor Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree
04:01:36a Milne accepts one-game AFL ban
04:01:43a 200 US Troops to Jordan Could Jump to 20,000
04:01:52a Low power bills will kick-start Kiwi business
04:02:02a Vietnam Retailing Offers Promises Pitfalls
04:02:11a Victim Support head warns funding changes could kill charity
04:02:19a Ducks extend Oilers’ playoff drought
04:02:36a Canadian Law Enforcement Derails Terrorist Plot
04:02:46a Fire Destroys Trucking Company in Southern Tier
04:02:54a Reuters Fires Editor Charged In Anonymous Hacking
04:03:03a Man charged over Sydney sex assaults
04:03:12a Local firefighters raise money for MD
04:03:19a Troicki an early winner in ATP stop in Romania
04:03:26a WHO director-general Keep up the good work
04:03:34a Moscow Keen on Expanding Ties
04:03:41a Hussey trumps Watson in win
04:03:48a Polls no influence on policy Emerson
04:03:56a Knesset Extends Order Preventing Unification by Marriage
04:04:05a Social Services Put in Place in Rikib Making Due Contribution in Regrouping of Villages
04:04:14a World leaders offer condolences over China earthquake
04:04:24a reward for arrest of China Wok workers killer
04:04:33a Video Do you have Redhead DNA Test aims to combat prejudice
04:04:41a TCS to hold 3rd inter-school IT quiz in Dubai
04:04:48a Tackling diet, exercise together produces best results
04:04:57a American Cancer Society seeks volunteer drivers
04:05:04a Factbox Manchester Uniteds Title Wins
04:05:13a Heat is on FBI over handling of bombing suspect
04:05:24a Analysis BP’s legal gamble may trim spill bill by billions
04:05:33a Locals join jog to support Boston Marathon victims
04:05:42a Will Europe increase fracking
04:05:51a Partying pregnant driver gets 3 years for hit-run in Augsburg students death
04:06:00a How notorious bombers got caught
04:06:07a Zen Ultrafone 701 HD Goes Official in India
04:06:15a This Scientist Aims High To Save The World's Coral Reefs
04:06:22a 8-Year-Old Boy Dies A Week After Crash
04:06:30a Suspicious package situation at Arkansas Tech resolved 22 Apr 2013 192611 GMT
04:06:39a Vietnam China pledge to lift trade volume to 60 bln USD by 2015
04:06:47a New Issue-Indesit prices 300 mln euro 2018 bond
04:06:56a Burmese Buddhists set fire to Muslim man
04:07:05a Prison dubbed 'unacceptably dirty'
04:07:14a Indonesia and Singapore leaders hail excellent partnership
04:07:23a Botswana Butchery Auckland celebrates 12 months in business
04:07:33a Plastic debris is entering the food chain warns film that previews in UAE
04:07:41a Australia 23 million and counting
04:07:53a 6 killed in shooting spree in western Russia
04:08:01a Son seeks justice, changes after mother dies in assisted-living facility
04:08:09a Air NZ hostess ordered on anger management course wins compo
04:08:16a ABB plans Power-One acquisition for about
04:08:25a US environment regulator slams Keystone pipeline review
04:08:32a Future uncertain for NSW gas customers
04:08:41a Tumblr Touch for Windows 8 Gets Updated, Free Download Released
04:08:50a QUIZ How Financially Literate Are You?
04:09:46a Javelin Semiconductor bought by Singapore company
04:09:54a Egypts opposition calls protests charges Islamists attempting to take over judiciary
04:10:01a Pipe takes fourth spot
04:10:11a Google hit with privacy fine in Germany
04:10:19a China factories slow down in April
04:10:28a MTN Nigeria to sign loan deal with banks
04:10:35a Column Derrick Rose owned Chicago but not anymore
04:10:44a Zimbabwe U.S. Secretary Kerry On Zimbabwe's National Day
04:10:53a Snowmobiler's body found after 2 months
04:11:03a Saskatoon Health Region orders hiring freeze
04:11:11a Iran gets from gas exports
04:11:18a Win a pretty bracelet from Tapper's
04:11:27a Tokyo stocks open down 0.17
04:11:34a Call for natures upkeep
04:11:43a SFI chief 5 others held for Delhi assault get bail
04:11:53a Illegal casino busted in Moscow
04:12:01a Bishop Tutu leads committee for Achebe’s burial
04:12:09a 2nd suspect arrested in rape of 5-year-old in India
04:12:17a Suspicious object found, correctional facility near Utica on lockdown for several hours
04:12:27a Immigrant Shooting Suspects Face Court
04:12:34a Richie Havens Dead at 72 His 6 Essential Folk Tracks
04:12:43a Suspects In Tekoa Home Invasion Identified
04:12:50a Bernanke to miss conference, hinting at departure
04:13:00a Boston bomb suspect charged religious motive seen
04:13:08a Missing Canberra woman found safe
04:13:18a Senate supports ban on 'telemedicine abortion'
04:13:26a Rushville preparing for 'once in a lifetime' flood
04:13:36a Rights group blames Myanmar authorities for Muslim killings
04:13:46a Oracle Takes America’s Cup World Series Championship In Naples
04:13:54a Feinstein asks what Boston suspect told FBI
04:14:04a Africa Rome-Based UN Agencies Are Honorary Citizens of Rome
04:14:13a Cop shot 17 times at Sikh Temple says Never give up
04:14:23a Wind farm feeds power grid
04:14:31a WHO team to be in China
04:14:38a Five questions for Claude Lanzmann
04:14:46a NHL playoff race update
04:14:54a Vegas taxi drivers overcharged riders by in 2012
04:15:02a Dry Creek restoration begins in summer
04:15:10a Rafael Nadal returns to Barcelona after Monte Carlo loss
04:15:17a Jones half-century in vain as Bermuda lose to Oman
04:15:26a Visitor attacks putting tourist sector at risk
04:15:36a Utah elementary school evacuated after pipe bomb found
04:15:46a NHS culture of fear stops nurses raising patient safety concerns
04:15:53a Smoke detectors could've saves 2 lives
04:16:01a TSA Delays Plans To Allow Knives On Planes
04:16:10a Younger US bombing suspect born in Kyrgyzstan Minister
04:16:21a Canada says it has foiled terrorism plot against passenger train arrests made
04:16:33a Former navigator takes stand in B.C. ferry sinking trial
04:16:43a Apple did not violate Google patent U.S. trade panel
04:16:52a NZ dollar 'struggling' ahead of OCR review
04:17:01a Justin Welby echoes Labour proposal for regional banks
04:17:08a 'Agitated' Air NZ hostess shook colleague
04:17:16a Alzheimer's senior center to stay open
04:17:24a Suva netball builds player base
04:17:31a Trekking in Nepal one gasp at a time
04:17:39a Magnitude 5.5 quake hits Kermadec Islands region
04:17:49a Mozambique Brazil to Fund Maputo Water Supply Project
04:17:56a The 20 Most Hated Celebrities Why We Hate Them
04:18:05a China working to restore post-quake order
04:18:12a Singapore CPI On Tap For Tuesday
04:18:21a BBC Boat Race coverage to be investigated over swearing
04:18:32a Premier distances government from Mayo Clinic expense controversy
04:18:41a ‘Political groups in Washington downplayed Chechen threat’
04:18:49a True Facts About The Duck
04:18:59a Car fire accidental, safety report shows
04:19:08a Business Group Backs Renogiation of E.U. Membership
04:19:18a Murder trial jury hears technical evidence
04:19:26a Cashless treatment for accident victims
04:19:35a Magnetic therapy may not relieve ringing in the ears
04:19:43a Problems persist in Court Reporting Unit
04:19:50a PM Convention Centre Endorsement Welcomed
04:19:58a The Proliferation of Terrorism Websites 22 Apr 2013 231447 GMT
04:20:05a Indias thermal coal output up 3.3 pct yy in 201213-source
04:20:15a Government wont claw back danger pay overpayments in Afghanistan PM
04:20:23a Spanish man to face trial over 300kg cocaine haul
04:20:32a Petaluma fireworks show in jeopardy
04:20:39a Earth Day Lights go out atop dump-turned-oasis
04:20:49a U.S. Senator says Boston suspect’s name misspelled on Russia trip thwarting FBI
04:21:00a Woman to serve at least 14 years for husband's murder
04:21:09a Indian Child Rape Survivor Improves Protests Continue
04:21:17a Assad pleased with nomination of Lebanon’s PM
04:21:28a Dollar Yen afraid of 100 Aussie pressured earnings season going poorly
04:21:36a Bukhari praises Mayawati says she only knows how to rule
04:21:46a Boston bombing slaying link to be probed
04:21:54a Diamyd Medical Mertiva appoints CEO
04:22:04a Boston bomb suspect charged in hospital
04:22:14a U.S. officials concerned about Japans plan to reprocess nuclear fuel
04:22:22a Govt still preparing MMP response
04:22:30a Rodriguez Leaving K-State Basketball Team
04:22:37a 'Big states would lose' in WA GST plan
04:22:48a Mixed Retailers in Indonesia New Market Research Report
04:22:56a Editorial Make legal immigration the better choice
04:23:05a Fashion designer settles dispute with Myer
04:23:14a Stupid Right-Wing Tweets Greg Ball Edition
04:23:24a Taliban seize Turks and Russians from downed helicopter
04:23:32a New Zealand dollar slips
04:23:41a Senate Votes To Dismantle North Dakota Board Of Higher Education
04:23:49a UK says no clear reason to let independent Scotland use the pound
04:23:57a Iraqi vote key to stability envoy says
04:24:05a Dietrich teacher issues response to investigation
04:24:14a House to debate obesity
04:24:22a Ex-VP urges greater public role in nuclear referendum
04:24:29a Maailman kuvat Preussin oikeustalon vanhaa loistoa
04:24:38a MoE organises Perkins Brailler Machine Training Workshop
04:24:49a Giant Mine cleanup costs could still grow, say feds
04:24:57a Steel sector sees positive signs in 2013
04:25:05a Closing arguments in Bayliss murder case put to jury
04:25:15a Prosecution of Boston bombing suspect will take a complete government effort
04:25:24a Macabre Details Emerge in Murder Trial of Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell
04:25:33a Terror alert unchanged after Canada plot
04:25:42a Annapolis police identify homicide and possible overdose victims
04:25:50a Plot to blow up railway between Canada and NYC
04:25:59a Pilot killed in ultralight crash
04:26:07a Total aims to start gas explorations in offshore Libya by May
04:26:14a Portsmouth office to be named for 'pit bull' prosecutor
04:26:22a Air search finds n
04:26:31a Teens NRA Shirt Almost Incites Riot at Middle School
04:26:38a PAGASA More isolated rain hot weather 37 degrees Celsius over SBMA area
04:26:49a No reports of link between Boston bombers Caucasus militant group
04:26:57a Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell needs a good eye for talent
04:27:08a Gran killed in car smash just yards from school road safety campaign poster
04:27:17a Gisborne car fire started by child
04:27:24a The mentally ill need help
04:27:32a Hawthorne schools pilot use of palm scanners to speed lunch lines
04:27:39a 'Bonnie & Clyde' sweeps Donaldsonville
04:27:48a Police ID two victims who died in Route 40 crash early Sunday
04:27:58a Security, economic issues top ASEAN summit agenda in Brunei
04:28:08a Hawaii presents Filipino Community Center with PV system funding
04:28:15a Taylor and Armstead win NSU honors
04:28:24a China Presses Crackdown on Campaign Against Graft
04:28:32a Now Charged, Boston Suspect Was Longest Held Without Miranda Rights
04:28:41a Officials Bombing Suspect Says He and Brother Acted Alone
04:28:49a Floodwaters carrying waste, pathogens
04:28:58a Tamerlan Tsarnaev A lone wolf
04:29:06a BN launches manifesto targeting Sabah
04:29:13a Bike Lane Expansion Faces Opposition
04:29:23a IMAGES Shoppers rush for gold as price crashes
04:29:31a Nora Danish lawat Fasha Sandha dan bayinya
04:29:46a Australian Rugby posts large deficit
04:29:57a Ex-prosecutor De
04:30:07a Bruneian who survived Hiroshima bombings honoured
04:30:17a Chechen Leader ‘Punishes’ Sports Minister in Boxing Bout
04:30:26a Foreign firms at the forefront of China quake donations
04:30:34a Bee Gees Run To Me
04:30:42a Mayor hot and cold on trams
04:30:50a Spellirium Screens
04:31:00a Boston bomb suspect charged; religious motive seen
04:31:09a Anthony Weiner returns to Twitter 2 years after resignation
04:31:20a Boston Bombing Suspect Charged, Will Not Be Treated as Enemy Combatant
04:31:28a Islands In the Stream Live on Let's Dance for Comic Relief
04:31:37a Farmers delayed from planting by floods and rain
04:31:45a How Carney will make his mark at the Bank of England
04:31:52a Tighten grip on academies, say MPs
04:32:03a Trains between Toronto and New York searched for weapons dangerous cargo
04:32:10a Lighter rain in Richmond and Stoke
04:32:17a ArtPrize names new executive director
04:32:26a Japanese emperor empress to visit India possibly this year
04:32:33a Singer k.d. lang on letting 'your freak flags fly'
04:32:41a Manchester United seize back their championship trophy
04:32:49a BEE GEES Words
04:32:56a 23 pinatas for Emma Watson's 23rd birthday!
04:33:06a Transit officers talk about arresting suspect
04:33:15a Oracle MySQL CVE-2013-2395 Remote MySQL Server Vulnerability
04:33:25a 65 Islamic rebels, 13 Chad troops killed in Mali
04:33:33a Australand suitors pore over books
04:33:41a Derry singing sensation Jordan OKeefe who was a star even as a tot
04:33:50a Over half of Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike, says US official
04:33:58a Polls no influence on policy Emerson
04:34:08a Twitter lands ad agency partnership for major revenue boost
04:34:16a Timing the key in Japans massive gamble to revive the economy
04:34:24a Shipping service challenges affect crop cartage
04:34:34a World Boston bombing suspect charged in hospital bed
04:34:43a Ecuador Dominican Rep. to cooperate on energy tourism the disabled
04:34:51a Bombs Test U.S. Melting Pot's Mettle
04:34:58a Sea Horses win Game 5 to reclaim JBL crown
04:35:06a FOREX-Yen bears in driving seat after G20 USDJPY on course to take out 100
04:35:15a Trading Guide Canadas February Retail Sales
04:35:26a U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson says shutdown of Boston helped terrorist win economically
04:35:35a Asian Development Bank presidency looking beyond Japan
04:35:46a Supreme Court Justice Morris Fish retiring
04:35:57a Kissimmee Police searching for supermarket burglary suspect
04:36:04a Volunteers Needed for Last Weekend of Great American Cleanup
04:36:12a Intangible assets to be part of US GDP
04:36:20a L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa releases final budget, calls for pay freeze
04:36:28a Five Guys Burger & Fries Opens in Richland
04:36:38a Federal Way police say man they shot had killed 4 others
04:36:46a US general Taliban
04:36:54a Iraq's Sunnis Stage Day of Civil Disobedience
04:37:03a Lebanon requests cuts in transit transport fees
04:37:11a Labour must wake up to UKIP threat says senior MP
04:37:18a Limit Austerity, EU Official Says
04:37:27a Food Hawke's Bay appoints manager
04:37:35a ‘Premature to Declare We Will Not Treat Tsarnaev as an Enemy Combatant’
04:37:43a Multiple Vehicle Collision On Highway 291
04:37:52a Nike pulls 'Boston Massacre' T-shirts from shelves
04:38:00a Kerry Partly there d
04:38:08a Celebrate Earth Day with eco games and apps
04:38:17a Ambassador says people should be focus of poverty reduction policy
04:38:28a Google fined by German city of Hamburg over data harvesting
04:38:37a LDCM Satellite Takes Temperature Of The Salton Sea
04:38:44a Ottawa homes in on cyberbullying laws
04:38:53a Ban reiterates necessity of political solution to Syrian conflict in meetings with envoy, partners
04:39:01a One bidder left for Greek gambling firm OPAP source
04:39:10a Anti-obesity drug banned WADA
04:39:17a Autopsy being performed on human remains found in Riverview
04:39:25a Crane says Mitchell will become CEO in January
04:39:32a Clan Lab Confirmed At Explosion Site
04:39:40a Googlelle isot sakot yksityisyyden suojan rikkomisesta
04:39:48a Witherspoon ' embarrassed' by arrest, hearing set
04:39:56a CA CA Endangered Runaway Maria Torres Sanger 12 Apr. 2013
04:40:04a Polls positive for WikiLeaks
04:40:11a Ashwani Kumar’s fate depends on CBI chief’s reply to SC
04:40:20a Cybercrime's easiest prey Small businesses
04:40:29a All onboard helicopter abducted in Afghanistan
04:40:37a Lawsuit filed against PSC over energy efficiency
04:40:45a 10 key moments from Manchester Uniteds title charge in pictures
04:40:54a A Prison Cell-Sized Room Designed By The Inmates Who Live In Them
04:41:02a Brazil Receives LNG Spot Cargo From Trinidad at Guanabara Bay
04:41:13a Tax-cutting Mayor Kawamura re-elected in Nagoya
04:41:21a After Senate setback, Obama quietly moving forward with gun regulation
04:41:29a 21 to buy cigarettes? NYC may raise minimum age for tobacco purchases
04:41:38a Opinion Conduct Garissa security operation openly and within the law
04:41:46a AirAsia Indonesia enhances Australian connectivity
04:41:57a Fugitive on FBI's 10 Most Wanted list arrested in Nicaragua
04:42:07a Magazines Lobby groups want ban on GM foods lifted to boost maize stocks
04:42:17a Ala. physician sentenced in health care fraud case
04:42:29a Women and Political Leadership in Africa A demand In South Sudan Transitional Democracy
04:42:39a Canadians react to RCMP terror plot takedown
04:42:48a South Sumatra candidates get numbers
04:42:56a Supermarket sales register first rebound in 13 months
04:43:07a Senate passes “online sales tax” by 74-20 vote
04:43:15a Accused Santa Rosa 'flim-flam man' to stand trial
04:43:23a Haven’t violated LAC China says
04:43:31a Freestyle al-Qaeda terror Popping up anytime, anywhere
04:43:43a Alleged Bombers Widow Questioned by FBI
04:43:54a Pilot Flying J CEO FBI probe has caused 'damage to relationships'
04:44:02a Google adds new weather notifications for Canada Yahoo mobile iOS app updated
04:44:10a Troy resident sues council over what she said about mayor at public meetings
04:44:18a SP says more than 13 chance of Japan downgrade cites risks to Abenomics
04:44:28a Man pleads guilty to planting fake bomb at school
04:44:37a Download Amazon Instant Video 1.4.2 iOS
04:44:45a Apple Faces Wall Street Identity Crisis
04:44:53a Around Barbados in scouting
04:45:03a Roads in Ethiopia less jarring than Edmonton potholes taxi driver says
04:45:11a Hang child rapists demand RS members
04:45:20a March for England 2013
04:45:29a Scammers Find Fertile Ground In Health Law
04:45:39a Police urged to complete investigation into children’s deaths
04:45:48a Music Review La Prichole by New York City Opera at City Center
04:45:56a Mosque Bombing suspect had 2 outbursts in last year
04:46:06a Jury retires in murder trial
04:46:14a Nigeria Fraud Rocks LG Councils in Delta, Assembly Raises Alarm
04:46:23a 10 held in smuggling of stimulants worth 16.8 billion yen
04:46:32a Mexico crime beat reporter missing for 3 months
04:46:41a FIFA Head Sepp Blatter's Twitter Feed Hacked
04:46:50a Work to shift lanes on Indiana 14
04:46:59a Ex-Va. Tech project foreman pleads guilty to federal charges
04:47:08a Measles elimination theme of World Immunisation Week
04:47:17a After Boston Putin Faces Questions About U.S. Visas on Call-In Show
04:47:24a MOVES-Emirates NBD Standard Chartered Towry Neuberger Berman
04:47:32a British Airways’ “High Life” for Salone’s Higher Life
04:47:40a Second Arrest in Delhi Rape Case
04:47:49a Hezbollah drags Lebanon militarily into Syria war
04:47:58a Compounding Pharmacy Recalls Eye Products
04:48:07a Asamoah Gyan must step up for Al Ain on Asian Champions League big stage
04:48:14a ‘Anarchy in Sinai and no solution in sight’
04:48:21a Registration Rules Keep Joao de Lucca Out of 200 Free Final in Brazil
04:48:29a Interbrand awards excites Toyota boss
04:48:37a Nikkei steady on pause in yen weakness mood still upbeat
04:48:44a Show us proof or apologise Pule told
04:48:54a Google fined 145000 euros for collecting personal data in Germany
04:49:02a Poppy import concern
04:49:09a What happens to Fido when I'm gone?
04:49:20a Safety charges laid against engineer in deadly Elliot Lake mall collapse
04:49:28a Rich Communication Services Feasible In Brunei GSMA Senior Director
04:49:36a 'Dark day' for Godolphin racing after dope tests
04:49:45a Southwest Airlines CMO Kevin Krone Explains Whats Behind The New Grown-Up Ads
04:49:53a RWE rules out big Poland acquisition without a partner
04:50:26a Palestinian hunger strikers hearing delayed
04:50:37a Duval school chief's first evaluation will be 'different'
04:50:46a Chinese envoy meets Sudanese officials on ties Darfur
04:50:54a VIDEO Fans celebrate Man Utd title win
04:51:04a San Francisco probes report Nevada dumped psychiatric patients
04:51:14a Kenya Joho declares drug abuse county disaster steps up fight against vice
04:51:24a Google fined 145,000 euros for collecting personal data in Germany
04:51:34a Jury picked in Jackson wrongful death case
04:51:42a Feds delay plolicy to allow small knives on planes
04:51:50a Africa unveils its first smartphone and tablet
04:51:58a Aussie wine lovers the Germans want you
04:52:07a Tsarnaev charged for Boston bombing
04:52:15a The Era Of The Million House
04:52:23a How to check the health of your hard drive
04:52:32a Boston suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, says not involved with terror groups
04:52:40a Families encouraged to wear relatives' medals
04:52:48a Fergus Linehan appointed as new director of Edinburgh International Festival
04:52:57a Indemnity insurance deal not yet signed
04:53:06a China HSBC Flash PMI eases, points to tepid second-quarter recovery
04:53:14a 51-year-old man drugs, molests and photographs co-worker on hot tub date
04:53:25a Lagos lawmaker tasks agencies on contracts
04:53:36a LUTH runs 10 generators with 5000 litres of diesel daily
04:53:45a Rocklin cosmetic surgeon arraigned on 37 felony counts
04:53:54a Boston suspect posted car pic with Terrorista 1 plate
04:54:02a Huge N. Korea hotel begun in 1980s might soon open
04:54:11a HAART Saves Heart in Kids with HIV
04:54:18a Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre presents Romeo and Harriet
04:54:27a In Paraguay, a rich conservative must now tackle poverty
04:54:38a Boston Marathon bombing Suspect #1′s wife refusing to talk to the feds
04:54:45a Aust beat Switzerland in Fed Cup tennis
04:54:53a Salvation without understanding...possible or not?
04:55:01a Uganda Thieves On the Prowl for Jewellery
04:55:10a Atom Egoyan reworks erotic, violent Salome opera
04:55:20a Miranda Warnings and the Boston Marathon Bomber Why Obama is Wrong
04:55:28a Gov’t hopes to revive rare earth elements dev’t plan with China
04:55:37a Crisis engulfs Lebanese Syrian borders
04:55:44a Van Persien puolen tunnin hattutemppu aloitti ManUn mestaruusjuhlat
04:55:53a Video U.S. troops arrive in Australia for six-month deployment
04:56:02a Simons Edmonton police online series insults everyone involved
04:56:11a Mosman woman’s death ‘suspicious’
04:56:20a Woman to serve at least 14 years for husbands murder
04:56:31a Man pleads guilty to British soldiers manslaughter in Cyprus
04:56:38a Top German clubs worried about Spanish situation
04:56:48a Woman Found Murdered in Price Hill Home
04:56:57a Netflix adds 2 million US subscribers
04:57:06a Wash. Senate OKs lowering school levy cap
04:57:14a Napolitano Opens New Round of Italian Government Formation Talks
04:57:24a Commission to quiz police chief candidates
04:57:32a What Kabul means to Beijing
04:57:40a Perron to deliver Castleton commencement
04:57:49a You are manipulating courts Supreme Court to Sahara group
04:57:58a Chances of finding survivors of Chinese earthquake fall
04:58:07a News Wrap Terror Plot to Attack Canada-U.S. Rail Line Thwarted
04:58:15a AP News in Brief at 1058 p.m. EDT
04:58:23a Greek residence for foreign investors
04:58:31a Alex Fergusons impossible dream will herald new Manchester United future
04:58:39a EU lifts Myanmar sanctions despite human rights concerns
04:58:48a UAR President Koroma’s visit presents a very good opportunity for Sierra Leone
04:58:56a Call for end to 16-year-olds in Army
04:59:04a By the numbers Jobless rate improves across Idaho
04:59:12a Coping inside a psychiatric patient in Nigeria tells her story
04:59:20a DreamWorks Oriental prepping first Chinese production
04:59:28a Tsarnaev blames brother report
04:59:36a AfDB and EBRD to Launch Assessment of Tunisias Public Procurement System
04:59:45a Heat is On for 'Money' Mayweather-'The Ghost' Guerrero Fight
04:59:53a Social services assistance schemes should be based on social behaviours
05:00:00a Four legs good as two legs lag
05:00:08a Union boss quits party as Labor loses plot
05:00:17a DHS looks at border fee
05:00:25a IDF chief Gantz Iran is the main focus of our activities
05:00:34a Netflix Adds 2 Million Subscribers Stock Price Jumps
05:00:43a Gotye up for seven Billboard awards
05:00:51a Lufthansa strike 'affects 150,000 passengers'
05:00:59a PH urged to help China quake victims amid territorial row
05:01:08a Chicago Charter School Teachers Push To Form Union
05:01:16a Music Review Staatskapelle Dresden at Carnegie Hall
05:01:24a Nurses 'warned off' whistle-blowing
05:01:32a Bulls look to bounce back in Game 2
05:01:41a Deputies Accountant stole got breast implants
05:01:51a Nicaragua captures child porn suspect on Most Wanted list
05:01:58a Spurs down depleted Lakers in NBA
05:02:07a Chicago Tribune uses pizza to thank Boston Globe
05:02:15a Angola Governor Urges for Greater Divulgence of Legal Principles
05:02:24a WWI soldiers finally laid to rest
05:02:32a Brent slips towards as China PMI disappoints
05:02:42a High court weighs prostitution free speech AIDS funding case
05:02:51a Tendulkar turns 40 on Wednesday, wish the batting ace
05:03:01a Officers shot in Boston bombing manhunt were friends
05:03:09a Kompany Manchester City winning the Champions League is inevitable
05:03:18a Drop in LNG demand hits port profits
05:03:28a Nest enlists U.S. utilities to power drive into homes
05:03:37a Nick Bitel preferred for Sport England role ahead of Tanni Grey-Thompson
05:03:45a Sawfish project becomes a matter of survival
05:03:53a A Monopoly, A Duopoly, And A Flyer
05:04:01a Today is deadline to register to vote in May primary
05:04:10a China tops list of sources of cyber-espionage attacks in 2012
05:04:19a Younger US bombing suspect born in Kyrgyzstan Minister
05:04:27a Ride-On Bus Causes 12 Vehicle Pile-Up in Rockville 22 Apr 2013 171408 GMT
05:04:35a Australian stocks open higher
05:04:44a Millsaps students to host public 'Run for Boston' Tuesday
05:04:52a Commissioners Approve Purchase Of New Mowers
05:05:01a Kiwi farmers happy as drought breaks
05:05:09a Marsh on Monday Italy calm now but watch out later this year
05:05:18a Advice for Americas future journalists
05:05:26a Plane sustains substantial damage in accident
05:05:36a Anti-Gitmo Activists Arrested in Die-In at NYC Court
05:05:44a Rita MacNeil's funeral today at Big Pond
05:05:54a Spokesman Prosecutor Who Ordered Whipping Drunken Citizen Referred to Judicial Inspection
05:06:04a Taliban seize hostages from helicopter in Afghanistan
05:06:13a White House Tsar
05:06:27a Port serves up tennis court
05:06:35a North Africa Maghreb Football Surprises
05:06:43a Cup bid mired in corruption
05:06:51a The Amazing Race Trains letters and trivia in Berlin
05:07:03a Glencore traded with Iranian supplier to nuclear weapon's programme
05:07:12a Mosque Boston bomb suspect had outbursts
05:07:22a Police Man killed girlfriend, 3 others in Wash.
05:07:31a Japan nationalists near disputed isles MPs visit shrine
05:07:38a Feather cloak welcomed home
05:07:47a Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez rekindle relationship
05:07:56a White House lawyer seen as leading pick for top SEC legal post
05:08:03a Assam Emerging Troubles in Goalpara
05:08:13a Dubais Tamweel Tower fire compensation falls short of victims’ costs
05:08:21a OECD Pensions system should be simpler fairer
05:08:30a Stolen front loader joyride causes thousands in damage
05:08:44a Autopsy Boy died of wound to abdomen in accidental shooting
05:08:53a Venezuela warns it will react to any US sanctions or meddling in internal affairs
05:09:02a UPDATE 2-Greece seeks higher offer in gaming group OPAP sale
05:09:11a Is Boston an ‘excuse’ for putting off immigration reform
05:09:20a Fourth Defense Witness Testifies in Maritime Trial
05:09:29a Man to get 40 lashes for drinking alcohol in Qatar
05:09:36a FIFA official stole Aussie cash
05:09:45a Employment legislation will keep coming
05:09:53a Conservative tasks in Japan
05:10:00a Aikajana Kunta- ja sote-uudistus hallituksen tapaan
05:10:07a If You’re Stuck In A Part-Time Job, Thank Obamacare
05:10:17a Boston suspect won't be treated as enemy combatant White House
05:11:36a Russian FSB Reportedly Contacted FBI About Tamerlan Tsarnaev
05:11:46a U.S. security agency delays plan to allow small knives on planes
05:11:53a The 11 Most Mystifying Things the Tsarnaev Brothers Did
05:12:01a Video Mad Men creator actor talk Roger Sterling shows success
05:12:13a Prince Harry praises Bostons resilience after marathon bomb attack – video
05:12:21a Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement movement remembered at new exhibition in Dublin
05:12:29a Barry Gibb & Robin Gibb I Started A Joke 2013
05:12:39a Headless sea lion found on Vancouver Island beach
05:12:54a No Irish government minister at installation of future Catholic primate
05:13:07a Alleged 'al-Qaeda-supported' plot against Via train thwarted
05:13:18a Australian shares pare gains as soft Chinese PMI adds to growth concerns
05:13:27a DSWD reminds parents Know whom your children are with
05:13:34a Yahoo's email service in China to close in August
05:13:45a SMSIS Awarded Cambridge International School Status
05:13:54a Louisville recycling plant turns coal waste into fertilizer
05:14:03a How To Throw A Surprise Party In The Digital Age
05:14:13a North Koreas missile test could stretch to July says Souths defence ministry
05:14:21a Housing allowance for 22- to 30-year-olds to be scrapped and replaced with new system
05:14:30a UPDATE 1-Korea’s Iran crude imports for March down 16.2 pct yy
05:14:39a Not Her Kind Of Town NYT Book Reviewer Disses Chicago
05:14:47a Wash. Gender-neutral bill does away with 'freshmen,' 'penmanship'
05:14:56a Earth Daze What Happened to the Environmental Movement?
05:15:04a Ammonium nitrate used to trigger Bangalore blast
05:15:15a Australian shares gain 0.9 pct, investors await Chinese PMI
05:15:24a Viet Nam sends sympathies to China after devastating earthquake
05:15:32a Oil Steady Ahead of China PMI Data
05:15:43a Crews battle apartment building fire
05:15:53a Nuclear Power Saves Millions Of Lives
05:16:01a Crumbling Cherry Walk pavement could be dangerous
05:16:11a Two men arrested in Canadian terror plot
05:16:21a Japan lawmakers in mass visit to war shrine
05:16:30a Moscow court issues arrest warrant for Magnitsky’s boss Browder
05:16:40a Dry, mild weather for most of B.C.
05:16:49a Heartwell talks flooding April 22
05:16:57a Havana Club employee charged with vehicular homicide
05:17:11a Spain fights to lose status as drug gateway to Europe
05:17:19a 11000 hurt in China earthquake
05:17:29a Man runs out of gas during high speed police chase, arrested
05:17:38a Jury to decide if cold case murder or manslaughter
05:17:47a PU grad on Most Wanted list detained
05:17:55a Chicago to mandate eco-friendly efforts at airport restaurants
05:18:03a Canada foils train plot
05:18:12a VIDEO Burma prepares for energy sell-off
05:18:20a China continues Diaoyu islands patrols
05:18:28a Russia’s role in Tsarnaev investigation unclear
05:18:36a Van Persie hat-trick seals Uniteds 20th title
05:18:44a Biomimicry 7 Clever Technologies Inspired by Nature
05:18:54a Armed robbery at Shell station Monday
05:19:03a Pet Foods Made With Owners, Not Pet Health, In Mind
05:19:11a Temporary Road Closures During 22nd Asean Summit
05:19:19a Fitch Rates Panamas USD750MM 2053 Global Bond BBB
05:19:27a Burma The silence and the damage done
05:19:35a APGA Umeh writes Jega protests Awka convention
05:19:44a Cornell NYC Tech program gets new name
05:19:56a Boston bombers brainwashed wife The all-American girl who married a killer
05:20:06a JJ's manager arrested for felony possession of synthetics
05:20:13a Ensuring smooth ASEAN Summit
05:20:24a Chennai Police arrest two after busting TN terror module
05:20:32a Experts approve Pan-African accreditation council for varsities
05:20:40a NDPHC to contribute 4200MW to national grid
05:20:48a Deputies couldnt believe who they had stopped
05:20:58a Terror plot targeted Toronto-N.Y. train
05:21:07a EU eases Syria oil embargo in fresh help to rebels
05:21:15a Find funding for what you need Equipment
05:21:24a Parents who do not have their children vaccinated run ‘grim risk’ warns Reilly
05:21:34a Heart transplant 'gift of life,' says Manitoba's 1st recipient
05:21:46a UPDATE 2-Airbus wins coveted BA mini-jumbo order
05:21:57a Madison police search for three men in robbery home invasion
05:22:07a EPA criticizes environmental review of Keystone XL pipeline
05:22:15a LDP looks to double JET Programs ranks in three years
05:22:25a Hunt for Boston Clues Reveals Tangled Caucasus Web
05:22:33a Get UCI out of drug testing LeMond
05:22:42a The Problem With Dragon Economics
05:22:52a Two bodies found in northeast Vic
05:23:02a Key vote on “Internet sales tax” looms this time with Amazon’s support
05:23:12a Iran May Barter Oil for Food and Drugs
05:23:21a John Key In La-La Land On Power Prices
05:23:30a Airlines Agree to End Strike
05:23:38a Citibank Says Greece Cyprus Will Give Up Euro
05:23:47a Fujita retires as Saint from mountaintops of Peru
05:24:00a Iranian refugee with Canadian passport detained in Bulgaria accused of scoping out Jewish centre
05:24:08a Market Report Gulf Keystone cops it as boss sells down
05:24:17a Burglar held under chair by Sydney woman
05:24:26a Canada Thwarts Alleged Terror Plot
05:24:36a 8 Turks 1 Russian kidnapped by Taliban
05:24:46a Burned Chinese ship sinks in Antarctic
05:24:55a Supporters Dont link immigration bill to Boston
05:25:03a Warriors Forced To Move On In Playoffs Without Lee
05:25:13a U.S. Imports From Central America and the Caribbean Continue to Climb
05:25:21a Feedback sought on inspection frequency
05:25:28a Tom Hiddleston in 'The Crow' remake?
05:25:37a Coalition push for Aust to feed Asia
05:25:46a In Sierra Leone Milla Group unveils PVC pipes Chairs Water Tanks and more
05:25:54a New York City might raise smoking age to 21
05:26:02a Urewera four lose Supreme Court bid
05:26:11a Care of mentally ill inmates atrocious counsellor says
05:26:20a ‘Dragon Age 3 Inquisition’ developer responds to act structure criticism
05:26:29a Pacific Parliamentary Forum Closes With Call For Action
05:26:37a Japan lands again in aviation with new jet
05:26:48a Boston Bombing Suspects Planned More Attacks Report
05:26:56a I wanted to throw up girl tells pimp trial
05:27:04a Scottish currency options not a simple matter
05:27:15a Honduras uncovers plot to kill lawmaker, reporter
05:27:25a Sierra Leoneans in Saudi Arabia Converge to Market an Educational Programme
05:27:35a Woman finds thousands in cash at golf course
05:27:43a Veterans reunite at Vietnam Memorial Wall
05:27:58a Defense delayed in Philadelphia abortion doctor trial
05:28:06a Recycling initiative kicks off at Warren Primary
05:28:15a Capital citys trade deficit at in first four months
05:28:23a Windy Business of Bees
05:28:30a Adorable 90 year old grandma tries on 3D virtual reality goggles
05:28:41a Argentina meteor video Fireball explodes in sky for unplanned light show at music festival
05:28:50a Investment adviser must pay Schwab mln for options error
05:28:58a Nigerian Bonny cargo delayed after Shell force majeure
05:29:09a San Francisco Police Chief Wants Security Cameras Along Market Street
05:30:07a Police Warn Against Dealing with Car Accidents without an Officer
05:30:16a Jerusalem Real Estate brings American Jews to Israel
05:30:24a Omans economy looking good says IMF
05:30:34a World Bank earmarks for mortgage infrastructure in Nigeria
05:30:43a Elections in Bhutan
05:30:54a White House backs Internet sales tax bill
05:31:02a Strangers once again
05:31:11a Skier, 4 sn
05:31:20a Alcohol, pot most popular drugs among Sonoma County teens
05:31:32a Trinamool MP was only an employee of Saradha Group, says Mamata
05:31:40a NLR backs serving alcohol at mall theater, new restaurant 22 Apr 2013 234835 GMT
05:31:49a Flight delays pile up amid FAA budget cuts
05:31:58a Dawn French remarries
05:32:08a Iran likely unaware of al-Qaedas Canadian plotting security expert says
05:32:18a Forestry Ministry to reopen log export market to boost price
05:32:26a Saudi sponsors to pay for depor...
05:32:35a Diesel spilled in Coromandel bay
05:32:45a Corrections to take over electronic bail monitoring
05:32:57a New Photos Of Deadly Watertown Shootout Surface
05:33:06a Dead students family call for clampdown on slimming drug
05:33:15a Caixin Online Listed China firms report small losses in quake
05:33:26a Boston Legal Federal Charges Treat Pressure Cooker Bomb as WMD
05:33:35a Nuclear North Korea entreats Mongolia for help in feeding its people
05:33:47a Officials Boston bombing suspects motivated by religion
05:33:57a Study Lax attitude on teens and Rx drug abuse
05:34:07a Anzac commanders London grave restored
05:34:24a Starbucks makes noisy debut Trung Nguyen gets boisterous Highlands keeps quiet
05:34:32a Rapes happen across India Shinde
05:34:41a Recall bid against Sheriff Joe faces tough odds
05:34:50a Libs reignite culture wars over Anzac Day teaching
05:34:58a Drought status likely to remain until September
05:35:07a Budget bills key to all the govt's ambitions
05:35:16a IAEA Top Official in Iran Talks Resigns
05:35:25a Buying houses worth crores? Check the rate charts!
05:35:32a UK eyes 3bn pounds through stake sale in Urenco
05:35:41a FBI No ricin in home of Miss. man accused of mailing poison letters
05:35:50a CSK vs RR Full Match Video Highlights IPL 2013 30th Match
05:36:00a Boston bombing victim Krystle Campbell mourned amid threats of picketers
05:36:12a Charges dropped against man arrested in fiery police shootout
05:36:21a New coffee shop adds perk to Fort Collins' Oak Street
05:36:29a News Summary Investors applaud Netflix's 1Q
05:36:40a Iran links to Canadian Al Qaeda-linked terror plot unexpected
05:36:49a Disabled charity worker blinded by her husband FORGIVES him and wants him back
05:36:58a PROMETHEUS TRAP The disaster and animals Veterinarian finds puppy amid Fukushima nuke crisis
05:37:06a Movie Review Do the Math
05:37:13a Kim Kardashian wants to get married again
05:37:21a Third of Cape pupils smoke drink survey
05:37:30a Sudan U.S. Consults With Sudan and Rebels to Bring Peace in Darfur
05:37:39a MPD responds to shooting of 15-year-old
05:37:49a Host Iran likely unaware of al-Qaeda's Canadian plotting, security expert says
05:38:01a Alleged al-Qaeda-supported plot against Via train thwarted
05:38:10a Shocker Senate Strips Million Out Income Tax Cuts Passed By The House
05:38:18a Tesoro in joint venture for oil facility
05:38:27a Trial of 2 brothers under way about million lottery ticket
05:38:35a Command-Line Download Manager Aria2 0.17.0 Is Available for Download
05:38:45a Mamata blames Centre for chit funds
05:38:53a Minnesota news in brief at 759 p.m. CDT
05:39:01a A.J. McCarron Racing Helmet Soon Retired, Donated
05:39:13a Group clones California trees for global planting project
05:39:22a Coffee machines hot property for thieves
05:39:32a Race hots up for home secretary CAG
05:39:41a Nicaragua detains suspect on FBIs Most-Wanted list
05:39:50a Nikkei seen rising on optimism over economic outlook Wall St gains
05:39:58a Aust bonds firmer after weak US data
05:40:06a Will the end of EU sanctions pop Myanmar’s real estate bubble
05:40:16a Wine kegs may be on tap for Florida
05:40:24a Malaysians positive on investment says survey
05:40:34a VIDEO Should online firms track your browsing?
05:40:41a SET index opens down 1.58 pt, 0.10 pct
05:40:51a Nigerian Journalists Cry Against Slave Labour
05:41:00a Swiss Banks Face Testy Proxy Season
05:41:10a U.S. Attorney Offers Insights Into Preventing Attacks
05:41:19a Qld premier orders youth bootcamp review
05:41:28a Canadian officials arrest 2 in plot to blow up trains
05:41:37a More rain to hit Ontarios flood-stricken cottage country
05:41:46a Armenian judokas to depart for Budapest on April 24
05:41:53a Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo expects to make playoffs in 2014
05:42:03a Najib’s Money Politics Clampdown May Secure Job Southeast Asia
05:42:13a Global business tycoon to invest billions in KSA
05:42:21a Woman Rescued After Crash Into Culvert
05:42:29a Malaysia-Market factors to watch on April 23
05:42:39a Militias 'From UMM Dukhun' Loot Police, Citizens in Darfur
05:42:49a Gonski billions to flow as New South Wales signs up
05:42:58a Man charged in marijuana bust in N.E. Calgary
05:43:06a Politicos drunk with power cannot see grave problem- Chandrani Bandara
05:43:16a Denver police searching for clues in pot rally shooting
05:43:25a 42 Jackie Robinson and Americas unfinished social agenda
05:43:36a Funerals begin for victims of Boston marathon bombing
05:43:46a Ashley White may have been in dissociative state during stabbing
05:43:56a US knives-on-planes policy delayed
05:44:05a In Paraguay, a rich conservative must tackle poverty
05:44:14a SOCOM and MAG Veteran Abandons FPS Development
05:44:22a HP Slate 7 Now Up for Pre-Order in Australia for
05:44:31a India will protect China border Antony
05:44:39a Maccabi Tel Aviv Clinch Israeli League Crown
05:44:48a Air NZ no comment on cartel settlement talks
05:44:57a Settlement reached in Ellery contract case
05:45:05a Waukesha police to seek charges against man in standoff
05:45:16a Vaticans former chief liturgist supports legal recognition of same-sex unions
05:45:25a John Kerrys visit to Israel and Palestine
05:45:34a Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-1544 Remote Security Vulnerability
05:45:43a Aussie duo win Star Trek slot
05:45:51a Insight China consolidates sea claims as Asian diplomacy struggles
05:46:01a Suspected Boston Bomber Given Bedside Hearing and Miranda Rights
05:46:11a Tourism Development Threaten Burmese Lake
05:46:20a Mass. mosque Bomb suspect had 2 recent outbursts
05:46:28a Foreign Ministers will discuss full range of security issues
05:46:41a Youth worker wants ban on legal highs
05:46:50a Fujuri todoke a valuable insurance policy if your marriage is on the rocks
05:46:59a Woman shot in back at GR liquor store
05:47:08a UAE’s Dana Gas expands Lebanon Egypt operations
05:47:16a Earth Day Intimate Footage of Elephants in Cambodia Newswise Newswise
05:47:26a Diamond Innovations to close Dublin plant with loss of 79 jobs
05:47:34a Daily briefing April 23
05:47:42a Penmanship is now handwriting as Washington state removes gender bias in statutes
05:47:51a Japan’s victorious Sato targets Indy 500 race
05:47:59a Organizers of the Grand Prix of Long Beach are pleased with the weekend race
05:48:08a At least 185 killed in weekend crossfire between military Boko
05:48:16a Medical tourism from Australia booming
05:48:25a Law Enforcement Torch Run will benefit Special Olympics
05:48:34a Sudan Two Rape Attempts in One Day Near North Darfur Camp
05:49:31a Report Israel covering up major biblical archeology find Israel Today
05:49:40a Police close nightclub after drug prostitution charges
05:49:50a Villanueva inquest Montreal police must discuss safety of holsters
05:49:58a Regent partners with churches for scholarships
05:50:08a UPDATE 1-In Paraguay, a rich conservative must tackle poverty
05:50:17a School staff underpayments rising
05:50:26a Students escape USP fire
05:50:34a Man’s bad idea results in crash
05:50:43a Mass. mosque Bomb suspect had two recent outbursts
05:50:52a Russia US stress need for joint counter-terror efforts
05:51:01a BREAKING NEWS Police Searching For Missing Child
05:51:10a NC Senate OKs drug testing requirement for welfare
05:51:19a Montreal calls for review of pipeline proposal
05:51:28a PH Asia-Pacific countries to post strong growth—Fitch
05:51:35a ManU wrap up title
05:51:44a Father of The 5 Browns' appeal denied by judge
05:51:55a Gillard stagnating as Abbott falls
05:52:08a Child wanders away from you? FBI has an app for that
05:52:17a Mother of two dead after her boyfriend shoots her with a BB gun
05:52:25a Intl demand rises for China rare earths in Q1
05:52:37a Ontario pharmacy group aims to prevent chemo errors
05:52:45a Budget airlines no longer budget survey
05:52:54a Tom Jones Stagger Lee LIVE
05:53:05a Two Arrested in Al-Qaida Linked Plot to Attack Train in Canada
05:53:13a Road worker dies after being run over by roller
05:53:21a China Vankes profits surge in Q1
05:53:28a DTC Training Workshop beneficial
05:53:39a Africa Global Finance Officials Endorse World Bank Target to End Poverty
05:53:48a John Brennan Suspected 2011 Killing of Teenage Awalki Deliberate
05:53:56a Destini climbs in active trade after removal from PN17
05:54:05a Bahrain arrests 4 in deadl
05:54:15a In France Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage Bill Grows
05:54:25a Vietnam Has 580 Tons of Sugar Inventory As of Mid-April VSSA
05:54:32a Not just in Delhi rapes happen elsewhere too Shinde says
05:54:40a EU lifts Myanmar sanctions
05:54:48a Bee Gees I Started A Joke HD Legendado
05:54:57a Police comb WA marina after body found
05:55:07a Ban deplores civilian deaths in Nigeria violence
05:55:15a AAP to form Women's Security Force
05:55:23a National Honey Fair kicks off in Romania
05:55:31a New electronic sign at Westfall campus
05:55:38a April 23 2013
05:55:47a Vectra chief Ravinder Rishi leaves for UK for four weeks to undergo treatment
05:55:58a VIDEO 'More than 100 people' killed in Syria
05:56:07a Arkansas Business Most expensive homes in Pulaski County 22 Apr 2013 233414 GMT
05:56:15a Environmental documentary gets a first look locally
05:56:24a Randolph to build Mil wastewater plant
05:56:33a No charges for NYPD cops filmed punching pepper-spraying Occupy protesters
05:56:42a Norman parade celebrates Land Run of 1889
05:56:50a Fasth perfect as Ducks clinch Pacific Division with shutout win over Oilers
05:56:58a Lagos seeks redefinition of ‘host communities’
05:57:06a Kristen Wiig excited to work in 'Anchorman The Legend Continues'
05:57:15a Matamoras cig store robbed at gunpoint
05:57:24a Nagoya couple arrested over death of employee
05:57:32a Death ends great love for Shanghai Cheng Naishan
05:57:41a Hizbollah at war with the Syrian people
05:57:49a Tiger Airways gets approval from Australian authorities to sell stake to Virgin
05:57:58a Report Man electrocuted; Neola Church Road closed in Jackson Township
05:58:07a China manufacturing expansion slows
05:58:15a Nonsuch Island ‘Cahow Cam’ Live Streaming
05:58:27a Al-Qaeda linked terrorists allegedly planned to derail VIA passenger train on New York-to-Toronto route
05:58:35a The B-List Bionic Commando
05:58:43a First primary school built on Truong Sa
05:58:53a U.S.Canada daily earnings hits misses April 22 1500 ET
05:59:01a 12-seat limitation for Kg Ayer school boats
05:59:09a Olivia Newton-John's sister has cancer, singer postpones Las Vegas shows
05:59:18a Drowned Tourist In Bahamas Identified As Florida Accountant
05:59:29a Miner Tanami Gold latest casualty of price slump
05:59:36a Aaron Nola named SEC Co-Pitcher of the Week
05:59:44a Main News of April 22
05:59:51a HM King Hamad Sends Letter of Thanks to Interior Minister
06:00:01a Enrollment opens for Oklahoma City Community College kids programs
06:00:10a Netanyahu Welcomes End of Airline Strike
06:00:21a Early Stages of Boston Investigation Yields Family Stories, Bomb Fragments
06:00:31a U.S. may charge Canadian visitors admission
06:00:39a Pakistan court allows Raja Pervez Ashraf to contest polls
06:00:49a Oregon lawmakers look to guard student Facebook passwords
06:00:58a Merkel criticises FC Bayern head
06:01:09a Vancouver property management company’s green program saves money increases tenant loyalty
06:01:17a LRSD OKs purchases for land for new campuses 22 Apr 2013 232232 GMT
06:01:27a Florida approves online-only public university education
06:01:36a Rowley Resignation came too late
06:01:44a American sex predator on the run held in Nicaragua
06:01:53a Aussie population to top 23 million
06:02:01a Analysis Show me the money
06:02:10a PIX Life will never be the same in quake-hit Sichuan
06:02:17a Neighborhood Surprises Postman with Homecoming
06:02:27a SANDF denies soldiers in Sudans claims of no wages
06:02:36a Power Plants Use Rivers For Cooling, But Cause Stress To The Environment
06:02:46a Teachers in Buenos Aires Province Announce More Strikes
06:02:56a Iraq veteran pleads guilty to killing fellow soldiers
06:03:05a Ryan Lochte on critics Haters are 'a given'
06:03:13a Mayo Clinic's Upmarket Move
06:03:25a Boston Bombing Suspect Arraigned on Federal Charges While Hospitalized
06:03:37a Officer wounded by Marathon suspects 'lost nearly all his blood'
06:03:46a Kenya National Assembly to Collect Public Views On Cabinet Nominees
06:03:53a MP Assad Should Stay On Contest Polls
06:04:02a Hotel tax collections show healthy increase in Oklahoma City
06:04:11a Anger over woman before fatal attack
06:04:21a P.E.I. NDP to accept corporate donations
06:04:30a Fugitive on FBIs Most Wanted list arrested in Nicaragua source
06:04:38a Overuse of tests feeds cheating Opposing view
06:04:48a Far Cry 3 wins big at Canadian Videogame Awards
06:04:58a London Marathon secures five-year extension of Virgin Money sponsorship
06:05:05a ‘Excellent Engagement’ During UK Tourism Push
06:05:13a How Thatchers marriage almost ended in a divorce
06:05:22a Thai rice stocks tender postponed
06:05:31a Man begins jail sentence in fatal hit-and-run
06:05:40a Kerry pushes Turkey-Israel talks
06:05:47a Boost for lift centre
06:05:55a LA-area meningitis case not tied to NY, elsewhere
06:06:03a Poll Americans feel Future Economy is Bleak
06:06:13a New financing option on runway as Air Canada eyes fleet buy
06:06:22a North Korea missile launch will not be a surprise says US
06:06:31a Asian Champions League Asamoah Gyan must step up for Al Ain on big stage
06:06:40a Mosque Tamerlan Tsarnaev twice tried to shout down preachers
06:06:47a ‘Don’t be fooled into buying e-tags’
06:06:57a GreenTech Automotive plans to build electric car for sale in North America
06:07:06a Turkey finds Kerry comments diplomatically wrong
06:07:15a Turkey Reports Progress in Talks with Israel on Marmara
06:07:25a GlobeNet Completes Construction of Bermuda-US Replacement
06:07:34a Abu Dhabi businesses have 3 months to change signboards or face fines
06:07:43a Kingston reportedly books considerable DDR3 capacity at Taiwan makers
06:07:55a Memorial service for 23-year-old Chinese graduate student killed in Boston Marathon blasts
06:08:05a Saint John radio station folds after years of losses
06:08:14a Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke in 2012 paid 20.7 million
06:08:23a Nicaragua nabs American on FBIs most wanted list
06:08:32a Illegal See the UN says Abbott
06:08:40a ITC tosses Motorolas legal complaint against Apple
06:08:48a Poor forecasts create difficulties for livestock breeders
06:08:56a Improved visa processing and transport to benefit the Caribbean
06:09:05a Woman held for axe attack on son-in-law
06:09:13a Why I took to the stage wielding a giant penis
06:09:23a VIDEO Rugby player, 71, hangs up his boots
06:11:24a Volunteer firefighters in West were trained, prepared for plant fire, officials say
06:11:32a Crowdfunding the new capital raiser
06:11:41a Linesmen burned in explosion
06:11:49a Peres and Hagel discuss US-Israel cooperation
06:11:57a BII retains profits for credit growth
06:12:06a Turkey unhappy with Kerry call for PM to delay Gaza trip
06:12:14a Three seriously injured in accident near Leaburg
06:12:23a Qld men questioned over smuggled steroids
06:12:33a Panetta in UAE Pressure on Irans nuclear programme will grow after June
06:12:42a Iraqi tourist sector hurt by Iran's currency pain
06:12:51a Video SWAT team that brought down Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
06:13:01a Authorities thwart al-Qaida-backed plan to attack Canadian train
06:13:09a Italy's Eni gets Mediterranean exploration block
06:13:18a Sports College side demolish persistent Bankers in mens Division one league
06:13:26a Eurobank Needs Full Recapitalization
06:13:35a UK MPs call parl. debate against army cuts
06:13:45a GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia shares commodities rattled by weaker China flash HSBC PMI
06:13:54a STOCKS NEWS SINGAPORE-Tiger Airways rises on regulator approval
06:14:05a Latest clashes near Syrian capital may have killed hundreds activists say
06:14:13a E-burg man charged with simple assault
06:14:21a Iran Assad should stay in office run again in 2014
06:14:30a German firms to attend food expo in HCM City
06:14:40a SARS Lessons Stay Alert for New Pathogens
06:14:51a Police search for robber who fired shots
06:14:59a Health Dept holds first EEE clinic in Brandon
06:15:09a Police Man killed girlfriend 3 others in Wash.
06:15:16a Sisterly love Baby shower etiquette
06:15:28a Report links kidnapers of Aleppo bishops to Boston bombers
06:15:37a Activists join celebrities in legislative race
06:15:45a Grieving Netizens slam Wong as being insensitive
06:15:53a Towering Irfan thanks Akram for help in retuning bowling action according to height
06:16:01a TSA Delays Change To Knife Restrictions
06:16:11a Early, Intensive Therapy For Autism 22 Apr 2013 175309 GMT
06:16:19a Mexico EU agree to boost tourism cooperation
06:16:27a Simon Allen reappointed Chair of FMA
06:16:37a Eden Foods sues over birth control mandate; customers voice outrage on social media
06:16:45a JP to play in Japan
06:16:54a United Airlines executive migration about complete
06:17:04a In Israel, U.S. Defense Delivers Embrace
06:17:16a Toronto Muslim community warned RCMP about alleged terrorists’ extremist rhetoric
06:17:24a Police on guard for Malema’s appearance
06:17:33a Oklahoma farmers have 'fresh' idea
06:17:41a Mom Teen athlete died from aneurysm
06:17:50a BBC video shows deadly attack in Myanmar
06:17:59a Xiaomi 2S may spur China competition in Taiwan smartphone market
06:18:08a Building trade 'turning the corner'
06:18:21a 187 killed in latest Nigeria violence
06:18:28a What are these frogs saying?
06:18:36a Italian Bond Yields Fall
06:18:46a Police shoot dead two ATM thieves in Depok
06:18:54a Plan for businesses to reopen on Boylston Street
06:19:05a Lufthansa strike affects India-Germany flights
06:19:15a Tumwater officials issue challenge to city's residents and businesses
06:19:25a Japan Endoscopy Devices Market Outlook to 2019 New Report Published
06:19:33a Nikkei down by break
06:19:42a USA Today poll shows gun-control support slipping still further
06:19:51a Fugitive on 10 Most Wanted list arrested in Nicaragua
06:20:00a Can Knockdown 3 Screens
06:20:08a Ukraine, Faroes to sign FTA
06:20:17a Video Personal stories paint picture of Tsarnaev brothers
06:20:25a School Board Finds Ways to Better Workplace for Employees
06:20:33a What You Must Know About Where Markets Are Headed & Why
06:20:42a China Southern Opens Premium Check-In Lounge in Guangzhou
06:20:50a Cuba to Host Workshop on Biopharmaceutic Regulations
06:20:58a POLL OPINION Australian population
06:21:07a Australia to Sierra Leone Tony Bee’s Recent Mission Part
06:21:16a EU working on guidelines to label West Bank products
06:21:25a Southwestern wind symphony plans short tour
06:21:34a Snakk Media share offer near bottom of range
06:21:44a Saudi Arabia's Deputy Defence Minister Replaced
06:21:53a Mexico breaks telescope-viewing record
06:22:01a Mireille Mathieu and Tom Jones on ITV end of the 60'
06:22:10a Daily ruckus in Parliament negates democracy Experts
06:24:20a Latin Business Chronicle Announces Latin Legal Stars 2013
06:24:31a Oil prices rise on Japans stimulus program
06:24:39a Why Thatcher's Purses Sales Spike
06:24:48a Police union billboards spark criticism
06:24:57a Man fights off 8-ft crocodile that grabbed his head
06:25:05a Chinese Thai legislators highlight friendly relations
06:25:13a Vt. man's 'eat more kale' gets 'preliminary no'
06:25:22a Student, marathon blast victim reunite in hospital
06:25:31a Sir Paul McCartney to play Ottawa in July
06:25:40a Eddie Jordan Expected To Be Introduced As Rutgers Coach Tuesday
06:25:49a Legal in the US watching “pixie sex” lands New Zealand man in jail
06:25:58a Commodity price slump sends slow ripples
06:26:07a More than 40 million watch manhunt television coverage
06:26:17a Watch Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Charged in Hospital Bed
06:26:26a Nigeria Abuja Forum Provides Recipe for Literary Laurels
06:26:34a RM5bil mixed commercial project takes shape in KLCC
06:26:42a Africa 'Enormous Opportunity' for Ending Hunger in Africa
06:26:52a What next for Boston bombing suspect?
06:27:00a Cabinet clears exploration in 31 oil, gas blocks
06:27:11a Canadian police foil al-Qaeda linked terror plot
06:27:20a Man sentenced to two years in jail for stabbing
06:27:28a EU must not dictate railway plans
06:27:37a Asian markets steady but gains capped
06:27:46a Ted Nugent Says Boston Bombing Suspect Should Be Publicly Hanged
06:27:54a Apple's Identity Crisis
06:28:02a Kerala family eyes from Saudi
06:28:10a On a study course to catch up with men
06:28:21a Obituary Windsor grad Hugo Tapia Jr. had big dreams
06:28:29a Hui for Northland Māori with a disability
06:28:37a Title-winning Manchester United team will join all-time greats says Sir Alex Ferguson
06:28:46a Elderly patients could be sent to 'hospital hotels'
06:28:53a Victim allegedly called black bastard
06:29:01a CA CA Steven Rodriguez Sanger 12 Apr. 2013
06:29:13a Feds delay policy to allow small knives on planes
06:29:23a Bangalore blast Three held in Tamil Nadu
06:29:30a TMC returns to the black
06:29:38a Thailands CP All offers bln to buy Siam Makro
06:29:47a Politics Judiciary ready to handle over 180 poll petitions
06:29:56a Eritrean pilot fetching jet stolen by defectors defects paper
06:30:06a Now, HEART patients can GET a health insurance
06:30:15a Woman suspected of stealing worth of clothing
06:30:26a Canada suspects accused of planning to derail passenger train
06:30:34a Chief Obasanjo Says the Tana Forum Deliberations Were Fruitful
06:30:43a Election petition adjourned until Tuesday
06:30:53a Limerick family escapes injury in shooting incident
06:31:02a McGraw-Hill seeking dismissal of lawsuit over S&P
06:31:11a Despite Promising Start Taiwan Misses Free Trade Deals
06:31:20a Letters Readers howling mad at wolf-hunting bill
06:31:28a Local attorney talks Boston case
06:31:37a Canada thwarts terror plot
06:31:45a PTI to Rid Country of US Influence Imran
06:31:54a SC gives two Sahara companies Roy week to reply to SEBI contempt petition
06:32:06a One man's tale of war and recovery
06:32:15a Police No threat from suspicious bag at Ames post office
06:32:24a Dubai Airport is face of country Shaikh Mohammed
06:32:34a Huawei sees enterprise sales rising to billion by 2017
06:32:42a Undergraduate councils expected to adopt honor code, pledge
06:32:51a Fitch Afirma la Calificacion a Compania de Telecomunicaciones de El Salvador en AAA
06:33:03a President Morsi Denies Sectarian Incidents in Egypt Human Rights Leader Calls Statement A Lie
06:33:12a Feds delay policy allowing knives, bats on planes
06:33:21a Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine
06:33:33a Kuwait opposition politician gets bail in insult case
06:33:42a Bride Covers Quake in Wedding Dress
06:33:51a China to accelerate approval for quake-relief drugs
06:34:01a 'Suspicious powder,' threatening letter sent to S. Korean defense minister
06:34:46a Obama Move on Interrogating Bombing Suspect Rekindles Criticism
06:34:56a Senators spar over Boston bombing tie to immigration reform
06:35:04a Don't Take the 'Cinnamon Challenge'
06:35:15a AUDIO Listen To Police Scanner During Capture Of Bomber
06:35:23a Cinnamon challenge
06:35:31a Manchester United wins record 20th league title
06:35:40a VIDEO Concern grows for Apple earnings
06:35:48a Jakarta to replace Riau as ISG host
06:35:58a Exhumed remains of WWII Soviet soldiers reburied at Poland cemetery
06:36:07a EU ready to ditch Burma sanctions despite atrocity
06:36:15a Industries Qatar Q1 net profit jumps 37
06:36:24a Funeral for Bee Gees Star Robin Gibb Huffington Post
06:36:35a Anti-Terror Cooperation Isnt Going to Save Russian-American Relations
06:36:43a STS signs 1 m contract with Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation
06:36:52a Gerry Adams giving evidence in brothers trial
06:37:00a Wal-Mart Will Tie Pay to Compliance Overhaul
06:37:11a White House Boston attacks must not halt immigration reform
06:37:25a Kazakhstan ministry Kazakhs arrested on US immigration charges may have known suspects
06:37:34a Countywide homelessness down 19 percent
06:37:41a Who murdered Asher and Yonatan
06:37:50a Flashback 2011 DHS Secretary Napolitano Says No “Logic” In Profiling Young Muslim Men
06:38:00a Runners gather in Turkey Creek to help victims of Boston bombings
06:38:10a ‘RHOOC’ star Vicki Gunvalson shares picture of the man who brings her joy
06:38:19a Japans lawmakers in mass visit to war shrine
06:38:31a American luxury label Ralph Lauren fined US1.6m over corrupt payments in Argentina
06:38:38a Hue hopes to revive tourism
06:38:48a Chest abdominal injuries cause of soldiers death
06:38:57a China says narrowing wealth gap key to addressing migration challenge
06:39:05a Cartes pledges allegiance to Mercosur abandoning it ‘would be utterly nonsense’
06:39:14a Kaufmann wins best male opera award
06:39:21a Is running always better than walking?
06:39:30a Minn. House votes to drug test themselves
06:39:38a Crash couple charged with drink driving
06:39:47a Mandela has lost trust in his children say friends
06:39:55a 'Anarchy in Sinai and no solution in sight'
06:40:03a CNBC Premieres Entrepreneur Asia Special
06:40:11a Historic slave cabin renovations complete
06:40:19a Maple Leafs face myriad playoff scenarios
06:40:28a UPDATE 1-Consortium raises offer for Chinas 3SBio
06:40:39a Canada thwarts train terror plot on line linking Toronto with New York
06:40:48a Costa Rican exports increase by 3.5 percent in first quarter
06:40:56a In runners' tent and ER, a rush to save limbs - and lives
06:41:05a Killer apologises to machete victim's family
06:41:15a GE13 ‘Women can be good political leaders’
06:41:23a Netflix shares soar as ranks of streaming views surge
06:41:32a MASkargo settles RM6.67mil penalty with NZ commission
06:41:41a Australian Market Rallies On Earnings Optimism
06:41:49a Fifty three king cobras in car 53 Venomous snakes seized in Vietnam
06:41:59a Richie Havens dies aged 72 Woodstock Festival folk singer has heart attack
06:42:07a Up to 500000 Calls Received ahead of Putin’s Call-in Show
06:42:16a Trading ideas UEM Land BHIC Wah Seong DiGi
06:42:24a Ark of God International Ministry stages fundraising Drive
06:42:32a Cuban Working Class Honors Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
06:42:41a Al Qaeda Will Take Your Questions Now
06:42:49a Giant panda Tian Tian is artificially inseminated in bid to produce cub
06:42:59a Boston attacks must not halt immigration reform says White House
06:43:09a Bomb threat shuts down area in far north Fort Worth, Haltom City
06:43:21a Canada thwarts 'al-Qaida-supported' plot to derail passenger train
06:43:29a Poc Mtn. East hosts College Night tonight
06:43:37a The Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet
06:43:45a Axis REIT profit down slightly
06:43:55a President celebrates young scientists at White House
06:44:03a Bill Gates casual style raises eyebrows in S. Korea
06:44:14a Alleged terrorists planned attack on passenger train
06:44:23a Four held over gang-rape of US academic in PNG
06:44:30a Coral Coast 7s aims to reveal new stars
06:44:38a EU Lifts Most Myanmar Sanctions
06:44:47a Holiday Inn Seongbuk, Seoul, Korea is a place to stay
06:44:57a Canadian police thwart 'al-Qaeda-backed terror plot' Times of Israel
06:45:05a gift spurs restoration at Jefferson's estate/ti
06:45:15a Dumped toxic waste kills girl, 3
06:45:22a Trackpad Settings App No Longer Detects Surface Pro Type Cover
06:45:30a Spring Gully creditors meet
06:45:38a Barry Gibb Daddy´s Little Girl
06:45:47a Mobile network operators find great opportunities in mobile marketing
06:45:57a Coca-Cola China System donates 10m yuan to Lushan earthquake relief
06:46:08a Report Jordan Allows Israel to Use Its Airspace for Syria Attack
06:46:16a Administrative court rejects Talvivaaras appeal
06:46:25a WADA adds Dank's drug to banned list
06:46:33a Detroit businesses upset over big tabs for rainwater runoff
06:46:42a UN peacekeepers cross the line of warfare in the Congo
06:46:50a Mighty River suspension predicted to depress share price
06:47:00a Prayer Book Boycott over Prayer for Soldiers
06:47:08a Yen seen unlikely to slide to 110 versus US dollar
06:47:17a Automakers step up game to win in China
06:47:25a Dutch crown prince tames paparazzi en route to throne
06:47:34a Fisherman's body recovered Monday
06:47:43a McLaughlin has killed a child before
06:47:53a TSA delays its move to loosen restrictions on small knives on planes
06:48:01a Speculation grows that Fed chief may be in final term
06:48:10a Douglas Development buys Chinatown mixed-use building
06:48:20a Submit questions now for NFL draft hopeful and Cincinnati RB George Winn
06:48:28a Why Strippers Are Strippers
06:48:37a Tanning salon Ohio woman 'too fat' to tan
06:48:46a Hagel Finalizes Arms Deal On Israel Visit
06:48:54a Miettinen nosti Winnipegin pudotuspeliviivan tuntumaan
06:49:01a GE13 Giant underwear turning heads
06:49:09a G. Island says students are over tested
06:49:18a City duo charged with break enter and theft
06:49:26a Minimum pay to qualify for Employment Pass to rise
06:49:45a Wairarapa Police Charge Woman with Making a False Statement
06:49:54a Motorcycle Riders Told to Be Vigilant Over Thefts
06:50:04a Southeast Asias kaleidoscope of sounds
06:50:12a ABB bets US1bil on solar power
06:50:20a A Run for Boston
06:50:28a Teen hopes D.Wade will make her prom dream come true
06:50:38a Minister wants to see more local teachers in private schools
06:50:47a Operation Bluestar SGPC’s legal battle against Centre to go on
06:50:56a Manitoba inquiry hears 5-year-old Phoenix Sinclair beaten choked shot in final days
06:51:05a Large number of Chinese ships around disputed islands, Japan says
06:51:14a New Zealand tourism chiefs vow to hunt as a pack
06:51:23a Two bodies found in northern Victoria
06:51:33a Griffith Police Believe Stolen Rings May Lead To Kidnapping Suspect
06:51:40a How to retrieve possessions left at blast scene
06:51:51a Police kill gunman suspected of slaying four at Seattle-area apartments
06:52:01a Fighting international crime key to sustainable development UN
06:52:11a U.S. Probes Suspect's Alleged Militant Ties
06:52:20a Delhi Police Commissioner wont resign
06:52:29a Caretakers refuse to try Musharraf for treason
06:52:38a Tribeca Film Festival Elijah Wood and Alia Shawkat talk 'Setup, Punch'
06:52:47a VIDEO Chinook lifts Meteor jet to new home
06:52:57a Agriculture FG woos Brazilian investors farmers
06:53:05a *I Started A Joke* , Barry Gibb
06:53:14a Dh150m Dubai Safari ready to open next year
06:53:23a Ada County seeks information in vehicle burglaries
06:53:32a Orange Park Rotary cancels Fourth of July party
06:53:41a Hilberling scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday
06:53:49a GE13 Penang PRs equal opportunity policies and Malay votes
06:53:59a Tanzania Rufiji District Gets Sh1.3 Billion for Electricity
06:54:09a Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded
06:54:19a Gas line break, fire evacuates residents in northeast Bakersfield
06:54:26a Big states would lose in WA GST plan
06:54:35a mil for problem gamblers from NSW govt
06:54:45a Sharjah building fire leaves over 80 families homeless
06:54:53a UEM Land sells Puteri Harbour land to Kuok Bros-Khazanah JV for RM182mil
06:55:01a Bombing crime scene returned to city of Boston
06:55:12a Israel Reaches a Deal with Hunger-Striking Terrorist
06:55:20a New York Wheel could create new ad opportunities
06:55:30a Nation strengthens judicial co-operation with Sri Lanka
06:55:39a Officials Bombing suspect says he and brother acted alone
06:55:48a Watchdog allows Virgin Australia's 60% stake in Tiger Airways
06:55:56a Los Angeles Kings Peaking Again in Time for Postseason
06:56:05a 300 B.C. Mexican temple hints at human sacrifice
06:56:16a Media Availability by Secretary Hagel with President Peres in Tel Aviv, Israel
06:59:56a US vows to ensure Israels military edge in ME
07:00:05a Territorial Issues And North Korea On Asean Agenda
07:00:14a Colville Boy Accused In Plot To Kill Classmates Ordered To Undergo Evaluation
07:00:24a Video Shows Home Searches By Boston Police Were NOT Voluntary
07:00:34a Valley High School Gets High Ranking in National List
07:00:42a Strong monthly net migration gain
07:00:50a Fort Worth's bike-sharing program rolls out
07:01:00a Cars flipped at wild west Sydney party
07:01:08a Taiwan March export order value up on month down on year says MOEA
07:01:17a Ladipo auto market President docked over alleged N52m fraud
07:01:29a Boston bomb suspect charged, faces death penalty
07:01:38a Leahy chastises those linking Boston, immigration
07:01:46a Man sentenced for beating 9-month-old
07:02:03a Scottish Premier League wrap Celtic crowned champions
07:02:13a Report Jordan has opened its air space for Israeli drones en route to Syria
07:02:24a Suspect in Sri Lankan woman's death dies in Italy
07:02:34a Hong Kong stocks turn lower in opening minutes ahead of PMI report
07:02:44a US existing home sales edge down, but recovery expected to continue
07:02:51a SMK Sultan Badlishah team admits not being well prepared for multiple-choice quiz
07:03:03a Feds Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged could face death penalty in Boston Marathon bombings
07:03:12a Teen escapes Hutt Valley court
07:03:21a Dempsey Urges More Strategic Dialogue Between China, U.S.
07:03:29a Rita Ora visits detox camp to regain shape
07:03:38a Papers examine ongoing Boston questions
07:03:47a Ducks clinch division after defeating Oilers
07:03:58a Boston Bombings Suspect Charged With Using Weapon Of Mass Destruction
07:04:06a Frankfurt Kaufmann Stemme top opera honours
07:04:15a Rivers Assembly suspends Obio Akpor LG’s cabinet
07:04:26a Congressman Tying bombings and immigration exploitive
07:04:39a Netherlands closes schools after threat of a shooting spree appears online
07:04:49a Individual rights vs. public safety tellusatoday
07:04:59a Upon application of Turkish Society of Canada and Turkish Community Heritage Cen…
07:05:08a Russian tycoon Usmanov tops UK rich list with £13.3 billion
07:05:17a Selwyn Resources defers the big decisions
07:05:25a Sebastien Aymeric Tobacco industrys plain packaging fight a lost cause
07:05:36a Obama campaign plans major push for Gang of Eight immigration bil
07:05:46a Caught on cam Jewelry store owner robbed at gunpoint
07:05:54a Baby born with half a heart defies doctors who said she should be aborted
07:06:04a Suspect still at large after police chase hijacking foot pursuit
07:06:12a US 24 still open near Ripley despite rising waters
07:06:20a Labour calls for hand-held laser ban
07:06:33a Seoul shares dip after China PMI, industrials struggle
07:06:42a Israel Azerbaijan allies in Iran crisis
07:06:51a China bird flu toll rises to 21
07:07:02a White House Endorses Internet Sales Tax The Weekly Standard
07:07:13a Ex-DC teacher wanted on child porn charges found in Nicaragua
07:07:25a Property tax hike to remain at 5.5%
07:07:35a Topeka Police Investigating Reported Carjacking, Shooting
07:07:47a Japan summons China envoy over disputed isles
07:07:57a Cebu Pacific Announces Direct Daily Flights to Dubai
07:08:06a Cops want man who fleeced farmers
07:08:16a RFK children speak about assassinatio
07:08:25a IPL 6 CSK vs RR Live Streaming Chennai vs Rajasthan Live 2013
07:08:33a BMA ’2013 Definitely Off To A Very Good Start’
07:08:42a Trial begins in Texas murder case
07:08:51a US arms improve Israel's long-range strike ability
07:08:59a 7 must-have IT skills for job seekers
07:09:09a Woman injured in marathon blast faces challenges
07:09:18a Kenny hopeful abortion legislation will be in place by July
07:09:27a Mass. gas prices fall another 3 cents
07:09:35a Japanese Restaurant Offers Piranha
07:09:44a Norman City Council to discuss economic development
07:09:52a PRYNSA Gains Notable Recognition On Borneo Island
07:10:01a Italian President Napolitano says he aims to end deadlock 'within days'
07:10:10a Detainees brawl at Christmas Island centre
07:10:19a Myanmar hails EU decision to lift sanctions
07:10:28a Interest in Ghana’s minerals soar
07:10:38a Sigh of Relief US Fetes ExxonMobil Team After Liberia Oil Block 13 is Sealed
07:10:46a KNM Process gets winding-up petition
07:10:56a Turkish Denial of Media Reports On Israel Cooperation
07:11:05a Two California men get prison terms in pro poker sextortion scheme
07:11:14a Gay marriage faces pivotal vote in RI
07:11:24a Roads in Ethiopia less jarring than Edmonton potholes, taxi driver says
07:11:33a Serena Hotel Donates to Genocide Survivors
07:11:43a Patrol catches illegal immigrants in US
07:11:51a Jetstar labels laser incident highly irresponsible
07:12:01a Pressure main failure at Pump Station 36 on Pages Road
07:12:10a USAn kauppakomissio Apple ei rikkonut Googlen hankkimaa patenttia
07:12:21a Five dead in Seattle shooting
07:12:30a Far north Qld croc squad to be unveiled
07:12:37a Eskom vows to keep lights on
07:12:45a 250-Pound Tiger Shows Up in Public Bathroom
07:12:54a In a win for Apple Motorola’s proximity sensor patent ruled too obvious
07:13:02a Fatal fall down nightclub stairs not an accident coroner
07:13:11a Debris Work Continues on Memorial Bridge
07:13:20a Half Of Guantanamo Detainees Now On Hunger Strike
07:13:32a Canada says it foiled terror attack on train
07:13:41a MLB Cincinnati 5 Chicago Cubs 4
07:13:52a Clashes claim 185 lives in Nigeria border town official
07:14:02a Jurrah admits to drink driving
07:14:15a Sierra Leone President Koroma Launches West African Agricultural Productivity Program
07:14:24a Spending cuts stall many air travelers
07:14:32a How GBFC Beat Zanaco
07:14:43a Update RCMP alleges pair had al-Qaida support in plot to derail VIA train
07:14:55a Canada thwarts passenger train terrorist attack
07:15:03a No confidence motion over £25k rise
07:15:12a Druckman tapped to broker choice for chief rabbi
07:15:21a Syria war puts anti-US alliance on the defensive http//
07:15:30a Yankees Robinson Cano denies links to Biogenesis
07:15:41a French embassy in Libya bombed
07:15:50a Nicollette Sheridan gets new trial date
07:15:59a CSK vs RR Full Match Highlights IPL 6 Chennai vs Rajasthan 2013
07:16:07a Vets gather, pay respect for Moving Wall
07:16:18a Senate planning vote on Internet sales tax bill
07:16:27a Sri Lanka Colombo begins legal appropriation of former HSZ lands in Jaffna
07:16:37a Somalia Education Project Launched in Dadaab
07:16:47a Human Right Commission maintains silence on improper transfer of teachers
07:16:55a Diesel flow from stricken vessel blocked
07:17:03a National Picks Ideology Over Proven Success
07:17:13a Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Adha in Philippines
07:17:23a Tanzania Over Sh300 Billion Set Aside for Higher Education Loans
07:17:33a For young Syrian refugees in Jordan photography is a record and an outlet
07:17:42a Iran says its Forex reserves guarantee stability
07:17:51a Oil prices ease in Asia
07:18:01a Foreign firms foremost in China quake donations
07:18:11a Four OMRF scientists in Oklahoma City receive commendations
07:18:19a Sprint Names Reviewers of Dish Offer
07:18:29a Can Equities Cushion the Blow of Falling Gold Prices?
07:18:38a Can Turkish IPO market ride in slipstream of Pegasus
07:18:46a Hundreds protest against bylaw P-6 outside Montreal city hall
07:18:54a Psy's 'Gentleman' hits 200 mn YouTube views
07:19:03a Maury grad Chancellor gets extension from Seahawks
07:19:14a Sandra Bullock hosting special screening for Boston cops
07:19:23a Drought declaration likely until September
07:19:32a Texchem sees strong growth from food division
07:19:42a Defence charges former Katter member
07:19:55a Cops Two arrested in Canada in al-Qaida-supported terror plot
07:20:03a Condolences sent over former Algerian leaders death
07:20:11a Aronian beats Kramnik in Alekhine Memorial round 2
07:21:04a Cosatu calls on pupils to stay away
07:21:15a March raises awareness of child abuse
07:21:27a FACTBOX-Charges filed against Boston Marathon bombing suspect
07:21:40a Video & Audio Of Firefight, Capture Of Dzokhar Tsarnaev
07:21:49a More help needed for Scott County sandbagging efforts, officials say
07:21:58a John Prestbos Indexed Investor Go into Africa ETFs with money and time
07:22:10a Al Qaeda in Canada Two men arrested charged with terrorism.
07:22:18a Wood firms get help on quality standards
07:22:27a German economy stabilises after weak end to 2012
07:22:37a Sri Lanka enjoys good relations with India President
07:22:47a Canadian Terror Plot Chiheb Esseghaier Used Al Qaeda Flag As Avatar For Linkedin
07:22:57a Planetary Annihilation Shows Off Alpha Gameplay in New Video
07:23:09a Six people dead in 'random' shooting in southwest Russia
07:23:17a Road washes out in Lowell, dropping cars 25 feet
07:23:27a ‘Industrial Policy Action Plan will fail’
07:23:35a ‘Spanish situation’ worries top German clubs
07:23:46a Former Teacher Charged For Child Porn Detained In Nicaragua
07:23:54a 1st LD Writethru EU eases sanctions against Syria to help opposition
07:24:03a 93% of Ghanaians aware of mobile money transfer
07:24:14a BlackBerry OS 10.1 leaks its secret goo over all the web
07:24:22a Watch out for these 3 LinkedIn myths
07:24:31a Chinese Manufacturing key for short-term direction
07:24:43a North Africa UNDP, World Bank and Opec Development Fund to Create 'Arab Development Portal'
07:24:51a Public help sought in North Shore assaults
07:25:02a LTTE Not Terrorists – Sri Lankan Government
07:25:12a Lankan suspected of killing wife dies in Italy
07:25:23a Earthquake Weather? Hurricane Irene May Have Triggered Tiny Temblors
07:25:33a Raped Delhi girl 'recovering' slowly
07:25:43a Boston bombing unveils Russias invisible war
07:25:51a Oil and gas, livestock prices for April 23
07:26:01a Motor racing Sato becomes first Japanese driver to win IndyCar race
07:26:09a Designer labels buy up Aussie croc farms
07:26:18a Google Chrome 28 Dev Uses Correct Icons in GTK+ Theme Mode
07:26:25a Falcao gives Atletico win
07:26:36a Supreme Court bars US lawsuits against overseas human rights abuses
07:26:44a Saraland PD Make ICAC Arrest
07:26:53a 2013 Caribbean Endemic Birds Festival in Dominica
07:27:04a Iran likely unaware of al-Qaeda's Canadian plot, security expert says
07:27:13a Ikuforiji Trial on money laundering suit resumes tomorrow
07:27:21a Where to next for Kapiti Coast Airport
07:27:30a Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D With A Helping Of Mushrooms
07:27:38a SA to send koalas to Hong Kong
07:27:48a Chicago Runners Gather To Honor Boston Marathon
07:27:57a Let’s know your stand on Boko Haram ex-Ohanaeze President tells Northern leaders
07:28:08a Somalia Government of Somalia Alshabab Killed the Journalist
07:28:17a Marvin Humes offers rejection advice
07:28:28a Boston bombing suspect's wife 'very distraught,' lawyer says
07:28:38a Hezbollah declares war on Syrian people, says SNC's new interim leader
07:28:46a Nigel Lythgoe honoured at LA Ballet Rubies Gala
07:28:55a Man survives four days trapped in hotel lift
07:29:03a Coach's term renewed after rape
07:29:11a Look for Success in the Right Places
07:29:18a Pierzynski's HR pushes Rangers past Angels 7-6
07:29:27a Kiwis insane smoking in underground mine
07:29:37a In pictures Farmers drive for public to buy UAE-grown potatoes
07:29:45a Venue shift ordered in battle over estate
07:29:53a UPDATE 1-STMicroelectronics posts loss as ST-Ericsson weighs
07:30:05a SES, Inverto, Abilis and MaxLinear revolutionise satellite TV home distribution with industry's first IP-LNB
07:30:16a GE13 Political ads flood social networks
07:30:28a Alabama escaped inmate of interest in bomb threat captured
07:30:41a Vote Do politicians actually need to be on Twitter?
07:30:50a GE13 Churches to stay out of partisan politics
07:30:59a Tokyo deplores China vessels near islands
07:31:08a Toddler accidently started car fire
07:31:16a GE13 I am the most winnable candidate says Jenice Lee
07:31:25a Japan MPs visit Yasukuni shrine
07:31:33a Gearing up for gearing down
07:31:41a 118 Metals and Mining Companies at 52-Week Low
07:31:50a Qld carjacking victim dragged for 50m
07:31:57a Hermiston Grad Moving Forward on NBC's 'The Voice'
07:32:06a Health new priority for quake zone
07:32:15a Running shops raise money for Boston victims
07:32:24a NHS bosses examining plans to treat patients in health hotels
07:32:33a Syrian bishops kidnapped near Aleppo
07:32:42a Hagel emphasizes need for close US-Israel ties
07:32:52a Economics professor discusses Fed's communication policies
07:33:02a A talented artist and now bombing suspects wife
07:33:10a Astros no match for King Felix in 7-1 loss to M's
07:33:20a Supreme Court justices departure puts pressure on PM
07:33:28a Moretown landfill back open
07:33:37a Judicial review controls unveiled
07:33:46a Suarez Gets the Bite From All Quarters
07:33:55a How the burning of fossil fuels was linked to a warming world
07:34:05a TIB to Finance Kasulu International Market
07:34:14a ‘Some of the children stable their own ponies at the school’
07:34:25a Ten West Darfur Camps Without Food Rations for Two Months
07:34:36a Police arrest escaped sex offender
07:34:47a Henderson prepares to offload constructor John Laing report
07:34:56a Couple injured in domestic dispute
07:35:04a Dock Unionists Make a Case for Their Union After Five Years of Letter Writing
07:35:12a Q1 2013 brings surge of new Bermuda insurers
07:35:22a Exim Bank Supports Anti-Malaria Drive
07:35:34a French embassy in Tripoli hit by car bomb embassy source
07:35:43a Chinas Manufacturing Growth Slows As Export Orders Slump
07:35:52a S. Korea says to keep deadline for wartime control transfer
07:36:02a EU's Barnier warns U.S. over 'radical' new bank rule
07:36:10a Mass evictions continue in Spain
07:36:18a Pope Francis outspoken about sensitive topics in past writings
07:36:28a Flooding in cottage country appears to have peaked
07:36:38a Murder trial jury begins deliberations
07:36:49a Google fined 145000 euros for Street View snooping in Germany
07:37:01a WASNT AN AMERICAN Carjacking Victim Reveals Why Suspects Spared Him
07:37:11a Obama to host women of the Senate for dinner on Tuesday
07:37:20a Guilty verdict in Jade Bayliss murder trial
07:37:30a Feds delay policy to allow small knives on airplanes
07:37:38a Japanese ministers visit notorious war shrine
07:37:50a Spains budget deficit hits 10.6 percent
07:37:59a Twitter casualty Anthony Weiner unveils new account
07:38:08a Spain has EUs largest deficit hurting pickup
07:38:15a The investment boom at the Cam Ranh ‘golden bay’
07:38:25a Police officers protest for better working conditions
07:38:34a Turkey Rejects Appeal by US to Delay Erdogan Visit to Gaza
07:38:42a Fisker spent for every car it sold, skids toward bankruptcy
07:38:52a Ailing Glen Campbell done touring but will release new album
07:39:01a Al Hosn Gas says Shah gas project to be completed by end 2014
07:39:09a Drought status likely to stay until September
07:39:19a Crews trying to contain stricken boat's diesel spill
07:39:27a GE13 There’s no turning back for candidates
07:39:35a Roger Waters Backtracks On His Backtrack
07:39:43a Softball will face Lehigh in doubleheader on the road
07:39:53a State Department Criticized by E.P.A. on Pipeline Report
07:40:03a Anti-rape commission chief Justice Verma no more
07:40:11a Only one valid offer in for OPAP
07:40:20a Toddler accidentally started car fire
07:40:30a New Avian-Flu Strain Puzzles Health Group
07:40:38a IronPigs tickets Write a caption for this frog photo and enter our contest
07:40:46a Zimbabwe A Massive Win Against Bangladesh
07:40:57a MoWs Roads Assistant Undersecretary meets Muharraq Municipal Council members to discuss infrastrucutre projects
07:41:06a Focus on one sport raises young athletes' injury risk
07:41:16a Missouri Man Sues Cops Over Speed Trap Warning Tickets
07:41:24a Man, 21, shot alongside boy in drive-by hit
07:41:32a Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra gets his workout at a Pilates studio
07:41:44a 4th North Korea N-test possible China
07:41:53a Nigerian oil theft soars
07:42:02a Chit fund fiasco Mamata Banerjee taunts victims
07:42:10a Cool travel app Snooz
07:42:18a Liberia Unmil Hails Liberia for Consolidating Peace
07:42:27a Hundreds cross their finish line at the Boston Strong Run
07:42:35a Quattrocchi stands discharged in Bofors case Antony
07:42:42a Van Persie is my new Cantona says Fergie
07:42:52a Japanese and Chinese Boats Converge on Contested Islands
07:43:01a Hippo kills Chinese tourist in Kenya
07:44:13a 'Nitish Kumar is Bihar's main trigger of change'
07:44:23a Man to face court after siege at North Adelaide
07:44:31a Azath Sally interrogated by CID
07:44:39a Hatta given authority to get show on road
07:44:48a Conservative Group Sues Sheriff Dart Over Immigration
07:44:57a China stock index futures open higher Tuesday
07:45:04a Being Famous May Shorten Your Life
07:45:13a Scores dead in Syria massacre
07:45:22a City police looking for assistance with fail to remain case
07:45:32a Kyrgyzstans president dismisses two ministers
07:45:40a Heavy traffic as court awaits Malema
07:45:48a DoC accused of fast-tracking job cuts
07:45:58a China opposes N. Korea nuclear test, says army chief
07:46:07a Lesotho Setting Up Shop How the Chinese Succeeded
07:46:15a Bryant Session coming for auto corridor project
07:46:24a Students union wants financial details of COB’s subvention ‘sacrifices’
07:46:36a Australian Labor Partys primary vote remains low
07:46:44a The good and bad of B’s
07:46:54a Two bishops kidnapped in northern Syria–state media
07:47:04a Gardai investigate abuse complaints against sports coach in Waterford
07:47:12a Chip designer ARM delivers Q1 earnings beat
07:47:21a Highway department offering dust control
07:47:31a FBI Bombing suspect used cellphone before blast
07:47:40a China manufacturing slows in April HSBC
07:47:48a Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Death Scene Transformed into Art
07:47:58a Angola Angola Needs to Increase Control On Food Supply Network
07:48:06a Hank Marvin & The Shadows And The Bee Gees
07:48:15a ACCC approves Virgin Australias Tiger Airways acquisition
07:48:26a Northern Ireland schools report calls for greater emphasis on shared education
07:48:35a Death Toll in China’s Sichuan Quake Exceeds 190
07:48:43a Council rejects Auckland plan extension
07:48:53a China North Korea Could Carry Out Fourth Nuclear Test
07:49:04a Alleged Treason Supreme Court Okays MASSOB Leader Uwazuruike Six Others for Trial
07:49:12a NATO, Eucom Commander Outlines Challenges Ahead
07:49:21a Sea disputes, NKorea
07:49:29a Bee Gees You Win Again 1987
07:49:37a Journey from beauty to spirituality
07:49:47a Serbian PM sends condolences to Chinese premier over quake dead
07:49:55a Interbank ATM patronage high
07:50:06a Injuries As French Embassy Attacked In Libya
07:50:16a This Week in Small Business Apple, Gold and Cupcakes
07:50:24a Bush a man of integrity or one who mocked facts Your Say
07:50:31a Cape could come alive with tuk-tuks
07:50:40a China faces fresh crisis in quake-hit Sichuan
07:50:48a Pakistani Judge Gains Clout
07:50:56a Tongariro Crossing to fully reopen
07:51:15a HTC says injunction on HTC One parts will not affect sales
07:51:24a Daughter Of Darkness Mid-Eighties LIVE in concert RARE
07:51:32a falls after more weak Chinese data
07:51:41a M’sian firms urged to venture into Latin America Caribbean
07:51:50a Business Growth Fund Now Open for Applications
07:51:58a Fraga Says He’s Disturbed by Brazil Policy Focus on Consumption
07:52:07a Seeking answers pols go to Russia
07:52:16a Bomb suspect charged; religious motive seen
07:52:25a Georgia Wants Russia to Ease Visa Regulations for Businessmen
07:52:35a Salon Tells Woman She’s Too Fat to Tan, Refuses Her Refund – Video
07:52:42a Ma promises response to environmental NGO’s call
07:52:52a Saudis Debate 1000-Mile Yemen Border Fence
07:53:01a Tapping alumni for cash can help solve funding crisis
07:53:10a White House defends furlough of air controllers
07:53:18a NHL Ducks seal Pacific title
07:53:27a Ministry of Geology, Mining to Hold Consultative Council
07:53:35a McCullum drops plans of legal action after Parker apology
07:53:44a Serbia, Kosovo Advance Toward Bloc
07:53:54a France set to legalise gay marriage in parliament vote
07:54:03a Asian shares, commodities rattled by weak China PMI
07:54:14a Police identify Miami man as suspect in robbery of Metro PCS store
07:54:23a Message in Bottle Reaches South of France 6 Years Later
07:54:34a Iran likely unaware of al-Qaeda's Canadian plot, security expert says
07:54:43a Nokia Lumia 920 Gets Firmware 1308 in Finland
07:54:51a Michiana residents run and walk for Boston
07:54:59a Century Chest opening draws crowd in Oklahoma City
07:55:07a Lies and hypocrisy are a way of life in Washington DC
07:55:16a Feds take over control of Cocoa agency
07:55:24a Ellery apologises to Myer in contract case
07:55:33a Railway trade unions decided to call off their token strike
07:55:41a rpcbind Invalid Pointer Free Bug Lets Remote Users Deny Service
07:55:50a Indonesia to urge Myanmar to address Muslim violence
07:55:58a State police Blown tire caused N.J. tour bus crash
07:56:08a Union County man dies after ATV accident
07:56:17a Officials find no meningitis link between L.A. and New York cases
07:56:26a Preserving WA's secret airbase
07:56:34a President Kagame's Speech At the Tana Security Forum 2013
07:56:44a Off-duty DC officer slain police surround Md. home
07:56:54a Chinese victim of Boston bombing remembered
07:57:04a UAE to increase oil output to 3.5m bpd
07:57:13a Your Business Community-04-23-2013
07:57:22a AppShopper Is Back in the iOS App Store – Free Download
07:57:31a American Legion recognizes outstanding high school students
07:57:39a Downward revision pressure on Gamuda
07:57:48a Drug Testing Survey Sent to Baldwin Co. Parents
07:57:58a Italian Hopes Lift European Stocks
07:58:06a in wallet doesnt tempt kids
07:58:14a Colbert Buschs commanding lead
07:58:23a Image shows man suspected in attempted purse theft
07:58:33a Laos Vietnam to cooperate on nuclear technology devt
07:58:42a Ill. bill backlog could grow if Medicaid expands
07:58:52a Private Schools Urged To Hire More Local Teachers
07:59:04a Sudan says no link between the killer of Darfur peacekeeper and its army
07:59:13a Parl adjourned till noon after uproar over coal-gate issue
07:59:23a Security economic issues top ASEAN summit agenda in Brunei
07:59:32a Global oil market 'well-balanced' UAE
07:59:40a GE13 Santhara ditches corporate world to bring changes through politics
07:59:49a Defence Force still struggling with morale
07:59:58a Crime victims in SB County to be notified of rights by phone
08:00:09a Death row Briton in Bali lodges appeal
08:00:19a EU Lifts Sanctions Against Myanmar
08:00:27a Barney and Clyde cartoon for April 23, 2013
08:00:37a 2 arrested in Jacksonville Beach shooting
08:00:46a Secret cahoots more likely with Jordan than Turkey
08:00:54a Google Earth 7.1.1
08:01:03a Police patrol van crushes man in Lagos
08:01:12a Bush library exhibits 9/11, war, Katrina, recount
08:01:23a Sweden healthcare industry driven by needs of elderly population
08:01:33a Bosston Police Bombing suspects planned more attacks
08:01:42a ABBA The Museum to open in Stockholm
08:01:50a Senate OKs potential repeal of paid family leave
08:01:59a Aktor taking over AEGEK build projects
08:02:07a Bulgarian Prosecutors Interrogate Ex Interior Minister
08:02:15a Submit questions now for NFL draft hopeful and CMU OL Darren Keyton
08:02:23a Kikwete Blames Colonial Legacy for Africa's Conflicts
08:02:32a Malabar royals to claim Rs 5000 crore from Saudi govt
08:02:40a DoD News Contracts for April 22, 2013
08:02:50a European Commission opens pathway to membership for Serbia
08:03:00a Glenn Beck uncovers government cover-up regarding Boston bombing suspects
08:03:08a For Greek Banks, Good and Bad News
08:03:17a Samsung Developing Mind-Control Technology?
08:03:25a Hainault aims to grab his chance
08:03:33a FBI No ricin found in suspect's home
08:03:40a Effort man loses wallet on Shafer Dr.
08:03:49a New Westminster long shot hopes for upset
08:03:57a TYDINGS Go support Light Blue baseball
08:04:05a Matosevic beaten in Bucharest
08:04:13a Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler in the Tri-Cities for the Week
08:04:22a Lawmakers discuss rapid transport act
08:04:33a 'US needs a comprehensive immigration reform'
08:04:42a Energy Dept. seizes from electric car maker
08:04:51a Lower China PMI Weighs on Asian Shares
08:05:00a Private bus operators strike over assault on driver
08:05:09a Nazareth industrial park show’s hi-tech potential
08:05:18a San Leandro Two injured in crash were racing from home burglary police say
08:05:27a New treatments for colon cancers not yet available in Ireland conference hears
08:05:37a France to approve gay marriage but debate rumbles on
08:05:45a 1 dead in serious crash on Lougheed Highway
08:06:25a Jonathan appoints chairmen for 67 parastatals
08:06:33a Up to 500 slaughtered in Syrian town activists
08:06:43a Steep Declines for Rotterdam Bunker Fuel Prices
08:06:55a Chaz Bono Loses 60 lbs. with Healthier Lifestyle
08:07:03a Nigeria We Will Pass PIB That Will Stand Test of Time Dakuku
08:07:13a 8 Chinese ships in Japan waters near disputed isles Japanese govt says
08:07:23a Congo-Kinshasa Witness Bemba Delegated Command of His Troops
08:07:32a Earnings reports buoy markets
08:07:41a U.K. Suggests Pound Oversight if Scotland Goes
08:07:51a FG gets May 2 deadline in face-off with health workers
08:08:00a High costs eat into China Mobile profit
08:08:10a Ebay warns Internet sales tax unfair to small businesses
08:08:20a Greater Taichung groups protest land reclamation policy sea contamination
08:08:30a Ex-Tonga rugby manager jailed in NZ drug case
08:08:40a Fish deaths caused by algal blooms, Govt says
08:08:49a Job training to play greater role in poverty fight
08:08:57a Tara Reid Has Major Outburst in Store over Not Being Recognized
08:09:05a Hong Kong dockers strike over pay
08:09:14a Government needs to take swift action over laser threats
08:09:24a France to approve gay marriage but debate to rumble on
08:09:32a Saudi Kingdom to ensure oil market stability
08:09:42a Afghan Taliban say foreign captives are well
08:09:52a Joyce must heed bank’s warnings on jobs
08:10:00a Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection Is Official, Launches During June
08:10:08a J.R. Smith wins 2013 Sixth Man of the Year Award
08:10:16a Road debris to blame for crash on Rte. 33
08:10:27a Khaled Juffali sets up JV for solar technology Arab News
08:10:35a Pies should regain Jolly for Anzac Day
08:10:43a Protesters turn out early for Bush center dedication
08:10:53a Threatening Letter with Suspicious Powder Sent to Seoul Defense Minister
08:11:03a Nigeria Ban Shocked and Saddened By Civilian Deaths in Nigeria Violence
08:11:11a Marijuana Pill May Be Better for Pain
08:11:19a Green tourism solutions discussed
08:11:27a IPL In-form Bangalore face Pune in lopsided tie
08:11:37a Canada foils plot to blow up railway line
08:11:44a Bikini ban on Ras Al Khaimahs public beaches
08:11:58a Al-Qaeda-linked terror plot broken up by Canadian, US authorities
08:12:07a Russian Warship ‘Spots’ Foreign Sub on Exercise
08:12:17a Rough inauguration day for new Venezue
08:12:26a Police yet to interview rescued trampers
08:12:35a Passenger traffic at Changi Airport hits new high for March
08:12:47a US Human Rights Report Liberia Prison Conditions Harsh At Times Life Threatening
08:12:56a Walla Walla Firefighters Blame Barbecue for Single Wide Fire
08:13:07a Study Recession prompted slowdown in healthcare spending
08:13:15a Metro North levies to be cut
08:13:26a Police make one arrest in hunt for fleeing sex offenders
08:13:36a Somalia Somali Parliament Questions Interior Minister
08:13:45a Richard Ford’s Canada among finalists for Carnegie prize
08:13:55a Lawyers studying appeals decision
08:14:04a Oracle Bug Hunter Spots Java 7 Server Flaw
08:14:14a Man struck by Amtrak train in Holland
08:14:23a Navy official not replaced after drill glitch ministry
08:14:35a Group of “Political Champions” Pledges Support to Make Haiti Disaster Resilient
08:14:42a Kevin Ware says he'll be ready to go in 2013-14
08:14:51a Woman charged after false assault statement
08:15:00a PM council pegs India's growth rate at 6.4%
08:15:09a Export orders for Taiwanese firms down again in March
08:15:17a Karabus might soon know fate
08:15:24a IAG and British Airways select the A350
08:15:35a EU gives oil boost to Syria rebels
08:15:43a Coping with Stress
08:15:53a Top Lines Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture Uncle Ruslan Big Papi and the “enemy combatant” debate
08:16:02a Iran IAEA Technical Meeting Due in May
08:16:11a Venezuelas Maduro retains key Chavez ministers
08:16:19a Kim Komando How to check the health of your hard drive
08:16:29a Kawasaki Heavy Mitsui Shipbuilding mull merger
08:16:39a GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia shares, commodities rattled by weaker China flash HSBC PMI
08:16:50a Memphis comedian refuses to testify in murder trial
08:16:58a Woman hit and dragged by bus at Clementi Avenue 3
08:17:09a Pa. Abortion Doctor Condemned by Pro-Abortion Rights Groups
08:17:18a Teleworking boosts businesses, research finds
08:17:26a Nigeria WAGPCo Explains Recent Gas Flaring
08:17:36a Swaziland Police Torture Political Activists
08:17:46a Army sgt. pleads guilty to fatal Iraq shootings
08:17:58a No reports of link between Boston bombers, Caucasus militant group
08:18:07a Education Is NOT The Same As Schooling
08:18:17a 2 major Japanese shipbuilders talk merger
08:18:26a STOCKS NEWS INDONESIA-Indosat to delist ADRs from NYSE
08:18:36a Physicist Proposes New Way To Think About Intelligence
08:18:45a Womb transplant
08:18:53a Barrister predicts lower MRP share value
08:19:09a NFL Draft SMU's Margus Hunt on track to greatness
08:19:18a Angola Angolan Executive Gives Great Importance to International Disarming
08:19:27a Kuwait Energy posts net profit in 2012, up 29% y/y
08:19:38a John heads Opposition in Ranil’s absence
08:19:46a Viewpoint The Boy Scouts Stoop to a New Low
08:20:00a No injuries in apartment fire in Norfolk
08:20:09a In Pictures Manchester Uniteds title celebration
08:20:19a Congo-Kinshasa Witness Bemba Delegated Command of His Troops
08:20:27a Police Vt court custodian brings gun to wor
08:20:36a Stockholm to grow faster than London by 2030
08:20:44a Darksiders, Red Faction Sold to Nordic Games
08:20:52a Gun Shows Across the Nation Draw Record Crowds
08:21:00a Qld will not follow NSW with Gonski
08:21:10a Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal 6th and 7th Amendments
08:21:19a French Soitec signs Saudi JV to tap solar market
08:21:30a Festival celebrates Turkish culture in Oklahoma City
08:21:40a Detroit police search for missing 17-year-old girl
08:21:49a President Kiir forms new committee for national reconciliation
08:21:58a Oklahoma City marks 18th annivers
08:22:06a Italys Eni gets Mediterranean exploration block
08:22:15a Man accused of assault gets plea deal after marrying victim
08:22:25a How Australia Fixed a Retirement Crisis
08:22:34a Ban 'shocked and saddened' by civilian deaths in Nigeria violence
08:22:44a Jade Bayliss murder trial jury retires
08:22:54a Authorities in Burma accused over ethnic riots
08:23:02a Mexican Foreign Secretary Jose Antonio Meade in his own words
08:23:12a AP IMPACT Congress slows military efforts to save
08:23:23a Press group demands investigation into 3-month disappearance of Mexican crime beat reporter
08:23:33a Mexico to Unveil Bank Reform Tuesday in Effort to Boost Lending
08:23:41a ‘I love you so much’ — woman’s last words to her daughter
08:23:49a Norfolk gets new sister city port town in China
08:23:59a Boston Marathoner Speaks Out on Crime Victims' Rights Week
08:24:08a An independent Scotland could endanger sterling Treasury warns
08:24:18a Timeline-What-Tamerlan-and-Dzhokhar-were-doing-between-2006-2013
08:24:35a Kenyan Employment Project to Benefit 2,300 Youth
08:24:43a Dollar lower ahead of Chinese data
08:24:52a Okinawans protest Osprey deployment at Kadena
08:25:00a Commotion before Mount Maunganui P lab explosion
08:25:07a Live on TV 1st day on job US anchor drops F-bomb
08:25:17a Bill Gates' casual style raises eyebrows in S. Korea
08:25:25a Central bank refutes banknote change
08:25:34a Chinese intrusion India mobilises more troops in Ladak
08:25:42a Chantelle Houghton reuniting with ex
08:25:50a Dlamini slams agency’s ‘interference’
08:25:59a Reuters Fires Employee Accused of Conspiring with Anonymous
08:26:08a Saudi Arabia denies weekend move approval
08:26:17a Tax-free Internet shopping jeopardized by bill
08:26:27a Two bishops kidnapped by rebels says Syrian government
08:26:35a Rating board reveals unannounced Bethesda game
08:27:18a Moore relics forever a part of history
08:27:28a A look at immigrant patients deported by hospitals
08:27:36a Health and fitness briefs
08:27:44a 'Catch of the day' for Korea's hungry singles with popular app
08:27:53a Henkels growth strong in Asia-Pacific region
08:28:03a Utah elementary school evacuated
08:28:13a Indonesian president urges Myanmar to address Muslim violence
08:28:21a Spotted Libations, views and a startup showcase
08:28:32a French embassy in Tripoli hit by car bomb embassy source
08:28:40a Mom hit with DWI with 5 kids aboard
08:28:48a UAEs flydubai touches down in South Sudan
08:28:56a Two of a kind clash as Bayern take on Barca
08:29:06a German Left Party supports imperialist intervention in Syria
08:29:13a Duminda Silva further remanded
08:29:25a Kiwi's 'insane' smoking in underground mine
08:29:34a Attacks on Egypt's oppostion on the rise
08:29:42a For these SF Filipinos 911 means a call to serve
08:29:51a Shakespeares new London playhouse to open without the Bard
08:30:01a Somalia reporter killed in fourth journalist murder this year
08:30:09a Retail village rises near Baha Mar
08:30:17a First 8-Inch Windows 8 Tablet Spotted as More Surface Mini Rumors Emerge
08:30:25a AFC in the community Lucky youngsters get chance to make their Pittodrie debut
08:30:35a NSW leads way on schools funding for Labor
08:30:43a Deceased in workplace accident named
08:30:51a New Protests to Block Zlatograd-Xanthi Border Crossing
08:31:00a Governor Walker Reflects on Successes of China Trade Mission
08:31:12a Canada thwarts 'al Qaeda-supported' passenger train plot
08:31:20a City Police make 10 arrests over the weekend
08:31:32a Flores people demand police chief resignation
08:31:43a Japan's Nikkei slips after weak China PMI data, pause in yen weakness
08:31:51a Van Persie guides United to Premier League
08:32:02a Chilean environmental groups Indian activists protest for water rights on Earth Day
08:32:11a Country diary Seahouses Northumberland Courting cuddy ducks seduce the tourists too
08:32:20a BSE to offer various forms of Sensex
08:32:30a Classroom assistant stole money from teachers’ bags at Kate-visit school
08:32:39a Gerry Adams said his statement to police was not motivated by TV programme
08:32:48a Three arrests after wild Sydney party
08:32:56a NUS management portal ’ll enhance efficiency –Okojie others
08:33:07a Gold price gap leads to surge in illegal imports
08:33:17a UN chief saddened by deadly violence in northeast Nigeria
08:33:25a Flight delays pile up
08:33:32a Vt. mans eat more kale gets preliminary no
08:33:42a Asian markets hit by weak China data strong yen
08:33:50a Tax cut talk premature says Gilmore
08:34:00a Machine-to-machine systems resurrect a mobile rivalry
08:34:10a Compacting and Road Equipment in Saudi Arabia to 2016 Market Databook New Market
08:34:18a Vendor REVEALS details of the Tata Nano DIESEL
08:34:27a Fukushima nuclear cooling system offline for 3rd time in 5 weeks
08:34:36a Nigeria NEMA Distributes Relief Materials to Victims of Gombe Communal Clash
08:34:45a All Set for 2013 Zimbabwe Trade Fair
08:34:54a Hong Kong Shanghai stocks drop after PMI data
08:35:02a Five men lead Claremore police on a pursuit
08:35:16a Kim Kardashian takes Kanye West and their baby bump out for date night
08:35:25a Plans to buy out 1time take a nosedive
08:35:34a Asian Markets Decline On Weak Data From China
08:35:43a Four youths nabbed over murder of jogger at Bkt Gasing
08:35:53a Michelin shares slump on weaker Q1 sales
08:36:01a MPs approve Info Bill changes
08:36:11a Irate Italian president begins talks on new coalition
08:36:19a Fort Lauderdale issues boil-water advisory for Isle of Venice Drive
08:36:27a The touchy art of laughing at Americans
08:36:36a The evolution of 'Les Miz'
08:36:45a Taipei-Tokyo fishery pact a good start for further progress Ma
08:36:54a Prepare for blackouts this winter
08:37:05a Colbert Busch leads Sanford in South Carolina congressional race poll
08:37:16a Anti-HIV Therapy Appears to Protect Children's Hearts
08:37:25a Drunk Liam Gallagher rides dog
08:37:33a Ryder privacy breach Staff disciplined
08:37:43a Argentina Commercial Banking Report Q2 2013 New Market Report
08:37:54a Lawyer Palestinian hunger striker ends fast
08:38:02a Rwanda Giving Widows and Orphans Hope
08:38:12a Air Canada sees first-quarter loss analysts expect jet financing soon
08:38:21a NM slaughterhouse ground zero in horse debate
08:38:30a Nyrstar wins national award
08:38:39a Liberia Youth Line Up to Join Army
08:38:48a UNSW woos Chinese students by accepting Gaokao scores for admissions
08:38:57a Chunghwa Telecom attacks free-peering idea
08:39:07a China opposes N. Korea nuclear test says army chief
08:39:16a Rankin superintendent accused of job threat
08:39:25a Viola Davis to star in cyber crime thriller?
08:39:33a Bay tallies flood cost as repairs start
08:39:41a Today in History April 23
08:39:51a Car Bomb Explodes outside French Embassy in Tripoli
08:40:11a Brown County Airport Spared Problems of Traffic Controller Furloughs
08:40:20a Voice-to-text just as dangerous to drivers as texting study
08:40:29a Nigeria Kaduna Dams Gulp N1 Billion
08:40:40a Boston bomb suspect facing death penalty
08:40:48a MLB Tampa Bay 5 New York Yankees 1
08:40:57a Territory Development Minister Assesses Conditions for Census
08:41:05a Foster agency grants Victorville girl's wish
08:41:15a Hezbollah declares war on Syrian people says SNCs new interim leader
08:41:24a Rare Michael Jackson footage Unseen footage with Barry Gibb
08:41:34a Vietnamese immigrant in St. Albans shares his own American Dream
08:41:43a Global business tycoon to invest billions in KSA Arab News
08:41:51a Hearing resumes Tuesday for Miss. ricin suspect
08:42:00a Plantations lead decliners on weaker CPO outlook
08:42:08a Ezz Steel says DRI plant to be completed in 2014
08:42:17a Whole-wheat pasta redeemed with chard and cheese
08:42:24a Big bags not allowed for Oaks and Derby
08:42:32a Proton New models may be launched in next 12 months including Perdana replacement
08:42:41a Mike Lee critical of current immigration bill's size
08:42:49a State's top volunteers honored
08:42:58a Greater Divulgence of Television Programmes Defended
08:43:07a Bill making it harder to get damages from nursing homes advances
08:43:15a We’ve got the key of the door, never been TWENTY won before
08:43:26a Bayern President Faces Prison in Tax Evasion Case
08:43:36a The Crime Films of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival
08:43:45a Slow Global Demand and Higher Inventory Bearish for Oil
08:43:55a libxmp 'get_dsmp' Function Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08:44:04a Bangladesh eyes middle-income country status by 2021
08:44:14a DP World to develop freezone port in Kazakhstan
08:44:26a Congressman Thwarted terror plot targeted train from Canada to U.S.
08:44:34a GE13 Only PAS can push for Islamic way of life says Mat Taib
08:44:46a 911 calls capture terror of Texas plant explosion
08:44:56a Watchdog to Announce 4% Decrease in Water Prices in Sofia
08:45:04a Mexicans set Guinness record
08:45:13a Are Apple and gold hurting your portfolio?
08:45:24a Philippines seeking new export markets for sugar bananas
08:45:33a Primark boosts profits at AB Foods
08:45:41a Delhi police get a 'slap' from home ministry
08:45:50a Nikkei edges down on pause in yens slide soft China PMI
08:46:00a Liberia Sirleaf Wants U.S.50 Million Hydro Contract Ratified
08:46:08a Calvin Harris makes chart history
08:46:18a Africa First Global Plan of Action for Forest Genetic Resources Adopted
08:46:26a North Africa Maghreb Football Surprises
08:46:34a CEB outsourcing 16000 employees despite permanent employees
08:46:43a China manufacturing growth slows
08:46:52a Boys tell of three-year hell living in a filthy cellar
08:47:01a Man lying next to tracks hit by train
08:47:10a Mosque-Related Violence
08:47:20a Climate change sends Indias apple farmers up the Himalayas
08:47:28a Blogger takes slaps on parent
08:47:37a China and South Korea criticise visits to shrine
08:47:46a Ex-bishops widow wants optional priestly celibacy
08:47:54a Regulators Get Banks to Rein In Bonus Pay
08:48:02a Pepper exports bring in more cash
08:48:12a North Korea missile launch will not be a surprise US
08:48:22a Israeli US defense chiefs conclude arms deal
08:48:33a Illegal alien charged with child rape in Massachusetts
08:49:18a Doctors warn ‘the cinnamon challenge’ damages lungs
08:49:27a Reddit apologizes for Boston bombing witch hunts
08:49:36a National Transport Authority hoping to reinstate Luas stop on Dawson Street
08:49:44a Packers' 2012 First-round Pick Could Pay Off in 2013
08:49:56a McDonald's fined in Brazil for pushing Happy Meals to children
08:50:04a Political dynasties produce negative consequences Observers
08:50:13a Teacher turns student into sex machine
08:50:26a Amid gun control debate Americans ask how bombing suspects obtained firepower
08:50:34a Tata Consultancy to hold inter-school IT quiz in Dubai
08:50:44a Marching band symbolizes revival at African-Centered College Prep
08:50:52a Kiwis rank world's fourth most optimistic
08:51:01a Represent Financial Prospects of a Project with Advanced PRINCE2
08:51:16a Canada thwarts 'al Qaeda-backed' passenger train plot
08:51:25a EU lifts Syria oil embargo Myanmar sanctions
08:51:35a New Hawaii law helps rape victims avert pregnancy
08:51:45a Lawyer says Palestinian prisoner on extended hunger strike is ending his fast
08:51:54a Prisoner work gang scheme works up head of steam
08:52:03a Motorist charged with causing bikers death and injuring pillion
08:52:13a Drug violence spawns rise in Mexicans seeking political asylum in US
08:52:22a Abu Dhabi to tender for Khalifa City project
08:52:32a Thanks Fracking America Leading The World In Carbon Emission Reductions
08:52:42a Hong Kong shares close down 1.1 pct in worst loss in a week
08:52:51a City hosts mobile marketing seminar
08:53:00a Carrie Underwood Tweets Rage over Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill
08:53:09a ‘Professor’ fined for posing as a cop
08:53:18a West students head back to class in nearby school district
08:53:27a Minh Ly sect holds its fifth congress
08:53:36a Michigan gas prices rise after heavy rains
08:53:44a In skydive
08:53:54a Japanese Lawmakers Visit Controversial War Shrine
08:54:03a Study Lax attitude on teens and Rx drug abuse
08:54:12a Mystery as controversial principal leaves
08:54:20a AFL and the anti-fat drug
08:54:30a Beaverton police officer arrested on accusations that he lied to obtain public assistance
08:54:40a Space debris must be cleared warn European experts video
08:54:48a Beachfront in Sri Lanka
08:54:56a Anaheim mestaruuskautensa vauhdissa – Sami Vataselle komea maali
08:55:04a SET index opens down 1.58 pt 0.10 pct
08:55:15a Raffle for Tax Payers Welcome, But...
08:55:25a Chinese news anchor covers earthquake in wedding dress
08:55:35a Militants in Syria abduct 2 Christian metropolitans kill driver
08:55:43a Tanzania Lathigra, Soni Win Snooker Titles
08:55:52a CMH expresses opposition to toll roads in Gauteng
08:56:00a NY Thruway troopers set calling, texting crackdown
08:56:08a Audits must find balance to uplift the public sector
08:56:17a EU ends sanctions on Burma
08:56:26a Pilates program to help Animal Care & Control
08:56:35a Alpha Male Freddy Adopts Baby Chimpanzee Named Oscar
08:56:45a France and Spain miss deficit cut targets
08:56:53a American Militarism Part One
08:57:00a EAC Has More to Gain By Opening Up
08:57:10a HRW calls on Syrian fighters to end arbitrary cross-border attacks
08:57:19a Hallett admits 1979 killing, not murder
08:57:28a Hasbro makes healthy quarter with help from Monopoly
08:57:37a Senator Marathon b
08:57:47a Rizon Jet Awarded Best Fixed Base Operator and Best Charter Company Middle East
08:57:56a Eating tree nuts can boost health and cut heart disease risk
08:58:04a ‘Teen Mom’ dad Adam Lind expecting baby girl with girlfriend Taylor Halbur
08:58:12a Flight Delays, Furloughs and Frustration Effects of Sequester Sink In
08:58:23a Philippines' Asia United Bank plans mln IPO in May
08:58:31a Anderson DJ moves to Costa Rica
08:58:40a Coldest spring in a century?
08:58:51a Consultancy to Develop a National Communication Strategy for Child Protection
08:58:58a MRT not my responsibility Jokowi
08:59:08a Iraq vet pleads guilty to killing fellow
08:59:18a Mainzeal Raw Deal For Subbies Must Not Re Occur Labour
08:59:42a Tanzania Small-Scale Miners Set to Get Working Capital
08:59:53a Richemont helps European shares inch higher
09:00:10a GE13 Zambry ticks off Kamelia for saying Barisan doesn’t recognise women
09:00:24a Saudi to treat TB patients for free
09:00:42a Bredasdorp takes safety initiative
09:00:57a Nord Gold reports 18pc rise in Q1 production
09:01:23a German Bakery Case Death for Himayat Baig
09:01:31a Lodge Complaint At UN Headquarters, Say Diplomats
09:01:41a Anthony Weiner Former New York politician done in by Twitter back on Twitter
09:01:49a New 24-Inch NEC Professional Desktop Monitors Debut
09:01:58a Trading the Japanese Yen as it Nears ¥10
09:02:09a Greenpeace paints illegal on South Korean ship Premier in Mauritian port protest
09:02:17a Focarelli set for release from custody
09:02:26a Junior high school exams start on same day but not at same time
09:02:35a Feinstein wants hearing about what Boston suspect told FBI after Russia visit
09:02:44a U.S ahead; mixed sentiments and better housing data expected
09:02:52a Uli Hoeness role model turned tax fraudster
09:03:00a Riyadh needs 30000 new...
09:03:08a Exports up 4.55% in March
09:03:17a Nicaragua detains US most-wanted suspect
09:03:26a Coal scam rocks Parliament Opposition wants PM to quit
09:03:35a Companies' year-end bonus hit a three-year low
09:03:44a Qantas ramping up for new Qantas Cash travel money card
09:03:53a Real Madrid opens ticket sales for the Final Four today at 1200 noon
09:04:01a GE13 Spare Che Johan says Ibrahim Ali
09:04:08a Barclays names two new directors
09:04:16a A Visual History Of All Asset Bu
09:04:24a White Cloud football coach on leave
09:04:33a 2nd man arrested in rape of
09:04:42a Hanford Groundwater Analysis Project Finds Interesting Numbers
09:04:51a Phil Norman Appointed to Loyalty New Zealand Board
09:05:00a Councilors leave Twin Towers probe team
09:05:09a Japan war shrine visits anger China South Korea
09:05:18a Kuram says no justice done for murder of her boy friend
09:05:27a Scrap Mbombela Stadium case lawyers
09:05:36a Billions in Gonski funds set for NSW
09:05:59a Canada foils ‘al-Qaeda-supported’ passenger train plot
09:06:07a Fisheries ‘harassed by media’
09:06:15a Council to fight ruling on street names
09:06:25a Two biggest airlines in Japan start to replace batteries of Dreamliners
09:06:35a Google's Schmidt shares vision in tech treatise
09:06:46a Australian shares end up, financials lead; China PMI caps rise
09:06:55a Australias population to pass 23 million
09:07:02a Three Years After M.I Olamide Reminisce Others Remember Dagrin
09:07:12a Ability to handle nuclear waste questioned
09:07:20a Juanda airport expansion expected to reduce congestion
09:07:30a Addis Ababa and Southern Regional State Woreda Council Elections
09:07:40a Police surround Md. home after off-duty DC cop slain
09:07:49a Millwall FA Cup violence Three arrested in dawn raids
09:07:58a Transit authority approves step in wages
09:08:07a Video of Dancing to Maroon 5 and Praying Gets Students Kicked Out of School
09:08:17a Asylum seekers a risk to farmers Libs
09:08:26a Energy stocks lead a turnaround on Wall Street
09:08:36a FBIs most wanted teacher arrested in Nicaragua
09:08:46a Protected pangolins seized from Philippine boat
09:08:53a Not surprised by BWU’s move
09:09:02a Teen escapes court, cops on the lookout
09:09:12a Ghana Ghana Seizes One Million Faulty Condoms Imported From China
09:09:19a EU Calls an End to the Era of Austerity
09:09:27a Indorama Ventures
09:09:38a US Coast Guard repatriates 32 Cuban migrants picked up off Keys South Florida
09:09:48a Angola Angola Wants Increased Political, Strategic Cooperation With U.S.
09:09:57a Elderly man dies after Canterbury crash
09:10:08a China local firms face mounting loan repayment pressure paper
09:10:16a Hummer driver offers cash to victims’ kin
09:10:24a Two sisters hack brother to death in Calabar
09:10:34a Bee Gees World Live In Tokyo 1972
09:10:46a Tamerlan Tsarnaev and 'A lesson to the inhabitants of the world'
09:10:54a Protest over delays in opening new school
09:11:04a Currencies Dollar Aussie decline after downbeat China data
09:11:13a Doctor's patient weeps in court
09:11:22a University of Maryland University of Jordan sign pact
09:11:31a Cloned Redwood Trees Planted At College Of Marin
09:11:40a 170 new pedestrian lanes coming to Taipei
09:11:50a On a mission to rebuild Mali’s army
09:12:00a Denver sheriffs deputy formally charged in escape from downtown jail
09:12:43a Taoyuan suffers most acidic rain in Taiwan three-year academic study
09:12:53a Housing Authority cuts counseling program
09:13:01a Chicago Bulls level NBA playoff series against Brooklyn Nets
09:13:10a Man Jailed Over Robbery
09:13:20a Bill Gates casual style raises eyebrows in South Korea
09:13:30a Obama-Women Senators Dinner Set For Tuesday
09:13:40a Texas town holds no grudge against exploded fertiliser plant owner
09:13:51a Hosting U.S. defense chief, Israel hints at patience on Iran Reuters
09:14:01a Cuba predicts rice harvest to increase
09:14:10a Swaziland Police 'Torture Political Activists'
09:14:18a Australia Leading Index Points To Steady Economic Growth
09:14:26a ASF Logistics Establishes Network in Australia
09:14:36a Japanese Market Trades Marginally Higher After Weak Start
09:14:44a Weather curtails Hehuanshan blooms
09:14:53a Hughes killer 'sorry for shooting'
09:15:03a Nigerian police to get nine choppers
09:15:13a Red Cross Society heads to quake-hit Sichuan
09:15:21a Palmers Citic stoush heads to court
09:15:30a Govt association to develop downstream seaweed industry
09:15:39a Elephant pageantry in southern India 22 Apr 2013 095508 GMT
09:15:50a Boston Bomber Charged Could Face Death Penalty
09:15:59a Department of Basic Education Congratulates Yusuf Abramjee
09:16:07a Felix earns 100th win as Seattle pounds Houston
09:16:24a FLDS investigated for alleged child labor
09:16:32a UN forum marks nuclear ambitions of DPR Korea as top agenda
09:16:41a Man accused of using baby as human shield named
09:16:52a Japanese lawmakers cancel May trip to China
09:17:01a Robin Gibb of Bee Gees Dies at Age 62 Huffington Post
09:17:10a Kinsmen and Kate Pace Way trail systems now open
09:17:18a Car careers into schoolgirls 3 injured
09:17:27a Hale extends contract with Hawks
09:17:36a PNoy wants security forces to end NPA roadblocks permit-to-campaign
09:17:44a Answering the Call Smooth Process See Young Liberians Line up to Join Army
09:17:54a Top doctor loses a tooth as medics square up at Manchester Royal Infirmary
09:18:02a 5 key questions about the case
09:18:12a Threatening letter powder sent to S.Korea minister
09:18:22a Israeli airlines end strike after reaching agreement with treasury
09:18:33a Firefighters killed in West, Texas explosion identified
09:18:43a Insecurity Ihejirika urges military personnel to be at alert
09:18:51a GBP/USD Trendline at 1.5182
09:18:59a Smart moves mean our work is never done
09:19:08a WSBK Assen Sykes sure of strong Assen
09:19:17a Malaysias KLCI falls in early trade MISC rebounds
09:19:26a Thai Big C shares surge on CP Alls valuation of Siam Makro
09:19:38a Simi Valley police officers lawsuit against city dismissed
09:19:50a Barack Obama praises Indian-American student for her science project
09:19:59a Election Petition Gritty Bawumia grilled by Lithur
09:20:07a Synergy in Hwang-DBS deal
09:20:16a Attorney for tainted-letters suspect points finger at longtime rival
09:20:27a UPDATE 8-Canada thwarts al Qaeda-supported passenger train plot
09:20:36a Pearl-Qatar developer sees 16 rise in Q1 net profit
09:20:45a Gold rush is silver lining for bullion
09:20:54a Rai’s last review of a big-ticket scheme today
09:21:04a UPDATE 1-India PM adviser says economy bottomed out, sees 6.4 pct growth
09:21:13a IMF, Egypt making 'further progress' on reaching loan deal
09:21:23a EU hopes for ‘green’ jobs from climate action
09:21:34a China HSBC Flash PMI falls points to tepid Q2 recovery
09:21:43a Gantz I Hope We Can Develop Our Relations with Turkey
09:21:51a Gosnell and ‘Pro-Choice’ Fleeing From Reason?
09:22:00a EU Laws Opt-Out Could Damage UK Security
09:22:12a No Bunker-Buster Bomb in Israel’s U.S. Arms Deal
09:22:20a Nudge nudge, wink wink interface may drive Google Glass
09:22:28a Volunteers making Columbia home energy efficient
09:22:36a It Still an Open Contest Ricardo Formosinho
09:22:45a Syracuse man arrested for selling stolen goods from his employer
09:22:53a Dartmouth maintains lead in Red Rolfe Division with 3 wins
09:23:02a City considers privately owned electric bus fleet
09:23:14a President Obama Tests Filtration Invention Designed By Oakland Park Students
09:23:22a Woodstock legend Richie Havens dies at 72
09:23:30a Risky assets lose ground
09:23:40a World FBI most wanted teacher arrested
09:23:49a Russias FSK 2012 adjusted net profit at 30 bln rbls
09:23:57a Car rental companies to be graded
09:24:06a Batelco may issue bond to fund acquisition
09:24:16a EPA Keystone XL Pipeline Analysis By State Department Is Not Sufficient
09:24:25a An Education Director Lone Scherfig Joins European Film College
09:24:35a Japans govt Permission to resume Boeings 787 may come Thurs
09:24:46a Russian authorities confirm Chechen suspects North Caucasus visit
09:24:55a McGraw-Hill seeking dismissal of lawsuit over SP
09:25:05a Digital camera shipments down 44% in Q1
09:25:15a Militias From UMM Dukhun Loot Police Citizens in Darfur
09:25:24a Saudi- Caterpillar, Altaaqa Global forge power projects deal
09:25:36a Laurent Bonnet french author book tour – Guinea and Sierra Leone
09:25:48a Army sergeant pleads guilty to 2009 killing of fellow soldiers
09:25:58a Two Syrian Archbishops Abducted in Northern Syria
09:26:08a Press release Grontmij to reduce train travel time for the Danes
09:26:16a Australia hits 23 million
09:26:25a Qatar- QP in USD1.5b JV with Total, Idemitsu, Cosmo, Marubeni and Mitsui
09:26:37a Northwest Territories targets China to invest in ‘stranded’ oil and natural gas
09:26:45a House buyers want interest waived
09:26:55a 4th North Korea N-test possible China
09:27:04a Africa Invest in the Future, Defeat Malaria
09:27:13a Myanmar hails EU lifting of sanctions pledges to continue reforms
09:27:24a DC Police Officer Fatally Shot In Upper Marlboro 23 Apr 2013 045303 GMT
09:27:33a Venezuelas new cabinet sworn in
09:27:42a Loans for firms on price-stabilisation list
09:27:52a Bail hearing set for 2 men in Canada terror plot
09:28:00a One mans tale of war and recovery
09:28:10a U. Iowa grant project seeks to prevent suicide
09:28:19a Bangladesh parliament elects new president
09:28:28a Fresh job concerns at manufacturing plant
09:28:37a Google overtakes Apple as country's top brand survey
09:28:46a Bulgarian Energy Holding Welcomes 2 New Board Members
09:28:54a ZITF Opens Today
09:29:02a Nokia narrows loss to USD355m in Q1
09:29:10a Myanmar postpones Davis Cup over security concerns
09:29:19a Tom Jones The Young Mexican Pupetteer
09:29:28a Private buses on strike in several routes.
09:29:37a Foundation hopes to raise money for Vimy Ridge education centre at Toronto gala
09:29:44a What is R60 000? asks grieving dad
09:29:54a French embassy in Tripoli bombed 2 injured
09:30:03a Suicidal women will still go abroad for abortions says leading psychiatrist
09:30:12a Bumi trading suspended pending Berau review
09:30:22a Father recognized FBI images on TV
09:30:31a Pinay makes it to The Voice Belgium semis
09:30:39a Malaysia opposition hopes Penangs success can spread
09:30:52a Canada thwarts major terrorist attack with arrests CBC
09:31:01a Somali Govt Troops Battle Al Shabaab Near Hudur
09:31:10a Canadian Dollar COT Indicates Most Extreme Sentiment Since 2007
09:31:22a Boston Marathon bombing suspect charged by U.S. federal prosecutors
09:31:31a Earth Day forecast sustainable transportation
09:31:41a Critical Infrastructure Protections Include Employee Information
09:31:52a 10 Million Dollars Needed to Relaunch Chokwe Agriculture
09:32:00a Wall St ends up
09:32:10a Coffee Day Group readies mn PE fund raise
09:32:21a Police destroy pipe bomb on Gold Coast
09:32:31a Mexico expects free-trade deal with Indonesia
09:32:39a China yuan strengthens to 6.236 against USD
09:32:50a Syrian army deals major blow to militants near Damascus
09:32:58a China manufacturing index falls
09:33:14a Polls positive for WikiLeaks as party registers
09:33:25a Canada foils plot to derail train
09:33:35a Police Domestic violence homicide claims 5 lives
09:33:45a Firefighters Use Thermal Image Technology to Save Lives
09:33:58a Hong Kong shares to start up 0.2 pct, Chinese property stronger
09:34:08a The Robot Revolution
09:34:17a Fury over tailgating truckies
09:34:26a Government owes €21 million to pharmaceutical creditors
09:34:36a Ethiopia Ethiopia Enlists Help of Forest Communities to Reverse Deforestation
09:34:45a Former Galway hotelier to be sentenced in June for rape of employee
09:34:55a Iran to meet UN nuclear watchdog in May Iranian media
09:35:05a Moscow City region to have dry cold weather Tuesday
09:35:17a At least 26 killed as Iraqi forces raid Sunni protest camp
09:35:26a Titans recall Taylor for Knights clash
09:35:35a Zimbabwe MDC-T Demands Inclusivity in Organs That Run Elections
09:35:44a Weather Forecast For Tuesday April 23
09:35:54a Thai tycoon launches billion buyout to kick off Asian retail push
09:36:06a CORRECTED-Australian shares rise, miners capped by Chinese flash PMI
09:36:14a 200 Billion New Reasons to Buy USD/JPY
09:36:22a Ask Amy Overly friendly neighbor sets off parents' alarms
09:36:34a News Wrap Terror Plot to Attack Canada-U.S. Rail Line Thwarted
09:36:44a National Assembly's Info Bill Committee Accepts and Incorporates NCOP Amendments Into Bill
09:36:52a UAE- GAP says no to counterfeit spare parts
09:37:02a With Solarkobo Nigerian student in MIT tackles power problem
09:37:10a Algeria's Sonatrach to invest USD80b to boost oil, gas reserves
09:37:20a Three Die in South Sudan Hospital Hit by Strike
09:37:29a Defence Force morale on the rise
09:37:38a Billabong denies takeover talks stalled
09:37:46a Manhattan Beach workshop to address Obamacare
09:37:56a Nikkei nudges five-year record high dollaryen eyes 100
09:38:06a STMicroelectronics Reports 2013 First Quarter Financial Results
09:38:14a Stuarts moved from NRL referees outburst
09:38:22a Chompions
09:38:30a Doubts raised on wisdom of rolling out wellbeing checks for young children
09:38:40a Deadline Looms For British Gran On Death Row
09:38:49a SGX sees big prospects in Asian FX futures biz
09:38:57a Adjunct teachers protest against NHI exclusion
09:39:06a Daughter finds ex-president's new medical care to be lacking
09:39:14a A misguided thrill-seeker
09:39:24a Indian police arrest second in girl's rape
09:39:33a New Bullish Backing for the USD/JPY Rally
09:39:42a Illegal boats sign defaced replaced
09:39:51a Slain suspects Dagestan trip under the microscope
09:40:02a Raed Jaser Toronto terror accused seemed like a normal guy
09:40:11a Zimbabwe Dirty, Dirty Rugby
09:40:20a 150 Boise icons to celebrate the city's sesquicentennial Blue Turf
09:40:29a Taiwan woman charged after drug find in suitcases
09:40:40a Eight--Chinese-ships-in-Japan-waters-near-disputed-isles-Tokyo
09:40:49a Israel's Babylon in 4-year Internet deal with Yahoo
09:40:58a Oil up 75 cents, giving market small advance
09:41:08a NSW teachers unions welcome school deal
09:41:17a Adams 'I wasn't saving my own skin'
09:41:25a Emraan, Altaf to shoot 'Jholuram' song video for 'Ghanchakkar'
09:41:36a China money rates jump after drains funds via open market
09:41:45a Malaysia popular among Saudi students
09:41:54a McInnes era fails to spark Dons to goal rush
09:42:04a Truck crash kills one injures three
09:42:13a Africa Online Platform to Boost Access to African Stats
09:42:23a Italys reelected president calls for coalition govt reforms
09:42:32a Montreal suspect had diabolical ideas
09:42:41a Seeing your GP time to think twice?
09:42:53a Italy Donates Security Vehicles to Puntland, Funds Radio Station
09:43:02a Egypt Russia to Contribute to High Dam Development Minister
09:43:12a Malaysia GE13 EC advises postal voters to mark and submit ballots quickly
09:43:20a Kitwe Market Vendors Call PF to Task
09:43:29a Survey suggests low morale in Defence Force
09:43:38a New law allows Duchess Kates daughter to become Queen
09:43:47a Nichols Hills Earth Day event promotes healthy lifestyles
09:43:57a Sebi probes Saradha group for alleged irregularities
09:44:06a News Summary Energy rebound lifts stocks
09:44:14a Sikhs formally allowed to wear turbans instead of helmets in Oz
09:44:24a Cambodian PM expresses sympathy to China for major earthquake
09:44:36a Developer Microsoft’s Xbox 720 Always-On Decision Is Brave
09:44:45a FEATURE-In New Mexico desert US drone pilots learn the new art of ...
09:44:53a RI chooses the third way SBY
09:45:02a Cuts spark fears for swimmings future
09:45:10a Gold Is On A Tear Today
09:45:18a Spring Gully turnaround 'extraordinary'
09:45:27a Charles Rangel sues House Speaker John Boehner over ethics censure
09:45:35a Secretaries in reckoning for key central posts including CAG and HS
09:45:43a GST safe under Labor, Bradbury says
09:45:55a ‘Classic soft target’ Alleged terrorist plot exposes vulnerability of Canada’s rail system
09:46:05a Protect Your Baby with Immunization
09:46:13a USDOLLAR Presses Toward 10600- AUD Range in Focus Ahead of RBA
09:46:22a Europeans Are Thinking the Unthinkable That Debt Defaults Might Make Sense
09:46:31a Car guard attacks couple’s car
09:46:40a Fidel Castro Now and forever
09:46:47a Free Press Test Kitchen recipe Cucumber, Tomato and Chickpea Salad
09:46:56a Strong TSMC trade leads TAIEX toward 8,000-point threshold
09:47:10a Wireshark Capture File Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
09:47:19a US needs a comprehensive immigration reform White House
09:47:28a Kerry attends first NATO foreign ministers meeting
09:47:37a Baboons killed in pointless NSW study
09:47:47a Somalia Women From Somali Diaspora Return Home to Start Enterprises
09:47:55a Veterans trade insults over tin medals
09:48:05a The president discussed with the ministers and experts a possible recession in Russia
09:48:16a Lawyer Palestinian Hunger Striker Ends Fast
09:48:24a Rwanda Ndayisenga Inspires Rayon to Victory
09:48:33a Iraq 10 years on The humanitarian legacy
09:48:42a What was Tamerlan Tsarnaev doing in Russia
09:48:51a Italys president Political gridlock inexcusable
09:48:59a Traffic signal work could cause delays in Portsmouth
09:49:08a NPA checkpoints sprout during election season — Army spokesman
09:49:18a 6 NY pols being arraigned on corruption charges
09:49:28a Certain envoys susceptible to terrorism MJIB
09:49:37a Taiwanese ex-presidents medical care lacking says daughter
09:49:46a Prestigious Māori scholarship honours leaders of the past and future
09:49:55a Saudi- A harrowing experience for Indians with 'free visas'
09:50:06a Economic Report China manufacturing data disappoint
09:50:14a The Google Homepage in the Chrome New Tab Page Now Works Offline
09:50:24a Man found guilty of murdering 13-year-old
09:50:33a Lesotho Setting Up Shop How the Chinese Succeeded
09:50:41a Pacific countries to post strong growth-Fitch
09:50:50a Italian politicians told to do better
09:51:00a Sex book to be published in Hebrew for orthodox Jews as wedding night aid
09:51:10a Photographer captures clear images of suspects
09:51:19a Yahoo weaves UK teens story summarizing software Summly into iPhone app
09:51:27a Uncle tells of last talk
09:51:38a Haitian Prime Minister talks economic development at World Leaders Forum
09:51:47a Ultimate revenge I saw his face crumble
09:51:56a NSW schools agreement historic Gillard
09:52:06a Burma Accused of Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims
09:52:15a Webb YMCA hosts 'Healthy Kids Day'
09:52:24a Hasbro enjoys healthy quarter with help from Monopoly
09:52:32a HP's dilemma on MphasiS
09:52:41a Iran's oil sales at USD4b
09:52:51a NYT No bunker-buster bomb in Israels US arms deal
09:52:59a Azerbaijan to account for nearly 200 new industrial enterprises
09:53:08a Revival some time away for life insurers
09:53:19a Venezuela threatens oil, trade in continuing election spat with US
09:53:31a Wildlife groups Chemical killing seabirds in southwest England
09:53:42a New leader to 'put Paraguay first'
09:54:32a Thai Exporters Cope With Less Home-Grown Rice
09:54:42a Philippines Asia United Bank plans mln IPO in May
09:54:52a Bill easing school chief rules passes
09:55:03a Mini-robot finds surprise in Mexicos ancient Temple of Quetzalcoatl
09:55:11a Slight dip in UK public borrowing
09:55:20a New installation brings South Africa to St. John’s
09:55:29a More than half Ky. adults have no dental insurance
09:55:37a Caterpillar's profit plunges 45% in Q1
09:55:46a Women attacked on North Shore
09:55:54a What Can Tip USD/JPY, EUR/USD and S&P 500? Risk Trends.
09:56:04a Australian shares rise miners capped by Chinese flash PMI
09:56:13a rate to force business closures Survey
09:56:21a SA unchanged on education reforms
09:56:31a Gunmen abduct two archbishops in Syria
09:56:40a Formation of New Local Administrations Tests Somali Govt
09:56:48a Fitch Downgrades Indonesias Bakrie Telecom to CC
09:56:57a Labour Market Information Vital for Investment
09:57:06a EU mulls best means to help Lebanon Syria opposition
09:57:16a Child-abuse deaths up statewide
09:57:24a Mallingas Widow to Run for Butebo Seat
09:57:33a Zimbabwe Makoni Dismisses Treason Allegations By State Media
09:57:44a Bonuses incur wrath of Church of England
09:57:55a Israeli general says Syria government forces used chemical weapons
09:58:06a Spain holds two 'al-Qaeda suspects'
09:58:16a Bulgarian Businessman Buys Ultra Expensive Vienna Apartment
09:58:25a We all have a role in helping victims of crime
09:58:36a Twin study shows environment interacts with genes in autism
09:58:45a Mom-to-be puts adoption ad on Gumtree
09:58:54a Eric Schmidt and the North Korean Internet dilemma
09:59:03a Taoyuan suffers most acidic rain in Taiwan three-year academic study
09:59:12a Saudi- Tadawul takes upward turn
09:59:21a Kenya Expert Calls for Regional Oil and Gas Laws
09:59:30a EURO GOVT-Bunds flat as investors brace for PMI
09:59:38a Azarov about road repairs Where is money?
09:59:48a Peak Resources Limited Ngualla Project Funding
09:59:56a From Rockies to Rust Belt, storm brings extremes
10:00:05a Chinese liquor makers have reason to cheer
10:00:15a Hamid elected unopposed as Bangladeshs 20th president
10:00:23a Nightclub patron pushed down stairs coroner
10:00:33a Philippines asks Saudi Arabia to ease repatriation requirements
10:00:43a India Advisers Economy to Grow 6.4%
10:00:54a India's anti-rape law judge dies
10:01:02a PRESS DIGEST Financial Times April 22
10:01:12a Brevard deputies shoot armed man wounding him critically
10:01:23a Energy Efficiency High on Agenda as Bulgarian President Visits Denmark
10:01:33a Bhutan votes in 2nd ever parliamentary poll
10:01:45a UPDATE 2-Internet sales tax faces U.S. Senate vote Obama backs
10:01:57a Miner cuts jobs as gold prices fall
10:02:06a Kenya Kibwana in row with cartels over sand mining
10:02:15a All Saints Row 4 Pre-Orders Get Upgraded to Commander in Chief Edition
10:02:23a MBC Nikko bets on Abenomics plans new branches
10:02:32a Europe Thinks the Unthinkable Could Debt Default Make Sense
10:02:42a Kuwait- Egyptian attempts suicide
10:02:51a Have a Say on the Draft Strategy for Rotorua Te Arawa Lake
10:03:05a City Harvest Church Trial judge meets with defence lawyers of leaders accused of fraud
10:03:14a Pupils stabbed in school gang violence
10:03:23a Best creative work from across Asia Pacific to be showcased at Mumbrella360
10:03:33a Ex-jail worker charged with Huntington thefts
10:03:42a Raising customer awareness at Canterbury Rebuild Expo
10:03:51a NZD/USD RBNZ Trade Idea
10:03:59a Second man arrested in Delhi child rape case
10:04:09a Businesses aim to keep people employed after sequestration
10:04:17a New defects found in Novopay system
10:04:26a Kuwait- Man with fake ID
10:04:35a More rain expected for already swollen rivers
10:04:45a Syria opposition chief 'seeking release of bishops'
10:04:56a Taiwanese woman arrested for worth of ‘P’
10:05:04a Whats in a flu virus name
10:05:14a Two held over terrorist plot in Canada
10:05:24a Vandalism and Thefts Plague UNZA
10:05:35a Nurses working in 'culture of fear'
10:05:46a The Global War on Terrorism? America’s Wars “in Support” of Al
10:05:55a Streisand feted by Clinton Minnelli and friends
10:06:03a President Sata Finally Opposes Barotseland
10:06:12a Bahrains real estate market stabilizes CBRE
10:06:21a Missing hikers found after 10 days in NZ wilderness
10:06:35a Rocket That Will Carry Ca
10:06:45a Video Spring floods threaten 10 states
10:06:53a Zimbabwe Zanu-PF Manicaland Youths Urge Bigwigs to Stop Squabbles
10:07:02a L.P.N. Development
10:07:10a LG Display posts USD135m Q1 profit
10:07:19a David Cameron Urged to Act over Bulgarian Immigration Plans
10:07:31a Montreals aerospace industry adds new landing gear plant
10:07:41a Motlanthe opens freedom museum
10:07:49a Kenya Ken wa Maria still going strong
10:07:59a Russian voters can contest poll results in court
10:08:09a US- Lennox Int'l returns to profitability in Q1
10:08:19a BBK reports net profit of BD 13.1 million for the first quarter of 2013
10:08:29a No word from govt on pension, insurance Bills BJP
10:08:38a School kids come first, says NSW premier
10:08:47a TSA delays change to safety rules
10:08:55a Red Sox, Bruins postpon
10:09:03a Linux TOP command explained
10:09:13a Million March Against Child Abuse held in Victorville
10:09:22a Africa Online Platform to Boost Access to African Stats
10:09:33a Boston Marathon bomber’s widow dodges feds
10:09:43a National Security Bureau boss says two terror suspects deported in 2009
10:09:52a BI deports 21 arrested Taiwanese
10:10:00a Brockport's Lakeside Hospital closing
10:10:09a Muller primed for Barcelona showdown
10:10:19a Shenhua seeks to allay farmers fears about mining
10:10:28a Twitter Keeps Deleting Accounts of Syrian Electronic Army
10:10:37a Lippi’s men poised in make-or-break week
10:10:46a 'Get Involved in Pensions, Insurance Industry'
10:10:56a UK girl, 4, on psychiatric treatment for iPad addiction
10:11:05a Red Sox edge past Athletics
10:11:16a Bangalore blast three arrested from Tamil Nadu for allegedly facilitating the attack
10:11:26a Boston bombing could prompt US Russia cooperation
10:11:36a Kuwait- Husband thrashed
10:11:45a Japan’s war shrine visits fuel anger
10:11:54a Two held over Canada train terror
10:12:03a Focus today is on European PMIs for April
10:12:11a 43 prisoners in Qassim freed
10:12:21a Manchester United Win Record League Title
10:12:32a US dollar jumps to just short of 100-yen mark in Asia trade
10:12:40a Schilling calls 38 Studios suit '100 percent baseless'
10:12:50a Musharraf told to cooperate in Bhutto probe
10:13:00a Japan warns China on islands landing
10:13:09a UAE- Emaar to start sales of Sky Collection residences
10:13:18a Wellington selected for UN-Habitat resilience programme
10:13:27a Twitter lands one of its biggest advertising deals to date
10:13:37a Kenyas Standard Media FY pretax profit up 14 pct
10:13:46a Wife of jailed China Nobel laureate attends brothers trial
10:13:55a EPA aims to recoup cleanup costs
10:14:03a I clearly had one drink too many Witherspoon apologises after arrest
10:14:13a Haddin may be shock contender for deputy role in Oz Ashes squad
10:14:21a CapitaMalls M’sia Trust awards RM7m job for enhancement works to Gurney Plaza Penang
10:14:29a Fondling Waitress Backfires
10:14:38a Flood carries muck, debris into Lake MI
10:14:47a Screening for suicide an ‘insult to women’
10:14:55a China medium-size OGS products 20 cheaper than those from Taiwan say sources
10:15:04a Who is number 23 million joining A snapshot of Australia
10:15:23a Focus on flocks engine room
10:15:37a TomTom CEO sees no signs of recovery in car sales
10:15:47a Key data Australian population to hit 23 million
10:15:58a Saudi- 90% of toys do not meet safety standards
10:16:08a Area Police Apply Supreme Court Decision for OWI Arrests
10:16:19a Abu Dhabi's Al Maabar takes on USD200m construction project in Libya
10:16:29a SPC Severe Thunderstorm Watch 136 Status Reports
10:16:38a Far EasTone to launch health service platform
10:16:47a Wallabies improving just dont tell them
10:16:56a Black Caps skipper drops legal action after apology
10:17:05a China manufacturing slows in April HSBC
10:17:15a Wadeemas tortured sister physically and emotionally scarred by killer father
10:17:25a Huawei sees enterprise sales rising to 10 billion by 2017
10:17:34a Green Bay Students Clean up the Planet on Earth Day
10:17:59a Saudi- Sponsorship system must go, says NSHR
10:18:07a Ge13 Noraini is angry and she hasn’t spoken to me says Herman Tino
10:18:16a News you missed in the wake of the bombing
10:18:27a World Canada foils al-Qaeda linked terror attack on train
10:18:38a Tu Decides U.S. Immigration Reform Bill Released
10:18:47a State Media Journalists Unhappy With Union Leadership
10:18:57a Womans body found in Sydney unit
10:19:06a Brazelberries B.C. gardens first in Canada to get super-breed of berry plants
10:19:14a Ricky Ponting lists waterfront mansion for
10:19:25a Jonas Burgos family to decide on govt protection offer on Thursday
10:19:35a Indian companies step up foreign bond issuances
10:19:46a Measles Outbreak Kills over 100 Dolphins in Italy
10:19:56a How chit funds have ROBBED investors in Bengal
10:20:08a Dubai Intl a top priority says Sheikh Mohammed
10:20:25a China manufacturing data disappoint
10:20:34a Ratan Tata gets over Rs 1-cr as director pay from Alcoa
10:20:43a Peter MacKay retreats on order for Afghan troops to return danger pay
10:20:54a Six doctor Irish abortion law 'myth'
10:21:03a Nigeria CBN to Phase Out Polymer Naira Notes By June
10:21:12a Nigeria Redknapp Admits Odemwingie Regret
10:21:22a Vandals targeting West Des Moines home with eggs
10:21:30a FBI keen to see Tsarnaev’s widow
10:21:38a Sequestration will affect force readiness
10:21:48a Euro zone slump moderates but German worries appear PMIs
10:21:57a BBC airs video of Meiktila killings
10:22:05a Govt releases plan on Pike River inquiry's progress
10:22:14a Jiu-Jitsu Champion Calls for More Support
10:22:26a Off-duty DC officer slain, police surround Md home
10:22:36a Seattle-area man guns down girlfriend 3 bystanders before being killed by police
10:22:46a Japans Nikkei slips after weak China PMI data pause in yen weakness
10:22:54a Red Wings Jets prevail in NHL
10:23:04a Venezuelas Maduro to nominate ex-commerce minister as cenbank chief
10:23:14a Wanted man arrested after traffic stop
10:23:25a Off-duty DC officer slain; police surround Md home
10:23:35a avast Mobile Security for Android CVE-2013-0122 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:23:44a IDF Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
10:23:53a Explanation needed says Maori tourism head
10:24:02a President congratulates newspaper Yeni Azerbaijan with the 20th anniversary
10:24:12a TV reporter says he's fired for profanity on air
10:24:29a AMD Intros G-Series Embedded System-on-Chip
10:24:39a US Presidential Libraries Contribute to Research Education
10:24:47a Britain's FTSE edges up
10:24:55a How the architects of austerity got their sums wrong
10:25:05a Joblessness changes little in March
10:25:14a Russian economic growth slows to 1.1 percent in first quarter
10:25:25a Iraq clashes kill at least 26 people
10:25:34a Earth from Space Équateur
10:25:43a UAE- Etihad Airways inducts Boeing 777-300ER
10:25:52a In Bostons Needham suburb Chechnya echoes everywhere
10:26:00a Owner in NSW court over rental parties
10:26:10a Armenia must give adequate response to State Department report Oskanian
10:26:20a Hammond native on 10 most wanted list detained in Nicaragua
10:26:29a 205 Drivers Facing Culpable Homicide
10:26:37a Pairin Cannot have defiant members
10:26:45a Plot to Outsource Security Exposed
10:26:55a Angola State Secretary Backs Strengthened Cooperation in Defence Field
10:27:04a Health Experts Leishmaniasis on the Rise in War-Torn Syria
10:27:12a Panionios ends PAOKs home record
10:27:22a Nigeria Lagos Seeks UK Assistance On Energy Development
10:27:34a Court seeks report on unsafe school buildings in Punjab
10:27:44a Boston suspect said to finger brother as brains behind attack
10:27:54a Leahy GOP exploiting Boston
10:28:04a Java still vulnerable despite recent patches
10:28:14a Barcelona sweat on Lionel Messi ahead of battle with Bayern Munich
10:28:24a Internet sales taxes progress in Senate
10:28:33a Spring Gully may trade out of financial woes
10:28:42a Philadelphia interested in bidding on 2024 Olympics
10:28:51a Agent Cop said cannibalism interest hurt his lif
10:29:01a Lusaka-West Fuel storage terminal starts receiving fuel products ahead of commissioning this month
10:29:09a Eaglets Promise to Beat Tunisia
10:29:18a Paying tax when you start a business
10:29:27a GE13 EC advises postal voters to mark and submit ballots quickly
10:29:37a Nigeria Bauchi Council Hosts 48,475 Internally Displaced Persons
10:29:44a Experts Feds’ case vs. brother has holes
10:29:54a Utah moves forward with considering Medicaid offer
10:30:02a Dan Popkey Breaching the 'Bedke Doctrine?'
10:30:13a Taiwan Canada to begin open skies talks in May official
10:30:23a British police alarmed by anti-pedophile web group
10:30:34a K2 Names Wim De Maertelaere Business Development Manager for Belgium and the Netherlands
10:30:44a USAID Launches Project to Support Wheat Processing
10:30:52a Inquiry says provocation defence should stay
10:31:02a Kuwait- Kuwaiti arrested
10:31:11a Qld students rally against university cuts
10:31:22a Nigeria PENGASSAN Tasks FG On Oil Theft, Vandalism
10:31:32a Injuries caused to Dec 16 gang-rape victim were fatal Doctor
10:31:40a Mushrooms Pack Nutritional Punch
10:31:49a Dubai Residential Market Remains Well Supplied
10:31:58a Why India NEEDS politicians LIKE Margaret Thatcher
10:32:07a Islamic state Nik Aziz still harbours hopes on DAP
10:32:15a Kemiskidi Promoting wooden batik
10:32:24a Fiji U17s out of OFC title race
10:32:34a Chinese ambassador protests Japans intrusion into waters surrounding Diaoyu Islands
10:32:43a Greece Expects Record Number Of Tourists
10:32:54a Internet Sales Tax Bill Is Strong in Senate Despite Protests
10:33:04a Death row Briton in Bali lodges appeal with top court
10:33:12a Top Stories on Dubai Chronicle on April 23rd
10:33:22a 'The BJP ruined the social fabric of the state'
10:33:32a Russian officials must not own foreign property Kremlin
10:33:41a UPDATE Musharraf treason case SC resumes hearing
10:33:50a Are cormorants eating the salmon? ODFW will kill some to find out
10:33:59a Australia ... the costly country
10:34:10a McDonald's reopened after bomb squad investigation
10:34:21a Ottawa Hospital researcher to probe ways to increase organ donations
10:34:32a Lajong’s Edinho Jr in Portuguese U-19 squad
10:34:41a Boeing 787 Dreamliner restart decision likely this week
10:34:50a USDOLLAR Key Reversal after New High
10:34:59a Industry optimistic about travel fair despite global turmoil
10:35:07a In honour of a titan of the Struggle
10:35:16a Gunman kill six in Russian town of Belgorod because someone had scratched his car
10:35:25a US stocks back on top in global ranking
10:35:34a Greek Week begins with Spring Sing
10:35:44a 'Zombies' to invade University of Michigan campus
10:35:54a Qatar- Mannai Corporation Reports QR 86.6 Million in Net Profit
10:36:04a Bank of Spain forecasts Q1 GDP to fall 0.5 percent on quarter
10:36:13a Prep Softball Angels aid High Desert softball recruits
10:36:25a Hutt Valley Police searching for escaped prisoner
10:36:34a Saudis struggle to save money says survey
10:36:44a Caterpillar CEO's compensation jumps 32%
10:36:53a Oil crosses Saudi Arabia to keep output steady
10:37:02a Grief fuels Idaho parents' action
10:37:11a Kenanga Research keeps UEM Land as top pick posts GE13
10:37:21a New Zealand has more magic for Aussies Tourism NZ
10:37:31a Young victims of mental health
10:37:42a Sudan ICC Suspect, JEM-Bashar Deputy Presumably Killed in Darfur
10:37:51a Google boss Schmidt defends search giants tax avoidance policies in UK
10:38:02a Two Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Join Cornell University Police Department
10:38:12a German private sector contracts for first time since November PMI
10:38:22a Angola Ambassador Calls for Calm to Angolans in Venezuela
10:38:32a Johnson Dwayne Erickson remembered as a legend of the North American rodeo world
10:38:42a UPDATE 3-Thai tycoon adds to record debt pile with bln Siam Makro offer
10:38:51a Saudi Arabia to set up independent body to...
10:39:01a Speaker's Monday night use of Miss. Capitol questioned by Democrats
10:39:10a Albertsons to sponsor Boise Open through 2016
10:39:20a Recognizing Radical Islam as Our Enemy Lessons From the Cold War
10:39:30a Man dies after Moray river fall
10:39:38a Saudi- Shoura denies suggesting new weekend
10:40:51a Kuwait- 80 illegal expats held in Jahra raid
10:41:01a Liberia President's Son Warned To Back Off
10:41:10a European austerity yields meager results in 2012
10:41:19a Bank to blame, says property boss
10:41:29a MJs doctor appeals involuntary manslaughter conviction
10:41:38a Nation Takes Part in Tana High-Level Forum On Security in Africa
10:41:47a Hospitality and recreational services sector is most attractive sector to work in survey
10:41:56a Ghana challenges poll results
10:42:05a Nigeria Amaechi Restates Appeal for Passage of PIB
10:42:14a The End of the “Made-In-China” Era-Gold
10:42:25a Manila envoy hopes for absentee voting pickup
10:42:36a Obama’s Maddening Failure on Gun Control
10:42:45a Gold sales rings across counters in China India
10:42:53a GE13 Husam rapped for contesting seats in different areas
10:43:01a More calls for action on baht
10:43:12a Japanese official says willing to offer help China in quake relief
10:43:20a Taiwans Chen gets a spacious cell
10:43:30a Bus strike talks set for Wednesday
10:43:40a McDonald's fails
10:43:53a African nations to use Africa Day to rejuvenate ties with RI
10:44:07a West Africa Senegal to Nigeria Superhighway Still Stuck in a Rut
10:44:16a Musharraf in Pakistan court over Benazir Bhutto killing
10:44:27a VIDEO Teacher jailed for bathroom filming
10:44:38a Iran rejects ridiculous Al Qaeda link by Canada over plot arrests
10:44:47a Chinese manufacturing industry slows
10:44:55a PHCN Preferred bidders get certificates
10:45:06a Zurich Classic of New Orleans mixes PGA golf stars with Louisiana festival attractions
10:45:16a Racist assault on Belfast street trader
10:45:26a Richemont, ARM help lift European shares
10:45:35a Use of term illegal is ignorant or mischievous
10:45:44a Kompany to stay on at City despite Barcelona move rumours
10:45:54a Digital camera shipments down 44 in Q1
10:46:04a Russias Lukoil ups 2013 investments to bln-reports
10:46:13a Ark. Children's Hospital getting burn unit money
10:46:24a American Culture Traditions and Customs of the United States
10:46:33a Kuwait- KSE resumes climb with 41.44 points gain
10:46:42a Witherspoon's clean image should fully recover
10:46:52a Saudi- Britons in EP celebrate queen's birthday
10:47:03a Killer found guilty of second teen's death
10:47:11a GE13 Kong says Ngeh’s claims are ‘ridiculous’
10:47:21a Israel Accuses Syria of Using Chemical Weapons
10:47:32a Dzhokhar used cell phone to set off bombs, FBI tells court
10:47:41a Aquino hopeful about talks on West Philippine Sea code of conduct
10:47:50a ‘Universities are little more than glorified secondary schools’
10:48:00a British Gran On Bali Death Row Appeals Sentence
10:48:10a LG Display logs small profit in Q1, points to weaker orders from Apple
10:48:21a South Africa 455 rhinos killed so far this year
10:48:31a Space collisions expected to rise
10:48:40a 17 coal blocks circulated for allocation
10:48:48a Auckland Uni not ruling out privacy breach
10:48:59a Wife of Boston bomber had no idea of husband’s plans
10:49:08a Dunne Transitional Imputation Penalty Set For Repeal
10:49:16a Doubt over Abbotts claim on staffer pay cut
10:49:27a STOCKS NEWS THAILAND-Nomura ups Kasikornbank price target makes it top pick
10:49:37a Nigeria Morocco 2013 Golden Eaglets Perfect Penalty Kicks
10:49:47a Man charged with Sydney girl assault
10:49:57a China considers law to ensure elevator safety
10:50:06a Second suspect captured in Barstow beating
10:50:16a Queensland traditional owners in new mining deal
10:50:24a Bishops grabbed in Syria
10:50:36a Heroin favoured by unemployed ex-crims
10:50:45a Ligonier man killed in crash
10:50:56a Germany fines Google 140000 euros for Street View data breach
10:51:07a Venezuela threatens oil trade in continuing election spat with US
10:51:18a Japan Chinese ships around disputed islands
10:51:27a Why Obama couldn’t turn 90 into 60 votes
10:51:36a Switzerland Trade surplus narrows less than expected in March
10:51:45a Small fine for NSW Aboriginal rock damage
10:51:57a Iraqi forces clash with protesters, 27 dead army
10:52:05a Aust stocks higher at midday
10:52:16a Romanian crime is a problem in Britain admits their PM Victor Ponta
10:52:25a Saudi- Employers make adjustments for a new kind of worker
10:52:34a Gazprom not to participate in talks on Ukrainian GTS
10:52:42a Google Doodle celebrates St Georges Day 2013
10:52:54a Nigeria PIB Former Economic Adviser Seek Immediate Re-Negotiation of PSCs
10:53:04a Chinese fleet monitors Japanese ships around Diaoyu Islands
10:53:14a Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Poised for Rapid Expansion in Asia-Pacific Finds Frost Sullivan
10:53:24a Election results spark riots in Abidjan
10:53:34a Professor advocates higher profile for Arab science
10:53:45a French embassy in Tripoli attacked
10:53:54a 1 arrested, another sou
10:54:03a Pick n Pay profit plunges
10:54:11a Rupee trims its initial losses, still down 18 paise
10:54:20a QC court defers arraignment of American cager Cornley
10:54:29a Suspect device found at Gold Coast caryard
10:54:39a France's embassy in Tripoli attacked
10:54:48a Feedback sought on WoF inspection frequency
10:54:56a MTA not happy with WOF changes
10:55:05a Asia Session Another blow to Chinas recovery
10:55:14a Chinese say quake relief too little, too late
10:55:25a Woman rescued from Detroit River
10:55:33a Maureen's Undercover Business Raise Questions
10:55:42a Two Rape Attempts in One Day Near North Darfur Camp
10:55:53a APEC Trade Ministers Pledge to Support Multilateral Trading System
10:56:03a China HSBC Flash PMI falls points to tepid second-quarter recovery
10:56:12a Pynes Anzac concern a distraction PM
10:56:23a Palestinian hunger striker gets deal for release
10:56:32a University has change of heart on Dalai Lama visit
10:56:42a Nigeria Midwestern Oil and Gas Resumes Production in Umusadege Field
10:56:51a Windows RT 8.1 Spotted, to Arrive This Summer
10:57:00a PM Hails President Mugabe
10:57:12a Tsarnaev names ideological mastermind of terrorist attack in Boston
10:57:21a Parliament disuptions A negation of democracy?
10:57:29a Nihad Sirees and Samar Yazbek emerge as clear voices out of Syrias chaos
10:57:38a RIL signals start of GROWTH era
10:57:47a Kuwait- Issuances total bln by end of Q1
10:57:57a Clashes at Iraq Sunni Protest Kill 14
10:58:08a Minneapolis marketing firm CEO was big donor to Obama fund
10:58:17a The First Firefox OS Smartphones Are Now Available for Purchase
10:58:26a Jurrah in jail for forseeable future
10:58:36a Asia-Pacific Gesture Recognition Touchless Sensing Market Worth Billion by 2018
10:58:45a Saudi- Fakeih, Rao discuss labor issues
10:58:54a Premium income expected to grow 6-9 in general insurance sector
10:59:03a rate to force business closures Survey
10:59:13a Support human rights on both sides of Strait group
10:59:23a Cleland Wildlife Park koalas off to Hong Kong in China charm offensive
10:59:32a MoH Celebrates World Immunisation Week
10:59:41a Tanzania TRL Resumes Dar Train Services
10:59:50a Officials Suspects not part of group
11:00:00a German Regulators Fine Google
11:00:10a US immigration bill could slow Indian outsourcers
11:00:19a Third Eye WanderLust April 2013 Published Ellora,Africa & more
11:00:29a Nigeria Nigerian Football Crisis Deepens, As Group Calls for Nduka Irabor's Arrest
11:00:56a Despite Ample Mechanisms Women Still Excluded from Afghanistans Political Process
11:01:04a Chinas IPR suits see spike in 2012
11:01:14a Tanzania Mining Set to Change Economic Landscape
11:01:22a Private-Sector Activity Slumps in Euro Zone
11:01:31a Taxes Obama budget would hit middle class
11:01:42a Boston bombing suspects likely acted alone
11:01:51a Microscopic Photos of the Elements
11:01:59a Sentencing on hold for ecstasy supplier
11:02:10a Kuwait- Fake police rob Sri Lankan
11:02:20a Nigeria Presidency Decries Lack of Modern Forensic, DNA Labs for Police
11:02:30a South Korea slams Japanese war shrine visits
11:02:40a Deadly clashes break out in northern Iraq
11:03:22a Kuwait- Teenager stabs elderly father to death in tense family feud
11:03:33a West Africa Senegal to Nigeria Superhighway Still Stuck in a Rut
11:03:41a Ecclestone committed to Bahrain Grand Prix
11:03:50a Startups look to fill over 100 jobs in capital
11:03:59a Company tax cuts 'determined by budget'
11:04:10a Chinese IEEE members want MAC control for cognitive radio
11:04:18a Another Petronas bid for MISC after 6 months
11:04:28a county_riftvalley The irony of a county swimming in resources wallowing in poverty
11:04:39a Cellphone ping leads deputies to assault site
11:04:48a 5-yr-old brutally raped, medical report 'scary'
11:04:58a Twelve-year old girl dies of H1N1 virus
11:05:07a Greenberg embracing new NRL challenge
11:05:17a S. Korean shares fall on Chinas manufacturing data
11:05:28a Winnipeg woman's assisted suicide plan OK'd by Swiss doctor
11:05:37a UMB denies 25000 acres Sabah land sale claims documents were forged
11:05:46a Toyota recalls Cruisers over seatbelt
11:05:57a CORRECTED-Mongolia to ease restrictions on private foreign investors
11:06:06a Kuwait- MEW denies rumors on plan to hike fees for power, water
11:06:16a MSD More thieves target storm grates
11:06:24a ASIA CREDIT CLOSE Credits give up gains on growth worries
11:06:33a Saudis struggle to save money, says survey
11:06:43a Protracted impediments hold back power plant expansions
11:06:53a Property investors sue AIB over alleged misselling of financial derivatives
11:07:03a Taiwanese businesses in Sichuan suffer no major losses from quake official
11:07:14a Albemarle County police investigate suicide on county road
11:07:22a Pokies loyalty cards in the spotlight
11:07:32a Zvartnots Airport posts passenger traffic of 306 467 in Jan-March
11:07:43a Israeli official Assad used chemical weapons in Syria
11:07:51a Man United lift 20th title with 3-0 win
11:08:00a Malaysia opposition aim to replicate Penang success
11:08:09a Murder count on the rise
11:08:17a New Durban toll plaza plan ‘not certain’
11:08:26a Stocks in Switzerland Advance as Richemont Novartis Gain
11:08:37a Bangalore blast Al-Ummah operatives arrested in Tamil Nadu
11:08:46a Motorola patent case against Apple tossed out
11:08:56a Elite Bakery elite deli present Mothers Day cakes
11:09:05a UPDATE 2-Brent falls below as China PMI disappoints
11:09:15a Italy's re-elected president calls for reforms
11:09:32a Boston bombing suspect's wife described as talented artist, 'sweet'
11:09:40a Barry's Bee Gee tribute to brothers
11:09:48a IPL 6 CSK beat Rajasthan by 5 wickets
11:09:58a AU Rights Body Hails Nation On Information Law
11:10:08a China’s border incursion India rushes more troops to frontier
11:10:17a Ex-Implats boss to head Coal of Africa
11:10:26a Mobily launches shared accounts with Ericsson innovation
11:10:36a Police Beef Up Security in Kapiri
11:10:46a Memorial garden dedicated to fallen Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Sean Clark
11:10:58a Citizenship application process blamed for growing wait list
11:11:09a Picturing science inside a Georgian observatory
11:11:19a Freshwater Plume From SMOS And Aquarius
11:11:28a Dog Causes Crash During Ala. Road Race
11:11:38a Uganda DFCU Suspends Trading On Ugandan Stock Market
11:11:47a ANC officials quit in Eastern Cape
11:11:56a New Mexico Horse Meat Facility Moves a Step Closer to Operation
11:12:05a Folk musician Richie Havens dies at 72
11:12:18a Iraq Clash at Sunni protest site kill at least 14
11:12:30a Egypt Industry Minister Morsi's Visit to Russia Revived Talks On Trade Liberalization
11:12:38a NBA Clippers hold off Grizzlies 93-91
11:12:46a Former papal MC backs civil unions
11:12:54a Lords of the Fallen Is Challenging, Arrives on PC and Next-Gen Consoles
11:13:03a Quota postponed — CDU women say no
11:13:13a FBI Russia may have missed terror clues US senator says
11:13:23a Drowned Tourist in Bahamas Found on Eleuthera Island Is Identified
11:13:39a Court Grants Bail to Sodomy Suspect
11:13:51a Flood Warning Update for South River, French River and Sturgeon River
11:14:00a NATO foreign ministers focus on world hotspots
11:14:09a Islets disputes lead Chinese to favor ROK products
11:14:17a This Is What A Terrible Date At The Olive Garden Looks Like
11:14:31a Hagel Difficult and Dangerous Time
11:14:39a KCCA Denies Cemetery Sale
11:14:48a Business Briefs April 23
11:14:56a Friends angry with Gomez for reunitng with Bieber
11:15:05a Changing the Guard at the Saudi Defense Ministry
11:15:17a Bail Hearing Set for 2 Men in Terror Plot
11:15:26a Pietersen set to play in Japan
11:15:36a Winnipeg womans assisted suicide plan OKd by Swiss doctor
11:15:45a Trekking in Nepal, one gasp at a time
11:15:55a Endometrial cancer.
11:16:03a My daughter tough audience Robbie Williams
11:16:11a Man faces
11:16:19a Sikhs in Australian state neednt wear helmet while cycling
11:16:28a Naomi Watts to join Bill Murray in “St Vincent de Van Nuys” comedy
11:16:37a Probe papers opened on early polls offences
11:16:46a Alps coach crash victim back in UK
11:16:57a Moroccans vent their anger online at US draft resolution on W.Sahara
11:17:06a Spain’s disgrace as Europe cocaine hub
11:17:15a Malaysian PM Najib not to attend 22nd ASEAN Summit
11:17:23a GE13 Hadi riles up partners with claims
11:17:33a UN Atomic Agency Discussing Possible Dates of Iran Meeting
11:17:43a GE13 BN announces two more pledges in Selangor manifesto
11:17:51a Jeddahs Kilo 11 neighborhood neglected for thirty years
11:18:01a Mother accused of giving son fatal methadone dose named
11:18:11a At least 26 killed in Iraq clashes
11:18:22a Kuwait- Wireless set stolen
11:18:31a Justice Ministers Stubborn Stance On Constitution
11:18:40a EU Governments Quell Expectations of Fast Carbon-Fix Solution
11:18:49a EURUSD changed hands in the 1.3070 area in Asian trading
11:18:58a Dragon's Maze Evaluating Azorius
11:19:09a Shareholders of Greek Piraeus Bank approve recap plan
11:19:20a Minerva Aims to be an Online Ivy League University
11:19:30a Kenya DHL Reports Rise in Transportation of Strange Packages
11:19:39a Modern File Explorer for Windows 8 Gets Updated, Download Available
11:19:47a Top German clubs worry about lopsided league
11:19:56a Voters Roll Lets Be Vigilant Against Mischief Makers
11:20:05a NC weighs requiring allergy antidote in schools
11:20:17a Nigeria Tanker Fire Destroys Over 30 Houses, Shops in Ibadan
11:20:28a Lead threat continuing for endangered condors
11:20:37a Dubai property in 16-month upswing
11:20:47a Bulgaria's Ex-Interior Minister Braces for Wiretapping Interrogation
11:20:56a Russian Press at a Glance Tuesday April 23 2013
11:21:05a Ben Stiller Says Roger Ebert Apologized for “Zoolander” Review
11:21:14a Tribute The violin falls silent
11:21:22a NHL Vancouver 3 Chicago 1
11:21:33a GLOBAL MARKETS-Weak German and China PMI knock euro, Bunds gain
11:21:41a Kuwait bourse climbs to 35-month high
11:21:52a Doctor fails to diagnose rib fractures
11:22:00a Voice over for chart-topper
11:22:09a GE13 Sim pulls out of Kota Laksamana race
11:22:19a Kenya Floods Wreck Kenya
11:22:28a Abe threatens force against Chinese intruders
11:22:37a China Engineering
11:22:47a Hong Kong Stocks Extend Losses After China Data Miss Estimates
11:22:56a Poland economic success A lesson to learn
11:23:11a Honduras authorities report plot by drug gangs to kill congressman journalist police chief
11:23:21a Senator accuses Indian cos of abusing H-1B visas
11:23:30a Prithviraj not banking on physicality with 'Aurangazeb'
11:23:40a Council’s power to put strings on Toronto casino approval questioned
11:23:50a VIDEO Sheryl Sandberg My Facebook archive
11:24:00a SLOWING SAVINGS Report Congress Hinders Military Efforts to Cut Costs
11:24:10a Three Years With Solar Dynamics Observatory
11:24:19a Lufthansa with EUR 15 M in Losses over Strike
11:24:28a Britains FTSE edges up ARM jumps after strong results
11:24:38a Female volunteer killed in quake zone
11:24:48a Drug addict responsible for hanging
11:24:57a Hearing in Aurora teens material-support case
11:25:06a Congress slows military efforts to save money
11:25:15a Parliament adjourned for the day
11:25:27a Malema co-accused return to court
11:25:37a Students Can Now Apply for Google's Summer of Code
11:25:47a Egypt overturns decision to flog man arrested for drinking
11:25:55a AMI underpins 40 lift in IAGs New Zealand premium revenue
11:26:04a Victim allegedly called 'black bastard'
11:26:13a Man dies in workplace accident
11:26:35a Chirwa Demanding K250 Million Salary
11:26:43a Dual Radiation Ups Survival in Esophageal Ca
11:26:53a Blood pressure drop fatal for NZer
11:27:03a China orders military chiefs to serve stints as junior soldiers
11:27:13a Islamic finance key to Oman's economic growth Dr Jaroudi
11:27:24a Aust bonds stronger after China data
11:27:32a Colorectal polyps when should we tattoo?
11:27:40a Britt Kennerly Pssssst! Pass it on ... only if it's real
11:27:49a Bahrain's real estate market stabilizes CBRE
11:27:59a Single person households to increase
11:28:07a Kirehe Rice Factory Privatized
11:28:18a On your marks for the World Police and Fire Games
11:28:27a Hong Kong China shares extend losses after April flash PMI disappoints
11:28:38a Blog Roundup A Healing Prayer for Boston Bethesda Literary Festival and Adopt a Pet
11:28:48a Russian Police Continue Belgorod Shooter Manhunt
11:28:57a Low expected to cross central NZ tonight
11:29:06a Smartphone app monitors breast pain
11:29:16a Uganda Unveils U.S. Billion Vision 2040
11:29:25a ASSOCHAM suggests revival plan for sick units
11:29:34a ACT home to cheapest power prices Corbell
11:29:44a iPhone 5S Faces New Delay over Fingerprint Sensor Coating Reuters
11:29:54a Penguin scraps Apple's eBook pricing deal
11:30:03a Focus on wellness as Effat University marks Health Day
11:30:13a The Boston Bombings and the 2nd Amendment
11:30:24a Randy Scott Resigns As Columbia Police Chief
11:30:33a Urewera Four lose appeal bid
11:30:43a Chinese consulate open to earthquake donations
11:30:53a Video Mirrors Immigrants Hard Life In Greece
11:31:02a Family of Jill Meagher to fundraise in her memory
11:31:11a Region's Lakes Suffer Slow Poison
11:31:23a South Africa Police charged with murder
11:31:34a 185 killed 2000 houses destroyed in gun duel between soldiers Boko Haram
11:31:43a Acted alone at behest of brother Boston blasts suspect says
11:31:53a National China Museum loans Maori cloak
11:32:03a Wireless network redesign could cut carbon pollution
11:32:11a Fergie touts Van Persies Premier League-winning volley as Goal of the Century
11:32:20a VIDEO Apple results may reveal profits fall
11:32:29a Eurobank Needs State Aid Faces Nationalization
11:32:46a Syria's War Through the Eyes of a Fighter on Both Sides
11:32:55a 5701 pass Criminologist Licensure Exam — PRC
11:33:05a Portal New Europe posts article on World Economic Forum in Baku PHOTOS
11:33:15a Putin appoints Andrei Denisov as Russian ambassador in China
11:33:24a U.S. Representatives call for aid for Armenia, NKR, Javakhk
11:33:36a Mental health professionals urged for N.S. high schools
11:33:45a European equity indices were narrowly mixed
11:33:55a SACS has lawsuit moved to federal court
11:34:04a San Francisco Investigates Alleged Patient Dumping By Nevada Hospital
11:34:12a Abbott says desperate states lured by cash
11:34:23a Dozens die in Nigeria gun battles following raid source
11:34:33a Iraq Clashes erupt at Sunni protest site
11:34:43a Sales Of Existing Homes Slip As Inventories Tighten
11:34:52a Dissident suspect arrested in England
11:35:02a We must listen to rape protests says Indian minister
11:35:12a More victims, abusers identified as Amsterdam crèche probe widened
11:35:23a St Louis County police officer carves away job stress at workbench
11:35:33a Nigeria Ban 'Shocked and Saddened' By Civilian Deaths in Nigeria Violence
11:35:42a Watch Gouravam for online
11:35:51a Hankins will try to keep council seat
11:36:03a Africa USAID Officials Join G-8 International Conference On Open Data for Agriculture
11:36:12a Ten Natural Options for Treating Multiple Sclerosis
11:36:22a EU, Morocco start talks on free trade area
11:36:32a Top 5 free Android apps for Indians
11:36:42a Asian shares commodities rattled by weaker China PMI
11:36:53a South Korea Claims Defense Minister Target of “Terror” Attempt
11:37:04a Brazil conditions Paraguay’s return to Mercosur to approval of Venezuela’s membership
11:37:13a Kerala state BJP flays anti-Modi stance of both Congress and CPM
11:37:29a Kmart notifying customers of Little Rock robbery 23 Apr 2013 002416 GMT
11:37:37a Africa Africa's Per Capita Income to Rise Above
11:37:50a Taiwan Japan launch joint railway tourism project
11:37:59a Late Tsarnaev Brother Linked to Triple Murder 'Cold File'
11:38:08a Japan to lift grounding of Boeing 787s this week Min
11:38:16a HM's Cup final in SQSC on May 26
11:38:26a Makeshift memorial
11:38:36a TV reporter says he's fired for profanity on air
11:38:46a Keeping sharks away from exploitation
11:38:54a Mayer drives Mercedes-Benz Taiwan
11:39:03a AMD Could Follow Up with ARM G-Series
11:39:12a Vt. Senate committee zeroes in on tax changes
11:39:20a Another RPP member pushing for rate cuts
11:39:29a Booze, tobacco pupils’ new drugs of choice
11:39:38a Use your personal smartphone for work email Your company might take it
11:39:48a Grieving over deaths, family then deals with fake donation site
11:39:59a Bus driver may have blacked out before fatal crash, report says
11:40:08a NBA Chicago Bulls level series against Brooklyn Nets after gutsy Noah turns tide
11:40:17a Big Bazaar's new shopping scheme finds takers
11:40:27a Doctors in warning over alcohol abuse
11:40:36a Visual Aids for Proposed Cycle Facilities
11:40:44a Kuwaiti caught driving drunk
11:40:54a Tokyo stocks hit five-year high on weak yen after G-20 meeting
11:41:03a Ichimoku?s Strategic Use of Price Mid-Points for Strong Trend Entries
11:41:14a Harry Redknapp denies speeding
11:41:27a Super-strong cannabis is creating a mental health timebomb in Scotland warns addiction expert
11:41:39a Chinese stocks underperform on growth concerns
11:41:51a South Africa 'Professor' Fined Over Metro Police Uniform
11:42:01a Birmingham Airport Authority addresses battle for terminal documents
11:42:11a Nigeria Going, Going, ... Unused Allotted Agricultural Land Risk Revocation
11:42:19a In This Issue This Week in PNAS
11:42:28a Slow growth hits China factories
11:42:37a Ducks beat Oilers to clinch Pacific Division crown
11:42:46a Union head wants increased tax on wealthy
11:42:56a NASA launches 3 smartphone satellites
11:43:06a Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby Britain is in a depression
11:43:15a Kate Hudson, Omar Sy join James Franco in “Good People”
11:43:27a Algae likeliest culprit in South Australias fish deaths mystery NASA images show
11:43:37a Libya Two Injured in French Embassy Bomb in Tripoli
11:43:46a Zimbabwe Stalemate Over Consultation Fees
11:43:55a Inflation to remain at 6 percent in current fiscal PM panel
11:44:06a Wadjda gets North American premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in New York
11:44:15a Phone-charging and ATMs in tents at China quake zone
11:44:25a Myanmar launches SIM card lucky draw programme
11:44:37a Disruptions in Rajya Sabha over calls for PMs resignation
11:44:49a Police investigating Boston bomber's involvement in murder of three Jews
11:44:59a Sweden March Unemployment 448000
11:45:07a Fahn Kanne IDB Development is solvent
11:45:19a Libya bomb attack hits French embassy in Tripoli
11:45:29a Car bomb wrecks French embassy in Tripoli
11:45:37a DAP says is eyeing for 20 State seats
11:45:46a Magande Condemns Dissolution of Railways Board
11:45:56a Dollar Little Changed Despite Lower Existing Home Sales
11:46:05a Boston suspect 'blames brother'
11:46:16a Japan shrine visits, isles row stir East Asia tensions
11:46:26a Japan vows to use force if Chinese land on islands
11:46:35a Diamond Vessel Sinks, Crew Safe
11:46:52a Obama Boston capture closes out a 'toug
11:47:01a IAI to build F-35 wings for Lockheed Martin
11:47:11a BJP demands resignation of PM removal of law minister
11:47:19a Tom Jones Love me tonight
11:47:29a New amendments to Secrecy Bill applauded
11:47:39a Karzai Leaves For Brussels Meeting With U.S. Pakistani Officials
11:47:48a Harriers 'take steps' over disorder
11:47:57a Alchemia in deal with AstraZeneca
11:48:07a Prosperous Armenia rep. hails party’s city council election program
11:48:16a 'Oblivion' blasts off with at box office
11:48:24a Some games take points to win, others take fans
11:48:33a Kolkata eatery hosts Organic Brunch
11:48:43a The Hackers Conference 2013 to Take Place on August 25 in New Delhi
11:48:54a Two sailors of Russian Black Sea Fleet injured in Sevastopol
11:49:05a Travellers hires five banks for up to mln Philippines IPO-IFR
11:49:15a Holidaymaker dies in 'golf accident'
11:50:28a YWCA to mark international day
11:50:40a Car Bomb Hits French Embassy in Libya
11:50:49a Israeli occupation authorities reopen the Karem Abu Salem commercial crossing today
11:50:58a VIDEO Volunteers fight to save libraries
11:51:09a Opinion Dune v. Ocean View Comes Before High Court
11:51:19a Poland's Boeing 787s to resume flight in June
11:51:28a Global migration key to economic growth
11:51:38a Agriculture Earnings Drop
11:51:47a KMT poised to propose annuity reform draft party whip
11:51:57a Orange subscribers to make payments through banks
11:52:06a Is John Galliano a Suitable Mentor?
11:52:19a Caála and Etoile Du Sahel in a Draw in Angola
11:52:28a SINOGRAPH An alternative route for China's ascent
11:52:36a Vincom centre Long Bien Outlet inaugurated
11:52:46a Zimbabwe Dying in South African Too Costly, So Many Travel Home
11:52:55a Editorial Comment
11:53:05a Angola Police Pledge Commitment to Ensure Populations Security Minister
11:53:13a Waagner Biro bags two orders in Qatar
11:53:22a New Canto-opera to open festival
11:53:32a No plans for reshuffle after Han Kuang blunders MND
11:53:41a Ben Kingsley to be in India to shoot for Avengers 2
11:53:49a Mother's Day gift guide 2013 Delicious edible gifts
11:53:58a Residents Get rid of Rena
11:54:06a EFG-Hermes drops most in 5 months on QInvest doubts
11:54:15a Guards hurt by French embassy blast
11:54:25a The Tea-house project Kolkata's Chinatown set for revival
11:54:34a Saint Georges Day marked by Google doodle
11:54:45a Japan casino lobby in legalisation push; market could out-strip Vegas
11:54:54a Outsourcing China
11:55:03a Najib kicks off nationwide campaign
11:55:12a Antananarivo Tianjin sign trade agreement
11:55:21a Air Canada says au revoir to Jeannie Foster
11:55:31a Belgian investigators present study results of hip fracture in older patients at ESCEO13-IOF
11:55:40a Logistics Managers
11:55:50a Taiwanese businesses in Sichuan suffer no major losses from quake official
11:55:59a Cards Hancock to shave off beard for charity
11:56:08a 60 of Saudi Nationals save less than 10 of their income
11:56:18a Wireshark 1.4.3 and 1.2.14 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
11:56:27a Bahraini-Thai Distribution Company is currently being incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain
11:56:38a Liberia Oil Company Launches Revamped Website
11:56:46a Nawazuddin Confident heading in right direction
11:56:55a IHT Rendezvous IHT Quick Read April 23
11:57:03a No quick pardoning for Tymoshenko, Ukraine PM says
11:57:12a Manchester United extends its record haul of English league titles to 20
11:57:23a No Ukrainians among captured in Afghanistan
11:57:33a Indonesias Yudhoyono says hopes for fuel subsidies cuts next month
11:57:43a Abbotts illegal boats billboard defaced
11:57:52a Cost of Sullom Voe plant 'up £500m'
11:58:03a Better Weather in Tuesday's Forecast 23 Apr 2013 034631 GMT
11:58:21a Tsarnaev the Fraud
11:58:32a Foreigners feared kidnapped by Afghanistan Taliban
11:58:41a Cape York plan a joke says green group
11:58:50a Teen girls converting to Islam in bid to win Justin Biebers gig tickets
11:58:59a OECD backs Japan deflation fight
11:59:07a SIPTU calls for alternative to Croke Park savings
11:59:16a Technical services group Imtech to cut 1,300 jobs
11:59:26a NZ dollar slips ahead of Chinese data
11:59:36a Two arrests following armed robbery in Blanchardstown
11:59:47a Nicaraguan police detain U.S. man on FBIs 10-most-wanted list in child porn case
11:59:56a Local bourse ends winning streak ahead of 8000 points
12:00:07p Israeli army officers warn of Iran, Syria
12:00:19p Iran denies link with Canada terror plot
12:00:27p Ping An to Tap Offshore Yuan
12:00:37p Activists target 4 Democrats after gun vote
12:00:49p North Korea demands it is recognised as nuclear weapons state
12:00:58p Kenya Flying with the fowls to the bank
12:01:07p Closing arguments due in Jade Bayliss murder case
12:01:16p Tamil Nadu stuntmen seek FEFSIs intervention
12:01:25p UK vigilante paedophile hunters warned
12:01:33p Job or passion Enjoy both as new career opportunities open up
12:01:42p Man stuck in hotel lift for four days
12:01:51p News of Qld prison escape 'took too long'
12:02:00p Vodafone unveils new roaming packs
12:02:09p Reject Shop to raise for new stores
12:02:19p Ma meets activists asks Taipower to arrange Nuke 4 tour
12:02:29p Kathmandu Mosquito nets recalled
12:02:38p 'Dialogue to continue, focus on implementation'
12:02:48p 277 Million Boston Bombings
12:02:56p Karan turns stylist for Dibaker Anurag and Zoya
12:03:05p Council to get State Farm parking details today
12:03:16p US President Barack Obama invites women senators to dinner
12:03:26p Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Chinas Sichuan
12:03:36p Qatar- UDC Reports QR 209.4 Million in Net Profit
12:03:45p Chinese Be Safe condoms found unsafe in Ghana
12:03:58p 2 wounded at Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon
12:04:07p China Product development
12:04:16p Business Standard Group pretax profit up 14 pc
12:04:34p French embassy in Libya hit by car bomb
12:04:45p Burma accused of ‘ethnic cleansing’ by rights watchdog
12:04:55p All people aboard transferred safely ...
12:05:03p PM should resign CPI
12:05:13p Dalai Lama to speak at Sydney University
12:05:24p New Verizon Security Report Finds A Growing Number Of Attacks By Chinas Hacker Army
12:05:32p Safety Tips for Selecting a Babysitter
12:05:41p North refuses to dismantle nukes
12:05:51p Government docs to strike this week
12:06:02p Bangalore blast Three suspects arrested from Tamil Nadu for allegedly facilitating the attack
12:06:11p Lenovo Buying IBM's Servers, Looking for Help
12:06:21p Chinese fleet drives out Japans boats from Diaoyu
12:06:30p Sichuan quake reporter in wedding gow...
12:06:40p Bahrain says thwarted attacks found petrol bombs before F1 race
12:06:49p Sanjay Dutt gets bail in Noorani case
12:07:00p NYC age for buying cigarettes could be 21
12:07:08p Independent Scotland could lose sterling, Treasury suggests
12:07:18p Nigeria Nigerian League Shooting Stars Eye Warri Wolves Goalkeeper
12:07:26p Jets edge Sabres gain ground on Rangers Sens
12:07:36p DSS demands referendum and resignations
12:07:46p IDF official Assad used chemical weapons on rebels
12:07:55p Hunters Kill 583 Wolves in Sakha in 2013
12:08:05p Treasury raises questions over UK and independent Scotland sterling zone
12:08:15p Portugal seeks to recapture spirit of 1974 ‘revolution’ for battle against austerity
12:08:25p Big investment firms jumping into housing market pushing up prices
12:08:35p Wife of Chinas jailed Nobel winner Im not free
12:08:44p Polands Boeing 787s to fly in June
12:08:52p Injaz to highlight Al Gamra and Al Marina developments in Restatex 2013
12:09:01p Soniaji, Congress is yet to make us a superpower
12:09:12p Pakistan government says it won't charge Musharraf
12:09:21p PM dishonest on school deal Vic premier
12:09:30p Rwanda Rwanda Ranked High As IMF Lowers Growth Rate
12:09:42p Kuwait- Barrel seized as police raid liquor factory in desert
12:09:52p National exam results from photocopied sheets will be done professionally Govt
12:10:02p For richer or poorer Bank of Korea to host weddings
12:10:12p South Sudan S. Sudan Tights Security After Deadly Road Attacks
12:10:22p Driver in high-speed crash during chase jailed for four years
12:10:31p Editorial Appointment smacks of jobs for girls
12:10:42p Boeing Dreamliner ban to be removed in Japan this week
12:10:50p Magpies star yet to peak says teammate
12:11:00p Struggling Ponting sweats out at 'nets'
12:11:09p Wife of Jailed Nobel Laureate 'I am not Free'
12:11:20p Mitsubishi Motors recalls 3839 Outlander plug-in hybrids in Japan
12:11:31p Threatening letter powder sent to South Korea minister
12:11:40p Waterhouse backs himself in committee submission
12:11:53p In pictures WWII re-enactments
12:12:24p US budget tightening not hurting business survey
12:12:42p Under fire, Banerjee tries to deflect attack to the Left
12:13:03p Nigeria Confluence City Set to Have a Polo Club
12:13:17p Ebonyi VVF Centre treats over 1600
12:13:28p Border dispute India, China hold flag meeting
12:13:37p PJTV’s InstaVision Reexamining the Bush Legacy
12:13:48p Robert Pattinson is 'terrible' at ballroom dancing
12:14:05p Taiwan attracts January-March foreign direct investment of over US1.2 billion says MOEA
12:14:29p French embassy in Libyan capital hit by car bomb
12:14:37p New Moves to Improve Okataina Water Quality
12:14:46p Indonesia could ease smelter rules for Freeport Newmont minister
12:14:56p Online stings expose British pedophile suspects
12:15:05p Swapo to Decide On Grootfontein Candidate
12:15:14p VIDEO Call to put army unit changes 'on hold'
12:15:24p Japan-China tension over East China Sea islands reignites
12:15:33p Australian thinktank demands “tough” health and welfare cutbacks
12:15:45p Nigeria West African Gas Pipeline Sets April 2012 Target
12:15:54p WoF changes to start earlier than planned
12:16:04p Game & Fish Commission approves '13 hunting seasons 23 Apr 2013 071750 GMT
12:16:13p S. Korea to make retirement age of 60 compulsory
12:16:22p ArcelorMittal inaugurates new trade hub in Dubai's Jebel Ali
12:16:31p Netflix stock surges 25% on solid subscriber growth
12:16:41p Hitting the targets but missing the point
12:16:50p Cancel coal blocks given since 1993 parliament panel
12:16:59p Ark. gov. to sign 'private option' plan into law
12:17:08p 11 b UAH allocated for Chernobyl programs implementation this year
12:17:17p Galapagos starts Phase 2A study with GLPG0974 in ulcerative colitis
12:17:36p Phishing Scam Very Hot Scene from Telugu Movie
12:17:46p Namibia Top-Class Junior Athletics On Display
12:17:55p Japan to Make Boeing Decision Soon
12:18:04p Investors crack bubbly for Woodside
12:18:14p Results may show eurozone still far from light at the end of the tunnel
12:18:24p Report Jordan allows Israel to use airpsace
12:18:33p Tanzania Tanzanian Women Hailed for Empowerment Efforts
12:18:42p Calvin Harris attacked with drink during performance
12:18:52p Ore. studies if seabirds eating protected salmon
12:19:01p Lameck Trial Focus On Truck Deal
12:19:12p At least 2 hurt in police-involved shooting in West Baltimore
12:19:20p Council says case will cost
12:19:29p Caterpillar reports drop in profit
12:19:39p IHT Rendezvous China’s Criticism of U.S. on Human Rights Draws Support
12:19:48p Inspection finds major deficiencies in quality procedures at blood transfusion service
12:19:59p Nintendo Will Miss Yearly Financial Targets, Say Analysts
12:20:09p US gives Ospreys missiles and radars to Israel in massive deal
12:20:19p US Report Cites South Sudan Human Rights Abuses
12:20:28p Bank muscat clinches title
12:20:40p French embassy in Libya attacked and two guards wounded
12:20:50p 2 trillion trade Renminbi gaining currency in Mideast
12:20:59p THE ROVING EYE Orwell does America
12:21:08p Cops to discuss double slaying at upstate NY home
12:21:17p Asean plans free trade pact with Hong Kong
12:21:26p European Stock Futures Rise STMicro Michelin May Move
12:21:37p Fayette County police seek 2 in robbery assault
12:21:46p Liberia Another Demo Looms
12:21:55p JD-U BJP tells workers to prepare for split
12:22:05p Afghan president leaves for Brussels
12:22:14p ‘Religious motive’ for Boston bombs
12:22:25p United States Peru and Chile congratulate Cartes and the Paraguayan people
12:22:35p Woman raped by Irish hotel owner at staff party speaks of anguish and aftermath
12:22:45p Police arrest three over Millwall FA Cup violence
12:22:54p Man dies after being shot by Brevard deputies
12:23:05p BJP demands resignation of PM, removal of law minister
12:23:14p Business Budget crisis looms over Uhurus delay in naming cabinet
12:23:23p Windsor Local Briefs
12:23:33p Lower inflation gives RBI space to cut rate
12:23:43p A truly Canadian way to travel on snow and ice with alternative transportation
12:23:52p Angola Solution of Conflicts Depends On Inclusive Dialogue George Chicoti
12:24:02p Govt must back local ship building union
12:24:11p Nicaragua nabs FBI most wanted
12:24:21p No need for diplomatic talks with China on border issue Khurshid
12:24:32p Sudan Sudan Says No Link Between the Killer of Darfur Peacekeeper and Its Army
12:24:42p Titanic Belfast attracts 807000 visitors in first year
12:24:51p Nigeria NFF Declares Mba, Agbim Remains Warri Wolves' Players
12:25:00p Council rejects changing Unitary Plan timeframe
12:25:11p Our new nanotech blog Small World
12:25:20p Tail section for Qatar Airways’ first A380 rolls out of paint shop
12:25:29p Government happy with diplomacy gains at mid-point of Irish presidency
12:26:49p Bill grants Indiana tuition for some immigrants
12:27:14p Jamsostek makes Rp 4.7t in Q1
12:27:25p CB to open Sittwe branch
12:27:34p Samsung Galaxy S4 review Where smartphone excels what needs work
12:27:45p Assr AlJawal celebrates one year anniversary of partnership with Huawei Saudi Arabia
12:27:55p 600 million Aadhaar cards by 2014 UIDAI chairman
12:28:05p Nigeria 2012 Human Rights Reports
12:28:14p Kenya No Let-Up in Garissa Crackdown
12:28:23p Ma outlines progress on environment
12:28:32p Namibia Herunga Steps Up Her Game
12:28:41p Explosive-detecting Labs have nose for trouble
12:28:52p Evolution fails to meet quarterly guidance
12:29:03p FBI wants to talk to wife of dead bomber
12:29:12p China Manufacturing
12:29:22p Egypt Foreign Ministry Amr, Davutoglu Discuss Syrian Crisis
12:29:33p Prescription drug abuse by teens up sharply study
12:29:41p Soapbox messages
12:29:50p Virgin Australia Ties-Up With Rival Tiger
12:29:59p TAS plans to diversify into vessel chartering
12:30:10p Doha auction sees record price for Arab artist
12:30:19p LAX status signs accidentally declare emergency
12:30:30p PSL leader threatens to leave government
12:30:40p Stats find little to show for Europe's painful austerity
12:30:52p Digitimes Research Taiwan 1Q13 digital camera shipments hit 16-quarter low
12:31:02p Technology helping to keep Singapore clean and healthy
12:31:12p Boxer Kirillov Plans Comeback After Five-Year Hiatus
12:31:22p Global Business Travel Association Announces Additions to Advisory Board for France
12:31:35p French embassy in Libya's capital hit by car bomb
12:31:44p Rwanda Address Integration Hiccups Kagame
12:31:53p You paid how much for a pint of beer?
12:32:05p USA Tsarnaev says brother was 'driving force' behind Boston attack
12:32:16p Tunisia Embassy in Beirut Consular Services for Nationals in Syria
12:32:26p French Jews Face Uncertain Future After Countrys Top Rabbi Resigned
12:32:35p N Korea wants recognition as nuclear state
12:32:46p Windsor students with Boston in light of tragic events
12:32:58p Monrovia Calif. brush fires contained more expected in state
12:33:08p Boston attack The Dagestan connection
12:33:18p Home health devices controlled by apps on the rise
12:33:26p Go Ahead Admit It George W. Bush is a Good Man
12:33:37p Boston Terrorist a Suspect in 2011 Triple Murder
12:33:46p SA central bank sentiment indicator rises
12:33:56p Chinese Official Dies in Detention
12:34:06p Shopby Unleashes Social Commerce On Vietnam
12:34:17p Indian American Attorney slams rampant corruption in New York
12:34:27p SA’s unsecured lending rules to change
12:34:38p TABLE-Indonesia KPB Nusantara palm oil prices April 22
12:34:48p The health of migrant children in Switzerland
12:34:57p NSW Planning appoints enagement boss
12:35:05p War dog wins Gallipoli art prize
12:35:17p Toxic waste kills Cape Town girl 3
12:35:26p Kids With Asthma Play Hard, Too
12:35:36p `Mysterious` UFOs caught on camera in Ireland
12:35:47p Iran likely unaware of al-Qaedas Canadian plot security expert says
12:35:58p NKorea vows to bolster nuclear arms over US report
12:36:09p Hospitalized Boston suspect responds in writing media
12:36:18p An alternative route for Chinas ascent
12:36:28p Rumours of my dismissal are all nonsense I remain CEO of Zambia Railways-Prof Chirwa
12:36:38p Uproar over coalgate issue stalls Parliament
12:36:46p Dancing on Margaret Thatcher’s grave crossed the line of human decency
12:36:55p River Bandits Run Over Timber Rattlers in 11th Inning
12:37:05p Angola Angola Wants Increased Political Strategic Cooperation With U.S.
12:37:14p 3 job interview mistakes Gen Yers make
12:37:24p Poland finds horse meat DNA in beef samples
12:37:33p Jealous Man Sets Girlfriend Ablaze
12:37:48p FIFA president’s Twitter account hacked
12:37:57p US Tea Retailer Teavana Possibly Breached
12:38:06p Dubai Financial Market General Index hits 2000 points
12:38:17p France set to legalise gay marriage
12:38:27p Israeli airlines resume flights
12:38:35p Ashley Smith presented ongoing risk inquest hears
12:38:46p Hutchison not targeting Telecom Italia fixed network source
12:38:56p Teen and woman held over Dublin robbery
12:39:05p Ports of Auckland to honour the fallen this ANZAC Day
12:39:14p Lodge Complaint At UN Headquarters Say Diplomats
12:39:23p Tahs barren streak against Bulls a worry
12:39:31p Happ pitches well as Blue Jays lose to Orioles 2-1
12:39:40p Uganda Fuba Makes Changes in Basketball League
12:39:50p TCS pips ONGC as most valued company
12:40:00p Singapore inflation eases on big drop in COE prices
12:40:12p Egypt Agriculture Minister Morsi's Visit to Russia Contributes to Boosting Agricultural Cooperation
12:40:21p Seminar for Brazil 2014 referees kicks-off in Dubai
12:40:32p Sudan Nyala Airport Comes Under Attack As Darfur Rebels Claim Responsibility
12:40:42p Woman Smuggles 30 Pounds of Pot from Mexico Without Knowing It
12:40:50p Haddin back as Clarkes lieutenant
12:41:01p What makes an Effective Software Developer
12:41:12p Young Emiratis give a preview of future workforce in skills competition
12:41:21p Strong TSMC trade leads TAIEX toward 8000-point threshold
12:41:31p Report Chinese hackers #1 in cyber espionage
12:41:40p Zaheer Khan wants to bowl Super Over
12:44:03p Tesco's low carbon drive secures landfill gas powered fleet
12:44:13p HSBC to shed 1,149 UK jobs in new round of cutbacks
12:44:23p Zambia Prosecution Stumbles On First Day of Rupiah Banda Trial
12:44:33p Huawei sees enterprise sales rising to 2.7 billion in 2013
12:44:41p IHC orders action against IGP Islamabad within 24 hours
12:44:52p Asian markets hit by weak China data
12:45:01p Sensex down nearly half a percent
12:45:09p Tuesday, day for speaking Hindi for Dhanush
12:45:19p Israel says Syria used chemical arms probably nerve gas
12:45:30p Japan war shrine reflects ruling party nationalism
12:45:40p IBM Aims To Expands DevOps Strategy With UrbanCode Acquisition
12:45:49p Howson named COO of BATS Chi-X Europe
12:46:02p Officer in Athens mayors security detail among those arrested for illegal excavations
12:46:11p Microsoft Updates Trackpad Settings to Fix Surface Pro Touch Cover Bug
12:46:20p Aussies look to 89 for Ashes inspiration
12:46:29p 7 ways to make each hour count more
12:46:39p Leiden schools reopen, shooting threat 'less serious'
12:46:49p 28pc Filipinos living in poverty
12:46:58p Reject Shop to raise million
12:47:09p Iraqi Forces Clash with Sunni Demonstrators
12:47:17p Product Listing Ads How to Maximize Your Returns
12:47:26p More News From Bakol Fighting
12:47:35p More people must know about vital UN work Official
12:47:46p France Set to Pass Gay-Marriage Legislation Today Amid Protests
12:47:55p DA man defends ANC apartheid slur
12:48:04p Pune Warriors to bowl against Royal Challengers
12:48:13p Presidency Decries Lack of Modern Forensic DNA Labs for Police
12:48:22p Nigeria Coping Inside a Psychiatric Patient in Nigeria Tells Her Story
12:48:31p Residents Get rid of Rena
12:48:40p Series of explosions in Iraq kill 22
12:48:50p OH Amish couple sue over child's rape at agency
12:48:59p Number of Extension Officers Doubles
12:49:14p Activists join celebrities in Indonesia legislative race
12:49:23p Zimbabwe ZEDTC Overhauls System
12:49:34p Female panda undergoes artificial insemination
12:49:43p Bangalore blast Three arrested
12:49:52p Summit nabs screen rights to “The Shack” bestseller
12:50:02p Former longtime LA Times foreign correspondent and Japan expert Sam Jameson dies at 76
12:50:14p Oligarch shuffle Russian billionaire may pick up rival’s debt
12:50:23p Spain's budget deficit hits 10.6 percent
12:50:33p Students to remember classmate at NH high school
12:50:46p Egypt Local Grant for Establishing Three Ventures in South Sudan
12:50:54p Stramaccioni confirmed to stay with Inter Milan
12:51:04p THE BEAR'S LAIR Worst of all taxes
12:51:14p Suspects’ Aunt Receives Threats, Cites Conspiracy in Boston Bombings
12:51:24p Kuwait- Suicide bid foiled
12:51:33p FAA furloughs create turbulence but no major trauma
12:51:42p Musharraf called a dog court hears
12:51:52p Armenian President attends NAS general meeting
12:52:01p Google, Leap Motion Launch 3D Google Earth Navigation
12:52:10p Spanish River weathers delay rocks Boca
12:52:19p Goa CIC delay Parrikar quotes from Bible
12:52:29p Choopers Conduct Heavy Operation in the Capital Today
12:52:44p Viewpoint The Case for Freedom From Terrorist Bombings, School Shootings and Exploding Factories
12:52:54p Care worker raises in Minn. House health budget
12:53:09p RPT-Fitch Assigns Russian Railways EUR1bn Notes BBB Rating
12:53:19p EU Approves Tutus Ultraportable VPN Crypto-Farist Micro
12:53:32p Traffic policewoman killed by oncoming car in northern Athenian suburb
12:53:41p Special transport ticket for Queens Day in Amsterdam
12:53:53p Kenya Refinery Explores Billion Funding Options for Upgrade
12:54:02p Africa African Nations Come Together to Spread the Immunization Message
12:54:12p Orpic resumes Sohar refinery operations
12:54:21p Police Offer Reward for Belgorod Gunman
12:54:31p Everest books inspire mountain of respect
12:54:42p Cuban opposition group to collect EU prize
12:54:52p Star Crow Thompson guilty at AFL tribunal
12:55:01p Justice system looking to alternative methods
12:55:11p Pakistan participates in high level consultations with Afghanistan
12:55:20p Seahorses on show at Sydney Aquarium
12:55:29p Cityscape Abu Dhabi Then and Now
12:55:41p Israel Syria used chemical weapons
12:55:50p Sun newspaper deputy editor bailed
12:55:59p GE13 Split votes for Independents will work in favour of BN says Chua
12:56:09p Again Trial of Suspected ThisDay Bomber Adjourned
12:56:18p Body of missing Iowa man pulled from river
12:56:28p Scott signs sweeping education bill
12:56:37p mouth sore taffy
12:56:47p Slower mining business also slows Caterpillar
12:56:55p Gulf outlook positive
12:57:05p Polio-Free U.S. Thanks to Vaccine Efforts
12:57:15p Nigeria Residents Relive Deadly Violence
12:57:25p Possible link seen between hurricane earthquake aftershocks
12:57:35p Gary Stevens back at the Kentucky Derby
12:57:44p ‘RHOA’ star NeNe Leakes thinks Apollo Nida is uneducated?
12:57:54p Two injured after bomb hits French embassy in Tripoli
12:58:04p Bank muscat receives HR Leadership award
12:58:13p Build-A-Bear opens store in Muscat Grand Mall
12:58:24p Canadian Police Confirm Arrests in Plot to Attack Train
12:58:34p Ban congratulates Iraqis on successful elections
12:58:42p From outsiders to suspects The Tsarnaev bro's
12:58:53p Police ‘had visited mum found with throat cut’
12:59:03p 4 killed in Iraq attack
12:59:12p Modi seeks Jaitley's recusal from 3-man panel
12:59:20p Population still relatively low Gillard
12:59:29p Plans to link taxi industry with big players
12:59:38p Twitterrific iOS 5.2.1 Adds Notification Badges
12:59:48p Israel-Based Therapist Releases Sex Manual for Ultra-Orthodox Jews
12:59:57p Thai Tycoon Bids Billion for Siam Makro
01:00:06p Cold, wet and windy Tuesday in Oklahoma
01:00:17p Blast Hits French Embassy in Tripoli
01:00:27p Market close shares rise Diligent at record Telecom Fletcher up
01:00:38p Durban man dies in train accident
01:00:47p North Korea not so funny when it’s next door despite daily mockery
01:00:58p 10 Maday islanders charged following pipeline protest
01:01:08p Hospital Hotels Could Be Used For Elderly
01:01:21p NHL 14 Cover Vote Is Open, Results to Be Revealed on June 2
01:01:31p Microsoft Sued by VirnetX over Skype Patents Bloomberg
01:01:40p Young Noah MixTapes
01:01:48p SET index ends down 9.75 pts,0.63 pct
01:01:58p GIG HARBOR Bail set at in suspected smothering
01:02:08p Authorities Searching for Escaped Ala. Inmate
01:02:18p Azerbaijan Georgia discuss how to increase capability of checkpoint
01:02:27p Better tests for sleeping sickness
01:02:36p Telefonica Argentina to Monitor Android Device Performance
01:02:46p PM expresses condolences over former Chief Justice Vermas demise
01:02:56p Iraq troops and protesters clash, 26 dead
01:03:06p Clock ticks on Swiss banking secrecy
01:03:17p 3 Bulgarian Police Directors Charged with Malfeasance over Wiretapping Scandal
01:03:27p Jade Bayliss murderer had killed before
01:03:37p Al Shamsi attends South African Embassys reception
01:03:48p Boston bombings religious motive seen
01:03:57p Furniture firm Ashley sets sights on China
01:04:08p Funeral service planned for slain MIT officer
01:04:18p Caste prejudice to be outlawed in UK
01:04:26p 2 cars roll after improper pass
01:04:36p Victim shot between the eyes cold case jury told
01:04:48p Warsaw pilot missing after possible plane crash in Africa
01:04:58p Oregon Senate OKs banning minors from tanning beds
01:05:08p China Sends Surveillance Ships Near Disputed Islands