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12:07:17a Was Sweden right from the beginning?

12:21:44a Racial Justice Activist Charles Booker Launches Exploration to Unseat Rand Paul
12:22:06a Why I Cut Ties With Insurance Giant Liberty Mutual
12:24:29a Biden Fulfills Campaign Pledge to Create Commission on Supreme Court Reforms
12:25:14a Residents of Minneapolis Suburb Rise Up Against Police Killing of Daunte Wright
12:29:58a Nearly blind, experiencing cardiac issues, and had 4 teeth removed...
12:34:47a Thus spoke Clark NATO simply could not break that spirit
12:35:23a Nasal spray 'kills off 99.99% of virus'...
01:05:48a Larry Ellison bought million Palm Beach tear down...
01:27:04a Atlanta shootings expose outdated Asian American stereotypes — and largest U.S. income gap
01:29:28a NY Times promotes Biden court packing ‘to balance the conservative majority’
01:46:29a Despite great news on COVID-19 complications in Lancet report, CNN inflames fears of COVID
02:09:56a Intel CEO Calls for 'Moonshot' To Boost US Role in Chipmaking
02:44:17a California lifts capacity limits on places of worship
02:45:19a Tesla Drastically Increases Price of Solar Roof
03:00:32a Kraken CEO Warns a Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies May Be Coming
03:51:26a Kzoo protesters demand change after death of man in Minnesota
04:03:24a 1 Person Dead in Tennessee School Shooting Police
04:10:03a Apple Working on Combined TV Box, Speaker to Revive Home Efforts
04:37:56a GameStop board on the hunt for a new CEO report
05:15:18a Tucker Carlson The ADL Supports 'Replacement Theory' When It Comes to Israel
05:19:24a Virtual symposium discusses Chinese literary giant Jia Pingwa
05:22:27a Xinjiang port sees 1,500 trips by China-Europe freight trains
05:36:43a Financial authorities conduct talks with Ant Group again
05:38:29a Hubei administers 10.7 million COVID-19 vaccine doses
05:44:57a China appoints new Korean Peninsula representative
05:45:44a Chinese rocket for space station mission arrives at launch site
05:46:16a Bond Report U.S. government bond yields tick higher Monday after auctions
05:47:34a Simply Stunning Esperanza Spalding, 'Formwela 1'
05:53:45a Facebook opposes adding civil-rights expert to its board
05:57:39a Huawei to optimize portfolio to boost resilience
06:12:04a Indonesian Muslims Open Ramadan With Vaccines and Socially Distanced Prayers
06:14:52a H5N6 bird flu outbreak reported in NE China province
06:24:45a China to join hands with other countries to defeat pandemic
07:22:55a Japan Will Start Releasing Fukushima Water Into the Sea in Two Years
07:38:44a Japan To Start Releasing Fukushima Water Into Sea In 2 Years
08:13:09a Freeview Australia launches integrated HbbTV platform
08:32:26a Worldwide semiconductor revenue grew 10.4% in 2020
08:50:18a Bicyclist killed in crash tweeted just hours earlier about danger of riding in DC!
08:53:44a Citing high wildfire
09:00:52a Lachlan Murdoch Rejects ADL Calls To Fire Tucker Carlson...
09:03:51a Battleground Concrete barriers erected...
09:10:36a India, Korea & China to drive pay TV revenue growth in Asia Pacific
09:14:54a Airborne plastic pollution 'spiralling around the globe'...
09:28:31a LTN Global launches universal signaling for linear addressable TV advertising
09:29:48a Hawaii allows nurses perform abortions...
09:32:41a THE END Iconic Hollywood Cinemas Shutter Due To Economic Woes...
09:35:14a Students at North Texas school disciplined for 'slave trade' held over socials...
10:09:17a I-94 widening project begins Tuesday in Kalamazoo
10:12:47a Adds to anger, and stakes, as Chauvin trial nears end...
10:14:18a DOMINO'S using robots to deliver pizza...
10:15:03a Retailers urged to re-think police calls for low-level crimes...
01:12:30p Instil Bio started at buy with stock price target at Truist
01:30:09p 6 OUT OF 7 MILLION
01:32:47p Times Square crowds show NYC returning to life...
01:43:06p Russia calls USA adversary, warns warships to avoid Crimea...
01:46:44p COVID not sole cause of excess deaths...
01:55:50p Don't play with fire on Taiwan...
01:58:50p Kremlin Mouthpiece Says Conflict 'Inevitable'...
02:13:32p Cancer patient saw tumors disappear after infected?
02:14:26p Michigan's spike highlights fatigue over restrictions...
02:32:06p CNN reporter confronted in heated on-air interview...
02:32:46p AZ Already in New Normal...
02:33:27p UPDATE More clashes in Minnesota after Black motorist shot dead...
02:34:21p Cop who 'mistakenly' used gun 25-year vet...
02:38:07p World's Longest Rabbit Stolen from Owner's Garden...
02:43:19p Was training rookie...
02:45:47p STUDY Brushing Teeth Twice A Day Keeps Alzheimer's Away...
02:51:16p Consumer Prices Increased in March by Most Since 2012...
02:53:06p Andrew Cuomo's White-Knuckle Ride...
02:54:11p Experts baffled by spike in livestock shootings...
02:54:38p Italian priest hangs up cassock for love...
03:02:02p Next Level in Office Amenities Wild Horses...
03:05:37p Officially, India Has the World’s Second-Worst COVID-19 Outbreak. Unofficially, it’s Almost Certainly the Worst
04:14:25p Joe Biden is no Ronald Reagan! AIM’s Adam Guillette Discusses on Fox News
04:22:15p NY Times writer accused of Iran bias in Twitter uprising
04:25:36p Communities Hardest Hit by COVID Are Also Harmed Most by Standardized Testing
04:26:43p Cognizant Technology started at equal weight at Morgan Stanley
04:40:18p Corporations Back Away From Georgia Voting Bill After Funding Its Sponsors
04:46:19p Red Rock Resorts stock price target raised to from at BofA Securities
04:59:37p New Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Goes for Battery Life
05:09:56p New Mexico Passes Marijuana Legalization — Including Racial Justice Provisions
05:15:19p NewsWatch These stocks let you tap into the hot housing market
05:16:23p Bitcoin sets new record, trading above ahead of Coinbase IPO
05:17:44p Apple Will Hold a Special Event on April 20
05:29:04p 1 DEAD, 1 CRITICAL
05:29:31p Bitcoin ALL-TIME high, soars 1,000% in year!
05:33:51p Confessions...
05:37:58p Musk brain chips to be implanted THIS year...
05:39:24p Emotional Biden tells kids their dad is 'hero' as cop lies in Rotunda...
05:46:26p COPS Asian Man Attacks Asian Woman - Believing She Was White!
05:53:47p US Recommends 'Pause' For JJ Vaccine Over Clot Reports
05:55:14p Airline stocks stumble after vaccine rollout snag
06:00:05p Massive fireball captured streaking through Florida sky...
06:01:45p Tarantino Save the Cinerama Dome?
06:04:02p SAFER TO BE OUTSIDE...
06:16:45p Will He Testify?
06:19:14p YOUTUBEr Jake Paul Accused of Sexual Assault...
06:19:34p Can cup of yogurt cure your case?
06:24:26p PayPal stock heads for longest winning streak on record amid bitcoin rally
06:25:47p Security Researcher Drops Chrome and Edge Exploit on Twitter
06:27:52p 'Digital Nomads' Fleeing Big Cities And Office Life...
06:39:42p Passes Inside Moon's Orbit...
06:41:44p Food cost jumps...
06:48:15p New Super PAC for the Reddit crew already over in donations
06:48:22p CNN Staffer Duped Into TINDER Dates With PROJECT VERITAS Spy...
06:51:02p “Zero Troops” in Afghanistan by 9/11 Anniversary, Biden White House Says
06:59:16p Biden Poised to Break a Promise on Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
07:04:42p Does Birth Order Really Determine Personality? Here’s What the Research Says
07:09:33p Vaccines Are Still Overwhelmingly Our Best Weapon Against COVID
07:10:03p How Celebrity Memoirs Got So Good
07:10:36p Biden plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11
07:15:06p The Fed Fed doesn’t see inflation running out of control, Harker says
07:21:19p The Global Business of Professional Trolling
07:21:29p Lowe’s makes a bigger play for pros with launch of new amenities
07:23:04p NBA coaches react to Daunte Wright shooting ‘We’re canceling Black lives’
07:25:25p US may pause J&J coronavirus vaccines due to rare cases of blood clots
07:34:58p 100,000-year-old Neanderthal footprints show children playing in the sand
07:39:45p A third of Antarctic ice shelves could collapse at current pace of warming
07:42:53p Nike launches refurbished sneaker program
07:48:01p UK coronavirus variant not more deadly, just spreads more easily, studies find
07:51:41p Fireball meteor burns up over South Florida
08:14:11p Grand Rapids' House Rules sets the bar for board game lounges
08:23:09p Strange blue structures glow on Mars in new NASA image
08:31:01p Corporations Struggle to Back Voting Rights and Protect the Bottom Line
08:33:06p Minnesota Officer and Police Chief Resign 2 Days After Daunte Wright’s Death
08:35:56p Boston PD Covered Up Police Union Head’s Child Molestation Charges for 25 Years
08:37:37p After 48-year search, physicists discover ultra-rare 'triple glueball' particle
08:46:47p Mom & baby giraffe trapped on a sinking island rescued in months-long operation
08:48:36p Body of man found in Plaster Creek identified
09:25:32p Sweden Axes Gates Mad Global Warming Scheme
09:31:15p 'Why It's Easier To Move Country Than Switch Social Media'
09:34:55p Donald Trump’s Insurrection Resurrection
09:45:20p Long-necked dinosaurs migrated hundreds of miles, 'stomach stones' reveal
09:51:48p See Them Now Before They Disappear Forever America’s 10 Most Endangered Rivers
09:58:01p Jailed Holland restauranteur seeks refund of fines
10:02:35p There's Another Facebook Phone Number Database Online
10:05:20p Man lands last-minute Pfizer appointment after pause of J&J
10:23:05p Bastiats Pushing Censure Resolutions for ND Republicans Who Voted to Expel Simons
10:32:41p Taking off the masks – Not yet, but soon!
10:40:17p Is there immunity without antibodies?
10:44:09p 1 hurt in shooting on Grand Rapids' southeast side
10:48:29p Message from Brussels Travel to EU countries with any vaccine
11:03:33p The Controversy Around Amazon’s Them Underscores the Trouble With Realistic Violence in Genre TV
11:05:40p GR leverages scooters to help those with transportation barriers
11:07:18p GRPS pushes in-person expansion back to April 26
11:20:16p Plain Talk Live A Campaign to Make Amending North Dakota’s Constitution Harder
11:20:44p How West Michigan health departments are responding to J&J pause
11:27:20p GOP Senators Introduce Retaliatory Legislation Against MLB for Leaving Georgia
11:36:30p Who needs a third dose?
11:37:04p How US History Explains Vaccine Passport Skepticism
11:41:08p Library of Congress Presents 'Finding A Shared Historical Narrative' Thursday, May 13
11:42:31p 13 States Set to Copy Georgia Law Restricting Independence of Election Officials
11:58:00p Ramsey Clark, Attorney General and Rebel With a Cause, Dies at 93