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12:00:54a UPDATE 2-BlackRock cuts fees and jobs; stockpicking goes high-tech

12:01:03a Hundreds of young mathematicians attend 'Math Field Day' at SIU
12:01:08a Hagan's House Pelicans by the numbers
12:01:31a Tar Heels' Maye headlines list of Final Four X-factors
12:01:51a 7 years for biting off dog's head, punching girlfriend
12:02:11a Man exonerated for attempted murder free after 20 years
12:02:25a The papers It's 'Dover and out' as Brexit begins
12:02:45a Bourjos, Gennett, Asher switch sides as opening day nears
12:02:50a Nicaragua high court denies farmers' appeal of canal project
12:03:06a Deep-red Kansas lawmakers agree to expand Medicaid
12:03:20a Daybreak dawns on Debbie's fury
12:03:40a Engie to run SA power plant at capacity
12:03:56a Ex-Fox News CFO offered immunity in Roger Ailes investigation
12:04:30a Live Cyclone affected areas 'like a war zone' as Debbie downgraded to tropical low
12:04:49a Violent Vic rapist gets 13 years minimum
12:05:03a Virtual lemonade transmits color, taste to glass of water...
12:05:29a DNC Chair Tom Perez has asked for resignation letters from entire staff
12:05:35a Cane growers wake to flattened crops
12:05:59a Leah McLaren column on breastfeeding stranger's baby goes viral
12:06:05a Ex-Fox News CFO offered immunity in Ailes probe
12:07:01a UPDATE 3-Wells Fargo to pay mln to settle lawsuit over account abuses
12:07:14a North Carolina All lawyers must reveal innocence evidence
12:07:30a 2 bodies discovered on Poultney property
12:09:00a Cyclone-ravaged Australia like 'a war zone'
12:09:34a Sneaky 'dinosaur' gator causes golf course scare...
12:09:45a Musical puppet show takes on global issues
12:10:14a A New York investor makes a million profit on Donald Trump's childhood home
12:11:00a Live Company tax cut fight heads to the Senate
12:12:05a Coalition airstrikes and Islamic State Mosul's civilians face dual threat
12:12:24a Trump executive order to unwind Obama climate policies
12:12:28a Francois Fillon's wife Penelope under formal investigation
12:12:33a Iowa Republicans back 'fetal heart
12:12:48a UPDATE 2-Puerto Rico's major bondholders critical of fiscal turnaround plan
12:13:31a The Surveillance State Behind Russia-gate
12:13:35a ENGIE announces 40m upgrade of SA's Pelican Point
12:13:57a Coalition airstrikes and Islamic State Mosul's civilians face dual threat
12:14:06a Inmate Stabbed More Than 40 Times In Attack At San Jose Jail
12:14:11a Effort to Repeal U.S. Internet Privacy Rules Gains Momentum
12:14:28a Brain and arm implants help paralyzed US man feed himself
12:14:31a Spider-Man's Damage Control Explained
12:14:45a Lake County and Leesburg Police to collect household hazardous waste and unwanted medications
12:15:06a Tennessee judge faces federal corruption charges
12:15:16a Florida man 'kills female roommate during hug goodbye'
12:15:25a Campus Offers 'Self-Identified Whites' Space To Feel Guilty...
12:15:31a Photo op turns into chance encounter with big gator on links
12:15:41a Congress sends White House repeal of broadband privacy rules
12:15:53a Fiji Times sedition case delayed
12:16:01a U.S. charges Turkish banker in Iran sanctions probe
12:16:09a Baby born during Cyclone Debbie
12:16:13a Kiwi scientists record rare whale sounds
12:16:18a Wyoming jobless rate down slightly to 4.7 percent
12:17:55a Senate votes to approve Montenegro's admission into NATO
12:17:58a Join KPIX 5's Elizabeth Cook On 'The Talk'
12:18:13a Ottawa scientist wins prestigious 'baby Nobel' prize
12:18:46a Qld can expect wild weather for days
12:18:54a Lawsuit Waffle House grease seeped onto neighbor's property
12:19:44a Fifteen people arrested after Christchurch dairy robbed nine times in seven months
12:20:04a Sean Spicer Gets Nasty With April Ryan At Presser Over Russian Dressing
12:20:10a 'Memories for Mummy' how Rio Ferdinand is helping his kids grieve
12:20:14a Gov. McAuliffe asks for more money; calls Trump a 'one-man wrecking crew'
12:20:28a Anti-abortion lawmaker wants voters to define 'person'
12:20:47a Wells Fargo fails 'discriminatory and illegal' practices test
12:21:05a British Royal Mint Says New Pound Coin Will Be Tough to Fake
12:21:09a Devin Nunes Vows to Lead House Investigation Into Russia, Despite Growing Opposition
12:21:13a How an ambulance became a place for safe sex
12:21:17a Canterbury boss Germon catches Sydney job
12:21:45a Cookbooks' Missing Ingredient? Food Safety
12:21:54a French presidential candidate Fillon suffers new setback as wife investigated
12:22:08a SEC Denies SolidX Bitcoin ETF Proposal
12:22:30a Supreme Court nominee to face confirmation vote April 7 U.S. Senate leader
12:22:42a House sends Trump bill to kill landmark broadband privacy regulations
12:23:18a Ex-rep's lawyers say informant in corruption case broke law
12:23:47a Fatal crash involving motorcycle on Hull St Rd under investigation
12:24:17a Alabama parents eligible for free Baby Boxes
12:24:24a Paris, London plan Brexit-busting business, tourism tie-up
12:24:28a China telecom firm ZTE removed from U.S. trade blacklist
12:24:35a The Caddy
12:25:13a Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections
12:25:18a Mosul battle US 'may be responsible' for civilian deaths
12:25:28a Clues in a very cold case shed light on how Otzi the Iceman died
12:25:49a More Kiwis believe climate change is real
12:26:38a Cyanide device on US land broke agency policy
12:27:17a Lawsuit Waffle House grease seeped onto neighbor's property
12:27:21a House GOP Votes To Allow ISPs To Sell Personal Browsing Information
12:27:25a Women's Entire Menstrual Cycle Replicated in a Lab
12:27:37a Water released from dam ahead of deluge
12:27:54a Easing coal rules unlikely to make US energy independent
12:28:23a Chiefs nail down two more locks
12:28:49a Snake roads? Kentucky governor's veto puzzles locals
12:29:00a Arkansas panel backs gun ban at stadiums after SEC plea
12:29:03a Oroton seeks younger faces than Rose Byrne
12:29:07a Stanford Basketball Team Gets Hero's Farewell
12:29:11a UNM extends its search for new president until at least fall
12:29:32a Race on to reach cyclone towns Qld govt
12:29:43a City of Olympia Seeks Resident's Votes on Margaret McKenny Park Playground Designs
12:29:58a North Qld motel destroyed by Debbie
12:30:26a House votes to block Obama-era online privacy rule
12:31:12a North Korea could be in final stages of nuclear test preparations report
12:31:16a Program in Poplar Bluff, MO aims to get girls into science
12:32:22a Numbers 3-3-3-3 drawn in SC lottery
12:32:26a Local agency gets million grant to reduce opioid deaths
12:32:39a Wells Fargo fails test over 'discriminatory and illegal' practices
12:33:28a Banana Wave wants to move its headquarters to Shreveport
12:33:44a Have you seen missing mum Samantha Baldwin and her two young sons?
12:33:50a China devotes to domestic chip industry expansion
12:34:01a Strike i
12:34:13a Swantown Marine Fueling Station Construction Update
12:34:16a Theresa May triggers Brexit, sending UK into unknown territory
12:34:20a Poitrel Zurich faces multiple charges and is on the run from police
12:34:38a Vote for a Thurston County Ice Chips Candy Flavor
12:35:36a 'Quake brain' affecting Cantabrians' memory
12:35:41a Trump Ditches Clean Power Plan What It Means for Science & Health
12:35:50a UPDATE Victim identified in Fox Den apartment shooting
12:35:55a Britons in Finland face uncertainty over their future
12:36:04a Beating Human Heart Tissue Grown from Spinach Leaves
12:36:09a US lawmakers roll back privacy rules for internet carriers
12:36:13a 'Just want to go home' Debbie destruction leaves backpacker in tears
12:36:17a Toughest time in Tigers' history Lawrence
12:36:23a Freedom Centre future unclear despite only one sex offender remaining
12:36:39a Police Robbery suspect cuts victim's throat when she refused to drop purse
12:36:53a Trump's funding request for U.S. border wall hits snag among some Republicans
12:36:57a Main Points in Trump Climate Policy Executive Order
12:37:02a Emergency stores bound for cyclone region
12:37:08a The Latest 3 storm chasers killed in West Texas crash
12:37:50a Ocala prosecutor Brad King to stay on Markeith Loyd case
12:37:55a Bailout candidate Pop Vicenza posts big loss, bleeds deposits
12:38:51a Coaches at women's NCAA Final Four have deep connections
12:39:53a Man wants to find stranger who saved his life
12:39:58a Ivory Coast's former first lady Simone Gbagbo acquitted
12:40:04a Two men rescued after dinghy capsizes in Firth of Thames
12:40:12a Take That Singer Gary Barlow Joins Star Wars The Last Jedi
12:40:44a Police respond to reports of shots fired in NE Portland
12:41:36a Consulate holds Indonesia, australia fashion show
12:41:40a Like the first look of Half-Girlfriend?
12:41:44a NZ companies lift spending on R&D but still lag behind OECD average
12:42:27a McConnell ObamaCare 'status quo' staying put...
12:42:44a Napier City Council charged with selling alcohol to a minor
12:43:17a Synlait posts 3.8pc gain in 1H profit, expects 'modest' full-year earnings growth
12:43:22a Ex-LPN investigated 2 years before child’s death
12:43:53a Foran 'smiling again' as return looms
12:44:26a China, Japan island fight reignites with population push
12:44:36a Push to end costly multiple super accounts
12:44:55a Scotland to Seek New Independence Referendum
12:45:25a Mum's warning after baby's reaction to children's Nurofen
12:45:33a Airline industry leader says laptop ban could hurt airlines
12:45:39a NZSAS raid Victims tells NZ lawyers locations in Hit & Run book are wrong
12:46:23a Flooded Mt Margaret road
12:46:32a Montgomery students remember 7th grader murdered over spring break
12:47:35a Elon Musk Just Launched A Company To Merge Your Brain With A Computer
12:47:52a Democratic Senators Ask Jeff Sessions to Explain Preet Bharara Firing
12:47:59a Someone Turned N64
12:48:23a Sandcrawler PSA There Are No Good or Bad Muslims Just Muslims
12:48:27a World Surf League weighs future of competition in Margaret River
12:49:16a Josh Strong storms Thursday night?
12:49:26a Bandt doubles down on cyclone comments
12:49:46a Defiant witness turns on former lover in Broward murder trial
12:50:14a Business news briefs — March 29
12:50:29a R&D; spend up 29 per cent in two years
12:50:50a Early reports of damage in wake of Australia's Cyclone Debbie
12:50:58a Touting coal industry, Trump dumps Obama's climate-change plan
12:51:08a Deep-red Kansas lawmakers OK Medicaid expansion
12:52:17a Did Corrie's Ken Barlow fall or was he pushed?
12:52:35a Waffle House grease seeped onto neighbor's property, lawsuit says
12:53:00a Aust shares continue to climb
12:53:04a Man gets 6 years in 500K wine theft from famed restaurant
12:53:08a Student cheated three times and still passed Lecturer
12:53:12a Distribution Release Oracle Linux 6.9
12:53:16a Louisiana Agriculture Department sees increase in skimming devices
12:53:21a Deputies searching for suspect in robbery at Clark Co. restaurant
12:53:38a Ag dept. finding more credit card 'skimmers' at gas stations
12:53:43a Sheriff 1 killed, 1 injured in Tallapoosa County plane crash
12:53:55a Domestic disputes can hurt bystanders as well
12:54:33a Trump Signs Executive Order Obliterating Regulations on Carbon Emissions and Pollution
12:54:39a Chiefs landmark looms for evergreen Messam
12:55:20a New head for embattled Vic CFA
12:55:37a Birmingham Fire Department introduces new help to stop Ensley fires
12:55:49a HMCS Saskatoon, U.S. Coast Guard just hauled in 14.5 tonnes of cocaine
12:55:54a Man gets 15 months in wine theft from restaurant
12:56:20a Reefton chopper pilot named
12:56:35a Amazon Confirms Deal to Buy Middle East E-Commerce Leader
12:56:53a Home renovation reveals 'hidden house' in Ocean Springs
12:57:09a Abuser also entrapped victim's parents
12:57:22a Trump tells lawmakers he expects a deal 'very quickly' on healthcare
12:57:38a Police seize 814 pot plants in Seattle during burglary call
12:58:05a KPIX Sky Drone 5 The Wonder Of The Coast At Half Moon Bay
12:58:42a GUNTER Trudeau's either clueless or hypocritical on democratic reform
12:58:46a Brain implant lets paralyzed man feed himself using his thoughts
12:58:52a ENGIE announces upgrade of SA's Pelican Point
12:59:26a 'Undocumented immigrants pay taxes too,' DREAMer's post goes viral
12:59:59a Man arrested following chase from Worden to Billings
01:00:53a Waiter receives job offer after helping a disabled customer
01:00:58a Broncos play down Adam Blair injury
01:01:03a Secret Service investigating suspicious package found near White House, suspect in custody
01:01:21a Thurston EDC Now Accepting Applications for Next ScaleUp Cohort
01:01:32a Rejecting NZME, Fairfax merger on plurality grounds 'illogical and incomplete'
01:01:48a No audio on Essendon plane crash black box
01:02:00a Widow of man killed in hit and run releases statement following trial
01:02:48a Investigation finds no evidence of engine failure or faults before Essendon plane crash
01:02:52a New Jersey university is looking to sell its music college
01:03:35a For at least you can own
01:05:26a RVA Parenting Why co-sleeping is my favorite mistake by Tara Gray
01:05:49a Operation Green Wave cleans up communities in Birmingham
01:05:55a LSU pollen tests yield accurate, day-to-day results for database
01:06:18a One-Punch Man Season 2 Production Now Underway
01:06:36a Congress just killed Internet privacy protections
01:06:44a Kiwi chick kicks its way into the world legs first
01:07:26a 'No pit bulls allowed' sign in Kansas goes viral
01:08:26a Caregiving Tips for a Loved One With COPD
01:08:38a Jon Rahm just getting started and already rolling
01:08:42a Why I've knitted hundreds of woollen breasts
01:08:46a Discovering the cosmos in skies over Perth
01:08:50a ISIS cubs on killing rampage
01:09:04a Chinese company buys stake in Tesla
01:09:43a Airline industry leader Laptop ban could hurt airlines
01:10:22a In pictures Life on Clapham High Street
01:10:33a Vic violent rapist gets 13 years minimum
01:11:29a CRAYON GETS THE BOOT Crayola set to retire one of its iconic colors
01:11:34a Work begins to replace deteriorating bridges in Middlebury
01:11:53a Fire destroys old train station turned furniture store
01:12:12a Trump's wall faces funding hurdle
01:12:49a Birmingham residents clean up after Monday night storms
01:13:35a Quadriplegic man regains use of arm in medical first study
01:13:40a Power Rangers Easter Eggs
01:13:44a Japan turns to Basil Fawlty in race for Olympic English
01:13:49a Trump expects healthcare deal 'quickly'
01:14:13a 'Human waste' found in Coca Cola cans at plant in Northern Ireland
01:14:37a Charleston shooter Judge allows lawsuits against FBI
01:14:53a Hamilton Island a mess after Cyclone Debbie's 263km/h winds
01:15:01a Injured woman found on side of Sydney road
01:16:01a Arizona Lawmakers Pass Blockchain Records Bill
01:16:39a GREGG JARRETT Sanctuary cities won't find refuge in law
01:16:51a Islam not compatible with French society Poll
01:17:10a Vertex cystic fibrosis combination succeeds in late-stage trials
01:18:02a Man gets 6 years in wine theft from famed restaurant
01:18:52a Co-sleeping 'My baby died after we fell asleep on the sofa'
01:19:04a Sydney Airport boss Mather to depart
01:19:08a Man charged in rail worker death transferred to Wyoming
01:20:09a Tourism spend cracks in Australia
01:20:13a Health and wealth
01:20:26a Auburn University holds ribbon cutting for Korea Center
01:20:45a Bail refused for man accused of murder
01:21:42a DPS identifies 3 stormchasers killed in crash near Spur, TX
01:21:57a Parks and Recreation Stars Reunite for a New Game Show
01:22:08a STROBEL O'Leary wants CBC to sing for its supper
01:22:28a The Latest UN to conduct inquiry into experts' deaths
01:23:20a Eliminate HBV, HCV by 2030, Academies Urge
01:23:51a 'Carlos the Jackal' sentenced to third life term for 1974 attack
01:24:23a Amazon Strikes Contact Center Market
01:24:38a Government to lift licenses of slow meat importers
01:24:42a Sam Reid to finally beat family AFL curse
01:25:01a Confusion after half a car on fire in Vic
01:25:06a ACTU wants per week minimum wage rise
01:25:16a Report shows government has failed Labour
01:25:20a How does your doctor rate? Check out this new website
01:25:25a Lawsuit seeks more freedom for wineries in frosty Minnesota
01:25:29a Flip or Flop star causes uproar over Instagram post with daughter
01:26:28a FIRST ALERT Tornado, Severe Storm Watches continue Tuesday night
01:26:38a No death penalty for AL man jailed 10 years awaiting trial
01:28:03a Judge Why Is Giuliani Defending Alleged Iranian Money Launderer?
01:28:08a Troopers investigating fatal crash at Highway 395 and Dahl
01:29:15a Wells Fargo Paying Million In Lawsuit Over Fake Accounts Scandal
01:30:05a Harold Hillman The 'V' Word Can you really say it out loud?
01:30:54a Snake Pass Launch Trailer
01:31:05a Protesters march in French Guiana ahead of negotiations
01:31:26a Govt, insurers must pull together PM
01:32:29a Donald Trump's anti-climate plans won't fool nature
01:32:57a Vic father denied bail over axe attack
01:33:04a Bodies of UN investigators, translator found in Congo
01:34:05a Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer SECRETS, Analysis and Important Details
01:34:23a Film crew to make documentary about August eclipse
01:35:05a Coast Guard seizes 16 tons of cocaine worth over in Pacific
01:35:59a Editorial Air travel is not the same!
01:36:34a Baldwin County beach trolley service a possibility
01:36:43a Sharapova proud of her passion, integrity as doping ban ends
01:36:49a Indonesia encourages fair regulation in outer space
01:36:54a Higher Childhood Lead Exposure Linked with Lower Adult IQ
01:37:08a Roberts Co. fire burns 38,000 acres
01:37:41a KPIX Sky Drone 5 The Beauty of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse
01:38:02a Brexit draws US, Russian, Chinese interest
01:38:37a Congress Overturns Internet Privacy Regulation
01:39:57a 'Apprentice' contestant can't sue Trump Lawyers
01:40:31a Spangled perch in bottle
01:40:43a APNewsBreak Judge approves release of jailed Mexican man
01:42:32a EU negotiations
01:42:43a The Latest Another effort at 'bathroom bill' fix fizzles
01:42:57a Final two Hazelwood generators shut down
01:43:18a Bar makes big announcement
01:44:37a Military digging up WWII battle remains from Hawaii cemetery
01:45:02a Developers, city officials break ground on SouthPointe Commons in Fern Creek
01:45:33a Gulf states want post-Brexit FTA with UK
01:45:57a Rollins student, prof clashed for weeks in religion class
01:46:02a Stormchasers identified 2 from MO, 1 from AZ killed in crash in Texas
01:46:26a Goose Creek police searching for runaway teenager
01:46:40a UPDATE CPD releases statement about Five Points assault captured on video
01:46:59a Atlanta officials turn over documents requested by federal investigators
01:47:12a NSW man guilty of pizza shop stabbing
01:47:23a Widespread flooding as ex-Cyclone Debbie heads south-east
01:47:28a No audio from Essendon crash black box
01:47:54a Flooding threatens flattened cane crop
01:48:03a Fixing the U.K.'s Health Service Might Help the U.S., Too
01:48:33a Girl stabs another student at Florida high school
01:48:50a 2 former Prattville police officers indicted on burglary, robbery charges
01:49:29a Facebook, Eye on Snapchat, Adds Camera Features
01:50:03a Headbanging Punk-Metal Heroes Headline Slim's
01:50:48a Crown alleges Troy Taylor involved in road rage weeks before Ihaka Stokes' death
01:51:21a UPDATE Attempted baby snatching in St. Matthews may have happened after all
01:51:34a Helping hands from NSW, ACT sent to Debbie
01:51:41a Vuln F5 BIG-IP APM CVE-2016-7472 Denial of Service Vulnerability
01:52:09a LA attorney general asks Trump administration to take action in N.O.
01:52:14a Laparascopic Hysterectomy OK in Early Endometrial Ca
01:52:21a Mexican subway unveils penis seats — 'exclusively for men'
01:52:46a CDBurnerXP Portable Beta /
01:53:13a INTERNET RULE BLOCKED House votes against Obama online privacy reg
01:53:31a Acts of Kindness Mom honors her son's Special Ed. Teacher
01:53:36a Congress votes to wipe out landmark internet privacy protections
01:54:21a Johnson says 'Baywatch' is summer's 'sexiest, funniest' pic
01:54:43a Man gets 15 months in wine theft from California restaurant
01:54:47a End of the affair How the historic day Article 50 is triggered will unfold
01:55:19a Carlos the Jackal gets third life sentence
01:55:42a US bank Wells Fargo agrees lawsuit settlement
01:55:52a Juvenile dies after falling over waterfall
01:55:59a Abbas expects Arab summit backing ahead of talks with Trump
01:56:59a NSW motorcycle complex proposed for Nowra
01:57:12a Midlands family files suit after fatal office-involved shooting
01:58:41a million gift paves way for major riverfront projects in New Albany
01:58:58a White House staff will also skip correspondents dinner
01:59:04a Take big firm tax cuts to poll Ai Group
01:59:12a Brexit Britain
01:59:57a UPDATE 2 dead in Anchorage shooting
02:00:24a We Happy Few The Maidenholm Update
02:00:28a Patient Care & Rheumatology Network Doc's Reflections on Patient Interactions
02:00:35a Pelzman's Picks Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?
02:01:02a The new, virtual frontier of real estate
02:02:05a iMedicalApps Helping Patients with Neurological Issues
02:02:17a On Your Side Grandmother needs help while daughter battles cancer
02:02:22a Why I ditched the office to work outdoors in the city
02:02:28a Huntsville police, FBI investigate bank robbery
02:02:45a Blood Biomarker for Neurodegeneration Closer But Not There Yet
02:03:10a 2017 Jazz Fest to include Stevie Wonder, Nas, Maroon 5
02:03:21a Adelaide's last drive-in theatre destroyed by fire
02:03:54a NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Hubble's Cosmic Successor
02:05:19a Trump says he expects a health care deal soon
02:05:46a Partner at New York hedge fund jumped to his death police
02:05:56a Police union warns Trump 'sanctuary city' cuts could risk safety
02:06:00a Federer and Nadal advance, Wawrinka ousted at Miami Open
02:06:37a WB, IMAX Announce Justice League VR Experiences IGN News
02:06:47a Lennox Head community flips out over image of proposed Olympic ski jump training ramp
02:06:56a The Latest Jailed Mexican man testified at bond hearing
02:07:49a Justice League Trailer Reveals New Gear, Vehicles and Powers
02:07:55a Sandboxie 5.17.6 Beta / 5.16
02:08:41a What's Next for Planned Parenthood?
02:09:21a Manager Desktop Edition 17.3.15
02:09:25a Rain delays final day of New Zealand v South Africa
02:09:41a Regional governments urge solutions to Venezuela's crisis
02:09:57a Cyclone rips off roofs, flings boats onto land in Australia
02:10:26a CudaText 32-Bit
02:11:00a uTorrent
02:11:39a Fated The Silent Oath PSVR Official Launch Trailer
02:12:20a Trump tells lawmakers he expects deal 'very quickly' on healthcare
02:12:40a Simone Gbagbo cleared of war crimes charges
02:13:10a Australia holds emergency meeting with China after extradition treaty failure
02:14:11a We Play Invisible Baseball in Nintendo's 1-2-Switch Challenge
02:15:25a College campus free-speech zones face new scrutiny, lawsuit
02:15:54a Minus-Messi, Argentina loses another World Cup qualifier
02:16:23a Australian probe yet to explain plane crash that killed 5
02:17:11a Starboard Wins More Board Seats, Replaces CEO at Depomed
02:17:20a U.S. judge throws out many metals price-fixing claims
02:18:14a NASA Launches Massive Digital Library for Space Video, Photos & Audio
02:18:39a Rain forces New Zealand-South Africa Test draw
02:18:48a The Latest Another effort at 'bathroom bill' fix fizzles
02:18:57a How to keep moving when injury, illness slow you down
02:19:22a Vitamin D and Cancer Still No Clear Answers
02:21:03a Florida lottery tickets could soon come with warning label
02:21:26a 'Carlos the Jackal' sentenced to third life term for 1974 attack
02:21:30a Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Spear of the Church Boss Fight
02:21:35a Ex-Cyclone Debbie causing flooding on Bruce Highway
02:21:50a Lowell man enters plea in fatal drunk driving crash
02:22:16a Army assesses damage after storm 'absolutely smashes' north Australia
02:22:24a Better Outcomes with New Tx Option in Multiple Myeloma
02:23:11a Bay Area Tech Executives Indicted For H-1B Visa Fraud
02:23:33a Brad Storms possible late Thursday
02:23:49a Picture of Debbie's devastation begins to emerge
02:23:53a Execution statute, with firing squad, heads to Miss governor
02:24:18a Afghan carrying over 60 heroin capsules faints on flight
02:25:21a Olivia wants ‘Grease’ reunion
02:25:41a California immigration town hall to highlight state's red-blue divide
02:26:51a Wife says she shot protester outside right-wing event
02:27:11a UPDATE Woman identified in deadly crash
02:27:54a ZEEL bags ‘Great Place to Work’ certification
02:28:16a Apple's Chicago River flagship taking shape
02:28:23a OAS pushes Venezuela to engage in dialogue as tensions flare
02:28:53a Trump's North Korea Policy Is It Different from Obama's?
02:29:25a Trump Health Care Deal Will Come 'Very Quickly'
02:30:44a 3 storm chasers killed in crash during West Texas storms
02:31:16a The Latest Goodell plans to attend Patriots' opener
02:31:57a Ask Slashdot What Are Some Lies Programmers Tell Themselves?
02:32:07a Brazilian mayor takes issue with in graffiti debate
02:32:12a Regional community breaks silence around suicide
02:32:16a Mango orchard damaged by Cyclone Debbie
02:33:04a USA Hockey, women's players reach agreement to avoid boycott
02:33:09a Boeing airliner catches fire in Peru, no serious injuries reported
02:34:18a Pennsylvania school district Oks pact on immigrant students
02:34:55a Protest against JNU seat cut turns ugly
02:36:07a 'Supercyclists' ride for country cancer patients
02:36:20a Arab Water Board votes to remove fluoride from water system
02:38:12a Lawmakers Trump Team Wants More NAFTA Access for US Goods, Services
02:38:32a Ashes of Creation Nodes Part One
02:38:50a 15 arrests after dairy robbed nine times
02:39:22a Father of 6 held for strangling paramour
02:39:26a Roche MS drug Ocrevus approved by FDA after three-month delay
02:40:58a U.S. Fed's Powell In 'wait-and-see' stance on Trump policies
02:41:13a Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 3/28 Quartermaster Update, VPR
02:41:22a Shaheen, Hassan to vote against Trump high court nominee
02:42:10a Pedestrian hit by train behind Lee High School
02:42:19a Construction-safety bill is geared to protect workers, not organized labor
02:42:47a Kieran Foran 'smiling again' as Warriors return looms
02:43:26a Anoxemia Launch Trailer
02:43:54a Movie studios
02:44:13a Chinese anger, fears exposed in France after police killing
02:45:14a New Blood Test Rapidly Diagnoses Tuberculosis
02:45:54a Michigan will spend million to replace Flint's water lines
02:45:58a Auburn football assistant coaches speak to media
02:46:05a Early production methods for apples
02:46:09a Mexico Ex-gov. flees to Texas to evade graft allegations
02:46:12a Smith to raise ton for changed Highlanders
02:46:47a USC facu
02:47:03a Former Ivory Coast First Lady Acquitted of Crimes Against Humanity
02:47:31a PD Multiple children witnessed deadly shooting in Hartford
02:47:36a Paris sending ministerial mission to French Guiana, as unrest grows
02:47:49a LMPD officer injured in pursuit, crash in Portland
02:48:27a Lawyer Emails, videos between teacher, teen protected
02:50:07a Locals flip out at Olympic ski jump proposed for Lennox Head
02:50:15a Construction set to begin for CSU's Lenoir Hall addition
02:50:24a Syria conflict 'Deal reached' for four besieged areas
02:50:29a The Latest 3 storm chasers killed in Texas crash identified
02:50:40a UofL Foundation ends deferred compensation plan
02:50:47a Bernheim Forest acquires Big Level land behind Jim Beam Distillery
02:51:07a Facts About Marmosets
02:52:17a Cherry blossoms hit peak bloom in Washington DC
02:52:21a DJI Proposes New Electronic 'License Plate' For Drones
02:52:35a Will the impact of Cyclone Debbie see price hikes in supermarkets?
02:53:49a Lawrence County Commission to vote on reusing former animal control director
02:53:57a Wells Fargo to pay million to settle lawsuits over unauthorized accounts
02:54:18a Former Columbus alternative school to become apartments
02:54:27a BBB Top 5 types of scams to watch out for
02:54:44a Transgender California inmates could have bras, cosmetics
02:54:48a Louisville takes new steps to fight vacant properties
02:55:11a Obama's defense chief doesn't see big changes in Iraq campaign
02:55:15a Youth's post of abuse by Rly TTE goes viral
02:55:39a Internet Download Manager 6.28 Build 5
02:57:10a Benedictine monk races to preserve ancient Islamic manuscripts
02:58:14a E-waste recycling begins in G/North educational institutes
02:59:43a Fight continues to change AL law for childcare facility exemption
03:00:14a 2 activists arrested by immigration officials are released
03:00:46a No ban on pellet guns Centre
03:00:53a Experts offer home, car repair tips after storms
03:01:14a Marine Le Pen on why the EU wants Brexit to be painful
03:01:29a Search for missing nurse Kim Bambus scaled back
03:01:33a Man shot in head in Shreveport
03:01:39a Bank of Japan's Sato says labour reform must accompany monetary easing
03:02:08a Youth Cong members demand 'fair' distribution of tickets
03:02:17a US-backed Forces to Resume Anti-IS Operations at Syrian Dam
03:02:26a Holidaymakers shocked at devastation on Whitsunday islands
03:02:39a Drought and war heighten threat of not just one, but four famines
03:02:52a The Latest Transgender inmates could have bras, cosmetics
03:03:33a US Lawmakers Stake Out Competing Positions on Immigration
03:04:27a Every New Orleans school zone gets speed camera warning
03:04:38a Toshiba approves Chapter 11 filing for nuclear unit Westinghouse Nikkei
03:05:18a Start! for Chrome 2.1.0 / 1.1.7
03:05:53a Kasich to return to New Hampshire in April to promote book
03:05:59a Over Rs 6 crore in old notes seized in West Delhi
03:06:52a Couple grieves loss of baby in wreck, Lee's Summit man charged in connection
03:07:13a City of New Orleans Train in Jeopardy
03:07:28a The Bob Cesca Show Bulbous Forehead
03:08:04a Sean, Juan talk NFL rules changes
03:08:12a How To Improve The Linux System???s Security Using Firejail
03:08:21a Aust shares trading near two-year high
03:08:49a An inside look at South India's famed Tirupati temple
03:08:58a The Latest District stands behind right to free expression
03:09:08a GRISLY DISCOVERY Bodies of US, Swedish UN experts found in Congo
03:09:22a Holidaymakers on Whitsunday Islands wake to devastation
03:09:44a Bulk Crap Uninstaller 3.8
03:10:02a Where are the apple pickers?
03:10:11a White House 'Trump Was Right' On JCC Bomb Threats
03:10:48a F.B.I. Arrests Iraqi Refugees Related to American’s Kidnapper
03:10:54a Personal Backup
03:12:12a Stocks get a boost from consumer confidence and hopes for tax cuts
03:12:19a Firms help restore hero's campervan
03:13:11a Shaheen Trump's executive order on climate shortsighted
03:13:17a Two Mira Road youth die in hit-and-run accident
03:14:52a Toddler Burned By Coffee At East Bay Starbucks Airlifted To Hospital
03:15:15a Modi govt plans it big for third anniversary
03:15:25a Paralysed man feeds himself with help of implants
03:15:31a CudaText 64-Bit
03:15:42a Gillard Changing minds saves lives
03:16:14a Spangled perch in hand
03:16:36a OK Food recalling nearly a million pounds of breaded chicken
03:16:39a Cyclone Debbie wreaks havoc on Hamilton Island
03:17:01a Watch Man rescues nine vehicles caught in flooding including the postman's
03:17:35a Storm chasers killed in pursuit of tornado
03:17:51a The Galaxy S8 Will Be Samsung's Biggest Test Ever
03:17:56a 'Stalker' shoots teen in busy Gurugram market
03:19:25a Carl Clark, WWII hero recognized 6 decades later, dies
03:19:37a NBN Co vows to continue targeting leakers in wake of Senate criticism
03:19:59a Investigation finds no evidence of engine failure before Essendon plane crash
03:20:36a This year's Splendour in the Grass line-up is here
03:20:45a Nearly bond bill for state repairs sent to House floor
03:20:58a QCH cyclone debbie affected cane
03:21:04a Westminster attacker Khalid Masood was 'focused on his family'
03:21:14a Fotosizer
03:21:29a Vt. congressional delegates condemn Trump's EPA order
03:21:44a New material in SA triple murder case
03:21:49a Did Donald Trump just kill the Paris climate change deal?
03:21:54a EPA inspectors cite numerous safety problems at troubled Torrance refinery
03:22:16a Push to streamline super default accounts
03:23:22a Alleged animal abuse at Levin pet store
03:23:40a Cyclone Debbie Farmers can see crop damage but are largely optimistic
03:23:58a Caddo DA Curfew violators' parents can be arrested as well
03:24:18a Sheriff Deputy had an angel sitting on his shoulder
03:24:55a Gas leak in central Dunedin
03:25:00a Mass Defect Social Justice Warriors Ruin 'Mass Effect' Video Game Franchise
03:25:12a Reliever Yusmeiro Petit makes the Angels' opening day roster
03:25:50a Mosul, Devin Nunes, Nicola Sturgeon Your Tuesday Evening Briefing
03:26:04a UP CM Yogi Adityanath among star campaigners for BJP
03:27:12a Insurance cost of Debbie's damage unknown
03:27:53a ACTU boss defends law-breaker comment
03:28:11a Senate braces for fallout over Supreme Court fight...
03:28:47a 'Kong Skull Island' conquers China's box office
03:28:53a Gov. Ducey changes mind on causes of global warming
03:28:58a Origin Energy boosts SA power supplies
03:29:45a Ex-First Lady of Ivory Coast Found Not Guilty of War Crimes
03:30:05a Felony charges for 2 who secretly filmed Planned Parenthood
03:30:16a Radicalisation claims baseless NSW leader
03:30:20a Chinese Oppo worker tears Tricolour, triggers protest in Noida
03:30:49a WA dad admits murdering his two children
03:32:01a Dothan police, community donate to help 64 dogs rescued Friday
03:32:15a Roadside puddles play home to hardy WA inland fish
03:32:20a Scotland Votes to Demand a Post-‘Brexit’ Independence Referendum
03:33:22a Kris Macintosh washing a window
03:33:31a 48 hours without a cell one woman managed to do it
03:34:26a Perry blas
03:34:45a FDA Approves Regeneron and Sanofi's Dupixent for Eczema
03:35:00a Lawmakers Debate Humanity of Fetus
03:36:47a China loses most of WTO poultry challenge, scores small win over EU
03:37:53a Opposition, crossbenchers back bill to block penalty rates cut
03:38:05a C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Jamo Thomas
03:38:40a Boosting private sector investment in India challenging econ adviser
03:38:43a More tests for ill Tas attorney-general
03:39:16a Max Key's 2044 campaign in trouble? Parliament's Speaker looking into video
03:39:51a High Court winner to get out of jail
03:41:54a Papa John's 10 Miler route, road closures released
03:42:35a Article 50 What does its triggering mean?
03:43:05a Productivity Commission recommends a wide slash of farm red tape to cut costs
03:43:14a Arkansas Senate OKs bill keeping hybrid Medicaid expansion
03:43:43a Decatur police searching for traffic shootout suspect
03:44:20a Annette Bening ordered Warren Beatty home after Best Picture fiasco...
03:44:54a Incredible transformation of ice addict mother who gave up habit
03:45:22a Deadly Funny the Aboriginal comedians cracking up Australia
03:45:39a Dr Karl How much space junk exists, and how did it get there?
03:46:03a Victim's parents also entrapped by abuser
03:46:29a Brookwood residents hope new executive order brings back coal mining jobs
03:46:48a Yoga teacher found not guilty of exposure, sex with teen files lawsuit
03:46:52a Curry's 32 lead Warriors over Rockets 113-106
03:47:09a Oshie's OT goal for Caps beats Wild 5-4 after Ovi hat trick
03:47:19a Mediators' Exit Leaves DRC Deal in Danger of Collapsing
03:47:23a TRAFFIC ALERT Accident on Magnolia Ave. in Auburn causing backups
03:47:45a Government sets PLN`s electricity provision cost Rp15/kwh lower
03:47:57a This year's Splendour in the Grass line-up is here
03:48:54a Civic apathy compounds stray menace
03:49:05a Indonesia calls for elimination of nuke weapons
03:49:12a Slipper portrait unveiled at parliament
03:49:20a Thames woman missing two months
03:50:06a Carlos the Jackal Receives a Third Life Sentence in France
03:50:40a Alleged Claremont serial killer has case adjourned
03:51:36a Dumped dead ducks reignite debate over hunting
03:51:44a 'We need a paradigm shift' Harvey backs Scarborough beachfront high-rise
03:51:58a Portage police seek 20-year-old with autism
03:52:14a Local sheriff's office ordered to pay millions in lawsuit
03:52:43a Heart of Louisiana Worthmore's Five and Dime
03:53:05a Wife of French Candidate François Fillon Faces Formal Inquiry
03:53:13a The shocking aftermath of Cyclone Debbie
03:54:03a Shreveport man accused of molesting child 3 years ago
03:54:08a Dale Goldy talks about future apple production
03:54:13a China says Taiwan man being investigated for endangering state
03:54:18a Katie K in the Elizabeth Street Mall
03:54:31a Hardcore Horowhenua fights for teens to go clean
03:54:46a Workers allowed to return after ammonia leak scare at Maungaturoto dairy factory
03:55:02a Nunes Controversy Could Stall House Russia Inquiry
03:55:16a Dirty ship let back into NZ after a clean
03:55:20a Birmingham PD Person shot in leg at Woodlawn Piggly Wiggly
03:56:06a Brazilian Police, Squatters Clash Over Eviction
03:56:10a CDBurnerXP Beta /
03:57:17a The Times' boys' basketball rankings
03:57:42a Selling my fertility changed the law in Britain
03:58:15a Former Airway Heights corrections officer found guilty of robbery
03:58:59a UPDATE 1-China's Fosun says co-founder steps down in surprise reshuffle
03:59:11a China confirms detention of Taiwan pro-democracy activist
03:59:36a Hillary Clinton Says She’s Back ‘I Will Never Stop Speaking Out’
04:00:36a Apple PowerBook patent move hints at 'supercomputer' blast from the past
04:00:41a LA mayor vows to fight Trump administration attempt to strip 'sanctuary city' funding
04:00:50a More Māori-Hi-Tech marriages needed
04:01:41a Germany Refuses Turkey’s Request to Spy on Opponents of Erdogan
04:01:53a Jury trial Alleged violence, assaults, behind the 'perfect type of family'
04:02:50a Two injured in head-on crash south of Thames
04:03:29a Asian stocks mixed as investors weigh US data, Brexit plans
04:03:37a Australia shares soar to near 2-year high; NZ rises
04:03:42a President Trump Wants to Cut Foreign Aid During the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis
04:04:28a 2 of 3 Vt. immigrant activists released from federal custody
04:04:33a Chinese Fears Exposed in France After Police Killing Sparks Violent Protests
04:05:00a Thaksin issued with Bt17-bn tax demand 
04:05:07a Stoddard County, MO couple proves love endures all things
04:05:37a WA child rapist wants to change plea
04:07:58a Man who raped woman and teen in their bedrooms jailed for 18 years
04:08:27a Man Suspected Of Sexual Battery On UC Berkeley Campus Remains At Large
04:08:57a Defiant witness testifies against former lover in Broward murder trial
04:09:30a 'Sad day' for Vic as Hazelwood shuts down
04:09:45a Judge signs deal to demolish Silverdome
04:09:56a Elliott returns to Triathlon NZ head role
04:10:22a Perth father pleads guilty to murdering his children
04:10:59a 'It's not safe anymore, let's escape'
04:11:19a Dom Fowler with his dog
04:11:53a Whiteside's buzzer-beating tip-in lifts Heat past Pistons
04:12:11a Asia stocks up with dollar, sterling suffers on Brexit day
04:12:26a Former Congressman Steve Stockman Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges
04:12:53a Heavens open to kill off NZ resurgence
04:13:03a Increased levies to pay for fire service
04:13:11a Children lived in NSW drug house police
04:13:34a Whiteside tip-in at buzzer saves Heat in 97-96 win over Pistons
04:13:50a Record Winter Games haul looms Chesterman
04:14:02a The Latest UN to conduct inquiry into experts' deaths
04:14:41a Cosby lawyers ask to exclude testimony on pills, money
04:15:15a The Flash 'Abra Kadabra' Review
04:15:34a BlackRock Bets on Robots to Improve Its Stock Picking
04:15:40a Broward Schools chief Runcie gets mixed results in review
04:16:36a Human smugglers arrested at Tucson border, officials say
04:17:16a Dale Goldy
04:18:01a Gordon Ramsay shocks TV audience with gruesome prank
04:18:31a Beyondblue to focus on suicide Gillard
04:19:11a Wilton Manors votes to fly transgender pride flag
04:19:35a Hit-run Vic driver wants to pay fine
04:20:15a Unhealthy levels of lead found in NZ centres
04:21:02a Former mayor given 15 days to answer complaint
04:21:21a Colville Tribal Police searching for missing 83-year-old woman
04:21:49a Macau billionaire's aide in plea talks in U.N. bribe case
04:22:18a Jackie Kennedy's intimate letters with UK diplomat go on sale
04:22:34a China says Taiwan man investigated for harming national security
04:23:27a Dismissed Valladolid VM seeks legal means
04:24:26a Local Punk Veterans Play Rare SF Show
04:24:30a Protests Target ICE Acting Director At Sacramento Immigration Forum
04:25:47a Police Man involved in retail theft arrested
04:26:01a CORRECTED-Taiwan stocks slightly down; Taiwan dollar hovers near 29-month high
04:26:05a Report Card Jadeja, Rahul, Pujara, Saha shine brightest
04:26:17a Angry German charged in Phuket for running red light, dangerous driving
04:26:27a Hockey NZ name high performance boss
04:26:40a 3 Home invaders killed at Oklahoma residence, authorities say
04:26:44a Police Body found in Brattleboro
04:26:50a Tulane tames LSU, beats Tigers 7-6
04:27:03a WA crash driver has brain injury court
04:27:37a Diving instructor, company to face charges
04:27:49a 'We need a paradigm shift' Harvey backs Scarborough beachfront high-rise
04:29:28a Spanish beef no threat to Aussie beef in Indonesia says MLA
04:29:54a Confusion over location of Afghan villages
04:30:09a Former Oregon Ducks football player arrested on heroin, forgery charges
04:30:15a Is the Myer share raid the first step to a David Jones merger?
04:30:18a Shattered tourist gateway asks for help
04:30:28a Local pharmacist supports prescription drug monitoring bill
04:30:32a Accused Claremont killer declines to plead
04:30:58a Midlands family files suit after fatal officer-involved shooting
04:31:32a DAR installs 37 ARBs in La Carlota
04:31:39a Animals found dead without their ears in Manitoba
04:32:26a How we can design cyclone-proof cities and towns
04:32:36a Columbus smoking ordinance vote delayed 60 days
04:32:57a Man attacked, robbed after soliciting prostitute in Chesterfield
04:33:33a Kris Macintosh
04:33:38a I've been called 'white trash' Hanson
04:33:58a Boat driver describes fatal NSW crash
04:34:13a Suspects in Carcar rape incident ordered for drug test
04:35:03a Afghan women swimmers defy threats for Olympic dream
04:35:30a '1 Buy' rent deals spark class action
04:38:00a Rep. Maxine Waters Rains Fire 'Trump Doesn't Deserve To Be President'
04:38:18a Japan scientist eyes energy burst from 'typhoon turbine'
04:38:32a New .02 blood alcohol limited for youngest drivers
04:39:35a Waste segregation in Bacolod to start May 1
04:40:32a UPDATE 2-Wells Fargo says flunked test for community lending
04:41:04a Dom Fowler building a deck
04:41:09a 'Disbelief' of London attacker's former employer
04:41:28a Meet Shah Rukh Khan's son, Aryan
04:42:18a Queensland Residents Begin to Clear Up the Damage Wrought by Cyclone Debbie
04:42:49a Sumter Co. deputies investigating fatal crash
04:43:04a Opposition, crossbench senators back bill to block penalty rates cut
04:43:13a Max Key video to be investigated by speaker
04:44:37a P86,600 in gadgets stolen from school, house in Bacolod
04:45:03a Nicaragua high court denies farmers' appeal of canal project
04:45:19a Trump rolls back Obama climate change measures
04:45:29a Noble Cops may be involved in Consolacion village watchmen murder
04:45:37a Michigan will require reports of deaths of pregnant women
04:46:57a Shawn Mendes to tour Australia and NZ
04:47:06a White House Staff Won’t Attend Correspondents’ Dinner Out of ‘Solidarity’ With President Trump
04:47:10a Accident involving 18-wheeler on overpass at Hwy 62 & CR 1300
04:47:45a Brazil almost there, Argentina crash in World Cup qualifiers
04:48:05a Former Mexican ruling party governor wanted over embezzlement
04:48:36a Four police officers 'fill in' for dad at father-daughter dance
04:48:40a Don Dale in 'crisis' before tear-gassing
04:49:32a Stacey Tierney Man arrested over Melbourne strip club death
04:49:36a EPA admits breach at Perth Freight Link
04:50:10a Cyclone-hit hospitals to get relief staff
04:50:26a Lubbock hospitality industry prepares for 'Garth Effect'
04:50:53a Bacolod traffic aide suspended for not wearing helmet
04:50:57a Rare orchid stops motorcycle complex
04:51:01a EU Leads Attacks on Trump's Rollback of Obama Climate Policy
04:51:11a Coaches at women's NCAA Final Four have deep connections
04:51:18a Prosecutors announce 15 felony charges for anti-abortion activists who secretly filmed Planned Parenthood
04:52:06a White House bomb scare A man claiming to have bomb arrested
04:52:29a PHOTOS Inside the abandoned meat markets in UP
04:54:00a French Presidential Candidate’s Wife Faces Charges Over Alleged Fake Employment
04:54:54a Israeli lawmakers reach out to US Jews on anti-Semitism
04:55:48a How Cyclone Debbie got her name
04:56:22a Essendon plane crash interim report reveals pilot made seven mayday calls
04:56:43a Salvador gang arranged 'black widow' killing for insurance
04:57:09a Grocery prices will rise across Australia because of Cyclone Debbie. Here's what is affected
04:58:13a Insurers deny claims based on questionable cell tower data
04:58:41a Vote on Saugatuck dunes development postponed
04:58:48a ‘Let someone else run the country’ Trump supporters revolt against president’s excessive tweeting
04:59:09a Fired state trooper fights to get his job back
04:59:33a US-backed Forces in Syria Capture Key Village From IS
05:01:07a Report suggests Bardstown mayor abused authority
05:01:27a BlackRock cuts fees and jobs; stockpicking goes high-tech
05:01:37a New York foster father faces trial in sex abuse case
05:02:04a RPT-COLUMN-Goldman takes on the Brent spreads Kemp
05:02:26a OAS discusses Venezuela crisis, Caracas protests
05:02:35a School addresses increase in hate speech, racism among students
05:02:56a Republicans Just Voted to Allow Internet Companies to Sell Your Browsing History
05:03:03a Monk arrested for allegedly selling drugs around temple
05:03:45a S.Korea media slam govt over ferry 'remains'
05:05:16a RSPCA reports rise in animal cruelty claims but fall in convictions
05:05:19a PRO-NIR chief ‘Señoron has been warned’
05:05:26a California, Washington Split Over Vehicle Fuel Standards
05:06:00a Signet Jewelers sued for not disclosing harassment allegations
05:06:24a Summit County ranks below average in Ohio for healthy living
05:06:59a Body found at Elizabethtown home
05:07:38a Slater edges out Fanning in WA surf event
05:07:45a USC faculty call for more protection of immigrant and foreign students
05:07:51a Alleged Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards has case adjourned
05:08:57a Travel impacts minor despite Qld weather
05:09:13a Over 100 flights grounded by Wellington fog
05:09:27a Solomon Islands site for fourth USP campus ready
05:10:58a Gloom on Spain's Costa del Sol as Brexit talks loom
05:11:43a Ministry apologises over dead son's photos
05:11:49a Logo change nothing to do with Red Peak Morgan
05:11:57a 'What's happening in the Maldives is not in India's interest'
05:12:02a Ex-Christie aides to be sentenced in New Jersey bridge case
05:13:39a Picasso's tragic first wife emerges from the shadows
05:14:12a Flock of seagulls attack seven-year-old UK boy for doughnut
05:15:21a Jeb! reemerges to scold Trump’s Twitter habits He’s diminishing the office of the president
05:15:26a Salvador gang arranged 'black widow' killing for insurance
05:15:55a SPC MD 363
05:15:59a Ceremony to farewell NSW top cop
05:16:18a Quiz Where does Amitabh Bachchan work in Hum?
05:17:19a Search for Auckland woman to be scaled back
05:18:54a TX mother upset over TSA pat-down of teenage son
05:19:06a Noble Cops may be involved in village watchman's murder
05:20:02a General Motors reaches deal with Argentine port operator to import cars
05:20:10a Fish killed as blackwater floods Richmond River
05:22:01a Tempe police looking for man who beat family members, stole their car
05:23:01a Locals prevent anti-graft activist from probing border casino 
05:23:45a Five teenagers arrested for allegedly selling meth
05:24:04a Trial date set in Fiji sedition case
05:24:56a Man critical after NSW police pursuit
05:26:06a Harahan man arrested for contractor fraud
05:26:26a The Latest UN to conduct inquiry into experts' deaths
05:26:36a Toshiba's Westinghouse to file for Chapter 11 Japan govt
05:26:40a UVM worker sent to hospital after electrical shock
05:27:12a Flooding cuts off Debbie-ravaged towns
05:27:28a From student striker to defiant ACTU boss
05:28:01a Pyne assures Tas maritime college relevant
05:28:18a Deadly Funny the Aboriginal stand-up comedians cracking up Australia
05:28:53a P154,500 worth of drugs seized in Negros Oriental
05:28:59a Cash cuts 'threaten school standards', say MPs
05:29:14a Watch Aftermath of plane crash in Peru, all 141 passengers escaped without injuries
05:29:52a Nier Automata Walkthrough The Amusement Park
05:30:02a CHASE COSTS LIVES Three storm chasers killed in West Texas car crash
05:30:22a Jackson R-II Bond issue, what some people have to say
05:30:30a Teacher probed for letting female students stay at his house
05:30:37a Report backs TasWater takeover govt
05:30:58a Tas chase injures innocent elderly woman
05:31:32a Proposed farm to produce 19 million chickens a year
05:32:26a Sport PNG Kapuls face tough ask in Tahiti
05:32:30a What does Australia's solar energy future look like?
05:32:37a Iranians, engines of US university research, wait in limbo
05:33:02a Baby giraffe born; it's a girl
05:33:19a The new face of suburbia economic woes and early death
05:34:04a 2 suspects in Carcar rape incident to undergo drug test
05:34:38a Trump’s funding request for US border wall hits snag among some Republicans
05:35:25a Troubled California oil refinery puts PBF's turnaround skills to the test
05:35:29a Man sentence
05:35:54a Young MA girl asks to dine with police officer
05:36:08a North Carolina in stalemate over bathroom law as NCAA deadline looms
05:36:51a What Trump's climate change order accomplishes - and what it doesn't
05:37:07a Vote to repeal U.S. broadband privacy rules sparks interest in VPNs
05:37:40a CFMEU fines over Perth blockade increased
05:37:47a 2 men caught for drugs, yielded P5,000 shabu
05:37:51a Breeding Indochinese tigers found in Thailand
05:39:00a Trump swears a deal is coming ‘very quickly’ for new Trumpcare bill
05:40:09a Atlanta residents on edge after car break-ins
05:40:37a 3 shot in southeast Atlanta
05:40:47a Cyclone Debbie's devastation revealed
05:41:14a This is how unlikely certain crimes are to be investigated in Manchester
05:41:40a Brighter days ahead!
05:42:55a Cuonzo Martin speaks to media
05:43:28a Tucson police asking for help locating missing endangered teen
05:44:40a Canadian airport employees ID'd as ISIS supporters Report
05:44:50a Dempsey, Pulisic star again as US ties 1-1 at Panama
05:45:30a UPDATE Kohl's returns to Valley customer
05:46:05a Stansted Airport Three arrested after aircraft lock-in
05:46:31a Organizers deny funding for rally against Coke
05:46:57a Trump calls for cuts to fund border wall
05:47:17a Strong quake of 6.9 magnitude hits Russia's far east USGS
05:48:18a Vic man, 70, gets bail over drug charges
05:49:09a View from 35,000km exposes Cyclone Debbie's force of nature
05:49:15a Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram misses second straight game with knee tendinitis
05:50:29a Ministry apologises to mother over photos of dead son
05:50:58a Got a free bed for a Lions fan?
05:51:05a Fiji sugar mine closure will have 'devastating impact'
05:51:09a Farmers try to prove real cow milking harder than video game
05:51:20a California immigration town hall to highlight state’s red-blue divide
05:51:31a Teen showcases 'beauty of Tucson' on Twitter, internet falls in love
05:51:35a CT drivers upset about emissions tests late fees
05:51:43a Obama’s defense chief doesn’t see big changes in Iraq campaign
05:53:19a DOT Foods breaks ground on two new expansion projects
05:53:50a Interim Superintendent appointed for TUSD
05:54:01a Wednesday's TV highlights 'Imaginary Mary' on ABC
05:54:48a UPDATE 1-Trump tells lawmakers he expects deal 'very quickly' on healthcare
05:55:16a Woman suffered 'significant trauma that was not survivable' after falling down chute Inquest
05:55:27a Brother seeks retrial for China ex-police chie
05:55:34a Bega chief executive questions wisdom of corporate tax cuts
05:56:46a Strong quake of 6.9 magnitude hits Russia's far east USGS
05:57:08a Adoption in Australia How does NSW place?
05:57:16a Australia rebuffs PNG aid change bid
05:57:38a Experts Concerned by Potential Cuts to Lifesaving USAID Programs
05:57:45a Wreck-It Ralph 2 is Called Ralph Breaks the Internet
05:59:26a Muri algae clearing say Cook Island authorities
06:00:07a Honor Flight salutes veterans, featured in 'NCIS' episode
06:00:56a Toshiba approves bankruptcy for US atomic unit report
06:01:21a View from 35,000km exposes Cyclone Debbie's force of nature
06:01:26a Cyclone Debbie to give Sydney a soaking
06:01:31a FDA approves Rege
06:01:43a DC's Legends of Tomorrow 'Doomworld' Review
06:03:04a Fish kill in the Richmond River
06:03:24a Johnson says 'Baywatch' is summer's 'sexiest, funniest' pic
06:04:07a Nier Automata Walkthrough Desert Area
06:04:30a SPECIAL REPORT 48 hours without a cell phone
06:04:42a Area 1 to be divided into 3 separate parts
06:04:49a Solomons justice minister on drink drive charge
06:05:29a Analysts welcome R&D investment
06:05:38a Pilot killed in West Coast chopper crash named
06:07:17a Teaching your kids money matters
06:08:05a SA power price hikes, reliability issues expected after Hazelwood's closure
06:09:40a Virginia Governor Slams Macquarie And Its Tolling Practices
06:10:03a Sport Veremalua, Katonibau bolster Fiji 7s squad
06:10:10a Georgetown University and Radical Islamists It’s a Family Affair
06:10:14a Will Hezbollah Remain in Syria Forever?
06:10:55a Pair behind secret Planned Parenthood videos charged in California
06:11:10a Nier Automata Walkthrough The Machine Village
06:11:33a Lakers let lead dissipate late in 119-108 loss to Wizards
06:11:54a Burger bar cooks up storm for survivors
06:12:20a BJMP-Maasin City holds read-a-book, feeding activities
06:12:49a NBA Warriors hit 60 wins; Steve Kerr fastest to 200
06:12:57a Jung named ISP Trooper of the Year
06:13:18a Be More Awards honor community's volunteers
06:13:36a Toshiba's Westinghouse to file for Chapter 11 Japan government
06:13:50a Nier Automata Walkthrough Flooded City
06:14:16a Anti-Abortion Activists Who Secretly Filmed Planned Parenthood Charged With Felonies
06:14:23a Lack of money leaves Vanuatu schools needing teachers
06:14:27a Sign Guy steals thunder once more at Cyclone Debbie presser
06:16:04a Unions push for minimum wage increase, employers ask for or less
06:17:06a Charges after Victorian police stand-off
06:18:33a Tahiti court defers verdict in Vernaudon case
06:18:37a Vic hit-run driver to do community work
06:20:36a for NSW parents who adopt foster kids
06:20:47a Serbia Putin Agrees to Large Weapons Delivery to Balkans
06:22:37a NFL decides to stop these players from leaping over the line, for safety's sake
06:22:51a Another person in New Caledonia dies of dengue
06:22:55a ISP dispatcher gets promotion
06:23:20a Agriculture Minister sees WA flood damage, almost two months after deluge
06:23:41a Man who left bail address a serious risk, police say
06:24:51a Wests' Tim Simona charged with fraud
06:25:36a German SPD closing on Merkel's conservatives, AfD at lowest since Nov 2015 poll
06:25:41a Human smuggling attempts stopped at border checkpoints
06:26:00a Murder suspect ‘assumed’ monk brother’s identity 
06:26:20a Nuke Testing 101 How, and why, North Korea tests its bombs
06:26:38a Maine senators Give wounded vets free national park access
06:26:42a Fish kill in Richmond River
06:27:32a Swift-water rescue crews in action on flooded highway
06:27:54a Students issued unaccredited degrees can receive restitution
06:29:14a Two inmates killed in Mexican prison riot, 13 injured
06:29:22a Hobart musicians chasing unpaid fees from Salamanca Whisky Bar
06:29:36a Report Arizonans have in unclaimed property
06:29:47a Strong quake of 6.9 magnitude hits Russia's far east USGS
06:30:01a Foran eyes Auckland or Sydney next year
06:30:31a Trump Tells Senators He Expects Deal 'Very Quickly' on Health Care
06:30:50a Murder-accused 'I was going to go to jail for her'
06:31:15a Trump-Russia probe head Nunes stands firm as resignation chorus grows
06:31:29a Two bubs born during Debbie's destruction
06:31:44a One dead following wreck in KCK, highway patrol says
06:31:49a Kansas bar shooting Man hurt intervening in incident awarded
06:32:37a UPDATE 1-India's economic data not politically influenced govt adviser
06:32:46a EPA executive order impact in Arizona
06:34:00a 4th suspect in baby death in court
06:34:05a Warm Wednesday throughout Taiwan
06:34:17a Auckland drivers trapped in cars by heavy rain
06:34:21a Grant Kenny calls for more prestige and fewer competitors at the Aussies
06:35:17a West Hartford neighborhood to allow food trucks
06:35:55a US Concerned About Lack of DRC Political Agreement Progress
06:36:05a Doctors warn about dangers of DIY slime
06:36:09a Myanmar stumbles on path to democracy under Aung San Suu Kyi
06:36:15a Hit & Run NZDF's village doesn't exist lawyers
06:36:18a Footage shows the swollen Pioneer River in Mackay
06:37:05a Royal Commission hears how sex predators groom and abuse
06:37:18a Theresa May Signs Article 50 Letter to Trigger Brexit
06:38:00a 'I hope Mr Modi will have good sense'
06:38:08a Floods in Peru threaten to sweep away rich archaeological legacy explorer
06:38:30a Taxi crashes into house in Christchurch
06:38:39a Ducks clinch playoffs and cruise past Canucks, 4-1
06:39:49a Russia willing to start NZ free-trade talks
06:39:56a Meet the Nach Baliye 8 contestants
06:40:03a NZ shares gain; A2, Fletcher, TeamTalk rise
06:40:53a Argao councilor's mom to graduate with honors
06:41:48a Will Cuomo relent on taxing the rich? Not a chance
06:41:59a Lane closure on Tapp Road to begin
06:42:20a UK set to file for EU divorce, triggering 2 years to Brexit
06:42:44a Farmers in Western Visayas urged to invest in high-value crops
06:43:21a California, Washington Face Off Over Vehicle Fuel Standards
06:44:21a Slipper reveals toll of intense scrutiny
06:44:49a Shadowverse Talking Tempest of the Gods with Cygames
06:44:53a European Left Hails Consolidation of Left Vote in Bulgaria
06:46:03a Asian stocks weak as investors weigh US data, Brexit plans
06:46:17a Fletcher shares recover some ground
06:47:22a DOST trains La Castellana entreps on product dev’t
06:48:03a No 'good' air in Taiwan this morning
06:48:17a Was Delhi attack racially motivated?
06:48:26a Last Days to Join 7th Edition of the International Young Design Awards
06:48:37a US judge to hear arguments on longer block to travel ban
06:48:41a Man creates app to help disabled communicate
06:48:53a Dolphins caught in fishing net
06:49:09a Live Manchester breaking news Wednesday, March 29
06:49:17a Tourists making world's steepest street unsafe
06:50:57a The pain and defiance of 'Shoah' maker Lanzmann
06:51:17a BBC editors to speak about media freedom at Thammasat University
06:51:21a Peng Wang trial Driver found guilty after killing horse, injuring TV reporter Karen Rutherford
06:52:39a Young organ donor’s story inspires Thais
06:52:59a Scientists Turn Mammalian Cells Into Complex Biocomputers
06:53:17a Leading investor targets Dreamworld owner
06:53:51a How Are the Passions Born and How We Fight Against Them?
06:54:30a SPC MD 364
06:54:53a El Nino will not likely hurt anchovy catches in Peru-industry
06:56:02a Rural fire districts prep for 2017 fire season
06:56:11a Melbourne teacher charged with grooming, child sex offence
06:56:56a Mahe Drysdale visits Kaikoura children to encourage reading
06:57:56a Ben Cousins jailed for a year
06:58:21a Strong quake hits Russia's far east
06:59:56a Debbie hits agriculture and tourism hard
07:00:04a Bt400m corruption alleged in South’s Safe School Project CCTV
07:00:17a Cop to plead over siege at ex-wife's home
07:00:23a Trump Cites Chicago Crime Rate at Meeting With National Police Union
07:00:33a on offer to adopt NSW foster children
07:00:58a When Ted Koppel Was a Serious Thinker
07:01:42a TV still dominates screen time report
07:01:51a Watercare calls for more water usage cuts despite heavy rain
07:02:15a Liberty Lake couple's concrete bulldog stolen off porch
07:03:29a Peruvian plane catches fire
07:03:52a North Korea preparing a nuclear test, analysts and U.S. military warn
07:03:58a Queenstown rental frenzy Would you take the top bunk or a campervan?
07:04:37a Azerbaijan fires 580 shots in truce violations overnight
07:05:09a Piha search for Auckland woman scaled back
07:05:23a Maasin City Chief delivers 1st City Address
07:05:34a Strong quake of 6.9 magnitude hits Russia's far east USGS
07:06:09a 'Choke points' cause Kapiti commuter pain
07:06:23a That “transgender wrestler” is going to be wrestling some boys
07:06:47a Washington State Judge Approves Release of Jailed Mexican Man
07:07:48a Alannah MacTiernan visits with local farmers
07:08:22a Public funding is needed to keep Citi Bike growing
07:08:38a Nier Automata Walkthrough Forest Area
07:09:05a 'After UP, I doubt if the Indian voter is smart'
07:09:11a Brother-in-law still thinks Rayney guilty
07:09:57a Weatherill defends power offer rejection
07:10:11a New Zealand science offers hope against pathogen
07:10:39a Bank of Baroda money laundering case ED arrests two businessmen
07:10:50a Kermadec puts Maori rights 'at stake'
07:10:56a Expeditions to send huge trash bags to help clean Mt Everest
07:12:23a 'Delight' at caged-egg-free Countdown
07:12:49a Quadriplegic man regains use of arm in medical first
07:12:54a Morning markets UK rate cut hits pound, lifts shares
07:13:19a College enrollment to fall sharply by 2028 Education Ministry
07:13:52a Auckland man rescues nine in floods
07:14:23a Zamudio Is the vice presidency relevant?
07:15:01a There is a renewed push to remove the McCarran name in Nevada/t
07:15:05a Nier Automata Walkthrough Into The Depths
07:15:15a Photos of Critically Endangered Indochinese Tiger Cubs Raise Hopes for Species’ Survival
07:16:23a Insurance levies to rise by about a year
07:16:51a Solomon Lew's Premier Investments confirms 10.8pc stake in Myer
07:17:08a This automated garage helps commuters out of a tight spot
07:17:30a Median wage declined in 2016
07:17:52a Lee Ming-che held on suspicion of 'endangering national security' China
07:18:50a Police searching for missing woman last seen at Thames coast campsite back in February
07:18:58a Pro-PWD measures pushed in Dumaguete City
07:19:11a Missoula Vet finds help for PTSD with new canine companion
07:20:30a Billy Eichner joins Ryan Murphy's 'American Horror Story' season 7
07:21:05a Will Ranveer Singh be seen singing with Anushka Manchanda next?
07:21:16a Lovato and Smurfette continue life journey
07:21:20a Hot pics Look who's summer happy
07:22:24a Filing revised I-T returns? Take these 5 precautions
07:22:58a We will build Ram temple at the disputed site BJP leader Vinay Katiyar
07:23:09a Power interruption in Lapu-Lapu, Cordova on April 9 and 15
07:23:25a Daniel Morcombe's killer scalded in prison attack
07:24:14a Veteran TRICARE putting my health at risk for a month
07:24:29a An ex-Israeli soldier, who thinks big, builds miniature utopias
07:24:38a Philippines needs more women leaders, says town exec
07:25:30a 32bit Web Browser 17.04.01
07:25:54a NZ dollar slips vs Aussie
07:26:04a Former teacher to serve 10 year for sex with student
07:26:08a Playground for adults planned for Perth
07:26:55a Bugtraq slackware-security mariadb
07:27:19a Wizards beat Lakers 119-108 to clinch division title
07:27:23a Tasmania's youth hard hit by suicide, bullying, health issues report
07:27:33a Sanchez Power charges increase
07:27:43a Vuze Beta 9 /
07:28:21a NZ's R&D spend rises but still lags globally
07:28:56a The 10 best states for retirees
07:29:09a Environmental groups vowing to fight Trump climate actions
07:29:49a Alannah MacTiernan and Darren West
07:30:38a Mayday concert bound? Here's what you need to know
07:31:19a Police probe NRL match-fixing allegations
07:31:23a Rupee up 9 paise against dollar at 64.95
07:31:31a Bill for MPD misconduct investigations called 'unnecessary'
07:32:27a Idaho woman says she crashed because she
07:32:53a 'I still believe it' Brother-in-law thinks Rayney killed wife
07:32:57a SA leadfoots snapped over speed limit in suburban streets
07:33:09a Bugtraq APPLE-SA-2017-03-28-1 iCloud for Windows 6.2
07:33:42a Light of the Village founders receive keys to city
07:33:46a US House of Representatives votes to revoke internet privacy rules
07:34:16a SA to pay 5m to continue using old patient records system
07:34:25a Raqqa residents trapped by militants ahead of assault
07:34:59a Fears for Indonesian park's rare species as Trump town rises
07:35:32a Tweet revives story of insurgent crane
07:35:40a Loyola to make free textbooks available for 400
07:36:01a Kansas GOP-Led Legislature Approves Medicaid Expansion
07:36:24a Police officer jumps in to save kayakers after their kayak capsizes near Manukau bar
07:36:28a Solomon Lew buys 11% stake in Myer
07:36:39a lotto winner still hasn't come forward
07:38:06a Tasmania's youth hard hit by suicide, bullying, health issues report
07:38:26a Tuscaloosa cities debate new pharmacy bill that could hurt tax revenue
07:40:00a House sends bill to Trump blocking online privacy regulation
07:40:07a Murdered man died helping a woman
07:42:18a Man charged with sex offences he allegedly committed aged 13
07:42:22a Allies take further steps to enhance resilience
07:42:52a WA news headlines March 29
07:43:10a Exxon Mobil urges Trump against abandoning Paris climate accord
07:43:15a Garmin Express
07:43:19a US Secretary of State to Visit Ankara at a Critical Time
07:43:25a Approach China with optimism, Labor urges
07:43:29a Turnbull, Shorten to head to cyclone area
07:43:34a To make rezoning more transparent, city should share initial project plans
07:43:58a Polish consulate attacked in Ukrainian town media
07:44:04a U.S. Senate backs Montenegro membership in NATO
07:44:41a A cardboard box could save the lives of hundreds of babies in Alabama
07:44:56a PLA stages live-fire drill near China-Myanmar border
07:45:20a Cyclone Debbie destruction
07:45:55a Passengers stuck at Wellington airport as thick fog grounds all flights
07:46:00a French ex-PM Valls says will vote for Macron in election
07:46:38a With monster trucks and Comic-Con, Saudis defy killjoy image
07:47:25a Remnants of Cyclone Debbie to lash NSW
07:48:07a This fan has been collecting Zags shirts for 20 years
07:48:58a Intel Launches Kaby-Lake based Xeons The E3-1200 v6 Family @ Anandtech
07:49:05a US on Mosul Civilian Deaths 'A Fair Chance We Did It'
07:50:12a Russian Actions Spur Eucom's Shift From Engagement to Deterrence
07:50:18a Shares rally towards two-year high
07:50:27a Meet the Melbourne man behind Kanye West's Wolves video
07:50:46a Ruby rush brings gangland turf war to Mozambique
07:51:25a Belarus UN expert decries Government's return to mass violence against peaceful protestors
07:51:32a Russian Experts Defuse Over 1,800 Explosive Devices in Palmyra, Syria MoD
07:51:37a U.S. Senate Advances Approval of Montenegro's Bid To Join NATO
07:52:44a Syrian Army Discovers Secret Daesh Weapons Caches in Aleppo
07:53:05a News Anchor goes viral for being short next to basketball players
07:53:09a Scipione to sign off where he started
07:53:13a Crash into Papatoetoe sign leaves driver critical, houses without water due to burst main
07:53:26a Trump team wants revamped NAFTA deal lawmakers
07:54:26a Timeline of events leading up to Brexit
07:54:34a Police charge Tim Simona over defrauding charities
07:56:08a State, federal officials investigate River Region ATM skimming
07:56:16a NCAA urges Phoenix businesses to cater to influx of fans
07:56:26a Two men plucked to safety in dramatic cliff rescue
07:56:31a Notice to ticket holders as Garth Brooks comes to Lubbock
07:57:09a Paedophile questions risk concerns during fight for release
07:57:14a Undercover videos of fetal tissue talks spur felony charges
07:57:34a 38,000 Turks Abroad Cast Votes on First Day of Charter Referendum Voting
07:58:05a Trump Orders Review of Obama Climate Rule
07:58:15a Democrats Show Russian collusion, or shut up
07:58:20a IPL camaraderie Smith offers beer to Rahane and Indian team
07:58:30a Court allows NT detention centre tear-gassings civil suit to go to trial
07:58:57a Quiz The Olympics' greatest moments
07:59:01a Bodies of Missing UN Investigators Found in DRC
07:59:33a Will meet at an appropriate time Rajinikanth to Lankan Tamils
07:59:57a LIVE! Fanboy tweets Dhoni's Aadhar details, Sakshi questions security
08:00:01a Lotto players warned of scam website asking for account info
08:00:54a Freebies from your employer may dry up under GST regime
08:00:59a Unions push for 45-a-week minimum wage increase, employers ask for 10 or less
08:01:48a Business group opposes STL operation in Aklan
08:01:57a X-Ray technology reveals woman hidden behind Degas portrait
08:02:24a Dhoni's Aadhar details leaked! Wife slams minister
08:02:50a Official Afghan Defense Ministry Fires 1,400 Staff Over Corruption
08:04:13a Natalie Portman to portray bull rider in female empowerment tale “Bronco Belle”
08:04:43a Russia can use Iran bases for anti-terror battle in Syria Zarif
08:04:56a Brothers face murder trial together in Pasco slaying
08:05:06a Taiwan working to secure release of human rights advocate in China
08:05:14a Protests outside Oppo unit after employee 'insults' flag
08:05:28a Cooper choice to run health agency getting Senate questions
08:05:32a Pinal Co. deputies ditch their cars for dump trucks to catch speedsters
08:05:43a Tornado chasers in Texas crash vehicles, 3 people killed
08:05:47a What happens when one day you realise you've stopped believing in God?
08:06:04a Russian Eastern Military District Artillery Units Use Zoopark-1M Radar
08:06:11a Paul Burt braves Cyclone Debbie
08:06:51a Cyclist hit by ice-affected driver lives with 'soul-destroying' injuries
08:06:58a Kushner, taking new White House role, faces rare scrutiny
08:08:00a Cyclone Debbie as seen from space
08:08:13a US Must Consider Providing Lethal Weapons to Ukraine European Command Chief
08:08:46a Sensitivity to Certain Sounds Is a Thing
08:09:12a Murder accused out on bail
08:10:11a This is what will happen if Britain's divorce from the EU turns sour
08:10:16a U.K.'s May to Set Historic Brexit Process in Motion
08:10:31a Nepal asks climbers to clean quake-littered Everest camp
08:10:43a China Nears Completion of Military Bases on S China Sea Reefs Think Tank
08:10:56a New Minister to look at range of solutions for wild dog issue
08:11:32a Russian general criticizes US-led coalition's bombing of Syria dam
08:11:36a Four in 10 Dutch teens have a job, supermarket work tops the list
08:12:29a California Bars Could Soon Push Closing Time To 4 A.M.
08:12:35a Oracle Linux 6 Update 9 released
08:12:52a Paul Ryan’s Edsel
08:13:03a Lloyd's of London picks Brussels for EU subsidiary report
08:13:55a Clinton takes Trump to task in first major post-election speech
08:14:19a Gore shows An Inconvenient Sequel trailer
08:14:31a MAC urges China to explain arrest of Taiwan human rights advocate
08:14:54a Ice fuelled rapist attacked mother, schoolgirl, jailed for 18 years
08:15:00a Teacher in Melbourne's south-east charged with child grooming
08:15:12a Warriors Win 60th Game In Victory Over Rockets
08:15:25a Australian meat industry licks lips at post-Brexit Europe
08:15:39a French retools anti-extremism efforts after public failures
08:15:43a Trimmed-down welfare cuts clear parliament
08:15:49a WA property developers try to lure buyers with incentives
08:17:02a DR Congo UN and regional partners express concern about Kasaï unrest
08:17:23a Hardy north Qlders battered but unbowed
08:17:28a Judge approves release of jailed Seattle-area 'dreamer'
08:17:31a Where the Declaration of Independence went wrong
08:17:48a Fears for Indonesian park's rare species as Trump town rises
08:17:57a House votes to undo broadband privacy rules
08:18:11a Why Congress is against UBI
08:18:24a Setting Poland on Fire
08:18:57a Head of Trump-Russia probe under fire, won't step down
08:19:04a 'I still believe it' Brother-in-law thinks Rayney killed wife
08:19:08a Annual 37k boost for parents who adopt foster children
08:19:45a Vucic cancels Kosovo trip, 'won't take orders from Pristina'
08:20:16a Who to believe on the NT Government's '2b GST shortfall'
08:21:04a N Korea Conducts Another Ballistic Missile Engine Test
08:21:14a NTSB Says Lack Of Highway Markings Caused Fatal 2016 San Jose Bus Crash
08:21:25a 'Still one of us'
08:21:29a Raises at DPS lab on hold despite approval months ago
08:21:42a Engine failure ruled out as cause of deadly Essendon DFO plane crash
08:21:49a US Missile Defense System Provokes New Arms Race Russian Ministry of Defense
08:21:54a Watch CCTV footage shows Nigerians getting attacked in Noida
08:22:12a Batteries Another green scam
08:22:21a Afghan General Arrested On Corruption Charges
08:22:34a Clothes wet following Cyclone Debbie? Orange Sky is here to help
08:22:38a New flight links Chongqing, Cebu
08:22:43a L&T secures Rs 2,400-crore job offers; shares 1.25%
08:23:43a NCAA Tournament brings love of basketball to Phoenix
08:23:58a Statement by the Secretary General on meeting of the NATO-Russia Council
08:24:07a Social media more popular with Dutch jobseekers
08:24:56a Troll for the 'lulz'? A target of online abuse isn't amused
08:25:08a Zuma skips funeral of S.Africa anti-apartheid icon
08:25:51a Police appeal for witnesses after driver, 30, dies in two-car crash
08:26:56a The Great ‘Christian Terrorist’ Unicorn Hunt
08:27:17a Meet the modern midwives of King Eddy's
08:27:35a 'Entrenched racism' in NSW Police harming young people, Indigenous leader says
08:28:21a Dem rep tips off illegals on ICE raid; should Sessions prosecute?
08:28:28a UK and France strengthen defence cooperation with new weapon system agreement
08:29:02a AG Sessions and sanctuary cities
08:29:06a Auburn beats Alabama in 2017 Max Capital City Classic
08:29:40a Grenade attack as Bangladesh police raid Islamist hideout
08:30:33a US NBA stars staying on cruise ship, rather than Olympic Village
08:30:43a SK Hynix consortium bids over billion for Toshiba chip unit Maeil Business
08:31:01a ABC News quiz Skeletons, a sinkhole and a surprise pregnancy
08:31:20a APPLE-SA-2017-03-28-1 iCloud for Windows 6.2
08:31:24a Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct Review @ TechPowerUp
08:31:44a Digital Currency Exchange ShapeShift Raises Million Series A
08:31:49a Mark Latham sacked from Sky News
08:32:21a Bizarre stunt at Auschwitz carried out by anti-war activists
08:33:25a Playground for adults and kids planned for Perth
08:33:44a Trump EPA revisions force enviros to confront mental illness
08:34:11a AP EXPLAINS What the death of broadband privacy rules means
08:34:21a Follow the money in this concealed carry permit struggle
08:34:28a US Wants Venezuela's Cooperation, Not Its Suspension From OAS
08:34:41a Military mobilises to help cyclone-ravaged Australian region
08:35:00a Scottish Parliament Votes in Support of Holding Second Independence Referendum
08:35:08a Electronic Intifada's Latest Libel Israel Causes Cancer
08:35:39a Security guard saves dozens when Fitzroy building erupts in flames
08:35:43a First reactions to 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' at CinemaCon
08:35:54a iWedia’s Linux-based STB software deployed by SmarDTV for HD+
08:36:05a South Africa lucky to nab draw Du Plessis
08:36:10a The Latest UK envoy gears up to hand over Brexit letter
08:36:18a Tokyo Dismisses Chinese Protest Over Visit of Senior Japanese Official to Taiwan
08:36:37a I had not a cent to my name, MP reveals
08:36:42a Clashes leave two dead, 18 injured in Kashmir
08:36:47a OBLO Living and iWedia collaborate on home automation through IFTTT
08:37:15a Kremlin Says Bank's Meeting With Trump Son-In-Law Was Routine
08:37:36a Antenna Group launches SVOD service in Greece
08:38:16a US Vice Admiral Calls for Code of Conduct for Space
08:38:57a Report Beijing's Man-made South China Sea Islands Nearly Complete
08:39:35a BitFenix Shogun E-ATX Case Review
08:39:39a So how did the California drought end?
08:40:26a What's Eating Gilbert Grape mother dies
08:40:41a McCain, Graham join the Opposition Party to attack Nunes
08:41:43a Chinese developers plan skyscraper
08:41:49a ASRock X370 Taichi AM4 Motherboard Review @ Hardware Canucks
08:42:34a Russian Tycoon AccusesOf 'Malicious' Lie In Report On Ex-Trump Adviser
08:43:07a Baghdad Still Unable to Determine New US Policy Toward Iraq President
08:43:34a Russian Billionaire Deripaska Ready to Deny Manafort Contacts Rumors in Congress
08:44:10a Royal Saudi Navy works as protector and supporter
08:45:40a Cop to plead over marriage breakdown siege
08:45:50a LOOK Duterte celebrates birthday with grandchildren
08:46:10a Time for the GOP to unite
08:46:47a Reports Kurdish militant dies as bomb explodes prematurely
08:46:59a The Latest Tusk to get Brexit letter earlier than planned
08:47:40a Gulf Shores residents voice concerns of PUD near landfill
08:47:44a Gearing Up US-Led Coalition to Use Tabqa Base During Raqqa Operation
08:48:05a N.W.A., Vin Scully to be preserved by Library of Congress
08:49:05a London attack Thames woman's family overwhelmed by 'love and support'
08:49:10a Inherent Resolve Commander Addresses Reports of Mosul Civilian Casualties
08:49:22a New iron worker center coming to the Tri-States
08:49:45a Former Pakistan Army Chief Set to Take Command of 'Muslim NATO'
08:50:04a Royal Marine Alexander Blackman expresses 'relief' at sentence cut
08:50:26a New information could help solve cold case stabbing murder
08:50:40a Swift water rescue crews in action on flooded highway
08:50:54a Pokies emptied in Taupo pub robbery
08:51:14a BP to sell more refineries and sharpen focus on retail outlets
08:51:18a Sharjah announced special guest of honour at Paris Book Fair 2018
08:52:54a PNP claims human rights cases vs cops dropped by 40%
08:53:08a Is There Anything Climate Change Can’t Do?
08:53:40a Brothers-in-Arms Russia Helps Serbia to Modernize Its Air Force Fleet
08:53:44a Economists see NZ farmgate milk price at
08:54:58a Djokovic to lead Serbian Davis Cup team v. Spain
08:55:53a Gorsuched!
08:56:30a Daily Briefing Brexit clock starts ticking
08:56:42a Postecoglou asks Socceroos fans to keep the faith
08:56:54a Vin Scully on opening day 'I'll probably have things to do'
08:57:19a US missile systems can lead to nuclear attack Top Russian commander
08:57:42a TV Everywhere available to 72% of pay TV subscribers in Europe
08:58:17a Ex-prison guard convicted of Washington robbery, kidnapping
08:58:27a Officer jumps off chopper in sea rescue
08:59:22a Some 40k Syrians displaced in fresh clashes near Hama UN
08:59:43a Local farmers prepare for planting after dry winter
09:00:03a China, Philippines to hold talks on maritime issues in May
09:00:09a Tim Simona Police charge former West Tigers star over defrauding charities
09:00:19a How you can avoid rent-to-buy rip-offs
09:00:56a Iraqi President Denies Ban on Russian Arms Supplies
09:01:13a Troll for the 'lulz'? A target of online abuse isn't amused
09:01:20a Hong Kong convicts two for ivory on radiocarbon dating
09:01:47a Review The Commitments at the Palace Theatre Manchester
09:01:56a Sensitivity to Certain Sounds Is a Real Thing
09:02:34a May gathers ministers before Brexit launch
09:02:48a ‘Skinny Budget’ Outline Is the Right Stuff
09:03:10a Japan's Toshiba says Westinghouse has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US
09:03:14a 'Pies axe Cox, as Tigers drop three in AFL
09:03:29a Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct @ techPowerUp
09:03:49a North Korea tests new rocket engine US officials
09:03:56a Russia to Continue Supporting Donbass Residents in Any Circumstances Lavrov
09:04:10a Fears of Islamic State's Long Game Persist as Caliphate Crumbles
09:04:53a Violet Youens Man charged over four-year-old's death
09:04:59a Simplestream’s Cloud TV platform powers TracePlay
09:05:08a Turkey to discuss Syria, Gulen with U.S.'s Tillerson foreign minister
09:05:19a Is slime safe for your children?
09:05:46a How London's Goethe-Institut is fighting for foreign languages amidst Brexit
09:07:41a Chinese military stages drills near restive Myanmar border
09:08:04a Annual boost for parents who adopt foster children
09:08:16a Over 10,000 Militants Trying to Capture Hama Russian Military
09:08:41a Mass. State Rep Michelle DuBois Tips Off Illegals to ICE Raids
09:08:59a NASA's stopwatch can measure billionth of second!
09:09:40a Scene cleared following accident on Magnolia Ave. in Auburn
09:09:46a Georgia celebrates onset of EU visa-waiver program
09:10:05a Turkey spying on Gulen supporters unacceptable German minister
09:10:11a Ryanair calls on Britain to put aviation at top of Brexit agenda
09:10:33a Department of Defense Briefing by Gen. Townsend via Telephone from Baghdad, Iraq
09:10:57a Samsung EVO Plus 128GB MicroSDXC Memory Card Review @ Legit Reviews
09:11:24a World Vision staffer told guilty verdict likely over alleged Hamas funding
09:11:58a UK ambassador confirms plans to sell British Embassy land
09:12:03a US Vote to Repeal Broadband Privacy Rules Sparks Interest in VPNs
09:12:24a Croc shot in WA after killing farm animals
09:13:12a Hannibal businesses build connections at business expo
09:13:36a Elderly soldier still waiting for medals, 70 years on
09:13:44a be quiet! Pure Base 600 Window Review @ Vortez
09:14:00a Space Laboratory the Size of a Tissue Box
09:14:05a Tencent Big in China, Looking Abroad
09:14:45a Vietnam's VNPT sells more than 100,000 DTT receivers in first 3 months
09:15:09a Hazelwood power station switches off for good
09:15:22a Counterterrorism Campaign High Agenda at Tillerson's Turkey, NATO Meetings
09:15:54a Question Time descends into personal attacks and vitriol
09:15:58a Hero worker stops bashing of Geelong factory owner
09:16:35a Toshiba's US atomic unit files for bankruptcy protection
09:16:40a Bangladesh Bank heist was 'state-sponsored' U.S. official
09:16:45a ‘No rush’ to buy three submarines, says Prawit 
09:20:05a Chinese demand for elephant ivory drops, new report says
09:21:03a Technology the main complexity for businesses to untangle, survey finds
09:21:14a Gas company linked to baby's death to continue supplying Canberra hospitals
09:21:20a Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen
09:21:24a AP FACT CHECK Spicer says case closed on Russia. It's not
09:22:14a Expectations Gordhan will go leave South African markets on edge
09:22:26a The highs and lows of Scipione's career
09:22:31a Kings' chances to reach playoffs are running out
09:23:24a South Korea Ferry Site Bones From Animal, Not Human
09:23:31a Trump and National Heath Care
09:24:48a Toshiba's Westinghouse files for US bankruptcy
09:24:52a Former PM Valls endorses Macron for French presidency
09:25:05a Linux block I/O tracing
09:25:09a Could owners of un-desexed cats in Canberra soon be slugged with fines?
09:25:14a Romeo and Juliet babies star in Shakespeare-themed photo shoot
09:25:33a Fog grounds flights in and out of New Zealand capital
09:26:13a Westinghouse Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in US
09:26:23a ASEAN beauty trade show to highlight innovations in growth industry
09:26:36a Star Cruises announces inaugural homeport in Laem Chabang
09:26:57a Exclusive Malaysia inspects North Korean coal ship for possible U.N. sanctions breach
09:27:01a CFMEU slugged with bigger fine for Perth Airport blockade
09:27:07a Court overturns approval for northeast Missouri power line
09:28:00a Priebus a central figure in Trump's White House drama
09:28:43a Frances Bedford contacted by Xenophon after quitting Labor party
09:29:36a Scottish Parliament Supports New Referendum on Independence
09:29:40a Uber seeks further changes to NZ laws for taxi services
09:30:46a Com Com delays NZME-Fairfax decision again
09:31:49a Fort Madison frustrated with state's movement on old state penitentiary
09:32:14a Trump Officials Draw AIPAC Cheers for Tougher Line on Israel's Adversaries
09:33:05a Cambodian protesters block Aranyaprathet bridge after fee hike
09:33:09a 4C launches TV suite to help brands win battle for consumer attention
09:33:19a Michael Moore Says Trump Will Cause Human Extinction
09:33:26a GRPD Responds to shots fired; 1 man found dead
09:33:32a Brexit paperwork Britons apply for dual citizenship
09:34:39a Outback copper project near Alice Springs gets major project status
09:35:06a Sunshine Coast gets Australia's newest hospital
09:36:29a Who to believe on the NT Government's '2b GST shortfall'
09:36:43a Scottish Parliament defies UK and backs independence referendum
09:36:57a Toshiba says Westinghouse files for bankruptcy protection
09:38:09a Arab summit to endorse Palestinian positions with eye on US
09:38:31a Lehmann in awe of Smith's 'Bradman-like' India tour
09:38:52a Xenophon's bid to ban gambling ads fails to win support
09:39:19a Rebels to hit electrifying Super wingers
09:39:45a ONE Media 3.0 and Saankhya Labs partner for ATSC 3.0 chipset development
09:40:01a Lyman mayor passes away after battle with cancer
09:40:15a Pope demands 'urgent' action to protect civilians in Iraq
09:40:19a Code of conduct for sugar industry
09:40:30a Victorian fugitive spotted in NSW
09:41:05a Rival Nations Dabble in South China Sea Tourism Despite Risks
09:41:49a Nigeria 'ransacking' recaptured Boko Haram territory for elusive leader defence minister
09:44:37a Deutsche Boerse, LSE merger plans rejected by EU regulators
09:44:43a Westinghouse Electric is filing for bankruptcy
09:45:16a Westinghouse files for bankruptcy
09:45:36a Abhisit calls for anti-graft commissioners to handle high profile cases
09:45:44a France election Ex-PM Valls backs Macron for president
09:46:05a US veteran recalls how he became ‘Cebuano’
09:46:12a FDA silence on generic Advair may be good news for GSK
09:46:58a Goldman Sachs reassures staff over Brexit in voicemail
09:47:26a Samaritans rush to assistance of ill Thai woman in South Korea
09:47:48a China still committed to Paris climate change deal foreign ministry
09:47:52a Ooredoo Oman launches multiscreen TV with Netgem
09:47:58a Syria deal to evacuate Shi'ites and Sunnis from towns source, Observatory
09:50:02a California prosecutors charge pro-life activists with 15 felonies
09:50:11a Thousands join the fray for assistant teacher jobs
09:50:22a Iraqi forces battle towards landmark Mosul mosque
09:50:48a UK police, Muslim youths to link hands to mark London attack
09:51:00a Lehmann in awe of Smith's 'Bradman-like' India tour
09:53:09a Storm chasers killed in crash while tracking tornado
09:53:16a Restrictions eased on cross-border logistics, transport
09:53:20a Hall Brown exceeds targets in first year
09:53:26a Samsung Is Galaxy S8 the firm's most important phone yet?
09:53:53a  CPN injecting Bt70 m into its Songkran celebrations 
09:54:23a Family ties 3 Iraqis in US allegedly hid link to kidnapper
09:54:53a UK-German stock exchange deal blocked
09:54:59a British PM May Signs Papers to to Formally Leave EU
09:55:39a 'Aggressive' croc shot dead after killing livestock, threatening people
09:55:42a Lee County board OK's minimum wage hike
09:56:00a Authorities 2 dogs got loose, attacked 3 at shopping plaza
09:56:39a Upstate family asks for help finding autistic son's service dog
09:57:17a Nok Air Signs MOU with HNCA to Establish Major Cooperation
09:57:32a IBM Rational Quality Manager CVE-2016-6036 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
09:57:36a IBM Jazz Foundation CVE-2016-9707 XML External Entity Denial of Service Vulnerability
09:57:57a Family think Rayney involved in death
09:58:43a Senator Courson in court on misconduct allegations
09:59:15a Bowen locals are taking stock of what's left of their properties
10:00:57a US Senate Ratifies Montenegro as NATO Member
10:01:22a Palantir Solutions and Caesar Systems/PetroVR form partnership
10:01:27a Man tries to lure girl from Hutt school
10:01:40a Perth Freight Link project highlights laws
10:01:47a EU blocks merger of Deutsche Boerse, London Stock Exchange
10:02:20a Decades-old green power law is a fresh nuisance to U.S. utilities
10:02:24a South Korean ferry saga a tale of government blunders
10:02:31a Ukrainian president condemns attack on Polish Consulate
10:03:13a Police investigating deadly shooting in Grand Rapids
10:03:26a Thailand's ex-tourism chief gets 50 years for taking bribes
10:04:21a Bastian Schweinsteiger arrives to hero's welcome in Chicago
10:04:39a Google announces a repository for all its Open Source offerings
10:04:59a China affirms climate pledge after Trump rolls back rules
10:05:09a BBC editors The key issues
10:05:23a This is what will happen if Britain's divorce from the EU turns sour
10:05:38a Huge range of sterling forecasts clouds horizon for Brexit talks
10:06:01a Sydney heroin supply ring busted with 77yo
10:06:49a Drinks group Pernod says raised prices in Britain in March due to Brexit
10:07:03a Head of Trump-Russia probe under fire, won't step down
10:07:48a Exclusive Thai junta seeks law to bring more order to Buddhism
10:08:05a EU blocks London Stock Exchange merger
10:09:08a Neighbors worry about dangerous Bristol intersection
10:10:06a Apple releases annual Supplier Responsibility progress report
10:10:47a Police identify man killed in shooting
10:11:08a Devastating arson attack at drive-in cinema
10:11:16a Police Train hits car in Helena, driver arrested
10:11:26a Adults who molest children 'often popular members of community'
10:12:29a German government finds eight alternatives to Incirlik military base in Turkey
10:12:34a 8 Minutes of New Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Gameplay
10:13:04a France retools anti-extremism efforts after public failures
10:15:23a Three storm chasers killed in car crash in northwest Texas media
10:15:49a Toshiba's new car audio system regulator IC handles all power requirements
10:16:08a IBM Rational Quality Manager CVE-2016-6022 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
10:16:51a A New Kind Of March Madness Hits Schools
10:17:14a SYRIZA Demands Cuts in Salaries, Expenses of Greek Deputies
10:17:52a Future of telethon hangs in balance
10:19:33a Fuel Traders Receive Ban on Exchanging Information
10:20:35a The Latest 3 ant
10:20:51a Chance the Rapper wants a new intern to 'put together decks and write proposals'
10:21:47a Syria deal to evacuate Shi'ites and Sunnis from towns source, Observatory
10:22:30a Big brands pulling ads from YouTube
10:22:36a Adults who molest children 'often popular members of community'
10:22:50a Bushrangers leave Redbacks battling in Shield final
10:22:57a 14 Mauldin area businesses participate in job fair on Wednesday
10:23:30a Joey Meek appealing prison sentence for lying to FBI about Dylann Roof
10:24:20a Mercedes, VW recall million vehicles in China
10:24:35a US Senate Approves Montenegro's Accession to NATO
10:24:40a Salem man says he rescued bear cub that was close to death
10:25:34a Exclusive Malaysia inspects North Korean coal ship for possible U.N. sanctions breach
10:25:42a Study to track DNA sequence of superbugs
10:25:48a Six projects worth Bt600 bn to be fast-tracked
10:26:45a FTSE 100 rises as Brexit looms
10:28:19a Police 2 kids witness man being shot, killed in Hartford
10:28:27a Army Assesses Damage After Cyclone 'Absolutely Smashes' North Australia
10:28:50a The Latest Jordan says no peace without Palestinian state
10:29:08a U.K. Set to File for E.U. Divorce, Officially Triggering Two Years to Brexit
10:29:13a Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Is Preparing New Nuclear Test
10:30:38a Landmark truancy case sees father in court
10:30:42a State on Rise as Family Dies
10:31:06a MBPD looks to speed up reunions of lost children with families on beach
10:31:27a Evacuation deal reached for 4 besieged Syria towns monitor
10:31:40a Storm chasers identified 2 from MO, 1 from AZ killed in crash in Texas
10:33:28a Former city councilman indicted for sex crimes with minor
10:33:32a IBM Rational Quality Manager CVE-2016-6031 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
10:33:36a Shreveport among options for Banana Wave headquarters
10:34:42a Republicans Signal Desire to Keep Working on Health Care Reform
10:34:53a 'Pink Star' diamond set to fetch record price in Hong Kong
10:35:25a South Africa's Zuma is asked to miss activist's funeral
10:36:03a GH Bank gets Cabinet blessing to issue lottery-saving products
10:36:29a Brexit process officially starts here's how the UK will leave the EU
10:36:41a Vuln IETF IPv6 Protocol CVE-2016-10142 Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:36:52a Patriots Point offers free admission to Vietnam veterans on Wednesday
10:36:57a Family pay tribute to dad found dead in burning flat
10:37:01a Robber holds knife to throat of woman working in hair salon
10:38:02a Flooded roads limiting access to cyclone-ravaged towns
10:38:46a Syria deal to evacuate Shi'ites and Sunnis from towns source, Observatory
10:39:10a Tencent Hits a Speed Bump With Tesla
10:40:19a Cambodian monks found in Samut Prakan camp without passports
10:40:27a Vuln ImageMagick Incomplete Fix CVE-2017-7275 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
10:41:00a Social media highlights elephants’ plight
10:41:04a Longest stamps in the world to mark late King’s accession to throne
10:41:49a Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 Review @ Hexus
10:42:53a Brexit officially kicks off; Samsung's new phone; Lululemon earnings
10:43:06a Bill kills incentive
10:43:44a French candidate Macron wins new supporter former PM Valls
10:44:57a Ukraine to appeal court decision on billion dispute with Russia
10:45:14a Volunteer coach no longer with Gamecocks baseball team
10:45:56a Art, sculpture a focus of new hospital
10:46:39a Yale students develop a cure for hangovers
10:46:49a Woman filmed in zombie-like state after taking synthetic drugs applies for rehab
10:47:32a South Africa's Zuma is asked to miss activist's funeral
10:47:36a Look at the size of this
10:47:56a China Says It Has Detained Rights Activist From Taiwan
10:48:01a Siemens RUGGEDCOM ROX I ICSA-17-087-01 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
10:48:23a The Latest UN chief says Arabs must heal divisions
10:48:49a French ex-PM Valls backs Macron in snub to fellow Socialist Hamon
10:49:09a Remembering The Gambia's notorious Mile 2 Prison
10:49:13a Britons still divided over Brexit poll
10:49:40a Exclusive Thai junta seeks law to bring more order to Buddhism
10:49:46a 33-year state senator in court on misconduct allegations
10:49:52a 'Aggressive' croc shot dead after killing livestock, threatening people
10:50:56a Rewind Daughters of the Brothel
10:51:22a It's official Canberra's water is a top-shelf drop
10:51:39a Xenophon's bid to ban gambling ads fails to win support
10:51:52a Hillary Clinton takes on the Trump administration in speech
10:51:59a Wife of Taiwanese Rights Activist Detained in China Speaks Out About His Disappearance
10:53:14a Federer and Nadal advance; Wawrinka ousted at Miami Open
10:53:31a Google Translate app now unblocked in China
10:53:45a Far Manager 3.0 Build 4927 Beta / 3.0 Build 4900
10:54:14a Winning Lotto ticket sold at New World in Levin
10:54:25a After six decades, U.S. set to turn natgas exporter amid LNG boom
10:54:41a Centre remains non-committal on loan waiver for TN farmers
10:54:54a Europe Edition ‘Brexit,’ Mosul, Samsung Your Wednesday Briefing
10:56:25a Ford warns Brexit deal must inc
10:56:53a Opposed to Gorsuch
10:58:22a Ford warns Brexit deal must include tariff-free access to customs union
10:58:59a Legislature should act now to curb tobacco use
10:59:07a British envoy readies to hand over Brexit letter
10:59:14a Trump's Free Hand on Bank Deregulation
10:59:38a Organization preps for Sexual Assault Awareness Month
10:59:45a From the Archives Dynamite divining rod finds oil
10:59:54a Media calls for more disclosure from state
10:59:58a Cyberfox 52.0.3
11:00:21a The Daily ‘The Daily’ Hello Coal Jobs, Goodbye E.U.
11:00:26a Indonesian man's body found inside python police
11:00:48a Jobs for 40 Iloilo scholars approved
11:01:52a Christie associates to be sentenced for New Jersey bridge scandal
11:02:18a Pope demands 'urgent' action to protect civilians in Iraq
11:02:23a Britain officially begins process of leaving EU
11:02:45a When Baahubali meets cricket!
11:03:00a Guilty plea set for woman in Sandy Hook parent threat
11:03:26a Investors Face Brexit Quiet Before the Negotiating Storm
11:03:32a Abu Dhabi fund loses crisis-related arbitration against Citigroup
11:03:37a Saudi King says Syrian subjected to 'killing' urges U.N. based political deal
11:03:52a Wednesday is a Severe Weather Alert Day for ArkLaTex
11:03:59a Somalia's drought once again has thousands on the move
11:05:18a California is back and the proof is in the poppies
11:05:39a Vivaldi 1.8.770.50
11:05:47a London attack a 'wake-up' call for tech firms to put house in order police
11:06:19a SWAT body camera captures dramatic scene of hostage standoff
11:06:22a Harry Styles going solo on SNL
11:06:35a Missing 20-year-old Woodland woman found safe in Portland
11:06:48a Need to scale up and ramp down H-1B visas Senator
11:07:46a Australia is speaking plainly to PNG on aid change request
11:08:33a Sweden UN, Congo must investigate deaths of Swede, American
11:08:58a Multi-day severe weather outbreak for many southern states
11:09:14a Mark Duggan's family lose inquest appeal
11:09:41a Local energy bill assistance program in jeopardy under Trump budget
11:09:59a EU regrets Trump's reversal of climate policy
11:10:18a Twice-Told Tales
11:10:38a Man pleads guilty to manslaughter in Maine shooting deaths
11:10:51a Aesthetic clinic, doctors yet to be charged over death of patient
11:11:07a Soros-founded university says new law would force it out of Hungary
11:11:18a Analysts Trump Could Target South Korea for Currency Manipulation
11:11:26a EU regrets Trump's reversal of climate policy
11:12:13a Engineers set to to enter IS-held parts of Syria dam
11:12:23a Specialist travel lawyers moving to Irwin Mitchell’s Manchester office
11:12:30a UK-based banks already knocking on Germany's door Bundesbank
11:12:35a Flybe fined for sending 3.3 million unwanted emails
11:12:40a A scramble at Cisco exposes uncomfortable truths about U.S. cyber defense
11:12:46a Grand Teton's main road opens for bikers, pedestrians
11:13:07a Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WW2 revealed
11:13:18a India lost Rs 12 lakh cr due to BJP's opposition to GST Moily
11:13:36a Decades-old war over Yucca Mountain nuclear dump resumes under Trump budget plan
11:13:41a Son of missing Mobile woman arrested, charged with murder
11:14:21a Lauren Warm Wednesday ahead of storms
11:14:26a Trump climate Challenges loom after Obama policies scrapped
11:14:55a House Intel Chairman Rejects Calls to Recuse Self From Russia Probe
11:15:04a No one wants lines of trucks at borders after Brexit Hammond
11:16:04a Oldest man, 109, 'irked' over his Brexit birthday
11:17:11a Five things we learned from India v Australia Test series
11:17:31a US Senate backs Montenegrin NATO bid; will Trump sign it?
11:17:51a Italian Gang’s Plot to Steal Motor-Racing Legend Ferrari’s Remains Foiled
11:18:29a Giraffe watch April's body continues to prepare for birth
11:18:36a Video Stranger speaks at woman's funeral, insults mourners
11:18:51a Baby red squirrel found in felled tree in Insch
11:19:17a Philippines, China to hold direct talks on sea row
11:19:21a China calls on US to honour climate commitments
11:19:49a 'Woman to Woman'
11:20:36a BDO gets injunction order vs Cebu City Government
11:23:54a Maximize public usage of new garage
11:24:04a FIRST Idaho Robotics Competition Regional
11:24:32a Ryanair fears flight disruption if post-Bre
11:24:37a Prawit denies reports on elections and reshuffle
11:25:01a New Mexico gets record tobacco settlement payment
11:25:06a Bulgaria's SCC Fails To Launch Sarafovo Trial
11:25:11a Not train, Sena MP travels to Delhi by car
11:25:45a Staffordshire bull terrier owner dies after own dog attacks
11:25:53a Thanks to fire department
11:26:15a China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump’s Move to Undo Policies
11:26:29a N.W.A., Barbra Streisand and Richard Pryor Among 25 Additions to National Recording Registry
11:26:36a Mail March 29, 2017
11:27:25a Zamboanga Sibugay to be declared special ecozone
11:28:17a Local protesters dig in heels over anti-corruption activist’s visit
11:28:39a The clean-up begins after Cyclone Debbie
11:28:53a Bob Dylan finally agrees to accept Nobel Prize for Literature
11:29:21a 'Dad,what's yeast?'
11:29:26a IObit Malware Fighter
11:29:59a Hospital opens after years of planning
11:30:03a For 100th birthday, man wants to go to work
11:30:10a Neighbors cope as police investigate 3 shootings in 48 hours
11:30:18a Snoop Dogg to induct Tupac into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
11:30:27a 280 non-Thai students in Tak receive ID cards
11:30:45a Lebanese asylum seekers sent home from Manus
11:30:50a World's first monster truck front flip
11:31:15a Group plans land rights protest at Government House
11:32:16a Islamic State shelling forces engineers to evacuate Syrian dam Reuters witness
11:32:20a Stand-Up Kevin Farley and Marc Price
11:32:24a Louisiana governor, superintendent clash over rules rewrite
11:32:32a Residents angry as dredged sediment dumped at Pranburi Beach
11:33:29a Rayong roads under water following hours of heavy rain
11:34:06a Ahmed Kathrada funeral South Africa's Zuma asked to stay away
11:35:08a UK-based banks already knocking on Germany's door Bundesbank
11:35:19a The Freedom to Say No
11:35:25a Quokkas thriving on Rottnest despite increased tourism, study finds
11:35:48a People smugglers arrested over Darwin plot
11:35:56a KLM offers free trip to Amsterdam to contest winner
11:36:18a Probe into Nakhon Trang building collapse
11:36:58a VW Vento Diesel The best sedan in its segment for highway driving
11:37:28a Car goes up in flames in Richmond's Southside
11:37:42a Jordan's King Abdullah says two-state solution basis of Middle East peace
11:39:12a Cambodia Has Banned Exports of Human Breast Milk to the U.S.
11:39:58a Opening of Queensferry Crossing delayed until summer
11:40:03a 'RSS chief as President is Shiv Sena's cheap gimmick'
11:40:08a Iraqi forces battle toward landmark Mosul mosque
11:40:52a Neuroprosthesis enables paralysed man to feed himself
11:41:03a Do You Know How Much Private Information You Give Away Every Day?
11:41:21a Murder charges against trio dropped as another man charged over Adelaide death
11:41:28a Melbourne experts attempting to stop spread of ‘superbugs’
11:41:47a QuickHash
11:41:59a Title of Disney's Oscar-nommed “Wreck-It Ralph” sequel revealed
11:42:04a Iraqi forces battle toward al-Nuri mosque in Mosul
11:42:08a Brexit What would 'no deal' look like?
11:42:48a Blue cheese 'was source' of E. coli outbreak
11:43:50a Greater Manchester Marathon 2017 everything you need to know about the race
11:44:52a Phone bill for Solomons MP tops 50K
11:45:03a Somalia's drought once again has thousands on the move
11:45:09a Australian Minister warns PNG aid is not a charity
11:45:24a Thailand's ex-tourism chief gets 50 years for taking bribes
11:45:36a Delays continue after banana truck rollover in Waterbury
11:46:55a Gigabyte Aorus AX370 Gaming 5 Review @ Guru3D
11:47:07a McMaster to speak at Upstate SC Alliance Annual Meeting in Greenville
11:47:14a Dunedin's Aurora Energy to take on Delta workers
11:47:18a China, EU reaffirm climate action after Trump backs away
11:47:22a Cent Browser
11:48:31a HC rejects Swaraj India's plea for common symbol
11:48:41a Driver rushed to hospital after crash in Chesterfield
11:48:56a Government announces sugar industry code of conduct
11:49:03a How Devin Nunes Is Threatening the Constitution
11:50:11a Bulgarian Political Parties To File Financial Reports By March 31
11:50:15a What it takes to become an IT security engineer
11:50:19a As oil output grows, BP keeps refining stable, expands retail
11:50:25a Insecure security cameras sound like a joke, but aren’t
11:50:32a Basketball Offers Somali Youth in Minnesota a Positive Outlet
11:50:37a Mkhitaryan will become perfect player under Mourinho, says Carrick
11:50:42a Drone vision shows extensive damage to a house in Proserpine
11:50:45a GVSU student changing lives with new bakery
11:50:51a EU blocks London Stock Exchange Deutsche Boerse mega-merger
11:50:56a Google Duo’s new audio calls feature now available to all users
11:51:27a British PM fires starting gun on Brexit
11:51:51a WinDataReflector 1.6.1
11:52:08a Serbia, Hungary discuss 'fighting irregular migration'
11:52:48a Campti man arrested for drugs, weapons
11:52:52a Jared Kushner Is Facing New Scrutiny as He Takes on More for President Trump
11:53:01a Mexico prison riot leaves two inmates dead in Monterrey
11:53:07a Chromium 59.0.3056.0
11:53:23a Philippines' Duterte offers return to authoritarian rule
11:54:27a Texas man sentenced to 15 years for beating pregnant girlfriend
11:54:50a Elle Fanning’s animated film “Leap!” release day moved
11:55:33a Police officer leaps into water to help kayakers
11:55:37a Donald Trump's Table Manners
11:55:41a Battle RoyALE Pinball Tournament
11:56:48a Papua to inaugurate Sawarkawafor undersea tourism attraction
11:57:09a Aurora Australis snapped in Auckland during geomagnetic storm
11:57:14a Martinez home burns twice in same night
11:57:34a Syrian police Bus bombing kills 5 in central city of Homs
11:57:45a Mobs attack Africans in India after a local boy went missing
11:58:16a Wild turkey crashes through family's windshield in Indiana
11:59:11a Facebook launches Snapchat-style Stories with new in-app camera feature
11:59:15a Police Pedestrian hit by vehicle in Fennville
11:59:51a Your Weather Authority Warm, muggy Wednesday, storms coming Thursday
12:00:07p Drenching from Debbie due in south-east Queensland on Thursday
12:00:20p France to invest US2.6 billion in Indonesia
12:00:25p Tara Velarde, March 31, District Coffee House
12:00:51p Pets sleeping on your bed growing trend
12:01:13p Paris, London, Seoul to 'grade' cars based on emissions
12:01:50p Power interruption in Lapu-Lapu, Cordova on April 9-15
12:02:13p Realstar invests £30m into new Manchester residential brand UNCLE
12:02:24p Laura Coble will be honored at this year's Mayor's Masters Reception
12:03:25p Essential Politics Trump makes good on his change for climate rules
12:03:38p American UN worker found dead in Congo after being kidnapped
12:04:19p Doctor at 86 years still working 30-hour weeks
12:04:29p Palace ‘ICC can’t arbitrarily interfere in PH affairs’
12:04:42p Meijer launches home delivery in West Michigan
12:04:49p Syria deal to evacuate Shi'ites and Sunnis from towns monitor
12:04:53p Ex-TAT governor Juthamas jailed for 50 years for corruption
12:05:08p Perth father admits to murdering two children
12:05:56p Season-ending congrats to IU women's team
12:06:17p 'Bio Abstract 5'
12:07:00p New Mexico governor celebrates Safelite jobs
12:07:26p Emma Thompson felt 'too fat' to live in LA
12:07:52p Buses carrying Vucic's supporters blocked, stoned in Kosovo
12:08:42p Louie Anderson
12:09:16p States scramble to salvage climate crusade abandoned by Trump
12:09:21p Merthyr rugby players 'burnt by Pontypridd 3G pitch'
12:09:39p Calls for UN, Congo to investigate deaths of Swede, American
12:09:53p Woman critical after stabbing, Boynton Beach police say
12:10:09p Indonesia man swallowed by python, villagers and reports say
12:10:22p Brazil becomes 1st to qualify for 2018 FIFA World Cup
12:10:45p Firms stack up Brexit warnings as May triggers divorce talks
12:10:55p No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?
12:13:05p The Latest Spain opens Brexit desk at London embassy
12:13:09p Adidas rolls out All Day app to help you stay fit and eat healthy
12:13:37p UPDATE 1 dead after apparent home invasion in JeffCo
12:13:42p Peace in W. Balkans 'one of Serbia's priorities'
12:13:46p Jokowi welcomes French President Hollande at Merdeka Palace
12:13:51p US court dismisses case against H-1B lottery system
12:14:42p Celebrate Idaho
12:14:49p GST rates will have no inflationary impact Jaitley
12:15:33p Somalia lawmakers approve new cabinet after challenge
12:15:50p The tricks supermarkets use to make you spend more money
12:17:19p Dylan to meet Nobel academy to receive literature diploma
12:18:24p DBM approves 887 positions for new Immigration unit
12:18:28p Life Outside Our Solar System Might Exist on Exomoons
12:18:37p Florida man arrested after threatening officer on Facebook
12:18:48p Elephants in dramatic muddy escape
12:19:03p Glendale Police investigating a deadly shooting
12:19:13p SC bans sale, registration of non-BS-IV compliant vehicles
12:19:25p 16 genius spring-cleaning hacks
12:19:35p 'Could turn ugly'
12:20:13p HP ProBook 430 G4 Sleek and Strong with long battery life.
12:20:35p The Latest Croatia says it will be least affected by Brexit
12:20:59p Police Boys shoots himself in thighs, lies about it
12:21:18p Trump voters to President Stop Twitter rants
12:21:33p Facebook copies Snapchat Stories - but why?
12:21:47p Wildfire contained in western North Carolina
12:22:33p 'Stay invested in the equity markets'
12:23:07p Duterte calls EU ‘crazy’ over call to release De Lima
12:23:52p France's former Socialist PM Valls backs centrist Macron in election
12:23:56p 3 storm chasers die in crash during Southern Plains storms
12:24:01p Chesterfield police arrest convenience store robbery suspect
12:24:07p Alton Brown Live Eat Your Science
12:24:36p Managers Seized With Enthusiasm in March
12:25:19p Man accused of killing wife tells police she wanted to die
12:26:02p Business owner gets prison for stealing from customers
12:26:20p Boise High's Student Symposium Goes Big In Second Year
12:26:34p Jared Kushner's family firm ends investment talks with China's Anbang
12:26:48p Campaign aims to fight problem of plastic waste in coastal areas
12:27:47p 'He was dismayed...'
12:28:40p Two sentenced after children beaten, starved and neglected while caregivers smoked meth
12:29:00p The Latest Malta UK must be left worse off after Brexit
12:29:04p Snoop Dogg to induct Tupac into Rock Roll Hall of Fame
12:30:13p Unemployment motivates growing number of WA workers to start own small business
12:31:47p Lunafest Films By, About and For Women
12:32:00p Gibraltarians vote by 96% to remain in EU but attachment to UK prevails
12:32:34p Clownvis Presley, April 2, Neurolux
12:32:41p Rockin' Randy's Black Rhino
12:32:49p 'Every time I think of the West Coast, I get that feeling'
12:32:59p Black women stand up on Twitter following Maxine Waters dig
12:33:53p Post-Brexit UK will remain friend Germany
12:34:14p “Crazy Rich Asians” hit book adaptation finds its male lead
12:35:29p Maldives ex-leader vows fightback after vote chaos
12:36:10p Refusing to Snipe in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
12:36:17p Paris exhibition sheds new light on Picasso’s tragic first wife
12:36:30p Delhi IIT student attempts suicide
12:37:04p Hungary's 'George Soros university' faces closure
12:37:12p Alabama launches 'Baby Box Safe Sleep' campaign to combat SIDS
12:37:59p AMDs 12C/24T and 16C/32T CPUs called ThreadRipper @ TweakTown
12:38:26p Weaving for Mars Ancient Technique Will Aids Red Planet Mission
12:39:03p It's just one feature. How long could it take?
12:39:23p President Trump’s Spokesman Says the Case Is Closed on Russia. It’s Not
12:40:40p Man stable after shooting in Sydney's west
12:40:59p The Latest Egypt, Saudi leaders meet in sign of thaw
12:41:49p Suspect in Everett homicide caught in Pittsfield
12:41:55p SCB Securities issues 19 derivative warrants
12:42:00p Man accused of Claremont serial killings attacked two teens
12:42:28p Fire crews fight deadly blaze in Franklin Co., IL
12:42:33p Greece, EU/IMF lenders reach deal on labour reforms, pension cuts sources
12:42:38p Something Big Exploded in a Galaxy Far, Far Away What Was It?
12:43:10p Dutch minister plans environment conference in the US
12:44:10p Romania ex-prison chief gets 20 years for detainee deaths
12:45:05p Woman, 2 teenagers shot in Richmond's Mosby Court
12:45:11p PACE to observe parliamentary elections in Armenia
12:45:46p Man dies after NSW police pursuit
12:46:07p Cambodia bans breast milk export
12:46:11p FIRST ALERT Possible strong to severe storms tomorrow afternoon and evening
12:46:16p CrowdStrike Firm Which Peddled 'Russian Hacking' Conspiracy Theory Retracts Claims
12:46:49p Survey Europe's Online Shoppers Are Wary of Digital Currencies
12:46:57p Palace welcomes arrest order vs Matobato
12:47:31p It's over Britain files for divorce from the European Union
12:47:37p “I Am Not Your Negro” helmer’s Karl Marx drama lands at The Orchard
12:48:06p Man o' War exhibit honors racing legend born a century ago
12:48:51p Germany finds eight alternatives to Incirlik base in Turkey
12:49:06p UK files Article 50 letter to formally start Brexit
12:49:22p Fiji Times sedition charges 'politically motivated', Amnesty says
12:49:36p Ex-Greensboro cop receives federal indictment
12:51:46p ENEMO slams Armenia's decision to reject invite for election observation
12:52:55p U.S. House votes to wipe away FCC’s Internet privacy protections
12:53:06p IObit Uninstaller
12:53:30p Man dead after being shocked by power lines in Illinois
12:54:19p Two black women hit Fox News with lawsuit claiming ‘top-down racial harassment’
12:54:40p Pope Demands 'Urgent' Action to Protect Civilians in Iraq
12:55:27p Star Wars US Must Prep for Space Battles, Commander Says
12:55:31p Dr. Web CureIT March 29, 2017
12:55:37p Truckies quitting over 'dangerous' alternative highway union
12:55:50p Give me a break, Bronwyn Bishop says
12:56:04p Toddler Burned By Coffee At San Fran STARBUCKS Airlifted To Hospital...
12:56:23p Brexit Theresa May triggers Article 50 process of leaving EU
12:56:45p Search on for WA's newest multi-millionare
12:58:08p NOPD searching for a man missing from Magic Street
12:58:41p Stranded travellers get ready to sleep at airport
12:58:45p Water levels rising, Gold Coast's Hinze Dam now overflowing
12:58:49p UK PM May signs Article 50 letter to trigger Brexit
12:58:55p Dutch suggest placing surveillance cameras in slaughterhouses
12:59:01p Driver identified in deadly motorcycle crash in Chesterfield
12:59:07p After Trump Rolls Back Environmental Rules, China Reaffirms Climate Change Fight
12:59:15p EU Blocks LSE, Deutsche Boerse Merger
01:00:07p Man sentenced to 22 years in Kansas prison for woman's death
01:00:19p Next steps after Brexit trigger
01:00:23p The Latest EU diplomat says bloc won't punish Britain
01:00:34p After protest, Webb declines to accept Naval Academy award
01:00:42p Meningitis outbreak in Nigeria kills 269 people
01:01:20p Bus bombing hits Syria's Homs, five dead state media
01:01:29p Islamic State shells at Syria dam, forcing engineers to halt work
01:01:33p New Jumanji Film Is About a Cursed Video Game
01:01:37p 'We risk not being able to do our job,' warns audit office chief
01:01:54p Row after Norway Muslim group appoints spokeswoman in full-face veil
01:01:59p Witnesses fear talking in extrajudicial killing case
01:02:16p Cars collide in middle of livestream...
01:02:38p Architect Expo expects to bring 400,000 visitors
01:03:42p Dylan to finally receive Nobel prize
01:04:33p Woman won't serve prison time in crash that killed 2 people
01:04:53p Community news March 28, 2017
01:05:49p Bernie Sanders’ ideas are gaining traction
01:05:54p Hungary's education official says supports Soros university
01:06:11p Hillary Clinton tells followers to ‘resist’
01:06:31p Akron police looking for suspects in two shootings
01:06:52p Student grade docked for using 'mankind' instead of gender-neutral term...
01:07:17p White Sands sees increase in visitors for 2016
01:08:26p Juthamas, daughter put behind bars
01:08:43p Officials warned minister about big firm tax deals in secret report
01:09:21p Brexit trigger Key reactions
01:09:27p 'INCONVENIENT SEQUEL' Trailer Gore Gets Fired Up...
01:09:33p Denmark arrest 2 men for planning to join IS in Syria
01:10:23p Britain expects to make it official today,
01:10:30p Ben Cousins has spent his first night in jail
01:11:06p Firm unveils plan to hang skyscraper from asteroid
01:11:26p Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.7
01:12:35p Joy, sorrow People in UK, Europe react to Brexit triggering
01:12:38p Snoop Dogg to induct Tupac into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
01:12:42p The way of the swamp
01:13:02p Datebook March 29, 2017
01:14:33p First responders in Mobile honored Wednesday
01:14:39p Carl Clark, WWII hero recogni
01:14:52p KY man arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl
01:15:12p Portland 'Dreamer' discusses ICE detainment 'I was told I was safe from this'
01:15:17p NSW prison officer on smuggling charges
01:15:43p Britain's May goes into Brexit talks with ambitions high
01:16:09p Cyclone Debbie Experts fear damage to Great Barrier Reef
01:16:14p VW files complaint over searches of its dieselgate law firm
01:16:18p Left shoulder, left lane closed on I-95 due to accident
01:16:56p Hair-care brand Lesasha launches promotion
01:17:01p Brexit The end of a loveless marriage
01:17:08p Bus bombing kills five in Syria's Homs SANA
01:17:57p At last Dylan to receive Nobel prize in Stockholm...
01:18:23p 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' cast reunites for 20th birthday
01:18:31p OkMap Desktop 13.7.1
01:18:49p A sustainable fishing industry is a fair fishing industry
01:19:06p Shocking? Utah Helps People Move Upward from Poverty
01:19:34p Dutch charity campaign raises €17.5m so far for famine relief
01:19:52p UK must be worse off after Brexit Malta
01:20:12p Rugged Antarctica Shows Its Ice in New 3D Map
01:20:17p Storm chasers killed in crash while pursing tornado...
01:20:53p Article 50 a leap in the dark Sturgeon
01:21:30p Nigerian business leaders to hold agribusiness trip to Indonesia
01:21:56p DTAC sees 5G enhancing the government’s readiness for “Thailand 4.0”
01:22:08p Brain implant lest paralyzed man feed himself using his thoughts
01:22:44p Syria, Rebels Reach New Evacuation Deal for Besieged Cities
01:22:50p Democrats Ask GAO to Investigate Security Costs of Trump’s Trips to Mar-a-Lago
01:23:11p Ride-hailing firm Careem on lookout for acquisitions, IPO an option
01:23:33p Paris, London, Seoul to 'grade' cars based on emissions
01:23:58p Mount Everest climbers asked to tidy world's tallest peak
01:24:09p President urges acceleration of rural development
01:24:14p 10 things all liars have in common
01:24:18p Scientists Developing First-Ever 'Blood Brewery' To Combat Ailments...
01:24:22p Crayola to retire a color; but which one will it be?
01:24:27p WeatherDan 8.5.0
01:24:36p Human rights activist Nadia Murad writing memoir
01:24:50p Amy Krouse Rosenthal's daughter to finish author's project
01:25:14p Power Rangers Aftershock Graphic Novel Review
01:25:21p Driver runs out of gas again after stealing squad car
01:25:30p AP explains What the death of broadband privacy rules means for you
01:25:43p Ethnic Dutch a minority in big cities, so how do they integrate?
01:25:48p Media Skeptical of Trump’s Reversal of Obama’s Coal and Climate Rules
01:26:04p Making ‘Brexit’ Official, U.K. Wades Into a Thorny Thicket
01:26:07p Reshaping the Universe VR Landscapes Explore Mind-Bending Geometry
01:26:23p Man accused of Adelaide killing
01:27:44p MAME 0.184
01:28:19p TSA workers hurt by possible hazardous material at New York airport media
01:28:30p Fort Campbell soldiers returning after 6 months in Africa
01:29:01p Soros University May Shut in Hungarian Crackdown...
01:29:10p Feuds and fault-lines loom in UK-EU showdown over Brexit
01:29:27p Zamboanga City gov’t sets ‘Fiesta na Isla’ activities
01:29:31p BSP reminds Filipinos abroad to register old peso
01:29:42p Gunman opens fire at Port Kennedy gym
01:29:50p Ireland must loosen abortion laws Council of Europe rights commissioner/title
01:30:07p Sensex ends 122 points higher ahead of F & O expiry, SBI soars
01:31:15p AP FACT CHECK Trump didn't get luxury-model Air Force One
01:31:33p KLM contest lets Thai winner experience King’s Day fun in the Netherlands
01:31:41p NASA to test device created by GVSU students
01:31:54p The Latest Christie mum on bridge lane-closure sentences
01:32:45p Give us a role in finding a new coach, says Oranje captain Arjen Robben
01:33:12p Teenager gets 25 years in prison after fatal carjacking
01:33:37p Paris arrests after clashes over police killing of Chinese man
01:33:41p Survey puts spotlight on millennials for marketers
01:34:07p Missing woman last seen in Hood River had spent several months hitchhiking
01:34:28p Bizarre string of thefts leaves Salem neighborhood stumped
01:34:33p Indonesia potential to become world`s largest gastronomy country
01:34:59p Vote to repeal US broadband privacy rules sparks interest in VPNs
01:35:11p Vote to gut internet privacy rules provokes backlash
01:35:15p Boy who helped catch a thief still chasing after dreams
01:36:07p Noida shamed again! Kenyan woman pulled out of cab and assaulted
01:37:06p Sunny today with temperatures in the, wait for it...80s
01:38:06p Warrant issued for suspect in shooting death at boxing stadium
01:38:27p Atheists and very religious fear death the least
01:39:02p Read Theresa May’s full letter triggering Brexit
01:39:06p Sennheiser gaming experts to offer audio advice
01:39:10p UK civil servants steel for 'humongous' Brexit
01:39:15p Police Body found in Whetstone Brook in Vermont
01:39:36p Singapore confirms two new cases of Zika virus
01:40:05p Westbound lane of Oakwood Avenue closed for emergency gas repair
01:40:09p The Latest May speaks to Parliament before Brexit statement
01:40:24p 1 found dead after fire in Franklin County, IL
01:40:30p Hugh Hewitt On What's Next For Trump's Agenda
01:41:17p March 29 celebrity birthdays
01:41:47p Stephen King clown horror 'IT' gets first terrifying teaser...
01:41:52p Rick Wakeman takes time out from tour to honour dedicated animal volunteer
01:42:12p Trump's border wall funding will likely have to wait
01:43:18p Daimler hits accelerator on electric car plans
01:44:16p New poll shows Vucic will become president in first round
01:44:28p Dentist killed himself after hereditary illness forced him to stop work
01:45:35p Bahrain sentences 2 to death on terror charges
01:45:58p Lyman Mayor dies after battle with cancer
01:46:03p Former Columbus alternative school to become apartments worth
01:46:07p The Latest UK letter to EU calls for 'sincere cooperation'
01:46:11p Watch Dogs 2's Multiplayer DLC Will Now Be Free
01:46:22p Dutch parliament hit by 'ransomware' attack ANP ne
01:46:27p Prisoners who ran tax fraud ring behind bars sentenced
01:46:31p Woman to face court over Qld baby death
01:46:44p Census Immigration to bust 100-year record, continue surging...
01:47:11p Florida veterans find help learning bu
01:48:02p Thai businesses at risk of data breaches study
01:49:41p Inside IC3 How Cornell is Advancing the Science of Magic Internet Money
01:50:48p It's over Britain files for divorce from the European Union
01:51:08p RBI to hold rates this year, may tighten in 2018 Goldman
01:51:11p Toyota's new toy
01:51:22p MAMEUI 0.184
01:51:32p Brexit has officially begun
01:51:36p Singer Katy Perry honors Benton teen killed in crash
01:52:06p Indonesia integrates human rights in HRD of health sector
01:52:57p Persistence trumps resistance
01:53:03p Britain, EU must 'work hard' to reach deal May letter
01:53:23p New Jumanji Film Is Abou
01:53:45p LEGO City Undercover Vehicles Trailer
01:54:09p 2 dead, 2 officers involved in Anchorage shooting
01:54:15p Arizona storm chaser killed in crash while tracking Texas tornado
01:54:28p Tesda-Armm to chart new policy
01:54:32p The Perryville Tornado One month later
01:55:48p Brave fundraiser to jump out of a plane in memory of tragic partner
01:56:31p Indo-Pak cricket ties 'BCCI not in touch with PCB'
01:56:35p Raspberry Pi based computer offers Docker-enabled Real Time Ethernet
01:56:55p NO TURNING BACK!
01:57:00p European Banking Federation wants clarity, certainty for banks during Brexit talks
01:57:22p Police Massachusetts school bus driver smoking marijuana
01:58:10p EU to Pristina Let Serbs pass; Thaci Blockade unacceptable
01:58:20p EU rapid drug approval plan worries some national agencies
01:58:50p FDA, Mylan silence on generic Advair may be good news for GSK
01:59:12p The Latest French candidate Macron priority to protect EU
01:59:42p NBC News DNC Chair Asked for Resignations of Entire Staff at ‘Embattled DNC’
01:59:57p Kansas passes Medicaid expansion bill despite governor’s objection
02:00:23p UPDATE 1-Exxon to sell its Norway-operated oilfields
02:00:51p Woman killed, husband injured in plane crash in Alabama
02:01:08p Dems Demand Investigation Over Mnuchin's 'Lego Batman' Joke...
02:01:13p See Ecuador through the lens of a wildlife photographer
02:01:46p Lane closures, brief road closure scheduled on Woodruff Rd. over weekend
02:02:13p Italy law gives comprehensive care for solo young migrants
02:02:33p N.W.A., Vin Scully to be preserved
02:02:42p French railroad company locating in Beaufort County
02:02:46p Many Tax Refunds Going To Pay Down Debt
02:03:28p Daimler says accelerating electric car program
02:03:45p Ireland must loosen abortion
02:03:59p Police name wanted man after bizarre mannequin challenge footage is released
02:04:07p Pertamina distributes Bright Gas in 204 regions
02:04:29p The Latest Estonia's premier Brexit mustn't paralyze EU
02:04:48p School apologizes for 'good girl' prom dress post
02:05:19p Eastbound lane of Oakwood Avenue closed for emergency gas repair
02:05:52p Police Boy shoots himself in thighs, lies about it
02:05:57p Economic Forum Highlights China's Rise in Blockchain R&D
02:06:48p Windows update will bring 3-D, game tools and less clutter
02:07:01p SLED charges 3 men with diverting products from employer
02:07:54p Warm Wednesday, cooler and rainy late-week
02:08:18p Singapore accounts for largest funds repatriated and declared
02:08:43p Lab opens at Egypt's pyramids to restore pharaonic boat
02:08:59p Armed pastor trial hears department failed to register key Goldfields site
02:09:19p WAR DRUMS How NKorea could kill 90% of Americans...
02:09:25p Opposition blocs’ appeal to CEC a pre-election trick Armenia’s RPA
02:10:17p Stock markets, pound subdued as UK triggers Brexit request
02:10:30p AP FACT CHECK Trump didn't get luxury-model Air Force One
02:11:12p Two arrested after bodies found in brush fire
02:11:45p Greatness awaits 'Bradman-like' Smith
02:12:08p Proserpine family rode out Cyclone Debbie despite their housing losing its roof
02:12:27p 'HANNITY' EPA chief defends Trump's executive order on energy
02:12:48p Can the House impeach Donald Trump?
02:13:01p Police School bus driver was smoking marijuana
02:13:05p Anushka's nude dress made us go wow!
02:13:16p ‘Healthy’ food packed with...
02:13:21p Connecticut police seek suspect in shooting of 3
02:13:39p Brexit triggered 5 huge obstacles to an amicable divorce
02:13:56p PLN and French companies sign agreements on renewable energy development
02:14:58p Chinese tech giant buys 5% stake in Tesla
02:15:27p Drones scope suspect flights
02:15:31p Turkey arrests suspected IS recruiter
02:15:53p Record-Breaker! Heftiest and Purest 'Failed Star' Identified
02:16:06p 11 Chicago suburbs make list of 100 richest towns
02:17:30p Calls for UN, Congo to investigate deaths of American, Swede
02:17:37p Today Trump Won’t Fight Climate Change? California, Here We Come
02:17:42p UN Malaria outbreak kills over 4,000 in Burundi this year
02:18:52p Are there any adults in Washington? Schumer and Trump no longer talking
02:19:03p What Brexit will cost Britain More debt, weaker growth and a final bill
02:19:10p Article 50 and what it means for business
02:19:16p 'Unreal when it targets you' Faceless trolls attack online
02:19:34p Brexit countdown begins, PM triggers Article 50
02:19:46p Women’s March Organizer Participants were Selfish, Didn’t March for People of Color
02:19:53p Google conquers more of your smart home with Logitech and Wink
02:20:09p China coal imports from North Korea surge in February
02:20:43p AP FACT CHECK Trump didn't get luxury-model Air Force One
02:21:06p Parents' lawsuit says son was baptized against their wishes
02:21:22p The Latest Sweden wants 'result-oriented' Brexit talks
02:21:49p Britain's Prince Charles on tour of Romania, Italy, Austria
02:22:10p Jury selection underway in Stamford cabbie killing trial
02:22:17p Sail Sabang 2017 eyeing participation of 100 yachts
02:22:36p Irritating food hurts TSA agents at New York airport media
02:22:40p Why was Trumpcare such a fiasco?
02:22:51p Justice Dept. watchdog criticizes asset forfeiture program
02:23:00p Police arrest suspect in shooting of 2 Miami-Dade officers
02:23:09p Spark2Scale aims to inspire fast-growing SMEs
02:23:14p EU vetos Deutsche Boerse-London Stock Exchange merger deal
02:23:19p New law honors Vietnam war veterans
02:23:24p Vanna My Playboy regrets
02:23:31p Police respond to Capitol Hill incident; shots fired
02:24:04p Democrats strike out again on Trump tax request
02:24:22p Managers of German Ponzi property scheme get eight years in jail
02:24:30p Britain officially files to leave the EU, as Scotland seeks its own exit
02:24:41p Elon Musk Plans to Build a Human-AI Interface
02:25:13p IS holds terrified civilians as human shields in Syrian city
02:25:28p Indonesia, France ink five MoUs
02:25:50p Strahan hated at 'GMA?'
02:25:57p Emmy Rossum thanks LAPD amid burglary report
02:26:03p France anaesthetist investigated for poisoning patients
02:26:50p Investment from China in Kushner Manhattan property is off
02:26:57p Topshop loses managing director to The White Company
02:27:03p Arizona storm chasers killed in crash while tracking Texas tornado
02:27:38p Your guide to the best Final Four viewing parties in Las Vegas
02:27:59p Today The Russia Probe — Accusations, Defle
02:28:45p PM May says aims to reach deal on future UK-EU relationship within 2 years
02:29:11p Supreme Court orders new look at 'swipe fees' law
02:29:41p King of Fighters 14 Official Rock Howard Trailer
02:30:17p Venice Film Fest to launch new competitive section for VR works
02:30:29p The best of Brexit trigger day memes
02:30:53p UPDATE 1-Egypt's cabinet approves 2017/18 budget, targeting 9.1 percent deficit
02:32:03p Meningitis outbreak in Nigeria kills 269 people/t
02:32:17p WIN a VIP Play Factore birthday party for your child and their friends
02:32:42p U.S. service member dies in Syria, natural causes suspected Centcom
02:32:48p Police fatally shoot armed suspect in Tennessee
02:32:57p Best of the world March 30, 2017
02:33:29p Rocket League Dev on Game's Growth, Future Plans
02:33:33p White Creek Fire now 100 percent contained after 5,500 acres burned
02:33:37p PM Theresa May Notifies Brussels Officially of Brexit Launch
02:33:52p UK consumer lending slows, caution reigns ahead of Brexit
02:34:54p CEFC China to buy 20 pct stake in U.S. brokerage Cowen
02:35:21p Left shoulder, left lane back open on I-95 after accident
02:35:25p Myanmar population will reach 65m by 2050 survey
02:35:54p First Alert Action Day issued for Thursday
02:36:35p Missouri budgeters want transparency when state plane used
02:36:39p The Snake Was Greater
02:36:48p 2 dead, 13 injured in Mexico prison riot
02:36:57p Final day to weigh in on changes to AHCCCS
02:37:02p U.S. envoy to U.N. Syria's Assad 'hindrance to moving forward'
02:37:16p Barnier and Davis face off on Brexit mountain
02:37:30p Pfeiffer I became unhirable
02:38:03p NO GOING BACK 'Brexit' is official as UK begins pullout process
02:38:09p Firms demand EU deal ensures their survival as May triggers Brexit
02:38:21p Beckham shares shocking pic
02:38:32p Human legs found in trash prompt Ohio homicide investigation
02:38:50p LIVE Brexit officially begins as Theresa May triggers Article 50
02:40:09p Tesla's new China backer A tech giant with hundreds of millions of users
02:40:22p Fears for Indonesian Park's Rare Species as Trump Town Rises
02:40:36p ‘An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power’ trailer released
02:40:40p The Morning Brief Britain’s Brexit Notice, Devin Nunes and Maxine Waters
02:40:44p Bechdel tapped to be Vermont's next Cartoonist Laureate
02:41:30p London attack a 'wake-up' call for tech firms to put house in order police
02:41:39p This MLB All-Star team is a Los Angeles production
02:42:26p Teenagers Already Know the Key to Protect Your Privacy
02:42:37p President Trump Won’t Throw the First Pitch for the Washington Nationals, After All
02:43:08p Agrokor won't destabilise Croatia's financial system central bank
02:44:57p The letter in full
02:45:26p WATCH Israeli Musician Idan Raichel Jamming With Chicago Kids
02:45:37p May Day Mass Action Will Be a Historic 'Strike From Below'
02:45:59p When the 'Solutions' Become the Problems
02:46:17p That time I ended up dating two
02:46:21p The Latest PM's of Spain, Malta call Brexit launch sad day
02:46:27p Ford recalls 440K vehicles for fire risk, door latch trouble
02:46:31p The Latest Luxembourg calls for fair Brexit solution
02:46:35p Costco struggling with service
02:47:09p Police nabs suspect in leaking Kiefer Ravena's nude photos
02:47:13p Cheech It was nerve-wracking
02:47:20p May goes into Brexit talks with ambitions high
02:47:31p Coalition US service member dies in Syria of natural causes
02:47:36p The Latest Ford wants investment-friendly Brexit deal
02:47:40p Knee replacement doesn't always pay, researchers say
02:47:49p GNOME 3.24 Updates Linux Desktop Experience
02:48:07p Bridge tribute to Westminster victims
02:48:11p David Tennant says Don Juan play will stay topical
02:48:16p Fatal motorcycle crash expected to snarl downtown L.A. traffic
02:48:25p Killing that online digital privacy rule will come back to bite the GOP
02:48:29p Christie's to offer highlights from the collection of Greta Garbo
02:48:49p UK fires Brexit starting gun
02:49:09p Son keeps mother's body in freezer in bizarre pension scam
02:49:13p Bowen couple ran from ferocious Cyclone Debbie with toddler in their arms
02:49:17p Chris Matthews compares Ivanka, Jared Kushner to Saddam Hussein's sons
02:49:34p What to expect from the Arab summit
02:49:39p Armenia elections EU, Germany, UK and U.S. warn of voter intimidation
02:49:44p Indonesian man found dead inside giant python
02:50:30p Colbert/Fallon late night war
02:51:02p Police respond to Capitol Hill incident, shots fired
02:51:35p Suspect in custody at US Capitol, no terrorism suspected
02:52:46p Authorities give tips to avoid card skimmers
02:53:00p Pro's 'DWTS' fate uncertain
02:53:05p Tracking Today March 29
02:53:59p President Jokowi calls to improve ease of doing business indicators
02:54:04p Team in SWAR prepares to respond to child abductions
02:54:29p Gas tax hike floated to help pay for road construction
02:54:55p Vermont picks Alison Bechdel as its 3rd cartoonist laureate
02:56:16p Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Trailer
02:56:44p Israel Palestinian woman killed after attacking police
02:56:49p Vogue model discovered in Vermont coffee shop
02:56:55p Suspect posed as Target employee, took in iPhones, police say
02:56:59p Charles Darwin handwritten page from 'Origin of Species' to be auctioned
02:57:03p What Motivates Moral Outrage?
02:57:31p Brexit's cliff edge 'business as usual' not an option
02:57:43p Exclusive Spooked by yield rise, ECB wary of changing message again sources
02:58:23p SECURITY DSA 3798-2 tnef regression update
02:58:28p Developer to appeal biomass decision to Vt. high court
02:59:07p Greer police need held identifying suspect in Bryan Adams concert shirt
02:59:38p Judge fines Pennsylvania golf course for errant shots
03:00:07p Driver hits U.S. Capitol police vehicle, taken into custody
03:00:14p Pending home sales surge to 10-month high
03:00:41p Spooked by yield rise, ECB wary of changing message again sources
03:01:01p Trump’s Pro-Coal Orders Are Doomed to Fail
03:01:58p New Study Says Robots Took All Of Detroit's Jobs, Not Mexico
03:02:02p Python Inheritance
03:02:12p Stopping Trump’s ‘travel ban’ a case study of the Deep State in action
03:02:18p Police Man checking car after minor crash fatally hit
03:02:23p Poet Jenny Xie has won the Walt Whitman Award for best debut
03:02:30p Merkel on Brexit Germany and partners 'certainly did not wish for this day'
03:02:40p Krating Daeng launches Bt400m promotion backed by ‘Weir’ Sukollawat Kanaros
03:03:05p Karabakh either independence or confederation with Azerbaijan expert
03:03:21p UK financial sector proposes untested system to keep EU access
03:03:52p Brexit's cliff edge 'business as usual' not an option
03:04:08p Polish banks expect lower profits in 2017 regulator
03:04:42p Car FDR used while governor of NY is being repaired by state
03:05:05p Michigan officer fatally shoots 73-year-old man
03:05:21p Pfeiffer ‘I was unhirable’
03:05:44p UPDATE 8-British PM May fires starting gun on Brexit
03:05:58p More Whistleblowers Are Talking to WADA, Says Reedie
03:06:32p Jungle cams capture rare Indochinese tiger population in Thailand
03:07:12p May says hopes to settle rights of EU nationals in Britain early
03:07:17p Hungary could force out Soros-founded university with new law
03:07:24p How to live in a van
03:07:28p Prep phenom Porter Jr. eager to team up with dad at Missouri
03:07:47p Cannes rolls out 70th edition’s poster of a young Claudia Cardinale
03:08:43p Apache Camel CVE-2016-8749 Java Deserialization Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
03:08:48p U.S. envoy to U.N. Syria's Assad 'hindrance to moving forward'
03:09:05p Rancher Server CVE-2017-7297 Security Bypass Vulnerability
03:09:11p Branded 'enemies of the people' over Brexit case, senior UK judges hit back
03:09:16p US stock indexes mostly lower in early trading; oil rises
03:09:31p Shots fired on driver 'attacking police' near US Congress
03:10:10p Palace Duterte’s plan to postpone village polls ‘just temporary’
03:10:23p 'It's scary' why rungs are disappearing on the wage ladder
03:11:11p Driver strikes Capitol Police cruiser, taken into custody
03:11:17p Apache Ambari CVE-2016-6807 Remote Command Execution Vul
03:11:28p Leigh-on-Sea locals on-board for Brexit after 'disaster' of EU
03:11:36p Essential California Undocumented immigrants go silent out of fear
03:12:08p Haydale sets up first Asian graphene research centre in Thailand
03:12:41p The Latest Libyan premier calls for dialogue between rivals
03:12:48p Britain formally triggers Article 50 to leave the EU
03:13:11p “Something Stinks Here” – CrowdStrike Revises, Retracts Parts Of Explosive Russian Hacking Report
03:13:22p U.S. approves Roche drug that targets severe form of MS
03:14:08p US marshals arrest fugitive on Army's 'most wanted' list
03:14:13p Ford Brexit deal must include tariff-free access to customs union
03:14:27p Is the White House trying to “erase” LGBTQ from the 2020 census?
03:14:40p Retired police, firefighters protest pension reforms
03:14:50p Security guard shoots man at Ferguson apartment complex
03:15:27p These Found Vintage Snapshots Are a Testament to Americans’ Love of Their Cars
03:16:55p Orban Drives Out Central European University
03:17:20p Greece Agrees With Creditors on Review of Rescue Programme
03:17:42p Emmy Rossum thanks LAPD amid 150K burglary report
03:17:51p “A Ghost Story” 1st trailer features Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara
03:18:29p Shots fired near Capitol Hill, suspect in custody
03:18:34p Utilities vow to finish reactors despite Westinghouse woes
03:19:00p Christie, Trump to launch drug addiction task force
03:19:10p Old Time Hockey Offici
03:19:33p Ireland must loosen abortion laws Council of Europe rights commissioner
03:19:37p US ambassador Tillerson counting on meeting Putin soon
03:19:55p Libby Purves Midweek has been 'a blast'
03:20:07p Doctor gets prison for filming women in bathrooms
03:20:37p FDA approves 1st drug for aggressive multiple sclerosis
03:20:42p Fox News Rides Trump Interest to Top of Cable Ratings
03:21:12p German court urged to reopen Auschwitz medic trial
03:21:39p Dylan to meet Nobel academy to receive l
03:21:45p Fake plaque at University of North Carolina
03:21:49p Brexit Kicks Off as Britain Triggers Article 50
03:22:20p What Reproductive Rights Advocates Can Learn From Texas
03:23:35p Family gets a shock when turkey crashes through windshield
03:23:43p Investigative report, 911 calls from East Hartford plane crash released
03:23:49p China says committed to Paris accord as Trump undoes U.S. climate policy
03:24:02p Etihad to lend US-bound passengers iPads as ban workaround
03:24:44p The Transformation Of Our Nation Into A Surveillance State Is Almost Complete
03:25:11p Signs of Addiction
03:25:49p Somalia's Drought Once Again Has Thousands on the Move
03:25:57p Gears of War 4 to Begin Seasons for Ranked Play, Adds Rewards
03:27:11p Eview EV-07S GPS Tracker Buffer Overflow and Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
03:27:15p Irssi CVE-2017-7191 Denial of Service Vulnerability
03:27:30p Kushner, Anbang end talks to redevelop Manhattan office tower
03:27:35p Surf World Series Official Gameplay Reveal Video
03:29:13p Family seeks experienced hikers to help find Plainville man
03:29:40p Officers perform CPR on man in lobby at police headquarters
03:29:45p Parents' lawsuit says son was baptized against their wishes
03:29:49p Quotes from key players in Brexit
03:29:54p Wall Street flat; Fed officials in focus
03:29:59p South Africa's ANC top six split on whether to fire Gordhan sources
03:30:18p Poll Trump's Ratings Remain Constant, Thanks to Republican Support
03:30:37p Parliament to review security, incident response after attack
03:30:57p Linux Kernel CVE-2017-7273 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
03:31:02p World's once most obese man readies to undergo surgery in Mexico
03:31:15p PHP CVE-2017-7272 Server Side Request Forgery Security Bypass Vulnerability
03:31:23p Swantown Marina Fueling Station Completion Expected in Mid-June
03:32:26p May says now is the time for Britain to be united
03:32:49p How will the Port of Dover cope with Brexit?
03:32:55p Birds blamed for fire at Massachusetts water treatment plant
03:33:02p Fake plague placed at University of North Carolina
03:33:06p Kaine to oppose Trump court pick, join filibuster
03:34:17p No LGBTQ category included in Census proposal for 2020 count
03:34:28p Family heartbroken after thieves steal puppy during burglary
03:35:01p Leap Solutions celebrates new office with TCC Technology support
03:35:07p Daimler accelerates electric car program
03:35:13p Chef John Folse Vanilla Poached Peaches
03:35:20p Southbound lane blocked after crash at Butler Mill Road and Hwy. 331
03:35:51p Supreme Court sends NY credit card surcharge case back to lower court
03:36:11p Wildfire burns 250 acres, destroys home in southeast Georgia
03:36:26p Fonda and Tomlin savor senioritis as 'Grace and Frankie'
03:36:30p Syberia 3 Official Story Trailer
03:37:17p Judge moves trial of Iowa man charged with killing officers
03:37:33p Shots fired near Capitol, suspect in custody
03:38:06p Moodle CVE-2017-7298 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
03:38:10p Giraffe watch Physical sign indicates calf birth approaches
03:38:24p Woman strikes Capitol Police cruiser, taken into custody
03:38:32p Samsung's Galaxy S8 phone aims to dispel the Note 7 debacle
03:38:38p Correction Severe Weather-Southern Plains-The Latest story
03:38:43p Eview EV-07S GPS Tracker CVE-2017-5237 Security Bypass Vulnerability
03:38:47p Brgy. chiefs to seek dismissal of criminal, admin raps
03:38:51p MetatOGGer
03:38:55p CORRECTED-Investment firm Shore Capital Group says founder to relinquish CEO role
03:39:11p Police warn public not to approach man wanted for string of violent offences
03:39:15p Gas tax hike under consideration
03:39:20p The Latest German minister expects tough Brexit talks
03:39:24p Early morning rain sweeps through the Kansas City area
03:39:59p May urges Northern Ireland to form a government and engage in Brexit process
03:40:07p Mom outraged over disputed TSA pat down of son with special needs
03:40:30p Turns out the tolerant French aren’t exactly wild about Islam
03:41:01p Police open fire after driver strikes cruiser near U.S. Capitol
03:41:20p What we'll do to keep the lights on post Hazelwood grid operator
03:41:24p Sweating and Your Skin
03:41:57p EU To Pay More to Countries Suffering from Natural Disasters
03:42:32p 42 Questions About Brexit That Need Answering
03:42:46p How To Hide Files And Folders in File Manager Without Renaming
03:43:23p Anbang, Kushner end talks to redevelop 666 Fifth Ave. as lawmakers cite conflicts
03:43:27p radare2 'libr/util/r_pkcs7.c' Remote Denial Of Service Vulnerability
03:43:47p Shipping-Technology Startup Freightos Raises Million
03:44:08p Nigeria's Buhari Acts to Fill Vacant Ministries
03:44:36p Missing a chainsaw? Police want to reunite this stolen machinery with its rightful owners
03:44:48p Man bites off head of girlfriend's puppy, gets jail time
03:45:31p Combat Summer Learning Loss with Mathnasium
03:45:53p Reality Check Can UK change its mind?
03:46:02p EU Confirms It Accepts Great Britain's Request To Leave
03:46:43p Mother's plea to Aidan McAteer over Violet Youens death
03:46:54p Banks to London staff no panic as Britain launches EU divorce process
03:47:11p NBC orders Amy Poehler-Nick Offerman series “The Handmade Project”
03:47:17p Missing Pennsylvania 16-year-old found safe after massive search
03:48:21p audiofile CVE-2017-6828 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
03:49:20p UPDATE 1-Russia's Gazprom raises 850 mln pounds via Eurobond sources
03:49:27p Driver Strikes Police Cruiser Near U.S. Capitol; Gunfire Reported
03:49:31p Auburn student hit, injured while walking in crosswalk Tuesday
03:49:45p Hungary Soros-founded university vows resistance to new law
03:50:14p MEDIA BUZZ How Nunes became Washington's piñata
03:50:28p City Cebu readies for El Niño
03:50:47p Jackson County school system Students back after phoned-in threat
03:50:51p Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles & more confirmed for huge new fest
03:50:56p Samsung launches Galaxy S8 and dreams of recovery from Note 7
03:51:00p Essay Britain strikes historic blow to EU, will go it alone
03:51:04p Contracts to buy US homes hit highest level since April
03:51:09p Democrat state rep warns illegal immigrants about upcoming ICE 'raid'
03:51:45p Madrid Fusion to boost ‘truly Negros’ products
03:51:51p Dear EU....what you will and won't miss
03:51:59p Kushner Cos. Ends Talks for Skyscraper Deal
03:53:00p 30 Players Athletics Hope Ryon Healy Is For Real
03:53:38p Lebanon president Michel Aoun takes tumble at Arab summit in Jordan but is ok
03:53:54p The 4 types of cheaters
03:54:02p Man, 73, dies after being shot by northern Michigan officer
03:54:39p UVK Ultra Virus Killer
03:54:52p UN chief confirms the remains found in DRC those of the two missing experts
03:55:00p China, EU reaffirm climate pledges after Trump backs away
03:55:07p Himamaylan pushes replication of multiplier farm in villages
03:55:15p Perez asks for Democratic Party staff resignations
03:55:26p Samsung's Galaxy S8 phone aims to dispel the Note 7 debacle
03:55:44p Trump border wall funding facing delay
03:56:09p Teen in life-threatening condition after struck by car near school
03:56:22p Essay Britain strikes historic blow to EU; will go it alone
03:56:25p Duterte willing to grant amnesty to communists
03:56:41p New York remains clear of deer disease for 11th year
03:56:54p City Council OKs move to stop V-hire terminal
03:57:31p 5K police, military to secure summit
03:57:35p Fiber One, Sammakorn joins hands for smart society
03:58:15p Watch live Samsung's Galaxy S8 phone is being unveiled
03:58:40p Allman Brothers Band co-founder's wife arrested in Florida
03:59:07p Missing man with autism reunited with family
03:59:43p Myanmar Voters Get to Judge Economic Success in By-Elections
04:00:00p Health report Saratoga is healthiest county in NY state
04:00:33p U.S. stocks' rally may be near peak, but some gains ahead Reuters poll
04:00:42p Driver strikes police cruiser near U.S. Capitol
04:00:47p Hunnewell voters set to decide funding path for sewer upgrades
04:00:55p Spring Apps
04:01:09p Man faces more charges after shooting involving Fetty Wap
04:01:13p Florence police employee accused of mishandling evidence
04:01:18p Disgaea 5 Complete Official Opening Movie Trailer
04:01:35p First lady helps present courage awards to 13 women
04:02:27p Kenyan brewer EABL says medium-term bond oversubscribed
04:02:41p Samsung's Galaxy S8 phone is about to be unveiled
04:02:48p ‘Funds wrongly spent’
04:03:12p 7-Year-old boy gives his Wii to grieving cops to 'make them feel better'
04:04:31p 100-year-old San Francisco woman dies one month after she was evicted from apartment
04:04:35p U.S. Pending Home Sales Surged in Warm February
04:04:44p In Russia's once-quiet provinces, young people lead protest
04:05:02p Bazaar evolution
04:05:14p 25% off HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven Deal Alert
04:05:20p New Dem chair Perez seeks massive restructuring of the party
04:05:25p Afghanistan to Get Helicopters, Aircraft as Part of Security Plan
04:06:17p Benton, IL man facing multiple charges after traffic stop
04:07:01p Bzzzzz Alvarez-Floirendo feud girls’ spat?
04:07:34p The Latest More storms on tap for Southern Plains
04:07:43p John Legend plays surprise station gig at St Pancras in London
04:08:31p A look at issues now that Britain has started to leave EU
04:08:54p Gov. Ducey OKs ban on covers shielding license plates
04:09:36p Bob Dylan is finally going to accept Nobel prize in Stockholm
04:09:43p Taste the Difference at Drip Espresso Bar
04:09:51p Familes leave home lots due to reblocking
04:10:02p Fifth Street house becomes memory lane
04:10:22p Auburn University student struck by pick-up truck near Magnolia Ave.
04:10:34p Signed contracts to buy US homes hit highest level since April
04:10:50p Panabo court issues hold departure vs Matobato
04:11:04p UPDATE 1-China CCB's 2016 net profit rises slightly, margins shrink
04:11:29p Markets Right Now Major US stock indexes are mixed
04:11:59p 72 nabbed in 'Oplan Pokemon' Operation
04:12:13p Audi's unions demand electric model for main German plant
04:12:42p U.S. top court sends N.Y. credit card surcharge case back to lower court
04:13:19p Spybot Search and Destroy Update March 29, 2017
04:13:35p The Latest Wyden wants review of Russia-Trump relationships
04:13:39p MI Senate passes Vietnam Veterans Day resolution after girl’s request
04:13:46p Cyclone Debbie Queensland braced for dangerous floods
04:13:56p cURL/libcURL Incomplete Fix CVE-2017-2628 Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability
04:14:09p Ford says it will spend million on two new recalls
04:14:15p Myrtle Beach's Swamp Fox roller coaster now a landmark
04:14:47p Here's what gives kingsnakes the edge in snake-to-snake combat
04:14:53p Four dead, about 200,000 without power after Texas, Oklahoma storms
04:15:40p UPDATE 1-U.S. top court throws out ruling that upheld N.Y. credit card law
04:15:44p Yoga shows benefits to those battling and recovering from cancer
04:15:54p Tracking phones Insurers deny claims based on doubtful data
04:15:59p Razor Clam Dig Alternates Between Two Beaches Beginning March 30
04:16:19p Power outages to hit Mactan
04:16:24p Trump Interior Secretary suggests US will seize Mexican land to build border wall report
04:16:51p KSP searching for 2 women wanted for shoplifting
04:17:12p LOOSE LIPS Ex-Obama official admits Trump intel gathering
04:17:16p 5 reasons your next job interview may be challenging
04:17:21p Police arrest Union man after hatchet assault
04:17:28p The Latest Lithuania minister says defense won't be issue
04:18:01p Stanbic IBTC Bank says has mln exposure to Etisalat Nigeria
04:18:05p Utzurrum Golden Cowrie’s newest jewel; Loveish Nails is here
04:18:09p Tumwater Dance Team Follows up National Placing with State Titles
04:18:27p Speedier tax cut for car buyers OK’d by Michigan Senate
04:18:31p 19-year-old accused in 'ambush-style' shooting of Miami-Dade officers
04:18:36p Councilor wants housing developers to ensure water
04:18:46p Watch Surya Namaskar similar to Namaz, claims Yogi Adityanath
04:19:05p Whee Myrtle Beach's Swamp Fox roller coaster now a landmark
04:19:21p Syrian army captures Islamic State village near Aleppo
04:19:26p Tunisian former PM Jomaa launches 'non-ideological' political party
04:19:41p Turkish court orders to be blocked
04:19:51p Court State doesn’t have to pay part of inmate’s suit – against state
04:20:52p Britain's Prince Charles on 3-country 'Brexit charm' tour
04:21:03p Tennessee Supreme Court upholds lethal injection method
04:21:08p Water District Blames San Jose Officials For Failing To Act In Flood
04:21:15p Fed's Evans says he supports one or two more rate hikes this year
04:22:09p Hacking of Wisconsin government systems surged tenfold during 2016 elections
04:22:27p NPA accused of arson
04:22:31p One for Mother Earth
04:23:08p ACMs play to a loyal country audience to shore up ratings
04:23:26p 'Shameless' star thanks police
04:24:00p Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump's 'Clean Coal' Promise
04:24:39p Diagnosing the constitution’s pathologies
04:24:55p People on the move 03/30
04:25:00p Paris and London mayors announce scheme to gauge car emissions
04:25:29p US stock indexes mostly higher in morning trading; oil rises
04:25:52p Subrion CMS CVE-2017-6069 Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability
04:25:57p Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May Triggers Article 50, Making ‘Brexit’ Official
04:26:13p Historical marker for tennis great Tilden again rejected
04:26:35p Trial scheduled for next year in police shooting lawsuit
04:26:43p Markets Right Now Stocks open mostly lower
04:26:50p VETTING LAPSE? Iraqi refugees linked to kidnapping of American
04:26:55p Woman captures heartwarming moment between boy, Henrico police officer
04:27:03p UVK Ultra Virus Killer Portable
04:27:45p Elephants Get a Reprieve as Price of Ivory Falls
04:28:11p Family ties 3 Iraqis in US allegedly hid
04:28:24p Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ First look
04:28:36p Thai jungle cameras reveal new breeding population of endangered tigers
04:28:43p Why boob jobs are hazardous
04:29:02p Afghan Governor Says US Marines' Deployment Will Reverse Taliban Gains
04:29:21p Two men accused of robbing pizza delivery driver in Green
04:29:35p Weak green sea turtle sent to Ronda sanctuary to recover
04:30:14p Security services broke phone tap rules on lawyers, journalists
04:30:20p Arab leaders reaffirm support for Palestinian state amid unease over U.S. stance
04:30:44p Eric Warm Wednesday, all eyes on Thursday
04:30:54p People in Politics Chris Reykdal
04:31:22p Electric limo tested for Crown's VIP fleet
04:31:26p Eclipse tinydtls CVE-2017-7243 Denial of Service Vulnerability
04:31:50p CH receives public advisory system
04:32:02p Furniture makers eye niche markets
04:32:22p Heroin Use Rises Among White Adults
04:32:51p Just 10% of Disabled in Bulgaria Employed
04:33:17p Why Trump’s rollback of Obama rules won’t do much for coal country
04:33:22p Truck fire jams up I-85 southbound traffic
04:33:46p Two black women sue Fox News executive, network for racial harassment
04:33:57p Help wanted to grant birthday wish of KY teen battling cancer
04:34:07p 'Duck' creators' big loss
04:34:12p Persona 5 Review
04:34:16p US opens formal investigation into civilian deaths in Mosul
04:34:29p Ford recalls 440,000 vehicles for fire risk, doors opening unexpectedly
04:34:49p Man didn't enjoy alleged sex assault of teen, judge rules
04:35:02p Germany to block right-winger from ceremonial post in parliament
04:35:18p Whatever Happened to Free Trade?
04:35:47p Florida must allow death with dignity Opinion
04:35:59p Police open fire after driver strikes cruiser near US Capitol
04:36:11p One-year rent freeze upheld
04:36:35p Ex-Christie gets 2-year prison term for bridge revenge plot
04:36:40p Residents fighting Nexus seek more funding from Green
04:37:13p More Older Women Hitting the Bottle Hard
04:37:24p audiofile CVE-2017-6829 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
04:37:31p The Latest Yemen's president denounces Iran at Arab summit
04:37:37p CANADA STOCKS-TSX slips as industrials offset gains in energy
04:37:49p South Carolina police shot unarmed black man 17 times in the back lawsuit
04:38:00p Judge won't release Mexican man jailed near Sea
04:38:29p Trump administration seeks delay in ruling on climate plan
04:39:02p Some 146 migrants feared dead after shipwreck, sole survivor says
04:39:25p Space Epic 'Valerian' Visits Colorful Worlds in New Trailer
04:39:35p Fight at Elmore County Correctional leaves officer with minor injuries
04:39:46p Israeli police kill Palestinian woman who tried to stab them
04:39:58p Qualifications
04:40:26p Temporary sign placed at University of North Carolina
04:40:30p UK PM signs letter that will trigger Brexit
04:40:34p 'Serbia's EU path does not depend on Brexit'
04:40:39p Woman, man arrested after marijuana found on her child
04:40:46p Salem man arrested on rape, sex abuse charges
04:40:54p Samsung Galaxy S8 hides home button and gains Bixby AI
04:41:38p To Flip Tom Price's Seat, Alyssa Milano Drives Voters To Polls
04:41:55p ‘Democrats aren’t really serious’ Devin Nunes threatens to do investigation ‘with or without’ Dems
04:42:04p cloudflare-scrape CVE-2017-7235 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
04:42:24p Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ Go for Broke
04:42:45p NOPD releases body camera video of fatal January shooting
04:42:50p Mortal Blitz Official
04:44:01p Apparent Attack on Capitol Hill
04:44:40p Trump's budget priorities set small businesses strategizing
04:45:00p 5 sakura spots you should see
04:45:19p Murder charges issued against teen in deadly police chase crash
04:45:39p Big Bang Theory 'soft kitty' lawsuit dropped
04:46:11p PawSox chairman meets new Rhode Island Senate leader
04:46:24p Man faces capital murder in death of Prattville woman
04:46:28p Orange Pi SBCs offer a choice of 32- or 64-bit SoCs for under
04:47:05p Blockchain tech could boost Australian aid
04:47:19p Police Man steals cell phone from 4-year-old, texts ‘LMAO’ to her father
04:47:31p Charles Murray draws peaceful protests before speech, debate at Notre Dame
04:47:49p Blue Origin shows off launch vehicle capsule
04:47:54p PDEA warns barangays Cooperate in drug war
04:48:35p Overturned tractor trailer blocks all lanes of I-85 North
04:48:57p Gutwein to be quizzed on Tas power station
04:49:01p Few legal options for plane crash families
04:49:14p Big victory for 'Big Bang'
04:49:19p Flip or Flop reportedly canceled
04:49:25p Madonna, goats and Fr. Simon
04:49:32p Major US utility sues insurers over coal ash cleanup costs
04:49:38p Deputies Woman charged after holding girlfriend in car at knifepoint
04:49:54p Supreme Court hears case of men convicted in 1984 murder
04:49:59p 2 women, 1 child shot in New Britain; suspect 'armed and dangerous'
04:50:40p Can We Please Please Start Talking About the Meals on Wheels Issue Accurately?
04:51:40p New Eczema Drug Gets FDA's Blessing
04:52:09p Italian women fear 'menstrual leave' law could hurt more than help
04:52:25p Man wanted for raping young girl
04:52:30p PDEA deploys 50 personnel in Davao provinces
04:52:42p Attorney to probe mental illness in Vegas bus shooting case
04:52:56p Business owners seek exemption from new pain pill limit
04:53:04p BFP Fire incidents in Davao City drop
04:53:12p Pensioners' life expectancy falls back
04:53:41p KY man arrested after string of robberies in 2 counties
04:53:45p Facebook argument leads to shooting in Mesa
04:54:53p The Walking Dead season 7 finale Ezekiel goes to war in this sneak peek
04:55:00p Vic man in court over housemate's murder
04:55:05p Zara founder to spend million on breast cance
04:55:20p John Wooden's UCLA set standard for being No. 1 inpoll
04:56:08p Montenegro welcomes US Senate NATO approval
04:56:16p The Latest Spanish minister says reciprocity key in Brexit
04:56:21p Samsung Galaxy S8 to Be First Gigabit LTE Phone
04:56:25p IDG Contributor Network How to learn Unix/Linux
04:56:34p Turkey crashes through SUV's windshield
04:56:48p NATO Serbia decides whether it wants to work with Russia
04:56:54p Driver Detained after Hitting Capitol Police Car
04:57:49p PSA Davao 2015 poverty rate drops by 22.6%
04:57:54p Norway says its greenhouse emissions to fall to 1990 levels by 2020
04:58:01p DeVos Sneaks Religion Into Public Schools
04:58:42p Blizzard Overhauls Heroes of the Storm in 2.0 Update
04:58:59p Crayola to retire a crayon for the first time ever
04:59:11p House panel hears bills for open carry without permit
04:59:41p Woman hits car, tries to mow down officers near U.S. Capitol police
05:00:15p Article 50 Live 'Already Miss You,' EU Says
05:00:20p Poehler, Offerman team up for NBC craft-making reality show
05:00:24p Thornton Park's Baoery restaurant closing next week
05:00:45p Real reason why Hina Khan lost out on Chandrakanta!
05:01:23p German parliament foiled cyber attack by hackers via Israeli website
05:01:27p Arkansas panel advances bills outlining budget
05:01:37p RBI Baseball 2017 Official Launch Trailer
05:01:41p Matt Damon Is Totally Here for Ben Affleck ‘Mr. Mom-ing It’
05:01:45p 4 hunting tips to know now
05:02:21p Fact sheet 2017 Chevrolet Trax
05:02:27p Tomi Lahren goes makeup-free
05:02:38p Suspect faces case
05:02:43p Russia probe should focus on Trump financial ties US senator
05:02:57p The Witness Developer Hiring for New, Unannounced Game
05:03:06p SC Treasurer Lucky man receives in unclaimed funds
05:03:13p Sugar code of conduct to start next week
05:03:44p Woman, man arrested after marijuana found in pink backpack
05:04:00p Dr. Ryan
05:04:06p How DC Made the Flintstones Politically Relevant
05:04:16p Justin Timberlake to perform at US Grand Prix in Austin
05:04:24p Pacete Connecting with Thailand and Myanmar
05:04:41p Trump’s attack on environmental laws won’t save coal miners’ jobs
05:04:47p Japanese-style Cambridge house wins architecture award
05:05:03p Trump vows efforts to fight nation's opioid addiction crisis
05:05:42p Referee leaders want on-field official to see video replays
05:05:52p Man in custody after mass shooting threat in McDonough County
05:06:04p Sneaker maker Asics opening office in Boston
05:06:19p iPhone users fooled by fake ransomware
05:06:24p Python Swallows Indonesian Man Whole, With Aftermath Caught on Video
05:08:23p Ukraine central bank offices searched in corruption probe
05:10:03p US ambassador to UN calls Congo government 'corrupt'
05:10:10p WRAPUP 1-U.S. pending home sales surge to 10-month high
05:10:19p Disk Sorter Enterprise CVE-2017-7230 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
05:10:23p Economy DoF seeks reconsideration of SC wage ruling
05:10:27p New sitcom Imaginary Mary, starring Jenna Elfman, premieres on ABC
05:10:32p INTERVIEW-Motor racing-U.S. GP boss says F1 should own some circuits
05:10:48p Merthyr RFC doctor calls for research into 3G pitches
05:10:58p Galaxy S8 to Cost S8+ to Cost Carriers Share Launch Details
05:11:02p U.S. FDA nominee moves to untangle potential conflicts of interest
05:11:09p Graphic Missing man killed, swallowed by python
05:11:16p WAR DRUMS NKorea threatens USA over Kim Jong-un fat jibes...
05:12:03p Florida student suspended for treatment of Muslim professor
05:12:08p Virginia woman found guilty in beating death of goddaughter
05:12:35p Fishery managers voice marine monument concerns to Trump
05:12:46p Gio gets upset and Ellie snaps on Are You the One Second Chances
05:13:06p Memo From Taiwan As Power Wanes, Kuomintang Struggles to Hang On in Taiwan
05:13:10p There are ways to make overseas travel more affordable, safe
05:13:15p Theresa May’s Letter Invoking Article 50
05:14:05p Ex-Christie associate gets two years in prison in 'Bridgegate' scandal
05:14:27p Did Paul Manafort launder money for Russia through Cyprus bank?
05:14:37p Orlando-based Doorstep Delivery merges with Bite Squad
05:14:59p Stock Market Local shares end flat amid lack of strong leads
05:15:05p No One on the Internet Can Handle Hillary Clinton in This Leather Jacket
05:15:33p Nia Sharma to play the lead in this TV show!
05:15:48p 'No turning back' PM May triggers 'historic' Brexit
05:16:15p Dutch minister on Brexit keep calm, be realistic and negotiate
05:16:47p Shots fired at US Capitol, driver in custody
05:16:51p The Trump administration’s problem with Watergate
05:16:56p Re-Flown Rockets Donated to Exhibit as SpaceX Readies for First Re-flight
05:17:01p Intellectual Intolerance – A Plague on American Universities
05:17:26p Officials confirm 1st measles case in Michigan this year
05:17:37p Severe storms threaten central US; trucker dies in Oklahoma
05:17:46p Armenia’s Anastasia Galustyan reaches World Figure Skating final
05:17:51p Didcot is 'most normal town in England', researchers claim
05:18:09p Mumbai bans drones as police fears aerial attack
05:18:15p Government Shutdown Looms Large
05:18:27p Six jobs eliminated for every droid in workforce...
05:18:44p American Horror Story season 7 adds Billy Eichner in major role
05:18:53p What's in Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones?
05:19:08p Right lane, right shoulder closed on I-95 in Prince George
05:19:30p Paris bans 'sexist' ads following outcry over 'porno chic' fashion campaign...
05:19:40p UPDATE 1-Brazil's banks keep record loan loss provisions despite default drop
05:20:09p Sean Spicer's Press Briefing March 29, 2017
05:20:21p What now for inauguration gal?
05:20:28p Chomsky If Trump Falters With Supporters, a ‘Staged or Alleged’ Terrorist Attack Could Follow
05:20:38p Trump's budget priorities set small businesses strategizing
05:20:49p NT youth detention heads to front inquiry
05:20:57p Not just Bhira, temperature soar in cities across Maharashtra
05:21:02p World of Warcraft Legion Official Sacrifice Trailer
05:21:30p Devin Nunes
05:22:45p Ottawa Co. ranked healthiest county in MI again
05:22:51p The Latest Weather Channel mourns deaths of storm chasers
05:22:56p Police and public join forces to remember London victims
05:23:03p Vic bikie to present drug tests to court
05:23:25p SAMSUNG unveils smartphone with SIRI rival...
05:23:32p Police open fire after driver strikes patrol car near U.S. Capitol
05:23:42p Stephen King clown horror 'IT' gets terrifying trailer...
05:23:47p Estrogen for osteoporosis tied to lower risk of gum infections
05:24:12p School for theater arts and dance
05:24:17p GLOBAL MARKETS-Oil up after data, dollar gains as Brexit materializes
05:24:25p The World’s Strongest Coffee Is Now Available in the U.S.
05:25:02p EU lawmakers Says Brexit can be revoked draft position
05:25:14p Symphony CMS CVE-2017-6006 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
05:25:18p Sanctuary Churches Who Controls The Story?
05:26:28p Windows 10's next major update arrives April 11
05:26:33p Millennials see career in insurance
05:26:37p 10K sign petition opposing parole for Brinks getaway driver
05:26:41p Finance TDF bids down as market shifts to RTBs
05:26:55p Climate change belief 'increasing in NZ'
05:27:01p Bitcoin entrepreneur Amir Taaki quizzed over fighting in Syria
05:27:38p May offers EU fine words, but pushes British interests
05:27:43p Woman strikes police car near U.S. Capitol, taken into custody
05:28:02p No commitment from Walsh Jennings for 2017 AVP tour
05:28:11p U.S. envoy to U.N. Syria's Assad 'hindrance to moving forward'
05:28:40p Pakistan Halts Extradition of US Man Accused of Terror Plot
05:28:46p Giraffe watch Physical sign indicates labor is getting closer
05:28:56p Chinese Firm Takes Stake in U.S. Investment Bank Cowen
05:29:06p Looming Health Shortages Spark Fears of More Maternal Deaths in Africa
05:29:52p Man seen running with kangaroo on a leash in Detroit
05:30:21p Activists who filmed Planned Parenthood workers charged in California
05:30:25p Man who murdered footballer behind bars
05:30:40p UK triggers Article 50 Here's what happened
05:31:01p Samsung's Bixby Is Far More than A Voice Assistant for the Galaxy S8
05:31:23p Ex-NFL star Michael Irvin investigated in sex battery case
05:31:56p Alvarez Selfless friend
05:32:16p The Latest Arab summit reaffirms 2002 Mideast peace plan
05:32:27p Judge Lawsuit about Blackbeard shipwreck can continue
05:32:32p Mexico to appeal ruling on sex assault suspect
05:32:37p Trump is tweeting from an iPhone now
05:32:42p US Ambassador UN Aiding 'Corrupt' Government in Congo
05:32:48p Report Nearly dozen hospitalized after suspected chemical leak at Kellogg
05:32:52p Samsung DeX Turns Galaxy S8 Into an Android Desktop
05:33:39p Mel Gibson 'Not Homophobic, Not Anti-Semitic'...
05:33:44p PM, Labor to let umpire decide on min wage
05:33:52p Kushner company, Chinese firm call off development deal
05:34:08p Peru asks US for more aid to confront intense rains, floods
05:34:55p Former Christie associate gets two years in prison for bridge scandal
05:34:59p Mati City expects 10,000 visitors this summer
05:35:13p 'Space Poop' Challenge Winners Come Clean on Victory
05:35:19p UN Rejects Report it is Seeking to Interfere in Zimbabwe Elections
05:35:24p UPDATE 1-Greece's Eurobank swings to profit in 2016, to focus on impaired loans
05:35:56p Building Mass Effect Andromeda in the Frostbite Engine IGN First
05:36:00p CRACKDOWN NFL Players To Be Automatically Ejected For 'Egregious' Hits To Head...
05:36:04p Chevy gives popular Trax SUV new styling, features for 2017
05:36:09p Judge Suit about Blackbeard shipwreck videos can go ahead
05:36:23p Rep. Maxine Waters' no-holds-barred remarks find fans
05:36:28p Heroin use, addiction up sharply among U.S. whites study
05:36:32p The First 15 Minutes of Persona 5
05:36:37p Illinois comptroller appeals ruling ordering lawmaker pay
05:36:54p AP source Ref target of death threats after Kentucky loss
05:37:15p Flash floods yesterday, but heavy rain set to ease today
05:37:33p Ceaser gets friend-zoned by Tatu Baby over Dutchess on Black Ink Crew
05:37:51p Major city social-services agency to lay off workers
05:38:03p Outrage grows over Internet privacy vote
05:38:10p The Internet Has Jokes About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Questionable New Bronze Statue
05:38:20p Trump says NYT is 'failing' - but stock up 30%
05:38:28p How I Let Disney Track My Every Move, by Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo
05:38:37p Saints coach Payton Team not looking to bring in Manziel
05:38:50p Trial scheduled for next year in NH police shooting lawsuit
05:39:14p Brexit is happening. And it will be expensive.
05:39:37p Bernalillo County approves upping taxes to raise million
05:40:03p NSW's top cop preparing to sing swan song
05:40:18p What's New In Apple Classroom 2.0, by Fraser Speirs
05:40:30p Child abuse the 'tobacco' of mental health
05:40:41p Outrage grows over Congress' Internet privacy vote
05:41:22p Lawmakers Say Burgum’s Veto of Bonus Bill Likely to Be Sustained
05:41:32p Non-banks ‘equally important’
05:41:37p Lindsey Graham Rep. Nunes Is Running An 'Inspector Clouseau Investigation'
05:41:42p Paid 26-week maternity leave gets President's nod
05:41:56p UPDATE 6-Huge nuclear cost overruns push Toshiba's Westinghouse into bankruptcy
05:42:01p Report University lead
05:42:12p Whangarei teenager's skull fractured after roadside attack
05:42:53p Bizarre bust of Ronaldo unveiled
05:43:08p Israeli-Palestinian conflict top of agenda at Arab leader's summit
05:43:24p UPDATE 3-South Africa's ruling party leaders split over Gordhan's fate
05:44:03p Ford recalls 570K vehicles for fire risk, door latch trouble
05:44:07p Name of German SPD lawmaker Michelle Müntefering found on Turkish spying list
05:44:21p When it's time to retire but you can't spend your savings
05:44:55p Vuln Disk Sorter Enterprise CVE-2017-7230 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
05:44:59p Ex-punk rocker Dem to challenge Cruz in Senate race...
05:45:22p First Southern California child born with defect caused by Zika virus
05:45:27p Gary Woodland, pregnant wife cope with loss of 1 twin
05:45:36p Syrian opposition, Russia discuss reinforcing ceasefire
05:45:43p The Latest French minister says Brexit move 'lifts taboo'
05:45:47p Surya namaskar similar to namaz UP CM Yogi Adityanath
05:45:56p Local crafts to be displayed in resort
05:46:01p London attack Tribute paid to Westminster bridge victims
05:46:13p Virgin Media overstated superfast broadband rollout
05:46:26p A first for SpaceX Sending a used rocket into space
05:46:36p Man accused of leading store theft ring, making threats
05:46:42p Angelina Jolie Drug Tests...
05:47:27p Saudi police kill 2 in raid on predominantly Shiite village
05:47:34p After 7 hours of hectic debate, LS passes GST supplementary bills
05:47:38p Vuln cloudflare-scrape CVE-2017-7235 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
05:48:06p Police probe report of radicalized Montreal airport workers
05:48:19p Rep. Maxine Waters' no-holds-barred remarks find fans
05:48:28p Army General Iraq Must Do More to Engage, Empower Its Sunni Population
05:48:36p Kellogg headquarters' tower evacuated; suspected Freon leak
05:48:40p More firms expected to start Exporting
05:48:55p Brexit triggered 5 obstacles to amicable divorce
05:49:13p Brexit in pictures, from Cameron's promise to May's Article 50
05:49:20p Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
05:49:29p Woman pledges to bake 40 cakes in 40 days for 40 people
05:49:45p Indonesian man swallowed by python, villagers and reports say
05:49:49p Cyclone Debbie's remnants to lash NSW
05:49:54p US ambassador to UN calls Congo government 'corrupt'
05:50:29p Delhi Police unable to solve 75% cases, alleges Opposition
05:50:46p PlayStation Plus Free PS4 Games Lineup April 2017 Trailer
05:50:58p Mexican man arrested despite protected status to be released
05:51:25p Jordan FM says Arab summit ends with 'message of peace'
05:51:38p Zinke Border wall 'complex,' faces geographic challenges
05:51:56p Multiple non-injury wrecks cause traffic trouble during morning rush
05:52:02p Breast Cancer Trends Why Do Women in These 5 States Opt for Unneeded Mastectomies?
05:52:07p Mosul battle Iraqi forces edge closer to key mosque
05:52:19p Migrant Workers Blocked from Leaving Qatar Despite Labor Reforms
05:52:24p The World May signs Brexit divorce papers
05:52:37p Hollywood's First Female Boss Tell-All Book...
05:53:04p Rochdale Ambassadors to highlight town as business destination
05:53:36p UK officially triggers 'divorce' from European Union
05:53:41p UPDATE 2-Banks to London staff no panic as Britain launches EU divorce process
05:53:59p IL state record crappie caught at Kinkaid Lake
05:54:08p Man Creates App To Help Disabled Communicate, by CNN
05:54:44p Census Immigration to Bust 100-Year Record, Continue Surging
05:54:53p Ghost in the Shell Anime vs. Movie Side-By-Side Comparison
05:54:59p Spain opens Brexit help desk at London embassy
05:55:10p Arts & Leisure Dining at the Chef's Table
05:55:15p France's Macron on course to win presidency Elabe poll
05:55:37p St. Louis services set for April 9 for rock icon Chuck Berry
05:55:41p Senate prepares for 18C, tax cut showdown
05:55:56p AP Top 25 polls highlight Top 100 all-time in college hoops
05:56:30p Prey Official Playing With Powers Trailer
05:56:34p Knee Replacement Doesn't Always Pay Researchers
05:56:52p When it's finally time to retire but you can't spend your savings
05:57:25p Mindanao trademark team to meet this April
05:57:45p Walesa slams Poland's populist 'dictatorship'
05:58:33p Bizarre Ronaldo statue overshadows airport naming event
05:58:37p Heavy rain causes large crack to open up on Hwy 213 near Mulino
05:58:41p Census suggests counting LGBT, then 'corrects,' deletes
05:59:01p Zara founder to spend million on breast cancer-screening for Spanish hospitals
05:59:06p Consumer confidence soars under Trump, but...
05:59:27p Kellogg headquarters' tower evacuated; suspected Freon leak
05:59:32p Microsoft To Release Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11
05:59:36p Herald daily quiz March 30
05:59:50p South Haven’s first microbrewery now open
06:00:22p Front Page PHL rating affirmed, GDP forecast hiked
06:00:45p Tennessee's Barnes Gut feeling Gonzaga will win NCAA title
06:01:04p Fallon's 'Tonight' heads to Florida with Vin Diesel, Pitbull
06:01:18p 16-Year-Old Boy Thought to Be Sole Survivor of Refugee Shipwreck in the Mediterranean
06:01:22p George Michael Private funeral for singer
06:01:44p Hungary invites Filipino investors
06:01:54p Houston-area mayor apologizes for calling councilman 'boy'
06:02:13p US First Lady Presents International Women of Courage Award
06:02:24p Watch John Legend Surprise Fans With an Impromptu Concert at a Train Station
06:02:30p Dad to be sentenced over Kyhesha's death
06:02:35p Russian protests 'It will happen again if the situation hasn't changed'
06:02:40p Will North Korea Conduct Another Nuclear Test Soon?
06:02:50p John Wooden's UCLA set standard for being No. 1 inpoll
06:02:55p Saudi Arabia considering changes to debut dollar sukuk structure –sources
06:03:00p Zinke Border wall 'complex,' faces geographic challenges
06:03:11p Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Update Spotlight
06:03:28p Former city councilman indicted on child sex charges
06:03:33p Task force finds false claims and encroachment on state land
06:04:05p Wellington Airport still closed by fog
06:04:10p U.N. rights experts call on Russia to release protesters
06:04:16p Environmental Groups Vow to Fight President Trump’s Climate Change Policies
06:04:21p Face of anti-Kremlin protests is the son of a Putin ally
06:04:31p 2 mark lead in men’s world
06:05:31p Windows update will bring 3-D, game tools and doodling
06:05:36p Syrian Peace Talks Tackle Key Issue of Elections for First Time
06:06:07p Movies With Mikey
06:06:12p Digital asset exchange ShapeShift raises million in funding
06:06:30p Kellogg headquarters' tower evacuated, suspected Freon leak
06:06:44p Chris Rock bans cellphones, devices for Hard Rock Live shows
06:06:52p Estrogen for osteoporosis tied
06:06:56p We Should Educate Incarcerated Juveniles
06:07:17p The plight of the brainy bumblebee
06:07:29p Family and close friends say goodbye to George Michael
06:07:58p Space arms race as RussiaChina threat to USA...
06:08:02p Mike Hosking Tax cuts are a great sweetener
06:08:21p European shares rise in 'relaxed' reaction to Brexit day
06:08:54p U.S. Admits Role in Civilian Deaths in Mosul
06:09:44p Golfers oppose planned school near fairway
06:09:52p Baseball security chief wants to challenge Milwaukee sheriff
06:10:01p Donald Tusk to Pay Working Visit to Bulgaria
06:10:17p PlayStation Plus April Free Games Revealed
06:10:22p The Surveillance State Behind Russiagate
06:10:27p Women wanted for questioning for Walmart fraud incident
06:10:31p Facial-Recognition Tech May Turn Life into a Perpetual Police Lineup
06:10:36p 11 Asian Elephants Rescued from Mud-Filled Bomb Crater
06:10:44p Akiba's Beat Official Launch Date Announcement Trailer
06:10:50p Nation Duterte US could have stopped China's structures
06:11:09p Boy pleads guilty to killing brother after dispute over girl
06:11:17p Machines Vs. Human, by Adrian Holovaty
06:11:31p LibTIFF CVE-2016-10270 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
06:11:45p NZQA calls for whistleblowers on grades fudging
06:12:05p Debbie clean up to continue amid deluges
06:12:41p Company Oil in pipeline under Missouri Riv
06:12:46p France's Macron on course to win presidency Elabe poll
06:12:50p Moody's sees Egypt's economy growing but reforms slipping
06:13:01p Bronwyn Bishop defiant over expenses
06:13:05p Lamar Odom regrets affairs, says cocaine helped end career
06:13:12p UPDATE 1-Croatia, Agrokor creditors plan to sign repayment freeze this week VTB
06:13:25p Egypt's Famed Pyramids Get New Lab to Restore Pharaonic Boat
06:13:52p The Latest US warns against travel to Congo
06:14:16p Barry Soper The matador and the bull on Chinese trade
06:14:46p Teen student struck by car outside Olathe Northwest High School
06:15:06p What the Death of Broadband Privacy Rules Means
06:15:11p It's over Britain officially files for divorce from the European Union
06:15:17p This Day in History Last US Combat Troops Withdraw from Vietnam
06:15:29p Tucson couple escape house fire unharmed
06:15:49p Developer to appeal biomass decision to state court
06:15:54p DeVos faults predecessor for wasting money on school reform
06:16:23p Fire Emblem Heroes Official Special Heroes Spring Festival Trailer
06:16:27p 'Absinthe' in L.A. Like Cirque du Soleil on Red Bull and vodka
06:16:44p Vt. farm challenges Nintendo to milking contest
06:17:07p Wells Fargo customers in million settlement over fake accounts
06:17:33p Family Furious After Stranger Addresses Mourners At Woman's Funeral...
06:17:45p Top EU court to weigh in on luxury brands' attempts to ban online sales
06:17:55p DOMINO'S Will Begin Using Robots to Deliver Pizzas in Europe...
06:18:42p Supreme Court delves into details of 1984 Washington murder
06:18:50p THE WHO Daltrey Supports Brexit, Trashes Clinton...
06:19:04p Congo to investigate deaths of American, Swedish UN experts
06:19:11p UCF dream season ends with loss to TCU in NIT semifinal
06:19:47p Mick Fuller tipped to be next NSW top cop
06:20:05p Crude spill hits Venezuela oil port, exports unaffected
06:20:24p 'Angel of Death' serial killer badly beaten in Ohio prison
06:20:40p 2 accused of robbing elderly NY couple
06:20:46p A Comprehensive Guide to the Ghost in the Shell Controversy
06:20:50p Amazon to start collecting state sales tax nationwide
06:20:57p Egypt's famed pyramids get new lab to restore pharaonic boat
06:21:03p The Latest Saints won't give CB Malcolm Butler offer sheet
06:21:08p Wells Fargo customers in settlement
06:21:39p Star Wars Last Jedi Sizzle Footage Debuts at CinemaCon
06:21:50p Mayday rocks Daan Forest Park
06:22:10p Sevilla ordered to close terrace over Ramos abuse
06:22:19p Medich jury continues deliberations
06:22:26p Cyclone Debbie rips off roofs in Australia
06:22:56p Attorney Home owners got another letter from 'The Watcher'
06:23:09p March 29, 2017 What to Know
06:23:16p Pre-historic bison bones, mastodon tooth in Illinois exhibit
06:23:22p Here Are the Republicans Who Sold Out Your Online Privacy to the Broadband Industry
06:23:45p These Rare Presidential Home Movies Are Now Available Online
06:23:59p Chesterfield offering expert lawn care advice to homeowners
06:24:04p NYC police investigate apparent suicide with Madoff link
06:24:08p Christie joining Trump effort to combat opioids...
06:24:13p Fighting vacancies, Chesterfield steps up to help police department
06:24:26p Roger Stone doc to premiere at Tribeca Film Fest...
06:24:59p Studios wheel out the stars for CinemaCon
06:25:27p 'No turning back' UK triggers 'historic' Brexit
06:25:41p Alabama giving away Baby Boxes to new parents
06:25:48p Brexit in pictures, from C
06:25:53p House hearing on climate science focuses on name calling
06:26:15p Envoy vows Brexit will not change British role at UN
06:26:44p Boy misses school due to disability taxi shortage
06:26:52p Senator Aims to End Phone Searches at Airports and Borders
06:27:10p Vuln util-linux CVE-2017-2616 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
06:27:17p Another truck gets stuck under Spokane overpass
06:27:21p Authorities Cops shoot one of their own during celebration
06:27:28p This is how states will fight Trump's energy order
06:27:40p PM, Shorten to visit Debbie disaster zone
06:27:50p Cyclist Claims Victim Of 'Runner Rage'; Bicycle Thrown Off Mountain...
06:28:00p Nines World Cup and tour of NZ confirmed
06:29:11p MPD asks for public's help locating assault suspect
06:29:30p Marvel's New Homecoming Team Explained
06:29:37p Payton addresses Manziel breakfast
06:29:43p Air Force training female pilots to fly its jets
06:30:12p College sued over tiny 'free speech zone'...
06:30:17p Arab Leaders Discuss Crises Facing Region at 28th Summit in Amman
06:30:23p Tan The cleansing of the Temple
06:30:34p US soccer rebounds with 4 points in 2 qualifiers under Arena
06:30:59p Comcast-Funded Civil Rights Groups Claim Low-Income People Prefer Ads Over Privacy
06:31:15p Border Agents Assaulted by Increasingly Aggressive Illegals...
06:31:38p Samsung unveils Galaxy S8 and S8+
06:31:53p 2 women charge racial discrimination at Fox News
06:32:43p Three TSA workers injured by unknown ‘hazardous material’ at New York’s LaGuardia Airport
06:33:10p Live discussion It's lunchtime with Jonathan Gold
06:35:05p LibTIFF CVE-2016-10272 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
06:35:10p Tell Trump & GOP My Web history and geo-location aren’t for sale
06:35:14p Napolitano Returns To FOXNEWS, Stands By Spy Story...
06:35:32p Are any fad diets good for heart health?
06:35:57p Terminal anger passengers rage as fog grounds flights
06:36:03p FDA nominee moves to untangle potential conflicts of interest
06:36:16p Houston-area mayor apologizes for calling councilman 'boy'
06:36:23p Vermont Attorney General joins defense of clean power rules
06:36:53p MisOr guv to help block External Studies Centers’ closure
06:37:16p Nigeria central bank approves licence for development bank finance ministry
06:37:27p Attorney Home owners got another letter from 'The Watcher'
06:37:47p Oh, look! A one sentence bill that repeals Obamacare
06:37:52p Slater a chance for Anzac Test Smith
06:38:08p Eaglet hatches on DC eagle cam
06:38:19p Spring flea market at SIUC has space available
06:38:23p Emirates NBD Enlists UAE Central Bank in Blockchain Check Trial
06:38:38p The Latest Israel official Arab summit reflects challenges
06:38:42p LS passes GST supplementary bills
06:38:55p PBHS freshman nominated for National Spirit of Sport Award
06:39:57p Poll Americans dislike GOP's, Trump's plan on health care
06:40:16p Tetris Shows Promise in Helping PTSD Victims
06:40:35p Effort to Repeal U.S. Internet Privacy Rules Gains Mome
06:41:02p Jackie Kennedy love letters up for auction
06:41:06p Even Camels Dying in Somali Drought
06:41:37p Samsung La
06:41:57p Rep. Nunes ‘Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigaton’
06:42:03p Russia probe should focus on Trump financial ties senator
06:42:08p Notorious troll calls the online tactics 'a national sport'
06:42:13p Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 3798-2 tnef regression update
06:42:54p Former NFL star Michael Irvin investigated in sexual battery case
06:43:44p Facebook debuts 'Stories,' wacky camera filters
06:44:08p Corporate News AC Energy eyes opportunities in SE Asia
06:44:19p Zinke Border wall 'complex,' faces geographic challenges
06:44:24p MetroSafe Deadly crash reported on Greenbelt Highway
06:44:36p Samsung unveils first new flagship phones since exploding phone debacle
06:44:50p Insurer Lloyd's of London 'to open Brussels office', say reports
06:44:54p Oro mayor disqualification case on hold
06:45:09p Disaster aid announced for Debbie regions
06:45:16p US stock indexes mostly higher in afternoon trading; oil up
06:45:22p 'Hillsborough Law' Andy Burnham introduces bill to parliament
06:45:38p Europe's huge stock exchange merger is dead
06:45:43p Cab driver returns mobile phone
06:45:51p Sex assault dismissal causes outrage in Mexico, appeal vowed
06:46:10p Benched legal analyst returns to Fox, stands by story
06:46:31p Security guard fatally shoots family's dog at Honolulu airport
06:46:40p More EU sorrow than anger
06:47:21p Workout Wednesday Running
06:47:34p 16-year-old migrant survives sinking in which 146 are feared drowned
06:47:49p 15 felony charges for 2 who secretly filmed Planned Parenthood
06:47:57p Report Chinese Demand for Elephant Ivory Drops
06:48:39p The Latest Feds extend deadline for first border wall bids
06:48:44p Trump vows to step up efforts to combat drug addiction
06:48:49p MCSD receives report of inappropriate picture of student on Instagram
06:48:53p Family of injured officer receiving support from fellow officers
06:48:58p France's Maestri fined over referee rant
06:49:02p Talent agency Wilhelmina signs rapper Nicki Minaj
06:49:06p Gordon Ramsay Says This Is the One Type of Food He’ll Never Eat
06:49:29p U.S. to form panel to review energy royalty rates on federal land Interior Dept.
06:49:41p Where Are The White House Visitor Logs For Devin Nunes?
06:49:45p 'Down with Zuma' chants at funeral for anti-Apartheid legend Kathrada
06:49:55p Missing Chesterfield teen sent 'concerning messages' on social media
06:50:27p FBI official No 'current, credible' threats for NCAA events
06:50:32p UK court dismisses Unaoil case against anti-fraud agency
06:50:36p See Mercury and Mars near the moon
06:51:22p Notorious troll calls the online tactics 'a national sport'
06:51:31p Greatest rise in heroin use was among white people, study says
06:51:50p NZ winger Solomona set sights on England
06:51:55p Iowa regulator's confirmation delayed amid conflict concerns
06:52:03p Vice Media takes its edgy journalism to the Middle East
06:52:14p Germany's Hoewedes ruled out of Confed Cup
06:52:18p 8,000 Years of London History Discovered Underground
06:52:41p Whee! Myrtle Beach's Swamp Fox roller coaster now a landmark
06:52:49p Odd-looking Ronaldo bust steals the show at airport ceremony
06:52:55p IBM X-Force Finds over 4 Billion Records Leaked in 2016
06:53:12p Canine cough doing rounds in Whangarei
06:53:20p Patient and kin attack two doctors, vandalise Thane Civil hospital
06:53:46p UK could leave EU with no Brexit deal
06:53:59p Palm Beach County middle school teacher wanted by FBI on child porn charges
06:54:12p Tennessee blocking cities' push to ease marijuana punishment
06:54:16p Dylan gets his Nobel Prize
06:54:21p Political Quandary Looms for Governor Burgum as Legislation Clashes With His Private Business Interests
06:55:08p Second suspect charged in Woodley Road shooting
06:55:25p Vt. animal rescue to close temporarily
06:55:30p Samsung’s Virtual Reality Ostrich Ad Is Delightfully Weird
06:55:40p Syrian experts visit critical dam spillway near main IS base
06:55:45p Coronation Street stars past and present walk the red carpet at The Commitments
06:55:50p Mexican president says seeking 'new relationship' with US
06:56:01p DeVos says her predecessor wasted money on school reform
06:56:06p Case For the Anthropocene? Megafauna, Ice Ages and Man-Made Deserts
06:57:15p US Commander US ‘Probably’ Behind Airstrike That Killed Hundreds Of Civilians
06:57:25p Inquest to examine in shooting of man by Montana police
06:57:37p WATCH LIVE Gov. Edwards set to announce tax plan at press conference
06:57:51p Spieth, Mickelson among Masters hopefuls at Houston Open
06:57:58p Russian truck drivers strike against road tax
06:58:41p Body found on Crow Indian Reservation
06:58:49p Democratic Rep. appears ready to announce challenge to Cruz
06:59:04p Trump says NYT 'failing' - but stock up 30% since election
06:59:25p Ala. Honda plant to receive for expansion
06:59:41p RS passes Finance Bill; 5 Opposition amendments adopted
07:00:46p Bechdel picked as Vermont's 3rd cartoonist laureate
07:00:53p Tetris Might Prevent PTSD
07:01:09p UPDATE 2-Germany to Britain No talks on future EU ties until Brexit terms clear
07:01:34p US Envoy Tillerson Counting on Meeting Putin Soon
07:01:39p Restrained patient's death may end hospital's Medicare
07:01:43p Mum of drowned boy Kian Dale 'stupid' to leave him alone in bath
07:01:48p Fallon's 'Tonight' heads to Florida with Vin Diesel, Pitbull
07:01:57p 4 arrested in string of Elmore County car burglaries
07:04:02p Madeira renames its airport after Ronaldo
07:04:39p Trump vows efforts to fight nation's opioid addiction crisis
07:04:57p Savings plan opens for people with disabilities
07:05:02p Self-Driving Car Crash Comes Amid Debate About R
07:05:08p Woman allegedly attacked by 5 men posing as cops in UT
07:05:20p Poll Americans dislike GOP's, Trump's plan on health care
07:05:31p Michigan Supreme Court Justice Young announces retirement
07:05:54p Brain-computer link restores some movement to quadraplegic man
07:06:09p Samsung eyes rebound with Galaxy S8 phones, virtual assistant
07:06:14p Woman gets probation for striking 2 with car, killing them
07:06:18p Watch Flying Kristen Bell and James Corden Flunk This Duet in the Air
07:06:36p Multiple F5 BIG-IP CVE-2016-7474 Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability
07:06:46p Ex-Chris Christie aide gets 2-year prison term for bridge revenge plot
07:06:51p Jersey Mike's gives back with Day of Giving campaign March 29
07:07:00p PD Sky Harbor vandalism suspect arrested, linked to TV/radio vandalism
07:07:46p Dirty air from global trade kills at home and abroad
07:07:53p California will seek death penalty for salon killer
07:08:06p The Latest Congo to probe deaths of American, Swede
07:08:36p Cannes festival accused of airbrushing star's thighs...
07:08:42p Mexican news editor shot as attacks against journalists soar
07:08:55p German MP charges she was targeted by Turkish spies
07:09:28p Man charged over threats against Jewish groups to appear in court
07:09:49p Sideswipe Prime Minister Bill English's artwork. Is this Paintergate 2?
07:10:04p Five Lions hopefuls out to impress
07:10:09p YEA! Lubbock Searching for the Next Mark Zuckerberg
07:10:30p French ex-PM Valls won't vote socialist
07:10:34p Strangely, “undocumented” are less willing to participate in art project
07:10:47p Former school bus driver in Wyoming accused of sex assault
07:11:02p Embrace cyclone-hit Qld towns, locals urge
07:11:23p US envoy warns of deep review of UN peacekeeping
07:11:28p 13yo admits lying in rape case after defendant spent 10 months in jail
07:11:34p David Warm Wednesday ahead of storms
07:11:52p OAS Prods Venezuela Toward Dialogue, Easing Suspension Threat
07:12:04p Gov. Edwards to unveil tax reform proposals
07:12:08p Tijuana Flats offers free tacos to USC, UNC basketball fans
07:12:23p Panasonic Among New Contributors to Hyperledger's Iroha Project
07:12:28p Backlash at Mexico judge over 'no carnal intent' ruling
07:12:33p Report North Korea Increasing Activity at Nuclear Test Site
07:12:45p Ocrevus Wins First FDA Approval for Primary Progressive MS
07:13:22p H-1B visa applications open up next week
07:13:27p When are the school Easter Holidays in Greater Manchester?
07:13:40p What Killed Adobe Flash?
07:14:22p The Latest May says EU's bill for Brexit hasn't come due
07:14:28p World Cup path still cloudy for All Whites
07:14:49p Find out how much your council tax bill is in 2017/18
07:14:53p April to become 'Distracted Driving Awareness Month'
07:15:23p Colombia's Congress approves police general as vice president
07:15:30p No commitment yet from Walsh Jennings for 2017 AVP tour
07:15:56p What history tells us about Boy Scouts and inclusion
07:16:18p Venezuela detains oil company official in corruption case
07:16:35p 'Gau rakshaks feel they have become emperors'
07:16:51p Uber, trying to turn company around, releases diversity numbers
07:17:04p I am after bigwigs in drug trade, warns Amarinder Singh
07:17:21p Roses and silence on Westminster Bridge one week on
07:17:39p Vauxhall drops FA home nations football sponsorship deals
07:18:01p Survivors welcome compensation over Retta Dixon abuse
07:18:06p Witnesses Teen accidentally shot in chest in Gwinnett County
07:18:18p Fossils stolen from Death Valley National Park
07:18:51p ICYMI WGEM Quincy Mayoral Debate
07:19:14p Mayors call on feds to define 'sanctuary city' label
07:19:24p Doctor who misled over Ebola nurse guilty of misconduct
07:19:29p Fallon's 'Tonight' heads to Florida with Vin Diesel, Pitbull
07:19:34p Europe faces more troubles than Brexit
07:19:44p Suspect arrested in New Albany double shooting
07:19:56p More Ned Kellys revealed in hidden haul of No
07:20:15p Madeira Airport renamed in Ronaldo honour - and 'bizarre' bust
07:20:55p Lake County is accepting grants for Health & Human Services programs
07:20:59p Judge Napolitano Is Back...and Sticking To His GCHQ Story?
07:21:46p Former Tea Party congressman Steve Stockman hit with 28-count indictment over charity fraud
07:22:04p Richmond woman found guilty in beating death of goddaughter
07:22:35p Done the rock trick, now to hatch some eggs artist tries bizarre new feat
07:22:39p Key points from the Article 50 letter
07:22:44p Horror, adventure, stunts on display in Cruise's 'The Mummy'
07:22:49p LibTIFF CVE-2016-10271 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
07:22:56p Crews work to spread massive Jackson snow pile to thaw
07:23:01p Trump's top health official gets bipartisan grilling
07:23:14p Amal Clooney Won’t Let George Name Their Twins After His Tequila Company
07:23:53p MUGSHOTS LMPD's Most Wanted Suspects
07:24:03p NOAC 'Reasonably' Cost-Effective in Afib
07:24:26p Carl Gregory death Man guilty of social media row murder
07:24:52p LibTIFF CVE-2016-10268 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
07:24:56p Senate panel approves DUI tests after fatal crashes
07:25:09p Campbell County schools take step toward lawsuit over budget
07:25:18p Vugt Shame can be a gift from God – according to Pope Francis
07:25:37p 'No Turning Back' on Brexit as Article 50 Triggered
07:25:42p Senate Committee Approves Amendment Setting Governor Doug Burgum’s Salary to
07:25:47p Iowa regulator's confirmation delayed afterreport
07:26:31p Census suggests counting LGBT, then 'corrects,' deletes
07:26:38p One in Five Mobile Phones Shipped Abroad Are Phoney
07:27:01p Ex-Trump University student wants the president's apology
07:27:28p Wonder CMS CVE-2014-8702 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
07:28:08p ADOT Have a game plan for Final Four traffic
07:28:52p Mutton Bustin' kicks off the ABC Pro Rodeo
07:29:29p Did Ste from Hollyoaks' actor reveal he killed Amy Barnes live on This Morning?
07:29:41p Your Bio and Google Search Visibility
07:30:12p Private funeral held for singer George Michael in London
07:30:46p Vt. House to debate budget plan
07:30:55p AP ranks top 100 college basketball teams of all time
07:31:17p Leaked report shows Seven executive assistant's lavish spending on company card
07:31:22p Daily Deals PS Plus 1yr Membership for
07:31:58p CMS Made Simple CVE-2017-7256 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
07:32:03p Rain is back Thursday, T-Storms by Friday
07:32:58p Independence police officer shot
07:33:16p Missouri House OKs plan for for unexpected bills
07:33:35p Candlelight vigil held on anniversary of deadly Anderson drive-by
07:33:39p DBS short films shine a light on social enterprises
07:33:51p New York Times smacks down Trump ‘False’ — we never apologized for election coverage
07:34:05p Calhoun Falls names new chief of police
07:34:11p Trump Nominates Goldman Sachs 'Alligator' Jay Clayton to Run SEC
07:34:51p 'Erratic' driver plows into Capitol Police cruiser
07:34:56p MPC ups GDP growth forecast, keeps policy rate
07:35:20p Canadian gets prison sentence for insulting Turkey's president
07:35:32p What's Up Africa How to report a stabbing in Kenya
07:35:52p Peruvian flight veers off runway, bursts into flames
07:36:06p 'AmazonFresh' grocery pickup service enters testing in Seattle
07:36:11p Peruvian Airlines flight veers off runway, bursts into flames
07:36:25p Family avoids injury when turkey crashes through windshield news
07:36:38p President Trump's Joint Address to Congress
07:37:04p White House says Trump to sign broadband privacy repeal
07:37:09p 10 Portable Apps Every Linux User Should Use
07:37:13p Dusit International forms JV with Colours International
07:37:27p Two storm chasers crash into a third while pursing tornado killing all three
07:37:33p Vuln Allwinner Linux kernel 'sunxi-debug.c' Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
07:37:39p Woman killed in Ashford crash
07:37:44p Rain, fog heats up Plunket Shield race
07:38:00p Irish man in 'reversing tractor' record
07:38:36p Reward offered to catch suspects who vandalized Pinnacle High School
07:38:45p Audubon Zoo opossums celebrate 2nd birthday...with cake!
07:38:54p Missing man killed, swallowed whole by python
07:39:03p 2 states settle with Santander over 'unfair' car loans
07:39:07p Matt Schlapp Gets Slapped For Calling Spicer's Racism 'Just Feisty'
07:40:06p Vuln LibTIFF CVE-2016-10272 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
07:40:24p Driver plows into Capitol Police cruiser; streets closed
07:41:14p Montana Hope Project is sending Brooklyn to Orlando
07:41:45p Vermont transit service to test electric bus
07:42:12p Body recovered in Mississippi River near Keokuk
07:42:42p Key findings of the AP-NORC poll on health care
07:43:00p As Brexit is Triggered, European and Asian Rivals Vie for London’s Financial Crown
07:43:12p Editorial Follow traffic rules
07:43:17p Could Virtual, Augmented Reality Augment Medicine?
07:43:32p 2 former Christie aides get prison for bridge revenge plot
07:43:45p Putin visits Arctic archipelago to reaffirm Russian presence
07:43:49p The AHCA Mass Murder in Broad Daylight
07:43:57p Who’s voting ‘no’ on Gorsuch — and why
07:44:08p NLA members face tough choices in bid to reform energy sector
07:44:13p Freed from IS, Iraq's Qaraqosh now a ghost town
07:45:11p The Latest Court blocks anti-abortion group's recordings
07:45:19p Toshiba's US atomic unit files for Chapter 11
07:45:31p Sunrise moves ahead on City Hall with million water park
07:45:37p Ex-Christie aides gets prison term for bridge revenge plot
07:45:42p Iowa regulator's confirmation delayed afterreport
07:45:50p Emmerdale star Danny Miller enjoys a lighter moment away from the soap
07:45:57p Inside Mosul, a huge blast, then screams, dust and horror
07:46:22p US-led coalition 'probably' had role in west Mosul civilian casualties
07:46:36p LibTIFF CVE-2016-10269 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
07:46:53p Change is a must as Tauranga recycling efforts fall short
07:47:24p SPC Tornado Watch 98 Status Reports
07:48:01p Turkey day tips Here’s how to keep Thanksgiving leftovers edible for longer
07:48:05p Trey Gowdy Schiff Should Recuse Since He Was For Hillary
07:48:33p Court throws out car's 'black box' info in deadly DUI case
07:48:38p PPP Committee wants 6 more transport projects fast-tracked
07:49:05p Shooting wounds Mexican journalist; 2nd attack in 2 days
07:49:33p SIU President we are planning for another round of cuts
07:49:41p Land-rights activists claim police planted drugs
07:49:50p Greenwich High School placed into lockdown after threat
07:50:04p Salman to release Asha Parekh's autobiography The Hit Girl
07:50:13p Celeb uses star power to make sure Siri pronounces her name correctly
07:50:19p Forget covering up cameras, now your headphones can be used to spy on you
07:50:27p Ouch X-ray shows where stupid prisoner decided to hide a smuggled phone
07:50:35p 'Angel of Death' serial killer badly beaten in Ohio prison
07:50:41p Samsung lanza nuevos celulares
07:51:03p Wednesday TEMS on Relevant Radio David Daleiden and more!
07:51:19p SPC Tornado Watch 98
07:51:27p New 111 system 'poorly thought through' Labour
07:51:59p Tom Clancy's ShadowBreak Coming to iOS and Android
07:52:09p Trump's top health official gets bipartisan grilling
07:52:17p Blue Origin capsule has 'largest windows in space'
07:52:41p Katie Hopkins cannot appeal Jack Monroe libel tweet case
07:52:46p 'It was high anxiety' shots fired on US Capitol grounds
07:53:12p Noam Chomsky Trump administration undermines all ‘prospects for decent survival’
07:53:35p Link Title Field How to Build Interactive Articles in D2
07:53:55p A timeline of Hazelwood power station
07:54:00p FDA Approves First Drug for Severe Multiple Sclerosis
07:54:13p Stellar Overload Trailer
07:54:20p Uber has already lost nearly billion this year
07:55:05p Coroner confirms body found in vacant house is Aleah Beckerle
07:55:14p Pet shop to help find homes for rescue dogs
07:55:23p The Invisible Hours Reveal Trailer
07:55:58p 'Angel of Death' serial killer badly beaten in prison
07:56:22p Schoolgirl, 12, dies after being overcome with deodorant fumes
07:56:32p US judge says arrested Mexican ‘Dreamer’ can be released
07:56:44p South Africa activist's funeral exposes divide over future
07:57:02p Serbian Presidential Candidates How Dirty Can It Get?
07:57:17p Consumer confidence soars under Trump. Here's what it means
07:57:44p Finally, the sun is out! But winter soon returns...
07:58:01p Police appeal to find missing 14-year-old Bethany Williams
08:00:06p GOP, Democrats push differing tuition proposals
08:00:50p Daydream, Hamilton islands to be evacuated
08:01:05p Exxon to Trump Don't ditch Paris climate change deal
08:01:31p Greatest Threat to Environment Is Not Affluence, It’s Poverty
08:02:00p Stocks are mixed as oil rises
08:02:11p Vuln LibTIFF CVE-2016-10270 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08:02:15p SEC nominee Clayton to get Senate panel vote April 4
08:02:30p Cut NIH Budget and Pay the Price?
08:03:10p Bodies of American and Swedish UN experts found in DR Congo
08:03:50p US moves to strip back online privacy
08:04:51p Tennessee couple busted after trying to sell their baby on Craigslist
08:05:05p 1,000-Year-Old Toy Viking Boat Unearthed in Norway
08:05:11p Greenville Co. deputies as for help identifying larceny suspect
08:05:21p Where to now for Hazelwood workers?
08:05:36p Multi-million dollar Walmart distribution center to be built in Mobile
08:05:41p New MS Drug Approved by FDA
08:05:45p Unpaid bills put trial of Texas attorney general in limbo
08:05:50p U.S. military says difficult to avoid Mosul casualties, probes blast
08:05:54p SPC MD 368
08:06:05p Tech tops complexities of Asian business
08:06:18p After setback, abortion foes keep pressing Congress to act
08:06:22p Bob Dylan will finally accept Nobel Prize
08:07:03p Amazon to start collecting state sales taxes everywhere
08:08:11p US official 6 fired from Afghanistan embassy for drugs
08:08:38p Suicide reduction targets needed, mental health advocates say
08:09:17p Asian markets push higher, pound weak on Brexit
08:09:48p US State Dept employee faces FBI charges
08:10:21p Cumberland County Jail inmate dies after hanging himself
08:10:26p The Latest Cooper choice to run health agency OK'd by panel
08:10:36p Ivanka Trump will take up coding with daughter
08:10:50p 3 arrested in connection with restaurant robbery
08:11:40p 86-year-old jewel thief pleads guilty to shoplifting charge
08:11:45p AP SPIN METER Was Trump joking on health care?
08:11:57p It's not just women honored for Women's History Month at UCF
08:12:21p ‘Angel of Death’ serial killer in critical condition after prison beating
08:12:28p Govt told to transfer officials suspected in Lahu teen’s killing
08:12:33p Source Saints sign tight end John Phillips
08:12:38p Three Frenship seniors sworn into U.S. Marine Corps
08:12:43p Texas Senate votes to ban red light cameras statewide
08:12:55p Lourdes Hospice offers camp for children who have lost loved one
08:13:34p The 10 Best Walking Dead Funko Pops
08:13:40p Dongola school district cancels class Thursday-Friday due to illness
08:14:05p At least 13 killed in Baghdad car bomb
08:14:10p Elmore County Sheriff's Office mourning loss of captain
08:14:15p Lawyer Mental illness a question in Vegas bus shooting case
08:14:25p Head of Trump-Russia probe refusing to step down
08:14:37p People behind bizarre Auschwitz stunt say 'stop war'
08:14:50p Siam Piwat seeks more members for ‘Global Privilege Partnership’
08:15:27p Fmr. Gamecock star to join Columbia Fireflies
08:15:32p No cellphones backstage for accountants after Oscar flub
08:15:54p Treasury department returns to lucky SC man
08:17:21p Florida company has a personal profile on nearly every American adult
08:17:27p Studies of Two Reefs Reveal They May Be Damaged Beyond Repair
08:18:00p US launches anti-dumping probe against Chinese foil
08:18:05p Sources New Britain shooting stemmed from school dispute
08:18:39p Whee! Myrtle Beach's Swamp Fox roller coaster now a landmark
08:18:51p Fed official U.S. economy finally back to normal
08:18:55p See what the Perseids looked like from space in this awesome footage
08:19:51p Imam 'Any attack against this country is an attack on ourselves'
08:19:56p Boeing makes billion-dollar bet on the 747 hauling cargo
08:20:18p A perfect partnership Missoula Vet finds PTSD help with dog
08:20:31p Report Saints sign QB Chase Daniel
08:20:36p Committee wants to keep teacher jobs at juvenile facility
08:20:49p Say goodbye to your favorite color
08:21:16p True Disbelievers
08:21:27p Songs help CPR performers save lives
08:22:00p The Latest Another arrest in shooting involving Fetty Wap
08:22:14p International travelers cite politics as factor in US trips
08:22:18p Manipulative Steven and sulker Justin Obese brothers on My 600-lb Life
08:22:23p Will a shutdown mark Trump's 100th day?
08:22:28p Robbery suspect arrested after fleeing police
08:22:32p Kevin Durant On Track For Playoff Return
08:22:38p Attacks Against African Students Rise in India, Rights Advocates Say
08:22:42p Waiter praised for helping disabled woman after photo goes viral
08:23:03p FDA declines to approve Mylan's generic of GSK's Advair for now
08:24:03p Republican Carly Fiorina calls for ‘special prosecutor or independent commission’ to investigate Russia
08:24:10p million development boosts Tauranga downtown recovery
08:24:18p Doctors' Day to be celebrated in AL on March 30
08:24:33p Cast of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Reunite For 20th Anniversary
08:24:37p New TuscAlert Notification System offered to residents
08:24:45p Tennessee blocking cities' push to ease marijuana punishment
08:24:50p How Britain and Europe reacted to Brexit
08:25:20p How repeating ‘gyna, gyna, gyna’ helps Alec Baldwin tap into his inner Donald Trump
08:25:39p Espinoza Why not abolish?
08:25:43p Andrew Napolitano returns to Fox News, stands by false spying claim
08:25:49p Malilong Excuses, excuses
08:26:01p Hazelwood reaches the end of the road
08:26:14p PD CT woman left 5-year-old, 8-month-old alone in car
08:26:25p Rep. Craig Headland Setting the Record Straight on the Meals on Wheels Program
08:26:50p EU official urges independent controls over Brazil meat industry
08:27:02p 18-year-old dies after falling over waterfall
08:27:14p BJD leaders disapprove of Jay Panda's public criticism
08:27:32p Do we really need a national self-driving testing facility?
08:27:38p Hazelwood fast facts
08:27:51p NZ dollar touches week-high vs British pound, euro as Brexit formally triggered
08:27:55p Civic Lubbock, Inc. call for entries for Lubbock Music NOW 2017
08:28:18p US arrests Turkish banker on charges of violating Iran sanctions
08:29:02p President Donald Trump has successfully created an alternate reality
08:29:07p Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk scheduled for this Saturday
08:29:25p Lara Trump hired by Trump campaign's digital vendor
08:30:57p Americans trust media more than Trump
08:31:19p Carbondale Grocery to hold 5K to support local food pantry
08:31:31p 2 dead, suspect arrested after hit and run in Cherokee County
08:31:53p Trump is tweeting from an iPhone now, but will he give up on Android?
08:32:15p Morning Break Christie Opioid Czar; Trumpcare 2.0 on Track; UnitedHealth Care Sued
08:32:42p Juthamas, daughter put behind bars for bribery
08:33:25p Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan, Clay Pell to divorce
08:33:30p Oppo sacks employee who insulted Indian flag
08:33:35p Armed man arrested on way to LA gay pride parade pleads not guilty
08:33:39p Burn ban issued for Seminole County
08:33:45p Britain files to leave European Union
08:33:52p How Zelda Breath of the Wild’s Powerful Nostalgia Connected Me to My Mother
08:34:23p Check your freezer Nearly one million-pounds of breaded chicken recalled
08:35:35p Blue Origin unveils space capsule
08:35:39p Blue Orig
08:35:43p Where to find the best offers for the e-payment service
08:35:49p Putting Names to Faces May Boost Cooperation
08:36:11p Nine-level Stonefields apartment plan rejected
08:36:15p Yogi Adityanath reveals when he was informed about being the next UP CM
08:36:22p NOPD searching for woman in connection with theft of wedding rings
08:36:28p State agency says more funds needed to fight wildfires
08:36:35p Napolitano returns to Fox, stands by false spying claim
08:37:08p Turkey ends Syrian military operation PM
08:37:52p PlayStation Plus April Games Revealed IGN News
08:37:56p March 29, 2017
08:38:01p Groundbreaking held at MO's National Veterans Memorial Park in Perryville
08:38:29p Trump's Lawyers 'Apprentice' Contestant Can't Sue President
08:38:34p Man arrested for Muskegon Heights attempted homicide
08:38:39p Will Congress celebrate Trump's 100th day in office with a government shutdown?
08:39:02p Xbox One's Faster, Simpler Interface is Now Available To Everyone
08:39:08p The one number you can’t block? President Trump’s
08:39:12p 2 states settle with Santander over 'unfair' car loans
08:39:28p Satirist's presidential campaign draws support from young Serbians disillusioned with politics
08:39:34p A Philippine senator defies her president — from behind bars
08:40:13p Taiwan Glass Group revenue up 39% in February
08:40:43p Turkey ends military operation in Syria, PM Yildirim says
08:40:47p Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City The Disgusting Beauty of Dark Souls
08:41:17p Samsung unveils S8 The iPhone killer
08:41:35p Man convicted of Las Vegas slaying committed for 20 years
08:41:41p Heroin use, addiction up sharply among US whites study
08:41:50p Hope for elephants as ivory prices fall by two-thirds advocacy group
08:42:11p Yes, You've Still Got Mail
08:42:30p Editorial Narco-politics in the barangays
08:42:36p State Department employee accused of making false statements
08:42:44p Vin Diesel on Paul Walker We don't want to let him down
08:42:48p 'Black women at work' hashtag highlights prejudice
08:43:00p Charlotte police seek to stem violence after 22nd homicide
08:43:29p AVP schedule is out, no commitment from Walsh Jennings
08:43:34p Lawmakers push to allow medical marijuana in schools
08:43:39p Will a government shutdown mark Trump's 100th day?
08:43:56p Student numbers drop by 40 percent in 15 years
08:44:01p Montana tribe sues Trump administration for lifting coal moratorium
08:44:06p Illinois taxpayers pay millions in bonuses to lottery staff
08:44:12p Taiwanese suspect arrested in Hungary
08:44:16p This university is notifying students of acceptance via Snapchat
08:44:44p GNU Binutils CVE-2017-7303 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
08:45:02p Gonzaga won't cancel Friday classes for Final Four
08:45:10p Bridgegate Christie aides Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly jailed
08:45:18p Why many older Australians are afraid of a cashless society
08:45:37p Roadway Collapse Shuts Down Access To Lake Chabot Campgrounds
08:46:06p Samsung DeX gadget transforms the Galaxy S8 into a PC
08:46:30p Texarkana Arkansas police ask for return of garden boxes
08:46:55p Worst humanitarian crisis hits as
08:47:35p MS-13 arranged 'black widow' killing for insurance
08:48:29p Taiwanese activist's wife urges Beijing to reveal his whereabouts
08:48:36p New Britain triple shooting stemmed from dispute over school
08:48:56p Spokane Valley Deputies searching for custom Chopper
08:49:10p Robots to have ‘large and robust negative effects’ on labor market
08:49:22p Senate intelligence leaders pledge bipartisan Russia probe
08:50:21p Shooting wounds Mexican journalist, 2nd attack in 2 days
08:50:54p Netflix's The Discovery Exclusive Images
08:51:52p Oakland Man Pleads Guilty To Making Counterfeit Xanax
08:51:56p The Latest US government urges narrower travel ban ruling
08:52:08p GNU Binutils CVE-2017-7227 Remote Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08:52:39p 3/29/17 White House Press Briefing
08:52:52p City of Tenino Selected to Host “Small City Connector” Meeting
08:53:00p Helicopter carrying five goes missing
08:53:23p Chicago man pleads not guilty to weapons charge after raid
08:53:42p District Selects Olympia High School Head Football Coach
08:54:37p OAS urges dialogue as Venezuela tensions flare
08:55:20p Moody's Sees Egypt's Economy Growing but Reforms Slipping
08:55:43p ASU student convicted of felony voyeurism to be deported to China
08:56:10p 24 Legacy '800 P.M. 900 P.M.' Review/title
08:56:38p Researchers hemlock trees in trouble as winters warm
08:57:26p Amanda New details on Thursday's chance for severe weather
08:57:32p Heroin Epidemic Expands Its Grip on America
08:58:12p Briones Battling adversity
08:58:28p French Guiana general strike enters 2nd day
08:58:32p Tell it to SunStar Education for all
08:58:37p Final Four guide Teams, players and matchups to watch
08:58:42p Pedestrian killed in Kapiti Coast crash
08:58:59p After home burns for second time, couple celebrates 60 years of marriage
08:59:25p Horror, adventure, stunts on display in Cruise's 'The Mummy'
09:00:04p Three tornado chasers die in Texas crash
09:00:29p Washington granted REAL ID compliance extension
09:01:53p US official calls on Kosovo to retract law on creating army
09:02:11p Amazon moving staff at Quidsi parenting products unit after losses
09:02:18p Court bars release of videos made by anti-abortion group
09:02:32p SPC MD 369
09:02:37p Veera abandons casino visit to avoid confrontation
09:03:11p Bodies of UN workers and interpr
09:03:15p They...Are Watching You
09:04:12p Papua government encouraged by progress of students in NZ
09:04:18p 'Build that wall' says border resident
09:04:23p State Dept. employee accused of misleading FBI in China case
09:04:46p Review Nighthawk X4S Smart Wi-Fi Gaming Router
09:04:57p X-Men Prime #1 Review
09:05:10p Vermont House Budget set to pass
09:05:19p The Witness Developer
09:05:33p Wenceslao Cordova’s growth
09:05:42p Midlands' girl's response to seeing Beauty and the Beast will save your day
09:05:57p Brother seeks retrial for
09:06:02p Akron man pleads guilty to charges for carfentanil death
09:06:40p Sigh of relief Chelsea Clinton is not running for office…yet
09:06:45p Burn bans issued for Seminole, Osceola counties
09:06:51p Greenville Co. Schools shares shocking video from bus camera
09:06:56p Gov. Edwards announces tax plan at press conference
09:07:02p Montana special election mail-in ballot measure, stalled
09:07:22p Kenyan Entrepreneur inspires more Kenyans to be productive
09:08:03p Prosecutors to change policies after Oso slide settlement
09:08:07p Gonna need a ... bigger boat?
09:08:13p Trump's Mexico border wall funding facing delay
09:08:24p Sindarius Thornwell is the best player in the Final Four, ESPN says
09:09:03p Umatilla driver escaped car moments before train hit it
09:09:07p The process from mine to lake at Hazelwood
09:09:17p Live Politicians facing late-night fight over company tax cuts
09:09:43p State Department employee to face charges in FBI probe officials
09:09:47p Britain's Prince Charles on 3-country charm tour amid Brexit
09:09:52p Sen. John Courson receives bond
09:09:57p Westinghouse troubles loom over SC, Georgia nuke projects
09:10:09p Russia and Iran agree economic deals
09:10:41p Young workers earned an average of NT29,427 per month in 2016
09:11:09p French Socialist candidate livid as ex-PM Valls defects to Macron
09:11:18p Brisbane to be lashed by storms
09:11:22p Human skeletal remains found in Tuscaloosa County
09:11:31p Live Wellington remains shrouded but at last there's good news for weary travellers
09:11:43p Minecraft's Next Big Update Detailed IGN News
09:11:50p U.S. Senate intelligence leaders pledge bipartisan Russia probe
09:11:55p Solar panels installed at Jackson, MO school
09:12:00p Woman hits car, tries to mow down officers near U.S. Capitol police
09:12:34p Muslim immigrant enters California lieutenant governor race
09:13:10p 'No evidence' legalising e-cigs lowers smoking rates
09:13:40p Pollen count March 29, 2017
09:14:18p Amnesty says UAE sentences dissident professor to 10 years
09:14:23p Two days until launch and new CYF uncertain on staffing
09:14:32p Ex-Cyclone Debbie brings severe rain, winds
09:14:38p Fix tourism hub after Debbie, MP tells ADF
09:15:00p GNU Binutils 'swap_std_reloc_out' Function Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
09:15:05p GOP struggles to govern despite a monopoly in Washingt
09:15:16p Agency settles case over ex-player's videogame company deal
09:15:31p State will split Montgomery school district in 2 during intervention
09:16:09p 2 arrested in Enterprise breaking and entering case
09:16:13p Elmore Correctional officer hurt breaking up inmate fight
09:16:30p Oregon Zoo seeks public’s help in naming river otter pups
09:16:39p Accused Lakebottom rape suspect appears in court for preliminary hearing
09:16:59p OPEC compliance with oil curbs rises in March as UAE joins cut survey
09:17:09p Deputies Man used tire iron to beat 71-year-old woman
09:17:16p After gap closed, Vermont House budget set to pass
09:17:41p Draymond Green To Boycott Raiders Games
09:18:00p Judge won’t stop new medical center near Grand Haven
09:18:44p Everything you need to know about the Hazelwood shutdown
09:19:06p Volunteers needed for Alzheimer's initiative
09:19:50p Ireland Is Urged to Do More for the Economically Vulnerable
09:20:17p Sources Missing hiker found dead in woods today
09:20:53p Sexual predator who broke into houses guilty of sex assaults
09:21:21p Giants looking to justify preseason favouritism in round two
09:21:34p Seares Banana tycoon’s conflict of interest
09:21:38p 2 arrested in connection with breaking and entering crime in Enterprise
09:21:48p Ex-Ivory Coast president's wife acquitted of war crimes
09:22:00p Anchorage suspects killed by police had car of murdered E'town man
09:23:00p Tasmanian MPs to make emotional return to Parliament without Vanessa Goodwin
09:23:16p Charleston R-1 School Dist. to celebrate solar eclipse in August
09:23:32p Cheaper to rebuild Nelson's quake-prone cathedral?
09:24:25p Judge Napolitano Returns On Fox News, Stands By Claim Brits Spied On Trump
09:25:08p Bill to help sick nuclear site employees dies in Senate
09:25:31p rises against
09:25:58p phpMyAdmin PMASA-2017-8 Security Bypass Vulnerability
09:26:13p Vermont transit service to test all-electric bus
09:26:34p Odd-looking Ronaldo bust steals the show at airport naming ceremony
09:27:02p Police Driver shot during robbery attempt in Holland
09:27:11p Parents Protest Graphic Sex Ed Curriculum Changes In Cupertino Schools
09:27:35p In China, Deals Thought to Be With Disney Turn Out Less Than Magical
09:27:41p Blunt Warriors defend Johnson's form
09:28:00p San Francisco Considers Official Sponsor For 420 Event
09:28:47p Environmental groups file lawsuit over Trump climate actions
09:28:52p O'Reilly Apologizes For Joking About Rep. Maxine Waters' Hair
09:29:31p FTC flouts conventional wisdom, says changing passwords often can do harm
09:29:39p State Department employee charged in making contacts with Chinese agents
09:29:45p Armed man arrested on way to L.A. gay pride parade pleads not guilty
09:29:50p U.S. agency moves to shake up government-subsidized telecom program
09:29:56p How will London deal with the Northern Ireland crisis?
09:30:01p Teen gunned down big brother in dispute over girl
09:30:05p Vuln GNU Binutils CVE-2017-7304 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
09:30:13p Dawson County Sheriff's Office searching for sexual assault suspect
09:30:37p Samsung's Galaxy S8 Phone Aims To Dispel the Note 7 Debacle
09:31:05p Oracle recommends axing the Java object finalizer
09:31:10p Exponent CMS CVE-2016-7780 SQL Injection Vulnerability
09:31:16p Minecraft's Next Big Update Detailed
09:31:33p Hokitika lawyer suspended from practice for authorising fraudulent documents
09:31:38p Samsung Galaxy S8 but is it art? The internet reacts
09:31:43p US hearing on climate science focuses on name calling
09:31:47p Phoenix's historic Harmon Park gets renovation
09:32:08p 5 things Samsung's Bixby A.I. service will do
09:32:14p Transtasman submarine cable goes live
09:32:19p Dash-cam captures toppling hay bales on A1
09:32:28p The Latest US envoy at Arab summit Mideast peace possible
09:32:37p CMS Made Simple CVE-2017-7257 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
09:32:41p Android Wear 2.0 Begins Slow Rollout
09:32:47p Arab leaders ready to work with Trump on Mideast peace deal
09:33:07p A UN Report That Paints Israel In A Positive Light!
09:33:55p World Video Ga
09:34:43p 1,000 evacuated after fire in Xinyi District
09:34:56p Trump, Christie pledge to combat nation's opioid addiction
09:35:11p SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Poised for 1st Reflight Thursday
09:35:22p Edwards unveils long-awaited tax plan for upcoming session
09:35:34p Armenia Looks to Buy Russian Arms to Counter Azeri Military Potential
09:35:39p Coliseum Board Not Supporting 3rd Lame Duck Season For Raiders
09:35:48p Audubon's Cool Zoo and lazy river open next month
09:35:54p Wrong-Way, Daredevil Asteroid Plays 'Chicken' with Jupiter
09:36:02p HP Intelligent Management Center CVE-2017-5797 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
09:36:10p Virginia men's tennis coach moving to role with USTA
09:36:16p Afghan Army Kills 45 Taliban Militants in Airstrikes in Country's South
09:36:48p Where Americans Exercise the Most
09:37:02p Texas Senate approves police interaction bill
09:37:39p Down by the jetty
09:38:33p US Ambassador UN Aiding 'Corrupt' Government in Congo
09:38:38p US stock indexes close mostly higher; oil up
09:38:50p Hawaii heads to court to seek extension to block on travel ban
09:38:59p Drastic action urged over Muri lagoon
09:39:22p 'Unnecessary deaths' worry as bowel screening plans unveiled
09:39:42p L.A. pays settlement in police killing of man with brain injury
09:39:47p Police investigating stabbing in Burlington
09:39:59p German reporter held in Turkey appeals for release
09:40:05p Holocaust Survivor Warns Trump Administration ‘History Is Not on Your Side’
09:40:25p Senate Approves Montenegro Joining NATO Despite Rand Paul’s Objection
09:40:33p Former police evidence custodian indicted for stealing pills
09:40:41p Tech Entrepreneur's San Francisco Remodel Upsetting Neighbors
09:41:04p Britain Opens Formal Divorce Proceedings With Europe
09:41:32p Three Wounded In San Francisco Street Shooting
09:42:51p Colombia's Congress Approves Police General as Vice President
09:43:05p Missouri lawmakers advance plan to ban red-light cameras
09:43:09p Whangarei equestrian Vicki Wilson to bring winning horse home
09:43:14p 5 Big Decisions Republicans in Congress Have to Make Soon
09:43:22p New From Keith Olbermann Could Donald Trump Pass a Sanity Test?
09:43:38p Nearly 150 migrants feared dead after boat sinks
09:44:05p Santander to pay million to resolve subprime auto loan probes
09:44:20p TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar booked for molestation
09:44:50p Finnish Air Force Unveils US-Themed Special Unit
09:45:32p Afghan Governor Says US Marines' Deployment Will Reverse Taliban Gains
09:45:36p CPC Central Committee calls to institutionalize education campaign
09:45:41p Samsung Account CVE-2015-0864 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
09:45:48p Planned Parenthood US anti-abortion filmmakers face charges
09:46:06p Asheville officers searching for woman missing for 3 years
09:46:19p Two men die in separate NSW car smashes
09:46:26p May wanted to let Europe down gently, now she has other worries
09:46:30p Lawmakers weigh-in on possible Bentley impeachment proceeding
09:46:35p Turkish FM slams decision to fly Kurdish flag in Kirkuk
09:46:42p Jeff Bezos Reveals 'Sneak Peak' of Blue Origin's Space Tourism Capsule
09:46:51p Police Chief Mandeville officer on leave after DWI incident
09:47:05p #BlackWomenAtWork highlights daily challenge of race, gender
09:47:10p Refusing to Snipe in Snipe
09:47:31p Well-wishers fund pedal cart for Puffy the disabled dog
09:47:52p BlackBerry, freed of handsets, looks to software for return to glory
09:47:59p Rebel Nationals MP welcomes new sugar code
09:48:28p 6.5 Million Taxpayers Paid Billion in Obamacare Penalties in 2016
09:48:35p Freedom camping turns feral in Queenstown
09:48:40p Missing Indonesian man found inside python
09:48:45p Plans in place to evacuate salmon if Idaho hatchery floods
09:49:20p Mexican news editor shot as attacks on journalists soar...
09:49:28p Phoenix Zoo animals Put me in, coach!
09:49:37p Wellington to spend fixing town hall
09:49:49p Murray State announces new women's basketball coach
09:49:54p Flights take off from Wellington Airport
09:49:58p NZ hungry for Pacific products
09:50:37p 'It's not free' Port Augusta power station giveaway 'a bad deal'
09:50:49p Pythons swallows man whole in Indonesia
09:50:54p Ban sought for cyanide trap that hurt Idaho boy, killed dog
09:51:08p Londoners gather to remember victims of Westminster Bridge attack
09:51:23p Norway Inks Deal to Buy P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Planes From US
09:51:39p South-east Queensland to be lashed by ex-Cyclone Debbie
09:51:46p Ontario's top court rules wandering child no excuse for police search of home
09:52:02p Indian Navy Air Station Gets High-Tech Weather Sensors
09:52:07p Photos Dinosaur Tracks Reveal Australia's 'Jurassic Park'
09:52:12p PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Is Here IGN Daily Fix
09:52:17p Some balk as Seattle seeks to spend more money
09:52:22p Veteran CBS 2 anchor Paul Magers announces retirement
09:52:26p SPC Tornado Watch 99
09:52:48p Grim face of suburbia Economic woes and early death...
09:52:53p Bob Dylan archives open in Oklahoma, public center planned
09:53:00p Trump Administration Creates Commission to Tackle Opioid Crisis
09:53:33p Caught In Protest Dragnet, Belarusians Accuse Police Of Brutality, Lies
09:53:49p Ceasefire Regime in Syria Generally Observed Senior Russian Diplomat
09:53:55p 'America First' is no strategy for growth, jobs German minister
09:54:00p Xenophon issues company tax c
09:54:13p A Trove on the Women’s Suffrage Struggle, Found in an Old Box
09:54:42p Bugtraq ESA-2017-013 RSA Archer® GRC Security Operations Management Sensitive Information Disclosure Vulnerability
09:54:52p Police Train hits car in Helena, driver arrested for DUI
09:55:09p Trump's Mexico border wall funding faces delay
09:55:14p Stabbing investigated near Burlington's downtown marketplace
09:55:31p Read Hillary Clinton’s Remarks at a Conference for Women in Business
09:55:39p Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 3824-1 firebird2.5 security update
09:55:56p Incident near US Capitol appears unconnected to terrorism police
09:56:03p Suicide truck bomb kills at least 17 in south Baghdad police sources
09:56:08p Protesters block Veera from casino site while Prawit dismisses concerns
09:56:12p USS Princeton Participates in Show of Force Strait Transit Exercise
09:56:22p At Last Bob Dylan to Receive Nobel Prize in Stockholm
09:56:53p Oil firms after data; Brexit, Fed give dollar support
09:57:04p Salt River Fields surpasses 300,000 fans for seventh straight year
09:57:13p Why Are Health Records So Valuable to Cybercriminals?
09:57:23p Demonstrators bring traffic to a halt across Taipei
09:57:35p Woman's Painful Sores Are Not Bug Bites, But Burrowing Bugs
09:57:41p No more tears Restaurant gets praise, scorn for ban on kids
09:57:46p Ex-Phoenix sher
09:58:00p Turkey says ends its military operation in northern Syria
09:58:09p Man taken into custody following police chase, children found inside vehicle
09:58:13p US politics luring Chinese travellers
09:58:22p Admirers Laud US Lawmaker Waters' Dedication, Outspokenness
09:58:29p The Latest 'Erratic' woman drives into US Capitol cruiser
09:58:33p The Story of the First Human Head Transplant Won't Die
09:58:51p Blue duck numbers up 1100% thanks to Turangi locals
09:58:57p SPC Tornado Watch 99 Status Reports
09:59:05p Israel says to cut another million from its U.N. contribution
09:59:10p InvestaBank was not used for money laundering regulator
09:59:17p Suicide truck bomb kills at least 13 in south Baghdad police sources
09:59:23p Chinese poachers caught
09:59:39p Medicines should help, not harm, says UN health agency launching global patient safety 'challenge'
09:59:58p Hindu nationalists coerce KFC closings during religious festival...
10:00:11p Vuln GNU Binutils 'swap_std_reloc_out' Function Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:00:25p UN health agency highlights importance of measles vaccine amid Europe outbreak
10:01:32p ABC Rodeo celebrates 75 years this week
10:01:37p David Beasley of United States appointed as head of UN emergency food agency
10:01:48p Residents deal with massive pothole on Uptown street
10:02:26p Coalition Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
10:02:34p Russian Armed Forces Ordered to Increase Manpower to 1.9 Mln Personnel in July
10:02:38p Photos Asteroids in Deep Space
10:02:51p In message to Russia, US Senate backs Montenegro joining NATO
10:03:08p Silicon Valley Experts Help International Startups Struggling With Growth
10:03:15p Tackling Global Health Care Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
10:03:26p Iran's Nuclear Capabilities Fast Facts
10:03:40p Indian red faces over tallest flag at Pakistan border
10:04:08p Islamabad court stops extradition of US citizen of Pakistani origin
10:04:13p Thousands of University Professors to Boycott US Conferences
10:04:19p Australia to begin evacuating cyclone-hit island resorts
10:04:25p Trump, Christie pledge to combat nation’s opioid addiction
10:04:42p Academy Retains PwC Despite OSCARS Fiasco...
10:04:47p Lawmakers propose rival prison bill
10:04:56p The Latest Senate intel panel working on Russia probe
10:05:08p GNU Binutils CVE-2017-7304 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:05:51p CNN 'Fact-Checks' Spicer Russian Dressing Quip...
10:06:01p Woman killed in wrong-way interstate crash identified
10:06:18p Hallenstein first-half profit rises 35pc, early winter sales 'encouraging'
10:06:47p Winning fish was THIS big ....
10:06:52p New Mexico hit by 'flash drought' weather phenomenon
10:06:57p Taking a Closer Look at Immigration
10:07:17p Former Tate High School coach jailed on multiple child sex abuse charges
10:07:41p Praxair-Linde merger opposed by European works council
10:07:46p Hayley Tsukuyama Hands-on with the S8
10:07:57p Bob Dylan to receive Nobel prize in Stockholm
10:08:20p Hillary Clinton Urges Americans to ‘Resist, Insist, Persist, Enlist’ in Fight Against Trump
10:08:25p How the Conflict in Syria Benefits Washington’s Allies?
10:08:34p Bones found by loggers belong to human
10:08:53p Exponent CMS CVE-2016-7781 SQL Injection Vulnerability
10:09:10p Exponent CMS CVE-2016-7782 SQL Injection Vulnerability
10:09:44p Prime Minister's letter to Donald Tusk triggering Article 50
10:09:56p Samsung unveils new flagship phones with digital assistant
10:10:32p Multi-Billion Deal for Purchase of T-90 Tanks Between India Russia Gather Pace
10:10:37p SPC Tornado Watch 100 Status Reports
10:10:42p Shops advised to shut early as ex-Cyclone Debbie tracks south
10:10:47p Bahrain court gives jail, death sentences to dissidents
10:11:04p Michigan Senate OKs sinkhole loan, allots Flint funds
10:11:09p Petke hired as Real Salt Lake coach
10:11:15p Putin critic says he narrowly escaped death after poisoning
10:11:20p 4 dead, 21 injured in Mexico prison riot
10:11:24p David Severe threat late Wednesday, Thursday
10:11:42p House approves bill to force public release of EPA science
10:12:09p Senior Taliban Leader Killed in Eastern Afgan Province of Laghman
10:12:20p Police looking for gas station robbery suspect
10:12:28p GNU Binutils CVE-2017-7299 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:12:54p GOP struggles to govern despite a monopoly in Was
10:13:10p Clean That Up If You Don't Mind
10:13:19p A year after Victoria's family violence royal commission, what has changed?
10:14:11p Two black employees sue Fox News, accusing their ex-boss of racist behavior
10:14:16p UK prime minister triggers Brexit process
10:14:25p Heartland road projects for 3/30
10:14:30p 'It's not free' Port Augusta power station giveaway 'a bad deal'
10:14:56p Senate intel leaders pledge Russia probe cooperation
10:15:02p 1 arrested after Alex City student shot, killed
10:15:13p Photographer with Down syndrome amazes with his art
10:15:26p George Soros Fast Facts
10:15:33p Witnessing history
10:16:02p Soft, wet roads result in closures near Coconino Nation Forest
10:16:11p Nigerian bobsleigh team races to history
10:16:33p Warrant Anderson Co. man accused of sexually assaulting 5-year-old
10:17:01p Ex-Christie associates get up to two years in prison in 'Bridgegate' scandal
10:17:37p Gun falls out of inmate's ass during jail search...
10:17:47p BOQ first-half profit slips 2% to
10:17:57p UN Rights Experts Call On Russia to Release Protesters
10:18:24p 3 Texas deaths underscore the dangers of storm chasing
10:18:29p USS Fitzgerald Conducts Underway Replenishment in South China Sea
10:18:34p GNU Binutils 'aout_link_add_symbols' Function Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:18:55p Cold case appeal over Vic teen's murder
10:19:12p Saudi air raid leaves 10 civilians dead in Yemen's Sa'ada
10:19:16p New Jumanji Film Is Not About a Cursed Board Game IGN News
10:19:36p US Formally Investigating Mosul Strike Amid Civilian Casualty Claims
10:19:59p Ivanka Trump to become official White House employee
10:20:13p Frank Gehry's archives are headed to the Getty
10:20:42p US judge questions government on narrowing travel ban block
10:20:50p Arkansas man found guilty of capital murder
10:21:11p 36% off Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard Deal Alert
10:21:17p Wall St flat as Brexit letter fails to dent European stocks
10:21:21p Arizona man gets 63 months in prison in New Mexico drug case
10:21:32p DA seeks answers from New Mexico Supreme Court on bail rules
10:21:40p Women rule, and other lessons from Universal's CinemaCon presentation
10:22:07p Heavy rain, flooding hinder cyclone recovery efforts
10:22:29p Pamalandong
10:22:42p Police 2-year-old dies after ingesting grandma's methadone
10:23:29p Restaurants ditch 'sexy burger girl' advertising...
10:23:34p The Latest Groups sue to stop Trump's effort to boost coal
10:23:40p Solomons govt seeking donor funding for craft market
10:23:44p BA lauds Phillips' AFLW success for now
10:23:49p Children in countries facing famine threatened by lack of water, sanitation – UN agency
10:23:58p Person stabbed near popular outdoor shopping, dining plaza
10:24:12p Longtime State Department Staffer Charged for Lying About Gifts From Chinese
10:24:21p Tail of Cyclone Debbie brings torrential rain to Queensland
10:24:27p Iraqi officials Suicide truck bombing kills 15 in Baghdad
10:24:40p It's Mud Season Again
10:24:47p Kimlin reinstated to Grenoble rugby club
10:24:51p Theresa May Addresses the House of Commons After Triggering Article 50
10:25:02p Tasmania has lowest rate of vaccination for HPV, study reveals
10:25:11p An American Century of Carnage Measuring Violence in a Single-Superpower World
10:25:15p 8 Different Ways Big Little Lies Could End
10:25:20p Copying Snapchat shows Facebook’s lack of innovation
10:25:24p Pacquiao decision on Jeff Horn fight looms
10:25:45p Bill to keep Arkansas Medicaid plan falls short in House
10:25:51p Calls for spot fines for retail crime
10:26:04p Governor cuts servers' tips in half to fight for tip credit
10:26:10p Get your business booster shot with Mobile app development company
10:26:15p Magic prepare to face Victor Oladipo in Oladipo’s homecoming game
10:26:25p As Brexit Triggered, European and Asian Rivals Circle for London’s Financial Crown
10:26:46p When it comes to UFO sightings, California is once again a leader
10:26:52p Debbie's damage has been huge, Palaszczuk
10:27:09p Victoria Beckham Just Made Fun of Herself in the Best Way Possible
10:27:19p An ice cream museum is coming to L.A.
10:27:24p Pro-poor urbanization, sustainable infrastructure can unlock Asia-Pacific's prosperity – UN
10:27:41p Wrong-Way, Daredevil Asteroid Plays 'Chicken' with Jupiter...
10:28:13p Drug Lab Scandal Could Overturn 23,000 Convictions...
10:28:37p Centcom Commander Briefs Congress on Regional Threats
10:28:44p Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered Britain's historic Brexit letter
10:29:00p Two former Christie aides get prison terms for Bridgegate
10:29:04p Rape victim lured to wardrobe with promise of meth
10:29:18p Louisiana inmates sue over solitary confinement on death row
10:29:32p On Your Side Well drilled in Midlothian leads to smelly water woes
10:29:58p Carbondale police sergeant involved in crash
10:30:34p Huge alligators put scales on display with recent strolls...
10:30:52p State Department employee is accused of lying to FBI in China case
10:30:57p General Staff of Armed Forces hails Iran's deterrence power
10:31:02p U.S. judge to consider objection to Trump University settlement
10:31:07p Daily Deals PS Plus Discounts on Guardians of the Galaxy and Parappa The Rapper
10:31:22p Turkey announces end to military operation in Syria
10:31:30p Bugtraq ESA-2017-028 EMC Isilon OneFS Path Traversal Vulnerability
10:31:59p Britain launches EU exit process
10:32:08p Brisbane to be lashed by massive storms
10:32:14p Colorado governor says state will still pursue clean energy
10:32:31p Lawsuit Sword blade flew from handle, pierced teen's head
10:32:53p SPC Tornado Watch 100
10:33:03p Suspect in threats against Jewish groups appears in U.S. court
10:33:08p Yacht of rescued sailors found
10:33:22p In special address, Chile's President spotlights efficacy of UN Human Rights Council
10:33:38p Vuln Exponent CMS CVE-2016-7782 SQL Injection Vulnerability
10:34:47p Oregon hiker takes dehydrated black bear cub to wildlife rehab center
10:35:05p Dempsey leads way for MLS players during Cup qualifying
10:35:15p Senate Intelligence Committee Distances Itself From Chairman Nunes' Trainwreck
10:35:21p AP PHOTOS Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Ut reflects on career
10:35:30p German-Turkish Rift Spirals Incirlik Base Under Review, Spy Claims Investigated
10:35:36p St. Matthews Police release suspect information in attempted baby snatching
10:35:41p Small business clueless on free trade
10:35:46p David Friedman sworn in as Trump's US ambassador to Israel
10:35:51p Storms knock out power to thousands of East Texans
10:35:56p Escondida names new mine head following failure of wage talks
10:36:16p Tillerson wil
10:36:23p Senate Committee Provides Update on Russia Probe, While House Inquiry Appears Stalled
10:36:41p Iran May Grant Russia Access to Its Military Facilities on Certain Terms
10:36:59p In Jordan, UN chief calls for united 'new Arab world'
10:37:06p Louisville police officer dies after crash during chase
10:37:28p CENTCOM Commander Tells About Over 300 Incidents With Iranian Vessels Annually
10:37:43p Syria, militants reach deal to evacuate 4 towns
10:37:52p Convicted killer shot in Sydney's west
10:38:01p U.S. Navy, ROK Navy Participate in Maritime Exercises During Foal Eagle 2017
10:38:18p Chinese fishing boat seized near Pengjia Islet
10:38:24p Virtual Office Solutions – Offers Reliable and Amazing Virtual Legal Administration Services
10:38:40p Industry Days conference addresses Army missile, aviation platforms
10:38:54p Turkey to Use Assault Drones in Operations Against Kurdistan Workers' Party
10:39:10p Convicted criminal shot at Auburn unit block, police say
10:39:15p Book Angelina Jolie was drug-tested for 'Tomb Raider'
10:39:20p 'Humble' Samsung launches Galaxy S8, hoping to move on from those exploding batteries
10:39:45p Trump hails US troops in Iraq despite deadly Mosul raid
10:39:50p Canary Carnage
10:40:00p Vuln GNU Binutils CVE-2017-7299 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
10:40:05p Conditions at Essex Village spark meeting with HUD
10:40:39p Brazil aerospace sector seeks to dodge economic turbulence
10:42:35p Texarkana judge dismisses 11 suits connected to 2010 flood
10:42:51p Suicide truck bomb kills at least 17 in south Baghdad police sources
10:43:11p India Commissions Amphibious Landing Craft Near Malacca Straits
10:43:33p Rattled by Trump, Arab leaders renew call for Palestinian state
10:43:37p The Latest Judge to rule on longer travel ban block today
10:43:57p Google Calendar finally comes to the iPad
10:44:05p How the AP-NORC poll on health care wa
10:44:36p Hartselle man charged with rape
10:45:02p US Army Orders 150 More Humvee Combat Vehicles for Iraqi Forces
10:45:07p Lexington man accused of shooting pregnant girlfriend
10:45:17p Dallas woman gets 60-year prison term for illicit injections
10:45:40p Tisch kids prosper at Loews with two sons making each
10:45:44p Zelda What Every Amiibo Unlocks in Breath of the Wild
10:46:00p Bengals owner, coach back 'Pacman' despite arrest
10:46:15p 'Humble' Samsung launches Galaxy S8, hoping to move on from those exploding batteries
10:46:26p Controversial Trump billboard in Phoenix vandalized
10:46:42p Monster riot vehicle revealed
10:46:51p No skyscrapers in new Bahia Mar redevelopment plans
10:46:56p Syrian Army Eliminates 2,200 al-Nusra Front Terrorists in Hama Since March 23
10:47:35p Tribal 'big belly' contestants gorge only on milk and blood...
10:47:40p Orange-bellied parrot deaths blamed on dud disinfectant
10:47:45p More of Rey's New Look in The Last Jedi Revealed
10:47:50p Arts advocates in New Hampshire protest Trump budget plan
10:48:26p Virtual reality is being used in physical rehabilitation
10:48:46p USNS Guadalupe Refuels USS Frank Cable at Sea
10:48:58p Causes of chronic back pain
10:49:47p Trump Environment Orders Scorned by Climate Activists and Skeptics
10:49:54p Baghdad checkpoint hit by deadly car bomb attack
10:50:00p Angela Rye Calls Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh A Bigot To His Face
10:50:09p Lithuanian FM Says Vilnius Will Increase NATO Defense Spending in 2018
10:50:26p Historian says Lithuania's 'birth certificate' found in Berlin
10:50:36p First reactions from 'The Fate of the Furious' screening
10:51:07p Prosecutors Foster father's home a 'horrific place'
10:51:19p Zinke Border Wall 'Complex,' Faces Geographic Challenges
10:52:02p Community backlash over superintendent's decision
10:52:07p Father, son escape SA house fire
10:52:19p 'Affluenza' ruling inflames Mexico as alleged rapist walks free
10:52:23p This Game of Thrones March Madness Bracket Is Overflowing With Epic Face-Offs
10:52:47p A Fed official backs sticking with crisis-era policy method
10:53:03p Trump administration pursues sale of F-16's to Bahrain source
10:53:14p Small business tax cut risks red tape MP
10:53:32p Lululemon's shares drop after weak outlook
10:53:37p Daltrey disses Hillary Clinton
10:53:50p Poland to Reduce Participation in Eurocorps Over NATO Obligations
10:53:55p Kansas mulls new requirements for abortion providers
10:54:09p Exponent CMS CVE-2016-7783 SQL Injection Vulnerability
10:55:05p Congress votes to wipe out landmark internet privacy pr
10:55:14p Syrian Army Repels Attacks of Jabhat Fatah al Sham Militants
10:55:26p Severe Weather Alert Day canceled
10:55:31p Detached truck trailer kills Vic driver
10:55:38p Carter Hall Departs U.S. 6th Fleet
10:56:32p 'Climate change' blamed for causing PTSD...
10:56:36p Muhammad Ali to be subject of new Ken Burns documentary
10:56:43p Indian Navy Retires Soviet Tu-142 Maritime Patrol Jets After Decades in Service
10:56:53p Leak at Kellogg’s BC HQ causes evacuation, sends 23 to hospital
10:57:10p Troopers Driver dies after crashing into tree in Laurens Co.
10:57:18p UCLA's football opener against Texas A&M moved to Sunday, Sept. 3
10:57:30p Grave concern for Whitsundays' tourism industry after Cyclone Debbie
10:58:04p Hesson lauds record Black Caps campaign
10:58:13p Rescued sailors to be reunited with yacht
10:58:19p Alaska Airlines, Branson clash over licensing fees
10:58:24p Here's Why 'Homemade Slime' Can Be Bad for Kids
10:58:56p CLAIM Less Than 1% of Scientific Journal Papers Follow Scientific Method...
10:59:01p Product information management system builds income at lower costs
10:59:06p Daesh shelling, US airstrikes raise Syria dam breach fears
10:59:15p The Latest Sockeye to be moved from Idaho hatchery
10:59:37p Lufthansa,
11:00:15p STUDY Dramatic increase in older women boozing hard...
11:00:25p 1 dead, 2 critical in multi-vehicle wreck in Hazel Green
11:00:39p Westworld Actor Looks Back on Man in Black Reveal
11:00:58p Chesterfield chairwoman draws criticism for comments on immigrants
11:02:17p House GOP to weigh another try on health vote next week
11:02:24p GNU Binutils CVE-2017-7300 Remote Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
11:02:31p British PM vows 'no turning back' after triggering Brexit
11:02:44p Crikey! Refrigerator-Size Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Australia
11:02:49p Samsung unveils Galaxy S8, S8 Plus
11:02:54p The Latest Arkansas inmate asks judge to halt execution
11:03:10p Coffee shop loyalty card shows hole-punch through Trump's head
11:03:28p Peru's lost city in the sky opens up
11:03:59p Baghdad bombing targeting police kills 15, Iraqi officials say
11:04:03p Police Body of missing hiker found Wednesday
11:04:17p EU Parliament Gives Citizens Rights First Priority in Brexit Talks
11:04:42p Trump’s New Executive Order Will Worsen Hunger in Africa
11:05:04p Oregon neighborhood puzzled by rash of stolen home decor items
11:05:10p Roth Announcement
11:05:21p Warriors say Durant could return before season ends
11:05:34p RICH GET RICHER Report Ivy League schools get billions from taxpayers
11:06:01p EA Confirms Battlefront 2 Reveal for Star Wars Celebration
11:06:10p Russian, Iranian Presidents Meet on Syria and Economic Issues
11:06:23p US Senators in Rare Bipartisan Agreement to Maintain Good Relationship with Mexico
11:07:32p Severe weather delays cyclone clean up in Queensland
11:07:43p 2 teens shot in the head following Richmond triple shooting
11:08:09p Australian bat population facing threat from white-nose syndrome
11:08:20p Potter Australia's most wanted Vic police
11:08:32p Congress to US citizens Want online privacy? Pay up!
11:08:44p Motion Picture Academy to Retain PwC for Oscars
11:08:53p Suspect who slammed into Henrico motorcyclist remains free
11:09:15p Offers Thesis Paper Writing Help At Affordable Rates
11:09:30p No plan to ease foreign invest rules govt
11:09:36p Non-Drug Therapies Found Best for Managing Cancer Fatigue
11:10:12p Lehmann proud of Aussies' new approach
11:10:19p Man busted with stolen TV from SA school
11:11:16p HPV vaccination during pregnancy show no ill effects
11:11:28p Attorney Video sheds little light on New Orleans shooting
11:11:52p Buying This Back-Up Camera Fixed My Terrible Parking Jobs
11:12:08p Absorb's Thrombosis Troubles Persist in All-Comers Trial
11:12:52p First Alert Update Severe storms possible Thursday
11:13:01p Threatened Utah prairie dogs have their day in court...and win
11:13:40p Democrats seek probe over weakening SEC's subpoena powers
11:13:45p Markeith Loyd again argues he wants to represent himself
11:13:57p Latest 12 killed, 3 injured in Texas church van-truck crash
11:14:10p Tucson JCC given all-clear following soft lockdown
11:14:15p Face of anti-Kremlin protests is the son of a Putin ally/t
11:14:20p Demand for Ivory Drops, and Elephants Benefit
11:14:24p Last Word Panel Thinks Trump's 'Work With Democrats' Line Is Hilarious
11:14:32p DHMC program works to prevent child abuse
11:14:50p Jeff Bezos rises to become world's second-richest with Amazon surge
11:15:12p Coal towns see hope for comeback as Trump ends 'war'
11:15:37p Texas trooper 12 dead, 3 injured in church van-truck crash
11:15:46p Pond liner coatings secure your pond’s future
11:16:02p NZ pair reinstated to Grenoble rugby club
11:16:16p Ivanka Trump becomes unpaid White House employee
11:16:33p Trump Holds 'Listening Session' On Opioid Addiction
11:16:44p Elderly good Samaritan dies on Sydney road
11:16:52p Arkansas governor signs 'sex-selection' abortion ban bill
11:17:23p Southeast Qld schools closed due to Debbie
11:17:35p Arkansas board urges rejection of 3rd execution clemency bid
11:17:53p Jackie Kennedy love letters to Welsh peer sell for £98,500
11:18:09p Thorn confirms Radio Rentals class action
11:18:14p Dehradun Airport Taxi, Dehradun to Airport Taxi, Dehradun to Jolly Grant Taxi
11:18:20p All schools in southeast Queensland closed due to weather conditions
11:18:26p Clouds over Trump tax plan may curb appetite for U.S. stocks
11:18:50p Deputies investigating rash of car burglaries in Metairie
11:19:07p GROWING INVESTIGATION Senators expand probe of Trump, Russia ties
11:19:12p Amazon to Shut Down Unprofitable Quidsi Division
11:19:22p Hardee's, Carl's Jr to emphasize 'food, not boobs' in marketing pivot
11:19:27p Tons up as Test skippers plunder runs
11:19:38p Campus environment tied to sexual assault risk for LGBT people
11:20:03p Medical emergency prompts heavy police presence at Derby Wal-Mart
11:20:18p Governor cuts servers' tips in half to fight for tip credit
11:20:23p PIONEER PANTS 124-year-old never-worn Levi's found in Arizona
11:21:18p Taking Back Our Streets A conversation about how to end the violence
11:21:39p Tax should fund fire service businesses
11:22:06p Texas Senate approves ending public payroll union deductions
11:22:19p The 50 Most Unique Things People Leave Behind in Ubers
11:22:29p Sean, Juan talk Johnny Manziel
11:22:55p UK PM May Formally Begins Brexit, Promising to Be 'Close and Committed Ally'
11:23:01p Shibani Air Services- 100% Guaranteed Placement in Airline
11:23:05p Newspaper headlines Brexit 'breach' begins with a letter
11:23:11p Conflicts board throws wrench into de Blasio's fundraising plan
11:23:55p From McDonald's to the NFL Aussie punters taking American football by storm
11:24:23p Greenville Co. deputies ask for help identifying truck theft suspect
11:24:28p Chipotle defeats U.S. class action lawsuit on overtime pay
11:24:33p House approves intervention in abortion with signs of life
11:24:37p Is Trump Waging a Stealth War of Retaliation Against Sanctuary Cities?
11:25:01p How to Avoid a Holiday DUI
11:25:07p Could virtual reality help revolutionise health rehabilitation?
11:25:15p Brad First Alert Weather Day for strong storms Thursday
11:25:26p Annual 'Pig Scramble' in jeopardy for California town
11:25:31p Robious ES trying to get famous children's author to visit school
11:25:37p Ivanka Trump Will Become an Official Federal Employee
11:26:07p Home confi
11:26:50p How Businesses Are Welcoming Children With Autism
11:26:55p Noam Chomsky Trump might stage a terror attack to rally support
11:27:00p Republicans try to move past bitterness to tackle U.S. tax reform
11:27:06p American found dead in Congo Haley says group 'killed senselessly'
11:27:12p CNN panel clashes over Spicer's admonition to April Ryan
11:27:52p Flood rescues underway near Mackay
11:28:46p LMPD Officer Nick Rodman dies following fiery crash with suspect vehicle
11:29:12p 12 Dead in Head-On Crash Between Church Van and Pickup Truck in Texas
11:29:17p Pedestrian dead after being hit by vehicle on Kapiti Coast
11:29:48p AG Man accused of killing family is returned to New Mexico
11:30:13p California would increase fuel taxes under billion road repair plan
11:30:17p The Latest Police ID woman who drove into Capitol cruiser
11:30:22p Smartphones The High Price of a Screen Grab
11:30:32p Cop has 'best date ever'
11:31:09p Brexit, Chris Christie, Ivanka Trump Your Wednesday Evening Briefing
11:31:22p Animal activist billboard causes a stir in wool district
11:31:27p Body camera footage released in officer-involved shooting in N.O. East
11:31:53p Truck bomb kills at least 17 in Baghdad
11:32:04p Brooklyn residents are getting healthier, but the borough's gains have been uneven
11:32:37p NOPD release bodycam video
11:32:41p Arizona basketball ranked No. 8 all-time by AP
11:32:47p Trump administration pursuing sale of F-16's to Bahrain source
11:32:52p State Department Official Charged with Lying About Gifts from Chinese Agents
11:32:57p MS-13 'black widow' killing for insurance, US visa promise...
11:33:02p NYPD officer reprimanded for ‘Black Lives Matter’ tweet
11:33:30p Lululemon's shares drop after weak outlook
11:33:47p China Oceanwide completes its purchase of IDG
11:33:55p Senate intelligence leaders pledge bipartisan Russia election probe
11:34:00p Trump to unveil trillion infrastructure plan in 2017 official
11:34:08p Samsung Looks To Galaxy S8 Phone To Dispel Note 7 Debacle
11:34:13p Moderate Exercise Can Boost Survival in CRC Clin Onc News Report
11:35:31p Lawmakers Mull Health Savings Account Changes
11:35:37p Vice Media Hopes Its Edgy Journalism Will Play Well in Mideast
11:36:06p Older women with gum disease face higher risk of early death, study says
11:36:32p 'Hideous' Cristiano Ronaldo statue sparks social media laughs
11:36:50p Galaxy S8, S8+ Dazzle in Samsung's Comeback Launch
11:37:03p 10 Things We Learned About Transformers 5
11:37:38p Mexican man freed after arrest despite protected status
11:37:56p Beyond 486 Persona 5 is the Best JRPG in a Long, Long Time
11:38:11p DHA Fails to Prevent Lung Disease in Preemies
11:38:21p Man arrested on drug charges released on medical bond
11:38:26p Davis Cup
11:38:36p Tunisia Ex-PM Jomaa Launches 'Non-ideological' Political Party
11:38:50p Marshfield blacksmith shop burns down
11:38:54p Cash for clues in Montpelier murder case
11:38:58p Britain Delivers Letter Triggering Brexit
11:39:10p Nintendo squeezes out close win over dairy farmer in cow-milking game
11:39:28p Document Writer and PDF Maker for Microsoft Office version 4.4.4
11:39:46p U.S. State Dept employee charged in making contacts with Chinese agents
11:39:50p Rohan O'Reilly
11:41:01p NJ rabbi stole from special needs tuition fund, indictment claims
11:41:06p Countdown to Brexit
11:41:28p Cenovus buying most of ConocoPhillips's Canadian assets
11:41:37p Authorities Police shoot off-duty deputy, wouldn't drop gun
11:42:05p Taking gardening leave on Guernsey
11:42:10p Power restored in Top End after storm sweeps through
11:43:04p A new way to breast-feed?
11:43:15p Nicaragua restores ties with Israel
11:43:27p WA's wild dogs not interested in 1080-laced baits
11:43:35p Turnbull, Shorten in Debbie-damaged Bowen
11:43:50p 'Stick gun' gets 5-year-old girl suspended from school
11:43:58p Deluge forces school shutdown in Qld
11:44:28p HPV vaccination during pregnancy shows no ill effects
11:44:33p UK to set out plan for converting EU laws into domestic law post-Brexit
11:44:37p Alderman urges Cubs not to create own cable network
11:44:45p Deadly Oklahoma home invasion 911 calls released by police
11:44:51p FOX NEWS POLL Voters say taxes are too high, want reform this year
11:45:17p It's over UK formally filed for divorce from the European Union
11:45:28p Thinning Arctic sea ice lets in light, prompts algae bloom-study
11:45:46p Storm chasers killed pursuing Texas tornado
11:45:51p Bridge over I-95 in Prince George closed after dump truck crash
11:46:45p Republicans mostly blame Congress for healthcare reform failure – Reuters/Ipsos poll
11:47:21p Henrico elementary school student diagnosed with mumps
11:47:33p From McDonald's to the NFL Aussie punters taking American football by storm
11:47:39p Tech solves bison mystery
11:47:55p WWE Diva fights sex tape leak
11:48:13p Tetris Might Prevent PTSD IGN News
11:48:32p Democrats seek probe over weakening SEC
11:48:46p Iraqi forces battle to Mosul mosque, 17 killed in Baghdad
11:48:59p Ackman apologizes for Valeant losses, calls bet a mistake
11:49:07p Break-ins at hospital leads to police pursuit in Chesterfield
11:49:12p Oro Valley woman injured in javelina attack
11:49:24p Grand Rapids Griffins face division title rivals
11:49:46p Vt. may cut ties with breached JobLink vendor
11:50:08p Insight Asia Travel Launches Special Offer for Cambodia and Vietnam
11:50:14p HPV Vaccine Appears Safe in Early Pregnancy
11:50:18p Cloud Foundry Aims to Close Cloud Skills Gap
11:50:23p Jeff Bezos passes Warren Buffett to become the world's second richest person
11:50:44p Census suggests counting LGBT, then 'corrects' and deletes
11:50:48p Scientists say growth rate find may help control sea lamprey
11:50:53p Streamline varied goals achieve it with Best Online Marketing Experts
11:50:58p Independence police officer out of surgery, remains in critical condition
11:51:03p Video Two Islamic State Holdouts Have Very Bad Day
11:51:32p Hogs for a Cause moves to new location
11:51:37p Lawsuit accuses Dillard Univ. of failing to protect students
11:51:57p Amid ethics concerns, Ivanka Trump will become a federal employee
11:52:01p Phil Keoghan On 'The Amazing Race' Season 29
11:52:11p Lululemon Promises Bolder Clothes to Revive Sales
11:53:21p Human waste found in Coke
11:53:50p Senate tax chief sees room for repealing Obamacare levies in tax reform drive
11:53:58p Eclipse lecture at Southeast MO State offers insight into August event
11:54:03p Drug cartels reusing Mexican tunnels already discovered but left unfilled
11:54:08p Senators Pledge to ‘Steer Clear of Politics’ In Russia Probe
11:54:13p Wearables that Track Sleep Don't Necessarily Improve It
11:54:33p Trump, conservatives try to put aside bitterness to cut tax deal
11:55:26p Adoption law update lingers on Georgia lawmakers' last day
11:55:36p “Jaded Justice” Revealed To the World by Author H.E. Kline
11:55:47p Coroner ID's Anchorage suspects killed by police
11:55:52p Government urges caution on minimum wage
11:56:29p Waymo self-driving unit sought arbitration over engineer now at Uber
11:56:34p Mick Fuller replaces Andrew Scipione as NSW Police Commissioner
11:56:38p Census suggests counting LGBTQ, then 'corrects' and deletes
11:57:21p Beyond Episode 486 Persona 5 Raises The Bar for JRPGs
11:57:41p Fire crews work to put out flames in Clarksville neighborhood
11:58:54p Samsung just unveiled its new Galaxy S8 smartphone
11:59:13p Young Boy Dies After Being Swept Out To Sea Off Carmel
11:59:47p Live South-east Queensland to cop drenching