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12:00:04a With proper planting, Bermuda grass thrives in local pastures

12:00:08a Revs Open With Bermuda Cruise
12:00:13a What scalping means when it comes to gardening
12:00:17a Big guns made to sweat in under-19 cricket World Cup
12:00:21a ELECTION 2008 Simple choice The best or warlords
12:00:26a YING YING MURDER Murder accused found hanged
12:00:30a ELECTION 2008 Fong best person for Batu Gajah, says DAP
12:00:34a Africa's anti-malaria campaign showing results
12:00:39a Kosovo's split further divides Serbs, Albanians in border town
12:00:43a Fruitful visit
12:00:48a MPGA adamant on players' selection
12:00:52a House search for Linie on hold
12:00:56a Ida to prove she's not in sex clip
12:01:00a Jailed for causing death
12:01:05a 3 Bersih protesters set free
12:01:09a Headman's body to be exhumed
12:01:13a Intel move 'not a major issue'
12:01:18a Guard killed in robbery
12:01:22a Aid pours in for fire victims
12:01:26a Scholarships and coursesat Facon fair
12:01:31a Having HIV no reason for reducing sentence
12:01:35a Child advocates early education key to fighting poverty
12:01:39a Frontier Airlines executive vice president-CFO resigns
12:01:43a VIDEO Miguel Cabrera's Tigers debut
12:01:48a Teen accused of molesting 5-year-old niece could face adult charges
12:01:52a Analysis Companies face real costs of pensions
12:01:56a Clearer view of pensions costs in the offing
12:02:01a Philippines funds have global appeal
12:02:05a Voters' Guide Elections in area counties
12:02:09a Corporate Debt Looms as Next Debacle
12:02:14a Students fume at college gossip site
12:02:18a Union Bank's tech initiatives
12:02:22a 2007 Technology Transfer Awards
12:02:27a Beloved Telegraph Hill market seeks new owners
12:02:31a Foul play still suspected over Internet chaos
12:02:36a Your little keystrokes, safe again
12:02:40a Tavistock to build 50M bio-tech space
12:02:44a Suspicious fire destroys vacant roller rink in Hayward
12:02:49a Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Capsule With Global Technology Leadership Award For DataCaptor Connectivity Suite
12:02:53a Pettitte Apologizes for 'Embarrassment'
12:02:57a Croc Hunter's Son Unfazed by Snake Bite
12:03:01a Digital TV Deadline is Rapidly Approaching
12:03:09a Media Extender Brings PC Content to TV, With Complications
12:03:13a Logged on, or Not
12:03:18a Most Popular Employee's Amenity
12:03:22a In Motion Exercise of the Week
12:03:26a Gen Xer Admits to Being Clueless, Stubborn About Technology
12:03:31a Tararua to Seek Help With Cables
12:03:35a The Record, Hackensack, N.J., Your Money's Worth Column
12:03:39a Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley
12:03:44a Maine's Netroots Community Growing
12:03:48a Flying the Chinese-Made Flag to Stimulate the Economy
12:03:53a Democratic Party Unity
12:03:57a Chicago 1968 - Denver 2008
12:04:01a Climate focus 'ignores wildlife'
12:04:06a Celebrations in Kosovo's capital after recognition from U.S.
12:04:10a Op-Ed Democratic Advantage is Gone
12:04:14a The Copy and Paste Phenomenon Of Online Dating Services
12:04:19a Yukon conservation officers on lookout for cougars
12:04:23a President Bush's Safari to Find Friendly Faces
12:04:27a Focus Bush and ExxonMobil v. Chavez
12:04:32a Employer retaliation cases reach US Supreme Court
12:04:36a Trinidad OKs extradition of terror suspects
12:04:40a Grand Jury Investigating Ex-Cop Drew Peterson Issues Subpoena for Convicted Cop Killer
12:04:45a Journalist Who Exposes U.N. Corruption Disappears From Google
12:04:49a Raised walls highlight improvements at SF Zoo big cat exhibit
12:04:53a Paraguay Confirms 7 Yellow Fever Deaths
12:04:57a Bush moves on after hero's reception in Tanzania
12:05:12a 500 give blood samples in Lau
12:05:34a Afternoon Update Feb.18
12:05:47a Men in break-in prepared to become state witnesses
12:05:52a Waupaca County Man Accused Of Shooting Pet Goats To Stand Trial
12:05:56a Former Nuclear Launch Site Might Soon Be Park In Waukesha
12:06:01a Moscow shares higher in afternoon trade as oil, steel shine
12:06:05a Ambassador Zagour Morocco and Turkey share
12:06:09a Lee Names Cabinet as Wrangling Continues
12:06:42a Swan's inexperience 'frightening' Oppn
12:06:46a Pesky questions dominate Senate Estimates
12:06:50a Centrelink to issue flood victim payments
12:06:55a Stripping NCA of planning powers 'a mistake'
12:07:30a Unreleased JFK assassination documents found in Dallas courthouse
12:07:35a Vancouver conference hears police no longer outwitted by Internet pedophiles
12:07:39a Obama faces open season from conservatives if he wins nomination
12:07:44a Rockets strike Iraqi housing complex near Baghdad's airport, at least 5 dead
12:07:48a Trial set to begin in Edmonton for man accused of killing prostitutes
12:07:52a Rift over Kosovo widens with U.S., European allies against Russia, China
12:07:57a Explosion at west Texas oil refinery shuts down major interstate; four injured
12:08:01a Brazilian director says Variety showed 'stupidity' by criticizing film
12:08:05a Canada must recognize Kosovo as a nation, Liberal Leader Dion says
12:08:10a Ethics panel could subpoena Mulroney for more testimony
12:08:14a NDP's Rachel Notley won't trade on the memory of her iconic father
12:08:18a ACLU in Geneva to Testify on Ongoing Racial and Ethnic Injustice
12:08:23a Massive Meat Recall Represents Terrible Failure of USDA Oversight
12:08:27a Five Zimbabwean Deportees Die In Crash Of South African Police Truck
12:08:32a Blast at Texas oil refinery shuts interstate; 4 injured
12:08:36a Diana inquest Al Fayed accuses Prince Philip of being racist and a Nazi
12:08:41a FW Police 10-month-old shaken to death
12:08:45a I-Can! E-File Not Quite Ready For Primetime E-filing
12:08:49a Watch Out For These 14 Hidden Hotel Fees Travel
12:08:53a TigerDirect Screws Up Order, Then Screws Up Customer Service Response Bad Service
12:08:58a M's Notebook Morse Ready to Compete for a Utility Role
12:09:02a Ivory Coast Crazy for Big Butts
12:09:06a Jalopnik Moment Of Zen Tahoe Edition Moment Of Zen
12:09:10a The Proton Jumbuck A Ute For The Everyman Novelties
12:09:14a Commenter of the Day Ad Reinhardt Edition Commenter Of The Day
12:09:19a Mexico City tightens security after fatal blast
12:09:24a France, EU urge Chad to release opposition; press go on strike
12:09:28a New Kennedy assassination documents unveiled
12:09:33a UN says Syria, Jordan need more help with Iraqi influx
12:09:37a More than 1,500 Africans enter Israel illegally in 2008 UN
12:09:42a British Muslim 'fanatic' jailed for life for soldier terror plot
12:09:46a Lebanon looking for solution to electric power outages
12:09:50a Cancer Concern
12:09:58a Two Shawnee County Bridges to Get Replaced
12:10:06a Qld govt to remove conflicts of interest
12:10:10a Rau's lawyers okay increased compo offer
12:10:23a Tracking some of Mayor Ragsdale's purchasing card use
12:10:27a Driver killed in I-81 crash while fleeing trooper
12:10:32a Holland sacked by Cork officials
12:10:36a 1. Top Hai-O agents earn RM1mil a year
12:10:40a 2. MAS open to M&As
12:10:44a 3. UEM World among most-active counters
12:10:49a 4. Alam Maritim expanding abroad
12:10:53a 5. Maybulk net profit jumps 68% in Q4
12:10:57a 6. Alliance Financial's Q3 net profit up 95%
12:11:02a 7. Kota Selat inks Danga Bay project deal
12:11:06a 8. Mentiga wants to ride on oil palm sector
12:11:10a 9. HSL buying Mukah land for shipyard ops
12:11:15a 10. Qatar firm plans to invest RM16bil in Perak oil refinery
12:11:19a 11. Sin Chew posts 50% profit surge
12:11:23a 12. OCBC targets 60,000 clients for iQ account
12:11:28a 13. Trans-Asia Shipping awarded six-year pre-inspection deal with Honda
12:11:33a 14. Kuantan Port eyes more capacity under ECER
12:11:37a 15. SEGi sharply reduces bank debts
12:11:41a 16. Hektar REIT buys shopping complex in Muar
12:11:46a 17. DHL launches SME solutions
12:11:50a 18. Qatar plans to buy stake in Credit Suisse
12:11:55a 19. No plan for Singapore Air to revise bid
12:11:59a 20. Manufacturing sales up 10.6% in December
12:12:04a IPS investigating bus driver abuse allegations
12:12:08a Pettitte Apologizes, Regrets Taking HGH
12:12:13a Fatal Car Crash Claims Second Victim
12:12:17a Sensex loses 67 points as market stays on the edge
12:12:21a Vahanvati to assist in case
12:12:26a Musharraf party admits 'big gain' for opposition
12:12:30a Election Commission announces first results in Pakistan
12:12:35a 10,000 observers in Pakistan
12:12:39a Musharraf pledges harmony after polls
12:12:44a Puppies ready for adoption after surviving ordeal
12:12:48a Brazilian director of Berlin film festival winner criticizes Variety
12:12:53a WRAPUP 2-Obama, Clinton trade charges in speech flap
12:12:57a Clinton, Obama battle for a boost from Wisconsin
12:13:02a Bush Sr. will endorse McCain on Monday, Republican insiders say
12:13:06a Obama, Clinton snipe over speeches
12:13:11a US prez race Clinton hopes to stem Obama surge in Wisconsin
12:13:15a President Bush Senior endorses John McCain
12:13:20a Toshiba to announce HD DVD pullout on Tuesday report
12:13:24a Weather service warns of evening snow showers
12:13:28a Funeral held for three kids killed in house fire
12:13:32a efficiency of leading companies' divested service assets evident
12:13:37a Medvedev urges bigger role for small businesses
12:13:41a Putin heir causes stir with spy comments
12:13:45a Medvedev calls for creating public associations to protect intellectual property
12:13:49a Russia pushes UN to intervene in Kosovo independence
12:13:54a Former rebels and soldiers clash in Congo
12:13:58a Sexually Oriented Businesses fight back
12:14:03a Daughter's death drives parents to push for tougher chaperoning laws
12:14:07a Regina Williams seeks closure in death of her husband
12:14:11a Amtrak to unveil new security measures including random bag screening
12:14:16a It's War for RIM and Motorola
12:14:20a Shock as game farmer is jailed Stories
12:14:25a That's it for today; you guys gotta walk
12:14:29a 301 pennies auctioned
12:14:33a Minor injuries reported following MVC at Average Joe's
12:14:38a Conference USA Officials Investigate Behavior After Memphis Win Over UAB
12:14:42a Fiji coup leader extends his control
12:14:47a Women can access loans through new fund
12:14:51a Bomb experts remove explosives from shop
12:14:55a Police probe murder-suicide case in Dedeur
12:15:00a Adults can learn from school pledge, says ID
12:15:05a Johannesburg residents in the dark again
12:17:16a Brian Stelter's the Only Reporter the NYT Needs
12:17:20a Today's Most Popular Stories
12:17:25a Pettitte on doping 'I was told that it could help me'
12:18:00a Latest details EF! Winter Moot February 22nd–24th Notts
12:18:04a Guantánamo Activities in London last week
12:18:13a Shark conservation film in Notts
12:18:17a Sheffield End the Siege of Gaza Vigil
12:18:21a Israel's Big Bad Barricade
12:18:26a Will they ever love their children enough?
12:18:35a More pics and movies from army recruitment protest
12:18:39a Midsummer House – News Coverage and Demo Report
12:18:43a 'Hunting Act's 3 Year Anniversary' by ALF
12:18:48a Black Police Association Chief joins platform against stop and search
12:18:52a Sheffield Climate Ark
12:18:57a China to work with BioMerieux in upgrading anti-infection network
12:19:05a Despite slow start, Pakistanis go to polls in general elections
12:19:09a Musharraf willing to work with any PM
12:19:13a Culling of 149,453 chickens completed in Bangladesh's capital
12:19:18a Blast kills 7 people, injuries 11 in S Afghanistan
12:19:22a What does it mean for us the European Citizens
12:19:27a The European Union's Lisbon Treaty
12:19:31a A Shameful Ratification and a Short Life Expectancy
12:19:35a Lisbon shares close higher led by Mota Engil, BPI, Sonaecom; PT, BCP weak UPDATE
12:19:39a 8th Sumner County storm victim dies
12:19:44a Little Richard gets standing ovation at Ryman show
12:19:48a British dossier on Iraq spies released
12:19:52a Williams hails tough Wales regime
12:19:57a Fire flares up twice, destroying Lago Vista home
12:20:01a Gas Stations Conducting Internal Investigation Mon, 18 Feb 2008 235026 GMT
12:20:05a 1 arrested, 1 sought in town police department break-in
12:20:09a Gamecocks' receiver Lecorn suspended following pot arrest
12:20:14a The Fat Lady Can Start Warming Up
12:20:22a Family's farmland has the largest unmined uranium deposit in the US
12:20:27a Mexico, Cuba agree to restructure island's debt; part of effort to normalize relations
12:20:39a Charges possible after frame shop burns to ground 606 PM
12:21:23a Pilots give conceptual OK to merger
12:21:39a Mystery of Oak Leaves Keeps Hanging On
12:21:43a Futurist Raymond Kurzweil says technology is the answer to everything
12:21:47a Chemicals Take Toll on Males
12:21:52a Lunar Eclipse to Occur in 'Prime Time' Wednesday
12:21:56a to lead or follow constituents in presidential race
12:22:01a Finance Minister Distances Himself From 'Swedish Model'
12:22:05a Kim Jong-il Named 'World's Worst Dictator'
12:22:09a Contribute to change, Minister tells islanders
12:22:31a Montana Tech announces administrative change
12:22:35a Cairo reports to Mariners spring training
12:22:39a Wii Leads Video Game Industry Revolution
12:22:45a Serbia, Russia step up bid to invalidate Kosovo secession
12:22:50a Dodi's father points finger at royals over Diana's death
12:22:54a Serbia orders its ambassador to leave US
12:23:05a Keller @ Large Did Obama Plagiarize Patrick?
12:23:09a Web Extra Tek On WS Win; Getting Back To Baseball
12:23:13a Joyce Reviews 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'
12:23:18a Mirna Al Muhandis in London for treatment
12:23:22a Newcrest profit sinks 122%
12:23:26a Musharraf allies under pressure
12:23:47a Burkina Faso leaders are under review
12:23:52a End poll fraud now, says Yar'Adua
12:24:17a Business Report for Tuesday, February 19, 2008
12:24:22a Vili is a Halberg Awards favourite
12:25:11a Scientists discover bones of prehistoric bowling ball-sized 'Devil Toad'
12:25:15a Deadly game Teens choke for fun
12:25:20a Drug War Dollars
12:25:24a Teen Faces Charges in Deadly Crash
12:25:28a Thin Ice Warning
12:25:32a Lynch Promises Help for Laid Off Workers
12:25:37a Political Races Yet to Take Shape
12:25:41a Where Cleanliness Really IS Next to Godliness
12:25:45a Howard would have retired, says Nairn
12:25:49a AIDS, malaria on WHO's agenda in Angola
12:26:49a Tough Winter Helps Oregon’s Moose Herd
12:26:54a Monday's Agenda, Feb. 18
12:26:58a Tigers, Vols poised for 1 vs. 2 matchup
12:27:03a Calgary snowmobiler killed in avalanche in southeastern B.C.
12:27:07a Man Found Shot To Death Inside Memphis Home
12:27:12a Ben Jerry's founders loan campaign ObamaMobiles
12:27:16a Interview with Paul Tustain Founder of, Pt. 2
12:27:21a JFK's murder still felt 40 years later
12:27:25a Mohamed Fayed takes the stand at Diana inquest
12:27:29a Slow Down Use Semicolon
12:27:33a Interview with Paul Tustain Founder of, Pt1
12:27:37a Falling Asleep on the Job? Ways to Fight Boredom
12:27:41a Deadly fungus migrates to Vancouver
12:27:46a World responds to Kosovo independence
12:27:50a Shaking your booty is popular on the Ivory Coast
12:28:07a Fire Damages Office Building At Airport
12:28:12a Two Children Die In Fire
12:28:16a Police Chase, Arrest Suspected Church Burglar
12:28:21a Digital TV Coupons Offered
12:28:25a House revolution over as Joneses in liquidation
12:28:29a Botched vasectomy patient denied compo
12:28:33a Results Announcement Six Months to 31 December 07
12:28:38a Mayor Laws seeking 'a miracle' for sick daughter
12:28:42a Worcester Boulevard Icon Up for Lease
12:28:46a A Carpool Would Have Beaten That Bus
12:28:50a The defence of democracy is not for the apathetic.
12:28:55a Infection risk from syringes found on beach
12:28:59a NCEA scholarship verdicts this week
12:29:03a Baby boom births highest since 1963
12:29:07a Barker to visit Viet Nam
12:29:12a Who Got The Valentine's Day Dollars
12:29:16a Two-Thirds of Online Kiwis Use Internet Banking
12:29:20a major key to solving youth crime wave
12:29:25a Bank workers call for greater regulation
12:29:29a Ballance supports shareholders as prices rise
12:29:33a Police demean animal suffering
12:29:38a Michael Parekowhai At Maori Hall
12:29:42a Brackenridge Workers Vote For Rolling Strikes
12:29:47a Teacher pledge 'under threat'
12:29:51a Minister gets it wrong on cluster bomb investments
12:29:55a Internet date-rape trial delayed
12:30:00a 2008 New Zealand Vintage Underway
12:30:08a Car reeked of cologne says Stanlake witness
12:30:12a Irrigate Now as Bans Hit Hard
12:30:16a Accor to Manage Iconic Fiji Hotel
12:30:20a Baby falls out of car
12:30:25a Ex-broker tries to stop fraud trial again
12:30:29a Donor now says Labour offered Monaco post
12:30:33a Tribunal throws out vasectomy father's 102,000 claim
12:30:37a It would have been 'odd' if they'd thrown me out
12:30:42a Phoenix Chamber announces Impact finalists
12:30:46a LOCAL COMMENT Celebrate African-American history now in the making
12:30:51a 5 Iraqis Killed as Rockets Hit U.S. Base in Baghdad
12:30:56a In Asian Reaction to Kosovo Declaration, Fears of Secession
12:31:00a Many Women Barred From Polls in Peshawar
12:31:05a Reproductive Justice and Gender Male Domestic Violence Survivors Come Out of the Shadows
12:31:09a War on Iraq Half of Baghdad Still Without Water
12:31:14a LSU's Perrilloux suspended for violation
12:31:30a J.P. Morgan Targets Deals in Asia
12:31:35a Miners Win a Jump in Iron-Ore Prices
12:31:39a Pension Benefit Guaranty to Diversify Portfolio
12:31:44a Vuln RETIRED Etomite 'index.php' Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
12:31:48a Vuln Hosting Controller Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
12:31:52a Bugtraq Re etomite xss
12:31:58a Peruvian police arrest 15 suspected guerrillas
12:32:02a FEATURE-Better care for U.S. troops but red tape rankles
12:32:07a FEATURE-Refugee crisis, internal tensions, dog East Timor
12:32:11a Many maternal deaths worldwide preventable-study
12:32:15a Blast at China iron mine kills 24 report
12:32:20a MONDAY'S CHILD Jason is intelligent and friendly
12:32:24a Vols ranked #2 in basketball polls
12:32:28a Former Vol concerned about legal issues
12:32:33a Officer involved shooting in Goodyear
12:32:37a Video Relative remembers slain Tempe boy
12:32:41a Separate car-pedestrian crashes kill 2 in Fort Worth
12:32:46a Seized Elvis memorabilia returned
12:32:50a Poll weighs worth of British housewives
12:32:54a Homemade sub nearly seaworthy
12:32:59a Girls basketball coach arrested in Ore.
12:33:03a Teenager in case of stolen Girl Scout cookie money faces new charge
12:33:08a Commission controversy over building inspector
12:33:12a Beef Is It Still For Dinner?
12:33:17a Suspected hit & run driver flees from police; killed in crash in Hamblen Co.
12:34:41a I will survive Liverpool boss Benitez comes out fighting
12:34:46a First picture of suspect in sex murder of model Sally Anne Bowman
12:34:50a Disputed Kosovo Begins to Solidify Independence from Serbia
12:34:54a Opposition Parties Make Big Gains in Pakistan Elections
12:34:59a EU Split Over Recognition of Kosovo
12:35:03a Would Abba take a chance on McCain?
12:35:07a Better care for U.S. troops but red tape rankles
12:35:12a CORRECTION Clinton issues new blueprint on economy
12:35:16a Yankees' Pettitte apologizes for growth hormone use
12:35:20a Task Force To Consider Forming 'Land Bank' This Week
12:35:24a Alain Robbe-Grillet
12:35:29a Yellow fever kills 7 in Paraguay
12:35:33a Wall Street probed in housing bust
12:35:37a Opposition confident in Pakistan
12:35:42a 'Business as usual' for the Rock?
12:35:46a Corruption claims mar elections
12:35:51a Life for soldier kidnap fanatic
12:35:55a Toshiba hits eject for HD DVDs
12:35:59a China 'is fulfilling obligations'
12:36:04a Statins 'may help heartbeat'
12:36:08a Chinese rappers hit London
12:36:12a UN urged to block Kosovo breakaway
12:36:17a Pakistan's professional classes
12:36:21a Security fears hurt Pakistan poll
12:36:26a EU split over Kosovo independence
12:36:30a Debt charity blasts Northern Rock
12:36:34a Coal plant bill gets tentative House OK
12:36:39a House endorses bill on coal-fired plants
12:36:43a House debates bill to allow coal
12:36:48a House gives first-round approval to bill on coal-fired plants
12:36:52a Eskom seeks 40yr coal suppliers
12:36:56a Coal Gasification Could Fuel Clean Coal Myths, Challenges And Opportunities
12:37:00a Primary In 2012, Interpreter At Caucus, Wind Vs. Coal, Fair
12:37:05a Al Fayed clings to conspiracy theory
12:37:09a Fatima accuses PPP of rigging
12:37:13a 'Germany needs our help...' by H. Cuneyd Zapsu*
12:37:18a Risks of assassinations
12:37:26a Flat heavily smoke damaged after blaze
12:37:30a Fairmont to Hold Celebration for Former Olympian Retton
12:37:34a Is There Really Road Kill in 'Road Kill Jam'?
12:37:38a 'Letters Home' Marine Returns Home to Talk to Students
12:37:43a Two Arrested in Preston County on Sex Abuse and Child Neglect Charges
12:37:47a Inside Track 021808
12:37:51a Meet the Assistants Steve Dunlap
12:37:55a Arrest made in double-slaying
12:38:00a 'American Idol' hopeful from Rockwall has had more hair-time than airtime
12:38:04a Five sent off in Colombian league clash
12:38:08a News Focus Indonesia, Finland fostering closer economic ties
12:38:13a Inflation Pressures China
12:38:17a Credit Crunch Hits ANZ
12:38:22a Qatar Has Built Credit Suisse Stake
12:38:26a Mahindra, Finmeccanica Plan Joint Effort
12:38:30a Straits Trading Gets Higher Bid
12:38:35a Rockets strike Iraqi housing complex near Baghdad's airport, at least 5 dead
12:38:39a Big plans to change the future of Buffalo's waterfront
12:38:44a Speedy kids take the Fast Lane
12:38:48a Fast Lane Track Meet results
12:38:52a Air Force at breaking point
12:38:57a Kids Celebrate President's Day
12:39:01a Giants to compete over
12:39:06a UK's Gordon Brown fights backlash over mortgage lender Northern Rock
12:39:10a After crash, Atlasjet renews fleet and top managers
12:39:14a VAT increase in leasing curbs construction equipment sector
12:39:19a Emaar set to
12:39:23a Caffe Nero plans to
12:39:27a Social security bill negotiations to start today
12:39:32a Balkan Economies An elusive quest for stability
12:39:36a Over 70 firms
12:39:40a Watchdog
12:39:44a Iranian Parliament
12:39:48a Novelli calls for an ‘ambitious partnership with Turkey
12:39:53a Kosovo Serbs' anger mounts
12:39:57a Frog from hell fossil found
12:40:01a This Week in Physics History Feb. 18 24
12:40:05a The Total Solar Eclipse and Grand Yangtze River Cruise
12:40:09a Russia-German pipeline under scrutiny in Europe
12:40:14a EU plans to investigate some Chinese imports
12:40:18a Chinese bonds issued for new infrastructure
12:40:23a Iran opens its own commodity exchange
12:40:27a Dubai stock exchange in complex deal
12:40:31a U.S toy sellers making their own rules
12:40:35a Job opportunities diminishing in U.S
12:40:40a Australia wary of Chinese investments in big companies
12:40:44a Europeans still not quite sure about Russia
12:40:48a Sony Wins As Toshiba Dumps HD DVD
12:40:52a Church Tells Members to Have Sex Every Day Tue, 19 Feb 2008 000008 GMT
12:40:57a Northwest adds Detroit-based routes
12:41:01a Lansing-made CTS remains in short supply
12:41:05a Irwin's son cops first snake bite
12:41:10a Blair dragged into Diana murder claims
12:41:14a On Eve of Primary, Voters are Decided - or Not
12:41:18a Clinton, Obama Emphasize Their Differences
12:41:22a Court Moves Fatal Hit-and-Run Case to Trial
12:41:27a Accused Drunk Driver Pleads Not Guilty to Fatal Crash
12:41:31a 100 Come Out for Huckabee's Last Local Stop
12:41:35a Benefit Planned for Victim of Snowplow Crash
12:41:40a Candidates on the Issues War in Iraq, Energy and the Environment
12:41:44a Burr Sentenced to 15 Years for Bicyclist's Death
12:41:49a Appleton Tows Away Cars in Snowplows' Paths
12:41:53a Another Day in the Life of Snowplow Drivers
12:41:57a Candidates on the Issues Health Care, Economy
12:42:01a Digging Out Seems an Endless Task
12:42:06a Bill would ban screening applicants based on online court records
12:42:10a lean trimmings steady to 1.00 higher. Trading slow, with light demand and offerings.
12:42:15a Huckabee says a victory Tuesday would be 'unexpected, huge thing'
12:42:19a Oil Search profit sinks 66.7%
12:42:24a Cabcharge profit motors to 17% rise
12:42:28a No prospects for mineral sands on Flinders
12:42:33a OneSteel announces 24pc profit loss
12:42:37a Bank of China profits increase 'visibly' after offsetting subprime influence
12:42:42a HK stocks close lower as investors wait and see
12:42:46a Rich Lowry Whose Politics Of Fear?
12:42:50a Mesa police investigate murder-suicide
12:42:55a Goodyear police officer wounded in burglary
12:42:59a Former Sun Ceballos arrested on warrant
12:43:04a Sales to launch for W Hotel Scottsdale condos
12:43:08a Dogs Attack, Kill Chihuahua
12:43:12a Northrop Grumman to Provide Navigation Systems for NATO's MEADS Air Defence Programme
12:43:17a Inventor wants to put pop bottle rocket into orbit
12:44:10a Obama's Communist Mentor
12:44:15a ELECTION 2008 DAP supporters stage protest to retain Lim, Phee
12:44:20a ELECTION 2008/Soldiering on Community comes first for Shahrir
12:44:24a ELECTION 2008 Ready for early votes
12:44:29a ELECTION 2008 Nurul Izzah keen to contest
12:44:33a Maid abuse case Nirmala 'stole earrings, watch'
12:44:38a Group eyes 40pc rise in beef output
12:44:42a Cops face bribery charges
12:44:50a Online booking of express bus tickets to beat touts
12:44:54a May 8 date for blogger
12:44:58a Kids saved in nick of time
12:45:02a Rohingya gets 2 years for drug offence
12:45:07a Victims beat up robber
12:45:11a Largest drug seizure
12:45:16a Police smash armed robbery gang
12:45:20a Celcom manager clears confusion over call data
12:45:25a Police officer's trial put off to May 12
12:45:29a Racial diversity lesson for trainees
12:45:33a 'Co-operate in branding our cities'
12:45:37a ELECTION 2008 PRM struggles on in Johor
12:45:42a ELECTION 2008 Many eyeing Permas
12:45:46a ELECTION 2008 More seats for Youth?
12:45:50a ELECTION 2008 Division backs Bakar
12:45:55a Pulling up bosses who abuse foreign workers
12:45:59a Seek eye tests to avoid diabetic retinopathy
12:46:03a ELECTION 2008 Straight fight likely in Sungai Siput
12:46:07a ELECTION 2008/Hot seats Kepong may see battle of two Tans
12:46:12a Rain or shine, police strive to serve
12:46:16a Report that turned cops 'pro-victims'
12:46:20a ELECTION 2008 Kelantan BN upbeat about candidate list
12:46:24a ELECTION 2008 State BN to repeat 2004 feat
12:46:29a ELECTION 2008 DAP eyeing Sabah's Chinese-majority seats
12:46:33a IGP We'll deal with groups disrupting polls
12:46:38a ELECTION 2008 Kelantan bus tickets selling fast
12:46:42a ELECTION 2008 Protests are healthy, says Pas leader
12:46:47a ELECTION 2008 New breed of voters now more discerning
12:46:51a ELECTION 2008 Veteran politicians roped in
12:46:56a ELECTION 2008 Will pantun sway outstation voters?
12:47:00a ELECTION 2008 Pas 'seizes' Marang bridge in flag war
12:47:04a ELECTION 2008 Will Nik Aziz's jingle work again?
12:47:08a ELECTION 2008 Aid for poor Mara students from next year
12:47:13a ELECTION 2008 DAP not transparent, says Najib
12:47:17a Opposition 'can't offer alternative'
12:47:21a ELECTION 2008 People 'need only see MCA track record to decide'
12:47:25a ELECTION 2008 The young are our assets, says PM
12:47:30a CIMB EGF declares 5 sen per unit income
12:47:34a Harbour-Link unit gets RM30mil order
12:47:38a SocGen trader faced earlier inquiry FT report
12:47:42a Poland Could Recognize Kosovo On Tuesday-Foreign Minister-AFP
12:47:47a Kosovo, Serbia Crisis
12:47:51a Kosovo, Serbia “Chants of Killing”
12:47:56a Kosovo, Serbia A Pessimistic View From Albania
12:48:00a Kosovo Legality; Economy
12:48:04a Kosovo The Flag
12:48:08a Ukraine Baloha's New Project; Rudkovsky's Crime
12:48:13a Slovenia Keeping Quiet in China
12:48:17a Czech Republic Klaus Re-Elected
12:48:21a Poland U.S. Satellite Fears
12:48:25a UN names woman who fell from building
12:48:30a POLITICS Security Council Deadlocked Over Kosovo
12:48:34a Officer caught in anti-gang sweep
12:48:38a Diet a social divide that starts aged two
12:48:42a Fanatic behind plot to kidnap and behead soldier may never go free
12:48:48a Analysis Oil and Gas Pipeline Watch
12:49:44a Maryland Child Porn Investigation Leads to Lawmaker's Resignation
12:49:49a Sentenced to Die Over a Download
12:49:53a Climate Change on Calif. Curriculum?
12:49:57a Grad student invents gravity lamp
12:50:02a Grad student invents a gravity clock
12:50:09a All Aboard For The Foreclosure Tour
12:50:13a Presidential Candidates' Plans Focus On Texas
12:50:18a Beef In Local School Freezers Recalled
12:50:22a Fla. Deputy Caught Dumping Man From Wheelchair Turns Self In
12:50:26a Nobody Hurt In Elevator Motor Fire At Baylor
12:50:31a TV Tips For The Digital Switch
12:50:35a Truckers Avoid Weigh Stations By 'Dodging The Scales'
12:50:42a RIM, Motorola In Court Battle In Dallas Over Patents
12:50:46a CPSC Chair Warns Toy Industry on Safety
12:50:50a Airlines Face Tough Times Amid Slowdown
12:50:55a Syria The Eighth Gate
12:50:59a A Culture Of Speed
12:51:03a Profitable Conversations With Customers Social Networking Tips
12:51:24a Here's one you haven't seen on CNN.
12:51:28a ISX for 08 and Beyond.
12:51:36a Snow Cleanup Continues, Cops Warn Of Dangerous Waterways
12:51:40a Mohamed Al Fayed Says Son And Diana Victims Of Murder Conspiracy
12:51:45a Some Pakistan Women Prevented From Voting
12:51:49a Windsor Spitfires Captain Dies
12:51:53a Zabeel Park is the busiest cricket ground in Dubai
12:51:57a NPCC and Adnoc keep winning run going
12:52:02a Horse Of The Year Curlin Arrives In Dubai
12:52:06a Signs of higher wages growth, says RBA
12:52:10a Sorghum crop tipped to soar 80%
12:52:15a AXA Asia Pacific bottom line drops 4pc
12:52:19a Gillian Chung sings amid complaints
12:52:23a Survey shows 90%Chinese slate local officials for ineffiency
12:52:28a Researcher defends wheat policies
12:52:32a Vaccination drive boosted to 15 diseases
12:52:37a US nuclear envoy in Beijing to push on denuclearization process
12:52:41a Illegal iron mine explosion kills 24, injures 5
12:52:46a Central China confirms new human bird flu case
12:52:50a Man charged over A66 crash death
12:52:54a Cusi denies raps I'm really surprised
12:52:59a Hearts seek Celtic talks on fans
12:53:03a Council boss claims 'witch hunt'
12:53:07a Court hears man fought for life
12:53:11a Tow truck driver credited with missing person find
12:53:15a Techdirt Why Did A California Court Hide All Of WikiLeaks Over A Single Document?
12:53:20a Microsoft says end of HD DVD won't hurt Xbox 360
12:53:24a Dallas schools face reconstitution, teachers to be fired
12:53:29a Heavy Cell Phone Use Increases Mouth Cancer Risk Study
12:53:33a Israel Museum Displays Looted Art
12:53:38a The 6,600 Posts That Will Be Make or Break for Lee
12:53:42a DLP Destruction is Fault of Pro-N.Korea Faction
12:53:46a Stokes turns down bid on 7 million East Grand Rapids home
12:53:50a Calvin College students kick off campus Rock-Paper-Scissors contest
12:53:55a Blood supply critically low, weather to blame
12:53:59a Bill to give undocumented students tuition break, dies from lack of support
12:54:07a Bosnian/Albanian Nazi also Toured North America this Year
12:54:11a Casualty of Feminism
12:54:15a VIDEO Highlights from the...
12:54:19a Iraqi Deaths Pain Sharon Stone Dan Collins
12:54:23a NICHOLAS NEGROPONTE Electronics are...
12:54:28a U.S. judge shuts down site that posts leaked documents
12:54:32a I DID NOT THINK THE...
12:54:36a 'Public Odium'
12:54:40a Man pleads no contest to fatal shooting
12:54:45a Church says have sex every day
12:54:49a Deputy in wheelchair-dumping resigns
12:54:53a Cruise ship crewmember overboard
12:54:58a Svekla trial for prostitute killings starts Tuesday
12:55:02a Lax banks blamed for defaults
12:55:06a McCain To Bush Dont Stand So Close To Me
12:55:10a Write Your Own Caption
12:55:30a Ying Ying's alleged killer found dead
12:55:34a Hostel fees waived for needy Mara students
12:55:39a Cop shot during undercover op
12:55:43a Perak's biggest drug bust in 15 years
12:55:48a Aiming for top 10 on World Bank list
12:55:52a Reign of ruthless gang ends
12:55:56a Flights to Sabah and Sarawak going cheap
12:56:00a Eight freed on police bail
12:56:05a Robbers strike at 4-D outlet
12:56:09a Call to rebrand local authorities
12:56:13a Pahang set for strong show
12:56:17a No list is finalised, says Abdullah
12:56:22a No Wanita Umno candidate for Terengganu
12:56:26a Scramble for Penang hots up
12:56:30a We need you in Batu Gajah, Guan Eng tells Po Kuan
12:56:34a DAP's Iron Lady melts
12:56:39a DAP cannot even keep its house in order, says Najib
12:56:48a Shariff Lustful ones want my 'virgin' Tasek Gelugor
12:56:52a Keep Lim and Phee, say DAP supporters
12:56:57a 13 new faces from Perak MCA
12:57:01a Ong Only the best for MCA
12:57:05a Clean bill of health a must
12:57:09a MCA names its Kota Melaka line-up
12:57:13a MCA to defend Kota Melaka seat against DaP onslaught
12:57:17a Close race for CM job
12:57:22a Nurul Izzah considers standing for elections
12:57:26a Loke DAP must retain Lobak
12:57:30a Rep Say no to the rocket
12:57:34a Haron Din to be fielded in Perlis
12:57:39a PAS agrees to back Ibrahim in Pasir Mas
12:57:43a It will be rough for Kayveas, says Ho
12:57:47a Tajol Rosli thanks angry Buntong residents who jeered VIPs
12:57:51a Ranau or Penampang? Dompok's not saying
12:57:56a The axe falls on many in Johor
12:58:00a Tight control over nomination papers in Sabah
12:58:04a Sarawak list finalised to end bickering
12:58:09a Nik Aziz challenged to deny BN's welfare work
12:58:13a Opposition parties reach deal
12:58:17a Mahathir It's up to Mukhriz
12:58:21a Two MCA veeps on the double
12:58:26a Radzi also has connection to pre-election dates
12:58:30a Govt 'serious about helping Indians'
12:58:34a Former football player held over nude pictures
12:58:39a Officials Satellite shoot-down try Thursday
12:58:43a Search is house-to-house for tornado victims
12:58:49a More bad news for Hillary
12:58:53a Is Cooperating with the Government Always a Good Thing?
12:59:02a Most Unlikely Endorsement Ever
12:59:06a Rolling Post Game Show, 2-15-08 Part 1
12:59:10a My Papoopie is the Schmoopiest
12:59:15a Glenn Beck said Progressive women are ugly
12:59:19a US/Beef/Recall/Animal Cruelty
12:59:23a Cenk vs. Kevin Smith
12:59:28a Defense attorneys wants cameras banned from death penalty trial
12:59:33a Health officials evaluated wrong Chinese factory for Baxter's heparin ingredients
12:59:38a Gecko's 'sticky' feet inspire new type of adhesive bandage for surgery
12:59:42a Campbell's U.S. division says it is reducing sodium in 4 dozen more soups
12:59:47a New Jersey Hospital Association Prescription Program Outpaces Industry
12:59:51a Gilbert Hospital Turns the Tables on the Flu
12:59:56a Securian Board Approves 8 Officer Promotions
01:00:00a CATalyst Summit Declared a Success It's All About the Cat!
01:00:04a 5W Public Relations Hosts Exclusive Beauty Wellness Industry Event
01:00:08a Arthur J. Gallagher Co. Acquires Taylor Benefits
01:00:37a Bird flu kills central China man
01:01:04a Just words, and borrowed ones at that
01:01:08a Mom Police Told Daughter To Stop Calling Before Murder-Suicide
01:01:13a New Mississippi Delta Would Limit Hurricane Damage
01:01:17a Albright Bush is the worst President in American history
01:01:21a Safety Subverted In China's Mines
01:01:26a Sen. McCain to accept an invitation to debate Mike Huckabee
01:01:30a Israel won't recognize Kosovo, for now
01:01:34a Freeper Science Theater Freeper Night At The Movies
01:01:38a Giant prehistoric Frog Hints At Ancient Land Link
01:01:42a Obama Bought Home Without Rezko Discount, Seller Says
01:01:46a 2008 Election and One-Day Frog
01:01:51a Fashion today
01:01:55a Matthews 'Worried' Hillary Could Regain Momentum?
01:01:59a Bring Back Washington's Birthday
01:02:03a First Amendment Rights Denied in Georgia as Pro-Life Activist is Arrested on Public Sidewalk
01:02:08a Solar System match made in the heavens Premium content
01:02:12a Major EU states offer to recognise independent Kosovo
01:02:16a Diplomats line up in Pristina to establish Kosovo relations
01:02:20a Alain Robbe-Grillet, French avant-garde writer, dies at 85
01:02:25a Paris in legal trouble again!
01:02:48a New Hampshire State Rep Betty Hall on Her Impeachment Resolution
01:03:27a Business waits on Supreme Court rulings
01:03:31a 3i fund weighs move for Novera
01:03:43a Video Latest Tappan Zee Bridge plans
01:04:59a Toshiba reviews HD DVD strategy, may drop out
01:05:14a Pakistanis deal severe defeat to Musharraf in election
01:05:18a Amtrak to have more visible security
01:05:36a Most Accurate Clock Ever 'Crystal Of Light' Clock Surpass...
01:05:43a Fayed gives testimony to Diana inquest
01:05:47a Topless Lindsay Lohan remakes Marilyn Monroe nude shoot
01:05:51a Heavy snowfall hits Turkey, Greece
01:06:07a Apple, iTunes sync with American Idol
01:06:11a Delta-NWA Politicians Concerned
01:06:16a Egypt sends straggling Palestinians back to Gaza
01:06:20a Joint Chiefs chairman explains Pakistan visit
01:06:37a TV repairmen a dying breed
01:06:41a Officers Airsoft pistols hard to distinguish from real thing
01:06:46a Israel U.S. agrees to delay talks on J'lem, Abbas rejects agreement
01:06:50a Israelis 30 times more likely to be wiretapped than Americans
01:06:54a US to try satellite shoot-down Thursday report
01:06:59a Three accused in JFK airport plot to be extradited to US judge
01:07:03a Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid spokesman Tariq Azim congratu...
01:07:08a President Pervez Musharraf on Monday promised to work with...
01:07:12a Electoral candidates of the provincial constituencies of P...
01:07:17a Foreign observers, ambassadors and analysts on Monday visi...
01:07:21a Tokyo stocks open higher on gains in iron, steel, mining issues+
01:07:26a 3RD LD Japan destroyer collides with fishing boat, 2 fishermen missing+
01:07:30a Illegal Fights Staged, Posted On Internet
01:07:34a I-Team Juvenile Court Clerk's Office Sued
01:07:39a Lawmakers react to massive recall from SoCal slaughterhouse
01:07:46a Obama faces open season from conservatives if he wins nomi...
01:08:03a Ark. woman returns photo blown 190 miles by tornado
01:08:35a Australia PM said most popular for 20 years
01:08:48a New lead brings new hope to Grainger County cold case
01:08:52a Red light cameras a multi-million dollar deterrent
01:08:56a Seven sentenced over Tonga riots
01:09:01a Colombian soldiers convicted in massacre of
01:09:05a Billy Graham may be released from hospital within days
01:09:23a ‘Wherever I go,
01:09:27a Winter without windows
01:09:32a Are you an
01:09:36a Hundreds of ice skaters in Winnipeg form giant chain in Guinness attempt
01:09:41a Young director Seyfi Teoman takes
01:09:45a Prominent jazz pianist Esen on stage at Babylon
01:09:49a Moore's ‘Sicko at İstanbul independent film festival
01:09:53a Lisa Wahlandt to sing three concerts at Jazz Center
01:09:58a Dvorak's ‘Requiem gets first performance in İstanbul
01:10:02a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.04
01:10:06a Herpes linked to pregnancy complications
01:10:55a Musharraf urges Pakistanis to work together as opposition shows strongly in early vote count
01:11:20a Driver Of Car In Fatal Crash Arrested Previously
01:11:25a Feeling Bullish
01:11:52a Motorcyclist Launched Over Intersection
01:11:59a Smokefree Trip Ends With Polish Award
01:12:04a I'Ve Got Four Kidneys ... And I Want to Share Them Out
01:12:18a Women's Spiritual Retreat to Include Music, Drama, Dance
01:12:22a Glen Burnie East Musicians Prepare for Battle of the Bands
01:12:26a Spectre of Another Michael Neary Raised
01:12:31a Stem Cell Hope to Fix Bones
01:12:35a GPs Could Give Sick Workers 'Well Notes'
01:12:39a HSE Cut Wait Time
01:12:43a Stem Cells' Big Break
01:12:48a The Stem Cell 'Scaffolding' That Can Cure Broken Bones
01:12:52a Pasadena It's Never Too Early for Fresh Florida Fruit
01:12:57a St. Matthew's School Principal Honors Pledge With a Smooch
01:13:01a Patients 'Are Left in Ambulances for Hours'
01:13:06a Shattered Bones Mended By Stem Cells
01:13:10a Hospital Opens Special Unit for Patients Near End
01:13:15a Chávez Tasks Food Producers Amid Shortage
01:13:19a Recall Raises Worry on Oversight
01:13:23a Iowan killed in Iraq on Sunday
01:13:28a Open house set for Sunday at New Horizons
01:13:32a Blood drive set for Friday at DMACC
01:13:36a Elkhart cemetery meeting set for Thursday
01:13:49a Commissioners Clash Over Jefferson County's Bond Debt
01:13:58a Rau accepts wrongful detention compo Govt
01:14:23a wins site design award
01:14:57a Sittwe students protest bus fair increase
01:15:01a Weekly business roundup William Boot
01:15:05a Authorities ban Dhamma talk in Magwe
01:15:10a NLD rejects Burmese junta's referendum and election plan Maung Dee
01:15:14a Hundreds attend Mahn Shah funeral Violet Cho
01:15:19a Rice export restrictions drive up prices
01:15:23a Two journalists arrested in Rangoon Nem Davies
01:15:27a Former first lady Nancy Reagan hospitalized after fall at home; could be released Tuesday
01:15:32a Early Voting for March Primary Begins Tuesday
01:15:36a Another Miniature Horse Dead From Pit Bull Attack
01:15:41a Truck Crosses Median, Kills One in Head-on Crash
01:15:45a Three-Year-Old Mauled By Pit Bull Mix Recovering at Home
01:15:49a Bill Clinton Stops In Lubbock
01:16:10a Pakistan Opposition Has Solid Vote Lead
01:16:16a Three more arrests stemming from police raids
01:16:25a Lohan Recreates Marilyn Monroe's Last Nude Photo Shoot
01:17:02a BAE Boss Rejects Corruption Claims
01:17:07a Australia PM most popular for 20 years poll
01:17:11a Nancy Reagan to stay in hospital additional night
01:17:25a Former Nailer Joe Jensen Makes NHL Debut
01:17:29a State Wrestling Tournament Coming to Wheeling?
01:17:34a Residents Concerned About Tunnel Talks
01:17:38a Home Remedies Stand Up To Test Of Time And Science
01:17:43a 24 killed in China iron mine explosion
01:17:47a Russia air defense exercise in Moscow's airspace successful
01:17:51a U.S. nuclear talk chief Hill to visit Japan
01:17:56a U.S.-Philippine war game begins, with civilians protesting
01:18:00a Official Malaysia-U.S. FTA talks still moving on
01:18:05a Further indiscipline of U.S. forces incurs much indignation in Japan
01:18:09a Curfew in different cities of southern Nepal
01:18:14a Malaysia can help create more balanced view on Islam
01:18:18a NATO troops to stay in Afghanistan for another seven years
01:18:23a British soldier killed in southern Afghanistan
01:18:27a Russian, Myanmar officials to meet on military co-op
01:18:31a Ore. coach arrested after sixth-grade basketball disturbance
01:18:42a 22% of Employers to Make Cuts
01:19:13a Pakistan opposition parties already celebrating
01:19:17a Fayed says U.K. royals wanted to 'get rid of' Diana
01:19:22a Cell Phone Service Switch to Digital Could Affect Alarm Systems
01:19:26a Tour of California Santa Rosa to Sacramento Race Tuesday
01:19:31a Manteca Car Crash Caught on Tape
01:19:35a State Budget Deficit May Be Bigger Than First Thought
01:19:39a Israel hits Gaza killing four Palestinians
01:19:44a Foreign Ministry to slam Iranian anti-Israel jibe in missive to UN
01:19:49a A Link in the Chain Israel's next strategic decision
01:19:53a Foreign Min. said to order protest letter to UN over Iran anti-Israel jibe
01:19:57a Sources Israel deploys Patriot missiles fearing Hezbollah strike
01:20:02a State to build fortified rooms for 3,200 houses in Gaza periphery
01:20:06a Iran may aid Hezbollah retaliation Barak
01:20:10a Israel deploys Patriot missiles
01:20:15a Guidelines of a new Egyptian policy toward Gaza
01:20:19a Israeli Solar Startup Grabs 10M
01:20:23a Bill to prohibit gun confiscation moves forward in House
01:20:28a House amends online campaign contribution bill
01:20:32a Puppies survive after being sheltered in burned-out log
01:20:37a Iran summons Turkmenistan envoy
01:20:41a Oil rises a fourth day after Iran says OPEC may cut production
01:20:46a UK cops suspect Internet suicide pact
01:21:02a Can Russia guarantee media freedom?
01:21:06a Tow Truck Manager Uses GPS To Track Stolen Truck; Get It Back
01:21:10a Peter Forsberg
01:21:14a I feel strongly about this
01:21:19a Immigrant reflects on Kosovo independence
01:21:23a Poll Clinton, Obama lead McCain in NY
01:21:28a Some Recalled Beef Made It To Fast-Food Eateries
01:21:33a Valley Auto Repossessions Accelerate
01:21:37a Former Phoenix Suns Player Arrested
01:21:41a 5 Investigates Cuts In State Park Funds
01:21:46a Relative Defends Teens' Accused Killer
01:21:50a Goodyear Officer Wounded, Robbery Suspect Killed In Shootout
01:21:55a 'I don't swim in your toilet, so don't pee in my...'
01:21:59a Foster's H1 profit up 6 percent, but U.S. drags
01:22:03a 'It's like discovering another planet'
01:22:07a Canada not to allow promotion of Khalistan
01:22:12a India worried about Pak's N-assets falling into jihadi hands
01:22:16a US recognises Kosovo as a sovereign, independent state
01:22:20a Khupe, Ncube stake political careers on Makokoba
01:22:24a List of parliamentary and senatorial polls candidates
01:22:29a 5 Zimbabwean refugees dead, 36 injured in SA border accident
01:22:33a SA NGO urges govt to send observers to Zimbabwe elections
01:22:38a Presidential poll likely to be decided by run-off Moyo
01:22:42a Unknown species from the deep discovered
01:22:47a Church Urges Hanky Panky Among Members
01:22:51a POLITICS-KENYA Rice Lobbies for Power-Sharing Government
01:22:56a UPDATE News 4 Investigates Worst nursing home
01:23:00a Lawmakers Debate Patent Immunity For Banks
01:23:04a Anti-ALF myspace pages disguised as AR pages used for phishing / hacking etc
01:23:09a Airlines ticket prices between Israel and EU to be 30 percent cheaper?
01:23:13a Israel's Air Force Gets New Chief
01:23:17a Our Say... Israeli threats sound hollow
01:23:21a Coldest January in 15 years falls short of being Israel's harshest winter 0058
01:23:26a Coldest January in 15 years falls short of being Israel's harshest winter
01:23:30a Web Offers Community for Israel's Orthodox Gays
01:23:34a Foreign Ministry said to slam Iranian anti-Israel jibe in missive to UN
01:23:39a Palestine-Israel Three years of persistent joint struggle against separation fence + occupation
01:23:43a Living a 'normal' life in war-torn Israel
01:23:47a Ben Gurion University Faculty Member Calls for Israel's Annihilation on Neve Gordon
01:23:52a 'No delaying of Jerusalem status talks'
01:23:56a U.S. Banks Borrow 50 Billion From Fed
01:24:00a U.S. EU Powers Recognize Kosovo
01:24:05a Mix-Ups Could Mean Wrong Cars Get Toll Tickets
01:24:09a Cancer Linked To Heavy Mobile Phone Use
01:24:13a Willie Nelson Calls For Bush Impeachment
01:24:17a Guard Conducting War Games In Wisconsin
01:24:22a First Phase Of Iran Oil Bourse Kicks Off
01:24:26a Massive Meat Recall Ordered
01:24:30a GMO Foods Promoted As Solution To Food Crisis
01:24:35a Thousands of jobs to go at Northern Rock
01:24:39a Brown Nationalisation is best for taxpayers
01:24:43a Unions and rivals fear worst
01:24:48a Rochelle Riley Sophie Womack lives on in others
01:24:52a Federal Liberals want to know who paid for radio ads
01:24:56a EQ 3.2 San Clemente Is., CA PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:25:00a EQ 3.0 King Cove, AK PRELIMINARY REPORT
01:25:05a Dogged devotion Britons dig deep for pets' health
01:25:30a Gambling Issues Could Be On Nov. OH/KY Ballots
01:25:35a Arrest Warrant Issued For Jeni Lee Dinkel
01:26:05a 7 'unacceptable' Dallas schools face reconstitution, 25 teachers to be fired
01:26:12a 24 killed in explosion at illegal iron mine in northern Hebei province
01:26:17a 140 killed in 2 days of bombings, Afghanistan's deadliest span since 2001
01:26:22a 2 fishermen missing after their boat collides with Japan's navy destroyer
01:26:26a Beijing Professor Urges Political Reform for China
01:26:31a JPMorgan Makes Asian Private-Equity Push
01:26:47a Midland police say man stole 217 cases of stuffing
01:26:51a Church-state separation group takes Hudsonville to task
01:26:56a Minnesota governor urges Northwest to keep promises to state
01:27:00a Drunken driving suspect charged in fatal crash near Iron Mountain
01:27:18a Presidents Day trivia
01:27:57a Historic ferry sinks at Docklands
01:28:01a Eight cops take down former boxer
01:28:06a Police car damaged as Serbs protest
01:28:10a Russia calls on UN to intervene
01:28:14a Buoyant year for CDL Investments
01:28:18a Cullen confirms tax cuts despite surplus fall
01:28:26a The Joneses' crash leaves sellers in lurch
01:28:30a APN profit up 8 per cent
01:28:34a NZ sharemarket rally runs out of steam
01:28:38a PGG Wrightson result 'reflects improved performance'
01:28:43a Aussies giving up on home ownership dream
01:28:47a Tourism Holdings half year net profit up to 4.9m
01:28:51a Property For Industry posts 44m profit
01:28:56a Appeal begins in biggest Dominican bank fraud case
01:29:00a Banreservas mortgage fair nets RD2.6B in home loans
01:29:04a Tuart tree researchers seek state funds
01:29:09a 'American Great' Mr. T Returns in Major Graphic Novel By British Publisher
01:29:13a A Raisin in the Sun Film Review
01:29:25a Prison demolition begins as plans for bigger OPP move forward
01:29:30a Bill to eliminate free tickets bogs down in House committee
01:29:34a Lebanon Escalations Continue
01:29:38a Quote Of The Hour
01:29:43a Not Quite a Wardrobe Malfunction, But Still Bad Rumors On The Internets
01:30:00a Striking farmers shut access to Peru's Machu Picchu
01:30:04a Now, Lehman Gets Pelted
01:30:16a Long Nights, 90 Below. What More Could Astronomers Want?
01:30:21a NASA Insists It Can Fix Flaw in Rocket Design
01:30:56a Giant 'Frog From Hell' Fossil Found in Madagascar
01:31:01a U.S., European Leaders Recognize Independent Kosovo
01:31:18a Olmert gives Israeli army 'free hand'
01:31:22a Taiwan second home for Burkina envoy
01:31:27a China blasts Taiwan for welcoming Kosovo independence
01:31:31a Ruane sorry for pupil file breach
01:31:35a Troubles 'not war' motion passed
01:31:40a Ian Paisley's son quits Northern Ireland administration over ethics scandal
01:31:44a Teenager shot dead yards from home
01:31:49a Kearney was not suicidal at time of death, court hears
01:31:53a Product Safety Leader Warns Toy Industry
01:31:58a Beef Industry Responds to Secret Video
01:32:02a Obama seeks Ohio's blue-collar vote
01:32:06a El Paso braces for border trouble
01:32:11a US army 'stretched thin' by Iraq war
01:32:15a The Devil Toad Of Madagascar 18 Feb 2008 190807 GMT
01:32:44a Taser Malfunction Possibility in Police Shooting Tue, 19 Feb 2008 011640 GMT
01:32:49a Wild Hogs Terrorize Local Neighborhood Tue, 19 Feb 2008 004855 GMT
01:33:29a USA 193 Shootdown Set For Feb 21, 0330 UTC
01:33:34a RIM and Motorola exchange patent lawsuits
01:33:38a JetBlue signs two top execs to new contracts
01:33:42a Flagstone Re Reports Diluted Book Value per Share of 13.87 for...
01:33:47a American National Announces Fourth Quarter 2007 Results
01:33:51a American Commercial Lines Names Michael P. Ryan As President and...
01:33:55a Death row Australian expresses regret
01:34:00a Australia's west prepares for cyclone
01:34:04a Indonesia govt says no rush to restrict fuel
01:34:08a Fiji council meets over governance
01:34:13a Darwin marks Japan attack anniversary
01:34:17a India cricket league discussions in Malaysia
01:34:22a Leading Class-Action Lawyer Is Sentenced to Two Years in Kickback Scheme
01:34:27a Jack Kemp's Message toConservatives Lay Off McCain
01:34:31a UN Council Mulls Kosovo's Future
01:34:35a APN annual profit up 8 percent
01:34:39a More arrests in Urewera firearms inquiry
01:34:44a Mother `attacked daughter with knife'
01:34:48a Film maker Barry Barclay dies
01:34:53a 2 fishermen missing after boat collides with Japanese destroyer
01:34:57a UN Envoy to Burma to Meet Chinese Foreign Minister
01:35:02a South East Asia An open letter to ASEAN Foreign Ministers
01:35:17a Police identify body found in Lincoln Park
01:35:21a Rollover accident in north Spokane
01:35:26a Does Balkanization Beckon Anew?
01:35:30a Presidential names earned free pass to museum
01:35:35a Reagan to Stay Second Night at Hospital
01:35:39a UN Council mulls Kosovo's future
01:36:01a Helene St. James' blog Nicklas Lidstrom hurt early in game against Avalanche
01:36:07a US, major EU states recognize independent Kosovo
01:36:11a Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange agreement stalled report
01:37:05a Op-Ed Australia's much hyped web porn filter a dud
01:37:10a West Texas Oil Refinery Explodes, Injures 5 People
01:37:14a New ball game Pakistan wipes out Musharraf's party in elections
01:37:19a Could Huckabee Be Committing Political Suicide?
01:37:27a LR Ad Exec, Actor Bob Ginnaven Dies At 71 18 Feb 2008 200300 GMT
01:37:42a Winter festival battling rain
01:37:48a Australia seeking fatter mailmen
01:37:53a Doctors to stage 24-hour strike in public hospitals on Thursday
01:37:57a A Dominican company can be formed in just 72 hours
01:38:02a First president Bush to pay 7th visit to Dominican resort
01:38:06a First Angeles investor network launched in the country
01:38:11a Haiti police rescues Dominican drivers kidnapped at border
01:38:16a More than 500 gas stations close to demand sale of subsidized diesel
01:38:24a VIDEO 2/18 6pm Storm Team 5 Forecast
01:38:37a Gentlemen, 5 Easy Steps to Living Long and Well
01:38:42a Fighting Bedsores With a Team Approach
01:38:46a Lowering Odds of Multiple Births
01:38:50a What People Owe Fish A Lot
01:38:55a ‘Have You Ever Been in Psychotherapy, Doctor?’
01:38:59a Prognosis Large Social Networks May Help Surgical Patients
01:39:03a Behavior An Absence of Free Will, a Tendency to Cheat
01:39:07a Regimens Diet Supplement Seen as Risky for Some Users
01:39:12a An Oldie Vies for Nutrient of the Decade
01:39:16a The Claim Honey Can Soothe a Burn.
01:40:09a 1988 Derby Winner Winning Colors Dies
01:40:37a Congress Tries Again To Extend Solar Tax Credits
01:40:53a Paraguay confirms yellow fever outbreak
01:40:58a Philippines says may have found Bali bomber's body
01:41:02a Metropolitan Club helps youth baseball
01:41:06a Dinkel arrested again
01:41:15a Congestion charge enrages builders
01:41:19a Reaction to Northern Rock nationalisation
01:41:24a Former U.S. president Bush endorses McCain
01:41:28a Serbia recalls ambassador to U.S. over Kosovo
01:41:32a Wisconsin, Hawaii to Hold Primary Contests
01:41:37a California Court Wipes Out of Existence
01:41:41a New Weapon Against Terror A Flashlight
01:41:58a Musharraf's party headed for defeat
01:42:03a Columbia facility could become alcohol and drug treatment center
01:42:07a Senate Elections Committee passes omnibus election reform bill today
01:42:12a N.H. Kidnap Victims Describe Ordeal
01:42:16a Web Extra Game Still Excites Sox' Timlin
01:42:21a 8pm Update WBZ Weather For Monday
01:42:25a Volunteering as a family project
01:42:41a Warmer weather, then another cooldown forecast for Oklahoma
01:42:53a Midnight paintball attacks leave family sleepless
01:42:58a New Zealand war vets to visit Vietnam
01:43:22a JPMorgan steps up Asian operations
01:43:29a West Sea Battle Victim¡¯s Widow to Come Home
01:43:34a Noida techie shot dead
01:43:38a Fiji coup leader appoints himself head of chiefs' council
01:43:42a More countries, int'l blocs react to Kosovo's declaration of independence
01:43:47a 㿷bn pensions black hole
01:43:51a I'm not mad, insists Al Fayed It was SLAUGHTER not murder
01:43:55a Behind the scenes, EU splits over Kosovo
01:44:00a Pakistan opposition poised for election gains
01:44:04a Mazda 3 Owners Warned to Check Cars
01:44:08a Vatican Pius XII sainthood process not stalled
01:44:12a GDC '08 Are casual games the future?
01:44:17a Bush to Pay Tribute to Rwandan Genocide Victims
01:44:22a Malawi Clerics Urge Muluzi to Withdraw From Presidential Race
01:44:26a Playwright wins West End transfer at 21
01:44:31a Minister highlights public disquiet over migrants' access ...
01:44:35a Full-scale replica of imperial palace planned for 'Chinese...
01:44:40a JI leader believed killed in Philippines military
01:44:45a Nancy Reagan hospitalized after fall at home; could be released Tuesday
01:44:50a Recalled beef served at fast food restaurants
01:44:54a Pakistan shock Ireland in South Africa
01:44:59a Eircom League of Ireland draw details
01:45:03a Finland censors anti-censorship site
01:45:22a Documents regarding Kennedy assassination found in Dallas
01:45:26a In Turkey, is tension about religion? Class rivalry? Or bo...
01:45:31a Serbian ambassador recalled from U.S. after recognition of Kosovo
01:45:35a Burrell isn't ready to say goodbye to Philly
01:45:39a Mayor names new Pittsburgh treasurer
01:45:44a Pitt men's team falls out of Top 25
01:45:48a Tumpkin hired as Pitt linebacker coach
01:45:52a Crosby strong, sharp in practice _ but isn't ready to return
01:45:56a Binational group laments delayed Great Lakes agreement update
01:46:01a Brazilian And Mexican Stocks Advanced
01:46:05a Brazil stocks hit 1-month high on Vale, real gains
01:46:10a LR ad exec, actor Bob Ginnaven dies at 71
01:46:14a Plastic surgeon convicted in overdose death faces more charges
01:46:19a CPSC chair issues warning to toy industry
01:46:23a Refinery owner 1 worker remains hospitalized
01:46:28a Officials Satellite shoot-down try this week
01:46:32a Scientists Ancient frog as big as bowling ball
01:46:36a A frog that lived among dinosaurs
01:47:01a Toshiba to announce complete pullout from HD DVD business later Tues.+
01:47:05a Pro-Musharraf party apparently defeated in Pakistani general elections+
01:47:14a Police identify body found in car
01:47:18a BuzzFlash Interviews Dennis Kucinich
01:47:23a Pit bulls attack man walking dog on Northwest Side
01:47:27a Missing Country Club Hills woman, 93, is found dead in her car
01:47:35a Cubs sue rooftop owner, threaten to block his view of ballgames
01:47:40a Documentary Filmmakers Capture Life Of Merle Haggard
01:47:44a Kidnapped student tells B.C. trial he was snatched at gunpoint, ordered into car
01:47:48a In closing state budget gap, much is off-limits
01:47:53a The look is all business
01:48:02a Obama, Clinton trade punches in speech flap
01:49:12a Evolution Compromise in the Works Tue, 19 Feb 2008 010248 GMT
01:49:17a HK shrs may gain with Asian markets; SHK Properties eyed
01:49:22a Platinum hits record at 2,115 on supply fears
01:49:34a Turkey Recognizes Kosovo Independence AFP
01:49:38a Police look for robbery suspects
01:49:42a Man dies in Lautoka car crash
01:49:47a Fijian British Army officers save lives
01:49:51a Taskforce to respond to GCC chairman job
01:49:56a biggest ship to be built in Fiji
01:50:00a England issued a warning
01:50:05a 'No timetable, no guarantee of success but no option'
01:50:09a Britain’s most controversial lawyer opens up
01:50:14a Branagh and Cox lead farewell to the smallest cinema in Britain
01:50:18a Video shows Floyd Mayweather Jr punching a 400 pound Giant Boxing
01:50:22a the first draft of dossier that took Britain to war
01:50:27a Britain Invests In Waste Digesting Energy Plants
01:50:32a Thousands await post-flood return
01:50:36a New leads in 1970 murder inquiry
01:50:40a Officer defends butcher decision
01:50:45a Where to Put All This Snow?
01:50:49a Monster Sturgeon Caught on Underwater Camera
01:50:53a McCain tries to unite Wis. GOP behind his candidacy
01:50:57a Clinton supporters gather on eve of election
01:51:01a Teen dies after snowmobile collides with truck in road
01:51:06a Drunken-driving suspect charged in fatal crash near Iron Mountain
01:51:11a How many people have four kidneys
01:51:15a Giant 'Frog From Hell' Fossil Found in Madagascar
01:51:20a Aircraft parts maker leases McClellan space
01:51:24a Drink and drugs can damage men's sperm, study suggests
01:51:28a Tolgfors says Sweden will take Finland's cue on Nato
01:51:33a Israel Rice, Olmert agree to delay talks on J'lem
01:51:37a Northrop Grumman To Provide System for NATO Air Defense
01:51:41a Serbia recalls ambassador to US
01:51:46a Ban says UN mission in Kosovo to continue its mandate
01:51:50a Jihad justification sought, court told
01:51:54a Nato expects rise in attacks in Afghanistan
01:51:59a Rice adds support to Annan Kenya peace talks
01:52:03a Bush Dismisses Iraq Recession, Claims War Has Nothing to Do With Economy
01:52:08a Security Council Deadlocked Over Kosovo
01:52:12a Rice Puts Pressure On Kenya Over Crisis
01:52:17a PM endorses agreement between Governments of Kyrgyzstan, Korea on protection, encouragement of investments
01:52:21a Serbia recalls U.S. ambassador over Kosovo
01:52:25a 'Good' exercising
01:52:30a Families return stolen cemetery items
01:52:34a Concerned drivers worry about valley construction site
01:52:39a Body found near distribution center in southern Oklahoma
01:52:43a Splitting Bond Insurers Is Hard To Do
01:52:48a Madagascar Tropical storm batters Madagascar
01:52:52a Kenya Rice lays down the gauntlet in Kenya
01:52:57a Boeing developing anti-collision system
01:53:01a Unofficial Results Due In Pakistan's Election
01:53:06a Blast At Illegal Mine Kills 24 In China
01:53:10a Orkopoulos pleads guilty to porn, drugs charges
01:53:14a Ex-Perth chef takes stand in UK murder trial
01:53:19a Illegal Mine Explodes, Killing 24 In China
01:53:23a Women warned to take care after assault of grandmother
01:53:28a Bell to acquire troubled Tricom
01:53:32a Madam warns of brothel spread
01:53:36a Economy robust in face of crisis RBA
01:53:40a Ballajura man accused of burglaries
01:53:44a Former Eden-Monaro MP backs Howard
01:53:49a Woman dies in head-on smash
01:53:53a Improved road expected to boost wheatbelt tourism
01:53:57a Maddington woman charged over alleged thefts
01:54:02a Heritage lost through neglect, says trust
01:54:06a Police dogs disperse drunks
01:54:10a Pack of cyclists hit by car north of Perth
01:54:14a Newcrest profit sinks 122pc
01:54:19a Perth chef had sex with corpse
01:54:23a Cornelia Rau accepts compo offer
01:54:27a Indigenous remains in Sweden to be returned
01:54:31a RBA flags strong wage growth
01:54:35a Gold Coast shooting trial continues
01:54:40a Council to lobby Qantas over contract
01:54:44a Bottled water 'bad as smoking'
01:54:48a Rudd breaks records as Mr 70 per cent
01:54:53a Share prices on Bursa Malaysia higher
01:54:57a Premier sends encouragment to cricketers
01:55:02a Apple "podmaps" patent reveals GPS-like directions for iPod
01:55:06a Best Buy drops 2.5%but stays optimistic inface of dark economy
01:55:10a Toshiba 'cut prices to clear HD DVD stocks'
01:55:23a Central Valley Ranchers Feel Sting Of Beef Recall
01:55:28a Consumer spending 'likely to slow'
01:55:49a Pedestrian struck on I-91
01:56:04a Survey private domestic firms biggest employer to Chinese graduates
01:56:11a China publishes 2,400 types of maps last year
01:56:16a Stolen Stash of Stuffing Secured
01:56:20a Bank of Canada's Carney ponders degree of rate cut
01:56:25a Bank of Canada didn't consider ABCP bailout Carney
01:56:29a CPSC chair warns toy industry must self-regulate as new standards are hashed out
01:56:34a Bank of Canada's Carney confirms rate cuts to come
01:56:38a Aastra to buy PBX business for 103M
01:56:43a Lebanon braces for possible Hezbollah attack on Israel
01:56:47a Pettitte Pitches To The Press
01:56:52a Rice Lobbies for Power-Sharing Government
01:56:56a Barack Obama may get Assassinated feels Bernard Hopkins Boxing
01:57:01a Vatican denies Pius XII sainthood stalled by silence on Shoah
01:57:05a Flock forgives confessed-killer minister
01:57:09a Sharon Stone laments US policies on Iraq
01:57:14a Officer Notices Robbery In Progress
01:57:18a Police Locate Suspect In Home Burglaries
01:57:23a Milicic still hopes to be part of 2003 class reunion
01:57:27a Doubts in ad industry over IPL success chances
01:57:31a Sound bytes What do thousands of 'internet voices' sound like
01:57:36a Empty message Why many ads have turned a lighter shade of green
01:57:40a Butler guard named league player of week
01:57:45a Liberals may support federal budget if it doesn't hurt country Dion
01:57:49a Norman Wells clinic reopens after mercury spill
01:57:53a Lufthansa dishes up fine cuisine in the sky
01:57:58a Canada 'assessing' Kosovo independence
01:58:02a NDP's Rachel Notley won't trade on the memory of her iconic father
01:58:06a N.W.T. hockey buffs revel in Detroit 'trip of a lifetime'
01:58:11a Volunteers helped reduce B.C. auto theft, CBC series finds
01:58:16a OHL Spitfires captain dead at 19
01:58:20a British government takes over mortgage lender
01:58:24a TRUTH OF YOUTH Should cameras be installed at intersections?
01:58:29a Hendy to speak at Stockman's Breakfast
01:58:33a Events scheduled in South County
01:58:38a Pickup, trailer fire threatens building
01:58:42a Pulling up Roots
01:58:46a 55 New Jobs Created By Move into US Market
01:58:51a A Farm Worth Preserving?
01:58:55a Spa Report ; Baros Maldives
01:59:00a Tainted Fish Withdrawn From Sale
01:59:04a State Forest Preserve Opening Near Gold Head
01:59:09a Letter Critical Role
01:59:13a Councils Splash Out
01:59:17a Pakistan opposition sees early good news
01:59:22a Satellite-shootdown try to come Thursday
01:59:26a Dems in close battle; McCain wants KO
01:59:30a Prehistoric frog was size of a bowling ball
01:59:34a Pitcher Pettitte apologizes for HGH use
01:59:39a Atlantis leaves European touch at space station
01:59:43a Aussie on Timor attack charges bailed
01:59:48a Pak ruling party concedes Opposition 'doing well'
01:59:52a 'Engine problems didn't cause BA crash landing at Heathrow'
01:59:56a Clinton hopes to stem Obama surge in Wisconsin
02:00:01a Road collapse family 'tried to be saved'
02:00:05a Coober Pedy to get solar power station
02:00:10a Orkopoulos pleads guilty to porn, drug charges
02:00:15a Bus and driver go missing in NT outback
02:00:19a My brother killed our parents Gilham
02:00:24a Gawler Ranges blaze weather hopes
02:00:29a Amber Alert Senate Bill Passes
02:00:33a Church goers in Basin City are given a challenge
02:00:38a Opt-out of Pre-Approved Credit Cards
02:00:42a Beef Recall has mixed effects Locally
02:00:47a 'Rifle imports from Bulgaria not up to mark'
02:00:51a Rock debacle will reverberate for years
02:00:56a Text of Pettitte's opening statement Monday at spring training
02:01:00a Hospital patient claims she was raped by another patient
02:01:04a Brooksville man arrested after fatal hit and run pedestrian accident
02:01:09a Former Jail Inmate Sues Over Deputy's Use Of Force
02:01:13a Elvis Impersonator Acknowledged Fraud, Police Say
02:01:18a Former NFL Player Held On Felony Battery Charge
02:01:58a Shaving bald for a cure
02:02:25a Serbia recalls envoys from nations recognizing Kosovo independence
02:02:30a Japan's warship collides with fishing boat, 2 missing
02:02:34a If snow comes, can spring be far behind?
02:02:38a FDI doubles despite tax concerns
02:02:43a Emma Watson responds to Borrell rumours
02:02:47a Merger of ministries means better efficiency
02:02:51a Biel, Johnson to voice 'Planet 51'
02:02:56a FBI arrests 10 gang members in L.A.
02:03:00a U.S. in vicious circle of deep financial crisis
02:03:05a 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin's son, 4, proud of 1st snake bite
02:03:09a Vaginal gel, safe, but fails to stop HIV infection
02:03:14a Solar-energy-powered flowers displayed at EU headquarters
02:03:18a Local schools mourn the loss of three teens
02:03:22a Collection of First Lady dolls on display in San Marcos
02:03:27a Cedar Park teen dies in car wreck
02:03:32a Obama sets up shop in Williamson County
02:03:36a East Austin woman traps feral hog in backyard
02:03:49a Oregon moose herd thriving in winter
02:03:53a Serbia Increases Anti-Kosovo Pressure
02:03:58a Bush to Pay Tribute to Rwandan Genocide Victims states
02:04:02a Rivals won't let Tempur-Pedic rest
02:04:07a Protecting yourself from the wireless parent trap
02:04:11a Toy Fair Notebook Industry moves closer to new safety rules
02:04:16a Don't let sympathy sway you, murder jury told
02:04:20a Brother guilty of killing his two sisters in blaze
02:04:24a 'Illegal dentist' in court
02:04:29a Woman stabbed 30 times, jury is told
02:04:33a Learning from Piper Alpha
02:04:38a Four on munitions charges
02:04:42a Brother will not lose bail
02:04:46a 6.3m for victim of car accident
02:04:51a Driver charged with drug rapes
02:04:55a RAF man jailed for bogus certificates
02:04:59a Police hunt sex attacker
02:05:04a Bash street kids
02:05:08a Proby probe
02:05:12a Murder charge
02:05:16a Dune restoration delayed a day
02:05:21a Thousands Flee After Darfur Offensive
02:05:25a EU To Renegotiate Mauritania Fish Deal, Spend Less
02:05:30a No mean feet Eagle's dogs get some relief
02:05:34a Charges recommended in school drug case
02:05:39a Second Annual Elan Awards Announced
02:05:43a JFK Documents Found Years After Assassination
02:05:47a Amtrak To Unveil New Security Including Random Bag Screening
02:05:52a CNN Prehistoric Frog Was Size Of A Bowling Ball
02:05:56a NIU father 'She's a tough kid'
02:06:00a Big cats at San Fran Zoo get renovated pens
02:06:05a KBDB News Flash!
02:06:09a Cruise to Cash VS Little Guy Network.. Why I Chose This One
02:06:13a World lines up to recognize independence of Kosovo
02:06:17a PM Erdoğan congratulates Thaci over the phone
02:06:22a Incessant snowfall
02:06:26a The butterfly in Bangkok
02:06:30a Counting begins
02:06:34a Talat Papadopoulos
02:06:39a Academics want Gül's involvement in Kurdish issue
02:06:43a Kosovo takes
02:06:48a Headscarved women want freedom for all
02:06:52a According to Merkel, Erdoğan's ‘assimilation remark
02:06:57a Bush offers more help to fight malaria in Africa
02:07:01a Turkey reasserts weight in Balkans
02:07:06a University students already settled on headscarf freedom
02:07:10a ‘Doctors for fraternity ask local colleagues
02:07:15a OPINION The EU's Kosovo catalyst
02:07:19a Aging guest workers are fresh problem for Germany
02:07:23a Surgeon says ‘sorry for
02:07:28a Armenian election focuses on economy, Nagorno-Karabakh
02:07:32a Military cooperation makes for permanent relations
02:07:37a Katherine Clerides We need resolution; otherwise KKTC gets recognition
02:07:41a Clinton pitches
02:07:45a EU's revised document on Turkey highlights urgency in rights
02:07:49a Changing perceptions of security during the globalization process
02:07:54a Taskforce to tackle fertilizer bomb prevention
02:07:58a AK Party to list proscribed apparel in YÖK Law
02:08:02a Likely Russian leader lifts lid
02:08:07a Turkey should get ready for post-Kyoto period, deputy warns
02:08:11a DTP chairman Ayna calls attack on flag ‘provocative act
02:08:15a Rice intensifies pressure on Kenya rivals
02:08:20a Turkey assumes chair of disarmament conference
02:08:24a Suicide bomber kills at least 35
02:08:28a Israel deploys
02:08:32a Berlusconi denies
02:08:37a Paisley's son resigns from N. Ireland administration
02:08:41a Al Fayed presents
02:08:46a Man Says Secret Service Moved Clinton's Elbow From His Face
02:09:06a Chinese Olympic critic to stand trial for subversion
02:09:10a Sick cattle footage prompts recall of US beef
02:09:14a Pervez appeal 'in open court'
02:09:19a Shadow of Benazir hangs over Rawalpindi as elections commence
02:09:23a Dubya does Tanzania, 18.02.08
02:09:28a Sharif's tiger gives Musharraf a mauling as Pakistanis reject unpopular president
02:09:32a PI Offers 5,000 To Prove Bridgend Suicides Linked
02:09:36a Lindsay Lohan recreates nude Marilyn Monroe photo shoot
02:09:41a Who killed JFK new papers suggest dialogue between Ruby and Oswald
02:09:45a Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue
02:09:50a 24 killed at illegal China mine
02:09:54a Strike by Ethinic Minorities Shuts Down Nepal's Capital
02:09:59a Obama Journal Candidate Wins Support in the East. No, Farther East.
02:10:03a U.S. and EU powers recognize Kosovo as some fear precedent
02:10:08a Guyana's security forces search jungle for men who killed 12
02:10:52a TMZ Catches Sharon Stone Befuddled by Car Keys Conundrum
02:10:56a Obama Supporter on Clinton Encounter Secret Service Took His Elbow Out of My Face
02:11:00a What Might Happen If NWA And Delta Merge
02:11:05a Minn. Lawmaker Apologizes For Domestic Assault
02:11:09a Family, Friends Remember Boy Beaten To Death
02:11:13a U.S. Tackles AIDS In Africa
02:11:18a Video Forces Beef Recall
02:11:22a U.S., European powers endorse Kosovo independence
02:11:26a Rains Bring Flooding Fears In Taunton
02:11:31a S.W.A.T. Team Called In To Thwart N.J. Fireworks
02:11:35a Teammates Prank Pitcher In Philidelphia
02:11:39a Political Leaders Urge NWA To Keep Promises To MN
02:11:43a Man Turns Personal Struggles Into Hope For Others
02:11:48a Victims' Family React To Shooter's Arrest
02:11:52a Thornton Shooter Turns Himself In To Police
02:12:00a Monday Evening Forecast Clear, Mild
02:12:04a Dr. Dave Hnida Explains If Our Beef Supply Is Safe
02:12:08a DIA To Test Out Color-Coded Security Lanes
02:12:13a Colorado School Beef Part Of Recall
02:12:17a Muere Germ n Chupina Barahona
02:12:21a Militar cuestionado a cargo de la FAG
02:12:25a iMetaverse
02:12:29a World's most complete recorded music collection on eBay
02:12:33a Wired science features Chris Anderson's DIY UAVs
02:12:38a David Swensen vs. Jim Cramer
02:12:42a Ex-Apple Team Prepares To Launch Stealth Startup
02:12:47a 80s Hair defeats communism
02:12:51a WikiLeaks, Censorship and the Watchdog Web
02:12:55a Cyclone pummels island
02:13:00a Mozambique reconnects Zimbabwe power supply
02:13:04a Banks 'quietly' borrow 50 billion from Fed report
02:13:08a Brother blamed for 1993 double murder
02:13:13a Lincoln's wartime cottage reopened
02:13:17a Google Drops Blogger Exposing U.N. Corruption
02:13:21a 'Mafia boss' arrested in Italy
02:13:26a Finance guidance for new mothers
02:13:30a RBA considered 0.5pc rates hike
02:13:35a Amtrak to beef up security
02:13:39a China's U.N. envoy speaks out against Kosovo move
02:13:44a Exmouth placed on red alert
02:13:48a Rudd should pay for own childcare Abbott
02:13:53a Young Australians to host own 2020 summit
02:13:57a Dozens Killed in Explosion at Illegal China Mine
02:14:02a Wildcat population to be surveyed
02:14:07a Dems battle for Wisconsin, Hawaii, McCain wants knockout
02:14:11a Bainimarama takes over chiefs' council
02:14:16a Amtrak Toughens Train Security, Adds Random Checks
02:14:20a Public servant pay cut 'will cause recruiting difficulties'
02:14:24a Swan's inexperience frightening Oppn
02:14:29a Pilot escapes Sydney ultralight crash
02:14:33a 'Pirates' stealing weather bureau equipment
02:14:38a UN Council Mulls Kosovo's Future
02:14:42a Merchandise imports rose 6.0% in January
02:14:46a Fosters says earnings outlook solid
02:14:51a Emergency planners prepare for pandemic
02:14:55a Kalispell Regional Prepares for the Next Pandemic
02:14:59a Breathing Dirty Air May Lower Kids' IQ
02:15:04a UK Red Cross Braces For Disasters At Home
02:15:08a Obesity 'requires climate plan'
02:15:13a What's happening to our climate?
02:15:18a Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
02:15:22a Cold snap stops green bus service
02:15:26a Government 'set to increase' landfill levies again
02:15:31a Power plant u-turn over waste ash
02:15:36a Books of The Times Unshakable Optimist of the House of Bhutto
02:15:40a British Iraq Dossier Surfaces, Without Crucial Weapons Claim
02:15:45a Gandhi Maidan cleared of illegal structures
02:15:49a Of bonus issues after maiden floats
02:15:53a Why only me, asks rapist father; sent to 10 yrs jail
02:15:58a Board practices in India are evolving but still more is needed
02:16:02a Equity turmoil may hurt life insurer valuations
02:16:06a Dredging Corp in venture with Belgian company
02:16:10a Four arrested in Worli murder case
02:16:15a Terror was only in Nashik city; district unruffled
02:16:19a PLR cut, banks pine for credit takeoff
02:16:24a Reliance may kickstart D6 production by Aug
02:16:28a Stem cell banking catches rural imagination
02:16:32a Now a guardian will protect your laptop
02:16:36a No soft budget please, we aren't ready for it yet
02:16:41a Advanced Enzyme seeks buyouts, JVs
02:16:45a Everest Kanto buys US company
02:16:49a Dubai set to fix liquidity hiccups in rupee futures
02:16:54a United Phosphorus acquires Evofarms
02:16:58a Swiss bank UBS finally gets a retail licence
02:17:02a Arcil to buy more of bad home loans
02:17:06a Time the govt cleared the air on taxation of fringe benefits
02:17:11a Lord of Vermillion Screens
02:17:15a SKorean shares outlook Higher on further bargain-hunting
02:17:20a Ambac Hopes Capital Infusion Will Save Rating
02:17:24a Auction-Rate Turmoil Spreads
02:17:28a Pension Agency to Diversify Its Portfolio
02:17:45a A place to remember The legacy of an officer 827 PM
02:18:04a ELP Withdraws Support for Chris 'Dirt' McIntosh
02:18:08a March of Sex Workers against Repression in Guadalajara, Mexico
02:18:37a The End of Big Oil
02:18:52a Delta-Northwest Deal Looks Near
02:18:56a GE Probe Brings Accounting Shift
02:19:00a Motorola, RIM Exchange Suits
02:19:05a KENYA Maina Kiai under the eye of the NSIS
02:19:09a KENYA Louis Michel reprimands Mwai Kibaki privately in Kenya
02:19:13a US wants Kenya crisis solution
02:19:18a To the world, Kenya is now in the league of war-torn states
02:19:22a Zimbabwe Kenya Firm Plans Local Gamble
02:19:26a Kenya breathes out
02:19:30a Rice warns Kenya on US relations
02:19:35a Broadcast charter not restrictive, claims Egypt
02:19:39a Egypt demands inflation action
02:19:43a MATT HELMS Potholes appearing early, and repair funds are flat
02:19:47a Over Preached and Under Practiced
02:19:55a Your Steak — Medium, Rare or Cloned?
02:20:02a A Year of Gloom & Doom for Automakers?
02:20:12a JPMorgan earmarks 750 million for Asia private equity
02:20:34a King to stay at Bank of England
02:20:42a Serbia recalls its US ambassador as Bush hails Kosovo independence
02:20:46a Why are so many countries opposed to Kosovo gaining its independence
02:20:51a Spain cuffs Wi-Fi leeching lottery scammers
02:20:55a Time to deliver, says Ra l
02:21:00a Marseille short-staffed for Spartak tie
02:21:04a France becomes first EU nation to recognize Kosovo
02:21:09a Serbs dismiss Albanian talk of reconciliation
02:21:13a Mexes is ready to make amends
02:21:17a A supergrass, spies, and the €4bn scandal gripping Germany
02:21:22a European stocks higher as U.S. market vacations
02:21:26a RAW VIDEO Missing Man's Car Found In Federal Way
02:21:30a After Fire, Owner Finds Cat 240 Miles Away
02:21:35a VIDEO Police Looking For Man And Woman Involved In Capitol Hill Stabbing
02:21:45a Obama holding rally at Reunion Arena in Dallas
02:21:49a Local program helps businesses impacted by Hwy. 40 shutdown
02:21:53a Remodeling company documents renovation of Kirkwood City Hall
02:21:58a Local NIU students eager to head back to class
02:22:02a 24 killed in explosion at illegal China mine disguised as boar farm
02:22:06a Chvez Tasks Food Producers
02:22:17a UN Council Mulls Kosovo's Future
02:22:29a Some Councilmembers want Metro Social Services chief ousted
02:22:34a Hamas hostage Israel, Hamas said making progress on Shalit's release. Comments 0
02:22:38a Israelis 30 times more likely to be wiretapped than Americans 0147
02:22:43a Senior Israeli official clashes with UN envoy
02:22:47a Palestinians Jerusalem Still High on Agenda
02:22:52a Hezbollah Will Destroy Israel Iran
02:22:56a ForeignPolicy The Gaza Ghetto U.S.-Backed Humanitarian Crisis Deepens
02:23:01a Opposition parties pressure Shas to topple coalition
02:23:05a Hezbollah 'will destroy Israel'
02:23:09a If Kosovo Can Be Free, Why Not Palestine?
02:23:13a Mossad Admits to Killing Hezbollah Chief
02:23:18a Israel concerned over impending UNIFIL breakdown in Lebanon
02:23:22a Earrings on Israel Front Lines
02:23:26a China editor quits over faked photo
02:23:30a Bainimarama promotes himself to head of chiefs
02:23:35a Plot to behead soldier 'like a pig'
02:23:40a Car bomb kills 37 civilians at Afghan market
02:23:44a Frog fossil in Madagascar big as bowling ball
02:23:48a Deputy In Wheelchair Case Resigns
02:23:52a Gecko inspires adhesive bandage for humans
02:23:57a Truck Fire at Jackson's Sports Bar in Yakima
02:24:01a Girl Dies After being Pulled from Creek
02:24:05a Equipment Thefts at Pocono Ski Resorts
02:24:10a EQ 4.8 Jayapura, Irian Jaya, Indonesia PRELIMINARY REPORT
02:24:18a Humane Society Abuse Part Of Chino Slaughterhouse's Culture
02:24:23a State Budget Problems May Worsen
02:24:27a Oakdale Dominatrix Key In Ward Case
02:24:31a Senate approves mining freeze on Maury Island, rejects tax relief bill
02:25:03a Four injured in Texas refinery blast
02:25:13a Discover the Possibilities of the /proc Folder
02:25:27a Washington McCain faces balancing act over Bush
02:25:32a Lincoln Cottage reopens after restoration
02:25:36a George H.W. Bush backs McCain
02:25:41a Pakistani vote flawed if Musharraf''s party wins US Senator
02:25:45a Former US president Bush endorses McCain
02:25:49a Text of a Letter from the President to the President of Kosovo
02:25:54a McCain's dilemma on Bush role
02:25:58a Obama courts Edwards' endorsement
02:26:03a Sharon Stone laments US policies on Iraq, Afghanistan; talks of pain over Iraqi deaths
02:26:07a Congress on Steroids
02:26:11a Video A misstep for Obama?
02:26:16a UPDATE 2-Clinton issues new blueprint on U.S. economy
02:26:20a 'Obamacans' could be key to Obama victory
02:26:25a Albright predicts trying times for next US president
02:26:29a Closer to home, easier to manage Locally grown food could solve recall problem
02:26:33a Seattle not satisfied with Sonics' buyout offer
02:26:38a Mexican Financial Association Sees Slower Loan Growth In '08
02:26:42a Que. town's mayor tells snow critics to take a hike to Mexico
02:26:47a Mexico Retail Assoc Antad January Same-Store Sales Up 0.8%
02:26:51a Huckabee's Texas supporters organize grassroots effort
02:26:55a Frost warms to Middle East
02:27:00a Mauresmo reaches second round in Qatar
02:27:04a Kuwait deplores 'terror' eulogy
02:27:08a Wisconsin, Hawaii to Hold Primary Contests states
02:27:14a Banks 'quietly' borrow 50 billion from Fed report
02:28:37a Graduates 'sms' in job l3tt3rs
02:28:42a New Airport Terminal an Investment in Future
02:28:46a Suspicious fire at Napier home
02:28:50a Billionaire Labour donor could become consul
02:28:55a Minister welcomes latest stats on school staffing
02:28:59a Hoch scores back-to-back Champions wins
02:29:03a New kids website to push play and eat well message
02:29:08a New Start with a Smack of Direct Democracy
02:29:16a Abortion Statistics New Zealand
02:29:20a Questions For Oral Answer Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008
02:29:25a Church challenges married members Have sex every day
02:29:29a World’s Most Famous Liner Makes Final Visit to NZ
02:29:33a the New Fiat 500 Abarth Arrives!
02:29:38a Council makes marked progress against graffiti
02:29:42a Teachers should have to prove themselves report
02:29:46a Art festival enjoys a mostly dry Monday
02:29:51a European authority to review A1/A2 milk science
02:29:55a Green MP to speak at S59 book launch tonight
02:29:59a NZers drive increase in international travel
02:30:04a CDL Investments NZ Posts Record Profit for 2007
02:30:08a Patients take back seat to media management
02:30:12a Top Sites January 2008 Men Aged 25-34
02:30:16a Water saving plan launched
02:30:21a Student burns in 'O Week' prank
02:30:25a Filming of Knox book begins with Keisha
02:30:29a Man drowned in Northland named
02:30:34a What We See
02:30:38a Strategies to Avoid Paying Obamas tax increases
02:30:43a Massive Police Raid in Suburban Paris Projects Nets 33 Rioters
02:31:03a Name that flavor Make your own Ben and Jerrys Obama ice cream
02:31:08a How George Washington Invented Cocaine Presidents Day
02:31:13a Samuel Golubchuk euthanasia update
02:31:17a With my deepest apologies to Abraham Lincoln....
02:31:21a Senior police deny Ashby claims
02:31:25a Victoria Police defend officer numbers
02:31:30a Faults halt Craigieburn line trains
02:31:34a AFL battles for hearts in NRL heartland
02:31:38a AFL not ready for 18 clubs
02:31:42a Police need six to subdue ex-boxer
02:31:47a Slater backs Storm's depth
02:31:55a China 'gravely concerned' over Kosovo proclamation of independence
02:32:00a President Hu Jintao urges reform, innovation in Party building
02:32:04a Improvement of energy structure urged
02:32:09a Canada eyes at least 2 medals at FINA diving World Cup in Beijing
02:32:23a Privacy of national registers questioned
02:32:27a Trust whistleblower resigns
02:32:31a Investigators complete crash scene examination
02:32:36a Teacher defends himself against sex allegations
02:32:40a Replace emergency beacons Rescue authorities
02:32:45a Judge unable to jail trio who faked armed robbery
02:32:49a Govt launches children's website to tackle obesity
02:32:54a Registrar's remand for man on cheque fraud charges
02:32:58a More arrested on firearm offences in eastern BoP
02:33:02a American Commercial Lines names new CEO
02:33:07a Are we safe on campus
02:33:11a Satellite shoot-down try Thursday
02:33:15a Bank of Canada didn't consider ABCP bailout-Carney
02:33:20a Bank of Canada not worried about a c/a deficit
02:33:24a UPDATE 1-Bank of Canada's Carney confirms rate cuts to come
02:33:29a UAE premier in Iran to push trade relations
02:33:33a Iran, Ukraine eager to boost economic ties
02:33:38a Iraq's new Justice law will not help us, say Baathists
02:33:42a Pharmacy groups asking for third class of medications
02:33:47a Houston trash bins targeted by thieves
02:33:51a New York jail menus focus on health
02:33:56a Man uses GPS to chase down stolen truck
02:34:00a Vagina in school paper sparks uproar
02:34:04a Church poses sexy challenge
02:34:09a BRIEF Fire Safety at Home Urged at Program
02:34:13a Villagers Stage 'Save Our Shoreline' Protest ; BRITAIN
02:34:18a Developer Lake Norman Project on Track
02:34:22a Riverhead Seeks 2nd Opinion on Endangered Owls
02:34:27a In Brief Eco-Desert Warning
02:34:31a UK Save Our Shoreline Protest in Suffolk
02:34:36a Ask the Plant Pest Professor
02:34:40a Flex Offices Open at Ayrsley
02:34:45a Police Plano student threatened classmate
02:34:49a L.A. Cites Paris Over 17 Pups
02:34:54a SocGen seeks alliance with French post office
02:34:58a Economy minister admits she is 'seduced' by idea of French SWF
02:35:02a World Divides As Self-interest Shapes Kosovo Reaction
02:35:07a India ready to join elite N-strike club
02:35:11a Latest Kalashnikovs to be made in India
02:35:15a Sonia flays CPM-led state governments
02:35:20a Swimming pool in Dhoni's home to get HC nod
02:35:24a MPs get dos & don'ts memo
02:35:28a 'HCs can rule against public bodies only in rare cases'
02:35:32a Amazing story of empowering rural India
02:35:37a GM Cotton Acreage To Touch 80 Percent In India
02:35:41a Udaipur airport readied in time for Praful's daughter's wedding
02:35:45a CBI to interrogate more persons in kidney scam
02:35:50a BJP seeks Karnataka poll schedule
02:35:54a Allied Banking 2018 peso notes to be rated 'Ba3' - Moody's
02:35:58a Chief Justice nixes offer to head 'moral revolution' council
02:36:03a Pro-Musharraf party admits 'big gain' for opposition
02:36:08a Brazil basks in violent film's triumph at Berlin fest
02:36:12a Arroyo slay plot 'an old tune,' says rebel spokesman
02:36:16a Alleged body of Bali bomber exhumed in Tawi-Tawi
02:36:21a Asian banks, steel in focus with no US leads
02:36:26a Shares seen lower on escalating political concerns
02:36:31a Chinese military train for Olympic terror
02:36:44a Analysis Terrorist use of the Internet
02:36:48a Haedo repeats 2006 victory in first stage of Tour of California
02:36:52a TRAFFIC ALERT Rollover closes part of Highway 12
02:36:57a Missoula flood outlook discussed
02:37:01a Prosecutors want extra time to ask for the death penalty
02:37:06a Senate panel votes to replace naturopath board, narrow rules
02:37:10a Merck's Net Jumps on Sale of Unit
02:37:16a Chavit more credible than Lozada
02:37:36a How Sweet It Is Twins Unveil New Ballpark Suites
02:37:41a Como's Newborn Orangutan Gets New Name
02:37:45a Signs Point To Lynx Kittens In The High Country
02:37:50a New Mexico Kitty Travels To Colorado
02:37:54a Amgen Tour Heading To Sacramento
02:37:58a WEB EXTRA CBS 3 Introduces Doug Kammerer
02:38:02a Greeley Love Triangle Trial To Start Tuesday
02:38:07a Officials Juvenile Arrest Warrants On The Rise
02:38:11a Musharraf-Backed Party Faces Crushing Defeat
02:38:16a Iran forces fully prepared
02:38:20a Persian carpet reigns supreme
02:38:24a Zipoli inspired by Iranian beauties
02:38:29a Iran's cultural week hailed in Algeria
02:38:33a New films under production in Iran
02:38:38a Selected Sadi's poems available soon
02:38:42a Iranian Music group'Sol' album honors Mozart
02:38:46a Tehran Vahdat to stage 'Symphony of Vigilance'
02:38:51a US eyes Iran Pres. Ahmadinejad's Iraq visit
02:38:55a Iranian referee at confab in Canary Islands
02:39:00a Winners of Fajr Theater Festival named
02:39:04a Iran's Majlis approves rls30 trln for fuel imports
02:39:08a Iran to share N-technology with Muslim states
02:39:12a Iran resumes Gohar Tappeh excavations
02:39:17a Iranian Madanchi, best UAE foreign player
02:39:21a Oil bourse opens in Iran's Kish Island
02:39:25a Iran will host west Asian Women's Football Event
02:39:30a Iranian musician revives silk strings
02:39:34a Religious edict authorises crocodile meat consumption
02:39:38a Clemente rejects Iranian national team coaching job Summary
02:39:42a Iran ups its oil imports
02:39:47a San Francisco Zoo Unveils New Tiger Exhibit
02:39:51a A McCain cabinet could bear shades of Teddy Roosevelt
02:39:55a New security measures for Amtrak
02:40:00a Private colleges' crime records going public
02:40:04a UPDATE 1-Clinton issues new blueprint on U.S. economy
02:40:08a WRAPUP 1-Obama, Clinton trade charges in speech flap
02:40:13a Attendance at Clinton House Museum in Arkansas...
02:40:18a New Bedford woman killed after driving the wrong way on Route 18
02:40:23a JP Morgan expands Asian private equity with 750 mln
02:40:27a Vacation Villa Against Hotel A Smart Vacation in Florida!
02:40:32a Teen Selflessly helps a pilot out of plane wreck
02:40:36a Study Reveals That Beautiful People Love Beautiful People
02:40:40a Brain Game. How to Become a Psychic
02:40:45a America's Drunkest Presidents
02:40:49a Robbery Suspect Remains in Critical Condition
02:40:54a Brainstorm Project Back on Council Agenda
02:40:58a Violence at DR Congo camp
02:41:02a Pedestrian killed in hit and run in Henrico
02:41:07a Expanding ABC store hours; bill would let some stores open on Sunday
02:41:11a Deadly explosion, homes evacuated in Chesterfield
02:41:15a Ethanol plant plans for Hopewell move forward
02:41:20a Burn ban in effect for Virginia
02:41:24a House approves 1.25 million to fight online sex predators
02:41:29a VIDEO Burr Sentenced In Fatal Neenah Accident
02:41:33a VIDEO Barack Obama Responds To Plagiarism Claim
02:41:38a VIDEO Clinton Campaigns At St. Norbert
02:41:52a Wall Street Probed Over Subprime Mess
02:42:07a The Politics of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez
02:42:12a Africa Presents Growing Challenge in U.S. Policy
02:42:16a Opposition Accuses Pakistan of Rigging Polls
02:42:21a Serbs Protest Kosovo's Declaration of Independence
02:42:25a Former Yugoslavia 101 The Balkans Breakup
02:42:29a Video of cow abuse sparks huge recall
02:42:33a Croc Hunter's son gets first snake bite
02:42:38a Stolen Swiss painting abandoned in parking lot?
02:42:42a Mauritania frees 8 after embassy attack
02:42:54a Liberian Youth in U.S. Find Threat from New Violence
02:42:59a Final Day of Campaigning in Wisconsin
02:43:03a Andy Pettitte Talks Publicly About HGH Use
02:43:07a Lincoln's Summer Cottage Reopens in D.C.
02:43:12a Democratic Candidates Have a War of Words
02:43:16a Flint O'Brien files for Chatham school board
02:43:21a Chatham Can Go Back To Watering Lawns
02:43:25a Canine bites Chatham police officer’s arm
02:43:29a Nominations close in Qld local elections
02:43:34a Healthy food 'costly' for rural poor
02:43:38a I hate playing God immigration minister
02:43:42a Report of yacht in trouble
02:43:46a Govt rolls out engine immobiliser scheme
02:43:51a Sex didn't affect my judgement, former council planner says
02:43:55a JI leader believed killed in Philippines
02:44:04a 'Goddess' girl takes her first steps
02:44:08a Human butcher suspect 'babbles about biscuits'
02:44:13a Ron Paul Stands Out in Republican Crowd
02:44:17a Excerpts from Clinton, Obama on Campaign Trail
02:44:22a Private River Power Draws Diverse Foes
02:44:26a Fidel Don't Surf
02:44:31a Evi Quaid Denies Equity Allegations
02:44:35a Robert Osborne To Greet Celebs At Oscars
02:44:40a Lawyer Spears' Rights Being Violated
02:44:44a 26 Rescued, 2 Missing After Ship Sinks
02:44:48a Japanese Destroyer Rams Fishing Boat
02:44:53a HBO To Air Adams Mini-Series Next Month
02:44:57a Explosion at Illegal Chinese Mine Kills 24
02:45:01a Having fat transferred to your face
02:45:06a Austin, first APD search & rescue dog, passes away
02:45:10a Banks 'quietly' borrow 50 billion from Fed report
02:45:14a Musharraf allies face defeat in Pakistan vote
02:45:19a Belgrade pulls ambassadors as nations recognise Kosovo
02:45:23a Chávez Tasks Food Producers
02:45:27a Bush Malaria Battle Has Broad Africa Aim
02:45:32a Mugabe May Be Losing Grip on Power
02:45:36a Al Fayed rants at royals over Di's death
02:45:40a Asian Markets Open Higher, Tracking Europe
02:45:45a Aussie woman on Timor attack charges bailed
02:45:49a Urgent recall of Icy Hot products issued
02:45:53a Digital frame virus traced to China
02:46:07a Defense lawyer violated bail order
02:46:53a Serbia Appeals to UN to Reject Kosovo Independence
02:47:03a Britain says Kosovo recognition would close Yugoslavia chapter
02:47:07a Make It Stop
02:47:12a Serbia calls for calm protests, cuts diplomatic ties
02:47:16a Kosovo's independence divides world; Serbia cuts ties
02:47:20a Tadic vows never to give up Kosovo, warns consequences
02:47:25a SPAIN/ITALY Adara acquires transport solutions company Logos
02:47:29a Italian police arrest reputed top mob boss
02:47:33a Fourth Italian slapped with ban for betting
02:47:38a Ban Ki-moon urges restraint by all sides after Kosovo declares independence
02:47:43a Toyota Holds Prices Despite Costs
02:47:50a Convicts threatened my kids ex-guard
02:47:55a Kosovo a touchy issue for Canada
02:47:59a Quebec needs its own 'Family Day'
02:48:04a Activists mobilized to save Meadowbrook
02:48:19a State lawmakers clash in partisan verbal spat
02:48:24a Warning Issued To Toy Industry 18 Feb 2008 211602 GMT
02:48:29a Most Arkansas Schools Not Affected By Meat Recall 18 Feb 2008 193041 GMT
02:48:33a Today's Living On Today's THV At 5 Mommy Meditation 18 Feb 2008 185431 GMT
02:48:52a The right to fear
02:48:56a The headscarf
02:49:01a Independent Kosovo good and bad for Turkey
02:49:05a Controlled independence
02:49:09a The AK Party-liberals relationship questioned
02:49:14a Huge explosion shattersTexas oil refinery
02:49:20a CTV journalist in Afghanistan held without charge by U.S., group says
02:49:30a Virtue Commission Defends Arrest of Businesswoman
02:49:34a More Bakeries Shut as Flour Crisis Persists
02:49:38a Kingdom's First Official Film Contest Set for May
02:49:43a Hofuf Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Seamstress
02:49:47a Italy to Help Establish Biomedical Institute
02:49:52a Expat Kills Himself by Setting House on Fire
02:49:56a Al-Dakhil Appointed SRMG's CEO
02:50:01a Saudi, Norway Back Carbon Capture For CDM Paper
02:50:05a Convention of the Week Texas Speech- Language-Hearing Association
02:50:09a luxury trucks still in demand, especially here
02:50:14a Explosion at West Texas oil refinery injures several workers
02:50:18a Cattle numbers down for this year
02:50:22a Beef recall sparks worries of backlash
02:50:27a Devices doing little to slow drivers, may endanger cyclists
02:50:32a Local School Districts Stored Tainted Meat
02:50:36a Russian sailor battles 'monstrous seas'
02:50:40a Pooper Scooper Company Makes Clean-up House Calls
02:50:45a Banks 'quietly' borrow 50 billion from Fed report
02:50:49a Faulty appliance may have caused restaurant blast
02:50:54a Plane crashes at Sydney beach
02:50:58a Orkopoulos admits to child porn
02:51:02a Jack, Harding escape with reprimands
02:51:06a Father still looking for Jesus
02:51:11a Govt blamed for NSW grain transport crisis
02:51:15a Mariners confident of grand final win
02:51:19a Heroin use on the rise in Newcastle
02:51:24a Democrats Make Populist Appeals Before Contests
02:51:31a Democrats? War Over ?Words?
02:51:36a Open Caucus View From Ohio
02:51:40a Billy Graham may be released from hospital soon
02:51:50a How to Maintain a Good Credit Score
02:52:33a Israel blocking Gaza kids from joining parents in Ramallah
02:52:38a German intellectuals `Blind support of Israel` bad for Palestinians
02:52:42a Juggle a few of these numbers, and it makes economic sense to kill people
02:52:46a The Troubles won't be over until these killings stop
02:52:51a Labour's election hopes rely on things they don't control
02:52:55a Another Blast Kills 37 in Afghanistan
02:52:59a Major EU States and US Recognize Kosovo
02:53:04a If Kosovo Can Be Free, Why Not Palestine
02:53:08a Fundamental Shift in Power From West to East
02:53:13a Pakistan's Struggle for Democracy
02:53:17a Rules of the Game By Konstantin Sonin
02:53:21a The accent on youth
02:53:26a Nancy Reagan hospitalized after fall, could be released tomorrow
02:53:30a Andy Pettitte apologizes for using HGH
02:53:34a Rain, melting snow may cause flooding in N.S.
02:53:38a Trial set for man accused of killing prostitutes
02:53:43a RCMP say an autopsy is being performed on the body Manjeet Nanda
02:53:47a OHL Spitfires captain, 19, dies after collapsing
02:53:51a Panel could subpoena Mulroney for more testimony
02:53:56a U.K. nationalizing Northern Rock amid critici...
02:54:00a Girl, 8, rescued after falling down Cayuga well
02:54:04a Kidnapped student kept duct-taped in closet, Vancouver court hears
02:54:09a 'Frontline' looks at the Haditha incident
02:54:13a Chinese supplier of drug linked to deaths wasn't licensed
02:54:18a Judge orders psych eval for alleged NYC therapist killer
02:54:22a Obama may be in Corpus Christi on Friday
02:54:26a Join JFP Editor for Congressional Debate Live on, 7 p.m.
02:54:31a MFA Slams 'Circle of Violence' Comment
02:54:35a Verizon's HDTV Pitch Is Fuzzy
02:54:39a FBI screwed up, spied on entire email network
02:54:44a Chinese hacker steals user information on 18 MILLION online shoppers at
02:54:48a Eavesdrop on private web chats
02:54:53a Harvard Web site hacked, database leaked onto Pirate Bay
02:54:57a Ukrainian hacker may get to keep profits
02:55:02a iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 and SDK Nearly Ready
02:55:06a Hackers use Telstra to gain banking information
02:55:10a Next-gen Intel notebook chips to exceed 3.0GHz
02:55:15a Store Offers Unique Incentive To Lose Weight
02:55:19a Day off provides history lesson for kids at Obama rally
02:55:24a Thieves Targeting Orlando Businesses For Flat Screen TVs
02:55:33a Red carpet goes green as Oscars stars opt for eco-limos
02:55:38a Fostering Innovation and Collaboration, Microsoft and Alpine Enter Into Broad Patent Licensing Agreement
02:55:47a Aussie 'Losers' lazier than US
02:55:51a Bulldogs 'want Wayne Bennett'
02:56:22a Texas-sized matchup pits Aggies against Longhorns
02:57:28a UN Human Rights Council Unravelling the tissue
02:57:45a Trial begins in police officer shooting case 814 PM
02:58:12a Fort Worth man killed by 2 vehicles that hit him
02:58:19a Commentator, coaches not afraid to air their displeasure
02:58:24a Mavs, Nets find a way to get Kidd to Dallas
02:58:28a Former Dolphins MLB Thomas meets with Patriots
02:58:32a No throwing for Sanchez
02:58:37a Middle-class eroding in Silicon Valley
02:58:41a Fish, Snake, Hip-Hop
02:58:45a Cabcharge posts 17th profit growth
02:58:55a Many Women Stay Away From the Polls in an Uneasy Pakistani City
02:58:59a China Expresses Concern Over U.S. Plan to Shoot Down a Faulty Spy Satellite
02:59:04a Activision trademarks 'DJ Hero'
02:59:22a 200m hotel plan 'will spoil capital's historic skyline'
02:59:26a 'Human pelican' fails to avoid drink-drive charge
02:59:30a Mary's execution warrant saved for nation
02:59:35a More police put on night patrol
02:59:39a Two injured in police van crash
02:59:43a Sex attacker brought to justice
02:59:48a 4. Malaysian lawyer barred from entering Fiji
02:59:52a 6. Search for Sharlinie halted
03:00:14a French Settlement Hopes 'Cyber Shame' Gets People to Pay Fines
03:00:19a Staff Sgt. Michael Gabel Honored at Wedgewood Elementary
03:00:23a Well-Known Anti-Death Penalty Advocate Criticizes Prosecutors
03:00:27a Family Says 10-Year-Old Boy was Shot by His Cousin
03:00:32a Foster's reports 28 percent drop in half-year profit, to US363 million
03:00:36a Mexico's Telmex cuts 750 jobs amid corporate restructuring
03:00:41a Venezuela's biggest food producer blames shortages on price controls
03:00:53a Musharraf allies face major defeat
03:01:52a Prostate Cancer Treatment Can Be Risky
03:01:57a Glucosamine No Help for Hip Arthritis?
03:02:01a Beef Recall FAQ
03:02:06a FDA Probes Blood Thinner Drug in China
03:02:11a Militant leader believed killed in Philippines military
03:02:15a Australian PM's popularity at record high after apology poll
03:02:32a Have You Ever Been in Psychotherapy, Doctor?
03:02:37a Cor
03:03:27a 20 Delegates at Stake in Hawaii Contest
03:03:48a Plan Now for Flowering Tree Sale
03:03:57a Philippine troops exhume body of suspected JI militant
03:04:01a Newly-weds beaten to death on Thai beach
03:04:09a Clinton Steps Up Obama Attacks
03:04:43a Special Counsel 'to Clear Lee Over Land Ownership'
03:04:48a Int'l Journalists Group Condemns Roh's Press Policy
03:05:11a UPDATE 1-Tennis-Tipsarevic knocks out Rotterdam champion Youzhny
03:05:15a Youzhny crashes out in Rotterdam
03:05:27a Book Review New Orleans 1867
03:05:32a Book Review The Woman Who is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach
03:05:36a Book Review Dead to Me
03:05:40a Book Review Simpsonology
03:05:45a Book Review Mystery Date
03:05:49a UT students participate in 'Voterama'
03:06:05a EPA Chief Makes Political Target
03:06:10a Weapons Debate Puts China in Focus
03:06:14a Opposition Parties Gaining Strength in Pakistan Elections
03:07:02a Senate passes bill to change Electoral College process
03:07:07a Seattle coalition delivering new homes to flood victims
03:07:12a Senate rejects property tax relief, approves mining freeze on Maury Island
03:07:16a Just What Was Said Between Roh and Lee?
03:07:20a Former Stripper Named in Folsom Fraud Probe
03:07:27a Iconic Garden City building torn down
03:07:45a AUDIO from Medialink and Pfizer February is National Heart Month
03:08:00a Whistleblowing website vows to defy court gag
03:08:04a How many people have four kidneys?
03:08:18a NZ under-19s thrash Zimbabwe
03:08:42a What Should Those Believing in Manmade Global Warming be Called?
03:08:47a Poll shows Clinton, Obama even in Democratic race in Texas
03:08:51a Matthews 'Worried' Hillary Could Get Good Headlines?
03:08:56a Iraqi medical system in deep trouble
03:09:00a Will Media Ignore Michelle Obama Remark?
03:09:04a Two ex-Iraqi health officials on trial for sectarian killings
03:09:09a Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo.
03:09:26a British soldier becomes 140th to die in Afghanistan after being killed in booby-trap blast
03:09:31a Football coach 'stabbed businesswoman to death with carving knife after date'
03:09:35a The astonishing summer mushroom that has sprung before spring
03:09:39a Suffolk Strangler judge warns jury not to sympathise for victims or their families
03:09:44a Frogzilla the killer The toad who liked to eat dinosaurs for breakfast
03:09:48a Heathrow crash mystery goes on as engine fault is ruled out
03:09:52a Minister blames pupils' bad attitude for 'unexpected patterns' in Sats trials
03:09:57a The 'conspirators' Those involved in Diana and Dodi's 'murders' according to Al Fayed
03:10:01a Imported US beef for sale in a Tokyo supermarket in 2007.
03:10:06a A security guard keeps watch at the entrance to the Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing company
03:10:10a China US North Korea
03:10:14a Vertical Dance
03:10:19a Xavier Rhode Island Basketball
03:10:23a People John Lithgow
03:10:28a Powell Butler
03:10:32a Dulmatin, a senior Jemaah Islamiyah militant
03:10:36a Shipwreck Sunset
03:10:40a Red Wings Avalanche Hockey
03:10:45a Syracuse Louisville Basketball
03:10:49a Aerial view of the Pentagon
03:10:53a Purdue Ohio State Basketball
03:10:57a Southwest Stakes Horse Racing
03:11:02a Guyana Violence
03:11:06a Giants Durham Baseball
03:11:10a NIU Shooting Victims
03:11:15a Peru Ecuador
03:11:19a Obit Renaud Hockey
03:11:23a Girl, father find two ancient cannons on the Oregon coast
03:11:27a Girl fights getting rougher, meaner
03:11:32a Work-from-home offers often don't work out
03:11:36a Circus accident may keep act out of Norfolk
03:11:40a Group attacked leaving Town Center restaurant
03:11:45a Adam Corolla to go 'Dancing With the Stars'
03:11:49a Advocates Urge Action on Street Races
03:11:53a New Details in Terrace Heights Shooting
03:11:58a White Pass Ski Mountain puts out fraud alert
03:12:02a Prosser Memorial Hospital asking for help with ambulance funding
03:12:44a US 2 Reopened At Stevens Pass
03:13:02a Long-hidden JFK items revealed
03:13:09a SD2 election will be by mail
03:13:56a CORRECTION Research In Motion sues Motorola over patents
03:14:00a Spherion to Present at RW Baird Business Solutions Conference
03:14:04a Spherion to Present at Credit Suisse 10th Annual Global Services Conference
03:14:59a The 'Feel Good' Revolution
03:15:03a My Kosova is Independent
03:15:07a Sawtooth
03:15:11a Campbell's Reducing Sodium In Kid Soups
03:15:51a US to try satellite shoot-down on Thursday
03:15:55a There will be blood as Oscars turn 80
03:16:00a Shares flat in early trade on continuing political concerns
03:16:51a Orkopoulos pleads guilty to two charges
03:16:55a Rudd to pay for child minder at Lodge
03:16:59a Fitzgibbon may cancel Super Hornet deal
03:17:04a Motorist questioned over road rage on cyclists
03:17:11a U.S. banks said 'quietly' borrowing 50 billion from Fed
03:17:15a Oil steady near 96 as U.S. economic worries linger
03:17:20a Spice Girls 'would love' to perform for Mandela
03:17:35a Girl dies after falling in Susquehanna County creek
03:18:06a Blast at China iron mine kills 24 report
03:18:10a French 'new novel' founder Robbe-Grillet dies
03:18:33a Honoring Joe Nuxhall For Work On Off The Field
03:18:37a Merchant Alert Watch For Bomb Making Material Buys
03:18:42a Casino Fight Crossing State Lines
03:18:46a Students Fear Budget Cuts May Bring Tuition Hike
03:19:03a NBA All-Star basketball game in New Orleans
03:19:13a IN OUR OPINION Choose your route around Gateway detour
03:19:17a FROM OUR READERS Licenses and fear tactics
03:19:46a China's inflation rate at 7.1 percent in January govt
03:20:01a Before Murder, Troubled Quest to Find Mother
03:20:15a WA Senate passes bill to change Electoral College process
03:20:25a Advocates Outsider needed for child services complaints
03:20:29a Kosovo 'precedent' looks set to have long-lasting implications
03:20:53a McCain/Zinni surge predates Bush/Petraeus see attached
03:20:58a Why The Clintons cannot overtake Obama
03:21:02a Remember Those Benchmarks?
03:21:06a Reno wows crowd
03:21:11a Book Review Ricochet Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist
03:21:15a Supporting the Troops
03:21:20a No More Great Presidents
03:21:24a The House That Reagan Built
03:21:29a 2008 Projected Presidential Electoral Votes as of 2/18/2008
03:21:33a Huckabee 'I May Be Killing My Political Career'
03:21:37a Huckabee Not Concerned With Bush 41 Endorsement of McCain
03:21:42a DUI bill dies, no doubt from embarrassment
03:21:46a Who do you think will be the next president of the United States?
03:21:50a Chinese inflation hits highest level in 11 years
03:21:55a New trove opened in Kennedy assassination
03:21:59a Midlife suicide rate rises in U.S., puzzling researchers
03:22:04a Russia's Claim Under Polar Ice Irks American
03:22:09a Fear Keeps East Timor Tent Camps Full
03:22:13a BBC Ends English Shortwave Service in Europe
03:22:18a Qatar Buying Credit Suisse Shares on Open Market
03:22:22a Campbell's To Reduce Sodium In More Soups
03:22:37a Obama Says He Likely Should Have Given Credit For Borrowed Lines
03:22:45a CORRECTION Georgetown Providence Basketball
03:22:49a Bears Muhammad Football
03:22:54a Kosovar police secure the area in front of the OSCE mission building
03:22:58a Do you have any unclaimed property??
03:23:03a Part of Highway 24 to Close Tuesday
03:23:07a Topeka City Council Issues
03:23:12a Kansas Legislature Debates Coal Plants and Statewide Smoking Ban
03:23:16a Planning Continues for Riverfront Development
03:23:21a Manhattan Police Searching for Pedestrian Hitting Driver
03:24:25a Authorities Investigate Car Dropped Through Roof
03:24:29a San Diegans React To Massive Beef Recall
03:24:34a Woman On Life Support After Pepper Spray Attack
03:24:38a Police Search For Serial Rapist In College Community
03:25:04a ISP Miscommunication Exposes E-Mails to FBI
03:25:15a WTC Owner Turns Over Land for 2 Towers
03:25:27a Norway Sees No Need to Raise Oil Production
03:25:53a Obama sets Dallas rally site
03:26:02a Stephen Kazmierczak and School Shootings Are We Reaping What We've Sown?
03:26:27a Next Bank of Japan chief still unnamed
03:26:32a China's inflation rate at 7.1 percent in January govt
03:26:36a China's inflation rises to 7.1 per cent in January, highest in a decade
03:26:41a Parizeau says National Bank of Canada vulnerable to foreign takeover
03:26:50a 'Democrats are locked into a Clinton-Obama Death Match for loyalty of the Left'
03:26:55a Banned Members
03:26:59a Not Going To Try This Again
03:27:14a US Congress to give democracy-strengthening assistance to Aceh
03:27:33a Islamic bloc backs Kosovo independence
03:28:52a Musharraf allies face defeat
03:28:56a Minister who admits killing called 'a hero'
03:29:01a Storms strike Alabama buildings, cars
03:29:05a Massive blast at Texas refinery
03:29:10a Eco-friendly forest management
03:29:14a Police Look For 6 Armed Kidnap Suspects
03:29:18a Home Alone Realtor Moves Into Vacant House
03:29:23a Do New Documents Show Oswald And Ruby Conspired?
03:29:27a Money 101 Pay Up Now, Please
03:29:31a Moody Sony Appears To Win With Blu-Ray Technology
03:29:36a Body Identified As Gay Lover Of Edward II
03:29:40a Presidential Hopefuls Differ On Detainees
03:29:45a McCain's Possible Cabinet Considered
03:29:49a Serbia Recalls Ambassadors
03:30:03a Man Allegedly Slipped Judge 100 Bill
03:30:07a China Rich Are`Culprits' on Climate Change
03:30:11a Police Told They Can Taser Kids
03:30:15a Minnesota Police Stock Up on Tasers Before RNC
03:30:20a Cyprus president eliminated in poll
03:30:24a Sister finds the power of one step at a time
03:30:28a Fewer people dying on Colorado roads
03:30:33a Low-income birth control bill passes house despite Republican objections
03:30:37a Dinner and dance to benefit charity
03:30:41a Aims dean earns honored alumni award from CSU
03:30:46a Democrats battle for Wisconsin, Hawaii
03:30:50a Hoax Analyst Showing Up On Earnings Calls
03:30:54a Motorola Since We're Not Innovating, We'll Litigate Over Patents
03:31:18a Variety launches a social network for the entertainment business
03:31:22a Quark Pharma update Not quite such a chameleon, after all
03:31:27a Exactitudes London
03:31:31a Pythagoras Solar, another solar PV maker, raises 10M
03:31:35a Dailymotion adds HD content, but is the world ready for it?
03:31:59a Review Unshakable optimist of the house of Bhutto
03:32:33a House approves renewable-energy tax credit bill
03:32:40a Bowling for votes in Wisconsin
03:32:50a 'Bidenizing' Obama, health care - and whopper of a laughfest at WND
03:32:55a Sharon Stone laments US Policies on Iraq, Afghanistan
03:32:59a Afghanistan hit by deadliest bombing spree
03:33:04a Scientists capture giant Antarctic sea creatures
03:33:30a Deutsche Post names Appel new CEO
03:34:10a Fayed Tony Blair Gave Order To Kill Diana
03:34:15a Pakistan Opposition Has Solid Lead
03:34:19a U.S. To Try And Shoot Down Satellite Thursday
03:34:23a Government Surveillance Is Not A Mistake
03:34:27a UK Biometric Scanners For Nuseries
03:34:32a Man Claims Drug Use & Oral Sex With Obama
03:34:36a Lunar eclipse saving Columbus 5 centuries ago to reappear
03:34:41a Harvard website hacked on U.S. Presidents Day
03:34:52a Belgium-Netherlands launch bid for 2018 World Cup
03:34:59a Japan Set to Recognize Kosovo As Sovereign State
03:35:04a Cause of Big Spring Blast Unknown
03:35:08a Pettitte Apologizes for Embarrassing Fans
03:35:12a Vote Counting Begins in Pakistan
03:35:16a Pilot escapes injury in Pittwater crash
03:35:21a Coalition backs down on AWAs
03:35:25a Stolen Generations compo could cost WA 140m
03:35:29a I have too much power Immigration Minister
03:35:34a Toddler tortured, murdered police
03:35:38a Johnson, Haddin knock back IPL
03:35:42a Judge Silences Whistle-Blower Site
03:35:47a Bush I Backs McCain
03:35:51a Doctors ACL injuries growing more common in children
03:35:55a In Southern California, a Cotton Industry Fades
03:36:00a Impressions of Terrorism, Drawn From Court Files
03:36:04a Gas Stations Conducting Internal Investigation Tue, 19 Feb 2008 015028 GMT
03:36:09a Kosovo Delclares Independence From Serbia
03:36:13a Matier Delays Strike New Oakland Police Cars
03:36:17a Hunger Strike Underway For SJ 'Little Saigon' Name
03:36:22a Bill Clinton Visits Calif., Bush 41 Backs McCain
03:36:27a UN Security Council holds emergency session to debate future status of Kosovo
03:36:31a Counting Iraqi Casualties - and a Media Controversy
03:36:35a Where New England Won the Super Bowl
03:36:40a Jeni Lee Dinkel arrested
03:36:44a Tax cut plans still going ahead, says Cullen
03:36:48a Three more charged in firearms operation
03:36:52a Bainimarama makes himself head of council of chiefs
03:36:57a Tourists apologise for making up robbery story
03:37:01a Labour-Glenn links 'very murky', says Key
03:37:06a Attack on teenager may have had sexual element police
03:37:10a Film-maker Barry Barclay dies
03:37:14a Case begins against man accused of murdering stepdaughter
03:37:18a No compensation over failed vasectomy
03:37:23a Wellington airport terminal to get 39 million upgrade
03:37:27a Bid to salvage capsized yacht to begin in hours
03:37:32a Man drowns after failed rescue attempt
03:37:36a Pakistan president's allies defeated
03:37:40a Five Things you Need to Know.
03:37:45a Warning over unqualified optometrist
03:37:49a Understaffing risks lives, say ambulance officers
03:37:54a Fisher and Paykel revenue up
03:37:58a Sharemarket down slightly
03:38:02a Sports schedule for Wednesday, Feb. 20+
03:38:07a Brazilian defendant deserves maximum sentence for murder prosecutor+
03:38:12a LEAD Auto, financial issues lift Tokyo stocks amid eased credit fears+
03:38:16a Pro-Musharraf party seen headed for defeat in Pakistan election+
03:38:20a N. Korean negotiator arrives in Beijing for possible talks with U.S.+
03:38:25a 4TH LD Japan destroyer collides with fishing boat, 2 fishermen missing+
03:38:30a Auto, financial issues lift Tokyo stocks amid eased credit fears+
03:38:34a Fire on destroyer in Dec. possibly caused by thermal drink cabinet+
03:38:38a Poll shows Rudd is Australia's most popular premier in 20 years+
03:38:42a Gen. Powell answers political questions during Butler visit
03:38:47a Hamilton Town Center to add some flavor
03:38:51a Lawrence youth speak up for new skate park
03:38:59a Pakistan Opposition Heads Toward Victory
03:39:07a calmer period
03:40:34a Amtrak to unveil new security measures beginning in Northeast
03:40:38a MAX bus service tailored to non-driving residents in Montgomery County
03:40:43a Film inspires local team to fight racism and bigotry
03:40:47a Chrysler Begins Engineering Overhaul
03:41:06a French novelist Robbe-Grillet dead at 85
03:41:10a Cogan, coined 'Ithaca is Gorges,' dies
03:41:15a Spectators sprayed with gas at circus
03:41:19a 'Idol' performances available on iTunes
03:41:23a More than 100 films to screen at SXSW fest
03:41:27a MQM willing to talk to PPP and PML on power-sharing
03:41:31a Obama Plagiarizes Deval
03:41:53a Vancouver police arrest man in home repair scheme
03:42:19a Carts of Darkness
03:42:27a NKorea nuclear envoy arrives in Beijing for possible talks
03:42:32a Conservative men and Islamic militants bar women from voting in parts of Pakistan
03:42:37a Collision between tanker, bus in central China kills 15, injures 25, state media reports
03:42:41a Fiji prime minister takes wider power ahead of promised elections
03:42:46a Philippine military conducts DNA test on suspected remains of top Indonesian terror suspect
03:42:51a Troj/Cblade-H
03:42:55a Atlantis is on the move
03:43:00a Could there be aliens in other worlds?
03:43:04a Confucius family tree sprouts to 2 million
03:43:08a Yankees' Pettitte issues apology
03:43:12a On Holiday, Gibson Trumpets How France 'Requires 31 Vacation Days'
03:43:17a Olmert says Gaza blockade to stay
03:43:21a Nigeria Next front in oil wars?
03:43:26a Study pans predator stereotype on Net
03:43:30a Sidelined home buyers frozen by fear
03:43:34a Boot bums, impeach Bush Willie Nelson
03:43:38a Apartment Maintenance Problems
03:43:43a Leslie Feist praises iPod advert
03:43:47a First 9 companies get green light for wealth management
03:43:52a Milan fashion week kicks off
03:43:56a Malaysia to prosecute bosses who abuse foreign workers
03:44:01a 'The Elite Squad' wins top prize at Berlinale
03:44:06a Brazil, India call for end to farm subsidies by rich countries
03:44:10a Poll Oasis is Britain's favourite band
03:44:15a Brazilian mining giant raises iron ore prices to Asian steelmakers
03:44:19a Pet fashion designers dress dogs in Oscar style
03:44:24a Forestry sector loses 57.3 bln yuan in winter storm
03:44:28a Ledger's Joker Doll to go on sale
03:44:32a McCartney, Mills' financial fate in judge's hands
03:44:37a China's CPI hits new high of 7.1%
03:44:41a Naomi Watts cries during Ledger tribute
03:44:45a Biel, Johnson to voice 'Planet 51'
03:44:50a 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin's son, 4, proud of 1st snake bite
03:44:54a Oasis is Britain's favourite band poll
03:44:58a Armenia votes for new president
03:45:03a Search for missing 7-year-old ends
03:45:10a Rice urges Kenyan leaders to strike power-sharing deal
03:45:19a Serbia urges UN council to block Kosovo secession
03:45:27a Japanese team heads to Myanmar on journalist's killing official
03:45:31a more leaders targeted for assassination ' Saw Yan Naing
03:45:35a Ban Ki-moon briefs Bush on Burma Lalit K Jha
03:45:39a Don't push NLD into a corner Min Zin News Analysis
03:45:44a Burmese junta hedges its bets for the future Kavi Chongkittavorn
03:45:52a All you wanted to know about Ulips
03:45:56a India's 'in-a-hurry' young generation
03:46:00a A world-class Hyderabad airport? Not too sure
03:46:05a Kuldip Singh A name that politicians dread
03:46:10a Budget Women seek low tax, low interest rates
03:46:14a Weaving costliest items, but earning nothing
03:46:19a Of stock market investments and health
03:46:23a West Bengal, fastest growing IT hub in India
03:46:28a What would you do if were the finance minister?
03:46:32a Tips to generate safe returns
03:46:37a For Perhaps 490 a Month, a Home On Manhattan’s Bounding-Main Street
03:46:41a Feared Sweeps for Illegal Workers Found Just One
03:46:46a Retired Police Officer Shot Dead at Home
03:46:50a Inspired by Buddha, Admired as Art
03:46:55a David Oats, Park Advocate, Dies at 58
03:46:59a John L. Phillips Jr., 83, Civil Court Judge Is Dead
03:47:04a Health Plans Put Onus on Insured
03:47:08a Panel Seeks Testimony on Ashcroft Deal
03:47:13a New Yorker in the White House? Seems Like a Long Shot Now
03:47:17a How the Young Politician Became a House Painter
03:47:22a Malacca to emerge as education hub
03:47:26a Share prices traded mixed at mid-morning
03:47:31a BURSA MALAYSIA UPDATE 10.30 A.M.
03:47:35a Metrolink increases security at train stops for commuters
03:47:39a CNN Satellite-Shootdown Try To Come Thursday
03:47:43a CNN Lincoln's Wartime Cottage Reopened
03:47:48a CNN Generals Warn Of 'Geriatric Air Force'
03:47:52a Temp worker bill advances in Ariz. House
03:47:57a Police investigate apparent murder-suicide of elderly couple
03:48:06a Burglary suspect killed after shooting officer
03:48:10a Amtrak Unveils New Security Measures
03:48:15a Eight-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Falling Down Well Near Cayuga
03:48:19a Cab Driver Remains In Intensive Care After Being Hit By Car
03:48:26a Illinois campus shooting victim describes horror to family; first of 5 funerals held
03:48:31a Prosecutors identify man suspected of causing blast in Mexican capital
03:48:35a World Trade Center owner turns over land to developer for 2 planned towers
03:48:40a Advocates press fight against street races after 8 killed in Maryland
03:48:45a Supporters come out for Obama, Clinton on eve of Hawaii caucus
03:48:49a Acclaimed outdoorsman Grits Gresham dies at 85
03:48:53a Advocates press fight against street races as 7th and 8th Md. victims are ID'd
03:48:58a Recovery under way in storm-damaged South; Ala. governor visits battered town
03:49:03a Illinois' new gun law came too late, might not have stopped NIU shooter anyway
03:49:07a Cattle industry denounces mistreatment of sick animals; says nearly all US cattle treated well
03:49:12a NIU shooting victim describes horror to family; first of 5 funerals begin, drawing hundreds
03:49:16a Former first lady Nancy Reagan hospitalized after fall; could be released on Tuesday
03:49:21a Clinton campaign seeks to undermine Obama's credibility
03:49:25a Product safety leader warns beleaguered toy industry that it must self-regulate
03:49:30a Bush to Pay Tribute to Rwandan Genocide Victims and conflict
03:49:34a Homeless needs up, donations down, Wheeler to cut programs
03:49:38a Carmel OKs economic development area
03:49:43a Midwest City investigating back-to-back robberies
03:49:47a Air Force We're At The Breaking Point
03:49:51a Midlife Suicide Rises, Puzzling Researchers
03:49:56a Shares in Europe Advance Amid Talk of Bank Investments
03:50:00a China inflation highest in over 11 years
03:50:05a Thousands march in Belgrade rally
03:50:10a Freedom From Religion Group Goes After Michigan Small Town Council
03:50:14a Michelle Obama We Can Relate To Problems Voters Face
03:50:19a Jury To Decide Fate Of Man Accused Of Poisoning, Stifling Wife
03:50:23a Snowblower Sales, Service Skyrocket This Winter
03:50:27a Latest Snow, Ice Storm Breaks Tree Branches, Spirits
03:50:31a Amtrak Plans To Tighten Up Security
03:50:36a Less Cambodians infected in HIV tests in 2007
03:50:40a Pitch patterns play great role in speech perception
03:50:44a Uruguay recommends yellow fever vaccine for visitors to Paraguay, Brazil
03:50:49a Experts argue on how to fight 'globesity'
03:50:53a Police suspend search for missing pair
03:50:57a Smithfield ramp work planned
03:51:02a Pakistan parliamentary vote proves tense, confusing and in...
03:51:06a Grapegrowers looking forward to record vintage
03:51:10a 24 million airport project for Rotorua
03:51:15a NZ businesses becoming slow payers survey
03:51:19a What you should know about Nutrition
03:51:55a Pakistan votes in shadow of violence
03:51:59a Fayed They're all guilty. Definitely
03:52:03a Drink and drugs can damage sperm
03:52:08a Spain exposes EU split on Kosovo
03:52:12a Clinton accuses Obama of plagiarism
03:52:17a Managers do 40 days overtime a year
03:52:21a Iraq dossier draft reveals role of 'spin doctor'
03:52:26a Crash-landing inquiry investigates fuel pumps
03:52:30a Stolen art found in car park
03:52:35a NHS chief 'broke reforms law'
03:52:39a Benítez I will win title
03:52:44a Return to Abu Ghraib
03:52:48a A romp with the rat pack
03:52:55a Proving a point
03:53:00a Orange and Vodafone revive deal
03:53:04a Steelmakers agree iron ore price rise
03:53:09a The Troubles won't be over soon
03:53:14a Exhaust fumes linked to heart attacks
03:53:18a Three in court as part of firearms operation
03:53:26a Is really killing social search? Not yet
03:53:49a Just Words Obama 'Plagiarism' Video
03:53:53a Carts of Darkness- Vancouver Premiere
03:53:57a Giving Away a Kidney Brings Unexpected Blessings
03:54:01a The American Dream Access Denied
03:54:06a 3 Million Piece Record Collection for Sale, Passion it Is!
03:54:10a Beef Recall Biggest beef recall in U.S. history, 140 million pounds.
03:54:14a Pot…Meet Kettle
03:54:19a Study into geese migration 'fuel'
03:54:37a 'I have too much power,' says Aussie minister
03:55:06a Air France Lays Plans for Alitalia
03:55:10a ABB Board Irked by Kindle's Lack of Deals
03:55:14a Mohamed al-Fayed Testifies at Inquest
03:55:26a Jan 30 US presidential race
03:55:31a Feb 11 Obama vs Clinton
03:55:35a Feb 11 White House race
03:55:39a Obama fan wrote off McCain's hopes
03:55:44a Pride in Obama Aside, Tanzanians Praise Bush President Urges Expansion of Aid Program
03:55:48a Clinton mounts Wisconsin offensive as Obama gains in Texas
03:55:53a Clinton Advisor Arguing Against DNC Penalties in Florida, Michigan That He Helped Pass
03:55:57a Congress eyes Bush censure resolutions
03:56:01a Former President Bush endorses McCain's bid
03:56:06a GOP contender McCain no new taxes if elected president
03:56:10a Obama visits Edwards as battle looms
03:56:15a Clinton Campaign Charges Obama Plagiarized Speech
03:56:19a Bush offers more help to fight malaria
03:56:24a Man Accused in Bush Threat Found Not guilty by
03:56:28a Attendance at Clinton House Museum in Arkansas
03:56:33a Did Obama plagiarize a speech?
03:56:37a Clinton in war of words over rival's speech
03:56:41a Fight against disease in Africa is God's work, says Bush
03:56:45a Nursing Shortage Partly to Blame on Instructor Pay
03:56:50a Blumenthal Warns Of Online Lending Scam
03:56:54a Police Pedestrian Struck By Car, Killed
03:56:58a UN Council Mulls Kosovo's Future
03:57:11a Gay and accepted in Bangalore
03:58:22a U.S. air force says budget billions of dollars short of what's needed
03:58:27a 'I have too much power,' says Aussie minister
03:58:31a Australian PM's popularity at record high after apology poll
03:58:36a Senior Bush endorses McCain's presidential bid
03:58:55a Learning Carrie Fisher 101
03:59:12a China's Inflation Rises to 7.1%
03:59:59a Michelle Obama's Anti-Americanism
04:00:07a County to decide who'll pay for beach restoration
04:00:12a Dozens of juveniles brawl at mall, McDonald's
04:00:16a Testing finished at Destin bridge
04:00:20a Start-up says it can predict how others will perform
04:00:25a Despite obstacles, oil companies flock to Nigeria
04:00:51a 911 call reveals victims' final moments in Chicago store before 5 shot dead
04:00:58a The Recession HOW BAD IS IT GOING TO GET?
04:01:22a Olympic bosses back down on gagging order
04:01:27a Owen Glenn saga continues to unfold
04:01:31a One killed in Orewa smash
04:01:35a Tourists apologetic over fake theft story
04:01:39a Crew to attempt to salvage trimaran
04:01:44a Large crowd in park during alleged attack
04:01:48a Bond signs two-month contract with Hampshire
04:01:53a Representative of the Secretary General for human rights visits the DRC
04:01:57a Arson victim found dead
04:02:01a Serbia urges split UN Council to act on Kosovo
04:02:06a UN Security Council debates Kosovo in emergency session
04:02:10a Child porn guilty plea
04:02:15a Iraq dossier 'based on spin doctors arguments'
04:02:19a Knesset Gives Cities More Power To Fight Air Pollution
04:02:23a Gibraltar Reports 2007 Sales and Earnings
04:02:28a Managers working 'extra 40 days'
04:02:32a Toymakers Eye Possible New Toxin
04:02:36a Amtrak to beef up securit
04:02:41a The Worst UPS Store Employee In Brooklyn Bad Employees
04:02:45a Rite Aid District Manager Successfully Handles A Customer Complaint Mea Culpa
04:02:50a Russias Claim Under Polar Ice Irks American
04:02:54a Panama construction strike threat renewed
04:03:26a North Korean and U.S. nuclear envoys to meet report
04:03:31a Parent to Parent Rent-a-Toy
04:03:55a Late Night Music Club with the Foxboro Hot Tubs
04:03:59a The Adventures of Captain Blowhard
04:04:03a Sri Lanka win toss and bat first against India
04:04:09a No clear winner in polls; PPP, PML-N ahead
04:04:13a Double jolts push back Lanka early
04:04:17a U.S., Ukranian Officials See Kassam Damage in Sderot
04:04:31a Singapore's aviation sector posts record output of S7b in 2007
04:04:40a China reports another bird flu outbreak in Tibet
04:04:45a PRESS DIGEST Vietnam newspapers February 19
04:04:49a China road accident kills 15 Xinhua
04:04:54a China opens trial of dissident who blasted Olympics
04:04:58a Amtrak to randomly screen bags and step up patrols
04:05:02a Rethinking the Reserve Making aboriginals part of the new...
04:05:20a Nancy Reagan Could Be Released From Hospital Tuesday
04:05:25a This Year's Flu Vaccine, No Guarantee
04:05:29a Drunken Driver Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison
04:05:33a Clinton Rally Draws 5,000 People
04:05:37a Excited Crowd Packs Obama's Beloit Rally
04:05:42a NZ banks quiet over online security
04:05:46a Foster's admits slow profit growth
04:05:50a Wattyl's interim profit drops
04:05:54a China's inflation rate at 7.1 percent in January govt
04:05:58a Lydia Sum dies at 60
04:06:03a Australian PM's popularity at record high after apology
04:06:46a Charleston Southern knocks off Liberty 87-82
04:06:50a Breeze's tip-in gives Coastal Carolina 56-55 win over High Point
04:06:55a Brozos, Opacic get double-doubles as Furman beats Wofford 67-61
04:07:03a More Flowers, Tears At Street Race Crash Scene
04:07:08a CPSC Chair Lashes Out At Toy Industry
04:07:12a Funerals Begin As NIU Shooting Victim Describes Horror To Family
04:07:20a Guatemala ex-police chief charged in Spain with war crimes dies
04:07:24a Ex-Yukos lawyer decries harsh conditions after court-ordered transfer to hospital
04:07:29a UK control orders should not exceed 2 years terror law ombudsman
04:07:33a UN rights chief criticizes Nepal for 'culture of impunity'
04:08:08a Gladstone firefighter injured in Oregon 211 motorcycle crash
04:08:13a AISD board considers 340 million school bond
04:08:17a Cantwell in Vancouver to pitch for renewable-energy tax credits
04:08:21a Shots available to Tigard, Tualatin students without immunizations
04:08:26a PSU profs protest stalled contract talks
04:08:30a Voyeurism Loophole Allows Accused To Go Free
04:08:34a Students mourn the loss of three teens killed in weekend crash
04:08:39a Not all Texas conservatives are behind Sen. McCain
04:08:43a Nancy Reagan undergoing more tests
04:08:47a Meth bust nets 13 suspects
04:08:51a Former owner of Parks Purity Pies proud of three-decade transformation of his business
04:08:55a Vigo roads now up for adoption
04:09:00a ISU president receives high Moroccan honor
04:09:04a Are students safe on campus?
04:09:08a Amtrak to start screening luggage
04:09:12a Lincoln's Cottage reopens after restoration
04:09:17a Pirates may steal tsunami buoys BOM
04:09:21a Darwin remembers 1942 bombing
04:09:28a Legislative committee considers bill to confront school shootings
04:09:55a immigration bill advances; GOP assails Dems' changes
04:10:08a Blank-Check Firms Get the Cash
04:10:12a Rate Cuts Stall LBO Debt
04:10:32a S. Korea's President-Elect Unveils His 1st Cabinet
04:10:52a Mauritius scholarship for two every year
04:10:57a Initial vote results released in Pakistan
04:11:02a Would Abba take a chance on McCain
04:11:36a Hospital Graham Continues to Improve
04:11:50a Rice joins Annan in Kenya to push rivals into real power-sharing deal
04:11:55a Mauritania attack suspects freed
04:11:59a Pakistani Opposition Claims Win
04:12:03a Pakistan opposition seize early lead in poll
04:12:08a Pakistanis Count Votes Following Parliamentary Elections
04:12:12a Pakistanis deal election defeat to Musharraf
04:12:17a Pakistan on edge for vote count
04:12:21a Rock vs. jazz
04:12:25a The quest for the perfect game face
04:12:29a Wal-Mart can be good for your health
04:12:34a The brain bomber
04:12:39a Oscar, are you listening?
04:12:43a Narnia in neon
04:12:47a My boyfriend's a secret crackhead!
04:12:51a Weyerhaeuser closing Kamloops, B.C., sawmill
04:12:56a Bush Ignores the Law Against Using Evidence Obtained from Torture in Gitmo Trials
04:13:00a SKorean held for cooking landlady's pet dog
04:13:04a Teacher gets death for raping school girls
04:13:09a Soldier dies after avalanche buries camp
04:13:13a A caution issued on the Australian economy
04:13:18a For a Los Angeles newspaper publisher, cuts and worse
04:13:22a Magazine finds 40 more billionaires in Russia
04:13:30a Have you met Pigcasso?
04:13:35a 911 Called Before 5 Killed in Ill. Store
04:13:39a What is this Sound Thinking With Which You Speak?
04:13:43a A Flawed Critic
04:13:47a Iraq may revive Russian oil deals after ...
04:13:52a Candidates make stops across Wis. before presidential primary
04:13:56a Military Enlists 'Therapy Dog' to Ease Combat Stress
04:14:00a Fen-Phen Victims' Horse Has Come In
04:14:05a Clinton, Obama Tied in Texas
04:14:09a Bali bombing mastermind found dead police
04:14:14a Court gives reasons for extending Aurukun rape appeal
04:14:18a Exmouth locked down for Cyclone Nicholas
04:14:22a High-pitched sound to deter youth
04:14:27a 'Aviation icon' ignored safety advice report
04:14:31a Auditor-general defends regional partnership report release
04:14:36a Bouyant Team Murray head for Rotterdam
04:14:40a Mughniya & the Mahdi Army
04:14:44a Does Obama Have an Asian Problem?
04:14:49a No Ban on Bangladeshis, but Recruitment Drops
04:14:53a Saudi Telecom buys 35% of Oger ...
04:14:57a Cabinet Ratifies UN Protocol on Illicit Weapons
04:15:02a TIME's First Annual ReOscars
04:15:06a Saudis to Hire Over 2 Million Domestic Workers in 10 Years
04:15:10a Laura Bush's African AIDS Crusade
04:15:15a Pakistan Early Lead for Opposition
04:15:19a Time for New Ways
04:15:23a Cuban Film a Hit in US
04:15:27a Loose Pit Bull Mix Keeps Animal Services Busy
04:15:31a Countdown to the Big Switch
04:15:36a Review Benazir Bhutto's Last Book
04:15:40a A Strong Endorsement for McCain From a Former President
04:15:44a Court Orders Whistle-Blowing Web Site Taken Down
04:15:49a New ESL Computer Program a Success
04:15:53a Vancouver Start-Up Looks to Make Big Splash at Tech Event
04:15:58a A New Calling After Telecom Paradigm Optics
04:16:02a Virtual Toys, Online Friends the Latest Trend in Play Land
04:16:06a He Was a Hero Before His Actions Aboard Flight 93
04:16:11a Read Julie's Story at Touch of a Button
04:16:15a Toshiba Jumps on TSE After HD DVD Pullout News
04:16:19a Fears on Internet Predators Overblown, Researchers Say
04:16:23a Telecoms Market Still Uncompetitive
04:16:28a Make the Net Really Click for You
04:16:32a Clearing Up Mixed Signals
04:16:36a Stolen Generations compo could cost WA $140m
04:16:40a Verizon to drop its default 911 tone
04:16:44a Bettors going for Pacquiao
04:16:49a 5m waves to pound Fraser Island
04:16:53a England's women cricketers win contracts
04:16:57a Armani appeals to new markets
04:17:02a Burnout fears as India targets England's top players
04:17:06a 'No defects' on Heathrow crash-landing airliner
04:17:10a Life sentence for the extremist who plotted to murder soldier
04:17:15a The art of really effective revision
04:17:19a why nationalisation became a Labour taboo
04:17:23a Arts cuts 'will be devastating'
04:17:28a Mike Selvey previews the fourth one-day international
04:17:32a Managers back anti-long hours drive
04:17:36a Man given life over beheading plot
04:17:40a Cameron calls for Darling to be axed after bank bail-out
04:17:45a Lady Thatcher visits new Tory HQ
04:17:49a More support for school leavers
04:17:54a VIDEO Man Beaten, Bound In Queen Anne Home
04:17:58a Oil steady near 96 as US economic worries linger
04:18:02a Nalbandian rolls in Buenos Aires opener
04:18:07a 'The Age of American Unreason'
04:18:11a Asian shares rise on local signals and gains in Europe
04:18:15a Developing a Results Driven Recruiting Strategy
04:18:19a Joint Performance of Overseas Korean Artistes
04:18:24a Kimjongilia Festival Full of Reverence for Great Man
04:18:28a State Symphony Orchestra, National Treasure
04:18:32a Ever-Developing Juche-Oriented Musical Art of Korea
04:18:37a Many People Visit Revolutionary Site
04:18:41a Mongolian Delegation Here
04:18:45a Rodong Sinmun on Songun Politics
04:18:49a Kim Jong Il's Birthday Celebrated in Different Countries
04:18:54a Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Peru
04:18:58a Korean People's Cause Supported in Democratic Congo
04:19:02a ASEAN foreign ministers gather for retreat
04:19:06a Fire Burns Six People Out Of A Home
04:19:11a Merchant Alert Bomb Materials
04:19:15a Drivers Lose Control On Icy Roads
04:19:19a Victim's Blood Spatter Reveals Brutal Murder
04:19:24a Banks suppress security info of online banking
04:19:28a Wellington's international terminal to cost $39m
04:19:32a Commerce Commission to investigate Blue Chip
04:19:37a AXA NZ annual operating earnings up
04:19:41a West Australian farmers give go ahead for takeover
04:19:46a Snowboarder Has Standoff With Coyote
04:19:50a Caught On Tape Robber Shoots At Clerk, Vice Versa
04:19:54a Birth Control On A Necklace?
04:19:59a Academy will aid conservation
04:20:03a 50,000 new parking spaces for Guangzhou
04:20:08a Work starts on nuclear power plant
04:20:12a Employers boost wages in bid to attract workers
04:20:17a Another Violent Incident at Lawrence Night Spot
04:20:21a Finnish Censorship Expanding
04:20:40a EC endorses 74 senatorial appointees
04:20:44a Thai shares open 0.82 per cent higher
04:20:49a Parliament resumes policy debate
04:20:53a Iranian woman assaulted by Pattaya bar girls
04:20:58a Police Arrest Slaughterhouse Worker
04:21:02a There May Be No Bisphosphonates, ONJ Link
04:21:07a FDA Blames Paperwork Error for Inspection Lapse
04:21:11a Calendar / Events in the Great Outdoors
04:21:16a Thursday
04:21:20a Get to Know 'Henrietta Lacks'
04:21:24a This Week ; Some Recommended Events for the Week of Feb. 17-23
04:21:29a BRIEF Summa, Doctors to Build Outpatient Center in Medina
04:21:37a Religion Notes / News of Area Faith Groups
04:21:41a Wednesday
04:21:45a Advanced Rehab
04:21:50a KiwiFM Audio Wallace & Alan Dick on Driving!
04:21:54a Pakistan opposition takes commanding lead, head toward victory
04:21:59a Bandera sheriff's deadly force trial starts today
04:22:03a Washington State Gets a Green Light from a National Safety Organization
04:22:08a Pasco Man Cooks Philadelphia Cheesesteaks To Help Raise Money For Students
04:22:12a A String of Homemade Bombs Detonated in Richland
04:22:17a Hong Kong singer's career in jeopardy after internet sex scandal
04:22:45a False compassion
04:22:50a Pair Nabbed Trying to Smuggle Birds into the U.
04:22:54a Spitzer wants N.Y. to tax illegal drugs
04:22:59a Citigroup Stops Withdrawals from Hedge Fund WSJ
04:23:03a CA In closing state budget gap, vast sums are off-limits
04:23:07a City inmates get healthier diet
04:23:11a Snow Does Not Slow Down The Campo Minutemen
04:23:16a Dropping Shoes
04:23:20a Hate mail unleashed on judge
04:23:24a McCain Has Yet to Exceed 50% in Texas Polls
04:23:29a How Has Barack Obama Changed Your Life?
04:23:37a CA More bad budget news could be on the way from analyst
04:23:41a Three Bersih protesters set free
04:23:46a PRM struggles on in Johor
04:23:50a Kepong may see battle of two Tans
04:23:54a Aid for poor Mara students from next year
04:23:58a We'll deal with groups disrupting polls
04:24:02a MAS open to M&As
04:24:06a Alam Maritim expanding abroad
04:24:11a Rohingya gets two years for drug offence
04:24:15a Hektar REIT buys shopping complex in Muar
04:24:19a Will pantun sway outstation voters
04:24:24a Protests are healthy, says Pas leader
04:24:28a Ready for early votes
04:24:32a Will Nik Aziz's jingle work again
04:24:36a HSL buying Mukah land for shipyard ops
04:24:40a DAP supporters stage protest to retain Lim, Phee
04:24:45a UEM World among most-active counters
04:24:49a Veteran politicians roped in
04:24:53a OCBC targets 60,000 clients for iQ account
04:24:57a Manufacturing sales up 10.6% in December
04:25:02a DHL launches SME solutions
04:25:06a Maybulk net profit jumps 68% in Q4
04:25:10a Nurul Izzah keen to contest
04:25:14a DAP not transparent, says Najib
04:25:18a Nirmala 'stole earrings, watch'
04:25:23a Mentiga wants to ride on oil palm sector
04:25:27a State BN to repeat 2004 feat
04:25:31a Straight fight likely in Sungai Siput
04:25:36a Three Malaysians face gallows for killing a man during robbery
04:25:40a People 'need only see MCA track record to decide'
04:25:44a Sin Chew posts 50% profit surge
04:25:48a Community comes first for Shahrir
04:25:52a New breed of voters now more discerning
04:25:56a SEGi sharply reduces bank debts
04:26:01a Kota Selat inks Danga Bay project deal
04:26:05a Pas 'seizes' Marang bridge in flag war
04:26:09a Kelantan BN upbeat about candidate list
04:26:13a Kuantan Port eyes more capacity under ECER
04:26:17a DAP eyeing Sabah's Chinese-majority seats
04:26:22a Top Hai-O agents earn RM1mil a year
04:26:26a Alliance Financial's Q3 net profit up 95%
04:26:31a Kelantan bus tickets selling fast
04:26:35a The young are our assets, says PM
04:26:39a Trans-Asia Shipping awarded six-year pre-inspection deal with Honda
04:26:44a No plan for Singapore Air to revise bid
04:26:48a Qatar plans to buy stake in Credit Suisse
04:26:53a Statesville asphalt fight could be headed to court 1102 PM
04:26:57a CMS students ate recalled meat 1058 PM
04:27:01a Plastic City Charlotte's big secret 1056 PM
04:27:06a Counting begins after Pakistanis cast ballots, mostly in peace
04:27:10a France recognizes Kosovo independence
04:27:15a Penghu die-off worst in 30 years
04:27:19a U.S. recalls beef from Calif. abattoir
04:27:23a CAA impounds chopper for not having a license
04:27:28a Recall won't effect local meat from abused animals
04:27:32a Northern Rock nationalized amid criticism by legislators
04:27:36a Iran says Israel to be 'destroyed' by Hezbollah 'soon'
04:27:41a Iran predicts Hezbollah to destroy Israel
04:27:46a Dozen rockets strike Iraqi housing complex near Baghdad's airport, killing at least 5
04:27:50a Bali Bomber's Body May Be in Philippines
04:27:55a Dallas unveils documents on Kennedy shooting
04:28:00a Activists question Seoul's return of NKoreans found drifting
04:28:04a New grads in demand Employers seeing change in generations
04:28:08a 4-year-old Hartford metal fabricator grows as it fills orders — in short time
04:29:10a WRAPUP 1-Bank of Canada's Carney ponders degree of rate cut
04:29:19a Demise of HD DVD No Worry
04:29:33a Owner reports aggressive dogs at dog park
04:29:46a Obama in Wisconsin Words Matter
04:29:51a 2008 Daytona 500 Starting Lineup
04:29:55a 2008 Daytona 500 Finish
04:29:59a Just Words_ Just not Obama's
04:30:04a District 3 Class AA Girls' Basketball Trinity rolls past Hanover
04:30:19a Toshiba to announce HD DVD pullout Tuesday
04:30:23a Do video games have a motion picture-like future
04:30:27a Larger agendas stall city's best-laid plans
04:30:31a Ancient frog as big as bowling ball
04:30:36a Satellite shoot-down try this week
04:30:40a GoFish out to hook youth marketers
04:30:45a Body recovered of Berkeley woman swept out to sea
04:30:49a Scientists Find 'Devil Toad' Fossil
04:30:53a Florida to decide about teaching evolution
04:30:58a JDV to file resolution seeking probe on 2004 presidential elections
04:31:02a Boncodin resigns as Petron director report
04:31:06a Complainant lawyer expects DOJ to charge ZTE witnesses
04:31:11a Lawyer wounded in Quezon City shooting
04:31:15a Lacson belies 'patriotic fund' offer to Neri
04:31:20a SC chief declines 'moral revolution' council post
04:31:24a People expect too much of me Neri
04:31:28a Lacson lauds Ombudsman's move to inhibit from ZTE probe, but...
04:31:32a Neri convinced evil tag on PGMA already a non-issue
04:31:37a Pro-Lozada ads appear on newspapers
04:31:41a Looking at Dementia Pfizer Australia Health Report Issue 40
04:31:49a Youth Worker, Community First Step, Carramar
04:31:53a Homeless Persons' Legal Service Street Rights NSW Newsletter Feb 08
04:31:57a Homeless people's experience of the Crisis Payment
04:32:02a PIAC submission to the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW
04:32:06a Firm Takes Order for a Cloned Dog
04:32:11a Dollar moves in tight range vs. yen, capped by Japanese exporters+
04:32:15a Japanese police team in Myanmar to discuss journalist's death+
04:32:20a Australian patrol vessel wraps up anti-whaling surveillance mission+
04:32:24a LEAD N. Korea negotiator arrives in Beijing for possible talks with U.S.+
04:32:28a Key 10-year JGB yield rises in morning on stock gains+
04:32:32a CPSC Chair Warns Toy Industry About Lead
04:32:37a Andy Pettitte apologizes, feels embarrassed, regrets taking HGH Tue, 19 Feb 2008 042230 GMT
04:32:41a Taser Malfunction Possibility in Police Shooting Tue, 19 Feb 2008 015117 GMT
04:32:46a Check Fraud Operation Busted in Nassau County Tue, 19 Feb 2008 015430 GMT
04:32:50a Wild Hogs Terrorize Local Neighborhood Tue, 19 Feb 2008 015521 GMT
04:32:54a CPSC Chair Issues Warning Over Lead In Toys
04:32:59a Serbia in appeal to UN on Kosovo
04:33:03a Cabbie to face rape charges
04:33:07a Girlfriend NIU Gunman Called To Say Goodbye
04:33:11a NHS chief 'accused of interfering'
04:33:16a Rock loans payback 'to take years'
04:33:20a Muslims Changing Names to Avoid Discrimination
04:33:25a Tokyo shares open higher on weaker yen, firmer European stocks UPDATE
04:33:29a Exporters lift Tokyo, Sydney rebounds on banks
04:33:33a Japan's Nishikori stuns Blake for first title
04:33:38a Consumers to Pay Prices for DVD War
04:33:42a Japan destroyer Atago collides with schooner off Pacific coast.
04:33:47a B.C. man testifies kidnappers repeatedly threatened to kill him
04:33:51a Liberals defend their spending as financially sound
04:33:56a Northern Rock Move Highlights Taxpayer Risk
04:34:00a Finland, Denmark preparing to recognise Kosovo
04:34:05a Cyprus warns against Kosovo precedent
04:34:09a EU split deepens over Kosovo independence
04:34:13a Franck Ribery making his mark in Germany
04:34:18a EU foreign ministers seek common line on Kosovo
04:34:22a Petrol stations under scrutiny in Bulgarian anti-corruption drive
04:34:27a Justine eyes Wimbledon after Belgium win
04:34:31a France out for payback
04:34:35a Zanetti's forward thinking right for Inter
04:34:39a Belief key for confident Essien
04:34:44a EU battles to cram Kosovo stances into one text
04:34:48a Spain exposes EU split as US leads recognition
04:34:52a Germany Prepares to Cede Export Crown to China
04:34:57a Tax swindle police raid companies across Germany
04:35:01a Oxygen bars pop up across France
04:35:05a Bush hails Kosovo independence but six EU states voice opposition
04:35:09a Inside FedEx
04:35:14a Caught on Tape Fight near Southwind High
04:35:18a MCS presents new school safety plan
04:35:22a Neighbors speak about Gaither and Hawkins relationship
04:35:27a Credit checking firm seeks buyer for price comparison website
04:35:31a RCI Timeshare Exchange Webinar is Opportunity to Learn From the Pros
04:35:35a FEERChina Global Player As Private Equity Capital Grows
04:35:40a Language police end dispute over Irish pub signs
04:35:44a Bookmaker challenges suspension of permit
04:35:49a Miscarriage of justice appeal by Nevin
04:35:53a Father tells how he found daughter in bedroom
04:35:58a TD gets assurances about medical facilities for Irish troops in Chad
04:36:02a Sister says she was aware of marriage difficulties
04:36:06a Jesper Kyd Awarded With 'Best Original Musical Score in a Video Game' For Assassin's
04:36:11a Full Stormont devolution urged
04:36:15a Ryanair launches lawsuit against IFSRA
04:36:19a Dublin market closes up over 50 points
04:36:23a Dublin Canal Body Has Head Injuries
04:36:28a Elan Digital Predicts P-Series Growth for Workstation WiMAX
04:36:32a Scottsdale to consider appeal in preserve case
04:36:36a Arabian horses strut their stuff at WestWorld
04:36:41a How Mark Twain Helped Gain Widespread Validity of Fingerprint Evidence in America
04:36:45a ADF studies Timor, Bougainville veterans
04:36:49a 'New' species found in Antarctic waters
04:36:54a Chicken millionaire seeks bail
04:36:58a Andrews spent $200,000 to monitor media
04:37:02a High pitch a 'buzz off' message
04:37:07a Liberals back 9pc Nelson for now
04:37:11a Shanghai boosted by fund approvals
04:37:15a Hong Kong targets power supply
04:37:20a China's Monthly Inflation Rises To 7.1%
04:37:24a Mich. Man Accused in Theft of Stuffing
04:37:28a Musharraf party 'lagging in poll'
04:37:46a Who you callin' a plagiarist?
04:37:50a Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Lord Vader
04:37:54a Terror Apologists Lose Tax Status?
04:38:03a Kosovo is Independent. These Serbs had no Comment.
04:38:07a THOUGHTS ON romantic love and...
04:38:11a Another Interesting Obama Quote
04:38:15a Obama and Gun Control
04:38:20a With Campaign Materials Like This, How Did He Lose?
04:38:24a Pakistan After Musharraf
04:38:28a NEARLY-NAKED HOTTIES for Ron Paul....
04:38:32a On the Road Again
04:38:37a Explosion at Texas Oil Refinery Hurts 5
04:38:45a End poll fraud now, says Yar'Adua
04:38:49a 'Building a Popular Anarchism' New England Speaking Tour
04:39:04a SLAUGHTER - 3 cops among 13 killed in second Guyana massacre
04:39:08a Girl, 5, perishes in Curepe blaze -
04:39:12a Shannon kidnap
04:39:17a Family still
04:39:21a ...Joseph T&T willing to help neighbours -
04:39:25a We're not leaving - Guyana's consul after second slaughter
04:39:30a ...Trinidad a safe haven -
04:39:34a Panday Swift action must be taken -
04:39:38a Now Cedros radar system down -
04:39:43a Narace New contracts for oncology centre coming -
04:39:47a DVD vendors carry on despite shooting attack in PoS -
04:39:52a Man, 39, freed of dangerous driving - Judge slams police investigators
04:39:56a Fishing big item as Manning meets Bajan PM tomorrow -
04:40:00a 3 wanted by US lose extradition appeal -
04:40:05a '100 pellets found in drug mule' -
04:40:09a State closes in Monos Island case -
04:40:13a 17m health centre opens in PoS -
04:40:17a AIDS worker passes on -
04:40:22a Don't neglect literature, says Lovelace -
04:40:26a Tighter security as Laventille Technology Centre reopens -
04:40:30a Where are we safe? -
04:40:35a In defence of the children -
04:40:39a Among the deceivers -
04:40:43a Redeeming its reputation -
04:40:47a 157m WITCO profit
04:40:52a Statement on RBTT sale disappointing - FITUN president
04:40:56a Traffic ease coming - Imbert reveals plans for PoS
04:41:00a Agenda for Manning-Thompson meeting -
04:41:05a Jack earned my vote -
04:41:10a Peace treaty can lead to larger, stronger criminal gangs -
04:41:14a Why don't the police
04:41:19a Myanmar's wild elephants helping cut down their forest habitat
04:41:23a DG turn Scottish as Armani looks east at Milan
04:41:30a Colorado Couple Uses Fake 100 Bill to Rip Off Girl Scouts
04:41:35a Clinton Camp Says Obama Plagiarized in Speech
04:42:30a Bush Recognizes Kosovo As Independent
04:42:35a Britain releases pre-war secret file justifying invasion of Iraq
04:42:39a Dodi's father points finger at royals over Diana's death
04:42:44a Shuttle leaves station as next ship moves in
04:42:48a Street racing a problem near Maryland crash
04:42:53a Chavez threatens to seize control of largest food firm
04:42:57a Wanted former Guatemalan police director Chupina dies
04:43:02a U.S. spy chief Hezbollah, Syria to blame for slaying
04:43:07a Venezuela's Hugo Chavez says he may create windfall oil tax
04:43:11a Dominican army on alert at Haitian border
04:43:16a Guyana gunmen kill 12, steal weapons from police station
04:43:21a Police launch raid of projects in Paris suburb
04:43:25a Explosion rocks Texas oil refinery; at least one injured
04:43:29a NYC man arraigned in knifing of therapist
04:43:34a Survivors, relatives gather on club fire 5th anniversary
04:43:38a U.N. staff member falls to death from 19th floor
04:43:42a Man Accused of 2 Crashes in 3 Minutes
04:43:47a 'Luigi' statue stolen
04:43:51a Civil trial begins for tourist hurt on water toy
04:43:55a Financial Services Bloodbath
04:43:59a Baby Left In Snowbank During Domestic Dispute
04:44:04a Fuel to the Fire
04:44:08a Fort Lewis soldier killed in Iraq, family says
04:44:31a Proper Xenon lights not a threat
04:44:35a Time for Dr Koh to join Federal Govt
04:44:39a Well done, Immigration dept
04:44:44a Rationalists In UK Challenge Occultists Preying On Asians
04:44:48a What I earn is my own business
04:44:52a Allow employees to work from home
04:44:56a 'One Of Saturn's Rings Does House Cleaning'
04:45:00a Varsity needs more water and better Internet access
04:45:05a RapidKL bus driver traumatises passenger
04:45:09a Weathering the US recession storm
04:45:14a The right to clean smoke-free air
04:45:18a Not all Indians support demos
04:45:22a How are schools handling activities
04:45:26a Trailers need to be rated the same as movie
04:45:30a Hats off to cili padi Fong for standing her ground
04:45:35a Out of the Ordinary Is That No. 1 for Martin Truex Jr.?
04:45:39a New Orleans trumpeter Brunious dead at 67
04:45:43a Hammerhead shark makes endangered list
04:45:48a Caviezel talks about 'Passion' in Austin
04:45:52a Ancient 9-pound 'devil' frog' discovered
04:45:56a Festival de Kimjongilias lleno de sentimiento de elogio a Kim Jong Il
04:47:34a Trinidad to extradite NY 'plotters'
04:47:52a Blu-ray Wins as Toshiba Moves to Discontinue HD-DVD
04:47:56a Former U.S. President Bush Attacks on McCain 'Unfair'
04:48:25a Chinese Ambassador Gets Red Carpet In St. Louis
04:48:29a 'I could put out that Applegarth's windows'
04:48:34a Nationalisation is best deal for the taxpayer Brown
04:48:38a Investors ready to take legal action
04:48:42a London's top 50 bars and pubs
04:48:47a Universities bank on fees hike as debts rise
04:48:51a Unions and rivals fear worst as pursuit of savers begins
04:48:55a A cool head in another catastrophe
04:48:59a why the military feels misunderstood
04:49:04a NHS chief accused of eroding hospitals' independence
04:49:08a Nationalisation breaks government's debt rule
04:49:12a More hosting space for London
04:49:17a Pistorius looks to compete in London 2012 Games
04:49:21a London arbitration body in Dubai JV launch
04:49:25a Karl Lutchmayer on Beethoven
04:49:29a Regulators coy about Goldman Sachs role in saving lender
04:49:34a Ethnic party threatens poll boycott if demands not met
04:49:38a Air travel war hots up
04:49:42a Kuantan Port boost by 2020
04:49:47a First Gentleman I'm okay. Family is okay
04:49:51a TN, Maharashtra have 'bloody' roads
04:49:55a 'Bush is liar number one'
04:50:00a DRDO eyes a stronger future
04:50:04a Student arms racket busted in Kolkata
04:50:08a Peter Forsberg NHL Commercial
04:50:13a Forsberg Naslund
04:50:21a Poetry Reading with State Poet Laureate Samuel Green
04:50:26a Will GMA survive new challenge?
04:50:30a Philip Morris to begin construction of P1-B warehouse in Q4
04:50:34a DOJ will also look into alleged Lozada kidnapping
04:50:39a FBI confirming JI leader's death
04:50:43a Lepanto eyes P1.04B from rights offer
04:50:47a Senate begins probe on Glorietta blast
04:50:52a Vista Land buys back over P15M worth of shares
04:50:56a Focus on standardized tests harmful, Texas teacher unions say
04:51:01a Emirates invests in RFID trials at ...
04:51:05a Trading on ...
04:51:09a Ajman Bank to list on ...
04:51:13a In The Square
04:51:17a Kosovars Celebrating
04:51:22a Woman celebrating Kosovo independence in Brussels
04:51:26a Zombie March 2006 Iowa City
04:51:30a Want to get some sleep tonight? Try this
04:51:35a Sex with developers 4m approval
04:51:39a Sutton Forest incident boy charged
04:51:44a Nelson and Bishop rolled on AWAs
04:51:48a An Optimistic View of the World
04:51:53a Forum agrees to iron out differences between US and Islamic World
04:51:57a 'Brooklyn' Renders an Imperfect World, Perfectly
04:52:01a 'Blair helped murder Princess Diana'
04:52:06a Waiting for a world of change
04:52:10a Borrowed lines no big deal
04:52:14a Activists question Seoul's return of NKoreans found drifting
04:52:18a Stilnox safe if taken properly manufacturer
04:52:22a States urged to consider solar incentives
04:52:27a Musharraf's opponents head for Pakistan vote win
04:52:31a Attack on California Jewish Center
04:52:35a Australia recognizes Kosovo independence
04:52:40a Boy charged in killing pleads not-guilty to second-degree murder
04:52:44a Two wounded in Northwest drive-by shooting
04:52:49a Search after Japan navy collision
04:52:53a Xavier holds on for 8th straight win
04:52:57a Green leads Morgan St. to 63-52 victory over Bethune-Cookman
04:53:02a Harrison leads Coppin St. to close 69-68 win over Florida A&M
04:53:06a IOC Kosovo Olympic team 'unlikely'
04:53:10a Amtrak to add screenings, bomb-sniffing dogs
04:53:15a Families Warn Of Orlando Adoption Agency
04:53:19a Five-year-old aspires to life amidst daunting battle with cancer
04:53:24a Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana acknoledge the applause
04:53:28a A multiple exposure image of a creation by Italian designer Giorgio Armani
04:53:33a Explosion at west Texas oil refinery shuts down major interstate; 5 people injured
04:54:05a Fairfax Firefighters Missing While Hiking In N.H.
04:54:10a Va. Tech Community Holds Vigil After NIU Tragedy
04:54:20a Documents Detail Narco-Paramilitary Connection to Anti-Escobar Task Force
04:54:27a Cong to bid adieu to Akbar Road
04:54:31a Sri Lanka win toss, bat against India
04:54:35a A posh clubhouse in not-so-posh heart of city
04:54:40a Ashes to ashes, dust to dust... then used as dishwash
04:54:44a Appraisal + incentive = efficiency
04:54:48a CID will record Roy, Jadhav statements
04:54:52a Teens arrested for Juhu beach thefts
04:54:56a 'Missing man' found in his love nook
04:55:00a Impact limited to Nashik city
04:55:05a Wikileaks Shut Down by U.S. Court
04:55:09a Public meetings about Texas Trans Corridor Superhighway I-69
04:55:13a Offshoring not just about the costs
04:55:52a Idaho Senate panel votes to replace naturopath board, narrow rules
04:55:56a Weyerhaeuser closing British Columbia sawmill
04:56:13a Chopper 7 Surging River Floods Homes
04:56:18a Tornado Damages Greene County Homes
04:56:23a Tornado destroys two-story house, family suffers minor injuries
04:56:27a Tornadoes hit the South, Midwest buckles under icy storm
04:56:35a Possible tornado hits house, 2 mobile homes in eastern NC
04:56:40a Tornados damage South; another icy storm in Midwest
04:56:45a Tornado Levels Greene County House, Family of 3 Survives
04:56:49a Cost of Mackay floods still uncertain
04:56:53a Rain Comes With Tornado Watches
04:56:57a Will an eBay Boycott Hurt the #1 Online Auction Site
04:57:01a Musharraf's opponents head for vote win
04:57:06a Pak poll will be totally discredited if Musharraf wins Biden
04:57:10a Dognapped chocolate Labrador returned safely to Toronto owner
04:58:10a Funding start-up No.1 obstacle for women
04:58:14a Rebar Co. to auction off Idee Department Store
04:58:19a Gov't studying ways to cope with rising raw material prices
04:58:23a Taiwan law to lease CPC gas terminals, pipelines
04:58:28a Ma confirmed sister sat exam for another student
04:58:32a MOE denies report on student loan defaults
04:58:36a Haas alumni club welcomes Berkeley Asia Business Center
04:58:41a Cruise liners take tourists to Lantern Festival
04:58:45a Gov't pushing beneficial policies for Strait official
04:58:50a Telecoms production to grow 24%
04:58:54a Thief steals urinal sensor for Mercedes
04:58:58a Public servants resold own stolen laptop
04:59:03a Man receives bogus traffic fines for six years
04:59:07a Siblings split by adoption reunited after five decades
04:59:11a Book fair ends on political note
04:59:16a Shares close up 0.18 percent
04:59:20a Airlines must create new demand experts
04:59:25a Student shines in French acrobatic festival
04:59:29a Lantern Festival foods tested safe Taipei DOH
04:59:33a MOFA expresses support for Kosovo independence
04:59:38a China raps Taiwan over Kosovo independence
04:59:42a Epistar, Everlight shares climb on outlook for growth
04:59:47a 2 men missing after Japanese destroyer plows over fishing boat
04:59:51a Pitcher Caught in Trade Prank
04:59:55a Irving schools looking into smaller laptops
05:00:00a More inspectors join LMRA
05:00:04a 18 musicians strike a chord
05:00:08a A brush with Moroccan art
05:00:12a Prison clamp ondrugs paying off
05:00:17a Survey to target top businessmen
05:00:21a New health centres 'will be geared to disabled'
05:00:25a Man faces new trial for murder
05:00:29a Emergency plans will be put to test
05:00:34a Call to join training conference
05:00:38a 'We'll clean our own streets'
05:00:43a Gay 'honeytrap' victim robbed
05:00:47a Phone masts radiation risks dismissed
05:00:52a New housing projects vow
05:00:56a Jail Or Work-new Option
05:01:00a Drink driver slaps police officer
05:01:05a Asry drive to make safety a way of life
05:01:09a New deadline for firms to register
05:01:13a Flu pandemic chaos threat
05:01:17a 43 tankers ready to tackle flooding
05:01:22a Lord Mayor to exploreGulf business links
05:01:26a Man held for BD80 groceryshop raid
05:01:30a Last chance to attend art expo
05:01:34a Localisation key in Indian market Wipro chief
05:01:39a Florida pastor challenges married couples to have sex every day for month
05:01:43a Fiji coup leader names himself chiefs' chairman
05:01:47a Philippines says they have Bali bomber body
05:01:52a New Bienville drug task force racks up arrests
05:01:56a Jackson police investigating armed robbery
05:02:00a Robbery Suspect Remains in Hospital
05:02:05a K'taka cops launch manhunt for fidayeen
05:02:09a Helene St. James' blog Lidstrom leaves game after injuring knee
05:02:24a A heart of darkness
05:02:28a Cash shortfall for flood measures
05:02:32a Call for early sightings of bees
05:02:37a Queen's death warrant saved
05:02:41a Climate change focus for councils
05:02:45a Nippy dip's frozen assets donated
05:02:50a Fears housing cash could be lost
05:02:54a Social clauses boost communities
05:02:58a Area Crime Groups Urging Participation
05:03:02a Smith I'll halt knife menace
05:03:07a Mexico to Refinance 400 Million Owed by Cuba, Bancomext Says
05:03:11a Journalist Who Exposes U.N.Corruption Disappears From Google
05:03:15a Israeli singer cracks Billboard Top 10
05:03:19a Kidnapped Israeli SoldiersBelieved to Be Dead
05:03:24a Clinton leading in Wisconsins Democratic primary poll
05:03:29a Russias Claim UnderPolar Ice Irks American
05:03:33a Teenage drinkers could be criminalised
05:03:37a McCain still has work to formally clinch GOP nomination
05:03:42a Serbs in Kosovo Vow toRemain Part of Serbia
05:03:46a Farmers predict grocery prices to rise 40%
05:03:50a Speed, alcohol factors in fatal police pursuit
05:03:58a HK shares gain broadly, Bank of China leads
05:04:03a HK shares gain led by HSBC, but SHK Properties down
05:04:07a Health Ministry plans to improve rural sanitation
05:04:11a Firm to recreate ancient garden
05:04:15a Polluters urged to buy 'green insurance'
05:04:20a Egypt defends new Arab media charter
05:04:24a Half SA's medics want to leave survey
05:04:28a Spice Girls 'would love' to perform for Mandela
05:04:32a Cricket-Doubts in ad industry over IPL success chances
05:04:36a COL BKB Texas 77, Texas A&M 50
05:04:41a Financial information just a click away
05:04:45a Cellphones take centre stage at WMC
05:04:49a LG puts off laptop battery recall
05:04:54a Saboteurs blamed for Mideast cable cut
05:04:58a Coming out online
05:05:02a Muhsim Muhammad released by Bears
05:05:06a Vernon Wells arrives at camp 'close to 100 per cent'
05:05:10a Red Sox insist Curt Schilling try to rehab shoulder
05:05:15a Binational group laments Great Lakes agreement
05:05:19a Child Dies In Newark Fire
05:05:23a Triyar to move into Scottsdale offices
05:05:28a W32/Pasalavoz-A
05:05:32a EC announces list of 74 appointed senators
05:05:37a American College of Physicians Position Take Aim at Marijuana Laws
05:05:47a New Yorker writer leads Polk Award winners
05:05:52a Monday, Monday... so good to me
05:06:06a WZO council Israeli Arabs must be loyal to state, condemn terror
05:06:14a Consequences of GM crop contamination 'set to worsen'
05:07:15a Traders signal offers in the Wheat Options pit at the Chicago Board of Trade
05:07:22a Political parade headed to S.A.
05:07:27a Checking educators for the students' sake
05:07:31a Comal ISD trustees postpone vote on 209.9 million bond election
05:07:35a Jaime Castillo Car rental industry backs off promise to try to scuttle venue tax
05:07:40a Obituary Gaither danced her way through difficult times
05:07:44a Talk of revenge brews after teen shot, killed on East Side
05:07:48a Edmund TIjerina S.A. surgeon's generosity is sky high
05:07:53a Grandmother, another woman slain in Southwest Side home
05:07:57a Brain injury survivors, families to meet
05:08:02a Judge sets aside indecency sentence
05:08:06a Once targeted in recall, Floresville official quits
05:08:11a Zoning error may allow pregnancy clinic
05:08:15a Voters' Guide — Democratic-Party Chair 2-year veteran says party on the mend; newcomer disagrees
05:08:20a Voters' Guide — Bexar County Constable 15 try for nominations for job serving courts
05:08:24a Voters' Guide — Bexar County Commissioner Carrying on South Side feud
05:08:28a Voters' Guide — Referendums GOP zeroes in on immigration
05:08:33a US, North Korean nuclear negotiators in Beijing
05:08:37a Indonesian woman arrested for smuggling heroin
05:08:41a Ehud Olmert
05:08:46a Temburong Water Supply Not Affected By Floods
05:08:50a Brunei To Take Part In Young Leaders Programme In Japan
05:08:55a Company Fined Under Income Tax Act
05:08:59a Young Entrepreneurs In The Making
05:09:03a Crown Prince Attends RBAF High Tea Reception For 34th Birthday
05:09:07a Flood Relief Fund As Yayasan And Hokkien Association Pitch In
05:09:12a Mobilising Public Support For Nation Day
05:09:16a Electrical Dept's Counters Closed On February 23
05:09:20a Freed FROM Prison, Man Finds Wife & 3 Kids Missing
05:09:24a Brunei-Muara District Receives 23,000 Mini Flags Ahead Of N-Day
05:09:29a Poetry Roadshow Marks N-Day In KB
05:09:33a Envoy Visits Chinese Associations
05:09:37a Brunei Seeks Big Time Investors
05:09:41a 2,000 Mini Flags Given Away In Tutong
05:09:45a Temburong Quran Reading Contest Winners Set To Join National Event
05:09:50a M'sia In Brunei Called To Register
05:09:54a VECONAC Elects New President
05:09:59a Religious Teaching University College Visits Flood-Hit School
05:10:03a Consultative Councils Foster Ties With Youth
05:10:07a Offender Nabbed In Op Pintas
05:10:11a Front Liners In Customer Service Workshop
05:10:15a Full Dress Rehearsal On Feb 20
05:10:20a AV Electronics To Launch Macbook Air Today
05:10:24a Engineering Popular Among Bruneians
05:10:28a Bandung Delegates Hold Business-Matching Session
05:10:32a 135 Sumptuous Dishes At Rizqun's Kampung Night
05:10:36a Amanha Spa Upgrades Facilities
05:10:41a 'Fishing Pastime Can Create Jobs'
05:10:45a Lion Dance Brings CNY Cheer To Brunei Press
05:10:49a Open House Event At Singapore Armed Forces Camp
05:10:54a Bali Bomber's Body May Be in Philippines
05:10:58a Private mint wants to move moneymaking to Tacoma
05:11:03a Soldier killed in Iraq, family says
05:11:07a MADRID Market data at 9.30 am
05:11:11a Ronaldinho reignites Barca's hopes as Madrid drop points
05:11:16a Shanghai unsettled on inflation, Tokyo posts gains
05:11:20a Toshiba to announce HD-DVD pull-out Tuesday
05:11:24a Let's twist the Yield Curve
05:11:29a Writing a 'get rich' book is the path to wealth, not reading one
05:11:33a Qatar builds stake in Credit Suisse report
05:11:37a AXA Asia Pacific profit drops 4%
05:11:41a Bus company defends discrimination claim
05:11:46a RBA wanted larger rate hike
05:11:50a 'Conman behind Bikini Massage'
05:11:54a Final submissions made in nightclub murder case
05:11:59a Market rallies, banks rise
05:12:03a Sri Lanka decides to bat
05:12:07a Cooper included in Reds squad
05:12:12a Woman accused of credit card crime spree
05:12:20a Nelson defends 9 per cent poll rating
05:12:24a Coalition backflips on AWAs
05:12:28a Mining revival possible on Kangaroo Island
05:12:32a Driver being sought after injuring several cyclists
05:12:37a Foster's profit dives 28pc
05:12:41a Coalition won't oppose workplace changes
05:12:45a Australians in love with Rudd
05:12:49a Judd gets captaincy nod
05:12:54a Australian grads nonchalant with resumes
05:12:58a High winds hit Pilbara coastline
05:13:02a Cornelia Rau accepts compensation offer
05:13:06a Woman charged over thefts
05:13:10a Longtime Greeley water advocate dies
05:13:15a Sony wins format war
05:13:19a ESPN Radio gets TKOd
05:13:24a Students will have new black history lessons, thanks to work by Terre Haute NAACP
05:13:28a Baxter Rival Steps In to Supply Heparin
05:13:32a It's Never Too Early for Fresh Florida Fruit
05:13:36a Tigers' Miguel Cabrera in company with the likes of Albert Pujols, Vladimir Guerrero
05:13:41a Trade rumors overshadow NHL general managers meetings
05:13:45a Baseball Being Singled Out
05:13:50a 'Celebrity Dancing in Tampa Bay' with Wendy Ryan
05:13:54a DeSalvo impresses Braves, Kotsay gets day off
05:13:58a Dmitri 'Da Meat Hook' Young arrives at Nationals camp, takes 1st swings since September
05:14:03a Bennett bids for spot in Atlanta Braves high-profile rotation
05:14:07a Veteran feels like he still has to earn spot in Astros rotation
05:14:11a Have sex every day
05:14:15a Search underway for missing cruise ship crewmember
05:14:20a Nemours Orlando deal nearly finalized
05:14:24a Statement on RBTT sale disappointing
05:14:29a Vatican issues guide to making saints
05:14:33a Where are we safe
05:14:37a 157m WITCO profit as tobacco laws loom
05:14:42a North Providence police chief retires
05:14:47a 911 call reveals victims' final moments
05:14:51a Y Fray, CEO of EcoLimo, poses next to her Prius Hybrid limousine
05:14:55a View of the 2007 Oscars passes at Y Fray's office
05:15:14a Fire at New Holland plant does 20000 damage
05:15:19a Dutch tourists who fibbed convicted
05:15:22a 'I don't hate Muslims. I hate Islam,' says Holland's rising
05:15:27a Sheriff Deputies Investigate Car Through Roof
05:15:31a Tanzania Children to Receive Free Bed Nets, Bush Says
05:15:36a NZ dollar rises to seven-month high
05:15:48a U of L Campus on High Alert
05:15:52a LMPD arrests 27 men responding to sex ads on craigslist
05:15:57a AMTRAK Unveils Massive Security Upgrade
05:16:01a Services Held For 3 Of 5 NIU Shooting Victims
05:16:06a Lawmakers Try To Keep Guns Away From Mentally Ill
05:16:10a Clinton And Obama Prepare For Tight Battle In Wis.
05:16:15a Wife Charged In Murder Of Retired NYPD Sergeant
05:16:19a Popular Exhibit Investigated After Report
05:16:23a Accused Livery Cab Rapist Refutes Charges
05:16:28a High School Musical Phenomenon Sweeps The US
05:16:32a How Suite It Is Twins Unveil New Ballpark Suites
05:16:37a Murderous Discovery Phoenix Cops Track Human Skull Found in Bucket
05:16:41a Girl Wakes Up to See Van Over Her Body
05:16:45a Local Superdelegates Wield Influence In Primary
05:16:50a Hunger Strike Underway For SJ 'Little Saigon' Name
05:16:54a WJZ Talks To Star Of 'High School Musical'
05:16:58a China's inflation rate hits 7.1% in January
05:17:03a Shanghai Unsettled on Inflation
05:17:07a Exhumed Body May Be Suspect in Bali Bombing
05:17:11a Healing.
05:17:16a The Voice of a broken heart
05:17:20a My Heart
05:17:24a MyDay
05:17:28a Musharraf's opponents head for Pakistan vote win
05:17:33a Rand Report Critical of US Army Suppressed
05:17:41a 'Northeast yes, but we are eight different states'
05:17:46a South Africa conduit for illegal Indian migration to Britain
05:17:50a Russian varsities targeting West-bound Indian students
05:17:55a Indo-Canadian owner commits suicide after restaurant blast
05:17:59a Loyola grad accused of displaying prop gun on campus
05:18:03a Bush Calls Kosovo Right Move
05:18:08a Democrats battle over credit for speeches
05:18:12a Tell us what you think of's new look
05:18:17a SPRING TRAINING VIDEO Tigers' new lineup
05:18:21a YAK'S CORNER The Yak visits a Troy class
05:18:26a Stolen Data Spur Tax Probes
05:18:31a China's January CPI up 7.1%, exceeds expected 7% rise
05:18:35a Students pilots in fatal crash
05:18:39a 24 killed in iron ore mine blast in north China
05:18:44a China downs S Korea at EAFF Women's Championship
05:18:48a 'Illinois killer bid girlfriend goodbye'
05:18:52a Musharraf Opponents Lead in Early Returns
05:18:56a FDA Approved Wrong Drug Plant
05:19:11a Raleigh County Student Nominated Ambassador
05:19:33a Whitebait recipe to feature in drug trial
05:19:38a Dead teen may have suffered sexual attack
05:19:42a Child's fatal injuries inconsistent with fall
05:19:46a State Highway reopened after fatal crash
05:19:51a Youth shot by police remanded in custody
05:19:55a Police investigating arson at Napier flat
05:19:59a Former teacher takes stand in his own defence
05:20:07a Kiwi filmmaker dies
05:20:12a New national treatment plan for diabetes
05:20:16a Lawmakers stuck in catch-22 over kindergarten fees
05:20:20a Mailboxes become the new target for thieves
05:20:25a Teen recalls hostage drama that ended in death
05:20:29a Police say thieves are casing parking lots and breaking into trunks
05:20:33a Ainsworth books reduced net loss of $10m
05:20:37a Are ND Republicans going to lose the Senate?
05:20:51a Gates Foundation Vs. Openness In Research
05:21:12a 24 killed in explosion at illegal China mine
05:21:16a Pakistan opposition takes commanding lead
05:21:23a Strike by Ethnic Minorities Shuts Down Nepal's Capital
05:21:57a Hewlett-Packard's Tea Leaves
05:22:02a China warns of forest fires following snow storms
05:22:15a Child's fatal injuries inconsistent with fall, court told
05:22:20a SH1 opens again after fatal crash
05:22:24a Police investigating arson of Napier flat
05:22:28a SH1 north of Orewa blocked after fatal crash
05:22:33a New national treatment plan for diabetes and cardiac disease
05:22:37a Govt launches children's website to tackle obesity
05:22:42a Man charged with 23 counts of cheque fraud
05:22:46a Advances in Endpoint Data Security
05:23:42a MKs urge U.S. to spend more on missile, rocket defense system
05:23:46a NHS psoriasis care 'inconsistent'
05:24:08a Japan boat accident
05:24:17a Musharraf's rivals head for vote win
05:24:27a China reports 18th human bird-flu death
05:24:31a ABC announces 'Dancing with the Stars' contestants
05:24:38a ClamAV/SOSDG 0.92.1-1
05:24:42a Cobian Backup Beta
05:24:49a Opposition parties seize early lead in Pakistan election
05:24:54a Inquiry into airport death to look at Taser use by only B.C. police
05:24:58a Obama Campaign Opens Cincinnati Office
05:25:03a Baseball Hall Of Fame To Announce New Members
05:25:07a Main events scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 20+
05:25:11a New air show opens in Singapore+
05:25:16a Pakistan Opposition Takes Vote Lead
05:25:20a FSA seeks legal power to delete false reports on shareholdings+
05:25:24a Body of Bali bombing suspect unearthed+
05:25:29a 2ND LD U.S., N. Korean nuclear negotiators meet in Beijing+
05:25:33a 5TH LD Japan destroyer collides with fishing boat, 2 fishermen missing+
05:25:37a China's inflation rate soars to highest in over 11 years govt
05:25:42a JI militant Dulmatin believed killed in the Philippines
05:25:46a President Musharraf's allies face defeat in Pakistan vote
05:25:51a Giant sea creatures captured
05:25:55a Stilnox 'caused bridge death'
05:26:00a Eagle Hovercraft, Twenty Different Kinds of Awesome
05:26:04a Funds for research into death of bees
05:26:08a Obama seeks blue-collar vote with jobs plan
05:26:12a Crisis cushioned
05:26:17a As Lending Tightens, Education Could Suffer
05:26:21a New Trove Opened in Kennedy Killing
05:26:26a Satellite Shooting Is Next as Shuttle Heads Home
05:26:30a Reports of Gunmans Use of Antidepressant Renew Debate Over Side Effects
05:26:35a Asian airlines to unveil orders for Boeing, Airbus
05:27:04a Black History Month Stamp Honors Charles Chestnutt
05:27:09a Covington Police Arrest Sex Offender In Sting Operation
05:27:13a Possible Showdown Over Elementary School's Closing
05:27:18a Deputies Prepare Alert For Local Businesses
05:27:22a Delta Expected To Meet This Week About Merger
05:27:28a For Publisher in Los Angeles, Cuts and Worse
05:27:32a Russia’s Claim Under Polar Ice Irks American
05:27:37a Delta Air Lines Said to Be Near a Northwest Deal
05:27:41a Kosovo Is Recognized but Rebuked by Others
05:27:45a Diana Inquest Hears Fayed’s Accusations
05:27:50a Wall St. Banks Confront a String of Write-Downs
05:27:54a Tension About Religion and Class in Turkey
05:27:58a Horyn Gets Uninvited to Armani
05:28:03a Bihar Rapist lynched
05:28:07a Jeni Lee Dinkel Arrested, Alleged Probation Violation
05:28:21a Bush Calls for Use of Nets in Malaria War
05:28:26a U.S. Pushes for Quick Peace Deal
05:28:33a Crisis Needs to End Soon, Rice Says
05:28:44a Meat Blanket 4
05:28:57a A Picture is Worth...
05:29:01a Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Bias?
05:29:06a North american Union
05:29:10a Rift Emerges at the U.N. Over Kosovo
05:29:14a Becerra Benefit A Skating Success
05:29:18a Most of EU spurns WTO trade proposals
05:29:23a Store shooting victim's 911 plea released
05:29:27a China's inflation highest in 12 years
05:29:39a 'Competitive bidding' rule for medical goods meets some opposition
05:29:43a Lunar eclipse starts tomorrow night
05:29:47a Consumers told to eat local meat
05:29:52a City schools holding beef linked to recall
05:29:56a Pakistanis react to poll trends
05:30:01a France becomes first EU nation to recognise Kosovo
05:30:05a Police feared 'airport stand-off'
05:30:10a US to attempt satellite shoot-down Thursday report
05:30:14a PM announces emergency funds for flood-hit Qld
05:30:18a Kosovo independence will bring peace Bush
05:30:22a Philippines tiptoes around Kosovo recognition
05:30:27a Bothered by carbon? Drop it in the sea!
05:30:31a In Pictures Ballot count
05:30:35a German artificial lung device wins praise for saving lives
05:30:40a E Timor military, police join to hunt attackers
05:30:44a McCain will not ask me to be running mate Jindal
05:30:48a UK in collaboration with USA to reduce nuclear threats
05:30:52a ArcelorMittal win Egyptian ...
05:30:57a Crane boom hits power line, kills Allegheny Co. man
05:31:01a Harris scores 21 as La Salle upsets Saint Joseph's 90-89
05:31:05a Greene school staffer diagnosed with bacterial meningitis
05:31:09a Closing arguments Tuesday in Milton Street trial
05:31:14a Unilateral Strike Called a Model
05:31:18a New Math Textbook Irks Parents
05:31:23a Estacio Announces Acquisitions in Sao Paulo
05:31:27a For Perhaps 490 a Month, a Home on the Hudson River
05:31:31a Slain Editor Heads List of Polk Award Winners
05:31:36a Man Dies After Fistfight
05:31:40a A Young Politician Becomes a House Painter
05:31:45a Former Armenian president and presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrosian delivers a speech during a rally
05:31:49a Secret Iraq dossier published
05:31:54a Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala addressing the 61st
05:31:58a Pakistani woman voter casts her vote in the conservative city of
05:32:03a Bhaktapur Campus to run MBS classes
05:32:07a 16 smugglers arrested
05:32:11a Ex-Indian army SFF men\'s demands forwarded Embassy
05:32:16a Japan provides assistance
05:32:20a Fuel crisis likely to hit post death rituals
05:32:25a Thakur calls for polls environment
05:32:29a Pakistanis defy fear, vote
05:32:33a Ministry appeal
05:32:38a OCE fixes SLC exams centres
05:32:42a State media planned under public authority Mahara
05:32:46a Bhattarai for action against King Gyanendra
05:32:50a UML names 15 candidates for CA polls from valley
05:32:54a Democracy Day today
05:32:59a Koirala calls agitating Terai groups for talks By A
05:33:03a Martin shows concern
05:33:07a Swcond Group SLC Exams From Tomorrow
05:33:11a Founder of Mercantile Group Gopal Raj Bhandari passes away
05:33:16a Japanese assistance to construct hospital
05:33:20a \'Grant autonomy to state-owned media\'
05:33:24a \'Karnali employment scheme unsuccessful\'
05:33:29a Peace walk organised
05:33:33a Champions League Roma, Real to bounce back
05:33:38a Portsmouth into FA Cup quarters
05:33:42a Mind your own business Nielsen
05:33:46a Show more patience, captain tells to Lankans
05:33:50a Moody to coach Mohali
05:33:54a Aussies to finalise IPL T20 contract
05:33:59a Japanese team stuns Blake
05:34:03a Nepal fail in run-chase, lose against Lanka
05:34:07a Devil At Work
05:34:11a Beware Of Choking
05:34:15a Rescuing Nepalis Abroad A Few Challenges
05:34:20a Parties Prepare For Polls
05:34:24a Hawaii Democrats Prepare to Caucus
05:34:29a Waimea Valley Re-opens under New Management
05:34:33a Kardiac Kids
05:34:37a Personal Finance Article If a layoff looms, be prepared
05:34:41a Doha, Bogota WTA Tour Previews
05:34:46a Pakistan poll goes fairly smoothly
05:34:50a Inaugural Singapore Airshow opens
05:35:26a Person Killed On I-91 In Wallingford
05:35:34a Equal opportunity to become a reality soon
05:35:38a Indian doctor gets 5 years in Canada jail
05:35:43a 'Pak polls will be totally discredited if Musharraf wins'
05:35:47a Documents relating to Kennedy assassination revealed
05:35:51a UN cant say about legality of Kosovo's independence Ban
05:35:55a Doubts in ad industry over success of IPL
05:36:00a Musharraf allies face defeat in Pak election
05:36:04a Adelaide ODI Sri Lanka win toss, to bat
05:36:08a 'Jayalalitha telling 'a bundle of lies'
05:36:13a 7 good tax-saving funds to buy
05:36:18a TVS plans LPG, CNG 2-wheelers
05:36:22a Paramount Airways breaks even
05:36:26a 7-bn investments cleared for Fab City
05:36:30a Coop banks may enjoy tax exemption
05:36:35a Rane Group to supply auto parts for Nano
05:36:39a Stock tips for today
05:36:43a Stewart Cooks Up Deal With Emeril
05:36:47a Sun Microsystems Sets Deal for Chips
05:36:52a Silicon Valley Comeback Continues
05:36:56a Generosity springs from grief
05:37:00a Tough winter just the thing for Oregon's moose
05:37:05a Some want to make a city out of White City
05:37:09a Idaho prosecutors want to extend death penalty decision deadline
05:37:14a Washington Senate passes bill to change Electoral College process
05:37:18a Thai PM unveils big spending plans
05:37:22a Nepal capital running out of fuel amid strike
05:37:30a Key Malay opposition member pulls out of polls
05:37:34a Anti-U.S. protests greet U.S. troops in exercises
05:37:38a Malay churches seek religious freedom
05:37:43a 26 Chinese fishermen rescued, 2 missing Manila
05:37:47a Australian PM plans trip to China to talk resources
05:37:52a Wounded East Timorese leader making recovery
05:38:18a Why women diet
05:39:12a Saudis Advised to Stay out of Lebanon as France Shuts Cultural Centers
05:39:17a Kuwait Urges Restraint over Mughniyeh Killing
05:40:28a Dalziel welcomes public registers report
05:40:33a Melview Developments expands hotels team
05:40:37a SDHB Celebrates Staff 's 40 Years of Service
05:40:41a Max Foundation for New Zealand Women
05:40:46a New ‘mission’ website promotes healthy lifestyle
05:40:50a Can’t get the maths right!
05:40:54a Ngati director dies of stroke
05:40:58a New Zealand Police National News Release
05:41:03a Strong growth for AXA New Zealand
05:41:07a Bring the kids to Omana for Children’s Day
05:41:11a Women's Cycle Race to take in Miramar Peninsula
05:41:15a Mum allegedly held knife to daughter's throat
05:41:20a Wineries expecting bumper grape harvest
05:41:24a Experts Back NZ Initiative On Rights Education
05:41:28a RBA's assistant governor maintains hawkish tone
05:41:32a Barnett decides against standing on Labour list
05:41:36a Govt confirms Glenn may be made consul
05:41:41a NZ given A+ grade for Rugby World Cup plans
05:41:45a Harmison heads for New Zealand
05:41:50a Defending champion Scott facing elimination
05:41:54a Thumprint reader helps screen foreigners
05:41:58a 101 damnations Jody's huge charge card
05:42:02a Unofficial Results Due In Pakistan's Election
05:42:07a Source U.S. agrees to delay talks on J'lem, Abbas rejects agreement
05:42:11a RIGHTS-IRAN Intolerance Marks Sunni Student's Death Sentence
05:42:16a SOS SMS leads to dramatic sea rescue
05:42:20a Brave security guard fights off robbers
05:42:25a Kenya Talks Debate Prime Minister's Post
05:42:29a Destination Skiing On Decline Due To Credit Crunch
05:42:34a Duke Energy unit buys wireless towers from Vangard
05:42:38a Telkomsel to share FWA CDMA BTS with parent Telkom
05:42:42a NIU challenges wireless networks
05:42:47a Lansing police say officer shot, wounded man who had weapon
05:42:52a Chinese enterprises candle ready for dumping battle
05:42:56a Alleged terrorist leader killed in S Philippines
05:43:01a Death toll rises to 55 after floods hit Bolivia
05:43:05a Armenians start to cast votes in presidential election
05:43:10a PML-N leading in Pakistan's general elections
05:43:14a Olympic berths up for grabs at diving test event
05:43:19a Chinese Lantern Festival is coming
05:43:23a IOC to announce host city of first ever Youth Olympic Games
05:43:27a Musharraf appeals for national unity
05:43:32a Doctor to give talk on food-based illness Tuesday in South Lake Tahoe
05:43:36a L.A. probation official among suspects seized in gang arrests
05:43:40a Suspects in 2 separate homicides arrested at the border
05:43:45a Calif lawmakers to discuss teen drivers' safety
05:43:50a California Biggest beef recall in history draws outrage
05:43:54a Everyone knows Mom is 80 - except Mom
05:43:58a Calif. Fire Captain Suffers Stroke Responding
05:44:02a California holding synthetic-surface conference
05:44:06a Morgan Stanley to expand Roseville office with Stone Point lease
05:44:10a More bad budget news could be on the way from analyst
05:44:15a California S.F. Zoo shows raised walls at cat exhibit
05:44:19a New women's pro soccer league lines up investors
05:44:24a Schwarzenegger pitches California food and wine
05:44:28a Expect road closures for Amgen bike race
05:44:32a - Calif. Zoo's Tiger Exhibit Renovated
05:44:37a Southern California slaughterhouse at center of recall
05:44:41a Study Sacramento not ready for prime time
05:44:46a Board Still Testing the Waters for Glennshire Fix
05:44:50a Around Mississippi
05:44:55a BRIEF Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers to Hold Banquet
05:44:59a News Exhibit Oncampus This Month
05:45:03a Judge Couple Missed Deadline in Wind-Farm Suit
05:45:08a Board Commits to Selling Hubble Site
05:45:12a Atlantis Space Shuttle Uncoupled From Iss
05:45:16a Website helps savvy shoppers score big savings
05:45:21a Records show state rep. Dawnna Dukes failed to pay taxes
05:45:25a Beef recalls hit home in Austin, Round Rock
05:45:29a Yemen plans US13.7 billion ...
05:45:33a More than 20 warships to visit Qatar
05:45:38a Qatar buys stake in Credit Suisse
05:45:46a Peer wins history-making match at Qatar tourney
05:45:50a Rudd most popular PM in 20 years poll
05:45:54a Judge eases some controls on David Hicks
05:45:58a Exmouth escapes cyclone damage, for now
05:46:02a Coalition backflips over AWA axing
05:46:07a IR reform needed promptly Qld Ombudsman
05:46:11a Postcard Bandit's mate to stand trial
05:46:16a Witness weeps over road collapse family
05:46:20a Crying babies upset Aussie travellers
05:46:24a Ashby goes on offensive over innocence
05:46:28a Andrews spent 200,000 to monitor media
05:46:32a ESPN Radio gets TKO'd
05:46:37a Another Free Book Example; Oprah Book Give Away Keeps Actual Sales Strong
05:46:43a KS School Bars Female From
05:47:00a MNSBC's 'Hardball' mixes up Osama, Obama
05:47:06a New Antarctic marine species found
05:47:11a Planets raises hopes of extraterrestial life
05:47:15a Mars Images Show Topography Of Red Planet
05:48:07a Converted I'm a biodynamic believer
05:48:13a Silicon Valley Losing Middle-Wage Jobs
05:48:26a Browne and Frazier Help Lions on D
05:49:31a Forestry Tas talks up alternatives to clearfelling
05:49:35a Public meetings on gene technology
05:49:40a Five Deportees Die on S. African Border
05:49:58a Indonesian airline Garuda orders 4 Boeing 777 airplanes valued at more than US1 billion
05:50:02a Hong Kong's benchmark index gains 2.18 percent in early trade
05:50:06a Hong Kong's Sun Hun Kai Properties chairman takes temporary leave of absence
05:50:11a Deputy Who Dumped Man From Wheelchair Resigns
05:50:25a Fever to acquire Indy native Douglas
05:50:29a Ex-Secretary of State Powell visits Indy
05:50:34a Stocks close higher in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico
05:50:38a CVRD Conclude Iron Ore Price Negotiations with Japanese Steel Maker JFE Steel
05:50:43a Five Ways to Move Ahead with BrazilianTransport Stocks
05:50:47a Brazil, India Call for Farm Subsidy Cuts
05:50:51a Kleibrink unbeaten, Scott stumbles at Hearts
05:50:56a Teacher Accused Of Sending Improper Messages To Girl
05:51:00a Church Challenges Members Have Daily Sex
05:52:00a South Texans take water fight with Mexico to Canada court
05:52:37a Daewoo, Hyundai plan separate 976 mln UK navy tenders
05:52:41a AIRSHOW-Garuda converts Boeing order to 10 777-300ERs
05:52:46a China's FAW says Jan vehicle sales up 47 pct
05:52:50a India's Bonds Are Little Changed; Banks May Broaden Reserves
05:52:54a Banks suppress info about online banking security
05:52:58a Central Bank opens office in Malacca
05:53:02a Bank of China profits increase 'visibly'
05:53:07a Business time for New Zealand
05:53:11a 'Old-fashioned' banks manage to avoid credit crisis
05:53:15a Tahoe college to offer bachelor degree in ski business and resort management
05:53:19a UH sets up business scholarship
05:53:23a Cayman Island Bank Gets Wikileaks Taken Offline in US
05:53:28a Holling ready to get down to business
05:53:32a London shares higher midafternoon as banks drive gains; US closed ...
05:53:36a Garmin wins Kansasrsquo; business award
05:53:40a Cutting deals Qatar to invest billions in western banks
05:53:45a UBS Can Open Branch in India, Central Bank's Leeladhar Says
05:53:49a If your adjusted gross income was 54,000 ... Taxes
05:53:53a Brazil Retail Sales Increase 9%
05:53:58a Britain Siv Nears Default
05:54:02a Canada Suit Over Mobile Patents
05:54:07a Chinas Inflation Rose to 7.1% in January
05:54:11a Bayer Drops Drug From a Cancer Trial
05:54:16a No Polo Pony, but Penneys New Label Is Pure Ralph Lauren Americana
05:54:20a House Committee Questions 1.2 Million Contract for Former Bush Appointee
05:54:24a Bringing Along Baby Food? Not Too Much, Rules Say
05:54:28a A Cure for the Airport Blues
05:54:33a A Savior for Chrysler? Read On
05:54:37a Rate hike predictions 'reinforced' by RBA minutes
05:54:41a Swan fends off inexperience claims
05:55:20a Bill would give voting rights to some felons
05:55:26a Basketball girl's death prompts safety review
05:55:31a Anchor Bay developer pledges no more delays
05:56:16a Hacker's firm doubleTwist enables copying of iTunes
05:56:35a Union Unite Calls For Protection Of Northern Rock Workers
05:56:40a Managers Support TUC Campaign Against Long Hours
05:56:46a Magistrate confirms revised Hicks control order
05:56:57a Armenians vote for president, PM expected to win
05:57:02a Magistrate confirms Hicks order
05:57:06a Andrews spent 130k monitoring Haneef media coverage
05:57:13a Teen drug abuse surging in N.O. area
05:57:17a Conventions could fill void now that big events are over
05:57:21a Bill to payments to jailed ex-politicians faces tough road
05:57:46a PRESS DIGEST Bulgaria Feb 18
05:58:25a SA growth limping
05:59:05a Race and Gender Politics at Play in New Clinton Ad
05:59:18a Dead suspect named in botched Mexico City bombing
05:59:22a Thieves might steal tsunami warning buoys-Australia
05:59:31a China arrests miners for damage to Neolithic site
05:59:45a Floods kill 5,force thousands to flee in Philippines
05:59:49a Rwanda Country to Implement Agriculture Plan
05:59:54a Africa Soccer Teams Start Fight for African League With Wins
05:59:58a Angola Government Formalises Cooperation Protocol With Guinea-Bissau
06:00:03a Angola Who Director-General Starts Three-Day Work Visit
06:00:07a Angola Journalism Refresher Course Happens Today
06:00:32a Musharraf's rivals head for big win in Pakistan vote
06:01:44a Nepal's king calls for harmony, Maoists criticize message+
06:01:48a LEAD Anti-Kimigayo teachers appeal district court ruling+
06:01:53a 24 die in China mine explosion+
06:01:57a Anti-Kimigayo teachers appeal district court ruling+
06:02:02a Inflation in China rises again to 7.1%+
06:02:06a No plan to reschedule Olympic events over poor air quality official+
06:02:11a LEAD Bush says Kosovo's independence is 'the correct move'+
06:02:15a Oil still on the rise
06:02:29a Commerce Commission to look into Blue Chip
06:02:33a Rudd gets 70% approval rating
06:02:38a Barnett to quit Parliament
06:02:42a Sharemarket closes higher
06:02:46a Press Corps Quagmire
06:02:50a Giving away our constitutional rights
06:02:55a Antidepressants are all the rage but have a dark side
06:02:59a Border patrol
06:03:03a Hamas Runs For Cover
06:03:07a Nigeria Country Earns N1.36trn From Crude Oil in 2 Months
06:03:12a AWOL
06:03:16a Unilateral Strike Called a Model for US Operations in Pakistan
06:03:21a Merkel Says No Plan to Change German Missions in Afghanistan
06:03:26a Chronology Bombing Attacks in Afghanistan
06:03:31a McCain Defends '100 Years in Iraq' Statement
06:03:35a Dossier on Iraq Weapons Resembled Paper Written by Straws Press Officer
06:03:39a Deadly Confusion at Iraqi Checkpoints
06:03:43a Domestic Threats Called a Greater Danger to US
06:03:48a UAE PM Arrives in Tehran
06:03:52a Jefferson Firefighters Battle Travel Trailer Fire
06:03:56a Russian Jews to fight aging population with birth grants
06:04:00a Remodeling is declining nationwide
06:04:05a SEC says Connect-A-Jet may have broken securities laws
06:04:09a Plano company demands that Wynn stop Gates promotion
06:04:13a Energy Future Holdings realigns PACs
06:04:18a Plea Deal Reached in Daytona 500 Road Rage Tue, 19 Feb 2008 050657 GMT
06:04:22a Flu Shots Missing Their Mark Tue, 19 Feb 2008 044805 GMT
06:04:26a Michelle Obama stumps for husband
06:04:30a Wisconsin primary is today
06:04:35a Candidates make stops across state
06:04:39a Dyer was plugged into city political scene
06:04:43a Fire claims life in Brownsville
06:04:47a Special education enrollment up in La Crosse schools
06:04:51a Tech college enrollment up; could be linked to economy
06:04:56a Riverfront president to lead exchange trip to Argentina
06:05:00a Genoa man dies in rollover accident on Hwy. 56
06:05:04a Winona leaders worried about route of new bridge that crosses Mississippi River
06:05:08a George and Laura's African Safari
06:05:13a Trafficked Children 'sent Back to Gangs'
06:05:17a 'I Lost My Career, My Life and My Dignity'
06:05:21a Kosovo the Vital Questions
06:05:26a Joy and Defiance on Kosovo's Greatest Day
06:05:30a Media-Created Monsters
06:05:34a Obama and Patrick Voices Of Inexperience?
06:05:39a Cabbie's Murder Highlights Job's Dangers
06:05:43a I-Team VA Sent Vets To Substandard Group Home
06:05:48a Roof Collapse Damages N.H. Museum
06:05:52a Amtrak Beefs Up Security
06:05:57a Maui Man Dies After Car Hits Horse
06:06:01a Advertiser Employees Vote To Strike
06:06:05a Study Pregnant Woman's Diet Can Increase Infant's IQ
06:06:10a Amtrak Plans Bag Screenings
06:06:14a State Senate OKs flexibility for sex-ed grants
06:06:18a Deep divisions in Europe over Kosovo independence
06:06:22a Washington Post criticizes populist rhetoric A shot across the bow against Barack Obama
06:06:27a Largest beef recall in US history reveals compromised food supply
06:06:31a ISSE demonstration to free Iranian students calls for international unity of workers
06:06:36a French municipal elections expose crisis of the political establishment
06:06:40a Germany Turkish prime minister incurs wrath of politicians and the media
06:06:45a Cities, education funds, transport authorities hit by credit crisis
06:06:53a East Timor Official 'assassination' claims collapse
06:06:57a Australia Labor 'rank and file' meeting--no perspective to fight electricity privatisation
06:07:01a Cash crisis at Trafford General
06:07:05a £800,000 on road to nowhere
06:07:10a Litter lout picks up litter
06:07:14a Obama, Clinton trade charges in speech flap
06:07:18a Kosovo independence will bring peace Bush
06:07:23a Striking farmers cut access to Peru's Machu Picchu
06:07:27a U.S. team makes gecko-inspired adhesive bandage
06:07:37a Strike by Ethnic Minorities Shuts Down Nepal’s Capital
06:07:41a Japan More Indignation at Marines
06:07:59a Interviewing at Google
06:08:11a YouTube used as evidence
06:08:15a Sowell Supporting the Troops
06:08:19a Lopez Obama and YOU
06:08:24a Lowry Whose Politics of Fear?
06:08:39a Baku, Amman direct flights discussed
06:09:25a Disease risk high near toxic waters
06:09:29a Parents of autistic kids fight for financial help
06:09:34a McCain tries to win back Mich.
06:09:38a Electric cars face battery of hurdles
06:09:42a Wayne to aid tax delinquents
06:09:47a Injury inspires Wings
06:09:51a Businesses Not Booming at One Mall
06:09:55a Students sparkle in annual Shakespeare contest
06:09:59a Driver Injured in Harrison County Coal Truck Accident
06:10:03a What's in a name? Shadow Lakes hopes more members
06:10:08a Westmoreland man shoots in-law after rabies argument
06:10:12a Armstrong County firefighter dies responding to fire
06:10:16a Road worker electrocuted in crane accident
06:10:20a Beaver County man dies in chain-reaction crash
06:10:25a Police to talk child safety with Squirrel Hill residents
06:10:29a It's her job to make sure state office doesn't go to the dogs
06:10:33a McCune Foundation puts hold on grant applications
06:10:37a Council hit for Wilson home delay
06:10:42a Group States not moving fast enough on traffic safety laws
06:10:46a New city treasurer has wealth of experience
06:10:50a Obituary Robert Jastrow / NASA astrophysicist who reached the public
06:10:55a Obituary Gail Buchwalter King / Presbyterian minister since 1960s
06:10:59a Golf clubs struggling to stay in bounds
06:11:03a Gangs to face 'smarter' police
06:11:08a 16. Support Line
06:11:12a Suspicious fire shuts Livonia elementary
06:11:16a Schools received recalled meat
06:11:20a Phosphorus
06:11:24a Stott Despoja welcomes paid maternity leave inquiry
06:11:29a Emergency session of UN on Kosovo
06:11:40a Minister uneasy 'playing god'
06:11:44a Witness breaks down at highway inquest
06:11:48a Coalition 'makes big AWA changes'
06:11:53a Coalition surrenders on AWAs
06:11:57a Historic Sydney treasures find new home in Sydney Town Hall upgrade
06:12:01a 'Orkopoulos sex, drugs, porn' claims
06:12:06a Folkes unfazed by Bennett talk
06:12:10a Miracle pilot 'practising landings'
06:12:14a Radio ratings reveal new losers
06:12:19a Coniston heliport to be leased for five years
06:12:23a Schultz defends church upgrade application
06:12:27a Family was washed away, witnesses say
06:12:32a Man 'killed brother over parent deaths'
06:12:36a Orkopoulos pleads guilty on porn, drugs
06:12:40a Motorised hanglider crashes at beach
06:12:45a Slain California editor posthumously honored with George Polk Award
06:12:49a AMERICAS NEWS AT 0500 GMT
06:12:53a Slain Calif. newspaper editor posthumously honored with George Polk Award
06:12:58a Evangelist Billy Graham may be released from North Carolina hospital within days
06:13:03a Morales Iran to start TV channel in Bolivian coca country
06:13:07a 911 call reveals victims' final moments in Chicago store before 5 shot dead
06:13:12a Bush says history will show Kosovo independence right move
06:13:16a President Bush says Kosovo independence is "the correct move"
06:13:21a Explosion at west Texas oil refinery shuts down major interstate; 5 workers injured
06:13:25a Zimbabwe Major Parties Split Ahead of Polls
06:13:30a South Africa World Renowned SA-Artist Exhibits Locally
06:13:34a South Africa Visit to Advance SA-Kuwaiti Relations
06:13:39a Find Out Who Your Kids Are Calling And Texting
06:13:43a Oprah's Clutter Man 'It's Never About the Stuff'
06:13:48a Bungee Connect Launches Ambitious New Online Development Product
06:13:52a Tooth Falls From Crooked Politician's Rotting Mouth Of Lies Jeanine Pirro
06:13:57a Microsoft To Give Students Dev Software For Free
06:14:01a Bali Bomber's Body Found
06:14:05a BBC Moron Opines, Rejects Reality
06:14:10a This is how they stop car theives in some countries
06:14:14a Chicken feed from the mean, nasty left
06:14:19a DAMIEN CAVE on Iraq....
06:14:23a Space Shuttle Rushes Home Before Pentagon Blows Up Satellite Satellite Of Love
06:14:28a TOLEDO UPDATE Blowback for...
06:14:32a Frontline's Haditha Rules of Engagement
06:14:37a PT Astra International January car sales up 38 pct
06:14:44a Boeing wins order for 10 777-300 jets from Garuda Indonesia
06:14:49a China set to launch record number of spacecraft in 2008 report
06:14:53a Egypt's Orascom plans to take a loan
06:14:57a Trinidad OKs extradition of 3 men in JFK airport plot
06:15:23a Tigers Explode In Sectional Semi-Final
06:15:34a Russia's dive under polar ice irks American
06:16:06a Cuban dissident in Spain speaks out
06:16:10a Guyana Gunmen kill 13
06:16:15a Carolla, Presley sign up for 'Dancing'
06:16:19a Brazilian iron ore prices spiking
06:16:23a Allison ready to take on Gilbert's challenges
06:16:28a Investigation of Q.C. council complaints begins
06:16:32a Thieves might steal tsunami warning buoys Australia
06:17:11a Campus hit with graffiti
06:17:15a China's Snow Storms Destroy Forests
06:17:20a Musharraf supporter loses parliamentary seat
06:19:43a Tycoon bags a shopping centre
06:19:47a Boddingtons transformation
06:19:52a Eyesore ripe for revamp
06:19:56a A Close call for Richard
06:20:00a All change at Carlick
06:20:05a Open space for east Manchester
06:20:09a Victoria wants to spread Marmalade
06:20:13a Chamber view McQualifications a good idea
06:20:18a Going green is biggest challenge
06:20:22a Keith's creativity is creed
06:20:26a £750,000 aids Lowri Beck
06:20:30a Green life Firms need to do more
06:20:35a Follow the yellow brick road
06:20:39a Security Council, UN officials urge Eritrea to stop blocking missionââ,¬'s relocation
06:20:43a Albania and NATO
06:20:48a North Korea Urges Japan To Withdraw From Six-party Talks
06:20:52a Rice pushes for Kenyan coalition
06:20:57a Peru's Alan Garcia trusts free trade deal with Korea will be established soon
06:21:01a Kenya Crisis Needs to End Soon, Rice Says
06:21:05a McCain can set precedent by picking Rice for Veep
06:21:10a Kenya relations at risk, Rice warns
06:21:14a Israel rejects Annan's 'mediation' to secure release of soldiers
06:21:18a Peace treaty can lead to larger, stronger criminal gangs
06:21:23a U.S. negotiator says open to talks with N. Korean counterpart
06:21:27a N. Korean negotiator arrives in Beijing for possible talks with U.S
06:21:31a N. Korea negotiator arrives in Beijing for possible talks with U.S
06:21:36a Jeremic to attend special OSCE session in Vienna
06:21:40a Bhutto's PPP, Sharif's PML-N lead in Pak polls
06:21:44a Maoists denounce democracy; claim to serve people
06:21:49a India deal twin blow after Lanka recover
06:21:53a Husband crushed by Blueline, wife commits suicide
06:21:57a Tough ride ahead for Bangaloreans to new airport
06:22:02a Markets open firm, Nifty breaches 5300
06:22:06a IBNLive Chat COO, Microland Studying in Australia
06:22:10a Greenville schools likely received recalled beef
06:22:14a SC program tries to raise bait shrimp year-round
06:22:19a Chinese Lantern Festival around corner
06:22:23a USDA Orders Record Beef Recall in Wake of Slaughterhouse Scandal
06:22:28a Democratic Candidates Stump for Support Before Wisconsin Primaries
06:22:32a Thieves might steal tsunami warning buoys Australia
06:22:45a Mourners Gather For Funeral Of Murdered Boy
06:22:49a Impact Of A NWA/Delta Merger Depends Who You Ask
06:22:53a I-TEAM Parking Ramp Inspections
06:22:58a Good Question Why Don't We Broadcast In High-Def?
06:23:02a WEB EXTRA Microbiologist On Dirty Drinks
06:23:06a Tech Check Viral Music, Vera And More
06:23:10a Reagan Recovering In Santa Monica Hosptial
06:23:14a Residents Decide Not To Help Sex Offender Move Out
06:23:18a Fort Worth Business Owner Posts Controversial Sign
06:23:23a Book Details Celebrity 'Diet Secrets'
06:23:27a Thief Steals 2 Valuable Puppies From Delaware Home
06:23:31a Doug Kammerer Works With Ski Rescue Team
06:23:35a Will Education Stop Hate Crimes?
06:23:40a Plum Teen Overcomes Injuries From Sledding
06:23:44a Search Continues For Ontario Kidnappers, Victim
06:23:48a Meat Cleaver Suspect's Brother Talks To CBS 2
06:23:53a Anti-Olympic rally in Downtown Vancouver 'only the beginning'
06:23:57a 2007 Retrospective The Local War on the Undocumented
06:24:01a Questioning the City Council Tue, 19 Feb 2008 045833 GMT
06:24:06a Space Shuttle Crew Prepares for Landing
06:24:10a UPDATE 1-Sony to spend 200 mln on advanced panel technology
06:24:14a Mexico's Telmex cuts 750 jobs
06:24:19a China's Midea, Toshiba unit to form compressor JV
06:24:23a Wikinews interviews Jeff Jacobsen, creator of
06:24:27a FBI verifying JI leader's death
06:24:32a Gutierrez Give Ombudsman a chance to probe NBN deal
06:24:36a RP stocks end higher despite political tension
06:24:40a Spice Girls 'would love' to perform for Mandela
06:24:45a RP calls for a 'continued dialogue' on Kosovo independence issue
06:24:49a Bush recognizes Kosovo, says will bring peace
06:24:54a Game Over Video Arcades Face Extinction
06:25:06a Hotel owner arrested over fire that killed 11
06:25:11a Frostad appointed CEO of Volvo Ocean Race
06:25:15a City school district served recalled beef
06:25:19a Pittsburgh 'net-bangers' fly their colors online
06:25:24a Councilwoman regrets delay in Wilson home recognition
06:25:28a After hospital, Sisters of Mercy still focus on care
06:25:36a Drink-tax foe might get council seat
06:25:40a New city treasurer backs shedding of oversight
06:25:44a Police identify man wounded in Homewood shooting
06:25:49a Philadelphia man gets 6-year sentence in drug case
06:25:53a Sex offender charged for failing to register
06:25:57a Charter school at Frick Park gets review team's OK
06:26:02a WWII pilot turned businessman from 'a tough guy'
06:26:06a Newsmaker David A. Dzombak
06:26:10a Excela urged to keep unions at hospital
06:26:15a West Newton firefighters set benefit for stricken colleague
06:26:19a Hempfield man jailed after shooting at neighbor
06:26:24a Mt. Pleasant to brighten up with new lights
06:26:28a ATP Copa Telmex Results
06:26:32a Hempfield coaches must finish school day
06:26:37a Norwin School Board OKs 15.2M bond issue
06:26:41a Mexican Food Imports Skyrocket
06:26:45a Civil suit opens in fatal shooting of Uniontown child
06:26:50a Lincoln descendant delivers address in Somerset County
06:26:54a Armstrong firefighter ready to respond dies at station
06:26:59a Greene County woman indicted in Social Security fraud
06:27:03a Greene County school employee has bacterial meningitis
06:27:07a Crosby 'not ready yet'
06:27:12a Half of state's superdelegates back Clinton
06:27:16a FDA flub tied to heparin scare
06:27:20a Backlash mounts against REAL ID
06:27:24a State keeps eye out for illness menacing bats
06:27:29a State issue warning about 'mystery shopper' scam
06:27:33a Bigfoot seekers to look for proof in West Virginia
06:27:38a Millions could go to revamp landmark Union Trust Building
06:27:42a Stanwix Street closure hurts, businesses say
06:27:46a Credit card rate hikes shock holders
06:27:51a Medicare to make hospitals pay for serious mistakes
06:27:55a Taxpayers must file return to receive rebate check
06:27:59a Dick's Sporting Goods buys Maxfli brand
06:28:03a The Republic of Kosova Challenges ahead
06:28:08a Railroad renaissance
06:28:12a Heartless gangsters figure on prison bars
06:28:16a Security vs. the lawyers' lobby
06:28:21a Obstacleburgh, Pa.
06:28:25a Obstacleburgh, Pa. II
06:28:29a Obstacleburgh, Pa. III
06:28:33a Kill 'Bodies ...'
06:28:38a One dies in Mexico blast
06:28:42a Blast near Mexico City police HQ
06:28:46a Financial sector boosts local market
06:28:50a Andrews spent 130k monitoring Haneef media coverage
06:28:54a US to try satellite shoot-down Thursday; Russia wary
06:28:58a 108-year-old man casts vote
06:29:02a PPP candidate's nephew shot dead
06:29:06a CMD Pakistan satisfied at election process
06:29:10a Sri Lanka says 12 killed in battle for bunkers
06:29:14a Blast at China iron mine kills 24
06:29:18a Militant leader believed killed in Philippines
06:29:33a Angola Pope Benedict XVI Appoints New Bishop for Benguela
06:29:37a Angola Gospel Singers Against Violence Encouragement
06:29:50a Frog farm nets a fortune
06:29:54a Vecinos de Nezahualcóyotl exigen al alcalde perredista Víctor Bautista López
06:30:00a Candidates Promote Themselves On YouTube
06:30:04a Barack Gets Sweet Endorsement
06:30:08a Hawaii Becomes Showdown For Obama, Clinton
06:30:13a Bush Gets Warm Reception In Africa
06:30:17a Pakistan Celebrates After Election
06:30:22a Bush Backs McCain As Clinton, Obama Bicker
06:30:26a New Conspiracies Surround Diana's Death
06:30:30a Dems Bicker, McCain Picks Up Support Pre-Primary
06:30:35a Police arrest 'angel' on the waterfront
06:30:39a Orkopoulos 'trapped boys'
06:30:51a China's snow storms destroy forests
06:30:56a China's inflation rate soars to highest in over 11 years govt
06:31:13a Conference Affirms NASA Goals
06:31:41a Using Modern Technology to Reunite Victims of Kenya Violence
06:31:53a Patterns A Video Game, an M.R.I. And What Mens Brains Do
06:32:01a Colombian soldiers killed drug cops
06:32:13a Venezuela's biggest food producer blames shortages on price controls
06:32:19a Arab Banking Sector Makes Hefty Profits
06:32:51a Suharto children fail to show at Indonesian court for graft case judge
06:32:57a High-tech Japan warship collides with fishing boat
06:33:01a US, NKorea nuclear envoys to hold talks report
06:33:06a NKorea, US envoys in Beijing talks
06:33:10a Musharraf's rivals head for big win in Pakistan vote
06:33:15a Angola Total E&P Announces Crude Oil Spill at Block 17
06:33:19a Bush Kosovo Independence 'Correct Move'
06:33:23a Wikipedia Refuses to Be Censored
06:33:30a Angola Interior Minister Wants Border Security With Namibia Heightened
06:33:34a Angola Arts Faculty Dean Resigns
06:33:39a Angola Chamber of Commerce to Install Municipal Offices
06:33:43a Angola Foreign Minister Hands Over Head of State's Message to Rwandese Colleague
06:33:48a Angola Pungo Andongo Farm Increases Maize Production
06:33:52a Angola Premier Discusses Cooperation With Cape Verde's Ambassador
06:33:56a Angola Ministry Reaffirms Govt's Commitment to Improve Health
06:34:01a Angola Cabinet Officials Visit Aldeia Nova Farming Project
06:34:05a Angola Teachers Upgraded On New Education System
06:34:10a Angola Governor Reopens São Paulo and Congolenses Markets
06:34:14a Angola Multisectorial Delegation Visits Aldeia Nova Agricultural Project
06:34:19a Brown opens forum to Bolivian president
06:34:23a Bank Windhoek Branches Out to Luederitz
06:34:43a Pin-Up Girl Works for Ill and Wounded Veterans
06:34:47a American College of Physicians Position Takes Aim at Marijuana Laws
06:34:52a Let's get physical, retro-style
06:34:56a Ron Jon opens its 9th store Friday
06:35:00a HD DVD may be scratched today
06:35:05a Hispanic Chamber hosts candidates
06:35:09a Artists left high and dry
06:35:13a Apartment building fire caused by smoking in bed
06:35:17a Amtrak's new security measures
06:35:23a Jailer nabbed for death of 2 'errand boy' inmates
06:35:28a Asian cops here to train on bio-terror
06:35:32a China plans more than 10 space missions in '08--state media
06:35:37a US envoy Kenney, MILF chief Murad meet on peace process
06:35:41a RP Seek negotiated settlement to Kosovo independence row
06:35:45a PSC appoints acting commissioners
06:35:50a Police Investigate Shooting At Dardanelle Armory Party 18 Feb 2008 231745 GMT
06:35:54a Guns And Mental Illness 18 Feb 2008 232742 GMT
06:35:59a In a Divided Kosovo City, a Resounding Vow to Remain Part of Serbia
06:36:03a Chief of World Churches Council Stepping Down
06:36:08a Italy Suspected Crime Boss Arrested
06:36:12a Vatican City Stricter Criteria for Sainthood
06:36:17a Britain Life Sentence in Beheading Plot
06:36:21a Broward boy charged with murder to remain in custody
06:36:26a Broward hosts pricey political fundraisers
06:36:30a Horse owners mourn traffic death
06:36:35a Pines man facing charges of groping teen, threatening officer
06:36:39a Hollywood to vote on ethics workshop for city officials, employees
06:36:44a Teen faces murder charges in stabbing
06:36:48a A Closer Look at ESA
06:37:07a Deutsche Bank lists first ETFs tracking frontier markets
06:37:12a German biotechnology law jumps last hurdle
06:37:18a RIM, Motorola in patent fight
06:37:22a Research In Motion sues Motorola
06:37:26a China Telecom services to resume in disaster
06:37:31a Motorola wraps up Soundbuzz buy
06:37:35a For Motorola, More Than an Eye On Country
06:37:39a DART under fire for dirty stations
06:37:52a Swing away from Musharraf in early poll reading
06:37:56a Indonesian nightclub bomber killed in the Philippines
06:38:01a Sharif, Bhutto parties in big gains in Pakistan election; Musharraf party losing
06:38:26a Taxi Driver In Court Over London Sex Attacks
06:38:31a GPs Polled On Confidence In Government By British Medical Association
06:38:35a United Nations Security Council Breaks Up Without Kosovo Agreement
06:38:40a China's producer prices jump steeply in Jan., fastest in 3 years
06:38:44a China foreign investment for Jan. doubles
06:38:53a JFE, Posco agree to 65% increase in price of iron ore
06:38:57a Shanghai Bund to get facelift for World Expo
06:39:01a Asian markets mixed as Nikkei inches up
06:39:06a Dollar rises, but analysts say rally only temporary
06:39:11a Oil prices up slightly on OPEC cut rumors amid slower demand
06:39:15a Investor fury over Northern Rock payout
06:39:19a Toshiba to give up HD DVD, cede win
06:39:24a Consumers, investors cheer end to DVD war
06:39:28a Life-like dog, joking Elmo highlights of N.Y. toy fair
06:39:33a 1st rise in UK house prices for 4 months
06:39:37a Reliance Power to offer bonus shares after IPO plunge
06:39:42a Turbulence ahead for global aviation IATA chief
06:39:46a Hana Bank to buy shares from Temasek
06:39:51a Toyota unveils hybrid of flagship Crown
06:39:55a ANZ bank warns '08 earnings may be hurt
06:39:59a China cabinet OKs conversion of state agency
06:40:04a Sun Microsystems to hire 300 new employees in Asia
06:40:08a Chinese firm wins big Libyan railway contract
06:40:13a ADB launches new Cambodian rail project
06:40:17a Toshiba, SanDisk invest US16 bil. in production
06:40:21a UK's Experian reviews ownership of PriceGrabber
06:40:26a SK Telecom's acquisition of broadband firm OK'd
06:40:30a Singapore Airlines not to renew China Eastern bid
06:40:34a Moody's upgrades Canon to second highest rating
06:40:39a Merck 4th-quarter profit soars on Serono deal
06:40:43a Lee Kuan Yew Asia won't be badly hit by recession
06:40:47a Virgin Blue hopes to fly to north Asia next year
06:40:52a Venezuela does not plan on halting oil exports to U.S.
06:40:56a Foreign investments in Malaysia soar 69 percent to record high in 2007
06:41:01a Russian Evraz Group bids for Chinese steel products maker Delong Holdings
06:41:05a Wx/Net--Weather Monitoring for Penguins
06:41:09a Samantha Power and Obama's Foreign Policy Team
06:41:14a A President's Day Superdelegate Super Sale?
06:41:18a Obama's Global Tax
06:41:22a Centex in negotiations to sell Pointe West
06:41:26a Local Dems to have strong say in primary
06:41:30a Sullivan gets OK to dig up sand
06:41:34a Candidates line up for spots on city council
06:41:39a Got three absentee ballots? Don’t panic
06:41:43a Chinese inflation rises to highest rate in 11 years
06:41:48a Wall Street banks expect billions more in write-downs
06:41:52a International Lease Finance in talks to purchase over 200 aircraft
06:41:56a Biodegradable Couture Helen Storey's Dissolving Wardrobe
06:42:01a Home Built Laser Harp Light-Controlled Synth Harp in Action
06:42:05a A good oops
06:42:09a Turn Your Gum Into Origami Art Gum Flower
06:42:13a Instruments Made of Car Parts Car Music Project for Ford
06:42:18a Lohan Bares All To Be Monroe Recreating The Last Sitting
06:42:22a Lickable Ads Welch's Grape Juice
06:42:26a Spray Painted Wonder Woman-y Nakedness Interviewed
06:42:31a Turn Your WiFi Gadget into Mobile TV PacketVideo Mobile Broadcast Receiver
06:42:35a Japanese Robot Carries Luggage RoboPorter at Kita Kyushu Airport
06:42:39a Victoria Reynolds's meat paintings
06:42:44a Online Rep Protection Tiger Two, Distilled, Reputation Defender
06:42:48a Indonesian national airline adds four planes to Boeing order
06:42:52a SGH launches first holistic care centre
06:42:57a Whole Foods to Stop Use of Plastic Bags
06:43:03a Wal-Mart expects sales increase
06:43:07a State-run firms What are the lessons from previous UK nationalisations
06:43:12a Suspected Aussie plotter under house arrest
06:43:16a Hungry man cooked landlady's dog
06:43:20a Bank of China profits increase 'visibly' after offsetting subprime influence
06:43:26a Global rift over Kosovo widens, with U.S., European allies lining up against Russia, China
06:43:30a Tourists faked armed robbery
06:43:34a Big freeze in China brings record tourist numbers to Hong Kong
06:43:39a Beckham arrives in Hawaii for Pan-Pacific Championship
06:43:43a Japan likely to recognize Kosovo independence
06:43:47a China's inflation rises to 7.1 per cent in January, highest in 12 years
06:43:51a Fiji strongman Bainimarama tightens grip on island state
06:43:56a Unshakable optimist of the house of Bhutto
06:44:00a Dodge City zoo faces aging animal population
06:44:04a Aging forum in Newport News addresses Boomers' concerns
06:44:09a Human-pathogen Protein Interactions Illuminated With Bioinformatics
06:44:13a Aspen love child looks for biological father
06:44:17a Florida pastor challenges married couples to have sex ever...
06:44:22a Union Wants Rock Workers Protected
06:44:26a Dateline Pittsburgh
06:44:31a Next Steps Is sister stealing mom's nest egg?
06:44:35a Big Burrito customers to get gift cards
06:44:40a The ups and downs of customer satisfaction
06:44:44a Private Sector Germany on the Mon
06:44:48a Woman arrested over Reinado links claims innocence
06:44:52a Man found guilty of murder, genital mutilation
06:45:00a Why is the avian flu virus so lethal
06:45:05a Blame yourself for suicide attacks, Canadian troops told
06:45:09a Indian singer Zubeen Garg enthrals Trinidad audience
06:45:14a Arrest In National Cash Advance Robbery
06:45:18a Asia won't be badly hit by recession
06:45:22a Are private arms firms a concern
06:45:26a 4 Ways to Boost Your Career During a Recession
06:45:31a Botswana's Annual Inflation Accelerates to 8.4% on Food Costs
06:45:35a Spring Breakers Still Finding Travel Deals Amid High Costs and Recession Fears
06:45:40a Recession may be what government needs
06:45:44a Hong Kong shares close lower on China inflation worries UPDATE
06:45:48a Hong Kong shares close lower on China inflation worries
06:45:52a China struggles with food price inflation
06:45:57a Early count backs rivals of Musharraf
06:46:01a Hillary, Obama look for Wisconsin success
06:46:05a Seniors lead late charge
06:46:09a Arenas takes part in some light drills
06:46:14a Europe urged to aid Kosovo
06:46:18a Running to get a head
06:46:22a Spring Training Report
06:46:26a In Viera, a Boone family reunion
06:46:31a Trades, injuries are stories of second half
06:46:35a Exporters and banks lift Asian markets
06:46:39a Obama's Ties to Left Come Under Scrutiny
06:46:44a Celebrity Mug Shot Bai Ling
06:46:48a It's the Character, Stupid!
06:46:52a Terror plot to kill John Howard
06:46:56a Author Regular workouts 'spark' brain
06:47:01a Websites 'must warnof unsuitable material'
06:47:05a Delegate-picking panel seemsstacked in favor of Hillary
06:47:09a Unilateral Strike Called a Model For U.S. Operations in Pakistan
06:47:14a Musharraf's party headed for defeat
06:47:18a Breakfast Melee Forces Prison Lockdown
06:47:22a Bush Kosovo Independence will Bring Peace
06:47:26a Free Underground Mind Control Techniques
06:47:31a Early returns Pakistan opposition wins
06:47:35a One suspect freed after ETimor attacks prosecutor
06:47:40a Terror suspects discussed killing Australian PM, court told
06:47:44a Fuel trucks reach Katmandu after strike
06:47:48a Elder Bush officially backs McCain
06:47:52a Are accountants recession-proof?
06:47:57a Bad apples and bad trees
06:48:01a Geotechnology helps to ground projects
06:48:06a Regulators going after Wall Street banks over subrime mortgage meltdown
06:48:10a Britain nationalizes troubled bank Northern Rock amid criticism
06:48:15a Businesses want stability in Andean trade pact
06:48:19a Virginia family wants to mine uranium deposit estimated at 10 billion
06:48:24a Wall Street hopes economic reports provide some guidance
06:48:28a Farm Bill Only paper reform
06:48:33a Sibel Edmonds' Charges of Nuclear Treason Crack the U.S. Mainstream Media
06:48:37a AXA Asia H2 Misses Estimates on Market Downturn
06:48:41a Fourth Italian tennis player banned for betting
06:48:45a Vatican Instruction Stresses Need for Reputation of Sanctity
06:48:50a After loss to Barnsley, under-fire Benitez needs a victory over Inter Milan
06:48:54a M&M, Italian firm tie up for underwater weapon systems
06:48:58a Suspected Crime Boss Arrested
06:49:03a Compart Presents its Output Management Solution DocBridge Pilot at the AIIM On Demand
06:49:07a D&G turn Scottish as Armani looks east at Milan
06:49:11a Australia 'obstructing' cluster bomb ban
06:49:16a Body of accused 'Bali bomber' exhumed
06:49:20a D&G turn Scottish as Armani looks east at Milan
06:49:24a Americans detain CTV journalist in Afghanistan advocacy group
06:49:29a Democrats Take Battle To Hawaii, Wisconsin
06:49:33a Abducted B.C. student says he was taken at gunpoint
06:49:37a Quebec City marks its 400 anniversary
06:49:41a National Hockey League news February 19, 2008
06:49:46a Collars, ultrasound don't ease neck pain
06:49:50a Self-test for glaucoma can save vision
06:49:59a Nalbandian crushes Luczak in Argentina
06:50:03a Haedo takes first stage at Tour of California
06:50:07a Haedo wins Tour of California cycling 1st stage, Cancellara keeps lead
06:50:12a ROMANIA Mergers and Acquisitions Market Reached EUR 5 bn in 2007, KPMG Said
06:50:16a TURKEY Social Security Bill Negotiations to Start Today
06:50:21a BULGARIA Belene Candidate Investor Shortlist to Get Shorter
06:50:25a U.S. and EU recognise Kosovo
06:50:29a Investigators find car of man sought in slayings of 2 neighbors
06:50:34a Jury selection in Nelson trial could take time
06:50:38a Ahmad Yani airport in Semarang closed due to flooding
06:50:43a Early Civil Rights Activist Elizabeth Lizzie Jennings Brown
06:50:47a Students shouldn't look for tuition-waiver laws
06:50:51a Four people killed in weekend collision
06:50:56a One arrested in fatal accident
06:51:00a Cal Thomas Misplaced Hope Can Be Dangerous
06:51:04a Patrick J. Buchanan Does Balkanization Beckon Anew?
06:51:09a Thomas Sowell 'Supporting the Troops'
06:51:13a Chuck Norris Are We Reaping What We've Sown?
06:51:17a Dennis Prager Five Questions about Shootings at Universities
06:51:22a Virginia Cop Wrecks Police Car, Charged With DUI
06:51:26a Obama returns fire from Clinton over specifics of change
06:51:30a Brazil's Lula has highest approval rating in 5 years
06:51:35a Woman assaulted at bus stop
06:51:39a Global rift over Kosovo widens
06:51:43a Spicy driver nabs carjacker
06:51:48a Tigers asked to leave the animals
06:51:52a Clinton battles for Wisconsin
06:51:57a UK's Iraqi war draft released
06:52:01a Pressure on Iranian Azerbaijanis strengthened
06:52:06a US president says Kosovo independence will bring peace
06:52:10a Bush moves on after hero's reception in Tanzania
06:52:14a University Expansion Causes Uproar In Winter Park
06:52:18a Florida Democrats Could Get Do-Over
06:52:23a Medicaid To Cover Cost Of Woman's Life-Saving Surgery
06:52:27a Abandoned Home Luring Rats, Fleas Into Neighborhood
06:52:31a Mir, the Little Space Station That Could
06:52:36a Treatment Plants Still a Problem
06:52:40a A Farm Worth Preserving
06:52:44a Researchers link car exhaust fumes to heart attacks
06:52:48a Spice up your science
06:52:53a Boom year for space launches
06:52:57a UN refugee chief says world must do more to help Iraq's refugees
06:53:02a Nigeria Army Mourns as Brig. Gen Giwa Amu Dies in Auto Crash
06:53:06a OBAMA 'ROBBED' IN NY
06:53:11a Court puts kybosh on telltale site
06:53:15a Doco puts Macheads under the microscope
06:53:20a Dion signals retreat
06:53:24a Sri Lanka lose openers after opting to bat against India
06:53:28a Nepal restrict Australia, Pakistan flounder
06:53:32a U.S. strikes in Pakistan ' without notice
06:53:37a Pakistan counting votes, unofficial results to start coming soon
06:53:41a Pakistan's former ruling party chief defeated
06:53:46a Historic Election Reinforces Democracy
06:53:50a Asian steel giants pen 65% hike in iron ore
06:53:54a Musharraf asks candidates to accept results gracefully
06:53:59a Musharraf's opponents head for win
06:54:03a Slumbering dragons and stony islands Vietnam's Halong Bay
06:54:07a Some Pakistani women barred from voting
06:54:12a Many killed in Sri Lanka fighting
06:54:17a Electronic ID for alcohol sales laws on way for parts of NT
06:54:21a High tech road to better movement
06:54:25a Recovering from flu Beware of bugs
06:54:29a Race attack alleged in Asian shopkeeper's death in Bristol
06:54:34a 'Chinese, Indians eating more meat, driving global grain shortage'
06:54:38a Key meeting of Tata and Ford union bosses this week
06:54:42a Young Austrian in Saints' sights
06:54:46a Lauda set for Speedcar switch
06:54:51a Austria Says Intends To Recognize Kosovo Independence AFP
06:54:55a More Amazing Revelations From Within The Turkish Cyprus and The World of Gary Robb/AGA/ABC
06:55:00a Turkish Cyprus, Trnc, North Cyprus Abag Surveyor Not Allowed To Survey
06:55:04a Abdullah Gul to visit Romania in March
06:55:08a Turkish parliament sends law lifting the headscarf ban to Gul for approval
06:55:13a ANALYSIS Expectations high for Gul's approval to headscarf law after Erdogan's
06:55:17a Incessant snowfall paralyzes life across Turkey, feeds reservoirs
06:55:21a Turkish cbank cuts rates 25 bps as expected
06:55:25a Erdogan seeks relief in attacking the media
06:55:30a US start a new approach against PKK
06:55:34a We are ready to pay the price, says Erdogan
06:55:38a PM Erdogan comments on efforts to lift turban ban
06:55:43a US general in Turkey for talks on Kurdish rebels
06:55:47a Turkish PM seeks to smooth secularists' worries
06:55:51a Turkish business group says the headscarf issue 'out of control'
06:55:55a Azeri press claims PKK terrorists given shelter in Nagorno Karabag
06:56:00a Turkey to veto EU's Kosovo police mission
06:56:04a The new Kosovo flags 'made in Turkey'
06:56:08a Young director Seyfi Teoman takes countryside breeze from Turkey to Berlin
06:56:15a Secularity is not under threat in Turkey
06:56:19a In Turkey, is tension about religion Class rivalry Or both
06:56:23a Op-Ed McCain Beats Competitors Like A Wet Donkey
06:56:27a NDP Wants National February Holiday
06:56:32a Condoleezza Rice Tells Kenyan Leaders Real Power Sharing Needed
06:56:36a Huckabee Is Unfazed By Bush Sr.'s Endorsment Of McCain
06:56:41a RNC Plans To Attack US Democratic Hopeful Obama On 'Inexperience'
06:56:45a Bush predicts oasis of peace in Middle East
06:56:49a Don't Be Left In Dark About Lunar Eclipse
06:56:53a New forum launched to boost India-Oman trade
06:56:58a Big-is-beautiful craze grips oil-rich UAE
06:57:02a Yamaguchi To Compete On 'Dancing With the Stars'
06:57:06a Beckham confident Galaxy will improve under Gullit
06:57:10a Hezbollah, Syria to blame for slaying
06:57:15a Anti-war Beaufort confronts Israeli ghosts about Lebanon Feature
06:57:19a Boeing is aiming for tanker contract
06:57:23a Digital television concerns repair industry
06:57:28a Charges may follow subprime crash
06:57:32a Refinery fire hits prices
06:57:36a Questions and Answers with John W. Gibson
06:57:40a How to know, enforce city rules against panhandlers
06:57:45a Oklahoma Briefs Tuesday, February 19, 2008
06:57:49a Tech Update Nanotech, biofuels plant diversity on tap
06:57:53a Made in Oklahoma
06:57:58a Toshiba may give up its HD DVD in favor of foe's Blu-ray format
06:58:02a Debate touches on Kilpatrick scandal
06:58:06a Government 'Fiddling' Consultation Over Post Office Closures
06:58:10a Pakistan opposition heading towards victory
06:58:15a Security Council splits over independent Kosovo
06:58:19a Italian police arrest leader of 'Calabrian mafia'
06:58:23a Armenians go to presidential polls
06:58:28a China posts 10 year inflation record
06:58:32a Family Healthcast Legalizing Marijuana
06:58:37a Green light for crofters' wind-farm plan
06:58:41a Japan biggest investor in manufacturing sector, followed by Germany
06:58:45a Faster way to check foreigners' documents
06:58:58a Musharraf party seen headed for loss
06:59:03a Top mob boss finally captured
06:59:07a Serb rallies denounce independence declaration
06:59:12a Afghan attack kills dozens; toll from Sunday hits 100
06:59:16a Iraq arms claim not in British dossier
06:59:20a Africa crowds greet Bush with hugs, chants of thanks
06:59:25a Jerusalem question may threaten talks
06:59:29a Hong Kong key index up 2.18 percent
06:59:33a 65% iron ore price rise could set precedent for Chinese steel firms
06:59:37a Salt used to de-ice roads 'not hazardous'
06:59:42a Deluge hits Darwin
06:59:46a Jail people who bash police Buswell
06:59:50a Visa overhaul runs into stumbling block
06:59:55a Deal ties Delta, NWA pilots
06:59:59a Ilitch firm to manage Masonic Temple
07:00:03a Mobile kitchen adds a sizzle to catering
07:00:07a More insurers refuse pay for hospital errors
07:00:11a Moore considers committee to examine transportation
07:00:16a Who Owns the Night?
07:00:20a Bullet Proof Your Credibility in Court
07:00:24a Aspectrics Appoints Scientific Support Services Ltd For Exclusive Distribution Throughout
07:00:29a 18/02/08 Dublin seeks runway cost consultant more
07:00:33a Give Denis O'Brien an Ireland shirt and show his critics the red card
07:00:37a Anti-AIDS gel disappoints, researchers say
07:00:41a Dozens of cities spared war dead
07:00:46a Former Secretary of State Colin Powell visits Indianapolis
07:00:50a Njectioncom Offers Speed Demons a Way to Help Each Other Beat the Speed Traps
07:00:54a New smoke detectors play parent's voice instead of alarm
07:00:58a Novelty items or meth pipes in disguise?
07:01:03a No security cameras at SIA baggage claim
07:01:07a Suspect arrested after police chase through Post Falls
07:01:11a Health benefits make it OK to go nuts for these
07:01:15a Access Health Tuesday, February 19, 2008
07:01:20a HSBC backs Ping An's massive equity raising
07:01:24a NIU gunman's ex-girlfriend speaks to CNN
07:01:28a Swiss family tread lightly round the world
07:01:32a Alan K Chases Parlimentary Seat
07:01:37a Bush Visits Ghana Today
07:01:41a The Joneses' downfall not low fee
07:01:45a Infratil nine-month profit sinks
07:01:49a NZ sharemarket consolidates, manages small gain
07:01:54a Infratil nine-month profit falls
07:01:58a I Have Too Much Power, Says Immigration Minister
07:02:02a Healthy Food Costs Poor More Than Half Their Income
07:02:07a Cayman Islands Bank Gets Wikileaks Taken Offline in U.S.
07:02:11a Opera singer's virtuoso performance
07:02:53a Reports of Gunman's Use of Antidepressant Renew Debate Over Side Effects
07:02:57a Amtrak to Screen Carry-On Bags at Random
07:03:02a NYC New Yorker in the White House? Seems Like a Long Shot Now
07:03:06a Jamie Davies Is Dead at 73; Made Sparkling Wine
07:03:10a Police cordon off Delft area
07:03:15a Streetchild 'used' for sex
07:03:19a Support floods in for doctor
07:03:25a 'I am leaving this country'
07:03:30a Web sex predators pick teens
07:03:49a Pakistanis reject Musharraf rule
07:03:53a Rudd was in Perth on night of Burke dinner
07:03:58a Connecticut back at No. 1, Rutgers remains No. 5 despite 8 first-place votes
07:04:02a Nobel winner says 'we may never find vaccine for Aids'
07:04:06a Connecticut Back at No. 1
07:04:10a Revealed Draft not include claim that Iraq could launch chemical warfare in 45 minutes
07:04:15a Norwalk police arrest 16-year-old in murder of Bridgeport teen
07:04:19a Man Puts Out Girlfriend's Cigarette with Fire Extinguisher
07:04:23a Author sheds new lighton nation's founding father
07:04:27a U.S., E.U. and Israel Join Hands in Conquest of Middle East and North Africa
07:04:31a Toshiba tipped to announce HD DVD's fate
07:04:36a Judge selection will be 'open' process
07:04:40a Road rage stabber jailed for 10 years
07:04:44a Air traffic controllers in short supply
07:04:49a Restaurateur nabs robbery suspect
07:04:53a Victim's son finds 'missing link'
07:04:57a Ex-OU player wins battle to clear name
07:05:02a Israeli Arabs must be loyal to state, condemn terror
07:05:06a Shawnee may shorten time shelter holds pets
07:05:10a Former jail inmate files lawsuit in finger injury
07:05:14a Rice, in Nairobi, Offers Incentives to End Violence
07:05:19a Hana Fin Shares Down on Renewed Back-Tax Worries
07:05:31a PGG Wrightson First-Half Profit Jumps 41% on Uruguay Returns
07:05:38a Bill would expand 2003 smoking ban
07:05:55a PMO told to make 29 Netaji files public
07:05:59a BJP wants no truck with Mayawati
07:06:04a Leaner Chemical Industry Hopes for Rebound
07:06:08a Trained Personnel Lacking to Manage Protected Areas
07:06:12a Forestmanagement WW
07:06:17a Great Northern Circulates Petition
07:06:21a Berkeley Woman Drowns Off Sonoma Coast
07:06:26a Mountaintop Removal Battle Continues
07:06:30a Loch Deal Hailed As Model for Fisheries
07:06:34a Group Sues Mich. To Regulate CO2
07:06:39a Collection of Classic 'Thornapples' Columns Released
07:06:43a Sugarcane Plan Branded an Ecological Disaster
07:06:47a Scots Industry Leader Rejects Us Claims of Impact on Oceans
07:06:52a You Call That 'Loosely'?
07:06:56a Early Adopter Dilemma Old Gadget Disposal
07:07:00a Bungee Connect Advances to Public Beta
07:07:05a Ugandan Choir Brings Voice of Africa
07:07:09a Assets of Islamic equity funds approach 20bn
07:07:14a Bahrain back to winning ways
07:07:18a Chinese Web Site Sued Over Film Piracy Allegations
07:07:22a Bahrain keep international sixes crown
07:07:26a 'Wally Lewis of racing' fined
07:07:31a Indecency arrest while studying
07:07:35a Clerk stole 340,000 from boss
07:07:39a Dilapidated Kangaroo Point hospital thrown lifeline
07:07:43a Man dead from stab wound
07:07:47a Uni Games finds home on the Gold Coast
07:07:52a Man in hospital after horse ownership dispute
07:07:56a Red Cross urges applications to Disaster Relief Appeal
07:08:00a First funerals for NIU attack victims
07:08:05a LEAD Tokyo stocks rise on signs of more foreign capital into Japan+
07:08:09a Investment into Malaysia rises 68.7% in 2007 to 13.7 bil.+
07:08:13a Jenkins leaves hospital after hernia surgery+
07:08:18a Top court rules Mapplethorpe photo book is not obscene+
07:08:22a Musharraf 'trails in elections'
07:08:26a Concerns for Arthur as pacemen toil
07:08:30a New Zealand makes unusual move
07:08:44a SA sailor in Pacific capsize drama
07:08:48a Vancouver police confirm owner of destroyed restaurant dead
07:08:53a Trinidad Approves Extradition to U.S. in Bomb Plot
07:08:57a Lessons from debates and competition
07:09:01a About the ban on Valentine's in Bukittinggi
07:09:06a Political pragmatism prevails in Indonesia
07:09:10a Another nation is born
07:09:14a Sharia bylaws - Feb. 16 p. 2
07:09:19a MANILA Philippine shares are expected to ...
07:09:22a Manila's Arroyo described as 'evil' in graft p
07:09:27a Toshiba to announce decision on HD DVD; rival Blu-ray appears ahead in format war
07:09:31a Kenya Opposition Proposes Process for Resolving Crisis
07:09:35a Peace Bridge Authority Tweaks New Plaza Plan
07:09:40a Editor killed during his investigation becomes one of George Polk Awards winners
07:09:44a Kiddie Computers
07:09:49a China Resources sees 20 pct jump in '08 beer sales
07:09:53a Japan's Lawson says to cancel 4.78 pct of shares
07:09:58a UPDATE 1-Givaudan profit falls on Quest buy, misses forecast
07:10:02a Armani, India's DLF in retail joint venture report
07:10:06a Vigil at Tech honors slain Northern Illinois University students
07:10:14a Volvo workers receive outside support
07:10:18a Housing project in Blacksburg wins 3rd national award
07:10:22a Kenya Fifa Approves Kenya's 405,000 Goal Project
07:10:27a 'Enough is enough' Jamaica Teachers' Association fed up with violence in schools
07:10:31a Shields backs sensitivity training for police force
07:10:35a Marketing Counselors top advertisers again
07:10:40a Carpenter freed by Appeal Court Wrong orders signed by RM over nails
07:10:44a Lawyer off Killancholly murder case
07:10:56a Lawmaker urges relaxing public school weapons ban
07:11:55a King gala an appetizer for today's main course
07:12:09a Pakistani opposition wins in unofficial election results TV reports
07:12:29a Lanka Idi Amin solution for Prabhakaran?
07:12:33a Damodaran Bold, smart, controversial
07:12:38a Jodhaa could make more money than OSO
07:12:42a SRK wants Dhoni in his team, Ganguly doesn't
07:12:46a Kuwait Urges Restraint after Mughniyeh Killing
07:12:50a 'How's the Moon' by Amal Hijazi
07:12:54a Microsoft Giving Away Developer Software
07:12:59a Gazprom CEO, Kyrgyz leaders to discuss joint projects
07:13:03a Suicide Rate on the Rise
07:13:08a Saudi website stirs hatred against Bangladeshis Feature
07:13:12a Managing our anger
07:13:16a Indiana Guard plans expansion
07:13:20a Best Bet Puppet play
07:13:24a The Essence of Body & Mind
07:13:28a Today's Tip Community pride
07:13:32a Hot Topic Sick baby?
07:13:36a Wabash National is ahead on immigration
07:13:41a OC wants low-income students to look beyond 'sticker price'
07:13:45a Charters meet different fates
07:13:49a Ryanair Booking Site To Shut For 3 Days
07:13:53a Irish drug suspects arrested in London
07:13:58a Galway woman allowed to leave Egypt
07:14:02a Montreal Irish pub owners say language police have backed off on signs
07:14:06a Scotland's First Minister visits Dublin
07:14:10a Surinam, France to resume Guiana border talks
07:14:15a Transportation bill expected to pass
07:14:19a Legislation would prohibit driver's license scan
07:14:23a Auditor case moves ahead
07:14:27a State picks up tab for Cargill's mailed apology
07:14:31a At age 109, woman may be oldest in state
07:14:36a State system in line for an update
07:14:40a Let the roasting begin ...
07:14:44a Psychic 'very confident' in case of missing girl
07:14:48a Gates Microsoft Isn't Raising Yahoo Bid
07:14:52a SBV to withdraw VND20tril from circulation
07:14:56a Free Cell Phone 411
07:15:13a Pettitte says he's not 'a cheater'
07:15:21a MP's concern over Asda pharmacy plans
07:15:25a Covered cables for Constable country
07:15:29a Fears over bid to limit Bury's bars
07:15:33a SOS beach protest hailed a success
07:15:38a Looking ahead to bumper Bury festival
07:15:42a Councils set for incinerator clash
07:15:46a Kosovo Gets Salute fro Bush
07:15:55a How To Pickup Japanese Women
07:15:59a Amtrak to increase security
07:16:03a Olympic Clock vandalized
07:16:08a Philippines Floods kill 5, thousands flee
07:16:12a Perceptions, Cultural and other wise need to be understood!
07:16:16a MSNBC's 'Hardball' mixes up Osama, Obama
07:16:21a Exterminance, Google, and the Fight Against Hate
07:16:25a Japan, the Lab Top Computer and I.
07:16:29a Open Secret Giant USA Corporations Poison Pets
07:16:34a Doubts remain about Internet outage
07:16:38a Egypt closes in Mediterranean ports
07:16:42a Egypt trails cement price fixers
07:16:47a Your Hospital's Deadly Secret
07:16:51a Medicinal Powers
07:16:55a Bush Kosovo independence 'correct move'
07:17:19a Chrysler workers split on buyouts
07:17:23a Gas price rise hints at bumps down road
07:17:33a Woman 'signs' Obama speech for the deaf
07:17:46a Air Force Seeks 20B Increase In Budget
07:18:12a China's Inflation Rose to 7.1% in January
07:18:16a World Briefing Asia Japan More Indignation at Marines
07:18:21a Malaysia to prosecute employers abusing foreign workers
07:18:25a KLIBOR Futures Flat In Early Trade
07:18:29a Ringgit Higher Against Greenback
07:18:34a Bashed policeman out of coma
07:18:38a Judges grill defence counsel in bushfire case
07:18:43a Autopsy doctor says only one fatal blow to stabbed man
07:18:47a Nightclub owner tried to hide weapon, court told
07:18:51a Balloon festival extended, new organiser on board
07:18:56a Trial for Abbott 'accomplice'
07:19:00a Senior police want tougher penalties for thugs
07:19:05a Police fear woman taken in northern suburbs
07:19:09a Chicken millionaire bail application delayed
07:19:13a Scarborough Beach cleans up
07:19:18a Minister smoked pot with kids court
07:19:22a Mayor drops out as roll close
07:19:26a Comment sought on north-south pipeline
07:19:31a RBA leaves bleak rates outlook intact
07:19:35a 'I have too much power'
07:19:39a Terror plan hatched for 2004 poll
07:19:43a Rescuers tell of effort to save family
07:19:47a Crossbow murder charge may be dropped
07:19:51a Darwin marks 66 years since bombing
07:19:55a PM to pay for his son's babysitter
07:20:00a Johnson and Haddin pull out of IPL
07:20:04a Coalition's AWA backflip changes nothing ACTU
07:20:08a Fatal crash closes State Highway 1 at Orewa
07:20:13a SonicWALL Firewalls Boast Increased Throughput
07:20:21a N Korea, US in Disarmament Talks
07:20:25a OIL plans IPO to raise Rs 1474 cr
07:20:29a Steel prices may zoom in April
07:20:34a NHPC IPO unlikely this fiscal CMD
07:20:38a RCom gears up for DTH rollout
07:20:42a OnMobile lists at Rs 440 on bourses
07:20:46a Shopper's Stop up 20% on buyout buzz
07:20:50a NBFCs' market exposure worries RBI
07:20:54a IT firms to hire 20,000 in W Bengal
07:20:59a ELECTION 2008 Final term for Samy Vellu?
07:21:03a 'Conwoman' faces 101 charges
07:21:07a Newly-weds beaten to death
07:21:11a Arroyo, Cabinet men pose for photos amid resignation calls
07:21:16a 'Transparency group' to check vs corruption Arroyo
07:21:20a JDV dares Arroyo to come out and clear name in ZTE mess
07:21:24a JDV to file resolution seeking probe of '04 election cheating
07:21:28a AFP to present captured JI operative
07:21:32a I'm okay. Family is okay
07:21:37a Arroyo, Cabinet take 'solidarity walk' to Palace for meeting
07:21:41a Chief Justice nixes offer to head 'moral revolution' council
07:21:45a Arroyo slay plot 'an old tune,' says rebel spokesman
07:21:50a Police make drug bust at home of alleged gang member
07:21:54a Talented NZ Film-maker mourned
07:21:58a Law catches up with absconder
07:22:02a Rotorua Airport runway gets go ahead
07:22:06a NZer given six years jail for theft
07:22:11a Pakistan Historic Election Reinforces Democracy
07:22:15a Council Conclusions on relations with the Republic of Moldova
07:22:20a Colombia Soldiers convicted of killings
07:22:24a Gunmen open fire on car outside Dbn school
07:22:29a ID Adults need the pledge too
07:22:33a 'It's my house or my grave'
07:22:37a 'Drunk' held for raping girl, 7
07:22:42a Pretoria school on a knife edge
07:22:46a Match Play Bracketology
07:22:50a Matchplay Merchandise
07:22:54a Gene expects Renault to come good
07:22:58a Hyundai builds itself a Lexus
07:23:02a Dino Varkey claims BMW Open
07:23:06a Porsche recalling Cayenne SUVs
07:23:10a Toyota unveils first car under new cost
07:23:14a President George W. Bush delivers a statement in Dar es Salaam
07:23:19a Senate panel extends payday loan law until 2012
07:23:23a Wal-Mart donates 50,000 to Jones schools
07:23:27a Rose State sets March 1 deadline to apply for three scholarships
07:23:31a District transfer request deadline is April 1
07:23:35a Rwanda, Uganda, DRC Sign 92m Eco-Bid
07:23:40a Lacson still sees 'hope' in Neri
07:24:13a KLCI Futures Contracts Close Lower
07:24:18a Extra Court orders Wikileaks be taken offline
07:24:22a Sun switches to TSMC to make its chips
07:24:26a Recruiting Kyle Kuric update
07:24:30a UAE PM Most Senior UAE Official to Visit Tehran
07:24:35a Report North Korea Helped Syria Build Nuclear Reactor
07:24:39a Report US, North Korean nuclear envoys meet in Beijing
07:24:44a At least six dead in floods, landslides in Philippines
07:24:49a Asian police officers examine threats of bio-terrorism
07:24:53a When modern life just doesn't add up
07:24:57a They're all guilty 'Definitely.' Fayed gets his day in court
07:25:02a Cell debated killing Howard, court told
07:25:06a Bulldogs down to 'bare numbers'
07:25:10a Police come clean on 'secret' cuts
07:25:14a No need to worry
07:25:18a Cats speedster loses licence
07:25:23a Sugarloaf pipeline route revealed
07:25:27a Ashby rejects undermining Nixon
07:25:31a Anti-'Corey' parties law bid
07:25:35a Accused 'Catch Me If You Can' thief in court
07:25:40a Ashby hits back in Vic Police row
07:25:44a Breckner, former fighter pilot and Vietnam POW, dies in car crash
07:25:48a Rice urges Kenyan election rivals to compromise
07:25:53a Iran for swift creation of OPEC-like organization for natural gas ambassador
07:25:57a Rice calls for Kenya power-sharing
07:26:01a U.S., N Korean nuclear negotiators meet
07:26:05a US, N. Korean envoys in Beijing talks amid push to revive disarmament process
07:26:10a UN can't say about legality of Kosovo's independence Ban
07:26:14a Kenya Country Seeks Joint Investor for Gas Bid
07:26:42a Ainsworth books reduced net loss of 10m
07:26:46a GWA affirms full year guidance
07:26:51a Italy Police Arrest Pasquale Condello, Boss Of Bosses Of 'Ndrangheta Mafia
07:26:55a Afghanistan Attack On British Troops Wounds Girls
07:27:00a Stolen Masterpieces By Degas, Van Gogh, Cezanne & Monet 'Found' In Zurich
07:27:04a China hopes Olympics return international prestige to Middle
07:27:08a Chinese New Year celebrations to honour Beijing 08
07:27:12a - 24 Killed in China Iron Mine Explosion
07:27:16a China confirms new human bird flu case
07:27:21a U.S. inspected wrong Chinese factory
07:27:25a Copper Futures Rise, Boosted by LME Inventories and Chinese Demand
07:27:33a helps Lower Risk and Simplify Toy Importing from China
07:27:37a China expresses concern over Kosovo
07:27:41a NIU Shooting Victim Describes Horror To Family
07:27:45a Jeni Lee Dinkel Back In Jail
07:27:49a In China and India, consumers unfazed by high gold prices
07:27:57a Niemann Ready To Produce
07:28:01a His Mother 'In Good Hands,' Navarro Returns To Work
07:28:06a A Conversation With Philip Hughes
07:28:10a Schilling A Reluctant Rehabber
07:28:14a Memphis-UT Will Be 1 Vs. 2
07:28:19a Al-Qaida Web Site Hosted By Tampa Internet Company
07:28:23a Mermaids' Future Is Preserved
07:28:27a Meteorologist Dick Fletcher Suffers Stroke
07:28:31a Gonzmarts Resign From Knights Of Sant' Yago
07:28:36a Air Force Wants 20B Budget Increase
07:28:40a Council plans legal filing over papers
07:28:44a Laura Berman Couple battle husband's illness
07:28:48a Inmate charged in attack at jail
07:28:53a Strict sentence likely for Grant
07:28:57a Wyandotte turbine plan gets second wind
07:29:01a East Africa Subaru Targets Regional Market
07:29:05a Uganda Car Import Revenue Dropped Over Kenya Crisis
07:29:09a Nigeria Tribunal Rejects Aregbesola's Plea to Have Forensic Expert as Witness
07:29:14a Nigeria NSE Suspends Trading of Transcorp Shares
07:29:18a Nigeria The Price of Keeping Lagos Clean
07:29:22a Nigeria Edo Guber Polls Tribunal to Deliver Judgment March 20
07:29:26a Christopher Hitchens Truth and Consequences
07:29:31a Obama Wave Stuns Clinton's Black Supporters
07:29:35a UK Welcome to Tweedledum Darlings new type of bank
07:29:39a Iran 'Cancerous' Israel to soon disappear
07:29:44a Failure of Pipeline Referendum in Bulgaria
07:29:48a Commenter Witeowl points out in another thread ... Taxes
07:29:52a Tabua on sale on Ebay
07:29:56a Finance experts join NCBBF
07:30:00a Uncle stabs nephew in remote control row
07:30:04a Health team detects eye problems in Lau
07:30:09a JAXA Orders Fujitsu Supercomputer; Massively Parallel System will Rank among Japan's most Powerful Computers
07:30:13a Alpine, Microsoft Sign Patent Cross-Licensing Deal
07:30:17a QuestAir to Supply PSA for Japanese Hydrogen Recovery Project
07:30:21a Two missing as Japanese Aegis destroyer, fishing boat collide
07:30:26a Tokyo stocks open higher on weaker yen
07:30:30a Tokyo shares end morning higher on weaker yen, firmer European stocks UPDATE
07:30:34a Musharraf's party losing in Pakistan election
07:30:39a Democrats travel populist route
07:30:43a How to woo a superdelegate
07:30:47a Laid off? Broadcast it
07:30:52a Prosecutor Demands Death for Abssi, Three others in Ain Alaq Bombings
07:30:56a Fearing Hizbullah Retaliation, Israel deploys Defense Missiles
07:31:00a New take on 'George slept here'
07:31:04a Fishing big item as Manning meets Bajan PM tomorrow
07:31:08a Banks' correspondent accounts with CBR rise 5.9%
07:31:13a RUXX investment index set to open 0.9% up
07:31:17a Armenia holds presidential elections
07:31:21a Nepal's king calls for peace amid strike
07:31:26a Toshiba to announce decision on HD DVD
07:31:30a China's January inflation rises 7.1 pct
07:31:35a Mapplethorpe's pictures not obscene Japanese court
07:31:39a Bank of Japan Governor Toshihiko Fukui
07:31:44a Air Force warns of aging planes
07:31:48a 'Yes We Can' Get Tourists in Obama, Japan
07:31:53a Countdown to Oscars That Almost Weren't
07:31:57a Homeward Bound Shuttle Undocks
07:32:01a McCain Wins Bush 41's Support
07:32:06a Fuel blockage possible cause of crash-landing in London
07:32:10a Scientist find giant frog fossil
07:32:14a Campbell's lowering sodium in almost 50 soups
07:32:19a Clinton-Obama Battle Moves to Wisconsin
07:32:23a Most endangered Texas landmarks
07:32:28a Fliers now choose their security line at Salt Lake airport
07:32:34a Pension company will invest more in equities
07:32:38a 'Hannah Montana' dad Sorry for not buckling up
07:32:43a Adobe Launches Director 11
07:32:47a Ebay sellers begin week-long boycott
07:32:51a Real estate pros up in arms over changes in transfer tax
07:32:55a Group seeks to develop Main Street property
07:32:59a Amdavadis bitten by realty bug
07:33:03a Sharks face a building storm
07:33:08a The land-based Agni-III missile to be tested soon
07:33:12a Government response misses the mark on housing
07:33:16a WTC owner turns over land to developer
07:33:20a Hu urges reform, innovation in Party building
07:33:24a An entire housing development that runs on solar energy.
07:33:29a Doe Run, U.S. Forest Service complete land exchange
07:33:37a Thackeray buys land for industrial complex
07:33:41a Keith Rankin Understanding the Housing Market
07:33:45a WTC owner turns over land to developer for 2 planned towers
07:33:50a Stranded boaters rescued after building fire
07:33:54a Independent
07:33:58a Roanoke officer charged with DUI
07:34:03a Man charged with crimes from 1970s
07:34:07a Bill Guns, alcohol should share premises
07:34:12a Senate committee postpones votes on animal welfare bills
07:34:16a Senate deliberates bills that address illegal immigration
07:34:21a Friends say woman
07:34:25a Police investigate vandalism targeting WM board of visitors
07:34:29a Rwanda Rwandatel, Huawei in 35m Deal
07:34:34a Kenya MultiChoice's New Product
07:34:38a The Bravit candle spreads like wildfire
07:34:42a Who's the real criminal?
07:34:47a Chaiwat takes PPP and its leader to the court again
07:34:51a Samake urged to apologise the public
07:34:55a End of an Era
07:35:00a What could have been- Al Qaeda executions
07:35:04a REIHAN SALAM ON Rep. Lawrence...
07:35:08a Giant. F'n. Antarctic. Sea. Critters.
07:35:13a JONATHAN FOREMAN The results...
07:35:17a Learn Caucus Basics From KITV
07:35:21a Democratic Campaigns Hustle & Bustle Before Caucus
07:35:25a International Soccer Tournament Arrives On Oahu
07:35:30a Over 20,000 Take On the Great Aloha Run
07:35:34a Musharraf on the brink of defeat
07:35:38a It's worth getting membership to 'The Club'
07:35:42a Shop class retooled at S.F. high school
07:35:47a Digital TV coupons in the mail
07:35:51a Toll dispute threatens Doyle Drive makeover
07:35:55a SF Zoo's big cat grotto may open soon for public viewing
07:36:00a Israel deploys Patriot missiles to counter Hezbollah threat
07:36:04a Kashmiris follow Pakistan election results closely
07:36:08a China's Inflation Hits New High
07:36:15a Zags still tied for 1st in WCC with win over USD
07:36:20a Colleges now question Vashon stars' eligibility
07:36:24a Rape-murder suspect faced N.C. sex charge
07:36:29a Technology keeps eye on sex offenders
07:36:33a Mo. House seat a window into GOP woes
07:36:38a Mo. lawmakers to discuss property tax relief measure
07:36:42a Car sought in Brooklyn murder
07:36:46a B'ville East students say gays at school face bias
07:36:51a Legislators consider tax deduction for stillborns
07:36:55a Obama, Clinton take battle to Wisconsin
07:37:00a Toy industry is spanked by agency's chief
07:37:04a Dallas DA reveals JFK items
07:37:08a Bush to remember Rwanda's genocide
07:37:17a Tanzania Deadly Graft How Country is Chocking Over Power Fraud
07:37:21a South Africa Eskom boss praises South Africans for co-operation
07:37:25a Tanzania Tanzania Purge
07:37:30a Tanzania Isaka-Kigali Rail On Track
07:37:34a There is no Justice in this World
07:37:38a Palate Cleanser Microsoft Vista gets PWNED
07:37:42a Latest Obama-Rezko property deal explanation falls flat, again
07:37:47a Semper Fi Springs Eternal
07:37:51a Quote DuJour
07:37:55a Candidate Implicit Association Test
07:38:00a Two For You
07:38:04a K-Fed to design edgy t-shirts
07:38:08a HK comedian and actress Lydia Sum dies of cancer
07:38:13a Fair features latest in hi-tech toys
07:38:17a 'Zim cholera outbreak under control'
07:38:21a Bush plans to visit genocide memorial
07:38:26a Record sorghum crop tipped as rice shrinks, ABARE
07:38:30a Rice offers U.S. funds to Kenyan leaders to force compromise
07:38:34a Insurance Firm Capital Hits N500bn
07:38:39a Omega Savings, CSS Ally On Port Harcourt Estate
07:38:43a Jonathan Warns Bayelsa Politicians
07:38:47a Celebrating a shared history
07:38:51a Man heading to trial on assault, robbery charges
07:38:56a Richy Barz jazz seminar set for Feb. 20
07:39:00a A break in the weather
07:39:04a No-pay threat may reduce hospital mistakes
07:39:08a Hamilton Twp. seeks public input on zoning overhaul
07:39:13a Judge won't bar 'inflammatory' material in sex discrimination suit
07:39:17a Clock ticks away for Bulgarian immigrant
07:39:21a Dreaming of owning your own business? ESU hosts seminars on the basics
07:39:25a Angel the rescued Rottweiler turns out to be an escape artist
07:39:30a Crime prevention group may find a home in Poconos
07:39:34a Lock 'em up or say goodbye
07:39:38a Australia pushes envelope for pudgy postal workers report
07:39:42a Writing is no easy matterÂ
07:39:47a Nobels doubts about his peace legacyÂ
07:39:51a Military focus West Lake County edition
07:39:55a General 'Geriatric Air Force' needs new jets
07:40:00a Criticism Of China Over Sudan Role Continues
07:40:03a Samuel Eto'o comes to Frank Rijkard defence
07:40:11a UNC's Davis tabs Withers to run defense
07:40:15a It's not the left that is exploiting the military
07:40:31a Pakistani opposition poised for victory
07:40:36a Announcement on HD DVD future due
07:41:08a Slain teen had been threatened by gang member, family says
07:41:59a Israeli soldiers kill armed Palestinian in southern Gaza
07:42:03a Pak MQM wants to form govt with PPP, PML-N
07:42:16a Gas pipeline explodes in south Texas
07:42:20a U.S. Recognizes Kosovo as Independent State
07:42:34a Bush hails Kosovo independence
07:42:38a Bush salutes Kosovo independence
07:42:43a Philippine tests for 'rebel body'
07:42:47a Saint Mary's routs Pepperdine 100-64
07:42:51a 'Raisin in the Sun' rises on ABC
07:42:55a Summary of Testimony
07:43:00a Study Gives Top Marks to New EU States for Democracy Record
07:43:04a Eurocopter seeks to consolidate India footprint
07:43:08a Kuwait to resume work visas as model contract finalised
07:43:13a She cried `Papa, Papa', yet parents abandoned her
07:43:17a Decked-up ancestral village awaits Mauritius PM
07:43:22a Canada for ramping up military ties with India Defence Minister
07:43:26a Namibia Floods Damage Crops in Caprivi
07:43:30a Kenya Kenya Flowers Hold
07:43:34a Uganda Coffee Sector Keeps Hope Alive
07:44:30a Musharraf allies heading for defeat
07:44:35a State House votes to ban toxins in children's toys
07:44:39a State House votes to vastly expand criminal DNA database
07:44:43a My calendar Norman
07:44:47a Norman library to host annual tea
07:44:52a Don't leave recycling bins on curb, officials say
07:44:56a Performance artist shares African culture with others at depot
07:45:00a Local competition to feature performers from around the world
07:45:15a Polling places are ready for Dallas-Fort Worth's early-voting stampede
07:45:19a 'Germany needs your help...' by H. Cuneyd Zapsu*
07:45:23a China's inflation hits 11-year peak
07:45:28a Terror group discussed killing Australian PM
07:45:32a Champions League returns to show its worth
07:45:37a Germany's police net closes in on tax cheats
07:45:41a Schalke plan to spoil Porto return
07:45:45a EU FMs meet in Brussels to find common position on Kosovo
07:45:49a Livonia students displaced by fire moving to Taylor Elementary
07:45:54a Crime Stoppers asks for tips in slaying of exotic dancer Tamara Greene
07:46:18a Shuttles being shuttled
07:46:25a WA House votes to ban toxins in children's toys
07:46:30a WA House votes to vastly expand criminal DNA database
07:46:38a Namibia Calls to Decentralise Tertiary Institutions
07:46:43a Namibia Unam Resolves Pay Dispute
07:46:47a Restaurant owner nabs armed robber
07:46:51a New judge for Ramli's case
07:46:56a Bangladesh cigars seized in Klang
07:47:00a No campaign work, NS trainees, staff reminded
07:47:04a US pension guarantor turns to risky assets
07:47:09a US pension body targets riskier assets
07:47:57a Country to Implement Agriculture Plan
07:48:02a Greens welcome amendment to athletes' Olympic contracts
07:48:06a Russian scientists contact nether world
07:48:19a 2 fishermen missing in ship collision
07:48:23a Foreign investment rises in Malaysia
07:48:28a Russian Evraz bids for China's Delong
07:48:32a Toshiba to brief on HD DVDs on Tuesday
07:48:36a Mideast crisis keeps growing
07:48:41a States fall into line on REAL ID
07:48:45a Grand Hotel fire due to heating unit
07:48:49a Ala. beach resorts drew record spending in '07
07:48:54a Three Hilton executives leave in major shakeup at Hawaii hotels
07:48:58a K Partners Hospitality
07:49:02a Blessing of FAA needed for DIA hotel project
07:49:07a Hotel chain breaking into NE Ohio market
07:49:11a Clinton, Obama Campaigns Churn Out Phone Calls
07:49:16a Big Turnout Expected For Hawaii Caucus
07:49:20a Obama, Clinton Supporters Make Final Push Before Caucus
07:49:25a South Africa Country, Belgium Set a Plan to Support Land Beneficiaries
07:49:29a On Politics Depressed Old Party
07:49:34a Bihar Police seize 4 kg of uranium
07:49:38a Castro resigns as Cuban president
07:49:42a Sony to spend $200 mln on advanced panel technology
07:49:51a Delft residents lose eviction appeal
07:49:56a Sony to spend 200 mln on advanced panel technology
07:50:04a Families of victims of coal mine blast to march today
07:50:12a Cable that lets you record TV shows
07:50:19a EAC, Learn From Tanzania
07:50:24a Burundi Firm Wins Lease to Operate Dar's Port of Kigoma
07:50:28a IMF Boss in Country
07:50:32a Copa Coca-Cola Receives 310,000 Boost
07:50:37a Foreign Legion At Kilimanjaro Marathon Up By 15 Per Cent
07:50:41a Ban Deplores Suicide Attack In S Afghanistan
07:50:46a - New Afghan suicide attack kills dozens
07:50:50a Toshiba to announce decision on HD DVD; rival Blu-ray appears ahead
07:50:54a Dozen rockets strike Iraqi housing complex near Baghdad's airport, killing at least 5
07:50:59a Diplomats says Iranian vice president provides information on Iran's suspect nuclear past
07:51:04a Police launch raid of projects in Paris suburb in search of rioters, detain 35
07:51:08a Boots says Pfizer deal unaffected by probe
07:51:13a UPDATE 1-Cadbury 2007 profits dip, says 2008 encouraging
07:51:17a Brewer S&N reports flat annual profit
07:51:21a UPDATE 1-China Resources eyes slower rise in 2008 beer sales
07:51:34a U.S. backs up Kosovo
07:51:39a Al Fayed Conspiracy killed my son, Diana
07:51:43a Pakistan rulers losing
07:52:05a Bad smell cancels Sydney flight
07:52:09a NSW govt to reveal ticket plans 'soon'
07:52:14a Rau to get bigger compensation deal
07:52:18a Rudd reimburses taxpayers for nanny
07:52:23a SMSs 'tool of hate in Kenya'
07:52:27a Tough year begins in Bangladesh
07:52:31a I am a criminal
07:52:36a 'We'd love to sing for Madiba'
07:52:40a New JFK conspiracy theories emerge
07:52:45a Restaurant manager charged with indecent assault
07:52:50a Dion hints Liberals willing to let budget stand
07:52:54a Musharraf party 'lagging in poll'
07:52:59a Labour and SF demand equality for agency workers
07:53:03a Secret JFK files reveal Ruby conversation with Oswald
07:53:08a Defeat looms for Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan
07:53:12a Abbas, Olmert To Meet, Jerusalem Issue a Question Mark
07:53:16a Police investigating attack on L.A. Jewish center as hate crime
07:53:21a Saudi Arabia launches SR7.8b Road Mobile Mapping System
07:53:25a Plastic City Charlotte's big secret 1126 PM
07:53:30a South Charlotte restaurant scores 66, gets shut down 1116 PM
07:53:34a Weekend Apps Building Web Apps Isn't Just About Coding
07:53:38a Comment of the Day Hey You, Back Up My Cloud!
07:53:43a Will YouNoodle Predict Its Own Inevitable Failure?
07:53:47a GBTV #0314 GeekBrief.TV
07:53:51a Trio to Embark On Joint Shows
07:53:56a Time to Review National Cultural Policy
07:54:00a President Bush Visits Ghana Tuesday
07:54:05a Violence erupts at DR Congo camp
07:54:09a 'Raisin in the Sun' rises on ABC
07:54:13a Reflect On Progress On MDGs President
07:54:17a Labour Unrests Worry President
07:54:22a Aggrieved Man Seeks President's Intervention
07:54:26a JCC to Get New Face
07:54:30a Inga Project to Top Agenda
07:54:35a Chinese Buy Share of Standard Bank
07:54:39a Civics Falter as SKW Keep Momentum
07:54:43a Floods Claim 3 More Victims
07:54:48a Huge Turnout at Swapo Rally
07:54:52a AU Seeks Delay On Sea Limits
07:54:56a Is Ipinge Set for Parliament?
07:55:00a One-On-One With French Ambassador
07:55:04a Re- opening Diyala Bridge next Thursday
07:55:09a Babel University passes two stages to acquire Eyzo certificate
07:55:13a Construction accomplishes path project between Abu Flous Port & Basra
07:55:18a Different attitudes towards Maliki's message
07:55:22a Arab residents included in amnesty
07:55:26a Supplying contractors with constructional materials
07:55:30a Algeria agreement's talks begins tomorrow, Tehran said
07:55:35a MPs, Islamic Party agree to pacify the situation in Diala- source
07:55:39a Basra media people protest violations by govt. agencies
07:55:43a President, VP discuss situation in Iraq
07:55:48a Controversy over cabinet formation in Baghdad press
07:55:52a Musharraf ally routed, opponents head for big win
07:55:57a New Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey Police Repression and Disaster Capitalism
07:56:01a Tennessee Food Not Bombs National Gathering
07:56:05a Consumer Product Safety Commission Officials Speaks Out Against Toy Industry
07:56:10a Amtrak Is Adopting New Security Measures
07:56:14a Washington Primary Voters Speak Out
07:56:18a Campbell Soup Reduces The Amount of Sodium In Kid Soup This June
07:56:23a Polls open in Armenia presidential election
07:56:27a R E G I O N Hezbollah would destroy Israel Iran
07:56:32a Israeli bank cuts PC power costs by US39,000
07:56:36a Gazans Feeling Recoil of Attacks on Israel
07:56:41a 4 die as Israel hits back in Gaza
07:56:48a IDF troops arrest two Palestinians during overnight ops in Hebron
07:56:53a Olmert calls Lebanese guerrilla attack on Israel's northern border 'act of war'
07:56:58a Gaza blockade to continue Olmert
07:57:03a Jerusalem public transportation suspended due to snow storm
07:57:07a Gaza Group Calls On Muslims To Target Danish Embassies, Diplomats
07:57:12a EU envoy slams Israeli failure to ease checkpoints
07:57:16a US, Israel see eye to eye on Iran threat
07:57:21a Sri Lankan Troops Drive Rebels From Line of Bunkers Near Mannar
07:57:25a Sri Lanka elect to bat against India; 26 for two in 10.3 overs
07:57:29a Lanka have tough draw at Hong Kong Sevens
07:57:33a Sri Lanka heads into bat
07:57:37a Sri Lanka too will feel the pressure Pathan
07:57:42a 43 killed in Sri Lanka violence, army says
07:57:46a No Moody blues for Sri Lanka
07:57:50a India's fortune hinge on result vs Lanka
07:57:54a Fiji coup leader appoints himself head of chiefs' council
07:57:59a Intolerance Marks Sunni Student's Death Sentence
07:58:03a East rally to down West
07:58:07a Amtrak To Begin Random Bag Screening
07:58:12a Musharraf struggling in early vote count
07:58:29a Lip-synching helps the show go on at Londons English National Opera
07:58:33a 100 new Studentships and Bursaries King's College...
07:58:37a Reform of elderly care 'should be priorty'
07:58:41a Gates woos schools with free software
07:59:56a 3i Infotech sizzles on Chinese JV
08:00:00a OnMobile touches high of Rs 529
08:00:05a Ferguson bests O'Brien - or does he?
08:00:09a Vakrangee up as Merrill Lynch ups stake
08:00:13a Money and IPL teams chase Gilchrist
08:00:18a Car exhaust fumes may damage the heart
08:00:22a Catherine Fenton When Hillary Lost Me and Why I'm So Angry About It
08:00:27a China's inflation rises to 7.1 per cent in January, highest in 12 years
08:00:31a Bakers Pride oven makers on strike
08:00:36a Earnings slump worst since 2001
08:00:40a Allied Waste talks trash
08:00:45a McCain can rally GOP with right focus
08:00:49a Call the brokers, we need relief
08:00:53a Watch for merit pay to go to the mongrels
08:00:58a Delegate-picking panel seems stacked in favor of Hillary
08:01:02a Tanzanians split in enthusiasm for Obama in '08
08:01:07a Hospitals asked to absorb cost of some errors
08:01:11a Dallas DA reveals hidden JFK cache
08:01:15a Clinton campaign accuses Obama of plagiarism
08:01:20a Jury murder or suicide?
08:01:24a Battle brews over federal funds, religious groups
08:01:29a Senators advance Marine complaint
08:01:33a Green crusades lot of talk
08:01:37a Atlantis checked for re-entry safety
08:01:42a Anti-AIDS gel disappoints researchers in S.Africa study
08:01:46a Mexico Telmex cuts jobs in restructuring
08:01:50a Mexico, Denmark agree to boost economic ties
08:01:54a Middle schools secret 'whip' claims
08:01:59a New helicopter bid for Suffolk Police
08:02:03a Tributes to 'dear soul' cyclist
08:02:08a Fires in Suffolk overnight
08:02:12a TA soldiers ready for Afghanistan
08:02:16a Cricket club elects the female touch
08:02:21a Brewing up business Pair of coffee shops appeal to downtown, 9-to-5 crowd
08:02:25a Is Wall Street on the hook?
08:02:30a Group Airlines prepared for slump
08:02:34a Never-late borrowers could pay more for credit cards
08:02:38a Open for Business Local designers show flair at B. Liles
08:02:43a Carriers switching to digital
08:02:47a Bush Kosovo committed to democracy
08:02:55a Obama, Clinton square off in Wisconsin
08:03:00a Giving acupuncture a whirl
08:03:04a MQM says it is willing to talk on PPP, PML-N on govt formation
08:03:08a Contact Center Outsourcing & Services
08:03:12a Perth billionaires, State to cash in on Brazilian iron ore deal
08:03:17a Kiev Dinamo midfielder Rincon to play for Brazil's Corinthians on loan
08:03:30a Platinum Futures in Tokyo Surge to Record as Supplies May Drop
08:03:37a 'Viktorious' in Tokyo / After finishing 3rd at worlds in Osa
08:03:41a Second stage of privacy review completed
08:03:45a French sailors bid au revoir to Dunedin
08:03:50a Safety board eyes flight mishap
08:03:54a Feds fear boomer exodus
08:03:58a Con back in custody
08:04:05a Tigers' Miguel Cabrera compared to the likes of Pujols, Guerrero
08:04:09a Andy Pettitte apologizes, feels embarrassed, regrets taking HGH
08:04:13a McCain's True Colors Votes For Torture
08:04:17a The new read on Borders
08:04:22a Ketzenberger In a world of big chains, a few hold on
08:04:26a It's clearer Blu-ray leads
08:04:30a Community Health, insurer reach agreement
08:04:34a 4 to join Business Hall of Fame
08:04:39a New cardiac monitor doesn't miss a beat
08:04:43a Colon cancer survival higher for St. Francis
08:04:47a Wall Street targeted for subprime role
08:04:52a John to serve as partner at Ice Miller
08:04:56a Portuguese championship soccer results
08:05:00a Ireland squad to undertake Algarve training camp in May
08:05:05a Measures in House may broaden property tax breaks
08:05:09a Residents of FEMA trailers unworried
08:05:13a 60 apply to restore soldier's dream
08:05:18a Helium plant planned
08:05:22a Feature Photo Vertical dance
08:05:26a Gillette may get Challenger Center
08:05:31a UW to get $1M corporate donation
08:05:35a Panel sets sales tax goal
08:05:39a Wamsutter looks at school changes
08:05:44a Changes made to annual jazz festival
08:05:48a NWC hosting program about Mongolia
08:05:52a SF Zoo Finishes Work On Big Cat Exhibit
08:05:57a - Israel Museum Displays Looted Art
08:06:01a Peer becomes first Israeli to play event in Gulf region
08:06:06a UN's John Holmes Decries Rocket Attacks On Israel
08:06:10a Truman Israel
08:06:14a India, Israel's huge aerospace deal
08:06:19a > Israeli tech firm taps Akron for U.S. outpost
08:06:23a - Israel's 'hilltop youth' are settling in
08:06:28a African forestry sector critical to climate change debate
08:06:32a Twenty delegates at stake in Hawaii caucuses
08:06:37a Mainland medical technology firms snap up space in Hawaii
08:06:41a David Beckham arrives in Hawaii for inaugural Pan-Pacific Championship
08:06:45a Beckham plays soccer in Hawaii
08:06:49a Dems battle in Wis., Hawaii
08:06:53a Tesoro Hawaii fire won't affect fuel supply
08:06:58a Hawaii's credit score better than U.S. average
08:07:02a Do video games have a motion picture-like future?
08:07:07a Is a new XBOX Live on the horizon???
08:07:11a XBOX 360 With Blu-ray Option?
08:07:16a CDC Games Launches Portal to Showcase Online Games in North America
08:07:20a Macau looks to cybercrime laws
08:07:24a The Cybercrime Arms Race
08:07:29a Hacker's firm doubleTwist enables copying of iTunes
08:07:33a Protecting Your Business from Costly Data Theft Why Hardware-Based Encryption Is the Answer
08:07:38a Full Disk Encryption Your Best Defense against Data Breach
08:07:42a Foundation Repair Extended Validation SSL
08:07:46a Managing SSL Security
08:07:50a Scientists find mysterious creatures in Antarctic waters
08:07:54a GM dealers roll out incentives
08:07:58a Bad marketing tastes like meatball sundae
08:08:03a Buzz on Business Buisness receives approval seal
08:08:07a Temple expansion plan advances
08:08:11a Musharraf rivals heading for election win
08:08:16a Castro announces plan to step down
08:08:20a Dáil motion on agency workers' rights
08:08:24a Courts Service responds with Neilan criticism
08:08:29a Cork affected by controllers' dispute
08:08:33a Irish citizenship report seeks no law change
08:08:38a Alcatel-Lucent Plans Prepaid Option for BlackBerry
08:08:42a AT&T Pays Aloha $2.5bn for Wireless Spectrum
08:08:46a Business Continuity Certification Gains Traction
08:08:51a ACS Expands German Presence with SDS Buy
08:08:55a Brocade Net Profit Drops 40% in Q4
08:08:59a NetSuite Closes Loss Gap
08:09:03a Bull Returns to Profit but Warns of Flat First Half
08:09:08a Samsung Licenses Tensilica Audio Chip
08:09:12a Country Prepares to Welcome Bush
08:09:16a 5 Percent GDP to Be Invested Into Science and Technology
08:09:20a Mahopac trustee-Elmsford assistant principal charged with assault
08:09:25a Putnam Valley teen charged with creating false MySpace account
08:09:29a New Rochelle cop charged with auto insurance fraud
08:09:33a Poll Clinton, Obama lead McCain, but smaller than expected
08:09:38a Yonkers service-station employee battles, thwarts 2 robbers
08:09:42a Delgado expecting big things this season
08:09:46a Kevin Reiman Yorktown Heights resident eyes MLS
08:09:51a Ethnic Albanians celebrate independence
08:09:58a Pettitte spends hour apologizing and explaining
08:10:02a Pettitte spends hour apologizing
08:10:07a New camp focuses on hobbies
08:10:11a All Eves in this 'Eden'
08:10:15a Teen takes off at Challenger Space Center
08:10:19a Bronx River Parkway overpass closed
08:10:23a It runs in the family
08:10:28a Video Building Character God
08:10:32a Video Building Character Eve
08:10:36a Covered bridge built in Patterson
08:10:40a Physician-owned facilities take off
08:10:44a Rockland's anti-sex offender living zones come under scrutiny
08:10:49a A visitor looks at a work of Robert Mapplethorpe
08:10:53a Griswold champions Mesa's potential
08:10:57a Open-air preachers take salvation to the streets
08:11:01a Fiesta Bowl chief looks to make it better
08:11:06a Legal fees mounting in condemnation trial
08:11:10a Crews stage disaster drills
08:11:14a Business, political leader dies at 78
08:11:18a BCC president may get March raise
08:11:23a Science standards to evolve with vote
08:11:27a Science-minded students showcase talents
08:11:31a Cocoa, county discuss mooring
08:11:36a Cape Canaveral wants to replace landmark shuttle replica
08:11:40a WKMG to Bright House Pay for signal or lose it
08:11:44a Beach replenishment starts
08:11:49a Dollar Falls Against Aussie, Rand, Real on Interest-Rate Spread
08:11:53a Quiet world markets keep dollar in narrow range
08:11:57a Czech crown stable to both euro, dollar this afternoon
08:12:02a India's Multi Commodity Exchange plans to raise 5 bln rupees ...
08:12:05a Rupee loses 29 paisas against dollar
08:12:10a Accident leaves one dead, two others critical
08:12:14a One shot, one stabbed in Baytown brawl
08:12:18a Early voting starts today
08:12:22a District 3 trustee faces challenger
08:12:27a Reception for longtime Baytown banker today
08:12:31a Activists rally for environmental agenda
08:12:35a Teens urged to lead purposeful lives
08:12:40a Campuses review safety plans in wake of deadly Ill. shootings
08:12:45a Review Regal performance
08:12:49a Orioles ready for competition to begin
08:12:53a 'What's wrong with torture?'
08:12:58a HHS to cut red tape in patient safety studies
08:13:03a Md. universities become leaders in fight against global warming
08:13:07a HK shares up on Bank of China, HSBC, but volume thin
08:13:11a HK shares sag after 4-day rise but China Telecom up
08:13:16a Equities seen choppy on lack of investor confidence
08:13:20a Carlsberg brewer at its best
08:13:24a HK shares may gain with Asian markets
08:13:29a Asian markets in green; Nikkei up 75pts
08:13:33a Controllers' row hits Cork flights
08:13:37a Workers' exploitation for Dáil debate
08:13:41a Fidel Castro stepping down as Cuba's leader
08:13:46a Mount Dora gallery event to showcase 3-D art
08:13:50a Market rallies in line with Hong Kong, US futures
08:13:54a HKI Properties to IPO in Hong Kong
08:13:59a Wall St outlook, HK call the shots
08:14:03a Malinga Hopes to Better Uganda's Position in Hong Kong Marat
08:14:07a Hong Kong goes out of record
08:14:18a 4 small bombs explode at Myanmar casino hotel
08:14:31a Same-sex unions mark first year
08:15:12a Body found floating in sea off Marina Reservoir identified
08:15:16a Iran reinstates more candidates for election
08:15:21a Chappaqua school tracks the weather, at home and across the nation
08:15:42a Unite against gender based violence
08:15:47a China pledges anti-malaria drugs to Liberia
08:15:51a Reconciliation for Lofa and Gbarpolu counties' soon
08:15:55a GOL says support to TRC is paramount
08:16:00a Liberia benefits 1.5 M for food security
08:16:04a Dr. Woah-tee urges Bong County to hold-together
08:16:08a Castro resigns as president, state-run paper reports
08:16:13a Coal Gasification Myths, Challenges And Opportunities
08:16:17a Aggression in children; a rising trend
08:16:21a Dancing with the Stars Season 6 Celebrity Dance Roster
08:16:25a Mittal Steel Added Investment is in Country's Interest
08:16:29a Bush arrives in Rwanda
08:16:33a Cricket- Sri Lanka 238-6 v India innings
08:16:38a Israeli troops kill gunman in Gaza firefight
08:16:41a Religious parties face heavy losses in Pakistan vote
08:16:45a Panel to codify MPs€™ privileges, report likely in Budget session
08:16:50a MPs' panel asks Air India shape up
08:16:54a Jubilant Bhutto supporters fete vote, look to future
08:16:59a Ears ringing, Kenya negotiators return to table
08:17:03a Australia to send military trainers to Afghanistan
08:17:08a Israeli troops kill Palestinian militant in Gaza
08:17:13a Terror group discussed killing Australian PM-court
08:17:17a DETROIT 4, COLORADO 0 Wings snap six-game skid, but lose Lidstrom
08:17:25a Livonia fire displaces 350 kids
08:17:29a SUSAN TOMPOR Some seniors need to act soon to get tax rebate
08:17:34a Detroiter's documentary focuses on Black Bottom and Paradise Valley
08:17:38a TEXT MESSAGE SCANDAL Council to ask court to reject appeal
08:17:42a MATT HELMS Potholes appear early, and repair funds are flat
08:17:47a DREW SHARP Andy Pettitte not owning up He cheated
08:17:51a Michigan GOP chairman relishes the game of politics
08:17:55a Group to talk national security
08:17:59a ELECTION 2008 Wis. vote a blue-collar test for the Democrats
08:18:04a U.S., allies recognize Kosovo's independence
08:18:08a Out of a safe, and now into JFK lore
08:18:12a Cancer afflicts the uninsured worse
08:18:17a IN OUR OPINION State cable TV law needs a tune-up
08:18:21a Bill tells stores to pay for sick pets
08:18:25a Schools lack counseling, study finds
08:18:29a Verizon's all-you-can-talk plans likely will change the way we pay
08:18:34a FIVE THINGS Five things about the Occult Hand
08:18:38a TOM WALSH Old debate won't fly in airline mergers
08:18:42a Castro BULLETIN
08:18:46a Castro Resigns Cuban Presidency
08:18:51a British Columbia to open trade office in India
08:18:55a Does Madonna have a botox problem?
08:19:00a Pratt 'Montag Is The Next Madonna'
08:19:04a Spencer on Heidi's Album 'Madonna, Eat Your Heart Out'
08:19:08a Meet 'Crunch', an ancient reptile still going strong at 150 years old
08:19:12a Impact of hip-hop on American culture spotlighted at forum
08:19:17a Left govt failed to utilise Central fund Sonia
08:19:22a Opposition forced into backflip on AWAs
08:19:26a Sydney faces 'perfect storm' of events
08:19:30a Vic pipeline to affect 170 landholders
08:19:44a Trinity graduate to be sentenced for US robbery
08:19:49a Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines plans standing bar in its ...
08:20:09a 8 intelligence agencies scope out new recruits at FIU career expo
08:20:14a Map drawn, signed by Castro on block
08:20:18a Castro map goes on auction block
08:20:22a Autism group wants apology
08:20:27a Panhandle tornado damage is assessed
08:20:31a 5-year-old bests many teens at horse show
08:20:36a South Africa Carraguard Microbicide Fails to Stop HIV
08:20:48a Siemens to add 287 jobs
08:20:53a Security National Bank announces promotions
08:20:57a Winter winds make driving treacherous
08:21:01a Langston's Little Secret
08:21:15a Four NCP nominees support Congress in Tripura, party incensed
08:21:20a Markets opens on positive note in line with Asian peers
08:21:24a Graphic novels, changing the way we read
08:21:28a 'Northeast yes, but we are eight different states'
08:21:33a Harbinger Group to promote science learning with insects
08:21:37a Arshad grabs 'Teen Patti' because of Amitabh
08:21:41a Juhi Chawla returns to Rakesh Roshan's cinema
08:21:45a With malls, multiplexes, Ghaziabad is the new boomtown
08:21:50a Naseeruddin Shah plays Mumbai blast mastermind in new movie
08:21:54a Bengal, fastest growing IT hub in India
08:21:58a Orissa police retrieve stolen ammunition
08:22:03a Stop ethnic jokes, city colleges tell students
08:22:07a Ramgoolam gifts 2.5 lakh to native village
08:22:11a Dogs on runways holding up flights
08:22:16a Mulayam is third front's PM candidate
08:22:20a PM to campaign in Tripura today
08:22:24a Musharraf allies face defeat in Pakistan poll
08:22:29a Mystery deepens into Indo-Canadian's death
08:22:33a Bush recognises Kosovo, says will bring peace
08:22:37a Manila's Arroyo defends her anti-graft record
08:22:42a Shoprite H1 headline EPS rises, but trouble ahead
08:22:46a Criticism puts auction site under microscope
08:22:50a Loans go bad as British housing bubble pops
08:22:55a State casts a wary eye on deregulation
08:22:59a Laid off? Share the pain
08:23:04a Promises to Iraqi widows go unmet
08:23:08a Hershey puts faith in Bliss to recapture market share
08:23:13a Price of platinum jumps again
08:23:17a European, Latin shares advance
08:23:21a Toy group approves safety plan
08:23:26a Wrong drug plant inspected in China
08:23:30a India plans wealth fund for energy assets abroad
08:23:34a NDTV scores big with entertainment channel
08:23:39a Shrimp exports to US fall sharply
08:23:43a Biofuels An assault on the world's poor
08:23:48a Indian food to be offered at Beijing Olympics!
08:23:52a Wuxi City woos Indian IT firms
08:23:56a UBS gets nod for branch
08:24:01a Cricket News channels can air footage
08:24:05a Kenya negotiators return to table
08:24:09a Chinese TV Signal's Range Expanded in Cuba
08:24:14a Castro announces resignation as president
08:24:21a Zambezi Falls, Cahora Bassa Reduces Discharges
08:24:26a Sugar Workers On Strike
08:24:30a Chicken Pristina
08:24:35a Spitzer's Gamble
08:24:39a Much Ado About Malley
08:24:43a Back to the Future
08:24:47a Kosovo's Future
08:24:52a Unintended Consequences
08:24:56a Death In Damascus
08:25:00a Abusing Sick Leave
08:25:04a By Losing, the Knicks Can Improve Their Future
08:25:08a Harris, Diop Star Again in Possible Kidd Trade
08:25:12a Global Fever Spreads To English Premiership
08:25:16a Where Young People Run the Show
08:25:21a Expanding Horizons
08:25:25a Mutually Abusive
08:25:29a The Shipping News – Games Week of February 19, 2008
08:25:34a Australian Government Plans to Terminate Filesharers
08:25:38a 2/19/08 Daily Gaming Refresh
08:25:42a Solar Cell Makes Hydrogen Via Synthetic Photosynthesis
08:25:46a Kincaid cleanup targets vehicle graveyard
08:25:51a U.N. envoy urges Myanmar junta to consult opposition on referendum+
08:25:55a Toshiba announces complete pullout from HD DVD business+
08:25:59a Key 10-year JGB yield closes higher on Tokyo stock gains+
08:26:03a 6TH LD MSDF Aegis destroyer collides with fishing boat, 2 fishermen missing+
08:26:08a Castro resigns as Cuban president official media
08:26:12a Suu Kyi's party calls junta's referendum, election plan undemocratic+
08:26:16a Ferguson bests O'Brien - or does he?
08:26:21a Oscar-nominated movie scores push boundaries
08:26:25a Javier Clemente pulls out as Iran's football coach
08:26:29a Castro Stepping Down as Cuba’s Leader
08:26:34a Cameras catch cleaner stealing electronics worth 300K
08:26:38a UBS gets banking licence for India
08:26:42a Fidel Castro Resigns As President Of Cuba
08:26:47a US Elections Primaries Wisconsin Washington State Hawaii Contests
08:26:51a Mining revival possible on Kangaroo Is
08:26:56a Orkopoulos to fight child sex charges
08:27:00a Milton Orkopoulos pleads guilty on porn, drugs
08:27:05a Light plane crashes at Sydney's north
08:27:09a Australian Synchrotron gets into cancer research
08:27:14a Toshiba Quits HD DVD Business
08:27:18a Lobbyist Grill risks contempt by refusing to apologise to Parliament
08:27:22a Preservation program ends with $6m unspent
08:27:27a NW residents step up protests against car rallies
08:27:31a Aged care workers rally for better wages in Lton, Hobart
08:27:35a Pulp mill opponent in new stoush, this time with conservationists
08:27:40a South Africa Country, New Zealand Strengthen Sport, Cultural Ties
08:27:44a South Africa Positive Message for ATP Tour
08:27:48a Uganda Sserunkuma On Loan From Western Province
08:27:53a Uganda Clubs Plot for Round Two
08:27:57a Uganda National Team Digs Deep to Beat MCC
08:28:01a Uganda Boxing National Open Exposes the Task Ahead
08:28:06a Uganda Achon to Open Camp in North
08:28:10a Uganda SC Villa Advance
08:28:14a Uganda Fufa Blocks Mawejje
08:28:18a Group offers tips to save energy, money and Earth
08:28:23a Mayor has plan to reclassify 26 additions
08:28:27a Obesity has doctors rethinking weight-gain limits for pregnant moms
08:28:31a Protect your kids against germs
08:28:36a Dr. Paul Donohue Bed-wetting upsets child, parents
08:28:40a Pound for pound
08:28:44a NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
08:28:48a We're At The Breaking Point
08:28:52a Diet and depression
08:28:57a Political money calendar is crowded
08:29:01a Santo Perri, former U.S. Army medic and 30-year Broward resident, dies at 86
08:29:05a Burma's NLD Calls Referendum Plan Undemocratic
08:29:10a Japanese Police To Probe Journalist's Death in Burma
08:29:14a Mukherjee to stay until CA polls
08:29:18a UNMIN concerned over tarai violence
08:29:23a PM ready to address Madhesi demands that are not dangerous for the country
08:29:27a Curfew in Bara, Parsa, Nepalgunj on 6th day of Terai strike
08:29:31a Curfew in 5 districts
08:29:35a Food stocks down to week's supply
08:29:40a Maoists fix constituencies for major leaders
08:29:44a Essential commodities' crisis created to foil election atmosphere, say Maoists
08:29:48a Castro resigns as Cuba president
08:29:53a Big wins for Pakistan opposition parties
08:29:57a Ex-Mossad Agent in Beirut It's Not a Matter of Just Pressing the Button
08:30:01a Election 2008 Don't Believe That Iraq Won't Be The Issue in November
08:30:06a Election 2008 Wisconsin Primary News Obama Leads in Polls, Spends Big, Hillary 'Camps Out'
08:30:10a Election 2008 Hillary's Economic Plan Nothing Daring, But More Comprehensive Than Obama's
08:30:15a ForeignPolicy Joining Thuggery and Profits the Legacy of Suharto's Indonesia
08:30:19a ForeignPolicy Venezuela Why the Barrios Still Love Hugo
08:30:23a MediaCulture How the Spooks Took over the News
08:30:28a Reproductive Justice and Gender Is Feminism Compatible with the Kitchen?
08:30:32a Rights and Liberties Whistleblower Website Under Attack
08:30:36a Webacide a domain's distributed death
08:30:40a Fidel Castro Resigns Presidency
08:30:45a Nevin seeks miscarriage of justice verdict
08:30:49a Crane strikes power line killing Plum man
08:30:54a High winds cause two power outages
08:30:58a Allegheny Valley Hospital expansion gets federal money
08:31:03a Deer Lakes parents speak up to save coach's job
08:31:07a Highlands again discusses building program
08:31:11a Lower Burrell zoning board rejects cell phone tower
08:31:19a Freeport volleyball player Campbell wins over Pitt
08:31:23a Cheswick boys stopped in first round
08:31:28a Burrell wrestling team nabs national ranking
08:31:32a Lozada 'sanctuary fund' hits P500,000
08:31:36a Castro resigns as Cuban president--state media
08:31:40a Ex-Abra gov Valera charged for 2006 murder of solon
08:31:45a SC orders Pampanga vote recount stopped
08:31:49a Arroyo expects 'fair, thorough' Ombudsman probe of NBN
08:31:53a Palace eyes 'reform council' for 'good governance'
08:31:57a Mount Vernon community paper to return to print
08:32:02a Wisconsin a showdown state for Clinton, Obama
08:32:06a North Salem reaches deal with Clearwater Excavating
08:32:10a Ladentown down, but maybe not out
08:32:15a Despite slumping economy, counties see sales revenue gains
08:32:19a Westchester Democrats want Congress to investigate Bush
08:32:23a Breaking Castro to resign
08:32:28a Business owner uses radioactivity to measure quality of structural work
08:32:32a Deputies shoot, kill gunman
08:32:37a Long-awaited road extension coming to Heights
08:32:41a SD2 opts to conduct vote through mail
08:32:45a Man's best friend and vice versa
08:32:49a 3rd candidate to run for clerk
08:32:53a Cuban President Castro stands down
08:32:58a Cabbie in court on rape charges
08:33:02a UN deadlock over independent Kosovo
08:33:06a Tough guy Jason turns soft?
08:33:10a Doll released of croc hunter's daughter
08:33:14a Tourist arrivals in RP up 7.8% in Jan
08:33:19a IPVG to acquire 70% of Megamobile
08:33:23a Something scary at the Senate
08:33:27a Castro stepping down as Cuba's leader
08:33:32a Asian police in RP for bioterror training
08:33:36a SC stops recount of votes in Pampanga
08:33:40a US ambassador meets MILF chief
08:33:44a Two nabbed for pushing solvent to minors
08:33:49a Semirara to buy P215-M worth of shares in power, mining firms
08:33:53a Could you have New Daily Persistent Headache?
08:33:57a New Evidence In JFK Assassination Raise Questions
08:34:01a RBI to operationalise buyback scheme for state development loans
08:34:06a Ford launches new Endeavour at Rs 17.32 lakhs
08:34:10a Manyata given time till Mar 7 on residence certificate issue
08:34:14a Castro quits as president, state-run paper reports
08:34:19a Local program honors Black History Month
08:34:23a City eyes reinvestment zone for Alamo Group
08:34:27a Trail riders trek through town
08:34:31a Navarro ISD waiting to reclaim tax dollars
08:34:35a HBO series puts CW in spotlight
08:34:40a Panel to mull arcade
08:34:44a Supreme Court Chief's Corruption Case Shrouded in Legal Controversy
08:34:48a PM Returns Home as Fighting Kills 5
08:34:53a Islamist Fighters Seize TFG's Army Vehicles
08:34:57a World switches on to Earth Hour switch-off
08:35:01a Official says Australia needs Indonesian help to guard tsuna
08:35:05a Indonesian beef buyers look to other markets
08:35:14a Kenya How Far is Country's Peace?
08:35:18a Uganda Displaced Kenyan Teachers Recruited in Primary Schools
08:36:13a Value of North Dakota Crops Hits Record
08:36:18a New Jersey Mayor Fights For His City
08:36:23a Terror group discussed killing Australian PM court
08:36:27a Castro's life in pictures
08:36:31a Accepting Kosovo now sidelines UN academic
08:36:36a NASA, UK boffins plan tunnelling Moon mole robot
08:36:41a Preservation program ends with 6m unspent
08:36:45a Alexandria eyes rise in parking fees
08:36:50a Officers remain on paid leave as probe continues in shooting
08:36:54a Dulles Rail faces bids, alterations
08:36:58a Skins look for home cooking
08:37:03a Condo, single-family home value assessments slip
08:37:07a Suspect arrested in 2001 rape after TV show's airing
08:37:12a Crowded science labs could cost Montgomery schools accreditation
08:37:16a Prince William chair proposes freezing salaries
08:37:21a SouthAm-Arab Experts Meet in Argentina
08:37:25a Top seed Nalbandian rolls in Argentina
08:37:30a Bavarian savings banks want to marry LBBW and BayernLB report
08:37:34a Fidel Castro announces he will not return to the presidency of Cuba
08:37:38a Death Threats in Kenya
08:37:43a 'Kenya can gain from US aid'
08:37:47a SMSs used as a tool of hate in Kenya
08:37:51a Wild elephants on increase in Kenya
08:37:56a Kenya U.S. Pushes for Quick Peace Deal
08:38:00a How far is Kenya's peace?
08:38:05a Kenya U.S. Lobbies for Coalition Govt
08:38:09a US urges Kenya power-sharing agreement
08:38:14a Kenya, U.S. Counterterrorism and Resolving the Political Crisis
08:38:18a Police looking for hit-and-run driver who injured bicyclist
08:38:23a State House approves big crackdown on gangs