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12:00:00a Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids, Michigan

12:00:05a UPDATE 1-Tabcorp to raise A300 mln, cuts dividend
12:00:10a HopFed Bancorp-HFBC reports Q4 EPS 18c vs. consensus of 23c
12:00:15a Obama Attorney General Pick Clears US Senate Committee
12:00:20a Nato irked by Russia's 'base plan'
12:00:24a Scores killed in Madagascar unrest, president blames rival
12:00:29a Three Nabbed in Super Bowl Ring Heist
12:00:34a Dumping iron in the ocean may not fix the climate
12:00:39a Give up seat, Rais demands
12:00:44a Orlando Unveils More IRIS Cameras
12:00:48a Making Money with Foreclosures Your Options Reviewed
12:00:53a Ex-Monessen man lands free Super Bowl tickets
12:00:58a Warmmonger Update
12:01:03a Ex-Umno chief bribed branch head, court told
12:01:08a Not all races on village panels
12:01:12a House passes 825 billion legislation
12:01:17a US Senate panel holds hearing on 26/11
12:01:22a Holder's nomination clears Senate Judiciary Committee
12:01:27a From Senate stimulus bill packed with IT spending
12:01:32a Minneapolis' Jackson Artists Center receives funding
12:01:37a NOAA Scientists Discover 'Hot Spot' for Toxic Harmful Algal Blooms Off Washington Coast
12:01:42a US Stocks Close Up; 'Bad Bank' Talk Buoys Financials
12:01:47a Village school engulfed in flames, troopers say
12:01:52a Rent price rises at 20-year high
12:01:57a Father in family's murder-suicide was awash in debt, Los Angeles police say
12:02:02a Symantec posts huge 3Q loss on charge
12:02:07a PM to launch village action plan
12:02:11a UK makes its presence felt on financial reform
12:02:16a Sovereign Bancorp shareholders approve sale to Banco Santander
12:02:21a Scientists find jellyfish enjoy an 'immortal' life
12:02:26a MarketWatch First Take Starbucks serves a slug of sobriety
12:02:31a Samy Vellu's biggest critic to return to MIC
12:02:36a CM's clean up call spurs councils
12:02:40a Danaher Earnings Decline, Beat Consensus and Cooper Industries, Ltd. Q4 2008 Earnings Call Transcript
12:02:45a Bellamy lifts City as Robinho puts off-field problems aside
12:02:51a Obama So Far Stimulating Decades-Old Arguments Culture Wars
12:03:00a Court hears of loss over man
12:03:05a Obama Meets With Business Leaders on The Economy
12:03:09a No end in sight to Gordon Brown’s global nightmare
12:03:14a Doctor scarcity hurting cancer care for women
12:03:19a China PM Developed Nations Must Take Responsibilities
12:03:24a House Approves Economic Stimulus Package
12:03:29a Students pray lucky charms do trick
12:03:34a Radio Shack cancels Mexico soccer-voodoo campaign
12:03:39a Man charged with firing gun in housing community
12:03:43a Vuln W3C Amaya HTML 'input' Tag Parameter Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12:03:48a Obama's Islamist challenge
12:03:53a IMF figures show need for early action on crisis Swan
12:03:58a Internet Workshop For Deputies Leads To Arrest 28 Jan 2009 182728 GMT
12:04:03a SMEs see big drop in exports in Q4
12:04:08a NY saves Coney Island Rocket attraction
12:04:12a Hundreds Protest In Toronto For The Innocents Of Sri Lanka
12:04:17a Southwest In-Flight Internet Trial Pushed to February
12:04:22a Hotels Lower Costs To Increase Business
12:04:27a Darfur Remains Tense UN
12:04:31a Town clerks take over
12:04:36a U.S. Steel to relocate workers from Dallas to Pittsburgh
12:04:41a L&G execs face arrest over investment fraud
12:04:47a Woman, 90, threatened in NI robbery
12:04:52a Dieting 'Increases Flu Risk'
12:04:57a Spidey in the snow
12:05:02a BofA vows to track and report loans
12:05:07a Ginobili seals victory for Spurs at free-throw line
12:05:12a Jean Paul Gaultier delivers gender-bending matador
12:05:17a Bank Fix Boosts Dow
12:05:22a Gene therapy cures form of 'bubble boy disease'
12:05:27a Feds arrest fugitive based on tip
12:05:32a Neighbors in dispute with Knox Co. landscaping business
12:05:37a Audit Court Admits New Workers
12:05:42a Ark. House OKs bill limiting teens' cell phone use
12:05:51a 31 Cuban Migrants Found At Turkey Point
12:05:56a Iraq polls stir up tensions along Kurdish frontier
12:06:01a DHL Olive underneath a yellow camouflage
12:06:06a Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery?
12:06:11a UPDATE 1-Covance Q4 results beat Street, keeps 09 earnings view
12:06:15a Berlin searches traces of Wall 20 years on
12:06:20a Top News California Officers Fight for Overtime
12:06:25a 'I will not change my mind' Nasarudin
12:06:30a Turnpike Toll Hike?
12:06:35a Row over N Ireland
12:06:40a National Guard offering rides to Red Cross
12:06:45a Dengue cases on the rise in Sarawak
12:06:49a Evo Morales Praises Cuban Solidarity with Bolivia
12:06:54a Mom and dad's tobacco use influences teens' smoking
12:06:59a Banks may take Georgia schools chief's game show prize
12:07:04a UPDATE 2-Qualcomm profit falls, cuts '09 revenue target
12:07:10a Obama Tough decisions soon on Iraq, Afghanistan
12:07:15a Pro Football Healthcare Generates Arthritis Pain Relief Cream
12:07:20a Photos Fine jewelry in Dallas
12:07:27a closing Gitmo prison positive, insufficient
12:07:32a The Scoreboard Tuesday, Jan. 27
12:07:37a Project Read a beacon for proliteracy
12:07:42a Schwarzenberg to speak before the OSCE Permanent Council
12:07:47a Royal mocks 'little boy' Sarkozy
12:07:52a Gary Pallister to feature at Finn Park
12:07:57a 18 m-cyclists among 21 road fatalities
12:08:02a Bitterness, hard-hitting insight fill pages of Torre
12:08:07a Life sentence for man who shot high school athlete
12:08:12a Power out to thousands
12:08:17a Television Switch Is On
12:08:21a Van Persie's late leveller rescues Arsenal
12:08:29a Hoosier union membership rises
12:08:34a Regulators Provide Aid for Credit Unions
12:08:39a Matters of life and death
12:08:44a Mass. House confirms new speaker amid scandal
12:08:48a South Africa An Affordable and Amazing Vacation Destination
12:08:53a 1,900 Cordillera workers displaced by financial crisis
12:08:58a Judge OKs Holding Taliban Cook At Gitmo
12:09:03a Bedford woman rescued after 20 hours in the woods
12:09:08a RI files proposal to host 2022 World Cup
12:09:13a Congress to examine Madoff case again on Feb 4
12:09:18a Prize Pooch Cloned
12:09:23a Broadcasters urged to give Indian artistes more chances
12:09:28a The Case with Benjamin Yeaten
12:09:33a T.w.u.r.p.s. 2008
12:09:39a Afghan Civilian Deaths From NATO-Led Forces 100 In
12:09:44a Congo LRA victims found in DR Congo UN
12:09:48a Poinciana Man Arrested On Porn Charges
12:09:53a News flash Nobody gives a damn about global warming
12:09:58a Multicore chips leave software trailing
12:10:03a The Overnight Report Four Days And Counting
12:10:07a Best Deals on Winter Cruises
12:10:12a Paris Hilton launches line of scrapbooking products
12:10:17a Eligible Israelis abroad vote for Knesset today
12:10:22a Mother to be tried for infant's death
12:10:27a School System Will Offer Kenilworth Students Free Vaccine Next Week
12:10:32a Bomb kills 4 Afghan civilians
12:10:37a Difficult army decisions ahead Obama
12:10:41a Tuqiri in Wallaby-stacked Waratahs for Fiji
12:10:46a Cuba Ratifies Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage
12:10:51a Burglar 'knocked himself out'
12:10:56a Greenbacks go to green tech
12:11:01a Potentiality of 2009 Budget
12:11:06a James follows own path to success
12:11:11a Scammers Use Texts To Get Bank Info
12:11:16a Police and soldiers kick off first Iraq election since 2005
12:11:20a Grant will give QC new equestrian trail
12:11:25a Deadline in Kentucky Speedway antitrust appeal extended to mid-February
12:11:30a ONGC profit dives and misses f'cast on crude slump
12:11:35a Indian Court Rejects Bail for Satyam Executives
12:11:40a Tyco Electronics' Profits Go Under
12:11:45a Ex-Gitmo detainee described as a 'fomenter of war'
12:11:50a Against the Grain Sell Starbucks!
12:11:55a Man killed outside Cambridge business
12:11:59a NCGA Urges Reopening Of Trade With Cuba
12:12:04a FDA Peanut plant knew product was tainted with salmonella
12:12:09a Christchurch boy racers targeting Chch mayor
12:12:14a Top cop not suspended
12:12:18a New Documentary Follows Broadcasts
12:12:23a NBTY Reports First Quarter Results
12:12:28a Zounds! Knave steals costumes from Oregon Shakespeare Festival
12:12:33a Aso holds talks with Obama over phone+
12:12:42a Digital Camera Market Starts To Wobble
12:12:47a Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 1712-1 New rt2400 packages fix arbitrary code execution
12:12:56a Rafah at centre of talks
12:13:01a Couple A Farm Show Fixture
12:13:06a Father in family's murder-suicide was awash in debt, Los Angeles police say
12:13:11a Robinho denies sexual assault allegations
12:13:16a American Airlines finds they're short on life rafts for some 767s
12:13:21a Hijack victim wants to sue MISC
12:13:26a Updated FOMC Line That Matters
12:13:30a Roadwork To Continue Through July
12:13:35a Sun, sea and sewage in the playground of the rich in Dubai
12:13:40a Confidence in Florida economy up
12:13:45a Witnesses of fatal police shooting threaten to boycott public inquiry
12:13:50a Cameroon US. 61 Million Funding for Water and Sanitation
12:13:55a NewsCMSLite Insecure Cookie Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
12:14:00a Obama wins House passage of economic stimulus
12:14:05a First of 8,000 antitobacco suits to go to trial in Florida
12:14:10a Manitoba tries barring media from trial involving swastika-bearing girl
12:14:15a House passes stimulus package
12:14:20a Arrest over Gungahlin shooting
12:14:26a Korea becomes king of the cellphone
12:14:31a Croatia, Albania expect NATO membership at April summit
12:14:36a Save money using energy efficiency tax credits
12:14:41a House OKs 819B stimulus bill in win for Obama
12:14:47a Afghan FM Denies Strain in US Relations
12:14:52a State stimulus aimed at job creation passes Senate
12:14:57a Station Blending Own Fuel
12:15:02a Weekend dads
12:15:07a Metro Atlanta Beltline Rail Project Could Veer Off Track
12:15:12a Bill Proposes Cut In Raises For Ark. Officials 28 Jan 2009 182458 GMT
12:15:17a Freezing death of 93-year-old sparks anger
12:15:22a 'Hard-headed' action promised to combat global standstill
12:15:27a Poor Economy Helps Military Enlistments
12:15:31a Myanmar held over passport scam
12:15:36a SPC MD 60
12:15:41a Cough up, sit back, relax
12:15:46a Lobbyist charged in Abramoff case
12:15:51a Dominican Robinson Cano itching for fast start
12:15:56a Winter Storm Pounds the Region
12:16:01a Canon records 37% profit fall, braces for more
12:16:05a A Season To Forget
12:16:11a Ohio Police Get Help Bagging Criminals
12:16:15a House Nixes Pause Button On Digital TV
12:16:20a US dollar steady as Fed stops short of new intervention
12:16:25a Iranians protest opposition group losing EU
12:16:30a Wall Street rallies on bad bank plan, stimulus vote
12:16:35a A Little Piece of Culture in Aspen Harris Concert Hall
12:16:40a Red Sox issue deadline to Varitek
12:16:44a Likud 34 Kadima 22 Labor 13 Yisrael Beiteinu 16 'Right' 70 seats
12:16:49a Procesan a 10 militares por masacre en Colombia
12:16:54a Biggest Dow bounce in 2 weeks
12:16:59a Starbucks to Close 300 Stores as Profit Dives
12:17:04a Tips, Tricks and Secrets is Now Available
12:17:09a Congo's plan to integrate rebels into army falls apart
12:17:14a Public denied access to constitutional drafts
12:17:19a Western Canadian Coal Announces 86 Million Tonnes of Coal Reserves for the Belcourt Property
12:17:25a Latvia Economy Update
12:17:30a Lords under fire in a halfway House
12:17:35a Tampa welcomes fans to the, well, Subdued Bowl
12:17:40a USAFCENT Jan. 27 airpower summary
12:17:44a Storrs applies for vacant council seat
12:17:49a RCMP agent was instigator who broke law, defence argues in youth terror case
12:17:54a Advantest Suffers Y10.7bn Net Loss Through Dec On Chip Slump
12:17:59a Inaugural 'Wave' Prompts Resignation
12:18:04a Cinema Buckets of unfunny comedy
12:18:09a The handmade rattle
12:18:14a Comfortable water supply in store, say officials
12:18:18a House Vote On Stimulus Follows Partisan Lines
12:18:23a Lemieux wins in welcome visit with Sharks to Denver
12:18:28a Are we really wasting trillion dollars a year on proprietary systems?
12:18:33a New Documentary Follows Broadcasts 'Live From The Moon'
12:18:38a Drug dealer bribed entire Police precinct in Bonao
12:18:43a US House passes economic package
12:18:48a Longtime leaning building officially declared unsafe
12:18:53a Biden's Munich role Reinvigorate NATO ties
12:18:58a Iran`s trade center to open in Baghdad
12:19:03a Needy schoolchildren given a two-hour shopping spree
12:19:08a Yokogawa Electric cuts work hours
12:19:13a Barack Obama greets members of the US Armed Forces
12:19:18a Mail delivery might be cut back to five days
12:19:22a Wheels The End of Isuzu in America
12:19:27a Cut calories, improve your brain power study
12:19:32a AHA champions omega-6 PUFAs to counter popular nutrition advice
12:19:37a Building Collapses in Summers County
12:19:42a City Councilwoman Irma Carson Hospitalized
12:19:47a Pope Expresses 'Full and Unquestionable Solidarity' With Jews
12:19:52a BIG Project Sparks Parking Concerns
12:19:57a The Thrill is back in San Francisco
12:20:02a Gore urges action on US economy, global warming
12:20:09a New Police Protection for Pocono Community?
12:20:14a Obama stimulus clears House
12:20:19a Congress passes economic package
12:20:24a Pair of Pedophiles Captured in Sting Operation
12:20:29a Palestinian couple fights deportation from US
12:20:34a A shocking lack of sleep
12:20:38a Working as an Independent Contractor
12:20:43a Most Palestinian factions approve to start truce in early February
12:20:48a We must lift public education
12:20:53a Ice storm cuts power to 870,000 in Midwest
12:20:58a Mediabistro's UGCCon Next Month Sign Up Now
12:21:03a Vanderburgh Co. calls on National Guard
12:21:07a High yen takes wind out of tourism boom
12:21:12a Zimbabwe cholera toll continues to rise
12:21:17a Kugan finally laid to rest
12:21:22a Latest Bills From Olympia, Part XIII
12:21:27a Police arrest Spokane burglary suspect
12:21:31a Forum stands by small nations
12:21:36a Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 1713-1 New rt2500 packages fix arbitrary code execution
12:21:57a Emirates NBD-1 wins Desert Classic Pro Am
12:22:02a Fire alarm alerts sleeping man to blaze
12:22:07a Hamdi pledges to sink or swim with Umno
12:22:12a Check in/Checkout Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya
12:22:16a Small Universe Lincity-NG 2.0
12:22:21a Joint Arkansas rice meeting Jan. 30
12:22:26a STOCKS NEWS ASIA-Markets set to rise on U.S. optimism
12:22:31a Concern expressed about suitability of advocate tipped to head NPA
12:22:35a Pacific Roasted Halibut
12:22:41a 3i Group replaces CEO
12:22:45a Release of Rebel-Held Colombian Hostages Set
12:22:50a Why Women Have An Edge On Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
12:22:55a LG Display Signs Supply Agreement With Cree For LED Chips
12:23:00a Putin slaps down Michael Dell at Davos
12:23:05a US House approves economic stimulus bill
12:23:10a Obama's Middle East envoy pushes for peace talks
12:23:15a Meriden School Going Green
12:23:20a The Newsmaking Jet Liner Did Not Have to Lose Engines with BIRD STRIKES
12:23:25a PNG police find counterfeit cash
12:23:30a York University union says it won't wage legal battle over back-to-work bill
12:23:35a AfDB Plays Key Role at Africa Infrastructure Day Hosted by African Union Commission
12:23:40a Indian rescued six hours after Malaysia air crash
12:23:45a Dallas City Council OKs plan to build homes for homeless
12:23:49a Pope expresses 'solidarity' with Jews on Holocaust
12:23:55a Obama says tough decisions on Iraq, Afghanistan loom
12:24:00a Woman Shot Dead In Front Of Home
12:24:04a House Nixes Digital-TV Transition Delay
12:24:10a Boeing loses mn in fourth quarter
12:24:14a Surrender Part of Israel to Keep a Jewish Majority
12:24:22a US House passes Obama's US825b stimulus plan
12:24:26a Giant squid cake
12:24:31a Bangkok police aid in girl's search
12:24:36a Lawyer charged with CBT
12:24:41a Greater Clark Schools closed the rest of the week
12:24:46a Barack Obama greets members of the US Armed Forces
12:24:51a Negri to fine mosquito 'breeders'
12:24:56a Russia to be left in the cold
12:25:01a 'dream big. alpine, texas.'
12:25:05a The Korean Who Crowned Queen of Soul's Obama Moment
12:25:10a Economic pain to be ‘worst for 60 years’
12:25:15a House of Reps close to passing Obama's stimulus plan
12:25:20a Agmark expo evokes good response
12:25:24a end border closure, end smuggling in Gaza
12:25:29a Techmemes newest human contributor You
12:25:34a Cassel Did His Part
12:25:39a Avalanche kills Antrim brothers
12:25:44a Freezing death of US man in house sparks anger
12:25:48a Coke Bets on Ru
12:25:53a Pence 'I Don't Believe Rush Limbaugh Has A Racist Bone In His Body'
12:25:58a Plans for Maze stadium axed
12:26:03a Telecom Namibia Offers Pre-Paid 3G Service
12:26:08a Bugtraq TKADV2009-004 FFmpeg Type Conversion Vulnerability
12:26:13a Top Five Romantic East Coast Getaways for Your Valentine
12:26:18a Road map for city's development
12:26:23a Valentino show wins praise from designer himself
12:26:28a More than a million wait in icy darkness across US
12:26:33a Bond baddie stands up to 'selfish' firms
12:26:38a Yukon MLA Edzerza quits NDP, will sit as Independent
12:26:43a Experts say Delling may be fit for trial
12:26:47a Kimunya accuses MPs of vendetta
12:26:52a Bacteria From Craft Goat Cheese Could Be Beneficial For Health
12:27:01a Police seize ammunition
12:27:06a Obama's White House Big posts, overlapping tasks
12:27:11a Salvadoran police find remains of suspected gang victims at bottom of well
12:27:16a Hunton & Williams, Jenner & Block Attorneys Co-Chairing Conference on Financial Crisis Insurance Litigation
12:27:21a The day smoke engulfed the city centre
12:27:26a Offshore fish farming faces opposition in the Gulf
12:27:30a Union Criticizes FairPoint for Outsourcing
12:27:35a No decision yet on closing Chester Co. schools
12:27:40a Tides Now Accepting Nominations for Pizzigati Prize
12:27:45a Greek protests block borders, ground flights
12:27:50a New World Reader Survey 60% Predict Substantial SL Growth in 2009
12:27:55a Farmers pleased with firmer words
12:28:00a Numbers on power failures caused by the ice storm
12:28:05a Verizon Wireless brings femotocells to market
12:28:09a Readings 01/28/09
12:28:14a Senate committee approves Holder for US attorney general
12:28:19a Big oil and gas paying for Governor's Mansion rebuilding
12:28:24a Four children starve to death
12:28:29a And the ballots go to ... 5,810 Oscar voters
12:28:34a Contest Mophie Juice Pack 3G giveaway
12:28:38a Knockout blow for alleged burglar
12:28:43a Burglar bungles job in Prebbleton
12:28:48a Blogging Days May Be Waning at AOL's Weblogs, Inc.
12:28:53a UPDATE 1-Starbucks' Q1 lags forecasts, shares steady
12:28:58a Blaze brings city to a standstill
12:29:03a Compensation disbursed
12:29:08a Lobbyist charged in Abra
12:29:12a Bristol, Va., Only American City on Top Seven List of Intelligent Communities
12:29:17a ESPN facing job cuts, hiring freeze
12:29:22a Store owners hit by second tragedy
12:29:27a Americans Witness Improvements in Iraq
12:29:31a SNP moves on from budget defeat
12:29:36a Aspen Adapting to the Altitude
12:29:41a Peanut recall grows as feds find problems at plant
12:29:46a Facing jail over RM62
12:29:51a A Child's Wish List Lands in a Nassau County Backyard
12:29:55a Mail Delivery Cut to Only 5 Days a Week?
12:30:00a Pacquiao, Hatton finalize May 2 fight
12:30:05a From the Issue Bitter Pill
12:30:10a Obama, stem cells and abortion
12:30:15a Small businesses can run into tax prep pitfalls
12:30:20a Campbell Resources files for bankruptcy protection after shuttering mine
12:30:24a Fund touches RM5 million mark
12:30:29a Eskimos receiver Tucker retires, joins coaching staff
12:30:34a Deadly ice, snow storm sweeps US
12:30:39a Green bean syndrome continues
12:30:44a Mexico sees bln mortgage debt issues in 2009
12:30:49a House Roll Call How they voted on stimulus bill
12:30:54a IMF says growth will be slower than expected
12:30:59a Possible Lawsuits in Corruption Scandal
12:31:04a Mytilineos says that Sometra
12:31:09a Murder-Suicide At Orlando Hotel
12:31:14a Live Video Police Pursue Truck In LA Area
12:31:19a Jabil pink slips 3,000 workers from manufacturing operations
12:31:24a Work starts on new bridge for highlanders
12:31:29a ‘Some climate damage already irreversible
12:31:34a NASCAR faulted in deadly Fla. plane crash in 2007
12:31:39a Latvia Flash Mob To Support Public Radio
12:31:44a 1985 Murderer Set To Be Executed
12:31:49a Top Florida Vacations Florida's Top Beaches Vacations
12:31:55a Cambridge schools open despite storm
12:32:00a Spain arrests 6 in London stock fraud
12:32:05a Politicians demand full and fair probe
12:32:10a 13 ON YOUR SIDE Michigan Unemployment Agency making progress but problems persist
12:32:15a Malaysian relief workers 'not ready for war duty'
12:32:20a Cavalier Apartments' demolition creates problem for neighbors
12:32:24a UN nuclear chief cancels BBC interview over Gaza appeal
12:32:29a Erdoğan We aim for a third of council members to be women
12:32:34a Arrest Warrant Issued for Jason Caffey Over Unpaid Child Support Claims
12:32:39a Detroit 3 out of Super Bowl ads
12:32:44a Ghost town
12:32:48a Couple has baby as house burns down
12:32:53a Obama hears advice of service chiefs on Iraq
12:32:58a Miami company makes its mark on the jaded NY crowd
12:33:03a Obama wins passage of economic stimulus
12:33:08a Daniel Tarullo
12:33:13a The only route out of recession
12:33:18a Obama rallies business chiefs on stimulus
12:33:23a Lagat seeks to tie mile record at Millrose Games
12:33:28a Jason Caffey I'll Play, You'll Pay
12:33:33a Regime ‘not called to account
12:33:38a Infighting might delay Gaza rebuild
12:33:43a Phoenix Mayor Blows Nose On 'Terrible Towel'
12:33:48a rime Minister Kevin Rudd plans to recruit young volunteers
12:33:53a Democrats hurry to pass spending bill
12:33:57a Dude, Putin is so not getting a Dell
12:34:02a Pass laws to set up tribunal, AG tells leaders
12:34:07a Dubai practice quality in healthcare sector
12:34:12a Starbucks cutting jobs, closing more stores
12:34:17a Sharon Shrock, Bill Coscarelli to Address Questionmark Perception Users
12:34:22a U.S. House approves economic stimulus bill
12:34:27a During tough times, some turn to the church
12:34:32a Bus Headed to Bulgaria
12:34:36a BSP sues Legacy bank execs for fraud
12:34:41a DCG Systems, Inc. Announces the Formation of Japanese Subsidiary DCG K.K.
12:34:46a Israel reopens crossings to Gaza, but UN stresses need for much greater access
12:34:51a PNG police seize white powder, fake money
12:34:56a 5 Of Calif.'s Octuplets Start Bottle Feeding
12:35:01a Gaza 'Massacre or Self-Defense?'
12:35:06a Asia markets set to rise on US optimism
12:35:10a Tibetan New Year turns into silent battleground
12:35:15a Florida Vacation Destination Boca Raton, Florida
12:35:20a Cyprus to take Turkey to European court over missing people
12:35:25a US envoy calls to bolster Gaza truce, end smuggling
12:35:39a New Jersey Fishing License Requirements
12:35:44a Chinese Dams Reveal Flaw in Warming Tool
12:35:48a Postmaster Mail delivery may be cut to 5 days
12:35:53a Tour Vermont's Newest City
12:35:58a Judging Israel the western way
12:36:03a Police seek woman who robbed Boynton Beach drug store with stun gun
12:36:10a iPhoto '09 Missing libraries, other problems
12:36:15a Bart Simpson Hearts L Ron Hubbard
12:36:20a Democrats Initiate Petition Against Rush Limbaugh
12:36:25a Bailout Recipients Hosted Call to Defeat Key Labor Bill
12:36:29a Snow, Ice Roll Through State
12:36:34a Authorities Baby dies after parents shun medical help
12:36:39a Democratic accountability in Gaza
12:36:44a Call Centers Help With Digital Transition
12:36:49a Efforts to bring home Gitmo duo
12:36:54a Wen, Putin lash out at US over economic crisis
12:36:58a Wash. lawmakers tackle spending cuts
12:37:03a Prince Philip's painful pull out
12:37:08a Burglar breaches bail in three hours
12:37:13a Time for patience over in sewage project
12:37:18a Obama Headed To Canada Next Month
12:37:22a FDA Inspection Report of PCA's Georgia Facility Details Lapses in Food Safety Protocols
12:37:27a Child 'thrown from bridge'
12:37:32a Tough Times, Silver Lining The Stuff People Are Still Buying
12:37:37a Bysiewicz 2008 Saw Thousands Of Business Closings
12:37:42a PCGG lets OSG handle pending cases
12:37:47a Luxury boat builder axes workers
12:37:51a New Head of Russian Orthodox Church Has Background in Church-State Relations
12:37:56a Egypt launches new round of mediation efforts for durable Gaza truce
12:38:01a Infamous New York Plaza penthouse back on market
12:38:06a Demonstration against State bank merger move
12:38:11a ESPN faces job cuts, hiring freeze
12:38:15a U.S. House passes economic stimulus
12:38:20a Cooked pork still OK despite Ebola scare
12:38:25a Adelaide likely to break heatwave record
12:38:30a Column Obama should establish diplomatic relations with Iran
12:38:35a Free Diet Dr. Pepper
12:38:40a Schwarzenegger seeks end to prison oversight
12:38:45a New York Fishing License Regulations
12:38:50a ACORN denounces Brown-Waite's 'bluster'
12:38:55a Home Loans and Mortgages How to Have a Realistic Approach
12:39:00a Interior Ignored Science When Limiting Water to Grand Canyon
12:39:05a U.S. peanut co. expanding salmonella recall FDA
12:39:10a PIERRE - Committee rejects bill for guns on campus
12:39:16a Credit crunch hits Boks Stories
12:39:21a High Court Affirms Shield From Employer Retaliation
12:39:26a Cinema The fall and rise of werewolves
12:39:31a Bahamas ex-senator granted bail in John Travolta case
12:39:36a Etihad Airways, Kuwait Airways sign codeshare agreeement
12:39:41a Traders point at young looters
12:39:46a World bodies warn of massive job cuts
12:39:51a German Turks say study ignores inequality of opportunities
12:39:56a Minnesota slated to get million for highways and bridges
12:40:01a Forced to have sex at gunpoint Stories
12:40:06a PDF See FDA report
12:40:10a Vic community mourns triple fatality
12:40:15a Moderate quake strikes Andaman Islands
12:40:20a Oracle Audit Vault Monitors Competing Systems, Including DB2
12:40:25a In Thiruvananthapuram Today
12:40:30a Computer and Video Game Industry Tops Billion in 2008
12:40:35a MACC looking into defection
12:40:40a Cutbacks hit boxes of Girl Scout Cookies
12:40:45a Russia Medvedev vs Putin's Espionage Law
12:40:49a Economy May Force Postal Service To Cut Delivery Days
12:40:55a City Discussing Future Following Mayor's Arrest
12:41:00a Hoven man injured in farm accident
12:41:05a Springsteen lightens music for Obama era
12:41:10a Shelters Remain Open Across North Arkansas 28 Jan 2009 185711 GMT
12:41:15a Lawmakers push to pull funding for animals killed with lead bullets
12:41:20a Shields Column Economy's Highs and Lows
12:41:24a Fish's court battle turns ugly Stories
12:41:31a 18 Students In Custody After Brawl Breaks Out In School Cafeteria
12:41:35a California Huck Finn Jubliee Brings Literary Character to Life
12:41:40a SECURITY DSA 1714-1 New rt2570 packages fix arbitrary code execution
12:41:45a Cousin involved in Sweta's killing
12:41:50a 78 more Rohingya migrants detained in Thailand, accuse Myanm
12:41:55a 7. Youthful accent
12:42:00a Fines and bans for Pacific Continental boiler room shares scandal
12:42:04a US retail PC game sales down million in '08
12:42:09a Pakistani military sizes up ‘smart power’
12:42:14a Role of two colonels comes under spotlight in Ergenekon probe
12:42:19a 9. Animal instinct
12:42:23a Legislature kills volunteerism requirement proposal
12:42:29a 'Old fashioned' builder who resisted lure of borrowing
12:42:33a 1. Water with healing power
12:42:38a Former Decatur officer indicted on federal charges
12:42:43a House passes stimulus plan, SC could get billions
12:42:48a Police make progress in hunt for inmate
12:42:53a Verbeek disappointed after Socceroos held
12:42:58a Somalia on brink of humanitarian catastrophe
12:43:03a Online advertisers hammered by 'click fraud' in 2008 report
12:43:08a U.S. House nears passage of economic stimulus
12:43:12a Obama invites lawmakers for cocktail party
12:43:17a Boeing Posts Loss, Slashes 10,000 Jobs
12:43:22a Panasonic to log loss for 2008
12:43:27a Victorians on high alert
12:43:32a Local MPs urged to join in on graffiti clean-up
12:43:37a Supreme Court rejects change-of-venue appeal
12:43:42a Digital TV transition still on for Feb. 17
12:43:47a 2. Farewell, dear friend
12:43:51a Power outages set to end
12:43:56a Report CIA chief in Algeria accused of rape
12:44:01a UN staff comes under fire in Sri Lanka ‘safe zone
12:44:06a Fatal wreck reported in Oklahoma City
12:44:11a Last pictures before avalanche show mountaineers walking
12:44:16a U.S. investigates CIA sex allegations in Algeria
12:44:21a Starbucks to close hundreds of stores
12:44:26a Putin urges reserve currency move
12:44:30a Woman shot in head, held hostage for 6 hours, will be OK
12:44:35a Asesinan tres miembros de familia en El Salvador
12:44:40a Criminals Steal From Local Church
12:44:45a Clark in doubt for South Africa tour
12:44:49a Gator victim expected to appear on 'Today'
12:44:54a Raw Video House Votes To Pass Econ Stimulus Bill
12:44:59a House approves 'Buy America' steel measure
12:45:04a Overview Financials lifted as toxic-asset plans gather pace
12:45:08a GM lays off 65 more at western NY engine plant
12:45:14a 'We're not going anywhere' - Store managers at troubled mall practice rumor control
12:45:19a Paquito DRivera onstage in İstanbul once more
12:45:24a Right to protect one
12:45:29a Area Restaurants Busy For Restaurant Week
12:45:33a Duff may play outlaw
12:45:38a TTI Telecom Announces Internal Investigation of Telesens Acquisition
12:45:45a Live text Dundee Utd v Celtic
12:45:49a UN nuclear chief snubs BBC on Gaza appeal
12:45:55a Nokia partners HCL to sell mobile content directly
12:45:59a Govt urged to spend regional infrastructure funds
12:46:04a Brazil Gives Away Land to Defuse Amazon Tensions
12:46:09a No retesting for most inactive physicians
12:46:14a Training for retrenched workers
12:46:19a Arizona gambling casino revenue dives
12:46:24a Ban to appoint new UN envoys for Nepal, Guinea-Bissau
12:46:29a Climate crisis reflected in Australian heatwave
12:46:34a Iraqi courts to decide fate of America's detainees
12:46:38a Broadcasters Worry About Confusion Over DTV Date
12:46:43a IMF slashes global forecasts
12:46:48a Women still largely absent from politics
12:46:53a Maricopa Sheriff's Office hits Scottsdale Art Factory workers
12:46:58a Cartoonist gets neighbors off his back
12:47:02a Jail violence a 'growing concern'
12:47:07a Report Massive Hezbollah attack against Israeli target in Europe thwarted
12:47:12a Legg Mason Posts Record Loss
12:47:17a NASA Seeks Lunar Lander Plans
12:47:22a US House approves economic stimulus package; look at the details
12:47:27a Judge asks attorneys to discuss settling Penn National lawsuit
12:47:32a Raleigh County Students Compete in Spelling Bee
12:47:37a Wash AG appeals Avista rate increases
12:47:42a Subscriber mg't co ComAbility in European telecom deal
12:47:47a US cable giant to throttle P2P
12:47:52a Fight! 18 arrested after Hollywood school cafeteria brawl
12:47:56a Vt. Student Test Scores Improve
12:48:01a Bike Gives Brain a Workout
12:48:06a TechCrunch Founder Talks About Internet Manners After Announcing Sabbatical Due to Threats
12:48:11a BofA vows to track and report loan activity
12:48:16a West Seneca West Student Died in Snowmobile Accident
12:48:21a Fifteen held after raids on homes
12:48:37a 64% of parents think schools have no say in lunch boxes
12:48:42a Fiji flood damages estimated at
12:48:47a 'Erdogan's remarks aid anti-Semiticism'
12:48:52a Pair accused of scamming cystic fibrosis fund
12:48:57a IRS Offers Help for Taxpayers in Distress
12:49:02a Vigneron installed as new archbishop of Detroit
12:49:06a New York gold futures close below 900 dollars
12:49:11a Capital ill-prepared for disasters
12:49:16a Want to Spend Less Shaving?
12:49:22a Donations to Send Vets to WWII Memorial in DC
12:49:27a Florida highway deaths lowest in eight years, but motorcyle fatalities on the rise
12:49:32a Tarullo joins Fed board
12:49:37a Tampa Bay visitors bureau uses new media for Super Bowl event publicity
12:49:42a Nintendo Does Not Console Microsoft
12:49:48a Disney, milk marketing deals in line for Cardinals Kurt Warner
12:49:53a Police and soldiers kick off voting in Iraq
12:49:57a FDA ponders next step in salmonella outbreak
12:50:02a Banks cut rates after Reserve Bank move
12:50:07a To clean glass
12:50:12a Co-Pilot in Hudson River Crash Speaks at State Capitol
12:50:17a Father of five kills family in California after losing his job
12:50:22a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Op/Ed I'm ashamed of my hate-filled fellow Christians
12:50:27a Crime Stoppers Most Wanted Kendrick Myles AKA 'Bubble Gum'
12:50:33a Man found shot in Portland identified
12:50:38a Flight attendants decry new Spirit uniforms
12:50:43a Man sentenced to 13 years in prison on meth charges
12:50:48a Militants target Kashmir’s secret militia
12:50:53a Kosky pleads 'judge me on my whole performance'
12:50:57a Juroku Bank to invest in Gifu lender
12:51:02a Thriller director John Landis sues Michael Jackson over profits
12:51:07a Don't Buy 1080p HDTVs For The SuperBowl Superbowl
12:51:13a EU to send more advisers to Afghanistan
12:51:18a House of Representatives approves US819b stimulus package
12:51:23a JCPS, Catholic schools call off classes for rest of week
12:51:27a Find Your Niche
12:51:32a Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 1714-1 New rt2570 packages fix arbitrary code execution
12:51:37a Calif. mom who fled Mich. prison granted probation
12:51:42a Russia ready to shelve missiles plan in conciliatory gesture to Obama
12:51:47a LRA massacres more civilians
12:51:52a Santander, Wells Fargo offer hope as banks surge
12:51:56a Thain receives subpoena in the mail
12:52:01a New Mexico Fishing License Regulations
12:52:06a Local Student And Buffalo Mayor Return From The Obama Inauguration
12:52:11a Queen Elizabeth assassination plot
12:52:16a Bowden, Florida State agree on 1-year contract
12:52:21a Ebay as Federal Reserve 2.0
12:52:25a State Senate Commends Crash Co-Pilot
12:52:30a Westgate Resorts pays fine, blames vendor for violation
12:52:35a 13. Out to impress
12:52:40a Freedom of Information Act Reborn in Obama Presidency
12:52:44a Rabbis may halt Vatican talks over Holocaust-denying priest
12:52:49a The Ten Best Range Cookers
12:52:54a Toronto company saves clients millions of litres of water
12:52:59a Mid-South winter weather causes collisions, power outages, water shortages
12:53:04a Meat Loaf to star in children's TV
12:53:09a Cambridge Health Alliance is shrinking
12:53:14a A Vote Means Dignity
12:53:19a Bethlehem casino expects up to 10,000 people to apply for 1,000 available jobs.
12:53:24a Britain's economy faces worst year since 1930s, warns IMF
12:53:29a Gene therapy could be 'bubble boy' cure
12:53:34a Funeral arrangements for former commissioner of elections announced
12:53:39a Vuln E-Php Scripts CMS 'browsecats.php' SQL Injection Vulnerability
12:53:43a Putnam grants hotels OK to allow smoking
12:53:48a Evernham ready to pursue new opportunities
12:53:53a Raw Video Baby Giraffe Makes Debut At SF Zoo
12:53:57a Judge Speed camera program unconstitutional
12:54:02a Protesters disrupt Northern Ireland 'Troubles' presentation
12:54:07a Somalia Regional Authorities Ordered to Conscript Local Militias
12:54:12a Cease-fire's success is on Hamas, Israel says
12:54:17a Pakistan asks Obama administration to increase aid
12:54:22a Govt Ministers to attend funeral of slain teen
12:54:26a Ted Scott-Athlete of the Week
12:54:31a Murder Suspect Admits Guilt In Clovis
12:54:36a Tupelo's BancorpSouth declares dividend
12:54:41a Israel bombs weapons workshop in Gaza
12:54:46a Police Suspect may have been molesting children for 5 decades
12:54:51a Why we waited, explains Naupoto
12:54:56a Rural Report for Thursday, January 29, 2009
12:55:01a PLP senators express confidence in Gibson
12:55:06a Zoloft, Lexapro best new antidepressants study
12:55:11a More cuts on Starbucks menu as profit falls
12:55:15a Labour loses second aide in Heathrow runway row
12:55:20a Obama Applauds House Vote On Stimulus Bill
12:55:25a Political report, Thursday January 29, 2008
12:55:30a Obama to Visit Canada on First Trip Abroad as President and finance
12:55:35a DBP power play
12:55:40a Skunk at the bottom of smelly postal situation in Summerville
12:55:45a Onstage collaboration from Yansımalar and Nev
12:55:50a PRESS DIGEST Philippine newspapers Jan 29
12:55:55a Death, Torture, Missing Files Under Bush-Gonzalez in Texas, Gitmo
12:56:00a Lord Lucan's desk for sale
12:56:05a Common Chemicals May Affect Fertility
12:56:10a Warriors in high spirits for Waratahs showdown
12:56:15a Sky Walk Extreme and Edge Coaster
12:56:20a US President Barack Obama greets members of the US Armed Forces
12:56:25a Gaza Amnesty International team talks to Gaza survivors
12:56:30a The Shock Doctrine
12:56:35a French Judge Questions Rwandan Aide Over Murder Claim
12:56:40a 5. Lifestyle of the rich and powerful threatened by dengue
12:56:44a Blushing leaves Darwin's theory at a loss
12:56:49a Ofsted intervenes at new academy
12:56:54a Joan Walsh No plans to marry Dick Armey
12:56:59a Gore pushes for climate action, treaty by end of year
12:57:04a U.S. Senate seeks start of stimulus debate on Monday
12:57:09a Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Need Me to Defend Him
12:57:13a IMF World economy faces deep recession
12:57:18a US House approves massive economic stimulus bill
12:57:23a Pig will attempt to choose Super Bowl XLIII winner
12:57:28a Valley tourism expected to see slight drop in 2009
12:57:33a Yahoo's New Era
12:57:38a Police hold six suspects over alleged City shares swindle
12:57:43a Police Find Remains of Gang Victims in Well
12:57:48a Further Israeli retaliation over soldiers death likely
12:57:53a Jossip Takes on Huffpo Celebrity Bloggers
12:57:58a Philippine local official visits abducted ICRC staff
12:58:03a Hot dining spots in Obama?s Washington
12:58:08a Government throws low-priced Cooking oil into Market
12:58:13a Taxi Thief Indicted For Aggravated Robbery
12:58:18a York Tech helps displaced workers go back to school
12:58:23a Senate committee approves Obama pick
12:58:28a More companies cutting jobs to cut costs
12:58:33a SC GOP blackmail plot blind item
12:58:38a Possible expansion of Bayers Road could raise hackles
12:58:42a Calorie counting helps penny pinching
12:58:47a Multistate prostitution ringleader gets 25 years
12:58:52a Allergy Therapeutics plc-Therapeutic Competitors
12:58:57a Wild elephants kill two in Indonesia's Aceh province
12:59:02a B.C. cops accused in robbery and assault charged
12:59:07a Governor Crist Nixes Millions In Spending Cuts
12:59:12a Pa. Supreme Court removes implicated county judges
12:59:17a Congressional Quarterly Inc. up for sale
12:59:22a Rethink the value of college
12:59:27a Documentary to link Hinduism with Sufism
12:59:32a Congress passes Obama's stimulus plan
12:59:37a Drug Making's Move Abroad Stirs Concerns
12:59:42a Google and Friends Release Net Neutrality Measuring Tools
12:59:47a First Commercially Cloned Dog Delivered To Florida Family
12:59:52a Earn extra money without having to get a second job
12:59:57a The Obama-nation of the Dollar
01:00:02a Sen. Hutchison introduces border law enforcement legislation
01:00:07a Diego Alberto Milito celebrates scoring against AC Milan
01:00:11a Dee Dee Myers Is Obama the Most Famous Person Ever?
01:00:16a Another Indonesian lawmaker jailed for graft
01:00:21a Stimulus End-Game
01:00:26a How Iceland Fell
01:00:31a Vuln Computer Associates BrightStor ArcServe Media Server Multiple Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
01:00:35a Cuba's Raul Castro on milestone Russia visit
01:00:40a Searchers conduct final search for hurricane victims on Goat Island
01:00:55a From business to entertainment What different generations do online
01:00:59a Medical Staff Distress Highlighted By New Study
01:01:04a Skyscanner partners with Lynchpin Analyti
01:01:10a WRAPUP 4-Obama wins House passage of economic stimulus
01:01:14a `Idol` David Cook to hit colleges on U.S. tour
01:01:19a West Java aims to lure Middle Eastern tourists
01:01:24a Anita Perry still raising money for Governor's Mansion
01:01:29a Storm Causes Flooding Problems
01:01:34a Man awarded after old job readvertised
01:01:39a Candidate Withdraws Name for District One Race
01:01:44a Update HP Laptop Runs 200°F, Support Says 'Buy A Cooling Mat' Success Stories
01:01:49a Starbucks to cut 6,700 jobs
01:01:54a Houses passes stimulus package
01:01:59a Scientists Reproduce Deadly Toxin
01:02:04a RM2bil in savings bonds for the retired
01:02:08a Veterans seek end to the Yangtze 'cover-up'
01:02:13a Gore Pushes Congress to Take Action on Climate Change states
01:02:18a NRC Pa. nuclear plant workers fear retaliation
01:02:23a Arrivals fell 11% in '08, spending off
01:02:28a Phoenix Can Beat UIC with Defense
01:02:32a 5 militants, 2 jawans killed in Kashmir
01:02:37a UN to support joint DR Congo/Rwanda military plan targeting rebels
01:02:43a Bank stocks push world markets higher
01:02:48a AU, UN And Poll Only Hope for Zim editorial
01:02:53a Oetzi's May Have Been Attacked Twice
01:02:58a House passes bill without GOP
01:03:03a Fulton assures homeowners after bankruptcy
01:03:08a Parents to get advice on kids drinking at home
01:03:13a Geithner, Nakagawa to consult closely on global economic crisis
01:03:18a Turkish screen actors establishing new union
01:03:23a Did You Feel The Earthquake?
01:03:28a Drugs smuggled in water heater
01:03:34a Government ignoring concerns about seniors' long-term care NDP
01:03:39a Thouands of Iraqi refugees headed to U.S., Florida
01:03:44a NZ trade deficit for 2008 $5.6b
01:03:49a LEAD Japanese vessel on aid mission heads back to Nemuro+
01:03:54a Superbreak offer customers the chance to enjoy Edinburgh for less
01:03:59a Stimulus Could Stave Off Budget Cuts
01:04:05a Kentucky Weather Prompts Emergency Declaration; Ice Causes Berea Power Outage
01:04:10a Hotel engaged in regressive bargaining
01:04:15a Robert Half Q4 profit halved to
01:04:19a Dog, cop smell less than sweet after rescue
01:04:24a Waves of cold streaming this way
01:04:29a Expelled leader likely to rejoin MIC
01:04:34a Honda F1 team seeks state bail-out from Lord Mandelson's 2.3bn package
01:04:39a What it'll take to reduce graft in party
01:04:44a Tax time, get all your deductions
01:04:49a Pa. official raps welfare dept. on Medicaid money
01:04:54a Armed Forces compensation changes don't go far enough
01:04:59a Systems administrator's role changing via the cloud
01:05:04a 5 signs your school might be a d
01:05:09a Wall St flies on bank-rescue hope; Starbucks hit late
01:05:14a Thomas Sanderson unveil new INTU Privacy venetian blinds
01:05:19a Fort Worth-Arlington Hotel occupancy at half this December
01:05:23a Lynyrd Skynyrd piano player dies
01:05:28a Students Urge Deportation of Mugabe
01:05:33a Shore Bancshares-SHBI reports Q4 EPS 27c vs. consensus of 31c
01:05:38a Cuba acude a Corte Suprema de EEUU por cinco cubanos presos por espionaje
01:05:43a Multiple stab wounds victim hospitalised
01:05:47a Granholm, Patterson to speak at same time
01:05:52a The next 200 years
01:05:57a US infrastructure gets a 'D' grade
01:06:02a UPDATE 1-Tractor Supply Q4 results beat Street; affirms '09 view
01:06:07a Feds favor 12-lane bridge for I-5 over Columbia River
01:06:12a First Mortgage Proposes Solution
01:06:17a Veterans raising money for military museum
01:06:22a Legislators pass hat for uninsured aide
01:06:27a Obama Climbs Capitol Hill to Sway GOP On Stimulus
01:06:33a House passes stimulus bill
01:06:38a UPDATE 2-Symantec results top estimates; shares rise
01:06:43a Deadly Winter Storm Attacks Midwest, Mideast
01:06:48a Fire damages Peace Academy school
01:06:52a Staying involved
01:06:57a Ole Miss names Stocks as provost
01:07:02a Tory peer accused of misusing Lords to boost her own firm
01:07:07a Michigan shame WWII Veteran freezes to death in his home
01:07:12a Crisis will create opportunity for Obama Kohler
01:07:17a Hackers have stolen personal data from the international jobseekers
01:07:21a Back to school in Gaza
01:07:26a Spirit Airlines attendants object to logos on aprons
01:07:31a Blagojevich Wants To Make 'Closing Argument' At Impeachment Trial
01:07:36a AfDB Promotes Agribusiness Investment Funds-Equity Participation of USD 15 Million in Agribusiness Investment Fund
01:07:41a Citi Working Under Regulatory Agreement
01:07:45a Olmert to Mitchell No deal on Gaza crossings until Shalit issue resolved
01:07:50a El Paso hotel revenues, occupancy up in
01:07:55a Chandler mulls increasing grad requirements
01:08:00a NATO ready to resume relations with Russia, says spokesman
01:08:05a Red Cross paints grim picture as Sri Lanka
01:08:10a Bowden nears 1-year deal at FSU
01:08:15a Job search is harder on applicants, easier on companies
01:08:20a Dwindling options for Tamil Tigers
01:08:24a Latest developments in asylum cases
01:08:29a Unemployed and the uninsured find options
01:08:34a Meltdown 101 Stimulus plans around the world
01:08:39a Sepracor to Cut Jobs as Net Rises
01:08:44a District hopes to find someone to continue operations of facility
01:08:49a Zoloft, Lexapro best new antidepressants-study
01:08:54a Ex-Mansion chef John Tesar wants to start restaurant in Dallas
01:08:58a Immigrations dept, FSP fail to account for billions of Kwacha
01:09:03a Contagious horse disease investigated
01:09:08a Uganda Reports Arrest of Rebel Commander
01:09:13a Obama D.C. Needs 'Toughness'
01:09:18a Family mourn the loss of 16-yr-old boy
01:09:23a Freezing death of elderly Michigan man in house sparks anger
01:09:27a Big Blue to Look Over Apple Exec's Shoulder
01:09:32a Man Killed in Single-Vehicle Wreck in Kanawha County
01:09:37a Plateau sees brief but strong snowstorm
01:09:42a CNY Traffic Update Jan 29
01:09:47a Amla don't compare Botha to Smith Stories
01:09:52a Boy breaks nose in bull attack
01:09:57a Dominican President sees opportunity in global crisis
01:10:02a Global Economic News
01:10:07a Get to know your customer
01:10:12a SteelCloud Announces Fiscal 2008 Results
01:10:17a General Employment Reports First Quarter Results
01:10:22a SUV Crashes Through Concrete Wall, Falls 1 Story
01:10:27a Postal chief warns of service cuts
01:10:32a Man admits child porn charges
01:10:37a MS Excel Formula Handling Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
01:10:42a Widespread power outage
01:10:47a Israel's chief rabbinate severs ties with Vatican
01:10:52a Jobs axed at struggling food firm
01:10:57a Serena Williams huge threat for Dementieva
01:11:02a Leverage levels will burden largest private-equity deals
01:11:07a Chill winds of austerity at Davos
01:11:12a Restaurateurs tackle weakened economy with new eateries
01:11:17a New Edition of Medicaid Planning Book Features Two New Chapters on Veterans Benefits
01:11:21a Renewed concern over Bradley Agreement
01:11:26a Serotek Announces an End to Software Maintenance Agreements
01:11:31a Minnesota slated to get $477 million for bridges
01:11:36a Mullen Intelligence sharing with Turkey will continue
01:11:41a Senate poised to approve children's health bill
01:11:46a Japan to begin in-depth survey of underwater resources+
01:11:50a America's Most and Least Favorite Cities to Work and Play
01:11:55a Lawmakers say Florida teachers should be paid first
01:12:00a Lepani is fit, says maestro
01:12:05a Child 'thrown from West Gate Bridge'
01:12:10a Set Up A Linux PlayStation 3 Media Server
01:12:15a Striking York U. Union Decides Not To Fight Back To Work Legislation
01:12:20a Ask Andy Credit card rate hikes & service charges
01:12:25a Another LA resident pleads guilty to FEMA fraud
01:12:30a Local transportation officials prepare for stimulus money
01:12:35a 'Union, not heat' cause of train debacle
01:12:40a Crane at Landmark Hotel to leave site, delay traffic
01:12:45a 10. Malay pupils take pride in their Chinese calligraphy
01:12:49a Logistics firm C.H. Robinson Worldwide's...
01:12:54a Korean Shipbuilders Pull Ahead of Rivals
01:12:59a Starbucks closing more stores
01:13:04a Palace Drug test results confidential
01:13:09a Babus to travel by Indian carriers only
01:13:14a Boyd one of 11 Democrats to vote against Obama stim plan
01:13:19a Czech Holocaust Assets Conf. Set for June
01:13:24a Post office could cut day of service
01:13:29a County To Rethink Tuition Program
01:13:34a Jacobs Climbs the Earnings Ladder
01:13:38a Kylie Minogue's kids song
01:13:48a Kirby Corporation Announces Record 2008 Fourth Quarter and Year Results
01:13:53a Credit card rates slide - just not as much as fed funds
01:13:58a Reverend Family disturbed and perplexed over 14-year-old being tied into Quarter killing
01:14:03a Labour survives vote on Heathrow expansion but 28 MPs join revolt
01:14:08a UPDATE Kevin Matthews battling MS with humor
01:14:12a Super Bowl Teams Survive Media Day
01:14:17a Mayor, wife face Katrina fraud charges
01:14:22a Snow Samaritans help others dig out
01:14:27a The US Supreme Court
01:14:32a Naked couple surprises diners Stories
01:14:37a Barbour shoots for supply chain improvements
01:14:42a UPDATE 2-Citrix Q4 profit dips, sees surprise Q1 rev fall
01:14:47a Australia celebrates Australia Day 2009
01:14:52a Intruder sexually assaults woman in Coquitlam home
01:15:06a New BBC Radio 2 boss announced
01:15:10a Lend Lease warns of further write downs
01:15:15a Bruce Springsteen to launch world tour
01:15:20a House Approves Obama Stimulus Package
01:15:25a Government survives Commons vote
01:15:29a 'Poster boys' are an eyesore
01:15:34a NZX sells carbon credits registry
01:15:39a 26 Injured After School Bus Crashes; 10 Cars Hit
01:15:44a Israel strikes in Gaza as Obama envoy holds talks
01:15:49a Clean Energy Race Could Leave Korea Behind
01:15:54a UK home shopping retailer Shop Direct group to cut 1,150 jobs
01:15:59a Police say man who opened fire on crowd was depressed, jobless
01:16:03a Money Markets And More For Thursday, January 29th
01:16:08a Revealed the letter Barack Obama's team hope will heal Iran rift
01:16:13a Zimbabwe Opposition Deliberates As Region Presses For Unity Government
01:16:18a Study Zoloft and Cipralex better than other drugs
01:16:23a Israel lets humanitarian aid trickle through border
01:16:28a Scottish politician to face perjury trial
01:16:33a Conservative budget fails to fly with conservatives
01:16:38a UK backs down on three-strikes will sanity prevail here?
01:16:43a US peanut company expands salmonella recall
01:16:48a FBI raids Lexington manufacturing company
01:16:59a Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers '825 Billion Too Little, Too Late'
01:17:04a Mali Officials Suspect Al-Qaeda Link In Europeans
01:17:16a Belmont County EMA Announces Area Shelters
01:17:21a MSNBC's O'Donnell Begs Congressman to Denounce Rush Limbaugh
01:17:25a Condo Developers Looking To Attract Foreign Investors
01:17:30a Williams asks N.L. MPs to vote against budget for billion 'shaft'
01:17:35a Vanderbilt Struggles During Recession
01:17:40a Boston Scientific Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Year Ended December 31, 2008
01:17:45a Bats More on Torre and His New Book
01:17:50a House Approves Stimulus Bill 28 Jan 2009 181650 GMT
01:17:55a Matthews Patronizes Limbaugh Listeners on 'Hardball'
01:18:00a Omits 'Pro-Life' Groups' Connections to Democrats
01:18:05a CLOSINGS, CANCELLATIONS Vigo schools closed Thursday
01:18:11a NZ's potential workforce up to 3.31m
01:18:16a Sets Right Vision In Customer Service, Analyst Says
01:18:21a Met's new police chief pledges to continue controversial stop and search tactics
01:18:25a Qualcomm Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2009 Results
01:18:30a UPDATE 2-Boston Scientific adjusted profit meets Street
01:18:35a ILO sees up to 51mil job losses
01:18:40a Oshkosh Defends Removing Park Trees for Sewer Project
01:18:45a Stern calls for 'green' global stimulus
01:18:49a Rock County Residents Seeking Hopeful Economic News
01:18:54a GM To End Controversial
01:18:59a RIM Unveils New BlackBerry Curve 8900
01:19:03a Community order restrains Shaw stalker
01:19:08a Vehicle ends up on side, trapping woman inside
01:19:13a Landstar 4th-quarter earnings decline
01:19:18a Mizzima News China slow down hits Burmese mining – Moe Thu
01:19:23a Gov. Riley sends gambling warning letters
01:19:28a Organization Surveys to Help the Homeless
01:19:33a Obama throws midweek cocktail party
01:19:37a Fluoride
01:19:42a 1,000 Ariz. students protest budget cuts
01:19:47a CBS Highlights 'Eco-Warrior' Kids Living 'Green Gospel'
01:19:52a Thousands of bottles, cans stolen from humane society
01:19:57a VIDEO Obama channels Beyonce
01:20:02a 'Conserve wetland'
01:20:07a US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
01:20:12a Steele shares part of private vote tally
01:20:17a Oil prices rise as hope for stimulus package checks huge buildup in crude
01:20:21a Athlete of the Week Whitney Rhoades
01:20:26a Source ATM murder suspect confesses to another killing
01:20:31a Reuters Thailand says Rohingya do not face persecution
01:20:36a U.S. House passes billion economic stimulus bill
01:20:40a Business Report for Thursday, January 29, 2009
01:20:45a BBC shunned by Atomic guardian
01:20:50a Proposed state lease with U.S. Sugar fair, supporters' study says
01:20:55a Also Annoyed by Transcript-free
01:21:00a BBC News 'Six million Burmese need food' – Jonathan Head
01:21:05a Australia swelters through heat wave
01:21:10a America To Make Digital Switch On Feb. 17
01:21:15a The Third Branch, To Which Attention Eventually Will Turn
01:21:20a Vuln Multiple Ralinktech Wireless Drivers MAC/BSS/SSID Integer Overflow Vulnerability
01:21:25a Salma Hayek's Penelope party
01:21:30a 'Cuba Five' spies to appeal to US Supreme Court
01:21:35a Two-headed fish spark chemical ban call
01:21:40a Wintry Weather Buries Parts Of Tenn., Ky.
01:21:44a Portsmouth council votes to deny Lucas hotel financing
01:21:49a Optical Cable Corporation Schedules Conference Call to Discuss Fourth Quarter 2008 Results
01:21:54a Lamb-chomping cougar hunted down
01:21:59a US has lots of 'damage to repair' from Bush years, Clinton says
01:22:04a Mon General's Renovations Right on Track
01:22:09a Big West to suspend operations at Flying J
01:22:13a Kiwibank, Westpac first to cut rates after Bollard slashes OCR
01:22:18a Is Wells Fargo The Only Good Bank?
01:22:23a INDICATORS Slovakia Jan 28
01:22:28a Kirk cutting close on lobbying
01:22:33a Harbour Town inn earns four stars
01:22:38a UPDATE 3-Flextronics profit falls, shares slump
01:22:43a Calif. mom who fled Mich. prison to be released
01:22:49a Shearer named editor of Green Valley News
01:22:54a Irrawaddy Danish Minister visits Burma – Wai Moe
01:22:59a Schools Find Ways to Meet 180 Instructional Days
01:23:04a Stimulus bill lacks bi-partisanship
01:23:09a Moblin2 first impressions - wow, does it boot fast!
01:23:13a Pregnant Women Hit In Middle School Brawl
01:23:18a Bitter battle at Hawkes Bay Regional Council
01:23:23a OAPs 'murdered in care home'
01:23:33a Traffic stops yield cocaine, methamphetamines
01:23:38a Tokyo stocks open 2% higher on Wall Street surge, weaker yen+
01:23:42a Ombudsman files 2nd case this year
01:23:47a Bethel Powerless For Hours Due To Storm Damage
01:23:52a Fugitive Mom
01:23:57a Habitat sets dedication for Clinton home
01:24:02a Breaking News Student Occupation at Nottingham University
01:24:07a Count Me In Corporation Forced Into Involuntary Bankruptcy
01:24:12a Bonds Steroids Baseball
01:24:17a The Killers
01:24:22a Gore urges Senate to fight global warming despite economy
01:24:27a Ariz. lawmakers not waiting for federal stimulus
01:24:32a Three Arrested for Arson
01:24:37a Virus hits forensic psychiatric centre
01:24:41a Mavitan paintings on view at Kızıltoprak gallery
01:24:46a Prado Goya's ‘Colossus' painted by apprentice
01:24:51a Breakers meet table topping Dragons
01:24:56a Bailiffs evict residents of 22.5m squat
01:25:01a Sudanese local officials meet refugees in Uganda; urge them to return home
01:25:05a Mother Accused Of Making Meth
01:25:10a Million Available to California Manufacturers!
01:25:15a Cops Hunt For Man Accused Of Kidnap, Rape Of Teen
01:25:20a Michigan Ohio St Basketball
01:25:25a Arrest after child thrown from bridge
01:25:30a N Stresses Need For Much Greater Access To Gaza
01:25:35a Man freezes after power company cuts off supply
01:25:40a Court told accused recognised from images on TV
01:25:44a Numbers on unemployment benefit rise
01:25:49a Unique Hoard Discovered by Archeologists in Centre of Moscow
01:25:54a Man Arrested In Infant's Death
01:25:59a Concern raised over by law lecturer over diversion scheme
01:26:03a Black Caps lose toss, batting first in Canberra
01:26:08a 'Mad Money Lightning Round' Research in Motion Is Money
01:26:13a Cows with names produce more mikk UK research
01:26:18a Ferguson Cancel U.S. Debt
01:26:23a Turkey resilient against crisis but growth may decline to zero
01:26:28a Fort Loudon Inn rich in history
01:26:33a Obama picks adviser _ insurance exec who sought bailout
01:26:38a Key witnesses in police shooting threaten boycott
01:26:43a Wal-Mart Fight Rebuffed preservationists remain willing
01:26:48a Transcript of Pelosi, House Democrats News Conference on Economic Recovery Act
01:26:53a The Hidden Casualties Of War
01:26:57a Update on law school occupation
01:27:02a Foreign trade minister's Iran visit part of larger drive to diversify exports
01:27:07a 18. Down but not out
01:27:12a Grand Jury Hands Down Aggravated Sexual Assault Indictment
01:27:20a Winter blasts ice, rain, snow, through 26 states
01:27:28a Morgan Tsvangirai receives hero
01:27:33a Palm Beach Couple Pays to Have Deceased Dog Cloned
01:27:38a Robertson, Whan elevated to NSW cabinet
01:27:43a Heatwave opens workplace faultlines
01:27:48a V.i. Labs Announces CodeArmor Intelligence Support for Linux Platforms
01:27:53a Congo DR Congo warlord witness retracts
01:27:58a Muslims seek to close oldest Christian monastery
01:28:03a The Exclusionary Rule and Security
01:28:08a Children reportedly fired at in park
01:28:13a Third charged over murder
01:28:18a 'Lara Croft' to return – without Jolie
01:28:23a Scandinavian Chef Wins French Cooking Prize
01:28:28a Feds raid home of Bonds' trainer's mother-in-law
01:28:42a Toyota Yaris recall
01:28:47a Teeth 'spare hand' of Burnt City people
01:28:52a House passes billion stimulus bill on party lines
01:28:56a Clay County 'A War Zone'
01:29:01a Past and Present meet on the seabed of the Gulf of Finland
01:29:06a Air Canada's CAW staff grounds deal
01:29:11a Vic health chiefs renew heat warnings
01:29:16a Stimulus package could make cuts unnecessary
01:29:21a Mirnawan's book of ‘happyness’
01:29:26a Online Resources Announces Date for Fourth Quarter and Full Year...
01:29:31a US judge approves holding Taliban cook at Guantanamo
01:29:36a 2009 will be a growth year, says senior exec at İpek Furniture
01:29:41a NZ stocks Market up more than 1 per cent
01:29:45a Delay drying up 38,000 stacks of compost
01:29:50a Federer and history against Roddick
01:29:56a Sydney, Melbourne vie for carbon hub bid
01:30:01a Toyota Recalls More Than 1M Vehicles Worldwide
01:30:05a Quack strangled in city
01:30:10a Wall St jumps on bank rescue optimism
01:30:15a Furniture fair opens sanguinely, sector vying for top despite crisis
01:30:20a CNN Mayor, Wife Face Katrina Fraud Charges
01:30:25a W3C Amaya Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
01:30:30a Japanese PM vows more economic measures
01:30:35a Is This The Worst Winter On Record?
01:30:40a Confidence evaporates, hopes for V-shaped recession shattered
01:30:44a DNA leads to cold case charge
01:30:49a Retail banks told to pass on interest rate cuts
01:30:54a Ex-Teletalk MD Obayed Ullah sent to jail
01:30:59a Warrick Co. issues state of emergency
01:31:06a Affymetrix Slips To Q4 Loss On Charges, Lower Revenues Update
01:31:11a Budget likely to show Mugabe
01:31:15a Travolta Plot Involved Transport Document
01:31:20a Norwegian chef wins cooking Olympics
01:31:25a 3.5 lakh sacks of fertiliser stacked in Bogra godown
01:31:29a Stocks spike 2pc as BHP, banks lead
01:31:35a World gets its first gay head of state
01:31:39a Target Cutting Jobs, Closing Distribution Center
01:31:44a 60-ton house towed across frozen lake
01:31:59a NZ bat first in warmup
01:32:05a Ex-Goldman lobbyist now Geithner's right-hand man
01:32:10a Release soldier and we
01:32:15a Don’t be afraid of starting a new venture in an economic slowdown
01:32:20a Notorious pirate Jihad held with gang men
01:32:25a Publish result soon, demand Polytech students
01:32:30a Obama's First Export Abortion
01:32:34a Obama offers little insight on war decisions
01:32:39a Ahmadinejad Wants Apology From U.S.
01:32:44a A Spectrum of great basketball
01:32:49a Judge Berated Connecticut Trooper Following DUI Arrest
01:32:53a Forged land deeds seized, one held
01:32:58a UK agrees on feasibility study for farm projects
01:33:03a Tourism ambassadors to have the answers to tough questions
01:33:07a Strathfield goes into admin
01:33:12a Crisis-hit US mail may cut one delivery day
01:33:17a Gun that killed boy left loaded on shelf
01:33:22a Booksellers in 8 N dists observe strike
01:33:26a Tiger kills man in Sundarbans
01:33:31a Bombing of tunnels not a solution to Gaza arms smuggling
01:33:36a Sox' Lester, Yanks' Chamberlain exchange a few friendly barbs at Conn. event
01:33:41a Fiji town clerks appointed CEOs
01:33:45a Iceland set to appoint world's first openly lesbian prime minister
01:33:50a SCOTUS Online Pornography Law Appeal Denied
01:33:55a Community Ambulance Sees Rise In Calls
01:34:00a DU JCD leaders call for security in dormitories
01:34:05a Peanut plant knew product was tainted
01:34:10a UN finds 100 killed by Congo rebels
01:34:15a Zimbabwe Manufacturers Urge Reserve Bank Chief To Lop Off More Zeroes
01:34:20a PETER HITCHENS With an astonishing smear, the State goes to war against home schoolers
01:34:25a Banks start lowering interest rates
01:34:30a Locked in time... the 400-year-old Mummies
01:34:35a FDIC May Run So Called Bad Bank
01:34:41a Arkansas Capital Actually Has a Little Rock - If You Can Find It
01:34:45a BEAUTY
01:34:50a Arizona State University orders unpaid furloughs
01:34:55a Appoint VC, proctor, key officials immediately
01:34:59a Doyle warns of sacrifices ahead
01:35:05a House Stimulus Bill includes Millions for Kansas
01:35:10a How Realistic Is A North American Currency?
01:35:17a Sarkozy's approval rating falls sharply ahead of nationwide strikes
01:35:22a Bleeding Banks Prompt Talk Of New Big Bailout
01:35:27a Five injured after runaway tractor ploughs into TV crew on set of Heartbeat
01:35:31a New ferry already failed on Manly run
01:35:36a EVIT plans first branch campus in east Mesa
01:35:41a Girl, 5, drowned in packed swimming pool after mother lost her in changing room
01:35:46a BRANGELINA
01:35:51a Director Of 'Thriller' Sues Jackson Over Royalties
01:35:56a Report AOL to Cut 700 Jobs
01:36:01a Putin calls financial crisis a 'perfect storm'
01:36:06a Rains bring mixed fortunes for WA farmers
01:36:11a Surprise eliminating 32 positions, will lay off workers
01:36:15a KEITH WATERHOUSE Turning up is the price of a peerage, squire
01:36:20a Several flights delayed due to fog
01:36:25a Flight traffic increases by 7.7 pct in 2008 amidst crisis
01:36:30a Alleged assault on minor girl
01:36:37a 1 in 4 now victims of credit-card fraud
01:36:44a Now Brown's own MPs brand him a 'headless chicken' over recession
01:36:49a LIZ TODD Of course farmers name their cows! Just not after their wives
01:36:54a Celtic reach final after marathon shoot-out
01:36:59a IMF warns Britain faces worse recession than any other country
01:37:04a Woes Multiply at Dow Chemical
01:37:09a QUENTIN LETTS Brown's stutter is like my car on a cold morning
01:37:14a Spirit's Low on Mars
01:37:19a Top Republican on Intelligence Committee Says He Will Support Holder
01:37:24a “Schools not to harass students for non-payment”
01:37:29a Woman owner of care home charged with murdering three residents
01:37:34a The squalor left behind in £30m Park Lane flat as squatters are evicted
01:37:40a Spanish police 'arrest six over £420m London Stock Exchange fraud'
01:37:44a Delhi Cabinet nod for hike in school tuition fee
01:37:49a Captain Scot Monty to lead Europe at 2010 Ryder Cup
01:37:54a Hutu rebels warn of fighting
01:37:59a AMANDA PLATELL Social services Stasi should hang their heads in shame
01:38:03a Car stolen
01:38:08a Obama Says Tough Decisions Ahead On Afghanistan and Iraq east
01:38:13a Granholm, Patterson to deliver speeches at same time
01:38:18a House votes to defeat DTV transition delay date
01:38:23a Missed tax opportunities in the Budget
01:38:28a Earnings Reports Start Reveal Ugly Pension Costs
01:38:33a School bus crashes in west Phoenix, 2 in critical condition
01:38:38a Blair Confirmed as Intelligence Chief After Assuaging Senators' Concerns
01:38:43a Mass layoffs in the United States surge in 2008, continue at rapid pace
01:38:48a ConocoPhillips rules out acquisitions in
01:38:53a Tetra Tech 1Q earnings rise on federal business
01:38:58a Clothing maker Hanesbrands profit sinks in fourth quarter
01:39:03a Bird Flu A Worldwide Pandemic?
01:39:08a LHC bails Wasa officials in embezzlement case
01:39:13a Starbucks to slash 6,700 jobs
01:39:18a Yakima Native Named Airport Manager
01:39:23a The Allstate Corporation
01:39:28a Boston Scientific Announces Results for Fourth Quarter and Year...
01:39:33a Obama's Stimulus Report Card
01:39:37a Drobo Its Part In My Downfall
01:39:42a Web chat Illegal bushmeat in Kenya
01:39:47a Farewell to Venkataraman
01:39:52a Watch Cyber Bowl Special On CBS 5 At 730 P.M.
01:39:57a Qualcomm profit falls, cuts
01:40:02a Arrest after child 'thrown from bridge'
01:40:07a Fire Service officer, two cops arrested
01:40:11a AT&T earnings drop 23.6 percent, despite strong iPhone sales
01:40:16a Univeristy of Missouri sues professor over patent
01:40:21a Gore U.S. can reduce carbon, add jobs, but must act fast
01:40:26a MCD health officer held
01:40:31a BofA board backs CEO Lewis
01:40:36a Daechi-dong is Korea's Foremost Private Education Zone
01:40:40a Geithner Is Breaking Obama Rule?
01:40:45a Rail ticket fine was unfair, court says
01:40:50a Xstrata, Rio Tinto in fundraising talks reports
01:40:55a Drought Watch Lifted for Pennsylvania American Water Custome
01:40:59a Here
01:41:04a Global Recession Catches Up To Apple's Retail Stores
01:41:10a Some fishermen against offshore farming in the Gulf; supporters tout economic benefit
01:41:14a Optimism About Plan For Bad Bank Assets Contributes To Rally On Wall Street
01:41:19a Most Common Car-Related Injuries
01:41:24a Massive economic stimulus bill swiftly passes Dem-controlled House after prodding by Obama
01:41:29a GM to import first Volt engines; plant on hold
01:41:34a Central Valley Community Bancorp earnings down 18%
01:41:38a Starbucks to cut 6,700 jobs, close 300 stores
01:41:43a News Minute Stimulus passes...Not 1 GOP yes vote...A million without power
01:41:48a Lloyds leads bank rally on FTSE
01:41:53a Kenya issues sh18m infrastructure bond
01:41:58a Murphy Oil profit dragged down by lower energy prices
01:42:02a Shares up 2pc as Wall Street gains
01:42:07a UNCUT School Bus Crashes, Sparks Multiple Collisions
01:42:12a Pinal County man arrested in meth warrant
01:42:17a Two injured in accident
01:42:22a Affymetrix swings to 4Q loss on sales, charges
01:42:26a Vuln PHP 'dba_replace ' File Corruption Vulnerability
01:42:40a More Americans having outpatient surgery
01:42:45a Lowe's Selects BNSF Logistics 2008 New Store Van Carrier of the Year
01:42:50a Post office may cut day of delivery weekly
01:42:54a Clarksville Car Windows Shot In Front Of Homes
01:42:59a Shelter Yourself At Home
01:43:04a Merchants Bancshares, Inc. Announces Strong 2008 Results, Loans...
01:43:09a Celestica loses US822-million in Q4
01:43:13a Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Of The Mac Apple In The Media Archives
01:43:18a Canadian Oil Sands Trust announces financial and operating results...
01:43:23a Toyota Camry may drive out of India
01:43:28a Fish Out of Water Renée Zellweger as the anti-Norma Rae
01:43:32a Transport union appeals to MPs for urgent action to 'save bu
01:43:37a Water with healing power
01:43:42a The Godfather II Don's View Trailer
01:43:47a Wall St. Jumps on Bank Rescue Optimism, Fed
01:43:52a Market opens on positive note on Wall St gains
01:43:57a ConocoPhillips reports 31.8B loss on charges
01:44:01a Asda and BSkyB to CREATE 8,000 new jobs
01:44:06a Caterpillar plague spreads in Liberia
01:44:11a Michigan would get budget help from stimulus
01:44:16a Petro-Canada could benefit from Total acquiring Fort Hills partner UTS
01:44:21a Prostitution racket smashed; two held
01:44:26a Fallout 3 Gameplay Movie 9
01:44:31a Fallout 3 Gameplay Movie 10
01:44:36a John Landis sues Michael Jackson
01:44:41a 'Difficult decisions' on Iraq, Afghanistan ahead Obama
01:44:46a Reivew iLife '09
01:44:50a High water adds to Tenn. weather woes
01:44:55a California hospital says octuplets doing 'amazingly well'
01:45:00a House Approves Economic Stimulus Bill 28 Jan 2009 184252 GMT
01:45:05a Study Says 80% Of Wall Street Got 2008 Bonus
01:45:10a Group 'help' Sweden mum hide Aussie sons
01:45:14a Lloyds surges as nationalisation fears ease
01:45:20a South Africa From Potable Water to the Internet Challenges for Mbeki
01:45:25a Qualcomm Earnings Fall Far Short of Forecasts
01:45:29a John Travolta document details
01:45:38a Steve Weight in the afternoon Radio 2 DJ has piled on the pounds
01:45:43a Many metro-area schools closed tomorrow
01:45:48a Paris' haute couture designers snug recession
01:45:53a EU includes added Nabucco spending in energy fund plan
01:45:57a Does diabetes make the mind go to pieces?
01:46:02a Services set for Willows fire victims
01:46:06a Slovenia sells most of its bond to banks
01:46:11a Researchers 'unzip' molecules to measure interactions keeping DNA packed in cells
01:46:16a Paris' haute couture designers snub recession
01:46:27a The GOP countdown to 2012 Sarah Palin forms a PAC
01:46:32a Supreme Court Rules That It Is OK To Frisk Passengers
01:46:38a Business, nonprofit leaders sue to block Amendment 54
01:47:10a Change in N.Korea Should Be Gradual, Obama Told
01:47:15a US urges stronger Gaza ceasefire
01:47:20a Sequenom Commences Exchange Offer to Acquire EXACT Sciences
01:47:25a Plans for major bypasses put back
01:47:30a Weathering the winter blues with a hot drink
01:47:34a PM Erdoğan warns IMF not to impose new conditions
01:47:41a Semifinals who wants it?
01:47:46a India's contribution to world of science, phenomenal
01:47:50a Sudbury, Ont., woman whose home care was discontinued will be treated again
01:48:01a Chicken wing shortage hits restaurants
01:48:06a Financial crisis has silver lining for those in education, health
01:48:14a Cops seek info on latest ATM explosion
01:48:19a State auditor cites ‘millions’ in Pa. Medicaid waste
01:48:24a Dallas billionaire Robert Rowling to seek election to Gaylord board
01:48:29a HAARP
01:48:34a Obama's Broadband Plan DisappointsTelecommunications Companies
01:48:39a Prison escapee Susan LeFevre granted release
01:48:44a Solar revolution draws royals to the barricades
01:48:53a Obama runs into troublewith lobbying rules
01:48:58a Van Persie earns Gunners point
01:49:03a Accies bring in Yantorno
01:49:08a PETER OBORNE It's been five years since the Hutton Report
01:49:12a Centerplate Announces Tax Treatment of 2008 Common Stock Distributions
01:49:17a Raul Castro Visits Russia
01:49:22a Zola hopeful on Kovac
01:49:27a Bruce pleased with new boys
01:49:31a Obama wins House buy-in for stimulus package
01:49:36a U.S. envoy urges stronger Gaza truce
01:49:41a Intel releases Linux-based Moblin 2 Alpha for Netbooks
01:49:46a Bluebirds boost promotion bid
01:49:51a The center that disappointed
01:49:56a Netflix CEO says streaming video gaining on old-fashioned DVDs
01:50:01a Obama Washington's Man About Town
01:50:06a Fears for Irish jobs as SAP cuts 3,000
01:50:11a Slack sales result in changes to downtown project
01:50:16a Simon Tisdall Obama's US opens up
01:50:21a Record companies settle action against Eircom
01:50:26a Clinton supporters organizenew online network
01:50:30a Megson disappointed with draw
01:50:35a Mido penalty halts Reds
01:50:40a Anthony Perish to face murder charge
01:50:45a McCain presses Pentagon nominee on conflicts
01:50:50a DivX 7 Ships
01:50:55a Former President Bush Wants to Extend Executive Privilege
01:51:00a Investigan nominado para oficina rectora de seguros
01:51:05a UN agency 51 million may lose jobs in the world
01:51:10a And now for the class action
01:51:14a Winter Committee Helps Residents In Need
01:51:19a 2. Bursa fines Cepco directors RM141,000
01:51:24a Double blow rocks Magpies
01:51:29a Cholera toll reaches 3,028 in Zim
01:51:34a Debut delight for Bellamy
01:51:38a Carter 'loving' France
01:51:43a Doctors prove that the Iceman was shot to death in the Alps
01:51:48a Montana gets $607 million in House stimulus plan
01:51:53a House passes Obama's stimulus package
01:51:58a Early warning systems underestimate magnitude of large earthquakes
01:52:02a Shoot-out glory for Bhoys
01:52:07a Conn. Lawmakers Weigh In On Stimulus Plan
01:52:12a Cuba espera visita de presidenta chilena
01:52:17a US Airways Co-Pilot Hopes To Fly Again In Weeks
01:52:22a Politicians urged to help heal sectarian wounds
01:52:26a Starbucks to lay off 6,000 and close more stores
01:52:31a CFS expecting hard day
01:52:36a Some cities over budget for snow removal costs
01:52:41a Lester secures Spireites win
01:52:46a Writer who chronicled the poetry of everyday life in post-war Middle America
01:52:51a RCMP pull the curtain down on counterfeit DVD movies
01:52:56a Palestine Israel Lifts Ban On Foreign Journalists Into Gaza
01:53:00a Hughes No Robinho concerns
01:53:05a Bolivia busca 'reconstruir' relaciones con EEUU
01:53:10a The Fragile Facebook Economy Developers Struggle As Rules Change
01:53:15a Province chasing in unpaid health premiums
01:53:20a Fed still holds some bullets
01:53:25a Sony XEL-1 OLED Television Gets Official Launch in UK At Â3489
01:53:30a Doherty names Donegal line-up
01:53:35a American sentenced to four years for sex assaults
01:53:39a Community partners big on crime prevention
01:53:44a for computers Federal funds to be shared out to 80 ...
01:53:49a Happy Hammers nail Tigers
01:53:54a AJAX API Playground from Google
01:53:59a Activistas de foro social en Brasil ven oportunidad en la crisis
01:54:04a Rebels to Start Hostage Releases on Sunday
01:54:09a Desperate Housewives cast at the SAG awards
01:54:13a Jones No pressure to sell
01:54:18a PDVSA Starts Drilling in Bolivia
01:54:23a Who not to vote for
01:54:28a Colombia Ifex Members Celebrate Historic Victory Against Impunity
01:54:33a Octiv Air an impressive iPod streamer
01:54:38a Moyes We deserved to win
01:54:43a Cowen to attend world economic summit
01:54:48a Ryanair formally withdraws Aer Lingus offer
01:54:52a Ryder targets MCG return
01:54:57a House Republicans Hold Firm
01:55:02a N. Ireland residents clash over victim support payments
01:55:07a Victims from both sides struggle to move on
01:55:12a Robinho denies sex assault allegations
01:55:17a Former PM held for questioning in Dakar
01:55:22a Arctic's thawing seas bring new security risks
01:55:27a Electrochemical Degradation of Refractory Pollutant Using a Novel Microstructured TiO2 Nanotubes/Sb-Doped SnO2 Electrode
01:55:32a Doyle supports tougher drunken driving law, smoking ban
01:55:37a Leftist groups meeting in Brazil call for Amazon protection
01:55:42a A Plan To Extend Super-Fast Broadband Connections To All Americans
01:55:47a Mercury Label Battle Being Played Out In SF Court
01:55:51a iPod Touch No Panacea
01:55:56a Singapore announces destinations for capacity cuts
01:56:01a Kenya told to halt Somali deportations
01:56:06a Starbucks 1Q Profit Down 69 percent, Shuts Stores
01:56:11a SSL VPNs 'coming under attack'
01:56:16a US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 571
01:56:21a New computational technique allows comparison of whole genomes as easily as whole books
01:56:26a Billions for ACORN?
01:56:31a Folsom Resident Arrested for Lewd Acts with a Minor
01:56:36a Runaway or Foul Play
01:56:40a Egypt attacks Iran and allies
01:56:45a Will Blagojevich try any last-minute mischief
01:56:50a Delay of analog TV
01:56:55a Dell NewsBite JAVA Earnings Boost DELL
01:56:59a Panasonic Upgrades Toughbook 19 and 30 Laptops
01:57:04a Warmington Closes Escrow on Single-Family Home Community in San Jose
01:57:09a Repsol makes gas discoveries in Algeria
01:57:14a Sybase Q4 revenue up
01:57:19a Ahmadinejad Demands U.S. Apology
01:57:23a Fed invests faith in targeted credit operations
01:57:28a Hackers Saw Up to 100M Accounts
01:57:33a Finnair moves to London Heathrow Terminal 3
01:57:38a Seoul Says No to N.Korean Won in Propaganda Leaflets
01:57:44a Kalou double boosts Chelsea, Mido denies Liverpool
01:57:49a Los Angeles school provides crisis counseling after jobless man slays family
01:57:54a United States Obama Pledges Openness And Transparency
01:57:59a Bitter fight over Brazilian blood
01:58:04a Precision Drilling Trust Announces United States Federal Income Tax Information for 2008
01:58:09a Thief steals Guide Dog money
01:58:14a U.S. peanut co. expanding salmonella recall FDA
01:58:19a New Panasonic cameras come with facial recognition feature
01:58:24a 94% of developers believe wireless app dev will not slow down in 2009
01:58:29a Sudanese spy slapped with 17 year jail term
01:58:43a Barron repeats as Beargrease winner
01:58:48a Panasonic sees after-tax losses of 100 billion yen
01:58:53a UPDATE FDA report finds multiple problems at peanut plant
01:58:57a Why are men so messy, asks a slob
01:59:02a Govt orders audit on federal police
01:59:07a Make Some Money While Suffering From The Flu
01:59:16a Armed robbery anguish at Five Ways Supermarket
01:59:21a Buying Your Teen a Car Things to Consider
01:59:26a Regulators back corporate credit union deposits
01:59:31a Al-Qa'ida Warns Iraqis Don't Vote
02:00:01a Police probe ATM blast
02:00:07a Douro Palace Hotel Resort & SPA, New ARTEH Hotel in Portugal
02:00:22a I-69, U.S. 30 rest areas to close
02:00:27a Offshore fish farming faces opposition in US Gulf
02:00:32a Gympie in web of venomous spider plague
02:00:37a House Passes Stimulus Plan Despite G.O.P. Opposition
02:00:48a Man arrested after cyclist death
02:00:53a Hot picks 'Male Intellect,' Freestyle Motocross
02:00:57a Chelsea edge ahead of stuttering Liverpool
02:01:02a Tk 23 lakh outstanding Wasa bills realised
02:01:08a Recalls children's canopies, warming glove
02:01:13a Burglar calls 911 after break-in
02:01:17a Pricey advice on NBN
02:01:22a Qld Govt crab pot review gains support
02:01:27a Boat building job losses
02:01:32a Shake-up coming for departments
02:01:36a Despite newest compromise, police residency issue remains contentious
02:01:41a Owner of Pharmaceutical Wholesale Company Pleads Guilty to Medicare Fraud
02:01:46a Alleged wife beater gets 12 months
02:01:51a Author, columnist James Brady dead at 80
02:01:56a Woman Turns In Grandsons After Shooting
02:02:01a Pregnant woman forced to show belly
02:02:06a Those Who Drive Hondas Are the Nicest People in the World
02:02:11a Board 5 finalists for UI presidency
02:02:15a Mizuho may bid for Citi’s Japan units
02:02:20a Recruiters Give Top Job Search Tips
02:02:25a Three myths of enterprise wiki deployment
02:02:31a Gov. Blagojevich to appear before Illinois Senate
02:02:36a Indonesian get one point in match with Australia
02:02:41a Japan Post claims Y4.9 bil from illegal users of discount service
02:02:46a Terminated staffs clash with Rajuk Employees
02:02:51a Europe tells poor nations to curb emissions
02:02:55a Choose local over imported, says Gan
02:03:00a Reunion of JU 11th batch tomorrow
02:03:05a Yves Elliot trial judge facing removal
02:03:10a Bernard Madoff paper trail leads to NYC warehouse
02:03:15a Slovakia launches 332-million-euro crisis plan
02:03:19a PBS
02:03:24a ACLU to Obama Release Secret Bush Memos
02:03:29a Man Set To Be Executed Maintains Innocence
02:03:33a The Legacy of the Russian Lada Vehicle
02:03:38a Students say push for tuition freeze not enough
02:03:43a LG Fashion hires its first foreigner
02:03:48a Antigua cops probe four in skipper death
02:03:53a SharePoint Solutions Summit
02:03:58a US House OKs Obama's stimulus bill
02:04:02a Not holding my breath
02:04:07a Brazil holds 'alternative Davos'
02:04:12a Taliban Urges Obama to Withdraw Troops, Reverse Bush Policies
02:04:17a Chinese premier calls for confidence, cooperation, responsibility in tackling crisis
02:04:22a Powerhouse Discovery Centre Open Day Materials 14 Feb 2009, Castle Hill
02:04:27a Egypt Turns down Iran
02:04:32a Japan to deploy counter-pirates mission
02:04:37a China Oil Giant to Spend on E&P with Focus on Offshore Pipelines
02:04:42a Indonesian nurses to study Japanese before heading to Japan
02:04:47a Russia 'Stops Missile Deployment in Europe Because of Obama'
02:04:51a Obama trillions boom then bust
02:04:56a Chinese premier arrives in Germany for official visit
02:05:01a Kalou gets stumbling Chelsea back on track
02:05:06a Commission adopts Lisbon Strategy recommendations to build a lasting recovery
02:05:11a Brutal beach killer’s life term stands
02:05:16a Community reaches to help after 3 children are killed in crash
02:05:21a Five-year-old girl thrown into Yarra River
02:05:26a Muslims flee Myanmar, face more woe
02:05:31a PM urges layoff restraint
02:05:36a Pakistani Army Chief Vows to Establish Govt Writ in Swat
02:05:41a Does 'Esquire' Cover Ad Sell Out Everyone Else?
02:05:45a Air China Nett Fares
02:05:50a Qualcomm's 1Q profit plunges 56 percent
02:05:55a Pizarro pounces to take Bremen through
02:06:00a Octuplet doctors 'expected seven babies'
02:06:05a Phoenix school bus crashes, injures 25
02:06:10a Will the Pope Meet Russia
02:06:15a 170 million European Home With HDTV By 2013
02:06:19a Berkeley Scharffen Berger Chocolate Plant To Close
02:06:25a Japan cancels humanitarian aid to Russian-held islands
02:06:29a NYSE Euronext To Launch Europe Dark Pool Platform Feb 2
02:06:34a Mercer County Marine killed in action
02:06:39a Green Mountain Coffee adds new equipment, reports strong growth
02:06:44a Scientists strew iron in ocean in vast anti-warming experiment
02:06:49a Deadly Storm Knocks Out Power To 1M+
02:06:53a Two die after taking spurious liquor
02:06:58a Seal-hunt opponents target Hong Kong-China fur trade
02:07:03a Total fire ban declared for the North
02:07:08a Japan to begin in-depth survey of underwater resources
02:07:13a Team dissolved after provocative dance
02:07:17a 3 rushed to hospital following family brawl
02:07:22a Belmont's Renfro Uses Skinny Legs As Advantage
02:07:27a Japan suffer shock loss
02:07:32a cautiously optimistic on economy
02:07:36a Citroen Xsara Picasso Test Drive
02:07:41a the letter Barack Obama
02:07:47a Despair spreads amid mounting U.S. job losses
02:07:52a SEC charges Tenn. adviser with fraud linked to bailout
02:07:57a Karbala Governor Perceives Election Conspiracy
02:08:02a Azlan finds World No 1 too hot to handle
02:08:08a Paul McCartney talks about 'Electric Arguments'
02:08:13a Alaska volcano has geologists on 24-hour alert
02:08:18a Have a yen to see Japan Book a hotel deal now
02:08:23a Radio Row At Super Bowl Buzzes With Cardinals Chatter
02:08:28a Official ensures U.N. commitment to Haiti
02:08:33a Police, soldiers kick off crucial Iraq vote
02:08:38a Daihatsu An Innovative Car For Tomorrow
02:08:44a Ten-man Lyon hold nerve to sink Marseille in Cup
02:08:48a INTERACTIVE Follow Cards fans to the Super Bowl
02:08:53a Symantec Results Top Estimates, Outlook in Line
02:08:58a Girl, 5, thrown 60m from Melbourne bridge
02:09:03a China, U.S. both
02:09:08a European unity carries a price
02:09:12a Air Jamaica pulling out of MIA
02:09:17a Israeli Human Rights Groups Report Abuse of Gaza Detainees During War
02:09:22a Chinese prime minister injects note of optimism at Davos
02:09:27a Olmert Rules Out Opening Gaza Crossings Without Prisoner Swap
02:09:32a Liberian army worms march into Guinea
02:09:42a Obama Tough decisionson Iraq, Afghanistan loom
02:09:47a TTP threatens to resume attacks in Bannu
02:09:52a Ambrose ready to force Ottawa buses back on the road
02:09:57a Canadian oil drilling to drop 21%, forecast says
02:10:01a US Hunger Strike
02:10:06a Wild waive Kolanos, promote Olvecky
02:10:11a IMF casts doubt on Canada
02:10:16a FormFactor swings to fourth quarter loss as...
02:10:21a Obama to visit Canada Feb. 19 for talks on cconomy
02:10:25a M.K.Sivajilingham MP in full swing in India carrying on anti Sri Lanka Government activities
02:10:30a Garuda Indonesia celebrates 60 years of flying with fares
02:10:35a Records tumble as the East swelters
02:10:40a Iraqi Women Vie for Votes and Taste of Power
02:10:45a Putin calls financial crisis a 'perfect storm'
02:10:49a 'Delicacy' Blowfish Poisoning Testicles Sicken Seven
02:10:54a Elite colleges ‘get too many free computers’
02:10:59a ‘Accept Pakhtunkhwa or leave for Punjab’
02:11:04a New York office vacancies may rise to 12% by 2011
02:11:09a London trust hit by virus had a failure of processes
02:11:14a Israel Israel Lifts Ban On Foreign Journalists Into Gaza
02:11:18a Magen David Adom wants cash, not blood
02:11:23a Head to Hoof Inside the New Carnivore Movement
02:11:28a Newspaper stands empty as publishers show solidarity to suspended paper
02:11:33a Huge stimulus bill passes House as Obama prods
02:11:38a Fallout 3 Gameplay Movie 11
02:11:42a Public housing at full capacity as 180,000 wait
02:11:47a Dick's still going strong after 55 years
02:11:52a Top 10 Fast Food Chains In Customer S
02:11:57a Trucking exec pleads guilty in Racine fraud case
02:12:02a Blame game continues over school road safety
02:12:07a Will the Pope Meet Russia's New Patriarch?
02:12:11a Average 401 account lost 27%, Fidelity says
02:12:16a Egyptians travel to US-Mexico border
02:12:21a Air Canada committed to non-stop Sydney services
02:12:26a Anglo Swiss Resources Inc. Extends Warrants
02:12:31a WA lawmakers mull how to fix economic troubles
02:12:36a Harassment Complaint Against Speaker Won't Continue
02:12:41a Remove Tint from Car Windows
02:12:46a Windows Vista SP2 RC-Escrow build released to testers
02:12:50a Customs nabs fireworks worth RM20,000
02:12:55a Israel rejects call to open Gaza crossings
02:13:00a Monsoon flooding kills driver
02:13:05a Pelosi Statement on House Passage of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
02:13:09a Bleak outlook IMF slashes global forecasts
02:13:14a John Authers on Fed announcement
02:13:19a Bill would give state's gay couples 'everything but marriage'
02:13:24a Spectacular New Image of Black Hole Jets
02:13:29a Chuck Berry sued by concert promoter
02:13:34a Thai pair to highlight Open
02:13:39a Armed police called out on North Shore
02:13:54a MN hunters record smallest deer harvest in five years
02:13:59a Aerio Suzuki 2003 Car Review
02:14:04a CNN Report Gives Infrastructure A 'D'
02:14:09a CCC issues licensing-dob plea
02:14:14a Atlanta condo sales fell 88% in second half of 2008
02:14:19a Body find is that of missing boy
02:14:24a FDA Mold, Roaches Found At Ga. Peanut Plant
02:14:28a Beacon found as murder fears grow
02:14:33a Uganda Kadaga attacks IGG on corruption fight
02:14:38a Japan sinks as Australia grinds out draw in Asian Cup qualifiers
02:14:43a Guinness won't recognize Mexican child bullfighter
02:14:48a Calgary next for atheist bus ads, activist group says
02:14:53a Navua schools closed early
02:14:58a Protestors disrupt key report on NIreland's violence
02:15:03a TaxWatch Plenty of helpful free-filing options for taxpayers in 2009
02:15:08a FBI Backlog Delays Investigation of Hundreds of Child Cybercrime Cases
02:15:13a California Water Service Group Board of Directors Declares 257th Consecutive Quarterly Dividend and
02:15:18a Just what is it about moobs
02:15:22a Canadian economic forecast cut sharply by IMF
02:15:27a British Court Affirms Asset Freeze of Hedge Fund Manager
02:15:32a Credit Crunch Hits Commercial Real Estate
02:15:37a Urbandale fitness center plans scrapped
02:15:42a Tories taunt Gordon Brown over ‘the true cost of Labour failures’
02:15:47a American Limiting Passengers On Some Jets
02:15:52a Putin calls economic crisis a 'perfect storm'
02:15:56a Government scrapes home in Heathrow expansion vote
02:16:01a Israel Expels Venezuelan Envoys
02:16:06a Stimulus Package Includes $32B For California
02:16:11a The Evolution of the Modern Mazda
02:16:15a Montreal gives quick thumbs-up
02:16:20a Rush Limbaugh Hates America
02:16:25a Bill Donoghue Eight great investment ideas that haven't worked out as planned
02:16:30a Craig Bellamy gives Manchester City early return on their investment
02:16:35a The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro vs. the 2010 Ford Mustang GT
02:16:39a Asia to gain momentum later this year
02:16:44a Factors Affecting Age of Puberty in Girls
02:16:49a IMF slashes 2009 world growth forecast to 0.5pc
02:16:54a AIMST contract files missing, reports lodged
02:16:59a Russia Conscript Seeks Asylum in Georgia
02:17:04a Squatters evicted from mansions on millionaires
02:17:08a He might be consecutive but he won’t be looking for continuity
02:17:13a Fort Lauderdale-based Citrix to cut 10% of staff
02:17:18a How to Choose the Right Snowmobile for the Beginner
02:17:23a Carbon dioxide can control Aedes
02:17:27a East Austin church prays for thief who stole from congregation
02:17:32a Cops hunting attackers' shoe footprints
02:17:37a Sir David Attenborough to take on Alistair Cooke’s Radio 4 slot
02:17:42a how Richard Dreyfuss remembers his lines
02:17:47a Northeast India Defies Militant Diktat Celebrates R-Day Amidst Tight Security
02:17:51a I introduced my brother to his murderer
02:17:56a U.S. envoy urges stronger Gaza truce amid airstrikes
02:18:01a Insurer Allstate swings to billion loss...
02:18:06a Jabil To Shed 3,000 Jobs; Cut Manufacturing Capacity
02:18:11a Stimulus could help Michigan budget
02:18:16a Corie Blount
02:18:21a cannabis stash 'hidden in eskies'
02:18:25a Joven founder showers his business with inspiration
02:18:30a Britain opens door to 36,000 Gurkha veterans after policy U-turn
02:18:35a NSTP Fund for Gaza Fund touches RM5 million mark
02:18:40a Off! The rise and rapid fall of Britain
02:18:45a Chikane says MDC will compromise for sake of country
02:18:50a Digital Britain report ready to be presented to Parliament
02:18:55a Starbucks to cut another 6,700 jobs, 300 stores
02:19:00a New Met chief Sir Paul Stephenson promises to ‘do it his way’
02:19:04a Flextronics reports wider 3rd qtr loss on l...
02:19:09a Henrik Zetterberg
02:19:14a Quick Weight Loss Pills From Slim Seduction
02:19:18a 'Dodgy dealers still going strong'
02:19:23a Sri Lanka International Mission Condemns 'culture Of Impunity And Indifference' In Sri Lanka
02:19:28a Smart Ways to Buy Your Car in Present Economic Conditions
02:19:33a Call over loans for poorer buyers
02:19:45a Sony Uses Fashion Week to Promote P-series PC
02:19:50a US envoy calls for bolstering Gaza truce, ending smuggling Agencies
02:19:55a Take a 10-day tour of India for just Rs 5K
02:20:00a Surge in number of fake pound coins
02:20:04a 1,295 lose jobs in Malacca
02:20:09a Big West to suspend operations at its refinery on Rosedale Highway
02:20:14a Pedestrians become chief victims of road accident deaths in 2008+
02:20:19a India lobbies hard in US to stay ahead
02:20:24a Tips on Avoiding Roadside Assistance Fees
02:20:29a LeT Baramulla chief killed in encounter
02:20:33a The GOP Grapples with Obama's Charm Offensive TIME
02:20:38a New Zealand central bank cuts interest rate to record low+
02:20:43a The Gutsy MG Cars of the Future
02:20:48a Vancouver police seek jogger who helped unconscious woman
02:20:53a Baker Man at City Market
02:20:58a Mass layoffs in the United States surge in 20...
02:21:03a Africa
02:21:07a Flash flood traps WA motorists as Dominic dumps a drenching
02:21:12a For Peruvian exchange student, night out was fatal
02:21:17a Peanut plant knew of salmonella contamination officials
02:21:22a Retirees should look to sharemarket
02:21:27a Listeria fears pull more sandwiches off shelf
02:21:32a LHC may not be as safe as we thought
02:21:37a Malaysia The word Allah is not a monopoly of UMNO
02:21:42a IAEA Chief Shuns BBC over Gaza Aid Appeal Ban
02:21:46a Lifestyle of the rich and powerful threatened by dengue
02:21:51a Kashmir not on US envoy’s agenda
02:21:56a Platform travels to N. Iraq
02:22:01a Saudi Aramco Breaks Ground at First Offshore Fabrication Facility
02:22:06a Teachers held for R-Day
02:22:11a Top 4 Auto Detailing Products Review
02:22:16a PPP gets PML-Q ‘blessings’ as tensions grow in Punjab
02:22:20a Dodge An American Hard Working Machine
02:22:26a Suspects arrested in murder, 2 home invasions
02:22:31a Tech CEOs Support Obama on Stimulus
02:22:36a Grocery Manufacturers Association Statement Regarding Expansion of Peanut Corporation of America Recall
02:22:41a Brock to be formally declared in Frome
02:22:46a U.S. House OKs bil. economic stimulus bill+
02:22:51a REFILING 2ND LD Aso, Obama agree to hold summit talks at early date+
02:22:55a The Magnificence that is the Lexus
02:23:00a Dreyfuss gets earpiece to ensure right lines
02:23:05a 1st group of foreign caregivers start working in Japan+
02:23:10a NSW pushes for carbon trading funds
02:23:15a State Trooper Killed In Overnight Crash
02:23:20a 8pm Update WBZ Weather Forecast
02:23:25a Richard Branson praises Canada for avoiding recession for so long
02:23:30a FSU coach Bowden signs 1-year, million deal
02:23:35a Tree Limb, Power Lines Fall On Car
02:23:39a FSA fines and bans Pacific stockbrokers
02:23:44a At least 20 dead as ice storms batter America
02:23:49a Crews Work To Keep Roadways Clean
02:23:54a Amber Alert Police searching for 3-year-old boy
02:23:59a RBS faces class action on share offering
02:24:04a The man behind the most audacious fraud in history
02:24:09a City of Dayton closer to approving grim 2009 budget
02:24:13a 2ND LD Aso, Obama agree to hold summit talks at early date+
02:24:18a Concussions Can Have Serious Long-Term Effects
02:24:23a Mystery of donation solved
02:24:28a Soccer Japan crash to Bahrain defeat in Asian Cup q'fier+
02:24:33a Deaf jam MP3 players risky
02:24:38a A lighter look at today
02:24:43a A Dose of Independence Your City Edmonton
02:24:48a Customs Official and His Wife Charged With Accepting Bribes to Smuggle Drugs Into U.S.
02:24:53a MP3 player headphones may hinder pacemakers
02:24:57a Yea to leave 3i after investments fall by a fifth
02:25:02a Manitoba seeks to bar media from trial involving swastika-bearing girl
02:25:07a Italy to deport 500 Tunisian refugees, minister says
02:25:12a Wednesday's Child 12-Year-Old David
02:25:17a Senate confirms retired admiral as spy chief
02:25:22a Stimulating high technology and science
02:25:27a Banking analysts to meet FSA next week
02:25:31a Hot dining spots in Obama’s Washington
02:25:37a State Funding For Family Planning Nurse Program Gets Extended Until June 2009
02:25:41a Future North Korean power change analyzed
02:25:46a Law Requiring Sex Offenders to Hand Over All Internet Passwords Going Too Far?
02:25:51a CNET AT&T, Comcast May Team With RIAA on File-Sharing
02:25:56a Mahasher farming begins in Punjab
02:26:01a Tri-City Economy Predicted to Stay Healthy in 2009
02:26:06a Update Easton Blvd. still blocked; crews working to fix water main brea
02:26:11a US Says It Would Welcome Russian Missile Restraint
02:26:16a Cyber-Crime Law Enforcement Must Keep Pace With Tech-Savvy Criminals
02:26:20a Kennelly looks set to leave Swans
02:26:25a Can a UFO-shaped MP3 player be stylish? mobiBlu thinks so
02:26:30a Roof Collapses Under Weight Of Wet Snow
02:26:35a Vacation with a Conscience Your City Edmonton
02:26:40a Ski Slopes Keeping Busy In Tough Economy
02:26:46a Native Americans could receive 3 bln dollars from stimulus
02:26:51a the mother deemed a danger to Mugabe
02:26:56a Guinness won't recognize Mexican child bullfighter
02:27:01a Economic downturn means more uninsured motorists
02:27:06a Floods forecast for Navua
02:27:11a Shepparton devestated by teen deaths
02:27:16a Police Search For Escaped Inmate
02:27:30a Former Batavia Ford Plant On Fire
02:27:35a Auto wrecker profited from inspection rort
02:27:39a Retired Hit the road, help your brain
02:27:44a Canadian dollar gains more than a penny against US on morning after budget
02:27:49a Rio Tinto and Xstrata move to raise cash
02:27:54a Raisani discusses Balochistan issues with Assef
02:27:58a Putin calls financial crisis a
02:28:03a The Power and Elegance of the Jaguar on the Road
02:28:08a Efficient market hypothesis is dead for now
02:28:13a Wattoo urges lawyers to postpone sit-in
02:28:18a B.C. to pay one-third of Port Mann project costs
02:28:22a His succulent prose never ceased
02:28:27a Banff judge rules Tasering incident excessive force
02:28:32a Montreal hit with storm, smog alert
02:28:36a Global unemployment heads towards 50 million
02:28:41a Lake Worth seeks to develop ethics law
02:28:46a Mega Bool steps up price war
02:28:50a Farc 'set to free hostages'
02:28:55a Meritage Homes sales plummet, net loss eases
02:29:00a ASU implements unpaid work furloughs
02:29:05a State committee; Music downloads could be taxable
02:29:10a Use your discretion, Bole tells schools
02:29:14a US Fed promises to keep rates low
02:29:19a Shelters available for people without power
02:29:24a Trump reiterates investment in Dominican resort
02:29:29a Mysterious spying scandal rocks Spanish opposition
02:29:34a Scepticism grows over the viability of green projects
02:29:40a Two Pacific Continental Securities executives banned by FSA
02:29:45a Investigators Examine Brakes In Car Involved In Fatal Crash
02:29:50a Union membership in Hawaii up 4.6% in 2008
02:29:55a Past records show US won
02:30:00a CAW membership rejects tentative deal with Ai...
02:30:05a Wall Street bankers keep two-thirds of bonuses
02:30:09a China sets itself growth target and says it can be met through hard work
02:30:14a U.K. Backs Down on Illegal File Sharing Threat
02:30:19a Maadanot fields crack PR squad to handle germ scare
02:30:26a Fremantle inks Middle East Broadcasting deal
02:30:35a Fears over military on Dartmoor
02:30:40a Four year old girl 'thrown' off Melbourne bridge
02:30:45a Flights delayed at Vancouver Airport as winter storms hammer Central Canada
02:30:50a Doctors Spooked by Israel
02:30:55a Alaska Volcano Could Erupt Within Days 28 Jan 2009 210404 GMT
02:31:07a No, Mr Brown, the world isn
02:31:11a Spring Break in Panama City Beach
02:31:18a Acrobat Dies in Fall During Arizona Stunt
02:31:48a Great Harvest Bread Co. In Aiea, Hawaii
02:31:53a Can Shahbaz survive legal challenge
02:31:57a Do You Care?
02:32:02a Acrobat Falls to Death During Arizona Stunt
02:32:07a Hang Your Cans on the Fence......Think Again Chicagoans
02:32:12a Gold Resumes Long-Term Uptrend
02:32:16a Armey to Walsh 'I'm so damn glad that you can never be my wife.'
02:32:21a Stimulus passes House with zero GOP votes
02:32:26a 3.2 Earthquake Near Chickasha, Oklahoma
02:32:31a It matters who painted The Colossus
02:32:38a US aid cut unlikely to hit Pakistan
02:32:43a US retrieves MP3 player with military files
02:32:48a Vanderbilt S Carolina Basketball
02:32:52a Amazon Prepares to Meet Wall Street's Tall Order
02:32:57a Unidentified Naked Couple in Holland Village...Caught!
02:33:02a Opera Orchestra Season Canceled
02:33:07a Watchdog New settler structures in West Bank increased by 69 percent
02:33:12a ANC election list revealed
02:33:17a Banks pull London market up to strong gains
02:33:22a Peanut product recall expands
02:33:27a Utah Pacific Islanders more likely to struggle with weight
02:33:32a ANALYSIS- Will U.S. spending bill stimulate the economy?
02:33:37a Use the Freecycle Network to Save Money and Help the Environment
02:33:42a Spring Break in South Beach
02:33:47a A Child's Wish List Lands in a Nassau County Backyard
02:33:52a Iraq's economy sputters as oil prices drop
02:33:57a Goal Oriented Savings Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done
02:34:02a FEATURE-Harassment forces Afghan girls out of school
02:34:08a Elephant Bar in Altamonte Springs, Florida Restaurant and Bar Review
02:34:13a Dallas Fort Worth students must make up bad-weather day later
02:34:18a How to Keep Your Wallet Stuffed at the Store
02:34:23a Tips for Organizing Your 2009 Freelance Writing Records
02:34:28a Georgetown Cincinnati Basketball
02:34:32a Candles glow for Dallas homeless who died in 2008
02:34:37a Four Ways to Save Money on Your Weekly Food Bill
02:34:42a Winning hearts and minds in the IDF
02:34:47a Current list of area shelters
02:34:52a Obama incredulous that school is cancelled
02:34:56a Driving School Forced To Close Doors
02:35:01a Molded Fiber Glass lays off 30
02:35:06a 19th Century Wandering Hermit Known as the Leatherman Still Making News
02:35:11a How to Save Money on Camping Equipment
02:35:16a Why the Severn Barrage is not for the birds
02:35:20a Cyclone Fanele hits Madagascar and stalls existing reconstruction work
02:35:25a Charlie's Ale House in Chicago, Illinois
02:35:30a Bush Basketball Fan
02:35:35a Kings Celtics Basketball
02:35:40a Hawks Knicks Basketball
02:35:45a YouTube close to video deal for pro talent
02:35:50a Hotels See Drop In Occupancy
02:35:55a Crown approves assault, robbery charges against B.C. police
02:35:59a Does the No State Solution Solve the Palestinian Problem?
02:36:04a Starbucks Brews A Bitter Cup
02:36:09a Peanut Products Recall
02:36:14a NKorea's Kim at volleyball game, concert state media
02:36:19a U.S. Postal Service looks at cutting delivery to 5 days a week
02:36:24a Giovanni Pastrami
02:36:29a Music Promotion Megatips Selling Your Band or Act over the Phone
02:36:33a Special Needs Student Wanders From Bus To Dentist
02:36:38a APEC to set priorities on trade, investment facilitations
02:36:43a Australian new president of Alberta health-care system
02:36:48a ‘Hamas would recognise Israel within 1967 borders’
02:36:53a NKorea's Kim at volleyball game, concert, says state media
02:36:57a Bay State inmates get new HDTVs
02:37:02a Mrs Affleck, Cottesloe, National Theatre, London
02:37:07a Free Activities for Children and Families in Miami, Florida
02:37:12a Raptors Nets Basketball
02:37:17a Average price of gasoline down from last week across Canada
02:37:22a How Home Organization Can Save Money
02:37:27a OSU 72, U-M 54 Wolverines lose to Buckeyes
02:37:31a NC State Yow Tribute Basketball
02:37:36a Charlotte Xavier Basketball
02:37:41a Obama to make 1st foreign trip as president to Canada on Feb 19
02:37:46a Gravity Beer Market Tasting Event
02:37:51a Blagojevich will make closing statement at impeachment trial
02:37:55a Pakistani Army Chief Vows To Retake Swat Valley From Militants
02:38:00a ‘Only one cop for 915 Hyderabad citizens’
02:38:05a Pistons Timberwolves Basketball
02:38:10a Kansas Nebraska Basketball
02:38:15a Debit vs. Credit Cards Why One is Clearly Superior
02:38:20a Google Earth Gets 3D Model Of Vancouver
02:38:25a How to Receive a Free Credit Report
02:38:29a Can a 'bad bank' help the crisis?
02:38:34a New Zealand cuts rates to record low
02:38:39a Archdiocese Settles Molestation Lawsuit
02:38:44a House approves stimulus plan
02:38:49a Teenagers killed in
02:38:53a Western Digital 2nd qtr profit plunges on r...
02:38:58a Homeowners Altering Yard Care Due To Water Crisis
02:39:03a House OKs billion economic stimulus plan
02:39:08a Georgia Florida Basketball
02:39:12a Washington Eagles
02:39:17a Manitoba asks to ban media from trial for swastika-bearing girl
02:39:22a Raw Video Woman Caught In Long SoCal U-Haul Chase
02:39:27a Canadian companies on list of most sustainable
02:39:32a Bristol Committee Helps Those In Need Stay Warm
02:39:36a Less circumcision if not Medicaid covered
02:39:42a US Senate confirms intelligence chief
02:39:46a Army orders recall of body armor
02:39:51a Arsenal's Eduardo named in Croatia squad
02:39:56a Niger Newspaper editor Boussada Ben Ali still detained after court adjourns case
02:40:02a Australian health sector vet takes reign over Alberta medical board
02:40:13a Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's memo to employees
02:40:18a Mother's anger after social workers place her children with gay couple for adoption
02:40:23a Wall St 'wags' share woes with world
02:40:28a Santander’s Madoff investors hostile to share offer
02:40:43a Kremlin warms to US signals and halts missile plan
02:40:48a Health a critical right
02:40:54a IAF strikes in south Gaza following rocket fire
02:40:59a A third of Scotland's NHS buildings need upgraded
02:41:04a SAP North America Chief Takes Leave of Absence
02:41:11a Campaigners win reprieve for Moray dolphins
02:41:17a India will convalesce from mid 09, mkts seen ranged
02:41:27a Goldilocks thief lived in people
02:41:32a Is KDE 4.2 the Answer to the Linux Desktop?
02:41:37a Report CIA chief in Algeria accused of raping 2 Muslim women
02:41:42a NKorea's Kim at volleyball game, concert state media
02:41:46a Man Faces Foreclosure After Loan Adjustment Denial
02:41:55a House OKs Stimulus Plan Without GOP Support
02:42:02a Storm may bring a foot of snow to Anchorage
02:42:06a Post Office Mail Days May Be Cut
02:42:17a Rogers Sugar Income Fund earnings fall to
02:42:24a Obama Hard Choices Loom On Iraq, Afghanistan
02:42:29a Pelosi Statement on Whistleblower Protections Added to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
02:42:34a Daredevil does double flip on snowmobile
02:42:38a Goomba's Pizzeria? How Fitting
02:42:43a A sex worker... and an author
02:42:48a Grace Jones, The Roundhouse, London
02:42:53a Darling’s VAT cut wins praise
02:42:58a How the Removal of a Bad Governor Sets a Terrible Precedent
02:43:11a Let truth come out
02:43:16a Spirit Behaving Badly
02:43:21a Obama invites House and Senate leaders to White House cocktail party
02:43:26a House votes not to delay digital TV transition
02:43:31a Paris' haute couture designers snub recession
02:43:36a Fiat and Chrysler Come Up with a Strategic Alliance to Help Both Auto Makers
02:43:41a Next Step, Hooters!
02:43:46a Rapist policeman's legal fight costs public dear
02:43:51a Three starts for Pussycat Dolls at the O2 Arena
02:43:55a Court upholds SEC request to freeze Briton
02:44:00a Hess will take over Morris Murdock
02:44:05a Raspberry Road closed after train hits car
02:44:10a DNA Determines Popularity 28 Jan 2009 210049 GMT
02:44:15a Stimulus? Yes, In 2010
02:44:19a Armed forces on allowances
02:44:24a ‘Moro-moro’ at House probe of De Luna
02:44:29a INTEGRAL Observes Magnetar During Outburst
02:44:34a is Down
02:44:39a Electoral body wins most court cases
02:44:43a Carlsbad Man To Stand Trial In Fatal Hit-And-Run
02:44:48a Two kids burnt in chicken house
02:44:53a Woman dies in shooting near Penland Parkway
02:44:58a Liberia threatened by new wave of crop-eating pests FAO
02:45:03a Giant panda visitor quota reached for first time
02:45:08a Australian throws daughter off 190-ft-high bridge
02:45:13a VIDEO Oshkosh sewer project takes some by surprise
02:45:17a Civil Fights How to lose a war in one easy move
02:45:23a Miranda Cosgrove to release 1st solo EP
02:45:28a Fernando Verdasco prepares for friendly fire at Australian Open
02:45:33a UK tax change raises fears for port jobs
02:45:38a Malaysia Penang Umno owes RM237,000 to municipal council
02:45:43a Senior One selection starts today
02:45:48a How to Cut Expenses with a Simple Budget Plan
02:45:53a Analysis Putting out the fire
02:45:57a Hiring Middlemen to Sell Stuff on eBay
02:46:02a Big Oil, Biofuel, and Brazil
02:46:07a New Pakistan skipper Younus calls for unity
02:46:12a Protestors disrupt key report on NIreland's violence
02:46:17a House Approves Huge US Economic Stimulus Package
02:46:21a Dudley Succeeds Geithner At New York Fed
02:46:26a VIDEO Brown county looks at foster parent funding
02:46:31a US House of Representatives passes economic bill
02:46:36a Peanuts are offered for sale
02:46:41a Traffic Lights To Regulate Entrance Onto I-95
02:46:46a A world of omelets
02:46:51a Chinese Leader Raps U.S. for Global Slump
02:46:56a Employees, patron subdue robber with spoon
02:47:01a Dr. Maria Montessori A Portrait
02:47:06a FDA Makers knew of salmonella
02:47:11a VIDEO Neenah water turns up high lead levels
02:47:15a Starbucks may slash 6,700 jobs
02:47:20a China confident of getting back onto fast track growth
02:47:25a 7 Odd-Ball Items You Shouldn't Forget to Bring to College
02:47:30a GKN’s flight plans hampered by the wider industrial carnage
02:47:34a Pacific League announces 2009 schedule
02:47:39a Superoutburst of the Dwarf Nova QZ Virginis
02:47:44a Murder-Suicide Rise a Terrible Wake-up Call for All
02:47:49a Mars Rover Team Diagnosing Unexpected Behavior
02:47:53a Aviva Schalit This nation's unwritten covenant is cracking
02:47:58a Starbucks Makes Big Cuts
02:48:03a Saint Paul, Minnesota Education Initiative
02:48:08a Black Hole Outflows From Centaurus A Detected With APEX
02:48:13a A Disturbance in the Force in Centaurus A
02:48:17a Review of Business Plan Pro Version 11.0
02:48:22a Kerosene, diesel prices cut, gasoline rates raised
02:48:27a Iraqi Election Tests Maliki
02:48:32a Payment Plan for Northern Ireland Reconciliation Provokes Outrage
02:48:37a Analysis of Social Competence in Elementary School
02:48:41a NASA finds planet of hot flashes
02:48:46a Take Time to Remember Our Heroes…
02:48:51a Premier League Wigan Athletic 1-1 Liverpool
02:48:56a Moon Impactor Probe Silenced Sceptics
02:49:01a RSS pressure forcing Karnataka to go slow
02:49:06a 'Signing for Your Baby' Speaking and Signing at the Same Time
02:49:11a Kennelly to quit Swans
02:49:15a Homeschooling Tips for Grading Your Child
02:49:20a Confessions of a Homeschool Mom
02:49:25a Delta II Scheduled To Light Morning Sky At Vandenberg
02:49:30a France Summons Israeli Envoy over Gaza Shots
02:49:35a Mandelson urged to pay wage subsidy
02:49:41a Air Jamaica To Stop Flying Out Of Miami
02:49:46a Cardinal Mahony under federal fraud probe over abusive priests, sources say
02:49:51a Acholi praise Museveni on fight against corruption
02:49:56a Cardiff extend unbeaten run to 10
02:50:00a Firefighters Urge Public To Use Smoke Detectors
02:50:05a Public can pick next Hubble mission
02:50:11a VIDEO Boeing Workers Brace For Job Cuts
02:50:16a Wall Street surge, weaker yen lifts Tokyo stocks+
02:50:21a Liberal Party Backs Budget in Canada
02:50:26a Cholera has killed 3,000 in Zimbabwe
02:50:30a Natasha takes pay cut to go part-time after her return from maternity leave
02:50:35a Shelters Open For Those In Need
02:50:40a Huge stimulus bill passes House
02:50:46a 1 Child Dies, Another Injured In Fire
02:50:51a Cholera kills 3,000 amid doubts on Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
02:50:55a Report LA cardinal subject of federal probe
02:51:00a Cranes to miss Mbiko expertise
02:51:05a Politburo backs Sadc roadmap
02:51:09a RIP Billy Powell
02:51:14a Vancouver man arrested after Lougheed Highway tow truck chase
02:51:22a Octuplets Doing 'Amazingly Well'
02:51:26a Cholera Death Toll Now More Than 3,000 UN
02:51:31a Stanford prof replaces David Kirk as Nvidia Chief Scientist
02:51:36a Cyber-Scams on Rise in Downturn
02:51:41a Hold the VoIP Skype Sale Rumors Flying
02:51:46a Mexico voodoo dolls kick up a fuss
02:51:50a The quiet American who handed National Trust a staggering 1.4m
02:51:55a Asymmetric encryption for BlackBerry
02:52:00a New Speaker's campaign cash soared as budget chair
02:52:05a Economic stimulus package passed by the House after 11-hour long debate
02:52:10a Lawmakers urge action for Iraqi Christians
02:52:15a Perverts break chatroom code
02:52:20a Kadaga attacks IGG on corruption fight
02:52:25a US House passes economic stimulus, urged by Obama
02:52:29a Greener Fuel Hits Sacramento Pumps
02:52:34a Sun 'can be biggest open source company'
02:52:39a Report US cardinal subject of federal probe
02:52:44a VA fined million over data breach
02:52:49a Hot Chicks
02:52:54a Trial Begins for Martinez Dad Accused of Killing Son
02:52:59a West to test Eastern top riders
02:53:04a CSU Halts Construction Systemwide
02:53:08a first-family
02:53:13a Report Netherlands` new electronic ticket for transportation not secure
02:53:19a African Americans Vie to Lead Republicans
02:53:24a Green Hornet Ad
02:53:29a Windows Mobile Bluetooth vulnerability allows access to any files
02:53:34a Scientists Not So Sure Collider Won't Destroy The Planet
02:53:39a Cameroon Another Journalist Behind Bars For Criminal Defamation
02:53:44a Petrol cheaper by Rs 5, diesel Rs 2, LPG Rs 25
02:53:49a Obama applauds House vote on economic stimulus
02:53:55a Schwarzenegger Layoffs Ahead If Furloughs Fail
02:53:59a DTV Delay Hits Bump in Road
02:54:04a Suffering password fatigue
02:54:09a House passes bill to protect whistle-blowers
02:54:14a Praxair Shares Float On Dividend Hike
02:54:19a Freida Pinto and Dev Patel talk about their new found fame
02:54:24a obama-family-4
02:54:29a 25 plus the first
02:54:33a DSC02155.JPG
02:54:38a Fishing rules body OK's Gulf offshore fish farming
02:54:43a Ford Motor Credit to cut 1,200 U.S. jobs
02:54:48a LAPD Dad in family's murder-suicide awash in debt
02:54:53a Republicans, Dems react to governor's State of State address
02:54:58a Paris' haute couture designers snug recession
02:55:03a Darfur Fighting Continues For Second Day
02:55:08a Cisco warns of network overload
02:55:13a Worst to come for firefighters
02:55:17a 100 Corporations That Will Survive 100 Years
02:55:22a Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7 prototype released
02:55:27a Sri Lanka UN Convoy To Evacuate Wounded
02:55:32a The Life of an Aerospace Engineer and How to Become One
02:55:37a Video Er, what if Mexico collapses?
02:55:42a Solar Eclipse under a tree
02:55:47a UN Decries Ugandan Rebels Abuses in Congo
02:55:52a UNHCR Calls Halt on Somali Refugee Returns
02:55:57a UN Visits Site Of Us Attack In Afghanistan
02:56:01a Anyone Can Install a TV Converter Box
02:56:06a Aiptek 8.0 Megapixel Digital Camcorder, Model MZ-DV Product Review
02:56:11a Thursday, February 5
02:56:16a 3i parts company with chief Philip Yea and reveals fall in assets
02:56:21a House passes Obama's stimulus
02:56:26a Happy birthday
02:56:31a How to Build Your Own Website
02:56:36a California mom who fled prison to be released
02:56:40a Ill. governor asks to speak at impeachment trial
02:56:45a سنديكاي مهندسان اردن ممانعت مصر از ورود آنها به غزه را محكوم كرد
02:56:51a USDA, Arkansas Target Pollution Of Illinois River 28 Jan 2009 202849 GMT
02:56:56a Pitt falls to Villanova, 67-57
02:57:01a Police promote top secret tips cards to report crime
02:57:14a Senate approves Blair for US intelligence director
02:57:19a World Bank To Teach Costa Rica
02:57:24a Audiovox 15-Inch LCD TV/DVD Combo, Model FPE1506DV Product Review
02:57:29a Product Review Sony MDR-V150 Stereo Headphones
02:57:34a Pakistan Networks of care for mothers and children
02:57:39a EU Fines Hose Makers for Collusion
02:57:44a How to Curb Your Babysitter's Technology Use
02:57:48a Dell to Take Charge Against Q4 Earnings
02:57:53a JVC MiniDV Digital Camcorder, Model GR-DA30 Product Review
02:57:58a somalia-Photo-01
02:58:03a Sansui 26-Inch LCD TV/DVD Combo, Model HDLCDVD260 Product Review
02:58:07a The Name is a Clue
02:58:12a UN Concern As More Indigenous Flee Violence
02:58:17a اسرائيل از بدو تاسيس دست به جنايات جنگي زده است
02:58:22a Wii Check-Up Channel
02:58:27a JVC Everio Hybrid 30GB Digital Camcorder, Model GZ-MG130 Product Review
02:58:31a Peacekeeping Chief Renews Un Support For Haiti
02:58:36a Johor prepared to co-host Junior World Cup
02:58:41a ted kennedy lose that hat
02:58:46a A TOUR AROUND THE WORLD Land of forests and lakes FINLAND
02:58:50a Foul play predicted in yachtie disappearance
02:58:56a Russia halts missile plans for eastern Europe
02:59:05a January 2009 Indie Game Round-Up
02:59:10a UK Film Council launches "Google for films" search engine
02:59:15a Tehran calls on US to apologise for past ‘crimes’
02:59:30a What to Do During a Family Emergency
02:59:34a Free medical service for women, children launched
02:59:39a Charity box stolen in armed hold-up
02:59:44a Google Launches M-Lab Measurement Tools
02:59:49a EXTENDED INTERVIEW Governor's Reaction To Layoff Announcements
02:59:54a 'Probe LPG lack'
02:59:59a NASA Goddard To Investigate The Stormy Moon
03:00:04a Anquan Boldin of the Arizona Cardinals
03:00:08a I’m in, says Tsvangirai
03:00:13a Congo rebel integration plan fails before it begins
03:00:18a Man collapses, causes new-flu scare at Narita airport+
03:00:23a SMEs can tap Indonesian market
03:00:27a How to Determine If Acai is Good for Your Diet
03:00:32a Peshawar traders set up protest camp
03:00:37a Mayanja is 2009 junior chess king
03:00:42a Deloitte Dealt Setback in Parmalat Case
03:00:46a Doyle speech focuses on economy, fails to address fixes
03:00:51a Anger rising among taxpayers with decision to withhold refunds
03:00:56a Cotati councilman uses city stationery to oppose Obama stimulus
03:01:01a Free Education Maybe Next Year...
03:01:06a Tough decisions soon on Iraq, Afghanistan
03:01:11a 'Draculas' get their teeth back into lucrative Gaza tunnel operation
03:01:16a Boston Scientific stent wins approval in Japan
03:01:20a Commentary Obama's hypocrisy showing
03:01:25a Bakeries take a hit from LPG supply
03:01:30a Water line break causes residents to evacuate
03:01:34a Iraqi elections to decide future trends
03:01:39a Lacson eyes review of govt procurement law
03:01:44a ''Difficult decisions'' on Iraq, Afghanistan ahead Obama
03:01:49a Problem fixed at new toll road
03:01:54a Maybe Patty did sleep there
03:01:59a Melbourne liquor store robbed
03:02:04a Obama savours stimulus win
03:02:09a Obama US faces tough choices on Iraq, Afghanistan
03:02:14a Asia stocks rise on US policy optimism
03:02:19a Animals die in pig-barn fire
03:02:24a Government ignoring concerns about seniors' long-term care NDP
03:02:29a Harry Potter hero invites Obama kids to Hogwart
03:02:34a LifeLock ads for Westminster dog show draw PETA scor
03:02:39a Study Finds Kidney Donors Healthy in Long Term
03:02:44a House OKs stimulus bill with GOP opposition
03:02:49a Province chasing 97M in unpaid health premiums
03:02:54a U.S. House approves Obama stimulus bill
03:02:59a Federal lawyers appeal Ross River Dena court decision
03:03:03a Bank Short Sales
03:03:08a America takes steps towards clean energy
03:03:13a Mexico soccer-voodoo campaign withdrawn
03:03:18a Free Sample of Play Lubricant
03:03:22a Silicon Valley officials to grant poetic license
03:03:27a Ottawa County extends state of emergency
03:03:32a Galactic Hot Flashes Plague Planet 28 Jan 2009 214458 GMT
03:03:37a UPDATE Harbor Island deer kill polarizing the community
03:03:42a Wilkins defends Scolari after Chelsea card controversy
03:03:47a Brown dragged into peer sleaze row, as SNP accuses him of failure over reforms
03:03:52a Themed Forest Story show begins at Dubai Mall on Jan 29
03:03:57a 16 Sonoma County schools received recalled peanut butter products
03:04:02a U.S. Senate confirms retired admiral as spy chief
03:04:07a Santa Rosa to buy downtown bank building
03:04:11a Obama to speak 'relatively soon' on Iraq withdrawal Gibbs
03:04:16a LTFRB starts analyzing fuel-price data for Feb. hearing
03:04:21a House eyes revising 'sin taxes' to boost revenues
03:04:26a Stocks up on U.S. stimulus hopes
03:04:30a EOBI disburses Rs27bn among pensioners
03:04:35a Tech CEOs Want More Than Tax Credits from Obama
03:04:40a Is a Cheap Family Vacation Possible?
03:04:45a Despite Push, Obama Doesn't Win A Single GOP Vote On Stimulus
03:04:50a Norovirus hits 2 institutions in Saskatchewan
03:04:55a UPDATE 4-Fed says prepared to buy U.S. debt to aid economy
03:05:00a Teenager killed in gang attack in Manila
03:05:05a Fletcher takeover of Stevensons?
03:05:10a Fishing rules body OK's Gulf offshore fish farming
03:05:15a U.S. Afghan strategy to stress non-military role
03:05:20a Eastern Montanan dies in Afghanistan
03:05:25a Etihad to add Athens to its network
03:05:30a Getting Loan Modifications Experts and Their Advantages
03:05:35a World's Leading Nanomanufacturing Technology Solutions Provider Urges Quick Action on President Obama's Reinve
03:05:40a Random drug testing for students to push through DDB
03:05:45a Vuln Microsoft Excel Formula Handling Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
03:05:50a AT&T, Verizon Make Different Calls
03:05:55a Kim Jong-il's Son Denies Chinese Backing for Succession
03:06:00a Shop owner could be fined for not paying employees
03:06:05a Aiptek Pocket 6-in-1 Digital Camcorder Product Review
03:06:09a سازمان ملل بر برقراري هرچه سريعتر صلح در ساحل عاج تاكيد كرد
03:06:14a High-DHA Foods for Toddlers
03:06:19a Fire Contained At Former Batavia Ford Plant
03:06:24a ILO World Facing Jobless Crisis and finance
03:06:29a Tucson looking for tax dollars, old and new
03:06:34a Why You Should or Should Not Give Your Teen a Credit Card
03:06:39a Finding Alternatives for Educational Staff Development
03:06:44a 9. Finance stocks lead blue chips higher
03:06:49a Lacson bill to let people monitor budget process
03:07:10a 111-Year-Old Ladies' Man 28 Jan 2009 220046 GMT
03:07:15a comScore says U.S. online gaming audience grew 27 percent in 2008
03:07:20a Purdue blog Dirty play can't be tolerated
03:07:25a Missing jewelry winds up at competing business
03:07:30a Six arrested in Langbar International fraud inquiry
03:07:35a How to Be Rid of that Dry Itchy Scalp
03:07:40a Rivals? It's news to us, laugh autocuties Catherwood, Derham and Maitlis
03:07:45a Aiptek 6 Megapixel Flash Memory Camcorder, Model R-PKDV58 Product Review
03:07:50a And I Saw As it Were, Plate 2
03:07:54a Parliament goes into recess February 5
03:07:59a Talk of the TownRourke in the ring
03:08:04a Lenovo Buys Mystery Startup Company
03:08:09a Davos Diary, Day 2 Kofi Annan
03:08:14a EU pushes climate change plan
03:08:19a Gore Testifies Before Senate Committee
03:08:24a Billion Economic Stimulus Bill Passed In House
03:08:29a Forty-two Edmonton soldiers ship out to Afghanistan on Thursday
03:08:34a Germany Looks At Setting Up 'Bad Banks'
03:08:39a Preview Wazzu prepares for No. 14 Arizona State
03:08:44a School bus crashes into cars in Phoenix; 26 hurt
03:08:49a Lavrov Russia is open for an equal dialogue with the USA
03:08:54a Daniel Kahneman and Nassim Taleb at DLD
03:08:58a LSE rises above 1,400
03:09:03a Push, the movie, coming soon. Push, Apples notification system, not.
03:09:08a Ancient cave houses found in China
03:09:13a Mississippi Mayor Indicted In Katrina Fraud
03:09:18a New Steps In ESA Cooperation For GMES Program
03:09:23a Despair spreads amid mounting job losses
03:09:28a Samsung Jasmine 23-Inch LCD TV, Model LN-T2342HX Product Review
03:09:33a Toyota recalls over 3000 late model Yaris in Zealand
03:09:38a House OKs 819B stimulus bill with GOP opposition
03:09:43a Obama, joint chiefs meet on defense issues
03:09:48a House vote keeps digital TV deadline intact
03:09:53a Mouth Ulcer Pain How to Dry Up Mouth Ulcers or Canker Sores with Alum
03:09:58a What different generations do online
03:10:03a Remittances to Mexico Down in 2008
03:10:08a Mubajje agrees to reconcile with rivals
03:10:13a New Westminster MLA Puchmayr recovering after liver transplant
03:10:18a Govt cuts petrol, diesel and LPG prices
03:10:24a Man Accused Of Posing As Officer, Trying To Coerce Sex
03:10:29a Acer readying Google Android smartphone?
03:10:34a Gene therapy cures form of
03:10:39a Starbucks Plans More Store Closures, Layoffs
03:10:44a Starbucks to slash 6,700 jobs, close 300 stores
03:10:49a 16. All eyes on earnings, stimulus plan this week
03:10:55a COX to try coaxing the Internet into submission
03:11:00a Energy assistance available to some residents
03:11:05a Athletics Hawkins Among Nation's Top Over-40 Runners Preparing For Melbourne Beaches Music Marath
03:11:10a Easynet pledges 20-day internet installation
03:11:29a CIA sex tapes threaten Muslim relations
03:11:34a Students Who Rocked Bus Unlikely To Be Charged
03:11:39a Homeschool Science Experiment Dizziness
03:11:44a Kuching prison project graft Man pleads not guilty
03:11:49a Fight brews over how to build a better Internet
03:11:55a GE Healthcare launches new software for diagnosing osteoporosis at Arab Health 2009
03:11:59a Lutz Man Guilty Of Lewd And Lascivious Behavior
03:12:04a N.Y. museums head to trial in rights over Picassos
03:12:10a High temperatures hit tennis in Melbourne
03:12:14a Make Homeschooling Lessons Exciting
03:12:19a Chinese ambassador highlights broad prospects for Sino-German cooperation
03:12:24a Couple Aims To Open Seminole Heights Tavern
03:12:29a House Approves Billion Stimulus Package
03:12:34a Loan Woes Close Hillsborough
03:12:39a Zimbabwe split after Tsvangirai made PM
03:12:44a Recipe for Kidney or Ureteral Stone Removal
03:12:49a Hybrid Bus Breakdown Issue Solved
03:12:54a Obama Says Tough Decisions Ahead On Afghanistan and Iraq and conflict
03:12:59a Cheap, super-efficient LED lights on the horizon
03:13:04a Several New Hillsborough Principals, Administrators Announced
03:13:08a Leaking Propane Tanker Shuts Down Parts Of Maui
03:13:13a Fear of Labor war over union boss
03:13:18a KSE up 167 points on banking sector support
03:13:23a Au revoir, mes amis de boingboing
03:13:28a Another Lawsuit Alleges Students Videotaped While Changing
03:13:33a Detectives Still On The Case, Eleven Years Later
03:13:42a Brain Korea Weeds Out Poor Performers
03:13:47a Another 45 Villages Earmarked for Development Scheme
03:13:52a Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 10 Top Chef
03:13:57a Big Sky High robotics team wins state tourney
03:14:02a Deadly Winter Storm Moves Into Northeast
03:14:07a Gallup Just seven states left where GOP leads in party ID
03:14:12a PictureBox book sale
03:14:17a Download Project Aftermath v1.13 Demo
03:14:22a US House rejects delay in digital TV switch
03:14:27a Wind Power Is it Right for You?
03:14:32a Will Gov. Blagojevich Pull Any Last-Minute Mischief
03:14:37a No long-term health consequences for kidney donors
03:14:42a Guinness Says No to Mexican Child Bullfighter's Record
03:14:47a The Digital Home 48 What happened to respect?
03:14:52a Uganda wobbles but still on track
03:14:57a TV Host Trying To Get To Super Bowl On A Day
03:15:03a Muslim group names rival Mufti at Kibuli
03:15:07a When the heat is on in Melbourne, hotfoot it to a garden cen
03:15:12a Recognizing AndTreating Head Lice
03:15:18a Salmond puts SNP 'on election footing' after Budget defeat by Greens
03:15:23a Brush Fire Near Plant City Mobile Home Park Contained
03:15:28a Super Bowl's big hits bring gruesome injury risk
03:15:33a Paul Newman Watson refuses to melt in Melbourne's 42C h
03:15:38a Tips on How to Keep Track of Your Medical Records
03:15:43a Nokia Fixes 'Curse Of Silence' Exploit
03:15:48a Deputies Efforts To Escape Police Comical
03:15:53a Q&A Alan Johnston
03:15:58a Girl thrown off Melbourne bridge
03:16:03a U.S. calls Afghanistan its
03:16:08a Ingane ivaleleke emotweni yashona
03:16:12a Adams' Critics Speak Out At Public Meeting
03:16:17a Men Rob Store Employee At Knifepoint
03:16:22a Another Reason We Love Japan A Crazy-Fast Ferrari F1 Trike
03:16:28a U.S. envoy urges stronger Gaza truce amid air strikes
03:16:33a New Zealand Man Gives Military Files to U.S. Embassy
03:16:38a Guess what Obama's illegal alien aunt wants now ...
03:16:44a Obama presses South Africa on Zimbabwe
03:16:48a Best Natural Toothpastes A Review
03:16:53a Netflix, why arent you streaming new movies?
03:16:59a Ocean climate fix remains afloat
03:17:04a I Dont Think Im Gay Ted Haggard Tells Oprah His Sexuality is Complex
03:17:09a Police Question 4 in Caribbean Skipper's Slaying
03:17:14a Census figures reveal quarter of population born overseas
03:17:19a US envoy to meet Palestinian head
03:17:25a Bocuse d'Or victory goes to Norwegian
03:17:30a Scrapblog Gets A Million Boost For Online Scrapbooking
03:17:35a Available Options to Finance a Plastic Surgery
03:17:40a Breakthrough in Prenatal Screening for Down Syndrome
03:17:45a Police Arrest Woman in High-Speed U-Haul Chase
03:17:50a Rupee may slip after SBP stops dollar supply for furnace oil
03:17:55a Liposuction Speedy Recovery Guide After Surgery
03:18:00a Autonomy acquires Interwoven
03:18:06a Algeria Outrage CIA Station Chief Accused of Drugging Muslim Women For Videotaped Rapes
03:18:10a Fastest Bentley Ever Is Cleanest Bentley Ever
03:18:16a US needs to make tough decisions on Iraq, Afghanistan Obama
03:18:21a For animals' sake, Guinness World Records won't recognize Mexican child bullfighter
03:18:26a Archive of home recordings accidentally released to Napster
03:18:31a Freezing Death of Man, 93, Inside Home Sparks Anger
03:18:36a Birdseye Steamfresh Green Beans Review
03:18:41a 'Signing for Your Baby' What Signs to Begin with First
03:18:46a Will a small Oahu school be shut down?
03:18:51a Young girl thrown off Melbourne bridge
03:18:56a Tabcorp reports 3.7pc profit drop
03:19:00a Mirror's Edge DLC Delayed
03:19:05a Batiashvili/London Philharmonic Orchestra/Brabbins, Royal Festival Hall, London
03:19:11a Woman sentenced for Lincoln Co. shooting
03:19:16a County officials predict funding shortfall
03:19:21a Calif. mom who fled Mich. prison to be freed
03:19:26a Survey reveals worse Maitland doctor shortage
03:19:31a After Hudson Crash, A 2nd Chance At Life
03:19:36a How to Cure the Flu
03:19:41a Davos chief Use crisisto nationalize banks
03:19:46a Slumdog gathers speed in India
03:19:52a University of Houston College Basketball Player Suspended for Stepping on Opponents Face
03:19:57a كارگروههاي تخصصي كشاورزي ومسكن كرمانشاه باحضور رييس جمهوري تشكيل شد
03:20:02a School bus crashes into cars in Phoenix, 26 hurt
03:20:07a to be sought from FOP for power projects
03:20:12a CA Taxpayers Now Feeling Pinch Of Budget Crisis
03:20:17a Scotland's seas chart potential new wealth
03:20:22a 'Inkosi ibiyilungu eligcwele le-ANC'
03:20:27a US House Passes Billion Stimulus Package
03:20:32a 5 Easy Ways to Break Your Food Rut
03:20:37a Knitwear export orders fall 50 per cent
03:20:42a David Miliband Multilateralism can only take us so far we need the nation state
03:20:47a US Considers New Push at UN on Zimbabwe
03:20:52a Kibuli student found dead in bed
03:20:57a Sebelius Writes Gates on Guantanamo
03:21:02a How to Support the School Drama Club
03:21:12a Bill Ayers To Speak At St. Mary's College
03:21:17a Budget analysis From hero to zero in high-risk strategy
03:21:22a Leap Wireless-LEAP a winner in the worst of economic times- Barron's Online
03:21:27a MiTT team advises, helps 9th IA Div. along road to confidence
03:21:32a Nato irked by Russia?s ?base plan?
03:21:37a Audio, Video Expert Accused Of Theft
03:21:42a Teen serious after multiple stabbing
03:21:47a Time Warner to cut jobs as ad income declines
03:21:52a DOC Chief says Cuts Threaten Parolees' Supervision
03:21:57a Man injured at new marina
03:22:02a Residents take aim over weapons range noise
03:22:07a Web Extra Big Game Pits Brother Against Brother
03:22:12a E.R. Doctors Sue Calif. Over Rates
03:22:17a Los Angeles Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Anthem Blue Cross in Rescission Case
03:22:31a Two Senate Committees Approve Portions of Economic Stimulus Package With Funds for Health Care
03:23:00a Sharp AQUOS 1080i 46-Inch LCD HDTV, Model LC-46D62U Product Review
03:23:06a Study Shows No Standardized Approach to Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain
03:23:12a Former US, Israeli ambassadors give envoy Mitchell some advice
03:23:17a Men in uniform, prisoners kick off Iraqi voting
03:23:22a US seeks strong UN action over Zimbabwe power-sharing deal
03:23:27a The New Accounting
03:23:32a Toyota to recall 3000 cars over fault
03:23:37a Kirby Corporation Announces Record 2008 Fourth Quarter and Year...
03:23:43a Carter Reflects on Middle East Conflict, Obama's Road Ahead
03:23:48a 13. Life insurers jump amid review of capital rules
03:23:55a Shoe Bush and Arrest Bush Inaugural Events on French TV
03:24:00a US heads of industry strategise to keep unions down
03:24:05a 12. Oil prices rise despite huge inventory buildup
03:24:10a Google Halts Print Ads
03:24:15a New UK, France?s ambassadors present credentials to President Rahmon today
03:24:22a Market tipped to open higher on Wall St gains
03:24:27a Pan de sal output slash seen due to LPG shortage
03:24:31a Pulp mill report could be released next month
03:24:36a Why for AOL, the Future Is Content
03:24:41a Llewellyn defends highway policing levels
03:24:46a Race for two open seats on City Council heats up
03:24:51a great earlybird deals from Etihad
03:24:56a Government confident of call centre future
03:25:01a UN, Spain sign agreement on location for new peacekeeping logistical hub
03:25:10a Swedish man denied
03:25:15a New Russian patriarch may help mend Vatican rift
03:25:20a Mexico's peso hits lowest level against dollar
03:25:25a UN Arm To Help Poor Farmers In Tajikistan
03:25:30a Outback Aussies beat the city blues study
03:25:35a Inspired to Action
03:25:40a North west rail service under review
03:25:45a Russia Georgia 'seize' Russian soldier
03:25:50a How to Live Frugally
03:25:55a Spurs eye Santa Cruz as Keane deal stalls
03:26:00a Body of toddler found in a car Stories
03:26:04a Bong ban delays defended
03:26:09a Convention and promotions helping hotels
03:26:14a Rival Cypriot leaders take up thorny issue of property
03:26:19a An Investigation into the Spread of Greek Philosophy to Rome
03:26:24a Bracelet fit for a princess
03:26:29a Why the Family is Decaying in Modern Society
03:26:35a Sound Impressions on Google Maps
03:26:40a Coke recycling plant set to open
03:26:45a Memphis East Carolina Basketball
03:26:50a Symptoms and Treatments for Acid Reflux
03:26:55a FormFactor swings to 4Q loss as revenue plummets
03:27:00a Merritt Island convenience store robbed
03:27:06a EU fines marine hose producers 131 million euros over anti-trust charges
03:27:31a US President to get tough with Karzai
03:27:35a Walt Disney's Legacy
03:27:40a Radio Shack withdraws from Mexico soccer-voodoo promo
03:27:45a LSU Tennessee Basketball
03:27:50a Four Afghan civilians killed, 10 kidnapped
03:27:55a Kupe Virus, a New Virus in the Family Bunyaviridae, Genus Nairovirus, Kenya
03:28:00a Indonesia Myanmar Ships of Misery
03:28:05a Digital economy action plan due
03:28:10a Mission West Properties, Inc. Announces 2008 Dividend Income Tax Treatment
03:28:15a Iberia, BA Persist in Merger Talks
03:28:20a Slumdog Millionaire Best Movie in Years Should Sweep the Oscars
03:28:25a Missouri Kansas St Basketball
03:28:37a Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is returning to Stanford University
03:28:42a Qualcomm takes large charge, cuts '09 rev target
03:28:47a The Stealth Jihad
03:28:52a Robber caught on CCTV Stories
03:28:57a Call over banks' tax haven details
03:29:02a What is Diplomacy?
03:29:07a LEAD Wall Street surge, weaker yen lifts Tokyo stocks+
03:29:12a 'Combat dengue on more fronts'
03:29:17a Dutch to Help New York Celebrate Hudson’s Journey
03:29:22a An extra in pockets
03:29:27a Hollywood studio alliance to deliver online films on demand
03:29:32a Rainwater Turns To Noxious Soup, Flows To Sound
03:29:37a CIA officer investigated in alleged African rapes
03:29:42a Indiana Northwestern Basketball
03:29:47a Construction chiefs set to call for new payment rules
03:29:52a Smurfit-Stone delisted from Nasdaq
03:29:58a RC Toulon's manager Tana Umaga
03:30:03a House Passes $819B Stimulus Bill
03:30:07a Potter stuntman 'seriously injured'
03:30:12a Your Birthday Horoscope- January 29
03:30:17a Are you a DNA one in 10?
03:30:23a OSCE Commissioner Vollebaek Macedonia's model of multi-ethnic coexistence sets example for the region
03:30:27a Llull lifts Madrid to stunning win
03:30:32a Rooftop Solar Systems More Affordable
03:30:38a Microsoft Still Interested In Yahoo Search Deal
03:30:43a U.S. 'Looking for N.Korea Special Envoy'
03:30:48a Photog Rob Galbraith Rates Macbook Pro Display 'Unacceptable'
03:30:53a Oil falls towards as demand jitters weigh
03:30:58a US stimulus plans approved by House
03:31:04a Hackers crack the codes to road signs in Downtown Austin
03:31:09a Japan executes 4 death-row inmates justice minister+
03:31:14a Key 10-year JGB yield rises to 3-week intraday high+
03:31:23a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Does my kilogram look fat?
03:31:28a Church Abuse
03:31:33a Democratic-controlled House OKs billion stimulus bill
03:31:38a NKorea's Kim at volleyball game, concert state media
03:31:43a Hamas discusses Gaza ceasefire conditions
03:31:49a After 6-Ton Donation, Astroland Rocket Sets a Course for Re-entry to Coney Island
03:31:53a Sensex ends 60 points up at 10,335
03:31:58a The Gig Is Up Money, the Federal Reserve and You.
03:32:03a Letter offers clues to deaths of 5 kids, 2 adults
03:32:08a Cable TV to ease wait at tax office
03:32:13a Plane in River Wis Plane Splashdown Co-Pilot
03:32:18a Grizzlies Thunder Basketball
03:32:23a New scheme targets paedophiles
03:32:28a Volkswagen fires 800 Mexico staff
03:32:33a Japan Bulgaria
03:32:39a North Carolina Florida St Basketball
03:32:44a Youth Charged With More Attacks on Latinos
03:32:50a Japan executes four people reports
03:32:55a Player movement inevitable, says Parker
03:33:00a Australia shares up 0.9 pct, Transpacific drops
03:33:05a Holder Hedges on Bush Interrogators
03:33:13a Testing the KDE 4.2 release candidate on Windows
03:33:18a QR urged to return far north cattle train
03:33:23a Public radio goes hi-tech to raise cash
03:33:28a Hammers' hitmen banish memory of Bellamy
03:33:34a N Korea Collapse Might Require 460,000 US,Allied Troops-Study
03:33:39a Asian stocks rise after U.S. House approves stimulus
03:33:44a France gets ready for nationwide strike
03:33:49a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Mash will save every one of us
03:33:59a Senate confirms Blair as director of national intelligence
03:34:09a Chemicals in packaging
03:34:14a Campbell back in for Knights clash
03:34:21a Scientists probing erratic behavior by Mars rover
03:34:27a Tehran remains cautious despite public protests
03:34:32a Dec. 11 Should Canada give billions of taxpayer dollars to save the auto industry?
03:34:37a JAPAN Alcohol study released
03:34:42a CNN Student News Transcript January 29, 2009
03:34:47a Clark ruled out of South Africa tour
03:34:52a Rebels killed wore than 100 in the Congo massacre
03:34:58a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Skip an ad, go to jail
03:35:03a Dec. 11 Should Cdn. banks be forced to pass along Bank/Canada rate cuts?
03:35:08a Wee-Fi Intel's Wi-Fi PAN Released; Eye-Fi iPhone App
03:35:13a Prosecution rests its case against prominent Eagle businessman
03:35:18a ASIA PACIFIC BUSINESS 29/02/2008
03:35:22a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Reply to all
03:35:28a Untouched ex-East German home discovered
03:35:33a Gaza Terrorists Fire on Negev
03:35:38a Man convicted in killing 4 people executed
03:35:43a IOU Threat Not Spurring Early Tax Filing
03:35:48a Pregnant woman's strip search sparks anger
03:35:53a Obama Administration Reveals Differences over N.Korea
03:35:58a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Steve Jobs' pants
03:36:06a Save a few dollars in just a few minutes
03:36:11a China restructures mobile market ready for 3G force
03:36:16a Govt downplays power price fears
03:36:23a Salmonella outbreak spawns largest ever product recalls
03:36:28a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes AMD's three-legged chip
03:36:34a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes Happy 'Halo 3' eve!
03:36:39a Hurley defence sums up case
03:37:04a U.N. to Kenya Stop forcing Somalis out
03:37:09a Public Corporation Cuts Starter Salaries 'to Hire More People'
03:37:17a Megapundit October 29
03:37:23a Backers of Mayoral School Control Face Parental Resistance
03:37:27a Executive loses buried in garden
03:37:33a Stem Cells Used To Reverse Paralysis In Animals
03:37:38a Broadband plans get mixed response
03:37:43a Spotlight on Technology AT X-Ray Adaptable to Evolving Threats
03:37:48a Two people stabbed during home invasion in Taft
03:37:53a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes How to turn off an iPhone
03:37:58a Mississippi Briefs
03:38:03a No kidding! Bad jokes result in real social harm
03:38:08a Former Iowa slaughterhouse CEO released on bail
03:38:13a Ford hybrid owners to get tax credit
03:38:19a Tokyo stocks up on weaker yen, Wall Street
03:38:24a P.T.S.D. takes emotional toll on Bakersfield veteran
03:38:29a Rann urges national laws on bikie gang crime
03:38:34a Oklahoma School Lunch Menus
03:38:39a Liam Neeson Will Hunt You Down
03:38:44a Italy Mulls Steps to Aid Car Sales
03:38:49a Otago DHB boss asked to resign over fraud case
03:38:54a 2 Cars, Bus Collide In Pacoima
03:38:59a Renmark storm victims to share in community funds
03:39:04a Van Jones One of the Most Visionary Progressive Leaders
03:39:09a More time allowed for dam upgrade funds
03:39:14a Teachers urged to back ethics code
03:39:19a WRAPUP 1-Israel strikes in Gaza as Obama envoy holds talks
03:39:24a Hamas Rejects Israel's Ceasefire Conditions
03:39:30a Suspect arrested in '08 Moreland Ave. killing
03:39:35a Colombia's FARC to release two hostages on Sunday
03:39:40a Manatee Population is Up in Florida
03:39:45a Thailand to push regional rice stockpile role
03:39:50a Car History Service Can't Catch All Used Car Dings
03:39:55a London black cabs to arrive in Bahrain 'within days'
03:40:00a Israeli Food Conglomerate Offered to Buy Agriprocessors
03:40:05a SAFF up-beat about rural broadband
03:40:10a Appeal over Qld murder prompts calls
03:40:15a Civilian killed in Srinagar's cantonment area
03:40:20a Tax refund delays
03:40:25a ACCO Brands to Webcast Fourth Quarter Earnings Call...
03:40:30a More home foreclosures on the way for Kern County
03:40:34a BBC neatly sidesteps Now Public
03:40:40a Nicholas Cosmo charged in New York Ponzi scheme
03:40:45a Boys accused of sex acts with girl, 13
03:40:50a Black Grouse threatened by summer rain
03:40:55a Poem Ideal Woman
03:41:01a Mom's Car Stolen As She Gives Birth
03:41:06a UAE's non-oil foreign trade leaps 38% in 2008
03:41:12a Myth Buster Foreign Citizens Are Taking Flight Lessons Without Being Checked by TSA
03:41:17a Elementary Students Learn About Writing
03:41:22a Earnings Reports Start Revealing Ugly Pension Costs
03:41:27a Tot thrown off bridge dies
03:41:53a China, Russia blame US for economic crisis
03:41:58a Riverland SES volunteers head to storm-hit NSW
03:42:03a First substation in place for Dubai Industrial City
03:42:08a Obama and the Muslim world
03:42:13a Transair faked safety records, crash inquest told
03:42:18a Church to make posthumous apology to Charles Darwin Telegraph
03:42:27a House to be raffled on Feb. 14
03:42:32a 'Tony Soprano' of bloggers faces death threats
03:42:37a UCF dean charged with stealing from university
03:42:41a The Audacity of Empire
03:42:47a Police upset over wasted search efforts
03:42:52a Thai court convicts 66 migrants of illegal entry – Ambika Ahuja
03:42:57a Fleming named to House energy subcommittees
03:43:02a Japan introduces 'toilet poems' to save on toilet paper
03:43:07a Shark scare closes Singer Island beaches
03:43:11a Hamas in Egypt for truce talks
03:43:16a NCGUB conference draws to a close – Than Win Htut
03:43:21a Myths and falsehoods surrounding the economic recovery plan
03:43:26a Man killed at Cambridge pool supply company
03:43:31a Two former executives of PCS banned by FSA
03:43:36a Manatee count yields record high estimate, but not in Tampa Bay
03:43:41a Listen up! Grandma's to allow headphones
03:43:46a New Documents Required To Obtain Driver's License
03:43:51a Beacon found, suspected victim missing
03:43:56a Tensions between Wa, junta continue to rise – Lawi Weng
03:44:01a Israeli warplane bombs Gaza border
03:44:06a Austin ice storm Auto repair shops see spike in business
03:44:11a School bus crashes into cars in Phoenix, injuring at least 26 people
03:44:17a India's contribution to world of science, phenomenal
03:44:22a Chin refugees in India “forced back” to Myanmar
03:44:27a Bundesliga giants complete strong German Cup quarter-final line-up
03:44:32a CNN Army To Report Record Number Of Suicides
03:44:37a Korea's Coffee Sales Buck Recession
03:44:42a Local Bars Serving People They Shouldn't
03:44:50a 'Fossil earthquakes' abundant
03:44:55a Offshoring by banks under lens
03:45:00a House Passes Economic Stimulus Package
03:45:05a Bish Person Of Interest Sits In Florida Jail
03:45:10a Ice cream sold at Sweetbay Supermarkets recalled
03:45:15a Global Warming May Be Irreversible
03:45:20a UTEP Houston Basketball
03:45:25a Racy PETA Ad Dropped from Super Bowl Lineup
03:45:30a Post Offices to Stamp Out Saturday Deliveries?
03:45:35a Stolen bird returned to local store
03:45:40a Budget Info Released Canadians Will Owe Over Billion
03:45:45a Rio in talks with Chinalco report
03:45:50a Watchdog criticises NHS pay deal
03:45:55a Bacon Explosion Grease is the Word
03:46:00a Funeral for Caylee Marie Anthony at jail is highly unlikely
03:46:05a Nov. 19 Should fuel surcharges go down when the price of gas drops?
03:46:10a PETA Plant Sex Commercial Banned from Super Bowl
03:46:18a Solved cold case reveals alleged killer was victim's neighbor
03:46:24a ACLU Calls On Justice Department To Release Bush Administration Torture And Surveillance Memos
03:46:29a US keen to deepen ties with natural ally India Obama
03:46:34a Scientists clarify editing error underlying genetic neurodegenerative disease
03:46:39a Bourke dental services to resume
03:46:44a Burmese refugees seek new life in US army
03:46:49a Heck of a Job
03:46:54a Ten Sleep, Wyoming Internet Hub
03:46:59a NLD youth members attend law seminar – Khin Hnin Htet
03:47:04a Conflict zones sometimes mean investment opportunities
03:47:09a Science & the Public Water-cleanup experiment caused lead poisoning
03:47:14a Watch Uggla win it with a grand slam
03:47:19a KNU overrules local officials, halts logging after SPDC general harvests 2,500 tons
03:47:24a Heartland sued over data breach
03:47:31a Florida’s maritime industry organizes to lobby
03:47:36a Full of choices
03:47:41a Kansas Congressional Reps React to Stimulus
03:47:46a Israel reopens some Gaza crossings
03:47:51a Japan Gains 2.3% on Weak Yen
03:47:56a GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks up on US stimulus hopes, Fed helps dlr
03:48:01a Agriver the Israeli based company announces its expansion in fresh-cut activities
03:48:14a Cubans love listening to dance albums
03:48:20a IMF lowers India growth to 5 percent as global economy plummets
03:48:24a Vesuvius volcano still 'very dangerous'
03:48:32a A look at Ky. share of stimulus package
03:48:37a Comcast confirms new network management practices
03:48:42a China slow down hits Burmese mining – Moe Thu
03:48:48a How to Teach Your Kids About Recycling
03:48:53a Tasman Highway still blocked
03:48:58a 2 Killed In Crash At Santa Monica Airport
03:49:03a Firefighters Test New Product To Fight Flames
03:49:08a Academy honors 18 for major contributions to science
03:49:13a Prime Minister General Thein Sein facilitates Rakhine State development
03:49:18a Coastal power projects may have to import 30% of their coal needs
03:49:24a Junta summons Aung San Suu Kyi’s lawyer to Naypyitaw – Solomon
03:49:28a What Red Ink? Wall St. Paid Hefty Bonuses
03:49:33a Viking Oil Pledges To Deliver Orders Despite Bankruptcy
03:49:38a ‘Six million Burmese need food’ – Jonathan Head
03:49:43a MCHS work almost done million project improving science labs
03:49:48a World's Longest Handshake Tops Out At Nine And A Half Hours
03:49:53a Concerns over Bathurst surgery lists
03:49:59a Obama to visit Canada Feb 19
03:50:04a Milky Way spins faster, has more mass than thought astronomers
03:50:09a YES leader cleared of criminal wrong-doing
03:50:14a Hamas blocks Gazan orphans' two-week vacation to Israel
03:50:19a Obama and the Ultra-right Media
03:50:24a UC, Workers Reach Labor Agreement
03:50:32a Grand Rapids area food pantries need donations now
03:50:37a Our Towns For Some, It’s About More Than Surviving Hard Times
03:50:42a Local church planning job fair for members
03:50:48a Shiite festival draws millions to Iraqi holy city
03:50:55a 110 aid goods trucks into Gaza
03:51:04a Spain officially in recession
03:51:09a Video Close Up of CO 1404 Wreckage
03:51:14a Coroner's jury rules deaths of 2 Gibson City teens accidental
03:51:20a Kargil scam 'Operation Vijay now Operation Cover-Up'
03:51:25a Balfours's future under consideration
03:51:30a Schoolboys accused of sex acts with girl
03:51:35a Congressional panel spells out financial sector regulatory needs
03:51:40a MSU police continue to investigate student's death
03:51:45a West Virginia Travel George Washington Bathtub Festival
03:51:50a Obama supporter and rapper Ludacris sings 'paint the whitehouse black'
03:51:55a How to Ride the Bus in Ecuador
03:52:00a How to Select a Travel Plan that Suits Your Needs and Budget
03:52:05a Recession dents REACH Healthcare Foundation's 2009 grants
03:52:10a Flagstaff, Arizona The Best Place for Astronomers
03:52:15a Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park An Insiders Travel Guide
03:52:21a Peanut Corp. of America Knowingly Shipped Tainted Peanut Butter Criminals
03:52:26a Young Aussies 'becoming non-believers'
03:52:30a Snow accumulation is most in city since 1987
03:52:36a Cash Store Financial reports Q2 profit of 4.3 million, up from year ago
03:52:41a Woman Jailed After Trading Swedish Monopoly Money For Hard Cash
03:52:46a Job scenario still better in Asia than western economies
03:52:51a Farmers to be fined in bid to save reef
03:52:56a Motorists Warned to Watch for Black Ice
03:53:01a Wrestling with the Ladyboner
03:53:06a Traffic chaos hits Brisbane
03:53:12a Methanex reports Q4 loss of US3.1 million on inventory writedown
03:53:16a Postal Vote for Expats Close to Green Light
03:53:21a Vectren Power may be out until next week
03:53:26a iDVD hung out to dry as Apple pushes movies online
03:53:31a From Low-Wage Jobs to a Dress-for-Success Tale
03:53:37a Argentina swaps US4.3 billion in debt, easing payments
03:53:43a U.S. regulators charge adviser with fraud linked to bailout
03:53:48a Indian Navy Selects Boeing P-8I
03:53:53a Google out to expose Internet traffic chokers
03:53:58a Coney Island's Rocket ride saved for new NYC park
03:54:03a Half of Madisonville without power
03:54:08a Do I have to shun my cousin's ex?
03:54:13a DETROIT 98, MINN. 89 'Sheed leads the way
03:54:18a In the Mideast, Obama Gets Warm Early Reviews
03:54:23a Jonathan Turley on ACLU Seeking Bush Records on War Crimes
03:54:28a Japan PM, Obama talk by phone
03:54:33a Police think armed hold-ups linked
03:54:38a SA health boss quits in anger
03:54:43a Obama meets defence chiefs
03:54:49a WellPoint fourth-quarter profit dives, but stock of insurer rises
03:55:13a Blowing away King Coal
03:55:18a Barack Obama and the Triumph Over American Eugenics
03:55:23a Fire Consumes Boston Hotel
03:55:28a Suspicious Passenger Bolts From Checkpoint in Miami
03:55:33a Reporter To Cover Son Playing In Big Game
03:55:38a Triceratops Battle Scars Found on Skull
03:55:43a Pizzeria owner charged in calzone attack
03:55:48a Obama raises the bar a brief history of presidential drinking
03:55:53a The Results of Extremism
03:55:59a US couple pay for cloned dog
03:56:04a Banks cut mortgage rates, but will it be enough?
03:56:09a Big West Employees Fearful of Layoffs
03:56:14a US Foreign Policy Workers Seek Same-sex Benefits
03:56:19a EMINS Stops its Engagement with Najevropljanin Award
03:56:24a Miami ballet company makes its mark on the jaded New York crowd
03:56:29a Governor says he is optimistic
03:56:34a Older Adults with Anxiety May Be Helped by Medication
03:56:39a Marketing essential during times of recession
03:56:44a Google to expose Net traffic 'chokers'
03:56:49a Teach Senior Citizens How to Write Poetry
03:56:54a New Lincoln hospital to have larger emergency department
03:56:59a Man Allegedly Tried To Take Back Breast Implants
03:57:04a Warrick Co. shelters prepare for busy nights
03:57:09a Blackwater guards plead not guilty to manslaughter
03:57:25a Emery off to Russia to revive career
03:57:30a Vaccine could 'cut cancer cases by a fifth'
03:57:35a Beshear Looks For Ways To Cut Budget
03:57:40a TaxWatch Seven new tax perks you don't want to miss when filing '08 return
03:57:45a Last VC recipient sells medal
03:57:50a Bridger Forest plan limits ATVs
03:57:55a The First and Second Waves of French Feminist Movements
03:58:00a Hille outed for one match
03:58:05a Rajasthan's Camel Trade Faces Changing Times
03:58:09a Canning news
03:58:14a Radio Adelaide Migration Strains + Police Error
03:58:19a Global Carbon Reduction Fortnight 5-18 December 2009
03:58:24a Putin's Grasp of Energy Pushes Russia Agenda
03:58:29a Mail Delivery May Be Cut To 5 Days A Week
03:58:34a Stand Down Black Holes Won't Destroy Earth
03:58:39a Obama administration to inherit tough cybersecurity challenges
03:58:44a 50 Million More People Might Be Unemployed By The End Of 2009
03:58:49a Canadian Government Survives, Again
03:58:55a MPs back campaigners demand for tougher action on climate change
03:58:59a Complaining flier offered taste test gig
03:59:04a Geithner says plan for banks is in the works
03:59:09a B.C. to extend bird flu quarantine
03:59:14a Recall Widens To Include More Fundraising Products
03:59:19a British Newspaper Says It Caught Lords Offering to Lobby for a Fee
03:59:24a Emirates to launch A380 service to South Korea
03:59:32a The Temporary Senate
03:59:37a Opposition PLD Leader Dies in Lisbon
03:59:42a Crash kills one, hurts one
03:59:47a Malaria Spread Feared as Drug Loses Effectiveness
03:59:53a Man convicted in killing 4 people executed Man convicted in killing 4 people executed
03:59:58a COL BKB Wake Forest 70, Duke 68
04:00:03a Miasma vs. contagion Cholera, once a pandemic killer
04:00:08a Cherokee passes budget, defers raises
04:00:13a Avian flu purge continues in B.C.
04:00:18a More products added to Salmonella warning list
04:00:24a Astronomers Get A Sizzling Weather Report From Distant Planet
04:00:29a Past meets present for Baytown resident
04:00:33a Have Fun on Spring Break In Acapulco
04:00:38a Australia shares up 0.8 pct, Nexus Energy gains
04:00:43a Mustang students score favorably on standard tests
04:00:48a Heineken Announces Debut of New Ad in Super Bowl
04:00:53a Non-medical sectors told to be prepared for bird flu pandemic
04:00:58a Telstra outlines job loss reasons
04:01:03a Resident sues historic NY village to remove gates
04:01:08a Opinion Conflict on the US-Mexico Border
04:01:13a Forward, and backward, on the development path
04:01:18a Students trying to fix eternal flame at local cemetery
04:01:23a Research scheme to focus on water saving
04:01:28a 95bFM Deady & List It's Ka Kite To Kevin!
04:01:33a Stephen Harper 'Must Step Down' says Maude Barlow
04:01:38a HIT in hospitals linked to fewer deaths
04:01:43a Tasmanian Devils Threatened By Contagious Cancer 28 Jan 2009 225629 GMT
04:01:48a Georgia Power Customers May Get Rate Hike
04:01:53a Tarrant County health director Watch out — a flu pandemic is coming!
04:01:58a Final nail in the coffin for Heathrow expansion and Kingsnorth
04:02:03a Australian throws 4-year-old daughter to her death
04:02:08a The Power of the US Film Industry
04:02:14a U.S. Approves First Stem Cell Study For Spinal Injury 28 Jan 2009 220856 GMT
04:02:19a Avian Flu Endemic in Wonogiri
04:02:24a RComm launches GSM services in Rajasthan
04:02:29a U.S. closer to 'bad bank' for world crisis
04:02:34a Western Forests Dying At Increasing Rate 28 Jan 2009 225420 GMT
04:02:39a Mars Rover Still Behaving Badly 28 Jan 2009 221523 GMT
04:02:44a Mining, fossicking laws under review
04:02:49a KiwiFM Audio Wammo & Kevin List's News & Politics
04:02:53a Tarrant County flu pandemic would affect as many as 844000 people ...
04:02:58a Baytown welcomes center into neighboorhood
04:03:03a Apple patents the multi-touch 'pinch'
04:03:09a Japan Launches Orbiter To Probe Greenhouse Gases 28 Jan 2009 225303 GMT
04:03:17a Government cuts petrol, diesel and LPG prices
04:03:22a Water authority plays down Beaufort loss
04:03:33a Fewer students deferring uni study
04:03:38a Muslim women feel free, secure in Europe
04:03:43a Good Words
04:04:01a THE ROUNDUP Science and Nature News Around the Web
04:04:18a Fulton names principals for new schools
04:04:23a Merrill Bonus Case Widens as Deal Struggles
04:04:28a Offshore fish farming OK'd for the Gulf
04:04:45a Partner of road rage victim calls on killer to surrender
04:04:50a Mutual-Fund Giant Invesco on Its Feet
04:04:55a In Davos, Russia and China Blame Capitalists for Crisis
04:05:04a Nam Calls For Follow-up Meeting Of Annapolis Conference
04:05:09a Stimulus Bill
04:05:17a Lyric Opera to begin season with Voigt as `Tosca'
04:05:23a Banks' Rally Fuels Bets on Insurers
04:05:31a Parmalat Ruling May Broaden Liability
04:05:36a Hopes for creation of bank to buy up toxic assets sends markets higher
04:05:41a Japanese use Obama to learn English
04:05:47a Beattie urged to listen to merger concerns
04:05:53a Chandigarh mega projects under vigilance scanner
04:05:58a W32/Mytob-C
04:06:03a Hospital Calif. octuplets doing 'amazingly well'
04:06:08a Jim Hamilton, 75, dedicated to Habitat
04:06:13a Spat stalls eye-trauma center for troops
04:06:18a Santander's Clients React Coolly to Offer
04:06:23a Mopre Peanut Corporation Recall
04:06:28a Body in river may be missing Korean man
04:06:33a How to Manage Your Diet and Not Gain Weight During a Vacation
04:06:39a Will Kashmir Be an Obama Foreign-Policy Focus?
04:06:44a Japan Gains 1.7% on Weak Yen
04:06:49a Grist Feature Images of an evolving world by artist Don Simon
04:06:54a Rents rise for downtown office space
04:06:59a More news specials
04:07:05a Radon gas poses serious health risks to Portlanders, city says
04:07:10a Hospital California octuplets doing 'well'
04:07:15a President Elect Obama Makes Choice for Energy Secretary
04:07:20a Police say capsicum spray use in watch house common
04:07:25a Troj/MDrop-BYN
04:07:30a Korean Car Industry Wary of Obama's Green Car Policy
04:07:37a Life insurers jump amid review of capital rules
04:07:49a Government compensation for storm-battered towns
04:07:54a EC looking into cash hand-out involving Boonjong
04:07:59a BIG 92.7 FM Bangalore, the undisputed No. 1
04:08:04a Video shows Emery scuffling with KHL trainer
04:08:09a Zoloft and Cipralex better than other drugs, study shows
04:08:15a Some Congolese Disappointed with Rebel Integration Failure
04:08:20a Gene therapy cures form of 'bubble boy disease,' study shows
04:08:25a Argentina swaps bln in debt, easing payments
04:08:30a Teams Cry Foul Over Referees
04:08:35a Broadband plan gets cautious thumbs up from W Qld
04:08:40a Survey Spots Record Number Of Manatees
04:08:45a Fish refusing to climb ladder
04:08:50a Volkswagen announces Mexico staff cuts, shutdowns
04:08:55a Wen, Putin obliquely blame US for crisis
04:09:00a ACT has highest year 12 retention rates
04:09:05a WRAPUP 10-Israel retaliation likely as Obama envoy holds talks
04:09:10a ACT to be spared worst of wild weather
04:09:15a MP wants consent law for child body piercings
04:09:20a Broadband plan sparks mixed reaction
04:09:25a A tale of two banks B of A and Wells Fargo
04:09:30a million requested for Mecklenburg train
04:09:35a Fire danger alert with rising winds
04:09:40a 'Why give yoga religious connotation?'
04:09:45a Salem Considers Upping Meals Tax
04:09:50a Fed sexiest tennis star? Vote!
04:09:55a Cherbourg alcohol ban
04:10:00a Spanaway woman pleads guilty in son's death
04:10:06a Obama's stimulus package approved by House
04:10:10a New Zealand Slashes Rates to 3.5%
04:10:15a Troj/Bdoor-ASH
04:10:20a On Iraq, Obama Faces Hard Choices
04:10:25a Drive-by shopping
04:10:30a Co. buys back Bush library domain name for
04:10:35a Botox May Fix Spasmodic Condition
04:10:40a New tobacco products tested on Portland market
04:10:45a Plea in court against late-running trains
04:10:55a Industry urged to unlock massive South West gas reserves
04:11:00a Blunt Votes Against Democrats' Debt Plan
04:11:07a Consumers Union letter on S. 495
04:11:12a Haggard accuser He 'thought he was invincible'
04:11:17a Troj/Mosuck-AX
04:11:22a Rancho Cordova Mini Golf Course Slays Monster
04:11:27a Historic park will be all things jazz
04:11:35a The 'Ladies' are back by popular demand
04:11:40a Foreign carriers may soon buy stake in Indian airlines
04:11:45a Dongdaemun Market Draws Crowds with Slump-Friendly Goods
04:11:52a PM accuses Rudd of economic ignorance
04:11:56a Pledging Purity
04:12:01a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W300
04:12:28a Commercial Hunting Endangers Rare Central Asian Sheep Species
04:12:33a U.S. criticized for role in global crisis at economic forum
04:12:38a Senate stimulus bill packed with IT spending
04:12:43a Winnipeg cops want cameras on buses
04:12:48a PRP residents find ways to deal with power outages
04:12:53a Don't Let Finances Ruin a Family Beach Vacation
04:12:58a What Makes Our World So Special?
04:13:03a Sumitomo Financial Net Plunges, Panasonic Loss
04:13:08a Charles Arthur on Sony's full year loss
04:13:13a Acting troupe teaches seniors about scams
04:13:20a PHOTOS Jaguars, Short-Eared Dog Caught in Camera Trap
04:13:25a Father In LA Family Murder-Suicide Awash In Debt
04:13:30a Global Warming to Create 'Permanent' Ocean Dead Zones?
04:13:35a Qatar Labour City plans slated for 2011 completion
04:13:40a Texas Rep John Carter Introduces New Bill 'Rangel Rule'
04:13:45a School board skips permit, delays needed sidewalk fix
04:13:50a France Summons Israel's Ambassador Over Gaza Shots
04:13:57a Putin Warns Against State Excesses
04:14:05a Top Republican says steady hand needed
04:14:10a Valuing community
04:14:15a Sex between the covers
04:14:19a Pope Pleased With New Patriarch
04:14:24a China Detains 81 Ahead of 50th Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising
04:14:29a Cape Alumina defends bauxite project
04:14:34a 'I'll Be In Another Pro Bowl'
04:14:39a Baytown’s Sterling Library bringing business
04:14:44a The knives are out for Davos Man. But the alternative is much more alarming
04:14:49a Xbox Live + Netflix A Win Win?
04:14:54a Driver denies trying to run cyclists off road
04:15:03a Putin’s Grasp of Energy Drives Russian Agenda
04:15:08a 205,000 in Louisville without power
04:15:14a Zyprexa data questions show need for drug safety
04:15:20a The Riddle of the Unique
04:15:25a UNANIMOUS
04:15:29a Killeen Fire Department gets new brush fire truck
04:15:34a Bosses rally round Robinho over sex assault probe
04:15:39a Millington man shoots children with pellet gun for 'fun'
04:15:44a Travel advice for London Overground and Bakerloo line customers
04:15:50a Academy will bear fruit Murray
04:15:55a Student Travel Best Ancient Historical Places to See
04:16:00a Duke Realty Corporation Elects Thomas J. Baltimore, Jr. to Board of Directors
04:16:07a Panasonic ToughBook CF-H1 Mobile Clinical Assistant
04:16:12a Natural Brain Substance Blocks Weight Gain In Mice, Researchers Discover
04:16:17a Sony patents Surface-like photo printer
04:16:22a France faces 'Black Thursday' strike chaos
04:16:27a Fixing the Real Economy
04:16:32a BlackBerry Curve 8900
04:16:37a Warning over pressure on prisons
04:16:42a Solaris Pseudo-Terminal Driver Race Condition Lets Local Users Deny Service
04:16:47a Country people happier than city slickers
04:16:52a Asian immigration growing fast in Australia census
04:16:57a Catalyst Announces Record Revenue and Earnings for 2008
04:17:02a Home for holidays may just be a wish for Mustang woman
04:17:08a Pictures of Law Faculty occupation from Sunday...
04:17:12a Councillors approve hotel plans
04:17:17a Amy Fleming How to prepare the world's deadliest dinner blowfish
04:17:22a FactCheck knife crime spin
04:17:28a Going Global OleOle
04:17:36a Study finds failure to include nurses in process of admitting errors to patients, families
04:17:41a Blagojevich To Speak At Impeachment Trial
04:17:46a Illinois Gov. Asks To Speak To Impeachment Trial
04:17:51a Digital Britain blueprints unveiled
04:17:56a Ethics Policy, Waivers Questioned
04:18:01a Moment of Zen The Daily Show
04:18:07a Budgeting for ice storm cleanup a challenge in North Texas
04:18:12a FactCheck early nineties economy
04:18:17a Postmaster Seeks Cut In Delivery Days
04:18:21a Intro
04:18:26a USFA Releases Provisional 2008 Firefighter Fatality Statistics
04:18:32a Schweitzer Proposes New Tax on Oil, Gas Production
04:18:40a Australian girl, 4, thrown from bridge
04:18:49a Who Will Protect Us From Plunge Protection?
04:18:55a UL cancels classes for tomorrow
04:18:59a Burke won't challenge CCC
04:19:06a Nkrumah's 100th birth date celebrations launched
04:19:12a SA swelters through third day over 40 degrees
04:19:17a Police promise crackdown on drunken youths
04:19:22a 500 Ky. Guard troops dispatched for storm help
04:19:27a NY museums head to trial over Picassos
04:19:32a Domestic violence cases on the rise in Ashanti Region
04:19:50a Ted Haggard in exile
04:19:57a Tri-Staters pulling together to help
04:20:11a Australian throws daughter off bridge
04:20:23a Atwima Kwanwoma District has no medical doctor
04:20:28a CEOs low on confidence survey
04:20:33a U.S. House passes Obama`s economic stimulus plan
04:20:47a Qantas superjumbo causes a super headache at airport
04:20:52a Two more teens charged over murder conspiracy
04:20:57a The end of the Heathrow third runway
04:21:02a Intel 'failures' destined to repeat?
04:21:07a Inad Deactivates Explosive Devices in Lobito
04:21:12a The 15 Most Ignored Nations
04:21:17a NSW Health in budget crisis
04:21:24a Fire destroys 4 pig barns in Canada
04:21:29a Search Halted in Deadly Guatemala Landslide
04:21:42a Volatile markets confusing you? Here's help!
04:21:49a Prisoners score snazzy TVs during recession
04:21:54a MSU police investigate death of Northville man
04:21:59a First CVE of 2009
04:22:04a ASUS Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker
04:22:09a Car Industry Poised To Fight Obama Climate Change Agenda
04:22:14a Donovan ends mystery, will play for Bayern Munich
04:22:19a Chattanooga mayor apologizes for using VW logo in campaign literature
04:22:24a Should you prepay your home loan?
04:22:30a Luanda Stadiums Construction Going As Planned
04:22:35a Hammonds Industries Receives Million Purchase Order for Fuel Additive Injector Assemblies for
04:22:39a Donovan joins Munich on temporary loan
04:22:44a Haggard I considered suicide after first scandal
04:22:50a Elephants in European zoos die younger research
04:22:55a Divorced father seeks equal protection
04:23:03a Rubber bullets hurt 8 in TUT protest
04:23:08a Monique Wright
04:23:34a Will resource-rich Canada continue to impress
04:23:39a Iceland to appo
04:23:44a Government Considers Border Environmental Preservation Zone
04:23:48a McCullum smashes ton
04:23:53a Bill calls for execution by firing squad
04:24:01a The seeds of Latin America
04:24:06a Manning on Radio Adelaide Pay Rises + New Nat Cab
04:24:11a Obama eager to speak to Dr Singh
04:24:16a Braid's test aspirations not dead and buried
04:24:21a Santas have friends in the Owens
04:24:26a Senate trial turns into primer on election mechanics
04:24:31a Teachers plan stop-work meetings
04:24:40a Lawmakers call for funding more food inspections
04:24:46a Sarah Palin takes first step towards 2012 presidential run
04:24:51a Coney Island's Rocket ride saved for new NYC park
04:24:55a Carter is 'loving' Perpignan
04:25:00a Regions brace for severe weather
04:25:05a Little General poses dilemma for Cleary
04:25:10a Korean Cartoons to Go on Show in Paris
04:25:15a Donovan joins Bayern Munich on loan from LA Galaxy
04:25:19a The language of race
04:25:24a Economic fallout Thinner boxes of Thin Mints
04:25:29a Troj/Dloadr-CFT
04:25:34a BMW seeks diesel boost
04:25:39a Hamas Kills Israelis, Israel Bombs Gaza, Threatens More, Deja Vu
04:25:44a Winning the War on Cancer The Critical Role of Radiation Oncology
04:25:51a WTO Chief Warns Over Bank and Auto Industry Bailouts
04:25:58a Why Masetlha spurned the offer
04:26:03a Bolivia seeks to rebuild strained ties with US
04:26:08a Ellsworth is traffic priority in 2009
04:26:13a Astoria Financial Corporation Announces Fourth Quarter EPS of...
04:26:18a Ross Coulthart
04:26:23a Refugee problem needs joint action by governments
04:26:28a Abandoned apartment a relic of east Germany
04:26:33a Laura Bush enthusiastic about landscape architect for presidential library
04:26:38a YES leader cleared of criminal wrongdoing
04:26:46a Montgomerie earns U.S. praise as Europe
04:26:51a Year of the Ox, Cow, Buffalo or Bull
04:26:55a Hamas urges Obama to correct 'mistakes' of predecessor
04:27:01a Minnesota falling behind in med-tech advances
04:27:06a Train derails in Soweto
04:27:11a Cambridge study says Muslim women feel free, secure in Europe
04:27:15a Israel wants to drive us from our homeland
04:27:20a Infrastructure gets poor report card
04:27:25a House of Representatives approves €825bn plan
04:27:30a Recall Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate-Chip Cookies
04:27:35a South, North Nuclear Politics Takes Center Stage
04:27:49a Chaos Fears For France On Strike
04:27:55a MAS cuts fuel surcharges on international flights by 73%
04:28:00a Obama's Pakistan Challenge
04:28:05a Gift to Children's Museum brings company's support to
04:28:10a Zappa Family Loses Court Battle in Germany
04:28:19a Riverbarge Excursion Lines curtails all operations
04:28:24a Antigua cops questioning four in skipper
04:28:28a ABs continue to return
04:28:33a Obama wins on economy stimulus
04:28:39a Merkel urges EU to press Russia for energy security agreement
04:28:44a Russia halts missiles plan in reponse to Obama move
04:28:49a AG Files Suit Against Owners Of Cosco Busan
04:28:54a The Road Ahead in Afghanistan
04:28:59a Murder charge after child 'thrown from bridge'
04:29:04a Imports to feel pinch
04:29:09a Japan PM and Obama confirm alliance in phone talks
04:29:14a Fast-food may negate breastfeeding benefit
04:29:19a Obama Administration Places Importance On Japan U.S. Envoy
04:29:24a Colombia President Uribe's Prospects for Re-Election
04:29:29a Spain scores a digital first with €5 novel
04:29:34a Nicholson feeling good
04:29:39a Get the Facts the House Republicans Don't Want You to Have
04:29:44a Former child soldier uses rap to spread peace
04:29:48a Markets see good in
04:29:53a US Fed keeps rates near zero
04:29:58a ANC poll listwho is in and who is out?
04:30:03a Fast food may negate breastfeeding benefit
04:30:08a Scandinavian Chef Takes Home French Cooking Prize
04:30:13a Another Solid Quarter A Good Sign For Lihir
04:30:18a European Project Reduces Manufacturing Time for Transfemoral Prostheses
04:30:23a Ramstad named resident fellow at Harvard
04:30:41a Government workers lead 428,000 gain of union membership
04:30:46a Japan executive loses million buried in garden
04:30:51a New guidelines keep Chinese cars on road
04:30:56a RSPCA battles to cool animals in power cut
04:31:01a Suva Soccer go to the polls tonight
04:31:06a Appointment of new rabbinic judges challenged in High Court
04:31:11a Driver dies in country rollover
04:31:16a Citrix to cut jobs, 4Q net income edges lower
04:31:21a US Jewish leader Israel must take more financial responsibility
04:31:26a Plan for new park in Clark County gets mixed reviews
04:31:31a Apple's freshened iPhoto makes photo organizing a snap
04:31:36a More manpower as fire threat warms up
04:31:41a IMF calls for more aggressive efforts to help global economy
04:31:45a Currency Crisis and Korean Students in the US
04:31:50a LNG joint venture with Origin 'safe'
04:31:59a Obama savours stimulus win
04:32:04a India victorious despite Jayasuriya century
04:32:09a Searching for happiness Study says look to the bush
04:32:14a Teen stabbed in neck
04:32:19a The Obama White House May Be a Crowded Mess
04:32:24a Acupuncture
04:32:29a Why drug dealers love Australia
04:32:34a Beau Breedlove's father breaks the family's silence
04:32:38a Newman man charged over alleged sex assault
04:32:43a Argosy Casino Announces Layoffs
04:32:48a DPP says greater bikie gang scrutiny possible
04:32:53a Irish stand united in hatred of banker Sean FitzPatrick
04:32:58a Protecting the Nigerian Child
04:33:03a Fiji sack sevens coach Serevi
04:33:08a Thai court convicts 66 migrants
04:33:13a Industrialist urges FG to ban importation of motorcycle helmets
04:33:18a Beef exports tipped to rise on falling Aussie dollar
04:33:22a Zim to prosecute white farmers
04:33:27a Lincoln's take on Obama
04:33:32a Gangland wife to do community work
04:33:37a Train drivers blamed for chaos
04:33:42a Calif. Challenges Prison Health Overhaul
04:33:47a Willamette Week report Audio tapes shed new light on Adams scandal
04:33:52a Bleak outlook as IMF slashes global forecasts
04:33:57a Woman hit by car in serious condition
04:34:02a Winter Skin
04:34:07a Burke will not challenge CCC’s powers
04:34:12a Liveblogging the Conflict Thurs Jan 29th, 2009
04:34:17a Police search for couple accused of sexual assault of children
04:34:21a Fresh cases of leptospirosis
04:34:26a Inter extend lead, Beckham scores in Milan draw
04:34:31a The Gülen case
04:34:36a Terrorism Boosts Insurance Industry in Pakistan
04:34:41a Santos reports record reserves in Queensland
04:34:46a From the top, the white House loosens Its buttoned-up style
04:35:01a Bernard Madoff firm papers found in NYC warehouse
04:35:06a Yobe Gov, Mamman Ali, dies of leukaemia
04:35:11a DCO dies in female lover
04:35:16a Boat with crew on board missing since four days
04:35:21a Novartis Profit Jumps 70%
04:35:26a Orlando Police Hang Cameras Around City
04:35:31a UK police confirm Indian teenager
04:35:36a More women chasing uni degrees ABS
04:35:41a Turkey's role in Mideast and what the US wants
04:35:46a Bosso symbolises it as Cameroun down Nigeria 2-0
04:35:51a City Council passes fireworks resolution
04:35:57a Cuban Five' Spies To Appeal To US Supreme Court Source
04:36:01a Banks of Creeks and Streams Tested by Recent Precipitation
04:36:06a US prepares new policy approach towards Iran
04:36:11a NPA goes tough on terminal operators
04:36:16a Obama's economic stimulus bill advances
04:36:21a Gangland wife opts for community work
04:36:25a Nurse's murder trial delay upsets father
04:36:30a New Mexico lab warns workers, visitors of contamination
04:36:35a Raid leads police to of property
04:36:40a IMF does not oppose tax cuts Turnbull
04:36:45a CEO Bartley quits Saatchi Sydney
04:36:50a Jefferson Award Winner Jason Singer
04:36:55a Mother Schlafly opens her trap at Bates College
04:37:00a Passenger killed in Cambridge crash
04:37:05a Oklahoma City Public Schools issues plan for make-up days
04:37:10a Dive boat operator charged over bungle
04:37:15a That's anti-Semitism for you!
04:37:20a Woman accused of burning kids with iron indicted
04:37:25a Electricity consumers disconnected in error to get N1,000 per day
04:37:30a SAN identifies causes, proffers solution
04:37:35a Revisionist approach to output adds to uncertainty
04:37:39a Traffic plans emerge for Princes St closure
04:37:44a EirGrid to get €100m for interconnector
04:37:49a PM stable, walks in hospital corridor
04:37:54a Robinho denies sex assault at nightclub
04:37:59a Muthalik likely to be produced in court today
04:38:04a Couple Without Power Gets Creative
04:38:09a Manitowoc Reports Record Financial Results For 2008
04:38:14a Girl 'thrown' from West Gate Bridge dies
04:38:19a Tropical Forests Fight for Survival
04:38:23a Surfers, others oppose proposal for gas terminal off Long Beach
04:38:28a Another ATM blown up
04:38:33a The seeds of Latin America`s rebirth were sown in Cuba
04:38:38a Chemicals ‘may lead to reduced fertility’
04:38:43a WA Domestic Patrnership Enhancement & Marriage Bills Filed
04:38:48a Wells Fargo loses billion; shares soar 31%
04:38:53a Pens skate past Rangers
04:38:58a Newmont Announces Pricing of Common Stock and Convertible Debt Offerings
04:39:03a Scottish recession is steepest in UK … and UK recession is worst in world
04:39:08a Circuit City Deepens Discounts
04:39:13a LEAD Japan executes 4 death-row inmates justice minister+
04:39:17a Pakistani youth selected for WEF
04:39:22a Ford Motor Credit to cut 1,200 jobs reports
04:39:27a Octuplet Babies Gaining Strength
04:39:32a Contractor jailed over gun terror
04:39:37a Between Obama and Africa
04:39:42a Students home, parents struggle to work
04:39:47a Mickey Rourke won't rumble with WWE superstar
04:39:51a Raids yielded ecstasy worth million
04:39:56a Mubarak meets Solona over Gaza
04:40:01a Stop & Shop Issues a Voluntary Recall of Stop & Shop Brand Sundae Cones
04:40:06a CMC has found clue to missing doctor, IHC told
04:40:11a Earthquake jolts Kupang, NTT
04:40:16a Madagascar Violent Protest Death Toll Up, Protesters Hold Peaceful Rally
04:40:21a German Jewish leader equates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism
04:40:26a Police Question 4 in Caribbean Skipper
04:40:31a New US intel chief confirmed
04:40:36a Heavy rain leaves trail of accidents
04:40:41a Rocket Fired From Gaza Lands In Israel
04:40:46a Schoolboys filmed sex attack on girl
04:40:51a Egypt to tackle MRSA in children's units
04:40:59a UAE Iran sensitivities escalate
04:41:04a Huntsman Provides Update on Saudi Ethyleneamines Joint Venture
04:41:10a Occasional Teachers & Near North Board reach tentative agreement
04:41:14a Find Your Perfect U.S. President
04:41:19a Ohio Governor Ted Strickland Gives State of the State Address
04:41:24a U.S. can't confirm report on Russia easing missile stance
04:41:29a Japan executive loses 4 mln dlrs buried in garden
04:41:34a Is It Better to Buy or Rent?
04:41:39a Howick Falls rapist to go to jail for a minimum of 22 years
04:41:44a Ethiopia National Bank Looted of Money and Gold Deposits
04:41:48a Japan Airline Boss Sets Exec Example
04:41:53a Darfur tense after recent eruption of fighting
04:41:58a Abbot House Fire
04:42:14a Valley residents keep busy after snowfall
04:42:19a Aso to attend World Economic Forum in Davos, to deliver address+
04:42:24a TimberWest Forest Corp. reschedules 2008 fourth quarter results conference call
04:42:29a Court Approves All of Hartmarx Corporation's 'First Day Motions'
04:42:34a Main events scheduled for Friday, Jan. 30+
04:42:51a Strickland calls for big changes
04:42:55a Russia detains Japanese fishermen
04:43:00a Teenager concerned about missing husband commits suicide
04:43:05a WA country folk the happiest
04:43:10a Japan Residents Net Buyers Of Foreign Securities Last Week
04:43:15a Protocol dictates that casting vote preserves the status quo
04:43:20a Prominent LeT rebel, 5 others killed in Kashmir
04:43:25a Huntsville earns Triple-A Bond rating
04:43:30a Obama works to change tone
04:43:34a Cabot posts lower 1Q profit, will slash jobs
04:43:39a US Senate To Vote Monday On Holder Nomination For AG
04:43:44a Qualcomm takes large charge, cuts
04:43:49a Snow & Ice Shoveling Safety Tips
04:43:54a Elections Test Strength, Reach Of Sadr
04:43:58a Irani restaurant fights on in the face of extinction
04:44:03a I considered suicide after first scandal
04:44:08a Darvish could be the next big thing
04:44:13a Banks Tight On Loans Despite Low Interest Rates
04:44:18a Hamas blocks Gazan orphans
04:44:23a Britain will be worst-hit by slump, says IMF
04:44:27a College student crushed to death
04:44:33a Dubai beach closed over sewage tide
04:44:37a Indonesian caregivers to begin work
04:44:42a Obama administration places importance on Japan U.S. envoynull
04:44:50a United Way event raised more than
04:44:55a Why Patrick Harvie felt he could not back the bill
04:45:00a Timetable to be set out today
04:45:04a Experts Concerned Hoosiers Dropping Auto Insurance
04:45:09a Cuba wants Guantanamo base back
04:45:14a Manuel in ANC good books
04:45:19a CDA wants opening of one side by Feb 15
04:45:24a The Impossible-To-Track Bank Bailout
04:45:29a Concern over passage of media regulation law in UAE
04:45:34a Mawson expedition returns with second prize
04:45:39a Post Office may stop sixth day of mail delivery
04:45:45a At least half of Obama's Cabinet chiefs are millionaires
04:45:50a GOP Faces Misshapen Identity
04:45:55a Moderate earthquake hits Andaman
04:46:00a Relatives lose hope for finding bodies of 3 victims
04:46:05a Cheap debt junkies have to go cold turkey as supply dries up
04:46:10a Obama says 'tough decisions' ahead on Iraq, Afghanistan
04:46:15a Sharpsville Marine Killed In Afghanistan
04:46:20a Starbucks cuts another 6700 jobs
04:46:24a Four year old girl
04:46:29a Pregnant drunk teen behind the wheel
04:46:34a Obama Americans not Muslim world's enemy
04:46:38a Degree classification system out of date, say academics
04:46:43a PNG police find in fake money
04:46:48a Fishing rules body OK
04:46:53a This isn't Bush's White House
04:47:01a Both sides seize on man's testimony
04:47:05a Russia’s plan in Abkhazia worries Nato
04:47:10a UPS expands into 16 more countries
04:47:16a Astronauts On International Space Station Lose Alarming Amounts Of Hipbone Strength
04:47:21a Past records show US aid cut unlikely to hit Pakistan
04:47:26a Obama Administration,Vatican Clash Over Abortion
04:47:31a ACCC rues petrol price-fixing dismissal
04:47:36a Planning is passe in a high-tech world
04:47:41a 30,000 blind people
04:47:46a Salomon's brace settles Chelsea's nerves
04:47:51a Will Blagojevich try last-minute mischief
04:47:56a Global economy 'heading for catastrophe'
04:48:01a How green gardening is encouraging an explosion in rat population
04:48:06a 'Make stay-at-home mums work to beat poverty', says Labour
04:48:11a Petition against contract dismissed
04:48:17a Americans hit the brakes on driving
04:48:22a Great bright hope to end battle of the light bulbs
04:48:26a Royal Mail boss to get £200,000 for his two-day week
04:48:31a Keira Knightley drops in on Chanel's fashion show with her glossy new hair
04:48:36a Citigroup Has Begun Operating Under Regulatory Agreement
04:48:41a Iran Tells US to Show Change in Policy Not Tactics
04:48:46a Labour is rocked by Heathrow vote revolt in Commons
04:48:51a Isle of Lewis to host fashion launch
04:48:55a From Bond to Tintin Daniel Craig's turn to play the villain
04:49:00a Nearly 100 jobs lost as Vancouver video-game studio shut down
04:49:05a Argentina swaps US4.3 billion in debt, easing payments
04:49:10a Toyota to recall 3000 cars in New Zealand
04:49:15a UK retail major Argos to pull out of India
04:49:20a Bellamy strike helps banish City's blues
04:49:25a U.S. regulators charge adviser with fraud lin...
04:49:30a Civilian casualties mount as Sri Lanka war nears end
04:49:35a Shakeel’s poetry hailed as a unique literary achievement
04:49:40a Damning report warns of powder-keg prisons threat
04:49:44a Cross Country Obama Confident in Stimulus Passage; Bolsters Equities
04:49:49a Dons insist degree system must change because some universities are EASIER than others
04:49:54a Flooding closes Vic schools
04:49:59a Quick and frightening purse theft
04:50:04a Israeli Army Censures Officer Over 'No Mercy' Call
04:50:09a Police find suspected gunman's car
04:50:14a Israeli massacres effects on counter-terrorism efforts
04:50:19a Further German challenge to Lisbon
04:50:24a Obama's Fuel Economy Follies
04:50:29a Free calls made easier from cells
04:50:34a Obama Hopes Letter Will Heal Rift With Iran
04:50:39a Hotel staff interviewed over Melbourne shooting
04:50:44a New Valentino designers disappoint at Paris Haute Couture Week show
04:50:49a A little ice? That'snothing, Obama says
04:50:54a U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved President Barack Obama's 819-billion-dollar economic stimu
04:50:59a Hospital workers fined for smoking
04:51:04a Price cut doubles medicine sales
04:51:09a Gaza informants compromised by sloppiness
04:51:14a Super Bowl ads still a lure for US viewers
04:51:18a First Bytes AT&T, Obama, Filttr, Skype
04:51:23a Villa have spirit to beat the elite, insists new boy
04:51:28a Obama private talks posted on Twitter
04:51:33a US House passes bn stimulus package
04:51:38a US President offers opportunities in Iran ties
04:51:43a 71yo critically injured in Melbourne hit-run
04:51:48a Tambling stays on at Richmond
04:51:52a Education minister sacks second board of trustees
04:51:57a Israel vows to hit back after bomb kills soldier
04:52:02a Yisrael Beiteinu overtakes Labor
04:52:07a Burst main causes traffic chaos in Richmond
04:52:11a Medic tells of Taliban rocket that joined Gurkhas for dinner
04:52:16a Police examine 2nd car in CBD shooting probe
04:52:21a Canadian Oil Sands cuts distribution
04:52:26a Shaw stalker given community order
04:52:31a Cleese gets rid of his Barbie doll
04:52:36a Court ups fatal accident fine
04:52:41a Diabetes doubles Alzheimer's risk
04:52:46a 64 schools affected by flooding
04:52:50a A third of Scotland
04:52:55a Rainbow Fountain to Play Seoul Citizens
04:53:00a Spielberg, EA play 'Boom Blox' sequel
04:53:05a Rail crash clear-up delayed by fuel spill
04:53:15a Netanyahu to gain from position of ‘strength’
04:53:20a Withdraw suspensions or else
04:53:29a Fair work bill 'threatens' WA economy Buswell
04:53:34a 'Difficult Decisions' On Iraq, Afghanistan Obama
04:53:39a contract deal for first Economic City school
04:53:44a Annual Catholic schools week Celebration held in Huntsville
04:53:48a Factory in Korangi continues to violate environmental laws
04:53:53a Medical News FDA Warns Consumers Against Dietary Supplement Containing Undeclared Drug
04:53:59a South Korean Won Off 8-Day High Versus US Dollar
04:54:04a Nigeria wants Obama to back African Standby Force, dump AFRICOM
04:54:09a A deal to be done
04:54:13a Wrightson Road may be blocked off
04:54:18a When the hand of history should be used for a clip round the ear
04:54:24a Deadly attacks shed light on Indonesia's human-animal conflicts
04:54:29a Japan Fishy Tourists
04:54:34a Positive Former Green Beret Files Discrimination Suit Against State Department
04:54:39a Robbers leave victim with shoeprint on his forehead picture
04:54:44a Pakistan charity takeover sparks protests
04:54:49a Rudd wants national effort on child abuse
04:54:54a Sterling Library now open Sunday
04:54:58a Revitalizing A Rusty Old Town
04:55:03a Toronto city councillors refuse to debate wage freeze
04:55:08a How To Shanghai Your Friends Into Volunteering at the Soup Kitchen With You
04:55:13a Video Why do some want to see the NY Times fail?
04:55:18a Police arrest teenager over alleged armed robbery
04:55:24a Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor Alerts, Planning & Training
04:55:28a Woman quizzed over ex boyfriend
04:55:33a Obama meeting to urge stimulus passage
04:55:38a Growth in energy product imports slows
04:55:43a Madame Tussauds to unveil wax first lady
04:55:48a Problems with a picky eater
04:55:54a Funeral For Vet Of Two World Wars
04:55:59a 13 SHOs suspended across Sindh
04:56:04a Japan says Obama, Aso agree to work on NKorea
04:56:09a Stocks fall into red on US stimulus
04:56:13a Minister assures of minimising load shedding in Karachi
04:56:18a Stimulus policy to spur car sales in 2009
04:56:23a Exhibition on division of subcontinent
04:56:28a Man found frozen in ice in warehouse
04:56:32a Dockers defence We didn't know about Tarrant nightclub incident
04:56:37a Missing phone instigated murder, court hears
04:56:42a Police shooting incident in New Westminster results in guilty plea by driver
04:56:48a Suthas denies back-stabbing fellow Democrat Witoon
04:56:52a NATO High CommanderIssues Illegitimate Order to Kill
04:56:57a IAEA chief boycotts BBC over Gaza appeal
04:57:12a VIDEO Double disaster for Gaza family
04:57:16a House GOP-ers reject stimulus
04:57:21a Hettie moves away from Fiji
04:57:26a Breaking Holocaust box cuts Zionism
04:57:31a Thai shares open 0.78 per cent higher
04:57:36a New report due on Conway expenses
04:57:41a Toowoomba tourism industry urged to bolster drive market
04:57:46a Hong Kong shares open up 7.1 percent
04:57:51a Mumbai to have Asia's largest Pagoda
04:57:55a Shimla ranks lowest in plantation survival rate
04:58:00a Open organisers close the roof for semi-finals
04:58:05a Housing market sees fewest buyers in a decade
04:58:10a Behind the Scenes at the City of Tulsa Public Works Dept
04:58:14a From hero to zero in high-risk strategy
04:58:19a Iraq votes in key test of nation's stability
04:58:24a claim about WMDs in Iraq a blunder
04:58:29a China to pump 21.3b yuan into water diversion program
04:58:34a the city calls for order
04:58:38a A war of would-be rain makers
04:58:43a Netanyahu and Barak have character problems
04:58:48a 150 point cut pleasing, but system needs to change
04:58:53a Putting out the fire
04:58:57a Chinese economy to continue fast, steady growth
04:59:02a Roach enjoys his day in the sun
04:59:07a A ban on sales of ceded lands is center of Hawaiian Caucus bills
04:59:12a Cuts to mortgage rates other rate cuts to come
04:59:17a Reserve Bank cuts to record low 3.5%; further cuts to come
04:59:22a City loses out on Wall Street bonuses
04:59:26a Elderly man struck by vehicle in Portsmouth
04:59:31a The day all hands were raised in unison
04:59:36a Palestinian warns of exploiting Jerusalem issue in Israeli elections
04:59:41a Ryall interfering over DHB chief Labour
04:59:46a NZ dollar dives on cash rate decision
04:59:51a South-east NSW braces for wild weather
04:59:55a Shimla gets more snowfall
05:00:00a Canterbury Machinery Dealer Goes Exclusive
05:00:05a Dead cow troubles parents in Falkville
05:00:10a Names of 29 men pictured in football riot appeal forwarded to police
05:00:15a Credit cards beat toll queues
05:00:20a Test your news knowledge
05:00:24a Joburg on flood watch
05:00:29a Starbucks to cut 6,700 jobs and close bars
05:00:37a Economic pain felt nationwide
05:00:42a In downbeat Davos, the happy capitalist is hard to find
05:00:47a Chief rabbi cuts links with Vatican
05:00:52a Field Days Exhibition sites sell fast
05:00:57a Qatar Philharmonic all set for final concert
05:01:02a Whistler-bound vehicles subject to
05:01:06a Union voices fears over rail safety cuts
05:01:11a 51 million jobs may go as world trade collapses by 45%
05:01:16a 1 billion now online
05:01:21a AT&T's Signal Could Weaken
05:01:26a Rabobank reduces interest rates on rural loans
05:01:31a Simpson Scrutinized For Weight Gain
05:01:36a College's board sacked after student abuse claims
05:01:41a Australian heatwave sign of climate change
05:01:46a Charges follow shotgun robberies
05:01:51a Don't be blinded by technology
05:01:56a Big turnout expected for teen
05:02:00a FSA chairman pulls back from direct regulation of City pay
05:02:05a McCullum ton lifts Kiwis
05:02:11a Israeli Warplane Bombs Gaza-Egypt Border Witnesses
05:02:16a Compensation For Madoff Victims
05:02:20a Closed doors are no match for Twitter
05:02:25a SBS Bank reacts swiftly to OCR reduction
05:02:30a Plan comes together for A-Team film
05:02:35a Commissioner appointed to Sir Ed Hillary College
05:02:40a The Blue Mountains inland from Sydney
05:02:44a Officials fear dengue fever moving south
05:02:49a Get Ready For Digital Television Changeover
05:02:54a Kiwibank won't cut mortgage fees
05:02:59a VIDEO End in sight for Sri Lanka conflict?
05:03:04a 94 jobs in danger at Denny factory
05:03:08a Tip Top Kite Day this Sunday
05:03:13a Be a part of Waitangi Day celebrations
05:03:18a Police were involved in my son
05:03:23a Cellphone payments breakthrough
05:03:28a Army Orders Body Armor Recall
05:03:33a Gang crime continues to claim lives
05:03:38a Remuneration law must be changed
05:03:43a Salt Lake City warms up for NYC
05:03:47a Regret at Chairman’s Resignation
05:03:56a Former Kiwis fullback dies at 60
05:04:01a Young drivers warned to watch drinking
05:04:05a Total eyes even larger stake in Fort Hills oil sands
05:04:10a Potential energy of firth to be mapped
05:04:15a Albanese's pyrrhic victory irks Rio investors
05:04:19a Watch me, I can draw
05:04:24a Ryall pursues partisan agenda
05:04:29a Market Indicators
05:04:34a Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week
05:04:39a NZ Financial Statements To 30 Nov 2008
05:04:43a Fletcher takeover of Stevensons
05:04:48a Global share turbulence hits NZ books
05:04:57a Commissioner will aim to be ‘top-class leader’
05:05:02a Councillors seek meeting over plan for sewage-treatment plant
05:05:11a Govt to talk to Kiwibank about mortgage break fee
05:05:21a State cannot afford public sector pay bill, says Coveney
05:05:26a Woman arrested after stabbing
05:05:31a Heathrow third runway vote passed
05:05:35a Care home nurse in court on three murder charges
05:05:40a Adventurers must upgrade distress beacons
05:05:50a On the battle against pirates in Somalia
05:05:55a The Road to vBulletin Semi-Open Beta Testing
05:06:00a Journalists and humanitarian workers at risk in war-ravaged Somalia
05:06:05a Response is cool to hot
05:06:10a Kings and Killers lead the Meteors way
05:06:14a Australian man throws four-year-old daughter off bridge to her death
05:06:20a Aircraft maker Boeing posts loss, announces 1...
05:06:24a Polarized Sunglasses Reduce Snow Glare
05:06:29a How Gray’s victory could end up strengthening Salmond’s position
05:06:34a Youth died of head injuries after being run down
05:06:39a Coastguard issues warning after third incident
05:06:44a Radical new agenda for universities considered
05:06:49a US Army orders recall of body armour used by troops in Afghanistan and Iraq
05:06:54a Committee urges RTE presenters to take pay cut
05:06:59a Thai shares open 0.28 per cent higher
05:07:03a Pet owners fighting back with malpractice suits
05:07:08a Bolivia looks to restore ambassadors, rebuild US relations under Obama administration
05:07:14a Toronto man sentenced to four years in mail scam
05:07:19a Court facilities to be looked at Territory Government
05:07:24a Palestinian families endure 11 days of conflict in Gaza
05:07:29a Tejon Ranch, Fish & Wildlife Service Draft Conservation Plan
05:07:34a Russian Power Supply Company, OJSC Mosenergosbyt Deploys Real-time Online Bill Payment Solution
05:07:38a Zodiac connection turns sea slug into cash cow
05:07:43a Life term for rape of boys reduced to 12 1/2-year sentence
05:07:48a Police appeal for witnesses in Hamilton shooting
05:07:53a Hygaard brand sandwich products recalled
05:07:58a Sex attack on 13-yr-old in Hastings
05:08:03a Sir Creek dispute affecting fishermen
05:08:07a Pollution panel to work outside Tokyo
05:08:12a Brown backs sanctions to remove rogue peers from the Lords
05:08:17a Campbell Brown Obama's hypocrisy showing
05:08:22a Board sacked at Auckland school
05:08:27a Trio arrested over South Auckland robbery spree
05:08:33a France braces for mass walk-out
05:08:38a U.S. faces tough choices on Iraq, Afghanistan
05:08:43a Household Labour Force Survey
05:08:48a Lower Murrumbidgee groundwater study begins
05:08:53a L.A. Cardinal Under Federal Probe Over Abusive Priests
05:08:58a Iran Youths smashed government buses after a soccer match
05:09:03a Man brandishing knife arrested in Wellington
05:09:08a Warning After Bleak IMF Forecast
05:09:13a Spokane Valley couple robbed and tied up at home
05:09:17a Intellectual Ventures picks up Transmeta patents
05:09:22a Suspects' trip ends at RV lot near Goldsby
05:09:27a No jobs for therapists despite long waiting lists
05:09:32a Atheist Group Ads Coming Soon to Calgary
05:09:37a Gonzaga students camp out for big game
05:09:42a More Than Half Of Adams Co. Without Power
05:09:46a Liberia worm plague
05:09:51a Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase
05:09:56a Accomplice knew Roszko was going to kill Mounties
05:10:04a Assessment Finds High Levels of Psychological Stress and Grief
05:10:09a HSE to launch campaign to recruit GPs from the UK
05:10:13a Automobile Association confident inquiry will bring down cost of fuel
05:10:18a Traveller family evicted by local authority
05:10:23a Afghan vote 'set to be delayed'
05:10:28a Spielberg, EA play 'Boom Blox' sequel
05:10:33a Iraq vote seen as key test of stability
05:10:38a EdeEste accuses
05:10:43a Ankle injury sidelines Michael Owen
05:10:48a Document forecasts jobless rate of over 10% next year
05:10:52a Emergency Department improvement recommendations
05:10:57a Army Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany
05:11:02a Petition – Protest EU Policy on Gaza
05:11:07a The Cost of Incorrectly Filling Out a Personal Check
05:11:12a The Palestinian Israeli
05:11:17a Health screen firm criticised for targeting the vulnerable
05:11:22a Christchurch man admits child porn charges
05:11:27a Nutrition wise When low-carb means high-fat, it spells trouble for people with diabetics
05:11:32a South Auckland woman critically hurt after stabbing
05:11:37a 3M, Broadband Products settle patent lawsuit
05:11:42a Bridges Project Worker, Penrith Women's Health Centre
05:11:46a Canadian Wheat Board supports new opportunities for organic farmers
05:11:51a U.S. Nudist Denies Child Abuse Charges, Awaits Trial
05:11:56a Marsden Point refinery at capacity last year
05:12:01a Report says a Los Angeles-based cardinal the subject of federal probe
05:12:06a First patent for "Armageddon Clothing" awarded
05:12:10a New wait target for emergency departments recommended
05:12:26a Emergency services free woman from crashed car
05:12:35a VB.NET Developer Required
05:12:41a Workshop to boost online learning in Indigenous communities
05:12:46a Minerva Claims Telecom Law Unconstitutional
05:12:51a Man denies pact in killing of grandfather
05:12:55a Desperate Discounts
05:13:01a Is Technology Harming Critical Thinking
05:13:06a 5 Problems of Recommender Systems
05:13:11a Villanova upsets No. 3 Pittsburgh
05:13:20a Gov't, employers meet on job crisis
05:13:25a Black Hawk troopers tell of crash escape
05:13:29a Tax cuts, infrastructure feature in NSW Budget
05:13:34a Warning against tracker mortgages
05:13:40a Fly ash lessons from the past
05:13:45a Breakdowns, By Art Spiegelman
05:13:50a Raquel was right not to lock horns with...
05:13:54a C.I.A. Officer Faces Sexual Misconduct Inquiry
05:13:59a Marrickville Council preparing to vote on Bethlehem
05:14:04a Territory drivers face demerit points
05:14:09a Mother, daughter win runaway horse case
05:14:14a Israel denied rescue workers access to injured, human rights groups claim
05:14:19a Aussie at 6-mth high vs kiwi; bill futures at record
05:14:24a Educational Plush Toys Activist 'Good News Grizzly' Takes Up Armor for Charity
05:14:28a Debt burden could remain until 2030s
05:14:33a 'We are looking at a catastrophe'
05:14:38a How can higher education nurture the green shoots of economic recovery
05:14:43a US Blocks UN Security Council Vote Calling for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza
05:14:48a Panda cubs from Sichuan have first group show
05:14:52a Bicycle Seat Furniture Scarabike Applied Transportation Design for the Urban Dweller
05:14:57a The Rise of Open Source Hardware
05:15:02a Cracks in the missile shield
05:15:07a Raptors fend off Nets
05:15:12a Pumpkin Salad with Cheese
05:15:18a Spanish envoy says goodbye to friends
05:15:22a Public servants, miners are top earners
05:15:27a Dept to probe broadband memo leak
05:15:32a Envoy confirmed destroy Israel view TD
05:15:37a Boy sold heroin to undercover gardai
05:15:43a CAW Members Turn Down Agreement with Air Canada
05:15:48a Bollard’s action shows up National’s inaction
05:15:53a Now is the time to begin training
05:15:57a Alleged double homicide prompts search
05:16:02a Fears storm could break up Pasha Bulker
05:16:07a Issuing of birth certificates needs addressing, CLP
05:16:12a 2 women killed in accidents
05:16:19a The quest for the perfect school design
05:16:24a A Kalihi Woman Talks About Being Attacked by a PIt Bull
05:16:29a Transfer news and speculation, 29 January
05:16:34a Fighting Corruption From The Top In Kabul
05:16:39a Villa good enough for top four, says Heskey
05:16:43a Keeping the Olympic dream alive
05:16:48a Cubans Mark Birth Anniversary of Jose Marti
05:16:53a Mars Rover Disoriented Somewhat After Glitch
05:16:58a Clement, Maroth get chance with Jays
05:17:03a Oscar glory for the next Wallace & Gromit
05:17:08a League to keep eye on two-referee test
05:17:14a 'Cybergeddon fear stalks US'
05:17:19a Obama, Race, and Affirmative Action
05:17:24a Bell in line for Test despite Shah
05:17:29a Universities call for new degree classifications
05:17:33a Colin named as Ryder Cup captain
05:17:38a Cuba to Present Report to Human Rights Council
05:17:43a Education Conference Pays Homage to Jose Marti
05:17:48a Life Pharmacy CEO steps down
05:17:52a How to stop disenchanted teenagers being excluded from society
05:17:57a Rain, winds batter NSW coast
05:18:02a Celtics shelve Scalabrine for 7-10 days
05:18:07a Barkly Highway partially opened
05:18:12a Scottish government in crisis as Budget fails
05:18:16a VA will pay in laptop suit
05:18:21a Tourism company to help save endangered birds
05:18:26a Walking the walk – but can bobbies on beat cut crime
05:18:31a Why surveying is about more than just bricks and mortar
05:18:36a Iran able to export uranium
05:18:41a Parents of twins, triplets, other multiples tough times, fun times
05:18:46a Keeping control of your online image
05:18:51a Turnbull stands by tax cut push
05:18:55a Wollongong council plans 5.2pc rate rise
05:19:00a Cooper one of few Democrats to vote against stimulus plan
05:19:05a Lessons we can learn from abroad
05:19:15a Oscar ballots mailed to Academy members
05:19:19a Mayor apologizes to VW for using company logo
05:19:24a Get Motivated Seminar comes to Huntsville
05:19:29a Taoiseach is criticised for
05:19:33a Headlines for January 7, 2009
05:19:38a Meeting fails to resolve Lissadell dispute
05:19:43a Long day's journey into night
05:19:47a Obama's inaugural was in the cards for Carnegie pair
05:19:52a Slick roads could bedevil morning commuters
05:19:57a Embryonic stem cell operations not for New Zealand
05:20:02a Audio Melissa Etheridge chats with Michelangelo Signorile
05:20:07a RPT-GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks up on US stimulus hopes, Fed helps dlr
05:20:12a Poll suggests close result in daylight saving referendum
05:20:17a Pedestrian killed in accident in Armstrong Co.
05:20:22a Sewage-laced effluent spewing into Metro Vancouver environs
05:20:26a Police looking for suspects in Carnegie Towers crimes
05:20:31a Weather shuts down police computer system statewide
05:20:36a Sydney strike backs Brisbane worker
05:20:41a Upcoming elections are
05:20:46a US stocks rally on rescue hopes
05:20:51a Over 5,800 power lines down throughout IN
05:20:55a Elite private schools take big bite from laptop plan
05:21:00a Environment left out of Flaherty
05:21:05a Soldiers kick off Iraq voting
05:21:10a Most of us have zero comprehension of trillion
05:21:15a New Amazon Kindle Imminent?
05:21:19a Robbery led to man
05:21:24a Sign inspection to close lanes on Parkway North
05:21:29a Mitchell holds talks with Israeli leaders
05:21:34a 90 jobs to be lost in Dublin and Belfast
05:21:38a Vols fall to LSU, 79-73
05:21:43a Getting Money from Insurance and Social Security for Hospitalization
05:21:48a Green Acres couple robbed and tied up at gunpoint
05:21:53a Pregnant woman forced to bare belly in bottle shop
05:21:57a Samsung builds a super-dense memory chip
05:22:02a Revised policy on bullying adds prevention program in West Allegheny
05:22:07a The Cabinet Decides to Close American School and Culture Center
05:22:12a Arrest after girl thrown from 58m-high bridge
05:22:17a Kenny says Government strategy
05:22:22a Seneca Valley security guard waives preliminary hearing
05:22:26a Japanese market extends gains on Wall Street surge, weaker yen
05:22:31a Clocks have their own souls, says antique clock master
05:22:36a Ravenstahl's campaign to pick up travel expenses
05:22:41a Michael Cross on Wales
05:22:46a We have begun conferring security pact with Iraq – U.K. ambassador
05:22:51a Devine forecast 15% profit jump
05:22:56a Altaf defends MQM’s inclusion in cabinet
05:23:00a Coastal NSW braces for severe weather
05:23:05a Boston Scientific fourth quarter loss widen...
05:23:10a Short-term mortgage gamblers handed OCR royal flush
05:23:20a Fed Govt urged to probe AgForce water concerns
05:23:25a Arab states want action on alleged war crimes
05:23:30a Event celebrates a great Scot
05:23:35a Daisy gives more milk than cow with no name
05:23:40a Audit City outflanked in war on snow
05:23:45a Virgin Media to take fast lane on internet
05:23:50a Three die in firecracker factory blast
05:23:55a Scientists developing 'smart' email
05:24:00a Nigerian Transport Companies Protest Gas Prices
05:24:05a Book about Roky Erickson
05:24:10a Coney Island's Rocket ride saved for new NYC park
05:24:15a Charles Arthur on the recession and the technology sector
05:24:22a Rain Wreaks Havoc On Roadways
05:24:27a Design classics available on the internet are often knockoffs
05:24:32a Ntini comes home after wife, children injured in car accident
05:24:37a Peer under pressure after bill killed
05:24:43a Four peaceful rallies to happen in Jakarta Thursday
05:24:47a The Hollywood Baby Snatcher
05:24:56a Property Talk, Dubai Gloomy real estate market at the start of 2009
05:25:00a Labour calls for High Court to investigate FitzPatrick
05:25:05a Former Indian President R. Venkataraman dies age 98
05:25:10a Chikane says MDC must compromise for sake of country
05:25:15a Obituary Kian S. Kooros / Cardiologist who had a distinguished career at UPMC Passavant
05:25:20a NY man convicted in family's triple killing in Pa.
05:25:25a Budget Fallout
05:25:29a Asia stocks up on US stimulus hopes
05:25:34a Law Firms Tap Partners for Cash
05:25:39a Small business need technology training
05:25:44a PNG's fake money buyers swindled
05:25:49a Plainview Family Appeals Federal Judgement
05:25:54a Dollar up vs yen on Fed moves
05:25:58a Cyclonic winds heading for NSW coast bureau
05:26:03a Stern calls for ‘green’ global stimulus
05:26:08a Broadcasters face charges for web delivery
05:26:13a Developer plans mini city for 472ha of 'farmland'
05:26:22a Cori says plan neglects social infrastructure
05:26:27a NSW gets Budget tax cuts
05:26:32a Teen faces court accused of armed robbery
05:26:37a BuilderDepot launches new online stores
05:26:42a Pelita Air helicopter crashes at Pondok Cabe Airport
05:26:47a Help us Mr. President
05:26:52a CES 2009 ASUS Expands the Eee Family
05:26:57a Oil falls towards on demand fears
05:27:02a Xstrata to Launch Big Share Sale
05:27:06a Troj/Spy-BQ
05:27:11a Canon’s profits fall amid grim outlook
05:27:16a Industry push to be sun safe
05:27:21a Agreement Boosts Citi Oversight
05:27:26a Union backs new hospital jobs
05:27:30a Iran's Ahmadinejad wants change in US policies, not 'tactics'
05:27:35a Residents say no to 9.9pc rate rise plan
05:27:40a U.S. Moves to Aid Credit Unions
05:27:45a Gov't revises Q3 GDP growth to 5.0%
05:27:50a Fed Inches Toward Plan to Purchase U.S. Bonds
05:27:55a Pain and anger evident at launch
05:27:59a Hamilton Hit And Run Driver Arrest
05:28:04a Audio 'US heads of industry strategize to keep unions down under Obama'
05:28:09a Business people
05:28:14a More flooding in Fiji
05:28:19a Obama wins passage of stimulus plan
05:28:23a Gilead shares climb on 4Q results, outlook
05:28:28a Ill. mob boss gets life for 'unspeakable' murders
05:28:33a Post office may stamp out six-day delivery
05:28:48a Tokyo prepares to fight Somali pirates
05:28:52a Attorney General Not Running for Senate
05:28:57a Chelsy's break-up make-up disaster
05:29:02a Where February is the new September
05:29:07a Aging Mars rover’s glitches puzzle NASA
05:29:11a Ships head for deeper water as more Hunter storms forecast
05:29:16a Soft economy and low prices push portable netbooks ahead in PC market
05:29:21a California Hospitals Cut Hundreds of Pediatric Beds
05:29:26a Google out to expose traffic chokers
05:29:31a Supplies flown into flood-hit NT towns
05:29:36a Painting the Scene of Madoff's Operation
05:29:41a Buzz Out Loud Show Notes I'm gonna .su you
05:29:46a Sir Paul Stephenson to head London's police
05:29:51a Australian throws four-year-old daughter off bridge police
05:29:56a Media Release All Main Benefits On The Rise
05:30:01a NYSE's New Kid on 'Blocks'
05:30:05a Data Doctors file-sharing crackdown looms
05:30:10a What the hell's going on and what can we do about it?
05:30:16a Monaco prince on Antarctic warming mission
05:30:21a GM, Chrysler Move to Cut Costs
05:30:26a Smith excited by young halves
05:30:30a KV recalls dozens of drugs
05:30:35a Sacrificing patriots to shield mass murderers
05:30:40a Hospital CA Octuplets Doing 'Amazingly Well'
05:30:46a Three killed in firecracker factory explosion in Philippines
05:30:50a Symonds fined for McCullum sledge
05:30:59a US job losses climb
05:31:03a Sri Lanka urged to protect Tamil civilians
05:31:08a Mugabe voices hope of a
05:31:13a Defense Contractor Doesn't Expect Cutbacks
05:31:18a LA cardinal subject of federal probe
05:31:22a Caracas suspende entrega de petróleo a pobres en EEUU
05:31:27a Gerber Scientific Licenses 'Print to Cut Patent' Technology to Graphtec Corporation
05:31:32a House Backs D-TV Deadline
05:31:36a Tribalism and petulance rule as Ministers carry on regardless
05:31:41a 2009 growth target a 'welcome challenge'
05:31:46a SunRice offers stock exchange listing assurances
05:31:51a Broadband boost to help put regional firms on equal footing
05:31:55a Stockton long-term investments confirmed
05:32:00a Glam Media Buys Ad-Technology Firm
05:32:07a Storms prompt council catchment area assessment
05:32:12a Gov't to report on jobless claims as layoffs rise
05:32:17a MP airs school first aid change fears
05:32:21a Should Large Breed Pit Bulls be Illegal to Own?
05:32:26a Rear-View Computer Mirrors Sexy Magazine Campaign Promotes Naughty Web Browsing
05:32:31a After Obama Overture, Irans Leader Seeks U.S. Apology
05:32:36a Hotel for dogs ignores crisis
05:32:40a Thug jailed for
05:32:45a Apple multitouch patent could spell bad news for Palm
05:32:50a Putin Disavows Militarization Amid Reports of Softening Stance on Missile Threats
05:32:55a Media At War
05:33:00a Yeats would be pleased by tourist trail, says Heaney
05:33:09a The Sri Lankan Government's Genocidal War
05:33:14a Izturis, Angels agree to deal
05:33:19a Hadden Park High School, Nottingham
05:33:25a Patrick Proposes New Taxes On Alcohol, Candy
05:33:30a Interpreting Obama Artists and Photoshoppers Render Variations on the New President
05:33:35a Rave reviews for new Underbelly
05:33:39a NYC
05:33:44a Australian throws daughter 190 feet to her death
05:33:49a Australian father throws own tot from bridge
05:33:54a Senate Thursdays for House-passed bills
05:34:01a Arroyo orders review ARMM law
05:34:06a Bhupathi-Knowles reach men's doubles final
05:34:11a Murder-suicide family was awash in debt
05:34:16a SES volunteers head for storm-hit NSW
05:34:20a Christians, women do more voluntary work
05:34:25a Six recent graduates on life after their degrees
05:34:30a Baby Joan spends first night in foster care
05:34:35a Movers roundup Emulex, VistaPrint
05:34:40a 'Secret of the Grain'
05:34:45a Dollar gains in Asia on recovery hopes
05:34:49a Cops Swarm Apartment Building After Man Allegedly Spotted Going Door-To-Door With Gun
05:34:54a WVU Blows Out Saint John's
05:34:59a Taoiseach sees number of jobless rising by 100,000
05:35:04a Beckham impresses in front of Capello
05:35:09a Oil dips as investors weigh rising inventories
05:35:14a US House passes economic bill
05:35:19a Obama phones Motlanthe
05:35:24a Banks boosted as Geithner talks of a clean-up
05:35:29a Veteran JI members not considered for top positions
05:35:34a Alleged sexual harassment victim hospitalized
05:35:39a Currency Hasty retreat by kiwi
05:35:44a Indonesia`s FM holds session to socialize 2008 APEC results
05:35:49a House, Garage and Cars Damaged
05:35:53a Asian stocks gain after House passes stimulus bill
05:35:58a House OKs Obama's economic stimulus package
05:36:03a 1 Dead, 1 Missing After Sheboygan County House Fire
05:36:08a The US Federal Reserve stopped short of launching a dramatic new market intervention
05:36:13a Fingerprint on tape in bag of money, trial told
05:36:18a Homebuilder Files for Bankruptcy Protection
05:36:23a Earnings roundup Kensey Nash, Energen
05:36:28a Chip maker Qualcomm's 1Q profit plunges 56 percent
05:36:32a Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka Dont Let This Become Another Darfur
05:36:37a Broadband boost for 600,000 homes
05:36:42a Lakas, Kampi exchange bitter words over planned merger
05:36:47a Mercer County Marine killed in Afghanistan
05:36:52a Tell us what you think What good stories need to be told?
05:36:57a Juror felt 'tension' during Rocky Houston trial
05:37:02a Bowl Business 1/29/09
05:37:06a Amount of food waste going to landfill is rising says EPA report
05:37:11a North coast floods before predicted storm
05:37:16a Man hit by M2 bus
05:37:21a Project Worker, Motivate Yourself Into Healthy Living, Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre Inc, Revesby
05:37:26a Man drought is no myth census report
05:37:31a Welch Votes For Stimulus Package
05:37:35a Oil prices rose despite surge in U.S. supplies
05:37:40a Earnings roundup Starbucks, Qualcomm
05:37:45a Docs given two weeks to relicense
05:37:50a Dr Bollard backs Federated Farmers
05:37:55a Peanut recall expands to more products tied to salmonella
05:38:00a IFA establishes its own food safety taskforce
05:38:05a Cirrus Logic's 3Q earnings drop 34 percent
05:38:10a CACI International issues fiscal 2009 guidance
05:38:15a Congo war crime witness retracts evidence
05:38:20a 'Click fraud' hammers net advertisers
05:38:25a IRS is urging more to apply for tax break
05:38:30a Police find human remains after double murder
05:38:35a UN Stranded Sudanese Leave Iraq For Romania
05:38:40a Cirrus Logic announces buyback program
05:38:45a Driver dies in country crash
05:38:50a No mail on Saturdays?
05:38:55a Gov't to report on jobless claims as layoffs rise
05:39:00a CIA Algeria Station Chief Accused Of Rapes US Media
05:39:05a CIA Algeria station chief faces sex assault probe
05:39:10a Pittsburgh native Thomas Fritz dies in accident in Argentina
05:39:16a Mass. House confirms
05:39:21a Earnings roundup Hanesbrands, Allstate
05:39:26a No Smoking Even At Home
05:39:31a Gov't to report on jobless claims as layoffs rise
05:39:35a Mobil Travel Guide names five-star properties
05:39:40a Crews on stand-by as storm strengthens
05:39:45a Obama We Face 'Tough Decisions' on Iraq and Afghanistan
05:39:50a Man wounded in shootout with deputies goes from hospital to jail
05:39:55a Clinton climate envoy vows 'dramatic diplomacy'
05:40:00a PennDOT warns Route 28 motorists to brace for construction delays
05:40:09a Spielberg, EA play 'Boom Blox' sequel
05:40:14a Smuggling has become a way of life
05:40:19a On the Ground Americans Witness Improvements in Iraq
05:40:24a NSW Budget to deliver major infrastructure boost
05:40:29a Family Fights to Keep Murderer Behind Bars
05:40:33a Meat cleaver used in robbery
05:40:38a Retailers ignore clouds by predicting growth
05:40:43a NPA rebels torch Quezon Globe cell site
05:40:48a Investigators Determine Official Cause of House Fire
05:40:53a U.S. officials do not rule out renegotiating Iraqis on security pact-CNN
05:40:57a Senate Agenda -
05:41:02a New Haggard accuser 'He really thought he was invincible'
05:41:08a Cavite factory blast; 3 dead--officials
05:41:14a Leaders Say Obama Has Tapped Pastor for Outreach Office
05:41:19a Business Briefs 1/29/09
05:41:23a Congressional Quarterly Is for Sale
05:41:36a With thousands at stake, NFL takes notice of counterfeiters
05:41:41a Rimpel named to McLean Hospital board of trustees -
05:41:46a Calathes's Triple-Double Lifts UF Over UGA
05:41:51a North Carolina Beats Florida State at the Buzzer
05:41:56a Preventing Violence In The Home
05:42:01a Teens accused of hate crime face new charges
05:42:06a ANALYSIS- Will U.S. spending bill stimulate the economy
05:42:11a AG Awards Grants To Services For Sexual Assault Victims
05:42:15a More women working, men working longer
05:42:20a Secrets of the Milky Way are revealed
05:42:25a India, US are natural friends and allies Obama
05:42:30a Billions more needed for financial rescue in ...
05:42:35a Story Telling Slings Illustrative Medical Accessories that Depict Your Accident
05:42:39a Report Average airfares reach highest level in 13 years
05:42:44a CIA Chief in Algeria Probed Over Rape Claims
05:42:49a House Passes Economic Stimulus
05:42:54a Prolific Chicago Mob Hit Man Gets Life In Prison
05:43:06a Hodge made facilities VP at Schneider -
05:43:11a Researchers develop all-round flu vaccine
05:43:16a Australian accused of throwing child to her death
05:43:25a Commission to discuss 'icky' topic at retreat
05:43:30a Legislators grill Colberg on subpoenas
05:43:35a Federal aid approved for ice storm recovery
05:43:39a Accuser Haggard thought he was 'invincible'
05:43:44a Local Briefs -
05:43:50a Louisville levels South Florida
05:43:55a Arrest Made In Mt. Adams Break-Ins
05:44:00a 2 Cab Drivers Assaulted In Osaka, Suspects Arrested
05:44:07a Freshly printed yen banknotes
05:44:12a METALS-Copper slips on gloomy demand picture
05:44:17a Benzema sends Lyon through in French Cup
05:44:22a Inspiring stories, new ideas at refugee services conference in North Miami
05:44:27a Senate confirms new US spy chief
05:44:31a Hyatt Regency Osaka To Offer Residence-Style Wedding Halls
05:44:36a Cost of Dallas ice storm tough to calculate
05:44:41a Po Valley boosts gas footprint in Italy
05:44:47a Australia shares up 0.9 pct, banks pace gains
05:44:52a Putins Grasp of Energy Drives Russian Agenda
05:44:57a Soros closes sterling shorts
05:45:01a Record number of manatees counted in Florida
05:45:06a Melkior Resources Inc. More Land Acquired and More Exploration at Timmins
05:45:15a Rain pleases catchment authority
05:45:20a Scream heard on night model died, court told
05:45:25a Dubai on budget
05:45:29a Finance stocks lead blue chips higher
05:45:34a 7 Killed In Fires In Tokyo, Nara, Osaka
05:45:39a Lyric Opera to begin season with Voigt as `Tosca
05:45:54a UWS acts on enrolment decline
05:45:59a Japan executes four people officials
05:46:04a Dimboola Hotel owner gets demolition order
05:46:08a Minor earthquake felt in southeastern Kentucky
05:46:13a Natasha Kaplinsky plans 'phased' return to Five
05:46:18a Wall St jumps on bank optimism
05:46:23a L.A. cardinal subject of federal probe
05:46:28a Japan carries out four death sentences
05:46:33a Ex-Tempe mayor quitting as gay alliance president
05:46:38a Animal Services Seizes Dozens Of Rabbits From Home
05:46:43a Antivirus for Windows 7 beta released by Kaspersky
05:46:47a Indonesian Stocks May Rebound On Thursday
05:46:52a ComScore Report Fastest-Growing Sites And Top-Ten Advertising Magnets
05:46:57a Report Japan executes 4 death-row inmates
05:47:02a Corn Syrup Now With Mercury
05:47:25a Neighbors outline solutions for Carnegie Towers
05:47:30a France faces 'Black Thursday' strike chaos
05:47:37a AU Peace and Security Chief Warns Against ICC Arrest Warrant for Sudan's President
05:47:50a Victorians urged to keep their cool
05:48:01a Iran Capable of Producing Nuke 'This Year'
05:48:06a Lynyrd Skynyrd pianist Billy Powell dies
05:48:12a US move worth the punt
05:48:17a Big hits, macho players and the dangers of the NFL
05:48:22a More evidence pre-term birth tied to autism study
05:48:38a MoD launches toys for little action men
05:48:42a Asians growing fast in Australia--census
05:48:47a Farewell to a radio icon
05:48:52a Free ride on highly successful Northern Busway
05:48:56a Woman in U-Haul Leads Cops on High-Speed Chase
05:49:01a Police Find Remains of Suspected Gang Victims in Well
05:49:06a Amnesty International Condemns Cameroon's Human Rights Record
05:49:11a YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money
05:49:16a Media chiefs to visit No 10 for strategy talks
05:49:21a Mystery of the laughing PM
05:49:26a JPMorgan under fire from European investors
05:49:31a Last Mumbai attacks injured prepare to go home
05:49:36a Irving crime rate falls to all-time low; cleanup initiatives credited
05:49:40a Crown brings assault, robbery charges against B.C. police
05:49:45a Current best-sellers at University Book Store
05:49:50a Al Franken's Committee Assignments
05:49:55a Author, Parade Columnist Brady Dies At 80
05:50:00a The strange tale of the MP and the grime star
05:50:05a Winter Storm Batters Northeast
05:50:09a City Hears From Citizens About Freezing Pipes
05:50:14a Metadata Data Security's Worst Year Yet
05:50:19a Breitbard Takes Role at Old Navy
05:50:24a Two Indonesian journalists again enter Gaza Strip
05:50:29a What Caused the Meltdown?
05:50:35a MAS reduces international fuel surcharge
05:50:40a Ford Credit to Cut 20% of Staff Reports
05:50:45a JPMorgan Exited Madoff-Linked Funds Last Fall
05:50:49a Congressional Quarterly Goes on Block
05:50:54a Kennelly walks away from Swans
05:50:59a Asian Stocks Up After House Passes Stimulus
05:51:04a CIA Rape Scandal Brews in Algeria
05:51:09a HK stocks jump after US House passes stimulus bill
05:51:14a Russia and China blame capitalists for crisis
05:51:19a HIGHLIGHTS 2-BOJ's Nishimura Stock fall affecting banks
05:51:23a Banking sector holds own in crisis
05:51:28a Developers Struggle Amid Fragile Facebook Economy
05:51:33a Canada on brink of long-term deficit, watchdog says
05:51:38a Loss of John Updike mourned by fellow writers
05:51:43a Dunia Finance starts collaboration with MasterCard Worldwide
05:51:48a Adobe Photoshop CS4
05:51:53a Baroda Pioneer Liquid Fund launches institutional plan
05:51:58a Americatel Names New CEO
05:52:03a Lawmakers Weigh Bad-Bank Plan
05:52:08a HSE to cut €10m from midwest hospitals
05:52:13a WSJ BofA Backs CEO; Tension High
05:52:18a 2 bodies discovered near QC school
05:52:22a Gore Urges Senate To Avoid Kyoto-Type Failure
05:52:27a Wanted Jesus Albino Navarro-Montes
05:52:32a International concern mounts for Sri Lanka civilians
05:52:37a UT giving employee bonuses
05:52:42a Mail Delivery May Be Cut, Postmaster General Warns
05:52:47a The mission at Davos Avoid a crisis of capitalism
05:52:52a Chander Mohan, second wife differ on 'kidnap' drama
05:52:58a Man accused of shooting detective says police should share blame
05:53:03a Body found in Murray River
05:53:08a Groups Seek To Shield Gay-Marriage Ban Donations
05:53:12a BHF-Bank and Abu Dhabi Investment Company form strategic partnership
05:53:18a Ignatieff's budget response
05:53:23a Escapee Mom Scheduled for Prison Release
05:53:28a Going postal Snakes found in garden gnomes
05:53:33a DOJ prosecutor invokes right vs self-incrimination in House hearing
05:53:38a Use of force to control inmates is on rise in jails, inspector warns
05:53:43a Services, not security, main topic as Iraqis head to polls
05:53:48a Call over banks' tax haven details PA
05:53:52a Slot maker IGT elect former Harrah's CEO to board
05:53:57a Bank of America board adds 3 Merrill directors
05:54:02a Japan retail sales mark biggest decline in 4 years
05:54:10a Draft Framework for a Pact for Stabilisation, Social Solidarity and Economic Renewal
05:54:15a Trujillo Android phones not robust
05:54:19a Croatian National Bank Chooses Wall Street Systems’ Wallstreet Suite Solution
05:54:25a Ex-California Officer Jailed in Illegal Search
05:54:30a The Caucus Liberal Groups Adjust to New Place
05:54:34a Benedict XVI Welcomes New Russian Patriarch 2009-01-28
05:54:39a UN criticises North Korea clampdown
05:54:44a New patriarch seen as reformer
05:54:49a Owners go back a long way in NFL
05:54:54a Umno will not abolish wings Najib
05:55:05a Chinese New Year Means Telling Fortunes
05:55:15a Good Samaritans brave flames trying to save children
05:55:20a Mickey Rourke won't rumble with WWE superstar
05:55:53a Did todays vote on the stimulus bill sink socialized health care?
05:55:58a OFT rules on stake in JJB
05:56:04a Cut in interest rate likely soon minister
05:56:13a Mercy Health Systems Referenced In Blagojevich Complaint
05:56:18a WB stands by decision to bar firms over collusion findings
05:56:22a An exciting new era for Publicis Canada
05:56:27a Glance at Wisconsin money in House plan
05:56:32a AG Voter lawsuit cost another $567
05:56:37a Obama’s Stimulus Package Hopes To Help Hawaii
05:56:42a First witness called in triple homicide trial
05:56:47a 2 die in plane crash at Santa Monica Airport
05:56:52a Two Kassam rockets fired from Gaza Strip fall near Sderot
05:56:56a Feleunga Had Four Prior DUIs
05:57:01a Ops Sikap 14 died in accidents
05:57:06a Arctic's thawing seas may bring new security risks
05:57:11a President Obama Has Stimulus Package Approved
05:57:16a Londoners reconsider dreams of grandeur
05:57:21a Plover man says he was framed in trucker's death
05:57:26a Nippon Steel to temporarily shut down blast furnace from late Feb.+
05:57:31a One dead, onw missing after Oostburg area house fire
05:57:35a Penguins win with big third period
05:57:40a Honolulu Council Switches Transit Route
05:57:45a Kapolei Dog Victim Speaks About Attack
05:57:51a Consumer Groups Slam Georgia Power Bill
05:57:56a Black Hawk safety gear faulty, inquiry told
05:58:00a Bart Simpson used to promote Scientology
05:58:05a Gash backs regional broadband plan
05:58:10a Britvic's market gain
05:58:17a Purebred Arab Camel Race Festival
05:58:25a Woman stabbed in South Auckland
05:58:30a Ainscough bids for NDA land
05:58:40a State phosphorus ban supporters urge approval
05:58:45a Audit finds city's plowing could use improvement
05:58:49a Podcast Science Signaling Podcast 27 January 2009
05:58:54a Thinking outside the box in Ross
05:58:59a House bill funnels $2.4 billion to Wisconsin
05:59:04a Area colleges keeping nose above water
05:59:09a Iron City canning headed north to brew
05:59:15a State removes birds from endangered list
05:59:20a Expect plenty of tasty licks at Southern Fried Rock Show
05:59:25a How to Cool the Planet, Manually
05:59:30a Parents, officials mull move of International Baccalaureate program
05:59:35a Young Achiever Aleksandr Voinov
05:59:39a Court Auto policy doesn't cover son's accident
05:59:44a 2ND LD Japanese vessel on aid mission arrives back in Nemuro+
05:59:49a Penguins' offense gets rolling in victory
05:59:54a Glam Snaps Up AdaptiveAds
05:59:59a State increases bear permits
06:00:03a Solar panel installations in California through the roof in '08
06:00:08a Firstscience Science Fact of the Day 29 Jan 2009
06:00:13a Sex offender's light sentence to be appealed
06:00:18a Stimulating ideas II
06:00:23a Lottery system to be used to choose students who will undergo drug test
06:00:28a Get out the shovel, it's the law
06:00:33a Prosecutor invokes 'self-incrimination'
06:00:37a Amazon, Ford on deck
06:00:42a State Legislature passes bill to get federal money
06:00:47a Plow Truck Driver Arrested In Hit-And-Run
06:00:52a Airport to host federal task force on flight delays
06:00:57a Bulgarian Interior Minister Stepped Down
06:01:02a Kids' vital care 'up in the air' due to budget cuts
06:01:07a Powerful state business group to sit out election
06:01:11a Road ownership issue causes problems in Penn Hills
06:01:16a Top politicians get Super-sweet ticket deals
06:01:21a Symonds a distraction Chappell
06:01:30a Stimulating ideas III
06:01:36a Police seize drugs and stolen gear from Darwin home
06:01:41a Bank chases Tigers
06:01:48a 'High School Musical' resonates through theater crowd
06:01:53a No meat, no problem
06:01:57a March for Hypocrisy?
06:02:02a Newsmaker Bob Rutenbar
06:02:07a Abortion clinic 'buffer zone' appeal to be heard
06:02:12a Rising piano star Weiss to make Heinz Hall debut
06:02:17a Traffic eases on through in roundabout way
06:02:22a Indiana Township horse owner investigated
06:02:26a Diver's display stops Sewickley library visitors in their tracks
06:02:31a Old-fashioned Marshall doctor never put himself first
06:02:36a Woodland directors consider charter schools in Swissvale
06:02:41a Color Picker Pen
06:02:46a Obama may best lead by example
06:02:51a Controversial play reflects one woman's choice
06:02:56a Hawaii Groups Says Government Is Spending Carelessly
06:03:00a White Oak man a voice against evil
06:03:05a Bank loan squeeze fuelling rise in pre-packs, says IP chief
06:03:10a Area Marine killed in Afghanistan on 3rd war tour
06:03:15a Aging makes elderly most vulnerable to hypothermia
06:03:20a Jailed doctor negotiating plea deal
06:03:25a Schoolwide 'CSI' intrigues young minds in Pleasant Hills
06:03:30a Arson ruled in New Stanton house fire
06:03:34a Stimulating ideas
06:03:39a CMU center's latest venture imaginable
06:03:44a Swissvale woman helps those who help others in Africa
06:03:49a Starbucks to fire thousands as quarterly profit falls 69%
06:03:54a UPDATE 3-Bank of America board backs CEO after Merrill loss
06:03:59a W. Pa. center entangled in judges' scheme
06:04:04a CEO of Singapore's DBS Bank diagnosed with leukemia
06:04:08a Unmortgaging the American Dream
06:04:13a Union membership grows by 12.4 percent in U.S.
06:04:18a Frontier Airlines reports profit
06:04:23a Web site breaks down politics with mathematics
06:04:28a SuperShuttle to come to town this spring
06:04:33a Entitlement nightmares
06:04:37a Sherritt shares plunge on Cuba oil fears, CEO's leave
06:04:42a 3 accused of Benedum ticket fraud
06:04:47a Helicopter blades kill two in Indonesia
06:04:52a LA Cardinal faces probe over abusive priests report
06:04:57a JetBlue Airways to begin flying out of LAX
06:05:02a Climate change funds offered to local councils
06:05:07a Huge heroin, cannabis seized, one held
06:05:13a DBS shares down on CEO's cancer diagnosis
06:05:20a Magnitude 5.0 quake hits Timor region
06:05:28a White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code
06:05:39a NZ prisoners' escape foiled by folly
06:05:44a Stimulus aids Poconos schools
06:05:49a US octuplets doing 'amazingly well'
06:05:54a Banking sector funds fare the worst in a week
06:05:58a Economists forecast longer NZ recession
06:06:03a Report a month away in Stroud pedestrian fatal
06:06:08a 20-39yo females more educated than men
06:06:13a Millennium Estates is hit by the slump
06:06:18a Lord Lucan's antique desk appears for auction
06:06:22a DTV
06:06:27a Giant marlin drags spear fisherman 3km
06:06:32a TV stations Delaying digital switch may be costly
06:06:37a AccessHD 1080D Digital TV Signal Converter
06:06:42a New Year pressures on gays a reminder of social, legal restraints
06:06:47a Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interview
06:06:51a African growth to slow to 4%
06:06:56a Poconos pet shelter loses another manager
06:07:02a Venezuelan FM Says Caracas Doesn't Support Hamas or Hizbullah
06:07:07a Postal cutbacks weighed
06:07:12a For the Record -
06:07:17a Coney Island's Rocket ride saved for new NYC park
06:07:22a PennDOT opens bids for Marshalls Creek traffic relief project; construction to start in Feb.
06:07:26a Overseas expatriates devoted to a
06:07:31a Kilpatrick ready to bolt
06:07:36a Bligh 'sorry' for Storm Financial investors
06:07:41a Melbourne bridge plunge girl dies
06:07:46a Four Stroudsburg houses razed to expand surgery facility
06:07:51a Daniel Howes Jobs bank end won't halt D.C. bias
06:08:00a KGW, Oregon CPAs team up and offer free financial 'makeover'
06:08:05a Ailing sugar industry prepares to dump 400,000 tonnes of cane
06:08:13a More meeting in 'D' Convention promotions net bureau says
06:08:18a Bulls Clippers Basketball
06:08:23a Police say Onalaska couple teamed on home burglaries
06:08:28a After Muthalik, Cong's Gehlot slams 'pub culture'
06:08:33a Margarito Investigation Boxing
06:08:38a Fruit picking a fun holiday treat
06:08:43a Former cheerleader leaving college after high court decision
06:08:48a Thriller director sues Michael Jackson over profits
06:08:53a Manager's luxe life on the line in Madoff case
06:08:58a Predators Canucks Hockey
06:09:02a Meltdown Abandoned Horses
06:09:07a Wis. National Guard soldiers could be among last in Iraq war
06:09:12a Indonesia ready to send troops to Palestine
06:09:17a Long journey into spring
06:09:22a Arctic's thawing seas may bring security risks, possible new flash points for NATO
06:09:27a Bob Wojnowski Career commitment Zetterberg is latest Wing to choose job satisfaction over money
06:09:31a Little hope for WA sugar industry
06:09:36a How to Get WBAY-TV/DT 2
06:09:41a New Metro Airport terminal has unfinished business
06:09:46a Some Washington Lawmakers Pushing For Stronger Domestic Partnership Laws
06:09:50a Ripon Beats Lawrence by Five
06:09:55a Computers attract kids to Schuh/Mullen Boys & Girls Club
06:10:00a Review McFerrin improvises and impresses
06:10:05a Samoa considers using geothermal energy
06:10:09a Toplofikacia- Sofia reduces parameters of thermal energy for its ...
06:10:14a School director, management professor sell in Inverness
06:10:19a Deadline to sign up for workshop in Stroudsburg is today for aspiring public officials
06:10:40a Sweden Mexico Soccer
06:10:45a Bi-partisan hopes fail first test
06:10:51a Five dead, 32 injured in Philippine firework factory blast
06:10:56a State Dept. eyes Kevin Maher as new Japan desk chief+
06:11:01a E-Commerce Tech Terms You Should Know
06:11:05a Blackhawks Ducks Hockey
06:11:10a Spanaway woman pleads guilty in son's death
06:11:15a State of the State 'is Tough'
06:11:20a Poconos Police Blotter Thursday, Jan. 29
06:11:25a Solon hits Comelec order allowing LGU employees to do election duties
06:11:29a Winona clinic halts handing out free prescription samples
06:11:34a Caribana 2008 Queen And King
06:11:39a Ford Motor Credit to cut 1,200 jobs
06:11:48a Phoenix Knock Down the Flames
06:11:53a CORRECTION Connecticut DePaul Basketball
06:11:58a U.S. should prepare for contingencies in N. Korea report+
06:12:03a Minister dismisses Kimberley gas protest
06:12:08a Forest Hills Management, city may renegotiate golf course lease
06:12:12a AngloGold Asset sales to stop
06:12:17a 50-year term for Rock County man in mom's death
06:12:23a Singapore Zoo
06:12:28a Israeli envoy to Caracas expelled
06:12:32a Pay and Benefits Watch Pay-for-Performance Pointers
06:12:37a Buca di Beppo Purchase
06:12:42a Supreme Court candidates to debate online today
06:12:47a Buenos Aires FIRST IMPRESSION
06:12:52a Huub Stevens Leaves PSV Eindhoven
06:12:57a Trial date set in Jackson County slaying
06:13:01a Russia reported to revise missile plan
06:13:06a Wheels Honda Insight hybrid offers economy, technology
06:13:11a One Alien to Another A Broadcast to the Stars
06:13:16a ANALYSIS-Doubts emerge over US troop boost for Afghanistan
06:13:21a Edmond Citizens Police Academy goes behind the scenes
06:13:25a Nigeria House Jacks Up 2009 Budget
06:13:34a At OU, Boren plans a freeze in tuition, pay
06:13:43a Calm in Madagascar after 34 die in violence
06:14:10a Chiefs sign top defender
06:14:26a 30 ways to improve your wellbeing
06:14:31a In brief Oklahoma City choir seeks new voices
06:14:35a Sewickley church to offer contemporary worship
06:14:40a Monroeville mayor touts community-focused plans
06:14:45a Robbery turns into deadly shootout
06:14:50a Oklahoma teacher group seeks boost in pay, benefits
06:14:55a Tulsa ORU continues revival with new chief
06:15:00a South Korean bio firm says dog cloning to be cheaper
06:15:05a Shop Direct's review hits jobs
06:15:15a Edmond's nightlife foundation is in place
06:15:20a World's youngest karate kid
06:15:35a Variance sought for Edmond store fence postponed for more information
06:15:39a The white House loosens its buttoned-up style
06:15:44a Dr. Paul Donohue You won't gain weight with thyroid medicine
06:15:49a Two women 'rescued' from envoy's home
06:16:00a OU to host dance marathon
06:16:05a Norman school board candidate wants best for district
06:16:10a 'I was surprised how much I cared'
06:16:15a Wheeler-dealer warning
06:16:19a UMNO Wings will not go Najib
06:16:24a Poets go for grand slam
06:16:29a Enzon Nominates Two New Candidates for Its Board of Directors
06:16:34a FC Twente through to quarter finals in Dutch Cup
06:16:38a LJ sets workshop about sprinkler codes
06:16:54a 4 months after Ike, tarps still cover roofs
06:16:59a Coast Guard talks Ike rescues, damage
06:17:04a George in a spin over new toy
06:17:08a Pride of city's new citizens
06:17:13a Angleton will have month to see plan
06:17:23a Water authority issues intent for Jones Creek
06:17:28a Decline hits oil giant’s earnings
06:17:33a DIY signs keep drivers on track
06:17:37a Is this the end of Gunchester?
06:17:42a Edmond man makes clean water his mission
06:17:47a Judge accused of ignoring courthouse security
06:17:52a Cavalry to celebrate year of service
06:18:02a DBS shares fall marginally on news of CEO's illness
06:18:16a Rail firm faces fury over trees
06:18:20a Dad died after stubbing toe on coral
06:18:25a Necks on the Line Time for Agius and Varley
06:18:30a Convicted killer put to death in Huntsville
06:18:34a Douglas Sidie trial date set
06:18:39a Ban for drink-drive surgeon
06:18:44a Japan's human rights group members protest against Japan's death penalty
06:18:49a Hockstra talks on Dow’s status
06:18:54a Exporters prepare for difficult year
06:18:59a Postal Service May Cut Deliveries
06:19:04a US FDA advisers back new female condom
06:19:08a Raptors hold off Carter, Nets
06:19:13a Teenage sex statistics defy perceptions
06:19:18a Mott to coach NSW
06:19:23a Jewel inn the Crown
06:19:28a Brazoria County briefs for Jan. 29, 2009
06:19:32a Canadian Opposition support deficit decision
06:19:37a Tragic guard 'bullied by bosses'
06:19:42a Dallas likely to pay for 500 permanent homes for homeless
06:19:47a Business Objects' parent company plans job cuts
06:19:52a Toilet's roll of honour
06:19:57a Financial Crisis A Big, Bad Bank
06:20:01a Dangerous driver walks free
06:20:06a Soccer hero saves a life
06:20:11a Top cop backs drink row club
06:20:17a Kidney donors live normal life, study says
06:20:22a Four convicted murderers have been hung in Japan, officials have said
06:20:27a Bart Simpson is a Scientologist?
06:20:32a Fed keeps intervention options open AFP
06:20:36a Sleaze Rouses the Snoozers
06:20:41a Infringing On Majority Rights Over Canadian National Anthem
06:20:46a Learning Difficulties Urgently Needed, Two Major Inquiries
06:20:51a A Sri Lankan military helicopter flies over Mullaittivu
06:20:56a Vic firefighters battling two big blazes
06:21:01a SSL considers swoops
06:21:06a NBA Boston 119, Sacramento 100
06:21:11a After Gaza, a new end game
06:21:16a A Sri Lankan soldier stands guard at Chilawatte
06:21:20a WA 'to reject' new federal IR system
06:21:25a NHL Pittsburgh 6, N.Y. Rangers 2
06:21:30a NHL Calgary 5, Buffalo 2
06:21:35a 'Mona Lisa' to visit Malaysia
06:21:40a NCP workers want Pawar as next premier
06:21:45a Flames' Cammalleri burns Sabres
06:21:49a Cardinal Roger M. Mahony
06:21:55a Cypriot leaders resume unification talks
06:22:00a NBA Oklahoma City 114, Memphis 102
06:22:05a Exact Sciences Takes Genzyme Deal, Sequenom to Drop Buyout Offer
06:22:09a U.N. seeks to evacuate Sri Lankans
06:22:14a NBA Philadelphia 95, Houston 93
06:22:19a Hubert Fattal Taking The Words Out Of The Painting
06:22:24a Forest Hills man charged in death of wife arrested in Detroit
06:22:29a German jobless set to rise
06:22:33a No relief in sight from SA heatwave
06:22:38a Storm may hit WA Goldfields officials
06:22:43a County casino board set up by key senators
06:22:48a Afghan presidential election set for Aug 20
06:22:53a Bill to Delay Digital TV Switch Defeated
06:22:57a Stimulating ideas IV
06:23:02a In The US, We Could See A 5-Day Instead Of A 6-Day Mail Week
06:23:07a Shape-Controlled Anatase Titanium Oxide Particles Prepared by Hydrothermal Treatment of Peroxo Titanic Aci
06:23:12a Police Teacher Claims to Have Molested 75 Boys
06:23:17a Flood alert in Kuching
06:23:22a NBA Toronto 107, New Jersey 106
06:23:26a Africa Obama Makes Climate Change a National Priority
06:23:31a Calif. Octuplets Doing 'Amazingly Well'
06:23:36a Dinsmore to run for Jeannette council
06:23:41a President Kgalema Motlanthe
06:23:46a Power cut to over one million Americans
06:23:53a Democracy Should Not Be for the Rich Only
06:23:58a Thousands seek tropical dream job
06:24:03a Govt flags compo for fishers affected by marine boundaries
06:24:07a Some see stimulus package as vital, opponents doubt its effectiveness
06:24:12a NBA New York 112, Atlanta 104
06:24:17a COL BKB Xavier 69, Charlotte 47
06:24:22a COL BKB Cincinnati 65, Georgetown 57
06:24:27a Hornets' bench picks up team in 94-81 win over Nuggets
06:24:32a Guangzhou Wang Jing welcomes two partnership
06:24:36a Breyer Cleared of Wrongdoing in Y.E.S.
06:24:41a TCU San Diego St Basketball
06:24:46a Assistant Secretary-General Mulet Briefs Security Council on Situation in Darfur
06:24:51a UAE Sorouh's CEO positive despite surprise Q4 net loss
06:24:56a A Sri Lankan soldier walk past an abandoned anchor in Mullaittivu
06:25:01a Five die in firecracker factory blast
06:25:05a Winter Driving Tips
06:25:18a NBA Detroit 98, Minnesota 89
06:25:47a Police still unable to interview bashed taxi driver
06:25:53a They stayed on after lease ended
06:25:58a CNN Accuser Haggard Thought He Was 'Invincible'
06:26:03a Musicians Hear Heaven in Tully Hall’s New Sound
06:26:11a California's 4th District Court of Appeals Okay To Expel Lesbian Students From Private School
06:26:38a New Method Prevents MicroRNAs From Escaping Cells
06:26:49a Afghanistan vote date announced
06:26:54a Asian stocks gain after the U.S. Congress passes stimulus bill
06:26:59a Riseup Radio Report on day one of the Occupation of Nottingham University
06:27:04a Roadkill Jewelry 'Roadquill' Line Recycles Porcupine Quills for Macabre Eco-Accessories
06:27:09a BlackBerry Storm Rages On
06:27:13a CNN Smaller Cars Can Mean Higher Insurance Rates
06:27:18a Teen nabbed, 2nd male sought in Carnegie shooting
06:27:23a To delay or not to delay? The battle over Digital TV not over yet
06:27:28a New NA Inhibitor Offers Long-Lasting Protection Against Influenza Virus
06:27:33a Ntini returns to SA
06:27:38a Thai parliament passes 3.35 bln dlr stimulus package
06:27:43a More than a million Americans wait in icy darkness as huge storm passes
06:27:48a Global Warming From Carbon Dioxide Will Increase Five-fold Over The Next Millennia, Scientists Predict
06:27:53a Key food, biofuel crop sorghum
06:27:57a WPIAL quarters, semis tonight
06:28:12a Landlord kicked us out
06:28:17a Valley grad takes talk to WBGN
06:28:22a Pushing to build Carver's Field of Dreams
06:28:26a Earlier Diagnosis Of Uterine Cancer Possible With New Findings
06:28:31a Gift to Children's Museum brings company's support to
06:28:36a 5 Things Mark Shuttleworth Has Learned about Organizational Change
06:28:41a Obama Tough choices ahead on Iraq, Afghanistan
06:28:46a Most Asian units fall on dollar strength
06:28:51a Adolescents With Unpopular Names More Prone To Committing Crime
06:28:56a Triceratops had horn-to-horn battles with kin
06:29:01a How Twitter accounts were hacked, Sophos calls for improved password security
06:29:05a Loop Diuretics And Fractures In Postmenopausal Women Studied
06:29:15a Two public housing complexes to be demolished
06:29:20a Credit crisis hits RP property sector
06:29:25a NPA squad leader gives up in ComVal
06:29:35a Bainimarama lashes out at NZ and Australia
06:29:40a Shooting, stabbing, violence continues
06:29:44a News flashes January 29, 2009
06:29:49a Angels Izturis Baseball
06:29:54a Herewini died from head injuries
06:29:59a U.S. Report on Russia missiles unconfirmed
06:30:04a Fedora-wearing game room bandit sought
06:30:09a Ocean Iron Fertilization Falls Flat
06:30:14a Icelandic Pm Becomes World's First Leader to Step Down Over Banking System Crisis
06:30:19a How Iceland Went From World's Biggest Hedge Fund to Pariah in Global Markets
06:30:24a Fusion-fission Hybrid Power Plant Designed
06:30:29a No direct talks with ICRC kidnappers
06:30:34a And Now Children, It's Time for Your Yogic Flying Lesson
06:30:39a 4-year term for Illinois woman in fatal hit-run
06:30:43a Previously Unidentified Bacteria May Cause Preterm Birth
06:30:48a Obama gives G-20 hint to South African leader
06:30:53a Cavite factory blast; 6 dead--officials
06:30:58a City opts for new emergency notification system
06:31:02a NZ 271 for five in Canberra
06:31:07a Pope's Decision on Holocaust Priest Criticised
06:31:12a Should L & T take over Satyam?
06:31:17a AIG will still pay swaps
06:31:21a Former Merrill Chief Admits Furniture Shopping Spree Was a Mistake
06:31:26a Resado faces raps over 'incrimination'
06:31:37a Alleged robber dead in shootout--report
06:31:42a The jobs recession
06:31:52a EU Debates Allowing in Guantánamo Inmates
06:31:57a Why this crisis could have been worse
06:32:02a Warlord 'press-ganged Children' in Congo
06:32:07a Trapper helps man take revenge on wild hog
06:32:12a County plans meetings on buyouts
06:32:17a Veteran's freezing death sparks ire
06:32:22a News in brief
06:32:27a Elegant Bossom In Demand
06:32:32a Nograles denies links to Legacy
06:32:38a Alzheimer's Attack On Inner Brain Kills Memories
06:32:43a Forbes Tells Us Who's Overexposed In '08
06:32:48a Flatiron Bought By Italian Developer
06:32:53a Week of Mass Strikes Set to Paralyse France in Protest Against Sarkozy's Reforms
06:32:58a Blood shortage in Oklahoma remains serious
06:33:02a Pat Hingle
06:33:07a West Gate tragedy
06:33:12a Sun, water are Africa's energy hopes, says World Bank expert
06:33:17a View Argues Over Ayers, Smear Tactics
06:33:22a Shares close 0.5% lower
06:33:26a Where have all the teachers gone?
06:33:31a IMF scales down growth forecasts
06:33:36a In California, battle grows over prisons
06:33:41a 'Loren-Chiz a runaway'
06:33:46a In Memory Of Spc. Corey M. Shea
06:33:51a Sony's net profit for April-December plunges 80.6% to 66 billion yen+
06:33:58a Bank account holders on the rise
06:34:03a Arkansas, federal program focuses on Illinois River
06:34:08a Palace pushes for Palparan
06:34:13a Philippine growth slips to 7 year low in 2008
06:34:17a Tennis Sugiyama powers into Australian Open doubles final+
06:34:22a Russia launches investigation into Japan fishing boat+
06:34:27a Snoop Dogg Mashes It Up With Martha
06:34:32a Kiwibank wont cut mortgage fees
06:34:37a Walz, Kind support House stimulus bill
06:34:42a Ball Girl Makes Amazing Catch...Not
06:34:46a Nograles invited banks' prober to dinner
06:34:52a Researchers discover cure in rare 'bubble boy disease'
06:35:01a ram hard drives video cards capture cards systems &
06:35:05a Federal stimulus requests in Washington state
06:35:10a 52K Holocaust testimonies to be digitized
06:35:15a Cory Aquino book a bestseller at launch
06:35:20a Chick-Fil-A opening at USF St. Petersburg
06:35:25a In brief California octuplets faring well
06:35:29a Jailed peasant leader holds protest fast
06:35:34a Woman who embezzled and bought gets 6 years
06:35:43a Zoloft, Cipralex top study's findings
06:35:47a GM Wants A Billion Bailout
06:35:52a Sony's Net Drops Sharply
06:35:57a 54% Australians worried over job security
06:36:02a Donors stay healthy, new research shows
06:36:07a Inflation rate plummets to 9.5%
06:36:15a Republicans fail to limit national health program's growth
06:36:20a UN to try evacuating civilians from SL war-zones
06:36:24a In Memory Of Pfc. Ja'Mel A. Bryant
06:36:29a Shift forecast in Iraq elections
06:36:34a Paris Hostels Offer Inexpensive Accommodations for Travelers
06:36:39a Muslim group flees Myanmar
06:36:44a Sony's quarterly net profit tumbles 95 percent
06:36:49a Obama plan clears first hurdle, Asian markets cheer
06:36:54a Celine Dion's New Video
06:37:00a Department of Economic Growth & Redevelopment rings in New Year by welcoming new development
06:37:05a GOP health plan would boost Oklahoma program for uninsured
06:37:09a Survey Manatee numbers hit record
06:37:14a Dancing With The Stars Who's Next To Go?
06:37:19a In Memory Of Spc. William McMillan III
06:37:24a Senate Big Spenders Bong, Lito, Jinggoy
06:37:28a Postmaster 6-day service may be 'unaffordable'
06:37:33a Man charged for girl's murder 'suicidal'
06:37:38a Stuck on health alerts in El Reno
06:37:43a Before ignition, be sure you're in the clear
06:37:48a Zimbabwe loses Victoria Falls' tourists
06:37:53a Gov't declares Japan's longest postwar boom ended in Oct. 2007+
06:37:58a Prescribed burns control threat, nourish forest habitats
06:38:02a Holly Madison Hates Kendra Because...
06:38:07a Thailand Boat People
06:38:12a Airports are testing radar that can spot flocks of birds
06:38:17a Divided House passes stimulus
06:38:21a Magnets-Photo-03
06:38:26a Borders to close Detroit store
06:38:31a Bipartisanship And The Stimulus
06:38:36a Lake County Government welcomes new art exhibit to downtown Tavares administration building
06:38:41a Fed prepared to expand aid
06:38:46a UAW, Dems clash on U.S. rep
06:38:51a Hanson Time to Beam Down to Earth, President Obama
06:38:56a Calif. station preserves Asian migrants' story
06:39:00a the cast of 'Slumdog Millionaire' get their photos taken at the 2009 SAG awards
06:39:05a the cast of 'Slumdog Millionaire' talks to the press about their experiences
06:39:10a Movie brings extra appeal Thousands try to land bit parts in Hilary Swank film
06:39:15a Eateries get ready for Super Bowl
06:39:19a Fox Not Happy That Bart Simpsons Voice Promoted Scientology Event
06:39:24a Stimulus bill OK'd by House
06:39:29a 248
06:39:34a Neighbor accused of killing dog with an ax
06:39:39a Brewer calls special session on budget
06:39:44a Shangri-La Tower
06:39:48a Royal Oak Animal Shelter seeks fosters for pets
06:39:53a Swapner Feriwala
06:39:58a Franz Ferdinand's pub blast
06:40:03a ART WORK celebrating President Barack OBAMA
06:40:08a US House of Representatives passes Obama's economic bill
06:40:12a May The Iranian Revolution at 30
06:40:17a Chip maker Qualcomm's 1Q profit plunges 56 percent
06:40:22a Teen victim comes forward in Pasadena sexual abuse case
06:40:27a New Dual SIM Android Phone Revealed-Photo-01
06:40:32a Digital TV delay falters
06:40:37a Texting, playing video games while driving banned
06:40:42a Thai Mangosteen & Rambutan
06:40:47a Magnets-Photo-02
06:40:55a Sincere Regret GOP Congressman Calls Rush Limbaugh to Apologize for Back Off Comment
06:41:00a Legislative Hawaiian Caucus introduces 'ceded lands' bill
06:41:05a Cockrel aides deny decision delays are vote tactic
06:41:09a Reaction to State of State speech
06:41:15a Girl thrown off bridge dies man arrested
06:41:19a Ashlee blasts Jessica's weight critics
06:41:24a Kate Winslet's boundless love scenes
06:41:29a Blog From Bradenton To The Super Bowl
06:41:34a Breadfruit
06:41:38a Lady GaGa's Paris love
06:41:43a Shooting Leaves Three Teenagers Wounded
06:41:48a ADDITION Obama Pentagon
06:41:53a 'Lashkar-e-Taiba Chooses Between Kashmir and the Global Jihad'
06:41:58a Mom Details Baby Grace's Last Hours
06:42:03a Poll Finds People Like Home but Want to Live Elsewhere
06:42:08a Obama Tough calls Iraq, Afghanistan
06:42:13a U.N. Myanmar faces food shortage
06:42:18a Toyota Shows Its Hypermiling iQ
06:42:22a Leighton Meester's rebel attraction
06:42:27a Vitamin E birth defects warning
06:42:32a Deer Creek OKs new option
06:42:37a Beacon hopes as murder fears grow
06:42:42a Uganda LRA Deputy Chief Ready to Surrender
06:42:47a 'Zim parties cannot govern on their own'
06:42:52a Police Illinois Teacher Claims to Have Molested 75 Boys
06:43:04a Obama's economic rescue plan approved
06:43:09a Zimbabwe Tsvangirai says `I`m in`
06:43:13a Big boat turns heads in Sydney
06:43:18a Alyson Hannigan's meaty cravings
06:43:23a SMU Flu Outbreak
06:43:28a Designing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
06:43:33a Insiders detail reasons for WaMu's failure
06:43:38a Should Silent Camera Phones Be Illegal?
06:43:43a NFL Players Lend A Hand For Tampa Kids
06:43:47a Kidney Donors' Life Spans Not Shortened
06:43:52a Collecting Data from Mars Using ARES
06:43:57a Baby Breast Cancer Gene
06:44:02a Africa Labour Body Says 51 Million Jobs May Go
06:44:07a How to Make Ends Meet on One Income
06:44:12a Pregnancy After 35
06:44:17a U.S. can't confirm Russia easing missile stance
06:44:21a Postal Service May Cut Back To 5 Days
06:44:26a Lead Brain
06:44:31a Pillowtalk Graham Norton tackles diets, heartbreak and long-distance relationships
06:44:36a Common Pregnancy Pains
06:44:41a Live TV coming to a mobile near you
06:44:45a Data scams have kicked into high gear as markets tumble
06:44:50a Nudist Denies Child Abuse Charges, Awaits Trial
06:44:55a Obama speaks with Motlanthe
06:45:00a What Diet Gets You The Presidential Body
06:45:05a What the House of Lords rule book says about consultancies
06:45:10a Starbucks Cutting Stores, 6,000 Jobs
06:45:14a Arctic's thawing seas may bring new security risks
06:45:19a Medical Nightmare
06:45:24a Thirsty Plants Text for Help
06:45:29a Texas Executes Man For '96 Murders of Ex, 2 Kids
06:45:33a 17. Water stocks, plantations up at midday
06:45:38a Brothel manager hired 14-year-old court
06:45:43a CIA Algeria station chief faces sex probe
06:45:48a Aldar Laing O'Rourke cuts 320 jobs
06:45:52a Sony's quarterly net profit tumbles 95%
06:45:57a Debt burden to weigh on UK for 20 years
06:46:02a Philippine economic growth slows to 4.6 per cent in 2008
06:46:07a Mother's anger over gay couple's adoption of her children
06:46:12a Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in the Fading Spotlight
06:46:17a U.S. Army to report record number of suicides
06:46:22a Stem Cell Therapy
06:46:27a MRSA
06:46:31a Senior Sex DVD
06:46:36a Five killed in firecracker factory blast in Philippines
06:46:41a Female Alzheimers Gene
06:46:46a Afghanistan to hold presidential polls August 20
06:46:51a Healing Burns with a Liquid Knife
06:46:56a Is an 'Asian NATO' Really On The US Agenda?
06:47:00a Gov't to report on jobless claims as layoffs rise
06:47:05a Nigeria Govt Orders Sept Deadline for Contract Awards
06:47:10a Glam buys AdaptiveAds to improve targeting for display ads
06:47:15a Stem Cell Study
06:47:20a Obama 'may send letter' to Ahmadinejad
06:47:25a Testing the Crew of the Next Space Shuttle Mission
06:47:30a German jobless set to rise as economic downturn bites
06:47:35a Colds Sleep
06:47:40a Live God's will, new archbishop tells crowd
06:47:45a Are profits in video games shifting from the West to the East?
06:47:50a Wash. man injured in deputy shooting moved to jail
06:47:55a Aurora Lights Why They Exist and What Causes Them
06:47:59a Second-in-Command of Uganda`s LRA rebels surrenders
06:48:04a SAFC Pharma Augments Assay Development Capabilities
06:48:09a US to report on jobless claims as layoffs rise
06:48:14a Less than one in 10 Hong Kong workers expects a pay rise
06:48:19a Police Family dead in Ohio, likely murder suicide
06:48:24a Game over, State Farm
06:48:29a Federal Finance having it both ways
06:48:34a Teen gets prison for fatal campground shooting
06:48:39a Latin American Markets Brazil climbs 4%, helped by Wall Street gains
06:48:44a Everett broadcaster wins appeal on radio towers
06:48:49a What the CIA's Censors Can Teach Us about Plans to Muzzle Talk Radio
06:48:53a Qatar- Private sector jobs do not enthuse nationals
06:48:58a Star Holidays
06:49:03a Woman dies of injuries from 2007 crash in Washington Co.
06:49:08a Spain in slump for first time since 1993
06:49:13a Dubai's nonoil trade up 38 percent in 2008
06:49:18a Safina into Australian Open final; Serena up next
06:49:23a Serena into fourth Australian Open final
06:49:28a Swans star Tadhg Kennelly quits the AFL
06:49:38a Australia's Got Talent, Wednesday 730pm
06:49:43a Bailouts, Relativity and Dead Parrots
06:49:48a Business Development Centre puts many Jordanian firms on export track
06:49:54a Al-Sayari Saudi economy not in recession
06:49:58a Symonds fined for McCullum sledge
06:50:03a Sieber grandchildren recall darker times for building
06:50:08a Miss. mayor, wife indicted in Katrina fraud case
06:50:13a Tait/White dropped for ODI
06:50:18a Turtle Creek woman gets probation for bringing gun to courthouse
06:50:23a Executive says BOK remains fiscally strong
06:50:28a Bank aid may cost billions more
06:50:33a Kazakhstan Journalist Arrested for Alleged State Secret Disclosure
06:50:38a PM takes a walk, may be discharged on Friday
06:50:43a Wrecks can ruin game day
06:50:48a Snowfall hampers Macomb homeless count
06:50:52a Play-off battle on for teams
06:50:57a Recession helps restore demand for repair shops
06:51:02a Hef remedy for break-up is new love
06:51:06a Metals and Coins Thursday, Jan. 19, 2009
06:51:11a School Children Complain Of “Obama Worship” During Lessons
06:51:21a GOP blocks plan to delay TV switch
06:51:26a NEC Magnus and Ikanos Communications Collaborate to Deliver World's Largest VDSL Deployment
06:51:30a Falling demand for railcars, wind farms costs 381 jobs
06:51:35a Therese Poletti's Tech Tales Tech investors suffer as companies stop giving guidance
06:51:40a David Weidner's Writing on the Wall Questions to ponder while waiting for your bailout
06:51:45a Feds To Report on Jobless Claims as Layoffs Rise 29 Jan 2009 004908 GMT
06:51:50a Quest Energy Partners stock falls after notice
06:51:55a State arrests 3 in Benedum scam
06:52:00a Bike rack measure advances in city council
06:52:04a Mission tries to mend clinic's tight quarters
06:52:12a Peter Brimelow Is gold really pausing?
06:52:16a Teen out on bond until trial begins
06:52:23a Roanoke schools face 10% reduction
06:52:28a Jurors Asked To Decide Between Manslaughter, Self Defense
06:52:32a Boxing officials suspend Margarito's license
06:52:37a Court drops charges against 3 people who camped in Victoria parks
06:52:42a I am fit for post, says Mkhize
06:52:47a Aussies better educated, working longer
06:52:52a Melbourne water supplies plummet in heat
06:52:57a Mass layoffs continue as January nears end
06:53:02a Rwanda Top FDLR Commander Killed in DRC Ambush
06:53:07a Nigeria Ijebu-Ode, Star of the Show
06:53:12a Bribing People With Gift Cards Part Deux
06:53:16a Predators too slick for Canucks
06:53:21a US stimulus plan passes first hurdle
06:53:26a Qatargas refinery marks a milestone
06:53:30a Plan could aid local projects
06:53:35a SOROS Softening the Target
06:53:40a Chesapeake increases senior note offering
06:53:45a Warrior who fights for women's rights
06:53:50a Next Generation iPhone Model Revealed In Firmware
06:53:54a Project clears court challenge
06:53:59a Police make million-rand drug bust
06:54:04a iLife Gets Better; Just Don't Ask It To Find A Face
06:54:09a Judge says no parole for Cele
06:54:13a World Agenda France ready for the big match Sarko v the St
06:54:18a US Army orders recall of body armour
06:54:23a My Last MobileMe Renewal
06:54:28a Wife hit me Fish
06:54:32a A little movie conquers France Dany Boon's regional comedy h
06:54:37a DohaGate plans to be major player
06:54:42a Former Mayor Indicted On Battery Charges
06:54:55a Zimbabwe Free Medical Service for Women, Children Launched
06:55:00a Poor economy puts spotlight on Ponzi scams
06:55:07a Why Billy Masetlha spurned the offer
06:55:17a Spring Hill GM Plant Halts Production Further
06:55:26a Third person arrested in Oklahoma City death
06:55:31a Rail strikes called in Germany
06:55:36a Qatari stocks shed gains in correction
06:55:44a Minnesota lobbyists and senators face off over pinko health bill
06:55:55a Distorted Grudges
06:56:00a Zimbabwe Unproductive Farmers to Get Help Made
06:56:05a Bicyclists rally to promote environment, safety in Norman
06:56:10a Oil dips below in Asia as investors weigh rising inventories, US stimulus package
06:56:22a France seeks Olympic boost at world championships
06:56:27a OU to showcase choreographers
06:56:31a Can Lance still tame France?
06:56:36a In brief New street signs installed in The Village
06:56:41a Recession cloud has solar lining in Silicon Valley
06:56:46a Oh baby! A compliment sure goes a long way
06:56:50a Brazil climbs 4%, helped by Wall Street gains
06:56:55a Senior menus
06:57:00a MobileMe Renewal Yes Or No?
06:57:04a Lessons learned from Oklahoma ice storms
06:57:09a Qatar- Keys for Barwa flats on Feb 1
06:57:14a Stimulus components vary in speed, efficiency
06:57:18a Sultan Azlan Shah And The Judiciary
06:57:23a Asian currencies fall on weak growth outlook
06:57:28a Senior menus Oklahoma County
06:57:33a Oklahoma traffic fatalities
06:57:37a Zimbabwe Miners Seek Reprieve
06:57:42a Electronic board to act as eyes, ears of desert travellers
06:57:47a Rubber bullets injure 8 in TUT salary protest
06:57:52a Sony quarterly profit falls 95%
06:57:56a Early option for polls gets Gov. Henry's vote
06:58:01a Need for anti-hopping law
06:58:06a Akamai Losing Some Apple Business To Limelight
06:58:11a BHP drives market higher at noon
06:58:15a Regional banks show profit despite tough conditions
06:58:21a France to withdraw Eufor troops
06:58:25a FOMC to Shun Monetary Calvinists By Randall W. Forsyth
06:58:51a US House Passes 819 Billion Stimulus Package
06:58:56a Oklahoma City Zoo seeks volunteers
06:59:01a Whistleblower Being Sent to Prison
06:59:06a Australian father throws child from bridge
06:59:10a Postal Service requests cutting delivery day
06:59:15a Coupe de France Preview Lyon
06:59:19a Don't be picky about jobs PM
06:59:30a Haggard thought he was
06:59:34a Man pleads not guilty
06:59:39a My calendar Oklahoma City
06:59:44a Bees know a bit of maths too
06:59:49a Oklahoma warming trend to continue
06:59:53a 2 Oklahoma City teens captured in Texas in knife death of dad
06:59:58a Abdul Shafiq the Taliban, on the hunt for American
07:00:03a Downturn demand makes Big 4 hire more
07:00:08a House GOP throws stimulus brushback
07:00:13a S Korea end-Nov unsold new homes hit record high
07:00:18a D.C. officials pitch city to Hilton Hotels for new headquarters
07:00:23a 26/11 Mumbai Attack Planned Outside Pakistan
07:00:28a Times profit falls 48 percent, reflecting decline in advertising
07:00:32a Young people voted. Now What?
07:00:37a Nigeria 'Attainment of 6,000 Megawatt Target Depends On Funding, Gas Supply'
07:00:42a Bahrain- Investcorp clarifies on debt rating
07:00:47a Google shamed by Low Countries search
07:00:52a Philippines GDP +4.5% on Year in Q4
07:00:56a Vietnam tourism boom threatens rare monkeys Feature
07:01:01a Scholarships, cops on McPhail's platform
07:01:06a Migrants fear death if sent back to Myanmar
07:01:11a Mayoral hopeful Duane Montgomery out to double Detroit's work force
07:01:16a Paraguay advance, Uruguay win group
07:01:21a Asian Immigration Growing Fast In Australia Census
07:01:26a Iran calls for US to end support to Israel
07:01:31a ADB approves mln grant to Bangladesh
07:01:35a Citigroup reveals it is under regulatory pact
07:01:42a Farnerud scores in Sweden
07:01:47a Etihad Code share Boost for Kuwaiti Travellers
07:01:52a Iran to launch first domestic satellite by March
07:02:03a Obama to visit Canada on Feb. 19
07:02:08a Sterling Commerce accredited by Ford to provide EDI solution
07:02:13a Terrorists may use Google Earth, but fear is no reason to ban it
07:02:30a Should Fairfax sell Trade Me to Ebay?
07:02:35a The Federal Bailout Hasn
07:02:52a American Limiting Some Passengers
07:02:57a US President Barack Obama to visit Canada Feb 19
07:03:02a Dominica observes 2009 International Customs Day
07:03:07a Obama says country
07:03:12a Fight for World Cup berth says Macala
07:03:17a CIA boss in Algeria accused of drugging and raping Muslim women
07:03:22a Friends, until I delete you
07:03:27a Maybach 62S Landaulet Buy It Now On EBay For Just Million
07:03:31a Google Takes First Software-Plus-Services Step
07:03:36a A different world down the road from Super Bowl locale
07:03:41a Detroit digital TV assistance center still not open
07:03:46a Photog Rob Galbraith Rates Macbook Pro Display "Unacceptable"
07:03:50a Exhibit shows horrors of World War II killing fields
07:03:55a Cars entering Bahrain need insurance now
07:04:00a Serena breezes into Australian Open final
07:04:06a Japan Fund Managers Cut Stock Weightings, Shun Europe
07:04:11a My little miracle
07:04:16a World economy facing setback
07:04:21a Rail lines, bus systems show security shortfalls
07:04:26a Pietersen set to become world
07:04:31a New captain Colin Montgomerie begins campaign to win back Ryder Cup for Europe
07:04:36a Google, universities offer tool to detect Net filtering, blocking
07:04:41a STIMULUS PLAN How University of Tennessee Alumni in the house voted
07:04:46a Google Fans Net Neutrality Flames with Web Measurement Lab
07:04:51a Japan executes four prisoners
07:04:56a KCC graduates 116 workers
07:05:00a Russian kills wife after reading about her on website
07:05:05a Pittsburgh man held in death of wife
07:05:10a Genome Structural Variation Consortium used Roche technology
07:05:15a India spoil the party for Jayasuriya
07:05:20a Former President Bush watches Lady Bears game in first public outing since leaving office
07:05:25a No. 6 Wake Forest topples No. 1 Duke
07:05:29a Google's product team focus on customisation of content
07:05:34a Structure of enzyme against chemical warfare agents determined
07:05:39a Cindy McCain gets back to aid work
07:05:44a Boeing to layoff 10,000 employees worldwide
07:05:49a Taliban resurgence pushes US to change tack
07:05:53a Helicopter blades kill two in Indonesia official
07:05:58a State puts land in Limestone County up for auction
07:06:03a Almost half of Americans want to live somewhere else
07:06:08a Discovery Could Lead To A New Animal Model For Hepatitis C
07:06:13a A search engine for outdoor sites
07:06:17a FIFA confirms 12 venues for World Cup 2014 in Brazil
07:06:22a Higher stakes US to seek Afghanistan help at NATO
07:06:27a Neha Dhupia hates Valentine Day
07:06:32a Raul Castro visits Russia, the first by a Cuban leader
07:06:37a Will ‘Luck’ take over Victory ??
07:06:41a World bodies warn of mass job cuts, crawling growth
07:06:46a AAA now a league Huntsville plays in
07:06:51a Jhanvi Dies in a Stampede
07:06:56a US capitalist excesses blamed for world crisis
07:07:01a At least half of Obama
07:07:06a Democrats near win on child health bill
07:07:10a Korean Comics Knock on Europe
07:07:15a Local kids score in robot tourney
07:07:20a OSU film festival begins Sunday
07:07:25a IMF sees bleak 2009 for world economy
07:07:30a billion stimulus package advances to Senate
07:07:35a Zim's governor urged to knock 12 zeros off
07:07:39a City Leaders work to clean up Albertville
07:07:44a Fonterra defers upgrade for Tasmanian operations
07:07:49a NZ share market up but off best levels
07:07:54a Burke drops threat to fight CCC powers
07:07:59a SRK supports Slumdog
07:08:04a Direct flights to Iraq on way
07:08:09a Afghan world moot under SCO in Moscow
07:08:14a Jamaica complying with international anti-doping standards
07:08:19a Skeptics fear stimulus fixes won
07:08:24a Konar fight against polio
07:08:28a Gunmen abduct ten Afghan workers
07:08:33a State pension fund helps Alabama's economy
07:08:38a Civilian killings irk Karzai
07:08:43a Sun, water are Africa
07:08:48a Multicultural Center hosts Chinese New Year exhibits
07:08:53a University president candidates stop by
07:08:58a Hackers hit's customer data again
07:09:03a Nandana's writing skills.
07:09:08a Nigeria Aondoakaa Urged to Intervene in EFCC's Case
07:09:13a Drought forces Argentine soy crop estimate down 16%
07:09:18a DJ-turned-mayor a thorn for government
07:09:23a Afghan Relations With U.S.
07:09:28a Belize Economic Intelligence Unit says inflation is up by 9%
07:09:33a Obama Indicates He Plans To Attend April G20 Meeting In London
07:09:38a Fog engulfs capital, no take-offs from airport
07:09:42a Writer donates 1675 edition of
07:09:47a I look up to Sushmita when it comes to style Deepika Padukone
07:09:52a Denise Van Outen to marry toyboy beau
07:09:57a Amatuer baseball Hager City joins St. Croix Valley League
07:10:02a Germanys winter aid for Afghanistan reaches the population
07:10:06a Madhur Bhandarkar 'Mugdha and Neil make a great pair'
07:10:11a Doyen Shamshad Begum recalls bittersweet moments
07:10:16a Government vows Warm Front shake up
07:10:21a Hundreds of dead civilians piling up in Sri Lanka war
07:10:26a Lebanon postal station to close
07:10:31a NetWave implements its Retail Management System in 220
07:10:36a Centerville police help nab fugitive wanted since 1999
07:10:40a Strickland 'Students are not widgets'
07:10:45a Humanities lecture to discuss animal histories
07:10:50a Local educators have mixed reactions to Strickland plan
07:10:55a Rising Above
07:11:00a Hackers steal personal information from Monster's database
07:11:04a Dad throws child off bridge
07:11:09a Emraan Hashmi ready for
07:11:14a Maddy and Jaya Bachchan together on screen
07:11:19a Emraan Hashmi ready for 'Raaz 3' and fatherhood
07:11:24a Westerhaven Caused US26.9 million in Damages to Belize's Reef
07:11:28a Shah Rukh gives Priyanka more screen space in 'Billu Barber'
07:11:33a Dog owners have until Feb. 17 to buy license
07:11:46a State Farm's customers scramble for new insurers
07:11:51a New bank bailout could cost up to trillion report
07:11:56a Weight loss can reduce incontinence in obese women
07:12:01a UN convoy carrying Sri Lanka wounded leaves war zone
07:12:05a Four plead guilty to trying to buy missiles for LTTE in US
07:12:15a Hackers steal 4.5m users' info
07:12:20a NY man convicted in family
07:12:25a Raul first Cuba leader to visit Russia
07:12:30a Government-published books have little on corruption, terrorism
07:12:43a Uttar Pradesh in dock over SC/ST atrocity cases
07:12:48a EU urged to press Russia for energy deal
07:12:53a Huntsman announces progress on Saudi ethyleneamines plant
07:12:58a Guyana bank fires three over multimillion dollar fraud
07:13:03a Sir Paul Stephenson to head London
07:13:13a Pope tries to heal rift with Jews after Holocaust row
07:13:18a Twenty-point plan for information technology development in Nevis
07:13:22a England not risking Flintoff for second tour match
07:13:27a Symonds fined 4000 dollars for McCullum radio rant
07:13:32a UN Jobless may revolt
07:13:37a CWC meet on Lok Sabha poll strategy today
07:13:41a Russia offers Obama olive branch
07:13:46a Carcieri pension reforms debated
07:13:51a Are there more Satyams out there
07:13:56a Miami Senior High Student Heads To India
07:14:00a Girl Scout Cookies Maker Forgot They Are Kosher
07:14:05a BankUnited expects bigger losses than predicted
07:14:10a Help pave the way for greener cars
07:14:15a Blast in Philippine fireworks factory kills 5-police
07:14:20a SuperstarRobinho denies sex attack in nightclub
07:14:24a Premier Wen arrives in Germany for official visit
07:14:29a Cayman Islands banking group celebrates ground breaking in Turks and Caicos
07:14:34a Paper trail leads Madoff case investigators to New York City warehouse
07:14:39a Why we should thank Joe
07:14:44a Afghanistan to hold presidential poll on August 20
07:14:48a Bahamas former senator granted bail in Travolta case
07:14:53a Boeing offers sour forecast
07:14:58a Is January 6 for Gadaffi Or the Dead?
07:15:03a Closing Guantanamo prison camp not enough, Cuba says
07:15:08a New US spy chief confirmed
07:15:13a S.Korean bio firm says dog cloning to be cheaper
07:15:18a Gaza truce unravels
07:15:51a Waiver may cut share of stimulus
07:15:56a Youth benefit from music education
07:16:21a Sikh seeks damages for being forced to remove turban
07:16:26a Cig tax could cap car tag fee
07:16:31a Cheaper plums match pricier blueberries in nutrients, antioxidants
07:16:36a NY museums head to trial in rights over Picassos
07:16:40a US House passes Obama
07:16:45a Ntini's family involved in crash
07:16:54a U.S. professors call for academic, cultural boycott of Israel for first time
07:16:59a What vote on Chavez rule may mean for Venezuela
07:17:04a MTN iTalk merger approved
07:17:10a And they used bailout money for
07:17:15a SAMA Governor Saudi economy not in recession
07:17:20a Five star review for stunning re-release
07:17:24a US Senate panel OKs Holder as attorney general
07:17:29a Putin urges closer ties with the West
07:17:34a Aye carumba! Bart Simpson is spruiking Scientology
07:17:39a Iranian leader says US should apologize
07:17:44a Saudi Arabia- Talayi to develop new business strategies
07:17:49a Gulfport mayor, wife indicted on Katrina fraud charges
07:17:54a Sudan convicts man of spying for court
07:17:58a Toyota to recall more than 1.35 million cars
07:18:03a UN evacuates Sri Lanka civilians
07:18:08a Senate approves Blair for intelligence director AP
07:18:13a Miss. war dead memorial to be unveiled in Delta
07:18:18a UPDATE 3-Allstate posts large Q4 loss, shrs fall
07:18:22a Children First Act advances as Hazlehurst cited
07:18:27a Jamaica boosts support for financial institutions, police, education and health
07:18:32a Solution to crisis
07:18:37a My Bipartisan Stimulus
07:18:42a Russian report suggests easing of missile dispute
07:18:47a WRAPUP 2-Santander, Wells Fargo offer hope as banks surge
07:18:52a Hazel Park man honored after bank robbery suspect arrested
07:18:57a CORRECTED CORRECTED-Citigroup reveals it is under regulatory pact
07:19:02a Limpopo cholera death toll rises
07:19:06a Strategic Outlook of 2010 and the Role of Moderates in Burma Conflict
07:19:11a Greek farmers block borders, pressure government
07:19:16a Indonesians Among The Few To Witness Solar Eclipse 28 Jan 2009 230727 GMT
07:19:21a CIA officer in Algeria accused in 2 rapes
07:19:26a CIA Algeria man accused of rape
07:19:31a Marching to the same beat improves teamwork
07:19:36a Senior LTTE leader badly injured in Mullaitivu
07:19:41a Dad threw girl, four, from bridge
07:19:46a Stronger Gaza truce is key, says Mitchell
07:19:50a Japan's Prince Akishino Opens Thracian Treasures Exhibit in Tokyo
07:19:56a World's Highest Drug Levels Entering India Stream 28 Jan 2009 230517 GMT
07:20:01a Intel Recovers Electricity from TV Waves
07:20:05a Japan executes four death-row inmates
07:20:10a Starbucks Announces Layoffs, Store Closures
07:20:15a Dannii Minogue faces axe from X Factor
07:20:20a Gene linked to most common form of epilepsy identified
07:20:25a Did Jessica Simpsons football beau bed a brunette in her bed?
07:20:30a IPCC Registration Counter to remain open on 31st January, 2009
07:20:35a Obama Orders Push To Cleaner, More Efficient Cars 28 Jan 2009 230924 GMT
07:20:40a Hasina vows to crack down on religious militancy
07:20:44a Protein that helps muscles burn fat better could treat diabetes
07:20:49a Adieu RV
07:20:54a US House passes billion economic stimulus bill
07:20:59a Afghanistan to hold presidential polls
07:21:04a Feds Probe Church Abuse Cover Up
07:21:08a Prep Boys' Wrestling Burlington-Edison wins Steelhead Classic
07:21:13a Thousands protest Madagascar 'decline'
07:21:18a UPDATE 1-Astoria earnings fall on rising credit costs
07:21:23a Obama Tough Decisions Soon on Iraq, Afghanistan NewsMax
07:21:28a Film brings up
07:21:33a Johansson looking forward to being 10 years older
07:21:38a Fog delays over 40 flights departing from New Delhi
07:21:43a Japan hangs four convicted murderers
07:21:48a Dev Patel desperate to work with Will Smith
07:21:53a Congressional panel spells out financial sect...
07:21:57a Cookie Diet- lose weight by eating
07:22:02a Employee guilty of embezzlement
07:22:07a Antibiotics losing race against resistant superbugs
07:22:12a House tunes out Obama on digital TV delay
07:22:17a Zimbabwe I'm in, Says Tsvangirai
07:22:22a UPDATE 1-Singapore's DBS says CEO has leukemia, to take leave
07:22:27a Youths on cross-country mission to combat climate change
07:22:31a Kate Middletons allergic to horses
07:22:36a Harman plays perfect escort to Amrita Rao
07:22:41a Russia's missile deployment suspension positive step NATO
07:22:46a Electrolux axes jobs in Australia
07:22:51a Florida couple gets cloned dog
07:22:55a St Lucia and EU sign new hospital works contract
07:23:03a Ohio Governor Proposes Schools Overhaul
07:23:08a Miss. bishops urging elected officials to be compassionate
07:23:13a Side Streets Still Slushy
07:23:18a Methanex reports Q4 loss of US3.1 million on...
07:23:23a Iraqis Vote in Al Qaeda's Last Stronghold
07:23:27a 'Under 15s should not drink alcohol'
07:23:32a Serena Williams beats Elena Dementieva to reach her fourth final in Melbourne
07:23:37a Four plead guilty for trying to buy missiles for LTTE in US
07:23:42a Teenager killed because he wore T-shirt of wrong colour
07:23:47a Airline hopes Guam-Cairns flights take off
07:23:52a Daniel Radcliffes stunt double blown up on Harry Potter film set
07:23:57a US Senate confirms new intelligence chief
07:24:01a Beckham raises doubts over Galaxy return
07:24:06a Gut worm may help treat asthma
07:24:11a Plug the Pipe denies firebomb throwing
07:24:16a Kennelly quits Swans to return to Ireland
07:24:21a Aniston turns down Playboys PS2.85m offer
07:24:26a Bank of America chief wins confidence vote
07:24:30a Scarlett Johansson wishes she was 10 years older
07:24:35a Freida Pintos Hollywood mentors- Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie
07:24:40a Green Jackie Chan urges fans to flush toilet once a day!
07:24:46a Chelsea go second as Liverpool are held at Wigan
07:24:51a Bottlenose dolphins have amazing butchery and culinary skills
07:24:56a Stem cell therapy may help reverse paralysis
07:25:01a Sri Lankan troops find LTTE's underwater craft
07:25:06a Insanity defense planned for manslaughter suspect
07:25:10a Six killed in Alberta highway crashes
07:25:15a Sony Profit Plummets 95%
07:25:20a Inflation rate rises marginally to 5.64 percent
07:25:25a Omega-3s ease psychological distress related to menopause
07:25:29a Ashok Leyland turnover slides 44 percent
07:25:34a Individual agreements part of new state IR regime, Buswell
07:25:39a HIV and Aids advocate Delaney Dies
07:25:44a Vancouver explosion victim dies
07:25:49a Travellers' site plans turned down
07:25:54a Newly Remodeled Kiona-Benton High Is Dedicated
07:25:59a Air Jamaica ends 40-year Miami service
07:26:04a Offshore fish farms opposed
07:26:09a Japan's PM takes grilling over economy
07:26:13a Type 45 Daring class destroyer
07:26:18a Afghanistan to vote for president in August
07:26:23a Farnerud scores in Sweden's win over Mexico
07:26:28a Child dies after father throws her from Melbourne bridge Summary
07:26:33a Motorcycle crash kills Rosevears man, 19
07:26:38a Youth charged over Launceston robberies
07:27:04a KLCI Futures Mixed In Early Trade
07:27:08a General strike cripples France
07:27:13a Sony swings to operating loss as demand wilts
07:27:18a Taliban kill Pakistan 'spy' official
07:27:23a Dominican cardinal slams President Obama's new abortion policy
07:27:30a Number of uninsured drivers on the rise
07:27:35a 'The coalition is dead'
07:27:39a Jan. 27 airpower summary B-1Bs provide overwatch
07:27:58a Careening school bus sends dozens to hospital
07:28:03a Nigeria NYSC As Tool for National Unity
07:28:08a New bank bailout could cost up to 2 trillion report
07:28:13a Conoco Phillips reports billion quarterly loss
07:28:18a Zermatt visitors demand snowy streets
07:28:23a Chicago kicks off long road swing with win over Anaheim
07:28:28a Sony reports 200 mln dollar Q3 operating loss
07:28:33a NFL TV ads full of violence, sex, alcohol
07:28:38a UN Food Access Difficult In Post-Cyclone Myanmar
07:28:43a SKorea's Lee warns nation worst yet to come for economy
07:28:48a Afghan presidential vote postponed until August 20
07:28:55a Tata Steel Indian operations quarterly profit halves
07:29:00a Indonesian NGO backs villagers in fight against palm oil
07:29:15a Bill to sell state plane could net millions
07:29:30a PM's XI ease to victory over Black Caps
07:29:35a Skeptics fear stimulus fixes won't be temporary
07:29:50a Chronic dental diseases affecting Brunei community
07:29:55a Protecting Our Natural Heritage”
07:29:59a US and India cooperation on laser weaponry
07:30:04a US postal service may cut one delivery day
07:30:09a President to meet with defense secretary, joint chiefs
07:30:14a Thai parliament passes US3.35b stimulus package
07:30:19a Malaysia will see larger budget deficit DPM
07:30:29a Uprooted lives
07:30:40a Quality writing can become platform for sharing of knowledge
07:30:45a Giving chase to dreams JPD recruits hanging tough
07:30:49a Obama to visit Canada Feb. 19, PMO confirms
07:30:54a CUPE 3903 in its own ivory tower
07:30:59a Sudanese convicted of 'spying'
07:31:04a Shell posts 2.8 bln dlr loss in fourth quarter
07:31:09a Environmental measures can help control malarias spread
07:31:14a Colo. tops in female lawmakers
07:31:19a My calendar Norman
07:31:23a Police seize up to in drugs
07:31:28a FPL could owe billion in fines for 2008 blackout
07:31:33a What does the proposed stimulus package mean for Dallas-area schools?
07:31:38a Renu Desai ties the knot with Pawan Kalyan
07:31:43a Relief aids are distributed to recent flood victims
07:31:48a Saudi Arabia- Businesswomen seminar set
07:31:53a Delay of TV switch defeated
07:31:57a Schneider GOP takes on a new rallying cry
07:32:02a Symonds fined for outburst
07:32:10a Zim US seeks strong UN action
07:32:21a bailout passes House
07:32:27a When Rishi Kapoor romanced son Ranbir
07:32:32a MABIMS meeting discusses strategic planning toward forging closer rapport among member countries
07:32:36a Afghans to choose president in August
07:32:41a Arctic's thawing seas may bring new security risks
07:32:46a Israeli warplane bombs Gaza-Egypt border army
07:33:00a Putting A Price On Cyberspying
07:33:05a Arrest and detention cases increase nearly 40 percent last year compared to 2007
07:33:10a Human remains found in Qld backyard
07:33:14a NZealand central bank cuts interest rate to record low
07:33:19a Lloyds seen open to bids for life assurance assets
07:33:24a Draft airport safety provisions needed fine-tuning PM
07:33:29a Protests over dams on River Ganges
07:33:34a All Dressed Up Like Art Galleries
07:33:39a Pine plantations under fire threat
07:33:44a Philippine economy up 4.6% in 2008
07:33:48a Abdul the Taliban, on the hunt for American 'infidels'
07:33:53a Malaysian Indians death sparks protest
07:33:58a NATO urges India, Pak to ease tensions
07:34:03a Jackson officer demoted during 'reorganization'
07:34:08a Heat shuts down train lines
07:34:13a Iraqis vote in al Qaeda's last stronghold
07:34:18a Stimulus Measure Moves to Senate
07:34:23a Taliban kill Pakistan 'spy' official
07:34:28a Mitchell flies into Israel as Obama envoy
07:34:33a Sri Lanka Denies Blocking Red Cross
07:34:38a Teachers should emulate experiences underwent by Prophet Muhammad SAW
07:34:43a State launches gas and energy review
07:34:48a Monty to lead Europe
07:34:53a Wide Bay tells the truth
07:34:58a Ore. boy is latest in the state to get salmonella
07:35:02a Sameer set to lead Bahrain in Under-17 Elite Cup
07:35:07a Palestinian men bear trauma of war
07:35:12a Israel reopens crossings into Gaza
07:35:17a Slaying suspect visited counseling center
07:35:22a Bahrain league backs Scrabble player
07:35:27a FTSE seen opening steady
07:35:31a A kinder, gentler sheriff
07:35:36a Flooding in Venice
07:35:41a Xstrata and Rio Tinto seen in fundraising talks
07:35:46a Levitating
07:35:51a Police watch over rugby house
07:35:56a OCLC Research Launches Crosswalk Web Service Demo
07:36:00a YouthBuild to get in grants over the next three years
07:36:05a Lightning Stakes struck out by heat
07:36:10a Mugdha Godse looks forward to
07:36:15a Connex points finger at union
07:36:20a Peirce widow gets community work
07:36:24a Winter Rod And Speed Show This Weekend in Albany
07:36:29a Heatwave havoc as state swelters
07:36:34a Checking All Bolts
07:36:39a SOMALIA UXOs pose a grave danger to returnees
07:36:44a Croc Cedar prepared to play through pain
07:36:49a Grey India elevates Jishnu Sen to COO
07:36:54a Installing the Inverter
07:36:59a Tractor in the Snow
07:37:05a RDX being smuggled into India with cement from Pak
07:37:10a New U.S. bank bailout could cost up to 1.4 trillion pounds
07:37:15a The force is strong with this kitteh...
07:37:20a Race for GOP leader unsettled as vote nears
07:37:24a Snow
07:37:29a 4 with arms held near India-Nepal border
07:37:34a India is a dear friend and ally of the US Berman
07:37:39a Panels with home in background 2
07:37:43a Liquidation 'Sale'
07:37:48a Israel Breaks Ties With Venezuela, Sends Caracas' Diplomats Packing
07:37:53a Iranian president sets conditions for friendship with U.S.
07:37:57a Zimbabwe Monoz Ready for Miembeni
07:38:03a UPDATE 3-Symantec results top estimates; shares rise
07:38:08a guelph transit 53
07:38:12a Manila ordinance banning
07:38:17a Not the Church You Knew Growing Up
07:38:22a Creating summary slide with hyperlinks in Powerpoint
07:38:27a Hong Kong From Censorship Debate to Critique of Christian Right
07:38:32a UPDATE 2-S.Korea denies Hynix, other stakes offer to foreigners
07:38:37a Rogue Mars rover baffles scientists
07:38:42a Iran rejects U.S. demand to halt atom work
07:38:47a Crew with panel with EHME logo visible
07:38:56a Zimbabwe Eastern Lions Collapse
07:39:01a Navua schools close, children sent home
07:39:06a Boil all drinking water
07:39:10a Iranian opposition group cheers EU legalization, appeals to
07:39:15a UPDATE 1-Thomson SA in talks to improve balance sheet
07:39:20a How Country Can Sustain Quality Health Care, By NHIS
07:39:25a Tough child alcohol guidance due
07:39:30a INTERVIEW-New Somali leader will need support, says Djibouti
07:39:35a DPRK Praised by Romanian Party Leader
07:39:40a Suit award upheld for female inmates
07:39:44a New genes identified for Alzheimer's disease
07:39:50a Executive Order Rescinds Protection against Torturing, Killing Children in the Womb
07:39:54a Iran Draw In Bangkok, Singapore Down Jordan
07:39:59a Sony and Nintendo results awaited
07:40:04a Crosby collects 4 points in Penguins return
07:40:08a ZIMBABWE Urban patients now referred to rural mission hospitals
07:40:13a What you need to know about Health Savings Accounts for 2009
07:40:18a UPDATE 3-Western Digital Q2 tops expectations, shares up
07:40:23a CIGNA HealthCare Extends Contract with Community Health Network
07:40:27a Senior bishops oppose Palparan
07:40:32a Jacko sued by Thriller director over half of video profits
07:40:38a Over 80 flights affected by fog
07:40:43a UPDATE 2-Toshiba logs Q3 loss, eyes 1st annual loss in 7 yrs
07:40:47a 24 clubs for Fiji FUTSAL Champs
07:40:52a What to Do With the Land Use Act
07:40:57a Windpool keeps on growing
07:41:01a Scholars in Gandhian thought cannot get jobs
07:41:06a UPDATE 3-Qualcomm takes large charge, cuts '09 rev target
07:41:11a Markets rise on firm global cues
07:41:16a Crew with sign & panel 2
07:41:21a Past banking crises provide models for solving today
07:41:26a Deadly winter storm begins barrage in Northeast; death toll at 20
07:41:31a House panel recommends filing tax raps vs DOJ prosecutor
07:41:36a Arroyo pushes Lakas, Kampi merger despite rift
07:41:41a Japanese Top Nuclear Envoy Due In Seoul
07:41:45a Microsoft lands another punch on unlawful dealer
07:41:51a Lower prices see export value drop
07:41:56a Cancer-stricken former chief may lose health benefits
07:42:01a Rodong Sinmun on Sovereignty and Prosperity in Developing Countries
07:42:06a Minister considers future of health board chairman after milliion fraud
07:42:11a Guest Columnists Treat health care as a human right
07:42:16a Iowa Senator to Microsoft Layoff foreigners ahead of Americans
07:42:21a Audi assures smooth journey through 24X7 assistance services
07:42:26a Ciencia y tecnologia sirven de garantia de soberania y prosperidad
07:42:30a The Museum in the Middle of Nowhere
07:42:35a SF Accuses Health Insurers Of Sex Discrimination
07:42:40a Fan's death overshadows German Cup games
07:42:45a Schools have to reschedule Regents tests
07:42:50a Metals fall heavily
07:42:55a Chappaqua looks at no-increase school budget
07:43:00a Raul Castro visits Russia, the first by a Cuban leader since 1990s
07:43:05a Groups, legislators set up meetings to discuss state budget decisions
07:43:10a A Swiss village has peace, quiet and a product endorsed by Marilyn Manson
07:43:15a Roger Tamraz Arrested in Morocco
07:43:20a Precious metals end lower
07:43:25a Young Brits no longer regard marriage as 'best relationship'
07:43:30a Australian throws dau
07:43:34a Nelson-Cuban money dispute goes to mediation
07:43:40a Florida couple gets 155,000 dollars cloned dog
07:43:44a Helicopter blades kill two
07:43:50a Budget Crisis Threatens Government
07:43:54a Tata Marcopolo Motors commences production at Dharwad
07:43:59a Davos calls for managing world resources in sustainable way
07:44:04a Tension mounts as Georgia refuses to hand over Russian army soldie
07:44:09a Sri Lankan troops find LTTE's underwater craft
07:44:14a Kalpataru power bags Kuwait order worth USD 250 mn
07:44:18a Child dies after father throws her from bridge
07:44:23a Kim Jong Il Appreciates Performance
07:44:28a Emami Q3 consolidated turnover up 43.6 per cent
07:44:33a Brazilian Politics Leonard Cohen Style
07:44:37a Ore. court limits stalking protection for couples
07:44:42a Indians wake up to fuel price cut good news
07:44:47a Malaysian Navy gets its first submarine
07:44:52a BoM posts 20.21 pc growth
07:44:57a Three bureaucrats arrested on corruption charges in Assam
07:45:02a Four Soft posts three fold rise in profits
07:45:06a Manager's luxe life on the line in Madoff case
07:45:11a Writer donates 1675 edition of 'Don Quixote' to Argentine city
07:45:16a Tata Steel net slumps by 56 pc at Rupees 466 crore in Q3
07:45:21a Mick Jagger eyeing fashion industry?
07:45:25a Nuclear submarine accident probe to end in March
07:45:30a CESC Ltd records 5 per cent rise in net profit at Rupees 98 Crore
07:45:35a Cotton prices remain flat
07:45:40a Sensex resumes firm at 9334.47 points, up by 77 points
07:45:45a Silver, Gold register decline
07:45:49a Melnyk reluctant to 'blow up' Senators
07:45:54a Reader's Digest to cut 8 percent of its jobs
07:45:59a Explosive show and tell
07:46:04a Orlando-Bound Passengers Trapped In Frozen Plane
07:46:09a Sony's quarterly net profit tumbles 95 percent
07:46:13a Bhupathi-Knowles in men's doubles finals
07:46:18a How Time Flies
07:46:23a Indian artistes don't get enough chances in Malaysian TV, radio Minister
07:46:28a Sensex shoots up by 253.39 points
07:46:33a Guardian Holdings wants to buy back
07:46:37a Was that really what you saw?
07:46:42a Pepsi stays on Super Bowl roster wi