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12:00:20a Severe storm leaves scores of homes damaged

12:00:24a Aust fire crews face two day battle
12:00:28a Democrats clash over civil rights
12:00:32a Conjoined twins to be separated in Melbourne
12:00:37a Mideast leaders agree to new talks
12:00:41a Clemens Won't Commit to Congressional Testimony
12:01:02a Greenpeace says it's halted Japan's whale kill, chasing ship out of whaling grounds
12:01:06a U.S. Military chief says he favors closing Guantanomo
12:01:15a Husaberg redesigns the four-stroke single
12:01:28a Thousands do a whole lotta shakin' for Elvis
12:01:32a Tourists stranded, roads closed in N Qld floods
12:02:04a To intelligence chief, interrogation technique known as waterboarding `would be torture'
12:02:08a Justices to hear the cocaine case of a Virginia man nicknamed 'Chubs'
12:02:20a Cancer, tornado don't keep Vancouver crew coach down
12:02:24a Unattended candle sparks two-alarm fire at NE Portland apartments
12:02:28a Teen linked to carjacking outside Lloyd Center
12:02:32a Car causes wreck with semi on Interstate 5
12:02:37a Pettiford leads IUPUI to 72-44 romp over S. Dakota St.
12:02:42a Forecasters expect more than a foot of snow from Monday storm
12:03:07a Motorsport Knight wins NZ Grand Prix
12:03:22a Yakima Maverick's Kick Off Pre-Season Practices
12:03:26a 60 Day Session Convenes In Olympia Monday
12:03:30a Missing Snowmobiler Found On Stampede Pass
12:03:41a Health warning issued over cyanide in crackers
12:03:46a OPINION Lofty Asean Charter hangs in the balance
12:03:50a City Pacific makes offer for MFS
12:03:55a EDITORIAL A song and dance
12:03:59a K. P. WARAN Let's not live with a sea of rubbish
12:04:03a MAHENDRA VED Confident strides in wooing diaspora
12:04:08a Online home loan inquiries up 300%
12:04:12a Most US presidential hopefuls antitrust moderates
12:04:17a Bush stresses Iran threat
12:04:21a S.C. churchgoers seek GOP candidate
12:04:26a Poll McCain jumps into lead, Clinton holds steady in nationwide survey
12:04:30a Confront the threat of Iran before it's too late, Bush tells allies
12:04:34a Who could be the next US President? Don't know, don't care
12:04:38a Blue-collar vote a key for Clinton, Obama
12:04:43a US President's Mideast tour diary
12:04:50a Bush to reaffirm strong ties with Saudi Arabia
12:04:55a Bush rallies Arab states to confront 'Iran danger'
12:04:59a Bush plays down call for Gulf reforms
12:05:03a Bad Idea Surfaces in Israel
12:05:07a Lionheart Posts Down the Memory Hole
12:05:11a Huckadamage
12:05:16a Sunday Afternoon Linkage
12:05:20a License To Chill
12:05:24a The New Surge
12:05:28a The finger points to al-Qaeda
12:05:33a Bush promoting Iranphobia! 'Iran is today the world's leading state sponsor of terror'
12:05:37a Lionheart in the MSM
12:05:41a TCM Pick O' The Day — Monday, January 14th
12:05:46a 'Blood sucker' killing farm animals in Capiz?
12:05:50a Book drive in aid of displaced children following post-election violence
12:05:54a Top US Pacific commander arrives to China for talks report
12:05:59a Over 100,000 die in road and industrial accidents in China in 2007 report
12:06:03a Coal mining fatalities in China dropped in 2007 report
12:06:07a MONDAY TALK Strategic alliance brings Turkey and Britain closer
12:06:12a Hood Canal Bridge Reopened
12:06:16a ADVISORY Start of KWS news cycle for Jan. 14+
12:06:58a Clinton, Obama point fingers over race
12:09:17a Fire erupts at Washington Chamber of Commerce
12:09:32a Old times at box office for Freeman, Nicholson
12:09:36a A Texas Divided Will Be Broken In Two
12:09:43a Korea¡¯s Big Five Builders to Bid for Grand Canal
12:09:47a Aigo Omnisphere speaker Mp3 player
12:09:51a Philips GoGear line SA2845 Mp3 player
12:09:55a Foxda 6687 MP3 player pulls a Sony
12:09:59a Q-Cute MP3 player
12:10:03a NASA MESSENGER Has Mercury in Its Sights
12:10:08a NASA MESSENGER Nears Mercury
12:10:12a Featured Speakers Confirmed for 24th National Space Symposium
12:10:16a NASA MESSENGER Three Days to Mercury!
12:10:20a Barack Obama is a Powerful Speaker-And so is My Bose Bass Amp
12:10:25a Shuttleworth on Bazaar and open-source project development
12:10:29a Two-pound Linux UMPC on sale Jan. 25th
12:10:33a BUSINESS FRONT LINE / Panasonic aims to boost global presence
12:10:38a IN THE NEWS / Sony chief's rise has roots in Vietnam
12:10:42a "Sony will never compromise on sound quality"
12:10:46a Tate Gallery hung works by its own trustees
12:10:51a Cavalera Brothers To Do Artists Q&A
12:10:55a Bea Camachos eulogy to art
12:10:59a BET founder raises Obama's past
12:11:03a Government determined to take concrete steps for developing Southeast
12:11:08a Inside China's stocks frenzy
12:11:12a Financial agencies relocating to İstanbul as part of govt plan
12:11:16a Kurds, Canadian firms haggle over oil refineries
12:11:20a ATO calls meeting over relocation of central bank
12:11:25a Şimşek heads to Dubai for international conference
12:11:29a Hot money increases eleven-fold in five years
12:11:33a Kışladağ gold still waiting to
12:11:37a TTKMB offers more low-interest loans to farmers in 2008
12:11:41a TOBB Public debt, c/a deficit threaten real sector
12:11:45a Mass actions to protest social
12:11:50a Body found in Clutha River identified as teen
12:11:54a Business Report for Monday, January 14, 2008
12:11:58a Williams opens Australian Open
12:12:02a Warning against vege crackers
12:12:07a Estimated quake damage to homes 16m
12:12:11a Eurozone unions press pay demands amid surge in oil, food prices
12:12:15a Late Edition John Edwards Still Fighting Accusations He's “Angry”
12:12:20a GM wins car and truck prizes
12:12:24a Using the Nintendo Wii for Exercise Suggested Games
12:12:28a Czech PM's promotion of nuke raises stormy reaction in Austria
12:12:38a G.O.P. Voters, in Big Shift, Favor McCain Over His Rivals
12:12:45a Background of fears
12:12:49a Background
12:12:53a Political solution
12:12:57a What do ultranationalists have to say about this?
12:13:01a Alevis dilemma
12:13:05a Video ABC Report On Real ID
12:13:10a CNN Huckabee Only Anti-IRS Candidate
12:13:14a Executed Reichstag Arsonist Pardoned
12:13:25a PBAU alternative newspaper tweaks rules
12:14:07a ACA investigates politician over forged papers for bank loans
12:14:11a Worker who tried to flee with girl held
12:14:16a PM to tell how KL bridged racial-religious gaps
12:14:20a Idols add star presence at fair
12:14:24a Parents of missing girl not losing hope
12:14:28a Najib Independent nation must be able to do what's best for its people
12:14:32a Ex-DAP man to run as independent
12:14:37a Life skills for youths
12:14:41a Victims say 'medium' wanted money, sex
12:14:45a Haidar Show up and speak under oath
12:14:50a Ong BN's work says it all
12:14:54a Reward now stands at RM100,000
12:14:58a Hon Students can appeal for re-admission to old schools
12:15:03a Two held to help in Nurin murder probe
12:16:56a Arm severed waving out of ute
12:17:00a Parents 'devastated' by teen's party
12:17:05a PM's wife to undergo operation
12:17:10a Greenpeace Japan's whale kill halted
12:17:15a Special report Assad considers Lebanon a Syrian territory
12:17:40a One Year Later Emmons Apartment Fire
12:18:29a Giuliani 9/11 is why I support insurance fund.
12:19:04a Vietnam capital readies for 1,000th birthday in 2010
12:19:08a Introduction to Hand Drums and Percussion
12:19:19a Man shot to death early Sunday morning
12:19:23a Two arrested in Friday robbery
12:19:28a Three arrested in Saturday night robbery
12:19:32a Woman killed when hit by car
12:19:36a McCain has automatic advantage when Michigan votes
12:19:41a SC newspaper endorses McCain in GOP primary
12:21:07a Hollywood stars shelling out for candidates
12:21:57a Clinton lashes out as black support begins to slip
12:22:01a Al-Qaeda plot to kill Queen foiled
12:22:06a Teenage boy shot in head with air rifle
12:22:53a Pentagon's PSYOPs Information Warfare Using Aggressive Psychological Operations
12:22:57a Iraq's Children Still 'Paying the Price'
12:23:36a Iran to clear up nuclear file in 4 weeks IAEA
12:23:40a Iran to answer nuclear inquiry issues within a month IAEA
12:23:45a Georgians give nod to NATO membership
12:24:12a Identity and history by DOĞU ERGİL
12:24:16a Allance of Civilizations Forum a promising gatheringby Jorge Sampaio*
12:24:21a Living donors top US charity list
12:24:37a Kenya's post election violence displaces 1600
12:25:00a NUS head named president of University of Saudi Arabia
12:25:04a Prayers and a search for answers
12:25:08a Right place, time
12:25:12a Netfilx To Lift Streaming Limits
12:25:30a Seattle-area ferry service cut during repairs
12:26:08a Greenpeace threatens more action against Japanese whalers
12:26:12a Tribal conflict escalates on New Caledonia
12:26:16a Indonesia's Suharto 50-50 chance of survival doctors
12:26:21a Climate change to blame for Antarctic ice loss
12:26:25a Protestors demand democractic reform in Hong Kong
12:26:29a Head of collapsed Australian company released, apologises
12:26:33a IAEA and Iran agree 4-week deadline
12:26:38a Thousands hit Hong Kong streets for pro-democracy march
12:26:42a Bangladesh court formerly charges ex-PM Sheikh Hasina
12:26:46a Burma hit by second bomb in two days
12:26:51a Sri Lanka steps up security for Japan peace envoy
12:26:55a Top US naval commander in Beijing talks
12:26:59a Clemens not committing to deposition with House committee
12:27:04a Monday, January 21
12:27:08a Ex-hostage Rojas returns to Colombian capital after nearly 6 years of captivity
12:27:12a His appeal wide, McCain has automatic advantage when Michigan votes
12:27:17a NYC hits tourism record; weak dollar draws an estimated 46 million visitors
12:27:21a Hoping for crucial Florida win, Giuliani turns to scripture
12:27:26a NYC hits tourism record; weak dollar helps draw estimated 46M visitors
12:27:30a Prominent black supporter of Clinton criticizes Obama for criticizing her on race
12:27:35a Chinese envoy in South Korea for talks
12:27:39a Britain Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'
12:27:43a Frequent flyer points a big con
12:27:47a 3 Vehicles Burn In Garage Of Salvation Army's National Headquarters
12:27:52a Murder-suicide canvassed in mother-daughter death probe
12:27:57a 4 Dead, 7 Hurt in Italian Alps Avalanche
12:28:01a Suffolk murder trial due to begin
12:28:06a Crew airlifted from listing ship
12:28:26a FEATURE-Palestinian police reclaim West Bank streets
12:28:30a FEATURE-Love, hope for shunned kids in India AIDS school
12:28:35a Chavez says Colombian rebels must halt kidnappings
12:28:39a Israel-Palestinians open talks after push from Bush
12:28:43a Chemoil Energy appoints Clyde Michael Bandy as new CEO
12:29:53a Chavez requests meeting with commander of Colombia's FARC rebels
12:29:57a Feeding impoverished Afghans key to winning hearts and minds, ending insurgency
12:30:21a Now it’s Hughes Come and save us Sparky, is cry from Newcastle
12:30:26a Britain's teenage airline pilot Meet the 19-year-old who flies holiday jets to the sun
12:30:30a 'Shut Grange Hill,' says its creator in row over relaunching the show for six-year-olds
12:30:34a Kisses instead of handshakes 'will help you to stay healthy'
12:30:38a Brown promises a decent wage for family carers
12:30:42a 'So are you married?' And other questions you CAN'T ask job applicants
12:30:47a Madeleine McCanns fear police are 'deliberately stalling in the hope that they get lucky'
12:30:51a Northern Rock investors line up to block bank's nationalisation
12:30:55a Transplants Concern as Brown backs right to remove organs without consent
12:30:59a Hyundai Motor Group to Buy Shinheung Securities
12:31:08a Dear Gordon... Tony Blair sends letter to Brown telling him where he's gone wrong
12:31:12a Patients shy about their condition flock to the web and avoid their GP
12:31:16a Fashion for long fringes among women drivers 'is putting lives at risk'
12:31:20a Under 30? You must be broke, according to survey
12:31:24a Renters Face Menace of Meth
12:31:29a Kiwis More 'Laid Back' on Beaches
12:31:33a Tulsa World, Okla., Jay Cronley Column It's Not a Game of Pick Up Sticks
12:31:37a Water-Rights Adjudications, Deep Aquifers on Tap
12:31:41a Controversy Swirls Around Water Quality Plans
12:31:46a Daily News Local Briefs
12:31:50a BRIEF Real Estate NEWS
12:31:54a PAUL A. SMITH; Answering the Call of the Wild
12:31:58a Can anyone please give us answers to the following questions
12:32:03a Will ARG Still Have a Reputation After This is Over?
12:32:07a Barack Vs. Hillary Battle Of The Affirmative Action Candidates
12:32:11a Three Killed, 16 Wounded in S. Yemen
12:32:15a Plot to kill Queen foiled
12:32:20a Homelessness Good for the soul
12:32:24a Innocent Murder Victim Identified As Father Who Was Just Passing By
12:32:28a Obama unveils $US120b economic plan
12:32:32a Childbearing women not taking folic acid
12:32:37a Stuffed animals may ease stress in kids
12:32:41a Ex-wife's book stirs Sarkozy affair row
12:32:45a Diet affects older men's weight training
12:32:49a 'Islamic Jesus' hits Iranian movie screens
12:32:54a Online diagnosis prompts warning
12:32:58a Gordon Brown to get tough on knife crime
12:33:03a Spacecraft to visit Mercury
12:33:07a Murder charge policeman found dead
12:33:12a 2. JB students cry foul
12:33:16a 8. Thrills and spills at competition
12:33:20a 9. Former UTM don honoured
12:33:25a 10. Parkson opens second outlet in Kuching
12:33:29a Michelle Obama Husband No 'Fairytale'
12:33:33a Former HIH chief Williams walks free
12:33:37a Massive car yard blaze under investigation
12:33:41a Welfare quaranting begins in Wadeye
12:33:46a Muslim exhibition aims to counter racism
12:33:50a Tas Firefighters fear further arson attacks
12:33:54a ACT Govt hopeful of elective surgery funding
12:33:59a Helicopters called in to fight Namadgi blaze
12:34:03a DETROIT AUTO SHOW Mitsubishi R-A Concept pairs performance, new body style
12:34:07a Detroit Auto Show Fisker Karma Luxury Hybrid Detroit Auto Show
12:34:12a Bush Shifts Mideast Focus to 'Justice'
12:34:16a Monkey defence 'racist' Stories
12:34:36a Church Bar Hop 'Give Us a Shot'
12:34:40a Military Chief Close Guantanamo
12:34:49a Spears due in court for major hearing
12:35:07a China automobile imports up 30% in 2007
12:35:11a China's top alumina maker reports 24% rise in 2007 revenue
12:35:15a Jessica Simpson, Romo's girlfriend, not seen at Cowboys-Giants game
12:35:30a Australian City Pacific says makes bid for MFS
12:35:35a Cartoon editor on trial in Belarus
12:35:39a Michael Kinsley on Libertarianism
12:36:02a Three killed in Gaza air strike
12:36:07a Waterboarding would be torture to me US spy chief
12:36:11a Cutom-Built Organs Heart Grown in Lab Gets Pulse
12:36:41a Prisoners to be chipped Revelations comes true
12:36:45a alaattinkorkmaz bagalarbasi muhtari
12:36:50a Is the US Becoming a Theocracy?
12:36:54a Super 'Not It' Bros. Part 4 8,000,000 served
12:36:58a Making some good use of my frontpageness
12:37:03a 210124th century dominicfilms TV news
12:37:07a Super 'Not It' Bros. Part 3 Second Strike
12:37:11a Super 'Not It' Bros. Part 2 First Strike
12:37:16a Super 'Not It' Bros. Part 1 Propaganda 101
12:37:20a Kansas Doctor Complains About Jail Conditions
12:37:45a Saab links with Cadillac for first US-built car
12:37:50a Prominent black supporter of Clinton chides Obama
12:38:19a Vitamin D the miracle cure?
12:38:23a Dr James LeFanu Doctor's diary
12:38:27a Trust me Im a junior doctor
12:38:32a Michelle Obama Husband no 'fairytale'
12:40:11a Greenpeace Japanese whalers 'scattered, ran'
12:40:16a In Iran, some women pursue rights despite pressure
12:40:45a İftar brings cracks among Alevis to surface
12:40:49a Western Turkey enjoying spring as eastern side struck by icy cold
12:40:53a Alevism without Islam and Ali,
12:40:58a PKK's infiltration
12:41:02a A timely visit
12:41:06a Bush world must rally to confront danger of Iran
12:41:11a ‘Threatening ship message may have been coincidence
12:41:15a Turkey to unveil national plan for cultural dialogue
12:41:19a Immigrant crime row could harm German coalition
12:41:24a Yeşil's top assistant Selvi recaptured
12:41:28a ‘Blood flag controversy continues
12:41:32a CAFE CAPITAL Debate on moving finance institutions heats up
12:41:37a Olmert says unauthorized settlement outposts a ‘disgrace
12:41:41a Rise in homicides by US Iraq war vets, report says
12:41:46a HK protesters march against Beijing ruling
12:41:50a S. African police chief
12:41:55a Battle for Pakistani army
12:41:59a Israel to get smarter US-made bombs than Saudis
12:42:03a IAEAIran to settle inquiry issu
12:42:11a Republicans Romney and McCain
12:42:16a Opposition doubles lead over British PM
12:42:20a Chavez no military
12:42:24a Croat PM Sanader
12:42:28a Brain dead mother on life support for unborn baby
12:42:33a Gül's visit to cement strategic ties with Egypt
12:42:37a Gül vows truthfulness on counterterrorism efforts
12:42:41a PACE president to
12:42:45a Iran gas supply to Turkey may not start today
12:42:49a Preparing for Jindal's inauguration
12:42:53a Cowboys, Giants tied at halftime
12:42:58a Benton woman dies in house fire
12:43:02a GM, UAW negotiating another round of buyouts, early retirements
12:43:06a Interpol chief resigns amid probe
12:43:11a Child's body found in Alabama search
12:43:15a Greenpeace chases Japanese whalers
12:43:19a MI Huckabee UPDATE
12:43:23a Huckabee plays bass guitar at Auburn Hills church
12:43:27a His appeal wide, McCain has automatic advantage when Mich. votes
12:43:43a YouTube legend Gürman twins bring flamenco back home
12:43:47a Stars say goodbye to jazz legend Peterson
12:43:51a Uluçay eyes foreign Oscar with upcoming film
12:43:55a Petrescu joins ‘night shift at İstanbul Modern
12:43:59a Flamenco flavored
12:44:03a Sarah Brightman's new album due out this month
12:44:08a Hayek to play bearded lady in ‘Freak film
12:44:12a ‘No Country racks
12:44:42a Giants Lead Cowboys in Fourth Quarter
12:44:53a Britons trawl web for medical problems
12:44:57a Lopsided KMT Election Victory Changes Taiwan's Political Map
12:45:09a Cyber Crime Transforms Legal Landscape
12:45:13a Bush Criticizes Iran, Lauds United Arab Emirates
12:45:18a Researchers Grow a Beating Heart
12:45:36a Tackle Global Warming
12:46:00a McConnell Yes, waterboarding is torture... but we don't do it
12:46:04a Reagan's legacy fades away
12:46:08a Independents boost McCain
12:46:14a Obama's 120b stimulus
12:46:18a Edwards, Obama slam Clinton's MLK comment
12:46:22a GOP hopefuls stump in Michigan
12:46:26a Will 'can-do spirit' elect Obama?
12:46:30a Can Huckabee expand his base?
12:46:34a Filmmakers lust for 9/11 reenactments
12:46:39a Spending slowdown Retail 'anarchy'
12:46:43a Interpol head quits to face charges
12:46:47a Navy Iran 'threat' had us on edge
12:46:51a Joint Chiefs chair Close Gitmo
12:46:56a On foosball and police brutality
12:47:00a Audit Oil missing from reserve
12:47:05a Friends shocked by deaths of Quebec wife, kids
12:47:09a Aid 'not unconditional,' Bernier tells Abbas
12:47:14a Scientists grow working rat heart
12:47:18a N.C. Aquarium Hosts Tsunami Discussion
12:47:22a Infy BPO eyes more biz from Philips
12:47:26a Art's on the rebound; auctions hot up
12:47:30a Bonanza for British firm thanks to India
12:47:35a Samsung i8 digicam released
12:47:39a Body, believed to be missing hunter, found in Armstrong lake
12:47:43a PSU's King to enter NFL draft
12:47:48a WVU's Slaton to enter NFL draft
12:47:52a D.A. Kamala Harris On S.F.'s Homicide Rate
12:47:56a Pocatello shelter's chili cook-off raises funds, feeds homeless
12:48:01a States Recognize National Amber Alert Awareness Day
12:48:32a WBZ Storm Update For January 13
12:49:53a Snohomish County GOP Caucus Locations Posted
12:50:14a School Districts Shying Away From Bible Classes
12:50:30a Steve Slaton to Turn Pro
12:50:54a Marbury misses Knicks' game against Pistons because of sore left ankle
12:50:58a Giants CB hurts shoulder against Cowboys
12:51:02a Maggs happy planting his roots
12:51:07a UPDATE Suspect in slain Marine case spotted in Louisiana
12:51:11a Huckabee seeks conservative support in SC
12:51:15a Serbia Ttefe debt owed by Iraq
12:51:20a Zubaidi declares Serbia extinguish debts on Iraq
12:51:42a Gallery Victims of the deadly crash
12:52:09a Angol vélemény Gyurcsány pöcegödröt csinált Magyarországból
12:52:41a Dispute Over Kashagan Field Resolved
12:52:56a Inflation data boosts case for rate hike
12:53:00a Sydney Gas names Andy Lukas as new CEO
12:53:23a Working in an Olive Tree, to a Rhythm of Tradition
12:53:34a Michelle Obama Husband No `fairy Tale'
12:53:43a Booklet offers information about HIV
12:53:47a Passenger stricken, takeoff delayed
12:53:52a Solution sought to landfill problem
12:53:56a Laurie Bortolotti and Ray Cagnon
12:54:00a Officials say they're ready for storm
12:54:05a Security lion's share in Montebello summit costs
12:54:09a Australia cuts 12 million from National Nanotechnology Strategy
12:54:14a NIST reference materials are 'gold standard' for bio-nanotech research
12:54:18a Purging nano's innovation bottleneck
12:54:23a Web Services Without Pain gSOAP Writes Your XML, SOAP, and RPC.
12:54:27a Minox Introduces the New Waterproof DC 6033 WP Digital Camera
12:54:31a 1/10 Ackpra.A Worm Copies Itself to Network Shares, Removable Drives
12:54:35a Lax TSA Website Exposed Travelers' Information
12:54:40a 1/11 Ennumi-A A Windows Virus
12:54:44a 1/11 Vora-A a Windows Worm
12:54:48a 1/11 Eriv-A Worm Targets Windows
12:54:56a Protection tips against Phishing
12:55:00a Clinton, Obama Tussle Over Race
12:55:04a NYC hits tourism record estimated 46 million visitors
12:55:09a Coffee, cocoa prices on the rise
12:55:13a About COLA Riders
12:55:17a Legal view on closed tea gardens likely tomorrow Ramesh
12:55:21a Coffee grower found cycad in rain forest
12:55:25a Marvel Tea gets export order from UAE
12:55:29a SWEET TEA Widow is sure God has a reason
12:55:33a Coffee warehouse sustains light damage in Friday fire
12:55:38a Dallas Stars' power play lacks juice in 4-3 loss
12:55:42a READER EXCHANGE The rush is on to finish these iced coffee, stir-fry recipes
12:55:46a Cadbury salmonella scare probed
12:55:50a Which coffee would you like Colombian, Kenyan ... or Cornish?
12:55:54a London robusta coffee hits 9
12:55:59a Developer, coffee grower plan small West Maui farms
12:56:03a Israel, Palestinian leaders agree to talks
12:56:08a Bush Troop-level freeze 'fine with me'
12:56:12a Financial Classes Could Become Mandatory
12:56:36a Gold hits another record high - just shy of 900
12:56:40a GM's Wagoner says US economic woes a concern
12:56:54a Chinese envoy arrives in South Korea for talks
12:56:58a Johor Buzz Beware scratch-and-win cash offer
12:57:03a Johor Buzz Supervisor hurt after dispute turns ugly
12:57:07a Lady Horns edge by Kansas State,
12:57:11a HazMat crews respond to spill at UT; none injured
12:57:28a Media outlets continued to mislead on the Clintons' "fairy tale" and civil rights quotes
12:57:51a Waving at girls costs Australian man his arm
12:57:55a Photographer appeals for Gordon Brown lookalike
12:58:00a Brown argues for 'full engagement' with EU
12:58:04a Bahrain George W. Does a Dance
12:58:29a Race to White House heats up
12:58:33a Bush warns against Iran threat
12:58:38a New Clinton Surrogate Raises Obama's Drug Use
12:58:42a Michelle Obama Husband No 'Fairy Tale'
12:58:46a Michelle Obama Don't 'dismiss this moment as an illusion, a fairy tale'
12:58:50a Watching Bush's Visit Through the Arab Media
12:58:55a Poll 'Overwhelming' support for Obama among Arab Americans
12:58:59a Clinton Obama Campaign Behind Racial Tension
12:59:04a Is Obama's 'Audacity of Hope' A Fairy Tale?
12:59:08a Bush talks the talk on human rights. Now he must walk the walk
12:59:13a Michelle Obama Husband No 'Fairytale'
12:59:17a Bush tells us the old, old story
12:59:21a Bush Iran is world leader in supporting terrorism
12:59:26a Taiwan's ruling-party presidential candidate takes party's helm after embarrassing defeat
12:59:31a Bush Iran threatens security of world
12:59:35a Republicans Romney and McCain debate jobs in depressed Michigan
12:59:39a Bush arrives in UAE on historic visit
12:59:44a Independent Living Centre NSW 2008 Training Calendar
12:59:48a Does your organisation have to pay income tax? Translated Factsheet ATO
12:59:52a Kenya UN continues providing assistance to victims of post-election violence
12:59:57a Karl Rove sends out the Dogs of Racism with his WSJ op-ed on Obama
01:00:01a PNP Extrajudicial killings fell by 83% in 2007
01:00:21a Jackson Speaks At Ebenezer Baptist Church
01:00:25a Michelle Obama Reaches Out At Trumpet Awards.
01:00:29a Obama, Clinton In Tussle Over Race
01:00:40a Michelle Obama Husband No `Fairy Tale'
01:01:15a Gulf Air orders Boeing 787s
01:01:35a Houston Mother Lays Out Unusual Punishment
01:01:39a Competitive Eater Miller Dies Of Old Age
01:01:44a Maryland Primary Might Be Pivotal
01:01:48a Wildlife Park Criticized For Tiger Feeding
01:01:52a Plane Crashes In Northwest Ohio
01:01:56a E-coli prompts recall of 188,000 pounds of ground meat
01:02:03a Pregnant athletes step away from scholarship protection
01:02:07a Clinton says Obama campaign 'distorting' comments on race
01:02:12a Prominent black supporter of Clinton criticizes Obama
01:02:54a Bank charges court test to open
01:02:58a Q&A Bank charges test case
01:03:03a OFT rejects banks' charges claim
01:03:07a Is this the end to free banking
01:03:11a Cardinal Aloísio Lorscheider
01:03:15a British Homes 'Now Worth £4 Trillion' After 9% Rise In 2007
01:03:20a Boris is the Russell Brand of contemporary politics
01:03:24a Everton 1, Manchester City 0
01:03:28a Scotland Yard believes Al-Qaeda assassinated...
01:03:32a Eagles recovering after disastrous dive into fish truck in Alaska
01:03:40a School motto based on bible verse banned
01:03:44a ROTR Michigan Average Mitt +2.4
01:04:15a Suspect in Marine killing spotted, manhunt under way
01:04:19a Japan whalers 'scattered and ran'
01:04:23a Singer Christina Aguilera gives birth to boy
01:04:27a Celeb dollars behind '08 contenders
01:04:31a CNN Student News Transcript January 14, 2008
01:04:36a India, China launch war games
01:04:40a Chinese 'border gesture' to India
01:04:55a Giants Hold on to Shock Romo and Cowboys
01:04:59a Clinton, Obama spar as race heats up
01:05:04a German tourist arrested with child porn
01:05:10a Land Rover looks to future despite being up for sale
01:05:15a Casus Belli?
01:05:41a Newly Retired General Seeks 'Culture of Preparedness' for Civilians
01:05:45a US Attacks UK Plan to Arm Afghan Militias
01:05:50a Yemen's Al-Qaeda Wing Vows to Free Jailed Militants
01:05:54a Uganda Rebel Leader Rejects Talks Deadline
01:05:58a Kenyan Police 'Had Shoot-To-Kill Policy'
01:06:03a 100,000 March in Georgia to Call for New Election
01:06:07a US Missionary Held in Chad to Be Freed Soon
01:06:12a Shin Bet Head More Than 800 Killed in Gaza in Last Two Years
01:06:16a Detroit Auto Show goes 'green'
01:06:28a How the Poll Was Conducted
01:06:33a Live Blogging the N.F.C. Divisional Playoffs
01:06:37a Indian PM in China for talks
01:06:42a Spirited Away Art Thieves Target Europe's Churches
01:07:09a Egypt America Decides
01:07:25a Clutha River body now identified
01:07:29a Man crushed to death at work
01:07:33a Public holiday suggested by union on day of Sir Edmund's funeral
01:07:38a Black Caps whitewash Bangladesh
01:07:42a Down Under sharemarkets still falling
01:07:46a Flash flooding hits North Queensland
01:07:51a Confront Iran danger 'before it's too late' Bush
01:07:55a Crowe conquers all
01:07:59a States grapple with online auctions
01:08:03a Republicans trade jabs in Michigan
01:08:28a Chris Lin Why learn Chinese?
01:08:54a Soeharto's condition worsening again
01:08:59a 2 NATO soldiers killed, another wounded in S Afghanistan
01:09:03a Sarkozy arrives in Saudi Arabia, starting 1st Gulf tour
01:09:11a Punjab-origin MP takes up case in Canada
01:09:15a Punjab's first community care centre For HIV/AIDS Patients set up ...
01:09:20a Punjab to introduce IT-aided learning in 1,000 primary schools
01:09:24a Punjab on Tata's radar, govt ready
01:09:28a Alaska eagles recovering after disastrous dive into fish truck
01:09:32a The role of race in politics takes center stage
01:09:37a Michelle Obama Don't 'dismiss this moment as an illusion, a fairy tale'
01:09:49a Detroit Auto Show 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Detroit Auto Show
01:10:00a Crescent issues Abano escalation clause
01:10:04a Decline in new housing continues
01:10:08a Crescent ups the ante in Abano takeover bid
01:10:12a Britain's Brown argues for 'full engagement' with EU
01:10:21a PHOTO GALLERY Photos of the Week.
01:10:25a Road closure, construction announced
01:10:48a Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'
01:10:52a Mitt Romney on Presidential Power
01:10:57a Nose Bidet Achieves Sudden Popularity
01:11:01a Shannon-Heathrow service ends
01:11:06a Ron Paul on Presidential Power
01:11:10a Contact Lens in Big Toe Cures Filmaker
01:11:14a Landlocked, I am in Awe of Maverick & those who take it on
01:11:19a Dame Edna told by doctors to rest for six months
01:11:24a Western town boldly goes into virtual world
01:11:28a Exeter's Temple of Doom Gives Up Treasure
01:11:32a John McCain on Presidential Power
01:11:37a Launching a brazilian new face
01:11:41a Britons trawl Web to diagnose medical problems
01:12:04a Connacht crush Cetransa El Salvador
01:12:09a 2001 Earthquake hits El Salvador More than 1,000 feared dead
01:12:14a Cloned Foods Face a Hard Sell FDA Ruling Won't End Debate on Safety
01:12:18a For Some Parents, Language Another Challenge
01:12:23a Urban Landscape Gets a Hard Look at Shemer Show
01:12:32a Father-in-Law's Visits Make Her Feel Uneasy
01:12:36a Anguish in Ambulance
01:12:41a Bug at Hospital
01:12:45a GUIDE JAMBOREE; 3000 Guides, Rangers Arrive for Jamboree
01:12:50a Arts Planner Corrected 01/13/08 ; News
01:12:54a Local Practice Joins St. Joseph Healthcare
01:12:58a Perry, Leo James Jr.
01:13:03a Herbal Medicine Could Be the Beginning of a New Career
01:13:07a Paddling for Pleasure Not Pain
01:13:13a 8 dead following road collision in New Brunswick, Canada
01:14:55a Breast cancer drug passes first hurdle
01:14:59a Biotech race for drought-tolerant crops
01:15:04a Police Suspect in slain N.C. Marine case may be headed to Texas
01:15:08a A look at the events for Gov.-elect Bobby Jindal's Inauguration
01:15:13a Jindal attends pre-inauguration prayer service in Baton Rouge
01:15:17a Man Injured In Sailboat Explosion
01:15:22a Bush Labels Iran World's Leading Sponsor of Terrorism east
01:15:54a Ousted Pakistan top court judge put under house arrest again; Chaudhry resists move
01:15:59a Bangladesh ex-PM Hasina formally charged with extortion
01:16:03a Villawood detention centre unacceptable Evans
01:16:07a Local market opens lower
01:17:10a Once-injured eagle reclaims the skies
01:17:14a Driver rams into car, calls 911 before speeding off
01:17:19a Bag of bicycle parts shuts down Hood Canal Bridge
01:17:23a Outagamie County inmate declared dead following medical emergency
01:17:28a Police arrest man accused of attacking sleeping man with hammer
01:18:24a By One Test They All Fail
01:18:31a WVU's Steve Slaton to pass up final year to enter NFL draft
01:18:35a PSU's King to turn pro
01:18:53a Israeli, Palestinian negotiators to start tackling core issues for peace treaty
01:18:59a Rights group accuses Kenyan police of unofficial 'shoot to kill' policy
01:19:26a Suspect in slain marine case seen in Louisiana
01:20:23a Giants knock out Cowboys
01:20:47a Kazakhstan reaches Kashagan accord with consortium
01:21:03a \tab Chinese intelligence responds to reports it penetrated NSA listening post in Hawaii\par \tab
01:21:08a \tab Russia revives naval ties with Libya\par \tab
01:21:13a \tab Inflation dragon that opened gates for Mao, now threatens regime, global economy\par \tab
01:21:17a \tab U.S. sanctions Iranians, including general, for directing attacks in Iraq\par \tab
01:21:22a \tab Iran seeks partners for construction of 19 reactors\par \tab
01:21:26a \tab Israeli early warning system missed rocket attack\par \tab
01:21:30a \tab Bush won't arrive in 'Riyad empty-handed'\par \tab
01:21:35a \tab Al Qaida strikes back, kills Sunni commander\par \tab
01:21:39a \tab As Bush visits Israel, ties strained by Iran NIE\par \tab
01:21:44a \tab Israel, India deepening strategic ties\par \tab
01:21:48a \tab In last year, Bush to arm U.S. allies in Iran's neighborhood\par \tab
01:21:53a \tab Threat to West doesn't worry candidates; It will take a movie\par \tab
01:21:57a \tab Pakistan on the bigger subcontinental screen\par \tab
01:22:01a \tab Comrade Hugo Chavez bids for the 'hearths and minds' of low-income Americans\par \tab
01:22:06a \tab Missile from Gaza reaches northern section of southern Israeli city\par \tab
01:22:11a \tab Seoul's new leader would tap Siberian resources using North Korean labor\par \tab
01:22:16a \tab Kurdish insurgents used Al Qaida technology in car-bomb strike\par \tab
01:22:21a \tab Suicide bombings in Israel down in 2007; Missile attacks sharply up\par \tab
01:22:25a \tab Thousands in security detail for Bush trip to Israel, Mideast\par \tab
01:22:30a \tab The insanity of genius Would Einstein be turned away by today's intelligentsia?\par \tab
01:22:34a Woman's murder puts community on edge
01:22:38a Wanted fugitive arrested in Cumberland County
01:22:43a New policy to require student finance classes
01:22:50a • Economists Raise Odds for Possible U.S. Recession
01:22:54a Odds of Recession at 1 in 2, Experts Say
01:22:58a City has cushion against recession
01:23:03a A perfect storm door against a U.S. recession?
01:23:07a - Odds Are Growing for Economic Recession
01:23:11a Odds Growing for Economic Recession
01:23:16a Easier monetary policy alone canrsquo;t stave off recession
01:23:20a Tips for protection against inflation
01:23:24a Patriot Puppy...
01:23:28a NH2008Primary004_1a
01:23:33a clerical confessions
01:23:37a Dedication From The Sky
01:23:41a Governor Sebelius
01:23:45a Lost or Forgotten
01:23:49a Barack Obama Ad Parody
01:23:54a The iPhone Great At Home, Lousy Abroad
01:23:58a New Get A Mac Ad Time Machine
01:24:02a Banks gloomy on commerical property debt
01:24:07a Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle by 2010
01:24:11a Nanoco to be in Japan for nano tech 2008
01:24:19a - Greenpeace Japan's Whale Kill Halted
01:24:23a 'Japanese Markets for Electrophysiology Mapping and Ablation Devices 2007' Provides In-Depth Segment
01:24:28a Corolla tops Japan's passenger
01:24:32a Member of Japanese Diet Doubts Official 9/11 Fairy Tale
01:24:36a Greenpeace Says Japan Whale Kill Halted
01:24:41a Air fears bring athletes to Japan / Beijing pollution, food
01:24:45a Conservation Greenpeace Confronts Japanese Whalers
01:24:49a Greenpeace Japanese whalers were chased out
01:24:54a Japan suspends beef imports from local plant
01:24:58a Japanese caught with 34 €˜joints€™ in underwear
01:25:03a Japan stops beef imports from U.S. plant
01:25:07a Googles Eric Schmidt Wont Talk About The iPhone At Apple Board Meetings, WTF?
01:25:12a Peak Second Life Concurrency Passes 61,000
01:25:16a Index On Censorship's new issue on 'cyberspeech'
01:25:21a A La Mobile First To Pimp Android
01:25:25a TEDsters build site to track Kenyan violence
01:25:30a McIntyre Presses For Additional Border Security Funds
01:25:34a McIntyre Announces 24 Million in Federal Funds for Coastal Projects
01:25:39a McIntyre Announces Drought Relief
01:25:43a Gunston Hall Completes Military Exercise With Djibouti
01:25:48a Family Film Series Returns in February
01:25:53a Latino Kidnappings Rattle Valley
01:25:57a TV Presenter Kang Su-jung to Wed
01:26:09a Australian stocks Miners drag down market
01:26:13a Oldest ice cream maker reveals secret ingredient
01:26:18a Crescent issues escalation clause in Abano takeover battle
01:26:22a Austin Police Seek Missing Boy
01:27:08a Brown EU crucial for British prosperity
01:27:13a Tens of thousands of Georgian opposition supporters urge recount of presidential vote
01:27:18a Iran agrees to provide answers to programs linked by U.S. to nuclear arms activities
01:27:22a Ford focuses on smaller engines with big results
01:27:50a Bobbies on the beat DO cut crime
01:27:54a Sturgeon backs 'presumed consent'
01:27:58a Richey hits back at dead girl's aunt
01:28:03a 'New Scots' from Poland doing us proud
01:28:07a Should Scottish women be defined as having a reduced legal capacity?
01:28:12a Inside view of the long journey to Richey's freedom
01:28:16a Bags and bags and bags of them
01:28:20a Bush urges Arab allies to confront 'worldwide threat' of Iran
01:28:24a Lessons left by Eugene O'Kelly
01:28:29a 'Big brother' web policies are legal
01:28:33a Legal update
01:28:37a State of car industry takes pole position as Republicans rev up for Michigan primaries
01:28:42a The loss of the chairman's casting vote means new companies must be careful
01:28:46a Revealed – boyhood parable of peace penned by Hamas's Israeli prisoner
01:28:51a Helicopter search after suicide girl's mother goes missing
01:28:55a European competition rules land CalMac with 11m tax bill
01:29:00a Soldier's death 'could have been prevented'
01:29:04a Fresh criticism from US of plan to arm Afghan militia groups
01:29:09a First Minister urges Electoral Commission to challenge Labour
01:29:13a Murder inquiry in Morningside after man is found dead in flat
01:29:17a Techno file
01:29:21a Now you see them, now you don't – how beat patrols come and go
01:29:25a Labour wants 30m invested in training for extra learning needs
01:29:30a Closure of A&E units 'would not benefit patients'
01:29:34a Murder accused is found dead
01:29:38a Scotland may get six nuclear waste stores
01:29:43a Campaign leaves 'no safe haven' for kerb crawlers
01:29:47a 'Waterboarding would be torture to me' says US intelligence chief
01:29:51a Centro talks within bank talks after shares suspended
01:29:56a Australian shares outlook Lower on Wall Street sell-off
01:30:00a Michael Richardson Oil plans aren't so slick as worldwide stocks sink
01:30:05a Stock market surges in pre-election rally
01:30:10a Asia Day Ahead US Stocks Fall; China May Slow at Worst Time
01:30:14a Shares tipped for big tumble
01:30:18a PSU stocks lose over 6 b in market value
01:30:23a Central European shares close sharply lower
01:30:27a Gulf Shares Advance as Investors Seek Assets Sheltered From U.S. Slowdown
01:30:31a Prices for wheat hit lower marks
01:30:35a Family Calls For 'Justice' And 'Answers' After Dec. 30 Murder
01:30:39a WaPo Did Huckabee plagiarize Mark Krikorian's immigration plan?
01:30:44a Giants Defeat Cowboys, 21-17
01:30:51a Bob Johnson Criticizes Obama
01:30:56a Google Bombs do Work
01:31:00a And Now for Some Michael Brecker
01:31:04a Netflix to offer unlimited online viewing
01:31:12a THIS IS COOL University of...
01:31:17a TOM MAGUIRE takes a skeptical...
01:31:21a Giuliani Reminds That Campaign Is 'Real' While Touring Florida
01:31:26a Eyes will be on Southwest's, American' earnings and economic views
01:31:30a Burlington Northern Santa Fe to expand Fort Worth hub
01:31:34a Convicts 'should be allowed IVF treatment while in jail'
01:31:39a Migrants' prints to go on UK database
01:31:43a Dutch soldiers 'killed in combat' in Afghanistan
01:31:48a Blind marathon man heads for Sydney for record
01:31:52a Was It a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?
01:31:57a Michelle Obama Husband no `fairy tale'
01:32:05a Detroit Auto Show Mercedes GLK revealed officially, a
01:32:09a Detroit Auto Show Not Feeling the Ford F15
01:32:59a Church Announces Different Kind of 'Comeback'
01:33:46a NIS Chief Facing Leak Probe
01:33:51a Asbestos Problem Goes Unchecked in Seoul Subway
01:33:55a Lee to Outline Directions of His Gov't on Monday
01:33:59a Travelers Headed for 40 Million Mark
01:34:03a Lee Calls for U.S. Dialogue with N.Korean Military
01:34:08a Woman Appointed New U.S. Ambassador to Seoul
01:34:12a Upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit Fedora Linux Without a System Reinstall
01:34:16a Man may face amputation after arm wave
01:34:21a Recap San Jose vs. Toronto
01:34:25a Analysis Whatever happened to Iraq war?
01:34:47a alaattinkorkmaz
01:34:51a 911 ANGLES evidence that they add up
01:34:57a New York City hits tourism record
01:35:06a Giants hold off Dallas for 21-17 upset
01:35:10a Golden Globes to quietly announce winners
01:35:14a Clemens not committing to House deposition
01:36:16a Legislators compare notes on casino situation, health care
01:36:37a Giants Hold on As Romo, Cowboys Crumble
01:36:42a U.S. military chief favours closing Guantanamo prison as soon as possible
01:36:47a Greenpeace halts Japan's whale kill, chasing ship out of whaling grounds
01:36:52a Avalanche kills 4, injures 7 in Italian Alps, state radio reports
01:36:56a Chavez requests meeting with commander of Colombia's FARC rebels
01:37:00a Ash brings Asterix to Mumbai!
01:37:04a Mumbai doc held for second time
01:37:08a I€™m going to rock MumbaiSaif
01:37:12a Mumbai least preferred by IT companies for setting up shops
01:37:17a Finnair to launch 2nd fastest Mumbai-NY flight from April
01:37:22a Crazy World
01:38:13a No big winners in Saturday night lottery drawings
01:38:23a List of celebs who gave in '08 and how much
01:38:49a For rabbi, God isn't in the details
01:38:54a Autism cases still rising after vaccine removal
01:38:59a Canada losing 'soul of a people' with selloff of religious heritage
01:39:03a Women trivialize politics by rushing to Clinton in the tracks of her tears
01:39:08a Community Forum on Autism in Webster
01:39:12a Huckabee lashes back Thompson known to associate with liberals!
01:39:16a The Gina Khan Interview Part One
01:39:20a Thompson's conservative values
01:39:25a Is An Aspirin A Day Good For You?
01:39:29a MI Right Eyes Romney Rebound
01:39:34a 'A Well-Publicized Automobile Accident in Massachusetts Nearly 39 Years Ago'
01:39:38a Deadly Mexican gunbattles spark fears of Texas spillover
01:39:43a Culture Influences Brain Function, Study Shows
01:39:47a Giants Beat Cowboys
01:39:51a Rocket won't commit to House deposition
01:39:55a Designers let's stop quickie fashion
01:40:00a Dick Morris and Eileen McGann Man To Beat McCain's Cross-Party Appeal
01:40:04a Bush Ira
01:40:14a Biotech companies race for drought-tolerant crops
01:40:28a U.K. Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'
01:40:46a Iran Will Answer Questions About Nuclear Program In 4 Weeks
01:40:51a Children's Story By Captive Israeli Soldier Published
01:41:50a Australia's Babcock takes stake in Forth Ports
01:41:54a Rights group says Kenyan police deliberately killed protestors
01:41:59a Sarkozy begins Mideast tour
01:42:03a Messenger primed for Mercury pass
01:42:07a Mercury pass delights skygazers
01:42:12a Mercury passes across Sun
01:42:16a Q&A Mercury space probe
01:42:21a EU rethinks biofuels guidelines
01:42:25a An Ominous Move by the Transition Committee
01:42:29a Labor Groups Want to Hold Korea Hostage
01:42:34a At Last We're Discussing the Property Sales Tax
01:42:43a Park Geun-hye's Choice, iby Kim Dae-joong /i
01:42:48a Land Rover looks to future despite being up for sale, unveils hybrid concept SUV
01:42:52a Gold opens higher in Hong Kong at US897.55 an ounce
01:42:56a Japanese markets closed for Coming-of-Age Day holiday
01:43:01a Disgraced Australian CEO Ray Williams released from jail
01:43:06a Bryan Adams serenades Audi TTS; automaker expects sales growth
01:43:10a WIF 2008 pre-selections in Bangalore
01:43:14a Court not to issue back-to-work orders for striking lecturers
01:43:19a 2007 Big Year For Tri-Cities Housing Market
01:43:23a Fight At Apartment Complex Leaves Man Behind Bars
01:43:28a Police Still Looking For Suspects On Assault in Richland
01:43:32a Daniels scores 28 to lead Rhode Island over Duquesne, 80-78
01:43:37a Some on Pa. campus previously unaware of anti-porn filters
01:43:41a Were the tears for global warming?
01:43:45a Map maker
01:43:49a More Local Dems Announce Endorsements
01:43:54a French Offer Saudi Nuclear Energy Help
01:43:59a US Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,923
01:44:07a Gang unit investigating slaying of 2 Seattle teens
01:44:16a High Winds headed towards Central Washington
01:44:20a My sexy image is limited to a song Amrita Rao
01:44:57a Hope for shunned Indian AIDS school
01:45:46a About 2800 police officers to protect the order during Russian ...
01:45:50a Guccione short of the mark Russian
01:45:55a Scottish Newcastlersquo;s Russian buyout
01:45:59a Russian couple reunited after 60 years
01:46:22a Bush Labels Iran World's Leading Sponsor of Terrorism
01:46:26a In US Political Campaign, Clinton Defends Her Comments on Race
01:46:31a Clutha River body identified
01:46:35a House price rises slowing, says Quotable Value
01:46:39a Union suggests public holiday for Sir Edmund's funeral
01:47:13a China, Ethiopia to step up cooperation
01:47:18a China pledges more cooperation with Ethiopia
01:47:33a Vietnamese boy flies to U.S. for surgery on disfiguring facial lesion
01:47:56a Off-duty officer stabbed in apparent domestic altercation
01:48:00a 'The Bucket List' tops weekend box office
01:48:05a Amid Hollywood writers strike Golden Globes will quietly go on
01:48:09a Officials expect 2007 to have been record year for casino revenue
01:48:14a Fire threats ease in Tasmania
01:48:18a Caution urged after flash floods hit N Qld
01:48:23a Dutch killed by 'friendly fire' in Afghanistan
01:48:27a Dept downplays hospital waiting time figures
01:48:31a NSW may stamp out horse flu 'by March'
01:48:36a Butler to appear at Diana inquest
01:48:40a Share market drops 1pc
01:48:44a Inflation data 'points to rates rise'
01:48:48a Job ads surge in December
01:48:53a Deaths of Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan 'probably friendly fire'
01:48:57a Top officer would like Guantanamo shut down
01:49:02a New campaign warns kerb-crawlers
01:49:06a ASU memorial union re-opens
01:49:10a In SC church, Huckabee eschews politics, preaches instead
01:49:15a Raleigh needs a community center
01:49:25a Wormleysburg fire leaves family homeless
01:49:43a Mexico soldiers kill teenager at military checkpoint
01:49:47a Police may bill host of wild teen party
01:50:16a Miss. casino revenues may have hit record in '07
01:50:20a Second body found in search for kids thrown from bridge
01:50:24a Officials say child shot is in good condition
01:50:29a Bush trying to 'harm' Iran ties with neighbours Iran FM
01:50:52a Clinton, Obama clash on race remarks
01:50:56a Pressure increases on embattled Hain
01:51:01a North Dublin rail line reopened
01:51:05a Irish actors in Golden Globe contention
01:51:23a Mayors face test of spreading foreclosures
01:51:32a Indian Military Joins Effort to Stop Large Market Fire and accidents
01:51:43a Man crushed by falling machinery
01:52:01a Fire Kills 3 Dogs, Lands Owners in Hospital Mon, 14 Jan 2008 004445 GMT
01:52:07a Jordan's King Abdullah II in Morocco
01:52:11a Love, hope for shunned kids in India AIDS school
01:53:13a Ferry shift will mean longer wait times for some
01:53:17a GM No Spike in Car Loan Defaults
01:53:22a Land Rover Looks to Future
01:53:41a Tamaya improves terms for copper sales
01:53:46a Mirrabooka H1 net profit falls 7.3%
01:53:50a Paladin mine meets production target
01:53:55a Jinchuan support shows ties Allegiance
01:53:59a Commuters like free transport plan
01:54:03a Fed to Show New Openness on Outlook
01:54:07a High-End Cards Fall From Grace
01:54:11a Countrywide Draws Ire of Judges
01:54:20a A Fund Behind Astronomical Losses
01:54:25a EMI Is Set to Slash Jobs, Drop Artists
01:54:29a The New Focus Groups Online Networks
01:54:33a Airbus to Raise Ante in Bid for Tanker Deal
01:54:37a Wang Zhizhi dominates CBA All Star match
01:54:42a Disgraced Australian CEO Leaves Jail
01:54:46a Officers, community say final goodbyes to Bell Co. deputy
01:55:35a Zikir group fails to pray for Soeharto health in hospital room
01:55:51a Life after the 'Islamic State'
01:56:18a EXPAT VOICE There's no smoke without fire!
01:56:22a Sail away!
01:56:27a Legal regulations for foreigners
01:56:43a British Council Defies Kremlin Ban on Operations in St. Petersburg
01:57:46a Watching Bush's Visit Through the Arab Media
01:58:51a Wednesday, Jan. 16, Martin Luther King Celebration Nightly Gospel Program
01:58:55a Thursday, Jan. 17 Jackson's Progressive Minds Meeting
01:58:59a Friday, Jan. 18, Millsaps Gallery Talk
01:59:04a Best Bets Monday, January 14
01:59:28a Zubiri Koko Pimentel has long way to go with poll protest
01:59:32a How do you fly your flag? Let us tell you the correct way.
01:59:55a Explosive Find in Oro...
01:59:59a Coping with the Flood...
02:00:03a Family Sets Sights High...
02:00:07a Britney Spears due in court for major hearing
02:00:21a Calderon Bobblehead
02:00:32a Cottontown Family Reeling After House Fire
02:00:47a Errors, delays and rejection one woman's ordeal
02:00:51a 'I'd never have put myself through this if I'd known'
02:02:04a Government Says Terrorism Threat Will Remain Severe
02:02:33a Accident closes Interstate 5 near military bases
02:02:37a Tacoma school leaders want tougher sexual misconduct laws
02:02:48a Germany Tinkers With Foreign-Takeovers Plan
02:02:56a Sunplus, Ocean Blue to develop interactive mobile TV platform
02:03:00a Woman, 4 kids die in Texas mobile home fire
02:03:05a MTN Reported to Be Seeking Stake in Egyptian Mobile Operator
02:03:09a Remote Access Metavante Bulks Up In Mobile Arms Race
02:03:13a Mobile tech firm to go shopping
02:03:18a Two arrests made in beating death of Mobile man
02:03:22a Second Body Found in Search for Kids Allegedly Thrown from Bridge
02:03:26a Netflix's Coming Attraction Unlimited Movies Streamed Over Internet
02:03:31a Scientists Get Grown Rat Heart Beating
02:03:35a Ford rolls out second small-car Verve prototype
02:03:39a German car makers to weather weak US market
02:03:44a BACKGROUND Detroit's engine continues to sputter
02:03:48a Fox may ink Paula Abdul for Superbowl show
02:03:52a In photos '2008 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo'
02:04:06a Democrats' secretary of state debate shows style differences
02:04:30a Deputies learn tell-tale signs of an abused horse
02:05:10a NFL Playoffs Roundup Chargers, N.Y. Giants advance
02:05:14a 1. Locked-in profits
02:05:18a 2. Perils of doing business in China
02:05:23a 3. Stock Watch
02:05:27a 4. Experts say fuel subsidy unsustainable
02:05:31a 5. Bandar Raya to reconsider disposal of Mieco
02:05:36a 6. Car sales back on fast lane
02:05:40a 7. Speculative buying spurs upward charge
02:05:44a 8. Breaking up is hard to do
02:05:48a 9. MMM to make big gains from disposal
02:05:52a 10. CIMB on track to get RM2b deposits
02:05:57a 11. More high-end projects in pipeline in the vicinity of KLCC
02:06:01a 12. Shanghai makes big strides in its bid to be a global financial centre
02:06:05a 13. Recently upgraded Pangkor Laut Resort has much to offer
02:06:09a 14. An all-time high of 1,521 points
02:06:14a 15. CPO prices hit new high
02:06:18a 16. Impact of fuel prices not that significant yet
02:06:22a 17. Tan & Tan expanding niche development
02:06:27a 18. KL commercial properties at upturn of cycle
02:06:31a 19. Companies ready to meet customers' needs
02:06:36a 20. Quill Capita to manage assets worth RM750m
02:06:40a Dream whisperer
02:06:44a Season to be married
02:06:48a Action please, Mr Bond
02:06:52a Down the glitzy avenue of awards
02:06:57a Face care, from the birds
02:07:01a What's your love story?
02:07:05a Tried and Tested Get smoke in your eyes
02:07:10a Summer's fragrances
02:07:14a Bamboo extract for even skin tone
02:07:18a Raja Bersiong returns
02:07:22a Johor Buzz Close watch on coral reefs
02:07:27a Johor Buzz Finally, a proper home for poor couple
02:07:31a Johor Buzz Mesmerised by magic of Ahmad Nawab and stars
02:07:35a My Johor More to a name than meets the eye
02:07:39a Man on the run after Hamilton sex attack
02:07:44a Man sought over Hamilton sex assault
02:07:48a Warning to be safe in water
02:07:52a MP distances himself from Shadbolt moves
02:07:56a Thomson acquires NZ tax business
02:08:01a NZer's fourth round off to shaky start in PGA title quest
02:08:05a Police continue cyber crime investigation
02:08:10a Man crushed to death near Nelson
02:08:14a Body found in river identified
02:08:18a Man killed by falling machinery in Nelson
02:08:22a Rising consumer debt puts crimp in retirement savings
02:08:26a France plans nuclear deal for UAE
02:08:30a Bush to make speech in Abu Dhabi after arriving in UAE
02:08:35a UAE's Aabar gets offer for its Pearl Energy unit
02:08:39a UAE's Air Arabia to start budget airline in Nepal
02:08:43a Bush continues Gulf tour in UAE
02:08:48a Bush visits United Arab Emirates
02:08:52a French firms eye two UAE nuclear plants
02:08:57a • Sarkozy to sign UAE nuclear deal
02:09:01a Kenya death toll tops 700 as protest rallies loom
02:09:09a Fire smokes out N.Y. pot growers
02:09:14a Hillary Says Democrat Defeatism Is Responsible For Success Of Surge In Iraq
02:09:18a In Florida, Rudy Asks For Prayers And Quotes Scripture
02:09:22a IN MEMORIAM
02:09:26a Deadly Protests in Aden, Yemen
02:09:30a A Response to Tariq Ramadan
02:09:35a PETA Tombstone Stunt
02:09:39a NBC News Taken Off Golden Globe Presser Coverage
02:09:43a FBLA Exclusive Face of Us Weekly, Ken Baker, Leaves The Mag
02:09:47a TSA Site Exposed Travelers To ID Theft
02:09:52a Apple fans hope keynote holds news of subcompact
02:09:56a Go native with iPhone development
02:10:00a What would an Apple-Adobe merger mean to Microsoft?
02:10:05a Is Podcasting Dead?
02:10:09a Black Caps score easy win over Bangladesh
02:10:14a Ground Beef Recalled For E-Coli Contamination
02:10:18a Bjork 'Attacks Photographer At New Zealand Airport'
02:10:23a Greenpeace halts Japan's whale kill, chasing ship out of whaling grounds
02:10:28a Brown argues for 'full engagement' with EU
02:10:47a Brown orders prosecution of knife carriers
02:11:31a Beijing car ownership soars along with traffic woes
02:12:35a GM could announce more buyout offers this week
02:12:50a Report calls for tougher action on Indonesian wildlife trade
02:13:01a Bid to rescue mental health unit
02:13:05a What are the differences among Alzheimer's, dementia, delirium and cognitive mapping?
02:13:10a US ambassador to Afghanistan meets ex-Taliban commander
02:13:14a Iran, IAEA agree on timeline for disclosure of nuclear programs
02:13:19a Korea, Southeast Asian nations set trade talks
02:13:23a Bush calls Iran biggest sponsor of terror
02:13:28a Bush warns of risks from Iran
02:13:32a Tehran agrees to answer IAEA questions on nuclear activities
02:13:36a Bush has harsh words for Iran
02:13:41a Bush criticises Iran's role as terror sponsor
02:13:45a IAEA Iran agree to implement workplan
02:13:49a Confront Iran danger 'before it's too late' Bush
02:13:54a The IAEA's new opportunity
02:13:58a French wine sales risk losing fizz
02:14:02a Napoleon's Exile Wine, Jane Austen's Heartbreak Cure, Revives in Cape Town
02:14:07a LCBO shifting focus to pricier wine, spirits
02:14:11a Champagne hopes on a beer budget
02:14:17a FNS William “The Bloody” says the surge has worked–to benefit McCain.
02:14:22a Local priest removed from ministry after sex abuse allegations
02:14:26a Will Clemens give a deposition?
02:14:30a Voter registration card a painful reminder for grieving mom
02:14:34a Lundberg Survey shows average gas price rises 10 cents in 3 weeks
02:14:39a U.S. bombs Al Qaida safe havens, tracks down cash-starved operatives fleeing North, South
02:14:46a Steve Wright Trial For Suffolk Prostitute Murders To Begin
02:15:32a AUTOSHOW-Toyota to launch diesel Tundra, Sequoia in U.S.
02:15:36a Top U.S. officer would like Guantanamo shut down
02:15:41a Usual stars, style missing ahead of Golden Globes
02:15:50a 9/11 2/1/2006 BYU Professor Steven E Jones WTC Lecture UVSC
02:15:54a 308,000 barrels missing from Petroleum Reserve
02:15:58a Top US officer would like Guantanamo shut down
02:16:02a NSW may stamp out horse flu by March Govt
02:16:07a Summary Box Saving by clicking, not clipping
02:16:17a Grief floods Internet
02:16:21a N.B. town mourns tragedy that claimed 8
02:16:25a Sask. Liberals angry at appointment of candidate
02:16:30a Grief floods Internet after deadly crash
02:16:34a Concerns over govt's nanotech strategy
02:16:54a Federline lawyer Upcoming Spears court hearing most significant yet in custody case
02:16:59a Eagle Death Toll Now at 22 After Mishap
02:17:03a China's Tangled New Labor Law
02:17:07a bNotes On The News/b
02:17:12a Dutch killed by 'friendly fire'
02:18:32a Poll What color would you paint bridges?
02:18:37a Is Goodwill a fit in Mount Washington?
02:18:41a Artists' treasures buried on Oregon coast
02:18:46a Drug-related mail theft on rise in Ore. county
02:18:50a ODOT hauls out big guns to combat starlings
02:19:07a Extra funds for SA hospitals
02:19:11a Joint Chiefs chairman Close Gitmo.
02:19:35a GM must expand in India to compete with Tata chairman
02:19:45a 2002 UK free of foot-and-mouth Official tests negative after 11-month crisis
02:19:49a Laden’s son wants UK visa to live with wife
02:19:54a Stunning Indian gift for JCB staff in UK
02:19:58a • Winehouse album is UK top-seller
02:20:02a EDF to Step Up Nuclear Plant Development in UK
02:20:06a UK muslims must do more to integrate Poll
02:20:11a • MacDonald tops the UK album chart
02:20:15a Parts of the UK remain on flood alert but a feared overnight
02:20:19a Kenny Richey Back In Britain 09/01/08
02:20:27a UK agency to rule on stent cost-effectiveness soon
02:20:32a One of Britain's most famous fishing ports now boasts ju
02:20:36a Is 2008 the year Britain finally goes green?
02:20:39a Kolkata fire still raging after 48 hrs
02:20:44a Kerala Schools Arts Festival Kozhikode maintains lead
02:20:48a Kolkata's market building leans to left
02:20:53a Blackbuck gift to Calcutta zoo
02:20:57a 40-hours on Kolkata fire still rages
02:21:01a Calcutta market fire rages for 2nd day, destroying 2,500 sho
02:21:05a Punjab dairies to follow Delhi pattern
02:21:09a Shanghai makes big strides in its bid to be a global financi
02:21:14a 10 missing after Shanghai ferry capsizes
02:21:19a Hispanic Leaders 'Appalled' By African-American Lawmakers
02:21:23a Niagara Falls man wanted in connection with deadly shooting
02:21:27a Tough Rules Coming at the Border
02:21:32a Four shot in Buffalo's entertainment district overnight
02:21:36a Zimbabwe capital loses water for a week
02:21:41a Pop star Bjork attacks photographer in New Zealand report
02:21:45a Guantanamo has damaged US top officer
02:21:50a Health ministers seek funding boost
02:21:54a SKorea ready for summit with North
02:21:58a SKorea's next leader says willing to meet NKorea's Kim
02:22:03a Early voting Mustering support falls on armies of volunteers
02:22:07a Poverty rate may be worse than statistics show
02:22:11a Belmont, ‘Bun Lady' take entrepreneurship awards
02:22:16a NCAA seeks to improve diversity among leaders of college sports
02:22:20a Fred Thompson on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer
02:22:24a PM aide We'll fire rabbis who refuse to recognize legitimate converts
02:22:29a Federline lawyer says upcoming Spears court hearing most significant yet
02:22:33a Reports chronicle heart-thumping moments when border guards draw sidearms
02:22:38a Former Baathists skeptical of new law in Iraq enabling them to reclaim government jobs
02:22:42a Iraq's Shiite, Sunni politicians join to criticize Kurdish authorities over policies
02:22:47a New leadership in Greenfield plans for veterans memorial
02:22:51a Skywatch Mercury an elusive target to spot
02:22:56a Country Scientist Residents can take action to keep grass fires away
02:23:00a LEAD S. Korea president-elect willing to meet N. Korea leader anytime+
02:23:05a Blanchett Wins Supporting Actress Globe
02:23:09a S. Korea president-elect willing to meet N. Korea leader anytime+
02:23:13a Land Rover introduces crossover-like concept
02:23:32a Mu Security Analyzer picks up two more industry accolades
02:23:36a Motorola rolls out WiMAX gateway for desktop PCs
02:23:40a Great wall of Australia Industry rejects sanitized Internet
02:23:44a Vista SP1 needs new hardware
02:23:49a Four-alarm fire in Lawrence
02:23:53a Gold hits another record high - just shy of 900
02:23:57a Blanchett wins best supporting actress Globe
02:24:02a Cleanup of Boracay mansion 80% done, says QC govt
02:24:06a Oil prices lower in Asian trade
02:24:11a US military chief favors closing Guantanamo
02:24:15a Two smuggled luxury cars presented to BOC
02:24:19a Shaq returns to practice after treatment on ailing hip
02:26:05a Bush urges Iran action `before it's too late'
02:26:09a Report Bush says 2 Kuwaitis to face trial at war crimes court
02:26:13a Bush Mideast speech draws cool response
02:26:18a Bush Iran should be dealt with 'before it's too late'
02:26:29a 'Islamic Jesus' hits Iranian movie screens
02:26:34a Economists Raise Odds for Possible U.S. Recession This Year
02:26:38a Taiwan mulls future ties to China
02:26:42a McCain Moves Into Lead; Obama Gains on Clinton
02:26:51a Thompson stumps in his 'neck of the woods'
02:26:59a ENG 317 'How Not To Be Gay'
02:27:04a George Bush to Push 20bn Saudi Arms Deal
02:27:08a Musharraf Pakistani troops were tougher,could go on bread and water,US troops would need chocolate
02:27:12a The Allies have it all Backwards when it comes to the Serbs.
02:27:17a Gravestones vandalized in Jewish cemetery
02:27:21a U.N. double talk from straight talker McCain By Cliff Kincaid
02:27:26a Romney Leads In Michigan
02:27:30a What drives children to suicide?
02:27:35a Doctors to decide whether to remove Suharto's life support
02:27:39a Syrian and Iranian axis terrorize their opposition
02:27:44a Forget the mullahs – it's time to engage with Iran's opposition
02:27:48a All mixed up over Iran
02:27:52a With spies like these . . .
02:27:56a Iran still a threat
02:28:01a Whitewashing Iranian nukes
02:28:05a The limits of intelligence
02:28:09a Making history
02:28:13a Iran curveball
02:28:17a Keep up the pressure
02:28:22a Despite report, Iran still a threat
02:28:26a ANALYSIS-Iran report raises Arab concern over U.S. policy
02:28:30a US reversal on Iran intel reflects breaking of the ranks analysts
02:28:35a World War III cancelled
02:28:39a In Iran we trust?
02:28:44a The flaws in the Iran report
02:28:48a Don't ask the CIA what's going on in Teheran
02:28:52a Intelligence may change, but Iran still a threat
02:28:57a Intelligent intelligence
02:29:04a Chicago is Barack Obama's kind of town
02:29:09a The coddled 'terrorists' of South Florida
02:29:13a Ask Pablo
02:29:17a Help! I'm an Internet troll!
02:29:22a Clothing start-up aims to help fight breast cancer
02:29:26a Lingerie industry's growth doubles to 12B since 1987
02:29:30a Two Towns Feud Over Icebox Title
02:29:35a Cowboys crumble in playoffs again; Giants headed to Green Bay
02:29:40a India, Australia cricket chiefs meet in Dubai to resolve crisis
02:29:44a Dino Morea smitten by little Nano; to buy one
02:29:48a India gives clearance to Chinese cargo carrier
02:29:53a Deutsche Bahn plans to build Indian rail cargo hub with Indian ...
02:29:57a Ottawa 'Lucky' to Host 'Chinese Spectacular', Says Canadian Official
02:30:02a Human Rights Receiving Scant Attention in U.S. Presidential Debates
02:30:06a The Silk Road Applies for World Heritage Status
02:30:10a Ask Toby
02:30:15a Keep Lemon Trees Sweet ; TRICKS of the TRADE
02:30:19a Hated..
02:30:23a Gardens WHAT TO DO THIS WEEK
02:30:27a Do It! ; Jobs for the Week
02:30:31a Hostage Brituation 08.
02:30:36a what I wore to church
02:30:40a Break Free From The Cage!
02:30:45a Kenya East African bloc calls for Kenya vote probe
02:30:50a Kenya Kenya police used 'lethal force'
02:30:54a Kenya Online Edition
02:30:58a Maken lambasts Chauhan over regularisation
02:31:03a Conference on social development
02:31:07a Thyagaraja Aradhana
02:31:11a Fire at shoe factory
02:31:15a Banned Pakistani play staged
02:31:19a Indo-Japan Quiz
02:31:24a Shivaji Stadium to be upgraded
02:31:28a Anti-dumping duty on organic drug goes
02:31:32a Man arrested for alleged assault
02:31:36a Young man arrested in murder case
02:31:41a Man booked for making lewd calls
02:31:45a No breakthrough in murder case
02:31:49a Alleged suicide
02:31:53a Theft case
02:31:58a Award for Sanskrit scholar
02:32:02a Protest against 'biased' reporting on human rights in Kashmir
02:32:07a BJP demands Sheila, Maken's resignation
02:32:11a Lok Sabha MP seeks protection
02:32:15a Blanchett wins Golden Globe
02:32:19a Man waves to girls, almost loses arm
02:32:24a Share market recovers from fall
02:32:28a Williams opens Melbourne account
02:32:32a Partial List of Golden Globe Winners
02:32:36a Israeli PM Calls Outposts A 'Disgrace'
02:32:40a Goodness Finds A Way
02:32:45a Republican voters, in big shift, favor McCain over his rivals
02:32:49a Football veterans strike a blow in Europe
02:32:54a Hillary on glimmers of political progress in Iraq Youre welcome
02:32:59a Higher oil prices make SW Missouri's heavy oil more attractive
02:33:03a Pinkel Missouri has unfinished business
02:33:08a Count Missouri farmer among biofuel pioneers
02:33:41a Cong, BJP should join agitation against Mayawati govt Mulayam
02:33:45a Bajaj brothers to resume battle at CLB
02:33:49a Auto component maker Mann Hummel plans second unit in India
02:33:54a VM Motori mulls engine production unit in India
02:33:58a GM India draws sighs at Auto Expo 2008
02:34:02a Amity shows concept car at AutoExpo
02:35:11a Ali Center to mark champ's birthday
02:35:15a BPA's wind power tops 1,000 megawatts Peak outputs surpass capacity of Bonneville Dam
02:35:19a Eco Wind Power is back on the market
02:35:28a Deputy, police dog honored during emotional funeral
02:36:04a Schoolboy told police dairy robberies were "prank"
02:36:09a Former Baathists skeptical of Iraqi law letting them reclaim government jobs
02:36:38a Suspect in Pregnant Marine's Murder Spotted Sun, 13 Jan 2008 235200 GMT
02:37:25a 'Sweeney Todd' Wins 2 Golden Globes
02:38:02a AC Milan routs Napoli 5-2 at home
02:38:06a North American Int'l Auto Show in Detroit
02:38:39a Electronic Pay Pass Coming to Toll Road
02:40:38a Man shot in drive-by
02:40:42a Deceased man found in southeast Shreveport
02:40:58a Oregon secretary of state debate friendly, polite
02:41:07a Kenyan police accused of targeted killings
02:42:47a Government will ensure that farmers interests are safeguarded Buddhadeb
02:42:51a Teacher misbehaves with girl, arrested
02:42:56a Australian media labels India worst behaved team
02:43:00a India's consultant wants both teams to stop blame game
02:43:05a Morphing teacher's picture Bail for accused
02:43:09a BJP€™s Kisan Yatra claims Congress is anti- farmer
02:43:13a Seeds The next big growth story in agriculture
02:43:40a `Atonement' wins best drama Golden Globe
02:43:49a NYC boasts record tourism in 2007
02:43:54a Fledgling dollar brings spike to NYC tourism
02:43:58a Author discusses travel experiences
02:44:03a NYC hits tourism record; weak dollar drawing many
02:44:07a Travel trends in 2008
02:44:11a China state media Tibet tourism up
02:44:22a Travel romp 'The Bucket List' tops weekend box office
02:44:26a Road conditions for holiday travel
02:44:31a Ranatunga in Lanka tourism delegation to India
02:44:35a Cruise bans travel agent card mills
02:44:40a Travel then vs. now
02:44:44a Camden Campaign beware of this particular infiltraitor
02:44:48a JNV suggested answers to SOCPA consultation
02:45:03a Iran Hype Rises to Level of Self-Parody
02:45:07a 'Impeach Bush' t-shirt wearers forced to leave National Archives Constitution Display in DC
02:45:53a Messenger set for Mercury pass
02:45:57a Change urged over equal pay
02:46:01a From 10 hours a week, 10 million a year
02:46:06a Magnitude 5.4 quake hits Southwest Indian Ridge
02:46:10a 'Return service weapons or face legal action'
02:46:14a Judges' day out at movies
02:46:18a IASA plans boost for software industry
02:46:22a Scan scores extended MSC status
02:46:27a Edaran Komputer to beef up technical skills
02:46:55a Snow...A sign from God?
02:46:59a Israel to get 'smarter' US-made bombs than Saudis
02:47:03a The Gloves Are Coming Off Clintons dish Obama dirt...
02:47:08a Bush to unveil 20bn Saudi arms deal
02:47:12a Fake Texas DOT Truck Stopped Full of POT
02:47:16a ISX stock picks confirmed and accounted for?
02:47:21a Fire Destroys El Cajon Beauty Salon
02:47:25a Medical Examiner Testing Bone Found in East County
02:47:29a Man Assaulted, Robbed at Linda Vista Bus Stop
02:47:34a Nobel Winner Rethinks Business From Ground Up
02:47:38a Green Theme For Auto Show, But Trucks Touted Too
02:47:43a Cheap Laptop Technology To Be Offered For Profit
02:47:48a Bayshore Park residents fail to form en bloc sales committee
02:47:52a U.K. Enlists Executive to Aid Lender
02:47:56a Past Recessions Yield a Few Clues
02:48:00a Dollar May Zigzag on Data, Fed Scrutiny
02:48:05a Penn State CB King to skip junior year, enter NFL draft
02:48:09a Pa. Scholastic Girls Rankings
02:48:13a Pa. Scholastic Boys Rankings
02:48:18a Shares seen lower after Wall Street's sell-off
02:48:23a GM finance chief Mortgage woes not spreading to auto loans
02:48:35a SPECIAL SECTION FLORIDA Sanibel is for snowbirds
02:48:39a Turn up the heat with cocoa
02:48:43a SPECIAL SECTION FLORIDA The Panhandle beckons in winter
02:48:48a SUSAN AGER Wisdom relayed by Uncle Eddie
02:48:52a GEORGEA KOVANIS Mirror, mirror; keep one handy
02:48:56a GET PUBLISHED Send us your winter weather photos
02:49:01a Essays trace Daniel Schorr's thought-provoking pessimism
02:49:05a Visitors welcome to a Thai Buddhist temple near Miami
02:49:09a Nordic style Keep warm, look good
02:49:13a Hi-ho, the derry-o, a farmer meets a girl
02:49:18a Scouts pledge to be brave, clean, reverent and resistant to bullying
02:49:22a On Alaskan fishing trip, dad salvages bond with his son
02:49:26a Designers lament low-key Globes
02:49:30a SHORT TAKES Attention paid to town's details
02:49:35a BARBARA WALLRAFF 2007 choices for word of the year stand out from the dictionary
02:49:39a Dirty tricks' proud history
02:49:43a James Baldwin and Harlem
02:49:47a CAROLYN HAX He wants to be a stand-up guy; you want him to sit
02:49:52a Bremerton officer makes dramatic bridge rescue
02:49:56a Indonesia Suharto's Health Declines
02:50:00a Knicks roll to victory over tired Pistons
02:50:04a W.Va.'s Slaton to enter NFL draft
02:50:19a Day-Lewis wins best actor Golden Globe
02:50:23a Image of the Day New Plane Hits the Water
02:50:27a Finns Were First to Ice Skate
02:50:35a Survey Shows Gas Up 10 Cents In 3 Weeks
02:50:41a 'Atonement' Wins Best Drama Golden Globe
02:50:46a ASIA MARKETS Sydney, Seoul Stocks Trail Wall Street Lower +7%3a56PM
02:50:50a Spirit was breached in Sydney Kirsten
02:50:55a Batsman wants Sydney controversies put to rest
02:50:59a Tursunov overpowers Guccione to claim Sydney title
02:51:03a Calls for mothers to be immunised as Rubella hits Sydney
02:51:07a Like State, San Jose Knee Deep In Debt
02:51:12a Police Stockton Woman Conned By Pair
02:51:16a Petaluma Police Seek 2 In Connection With Rape Of Girl, 16
02:51:20a Brown to stay at heart of Europe
02:51:24a Body set to protect children on TV
02:51:54a Missing Marine Suspect Spotted In Louisiana
02:51:58a Man Killed In Escalator Accident
02:52:03a Local Beaches Get High Surf Advisory
02:52:07a Deadly Norco Fire Investigated
02:52:11a FILM OF THE DAY ; Flushed Away
02:52:15a BRIEF Woman Charged With DUI, Felony Child Neglect
02:52:20a WIN Hard Rock Gig Tickets
02:52:24a Smiley People
02:52:28a Joost Give It a Try... ; INTERNET Joost.Com
02:52:32a Oj in Handcuffs
02:52:36a WIN Top Panto Tickets
02:53:00a TriMet considering charging at night in Fareless Square
02:53:10a Marcus Theatres To Show Locally Produced Films
02:53:25a EQ 4.6 Las Choapas, Veracruz, Mexico PRELIMINARY REPORT
02:53:41a Eni Group Cedes Greater Stake to Kazakhstan in Kashagan Oil Field Dispute
02:53:45a Eni Group Fails to Reach Accord Yet With Kazakhstan on Kashagan Oil Field
02:53:50a Tomlinson Leaves Chargers/Colts Game
02:53:54a Kazakhstan calls off search for miners missing in coal mine
02:53:58a Undermanned Chargers Stun Colts 28-24 in AFC Playoff Showdown
02:54:03a Dozens killed in Kazakh mine blast
02:54:07a Diebold Voting Machine Failures During New Hampshire Primary
02:54:12a WEATHERAmrerica Newsletter, Sunday, January 13, 2008
02:54:16a Detienen a 10 de los involucrados en balacera en Cancún
02:54:20a FBI = Fumbling Bumbling Idiots
02:54:25a Anticipated Noreaster to take effect by midnight
02:54:29a Severe weather may cause flight cancellations
02:54:37a Red Sox trophy tours Connecticut
02:54:47a Gas Rises 10 Cents In 3 Weeks, Survey Says
02:55:20a 2nd body found in search for 4 kids allegedly thrown from bridge
02:55:25a New social agenda
02:55:29a CGC targets SMEs for its latest credit guarantee scheme
02:55:34a Cross border smart partnerships
02:55:38a Bandar Raya expands land bank
02:55:43a Texchem set to make strong recovery in earnings
02:55:47a Upward trend seen for market
02:55:51a Business insights on India
02:55:56a Packers To Host NFC Championship
02:56:00a Clean Up Begins At TN Shelter Where Dead Dogs Were Found
02:56:04a US will push ahead with arms sale to Saudi Arabia
02:56:22a International Branches For ISP
02:56:30a PM's wife suffering gallstones
02:56:34a Online loan enquiries soar
02:57:04a Half of new buildings fail energy standards
02:57:08a US admiral's visit to boost ties
02:57:13a Genes behind drug addiction tracked
02:57:17a Economic challenges 'will be met'
02:57:22a Indian PM kicks off maiden trip
02:57:26a Report 20% university graduates fail to find jobs in 2007
02:57:31a Brad Hogg as guilty of abuse as Harbhajan
02:57:35a Mirrabooka profit falls seven per cent
02:57:39a Gold explorer makes flat ASX debut
02:57:43a 'Atonement' wins best drama Golden Globe
02:57:54a Stolen Virginia plates leads to arrest on Hutch
02:57:58a Video Mount Vernon boys basketball at Madison Square Garden
02:58:03a Video Book on internet health resources
02:58:07a Video Bronxville minister loses 78 pounds and gains 400K donation
02:58:26a Partial list of announced winners of the 65th annual Golden Globes
02:58:30a Correction Auto show story
02:58:34a 'Atonement' wins best drama Globe at show sapped of star glitz by writers strike
03:00:53a Social Security and You Web site offers business tax help
03:00:58a Jeanie Wyatt Recession just part of the normal cycle
03:01:02a New lending rules kicking in
03:01:06a What will 2008 bring for investors?
03:01:11a Ford hopes to offset slumping truck sales with new F-150
03:01:18a Engineering grads want retake results held
03:01:22a Senators seek peek at oil companies' books
03:01:29a Golden Globes Awards Announced In Low-Key Ceremony
03:02:01a China denies selling J-10 fighter jets to Iran Xinhua
03:02:05a Ahmadinejad says third sanctions resolution against Iran unlikely
03:02:10a In Brazil, Yellow Fever Scare Brings Fear of an Epidemic
03:02:14a Gold, Oil, Copper, Corn
03:02:18a China lines up beauties for Olympic Games gold
03:02:23a Gold May Top Record of 900.10 on US Interest-Rate Outlook
03:02:27a Daughter sees silver lining in mother's death
03:02:31a Foreign firms can buy stake in Bursa Malaysia
03:02:36a a Harsh Word on Settlements
03:02:45a Third suspect in south Idaho crime ring arrested
03:02:49a Oregon police arrest accused carjacker after chase
03:02:54a Female Bishop Presides Over South Bay Church
03:02:58a San Jose Faces Major Budget Cuts
03:04:04a Indonesian shares outlook Mixed on Wall St falls, follow-up buying
03:04:08a Doctor gives Indonesia`s Suharto 'only 50-50 chance'
03:04:20a Romney's Michigan appeal has his own and state's interests
03:04:40a 'Flu' lengthening hospital waiting times
03:04:44a Roxon rejects UK organ donation plan
03:04:48a Fed, state health meeting winds up
03:04:52a New road safety boss appointed
03:04:57a Jockey injured in track fall
03:05:01a Fumes from pest can may have started fire
03:05:05a Devonport track under scrutiny after second serious accident
03:05:09a Stories most likely you missed in 2007
03:05:14a Yoicik Film Studio it`s OPEN NOW!
03:05:18a bagalarbasi muhtari
03:05:22a Obama replies to Clinton comments
03:05:27a GM Expands Links to Ethanol
03:05:31a Inquiry Broadens to Mortgage-Bond Insurers
03:05:49a Dont trip out over Romo-Jessica trip to Mexico
03:05:53a Reservoir planned near Mexico border
03:06:23a Nailers Run Win Streak to Four in a Row
03:06:27a Slaton To Go Pro
03:07:00a In a mortgage mess? Don't despair, get help
03:07:04a DNR Issues Air Quality Warnings This Winter
03:07:13a CODEPINK Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine
03:07:17a Sunday Evening Linkage
03:07:22a Update on David Duke's Advice for Ron Paul
03:07:26a The Big Picture Vietnam Fixation Update Karl
03:07:35a Hillary on glimmers of political progress in Iraq Youre welcome
03:07:44a SKorea's President-elect Lee says willing to meet NKorea's Kim
03:07:55a Freed Colombia Hostage Reunited With Son
03:08:16a New Zealand to carry on adventurer Hillary's humanitarian work in Nepal
03:08:20a SKorea's president-elect willing to meet NKorean leader
03:08:25a Taiwan's ruling-party presidential candidate takes party's helm after embarrassing defeat
03:08:30a Gold hits record; Asian stocks steady
03:08:34a Pop star Bjork attacks photographer in New Zealand--report
03:08:49a 'Diving Bell and Butterfly' wins best foreign film Globe
03:08:53a 'Atonement' wins Globes best picture
03:08:57a 'Sweeney Todd' wins Golden Globes best musical
03:09:01a Julian Schnabel wins Globes best director prize
03:09:06a Gold hits another record high, just shy of 900
03:09:10a Daniel Day-Lewis wins best actor Golden Globe prize
03:09:14a Julie Christie wins best actress Golden Globe
03:09:19a Johnny Depp wins Golden Globe musical actor prize
03:09:23a Dollar dips vs euro and Australian dollar
03:09:27a Bardem wins Golden Globe for supporting actor
03:09:32a Cotillard wins Globe for best actress in musical
03:09:36a Shares open lower after Wall Street sell-off
03:09:40a Enrile pushes Senate probe of Glorietta mall blast
03:09:45a Retirement snag leads ex-Grapevine city manager into temp city job in University Park
03:09:49a Jobseekers put on false face at interview
03:09:54a Sales of natural baby food soaring
03:09:58a Bashful patients shy away from doctor
03:10:02a Blowing 2.2m on flat tyres
03:10:06a Tesco spices up advert spending
03:10:10a Murder hunt after woman, 77, killed
03:10:15a Policeman killed as van turns over
03:10:19a Cunard's 3 Queen Ships Rendezvous in NYC
03:10:24a Middle East peace talks starting
03:10:29a Huckabee Evades Creationism Question
03:10:33a Confused BET Founder Slams Obama, on Behalf of Clintons
03:10:37a Was Kenrick Hutson Murdered …or Assassinated?
03:10:42a Jeb's Economic Time Bomb Ready To Blow
03:10:46a A Dark Addiction Miners Caught in Western Va.'s Spiraling Rates of Painkiller Abuse
03:10:50a What Is He Capable Of? The Presidential Psychology at the End of Days
03:10:54a 10,000 hopefuls...keep eyes open for job at Wal-Mart
03:10:59a Audio DC-National Archives Deny Visitors Their Constitutional Rights
03:11:03a Pat Robertson Bolshevism Behind Ruling Against Missionaries in Classroom
03:11:08a Copy iPod music to computer
03:11:12a Tour set to pull Barclays from Westchester
03:11:16a Simpsons Wallpapers
03:11:21a Republicans Would Be Facing Tough Election Fights CNN Opinion Poll Results
03:11:25a Bush Disowns U.S. Intel, Tells Israelis Iran NIE 'Doesn't Reflect My Own Views'
03:11:30a Sunday Devotional Rekindles a Fire in My Bones
03:11:34a Upgrading US-Korea-Japan Relations
03:11:38a More than 70% of Georgians vote for joining NATO
03:11:43a Bush Iraq Troop Reduction on Track
03:11:47a Bush says Iran still threat to world security
03:11:51a IAEA Iran agrees to completely implement workplan
03:11:56a Iran to settle nuke inquiry issues within weeks IAEA
03:12:00a Collision with tree kills skier at Mt. Bachelor
03:12:04a Small parties fail to gain any seats in parliament
03:12:09a Chiang did push for democracy former officials
03:12:13a Public top winner in the election analyst
03:12:17a Singer upsets Chu Chun-hsiao
03:12:22a Straw poll to decide parliament's deputy speaker
03:12:26a Chiang Ling-chun beats DPP veteran
03:12:30a KMT seeks cross-party view on referendums
03:12:34a Kinmen lawmaker Election result invalid
03:12:39a 3 wounded as quarrel with athletes at disco turns foul
03:12:43a Mainland cold mass goes south to give Taiwan chill
03:12:47a President leaves for Guatemala, Saint Lucia
03:12:52a MAC official sees no major change in policy on China
03:12:56a President Chen responsible for party's loss Taiwan media
03:13:00a U.S. congratulates Taiwan on successful elections
03:13:05a KMT urged to pass laws to restrict presidential powers
03:13:09a TAITRA inviting makers to attend Algerian trade show
03:13:13a INSIDE OBAMA
03:13:17a Kokomo museums offer a drive into the past
03:13:21a Singh impressed by Beijing's Olympic efforts
03:13:25a In 'cold' Beijing, India ties warming
03:13:29a PM grants Rs 75 lakhs to Institute of Indian Studies in Peking
03:13:33a Election defeat in Taiwan stirs Beijing's hopes for closer t
03:13:37a Election defeat for Taiwan's pro-independence party stirs Beijing's hopes for closer ties
03:13:41a Opposition, open to greater ties with Beijing, scores big wi
03:13:46a Optimism gap between NZ and Aust widens
03:13:50a Oregon Rancher Ends Cross-Country Ride
03:13:54a Blog Back in Pandora's embrace
03:14:12a Teenager Shot, Killed In Kansas City
03:14:26a CBS Construction Catches On FIre 13 Jan 2008 214656 GMT
03:14:30a NYC Hits Tourism Record Estimated 46 Million Visitors 13 Jan 2008 211103 GMT
03:15:13a Reactions to the 2008 Golden Globes
03:15:21a Indian PM eyes common ground in talks with China
03:15:25a New S Korea leader ready for summit with North
03:15:29a Fox Studios fumes 'making locals sick'
03:15:33a Greeley Group to tackle city problems through monthly chat
03:15:38a Warm Blankets Kids make blankets for kids in women's shelter
03:15:42a Congregate meals down in last few years
03:15:55a Interesting times for India-China relations
03:16:02a Bilawal's security to cost Britain 1 million pounds
03:18:50a Clinton, Obama Clash Over Race
03:19:33a New test detects dangerous heart condition
03:19:53a Fatal case of human rabies from a bat in Kenya Amsterdam
03:19:57a Corporate Kenya finally faces reality of tribalism
03:20:02a Death toll in Kenya reaches 575
03:20:06a HRW urges Kenya to allow protests
03:20:10a EAC helplessness over Kenya shatters dream of regional unity
03:20:15a Death toll from Kenya's political violence tops 700
03:20:19a Int'l community urges a resolution in Kenya
03:20:24a Columbus Zoo Pays 35,000 to Keep 24-foot Python Mon, 14 Jan 2008 025922 GMT
03:20:28a AmCham insurance group concerned over tax rules
03:20:33a CICD to hold seminar on outlook of legislature
03:20:38a Ultra-slim Apple laptop expected at Macworld
03:20:42a UK economic growth slowest since 2005, NIESR says
03:20:47a EU officials worry euro may stifle growth
03:20:51a Global appetite for inventions fueling explosion in patents
03:20:56a U.S. automakers face onslaught this year
03:21:00a Pelosi, Bernanke to meet on economy today aide
03:21:04a Paulson says any economic stimulus would be swift
03:21:09a 'New silk route' targets Chinese toys for Europe
03:21:13a Telecommuting not so great for those left behind in office
03:21:17a StanChart gatecrashes Big 5 banks in UK
03:21:22a Asia steps up marketing campaigns to attract investments from retirees
03:21:26a U.S. states probe Wall St. banks over subprime data
03:21:30a India a 'lifeboat' in choppy markets
03:21:35a China CICC to invest clients' money abroad
03:21:39a China's 2007 auto sales and output top 20 percent
03:21:44a EMI set to cut up to 2,000 jobs papers
03:21:48a Babcock and Brown buys 10% stake in Forth Port
03:21:53a UK companies issue most profit warnings in 6 years
03:21:57a Neptune Orient declines to comment on merger
03:22:01a Lukoil expects 2007 net to rise to US8 billion
03:22:06a StanChart, Credit Suisse in US140 mil. India deal
03:22:10a Gulf Air signs US6 billion agreement for Dreamliners
03:22:14a Pranab for elevating India-Oman relations to “strategic” level
03:22:19a NJ Gov. Signs Popular Vote Measure
03:22:23a Roving Cartoonist McCain rally
03:22:27a Cunard's 3 Queen ships rendezvous in NYC
03:22:32a Republican Governor Challenger Ryan Cunningham Reacts To National Geographic Article
03:22:36a New NYT, WaPo polls McCainmania!
03:22:40a Musharraf Exhume Bhutto's body
03:22:44a KARACHI Special anti-polio drive from 22nd
03:22:50a More suspected yellow fever cases reported in Brazil
03:22:59a Two killed in Big Mountain avalanche
03:23:03a Sheriff At least two dead in avalanche near Whitefish
03:23:08a Sea Launch countdown under way for satellite blast off
03:23:12a Hot off 'The Wire'
03:23:16a The Clinton-Obama contest gets rougher
03:23:21a Phone service can track spouses, kids
03:23:25a Governor sticks with plan for underground hall at mansion
03:23:30a Man arrested in child sex crimes probe
03:23:34a State traffic death toll drops
03:23:38a Replacing Garcia could be tough, costly
03:23:43a Activists chase Japan whalers, but split on tactics
03:23:47a Romney to push for helping automakers
03:23:51a Judge Orders Drunken Driver To Pay 715,000 Restitution
03:23:56a Langlade County Woman Named 2008 Fairest of the Fairs
03:24:00a Proposed Bill Would Stop Cities From Limiting Where Sex Offenders Live
03:24:05a Kenosha Soldier's Body Returns Home With Ceremony
03:24:09a Two Wisconsin Schools Win 60,000 In Electronics
03:24:13a Natural Gas Customers To Receive Credit On Next Bill
03:24:18a AL chief will be in Syria on January 18 to discuss Lebanon
03:24:22a Chinese envoy expresses grief over fire during Seoul visit
03:24:27a New Zealand complete rout of Bangladesh
03:24:32a South Korea president-elect wants to meet North Korea leader on nuclear tension
03:24:36a SKorea's next leader says willing to meet NKorea's Kim
03:24:41a Bernier meets with Israeli, Palestinian leaders; discusses regional issues
03:24:45a Hanoi HCM City customs commit financial wrongdoing worth trillions
03:24:49a 'Atonement' Takes Top Globe; 'Todd' Wins
03:24:54a Group seeks extended GM canola moratorium
03:24:58a North American Union, Fact or Fiction
03:25:05a Is PowerLine an anti-Islamic hate site?
03:25:10a Fred Thompson Returns To Radio Roots
03:25:14a Why is Public Education Failing? By Tom DeWeese
03:25:19a Democratic Party Civil War Update DAY 8-The Battle Of Las Vegas Is Looming
03:25:23a Questions Surround Giuliani's All-In Bet On Florida's Primary
03:25:28a Pull The Plug On Iowa and New Hampshire
03:25:32a UK Service sectors facing explosion in frauds
03:25:36a Muslim Establishment of No-Go Areas in England
03:25:45a Don't we learn from our war games???
03:25:49a 3 cheers for 'beer man' at Lambeau
03:25:53a List OF Co Chairs For Fred
03:25:57a News from Iowa The Media Simply Don't 'Get' Religion
03:26:01a Obamas Identity Crisis
03:26:06a From Faith Comes Living; and from Living Comes Faith
03:26:10a Cyclones blow away Buffaloes in 2nd OT
03:26:14a DODGE CITY Downtown Cattle Drive Video
03:26:18a Sheep have the right stuff
03:26:23a Livestock pollution turns off young Iowans
03:26:27a Iowa Business Briefs Cattle risk workshops will be held in Iowa
03:26:31a Senior Clinton adviser faces NH drunk-driving charge
03:26:36a Clinton And Obama On Iran And Biofuels
03:26:40a UAE a model muslim state, says Bush
03:26:44a Poll Clinton draws strong feelings in Mich
03:26:49a Bush continues Iran tirade
03:26:53a Be Committed To Peace Settlement, Says Bush
03:26:57a The Obama revolution
03:27:01a Clinton and Obama pledge financial aid
03:27:06a In UAE desert encampment, Bush finds plenty of food, falcons
03:27:10a GOP campaigns turn negative in Mich
03:27:14a Clinton, Obama spar as race heats up1/14/2008 100231 AM
03:27:18a New Washpostabcnews Poll Large Shift To Obama
03:27:22a Automakers face steep hurdles in 2008
03:27:27a Fraud set to rise as economy weakens
03:27:31a Bush Disowns U.S. Intel, Tells Israelis Iran NIE ‘Doesnt Reflect My Own Views
03:27:35a Hi-tech 'satellite' tagging planned in order to create more space in jail
03:28:03a HRC report Best Places to Work 2008
03:28:07a CENTAF Jan. 12 airpower summary
03:28:12a Dutch-Afghan Troops Friendly Fire Incidents
03:28:16a US, Iraq to Discuss Future Relations
03:28:21a Georgia's Opposition Protest, Demand Recount
03:28:25a Iran will clear up nuclear issues with IAEA by late February
03:28:29a Bush Iran Threat Must Be Faced
03:28:34a Tehran Pledges to Answer UN Nuclear Questions
03:28:38a 01/11/08 Adm. Mullen Brief
03:28:42a Gates/al-Mufriji Briefing
03:28:46a 01/08/08 JTF-82 Briefing
03:28:50a 01/07/08 Iran & Strait of Hormuz Incident Brief
03:28:55a 01/07/08 1 Bde, 82 ABN Brief
03:29:00a South Africa's Police Chief Resigns Over Corruption Charges
03:29:04a Ghana's Ruling Party Dismisses Opposition Accusation
03:29:09a Kenya's Opposition Calls for More Rallies As Kofi Annan Heads to Nairobi
03:29:13a Turkmenistan suspends natural gas shipments to Iran
03:29:18a ECB Struggles to Build Consensus on Policy
03:29:34a Kerala urged to innovate in health spending
03:29:38a Mahindra Renault organises 'Drivathon'
03:29:42a Woman's House Ringed by Parking Lots
03:30:03a Woman's house ringed by parking lots
03:30:49a Heavy Snow Warning In Effect
03:30:53a Police Sitter Swung Boy In Sleeping Bag For Fun
03:31:08a Owner of leaky century-old tank still unknown
03:31:13a Qinshan nuclear power plant completes major overhaul
03:31:19a 'Chinese New Year Spectacular' Aptly Named, Says Director of Carleton International
03:31:23a Pop singer Christina Aguilera gives birth to baby boy
03:31:28a Cate Blanchett wins the supporting actress Golden Globe
03:31:32a 'Sweeney Todd' wins Golden Globe for best musical/comedy
03:31:37a World's longest captive snake on display in U.S.
03:31:41a Berlin's ice swimming revellers
03:31:46a Call For Inquiry Into 'Killer Cop' Garry Weddell's Bail
03:31:50a Unauthorized settlements 'disgrace' Olmert
03:31:54a S. African police chief resigns as Interpol president
03:31:59a Yankees sued over steroids, 'fraud' by fan
03:32:03a Thousands rally in Georgian capital against election result
03:32:08a Warrant for U.S. Marine in colleague's death
03:32:13a Report At least 121 veterans linked to U.S. killings
03:32:17a Body of kid thrown from bridge found
03:32:25a Seven die in plane crashes in Ohio, Florida
03:32:29a Ohio husband charged with killing family
03:32:34a Canadian highway crash leaves 7 teen athletes, one adult dead
03:32:38a Texas man sodomized stepson to avenge rape of his daughter
03:32:43a East African bloc calls for Kenya 'suspect' vote probe
03:32:47a Floods in Mozambique kill about 50 people
03:32:51a Left side is right side to get out of bed survey
03:32:56a U.S. soldier slain, 4 hurt by bomb north of Baghdad
03:33:01a Stranded flyers run amok at Buenos Aires airport
03:33:05a 'Atonement' takes best drama at Golden Globes
03:33:09a Report EMI to slash 2,000 jobs
03:33:13a Colts, Cowboys upset in playoffs
03:33:18a Baytown serial attacker begins trial today
03:33:22a School board to discuss TAKS results tonight
03:33:26a Doughnuts with star quality
03:33:30a Baytown auction house finds home at Bay Plaza
03:33:34a Netflix Gears Up To Take On Apple
03:33:39a 'Atonement' Takes Top Globe; 'Todd' Wins
03:33:43a Rich uranium lode in Virginia ripe for mining
03:33:47a Student driver smashes van into bank
03:33:52a No water makes rural fire hard to fight
03:33:56a Man arrested in child sex probe
03:34:00a Matt King reigns in UK debut
03:34:33a Telecom Kiwis Start Year Off On A Green Foot
03:34:37a Services of telecom, postal depts 'must be improved'
03:34:41a Solved VoIP delivers for Panago Pizza
03:34:45a Phoning In Wireless Dreams
03:34:49a Saudi Telecom lifts index to 18
03:34:54a GSM subscriber base touches 171 mln, adds 5.7 mln during Dec'07
03:34:58a RCom to start GSM service in state by March
03:35:02a Vodafone says it is No. 1 seller of singles
03:35:06a Reliance Comm gets nod for fresh GSM spectrum
03:35:10a Taslima conferred Simon de Beauvoir honour
03:35:20a 'Ipswich Ripper' trial to start
03:35:24a Gitmo should close says US military boss
03:35:28a Manmohan eyes common ground in talks with China
03:35:33a Love, hope for shunned kids in AIDS school near Mumbai
03:36:07a Structure fire in Kootenai County
03:36:15a Free Capitol shuttle starts Monday
03:36:19a Cedar Falls council to consider snowmobile, ATV ban
03:36:24a Jail officials discuss improved security after escape
03:36:51a Quake on Indo-Bangla region
03:37:51a Guatemala hopes new presidential duo peacemaker and heart surgeon can do some healing
03:38:16a U.S. stocks will rally, Europe's won't, emerging markets wi
03:38:20a Attack Jolts Germany Into Fray on Immigrant Crime
03:38:52a Another reason why we need a Medicines Strategy
03:38:57a Placing bets on medicine, technology winners of '04
03:39:25a Chinese automakers keep aim on US market despite image chall
03:39:30a The Latest Omaha police officer shoots at vehicle
03:39:34a Hyundai to foray into commercial vehicles segment
03:39:38a Deer makes a flying leap over deputy's vehicle
03:39:43a I3 Concept Vehicle From Johnson Controls Features Practical ...
03:39:48a I3 Concept Vehicle From Johnson Controls Features Practical Innovations in Seating, Electronics, I
03:39:52a Military vehicles pass the sniff test at Leonard Wood
03:39:56a Automobile imports expected up 30% in 2007
03:40:01a Man charged after cops say they found date-rape drug in vehicle
03:40:05a 3 Sought In Ambush, Fatal Shooting
03:40:19a Alkatiri calls for ETimor PM resignation
03:40:23a SKorea's Lee Myung-Bak willing to meet Kim Jong-Il
03:40:27a Surgery planned for Bangladeshi conjoined twins
03:40:32a Serena Williams wins her first match of Australian Open
03:40:36a Homes of SKorea's Samsung senior executives searched
03:40:53a Rocky Mountain Power proposes power legislation on pollution-reduction targets
03:40:57a Air pollution envelops Bath
03:41:01a Nuclear waste store plan pondered
03:41:06a Light pollution in the darkest skies
03:41:10a OverseasviewSecure Pakistan¡¯s nuclear weapons
03:41:15a Bush Iran 'world's leading state-sponsor of terror'
03:41:19a China 'positive' on nuke deal
03:41:24a Bush Raises Iranian Bogey
03:41:28a Nato troops in Afghan friendly fire
03:41:37a China still building 'energy-guzzling' buildings
03:41:59a Beautiful Katamari rolling into Oz
03:42:18a Taiwan Gains After Elections
03:43:01a 'Atonement' wins best picture award at Golden Globes
03:43:07a Calls for three-day protest in Kenya
03:43:15a 'Atonement' wins top prize at starless Golden Globes
03:43:19a Europe Takes Africas Fish, and Migrants Follow
03:43:24a Freed Colombia hostage sees son
03:43:42a Residential school protesters gather in Vancouver
03:44:10a Biotechnology Builds a New Heart
03:44:38a McCain Rises in Fluid G.O.P.; Obama Gains on Electability
03:44:42a Romney Embraces His Roots
03:44:46a Race and Gender Are Issues in Tense Day for Democrats
03:44:51a Mail-In Voters Become the Latest Prize
03:44:55a Republican Indecision in South Carolina
03:45:00a Republicans chose State Representative for 7th Congressional seat
03:45:04a Computer errors create problems for Indianapolis newspaper
03:45:09a Community on alert after woman attacked outside northeast side apartment
03:45:13a Atonement wins at Golden Globes
03:45:18a Chevrolet Malibu named 2008 North American Car of the Year
03:45:22a Chrysler and Nissan confirm OEM product agreement
03:45:26a Hatta named new ICMI chairman
03:45:31a Wi-Fi Alliance to hold regional symposium in Taipei
03:45:35a Milan break home hoodoo in style, Inter win
03:45:39a Ski Fest '08
03:45:43a Strike Mandate
03:45:48a Spezza hurt in Senators' loss
03:45:52a Woman dies after Massillon house fire
03:46:50a Woolies on top 25 global retailer list
03:47:05a NC sheriff says Marine suspect sightings not yet confirmed
03:47:16a PM 'unworried' by Lieberman's threat to leave gov't over peace talks
03:47:21a Cops Mistaken identity behind attacks on elderly millionaire
03:47:36a Bush tanked the U.S. economy
03:47:40a Five deaths reported on state roads
03:47:55a Liza shows why she's still a legend
03:47:59a Greens, EPMU call for Sir Ed Day
03:48:03a Researchers join forces to fight diabetes
03:48:08a Fatal Milford crash could result in charges
03:48:12a Police review father's "ear flick" discipline
03:48:17a Beach closed after shark attacks boat
03:48:21a German plans to glide over Mount Cook
03:48:25a Goff off to Africa
03:48:29a Demand for fresh, local veggies grows
03:48:33a Republican candidates walk economic tightrope to woo angry voters
03:48:38a Couple brings passion for community farming to area
03:48:42a Obama Unveils 120 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan 13 Jan 2008 185956 GMT
03:48:46a An Iraqi House Was Rigged to Kill American Soldiers
03:48:50a Ex-Baathists Get a Break. Or Do They?
03:48:55a Gulf Air Signs 6 Billion Deal for Boeing Jets
03:49:05a 'Atonement' Takes Top Globe; 'Todd' Wins
03:49:16a Ministers 'stunned' by the arms deal Stories
03:49:37a Samuels reported for suspect action
03:49:41a Samuels' faster ball suspect
03:49:45a Winning hat-trick for Bushrangers
03:49:50a ICC moves Kenya cricket game to UAE because of postelection violence
03:49:54a Ranatunga calls for umpiring revamp
03:49:58a All-India Twenty20 tourney from Jan 14
03:50:02a Halite
03:50:07a SECURITY 11 Open-Source Projects Certified as Secure
03:50:11a Eldon laughing all the way to the blog
03:50:15a Golfing Fan Starts Golfing 180 Blog
03:50:20a Prom Paramour Starts Prom 365 Blog
03:50:24a Antarctica, a region threatened by climate change
03:50:28a Thoughts on KDE 4.0
03:50:33a Best Buy sales beat rivals
03:50:37a Sony 27-inch OLED TV Prototype
03:50:42a Fla. Airport Using Dog To Stop Collisions/ti
03:50:49a Give It Up for a Saturday Night Breakdance Battle
03:52:59a Net a threat to biosecurity
03:53:03a Crystal ball 2.0
03:53:07a Ashley Tisdale coming to Auckland
03:53:11a Auckland sevens in a 'Rush'
03:53:15a Auckland go top of shield standings
03:53:20a Auckland claims sevens four-peat
03:53:24a Auckland moves to top of Shield table
03:53:47a Race row gives nasty edge to Clinton-Obama battle
03:54:55a Panamanian cargo ship sinks off Taiwan; 3 crew dead, 10 missing
03:55:00a Flirtation may have cost Australian his arm
03:55:04a Chandler Rapist tie looked at in Calif.
03:55:15a Madeleine eight months on FBI expert shows how missing 4-year-old may look now
03:55:19a Former Baathists skeptical of Iraqi law letting them recla...
03:55:24a Credit crunch bites into British firms' profits
03:55:28a Backbench MPs rebel against Home Secretary over police pay
03:55:32a Overnight clean-up due to storms
03:55:46a Gas Rupture In Acadia Parish
03:55:51a Abbeville Brawl
03:56:37a NT Govt giving away computers
03:56:41a Labor's Rowell backs bigger City Cats
03:56:45a Extra $14m for SA elective surgery
03:56:49a NSW is biggest winner in hospital deal
03:56:53a Caloundra's Aldous won't run for new council
03:56:58a Namadgi fire contained
03:57:02a Thousands of fish wash ashore after floods
03:57:06a Jail 'reformed' HIH founder Williams
03:58:40a Palm oil may test resistance, drop
03:59:31a Partial list of winners of the 65th annual Golden Globes
03:59:35a Avalanche kills 3 in northern Italy
03:59:40a Chinese currency hits news high against U.S. dollar
03:59:44a Australian kayak pair set record by crossing Tasman Sea
03:59:48a Ford, Chrysler drive new trucks packed with features
03:59:52a Ricardo, Emanuel win their first title of Olympic year
03:59:57a Athletes in Sony Open golf tournament
04:00:01a 'Atonement' wins the Golden Globe for best drama
04:00:05a Boeing in dream deal with Gulf
04:00:10a Cate Blanchett wins supporting actress Golden Globe
04:00:14a Disintegration of U.S. F-15 fighter jet
04:00:18a Chavez calls for removal of FARC from list of terrorist groups
04:00:22a EC unveils election programme
04:00:26a Army chief reiterates his position on non-politicisation o...
04:00:31a Jazz world's top names honour Oscar Peterson
04:00:35a Atonement wins best drama
04:00:39a Britain to build 2 million homes for migrants
04:00:44a Pressure mounts on Brown to axe Peter Hain
04:00:48a Update 2 Killed in Gaza Strike
04:00:53a Veteran Deputy Retires
04:00:57a Deputies Recover Large Amount of Drugs in Summers County
04:01:01a National Amber Alert Day Raises Awareness
04:01:05a One Hurt in Raleigh County Mine Accident
04:01:10a One Dead after Shooting on the Southside Mon, 14 Jan 2008 033353 GMT
04:01:14a Japan puts canines on catwalk
04:01:18a Guantanamo detainee Sami al-Hajj 'to be released'
04:01:22a Mass rally against Georgia poll result
04:01:27a Kenya police in 'shoot to kill' policy row
04:01:31a French President Sarkozy to sign UAE nuclear deal
04:01:55a Solarium users '98pc more likely' to get skin cancer
04:02:12a Three snowmobilers in Wyoming avalanche found dead
04:02:25a Theatre company rejects grant that's 'not worth it'
04:02:30a Freed Colombian hostage meets with lost son
04:02:34a Waving at girls may have cost Australian man his arm
04:02:38a Hong Kong accuses radio activists of contempt
04:02:43a Teen may have to pay bill for rowdy party
04:02:47a Kenyan opposition chief urges President to 'quit gracefully'
04:02:52a Sheriff Marine death suspect may be in Texas
04:02:56a E-coli prompts recall of 188,000 lbs of meat
04:03:00a Hope for More Transplants
04:03:04a Girl Born to Richie, Madden
04:03:09a Richie and Aguilera's Birth Duet
04:03:13a Author Was Able to Write Off Cancer Q&A Kevin Ormsby
04:03:17a Scouting for Boys in the 21st Century
04:03:21a Pere Skip Fiancee's Grief Hell
04:03:26a Letters Feed Back
04:03:30a World's Best Doctors Deserve Better
04:03:34a Swap-Op Docs on 24-Hour Standby ; EXCLUSIVE
04:03:38a Care of Complexion
04:03:43a Sex Doctor Problems of the Prostate ; Issue of the Week
04:03:47a Good Doctors and Clean Hospitals ... Not Airy Promises
04:03:51a Vermont Guard Unit Changes Colors
04:03:56a VW has record sales, ponders N American plant
04:04:00a Athens in report as med site
04:04:05a New South Korea leader ready for summit with North
04:04:09a EQ 4.8 Jumla, Nepal PRELIMINARY REPORT
04:04:16a Arkansas Ranks High In New Education Study 13 Jan 2008 223501 GMT
04:04:20a 'Atonement' Takes Golden Globes Drama Award 13 Jan 2008 222904 GMT
04:04:24a Dreamliner boost from Gulf Air
04:04:29a G.M. Buys Stake in Ethanol Made From Waste
04:04:33a Bitter cold Two people killed in Israel's worst cold front in years. Comments 0
04:04:38a Diskin to MKs Hamas managed to smuggle 100 million into Gaza 0217
04:04:42a Barak reaches deal for evacuation of outposts
04:04:46a The Sword Is Mightier Than the Pen in Israel
04:04:50a Diskin to MKs Hamas managed to smuggle 100 million into Gaza
04:04:55a Gaza plan Fill tankers, cut supplies
04:04:59a Eight Mortar Shells Towards Israel
04:05:04a Democrats in Israel Seeks Voters
04:05:08a Palestinian citizenship for Israeli musician
04:05:12a Revealed boyhood parable of peace penned by Hamas's Israeli prisoner
04:05:17a Olmert says unauthorized settlement outposts a 'disgrace'
04:05:21a Israel to Get 'Smarter' American Bombs
04:05:26a Palestinian Body to Call for Early Elections
04:05:34a Two Hamas activists killed in Israeli air strike
04:05:38a Abbas final-status talks with Israel start Monday
04:05:43a Israel, Palestine to start peace talks
04:05:47a Olmert Illegal settlement a disgrace
04:05:52a Israel, Palestinian peace talk set
04:05:56a Israel to get 'smarter' US-made bombs than Saudis
04:06:00a 'SaReGaMaPa' contestants in Israel
04:06:05a BURSA mid-morning update Share prices mostly easier
04:06:09a Budget 2009 will be tabled on August 29
04:06:13a Cut in parking compounds and rentals of business premises in KT
04:06:31a Tech IPOs Face a Tougher '08
04:06:44a Giants knock off Cowboys, 21-17
04:06:48a 'Atonement' wins best drama Globe
04:07:03a Reactions to the Golden Globe Awards
04:07:07a Joint Chiefs Chairman Cl
04:07:11a David Alan Grier Becomes Father
04:07:19a Michigan becomes key GOP battleground
04:07:23a Adjustable loans spur concerns
04:07:28a Water laws may throttle growth
04:07:32a Eager faithful await Apple's new vision
04:07:36a Mideast Stock Markets to Get Additional Momentu
04:07:41a Cargo Ship Crew In Dramatic Rescue Off Devon Coast
04:07:45a France's opposition leader against Tony Blair's EU presidential bid
04:07:49a Backgrounder John McCain
04:07:54a Backgrounder Mitt Romney
04:07:58a Backgrounder Mike Huckabee
04:08:02a Bill passed to reinstate ex-Baath party members
04:08:07a Deaths reach 30 in coal mine blast
04:08:11a Backgrounder Rudy Giuliani
04:08:15a Backgrounder Chris Dodd
04:08:20a Backgrounder Joe Biden
04:08:24a Backgrounder Barack Obama
04:08:29a Backgrounder Hillary Clinton
04:08:33a Quebecor, Brookfield pitch printer rescue plan
04:08:38a Breaking News Coeur d'Alene firefighters battle building fire
04:08:42a Money's the rub for downtown restoration
04:08:47a Fife will spend 35,000 to sponsor a ship for Tacoma festival
04:08:51a Lakewood cracking down on bar violence
04:08:55a Doctors battle to save Indonesia's Suharto
04:09:00a Palestinian police reclaim West Bank streets
04:09:04a Many handhelds lack good security features
04:09:09a Singh Visits China for First Time as Officials Consider Free-Trade Accord
04:09:13a Little green laptops are big hit
04:09:17a Kiwi invents new mouse for laptops, multimedia PCs
04:09:22a February Natural Gas Falls 4.9 Cents in Choppy Trading
04:09:26a Peruvian village connects with laptop project
04:09:30a Australian Shares Trade Weak Tracking Negative Lead From Wall ...
04:09:34a Goff to explore North Africa trade opportunities
04:09:39a Manmohan arrives in China amid rising trade, border dispute
04:09:44a US November trade deficit up 9.3 pct to 63.1 bln usd UPDATE
04:09:48a • Republicans trade jabs in Michigan
04:09:52a 'Pandits important segment of Kashmiriyat'
04:09:56a German firm 'trading organs'
04:10:00a German exporters weigh risk of economic problems
04:10:04a Golden Globes Presented As News Conference Part I
04:10:09a Golden Globes Presented As News Conference Part II
04:10:13a Volcano Threatens Hawaii Neighborhood
04:10:18a Active Search To End For Missing Hiker
04:10:22a 3 Hurt In Panorama City Hit-And-Run
04:10:26a Missing Hiker Found Near Reseda
04:10:30a What To Expect From The Golden Globes
04:10:34a Politicos Press The Flesh Before Tuesday's Primary
04:10:39a Bald eagles recovering after disastrous dive into Alaska fish truck; death toll at 22
04:10:43a GM's clouds have silver interiors
04:10:48a Snow Polo Cartier Polo World Cup on The Snow
04:10:52a Underground Fashion Show in Berlin Spirit of Fashion
04:10:57a No Pants Subway Ride 900 Underground Underwear Enthusiasts in NYC
04:11:01a Fashion Designer Dolls Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie
04:11:05a Free Air Guitars Unique Ad From UK Radio Station
04:11:09a Netflix Offers Unlimited Streaming As iTunes Rental Spoiler
04:11:13a Custom Commercials Your Custom Tattoos Star in Brazilian Beer Ad
04:11:17a Ronaldo Races Bugatti Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Viral
04:11:22a Pesonalized Gift Wrap Your Name in Stripes From Erin Condren Design
04:11:26a Custom Cartoons With Your Kid Creates Custom DVDs
04:11:30a Newspaper Board members frequently use water agency aircraft
04:11:35a 115th Air National Guard Fighter Wing Unit Deploys For Iraq
04:11:39a INTERPOL president resigns amid South Africa corruption charges
04:11:48a Croatia parliament strips lawmaker's immunity for war crimes case
04:12:20a Jewish conductor Barenboim takes Palestinian citizenship
04:12:25a U.S. military chief favours closure of Guantanamo Bay prison
04:12:29a Solariums 'boost melanoma risk by 98%'
04:12:42a List of Golden Globe Award winners
04:12:46a Merchant House has all the ingredients for success
04:12:50a Recap Buffalo vs. New Jersey
04:12:55a Cedillo endorses Obama as Dems vie for California's Hispanic vote
04:12:59a LULAC speaker urges Hispanic women to get politically involved
04:13:03a Event fires up Hispanic youths
04:13:08a Democratic hopeful courts Hispanic vote
04:13:15a Freed Colombian hostage reunites with son, 3, after separation in captivity
04:13:46a Kansas State upsets No. 15 Texas in OT, 77-74
04:13:50a Kansas State uses OT to defeat Texas
04:13:54a Romney's Michigan race tight
04:13:58a Helping the helpers Copilevitz Canter finds its legal niche serving nonprofits, charities
04:14:03a Bush targets Iran in speech
04:14:07a Marine switches to police uniform
04:14:11a Jail escapee captured
04:14:16a Bush open to slowing or stopping plans despite announced withdrawal.
04:14:20a Unbuckled teens now get tickets
04:14:24a Top issues facing the Kansas Legislature in 2008
04:14:29a Boffins may develop cancer-fighting beer
04:14:33a Webber 'I'll Be Back in Two Weeks'
04:14:37a Locals Stump for Presidential Hopefuls
04:14:42a Cops Modesto Man Sought in Ambush, Severe Beating of Estranged Wife
04:14:47a GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS 'Atonement' takes top movie at toned-down Golden Globes
04:15:26a Tina Fey is only winner for broadcast television in Golden Globes
04:15:30a No Angelina, no Clooney Golden Globes trudge on without the glitz and glamour
04:15:42a Blanchett wins supporting actress Globe at show sapped of star glitz by writers strike
04:15:46a Micco the dolphin dies at Brookfield Zoo
04:15:51a Obama attacked by 'Big Bobcat'
04:16:23a June Madrona, Hail Seizures w/ Susie Asado and Sibsi from berlin
04:16:28a Man taken to Nyack Hospital after leading police in chase on Thruway
04:17:03a Renowned Canadian Artist Gives 'Spectacular' High Praise
04:17:08a 'Spectacular in Every Sense of the Word,' Says Ottawa Professor
04:17:12a Getting in Touch with Their Roots
04:18:15a DPI finds vine pest in Macedon Ranges
04:18:47a Godmother And Neighbors Haunted By Girls' Deaths
04:19:19a New Zealand to carry on Hillary's humanitarian work in Nepal
04:19:31a EQ 2.7 Mount St. Helens Volcano, WA PRELIMINARY REPORT
04:19:47a Big Weddings Bring Afghans Joy, and Debt
04:19:51a Pakistan Expels Writer of Article on Taliban
04:19:56a Taiwan Election May Ease Tensions With China
04:20:00a Error by Allies and 2 Clashes Kill 15 in South of Afghanistan
04:20:28a Golden Globes news conference a quick and painless way to give out awards
04:21:11a Carjacker beats couple, steals jewelry, cash
04:21:16a Police review fathers 'ear flick' discipline
04:21:20a Bond to play for Canterbury in Twenty20
04:21:24a CNN Freed Colombian Hostage Meets With Lost Son
04:21:37a 'Atonement' top film at deflated Golden Globes
04:21:42a Anupong says Prawit qualified as defence minister
04:21:47a 1 soldier killed, 7 others injured in Narathiwat ambush
04:21:51a Thai share open 0.33 per cent lower
04:21:55a One killed in explosion of former Thai Rak Thai office in Nakhon Ratchasima
04:22:29a Juliet's Facts For My Friends For Life
04:22:33a Vote 2008 A Sunday of Campaigning in Michigan
04:23:11a Samsung chief's office searched in bribery probe report
04:23:16a Bomb in southern Thailand kills 8 troops
04:23:21a Maldives economy slows sharply in 2007 central bank
04:23:25a Indonesia's Suharto clings to life
04:23:29a Doctors battle to save Indonesia's Suharto
04:23:34a Army called in to battle wholesale market inferno in India
04:23:54a 'Atonement' Leads Glitz-Free Globes
04:23:58a Indiana group dedicated to American Indian heritage moving to Shakamak
04:24:44a Europe Takes Africa’s Fish, and Migrants Follow
04:24:48a Facing Possible Criminal Charges, President of Interpol Steps Down
04:24:58a Decree revised to punish illegal price hikes
04:25:30a Another Dallas Cowboys season ends on sour note
04:26:06a CBS Poll McCain Surges To National Lead
04:26:10a Poll Americans Think U.S. On Wrong Track
04:26:18a 'Atonement' takes Golden Globes drama award
04:26:38a UK Leader calls for automatic organ donation
04:26:46a Netflix plans unlimited online movies streaming
04:26:50a Malware warning
04:26:55a Should Google, Yahoo, & Microsoft Worry About Countrywide's Takeover?
04:26:59a Spacecraft to visit 'oddball' planet Mercury
04:27:03a Spacecraft to fly by Mercury
04:27:07a Netflix To Lift Streaming Limits
04:27:12a iRiver 'SPINN' Squares Up To iPod touch
04:27:16a E-TEN Readies Mobile TV & DAB Smartphone
04:27:21a Online Shopping Giant Helps Underprivileged Children in Developing Nations
04:27:25a Safe Online Shopping Is Like Safe Sex Common Sense
04:27:29a Online Sales Increase
04:27:33a Blogoshere
04:27:38a Tried 'n' True Bring this casserole for a carry-in dinner at church
04:27:42a Office of Samsung chairman searched in bribery probe report
04:27:46a New York attracts record 46m tourists in 2007
04:27:51a SF Police Investigate Death Of Terrell Rogers
04:27:55a Rescuers Find Body On Mt. Tamalpais
04:27:59a Season Of Sharing Fresh Start For North Bay Mom
04:28:04a Pinpoint Weather Forecast With Lawrence Karnow
04:28:08a 2008 Golden Globes
04:28:16a Perhaps just perhaps Kenya's troubles mark an important step for Africa
04:28:20a The violence in Kenya may be awful, but it is not senseless 'savagery'
04:28:24a Kenya envoy stresses expansion of academic ties with Iran
04:28:28a Kenya death toll tops 700 police
04:28:33a Uganda denies deploying troops in Kenya
04:28:37a Sweden calls for dialogue to end Kenya violence
04:28:42a Arrest In Germantown Home Invasion; 2 More Suspects Loose
04:28:50a When Crime Was Always on Our Minds
04:28:54a Citywide In a Home at Last, But for How Long?
04:28:58a Getaways to Coddle New Mothers
04:29:02a Three Seafaring Queens Spend a Day in New York
04:29:07a Fire Department Alters Its Inspection Schedule
04:29:11a Better Transit for City's Disabled Is Urged
04:29:15a The Neediest Cases On a Fixed Income, and Facing a Financial Disaster
04:29:20a Lovely, Spooky or Spartan, at Least These Restrooms Are Free
04:29:24a Family Finds Man Killed in His Home in Brooklyn
04:29:29a Metro Briefing New Jersey Trenton School Finance Law Signed
04:29:33a Metro Briefing New Jersey Trenton New State Treasurer Named
04:29:38a Metro Briefing New York Brooklyn Man Charged in Hit and Run
04:29:42a Senator John Kerry Endorses Obama, Not Edwards
04:29:46a Hsieh to overhaul DPP campaign
04:29:51a Ma reaffirms KMT won't abuse power
04:29:55a Thousands in HK democracy protest
04:30:00a DPP's defeat stirs Beijing's hopes for ties
04:30:04a Ma Ying-jeou may be facing harsh challenge
04:30:08a Kayakers complete 3,300-km paddle from Australia to NZ
04:30:12a Suharto worsens to 'very critical' condition, doctor says
04:30:17a Motorcycle riders rally for soldier's homecoming
04:30:21a CSUB swimmers mourn death of teammate
04:30:25a Two arrested in McFarland drug bust
04:30:30a European Commission recasts industrial emissions directive
04:30:34a The World's Cheapest Car
04:30:38a Energy solution is in the balance
04:30:43a Nuclear to get a green make-over
04:30:47a Water firm gets tough on warming
04:30:51a Concern over rare duck's decline
04:30:56a Business and industry
04:31:00a Nuclear industry glows with pleasure
04:31:04a Golden Globes sapped of star glitz
04:31:42a Swan 'treated like a mug' by the banks
04:31:46a Henin progresses through to second round
04:32:19a Aussie tourist left rueing drunken domestic spat
04:32:24a Calls mount for public holiday to remember Sir Ed
04:32:57a Fed, states agree to 600m health plan
04:33:01a Rural Press journos plan rolling stoppages
04:33:34a Electric-Car Start-Ups Draw Backers
04:33:38a Product-Safety Rules Set to Advance
04:33:42a Taiwan Vote May Boost China Ties
04:34:34a Late Night Music Club with the monks of the Abbey of Notre Dame
04:34:38a FOXNews Sunday McCain, Huckabee Race Would Drive GOP Base Into Therapy
04:34:55a Johnny Depp wins his first Golden Globe
04:34:59a Banks taking Swan for a mug Turnbull
04:35:11a San Diego Chargers upset Indianapolis Colts
04:35:24a No-frills Golden Globes awards held
04:36:00a Off the wire TSA security flaws exposed users to risk of identity theft
04:36:04a Security World Most Oracle database pros ignore security patches
04:36:09a Security World Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh ready for download
04:36:13a Off the wire DRM is dead, but watermarks rise from its ashes
04:36:17a Wealth manager seeks smart money
04:36:21a No official prize money for Kenneth Ferrie
04:36:25a T.R. Fehrenbach Counting heads is about money, not might
04:36:30a Book offers advice for dealing with little scuffles over money
04:36:34a FOREX Ringgit Flat Against U.S. Dollar In Early Trade
04:36:38a Euro Gains Against Dollar on Bets Fed to Cut Interest Rate Below Europe's
04:36:42a Euro Strengthens Versus Dollar as Bond Yield Advantage Widens on Economy
04:36:47a Inflation data boosts case for rate hike in FebruaryTD/MI
04:36:51a Aussie, Kiwi look good to forex players
04:36:55a Money for sponsorship earmarked by 86 pct of Czech firms
04:37:03a Pound's fall could hit eurozone ties
04:37:07a Sea Lions Go From Rehab To The Beach
04:37:11a Alltel Expands My Circle Offerings
04:37:15a How to fight a bear
04:37:19a First Quarter Budget Deficit Surges Thirty-One Percent.
04:37:59a Neighbors Plan Vigil For Girls Found Dead
04:38:04a Neighbors Plan Candlelight Vigil for 4 Girls Found Dead
04:38:08a City of Riverside Adopts Clean and Green Action Plan
04:38:12a Kia Motors America and NBA Form Wide-Reaching Marketing Partnership
04:38:16a Shadbolt plans to breach new election law
04:38:21a Russell's attorney already planning appeal against guilty verdict
04:38:25a Marketing luxury goods; The cost of living abroad; The state
04:38:29a Village of Spring Hill plan hits roadblock
04:38:33a Poile doesn't see big trade in plans
04:38:37a The Candy Store Marketing Group
04:38:41a Some 'green' marketing ploys play dirty tricks
04:38:45a Deadline Approaching For 2008 Business Plan Competition
04:38:50a President Hu arrives in HK for 10th anniversary celebrations
04:38:54a President Hu arrives in HK for 10th anniversary
04:38:59a Hu Jintao to attend HK gathering marking 10th anniversary of return
04:39:03a Chinese president delivers keynote speech on national development
04:39:07a Whisky makers woo women of refinement
04:39:18a Experts rap 'shut A&E' policy
04:39:22a Text message idea to trap rapists
04:39:27a Guantanamo should be shut US chief
04:39:31a People listen to world differently
04:39:36a Product recalls surge to new high
04:39:40a Romney stresses Reagan, family roots, Michigan economy
04:39:44a Astronomers Describe Violent Universe 13 Jan 2008 225316 GMT
04:39:48a Greenpeace Finds Japan's Whalers 13 Jan 2008 225119 GMT
04:39:53a At Least 19 Bald Eagles Die In Alaska 13 Jan 2008 224941 GMT
04:39:57a 24-Foot Snake Staying At Columbus Zoo 13 Jan 2008 224519 GMT
04:40:01a With Nuclear Rebirth Comes New Worries 13 Jan 2008 224203 GMT
04:40:06a Ponting admits to making mistakes in Sydney test
04:40:10a 'Atonement,' 'Sweeney Todd' win top Golden Globes
04:40:14a Samuels reported for suspect bowling action
04:41:52a Driver Killed After Slamming Into A Utility Pole
04:41:56a New Wind Farm Could Help Austin's Green Efforts
04:42:00a Chemical Spill Forces Evacuation At UT
04:42:12a Marion Co. GOP tabs Elrod to run for 7th
04:42:16a Garuda`s punctuality rate in China reaches 83 percent
04:42:21a Asia`s FX reserves hit 3.9 trillion end-2007
04:42:25a Indonesia`s actual FDI hits US10.34 bln in 2007, up 73.2 pct
04:42:29a Van Nistelrooy`s late double keeps Real on track
04:43:08a Conservation groups at odds over whaling fleet campaign
04:43:12a Paquin misses out at Golden Globes
04:43:16a Beach levy idea in doubt
04:43:20a Tasman kayakers plan more adventures
04:43:25a Costly toilet block draws flak
04:43:29a Confront Iran danger 'before it's too late', urges Bush
04:43:33a Planning afoot for state funeral
04:43:37a Poor start for market continues
04:43:46a Bomb kills eight soldiers in Thailand
04:43:50a China builds 'energy-guzzling' buildings
04:43:55a Photo flashback Maggie Lee's 60th Anniversary at the Northfield News
04:44:52a B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell flies over Prince George ice jam
04:44:56a Sedins spark rare road win for Canucks
04:45:00a Fukuda takes up abode in premier's official residence+
04:45:05a Bomb kills at least 8 soldiers in southern Thailand+
04:45:09a Tennis Top seed Henin brushes aside Nakamura at Aussie Open+
04:45:14a New Komeito leader Ota overcharged gov't for 2005 election costs+
04:45:18a Sumo Shimootori pulls out of New Year sumo+
04:45:22a Sumo Main bouts for 3rd day of New Year sumo+
04:45:26a Sports schedule for Tuesday, Jan. 15+
04:45:31a Final respects paid to fallen deputy and K-9
04:45:35a Hardee's restaurant robbed at knifepoint
04:46:13a Europe takes Africa's fish, and migrants follow
04:47:01a Closing financial markets
04:47:05a Wilkinson crumbles on PGA Tour
04:47:09a Market hits lowest point in 15 months
04:47:29a 20080110_alc_a01_001.jpg
04:47:37a Tee Dot
04:47:42a are you watching closely
04:47:46a let's get it on!
04:47:50a the warmup
04:48:02a U.S. works to integrate Sunnis in Iraq
04:48:07a Bush criticizes Iran in pro-democracy speech
04:48:51a India to work with China to remove trade barriers
04:48:55a Cheaper airfares back, for now
04:49:00a Hillary to withdraw troops from Iraq in 60 days
04:49:04a 'Common man needs food before cars'
04:49:08a Staging Singer Asiad in Colombo was a big achievement, says Lewke
04:49:19a Sri Lankan military 27 Tamil rebels, 2 soldiers killed in f
04:49:23a As a Country, São Paulo City, Brazil, Would Be the World's 47th Largest
04:49:38a Doctors battle to save Soeharto, Mahathir to visit his bedside
04:49:52a Blast in southern Thailand kills eight soldiers
04:49:56a Gilbert's third riparian area up and running, but without amenities
04:50:00a Fight against ALS is a Q.C. family affair
04:50:04a Friends, family show up to support runners
04:50:09a E.V. lawmakers put budget answers first
04:50:13a What's on legislators' agendas this year
04:50:17a Employers urged to focus on staff retention
04:50:27a Can weakening U.S. economy survive current strains?
04:50:56a Jessica Simpson Not Seen at Cowboys Game
04:51:16a And Now for Some Donald Fagen
04:51:20a A REPORT FROM Abu Dhabi....
04:51:28a Wisconsins Weather Could Kill You
04:51:33a In which I agree with Glenn Greenwald Karl
04:51:37a Jonah Goldberg Liberal Fascism
04:51:41a Bush tour heads for Saudi Arabia
04:51:49a Twins to be separated in eight months
04:51:53a Qld could be rid of horse flu by March Govt
04:51:57a Fed unlikley to cut rates before next meeting WSJ
04:52:02a Kenyan opposition refuses to budge
04:52:06a People 'risking lives' trying to cross flooded N Qld roads
04:52:31a Clinton Accuses Obama Campaign Of 'Distorting' Her Comments
04:52:35a Missouri Senator Endorses Obama
04:52:39a In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record
04:52:44a President Bush Heads to the Gulf
04:52:48a The Advance of Freedom Bush Abu Dhabi Address
04:52:53a Chelsea Clinton steps into California spotlight to rally for mother
04:52:57a Bush Statement on the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
04:53:01a Bernanke, Pelosi to meet on economy
04:53:06a McCain, Clinton emerge as national poll leaders
04:53:10a Clinton, Obama comments fuel fight for S.C. votes
04:53:14a WRAPUP 4-Clinton, Obama spar as U.S. race heats up
04:53:19a Poll McCain jumps into lead, Clinton holds on in nationwide surveys
04:53:23a After 'Meet' attack, Clinton woos blacks
04:53:27a Bush, UAE president hold talks
04:53:31a Bush takes anti-Iran push to Saudis
04:53:36a Poll McCain Rising, Clinton Holds On
04:53:40a Seoul eyes launch of lunar probe in 2020
04:53:44a LeBron's Birthday Celebration Starts With A Foul On The Freeway
04:53:49a Mattel playing better overseas
04:53:53a LeBron's 101 mph lands ticket
04:53:57a Mattel's offerings are playing well in overseas markets
04:54:01a Search to resume Monday
04:54:06a One Dead in Early Morning Crash
04:54:10a Elderly Woman Killed in Weekend Fire
04:54:15a Autopsy Released Of New Martinsville Truck Driver Death
04:54:41a EMI reportedly to cut a third of 6,000 staff
04:54:47a Americans Cut Back Sharply on Spending
04:54:51a Killing of a Young Hiker Puts North Georgia on Edge
04:54:56a Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?
04:55:00a Team Creates Rat Heart Using Cells of Baby Rats
04:55:04a Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid by 2010
04:55:09a Trying to Fine-Tune Yahoo
04:56:01a Pottery Barn Saved Christmas With Good Customer Service Above And Beyond
04:56:25a Abbas Israeli-Palestinian Talks on Core Issues to Begin Monday and conflict
04:56:30a Georgia's Opposition Supporters Protest, Demand Recount and conflict
04:56:39a Will America ever leave Europe and Japan?
04:56:43a Will America ever leave Iraq?
04:56:48a The 1.4 Trillion Question
04:56:52a Huckabee tries to make his case in Columbia
04:56:56a Golden Globe winners
04:57:00a Rasmussen Election 2008 McCain vs. Clinton and Obama McCain 49% Clinton 38%
04:57:05a Huckabee supporters not your typical GOP
04:57:09a U process restores dead hearts
04:57:13a Fred Sez....'Federalism'
04:57:17a Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll 1-13-08
04:57:22a America's gun culture fading slowly?
04:57:26a Vote 08 L.A. Latinos supporting Obama
04:57:30a Terry Anderson LIVE Thread January 13, 2008
04:57:34a Victims Voice
04:57:39a NOW IN THE TECH LIBRARYStrategic QA Steps to Effective Software Quality Assurance
04:57:43a Why Enterprise Software Must Be Sexy
04:57:47a OLPC, Microsoft working on dual-boot system
04:57:51a Bill Gates Says Microsoft Expanding Into More Platforms and Interfaces
04:57:55a Microsoft's FAST Bid Signals a Shift in Search
04:58:00a Software allows painter to pack away brushes
04:58:04a Explosives hamper rescue as China landslide buries 11
04:58:08a Three dead, three missing in northern Italy avalanche
04:58:11a Cricket- New Zealand beat Bangladesh by innings and 137 runs
04:58:15a Tax
04:58:19a Manager loses P100,000 to hold-up men in Novaliches
04:58:24a Civil engineering studes want to retake exam in May
04:58:28a Palace seeks dialogue between DOJ, media groups
04:58:32a Choi completes wire-to-wire win at Sony Open
04:58:36a RP 2007 average farm output up nearly 5%
04:58:40a Court resets hearing on Leviste murder case
04:58:44a Atlas, investment firm infuse 10M in Carmen Copper
04:58:49a Daniel Day-Lewis is Golden Globes best actor, 'Atonement' is best film
04:58:53a Serena opens Aussie Open defense with a win
04:58:57a 43m for 8000 more operations
04:59:01a Boy faces 20,000 bill for wild party
04:59:06a Armed carjacking trio's turbo getaway
04:59:10a Arm partly severed waving out of ute
04:59:14a Pembroke Pines hospital expands options for patients needing bone marrow transplants
04:59:19a Police say man shot dead after pointing weapon at pursuing officer
04:59:23a 2 World War II bombers embark on U.S. tour, starting with Lauderdale
04:59:27a Renovation of Pompano Beach fishing pier running behind schedule
04:59:31a Visitors not allowed to see critically-ill Suharto
04:59:36a US commander meets with China officials
04:59:40a Seven-month ban on shrimp firing in Kuwait starting Jan 15
04:59:44a Israel allows 180 Palestinians to cross from Gaza to Egypt
04:59:49a Bush in the UAE after concluding Baharain visit
04:59:53a Iraqi FM to start visit to Kuwait Sunday
04:59:58a Shiite, Sunni political blocs sign pact to maintain Iraq's unity
05:00:02a Bush accuses Iran of 'leading state sponsor of terror'
05:00:07a Iraqis OK bill to ease restrictions on Saddam's Baath members
05:00:14a Clinton vs. McCain, Round 2
05:00:18a Treasurer to trim state payment red tape
05:00:23a Older workers no longer so loyal survey
05:00:27a Party boy 'hung up on parents'
05:00:31a Future Capital Holdings – IPO Avoid
05:00:35a Ex-Butler Paul Burrell To Give Evidence At Diana Inquest
05:01:34a Business conflict forces out Brambles director Jac Nasser
05:01:39a Krugman Komedy Europe as 'the Comeback Continent'
05:01:43a Bank of East Asia still open to new investors
05:01:47a Jurgen Grobler banks on old guard to inspire and guide young
05:01:51a Newsweek Editor Equates Hillary's Spirituality With Abe Lincoln's
05:01:55a Plenty of Room for Development in China's Rural Banks Accord
05:01:59a On Mixing Family, Business
05:02:04a Some SD Lawmakers Bank On Renewable Fuels
05:02:08a PLO to isolate Hamas with separate W. Bank parliament
05:02:12a HuffPo Insanity Karl Rove Paid O'Donnell to Smear John Edwards
05:02:17a You ask the questions, bank has the answers
05:02:21a First shipment of Banks beer heading to NY this month
05:02:25a Business dream fulfilled despite tragedy
05:02:30a NBC Europe Wants 'Change' in America, Hillary Too Much Like Bush
05:02:34a Plenty of Room for Development in China's Rural Banks According to New Report
05:02:38a Banks braced for test case on charges
05:02:42a Perils of doing business in China
05:02:47a NZ Sinks Down the Global Business Optimism League
05:02:51a Business scandals teach lesson few in Japan learn
05:02:55a Porn barons face up to net threat
05:03:00a Petrogas signs oil search deal in Egypt
05:03:04a Driver flees after causing huge crash on Interstate 5
05:03:08a Iraqi Opposition Alliance Threatens Government
05:03:13a 21 RP seamen safe after oil tanker explodes in Nigeria--DFA
05:03:17a Recap Washington vs. Philadelphia
05:03:22a Othello Richards' 5pm Report Deputy Web Site
05:03:26a • Recap Washington vs. Philadelphia
05:03:30a Connelly in Nevada Clinton and Obama roll the dice
05:03:34a Steve KelleyPackers expose Hawks' flaws
05:03:39a Third WSU student dies in N. Idaho crash
05:03:43a Washington Presidential Primary details
05:03:48a Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals , 1 p.m.
05:03:52a 5 franchising myths
05:04:12a Shanghai government seeks public opinion on plans to extend maglev train following protest
05:04:16a Red Cross starts videoconference calls between families and detainees held by US military
05:04:21a Blast in southern Thailand kills 8 soldiers
05:04:26a Indian PM Singh addresses China trade meet in Beijing
05:04:30a US commander of Pacific Fleet arrives in China for talks
05:04:34a Leader didn't lose a step
05:04:39a Ken Rodriguez Neighborhood is giving Douglass kids unwanted sex education
05:04:43a Shock therapy making a comeback
05:04:52a Hain fate 'out of Brown's hands'
05:05:20a Brown To Play Basketball
05:05:24a Mountaineer Women Hold On For Win
05:05:29a WVU Men Beat Syracuse
05:05:33a Salem Family Still Trying To Rebuild After Flood
05:05:37a Friends, Family Benefit Fairmont Police Officer
05:05:41a Estrada washes hands off destab plot
05:05:46a Fellow officers say goodbye to Deputy Pursifull and King
05:05:50a CIA, Iran & the Gulf of Tonkin
05:05:54a Pursuing Terror Suspects A senseless belligerence
05:06:04a Iran-IAEA cooperation enjoys proper pace; Hosseini
05:06:08a Iran to respond to remaining nuclear ambiguities soon
05:06:33a How many accounts should one have?
05:06:38a Infosys buys land for 2nd campus in Bangalore
05:06:42a 'Retailing in India to grow faster than in US'
05:06:47a RCom GSM order 80-100 mn lines
05:06:51a Stock picks of the day
05:06:56a Bombing by suspected Muslim insurgents kills 8 in Thailand
05:07:00a 'Ice Box' Feud Heats Up
05:07:04a Fatal Montana Avalanche
05:07:08a ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter 6.22
05:07:13a New Zealand coast to innings victory
05:07:17a Criticism drives Ponting to improve
05:07:22a Kenya forced to switch ICC Cup tie
05:07:26a Pakistan drop Akhtar, Gul for Zim
05:07:35a Man's schizophrenia cited as cause for killing dad, stabbing mom
05:07:39a Man Shot After Standoff with Police
05:07:43a Cop who earned 250,000 on paid leave to go before commission
05:07:48a Judge orders 715,000 restitution from man who caused crash
05:07:52a Hundreds brave snow, mud to clean up tornado damage in Wheatland
05:07:57a Pacers end Western swing with another loss
05:08:01a Slaton Man Falls Sick After Opening Mail
05:08:50a My Name is Anthony...
05:08:54a Alcatel-Lucent may win QTel contract
05:08:58a Main events scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 15+
05:09:03a Blanchett, Bardem Win Supporting Globes
05:09:07a Revamp umpiring Sri Lanka chief
05:09:12a Sri Lankan Minister Seeks India's Intervention To Help Ethnic Indians
05:09:19a Japan warns Sri Lanka of aid cut
05:09:24a 36 LTTE, 1 soldier killed in Lanka Army
05:09:28a Int l monitoring group in Sri Lanka to wind-up operations
05:09:32a • S Lankan spent 50 years on remand
05:09:36a Sri Lanka seeks India's intervention to help ethnic Indi
05:09:40a Power eludes Kabul despite global aid
05:09:45a Revamped Wellington equestrian festival opens this week
05:09:49a Kabul gets only 3 hours of electricity a day, despite millio
05:09:53a FAU campus buzzing as debates near
05:09:58a - Power Cuts Still Leave Kabul in the Dark
05:10:02a Charter school in Delray Beach looking to a brighter future in new building
05:10:07a Kabul powerless despite global aid
05:10:11a With alligator near, weed-tangled dog rescued from Delray Beach pond
05:10:16a Boca Raton's network of trails won't be complete until 2035
05:10:20a Vandals target Boynton Beach church
05:10:25a PAKISTAN Food Shortages Dim Public Enthusiasm For Polls
05:10:29a DeltaPlex Sale No Show Vendors, Customers Get Refunds
05:10:33a McCain rallies in Battle Creek
05:10:37a Detroit Auto Show Begins with Press Preview
05:10:42a El Salvador Murder of Mayor of Alegría
05:10:46a Colombia Deforestation near the Medellín River
05:10:55a Nipissing Naturalist to launch book
05:10:59a Companies to Share Eco-Friendly Patents
05:11:04a EMC Seeks Edge With Flash-Memory Drives
05:11:08a Motorola's New Devices Target Retailers
05:11:12a Roll out the red carpet
05:11:16a Chinese incursions do happen, admits Pranab
05:11:21a Weather conditions good for apple crop
05:11:25a Iran urges US to apologise over ship incident
05:11:29a Report misleading, argues Kapil Dev
05:11:34a Babcock Brown buys 10% stake in Forth Port-paper
05:11:38a Two year old kidnapped girl rescued
05:11:43a South Korea launches high-tech satellite
05:11:47a S Korea leader 'would meet Kim'
05:11:51a US soldier gets sick, dies in South Korea prompting meningit
05:11:56a School closings for Westchester, Putnam and Rockland
05:12:00a For Airbus and Boeing, a bevy of new orders
05:12:05a Semi-truck flees after knocking down light pole
05:12:09a Homeowners can sign up for tax break
05:12:13a Many go online to express condolences for Marine
05:12:17a Community grieves over tragedy
05:12:22a Police seeks applicants for citizen's academy
05:12:26a Husted revisits energy options
05:12:30a Huber dispatch center accredited
05:12:34a Candidates offer plans to strengthen auto industry
05:12:39a 15. Next Budget to be unveiled Aug 29
05:12:43a NJ backs giving presidential electoral votes to popular vote winner
05:12:47a Huckabee opposes abortion and gay marriage at Michigan church
05:12:52a Tax Lien Certificate
05:12:56a ‘Extreme Makeover' viewing party planned
05:13:00a Greenpeace chases away Japan's whalers
05:13:19a SPC MD 66
05:14:42a Ex-hostage has emotional reunion with son in Colombia
05:14:46a Successful Humanitarian Mission in Colombia Praised
05:14:50a Colombia rejects Chavez plea not to treat rebels as terroris
05:15:08a U.S. presses Iraq for Sunnis' integration
05:15:12a Kurds pressured over Kirkuk's future
05:15:17a S. Carolina paper backs McCain
05:15:21a Skier killed at Mt. Bachelor
05:15:26a Free ride in Portland could be over
05:15:30a Corvallis HS grad wins big at Golden Globes
05:15:34a Small plane crashes near Centerville, WA
05:15:56a The New York Times Smears Our Veterans As Criminals
05:16:00a Mark Zuckerberg Tells 60 Minutes Beacon Makes Facebook Less Commercial
05:16:04a Fred Thompson's Hotness Factor
05:16:08a Mitt Romney's SUV Tax Although Romney...
05:16:39a Problems persist at School for Deaf
05:16:43a Camera ban considered in polling places
05:16:47a Web entangling jurors, legal system
05:16:51a Boston's Big Dig springing leaks
05:16:56a Md. activist, legislator Britt dead at 66
05:17:00a Missing woman's family turns to DNA
05:17:04a Puppy recovering after Fla. gator attack
05:17:09a Inquiry into teen's cyber crime role continues
05:17:13a Police consider charges after bus, van collide
05:17:17a Lifeguards attacked by shark
05:17:21a Schoolboy says dairy robberies were 'prank'
05:17:26a Police call for help on alleged sex offender
05:17:30a Australian businesses optimistic survey
05:17:34a Village extends Sydney Attractions offer
05:17:38a PNG's Toua called to Beijing weightlifting qualifer
05:17:43a Taiwan political change no change for Pacific allies
05:17:47a Australian health ministers to cut waiting lists
05:17:52a Belle Meade Plantation explores historic venture wine
05:17:56a Rural residents asked to dob in drug growers
05:18:00a Luxurious loo not just a toilet block minister
05:18:05a Charges unlikely after Bjork attacks photographer
05:18:09a 'Atonement' wins top prize at starless Golden Globes
05:18:13a Court records system getting close look
05:18:21a Pennsylvania's slots among East Coast's richest, report says
05:18:26a E-portfolios could keep city pupils on 'Promise' path
05:18:30a Teachers union president facing challenges
05:18:35a Police find dead man in friend's Shaler basement
05:18:39a Hiker finds body of missing hunter
05:18:43a Obituary Arthur William Rorabaugh / Former U.S. Steel engineer, outdoor enthusiast
05:18:48a The Morning File The ascot is making a comeback, gents
05:18:52a City, county, Hill group closing in on arena deal
05:18:56a Reserve unit's number, mission change
05:19:01a Coraopolis firms helps untangle NASA's wires
05:19:05a Ground broken on mine safety
05:19:09a Police Man terrorized, raped woman 200 times over a year
05:19:14a 'Atonement,' Sweeney' Top Globe Winners
05:19:18a 'Sweeney Todd,' 'Atonement' Big Globe Winners
05:19:22a Boat aims to make SEAL travels less painful
05:19:27a Memo Don't use obscene check to pay ticket
05:19:31a Bhumika I'm a person who is always okay
05:19:35a Poll McCain Vaults Into GOP Lead; Obama Gains
05:19:39a Uneven Day for Manning Bros.
05:19:44a Mercury Flyby First Since 1974
05:19:48a Detroit Auto Show 2008 Lincoln MKT Concept Detroit Auto Show
05:19:55a Police find most, but many kids still missing
05:19:59a League lashes out at SABC
05:20:04a Hero is haunted by drowning tragedy
05:20:08a What now for Mbeki's allies?
05:20:12a You must fire me if I fail, thunders Zuma
05:20:17a Party down and out Globes telecast stripped to a bare-bones list of winners
05:20:21a Reactions to the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards
05:20:25a List of announced winners of the 65th annual Golden Globes
05:20:30a 'Atonement' wins best drama Globe at show sapped of star glitz by writers strike
05:20:34a Suharto's state stable but critical
05:20:38a Israeli air strike kills 2 militants
05:21:36a 'Atonement' and 'Sweeney Todd' win at Globes
05:22:13a Finally! A book that showcases all that's 'weird' in Virginia
05:22:47a Advertising U.S. Cities Put on the Charm for Foreign Tourists
05:22:51a Search on Alabama Coast Finds Body of 2nd of 4 Missing Children
05:22:56a The Media Equation With Shows Like These, Forget Reruns
05:23:00a Louisiana Prepares to Swear in New Governor
05:23:04a Colorado Approves Funds to Feed Wildlife
05:23:09a Romney Embraces His Michigan Roots
05:23:13a Herbert J.C. Kouts, Nuclear Power Safety Expert, Is Dead at 88
05:23:18a Check Point In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record
05:23:22a WA lawmakers open `safety & security' session Monday
05:23:26a WA's new legislative session
05:23:31a Beck's Bad Hospital Visit Fuels Crusade
05:23:35a LeBron James Ticketed for Speeding
05:23:39a Rocket Won't Commit to House Deposition
05:23:44a HUD can't find 5,000 hurricane evacuees who are eligble for rent aid
05:23:48a Dallas securities fraud investigation targets former SEC lawyer
05:23:52a Trial of suspected Ipswich killer to start
05:24:04a Arabia Cotton to acquire 4 companies
05:24:27a Suspect In Mason Fire Improves, Autopsy Info Released
05:24:48a Unidentified teen dies in car crash
05:24:52a Police Prevention is best tool against home invasion
05:24:56a Fourth dead goat found near Fort Walton Beach
05:25:04a The Best Business Schools
05:25:08a Kolkata Fire at Burrabazar building yet to be controlled
05:25:12a Karnataka Krishna, Prakash keep everyone guessing
05:25:16a China's Taiwan nightmare
05:25:21a Mitt Romney It's not torture unless you admit it
05:25:25a McCain viable once more
05:25:29a BET founder blasts Obama
05:25:33a Musharraf I won't be impeached
05:25:38a A co-dependent political relationship
05:25:42a Experts Iraq war puts nation at risk
05:25:47a Thousands protest in Georgian election
05:25:51a Expert Fed to blame for subprime crisis
05:25:55a UK mulls routine organ harvesting
05:26:00a Duke gets approval for 2B coal plant in Indiana
05:26:04a After coal success, govt plans ultra
05:26:08a Documentary movie highlights coal plants' opponents
05:26:13a Concerns over coal terminal closure
05:26:17a China reports fewer deaths in coal mine accidents for '0
05:26:21a MCX to launch coal futures
05:26:25a Coal mine deaths fall by 20%, officials say
05:26:30a China closes 11,000 small coal mines in safety crackdown on
05:26:34a Two sluggers in coal's corner
05:26:38a Judge OKs coal plant
05:26:42a In-tents time awaits car show, FBR revelers
05:26:46a 'Declining' label ups down payments for some home buyers
05:26:50a Amber Alert system ten years later
05:26:55a Fed Govt, states agree to 600m health plan
05:26:59a Michigan Woes Alter Campaigns
05:27:03a Take Your Best Shot... and Upload It to
05:27:08a Iraq to reinstate Baath Party members
05:27:16a 'Many schools soft targets for criminals'
05:27:20a Home Affairs staff nabbed over fraud
05:27:24a Selebi hits back at 'scandalous' prosecutors
05:27:29a GM must expand in India to compete with Tata chief
05:27:33a Chrysler pleased with restructuring plan's progress
05:27:37a GE to double investments in renewable energies FT
05:27:42a Gold hits another record high - just shy of 900
05:27:46a Toyota to launch diesel Tundra, Sequoia in U.S
05:27:51a Two OPG Ontario Nanticoke coal units go off line
05:27:55a GM's Wagoner says US economic woes a concern
05:27:59a Chrysler sees resolution to Getrag spat
05:28:03a Britain's Brown argues for 'full engagement' with EU
05:28:07a Cooking with semi-automatics
05:28:12a Was pasta the original fusion food?
05:28:16a How to fix boys
05:28:20a The man who cowed Simon Cowell
05:28:25a For women who just can't say no
05:28:29a Why this sudden interest in Kenya?
05:28:33a Brain of La Crosse
05:28:37a Law enforcement puts new planning technology to use
05:28:42a Experts grow a beating rat heart in jar
05:28:46a Wife standing by husband who left child sleeping in van outside strip club
05:28:50a Huebsch wants focus on health care, economic development in 2008 session
05:28:54a ‘Big Sister' makes a difference for fellow horse lover
05:28:58a Small town set to host 2008 pond hockey tournament
05:29:03a Central 3rd, Logan 6th at show choir contest
05:29:07a Saliva Test to Detect Breast Cancer
05:29:11a Abuse of OTC Cold Medicine
05:29:23a Authorities Bar owner fatally beaten in his home
05:29:27a Xavier Lee leaves FSU
05:29:37a Adversaries Take Aim at McCain
05:29:41a Ice Loss Escalating in Antarctica
05:29:46a Filling the Void After High School
05:29:50a Lawmakers Tested on Economy
05:29:54a Chinese Land Policy Challenged
05:29:59a First-timers Westwood & Clarke gunning for Abu Dhabi glory
05:30:03a EFG Istanbul Securities to host a Turkey Investor Conference in Dubai
05:30:08a RetailME Awards extend entry deadline
05:30:12a 2.5m Commercialbank Qatar Masters set for 'exciting new decade' of success
05:30:16a Aabar receives offer for upstream oil and gas subsidiary Pearl Energy
05:30:20a Arab countries firm up preparations for Nairobi UPU Congress
05:30:25a Axis launches latest range of surveillance solutions a Intersec 2008
05:30:29a Kristol refuses to comment on call to 'prosecute' NYT.
05:30:33a Stretched ground forces mean U.S. nuclear strike possible.
05:30:40a China's former F1 boss Yu Zhifei appeals prison sentence for graft
05:30:44a Big Zhi dominates CBA All Star match
05:30:48a Guatemala's new president faces challenges
05:30:53a Roundup Vietnam strives to export more to China
05:30:57a India PM visits Olympic village
05:31:01a China kicks off construction of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway
05:31:06a Blast hit northern Sri Lanka
05:31:10a Year-end tourism estimates set new record for New York City
05:31:14a Georgia announces final result of presidential election
05:31:19a French nuclear giant Areva renews uranium price deal with Niger
05:31:23a Malaysia to stop weekend document-free travel to Thailand
05:31:28a Chavez accuses U.S. of having no interest in ending Colombian civil war
05:31:32a Argentine flight chaos continues
05:31:36a China Huaneng's massive corporate bonds to make market debut Tuesday
05:31:41a 8 soldiers killed in insurgent ambush in Thai south
05:31:45a Campbelltown YWCA Certificate III in English for Employment
05:31:49a Traxside Youth Health Service Big Afternoon Tea 21 Feb 2008, Campbelltown
05:31:53a Listeriosis alert NSW Health
05:31:58a ATO Appeals Charity 'Business' Decision
05:32:02a New Centre for Social Impact
05:32:06a Mt Druitt Legal Education for new & emerging communities
05:32:10a Working with Older Women Workshop 19 Feb 2008, Campbelltown
05:32:15a Federal-state collaboration advances electronic health agenda Dept of Health & Dept of ...
05:32:19a Macarthur Community Forum Training Calendar Feb-Jun 2008
05:32:23a Western Sydney Young People’s Literature Officer
05:32:28a Call for elderly contact scheme to go national Sydney Morning Herald Article
05:32:32a India culls chickens in West Bengal village to contain bird flu
05:33:02a Eight Thai soldiers killed in ambush in southern province
05:33:06a Narrow escape for 2 brothers
05:33:11a Parking bans and winter weather
05:33:29a TRS `Sima Garjana’ at Karimnagar on Jan 24
05:33:33a Telangana Congress leaders threaten to resign en-mass
05:33:41a TDP rocked with Telangana sentiment
05:33:45a MRPS usge other sub-castes to join its stir
05:33:49a BJP to intensity anti-SRC campaign
05:33:53a Second SRC opens Pandora’s box CPI
05:33:57a Congress MLAs seek `Greater Rayalaseema’
05:34:01a Three ministers faced ire of TRS activists
05:34:06a Stressed Greeks turn to e-curses
05:34:10a Blast from the past SimCity open sourced
05:34:14a Watch out for Netflix's coming attraction
05:34:18a US voters look to web for campaign news
05:34:22a Web gains ground on weakened Mafia
05:35:04a Friendly fire killed Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan ministry
05:35:09a Eight Thai soldiers killed in rebel ambush army
05:35:34a Drilling Down More Google Queries Get Google Maps
05:35:38a Free Song Promotion Is Expected From Amazon
05:35:42a E-Commerce Report When Gadget Parts Break or Get Lost
05:35:47a Bright Ideas Digital Domain From 10 Hours a Week, 10 Million a Year
05:35:51a Polley's first film Away From Her wins Golden Globe
05:35:55a Freed hostage reunited with son
05:35:59a 'Atonement' wins at Golden Globes
05:36:04a Toyota to offer plug-in hybrids by 2010 chief
05:36:08a Report Spending down across the board
05:36:12a Rice Travels To Africa
05:36:23a Check out the clearances this year
05:36:43a Nine launches new on-air look
05:36:47a Gladiators are here!
05:36:51a TV-Browser 2.6.3
05:36:56a Unfazed, global pharmas seek cancer drug patents
05:37:00a Google to Jarg We didn't infringe, and your patents stink
05:37:05a Engate Technology Awarded New Patent for Anti-Spam Threat Protection
05:37:10a Download Music Mp3 Online The Questions You Need To Ask
05:37:14a MP3 Tag Clinic
05:37:18a Impecca unveil Wi-Fi digital photo frame
05:37:23a Digital Photo Frames Find New Purpose
05:37:27a The travails of making an independent art that can stand on its own feet
05:37:31a On The Road reviews The Tempest and The Woman Hater
05:37:35a Macbeth Live from New York to a cinema near you
05:37:40a McMastering the arts
05:37:44a India's PM urges China to address trade imbalance
05:37:49a Japan in Sri Lanka peace bid officials
05:37:53a Samsung chief's office searched in bribery probe report
05:37:57a Indonesia's Suharto clings to life
05:38:02a 'Atonement' wins top prize at starless Golden Globes
05:38:06a Strike Was Unseen Star of the Night
05:38:10a Bush Urges Unity Against Iran
05:38:15a Cape woman found dead in flat
05:38:19a Mindreef adds to SOA testing
05:38:23a 2 dead after apparent stabbing involving family members in Tokushima+
05:38:28a LEAD Bomb kills at least 8 soldiers in southern Thailand+
05:38:32a 'Atonement' Leads Glitz-Free Globes
05:38:36a Sony Starts a Standards War Over Wireless USB
05:38:40a Peoria man reported missing
05:39:27a SET down 0.9% on Monday
05:39:54a Roadside bomb hits bus in northern Sri Lanka
05:39:58a India's PM urges China to address trade imbalance
05:40:02a Dutch troops in Afghanistan kill four in friendly fire
05:40:06a Pakistan poll indicates many believe government had role in Benazir’s death
05:40:10a Clean-up continues after near-record rainfall
05:40:15a Many Tas fires contained, but Cataract Gorge under threat
05:40:19a Undersea cable to boost broadband govt
05:40:24a Inquest hears safety checks 'optional'
05:40:28a IRIS 5.52a
05:40:32a System Spec 2.61
05:40:36a PS 1- BODY SOUL PARTY 2006
05:40:41a Department of Labor to host meetings for former nuclear workers
05:40:45a Governor's Action Team provides assistance
05:40:49a Officers use high-tech tool to 'get inside' buildings
05:40:54a Hometown Treasure Indiana Township's Walsh
05:40:58a Freeport goalie Zahumensky thrives on big-game pressure
05:41:02a Good jobs stay here
05:41:06a Kiski Area-Burrell match postponed
05:41:11a Another Surrogate Refers to Obama Drug Use
05:41:15a USO donations up 50% since 2007
05:41:19a McCain, Romney make a stand in Michigan
05:41:24a NASA prepares for close-up of Mercury
05:41:28a Bush tries to rally Iran foes
05:41:33a 'Atonement' wins drama award in lusterless Globes
05:41:37a Backers urge Thompson to 'get rough'
05:41:41a Scientists grow beating rat heart in big first step
05:41:49a Manhunt leads to bus
05:41:53a Hillary Obama twisted my views on King's legacy
05:41:58a U.S. not liable for mishap in Germany
05:42:02a Bungle in the jungle still no freed hostages
05:42:06a In the grips of Nigeria's oil-fuelled chaos
05:42:11a A cold war in cold waters
05:42:15a A hunger for the real, and Obama's feeding it
05:42:20a Getting the lead out of executions
05:42:24a Sheriff Expects an Imminent Arrest in Marine's Killing
05:42:29a Huckabee Seeking South Carolina's Evangelical Vote
05:42:33a IAF air strike kills at least two Jihad militants in Gaza City
05:42:38a Bush Iran threatensworld security
05:42:43a Australia, the UN, and nuclear weapons
05:42:47a Hezbollah attacks Bush's stand on Iran
05:42:51a Bush's Mideast tour
05:42:56a President Bush looking for allies in Middle East
05:43:00a Iran threatens global security Bush
05:43:04a Iran to answer nuke questions in 4 weeks
05:43:09a Bush slams Iran as security threat
05:43:13a S. Korea's president-elect willing to talk nukes with North
05:43:17a South Korean president-elect calls for strengthened ties with US
05:43:21a Merrill reportedly seeking billions
05:43:26a Gold recedes from record highs
05:43:30a New mortgage programs to ease distressed homeowners' minds
05:44:03a Oil Crisis As Thoursands of Barrels Go Missing, According to Audit
05:44:26a Two-day driving ban for AFL player
05:44:31a Ex-hostage Rojas regains informal custody of son
05:44:35a Woman pleads guilty to accessory in friend's murder
05:44:39a Drunk P-plater caught 10 times over limit
05:44:45a Police using their discretion Green MP
05:44:49a Shark attack on boat prompts beach closure
05:44:54a Boosters slow to join GOP race
05:44:58a Middle class has strongest itch for rich scratch-offs
05:45:03a 20. Tourism officers under probe
05:45:31a Woman's House Ringed by Parking Lots
05:46:11a Nautical theme for antiques store fundraiser
05:46:27a Packers to Host NFC Championship Game
05:46:52a Obituary Walter Bowart / Alternative journalist
05:47:03a Murdered USS Cole Sailor's Dad Writes Yemen's President
05:47:08a “We're Trying To Prevent Young People From Taking Your Career Path”
05:47:12a Gloves Off on Huckabee?
05:47:16a Sunday Late Night Open Thread
05:47:20a The Democrats' Race War Heats Up someone
05:47:24a The 'Who is Ron Paul?' blimp....
05:47:36a Blair still needs to learn a thing or two
05:47:40a Blair not up with technology
05:47:44a I pushed Blair's nuclear button
05:48:09a China's 2007 top 10 car manufacturers
05:48:25a Golden Globes without the glitz
05:48:30a The big party was at Ernest Borgnine's house
05:48:51a Family feud leads to Western Heights shooting
05:48:55a Armed robber strikes Knoxville Hardee's restaurant
05:48:59a Police search for suspect responsible for Subway robbery
05:49:03a Landslide victory for Nationalists in Taiwan
05:50:55a AU Shippin' Out January 14-January 18 Endless Ocean
05:51:37a Roof leaking at newly renovated Austin Middle
05:51:41a City’s ordinance fails sex-offender statute
05:51:45a Port seeks 28M state loan to repair docks
05:51:49a City wants to reduce utility bill lag time
05:51:54a NJ backs giving state's presidential electoral votes to popular vote winner; joins Maryland
05:51:58a Pa. slots among East Coast's most profitable
05:52:02a Tobyhanna home to be featured on paranormal TV show
05:52:06a 'Spirited' night for voters, legislators at annual coffee hour
05:52:10a Reports find Pa. lacked oversight on homeland security grants
05:52:15a SPCA puts down 1 dog; 2 others saved
05:52:19a Pared-down mega-resort in the Catskill Mountains still opposed
05:52:24a After 1-year hiatus, Malaysia and US resume talks for free trade agreement
05:52:29a Report Special prosecutors raid home of Samsung Group chairman in corruption probe
05:52:33a China makes new anti-inflation move, boosting fines for hoarding and price-fixing
05:52:37a Prayer service with Gov. Elect Bobby Jindal
05:52:42a Resurgent Oilers outbattle Flames
05:53:01a Northeast to get slammed by winter storm
05:53:05a West Bengal sounds bird flu alert after chicken deaths
05:53:09a Chicken with a will to live
05:53:13a Chicken slump feared after TV chef attacks
05:53:47a South Florida's tougher new water restrictions will start Tuesday
05:53:51a Storm front moves in with rain, lowers temperatures
05:53:55a Giuliani targets Hispanics on South Florida visit
05:53:59a Businesses should welcome some employee banter
05:54:04a Asustek thankfully broke rules with ultra-portable Eee laptop PC
05:54:27a Court to hear petition against segregation of sexes on buses
05:54:32a Driver faces charge in pedestrian's death
05:54:36a Motorist is killed in West Side crash
05:54:41a Mesra hoteliers await lessons from NZ
05:55:24a South Side wreck leaves woman dead
05:55:28a Instructor baffled by medics' error in Smith case
05:55:32a Planes used in fight against rabies in foxes
05:55:36a Tex-Arcana Take it to the Supreme Court, but which?
05:55:41a Kelly advisory board seeks new members
05:55:45a City offers free tax preparation service
05:55:50a Obituary Church was vital force for King
05:55:54a Clay Robison Some Republican politicians may not seek Perry's backing
05:55:58a Euro's gains may stifle growth EU officials
05:56:03a Fiat to hike component sourcing from India, touch 150 mn euro
05:56:07a Emerging debt-New Indonesian bonds rally, but others weak
05:56:12a Indonesia`s foreign investment jumps 73.2 pct in 2007 official
05:56:16a Moths and butterflies What's the difference?
05:56:20a Governor Perdue Expected to Stick to Modest Agenda Mon, 14 Jan 2008 045044 GMT
05:56:25a Taaffe confirms he's staying with Ticats
05:56:40a Disney and 4 Chinese investment firms to buy stake in NBA's China subsidiary
05:56:45a China stiffens penalties for price-fixing as food costs soar
05:56:49a Gold hits a record as Asian markets steady
05:56:54a Grim times for Asia's biofuel producers
05:56:58a Report Israel to continue settlement constructio
05:57:10a Europe Takes Africa's Fish, and Migrants Follow
05:57:14a Kabul Journal Big Weddings Bring Afghans Joy, and Debt
05:57:18a News Analysis Ex-Baathists Get a Break. Or Do They?
05:57:23a Woman Released by Guerrillas Returns to Colombia to See Son
05:57:31a One orchestra that can't get out of the pit
05:57:36a Fire in the mountains
05:57:40a Obama Antiwar Speech Becomes Fodder for Clinton
05:57:44a Getting to work
05:57:48a 3 Civilians Wounded in 2 IED Attacks in Babel
05:57:53a Native smoke isn't always a sign of fire
05:57:57a A troop surge for Afghanistan?
05:58:02a Gunmen Blow Up Liquor Store in Makhmour District
05:58:06a UK Soldier's Death in Afghanistan Blamed on Helicopter Fault
05:58:10a Who will save the modernist legacy in B.C.?
05:58:14a Fredia Ann Veitch 1977-2007
05:58:19a Bush United Arab Emirates Does Muslim State the Right Way
05:58:23a Interview with Ramin Jahanbegloo
05:58:27a Bush Iran Warning Speech Draws Cool Response From Gulf States
05:58:32a British Defense Ministry Hires Private Doctors to Cover Shortages
05:58:36a Uganda Claims to Foil al-Qaeda Plot to Kill Queen
05:58:41a Pakistani Army Camp Attacked Twice in North Waziristan
05:58:45a Germany Opens Inquiry Into Terror Attack Claim
05:58:49a Iraqi Army Arrested Four Iranian Diplomats
05:58:54a Pre-Deal Trades Trigger Bank Probe
05:58:58a SEC Looks at Merrill Trading
05:59:02a Super Bowl Again to See Lingerie Ad
05:59:06a Havas Acquires Media Broker BLM
05:59:11a Changes in SEC Rules Advised
05:59:15a Winter Sunset in Vancouver
05:59:20a Grande trouble at Starbucks
05:59:24a Sshh men at work
05:59:28a The bright side of the boomer bust
05:59:33a So long to the browser that started it all
05:59:37a Big Pharma's 57-billion sales pitch
05:59:41a India's PM urges China to address trade imbalance
06:00:01a Three more yellow cards for PPP in Phrae
06:00:08a Saga Of 'Public Enemies' Turning Into Wisconsin Thriller
06:00:12a Norfolk will soon own the battleship Wisconsin
06:00:55a IOM Iraq displacement crisis ongoing
06:01:00a 'Atonement' Leads Glitz-Free Globes
06:01:04a Michelle Obama Husband No `Fairy Tale'
06:01:08a 'Bucket List' Kicks Off With 19.5M Take
06:01:13a Woman's House Ringed by Parking Lots
06:01:17a Suharto's Health Sharply Deteriorating
06:01:22a Web, Crackdowns Weakening Mafia's Grip
06:01:29a Captive Israeli's Tale Becomes Kids Book
06:01:34a It's like no "Pagliacci" you've ever seen before
06:01:38a "Atonement" wins best drama Globe at show sapped of star glitz by writers strike
06:01:42a Blazers' Oden Frustrated on Sideline
06:01:47a Sens' Heatley Out With Shoulder Injury
06:01:51a Basketball Plouffe double-double helps UW women beat USC 60-45
06:01:55a Man Arrested For Bringing Grenade To Restaurant
06:01:59a Denny's Explodes In South Lake Tahoe
06:02:04a Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Charged With DUI
06:02:08a Golden Globes Tones Down In Beverly Hills
06:02:19a Friends, family in The Colony stand by arrested Arizona beauty queen
06:02:33a Real ID From No Fly To No Drive List
06:02:38a Ron Paul Real Change Candidate Not Obama
06:02:42a Red Flags Over NH Primary
06:02:46a W32/Yuner-A
06:03:11a Making contact
06:03:16a Kenya We Want Our Seat Back, Says Raila
06:03:20a Kenya Refugees Clash in Uganda
06:03:25a Uganda Kenyan Refugees Survive Poisoning
06:03:39a It's a scary world
06:04:06a Quotes from the Golden Globe Awards
06:04:13a Marine Corps Maria's misery ends in murder
06:04:17a Killer said sex would 'exorcise demons'
06:04:21a Armed carjacking trio's bank raid flop
06:04:30a Hillary Clinton fights racial insensitivity claim
06:04:34a Hepatitis Vaccine uses aborted children's lungs????
06:04:38a Caption Hillary! NOW IT'S PERSONAL
06:04:42a MR. ED
06:04:47a In pictures South Korea ice fishing
06:04:51a Indiana's 7th Congressional District The GOP selects their candidate for the Special Election
06:04:55a U of M researchers create beating heart in laboratory
06:04:59a expat living in Costa Rica
06:05:04a Russian couple reunited after 60-year absence
06:05:08a Explosives hamper rescue as landslide buries 11
06:05:12a Parents snort as school enforces pig rearing
06:05:17a Second MMU President Appointed
06:05:21a Zaharin is In
06:05:38a Scoop Link Lawsuit Over Precincts In Nevada
06:05:43a Nevada teachers union challenges Democratic caucus rules
06:05:47a Nevada and the caucus Be careful what you wish for
06:05:51a Failed Nevada utility project reviewed
06:05:56a Backroom battle for votes in Nevada
06:06:02a Unions pour resources into Nevada caucus battle
06:06:06a Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Visit Nevada
06:06:10a Postcard From Nevada
06:06:15a Cadillac unveiling high-performance, 550-horsepower CTS-V
06:06:19a Ford to unveil sleek new Lincoln sport utility concept vehicle
06:06:23a Police officer dies in road crash
06:06:27a Hyatt Paris eyes ME business travellers
06:06:34a Kenya crisis death toll seen at around 600
06:06:55a Rats eat Chinese man's earnings
06:07:09a Killings on the Homefront
06:07:13a Saving the Quarter
06:07:18a Racial gap showing in ACT, SAT scores
06:07:31a New Indonesian bonds rally, but others weak
06:07:35a Shares close weaker on US recession fears
06:07:39a Indonesia's Suharto clings to life
06:07:44a 8 Thai soldiers killed in rebel ambush--army
06:07:56a Richmond aflutter on illegal aliens
06:08:00a As new season begins, scandal lingers
06:08:05a Battered Chargers stun Colts
06:08:09a A Giant-sized upset
06:08:13a Plenty of talk about Hoyas
06:08:18a On deck A big liar on the Hill
06:08:22a Veteran envoys lament bad rap
06:08:27a Local Results
06:08:37a Kadima whip bars us from party meeting
06:08:41a Lieberman to tell PM he may quit over nature of talks with PA
06:08:46a Rescued Briton abandons yacht
06:09:04a Kentucky salutes their soldiers
06:09:09a Ford to Unveil Sleek New Lincoln Vehicle
06:09:16a Inter
06:09:25a Nigeria Afribank Records N11.04bn Q3 Profit
06:09:29a Zimbabwe Delimitation Report Ready for President
06:09:41a Macworld Expo Prelude
06:09:45a After Apple's iPhone Mania, Macworld This Year Might Seem Sedate
06:09:49a After Taslima, Muslims target Rushdie in Mumbai
06:09:54a China doesn't want entire Arunachal, just Tawang
06:09:58a HC restrains CBI from closing '84 riots case
06:10:03a Goa Police promises to crack rape case in 2 days
06:10:07a Day 3 Firefighters, Army fail to control Kolkata fire
06:10:14a Carla Bruni at the centre of 'love-child' debate
06:10:19a Cars not the only beauties at the Auto Expo
06:10:23a After Robo, Rajini gets animated over Sultan
06:10:27a 'Oomph diva, me? No way, that's a one-off thing'
06:10:31a Clinton, Obama Battle Over Economy as Campaign Focus Shifts
06:10:36a Romney, McCain, Huckabee Shift to Economy in Hard-Hit Michigan
06:10:40a Amish takes hold
06:10:44a Wuesthoff to cut 1 million in benefits
06:10:49a E-filing for taxes begins
06:10:53a IcePlex gets new owners
06:10:57a Malaysian lawyers urge officials investigating judicial scandal to step down as inquiry opens
06:11:02a Roadside bomb attack on van kills two soldiers, one civilian in northern Sri Lanka
06:11:06a Primary disorder A state as important as Michigan should count
06:11:11a In Michigan, Kucinich just can't quit
06:11:15a Alone in Florida, Giuliani goes for broke
06:11:19a Another Winter Storm Due For Monday Morning Commute
06:11:30a Soccer-Uncapped Rouga gets call-up to Benin's Nations Cup squad
06:12:35a Ice, Ice Baby
06:12:39a The Coming Conservative Crackup
06:12:44a Fixing The Primary Farce
06:12:48a Prominent Entertainers Cited in Steroids Inquiry
06:12:54a Matt Robertson scores a hat trick as Prince Albert beats Saskatoon 5-1
06:12:59a Report Outlines Strain for Saskatoon Rental Market
06:13:08a Bush uses Abu Dhabi speech to escalate threats against Iran
06:13:12a New study estimates more than 150,000 violent deaths in Iraq over three years
06:13:17a Western powers rush to recognise result of Georgian presidential election
06:13:21a Beijing delays direct elections in Hong Kong for another decade
06:13:26a Philip Agee, former agent who exposed CIA crimes, dies in Cuba
06:13:31a Film and television writers plan 'Strike TV' Internet programming
06:13:35a Australian Labor government threatens to censor Internet
06:13:40a NHL Anaheim 4, San Jose 3
06:13:44a NBA Golden State 106, Indiana 101
06:13:48a Choi wins Sony Open despite closing 71
06:13:52a NHL Chicago 3, Nashville 2
06:13:56a NHL Edmonton 2, Calgary 1
06:14:01a COL BKB Duke 87, Virginia 65
06:14:05a NHL N.Y. Islanders 3, Ottawa 1
06:14:09a NBA New York 89, Detroit 65
06:14:14a US president to court Saudi allies
06:14:18a Australian prospectors look to Scotland for gold
06:14:22a EMI may cut a third of 6,000 staff
06:14:26a McCain leads Romney in Michigan
06:14:35a Saakashvili's victory in Georgian presidential election confirmed
06:14:39a AU concerned about size, equipment of hybrid peacekeeping
06:14:44a IAEA Iran agrees to answer remaining nuclear questions
06:15:04a Online Dating Product Review Learn Dating Secrets From Woman
06:15:14a Scientists Have Grown A Heart Using Stem Cells
06:15:54a Demand for high-tech workers up 2.3% in fourth quarter
06:15:58a Ten-Year-Old Story by Gilad Shalit is Published
06:16:02a Lecturers Remain on Strike, Semester May be Cancelled
06:16:07a Sheriff Closing in on Marine death suspect
06:16:31a Singer attacks photographer
06:16:35a Rate of crime in Russian army down considerably 2007
06:16:40a Portugal confirms interception of threat message against France
06:16:44a Lebanon due to receive 150 million euros of aid from France
06:16:49a Jail no deterrent for Iranian women's rights activists
06:16:53a The social scene now transcends black-tie affairs
06:16:57a Eagle egg hatches at Tesoro
06:17:02a Tennis group has advantage in love of game, friendship
06:17:06a Toussaint school finally has a permanent home
06:17:10a Analysis reveals few Jupiter Island crimes
06:17:14a Charter project clinging to life
06:17:19a St. Lucie schools offer Olympics as contest award
06:17:23a Gator attacks three dogs at Delray pond
06:17:27a Boca mall's owner plans task force to ensure safety
06:17:32a Lieberman hits Florida trail for McCain
06:17:36a Everglades Coalition optimistic as Crist backs restoration effort
06:17:40a Ceremony honors historian Bryant
06:17:44a Philadancopaints scenes of emotion in rare work
06:17:48a North Palm Beach bids farewell to first female cop
06:17:53a Science teachers shift classrooms to great outdoors
06:17:57a Breeders battle spaying proposal
06:18:01a Upcoming Early voting begins today in St. Lucie, Martin counties
06:18:06a Upcoming Voters get head start in primary contests
06:18:10a Palm Beach county area deaths
06:18:14a Paper satirizes stiffness at PBAU
06:18:18a Celcom to Broadcast MMS of Sharlinie to Customers
06:18:23a Trio Accused of Gang Rape Cry in Court
06:18:27a Six die in weekend accidents
06:18:31a Don't play bike daredevil on public roads
06:18:35a Surgeons save 'waving man's' arm
06:19:17a What's In A Stance?
06:19:41a Tasmania scoops federal health funding pool
06:19:45a Nigeria set to sue big tobacco for 45b
06:19:49a Funding targets elective surgery list
06:19:54a Killer croc can't take the bait
06:20:02a Road accidents claim nine lives
06:20:06a Police hunt US marine over slaying
06:20:10a Tribunal judges travel to former Khmer Rouge stronghold official
06:20:15a Samsung chief's office searched in bribery probe report
06:20:19a Snowy Nor'easter Aims For East Coast
06:20:47a Tickets for shows at Resort World's Genting made available via SISTIC
06:20:51a People's Association runs courses on brewing beer at home
06:20:55a Japanese govt plans input on ultra high-definition TV report
06:21:37a PM Pledges Action On Crime
06:21:59a Over 100 still in Maoist captivity, says INSEC report
06:22:19a Taiwan's ruling party picks presidential candidate as new chairman
06:22:27a More Market Rain in Spain
06:22:50a Police pursuit ends with SUV crash, 2 arrests
06:23:08a Afro-Americans not ready for black president Poll
06:23:12a Sehwag no worries Aus pace attack
06:23:16a WI spinner reported for suspect bowling action
06:23:21a Ponting's men are the worst behaved Holding
06:23:25a PM in China to push relations to 'vibrant' phase
06:23:29a Bird flu alert in West Bengal
06:23:33a Kolkata fire rages for third day
06:23:38a Hillary promises time-bound troop withdrawal
06:23:42a Critics say new building hides historic Alabama Capitol
06:24:13a Growing ad network Tremor Media raises 11 million
06:24:17a NComputing raises 28M to spread cheap computers to poor
06:24:21a New Business Ideas More Than Shoes
06:24:25a Helpful Suggestion Day on American Thinker
06:24:43a Hot dog!
06:24:47a Sample something new at upcoming adult classes
06:24:52a Hoops players arrested in brawl
06:24:56a The Decline of Citizen Journalism
06:25:00a Taiwan voters turn against 'independence' leader Chen Shui
06:25:04a Taiwan and fear in US
06:25:08a Taiwan breeds green-glowing pigs
06:25:12a China Airlines, Eva Surge on Expectations Taiwan May Allow Mainland Routes
06:25:17a ASIA MARKETS Asia Turns Volatile, Taiwan Gains Post Elections 10%3a00PM
06:25:21a Taiwan's Stocks Jump After Opposition Wins Poll; Cathay Financial Advances
06:25:26a Asian Stocks Rise as Taiwan Vote Seen Boosting China Ties; Samsung Gains
06:25:30a Election sees Taiwan growing closer to China
06:25:34a Taiwan's president lashes out at China after def
06:25:38a Taiwan election to ease Beijing democracy fears
06:25:42a Taiwan Kuomintang's Landslide May Ease China Tensions, Investment Limits
06:25:46a Taiwan's president takes blame for setback after legisla
06:25:50a Taiwan leader lashes out at China after defeat
06:25:54a Taiwan poll good for China relations
06:25:58a Obama as Liberal Messiah
06:26:03a Mau-Mauing the Clintons
06:26:07a Death Toll From Kenyan Political Violence Rises To 600
06:26:12a President George Bush Calls For Middle East Democracy
06:26:16a AT&T and Other I.S.P.’s May Be Getting Ready to Filter
06:26:20a BET Hands Out Awards
06:26:25a 'Bucket List' Takes Top Spot At The Box Office
06:26:29a Search Continues For Missing Snowboarder
06:26:33a Woman's Affair Leads To Husband's Death
06:26:38a Resumania Some personal details should be kept off resumes
06:26:42a This & That Tips given on tipping overseas
06:26:46a Pros show employees the ropes of etiquette
06:26:51a Carnegie Mellon graduate's idea for sleep salon evolves into nap-at-work business
06:26:56a Writers' strike is cutting fashion industry's red-carpet exposure
06:27:00a Father pushes for steroid testing after son's death
06:27:04a House carries 8.7M surplus for office costs
06:27:08a Plans may railroad Edmond
06:27:13a Strike makes Golden Globes a bit hollow
06:27:17a Law may snuff out fire hazards
06:27:21a Congressional collection continues state campaign
06:27:25a Everglades in winter plenty of wildlife, no mosquitoes
06:27:29a Skiing can be wildlife lesson
06:27:33a Wetlands No. 2 on list of most endangered
06:27:37a Endangered owls right at home in new Broward park
06:27:53a Groups at odds over whaling fleet campaign
06:27:57a Beach closed after shark attack
06:28:01a Trust contribution likely way to honour Sir Edmund, says Clark
06:28:06a 'Power-sharing among Malaysian ethnic groups to continue'
06:28:10a Five killed in chemical plant explosion in China
06:28:14a PM visits Olympic Village in China
06:28:19a Bridge work to limit Forbes Avenue traffic in Oakland
06:28:23a Studies find Pa. lax in handling 400M
06:28:28a Clinton says Obama campaign
06:28:32a Politics matters for arena, casino
06:28:37a Grocers may not desire Hill site
06:28:41a Meeting set on detour near casino for bicyclers
06:28:45a On the Job A cushy job
06:28:50a Pittsburgh teacher contract plan may be made public
06:28:54a Mom seeks closure in West Elizabeth daughter's killing
06:28:59a Terrace Village felon indicted on firearms, drug charges
06:29:03a Squirrel Hill ministry to honor Martin Luther King Jr.
06:29:11a Penn Hills woman pleads to crack cocaine offense
06:29:16a Tenant escapes fire at Penn Hills rental house
06:29:20a 26-year-old killed in North Braddock shooting
06:29:24a Active WWII veteran from Monroeville enjoyed bicycle trips
06:29:28a Newsmaker Dr. Erik M. Scheifele
06:29:32a Uniforms barred for moonlighting jobs
06:29:37a Missing hunter's body found in lake
06:29:41a Greensburg playground upgrade may cut crime residents
06:29:45a Fayette farmer suffers heavy losses in barn fire
06:29:50a Grocers won't ban tobacco locally
06:29:54a Pa. casinos start strong; 4 of top 5 on East Coast
06:29:58a Chemsweep offers to collect pesticides
06:30:03a Foundation gets 40,000 grant
06:30:07a REAL ID shapes up to be real headache
06:30:11a Lack of statewide foreign-language requirement condemned
06:30:15a Scorsese chronicles Lewton in documentary
06:30:20a Screenwriters cautiously transform books into movies
06:30:24a Clarinet player, pianist to perform in Squirrel Hill
06:30:28a REVIEW 'Menopause the Musical' a pleasurable offering
06:30:32a Walkman shifts gears with new CD
06:30:37a Party of Note
06:30:41a Pocket squares add final touch as accessory
06:30:45a Blood money D-i-v-e-s-t
06:30:49a Unfriendly skies
06:30:54a Media Monday How bizarre
06:30:58a The good life - at a price
06:31:02a No 'straight talk' on taxes
06:31:07a Port Authority madness
06:31:11a Postal predators
06:31:15a India's standing will soar if it drops n-deal CPI
06:31:19a Tamil Nadu steps up security for Pongal, Modi visit
06:31:24a Actors straddle the director's seat
06:31:28a Dempo maintain winning ways in I-League
06:31:32a BCCI's Pandove cancels trip to Perth
06:31:36a Shefali, Sarika who will Amitabh romance in Sircar's film?
06:31:41a CPI-M rally woos farmers, capital, and boos US
06:31:45a Private equity has limited impact
06:31:49a RBI shelves Temasek, GIC proposal
06:31:53a Rupee rise US-India salary gap dips 21%
06:31:57a Triumph ready for India ride
06:32:02a Irda plans credit rating for insurance firms
06:32:06a ONGC to offer BG, Noble stakes in India blocks
06:32:10a Demat rentals skyrocket
06:32:15a Sugar barons ramp up shareholding
06:32:19a Jet may soon fly to San Francisco via Shanghai
06:32:24a CPI demands cut in petro products tax
06:32:28a Eight Thai soldiers killed in rebel ambush
06:32:33a Hostage release boosts Chavez
06:32:37a DEATH PENALTY-IRAN Top Campaigner Harassed, Hangings Increase
06:32:41a US Pacific Commander in China for Talks
06:32:46a Mid Day Open Threa
06:32:52a Five dead in Russian apartment blast
06:33:26a Redesigned Ram rolls out with area jobs on line
06:33:30a GM bets on startup ethanol producer
06:33:35a McKnight overpass will be razed today
06:33:39a Bush takes anti-Iran message to United Arab Emirates
06:33:43a Home plates
06:33:48a Prison One more place you can't smoke in Illinois
06:33:52a McCaskill endorses Obama
06:33:57a Kenyan parties jostle for support ahead of stormy parliament meet
06:34:01a Taiwan's ruling party names new chairman after poll loss
06:34:05a Doctors battle to save Indonesia's Suharto
06:34:09a 308,000 Barrels Missing From Reserve
06:34:14a Americans Slam News Media
06:34:18a Snowy Nor'easter Bears Down On East Coast
06:34:22a Taiwan's ruling DPP chooses Frank Hsieh as party chairman
06:34:26a Snow likely, but not an accumulation
06:34:31a Freed Colombian hostage meets with son
06:34:35a Indian PM on state visit to China
06:34:40a Serena opens with win in Australia
06:34:44a Steyn and Company win series for South Africa
06:34:48a Taoiseach arrives in South Africa on trade mission
06:34:52a New South African railway project gets into top gear
06:34:57a South Africa mounts a historic comeback
06:35:01a Taoiseach arrives in South Africa
06:35:05a Teens in South Africa fight 'Kissing Law'
06:35:10a Teens in South Africa fight 'Kissing Law' Appeal on Facebook ...
06:35:14a South African Police Chief Placed on Leave Amid Reports of C
06:35:21a Vandals keep stealing metal caps on bike path
06:35:25a Siblings killed in bike accident
06:35:29a Driving in the super bikes
06:35:42a We will be tough but fair
06:35:50a Jermaine break-up
06:35:55a SHAMELESS
06:36:03a Heart is back to life in lab
06:36:07a Quiz king in holiday bonanza
06:36:11a Queen of mercy for pheasant
06:36:16a INCREDIBLE
06:36:20a Op blow for Barry
06:36:28a Sat-naffs hit tanks
06:36:32a Jailed for jet brawl
06:36:37a A-levels 'sell' ban
06:36:41a -33℃! Freezing cold but dizzyingly beautiful
06:36:45a Online success for Hayden
06:36:49a Return trip for ticket barriers
06:36:54a New one-stop health clinics
06:36:58a Air Arabia to open hub in Nepal
06:37:02a Corolla tops the market
06:37:07a Unicorn bank buys 70m US firm
06:37:11a Qatar golf tournament tees off
06:37:16a Couchepin promotes health project in Egypt
06:37:20a For Safe Roads Traffic police personnel checking
06:37:24a Chairman of Communist Party of Nepal
06:37:28a Call to develop tourist spots in villages
06:37:32a Morang people suffer as secys desert VDCs
06:37:37a Feudalism of all sorts to end after polls Nepal
06:37:41a Dhakal vying for 2nd term at FNCCI
06:37:45a Grief over death of Hillary
06:37:49a Melamchi locals press demands with govt
06:37:54a Bill against domestic violence sought
06:37:58a Mahat blames conflict for humanitarian woes
06:38:02a Maoist meet okays poll programmes
06:38:07a Cheating not possible in SKorean jobs Lekhak
06:38:11a Journalists facing security threats
06:38:15a Speaker opens Barun fest
06:38:20a EC speeds up works, poll schedule out
06:38:24a Directive to work for CA elections
06:38:28a CJ stresses accountability to people
06:38:32a PM advised to take full rest
06:38:37a Lathicharge At Jitpur To Dispurse Illegal Meeting
06:38:41a Tribute To Nepal\'s True Friend
06:38:46a LIGHT 0r VAIN Road Bridge
06:38:50a Minting Moolah In The Name Of Charity
06:38:54a Two Armies A War Of Words
06:38:58a KU ranks 50th among 100 Asian varsities
06:39:03a Fire black bucks missing from Bardia
06:39:07a Tigers cadre in police net
06:39:11a Interview \'We are living in great paradox\'
06:39:16a Inter Party Football Tournament on Feb. 5
06:39:20a Gurans Travels to sell Olympic tickets
06:39:24a Barcelona, UNHCR sign agreement
06:39:28a \'Racial taunts okay from friends\'
06:39:32a Federer ready to hat trick Australian title
06:39:37a India hint at compromise before Perth Test
06:39:41a Bails, not Bollywood my target Akhtar
06:39:45a Man U take Premier League lead
06:39:49a Balaju Karate Do win Inter-Dojo Karate tourney
06:39:53a Government access channel moves to 915
06:39:57a Tuesday board meeting gets moved to Jan. 22
06:40:02a Board members to talk about parkland sale
06:40:06a Health Dept. service fee changes on agenda
06:40:10a Penn State CB King to skip senior year, enter NFL draft
06:40:15a U.S. table tennis players in the mix for Olympic bid
06:40:19a Golden Globe winners are also losers
06:40:23a Officials Bird flu scare in India after chicken deaths
06:40:28a Abandoned building in Makati collapses
06:40:32a Signature drive vs oil price hikes eyed
06:40:36a Irish experts disclose results of rape research part 2
06:40:40a Suspected jeepney robbers nabbed in Taguig
06:40:45a Sin begets sin
06:40:49a RP stocks retreat after Wall St slump
06:40:53a Fighting over the budget
06:40:57a Downtown looks for boost
06:41:02a Benstein Road to close for bridge replacement
06:41:06a City approves 100,000 for parking deck design
06:41:10a Board to appoint new Dream Cruise director
06:41:14a Tehran-Riyadh Ties Enter New Phase Saudi Minister
06:41:19a Data on Earnings, Retail Sales, Inflation May Bring Street Closer to Answer on Recession
06:41:23a Draining the Cove to fight an intruder
06:41:27a Suharto's condition remains grave
06:41:32a Oil Prices Steady Near Mid-92 a Barrel
06:41:52a MLK March to show solidarity with immigrants, Black people
06:41:56a At stake is right to self-determination
06:42:00a Supporters demand justice for Black leader
06:42:05a Iraqi soldier kills two U.S. troops
06:42:19a BofA buys troubled US lender for 4bn
06:42:24a Pick-ups push for Chrysler and Ford
06:42:48a SKorea president-elect willing to meet Kim
06:43:10a Iraqi Shiite and Sunni politicians join to criticize Kurdish authorities over oil and Kirkuk
06:43:15a Hamas Bush promises 'unacceptable' for next generations of Palestinians Ha'aretz
06:43:19a Share prices easier at mid-day
06:43:49a Infosys on acquisition spree
06:44:05a Britney Spears Kevin Federline Court Case Over Custody
06:44:13a Woman's House Surrounded by Hospital Parking Lots Mon, 14 Jan 2008 044505 GMT
06:44:17a Towns Battle for Title of Nation's Ice Box Mon, 14 Jan 2008 043827 GMT
06:44:22a LINGAM VIDEO CLIP Lawyer applies for inquiry members to recuse themselves
06:44:26a Henin won Aiko Nakamura 2-0 in Australia Open
06:44:30a Snapshots of Serena Williams in Australian Open
06:44:34a The 65th Golden Globe Awards
06:45:48a Report on Coke's Water Practices in India Is Mixed
06:46:35a Braiding entwines art, science
06:47:06a EQ 2.9 The Geysers, CA PRELIMINARY REPORT
06:47:11a EQ 4.4 Batangas, Luzon, Philippines PRELIMINARY REPORT
06:47:29a First Google Android phone suite completed
06:47:41a Smokers Take Big Tobacco To Court
06:47:46a Bush Continues Tour Of Middle East
06:47:50a Dems Drum Up Support In South Carolina
06:47:55a Mozambique Mozambicans flee annual floods
06:47:59a Nigeria Presidency Takes over Galaxy Backbone
06:48:03a Nigeria House Probes ECOWAS, e-Passports Deal
06:48:08a Kenya West to blame in Kenya chaos Chinese paper
06:48:17a Nigeria Budget N’Assembly Moves to Eliminate N400bn Deficit
06:48:21a Nigeria Campaign Funds Jigawa Demands Refund of 10bn
06:48:25a Nigeria CNPP Faults Govt on Lamorde’s Appointment
06:48:30a Shares close weaker on US recession fears
06:48:34a Blast kills 3 in northern Sri Lanka
06:48:38a Bus driver passes out while driving, no one injured+
06:49:00a First Gulf Bank's credit card enhanced
06:49:04a Dubai's Motivate signs venture with OPP
06:49:08a Dubai Metro trial run
06:49:13a Yemen & Canada hold meeting over academic cooperation
06:49:17a UK website votes Abu Dhabi as top tourist attraction
06:49:21a Deyaar to take on twin tower project
06:49:25a Also, answers on apartment lease changes, measurements, old
06:49:29a Contents of a lease agreement
06:49:34a Shooting claims life of Rocky Mount toddler
06:49:38a Marine suspect thought headed for Texas
06:49:42a Third-ranked North Carolina holds off N.C. State
06:49:47a Body found east of downtown Raleigh
06:49:51a Sheriff Suspect in Slaying of Marine Seen Out-of-State
06:49:55a Elks lodge helps collect veterans' experiences
06:50:00a North Carolina rolls to win
06:50:04a The Norwegian Foreign Minister arrives in Islamabad today on a two-day official
06:50:09a Huge expectations to Danish cancer drug
06:50:13a LANCASTER When the still-forming Sons of Norway group gathers for an organizing
06:50:17a 'Pressure mounting on Scottish & Newcastle board to open up books to Carlsberg'
06:50:22a Sweden beats Costa Rica 1-0 in soccer friendly
06:50:26a Women and Men in Finland 2007
06:50:31a APT Announce Major Install At Danish Media Group
06:50:35a 12. Suspect requests prison transfer
06:50:40a Peru Video Blog Talk-Show
06:50:44a Argentina Protest Against Electricity Cuts
06:50:51a Argentina Stranded Italian Tourists
06:50:55a And the loser is - fashion houses
06:50:59a Oil prices pressure air fares
06:51:04a Wal-Mart expected to add life to strip
06:51:08a High book prices hitting students
06:51:12a Dallas Big Sister is oldest at 98
06:51:17a WVU probes governor's daughter's MBA
06:51:21a UN to redeploy its election officials in Nepal
06:51:26a Jordan's King Abdullah II in Morocco
06:51:30a Brazil trio for Al Wahda
06:51:34a TAM and LAN Peru codeshare kicks in
06:51:39a Venezuela Set to Assume Control of Its Oil Fields
06:51:43a Area Liberians Recount Horrors for Commission
06:51:47a Not enjoying your journalism work experience Head for Shanghai!
06:51:51a Club America wins InterLiga for spot in CTL
06:51:55a How to party and survive
06:52:00a Woman's House Ringed by Parking Lots
06:52:04a CSR as public relations
06:52:08a Malaysia, US Resume Free Trade Talks
06:52:12a 'Blood sucker' killing farm animals in Capiz
06:52:17a DENR says 3M seedlings planted in Cordillera in '07
06:52:21a 5 'stolen' luxe cars not registered in Cebu City
06:52:25a Philippines Looks for Value as Tuna Catch Falls
06:52:29a More monsoon rains in Luzon
06:52:34a Koko Pimentel has long way to go with poll protest
06:52:38a Senators seek peek at oil companies' books
06:52:42a Remembering Amor Kristine Bergado
06:52:47a Philippine shares lower on concerns about US economy UPDATE
06:52:52a No medical checkup order for convicted ex-soldiers
06:52:56a New gov't-media showdown looms
06:53:00a Extrajudicial killings fell by 83% in 2007
06:53:05a Int'l group slams DOJ threat
06:53:09a Active low-pressure area 'reverts' to LPA
06:53:13a Ibon sees more taxes in '08; Palace pooh-poohs dire forecast
06:53:17a Jindal to take office as Louisiana governor
06:53:22a Fire destroys east India's biggest trade hub in Kolkata
06:53:26a Recap Ottawa vs. NY Islanders
06:53:30a Matthieu Methot's hat trick powers Ottawa past Mississau
06:53:34a Ottawa forward out with injury
06:53:38a Report Ottawa's Heatley could miss 4
06:53:42a Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis critical of Kurds
06:53:47a 'NoMa' to get daily grinds
06:53:51a Perdue's historical farm to be restored
06:53:56a British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
06:54:00a Islamic bonds hit by scholar
06:54:05a Don't 'dismiss this moment as an illusion, a fairytale'
06:54:09a Capitalism, Chinese style
06:54:13a Michelle Obama reaches out to blacks at Trumpet Awards
06:54:18a Developer hedges bets in D.C. area
06:54:22a Blackwater altered Iraq shooting evidence
06:54:27a Iran conveys message to US on resuming dialogue on Iraq
06:54:31a Iraqi refugee return driven by lack of money
06:54:36a Clinton, Obama spar over each other's record on Iraq War
06:54:42a Marine Murder Suspect Spotted In La.
06:54:46a McCain Surges To National Lead
06:54:51a Husband No 'fairy Tale'
06:54:55a Authorities destroy Kerbala farms, displacing peasants
06:54:59a When vets come home and kill someone
06:55:03a Plans for a Madame Tussauds in Berlin
06:55:07a Aguilera names her baby Max Liron Bratman
06:55:12a Fatima Bhutto breaks her silence, questions Benazir's will, Bilawal being the PPP chief
06:55:16a Hain's fate 'in hands of inquiries'
06:55:20a Texts to snare rape suspects
06:55:24a Hain refuses to answer questions
06:55:29a Blowing 2.2m on flat tyres
06:55:33a British dino's 'crocodile skull'
06:55:37a PM urges zero-tolerance over knives
06:55:41a Bin Laden's son applies for British visa
06:55:46a Brown backs opt-out system to boost organ transplants
06:55:50a Sarkozy's 'love actually' moment hides the real story
06:55:54a Now you see them, now you don't ' how beat patrols come and go
06:55:59a Holyrood joins 12th round of Rockall fight
06:56:03a Red Hands out of McKenna Cup
06:56:07a EU crucial for British prosperity
06:56:11a Derry progress to McKenna semis
06:56:16a Labour councils defy party in spending row
06:56:20a Abuse and 'honour crime' probed
06:56:24a MP aims to bring Lewis Chessmen home
06:56:29a Soldier's death blamed on helicopter
06:56:34a Catholics in Britain to celebrate Peace Sunday
06:56:38a Nuclear-free energy plans set powerful challenge
06:56:43a UK aid for flood-hit Mozambique
06:56:47a Rescued man's flood ordeal
06:56:51a Falcons Name New England's Dimitroff GM
06:56:56a Chargers Eliminate Colts With 28-24 Win, Next Stop New England
06:57:01a Rescue amid fears ship will capsize
06:57:05a Injured Atlantic sailor calls his local pub for help
06:57:10a Brady almost perfect as 17-0 New England tames Jaguars
06:57:14a Liverpool's musical mystery tour
06:57:18a Murdered OAP was found by son
06:57:23a Is there art on Mars Barbican show's alien view
06:57:27a Police in suspected arson appeal
06:57:32a Pilots train without taking off
06:57:36a Japanese peace envoy talks to Sri Lankan leaders
06:57:41a Australian PM to visit PNG report
06:57:45a England delay in appointing new head of selectors
06:57:49a Down-UUJ McKenna game called off
06:57:54a Soldiers killed, injured in south Thailand bomb attack
06:57:58a Hay may say goodbye to council
06:58:03a Indian PM calls on Beijing for greater market access
06:58:07a Massive fish kill after floods in eastern Australia
06:58:12a Strauss 'fresh' for England duty
06:58:16a Man rescued from mountain
06:58:20a Maldives economy slow after drop in fish catch
06:58:24a Portsmouth issue Redknapp warning
06:58:28a Car windows smashed in street
06:58:33a Fifteen wounded in Assam attack
06:58:36a Haryana sends two schemes to Centre
06:58:40a Rahul Gandhi to visit Kerala next month Ashok Tanvir
06:58:45a Rahul Gandhi to visit Kerala next month
06:58:48a Mohun Bagan blank Viva Kerala
06:58:52a BSF jawan arrested in Bengal
06:58:57a SEZs The avoidable Goa tangle
06:59:01a Raped British woman was first assaulted Goa cops
06:59:25a Cuba restores eyesight to over a million
06:59:29a Spinners set up ten-wicket Jamaican victory
06:59:33a Jamaica in control against CCC
06:59:37a Something fishy Down Under
06:59:41a McKenzie off to a flying start
06:59:46a Sanford rocks the Windwards
06:59:50a Village seek rare victory
06:59:54a Steyn seals series for SA
06:59:58a Service project collects shoes for kids in Haiti
07:00:02a Va. Rep. wants annual religion week
07:00:07a Report Antarctica melting accelerated
07:00:11a Memphis to clean up water act
07:00:15a Armed men steal car, try to rob bank
07:00:20a Fairfax rural journalists plan strike
07:00:24a Race attack victim 'harassed by mail'
07:00:28a Book chronicles role of Scottsdale Mexican Americans in city's rise
07:00:33a Friend inspires MLK essay contest winner
07:00:37a I didn't know if I should laugh or cry Krige
07:00:41a Notepad++ 4.7.4
07:00:45a Injured during escape, he sues the jail
07:00:54a Anglican summit in Jerusalem could widen rift among clergy
07:00:58a Nasrallah 'honored' to be enemy of US
07:01:02a Defense officials Olmert delaying outpost plan
07:01:07a Olmert wants UTJ if Lieberman goes
07:01:11a Israel, Palestinians to discuss core issues
07:01:15a Israeli inaction on outposts 'a disgrace'
07:01:19a Yahoo! comes to Israel
07:01:24a Palestinians IAF kills three in Gaza
07:01:28a Local Soccer Haifa defeats Tel Aviv
07:01:33a Bush to Seek Saudi Support for Middle East Peace Talks, Containing Iran
07:01:37a Fluidity in G.O.P. Race; Democrats Eye Electability
07:01:41a UN to help Guatemala to tackle organised crimes
07:01:46a Bird flu scare in eastern India after chicken deaths officials
07:01:51a Eight Thai soldiers killed in insurgent ambush
07:01:55a THAI Samui services could begin in April
07:01:59a PPP wins by-elections in Thailand's Nakhon Ratchasima province
07:02:03a HIH founder walks free from Sydney jail
07:02:07a Former Colombian hostage meets lost son
07:02:12a CIA chief equates waterboarding with torture
07:02:16a U.S. military chief Guantanamo should be closed
07:02:21a Suspected bird flu outbreak in eastern India
07:02:25a New bird flu patient hospitalized in Indonesia
07:02:38a Pruning the Preening Peacock
07:02:42a Vietnam Air, Bao Minh sign 4 bln insurance deal
07:02:46a Vietnam's FPT signs 925 mln town project
07:02:51a Vietnamese orphan leaves Halifax for Boston to treat facial growth
07:02:55a NO DOG TAG Packers favored in rematch of Week 2 game
07:02:59a NEW CHALLENGE Packers will have to slow Giants' charge
07:03:03a NOTES New deal close for McCarthy
07:03:08a NFC Other Manning upstages Romo
07:03:12a Krystkowiak to play the most deserving
07:03:16a Selig heads to Washington again
07:03:20a UW's Anderson sets scoring mark in loss
07:03:25a Studying pays off for McBride
07:03:29a Wave rolls on the road
07:03:33a CHAD Words injected with wit
07:03:37a GM, Illinois firm seek to boost ethanol production
07:03:41a Bumpy investment ride still had its winners
07:03:45a Equities researcher wants to pick through '07 rubble
07:03:49a Bottom Line A look at the week ahead
07:03:54a Airline mergers more likely with gas near 100 a barrel
07:03:58a GM near new buyout deal
07:04:02a Kiwi lies second in Hawaii
07:04:07a Oil firms feel heat as crude price drops
07:04:11a Kiwi first to row across the Tasman
07:04:15a Greens welcome hard-won respite for whales
07:04:20a Balclutha Homicide Investigation Release 3
07:04:24a Sat 12 'Fri 18 January
07:04:28a Green top choice for coalition – tax deal possible
07:04:33a New Zealand to carry on Sir Hillary's work in Nepal
07:04:37a UK doctor 'glut' won't solve NZ problems
07:04:41a Shedding light on Gulf Harbour’s light problem
07:04:46a Transit to start construction on major project
07:04:50a Price of DoC's 'luxurious dunnies' irks Nick Smith
07:04:54a Schoolboy says dairy robberies were 'prank'
07:04:59a Surf lifeguards rescue injured paraglider
07:05:03a Khan to continue action
07:05:07a Threat of lawsuit if Cruise book sold
07:05:11a Witnesses to aggravated robbery sought
07:05:16a Sick Tramper Winched out of Tararuas
07:05:20a Busy Day on Northern Region Beaches
07:05:24a The 1b game of patience
07:05:28a Online sellers seek to cash in
07:05:32a Buses, trains ready to roll
07:05:36a New Zealander wins Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon
07:05:41a Cycling with the Poor – the adventure begins!
07:05:45a Sir Edmund Hillary remembered throughout NZ
07:05:49a Body in river 'weighted down'
07:05:53a Director Yuan arrested for drugs
07:05:57a D-Day For Lawyers Breaking Up Is Easy To Do
07:06:01a Festival of the Elements Less Than a Month away
07:06:06a 'Crimewave' wants to bring partner
07:06:10a 245,000 DOC loo typifies culture of extravagance
07:06:14a Trainee Lifeguard spots surfer in trouble
07:06:18a Clashes with photographers increasingly common
07:06:22a Planning starts for biggest funeral
07:06:27a Community acts to protect children
07:06:31a MP supports call to pause for Sir Edmund's funeral
07:06:35a Chance for Wellingtonians to remember Sir Ed
07:06:40a NZers should have holiday to commemorate Sir Ed
07:06:44a Back from brink of death
07:06:48a Big man's small farewell on the ice
07:06:53a Dad warned for flick on ear
07:06:57a Auckland top, first win for Canterbury
07:07:01a Today in History Jan. 14
07:07:06a Former Brooklyn Dodgers star Johnny Podres dies
07:07:10a Clinton, following Bill's example, focuses on economy
07:07:14a Recap St. Louis vs. Vancouver
07:07:19a Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues , 6 p.m.
07:07:23a 18-Year-Old Girl Woman Killed In Accident
07:07:28a Bruneians Must Wake Up To Realities Of The Global Economy
07:07:32a Police Reminder On Entertainment Events
07:07:36a Awareness On Autism-Related Issues
07:07:41a Foul Smell Sparks Scare In Gadong
07:07:45a Pelangi FM Holds Appreciation Dinner For Volunteers
07:07:49a Ex-Army Association Finalises New Year Plans
07:07:54a Senior Citizen 'Robbed At Knifepoint In Kota Kinabalu'
07:07:58a Kg Belimbing Mosque Holds Thanksgiving Ceremony
07:08:03a UNISSA Holds Religious Oratory Competition
07:08:07a Sykt Erj Asama Honours Former Teachers
07:08:11a Binturan Primary School Marks Hijrah New Year
07:08:16a AEC Launches New Air-Con Models
07:08:20a KB, Seria To Hold Motor Carnival Week
07:08:24a Two Die In Road Accident
07:08:28a Star-Studded Launch For New Corolla
07:08:32a Workshop On Understanding Autistic Behaviour
07:08:36a SMARTER Needs To Build New Skills Training Centre
07:08:41a Basmida Lauded For 17th IFNGO Asean NGOS Workshop
07:08:45a Chinese Defence Minister Arrives On Three-Day Visit To Sultanate
07:08:49a Religious Activities To Mark Islamic New Year
07:08:53a 'World Won't Be Affected By US Woes'
07:08:58a Brunei Muara Football League Off With A Bang
07:09:02a Guards to be stationed along King Abdullah Canal to prevent drowning incidents
07:09:06a Study on railway upgrade to be ready this month
07:09:11a 2 accused of exporting weapons to present new testimonies
07:09:15a MPs differ on Ombudsman Bureau draft law
07:09:19a Stolen pets face uncertain future
07:09:23a Jordan delegates report success in Jerusalem meeting
07:09:28a Around 0.6m Jordanians work abroad
07:09:36a Reliance Power IPO Allotment Status
07:09:40a Chinese Killed by City Inspectors For Recording Protest
07:09:44a On MSM's Portrayal of Science Climate Change, 1995-2004
07:09:49a Golden Globes winners announced without the red carpet
07:10:24a Nelson leads Duke over Virginia
07:10:29a W. Virginia's Slaton headed for NFL Draft
07:10:33a No. 9 Duke romps past Virginia 87-65
07:10:37a Ruoff shines as West Virginia beats Syracuse
07:10:41a West Virginia says running back Steve Slaton will skip his s
07:10:46a No. 16 West Virginia upsets No. 14 Notre Dame 56-50
07:10:50a Duke and Virginia begin ACC play in Durham
07:10:54a FBI building contract canceled
07:10:58a City makes clean sweep
07:11:03a Up to 15,000 will be hired for Census
07:11:07a Libraries balance patrons, homeless
07:11:11a Memorial services set for MSU student
07:11:15a FAW Group posts 23% growth in sales volume in 2007
07:11:20a New Zealand stocks hit a fresh year low
07:11:24a HKSAR chief to visit Middle East
07:11:28a Mahathir visits ailing Soeharto at hospital
07:11:32a Netflix to unlimit online movie viewing
07:11:36a Julian Schnabel wins best director Golden Globe Award
07:11:41a Daniel Day-Lewis, Julie Christie win Golden Globes
07:11:45a Henin makes successful start in Australian Open
07:11:49a Fewer than 20% of Argentine families save money
07:11:53a ASEAN nations agree to enhance cultural cooperation
07:11:58a Sriwijaya FC clinches Copa title
07:12:02a SBY criticized for call to end Soeharto debate
07:12:06a Garuda to fly Nagoya-Bali route
07:12:10a SBY wants legal protection for migrant workers
07:12:15a Doctors give Suharto 50-50 chance of survival
07:12:19a Unpretentious Kemusuk village, a place of its own
07:12:23a Lee Kuan Yew visits critically ill Soeharto
07:12:30a N. Sumatra political tension takes toll
07:12:34a PRESS DIGEST-Indonesian Business News Jan 14
07:12:39a Serena Williams, Henin, Jankovic win at Aussie Open tennis
07:12:51a Sudan Police Grab Local Truck
07:12:55a QA Sudan's Darfur conflict
07:13:00a US Fine-tunes Ties With Sparring Allies Turkey, Iraqi Kurds
07:13:04a NBK completes sale of Turkish company to Savola
07:13:09a Turkish Army Attacks Northern Iraq
07:13:13a Steel rebar prices continue to surge in the domestic market
07:13:17a I know as much as you do!
07:13:22a Rice, Others Told to Testify in AIPAC Case
07:13:26a NBK Capital sells Turkish Yudum to Savola for USD 71 mln
07:13:30a Turkey pits U.S. against Kurds
07:13:35a War fuels the muse of a poet for peace
07:13:39a Comenius project meetings in Poland, Turkey
07:13:43a Explosion kills eight soldiers in Thailand
07:13:48a TDC to sell the game company Boomtown to Egyptian company
07:13:52a A late Christmas in Egypt
07:13:56a Oman's Petrogas, Oil Search in Egypt oil block deal
07:14:01a Egypt's OCI says wins deal for electricity station
07:14:05a Egypt frees jailed Coptic woman
07:14:09a Egypt hold Angola 3-3 draw in ACN warm-up
07:14:14a Soccer-Angola 3 Egypt 3 international friendly result
07:14:18a Egypt arrests terror cell planning attacks on Israel
07:14:22a ZIFA to hold emergency meeting after Dzenga quits
07:14:26a Did Zim man mastermind 3,2m church swindle
07:14:31a Orlando Pirates chase Highlanders' Arubi
07:14:35a Zim to pay US94m for Malawi maize
07:14:39a Harare bishop on America's 'not wanted' list
07:14:44a Land reforms will bear fruit, says Mugabe
07:14:48a MDC starts 'New Zimbabwe' campaign with 300 rallies
07:14:53a Police disrupt Anglican services, priests held
07:14:57a Teachers get 1000% pay boost, strike averted
07:15:01a 'I want to live,' Mtukudzi says in celebrity New Year's resolutions
07:15:06a Mbeki scrambles to save talks as MDC looks to SADC
07:15:10a Chihuri issues election violence warning
07:15:15a More calls for government to ban Zimbabwe
07:15:19a Kolkata blaze rages on for the third day
07:15:24a Malaysian Indian Congress protests conspiracy charge
07:15:29a Jet Airways may start Mumbai-Shanghai-San Francisco next month
07:15:33a Italian engineer beaten up in Himachal Pradesh
07:15:38a Tough to get local priests Malaysian Indian leader
07:15:42a Malaysian Indian performer is education brand ambassador
07:15:46a Facebook inspires Indian bureaucrats seeking partners abroad
07:15:51a Pakistan to hold its first solo trade fair in India
07:15:55a Judges to use digital signatures to prevent forgery
07:15:59a Common interests outweigh differences, says China Daily
07:16:04a EMI to cut a third of 6,000 staff WSJ
07:16:08a Quebecor World receives C400 mln rescue proposal
07:16:12a 'StarCraft' Producer Visits Seoul
07:16:16a Korean Cars Challenge US Rivals in Detroit Motor Show
07:16:21a Education Costs Growth Hits 10-Year High in 2007
07:16:25a Civil Servants Asked to Change
07:16:29a Choi Kyoung-ju reacts after making a birdie putt on the...
07:16:33a Jewelry made of gold is displayed at a shop inside the...
07:16:38a Skiers take their seats in a QM5, the new sports utility...
07:16:42a Randy Russians fined for mile-high sex romp
07:16:46a UK body to open arm in Russian city
07:16:51a Russian PM congratulates journalists on professional holiday
07:16:55a Russia puts Beslan activists on trial
07:17:08a Sea Launch countdown under way
07:17:12a On patrol, cracking cases in Diyala River Valley
07:17:17a What happened to the war
07:17:21a Suspect in Marine's death may be on move
07:17:25a Ron Paul McCain's Reckless '100 years in Iraq' Comment Endangers Americans
07:17:30a N.J. backs popular vote, joins Md.
07:17:34a Divers find 2nd child allegedly thrown off bridge
07:17:38a Obama proposes 75 billion stimulus plan
07:17:42a Gasoline or kerosene used in Ohio fire
07:17:47a Jobs a top concern in Michigan
07:17:51a Clinton slams Obama on racial issue
07:17:55a Bank robber uses drywall for disguise
07:18:00a Americans Think U.S. On Wrong Track
07:18:04a More Americans' spiritual growth nutured within
07:18:08a I would run as 'change' agent
07:18:12a Military members watching presidential campaigns
07:18:17a Negligence costs Health millions
07:18:21a Failure to Launch
07:18:26a Off Target
07:18:30a Hillary's Hero Judge Royce Lamberth
07:18:34a Volvo gears up to invade India's heavy commercial vehicle mart
07:18:39a Visiting the Salesians of St John Bosco in Stockholm
07:18:43a Poland Stora Enso to buy sawmill in Poland
07:18:47a Peeved Ericsson investors can look forward to better times soon
07:18:51a Soeharto`s health improves slightly
07:18:56a Tofu, tempe producers stage rally outside presidential palace
07:19:07a Millions will be left unable to fly under new ID rules
07:19:11a US War Plans and the 'Strait of Hormuz Incident' Just Who Threatens Whom?
07:19:15a Iran Encounter Grimly Echoes *02 War Game
07:19:20a 'How could terrorists have attacked the Pentagon?'
07:19:25a The polio vaccine, AIDS, and their US-made viruses
07:19:29a FBI Finds Blackwater Repainted Trucks After Deadly Shooting
07:19:33a The Deflation Time-bomb
07:19:38a The Winning Ticket Hillary and Diebold in 2008
07:19:42a Paulson Sees 'No Evidence' Housing Decline Is Ending
07:19:47a Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'
07:19:51a Bernanke Finds his Voice
07:19:55a Bush Gets Flavor of Dubai
07:20:00a Scorpions aim for the final sting
07:20:04a Panel's report sank police chief
07:20:09a All eyes on the 'Bull Terrier's' case
07:20:13a Toddler runs away from dogs, then hit by car
07:20:18a Bald Eagles Recovering After Dive Into Fish Truck Mon, 14 Jan 2008 044142 GMT
07:20:22a Accident at ArcelorMittal's Kazakhstan Mine Leads to 7 Fatalities
07:20:27a Two Uzbek militants killed in tribal clash
07:20:31a Tatarstan delegation visits Turkmenistan
07:20:36a Dominican Republic, number one in tourists arrivals
07:20:40a ESPN to broadcast Caribbean Series
07:20:45a Anti-Posada demonstration in Miami called off aAfter confrontation
07:20:49a Tough for China to steer economy
07:20:54a Madonna and Paula Abdul could perform at Super Bowl
07:20:58a Cuban TV shows baseball star who left
07:21:03a Ten killed in border clashes in Somalia
07:21:07a DFM's preliminary net profit touches Dh1.4b
07:21:12a Holiday declared in Dubai
07:21:16a Gulf Craft expands in Asia
07:21:20a Dubai Islamic Bank opens 4 new branches
07:21:25a Region's largest security and safety conference opens in Dubai
07:21:29a 'Only democracy treats people with dignity'
07:21:34a DED to support applied economic research initiatives
07:21:38a Tenant relief as Abu Dhabi cuts rent cap
07:21:43a Unicorn buys 80pc stake in US electronics firm
07:21:47a Ministry team travels to geneva for talks
07:21:51a E-marine and Nexans' MoU to provide cabling solutions
07:21:56a 'UAE is a partner in war on terror'
07:22:00a Dubai gold jewellery sales sag
07:22:05a Taqa gets 3.1b revolving credit for acquisitions
07:22:09a Record high prices hit Dubai's scrap gold supply
07:22:13a President's speech 'can only be positive step forward'
07:22:17a Gulf Air signs 6 billion deal for 24 Boeing 787
07:22:22a Corolla tops Japan's passenger-car market
07:22:26a Foundation to hold global conference
07:22:30a 2.5m Commercialbank Qatar Masters set for 'exciting new decade' of success
07:22:34a Corporate bond issuance could reach 50 billion
07:22:39a UAE's external debt declines
07:22:43a Northern Emirates' growth spurt to redefine UAE realty
07:22:47a Dubai lining up Liverpool takeover
07:22:51a First Gulf Bank's Platinum credit card enhanced
07:22:55a Spezza hurt in Senators' loss
07:23:00a Sedins spark Canucks' road win
07:23:04a Raptors cool off red-hot Blazers in double-overtime
07:23:08a Anand draws second round; Hari wins in Corus chess
07:23:13a Daniel Chopra drops to 32nd as Korean Choi wins Sony Open
07:23:17a Scientists create living heart for dead rat
07:23:21a Eat oats for healthy heart
07:23:26a To your health with cancer fighting beer
07:23:30a Scientists identify human proteins that help HIV
07:23:35a Moves of Indian players in second round
07:23:39a 'Strategic plan' needed to boost India-China business ties
07:23:43a Israeli air strike kills three Gaza militants
07:23:48a More fashion labels make products available online
07:23:52a China cracks down on cultural swindlers
07:23:57a China's auto production, sales hit record high in 2007
07:24:01a Kumble sixth among Test bowlers, no Indian batsman in top-10
07:24:05a Sheikh Hasina pleads not guilty to graft charges
07:24:09a Georgia's Saakashvili declared winner amid huge protest
07:24:14a Anand loses to Radjabov in first round of Corus
07:24:18a PM's grant for Indian studies in Beijing varsity
07:24:22a Beijing's Olympic efforts an inspiration, says Manmohan
07:24:27a Bangladesh court sets Jan 17 for Hasina trial
07:24:31a Lebanon alerts Germany to likely Al Qaeda strikes
07:24:35a Accelerant Used in Ohio Fire
07:24:40a Iran threatens world security
07:24:44a Khalifa backs war on terror
07:24:48a Intelligence chief speaks out on 'waterboarding'
07:24:53a Verebasaga murder trial in July
07:24:57a Cane payment to help farmers, says Kumar
07:25:01a Electricity uproar in the old capital
07:25:06a Confusion over bus fare for disabled
07:25:10a FTA welcomes Form 7college
07:25:14a Bad roads worry users
07:25:19a Union blasts fund withdrawal fee
07:25:23a Triples team on track
07:25:27a Riding the time away at the club
07:25:32a Gang shootings no effect on tourism
07:25:36a State to help farmers
07:25:41a Levuka wants FEA answers
07:25:45a U23 reps break camp
07:25:49a Asian influence in Pacific set to grow
07:25:54a People with nowhere to go
07:25:58a 7s reps face tough draw
07:26:02a Boys caught with loot
07:26:06a Long live Fiji cricket
07:26:12a Australia tour for U20
07:26:17a New twist in taxi fare fuss
07:26:21a FEA responds to prepay system
07:26:25a Fa disagrees with chamber comments
07:26:29a Demise looms for dairy
07:26:33a Two die in road mishaps
07:26:37a Come help Suva clean
07:26:41a Villagers to bury bones
07:26:46a Ship owners cancel trip
07:26:50a Former soldier gets on with life
07:26:54a Urban village plan for squatters
07:26:58a A farm away from home
07:27:03a Text books in short supply
07:27:07a Rounds-Ganilau off to work in Dubai
07:27:11a Rewa club aims one better
07:27:15a Mixed bag of results for Fijians in Europe
07:27:20a Suka achieves his dream
07:27:24a Aussie help for Savous men
07:27:29a River washing is holiday fun
07:27:33a Foreigners, locals at odds in Soshanguve
07:27:37a 'Difficult exams await matrics of 2008'
07:27:41a Bafana miss Benni touch up front
07:27:46a NASA spacecraft to begin collecting data on Mercury
07:27:50a Sumitomo Heavy to buy Germany's Demag Plastics-Nikkei
07:27:54a Germany's Borowski to join Bayern Munich
07:27:59a Germany puts Euro 2008 tickets on sale
07:28:03a Lufthansa Technik restores Lockheed Super Star to airworthy condition
07:28:08a Man held for cheating German woman
07:28:12a India, China Special Representatives to discuss boundary question on Tuesday
07:28:17a Manmohan for increased engagement between India and China
07:28:21a China's inflation and its spillover are the whole world's problem
07:28:25a China's central bank tightens belt
07:28:29a Taiwan stocks rally after pro-China KMT landslide
07:28:34a China eyes Indian investment
07:28:38a China's Maoye planning to raise 905 mln in Hong Kong IPO
07:28:42a Telefonica chairman to focus on China, Italy after management revamp report
07:28:47a China turns focus to airlines
07:28:51a PM announces grant to promote Hindi in China
07:28:55a China market bull wins Stockpicker of the Quarter award
07:29:00a 11,000 small mines closed in China
07:29:04a China's N-signal gives India hope
07:29:08a Hong Kong shares higher on bargain-hunting, hopes of bigger US rate cut UPDATE
07:29:13a China still building 'energy-guzzling' buildings
07:29:17a Warm up to China, PM tells India Inc
07:29:22a Cathay Pacific records double digit passenger growth for Dec-07
07:29:26a Grinding poverty defies China's boom
07:29:31a Arab League, UNHCR, Iraqi musician launch campaign to back refugees
07:29:35a Jordan's govt. extends acceptance of Iraqi 'S' passports
07:29:40a Lizo visits emergency camp in Kenya
07:30:13a Gold eyeing 900
07:30:18a The race for greener vehicles
07:30:22a Eskom seeks foreign power bids
07:30:26a No offer from Tsogo Gold Reef
07:30:30a Case Against Police Chief Mounts
07:30:35a Great Basin Gold Spends R275m on Vertical Shaft
07:30:39a New Bok Coach Tells Overseas Stars They Will Need to Excel
07:30:43a Barrick Eyes Sedibelo Outlook
07:30:47a Exit Pollock, Enter Steyn and Morkel
07:30:52a De Villiers Has to Perform and Transform
07:31:01a Revealed ' boyhood parable of peace penned by Hamas's Israeli prisoner
07:31:06a More than 800 killed in Gaza in last two years
07:31:10a Israel to get hi-tech bombs from US
07:31:14a a Desert Delight for Bush
07:31:19a No figures on Israeli banks' sub-prime exposure
07:31:23a We'll fire rabbis who refuse to recognize legitimate converts
07:31:27a Negotiations Over 'Core Issues' to Begin Monday
07:31:32a Giovanni Rosso leads Haifa to victory over Maccabi Tel Aviv
07:31:36a Mistaken identity behind attacks on elderly millionaire
07:31:40a Hamas managed to smuggle 100 million into Gaza
07:31:45a Olmert reckless in seeking conflict over outposts
07:31:49a Railways offer IDF half fare to reduce crowding
07:31:53a Analysts upbeat on Makhteshim, despite profit warning
07:31:57a Former IDF Chief of Staff Speaks On Concessions to Arabs
07:32:01a Tuesday Night Live Airs 2nd Episode, Next Show This Tue in J'lem
07:32:06a Regional nations not accepting US mediation on Palestine
07:32:10a Olmert Agrees to Allow in 50,000 Arab 'Refugees'
07:32:14a Modec joy at Brazil goal
07:32:19a Brazilian runner Basto wins fourth Walt Disney World Marathon
07:32:23a Petrobras' 1.75 bln usd unsecured notes due 2018 assigned 'BBB-' ratin...
07:32:28a Brazilian indicted for murder of 3 in Japan in 'proxy punishment'
07:32:32a Kaka has to explain links to duo
07:32:36a Sao Paulo defeats Sao Bernardo in preseason scrimmage
07:32:41a An anti-crime initiative in Brazil auctions off drug barons' luxury properties
07:32:45a Brazil's vice president remains hospitalized
07:32:50a Still Waiting for the Promised Land
07:32:54a U.S., Brazil Team Up To Promote Ethanol
07:32:58a MTS bond platform in talks to start new market in Brazil report
07:33:03a Ex Brazilian President Assassination Denounced
07:33:07a Brazil's carnival the planet's greatest party
07:33:11a Low-key show has no love for state actors
07:33:15a Polish, Czech PM to
07:33:20a HORN OF AFRICA IRIN-HOA Weekly Round-up 413 for 5 11 January 2007
07:33:24a Turkish artillery shell northern Iraqi regions
07:33:28a 13 al-Qaeda gunmen killed, captured U.S. army
07:33:33a 11 detainees released in Falluja
07:33:37a Series of govt.-backing talks to be held next week – MP
07:33:43a Suncorp raises variable home loan rate
07:33:48a Scooter firm constructs plant in China
07:33:59a Md. Urged to Cut Energy Use
07:34:12a Live shark washed up on beach
07:34:16a PM's wife in surgery
07:34:21a Courts' 7m art splurge blasted
07:34:25a Churches join property rush
07:34:29a Dalby bub nearly drowns
07:34:36a Road toll costs 3.5 billion
07:34:40a Parliament set to debate Sexton Hill hwy revamp
07:34:44a Fears rain to boost feral pest breeding
07:34:49a Rescues as flooding returns
07:34:53a Backpacker 'raped' in hostel
07:34:57a Horse flu deadline set
07:35:01a Qld makes 30m health bid
07:35:06a Trailbike crash kills boy, 11
07:35:10a Flash flooding traps drivers
07:35:14a Dangers of solariums reinforced
07:35:19a Busy time ahead for Gold Coast councillors
07:35:23a Man charged over Brisbane hit-and-run
07:35:28a Chopper rescues injured Stradbroke surfer
07:35:32a Two more charged over Gold Coast stabbings
07:35:37a Roar and Sydney goalless at the break
07:35:41a Qld lifesavers warn of rough beach conditions
07:35:46a Freed Colombian hostage reunited with 3-year-old son
07:35:50a Old country, new concern Immigration
07:35:55a S.C. blacks take Dems to school
07:35:59a Major transport projec
07:36:04a McCain's daughter uses blog to stump for dad, share fashion ideas
07:36:08a Police describe hunt for rapist
07:36:13a Former suspects put at ease with arrest
07:36:17a Arrest in Chandler Rapist case may fuel debate
07:36:22a Scottsdale neighborhood angered by resident's addition to house
07:36:26a Flyby to shed light on Mercury
07:36:30a Arizona doctor penalties rise
07:36:35a Storms filling reservoirs, but runoff could dry up
07:36:40a Former FBI agent's book shares stories of high-profile kidnappings
07:36:44a Studies examine walkable corridors
07:36:48a Man faces 500 years for sex crimes
07:36:53a Grant will aid older job seekers
07:36:57a Phoenix boosts solar-energy use
07:37:01a Celebrated poet to be featured at Glendale's King Day luncheon
07:37:06a City officials celebrate house-fire safety mark
07:37:12a Give Wine Apps the Look and Feel of GNOME or KDE
07:37:19a Gold hits record high above 899
07:37:23a Merrill seen to seek billions
07:37:28a Austrian rightist politician blasts Islam
07:37:32a Hosp claims women's slalom; USA's Vonn is 17th
07:37:37a Filipino singer Vincent Bueno wins 'Musical! The Show' in Austria
07:37:41a Austria's Goergl wins giant slalom; Vonn 13th
07:37:46a Vienna takes further stake in Romanian insurer
07:37:50a Austrian skier Hosp extends overall lead with slalom win
07:37:54a Jacobellis claims 12th snowboard Cup
07:37:59a Developing minds is the real test for elite districts
07:38:03a Clarkstown high school students dissect the youth vote
07:38:08a Neighbors' schools are worlds apart
07:38:12a Poll Clinton draws strong feelings in Michigan
07:38:17a Trees threaten Big Easy levees
07:38:21a Daniel Day-Lewis Relaxes About Awards
07:38:26a State lawmakers wrestle with abusive lending
07:38:30a Natural juxtaposition
07:38:35a Want fries with that?
07:38:39a Detroit auto show New F-150 carries a lot of hopes for Ford
07:38:44a Candidates make final appeals
07:38:48a Concerned Clinton backers plan get-out-the-vote effort
07:38:53a McCain draws big crowds, talks tough on terrorism
07:38:57a Racing down to the wire
07:39:01a Huckabee visits churches to help get message out
07:39:06a Clinton, Obama trade criticism
07:39:10a Former Gov. Milliken supports McCain's bid
07:39:15a Obama inspires with 'can-do' talk
07:39:19a Romney, Huckabee battle on talk show
07:39:24a China's installed capacity of electric power reaches 713 mln kilowatts
07:39:28a Bank charges case starts
07:39:33a FACTBOX-Overdraft refunds
07:39:37a Scotland Yard 'agrees' Al-Qaeda killed Benazir
07:39:42a Migration can be a good thing
07:39:46a 'World record can happen here'
07:39:51a Taliban militant attack kills eight police
07:39:55a Kenyan Police Have Killed Dozens
07:40:00a Closing in on Marine death suspect
07:40:04a Colombian hostage reunited with son taken from her
07:40:09a Japanese whalers 'scattered, ran'
07:40:13a Al-Qaeda plotted to kill Queen
07:40:18a Soldier's death in Afghanistan blamed on helicopter
07:40:22a 'Atonement' wins best drama Globe at show sapped of star glitz by writers strike
07:40:27a It's Not a Game of Pick Up Sticks
07:40:31a Grenade attack wounds 17 in India's northeast
07:40:35a One killed as bombs target Thai politicians
07:40:40a Suharto's health in 'critical condition'
07:40:44a Taiwan's ruling party names new chairman after poll loss
07:40:49a Aliens land in Australia to create humans
07:40:53a Fire damages house on West Broadway
07:41:13a Samuels' suspect faster ball reported by umpires
07:41:22a Somalia Bossaso Meeting Addresses Puntland Security Issues
07:41:31a Water shortages hit Harare
07:41:35a Tougher new water restrictions will start Tuesday
07:41:39a Clintons in racial hot water
07:41:43a SPECIAL REPORT Businesses say they€™re starting to feel the water pinch
07:41:48a Poll Water, taxes state's top issues
07:41:52a Tata's clean water drive
07:41:56a 2 of 4 kids found in Ala. water
07:42:01a Hunter Finds 1 of 4 Kids in Alabama Water
07:42:05a Tough New Water Restrictions Begin Tuesday
07:42:09a Hickory's water rate causes a stir
07:42:13a Bird flu alert in West Bengal district
07:42:18a Don't close case against Tytler, HC tells CBI
07:42:22a Bobby Jindal as Governor expected to spur Louisiana-India trade
07:42:26a Ten stranded on island in Zimbabwe river flood
07:42:31a Charlize Theron's therapeutic career
07:42:35a 'Murderer' Hilary Duff
07:42:39a Emily Blunt gets 'hot' with Hanks
07:42:43a Helena Bonham Carter's Depp lust
07:42:47a Jessica Alba's big butt
07:42:52a HD-DVD player prices slashed following Blu-ray defections
07:42:56a Hong Kong leader takes business delegation to Middle East
07:43:00a Warner Bros. triggers Blu-ray revolution in Hollywood
07:43:05a Afribank Records N11.04bn Q3 Profit
07:43:09a Police Chief Suspended, Quits Interpol
07:43:13a Anglican mission from Rwanda in Michigan
07:43:18a Sudanese Forces Attack UNAMID Peacekeepers in Darfur
07:43:22a Karbala governor says pilgrims won't carry arms
07:43:27a Gunman arrested, arms cache seized in Ninewa
07:43:31a 6 killed in two attacks in Salah al-Din
07:43:35a 4 al-Qaeda gunmen killed, detained near Samarra
07:43:39a Car bomb leaves 10 casualties in Baghdad
07:43:44a Gold hits record above 900
07:43:48a Late night looms in Saudi Arabia for early-to-bed Bush
07:43:53a - French Offer Saudi Nuclear Energy Help
07:43:57a Bush faces 'difficult' talks with Saudi king
07:44:01a Saudi's behead maid for murder
07:44:05a Nationwide Poll Fox Most Trusted News for Americans
07:44:10a Website Wins 'Booby Prize,' But It's a Great Idea
07:44:14a Which is Broken, the Government or the People?
07:44:18a The Cheneyites nearly started WWIII over 'Filipino Monkey' radio signal...
07:44:22a 15 Unexpected Store Names
07:44:27a Human faeces used on Zim farms media Stories
07:44:31a NTU signs research MOU with IIT Kanpur
07:44:36a For war and peace, classes study Israel
07:44:40a Returning Congress confronts war, economy, election-year politics
07:44:45a Racially tinged disputes heat up between Clinton and Obama
07:44:50a Countdown under way in Pacific Ocean for blast off Tuesday of communications satellite
07:44:54a Call for police inspector death probe
07:44:58a Atonement scoops top Golden Globe
07:45:03a Bank charge test case to be heard
07:45:07a Kurdish MP denies secret contacts with Turkmen over Kirkuk
07:45:12a Kurdistan rejects Awakening Councils official
07:45:16a Japan's whale kill halted
07:45:20a Japanese envoy meets Marxist leader in Sri Lanka
07:45:25a Taiwan's ruling DPP chooses Frank Hsieh as party chairman
07:45:29a West supports Mush's Bhutto assassination theory
07:45:33a Stronger military ties on the cards
07:45:37a Bjork unlikely to face charges
07:45:42a Japan whalers forced out
07:45:46a 121 war veterans linked to US killings
07:45:50a Asia turns volatile, Taiwan gains post elections
07:45:54a Turkmenistan warns Iran on gas
07:45:59a Jet can fly to Shanghai
07:46:03a Hard-work theme of Australia's new leader running out of steam
07:46:08a Top leader of armed group in Nepal arrested
07:46:12a PPP wants to 'dig deeper' into Bhutto killing plot
07:46:16a Suicide bomber kills 1 policeman, 8 wounded
07:46:20a Osama's son wants British visa to live with granny bride
07:46:24a Skulls, protest greet Modi in TN, parties plan siege
07:46:29a Brad Hogg as guilty of abuse as Harbhajan Kumble's U-turn
07:46:33a Hogg to invoke Edmund Hillary's spirit in defence
07:46:37a 'Pulp Fiction' writer charged after fatal crash
07:46:42a MP Ministry's stance on Kurdistan's oil contracts politically motivated
07:46:46a Sensex faces resistance at higher levels
07:46:50a SBI does a first, opens ESOP locker for employees
07:46:55a Sheriff says at least 2 dead in Whitefish avalanche
07:47:01a New Catholic leader to be installed
07:47:05a Service restored after derailment
07:47:09a Foundation gives $3M to Yellowstone
07:47:13a Deputies find abandoned reptiles
07:47:17a Talks start for new city manager
07:47:22a Barre Apartment Fire
07:47:26a Seniors Phone for Free
07:47:30a Winter a no-show at Upper Valley Festival
07:47:35a Canadians Cross Border for Car Deals
07:47:39a Aerosol Spray Weapon Refresher
07:47:43a A chance to step forward and help The News Journal
07:47:47a Wyclef Jean brings a musical stew to Atlantic City
07:47:52a Benton, Lucille C. Appleton Post Crescent
07:47:56a Pentagon's troubling role in Haiti Haiti Action Committee
07:48:00a Let Us Now Praise an famous Man
07:48:04a Murals Ensure Beauty If Weather Gets Ugly
07:48:09a Amnesty International on Threats Against Johnny Rivas, Human Rights Defender in Dominican Republic
07:48:14a Amnesty International Says Fondasyon 30 Septamn Leader Wilson Mesilien Under Threat
07:48:18a Live Nation to Enter Ticketing Business in '09
07:48:23a China says food safety push a complete success
07:48:27a Kenya braces for tough week, deaths rise to 612
07:48:31a One dead, 11 feared buried in China landslip
07:48:35a RPT-FEATURE-Kenya's tea farms weather political violence
07:48:40a Five dead in Russian apartment blast-agencies
07:48:44a Vic police frustrated at road toll
07:48:49a Police hunt for suspect in sex assault case
07:48:53a 150m 'not enough' for hospitals
07:48:57a Shy girls get fat
07:49:02a Paddlers put fire into an ancient sport
07:49:06a One fire out, another one found
07:49:10a Man facing porn charges
07:49:14a Dead hearts brought back to life
07:49:18a Have your say, shape your paper
07:49:23a Expelled student chases his dream
07:49:27a Track works to quieten trams
07:49:31a Union fees on agenda
07:49:35a Tourist arrested over child porn
07:49:39a Get the official 2008 Australian Open program
07:49:43a C'mon, I'm a good sport, says Hewitt
07:49:48a Hundreds expelled from state schools
07:49:52a Victorian push on hospital waiting lists
07:49:56a Conjoined twins wait for operation
07:50:00a Klein dumped from Open
07:50:04a Police pose as teen girl to catch predator
07:50:08a All change for new blue era
07:50:13a Croatian fans flare up at tennis
07:50:17a Road toll shocks police
07:50:21a Big fat 'no' to hospital food
07:50:25a Party time for tennis stars
07:50:29a Cricket a snap on top wicket
07:50:33a Big gaps in rural ranks
07:50:38a Injured cyclists still in hospital
07:50:42a Uni students in agonising wait
07:50:46a Rudd revamps chaplaincy program
07:50:51a Man on train hit by rock
07:50:55a Chad Cornes in police probe
07:50:59a Soft drink, chips for brekkie not cool
07:51:04a Aussie Open set to commence
07:51:08a Two dead in motorcycle crash
07:51:12a Lloyd surges to road race win
07:51:17a Scarcity of Goods Sows Frustration Among Argentines
07:51:21a Stranded travelers overrun ticket counters
07:51:25a Stranded air travelers overrun ticket counters, destroy equipment at Argentine airport
07:51:29a Was general consul of Argentina in Miami
07:51:34a Man sought in connection with convenience store robbery
07:51:38a Sky Joins Anti-terror Police In London
07:51:42a Esporta writ over Chiswick club fire
07:51:47a Supermodel launches Russian festival in London
07:51:51a Livingstone may be voted 90,000 payoff
07:51:55a One More Grain, Madame JoJo's, London
07:52:00a 'Golden payouts' for politicians
07:52:04a Kelly considers London-Birmingham rail reopening
07:52:08a U.S. Embassy, London Vigil in Solidarity with NVDA to Shutdown Guantanamo
07:52:13a Swan Lake, Coliseum, London
07:52:17a Ministers have missed 122 of 346 Whitehall performance targets
07:52:21a SNP say Lotto cash should not aid London Olympics shortfall
07:52:26a Greatest gift How organ donations have transformed people's lives
07:52:30a Princess Diana's 'Mr. Wonderful' breaks silence
07:52:34a Michael Pollan On Food at Philadelphia's Free Library
07:52:39a Life of coach's wife was fine with Bea Jenkins
07:52:43a 'Atonement' tops at weird Globes
07:52:48a Blaze engulfs Centennial apartment complex
07:52:52a The Great Debt Crisis Begins
07:52:56a 'I'll avoid impeachment' Musharraf
07:53:35a Blast kills 8 soldiers in Thailand
07:54:12a 5 facts that you don't know about me.
07:54:16a titv5
07:54:20a Weekly Stock Market Outlook
07:54:25a Villagers in Tamil Nadu stage protest against ban on bullfighting
07:54:29a Peace envoy Akashi in Sri Lanka
07:55:02a Fake Nokia phones proliferate
07:55:15a Forest Minister's Brother High in Firm Granted Tree Farm Deal
07:55:19a Great Caesar's Ghost
07:55:23a Who Crowned Gordo?
07:55:27a The New Prudes
07:55:32a All-star line up for BLP concert at Wotton
07:55:36a What's the real DLP deal
07:55:40a Interest 'only in poverty'
07:55:44a Election poll 'all that matters'
07:55:49a Humbled Dems welcome poll results
07:55:53a BLP focused on needs of the disabled
07:55:57a Poll shows Arthur above the rest
07:56:01a Hutson left 'legacy of goodwill'
07:56:05a Barbadian P.M. aims for historic 4th term
07:56:10a Election fever continues to heat up
07:56:14a Disgraced Olympian Jones given six month sentence
07:56:19a Police Sri Lanka blast kills 3
07:56:23a Nasrallah Attacks Bush, Says its Honor to be His Enemy
07:56:28a 50 rebels killed in Pakistan army base clash
07:56:32a High-level Malaysian inquiry looms for video
07:56:37a Bomb hits rail station in Yangon; one wounded
07:56:41a Vietnam to send guest workers to Qatar report
07:56:46a Afghan province bans tailors from measuring women
07:56:50a Record number of Japan death sentences in 2007
07:56:58a 7 Vietnamese women die in quarry collapse officials
07:57:02a Police probe Thai water park after slide collapse
07:57:07a Moderate quake rocks Philippines seismologists
07:57:11a India sounds bird flu alert after mass chicken deaths
07:57:16a Judge demands cancer patient remove hat
07:57:20a Rudy Giuliani asks Florida for prayers, not votes
07:57:25a Toyota’s first plug-in hybrid to approach market in 2 years
07:57:29a South Africa Man Sought After Women 'Abducted and Raped'
07:57:33a South Africa 'Yengeni Cop' Survives On Handouts
07:57:38a Hejduk scores in shootout, lifting Avalanche to win over Panthers
07:57:42a Alligator attack leaves one dog presumed dead
07:57:47a Wesley Snipes tax trial to begin in Florida
07:57:51a One dead, another on loose following early morning Fort Lauderdale chase
07:57:55a Bar owner fatally beaten in his home
07:58:00a Dogs Rescued From House Fire
07:58:04a Polk Co. Fire Back Under Control
07:58:08a Vandals Strike In Orange Co. Neighborhood
07:58:13a Florida Cops Suspect Hooker Serial Killer Is Back
07:58:17a Giuliani works Florida, asking for prayers
07:58:22a New Beachline Interchange Opens
07:58:26a Board members frequently use water agency aircraft
07:58:30a Swiss Life opens 1.7 bln bid for Germany's AWD
07:58:35a Dubai's Amlak beats forecasts with record Q4 profit
07:58:39a Oman's Bank Dhofar Q4 profit falls on provisioning
07:58:44a Apple, China Mobile end iPhone talks spokeswoman
07:58:48a 'Hillary still ahead, but going looks good for Obama'
07:58:53a The Biz The Latest On The Presidential Race From . . . Nickelodeon?
07:58:57a Bush to court Saudi allies after warning Iran
07:59:02a Hillary still ahead, but going looks good for Obama
07:59:06a Bush trying to 'harm' Iran ties with neighbours Iran FM
07:59:11a Bush seeks Persian Gulf states' backing against Iran
07:59:15a Edwards Joins Clinton, Obama Race Dispute
07:59:20a McCain gains with voters in volatile GOP contest
07:59:24a Clinton defends remarks on King; Obama weighs in
07:59:29a The race to the U.S. White House how it works and what it means
07:59:33a Final status talks set to start
07:59:37a Suharto clings to life
07:59:41a BOY, 3, BURNT TO DEATH -
07:59:46a Cops hunt fake-soldier bandits -
07:59:50a Imbert Ramesh's plan on 'vigilantism' is foolish -
07:59:54a Schoolgirl, 14, raped, tortured - After faking kidnapping...
07:59:58a Hunter killed in forest by trap-gun -
08:00:03a Grim news for man's relatives -
08:00:07a Taxi-driver stabbed, robbed in Tobago -
08:00:12a Man stabbed, dies in mother's arms -
08:00:16a 'Shooter' shot dead liming in Tunapuna bar -
08:00:21a The murder list thus far... -
08:00:25a Annisette-George back up to speed -
08:00:30a Cops refuse to work overtime; owed 1m -
08:00:34a 'Finance Bill must be settled first' -
08:00:38a Dookeran Govt has lost control - Announcement on increasing water rates
08:00:43a 'Heat' as Chutney Glow goes indoors - Too much jamming in
08:00:47a Another family tragedy - Applewhites lose second member in crash
08:00:51a Cop forgiven, freed on theft charge -
08:00:55a Maracas vendors hopeful booths ready for Carnival -
08:01:00a Beware of bogus blues -
08:01:04a PSC makes headway into 'appointment' backlog - ... but problems remain
08:01:09a When crime-fighting
08:01:14a EPA the MAI in disguise? -
08:01:18a Why we should
08:01:22a The Chief Executive and the Chief Justice -
08:01:26a Sluggish start to 2008 -
08:01:31a Bush tries to rally Iran foes Washington Times
08:02:21a Bush Departs Bahrain; Next Stop To Be UAE AFP
08:02:25a Housing is top priority vows Premier
08:02:30a Last chance to join India quiz contest
08:02:34a Plea to donate blood
08:02:38a US honour forPrime Minister
08:02:42a Gulf Air 'back in business'
08:02:47a 20m museum for children
08:02:51a BD1m centre new hope for diabetics
08:02:55a UK schools expo set
08:02:59a Psychologist to give tips on meditation
08:03:04a Bahrain's Gulf Air buying Boeing jets; may buy from Airbus, too
08:03:08a New panel to help fight inflation
08:03:12a Lighting a candle for peace
08:03:17a Gulf Air splashes out on new planes
08:03:21a Samajam HQ pledged BD60,000
08:03:25a Honours for hotel staff
08:03:30a Iran 'a threat to world security'
08:03:34a President sends message to heads of Persian Gulf littoral states
08:03:38a Threat to bomb warships 'real'
08:03:42a BD19,000 'stolen from hypermarket'
08:03:46a Georgian Opposition Protests Against Allegedly Rigged Elections
08:03:51a Nor'easter Pummels New England
08:03:55a 'Atonement' top drama at deflated Golden Globes
08:04:04a Blaze rages on in Kolkata's main market area
08:04:21a India-China Economic, Trade and Investment Cooperation Summit begins
08:04:25a Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai resonates again at luncheon for Indian media
08:04:36a Manmohan Singh converses in Hindi with Chinese professor of Indian studies
08:04:41a PM visits Beijing Olympics Exhibition Centre
08:04:45a Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi
08:04:49a China to Ban Free Plastic Bags in Supermarkets
08:04:53a Chinese exports to India rising fast
08:04:58a Beijing raises penalties for violating new price-freeze rule
08:05:02a Chinese yuan hits news high against US dollar
08:05:06a Dolphin hits qualifying mark for Beijing
08:05:11a 20% university graduates fail to find jobs in 2007
08:05:15a Pact aims to ensure safety of Chinese drug imports
08:05:19a Beijing's Olympics efforts 'inspiration' for India
08:05:23a Tapping quarry in Rome could help drought; still has drawbac
08:05:28a SecureMedia Protects The Caribbean's First IPTV Deployment
08:05:32a Toshiba Deploys New HD DVD Marketing Initiatives Based on Strong Fourth Quarter Unit Sales
08:05:37a Commerce's NTI
08:06:11a EEL plans center opening
08:06:15a Early voting starts this morning
08:06:19a State warned of signatures glitch
08:06:23a Residents call for streetlights
08:06:28a Municipal groups wary of tax fallout
08:06:32a Confidence returns to Port Canaveral
08:06:36a DOT cuts project in Palm Bay
08:06:40a Titusville aims for riverside property
08:06:45a School building plans at risk
08:06:49a County not confident about state calculations
08:07:12a Godmother & Neighbors Haunted By Girls' Deaths
08:08:07a 'Pulp Fiction' screenwriter Roger Avary arrested for manslaughter
08:08:11a Big Golden Globes party was at Ernest Borgnine's house
08:08:29a DREW SHARP Belichick gives NFL the villain it needs
08:08:34a NBA ROUNDUP Toronto chills Blazers in 2 OT
08:08:38a PREPS ROUNDUP Clarkston hard-pressed for answer
08:08:51a • 'Hundreds' Dead or Missing in North Korean Floods
08:08:55a Choi's won Korean prevails as Kiwi tumbles
08:09:00a ROK hopes to disarm North Korea by 2010
08:09:04a POLITICAL CHANGES IN KOREA Balancing transparency and
08:09:08a Donald Kirk North Korea still up to nuclear mischief
08:09:12a Demand for public aid swamps staff
08:09:16a Yi gives city an economic opening to China
08:09:20a Hannah Montana concert keeps a high-energy pace
08:09:24a THE SCENE Concert is a real scream
08:09:29a McCain travels familiar roads
08:09:33a Wisconsin's neighbors don't use Social Security numbers as Medicaid ID
08:09:38a Colleges study minority issues
08:09:42a Nichols Crime took more than a good name
08:09:46a Shelter more than 1 warm night
08:09:50a Jentzen took job beyond the science
08:09:55a Cuprisin There's some uncertainty in the air over proposed satellite radio merger
08:09:59a Spears must go to court for custody of kids
08:10:03a Complete list of winners of the 65th Golden Globes
08:10:08a Brazil plays down mass yellow fever outbreak
08:10:12a McCain Draws Old Enmity
08:10:17a Race Issue Ramped Up
08:10:21a Sicilian Businesses Rebel Against Mafia
08:10:26a U.S. Campaign Fascinates Observers Around World
08:10:30a Bush Seeks Out Arab Aid
08:10:35a Poll Obama's Success In First Contests Boosts His Support Nationally
08:10:39a Antarctic Warming Seen As Threat
08:10:44a Civil Tone In Vermont Debate
08:10:48a Volunteers needed for event to help homeless
08:10:53a Researchers Grow Rat Heart In Lab, Get It Beating
08:10:57a Fire, police services get 43K for equipment
08:11:01a New director sought to lead veterans affairs
08:11:05a Tourists Flocking To N.Y.
08:11:10a Warwickshire keen to sign Pollock
08:11:14a Mbeki is right to stay away
08:11:19a CORRECTED CORRECTED-Golf-Korean Choi seals three-shot victory at Sony Open
08:11:23a Pistorius appears certain to miss Beijing Games
08:11:27a Sterne claims Joburg Open after playoff
08:11:31a Golf-Joburg Open final scores
08:11:35a Ministers 'stunned' by the arms deal
08:11:40a Soccer-South Africa win African Nations Cup warm-up
08:11:44a Jadeja bowls India U-19s to victory
08:11:48a Men 'selling impotence tablets' caught
08:11:52a How much do you love your pets
08:11:56a Golf-Choi holds nerve to triumph at blustery Waialae
08:12:01a Clouds 'gathering around Selebi'
08:12:05a YCL 'perplexed' by Mbeki's 'inconsistency'
08:12:09a Golf-Moolman joins Murless in Joburg Open lead
08:12:13a Golf-Choi three ahead midway through third round at Sony Open
08:12:17a Public urination, agitation lead to dual charges
08:12:22a 'New Year Spectacular' a Resounding Success in Boston
08:12:26a Chinese New Year Spectacular a Hit With Ottawa Audience
08:12:31a NSW Biggest Winner from Hospitals Funding Boost
08:12:35a Employers Beware Older Workers No Longer So Loyal Survey
08:12:39a Spectacular Highlights 'Cultural and Moral Values,' Says Ottawa Writer
08:12:43a Spectacular Win for Ottawa Resident
08:12:48a Chinese Spectacular 'Amazing,' Says Acclaimed Cellist
08:12:52a Tech jobs leave LI, but talent stays
08:12:57a GM invests in 'trash to ethanol' start-up
08:13:01a High-tech gadgets can feel the burn
08:13:06a Will S.F. fire tour business turn into a hot property
08:13:10a Speier officially in race to replace Tom Lantos
08:13:14a Filmmaking Without a Net Shot with no script or real budget, Judy Irving's...
08:13:19a Introducing the first Android prototype
08:13:23a Internet-Savvy Christians Want to Save Their Fellow Man, One Video at a Time
08:13:27a Basketball star's father shot outside her game
08:13:32a Apple fans hope for subcompact computer at Macworld
08:13:36a Chicken Soup Computers Google Pshaw!
08:13:40a Couple say S.F. cops ignored their calls about New Year's Eve intruder
08:13:45a You care about Romo's social life Shut up and get one of your own
08:13:49a Unlimited movies streamed over the Internet
08:13:55a Green Party presidential hopefuls debate in SF
08:14:00a A Non-obvious Use for Debbie a Debian...
08:14:04a XP Faster, More Stable than Vis...
08:14:08a XH-150 demonstrates new hybrid technology, gets 150mpg
08:14:13a Macy's to cut 271 jobs in U.S. Midwest report
08:14:17a Anheuser-Busch may help S&N bid for BBH-paper
08:14:21a Brewer S&N says trade on track, challenges suitors
08:14:26a Eyes on Southwest Airlines', American Airlines' earnings reports
08:14:30a Oil Prices Extend Falls at 92 on US Recession Fears
08:14:34a Drubbed Chavez wants vote on indefinite re-election again
08:14:45a Kenya parties jostle for support
08:15:03a Head of Australia's biggest corporate collapse freed from jail
08:15:07a Kiwi holds its own as US on edge
08:15:12a Dutch friendly fire leaves 4 troops dead
08:15:16a Greenpeace says it's disrupted whale kill
08:15:21a Chavez wants to meet with FARC rebel chief
08:15:25a Broward County community bulletin board
08:15:29a Some of the new rules for water use in South Florida
08:15:34a Fenty to overhaul social services agencies
08:15:38a In praise of good journalism, at any age
08:15:42a School system had lost track of 4 sisters found dead in D.C.
08:15:47a D.C. moves to restrict popular detergents
08:15:51a Hoyas are hitting it big
08:15:55a Put Williams in place
08:15:59a The 3-minute interview Rollin Stanley
08:16:04a Taxes hurt O'Malley's popularity
08:16:08a Pr. William residents alarmed by plan for new probation sites
08:16:13a Country profile Slovenia
08:16:17a Iran table tennis at Slovenian Open
08:16:21a DW-World Slovenia Steps Into European Spotlight
08:16:50a Government bears medical costs of Soeharto
08:16:54a Finnish president to visit Aceh
08:16:59a Soeharto family rejects corruption case offer lawyer
08:17:03a Mahathir visits ailing Soeharto
08:17:38a Sharapova wins to set up Davenport clash
08:17:42a DOJ Advisory also applies to foreign media
08:17:46a Greenpeace welcomes environmental courts
08:17:50a Baron Geisler I'm moving on
08:17:55a Davenport becomes all-time top money winner in women's sport
08:17:59a RP bans building construction in Boracay
08:18:03a Bosh powers Raptors to OT win over Trail Blazers
08:18:25a RWANDA Living side by side – genocide victims and perpetrators reconcile the past
08:19:05a A Recipe For Learning
08:19:09a Bank charges case goes to High Court
08:19:36a Tasmania battles to contain blaze
08:19:45a Whatever happened to Iraq war
08:19:50a Live Murray v Tsonga
08:19:54a 2nd body of 4 missing kids found near bridge
08:19:58a Hospital deep cleaning under fire
08:20:02a New Jersey Rejects Electoral College
08:20:06a World Bank, India Confront Corruption
08:20:11a Ski-break knee injuries 'rising'
08:20:15a MPs to debate school leaving age
08:20:19a MacDonald tops the UK album chart
08:20:23a Energy Shortages, Extreme Cold Create Crisis Situation
08:20:28a Accused inspector is found dead
08:20:32a Sailor's terrifying brush with iceberg
08:20:37a Others Should Follow Suit
08:20:41a EDITORIAL Look for a Focused Legislative Session Our Views
08:20:58a Suharto family rejects corruption case settlement offer lawyer
08:21:21a US Envoy Meets Former Taliban Commander
08:21:25a Dejected Dallas Cowboys fans have mixed emotions about next year
08:21:34a India's PM urges China to address trade imbalance
08:21:41a Adjustable loans spur new worries
08:21:45a The boom in India now heard overseas
08:21:49a Techie dishes on Google's grub
08:21:53a GM shifts in alternative-fuel push
08:21:58a 'Bucket List' lives large at No. 1
08:22:02a Foreign business schools fill a huge gap
08:22:07a Kenya's turmoil cuts off its neighbors
08:22:11a Investors await retail sales, inflation and earnings data
08:22:15a Chinese cars headed for Canada at cut-rate prices
08:22:20a USA TODAY Announces New Broadcast and Internet Programming for 2008
08:22:24a Travel sites may challenge Bahamas
08:22:28a Washington starts up online voter registration
08:22:33a CCUL Staffer Featured In USA Today In Debate On Female Soldiers
08:22:37a Trial to Start in Bank of New York Suit
08:22:42a • Americans turn to online videos
08:23:02a J.J. Abrams's TV Pilot Shooting In Toronto
08:23:06a Recap New York vs. Detroit
08:23:11a Refocusing HR Systems at Canon USA
08:23:15a Canadian national synchro swimming team head coach Susan Kem
08:23:19a Weather a factor as Canada Post rewrites rule...
08:23:23a The TV Watch Strike Was Unseen Star of the Night
08:23:27a Buying property in Dubai makes good sense for residents
08:23:44a 2007 Frankfurt Achieves New Passenger and Freight records
08:23:48a S-400 air defense systems to be deployed in central Russia
08:23:52a Three gunmen killed in Daghestan, south Russia
08:23:57a U.S. resumes F-15 fighter flights in Japan amid protests
08:24:01a Banks' correspondent accounts with CBR decline 19%
08:24:05a RUXX investment index set to open 0.55% down
08:24:10a Bin Laden's son applies to move to U.K. with wife Daily Mail
08:24:14a Kazakhstan to flood mine where 30 people died in blast
08:24:19a Six killed in household gas blast in south Russia
08:24:23a Czech firms seek U.S. missile defense contracts
08:24:27a Astronomers discover Einstein rings
08:24:32a What causes itchy skin
08:24:36a Katy Advocates Raise Funds for a New Pedestrian Lane.
08:24:40a Cat killer suspects 'need support'
08:24:44a Jindal takes office as governor today
08:24:48a Nationwide market forces squeeze local industries
08:24:53a Good press has graced Barksdale over the decades
08:24:57a Jindal's big day
08:25:01a Caddo Commission begins new term today
08:25:05a Race for Jindal's seat turns into competitive GOP contest
08:25:10a Energy to be focus of conference
08:25:14a Citigroup could write down up to 24 billion report
08:25:19a Remove duty to find jurors from police Chief Justice McCalla
08:25:23a Rat race Hanover Health Department under fire for garbage pile-up
08:25:28a New poll predicts BLP win in Barbados election tomorrow
08:25:32a Shelters can't help all fleeing abuse
08:25:36a Looking a lot like a casino in R.I.
08:25:41a Valley entices MIT students
08:25:45a Beijing gets extra 1,000 cars a day
08:25:50a MIDDLE EAST 'Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terror'- Bush
08:25:54a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES Key U.S. political fight taking place behind Nevada casino walls
08:25:59a Meaning and aftermath of Bush visit
08:26:03a Bush soaks in culture of Dubai on Mideast tour today
08:26:07a Exclusive Obama, keep the 'Change'W. Thomas Smith Jr
08:26:12a Dale at the crest of the hill, but SA tumbles
08:26:16a Australia focuses on Test record
08:26:20a South Africa Mbeki Faces Rough Ride
08:26:25a South Africa Bakers Take Further Slice From Reeling Consumers
08:26:29a South Africa Wealth, Poverty Study Soon
08:26:33a South Africa Lack of Nurses With ICU Skills Puts Patients at Risk Study
08:26:38a South Africa Sterne Holds Nerve in Jo'burg Shootout
08:26:42a South Africa Blame the Dollar's Weakness
08:26:47a South Africa 'Allah's Bomb' and Other Nuclear Nightmares
08:26:51a South Africa Don Seeks 2010 Tourism Boost
08:26:55a South Africa Errant Lenders Face Fines From Regulator
08:27:00a South Africa Foschini Dresses Down in a Tough Trading Quarter
08:27:04a Uganda Sh769m for Itojo Hospital
08:27:09a Uganda MPs Plead for Toilets
08:27:13a Uganda Man Threatens Cops With Juju
08:27:17a Uganda Nagginda Advises Kids
08:27:22a Uganda Speculators Ruin Estate Business
08:27:26a Uganda Benefits of Competition Should Serve Consumers
08:27:30a Tsonga dumps Andy Murray out of Australian Open
08:27:34a Cloud Nine
08:27:40a A Father's Shadow Clouds His Son's Rise in Lebanon
08:27:48a Lebanon Vote for President Is Postponed
08:27:52a Brown says must stay with Europe
08:27:57a Two gunmen killed by Israeli missile
08:28:01a Bush headed to Saudi Arabia
08:28:05a Sarkozy signs agreements in Saudi
08:28:10a India PM eyes more trade with China
08:28:14a S. Korea's president-elect ready to meet N Korean leader
08:28:18a Iraq offensive Clear out militants – and stay
08:28:22a Bosh, Raptors overcome Blazers in double overtime
08:28:27a China says democracy hurts Kenya
08:28:31a Monk's words stir spirit of Myanmar resistance
08:28:35a Social Video Sharing Social Web Tips
08:28:39a 'Bucket List' kicks up a box-office win
08:28:44a Bjork unlikely to face NZ charges
08:28:48a Police may bill teen host of wild party
08:28:52a Thousands may benefit from hospital deal
08:29:09a Dow Jones Indexes and Muscat Securities Market to Launch New Index for Oman
08:29:14a SCP transfers securities worth Kc2,500bn in 2007
08:29:18a Government securities for the risk-averse
08:29:22a One dead, 11 feared buried in China landslide reports
08:29:27a Pulp Fiction writer charged after fatal crash
08:29:31a Diana inquest butler due to appear before court
08:29:35a 'Ponting's team one of the worst behaved'
08:29:45a Ghana's Ruling Party Dismisses Opposition Accusation
08:29:50a Frontline Fails to Raise Funds for Wireless Auction
08:29:54a AXS-One Steps Up Online Focus
08:29:58a OneAccess Buys Aeta
08:30:03a Nasdaq Kicks SCO Out, Gupta Leaves the Company
08:30:07a Descartes Buys Fleet Management and Tariff Firms
08:30:11a India Tops UK Outsourcing Poll
08:30:15a Toshiba Adds SIP Trunking Capabilities to Strata CIX
08:30:20a X64 Workstations Basically Kill RISC/Unix Alternatives
08:30:24a Crippled soldier ekes out pension in Bulgaria
08:30:28a Maxim Staviiski Should Pay Treatment in Israel
08:30:33a Longtime leader at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Boca Raton retiring
08:30:37a Early voting sites
08:30:41a I-95 Update
08:30:46a Wellington equestrian festival show information
08:30:50a State legislator to host meeting on toy safety
08:30:54a American-Arab panel official's duties limited
08:30:59a Traffic crash reports available on Web site
08:31:03a Simpler health questionnaire may complicate insurance
08:31:07a Rat heart created in lab signals hope for humans
08:31:11a Funeral planning is a touchy topic, but it's a must-have talk
08:31:15a 'Atonement,' 'Sweeney' top glum Globes
08:31:19a Princess Diana's 'Mr Wonderful' talks
08:31:29a Seven new cholesterol genes identified
08:31:37a India offers Oman help in IT, Education, Health sectors
08:31:42a Tropical disease headed to U.S., health experts say
08:31:47a • More People Suffering From Kidney Disease, Most Are in the D
08:31:51a Public-policy summit will focus on immigration, health care
08:31:55a How much longer must game put up with a disease called Danie
08:32:00a Fiserv Hires a CIO, Closes Health Sale
08:32:04a Tax hikes could fund health care reform if slots fails
08:32:09a Vitamin C may lower stroke risk
08:32:13a Roger Federer still the favourite, in sickness or in health
08:32:17a Kayakers in rude health
08:32:21a Puntland President Criticized for Ineffective Leadership
08:32:26a Sri Lankan man spends 50 years in prison without trial
08:32:30a Concern over rising sex attacks in India's tourist hotspots
08:32:34a Bird flu scare in India after chicken deaths officials
08:32:39a Nepal needs to tackle southern unrest before polls UN
08:32:43a Grenade attack wounds 17 in India's northeast police
08:32:48a Williams, Henin, Roddick post first round wins at Aussie Open tennis
08:32:52a Finding a baby sitter about more than age
08:32:56a Mentors make a difference in their young friends' lives
08:33:01a Careers Now Ask the salary range at the interview
08:33:05a Redesigned curtain helps West Palm Beach firm win contracts with medical facilities
08:33:10a Cubicle Curtain Factory profile
08:33:14a Workplace chatter isn't necessarily all bad
08:33:19a How to fix your 401 plan
08:33:23a Thai election agency issues 3 more yellow cards to winning candidates
08:33:28a Guinea crushes Sudan in warm-up for African Nations Cup
08:33:32a LeBron James ticketed for speeding on birthday
08:33:36a Vietnam to spend 1.3 bln on education development
08:33:41a Americans say they trust Fox News the most
08:33:45a Eva Longoria talks about hubby's affair
08:33:49a China urges U.S. not to send wrong signal to Taiwan
08:33:54a S Korean president-elect vows to engage in full inter-Korean co-op
08:33:58a Chinese FM calls for U.S. efforts in maintaining peace across Taiwan Strait
08:34:02a China-India Economic, Trade Investment Co-op Summit kicks off
08:34:07a Finnish president to visit Indonesia's Aceh
08:34:11a Teacher's assistant suspended after rape charges filed
08:34:15a 'I love N.Y.' winter tourism campaign kicks off
08:34:19a City teen drowns in indoor pool in Brighton
08:34:24a Spitzer proposes investment in affordable housing
08:34:28a Anupam's acting school to open in London and Durban
08:34:33a Iraqi Appeals Court Judge Killed
08:34:37a Palm oil inventory further slips
08:34:41a Baht strongest in 10 years
08:34:45a Icenet eyes Rs 200cr business from KPO
08:34:50a Clarity demanded on terrorism blacklist
08:34:54a Talks on core issues to be launched Monday Ynet News
08:35:02a PLO to isolate Hamas with separate W. Bank parliament
08:35:06a Bush urges cabinet to keep Olmert in power Ynet News
08:35:11a Israel, PA to negotiate core issues in Jerusalem meeting Monday
08:35:15a GOP scrapper Elrod to challenge Carson for 7th District seat
08:35:19a PR is main weapon in battle to run IMPD
08:35:24a Focus is on taxes for Daniels' talk
08:35:28a Request to shield Bailey from interview requests may be moot
08:35:33a Macworld fare? Apple may unveil 3G iPhone, movie, TV expansion
08:35:37a Pile of vinyl hints at next hot thing
08:35:42a Amazon, Pepsi music promo sounds like trouble for Apple
08:35:46a GM pumps money into ethanol startup
08:35:50a Japan takes a shine to practical robots
08:35:55a Newegg hatches plans to outgrow insider niche
08:35:59a Engaging students in math, science
08:36:03a New Dell screen classy, glassy
08:36:08a Raikes' plans stir queries at home
08:36:12a Netflix lifting limits on streaming videos
08:36:16a Workshop On Jihadism And Jihadi Movements
08:36:21a Iran, Russia to agree on Bushehr n-plant commissioning timeline
08:36:25a NUCLEAR ROW Iran agrees to clarify questions about its nuclear past- IAEA
08:36:30a Iran Bush Trying To Harm Tehran's Relationships - Mottaki
08:36:34a Angolan Ambassador At Commemoration Of Zanzibar Revolution
08:36:39a Korea-US Free Trade Agreement Pre-Mortem Turning South Korea into an 'American colony'
08:36:43a Azerbaijan-OSCE /WRD/
08:36:47a 'US can help better inter-Korea ties'
08:36:52a Gen Al Maamari receives Yemeni, Kuwaiti ambassadors
08:36:56a Bush in the Middle East things are changing, and Bush is to blame
08:37:00a Startup in Bermuda targets asbestos risks
08:37:05a Immigrant Paperwork Backs Up At DHS
08:37:09a A good thing or a bad thing
08:37:13a Atlantic sailor sends mayday to his local
08:37:17a EU admits biofuel target problems
08:37:22a EU trade chief delays reform of cheap imports tariffs
08:37:26a Murdered Red Caps inquiry promise
08:37:30a Downtown specialist takin' it to the streets
08:37:35a Owen Valley hazing allegations to be investigated
08:37:39a Lightning strikes twice against Indianapolis
08:37:43a IU looks to avenge loss to Purdue
08:37:48a Obituaries January 14, 2008
08:37:52a 'It's an honour to be your enemy'
08:37:56a Market fire destroys 3 000 shops
08:38:00a McCain, Clinton lead the polls
08:38:05a DZ attacks MrMercedesMan's Daughter
08:38:09a Fresh interview with The Gathering
08:38:13a Interview with Trail Of Tears
08:38:17a Interview with Demonical The King is Dead, Long Live The King
08:38:22a Interview with MADBALL
08:38:26a Audio Interview with ANNEKE
08:38:51a Are awards really awards without a red carpet?
08:39:40a Nepal Political Party Supporters Rally
08:40:17a Israel-Palestinians open talks
08:40:24a UPDATE 1-LG.Philips Q4 hits record, outlook bright
08:40:28a Virgin plans biofuel demo flight next month
08:40:55a Assad considers Lebanon a Syrian territory
08:40:59a ' Sfeir warns politicians to reconcile
08:41:03a Iran is world's number one sponsor of terrorism
08:41:07a Any Initiative without Partnership with Opposition is Doomed to Fail
08:41:11a A ghost story for our times
08:41:17a Windimurra vanadium mine secures $142m
08:41:21a SKorean prosecutors quiz US fund chief over bank deal
08:41:46a What Board Members Are Paid
08:42:38a 83 Arrested U.S. Supreme Court *J11 Solidarity with NVDA to Close Gitmo!
08:42:56a West Africa Firm Seeks to Lead the Non-Medicated Soap Industry
08:43:00a Nigeria Fuel Price Hike Man Should Be Proactive Expert
08:43:05a Nigeria SON Gets National Assembly Support On Funding
08:43:09a Uganda Multiplex Boss' Car Clamped
08:43:13a Uganda Economic Gains Start With Strategic Thinking
08:43:17a Uganda Fufa Secures Njeru Land for Sh100m
08:43:22a Uganda Michael Ezra's Father Charged in Makindye Court
08:43:26a South Africa Sign of Spending Slowdown at Last
08:43:30a Search continues for glider pilot
08:43:35a Cop suspended over Yengeni to know fate soon
08:43:39a Body found on railway line
08:43:47a Durban cop shot in hijacking
08:43:52a Durban teen shot
08:43:56a Man held for rape in Katlehong
08:44:00a Is it a pyramid scheme?
08:44:04a U.S. Should Stand For Freedom
08:44:09a Sarkozy due today; French firm to ink deal
08:44:13a Air Tahiti Nui partners with French TGV
08:44:17a French resist loss of local number plates
08:44:21a Sage Valley student promotes awareness of condition
08:44:26a District in race to fix schools before construction costs soar
08:44:30a Schools try new approach to detention
08:44:35a College Football Players Spend 44.8 Hours a Week on their Sport, NCAA Finds
08:44:39a UDM dental school to open this week
08:44:43a CWI in search of schools for class space
08:44:47a NFL, college football, women's college basketball
08:44:51a Schools aim to challenge Eagle Co.'s brightest
08:44:56a India offers to help Oman in IT, education
08:45:00a Hobart School Board OKs grants
08:45:04a School intruder trial begins today
08:45:08a Rule allows students' removal
08:45:13a Women's college basketball roundup
08:45:17a 'Many schools soft targets for criminals'
08:45:21a Revamped school funding, new taxes among many new laws
08:45:30a Concern over rising sex attacks in India's tourist hotspots
08:45:35a The Case Against the EU Lisbon Treaty.
08:45:39a McCanns return to Portugal
08:45:43a Stranded oil tanker enters Portuguese port
08:45:48a AMERICA/CUBA Cuba prepares to celebrate 10th anniversary of John Paul II's historic
08:45:52a Vietnam, Cuba to Open New Route to the East
08:45:56a Floral Basket to Cuban Embassy
08:46:01a Integrity of Cuba Election System Extolled
08:46:05a Havana Event on World Equilibrium
08:46:09a Cuban Electoral Tools Up and Running
08:46:14a Three Kings Parade kicks off in Little Havana today; Wade is marshal
08:46:18a Cuba to Hold Forum on Global Balance
08:46:23a Chinese roast duck chain feels heat over electricity
08:46:27a British Council in Saint Petersburg defies Russian ban
08:46:32a Hostage Situation In Chatham County Ends
08:46:36a Gold hits new high over 900
08:46:40a Tymoshenko is confident in successful completion of all preparatory work on holding Euro-2012
08:46:45a President pays two-day visit to Zakarpattya region
08:46:49a Call for probe into police inspector death
08:46:54a Rock board face shareholder demands/tit
08:46:58a Bank charge test case heads to High Court
08:47:03a 50 officers hunt for widow's killer
08:47:07a Former Kerala Minister Hassan gets bail
08:47:11a 'Rahul Gandhi to visit Kerala next month'
08:47:16a Sada to act in more Malayalam films
08:47:20a Prudential Asia plans global emerging fund
08:47:24a Berbick's nephew facing life
08:47:29a Williams interviews with 'Skins
08:47:33a Nakamura scores for Celtic in return
08:47:37a Bowman's cause of death unknown
08:47:41a Fujikawa faces uncertain future
08:47:45a Golf-Korean Choi seals two-shot victory at Sony Open
08:47:50a Nash's leads Suns to victory
08:47:54a Asashoryu returns in dominant fashion
08:47:58a Kaltenboeck rallies to win cup
08:48:02a Federer not shaken by recent setbacks
08:48:06a Bono, other celebrities on Fukuda's list
08:48:11a Public's will to bear the cost
08:48:15a Devils rally to defeat free-falling Sabres
08:48:19a 77-year-old woman died last March after being rejected by 13 hospitals
08:48:24a Recalls reach all-time high
08:48:28a Amori teenager admits killing his mom, siblings
08:48:32a Roddick wins third straight at Kooyong
08:48:36a Motivated Apache complete sweep
08:48:40a Foreign companies employing their own 'tankan' to take business pulse
08:48:45a Pay disparity admitted for regular, part-timers
08:48:49a Refueling law enacted with regrets
08:48:53a Cleanup begins on oil spill in Seto Inland Sea
08:48:57a Seven students killed in crash
08:49:01a K.J. Choi seals two-shot victory at Sony Open
08:49:06a No official prize money for Kenneth Ferrie after Sony withdrawal
08:49:10a Choi Extends Lead in Sony Open
08:49:14a Gold prices climb to new all-time record
08:49:19a Michael Crom A strong conclusion can seal the deal
08:49:23a At work Employers not yet sold on online learning
08:49:27a Students up the ante for spelling bee
08:49:31a Bushfire threatens homes in WA
08:49:35a Aussies exempt from UK fingerprinting
08:49:40a Couple plotted murder-suicide inquest
08:49:44a Anti-dam group delivers last submission
08:49:48a Yonkers council creates panel for green legislation
08:49:52a Iona ends five-game losing streak
08:49:56a 'Laptop LoJack' leads to student's arrest in Greenburgh
08:50:01a Eli caps Mannings' up-and-down day
08:50:05a Small-city districts face large gaps in funding
08:50:09a Student absences pit families against Child Protective Services
08:50:13a Clay Aiken set to star in 'Spamalot'
08:50:17a Report Singer Bjork attacks photographer
08:50:22a Nicholson-Freeman travel romp 'The Bucket List' tops weekend box office
08:50:26a IBM tops in U.S. patents for 15th year
08:50:31a African-American authors to be honored
08:50:35a Diversity makesbr /a big difference
08:50:39a Crackling drama in 'New Jerusalem'
08:50:43a Westchester doctor helps bridge brgap between physicians, Dr. Google
08:50:47a Minister loses 78 pounds for challenge
08:50:52a Model airplane fliers take off in Nanuet
08:51:00a TZB railings could pose problem in snow
08:51:05a Malaysian corruption inquiry begins with conflict claims
08:51:09a 'Pulp Fiction' writer charged after fatal crash
08:51:14a SWS Govt gets failing grades in graft, hunger fight
08:51:18a Ex-LTO official arrested for claiming 'colorum' vehicles
08:51:22a Apostol Hospital rights possible for Ninoy killers
08:51:27a Spanish Election Showdown Over Abortion, Gay Marriage
08:51:32a Angola Methodist Zion Church Holds Annual Meeting
08:51:36a Angola Sindika Dokolo Foundation Prepares Press Conference On Art
08:52:04a Big Brother Really Is Watching
08:52:08a Crossing the Line
08:52:13a Q&A An Ohio Secretary of State looks anew at e-voting
08:52:17a 'Hacker Safe' Web Site Suffers Security Breach
08:52:22a Mailing Exposes Personal Data of Wisconsin Residents
08:52:26a S. Korea's Lee willing to meet Kim
08:52:43a Settlement gives former gang member a new lease on life
08:52:47a Deciding when a politician has an off day
08:52:51a Strike rubs glitter off Golden Globes
08:52:56a Facts sought on county's settlements
08:53:00a Abuse cited in teen's suicide
08:53:04a Shelter helps homeless to become self-reliant
08:53:08a Gov. talks like FDR, but walks more like Scrooge
08:53:13a Air Malta flies to official airport of Santa Claus
08:53:17a Financial institutions in Malta grow 65 per cent
08:53:27a 'Friendly fire' kills 4 in Afghanistan
08:53:31a Official 3 militants killed in police siege of apartment in southern Russia
08:53:36a Princess Diana's butler listed to testify at coroner's inquest
08:53:40a Two wins each for Ghaem, Ganguly, Kunte
08:53:44a Faurecia to build car seats near Delhi
08:53:49a Haryana lures NRIs with industrial land reservation
08:53:53a Madhavan's adventurous trip to hometown Jamshedpur
08:53:58a An NGO's run for the mentally challenged
08:54:02a Man gets nine years after admitting to role in murder
08:54:06a Oriens Deploys B & B Units in Costa Rica
08:54:10a Hrithik to refrain from action scenes
08:54:14a Demand for Indian roses surges ahead of Valentine's
08:54:19a Raman Kumar to make 'Saath Saath' sequel
08:54:23a 'Romance rumours are harming Gul Panag's career'
08:54:27a Did Viveik try to snatch Nikhil's role
08:54:32a India salutes NRIs at annual conference
08:54:36a Rushdie in Mumbai, Muslim groups protes
08:54:40a Bird flu scare returns after Bengal poultry deaths
08:54:44a Girl child in focus as Punjab, Haryana celebrate Lohri
08:54:49a 15 injured in Guwahati grenade attack
08:54:53a India start favourites at All India Amateur Golf Cup
08:54:57a Mohun Bagan pip Viva Kerala 2-0 in I-League
08:55:01a Army firemen brought in to fight raging Kolkata fire
08:55:05a Shefali, Sarika who will Amitabh romance in Sircar's film
08:55:09a Banned Pak play staged in Delhi
08:55:14a President, PM greet nation on Makara Sankranti, Pongal
08:55:18a CPI-M eyes New Delhi for socialistic system
08:55:22a India will offer to drop Hogg charge
08:55:26a Tourists bemoan an unsafe Goa
08:55:30a Researchers look for reasons asthma begins
08:55:35a Delimitation set to hit young MPs hard
08:55:39a Are stem cell treatments in China worth cost, effort?
08:55:43a Video Exercise of the week Backward Drag
08:55:47a Scientist racing to tap glaciers
08:55:51a Treat health scares with dose of common sense
08:55:56a Recipe for Health Risotto Cakes
08:56:00a Unique Chinese gesture for PM
08:56:04a We'll take care of you, Buddha tells farmers
08:56:09a 'Set up trade centre for Punjabi NRIs'
08:56:13a No prescription for ailing urban poor
08:56:17a Hillary to withdraw troops from Iraq in 60 days if elected
08:56:21a Devotees throng for Magh Mela
08:56:25a Panel to decide upper age limit of childhood
08:56:30a Per kg onion selling at Tk 10
08:56:34a Salman Rushdie in Mumbai
08:56:38a Vigilante justice brings shame to AP
08:56:42a Can conviction be based on retracted confession
08:56:47a Bourse to pay for errant broker
08:56:51a India's Fortis Healthcare Exploring Hospitals Jv With Emmar Mgf
08:56:55a Modi set to meet Jayalalitha
08:57:00a GRIEGO Ex-students thank special teacher
08:57:04a Denver resident held in death of man found along highway
08:57:08a New ways to tally incidents more accurate, police say
08:57:13a Bill would lift limits on child abuse suits
08:57:17a State looking at Virginia alternative sentencing program
08:57:22a Changing warfare prompts AFA to bring back resistance training
08:57:26a St. Francis helps homeless take new path
08:57:30a Huckabee gives sermon that avoids politics
08:57:35a DA to look at police conduct in Masters case
08:57:39a Body of second child found as dad faces 4 murder counts
08:57:44a World and nation briefing, January 14
08:57:48a Keeping 'crime on the front burner'
08:57:52a Roundup, January 14
08:57:57a Bones lead to arrest
08:58:01a Brother recalls sister's love of the mountains
08:58:05a 'Gangsta' mascot 'insensitive'
08:58:10a Fire hits apartments under construction
08:58:14a Reward offered in stabbing
08:58:18a Forecasters stick to dry winter call
08:58:22a PM promises knives clampdown
08:58:26a Bankers' group stands by rates rise decisions
08:58:31a Google Calculator Knows Potrzebie!
08:58:35a Galaxy Detection Just Got Easier
08:58:39a Ringgit Flat Against U.S. Dollar In Early Trade
08:58:43a MMM to make big gains from disposal
08:58:48a Experts say fuel subsidy unsustainable
08:58:52a Tan & Tan expanding niche development
08:58:56a Knowledge will keep us independent
08:59:00a Quill Capita to manage assets worth RM750m
08:59:04a Breaking up is hard to do
08:59:09a CIMB on track to get RM2b deposits
08:59:13a Recently upgraded Pangkor Laut Resort has much to offer
08:59:17a Consult before making policy changes
08:59:21a Companies ready to meet customers' needs
08:59:26a Car sales back on fast lane
08:59:30a KL commercial properties at upturn of cycle
08:59:34a Speculative buying spurs upward charge
08:59:39a Keep an eye on children
08:59:43a Impact of fuel prices not that significant yet
08:59:47a More high-end projects in pipeline in the vicinity of KLCC
08:59:53a Kedah coach What happened to Perak
08:59:58a Felda must pay settlers RM7.8m
09:00:02a Bandar Raya to reconsider disposal of Mieco
09:00:06a CPO prices hit new high
09:00:11a Malaysian shares higher in early trade, led by financial stocks
09:00:15a Shanghai makes big strides in its bid to be a global financial centre
09:00:19a New Zealand name 15 for Malaysia
09:00:24a Sex Tape Olivia Mojica vs. Jessica Sierra Fallen American Idol
09:00:28a Nicolas Sarkozy Ready To Move On From Cecilia Sarkozy
09:00:32a Will Smith Wanted To Adopt 'I Am Legend' Doggy Co-Star Abbey
09:00:37a Andy Murray Out Of Australian Open In First Round
09:00:41a Summit woman found shot to death in her home
09:01:01a Zimbabwe Harare Man Robbed
09:01:06a Zimbabwe Four Policemen Arrested At Roadblock
09:01:10a Murder charge cop kills mum-in-law and himsef
09:01:14a Cops told to drag out McCann inquiry
09:01:19a Tories panic over funding blunders
09:01:23a Crackdown on cheating immigrants
09:01:27a 100K bonus for Northern Rock bosses
09:01:31a Dad jailed for jet brawl
09:01:36a Widow's fury as stoning kids go free
09:01:40a Cop dies crushed under van
09:01:44a Man killed for orange
09:01:48a News at Ten Exclusive
09:01:52a Boy, 15, in 'van heist'
09:01:57a Mafia boss's Bible code
09:02:01a Striker in love split
09:02:05a Cheerio to lonely Olive
09:02:10a Army surgeon joins medal bid
09:02:14a Brit knifed to death
09:02:18a Do we need Terminal 5?
09:02:22a Africa BUZ to Host Three Regional Tournaments
09:02:26a Industrialists warn of stir if problems not solved
09:02:31a Africa Africa 'Being Drained of Doctors'
09:02:35a Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace The Great Debt Crisis Begins
09:02:40a Environment Ski Resorts Are Reinventing Themselves in the Face of Global Warming
09:02:44a Reproductive Justice and Gender Huckabee Mines South Carolina's Anti-Choice Supporters
09:02:48a War on Iraq New Iraqi Law on Baath Worries Ex-Baathists
09:02:53a Toyota Delivers Electric Jolt To GM
09:02:57a China for frequent missions
09:03:01a Burundi Four People Arrested in Rutana
09:03:10a Indonesia reports 95th bird flu death
09:03:14a Fluid in ailing Soeharto`s lungs increases
09:03:37a Foreclosure crisis snares Md. homebuyers
09:03:41a Motivation, morale woes blamed in school maintenance lapses
09:03:46a Illegal-immigration debate plays out in tiny Taneytown
09:03:50a Small plates, big flavor
09:03:55a Terrapins hope to bedevil Duke
09:03:59a Greyhounds bucked by Broncos
09:04:03a Grasmick fights Assembly for school funding, job
09:04:07a Another ban considered on detergents that harm Bay
09:04:11a The 3-minute interview Rick Neuheisel
09:04:21a Thousands of Georgians protest election results
09:04:25a UK must remain 'fully engaged' in Europe, Brown says
09:04:29a French Socialists still divided over EU treaty vote
09:04:34a European politicians voice concern over strong euro
09:04:38a SOUTHERN AFRICA IRIN-SA Weekly Round-up 358 for 05 11 January 2008
09:04:42a Volkswagen sells record 6.2 mln cars in 2007
09:04:47a Lockheed helicopter contract in trouble-WSJ
09:04:51a EADS considers selling Socata unit paper
09:04:55a GM exec says early Jan sales ahead of 2007
09:04:59a Beauties line up for Olympic gold
09:05:04a Gold, Platinum Rise to Records in London on Declining Dollar; Silver Gains
09:05:08a Gold price goes above 900 level
09:05:12a Australia's SP/ASX 200 Drops for a Sixth Day; Gold Stocks Rise
09:05:17a The Congressional Management Foundation Releases 2007 Gold Mouse Report
09:05:21a Race for Gold Reef approvals could prove to be cliffhanger
09:05:25a Record price pulls down gold sales
09:05:30a Dragon granted environmental permit for Finland gold project
09:05:34a With Gold at 895, Where Next and Why?
09:05:39a Records falling ahead of gold's onslaught Feature
09:05:43a Australian Gold Stocks Rise, Led by Newcrest; Westpac Drops
09:05:48a Manila creates green courts for environmental cases
09:05:52a Spanish PM rules out more talks with ETA rebels
09:05:57a INTERVIEW-No kung fu fighting for China's Jet Li this year
09:06:01a Six dead in Russian apartment blast-agencies
09:06:05a RWANDA Living side by side – genocide victims and perpetrators reconcile the past
09:06:10a Eight soldiers killed in Thai Muslim south ambush
09:06:15a Nigeria My Critics Are Dishonest, Says Bode George
09:06:19a Zimbabwe Kids Let the Year Begin With a Challenge to Excel in Class
09:06:23a Zimbabwe Chitewe Buried
09:06:28a Zimbabwe Even If 50 MDCs Align, We Will Win - Manyika
09:06:32a Zimbabwe I Don't Regret Leaving Mberikwazvo Mijuntu
09:06:36a Autism linked to two genetic defects U.S. studies
09:06:41a Inquiry into teen's cyber crime role continues
09:06:45a IT Worker Jailed for Creating Logic Bomb
09:06:49a Time to move on Gilly
09:06:54a Nanotechnology pipe dreams
09:06:58a Nanotechnology to steer CBSE students in India
09:07:03a The Nanoethics Group to speak at Nanotechnology Law & Commerce Forum
09:07:07a SQU workshop on nanotechnology begins
09:07:19a Robotics Education Spreads Among HBCUs
09:07:23a Doolwind Deals Dirt on AU Developer
09:07:31a BFR Review Zune 2 80GB MP3 Player
09:07:36a Corporations Go Public With Eco-Friendly Patents
09:07:40a Eco-Patent Commons shares earth-friendly tech
09:07:44a 'Eco-Patent Commons' hopes to improve environmental innovation
09:07:49a Ice loss spreads faster
09:07:53a Bush saves criticism for Iran
09:07:57a Gitmo's future debated
09:08:01a Afghans in dark despite global aid
09:08:06a Collective 'no' rocks Sicilian Mafia
09:08:10a Israel studies program popular with Palestinians
09:08:14a Olmert West Bank sites are a 'disgrace'
09:08:19a Suspect in Marine's slaying seen at La. bus stop
09:08:23a NASA gets close-up of 'oddball' Mercury
09:08:27a Stranded Students Return to Kenya
09:08:31a Women's Hoops Tops Vermont 67-58 for First America East Win
09:08:36a Gay marriage debate stays civil in Vermont
09:08:40a A 300-Mile Vermont Adventure
09:08:44a Haverstraw wary on Encore project as developer hits financial rocks
09:08:48a Clarkstown supervisor continues many of his goals from 2007 into 2008
09:08:53a Golf Tourism Destined to Make Travel Fun, Sportingly Enjoyable
09:09:49a Bush, Palestinian Authority's Abbas Joint Press Availability
09:10:05a Two rescued from Cruise ships off Key West
09:10:10a Early voting information for Broward
09:10:14a Fort Lauderdale Residents, business owners can learn how police work
09:10:59a 'Atonement,' 'Sweeney Todd' win Golden Globes
09:11:34a Nigeria House Moves for Registration of Nigcomsat
09:11:39a Nigeria Fiscal Year Must End December N/Assembly
09:11:43a Nigeria Criticism Necessary for Good Governance Nyako
09:11:48a Nigeria Explosion Rocks Oil Vessel in P/Harcourt
09:11:52a Nigeria Cash Rips Parties Apart
09:11:56a Tanzania How We Killed Primary Education in Tanzania
09:12:01a Taipei shares outlook Higher on parliamentary election results
09:12:05a Taiwan shares open sharply higher
09:12:10a KMT urged to initiate amendments to restrict presidential powers
09:12:14a Taiwanese Party Urges Caution
09:12:18a Legislative win to make 'bandwagon effect' for KMT presidential race
09:12:23a 1,000 people visit former residence of late president
09:12:27a President makes transit stop in Alaska en route to Guatemala
09:12:31a Hsieh set to replace Chen as DPP chair after debacle
09:12:36a Financial holdings firms see overall profits grow
09:12:40a Candidate arrested on vote-buying allegations
09:12:44a Japan seeks recovery of 'Taiwan' dormitory
09:12:49a Doctor optimistic about the recovery of photojournalist
09:12:53a Wu reappears in public to vote in legislative poll
09:12:57a St. Lucia opposition to protest against visit by President Chen
09:13:02a Analysts say DDP should reflect on loss
09:13:06a Business group to organize seminar on legislative outlook
09:13:10a Nobel laureate says Chen should have begun election reform earlier
09:13:15a Building activity at lowest level since 2000
09:13:19a Aer Lingus begins Belfast-Heathrow route
09:13:23a McCaughey steps down as Kingspan CEO
09:13:27a Jaguar Capital buys key London property
09:13:32a Enterprise Ireland trade trip to South Africa
09:13:36a Hong Kong gold closes above 900
09:13:40a Oil prices up despite US recession fears
09:13:45a Action will be taken against hoarders and smugglers
09:13:49a Man shot after trying to stab cop
09:13:54a Cenkos still in bid talks with Close Brothers
09:13:58a 'Atonement' wins best picture award at Golden Globes
09:14:24a 'Pulp Fiction' Screenwriter Arrested
09:14:30a India hint at compromise before 3rd Test
09:14:34a India's standing will soar if it drops n-deal
09:14:38a Manmohan calls for three-pronged strategy to improve India-China business ties
09:14:43a India's Singh Starts China Trip Amid Trade Deal Plans
09:14:47a Russia, India row over Tajik base As Russia and India scramb
09:14:50a Bonus bonanza for British firm, courtesy India
09:14:55a India's Singh Starts China Trip Amid Plans for Free-Trade Deal
09:14:59a Air India, Salgaocar to battle it out on monday
09:15:03a Small companies in India think big
09:15:08a In India, giving the customers what they want means offering the ...
09:15:12a Indias best chance to beat Australia
09:15:16a India on third position not second ICC
09:15:20a Christina Aguilera gives birth to baby boy
09:15:25a Nigeria The Limits of Radicalism
09:15:29a Nigeria U.S. Presidential Election Nomination Heats Up
09:15:33a 'This Show is Beyond Belief'
09:15:37a Ottawa Audience Recommends Chinese Spectacular
09:15:42a Ottawa University Vice-Dean Impressed by Chinese Spectacular
09:15:46a Louisiana residents and politicians unite to pray for healing
09:15:54a 5,000 hurricane evacuees in rent-aid program unaccounted for
09:15:59a Texas' Rio Grande Valley worries Mexico's drug battles may harm tourism
09:16:04a Justices to hear cocaine case of ex-con arrested on driving charge
09:16:08a Fires, winds and freezes batter California avocado growers suffering worst year in decades
09:16:12a PTV denies having video footage of Benazir's killers
09:16:16a Chargers Stun Colts, Look to Pats
09:16:24a 4/5 DVRHOST Web CMS OCX PdvrOcx Class ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
09:16:29a 4/5 StreamAudio ChainCast VMR Client Proxy ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
09:16:33a 3/5 minimal Gallery Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
09:16:37a 3/5 Debian update for libxml2
09:16:41a 2/5 Debian update for hplip
09:16:46a 2/5 Debian update for postgresql
09:16:50a 3/5 Fedora update for tog-pegasus
09:16:54a 3/5 Mandriva update for libxml2
09:16:59a 2/5 Mandriva update for autofs
09:17:03a 2/5 Fedora update for postgresql
09:17:07a 2/5 Mandriva update for rsync
09:17:11a Tango Nashville co-founder says grant like winning ‘a big prize'
09:17:16a Marker to honor Una's past
09:17:20a Britney To Face Child Visitation Hearing
09:17:24a Last Sky Commuter For Sale On eBay
09:17:28a Is Open Source the Answer to Software Piracy?
09:17:33a Open Source Semantic Desktop Is Coming
09:18:08a Oil rebounds on tensions in Iran, Nigeria
09:18:19a Apple, China Mobile call off iPhone launch talks
09:18:31a Cheruiyot wins 3rd Houston title; Tune sets record
09:19:03a Exide Oct-Dec net profit up 58% on year
09:19:08a Pioneer Distilleries Q3 net profit up 255%
09:19:12a BSE Smallcap Index up 1.5%
09:19:17a Kiss on cheek healthier than handshake
09:19:21a Residents join forces for Hamilton Park progress
09:19:25a Fan sues Yankees for 221 over steroids
09:19:29a Sarkozy Launches Gulf States Tour
09:19:53a Miners, under attack, opt to stay in Philippines
09:19:57a EMI reportedly cutting 2,000 jobs
09:20:10a It's not Tata, it's the govt, stupid!
09:20:14a Ford eyes multiple platforms for small car
09:20:19a India, China working for new WTO terms
09:20:23a Govt may hike fuel prices on Jan 17
09:20:27a SAT adjourns hearing on Reliance Power till Jan 21
09:20:31a Coke gets clean chit on eco compliance
09:20:36a BSNL valued at 100 billion, IPO soon
09:20:40a Decision on petro pricing system soon
09:20:44a Busting cartels Panel plans amnesty
09:20:48a This little piggy... is part of your lessons
09:20:53a Doctors battle to save Suharto
09:20:57a Institutionalising stigma?
09:21:01a Food safety push a complete success, China
09:21:06a Eight Thai soldiers killed army
09:21:10a Bush soaks in Dubai culture in Mideast
09:21:14a Congress faces war economy, election
09:21:18a Gold Prices Reach Record As Nervous Investors Rush In
09:21:23a EMI Music Set To Reveal Plans To Axe Up To 2,000 Jobs
09:21:27a Jeff Randall Live On Sky News
09:21:31a Children Struggle With Violence, Look For Hope 13 Jan 2008 235855 GMT
09:21:35a Updated Steady Tornado Recovery In Appleton 13 Jan 2008 235530 GMT
09:21:40a For former Grapevine city manager, leaving the farm has its benefits
09:21:47a Scientists create beating hearts
09:21:51a Which is the right side to get out of bed?
09:21:55a India`s Videocon to roll out mobile services by end of 2008
09:22:00a Hanoi grants licence to aircraft parts manufacturer
09:22:04a Lafarge Malayan Cement to buy Granite Indah for US10.4 mln
09:22:08a China`s top alumina maker posts 24 pct jump in 2007 revenue
09:22:13a China of start constructing high-speed Beijing-Shanghai railway
09:22:17a China`s auto production, sales hit record 8.8 mln units in 2007
09:22:21a Indonesia mulls cut in soybean import duties trade official
09:22:26a President asks ministers to deal with soybean price hike
09:22:30a Group questions appointment to governing body
09:22:34a Court upholds ruling that man endangered himself
09:22:39a Authorities investigate St. Petersburg plane crash
09:22:43a Seven Kazakhs killed in factory fire in St Petersburg
09:22:47a Internet giant Yahoo! to follow rivals Google and Microsoft to Israel
09:22:53a Alltel announces expansion to My Circle plan
09:22:57a Shabir Shah joins Mirwaiz's Hurriyat
09:23:01a Kashmir government promises action against 'corrupt' minister
09:23:06a Bush, Mullins and Gates as soft as Huck on Gitmo.
09:23:10a McCain's Massive Energy Consumption Tax
09:23:22a Serbia Extreme motor rally covers 4,000 kilometers in bitter frost
09:23:26a Benton County remains knee-deep in CAFO issues
09:23:30a My advice for stay-at-home moms
09:23:35a British PM Brown backs 'presumed consent' plan for organ donation
09:23:39a In Remington, water levels, not life, returning to normal
09:23:43a Best Bet Take some pictures
09:23:47a Today's Tip Good reads
09:23:52a Luxie's updates the menu
09:23:56a Hot Topic Babysitters, please!
09:24:00a One-Third of Young Women Have Bachelor’s Degrees
09:24:04a Buffs' Streak Halted By Cyclones
09:24:08a Upcoming debate-related events at FAU
09:24:12a Regulators reviewing pre-M&A trades report
09:24:17a Two found dead in N. Richland Hills
09:24:32a Crazy fans of Andy Roddick at Australian Open
09:24:36a Coming of Age Day marked in Japan
09:24:41a Asia's courts failing to enforce environmental laws, say lawyers at UN conference
09:24:45a Nepal's main political party supporters rally in Nepalese capital
09:24:50a Teen might have to pay up after police break up a wild party
09:24:54a Bhutto's party says it may work with Musharraf after poll
09:24:58a Indonesia's ex-dictator Suharto contracts pneumonia, clings to life despite multiorgan failure
09:25:03a Police union, city in tussle
09:25:07a Q&A Flammables in tunnels New spots for red-light cameras
09:25:11a Let go of sellout shackles
09:25:16a 4 men hurt in crash; police say it's hit-and-run
09:25:20a Air cannons used to battle starlings
09:25:24a Eagles plucked from truck in Alaska
09:25:29a Handcrafted guitars are Spokane man's art
09:25:33a Seattle nightclub employees say plea deals in sting aren't fair
09:25:37a U District bar still a haunt for Ted Bundy?
09:25:41a Sandra Trout, 74, had adventuresome streak
09:25:46a County in need of poll workers for Feb. 19 vote
09:25:50a Eastside men killed in crash are identified
09:25:55a Australians vow to keep playing hardball
09:25:59a Nepali Sherpas hold special prayers for Hillary
09:26:04a Hindu leaders in Udipi seek ban for monk who went abroad
09:26:08a 'Atonement' Honored at Golden Globes
09:26:12a Taiwan's Hsieh takes over DPP leadership after election defeat+
09:26:59a Islamist Leader Launches Verbal Attack on Bashir Government
09:27:13a World's longest captive snake on display in U.S.
09:27:18a Nine killed in highway accident in China
09:27:25a Blast kills three in northern Sri Lanka
09:27:30a Poverty amid plenty in China
09:27:34a Taiwan Opposition Sweeps to Victory
09:27:39a More than 30 Dead in Sri Lanka
09:27:43a Thailand A Light at the End of the Tunnel
09:27:48a Sri Lanka Keeps Attacks on Tamil Rebels
09:27:52a Revolt against record labels
09:27:56a Howto Install KDE 4.0 in Ubuntu Gutsy
09:28:01a Policeman forgets gun at supermarket toilet
09:28:05a Norwegian police arrest 15-year-old over school threat
09:28:10a OPEC crude price continues to drop
09:28:14a Dramatic rescue at sea off Devon coast
09:28:18a PM gives no guarantees to under-fire minister
09:28:22a OMAR
09:28:31a BOI investment in 2007 tops Bt655 billion.
09:28:35a South Africa Models Are Treated Like Celebrities in South Africa
09:28:53a Aiming low at China-India talks
09:28:57a Western Distributor Formed for Chinese Vehicles
09:29:01a Hong Kong shares end morning flat on worries over US, China
09:29:05a We'll work with China for better trade ties PM
09:29:10a Chinese and Russian Retailers Break Into World's Top 250, According to Deloitte Study
09:29:14a MCD officials plan one-week Beijing tour
09:29:18a Swisscom Selects Coordinate Technologies to Expand Wireless LAN Roaming Services into China
09:29:23a Russia calls in UK envoy over row
09:29:27a Coppin' Zs
09:29:31a AIRBUS 380
09:29:39a Wi-Wi for Wider Broadband Coverage
09:29:43a ExerciseTV Advances Online Fitness With thePlatform
09:29:47a A Goodbye to Gates
09:29:52a Justices to Hear Ex-Con's Drug Case
09:29:57a Top Campaigner Harassed, Hangings Increase
09:30:01a Families lament ignorance of Lamed Heh's heroic sacrifice
09:30:05a Iraqi judge, driver, killed in ambush by gunmen in western Baghdad
09:30:10a Las declaraciones de patrimonio, in tiles; no las pueden verificar
09:30:14a Una visita al dentista y preparaci n del discurso marcaron las horas
09:30:18a En un dram tico juego, San Diego supera a Indian polis 28-24.
09:30:22a G mez y Garc a Franco se suman al Gabinete
09:30:26a Ma ana ser la toma de posesi n de 332 alcaldes
09:30:31a Los Micos Beach & Golf Resort
09:30:35a Activas cuatro fallas geol gicas en el pa s
09:30:39a Water-use rules in Orange, Osceola areas to rely on honor system
09:30:44a SEC probing Merrill on 'front running' report
09:30:48a Merrill seeking 4 bln, Kuwait could invest FT
09:30:52a 'Atonement' Honored at Golden Globes
09:30:56a Value of homes hits new record
09:31:07a Atrium@Orchard put up for sale
09:31:11a 'We didn't know he was shot'
09:31:16a 'We are living like pigs'
09:31:20a Tow truck ploughs into 4
09:31:24a Cops 'mistook' farmer for crook
09:31:29a Scorpions boss appears in court
09:31:33a Left Front faces rift before Tripura polls
09:31:37a Tigress moves out of Ranthambore national park
09:31:42a Kashmir government promises action against 'corrupt' minister
09:31:53a Jharkhand to backtrack on compulsory liquor purchase
09:31:57a Lucknow goes blue for chief minister's birthday
09:32:02a Jaypee lowest bidder for 10-billion Ganga Expressway
09:32:06a Anupam's acting school to open in London and Durban
09:32:10a Tight security for Modi in Chennai
09:32:14a Indian markets open well ignoring weak global cues
09:32:19a Halla Bol offers the public a thinking cap
09:32:23a Musharraf turns into 'Mouth ka Saudagar'
09:32:27a Congress MLAs seek 'Greater Rayalaseema '
09:32:31a TRS 'Sima Garjana ' at Karimnagar on Jan 24
09:32:35a Fire at Burrabazar building yet to be controlled
09:32:39a Krishna, Prakash keep everyone guessing
09:32:44a Narendra Modi offers prayer at Guruvayur temple
09:32:48a Indian suicide cases on rise in Qatar
09:32:52a India's best chance to beat Australia
09:32:57a Investors can get up to Rs 1L relief
09:33:01a WB feared to be ridden with bird flu
09:33:05a KMP Jan 22 protest is to remember Mendiola massacre
09:33:24a 1 killed, 5 injured in Palpa truck mishap
09:33:38a Minco optimistic over Limerick drilling
09:33:42a Asia-US shipping growth to slow
09:33:48a Kenya braces for demonstrations
09:33:53a German conservative calls for courts to be able to sentence children under 14
09:34:06a Interdict sought against Signal Hill building
09:34:23a After Apple's iPhone mania, will Macworld this year seem s...
09:34:40a 'Pulp Fiction' writer charged after fatal crash
09:34:44a 'Pulp Fiction' screenwriter arrested
09:34:48a Now, You Can Mend Broken Hearts
09:34:53a Service to man & God
09:34:57a Airport contractors big YMCA donors
09:35:01a A Path To Developing 'Social Businesses'
09:35:05a Union Bank warns of lower-than-expected Q4 profit
09:35:10a Intel Chief Waterboarding Him 'Would Be Torture'
09:35:14a Vectra Bank Small Business Index rises on weak jobs data
09:35:18a Planned giving adds up for local nonprofits, foundations
09:35:22a Soybeans, corn are profitable, but which will farmers grow?
09:35:27a Prince George's commissioners vote out water utility manager
09:36:06a Chipotle adds Mexican spice to fast-food formula
09:36:23a Star witness attends Diana inquest
09:36:27a Slain civil rights leader honored
09:36:31a For freshmen, there's no place like campus
09:36:36a Coons Another tough year coming
09:36:40a Water supply study needs help
09:36:44a Noise monitor praised
09:36:48a Hope mission refines its focus
09:36:53a Ky. deputy, dog killed in crash are laid to rest
09:36:57a UD makes grade in Kiplinger's magazine
09:37:01a Fishing license stickers don't stick
09:37:06a NCCo man dies in crash near Lewes
09:37:10a Cold spell forecast for this week
09:37:15a Debate set on Shiloh House plan
09:37:19a Police warn of reported mail thefts
09:37:23a Haiti shoe drive honors MLK's legacy
09:37:28a 22 sites offer free tax preparation
09:37:32a Congress Faces Economy, Election
09:37:36a Iran, IAEA agree to resolve nuclear issue within a month
09:37:41a Marlon Samuels reported for illegal bowling action
09:37:45a Iran Threatens Global Security
09:37:49a Merrill seeking 4bn, Kuwait to be signficant investor
09:37:53a 'Bush not welcome in Egypt'
09:37:58a U.S. & allies must confront Iran
09:38:02a IAEA sets new Iran deadline
09:38:06a Syria backs Arab League over Lebanon deadlock
09:38:11a Iran threatens to stop buying Turkmen gas
09:38:15a Sakana to bloom at Bahrain Garden show
09:38:19a Jazeera debuts on Kuwait bourse
09:38:24a 300 mn Canadian aid to Palestinians
09:38:28a Palestinian, Israeli leaders to discuss 'core issues'
09:38:33a Ahern starts visit to South Africa
09:38:37a Man dies in Dublin car crash
09:38:41a Ipswich murder trial due to begin
09:38:45a Munster defy odds to snaffle bonus
09:38:49a Orlando-area dinner theaters face stiff competition for audiences
09:38:54a Wyndham buys time-share site
09:38:58a 90% uptake for Sentul's d6 boutique offices
09:39:06a A to Z with F Minus
09:39:36a Hosseini US administration must apologize to Iranian, American nations
09:39:40a Posh to be seen on Vogue cover soon
09:39:44a Apartment residents don't want Winehouse for a neighbour
09:39:48a Brain scans prove costly wine really does tastes better than the cheaper variety
09:39:53a Di had a penchant for men with hairy backs
09:39:57a Stephen Fry set to helm Handel biopic
09:40:01a Di's butler promises 'bombshell' revelations
09:40:05a Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand prepare for stag party in Vegas
09:40:10a PM in China Of red carpet and dinner diplomacy
09:40:14a Uproar over Modi's Chennai visit; 300 held
09:40:18a Shriya's outfit enrages Hindu organisation
09:40:23a Ash-John film shoot delayed
09:40:27a The world would sound different through other's ears
09:40:32a Indian Oil gains from Sri Lanka's fuel price hike
09:40:36a high protein, low carbohydrate
09:40:40a AC Milan end Serie A winless run at home
09:40:45a Scientists find influence of culture on brain function
09:40:49a Too short Arthritis may be inevitable
09:40:54a Wheat flour crisis deepens in Pakistan
09:40:58a Over 50 hospitalised after Havana ammonia leak
09:41:03a Hingis drops appeal against cocaine controversy
09:41:07a No blues for Federer as Australian Open ends green era
09:41:11a Federer, Sampras to take their rivalry to New York
09:41:16a Van Nistelrooy gives Real Madrid another late win
09:41:20a Johansson set to make directorial debut
09:41:24a Lawyers urge Spears to attend court hearing
09:41:29a Nicholson impressed with Victoria Beckham
09:41:33a Pat Cash endorses sledging by Australian cricketers
09:41:37a Paula Abdul wants to adopt baby
09:41:42a Beyonce's sister comforts Jamie Lynn
09:41:46a Arquette scared to give birth at home
09:41:51a Longoria talks about hubby's affair
09:41:55a Murray Out Of Australian Open In First Round
09:41:59a Hain Future Over Donations Uncertain
09:42:04a Arroyo faces impeachment if she suspends e-VAT on oil Apostol
09:42:10a PSHS student tops 10th RP Math Olympiad
09:42:15a Stray bullets claim 24-yr-old woman in Manila
09:42:19a Palace planning media-DOJ talks to tackle controversial memo
09:42:23a PAO cites declining health in pardon bid for Aquino-Galman convicts
09:42:28a Jalosjos to face group probing issuance of 'erroneous' release order
09:42:32a eVAT suspension means P70 rollback in price of 11-kg LPG tank LPGMA
09:42:36a P100,000 taken in QC payroll robbery
09:42:41a Court postpones Leviste hearing; prosecutors hit 'delaying tactics'
09:42:45a Diana butler due to give evidence
09:42:49a New UK borders blitz announced
09:42:53a Flying start for Heathrow route
09:42:57a Rock board face shareholder demands