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12:07:01a Hawthorn stands down Patton amid claims he sent women unsolicited lewd messages

12:08:43a All of Lindsey Graham’s Flagrantly Self-Serving Flip-Flops on Trump A 5-Act Play
12:16:18a 2 Capitol Police officers suspended for alleged involvement; 10-15 under investigation...
12:19:11a Acting Homeland Security boss resigns from the Trump administration
12:20:57a Pro Golf Finally Cancels Donald Trump
12:21:48a 2 Gorillas At San Diego Zoo Test Positive...
12:22:19a Brisbane residents who stayed put after 2011 flood claw back house values
12:23:44a More than 2.000 newly infected, the number of dead has dropped
12:24:06a Giuliani Allies Were Part of “Russia-Linked Foreign Influence Network,” US Government Says
12:38:40a Rioter refuses to eat in detention...
12:39:20a Possible civil liability...
12:39:39a Outside the Box Should I refinance my mortgage? Here’s how to decide
12:39:46a Kim Jong-un's little sister was a 'rising star'. Then she vanished. What happened?
01:01:43a How will classes be held in the second semester?
01:20:32a The Crisis Staff All the measures preventing the spread of COVID-19 remain in place
01:23:42a Chief Health Officer defends Brisbane lockdown as three new COVID-19 cases recorded
01:25:19a Belichick Rebuffs Trump's Presidential Medal Offer...
01:28:05a On Telegram, White Nationalists are Trying to Radicalize Those Fleeing Parler
01:33:27a Deputy PM doubles down on Capitol Riots equivalence argument
01:46:47a Merkel It's problematic
02:12:36a Flags, Hate Symbols and QAnon Shirts Decoding the Capitol Riot
02:13:05a The Dissident Brings a Human Touch to the Story of Murdered Journalist Jamal Khashoggi
02:22:19a A new aid package till Sretenje; 'It will include pensioners'
02:23:12a Elevated dust levels lead to review of BHP mining licence in Pilbara
02:28:22a Sex and the City Is Nothing Without Samantha Jones
02:32:02a Husband of Queensland cleaner among three COVID-19 cases
02:44:12a New 'lightsabre' technology puts farm dog out of job
02:47:22a How the Senate Could Bar Donald Trump from Running for President in 2024
02:52:53a COVID Gone Crazy An Epidemic Of 'Positive' Tests
02:57:37a Banana growers face a year without a crop as Panama disease takes hold
03:05:06a Fake online reviews dished out before restaurant even opens
03:12:31a The 'Crisis' Is Corporate Liberal Authoritarianism
03:22:23a Man stopped by resident with ax sentenced for break-in
03:23:05a Faint torchlight from diver swept out to sea leads to offshore rescue
03:23:43a Meijer Gardens shows off new Welcome Center
03:25:36a Facebook Is Purging All Content Mentioning 'Stop The Steal'
03:30:45a Loves Furniture files for bankruptcy, liquidates stores after warehouse shutout
03:31:04a Alarm alerts Wyoming family to carbon monoxide
03:34:44a NSW Premier defends COVID-19 suppression strategy
03:44:14a Media Cry Wolf for Third Time on Afghan ‘Bounties’ 
03:55:44a Kentwood man charged in pregnant wife's murder
03:57:29a Multilingual refugees lose jobs as COVID causes English course enrolments to dry up
03:57:47a Sensex at Mount 49k Advice for Investors
03:59:03a The Tiny Satellites That Will Connect Cows, Cars and Shipping Containers to the Internet
04:07:23a 1 dead after car hits tree in Cannon Township
04:11:25a 'Economy is not growing, it's only recovering'
04:18:54a Warm Arctic temperatures drive 2020 to equal world's hottest year record
04:20:11a Did you have a serious case of COVID-19? Tell us about the healthcare costs
04:22:27a Investigators receive public input on KDPS response to protests
04:27:03a Doctor reflects on 10 years of 'hope' at DeVos Children's Hospital
04:28:56a Crews fight fire in Grand Rapids
04:31:27a Deputy PM claims "all lives matter" in response to backlash
04:35:18a Scraped Parler Data Is a Metadata Gold Mine
04:38:07a Truckie who claimed undiagnosed sleep apnoea led to fatal crash jailed
04:39:41a Democrats start push for second impeachment
04:44:42a Facebook Says It's Banning the Phrase 'Stop the Steal'
04:51:10a You can still find snow on these slopes near L.A.
04:59:21a SolarWinds Malware Has 'Curious' Ties To Russian-Speaking Hackers
05:04:38a Post-workout blues? Why intense exercise can sometimes make us sad
05:05:53a Warning WA coronavirus cases will likely end in 'hard and fast' snap lockdown
05:06:15a COVID-19 quarantine protocols announced for Australian Open arrivals in Melbourne
05:07:11a Gorillas test positive for coronavirus in first known cases among great apes
05:22:15a Does Netflix have a responsibility to provide trigger warnings on its content?
05:23:25a Xi stresses good start for fully building modern socialist China
05:25:06a No water means no new housing for WA tiny town
05:25:53a Do a burnout on your e-scooter and face a ban, company says
05:29:18a ACT lifts some border restrictions with NSW, parts of Sydney to remain a hotspot
05:30:14a Staples Offers To Buy Office Depot For Billion
05:31:15a Sheriff's deputies shoot, kill stabbing suspect in Altadena
05:33:44a Facebook to censor 'stop the steal' phrase, citing violence concerns
05:34:13a First-ever all-digital CES kicks off online
05:35:03a New rules boost global standing of A shares
05:41:51a Man found dead in beach dunes north of Perth
05:43:17a China's box office opens 2021 with record revenue
05:43:34a At least 9 U.S. states have new coronavirus strain from U.K.
05:51:19a Liam Payne sheds mountain hideaway for million
05:55:49a China will never allow anyone, any force impeding reunification spokesperson
05:57:41a Hebei suspends activities at parks, squares for COVID-19 control
05:57:59a Fiat-Chrysler gets credit upgrade from S&P
06:07:58a Moving into prosperity Wuwei's story of ending poverty
06:09:26a US designates Cuba as 'State Sponsor of Terrorism'
06:18:02a Acting Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf resigns
06:23:32a Boeing to provide 6 solar arrays for int'l space station
06:29:36a WHO experts to visit China on Jan 14
06:29:52a UN chief Guterres running for second term
06:37:50a US House Democrats unveil Trump impeachment article
06:46:17a How Victoria plans to manage the COVID risk at the Australian Open
07:12:43a Republicans Can Say What They Want, But They Created This Monster
07:14:24a Trump’s Refusal to Attend the Inauguration Doesn’t Bode Well
07:24:48a Bibra Lake bushfire warning downgraded but residents urged to stay clear
07:37:36a In the Face of Far Right Violence, We Must Organize to Survive
07:53:20a Sydney bus engulfed in flames on busy main road
08:00:09a LG Teases a Rollable Phone At CES 2021
08:04:22a Democrats Introduce Articles of Impeachment After Republicans Block 25th
08:08:25a Donald Trump and Mike Pence speak for first time since US Capitol riots
08:09:38a The Right Is Planning More Armed Coup Attempts, According to the FBI
08:11:58a Gorillas contract coronavirus at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
08:27:20a Trump Admin Approves Tennessee’s Plan to Slash Medicaid Amid Pandemic
08:44:25a Two US House members test positive for COVID-19 after Capitol siege
08:52:46a UC, USC plan to have students back on campus in the fall for classes
08:54:48a Home-grown urea plant aims to Strike while iron's hot
09:21:07a What will happen to airfares in 2021?
09:30:23a Pak, China together form potent threat Gen Naravane
09:37:42a Person hospitalized after GR shooting, no arrests
10:16:57a TWITTER purged more than 70,000 accounts affiliated with QAnon...
10:32:20a White House counsel and Barr warn Trump not to self-pardon...
10:39:08a Washington Tense as DHS Chief Quits, FBI Warns of Armed Protests...
10:42:39a PAPER At almost every step, Ted Cruz miscalculated how to deal with The Don...
10:42:42a BANKERS BAIL
10:44:18a Several Gorillas at San Diego Zoo Test Positive for COVID-19
10:44:42a Six hours of paralysis Inside Trump's failure to act after mob stormed Capitol...
10:54:47a BitRouter announces ATSC 3.0 receiver based on Raspberry Pi
10:56:37a Malaysia’s King Suspends Parliament for First Time Since 1961 for COVID-19 Emergency
10:58:34a Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Won’t Accept Trump’s Offer of Presidential Medal of Freedom
11:00:29a Acting Homeland Security Chief Abruptly Quits After Vowing to Stay on Through Trump’s Term
11:01:39a Amlogic and Skyworth create Netflix-ready platform for RDK STBs
11:02:12a Koala Hospital furious over NSW Government response to inquiry
11:12:00a 200 HOURS LEFT
11:15:40a Largest battery in Australia to be built at ageing NSW coal-fired power plant
11:26:26a Mexico City restaurants open doors in defiance...
11:29:30a Upbeat Xi Says Time on China's Side as Turmoil Grips USA...
11:34:38a 'People don't believe Modi anymore'
11:42:48a Sony announces BRAVIA TVs with 'Cognitive Processor XR'
11:42:53a Holidaymakers aghast as council workers hit wrong pipe and flood bay with raw sewage
11:46:37a TCL announces Google TV products at CES2021
11:46:40a LG Smart TVs to get Stadia cloud gaming in late 2021
11:51:47a RiksTV launches Smart TV Apps with Norigin Media
11:52:22a OpenAP launches Supply-Side Platform for linear TV inventory
11:52:34a Woman stole over from Bupa to fund 'lavish lifestyle', court told
12:00:12p PCCW revamps Now TV with ContentWise personalization
12:01:26p Synamedia integrates security and watermarking with Akamai
12:17:33p Autotrader The 25 most fuel-efficient SUVs of 2021
12:23:31p Australian FI Grand Prix postponed until November because of coronavirus
12:31:05p NerdWallet 7 easy ways to lower the costs of car ownership
12:40:34p Man police searching for after suspicious death near Deloraine may be armed
12:43:35p Farmer describes sheltering in bunker to survive Lucindale fire
12:44:28p Economic Report Small-business optimism sinks to seven-month low
12:45:48p Florida Officials Investigate Report of Manatee With ‘Trump’ on Its Back
01:06:07p Kentwood holds food drive for new food pantry
01:35:34p Royal Dutch Shell started at buy with stock price target at Mizuho
01:38:55p Total started at neutral with stock price target at Mizuho
02:00:16p 'The earthquake is difficult to predict, we cannot fight like we did against Serbs'
02:12:31p 'A tense conversation recorded Trump It's Antifa; 'No, it was MAGA, I was there'
02:28:35p Enphase Energy started at buy with stock price target at Truist
02:37:52p Kon The situation remains unstable and uncertain, occasionally unfavorable
02:48:17p More than 85.500 citizens have applied for vaccination
02:48:36p Hoti threatened Serbia
02:53:09p Message to Pristina 'You will face many surprises, positive for the Serbian people'
03:10:18p Trump State of emergency
03:26:26p Divers recover black box from crashed Indonesia plane
03:48:07p Walt Disney World is eliminating these popular perks for hotel guests
03:51:02p Sheldon Adelson, billionaire casino owner and Republican mega-donor, dies at 87
03:53:56p Twitter blocks 70,000 QAnon accounts in wake of US Capitol riot
04:02:02p Market Snapshot Dow edges lower, threatens to post back-to-back losses
04:12:40p Serbia buys additional share of Montenegrin power transmission system
04:14:38p Sheldon Adelson, Billionaire Megadonor to GOP And Israel, Dead at 87
04:21:42p Signature Bank Closing Trump's Bank Accounts, Deutsche Bank Cutting Ties
04:41:33p Europe struggles to defend itself against new COVID variants
04:48:32p Azealia Banks digs up dead cat Lucifer to 'bring back to life'...
04:53:04p Scientists create world's first 'empathetic' robot...
05:00:34p Australian Open almost canceled Djokovic the main culprit
05:01:46p Fowler selected to serve as Lowell superintendent
05:08:16p Kalamazoo mayor tests positive for COVID-19
05:08:50p Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of Bitcoin Fortunes...
05:13:16p Rules of last 50-50 Senate might not bind this one...
05:14:34p 'No Regrets' Rioter Tells His Story From Inside...
05:14:53p Coming to terms with Donald Trump’s Coup
05:15:19p America's Priciest Home Ready for Close-up...
05:17:44p Wall construction created weakpoints along Mexico border...
05:19:24p Samsung's Huge MicroLED TVs Let You Watch Four Things at Once
05:20:24p Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of Their Bitcoin Fortunes
05:21:53p Intestinal bacteria may affect severity of COVID-19...
05:27:20p Economy, Currency Surge...
05:29:44p Map reveals hospitals overwhelmed...
05:30:58p Dems Briefed On Plots To Overthrow Govt...
05:44:39p May Be Shielded by Klan Speech Ruling...
05:48:30p Disavows any responsibility for attack...
05:49:13p GM unveils CADILLAC flying car and shuttle concepts at CES...
05:52:24p How Beijing Won Trade War and Got Americans to Foot Bill...
05:53:53p VOA reassigns reporter after she sought to question Pompeo...
05:54:18p State Grand Haven psychologist’s license suspended
05:55:30p Greener Pastures Don't Appeal to All Who Left NYC...
05:58:28p Biden faces full plate of calamities in office...
06:00:08p Surge in House Prices Eases in Sign Pandemic Rally May Cool...
06:01:33p Google Sued by YouTube Rival Over Search Rankings
06:05:43p ADELSON DEAD AT 87...
06:07:19p Wall St Visionaries Provide Chilling Views on Next Big Risk...
06:10:15p Warns Employees Not to Wear Company Gear In Public...
06:49:25p Donald Trump calls move to impeach 'absolutely ridiculous'
06:50:00p Capitol Mob Reveals Ongoing Refusal to Accept Black Votes as Legitimate
06:51:06p House Democrats Briefed on Trump Loyalist Plots for Coup and Assassinations
06:57:07p Unrepentant Trump Insists His Incendiary Jan. 6 Speech Was “Totally Appropriate”
07:01:09p Upon His Inauguration, Biden Should Commute All Federal Death Sentences
07:04:18p GOP Is in Turmoil But We Shouldn’t Underestimate Ongoing Threat of the Right
07:04:52p Bloom Energy downgraded to equal weight at Morgan Stanley
07:09:46p Christian-Right Council for National Policy Linked to Violent Breach of Capitol
07:13:17p Rep. Jayapal Unmasked Republicans Made Capitol Breach a “Superspreader Event”
07:26:00p Benchmark Electronics downgraded to neutral from buy at Sidoti & Co.
07:31:51p As the Arctic melts, a regime shift is taking place
07:49:22p Life as a frontline paramedic during the UK's 'chaotic' COVID-19 crisis
07:53:27p Canada extends America shut-off...
07:54:07p CIA releases UFO 'Black Vault' docs early...
07:56:18p Musk Blames Zuckerberg For Riot...
08:01:50p The Pro-Trump Riot Renews Concerns About Extremism in the Military
08:02:44p It Doesn’t Matter if Impeachment Is Divisive, It’s Necessary
08:04:33p Some Republicans Call for Trump to Face Repercussions Yet Remain Impeachment Shy
08:23:30p Virtual memorial for civil rights icon ends abruptly after hackers shout racial slurs...
08:27:23p Dems plan spending blowout...
08:30:00p Prosecutions of “Sedition” Are Rare. That Doesn’t Mean Trump Rioters Are Off the Hook.
08:34:01p Pro-Trump Protestor Bombs Schumer's Presser 'SHUT THE F*CK UP!'
08:37:39p Democrats Test Positive for COVID After Republicans “Cruelly Refused” to Wear Masks While Sheltering
08:45:07p Extremists move to secret on-line channels to plot...
08:53:39p TROUBLES Fallon Draws Smallest ‘TONIGHT SHOW’ Audience EVER...
09:10:42p Luxembourg, EU snub Secretary of State in final Europe trip...
09:11:50p 190 HOURS LEFT
09:13:21p Resident Drives Military Tank Around Florida Streets...
09:20:06p CA stadiums, fairgrounds to be transformed into mass vaccination sites...
09:24:59p Angie Thomas’ New Prequel to The Hate U Give Challenges the Cult of Masculinity
09:34:57p Trump’s Visit to South Texas Invites a “Violent Situation”
09:40:36p Can Tokyo Safely Host the Olympic Games This Summer?
09:41:22p As COVID-19 Tears Through Federal Death Row, the Trump Administration Is Still Planning Executions
09:41:30p Bond Report Treasury yields erase early climb after strong 10-year note auction
09:42:35p COVID-19 will cause twice as much homelessness as Great Recession, study finds
09:48:13p Live US releases millions of vaccine doses, urges states to expand access
09:50:29p Trump Administration Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Plans Designed to Speed Up Distribut
09:53:26p Futures Movers Oil ends higher as dollar sees renewed weakness
09:55:33p What Really Happens When There’s a 50-50 Split in the Senate?
09:59:40p 'I'll just borrow other people's cats' Why older Australians don't want pets
10:01:32p Armed man 'in camouflage paint' still wanted by police in Tasmania's north
10:04:31p Trump reportedly dumped by lenders Deutsche Bank and Signature
10:05:23p ASX to fall, Wall Street trades near record highs amid Trump impeachment threat
10:08:20p 'Drought babies' soak up life-changing wet season after 10-year dry spell
10:10:25p Live NSW Now New COVID-19 alert for barber shop on Sydney's northern beaches
10:22:59p This Time, Impeachment Seems to Be a No-Brainer for Democrats
10:23:42p Darwin's new million gallery edges closer, even as its flagship museum struggles
10:25:02p How Olympic Athletes Are Coping with the Wait for the Postponed 2021 Games
10:27:24p VIDEO Jordan Klepper Sees It All at the Capitol Insurrection
10:28:28p Arrest made in Albion-area shooting that injured 1
10:33:51p What have you always wondered about L.A.?
10:36:38p Women help police find suspected EGR 'flasher'
10:37:50p Sheldon Adelson Has Died. The GOP Kingmaker Was Key to Many Political Careers—Including Trump’s
10:38:36p A Fraught Balancing Act
10:40:04p UNESCO condemns new deadly attack on Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo
10:45:28p Explaining L.A. With Patt Morrison
10:45:42p Baby shark 'kryptonite' found in latest reef research
10:48:25p Struggling through pandemic, Apartment Lounge launches GoFundMe
10:51:30p Clean-up in paradise after 'someone brought a bean bag to the beach'
10:53:37p Media whiffs on tying business predictions to politics
11:09:13p Adam Guillette discusses the Capitol Hill media hypocrisy on Liquid Lunch
11:11:26p Environmental water triggers big breeding event for rare, endangered bitterns
11:12:11p Man charged after Cranbourne animal shelter worker allegedly held at gunpoint
11:12:54p House Republicans back impeachment...
11:13:21p Breakthrough in quest for multiple sclerosis vaccine...
11:17:13p Victoria remains closed to Sydney and Brisbane. Here’s what the experts think
11:46:21p CNN Shutting Long-Running Airport Network...
11:47:32p The Smithsonian Is Collecting Objects From the Capitol Siege
11:47:51p Another Bank Says It Will Cut Ties With Trump
11:50:31p The Respectables
11:51:32p Astronomers Observe Death Of Distant Galaxy For First Time Ever...
11:54:50p Pine Rest creates new COVID-19 psychiatric unit
11:56:28p Semisonic's Dan Wilson aims for closing time in Sherman Oaks
11:59:38p 'Torch saved my life', says thankful night diver rescued off Adelaide coast