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12:00:03a Kenya Former Champion Anwar Returns for Competition

12:00:06a Kenya Bosire Has Bright Future, Says Kirongo
12:00:10a Kenya Cheruiyot Triumphs in Madrid Meet
12:00:14a Kenya Poll Violence Claim Former Athlete Sang
12:00:17a Activist investor Peltz takes stake in Marsh McLennan
12:00:21a Tech stocks tick higher after starting 2008 in the red
12:00:25a Dow tallies biggest first-session-of-year point drop ever
12:00:28a Contrarian turn and Sinoskeptical noise
12:00:32a Salon collects for Locks of Love
12:00:35a Travis County only county without burn ban
12:00:39a Upcoming City Council Ward Meetings Check Your Calendars!
12:00:42a Why Im voting for Ray Cox
12:00:59a CNN Police Investigate If Killer Tiger Was Taunted
12:01:02a CNN 'Zoey,' Jamie Lynn Spears Head Into Unknown
12:01:13a Abu Dhabi keen to host Aussies against Pakistan
12:01:16a Musharraf asks British help in Bhutto inquiry
12:01:20a Gingerly, U.S. reaches out to Sharif in Pakistan
12:01:23a The Candidates on U.S.-Pakistan Policy
12:01:27a Pakistan Faces 'Prolonged Difficult Future'
12:01:31a A Way Forward for Pakistan
12:01:34a Bhutto's Legacy Passed to Son as Pakistan Faces Election
12:01:38a Insulza Welcomes Pardon Granted by Chavez to Political Prisoners
12:01:41a Chavez alliance fails to free hostages
12:01:45a Bolivar-Getson still in hospital after fall
12:01:49a Portugal's No- Smoking Enforcer Breaks Ban on Day 1
12:01:52a Soccer-Iran appoint Portugal's Jorge as national coach
12:01:56a Struggling Boavista snap up former Portuguese international
12:02:00a Truck crashes into Lafayette crowd, 1 dead, 4 hurt
12:02:04a Dozens of charges laid in Winnipeg Checkstop program
12:02:07a Tax cut lowers some gas prices, but increases expected
12:02:11a Woman stabbed to death on Manitoba reserve
12:02:15a Winnipeg trash collectors battle Yuletide waste
12:02:19a Pat Robertson Predicts Year Of Violence, Recession
12:02:22a NC To Lift Fire Burning Ban
12:02:26a Preservationists Hope Rock Wall Will Save Mathews Lighthouse
12:02:29a Deer Ordinance Prompts Complaints
12:02:33a New Police Chief Faces Challenge
12:02:37a Fmr. state contractor sentenced
12:03:13a 13 food items exempted from duties, sales tax
12:03:16a King, Abbas discuss peace, Bush visit
12:03:20a 680m committed to Jordan in 2007
12:03:24a Lawmakers to meet on labour policy
12:03:27a Gas cylinders demand back to normal
12:03:31a El Hassan Scientific City to assist in development
12:03:34a Jordanians to pray for rain on Friday
12:03:38a Early canal construction to protect Aqaba from potential flashfloods
12:03:42a Suspected baby kidnappers arrested
12:03:45a Sahab dropouts to be given a second chance
12:03:49a Thomas Mangelsen Captures Nature Category 2007 American Photo Magazine Image of the Year
12:03:52a Return of the Late Night Talk Shows
12:03:56a Pakistan Elections on Hold
12:04:00a A primer on the Iowa Caucus
12:04:04a South-South Trade
12:04:07a Cancer hospital inferno
12:04:11a 'Liquid Roadkill' Shocking Program Aims To Cure Sex Offenders
12:04:14a New Treatment May Help With ACL Repair
12:04:18a Inmate Shot And Killed After Hospital Escape
12:04:22a For First Time, Non-White Students Are Majority
12:04:25a 'The Fort Lauderdale Diet'
12:04:29a Eunice Lopez, 26, Faces Nine Counts Of Bigamy
12:04:32a 11 Year Old Shot And Killed Playing Hide And Seek
12:04:36a Man Spends 12 Hours Alone On Road After Car Crash
12:04:39a Driver Who Killed Woman, Injured Twin Boys Sought
12:04:43a Onorato Highlights Accomplishments At Inauguration
12:04:47a Fayette County Residents Dig Out Of Snow
12:04:50a Volcano erupts in southern Chile, 700 people evacuated
12:04:54a Report Explosion in Turkish commercial center causes injuries
12:04:58a Pakistan election delayed until Feb. 18; opposition parties cry foul but won't boycott
12:05:01a Vatican 'Historic' meeting planned for spring between Catholic and Muslim representatives
12:05:05a UAB To Open Doors of 24M Facility
12:05:08a Drivers who use cell phones slow down traffic
12:05:48a China Policy for the Next Administration
12:05:52a UK, US, Russia, China surveillance b...
12:06:00a 'Smiley Face' Prison Guard Commits Suicide
12:06:04a Clinton, McCain or Paul New Website Tells You Who to Vote For
12:06:07a Housing, Credit Worries Prompted Fed Rate Cut
12:06:11a 8 bighorn sheep die in southwest Colorado
12:06:15a Police capture prisoner who fled after breaking free during Md. hospital visit
12:06:18a WVU alum gives school 1 million
12:06:22a Clinton, Obama, Edwards Battle For TV Time In Final Hours
12:06:25a During winter recess, Democrats keep Congress in session to thwart Bush
12:06:29a Parcells hires Cowboys' Ireland as Miami GM
12:06:36a Scotland Yard help in Bhutto assassination 'necessary'
12:06:40a How one town aids returning soldiers
12:06:43a NASA plays down its air safety report
12:06:47a How to spot signs of peace
12:06:51a U.S. skeptical of North Korean pledge
12:06:55a White House hopefuls make last minute appeals in Iowa
12:06:58a Governor Dismisses Questions About Federal Probe
12:07:02a New President and CEO of Enza Zaden North America
12:07:06a Why Kenya is not another Rwanda
12:07:09a U.S. admissions of Iraqi refugees lagging
12:07:13a State, Environmental Coalition Sues to Get Feds Out of the Way on Global Warming
12:07:17a Rep. Lantos announces retirement
12:07:20a Feds Offer 40M In Digital TV Coupons
12:07:24a Mayor Daley Names New Contract Overseer
12:07:27a School closings from Maine to W.Va. as more snow falls
12:07:31a At least 49 people sent to hospitals when bus and tractor-trailer collide in NC
12:07:35a In swipe at Clinton, Romney says he won't embarrass nation if elected
12:07:39a White House Rejects U.N. Probe of Bhutto Killing
12:07:42a Obama, Hillary neck-and-neck in Iowa
12:07:46a PM gets a close look at US military equipment
12:07:49a WLKY GM takes Orlando job
12:07:53a Police Release Sketch Of Person Of Interest In Capitol Hill Stabbing
12:07:57a iWitness Slideshow Snapshots Of 2007
12:08:00a Musical inspirations in abstract art Abdurrahman Öztoprak
12:08:04a Mouskouri bids farewell to stage with world tour
12:08:07a Petzold's award-winning ‘Yella' visits İstanbul
12:08:11a Gortler to open 2008 schedule of recitals
12:08:14a İbrahim Kalın awarded
12:08:18a Koresh Company presents two shows at İş Sanat
12:08:22a Say to compose ballet on Akhtamar legend
12:08:25a Teenager Attacked On Chrismas Eve
12:08:29a Tribal, Class, Political Tensions Fuel Kenya's Unrest
12:08:33a Political Standoff Fuels Ethnic Violence in Kenya
12:08:37a Musharraf Addresses Pakistan
12:08:40a 'Marketplace' Report Oil Hits 100 a Barrel
12:08:44a Lesbian TV character to take on US military's gay ban
12:08:48a Gladiator haunted by gay porn past
12:08:51a Ads geared towards gays censored
12:08:55a Bouncer harassed for being straight?
12:08:58a Your country or your life partner?
12:09:02a Gay Internet date ends in murder
12:09:06a Governance Group Tasks Women On Representation
12:09:09a Iwu's Verbal Diarrhea editorial
12:09:13a Labour Party Denies Sponsoring Violence During Polls
12:09:17a Civil Society Group Makes Case for Constitution Review
12:09:20a The Economy in 2007 column
12:09:23a 2007, Year of Double Jeopardy for Nigerians AC
12:09:27a Yahoo Enters Country, Appoints Seed Media Local Partner
12:09:30a Stakeholders Seek Greater Revenue Transparency
12:09:34a Odioma Community Yet to Recover From FG's Troops' Invasion
12:09:38a Oghara Community Wants UPU Polls Cancelled
12:09:41a Venezuelan Officials Promise New Anti-Inflationary Measures
12:09:45a Census program to use handheld computers said to be in 'serious trouble'
12:09:49a New rule on women-owned small business contracting draws fire
12:09:52a GSA awards governmentwide contracts for human resources technology
12:09:56a Transportation issues rules on lithium batteries
12:10:00a FDA approves rapid staph test
12:10:03a Zimbabwe Cash Crunch Eases Somewhat, Though Lines Remain At Banks and finance
12:10:07a Venezuelan Officials Promise New Anti-Inflationary Measures and finance
12:10:11a E&Y UK admits record intake of partners
12:10:14a Mosquito Nets Caught in a Tangle
12:10:18a Group of Nursing Mothers to Demonstrate Support for Local Artist
12:10:22a Lubbock Cotton Broker Sentenced to Federal Prison on Bankruptcy Matter Conviction
12:10:26a Texas Tech Football Player Recovering from Surgery
12:10:29a Father Makes Emotional Confession
12:10:33a Witnesses Men Fleeing Police Hit Car
12:10:37a Students perish in Footscray fire
12:10:40a Bushwalkers missing in the Grampians
12:10:44a Three men die in house fire
12:10:47a Big Ideas War on the Web
12:10:51a Big Ideas The Herouxville code
12:10:54a Pakistani president calls on people to maintain peace
12:10:58a Abbas urges Hamas to adopt positive position toward internal dialogue
12:11:01a AUDIO SLIDESHOW MoDot's John Qualls
12:11:05a Kevin Johnson could get 3rd trial
12:11:08a Gerald Ohlms, former St. Charles Co. official, dies
12:11:12a Escaped Prisoner Dead After Cemetery Shootout
12:11:16a Hospital Employees Deal With Violent Day
12:11:20a Frederick Co. Employers With Illegal Workers Could Be Fined
12:11:23a Free Rx samples go to wealthy and insured U.S. study
12:11:27a Petrol could hit 1.50, warns NRMA
12:11:31a Health plan completed by March
12:11:38a Sporting grounds to be lit by winter
12:11:42a Building union to take on Rudd over IR
12:11:46a Lake residents get wild
12:11:49a Poppy crops are starting to pick up after five lean years
12:11:53a Woman killed in hit-run after row
12:11:56a Truckie to sue over 'murder'
12:12:00a The truth about cats, dogs
12:12:04a Ball sells Australian service provider subsidiary
12:12:07a CASA dismisses pilots fears on runways
12:12:11a Tigers' Cup crown icing on the cake
12:12:14a Anglers get that sinking feeling
12:12:18a Four states swelter in year of extremes
12:12:22a Drugs, weapons, phones seized in jails
12:12:25a Lion Nathan go-ahead for Boag's sale
12:12:29a Injured SA cyclist likely to be in Royal Hobart Hospital for a month
12:12:33a California Sues EPA Over Tailpipe Rules
12:12:36a Xbox marketing director now at YouTube
12:12:40a Researcher Video Games Possibly More Analgetic Than Drugs
12:12:44a FCC Changes Rules for Digital TV Migration
12:12:47a Unraveling The Mystery of Superconductivity
12:12:51a New polls show tight races in N.H.
12:12:55a Edwards barnstorms on 36-hour Iowa campaign swing
12:12:59a Ad cast Giuliani as nation's protector
12:13:03a Edwards attacks high CEO pay, big oil profits
12:13:06a Home invaders steal wallets, mobiles
12:13:10a Shots fired into Sydney home
12:13:13a Neighbours pull man from fire
12:13:17a Man threatened at gunpoint in home invasion
12:13:20a AP ShowBiz News Heigl, Letterman, more
12:13:24a The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion pt 2/6
12:13:28a Candidates Coming to West Michigan
12:13:54a COMMENT A success to build on in Afghanistan
12:14:11a Pedestrian in dragging incident remains in critical condition
12:14:15a Three wolves killed after three calves killed northwest of Wisdom
12:14:18a DEQ cleanup manager did dirty work for 38 years
12:14:22a Piling it on 'Cooking piles' a new solution for dead livestock
12:14:30a A primer on the Iowa caucuses
12:14:34a Teens charged in girl's New Year's Day slaying
12:14:46a Housing and Regeneration bill End of low cost rented housing?
12:15:02a Obama urges calm in Kenya
12:15:06a Lieberman says no ambition to be VP with McCain
12:16:39a Monster Madness Ex Screens
12:16:43a Broke Britain millions face struggle to stay afloat as financial crisis hits home
12:16:47a Russert predicts Paul could beat Giuliani in Iowa
12:16:51a Calif. Rep. Lantos says he has cancer, won't seek re-election
12:16:54a America's Army Special Forces v2.8.2
12:16:58a Bhutto Assassination gun identified?
12:17:02a FOX News Corp Stock Taking a Beating for Slighting Ron Paul
12:17:06a Driving motorists crazy
12:17:09a Cuddly collection
12:17:13a Victoria Hall gears up for fete
12:17:16a Madurai electrician designs wireless mobile charger
12:17:20a Public support to schools in Madurai crosses Rs.115 crore
12:17:24a Inauguration of handicraft exhibition
12:17:27a Poses danger
12:17:31a Over 100 screened
12:17:35a Held for stealing jewellery from bus passenger
12:17:38a Girl fatally knocked down by lorry at Adambakkam
12:17:42a Bomb hoax in school
12:17:45a Surprise visitor
12:17:49a A health centre in unhygienic environs
12:17:53a A gift
12:17:56a MTC likely to extend services up to Chengalpattu
12:18:00a Joint meeting to review of ongoing road overbridge, subway projects in Chennai
12:18:04a One killed in road accident on national highway
12:18:07a Distribution of free saris, dhotis begin at Kancheepuram
12:18:11a Farmers in tears as small onion prices crash
12:18:15a Angry villagers block road
12:18:18a Elephant pays a visit to Madurai restaurant
12:18:22a PMK withdraws stir
12:18:25a Fake stamp paper case orders on January 30
12:18:29a Two drowned
12:18:32a Bill to regulate courier companies will be introduced soon Raja
12:18:36a Foundation for varsity building soon
12:18:39a CPI leaders meet Chief Minister
12:18:43a New draft regulations released for deemed varsities
12:18:47a Madras Canine Club's show on Jan. 5 & 6
12:18:50a Three musicians honoured
12:18:54a Coming together for a cause
12:18:57a Philatelic expo makes a big impression on visitors
12:19:01a Stage collapse one more person arrested
12:19:05a Over 1,000 centres to administer polio drops
12:19:08a More than skin-deep problem Health and Lifestyle
12:19:12a Builders seek cut in cement prices
12:19:15a A learning ground for them
12:19:19a Fire at hospital laboratory
12:19:23a Seminar to lobby for safety standards for toys
12:19:27a Back in school and doing well
12:19:30a Mobile networks witness traffic surge on New Year eve
12:19:34a Co-optex offers new types of silk saris
12:19:37a Demolition notices issued to commercial buildings, says planning authority
12:19:41a Student found with head injuries near private school in the city
12:19:45a Decline in exports worries textile sector
12:19:48a Irugur line doubling work will be over by August
12:19:52a Important numbers
12:19:55a Got a civic problem? Call up your councillor
12:19:59a Role of youth in disaster management stressed
12:20:02a Change lifestyle to combat obesity
12:20:06a Exhibition of building materials from Friday
12:20:10a Award for Vice-Chancellor
12:20:13a No increase in passport fee
12:20:17a Omnibus stand to be shifted to Mattuthavani
12:20:20a Madras High Court Bench celebrates New Year
12:20:24a New arrangement to supply power mooted
12:20:27a Steps to convert blood banks into storage centres
12:20:31a Physiotherapists to observe fast
12:20:34a Names sought for VC search committee
12:20:38a 6.39 lakh dhotis, saris to be given
12:20:41a Paddy procurement yet to pick up in Thanjavur district
12:20:45a Speeding vehicles pose risk to motorists here CiTy Pulse
12:20:48a Safe driving, adherence to road rules stressed
12:20:52a Applications invited for service in Home Guards
12:21:00a Safety stewardship scheme inaugurated in BHEL
12:21:04a “Remove encroachments”
12:21:07a Polio immunisation drive in district
12:21:11a District education department aims at 96% pass result
12:21:15a Sharing Wi-Fi With Neighbors Is Difficult
12:21:18a Credit Card Users Win Cash
12:21:22a Eastern half of U.S. in deep freeze
12:21:26a Mi'kmaq remember native rights activist with heart of soldier, angel's soul
12:21:30a 2 products for kids' tummy upset contaminated with microbes Health Canada
12:21:33a Man dies in accident involving 3 vehicles
12:21:37a Cop's badge sought over drug comments
12:21:41a Rice urges end to Kenyan violence
12:21:45a 2 Killed in Wash. State Avalanche
12:21:49a Missouri Republicans stumping for candidates in Iowa
12:21:52a *1110
12:22:07a The prospect of recession again confronts America
12:22:11a One can???t argue with success, says John Gapper
12:22:23a Officer accused of having sex with prostitute
12:22:31a 'Graphic fantasies' tape forces judge to resign
12:22:35a Norfolk homicide rate nearly doubles in 2007
12:22:39a Kaine End polygraphs for victims, marriage loophole for perps
12:22:43a Countrywide Financial to cut 127 jobs in Rolling Meadows
12:22:58a Qatar establishes real estate giant
12:23:02a Davydenko into Qatar Open quarter-finals
12:23:19a Networkers 'show more than they should'
12:23:24a NSW farmers counting the cost of floods
12:23:27a Intervention to blame for staff shortages Health Service
12:23:31a Two arrested over Sydney armed robberies
12:23:34a WA warned about possible power blackouts
12:23:38a Labor vows to improve drought assistance
12:23:41a Strong Kids, Strong Families, Stronger Communities
12:23:45a Pats keep drawing viewers
12:24:25a Melt from Chile volcano raises flooding fears
12:24:29a FBI to probe U.S. diplomat's death
12:24:33a Official Saudi blogger may be freed
12:24:36a XL underwear used to smother fire
12:24:40a Rice likely to press Libya to free political prisoners
12:24:49a Rush Limbaugh Huckabee Not a Conservative
12:25:05a Iqaluit man charged after cash seized at airport
12:25:09a Yellowknife traffic backed up in noon-hour power outage
12:25:12a Lottery bandesigned to stop fraud
12:25:16a Hamilton to renew effort targeting Darfur genocide
12:25:20a Can Atheists Be Parents?
12:25:23a CIMB is tops
12:25:27a Steel-related stocks surge on buying interest
12:25:31a Report on AT&T interest pushes TM shares up
12:25:34a MAS maintains a steady course
12:25:38a Weng Zheng plans additional line to raise output
12:25:41a SAAG rises steadily on plan for bond issue
12:25:45a Muhibbah wins contract in Syria
12:25:49a Naza to handle Peugeot brand
12:25:52a British on front line of new Afghan Poppy War
12:25:56a Fire devastates cancer hospital
12:25:59a Ship that ran aground with 'danger' cargo is towed to safety
12:26:03a Spectre of genocide rises from ruins of a Kenyan church
12:26:07a It was No 1 – now it doesn't even make top ten
12:26:10a Boys' best friend has a healing touch
12:26:14a Pupils suffer excessive testing as a result of an 'addiction to league tables'
12:26:17a 'Millions in fines' for rail delays
12:26:21a Scots book a place on top awards list
12:26:25a Father of the outrageous Flashman dies aged 82
12:26:28a Health service variations 'breeding envy'
12:26:32a Applause fills the air as players and supporters remember O'Donnell
12:26:36a Festive spending tips many into insolvency
12:26:40a Bookshop owner seized for printing 'illegal' Bibles
12:26:43a Petrol prices and oil hit record high
12:26:47a One in three people born stubborn
12:26:50a Whose numbers will really count as Iowa sets off the presidential hares?
12:26:54a Hostile reception for environmentally friendly community plan
12:26:57a Scotland Yard to help Bhutto killing inquiry
12:27:01a Top Scottish police jobs could be filled by English officers
12:27:05a Conservatives 'to become party of the NHS'
12:27:08a Mad cow disease 'a ticking timebomb'
12:27:12a Sri Lanka tears up truce with Tamil Tigers
12:27:15a Side by side the famous and the infamous
12:27:19a Prostate cancer 'can be held back for eight years'
12:27:23a Big Brother shocker – contestants will be talented
12:27:26a 'Prosecute officials who lose public's details'
12:27:30a CCTV images show missing girl in London
12:27:33a Villagers suffer at minus 50C as heating broken
12:27:37a CEC says decision taken after informal discussions with po...
12:27:41a Pakistan Peoples Party Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari ...
12:27:44a The PML-Q and the JUI-F said on Wednesday that they accept...
12:27:48a The Bush administration has decided to go along with the P...
12:27:51a Former premier Nawaz Sharif has not ruled out the possibil...
12:27:55a FAA Atlanta Airport Is Nation's Busiest
12:28:02a Nolan stays; non-coaching duties reduced
12:28:06a Oxford, political dynasties, and Bilawal
12:28:09a 'Laughter Developed By Apes, Not Humans'
12:28:13a The race for influence in West Asia
12:28:16a Out of bounds for SEZs
12:28:20a Military Is The Problem
12:28:23a A Good Step by SEBI
12:28:27a Packaged food is a good idea
12:28:30a It'll defeat the purpose of the scheme
12:28:34a Tenn. Judge Resigns Over Tape
12:28:37a US FOREIGN POLICY AFTER NOVEMBER 2008 Prospects for increased
12:28:41a Syrian Delegation Asks for More Water From Euphrates
12:28:44a Don't Back Off Limits on Logging Near the Lake
12:28:48a Cell Phones + Driving=Congested Traffic
12:28:51a Winter Snowballs Mean Free First Day Of Summer Admission At Carnegie Science Center
12:28:55a Alta. court upholds ruling for construction workplace drug testing
12:28:59a 'Oddball' Weather Events Add to Record-Breaking 2007
12:29:03a Man charged with defrauding Argos faces more charges
12:29:06a UPDATE 1-Argentina's 2007 tax revenue soars to record
12:29:10a Bombardier says Uruguay's Pluna Lineas orders 7 CRJ900 jets
12:29:13a Brazil Seeks Formula for Continued Growth
12:29:17a Woman charged with parklands murder
12:29:21a Murdered girl's family known to Child Safety
12:29:25a Sydney Uni considers doctor ballot
12:29:28a Sobczak gets council presidency after Finkbeiner breaks 6-6 tie
12:29:32a After the Bell-Superior Energy rises after contract wins
12:29:36a Mexico's Grupo Modelo and Molson form venture to import beer into Canada
12:29:39a NY gold, platinum hit highs, copper up by midday
12:29:43a Mexican Army Goes Through Changes
12:29:46a Mexican Pop Singers Falling Victim to Murder
12:29:50a Deadly Mexico-to-Houston bus accident near Victoria
12:29:54a Mexico Modelo Looks To Expand Canadian Beer Sales Through JV
12:29:57a Mexico's Los Cabos' CVB Announces 2008 Board of Directors
12:30:01a US copper futures move off early highs on weak ISM
12:30:05a Mexico's Pemex Slides To 11th Place In Industry Oil Co Ranking
12:30:08a Bus from Mexico collides with truck, killing one
12:30:12a SPAIN Sparks Fly Between Church and Government
12:30:15a Journal Your Way to Weight Loss
12:30:19a Top 10 Wishes for 2008
12:30:23a An Epochal Battle Looms
12:30:26a Earthquake rattles Greek island
12:30:30a Aenos Perpetuates Greek Island Values
12:30:33a Barroso welcomes Cyprus to the Eurozone
12:30:37a Wind Hellas deal objections blown out
12:30:43a Person Stabbed At Jackson County Jail
12:30:47a Acquitted Teen Back In Custody
12:30:50a Four People Hurt In School Bus Wreck
12:30:54a Chaplain Shoots Brother-In-Law After Prank
12:30:58a Charges Filed In Death Of Goose Hunter
12:31:27a Zimbabwe Cash Crunch Eases Somewhat, Though Lines Remain At Banks
12:31:31a Sudanese authorities questioned witnesses on Wednesday in the slaying of a U.S.
12:31:35a US Signs Law that curbs U.S. investment in Sudan
12:31:38a Secretary-general Deeply Concerned By Resumed Hostilities In West Darfur; Urges
12:31:42a Sudan working vigorously to find killers of US diplomat
12:31:46a Sudan police hear witnesses in US official's slaying
12:32:02a Mom Still Pushing As Clock Strikes to Bring in 2008
12:32:06a Serious Fire At Royal Marsden Hospital, London
12:32:10a Libya Serious Abuses Persist
12:32:22a OPINION Seeds of discord in a shared heritage
12:32:26a COMMENT The true colours of people's hero Benazir
12:32:30a EDITORIAL A second chance
12:32:33a Chris Dodd stands by his supporters. Will not be part of an auction
12:32:37a Blitzer Is John Edwards the Angry White Man?
12:32:40a Judge Rejects Subpoena for Buffett Documents
12:32:44a Troj/Feebs-CA
12:32:50a Leon's Furniture Limited purchases Appliance Canada Ltd.
12:32:54a Blue Jays ink Johnson to one-year deal
12:33:21a Scotland Yard to help investigate Bhutto's death
12:33:24a St Johnstone 1-1 Dundee
12:34:15a Bail at 1.25M in Deadly Wrong-Way Crash
12:34:20a Activists Demand Referendum on Cross-Country Canal
12:34:24a Malaysian PM health minister's decision to resign 'appropriate'
12:34:28a Cricketers bowled over by Bollywood
12:34:32a Murder of the children who sought sanctuary in church
12:34:35a Kenyan government denounces
12:34:39a Syria wants bigger share from Euphrates
12:34:43a Turkish youth prefers love
12:34:46a New constitution to overhaul system
12:34:50a Health Ministry calls for ban on electronic cigarettes
12:34:54a Tom Bosley Still Ac
12:34:57a Too bad, we are hopeful
12:35:01a Turkey urges
12:35:05a Wintry
12:35:08a Syria halts
12:35:11a Electing
12:35:15a Deputy's car suspected of involvement in heroin trafficking
12:35:19a First large-scale attack on PKK launched
12:35:22a Suicide bomber kills 10 in Iraq
12:35:26a Two mothers die in crash with their
12:35:30a A bleak picture for 2008 and Dolmabahçe compromise
12:35:33a Hundreds
12:35:37a Hashemi calls for pre-notification of cross-border operations
12:35:41a Police report prepared to
12:35:44a Turkey asks Austria for more measures after attack on consulate
12:35:48a Syria frees 6 Kurds detained after protesting Turkey
12:35:55a New year cold snap
12:35:59a Thai princess, elder
12:36:02a Father of Afghan student in Turkey brought to Konya for treatment
12:36:06a Car bomb at Algerian
12:36:09a Terrorism was the hottest news item last year
12:36:13a Plane with 47 people
12:36:17a Report Dink assassin biological age determined to be 19
12:36:20a Up to 25 militants
12:36:24a Rail passengers
12:36:27a Kidnappers free Argentine, Spanish aid staff
12:36:31a Iran hangs 13 drug
12:36:34a Police drill witnesses
12:36:38a Candidates Rally Voters in Iowa Caucus Countdown
12:36:42a Candidates Make Last-Minute Bids in Iowa
12:36:46a Campaign Money Has Flooded Early Primary States
12:36:49a In the Grand Political Plan, Does Iowa Matter?
12:36:53a Justice Department to Investigate CIA Tapes
12:36:56a Assessor's Office May Stay Closed for Months
12:37:00a Kim Jong-Il Still Undecided on Giving up Nukes
12:37:03a Hyundai sees strong volumes in 2008
12:37:07a Pakistan waits decision on polling date
12:37:11a Ad Cast Giuliani As Nation's Protector
12:37:24a Hospitals, physicians push for trauma system in Kentucky
12:37:28a Feds pull permit for strip mining expansion
12:37:31a Northern Kentucky lawmaker plans retirement
12:37:52a We Are Not Alone
12:37:56a Letter from a Polish prisoner Artur Konowalik
12:37:59a Robert Fisk They Don’t Blame Al-Qa’ida. They Blame Musharraf.
12:38:03a Quebec Inmates resist during New Year's riot at Hull jail
12:38:08a Jumblatt Hezbollah aims at eliminating the state of Lebanon
12:38:12a Nasrallah Israel is behind the assassinations in Lebanon
12:38:16a Japan Floats Extensive Web Regulations
12:38:20a Malaysian minister quits over sex tape
12:38:24a UK counter-terrorism police team to leave for Pak by weekend
12:38:27a River Road Reopens After Fatal Crash
12:38:31a One Person Dead In West Chester Explosion
12:38:34a Feds Pave Way for Shift to All-Digital TV
12:38:39a Former Teacher in Thursday
12:38:42a Rail chaos could last until weekend
12:38:46a Iowa too close to call for both parties
12:38:49a Fire hits leading cancer hospital
12:38:53a Musharraf delays Pakistan election
12:38:57a Trees absorbing less CO2, study finds
12:39:01a Muslim leaders back Livingstone as mayor
12:39:04a Hopes of Colombian hostage release fade
12:39:08a Christmas bills herald rise in debt
12:39:12a Fans call for Allardyce to be sacked
12:39:15a Push ... then nip and tuck
12:39:19a TV gurus' toxic talk under microscope
12:39:23a A wish list for the planet
12:39:26a British police to probe Bhutto's death
12:39:30a Oil hits 100 dollar barrier
12:39:34a IRI Embassy calls British FM's article great political forgery
12:39:37a Fire devastates top cancer hospital
12:39:41a Woman's body found in blaze flat
12:39:45a Detective 'left widow penniless'
12:39:48a Pinal jail guard accused of smuggling drugs
12:39:52a Dreams to auction Orange Bowl items
12:39:56a Kansas offense, VT defense intriguing Orange Bowl matchup
12:39:59a Jeff Ireland Becomes Dolphins General Manager
12:40:03a Accused Bigamist Says She's Never Been Married
12:40:06a Judge Allows Bond For Woman Once Charged With Throwing Baby In Canal
12:40:10a Hope for prostate cancer treatment
12:40:14a Green light for Alaska oil move
12:40:17a Orang-utans
12:40:21a Fire hits leading hospital
12:40:24a Aare you a dreaded helicopter parent?
12:40:28a Trees absorbing less CO2 as world warms, study finds
12:40:32a Oil price hits 100 a barrel for the first time
12:40:36a Anti-poverty drive is failing working families
12:40:39a Grounded freighter freed from sandbank
12:40:43a Dogges postie wins first novel prize
12:40:47a MPs say losing computer data should be made a crime
12:40:50a Scotland Yard detectives to assist inquiry
12:40:54a Christmas card recycling takes root
12:40:58a Senior officer accused of plundering widow's assets
12:41:01a Cameron calls for funding cuts at superbug hospitals
12:41:05a Evil genes and antifreeze TV gurus' toxic talk put under the microscope
12:41:10a Brain disease death raises fear of link to BSE meat of 90s
12:41:17a Bush won't release emergency oil to ease prices
12:41:21a Bowden knows Seminoles are outmanned after disappointing year
12:41:24a Gators vow to improve defense, compliment high-scoring offense
12:41:28a Florida's workers' comp rates among the lowest
12:41:31a National supplier acquires Granger Lumber-Hardware
12:41:35a JU extends Romesburg's contract through 2012
12:41:38a Glennon's response to demotion enhanced his leader status
12:41:42a Kids unhurt in N.H. school bus crash
12:41:46a BN respects health minister's move
12:41:49a Chua's departure heads off infighting in MCA
12:41:53a No way he could have stayed on
12:41:56a Chua I don't want to be a burden
12:42:00a 'Whoever makes mistakes, should be responsible'
12:42:04a PM praises Chua for responsible decision
12:42:07a MCA accepts resignation
12:42:11a Girl, 13, slashed to death in random attack
12:42:15a Antennas 'are not dangerous' to residents
12:42:19a Stop spreading rumours, say police
12:42:22a 'Have bad performance mark in rating ranking'
12:42:26a City ACA to target small fry
12:42:30a Ex-newscaster taken on terror ride by 3 men
12:42:34a Procedure for military parachute jumps stays
12:42:38a Man applies for wife's body
12:42:41a Bid to steal coffin in mortuary
12:42:45a Counsel challenges accuracy of phone records
12:42:49a Syndicates employing illegals to tap rubber
12:42:53a Overhaul to make MIC more relevant to Indians
12:42:57a Teacher Burnout Parents, Not Students, To Blame
12:43:00a Snow Sculptures Art Right In Your Yard!
12:43:05a Korean man still missing after a month
12:43:11a United Cancels More Flights—Staffing Issues To Blame? Airlines
12:43:15a Housing, credit crunch drove Fed Dec. rate cut
12:43:18a Accident on Jefferson Boulevard
12:43:22a Broussard Fire
12:43:25a Firefighters stay warm, but stay safe
12:43:44a Weather Storms Approaching
12:43:48a Complexity, Cell Phones and Freeway Flatulence
12:43:51a N2N Commerce Dumped By Victorias Secret, Found in Deadpool
12:43:55a Philipp Lenssen's excellent AdSense tips
12:43:58a 2007 Comeback of the Year
12:44:02a Israel behind most Lebanese assassinations
12:44:05a Israel angry over Gaza crossing
12:44:09a Ordeal over for Gaza pilgrims
12:44:12a Egypt lets Gaza pilgrims return
12:44:16a The Race for President Gains Steam in Iowa
12:44:20a Man who found D. B. Cooper money to auction it off
12:44:23a Afghan army gets surplus C7 rifles
12:44:27a 21 killed in bombings, fighting in Afghanistan
12:44:31a 21 killed as Afghan violence continues
12:45:01a Senegal's Climate Change Ruins Homes, Livelihoods
12:45:05a Council to Discuss Cemetery Operations
12:45:08a Oregon Means Business on Sustainability
12:45:12a TDC Ponders Productive Year
12:45:16a Rice appeals for calm in Kenya, Democrats rush to match Obama concern
12:45:19a Conservationists condemn plans for offshore Alaska petroleum leases
12:45:33a Arts Boost New York Economy, but Many Artists Remain Poor and finance
12:45:42a With Colts leaving, Indy's RCA Dome nears final buzzer
12:45:45a Thousands turn out for Ind. Guard farewell
12:45:49a Corps orders mining expansion halted
12:45:53a Taco Bell launches 'Fresco' menu aimed at dieters
12:45:58a New Reinsurance Rules Will Benefit Brazilian Insurance Industry
12:46:02a 10 Power Cos Included in Brazil Bovespa ISE Index
12:46:05a Is Brazil Different Risk, Dollarization, and Interest Rates in Emerging Markets
12:46:09a Barack Becomes US President and Brazil Stocks Boom
12:46:13a Oi buys Amazonia Celular for USD66.9 million to improve 3G focus
12:46:17a Government To Cut BRL20 Billion In Spending To Cover Lost Tax Revenue
12:46:20a Sex Offender Accused of False Registration Wed, 02 Jan 2008 232545 GMT
12:46:24a Woman Carjacked, Locked in Trunk of Car Wed, 02 Jan 2008 235834 GMT
12:46:29a Government 'politically motivated' in home pack delay
12:46:39a Hospital Response to Cardiac Arrest Often Too Slow, Study Finds
12:46:43a Quebec nationalist slogans painted on war memorial outrage veterans
12:46:47a Suspect in baby's murder waives extradition 701 PM
12:46:50a Scientist defends fire simulation in murder trial 559 PM
12:47:00a U.S. sees no need for U.N. probe into Bhutto's murder
12:47:06a Sri Lankan gov't to withdraw from ceasefire with Tamil Tigers
12:47:10a Iowa first to weigh in on presidential nominees in races too close to call
12:47:16a Zoo to reopen after tiger attack; director says staff acted heroically
12:47:20a Bail at 1.25M in Deadly Wrong-Way Crash AP
12:47:23a Tenn. Judge Resigns Over Tape AP
12:47:27a Thousands flee homes amid violence and confusion
12:47:31a Analysis two men hold Kenya's fate in their hands
12:47:34a Inmate on the loose after walking away from work crew
12:47:38a Former fugitive nets maximum for fatal crash
12:47:41a Bullet linked to celebratory gunfire enters home
12:48:19a Qualcomm shares fall after ordered to stop selling chips that infringe on Broadcom
12:48:23a StrategyLab Open Stock Genius in Action
12:48:26a Softchoice Corporation Acquires Optimus Solutions
12:48:30a Recycle your E-Waste in Garden Grove!
12:48:34a Seagate to Report Fiscal Second Quarter 2008 Financial Results on January 17, 2008
12:48:37a Burns no longer part of Abramoff probe
12:48:41a CIA Inspector General John L. Helgerson
12:48:45a U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy
12:48:48a Pulitzer winner Huckabee's toast
12:48:52a Attorney puts shark tank in office
12:48:55a 'Terrorists' prepping to protect Bush?
12:48:59a Bush must address settlements Abbas
12:49:03a Michigan Governor Pushes For Bridge Twinning Decision
12:49:07a VIDEO More Packers Pep Rally Tickets Available
12:49:10a VIDEO Shawano Man Faces Charges In Stabbing Death
12:49:14a Power utility boss suspended
12:49:18a Zeco IPO opens with over 800m shares
12:49:21a Zesa further cuts debt to Mozambican suppliers
12:49:25a Pinnacle embarks on massive property development project
12:49:28a Oil starts year trading above US96
12:49:32a Crisis in Kenya causes fuel shortages in Uganda
12:49:35a Zimbabwe Central Bank Changes Rules Again
12:49:39a World Food Program Ramps Up Food Aid To Some 3 Million Zimbabweans
12:49:43a Bulilima MP in Rallying Call for MDC Factions to Unite
12:49:46a UK Supermarket Embroiled in Controversy Over Fish
12:49:50a First outdoor NHL game played in U.S. draws big TV numbers down south
12:49:54a In photos 'Paris and Nicky Hilton Host New Year's Eve 2008 Party'
12:49:57a Student jailed for shooting video under woman's skirt
12:50:01a Wall Street slides on 2008 opening as gold, oil hit record highs
12:50:05a Jamie Lynn Spears Life after 'Zoey 101'
12:50:08a An F16 fighter jet in flight
12:50:12a Television and movie writers on strike
12:50:15a Conyers wants probe into CIA tapes
12:50:19a Giuliani Afghanistan surge, N.H. retreat
12:50:25a Gresham-Barlow School Board to consider charging new excise tax
12:50:29a Prices at the pump going up
12:50:32a Man to sell cash from '71 hijacking as case rekindles
12:50:36a Australian petrol prices to hit 1.50 after oil shock
12:50:39a US court rules rights groups may protect sources
12:50:43a Green groups decry Alaska oil lease plan
12:50:47a 2007 was also a good year for more than a few small web startups
12:50:50a VC activity in 2008
12:50:54a Best Travel Tipsters Just Click N Go
12:50:58a Polaroid Japan Presents a Fun, Customizable Digital Photo Frame
12:51:01a PhotoShelter Inc. Launches The PhotoShelter Collection
12:51:05a Limited Time Offer on New LumiQuest Bounce Kit
12:51:09a Calyon Boosts First Solar Price Target to 345
12:51:12a Escapee's car found after hospital shooting
12:51:19a Cricket-Steyn and Ntini take six Windies wickets
12:51:23a Great to come in from the cold McKezie
12:51:26a Zaheer ruled out of remaining Tests
12:51:30a Metro's laptop thieves may have cut themselves during Christmas Eve break-in
12:51:33a Ed Schultz Maybe America Killed Bhutto
12:51:37a Summit names Ozburn's replacement
12:51:41a 9/11 Panel Leaders Accuse CIA, White House of Obstructing Inquiry
12:51:44a Local chef and Titan unite for Super Bowl charity
12:51:47a Bricks Cafe, Pet Super Market coming to Brentwood
12:51:51a Freeze pushes homeless shelters to the limits
12:51:55a Franklin police seek suspect in 'pistol-whipping'
12:52:02a LIBERTAS Review Sweeney Todd
12:52:06a UAC's Jim Horn Addresses National Federation of Republican Women
12:52:09a THE SMART CAR It's...
12:52:13a Edwards' on Obama
12:52:16a MAX BOOT IS unimpressed with...
12:52:20a More late night politicking Hillary on Letterman tonight
12:52:27a Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz
12:52:31a Solicitor says U.S. Supreme Court should take water lawsuit
12:52:35a Lawyer Former Sen. Burns cleared in Abramoff probe
12:52:38a Boeing finalizes orders from Dubai, Vietnam, Brazil
12:52:42a Bill Clinton Woman President More Than A Milestone 02 Jan 2008 191107 GMT
12:52:46a Pat Robertson Predicts A Year Of Violence, Recession 02 Jan 2008 182426 GMT
12:52:49a Green Bay Gamblers Delay Caps for Cancer Toss
12:52:53a Franks Returns to Form
12:52:56a Buccaneers' Bennett Prefers the Pack
12:53:00a McCarthy Keeps Packers on the Run
12:53:03a British author George MacDonald Fraser, creator of Flashman, dies
12:53:07a Pedestrian Finds Body Off Route 2
12:53:11a Study Says Conn. Failing In Curbing Smoking
12:53:14a Surveillance Captures Man Who Attacked Clerk
12:53:18a Political Analyst Discusses Dodd
12:53:25a Residents Against Proposed Strip Club
12:53:29a Man Crashes Car Into Store
12:53:33a Groton School Prepares For Grand Opening
12:53:36a Administrators Look To Combat Teen Drinking
12:53:40a MPs appalled by lax data rules
12:53:44a Govt 'lost nerve' on Hips
12:53:47a Compensator body 'letting down violent crime victims'
12:53:51a Flood funding 'inconsistent'
12:53:55a TIME appealing Indonesia Suharto defamation judgment
12:53:59a States, U.S. clash over emissions
12:54:02a Man pleads guilty to 1996 killing
12:54:06a backs 3rd-quarter and fiscal 2008 outlook
12:54:09a blast hits Istanbul, two people injured
12:54:13a Gas Supplies Cut Off In Parts Of Northern Iran
12:54:17a Campbell Agrees To Sell Godiva Chocolatier To Turkish Company For 850 Million
12:54:20a Calpine sued over wildfire
12:54:24a 2008 holds promise
12:54:27a 2007 was not a cursed year
12:54:31a An idea whose
12:54:34a Americans to choose their new president
12:54:38a Reflections on 2007
12:54:41a Parcells picks Cowboys' Ireland as Dolphins' new GM
12:54:45a Dolphins hire Jeff Ireland as GM
12:54:48a New 'mad cow' disease fears
12:54:52a Ethnic groups seekcitizen test revamp
12:54:55a England to be most overcrowded EU nation
12:54:59a Sunday School Teacher Indicted, Accused Of Child Molestation
12:55:03a US blocks Pakistan aid
12:55:06a Fred Russell sentenced to 14 years, 3 months in prison
12:55:10a STARTING UP IN TUKEY Are you
12:55:13a Trian buys stake in Marsh & McLennan
12:55:17a U.S. retailers embrace Three Kings Day
12:55:20a WGA We will picket Golden Globes
12:55:24a Police shoot, kill escaped Md. prisoner
12:55:28a Boy shot while playing hide-and-seek
12:55:31a Clear Channel TV head Perry steps down
12:55:35a Stranded whale euthanized
12:55:39a Lens designer to get technical Oscar
12:55:42a Upsurge in Afghan violence seen
12:55:46a Gunfire rattles Italians' New Year
12:55:50a KeyCorp concludes 575M USB Holding buy
12:55:53a Prepare for some nasty weather
12:55:57a Officer-involved shooting in Santa Rosa
12:56:00a Golden Gate Bridge suicides up
12:56:04a Students to reopen Levy slaying case
12:56:08a Father Agreement Reached On Benoit Estate
12:56:11a Second Man Charged In 7-Year-Old's Slaying
12:56:15a Smoke Forces CNN Off The Air
12:56:18a Huckabee Supporters Get Warning Letters
12:56:22a Russell sentenced to more than 14 years in prison for fatal accident
12:56:26a Malisse, Youzhny into Chennai quarters
12:56:29a Get out and vote, Iowans warned
12:56:33a Serbia to get 190.9 mln euro EU assistance in 2008
12:56:36a U.S. Justice Dept. opens criminal probe into CIA tape destruction
12:57:00a Jefferson County Commission considers new sewer study
12:57:09a John Edwards Yesterday
12:57:13a U.S. casualties in Afghanistan hit record
12:57:20a Corporate Media FINALLY Notices Election Problems, But Doesn't Look Back at Past Elections
12:57:24a Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich on Bill Moyers Journal
12:57:55a Q&A New technologies pose online privacy uncertainties, Rotenberg claims
12:58:53a Bilerico Top 10 LGBT stories of '07
12:59:15a With Iowa and New Hampshire races close, a hustle for turn...
12:59:19a Audio slideshow Caucus eve
12:59:22a During winter recess, Democrats keep Congress in session t...
12:59:26a In US, Al Gore has more company on climate change now
12:59:29a Counselors want charges dismissed
01:00:02a Maori head 'part of French culture', return to NZ blocked
01:00:11a Bain continues 'constructive' talks on 3Com review
01:00:39a Commission recommends historic status for 2 landmarks
01:00:43a 2 subsidiaries of Tube City IMS Corp. merge
01:00:46a Point Park buys 2 office buildings for 4.3M
01:00:50a FEC audit finds excessive contributions to Specter
01:00:53a Wrong man arrested in New Year's gunfire, police say
01:00:57a Suicide Car Bombing at Algerian Police Station Kills 4, Wounds 20
01:01:01a Fantasy Tape Leads to Judge's Resignation in Tennessee Thu, 03 Jan 2008 002856 GMT
01:01:07a Biman measures to send Saudi-bound people
01:01:10a Concern over health condition of Hasina
01:01:14a 'Swadesh has dedicated his life to establishing justice'
01:01:17a Ctg autorickshaws queue for meters
01:01:21a SKS invites applications for stipend
01:01:24a Hasina Shams Foundation stands by Sidr victims
01:01:28a 'People unaware of health rights'
01:01:32a Tributes paid to Chittaranjan
01:01:35a CG urged to shift residents to safer place
01:01:39a Mobile courts to reduce Desa system loss
01:01:42a Multidimensional policy a must to address monga
01:01:46a SC order Jan 10
01:01:49a DU Kha unit admission test on Feb 1
01:01:57a 36532 to vie for 7479 seats in 24 govt schools
01:02:00a APHR urges govt to lift emergency
01:02:04a CJ unveils cover of SC Digest
01:02:07a Proposal to acquire 144 acres of land okayed
01:02:11a Four shot in city
01:02:14a Families return to building that develops cracks
01:02:18a Former DaimlerChrysler paid record fuel economy fine in 2007
01:02:22a Dollar slides on US manufacturing slowdown
01:02:26a Canadian energy shares jump as oil hits 100
01:02:29a Fairfax ups annual dividend 82 pct but stock falls
01:02:33a Canadian dollar ends down despite record oil price
01:02:37a U.S. manufacturing weakness stokes recession worry
01:02:40a Cameco says Rabbit Lake mine back in production
01:02:44a U.S. manufacturing sector shows December weakness
01:02:48a Study Says Cell Phone Users Slowing Traffic
01:02:51a Hitzfeld to quit as Bayern coach
01:02:55a Ferguson gives a earful to 'quiet' fans
01:02:59a Tottenham coach Ramos bent on keeping Berbatov
01:03:02a SanDisk unveils USB flash drive with web backup
01:03:06a Mayday brings on New Year music hangover
01:03:09a Nadal makes winning start, Baghdatis ousted
01:03:13a Jankovic injured ahead of Australian Open
01:03:17a Kung fu actor Jet Li tops 2007 star income list
01:03:21a Cuba seeks 4 more jodo tickets to Beijing Olympics
01:03:24a Argentina, Venezuela favored for 2008 volleyball ticket
01:03:28a Enjoy hot coffee in ice bar!
01:03:31a PSV Eindhoven enjoy best home results in 2007
01:03:35a Czech experts to build 15 small green houses in Antarctica
01:03:39a Hezbollah warns to take decisive measures against government
01:03:43a Celebrity Mug Shots Mary Delgado
01:03:47a Man Arrested After Salem Bank Robbery
01:03:50a Blazers' McMillan Named Coach Of The Month
01:03:54a Vancouver Man Charged In Child Porn Case
01:03:57a Oil eases after surge to 100
01:04:01a Canada advances to world junior semifinals
01:04:05a Quebec soldier's body returns to Canada
01:04:09a Feds OK indian gambling agreement
01:04:12a UAE conveys condolence
01:04:16a Iran Warns Unregistered Afghan Refugees of Detention Camps east
01:04:20a Libya takes over UN Security Council leadership
01:04:24a Stranded container ship refloated in English Channel
01:04:27a Kids learn politics young in New Hampshire
01:04:31a Hyundai Genesis Takes on Foreign Rivals Head-on
01:04:35a Public Consensus Key to Grand Canal Project
01:04:38a Constitutional Court ¡®to Rule Swiftly on BBK Special Counsel¡¯
01:04:42a First Korean Super-Luxury Car Launched
01:04:46a GNP Voices Question Grand Canal Project
01:04:50a Korean-American Man Killed by California Police
01:04:53a Ford to Signal Preference for Tata
01:04:57a Hospital Practices Emergency Response For Super Bowl
01:05:01a Tim & Willy Debut On KTAR
01:05:05a Some Businesses Cry 'Foul' On Heels Of Immigration Law
01:05:08a Raw Video New Fencing Goes Up At SF Tiger Exhibit
01:05:21a Finder Hopes to Sell '71 Hijacking Cash
01:05:28a Small family restaurant serves bold Thai flavors
01:05:32a Two teens shot in southeast Newport News
01:05:36a Homicide Stats for 2007 Announced
01:05:41a Today at Hillary Headquarters
01:05:56a Finder Hopes to Sell '71 Hijacking Cash
01:06:26a NEW HOT !!! elicia hughes sex tape
01:06:30a Three Simple Steps to Younger Looking Skin
01:06:35a Patton Boggs LLP Elects Ten to Partnership for 2008
01:06:39a CNN New Hampshire Polls Have McCain Smiling
01:06:45a Late-night funnymen return; Hillary Clinton kicks off Letterman's 'Late Show'
01:06:49a Ministers who support Huckabee receive anonymous warning letters
01:06:53a Presidential campaigns fight to finish line in Iowa — tight races for both parties
01:06:57a 'Graphic fantasies' audiotape forces Tennessee judge to resign in embarrassment
01:07:01a Southern farmers scramble to protect crops from freeze; snowfall continues in North
01:07:05a Zoo to reopen after tiger attack; director says staff acted heroically during chaos
01:07:09a New polls show tight races for Democrats, Republicans in New Hampshire
01:07:13a 2 snowmobilers killed in avalanche in Washington state; 1 killed in Canadian snowslide
01:07:17a Model sues, says jewelry commercial makes her look lewd
01:07:20a Summary Box US admissions of Iraqi refugees well short of promised 1,000 a month
01:07:24a Giuliani's ad casts him as ready to protect a nation under threat
01:07:28a Summary Box Justice Department opens criminal investigation over CIA tapes
01:07:35a NYC hosts boat show amid concerns about economy
01:07:39a US father pleads guilty to killing his 2 kids
01:07:43a US presidential campaigns fight to finish line in Iowa, facing tight races
01:07:47a Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson predicts 2008 will be year of violence, recession
01:07:50a US couple repeats as parents of Pennsylvania hospital's 1st baby of new year
01:07:54a Study Even in hospitals, shock treatment delayed for cardiac arrest in one-third of cases
01:07:58a Study Even in hospitals, shock treatment delayed for some cardiac arrest
01:08:01a Evangelist predicts violence, recession, but not election result in 2008
01:08:05a Some USO board members unhappy with partnership on phone cards for troops
01:08:09a Huckabee campaign chairman Rollins has checkered past of political triumphs and embarrassments
01:08:13a Fire hits 12-story building in northwest China
01:08:17a Suspicious powder creates security scares at U.S., UK and Israeli embassies in Australia
01:08:20a DOJ chief insists Estrada can't run
01:08:24a RP education has sunk to its lowest level
01:08:28a Get Your Romney Caucus Tease at the Kum and Go
01:08:31a Poll N.J. men get more sex than N.J. women
01:08:35a Patients flee hospital blaze
01:08:39a Argentine stocks end flat, bonds slightly higher
01:08:42a Canciller defiende participaci n argentina en caso FARC
01:08:46a Argentina Ormaechea da sorpresa en Copa del Caf
01:08:49a Finder hopes to sell '71 hijacking cash
01:08:53a Blog Vodafone red-faced over roaming
01:08:56a SanDisk's new flash drive backs up to web
01:09:00a Resolutions in the digital age
01:09:03a South Florida braces for near-record cold
01:09:07a New rules in effect dealing with Burmese pythons, monitor lizards
01:09:11a Writers guild will not make a special deal with Golden Globes
01:09:15a Writers guild won't make a special deal with Golden Globes
01:09:19a Lens pioneer David A. Grafton to receive Academy Award
01:09:22a Lens pioneer Grafton to receive Oscar at academy's tech dinner
01:09:26a Tila Tequila and Bobby Banhart call it quits, second 'Shot at Love' season announced
01:09:30a 'Treasure,' 'Legend' 'Chipmunks' cap record box-office year
01:09:33a Paul Thomas Anderson drills for an unlikely masterpiece in 'There Will Be Blood'
01:09:37a Liza Minnelli will return to the stage after collapsing during a performance in Sweden
01:09:41a Police arrest three after traffic stop
01:09:44a Robin Hood auditions for kids Jan. 21
01:09:48a Frying pan attack
01:09:52a Richmond stabbing suspect found in Baltmore
01:09:55a Hokie fans thankful for coats amid Miami chill
01:09:59a Kaine targets domestic and sexual assault
01:10:02a Chesterfield to begin streaming meetings
01:10:06a House Tech offers rebates on home sales
01:10:10a Part of Peabody Middle loses power, goes cold
01:10:14a Three firefighters injured in crash
01:10:17a Two men suspected in multiple robberies
01:10:21a Edmonton Oilers' owners to reject tycoon's latest offer
01:10:25a Rent/Home Price Ratio Is Studied
01:10:29a Regional Banks Feeling Credit Crisis
01:10:32a Gold price higher in Hong Kong - Jan. 2
01:10:36a China Enterprises Index down 0.73 pct - 2
01:10:40a Teva Announces Approval of Generic DuoNeb
01:10:43a CLSI and APHL Announce New Teleconference Series
01:10:47a Ebola Outbreak in Uganda Recedes, Health Experts Still on Alert
01:10:51a Clock Strikes 12, Then Baby is Born
01:10:55a Free Clinic Names New Director
01:10:58a Lawmakers Say Session Can Be Short and Sweet
01:11:02a U.S. Preventive Medicine Names Frederic Goldstein President, COO
01:11:06a First Baby is Fruit of Rough Labor
01:11:09a Woman Wants Her 4-Year-Old in the Delivery Room
01:11:13a Neighbors' Teen Son Hangs Out at Home in the Nude
01:11:16a New Year's Fitness
01:11:20a Pakistan postpones election until Feb 18
01:11:23a Save Your Relationship Have Separate Accounts
01:11:27a Bearded Letterman Returns After 2 Months
01:11:30a Torre Won't Pick Sides in Clemens Drama
01:11:34a U.S. launches criminal probe into CIA tapes destruction
01:11:38a Florence finally cashing in on thousands of unpaid traffic tickets
01:11:41a Japan Struggles to Correct Mistakes
01:12:08a IBM Jolts Storage Strategy With XIV Buy
01:12:12a Technical Analysis Stocks Stay Stuck
01:12:16a The RIAA's Uphill Battle
01:12:19a Stocks Start 2008 With A Thud
01:12:23a Flinders says no reason for price spike
01:12:27a Soaring oil prices 'won't make financial difference'
01:12:31a WA residents facing power cuts during heatwave
01:12:35a David Morgan pockets $6m in BHP shares
01:12:38a Compass Hotel Group lists on the ASX
01:12:42a Salmon farmer Tassal expands
01:12:46a Calif. Sues EPA Over Tailpipe Rules
01:12:49a Fires damage two homes in Carmel
01:12:53a Township to re-examine zoning deal for McClendon's dune property
01:13:00a Convicted wife-killer Stephen Grant gives up custody of children
01:13:04a Dura Automotive wins one-month extension on bankruptcy loans
01:13:08a New study Drivers who use cell phones slow down traffic
01:13:12a Lebanon's problems must have Lebanese solutions
01:13:15a No Cooperation over Lebanon
01:13:19a Day 1 Pix
01:13:23a Kenya Chaos Churches Blamed for Silence
01:13:26a 16 People Killed In 14 Crashes Over Xmas-New Year
01:13:30a Fisheries Ministry Observers At Work This Summer
01:13:34a 250K Signatures On Scrapping Of Anti-Smacking Law
01:13:38a Police Car Crash, Westport
01:13:41a New Life Into Waitangi Day Celebrations
01:13:45a Feds OK oil, gas development in Chukchi Sea
01:14:05a APD officer accused of hiring prostitute on duty
01:14:09a U.S. considers listing polar bears
01:14:13a Protein may detect breast cancer severity
01:14:16a Oil prices prompt expanded drilling talk
01:14:20a Students perish in blaze
01:14:24a Chopper flies in to save stranded dog
01:14:28a OzJet probed over failures
01:14:56a The Secret of Ron Paul's Success
01:15:08a Dog explodes, sparks fire at pet crematorium
01:15:12a Disney's National Treasure leads New Year's holiday box office
01:15:30a 'Myanmar must hasten political reforms'
01:15:34a India asks Myanmar to expedite political reform process
01:15:38a Natural causes as well as global warming may be causing Arctic thaw study
01:15:42a New research suggests longer autumns inhibit carbon uptake in forests
01:16:34a Appeals court refuses to rehear case regarding open primary law
01:16:38a Crude Oil Jumps To More Than $100 A Gallon
01:16:42a Cougar Spotted In Las Vegas Neighborhood
01:16:46a 'Deadly Roadway' Made Safer With Speedbumps
01:16:49a Couples Camp Out For Top Wedding Spot
01:16:53a California Sues Environmental Protection Agency
01:16:57a Rep. Tom Lantos Has Cancer, Announces Retirement
01:17:00a Committee proposes privilege tax for Shelby County residents
01:17:04a No set legal age for children being left alone
01:17:08a Deadline to register to vote - January 7th
01:17:12a Judge's tape sounded like torture, court told
01:17:15a Microsoft financial calendar notes
01:17:19a Who Benefits from Doctors' Free Drug Samples?
01:17:23a Immigrants Leave Okla. After Tough Law Enacted
01:17:26a FBI Seeks Help in Solving D.B. Cooper Mystery
01:17:30a Chocolate May Give You Acne After All
01:17:34a Overdose Rescue Kits Save Lives
01:17:38a Kenya Disputed Poll Sparks Call for Int'l Probe
01:17:41a Year-Round Ride Checks...
01:17:45a Missing Sledders...
01:17:48a Freeze...
01:17:52a Northwest Airlines slices tax bill by 380 million
01:17:56a More Than 200 People Evacuated After Volcanic Eruption in Chile
01:18:02a Loop 101 speed cameras to keep clicking
01:18:19a Farmers Monitor Crops During Cold Thu, 03 Jan 2008 011416 GMT
01:18:23a Deep Freeze Could Lead to JEA Record Thu, 03 Jan 2008 011621 GMT
01:18:28a President Professes Desire to Promote Economic Reforms
01:18:42a Convict breaks free from Maryland hospital, shoots one
01:18:46a Two Doctors Without Borders Aid Workers Freed in Bossaso, Somalia
01:18:49a Environmentalists Sue to Challenge EPA Ruling on Clean Cars
01:19:00a Harsh cold forces changes at work, play 550 PM
01:19:04a Trooper injured in crash talks about recovery 430 PM
01:19:23a Slower Gains May Cool China Stock
01:19:27a Digger's Iraq uniform goes on display
01:19:31a Prisoner shoots, carjacks way out of hospital
01:19:34a India remove Lee
01:19:38a Whitehall should be prosecuted over data loss, say MPs in call for new law
01:19:55a Polic a recaptura a 89 reos fugados de penal en Bolivia
01:20:13a Photo Feature 'Tuesday Night Live' Debuts in Jerusalem
01:20:16a Audio Rights and Privileges in- and to- the Land of Israel
01:20:20a Barak If PA lets killers go, we'll get them
01:20:24a 100 pilgrims return to Gaza
01:20:27a Israel's Fischer notes importance of Basel II
01:20:31a Teddy Bears, Beanie Babies Get New Homes With Children Here And In Israel
01:20:35a Response To Hebron Attack Is Test For Palestinian Authority Israeli Minister
01:20:39a German Ghetto Compensation Fund Stirs Confusion In Israel
01:20:42a Egypt allows Palestinian pilgrims to bypass Isreali checkpoint
01:20:46a Egypt Allows Palestinians to Return to Gaza
01:20:50a Bollywood films in demand in Israel
01:20:53a Nasrallah Israel behind Lebanon assassinations
01:20:57a Jerusalem Square To Be Named After Pollard
01:21:01a 'Tension' Seen Over Bush's Israel Visit
01:21:04a Israel's New Year's Resolutions
01:21:08a BREAKING Rep. Lantos, Leading Pro-Israel Voice, To Retire
01:21:16a IAF strike moderately wounds senior PRC militant in Gaza Strip
01:21:19a Thailand mourns Princess Galyani
01:21:24a Suicide car bomb blast kills three in Algeria
01:21:27a Miao people celebrate the New Year
01:21:31a Kenya's opposition party to defy protest ban
01:21:35a NASA taps Huntsville native Clyde Jones for key Michoud post
01:21:38a Super Tuesday at the polls
01:21:42a Tiffany Miles' family speaks out
01:21:45a 911 Center employee arrested
01:21:49a Some question an ethical audit
01:21:53a Visitation taking place tonight for Allan Bragwell
01:21:56a Student dies 6 days after being diagnosed with leukemia
01:22:00a Appliance theft leads to high speed chase
01:22:03a Officer Freeman's brother speaks to WAFF 48
01:22:07a Murder suspect in police custody
01:22:11a UPDATE Police tie Rudd's gun to Hooters shooting
01:22:15a Man takes cab to, from bank robbery
01:22:18a Claiborne storm creates slick roads and snowballs
01:22:22a Morristown Police to cease free funeral escorts
01:22:26a Cold temperatures prompt white flag for homeless shelters
01:22:29a Holiday traffic fatalities down
01:22:33a Long, hard day for firefighters
01:22:37a Another year down the toilet
01:22:40a 2007 Cautious Strides in Nationwide Devt
01:22:44a Study Cell phones slow traffic all around
01:22:47a Yahoo rises as markets fall
01:22:51a Zoo director Tiger was provoked
01:22:55a Group rescued thanks to EPIRB
01:22:59a Hospitals prescribe painkillers more often to whites study
01:23:03a Teacher Accused Of Showing Porn To Students
01:23:06a Bond Set For Man Charged In Fatal Crash
01:23:10a Bond Set At 1.25 Million For Driver In Wrong-Way Wreck
01:23:14a John Parson's Ex-Girlfriend Sentenced For Destroying Evidence
01:23:18a Ann Coulter Kwanzaa Holiday From The FBI
01:23:22a Volcano erupts
01:23:26a Sciele Pharma-SCRX announces FDA approval of new Sular formulation
01:23:30a Speech by Syrian Vice-President Al-Shar' Evokes Angry Responses in Saudi Arabia
01:23:33a Jeddah under Huge Garbage-Fire Cloud
01:23:37a Saudi Post outs National Dialogue Stamp
01:23:41a Saudia Staff to get Same Pay from Private Sector
01:23:45a Legislature prepares to meet in smaller quarters
01:23:48a Amex Limited appoints Memac Ogilvy as strategic public relations
01:23:52a Riyadh in World Limelight
01:23:56a Dutch business group to explore investment opportunities in Oil & Gas
01:24:00a Projects announced under 2008 State Budget may drive steel demand up
01:24:03a Saudi women in push for driving breakthrough
01:24:07a Outgoing mayor vetoes sex offender ordinance
01:24:11a Momentum Accelerates New Listings, Record Volume and Critical International Recognition
01:24:15a XL chairman resigns to focus on Security Capital
01:24:18a Covidien Ltd. to Present at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
01:24:22a VistaPrint to Present at the 2008 Needham & Co. 10th Annual Growth Stock Conference
01:24:26a 300 dead in Kenya violence, opposition vows mass rally to go ahead
01:24:30a New program aims to give Iraqis jobs — and keep them away from militias
01:24:34a Palestinian pilgrims return to Gaza from Egypt, ending 5-day standoff, angering Israel
01:24:38a Thousands file electronically for PFD
01:24:49a Former fugitive Russell gets 14-plus years for fatal DUI wreck
01:24:53a Body of missing snowmobiler found near Mount Baker
01:25:01a 1,000 years of history abandoned after aristocrat declared bankrupt
01:25:13a PHH scraps deal to sell itself to GE, Blackstone
01:25:17a Tennessee judge resigns over tape
01:25:21a The 5 Coolest Hacks of '07
01:25:24a US Government To Release Electronic Passport
01:25:28a Molten Salt-Based Solar Power Plant
01:25:32a Rails Bigwig Rails on Rails Community
01:25:35a Scotland Yard will help Pakistan investigate Bhutto's assassination
01:25:39a Kenya election result review urgently needed, says Commonwealth observer group
01:25:43a Sears admits to joining spyware biz
01:25:47a Rebels 'lied' to Chavez Colombian envoy
01:25:50a NT to expect cyclone by weekend Bureau
01:25:54a 19yo man drowns in backyard pool
01:25:58a Promising results in ice addicts' trial
01:26:02a Department of Justice Closes Burns Investigation
01:26:05a My Predictions
01:26:35a Russell sentenced To 14-Plus Years In Prison For Fatal Car Wreck
01:26:52a Beijing Olympic Float in LA Rose Parade wins award
01:26:56a Crude futures hit US100 for first time
01:27:13a Kenya Rape Cases Likely to Increase Rate of HIV Infection
01:27:21a Damage That Chaos is Doing
01:27:25a New DC Out to End Recurrent Tribal Clashes in Kuresoi
01:27:28a Cotu Joins Call for Dialogue
01:27:32a Study When other drivers use cellphones, they slow down, you sit more in traffic
01:27:36a Softchoice Corporation buys IT firm Optimus Solutions for US38M
01:27:39a Carmanah Technologies sells solar home power business to director for 1.5M
01:27:43a The Unfortunate Statements of Susan Stanton
01:27:51a Officers face charges after dispute at singer's party
01:28:05a DNA evidence clears man of rape charges after 27 years in prison
01:28:09a Candidates Make Final Campaign Dash Through Iowa
01:28:13a Chopper 5 Video SF Tiger Exhibit Fenced Off
01:28:18a Tourney organizer becomes legislative hopeful
01:28:22a Corporation commissioner presents challenge
01:28:31a Christmas bills herald sharp rise in debt and bankruptcies
01:28:38a Blame The Mobile Phone For Your Slow Commute?
01:28:42a Japan's Big Push To Regulate The Internet
01:29:08a Several Reasons For Warming Arctic, Report Finds
01:29:12a Justice Dept. Starts Criminal Investigation Into CIA Tapes
01:29:16a California Sues EPA Over Regulations
01:29:24a Iran's Ayatollah No smear campaigning
01:29:49a Bad food
01:30:22a Late night TV returns with or without writers
01:30:26a AP Money Minute Stocks slammed, oil surges
01:31:09a Russian woman faces charges of sham marriage
01:32:08a Anderson mayor facing lawsuit over residency
01:32:12a Freezing weather greets workers back from holiday
01:32:15a Hoosiers help candidates to the Iowa finish line
01:32:19a Up close look at soldier send off
01:32:34a Flu season arrives in Washington
01:32:47a Vuln ImgSvr Error Message Remote Script Execution Vulnerability
01:32:51a Vuln PHP MySQL Open Source Help Desk 'form.php' Code Injection Vulnerability
01:32:54a Vuln Web Sihirbazi 'default.asp' Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
01:32:58a Vuln Wireshark 0.99.6 Multiple Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
01:33:12a Dell Treads Carefully Into Selling PCs in Stores
01:33:31a New Century Seeks Extension
01:33:35a Chesapeake Sells Gas Rights
01:33:38a Open letter to Seattle
01:33:42a New study When drivers use cell phones, they slow down 2 mph
01:33:46a Dallas-Fort Worth apartment leasing, rents rise
01:33:56a Israeli DM Threatens to Continue Attack on Gaza
01:34:00a 312 PKK Members Killed in 2007
01:34:03a Israel Slams Egypt for Letting Pilgrims Back Into Gaza
01:34:07a Algerian Suicide Bomb Kills Four
01:34:11a Peres Israel Does Not Expect War With Iran
01:34:15a Kabul Refuses Envoys Return
01:34:19a Iraq Islamic Extremists Target Women in Basra, 133 Women Killed in 2007
01:34:22a Surviving Spouses Bond Over Grief, Questions
01:34:26a Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade Claims Rocket Strike at West Bank Settlement
01:34:30a US-Allied Sunnis Are Target of Suicide Attack in Iraq
01:34:34a Cameroon President Biya for Life?
01:34:37a Fire hits shopping mall in Baclaran
01:34:41a Oil hits 100-dollar record for first time
01:34:46a Shares seen lower on Wall Street losses, record oil prices
01:34:49a Conyers demands special counsel in CIA tape investigation.
01:34:53a Lady Loser Why it's all going wrong for Heather Mills
01:34:57a Hillary Clinton fights to avoid sensational defeat as Obama eyes first-round victory
01:35:01a Kenya church killers 'were like raging lions'
01:35:05a The McCanns bring in cold-case detectives to investigate Madeleine's disappearance
01:35:09a MPs blast Ruth Kelly over 'retreat' on HIPs
01:35:12a Why the British bulldog spirit is in the genes
01:35:16a Bearded Letterman returns with union-backed jokes
01:35:20a Gold opens higher in Hong Kong at US856.55 an ounce
01:35:23a Banks told to educate investors
01:35:27a Analysts upbeat on stocks this year
01:35:30a Back-up oil facility to be ready by 2009
01:35:33a Yuan hits a fresh high
01:35:37a AVIC I and AVIC II to be restructured
01:35:41a Diageo Posts Creative Brief Online for All to Play
01:35:44a Anti-botnet vendors plug in
01:35:48a Tequila will take another 'Shot at Love'
01:35:52a Goth couple eliminated on 'Amazing Race'
01:36:03a Author of Flashman series dies
01:36:06a Nasrallah We Have Remains of Israeli Bodies
01:36:13a J'lem seeks Bush okay for IDF free hand in W. Bank
01:36:17a Two International Students Die on the Indiana Toll Road
01:36:21a Henry's First Full Day as Mayor
01:36:25a President Bush Signs SCHIP Extension, Provides Funds Through March 2009
01:36:29a Bush Signs 555B Omnibus Spending Bill, Criticizes Earmarks
01:36:33a President Bush Vetoes Defense-Policy Bill That Had Veterans Health Funding
01:36:37a EEOC Says Employers Can Eliminate, Reduce Health Benefits for Retirees Older Than 65
01:36:41a Presidential Candidates Debate Health Care Proposals in Preparation for Iowa Caucuses
01:36:45a Small Businesses Could Have Major Influence on Next President's Health Care Plan
01:36:49a States Struggled To Enact Health Care Reform in 2007, Uncertainty for Reforms Remains
01:36:54a Judge Rules San Francisco Health Care Program Violates ERISA; City Appeals Decision
01:36:58a Health Industry Develops Medical Credit Score
01:37:02a Health Insurers Must Review Applications for Accuracy Before Issuing Policies, California Appeals Court Rules
01:37:06a UAW Looks to Influence Health Care Debate; VEBA Might Be Model for Other Companies
01:37:10a Schwarzenegger, Nunez Submit Ballot Initiative for Health Care Reform Proposal
01:37:14a Scotland Yard to assist in Bhutto probe
01:37:18a More airports for Oman
01:37:21a King Artur named as Iran coach
01:37:25a Kuwait seeks to cash in on crisis
01:37:29a ONGC, Hindujas to invest 10 bn in Iran
01:37:32a Family Makes Plea In Hit & Run
01:37:36a Patrick Stewart!
01:37:40a McDonald's
01:37:43a Death Taco
01:37:47a Downfall
01:37:50a arby's kids meal
01:37:54a Taco Bell Sign
01:37:57a Daniel at Wendy's
01:38:01a Robot chicken
01:38:04a Groovy, man
01:38:08a Groovy, man in black and white
01:38:12a Irishmen looking askance in black and white
01:38:15a Classic clown
01:38:19a Facebook ad using Robert Scoble
01:38:22a How To Use Facebook Ads
01:38:26a DSC_0163
01:38:29a Oil eases after surge to 100, eyes US stock data
01:38:33a Striking writers threaten to disrupt Golden Globes awards
01:38:37a Boeing finalizes orders from Dubai, Vietnam, Brazil worth 16B
01:38:41a Singapore The southeasternmost corner of Asia
01:38:45a Oil prices ease in Asia after hitting 100 dollars
01:38:49a US No need for UN probe into Bhutto slaying
01:38:52a China's Yi takes NBA rookie honor
01:38:56a 113 tourists stranded in Corregidor rescued
01:39:00a Media deaths near record high in 2007 journalists' group
01:39:03a European conference aims to create global commodity market for non-GM soy and feed
01:39:07a De Beers trading division excludes 11 Indian clients
01:39:11a 59 GMT Vinci-led consortium named preferred bidder for 30km of Antwerp ring road
01:39:14a Naive devils need scaring researcher
01:39:18a Arts Boost New York Economy, But Many Artists Remain Poor
01:39:22a Rocky Wednesday Leads Into Busy Thursday
01:39:26a Man to sell cash from DB Cooper skyjacking
01:39:34a Kenyan 'genocide' toll hits 300
01:39:38a Kenyan Catholic bishops appeal for dialogue to resolve violence
01:39:42a Apple Signs Jay Z
01:40:47a Ellis stars with triple
01:41:03a Oil eases after surge to 100, eyes U.S. stock data
01:41:06a India stocks dominate 2007's top gainers Russell
01:41:10a Australia 463 all out v India innings
01:41:27a Seahawks ticket resellers nervously holding pricey tickets
01:41:31a Oil eases after surge to 100
01:41:56a O'Flynn wins Costa first novel award
01:42:00a How Safe Are Police Ride-Alongs?
01:42:04a Mehlman Rates GOP Field
01:42:07a A Pre-Election Paradox
01:42:11a Reuters Oddly Enough And Finally
01:42:15a Two Elderly Women Attacked In Beaver Co.
01:42:19a Onorato Has Bold Plan To Cut County Costs
01:42:22a Indiana Police Investigate Double Shooting Deaths
01:42:26a Put Kroger on Your Shopping List
01:42:29a State Attorney Weighs In On Boy's New Year's Death
01:42:33a Jim Leyritz Had Suspended License During Accident
01:42:37a Homestead Farmers Work To Fight The Big Freeze
01:42:41a 730pm Weather Forecast 1/2/08
01:42:44a Special Session A Bust In Springfield
01:42:48a California and other states challenge U.S. on car emissions
01:42:51a Market hit by oil price surge
01:42:55a SES on alert as Qld braces for stormy night
01:42:59a Post-mortem confirms elephant crushed man
01:43:02a Mountaineers to stranded dog's rescue
01:43:06a Tombstone mysteriously shows up on Valley woman's property
01:43:16a Police Store Worker Attacked By Man
01:43:23a Fire engulfs 12-storey market building in N.W. China
01:43:38a Chances of asteroid hitting Mars go down
01:43:49a Gold rallies to record
01:43:53a Reasons to stockpile optimism
01:44:17a Watching Clinton 48 hours before the Iowa vote.
01:44:21a Why booze and cigarettes are essential for good journalism.
01:44:35a Sony PFR-V1 Personal Field Speakers Look Cooler Than They Sound
01:44:38a Japan's PM Posts On YouTube
01:44:43a Case Study Newspapers use Composite Application to Liberate Data
01:44:47a Case Study Improving Business Processes with Ensemble Composite Applications
01:44:51a Gartner Report on Application Infrastructure for Composite-Application Projects
01:44:54a Electoral Chair Says Tallying Had Problems
01:44:58a U.S. And UK Call for End to Election Chaos
01:45:02a More Leaders Call for an End to Poll Deaths And Chaos
01:45:06a Police Escort Families Out of Clash-Torn Areas
01:45:09a ODM Wants 'Recognised' Body to Vet Poll Results
01:45:13a Exit Routes Reopened to Let Displaced Families Leave
01:45:16a Raila Denies Meeting With Kalonzo
01:45:20a Roberta Tracks 3 Storms Heading To The Bay Area
01:45:24a Check Out These New Travel Trends
01:45:27a The going can get a little squishy at Poo Poo Point
01:45:31a Crystal's backcountry just got closer
01:45:35a United cancels flights, pilots dispute cause
01:45:39a Hawaii destinations in Top 10 for travel
01:45:42a Volunteer vacations for animal lovers
01:45:46a Resolutions the airlines ought to make
01:45:50a Air marshals handcuff alleged groper
01:45:53a No need for UN probe into Bhutto slaying US
01:45:57a Father of arch-cad, womaniser and all-round bounder Harry Flashman dies, aged 82
01:46:00a KPD Dead suspect's gun matches one used in Hooters shooting
01:46:04a Snow blankets the Smoky Mountains
01:46:08a Suspense Builds in Iowa as Caucus-goers Weigh Choices
01:46:11a Get Facts and Figures on the Primaries on the NewsHour/NPR Election Map
01:46:15a Military Investigation into '05 Haditha Killings Raises Questions
01:46:19a Opposition Parties Speak Out Against Pakistani Election Postponement
01:46:23a Sri Lanka's Government Decides to Withdraw From Cease-fire with Rebels
01:46:27a Italian lawmaker proposes moratorium on abortion
01:46:31a Congestion fee leaves Milan in a jam
01:46:35a Islamic leaders to visit Vatican for talks
01:46:39a today the French technicians in Rome 2007-12-28 0726 pm Miscellaneous
01:46:42a 02/01/08 ECH hires Italian govt official more
01:46:46a Palermo vow to hold onto star Brazilian pair
01:46:49a Rubbish torched in Naples crisis
01:46:53a Oman plans billionaire investments 2008-01-02 0513 pm Civil
01:46:57a Milan's Pollution Charge Gets Off to Smooth Start
01:47:00a Milan shares close lower, Terna outperforms on new regulatory review UPDATE
01:47:04a Fiat Group Share Of Italy Dec New Car Mkt Increases To 31.6%
01:47:09a Italian Drivers and Pollution Surcharges
01:47:13a Alitalia sells Heathrow slots for record price
01:47:16a Yet another electric car is in our future. Italian designer and manufacturer Pininfarina
01:47:20a Apple Patent Signals Wireless Order System
01:47:24a Sharps Compliance Corp. and Drive Medical Design & Manufacturing Announces Settlement of Patent Dispute
01:47:28a Lightning Poker awarded patent
01:47:32a Qualcomm says patent ruling will have immediate impact
01:47:36a Qualcomm Patent Ruling to Have Impact
01:47:40a YouTubers aren't necessarily breaking copyright laws
01:47:43a Beyonc Wins Appeal for Copyright Infringement Lawsuit on 'Baby Boy' Hit Song
01:47:47a Patenting Data Leakage With a Shadow
01:47:51a Qualcomm drops after patent infringement ruling with Broadcom
01:47:55a Amazon Shares Buoyed by Citi Upgrade
01:47:58a Online E-Commerce Network Enters Into Agreement With Boutique Ad Rep Firm
01:48:02a E-Commerce Firm, GSI, Intends to Acquire
01:48:05a Blogger activists
01:48:09a WEB EXCLUSIVE Boost Business With Blogs and Podcasts
01:48:12a Microsoft Lead Recognizes Frontpages Web Hosting Network in MSDN Blog
01:48:16a The Return of the Blogtalk
01:48:19a Saudis detain blogger for 'interrogation'
01:48:23a DC Invests 650,000 In Needle Exchange Programs
01:48:27a Paid Sick Leave For Every DC Worker?
01:48:30a Holiday shopping
01:48:35a Local home prices continue to fall
01:48:38a Foreclosures hit record high
01:48:42a Study says U.S. will be able to avoid recession
01:48:45a Starbucks to recall 167,000 coffee mugs
01:48:49a Talkback Is it OK to wish you a 'Merry Christmas'?
01:48:53a No. 3 Wilcox County vs. No. 9 Athens Academy
01:48:56a Bhutto's Son Becoming Online Sensation.
01:49:00a Karat claws at culture critics
01:49:05a Spears' Lawyers Ask to Quit Custody Case
01:49:09a Hillary Clinton Kicks Off Letterman Show
01:49:13a Kathmandu founder Cameron buys into Postie Plus
01:49:17a Drug companies spend nearly double on marketing compared with research study
01:49:20a Bush's Lies and Cons
01:49:24a Encampment to Stop the War Day 1
01:49:31a Italians march in US base protest
01:49:35a UCSB Students Protesting Iraq War First Hand Reports
01:49:39a Here comes the chief fun officer!
01:49:42a Violence has Kiwi troops in Dili back on high alert
01:49:55a Murdock Tough Enough
01:50:00a Beijing stalls Oji Paper's licence to print
01:50:04a Paris Journal Even France, Haven of Smokers, Is Clearing the Air
01:50:08a Whither Huckabee?
01:50:13a Special forces on standby over nuclear threat
01:50:16a Bhutto's Blood Is on Bush's Hands
01:50:20a Former CBS Newser Defies Court, Won't Reveal Sources
01:50:24a Kenya Paying Attention
01:50:27a Edwards Will Step Up Iraq Withdrawal
01:50:31a Governor Riley Accused Of Violating Campaign Finance Laws
01:50:35a Copyrighting Gone WildEgypt attempts to COPYRIGHT pyramids
01:50:38a The Recent Gallup Poll Makes It Self-Evident We Cant Trust The Polls
01:50:42a Oil hits 100
01:50:46a The National Surveillance World
01:50:54a Wheat jumps on supply concerns
01:50:58a Gitmo prisoner aided bin Laden, US says
01:51:02a FBI Gitmo Detainee Was With Bin Laden
01:51:05a First witness at hearing for bin Laden's driver
01:51:21a Kenya Rugby National Team Resumes Training for IRB Series
01:51:24a Kenya Athletics Cheruiyot, Timbilil Among Kenyan Winners Abroad
01:51:28a Kenya Soccer Coast Stars Vow to Keep Players
01:51:32a India to host first EU education fair
01:51:35a Survey says 52 million illiterate in Nigeria
01:51:39a An e-tool that helps make every student equally good
01:51:45a Delhi University teachers to be evaluated by students
01:51:54a Celebrity chefs bring plane food to new heights
01:51:57a In pictures Low caste Hindus pay homage in mass meeting in Mumbai
01:52:04a 181 pedestrians challaned in Delhi Police drive on Day two
01:52:08a Globalist Meetings Secret No More
01:52:15a Wednesday's Sports Scoreboard
01:52:23a Teen charged with shooting outside Newport News mall
01:52:26a Chesapeake police search for robbery suspect
01:52:30a The Nation's Weather
01:52:35a MPs want wine and beer on domestic flights
01:52:38a Liquor claims seven
01:52:42a Yakima Karate Teacher Charged with Rape
01:52:49a What's Working in Yakima to Reduce the Number of High School Dropouts
01:52:52a The Chanukah Ham
01:52:56a Holy Man
01:52:59a Give A Man This Fish And He'll Eat Forever
01:53:03a Three Indians killed in house blaze
01:53:07a Panty Protest
01:53:11a The Love Of A Lifetime
01:53:19a Crews to close northbound I-5 in South Everett overnight to set bridge girders
01:53:22a Clipper last boats arrive in Salvador
01:53:26a Semis Trucking Through I-5 in Chehalis
01:53:39a Justice Dept. Launches Criminal Probe of CIA Tapes
01:53:42a Employment Extra
01:53:46a Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan
01:53:51a China tells Carter US should rein in Taiwan
01:53:54a Taiwan's Acer sees strong growth over next 4 years
01:53:58a No penalty for Renault in second F1 spying scandal
01:54:02a Troops saying goodbye
01:54:05a Less than a year to go digital
01:54:09a COPY-Less than a year to go digital
01:54:12a Annual On Your Side Toy Test Mon, 17 Dec 2007 205346 GMT
01:54:16a Dangerous Jobs Thu, 06 Dec 2007 173542 GMT
01:54:20a What I Want For Christmas--Not Another Unicorn PIC
01:54:23a Austrian kidnap girl to host TV chat show
01:54:27a Austrian woman who escaped kidnapper after eight years gets own TV talk show
01:54:37a Wuhan Steel to buy units from parent
01:54:40a Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging Announces Wuhan University ...
01:54:44a Readers reveal how they escaped Kenya violence
01:54:48a 'Have A Plan to Kill Everyone'
01:54:52a Judge's 'Fantasy' Too Real for FBI
01:54:59a Microsoft to test Windows XP for '100 laptop'
01:55:03a IRS may have money for you
01:55:07a How to spot a scam in between the lines
01:55:11a National Assembly backs health minister
01:55:15a New law limits options for land
01:55:18a Boys cited in graffiti spree
01:55:22a Library group's request denied
01:55:26a Medical miracle leaves family needing help
01:55:31a Magazine ranks Ashland High in top 3 percent
01:55:35a Greyhound station will move to Front Street
01:55:39a Thieves tap local ATMs for customers' bankcard numbers
01:55:43a Suspects sought in drive-by
01:55:46a Updated Homicides Decrease In 2007 But Robberies Increase 02 Jan 2008 201133 GMT
01:55:54a Boxer Benefits From African Course in Kenya
01:55:57a Nicaragua judges debate Ortega councils
01:56:04a Users warned over Facebook
01:56:08a Wii shortage warning
01:56:11a Manganese Prices May Extend Record Gains as China Limits Output
01:56:18a Britney Spears' Permanent Residence At Issue
01:56:22a LAPD's Murder Rates At Historic Low
01:56:26a Fire Breaks Out At Anaheim Apartment
01:56:31a U.N. humanitarian chief warns of refugee crisis from violence in Somalia and Sudan
01:56:34a Beyond Iowa Bounce or Bust?
01:56:38a Heat Goes Out For East Precinct Officers
01:56:42a Voters Given Advice After Computers Stolen
01:56:45a New Year Brings 3 Shootings In Murfreesboro
01:56:49a Sumner County EMS Director Arrested
01:56:53a 4 Discussion Metro Computers Stolen
01:56:57a Robertson Sees Year Of Violence, Recession
01:57:01a Jobs Report Sends Oil Futures Lower
01:57:04a Stock falls lift copper, market eyes US data
01:57:08a Oil holds above 90 on stock market gains
01:57:12a Oil Futures Above 90 Again
01:57:16a Crude futures jump on tough Iran talk, weakening dollar and surging Chinese economy
01:57:19a US crude oil futures up more than 3%
01:57:23a Inmate Walks Away From Portland Work Crew
01:57:27a Police release images of gunman at Nebraska mall
01:57:31a Nebraska mall shooter spent troubled past in state care
01:57:35a Security experts say mall attack like one in Nebraska could happen anywhere
01:57:39a Living, dying by fame - in Nebraska and Britain
01:57:42a Tragedy At Nebraska Mall
01:57:46a Gunman kills 8, himself at Nebraska mall
01:57:50a Pakistan People's Party Laser Beam Technology Killed Bhutto
01:57:53a How Bush Took Us to the Dark Side
01:57:57a Opec's Riyadh talks may not tame market
01:58:00a Riyadh Jewelers Reject Rumors of Gold Fraud
01:58:06a Dec. 5, 2007 Do you think domestic violence laws are tough enough?
01:58:13a Nov. 13, 2007 Are there too many condos in Toronto?
01:58:16a Wooley instructed not to testify
01:58:20a 106 apartments to be restored
01:58:23a Oct. 2, 2007 What's the one area where the Leafs need the most improvement?
01:58:27a Oct. 2, 2007 Are the laws combating domestic abuse tough enough?
01:58:33a City opens position on Public Works body
01:58:37a US 'sceptical' about NKorea nuclear declaration
01:58:40a GBTV #0284 GeekBrief.TV
01:58:44a Do What?
01:58:47a Seven years into the Bush administration
01:58:52a An Impeachment Evening in New England
01:59:11a New Chief Faces More Crime, Less Manpower
01:59:15a Driver Killed On I-75 In Florence
01:59:19a Mother Charged With Murder Appears In Court
01:59:22a Fort Thomas Deer Ordinance Draws Complaints
01:59:27a Sprinkler Head Causes Mess At Historic Art Studio
01:59:31a One Person Killed In Sayler Park Crash
01:59:35a Deadly Explosion In West Chester Township
01:59:39a One Person Killed In Explosion
01:59:44a County Leaders Challenge Census Results
01:59:47a The legacy of Benazir Bhutto
01:59:51a A lady is murdered
01:59:54a Balancing lust and caution
01:59:58a Test Drive 2008 Volvo S80
02:00:01a Test Drive 2008 Chrylser Sebring
02:00:05a Test Drive 2008 Acura MDX
02:00:08a Iran's chief nuclear negotiator quits
02:00:12a JN Petit, Delhi Public, Netaji, Krida Prabodhini in semis
02:00:16a Chill intensifies in Delhi, coldest morning in Capital at 7.3 Deg C
02:00:21a High alert in Capital amid reports of ultras' entry in Delhi
02:00:25a Atari in delisting danger once again
02:00:28a Ohio, Ky voters Out in the cold?
02:00:32a Reports Bresnahan out
02:00:36a 8 great concerts in '08
02:00:39a UC finds its stride
02:00:43a Special Section Foreclosure's Fallout
02:00:46a Get more West Chester news
02:00:50a Maine relatively powerless in power-sharing agreement
02:00:53a Late-Night TV Returns As Strike Lingers On
02:00:57a Enhancing religious tolerance and peace in Liberia-A speech delivered by Minister Bropleh
02:01:03a Of History and Hope
02:01:07a Stifling Korean Speech Will Hurt Its Economy
02:01:10a Maths lessons earn a 'minus'
02:01:15a Iberia Accident in Quito Under Probe
02:01:19a Britain advises against travel to Kenya
02:01:23a Workers sacked for simulated sheep sex
02:01:26a Hospitals prescribe painkillers more often to whites
02:01:30a British police to help in hunt for Bhutto killer
02:01:37a Pinup girl charged with torture of her ex-boyfriend
02:01:43a ADPAN E-News Issue No. 3
02:01:47a U.S. farmers scramble to protect crops from freeze in South; more snow in North
02:01:51a Excise bar on liquor sale to minors
02:01:55a National Tax Convention to be held from December 8
02:01:58a Giuliani calls for Afghanistan troop 'surge'
02:02:02a Kenya opposition vows to hold rally, defy police
02:02:06a U.N. report raises death toll in Myanmar crackdown
02:02:10a The Son Also Rises
02:02:13a What if 2000 had gone differently?
02:02:17a Staff decontaminated after white powder found at hospital
02:02:21a NZ company to make base in Nairobi despite unrest
02:02:25a Emap Sells Magazines, Radio to Bauer
02:02:29a Billiards News, Pool Games, Billiard Magazines
02:02:32a Editor And Owner of Newspaper Arrested press release
02:02:36a Hasbro states its safety case via newspaper ads
02:02:42a Japan's leadership race hots up
02:02:46a At the Core of Apple A Clear-eyed Look at Steve Jobs' World
02:02:49a Family wants stolen jewelry back
02:02:53a Huckabee 'Council on Foreign Relations a lot of good people with good ideas'
02:02:57a Hit 'em Where it Hurt Contact FoxNews Advertisers re Ron Paul NH Debate Snub
02:03:01a 'Fair & Balanced' Network Limits Choice
02:03:04a Ron Paul Furious over Fox Debate Snub
02:03:11a Despite his grief, a Palestinian calls for peace
02:03:15a Thais gripped by grief as beloved Princess Galyani loses long battle with cancer
02:03:18a Kerala to go ahead with new dam at Mullaperiyar CM
02:03:22a Kerala journalists, non-journalists to go on fast
02:03:26a DFW International Airport Grows Cathay Pacific Cargo Service With New Flight and Route
02:03:30a IBS signs deal with MPA to manage core cargo, marine operations
02:03:34a Road closures including for Alamo Bowl
02:03:37a Annapolis County Events
02:03:41a Granville's Death Investigated While His Life is Treasured
02:03:45a Winter Classic a Huge Success
02:03:48a The Deep Freeze
02:03:52a Chris Collins first day on the job
02:03:55a Winter Classic Clean-Up Underway
02:03:59a On Way to Court, Man Hits New Hampshire Cruisers
02:04:02a Arrest Reports
02:04:06a First Look PowerPoint 2008
02:04:09a First Look Entourage 2008
02:04:13a iCab 4.0 Meters Out Universality And New Features
02:04:16a Sonic The Hedgehog For iPod
02:04:20a Nashville voter data only guarded half-time on weekends
02:04:24a Matt Birney quits politics
02:04:27a Sydney house fire 'not suspicious'
02:04:31a Qld Govt 'won't back down' on Traveston Crossing Dam
02:04:34a Astronomers ramp up hunt for ET
02:04:38a Jockey 'won't walk again' after race accident
02:04:41a A Layman's Guide to Man-Made Global Warming
02:04:49a Gun Lobby Hijacks Bill Intended to Improve Gun Buyer Background Checks
02:04:52a 2 new complaints filed against Morrison related to sex scandal
02:04:56a Huckabee Gay Behavior a Choice
02:04:59a 'The Chris Plante Show' LIVE THREAD Wed., Jan. 2, 2008
02:05:02a Calling for new tone on immigration debate.
02:05:06a Protesters warm up for convention in St. Paul
02:05:09a Iowa Ice Capades
02:05:13a Soldiers Small units taking big steps
02:05:17a America's Pursuit Of Happiness
02:05:21a Difficulties beyond politics Sheiks in two Iraqi villages see farming and other needs
02:05:24a Huckabee blasts Saudis
02:05:28a Families Remember Pearl Harbor Attack Fri, 07 Dec 2007 184222 GMT
02:05:32a Fort Pierce Soldier Killed in Iraq Fri, 07 Dec 2007 144752 GMT
02:05:36a Arkansas Woman Turns Christmas Tree Into War Memorial Thu, 06 Dec 2007 175051 GMT
02:05:39a Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance...
02:05:47a Escaped inmate dies in shootout with police
02:05:50a New Hampshire polls have McCain smiling
02:05:54a Study They talk, you sit in traffic longer
02:05:57a Funeral Set For Tri-state Native Who Died In China
02:06:01a Man pleads guilty to bilking investors out of 8 million
02:06:05a Britney Spears' lawyers ask to quit custody case, citing communication 'breakdown'
02:06:10a Norwood Dispatch Gets 100K Office Makeover
02:06:14a 26 arrested in Fort Worth's 'no refusal' DWI initiative
02:06:17a Fishing Report January 3, 2008 Thu, 03 Jan 2008 013543 GMT
02:06:21a Two Snowmobilers Killed in Washington Avalanche Thu, 03 Jan 2008 004022 GMT
02:06:25a Southern Farmers Scramble to Protect Crops from Freeze Thu, 03 Jan 2008 013803 GMT
02:06:29a Candidates Make Last-Minute Iowa Appeals Thu, 03 Jan 2008 001111 GMT
02:06:32a Inmate Dies after Hospital Escape and Shootout Thu, 03 Jan 2008 005141 GMT
02:06:36a Governor I'll arrest militants' parents
02:06:44a Florida's push for more managed care in Medicaid to slow down
02:06:48a Diabetic jailed for crash death
02:06:53a Hi-Tech System to Boost Industrial Design
02:06:57a Giuliani Wants a 'Surge' in Afghanistan
02:07:05a 'Such is the delusional mind-set of appeasers'
02:07:10a Mildura Marina to be opened up to Murray
02:07:14a Miliband Resists Calls for UK Sanctions Against Kenya
02:07:18a Justice Former Sen. Burns no longer part of Abramoff investigation
02:07:29a TSA Announces New Office of Global Strategies
02:07:32a TSA Screening of Remote Control Toys
02:07:36a Passenger John Doe, Your Checkpoint is Now Ready
02:07:42a Some Volatile Opinions About Volatile Liquids
02:07:46a Talk show host shares carjacking experience
02:07:51a Arguments heat up over new immigration law
02:07:54a Legislators spar over immigration law
02:07:59a Guard troops will be home for holidays
02:08:02a Business leaders urge changes to HB 1804
02:08:06a Coburn blocks homebuyers' bill
02:08:09a Democrats set goal of ‘regional average' for teachers' pay
02:08:14a Giant Crippled 'Chicken' in Saskatoon Protests KFC
02:08:17a Submarine maker redesigning Virginia-class ships
02:08:25a Air board adopts target for greenhouse gas reductions
02:08:29a Travelers To Cut Greenhouse Gases
02:08:32a Governor's team recommends 47 ways to cut greenhouse gases
02:08:36a Senate committee passes bill to slash U.S. greenhouse gases
02:08:40a Greenhouse creates poinsettia paradise
02:08:44a Crackdown Against Buddhist Monks Shakes Burmese Society rights and law
02:08:47a Children Fight on Front Line of DRC War rights and law
02:08:52a US Justice Department Announces Criminal Investigation into Missing CIA Videotapes rights and law
02:08:56a Five Detained in Burundi After Murder of French Aid Worker rights and law
02:08:59a The diet's in the details
02:09:03a Fiesta Bowl game kicks off
02:09:07a ETHIOPIA Zufan Alebachew 'I must stay healthy for my baby's sake.'
02:09:10a GLOBAL Imams wake up to HIV/AIDS
02:09:14a ANGOLA To tell or not to tell, that is the tricky question
02:09:17a GLOBAL Positive fatwas using religious rulings in the AIDS struggle
02:09:21a Fire breaks out in building in Mumbai
02:09:25a Peer calls for ADHD care review
02:09:28a Brain areas grow slower in children with ADHD
02:09:32a Images show ADHD clues
02:09:35a Research links ADHD to brain lag
02:09:40a Auditors find accounting holes in U.S. fund for equipping Iraqi security forces
02:09:48a Free Reading Activities for Kids Stop and Read Game
02:09:51a Police look for signs tiger was taunted
02:09:55a They talk, you sit in traffic longer, study says
02:09:58a Mayawati to hold six rallies in Himachal Pradesh
02:10:02a CPM promises special status for Himachal Pradesh
02:10:14a Arctic Ocean Drilling 02 Jan 2008 194818 GMT
02:10:18a Troubled NSW hospital to get more nurses
02:10:21a Two People Rescued From Fire In Springdale
02:10:38a Senior Chinese official calls for efforts to ensure stability
02:10:58a Writers Or Not, Late-Night TV Coming Back
02:11:02a Pearl Harbor remembered
02:11:05a FHP Driver Involved In 2nd Fatal Crash
02:11:09a GET YOUR OPINION PRINTED Share your thoughts on Martz's firing
02:11:12a Hampton Roads' jobless rate remains flat in August
02:11:18a Jamestown gives Hampton Roads a job boost in May
02:11:24a Warning issued on products for kids' tummy upset
02:11:37a Italy steel plant fire kills one, injures six
02:11:41a Italy government calls Senate confidence vote
02:11:45a Air France-KLM, Italian carrier Air One make bids for Italy's struggling carrier, Alitalia
02:11:49a Man, woman found fatally shot in Merrillville apartment
02:11:52a Amazing Kreskin offers help with Peterson search
02:11:56a Greene County kids donate money to help farmers
02:12:00a Pakistan Pushes Elections Back By A Month
02:12:04a Amazon Grows Stronger
02:12:07a BJ's Warehouse Blown Down
02:12:11a National City Dives on Dividend Slash
02:12:15a LDK Solar Flares Up
02:12:18a Advice on manners and morals.
02:12:22a What do applicants need to know about the online news business?
02:12:28a Mulayam advises media to focus on common man
02:12:31a Now, Modi woos Surat businessmen
02:12:46a PBS Frontline Showdown with Iran
02:12:50a The HUGE underwear we gave
02:12:53a 2008 Mummers Parade
02:12:57a DSC_0135
02:13:04a frontline
02:13:08a Gold Slippers
02:13:11a Wench
02:13:15a Don't lose that beer!
02:13:18a Jean Luc Picard
02:13:23a The 15-minute tip Make those charitable donations count
02:13:27a Weak economic data, oil at 100 take their toll on stocks
02:13:30a If you're rich you should buy stuff now
02:13:34a Stocks in focus for Thursday
02:13:37a Equities begin 2008 lower as U.S. economic worries persist
02:13:41a Hackers Get Data of Federal Lab Visitors
02:13:48a Sickening Descriptions of Hillary
02:13:52a Saddam's top aide escapes Iraqi security raid
02:13:56a Life's a gas for Sichuan farmers
02:13:59a Non-residents face ban on property purchases
02:14:03a Experts call for suicide research
02:14:06a Immigration workload on rise
02:14:10a Street dance challenge concludes in capital
02:14:13a Chinese googlers searching for money
02:14:17a Upclose witness to history
02:14:20a Sunset ceremony Murphy weds Edmonds off Bora Bora
02:14:24a Love-starved Lohan kisses three guys in 24 hours
02:14:28a An item? 'Heroes' stars Milo, Hayden dating
02:14:31a Tsinghua tops graduates salary count
02:14:35a Mirror Image The 2,200 hair-raising question
02:14:38a Louise McCormick Joins Heska's Board of Directors
02:14:42a Gen-Probe to Webcast Presentation at 26th Annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference
02:14:46a How Can We Avert Dangerous Climate Change?
02:14:49a 6 hours for Hurricane Daman to Hit Labasa
02:14:54a US university bans students without mumps shot
02:14:58a U of Colorado settles sexual assault suit
02:15:01a Anniversary of Montreal Massacre remembered with roses and ribbons
02:15:05a Southern Discomfort Thailand's Insurgency Enters Year Five
02:15:09a Looking Back and Forward at Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering Highlights
02:15:13a Why the Boim Ruling is a Pyrrhic Victory for the Islamic Charities
02:15:16a Next President Should Have Healthy Disdain for What World Wants from America
02:15:24a 3 Tri-state Teams Get Ready For State Championship Games
02:15:28a Growing Beach church wants to build mega- complex
02:15:32a Black churches have rich history of giving
02:15:35a Rich in China openly flout one-child policy
02:15:39a Healthy food getting more expensive
02:15:45a Savage Symonds guides Australia to 463
02:15:55a Iran's Ayatollah No Smear Campaigning
02:15:58a To Catch A Predator Justice Fort Myers Where Are They Now?
02:16:02a Beyonce Shows She Learned Nothing From PETA Cam
02:16:06a CBS Is Sued...AGAIN
02:16:10a New York Tiffany Pollard Takes Her Fit To Miami
02:16:13a Alicia Keys Rocks The New Year's Ball Drop
02:16:17a Marie Osmond The Single Life, Possible New TV Show
02:16:29a Dubai donates 1.3 million for Palestinian children education
02:16:33a Some Arab leaders displaying more courage & independence
02:16:37a Priests accused of lopping branch off Buddha enlightenment tree to sell as souvenirs
02:16:44a Inside Entrepreneurship Take steps to protect patent filings
02:16:49a MP3 players pack new features
02:16:53a RPG Cellucom launches stylish MP3 MP4 players
02:17:01a Deputy commits suicide
02:17:11a Iowa Caucuses Provide Grassroots Democracy states
02:17:15a Huckabee, Romney Lead Republican Presidential Pack in Iowa states
02:17:19a Study Says Bush Export Policy Could Aid China's Military Modernization states
02:17:30a Must See Soldier home from Iraq surprises sons at school
02:17:34a Offers of help pouring in for returning vet after thieves strip dream house bare
02:17:42a Suicide bomber kills 3 in strike on Algerian police
02:17:45a Health & Fitness Calendar
02:17:49a Zimbabwe/Namibia Under-20s Face Country
02:17:55a Zimbabwe/South Africa Nyandoro Crowned Best Midfielder in South Africa
02:17:59a Card leads to arrest in Zimbabwe
02:18:03a Lettermans Back, With a Greeting From Clinton
02:18:07a With Builder in Bankruptcy, Buyers Are Outside Looking In
02:18:13a Stock futures rise after payroll data
02:18:16a US copper futures end shade up, market awaits data
02:18:20a Gas Prices Fall While Oil Futures Rise
02:18:27a Kenya battles swarms of locusts
02:18:40a JP leader held in Khulna
02:18:44a Tk 10b shoddy goods seized in Ctg, Khulna
02:18:48a Joint forces seize spurious fertiliser, food grains worth Tk 1.0m in Khulna
02:19:15a Senate Global Warming Bill
02:19:19a Man pleads not guilty in father's death
02:19:28a A holiday medley, off key
02:19:33a Eve of Iowa caucuses Huckabee on Leno
02:19:37a Mission accomplished by Nutt at Brands Hatch WSBK
02:19:40a More home computers needed for alien signal hunt
02:19:44a Cellphone ads to blossom in 2008
02:19:59a Religion calendar
02:20:11a Kosovo Uncertainty Before the Storm
02:20:22a Step-in-the-shoes regulations
02:20:26a Store Clerk Attacked With Canned Food
02:20:37a Euro, pound mixed after Britain cuts interest rates, Europe stands firm
02:20:41a Escape from the flatlands
02:20:45a Palestinians Shave Their Heads in Show of Solidarity
02:20:49a Study Says Bush Export Policy Could Aid China's Military Modernization
02:20:53a Tadic No More Senseless Wars for Serbia
02:20:57a Benin/Nigeria Benin Dumps Troussier, As Drogba Doubtful
02:21:01a The Man-Leopard Murder- History and Society in Colonial Nigeria book listing
02:21:04a Nigeria oil peace deal 'a stunt'
02:21:15a Pols struggle to spin final Iowa polls
02:21:24a Edwards has right take on health care
02:21:40a Dallas pastor submits Southern Baptist Convention president nomination
02:21:45a Public sector funds 'have most growth'
02:21:48a David Morgan pockets 6m in BHP shares
02:21:52a JPD and Hinds SO arrest 34 on New Year's Eve
02:21:56a 3 teens charged with carjacking
02:21:59a 2 qualify for Pickering's House seat
02:22:03a Fort Worth conductor still in hospital after train accident
02:22:07a Some 50 people injured when bus, tractor-trailer collide in N.C.
02:22:10a Netflix, LG to offer movie set-top box
02:22:20a Arkansas football coach search drags on
02:22:25a Woman Takes Out Ad To Sell Breast Milk
02:22:33a Norway warns over Sri Lanka truce pullout
02:22:37a Britain to send detectives to Pakistan
02:22:41a Three Indian students die in Melbourne house fire
02:22:45a France blocks Maori head return
02:22:49a Do you agree Kumari system violates rights of young girls?
02:22:52a Crash toddler transferred to Crumlin
02:22:56a Parcells hires Ireland as GM
02:23:00a Smith Electric Vehicles to Deliver 100 Electric Vans and Trucks to Ireland
02:23:03a Flat fire 'not suspicious'
02:23:07a EU Africa Summit What's Up in Lisbon? analysis
02:23:11a Cooperation Towards a Goal Coalition Cooperation between NGOs and Government Should Improve
02:23:15a Unknown Assailants Attack MANS Activists
02:23:19a Delegates Pledge 605 Million in New Delhi for Avian Flu Fight
02:23:27a China Railway in strong HK debut
02:23:34a Pa. couple has 1st baby for 2nd year
02:23:44a Candidates Scored on AIDS Policies
02:23:48a Giuliani muses on vice president, cabinet
02:23:52a Government retreat blamed for Hips delays
02:23:56a African Union leads diplomatic pressure to start talks and end the violence
02:24:00a Hedge fund raises stake to block nationalisation of Northern Rock
02:24:03a Letters Winning equal pay in the public sector
02:24:07a In praise of ... Brian Eno
02:24:10a Jeremy Leggett Yes minister, nuclear's best
02:24:14a 'We Cannot Take It for Granted That Food Will Be Available in the Future'
02:24:18a Property Values Are Eroding Too
02:24:22a Farmers 'Spray and Pray' to Fight Cold
02:24:25a Trust in Hi-Tech Fight Over Superbugs
02:24:29a Having Technical Difficulties
02:24:33a T-YOU Rants Raves City Leaders Wasteful, Disgraceful
02:24:36a Archbishop Adds Sparkle to Church's Candlelit Carol Service
02:24:40a Belgians to Send Record Mobile Text Messages on New Year's Eve
02:24:44a God Does Not Do Waste, Archbishop Says in 'Green' New Year Message
02:24:47a Flaherty brings low-tax message to New Brunswick
02:24:51a South Africa Da Gama is After Answers
02:24:55a New Brunswick police focus on teens in holiday highway safety campaign
02:24:58a Ibiza Rhapsody Cuts Cord to PC
02:25:02a Coupons To Aid TV Transition
02:25:06a Police busy with slayings, drunken drivers over New Year
02:25:09a Apple's Bigger Bite Of Market
02:25:13a Health officials slow to respond to contagious disease reports
02:25:17a Lantos, stricken with cancer, to retire at the end of the year
02:25:21a Drivers on cells clogging traffic
02:25:24a Evaluating Your Computer Forensic Vendor
02:25:28a Vatican, Muslims Plan 'Historic' Meeting
02:25:32a Three Indians killed in Melbourne house blaze
02:25:39a US given back seat in Bhutto's death investigation
02:25:43a Eight indicted in 'pump-and-dump' securities fraud scheme
02:25:46a Ambassador Thanks China for Support to Angola
02:25:50a BitDefender comes to Linux
02:25:57a Congo Gives Ugandan Rebel Leader One Month
02:26:02a Checklist
02:26:05a Samsung targets 15% market share by next year
02:26:09a Deputies Search For Theft Suspect Caught On Surveillance Video
02:26:13a Forestry sector faces another rough year from dollar and U.S. markets
02:26:17a Cedar Hill reports two cases of rabies in skunks
02:26:21a Botswana Letsatsi Dance Theatre Brings Global Flavour
02:26:24a Short Story Ann
02:26:28a The Deadly Dance Bullfighting in Spain
02:26:32a Britney Spears' lawyers ask to quit custody case, citing communication 'breakdown'
02:26:36a Baby-naming serious business in India
02:26:42a Panic spreads as Uganda reports 101 Ebola cases
02:26:47a Cell-phone users slow traffic, study finds
02:26:50a Fashion with a Cause
02:26:57a Here's the Online List of All Lists
02:27:00a Bangladesh Likely to Cut 50 Pct Internet Tariff
02:27:04a Teresa, Not Diana, 'First Saint of Celebrity Age'
02:27:08a No Sign of Internet Conman
02:27:11a LSU Arrives in New Orleans
02:27:15a Maintenance Worker Accidentally Starts Fire at Apartment Complex
02:27:19a Baker Family's Home Robbed Four Times Since September
02:27:22a Unsolved Murders in Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas
02:27:26a Deputy Booked on DWI Charge Resigns from the Sheriff's Office
02:27:29a Walter Boasso's Exotic Animal Farm
02:27:33a Police Looking for Woman Who Shot a Man on Myrtle Street
02:27:36a New Orleans Records over 200 Murders for 2007
02:27:40a Unattended Candle Causes Fire at Home on East Washington St.
02:27:44a Two Men Wanted for Robbing 'Fricken Chicken' Restaurant
02:27:47a Pregnant Woman Critically Injured in Crash on I-12
02:27:53a Four-Star RM68 Mln Holiday Inn Opens In Melaka
02:27:57a Tyler Brûlé Let's bring back some Christmas spirit
02:28:01a South Africa Buildco Bound to Milk Cash Cows column
02:28:06a Creamery loses sheep - gains a few friends
02:28:10a Livestock in good condition as winter approaches North ...
02:28:14a - N.C. Tries to Get Hay to Cattle Farmers
02:28:18a Rabid skunk bites cows on Lincoln farm
02:28:21a Bhopal's gas-affected kids protest on Children's Day
02:28:25a Abu Salem produced in Bhopal court
02:28:32a Late Night Shows Return Amid Writer's Strike
02:28:36a Slideshow Hunger Strike
02:28:41a First B ED college in Punjab for teachers of special children
02:28:45a Frozen Oranges
02:28:48a India blank Bermuda for a fine start, take on Pak next
02:28:52a The book that almost got away Award-winning novel was turned down by 15 publishers
02:28:58a Mathaba Exclusive Emergency Rule and Hope for Pakistan
02:29:04a Students Meet With Tzipi Livni, Knesset Officials in Israel
02:29:09a ~6 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Strike
02:29:13a Book Details Threat of Israeli Nukes
02:29:17a Ezra Divide Jerusalem, But Not Old City
02:29:20a 50% of Public Barak's Staying in Gov't Irresponsible
02:29:24a Rafah 100 pilgrims return to Gaza
02:29:27a Olmert transfers control of religious affairs to Shas
02:29:31a Tel Aviv's Bold Blend of Past and Future
02:29:35a Home to Gaza Egypt lets Gazan Hajj pilgrims return home through Rafah. Comments 0
02:29:39a President takes leave of Palestinian Ambassador
02:29:42a Palestinian pilgrims return to Gaza through Egypt; Israel objects
02:29:46a Niners' Nolan 'I will remain the one voice'
02:29:50a Ford recalls 1.1M trucks and SUVs over possible engine stall
02:30:05a Lalu to inaugurate Mangalore-Bangalore express on Dec 8
02:30:09a Mangalore Grim Reality India third in Cervical Cancer
02:30:12a Software exports Mysore pips Mangalore
02:30:16a Best 2007 video games for kids
02:30:19a Nintendo mulls pulling Wii TV ads
02:30:25a Post-Kyoto climate repair
02:30:29a Orlando's new police chief can point criminals to higher road
02:30:33a Study Offers Insight into Plant Cell-Wall Construction
02:30:37a Verner welcomes change in organization of Quebec City's birthday bash
02:30:40a ADVISORY Start of KWS news cycle for Jan. 3+
02:30:44a CCN extends Operation Bridge of Hope, seeks contributions for victims
02:30:48a Discrimination, Oppression, and Identity in Dominican Society
02:30:52a Canadian man still missing off Punta Cana coast
02:31:03a Death toll in northern China mining disaster rises to 105, state media reports
02:31:10a NSCN-IM assumes role of moral police in Nagaland
02:31:13a Indian PM hits out at Gujarat leader
02:31:18a Meghalaya is the focus state at IITF
02:31:22a Mo. father pleads guilty in deaths of 2 children
02:31:25a Southern freeze threatens crops
02:31:29a Kenya One girl's story 20-year-old Fatuma reports from post-election conflict
02:31:33a Sonics vote set for March 4 - in Oklahoma City
02:31:36a Bangladesh seeks exit of ex-PMs from politics-paper
02:31:45a Dallas man on death row gets fourth trial after review
02:31:48a BHP, Anglo American to invest 1.0 bln dlrs in safrican coal
02:31:54a Gas blast at China coal mine, 96 feared dead
02:31:59a Accused Beauty Queen Freed on Bond
02:32:03a Colo. Shooter Denies Intent, Police Say
02:32:07a Drunken Driver Who Fled US Gets 14 Years
02:32:11a West remarks overshadow security plan
02:32:15a Pop Quiz
02:32:19a Linux Advocate--Seeking Geeks Who Know
02:32:23a Pastors Supporting Huckabee Get Threats
02:32:27a Ex-wife of Venezuela's Chavez proposes reducing presidential term
02:32:31a Iran hangs 13 on single day reports 03
02:32:34a CPI-ML activists stage dharna on Babri demolition anniv
02:32:39a Shock to probe panel members
02:32:42a Madonna Sues Manhattan Co-Op Board
02:32:46a Washington Journal Entire Program
02:32:50a Mother Shows Father Kids' Caskets In Court
02:32:53a 22 of Vick's dog relocated to Utah sanctuary
02:32:57a DANIDA staff abducted in Chittagong Hill Tracts massive hunt on
02:33:01a India fail to go for the kill in Chittagong
02:33:04a Justice Dept. Sets Criminal Inquiry Into C.I.A. Tapes
02:33:08a Dot Earth Ah, for the Days of 15-Cent-a-Barrel Oil ? or N...
02:33:12a McCain?s ?Surge? in New Hampshire
02:33:15a Female bomber strikes Iraqi town
02:33:19a Climate change ranking names Canada 4th-worst, notes improvement in China Quake rattles Indonesia's
02:33:23a Quake rattles Indonesia's resort island of Bali amid major climate conference
02:33:27a Strong quake rattles Indonesia's resort island of Bali
02:33:31a Quake jolts Indonesia's Bali
02:33:34a Who's the leader in your market?
02:33:38a Special cars, cameras make chase scenes
02:33:41a Bullion Rates
02:33:45a Iran's Ayatollah No smear campaigning
02:33:49a Study finds cooperative fisheries promise more money for less work than competitive model
02:33:53a Uruguay fisheries exports expected to reach 196 million US dollars
02:33:59a Endangered cockatoos released into wild
02:34:03a Woman among 13 executed in Iran
02:34:07a Iran plane skids off runway
02:34:22a Deal of the Day Credit Card Security Features Worth Opting For
02:34:31a McCain takes national Republican lead Pew poll
02:34:34a New Passport Card Could Weaken Security and Privacy
02:34:48a Stocks close lower in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina
02:34:51a Inflation tops 22 per cent in Venezuela, highest in Latin America
02:34:55a 2000 Certification for Information Security Solutions Suite
02:34:58a Taiwanese duo stun Argentina
02:35:05a Irish firms eye opportunities as German economy gains strength
02:35:09a Banks swamped as Malta and Cyprus become latest members of euro zone
02:35:13a 'Cogeneration' sewage plan will save city 335,000 in utility bills
02:35:18a TIC Presents Findings of Global Corruption Barometer 2007
02:35:22a Benefit fraud of 1.7 bil. yen found in Osaka Pref.
02:35:29a Qld police nab 2,000 speedsters in a day
02:35:33a States 'must rethink pokies addiction'
02:35:36a Power cuts likely in Perth
02:35:40a Fortune deserts India as Australia takes control
02:35:43a Cong hits back at Mayawati
02:35:47a Chandra Shekhar's son Neeraj Shekhar wins Ballia Lok Sabha constituency by huge margin
02:35:50a College forms panel to probe New Year incident
02:35:54a Tribals win forest battle
02:35:58a SP & JD-U win UP, Bihar bypolls
02:36:01a Kashmir separatist feels 'unique bond' with Bhutto's son
02:36:05a Tiger Airways starts the new year with the launch of services to Bangalore
02:36:08a Jet Airways and MAS look at possibility of code-sharing
02:36:12a India's policy toward neighbors
02:36:15a Death turns Benazir into a saintly star
02:36:22a Year of mergers and more
02:36:26a For the Navy's modernisation
02:36:29a California Sues E.P.A. Over Denial of Waiver
02:36:33a Father Says He Set Fire That Killed Three
02:36:37a Names of the Dead
02:36:43a Election 2008 Iowa Dispatch Why It's Wrong to 'Sit This One Out'
02:36:46a Health and Wellness MRIs Aren't a Magic Bullet for Breast Cancer Detection
02:36:50a MediaCulture Should Big Media Choose Our Candidates?
02:36:54a The Road to 100 Oil - and Beyond
02:36:57a AOL co-founder's Revolution Health acquires healthtalk
02:37:01a Lebanon president talks stalled
02:37:05a Lebanon leader's vote could be postponed
02:37:08a Chile retailers taking on Latin America markets
02:37:13a Drink tea to your health in 2008
02:37:16a SPN 21 Trial Run Begins
02:37:20a Fair Shines Spotlight On New Products
02:37:24a Roads Jammed As New School Term Begins
02:37:27a Two Accidents Along Jalan Berakas
02:37:31a Excitement Fills The Air At SMJA
02:37:35a Launchpad To Enhance Products & Services
02:37:38a SR Kg Mata-Mata Strives Or Excellence
02:37:42a DJ Home Video Annual Dinner At Empire Hotel
02:37:46a Conserving The Environment With Standard Chartered's Greatest Race On Earth
02:37:49a First Day Jitters For New Students
02:37:53a Paisley thanks Kennedy for supporting peace talks in N. Ireland
02:37:57a Oil's Surge Reshapes the World
02:38:00a Bank Tried Subprime, Got Singed
02:38:04a The NHS at 60
02:38:07a Liberal Democrat defects
02:38:11a Gray wolves thrive in West
02:38:19a Chinese mainland-Taiwan sea routes transport 2.6 mln passengers in 7 years
02:38:23a Zhengzhou to become air hub
02:38:26a In&Out City gets new leader, bank names 2 vice-governors
02:38:30a HK groups welcome suffrage decision
02:38:34a Lethal injection to be used more
02:38:40a Romeny Speaks About Faith In Public Life 07 Dec 2007 113617 GMT
02:38:43a Mumm at the Movies The Worst of 2007
02:38:47a Storm Shelter May Be Wise Addition to New or Existing Home
02:38:51a New Years Resolutions for Your Computer Security
02:38:54a J.K. Rowling
02:38:58a Angry Voter Confronts John Tory
02:39:02a Richard Steele
02:39:13a On eve of caucuses, Giuliani skips Iowa
02:39:16a Analysis What's at stake in Iowa
02:39:21a JetBlue to take off with inflight e-mail
02:39:24a Stranded Hajis return to Gaza
02:39:28a Israel Denies Report Calling Egypt Min 'Irrelevant' AFP
02:39:32a Israel's foreign minister met with American student leaders in Israel.
02:39:35a Obesity now recognized by NII as a disability
02:39:39a Hezbollah aims at eliminating the state of Lebanon
02:39:43a Travel agents redesign packages as gambling tourism goes mainstream
02:39:46a Tapugan sued over misleading saturated fat info
02:39:50a If Haredi were to manage own schooling, they'd destroy it
02:39:54a Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Welcomes New Shareholder in Mexico
02:39:57a Engine quits on Mexican caravan
02:40:01a Mexican farmers protest as trade barriers lifted under NAFTA
02:40:05a Judge resigns over graphic fantasy tapes
02:40:09a To catch a thief
02:40:16a watch live free online tv telugu, hindi, tamil and kannada
02:40:19a Year in Review Top Cutler Bay News Stories of 2007
02:40:23a Talk Show Appearances Could Hurt Huck and Hill
02:40:26a Pakistan's Unfortunate Elephant in the Room
02:40:30a The Oppressed Dalits of India Need Help!
02:40:34a Man dead after polar bear swim in Trail, B.C.
02:40:37a The Perils of 'Social Ads'
02:40:41a Parliamentary Elections In Pakistan Now On Monday, 18 February 2008
02:40:45a North Dallas community calendar
02:40:48a BP upsets Greenpeace with return to tar sands
02:40:52a Three questions with fashion guru Tim Gunn
02:40:58a Luxury fashion firms eye Asia
02:41:02a Auction tool for tea prices
02:41:05a Family Wis. amnesia victim died without regaining memories
02:41:09a Redacted Air-Traffic Safety Survey Released
02:41:13a Lisboa shapes up for showdown
02:41:16a Greens accused of cop-out on Lisbon Treaty
02:41:20a Spain fears property meltdown as Colonial value plummets by 40%
02:41:24a Portuguese Student Brings Multiple Cultures to the Hill
02:41:28a Did Huck's “cancelled” ad run in Iowa anyway?
02:41:32a Philippine shares outlook Lower on Wall Street losses, record oil prices
02:41:36a African Union leads diplomatic pressure to end violence
02:41:39a PRESS DIGEST Philippine newspapers Jan 3
02:41:43a Hopes pinned on African Union head to defuse poll violence
02:41:47a Philippine Communist rebels raid copper mine
02:41:51a Steady Chanderpaul defies South Africans
02:41:54a Poet hopes to inspire Filipinos to be 'light' to world
02:41:58a Peace in RP, world Arroyo's wishes for '08
02:42:02a Palace hopefuls seen to welcome Estrada's 'vice' offer
02:42:05a Another Refinery Fire Breaks Out
02:42:11a Global oil refining margins to weaken in 2008
02:42:14a Kenya Italians Cancel Visit Over Chaos
02:42:18a Project Deciphering Financial Newsletter Speak
02:42:22a linkfest - 01/02/08
02:42:25a Intel The Bulls are Back in Town
02:42:32a Musharraf Delays Election By Six Weeks
02:42:38a DART, school needed for Shankill 'new town'
02:42:42a Irish eyes will smile if Hillary wins race
02:42:46a Garda seek missing Dublin woman
02:42:49a Life of Irish Micky a thundering hard read
02:42:53a Parcells Brings in Ireland as Dolphins General Manager
02:42:56a Ahern's Christmas greetings to Poles in Ireland
02:43:00a End of an era as Burlington closes
02:43:03a PRESS DIGEST Singapore newspapers Jan 3
02:43:07a 8 p.m. Update WBZ Weather For Jan. 2
02:43:15a Front-line AIDS drugs show staying power study
02:43:19a U.S. care for HIV detainees falls short report
02:43:22a Clinic gets a fillip
02:43:26a 2 Shiv Sena activists injured in clash on Babri demolition Anniv
02:43:30a British holidaymakers fly home from Kenya
02:43:33a Newcastle United 0-2 Manchester City
02:43:37a Are you a helicopter parent
02:43:40a Dogged postie wins first novel prize
02:43:44a Manchester City add to Allardyce s anxieties
02:43:47a Top marks for a world leader
02:43:51a Scotland Yard asked to find Bhutto's killers
02:43:55a Britain Drops 'War on Terror'
02:43:59a Suspects held over new year murders
02:44:02a Big screen call for Scotland fans
02:44:05a Derby lose to late goal
02:44:09a London Airport staff call off first strike, others still possible
02:44:13a Season's 1st official flu case in Maryland is confirmed
02:44:16a Mediocrity dogs Bears, Redskins
02:44:20a Water main break hits Parole, Edgewater
02:44:24a WSA announces finalists for tech awards
02:44:27a Harness Solar Energy for Widespread Use editorial
02:44:31a Iowa Is Uncertain as Out-of-State Students Return
02:44:35a Hospital Cardiac Arrest Response Often Too Slow
02:44:38a Letterman’s Back, With a Greeting From Clinton
02:44:42a With Builder in Bankruptcy, Buyers Are Left Out
02:44:46a Fertiliser Hawker again fined
02:44:49a Hillary Tale
02:44:53a No man's land
02:44:56a Olmert Gov't Bans Jewish Prayer From Temple Mount
02:45:00a Five Detained in Burundi After Murder of French Aid Worker
02:45:04a McHuck-a-Smear
02:45:08a Zimbabwe Opposition Makes Demands for Participating In Elections
02:45:11a UN Says 2007 Was Deadly Year for Staff Members
02:45:15a Malawi VP's Attorneys Dismiss President Mutharika's Accusations
02:45:19a Man Crashes Corvette Into Ravine
02:45:22a Police warn about home invaders bearing packages
02:45:26a Trail, B.C., drowning not at polar bear swim official
02:45:30a British police to help in Bhutto investigation
02:45:34a Big Brother shocker ' contestants will be talented
02:45:38a Gold near record high, oil boosts safe-haven appeal
02:45:42a Kosovo to aim for 'coordinated' declaration of independence
02:45:47a IBM, Tagsys team to help pharma firms use RFID to track drugs
02:45:51a Pharmacy software vendors embrace e-prescribing
02:45:55a Former officer arraigned
02:45:59a Report Japan to consider easing restrictions on US beef imports
02:46:02a Weird fish captured by U.S. fisherman
02:46:06a Firearm seized and man in custody after Clark's Harbour incident
02:46:10a Kenya's political leaders trade charges
02:46:13a 'Kenya has gone mad . . . mad with fury'
02:46:17a Kenya post-election death toll reaches 341
02:46:21a Kenya Unrest Rooted in Tribal Tensions, Corruption
02:46:24a Kenya travel warning strengthened
02:46:28a Travellers told to stay away from Kenya
02:46:32a Who Gave the Tips to Kibaki
02:46:35a How the Polls Were Messed Up
02:46:39a Mr President, What's 'Partisan' Politics opinion
02:46:43a U.S. Highway 97 bridge across Columbia closed till Memorial Day
02:46:47a Newest Eyman initiative aims to soothe WA traffic jams
02:46:51a Study Says Bush Export Policy Could Aid China's Military Modernization and finance
02:46:54a Bunker Fuel Carries Heavy Load Of Toxins
02:46:58a Hundreds Without Heat in Two Siberian Villages
02:47:02a Channel 3 News Now at 1000 PM
02:47:05a Recent Missing Persons
02:47:11a HMSHost and Airport Wireless Launch Techshowcase
02:47:15a DeSoto/Lancaster religion briefs
02:47:19a Rescue heads to report of pedestrian hit in Providence
02:47:23a Tonight Kwanzaa celebration, acoustic rock and swing
02:47:26a Robber in sunglasses, hood hits Cranston bank / Photo
02:47:30a Brutal attacks shake Auckland community
02:47:34a Ripley County Home Invasion
02:47:37a Former Champion Anwar Returns for Competition
02:47:41a Hafiz, Taufik in Chong Wei's way
02:47:45a Profit Taking Likely Still For Malaysian Stocks
02:47:49a More jobs forecast as Europe's largest economy continues to grow
02:47:56a Reds' Ono keen on returning to Europe
02:48:00a Malaysia health minister resigns over sex video
02:48:03a Malaysian shares outlook Lower on Wall Street's fall
02:48:07a Eye on Malaysia to remain
02:48:11a Chaos rages in Kenya
02:48:14a Softchoice Corporation buys IT firm Optimus Solutions for US38M
02:48:18a Japan Mount Fuji
02:48:21a Medical Tourism China
02:48:25a Mexico Volcano
02:48:28a APTOPIX Bolivia Protest
02:48:32a Mexico Weather
02:48:36a Mexico US Free Trade
02:48:39a Barack Obama campaigning in Iowa
02:48:43a Fukuda turns to YouTube to raise international profile
02:48:47a Hollywood writers not to make any deal for Golden Globe Awards
02:48:51a CIA Director Michael Hayden
02:48:54a No presidential vote unless opposition gets veto in Lebanese government
02:48:58a Probe into international child porn
02:49:02a Staff did well in tiger attack
02:49:05a Bali bombers' execution nears
02:49:09a World cotton area projected stable in 2008/09
02:49:13a Avalanche near a Canadian ski resort kills 1 man, seriously injures another
02:49:16a Ecstasy safer than aspirin, says top cop
02:49:20a Woman bomber kills 10 in Iraq
02:49:24a Flexible and diverse, international schools thrive
02:49:28a Canadian death rate in Afghanistan worse than U.S. in Iraq, military reveals
02:49:32a Criminal probe opened over CIA videotapes
02:49:35a Slim down your body, fatten your piggy bank
02:49:39a Mohali international airport approved
02:49:43a 5 bands, 2 vocalists to compete in Bangkok
02:49:46a Thais mourn death of king's sister
02:49:50a Arm yourself with options
02:49:55a Mobile TV Small-screen quality impressive, but the menu isn't
02:49:59a Q&A Old drivers Filling a nano How secure?
02:50:02a PM calls for political reforms in Myanmar
02:50:06a Vietnam Airlines celebrates good year and 8 millionth passenger
02:50:10a Bhutto's son leaves Pakistan for Dubai
02:50:13a Myanmar junta orders massive hike in satellite TV licence fee
02:50:17a Sen Biden Criticizes Bush Admin Sale Of F-16s To Pakistan-AFP
02:50:21a Muslim splinter group persecuted in Pakistan
02:50:24a Revamped Singapore show bows...
02:50:28a Bird flu hits new farm in Bangladesh
02:50:32a 'Whole system is rigged'
02:50:35a Sri Lanka equity markets to face tough conditions in 2008 analysts
02:50:39a Pakistani Christians harassed at Christmas time
02:50:43a Bhutto's rise carved path for Pakistani women
02:50:47a Opinions vary on postponing Pakistan elections to Feb 18
02:50:51a Li Changchun Wednesday met with presidents of TV stations from five Southeast Asian
02:50:55a Longer Skid For Singapore Stocks
02:50:58a Bangladesh army-backed govt may send ex-PMs to exile
02:51:04a Shell Raises Awareness on HIV/Aids Campaign
02:51:08a Huckabee Appears on Leno's Show
02:51:11a Prodi gets revved up by Zapatero's comments
02:51:15a Bahrain, Italy Launch Venture to Boost Ties
02:51:19a Italians Cancel Visit Over Chaos
02:51:22a RPT-TABLE-Italy December new car registrations
02:51:26a Avalanche in Canada Kills Skier
02:51:29a Brazil's GOL to buy forty 737s from Boeing
02:51:33a Proyecto de Constituci n obliga a adecuar contratos
02:51:36a Inflaci n cerr en 11,7% en Bolivia
02:51:40a UN Says 2007 Was Deadly Year for Staff Members and conflict
02:51:44a Pitt beats Lafayette, 96-75
02:51:47a Mubarak Egypt keen to promote peace, unity in Sudan
02:51:51a U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman to retire
02:51:55a Genocide and Tribal Killings Raging Through Kenya
02:51:59a Iva Bittova and Wendy Osserman Dance Company collaborate on 'Out of Place'
02:52:04a Spring date for Sikkim Everest team
02:52:07a Sikkim steps into holiday season
02:52:11a Students Sniff Manure For Science
02:52:15a Alternative Energy Could Save You Money
02:52:19a Australia's Oilex & Indian Oil Cos Begin Drilling In Oman
02:52:23a MGM Cuts Video On Demand Deal with France Telecom
02:52:26a Air France to begin study of inflight cell phone use
02:52:30a Hezbollah Chief Says French Mediation On Lebanon To Go Forward
02:52:34a Thanxgiveaway Wiikend 2007 The Daily Show
02:52:37a Nagpur med college to get Rs 100 cr grantRamadoss
02:52:41a Kindle counts on connectivity to sell itself
02:52:45a Kayakers hoping to come ashore next week
02:52:48a Dead guide mourned by volunteers
02:52:55a Valley View subdi
02:53:09a But First, Doctor, What Was Your Marathon Time?
02:53:13a Still Skinny, but Now They Can Cook
02:53:16a Many Austinites resolve to lose weight
02:53:28a Kenya 'genocide' toll hits 300
02:53:32a Slain leader 'ignored' vital intelligence tip-offs
02:53:39a Bhutto's party to contest polls
02:53:43a Charges dropped against Tankleff
02:53:46a Oil hits US100 in record-breaking surge
02:53:50a Pakistani opposition disagree on election demands
02:53:54a Pakistani forces take over cleric's complex
02:53:58a Swiss economy 'can weather credit crisis'
02:54:01a Sidoarjo mudflow
02:54:05a Sisters Of Mercy Celebrate 12th Annual 'Rocktoberfest'
02:54:10a Miss Utah America
02:54:16a Plenty line up to challenge veteran lawmaker Hall for District 4 seat
02:54:19a City employee sentenced to over 14 years for selling presciption drugs
02:54:23a Red Cross feels the heat this fire season
02:54:27a Protein a possible key to allergy and asthma control
02:54:31a Epilepsy and brain pathology linked together by the protein ADK
02:54:34a Obesity linked to decreased seatbelt use
02:54:38a MRI techniques evolving towards better assessment of liver fibrosis
02:54:41a Il-22 gene delivers the goods and decreases intestinal inflammation
02:54:45a Language centers revealed, brain surgery refined with new mapping
02:54:49a Einstein researchers discover important clue to the cause of Parkinson's disease
02:54:53a The risk of osteoarthritis and index to ring finger length ratio
02:54:56a Alaska Air Group Reports November Traffic
02:55:00a Colombia Awaits DNA Test in Hostage Saga
02:55:05a Wisconsin Seeks a Less Cheesy Image
02:55:09a Iowa K
02:55:12a It's an invasion of his privacy
02:55:16a No place for a leader with no morals
02:55:19a Politicians must lead by example
02:55:23a Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone
02:55:26a P Diddy is American, not Black
02:55:30a Treatment room in bad state
02:55:33a Teens look up to politicians as role models
02:55:37a No news about bonds
02:55:40a Being right and honourable
02:55:44a Sharing stories through his films
02:55:47a Quitting is the right thing to do
02:55:51a Make way for the young
02:55:54a Be proud of our heritage
02:55:58a Skewed perceptions of regional security, yet again
02:56:02a Pleased with PM's decision
02:56:05a Make it compulsory for buses to have seat belts
02:56:09a Disappointed by 'Mr Clean'
02:56:15a Shocker College Aged Folks Go To The Library
02:56:19a Temperatures to warm across Oklahoma
02:56:22a Syria Blocks Facebook Fri, 07 Dec 2007 160717 GMT
02:56:26a PNB introduces branchless banking service in Bihar
02:56:29a Gandhgiri-like protest by junior doctors in Bihar
02:56:33a Huckabee Appears on Leno's Show AP
02:56:36a Bid to defuse Kenya crisis steps up PA
02:56:40a Md. Inmate Who Fled Hospital Killed AP
02:56:44a Leader From fraud to tragedy
02:56:48a Pushback to Unilateralism the China-India-Russia Alliance
02:56:52a Sri Lanka's government annuls truce with rebels
02:56:55a Late Breaking Surge For Fred Thompson?
02:56:59a Mr. Huckabee, please step into the woodshed
02:57:02a Pennsylvania couple repeat as parents of Gettysburg Hospital's 1st baby of the new year
02:57:06a Mexicans bundle up as temperatures drop
02:57:10a Recap Washington vs. Chicago
02:57:13a Ameican who spent life in France as artist dies at 82
02:57:17a Argentine farmers give up beef business, turn to increasingly lucrative grains, soybeans
02:57:21a Colombia studying DNA of alleged child hostage
02:57:25a Police say suspect in Colorado New Year's shootings told them he fired at streetlight
02:57:29a Washington D.C. invests 650,000 in needle exchange programs
02:57:33a Maryland prisoner who fled hospital killed in cemetery shootout after 7-hour manhunt
02:57:37a Former fugitive gets 14 years for wreck that killed 3
02:57:40a Former US senator Burns no longer part of federal probe of disgraced lobbyist Abramoff
02:57:44a Point Pleasant still benefits from legend of West Virginia Mothman
02:57:48a Hillary Clinton kicks off Letterman show as late-night TV returns
02:57:52a Iraq's Assyrian Christians, far from home, cling to roots
02:57:55a Hundreds dead following Kenya vote
02:57:59a 21 killed in Afghanistan violence
02:58:04a Bearded Letterman Welcomes Robin Williams
02:58:08a Yearend Losses Totalled
02:58:11a Topekan Charged in Arndt Death
02:58:15a Chiefs Fire 4 Coaches
02:58:19a Trial Ordered For Man Accused In Doughnut Truck Chase
02:58:22a Japan's Nikkei hits 4-wk high as chipmakers gain
02:58:26a Dell partners Microsoft to provide integrated solutions
02:58:44a SEC eyes cross-border shake-up
02:58:48a London Scottish seeks to reassure amid falls
02:58:51a South Worries As Crops Hit By Cold Weather
02:59:00a Corruption DPA Wants Lagos LG Scribes Sacked
02:59:13a Oil Beats 100 On Nigerian Violence, Weak Dollar And Inventory Forecasts
02:59:18a Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Opera House
02:59:25a Let the voting begin
02:59:29a The baby I turned away
02:59:33a Most Dems no better than Bush on Pakistan
02:59:36a Gassy ghosts, wafts of the past
02:59:40a Our new friend is a racist - should we dump him?
02:59:44a Iowa candidates seek caucus votes
02:59:48a Nepal's Maoists beat up Swiss trekker for donation
02:59:52a EU presses Nepal to tie development with peace
02:59:56a Family, friends gather at site of West Dallas house fire
03:00:00a St. Jude Medical to Present at JPMorgan Healthcare Conference
03:00:04a Police Launch Investigation As Man Shot in Stomach
03:00:07a Angioplasty Will Remove Plaque in the Lower Body
03:00:11a Retirements, Fewer Grads Leave Utah With a Pharmacist Shortage
03:00:15a Alder Hey Nurse Caroline is the Tops
03:00:18a Bringing Comfort to Others
03:00:22a ORLive Presents Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Procedure
03:00:25a Quickfire Kaitlyn is the First Baby Born in 2008
03:00:29a 'How Are City AE Cuts Improved Patient Care?'
03:00:33a Feds approve Seminole gambling compact
03:00:36a Judge Quits Over 'Graphic Fantasies' Tape
03:00:40a N.J. Cops Seek Suspect in Child Sexual Assaults
03:00:44a Cops Taser tomahawk siege man
03:00:47a No need for UN probe into Bhutto death US
03:00:51a Barton to face court in custody
03:00:55a Nature And Man Blamed For Thawing Arctic
03:00:58a Marathon rower being treated for hypothermia
03:01:02a Man to front court on torture charges
03:01:06a Top End crossings cut as rivers overflow
03:01:10a Council backs coal power station
03:01:14a U.S. Diplomat's Slaying In Sudan Probed
03:01:17a Writers to picket Golden Globes
03:01:21a Atlanta Hospital Seeks Mystery Patient's Identity http//,2933,319711,00/
03:01:24a Pat Robertson Predicts Violence, Recession in '08
03:01:28a Show Might Go On for Golden Globes Despite Strike
03:01:35a Cold Night Shelters Open Thu, 03 Jan 2008 011507 GMT
03:01:38a Grandview Murder Victim Remembered on MySpace Page
03:01:44a Neighbors shun Missouri family over Internet hoax and suicide
03:01:48a Appeals court ruling opens door to Missouri funeral pickets
03:01:52a Photo evidence of the new Apple sub notebook?
03:01:55a UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban
03:01:59a Porn filter fails experts
03:02:03a Two jailed for big Nokia theft
03:02:06a Microsoft scoffs at antitrust extension seekers
03:02:10a iPhone firmware 1.1.3 leaked
03:02:13a Six charged over Czech TV nuclear hoax
03:02:17a UK, US, Russia, China surveillance blackspots
03:02:21a 2008 Malware Attacks Gather Steam
03:02:24a China connection puts 3Com takeover in doubt
03:02:28a A comparison of quad-core server CPUs
03:02:32a What Are Your 2008 Job Predictions?
03:02:35a Caught On Tape Dramatic Rescue At Sea
03:02:39a Twin Boy Dies After Carson Hit-And-Run
03:02:42a Jelly Belly Bandit Wanted For O.C. Robberies
03:02:46a Zoo Officials Say Boys Provoked Tiger
03:02:50a Democrats' Race Is Neck And Neck In Iowa
03:02:53a India Says 'No, Thank You' To Dollars
03:02:57a Patrick On Highs And Lows As Governor
03:03:01a Gati joins hands with Air India to launch its dedicated freighter service
03:03:05a Both Races Tight On Eve Of Iowa Caucuses
03:03:09a Reunion hope for stranded runaway
03:03:12a Four quizzed for 'prison drugs smuggling'
03:03:16a Axed workers get jobs back
03:03:19a School fair sets BD80,000 target
03:03:23a Council to move into former BMMI outlet
03:03:26a Seven bodies are lying unclaimed
03:03:30a Minister denies claims of excessive force
03:03:33a Forum to help entrepreneurs
03:03:37a Death certificate delays rapped
03:03:41a His Majesty in key Saudi talks
03:03:45a Police praised for riots restraint
03:03:48a Bread price rise denied
03:03:52a GCC common market hailed
03:03:55a Causeway crisis 'proving costly'
03:03:59a Spotlight on labour reforms
03:04:02a Operations of Tender Board to go online
03:04:06a Premier praises role of women
03:04:10a Embassy holds open house
03:04:13a Staff honoured for excellence
03:04:16a Success spell for champion
03:04:20a Clegg targets social mobility issue
03:04:24a MPs' anger over Hip delays
03:04:27a Anti-poverty bid 'failing workers'
03:04:31a Criminal charge call over data loss
03:04:35a Britney Spears' custody lawyers quit
03:04:39a Wisconsin leaders seeks to squeeze the cheese out of the state's national image
03:04:42a California sues US environmental agency over greenhouse gas regulations
03:04:50a 911 Baby Delivery
03:04:53a Pair shot while trying to trace gun for tattoo pattern
03:04:57a Children exposed to stealth marketing on the internet
03:05:01a Old elite set to dominate Indonesia`s 2009 presidential poll
03:05:04a Common people bear brunt of climate change`s impact
03:05:08a Bank Indonesia`s key rate may have hit bottom but still conducive for growth
03:05:11a Forests is not only about wood, but also carbon
03:05:15a Who will benefit from REDD scheme?
03:05:18a Add Inflation to Worry List
03:05:22a Korean PMs ready for Seoul talks
03:05:26a Pacific Blue to increase fee
03:05:29a Former rugby rep in court
03:05:33a Edwards makes all-night push in Iowa 942 PM
03:05:37a Odinga vows showdown to force out Kenyan leader
03:05:41a Steyn regains initiative for South Africa
03:05:44a US to send team to Sudan
03:05:48a Nearly 60,000 Returnees Receive Shelter Under UN Programme
03:05:52a Zambia Beatrice Faces Charges for Insulting in Court
03:06:16a Hillary Caucusing Is Easy!
03:06:20a McCain Looking Alive In Iowa
03:06:23a 'CAUCUS! The Musical' Iowa Onslaught Celebrated on Stage in Des Moines
03:06:27a Road Rage Recourse Driver Shoots and Kills Attacker Battering Car With Bat
03:06:31a New Illinois Smoking Ban Could Affect Wis. Businesses
03:06:38a Cuba seen shifting closer to other American states
03:06:41a ACS rum producers take new approach to dialogue
03:06:47a Concerns expressed over imprisoned Cuban journalists
03:06:51a Washington fails to stop terror, says Castro
03:06:56a Puerto Rico bank says it received 'frivolous' buy-out proposal
03:07:00a Venezuelan TV closed by Chavez returns as pay channel
03:07:07a Commentary Law and Politics When will it ever end?
03:07:10a Commentary No globalisation without SME strengthening
03:07:14a Cuban athelete missing at Pan Am Games
03:07:18a Victim's Family Vow to Fight On
03:07:21a Parents Puzzle Over New Arrival's Name
03:07:25a Kentucky obituaries
03:07:29a Pakistan commisson to probe Bhutto killing unrest prompting election delay
03:07:33a Gang member gunned down in alley, police say
03:07:39a Spain Migrant Children at Risk in Government Facilities
03:08:00a Huckabee appears on Leno's show
03:08:04a Fire rages through China office block
03:08:08a DIGEST-Indonesian General News Jan 3
03:08:11a PRESS DIGEST Vietnam newspapers January 3
03:08:15a LOCAL 12 World News
03:08:42a Embraer to lead pack
03:08:46a Brazil's Gol Linhas Aereas Orders 40 Additional 737s; Terms Not Disclosed
03:08:50a Brazilian law requiring biodiesel mixture enacted
03:08:57a Navistar-owned company in Mississippi delivers 1,000th military vehicle
03:09:01a Iowa Campaign Enters Frenzied Final Hours
03:09:05a Maryland Prison Escapee Killed By Police
03:09:08a Army set to revisit decision on deal worth up to 150 billion
03:09:12a Thousands come to RCA dome for Indiana Guard unit send-off event
03:09:16a Roma ruling highlights segregation problem in Central Europe
03:09:20a Analysts Scotland Yard may find little to do in Pakistan
03:09:23a Fire hits 12-story building in China
03:09:30a Former DaimlerChrysler paid record fuel econo...
03:09:33a Canada beats Finland 4-2 to reach semifinals at U20 worlds
03:09:37a Forestry sector faces another rough year from...
03:09:41a Babcock, Paddock named NHL all-star coaches
03:09:45a Post holiday sales slip for week, keep shop...
03:09:48a Record high oil boosts TSX;NY tumbles on manu...
03:09:52a LECG Vice Chairman Teece Sells 20,000 Shares ...
03:09:56a With crude oil above 100 a barrel, economist...
03:09:59a Banks may be putting pressure on Quebecor Inc...
03:10:03a U.S. economy slows as fears build Canada will...
03:10:06a Conservationists Condemn Plans for Chukchi Se...
03:10:10a Gold prices rally to US860 an ounce on weak ...
03:10:14a TSX Venture Exchange closed up 30.83 points t...
03:10:17a Treasurys Advance As ISM Survey Shows Manufac...
03:10:21a Another armoured gang car seized in Metro Vancouver
03:10:24a Heavy snow closes Whistler highway to Lillooet
03:10:28a Snowmobilers missing on Lake Simcoe
03:10:32a U.S. manufacturing skids; construction up des...
03:10:36a UK companies rally to protect Kenyan workers
03:10:39a Police probe U.S. envoy slaying in Sudan
03:10:43a US to send investigators to Sudan
03:10:47a Four killed in explosion in Algeria
03:10:51a Foreign aid staff in Somalia freed
03:10:54a Iraq oil pipeline sabotaged
03:11:04a Bengals Confirm Coaching Staff Changes
03:11:08a Police Issue 'Critical Missing' For Mother, Baby
03:11:12a Bengals Sign Free Agent Safety Hebert
03:11:15a TSA Sends Future Bomb Dogs to Jail
03:11:29a For Us, Not by Us
03:11:33a Global Suicide or Survival?
03:11:37a The Political Party More Americans Are Signing Up For
03:11:40a Presidential candidates relaunch Letterman and Leno
03:11:44a I-Reporters reveal how they escaped Kenya violence
03:11:47a Bolivia's 9 governors agree to President's referendum
03:11:51a Taxi driver saw missing 22-year-old
03:11:55a Kayakers can smell success
03:11:58a US Criminals With Badges
03:12:01a BSO inaugurates new flag
03:12:05a Ore. joins lawsuit against EPA over greenhouse gas pollution
03:12:09a Sheriffs assail state policies on criminally insane convicts
03:12:13a Fiskie/Fallaci Awards Update
03:12:17a Whittle Strikes Again
03:12:20a Hillarys pre-emptive Hawkeye spin 3rd place wouldnt be so bad
03:12:24a 'Who Does Dennis Kucinich Think He Is?'
03:12:28a Pondering Dinesh D'Souza Part One
03:12:34a LIBERTAS Review Walk Hard — The Dewey Cox Story
03:12:38a C'mon Newfoundland Is 'Bizarre, Amazing'
03:12:45a Rich College Kids Take A Tax Hike
03:12:49a Malaysian man dies in blaze after being locked-in by mom
03:12:53a Malaysian man runs amok and slashes teenage schoolgirl
03:12:56a Asian consumers most prolific users of mobile messaging
03:13:00a Britney Spears' New Year not going so great
03:13:04a Airline travel is getting safer, crash toll shows
03:13:07a Television production charts January 2
03:13:11a Journalism Knits Together Women Oceans Apart
03:13:14a Undoing Blockbuster's Blunders
03:13:18a Search continues for construction worker
03:13:22a Orlando bars construction at bomb site
03:13:26a Orlando leaders order halt to construction on former bombing range
03:13:29a Rail construction work closes 13th Street
03:13:33a Jacksonville construction site collapses; 2 seriously injured
03:13:37a Dangerous fire conditions expected in SA
03:13:41a Mining and defence booms to benefit disadvantaged
03:13:44a Australian plans to filter net draw flak
03:13:48a Westpac boss discloses 6m in BHP shares
03:13:51a Higher liquidity ups chances of rate hike
03:13:55a GPT and Colonial circle Centro
03:13:59a Envoys visit accused Aussie in Bulgaria
03:14:03a Gold price breaks 28-year record
03:14:07a East coast residents up in arms over water woes
03:14:10a Rest of the world is watching the USA
03:14:14a Police identify dead body
03:14:18a Fire kills three Indian students
03:14:22a Union tackles Gillard on IR
03:14:25a Jealousy 'sparked tiff before girlfriend run over'
03:14:29a Subsidy paves way for thalidomide trial
03:14:32a High Aussie dollar means fewer arrivals for 2007
03:14:36a Fitch mantiene calificacion de BAC Honduras en 'AA'
03:14:39a Airmen, Soldiers deliver wheelchairs to Hondurans
03:14:43a UPDATE 1-Colombia Dec CPI rose 0.49 pct, 5.69 pct full yr
03:14:47a Haiti's street chaos is a tribute to human spirit
03:14:50a UPDATE 1-Venezuela's leftist Chavez softens tone for 2008
03:14:54a New sops to attract investment in solar power
03:14:57a Sensex scales new peak
03:15:01a 'Notified' SEZs cannot be scrapped Govt
03:15:08a Moscow may deploy missiles in Belarus
03:15:12a Treasury clamps down on Belarus company
03:15:15a Atlantis ready to deliver European lab Columbus to ISS
03:15:19a ATT flings cellphone network wide open
03:15:23a Police Union want stun gun option
03:15:26a Gippsland fires continue to burn
03:15:30a Taser used on man with tomahawk
03:15:33a Slide making last appearance
03:15:45a Lubbock Pedestrian Killed Minutes into New Year
03:15:49a Red Raider Fans Unite Before The Game
03:15:52a Police Say It Was A Mild New Year's Eve In Lubbock
03:15:56a Area Law Enforcement Warns Don't Drink & Drive
03:16:15a Germany moves to ban Scientology
03:16:19a Germany seeks to ban Scientology
03:16:22a Adidas NFA Explains Trip to Germany
03:16:26a Autopsies on 5 brothers found slain in Germany point to suffocation
03:16:30a Five children suffocated in Germany, mother held
03:16:34a Australian PM Rudd's 'clean web' plan criticised
03:16:38a Flathead Next National Park?
03:16:48a hotel hyatt shangai
03:16:55a New Years Resolutions That Work
03:16:59a Family Healthcast Finding the Right Support Group
03:17:05a Russia accuses US of backtracking on missile shield
03:17:20a Lockheed Settles Discrimination Suit
03:17:24a LG, Netflix to Offer Downloads on TV
03:17:28a New Century Not Ready to Emerge
03:17:31a Golden State Warriors Basketball
03:17:35a Alabama A M Mississippi Basketball
03:17:39a Tennessee DePaul Basketball
03:17:42a Coyotes Avalanche Hockey
03:17:46a CORRECTION Beauty Queen Indicted
03:17:50a Northwestern DePaul Basketball
03:17:53a St Johns Syracuse Basketball
03:17:57a Indiana Iowa Basketball
03:18:04a Penn Mami Basketball
03:18:07a Oilers Blues Hockey
03:18:11a CORRECTION Japan Mount Fuji
03:18:15a CORRECTION Fairleigh Dickinson Rhode Island Basketball
03:18:18a China Skiing Competition
03:18:22a InterLiga Soccer
03:18:25a InterLiga Pumas Monterrey Soccer
03:18:29a Rhode Island Fairleigh Dickinson Basketball
03:18:33a Trail Blazers Timberwolves Basketball
03:18:36a People Dane Cook
03:18:40a N Korea's Kim still undecided on nuclear arms
03:18:43a American Indian sculptor dies at 60
03:18:47a Daley taps purchasing chief
03:18:50a Man's throat slashed during home invasion
03:18:54a What others say
03:18:58a The candidates and illegal immigration
03:19:01a What's Wrong With the TV News
03:19:05a Police Replica Gun Used In Bank Robbery
03:19:08a No. 13 Butler drops Detroit 53-46
03:19:12a 21 killed in violence in Afghanistan
03:19:16a Prosecutors prepare contingency plan in case Patel left country
03:19:19a Life-saving cardiac shock delayed 1/3 of the time
03:19:23a N.J. could officially apologize for slavery; state bill pending
03:19:27a Fifty hurt, 2 critically, in N.C. bus and tractor-trailer crash
03:19:30a What's at stake in Iowa
03:19:34a Court to decide when to hold election for Lott's successor
03:19:37a Freezing rain and sleet are making it difficult to drive in the Gorge
03:19:41a Portland neighborhood-to-be garners green honors
03:19:45a CBS ‘Early Show Discusses Obama's ‘Priceless Publicity in Iowa
03:19:48a Cramer Blasts Fed for ‘Punishing Borrowers, Later Compares Fed to Soviets
03:19:52a Meredith Vieira Touts Hillary as Natural, Warm, and Genuine
03:19:55a European hopes rest on Swedes
03:19:59a Madrid grateful for a beauty from Guti
03:20:02a Liverpool held at home
03:20:06a EuroVelo Europes CrossContinent Bike Routes
03:20:10a Gold Country Inn Lodging Facility at Beale AFB California Hotel Review
03:20:13a CIVICUS Civil Society Index for Serbia Presented
03:20:17a Dutch EU referendum less likely after key report
03:20:20a Colo. could see 4 gas this summer
03:20:24a Slovenian Presidency welcomes Cyprus and Malta into the Euro Zone
03:20:28a Marduk Explains Athens Show Cancellation
03:20:32a The Consulate General of Greece hosted a reception last night at the Ritz Carlton.
03:20:35a Enough to the pressure upon media Press Office
03:20:41a TV Set and an Octopus in Front of the Attorney General’s Office!
03:20:53a Filling the Diamond Gap
03:21:11a Woman finds son trapped in burning house
03:21:14a Couple's mushrooming venture
03:21:18a Fuel prices stay for now
03:21:22a Giving hope to the less fortunate
03:21:25a Quest for the exceptional woman
03:21:29a Carlo strides ahead
03:21:33a Cinema Horribly true
03:21:36a Morvant Laventille to keep RBTT Trophy -
03:21:40a Poor cancer patients in the rain -
03:21:44a Blow away those scratch bombs -
03:21:47a Same treatment at JFK airport too -
03:21:51a Never a statesman -
03:21:55a Jack's the man -
03:21:58a 'Bush rum',
03:22:02a Looking to another100 years of oil in Trinidad -
03:22:06a New year, greater business concerns -
03:22:09a Bilateral and regional energy agendas -
03:22:13a Come fly with me - FUNNY BUSINESS
03:22:16a Leadership is a Choice, Not a Position -
03:22:20a Key energy issues with Venezuela remain unsolved -
03:22:24a Caribbean MBA conference set for today -
03:22:28a Manufacturers turning into traders - .as labour costs and shortage, cheap imports, hit hard
03:22:31a Economists express hope for stronger economy in 2008 -
03:22:35a Sir George F Huggins, a great entrepreneur -
03:22:39a Senior Chinese official calls for improving services for college
03:22:42a Senior CPC official returns home after five-nation tour
03:22:46a Halifax predicts zero house price growth in 2008
03:22:49a Police, FBI seeking ‘Cowboy Bandit’
03:22:53a In the running
03:22:56a Baytown family opens winery
03:23:09a Govt to remove cap on number of partners in partnership cos
03:23:32a Wachovia cutting 243 S.A. jobs
03:23:36a AT&T accused of breaking antitrust laws with apartment deals
03:23:40a Harte-Hanks' shares fall after analyst's downgrade
03:23:43a Ads going mobile
03:23:47a Can Bush Save Us From the Housing Mess?
03:23:51a We Can Never Escape Our Past
03:23:59a US govt approves Alaskan oil and gas
03:24:03a Talk of the Town Late night returns
03:24:33a Serbia sends 'strongly worded demarche' to Austria
03:24:39a Chile Fireworks Show Tops in Latin America
03:24:43a Dave Morris Dec. 26 Today's Three
03:24:47a Dave Morris- Dec. 26 AM Headlines
03:24:50a The Thornton Family
03:24:54a Dave Morris-Dec.24 Headlines
03:24:57a Ed Kelley Solo Act
03:25:01a Day 11 12 Days of Christmas
03:25:05a Day 12 12 Days of Christmas
03:25:08a Day 10 12 Days of Christmas
03:25:12a Day 9 12 Days of Christmas
03:25:15a Day 8 12 Days of Christmas
03:25:19a Snow tubing at the ballpark
03:25:22a DnA Snow Tubing and Ice skating
03:25:26a Angi Bruss- Dec. 21 Headlines
03:25:29a High School Huddle All State Team
03:25:33a Day 6 12 Days of Christmas
03:25:36a Jenni Carlson Patriots
03:25:40a John Rohde The Mitchell Report
03:25:43a Day 7 12 Days of Christmas
03:25:47a Tulsa ice storm damage
03:25:50a Angi Bruss-Dec. 20 Headlines
03:25:54a Ed Kelley Mixed Bag
03:25:58a McCain Surging Ahead in GOP Polls
03:26:01a WW II Fellow Soldiers
03:26:05a Berry Tramel- Suttons square off
03:26:08a WW II Battle of the Bulge
03:26:12a DnA All I want for Christmas
03:26:15a The Ladies Room 12/18
03:26:19a Angi Bruss 11AM Headlines Dec. 19, 2007
03:26:23a Ed Kelley- Inhofe Interjects
03:26:26a Berry Tramel Coach Roulette
03:26:30a Holiday Bonus Sweepstakes
03:26:33a Angi Bruss- Dec. 19 AM Headlines
03:26:36a Angi Bruss-Dec. 18 PM Headlines
03:26:40a DnA Holiday Decorating
03:26:44a Day 5- 12 Days of Christmas
03:26:51a Ed Kelley- Let the sunshine in
03:26:54a Angi Bruss Afternoon Headlines Dec. 17, 2007
03:26:58a Day 4 12 Days of Christmas
03:27:01a Berry Tramel Keep the starlets out
03:27:05a Ed Kelley Core to Shore
03:27:08a Day 3- 12 Days of Christmas
03:27:12a Day 2 12 Days of Christmas
03:27:16a Chuck Mai talks about winter safey
03:27:19a Oil's record surge may fuel public contempt for industry
03:27:23a Stocks jump on record gold, oil prices
03:27:27a Gold crashes through record to US855
03:27:31a Two charged in New Year's Day stabbing of T.O. teen
03:27:34a Brisbane goths bashed with wine cask
03:27:38a Hammer Time Goes Online With New Dance Website
03:27:42a California Sues EPA Over Emission Standards
03:27:45a Gas Consumption In California Continues Decline
03:27:49a Preparations Underway For Bay Area Storms
03:27:53a Heart attack leads to crash, death
03:27:57a Carr departs a victor; players will define Michigan's new era
03:28:00a Passing Deputy Spots Condominium Fire In Cape Canaveral
03:28:04a Man Accused Of Soliciting Minor
03:28:10a Bulb friction
03:28:17a Noted forecasters see 7 hurricanes next year
03:28:21a Cameras watch 4 schools
03:28:24a Ex-coach's remarks
03:28:28a Suit's lasting effect on bias law not clear
03:28:31a Next Launch Attempt No Earlier Than Saturday Fri, 07 Dec 2007 055430 GMT
03:28:57a Word of the Year Open
03:29:24a Question time Your chance to quiz Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates
03:29:28a Vista Gold Corp. buys US16M in gold processing equipment for Mexican project
03:29:31a Oil eases after surge to 100
03:29:35a C rise in line with terms of trade Dodge
03:29:39a Canadian stock promoter Alexander barred again
03:29:42a State Sen. Larry George sues to stop session
03:29:49a Snowfall hits transportation in Bulgaria
03:30:07a Herbal sex pills can be dangerous
03:30:10a Herbal sex pills may pose risk to some men
03:30:14a Nelson cautious on drought relief plans
03:30:18a Giuliani calls for Afghanistan troop surge
03:30:21a India lose Jaffer
03:30:25a Vikings Peterson topoffensive rookie
03:30:29a Satanic Music
03:30:33a Why New Hampshire is important to candidates
03:30:36a Raw video Fans react to Conan's comeback
03:30:40a The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion pt 4/6
03:30:43a The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion pt 3/6
03:30:47a Iraq must cut food rations in 2008-trade minister
03:30:51a EU agreed death penalty day, Poland lifts veto
03:31:00a Petrol set to hit 1.50 mark
03:31:04a Neighbours pull man from blaze
03:31:07a Zaheer out of Australian tour
03:31:11a African Countries Fight EU for Survival
03:31:15a London Inspiring Muslim Youth to Aim Higher
03:31:18a Globalization Is the New Imperialism Don't Try To 'Improve' It, Bury It!
03:31:23a Rich seam of mergers predicted for mining by Xstrata
03:31:26a Police Empty Vodka Bottle Found in Tiger Attack Victims' Car
03:31:30a Fluoridation fears
03:31:40a Wis. Town Holds Annual 'Toilet Bowl'
03:31:44a KUALA LUMPUR Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, 82, left hospital on...
03:31:48a Crude bomb found in NTR park
03:31:52a Foundation laid for Rajiv health institute in AP
03:31:55a Lalu's sons get trashed in eve teasing issue
03:31:59a Ariz. seeks to make own case on regulating auto greenhouse gases
03:32:02a Bigger crowd turns out for Gilbert's New Year's party
03:32:06a Bermuda challenging pre-eminence of London insurance market Ernst & Young
03:32:10a Couple Has 1st Baby For 2nd Year
03:32:13a Martinez Deals With Beaver Problem Again
03:32:17a Major Storm Coming To Bay Area
03:32:20a Glass Enclosure To Surround Zoo Tigers
03:32:24a Watch Two Hours Of SF Weather In 1 Minutes
03:32:28a NBC11's Craig Herrera Predicts Nasty Storm
03:32:31a Nolan Stays But New GM Named
03:32:35a First North Korean Film Hits Western Theaters
03:32:39a Hospitals Slow in Heart Cases, Research Finds
03:32:42a States Hesitate to Lead Change on Executions
03:32:46a Letterman's Back, With a Greeting From Clinton
03:32:49a Long Island Man Won't Be Tried Again in Murders
03:32:53a House fire sends man to hospital
03:32:56a Jack-Knifed Semi Closes Interstate For Several Hours
03:33:27a Ariz. Beauty Queen Accused of Kidnapping
03:33:33a Gator the abandoned alligator finds new home
03:33:37a Arkansas man to sell cash from '71 hijacking
03:33:40a Jan. razor clam digs tentatively set at 3 beaches
03:33:44a Deputies investigate New Year's Eve police arrest
03:33:47a Parents of drunk driving victim help others find safe way home
03:33:51a Americas A Look Back at Global Voices Part I
03:33:56a Missouri Father Pleads Guilty to Killing Two Children Thu, 03 Jan 2008 004940 GMT
03:34:14a Blogger who dared to expose Saudi corruption is arrested
03:34:18a Indian Shantanu Narayen named Adobe's next CEO
03:34:44a Rights group vows to protect HIV carriers in Saudi Arabia
03:34:47a Dioxin report details deception
03:34:51a Qatar to Set Up New Real Estate Firm on Growth
03:34:54a Reports Schiano meets with Michigan
03:35:00a Peace lies uneasy in oil-rich Sudan border town
03:35:04a Rot revealed in finance company sector
03:35:08a Tui oil field production ramps up
03:35:23a Body heat to warm Stockholm rail station
03:35:26a Hu, Sarkozy meet on bilateral ties, cooperation
03:35:30a Chinese president, German chancellor meet on ties
03:35:34a China, Italy pledge to work for stronger ties
03:35:37a Chinese, Canadian leaders meet on bilateral ties
03:36:12a Emperor Akihito greets New Year well-wishers
03:36:16a Pakistani troops kill 15 militants near Afghan border
03:36:20a Cold snap kills 38 in India since early Dec.
03:36:23a Australia to review test for citizenship after 1 in 5 fail
03:36:27a Australian mother arrested for drag racing with kids along Sydney street
03:36:31a Afghan police seize over half ton of heroin, opium
03:36:35a New Year road accidents kill 336 people in Thailand
03:36:39a Japan traffic deaths hit 54-year low, police say
03:36:42a Australian gov't cuts free massages for bureaucrats
03:36:46a Candidate Match Game
03:36:50a Snow joke Quebecers win free trips
03:37:16a Detroit Auto Show Mercedes Vision GLK Freeside Photos And Details Emerge Detroit Auto Show
03:37:21a In smoke-free Paris brasserie, new 'art de vivre' takes shape
03:37:25a Authorities attempt to save stranded dog
03:37:39a Fire Crews Battling House Fire In Williamsburg
03:37:42a House Fire In Norfolk
03:37:46a Car Crashes Into Fire Hydrant; Water On Road Freezing
03:37:50a Level Two Wind Restrictions At CBBT
03:37:54a Police Investigating Fatal Crash On I-64 In York County
03:37:57a Richmond Woman Recovering After Being Set On Fire By Boyfriend
03:38:01a Amtrak Train Hits Car In Charlottesville
03:38:04a NC DMV Tightens Policy On Antique, Custom-Built Vehicles
03:38:08a Richmond's Murders Down; Norfolk's Murders Up
03:38:12a Greens warning on oil prices
03:38:16a Fort Wayne Students In Iowa For Caucuses
03:38:19a Saudi official confirms Bush to make first visit to the kingdom
03:38:29a More help needed for mental health patients Opposition
03:38:33a Record nurse numbers for NSW
03:38:37a Critical Mass bike ride may be at braking point
03:38:41a Santa Ride provides bikes to kids
03:38:48a Pol has plans for new bike lanes
03:38:51a Consumer's Edge
03:38:58a Riviera Beach boys and girls club can begin negotiations with council
03:39:02a Deputy injured in suburban West Palm crash
03:39:05a Sentencing Florence arsonist delayed
03:39:09a Jan. razor clam digs tentatively set at 3 WA beaches
03:39:13a Taxi driver saw missing woman
03:39:16a Humphries has appendix out
03:39:20a Marion Jones asks for leniency
03:39:23a Cuban Santeria priests see weather disasters in 2008
03:39:42a Freighter adrift in Bering Sea
03:39:46a Huckabee expected to cross picket line
03:39:50a Exec GM sales may have dropped in 2007
03:39:53a India stresses Myanmar political reforms
03:40:00a Israeli forces kill 7 militants in Gaza Strip
03:40:03a 21 killed in Afghanistan as violence continues
03:40:07a Winners of Bhutan's 1st poll include recent grads
03:40:11a Japan PM debuts on YouTube to raise international profile
03:40:15a Candidates make last-minute appeal in Iowa
03:40:18a Crises near and far top Bush's 2008 agenda
03:40:22a Senate candidate camps out on Atlanta tower
03:40:26a Key U.S. state recognizes same-sex unions
03:40:30a Episcopal leader U.S. church not alone in approving gay bishops
03:40:34a New Orleans to be murder capital again
03:40:38a Fast-food worker returns US185,000 check
03:40:41a S.F. Mayor Newsom engaged to actress
03:40:45a Blast in Sri Lanka's capital kills 4 people
03:40:49a Iran hangs 13 criminals, including mother report
03:40:53a Kidnapped foreign workers released in Somalia
03:41:00a Zoo took 30 minutes to call for help about tiger attack
03:41:04a Despite attack, wedding reception to proceed
03:41:08a Deputies foil suspect's kiss-and-escape plot
03:41:11a Fidel Castro salutes Cubans on New Year
03:41:15a Man killed daughter for marrying without his OK
03:41:18a 2007 'Aust's 6th warmest year'
03:41:22a Indigenous Council risks 'change for change's sake'
03:41:25a OPEC may raise output at Feb 1 meet Indonesia OPEC gov
03:41:29a Jail break guard commits suicide
03:41:33a Nelson attacks drought relief plans
03:41:37a Priest accused of lying about mob ties
03:41:41a Oil price surge hits Aust market
03:41:44a Criminal court judge retires on birthday
03:41:48a Dispute between hotel owner, Katrina volunteers ends with eviction
03:41:52a U.S. and British Leaders Call for End to Kenyan Violence
03:42:02a War documentary confronts Portugal with harsh reality of its colonial past in Africa
03:42:06a Portugal urged to extradite suspect in terrorist threats to three South Florida banks
03:42:39a 100 A Barrel Oozes Pain
03:42:43a People's Completes Chittenden Deal
03:42:46a He's Guilty In Theft Of The Hartford's Furniture
03:42:50a Gold Rallies On Oil, Dollar Woes
03:42:54a Credit Problems Were Key Reason For Fed's Rate Cut
03:42:58a At Annual Boat Show, Sales Sputtering A Bit
03:43:01a Stocks Skid As Year Starts
03:43:05a More Symptoms Of Weakness
03:43:09a Judge Quashes Buffett Supboena
03:43:12a Florida Farmers Brace For Possible Freeze
03:43:16a 8-carat diamond ring on sale in Beijing
03:43:20a Gold and silver bars issued for Beijing Olympics
03:43:23a Crude futures hit 100 USD for first time
03:43:27a Company drops collections against child
03:43:30a Clean the coils on your fridge monthly to ... Hints
03:43:34a Last year was the safest year to fly in ... Flying
03:43:37a Striking a balance in monetary objectives
03:43:41a Sixth US airliner to run flights to China
03:43:45a Quote of the day camp Romney on how he'll stop the Homosexual Agenda
03:44:01a BVI pulls P.R.-based Air Carolina's permission to operate in BVI -
03:44:08a Deaths for Dec. 6 -
03:44:19a Correction Comcast outlook story
03:44:25a Foul-mouthed Santa muffled
03:44:28a Victim Hopes Board Reconsiders Rapist's Release
03:44:32a Parents decry reading of controversial book to Shallowater third-graders
03:44:35a Canoe couple's sons disown their parents
03:44:41a Collapse Of PHH Deal Is Bad Omen For '08
03:44:52a Homicides down across most of Pierce County
03:44:56a Growing treatment for Parkinson’s disease is making life better for sufferers.
03:45:04a Books That Will Change the World
03:45:08a Photos used to expel Mexicans from U.S. schools
03:45:15a Mike Hendrix/Belmont Playboys Dan Collins
03:45:18a Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson Cuban campaign songs
03:45:26a Tonight's podcast cancelled due to technical difficulties
03:45:29a GO Mountaineers!
03:45:33a Music lover fights suit claiming he shared music illegally
03:45:37a Orlando Magic blow lead, lose to New Jersey Nets
03:45:40a Feds approve Indian gambling agreement with state
03:45:44a VIDEO 1/1 Ruvell Does Impressions Of Brett and KGB
03:45:48a Real Estate Agent Pleads Guilty To Cyber Stalking
03:45:51a Surveillance Video Shows Man Wanted In Airport Car Burglaries
03:45:55a Iowa Caucus Outcome Could Affect Florida Voters
03:45:59a Man Charged After Boy Killed In New Year's Shooting
03:46:02a Injured Shaquille O'Neal, Jason Williams miss another game for Miami Heat
03:46:06a Freeze Warning Sends Florida Farmers Scrambling
03:46:09a Rick Shaw Gives Lauderhill Family Home Makeover
03:46:13a Worried About Arthritis Measure Fingers
03:46:17a WA joining lawsuit challenging EPA on car emissions
03:46:20a 'It was all I could do,' says Overholt fire neighbour
03:46:24a 61-Year-Old Yakima Man Murdered, Suspect Caught
03:46:28a Supernatural Preview A Special Holiday Episode, Season 4 and More
03:46:32a Lawyer refutes criticism of Metro employee in laptop theft controversy
03:46:35a US recession fears prompt flight to safety
03:46:43a Shares weaker on US recession fears, record oil price
03:46:47a Oil prices ease in Asia after hitting 100
03:46:51a Arctic air brings coldest night for Florida in five years
03:46:54a US presidential candidate Duncan Hunter speaks to Wikinews
03:46:58a Upcoming meetings with opposition figures, urging them to engage in national reconciliation
03:47:02a oil invites international companies to invest in the sector of extraction
03:47:05a Parliament intends Adoption 16 legally important legislation during the current year
03:47:10a Maryland 75, Savannah St 48
03:47:13a Copperfield Accused Of Canada Attack
03:47:41a Palestinians Shave Their Heads in Show of Solidarity east
03:47:45a Norway regrets cease-fire agreement termination
03:47:50a Unwilling New Frontier for Migrants 3 Greek Isles
03:47:53a Plasco steps out of the shadows
03:47:57a Sudanese Police Talk to Witnesses in Death of U.S. Diplomat
03:48:01a Car Explodes Near Police Station in Algeria, Killing Officers
03:48:05a Stealing From a Biker Gang
03:48:28a Striking writers deliver Letterman's first Top 10 list upon return
03:48:45a Sen Biden Criticizes Bush Administration Sale Of F-16s To Pakistan-AFP
03:48:49a Unrest won't affect cricket Lawson
03:49:19a Insolvencies 'due to festive debt'
03:49:23a Anti-War Protesters Arrested At Huckabee's Iowa Office
03:49:27a Fatigue Factor Gives Equal Time to Candidates
03:49:30a Iraq War Taking Back Seat to Domestic Issues
03:49:34a Even France, Haven of Smokers, Is Clearing the Air
03:49:38a Long Island Man Won’t Be Tried Again in Murders
03:49:55a 'No animal should die' for eating purposes, say some vegetarians
03:49:58a House plants for all tastes come in all sizes
03:50:02a Harare Hosts Regional Gymnastics Meet
03:50:21a Jumblatt 'lied' to Syrians or did he
03:50:25a Israel is behind the assassinations in Lebanon
03:50:29a no opposition veto, no presidential election
03:50:32a Another New Years Resolution
03:50:52a Wilson's surfin' Sydney at festival
03:50:56a It's getting hot in here
03:50:59a Don't lock me up, begs Marion Jones
03:51:09a Farmers' extra fees to be covered
03:51:12a Cabinet to offer monthly child-care subsidy of NT3,000 to boost birthrate
03:51:16a 'Carnival of Taiwan' float wins at Rose Parade
03:51:20a 'Terrorists' responsible for killing Bhutto Musharraf
03:51:23a Pakistan polls delayed until Feb. 18
03:51:27a Oil pushes closer to US100 a barrel on Nigeria, OPEC
03:51:31a U.S. remains 'skeptical' about N. Korea nuclear declaration
03:51:35a Police Affidavit Southington Man Shot After Meeting Man For Sex
03:51:38a Kenyan opposition vows showdown
03:51:42a Debt deadlines loom for Quebecor World
03:51:46a New 'fire safe' cigarettes on the way for Texas
03:51:49a New plan in works for zero-waste recycling in Austin
03:51:53a New Refrigerator Gets Chilly Review
03:52:31a Relios Jewelry Debuts Retail Kiosk in Major Southwestern Hub
03:52:36a DNA Tests Exonerate Another Texas Inmate
03:52:39a Finder Hopes to Sell '71 Hijacking Cash
03:52:43a Kumari Fulbright Lauren Upton Katie Rees and Other Beauty Pageant Disasters
03:53:13a Huckabee takes a detour from Iowa to Leno show
03:53:28a Western Power says blackouts unlikely
03:54:36a Study Says Bush Policy on Tech Exports to China Threatens National Security
03:55:00a Segway test ride a mock horse
03:55:04a Scientists seek web recruits to hunt down ET
03:55:07a You show me your iPod, I'll show you mine
03:55:24a Prague TV's Daily News Headlines
03:55:28a CII's Energy Expo starts tomorrow in Ahmedabad
03:55:31a Saikia named new Commissioner of Police of Ahmedabad
03:55:51a Lawyers For Spears Seek To Quit
03:56:11a China favors execution by lethal injection
03:56:14a North Koreans Greet New Year With Optimism Reports
03:56:23a UK troops to be ordered to crack down on booming Afghan opium trade
03:56:27a Afghan poppy produce likely to be higher
03:56:31a A success to build on in Afghanistan
03:56:35a Kenya braces for banned march
03:56:38a Second-half run carries Iowa State past SC Upstate
03:56:45a Johnson's 18 leads Wake to 70-58 win over Presbyterian
03:56:49a Jenkins' 14 leads Winthrop past Limestone 78-34
03:56:53a Odom wins 400th game as South Carolina beats Radford 90-63
03:56:56a Hinnant gets 23 as ECU defeats Coastal Carolina 89-64
03:57:00a U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan, Region
03:57:10a Memorial service planned for murdered Columbia mother
03:57:14a Tragedy At Parkview/Lake Hamilton Game 02 Jan 2008 223552 GMT
03:57:24a John Edwards faces his day of reckoning
03:57:32a Sparks Fly Between Church and Government
03:57:35a Phone-Using Drivers Slow Traffic
03:57:39a US given back seat in Bhutto's death investigation
03:57:42a Group Says 2007 Was Safe Year For Aviation
03:57:46a Release is closer than ever
03:57:50a Liverpool held at home by Wigan
03:57:53a 900 passengers rescued off Leyte
03:57:57a Gatlin to challenge four-year suspension
03:58:00a Former Negros Occidental gov dies
03:58:04a RP shares tumble nearly two percent on oil price fears
03:58:07a Two years after stroke, Israel still feels Sharon's absence
03:58:11a South Korean boxer dies from head injuries
03:58:15a Fire hits shopping mall in Pasay
03:58:18a 66 arrested in Quiapo
03:58:22a 400 kilos of 'hot meat' seized in Pasay
03:58:25a Narendra to join BSP during Mayavati visit
03:58:29a Telangana Congress leaders crucial meet on Jan 6
03:58:32a Telangana stir reached final stage KCR
03:58:36a Boockvar Lay Low In 2008
03:58:39a Kleintop Election May Work In Market's Favor In Early, Late '08
03:58:43a Money Markets & More For Jan. 3
03:58:47a Locally Grown site traffic report for December dang good
03:58:52a Racial hatred comes calling at family's new home
03:58:56a Beverage Commission to host meeting on alcohol at Six Flags
03:59:00a Dallas police ask DA's office to prosecute 2 officers after country singer incident
03:59:03a Tarrant sheriff faces challenge from Dalworthington Gardens chief
03:59:07a Step back in time Discover what might be Europe's newest nation
03:59:11a A mission to share and shelter
03:59:14a Former UConn president Glenn Ferguson dies
03:59:39a Sri Lanka pulls out of truce with rebels
03:59:47a At least 5 dead in stampede at southern India Hindu temple
03:59:51a Musharraf calls Britain for help on Bhutto probe
03:59:57a Gang violence spreads in 2007, but its deaths decline
04:00:01a Deputies swiftly snag suspect in Salem bank robbery
04:00:04a Milwaukie man sentenced in death of grandfather
04:00:08a Workshops to focus on regional demographic inequities
04:00:12a EVMS doctor develops software to detect fetal heart defects
04:00:34a A Dirty Trick Against Huckabee?
04:00:37a The Green Upside to 100-a-Barrel Oil
04:00:41a Sri Lanka PM Ends Cease Fire
04:00:45a Study Drivers on Cells Clog Traffic
04:00:49a Second child dies after crash near Brantford, Ont., that killed mother and baby
04:00:53a The Seventh Decade – Jonathan Schell on “The New Shape of Nuclear Danger”
04:00:56a Headlines for December 7, 2007
04:01:00a CNN Priest Accused Of Lying About Mob Ties
04:01:03a 13 Days of Christmas
04:01:07a Spears' Lawyers Calling It Quits
04:01:11a CNN Readers Reveal How They Escaped Kenya Violence
04:01:20a China to Switch to Lethal Injections
04:01:24a Stampede Kills 5 in Indian Temple
04:01:37a Police consider charges against survivor of deadly B.C. avalanche
04:01:41a Convicted Killer Released, Moving Into House Across From School
04:01:44a It was No 1 ' now it doesn't even make top ten
04:01:48a Wrong-way A8 driver critical after hitting police car
04:01:51a Eight inches of snow forecast as first winter storm sweeps in
04:01:55a Cyclist dies after falling from bike
04:01:58a Classroom assistants cover for teachers
04:02:02a Nardini's cafe will be restored to its knickerbocker glory
04:02:05a Bali bombers' execution within a month
04:02:16a Former sheriff should end comeback bid
04:02:25a Good day on Victoria hustings for Rudd
04:02:29a Venture Capital E-mail alternative startup lands cash
04:02:53a Metro Reaches Out To New Riders
04:03:02a Oil Price Reaches All-Time High
04:03:15a Iowa can't be bought, history shows
04:03:19a Kenyans relive church burning
04:03:23a Justice Dept. opens probe over CIA tapes
04:03:46a SKorea's military on alert against overseas hackers ministry
04:03:50a India protests break-in at envoy's Islamabad home
04:03:58a Hot Zone Documentary, Chapter Two Somalia
04:04:02a Hot Zone Documentary, Chapter One Introduction
04:04:07a Europeans chafe under New Year 'nanny state' laws
04:04:21a New drug found better at suppressing hep B virus
04:04:25a Large Hadron Collider At CERN Expected To Go Live Summer Of 2008
04:04:29a Possible Genetic Predictor For Response To Lithium Augmentation In Depressed Patients
04:04:33a Forest Service Launches Web-based Forest Threats Viewing Tool
04:04:36a Gap In Health Rates Between Socioeconomic Classes Unchanged, Study Finds
04:04:40a Software Serious Games In Virtual Worlds
04:05:02a Iran's Ayatollah No Smear Campaigning
04:05:31a Inmate cleared of rape charges 27 years later
04:05:35a 26 arrested in FW's 'no refusal' DWI initiative
04:05:38a Au Revoir to Smoky French Cafe
04:05:42a Kenya Torn by Tribal Rage
04:06:02a Suburban sex parties draw complaints
04:06:05a Boy wins 10,000 for toy roller coaster
04:06:09a Early copy of Magna Carta on sale in NYC
04:06:12a Gov. makes son drive tractor before car
04:06:16a Phony priest runs up supermarket tab
04:06:19a OPEC may raise output at Feb 1 meet Indonesia OPEC governor
04:06:23a Liverpool lose fourth spot after home draw with Wigan
04:06:26a Indonesia`s unemployment rate falls in August
04:06:30a Indonesia`s November tourist arrivals up 8.6 pct
04:06:34a Inflation rate in 2007 recorded at 6.59 pct
04:06:37a Indonesian nationals in Pakistan safe, Wirayuda says
04:06:41a Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
04:06:45a Iraq Shrinking Coalition
04:06:49a Littoral Combat Ship
04:06:52a Imperial Japanese Navy
04:06:56a NSA Domestic Spying
04:07:00a Iran Countdown
04:07:03a OIF 4th Anniversary
04:07:07a Iran Natanz
04:07:10a MANPADS
04:07:14a SBInet Mexican Border
04:07:18a US-Mexico Border Fence
04:07:21a DPRK Nuclear Testing
04:07:25a Interceptor Body Armor
04:07:29a DoD News Contracts for January 02, 2008
04:07:33a DoD Announces Venue for Wearable Power Competition
04:07:37a Pakistani Troops Kill ~25 Militants
04:07:40a Analysis For Bush, 2008 Makes or Breaks
04:07:44a Analysis U.S.-Pakistan Policy After Bhutto
04:07:48a Pakistan, UK, US, France Bhutto assassination probe
04:07:52a Pakistan, UK Help Bhutto Assassination Probe
04:07:55a 4 Killed in Bombing in Sri Lanka
04:07:59a CENTAF Dec. 31 airpower summary
04:08:02a N Korea Silent on Missed Nuclear Declaration Deadline
04:08:06a DoD News Contracts for December 31,2007
04:08:10a DoD, Congress 3.5% Troop Pay Raise
04:08:13a CENTAF Dec. 30 airpower summary
04:08:17a Afghan-Led Combined Force Arrests Suspected Taliban Leaders
04:08:20a Ban Ki-moon joint UN-AU force critical gaps
04:08:24a UNOCHA DR Congo's troubled east
04:08:28a Fire damages Alcoa hotel
04:08:31a Dip in donations after the Holidays leaves KARM struggling
04:08:35a Top leaders of the seven party alliance meeting to discuss
04:08:39a Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala administering an oath
04:08:42a Shootout injury
04:08:46a Anti-donation decision
04:08:49a Egypt envoy calls on Pradhan
04:08:53a Global Bank launches new scheme
04:08:57a Micro-credit helping check rural poverty
04:09:00a Shailaja to be on ventilator for few more days
04:09:03a Lack of basic hygiene root of 80% diseases Report
04:09:07a Travel agents protest e-ticketing
04:09:10a Grassroots focus stressed to fight AIDS
04:09:14a Seven parties meeting today to recommend poll date
04:09:17a Nation in election mood, says Deuba
04:09:21a Foreign experts arriving for Shivapuri probe
04:09:25a District HQs to have road links in 3 yrs
04:09:35a Helene St. James' blog Osgood shoots down Stars, again
04:09:39a WISCONSIN 70, MICHIGAN 54 No. 25 ranked Badgers topple Wolverines in Big Ten opener
04:10:34a A Welcome Slap in the Face for the Education Ministry
04:10:38a Leuer helps Badgers win Big Ten opener
04:10:41a Bucks get much-needed victory
04:10:45a Badgers ready to pick up the pieces
04:10:48a Exploding dog 'sparks scare at crematorium'
04:10:52a Learner driver blows 0.245 at Byron Bay
04:10:55a Man Dies in Overnight Shooting Wed, 02 Jan 2008 231315 GMT
04:10:59a Enzyme That Counters Severe Allergic Attack Discovered
04:11:02a Criminal Investigtion Into Destruction of CIA Tapes Begin
04:11:06a Bhutto's Death Inquiry to be assisted by Scotland Yard
04:11:10a Green Burials Let You Give Back To Mother Earth
04:11:34a Exploring Kaohsiung's Hou Shan Yan Natural Cave
04:11:38a Old Tienmu Trail Monkey highway
04:11:41a Crab city Chiayi's Haomeiliao Nature Preserve
04:11:45a Puerto Rico police investigate security guard in beauty pageant
04:11:49a Puerto Rico police probe pageant dispute
04:11:54a 'Hearty Eater' Claims Buffet Banned Him
04:12:01a Mexicans Bundle Up As Temperatures Drop AP
04:12:05a Criminal Probe Opened Over CIA Tapes AP
04:12:08a Colombia proposes hostage talks
04:12:13a Equinox Minerals shares rise after First Quantum buys stake in company
04:12:36a Oil Prices Ease After Hitting 100
04:12:44a EVMS, U.Va. join forces to share research, get grants
04:12:52a Hyundai aims at 20% sales growth
04:12:55a SKorean shares open lower after Wall Street's fall, oil price spike
04:12:59a S.Korea exports up less than expected
04:13:03a Ssangyong to Launch W100 Mil. Sedan
04:13:06a Seoul shares drop on US growth worries
04:13:10a Conyers demands special counsel in CIA probe
04:13:13a Huckabee supporters get warning letter...
04:13:17a Top senator rips US sale of F-16s
04:13:20a Floridians brace for freezing night
04:13:26a Bush makes a plea to North Korea
04:13:40a Coalition Troops in Iraq Kill and Capture Explosives-Planting Insurgents
04:13:52a Clark Howard Collects Toys For Christmas Kids
04:14:13a Donors throw money at fighting malaria
04:14:22a Zoo Director Defends Staff's Actions
04:14:33a Moderate quake rocks Indonesia's Bali Island
04:14:37a Activities continue in Mexico to protest free trade accord
04:14:41a Brazilian prison fire leaves 8 inmates dead
04:14:45a Obama calls for end of violence in Kenya
04:14:48a Colombian man claims to have been entrusted with possible boy hostage
04:14:52a OAS chief rejects failure in Colombian hostage release
04:14:56a Britons to get a look at China Now
04:14:59a Thaksin proposes to play golf game with coup generals
04:15:03a Peacekeepers in Darfur face challenges
04:15:07a Computer game to get Mexican kids in shape
04:15:11a Putin opens Olympic ski project
04:15:14a Fukuda debuts on YouTube in bid to raise profile abroad
04:15:18a OECD warns of slowdown
04:15:21a Bush details housing rescue plan
04:15:25a Judge to proceed with case against consulting firm IPA
04:15:29a Cancer To Halt Rep. Tom Lantos' Re-Election Bid
04:15:32a Monuments carved in ice
04:15:36a LAPD's Murder Rates At Historic Low
04:15:40a Britney Spears' Permanent Residence At Issue
04:15:43a Realtor Admits To Posting Fake Sex Ads
04:15:47a Two lotshampas win in Bhutanese parliamentary polls
04:15:51a Nepali woman slapped death penalty in Kuwait, rights activ...
04:15:55a Seven-party meet fails to decide on steering committee
04:15:58a Historic Dyersburg cemetery left in shambles
04:16:02a Kenya Situation Alarming Winston Peters
04:16:05a Strong Growth In Cereal-Based Food Exports
04:16:09a Reading Recovery Hours Slashed Under Labout Govt
04:16:12a Effective Deterrent Improves Compliance
04:16:16a Maori head 'part of French culture', return to NZ blocked
04:16:19a Road Toll Rise Worrying
04:16:23a Oil Price Hits US100/Barrel Don't Panic, Plan
04:16:26a New Year Horror Stories From Investors
04:16:30a On The Tragic Death Of Guide Anton Wopereis
04:16:33a Christmas & New Year Holiday Drowning Toll Hits 10
04:16:37a Don't Do Yourself An Injury When Doing It Yourself
04:16:40a NZ's Terminator Stance Appalling
04:16:44a Finish 2008 Better Off Than When You Started
04:16:47a IT WILL GET BETTER - Manning's crime pledge for 2008
04:16:51a Man gunned down weeks before wedding -
04:16:54a 'Action Line' back on stream -
04:16:58a Cadiz Stop making excuses - CoP blasted on dealing with escalating crime
04:17:01a Govt said no to state of emergency -
04:17:05a Yes and No - A state of emergency?
04:17:08a What is a state
04:17:11a Cop beaten -
04:17:15a Shooting victim dies -
04:17:19a Methanol Holdings CEO's mom beaten, strangled -
04:17:22a Chopped peacemaker leaves ICU -
04:17:26a Entertainment journalist
04:17:29a Work starts on Ashlyn's home - 'Express' story brings results
04:17:33a King and Queen semis stay in Port of Spain -
04:17:37a Parties gear up for House debate -
04:17:40a Bullet still in boy, say doctors -
04:17:44a Tobago teen charged with gardener's murder -
04:17:47a No birthday miracle for missing girl's brother -
04:17:51a Smooth sailing for Coudray on first day back at corporation -
04:17:54a 'Deranged' man blamed for Sando fire -
04:17:58a Time for limited state of emergency -
04:18:01a Gate to maxi hell -
04:18:05a God's grace... -
04:18:08a The future Pakistan deserves -
04:18:12a Manning wants Filipino labour -
04:18:16a Tobago hotels brace for bumper tourist season -
04:18:19a Stinger keeps his crown - Police Calypso Monarch final
04:18:23a Arabia, anyone? -
04:18:26a Russian tourists have been injured in a road accident in Turkey. The accident occurred
04:18:30a Chinese building engulfed in fire, no casualty
04:18:34a Chinese New Year celebration at MAC
04:18:37a More Gain Seen For Shanghai Stocks
04:18:41a Working the Southwest System
04:18:45a Liberia Sex Abuse A
04:18:49a Grocery store robbed in Grand Rapids
04:18:53a Nigeria Kenyans Stage Protest at White House
04:18:56a Michigan Presidential Focus Coming
04:19:00a Sudan US to send investigators to Sudan
04:19:20a \tab Report Crude oil output declines in Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Syria\par \tab
04:19:24a \tab Iraq security forces mopping up Al Qaida networks\par \tab
04:19:28a \tab U.S., Turkey operating joint intel center for northern Iraq\par \tab
04:19:32a \tab Think tank Turkish invasion would fail to uproot Kurdish militants\par \tab
04:19:35a Fort Campbell soldier accused of abusing stepson
04:19:39a Quebec restaurant chain nixes all trans fat
04:19:52a Candidates hit late-night talk shows
04:20:15a Tennessee Couple Shot To Death After SEC Game
04:20:42a Gangs using armoured cars in Vancouver
04:20:45a Moderate quake rocks Indonesia's Bali Island
04:21:07a Govt Swaps Troops for Electricity From DRC
04:21:10a Ruling MPLA Delegation Visits Luanda's Electricity Firm
04:21:42a Magic collapse late, lose to Nets
04:21:46a College hoops S. Florida beats Rutgers
04:21:49a Wednesday's winning lottery numbers
04:21:53a 'Labour hero' executed in NKorea aid group
04:22:58a Miss Sapporo Beauty Queens Meet their Match at Madame Tussauds ...
04:23:02a Steel Partners Reply to Sapporo Triggers Bid Deadline
04:23:20a Stray bullet leads to new year near miss
04:23:24a Suburban cities speak out against consolidation
04:23:27a LR high school basketball player collapses, dies
04:23:31a Farmers brace with Florida state under freeze warning
04:23:35a Alert Over The March of The ‘Grey Goo in Nanotechnology Frankenfoods
04:23:39a New evidence that global warming is shrinking Great Lakes
04:23:42a Big Brother gets bigger
04:23:46a NY Lawsuit My Commercial Looks Lewd
04:23:49a * KMT and PFP cement alliance
04:24:28a Two Complaints Filed against Morrison
04:24:32a Wichita Kids Will Talk with Space Station Crew
04:24:54a Learner driver caught five times over limit
04:24:58a Fellow blogger appeals for Saudi's release
04:25:02a China firemen battle market blaze
04:25:06a 61yo severely bashed for cigarettes police
04:25:10a Changes recommended to workers comp
04:25:13a Kimberley braces for possible cyclone
04:25:17a US court rules human rights groups may protect sources
04:25:21a Trio hailed heroes for saving neighbour
04:25:24a Twenty rowers suffer hypothermia, sea sickness
04:25:28a U.S. Letting In Fewer Iraqi Refugees
04:25:32a Lost hikers use mobile phone to help rescuers
04:25:36a Cabbie offers clues on missing woman
04:25:40a Texas man's arm severed in machine
04:25:43a Police search for father of slain girls
04:25:47a Report blasts Pentagon's WMD efforts
04:25:51a Teens charged with killing foster mom
04:25:55a Foul play not suspected in sailors' deaths
04:25:58a Great Lakes water levels hit low
04:26:02a Charges in 1988 murders to be dismissed
04:26:06a Filler Evident in Late-Night TV's Return
04:26:09a Golden Globes at Risk As Strike Heats Up
04:26:13a 21 Killed in Afghan
04:26:17a Jefferson Award Winner Bonnie Addario
04:26:21a Harris Awarded for 'Impeccable' Scholarship of Ancient Greece, Rome
04:26:25a Recession, Oil Worries Sink Stocks
04:26:28a Ford Looks to Tata as Bidder
04:26:32a Centro Asset Sale Attracts Investors
04:26:43a Spears' lawyers ask to quit custody case
04:26:46a Filler evident in late-night TV's return
04:26:50a 'Hearty eater' claims buffet banned him
04:27:16a Did FNC's Gretchen Carlson Throw 'Digs' and 'Disses' at McAuliffe?
04:27:52a 27 People Turn Blind After Cataract Surgery in Parbhani
04:27:56a Caucuses signal start of long year in US politics
04:28:00a Postimperial Nannies Lecturing on Democracy
04:28:04a Maybe We Set Too Much Store by Democracy
04:28:07a Day of reckoning looms for world economy ' and it will be painful
04:28:11a Dubai Municipality Launches Quality Assurance Service
04:28:15a Should the transplant of animal organs into humans be allowed
04:28:18a A bleak, wet kerb trawl ' and no fairy-tale end to New Year
04:28:22a A new year, and a new morality is needed in the financial sector
04:28:26a Fear Stalks Business After Benazir Murder
04:28:30a Israeli Airstrikes Leave 7 Dead in Gaza
04:28:33a Khamenei Warns Iranians Over 'Poll Insults'
04:28:37a Only one way to end Kenya's political stand-off ' count votes again
04:28:41a Scotland Yard to Assist in Probe, Musharraf Says
04:28:45a How Free Is the Blogosphere
04:28:48a Wedding Daze bride and gloom
04:28:52a Here come the tribal leaders
04:28:56a The policy that castrated the IDF
04:29:00a Weekender — Kids calendar for Jan. 4-10
04:29:06a Outlook roundup, Retalix
04:29:10a backs 3Q, 2008 outlook
04:29:14a Prodi, despite all predictions, still is the prime minister
04:29:18a Poll indicates how Europeans see U.S. election, and how some Americans see it
04:29:28a Kenyan rival offers to serve in government
04:29:31a Kenya unrest displaces 70,000
04:29:35a International Federation for Human Rights
04:29:43a US presidential hopeful Obama urges calm in Kenya
04:29:46a Save Our Beloved Country editorial
04:29:50a Political People Bill Clinton's biggest hater comes around
04:29:54a Crazed Beauty Queen robs boyfriend, holds him captive
04:29:57a Late night talk shows resume as writers picket
04:30:01a State Prison Inmate Walks Away From Work Crew
04:30:04a New Tool May Help in Fight to Curb CO2
04:30:08a Quanta Considers Locations for Plant
04:30:12a Estrada My son is his own man
04:30:15a Will Smith's Film Not Yet OK'd in China
04:30:19a Breaking News SWAT Team on the scene of local shooting
04:30:23a China switching from shooting to lethal injection for executions report
04:30:26a Late-night funnymen return; Clinton, Huckabee kick off top shows
04:30:30a Britney Spears' lawyers ask to quit custody case; cite communication breakdown
04:30:33a Writers guild won't make special deal with Golden Globes
04:30:37a Flashy goth couple Kynt Cothron, Vyxsin Fiala take wrong U-Turn on ?Amazing Race?
04:30:40a 'Treasure,' 'Legend' 'Chipmunks' cap record box-office year
04:30:44a Tila Tequila, Bobby Banhart call it quits; 2nd 'Shot at Love' season announced
04:30:47a Woman Carjacked, Locked in Trunk of Car Thu, 03 Jan 2008 011426 GMT
04:30:51a Farmers want Angelina Jolie to visit Philippines
04:30:54a USD 501 approves recruiting trip to Philippines
04:30:58a Fred Russell sentenced to 14 years in prison for fatal crash
04:31:02a Why Are Prisoners Being Sent To Private Hospitals?
04:31:19a Drivers on Phones Said to Impede Commute
04:31:23a Qualcomm Expects 'Impact' of Patent Case
04:31:56a Model sues jewelry company, claiming commercial makes her look lewd
04:32:00a Zoo director says staff acted heroically during chaos, as officials probe alcohol link
04:32:04a Former US beauty queen accused of kidnapping, torturing ex-boyfriend in jewelry dispute
04:32:08a DNA tests exonerate another Texas inmate, this one who served 26 years after rape
04:32:12a Former Arizona beauty queen accused of kidnapping, torturing ex-boyfriend in jewelry dispute
04:32:38a Mumbai molestation victim recalls nightmare
04:32:42a Three Indian students charred to death in Australia
04:32:45a Who or what killed Benazir? Mush has no answers
04:32:49a Face the Nation Are Indians sex starved?
04:32:52a Laxman speeds up India after early wicket
04:32:56a US poll race in first lap, crucial Iowa caucus today
04:33:00a Govt to hike petrol price by Rs 4 Crude touches 100
04:33:03a Fusion king Bikram Ghosh drums a new beat
04:33:07a Watch trailer Kal Penn in Harold and Kumar Escape...
04:33:10a What About Experience?
04:33:14a Miami Dolphins Names New General Manager
04:33:17a Suspect took part in chaotic robbery in 1999
04:33:21a New Year’s gunshots tradition appears to be waning
04:33:24a Wyo. guv to tackle growth in state
04:33:28a Two commit suicide
04:34:03a What's Next For FISA?
04:34:26a Banten preparing two events for Visit Indonesia Year 2008
04:34:32a Letterman's first Top 10 after return
04:34:48a 3 found dead in Connecticut fire
04:34:55a Plaxo reportedly hires bank to help it sell itself
04:35:41a 'Huckabee is a scab.'
04:35:45a Jim Talent Romney will stop 'the militant gays.'
04:35:50a Spears' custody lawyers quit
04:36:13a Shorter HCV treatment shows notable success
04:36:17a For hospital patients, defibrillation delays mean lower survival
04:36:20a How actin networks are actin'
04:36:24a HIV isolate from Kenya provides clues for vaccine design
04:36:27a Multiple species of bacteria may cause trachoma Implications for treatment
04:36:31a Carnegie Mellon study identifies where thoughts of familiar objects occur inside the human brain
04:36:35a Daily alcohol use causes changes in sexual behavior, new study reveals
04:36:38a Anxiety 1.0
04:36:42a Family Amnesia Victim Died Without Regaining Memories
04:36:52a Faux News No Likee Grandpa Fred
04:37:05a Santa Rosa Police Shoot Mentally Ill Man To End Standoff
04:37:31a Manila links Suu Kyi's release to ASEAN ratification
04:37:40a Online poll removed after suspicious results
04:37:45a Live from Ayodhya
04:38:07a UN human rights expert warns on threats to freedom of expression
04:38:17a Cell phones causing headaches for 911 operators
04:38:45a In pics India vs Australia
04:38:56a How About Governing?
04:38:59a Untangling the Myths, Explaining the Facts
04:39:03a Ainsworth Heats Up Climate in the Tory Green Circle
04:39:29a Many sought Norris backing, star says
04:39:32a Fred Thompson may drop out
04:39:50a Asian stocks drag on Wall Street decline
04:39:54a The oldest boomers are more set for retirement than thought
04:39:58a Times Topics C.I.A. Interrogation Tapes
04:40:02a For Democrats, Too Many Good Picks; For Republicans, an Ea...
04:40:05a Iowans Hear Barrage of Final Pleas for First ?08 Votes
04:40:49a Man charged over Howick murder
04:40:53a Air travellers to NZ 'cost' eight million tonnes of carbon annually
04:41:06a Oil prices ease in Asia after hitting US100 in US trading
04:41:22a Firefighters battle flames, cold conditions
04:41:32a Oil eases after rise to US100, market expects drop in US crude stockpiles
04:41:52a Blackout fears subside in WA
04:41:56a Flinders can't explain share price spike
04:42:28a Ste. Genevieve officer fakes house break-in, gets shot by brother-in-law
04:42:32a St. Peters police believe suspect caught on surveillance robbed two banks
04:42:35a Communities along Highway 40 feel sense of isolation with shutdown
04:43:10a Saudi Dairy Companies to Increase Prices
04:43:14a SABIC, Riyad Bank Lift Saudi Index
04:43:17a Kingdoms 2nd Forum on Global Competitiveness Draws Support
04:43:21a Car Crash Near Madinah Kills 6
04:43:24a WAMY Course on Creative Thinking
04:43:28a Drive Against Cardiac Diseases Launched
04:43:31a Baby Missing From Nursery of Sakaka Hospital
04:43:35a Saudi Arabia may not give Palestinians 1.4 billion in promised aid
04:43:39a 'Color Their Lives' Auction on Monday
04:43:43a JGC wins major EPC Contract for NCP Project North Plot, in Jubail, Saudi Arabia
04:43:46a False Alarm Causes Emergency Landing at Madinah Airport
04:43:50a 'Hearty Eater' Claims Buffet Banned Him
04:43:54a Wis. Town Holds Annual 'Toilet Bowl'
04:43:57a Russian govt to combat inflation, meet demand with domestic food
04:44:05a Main events scheduled for Friday, Jan. 4+
04:44:09a Bollywood beckons for England cricket duo
04:44:12a Hal Holbrook, Sean Penn 'Wild' about each other
04:44:16a Globes in Crosshairs of Striking Writers
04:44:20a Former beauty queen faces kidnapping charges
04:44:23a Video Essay Good poll numbers for Obama
04:44:27a Video Essay Huckabee 'Exciting time'
04:44:30a Leno and Letterman pay homage to strike on air
04:44:34a 2007 may be gone, but the volatility of the markets carries on
04:44:55a Part 2 Media Broadcasts THE PEOPLE'S PARADE At The Rose Parade New Years Day
04:45:35a The Year In Deval
04:45:39a US marine still waiting appeal in Philippine rape case
04:45:43a Britney Spears' lawyers quit child custody case
04:45:46a Asia mostly firmer despite falling stocks
04:45:50a House bill seeks publication of gov't officials' ITRs
04:45:54a Dollar weaker against yen as US manufacturing index slides
04:45:57a Software firm banks on Microsoft tie-up for global play
04:46:01a Shares tumble on US recession fears, record oil price
04:46:05a Boy, 2, Dies In Minus-Zero Temps
04:46:09a Laxman leads Indian fightback against Australia
04:46:12a Campaigns fight to finish line in Iowa
04:46:34a Shelby County Soldier Killed in Iraq
04:46:37a Helping the Homeless Beat the Cold
04:47:23a Huckabee Takes On Leno
04:47:26a Male belly dancing re-emerges in Egypt
04:48:01a Man admits bilking 8M from investors
04:49:06a Chris Wall intv on Justin Sullivan Part 2 of 2
04:49:09a Chris Wall intv on Justin Sullivan Part 1 of 2
04:49:12a Day 1 12 Days of Christmas
04:49:16a Ed Kelley Decisions, Decisions
04:49:19a The Ladies Room 12/11 Christmas Traditions
04:49:23a Generator safety tips
04:49:29a First day of school
04:49:43a Should Investors Sit on The Sidelines for Macy’s?
04:50:40a City of Austin hires California firm to eliminate dependence on landfills.
04:50:46a Nominating begins in neighbourly fashion
04:50:50a Sparse resums perplex old hands
04:50:53a Obama-mania grips state
04:50:57a Indiana Guard sends off largest single deployment since WWI
04:51:00a Ellsworth, Lugar, Bayh net 1.8M for Wabash Valley
04:51:04a Light House Mission seeing more people in cold weather
04:51:07a Police Fight over gun leads to crash
04:51:11a Commissioner Decker to take helm of Vigo board
04:51:15a New Zealander beats top seed at tennis
04:51:18a Man arrested over Daryl Graydon murder
04:51:22a Drownings and road toll up
04:51:25a Highest drowning toll in 4 yrs
04:51:29a Bowling greens not good enough
04:51:32a Good For You
04:51:36a Warm and dry december for most
04:51:39a Missing man found in Wairoa
04:51:43a Man charged with murder over stabbing
04:51:46a Seventeen road deaths "needless" AA
04:51:50a Man fighting for life after floor polisher accident
04:51:53a White powder sent off for analysis
04:51:57a How to Erode and Destroy Democracy
04:52:24a North Korea Sends Condolences Over Death Of Benazir Bhutto
04:52:28a Inter-Korean Summit Brought 'New Phase' Ofunification North
04:52:43a Chrysler to lay off 1,096 at Belvidere
04:52:49a Arizona beauty queen accused of kidnapping
04:53:01a Grand Dussehra pageantry dazzles Mysore
04:53:27a Indiana Guard sends off largest single deployment since WWII
04:53:31a Democrats to meet Tuesday on Ellis removal
04:53:35a Hard nuts yet to crack Envoy
04:53:46a Gillard stumbles and falls
04:53:56a African Aid Projects That Work Partnerships on the Ground, Not Donations From a Distance
04:54:19a Israelis Invent Fuel System That Guarantees Cheaper Prices, Less Pollution
04:54:23a Landmark Custody Battle Involves Legal Rights of Two Chimps in Oregon
04:54:40a OH, PIONEERS!
04:54:44a Gold Value of Apartments Sinks
04:54:47a With Nods to the Strike, Late-Night Hosts Return
04:54:51a Social Net Site Is Said to Be for Sale
04:54:54a 17th plenary meet of Int'l union of economists to be held in aqaba
04:54:58a Kuwaiti minister of justice arrives in Sana'a
04:55:02a ''Eye on Malaysia'' to remain as tourism product
04:55:06a Op-Ed Al Qaeda targeting Sunni tribal groups after Bin Laden threat
04:55:15a WVU leads Oklahoma at Fiesta Bowl halftime
04:55:18a Short-handed Pitt pulls past Lafayette
04:55:22a Duquesne's depth prevails in win over Bowling Green
04:55:25a Extra airport shuttle trips scheduled for students
04:55:29a Two Pittsburgh landmarks may be saved from demolition
04:55:59a Popular Restaurant Closes In Manchester
04:56:14a Review An otherworldly romp through a cluttered universe
04:56:18a New car sales hit 20-year low in 2007 report
04:56:21a TAIEX starts off year on low note, falls 183 points
04:56:25a Canova's "Venus Victorious" is centerpiece of Rome exhibit
04:56:29a Quanta mulls proposal for Vietnam plant
04:56:33a Drouot stuns world with success of its sale of Chinese lacquer
04:56:36a HTC Q4 sales have grown 20%
04:56:40a COA lays out tree-planting campaign to up greening
04:56:43a Taiwan Financial told to reduce Hua Nan stake
04:56:47a Gold hits 2-month peak, near historic high of US843.70
04:56:51a Flat panel display growth to remain strong analysts
04:56:54a Citigroup may write down US12 billion
04:56:58a Chinese yuan advances to strongest since 2005
04:57:02a India hits record, Asia mostly down
04:57:05a Dollar down against euro before Fed policy minutes
04:57:09a Oil prices rise amid expected drop in U.S. crude stockpiles
04:57:13a Citigroup, Merrill top 2007 underwriters
04:57:17a Singapore's economy grew 7.5% PM
04:57:20a Cambodian garment workers threaten strike over pay rise
04:57:24a BlackRock's Hambro beats EU rivals with mining
04:57:28a More steps needed to help stabilize U.S. housing market White House
04:57:32a Bhutto's death a blow to Pakistan economy
04:57:36a Pakistani stocks 'cheap' and worth holding Merrill
04:57:39a China may see double-digit growth
04:57:43a New officials 'threaten' China's economic curbs
04:57:47a ECB drains euro168.6 bil. from EU money markets
04:57:50a SIA, China Eastern deal hits turbulence again
04:57:54a Germany cuts growth forecast to below 2%
04:57:58a Corn hits 11-year high as China sets export tax
04:58:01a Akzo Nobel NV closes US15.9 bil. ICI acquisition
04:58:05a IBM acquires Israeli data-storage company
04:58:17a Centro put up for sale as debt deadline looms
04:58:20a Baidu Stock may extend drop after Wang's death
04:58:24a OMX group board backs Nasdaq, Borse Dubai bid
04:58:28a 2-Year-Old Boy Dies In Minus-Zero Temps
04:58:31a Tiger Airways to start services to Bangalore
04:58:35a Cambodia tourist arrivals top two million in 2007
04:58:38a Singapore's 2007 residential property value rises 31%
04:58:42a China's tax revenue soars to US670 billion in 2007
04:58:46a Hyundai Motor announces record car sales in 2007
04:58:49a LA Shooting Suspect Detained At San Ysidro Crossing
04:58:53a All the rest of the conservative commentators Huckabee? pardon me while I gag
04:58:57a Benazir shot by three sniper teams
04:59:01a FDA Clears First Quick Test For Drug-Resistant Staph Infections
04:59:05a Saudi man divorces wife using mall microphone
04:59:08a Naomi Klein is a Hypocrite
04:59:12a Leno and Huckabee pic needs a caption
04:59:15a Governor Huckabee E-mails Rush; Drive-Bys Miss Point of the Story
04:59:18a Ramos and Compean, Rally and Prayer
04:59:22a Jennifer Saunders & Mid Devon Hunt reported to police
04:59:26a Couple arrested after leaving child in cold car
04:59:29a Post-election violence in Kenya halts IU program
04:59:33a Firefighters warn against treading on thin ice
04:59:37a Cabinet has worked out budget plan, president says
04:59:46a Police Arson Caused Ky. Courthouse Fire
04:59:49a Man Admits Bilking 8M From Investors
04:59:53a Murder-Suicide at Ohio Nursing Home
05:00:00a Zoo Director Defends Staff's Actions
05:00:11a Things a Gym Won't Tell You
05:00:38a Hanoi holds four US citizens, but charges unclear
05:00:46a Sleepless in Iowa Races Down to the Wire
05:01:14a Having Weathered a Tough Year, Dion Ready for Election
05:01:18a Canadians Optimistic about 2008, the Government and Their Finances
05:01:22a Three Indian students killed in Australian house fire
05:01:25a Cricket Australia all out for 463 in second Test
05:01:28a Benazir’s assassination Scotland Yard may find little to do in Pakistan
05:01:32a Cricket British PM wants Zimbabwe's England tour shelved
05:01:35a Israeli air strike kills Hamas militant in Gaza
05:01:38a Why Bilawal cannot head the PPP
05:01:42a Noriega, Cornyn challenge Texas' Republican slant
05:01:46a Manufacturer to fill empty Guide plant in Monroe
05:02:04a Solar energy World's fastest-growing energy source
05:02:07a Game of the Month December 2007
05:02:11a Glaxo Partnership Boosts Human Genome
05:02:14a Movers Roundup Human Genome, Goodyear
05:02:30a USO directors object to MoveOn's cash
05:02:34a Snowmobiler Killed in Accident
05:02:40a Walker will stay at UCLA
05:02:47a Beijing gives nod to Singapore bid for China Eastern
05:02:51a Daytona Beach police find body in woods
05:02:55a Double Brrrr Temps much coolerthrough the morning
05:02:58a DEVELOPING STORY Rosenthal faces federal contempt of court hearing
05:03:02a Mobile digital TV enters the UAE in June
05:03:22a Registry may track egg, sperm donors
05:03:30a DeWine will run for judge
05:03:33a E. Price Hill man escapes fire
05:04:34a Hanson Voting the War
05:04:38a Hanson Old Warhorse
05:04:41a Malkin Flawed but Useful
05:04:45a The cold reality of winter work
05:04:49a Wis. town holds annual 'Toilet Bowl'
05:05:04a Township indefinitely tables zoning deal for dunes
05:05:08a Chrysler's Belvidere plant to lay off 1,096 workers
05:05:11a Sad trend Abandoned pets falling victim to foreclosures
05:05:15a Report Thompson to exit race if he fares poorly in IA
05:05:19a Ex-'Dateline' reporter blasts NBC over 9/11
05:05:23a New FOIA law falls short of 'openness'
05:05:26a Evangelicals eyeing blogosphere
05:05:30a Tumor-suppressing gene said found
05:05:34a McCain moves into national GOP lead
05:05:37a Expert 'We're closer to nukes'
05:05:41a Report Pix
05:05:44a Five dead, 10 hurt in Andhra temple stampede
05:05:48a India's best Ulips
05:05:51a Did you really get the MF you bought?
05:05:55a No need for UN probe into Benazir's murder US
05:05:58a Fokker 100 had no defects before takeoff official
05:06:02a Firemen battle market blaze in northwest China
05:06:06a Warrant issued for man in stabbing death
05:06:09a Deadline to file for next election passes
05:06:13a Saegert coach making gym class fun again
05:06:17a Officials urge caution after string of fires
05:06:20a Chamber hears an update on SH 130
05:06:24a New Jersey may apologize for slavery
05:06:27a CNN Student News Transcript January 3, 2008
05:06:31a Sri Lankan government pulls out of cease-fire
05:06:34a CNN Student News Learning Activity Caucuses and Primaries
05:06:38a SKorea's military on alert against overseas hackers ministry
05:06:41a Yemen's Intifada
05:06:50a Final days for Artisans & Kings, Western art symposium and Other January Highlights
05:06:54a 2008 Denver Zoo Event Listings
05:07:37a Israelis' support for privatization rises with income
05:07:41a Israelis, stop complaining!
05:07:45a Israeli airstrike in Gaza kills six
05:07:48a Gaza Pilgrims Finally Head Home
05:07:52a More Sinai Bedouins arrested after protest
05:07:55a PLO Report Israeli Violations During 2007
05:07:59a On its 20th birthday, Hamas sticks to fighting Israel
05:08:03a European Union provides 433,000 Euros to help facilitate Palestinian trade
05:08:06a President Abbas reaffirms basis of Palestinian-Israeli peace talks
05:08:10a Jerusalem Police planning highest security for Bush visit 0208
05:08:14a Hezbollah chief Nasrallah Israel backtracking in negotiations to release abducted IDF soldiers
05:08:18a Israel's Rough Diamond Exports Up 26.05% during Jan through September 2007
05:08:21a Israel's Rough Diamond Imports Up 16.09% by Volume during January October 2007
05:08:28a India, Israel to further strengthen defence ties
05:08:35a Iowa to Test Populist Message
05:08:39a Factory Slowdown Sets Off Alarm
05:08:43a Hundreds rally across Oregon for domestic partnership law
05:08:46a Artest Out At Least 3 Weeks After Surgery
05:08:50a Rescued Bear Cub Released Into Den
05:08:53a Vodka Bottle Found In Tiger Attack Victims' Car
05:08:57a California Vote Could Matter In Early Primary
05:09:00a 28 Resorts In 4 Days, Ski Group Resolves
05:09:04a Concerns about risks to economic stability in the UK
05:09:08a Chinese computer maker set to enter U.S. market
05:09:11a Shriners to build new hospital near BJC in Central West End
05:09:15a Oil touches 100 a barrel on supply concern, increased demand
05:09:19a Bankruptcies expected to increase again in 2008 amid slower growth
05:09:22a 'Practice' shutdown day goes smoothly for businesses, shoppers
05:09:26a New in Las Vegas Soft Opening for The Palazzo
05:09:29a facebook_social_ads_3
05:09:34a facebook_social_ads_4
05:09:38a facebook_social_ads_2
05:09:41a the mega-church
05:09:44a dotty Brad and Susan
05:09:48a Brad and Anne
05:09:51a Eggs Benedict
05:09:55a NHL Winter Classic/ Ice Bowl
05:10:01a Jews seek meeting with reporter
05:10:05a Jewish groups team up for community service project
05:10:08a FDA OKs first rapid blood test for MRSA infection
05:10:12a Wild birds might be involved in bird flu death in Vietnam
05:10:16a Morning gargle may be used for cancer tests
05:10:20a Director of liquidated companies leaves country
05:10:23a User-Generated Video Content At Risk Of Private Censorship
05:10:27a UPDATE Escaped prisoners arrested in S.C.
05:10:31a State manhunt focusing on Onslow
05:10:53a Woman in burning
05:10:57a Wedding gown
05:11:01a Alleged bank robber doesnt notice cop
05:11:13a Man Pleads Guilty To 2nd Speedway Robbery
05:11:16a Man Who Assaulted Mother In Florence Mall Parking Lot Sentenced
05:11:57a SKorea's military on alert against overseas hackers ministry
05:12:26a Tech Mahindra to build campus in Chandigarh
05:12:39a Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Go Digital
05:12:51a Lake Michigan monthly averages nearing record lows
05:13:44a Junta levies massive fee increase to access satellite TV ' Violet Cho
05:13:49a Urgent Blast hits Sri Lankan north central district
05:13:53a Brazilian-Sino trade up 42.55 percent in 2007
05:13:57a Child-trafficking gang broken up in central China
05:14:00a Expert New Zealand tourism could be hit badly by gas emissions
05:14:04a Backgrounder World's major oil producers and consumers
05:14:07a Malaysian gov't to sustain oil prices as long as possible
05:14:11a Vietnam targets foreign investment of 90 bln in 5 years
05:14:15a Former Philippine president eyes comeback with comedy
05:14:18a Freeway accident kills eight in NW China
05:14:22a Ukrainian PM vows to salvage state-owned gas company
05:14:26a Myanmar reopens ancient palace to attract tourists
05:14:29a Schwarzenegger vows to reverse EPA decision on emissions waiver
05:14:33a Immune cell protein may fight asthma
05:14:37a Older patients face greatest surgical risk
05:14:40a Scientists suprised by white dwarf energy
05:14:44a Report Forgiveness is good for you
05:14:47a Fermented grape seeds fight mouth bacteria
05:14:51a SKorea's military on alert against overseas hackers ministry
05:14:55a Kenya Teeters on the Brink
05:14:58a Talabani Visits Kurdish PM in Arbil
05:15:02a The Video-Game War
05:15:06a Iraq's Assyrian Christians, Far From Home, Cling to Roots
05:15:09a Wisconsin State Rep to Be Deployed to Iraq
05:15:13a Eight Killed, 16 Wounded in Baquba Bombing Attack
05:15:17a Texas Public Safety Dept Sympathy for al-Qaeda Producing 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome'
05:15:20a Invisible Wounds From Iraq
05:15:24a Musharraf on horns of election dilemma Analysts
05:15:27a Bollywood beckons for England duo
05:15:31a Ferdinand looks ahead after 'awful' Christmas
05:15:34a Heat layers' shift above Arctic to blame for ice crisis study
05:15:38a Wigan frustrate Liverpool's title hopes
05:15:41a 'The boys were bright students'
05:15:45a Medicos' relay fast continues at JJ Hospital
05:15:49a CM given the miss for museum's inauguration
05:15:52a Mumbaikars hit the gym after New Year binge
05:15:56a Residents oppose bypass to airport
05:15:59a MIG got six times its due from Mhada
05:16:03a Developers grab 34 PAP tenements
05:16:07a Majeed to defend NRI in US
05:16:10a 'They've been snapped, they'll be caught'
05:16:14a CCTV let the cops down, again
05:16:18a IAEA talks may be wrapped up soon
05:16:22a India's ICICI Bank To Sell 5pct Stake In Mascon Global
05:16:25a Pakistani regime announces lengthy election delay
05:16:29a Kenya Violence spreads following presidential elections
05:16:36a New York Times to feature neo-conservative war advocate William Kristol as op-ed columnist
05:16:39a 'Antiwar' candidate Kucinich backs leading Democrat in Iowa primary
05:16:43a Australia Political vendetta resumes as David Hicks leaves prison
05:16:46a Terry Hicks, father of former Guantánamo prisoner, speaks with WSWS
05:16:50a New York City With hunger on the rise, food banks supplies running low
05:16:54a France social cuts announced over Christmas holidays
05:16:58a Kenyan poll irregularities 'unacceptable' Britain
05:17:01a Populist Message Gets Louder in Iowa
05:17:05a Foreign Oil Stirs Candidates, Political Discord
05:17:09a Bush Picks Abu Dhabi for Speech
05:17:12a Abenaki Tribe Needs Help Finding Bone Marrow Matches
05:17:16a Emergency Landing At Burlington Airport
05:17:19a Local Crime-Ridden Motel To Be Torn Down
05:17:23a Lantos has cancer, will not run again
05:17:27a Germany questions ''credibility of Kenyan election result''
05:17:30a Patarkatsishvili's party to run in parliamentary elections
05:17:34a Nature authority seeks to declare underwater areas nature reserves
05:17:37a Australia Duped Snake
05:17:41a Myanmar Hidden War
05:17:48a Rash of Copper Thefts In One Night Thu, 03 Jan 2008 051122 GMT
05:17:54a Impact of climate change on the Muslim world will be devastating
05:18:00a Charter bus crash leaves death, chaos in its wake
05:18:04a Fireworks safe area may end
05:18:08a Suspect sought after reveler stabbed, left to die in cold
05:18:11a Murder suspect is found hanged inside his jail cell
05:18:15a Two teenagers hurt in drive-by shooting
05:18:19a Man says 'not guilty' in his dad's death
05:18:22a Deadly shooting by Kirby officer probed
05:18:26a Motorists 'getting caught out' on petrol prices
05:18:30a Lenovo has eyes on consumer PC market
05:18:33a Passengers face more rail misery
05:18:37a Fishermen stymied by million dollar salmon escape
05:18:41a Million dollar salmon escape
05:18:44a Rescued bushwalker heads back to save dog
05:18:48a Domestic partner benefits lauded
05:18:51a Anonymous letter raps Dolan, cites improper contracts
05:18:55a Golf-Mercedes-Benz Championship first-round draw
05:18:59a Monkeys Still Unable To Produce Shakespeare--Or Perl
05:19:02a Enid motorist dies after suffering heart attack
05:19:06a ASK AMY ; Friend Won't Baby-Sit for Mom in Labor Room
05:19:10a Teen Boy's Perpetual Nudity Perplexes Longtime Neighbor
05:19:13a Health Notes
05:19:17a Humane Society Offers Rabies Clinics
05:19:20a Lifeline / News in Brief
05:19:24a Suicide bomber kills three policemen in Algeria
05:19:28a US agents to help investigate murders in Sudan
05:19:31a Airport to Ignore Criticism of Runway Safety Upgrade
05:19:35a Beijing's Anti Democracy Resolution Angers Hong Kong
05:19:38a PA security forces restore public order in turbulent W. Bank city
05:19:42a They talk, you sit in traffic longer
05:19:46a Tougher data laws needed say MPs
05:19:49a Sean Penn to head Cannes filmfest jury in 2008
05:19:53a Ministers 'lost nerve' over Hips
05:19:56a Pasay mall fire reaches Task Force Echo
05:20:00a Beijing kicks off anti-beggar campaign for 2008 Olympics
05:20:04a Smoking link to hearing problems
05:20:07a GMA-7 sues ABS-CBN
05:20:10a Estrada I have no intention of running
05:20:14a Smith still waiting appeal in 'Nicole' rape case
05:20:17a Shares close 3.2 percent lower
05:20:21a SKorea's military on alert against overseas hackers
05:20:25a Vietnam to bid at Manila's 500,000 tons rice tender-media
05:20:28a CJD death 'is no cause for panic'
05:20:32a Pupils in large schools 'treble'
05:20:35a Cancer hospital blaze probe begins PA
05:20:39a Dems Hit TV for Final Iowa Pitches AP
05:20:43a Iowans Excited They Are Holding A Caucus, Not Primary 03 Jan 2008 000112 GMT
05:20:46a Huckabee Brings Hometown Support To Iowa 03 Jan 2008 000026 GMT
05:20:50a ISAF Chief Sees Afghan Drug Trade Rising in '08
05:20:54a Man Kills Wife, Self At Nursing Home
05:20:58a Edmonton gets a win thanks to Moreau's sleight of hand
05:21:01a Another armoured gang car taken off the streets of Metro Vancouver
05:21:05a Drug companies spend nearly double on marketi...
05:21:09a Bombers' Hebert makes another attempt at NFL job
05:21:12a Oil producing provinces stand to profit as oi...
05:21:16a Canadian junior team still dreaming of gold after 4-2 win over Finland
05:21:20a Most actively traded companies on Canadian st...
05:21:23a Syms Files to Deregister Shares With the SEC ...
05:21:27a Construction Spending Rebounded in November D...
05:21:31a Nasdaq Grants Photon Dynamics Extension to Fi...
05:21:34a Corporate Controller of Wesco International S...
05:21:38a Honda's Fit an accommodating little giant
05:21:41a Collectibles No red light in GreenLight's drive to expand
05:21:45a National City Local impact of cuts 'minimal'
05:21:53a Oil prices hit 100; 4 gasoline may be next
05:21:56a Local jobless rate slides in November
05:21:59a The best on wheels for 2008
05:22:03a WVU exec forms panel to probe his own actions
05:22:06a No Slingshots at Scene of Tiger Attack
05:22:10a Spears' Lawyers Askto Quit Custody Case
05:22:13a Lt-Cdr 'Fuzz' Fyson
05:22:17a Bruni's mother tips her to become France's first lady
05:22:20a The New River Valley Current Local news
05:22:24a Bourses rise on year's first extended trading session
05:22:27a DePasquale, former Pittsburgh council president, dies
05:22:31a Sperm donor wins Pa. appeal to not pay child support
05:22:34a Scotland Yard to join Bhutto probe
05:22:38a Beaver County senator LaValle to retire this year
05:22:41a Onorato says work just beginning
05:22:45a Wilmerding firefighter drove drunk police
05:22:49a Ex-Pittsburgh worker sought in theft
05:22:52a 1 appeal to delay Wecht trial is rejected
05:22:56a Allegheny County official urges nonprofit property fee
05:23:00a Private cash may be way to finish Mon-Fayette Expressway
05:23:03a St. Ursula School weighing options after water damage
05:23:07a More charges filed against Marine in online sex case
05:23:11a Former West Mifflin nursing home administrator rejects deal
05:23:15a Mediators will be part of Pittsburgh Public Schools teacher talks
05:23:18a Civil suit against Pittsburgh claims discrimination
05:23:22a Allegheny County Health Department confirms year's first flu cases
05:23:26a Charges filed in shooting near North Side police station
05:23:29a Love of books guided Carrick woman as volunteer, on job
05:23:33a Local bar owners struggle when deadly incidents erupt
05:23:36a Lab Ratz inject excitement into learning about science
05:23:40a Rustbelt Radio might get a spot on the dial
05:23:43a PennDOT files suit seeking payment from Monroeville
05:23:47a Marshall eyes reserve fund use
05:23:51a Ross Park Mall growth has 'boutique' clients, everyday shoppers in its scope
05:23:55a West Mifflin teacher digs dinosaur expedition
05:23:58a Whitehall barber a cut above the rest
05:24:02a 3rd generation keeps Penn Hills supermarket close to community
05:24:05a Penn Hills school's mission to read 1M pages
05:24:09a Fund opens private education for Brentwood family
05:24:12a Success stories to be told on Plum schools' Academic Wall of Fame
05:24:16a Plum teachers get creamed for a good cause
05:24:19a Newsmaker Dr. Gerard Vockley
05:24:23a Troublesome storm ushers in new year
05:24:27a Penn Township recreation facility advances
05:24:30a PennDOT puts bridges on the market
05:24:34a 'Framed' killer's diatribe precedes sentence of life
05:24:37a 3-vehicle accident in Hempfield leaves 3 hurt early New Year's Day
05:24:41a Fayette's Pritchard seeks Shuster's House seat
05:24:45a Accused groper can't recall event attorney
05:24:48a New Washington DA ready to enact changes
05:24:52a Indiana County prosecutors plan appeal in hit-run
05:24:55a Pitt's Arts and Sciences meets fundraising goal
05:24:59a Suit accuses Beaver County of retaliation firing
05:25:02a Yellow Ribbon Girls send 'slice of home' to lift troops
05:25:06a Riverview residents receive a curtain call
05:25:09a Young Achiever Joshua LoAlbo
05:25:13a Point Park adds to its Boulevard holdings
05:25:16a Region adds 1,600 jobs in November
05:25:20a PPG completes 3.2B purchase of SigmaKalon
05:25:23a Economic doomsday is not dead ahead
05:25:27a Civic Theatre plans auditions for 'Glass Menagerie'
05:25:30a Hannah mania
05:25:34a Second City production shines spotlight on Pittsburgh
05:25:38a Black-and-white issues
05:25:41a 'Sesame Street' show will have kids making music
05:25:45a Max and Ruby lay out the welcome mat
05:25:49a Art Women in the arts
05:25:52a Personality test Jon Rinaldo
05:25:56a A taste of Egypt
05:26:00a Tana brings Ethiopian cuisine to East Liberty
05:26:03a Cure for monotony
05:26:07a The voting begins
05:26:10a Dem-o-nomics
05:26:14a Rangel's Reaganomics
05:26:17a Payback could have fueled big payday
05:26:21a Hillary's premature triangulation
05:26:24a Word power
05:26:28a China to increase use of lethal injections in executions+
05:26:32a Man plunges to death from Gunma ski resort gondola+
05:26:35a First test for White House hopefuls
05:26:39a Plans to defy Kenya rally ban
05:26:42a Request to Scotland Yard in Bhutto death probe 'too late'
05:26:46a Scientists discover new planet outside solar system
05:26:50a No need for fashion police, Austria says
05:26:53a Austria's Gregor Schlierenzauer gets 1st win of the season at Four Hills
05:26:57a Taipei County election chief can stay Shieh
05:27:01a KMT honorary chairman urges supporters to boycott referendums
05:27:05a Tainan sets pace to ban vehicle engine idling
05:27:08a MOTC starts online license renewal service today
05:27:12a NPA vows to wipe out drunk driving, step up crackdown
05:28:40a UPDATE 1-China airlines dive, doubts cloud Singapore Air deal
05:28:44a Delphi Chairman Miller in-line for 8.3 million
05:28:47a UPDATE 1-Brazil's GOL to buy forty 737s from Boeing
05:29:09a Crude oil price touches record 100 per barrel mark
05:29:13a Eddie Murphy weds film producer Edmonds
05:29:20a US presidential hopefuls face critical test in Iowa
05:29:23a Britain's Lethargic Rail Network
05:29:27a NZers caught in Kenya violence are 'on their own' Govt
05:29:30a Return of Maori head blocked by French court
05:29:34a Mailroom sealed after powder found at Rotorua Hospital
05:29:38a Top seeds fall at ASB Tennis Classic
05:29:41a Road toll a tragic end to 2007 Govt
05:29:45a Arrest made over fatal stabbing of Howick man
05:29:48a Holiday drowning toll up
05:29:52a Lake Hayes water problems continue
05:29:55a Norovirus threatened 1,000 at scout jamboree
05:29:59a Vodafone suggests travellers switch networks
05:30:03a Scientists warn of cost of offsetting aviation emissions
05:30:06a Green MP confident her child discipline law will stand
05:30:10a Stricter exhaust standards in force for imported vehicles
05:30:13a Waikato Hospital emergency dept overloaded
05:30:17a Climber's death a 'tragic accident'
05:30:21a Australian stocks lower at noon
05:30:24a Record nurse influx 'not the answer'
05:30:28a Justice Department begins criminal probe into CIA tapes
05:30:31a Memories of Kolkata spur Indians in Sydney
05:30:35a I'll Arrest Militants' Parents
05:30:38a Iowa just too close to call
05:30:42a Sri Lanka withdraws from truce with Tamil Tigers
05:30:46a Pupils to get 'new world' trips
05:30:49a Criminal investigation of CIA tapes
05:30:53a Murder of children in church
05:30:57a Pressure on African Union
05:31:01a HDNet World Report Investigates the Secretive World of Black Magic and Politics
05:31:04a U.S. Failing To Meet Iraqi Refugee Pledge
05:31:08a Probe into cause of hospital fire
05:31:12a Video Essay on the Trail With Rudy Giuliani
05:31:15a Man's Death May Have Been A Failed Heroic Act
05:31:19a The Force Is With LA Jedi Knights
05:31:22a Father Wants Justice In Son's NYE Shooting Death
05:31:26a Late Night Shows Back On The Air, Without Writers
05:31:29a Fire-Scarred O.C. Neighborhoods Brace For Rain
05:31:33a Local Man Gives Away Winning $1M Raffle Ticket
05:31:36a Former Pittsburgh City Council President Dies
05:31:40a Tips On Car Care In Freezing Weather
05:31:43a Stuck In Paradise United Flight Delayed, Canceled
05:31:47a Candidates Make Final Push On Eve Of Iowa Caucuses
05:31:50a Political Eyes Centered On Iowa
05:31:54a Late Night TV Hosts Return After 2 Months
05:31:58a Kathy Has The Frigid Thursday Forecast
05:32:01a Geno's Steaks Worker Viciously Attacked
05:32:05a Frigid Temperatures Grip The Region
05:32:08a State might resign from its majority stake in LOT
05:32:12a Stackhouse Poland in HNW joint venture
05:32:15a Poland wants own military zone in Afghanistan
05:32:20a Over 100 killed during New Year holiday in Brazil, Guatemala, Paraguay, D. Republic
05:32:23a Brazilian trade surplus down 13.8% in 2007
05:32:27a After Buying US Swift, Friboi, Brazil's Largest Abattoir, Wins the World
05:32:30a Filler Evident in Late-Night TV's Return
05:32:34a Zoo Director Defends Staff's Actions
05:32:42a Davydenko and Murray reach Qatar quarters
05:32:45a Customs law cleared by Arab League
05:32:49a First Arab IPR forum to begin in Abu Dhabi next week
05:33:01a Oil eases after leap to 100 as eyes U.S. stock data
05:33:11a DEVELOPMENT-SOUTHERN AFRICA Local is Essential
05:33:15a Mitsubishi Heavy submits reactor blueprint to U.S. regulator
05:33:37a Mike Huckabee, Reality-TV Prodigy
05:34:07a Analyst Actions Intel,, Yahoo, Unitedhealth
05:34:11a Can the Economy Handle 100 Oil?
05:34:15a Democrats make final appeals to Iowa voters
05:34:19a Grass fires prompt Denton County to issue emergency burn ban
05:34:34a Obama 'fires up' thousands before Iowa poll
05:34:39a Romney speech on Mormonism gets high praise in Iowa, New Hampshire
05:34:54a AfriForum gears up to take Mbeki to court
05:35:05a Accelerated primary season leaves Texas out in the cold
05:35:09a Texas A&M mission group caught in Kenyan riots
05:35:13a Philippine shares plunge 3.20 per cent as oil price surges
05:35:25a Woman arrested after double homicide pleads guilty to obstruction of justice
05:35:40a the jokers community
05:35:57a EU parliament calls for release of China dissident
05:36:00a Hong Kong sees frost as winter monsoon brings chill
05:36:17a Italian wine still nameless
05:36:20a Help offered siblings of cancer patients
05:36:24a Ex-Seal pleads not guilty to bomb charge
05:36:27a OSA patients have altered heart response
05:36:35a Nairobi braced for banned rally
05:36:39a Investors shake Higgins Warner moves out of Jamaica
05:36:42a Jarome is burning
05:36:46a Six dead, 10 injured in Andhra temple stampede
05:36:49a Readers' response
05:36:53a Jerusalem 'Expects Explanations' from Egypt
05:36:57a Record Level of Support for the African Development Fund
05:37:01a Hannah Montana Tickets Helping Girl Get Eye Surgery Thu, 03 Jan 2008 010213 GMT
05:37:04a Short-Handed Kings Rout Knicks
05:37:07a Australia pile up 463 runs in the first innings
05:37:11a One man's utopia a Chinese farmer gives back to nature
05:37:15a Girl from Maharashtra village heads DHL's New Zealand operations
05:37:19a Yellow cabs an enduring landmark in Pakistani capital
05:37:22a Skier sues boy, 8, who 'clipped' him
05:37:26a Redder than the real thing
05:37:29a The first votes are cast
05:37:33a Fired up in the final hours
05:37:37a Malaysia's health minister quits over sex video
05:37:41a Italy denies being Spain's poor relation
05:37:44a Thousands flee their homes
05:37:48a Strict terms for ex-DHB chief's release
05:37:52a Saudi blogger may be freed
05:37:55a How Bush Took U
05:37:59a NEW HOT !!! Vivica Fox sex tape
05:38:02a NEW HOT !!! Vivica Fox sex tape ,Vivica Fox
05:38:06a NEW HOT !!! Vivica Fox sex tape ,vivica a fox
05:38:10a Living-room deals may decide winner
05:38:14a Texas The Gulag Wasteland Bush Left Behind
05:38:17a Salmons Leads Kings Over Knicks 107-97
05:38:21a Chanderpaul steady as ever defies South African attack
05:38:44a Airtel Signs With VeriSign to Bring Next-Gen Internet Infrastructure and Identity
05:38:47a Designers declare where the money is for 2008
05:38:51a Redwood City man, cuffed after New Year's party, dies
05:38:54a GPS gadget Spot can save your hide, for a price
05:38:58a Santa Rosa police shoot, badly wound mental patient
05:39:01a China's Focus Media completes 168.4 mln usd acquisition of CGEN Technology
05:39:05a Atlanta Airport Is Nation's Busiest
05:39:08a Netflix box will bring Internet video to HDTVs
05:39:12a Accused New Year's shooter says streetlight was target
05:39:16a Bush signs bill to expand transparency
05:39:20a 'Graphic fantasies' audiotape forces Tennessee judge to resign in embarrassment
05:39:23a Sea Cliff-Based Robert's American Gourmet Voted Number One in Second Annual peta2 Libby Awards
05:39:27a 'Musharraf is no longer factor for stability'
05:39:30a An international helpline for NRIs from Jan 8
05:39:34a Australia 3 Indian students killed in fire
05:39:38a Pakistan polls US happy with new date
05:39:42a WNY in the Deep Freeze
05:39:45a Wife Swap
05:39:48a Adelaide train services return
05:39:52a 'Mass mortality' of birds predicted
05:39:55a Larson among filers for primaries
05:39:59a Steeled for the steer show
05:40:02a City sets pickup day for Christmas trees
05:40:06a Medina park to host program on animals
05:40:10a Two New Berlin firefighters injured
05:40:13a Edmund Tijerina Public hearing might be a good show
05:40:17a Obituary Collins received awards for her endless volunteering
05:40:21a Egypt's premier says consumer subsidies will end, but president quickly opposes any change
05:40:24a Egypt, England to fight for honours, Pak strong contenders
05:40:28a New 'super cow' bred in Egypt
05:40:31a Gulf returnees plan retail foray in Kerala
05:40:35a Five killed in stampede at Andhra temple
05:40:38a BSP trying to get foothold in Andhra politics
05:40:42a Kettledrum performers keep village flag flying high
05:40:45a Indian in Britain awaits apology for 'racial bias'
05:40:49a Australia 463 all out v India 0-0 lunch
05:40:52a Port of Rotterdam, India's L&T in JV talks report
05:40:56a CM promise new university at Srikakulam
05:41:00a Bomb hoax near CM 's helipad
05:41:03a AP gets mega power plant near Machilipatnam
05:41:07a SC juror speaks out about conduct of judge in Marine's case
05:41:10a ISB students asked to take up social activism
05:41:14a National Seed Association of India elects members of its 2008 Governing Council
05:41:17a Seven held in Mumbai molestation case
05:41:21a Symonds keeps India at bay
05:41:25a Seven killed in police firing, curfew imposed
05:41:28a Man fighting for life after falling off floor polisher
05:41:32a Rivalry Over Wireless High-Def TVs
05:41:36a Baby boomers go back to college
05:41:39a A Objectivist Critique of Ron Paul
05:41:44a Children Fight on Front Line of DRC War issues
05:42:00a China to clear out beggars from the streets ahead of the Olympics
05:42:03a China Minsheng fund tie-up with RBC gets regulatory appoval
05:42:07a Fire in Chinese building, no casualty
05:42:11a Music industry hails China deep-linking victory
05:42:40a Ex-mayor found murdered
05:42:43a Ban fireworks, says NSPCA
05:43:03a Priest accused of lying about his mob ties in casino case
05:43:07a Ireland economy slows as investors take flight
05:43:10a Fahey proposes transport authority for Galway
05:43:17a Galway installers to lead to increased demand for renewable energy systems
05:43:21a Cowboys bracing for personnel losses; Ireland first to go
05:43:31a BBC children's series confirms India is centre of animation
05:43:35a Benazir Bhutto's husband Asif Ali Zardari, addresses a press conference
05:44:03a Some Positive Thoughts About Negative Campaigning
05:44:07a The Ron Paul Iowa Conspiracy
05:44:10a Where is the Party of Ronald Reagan?
05:44:14a Chinese major aircraft makers to build big passenger jets report
05:44:18a Obama 'fires up' thousands before Iowa poll
05:44:22a KPN sells Getronics Spain, Portugal to Tecnocom
05:44:25a Real Madrid, Barcelona advance to fifth round of Copa del Rey
05:44:30a Iowans Hear Barrage of Final Pleas for First '08 Votes
05:44:34a Congressional Crackdown on Lobbying Is Already Showing Cracks
05:44:38a Under Pressure, Prosecutor in Texas Won't Run Again
05:44:41a Lawmaker, Cancer-Stricken, Says He Won't Seek Re-election
05:44:45a Prisoner Escapes From Hospital, and Police Later Kill Him
05:44:49a Anger and Blame After Deadly Flood in Northwest
05:44:53a Ruling Gives Rights Groups Protections of Press
05:44:57a For Democrats, Too Many Good Picks; For Republicans, an Easier Path
05:45:00a Giuliani Keeps Campaign Focus on Terrorism
05:45:04a Alaska Approval for Oil and Gas Sales
05:45:08a Sorry, Chicago; Atlanta Has Busiest Airport
05:45:11a California Zoo Director Praises Employees
05:45:15a Mississippi Fight Over Election Date
05:45:19a Multnomah County commissioner will not seek re-election
05:45:23a 91-year-old woman found dead with intoxicated grandson next to her
05:45:26a Man gets life in prison for killing his grandfather
05:45:30a Novell's Microsoft Deal A Winner
05:45:33a East Hartford Fights Plan To Open Strip Club
05:45:37a Winter blast brings winds, mountain snow
05:45:41a Post-Election Chaos Affects Economy
05:45:44a Athletics Cheruiyot, Timbilil Among Kenyan Winners Abroad
05:45:48a Chaos Churches Blamed for Silence
05:45:51a Safaricom Acts On Airtime Shortage
05:45:55a We're On the Brink of Becoming One of Africa's Failed States opinion
05:45:59a President Reaches Out to New MPs
05:46:02a Residents Flock to Shops As Calm Returns
05:46:06a Arrest Slide Into Abyss of Ruin column
05:46:09a Damage That Chaos is Doing editorial
05:46:13a VP Pleads for Calm to Bring Back Normalcy
05:46:16a Rugby National Team Resumes Training for IRB Series
05:46:20a Six Hacked to Death in Two City Slums
05:46:24a Soccer Coast Stars Vow to Keep Players
05:46:27a Castro gives New Year message
05:46:31a Moderate quake rocks Bali
05:46:35a Australian snake swallows golf balls thinking they are eggs
05:46:39a Fire engulfs 12-storey building in northwest China
05:46:42a MIC members set to pledge support for Barisan Nasional and PM Abdullah
05:46:46a BURSA opening KL shares mixed in early trade
05:46:49a Burrell hangs on to top SSA
05:46:53a Highlands pins down Riverview
05:46:56a Preserve Buffalo Creek
05:47:00a Local 'Hannah Montana' fans sing pop star's praises
05:47:04a JD's Roadhouse raises the bar
05:47:07a New Kensington churches join to present The Epiphany Experience
05:47:11a Flames finish 3-0 homestand with victory over Rangers
05:47:15a 'Sunrise Six' live in state of confusion Are they in city or county?
05:47:27a Pretoria man piloted fatal flight
05:47:34a Game Daze 'Cranium,' 'Jenga' make their way to Wii
05:47:38a Hammer Time Former rap star choreographs new career
05:47:41a Pres. Sirleaf and CDC boss calls for l reconciliation
05:47:45a Mighty Barrolle U.S.A. Holds Convention
05:47:49a One big winner in WA Hit 5, no Lotto winner
05:47:53a British PM wants Zimbabwe's England tour shelved
05:47:57a Snowboarder's desperate text before fatal fall
05:48:00a Lacoste tears in logo battle with dentists
05:48:04a Call for drug testing of inmates
05:48:07a What is a primary?
05:48:17a New Air Force chief named
05:48:42a DEWA awaits improved market conditions to raise funds
05:48:50a Delhi and Mohali to host Australia series
05:48:54a Australia bowled out for 463
05:48:57a Symonds guides Australia to 463
05:49:01a Record Oil Prices Good News for Acadiana
05:49:04a Protect Pets, Pipes, and Plants
05:49:08a Victim in College Road Accident Identified
05:49:12a Broussard Woman Killed
05:49:15a Tech School Enrollment Grows
05:49:23a Vista Gold Corp. buys US16M in gold processing equipment for Mexican project
05:49:26a Thousands Flock to Mexico City's Skating Rink
05:49:30a Tate & Lyle completes Mexican sugar sale
05:49:34a Canada opens Olympic qualifying tournament against Mexico
05:49:37a Mexican farmers protest, warn of crisis as trade barriers lifted
05:49:41a Mexico-to-Houston bus accident kills one person
05:49:49a Playing Through The Cold Thu, 03 Jan 2008 052413 GMT
05:49:52a Puppy Recovers From Gunshot Thu, 03 Jan 2008 053000 GMT
05:49:56a Homeless Shelters Prepare For Hard Freeze Thu, 03 Jan 2008 052111 GMT
05:50:00a Transcript of Elizabeth Mazzocchi Press Conference
05:50:04a Bangladesh culls 20,000 chickens on bird flu fears
05:50:07a A NEW TABLET COMPUTER from...
05:50:11a Venezuela The Wild, Wild West Of Latin America
05:50:14a Will The 2008 Elections Deliver More “Non-Solutions”?
05:50:21a Honor Killings in Texas?
05:50:25a Blogging from Iowa
05:50:29a Iowa Democrats don't vote for women?
05:50:32a REIHAN SALAM Obamier Than...
05:50:36a PORKBUSTERS UPDATE Captain Ed...
05:50:39a Cry, the Beloved Country Dan Collins
05:50:43a Vacation Planner Grabs PETA Award for Putting Animal Rights in the Workplace
05:50:47a Winter run more like a stagger
05:50:50a Eriksson urges Newcastle to stick with Allardyce as football boss
05:50:54a PM would lose election based on poll results report
05:50:58a PM wants Zimbabwe's England tour shelved
05:51:01a Edwards Fires Anti-Corporate Bombast
05:51:05a Indian Maoists kill 2 in separate attacks
05:51:09a Indian Muslim apex body gets new chief
05:51:13a Petrol prices hit new high in UK
05:51:16a Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan Berlin stresses no plans to send more troops to Afghanistan
05:51:20a Iran Turkey transactions exceed dlrs 7.385bn
05:51:24a Death toll of attack on funeral procession rises to 36
05:51:27a Prison suicides rise 37 per cent in UK
05:51:31a Supreme Leader Elections, scene of campaign to demonstrate people's wisdom
05:51:34a Iran has to play more active role in globalization Mashaei
05:51:38a City panel recommends historic status for buildings
05:51:42a Outbound Boulevard of the Allies closes today
05:51:45a Preservation group buys site of Native American settlement
05:51:49a He had a golden ticket - and gave it away
05:51:52a Police Fire engine's driver drunk
05:51:56a Obituary Eugene DePasquale / Colorful ex-politician
05:51:59a Pa. may require exam to graduate
05:52:03a Onorato Consolidation key
05:52:06a Video Couple who met at gazebo get married at gazebo
05:52:10a West Police Blotter
05:52:13a Portals to past of railroading still fascinate
05:52:16a Butler wine fest
05:52:20a Public meeting set on Greene County mine expansion
05:52:23a Cause of death sought for West Mifflin man in creek
05:52:27a Former nursing home head faces another trial
05:52:30a Public meeting on aging set for next month
05:52:34a Annual Mascot Skate at Schenley Park
05:52:37a Landslide closes Rt. 130 in Penn Township again
05:52:41a Woman is arrested in theft of city checks
05:52:45a Veteran Beaver County lawmaker LaValle retiring
05:52:48a New County Council may take another look at homestead exemption
05:52:52a Point Park University buys two Downtown properties
05:52:55a 3rd Circuit denies Wecht trial delay
05:52:59a Gold and silver bars issued for Olympics
05:53:03a Ex-Indonesian police chief named suspect in embassy graft
05:53:07a Backgrounder Major events leading up to 2008 U.S. presidential race
05:53:11a 5 killed in temple chaos in southeast India
05:53:14a Violence continues in Kenya after polls
05:53:18a Study obesity linked to decreased seatbelt use
05:53:22a Backgrounder U.S. presidential nomination process and Iowa caucus
05:53:26a Roundup U.S. Democratic presidential frontrunners seal campaign in Iowa
05:53:29a Backgrounder Key players in 2008 U.S. presidential race
05:53:33a Common Chinese have more say in policy-making
05:53:37a Singapore shares weaken in morning trading as oil prices firm
05:53:41a SIA's bid for China Eastern looks set to fall short analysts
05:53:44a Ulker makes Turkish delightout of Godiva
05:53:48a Cyprus, Malta ease into euro
05:53:51a Seismological station for the Turks and Caicos Islands
05:53:55a Police Baby in cold truck while parents shopped
05:53:58a Empires Architecture
05:54:02a German Govt Increases Funding
05:54:06a Art museum director bringing vision home
05:54:09a Well-traveled leader to take baton at MSO
05:54:12a Dropoff by Jones opens No. 3 WR spot
05:54:16a Eagles have pieces to fly high in Big East
05:54:20a Could Panthers snag Horizon crown?
05:54:23a PGA Woods could have a year for the ages
05:54:27a UPDATE Teen Killed In West Chester Explosion
05:54:31a Financial boost for environmental organisations in Barbados
05:54:34a Anti-War Protesters Hold Sit In At Local Congressman's Office
05:54:38a Erap eyes return to movies, wants to try comedy
05:54:42a Newsbreak 's 10 Most Popular Stories in 2007
05:54:45a Cops tighten security in Metro as classes resume
05:54:49a Baclaran blaze continues to spread, as officials raise fire level
05:54:52a Pardon can't stop Erap candidacy Palace exec
05:54:56a Advisers of ex-president Ramos to ask him to run for reelection in 2010
05:54:59a Brownout hits parts of Metro as Transco line trips
05:55:03a Cops, armed men in predawn shootout in Quezon City
05:55:07a 2 killed in predawn road mishap in QC
05:55:10a Intimidation Goes Online
05:55:14a Google, Yahoo Brace for More Online Gambling Woes
05:55:22a Pa. High Court Reverses Decision Blocking Verizon-MCI Merger
05:55:25a 9th Circuit Switches Gears on UPS Drivers in Closely Watched Class Action
05:55:29a Embarq, Sprint Retirees Sue Over Revoked Benefits
05:55:32a Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter From Michael Moore
05:55:36a TSA To Punish Fliers For 'Facecrimes'
05:55:40a Justice Dept launches criminal probe into CIA tape destruction
05:55:44a China to make lethal injection preferred execution method report
05:55:47a SIA's bid for China Eastern looks set to fall short analysts
05:55:51a Debate Should umpires be penalised?
05:55:55a You a tribal? Passport, please
05:55:58a The other Benazir we should remember
05:56:02a Top Tamil Music, 2007
05:56:05a Lenovo Puts Style in New Laptop
05:56:09a Man Escapes Fire In East Price Hill
05:56:12a Snow, Ice Slow To Melt When Temps Dip
05:56:16a EQ 2.7 Maupin, OR PRELIMINARY REPORT
05:56:19a Jumblat, Nasrallah Rattle Sabers in Separate TV Interviews
05:56:23a U.S. Cargo Trucks to Lebanese Army
05:56:27a Campaigning down to final hours in Iowa
05:56:30a Keep the Cape 'duidelik', urge Rasool and Zille
05:56:34a Grooming 'pays' for sex among the swinging set, study of macaque monkeys finds
05:56:38a Geography, weather play role in Iowa caucuses
05:56:41a Blockbuster party mood fires up Cape revellers
05:56:46a Fire & Smoke Forces Evacuations
05:56:56a Indiana, Indianapolis Colts Send Off 76th Soldiers With a Bang
05:57:00a AMD 790FX Phenom Chipset On Linux
05:57:09a Guyana received fewer deportees in 2007
05:57:13a Chavez-led mission fails to recover hostages in Colombia
05:57:16a Vista Gold Corp. Announces Agreement to Purchase Gold Processing Equipment Mexico
05:57:20a Melt from Chile volcano raises flood fears
05:57:24a Ron Paul sign spotted at Rose Bowl Parade on NBC 1/1/2008
05:57:59a Abalone industry shoulders cost of virus protection
05:58:03a Territory police hunt eBay scammer
05:58:09a Mitchell report analysis
05:58:12a Angi Bruss- Dec. 13 Headlines
05:58:16a Pregnant woman is Winnipeg's first homicide victim of 2008
05:58:40a Pakistani Parliamentary Elections Postponed To February 18
05:58:54a Police conduct thorough search after shooting
05:58:57a New smoking ban for area hospitals
05:59:13a Want to buy D.B. Cooper cash
05:59:17a Army helmets to gather data on blast impact
05:59:46a Toll in Java landslides, floods hits 101 with 54 people missing
05:59:49a Companies vie to cut the cord to the flat-panel TV
06:00:00a Moxie's 'Victoria Martin Math Team Queen' is a clever charmer
06:00:06a Violence Looms As Kenya Awaits 'Million Man' Rally
06:00:10a Call For Criminal Charges Over Data Security Blunders
06:00:13a Airport Strikes Unions May Call Off Walk-Outs
06:00:17a Why Iowa Holds The Key To The Presidential Race
06:00:20a Big Brother Bosses Happy To Risk Celebrity Hijack
06:00:24a Moaning Model's £2.5m Lawsuit Over 'Porn' Ad
06:00:28a TECHSHOW-China's Lenovo to enter U.S. consumer PC market
06:00:31a UPDATE 1-U.S. comedian returns to TV with beard, union-backing
06:00:35a UPDATE 1-Golden Globe backers in talks with striking writers
06:00:39a Candidates Battle to Iowa Finish Line
06:00:42a Nearly 50 dead in India cold snap
06:00:46a 2 Sri Lanka soldiers killed in blast
06:00:49a William Rusher Iraq In 2008
06:00:53a Rebecca Hagelin Now Playing Family Entertainment Central
06:00:56a Ken Blackwell Ballot Box Integrity v. Voters without Borders
06:01:00a Matt Towery Give Me Back My Party
06:01:03a Marvin Olasky Wanted Sam Adams Republicans
06:01:07a Michelle Malkin The Flawed but Useful Iowa Caucuses
06:01:11a Suzanne Fields Searching for Honorable Ambition
06:01:14a Cal Thomas Meeting of Minds
06:01:18a Donald Lambro Lame Duck? Bush is the Comeback Kid
06:01:21a George Will Rangel's 'Awesome' Tax Plans
06:01:25a Brent Bozell III What Does 'Family Friendly' Mean?
06:01:29a Paul Greenberg The Music of Time
06:01:33a Larry Elder Baseball's 'Broken Trust' - What About Traditional Media?
06:01:36a Emmett Tyrrell Adieu, Crybaby Kerry Clock
06:01:40a BRIEF Police Find Man Wanted in Shooting of Brother
06:01:44a Atlanta Rain Dampens Dry Record
06:01:47a BRIEF Xcel Asks Residents to Clear Ice, Snow
06:01:51a BRIEF Controlled Burns Announced for Sarasota County
06:01:55a BRIEF Car Hits Gas Tank
06:01:59a Colleges Should Not Be Enforcers for Music Industry
06:02:02a COL BKB Indiana 79, Iowa 76
06:02:06a NHL Phoenix 5, Colorado 2
06:02:09a COL FB West Virginia 48, Oklahoma 28
06:02:13a Candidates Battle As Iowa Caucus Looms
06:02:17a Conan addresses strike on 1st night back
06:02:20a POLITICS-KENYA Mediation to Address Election Crisis Planned
06:02:37a Monster online jobs index falls in December
06:02:47a British PM wants Zimbabwe's England cricket tour shelved
06:02:51a Australian snake misses the birdie, swallows golf balls
06:02:55a Celebrity Birthdays
06:02:58a 'August Osage County' Ignites Broadway
06:03:01a Hollywood writers call on Huckabee to skip TV show
06:03:05a NUMEC workers win special status
06:03:09a Tavern owners complain as tax takes effect
06:03:12a Saxonburg couple has area's first baby of new year
06:03:16a Suit claims Dallas jailer broke man's jaw
06:03:45a Critics condemn plans to open up Alaska's coast to petroleum leases
06:03:50a Crash kills wife, fetus
06:03:54a Al Gore a prophet; global warming a religion
06:03:57a Lewisville cabbie accused of killing two teen daughters Muslim
06:04:01a Muslim 'honor' killing in Dallas
06:04:04a The wrong choice for Massachusetts
06:04:08a Devine, White lead WVU to Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma
06:04:11a Fearing cultural change
06:04:15a Burns no longer part of Abramoff probe
06:04:18a Rhapsody Pulls Plug On Non-Public APIs, Effectively Shuts YottaMusic Down
06:04:22a ChaCha logo
06:04:25a Peter Schiff vs Blond Bimbo on Real Estate
06:04:29a VND16,000/US1 threshold broken
06:04:33a The application of loans project in Iraq's provinces in 2008
06:04:36a Iraqi oil to Ceyhan haulted
06:04:40a 'Sky Energy' is facing two difficult conditions in Iraq
06:04:44a China favours lethal injection
06:04:47a Qld police find guns, cash in car
06:04:51a Pooch to spend more nights on cliff
06:04:54a Anti-whaling protesters converge on Japan consulate
06:04:58a Labour 'failing working parents'
06:05:02a Kenya police use teargas against protesters
06:05:05a Kenya's Odinga vows to hold mass rally despite ban
06:05:09a Kenya government denounces 'genocide' as toll hits 300
06:05:12a Pakistan army should urge Musharraf to quit report
06:05:16a China to expand lethal injections
06:05:20a Oil eases after leap to 100 as eyes U.S. stock data
06:05:23a Paul McCartney had heart operation reports
06:05:27a Friendster deploys developer program, launches 180 applications
06:05:31a Marvell announces industry`s first 802.11n 450 Mbps solution
06:05:34a Grenade blast kills 7 children in Invory Coast
06:05:38a Scientists discover Asia`s heaviest dinosaur in China
06:05:41a Valimo`s Mobile Signature Solution demonstrated in Australia
06:05:45a Avnet, Inc. acquires YEL Electronics Hong Kong Ltd.
06:05:49a Hitachi to Debut 500GB Drive for Laptops
06:05:52a Sublime Laxman frustrates Aussies
06:05:57a Mint plans celebration for coin
06:06:00a New direction up
06:06:04a Oldest Oklahoman dies on New Year's
06:06:07a Campaign trail Iowa caucuses 2008
06:06:11a Saying goodbye stirs a wave of emotion
06:06:14a City aims to net support for tax
06:06:18a Dead cattle leave officials seeking help
06:06:21a Absentee Shawnee members to see a change in leadership
06:06:25a Problems hinder firefighters as a city home is destroyed
06:06:29a Councilman gives credit to one voter
06:06:32a Census tells more stories than expected
06:06:35a It's a jellyfish in Oklahoma
06:06:39a News analysis What the vote might mean for candidates
06:06:42a Legislator wants to sever Sudan links
06:06:46a ‘It just keeps coming'
06:06:50a Byron Wien Predicts Recession, President Obama
06:06:53a Myanmar Rise in Satellite TV Fee
06:06:57a Brunei Expensive Stamps
06:07:00a La Nina brews destructive cyclones off Australia
06:07:04a Tokyo eyes buying carbon credits from China report
06:07:07a Liverpool lose fourth spot to City
06:07:26a 100-per-barrel oil may mean 4-per-gallon gas
06:07:44a Topless clubs plan to fight new tax
06:07:48a SAPD plans crime crackdown in 2008
06:07:51a More arts groups eyeing funds
06:07:55a Primarily Primates works to reclaim inhabitants
06:08:09a Late-night hosts back on schedule
06:08:13a Tripping store clerk prompts gunshots from robbery suspect
06:08:17a Police find drugs, body armor, money, evidence of gun battle
06:08:20a National Bowls Champs
06:08:24a Successful year for fisheries
06:08:27a Freak accident with floor polisher
06:08:32a Daughter of Ex-President Accused of Impersonation
06:08:50a 'Caucasian Sensation' gathers local musicians for CHKD benefit concert
06:08:58a Seven states join forces to track mortgage brokers
06:09:04a Batten Family Ready To Sell Landmark, Virginian-Pilot
06:09:20a NZ dollar mixed
06:09:36a Man electrocuted in farming accident
06:09:40a Blackout fears subside in Perth
06:10:01a Oil eases after leap to 100
06:10:20a US Currency Falls To 2-month Low Against Singapore Dollar
06:10:24a US given back seat in Pakistan investigation
06:10:27a Malaysia-Pakistan FTA comes into effect
06:10:31a Thai Hot Stocks Energy shares, TTPI Polene, Shippers down
06:10:35a Many older women in Singapore have low sex drive
06:10:38a US welcomes fresh poll date set by Pakistan
06:10:42a Oil Eases in Early Asian Trading After Hitting 100
06:10:45a Cash Plus could be cashless FSC
06:10:49a Bishop offers message from God to political leaders
06:10:56a Prophets reveal signs for 2008
06:10:59a 'Police, citizens must bond' Monsignor Richard Albert condemns murders in 2007
06:11:03a Full house for joyful day of worship
06:11:06a Elector IDs to last past expiry date
06:11:10a Thursday talk Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit
06:11:14a US stock market year starts sour on weak factory data, 100 oil
06:11:17a Dollar off lows but rate outlook weighs
06:11:21a Man shot in hand on Dixie
06:11:24a Oil eases after leap to 100, eyes US stock data
06:11:28a Cameron thrilled to meet new councillor
06:11:32a 351 cannabis farms closed down
06:11:35a Getting healthy Dr Allinson style
06:11:39a Shipman detective takes legal action
06:11:42a Hospital wards close in bug crisis
06:11:46a Tyra the dog to the rescue
06:11:49a Cleaner faces sack over 20p
06:11:53a Airport garage closes its doors
06:11:56a Shipman wins place in history
06:12:00a Diplomat prepares for Circle trek
06:12:03a Families Flats blocking out our TV
06:12:07a Immigration swoops net 400
06:12:10a Battling gran forced out
06:12:14a Tribute to man who took Belsen photos
06:12:18a Woolly wonder that rivals cashmere
06:12:21a Watchdog backs calls for inquiry
06:12:25a Solar school leads green revolution
06:12:28a Roberta Gonzales And Her Nightly Weather Webcast
06:12:32a New Zealand aim to lift Test fortunes
06:12:35a Council Decides to Sell Land to Business
06:12:39a Ohio State Gear Sales High as BCS Title Game Approaches
06:12:43a Weirton Man Fatally Stabbed in Hancock County
06:12:46a Cancer hospital blaze probe begins
06:12:50a Pupils at 'titan schools' treble
06:12:53a New travel warning issued for Kenya
06:12:57a Winter cold finally arrives as temps fall, and stay put
06:13:01a Huckabee jams on Leno show ahead of Iowa caucuses
06:13:04a Last-minute campaigning underway in Iowa
06:13:08a Kiwi Erakovic bounces top seed out of ASB Classic
06:13:11a New Zealand search for ways to keep Bond
06:13:15a Manhattan Shrugs Off Housing Downturn
06:13:18a Battery Maker to Announce Funding
06:13:22a Profit-taking hammers Saudi bourse
06:13:25a Abdullah, Hamad Discuss Crucial Issues
06:13:29a Proxy Umrah a Booming Trade in Makkah
06:13:33a Makkah Police Bust Child Gang Specialized in Robbing Pilgrims
06:13:36a Four Youths Arrested After Attempt to Rape Boy
06:13:40a 'I Am Here to Promote Bahraini-Saudi Ties'
06:13:43a We're Going to Have This Wedding Whether You Like It or Not!
06:13:47a It's Bad Enough to Get Wallet Stolen
06:13:50a China's Pudong Bank Says 2007 Net Jumped 64 Pct
06:13:54a Colon Cancer Risk In US Traced To Common Ancestor
06:13:57a People Rate Their Smiles Higher Than Dentists Do
06:14:01a Stimulating Muscles May Improve Musician's Dystonia
06:14:05a Yeast-Based Oral Diabetes Treatment Discovered
06:14:08a Why Urinary Tract Infections Commonly Recur In Women
06:14:12a Shorter Legs Linked To Liver Disease
06:14:15a Recent Studies Confirm Significant Underuse Of Colorectal Cancer Screening
06:14:19a New Link Between Stress And Disease Susceptibility Found
06:14:22a Arecibo Observatory Gets Back To Work, Spies Potential Geminid Parent
06:14:26a Physician Style And HMO Affiliation Impact Lengths Of Patient Visit, Study Finds
06:14:29a Man Shot In Foot, Buttocks In New Haven
06:14:33a Man Disappears After Foot Chase
06:14:36a Iraq war taking back seat to domestic issues in U.S. race
06:14:40a Fatigue factor gives equal time to U.S. presidential candidates
06:14:43a Justice Dept. sets criminal inquiry into CIA tapes
06:14:47a Landmark Communications Plans to Sell
06:14:50a Oils hits the 100 mark
06:14:54a Pakistani stocks bounce back, up 3.7%
06:14:58a Five steps for choosing a new countertop
06:15:01a It paid to be wrong in 2007
06:15:05a Can consumers continue to boost tech?
06:15:09a Newsletter offering kinder, gentler apocalypse?
06:15:12a Intuit Patched Mac QuickBooks still deletes data
06:15:16a Hitachi unveils half-terabyte 2.5-in. notebook hard drive
06:15:20a Enterasys-Bluesocket union in the works?
06:15:23a New stats raise pressure on duck hunt ban
06:15:27a Crews 'pushed to the limit' by Goldfields blaze
06:15:31a What will Evangelical Christians base their vote on?
06:15:34a Maine Middle School plan to offer birth control supported by voters
06:15:38a Piracy Creates Economic Growth Report
06:15:42a Mukasey appoints Federal Prosecutor to probe destruction of CIA tapes
06:15:45a Robbing Earth To Pay Mars
06:15:49a Plastic Woman
06:15:52a Huck Does 'Tonight Show'
06:15:56a Huckabee, Romney, McCain...
06:15:59a Edwards Wraps up 36 Hour Marathan
06:16:03a Clinton's Last Push
06:16:06a Model Sues Ad Company For 5 Million, Claiming Ad Makes Her Look 'Lewd'
06:16:10a Shulchan Aruch HaRav, Laws of Torah Study. A Translated Excerpt
06:16:13a OAS welcomes pardon granted by Chavez to political prisoners
06:16:17a High inflation threatens Venezuelan economy in 2008
06:16:21a Cameron wins 190 mln Venezuelan contract
06:16:24a Service Chiefs exempted from airport security checks
06:16:28a Deepender Hooda seeks PM's intevention on Airport issue
06:16:31a Tragedy At Parkview/Lake Hamilton Game 03 Jan 2008 001924 GMT
06:16:35a Operation Entertainment Helps Soldiers Experience Home 03 Jan 2008 001607 GMT
06:16:38a Australia has sixth warmest day on record
06:16:42a 11 p.m. Update WBZ Weather
06:16:46a Candidates Play The Expectations Game In Iowa
06:16:50a McCain Overtakes Romney In New N.H. Primary Poll
06:16:53a Local Dealerships Fined For Misleading Ads
06:16:57a Fire Dangers Escalate As Temperatures Drop
06:17:00a Mom protests after Santa murdered in kids' book
06:17:04a More State Briefs Thursday, January 3, 2008
06:17:11a Pakistanis fault U.S.-backed regime
06:17:15a How the CIA lynched Afghanistan the first time
06:17:18a Immokalee workers step up battle against Burger King
06:17:22a What does Workers World say?
06:17:25a Woman Carjacked, Locked in Trunk of Car Thu, 03 Jan 2008 052102 GMT
06:17:29a No ransom paid for MSF workers in Somalia officials
06:17:32a Sri Lankan Government Formally Withdraws From Truce With Tamil Tiger Rebels
06:17:36a Escaped prisoner shot dead by police in Maryland
06:17:40a New Orleans may be U.S. murder capital again
06:17:43a Dozens of Chileans flee due to volcano eruption
06:17:47a Uganda Kampala Runs Out of Fuel, Fares Shoot Up
06:17:51a Rwanda Crisis in Kenya Sparks Fuel Shortages
06:17:55a Death Toll on Country's Roads Decreased This Year
06:17:58a Roadside bomb kills two Sri Lanka soldiers police
06:18:02a White House rivals hit finishing tape in Iowa
06:18:06a 'Labour hero' executed in NKorea aid group
06:18:10a Kenyan opposition to hold protest rally
06:18:14a Europeans chafe under New Year 'nanny state' laws
06:18:17a Smoking can disable teens' brains
06:18:21a Knickers as extinguisher
06:18:24a Couple's 'terror threat' shock
06:18:28a Satnav savvy boy saves father
06:18:31a UK 'leading fast food nation'
06:18:35a Larger emergency rooms at Jupiter, Delray Beach medical centers to help meet urgent needs
06:18:38a Govt warns NZers to avoid unrest in Kenya
06:18:42a Suspicious powder found at Rotorua Hospital
06:18:45a Contract changes may ground OU program
06:18:49a Districts schedule training for substitute teachers
06:18:52a UCO receives grant for new communities
06:18:59a Live like a monk on Greece's Mount Athos to avoid cancer
06:19:03a Bond set to join ICL on USD 800,000 contract
06:19:06a Profit booking pulls Sensex down
06:19:10a Youngsters make hay while celebrations stay!
06:19:13a Musharraf must quit, says Intl thinktank
06:19:17a Its normal life here, Pak coach urges CA
06:19:20a 2nd Test Laxman leads Indian fightback
06:19:24a Scotland Yard team to leave for Pak by weekend
06:19:27a No option but to Pak delay polls Musharraf
06:19:31a Indian student killed in accident in Indiana state
06:19:35a 3 Indian students killed in Australian house fire
06:19:38a No need for UN probe into Bhutto murder, says US
06:19:42a Jones' lawyers Don't imprison her
06:19:46a Months of campaigning come down to final hours in Iowa
06:19:49a Florida citrus growers brace for cold spell
06:19:53a Leno returns with guest Mike Huckabee
06:19:56a Too many buyers for Malibu
06:20:00a Automakers set record for mileage
06:20:03a Calif. sues for car fume laws
06:20:07a Baby Benz crossover coming to show
06:20:10a Toyota, GM fight over rank
06:20:14a December sales slide expected for Ford, GM
06:20:17a Dura gets extension on loans
06:20:31a Dr Tony Tan to lead delegation to visit Israeli research organisations
06:21:34a Golden Globes WGA Set To Picket
06:21:55a 'SPA steering committee by Thursday'
06:21:59a CinemaNow, Macrovision Ink Tech Pact
06:22:03a Recycle Your E-Waste in Walnut!
06:22:06a Netflix to Deliver Movies Directly to TV
06:22:10a John Gizzi at the Iowa Caucuses
06:22:13a Meeting of Minds
06:22:17a The Liberal Egotism of Barack Obama
06:22:21a How You Can Help America in Iowa if You Act Today
06:22:24a Hunter and Paul Excluded From Debate
06:22:28a Iowa Caucus Predictions Romney, Obama Win; Clinton Third
06:22:32a Cleanup to cost millions
06:22:35a Two People Critically Injured After SUV Flips On Highway51
06:22:39a Alaskan Sea Drilling Plans Criticized
06:22:42a Nasser Hassan Al-Ansari Profile
06:22:53a City making no promises on snow removal
06:22:58a Rescued Bear Cub Released Near Truckee
06:23:02a Selfish capitalism is bad for our mental health
06:23:05a Who should be the world's most powerful person
06:23:09a Yes minister, nuclear's best
06:23:12a Counting the cost of rail travel
06:23:16a Israeli anger over Gaza crossing
06:23:19a Anti-smoking head's awkward cigar
06:23:23a South Africa Government to Redouble Its Efforts in 2008
06:23:27a Africa Plans to Provide 19 Airlines for 2010
06:23:30a South Africa City Applauds Exemplary Crowd Behaviour
06:23:38a Venus Williams says corruption 'not a big problem'
06:23:42a Search for missing woman finds body
06:23:46a Musharraf must quit International think tank
06:23:49a Laxman leads India's fightback
06:23:53a Marion Jones asks judge for leniency
06:23:57a Dream run for girl from a small village in Maharashtra
06:24:00a Musharraf calls Britain for help on Bhutto
06:24:16a Men in white coats cast shadow over game
06:24:20a More lonely nights for stranded pooch
06:24:26a Sri Lanka Ceasefire
06:24:33a Bomb hoax near CM’s helipad
06:24:42a Irda norms set to simplify Ulips
06:24:46a India still tops ODA list
06:24:49a Future retailers to be tested
06:24:53a Temps make hay at retail stores
06:24:56a There's no business like security business
06:25:00a New models push car sales up
06:25:03a StanLife raises its Indian stake
06:25:07a Another suit OK'd over SDSU expansion
06:25:10a USD students, staff rally against hate
06:25:14a 91-year-old woman found dead next to man covered in blood
06:25:18a Netflix to deliver movies directly to TVs with LG Electronics box
06:25:21a Family that owns Landmark Communications plans to sell
06:25:25a Kia Motors CEO says he expects profitability in 2008
06:25:28a A Laptop Reborn
06:25:32a Water cannon used on Kenya march
06:25:38a China mutual fund industry nearly quadruples in 2007
06:25:42a Chinese farmers 'happier' but wealth gap grows
06:25:46a South Korea Kia Motors
06:25:49a APTOPIX Snow Storm
06:25:53a 2008 Edwards
06:25:56a Hornets Clippers Basketball
06:26:00a Jay Leno speaks to Republican presidential hopeful and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee
06:26:07a APTOPIX 2008 Edwards Caucus Countdown
06:26:11a 2008 Edwards Caucus Countdown
06:26:14a Huckabee Ground Game
06:26:18a Trailblazers Timberwolves Basketball
06:26:22a Wyoming Republicans
06:26:25a Blue Jackets Ducks Hockey
06:26:29a Texas A M Corpus Christi Auburn Basketball
06:26:32a Penn Miami Basketball
06:26:36a Ron Paul 2008 Caucus Countdown
06:26:40a Milwaukee Anarchist Organizing of 2007
06:26:43a Most Underreported News Stories of 2007
06:26:47a Akeena Solar Lights Up
06:26:50a 2007 Small-Cap Winners And Losers
06:26:53a Ten die in highest holiday drownings in four years
06:27:04a Warning over 'paintball gun' security guards
06:27:21a Elections chairman doubts Kibaki victory
06:27:25a Iraq oil production up and rising
06:27:29a World Scene
06:27:32a Hopefuls woo undecided Iowa voters
06:27:36a Seahawks take a pass at 2007
06:27:39a White is dominant for WVU
06:27:43a X factor
06:27:46a Wizards look overmatched vs. Pistons
06:27:50a Collins makes himself notable
06:27:53a Hokies play for a community
06:27:57a Plan Prepare In Case Patel Left Country
06:28:00a S.Africa's Zuma trial unlikely before Aug lawyer
06:28:04a Teargas, water cannon used against Kenya protesters
06:28:07a Kenyan opposition vows to step up protests
06:28:11a Al-Qaeda claims Algerian car bombing
06:28:15a First big U.S. home builder to fail in current slump leaves trail of victims
06:28:19a Asian stocks slump on weak U.S. manufacturing data and record oil prices
06:28:22a California sues Bush Adminstration over greenhouse
06:28:37a Chavez Pardons Coup-Related Crimes for New Year
06:29:14a Marines put Bell Helicopter's Osprey to test in Iraq
06:29:21a Big waves bring big dollars
06:29:25a Sebastian Inlet one of the best places to catch a wave
06:29:29a All Florida teams with GMAC Real Estate
06:29:32a AirTran Airways decides to remain in Orlando
06:29:36a Snow Showers Forecast Across UK In Brief Cold Snap
06:29:39a Talk Shows' Return Boosts Internet Royalties Debate
06:29:46a Law enforcement will be out in full force for BCS Championship weekend
06:29:50a Carl's Jr. returns in new location
06:29:54a Eagle watch approaches
06:29:58a Members named to leadership class
06:30:01a New rugby team offers boys another choice for sports
06:30:05a Construction equipment is missing
06:30:08a Entry deadline nears for youth art show
06:30:12a Council meetings get headlines, but others can be fun
06:30:15a Bushland search for Ashleigh
06:30:19a First picture of cliff dog's ordeal
06:30:23a Learner driver's booze bender
06:30:26a Don't jail me. Here's why
06:30:30a Promise of more nurses
06:30:33a Laxman leads India out of trouble
06:30:37a Work to begin on historic pumphouse
06:30:41a Alligator weed threatens turf, lucerne crops
06:30:44a Rain fails to boost dam levels
06:30:48a Oil eases after leap to 100 as eyes U.S. stock data
06:30:55a Huckabee rocks Leno, praises Obama and McCain
06:30:58a R.I.P., Sarah and Amina
06:31:02a Complacency kills
06:31:06a Northeast Chinese city to build Vasaloppet Museum
06:31:09a First international performance season opens at NCPA
06:31:13a 'Surge' of nonsense in English language
06:31:16a Davydenko into Qatar quarters
06:31:20a Unissa To Serve As A Bridge Between East And West, Says Deputy Minister
06:31:24a Agriculture Posts 12m Output Increase In 2007
06:31:27a Customs Dept Unveils 10-Year Strategic Plan
06:31:31a Quicker Business Applications, Services Through Emipr Website
06:31:34a HSBC YEA For Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs
06:31:38a Two-Day Brunei Cyber Games At ICC
06:31:41a 40 Complete Handicraft Workshop
06:31:45a Briefing On Two New Orders Continues
06:31:48a Wednesday Golf Year End Tournament
06:31:52a ABDB Hit Three Goals Past QAF FC
06:31:56a DPMM FC Just Five Points Behind Leader
06:31:59a Metals Copper rises ahead of US payrolls data as Shanghai stocks ...
06:32:03a Shanghai copper ticks up on stock fall outlook
06:32:07a Kia CEO expects return to profitability
06:32:10a Wotif extends offer period
06:32:14a SIA's bid for China Eastern looks set to fall short analysts
06:32:18a Japan to buy China emissions quotas report
06:32:21a IN OUR OPINION Plan to retrain workers is winner
06:32:25a JEFF GERRITT Worth a second look
06:32:28a Create new degrees of success online
06:32:32a Estrada wants comeback movie, eyes comedienne as co-star
06:32:35a Pay and Benefits Watch Extending Benefits
06:32:39a Australia all out for 463 against India
06:32:43a Man in stable condition after motorbike crash
06:32:47a Police push for tougher drug restrictions at rave
06:32:50a Police search Rayney home again
06:32:54a Oil hits record US100 a barrel
06:32:57a 2000 caught speeding in a day
06:33:01a SA records warmest year
06:33:04a Brokers bullish on Centro sale
06:33:08a Matt Birney to quit politics
06:33:12a Firefighters battle high temps
06:33:15a Stolen car driver drags policeman along road
06:33:19a Nelson tests Gillard's resolve
06:33:23a Woman charged with WA woman's murder
06:33:26a Pakistani opposition parties decry election delay
06:33:30a Study Drivers on Cell Phones Can Slow Traffic
06:33:34a Bush to Make First Visit to Saudi Arabia, Official Confirms
06:33:38a New Jersey Jail Guard Named in Escaped Inmates' Note Commits Suicide
06:33:41a Scotland Yard Team to Join Bhutto Killing Investigation
06:33:45a Candidates Finish Last Day of Iowa Campaigning
06:33:49a Pennsylvania Couple has Year's First Baby - Two Years Running
06:33:53a Toll from funeral attack rises to 36
06:34:02a Jafza Int'l signs MoU on development of Dhs29.5bn Rakisa Economic City
06:34:06a BAE Systems buys Modern Technologies for 450m
06:34:10a Oil above 98, gold at record high
06:34:13a OMX Group approves Borse Dubai's offer
06:34:17a Dubai Security Services gold sponsor of Intersec Security Exhibition
06:34:20a Licence for mobile digital TV service in UAE by June
06:34:24a Uncertainty clouds GCC common market
06:34:27a JibJabs 2007 year in review
06:34:31a Iowa Caucus Programming Notes
06:34:34a How to get with it for non-wired journalists
06:34:38a Chinese farmers 'happier' but wealth gap grows
06:34:41a The 2000 Election All Over Again
06:34:53a Three-kilometer-long bridge completed in E China
06:35:02a Can the KMT exist without China
06:35:09a George Bush Inauguration 2005 Pepper Spray
06:35:12a Dental LAW Declared!
06:35:16a REMA Response Thanksgiving Waveland, Missahippie
06:35:19a Vermin Supreme Attack!
06:35:23a Oval Office Underdogs Vermin Supreme
06:35:26a 2004 Vermin Supreme Cam-pain spot & po-po dance party
06:35:30a Vermin Supreme
06:35:33a You're Welcome
06:35:37a Police Brutality Attack Video Journalist Steal his Camera
06:35:40a In Memorium Nov 11, 2006
06:35:44a David Rovics LIVE @ Brad Will's Memorial NYC
06:35:48a Brad Will's Last Stand ~ English Subtitles
06:35:51a Brad Will's Last Stand ~ Spanish
06:35:55a friedensdoener
06:35:58a Volatility of the Markets Carries On in 2008
06:36:02a NBC and ITV in talks on UK 'Law Order'
06:36:05a Lenovo moves into consumer PC sector
06:36:09a Israel I.B.M. Acquires Data Storage Company
06:36:13a Finland Nokia Siemens Makes Acquisition
06:36:17a Brazil Airline Buys More Boeing Jets
06:36:21a Germany U.S. Metals Company Is Bought
06:36:25a Secret Huckabee Turns Out To Be Clintonesque
06:36:28a 30 Million Fine for Mileage Violations
06:36:32a Discussion of a Fed Cut Only Stirs Up Concerns About a Weak Economy
06:36:36a Law Amended to Shield Tax-Exempt Groups
06:36:39a Lawmaker, Cancer-Stricken, Says He Wont Seek Re-election
06:36:43a Candidates make TV appeals in final push
06:36:47a Egypt 4 Women Die of Bird Flu
06:36:50a Teenagers in the City Smoke Less, Report Finds
06:36:54a Short, Stout, Has a Handle on Colds
06:36:57a Putting Your Best Cyberface Forward
06:37:01a Iowans Hear Barrage of Final Pleas for First 08 Votes
06:37:04a Under Pressure, Prosecutor in Texas Wont Run Again
06:37:11a Couple found dead in shooting
06:37:59a Chinese farmers "happier" but wealth gap grows
06:39:06a 5 people won't soon forget fox attacks
06:39:09a 5 people, 3 dogs won't soon forget rabid fox attacks
06:39:13a Go orange tonight
06:39:16a ISRAEL-AFRICA African asylum-seekers detained in 'harsh conditions'
06:39:20a Tight races in Iowa for presidential hopefuls
06:39:24a Suspect in California slaying loses battle against extradition from Australia
06:39:28a Ousted Philippine leader says he'll return to movies, undecided on political comeback bid
06:39:32a Peace-broker Norway regrets Sri Lankan government's decision to end truce with Tamil rebels
06:39:35a Deadly Crash On River Road
06:39:39a House Catches Fire, Resident Sleeping Inside
06:39:42a Teens Charged In Deadly Explosion
06:39:46a Suburban Homeless Shelters Prepare Extra Beds
06:39:50a VIEWER SLIDESHOW Bellevue House Engulfed In Flames
06:39:53a Campbell River Going Green
06:39:57a Fears of More Violence In Kenya Felt on Vancouver Island
06:40:00a Junk Washing Ashore
06:40:03a Hectic Day for North Island Rescue Personnel
06:40:07a Two Sri Lankan soldiers killed in mine explosion
06:40:11a NATO commander Afghan drugs, insurgency likely to rise in 2008
06:40:25a Boxer appears to be brain dead after punch
06:40:29a Merck in 700 million schizophrenia deal
06:40:35a Slaying marks 2nd Orange County homicide of 2008
06:40:39a Pas will not boycott the coming general election
06:40:47a Blast kills 2, injures 3 in Sri Lanka
06:40:50a Brazilian oil company says new reserves economically viable
06:40:54a Two Chinese firemen died in Xinjiang fire, another missing
06:40:58a China closes over 10,000 coal mines in last three years
06:41:01a Garnett helps Celtics beat Rockets to earn 7th win
06:41:11a Actress Recto's son abroad for safety reasons--ex-partner
06:41:15a Alleged 'brains' in N. Cotabato local chief, son slay nabbed
06:41:19a Bus firms scrap fare discounts in Davao Norte routes--staff
06:41:22a Troops in foiled coup to stay jailed in Rizal--spokesman
06:41:26a Slain foster mom had heart for the troubled
06:41:29a Dubai Investments '07 profit rose up to 40 pct-paper
06:41:33a Michael Winship 1968 Always Something Next
06:41:44a Digital TV converter box subsidy draws early adapters
06:41:48a Hang up on scam, SoonerCare officials say
06:41:51a Chesapeake sells assets for 1.1 billion
06:41:55a Project promises to be ambitious addition to entertainment district
06:41:59a Market slips over oil prices, economic woes
06:42:02a Business briefs Thursday, January 3, 2007
06:42:06a Manufacturing index drop blamed on home sales
06:42:09a Oil at 100 State coffers to see more money
06:42:13a Transportation update Thursday, January 3, 2008
06:42:16a On Track Thursday, January 3, 2008
06:42:20a Made in Oklahoma The Ninety-Nines Inc.
06:42:23a Roasting hobby perks itself into thriving business
06:42:27a Company buys into tax credit properties in metro area
06:42:30a Cricket Communications to open five stores in area, plans job fair
06:42:34a Firemen fight market blaze in China
06:42:38a China to expand use of lethal injections
06:42:41a Rich flout China's one-child policy
06:42:45a Kenya Reveals Africa's Mask of Democracy
06:43:17a Iowans hear barrage of final pleas for first '08 votes
06:43:21a Richmond RCMP get Hate mail and Death threats
06:43:24a Indian wins 1m jackpot at Doha Airport
06:43:28a New Hampshire Primaries
06:43:32a Hail the new sporting 'Invincibles'
06:43:35a Your Orthopaedic Connection Sciatica
06:43:39a Yemen agrees on accession to Int'l marine convention
06:43:42a Herman Miller at the Office Exhibition, Dubai
06:43:49a Saudi women 'We will drive'
06:43:53a Politisite Political Predictions for the Iowa Caucus Tonight Jan 3rd, 2008.
06:43:57a DM's Building Department receives ISO 90012000
06:44:00a sciatica Sciatica Home Treatment
06:44:04a Property Investment UK
06:44:07a EIDA shifts Al Mushrif Registration Center
06:44:11a Pehla adds on premier Urdu channel
06:44:16a Make Profits From Your Property
06:44:20a 500 traders make International Consumer Trade Fair shoppers' paradise
06:44:24a UAE & Oman set up joint research activities
06:44:27a Is Barack Obama the New Black Man?
06:44:31a Pehla adds on premier Urdu channel Aaj TV
06:44:35a pimp my cpu
06:44:38a Medical Headlines of 2007
06:44:41a Long Term Lasik Results
06:44:45a Teen Drinking
06:44:49a Hispanic Women More Likely to Have Breast Cancer
06:44:56a Roanoke homicides fewest in 4 decades
06:45:00a Orange Bowl 101
06:45:03a Housing panel ponders grant for apartment project
06:45:07a The imperfect fit
06:45:10a 8 winners in Va. lotto have yet to speak up
06:45:14a Franklin Co. board elects new chairman
06:45:18a Canada
06:45:21a Federal investigation over, Burns' attorney says
06:45:25a Samsung Announces New 1TB RAID Class 3.5'' Hard Disk Drives for Enterprise Storage
06:45:29a Korean tourist drowns in WA lake
06:45:32a S.Korean Foreign Reserves Rise In December
06:45:36a S. Korean Q3 Electronic Financial Transactions Grow
06:45:39a U.S. skeptical of N Korea's promise
06:45:43a South Korean Market Extends Losses
06:45:47a Asia-Pacific stocks fall as South Korea cuts forecast for
06:45:50a S Korea's military on alert against overseas hackers
06:45:54a Constitutional Court to Rule Swiftly on BBK Special Counsel
06:45:58a Toronto firm sees allies in call for Marsh breakup
06:46:01a Carmanah unloads home solar unit
06:46:05a Attorney denies tiger was provoked
06:46:08a Luigi's Real Italian Ice
06:46:12a University Of Rome Deploys da Vinci Revival To Restore Archival Films & Train Students
06:46:16a Study ER doctors less likely to prescribe painkillers to minorities
06:46:19a Progress in Afghanistan, but NATO Presence Still Needed
06:46:22a Global Warming Stories Will Continue to Heat up in 2008
06:46:26a Countries Not Prepared for Future Infectious Disease Outbreaks
06:46:30a 'Absolutely Magical' Audience Responds to 'Holiday Wonders'
06:46:35a Gordon laughs off Estrada 2010 plans
06:46:38a Pistons win 10th straight by zapping Wizards
06:46:42a Seven passengers rescued from sunken motorbanca off Cebu
06:46:45a Erap and Ai Ai in a movie?!!
06:46:48a New Zealand museum remains hopeful of return of Maori head
06:46:52a Shares close 3.2 percent lower
06:48:33a Crave Green or not, this car is ugly in any color
06:48:36a CO2 trapping capacity cut by warm fall
06:48:40a Smoking boosts COPD in women
06:48:43a Protein serves as autoimmune messenger
06:48:47a Getting the better of gas
06:48:50a Hydrogen peroxide keeps cells healthy
06:48:54a South Florida feeling the chill
06:48:58a Florida audit warned of risky investments
06:49:01a Interior Department OKs expanded gambling at Seminole casinos
06:49:05a Gag order for Liberty City terror conspiracy retrial raises questions
06:49:08a Those who own 'reptiles of concern' face new Florida rules
06:49:12a Hialeah woman faces nine counts of bigamy
06:49:15a Destruction of CIA tapes Probe ordered
06:49:19a Skater wants to thrash writer over article
06:49:22a Public officials get invites to BCS game
06:49:26a McLin offers a wish list for 2008
06:49:29a Chileans flee due to volcano eruption
06:49:56a 'Stock' beats 'sex' in Google China keyword searches
06:50:00a Eight killed in India police shooting police
06:50:04a Whaling protest staged outside Japan mission in Melbourne
06:51:01a Fred Thompson's 'Lazy' Iowa Trail
06:51:05a Dozens of Veterans To Join Ron Paul For Stronger America Rally
06:51:08a Political Field Is Panned by Bloomberg
06:51:12a Evangelicals finally find their candidate Huckabee
06:51:15a Is Fred a Reagan Conservative?
06:51:45a M&M plans to launch Ingenio in 2008
06:51:49a US Dollar Moves Off Lows In Early Asia Trading
06:52:22a Indian students killed in Melbourne fire
06:52:25a Fijian chief to run in election
06:52:29a Tropical cyclone due in Australia's north
06:52:33a Anti-whaling protestors descend on Japan embassy
06:52:36a Ozjet aircraft ready to fly
06:52:44a Warnings of a long and extreme fire season
06:52:48a Battle to stop 18 blazes
06:52:51a Bid to save dog stranded on cliff ledge
06:52:55a Hikers found after sending mobile phone photo
06:52:58a Police fire tear gas, water cannons; opposition vows million man rally to go ahead
06:53:02a Oil eases off 100
06:53:06a Kenyan unrest 'We'll go ahead'
06:53:09a Moscow-Pullman highway widened since Russell crash
06:53:13a DOL springs new license plate fee on WA drivers
06:53:16a Zoo director defends staff's actions
06:53:20a Rescuers reach dog trapped on cliff
06:53:24a Queensland in for more wild weather
06:53:27a Cool Qld weather causes summer fruit glut
06:53:31a Third of heart patients receive delayed treatment
06:53:34a Ferreting out some motivation to lose weight
06:53:40a Amnesty cannot be a general regulation
06:53:44a The handing in of new coins and bills ''Bs.F'' keep normal around the country
06:53:48a Moncayo It is not the first time that the Colombian government hinders peace
06:53:51a Spread testimonies call into question Uribe's hypothesis
06:53:55a India calls for urgent national reconciliation in Myanmar
06:54:25a Plans get under way for Mardi Gras parade
06:54:29a Norman police announce promotions for 3 officers
06:54:33a Tickets go on sale to attend 26th annual Chocolate Festival
06:54:36a O'Connell's can keep Lindsey site for year
06:54:40a \Officials blame problems with water on equipment
06:54:43a Norman Regional honored as workplace
06:54:47a Escaped Prisoner from Columbia River Captured
06:54:51a State Prison Inmate Walks Away From Work Crew
06:55:11a Mourning time opportune to mend fences junta
06:55:22a Region's traffic nightmare was a no-show
06:56:01a No need for UN probe into Bhutto murder US
06:56:04a Five killed in Andhra temple stampede
06:56:08a Crude oil price hits record 100 a barrel
06:56:12a Mobile phones make traffic immobile US study
06:56:15a Pilgrims return to Gaza
06:56:19a U.S. Campus Leaders Experience Israel
06:56:22a Abbas says Bush must speak out on Israeli settleme ...
06:56:26a Bush must speak out on Israeli settlements Abbas
06:56:30a Israeli forces kill six militantsahead of Bush visit
06:56:33a Chief Rabbis of Israel Rule Abortion 'a Grave Sin'
06:56:37a Faculty strike becomes longest in Israel university history 0521
06:56:41a Israeli Ambassador Protests UNSC's Failure To Mention Abducted Soldiers In Report
06:56:45a Joe Sacco speaks about his graphic novel Palestine
06:56:48a Commuters braced for more misery
06:56:52a The diary of an angry rail user
06:56:56a Siblings' incredible kidney donations
06:56:59a Farmer escapes animal ban
06:57:03a Calgary beats Rangers
06:57:07a Car bomb kills 4 Algerian cops
06:57:11a Darfur rebels 'seize' town
06:57:14a Residents can leave limbs curbside
06:57:18a Oil surge, factory pullback hit hard
06:57:22a EPA sued on emission limits
06:57:25a Bank cuts dividend, 900 jobs
06:57:29a Project bids due for sites in D.C.
06:57:33a Maryland sees no pretax car rush
06:57:36a Ancient city upgrades
06:57:40a Inmate who walked away from work crew is back in custody
06:57:43a Boy injured by wayward jet skier is back on his feet
06:57:47a Commissioners approve ship berth permit needed for LNG project
06:57:53a Ringgit Opens Slightly Higher Against U.S. Dollar
06:57:56a KLIBOR Futures And 5 Years MGS Futures Untraded In Early Trade
06:58:01a Slow drive? Blame cell calls
06:58:26a Officer investigated for alleged sex with prostitute
06:58:30a City aims to cut dependence on landfills
06:59:17a ‘Twas the Night Before Caucus
06:59:21a Late Night Music Club with The Chairman of the Board
06:59:24a Hillary on Letterman; Huckabee on Leno
06:59:28a ‘When Youre Out of the Blue and Into the Black …
06:59:40a Canyon Country Braces For Winter Storm
06:59:44a 2 Legit To Quit? It's Hammer Time... Again
06:59:47a Elderly Water Skier Makes Waves
06:59:51a New Video Game Depicts 9/11 Attacks
06:59:55a Arizona Beauty Queen Faces Kidnapping Charges
06:59:58a 12-Year-Old Boy Catches 551-Pound Bull Shark
07:00:02a Late Night Shows Back On The Air
07:00:05a Pan African Observers Slam Polls Commission
07:00:09a Museveni Talks to Kibaki, Raila Odinga
07:00:12a Still no word on Selebi Stories
07:00:16a Cyclone warning issued for WA and NT
07:00:20a Vic protest urges end to whale slaughter
07:00:23a Qld EI quarantine facility set to open
07:00:27a Australians 'could be stranded' in Kenya
07:00:30a Phone photos help save Grampians hikers
07:00:34a Britain to Help Probe Bhutto's Assassination
07:00:41a Drive-by shooting victim identified
07:00:59a Bratton links tax, crime drop
07:01:03a Leno, Huckabee brave picket line
07:01:09a Nuke deal supporter Tom Lantosnot to seek re-election
07:01:19a Region's bus and light-rail system have room
07:01:23a Lots of elbow room, even on mass transit
07:01:26a Car pools find day one surprisingly smooth
07:01:30a Kevin Johnson may get third trial
07:01:34a Police report closing in on suspects in Copia fire
07:01:38a Mom who killed girls, self felt hopeless
07:01:41a Iowa cold, races hot right down to the wire
07:01:45a Chaplain shoots brother-in-law during joke
07:01:49a Pizza driver that shot alleged robber flouted rules
07:01:52a Kenyan police fire teargas at Odinga supporters
07:01:56a 'Stock' beats 'sex' on Google China
07:02:03a Steel mill buyout seamless Steel mill buyout seamless
07:02:06a 100 oil unlikely to rattle consumers
07:02:10a Wireless TV coming to a wall near you?
07:02:14a Singletary Getting your tax return prepared properly well worth the price
07:02:17a Sector Watch U.S. factory output drops
07:02:21a Market Roundup Economic worries drive down stocks
07:02:24a Investing Preferred stock has advantages
07:02:28a With rival wireless technologies, companies vie to cut the cord to the flat-panel TV
07:02:32a Bucks snap 9-game road skid, beat Miami 103-98
07:02:35a Reesing big enough to get Kansas in Orange Bowl
07:02:39a More deals ahead for Marlins
07:02:58a Unair, ITS send teams to help Bojonegoro flood victims
07:03:01a Three Filipino fishermen stranded in Gorontalo
07:03:17a Last dash for candidates in Iowa
07:03:34a Huck-a-Ha-Ha Iowa Front Runner Trades One-Liners With Leno on New Mid-Strike 'Tonight Show'
07:03:38a Heeere's Huckabee Candidate Cranks Bass Jam With 'Tonight Show' Band
07:03:41a Reality Check What The Iowa Caucus Actually Does
07:03:45a In The Know The Long-Winded Iowa Caucus
07:03:48a Good Question Why Are Habits So Hard To Break?
07:03:52a Friends Remember Woman Killed In DUI Accident
07:03:55a 11 p.m. Weather Forecast 1/2/08
07:03:59a Pure Weight Loss Customers Shocked By Closings
07:04:02a Onorato Wants To Merge Some Police Depts
07:04:06a Rocketplane president resigns
07:04:22a CEO Johnson shows no signs of slowing down
07:04:34a Artists to Take Part in Maputo Exhibition
07:05:05a FBI reopens search for 1971 hijacker
07:05:23a CORRECTED Huckabee jams on Leno show
07:05:26a Russell Crowe rallies against gambling
07:05:30a Australia looks at GM crops to fight drought farm minister
07:05:34a Alaskan Sea Drilling Plans Condemned
07:05:38a United States book place in Hopman Cup final
07:05:41a Phuket looks to sailing to promote high-end tourism
07:05:45a Footie Star Joey Barton In Court Over 'Burger Row Assault'
07:05:48a Words Of the Year Gorno, Roboho And Guap
07:06:41a Net Carbon Uptake Period Decreases in Northern Terrestrial Ecosystems
07:06:45a South American Volcano Erupts On New Year's Day
07:07:13a Iowa transplants in Brevard feel drama
07:07:17a Protect plants, pipes from cold
07:07:20a Cocoa considers installing security cameras at 2 parks
07:07:24a Dam lets crews 'lift' lake for road work
07:07:27a Palm Bay considers mining proposal
07:07:31a New sheriff's complex set to open next week
07:07:35a Controversial center clears hurdle
07:07:38a Bracing for the big chill
07:07:41a 2008 proving to be a lucky year for lottery winner
07:07:45a Farmers on alert for freeze
07:07:58a Police pursuit ends with fatal shooting
07:08:02a AG takes rift with Barbour over election date to court
07:08:05a Brace yourself for warmer-than-average January
07:08:09a City attorney again will sign off on city payments
07:08:12a 2 Rankin families displaced
07:08:16a Bryant, senators get head start
07:08:19a Man pleads guilty to bilking investors
07:08:23a Rookie state trooper spent his holidays on highways
07:08:26a Corps of Engineers eyeing modest plan for buyouts of homes along Gulf Coast
07:08:58a Super Furry Animals, Royal Festival Hall, London
07:09:01a Industries Qatar sets up 274m real estate firm
07:09:05a Fire rips through London hospital
07:09:09a 2 killed in New Year's Eve crash ID'ed
07:09:12a Pedestrian hurt in car collision
07:09:16a Historic London cancer hospital engulfed by flames
07:09:19a Late Shows Return With Huckabee, Clinton
07:10:45a Uganda Science Policy in Schools Has Loopholes
07:10:48a Uganda IGG Halts Appointment of Education Officer
07:10:52a Uganda Fuel Crisis PLE Results to Delay
07:11:07a Uganda USAID to Boost Democracy
07:11:12a Household divided on Democrats
07:11:15a In Iowa, long-shot Biden touts his experience
07:11:19a U.S. 'skeptical' of N. Korea vow
07:11:23a Dead wife to testify in husband's murder trial
07:11:26a Cold spell has citrus growers worried
07:11:30a Ailing Lantos won't run for 15th term in House
07:11:34a Pakistanis fleeing to Afghanistan as violence escalates
07:11:37a Another reason to hang up and drive
07:11:41a Iran no longer aids Iraq militants
07:11:45a USO defends link to MoveOn
07:11:49a Border agents assaulted at 'unprecedented' rate
07:11:52a Justice commences CIA videotape inquiry
07:11:56a Hindu caste violation cited in family's killing
07:12:00a SIA's bid for China Eastern looks set to fall short analysts
07:12:07a Oil PSUs plan big retail expansion
07:12:11a CCI aims to clear 90% M & A deals in 60 days
07:12:15a Trai wants DTH users to get broadband too
07:12:19a Govt to bear 80% cost of generating solar power
07:12:22a Labour reforms in the offing this year
07:12:30a Unrest, Asian growth and speculation explain 100 oil analysts
07:12:33a ECL gets 108 mln loan from PMA
07:12:44a Forum Posting Tips
07:12:48a sompong
07:12:51a suwat
07:12:55a bigstory
07:13:28a El a o bisiesto 2008 trae celebraciones
07:13:32a Why Bloomberg?
07:13:35a Hollywood Shuns Abortion
07:13:45a Bahrain's Futures Bank to open branch in Iran
07:13:49a Dolphin Energy awards major low sulfur condensate storage expansion contract in Qatar
07:13:52a Saudi to speed up customs clearance
07:13:56a Global weight survey looks at scale obsessions, fast food addictions and obesity
07:14:00a Fleming Gulf announces its Banking Technology Forum 2008
07:14:04a Opec has tied hands
07:14:07a Singapore to boost ME medical tourism
07:14:11a Have Sovereign Wealth Funds bought into banks too early?
07:14:14a Doha Bank acquires sake in Yemen bank http//
07:14:18a Violations occurred in Masters' trial
07:14:21a Avalanches reported near Loveland Pass
07:14:25a CBS Video Not In The Conversation
07:14:29a Groucho A Documentary
07:14:32a Childhood 2.0 How I Spent My Christmas Vacation on a WWII Submarine
07:14:36a GigaNET VC Views, Wi-Fi, 100M Views, 100 Oil
07:14:39a Little Lamp Comes Complete With A Little Shade And A Little Pullchain
07:14:43a ChaCha Launches Mobile Interface. They Still Suck.
07:14:46a Extra Wide Rear View Mirror Eliminates Blind Spots
07:14:50a Man shot several times in car
07:14:53a Scaife Calls Bill Clinton Charismatic
07:14:57a H.S. Hoops Player Collapses and Dies
07:15:01a Southern Farme
07:15:04a DaimlerChrys
07:15:15a Fury at delay of Pakistan elections
07:15:18a Firm trend on cotton market
07:15:21a Inzamam flays PCB for banning rebel players
07:15:43a Cartoonists prize presidential face value
07:15:47a Get your post-caucus spin now
07:15:51a British man puts our fire with underwear
07:15:54a An Open Letter From An Arkansas Evangelical
07:15:58a Lieberman says no ambitionto be VP with McCain
07:16:01a U.S. will hold North Koreato nuclear commitments
07:16:05a Traders betting on Obama,Huckabee wins in Iowa
07:16:08a Mexicans bundle upas temperatures drop
07:16:31a Still Undecided? Take a Quiz
07:17:19a Gold leaps on oil and dollar
07:17:31a Uganda Masaka Forms First District Anti-Corruption Committee
07:18:17a Oil Prices Hit Record
07:18:59a Missing teenager last seen with two men
07:19:03a SES warns of floods in NSW north
07:19:39a FBI Asks Help in Solving 1971 D.B. Cooper Case
07:19:42a Inmate Who Fled Hospital Killed
07:19:46a Test Your Crime Knowledge
07:19:50a How Safe Are You at Home and Work?
07:19:54a Late-Night Stars Leno, Letterman Return
07:20:07a Global warming hits Australia with fires and floods
07:20:12a Fufa to Spy on Benin, Niger and Angola
07:20:40a Deputies investigate New Year's Eve arrest
07:20:47a Rice to host Libya as former foes mend ties
07:21:01a Australian stocks fall
07:21:07a "Stock" beats "sex" in Google China keyword searches
07:21:14a Dont rob a bank when there is a cop behind you
07:21:18a Honor Killing in Big D?
07:21:22a CBC Interviews Bill Simpson, Banned Member of the Carnegie Board of Directors
07:21:42a Uganda Jinja to Deal With Street Kids
07:21:46a Uganda Residents Given Deadline to Build Latrines
07:21:49a Uganda Nico Insurance Develops Livestock Policy
07:21:53a Pakistan army should urge Musharraf to quit report
07:21:57a Five killed in Vijayawada temple stampede
07:22:05a Last Minute Moves In Iowa Kucinich Urge
07:22:13a Trib columnists report from New Hampshire
07:22:16a U.S. falls in global privacy index
07:22:20a New personal data rule for mobile users
07:22:24a Mobile ads A threat to your privacy?
07:22:27a Aperture 1.5.6 update install failure, Apple's solution
07:22:31a SETI@home needs more PC power
07:22:35a DS Games To Be Downloadable to the Wii
07:22:38a GRID
07:22:42a The 5 Coolest Hacks of '07
07:22:45a Internal Bluetooth on iPod not for the faint of heart
07:22:49a Griffin Evolve Wireless iPod Speaker Dock
07:22:52a The RIAA's Uphill Battle
07:22:56a Nintendo Download 'Complete' DS Games via Wii
07:23:00a 'Important' Xbox 360 Announcement at CES
07:23:03a Skype Support Coming to PSP?
07:23:07a Go Green This New Year
07:23:10a Outsourced Jobs Return to NiSource
07:23:14a Finding Out Who Sells Personal Info to Junk-Mail Firms is Tough
07:23:17a Countering Internet Money Laundering
07:23:25a Mobility to Take Centrestage
07:23:29a Little Help for All PC Users
07:23:32a Gadget Wish List for New Year
07:24:22a Investigators take into custody Bhutto's belongings
07:24:26a UN ready to help Pakistan in Bhutto probe
07:24:29a Female serial killer 3 more victims identified
07:24:33a My time to lead will come Bilawal on Facebook
07:24:37a A machine that reveals most private thoughts
07:24:40a Huckabee jams on Leno show
07:24:44a Sri Lanka violence will escalate, Norway warns+
07:24:47a NZ sharemarket starts 2008 on a slippery slope
07:24:51a Kenya riot police fire on crowds
07:24:54a Abano directors say Aussie bid is too low
07:24:58a Prisons campaigner calls for focus on issues
07:25:02a SPCA despairs over numbers of unwanted animals
07:25:05a Lucky escape for wakeboarders as boat explodes
07:25:09a Unsafe boy racer vehicles flock to Bay of Plenty
07:25:13a Norovirus continues, chicken pox hits scouts
07:25:16a Brothers meet with Housing NZ
07:25:20a Youth stabbed with screwdriver by gang member
07:25:24a B.C. avalanche survivor may face criminal charge
07:25:27a 200 Taliban rebels killed in Musa Qala operation
07:25:30a Cricket India 216 for 3 at stumps in reply to Australia's 463
07:25:34a Eight killed in India police firing
07:25:37a Pakistan stocks up in early trade
07:25:41a Huckabee Thinks Jesus Wanted To Kill People
07:25:45a Mukasey Criminal inquiry begins into CIA tapes
07:25:48a Most powerful tools to your Windows Mobile device in one pack
07:25:52a Top 8 How-To Youtube Videos of 2007!!
07:25:55a Paul McCartney Undergoes Heart Surgery
07:25:59a B-r-r-raving the bitter cold
07:26:02a Changing challenging behaviors, part III
07:26:05a Best Bet Imagine that!
07:26:09a Outlaw gospel sound SmallTown Heroes sets itself apart
07:26:13a Today's Tip Suicide prevention
07:26:16a Hoosiers say thanks as duty calls brigade
07:26:19a Hot Topic Shifting careers
07:26:23a Tonight's political spotlight is on Iowa
07:26:27a High court urged to take up water fight
07:26:30a Drilling suit shifts to state court
07:26:34a Supreme Court finds traffic stop was unwarranted
07:26:37a Rescue crews give help to 3 snowmobilers
07:26:41a UM surpasses fundraising goal
07:26:44a 3 wolves killed near Wisdom
07:26:48a 2 men killed in New Year's wrecks
07:26:51a Ferndale death called homicide
07:26:55a Suspicious death investigated
07:26:58a MSUB rep to visit Red Lodge students
07:27:02a Israeli troops kill two Gaza gunmen in raid
07:27:06a Truce dead, Sri Lanka war set to escalate-experts
07:27:10a CHRONOLOGY-Libya's choppy relations with the U.S.
07:27:13a Australia hit by floods, fires amid global warming
07:27:17a ISRAEL-AFRICA African asylum-seekers detained in 'harsh conditions'
07:27:20a Pakistan army should urge Musharraf to quit-report
07:27:24a Dujana's terror trial will go ahead Indonesian court
07:27:28a Ho Chi Minh City readies for building of metro rail
07:27:31a Northern region bundles up awaiting more frosty weather
07:27:35a Ethnic people to get more support in land, water supply
07:27:38a Japanese culture education centre to be set up
07:27:42a Top badminton player has sights set on Beijing
07:27:46a Singapore firm to build luxury resort in central region
07:27:49a Major transport projects to start in 2008
07:27:53a Seized dogs find home after scandal
07:27:56a California counters EPA's denial with suit
07:28:00a Apology may be first for North
07:28:03a Groups offer obedience classes for dogs
07:28:07a Briefs Thursday, January 3, 2008
07:28:10a Visual arts group hosts event for young artists of all stripes
07:28:14a Metro area cities assess storm damage
07:28:17a Biman take measures to bring back workers
07:28:21a UAE to issue license for mobile digital TV service by middle of 2008
07:28:25a UAE to host first Arab intellectual property forum
07:28:28a Britney 'impossible,' child-custody lawyers quit
07:28:32a Hooked on cocaine? Researchers testing vaccine
07:28:35a Taiwan singer, TV host Tao Ching Ying opens talk show
07:28:39a Study mobile phone motorists drive like drunks
07:28:43a Taiwan pop singer inaugurates library for blind children
07:28:46a Swedish ski coach dreams of leading China to podium at Vancouver
07:28:50a 369 killed in road accidents across Thailand during New Year
07:28:53a Over 500,000 young Britons too sick to work
07:28:57a A man passes a mural showing the drought-affected Australian outback
07:29:00a Shop til You Drop in Los Angeles California
07:29:04a La Mer in Waikiki Hawaii Restaurant Review
07:29:08a Former Pittsburgh councilman Eugene 'Jeep' DePasquale dies at 85
07:29:11a Victoria Wulsin Enters 2nd Congressional Race
07:29:15a Investigation after timber blaze
07:29:19a Aldeburgh's Scallop vandalised again
07:29:22a Suffolk boxer a Big Brother housemate
07:29:26a New breakthrough in Julie Ward case
07:30:03a Readers document chaos in Kenya
07:30:06a Report Rich flout policy
07:30:10a Paying the holiday price
07:30:13a Iowa campaigning in final hours
07:30:25a Uganda 32 Fuel Trucks Expected Energy Minister
07:30:30a Funnymen Return With Presidential Hopefuls
07:31:06a Nearly 50 dead in India cold snap report
07:31:10a 200 Taliban rebels killed in Musa Qala operation Afghan official
07:31:14a 'Stock' beats 'sex' on Google China
07:31:17a New Zealand museum hopeful France will return preserved Maori head
07:31:21a 12-year-old used as bait in China kidnapping ring state media
07:31:25a Taiwan launches vote-buying probe ahead of polls official
07:31:29a GISD loses appeal to end AD’s lawsuit
07:31:32a Election filing period ends
07:31:36a Rosenberg displays Japanese sword guards
07:31:40a Man injured after own truck runs over him
07:31:43a Coffee traders rescued from 25-foot seas
07:31:47a Woman, son displaced by fire
07:31:50a Councilwoman may have to resign for state bid
07:31:54a Mayor names Gorman new fire chief
07:31:57a Uganda MP Advises Eastern Youth
07:32:01a Migrant workers boost NES
07:32:04a ICI in hands of Dutch rivals
07:32:08a Alphameric boost as Ladbrokes back Turf
07:32:12a London Scottish shares at 10-year low
07:32:15a 'Last hurrah' for spenders
07:32:19a Blackstone and GE deal pulled
07:32:22a Unicom plans 100 new jobs
07:32:26a Billionaire who bankrolled anti-Clinton elements says Bill's 'charismatic'
07:32:31a Bond to join ICL
07:32:34a Financial planning chat with Rahul Goel
07:32:38a Spotted Akshay!
07:32:41a Unlucky in love? Chat with Love Guru!
07:33:34a EQ 2.6 Toms Place, CA PRELIMINARY REPORT
07:34:02a Zuma trial unlikely before Aug, lawyer
07:34:21a Fear of bird flu in Binyamina after death of 18 chickens
07:34:42a Late-Night Funnymen Return With Politicos
07:34:47a Kenya Mediation to Address Election Crisis Planned
07:34:50a Uganda 2007 Was for Promises, 2008 is for Fulfilment
07:35:15a Obama in Lead Ahead of Iowa Caucuses
07:35:18a UAE Forum to Focus on Online Crimes
07:35:22a Police Release Pictures of Benazir Killers
07:35:25a Curfew Imposed in Assam Town After 4 Muslims Killed
07:35:29a MILF Supporters Told Not to Lose Hope Over Peace Process
07:35:33a Rules of the Game By Konstantin Sonin
07:35:36a A new banking alliance
07:35:40a Chilean volcano spouts off
07:35:45a The Weather Channel up for sale report
07:35:49a Pakistan Election Delayed Until Feb. 18 AP
07:35:53a Gold soars to record high above key 850/oz level ABC News
07:35:56a Oil price at record 100 a barrel BBC
07:36:21a Chandler students are thinking 'green'
07:36:26a Candidates sprint to presidential race's official start
07:36:30a Iowa's Mormons could play role in a Romney win
07:36:37a Waikiki Date Rape Incidents Watch Your Mai Tai, Ladies
07:36:40a A Preview
07:36:44a Hawaii Tourism Visitor Numbers Down, Satisfaction Up
07:36:47a Netflix in deal to bring movies to your TV
07:36:51a Weather Channel, for sale
07:36:54a It's A Wrap
07:36:58a Security stepped up ahead of banned Kenya march
07:37:02a Aid workers freed in Somalia
07:37:05a Iowa marks the official start of presidential race
07:37:09a Southern farmers scramble to protect crops from freeze
07:37:29a Fugitive crash driver jailed in US
07:37:33a Search continues for Dublin teacher
07:37:36a Iowa opens process of choosing next US president
07:37:40a British police to help with Bhutto inquiry
07:37:44a Woman in custody after cannabis haul
07:37:47a U.S. team identifies possible Parkinson's trigger
07:37:51a Bush won't release emergency oil to ease prices
07:37:55a NY judge dismisses Spain's claims over oil spill
07:38:02a Catalfumo asks Palm Beach Gardens for special districts
07:38:06a Innocence really lost as innocents die
07:38:09a Shelters open; officials distribute heaters to seniors
07:38:13a Winds might be keeping red tide away, officials say
07:38:16a Bracing for low 30s, county officials open 2 shelters
07:38:20a Obituary David H. Brady, ex-West Palm official
07:38:23a Free spaying, neutering set for cats
07:38:27a 3 million ride Tri-Rail for second straight year
07:38:31a Riviera Boys and Girls Club gets nod to stay at site