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04/06/2007 [-] Therapy pushes parents to penury
04/05/2007 [-] Video report explores 'Gay Reorientation Therapy'
04/05/2007 [-] Intensive Psychotherapy Boosts Bipolar Disorder Outcomes
04/05/2007 [-] New therapy stems degeneration in Parkinson's patient
04/05/2007 [-] Cerebral palsy therapy hits the Internet
04/05/2007 [-] Intensive Psychotherapy More Effective Than Brief Therapy For Treating Bipolar Depression
04/05/2007 [-] New Therapy Saves Girl From Poland With Inoperable Brain Tumor
04/04/2007 [-] Hoy completes stone therapy class
04/04/2007 [-] Estrogen-Only Hormone Therapy Approved for Menopause Relief
04/04/2007 [-] ImClone Says Erbitux Therapy Meets Study Endpoint
04/04/2007 [-] Early diagnosis key to autism therapy
04/04/2007 [-] New Therapy At SLU Hospital Saves Girl From Poland With Inoperable Brain Tumor
04/04/2007 [-] Aromatherapy to Soothe Visitors at Wellness & Spas Trade Show
04/04/2007 [-] Therapy is not one size fits all
04/04/2007 [-] Hormone therapy risk for older women seen
04/04/2007 [-] Combo migraine drug beat single drug therapy
04/04/2007 [-] Hormone Therapy Doesn't Boost Heart Attack Risk in Younger Women Study
04/03/2007 [-] Novel Platelet Therapy May Reduce PCI Complications
04/04/2007 [-] A fresh look at hormone replacement therapy
04/04/2007 [-] Hormone therapy effectiveness
04/04/2007 [-] New Analysis Shows Hormone Therapy Safe for Younger Women
04/04/2007 [-] Heart risks of hormone therapy tempered for younger women
04/04/2007 [-] Hormone therapy safe for younger women study
04/04/2007 [-] Timing of hormone therapy tied to CV risk
04/04/2007 [-] Chemotherapy Plus Tamoxifen Aids Breast Cancer Patients
04/04/2007 [-] Intensive therapy, meds best for bipolar
04/04/2007 [-] Early hormone therapy doesn't boost heart risk
04/03/2007 [-] WB prescribes free trade therapy for SAARC
04/03/2007 [-] Radiotherapy waiting times too long
04/03/2007 [-] Phone Therapy Lifts Depression
04/03/2007 [-] Study backs therapy, not just pills, for bipolar illness
04/03/2007 [-] Rapid retail therapy for farmers
04/03/2007 [-] Retail therapy for farmers
04/03/2007 [-] E-therapyComputer skills help ex-soldiers adapt to life in post-war Croatia
04/03/2007 [-] Hormone Therapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer Not for
04/03/2007 [-] Gene Therapy New gene therapy findings from University Nova of Lisboa published
04/03/2007 [-] Intensive Therapy May Help Bipolar Depression
04/02/2007 [-] J&J Schizophrenia Therapy Shows Long Term Effectiveness
04/02/2007 [-] Physiotherapy 'queue-jump'scheme eases strain on GPs
04/02/2007 [-] E-therapy Computer skills help ex-soldiers adapt to life in
04/02/2007 [-] Physiotherapy 'queue-jump'scheme eases strain on GPs
04/02/2007 [-] Dendreon Shares Surge, As Do Others In Cancer Immunotherapy
04/01/2007 [-] Dr. Gott MigreLief an Alternative for Migraine Therapy
04/01/2007 [-] Gerard Way Relies On Therapy And Aa
04/01/2007 [-] Laughter Therapy at Downtown East on April Fools'
04/01/2007 [-] Stent Study Bolsters Faith in Medical Therapy
04/01/2007 [-] Laughter Therapy at Downtown East on April Fools'
03/31/2007 [-] Proton therapy training center
03/30/2007 [-] Health Enterprises Launches 360 degrees Hot amp; Cold Therapy Braces
03/30/2007 [-] UNF Plans 2 New Doctoral Nursing, Therapy Programs
03/30/2007 [-] Experimental Cancer Therapy May Soon Win FDA Approval
03/30/2007 [-] KV Pharmaceutical Buys Menopause Therapy
03/30/2007 [-] Cancer therapy closer to approval
03/29/2007 [-] British scientists develop non-drug therapy for asthma
03/29/2007 [-] Protein Therapy May Reduce Infarct Size In Heart Attack Patients
03/29/2007 [-] Cancer therapy appears to work panel
03/29/2007 [-] Interactive Retail Therapy; ONLINE SHOPPING
03/29/2007 [-] Novel Therapy For Lipid Disorders Shows Mixed Results In Early Clinical Trials
03/29/2007 [-] Ped Med Autism therapy for babies
03/29/2007 [-] Carmel Requiring Massage Therapy Permits
03/29/2007 [-] Drawings support speech therapy at Schlotsky's
03/29/2007 [-] Statin Therapy Slows Progression Of Arterial Thickening; Halts But Does Not Reverse Atherosclerosis
03/29/2007 [-] Interactive retail therapy takes shape
03/29/2007 [-] 'Combination therapy' helped cure paralyzed stroke victim
03/29/2007 [-] Revolutionary 'Lung-burning' therapy found to halve asthma attacks
03/29/2007 [-] A Study Focuses On New Therapy To Prevent Breast Cancer
03/28/2007 [-] Hypnosis Gaining Ground as Successful Therapy
03/28/2007 [-] Airway heat therapy helps control asthma
03/28/2007 [-] Airway heat therapy may help control asthma
03/28/2007 [-] Airway heat therapy helps with asthma control
03/28/2007 [-] WisBusiness Mayoral Candidates Differ Over TomoTherapy Loan
03/28/2007 [-] Intravenous stem cells therapy may benefit heart attack patients
03/28/2007 [-] Computer therapy access 'for all'
03/28/2007 [-] Stem cell therapy shows promise for rescuing deteriorating vision
03/28/2007 [-] Cancer therapy lands before FDA
03/28/2007 [-] Snow facing more chemotherapy after cancer returns
03/27/2007 [-] Computer therapy access 'for all'
03/27/2007 [-] MERLIN TIMI-36 Study Provides New Safety & Efficacy Data For Unique Anti-anginal Therapy
03/27/2007 [-] New Drug Takes Aim At Stents
03/27/2007 [-] Drug therapy alone is effective
03/26/2007 [-] Phone-based Therapy Eases Depression Long Term
03/26/2007 [-] CSL Therapy That Mimics 'Good' Cholesterol May Reduce Plaque Volume in Coronary Arteries
03/26/2007 [-] Retail Therapy
03/26/2007 [-] Nano-sized gene therapy films created
03/26/2007 [-] Study Phone Therapy Helps With Depression
03/26/2007 [-] Research Says Psychotherapy By Phone Works
03/26/2007 [-] J&J Heart Failure Therapy Disappoints
03/26/2007 [-] Ultrathin films deliver DNA as possible gene therapy tool
03/26/2007 [-] Center for Therapy and amp; Wellness Opens Today
03/26/2007 [-] THERAPY? To Guest On IRON MAIDEN Singer's Radio Show Mar. 25, 2007
03/25/2007 [-] Sweet-Tooth Therapy
03/25/2007 [-] Liv Tyler Shines In Therapy School
03/25/2007 [-] Depression May Be Lifted By Phone Therapy
03/24/2007 [-] Forum to focus on massage therapy
03/24/2007 [-] Low-Dose Aspirin Therapy Effective After Heart Surgery
03/23/2007 [-] Scuba therapy buoys soldiers' recovery
03/23/2007 [-] Warriors wounded in Iraq enjoy therapy underwater
03/23/2007 [-] Special Report New Therapy To Cure Your Blues
03/23/2007 [-] bSpecial Report/b New Therapy To Cure Your Blues
03/23/2007 [-] Time To Quit Your Therapist?
03/23/2007 [-] Phone Therapy Helps Depression
03/22/2007 [-] Singing Bowls Aid Therapy and Meditation
03/22/2007 [-] Amgen Ends Chemotherapy Study
03/22/2007 [-] Depression Therapy by Phone May Work
03/22/2007 [-] Breast cancer radiotherapy gentler on the heart
03/22/2007 [-] Zimbabwe Health Minister Cites Obstacles To Scaling Up ARV Therapy
03/22/2007 [-] Phone-Based Therapy Eases Long-Term Depression
03/21/2007 [-] Chemotherapy Cancer Patients' Battle
03/21/2007 [-] Skin stains get darker after laser therapy
03/21/2007 [-] Butch Davis, North Carolina Football Coach, Starts Chemotherapy Treatment
03/21/2007 [-] See The Latest In Spa Therapy
03/21/2007 [-] Therapy centre for AIDS patients
03/20/2007 [-] University of British Columbia Licensed Clinical Stage Diabetes Therapy to Akesis Pharmaceuticals
03/20/2007 [-] UNC's Davis undergoing chemotherapy after surgery 531 PM
03/20/2007 [-] Robotic Technology Therapy, MIT
03/20/2007 [-] Butch Davis Undergoing Chemotherapy
03/20/2007 [-] Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Effective For Panic Disorder
03/20/2007 [-] Chris Rock Needs Therapy To Avoid Drugs
03/20/2007 [-] Successful Islet Cell Transplant Without Immunosuppressive Therapy In Mice With Type 1 Diabetes
03/20/2007 [-] Gamma Ray Blast May Help Huntington's Disease Therapy
03/19/2007 [-] DNA Nanoparticles Hold Promise In Gene Therapy For Parkinson's Disease
03/19/2007 [-] Neurotherapy Key to rural health problem
03/19/2007 [-] Touch therapy bill gets first hearing
03/19/2007 [-] Massage therapy bill gets first hearing
03/19/2007 [-] Retail therapy Back on the beat
03/18/2007 [-] Researchers from Gifu University describe findings in hepatocellular cancer therapy
03/18/2007 [-] From wheelchair, ISU recreation therapy professor engineers more accessible rock-climbing courses
03/18/2007 [-] Aida Pharma Subsidiary Commenced Preclinical Study of Vasostatin-Apo2L, Potential Anti-Cancer Therapy
03/18/2007 [-] Alexion Pharmas Soliris¢, First Therapy for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria Approved by the USFDA
03/18/2007 [-] Gene therapy plan to treat serious illnesses in womb
03/17/2007 [-] Hormone Therapy Rekindles Debate Over Homosexuality
03/17/2007 [-] Nicotine replacement therapy
03/17/2007 [-] Light-activated therapy may curb tooth disease
03/17/2007 [-] Activated therapy may curb tooth disease
03/17/2007 [-] Silverdale Therapy Clinics Are Closing
03/17/2007 [-] Pampered pets have alternative therapy
03/17/2007 [-] New radiation therapy gives breast cancer patients a more direct treatment option
03/16/2007 [-] VA Provides Transportation to Therapy Sessions
03/16/2007 [-] Vanderbilt Performs State's First Stem Cell Heart Regeneration Therapy
03/15/2007 [-] Research from Hospital Vall D'Hebron in the area of chemotherapy published
03/15/2007 [-] Kosair Hospital using music therapy for patients
03/15/2007 [-] Pancreatic cancer therapy trial starts
03/15/2007 [-] Trial Of New Pancreatic Cancer Therapy
03/15/2007 [-] Ped Med Behavior therapy for autism
03/15/2007 [-] Stem cell therapy improves sight
03/15/2007 [-] Taiwan's Aromatherapy Industry Enters Medical Community
03/15/2007 [-] Uproar erupts over shock therapy for autistic man
03/14/2007 [-] Program Yields Artful Patient Therapy
03/14/2007 [-] Study Of Drug Therapy For Compulsive Buying Yields A Puzzle
03/14/2007 [-] Naomi Turns to a New Rage Therapy
03/14/2007 [-] Auckland waiting lists for radiation therapy too long DHB
03/14/2007 [-] Environmental Tectonics Corporation's BioMedical Systems Group Simplifies Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
03/14/2007 [-] BSD Medical Sponsors Cancer Therapy Summit
03/14/2007 [-] Psychoanalytic therapy treats panic disorder
03/14/2007 [-] Gene Therapy For Blindness Clears Hurdle In Mice
03/14/2007 [-] Auckland waiting lists for radiation therapy are too long DHB
03/14/2007 [-] Cycle Therapy gives kids an outlet for service
03/13/2007 [-] Radiotherapy services failing in Auckland
03/13/2007 [-] Healing with music therapy
03/13/2007 [-] OHSU taking over cardiac therapy program
03/13/2007 [-] Which Breast Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy?
03/13/2007 [-] Boorowa council considers hydrotherapy pool
03/13/2007 [-] Mauritius Welcome to Therapy on Sea
03/13/2007 [-] Duo therapy ups prostate cancer survival
03/13/2007 [-] Long therapy wait followed by burns
03/13/2007 [-] Azaya Therapeutics Patents Nanotherapy Breakthrough
03/12/2007 [-] Study identifies leukemia therapy targets
03/12/2007 [-] Ancient Hindu therapy, a business opportunity
03/11/2007 [-] FEATURE Ancient Hindu therapy, a business opportunity for India
03/11/2007 [-] Ancient Hindu therapy, a business opportunity for India
03/11/2007 [-] Hybrid embryos abomination or a useful therapy?
03/11/2007 [-] FEATURE-Ancient Hindu therapy, a business opportunity for India
03/10/2007 [-] Singapore is first in Southeast Asia to offer Music Therapy Programme
03/09/2007 [-] Novel Cystic Fibrosis Therapy Moli1901, Passed Phase II Clinical Trial
03/09/2007 [-] Invasive Therapy Doesn't Cut Deaths in Acute Coronary Syndrome
03/09/2007 [-] New immune therapy boosts T-cells
03/08/2007 [-] Photodynamic Therapy Effective For Periodontal Diseases
03/08/2007 [-] Gene Therapy Shows Promise As Treatment For Diseased Limbs
03/08/2007 [-] Biocon launches renal therapy products
03/08/2007 [-] Jay Haley, therapy theorist, dead at 83
03/08/2007 [-] Mahidol launches master's degree in music therapy
03/08/2007 [-] Shock therapy called cruel; kin disagree
03/07/2007 [-] Particle physics to treat cancer sans side-effects of radiotherapy
03/07/2007 [-] New Drug Therapy Holds Hope for Brain-Cancer Patients
03/07/2007 [-] REMINDER ORLive Presents Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy for Heart Failure, a Bi-Ventricular Imp
03/07/2007 [-] Navy 'rape victim' had therapy to regain memory
03/07/2007 [-] Photodynamic therapy best for sick gums
03/07/2007 [-] Watery Nanoparticles Deliver Anticancer Therapy
03/07/2007 [-] Cancer patients getting radiation therapy sooner
03/07/2007 [-] Sailor 'recalled rape in therapy'
03/07/2007 [-] A cat or a dog a day keeps a doctor away
03/07/2007 [-] Breast Cancer Survivors Experience Long-term Heart Disease Risk From Radiotherapy
03/06/2007 [-] Va. congresswoman has cancer recurrence, undergoes chemotherapy
03/06/2007 [-] Psychological Therapy and Pain Management
03/06/2007 [-] Nuns get hooked on game therapy get hooked on game therapy
03/05/2007 [-] For Sex Offenders, a Dispute Over Therapy's Benefits
03/05/2007 [-] Back-pain therapy guidelines updated
03/04/2007 [-] Researchers Find A Mechanism By Which Cells Resist Chemotherapy
03/04/2007 [-] Israeli lab therapy treats melanoma with the plasma of autoimmune disease patients
03/04/2007 [-] Controversial '60s therapy claims kidsfailed to bond with parents in infancy
03/03/2007 [-] Cold Therapy Helps Cardiac Patients Avoid Brain Damage
03/03/2007 [-] Dissonance therapy aids eating disorders
03/03/2007 [-] School psychologist makes chocolate therapy a lucrative sideline
03/03/2007 [-] Boffins identify mechanism by which cells resist chemotherapy
03/02/2007 [-] Therapy delivers positive result but after long wait for treatment
03/02/2007 [-] Debate over hormone replacement therapy rages on
03/01/2007 [-] Shoppers overcome rates rise with retail therapy
03/01/2007 [-] S.C. women sue drug firm in hormone therapy case
03/01/2007 [-] Inspector general says school that uses shock therapy overcharged
03/01/2007 [-] EndoCeutics Seeks 75M IPO For Hormone Therapy Trials
03/01/2007 [-] Dental therapy students battle tooth decay in northern Sask.
03/01/2007 [-] DNA nanoparticles hold promise in gene therapy for Parkinson's disease
03/01/2007 [-] Britney Spears having a tough time in therapy
02/28/2007 [-] Certain Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Appears Beneficial For Female Veterans With PTSD
02/28/2007 [-] Church Hosts Conference on 'Ex-Gay' Therapy
02/28/2007 [-] Gene therapy may help with diseased limbs
02/28/2007 [-] ... Employ Apitherapy
02/27/2007 [-] Researchers Show RNA Splicing Factor May Be New Target For Cancer Therapy
02/27/2007 [-] Texas Man Gets Gene Therapy In China
02/27/2007 [-] AstraZeneca explores 2nd-line therapy for lung cancer; to start Zactima 4th phase III trials
02/27/2007 [-] Studies target side effect of HIV therapy
02/26/2007 [-] Nicotine Therapy Battle Heats Up
02/26/2007 [-] Avastin® + Chemotherapy Passed International Phase III Study in Advanced Lung Cancer Patients
02/26/2007 [-] Indian Doctors treat spinal cord injury with stem cell therapy
02/26/2007 [-] Advanced therapy for spinal cord injury
02/26/2007 [-] Prostate therapy may up heart disease
02/26/2007 [-] Safety Of Prostate Cancer Therapy Pondered
02/26/2007 [-] Testosterone Therapy Improves Women's Sex Lives
02/25/2007 [-] Stemcell therapy for spinal cord injury
02/24/2007 [-] Prostate cancer therapy may increase risk of death from hear
02/24/2007 [-] Retail therapy Fantastic plastic
02/24/2007 [-] Hound hotels offer everything except 'hydrant therapy'
02/24/2007 [-] Stemcell therapy used to treat spinal cord injury
02/24/2007 [-] First DS Therapy, Now Yoga
02/24/2007 [-] Prostate Cancer Therapy May Increase Risk Of Death From Heart Disease In Older Men
02/23/2007 [-] Simple new test from NTU researchers identifies beneficiaries of chemotherapy
02/23/2007 [-] ORLive Presents Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy for Heart Failure, a Bi-Ventricular Implantable C
02/23/2007 [-] Protein increases efficacy of chemotherapy drug for breast cancer
02/23/2007 [-] Genetic hearing loss may be reversible without gene therapy
02/23/2007 [-] Genetic hearing loss may be reversible without gene therapy
02/22/2007 [-] Israel Virtual reality used in physiotherapy
02/22/2007 [-] New valve therapy less invasive than open-heart surgery Montreal surgeons
02/22/2007 [-] Actress stars in workshop on drama therapy
02/22/2007 [-] Protein Identified That Regulates Effectiveness Of Taxol Chemotherapy In Breast Cancer
02/22/2007 [-] Chemotherapy Drug Packs A One-two Punch
02/22/2007 [-] Jamelia to perform for Nordoff Robbins' music therapy charity
02/22/2007 [-] Leuven professor wins sex therapy prize
02/22/2007 [-] Doctor Aromatherapy Helps Women Say Goodbye To PMS
02/21/2007 [-] Nanoparticles Advance Light-Activated Cancer Therapy
02/21/2007 [-] Baptist to perform clinical trial of prostate cancer therapy
02/21/2007 [-] Carbon Nanotubes Transport Gene Therapy Drug into T-Cells Known to Block HIV
02/21/2007 [-] Sen. Johnson Released From Hospital; Begins 'Next Phase Of Therapy'
02/21/2007 [-] Video helps in knee physical therapy
02/21/2007 [-] Complementary therapy on the rise
02/20/2007 [-] Batten Down The Hatches Against HIV Carbon Nanotubes Transport Gene Therapy Drug Into T-cells
02/20/2007 [-] Hormone Therapy May Be Safer With Patch Than Pill
02/20/2007 [-] The coldest therapy on earth Saunas in Sweden
02/20/2007 [-] Novel test identifies leukemia patients likely to respond to new therapy
02/20/2007 [-] Therapy steps for email addicts
02/20/2007 [-] Exercise as Breast Cancer Therapy
02/20/2007 [-] New AHA guidelines recommend low-dose aspirin therapy for women
02/19/2007 [-] HIV protein key to new cancer therapy
02/19/2007 [-] RNAi shows promise in gene therapy, researcher says
02/18/2007 [-] The Big Chill The coldest therapy on earth Saunas in Sweden
02/18/2007 [-] Getting mobileTargeted therapy 'has given Oliver a new lease of life'
02/18/2007 [-] Research from Wake Forest University has provided new data on cancer therapy
02/18/2007 [-] Getting mobile Targeted therapy 'has given Oliver a new leas
02/18/2007 [-] Liver An Excellent Target For Cancer Gene Therapy Using Viral Vectors, Study Shows
02/17/2007 [-] Taekwondo used as therapy for cancer kids
02/16/2007 [-] Therapy plan for terror suspects
02/16/2007 [-] New Therapy for Familial Hypercholesterolemia Revealed
02/16/2007 [-] Health New Therapy for Familial Hypercholesterolemia Revealed
02/15/2007 [-] Researchers Develop Experimental Therapy for Mad Cow Disease and technology
02/15/2007 [-] Researchers Develop Experimental Therapy for Mad Cow Disease
02/15/2007 [-] Sen. Johnson getting therapy three hours a day
02/15/2007 [-] Cancer cells in the liver are excellent targets for gene therapy
02/14/2007 [-] Hospital's popular dog therapy program ready for expansion
02/14/2007 [-] Study shows liver an excellent target for cancer gene therapy using viral vectors
02/14/2007 [-] Artificial cells may revolutionize therapy
02/14/2007 [-] Brachytherapy to be provided in Wales
02/14/2007 [-] Liver cancer is good gene therapy target
02/13/2007 [-] Donkey Therapy
02/13/2007 [-] Demand up for speech therapy in Calgary schools
02/12/2007 [-] Many patients benefit from therapy with horses
02/12/2007 [-] TomoTherapy files for IPO
02/11/2007 [-] Still reservations about radiation therapy despite success By Annika Graf
02/11/2007 [-] Virtual reality is therapy for injuries
02/11/2007 [-] FEATURE-Virtual reality is therapy for injuries
02/11/2007 [-] Injured carpenter back in town for TV show, therapy
02/10/2007 [-] Game Therapy on Your DS
02/10/2007 [-] Evangelist's therapy fuels 'gay debate'
02/09/2007 [-] Can therapy reverse sexual orientation?
02/09/2007 [-] Evangelist's therapy fuels 'gay debate'
02/09/2007 [-] Evangelist's therapy fuels 'gay debate'
02/09/2007 [-] SUSLA to host respiratory therapy seminar
02/09/2007 [-] Evangelist's therapy fuels 'gay debate'
02/09/2007 [-] Free Healing Garden Sensual Therapy Passion Rose Sample
02/09/2007 [-] Statin Therapy Associated With Regression Of Coronary Atherosclerosis With Key Lipid Level Changes
02/09/2007 [-] Medical Therapy For Restless Legs Syndrome May Trigger Compulsive Gambling
02/08/2007 [-] School uses Mozart, aromatherapy to motivate boys
02/08/2007 [-] Program tests exercise therapy for Parkinson's disease
02/08/2007 [-] Harvard doc makes case for shock therapy
02/08/2007 [-] Robotic therapy helps restore hand use after stroke
02/08/2007 [-] MDS Nordion Establishes European Centers of Excellence for Innovative Liver Cancer Therapy
02/08/2007 [-] Video games Cheap therapy?
02/08/2007 [-] Standard therapy more effective than diabetes drug for overcoming infertility
02/08/2007 [-] Machine Learning Could Speed Up Radiation Therapy For Cancer Patients
02/08/2007 [-] Smith An Ethically Unsound Therapy
02/07/2007 [-] Standard therapy more effective than diabetes drug in helpin
02/07/2007 [-] Time To Quit Your Therapist?
02/07/2007 [-] Shopping and art as therapy
02/07/2007 [-] Drug Patents And Their Implications On ARV Therapy Access
02/07/2007 [-] Hodgkin's disease therapy ups heart attack risk
02/07/2007 [-] Growth Factors Given With Chemotherapy Associated With Increased Risk Of Blood Diseases
02/06/2007 [-] Disgraced evangelist completes therapy
02/06/2007 [-] Therapy-Specific Disposable Injection Devices Changing the Drug Delivery Landscape
02/06/2007 [-] HealthWrap Nerve therapy for hypertension
02/06/2007 [-] Race factor in HIV therapy studied
02/06/2007 [-] Epilepsy drug effective as single therapy
02/06/2007 [-] Estrogen Therapy For Hot Flushes Challenged Progestin As Effective As Risk-laden Estrogen
02/06/2007 [-] Therapy coming to DS
02/06/2007 [-] Supplemental therapy helps jaw disorder
02/06/2007 [-] Supplemental therapy can ease pain in common jaw disorder
02/06/2007 [-] Physical therapy center under construction
02/06/2007 [-] Bill would ease rules on physical therapy for pets
02/05/2007 [-] Private chemotherapy clinics on the rise in Canada
02/05/2007 [-] PMS sufferers turning to aromatherapy relief
02/05/2007 [-] Technology acquisition includes HIV/AIDS therapy licenses
02/05/2007 [-] eHarmony offers relationship `e-therapy`
02/05/2007 [-] Bosnian therapy knitters see luxury retail future
02/05/2007 [-] 'Father of gene therapy' gets 14 years for molesting 10-year-old girl
02/05/2007 [-] Nigeria Mesotherapy
02/05/2007 [-] eHarmony offers relationship 'e-therapy'
02/05/2007 [-] Radiation Seed Therapy Fights Prostate Cancer
02/05/2007 [-] Gene therapy tourists
02/05/2007 [-] Alternative therapy put on trial
02/04/2007 [-] Timing for Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer
02/04/2007 [-] FEATURE-Bosnian therapy knitters see luxury retail future
02/03/2007 [-] Health chiefs accused of blocking new therapy for heroin addicts
02/03/2007 [-] Speech therapy centre opened
02/03/2007 [-] New drugs aid catheter therapy
02/02/2007 [-] Massage therapy proposal to be altered
02/02/2007 [-] Analysis New drugs aid catheter therapy
02/02/2007 [-] Gene therapy scientist sentenced to 14 years on sexual abuse charges
02/02/2007 [-] Fibroid therapy queries answered
02/01/2007 [-] Analysis Fibroid therapy queries answered
02/01/2007 [-] Patients wait for cancer therapy
01/31/2007 [-] Teazers boss 'received psychiatric therapy'
01/31/2007 [-] Art therapy helps traumatized children
01/31/2007 [-] 'Teazers boss received psychiatric therapy'
01/31/2007 [-] No Proof That Growth Hormone Therapy Makes You Live Longer, Study Finds
01/31/2007 [-] Prostate therapy for men in Wales
01/31/2007 [-] Dog collar and whip therapy 'just rubbish'
01/31/2007 [-] Riyadh hospital gets new radiotherapy gadget
01/30/2007 [-] Stone 'Washington Being Sent To Therapy Is Absurd'
01/30/2007 [-] Hope Therapy plans ball for special people
01/30/2007 [-] How Much Do You Know About Aromatherapy?
01/30/2007 [-] Orange radiotherapy unit next cab off the rank
01/30/2007 [-] New breast cancer therapy developed
01/30/2007 [-] Microwave Thermotherapy Breast Cancer Therapy Based On Research Originally Intended For ...
01/30/2007 [-] ORLive Presents Biventricular Defibrillator Implantation Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy to Resto
01/30/2007 [-] Gene therapy can boost severe burn recovery
01/30/2007 [-] Dual Drug Therapy Shows Promise Against Breast Cancer
01/29/2007 [-] Dog collar and whip 'is ethical therapy'
01/29/2007 [-] Copegus® Tablet 200 mg, Approved as Combination Therapy to Chronic Hepatitis C Drug Pegasys®
01/29/2007 [-] Combination therapy promising for breast cancer study
01/29/2007 [-] Healthwatch Aroma Therapy Treatment Growing For Reducing PMS Symptoms
01/29/2007 [-] Cancer centre cuts wait times; Average wait for radiation therapy ...
01/29/2007 [-] Psychotherapy Quiets Concerns Over Ringing In The Ears
01/28/2007 [-] Controversial Therapy Claims To Help Treat Clogged Arteries
01/28/2007 [-] Alternative Therapy To Help Fight Heart Disease
01/28/2007 [-] Physiotherapy's future needs a hands-on plan
01/28/2007 [-] Cancer patients fighting insurers over new therapy
01/28/2007 [-] Therapy dogs help disabled, provide diversion for inmates
01/28/2007 [-] Champ focused on retail therapy after responding to critics
01/27/2007 [-] Lyman Wynne, family therapy pioneer, dies
01/27/2007 [-] Gold's-Brookwood team builds gym, therapy site
01/26/2007 [-] Iran to transfer laser therapy tech to Tajikistan
01/26/2007 [-] Drug shock-therapy trials 'hit' by lack of Executive cash
01/26/2007 [-] Drug shock-therapy trials 'hit' by lack of Executive cash
01/26/2007 [-] Panel Questions Magnet Therapy Results
01/26/2007 [-] Older hormone therapy as good as estrogen for hot flashes, trial suggests
01/26/2007 [-] Pt Jasraj presents music therapy concert at Presidency jail
01/26/2007 [-] Tea extracts repair radiotherapy skin damage
01/25/2007 [-] Phage Therapy May Help Fight Resistant Bacteria
01/25/2007 [-] Hormone Therapy May Aid Younger Women
01/25/2007 [-] Zimbabwe Radiotherapy Services Resume
01/25/2007 [-] Iran to transfer laser therapy technology to Tajikistan
01/25/2007 [-] Actor who uttered slur getting therapy
01/25/2007 [-] Combined therapy for hypertension can reduce cardiovascular risk
01/25/2007 [-] Combined therapy for hypertension, dyslipidemia can reduce cardiovascular disease risk study
01/25/2007 [-] Grey's star in therapy
01/24/2007 [-] South Putnam therapy kitty still missing
01/24/2007 [-] Isaiah Washington In Therapy For Anti-Gay Slur
01/24/2007 [-] 'Grey's' Star Seeks Therapy For Saying Anti-Gay Slur
01/24/2007 [-] 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Isaiah Washington in Therapy
01/24/2007 [-] Scientists Report Experimental Therapy Eliminates Cancer Cell Growth
01/24/2007 [-] New Drug Therapy To Combat Graft-vs.-host Disease In Stem-cell Patients Shows Significant ...
01/24/2007 [-] Combination therapy reduces emphysema
01/24/2007 [-] Reliever Mark Lowe says his surgically repaired elbow is responding to therapy
01/24/2007 [-] San Francisco shuns retail therapy
01/24/2007 [-] Inhaled steroids are the best therapy for asthmatic kids
01/23/2007 [-] Scientists Found Potential Route To Diabetes Therapy
01/23/2007 [-] Specific therapy eases anxiety disorder
01/23/2007 [-] Anxious? Talk it Out
01/23/2007 [-] Taking the Hype Out of Hypnotherapy
01/23/2007 [-] Buzz on business Southern to hold respiratory therapy seminar
01/23/2007 [-] Jury seated to hear second case in Arkansas over hormone therapy
01/22/2007 [-] Separate council for physiotherapy likely
01/22/2007 [-] Pancreatic cancer helped by combo therapy
01/22/2007 [-] Potential route to diabetes therapy found
01/22/2007 [-] Surgery And Adjuvant Therapy May Work For Pancreatic Cancer
01/22/2007 [-] Radiation Therapy Reduces Cancer Recurrence In Older Breast Cancer Patients
01/22/2007 [-] Head and neck cancer combo therapy effective
01/22/2007 [-] Radiation-chemotherapy combo may improve survival rates after pancreatic cancer removal
01/21/2007 [-] Post-surgery radiotherapy 'beneficial for breast cancer patients'
01/21/2007 [-] Scientists discover therapy to 'switch off' cancer cells
01/21/2007 [-] No Benefit To Increasing Dose Intensity Of Chemotherapy In Osteosarcoma, Study Finds
01/20/2007 [-] Combo Therapy Improves Pancreatic Surgery Outcome
01/20/2007 [-] Scientists at German Institute of Human Nutrition describe research in nutritional cancer therapy
01/20/2007 [-] Mayo Clinic Cancer Center - Surgery and adjuvant therapy ma
01/20/2007 [-] Avera St. Luke's recognized for physical therapy program
01/19/2007 [-] Health Soccer as mental health therapy
01/19/2007 [-] Tickle Therapy For Londoners
01/19/2007 [-] Radiation therapy under used
01/19/2007 [-] Analysis Radiation therapy under used
01/19/2007 [-] Sen. Johnson Begins Physical Therapy
01/19/2007 [-] Eli Lilly Japan To Release New Cancer Therapy To Hospitals
01/19/2007 [-] Combination therapy spares some head and neck patients from surgery
01/19/2007 [-] Ontario to offer 225 more children with autism therapy
01/19/2007 [-] Poorer Women More Likely To Get Reduced Chemotherapy Dose, Study Finds
01/18/2007 [-] Retail therapy Hair trade
01/18/2007 [-] Critics say Ont. doesn't spend enough on autism
01/18/2007 [-] Ont. government to provide another 225 children with autism therapy
01/18/2007 [-] Chemotherapy Delays Pancreatic Cancer Recurrence
01/18/2007 [-] Aruba tweaks WLAN for retail therapy
01/17/2007 [-] Alberta scientists test chemotherapy alternative
01/17/2007 [-] Therapy helps job searches
01/17/2007 [-] Chemotherapy Appears To Delay Cancer Recurrence Following Surgery For Pancreatic Cancer
01/17/2007 [-] Geron reports new benefit of its stem cell therapy
01/16/2007 [-] Low-tech therapy
01/16/2007 [-] Chemotherapy After Surgery Delays Pancreatic Cancer Recurrence
01/16/2007 [-] Ukraine Dolphin-Assisted Therapy
01/16/2007 [-] Dendreon's prostate-cancer therapy will get accelerated FDA review
01/16/2007 [-] New Therapy Treats Severely Elevated Cholesterol Levels
01/16/2007 [-] Survey shows need for oral chemotherapy guidelines
01/16/2007 [-] Report debunks hormone therapy
01/15/2007 [-] Omni Brain Dr. Jain's Cow Urine Therapy
01/15/2007 [-] NT woman uses stem cell therapy to recover from brain injury
01/15/2007 [-] Combo Therapy Offers Hope for Krabbe's Disease
01/15/2007 [-] New cancer therapy at Willis-Knighton grabs world attention
01/15/2007 [-] NT woman uses stem cell therapy to recover from brain injury
01/15/2007 [-] Combination Therapy Reduces Exacerbations In Severe COPD
01/15/2007 [-] Dual Gene Therapy Suppresses Lung Cancer In Preclinical Test
01/15/2007 [-] Questions and answers hypnotherapy
01/15/2007 [-] New cancer therapy at Willis-Knighton grabs world attention
01/15/2007 [-] Discovery offers hope of Alzheimer's therapy
01/14/2007 [-] Researchers Urge Monitoring Of Bone Health During Chemotherapy
01/14/2007 [-] Riding therapy program may need new home
01/14/2007 [-] Odds Favor Hawaiian's Return to Health with Stem Cell Therapy
01/14/2007 [-] Writing books on medicine can be therapy
01/13/2007 [-] Survey Reveals Need For Standardized Oral Chemotherapy Prescribing Practices, Safeguards
01/13/2007 [-] Renée acting therapy
01/13/2007 [-] First and Only Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Hunter Syndrome Approved by the European Commission
01/12/2007 [-] Butler commissioner out of hospital, in physical therapy
01/12/2007 [-] Rep. Norwood undergoing chemotherapy
01/12/2007 [-] Oral chemotherapy guidelines lacking
01/12/2007 [-] Georgia congressman sicker than expected with chemotherapy
01/12/2007 [-] Measures to protect oral chemotherapy patients lacking survey
01/12/2007 [-] Oral Chemotherapy Safeguards Seem Slack Report
01/12/2007 [-] Takara Bio Obtains Clinical Trial Approval of Gene Therapy Treatment for Chronic Granulomatosis
01/12/2007 [-] Cancer therapy may weaken bones
01/12/2007 [-] Oral chemotherapy guidelines needed survey
01/12/2007 [-] Diabetes Drug Shows Promise For Preventing Brain Injury From Radiation Therapy
01/12/2007 [-] Survey shows need for oral chemotherapy guidelines
01/11/2007 [-] Homicide victims' families to get group counselling
01/11/2007 [-] Sen. Johnson able to talk, begins therapy
01/11/2007 [-] Therapy found lacking at mental health facility
01/11/2007 [-] Therapy waves `crazy radio' on air
01/11/2007 [-] New therapy halves severely elevated cholesterol levels
01/11/2007 [-] Response To Anti-HIV Therapy Improved If Treatment Within 6 Months After Preventive Regimen
01/11/2007 [-] Tracing Agent, Ultrasound Combo Helps Test Cancer Therapy's Effectiveness
01/11/2007 [-] Waiting six months after birth before re-starting HIV therapy helps mothers beat drug resistance
01/10/2007 [-] AnGes MG, Vical to Start Phase III Clinical Trial of Allovectin for Gene Therapy
01/10/2007 [-] Push continues for new hospital to have radiotherapy unit
01/10/2007 [-] Talk therapy in Argentina
01/10/2007 [-] New Anti-angiogenesis Treatment Combination Therapy Obliterates New Vessel Growth In Tumors ...
01/10/2007 [-] Venture capitalists set sights on vision therapy company
01/10/2007 [-] ImClone says Erbitux drug works as initial therapy
01/10/2007 [-] Dramatic Results From Combo Therapy For Rapid, Fatal Neurodegenerative Disorder
01/10/2007 [-] Talk therapy in Argentina
01/09/2007 [-] Study casts doubt on testosterone therapy
01/09/2007 [-] New Nanoparticle Cancer Therapy
01/09/2007 [-] New Therapy For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome To Be Tested
01/09/2007 [-] Horse therapy center owner wins award
01/09/2007 [-] ProCure Treatment Centers Selects International Vendor to Equip Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma
01/08/2007 [-] Antibody therapy prevents onset of type1 diabetes in mice
01/08/2007 [-] Mainstream News Hope over tumour fighting therapy
01/08/2007 [-] Antibody therapy prevents type 1 diabetes in mice
01/08/2007 [-] Hope over tumour fighting therapy
01/08/2007 [-] Amorcyte Cardiac Cell Therapy Trial Passes First Stage and Opens Two New Sites
01/08/2007 [-] Antibody Therapy Prevents Type 1 Diabetes In Mice
01/08/2007 [-] 'Mein Führer' Director Talks 'Hitler Should Have Been in Therapy'
01/08/2007 [-] Radiation Therapy Combo Cures Prostate Cancer Long-term
01/07/2007 [-] Shock therapy might lessen organisms' clinging to ships
01/07/2007 [-] Coming Week Seeking Therapy
01/07/2007 [-] Ruth Sunderland Retail therapy? I just don't buy it
01/07/2007 [-] Center for troubled boys to provide equine therapy
01/06/2007 [-] Therapy dogs help children to improve reading skills
01/06/2007 [-] Radiation therapy combo may harbour cure for prostate cancer
01/05/2007 [-] Good News About the Blues Scientists Discover Gene Therapy for Depression
01/05/2007 [-] Unloading Exercise Therapy A Functional Concept
01/05/2007 [-] No Pain, No Gain? Physical Therapy Doesn't Have to Hurt
01/05/2007 [-] Gene test may help show which lung cancer patients most need chemotherapy
01/04/2007 [-] Radiation therapy combo cures prostate cancer long-term
01/04/2007 [-] Varian to buy German proton therapy provider for 30M
01/04/2007 [-] Parents' refusal of cancer therapy raises issues
01/04/2007 [-] Good fish therapy
01/04/2007 [-] Test may show who needs chemotherapy
01/04/2007 [-] Quit smoking therapy provider launches 1st Asian operation
01/04/2007 [-] Dabur Pharma launches chemotherapy
01/04/2007 [-] Quit smoking therapy provider launches first Asian operation in HK
01/03/2007 [-] Special Protocol Assessment Issued for Phase 3 Trial of New Generation Platinum Therapy
01/03/2007 [-] Jewish Hospital in Brazil Gets Cutting Edge Radiation Therapy
01/02/2007 [-] Amorcyte Cardiac Cell Therapy Trial Passes First Stage and Opens Two New Sites
01/02/2007 [-] Cancer Center of North Dakota First to Offer Image Guided Radiotherapy Treatment
01/02/2007 [-] Cancer therapy link to premature births
01/02/2007 [-] Mental health therapy can start in infancy
01/02/2007 [-] Making the cut Area therapy dogs get specialized training
01/02/2007 [-] Therapy dogs a growing trend in Bloomington and beyond
01/01/2007 [-] Natural Therapy academy to open doors Jan. 13
01/01/2007 [-] Harares 2007 Goal Double Number Receiving AIDS Drug Therapy
01/01/2007 [-] Shock therapy for smokers
01/01/2007 [-] Shock therapy for smokers
12/31/2006 [-] * Acupuncture, personal trainer, aromatherapy nothing's too much for Japan's aging pooches
12/30/2006 [-] My 12-month voyage through therapy
12/29/2006 [-] Scientists Discover Gene Therapy for Depression
12/29/2006 [-] Child copes with mother's cancer through art therapy
12/28/2006 [-] Prodi, Against Euthanasia And Aggressive Therapy
12/28/2006 [-] Good News About the Blues Scientists Discover Gene Therapy for Depression
12/28/2006 [-] Free Digestive Advantage Lactose Intolerance Therapy Sample
12/28/2006 [-] Three-year-old blogger's inspiring chemotherapy diary
12/27/2006 [-] Development Of Gene Therapy DFG Senate Commission Presents Second Memorandum
12/27/2006 [-] Movement therapy
12/27/2006 [-] Shoppers' fights send distraught clerks to therapy
12/27/2006 [-] PET THERAPY
12/26/2006 [-] Therapy dogs find a place in health care
12/26/2006 [-] Physiotherapy on wheels
12/26/2006 [-] Pharmacyclics Submits NDA For Cancer Therapy Xcytrin
12/26/2006 [-] Prostate cancer seed therapy is growing
12/26/2006 [-] Hormone Replacement Therapy Debate Not Over Yet
12/26/2006 [-] New Hope for Stem-Cell Therapy
12/26/2006 [-] Therapy gives kids new skills
12/26/2006 [-] Gains of therapy outweigh heart risk
12/25/2006 [-] Ragging juniors Go for therapy
12/25/2006 [-] Nobel laureates Mandela, Tutu back UN efforts for cancer therapy in developing world
12/24/2006 [-] China uses new radiotherapy procedure to treat malignant tumors
12/24/2006 [-] Researchers Find Stem-cell Therapy Effective In Targeting Metastatic Cancer
12/23/2006 [-] Novel asthma therapy
12/23/2006 [-] Christians promoting talk therapy for leaders
12/22/2006 [-] Psychotherapy effective against back pain
12/22/2006 [-] Intellectual activity and not a pill, best therapy for Alzheimer's
12/22/2006 [-] Parenting as Therapy for Childs Mental Disorders
12/22/2006 [-] Nobel laureates Mandela, Tutu back UN efforts for cancer therapy in developing world
12/22/2006 [-] Jewish Hospital in Brazil Gets Cutting Edge Radiation Therapy
12/22/2006 [-] China uses new radiotherapy procedure to treat malignant tumors
12/21/2006 [-] Retail therapy Fantastic plastic
12/21/2006 [-] Parents back radiotherapy refusal
12/21/2006 [-] Troubled Children Parenting as Therapy for Child's Mental Disorders
12/21/2006 [-] Stroke victims may gain from later therapy
12/21/2006 [-] Under-the-tongue allergy therapy cost-effective
12/21/2006 [-] New Cancer Therapy
12/21/2006 [-] Parents back radiotherapy refusal
12/21/2006 [-] Intellectual activity and not a pill, best therapy for Alzheimer's
12/21/2006 [-] Radiotherapy procedure used to treat malignant tumours
12/20/2006 [-] US breast cancer decrease tied to drop in hormone replacement therapy use
12/20/2006 [-] Retail therapy Calvin Klein on High St
12/20/2006 [-] Ski Therapy For Soldiers
12/20/2006 [-] China uses new radiotherapy procedure to treat malignant tumors
12/20/2006 [-] Declining Breast Cancer Rates May Be Result Of Halting Hormone Therapy
12/20/2006 [-] Study Magnet therapy a waste of time, money
12/20/2006 [-] Testosterone Therapy May Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
12/20/2006 [-] Pioneers In Field Of Functional Genomics Work Toward Gene Therapy For Vision Defects
12/20/2006 [-] Gene therapy could identify life threatening blood infection
12/20/2006 [-] Androgen therapy may slow progress of Alzheimer's disease
12/20/2006 [-] Army Cites Therapy Progress
12/19/2006 [-] Ricky Holland's siblings face long therapy
12/19/2006 [-] Herbal menopause therapy is criticized
12/19/2006 [-] Phototherapy For Neonatal Jaundice Associated With Increased Risk Of Skin Moles In Childhood
12/19/2006 [-] Magnet Therapy Proves Effective ... in Attracting Your Money
12/19/2006 [-] Moles Linked to Light Therapy
12/19/2006 [-] Horse-therapy group is back in the saddle
12/19/2006 [-] Naomi to Sit on Oprah's Couch for Some PR Therapy
12/18/2006 [-] New radiation therapy offered
12/18/2006 [-] Role of story in children psychotherapy effective
12/18/2006 [-] Oxford Scientists Reported Risk of Using Hormone Replacement Therapy in 1987
12/18/2006 [-] Nobel Laureates Back UN Efforts For Cancer Therapy
12/18/2006 [-] Takara Bio's RetroNect Used in Australia for Gene Therapy Clinical Trials of Multiple Myeloma
12/18/2006 [-] Genomic Tests Improve Prediction Of Breast Cancer Response To Chemotherapy, Hormonal Therapy
12/18/2006 [-] Chelation Therapy Reduces Lead-exposure Problems But Could Create Lasting Effects For Children ...
12/18/2006 [-] Nobel laureates Mandela, Tutu back UN efforts for cancer therapy in developing world
12/18/2006 [-] Hormone Replacement Therapy
12/18/2006 [-] Breast cancer drop parallels decrease in hormone therapy
12/18/2006 [-] Virtual reality gives helping hand in advancing physical therapy
12/17/2006 [-] Light therapy fights doldrums with sun substitute
12/17/2006 [-] Canadian Researchers Find Common Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Regime Inferior at Preventing Disease Recurrence
12/17/2006 [-] Canadian Researchers Find Common Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Regime Inferior at Preventing Disease Recurrence
12/16/2006 [-] Retail therapy World expansion
12/16/2006 [-] Breast-Cancer Drop Attributed to Less Hormone Therapy
12/16/2006 [-] Some women need hormone therapy, doctors warn
12/16/2006 [-] Breast cancer drop parallels decrease in hormone therapy
12/14/2006 [-] Breast Cancer Drop Linked to Halt in Hormone Therapy
12/13/2006 [-] Memory Improves After Sleep Apnea Therapy
12/12/2006 [-] Doctors warned on freeze therapy
12/12/2006 [-] Late flu therapy also valuable
12/11/2006 [-] Cryotherapy company sells 50M in stock
12/11/2006 [-] Sienna Miller 'Law Drove Me To Therapy'
12/11/2006 [-] Traveling gym provides therapy space for small rural schools
12/11/2006 [-] Miller says Law drove her to therapy
12/10/2006 [-] Do Malaysians accept hypnotherapy
12/10/2006 [-] Teletherapy machine to be inaugurated
12/10/2006 [-] Children fight allergies bite by bite in experimental therapy
12/09/2006 [-] Do Malaysians accept hypnotherapy
12/09/2006 [-] Sienna admits Jude drove me to therapy
12/08/2006 [-] Americans 'should ditch therapy' for NZ holiday
12/08/2006 [-] Doctor Says Pinochet Improving, Undergoing Therapy
12/08/2006 [-] Ministers urged to stop emigration of physiotherapy graduates
12/08/2006 [-] Anger therapy raises questions
12/08/2006 [-] 'Israeli arthritis therapy cured me'
12/07/2006 [-] NZ holiday 'better than therapy' for stressed Americans
12/07/2006 [-] Long anthracycline therapy better
12/07/2006 [-] Group therapy
12/07/2006 [-] New pulmonary hypertension therapy created
12/07/2006 [-] First Therapy Ever Approved in Canada for Ultra-Rare Form of Muscular Dystrophy
12/07/2006 [-] Study Long anthracycline therapy better
12/07/2006 [-] Gene therapy for HIV shows early promise
12/06/2006 [-] Pooled Results Demonstrate Efficacy of Vildagliptin Monotherapy in Type 2 Diabetes
12/06/2006 [-] Government Introduces Combination Therapy for PMTCT
12/06/2006 [-] Leading Toronto Cancer Center to Streamline Radiation Therapy with Elekta Synergy and Impac Oncol
12/06/2006 [-] Kenya Government Introduces Combination Therapy for PMTCT
12/06/2006 [-] Chemotherapy temporarily alters brain structure
12/06/2006 [-] Norwood faces chemotherapy for tumor
12/05/2006 [-] 'Charlie's Angels' Fawcett finishes chemotherapy
12/05/2006 [-] Gene Therapy Found to Be Effective Against Male Impotence
12/05/2006 [-] Mozambique Monitoring System for ARV Therapy
12/05/2006 [-] Studies show how chemotherapy damages brain cells
12/05/2006 [-] Naked DNA Could Prevent Impotence
12/04/2006 [-] Government Introduces Combination Therapy for PMTCT
12/04/2006 [-] Orange council launches report to support radiotherapy unit bid
12/04/2006 [-] Yoga therapy
12/04/2006 [-] Dual cholesterol therapy still being tested
12/04/2006 [-] Dual cholesterol therapy still being tested, despite Pfizer failure
12/04/2006 [-] Equine Therapy Group, Strides to Success, Receives Gift
12/04/2006 [-] Ecuador's vice president-elect to apply 'laugh therapy' to transform Andean nation
12/04/2006 [-] Ecuador's vice president-elect to apply 'laugh therapy' to ...
12/04/2006 [-] Gene Therapy Helps Erectile Dysfunction
12/04/2006 [-] Lung cancer therapy boost hope
12/03/2006 [-] Study cancer chemotherapy impairs brain
12/03/2006 [-] Cancer chemotherapy impairs brain study
12/03/2006 [-] Macca sees a shrink when 'music therapy' fails
12/03/2006 [-] Cancer chemotherapy is shown to impair the brain
12/02/2006 [-] Hope of lung cancer therapy boost
12/02/2006 [-] Therapy encourages social interaction
12/01/2006 [-] Combination therapy decreases relapse of breast cancer study
12/01/2006 [-] New China-made AIDS therapy effective, less costly
12/01/2006 [-] Retail therapy My-my, it's Miu Miu
12/01/2006 [-] Studies show how chemotherapy ...
12/01/2006 [-] Combination Therapy Shows Improvement for Breast Cancer Patients Says ASTRO
12/01/2006 [-] Tea helps heal damaged skin after cancer radiation therapy
11/30/2006 [-] Side Effects Profit and Questions on Prostate Cancer Therapy
11/30/2006 [-] Chemotherapy Drugs May Damage Brain Cells
11/30/2006 [-] Anicent Japanese Therapy Comes to Kanawha County
11/30/2006 [-] Risk of AIDS higher if therapy stops and starts
11/30/2006 [-] Studies show how chemotherapy damages brain cells
11/30/2006 [-] Episodic antiretroviral therapy doubles death risk compared with continuous therapy
11/29/2006 [-] Osaka Pref. U. to study dolphin therapy
11/29/2006 [-] Sangamo BioSciences Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Novel Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy
11/29/2006 [-] HIV drug therapy interruption doubles AIDS risk study
11/29/2006 [-] Longer Chemotherapy May Reduce Heart Failure In Adult Cancer Patients
11/28/2006 [-] MannKind Corporations IND for MKC1106-PP Immunotherapy in Solid Malignancies, USFDA-Cleared
11/28/2006 [-] Tension headaches can be eased with therapy
11/28/2006 [-] Chemotherapy temporarily alters brain structure
11/28/2006 [-] Researchers Look at Hormone Replacement Therapy in Older Men
11/28/2006 [-] Nanoparticle created for imaging, therapy
11/27/2006 [-] Doctor Seeks Spinal-Therapy Trials in China
11/27/2006 [-] Chemotherapy Temporarily Affects The Structures Of The Human Brain
11/27/2006 [-] Sheltering Of Messages May Help Cancer Cells Defeat Therapy
11/26/2006 [-] Members of over 150 laughter clubs take part in therapy session
11/26/2006 [-] 50 Cent's parental therapy
11/25/2006 [-] Visco, Government's Therapy Works
11/25/2006 [-] Avonex , The Most Prescribed Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Worldwide, Launched In Japan
11/24/2006 [-] Proton Beam Therapy May Improve Treatment Of Rare But Aggressive Tumor
11/24/2006 [-] Stroke Therapy Gives Hope To Some
11/23/2006 [-] Discovery Of Cardiac Stem Cells May Advance Regenerative Heart Therapy
11/22/2006 [-] Back Surgery No Better Than Therapy for Herniated Disks
11/22/2006 [-] Fresh Use Of Targeted Therapy Advances Treatment Of Early HER2-positive Breast Cancer
11/22/2006 [-] New hypnotherapy training school for Bath
11/22/2006 [-] Tug of war between surgery and therapy for treating herniated disc
11/21/2006 [-] Studies therapy, surgery work equally for sciatica
11/21/2006 [-] Gene therapy trial termed a success
11/21/2006 [-] Toward Reducing The Toxic Side Effects Of Cancer Chemotherapy
11/21/2006 [-] Testosterone Replacement Therapy Appears Safe For Prostate
11/20/2006 [-] Petition pushes for hospital radiotherapy unit
11/20/2006 [-] NHS board reviews girl's therapy
11/20/2006 [-] Music therapy programme
11/20/2006 [-] Home Oxygen Therapy for COPD Major Study
11/20/2006 [-] Scandal rekindles debate on gay therapy
11/20/2006 [-] Johns Hopkins studies prodrug chemotherapy
11/20/2006 [-] Acupuncture, aromatherapy for Rover and Kitty
11/20/2006 [-] Music therapy soothes Burundians in new land
11/19/2006 [-] Keep Memories Alive with Hormone Therapy
11/19/2006 [-] Gene therapy rids men of cancer
11/19/2006 [-] Business Spotlight Fort Wayne Physical Therapy
11/19/2006 [-] Scandal rekindles debate on gay therapy
11/18/2006 [-] NZ considers intensive therapy for troubled families
11/17/2006 [-] Tough sex-offender therapy in Texas
11/17/2006 [-] Hypnotherapy Training Swindon
11/16/2006 [-] Occupational Therapy Helps Those With Dementia
11/16/2006 [-] First HIV gene therapy test encouraging
11/16/2006 [-] Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against HIV
11/16/2006 [-] Haggard case revives gay therapy debate
11/16/2006 [-] Hormone Replacement Therapy May Improve Visual Memory
11/16/2006 [-] Haggard sex scandal reignites debate about therapy for gays
11/16/2006 [-] FDA Mulls New Breast Cancer Therapy
11/16/2006 [-] Health board reconsiders therapy
11/16/2006 [-] Effects of Radiation Therapy on Prostate Cancer
11/16/2006 [-] OK for new therapy with cancer drug may be today
11/15/2006 [-] Radiation therapy for advanced prostate cancer mixed study
11/15/2006 [-] Haggard sex scandal rekindles debate over therapy to change gay orientation
11/15/2006 [-] Gay Therapy Debate Revived
11/15/2006 [-] Haggard Case Revives Gay Therapy Debate
11/15/2006 [-] Less is the new MoreThe Nine Month Cure at Apartment Therapy
11/15/2006 [-] Radioactive therapy tested against HIV
11/14/2006 [-] Viasys buys another sleep-therapy company
11/13/2006 [-] The Glimmering Promise of Gene Therapy
11/13/2006 [-] Gene Therapy Proceed with Caution
11/12/2006 [-] Physiotherapy quiz competition
11/11/2006 [-] Hormone Therapy Does Not Improve Quality Of Life For Women, Finnish Trial Finds
11/10/2006 [-] Vets in Oklahoma use maggot therapy on horse
11/10/2006 [-] Farah Fawcett Two-Thirds Through Therapy
11/10/2006 [-] Truth Wins Out to Protest Ex-Gay Therapy Group That Justifies Slavery
11/10/2006 [-] City man in MS stem cell therapy hope
11/09/2006 [-] Centuries-old therapy Maggots used to treat snake-bitten horse
11/09/2006 [-] Intravenous Gene Therapy Protects Normal Tissue Of Mice During Whole-body Radiation
11/08/2006 [-] Gene therapy used to improve memory
11/08/2006 [-] Gene therapy inhibits epilepsy in animals
11/08/2006 [-] AVONEX, the Most Prescribed Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Worldwide, Launched in Japan
11/08/2006 [-] New AIDS Therapy Nukes HIV With Radioactive Antibodies
11/08/2006 [-] Study looks at intravenous gene therapy
11/08/2006 [-] Gene therapy used to improve memory
11/08/2006 [-] Doctor pushes drug therapy for marijuana addiction
11/08/2006 [-] Menopause Therapy Sparks Controversy
11/08/2006 [-] Celgosivir Combination Therapy, Clinically Beneficial in Chronic Hepatitis C Non-Responder Patients
11/07/2006 [-] US delay for drug that eases side-effects of chemotherapy
11/07/2006 [-] Cancer Combo Therapy Is Cost-Effective
11/07/2006 [-] Fighting HIV With HIV New Gene Therapy Vector Shows Promise
11/07/2006 [-] Study finds gene therapy effective in fighting HIV
11/07/2006 [-] AIDS therapy shows promise
11/07/2006 [-] Hormone therapy does not improve women's general quality of life
11/07/2006 [-] Gene therapy for HIV shows early promise
11/06/2006 [-] A Gentler Prostate Cancer Therapy
11/06/2006 [-] In HIV fight, Penn sees new hope in gene therapy
11/06/2006 [-] HIV gene therapy 'shows promise'
11/06/2006 [-] New Cancer Treatment Therapy Gives Hope to Millions, say Physicians
11/06/2006 [-] Low-Tech Therapy Helps Stroke Victims
11/06/2006 [-] First HIV gene therapy test encouraging
11/06/2006 [-] Encouraging results in early tests of gene therapy for HIV
11/06/2006 [-] Early Test Of Gene Therapy For HIV Encouraging
11/06/2006 [-] Report Calls For Using Heated Chemotherapy After Colon Cancer Surgery To Optimize Patient Survival
11/05/2006 [-] Practice of yoga reduces chemotherapy side effects
11/04/2006 [-] Keeping Cancer At Bay Long-term Therapy In The Fight Against Multiple Myeloma
11/03/2006 [-] New Cancer Treatment Therapy Gives Hope to Millions, say Physicians states
11/03/2006 [-] Low-Tech Therapy Helps Stroke Victims
11/03/2006 [-] The Scent of Debate Over Aromatherapy
11/03/2006 [-] Music Therapy May Improve Schizophrenia Symptoms
11/02/2006 [-] Studies cite therapy for insomnia
11/02/2006 [-] Study Shows Durability Of Insulin Pump Therapy For Adolescents
11/02/2006 [-] Constraint-induced Movement Therapy Is Effective In Rehabilitating Stroke Patients
11/02/2006 [-] Breakthrough in eye cancer treatment sans chemotherapy
11/02/2006 [-] Doctors report early success with novel therapy for heart failure
11/01/2006 [-] Health News Understanding Chemotherapy
11/01/2006 [-] Menopause Therapy Sparks Controversy
11/01/2006 [-] Review of physiotherapy services funding
11/01/2006 [-] Resigned Rep. Foley Remaining In Alcoholism Treatment Beyond 30-Day Therapy Session
11/01/2006 [-] Can't Sleep? Try Therapy, Not Pills
11/01/2006 [-] Music therapy may improve schizophrenia symptoms
11/01/2006 [-] Periodontal Therapy Helps Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
11/01/2006 [-] Kylie Minogue Says Chemotherapy Is Like Being Hit With A Bomb
11/01/2006 [-] Periodontal therapy beneficial for Type 2 diabetics
10/31/2006 [-] Intensive therapy helps after stroke
10/30/2006 [-] Anonymous Donation Helps Boys' Home Equine Program
10/30/2006 [-] Women On Hormone Therapy Regain Emotion Response
10/30/2006 [-] Walkers, canes at poolside for therapy
10/28/2006 [-] Saving Salivary Glands From The Collateral Damage Of Radiation Therapy
10/28/2006 [-] Self-repair gene therapy promise
10/27/2006 [-] INSPECTIONS have been ordered at Scotland's cancer radiotherapy centres including three in...
10/27/2006 [-] Radiotherapy centres to be investigated
10/27/2006 [-] Occupational therapy benefits stroke patients
10/26/2006 [-] Indiana hospital touts new radiation therapy
10/26/2006 [-] The most effective addiction therapy
10/25/2006 [-] Infants In Therapy
10/23/2006 [-] IICB scientists achieve breakthrough in gene therapy
10/23/2006 [-] Stem Cell Therapy Causes Tumors
10/23/2006 [-] A new test to recommend right chemotherapy for cancer patients
10/23/2006 [-] Right chemotherapy for the right cancer discovered
10/22/2006 [-] Methadone therapy, needle exchanges leading HIV battle
10/22/2006 [-] Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Children With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
10/22/2006 [-] Artist touts therapy tied to horse riding
10/21/2006 [-] SKorean scientists say cancer-killing virus developed
10/21/2006 [-] LaserCare Expands to Continue Helping Clients Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy
10/20/2006 [-] Turco Listened To Doctors On Pain Therapy
10/20/2006 [-] Depression tied to poor asthma therapy adherence
10/19/2006 [-] Therapy Against Pain Cannabis Cure Approved, Not Joints
10/19/2006 [-] Pain Therapy Turco, Green Light To Cannabis Cure
10/19/2006 [-] Stem cells as diabetes therapy
10/19/2006 [-] Sharon Osbourne to Remove Gastric Band, Use Therapy
10/19/2006 [-] Reid Tries Oxygen Therapy To Heal Nip And Tuck Scars
10/19/2006 [-] Radiation therapy overdose causes untimely death
10/19/2006 [-] Baxter Third-Quarter Profit Triples on Sales of Advate Hemophilia Therapy
10/19/2006 [-] Gene therapy trials show promise against Parkinson's disease
10/18/2006 [-] Cancer therapy sends blood demand soaring
10/18/2006 [-] Cancer fund backs new chemotherapy, renal dialysis facilities
10/18/2006 [-] Cancer stem cells resist radiotherapy
10/18/2006 [-] Parkinson's Gene Therapy Seems To Work
10/18/2006 [-] Gene therapy raises hope for Parkinson's sufferers
10/18/2006 [-] Gene therapy raises hope for Parkinson's sufferers
10/18/2006 [-] Breast-Cancer Therapy May Benefit by First Testing Patients' Gene Makeup
10/18/2006 [-] Breast-Cancer Therapy May Benefit First By Testing Patients' Gene Makeup
10/18/2006 [-] Sex change therapy 'rushed'
10/18/2006 [-] Therapy center adds funding
10/18/2006 [-] Sex change therapy 'rushed' claim
10/18/2006 [-] Gene Therapy Trials Show Promise Against Parkinson's
10/18/2006 [-] Two studies give gene therapy for Parkinson's disease good reports
10/17/2006 [-] Parkinson's therapy trial success
10/17/2006 [-] Proton therapy brings a little bit of Belgium to Jax Jacksonville Daily Record
10/17/2006 [-] Hyderabad University to make chemotherapy less painful
10/17/2006 [-] Gene therapy may reduce Parkinson's symptoms by 40%
10/16/2006 [-] Chemotherapy may be easier for patients to take
10/16/2006 [-] Roche Files Herceptin Plus Hormonal Therapy For Advanced HER2-positive Breast Cancer With European Authorities
10/16/2006 [-] Canadian Tourism and Global Therapy 101
10/15/2006 [-] Licensing for Massage Therapy
10/15/2006 [-] Roche Files Herceptin Plus Hormonal Therapy For Advanced HER2-positive Breast Cancer With European Authorities
10/15/2006 [-] Novel therapy for prostate cancer on the anvil
10/14/2006 [-] Bono brings Red campaign to the home of retail therapy
10/14/2006 [-] Homeless World Cup is soccer therapy for the forgotten
10/13/2006 [-] Proton therapy company establishing R&D center
10/13/2006 [-] THE DAILY DOOCY Massage Therapy
10/12/2006 [-] Pinnacle Physical Therapy hosts open house in Bartonsville
10/12/2006 [-] Accentia therapy inches closer to European sales BizJournals
10/12/2006 [-] Internet-based therapy as effective in combating depression
10/11/2006 [-] Chemo linked to brain changes
10/10/2006 [-] Acid found in moss might be used in chemotherapy
10/09/2006 [-] Virginia teen who won court fight to forgo chemotherapy hopeful after cancer
10/09/2006 [-] Research radiation therapy indispensable for breast cancer
10/09/2006 [-] Hormone therapy linked to ovarian cancer risk
10/09/2006 [-] Linking the therapist to the employer shouldn't have to be that hard. www.therapyemploy
10/09/2006 [-] Mental health treatment by video growing
10/08/2006 Exhibition at Mount Elizabeth Hospital shows how art therapy heals mental patients
10/08/2006 Pet therapy gets sophisticated
10/07/2006 Fears for dozens of patients given electric shock therapy against their will
10/07/2006 Genetic therapy restores sight in dogs
10/07/2006 Study suggests pet therapy to avoid allergies
10/07/2006 Chemotherapy affects cancer patient's brain for years study
10/06/2006 Chemotherapy affects brain for years - UCLA study
10/06/2006 HUGIN NEWS/UCB and Biogen Idec to Collaborate on Oral Multiple Sclerosis Therapy FinanzNachrichten
10/06/2006 Behavior therapy eases kids' sleep woes
10/06/2006 Psychotherapy research pioneer Hans Strupp dies
10/06/2006 Behavioral Therapy Gets Sleepless Seniors Snoozing
10/05/2006 Behavior Therapy Eases Kids' Sleep Woes
10/05/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Chemotherapy alters brain's metabolism and blood flow, says study
10/05/2006 Man Enters Plea for Advising Cancer Patient Against Chemotherapy
10/05/2006 New Revolution for weight loss through hypnotherapy launched
10/05/2006 New England Journal OF MEDICINE Reports Positive Results From Dynavax' Ragweed Allergy Therapy Trial
10/04/2006 News Chemotherapy Prompts Lingering Intellectual Deficit
10/04/2006 Students use T-shirts, pens as therapy and awareness of sexual assault
10/04/2006 Rapper Ludacris now has his third No. 1 with 'Release Therapy'
10/04/2006 Burst of therapy cracks insomnia
10/04/2006 Ousted HP Chair Dunn to Start Chemotherapy/title
10/04/2006 Phys. therapy office in Bartonsville
10/04/2006 Ousted HP Chair to Have Chemotherapy
10/04/2006 Sorin Group Expands Its Presence in the Japanese Market by Introducing Advanced Defibrillation Therapy
10/03/2006 Local child therapy workers bringing hope to Haiti Pulse-Journal
10/02/2006 Ash Access Technology, Inc. Investigational Antimicrobial / Antithrombotic Therapy ZuragenTM Pivotal Clinical Trial Begins
10/02/2006 Americans Win Nobel for Work in Genetic Therapy
10/02/2006 First College Certified Yoga Therapy Course Graduates 35 Students from Loyola Marymount
10/02/2006 Test to predict response to chemotherapy drug
10/02/2006 Mouthwash, ice chips relieve oral chemotherapy sores
10/01/2006 Health-care exec finds therapy in jet
10/01/2006 Try some coastal therapy in Croatia...
10/01/2006 Gene-therapy results touted in 2 advanced-cancer cases
09/30/2006 New therapy may get rid of 'HIV fat'
09/29/2006 Local child therapy workers bringing hope to Haiti Pulse-Journal
09/29/2006 Talking therapy treats 'fatigue'
09/28/2006 Therapy hyped for weight loss, cleansing effects
09/28/2006 'Ugly Betty' Is Therapy
09/28/2006 Long-term Outcomes For Prostate Cancer Show Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Curative
09/27/2006 Mastella, Therapy To Detainees In Prison
09/26/2006 Jumping Gene Could Provide Non-viral Alternative For Gene Therapy
09/26/2006 Gene therapy frees him from grips of cancer
09/25/2006 Ludacris Seeks Media Parity With 'Therapy'
09/25/2006 Horses therapy for disabled
09/24/2006 Developmental therapy dilemma Do parents help kids best?
09/23/2006 St. Jude Finds Clues To Hearing Loss From Chemotherapy
09/22/2006 Hypnotherapy at the Holiday Inn Oxford, Oxfordshire
09/22/2006 Pioneering Image-Guided Radiotherapy Takes Place Using Varian Equipment At Top Cancer Hospital In Belgium
09/21/2006 Momentum gathering for Orange radiotherapy unit
09/21/2006 Jury Favored Wyeth in Hormone Therapy Case v. Linda Reeves
09/21/2006 Horse Sense of the Carolinas Teaches How to Open an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Business
09/21/2006 New target for cancer therapy identified
09/21/2006 Ho weighs new stem-cell therapy
09/21/2006 New Virtual Reality Therapy for 9/11 Victims
09/21/2006 Gene Therapy Technique Reverses Type 2 Diabetes In Mice; Study Shows Promise Of Leptin
09/21/2006 People still have suspicions about stem cell therapy expert
09/21/2006 Ludacris Mp3 Release Therapy Featured on New Website Saluting Ludacris
09/20/2006 South Africa Eastern Cape Improves Intake for ART Therapy
09/20/2006 Researchers Examine Why Food Tastes Bad To Chemotherapy Recipients
09/19/2006 Fergie Turns To Hypnotherapy
09/19/2006 Two-Time Cancer Survivor Laughs Her Hair Off to Create Greeting Cards for Chemotherapy Patients
09/18/2006 Psychotherapy, Gene Pioneers Win Lasker Awards
09/18/2006 Test Helps Identify Patients With Breast Cancer Who Will Likely Benefit From Chemotherapy
09/17/2006 Gambier waiting for news on hydrotherapy pool
09/17/2006 Who Really Needs Chemotherapy?
09/17/2006 Creator of cognitive therapy honored
09/17/2006 What's Next For Gene Therapy? Plastics Researchers Design Polymer Macromolecules As Gene ...
09/17/2006 "Medication Therapy Management" Putting Older And Disabled Americans At Risk For Hospitalization And Institutionalization
09/17/2006 Blue Cross OKs new radiation therapy
09/16/2006 Psychotherapy, gene pioneers honored
09/16/2006 Court awards compensation to include chemotherapy not available on the NHS
09/15/2006 Jury Finds for Wyeth in Suit Over Hormone Replacement Therapy
09/15/2006 Diabetes Can Be Prevented With Drug Therapy, Study Shows
09/15/2006 Jury Finds for Wyth in Hormone Replacement Therapy Case
09/15/2006 Firm files patent application for adult stem cell therapy
09/14/2006 Malaria therapy could save lives of 800,000 children
09/14/2006 Court awards compensation to include chemotherapy not available on the NHS
09/14/2006 Beverly's Beauty Solutions serves chemotherapy, surgery patients
09/13/2006 Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc. Announced Promising Preclinical Outcome of Phenylaseâ„¢ Enzyme Substitution Therapy For PKU
09/13/2006 What's next for gene therapy? Plastic
09/13/2006 OOoBasic crash course Replacement therapy
09/12/2006 Proton Treatment Could Replace X-ray Use In Radiation Therapy
09/12/2006 Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. and Gendux ABâs ADVEXIN Therapy, Granted EU Orphan Designation
09/11/2006 Researchers say cardiac therapy saves lives
09/11/2006 Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.âs ADVEXIN Therapy p53 tumor suppressor Showing Potential in Breast Cancer Treatment
09/11/2006 Sigourney's Therapy Trauma
09/10/2006 Woman who sought Thai 'ozone therapy' dies
09/08/2006 Parents get court order allowing shock therapy
09/08/2006 Parents get court order allowing Mass. shock therapy
09/08/2006 Ukraine's oncologists developed novel therapy to treat cancer cases
09/08/2006 Woman who sought Thai 'ozone therapy' dies
09/07/2006 Researchers say cardiac therapy saves lives
09/07/2006 Art Therapy a Creative Solution for Senegalese Patients
09/07/2006 Women On Oxygen Therapy For COPD More Likely To Die Than Men
09/07/2006 Woman who sought Thai 'ozone therapy' dies
09/07/2006 Test predicts chemotherapy benefit for lung cancer
09/06/2006 Woman who sought Thai ozone therapy dies
09/06/2006 Bone marrow stem cell therapy studied
09/06/2006 Hormone Therapy May Damage Hearing
09/06/2006 Hormone-replacement Therapy Hurts Hearing, Study Finds
09/06/2006 “Emotional Acupressure” Technique May Be Best Cancer Support Therapy
09/05/2006 Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy Studied
09/05/2006 Hormone replacement therapy may damage hearing
09/05/2006 Diabetes patients, therapy undergo trial by fire
09/05/2006 Type of Hormone Therapy Blamed for Hearing Loss
09/05/2006 Harvard Law Entrepreneur Launches Alternative Therapy Range
09/04/2006 Hormone Therapy May Damage Hearing
09/04/2006 Some hormone replacement therapy may damage hearing, scientists say
09/04/2006 Nutritional therapy and infectious diseases a two-edged sword
09/04/2006 Gene therapy holds promise in cancer battle
09/04/2006 Chiropractors Expanding Practices with Cold Laser Therapy
09/03/2006 Ontario removing age limit for autism therapy
09/03/2006 Modern Radiation Therapy Ups Lung Cancer Survival
09/03/2006 Modern three-dimensional radiation therapy better for lung cancer
09/03/2006 Gene therapy kills tumors in trials
09/03/2006 Gene therapy holds promise in cancer battle
09/02/2006 Gene therapy found effective against terminal cancer
09/02/2006 Gene therapy may pose cancer cure
09/01/2006 Gene therapy holds promise in cancer battle
09/01/2006 Gene Therapy Completely Suppresses Ovarian Cancer Growth In Animal Model
09/01/2006 Study Gene therapy heals cancer for first time
09/01/2006 New Method Of Gene Therapy Offers Hope For Treatment Of Melanoma, Other Common Cancers
09/01/2006 Gene therapy found effective against terminal cancer
09/01/2006 Gene therapy holds promise versus cancer
09/01/2006 Gene therapy turns cells into cancer fighters
09/01/2006 Gene therapy might be silver bullet for cancer
09/01/2006 Gene Therapy Breakthrough
09/01/2006 Gene therapy kills tumors in trials
09/01/2006 Gene-therapy success seen on melanoma
09/01/2006 Gene-therapy results touted in 2 advanced-cancer cases
09/01/2006 Mainstream News Gene therapy beats skin cancer in two men study
08/31/2006 Cancer study shows success with gene therapy
08/31/2006 Gene therapy successfully treats cancer Joyce Howard Price /
08/31/2006 Scientists alter cells to fight melanoma
08/31/2006 Gene Therapy May Bring Cancer-Killing Cells
08/31/2006 US researchers successfully attack cancer with gene therapy
08/31/2006 Gene therapy beats skin cancer in two men study
08/31/2006 Therapy turns patients' cells into cancer smart bombs
08/31/2006 Gene Therapy Saves Two From Cancer
08/31/2006 Big development in using gene therapy to fight cancer
08/31/2006 Alberta woman dies from chemotherapy overdose
08/31/2006 Scientists Alter Cells to Fight Melanoma
08/31/2006 OrenciaR Newest Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy Introduced in Canada
08/31/2006 Therapy aids Parkinson's fight
08/30/2006 Chemotherapy drug may aid cancer-killing viruses
08/29/2006 Report Doctors' $275M study questioned
08/29/2006 Therapy order after attack on leader's home
08/28/2006 Therapy order after attack on leader's home
08/28/2006 Proton therapy used more to treat cancer
08/28/2006 Biotech's bright hope
08/26/2006 Keppra® Granted European Approval As Monotherapy For Partial Onset Seizures in Patients with Epilepsy
08/25/2006 Teaching The Art Of Aromatherapy To Soothe And Heal
08/25/2006 Allergy Sufferers Finding Relief From Ragweed With 'Rush Ommunotherapy'
08/25/2006 New biomarkers to predict chemotherapy's effect on breast cancer
08/23/2006 Protein Found To Protect Breast Cancer Tumors From Chemotherapy
08/23/2006 Mental-health clients get fishing's therapy benefits
08/22/2006 African Americans Have Lower Response Rate To Standard Therapy For Hepatitis C
08/22/2006 Global Access to HIV Therapy Tripled in Two Years, UNAIDS Says
08/22/2006 Athenagen, Inc. Initiated First Human Trial of Novel Anti-angiogenic Therapy ATG003 for AMD
08/22/2006 Protein Found To Protect Breast Cancer Tumors From Chemotherapy
08/22/2006 Proton therapy used more to treat cancer
08/22/2006 Global Access to HIV Therapy Tripled in Two Years, UNAIDS Says
08/21/2006 Namibia HIV Therapy On Target
08/21/2006 Nanoparticle Enables Light-Activated Ovarian Cancer Detection and Therapy
08/21/2006 Aerosol therapy impractical in sleeping kids
08/21/2006 New Trauma, Rehab Therapy Unit for Injured Troops Opens at Roudebush
08/21/2006 Global Access to HIV Therapy Tripled in Two Years, UNAIDS Says
08/20/2006 Africa Global Access to HIV Therapy Tripled in Two Years, UNAIDS Says
08/20/2006 Studies bolster Monogram Biosciences' AIDS therapy test
08/20/2006 Psychotherapy in a multicultural society
08/19/2006 African Americans Have Lower Response Rate To Standard Therapy For Hepatitis C
08/19/2006 Pooches paddle through hydrotherapy
08/18/2006 Op-Ed Your Turn To Try Your Hand At Psycho-Therapy
08/18/2006 Therapy board to file an injunction
08/18/2006 Handmade menopause therapy could be risky
08/17/2006 Council to push for Orange radiotherapy unit
08/17/2006 Hospital Uses Pet Therapy
08/17/2006 Teen wins court battle to stop chemotherapy
08/17/2006 Cancer patient boy can skip chemotherapy & use herbal medicine, judge rules
08/16/2006 Mayor to receive sophisticated therapy
08/16/2006 Dubbo outlines bid for radiotherapy unit
08/16/2006 Cancer-Stricken Teen May Forgo Chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Cancer-stricken teen can forgo chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Deal Allows 16-Year-Old To Forego Chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Therapy breach claims thrown out
08/16/2006 WSSU receives funding for occupational therapy scholarships
08/16/2006 Chemotherapy harder on the young, study says
08/16/2006 Teen with cancer can forgo chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Teen with cancer wins 'freedom' to forgo chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Teen Cancer Patient Allowed to Forgo Chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Cancer-Stricken Teen, Social Services Reach Agreement To Allow Him To Forgo Chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Teen faces trial over right to refuse chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Therapy breach claims thrown out
08/16/2006 Teen With Cancer Can Forgo Chemotherapy
08/16/2006 Adverse Effects And Costs Of Chemotherapy Greater Than Previously Thought
08/16/2006 Schering-Plough and Novartis Collaborates to Develop Once-Daily Combination Therapy for Asthma and COPD
08/16/2006 Teen Refusing Chemotherapy Faces Trial
08/15/2006 Teen readies for trial over right to forgo chemotherapy
08/15/2006 Cancer Patient Receives First Proton Therapy Treatment At University Of Florida Proton Therapy Institute
08/14/2006 First-ever Genomic Test Predicts Which Lung Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy To Live
08/14/2006 Gene-Profiling Tests For Breast Cancer Can Help Predict Which Women Need Chemotherapy, Study Says
08/13/2006 Feral family on the mend after therapy
08/13/2006 Hispanics in therapy look for familiarity
08/12/2006 Sub-Saharan Africans With HIV May Achieve Favorable Levels Of Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence
08/11/2006 Cox, Arquette Credit Therapy For Happiness
08/11/2006 Test may help decisions on chemotherapy
08/09/2006 Study Patients on Antidepressants Skipping Therapy
08/09/2006 Arquettes Hit Therapy For Marriage Help
08/09/2006 Study Antidepressant patients need therapy
08/09/2006 Therapy often not paired with pills
08/08/2006 No Therapy for Patients on Antidepressants
08/08/2006 Therapy lacking for antidepressant users
08/08/2006 Mushroom May Boost Cancer Therapy Drug
08/07/2006 Horticultural therapy offers physical and mental benefits
08/07/2006 Marital therapy more effective than traditional therapy for treating female alcoholics
08/06/2006 Controversial future for stem cell therapy
08/06/2006 Horticultural therapy offers physical and mental benefits
08/06/2006 Marital therapy more effective than traditional therapy for treating female alcoholics
08/04/2006 Model aids collapsed lung therapy
08/04/2006 Theater and therapy meet on stage at Beirut's Masrah al-Madina
08/04/2006 Therapy ets off airport alarms
08/04/2006 'Alarming' therapy side effect
08/04/2006 FDA Approves UCB's Intravenuous Keppra® As Adjunct Therapy for Epilepsy
08/03/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Hormone replacement therapy is it good or bad?
08/03/2006 Art Therapy Boosts Spirits of Alzheimer's Patients
08/03/2006 Golf Event to Help Horse Therapy
08/03/2006 Radiation Therapy buys treatment center
08/02/2006 Family seeks alternative therapy for child's cancer
08/02/2006 Study Millions of TB Deaths Could be Averted with Shorter Therapy
08/02/2006 Get music therapy in Bhopal hospitals
08/01/2006 Robotic Surgery Techniques Used In Cardiac Cell Therapy Research
08/01/2006 Get music therapy in Bhopal hospitals
08/01/2006 Nicotine replacement therapy too short to be effective
08/01/2006 Electrotherapy for the Masses Distribution of FDA-cleared Electrical Device Offers Hope for Millions
07/31/2006 Cancer Therapy with Radioactive Scorpion Venom
07/31/2006 Israel A Malignant Tumor in need of Radiation Therapy
07/31/2006 Nicotine replacement therapy too short to be effective
07/30/2006 Nicotine therapy benefits 'hyped'
07/30/2006 Gentope Corp.âs MyVax® Personalized Immunotherapy Phase 3 Trial, Recommended to Proceed by DSMB
07/30/2006 Three Polk Hospitals Using New Therapy
07/29/2006 Lung therapy offers hope for preemies
07/29/2006 Football provides therapy for drug addicts in cricket-crazy India
07/28/2006 Scientists Test Improved Gene Therapy Method For Hereditary Heart Conditions
07/28/2006 New Target for Chronic Pain Therapy
07/28/2006 Heat Therapy For Cancer May Be Key To 'Lance Armstrong Effect'
07/28/2006 Pataki signs therapy legislation
07/28/2006 Lung therapy offers hope for preemies
07/27/2006 Meridian to Attend AestheticMD Mesotherapy Conference Introducing Lipo-Laser
07/27/2006 Stress therapy can restore fertility Study
07/27/2006 Lung therapy offers hope for preemies
07/26/2006 New therapy for preemies helps their lungs
07/26/2006 Pfizer Heart Pill To Be Standalone Therapy
07/26/2006 Heat 'key to cancer therapy'
07/25/2006 Estrogen-Plus-Testosterone Therapy Increases Breast Cancer Risk
07/25/2006 Music Therapy Helps Develop Communication
07/25/2006 Heat may be key to cancer therapy
07/25/2006 Sick Teen Beats Court-Ordered Chemotherapy
07/25/2006 Judge Won't Force Teen To Chemotherapy
07/25/2006 Hormone therapy may raise cancer risk
07/25/2006 Study finds higher cancer risk with hormone therapy
07/24/2006 Cherrix To Refuse Court Order For Chemotherapy
07/24/2006 'Cancer risk' with testosterone therapy
07/24/2006 Shock wave therapy no help for tennis elbow
07/24/2006 'Cancer risk' with testosterone therapy
07/24/2006 Wyeth faces first trial over hormone replacement therapy
07/24/2006 16-Year-Old Fights Order Of Chemotherapy
07/24/2006 Stress therapy can restore fertility study
07/23/2006 FDA Approves AstraZeneca's Symbicort® For Asthma Maintenance Therapy
07/23/2006 Mayor to begin physical therapy
07/23/2006 Medication combined with behaviour therapy helps obese teens lose weight
07/23/2006 Three-Step Detoxification Therapy Program Focuses on Increasing Energy and Well Being
07/22/2006 Three-Step Detoxification Therapy Program Focuses on Increasing Energy and Well Being
07/22/2006 Green Light For The Marketing Of The First Superconductive Cyclotron For Hadrontherapy
07/21/2006 Electrothermal therapy for back pain
07/21/2006 Jean therapy
07/21/2006 "Father of Gene Therapy" found guilty of molesting colleague's daughter
07/21/2006 Namibia Football Therapy for Needy Kids
07/21/2006 Exelon® Patch First Transdermal Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease
07/20/2006 Newman University starting occupational therapy degree
07/20/2006 Alzheimer's Patch a Promising New Therapy
07/20/2006 Combined Therapy for Treating Asthma
07/20/2006 Stem Cell Therapy International Names Lixian John Jiang, Chief Operating Officer, China Division
07/20/2006 Stem cell therapy safe in spinal cord injuries
07/19/2006 Music therapy 'can aid healing'
07/19/2006 Music therapy 'can aid healing'
07/19/2006 Women often stop asthma therapy in early pregnancy
07/19/2006 Laser Hair Therapy - Does It Work?
07/19/2006 Lebanon begins political chemotherapy
07/19/2006 Gene That Affects Human Cancer Cells' Sensitivity To Chemotherapy Is Pinpointed
07/18/2006 Immune therapy may help Alzheimer's patients
07/18/2006 Antibody therapy may help Alzheimer's patients
07/18/2006 Gene therapy used to reverse muscle contractions in muscular dystrophy
07/17/2006 Retail therapy can be counterproductive
07/17/2006 Combined Therapy May Treat Lung Cancer
07/17/2006 Cox Goes Back Into Therapy
07/17/2006 Rourke 'I've Been In Therapy For Nine Years'
07/17/2006 Immunotherapy shows promise against cancer
07/16/2006 M.D. Anderson opens new proton therapy center
07/16/2006 M.D. Anderson opens proton therapy center
07/16/2006 Kylie 'a prisoner' during therapy
07/15/2006 Foundation answers call for girl therapy room
07/15/2006 Three-Step Detoxification Therapy Program Focuses on Well Being through the Feet
07/14/2006 ImageGuided Radio Therapy at St Lukes Hospital
07/14/2006 Ludacris seeks some 'Therapy' in September
07/13/2006 Three-Step Detoxification Therapy Program Focuses on Well Being through the Feet
07/13/2006 Fergie kicked drug habit with hypnotherapy
07/12/2006 Viasys buys sleep-therapy products company
07/11/2006 Researchers Confirm Magnet Therapy Speeds Healing for Man With Crushed, Splintered Legs
07/10/2006 Analysis Gene blip drives CHF therapy
07/10/2006 Boy Fights Chemotherapy Treatment
07/10/2006 Neurologists with expertise in brain stimulation therapy help Parkinson's patients
07/10/2006 TomoTherapy expands board with appointments
07/10/2006 Studies Indicate Medication Can Be An Effective Therapy For Smoking Cessation
07/10/2006 Magnets could prove more effective in gene therapy
07/10/2006 Anti-retroviral therapy called for AIDS patients
07/09/2006 Magnets enlisted in gene therapy research
07/09/2006 Study looks at massage, meditation as therapy for the dying
07/09/2006 Need Some Yahoo Therapy?
07/09/2006 Mickey Rourkeâs nine-year therapy
07/08/2006 ApartmentTherapy Urban Gardening
07/08/2006 UN envoy calls for anti-retroviral therapy for AIDS patients in Mozambique
07/07/2006 Latest study show benefits of HRT
07/07/2006 Ontario wins appeal on childhood autism therapy
07/07/2006 Therapy boost stops cancer
07/06/2006 Yahoo Therapy?
07/06/2006 New Therapy Approved for Multiple Myeloma
07/06/2006 Therapy boost stops breast cancer
07/06/2006 Ashley Judd Credits Therapy For Happiness
07/06/2006 Boost therapy stops breast cancer
07/06/2006 Boost radiotherapy helps early breast cancer study
07/06/2006 GIVING AND LIVING Providing cosmetic therapy
07/05/2006 Chemotherapy before surgery can help stomach cancer patients, study finds
07/05/2006 New Therapy After Joint Replacement Surgery
07/05/2006 Novel Gene Therapy May Lead To Cure In Hemophilia A Patients
07/05/2006 Slide Show Art Therapy
07/04/2006 Studies indicate medication can be an effective therapy for smoking cessation
07/04/2006 Fighting for insurance coverage for new therapy
07/03/2006 Novel gene therapy may lead to cure in hemophilia A patients
07/03/2006 Few complete anti-HIV post-rape therapy
07/03/2006 Teen sexual assault survivors seldom complete HIV prevention therapy
07/03/2006 Ceramatherapy offers fun in Bella Vista
07/03/2006 New ager psychotherapy
07/02/2006 Chromosomal Tests Can Determine Brain Tumor Therapy, Outcomes, Jefferson Oncologists Find
07/02/2006 Ancient Indian Tradition Massage Therapy The Key To Restoring Hair
07/01/2006 Woman arrested for using stolen license for physical therapy
07/01/2006 Should Case Managers Approve VNS Vagal Nerve Stimulation Therapy For Major Depression?
06/30/2006 Chromosomal tests can determine brain tumor therapy, outcomes, Jefferson oncologists find
06/30/2006 16 Moms Questionable therapy
06/30/2006 BBC Therapy "No Cure for Sex Abusers"
06/30/2006 Psychotherapy could provide better treatment outcomes for sex offenders Study
06/30/2006 No cure for sex offenders, but therapy helps
06/29/2006 Gene Therapy Helps Against Cancer
06/29/2006 Therapy 'no cure for sex abusers'
06/29/2006 Mozart therapy for bereaved elephant
06/28/2006 AllMed Healthcare Should Case Managers Approve VNS Vagal Nerve Stimulation Therapy For Major Depression?
06/28/2006 Cognitive behavioral therapy helps sleep
06/28/2006 Finding of a new molecular marker of resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer
06/27/2006 Therapy 'no alternative to jail'
06/27/2006 'Therapy no alternative to jail'
06/27/2006 Insomnia Talk Therapy Beats Sleeping Pills
06/27/2006 Cognitive behavioral therapy appears more effective than sleep medication for treating insomnia
06/27/2006 Bachelor Pad 'Blog therapy' sputters often but reveals little
06/27/2006 Mumbai hospital gets sports therapy system
06/27/2006 State after state barred aversive therapy; will Mass.?
06/27/2006 360 Skin Care Launches Lush New Line of 'Intoxicating' Wine Therapy Body Products
06/27/2006 'I Love My Hand' Becoming More Accepted
06/26/2006 Staff problems hit physiotherapy
06/25/2006 State investigates burn claims from therapy at Canton School
06/25/2006 State investigates burn claims from therapy at Canton School
06/25/2006 Study Questions Choice of Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer
06/25/2006 Obesity is associated with less favorable outcome after radiation therapy for prostate cancer
06/25/2006 A Novel Therapy for China HMOs
06/25/2006 Study Questions Choice of Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer 
06/24/2006 New Therapy May Mean Less Dietary Restrictions For Celiac Sufferers
06/23/2006 News 4 Health Laser therapy and smoking
06/23/2006 Methotrexate boosts UV therapy for psoriasis
06/23/2006 New therapy may mean less dietary restrictions for celiac sufferers
06/23/2006 Price is high, but so is promise of new ice addiction therapy
06/23/2006 No Reason for Immune System Decline Adjunct Therapy in HIV
06/22/2006 Animal therapy group could lose land
06/22/2006 Watchdog wants laser smoking therapy zapped
06/22/2006 Israeli ' clown therapy' boosts fertility treatment birthrate
06/22/2006 Buckyballs Boost Antibody's Chemotherapy Payload
06/22/2006 New study reveals Tocilizumab in monotherapy significantly improves signs and symptoms of active RA
06/22/2006 Neova Copper Peptide Therapy The Anti-Aging Solution Based on Science
06/22/2006 Research Institute, Concerned About the Misuse of Magnetic Therapy, Launches Education Campaign
06/22/2006 Alcohol and Drug Treatment through “Surf Therapy” at Sober College
06/21/2006 FDA Approves New Combination Therapy for Cervical Cancer
06/21/2006 New York education officials ban shock therapy
06/21/2006 Stress makes women infertile, stress-busting therapy can help them, says new study
06/21/2006 No Reason for Immune System Decline Adjunct Therapy in HIV
06/21/2006 Study Questions Choice of Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer
06/21/2006 Behavioural Therapy Can Restore Ovulation In Infertile Women
06/21/2006 Refined stem cell therapy helps paralyzed rats recover
06/21/2006 Injection May Prevent Infertility In Men Receiving Cancer Chemotherapy
06/21/2006 Beam therapy, by the book
06/21/2006 Behavioural therapy can cure infertility in women
06/21/2006 Radio therapy to cure irregular heart beats
06/20/2006 Psychotherapy can correct stress-related infertility
06/20/2006 Sex abuse trial opens for gene therapy pioneer
06/20/2006 Urologist plays key role in determining use of hormone therapy in prostate cancer
06/20/2006 Injection may prevent infertility in men receiving cancer chemotherapy
06/20/2006 Therapy can help stress-related infertility study
06/20/2006 Behavioural therapy can restore ovulation in infertile women
06/20/2006 State to limit student electric shock therapy
06/20/2006 Dry Skin Study Backs Dermatology-Favored Shielding Lotion as Top Anti-Aging Therapy
06/19/2006 Mon, 19 Jun 2006 194549 0400Colorectal Cancer Upstaged with Lymphatic Mapping MONICA, Calif. - Better scrutiny of lymph nodes in colorectal cancer patients could help to more accurately identify those who need adjuvant chemotherapy and those who dont.
06/19/2006 Patient self-management of oral anticoagulant therapy cost-effective
06/19/2006 N.Y. state won't stop funding Mass. shock therapy school
06/19/2006 Baxter and Jerini advance program to develop non-intravenous haemophilia therapy
06/19/2006 AstraZeneca says Crestor combination therapy results in 70 percent reduction of bad cholesterol
06/19/2006 NY won't stop funding shock therapy school in Massachusetts
06/19/2006 New York won't stop funding Mass. shock therapy school
06/19/2006 State won't stop funding shock therapy school in Massachusetts
06/19/2006 Morton Kligerman, 88, Doctor Who Studied Cancer Therapy, Dies
06/19/2006 Therapy could 'cut benefits bill'
06/18/2006 Biotech firm sells rights to animal kidney-failure therapy
06/18/2006 Skin Care School and Massage Therapy Certification – A Powerful Combination
06/17/2006 FDA Approves Zelapar® as Adjunct Therapy for Patients with Parkinson's Disease
06/16/2006 Plan to give drug addicts electrotherapy
06/16/2006 Shock therapy for junkies gets backing
06/15/2006 Electric therapy trial for heroin
06/15/2006 Combination therapy with a monocloncal antibody and a vaccine leads to tumor rejection
06/15/2006 Report Shock therapy hurts kids at school
06/15/2006 Report Shock therapy hurts kids at school
06/15/2006 Report Shock therapy hurts kids at Mass. school
06/14/2006 New pump may revolutionize chemotherapy
06/14/2006 Disabled Kids Said Hurt in Shock Therapy
06/14/2006 State Kids hurt by shock therapy school at Mass. school
06/14/2006 State Kids hurt in shock therapy school
06/14/2006 Senator Michael Kirby to discuss mental health reform at occupational therapy research symposium
06/14/2006 Prozac therapy fails to help anorexic women in study
06/14/2006 Therapy offers new playing field for video games
06/14/2006 Understanding a Child's Motivations Is Key to Effective Child Occupational Therapy
06/13/2006 Radiation Therapy Shown To Increase Survival In Certain Lung Cancer Patients
06/13/2006 Gene therapy injected into the brains' of mice with Huntington's disease
06/13/2006 Fameish Media, LLC Launches Job Swill Job Therapy For Free
06/12/2006 Retail therapy grips Dubai show
06/12/2006 Gene Therapy Injected Into The Brains' Of Mice With Huntington's Disease
06/12/2006 Experimental radiation therapy is improved
06/12/2006 Senator Michale Kirby to discuss mental health reform at occupational therapy research symposium
06/12/2006 Dance therapy can sober down hyperactive kids
06/12/2006 Radiotherapy damage blocked
06/11/2006 New therapy gives hope to breast cancer patients
06/10/2006 New X-ray Delivery Method Could Improve Radiation Therapy
06/10/2006 Web bullies put kids in therapy
06/09/2006 Radiotherapy cell damage blocked
06/09/2006 Radiotherapy cell damage blocked
06/09/2006 New x-ray delivery method could improve radiation therapy
06/09/2006 Researchers Discover Possible HIV Therapy In An Animal Study
06/08/2006 Ore. researchers discover new hope for HIV patients
06/08/2006 HtrA1 and resistance to chemotherapy in ovarian and gastric cancers
06/08/2006 Gene Therapy Protects Mice From The Effects Of Whole-body Irradiation
06/08/2006 OHSU researchers discover possible HIV therapy in an animal study
06/08/2006 Iraq troops get battlefield therapy
06/07/2006 Therapy Targets 'At Risk' Troops
06/07/2006 Penn to pursue proton therapy site
06/07/2006 Gardenia Fruit Compound Starting Point For Diabetes Therapy
06/07/2006 Aromatherapy in the air at college open day
06/07/2006 RNA therapy may help combat macular degeneration
06/06/2006 Gardenia fruit compound starting point for diabetes therapy
06/06/2006 Mon, 05 Jun 2006 194121 0400ASCO Avastin Activity Detected in Lung and Colorectal Cancers â Adding Avastin bevacizumab to either standard chemotherapy or Tarceva erlotinib may improve progression-free survival in advanced non-small-cell-lung cancer NSCLC, according to a phase II study reported here today.
06/06/2006 Physical therapy unit helps injured military trainees
06/06/2006 Hormone Therapy Moves to Magnificent Mile
06/05/2006 Physical therapy unit helps injured Ore. trainee
06/05/2006 A Fundamentally New Approach To Improving Cancer Chemotherapy
06/05/2006 Gene Therapy May Hold Hope For Diabetics
06/05/2006 Fort Jackson's physical therapy unit helps injured trainees
06/05/2006 Fort Jackson's therapy unit puts injured trainees back in formation
06/05/2006 Give Your Portfolio Shopping Therapy
06/05/2006 A fundamentally new approach to improving cancer chemotherapy
06/05/2006 New drug combination for breast cancer therapy
06/05/2006 Combination 'smart bombs' future of cancer therapy
06/05/2006 Combination 'smart bombs' future of cancer therapy
06/05/2006 Gene Therapy Accelerates Healing Of Damaged Skeletal Muscle
06/05/2006 Gene therapy helps accelerate sportsmen’s skeletal muscle injuries
06/05/2006 'Breakthrough' in cancer therapy
06/04/2006 News Mouse Study Shows Gene Therapy Provides Temporary Protection from Radiation
06/04/2006 New treatment option breaks Leukemia's resistance to chemotherapy, radiation therapy
06/04/2006 New combination therapy after surgery improves survival for pancreatic cancer patients
06/04/2006 Gene therapy accelerates healing of damaged skeletal muscle
06/04/2006 Advanced prostate cancer remains sensitive to treatment even after holidays from chemotherapy
06/04/2006 New targeted therapy shows promise in children with metastatic gastrointenstinal stromal tumor
06/04/2006 Risk found in breast-cancer brachytherapy
06/04/2006 Complication with breast-cancer therapy
06/04/2006 Briefs Ovarian cancer therapy works in mice