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06/17/2006 Police End Standoff with Robbery Suspects
06/17/2006 Suspect shot by HPD officer vanishes
06/17/2006 Attorney Hired By Family Of Dead Suspect
06/17/2006 Suspect in murder of retired professor lived troubled life
06/17/2006 Suspect Arrested In Woman's Assault May Be Linked To Sexual Attacks
06/17/2006 McNeil mayor dead; homicide suspected
06/17/2006 Reporters kept out of slaying suspect’s hearing
06/17/2006 Suspected tomb raider leads archaeologists to frescoed tomb near Rome
06/17/2006 Suspect on the way to Miami jail escapes
06/17/2006 40 suspected Taliban killed
06/17/2006 Jail makes few changes for suspect
06/17/2006 2 more suspects arrested in slaying outside pub
06/17/2006 Police searching for suspect in attempted murder
06/17/2006 Woman honored for helping to nab suspect
06/17/2006 Archaeologists follow suspect to major find
06/17/2006 Suspect in Two Slayings Dies in Downey Standoff
06/17/2006 Web used to lure terror suspects
06/16/2006 Gujarat NRI killed, Parivar suspect
06/16/2006 Police searching for suspect in attempted murder of man
06/16/2006 2 Shot Dead In Abbeville; Suspect Arrested
06/16/2006 Police suspect TV story altered teen burglars' habits
06/16/2006 Man Who Stopped Suspects now a Victim
06/16/2006 Police seek suspect in shooting of security guard
06/16/2006 Court Docs Reveal Murder Suspect Info
06/16/2006 Double Homicide Suspect in Custody
06/16/2006 Bank Robbery Suspect Linked To Other Crime
06/16/2006 Car-theft suspect stopped by a pile of people, all on him
06/16/2006 2 Shot Dead In Abbeville, Suspect Arrested
06/16/2006 Suspect moved to jail after release from hospital
06/16/2006 Suspect in Bandidos killings a former police officer
06/16/2006 Sheriff's office looking for homicide suspect
06/16/2006 Man Denies Trying to Help Terrorists
06/16/2006 Friends and family defend hit-and-run suspect
06/16/2006 Police Nab Mall Suspect in Doughnut Shop
06/16/2006 Suspect named in killing of Easley pawn shop owner
06/16/2006 Suspect Arrested in Pizza Delivery Man Robbery
06/16/2006 East Grand Rapids chase suspect identified
06/16/2006 Police Seek Man Suspected Of Attempted Abduction
06/16/2006 Police Release Descriptions Of Leona's Suspects
06/16/2006 Police seek Federal Way luring suspect
06/16/2006 Molesting suspect's hearing delayed while accuser is hospitalized
06/16/2006 Youth terror suspect ‘frightened' by possible fate
06/16/2006 Prosecutor speaks out about Akron teacher's suspected abuse history
06/16/2006 Police Search for Indecent Exposure Suspect
06/16/2006 Walgreen’s Robbery Suspect Arrested
06/16/2006 Suspect In Police Shooting Surrenders
06/16/2006 Federal Warrant Issued for Reno Murder Suspect
06/16/2006 Police arrest two suspected burglars
06/16/2006 Triple Murder Suspect Goes To Court
06/16/2006 Suspects In 220 Pound Pot Bust Out On Bond
06/16/2006 Outbreak of cholera suspected in Kottivakkam kuppam
06/16/2006 Suspect in deputy's shooting death surrenders in Louisiana
06/16/2006 Algerian terror suspect deported
06/16/2006 UK Offers To Jail War Crimes Suspect
06/16/2006 Deputy killed; suspect surrenders and releases hostage
06/16/2006 Suspect in La. Deputy's Death Surrenders
06/16/2006 Jennifer Pope suspect re-arrested
06/16/2006 Manhunt on for last suspect in attempted murder
06/16/2006 A suspect is in custody for a fatal shooting in Hamilton County
06/16/2006 Algerian terror suspect deported
06/16/2006 Police Suspected cop killer surrenders
06/16/2006 Suspect in La. Deputy's Death Surrenders
06/16/2006 Suspected Ala. bank robber arrested in Nashville
06/16/2006 Deputy killed; suspect surrenders and releases hostage
06/16/2006 Police ID chase suspect
06/16/2006 Murder Suspect Armed, Dangerous & on the Loose
06/16/2006 Suspect in Deputy's Death Holding Hostage in New Orleans
06/16/2006 Man robbed in Newark; suspects at large
06/16/2006 SWAT teams negotiating with man suspected of killing narcotics commander
06/16/2006 Nighttime aerial searches expanded for trooper shooting suspect
06/16/2006 Police Suspected cop killer takes hostage
06/16/2006 Shooting suspect remains at large
06/16/2006 U.S. suspects N. Korea will test missile
06/16/2006 Purse-Snatching Suspect Sought
06/16/2006 Police Suspect in Deputy Death Holed Up
06/16/2006 Murder suspect's girlfriend found dead
06/16/2006 Murder suspect's wallet found
06/16/2006 EU wants war crime suspect from Serbia
06/16/2006 Investigation ordered after deputies fired 70 rounds at chase suspect
06/16/2006 Taser halts cigarette bandit suspect
06/16/2006 Earl murder suspect shows police where he dumped body
06/16/2006 Suspect dead after 20-hour standoff with SWAT teams
06/16/2006 Suspected Arson Hits Antioch Mexican Restaurant
06/16/2006 FW officer stabbed, suspect shot
06/16/2006 Three terror suspects to appear in court today
06/16/2006 Surveillance Video Shows Suspect In Easley Fatal Shooting
06/16/2006 TASER Device Ends Standoff, Brings Assault Suspect Into Custody
06/16/2006 Murder Suspect Arrested
06/16/2006 6 bombing suspects arrested in Thailand
06/16/2006 Suspect charged in Trinidad crash
06/16/2006 Suspect Fires Shots At UDF, Leaves Empty Handed
06/16/2006 Still no suspects in softball shooting
06/16/2006 Suspect sought in killing of sheriff's deputy
06/16/2006 Suspected Lebanon assassin turned in Israel jail
06/16/2006 Deputies Arrest Suspect In Anderson Fatal Shooting
06/16/2006 Manhunt Police Look For Suspect In Easley Fatal Shooting
06/16/2006 DNA links suspect to crimes in other states
06/16/2006 Manhunt underway after suspect kills St. John Parish commander
06/16/2006 Indonesian suspect arrested over Thai bombings
06/16/2006 Police Capture Three Men Suspected in Overnight Stabbing
06/16/2006 Senator suspects cover-up of data on antibiotic
06/16/2006 Indonesian suspect arrested over wave of bombings in Thailand
06/16/2006 Third suspect in double killing pleads guilty
06/16/2006 Murder Suspect Appears in Court<!--London-->
06/16/2006 Suspect in eagle killing dies in Texas
06/16/2006 Sri Lankan warplanes attack suspected Tamil Tiger positions
06/16/2006 Boss leads police to hit-run suspect
06/16/2006 Suspected Heir to Zarqawi Is Given a Face
06/15/2006 Carjacking Suspect Killed In Police Shootout
06/15/2006 Suspect arraigned in online child-luring case
06/15/2006 Deputies nab third suspect in Memorial Day shooting
06/15/2006 NewsChannel 11 Learns More Local Ties About Suspected Georgia Killer
06/15/2006 Bank robbery suspects still at large 800 PM
06/15/2006 Bank robbery suspects still at large 800 PM
06/15/2006 Suspect charged with stabbing
06/15/2006 Man who knew some bomb-plot suspects says Islamic extremism prevalent
06/15/2006 Lawyer aims to suppress suspect's remarks
06/15/2006 Suspected Aryan Brotherhood Member Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charges
06/15/2006 Lawyer Aims to Suppress Suspect's Remarks
06/15/2006 Third suspect convicted of teen's murder
06/15/2006 Dragging death suspect indicted for murder
06/15/2006 Crimestoppers Credit Card Theft
06/15/2006 Police seek suspect in murder of Kent motel owner
06/15/2006 News Pair of robbers hit two Elkhart banks; police capture suspects
06/15/2006 Sinkhole Suspected In Disappearing Lake
06/15/2006 Suspected robber flees in cowboy gear
06/15/2006 Search continues for shooting suspect
06/15/2006 Lotto ticket leads to murder suspect
06/15/2006 Kevin Aviance Suspects Arraigned In Alleged Attack
06/15/2006 Lauderdale police shoot and kill carjacking suspect
06/15/2006 Suspect arrested in shooting death of shop owner
06/15/2006 Suspect arrested in Anderson store shooting
06/15/2006 Suspects Caught In Norfolk Sailor Murder
06/15/2006 Reward for fugitive suspect in trooper's shooting
06/15/2006 OAP charged over suspect parcels
06/15/2006 Winning Lottery Ticket Leads Police to Murder Suspect
06/15/2006 BREAKING NEWS Georgia Murder Suspect Surrenders to Lubbock Authorities
06/15/2006 Reno Judge Knew He Was Being Targeted by Shooting Suspect
06/15/2006 Australia to extradite war crimes suspect
06/15/2006 Kalamazoo bank robbed, suspect sought
06/15/2006 Serbian Lawmakers Urge Probe of Suspected Baby Thefts
06/15/2006 Shooting suspect fleeing police crashes into house
06/15/2006 Lotto ticket leads to murder suspect
06/15/2006 Arlington burglary suspects caught on surveillance tape
06/15/2006 Lauderdale Police shoots to death carjacking suspect
06/15/2006 Carjacking Suspect Killed In Shootout With Police
06/15/2006 Suspect Arrested in Double Murder
06/15/2006 CSIS asked suspects' parents for help reports
06/15/2006 Special place in UK cell for war crimes suspect
06/15/2006 Police Arrest Two Suspected In Sea-Tac Garage Break-Ins
06/15/2006 2 new cases filed on suspect in sexual assaults on children
06/15/2006 Lowell police say shooting suspect caught on tape
06/15/2006 Jackson man accused of shooting robbery suspect released from jail
06/15/2006 Homeless man suspected in N.Y.C. stabbings
06/15/2006 Homeless man suspected in NYC stabbings
06/15/2006 Witnesses Suspects acted 'weird' during encounter at liquor store
06/15/2006 Winning lottery ticket leads to suspect in Georgia killing
06/15/2006 Lubbock Authorities Continue Search For Georgia Murder Suspect
06/15/2006 Police Warn Of Suspected Pool Peeper
06/15/2006 Meth suspected in baby's death
06/15/2006 Two suspects charged in Pascagoula beating death
06/15/2006 Police Use Taser on Assault Suspect
06/15/2006 Drunk driving suspected in I-94 rollover
06/15/2006 Four in court over murder suspect attack
06/15/2006 R1 copy fee draws ire of billionaire suspect
06/15/2006 Rape Suspect Linked To Earlier Assault
06/15/2006 Suspect sought after cop shot at
06/15/2006 Terror Suspect's Computer Songs Heard
06/15/2006 Hadash chair calls on Katsav to absolve Shfaram lynch suspects
06/15/2006 British police charge suspects under terror laws
06/15/2006 Brammertz suspects Hariri blast linked to 14 bombings
06/15/2006 South Africa Police safe robbery suspect freed
06/15/2006 South Windsor condo target of three suspects
06/15/2006 Suspected rebels kill three in occupied Kashmir
06/15/2006 Murder suspect charged in China
06/15/2006 CSIS spoke to suspects' parents prior to raids
06/15/2006 Suspected rebel landmine kills 64 in Sri Lanka, army shells Tigers
06/15/2006 Police arrest three men suspected in break-ins at Sea-Tac garage
06/14/2006 Suspect charged in death of man found behind church
06/14/2006 Hospital suspected source of rare form of pneumonia
06/14/2006 Suspect In 7 Deaths Spit At Jail Guard
06/14/2006 Disabled man slain; suspect is held
06/14/2006 Georgia Murder Suspect's Car Found in Lubbock
06/14/2006 Attempted-murder suspect apparently commits suicide
06/14/2006 FWPD name suspect of latest bank robbery
06/14/2006 “Suspect Extradited to N.Y.” by SEAMUS McGRAW
06/14/2006 Fox 12 helps police nab suspect in stolen gas card case
06/14/2006 Tenth Aryan Brotherhood suspect sought
06/14/2006 Britian to consider citizenship case of Australian terror suspect
06/14/2006 Suspect Behind Bars Again after Brief Escape
06/14/2006 Only On FOX Suspected Rapist and Kidnapper's Mother Speaks
06/14/2006 Prosecutors look to highlight suspectÂ’s violent past
06/14/2006 Lexington Bank Suspect May Be In The Tri-state
06/14/2006 Suspect Is Held in 4 Stabbings in Manhattan
06/14/2006 City on alert over suspected case of virus
06/14/2006 Assault suspect leaps in front of car, kills self
06/14/2006 Unusual Day in Court for Serial Murder Suspect
06/14/2006 Security forces arrest second suspected Israeli collaborator
06/14/2006 NYC stabbings suspect had troubles in Boston
06/14/2006 Police Catch Hit & Run Suspect After Chase
06/14/2006 Accused lumped in with Creba suspects families
06/14/2006 Natives keep crime suspects under wraps
06/14/2006 Breaking News- Suspected Killer May Be On His Way To Lubbock
06/14/2006 Suspects Arrested After Hiding In Skull Valley
06/14/2006 Amtrak Supporters Aim to Ease Budget Cuts
06/14/2006 Manchester terror suspects charged
06/14/2006 Search for Suspected Burglars
06/14/2006 Police Chase Armed Robbery Suspect Through Two Towns
06/14/2006 Foul play suspected in city student's death in US
06/14/2006 Suspected Bank Robber Flees in Cowboy Gear
06/14/2006 Police Search For Suspects In Five Local Murders
06/14/2006 Suspected Bank Robber Flees in Cowboy Gear
06/14/2006 Search Continues For Bank Robbery Suspects
06/14/2006 Search Is On For Suspect In Attempted Murder
06/14/2006 News South Bend bank robbery suspect at large
06/14/2006 Chase ends when suspect's dog bites him
06/14/2006 Police Seek Suspect in Boy's Kidnapping
06/14/2006 Suspect Chase Ends In Crash With Injuries
06/14/2006 Suspected plague kills 100 in Congo WHO
06/14/2006 Bosnia admits to handing terror suspects over to United States
06/14/2006 Sweep nets 2,000 suspected illegal immigrants
06/14/2006 McCall beating suspects post bond
06/14/2006 Suspected terrorists arrested at Manchester Airport
06/14/2006 Police Reno Murder Suspect Called Moraga Relative
06/14/2006 UN Investigator Suspects Hariri Killing Linked to Other Assassinations
06/14/2006 Suspect caught after escaping from police car
06/14/2006 Lafayette homicide suspect charged with murder in China
06/14/2006 Camera Catches Female Robbery Suspect Losing Shirt
06/14/2006 Arlington burglary suspects caught on surveillance tape
06/14/2006 Suspect in high-rise death challenges charges
06/14/2006 Sweep nets more than 2,000 suspected illegal immigrants
06/14/2006 Manhunt For Reno Courthouse Suspect Goes To Calif.
06/14/2006 Suspects Identified in Brutal Assault
06/14/2006 Suspect escapes from police car in SW PDX
06/14/2006 Suspect quizzed over missing Belgian schoolgirls
06/14/2006 Suspect was wearing monitor during robbery
06/14/2006 Commotion erupts in court for Creba case suspects
06/14/2006 APB For Suspected Reno Sniper In Bay Area
06/14/2006 Police Pursuit Ends When Suspect is Bitten By His Dog
06/14/2006 Suspect in attempted murder returned to Delaware
06/14/2006 Reno Murder Suspect Cousin of Former LV City Councilman
06/14/2006 Suspected plague kills 100 in DRC, WHO says
06/14/2006 Suspected plague kills 100 in DRC WHO
06/14/2006 Pursuit Ends When Suspect is Bitten by His Dog
06/14/2006 Ogden Police Search For Suspects In Car Shooting
06/14/2006 South Jordan Officer Dragged By Suspect's Car
06/14/2006 China investigates suspected bird flu case as Hong Kong goes on alert
06/14/2006 News Suspect in&#160;seven deaths spits at jail guard; faces additional charges
06/14/2006 Robbery suspects arrested as suburban manhunt ends
06/14/2006 Suspect Dog Bites Him in Police Chase - AP
06/14/2006 Southwest Houston chase nets 2 suspects
06/14/2006 Man Suspected of Stabbing 4 in N.Y. Is Arrested
06/14/2006 Suspect sought in Weston Rd. stabbing
06/14/2006 Car chase ends when suspect is bitten by his dog
06/14/2006 Prosecutor suspect in 7 Indy deaths spit at jail guard
06/14/2006 New Charges Against Indianapolis Mass Murder Suspect
06/14/2006 100 dead in suspected Congo plague outbreak-UN
06/14/2006 Police Officer Dragged by Suspect's Car
06/14/2006 Ogden Police Search for Shooting Suspects
06/14/2006 Police arrest murder suspects in 14-month-old murder investigation
06/14/2006 Sixth suspect in the dock for Benoni robbery
06/14/2006 Police Search for Murder Suspect
06/14/2006 Northampton Area High School Standoff Suspect Arraigned
06/14/2006 Police Chase Ended by Suspect's Dog
06/14/2006 Suspected Tribal Militant Camp Hit in Pakistan
06/14/2006 Jordan suspects plead not guilty to infiltrate Israel plot
06/14/2006 Hyundai inquiry nets another suspect
06/14/2006 Police hunt 2nd suspect in kidnap, assault
06/14/2006 Virgina police nab suspects in Bentonville armed robbery
06/14/2006 Drag queen beating suspects charged
06/14/2006 Iraqi Suspect Arrested in Germany
06/14/2006 Prosecutor suspect in 7 deaths spit at jail guard
06/14/2006 Ansar al-Islam Helper Terror Suspect Arrested at Frankfurt Airport
06/14/2006 Police Suspect hangs himself
06/14/2006 Police Molestation suspect hangs himself in front yard
06/14/2006 Hunt's on for suspect in shooting of judge
06/14/2006 Suspect's Dog Bites Him in Police Chase
06/14/2006 Suspect's dog bites him in police chase
06/14/2006 7 in EU Accused in Terror Suspect Transfers
06/14/2006 Suspect sought in daylight sexual assault
06/14/2006 Mossad terror suspect confesses
06/14/2006 Suspect IDd in fatal Palm Bay hit-run
06/14/2006 Hoarding suspected for higher oil product sales
06/14/2006 Suspected supporter of Islamic radical group Ansar al-Islam arrested in Germany
06/14/2006 Police hunt 2nd suspect in kidnap, assault
06/14/2006 Witnesses Suspects acted 'weird' during encounter at liquor store
06/14/2006 Australian terror suspects face court amid tight security
06/14/2006 Terror suspects' rights violated, top court told
06/14/2006 Slaying suspect also sniper suspect
06/14/2006 Top Indonesian Terror Suspect Leaves Jail
06/14/2006 Suspected terrorist arrested in Germany
06/13/2006 Suspected Militant Camp Hit in Pakistan
06/13/2006 Father offers reward to find suspect in son’s beating
06/13/2006 Operation to seize suspected militants launched in south Russia
06/13/2006 Man named suspect in Nevada judge shooting
06/13/2006 Coast Guard calls off ocean search for 9, suspects hoax
06/13/2006 Ludlow Police Search For Armed Robbery Suspect
06/13/2006 Double Murder Suspect's Case Moves Forward
06/13/2006 Wanted Suspect Considered Extremely Dangerous
06/13/2006 UK Slammed Over Terror Suspect Flights
06/13/2006 Police Look For Market Shooting Suspects
06/13/2006 Suspect IDd in fatal hit-run
06/13/2006 Sexual assault suspect sought
06/13/2006 Blackout Irks Terrorism Suspects Lawyers
06/13/2006 Standoff ends when no suspect is found
06/13/2006 Naked, Cuffed Suspect Flees From Hospital
06/13/2006 Police Arrest Teen Suspect In Speedway Robbery
06/13/2006 Leaving hospital, L.A. officer shot by suspect thanks colleagues
06/13/2006 Man suspected of bird flu infection in critical condition in south China city
06/13/2006 Suspected human bird flu case in south China Xinhua
06/13/2006 Suspects challenge Canada's indefinite detention of terror suspects
06/13/2006 Suspect in 7 deaths faces new charges
06/13/2006 UPDATE Deputies Shoot Hit and Run Suspect
06/13/2006 Main Suspect Held In Island Beating
06/13/2006 Man named suspect in Nev. judge shooting
06/13/2006 Police Release Surveillance Photo of Suspected Criminal
06/13/2006 Police arrest suspect in kidnapping, rape
06/13/2006 Suspect Arrested In Kidnapping & Assault
06/13/2006 Main Suspect Held In Island Beating
06/13/2006 Six suspected terrorists arrested in eastern Pakistan
06/13/2006 Man Named Suspect in Nev. Judge Shooting
06/13/2006 Police arrest suspect in kidnapping, rape
06/13/2006 Homicide Suspect Returned to Lehigh County
06/13/2006 Evidence Left at Robbery Scene Helps Track Suspect
06/13/2006 Police still searching for Fort Smith bank robbery suspect
06/13/2006 Judge Shooting Suspect Sought
06/13/2006 Judge who helped suspect flee is tossed off bench
06/13/2006 Naked, Cuffed Suspect Flees From Hospital
06/13/2006 Judge who helped suspect flee is tossed off bench
06/13/2006 Anderson Investigators Look For Kidnapping Suspect
06/13/2006 Suspected human bird flu case in south China
06/13/2006 China Reports Suspected Human Bird Flu Case in Guangdong Province
06/13/2006 Bank holdup suspect caught, charged
06/13/2006 Suspect sought in bicyclist slaying
06/13/2006 Teen Turns Tables On Attempted Abduction Suspect
06/13/2006 Minister 'confident' no suspects tortured
06/13/2006 Georgetown Robbery Suspect On The Run
06/13/2006 Police looking for burglary suspects who assaulted, robbed man in hotel room
06/13/2006 Canada terror suspects due in court
06/13/2006 Police arrest robbery suspect
06/13/2006 Pit Bulls Kill SoCal Man At Suspected Meth Lab
06/13/2006 Stab suspect was noted boxer
06/13/2006 Vigilante suspects arrested in Israel
06/13/2006 Slay Suspect Eyed In Judge Shooting
06/13/2006 Police Identify Bank Robbery Suspect Who Recently Got Out Of Prison
06/13/2006 California suspect arrested following high-speed chase
06/13/2006 London terrorist suspects released without charge
06/13/2006 IT notices to Bachchan BJP suspects bias
06/13/2006 Pakistan Extradites Al-Qaeda Suspect to Turkey
06/13/2006 Strangling Suspect Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge
06/13/2006 Charges dropped on third suspect in Wagner slaying
06/13/2006 Suspect flees hospital naked
06/13/2006 Right To Detain Terror Suspects Indefinitely In Canada Challenged In Supreme Court
06/13/2006 Coast Guard suspects hoax in Fla. sinking
06/13/2006 Police seek bank robbery suspect
06/13/2006 Pawn Shop Owner Suspected in Reno Judge Shooting
06/13/2006 Ten suspected Indian insurgents killed in Bangladesh encounter
06/13/2006 Suspect released from jail, shows up at site of slaying
06/13/2006 Suspect remains at large as rural community remains on edge
06/13/2006 Fugitive is suspect in Daytona
06/13/2006 &#146;Lion King&#146; suspect requests detective, abandons standoff
06/13/2006 Terror suspects abused, lawyers claim
06/13/2006 15 suspected militants are slain in Afghanistan
06/13/2006 Mainstream News Canadian terror suspects 'tortured,' lawyers say
06/13/2006 Suspect arrested after two burglaries
06/13/2006 Attorneys for some terror suspects decry media blackout
06/12/2006 Suspects injured in high-speed car chase
06/12/2006 Deputies Fire Gunshots at Hit-and-Run Suspect
06/12/2006 Australian terror suspect 'depressed' lawyer
06/12/2006 Five suspected LeT terrorists sent to JC upto June 21
06/12/2006 Hoax Suspected in Missing Boaters Report
06/12/2006 Jury selection complete in trial of Ark. terror suspect
06/12/2006 Terror Suspects Charge Abuse in Canada Prison
06/12/2006 NN Drive By ShootingSuspects On The Run
06/12/2006 Canada terror suspects have no chance of fair trial