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07/10/2006 Nicotine vaccine offers hope to smokers
07/10/2006 No butts Fringe show is issued with smoke-ban warning
07/10/2006 Smoke to Kill 1B This Century
07/10/2006 In Pics Space dream goes up in smoke
07/10/2006 Almost all smokers develop lung disease
07/10/2006 Smoke detector helps save family
07/10/2006 Secondhand Smoke
07/09/2006 Up in smoke
07/09/2006 2 Die In San Bruno House Fire-No Smoke Detectors
07/09/2006 Grass, Junk Fire Sends Large Smoke Plume Into Air
07/08/2006 Some restaurants plan to go smoke free
07/08/2006 Smokey Robinson has "Timeless Love" for Pop Standards
07/08/2006 Kenya Africa’s best art collection goes up in smoke
07/08/2006 More high school students report having smoked cigerettes
07/08/2006 3-Alarm Fire At Old Distillery In Carthage
07/08/2006 Plaintiffs in tobacco lawsuit still angry
07/08/2006 Rescued fawn Smokey poised for pampered life at petting zoo
07/07/2006 More teens found to smoke in latest US survey
07/07/2006 Group petitions for smoke-free Columbia
07/07/2006 Former pot grower's expert testimony goes up in smoke
07/07/2006 Fla. Supreme Court Rejects 145B Verdict Favoring Ex-Smokers
07/07/2006 Fla. court throws out 145B smokers` award
07/07/2006 Man's plea deal goes up in smoke after drug use
07/07/2006 Tobacco companies escape huge payment
07/06/2006 Clear smoke signal sent to Health Board
07/06/2006 Fla. Court Throws Out 145B Smokers' Award
07/06/2006 Up In Smoke Florida High Court Rejects Tobacco Damage Award
07/06/2006 Huge Award For Ex-Smokers Rejected By Fla. Supreme Court
07/06/2006 Fla. Supreme Court Rejects 145B Verdict Favoring Ex-Smokers
07/06/2006 Smoking rate among high schoolers remains constant
07/06/2006 Record verdict up in smoke
07/06/2006 Fla. court rhrows out 145M smokers' award
07/06/2006 Painkillers may not cut smokers' colon cancer risk
07/06/2006 Tobacco giants get 145B smoke break
07/06/2006 Smokey's Back in Town Singing Love Songs
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court rejects 145B award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 Florida high court rejects 145 billion award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 Blowing secondhand smoke
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court Rejects 145 Billion Award In Smokers Trial
07/06/2006 Court Rejects 145B Award To Smokers
07/06/2006 Fla. court rejects 145B smokers award
07/06/2006 Florida rejects anti-tobacco award
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court rejects 145 billion award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 145 Billion Smokers award Rejected
07/06/2006 Florida Supreme Court rejects huge award in smokers trial
07/06/2006 Fla. Supreme Court rejects smoker verdict
07/06/2006 Smokers who Quit Pack on the Pounds
07/06/2006 Pfizer drug shows promise helping smokers quit
07/06/2006 Unique Pizza and Subs Promotes Healthy Workplace With Smoke-Free Policy
07/06/2006 Drug Aids Smokers
07/06/2006 Dillon advises smokers to start jogging
07/05/2006 Blowing secondhand smoke
07/05/2006 New drug shows promise in helping smokers kick habit, studies show
07/05/2006 Chantix May Help Smokers Kick the Habit
07/05/2006 Smoke Rises From Fire Scene
07/05/2006 Smoke from fire could be a health concern
07/05/2006 Mpumalanga motorists warned of smoke on N17
07/05/2006 New Drug May Help Smokers Quit for Good
07/05/2006 New drug shows promise in helping smokers quit
07/05/2006 New Vaccine Study May Help Smokers Quit
07/05/2006 Medication can help smokers kick the butt
07/05/2006 New drug shows promise in helping smokers kick habit, studies show
07/05/2006 New drug to help smokers kick the habit
07/04/2006 Bingo halls suffer 14% slump and pubs feel pinch over smoke ban
07/04/2006 Banner Thunderbird entire hopsital campus may go smoke-free
07/04/2006 Smokers face clampdown over taking drinks outside
07/04/2006 Smokey bringing Motown to Tacoma
07/03/2006 Scientists Testing Vaccines to Help Smokers Quit
07/03/2006 Smoke could be seen for miles from scrapyard fire
07/03/2006 Wildfire smoke reaches Las Vegas
07/03/2006 Six hospitalized with smoke inhalation after Malden blaze
07/03/2006 Up in smoke
07/03/2006 Don't let freedoms go up in smoke
07/03/2006 Could the Tibetan miracle' go up in smoke?
07/03/2006 Don't let freedoms go up in smoke
07/02/2006 Aspirin does not reduce long-term smokers’ colorectal cancer risk
07/02/2006 Smokers face rise in legal age to buy cigs
07/02/2006 Landlords face a battle over smokers shelters
07/02/2006 Smoke, haze from Saskatchewan
07/02/2006 500-foot Tacoma smokestack demolished
07/02/2006 Kaiser smokestack meets its demise
07/02/2006 Smokestack Demolished At Former Smelter Site
07/02/2006 Tacoma Smokestack Demolished
07/02/2006 Evanston Goes Smoke-Free
07/02/2006 Kicking the butt makes smokers pile on 15 to 20 pounds
07/01/2006 Heavy smoke forces evacuations in Saskatchewan
07/01/2006 Letcher County Now Smoke Free
07/01/2006 Accused Pot Smokers Caught at KFC
07/01/2006 Bar smokers fuming over Colorado ban
07/01/2006 Drive-thru pot smoke gives pair away
07/01/2006 Editorial The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke
07/01/2006 People who smoke "lights" less likely to quit
06/30/2006 People who smoke lights less likely to quit
06/30/2006 Smokers of "Lights" Less Likely to Quit
06/30/2006 Daley balks at bid to ban smoking at beaches
06/30/2006 State goes smoke-free
06/29/2006 Light cigarette smokers are 50 pc less likely to quit smoking
06/29/2006 Care for a smoke? No thanks, I like my lungs
06/29/2006 NYC looks at raising smoking age to 21
06/29/2006 'Light' Cigarettes Don't Help Smokers
06/29/2006 Smoke Detector, New Fire Equipment Save The Day
06/29/2006 Drive-Thru Pot Smoke Gives Pair Away
06/29/2006 People who smoke light cigarettes less likely to quit
06/29/2006 Smoke, haze from Saskatchewan
06/29/2006 Pot smokers blow it at the drive-thru
06/29/2006 ALA Hopes Second Hand Smoke Report Helps Get Smoke Free Law Enacted
06/29/2006 Pot smoke wafting through drive-thru window gives pair away
06/29/2006 Group seeks beach smoking ban
06/29/2006 Secondhand smoke targeted
06/28/2006 Smoke-free plan could clear the air
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke a 'serious health hazard' <span class="post_balloon">
06/28/2006 U.S. report promotes smoke-free buildings
06/28/2006 500-foot smelter smokestack coming down Sunday
06/28/2006 Charlotteans react to warning on second hand smoke 402 PM
06/28/2006 Smoke detectors credited with saving two lives this morning
06/28/2006 Parents who smoke may raise child's leukemia risk
06/28/2006 Colorado is Smoke free
06/28/2006 Whiff of Smoke Shuts Down Downtown TRAX Service
06/28/2006 The latest word on secondhand smoke
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke a threat to all, report says
06/28/2006 Secondhand Smoke Warning
06/28/2006 Surgeon general Only smoke-free places fully protect nonsmokers
06/28/2006 US Surgeon General Sounds the Alarm on Secondhand Smoke
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke a 'serious health hazard'
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke decried
06/28/2006 Study No safe level of secondhand smoke
06/28/2006 Surgeon general Secondhand smoke kills
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke, firsthand dangers
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke, firsthand dangers
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke draws condemnation
06/28/2006 Second Hand Smoke Identified by Surgeon General as Health Hazard
06/28/2006 An airline exclusively for smokers
06/28/2006 Surgeon general's dire new warning on secondhand smoke
06/28/2006 Secondhand Smoke A 'Serious' Hazard
06/28/2006 Secondhand Smoke It's All Bad
06/28/2006 Secondhand smoke is a health hazard
06/27/2006 Coming soon, an airline exclusively for smokers!
06/27/2006 Secondhand smoke classified as lethal
06/27/2006 Secondhand smoke kills
06/27/2006 Secondhand smoke debate 'over'
06/27/2006 Surgeon General Warns of Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 A Warning on Hazards of Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 Secondhand smoke harms nonsmokers seriously
06/27/2006 Secondhand smoke harms nonsmokers seriously expert
06/27/2006 Secondhand Smoke A 'Serious' Hazard
06/27/2006 U.S. report promotes smoke-free buildings
06/27/2006 A Warning on Hazards of Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 Denton trailer fire creates smoke plume
06/27/2006 Secondhand Smoke Is a Killer for Kids
06/27/2006 Mainstream News Surgeon general No safe level of secondhand smoke
06/27/2006 Surgeon General Says There is No Safe Level of Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 A Dangerous Health Risk Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 New Secondhand Smoke Warning
06/27/2006 Study Shows Secondhand Smoke Dangers
06/27/2006 Surgeon General Warns Of Secondhand Smoke Dangers
06/27/2006 Second-hand smoke more dangerous than thought U.S. report
06/27/2006 Tue, 27 Jun 2006 174542 0400U.S. Surgeon General Embraces Workplace Smoking Ban - Calling secondhand tobacco smoke a significant risk to cardiovascular health, the U.S. Surgeon General today praised states and municipalities that have a banned smoking in the workplace, in bars, and in other public places.
06/27/2006 No Risk-free Level Of Exposure To Secondhand Smoke, Surgeon General Says
06/27/2006 Surgeon General Warns Against Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 SUNY to make all dorms smoke-free
06/27/2006 Passive smoke kills, surgeon general says
06/27/2006 Surgeon general warns of secondhand smoke
06/27/2006 US Surgeon General Says Environmental Tobacco Smoke Kills
06/27/2006 Surgeon General No safe level of second-hand smoke
06/27/2006 Separate smoking sections don't protect non-smokers, Surgeon General says
06/27/2006 Surgeon General's report slams second-hand smoke
06/27/2006 Report Secondhand smoke bad at any level
06/27/2006 Secondhand smoke can kill US Surgeon General
06/27/2006 Only totally smoke-free areas found safe Lauran Neergaard / ASSOCIATED PRESS
06/27/2006 2nd-hand smoke report: Separate sections myth
06/27/2006 Study Secondhand Smoke Effects Pervasive
06/27/2006 Report Secondhand Smoke Bad At Any Level
06/27/2006 Report No safe level of secondhand smoke
06/27/2006 New surgeon general's report finds no safe level of secondhand smoke
06/27/2006 Flight returns to airport after smoke seen in the cockpit
06/27/2006 Surgeon general No secondhand smoke is safe
06/27/2006 Report Little protection if not smoke-free
06/27/2006 Surgeon general No level of smoke is risk-free
06/27/2006 Report Only Smoke-Free Places Protect Against Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 U.S. Surgeon General calls for smoke-free public buildings
06/27/2006 Report No safe amount of secondhand smoke
06/27/2006 Surgeon general Only smoke-free places fully protect nonsmokers
06/27/2006 Surgeon General Says Nonsmokers Need Protection
06/27/2006 Surgeon General Says Smoke-Free Buildings Needed
06/27/2006 Surgeon General Nonsmokers Need More Protection
06/27/2006 Report Warns Against Secondhand Smoke
06/27/2006 Flight Returned to Airport After Smoke Reported in the Cockpit
06/27/2006 Secondhand smoke kills too Surgeon-General
06/27/2006 secondhand smoke
06/27/2006 Flight Returns to Ky.; Smoke in Cockpit
06/27/2006 Surgeon General No safe level of secondhand smoke
06/27/2006 Smoke in cockpit prompts return to airport
06/27/2006 Advertising Steel tries to shed its smokestack image
06/26/2006 Smokers' airline ready for take-off
06/26/2006 Sneaky Smoker Caught on Tape Police Want Help
06/26/2006 Has Second-Hand Smoke Caused Your Health Problems?
06/26/2006 Bingo hit by smoke ban
06/26/2006 Homeowner alerts family after smelling smoke
06/26/2006 Smokers targeted in bin clear up
06/26/2006 Vilsack touts kids who don&#146;t smoke
06/26/2006 Aeros Smokeless/Heatless Cigarette Continues Growth
06/25/2006 Scots pubs 'not hit' by smoke ban
06/25/2006 Pub trade 'not hit' by smoke ban
06/24/2006 Smoke leads to lost giant volcano under Italian waters
06/24/2006 USC study shows environment plays big role in women starting to smoke
06/24/2006 Episcopalians White smoke over Columbus
06/24/2006 Row ignites over city's smoke ban noise complaints
06/24/2006 Smoking ban starts July 1 in Colorado
06/24/2006 Environmental facors make women smokers more than genes
06/23/2006 Second smokestack planned for Cheswick Power Plant
06/23/2006 Butts pile up on Montreal streets as smokers forced outdoors
06/23/2006 Smoke Alarm Saves Lives of Roy Family
06/23/2006 State going after Internet smokers
06/23/2006 Smoke leads to lost giant underwater volcano
06/22/2006 Landlord accused of faking smoke alarm records testifies
06/22/2006 AWPC PRESS RELEASE Gordon and Trident What behind the smoke and mirrors?
06/22/2006 Busybodies move to smoke out pregnant cigarette users'
06/22/2006 Despite charge, smoke shop owner says gear not for drugs
06/22/2006 Piribo It Takes 600 Million Suffering in Epidemic Proportions for the Smoke to Clear
06/21/2006 Where there's smoke, there's flavor
06/21/2006 Blowing Smoke About Tobacco
06/21/2006 Smokeless Tobacco No Chewing, No Spitting, and Fewer Cancer-Causing Chemicals?
06/21/2006 'Non-smoker protection' group picks up big guns
06/20/2006 Wall St. Journal Smokes the MPAA in Interview, Says they Stifle Innovation!
06/20/2006 Where there's smoke, there's flavor
06/20/2006 "Smoke Showing"
06/20/2006 Smokers could face bus stop ban
06/20/2006 Smokers to be banned from office entrances
06/20/2006 The World from Berlin Tough Times Ahead for German Smokers
06/20/2006 Smoke-Free Arizona says it will file 186K petition signatures
06/20/2006 Opinion German Smokers Facing Tough Times
06/20/2006 Wildfire smoke in air prompts health advisory
06/20/2006 Pregnant smokers risk fat teens
06/19/2006 Jefferson Twp. rejects Perma-Fix smokestack request
06/19/2006 West Hollywood leaders vote to 'leave the pot smokers alone'
06/19/2006 Landlord didn't check smoke detectors, court hears
06/19/2006 Smoke ban to cover private clubs
06/19/2006 CarMax Smokes Estimate
06/18/2006 New test can detect damage to smokers lungs earlier
06/18/2006 Missouri life sciences financing goes up in smoke
06/18/2006 Lexington weighing smoke-free government buildings
06/17/2006 No smoke but lots of ire at Holyrood
06/17/2006 Smoke free money
06/16/2006 One diner's salute to the ban 'I'll smoke a cigarette to that'
06/16/2006 Couple saved after sleeping through smoke alarms
06/16/2006 Smoking's last gasp Haven in Germany
06/16/2006 Smoke On The Water
06/16/2006 Study U.S. smokers not being helped to quit
06/16/2006 Springdale gets smokestack request
06/16/2006 Study U.S. smokers not being helped to quit
06/16/2006 Is it just smoke and mirrors? Cigarette maker tries to change the game
06/16/2006 Got Allergies? Avoid Secondhand Smoke!
06/16/2006 Witness' Testimony Goes Up In Marijuana Smoke
06/16/2006 Smoke-free grads earn 500 reward
06/15/2006 Smokers Don't Get Treatment They Need to Quit
06/15/2006 Students reap reward of no-smoking pledge
06/15/2006 Maureen's Medical Moment Panel says smokers need extra help to quit
06/15/2006 Ashtrays in storage, smokers outside after ban becomes law
06/15/2006 Update Woman says she escaped through heavy smoke
06/15/2006 Secondhand smoke can exacerbate allergies
06/15/2006 Smokers with deep facial lines warned of lung disease
06/15/2006 Indoor smoking still OK in special situations, AG says
06/14/2006 Ohio court smokers cannot file class action suit over light cigarettes
06/14/2006 Volcanic smoke over Indonesia
06/14/2006 Couple rumor mill Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, smoke signals rising
06/14/2006 Smoke from track shuts down Metrorail
06/14/2006 Court Smokers Can't File Class Action Suit Against Phillip Morris
06/14/2006 US smokers not being helped to quit report
06/14/2006 Smokers' lawsuit over light cigarettes cannot carry class-action status, court rules
06/14/2006 Smokestacks fall in controlled explosion
06/14/2006 Smokers with wrinkled faces prone to COPD, says British researchers
06/14/2006 Wrinkles Mean Added Lung Problems for Smokers
06/14/2006 Evansville, county smoke bans differ
06/14/2006 Smokers with wrinkles at higher risk of lung cancer
06/13/2006 Wrinkly smokers 'at greater risk'
06/13/2006 Heavy Wrinkles A Drag For Smokers
06/13/2006 Wrinkled smokers at greatest lung disease risk
06/13/2006 Wrinkly smokers' 'at higher risk'
06/13/2006 Wrinkly smokers' 'at higher risk'
06/13/2006 Wrinkles Predict Smokers' Emphysema Risk
06/13/2006 Exposure to second-hand smoke drops
06/13/2006 More young Canadians 'never smoked', report suggests
06/13/2006 Green tea may protect Asian smokers
06/13/2006 More young Canadians say they 'never smoked'
06/13/2006 Three southern Indiana hospitals join smoke-free trend
06/13/2006 Smokey Robinson sings pop standards
06/13/2006 Toppling smokestacks a triumph of what?
06/12/2006 EKU Officials To Vote On Smoking Ban
06/12/2006 Proposed "Smoke-Free" Ban in Harrison County Tabled Indefinitely
06/12/2006 Smoke of Iraq War "Drifting Over Lebanon"
06/12/2006 Landmark power plant smokestacks demolished
06/12/2006 Theater Review 'Smoke on the Mountain'
06/12/2006 USA Suspects Czech Republic Injuries Just a Smokescreen
06/12/2006 Lakeview Plant Smokestacks Demolished In Mississauga
06/12/2006 Smoke alert diverts passenger jet
06/12/2006 Store's smoker jobs stubbed out
06/12/2006 Smoke spews from valleys blaze
06/12/2006 Smoke of Iraq War 'Drifting Over Lebanon'
06/12/2006 Fathers Who Smoke are Encouraged to Lead by Example and Quit this Father's Day
06/11/2006 Smoke of Iraq War 'Drifting Over Lebanon'
06/11/2006 You donât need to smoke and drink to have a good time
06/11/2006 Government Buildings Go Smoke-Free On Monday
06/11/2006 UCSF Testing New Anti-Nicotine Smokers' Vaccine
06/11/2006 Smoke alarms limited damage in weekend fires
06/11/2006 Missouri lagging in smoke-free environments
06/11/2006 Button burns and Brit win goes up in smoke
06/11/2006 Tourists, businesses still cloaked in smoke
06/11/2006 City Hall might go smoke-free
06/11/2006 Smoking by teenagers holds steady
06/10/2006 Smoke spews from blaze in valleys
06/10/2006 Tobacco giants test smoke-free products
06/10/2006 Al Baik goes smoke free on June 10th
06/09/2006 Concern grows as decline in teen smoking levels off
06/09/2006 Parents accused of letting sons smoke pot
06/09/2006 Smokers Invited To Test Vaccine Against Nicotine Addiction
06/09/2006 Government Numbers of teen smokers virtually unchanged in recent years
06/09/2006 Ontario goes smoke-free this June
06/09/2006 Smokers invite to test vaccine against nicotine addiction
06/09/2006 First summer fire smokes Waialua
06/09/2006 Evansville's Smoke-Free Hospitals Honored
06/08/2006 RV fire sends smoke over northeast Wichita
06/08/2006 Study Secondhand Smoke Fading
06/08/2006 St. Martin marsh fire brings odor, thick smoke
06/08/2006 Indonesia volcano throws hot smoke, spreads panic
06/08/2006 Mount Merapi emits smoke, fuels panic
06/07/2006 Poor ratings follow smoke alarm testing
06/07/2006 Study Secondhand Smoke Expsure Fading
06/07/2006 Wed, 07 Jun 2006 134853 0400WCO Second-Hand Smoke Is A Bone-Breaker â Second-hand smoke can boost the risk of osteoporosis in pre-menopausal women, researchers reported here.
06/07/2006 Analysis Smoke and mirrors?
06/07/2006 Tea protects Asian smokers from heart diseases
06/07/2006 Area Hospitals To Be Totally Smoke-Free
06/06/2006 Smoke and ire
06/06/2006 High school grads less likely to smoke
06/06/2006 Cigarette smoke weakens bones
06/05/2006 Dozens show up to back bid for smoking limit in Kettering
06/05/2006 Asthmatics warned over Perth smoke haze
06/05/2006 Smoke, ash from Everglades fire affect parts of Broward
06/05/2006 Smoke Sends Elementary School Children Outside
06/05/2006 Can't smoke outside Gundersen, Franciscan Skemp
06/05/2006 Smoke alarm saves family of seven
06/04/2006 Survey reveals drop in smokers in EU
06/04/2006 "The Beast" Shut Down After Riders Smell Smoke
06/04/2006 Woman pleads not guilty to charge of killing her infant with crack smoke
06/04/2006 Dad denies crack smoke killed baby
06/04/2006 Iraq vet sees life go up in smoke
06/03/2006 3 Richmond Fire Victims Died From Smoke Inhalation
06/02/2006 Group wants city to ban smoking
06/02/2006 Product recalls Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smokers
06/02/2006 Woman pleads not guilty to charge of killing her infant with crack smoke
06/02/2006 Texas Burglar Falls On Head, Has Smoke, Arrested
06/02/2006 Enhanced brain response to smoking cues found in African American compared with caucasian smokers
06/02/2006 Woman pleads not guilty to charge of killing her infant with crack smoke
06/02/2006 Smoke closes SR 520 in C. Brevard
06/01/2006 India Blowing smoke
06/01/2006 The acoustic goth-blues sound of London's Smoke Fairies part 5 of UK Music series
06/01/2006 Smoke sends Toronto subway passengers scrambling
06/01/2006 Photos Smokey Bear's neutron tool
06/01/2006 Photos Smokey Bear neutron tool
06/01/2006 Life Without Smoke<!--Windsor-->
06/01/2006 The States vs. The Tobacco Industry Smoke and Assorted Mirrors
06/01/2006 Smokers reminded to pay taxes for online purchases
06/01/2006 One-quarter of Israelis smoke
06/01/2006 Baby's death blamed on crack smoke
05/31/2006 Province Gives More Money to Smokers' Help Line <!-- WInnipeg News ->
05/31/2006 Hospitals going smoke-free Sept. 1
05/31/2006 Penetang Smoke Free see video
05/31/2006 GB Students Campaign For Smoke Free City Hall
05/31/2006 British roll-your-own smokers double
05/31/2006 Smoke Free Ontario
05/31/2006 Smokey Bear warns I-5 drivers of wildfire danger
05/31/2006 St. Louis-area hospitals going smoke-free in September
05/31/2006 Hospitals going smoke-free Sept. 1
05/31/2006 All Clear at Local Hospital after Smoke Problem
05/31/2006 Electric Smokehouse smokers recalled
05/31/2006 Health education helps black smokers